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Creston Review Dec 3, 1909

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 ��xn   jrioacls   IU
East and  West  k!6btenay   Lead  to
w     ���Bsa3��SS*5"^1^'*}** ,
All tb�� News
of the
We take this opportunity to thank our many patrons for their liberal pat-'
ronage since we commenced business over three years ago,   and since that time
our business has increased to such an extent that it demands larger store room,
which we have arranged and will commence moving our entire stock oiis
MONDAY, DECEMBER 6th, into our NEW PREMISES on corner SIRDAR and FOURTH STREETS, where we 'hope to meet the General Public
and will endeavor to give them GOOD VALUE for their money, which criterion in tlie past has built our business to such an extent that we carry much
larger stocks and larger assortment of goods to choose from-.
Opera. Singers
^'"���jcond attraetion iu the Star Ly��
"���burse will be Riven in the Ores-
torium, on the eveuiug of Fri-
i'ember  10th.    It  will   bo  the
..Jrxand Opera Singers and Sym-
"^Jrohestra, consisting of a quar-
j ((*f operatic vocalists, headed by Mr.
Amis La, Valla, the famous Canadian.
jarifcone:   Mr. La Valle was one of the
leading members of the Joseph Sheehan
Opera Company, and is declared to be
the foremost English singing-operatic
baritone of this continent.   ThisL'orgon-
- - *' u
ization will sing the popular: numbers
f roinTths standard light and grand operas
snd give an entertainment which ..cannot be equalled for musical excellence.
It is the highest price attraction" of the
course, prices" "of reserved "seats being
��1.00, aud-^enoral admission 75cV   Ib' is
.tae big attraction of   the  course���the
,y. star of them all.   It is certain 'that any-
* t^^^*o^gl!-"cin^'"ii3&'jlLe!*Jer'b&ba given
in Creston.    This 'is no exaggeration
Iho Cassels-Percival Company, which
appeared hero on November 15th last,
cava an entertainment that those who
attended wero enthusiastic over, but we
are informed  that  that entertainment
does not compare with that to be given
hy the opera singers.   It is an attraotion
that will be well patronized by all music
lovers.   Be sure and take it in.
Important Bo.ard of Trade
There will be a meeting of the
Creston Board ot Trade on "Wednesday evening next, when the re-
port of the committee on fire pro
@ tectiou will be read, also the ques
S* tion of giving a banquet as a fitting Jj*
�� close for such a prosperous year for ^
S? Creston.    All the members are ur- <S
f��* gflnrly requested to attend. So do g
not fail to" cancel all othor appoint- ferments for that evening. &
The [Local Uption Vote
In the Local Option rote at Creston
last Thursday, there were 69 votes for
Local Option and 85 against. That
means that as for as Creston is concerned
|| | the Local Option vote was lost. It is)
|w j however, iearned that there are reasons
to believe that the vote in tho province as
a whole carried, hut as all the polling
places have not yet been heard from,
nothing really definite can be stated.
From reports appearing in outside
papers as well as reports locally, it would
appear that there is a movement on foot
by certain small capitalists to make connection by telephone with the ranches
along Kootenay lake, and Oreston would
in tnm be connected with I-velaon. by a
long distance liao.
Tho Creston Pow��r, Light and Telephone Oo. hove the matter under consideration of building a line as far as
Kusbanook, and it stated that the poles
for this new line ore already in place.
Should this proposed long distance line
be inaugurated, the vast amount of business that would be secured by either
Nelson or Cranbrook, whichever town
was instrumental in raising tho capital
sufficient to put the project in motion,
would well repay thsm for their invest-
iiieni". It is stated by thoss who have
investigated the affair that there is over
one hundred thousand acres of good frnit
lands at Creston, which in a tew years
will all be settled up; and the volume
of business that would be derived from
this district .would be phenomenal, to
say nothing of the ever increasing business coming from the ranohes on both
sides of Kootenay lake.
* It isolated that, prominent, residents
of Nelson now have this matter in hand
as well aB some of tho knowing ones in
Cranbrook; but which town will secure
the plnm of the Creston trade as yet remains an uncertainty.'   *   '-"'- -
Lethbridge, Man , 'Buys Fruii
Land near Creston
Another d.6al in Creston orchard land
has been closed here a few days ago,
when G-. WvjLucas, of Lethbridge, purchased Lofc'17f6 iu Block 812, owned by
thfe Canyoij,^5i<7 Lumber Co. Thi6deal
was foe ^lOOjjier acre of the coin of the
realm, aud?tb<��sale was put through by
Geo. A. Lataier. The Cauyon City Luui-
ber Co^ovn-more fruit^lands"- than any
j    Review, Creston.
I     , Am deeply, very deeply,
|    British Columbia for the re
Victoria, November 26th, 1909
gratified to the people of
��SriliSii vJoiumbia tor tne recognition which the government and my party have received at the polls. The
result did not come wholly as a surprise, for I was
convinced from the indications that the Attorney General and I met with all over the country during our
tour that it would-be our election for the Conservative
policy in British Columbia.
The people of the province have shown unreservedly
their confidence in the policy to bring the Canadian
Northern Railway lines and to extend the Kettle Valley railway operations between now and the session of
the legislature, which it is expected will open on January 20th. No time will be lost in concluding the final
agreements to be submitted to parliament. The Railway Legislature will have first place in the sessional
program and the bills will be passed as expeditiously as
possible. This may be taken as the , commencement
by this government of a very substantial and progressive policy of development by railway building, and I
want especially to thank the Conservative press throuh-
* but the province and all the speakers who have assisted
upon the platform during the just ended campaign, the
workers, whose  industry  has  largely
Scarcely a week passes wiuiu-as J:-*-,*"*
company making a sale of at least a ten
acre block. The 8,700 acres that they
own at Canyon Oity is especially adopted to frnit growing.
The Rev. T. G. McLeod is expected
bnoktoda-y or tomorrow from Grand
Forks, and will hold the regular services
on Sunday next at St. Stephen's Presbyterian Ohuroh.
���' (    ,-
Ernia Harrison, an employee of the
Croston Lumber Company at Eriokson,
and Mrs. Donovan loft on Sunday last
for Spokane, where thoy will bo married
See tho now hnlf-pngo ad. of O. P.
Biol,, of the Croston Realty Ss Timber
Co., in this issue of tho Rovlow. He
bos some phenomenal snaps in town
lots. s
The editor of the Review is in receipt
of a complimentary copy of a book, just
published by tho Fernie District Ledger,
entitled "Progreesivo Fernie." I**** consists of 116 pages, beautifully illustrated
with hilt-tone cuts. Typographically,
it is also a work of art and reflects great
credit on the enterprising Arm who pub-
lianod it. It is selliug for 50 cents nnd
would be cheap at double that prico.
Business Changes Hands
The Oreston "Wine and Spirit Co. has
changed hands this week, Mr. P. B.
Godfrey having sold this business to
Messrs. Poole and Smith, who are already doing business at the old stand.
Messrs, Poole and Smith will carry a
choice stock of wines, liquors and cigars
and it is their intention to move the
largo stock in a week's time to the new
store building, just erected by Mr. Poole
on Sirdar avenue. -."   , *'
.   ' >*. * 1.       * ?
>      ; .  .     ... ��� - '       ,
' "        1. .,      !<��� CH        ,   _���
- ^  * A Fine- Calendarx-x '
; * *vs-* ^
We have received a copy of the "Gospel Text Calendar" for 1910, published
by H. S. Hallman, of Berlin, Ont, It
contains thirteen large sheets, beautifully printed in colors, suspended from a
silk cord. Each sheet, except the cover,
contains a design of a Bible with a Bible
text for each day in the month, and ot
the lower end of the sheet a calendar for
the month in largo figures; Tb*e|pnb-
Usher desires an active' agent in each
county or city to poll the "calendar.
Prios ?5o"ps, each; sample oopy and
prices to agent**, 16ots, Send for a oopy
to H. S. Hallman, Berlin, Qnt.
<A Great Success
The bazaar, held under (fhe, auspices
of the-ladies' guild of Christ Church on
Wednesday, was both financially and
socially a great success. The sale of the
large assortment, of useful and ornamental articles was pheuomenal/and at the
close of the "day the sum of ^175 had
been realized.
A most attractive feature of the. day
was the gipsy fortune teller in the person of Miss Howarth, who iu her teepee
did a great business telling fortunes.
She was, as a matter of fact, so well
patronized, that dozens were unable to
reach her for the crowd.
During the evening lnusie was furnished by Mrs Rose aud Messrs. Derbyshire and Northey and others, 'Light
refreshments were also served, and. it
was after eleven o'clock when' the" bazaar and entertainment were brought to
a closo. Too much'praise cannot be giv^
'en-to the ladies of Christ ChUroh for the
manner in which this bazaar was con-,
ducted. Tbe sale of articles was entirely free of the Usual "holdup"���a 'sale of
useless articles���but overything offered
for sale on tbis occasion was well "worth
tho prico that it brought^  \"
success; and lastly, I want tov acknowledge to the S
country the efficient and invaluable service rendered I
during the campaign by my colleague, the Hon. W. J. |
���Bowser, No leader could have a, more faithful and
energetic lieutenant than I possessed in the Attorney
Encouraged and supported by the strongly expressed
confidence of the people, I hope to so carry the affairs
of British* Columbia as to secure for the province the
fullest and largest measures of substantial progress
and prosperity.
At 3 a.m. ou themirning after election day, Fred. G. Little aaw a very large
sized man, with a very black mouBtoche,
sitting ou his doorstep,   dressed  iu  a
heavy fur coat.   Fred, asserts that he
voritably believes that it was Dr. Cook,
tho Arctic explorer, who had appeared
in spirit to him, and ho is now trying to
ascertain just what kind of .1 p��r<3Qnnb
ity tho famous-Arotio explorov actually
puBBoftaed, to see if it  tallies  with the
Btraugor who snt complacently  on hiB
doorstop  iu tho  early  morning after
election day.
The ball given nt Port Hill last Saturday was a most enjoyable affair. It was
hold in tho Port Hill hall nnd there
were somo twenty-two couples present.
Tho music ou this 'occasion as well as
tho supper was of the first order,. Thero
wero only n fow Crestonitos present, but
Oopolaud and Port Hijl wero well represented.
**,     - -    ���*   . .t :,*-.- '
Arthur Morritfc, formerly a contractor
in Oreston, came into, town on Tuesday
[ from Kootenay ^and-U^g, wfyere j^e has
j been engage*^ fen* "**��,�� p^sfe -fow weeks in
j building a wharf.   He flays that a orew
of fifty men wore engaged on this work
and that'divers wero employed to work
on tho piling under the water. One man
from Vancouver was employed as head
divor at a salary of $50 per day. >   .This
work is now completed and Mr. Morritt
left on Thursday for Alberta, where he
will bo eugoged for the O. P. R. on similar work.
' ���i'iii'niurniriiu'i"n.iiT��f.'��iwrf-"m��iCTuTw~ri r ���"���."���������'*"*����������.���'.^"������������i.' n-i*-���..."-*
/-Prompt cAttention
Let us Figum
' - -.' *
cp.OxBOX 24
>��*�� ���
Satis)'action Guaranteed
you on thi Building
An Indian, named Andclnp, whilo out
hunting at Kitchener a fow days, ago,
missed his footing while ou top of a high
mountain and slid to tho bottom of n big
hill. It is stated by onlookers that this
natlvo son shot lileo an arrow fully quarter of a mllo. Strange to say, the In;
dian was hot hurt in tho least with tho
oxooptlon'of isomo -fior^tojbef,..
.y:.;Aroong't^Q.m^^^ *whQ W* V*
most drtijy avrlylbij froin tho ihiddlo
prof iuco-' lu ��c*av-oh of fruit lnudt* ur<> M.
OAWlslor and QaP. Wislor, from Stott.
icsr, Alhoria.:' Theso goutlowon, after
carefully looking oyor tho vnrjous blocks
of fruit lands for iMdo *t Orostou, havo
decided d�� a tojvnovo plot nt the very
thronhold of Oroston. ' Thoy loft for
thoir Albortahpwio on Tuosday and will
roturn iii- two w��oks time, whon the
P'U'tloiihw-s of thel*** purohaso will bo
mndo'kuowji.A:  ��� -A 'AAA -
,T. J Afchorton, oatnn Abnolc on Sunday
from Crnnbrook, whoro bo hns boon
trfthfltvitiiJfi: som<i Important 'huslnoss on
behalf of tho Cfrottton Boal'y Ss Tlmhor
Oo, JMv. Athorton tigaln loft, forOran-
brook on WoilM'H'l'iyl   y       A
Mrrt.'Qwitya Jihh ^-unvoiVwbvd from
Kvoritfc WiihU., that Boh 'Pavis,'-form-
by bofug Htruojc with the viiiglng oC n
jln poh* oh tin*I'hond, at ICvciltt, .nbout
ton (Inys nj^o.
ToniCnvon, of Omnhrook, tho nsw
M.P.P. for thnt distrlot, wns iu Croston j
taut Sunday.   Mr, Oovon Islooklug well
triSter Ibli' Suwftl' electfob fl-jrb**-.' ��� 1
Jimmy Ma'okoy. of the Oreston Hotel
staff for -tho past two years, loft this
wook for Vancouver, where ho will likely locate. Jimmy, whilo filling hiB position at the hotel, made many friends
among all olnsses. lie was industrious
and obliging, nhd'xvro A wish ihim every
measure of fluccefls at tho obaBt.
Celebrate Creston''s Prosperity
There has been so much going on in
O.eston of late that for the last couple
of weeks it has been difficult to even
obtain a quorum of the members of the
Board of Trade to do business.     There
has been a meeting called for Wednesday evening next at 8.30 o'clock in the
Mercantile Hall., 'At this meeting many
important subjects will  be" dealt wijjh.
I-Iteports on the subject of fire, protection,
will be heard, and" the matter will be
gone into at length. ' There is  also' a
feeling among many bf the citizens that
owing to tho prosperous year for Creston that is just drawing, to a close,   it
would be a fitting termination of this
year's business if'ibV Greaton Board of
Trade would give a banquet, say the latter part of  this  month.     At present
I Croston is buddi.Ug from  a  struggling
villago into a prosporous town.   Iu one
year more the prwstiwt pcnalatiou will
have doubled, and i'ii is np to tho business man of CreBton and the citizens
geuorally to push r^ong every forward
movement for this fair town;
Thoro is nothing now that oan possibly
retard the rapid growth of Creston, aud
ifthore is an isolated Crestonian who
prefers to soo tho placo remain a small
village, bo might as well got on tho band
wagon and rido with eho orowd, for
Croston is destined to become ono of tho
important cities of tho Crow, and that
wiihin the next few yours.
To Whom it May Concern
Having rented tl^e store and hall now
occupied by S. A. Speers, I beg to say
for the information of tho lodges, societies, etc., now occupying it, that the
hall will be for rent from the Ist of January, 1910, at the rate of $5.00 to each
lodge, etc., per month.
���  Asks for Photograph?
The Review has just received- a com-
mnnioatiou from one of the very largest
daily papers circulating on tho Ameri-.
can side, asksng for photographs of'fruit
ranches at Orostou. These photos will
be reproduced in tho paper and will ba
a great means of advertising tho Creston district and without any cost to th&
contributor of the photos, which will be*
returned after being used. So now, Mr.
Fruit Growor, bring in tho best photos
of your ranches or your fruit trees and
Beoure somo of this cheap advertising.
FOR SA^irsA SeS of Iloavy Harness,
also, Sot of Bab Sleighs, cheap.
iA.'B, AttwoodA" AyAy y'A.A y
R. M. Rold, station ngent, Is going to
take a well-earned holiday tox a couple
ofweeka jaunt through Alberta and
Saskatchewan. He expects to leavo 011
Monday next. It is expected that Mr*
Wagner, agent at Curzon, will relievo
Mr. Keid bore.
J. K. Johnson hnB purchased the nix-
roomed dwelling on Viotoria, ayenuo,
formerly owned by R, H. AAttridfia.
Apply I Tho purohaso priao was $1,600.    This
I deal was pub througlnby Geo. A. Laurie
-   .      '        1. ���'���::'::������ .'���.   '���'���'   '-,;'.':     'i    '���������'"'������ ���.���;������'   - -> - -���'-,   :;���;:.��.'
WALK-OVER dress sloes art tto~
ted for their marked {ndlwidaaUly
and chancier*
We siyUiaH^rrectand refitted,
eomfori is certain and the quality,
which ts equivalent fo saytnff that
they are sure to sattsfv aU the demands of the uiosi fastidious buyer*
WALK-OVER Shoes are made
for eVery day of the meek*, and for
l*.t*��*+*��*+*aa^*+��*4 ���������*���������������<��* ���������<������*��
.�����*.�� 1-..
'rl. ���������xmx  .'��������� '<A.*'A'-'-s ���������  IJ "  1A;:������-������a  ^THK   OHEBTOK  REVIEW.  ^^^A^^J^^J^^^^  X  (Leaves From My Paris Note Book.������������������  Chanteclair.)  The needs in a modern woman's wardrobe seem ever on the increase, diid  never ending. The latest to be reckoned-  with is tha costume for ''high.-flying,''  or a'.itoplaning, 'Snd I have just in-*;>.ct-  ed some practical suits made at a g.vat  Rue de la Pais tailor's for the wives of  the tv.'-j most famous aviators. The stuff  in - h? a ike*: mixture woollen mater.ul is  as perfect a combination of light.iess  attd warmth as could b? devised. Tuere  is a neat coat, with no superfluous trimming uoi* fulness, aad a pair ������*-f wvve  kmci:ei> so cleverly cut that tiiE**.* wctild  pass for a "trotteiir"-'.skirt oa .and.  Hoadgeav was a knotty point, but" tbe  result-'Is good.-Little bomiet3, s'-icbyaa  our gra.Kt'meres wore, lined with white  duvet, *io veils, no striugs,-noth:ag tiiat  could catch oil to the machine "j; ,*tc...,  in case of wind or accident. Of. com so  we shsl! see iaiprovcm--*iits  of the dress. You see' a lot of pretty  women at these first autumn races, and  their new clothes add to their charm. I  .admired oue brunette in a bat of long,  silky-haired felt, just the shade of yellow" Leghorn, that is to be Ihe "eri su-  'pionie," "Leghorn colored" felt. It was  lined and trimmed with black.    It was  ferent sizes and shapes, and ybu put  them together, of course, but they do  not clip on, as.in the old nursery gariie,  which in the end only picturedyai farmyard in crude colors, or ayliony or, a tiger.  These pictures are "after?A'Watteau,  Moriand and ; other masters, Aandywhen  finished are worth a framed so delicate  and pretty are they.y In someAplaees it  has quite ousted bridge r youA|have no  picture to copy; you do hot kUow-yourself what ;sorty of aquarelle'; .you will  produce to reward your labor.ybut you  : will certainly be delighted- A|AAiyPO'jter  dance" at Diriard was another'- successful idea. All the people y^reygaTbed  as characters in well-known posfe  some .were absolutely faithful copies,  prizes being given in orderA of merit. The  little ��������� A;y,:Ay*yyy-  XX. CHOCOLATE MENlERy ^lElJA  was * charming,   as   \yere   spine A'of   the  'others, which ninny of lis; know 'ao well  oh the Paris* honvdinp;a,        y A       ���������     ,  An amusing competition I'ccC'htly took  place at Folkestone, just '��������� after* the  be������uty show, at which most of the com-  patitorf- were the pretty \yq������*ien - from  the markets, laundries, etc., in I'tiris and  ALondon. At this the first prizty again  went to La Rcine des ;������������������ -lleines, AMlk*.  Orlhac, whom I * saw in thi*? AMl-Careine  procession in'PariSjV:'Wellv.theAni<������''V'W'ero  not; to lie outdone, it sceins, aiid;������ show  of masculine beauty w*aiyorganised, and'  actually   sufficient     competitors   were  accompanied   by   a   chic   little    pleated  tliess in vioiefc"and white chocks, trim- j found 'whose pluck ana sel^sacrifit-e (?)  .met! with plain violet cloth soutached in I *^Uce<l  them   to   face   theA jury.      The  first prize   was   to   be   the   hand   of  a  black,   with   amethyst   buttons   on   the  and  --'���������*^-  1 saw a lovely wedding from a chateau at which the bride actually inn'o-  v.ited the fashion of having her white  satin dre*s made with a short skirt, and  \*,caiin<*, with it a big black hat with  IA, lbollrt tlowets. After the ceremony,  s'.-c wa*. wrapped in a charming cloak  'tha ���������jlirtilt- of her feathers, and.AofJA-sh.e.���������  siaited to hei new estate in Italy. I  *;ocice tluit nowadays ivj J������ ftlwava put  in amongst''.bridal flowers,- to carry out  tiie pretty sentiment, "Jo moms ou je  m'attaehe'. ���������' It is quaint, to see the way  tfis*. French adopt and utilise our words.  It is now quite the custom to say "bridge  or'.* to bridge, or "hosto-iiuer" to waltz,  the chief amusements tit these cheateau  evenings, as in Euglandyaivl the colonies- But tlie chateaux - are emptying  fast and the exiles all returning to Paris  la, belle j this year the weather has driv-  en theai home sooner than usual and  there is the great Aviation show as a  special inducement at the Grand Palais;  ������'��������� ���������.k~��������� i>i.x^;^r*^ cross-channel machine will  ���������atin; c������;-  vices of all sorts, as in the machines  themselves, but for present purposes I  am ..told the lords and masters .approve  of the toggery to be worn by their fairfreights. In search of something more  generally useful and distinctly more attractive, I went to the new premises of  Liberty &. Co., at 3 Boulevard des Cap-  ucines, and was deeply impressed by the  exquisite beauty and novelty cf all the  new models for" day and evW^������A*.-    n R    ioVs  __         Ihis orasch of, the famous estabbshmeat- [^ aa intt>restins feature.    All theAprin-  T ^--tp^ l,������-  *!������ ais^'t- -n ^W* ! ������pal inventors will be represented, and  for ladies and ehildren.lt wdl.not yd^ stvlla, 'Woman's  Aero  Club,  is  to  tract, naturally from the usefulness and t     a R stand ,vith so:ne-of the commit-  cjiarm cf the long-loved .maisoa, in the ^ - * dt;. to enroll new ..members.A AHow  avenue de 1 Opera. It is marvellous .the { #.ur .^j mothers   would   have   opened  predilection the Parisians show for Lib- i-}ieir"'eves.    In all parts of France the  oity   productions- and   inventions,   even j *  young, rich ahd lovely widow, who had  offered: it herself, Ik* it undei-stocd. Can  you believe it. the manly wtnnw refused  his prize, saying he preferred a'bicycle!  Not   "ery   flnt|ei'|h^ A to   "tht������     merry  widow"?    PerhiipsAKoweveV  for  her   future   welfare.     I'ht'nkA   .how  trying it would .beAto. pass .ah-'existeiico*..  with, tlie wi*niieiv?of y a beautyyciompetiv  tion!      ���������'���������'������������������ i A:A   A A vA:   ;-;-:A- X::X:X A   -AA::A  Ko   one   who   was   anywhere   within  reach   of  the   little  Brittany  town    of  Concarneau uiisfed going to ,'*t,htJ/.f.ete:.;'o.f.-.  the Blue ANets,  which  was   inaugurated  about four years  aj>a, as a   means    "of  helping the poor fisher folk     when    the  sardine   fisheries   failed   and; left   them  in sore need."  This year it was charm-  subscriptions offered to tho fund by all  who loved and thanked her, from highest  to lowest in the land. When the moneybox' was opened, amongst the coins was  found a little cheap ring, undoubtedly  a sort������of '���������widow's mite," and this the  queen received in the spirit in ^whieh it  was surely offered for her gracious acceptance, seeming profoundly touched���������  just what our Queen would have done!  