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Coast News Jun 13, 1994

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 VICTORIA. B.C.  V8V 1X5  94.0  Attention:Rod Cardin  COAST^NEWS  50 cents per copy on newsstands  ESTABLISHED    1045  June 13,1994 Volume 48 Issue 24  ���  ...  THFJEEEK  WITHIN  ������������������������������������  LRUP  committee  meets for  final time - public  review in  offing        2  Sechelt Marsh  Society  on track with  projects      L  and plans    Q_  Poet  John Pass  wins award  in League of  Canadian  Poets        <|3  Noted  juggler  to perform at  Raven's Cry   A .  Theatre      14  The SPCA has  many dogs and  cats ready  for adoption.  Call  886-CARE  Scoring with burgers  One more hamburger gets eaten for a good cause at Sechelt's Coait Club Cafe. The restaurant has been serving  Vancouver Canuck beef burgers and New York Ranger chicken bu; r^*to raise money for the Sunshine Coasl Elves  club- " Joel Johnstone photo  Gibsons  RCMP  bust  home  pot  operation  The grass is always greener behind a window covered  in tinfoil...  An RCMP search of a  Pratt Road home June 6  resulted in a seizure of 17  "mature" marijuana plants  plus a kilogram of dried marijuana.  Corp. Robin Blair of the  Gibsons RCMP said police  also found growing equipment such as grow lights,  electrical fans and a drying  kiln.  Blair would nol elaborate  on how the police were tipped  about Ihe location but did say  ihe operation was fairly  sophisticated.  According lo Detective  Steve McKennan of Ihe Van-  coin er City drug squad, Ihe  slreel value ol the Gibsons  drug bust i.s upwards of  $20,000.  McKennan explained that,  for court purposes, a mature  marijuana plant is estimated  as capable of producing three  ounces of marijuana.  "Of course, growers usual ���  Iy get a lot more than lhal...  Maybe as many as nine ounces  per plant," McKennan said.  "But in court il's standard  practice to guarantee that a  plant will yield three ounces."  Marijuana currently sells  for between $10 and $15 a  gram.  The occupants of Ihe Prall  Road home have yel lo be  charged and cannot be identified.  An investigation continues.  fSechelt Band land claim  court action continues  by Darah Hansen  Afler meeting with their lawyers  Wednesday (June 8) in Vancouver,  Sechelt Indian Band say they will proceed  with court action againsl both the federal  and provincial governments.  Band chief Garry Feschuk confirmed  late Wednesday afternoon Ihe band is  moving ahead with legal actions which  commenced Friday (June 3) after the band  served a writ of summons on the federal  and provincial Crown.  The band is taking the governments to  court in hopes of having their land claims  settled.  "We're just doing everything possible  to get on with our land claims," Feschuk  said.  John Haig, a lawyer with the federal  Justice Department, said it's too early lo  know how the federal government will  proceed with the case.  Haig said there have been no discussions so far between the federal government and the Sechell Band regarding the  case.  He added, the Sechelts are not the first  Native band to take Ihe government to  court on land claims issues.  Haig estimated it will take a few  months before aclion is taken on the case  by Ihe federal Crown.  The provincial government has been  actively involved in negotiating Sechelt  land claims since the band threatened to  cut off Ihe main water supply to the town  of Sechelt and surrounding district earlier  in the year. Those negotiations have been  on-going.  The band has stated it doesn't believe  the governments are negotiating their  claim in good faith because they stand to  lose too much money by giving up rents,  royalties and profits garnered from  resources and services on land currently  under the Sechelt land claim.  Under Ihe current legal action, the  band is seeking the creation of a special  trust fund into which all money garnered  off land under the claim will be put until a  settlement is reached.  The band's claim covers an area of  4,900 square miles on the Sunshine Coasl.  Long-lime Gibsons residents Diana and Ron Bracket! are moving on.  Joel Johnstone pholo  Gibsons  parking  problems  addressed  by Ian Cobb  Where to park or not to park ��� that is the  question.  Parking in Lower Gibsons is becoming more  of an issue all the time.  "The parking bylaws in this town are restricting desired, good development," said a town businessman, speaking on terms of anonymity.  "It's a disgrace. Molly's Reach is just sitting  there, empty. It's disgusting. Have you ever  watched visitors when they arrive in town for the  first time? They walk up, yank on the doors, look  inside, take a photograph and walk away. I'm  sure they can't believe it's sitting there empty."  Town administrator Dan Legg agrees. "Parking is a real issue."  Because there is no parking for Molly's Reach,  and none can be provided that will meet town  bylaw requirements, the site, made famous in Ihe  now defunct CBC television show "The Beachcombers," sits empty but inviting to newcomers.  Should Molly's Reach be purchased and  turned into a restaurant or pub, a common usage  bandied about by residents and visitors, one parking space for each five seats would be required.  Should it be set up as a museum, one parking  space per each 646 square feet of display area is  required. For retail space, one site for every 484  square feet of gross floor area is needed.  Finally, as an auditorium/theatre hall designation, one parking site for every five square meters  of gross floor space is needed.  The Coasl News could not contact the owner  of the Reach to verify the square footage of Ihe  building or what ihey would or wouldn't lilu to  do with it. ..,,...  "It's an issue with virtually every commercial  development, even in upper Gibsons. In Lower  Gibsons we face it with every development,"  Legg said of the parking issue.  He pointed at the "design exercise" undertaken  by the architect designing Ihe Gibsons and District Library (to be situated between Ihe current  library and Gibsons town hall) as an example.  "They came up with a parking structure with  the library above il," he said, quickly noting it's  nol underground parking because of the slope of  ihe site. "It will be open on ihree sides."  Another site ripe for downlown development  is the old Shell station al the five-corners.  "There's a much better likelihood of developing it," Legg said, explaining there is some room  for parking.  The town is waiting for Ihe output of recently  hired consultants that ate looking inlo ideas for a  downtown revitalization project and "parking will  be examined and solutions arrived al," Legg said.  "The consultants will be talking to Ihe merchants and we fully anticipate there will be some  solutions but they won't be easy and they won't  be perfect."  The most difficult area to bridge for the lown  in terms of parking is the limited space it has to  work with.  "You're not going to create more land so you  have to create as friendly a pedestrian environment as you can," Legg said.  "There's always the potential for a parking  structure bul that would have to fit in with Lower  Gibsons."  The town also owns a strip of land up School  Road from the Ingoll's House municipal parking  lot to N. Fletcher Road. "There's the potential for  quite a bit of parking there," Legg said.  Reflecting on 40  years of life and  times in Gibsons  by Darah Hansen  There is a "for sale" sign in front of the little  house on the hill in which Gibsons residents  Diana and Ron Bracket) have lived for the past  40 years.  They've packed up the front shop where Ron  had run a shoe repair business over the years.  Inside Ihe house, the pictures are still on the  wall, ihe furniture i.s in place but it will all be  gone soon.  The Bracken's are moving to Vancouver  Island al the end of the monlh.  "ll (the Coast) is not easy lo leave," says  Ron.  ll was September, 1954 when they firsl  stepped off ihe ferry inlo Lower Gibsons ���  Diana, 20, Ron, 27, and Ihe first two of their  four children. Their memories are still fresh as  the day they arrived.  turn to page 2  miae-  I Ml 11  ,   ��� ... ���   .   ���   .������  ' New to the Coast  ��� Shearing and Forming  ��� Stainless Steel Kitchen  and Restaurant Equipment  ��� Marine Work  ��� Ventilation and Exhaust  ��� Ductwork and Roof Flashing  ��� All types of Welding  All work guaranteed  Phone 886-2292 Fax 886-0192   687 Industrial Way, Gibsons  news  LRUP up for public review  TAX-SMART INVESTING  $1 OF DIVIDENDS IS EQUIVALENT TO ABOUT $1.30 OF INTEREST!  HERE'S THE LOW-RISK WA Y YOU CAH RETAIN MORE OF  YOUR INVESTMENT INCOME.  GUARDIAN PREFERRED DIVIDEND FUND LTD.  ��� Over 80% invested in high-quality Canadian  prelerred shares.  ��� Monthly, tax-efficient, dividend income.  ��� Minimal Net Asset Value fluctuation.  CALL NOW FOR MORE INFORMATION ON THIS TAX-SMART INVESTMENT:  Lawrence K. Chambers, CLU  R.R. #2, Siti:47, Comp. 26  Gibsons, B.C., VON IVO  Tel: (604j 886-9111, Fax: (604)886*9121  Helping Canadians lurn financial goals inlo reality.  ���Iht Simplified ���Priisfieilits contains impiirtant information atioat this '}unS. Copies are  available irom uour advisor, 'Krad it carejullu before lavutvtg. Share value, yield and  investment return will fluctuate.  by Ian Cobb  Are you prepared to digest  42-plus months worth of valuable information tlavoured by a  cross-section of interest groups?  The Tetrahedron Local  Resource Use Plan committee is  finally, alter three and one-half  years of debate and discussion,  ready to come before the Sunshine Coasl populace to presenl  their findings and to glean public  response and reaction.  The LRUP committee and  Sunshine Coast Forest District is  staging a Iwo day public review,  Sunday June 26 from noon until  9 pm and Monday, June 27 from  6 p.m. to IU pm at Ihe Rockwood  Centre in Sechelt.  "We wanted lo hit a weekend  day and week day to accommodate people lhat work and people  oul of lown for Ihe weekend,"  said LRUP chair Barry Miller of  Ihe SCFD.  The Sunday review will be  jusl lhat, a review of Ihe conclusions reached and the information gathered by Ihe LRUP core  and sub-committees over Ihe past  years.  The Monday review will consist of a presentation by an as yet  to be decided facilitator and three  minute presentations by Ihe  seven sub-committee chairs  (Wilderness, Jobs, Water, Old  Growth, Recreation, Fish and  Wildlife and Forestry). After  those presentations the floor  "will be thrown open," Miller  said.  