I hopo in my nost "leaves" to give a resume of the fashions which will surely  prevail in. Paris during this s^a^on, at  present the designers and makers are  all busy attending to foreign buyers,  who, after all do not always care for  the garments ihe real Parisienno loves.���������  Chauteclair. ' - ���������      -  *������������������������ *������'������MI*t>������"������>MHnt*,������-'i  L  Hie  Housebf^nai*  stir until- it. fudges, pour off in' large  dripping pan, and cut in about si^tee,���������"  bars.    The longer the soap stands,  harder it becomes. ; "*"  ������������r A  t^t-wr-r^  Frankness   witn   uaugniors.  riaylm? at "nldc-awl-seok with our daughter* Is 3������ch a mistake. We cauno*, blind ourselves, to the tact tht ������l������e Is clmnRltig dally,  thut every day adds to hor Uovolopmont. Wo  must bo awarf* thnt encli month and each  vonr which rolla ovor hor head can-los Hor  closfr to womanhood. Wo know that sho  ilot"^ no1* tap)? upon lite at sevontoeu as eho  lookoil upon It at fourteen, and oho knows  ���������.tini we Know It.  I! In no uso for us to say: "O, Blsia ia still  a olill'l. She mivor glvos a thought to Mich  tlnucs," l'lslo Is not a child any longer, and  tho Ronnor wo coaoo playing at this game of  lliu������'-l*.m'l-������(.'ek   With  1W   the   u6tt6r   it  Will   t*C  for u- both. Wo want the brond full light  of iltiY upon all our thoughts uml upon nil  our deeds whoro out* daughters aro concerned, laterally, *ho must bo heart of our  heurtf- and soul of our souls if we would  so.i lier- develop Into true, noble womanhood  with a mind far above potty things, aubter-  fui:������   and   deceit.���������Gnbrlelle   E.   Jackson.  RIVAL   BEAUTIES.  Fairest   Womon   of   Europe   in   Competition.  (London Daily  Mall.)  Six of  tha prettiest girls on tho continent are to appose the half-dozen most  olmviiiing women "England can produce, in  sin    internalipna)    beauty,   eompt'titifm  which is to take place at the   V^iotoiia  .'Pier, Folkestone, on Aug. 17.  ; The   English   compcititors   arc   to   hj  chosriMi in a preliminary competition.   Al-  'r.tvndy   candidates   have   com3     forw.ud  from all parts of the country.   Th-s v.-in-  ���������ner  of   thp  Sussex  Beauty  Show,  Mi**s  Ellis, is  among the entrant?.    She is a  chtrmiii'*, fi.iven-h.tired girl. ?\Iihs L'l.ijtiii,  who won tho Kentish beanty show Hst  REMODELING HAT.  If you have a Inst season's leghorn hat  ib may be made modern by procuring a  wire frame with a medium large, round  crown. Detach crown and cover with  net or other thin material for foundation, cover with straw' as nearly the  shade oi' the leghorn as possible, and  fasten to the leghorn frame after cutting  the original crown from the frame.  WHEN UNABLE TO SLEEP.  When unaole to go to sleep try this  way of counting: One, one two, one, two,  three, one two three four, one two three  four five, ouo two three four five six,  and so on.   Count slowly.  TO KEEP PANTRY COOL.  A ffocd way to keep n pantry cool. i������*i-  ppciiu'y if icebox is kept in sarnie, during  the hot weather, is to put four t"u:k-t in  screen and then place a piece of he.ivy  muslin dipped in cold water with a little v-incg������.r on these tack3. Uso li.insr a  sponge dipped in same way. One wo-ild  be surprised to find how cool th?) ;*:m-  try will keep, also how much longer th,*  ice will hist.  ICE. WATER HELP.  Dining ths hett of the pr*-sen.t summer one *h*>usokcciper discovered thtt  ice water kept t.vice as Ion**" when in t!*.'*  piicher on the sideboard if il vas covered with a stiff paper bajr.  Tha heavy ba^-< u&eu by ihe grpc*-c*r  were chosen and bought a dozen .it a  time to have' one alwa}i3 fresh wli'**!  needed. Tlie hi-** should be large enough  to slip on and off easily.  These baps are-useful ev^n in \vint-������r.  wlierf t>h������   family  insists   u-pon   f^he   ice.  water being always in readiness *n a hot  dinint? i*o*vti.  TRAVELLER'S NEEDiECASE. ���������  The case is made of a strip of ribbon,  three inches by eighteen, turning up at  one end two inches, which should be.  stiffened by cardboard. Line with flannel tho ribbon -which black and white  i darning cotton, as well as -with silk, the  //j&V^V  th  r.r.rrxe oi  the firm has been adopted j  the   mos*-.   siinn'p   anH   fluid i  AUTUMN MANOEUVRES.  to designate the  most supple and fluid i i:SVe been on and in the country place I  satin.- arid mpusselmes manufactured:  **ia Liberty" is known and loved by every dressmaker and milliner in Paris,  and for teagowns and dresses of all  sorts vvhich emanate from Liberty's the  French have untold appreciation. Of  course uo English or Colonial readers  need any information regarding the picture toilettes which are Liberty's sole  productions, the designs, materials and  trimmings, of 'which are absolutely unique and peerless, but everyone may nofc  know that in Paris there is now this  new branch of the business, a visit to  whicii is a iibsrai education and artistic treat.. I know no other place at which  you may find such  DKUCIOUS EVENING   CLOAKS  and wraps? such fascinating blouses and  Coffee coats, hand embroidered with j  Hillc, iu the most dainty patterns aud  color*,. The "Audrey" blouse, made of  Liberty searvee., iB specially alluring,  with its front and sleeves of lace, and for  ���������trtist-** there are some useful and beautiful overalls iu Tyrian silk, the "New-  lyn" a the "Mary," perhaps, being the  ''pick of tho basket," I must not forget  to speak of som charming littlo silk  shawls, in art shades, with deep knotted  fringe all round, for these ore now al-  moRt as extinct as the dodo and to bo  nowhere else. It is .even difficult to procure them from India, and thoy ore the  quaintest little wraps, looking as if they  had come out of Granny's camphor  chest to adorn \licv young descendant's  shoulders, Theso may be had in apple  green, ciel, salmon, or white, for the  marvellous prico of 35 francs. 4  The Lrtiigchamps races have rc-opcued  then; scaEon with eclat, and as usual  tho rankers of fashions and tho exponents thereof, have htttnelied theii* novelties. Let mo see ."jvhat specially impressed  int'. Well t we hear a great deal about  the decline nnd fall of big hats, aud  truth to tell, I did note many small  ore*, such as the tricornc, the lampion,  and the toque. Thcfe were in stretched  velvet or satin, mid witli them people  seemed to like very delicately patterned  Chantilly vcihs, either white, Isabella or  black. The tricornos were most coquet-  tidli, mostly trimmed with nn aigrette or  bunch of white tips, or with some old  metal galnn with tassels, and hi some  case*-, with c.-.lored jewels imet. They  are poised very chicly on the head, at a  certain angle, but nothing is propped  up on.bandeaux nowadays, and Hie turned cb'wn hat*, of wliich I saw many, aft  of old hide tin* face and hair more than  is Li *.ny mind comme il faut���������that is,  if the face in pretty, and the htir well  dono, I -(iw a good many fum, big double M'nnvs, and flat nqunre muff������, al-  (*���������<-> wcarvos of -.atin and mouflseli-ie odgod  ���������with     duvat       or fringfl.       Tlie;>e  went tvtUt t)w K-*mi������long contn,  t������till fitr.ai|������ht nnd narrow, but  cutaway in front, with long roll  rrvdv. opt*siim: 'ver n nutiii i*iiibi*V)|iliTi*il  wiu:*t coat, or elm u fluffy little bliuwi*  in while linoT*. vti t ������������������������������������'>!������ **b������* hJiimI.* of  the dr������i������H. SkirtK nn-'iil-o linlf-loiiK, ov  r\Hi. MtM.rt -<nmigh to hIi'-w tit**, vtinifxheil  lioi������t������ with upper*" tlm hliude of thn drew-,  3 fancy  ROCGH Sl'llFACKl) MATERIALS  Mill lif pr<*f.*ni*il to htnnoth for thftMu  ^own-i. I mw innny i-f������rgi*H and lloml,���������  Hf>un������, flm* iuul light nnd of itxiitii������Ue  Himplh'ity. Color? Well, 1 noted buttle  iind oMvti KTi>i<>rifi gnlon*. nlHo rtmi'tliyntM,  coilienu or ntv.-n bliif, Wuu- green, molt*,  broiiTi*, vanilla nnd prunclle, Tlm mon*  ������iii*������^,v i-'>������ttfm*-i Mvt*" In fltt** Hoth or  oacltennrft dt* ���������tolls*, with paimU, plciitu,  iimi-i ami taHiieii,   Tli������*w art* tdlll more  spent two long mornings watching them.  We could follow the battle quite well from  the motor but in some instances found it  better to mount ,-.a hillside and stand  right close up te the firing lines, -the  mtrailleuftes which I saw carried up,ypnt  together and* filed, especially fascinating  me. It was a most picturesque; sight  when the camp fires were lighted fofttbo  pot-luck lunch, in the most beautiful  Pica'rdv fields, the men reclining forA������  weii earned rest against the st������wksy of  vellow corn, with hills on one sideyof  the field and a forest on the other.'The  battle had started at six and we * joined  the fray soon after; at noon all wasAoyer,  the order to "cesser le feu" (cease fire)  was given by the clarions and' the generals retired' by themselves to; confab  and make the "critique," in pther words  ilecid" whose day it was.   I was lucky  iu seeing the Oth Chausseurs in their  charming pale blue and scarlet-tOUched  uniforms, with silver buttons and white  froggings,  taking  part, also  the-"J>ra-  gohs,"   more   sombre,  hut   dignified ;iii  black uniforms with white facings;and  silver ornaments, and the 73rd Infantry.  I candidly confess I am much impressed  with the seriousness and the energy, of,  the French soldiers as I have seen, them'.  They may not march in such an upright  alert fashion as our men. Their uniforms, I speak of the privates, the officers  arc beyond    reproach,    are    more  slouchy, baggy and loose, bub A the men  are thoroughly in earnest about their.  work, arc business like, punctual and               always cheerful and philosophical, there   jn     tlw quocn of ������  is none of Tommy's grumbling, o John ���������    B,^j    '. ,   dr  Bull privilege, no doubt, which may^not   * l0VClV .8.'"' -arcss.  go for much.   The French soldier is to  all appearance happy as a clam, even  when tired as a dog at the end of the  manoeuvres.   Some of tho officers with  whom I have talked have given ine most  interesting Information about their army  ii nd I may say that one and all are keen;  on their work, and immensely proud of  their armv, with all that concerns It,  if  thoy   feel   quite   differently   toward  I heir Cnvernnirnt, for which I find   few  have a good word. By the way, a most  IntercHtinR littk* hook, which deals, to a  ���������reat extent  with military and    naval  HIGH   CROWN   A:..>   A   FEATHER.  There are hats and hats, turned up  and  turned  down,  trimmed  hoavily ond trim:..ed vory simply���������but  the crown must be high and it mua t have a feather on it somewhere.  urn  nt'fairs, Is  "OUIl G KRMAK COUS INS,"  published hy that UKoftil nnd entcrprU'  ing  little busy-body,    the Daily  Mall  It gives a great don I of useful nnd startling,  or at  least  Humming,  Informa*  tion,   as to the wny in wliich flormnny  has gone abend in all directions during  the lost year or m only; tjio progress,  and cluiiifj'e in in everything.'"'foreign and.  domestic,    There  is a  completely now  regime In soeioty, dn-as nnd household  appointments; mine initgnifiocncc in all  tlilng(-, anil tlio hitherto nlmplo "Ilatifl-  frau" ii* now n<;l e<inte������it urilcss lotylcd  willi   jowelH���������nut   ahviiyH   In  tho    host  tiiHto.  perhaps���������which    it   'flccms    hor  KpmiKC doew imt unnlgo her. In fact ho  likoH to ho liodeeked hlmsnlf with prlco-  l/>**m ���������fHhusl    TJip nrofrrfsi) In  the army  nnd navy ii-i too much o������ evcryone'ri lipn  (ami minds!) to require comment, hut  thU littlo bonk, in the writing of whieli  (Im-mnnfl have to a largo extent had rt  hand, is well  worth |MM'ii������al anil   Iho  clxponco   It   costm  With win tor, with Its long ovorilnjj;-),  coming on, r/Hiqilo nro glad to hear of  nmimlng dovleos for [in������Hlng tho timo,  mo lot mo jimt ini'iithui a giunn which  Iihh en 11-/I1I ������ni In an extraordinary fauli*  imi ut tho oliatniiiix uml eountry'lioiicio  liavtloi* (iwr here this autumn t It In  fulled "I'tr/i-Mi'**," ntul tuitrlit ho en Uml  "I'liti'iire," for It tnlioM all ono hnn anil  or le^ nrlnrpM In ntylc*, or with hl-ili   mori'l   In a rmmil box you lwvj wvwiil  , -,.     .V  _\....,., t..,-������i*,*   .Uj-vi-Uk* tr.Ti������. I hundred pleivii of pnlntwl wooo, out of  t\i\������i *,   ������fc������������*������  ,.. t.9t������i*.l   .u..v<-Uk* tr.Ti������. I hundred pleivii of pnlntwl wont!, out of  t������ I*, worn with*a variety of gulmpca | which if^you have luck  or paiicuco yuu  with long tight ���������leovitw ol thn *am������ thin i ������i*y u^c Iht uaitit fAAs.!sa������aff ra������r  ���������et or lace* either white or tho sbadecolor pleture/i.   Ih* plewt aro all dlfi  les filetsblcua" was  dressed in national costume, and tho poot Botrel, who has dono  so much to help" the "miiscrablcs" in  Brittany, came over, from Pont Avon  to crown her. Another ��������� early autumii  entertainment wns the performance of  "Lady Macbeth" in French,* which Mao-  tcrlinck's clover wife got', up at lier  place, the Abbey Of paint .' Wundrill'*,  lately. There was only room for fifty  select spectators at a . time,' and they  paid eight pounds each for their tickets,  but Hay it was worth'it, for tho entertainment was most; ImpWHHivo, and  Mmo. Maoterllnok made nn Ideal Lady  Macbeth, with good support from her  company. Tho old abbey, inside, nnd  out, made a most delightful "mlso en  [Boonio."  Royalty in Shnlcoflpoaro's plays had no  easier time than Jutvii our. eimU'iiii-imiii-  coup, aovoreignsj ,at this moment the <  QUEEN OF SPAIN,  oo, latclv a happy carclcBB EngliHh Prln.  mbs, with simple tastes and surround*  Inge, Is enduring anxiety and responsibility too heavy for suoh young Bhouldors:  at first wo hoard that popularity was  at least a doubtful possession of hers,  bnt flinco tho war Btorhi broko out and  sho has shown such onorgy, praotloal  help and sympathy for tho soldiers and  thoir familion that tho tldo has turned  In-hor favor and onco more tlio pooplo  ravo ovor tiicir golden-haired queen, and  hor jolly aatiofactory littlo hoirs. A  visit to England from tho King of Portugal is Impondln-tf, thoy soy, with u  view, to carrying off anotltor of our  youiujfofil, prlnoofisoH, tlid Duohofls of  Flfo'u older girl. It yofc remains to bo  noon whether nho will agroo to change  hor religion, or will roftnw emphatically, a* ovoryono known tlio young daugli*  tor of tha Duko of Connaught did whon  tho King of Hjialn, or his "lntorpratorH,"  proponetl for hor littlo hand. I hoard  that PiinooMM Eiu������'������* t)*mitiH>ul wan "1  only wUh ho would auk ins." and Hiihw*  quont ovent-n prove that lh������ flood Fairy  ���������mii'klv trrnntrd lior wMhl A limit pjpw*  lar quoon In tho Oiuo������n of Italy who  behaved io magnifloontly during     tho  year, is also lo take part in the selection  contest.   She is a beautiful brunette.  Paris will bo represented by Mlie. Augustine Orlach. She is doscrihed as *'th..'  ������|iieen of queons." "Many' people hold  her to bo tho mo'-st'-'boau-tiful woman' In  Europe," explained Mr. Forsyth. Bolgiu.n  i** sunding Mllo. Jlagda Anar*rt, "th ������  Queen of. Oatond,'?kropi>rtod ,to bu l*jf*l-  gluin's most bonutifhi.woman. Also cd'ii-  ing to compote is Sondrlttv Pnuqitn .Mn,r-  tija, of San fejobostlan. Sho Is a fl:i������hiii'jr.  eyed, beautiful ������S|>iiniard ."On all hands,''  said Sir. Forsyth, .''Mia is considered a  'j-ierfucit \ representative      of    Spanish  'flu/' other fovoign ocinipetltors inclulu  tht.' olecU'd "queens" of Nonnandy, .Bor-  dc-iux, nnd' Lillo. Whon ihioy journey  to. Folkc-ttn-no onoli will 1k> tuooinpanied  by two nnildH of honor -md two municipal councillors.'  Scott's  Robocca a  Philadelphia Qlrl.  ��������� ."That book ought to hnvo peculiar interest for -Philadelphia pooplo," said a  hooksollor ot a well-known socond hand  hook store to a prospective customer  who idly thumbed a oopy of Scott's  "Ivnnhoo."  A "One of tho oliaractors in that,book,  Hobccca,"' ho ooptlnucKl,, "wob drawn by  Sir Walter Scott about a young. Phila-  dolphin "fir'*"'. ^Iba Robocca Gratas. I remember her mynolf. I lived noar hor  When I wns n boy, and I wolPromorabor  tho kind, unpretentious, work ������ho did  among tho poor. Thoro' must bo'.������ number of people who, liko mo, havo noim  and talked with MUn Grattj, for fifty  years ago thoro wasn't a echool toachor  nnywhei-o within a radius of fifty miles  who did not know that a description  of MIhh Grntte, by Irving, Inspired tho  "IUiboecn" of Sir Walter Roott. Hut  I dare, say fow local readers of "Ivau-  lioo" to-day know It."���������From the Philadelphia Proas,  .. , - - ,���������������������������   WELL EQUIPPED.  (Buffalo Express.)  A boy was horn In Atlanta, Ga., thia  week who Is tha thirteenth child of   a  color of the gowns takon in tho trunk  or suit case. . Roll up: around tho cardboard and faston with ball and socket  fasteners.  TO MEND WOOLEN .CLOTHES.  To mend woolen clothing, uao ravol-  ings of same goods, and if noatly dono  tho mend will bo almost invisible.  1   GIRLS' BLOOMERS.  Instead of making the. littlo girl's  bloomors of tho samo material as the  dross, try making thom' of black por-  cnlino. It is strong and firm, holds the  skirt out niooly, wears 'muoh hotter  than black sntoon, and saves such a lot  of wa-fhin****.  A CARPET CLEANER.  To qiio Imi' of whlto soap cut fine In  ti gallon of water���������lot it boil, until well  dissolved---add ono ounce of other and  uui* with'scrub brush, nnd take clear  warm wator and cloth to wipe off suds.  Will vonow, all colors nnd mako goods  JUio now. "      /        s  CLEANING STRAW HATS. .  .lirlco of one lomon, tho sarno quantity  of /Water, inilphw enough to mako u  thin paste. Take band oft around hat.  Apply paste' ovor outside aud under sldn  of lint, using a small brush. Put hat  outdoors In tho t*un until thoroughly  dry. Thon usn a clean, stiff brush to  brush off nl! pnrtlclos of sulphur which  may ndlioro tn thn lint.   '  TO PEEL TOMATOES.  To peel tomatoes wllhnut sealding  them, rub gently nil over with tin* hack  of parlna' knlfo. Then tho skin will p������d  off easily without any of tho moat  nilhttlno* thereto.  TO WASH CLOTHES LINES.  A good Wny to wash clothen linos l������ to  wind'thom on a long hoard and* uorub  thom with a scrubbing brush. You will  find that In this way you keep them  from getting tangled. It is bo hard to  wind tncm.whon you .wash thom In tho  tub.  KITCHEN SOAP.  Takes ���������Mx pounds of grouse, mMtotl  ami strained, ono can of potash dlmiolv-  otl In ono quart of water, and wait until  thoroughly eoolH.   Add 8 Mots' worth  igV'ery woman knows t;  hatiging o*ut a larue. "  J  cliffs, collars,  other small art  line takc3 time  plan of drying tha^^Hjftpajujy minutes. She liad her' miawesT^mak'o her a  long, shallow bag of strong white mosquito netting with a drawstring at' the  top, and tapes>flewcd at the corners and  at intervals of three ot four inches" between. Whon the smaller articles were  ready for hanging on the line they were  laid carefully in the bag, the string  drawn up so they would not blow out/  nod the bag pinned to tho line by the  tapes for tho sun and air to filter  through the open meshes of-the net.  TO PREVENT PINK FADING.  To, keep pink clothes in good cplor use  red ink in ihe running water instead of  biujng.  TO FRESHEN RIBBONS.  Ribbon is first dusted and then ironed  between tissue paper. To clean ribbon  a mixture is made of three ounces soft  soap, three tablespoonfuls honey and ������  teacupful of gin and water. The ribbon  is placed on a board and sembbed with  the mixture. It'ia then rinsed by dipping several times in clean cold water  Vibd not squeezed ouC, but hung over a  lijne to drip, then put between clothes  ahd ironed by drawing the ribbon voider *  the iron. This prevents creasing aud a  stringy appearance at 'finish. The iron  shoUld .be kept still with pressure up-  or. it.  White ribbons will not turn yellow  when washed if the water is warm,'-riot  hot,- and the soap used a fine white qual- j  ity. Rinse iu three waters, the last being a'strong blue. ,Hang in fhe^aun'nn-"*,  tii half dry, then proas under clean muslin with a warm irqn. Black satin ribbons may be renewed by rubbing gently  with vaseline.  To wash colored ribbon make a strong  lather of fine soap and cold water; waeh  the ribbons and rinse them several times,  always in soapy water, not clear water.  When partly dry iron between thin  pieces of muslin, having the ribbon perfectly smooth.  Ribbon interwoven with tinsel is best  cleaned with fine bread crumbs and powdered blue, then shaken and rubbed with  a clean cloth; tinsel or gold lace may be  cleaned with ammonia.  To dry clean lace give it a dry bath iu  flour.   Put a quart' of flour into a basin,"  put in the lace, then rub una squeeze it  with the hands.  ��������� .������������������������������  SALT RISING BREAD.  Many think salt rising bread a lost  art or too slow^a process, with much uncertainty as to results, for the modern  housewife to undertake. By 9 o'clock,  if you rise at 6 a. m., you can have three  loaves of sweet, delicious bread baked,  which will be the ,envy of all your  friends, and may, if necesasry, be the  means of bringing in ''pin money" if you  wil! follow these direction^:  Pour boiling sweat milk on a heaping  tablespoonful of cornmeal and stir to a  smooth paste only.- Set this snugly covered in a real warm place over night.  The next morning this should be" swelled  ,up, light. Heat half a coffee cupful of  swcot milk"''"and'!:,cocu to'a "good-warm  temperature, not scalding, with a coffee  cup of water. Into this stir a pinch of  salt, a pinch of soda, a,level Lablespaon-  ful of sugar, the light meal, and flour  for a smooth batter. Set this in warm  water snugly covered till it foams up  twice as light as first quantity.  Next take  a  deep, pan  or  bowl and  take a coffee cupful' of sweet milk,' a  pint of warm water, the light sponge,  and flour to make a smooth, stiff batter.   Sift over this an inch of flour. Set  container in warm water, all snugly covered,   and  when   the ��������� sponge"    breaks-  through "all over and at the edges, sift  a pile of flour on the moulding board,  and  pour out  on it the light sponge,  catching it up and kneading into a soft"  mass. . Pinch into three loaves and put  "into greased broad pah, allowing about  an inch for rising,   Grenselop of loaves  with butter.   When level with tho pan's  sides bake in a quick oven forty minutes and cool in cold or cool air. This  will be tho most delicious bread you ever  tasted.   ���������                  y"*'':.>A.'A'. *'.'- AA A '���������'\  ������������������-i ���������*������������������������������������������ ���������  '."*A  ]  I  9  1  I  I  1  1  'ft  uvuawH pi. ,....���������.....i~....v .......M      v..v   tlilrlonutli child of a thirteenth child on  <'.-*��������� rlhqnakc trcgrdy. Phf hn** jn������t Wl ������. J Mi mother'a ������ld������>, and thn twvowth ������on of  _^   birthday, nud tho 'jprtaant who Uk������d bant' a aovjonth oon on hia father1* tldo, It Is of borax iijnsoj'-od. jn ono pint of wator. j    n tftkot* o urntty utronu null  yai or* bought witk tha amall and tjwat pr������u������t-lSiwu ty U -* Xu-lu^ UU*-*.. 22s iU t&cca S^c&ecti: tcstttcs t������d   faf-j-w.'.'to, ������-������' tistt'iltca, ic;  Handkerchiefs for French Sailors.  M. Chcron, the  Under Secretary    of  Stiite for tlio -'French"* Navy, -is showing  as much solicitude for tho sailors as ho  did previously ;for * the ^Boldlors;" Quito  recently,    says the Petit Pttrision,.   ho  obtained a vote from tho Government '',-  by which ovory soldier" in'the'   Frouch  nrmy ia A now provided with  socks  at������������������'",'  the Statp'u oxponso.    AM. Choron    has  ,  been paying a murprlsa visit to, Cherbourg, and among othor things hnB booh  looking closely'into, the wearing Aapparol. A  of tho. sailors.   Ho was struck by tho  fact thnt, the wardrobe provided by tlm   '  State did not include any handkerchiefs,  it ml ha nt onco ctima  to   tlio. decision  that libneeforth, tho outfit of ovory wnl!-'  or* is to Include' two hnndltorchlofi*-A  . i , I.'.'.'',i 4 ������������   '   '"' " ������,.-���������"'  Nnw Concrete Method.  A now mothod,of.combining,rplnforc-  lug and ooncrotb In tho building of con* ���������  crcto homos Is dcscrllmd with' llliintva-  tion In Popular Mochanlcs. It Is un on- ,  tl������'������*ly original combination of stool tnb-  ln;f, wire, malleable fittings and concrete, and with tho qxcoptlon of, piers,  tho ooiicroto Is not dbpondod on to car*  vy nny of tho lond, but Is used only as  Htiffoner-or body to tho building. Tlm  outlvo framowovk can bo eroctod bo-  fore tho concrete work la stavtcd, wal;-  \n;t lb poHslblo to Inspect tho position  nnd quality of the stool and to ovoet a  bulJdlng Jn much shorter timo than If  required by other method*. No form*  </r tutoring ������ro required, which la another groat advnntago. ���������.,  ������ <*���������������*���������������*������������"���������:   As to Lincoln.  Just hofore tho colobmtlon of the one  hundredth nnnlvorHary of tho birth of  Abraham Lincoln a toachor In ono of  tho lowor ffrnilon of a Bortofluiohool told  all tho hoys and glrl������ in hor room to  writo a littlo omuty about Lincoln. Ono  hoy of a down year*, according to.Lip-  i-liMioll'it MiignJiiw, landed in tho following i , ���������...���������������������������  "Abraham Lliwoln waa tiorn on a  bright ftuininar. day, tho 12th of Ftfbm-  nry, 1800. H* W|n horn In a log cabin  ho had liolpod Ida father to build."  ior utoiuu  WMBosasam  UN  iii  *mmmmm  j :'>5&1&������?.v.-*-<r'&X\  WmixSim^  M    ���������/ -'Ji^SvA'-  M^X^AyXmx  yV'v,*.  ;���������A ���������J..,���������.  s^^iiii^  ���������>.'������������������  : * ~A>***M!&4AMdu n-e ���������  _ |wr2<t MOORS  ^oirSftm^n^ewly^reiuoTO any corn; ettnerj  feard.soit or Dlewl Ing, by applying yutnam's  Corn JKXwactwtj ������������������:������������������������ never Durns, leaven no auitr.  wntatasnofto!ds;isii-nnles5liecaus9eoEiposs(!  onl/otheallnggums and balms. Fifty yeara in  ���������������?8*w *������&t���������.suaranteed..(go!d "i;by:aU< anjjs"**lste  850. bottles. ^Betuso substitutes.,;; *>'���������.;-���������'������������������'��������� .*4*~y*y  RVTWAWS'S' PA5NLESS  CORN EXTRACTOR  orm   let  dear Miss ;Taa^ y*u*  broken.AT:ain afraid ,ybuAwill have  ;j������������y--  a  have  r gj:^iAiwf*^^^tm'ArjSdr&:  Ay-pUybeeS l^ii^yh������nreV';yA'Ay  .  ?Mbrb'|tMtrfiV^ yy  'Tt.iia terrible -toiytliink :d^A Eht there  :v..aroy'b^tii^bft"env-p^  ��������� notAeall oiittf? A Aa-A, y y ��������� yy A - - A- .A -A  ��������� x^^^i^^x^Xi^b^yy'ff^XAy^^:  : thoiight Of ��������� BubhA a, thing."' --. A;.;"-- :*"'* -^  A '"It' Woiijld have been, only'natural to  ;.yaek*for;;hpip/yAA.,vAy:iAy;y  ..:;y'";.'--''|It-Cwouidi'havo-AB������m������d jailer to ihe  A--.tb:'''-lie'.'-������tul-i>n^^'dle/f;" sh> replied, and a:  X sudden -hbfcAflushA came yover her pale  A.fac^^iA^yAAAy^y^y  A A ''These ar������;terrible ,pr^udyWOTdsjr".A Al  said/ 1 a*ughingly.y '^ere^is'. noAhuinilia-  . tion,'* when we are hurtrand wounded, in  crying to, AaAfellow-ereaturb for h&p.'^:;;  A,;yfyfy would-ra^eirAbrabp away to suffer  snd^die alone;'?Bhe;returned;   "I do not  Alikexpity-r4r; yisryw^k'yAlA^hldAendurO:  .'A-a'n^hing-ratb'e^^^  A4**Sjy; gooivchiid,A;When youare Aas old  abfl ami* you" will know how sweet the  '���������'.'���������-Tiity'.of -those' who love us.is." a:;    . y .,.*,:y������������������  '���������-."���������'.vlviflWdy.oulike peopleix> pityAy du when  your husbandAdied-Hrto ;sayi ^AhiypOOr  ihiSg, it'lsAvery  shockingr���������very terri-  Abl&H an<$ bhoke their, heads about yout'  y-^Yes, I think tbatAit soothed me/?  AA A-f'Ab!"   she said;Acalffly; : f'theh Aybu  hl&s  not -Aa, brave soul/' '--y ���������-;_������'��������� laughed:  * al&ud; -1 ������yUld; UotAhelp": iti y Ay ;Ay Ay AAA  Ay-A^fiA knbwA iaoiheoneAwhoAh^A ������ ve^_:  proud soul fyihutAwefw^lltaik about that  'aether ,*vday������A ^urAarni* is AbadlyAbniis-  ed^andabroken; A   what-is, beatk'tb be  ���������/.^^!^;-p->f.-::Ay^  ���������..*,' Ai"K you would help me a little Xlcpuld  wlftk home." :.-X "������������������". A A*-AA- AA':  ������������No; you do not know they.tortuTe;,ifc"  A would give you.X Al sawAsbmb'; meh at  Aw^ork in the fields close by* I will send  one; of them for my -catriage-^we are  not, very far^frouvANeville^ Crbsa^-ahd  then we^can*4drive ft you:home. byAJhb  Sugh roid^ 3hedid aSt object; I left hlr  Awtting thore,A so white, so still, so proud;.-  anddefiajiti.thafc she looked moreAlike a  . A ii^r^i^t^Athahyra Ali^g^AbJ^thihg;.  -woman. A*-A*A.;y .-.y.yy ���������'"-.������������������ .������������������;���������;   AA'y-yy-A.  A ;A yAyrc^^  s^yif fc ^nhher/I 'chose1! forAihy::.OTaiid?yAIi;  aatf by'- Misa Vai**B side -until, hoir������turn-  :' bd,: but"w������A^diHfcfcl������o|J;^biitfy'tQeAfiked/'  Affetyexpression ,0f * her facey^I*A'felfe}.'sUTe;y  :-yi^t--'^������Ai*^n;Awa*;;Juatj^An^^^ao^sihe;i  :. 'A :,Oould?f y)D^t*.;;': V^W'h^ y*'th^^  -y ;'ohe";isliilik^iwi*(^f^  ���������':���������- tSl-'-tlieAsbft-cushioiied: seatyyA-Ay A -y iy A  A W "Does your arnipaiiiAy^  yy;"Nor^tJTOKAto  ;y.'Teplied;AA'- A^-'AAy������ttX*AAXXxXXxX:AyX>  .": :*: A. ';"I Abelieve ;*7Qii :'are Iftoo;. prbud; tci ������'Cbm-A  piaSn," I said, and Aag^n^a'-Iw^fl-jfihA  :;-A^ffiu^ed;,h^'^WlidyfMe.i-:^ver^  y/Ajtheyprom .;apiri't|yiel^  ;yyodAhe#:h*pfl^ith^u|^^  A./^i^Mn*mU9t'fiaVe <������*u1^^her:������*o^EMrlre  A ;y&ngui^yy Ay y A xx yy yy A yA ��������� A A Ay'Ay;,' X ?X y:;-;;  AA^,:^het;I*^sy-stbodr:4hAfl^v^r^  -AA^eA.ca;iTdageAdwvey'up^^  A 'dist^^<������at*M^;:^;;iK|soug!!^w^  ;AAgi^Wirt"*tr*^^  ':-yfifc^'^li^f?iu^^eTTSy^^  'A'-t?JM^5?'a^j^a^h*^ ''"  yj'ahe^^ has broken! her ������urin."  ��������� is at- your peril,;- :ySend fOr Sir, John;  I iwill see no stranger; I WillA bea.r' all  thO^eitrJt^jairi *:witn ��������� ^patience." ^ Remem-"  berAyouryyprpmi^.^y^v,-';^,. -���������.!': ..^ Xx:  "yvJjewis'iW'e'itt piife.''bf-i^the a-opnaf-glvlagAa  wistful. glance ot me. |ljffi(������tdo):sonto excuse, and fololwed her. She was waiting  for me yIn .theA corridor.A 'What shall I  dV MasNeville 1% she} 'asked; y'ihrdl^ressr  A. ''Your duty is plaihehoUij^^youAmust  disobey j it is the only thing to he doho  mAthisyease." A XAX'yyy^ X :y y ���������*���������"��������� y yyyiy*.  ; A '?Miss AVaiib [ vyill i send me away If AI  !disob^;yhw^ A.,;;yAAA. .y Ay Ay*''. yyA'''%���������: ^  yAy^Even that will be ;vb������t^thah^ letting  her run th������ risk of losingyh������r; arm~lt'  wouldybe; better to leave her than to re-y  nwini with her orippledv; ^l^veyit tb'me  ���������I will take all the risk. VKeep out .of ���������  her.-''. room forAa time,^ audAall- will Abe"  WeU'.'^��������� V ��������� X y.:: AXyA-'^AAA-yXAXAA XXX  y:   She ;"sh6okAAhw:*yhea^y::;d  **you    do" Anot -.. kEwmA i������vA.������aiiBte  Mrs.   Neville: A If AI ^abbeyA lv;sihali-;  have    to     leavejy she yy never A breaks  her wordiy-But, as you say, it would   be  better "��������� for me Ato '.*l������aye('y than for .-* her A to  'lose', ker^'afsi."--' A: XX A AAA XAXr-. A-AAA:  yl 8awjthere|wasAhothing; foryitAbutyto  take"��������� th^Ate'ad,y and*-I,/ did soy;I s������nt my  ownAcdaehmahAihtOi*PaihtM4i^d;;lAtold  him to hrihgApr. Fletcher without delay.  Mrs. 'Lewis; looked terribly)frightened.X:  "YouA must not come, into, Missy Vane's  room, until IA send for you/5 I said, and  E-Vweht'back to the sufferer.,.':.-.  yfWhere is iiewis:?": she aaked, as IAeh-  'ftjsre^A-���������.y yAXXX-yyX..y[X' 'A-AyAf* ::yAAA  yA'"9he.is b^ilyA^ig^'^yy'MMAv^udei;fet  ihe beyofAi^'^o you  ���������.*.'.I; sat; by. hferAside,; ba^ng her face  with"^ fragrant ^water,A and soothing her  with gentle ^i^s^itSheM^d^hoit a com-  :plain>;. but :her |fa������e; j^Ksd^Koy ^k::,cye3  grew tender^ the'Api^dAl^  "You are_very kindyAto hie,'? iA������ne  whis-  pered..; '"now soft your hands are!  How*  iowyahd,gentle^oiiT^yoicWyisl'^And then  eke eeemed to fall asl^plor'into"1-*^^ fainting fit, I could not' tell "syhich. Al jcas^  that nothing could beAdono ;for her>Xei'  pepjt batMi^cher:Af a^Aand^lf^pingyaAcpol,  'Si&R'yBffir^  .-: yThe^d^orCsopnt,������jamepand waa shown  into the room.*),'Perhaps, the slight noise  "of hia entrant  lipya*\him. :AI ;l^nti(3awh yover, her. A '*My;  'a������ar IviissAyi^^V;-ilry^iid,A'are. havey been  compelleHi to disobeyAyou;-ybu'a^AtboA  yilb;e:v$nif&Auhderatan^ for  .���������^���������t^^er.^fr^m^ij^  y|S^in*^hded^T*felt>un^ t^niajre^sbme:  protest^^���������^but-.even while I looked^  nil consciousness*; di^putAbf her.ey^,A  randy?wOrds*iof wildAmeahhija* came from"  i^^Up^vyTh^ hfe' Os-!  -amiii^teh^ofiAhei^������  Apimii^Afracture^ he^Adeclared/ "andAwill  take/ sonietAtinieA toAheal. y Iv shbuldAnofc  AThereAwas no curiostiy brAtbc^ghfclybt  Tps^ihgAbn1 my^pa^t���������/^ut^itA���������������b;;hasp^V#d'  that Iy chose the-Aright- fhand yd<wr yinr  BteMl'bf the left"; ahd-feh^re'dy'ia''-.Strang^'  ���������yx.: "Yes," Iyrepliedji^a 'h^lc^ ��������� hpiieytake^  :>A^9*^e,i;w^k8AItoy'r>storoAJ^  X% ������������������'; "JnehjA Lewis," yShe A'^id,AimpeH<^iisl*yv;A  . |'I :will. go^to my own, ��������� rbom."   ;. . A, A.J'. ��������� A  ���������yi   Afterward she^Aliookod at' meyandi iil-y  'xthough,her good:breeding prevented/her",  Tsaying the'wbfds, I knew that,ihe*would.  ySiaveHbeen ploased had -I^ ^k^my* de'--  |parturo;A^ut>Iy^fld resolv^Jupbri ^what I  yAphoulddov 'She held out her hand to ma,  ���������A-Atjvlth , a  ahy*;' half -wistful look; * . "I  am  ��������� "tvc^^rlite you, ;ifr&. Neville,'' she  'aaid, Vfor your kindnesa."  I "That is ft^ppUteiformAof larsmiflsial,'  Miss ya-riby-but'I shall Jibfc-' aioept itj-  'p. havo no wish to" IhcOnvenlonoo you*  s,hut I most obrtaihlyiriteridvto.'take^^ caro  '.' jof ybii., , When your arnaylsAwell,' I will  '$������* aw^y >and;; forgot >ou~I will db any-  '-'.ftiun'g'ty6u'-lik'e;Ab^  %nd decidedly, to loaye you .now.'; She  ilookod^oonjusod 04id,'������rabWTaascd; <'Try'  Ato forgot*, my dear, that I>om,,a Btran-'  >gcr,'r j? went on; iVthlnk of mb as oho  Anxious to help you.' Belfe/e. m*������, I will  iMspfeot your privacy.   Lafc mo���������I auk It  ���������AJaa a favor-���������liolp you jiiBt now, wheii  .-'���������Qrouy stand oo desperately ..Ih.noed of  -flioln" -: y-y-.-y: lv^ ,-.'".. ,'-, x ��������� A.  f Slio grow agitated; her Hpa tromblod.  Most womon/woW'ld have .indulged in art  ^outburflt of1 tokr������f' sho (waited until thb  '���������last traoo-iO^'j emotion had A dleappearoi;  and therfahb aaldi "Asybii 'nlro',so kind;  ��������� (I cannot' of otn;r*-o but bo grateful to  ,\yon." .'.;,,,..... A,.-.       ��������� , ��������� .'.,  ' J* And^.thon, ^wltiryLcwisVa^lsNnce, I  jtook her "to hor own room. I had no  ,tl������no 'then to note, the splendor and mng-  ���������r Iflei'iiooi of everything. Miss Vano o-*r<  ii i������ly.,olthor' hadi no Idea of tho valua  of monoy, or had auch an abundance of  it thftt':,BJW; did J nn-tA kuow. what .to'.,,dt.  with it. I oould not help admiring ho*!  fbriitudo. No matter how proat thb  pnln It did not wrlng'Ono cry frorii hor.  AJClront dropB stood on-hor hrowjthor Hjw  ^ovt-iwhltq'with anguish: but- ho word  ,.*^aft>Mtoilhi,'''C'A   "       "';'��������� ."My "r  : 'W u\ oii must nave a debtor at onob," I  ;Mild, na aho lay on tho bod, "without  .���������nny further loss of time." ; '^ y  V /'A dootor?XX. No, Mrs.  Novlllo,  J  *nnld rathor not." 'i  ': "It Is Irhpora-tlyo.  Every rhomont adcU  to yiq dahgerVoi tho delay.   I havo no  Idea how to  net  ������. broken lhnb, or T  would spore you the need."    . ^  '���������������������������- "Ivet It remain broktin," -*ho Raid.   "I  Would rathor thnt than boo o doctor,*' A  ,   "You rnunt ntco ono; It,would ho a HtJ-  tlo short of murdor, for?mo to let you  Remain In tbl������ way muoh longer.   Tiro  ���������only question is, ivhafc dootor shall *-#-<*-  ���������oumrqont" A  . '.' She la*^ uqlto ntlll for ������om������ fow mlrt-  iitea, and then ������aldi "If you notrid for  unvono, lot it be for Sir John Einm*tt."  ;���������; "!*,daro not wait, Mlns V������n������, . ,*SjT<������i|r  ���������ami mhut bo nttbndcd to at onoo. I  ���������mtut Hond to DalntT*f, tho near<������i plact  ���������*r-w# muut.havt- n dootor frcni thbiVAA  -.'������ Rha turnotl Impatiently, from . mo,  fLewlf," aho sail, with twoot Imporlcui*  ,iac������4i, "you will not rV.svt :no io "b* In*  littlb.rooni,; It containedjohe  down,* ? shrouded --with ^.whitse -.X'Ii*eo':Tcur*;'  'taihsi^WMSbh^^  fSnd^three? chairs^ aiid^over bueyo^sthfl  enairs3s?ag: thrbwa:'&f wMdisg^dtMS,- thue.  yjribh fbldslbf -white ^tin andy^b^fa^g  upon the . floorA,:-:y .X.X^!:SoXXSX^ir-9ii$:^  y I knew! it was a; weddingydressyj^ause  , it. 'was ?' profusely,-'- trisa^d^ith^^  blossoms. : i could not resist going near^  eir to look at. it; and then't sawtbatythb  richV; shining  folds Awefb all  discblorbd'  Awifch dust, ylt* seemed "to me, jhat-ii^i^d;  yhsch hanging there for y^Tsi Qbibryiin-*  spebtibhAahbwed1 mey that the .whiteA^ad  ygrq*^''y^lb^';'-AAy;i-������A^  yAA'Oa'A'another   chair: .placed  60  as. Ato  "show the^yexquisite -pattern, and-.design.  ,. hung a isiiperby wedoing veil; -that^-too*;  had grown yellowy WithAdiist  axid; age-  Curiosity led me'lto thbAtableiiA5pherbon  lajtSa faded bridaiAwreath-^yyvr^tbAof  vorange Ablbssbms-^-^vp^^  gloves, a  dainty AlaceAhandkerohibfAya:  white fan with aribhly Ajewelled handle;  withered**yboUqeUt and aAbracelet ofmag-  nif icent A pearls;sallA placed in: -brder; ^hut  :yapbii^:A-hy.';iho-'Wcumida^  y.^;I"|-p^d!ih^sileirty'aihai^  : edAytoA m������A: that 'I y'hadA been A" suddenly  "birbuighyi;; fabb^Ato ';������^0wit������^aAdead;*pbsts  with 'the; dreadful reality of some tbrri-  yble ���������;. trstgedyy .Whaty did; it mea,h, this  'ghastly >���������: y^ddin^ A; coBtume^tho r. rich  ;,dres3yi*A thbj b^mtif Ul A- veil,A the y ;dain%:  '��������� wreath fX Whys wereiithey left ������to yipould-;  ier tbre~tbd^cay InAthOAdiisf *^d sinl-  * called the lady, will need- careful Watch-^  'ihgA'A;l������y is? evidehl^lh^^^  a:?uer  *au2ce  and  es^i*tahIb*A>smj&Ma^snTK)  . ^ai^i'wbriisif iy^^'A?Ther^'  icanH'b^AnoA^t^lrt^  ': frbm*5:tl^y|*ffR^-^w;!^&  ;:A������^b^at^^^^sbt  ahd^ theirAthb doctor asked hie ilf t shoiild "���������   ie;A;But  ..  , &^S^  perious, half; careasihg n^anner had found  ;th������ir w^^?''thb;^ry;^e||ths *|of''fyiniy;  AA, lid ��������� hbt ^urrondbififBSlM AVaiib  .hbarti WI-"  to strangerA//y ..The dbctbrAwas 'auitohibhbd.  whbhAl isaidry'Noi ;I wiRS  '.Bblf."AAi'vVyv Ayy - >���������?���������'��������� "'-A yy$<?XA;^*.?Vl  "But you are not strong enough, Mrs.  Nevillei"-heA'aald.A'-- ���������AA.-:'';AA;A*^ :������������������";���������  y"It seems to me more a ^ucetiohiof  skill than of . 8trength."A ��������� ,        AAA  And then^, haviripj cautioned tho/doctor;  Uot to srj������ak :o'f a JSjiss '|V?aneV/pt/t6;'-' telll  anyone in DiiidtiNw thatA she was a  patient of his; I badb his adieu. "-* Idid  another thing which ;was ^prompted'by  the caprice of MissvVonb. I scjht'my  Bervant homo' with iii note/ saying ��������� that  I did not intend to return to Npvllle's  Cross for somo few days, as I was going  to visit a ffien'd**  A'    ;  ���������       '���������    ���������;-!" a    ������  And then: our business of nursing- began. Miss Vano was hot dangerously ill,  but acuto-f pain brought on fever, with  almost constant 'delirium. ;-If I had ,lbarn-  od to lovoiheriboforo, my affection for  her now became intense.'*���������; Tho largo dark  oyos followed me through tho long,  warm night; yet tho touoh of my hand,  tho sound of my voice soomed to soothe  and calm her,' j,     '        A-'.;.'A*, ���������"'  tho night; Mlfib VanfoV^olob sohiided llftb  nothing earthly���������lllcb faint, Bwoot, sad  munlQ���������and ,tha.,words slio murmured  woro always of faroiwoll, always of death,  of goihg away from-jflunshlno nnd,flow-  era. A hundred tlmie's and lrlorb aurihjfj  tho sllehoa pf��������� tho,night alio woxild attot'oh  out her hnnd and sny: "Good-byo, my  lout lovoT-good-hyol" Tho words would'  diofn.swco'*' wwlenoo on her lips, only to  ^^P.^^"joyo'f^^'nh'd^ over again." '* "-A"*;'���������"  I It wii.B c'ttBy bubuiijli to guofts "tliat bomb  'cloud or shadow had darkened, lfor^llfb;  I might'havb.Afouhd put wliat,.ijf Xuhad  H8ton������d to hor, hut tho half*whispered  |wordB.wflro.Rnorod.-i������'.jiiiv^f  h XMX* 'A^-OHAPTER'.V;:''.' '- '-'/    'i  } WliOnbVbr''Ml'titt Vtob'raved"niorb than,  unuiil dono IjowIs would look at mb"jwith  an,air of dlatroBB, evidently fearing what  I might ho'iir.;" Bhb'VUtV t,hl������:"wr.' ciftoni tliat  I went to her at-la������t and siihl i "Do riot  bivafraid-TTWhat Iittm^oompollcd to hoar  I nhall /orgot."  - Sho(j {oo^od' allghtly* > opnfuaed. '������%;  :Ynl������trfl������������?drbha^d aoi 'much! lcat-^-" And  thfln flli-bJhoidtabwl. Uirl/t.f;   ���������  "Lest her utory cliould be  known," *,I  BuppUod,; "It will poVor Iki known,' daiio  ixiwl-A, through mo."y  A An timo Bpod on the faithful servant  ���������ibrgan tb tnrjt mo, to, fco,l oonfldoncti in  mo.   'BlnbA found'that 'li'^koKl no quoi-  tioii������, contenting inynolf with doing what  ,T   oould,   anjl ,   nvlnclng , no    ourloB-  Ity..     A\'������trringo   IhcMcflv A i happened  ono day,  fclomo poquliar   lini*mont   wiu  wanted for , tho , brul*od ihouldor, and  eoaoc fine, bott old lino.  June I>wl������ wm  engaged with hor mUtroiw, and I of fared  -to go In March of lt.   Bho guv* mo directions,  "Wo hav������ rnada a Iclntl of ntoro room,"  alio nald, "of the small room on tho left  ,     ,,���������  ..   ���������    ...   . nt th* *t������lretno.   You will find Hnon,  ���������krtnvMil*!-^/! ntfirl  annoyod.     You ara * lint and all kinds of uselul things thoro.  <n\+Aa+tl+tj\ obw timi'i 1f vnu rtlsohov.* It. Haro-ura thw��������� k������.v������,*.U-*^l*������-*������KU."-'" -  ishihe ?    Had thesoftAflowihg veil ever  cOvered^ibe face of Aa; fair ypunvg brldeT;  ; Had. "the^ wreathAieyerAreB^Aph" a' fair  ^ung-head'?''y *'.' y;.^y"*'y;yyAy A' AyA^y" [ ������������������ A|.y  yAlt was Aweak,, perhaps, A and fobllsh;  but, as -'IAstoodAihcrei:ray ^eyes yAwbre^  blinded with almistAof"hot teai������^yit-wasr  tt sight yto' toiMhAyanyy  h^rtiv'A'IyfbltA*&"'^oij^gir;.SA^3^yi^^^  |w*esencb of the deed.: A Whatystrasge;  story /was hidden -here?AAWl&tyj^g^djr;  At^A'Warrihg '"p^ssibhs^i^^^happy^lpvs,,  of;,brooding, w^efiriy-prideiyhad^^  Apenbdytihat y thisAbri^VAcbatuiiMAy/j^d  -;nevef Ab^eh ,'|wbrh;?iy Xt Abccurred^toA ^no  ,^haty I.. h&L:. ^'n,:.wh8,|IwaWnever iintend-l  AedAf orstrahger /byea^^t'yf eifc" as iohbyWhO5  Afia&ig?1*^^  White sheet froin-off ia"dead face, and  .^������v.'v.'-iA*>'v������V'-V-^^''^''-^'������*a:.^-'i,^',^--i^  leave it exposed -to view;   Ihastened to  Aqiutythe rObra^ ib)^  ydibmal A sbenb^yyA- AyyA < -AyyyA'-yyyy; A..  s|5A I 'yibimdAthbiiri^tArwim  bottle; the Uhen; aUyasAf hadjbt^'fli toidf-j  .���������;imd;:y ttibjiCiwen^ re?,.  'BolyedJnhlj-^A.^'ay^  AbrAa^nji^^A^^  A y^om thairmb^ht  Atf^^ofAthe'^ver' House had a hew ^ih*  "iteroat": in ���������myyeyesA ^  ;|fcheA^par-^^a^l^^|bi*fty;lA*f'^^  was.   What strange thing^had happened  litt^ho^pabtAlife IX JWhat yterrU^^'tragedjr  Jh*Myybh|fh^dA<h^Aast^  ,y?'*Why, not,..Miss'AVane?:' -AA.:,,,'���������'.   "XX, *  ?A/f^-.wifl: not/*: ^oymbdr'>2^'?yl:'KAnS::  then* her face grew suddenly pole,   and,  her, eyes dim. -vbufc'ynofcAywith tears���������not  until long a'fterwardA^did,''I Beelii&n in;  her  eyes; - it"-;'wasArath<8r-.:aAmistrA-;;as;!  though  pride  would 'not: let the : tbars  flow.;   .     ���������  y;A-'y yAyAAy-A:;y.y:;;:y;|yAy'-:A  A^yYou are forgetthi'g:hpw wej^-fahd ill  yoii are. I wiUApranuae-A^mythi^  ^like. I will not seek to make -youX care  fbrrme. hut I will take care of -ybu;" -  y'A.%;^tiid., my;-'i"feBt;:id*u*MU^  wesry' hours'Abf "bonvalescenca: W.arouse  ^nd; i interest ^her;.: y but X :��������� it .;-*was:A5reary;  ^brk.'T' seat;:fbr Aai^arge t^XimxXjptJnew  bboka> and; tried ;y to^read;ytby 'ner^She'  ���������would listen? for; sOmO'c-iittieAiuneivaud  'then  turn  ie.-me "sudd������n!vy.-"&nd' iwk;  ���������^���������^hat :is that.'story?.^Ao:.^Ay^  ,;:^i^Ar:;love. story,''A lA*Woald,i:rbplyA y A 'yy. !��������� ���������  ,yAAr*^!--^hbh;-:idlbseAxt^.^:';iwbwd-A^^  undergo all iny* pasfr bufferihgAthsny'*"*-.  'M^^^a^ov;e^^ryA^^^ '  'that "cbme loVer T^-'tac&i; ^and^theAaK-a-X;  der--:that made her tremble, I knew Ath'b  %^>rds were not: affected, but yre|il; Sho%  ^wsis pleased when. I ^played audlaunj*; to  ���������i^T^Abbt 4io%wheyjt:':!&t^^  song.:y She wbuidAb^'gyni**' tb cbase. One,  day^Xtook hearty bf Agrace, and when ^o'  'cned^'^'t" to 'ynib Alrleft'vtlieA' fian'o,-.' 'nnd ;  gomg^p to herk^  'fMy' dear Mis������ Vane," IAsaid,; '-you w������U  hbtyhear a love story,'ybu will not hear  ���������aAlbybysong; doyypu know thatAif ye&  shut yourself but from love, you delibbrr  :ist^y-da^ehs.ybnr::iifb.?',AAyA ;.���������'������������������ ..AyyA-A/AfA.:  AgShb.'madb/ho'^s^ryi^f^^  agedUB; "Love as: the lawA of nature,'*^!  ssid.A"AlI things brighten and., are heauf  *Mied Athi������u-*hy its; ;"VvTib,t shouiiA w Aiib  without;AthSy' jjreat r *' lite ;.*; '��������� love" thikt  '���������^apsf^sa^"^^  ;tates;:;usA-yfrom'loart heaven,Aor even  ^er^^ii-W^j^  A I shallyrieyerAfbrget the expressibn 'cf;  intense Abborh and contempt that came0  Oyer iherl beauti^  ���������in' .^*rg!&a^dis^^^^  -'Thatf ibyya^ pret^'^seniimen-iisl 'CwI*^'-"--'-������/'3''.-  'looking. 'Ity; a ''foolish ^���������v^JflteBsi***1;3''bhO:  eaid. "Give to everything Its propar  uamb, Mrs. Neville. What you call that'  ��������� most f oolish^bf A all: f bllies^I'calt ;t*rbabh-;  ': er^'-yThere" ie'* nbyTove." - T^h;''*^'* vroinee  dgb'b^eAeach :othbr.^^ ;?J4en sell their ������ >alS  ^foi*A monejy,:.;ybrA pa;wnAtieiry A credit ��������� Aiog..  f*ame;w���������;j>*iWb:m^  callyctheir A,hearts fo^any bauble AthafiA  nomeH" .-rirafeJ*���������'������������������Tiifytrfi';'; averv' Sin   aiid   follv  the Entire  :'y$0^������������i������X.  "No one ban*have suffered more than'  3 diidD'iSSith:! stomach trouble," .Writes:  Phil. E.-Poscaler, well known at St.y AnA  'drew's^r^'^l^'My doctoritedd^me myr^  indigestibn^hd^sleeplessiiesb'������������������wbrb;' due *tb >  I>pisohs'AJittA the^ blood. Certainly my������cony  ditionyyAwas -desperate, and it seemed'  from; the despondent feelings that swept;  over' rnc-'Athafc' I- would' It^ft*1.  fmust; ���������;��������� ally; i&y but A share:: inT^Ej8.^^b*^f .y  y<yfX ^iheA TTOrld-yy^memlibi*/ ������itj&fybi*dyy,y  ':*.%. '   '   '���������_^'-__! lA'ii'n'^-'A",>!''_-,y',,'-'<'_        u'yik.:i^i'iu'jl's���������������w!^.������JSJT*".-  the y preparation ':for Aa^A wttbrAtW^������rl  *wherb.f i^eie'. ��������� % will X. Abb?' h^A;-mM������AwbrkA  tb';-bbAdopb4'y#-'A X-X:*A^;0XXAXAXAXX,  ;.vParish Amiriistier r- Wbll^vgJohhyAAAwb A  yhe vfor"theAAlilws:���������;o'';*:ybu:jA'h*^  Asao sure thatyiherb will beypabthiiyi**XAforA  '':itne to' dab in'-tl&;'btiier' ifdiSS^%'^l%}^^^.vpif^f\i  Atbb :Bamo ithihgAthere,A;:and:^ll|^Sjt<iddIp  '"Johii;-cleari:the sun,'A*"Jphn^ha!a^>tt^  the moon," ''John, Uglit:thpjrt^*'^'iyAA  bo on. I've' nab dobbtAtfcbyTl finAtt^ways-yy*  something f or,Amo... to -..'jdoi-'unlucky's-manyAy  that Al ain ^AXXXy X^^^xMx^AAAAXA'XX  A*"'   ''"    ''���������  ��������� Xlf'-"������������������    '''A'}---.  A '>*.-���������>:''.- ?.5?  U-'^r^ r'Vtf?������i. -A,.'i^''.y.:Al'-v>;^'y^  ;���������*****%ann ���������  I happened -to read about Dr. -Haifii-  ���������conrs-sBllls^a-bSught fivs  b^ssyTrom'  theddfjti^atsi&Such body-cl^anaing/ pilhv;  I hbybrAubed;  they were niiidyandAyetA  quitg^atr|^'g1.; enough . to^driybjall the  humbrislojit of the blood.. \ My'}. stomach  ���������^n^ystrength rapidly wi^h. "Dr..Hamil-  ton'fiyKUa Ahnd I imprbvbd^y sbf lyihubht  tha*tfi*afeight weeks I cbuld eat and di:  igest allAordipary food. ^Deprbssicp^ and  wearihessAApassed    away^VandA*j^y''aib^,';  thanks;tby'.trr.^Hamilton's Pilia.'enjbying'  robubtAgbbd- health." ;y.'A.';-Av .AAAA..���������;-  '������������������, Kbiremedy for biliousness, indigestion,  hbadacheVysick stomach for bbhstipatibu?  that compares with Dr. HamiltonVPfllS;*  itefuseAsubstitutes. Sold in 2Sc, boxes.  Ail: deaters,* or -The- Catbrrhozone y Co.,  JKingstbnyOnt.  yv-y-fc;aAy'A���������*'-'" ���������'.������������������-���������- *   ,'y'  -v.-.'., ���������'���������"'.- yy-v^v  AAA-y-A-Af^  XXXA$$i  y;A ���������Av-.;?y'j>^  .,y|ggt|  ���������vA"NowiAi������irJ'*.^  ,-.:K...C.-i'.takjng'.irff.''SisTKB^  ing them at the unhappy hurtandy''Youy0'  deny any,Abruelty; towards ybur:^*w^i'J;"C^.JA  .iunder*rta���������nd'?iKmdiy.Jei^  Aa;!Af act'fr-Stero:y hbyl-.t^rne^^in'omMjiii^      ���������'���������  'towaidyithe ���������' jury Aand* ilput'��������� ���������������������'��������� ^*fe������^*i������aS-  on.  &.ooy  -doz, agaia-^'that .for threbf 'ihoat*r&Lyy^y;AA::  didAr^^sk^tb^hbr?" Af: "yv t^XXAXXx  y-."ItA'is/&;a%swei^  Ai:^'?^liiBir^'HthUiade^yy;ytheAAKy^  ''why didn't you speak t������ her,AaiayIAAA-:  ask?^yy.a,-������������������ AAiy xAX: X x:::x;xxAAAXX  ���������A^*VSia^^,"'.*replied the husbsndyy ^'hb-  'cauaby AtAA' didn'tf" .ywant.A to  .hbr;"~rAii8wers.A^-.- A..y*. AA ���������.'.-,  interrupt  Pf^R:;GC^^|:A-y^  comes :.������i������t-n*^Bigye';!.-?-by^ folly:  on earth,seein8 to hide itself under that  vsofd !'*aa A>A/ivyy*;y:AA, A;aa -.yy Ay  iy'-YouAars prejudicedy-and unjust, Miss!  *Yanbl''*.:-yAi:'-;'"A;ryy---y-A;'-A',,y- X.XA'XAxX  ;"Harm;i always: conies of love. Iedetest  i^b^cwdy To*--in*b ^  jfoJR Paired,At-reacti^ and*  *������ro6Bb^'.yi*b'ag',;K::If  Jirj'bhds^gbjij'bybh;!*^^  ^me���������atibni;the|wb^^'ibv|a^,.ta,;J^^  ;AndJI.never:,:diar^;AAyAy;-yAy,-.;;-AA-;y:5cAA.'yv^  A y^Ail^,;heVieOntihued.);  a-- .; a. - -; <>*^mm*m^  t<^:;riiei;yinr:her  heldAout,r;;Ke^ hands������  ;o8j;nbW  Swprds^A when, she  li&^gj''.;-'^  |byl'v,^AAA'-:;y-y:v.',yyAo:Ay;:.A.;y^'Ay  --���������yToward the dawn Of-moraingAshelwab  bettfe^^ Sh^Ajtell':ihtbya?dee^  her dreams; for I heard lier^say:iVMy  darling,Clive, I promifle^e���������^'IftiBtfsning  AtoAth"?4v^di^how|c^a^  of that ghostly���������.' travesty Aupators���������the,  wedding-dress* th^t;l������kdAxibveiSl^ni|vorh  - ~th<'wr(^thithafcSYai5'i^  Looking at her,' I might haVe wished  that Bhe-cpuld Asleep on, for heybr, duringher ^w"afeiftg| ���������hburs.Ahad:-!; 'seen hbr  'sinUey^ ? A^Xh-��������������������������� A''-Av-v   '���������XX  : ;; "If peace arid; her lost. lovo v conie to  |Ker, in���������' *^reaw|si let ;hbr dr^amMwauyfl," 1  said to myself. A From that day she began'tadftly**^  the orm( could, not, bo1 doing better. The  .timo camof ywlien,,' slie^'���������:woke''frohi hbr'  'long fovor; and lobkcd;at mOAWith balm;  sad' eyes. A "I remember you," Bho said.  "You arb Mrs. Nbville. ��������� HaybAybU bbbri  with nio all the time I have boon ill T" : :  ., "Yea, all; tho '.time, f. tYbu must^ hot',. bo  angry with nio If I tell ybu fthat,'clurlng  that timo, I havo.learned to love you  dearly, asithough-you-woro a^.yOung^iB-  tor of my own." "*     '- ,        A   ;.;..  "To lovo mb t" bhb aaial'! "Oh! dear  \9nv.',,'Noyil.]c," ncyor oay, that to mo,  againl"    Sho  shrunk   like  a   sensitive  plant from^ n- coarse' touch;'".''( "������:������*"i-  "I.wlll not, if you, do not liko It. Jlut  ; tryj towfool atUiomotand at ease with  'hib,' for' I' shall-not Intrude upon-yoii  long.   I know your wish to live, alone���������  .to bo alono.   When you aro,quite.well,  ; I ahhll go away again but of ydhr life,  ./jUBti.iiiji.thougl^'.I'.had r^bvor crossed it.  DO riot'hositatb to make tlio monk 6f my  sbrvlcbs ho^,-for I s|iall hot come1 again  until you fiend for mo," ,  . T^; "}y; 8|,P������it 'BurprlBO, ,sho. ,took, my  ,'l������nA.^:,,ft^..,,"rWj4*od':.r''iliiiI'    blushed  liko   a   school   girl   as ' shb   did   nb^���������  ���������and ' thim" alio   raised' hbr * oad,   dark  oyoB, to m,ino;."Mrs. Novlllo," alto sold,  ���������'do not m������lf������** m**' .V-nVo'^for 'ybu���������do nofc  toaph mb to liko you.'! ',���������������������������,���������. y '.  FRAULEIN  AvviiUam. Trdyorb Jeroaje, Distrkrt'At-;  tornoy d������;ANew York, w������nfc down io  Georgia to addrbs3thb Georgia Bar As-  ���������sbcaatibn^Ayy.AyA-'y1 sy^AA-'^vy^^y'^\. y  'Colonel' Peter Meidrtm wW showing  jeroihe around.; 'A'A^.y;".' A'----;;'--:_-::/_>"*--:���������-i-";::r-r::-:--.--"  .y^'You^soeyihat1 man,?Asa,id .fho Colonel,,  pointing .out ,-aydi-stingiiished person who  ������tAbn^theiliol^^cwxGbL.AA A-A'���������.' A ' A���������' y. A���������  %ASyM:xX Xy. '. XAy "yX7; " ' A' A' ' Ayf;  >y*,^*U,:y8i^,;;������ttmtl-ls.'; 'a; man, in whom  .our^|-j������te;;.-*jiiik^ SHb iij"  Judge iy-~; siiili^.i^ omly man iaGoergia  who can -stiru-t ;*sitttag down..?';:    <A-'  *A>A. jXXAA:^i%p^AyrX^X'^iX?;A-':��������� -.X  X -.'pis-suis^t^  bf the pivil Wax, P^G; Woodvrord, oom-  hiiandwoif the Minn  .the Grand Army *df A^hb Republic, said:;  ���������A;'  icnyiL'~'lr~"iX-'"*t'r:-i:r~~\*-^*^'--^������'',^'������--^T*Avv---"'^^A-vira'v"--"j������������,,   *������,.-'  ,;.���������'. "That;general reminded me of a waiter'  ���������itt^ Mm^apolis*;A:v*I^i|g,eifeJr^  yMentific.;S:Hel.^W'aS:,tw^*^  'andAef^i������x:;AOT-^;yv"ti*^^  wh*t 'wq^A *t^;gbtTifeultsi-:%h(iit;tw, *'*������b.-winf  >lM+flari**i:*1"i:-*'i^'1'>-,,������';'-'"^  ff^**LX���������mx*l*.������<*^*^.^.':M:^i..i^ ;^*, :.  $ "So withAiay Mliiine^olis >^i^ AJ!h?  ���������.'a 'r^tauiwni6*y*j---"*jia5d ''tip*h&ox?- 'Look:."a;'t\  |*^el ck>tet^Athis*EW^>^ notl  .yfitto'fcn^^  A; y     But;��������� i-f^Vwaitbry instead of riiahiti^  ^some^'gci-ystajipufb A water Alb mey twt  s?w,^mj*^g^btet;;-^^  ^y������k;.;ld8M"aea4M-*;'Md^  Ybd^^d^^yin^yimredf^Asi^  water's ^re^y^^Ar^tA*^;  1^  the; gi^Xvma^0^^r^ yyyAyXAAX  Ol two'bt*.^/v3uOTiiA������n;aiebiu^iry-"towit  in lo*wa,-A:b^;-.f^nt,y.;to  ;:: *T3ie' fblfbwiiig ybdd story of atf African  Srihob^ywbs* recently "told ..'-'by yan ^������aftbr-yj  .. innbi' speaker: y. .     '���������'AXyXXXXA'  "This,; p^ce^enterbdy prford or A Cain- A  ;bridgfr^Aforget A^n^ich----and AAamuseiiA  himsslf- ,with~ ymofeir-earo y and '> bull-dogs  ''tiir-'fexamhatitmyytMo': drew. neaT.y.AyS&rA  aminatibii y^me?(frightened     the young  prmpe. horribly. He began to studv, and  he gabled'home Ato the. king,his father:  -X:'*! ^E^^n'atibnyiiesfeweek. "���������..A^.J^olrtidif-'''  *fknxlti ^'Impldre '������������������> aid ��������� of y gods Ain^ xay \: be-A  ;>ha"tf;f*AyyyA^  A^yfAA (yw-;'days������-:;latbr A t*ufe*yM^  backf frbiii' thev ^barbarousiAWeBtiA Coast;  mb'n'asbh'V-*'y'-'XX-���������.-?-? Ay.--'-"'- *'��������� yXsyv** s-A--'��������������������������� ���������*  I .-'��������� '���������'.: *��������� *ftl*fe s A^srfbraed-i1*- X: *Fo3ffitben*f  ���������'���������������"'"���������������' ������il>IHll.������Hlili.ri������lM,<  U,���������~,im..l.^+~*.,, ���������,���������,.!ZZ  W^R^ARITA'[ SCWWECHLEr).     \  PriAieiny" :M  delegate to' tho Womenfa -Trbde Union  league). convention,, InrV':'j9h^o.ago"'. from  Berlin,, is tho leader among Germany's'  ���������women lnbdr union' workers. Sho'  prgahi-zed'Atlio ������; atertogniphets. book-  lcoopors and denart'mont atoro olorks  in tho i Knisor's land, and to-day thoy  aro arnong thoi'strongest,,unions- in  te^<^W*', yiyA; ;AVA. A(y'\v^yA A.i i  "* Sho* -Was the' most Intortfating'-f Jgurb  at, the BOSBibn whioh xooontly como'  to'a. close in tho AWindy Gity. i  A-;y;.y''-y,|'A' ,..'., '^^���������An'";'-/%������������������ '���������      *  |A y',.-;Earllo;.'t%^^s;^  Thb hia-aufaoturoof'glbpsVlatpat'  tho carliost times, Adnd uo doubt  inatbd with tlw Egyptiaiifl, na tho  ??U���������^n ,BP<?oim,on" ������>������������ thbab found  iA tho tomba of Egyptra'iid'tlfrbdrlibsti  mention of it, dating back .to 8300 B.  0��������� has boon found in A inscription-" of  that :couhtry. After ^ErftptianBi, thb  ancient pooplo moat ^*^iM .������**���������# glass-!  making/, woroithb ''^-^M-M Ahd tha-  legend of that poote������������>fhihg tho;  discovery of tho art" lin^ ?c> ^ftfl���������  told. CortaiH'Phobnibifth'fjfadbm" it Ib'  sold, roturnintfi^tb-A jfchblryiliomo in ,a ship;  . or ,A'iiorlii<!', v������ ,r.i    ]M)������.  tract'  flro  from;  orig-i  old  fclwAbubebeti������;A^  he went up to ���������Oluramo to -bee hiia::6ne^  day, thiiifcmg Atbf |r*6t������ih a loan to tide*^  him over tlie -wi#er"yAHe went to the"  rich one's offide^ foijr^ him installed in'  a maghifibbiifc#6tii&v ^hd'iras^hbld u^  friend of; lm boyho^^l, days, Is outbidb5'  and wants to talk' over old times witt^  him.".������������������:. '...,',^'A.AiA'-iA.:.yAAt'y.Aw ; .Avy'-Ji  ; Prblehfcly tiio%(^Jto#%&{&'adndttcd' il.  ^���������HJwwdy, .Bill^I said a thb amlllioiiai^  "I'm glad to aee^you."; AXr"''   X\Xy Xi  They talked for{ait'linei and then that  visitor remarkbdiv4*?i,*,I hoar you arb  worth milUbnfl."; "-;���������'��������� y  'Tw,1,,I'ni yprettv*. rich,;,.,and hbtor has  tho jWbrld*treitttedJyou?" KhJXtvi       j  "Oh, I've had p. terrible time. I had  a business,; but T lost-that'W while ago;  You se-o,/ hiy ivifb's fiithWv dlod, and  her' mother, and,, then wo lost buif  aatightor. Blglit ont tlio heels of that,  my, mother died, and, soon ,-,aftor;Amy  fatlicr.A.It wan tough." -f 'iXXl-AAlK^ \  The in ill I on ai re' took out a handkbri  chlbf and wiped his eyes, "It certainly  w^^'.Jt'-'ii^opm.ta^  8������t' so", iiniihy 'iibpbs,'' lib died, too ��������� "''and  then, with nil ��������� that oxponao, I lost my]  business paylngndootor's billa, '.ih^TluBm,  to,ialorte';itfrail*m>, ifc^^WBn,t>*,���������i���������Ic������n>onths  befb>o 3 linH 2W' fhl 'wife' '^...Jind I  " * *' all alono.". ).'��������� \  Ujf*-*IW������  olwsdftrt  wflb' loft'"all alono."  'tljuffi W'Hfl^lbrtnM'' bvS-viS  ol  rife  Ingo^^  on, thb, Syrian ybbaatlJin'?b������llMg7a  on; tho-sand to propawl thblr suppor.  P^cod^thoir cooking potw'pu^-lumpB of  soda. Tlm Band and the 8oda woro  both melted, by tho heat of.ihbTMro and  flowing togothorJfonnod oXwiistanoo now  to tho sftiJors.'but reooguiwii by-them as  of prohablo valuo. Thus,', nays the trodl-  tlpn, was tho manwfttotiulto of glniis di������.  covcnxI, But, asi tho heat t������f; a driftwood  flro would hardly fuse, and It has Ixion  ���������"ftS.-fll^ Wt ty*? ������^y'pw>w������ that llu������  ,J^fc.������'LB^������.m*iklhg  Tho Housekcbpcr, ������������������,*....>-*������(,.���������, i.,- ,-���������-..,  I' '"'���������   '   * ������i..in...ii-H....i'^>4'i>")., '  Compensation,y;  ' PlrntA "fllrl (looking nt ������������������rtMw of thn  yeniM do Mi|o*������^-WUi*jt tfrrrlhly thick,  walAta glrte must huve had* In thoan  days! j  hconnd fJli'l-~Yci������, but perhaps tho obn.  fir.���������llnman Clfo,  , tl������m*n'* atms wcrr lonTfcr  Hh*-0>  Crooked Uv������*> ooro������ from Uiing ciurVo*  *"-������n**tftS-dnti*5. - ��������� "-������.    ������-   ���������    ������������������   ���������  this man ��������� out.   ������������������Ho's -; breaking  heartJ<'^Satni'di1y Eybn-hig Post,  ... , * ���������      ���������      ' W-W������i*W������r<W������X '     ,  ryNot lontf;,il<ioo������Uli atyilli  north' of SobtTand;:,;tho pai  my  r, .-..M\.>h������  parish mirtiiitor  mooting aAfaivnV|orvont who ^b a iaom-  Mix of I Ws\f ro<fl9,Cthb'i following oonvor-  saltn onsned: '   , ;  <'PaWHh>MlhlBWr:>'������W������ll, John, and  howrl��������� a'rb :ththffti'ldoing* with youP I  hope yon aro' Jtboj[iilhD*'*i>bll.''  '((.i'awti Servantr*?Hooli, air, it's hbrd  work I hoo **o diw f uab rest from' morn  toe nioht I'work; an'^work, an'- no' a mini  uto's poiioo for mo,'' , ���������-, !  ���������HtParlshi mlnlst-ftt-f-- W������Ul,    John,? ��������� ������*Wa  .���������iw.������i������������nniin i limn i|iiimi������iiii������i������ ��������� wi*,!      Tl  ������M)iy5>  '^���������;'-(Pl'filS:*T:'  -tt'  l;ncx:%  yonths.  ii ..-^...  .Jl   Mlu.  ���������i'"pickr;-  yhsveA  XA������i$  been   sacrificed. Omens propitious.  "Yisb, would -ybu believe it? the young  prtuc6vtlun3tfid^^i'l--^i;! ff\ ?$XAAx  ��������� -an-**'  WHKfQilJSEA  &'*,���������-  HHX&  *.W  XAXMS5MmmM&  Av;ji^A;Wilit*^KiE*^  aUyAavpresbr^Klai^a���������'���������usedt^ ���������ttibrdoBtoxfs  priwtoy y p*ractib^A; bMrt^r:'?bbn^i*e*'A*ti>:  mttMldi^hab be^ increased many -^  studd yfoto by;=ffibir4*b4jig ^pfewsbdAoirj:j^ein-.  enal sale throughout.tba wyM^Awiitithe  doctor's own, dircctioBS^.ibrAiwAA;*^ev.  are entirely safe alndoohtaih ho b  'or -haiWit-fornuig '^flru^������-yAAA:A^*A^v^bAy  iAADr;'^WJl'lJa3n8'������iBlade; PLlLsvairea remedj-  AtbsA*i^;-Wheay t^ < Al^xi^dv jis ^-bhditjr-'; amyiai-  \o^A^to;J^'nervefi ;t^^we^/-a������':iairhbury  ; rsilp^l? di 'lit el<sa ^ .ba^yHr������ j -^-Hwl������tt*  ���������;tfhb^body^aaya^Whole-^viili'?  yin'-'y-gWei^tdehu^ buildAAupi^ie;  .yWbij^AB-j*^ basdA^sttre"  fchb troubles "of woaneu and'gKwing"giHs,  :!d^yTS^^Xfcaid^/ ;of y y *jj^5MW^I?0^y''  iihousaiKjj   n������   pooipSe  Live" toftdi.  thia  'ytrae&iiae^ ip^W'js/f^hbw^  AiilSiS ?l ^coSistbntlyi ���������; in&ekMrtgX'hiisiikdi Aof  %i^^Wi^0TiM^X^MSX'. .  A' VT".',  #bj||^*wh;Altty^i^^^    sl^^;;^AbMso-*������;the^  mm   wKyMaieAy  hMirAtea^i-:AA  OM^PinicAA;  ^phtool^IA  1**  -.-'���������"���������������������������'v  ."' ���������'&**/.  x'-^y-y-  tx  AA;A:  X-. X^^.  ->'- -" ,J ���������-*���������  ��������� '������������������ "*'���������'.%<���������  yjyfe  yy.-'^i.  yA  ;,;ii'i;  yls  :xAxB.  :X$0������i  Ax  I}|p|  r..y.,.  .-..,y^r  'VStaS-s  ���������* ;y-,,.  A^i'-'-Ay  %)$M  :;������5$-i;  rhpny tb the,value of DrA;t^ffiai  ^JllsyyAHe/iorVfl j A*<Wlien|*fsl^f^  seemingly ���������bloodless aina**was*-oftenABBi-    *  *&&$& ^pitattoii*, of '���������J;!aifc,i te^^iMa^,^  ^���������������limt v*li������ib^cliw:-ty A  vbdi^Abut'ltlfjiiy^didf^^ja^yimb'7^  'o^;yj,X.:,was'advisiQdA,Jt"' " " ''" '" '   US:  '���������\X-:A\*[1/'!'-  perfect health naidA 8rtrengt3i.       I have  ;.Bba<^.; enjoyedytlte:. best:, of .health ywidA  cannot 'sa-y ,wb inuck ih"'-^  ^vajhia^,hi������ai<>ii^   'AXy'::XxA:'y:X.'XX,i:yjy  ��������� <^ YouKcaai t got fjfrpWlWiama' APlhk i Pill������ ;  frohi any.,- ime^crhb ,d������albr0 jbr������ by maily  ii*i a > oi.  Spend Your Money nt Homo. A  'A';*' Adruriiinbr paidA ills   hotel IjUVA.. in':,, '���������;  Hbmbvillo, handing''th������i ble^-*1'j*5<-j|oid  piece.:-s .'. ���������y^A..:;:i-,*vy.-:.' vy:.A:..;,.y..'y, '.> , ���������������������������.��������� A .yy -��������� ;''/  A fow: minulxsg later ^  handed that !fiyo>to tho local butcher in  payment,o������:aymbat,-hilW,,--; v'.���������..(-. A.yAyHY- :  ���������:-i W?!1?^^ ^PP^, into A ������ ahb^  Btoro and loft tlioi V In oxchahgc' for '"������'���������  pair.'oi" ohoooyfer hia:wifc.; -.;.      ���������,-,< "A^.*- ������������������.  ing by  X. -tho."  _   ,. lawn moWcr.  a^'-'AA'"1   y,  It rombluod in   "tho hardware   man's  vtilball'.that' nigb.^.A^.-.X -v; ���������,>yi,,ii ,*���������!. ���������  ';i- B.'lghfe and ^arly noxt inorning,    tfio  hardware man handed it out    to  'tho  grocery  man In poymont for hia Wbiith-  ily-occount./K'.ii-'-'i.f^'':MA.i: Av':-V,,*: y';i'-',y .-*.������������������  ,   Tho grocery man's    wifo, next,    took  possession of the ooin and   exohahgbd it ���������'������������������  bt thed^ytfOiMrf^torb for sundry 'pur*  chaS0B,'-';:y>' ,7'* .W.i<"'-A.'_*.*������1.-. it.- ,ii,,':y-'.j ? o-.v' (w-.\br A ,  ���������"���������' The. nbxt iriati! to gbt it^'Was tho dray- ���������'  man, who had ;.**������ hill for hauling; *���������' " c  '    Ho in turn passed it on-to tho     doctor, who had treated his sick-child.-  '  ������������������ v>Tho  doctor, Jia������d������J(,Jt,;ovor.r*V������>  thb  dhigglBt'for' Hluo*i*ooivbdi   ond" th������  druggist deposited it Iii tho hank,  ���������������������������'"���������Next day ttiiti ?1������HhkicaShler ^turnlnl  tho gold plcco to thp hotel, man in pay-  mont of his board biU;*tTC-'l\.   .���������*,;.;;.,;;,  Thb hnsy littlo coin might havo oon-'���������',',  tlnuod it������ morry round'ih tho town, but A  tho noxt <lny It passed into thb hbrido of  a farmer, soiling chickens.,  I    ' "  "'   ' ""  K.-..IV.!  '. i'-i":?.'!' W*'y  :AX'XX  ���������������������������������������������',:,;;'- ���������;':>,-  Ayyy:i.  ������������������-'���������'���������-.���������/.;":,ii;V  ''  fc:*:*,*!.:  It  ^A"  * i li Mtttmr^  ,I'I|"VW'''WT',W|WTP'W'**'^^^  * A'lthdugh sVw "from''wWnd*''ai^'^il.  ctjM fr<*U(i������������Mv pnrMyAfloHtwy tho not-  torn folds, auchtdiiifigurom������nt*i a>*o moro  often tlwn>������^rwjsowaia<������^W ld������htlffc  tion, Whon tl*- ������9������tom sof finger pritats .  VIM tint ,lntro<luced,,nt H'<w hoad-  quatiUiin*} In l*|flw * York, a li^utonahAt Ini  ono of tho admlnlttrnilvo tlorwwtmonis  trlNlUi dliH������iro<Ut It. Ho hnd anAbixpoH-  mbntal print matte of tlio tip of a' fliWr.  and a sjiorf timo affcorw*r,eV������Akocf,t*  havo tho samo fliigw reprlniU-d; Ho \kfi  moantlnK* ������wim d������#if th������, ������klti 0f .ikb,  fiiiHor on a Miliid|.U>i.������ uiiLil Uw Wwd  almost flowed. Nev<*rthoIi.-aii, tho pat-  ���������Urn form wa������ mor������ acictiratdiy diwokwtt  In thoi������Mid printing than tn thaJlm*.  pnoa- t^^onlvh-agsbwm mad*, nottdn*  I has yet Umt disoovw^to InvaJIAai* it,  - ��������� -Frees ���������fe.**le* ^rttrer*.*? ������j������������*������..'*>fj.ti'*  In Uu. Oo4hh>v bfthWry."''" ��������� *    "  /.'������;  ,    , !*'.  I.i  X'X-iyXXr  'iioXChl i^f^i>^0^  '^T\V^\K^^ii^^^^*^p^>  THE   CRESTON REVIEW  *0mi*ilmi<4tt**s6i4lamimm*m  PPfAMA FIT AKT -r a."kr*Br  ������& ^.A.  '"**������ a,.-3k.A*d? Jk-fm. A.i  OF COMMERCE  BEAD  OFFICE, TORONTO  B. ������. WALKER, President  A1SWAWDE& LAIRD, General Manager  ESTABLISHED 3667  Wild Rosb Lodge No. 39  Evi^aura i^  Paid-up Capital, $10,000,000 \  Reserve Funds -   6,1  Branches throughout Canada, and in the United States and England  BANK MONEY ORDERS  "    ���������   '    ~    ������������������ ISSUED AT THE FOLLOWING RATES:  ��������� r $5 and. *ande*r     3 cents  Over $5 and not exceeding $10   ......    6 ceats  "   $10       " " $30    JO cents  "   $3J>       " " $5������    ,.  15 csnts  These Orders are payable at par at every office of a Chartered Sank in Canada  (except In "the Yukon) and at the principal banking points in the United States. Thay  are asgoiiable st $4.90 to, the ������ sterling in Great Britain and Ireland.  Tb������y form an excellent method of remitting small sums of money with safat**"*  ���������ad at amall cost, and may be obtained without delay. IB  PERCY B. -FOWLER, MANAGER ORESTON BRANCH  Creston, B. C.  Meets every o hor Monday from Jnne 30  to Ootober 4 at 8 p.m. in Spoors' Hall.  R. M. Reid, O. O.        "*  A. E. French, K. of R. & g.  R. S. Bevan, M. of XT  Visiting brethren cordially invited,  TT7*      a  \f*/   **Jl~4*+ *"*~\.-4^  VV111LCI  mx\xxxmmxxx*xxxxxx^  CRBSTON L.OX, No* 3095  Moots at 8 p.m. every 1st and 3rd Thursday in eaoh month.  Andrew Miller, W 3d.,  A. B. Mutton, R.S.  visiting brethren cordially invite  HORSE   BLANKETS  Frohi $2.s<j> to $3.50 each  ROBES from $3 to $15 each.  Neatsfoot Oil for Shoes or Harness  Vissol Oil, the Only Waterproofer in the  VV otiu  Jtvx  \juuca,  xr_._      JL UU    JUCC   "J ,   T*#._1_1 -.  uccu 4iO x\uuucia  ENGLISH DUBBIN FOR SHOES  . X -The" Old-Jfashionsd Prefjeryiatiye.  Get Your Harness ^Fixod  YOU  NEED IT.  Look out for our Xmas Show of Lovely  \*   i  U ADKISTOO     OTY"\,DC"  The Creston ^evielfr  Published every   Friday at Creston, British Columbia, by tho Creston Pub-  lidsisf Co., at their office, Fleet Street, Creston.  * Moyie Breweiy f 11 Creston Hotel  ~! '���������������������������������   r  MOYIE.   B.C  J. K. Johksok   -   Manager.  Ealph G. scrutoh  *   Jsaiior.  Skabsoription, $2.00 a year, in advance.  80-Day Notices, $6; 60, $7.60; 90, $10  Tho Review ia tho acknowledged advertising medium of tho CreBton valley, cir-  cnlatin-g in over ono thonaand: homes thronghont ths Oressoa district. O-ar  columns are open to correBpondentp on live qaestions of local interest. Con-  tribntions most be brief, written on one side of the paper only and signed, not  necessarily for publication, but as evidence of good faith. We invite support  in onr endeavours to increase the ^sefttlnesa of the Review by bringing in your  SuVertisoass&ts, snbscrivtions and news. Ooumlaints from sobsoribers as to  non-receipt; erf paper wiil be promptly attended* to. Address all commonica-  tioas t������ the editor.  Msaufaoturere of the Celebrated "Lake Shore Exnort.  BOTTLED  BEER  A SPECIALITY  Pure Mountain Spring Water used in the Manufacture  of our Beer.  MUELLER & HESSE, Props., Moyie, B.C.  COMMUNICATIONS.  The Review seni io nny address for  92.00 a year.   Subscribe NOW.  [The Editor is not responsible for the  opinions of.his eoaespoBdenfes, nor doss IC  he aiway8 agree with them. 3 !-  The Editor,  .' Creston Review.  "Dear Sir.-���������I regret in my previous let- j  ter I stated that non-Biibscriber and hia  family ii&d "u������ed  our  t������Iepxi025   a^muS  for two years, -whereas he claims to have  been in iho district only eighteen months  I accept the conee&Q-a -uticsgh tbe difference is immaterial.  My concern is aoly with the point at  isaue, and as the rest of his letter is  quite irrelevant to this, .'yl'-.'do not feel  myself at liberty in my official capacity  to reply at length to the aaany personal  remarks contained ia/'aon-subscriber's"  last cofnm"oaioatibnu Hcwover, ehonld  hewishtopurtrae this subject, I shall  bo pleased ������o do so by appointment; at  my office.  f* S3 53 -������r rF/Y r\I  As for the objeeS lessos, "Non-Sub-  criber"-is so anxious 'ifor me to learn, if  it willi bs of us* is th* eSoient management and oonsfcructioa of a telephone  company and its' lines, I shall be ever  ready, at ieaBt, to jae������a-, if not to learn.  Bat if that lesson constitutes tho giving  to "���������Non-Subscriber" or anyone else the  free and indiscrimato use of an asrtiole  ���������which has cost ns * large (nun of myney,  I fao* lahallover be found to continue  qnita wUlinfily in my pwaon* ignorance.  ������������������������������������*. I am, Sir, ato.,  GtT7 IiOWBHBBBO,  Mgr. Dlreotor, G. F., I*. & Tel. Oo.  fewer, Light &  telephone Go.  ��������� "���������sWsTH  B-B si-erseiisa  *���������������������������  ���������*s������.-^a *��������� ������������������������*  gas1  III!  ������H 8HIU    ifffn  - LTD. -  Take advantage of oor 24 miles  of XiOsg Distunes Xines and hs  in touch with your neighbour*.  Rates to Ranchers: ^  $1 .So Cash per Month |  R. S. SMITH, *  XjQcal Manager. -<  ^���������������*a*^|S>^ty<^^v^**<*^^  1  E  WHOLESALE WINES, LIQUORS  jnjtbjs&jftjf-i AND CIGARS sstg^s^s^ssv  Mercanfiie Block, Oreston,  - '.^ A;,y^-.. J, ij&     .*���������  ���������0>a''.;-'. / fj_ jr _f  ottQBf noiei  [Ed.���������As both Mr. Lowenberg and  "Non-Subsoriber" havo had two com-  mnnloations published in ronnection  with th* subject under disonssion, and  as we feel satisfied that the publio are  not snffloiensly interested to warrant a  oontinnation of this dssouneion for an  indefinite period in tho columns of this  papsr, wo would s-aggeat that ths mat*  ter be dropped.  H. Hendren, while wi'eatllng with  come young friend* on the evening of  election day broko Boveral bones in his  leg, whioh fact has laid bim up temporarily.  Diitriot government road supervisor  Benney was among the Oreratonisns to  take in the Spokane apple show. He  corroboraten other reports that there wai  a great display of frnit at this apple  show.  Don't forget Tneaday afternoon taa at  McPeak's store.  ' The ladies of Oreston aro cordially invited to attend a mooting of tha w. O.  T. U, ou Friday, I>tcember 10th, in tha  Presbyterian Choroid at 4 p.m.  Mm. W. K. Brown, President  I.  A Nice Lot of . .  Odd Pitchers  ���������AND  Hand Painted Fiates  CRESTON DRUG& BOOK  w  >/ou  will  make   no   mistake ^  I       when you get off the traia ������?  if you sign the register at W>  the Creston Hotel.      Travelling ^  men  wili  substantiate this.    W������ 2t!  study  the  comfort of our guests. M  The rooms are well - furnished in fi������  a mflntier u**>to-date. *^  - (3k  Headquarters for Mining Mcs, W  Lumbermen,   Ranchers,  Tourist* ������  and Commercials.  an & S  es"  - - Props*  Wc are Agents for McLaughlin  emocrats, Buggies, Wagons, etc.  You Save Money by consulting us before  Buying Elsewhere.       EasyTerms  1  M-CDI? A Til RpnC  g   -:  GRESTOM  ^^SAftfi^^^9$4*!l**9*AS*AAAAAi>l  A Home from Home.  Headquarters for mining  men.  First class in every respect. |  Adjoining C. P. R. Depot.  Morris & North,  Proprietors,  Sirdar,  Bs C.  Pacific  ANNUAL  tsr  Say, Johnnie, can you UU  me Itohere X can hire a Good  Saddle Pony?  Sure!  Try the  AnrQTAKJ  ^^HBSSr        SSI fR>     SSBSBBRffSB"     ^BJ|BJSSI^ HI ^IJftwif^ W ^"*  LIVERY  It's the BE&riNWWN*  There's a Good Dray and  Transfer in connection* Also  Grem and Dry Wood*  ^0nqa it*<%l  PRonmroRs*  Eastern Canada  EXCURSION  Lo% Round Trip Rates io  Ontario, Quebec and  Maritime TroWnces  Tickets wi SuJo Deo. 1 to Dec. si, in*  clnsivs, aood to return within  thrcs montUn.  Nor. 21 and lUnited to flyo months from  date of issue.  Fi5*5li ���������aufPgwnt. Standard Firit OUm  and T<rmrl������r8!ieplng Oars and Dining  ment Library, Ohservatioa Oars on "Im.  perlal Limlt#&" and������fflnM^r.,"-  g���������Through Express Vra1ns~~*i  w   ���������   <wiwfg^n<fry   0   0 ijV  Tn������ ".touonto expHiaa-  Isavea Winnipeg dally at 93.40, making  oonnaotioni at Toronto for all jy><nt*������  least and Went Thereof,  The ������������������Imperial Uml tad" loavs* Wlnni*  peg dally at 18.1C, and tho uAtlantl������  uupretB" Mt 8.00 daily, making cow*  Dfotiou* at Montreal for all pointa Eait  tb������r#of������  Apply to tlii> tu������*i-*iiit ti. f*. Tl. A������f������nt  %m tiiu information*  The Astors made $50,000,000 in 25 yeaxs  In Real Estate Investments  Would you like to be a Millionaire ?  Then follow the Astor Plan  39 Lots in Block E, Schofield Avenue in the Townsite" of Creston. These  Lots are the regulation size and can be had now for $85 each; $25 cash  down and $10 per month with interest at the rate of 6 per cent, per annum  on the deferred payments. These Lots are all high and dry and in six  months will be selling at $125 each. Now is the time to get in on these  Lots  Three and a half acres of sub-divided land into Lots. This plot is all cleared  and lies between the proposed Great Northern depot and the C. P. R.  Station.   $1500 will take this valuable property.  Choice Fruit Lands.       Call or jfrrite for particulars.  CRESTON LAND CO,  <Box38.  Messrs. JOHNSON & SCRUTON  i#r-)t%tl������''''A^^ M������������WVt������'*  Fine Cigars and  Cigarettes  ALWAYS ON HAND.  Pool Room, Billiards  ���������   - and ���������������  Barber Shop  BATHS  Sloth Hot and Cold  At the , ���������  Tomorial Parlor, Fourth St*  1 tie breston  Barber  mmmmm\wmm  Starftcig 8, Co.  Wholefale  Provisions,   Produce,   Fruit  aerierel Oommltilon Marthautu  NELSON       -        B.C.  P. BURNS & Od.  Llmltad  CBESTON       -      B.C.  We have a Fresh Supply of  Stilton Cheese  Canadian Cheese  Twin Cheese.  Also a fresh supply of  Fresh Halibut  Sabno^  Smelts  ALSO. .  Finnan Haddie  Kippers and  Smoked Halibut  Call and Inspect Our  Variety,   \  ���������tsei-aas  (MMI'  yckmm \  Tinsmith  and  Plumber  OF INTEREST TO FRUIT GROWERS  THIS IB TO OWHTIPY thnt I have Inipeoted tho Nnrnsry Btook  (frown hy Ihe Hlversld*������ Nui'fiow, GraniS ZTorho, B.O., r.nd found nt>  wfeotlone dUeasei.  Tho itoolc Is well grown and of ���������xoauant qnallty.  80th tfepteinuar, 1000. M. 0. MIDDLUTOlf,  Atalittaut Prot Inolal Hortlonlturlit,  ,M^J.*lV.X'jViV"^J^."*"-irr'''l^'^,.,rY*^T**'f **"'**��������� -*-"-- ������������������.��������������������������������������������������������������������� *������������������ ,* Jt.rJt..^.^-^. *    m. *....***.*. M.,,ai imi. ��������� ���������   J. ������..u.f^..^., j��������� ,rMj.. ^.^ ^)^T.l^lljt^^._^!mtt^^!^tlJftuf^  WALTER V, JACKSON,  ORESTON. B.O.  >w������iwiiwiifi)jiwi������,������wiitiiii*wi>iiw^^  m  Awsat for . .  1UVKUB1DM NUKUMHIKH  w.iw������.������������������iwi������ wo nm ii������yi���������iiii>n-*wnii������mwi������n iiwi wrm  On Sirdar Avettiue  -jfiresbbveab pib  buns fcafl^  Also all kinds of Ca%e$ made  On Short Notice,  ?W������ also kt������i|> a ������took of Tolwooo*,'  e\u*r������, and Olg������YMWi������  ���������   Soft l>!rl������V������ im tts> i* t\\ lmw.fi.  ������W������������H<������ill|������������l>W������l>l������ll������ .  Tinware  Stoves  nmmmmmmnin  Hot Air jvid}Bot  Water IJkating  a  Specialty*'^'"  ���������lftfiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiti^i>fliiiiiiiiiii*ii.^iit.iiiiA sii4MMiiauiiui'Mi**ui*i auaMiMMNtaMMJK  'W'M'WilIWi*' Wwrww'wwi M w. ><m;<'Wi w. w wiw'������i.ww W w-iirf  '.<':.Wi',:,nW  v;>.''  '.'/���������; ''Ay  ',i'V  ''afM.yjV.'  -  " ui.ii......ut..lli.....l....u...m..Jllim WMASy-^W''y-Aff<iMx-yX -; -  TH������ CRESTON BlBVIEW  MtWW&XXSVi^lSg^tp^W  i  J    t 0"3  . -  "-'' '  mam&siim*mxhmm*tmitmtim������ai*m  Wfc nor ������m> them 'where there is the Most Money to be made off them}      If you do f  W&M$%0s  ���������������������������iyjSftMSK  y?������--  S������  'mXmm  f   |   17  Creston "���������District is tne xriace  vm  WHY���������Oar Lana is just as Good, our  Climate Cannot be Beaten,  and <we are  24 hoars cKearer tke Marke  -��������� ��������� - -    ���������       "���������������������������������������������.���������������������������"���������"*"***  J*^T  *  #  #  Isn't that evidence enough that Creston District  Is the-place to buy Fruit Lands? ,  We have 8,700 acres in our tract, and we are sub-dividing  it into i������-aGfe Lois*  ���������* ** **% y*  Our thrice is $1  Terms $200 Cash, balance in five equal annual payments  ^'ith interest at 6 per cent, per annum  If  ���������'  1 A I  lii  jt!  9 A  The Railway Rans through this La  These Orchard Lands are also connected by Telephone with Creston.  within the Last Yesr we have sold over 800 seres  Out of this Tract,  Our Land is smcialh adapted  9 i      y* 9  Creston  B.C.|  r  '������������������   l^i ^  :I^i-7A^A::i-':AAA^|AAAA,|A'-.:f  Z^^lxxy-l^^y^^A*  SAWMILL AT CRESTON, B.C.  !  I������fhgs  ffthl'iisrles'.' Bri������k9   Lime  Doors,  Windows, Mouldings  \ Rough and Dressed Lumber.  PROFESSIONAL  "Ftro, Ufa and Acoident-tnaisraaoe.  BSAI������ ESTATE, Etc.  TRAIL       -       -   ���������������������������'-  B.C.  CHAS: MOORE, C.B.  -���������-a\, :   \    -a  S.O. Lamb SuRvmrbR ahd AnoBraacrr  |   ; CHAS. O. RODGERS  ESS | We can Save you Money I JSiS. j  >������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������ i ��������� ��������� ���������  ' ������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������  *      Ijcit nn flgnro on yonr New Building.   Tho Work and Prioo will suit.      ���������  CONTRACTORS  Plana and Specifications  CRESTON -       -       -  B.C.  J.  D. ANDERSON  Bnrriaa  Columbia  Land   Surveyor  TJtAIL  B.C.  OKELL, YOUNG & CO.  /' i  OasaL^Al    il*>fc.������HXe4   ������fe������4l*ftA   MAR*!.  ouiiuui ncpuu iui mc mumii  following is the average number of  maris Scr ccnd.net, application to -snidy,  and general profloienoy of -junior pupils  of Oreston Pnblio sohool for .the month  of November, 1909.  JUNIOR SOHOOL.  ��������� WfBST RSSjtOSR.        ' "  Herbert Gobbett    7 ;.....,  95  Vlda Gobbett ..^ SO  Ptjiij������������ Harry*   ��������� ������������������  86  Francis Taiaraco : ;....*..".... 80  Cecil McCarthy  ?6  Joseph Carver ,. 70  Arthur Hurry    ,  'O  Cbns. MePealc     70  Catharine Hamilton  05  Grace Benzie f :  SO  Goorge Benzie  .' .*... 50  *     SENIOR HECOWD PRIMER.  Percy Boffey  100  KatoBoffey  95  Harold Gobbett     so  David Dow  60  Muriel Hobden  65  Nollio Wilson     SO  J UNIOR SECOND PRIMER.  Mabel HuBcroft     00  Lilly Cherrlnuton     B5  Itlchard Fowior  80  Vivian Mooro      76  Erma Haydon   75  Wa moke a Speolallty of Shop ITittlnff, Show Oasou, oto.  J^HHHHH jt IRicbar&s. &   i""<+*������  ���������'","~ I ]g; TKtt. iPa*21te      | E������tlma������ng|  t      Tho Leading Oreston Oontraotsrii}  Real Estate nnd Insuranoe.  CRESTON     -  B.C.  Shop  ! Fitting  ?l  McPeak's S^sMiSi&  Grand Display o^^^  Including  Ladliss'  Skirts  -and  Blouses  Also Underwear, as well as a fine assortment of  Ladles'   Suitings,   Serges snd AScotch  Plaids.  A.   C.   BOWNBSS  WholeRnlo Wino and Spirit  Morohant  J Cranbrook      -      B*C.  Waperhcmgihg  Are iti my Line of Susines*  Soa my Pattern Books foi Wollpaaww  Reginald Atherton  Frnncca Barton   ..  Hazel Hobden  May Latino...  Agnca McPeak  Sholto Donglan   FIRST PRIMER  Lionel Mooro     80  Holcn I'owlor   75  Rofio Oherrln-jton   76  Orln Haydon  v. *   70  Arthur Gobbott    ������  ������������  Fmnlt Romano  ���������>  Edgar Bonnoy   J*  Bamh Uoii-sio >  ���������J  ArdroWiUon  W}  GoorKeBrodorlck  g������  Arnold KalnoB     ������o  JcBfioWlldfr  52  LavtnaWlldB..  *������  JAS. ADLARD  Ra������ld������no������f Victoria Avo. Dow AddiMaa  Ho Ion Barton......................... .���������  50  Doneiel Maxwell. A  W  Number of liunlft onrolled���������in  MR������. DARBYBIllRm,   ,  ' ,::,:'- ��������� .-���������.. .������������������.���������,,,,.':i.i;--.,.'lAssUtant.  -.  Still nnothcr, and tho very latent land  deal this -woek *was yeste-sdoy, -whew two  brotherB, Blvin and Yiotor wo������tllntt, of  Fernlo, bought Loto, 915 and 210 from  tho Canyon Oity, Lumber Oo. at Canyon  Oity. Tho loto purolinaod-waro in Biook  813. Tho now, ovt/hori will sitnvt, nt onoe  to blear tho land;"preparatoryl to tho  planting of fruit trees in the. aprlng. It  is ntatAd that other ITernleites nre about  to intoat in tho satno block, following  tho example of their nolghhourn.  irOR SAI-E--A. Naw ^lourlay Piano  at reduoed prloo and easy terniB. Apply  a.B. Northey. . :;,","',;;,A  Tha neat homo ofOv������-Northey wa>  this week nold to T. U, Bdmoudson for  $1,000.  ���������tM������������������M������ft������tt������*itt*tM*������Httttt>t>WWWHH*fM������tH������f  I nnr;i>Tfl|E ||ll!alTiallli!li 1  Friday, December iu, iS03  EhMTG^d V  ; Opera Singers  msi  m  m  irr.mmwt  January 4  March 8  Tessie Marie Biggers  Robert Meikle Concert Co,  <April t        - Thomas Charles Wetton  BesideB the above, thero will ha various other attractions from tima  to tima during the Winter months, psrtioularsof whioh will appear iu    *  this spaoe and in the local oolnmn as oooaBion requires.    . ,.    ,  A-i-;'',  ill  ii   '  tank BaSt, Manager.  :l  r  i  ������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������* ���������^^������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������aa������-������������������'a������������a������a������������������a'������<.������������������������^  Rapelle and TPfltjtiellette in large assortments.  Men's Pants of alt kinds and sizes. Fancy  Vests, Tlfs and Handkerchiefs/  OWANBWOOK ������ ������. O.  ���������   The   .  Funeral Dliectoi  Fourteen Kooms now  ready for "Roomers "  in the Baast Block.  All ari furnished.  I-Iot and Cold Baths  MMMMMi^M>MIIW������������WW^I������������������������l>������������������������B������������IIIIIMS������IS'*������  WANK  BAST  DISSOLUTION OF l'ARTNICIWQIP'  Horseshoeing, General  BlacksmitKing and Repairing. Shop at the  Rear   of  the Creston  Livery Barn.  ���������\���������  mmmmmmmw  IC. Quaife, Prop. I  Kotloe Is hereby alvsn tbat tbe eo-paHttMr*  ���������lilp herotolore subitlstins betvrsen tbe ihmw*^  mffned an lt������a11>:������tat������. Timber and InairivaaM-i  A������ento, under ihwnrw nswe of tbe Cisnioa  UeaUyandlt-lniberCo.tStOretton. n.O,. ba*  boen this d������y AIMOlvnd bo mutual eomteai.  All debts nae the aalo^ r>*.rtner������htp s������u������tl .a*  puldtoo. P.ttlel athlfoluoeatcreatort, IJ.O..  and all jprrtnsraliln nsbni are to be paid by tun.  Pat-itV tbis 17tn aay of Novomesr, itoev  (Blgued) C. I*. RIEL  O.R.NOtttllRY-  ;;-*-,i,l,  i*l)>A;R  JNOTIOB OF APPLJOATION FOR TRANH-  .'��������� i    ;���������������������������-, FER Oil" LIQUOR LI0KN8B  Notlo# Ih hereby ������\ von that thlty days after' '''A"  date, I, tb* underal**;n������d. Intend toapply to1 .  Uio Huporjntondent of Provincial ^Pollco ot . qvk  vtotorlat r-ir,a transfer of the wholesale liquor ; + j, ���������  IkWDxe now Held toy mo ror tbo premiees ."A  linown at the Crouton Wine and Spirit Co. to-'in ��������� ,*.:  ilofwm. Foolo and Smltli, of Crouton, ll.C.    ,.t*fn,-, J  Uated. at Cw>������������on. ll.C.. Docembor lot, 1000k,-. ^  NOTICE OF APPM^TIOK FOR I������W^)^  ���������IWco Kotlco that wo, Pool* and Bmltli. o'l"-i'*^l'  the town of Crenton, B.C., thirty days alter y%  -date. Intend to apply inrtlie Huporlatendent ,i������  of ������'*ovl������ol*l rollco at Victoria, for a ..whole*. "',  nalo liquor illoanao for the pri'mlso* known 'as***-���������'')*.!*  the OuNton Wlno and Hplrlt Co,, at Uteatoni/y^/','  '���������Dated at C**fton, ll.U., December lst.iooo,, *v$."-ii  I'OOLK ������ BMIT1I. ,> f.'li  DlHWOLtHMON OF PAltrKKRflHiP    7f  fe-  ifiiOMArt uduitKATli  .Bos tha new etouv������ton ad. of th* O. P-  K, in *,hU Issnn. They asre gelling roun'S |  trip tickets to the Kaatorn Xhrovlnees a4|  greatly raduoed rates during the montia  of IJeoemher. for further partleule**,  o������U oa R It tttld. 0. P.������. Agent.  Kntlcn Im hereby alven that the <x**--|������rt-iif*N.v;|A  ���������hip hsrotofore mibilitlnc between theund-it: ������������������- ������.  ���������tsnad an llvor/ stable Iceoptrs undortliotwV������; %  name ofUoCreath Jiro������.,aiCr*iitou, B.C.^n;^",:;;  ������������1������ dtiy b<M-n diiMlvixl by muttml' aanwn L.tNL'  All debt* du*'.the -mid partnervliiu ���������imll M.; ^  paid tollURh Hiewart, MeCYOHth, Hlhlsom������o,-<r;V  Hlrdsr avenue, Cro������loii, 1) C. and all partner.,*,:,  ship d������bt������ ������������*������������ he paid by blm. ,���������,--'*  mtodatq^too.^^^^       ty  ""A|i,M  A. MIRABELLI   i  ItHK OWKSTON  SHOKMAKKWt  Best Workmanship  Bool* and Shoes made to Orftit  A Bpeoiallty  tmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm  y\  mmm^mmmm  i m.',  ���������il1'"-  ���������ij  V.  ���������ofl  ." '���������. I  :, i .i;' * ��������� memmmmm  ���������BSSUIIuL'iiiiiifliiiiSl  T^  ���������pss������r*������r*w**������a������  i**  I  *  *���������������������������*>(   *   .   <  TftE   CRESTON   B.EVIEW.  tf tiy quiets. Epnu pig es o  Nature's Remedy is Zam-Buk.  ifflBressivg Osres /of Women Sufferers.  ^"Wherever   there   Is   suffering   from   piles,  "'"zani-Buk ehould be applied.     Theio are lota  * of "reasons  for this,   but one  ot  tbe best  la  tbat ia practically aU cases of piles wbsre the  ������������. m Zam-BuVls persevered with, complete  cure���������not merely relief���������is the result.  Mr-. "Wm. Hughes, of 253 Hochelaga street.  Hochelaita. Montreal, nays:-"! awStsed from  blln*i. itching, and protruding piles for years.  Sometimes thev were so bad that I could  hardly bear to move about. The Inflammation,  -the burning, smarting pain, the throbbing,  the acbinK. tbe overpowering feelloga of dul-  ness and dark despair.-which ailment brings,  the shot-Unit: spasms of agony���������all were ao  terrible that only sufferers from this aw-  " ful ailment can understand!"  ��������� Bad as this case was. .Zsm-Buls triumphed,  and Mra. Hughes* .witfer* no longer. It only  needed a lUti***- mthtwoum w������t������ ������s:s-���������*-k,  and ���������*& tbe end complete cure resulted.  Mis,. B. Boxall. of Scott Street, St. Thomas,  says:���������'Fbr month without cessation I endured Kreat pain from bleeding piles. For  as many months I tried everything which J.  thought would give me ease, but In the one,  dirofrlted  and still   suffering,   1   gave   in.  Then *it waavBhe heard of Zam-Buk, and,  ���������she adds:���������"Although I feared Zam-Buk  ���������eould li? like the ordinary remedies���������useless  ���������1 am Klad it was not. It eoon proved itselt  and after a time cured me completely. I  would like to let all sufferers from piles  know what a grand thing Zam-Buk is."  Mr F. Astridge. 3 St. Paul street, St.  Catharines, says:���������"For five years 1 "uttered  untold agony from piles." ^ At times the pain,,  was so bad. t -could have screamed aloud.-  Oh a friend's advice I tried a box of Zam-  Buk. It gave me GoBSuieg-abie ������&se, and ~  S���������?6������ve7@d *vr!th tljs treatment until I ^rus  cured.' I ^vislif *1'^could convince t?very stiT-  ferer from piles of the value of this great  Herbal  bate."  Sc one could go on quoting case after case,  and it is by working'such euros that Zam-  Buk has earned for itselt iu great reputation.  Now if you suffer from this terrible painful  ailment just b������ guided by the foresaids casei!  For   internal  piiea melt  a.   little  Zani-Bu*  gt&uu  tuiiroujfthly  soak  a  *^sd,   mads ot cisss*.  ���������^"but old   linen.   Then  apply  to  the  P*rt-   If  the piles  are  external,  application of   Zam-  Buk   is   more  simple.   Do   it   upon   retiring.  Tfext morning you will he well satisfied!  Zam-Buk is a cure"also for co&^sores and  chapped hands, ulcers, fesierins sows, fctaod-  poLsoninK. eczema, bad leg, ring-worm, "scalp  sore*, burns, scalds, and all skin diseases  and injuries.  ......������������������j���������..  ^d        ������+������������?.  SCli   Zi&Z!*.a**^&   ***  60c a box or mar be- obtained post tna'teoai  Zats-buk Oo.. Toronto, -for p*ic������; 3 boxes  tor Jl.25. You are, warned. bo������erT������r. against  cbeao and dangerous imitations sometimes  offered as being " just as good."  ��������� ^*������   THE WOMAN ACROSS THE WAY.  On every street���������at least on ours  There's a woman across the" way  Who sitS* at  the upper window  And watches the livelong day;  She may be thin, she may be fat,  Heaven alone can tell you thatj  Her eyes, I know, are greenish grev.  That waver' not in their watch all day.  Here neighbors' ins and outs she'll know  Aa well or hetter than they;  And all who come and all who go  She sees from across the way.  She scents a death long, long before  The knot of crepe adorns the door;  A birth she plans to the very day���������  This wonderful woman across the" way.  She'll tell you where her neighbors trade  And pretty near what,they buy.  The shape of bundles toils the talc,  To her penetrating eye.  She knows each doctor by his rig.  His standing,! too, if little or big;'  His patient's illness she can guess  By length of -visits more br less.        ' -  And so she sits at her window there.  Hatching her slanderous brood;  They fly and fly, no orio knows where,  And never do anyone good. .  Her deathless vigilance she keeps  Nor docs it seem she ever sleeps^  For look at the window whon you may,  She's always there, across the way.  ,,..... ���������-Chicago Tribune.  r IVE DOLLARS    $A  FOR A LETTER  '*    . '    ' ���������* ' ���������-   '���������    *������ ' *'   :���������">������������������' ���������  ������������������n   i      ��������� ��������� ,_  In order to .encourage their patrons  to tell their opinion of their different  manufactures, tho Catarrhozone Co:, established in Kingston, Ont., 1877, offer  five dollars in gold for the best letter  they receive dealing with tho merit of  the following preparations.  CATARRHOZONE���������An absolute cure  ���������for Catarrh, Bronchitis, Asthma, Sore  Throat, Hoarseness, buzzing noif-o-- nnd  Catarrhal deafness.  NERVILINB-r-An old household remedy used Internally and externally; it  cures Neuralgia, Sciaticn, Lumbngo,  Stiffness, Strains,.Sprains, Cramps, Colic,  Diarrhoea, Wind on the Stomach and  bowel disorders.  Letter**, or testimonials nuiflt be of not  mon? than ono hundred nnd fifty words,  written on one side of tlie. paper; should  Ik** stent for publication tb the Catarrhozone Co., Kingston, Ont. Should you not  he the winner in this competition, you  will in nny case, ns a recompense for  y������ur troubh', receive one l������rj3" family  ���������Jdr.etl box of Dr. Hamilton's Ointment,  free of charge.       .  ���������    ���������      ��������������� >������,., , -, ��������� -  Canada's  Railroad  Prospects.  With thn ext'-iiHior: nnd development  vase-like form and bearing prettv delicate flowf-rs.  All along* the mountain streams in  thoj interior of Japan are scattered  252*f diminutive paper rectories. Papsr-  making; consists is th������ mutin1*' of  any porous material so that it will  form a continuous sheet.  m ������9-  THE THRIFTV JAP.  *,  His  Ingenuity  in  Making and  Using  o- Paper.  One scarcely realizes the many various rues to which paper may bo put  until he haa considered the ingenuity  of the people; of Japan. The Japanese use paper for all kinds of articles  in domestic' iise���������for clothing and for  house building. Some'of the unusual  and interesting ��������� usea, for paper in  Japan are as follows:.  Houses ' aro made of", naper. The  frame is of wood, but tRe walls are  paper, which is ao treated that it will  keep out ths -winds. Papsr walls  make it possible.. tio dispense with  glass for winders, as thev let in  plenty of light, aroaist 'the Tain, and in  aa fneasure kee������-������*&���������* the-cold.  * Oiled!,paper* ia"f made'*-in Japan inW  umbrellas and wearing apparel which,  are astonishingly ctfeap and durable:  The jimikisha inea^wear paper raincoats, wKicVlastf'n^year or more with  constant use. Oiled tissue paper is  used in Japan as wrapping paper. The  paper is tanned -With'-the fermented  juice of green persihimons. Tea sacks,  stronge and durable, are made of this  paper.    Tobacco pouches and pipe eases are  made, from "leather papor," which is  strong and at the same time soft and  phaulo. Paper pots aro used in Japanese * households aa are similar articles mads of tin in an American  home.    ,  In* ihe art; of making napkuis, parasols and lanterns from paper it is a  recognized fact that Japan has taught  the while world, both Occidental and  Oriental, many lessons.  The employment of paper in theso  ia$o:aious ways is on������ of the many  aoivces thai the Japanese have evolved which enable so'many millions of  them to l'vft on the productions of a.  cultivated area about one-third the  size oi the States of Illinois.  There aro nine plants used by the  Japanese to make paper from, according" to writers iu that country.  Three of theso are wild forms, of small  tree. Ono���������the Mitsumata plant��������� furnishes America and Europe with large  quantities of paper every year for  legal documents and diplomas.   There  Wind' an Ihe Sumach  of Suffering-, Misery, and Pain  That He Cured Witti'"'Nervi-  , "A fow weeks ago I ato somo green  vegetables 'and some fruit 'that was  not quite ripe. It first brought on a  fit of indigestion but unfortunately it  developed into hiccoughs, accompanied by nausea and crampa. I was  dreadfully'; ill for two, days���������my, head  ached and throbbed; I-bejehed gas  continually, and I was* unable to sleep  at night. A neighbor happened in to  see me and urged me to try Nerviline.  ������������������������ b-_���������!������������������ ��������� ������������������ ��������� ,   ���������.���������. vveu, a   women t  ' 'NtmuNc  f fcjxv-V ��������� Scal  tnat. any ptsptua-  >tion could help so  quickly. I .took  half a.. teaspoonful   of   Nerviline  'NffiViUNE  STRENGTHENS  STOMACHS  in  hot  s*veot������*ned  POST CARD PETITION.  'On* Toronto District Women's Christ-  inn Temperance Union has instituted a  post card petition in behalf of Mrs. Anna Robinson, now under sentence of  death at Sudbury. We make, through  the courtesy and generosity"of the picas,  a threefold appeal. \ Will every editor  who receives this appeal kindly publish  it in his next issueV Will every man and  woman who reads this" request comply  with its demands? Will you do it at  oiku, for the unhappy victim has only  six weel**)*) to live. ������  Our request is,' write W postal card as  follows:  "I respectfully beg of you to lecom-  mend that the death sentence pasicd on  Anna Robinson he commuted.'' '  Sign your name and pises of residence*,  addicss it to cite Hon.'A. IS. Aylesworlh,  Ottawa, Canada.   Bo ii. now.  o ������ ������A .  SHE   KNEW.  water, and my .stomach felt- better at  once. I used Nerviline several times,  and was completely restored."  Tho above ia, from a letter written  by G. E. Braua,. s. ���������srcll-k^own stot-k-  man and farmer near Lethbridge, j "It waa tho custom of the household  Alta. Mr. Braun's favorable opinion J to havo dinner at noon on Sunday and  of   the   high   merit   of  Nerviline    is   to havo  a    very  light  meal  at wight  At a dinner tho othor ovouing. Dr.  Chat-lea P, Akcd���������familiarly known as  the pastor of Rock^ftdlor's church��������� told  ths following story about a daughter of  a     ���������V].iaiai<i',oiiOuC  of the railroad* of  the euntorn part of I    ~      <*voriw>ra;  Canada, the proHp*������etn grow brighter for fy\i   try  ADVICE fRO-^9 A MOTHER  TO ALL OTHER MOTHERS  The young mother���������the inexperienced mother���������is always glad to get  the, advice of tho more experienced ia*  the caro of her little one. Thousands  ot "mothers __ havo emphatically said  that there is no meaicine equal to  Baby's Own Tablets for keeping*. little  one well, or restoring health if illness come suddenly. The young mother can safely follow the lead -of  these others. Mrs. John ShortilL  Georgetown, Ont.. says:���������"I would  not be a day without Baby's Own  Tablets in the, house. J believe "they  saved * my youngest ;child's .life.-, At  the age of three months she 'cried-, all  tor did all he could for her, but * did -  not seem to help her. Then I^got  Baby's Own Tablets and they worked  a wonderful ��������� change. Thoy seemed-to  tone "Jhe. stomach, moved the bowels  regularly, and slie' has' ever since he*"  a healthy child." Sold at 25 cants  a box by all dealers or by mail from  Tho Dr. Williams' Medicine Co.,  Brockvillo, Ont.   .,     . -.  THE LITTLE OLD LOG CABIN IN $HE  LANE.  I am getting old and feeble now, I Can-;  ... 'not work no, .more, Avi  y I 'h-aye  laid the' ruaty-bladed hoe to  " *A rest1;*"-' *'-' ���������'"'������:������������������''���������'  Old yinsaa. ond old Missus they're sjecp-  ���������'*������������������"*���������������������������   ing side by side, ���������*   ,i  And their   spirits  now.M'e.;roaming  "with the blest. ?* X ���������  Things are changed about the-place;-ihe.  darkies all am gone,-        '  And  I  cannot hear  tihem * singing in  the cane,  And the  only friend  that's loft me is  that  little  boy of mine,  In my little old; log cabin in the lane.  There was  a  happy timo  to  me, not  v many ���������������������������cars ago,- ,  ���������When   thfl darkies ..-used    to    gather  A     'round, th������ A door j  Thoy used to s'ng and dance at, night  and p!n.v the  old banjo.  But,  &\ai[   they   cannot   do   It   any  moro;  The thing* .ire all rusty now, the door  is  rambling .down,  And tlio rrw/f lets in the sunshine ond  ���������  the ra in;  Oh, the only ftiend that's left mo,is that  little hny of mine,  In my lit le old log cabin in-thi* lane.  Oh,  daddy, dor.-*t  you  lw  no  mv\  tintl  malan.tholy now,  For you ;thoie's many happy dayiii-in-  store';  Altliongh    ymt'ro   old and feob'o, your  boy 's jwung and strong,  And  will  lovo  and  cherish you  f'^r  shared ���������by thousands of Canadians  who havo proved Nerviline is simply  a_ marvel for cramps, diarrhoea, flatulence, nausea and stomach disorders.  Safe to^'uso. guaranteed to cure���������you  can make no mistake in hooping Nerviline for your family remedy. Large  25c bottles; fivo for 51.00. Sold everywhere or The Catarrhozone Co. Kingston, Out  Sayings by Harriman.  As I grow older I am beginning to  think mora of my foHow-m������ii.  1 hav**t worked hard because I like  the doing of things.  Grasp an idea and work it out to a  Sl{V.-CVt������3������U>.    lUilv.UOlUU. J..IHI,     13    UUUIIb  all there is in life 'for nny of us.  People seem to take more stock in a  man who talks than in a man who acts.  But this is a <Ls.v devoted to iasas and  it will pass.  1 have always been too busy to think  much about myself. The doctors are beginning to tell me that the other fellow ought to have a chance to do something.  Every tide has its rise and fall and  one would be living in a fool's paradise  not to take the ebb into consideration  in -figuring out his fuitfte requirements.  The first law of all our civilization is  the co-operation of all individuals to improve the conditions of life.  To achieve what^the world"calls success a man must attend strictly to business and keep a little in advance of the  times.  Aly father was a clergyman and he  was a good one. He was an earnest  clergyman and he taught his boys to be  earnest in everything they didV  There are two things that menace the  piosperity of this country���������idle money  and idle labor. The one is as mischievous as the other.  It has always seemed wiser to me to  sleep on the roof than in the basement.  "Pull' can never carry a man far. It  is hard work and application that count.  Fifty years from now 5 per cent, return on capital' will be considered as  good as 10 per cent. now. But that need  not worry you nor me.  We have "had monkey dinners and the  idle and foolish vapormgs and routs of  society. Now is the time for less champagne and truffles and more roast beef  and milk.  Tht* people have tha'got-rich-qiuck bacillus. It's a fearful, disease. It's the  oiiiy menace to this, country.  I trulv believe that if wiws were to  take more interest in their husbands' affairs we would have a happier world.  What sensible man doesn't believe in  God? Religion saves and advances civilisation,  A WINDSOR LADW APPEAL  To All W������m*n: I will eeha free with full  InMruotlons, mr borne treatment which  postivelr cure* Leuoorrbofto, Ulceration,  DUptacemetita, Falling of the Womb, Painful or Irregular perlotla, Uterine and Ovar������  tan Tumora or Growth*, atoo Hot Fluabea,  Nervousness, Melancholy, FaiM lo tho Hoad,  Back or Bowela, Kldnoy and Dloddor troubloa,  where cauiH-d by wMlcneM peoullm* to our  ���������ex. You onn continue treatment at borne at  ������ oont of only 12 cents a weelc. Mr book,.  "Womon'n Own Medical Advisor," also weat  froo on requeet., Write to-day. Addwa;,  Mra. M. Bummern. Po-t^H. 8> wlndtor, Ont.  Japanese   Love   Stng.  One Sunday evening littlo Helen's  father wanauhsoni and her mother  said to her. 'Papa is away to-night.  Suppose you say grace.'  "Helen was hungry. There was very  littlo to ������at* on w������h cable. Casting a  sweeping glance over "tho board, she  tilted back her head and said solemnly, 'For oitv'a sake! Amen.'���������Leslie  Weekly. *   '  i  3   AM IKFEHSENCEB HQU3EWKE  knows that Sunlight Ses**?  mean* a wonderful saving oi  tinss   ssd  labour   to bouse*  ^l/a*Bk������������9������������������%r  **��������� ��������������������������������� ������a m ��������������� gggF  , Whether with foot ������r cold  water, nothing gets the dirt  off so qaSckly and without  injuiry as Sunlight Soap,  Sunlight makes the* bwne-  as fresh es new. a������*  J  1SSUK' .fcO   42.. MM  *,  mutf*  AGENTS WA'KTSD.y  AGENTS WA&TED, THERE IS NOTHING  pays bettor than 'a taa routtf. /For particulars  writ������  Alfred Tyler,  London,' Oat.  AGENTB ��������� $30 'Wffi&KLY' ��������� .GKENBRAU.  sscnts. $200 moathly; talking' unnecessary: our trust scheme envelope *dbo&. the  trick: sample and particulars 10c*. li- not  .tatlbfled returnable. Canada Needle; Go.,  Ha-nUton. <c> Or.t.  RATTLESNAKE, OINTMENT.  'Xiia ������a  ooTofIooble  Had  Rheumatism, but Dodd's  Kidney Pills cured It.  Hugh Abornethy on His Feet Again���������  Cure is Easy, Simple, Natural and  Permanent.  Gananoque, Ont., Oct. 18.���������(Special)���������  That Kheumatisni can be cured surely,"  simply and permanently is the good*  news that Hugh Abernethy, a well  known resident of King street, is spread-,  ing among his neighbors.  *'I had suffered from Rheumatism and  stiffness of the joints," Mr. Abernethy  states. "My muscles would cramp. I  could not sleep, and'X had terrible headaches. I took mahy'differeut medicines,  but nothing did me" any good till I tried  Dodd's Kidney Pills. Six boxes put irie  on my feet again."  Others, who have taken Mr. Abernethy's advice and'u^ed Dodd's Kidney  Pills are also loud in their praises of  the old reliable Canadian Kidney remedy. For Dodd's Kidney Pills cure Rheumatism and other blood diseases by cur?  ing the Kidneys. Sound Kidneys keep  the blood free from impurities. And  with no impurities, such .as uric acid in  the blood, you cannot/have such painful  and dangerous diseases as Pain in the  Back, Rheumatism, I������umbago, Neuralgia  and Heart Disease.  Keep your Kidneys strong and well  with Dodd's Kidney Pills and you can  fact; the cold, \vei days of fail wi tii oil I  a fear of Rheumatism.  '. m.* ������ ^-  ���������Mada by Chinese Physicians, as Cure  for   Rheumatism.  {San Francisco Chronicle.)  Ravciesnake ointment* is- regarded' by  the Chinese physicians as such a sure  cure ior rheumatism and - similar complaints tbat a big demand for the reptiles exists in Chinatown. Policeman  Percy Smith, connected with the central  station, learned of the demand,, and  whilb on his vacation in Mendocino  county laid in a supply of ratlesnakes  large enough to alleviate the sufferings  of cevry almond-eyed resident of San  Francisco.  Policeman Smith has just returned  from his vacation, which he spent in the  wilds of Mendocino county. With hhn  weer Policeman Berg, Andrew Garin and  lis-* son, Philip Smith. On their refcurn  they brought back a dozen rattlesnakes  that were eagerly purchased by Chinese  doctors  at $5  each.  In order to prepare the ointment the  wise men. of Chinatown pour half a gallon of alcohol into.a two.gallon jar in  which a rattlesnake is .imprisoned. The'  rap"  Turtle Worship.  At a place called Kotron, on the  French Ivory Ccist the natives helfeve  that to eat or destroy a turtle would!  mean death to> the guilty one or sickness  among else family, ihe fetich many of  whom there are plenty, declare that  ycara ago a man went to sea fishing.  In the night his canoe was thrown upon  the beach empty. Three days afterward  a turtle came ashore at the same place  ��������� with tlie man ou its* hack alive and well,  feinct that time they have never eaten  or destroyed one of that species, although they enjoy other species.   **  If one happens now to be washed'  ashore there is at great commotion in  tht* town. First ube woraoii sit down'  and start sfngfng and beating sticks,  nest a smalT piece of white cloth (color  must be white) is placed on the turtle's  hack. Food is then prepared and placed  on the cloth, ��������� generally pla*htains~ rice  a ud palm- oil. Then amid a lot more  singing, dancing awT antics of the fetich  people it fs earned back into the sea  ai'd goes- on its way rejoieing.���������London  Globe.  ���������������������������������������������������  .������!������!  .~ii;  j*!������f  JO"*   T1?***1  n-t  of air after a few hours' confinement.  However, it is left in'the bottom ot the  jar, completely immersed in alcohol, for  at least six months.. At the end of that  period the alcohol is carefully removed  from* the par and after slight dilution  with another substance is placed on the  market as a sure cure for rheumatism.  At Chinese drug stores its price is dear.  However, little difficulty is'encounter-  ed in placing tbe rattler in the jar, a'  great amount of dexterity is necessary  to escape its fangs, for the fatigue of  the journey haa made it extremely vicious, nd it strikes at any object. In order to prevent it from striking a noose  %is fastened over its head by ,the Chinese  pharmacist, who 'after* "������- being 'assumed  that the fangs are under his control  takes the snake in his'hands*''and places  it in the receptacle.  A top is then placed on the jar and  the string severed. So great is the demand for rattlesnakes in Chinatown and  so \profitable is the market that other  polifcemen who contemplate a. vacation  nre'said io be studying the map in order to discover likely habitations of the  rattler.      r _      .  tin; <j0tabll0hn*.f'j*it nf n nmv orcein route  between the rnntem and western con-  ttiientu. The tfiiiiinus nn this side will  be Gre*������ Jluy, NV-u- foundlund, and the  other will lie noni** convenient port of  Ortnt Britain, nnil tlm projector* claim  vh.u. r"it������ tviirpoatiibly *il<or;*'i tlifl transatlantic trip by .Id lu.tirB bi-tween the  r-iitt-il SlnW-n fai.l l!*!//..!!!.!. But little  railroad ronntnit-tion l������ rc-uircd tonulkc  th* CJr������*n ihty readily nrc-'KHihla from  ���������ny point. A great point in favor of  thin route In that it lu c'laimMl to ho  practically fri-i* of fog., and at all miui-  ������������������onn of thfl year vemw-Is may ply tlii*  wati������r with npfetl and wiMy. A further  d-pvir-lopnifrtt of thW nolicm**** prnvm>* for  it tuinwl ii-uIit llit; BlralU of i'l'IK* In lis  mn that a ntnttnihip tcrmlnii* mny hn  ������sl������lii!*]<<���������<] nf Hi*' Ji-<j������l iratiUiU |Vi!-jL  of Newfoundland, which mrami a fur*  thrr *t������*rinjj; of tlm*.  **>*������''���������"'- ������������������ ���������  Mfnitrd't  Llnlmunt Cur������* Burnt, *\c.  ���������urul   do   the bcRt T can ami  mako you happy now,  I'll ebnifoit rind prottyjfc you frnn nil  iwiJn*   y  And  tlw*   .inj'tlfl  tlmv  wIM Wo^h us   In  our'happy little homoi  In our littlo old log cabin In Uv5 '.ain**,  Oh, ablld, I am wmttMited, but thn day  ���������mut-t r|uit*kly oom**,  Whon I'll hitvo ' to   lwtvo   thU earth  ior ovormom,  J'Imi angi'l* thoy will take ma from my  httnihlc llttln cot, '  And waft m������ to that bright, colosUnl  nhoro"''  Oh. don't dMipalr, hut, como what wny,  you'li bu lin.]i>py >y*t, .  If  from normw uml  bud  tpnlinff you  rofralnt  For Um ftngci* (liny will hlcsi ui In our  happy little hotno,  In our Httl'"* old log cabin in thn Inno,  nntTHDAYB.  (Toronto N#������.)  ������r������-,������. ������ rr*.*>** b������* f* ty**>* ������f T^lf*i*1       A ������������*������ "who rHflhraU** hU hlrthda**/ hy  ***��������� >jral������-#o )ii������ wife In cAnstnntly giving������(r*ttl������������r drwnk would probably object if  hlm^u  p'ce ''i  Hor*������. "  biit wtfo foilu\M-d tuit ou hor biiih-la-y.  <Prom -Tlio PllKrlmago," by Yono NpBUohll)  Par boyond tho foroat my Bonuty ftbldc������,  (O Yet ean nwoot, O  Yon San Bwoiit):  Ha** bonom Is tho  nest oC a nlKhtlnaale,  Sho bldon Lovo and Droam In hov* hair.  Kino tlmou a day eho, mirrors hor faco In  1 a brook, ..  0 Yon San awootl   O Yon San swoott . ���������  A poony and 0 Yon San omllo to tlio cloud  and mos        . ,  Lor.Kinr to know how forca abo.  1 Atop on tlio Kossamor nnd poppy*  The, uliadow ot a Ilr-troo Ib hor shadow of  "'bis . _ ��������� .  "UtuJorne&tn  tlio  gliadow  I  uliiB I-ovo    and  Slio boImb lior Ktiltar and tttrlltoB tho ������trlng������,  m Yot San awoot, O Yon San awoet):  Hor' voloea wlilto are tho voloeu ot u oruue,  Out ot tho homo of ntorn and brooiso,  Alio oatt hor Klnnoo on mo,  LIUo  tho cherry blosaomji upon a Wontorn  ��������� .-'���������" dal^  O Yon flan ftwootl, 0 Yon Snn awoot!  With,0,Yon San lot mo live,  And vroavfl a laiiRhtor ft-om tho Mtornllyl  ,dm������.8yyo 6 BTlWoJ od'arlmM     UolN  cured of Tame BACK  WHEN 84  Mr. flnmuol Martin, of Strntbroy, Ont.(  nftMod twonty yoara or nt* llfo In miliary,  nufforlht** torturoH from lamo baok. Ilotrlod  nearly all advortlsod remedloa and houaohold  roolDtn". hut received no buaofil ttom any,  of tbom.  Soma monthn n*tb, foolng Oln rill* ni'vor-  tlned Mr. Martin piirohaitid a box. Tho  rellofi wliloli Mr. Martin enrcrlenood nfloi*  ho had tn'cmi ono box, wtte an groat that ho  knew he bad found tho rlebt remedy at Intit,  llu tmed two moro boxet- and la now completely qtired. ���������    . )  Wo a box, tl for 13,m.   All nil ilonlawi. Kreo  aamolo If you wrlto National Druit ft Ouom-  lcal Co.. (Mont. H.li.). Toronto,  ' r ���������������,������������..-.. ,���������   ;  Hawkthaw Outdone.  Hor   Pnthor   (fll,ornly)Vaon������viov,o  you oro onpauietl to ftnnio young man."  HorHolf���������"Oh, fathnr, how did you  discover my necretJ-"  Hor Pnthor���������"Tho aam hill'for liint  quarter,,  id ,.. ,rfu������nic'ou.ftJy,, ttinali.;  Claire's Engagements.  *. *In  a  recent   discussion   of illiteracy,  William H. Maxwell, the extremely suc-  ccsaful   Ruperintcndont   of   Xew  York's  public schools, quoted an amusing letter.  This letter, sent to one of Superintendent Maxwell's Brooklyn teachers, ran:  "Frend teacher, I do not disire for  Claire shall ingage in Grammar, as I prefer her ingageing in yuseful studies, as  T can learn her how to spekc and-write  correctly myself, I have went through  two grammcrs and they done no good.;I  preferr, her ingageing , in French' . and  \drawlng and vokal music on the piahna."  .���������Washington Star. '"  ;/   OFAMOBE INTEREST.       "      .  "Papa/Aconfidod thb pretty g!**l, shyly, "there is a rumor afloat that. :I am  to hio  tho wife of  Count Bllufferny*  "Boshl" snorted the old man with a  ���������frown.''1'.  "But���������but, don't you know tho rumor  is gaining currency every day?"  "H'm! What good ore rumors. What  I want to know���������is the count gaining  ,ony currency?". -      Ay'. ��������� -,. ���������  Minard's Jbiniment Co., Limited:  Gents,���������^A customer/pt"oursAcured" o"  veiy bad case of distemper in a valuable horse by tthe use of MINARD'S  LT3CIMENT. ,  ; -yYo-ursi trulyv -A^ :;:;. ���������_.-  ouiclcly atons coughs, cures colds', hoalu  tbo  turoat nnd luncs. -   *   ���������  ~5 coma.  pulpit  Points.  Robert J. Burdotto ia ovon moro  popular and successful as tt olorgyman  than ho used to bo ns n. humorist.- A:  young, divino of. Los Angolos, praising  Mr. Burdottd,' sold tho other day:  "Humor la apontrmooua with him. I  remember how ono drty I nskod him  for ndvico on proncliing, nnd ho rattled Bayly off i  "Novor bo goody-goody. , Never any,  Ior instance, "I was reading last ovon-  ihe, in dear Hobrow."  *'"Koop , your plotiiw** nccurnto. I  biido hoard nn old minister plcturo  Nonh.AaB sitting out In front ol the  arJc roriding his Biblo,  'V?0 B'mplo. ^ tho pulpit, as woll  as friendly out o������ it, or tho old ladJoa  will doscribo you as invisible on wook  <Jay*.'���������t11?^^inoomprohonBiblo on  Sun-  ���������day/ ���������'���������Washington Star. ,  i :��������� T,,;.    ���������....���������-,. 11 ...���������������   ������������������ -^*.������. .,��������� i '  CULINAEY ITEM.  ,. -,     (Toronto  N������w������.)  In ovory limcioun dough-nut  A. yawning Jiolo In found,  You attic Wo whyP 'Tin neotlod  To pat tho dough around.  y, n.,n.ii. .���������#'y #''ii i" >������i,.,i'.���������.-  frOR  HI^ BimNING  TIIIJIST. '  (Thn IlyNtandor.)  Waltrnns���������Wo don't 6*rvo r,plrlt������, ������lr  ���������only minora In,  'f liiWy ViHltor (of>������pbrat<ily)--Oh, all  right, bring nio a ploco of coal,   ���������������������������'��������������������� ���������������������������  COMMKUOIAL OANDOIl,  Vwm n hoMrUMpcr't nppUfiitlon*''T  nave ������onio timthnnnlalm from goad pooplo  - i wlio havo put un uiilt tno at varum*  SEES OWN STOMACH OPENED-  *������������ ������������������' ��������� .-'"'* i  * ;Compelled some .timoi. ago to, undergp  a serious  operation,. Henry S. Harto-  genia, 70 years?of ago,.of,Billtimore, re-  fiwed his, permission ;fbr 'thtJA uso ,of' an*  anaesthetic ahti wont through tho-ordeal  with'the stoicism of an Indian.    Ho. ii,  rapidly recovering at his homo,.  Mr. Hartogonis watched the surgeons,  cut a cavity in his stomach and1, looked;  on while the ilolicate surgical task waa,  performed; Ho showed Alio, effects,'o������'  the shock and for two weeks, life, temperature* scarcely rose above houmnl'..  "Why did you refuse: to take an nn������.  noiithotle when yon undorwohttl'iO'opor*-''  atlon?" ho was ..asked.,'..,-'.    ������������������.���������..>..  "I objected to a surgical operation in  the first place," ho ropllod, "and when I  hud to submit to it, I "wantodl to. see.  what was being done to mo-.'''  ...... ^ ^N������"������ ������������������ ^   i. y;  Minard's Liniment for sale every whoro  y^j., . 1.4*������������.-     ... ... a -';  ,;,,:        Tho  Beneficiary. ������������������ ���������.������������������'���������������������������������-'.'  TjJttlo Olaronco���������Pa, I lionoatly don^t  boliovo it daofl mo n, bit of goodi *whon  you,throah-.w������..���������., ,.,,,.. , ,,.*,..'.,,/*.  Mrs. OaUlpors���������T hngln to sunpect  as much, my son, but yo*r havo no  idea how, much,good it sometimes, doos  mo,to'* thrash you I���������P.uck;.  "Yhli'siiy ho plar*>s  'HamlotV with  raroAdis(5riminatlonR,"v    ���������  ,  .   "Yop;,only, ono night to ������ town."  ���������Loufsvulo  C5ouriotv.Tournal,  M5j?ard*s   Linlswsnt  Gures   Dandruff.  ������>������       ���������. ��������� >  EXPERT TESTIMONY. ;\  The- Socialist ^ ocator was working up  to his perorationi  *'& was osice a' horny-handed son of  toil like you," be- shouted. "I woflted v  with my haiids, and I am not ashamed  of it." Great, enthusiasm. The audience  was mu"chv impressed! ' Several cheers  were- raised on ��������� the- outskirts of the  crowd-    "* -    * ' *   i  f'Yes, fellow-laborers, although I   am   |  now prosperous, I began as a bricklayer.  Instill keep ths tools I used to earn my  honest -livelihood' with.- BTere^they are.  Look at themt And now, my friends,*' I  .trust I may count upon your support."  Y'You bet you can?] cried- one of the  workmen*.,   '(Any Jnraa1   -^ho   can lay  Il*rieks*with a carpenter's hanuner and*a  'gardener's trowel must be ayAwonder."���������  New York Herald. - *��������� &        V  i"    X   - ' ��������� ",r    ���������������;> A  'Redf Weak, Wcnr: Watery BJyeB.  Keiieved By Kurina '���������53."ei,Kemedy. _ Tr*  Murine For Your Bye Troubles. You  Wl'lfrUke Murine. It SootUes. 60c At  Your Druggists. Write For Bye Books.  Free.   Murine Ey������ Remedy Co., Toronto.  Black 3e������������waxi.  The-black -wax. of Burma' is. made by  a small wild bee' of tne genus melipona  (M. Laevioeps). This bee nests, ia hollow trees and forms a peculiar trumpet  shaped entrance to its hive. It is very  commonly found in the kanyin trees, in  which large holes .axe made in^-tappis-? >.  them of resiu^ The bees find tEeae" ax- "  tificial hollows suitable for their nests.  According to"Dy Hooper .the, v" wax *is  eimilar in composition to the resin of  various trees, while that formiag the  vestibules of the hive-is almost certain-  ly the resin of the kanyin tree.-f- From  Nature. ��������� .  Minard's Liniment Relieves Ne\*,ralgta  i '���������j ��������� ������V������ i* ���������*"*���������  '      * ^     -\        '^ ^  The iviurderojtis hat trio.  In one month twelve person������*'in   ^the  streets have been ,wounded, by    ladies'  protruding    hat pins.-  i Tho worst C*������t������e  -WwS'th&t "ol   uu uQofitjauiijg   Jtuitn who  had his eye' put out near" the Northern >  Railway Station   byi>*ajjlo'd,yijial;o hurry*  wearing one of these murderous'daggers  stuck through her bat.and, hair,     who-  ran'-'up against hiim yShe "begged     his  pyjrdon, but ho is prosecuting her, nover-  theA^i less. .j^jtum^nsti-'who-.M  well: Abe'in'earnest;'purposes- that   ft^po-  lioo'-<i re^Iatibhf;; should'^conjpel   every  woman to hangrlan^ hor-  self Xot a:diattteter^ dxoe^inp/. the. total  lehjgth of Her".'.Ibhgest'' hat pfeiy ��������� Paris  icorreapohd!enoe;-^f.';tHoA'J?aily^  -.-.';-i��������� ���������  ��������������������� ������������������"���������'  tlfoboujr Soap la dollghtfully rotroshlng for,  bath or toilet. For wanhlng underclothing It  is. uuoauallod.   Cloansse. and purifies, .-y  ��������� < - '���������#'<'������ '"���������    - " '"'  ,.* BUNDNESS.*#yt v."*)  A  ���������(Montwa^ Hei:ald>. ,. * "$ A..X  Blhadhess is provo'ntahlo i in most cases  it. is. the' result'; o������;; neglect,, a^, b'rth. In-  compotonfc nureos or uncleanly midwivea  ai*e ivHjiotitiiblo for ilw loua of sight of  noorly all blind children. The born blind  aco so rare that "one'might* almost say  Athoro are none. According, to Dr. Dai'l-  ,i������gtdn,lhionid of,, tho New York Board of  health,1 who w������*w one of the .AriBitors at  , the new* Municipal Hospital     hero on  Monday; there; are 2,600 blind ohildren  under S in. his oity, "all of whom, might  have their'sight to-day if properly attended. tOu'*. '.���������.'������������������  ,,;. y.' ;���������   ���������     .,..;.��������� Ai���������;i4i->������il;i,^i-iJH-*{i *yt y ��������� ��������� ��������� ���������  Tho  Propaganda ppr**������ds. ."������������������ .  To stho .littlo browii hori Balltl 'tho bigi  . rod, rooBtors    ';.;���������;, y >. x."-%   *'���������������������������'  "You don*t lay ogga as of ton as youi  -;������������������ i.--i- ,.UBOtt0r/':, ,.*. ->���������- frit-*' 'fi'i-:y lic&Wk  And tho.littlo bro-vvn hon saidi "Nov.  ���������   you:.botl .������������������ aaa.,..; :,: y.-...;i,,y,  I'd havo you to know I'm a sufffft*  ���������*-.���������' '-A!'gottol!'.;7-.y .������������x<y���������>������������������������' i,������-jp;p a    , ,  '  y  Tl.    '    ***,'..',���������''��������� ;;W-M     '���������  XX/i.CA^^yfo^^W'tMM^  l-risybiihg wlfo^ulftji him- BoHhoy flay,  Though he Is proud ns any^prl'rioo;  Fnpa, you knoW, gave her "a way**���������-  ; Hh'pYhad horown way over "alnceA'  mmim^iM^mMmmmimimimmlmmm^^mm^mmmmmmlim  mmm0mmm0im  m  W    t  I.*, rtt  THE BEST WOODEN PAIL  ������������������"..������' '  r   i''' "���������      ���������'���������'���������**   *t ��������� .'������ i������   ',- ,  Cant Help But Lose Its Hoops and  fall to Pieces. You Wont: Some-  thlng Better Don't You? Then Ask  for Pails and Tubs Made of  EDDY'S f8BREWARE ���������  r������di on������ t sond, H������itftn������4, UfiUag m������w   Crlrlu'o vUotnhoo  Wllhout ������ Hoop or Scorn  JiMt, m Good u    LUUJ 0  IflfltblldO  mm*  wmmmmm  MlMMMUWMaNMWMMM  WH������i|>ili.������������llH������i"*i  "������������������i "������i������. mi i.��������� ������ip i ���������  nnil  titmtimimk  ���������""- l������DB - OB1STON   BEVIEW.  //  **   i  *>-��������������������������������� o **��������������������������������������������������������������������� a a vs ������������������������������������������������������������������ e a ������ o ������ a w ��������������������������� ���������  I OLD DAN'S LAST FIRE j  K  Kc stood dreaming in the cunslxino  that fell through the window of the  engine ^ house. The roar of the city  throbbed in through the open door, but  USii did not hear it. The years rolled  back-their dim memories and he was a  /colt again, running 'beside his mother  en the broad western prairie. He felt  the tall grass brush his sides* as it bent  in waves under the summer winds and  pressed closer to his mother as hia  little car caught the barking of the  wolves  beyond the hills.  Ke could remember when he used to  lie at his mother's feet as the night  came* on, and how big and handsome  she looked standing , between him and  the bright stars. And he caught something of his terror' when his mother  once led him, fast as his short legs  could go, to a clump of cottonwoods to  get j>ut of the way of a great herd of  buffaloes moving farther west. l?roin  behind a tree he had seen the broken  edges of the black,-surging mass, and  heard the tramp and bellowing aa it  swept by. Often as his mother dozed iu  the shade by some lonely stream, he  had watched the veavers building their  dam, and never iired of their queci snuffing aud snorting ae they towed the material along in the water.  The wild prairie, ,the stillness, the  sluggish streams ,the meadow lark and  the red-winged blackbird, the wave an<l  swish of the grass���������all this was a h&p-  py memory. But there came a Bad day  when he was five years old, and, with  many others, was locked in a gloomy  freight car,and started'on the terrible  journey of a thousand miles to^aid the  easti Tlie* awnying "of the car and the  swiffc moving .objects outside made him  diszy, and he/strained" his eyes through  the narrow, harred windows hour after,  hour, day after day,- hoping for a sight  of the prairie. Only towns and fenced  fields, cities 'and nbisy freight yards,  and the ceaseless creak and rattle and  swaying of*the car ���������nowhere "a sight  of his silent home in tho wild. Then he  came to this engine house" stall, and he  had known no other home for twenty  years.,-  He felt that he was growing old now.  The wild gallops to the fires tired him  more J;han they-used to, and   his joints  were getting stiff so" that   he could, not  spring to the engine, sljfrft as quick as  liis'-mate, who was a dozen years youag-  ��������� er. Still he felt that life as a fire-horse  had   not   been   aa   unhappy  one.   There'  was something in it that   stirred      his1  lilood, as did the terrific roar and rush,  and the' awful sky-painting glare of the  prairie fires of the west  when he was  young.  _JDan's dream was "broken into by the  voices of the firemen lounging about  the engine.  "Say, boys," said one���������Dan's di-iver  ���������"did you know that this is Old Dan's  birthdav.  "Was there ever a time when Dan  didn't exist?" "drawled another voice,  "Why, he was old Dan when I came  here, eight years ago."  "But he wasn't always old Dan, I  can tell you. He's 25, but he's a better  horse to-day. than niany a^one .half his  age.- And he's done more tough ,work  " Ihau ahy, other' two horsels'in the service." \  "That's so," broke in a gray?hearded  veteran, a. retired fireman, who fining  about the engine room from a life habit.  "Don't I remember when Dan'and Wild  .Toe"���������dead ten years���������used to drag heavy  rickety eld No. 1.about'this neighbor^  hood before thereAwaB a pavement' in  sight and -the hills wer as, steep as a  horses's hoof? Mud, rut's, stones; steep  hills, why a man-'could hardly hang to  the, engine. And when the team had  made a mile run, even Dan was a good  deal used up, and Joe" would stand shaking all over liko that leaf, there on tho  floor in the wind. That work'killed'.Joe,  but somehow Dan pulled through it."You  young fellows don't know what a *fire-  horso's life  was then.  It hurts  me to  think of .it.."^   'Twenty years ago old Dan came here  fltraiglvE from the West," continued the  driver, hilf to hiiheeif^as If men*jo>ry was  tugging at his heart. "Wasn't he, a  beauty! Block-as a, coallieap; proud aa  n boy with hia first boots, an eye in his  head 'that oould see vlght^ through yon ���������  but" as gentle' ais a* purring'kitten. "'And'  'hii'took to the buBinosa 'aa"n'atural as a  duels" to water.' Why, you'd'thought llo'd  hdcu uord to hauling an i������ngi:in to put  It was a superb sight. On and on  S'long the avenue,-the horses at full  speed, muscles straining, nostrils distended, eyes "flashing in the wild excitement," ills engine rumiblinsr like a  huge "nice cf artillery hurried up to  battle.  Nev-r had Da.,1 run/hotter;" - He tor-  got his yoars and stiff joints, and gavp  big Jim, bin mate, all he ' eon hi uo.  But" the long hill begaoi tp'loil/on ;the  faithful ������Id horse. His faliens pact*  sl&ekeir'd .*. little and ' he *>oemi*d to  reel under the heavy load. .-lis driv-*v  saw it nnd. forced back a sob thnt  would lomr, "A little further, old  boy, my b'rttvj- Dan," he- ������-i*i-������d abo\������*  the thunder , of the engine TvlieeU.  "Help him, Jim!" and he touched up tlio  big mat a.  Old Dan threw back his drooping ear-  to catoh his master's voice, then dashed  on swifter than before. As the elan* of  bells increased as- the othor five companies approit-ned, new energy took hold  on the, old horse, and he diihcd up to  the hydrant a nose ahead of Jim. ��������� But  he was panting a*ad trembling. The fire  went out of his eyes, a uqiver wont  through his body, he leaned a s'lonii'n;  heavily aj-alnst Jim, then drooped to the  pavement���������dead. Firemen aiidpolictrmfn  men bent over the brave old hois?, but  the heart beats had stopped.  A blanket was thrown over him, and  the firemen of the company, who h.ui  known and loved the old fallow so  long, brushed away their tears and dashed in to fight the flames.   .  Well, maybe it was just as Old Dan  would' have had it���������to pass out of  life in the" midst of smoke and flames,  the throbbing of the engines and th-*  shouts of the firemen; just as the soldier might wish to die in the glare am!  noise of batt:e, rather than amid th-**  liU'Sh' cf a hospital.���������The Sunday School  Advocate.  *>������������������������   Yd*���������&  lilit&afS  vr  rest   easy  you 'Qsfeawg^sfeiaMle j  &W   ^-jS* *��������������� ^0* *���������* ������.*���������*������������������������*^i������r   a* ���������****������������������    ������������������������*������ '������*ii^������#'* 35  ���������and skve ssoiiey^as" well  "Tou can come pretty near  trusting the average farmer toy  get the most for his money. He  doesn't earn it easy; and   he  has to gei full value.  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'      < *   " E  j   Lightning struck 6,700 farm buildings  iii  Canada  and the United ������-*  I States.  /,        . 4       _x; ,.   j,   t ",..,���������������������������������.   ES  i     -   Fires, caused by  lightning, ^aestroyeci jiroperty^yaiue������ ot. !t������4,*A.,:.������*v. gg  '   Lightning killed 4,457 head oMive stock. * a  A   Lightning kiiied 623 hu*ffianj?eings,   a^jmjured  889,    nearly    all ������  dwellers on farms. * '    H  4TI Insurance men declare that more than "forty per cent, o! all g  *il barn 'ires aTe caused by lightning. Barns are particularly sub- fg  ect to the lightning stroke, because they contain,nay and stow thai B  constantly give off moisture by evaporation. The-moist exhalations JJ  from horses "and "cattle'also  attract the vbol^       A > ���������,,  I  I  i  .   m  i  *^J***-*jaK *Q> **B1BW *>W    Q&Kt f ���������^ ���������    * ~- i "r  ^nu'emv  GALVAin i������*nu p jl jcel  "Time you  i   lean  rned,    too���������  s  IL  ���������i.   "... -ift-?,-"   ������������������  A new roof for nothing if they leak oy 1S34  1!  Yet for a cost oi. less than five .cents  a year  per 100. square*  ae  isn't it?  >s  feet you  can safeguard your  barns���������and   your  House   for* that fij  i matter���������against lightning.   That Is  the real    cost    ol    Oshftwa    Stae* m  I riage. The freight is exactly the same  from Adelaide to Bristol as to London,  anil it^is hard to understand why th������������  exporters persist'in ignoring the advantages to be gained by consigning some  of their fruit to ports other than London."  - The. subject. is  of .sufficient import-  'onee to engage the attention, of our peo-  jple. -It should be their endeavor to pro-  tit by the watchfulness of the Canadian  agents in outside markets, and the aj> '��������� '  pie crop marketing is worthy of scientific study.   *-**   A HERETIC.  Three men sat round tho fire, and  twpc of them talked about Progress.  They satyround the iire because it  was a day late in the English summer,  and they talked about Progress be- -  cause it seems the only thing you  can talk about in these days after  you "feave done your best for the ������  weather*. " " X  So they talked, and they disgussed   ���������'  submarines���������which  would  hardly   be   ^  called  progre<"-ive  now,  hut   for   the  -$���������  fact that they seem to do 'more dam-   ���������  age every time _ they go wromr���������and  hten /they discussed aeroplanes.      Af- -'  tor that,-they* nat-oially gave' the North ,-  Pole* a*"*turn, andrthey wound up by   ,  mising the threo'^together. and wondering" if" it would not be possible to  get to the Pole by- submarine or by  "airship.���������--'  ��������� Possible or not, they agreed that ,i  this is a very wonderful ago wo are  -living in, and*-that we'ought'to be  very proud * to be * alive in times of  such great Progress. And then the  third man, who had not spoken before,  put in "a word."  "That's  ail  very   -fine/1     he    said,  ���������said.   "But  what  has  your   precious '  Progress to do for me?   "What has it  done for me?"       *��������� ���������������   "*  "Dono   for   you?- Why,   you   ought.'  to J������e* ittoad^ -"        '-      -  Pedlar Products include every  kind of sheet metal building materials���������too many items to even mention here. You ean have a catalogue ��������� estimate ��������� prices ��������� advice  just for the asking. "We'd like especially to interest you in our Art  Steel Ceilings and Side Walls���������  they are a revelation to many people. More than 2,000 designs. May  we send you booklet No. 14, and pictures of some of them?  Shingles (Guaranteed).   ��������� ,       .  di More than that: When you Oshawa shingle any building you g  ^1 have a roof that is absolutely wet-proof; absolutely-^wina- g  tignt; absolutely fire-proof; and that is GUARANTEED to be a good g  roof for twenty-five years without painting, patching, repairing, or  bother ot fuss of any kind. 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But  that's, not*������che jpotnt.   vo  you know*-,  whht' UdTiir'z  j  A -y   *  kThey.-*did*'rjibt^kndw..,-~  "Well,  I  write ~ tales���������books,    you A  know.   I've been  writing    them    for  years, and I usually write about the'  future, because I find that pays best.  Now do you see what your Progress  has, done for me?"  But they could not see. ';,  "Weil, just consider this.x' Years'  ago,������.I and a few moro like me iiu  vented -fthe submarine. Jules Verno  jwas one1 of us.-- For a -time a sub-  5marine;in a tale, made it a small fortune. What do ' you^ suppose, it's  worth now? -   ,  "Then, when submarines slumped,  we invented the aeroplane, and for a  few years any .tale with a flying machine in it was bound to sell. If you  doubt me, go and ask H. G. Wells.  He knows.  - "But now, of course, aeroplanes are  worse than useless. People read so  much about them in the papers tbat  they won't have them at any price.  If>you want to ruin a tale to-day .  write about an aeroplane. ~~"  ,,,"But even then, the Pole was left.  *Nb one knew what -it was like, and  everyone wanted'rto know. You could  say what youd'like; they believed ti  ���������and bought your books. ��������� And now���������  jnobody knows twhnt it's, like, and no-  jfiody cares._ \ >1^. ,,-';*"  If. "Progress.!^ he, grumbled, getting up  and makirig"Jfor fnVdoor. "Progress! ���������  I'm sick of your silly Progress!"   4~*-������,   * asJi'-fiiPortable Electric..Bath..*. ,   _,  An electric-light bath outfit inv-entod  by, a,, French nrmy Rtirguon nintl tlcaigtl-  eti^to heJ used in private-homes or aa'iiiy  cainipa, is. described with illustration in  'Popular Mechanics.       Prom   a   medical  ������o tho* diiipartnicttrty\\m,  ordovod    f.lr.it,  Don" hiju r'fiH-eSrdia**''to-rtiirfrVow h-rtd !Hent  back VV'COt''tQt-Wtoii'd' hia .hist, diiys.'A A'l  kn^w. if- .will ��������� klllifmo tii1 set*,; hliii' go.  Why, riol^dy.'lmt; hieA'hn������'"��������� cv'ei* driiwn"  i-tnin ov6r?Vqltr,D*\tw'8;*-haolil'tlibrto:^  years. '"'Jlliq chief 'ul'i'iy 0������ well. send, mc  Went.''-too; "lUloii't think T could dnye  stiiji'ily 1 f"I 'dltln't fiiel. Old Dan' Btovmlhjj'  nhviui .of, tlvo; engine,,' y .'  ;HI'.*i ( steiii, HneilA fuco twltolu'd nnd  hj, wont and "tliiHJW hh arnii i������roif������.(l  tlio hdrft'o'fl neck, :������,0ia'!':.fMlo\y,������' he  \vl������l������i������(vv<.Hli'i''^'ll .ndyor "drive ^bii'tii nn-  advico of. a. physician, and,then strive  to do, without.it as long as possible.  Ayloriff walk in tho open air just before retiring often;induces sloop. This  Is, bottom than tramping up, and down  a oloso room. If ono cannot got out,,  ppen the windows and walk steadily  tor fifteen or twenty minutoa.  '"''v +** -",;' '"''J-  ,i... I.-  other fire."        ,       ,    ,  Tlii* flrV ahirm ,HohiiiV.ul.    .  ��������� ''Wt.:i.tjon |7," tichtlbd tiro 'men  "lVif������i\.t lo������g inplino,"'nulil thu rtrlvo'f ���������  ���������n>(so OKI Pint,",mild niiolher.    "Tnko  hhn.   Lot him.l������iiyo',iinotl'^r,.five,?,.     ;,  '^���������.ThoA.-:ioldA.-i.iro-iM>rHO-,.wiiij'fltrainln������ al  Ing, hU'whblo Wily��������� .qillvwlng with ex-  livg, hlu whoK*) hotly Hiilverlng with,-ox*  oltomo-ni.   .. The .halter, \vtu> pulled^troni  ^ hU.lvwul and hn   Bprawg'.'to hlti' ptoeo,  '- ~m lie" hid dono ������ thouHtind tlmea-bo-  /     fow,   Thon thero ".���������.vim the "click, click"  V  '-of lmo'-Ivi*. nivtl'w^npV,*' t'.i'c ' 'sharp eall,  \    4,Ali  livttV.' g^l"  tho sirixlnlnp  of tht*  hoiMi-rw   to   ������tart the heavy engine, the  r-tl-ifvli of hoofs on the floor,.tho driver  1n'������cl������K hlamolf, to the wild pJuugo of  iho   team,    and tliey galloped up the  ������*(r,reot toward iho .'vhort, atoop hill near  iho oiitflno hpuoe. .. A  A noHoownn, rit the foot of tho hill  1irn.ru tbo onglno gong and looked  Jdiouiul. .  .  .,      ,      *  "Old I>nn, a������ mirfl a������ I nm nllve'." ho  ��������� ''txelnlnwl. "T thought he wann't id  run my mow. Look ot the old follow, \m aooa like ft colt! l������ut that  hill I it tort hard fer him, Hold him in,  11111," ho cried to th������* drlvor, "UoM doing im>r������ than hia ������har������. They'll r-mko  it. thouwhl       Thcrw th<iy got"     *"'  A Manufactory,  "Tho body la a ninnufitctory," said  a doctor recently. "It. has to manufacture' bono;, nnd" blood and muaolo nnd  brain out of bread and butter, eggs,  hoof and milk, and a wonderful procoai-  it Ib. Now, the first part of the procofis  taken place, iu tho mouth, mid, nn in  moat fttctorl-jo, the flrot in tho mont'lih-  \>ortont. If a wrong start Ib made, everything that follows In put wrong. If the  food isn't well rnnnticatcd and mixed  with the aallva, tho Btomnoh, the llvor  nnd the JntostlnoB are thrown out of  gonr."A  "CoiiBoquontly, most of tho younger  (looker-*;: the more advanced dnctora,  dm ti.tylnrr n great deal of attention, to  thft eondltiow nt th'eiv' potlfintB* teeth.'  Thoy know~-to garble BhakcBpoaro a bit  -rlhat 'good dlgentlon wniU on nmatlca-  tlon, and health 'ou^bgtH'j'.*".  Frank Oonfeoslon.  "Why," aaid tho lady caller who  nought to flatter tho woalthy splnfltpr,  "you don't show your ago at all-  "Thf.' ������a    *\nU*. ���������������    vnlAln-.it     (lin    W  >^^^^A^4  owXm<^ SHEEP.  Farmers to be^ncooragedl to Raise  More.  Tlie Provincial Agricultural lie-part-  ment haa decided to establish eight  illustration stations for sheep in ,0.*.*  tario. These will bo located on the  farms of men who are not expert^ in  sheep-rnlaing, and a record of the  work,dono will hn knpt. ���������  ;,Tlie ; number of slioop kept In Ontario y!, lias, beeii decreasing during ic-  ewit. years, the farmers maintaining  .that'thoy arc not as profitable'1 another,  kinds, bf,liyo.:fltof.'k. The new stathms  aro doalgnu'd to ahow tho average  profit .farmers may ������xpeet������vto uttti-is-  from grade, owes.  .The , fii'B>b of tho stations haa boen  oBtahlishod in York county on tlir-  farm of William lilttle, of Brown'-i  OornorB, iienr Agliieourt. , Anoth',''r  will be . cBtiibllHhcil In M������**kok.i f vr  Btunnioi* In.r*.;Im, while other* nro to h������  located In l.e.-js'-, Shncoc, llimm,'J.Ud-  tlliwDx, Ilhvnt and Victoria. It it aiv  tjclpatod that thoy will ho kept in  operation till the opening of 11)12 to  take in tho product of two- full years.  Tho farmer* will -reoclvn a-riuill  premium for tiiclr troublo In supply-:  ing records and reportn, nud Iho sla-  tlon������ wil ho open for In-ttpiietlon, an'V  will Supply Information whon iiskitl.  Tho department'has decUletl to U:������;itv  tho ������tatlon*i ontho farm* of tho following*. Jlciftunt,'Wm, Littlo,'"Brown'-t Cor-  nor������, York county- Marflhnll D'.okK  Tljrdo" Park. *Mltldloi*io*f; conntyt John  Prltehard, llcdgravo, Huron countyj Wm,  OrlchWu, Parla, Brarit county; E. Jriir,l*i,'  Fairfield Ka*t, I><������di oounty, P. Rent,  Woodvlllo, Vlctwlat J. MoKoe. Bun*  troon, Slmcoo, nnd Wm. Atklm. Winder-  more, MuBkokn; ,  variation in'.lthe earning power off the  various cows an the same herd. i* There  is evory^iTjdication of.many^o^last sea'-  sou'8 vaTiations being repeated, ,^ such  toals will show in^many.cnaes^wo'ntjr-  five dol)ars difference" in irtcomo "between;  two eows\ in; i\ie\$dme herd. In some'  herds"*this is IncreaVed'to forty dollar)).  Por instance, in a herd of 11 cows an,  eight year old/cow (fives actually, 4,200  lb. milk a;hd 180 lb. fat more tlian a'five  year .old'in the same stable,during the  same "time. Placing a value ������of only 20  ccntjsjperjpoundjon^ho butter, thof one  cow is thus seo'h to earn over forty dollars more than^tho other.,  This in the innpo'rtant point to notice;  thoro aro hundreds of farmers in tho  Dominion in whoso herds just such re*  marknhlo differences between cows ean  he found, hut the ownera,"oro probably  unawfirt'e of tho extent..of such differences and will coutlhuo-ito bo without  the ��������� information do cBsehtlal in A these  days of (elOso iniirgihs ''.'until'-.;<y record Is  kdpt bfAtho productionAof oaeh individual cow' in tha-.;li'ord..;,..'J:iwi:',-,a,i,:;fow. minutes figuring per month will add vast-  ly to the interest, Iof_ the daily milking,1  liesides providing1 av's'urd'*giiide for reap-"  ing ������iore.profit���������pei,"}1cpw;. The keeping  of such records.my have a special at-J  traction for sbhie yo'uhgcr ltieniber' bf  the family'.   '  ��������� V'^n'w'ft >    ' ,   '���������  <   >.' '  *,V  f.  Canadian 'fruit exporters' may gather  m-i.ju liclpftil hinta fiom a recent report  sent      to tho C/'anadian Department of  paratus is too   cumber������onia' for otlun*  tihAu hospital' opcnitioiw. . r  Tliis'appa|ra'tu*3 is small, light, .siiupiu,  and*easily portable, cont-isting. of  two  jawj*jj which open.aud close upon a hmg.'d  joint'.*   Wilihin* the' >two'' cu*rveil>' recep-  'taclea tluis" formed 'arc* placed three' electric "lamps'' of variable ��������� intenaifcy, ey������lv-  ing  altogether  a n> in tense lighi^andj o  poworful ht-at.    Owing to the sh.vpo of  fthb apparotun'-'ib. oan'/bo applied, to auy  I'part of tho body. }  . ' i   "       !��������� " 7      '    ���������       *"    J "*"     "       " "'  '������������������   "j  Jl\'  m.m ..MWliim.w^Myi.fcw^.  FINE LfiATHER  TOBACCO  P?OUCH  .',."���������';'������������������/ roii':v$i.0,6.:,'''  COW TESTING.  "That'B  right," rojolnod  tho vr,  ������.   nj*^---.--   nt FaArninw Pnwi-ra ftf  "I'vo kept tho  family  Biblo under   W������*������WCI  01 CQirmng rowers Oi  ���������novor fivo'r alnoo I vtaa SO."  Nowa.  -OhlOttgo  "How did your club dinner go off?"  Splendidly I   Only thdt follow   Sponger  Igot drunk, a* unual. He kepK putting  hht fast on me," "Putting hit foot on  ���������yout'"   '''Veal    YW���������I *'M unAr?   thr  Cowl of S������mn Herd.  The Dominion Dcpoirtnient of Xgrleul-  turn Branch of tho Dairy and Gold Storage OommUtlonnr U������uo������ thu following  from record* l>elng rocelvod nt Ottawa  ttnia sr.csr.bro v". ft** UAltotr *ui*acU-  tlonj thero i������ upparont ������, vary, uuuk������il  HAVE you o Irlond who emokes?  No nicer Xmoi tfllt oould bo  found than this Poueli.  lt U mado to -jenulno ontolop*o  toother, lined with-best quoliiy  rubber, nod U mounted wuh ������tcili:i|j  ntlver ������hicld. Enftraved with any  monottram and delivered noit-pald,  for $1.00, to nny ���������ddrois lo Canada  ���������except ths Yukon���������Ord������r by tho  nuraher���������616,  8HND FOR CATAtOOUB ���������������  Our hsndiomt-.il* lllutiryud I4* ���������������**��������� ���������������������������*������������������.  \oiii* ol OlftM������t-dt.J������H/������lrv. Uilvirwiri*.  I.Mth*r. Ari������ G(tt������a������ BQ-t Nov������lll������i, ������������������������  upon rtqu������M, ,....,       ., ,,iWl , ,,. , ,  Ryrie Bros., united  154-13S Yongo Sir������et  TORONTO  Oil  lit  important that Canadian' fruit-shippora  uiidcrhtiind. vnot only the"'art of i pack-  Ing the fruit and cniing for it in trail-*  ait, but also the best means of 'diatri-  Inning it  to  the  consumers. Tills la&t  knowledge is evidently sometimes lacking, nnd 1088 ia entailed on that account.  AJi\ Arnnud directs attention to the' excellent facilities that .are. provided at the  Avon-mouth  docks ' at,Bristol   for' the  'handling of fruit cargooa'to d population of about 9,000,000 peoplo withlii a  iiidlus of ninety miles of thatdty. We  Icuru thfitv. notwithstanding; ,, that .'.tlio  freight, cost is,, incveaftod thoroby, most  of tho" Canadian' apples 'are shipped direct to London*''fiflllverpOii^'tlio^'Ho  Ubo .distributed to  their final markots.'  tj 'Vhih is hardly:well advlBod. ��������� Tlio South'  Aut-trnlin   iommercial   ngont,   who has  boon givingi the '- matter, i .������������������ conaldorablo  ftliitly, and who has vrged-upon lii-������, pe<?-'  pic tlio importance' of attractive pack-i  ii'jc'i*, haa this to say upon tlio BUhjeiSit;  "A point of extreme   interest to tlio  gvoweva, and, ono which; has to an ex*  tent becnv6vcrlosdkdit hytholni Ih tho reduction    of  tranalfc  charges in    England."     TQndor    tho A ..existing    oyatem  tho majority  of the apples  aro  Bhlp*1  pod, to London,* < and jpont   thonoo   to  other placoflA by  riiili,  which    Involves  ^>xl.ra   cxponBO.      It   COfltR   Ifl.l-'id.1    to  -.ond    n   case of npplcn  from    London  to Birmingham,''and-from  Bristol   to  Bli-mlnghnm     the ��������� ehnrgi*    la   4 l*2d.  l.iirgt! qiiiiiitltloa of ,-flouth   Australian  npplos nre  aold  In thom*  plaeefi,    and  r\i<io at Cardiff, nm\ In ovnry  luatnneo  tho fruit la railed from. London.     It i������  difficult  to uiideratiuul  why tho   ship-  pt*rn \ntAnb  upon  their   good*    being  dumped  down In A London,  inntend   of  giving  their, agent   tho   option   of   a.  portion   of ���������" It   at "leant   being    aent  round  to  Brlatol, which    would   sava  a alilUIng a cnao  to tho exporter.   , If  ���������j, Cardiff buyer ���������*ft*nd to London for hit  fiiilt ho Ima to nny, nay 12a. Oil. n cane  for It, nud a ahllllng for carriage, and he  would dotinor pay I������������. or mn. ii<|, for  tho fruit ini TlrlHtol, which would aervo  not only Cardiff, but,other largo cltlea.  The anma argument applies to Birmingham    The buyer would much rather pay  hnm's Vegetable Compound  ���������������������������.'���������' Bollovlllei :*Ont--^(*"Iiv -wab^sq-j \veak  and worn tputfrorn; a female, wonknoaa  that I coricludea to ttjrXyaifc*B:'������nfc-  i* ham's   AVegetftblo  itrvand "I" guinea  Btroncrth bo rapidly  that it soomod to  n-Vnlee a now woman  oCmo.; I can do as  good a day's ,wol:k  as I oVcr'dld,' I ,  italncorely blosatho  day that t made up  iny mind t6 take  your rhedlcino for  female woaknGBB, .  and I amoxcoedinglygrAteful to youtor  your kind lottoifB.'ftBlcortalnly profited  by thom. I givo you pormlsalon to '  nnhllah thia any timo you wiah."���������  Mra. Aljikut wicjcutt, Bollovillo������  Ontario, Canada.  Womonovor'jmhoroDhouldromombot  that thereil������ no othor romody known  to inodlclno that will curofomalo wonlc  nosH and no auccessfully carry women  through the Change of Llfo as LydiaM,  Piiikham'aVegetable Compound, mado  ?rom native "toot* aod horba. -������ *  ' Tor B0 yoarn It ha* been curing ������  womon from,the worst forms ot female  Ilia ��������� inllntjamatlon,   ulceration,  dl*-  iiIiiuhmuiiiU, libiolil tiliuoltt, UiOguluil-  UuH. pinliullo pains,  baokaciio, and  nervous prostration.  If you want Mpoolal ndvteo wrlto  ham   n������������ buyar wouhi mucii rau.or pay   forlit4>Mni.PlnkhanittiynivMiUiii������  I   12-- M? at Url������loI and 4 l;2d. carriage, ��������� it i���������frooand nlwtvy* tioWwiT^'  i l tmrn- ivs. ou, *tt i^>auoa uu������ ������0 ���������- .^, ui- ....,,.;. _ylW*S������^  ";%'. V''i''"f;^'fA  m--..  A-  't'������J;   ,������   *���������.     ,V   ���������,       3***>'--        I    '���������  ^  THE    CRESTON    REVIEW  w������i������,������a^aiii������fla^^  -pjg^ jt������^������^^Diaj3anaa*;ga'itn*sTi'aftagi  'raetnii  I  UssStL* surf Timber Hn  nuaei|  miu   iiiiiiiii!   -yya  r  *<s������<'j:i*v**^  T  O **L       Cwr    \\7  nre  ^eajjles CO������ Ijfecl* Vei iyeh  \   I  -dp-  -.������  <gK-  ���������*,������  ���������a' ���������!���������>  ^  \i  rennr  KiSHH  ^-or-  ���������   tu  ^T������  KSH  fo  &JSECJ?  ������   w   I  \!/  I   ^^^������^Vs^  Cpe-jaon  1/all������**-    Kfttl*^    J^wd^.  jjlrift^k Colombia SjUmbeK*.  iMMJi  i ii  'IT  mm.  %  /n.������>jBrti  HJj*'-*?.  Tl  v-f  1  Compiles! t>y ti.l9.yTpdei^09,*&.CLi.S.  A *  buy Lots in the Growing  A XJf ���������v S.S.     V4  f\-i**������������a-"f'/-*fl"������  *e^������ vias.*i/������ii  I  hni  no  onft  B  B  1/  QtsljEfc  W1UV  W������la3   CmU  winy  waiMt  rnce.  $ioo  ������0 y Si4  1 II I  ��������� i������ a  ���������������<l  lul  4������v  Lot  I ������   a  i ������������������ **  viT  \  <y  \\\  Gf-V)  ������������  Vil  TSL.  ������3������  V  VJtjrcoi/vjrrt     ar  sis  ���������--���������'J ���������������'"<*'  V  ������  @  1$  N. i- 4 -tr-p���������|S I"-a-1 h-g-i K ���������������-������  Is*  A   ���������������  i>������J>   .   q| 5������ B    /.  ftp}.   <  al |J   _'t-/9  _22  Kft  Terms: $io Cash, and $io per Month.  Free Maps, etc., Apply  "is  3������J  &Tjz&&r-'  <8 I <B  -I  <D  (g)  ������X  g^yyte-j* * .^**'  S*K  "���������* ���������. m ������jr r     > 1    Wmfe*y V^nost" pcraan who atole^g������>������������������������O������-������������0������������0e������<������������������������������������������������������o<  HigfuSSi Price Pdiu fQP ^reston ��������� &e eggs out of my chicken coop, kindly | $ Ba s m A a aaa9B B ss, n ^  ms  s&.fflffl������ffia:Mfflffiffliffl,  p^pgfci  k  *.������������������������������  ������  J*-SS^7Xf  8  r������a^  5.07 A.  -������������.f, ?-  0  J c?*/)c  ^������*JM������_^  e  SOS/It  ������*������-e _  -Alt!  ������,������������������������  JUS  ^^  , ������&������"���������.���������<  (������>  .���������Mga-*..  2-5������A������  exurxTJSK.  LgtSZG  c%  HM  htaMM*,  City 'Property  "Last week 0. P. Rial sold 100 feet,  faoing on Oanyon road, for $1,260 cosh,  to Leslie Loucks, of Omnbrook. This  was a corner property of tho Jas. Barton  amb-divlsion, and the price, whioh was  oash, s<>*a to show what ouiaide peopls  think ot the future of Orsston. A; large  building will shortly bo erootsd on this  property. *  \ ���������fFWw^V^V ���������fWVwvvv ���������VVvVV.vvT^  With a Local Flavor  1 T  Mrs. Stocks And son left yesterday on  a four months trip to Toronto.  Mrs. Hugh MoOreath returned from  Nelson on Tuesday.  Mrs. Biol went to Moyie last Saturday to spend a fow days visiting friends.  Geo. Prichard, who halls from Port  Hill, was doing husineas here the forepart of this weak.  B0BM~-At Oreston, on the morning of  the IsO inn*., to the .wife of the late  Jos, Wilson, a daughter.  jr. Bsnnstt, of VAJicouvsr, was Among  ths mAny outside visitor*! in town this  WWMm  Q. "W, McDonald, a resident of fpo>  lcane, was ������ guest At the Oreston Hotel  this week.  Harry Hesse, one of the proprietors of  the Moyie brewery, was doing bnslnets  in Oreston the foropari of this week.  X. O. MoOorkell, of V������nconver,  dropped off for a brief visit to Oreston  on Tuesday last.  Alan Hendren is nnralng a sprained  foot, the result of an ncotdont on election night,   "We hope to nee liim mro������nd  "At tf-stttevH  0, Stephens, of Oranbrook, nnd W.  Thomas, of Vanoonver, wore guests nt  the Orestoa Hotel on Monday.  M, 8. Middleton, tbe popnlar fruit  Inapootor, was a visitor to Oreston on  Monday last,  Mrs. Ripley left for Portland on Tuesday lust, where she will join her husband, Tha last few days prior to bar  departure she has been the guest of Mrs.  Ma-lkudalu*.  TL.������       *0������ SALE~One 370.Kgf Model In.  ^ ���������** c'tjdj'itor, One Brooder and ������ number of  Mmk,������Bar*ain. Apply Itojc 0, Oreston.  return the ohina nest egg, if he hits not  already eaten it, and oblige?���������Arthur  OkeU.  The handsome two-storey residence of  JT. Littdejohn, on hie ranch, only needs  a few more days -work on it to make it  an ideal frnit grower's home.  Provincial oonatable E. Jesssu ���������ss  ont of town on offloial business on  Tnesday And WednssdAy last.  Mrs. Geo. Hendren has reoeived tho  sad news of the death of her eldest  brother, who resided At For* FrAnois,  Ont.  James Anderson, formerly of Grand  Porks,JQ..O., paid Oreston a visit this  week in she interest of some largo cigar  firms thAt he represents.  There is nothing like a hot or cold  bath once'a week, whether you need it  or not, for making you feel good and  fresh.   Try one at Sam Hatfield's,  For a comfortable room for the night  or a room for the week or month, go to  Frank Bast's lodging rooms, over tho  Orestoa Audit riam. These rooms are  very comfortably furnished aud there is  a hot And cold water bath in connection,  The prloes Are also reasonable.  Remember the date of the Sohool Oon-.  cert has been changed from Xmas Eve  lo the evening of Deoomber 20th at tho  Oreston Auditorium, commencing at 8,  o'olook sharp.  Services Next Sunday.  Church of England  Divine Berviee In tho NMW SCHOOL-  HOUSE i���������Services uoxfc Sunday, Deo.  omber Bfch: Matins and Sermon, li  a.m.; Sunday Sohool, 11 p m.; Evon-  song and Sermon, 7.110 p.m.  Pinur 0. Hatmaji,    Vicar  Presbyterian Church  Sorvioes will bo hold in  the Presby*  terlan Ohurok on Sunday next.   Morn-  lug service, 11 a.m.j   Evening aorvloe,  9.80 p.m.,   Sunday sohool at 3.00 p.m.  T. O. MoLuod, Pastor,  MetfeedSst Church  Sarvloes on Bonday m������xt: Motnlng At  11 a.m.; Hunday Sohool, At 8,00 p.m.j  Evening Service, 7.1)0 p.m.  I  I  Osternioor Mattress������*  Iron ^Seds  SMorris Chars    |  ffled Lounges \\  FcAHr^f';::Cots::\\.  Homes completely furnished* ���������  Cieiton [iimdint A  ^������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������^���������������������������ooooooo  THE. B  818 Bj  MUNRO  The Greston  Dancing Glass  Will bo held at the  - CRESTON - ������������������  AUDITORIUM  [Every Tuesday and,  Saturday Evening  From 8 to 11.  Dancing of Ml Kinds Taught  Tickets:  $io per Quarter  In Advance  Non-Ticket Holders, gocts,  Per Lesson*  I.ADIRS PI4EG  A* MJLLERt ^Dancing Master  How Gold Dredge������ Get  Gold  li'A'M^'-J-W-WW^  ������������������<^*i  Notice in hereby given that nny  parilsH wonting their advertlsments  ohangod mnat bring thom to the  Review office not later than Tuos*  day evening in order for the change  to Appear In tbat week's inane. Any  ehange of ad. handed in nf Ut that  that date will ftal appear until th*  following week. I������ is Imperative  to make this annonuooment and  there will be no #*o*ptla������s.  ������ of iho river���������quiet, iho  ond  'The Meep lulls nnd rugged mountain*; of tho Klondike region cive  *rhe ftp ntua^rless'jBmall dreamt, which become from time to time  ���������fvit|> Jtlie ijojqtihft (nl' 4tl^p ja'pyr-i���������the cloudbunU aad heavy raiai to  iv/uch the icountiy io wbicci���������ragi'-og lorrenlp.  The grincling of thc'glacicriv unci the erosion oi these turbulent  Blrerim* bnn(j own wkh ������nnd ttrid gravel fro'a'the m'ounlaih de'-jdi.  , sod /a-tnecscs where m"in Jim pever yet peaelratc'-),       '    '"'"  Jn a region whera Icdf-feo o|f CioW-bearmg QuatU; are a prominent  feature In the lormntion, It isnnlui-nl thnt Ihcto forceiof Natu/re eliould  , lear away quanlitiea of eKceedin-jly rich material.  Thh proccsj hmi hcen Roin-* on for agao, The lildden (-lorei of  Cold nwny In the hills arc ineivhauttiblc. . \  The ������UBh of tho torrcnti in no Impetuoun that even bouldtiw of  ; conufdernblo ������;ze ars borne in their cournc, and only wlwn N������luw  ha������ inoit herself do they find a resting place,  The broad creeks���������the wider reaches _. ..��������� ....  ���������Iwam, and the Cold, in the form, of nugget*, grains, and flulfes,  rapidly settle-*,   Gold is very heavy���������hoavicr than tho rock Itsolf, and  once it finch a resting place, sifts down through tho light surface mud  and oand until, by ftncoofGravily.it reaches bedrock. ' /  ��������� . Where tho courses ofrJrcnmshnvebcenchnnged.tliBrichost Placer  lyiineii are found in their old bods. But in tho larger, constant streams,  these rich donosits aro beyond the, reach of merely human agencies,  ��������� It remainsi for the Gold Dredgo���������following the heavy iiuggeti  and oarticlcs of Cold down through tlio overlying strata In the bars  and benclns vl tho river, to recover those stoics of Gold from tho  .treasure-house* of Nature,  "   ' of tl  n. <  nill  nn  j*t4*-nmnlation of centuries���������is renc......  ThnOnltl Dredgebrinrj-a up'thin material in wholesale **|unnlitics  ������������������treats it with Micntili-* necur'ney to nave the finest puttlclcs ol  value���������separates the droiw--ar'd for llta first tima Inyo bare to tho hand  of mnn this Virgin Cold,  While pcrsonnllj  Yukon Territ  cya a claaiwi  and ihU w������������ pracwotfi oniy a hw days by an  ���������he Mm* rtwlje amwinilat* If !jl|?Q3,86 h CoW.   \ '.mv thi/CoU,  Wo control by direct lease froirulhe[Canadian Covarament, One  Hundredand Five (105) miles of Dredgable Gravel ori the Stewart  River, eighty miles from Dawson City, in the Klondike. We have  tested the gravel thowughly with; Drills; and the results are Itfihly  satisfactory. As a matter of tact, the site of our holdings Was recOflriSad.  oven before the Gold Rush in 1898, ta bo rich la Gold-It is  1l?;,ter.t?rpu!3!ic i"?0'11 IW ty? Gold is there���������but so located as to be  '���������t^imxm^:-'*^^*������p^.  jjjorjf bfilevelob^entng-y, wo aw m-������i|  COTBiny, ':fTliw������.lnBWnw itoHipfc  n m CanndlRJi sountryf art aM^ci  lltU  .W������th S prqptosilioi-'it| ^cji^|j||  |W'  _,.,,.     ,. ....... ..Una CsMfflMi BOUI  This inecoiiiiy for ��������� .CnnltaKs Dfadgi  c^lfnued Wflrk pf deyelapmwt pat* *:a||  To hiuiy, tins"      Lr           W Slock fa o\\j  theni ���������w-sll-knows la  ������������������^lurnttherj your epportunlty to ParllclpettOjn>  Otir Company is formed of tho pick of bti  ���������rGoycrnor OgllWe, of the Takon J������rrite*f*k^\vn snd reinaold hv  vmiuro,  intui min  the wIidIu ConadlaiiflPMnliy, al Its head,  h|������fltunoiiiltinjly ni^ngrf,  ������ no aalarlrtd efflolali. no Borlcli, ana no I'rtfnrrw Stoqb,  But the whole story is told in our Illustrated Proapectufc    "'  Theiongi ...._,  scoops, search clown, clown������������������tlirt'ui-ii sixty feet of water, sand and  gravel, if need be-Wil the Co.M pciJiu^ni, and finul/y bed lock iue'f,  pften overlniH with nn actual coverlet of pure Cold���������tl*o; hoiirded  jWHmulation of centuries���������is rcncltoj, ''     ' , ���������."  gatherecl from ih������ golcl-uvlng tsblei of oui Dtedga, moulded into  bullion���������a soil*! bar of Gold, " ,  With such MswJts In sight we are lending every affoit to get twenty  el tliesa mammoth Dredges at work on our prop������ly,  This summer,  our second dredge went on  airway at work..  larger and stronger lluut lite first���������and Is  ^|*'������.'y:i::''>>'i*i,i������'(''''i������'������.|W|'������l!'i'������"iiir' ������,'A  3=P  Coupon 'will bring It lo you.   tho supply Is limiledt  mail the Coupon to-day, ,; ,,  Gold DroUaca aro making millions*  The  Fill out and  Yukon BaaliT Gold Dredging Co.,  '; "Ltd. ��������� ���������  Oj, W������ Clawscws Trees.  X  y  Ploast send  )iic,posta&>Ptv-  'atd, your I ars*  640 &omor^ M^lm   ,..���������:*���������'" . vfiM'i,,,^.,, IA  Wiopipcfif ,Ax  P?������wtWwMm?u*  />'     tars by fvnm-'twlt    V W  .,���������������������     mdsntoocilhtttl1mwr.Q������bl!grtm  Whatever ft iwfifty im* rvc/Hf-.Ti  pOlXAdlV  ..������'  t...'''   ;/ji������j  Adirtsa  t-������������������������-������--������������*r������������i  ���������*���������*.���������������(-������--#(���������*���������������������#*(  t-K-ruafts'sesveeeee '  ������������������ft������*������������twt������������������������������������������****������pa*'*a������w������y������*������jitt***i*s^#������a*k������*������-'������������f*A'*a*a-'*^  ��������� )i.4K������Wi������aMn^i ���������������������������������������������# *������#���������������*������������������������#*���������*������������������������������������������#���������  ������MWt>isg^VI^^  3SS  /  t*Vi������*"i*-*-������W"������v  \^^������hi'^p*������*\*^^'^^������^^',^^*^^v  iv*ij.t,:*l*-#*#ir<M.tw***p"  il^y^^^iiwi'l^y^i^^^MSiMW


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