An eighth sub-committee,  Final Reporl, will have Iheir  work on hand in Ihe form of a  draft of the final report of the  LRUP, detailing the most important portions of all sub-committee reports and issues raised during LRUP core-committee meetings.  "It will be a statement or an  expression to Ihe public of our  progress the lasl three and a half  years," Miller said.  All public input and comments will be included in Ihe  final report thai is to be forwarded to ihe provincial Protected  Areas Strategy for consideration  of including the five/sixth (88  per cent) agreed upon area of Ihe  Tetrahedron Pliiteau, also called  Ihe Option Six boundary, into the  province's protected areas.  A protected area means no  industrial activity (logging/mining) and restricted recreation.  The remaining 12 per cent of  the Tetrahedron, which the  LRUP has been unable to come  to an agreement on, will also be  thrown oul to the public for Iheir  suggestions and questions.  Miller also noted thai all  questions asked and concerns  aired will be noted in official  minutes and be attached to the  final report lo PAS.  As for Ihe LRUP moving  from the often heated atmosphere of boardroom debate to  the public, Miller said, "It's a  good feeling."  So, if you care about what  should happen to the Tetrahedron Plateau ��� mark June 26-27  on your calendar and head down  lo Rockwood Centre.  Breakaway celebrates four years  film or  2nd set  of prints  Buy  Trade-Rent  Sega or Super  Nintendo  113-5711 TtraftStmiStclnlt 885-2882  About 20 young people show  up Saturday afternoon for the  barbeque, with morepeople trickling in all Ihe time. Mostly they  are Elphinstone students and  their ages range from 13 to 19.  From outward appearances  they are your typical group of  teenagers, with all the variety  that implies.  Some have long hair, some  short. Some are dressed in jeans  and rock T-shirts, some are  decked out in Sunday-best. But  they share some common  ground... all have or have had  some association with drugs or  alcohol.  Il's the fourth anniversary  celebration of the Sunshine  Coast Breakaway program and  members past and present have  shown up for the festivities.  Ron Girard, who runs the program, is happy with the turn-out,  and even more pleased with the  progress Breakaway has made  since inception. -  "We've helped a lot of kids."  he says. "We've shown them  there is another way (besides  drugs or alcohol)."  Breakaway councillor Mary  Thys, who has been with the  program for just a week, says  she's excited by what she sees in  Breakaway.  "This is an excellent program," she says."And it's essential to the recovery process."  Bfetritt of #jjifft  PO Box 129,5545lnlatAvwiue,Sache��,B.C.V0N3AO ___n___fjmm __��____  MUNICIPAL MEMO  Regular Council  Meetings  Regular council meetings are held the 1st  and 3rd Wednesday of every month at  7:30 pm in the Council Chamber at the  Municipal Hall, 5545 Inlet Avenue.  i Committee Meeting Dates "J  I June 1994 I  I  ��� Community Liason CommlttM  I Wednesday, June 22nd, 1994 at 2:30 pm, ���  I to be followed by the Economic  I Development Committee  I Planning CommlttM  I Tuesday, June 28th, 1994 at 1 30 pm, to  I be followed by the Environment  I Committee  ClTp'v "iawS^Jl"  Cowrie / Shorncliffe  Intersection Reconstruction  Detailed design drawings are now being  prepared for the above reconstruction  project from Ocean Avenue to Barnacle  Street. Construction drawings should be  available for viewing by interested parties  at the District Office after June 14th. 1994.  The project will be tendered for summer  construction.  SATURDAY'S PROGRAM  1:00 - 2:00 pm Tiny Tots and Beginners  Roller Skate  2:00 - 3:30 pm Scrub Roller Hockey  (ages   6-12)  3:30 - 5:00 pm Scrub Roller Hockey  (ages 13-18)  5:00 - 6:30 pm Scrub Roller Hockey  (ages 19 & up)  6:30  -  6:00  pm  Public  roller  skate  (General)  8:00 pm on, Open for Bookings  DatM: June 18. 25,1994  : FULL GEAR is required for Scrub Hockey.  : NO rentals are available  : Scrub hockey rate* are $5.00 per person  : Public roller akataa are:  Adults $3.00  Teens $2.75  Child $2.00  Cancellation of Roller Blading and Hockey  Please note that there will be NO roller blading or hockey on Fridays as of June 10th, 1994.  This does not affect the Saturday programs.  The breakaway program is  adapted from Ihe 12-step philosophy of Alcoholics Anonymous  and as such, requires that young  people communicate with each  other their thoughts and feelings.  And while Thys says this is  not always easy for those in  attendance, it too is essential to  recovery.  "A lot of times a lack of com  munication, a feeling that we are  misunderstood, is the source of  addiction," she says. "This is a  safe place for Ihe kids, a safe  environment, and that's important."  According to Girard, Breakaway has helped over 200 young  people in the last four years.  "I'll say 200,"he says."Bul  that's low if anything."  Rom Baron holds up the National Jump Rope for Heart Award  of Merit banner that Cedar Grove elementary ichool received for  railing over $17,000 for the Heart aad Stroke Foundation of BC  and Yukon. loci Johnstone photo  Couple  talks  about  'progress'  in town  from page 1  "I remember there was the  biggest thunder and lightening  storm the day we came," says  Diana. They'd been told it never  rained like lhat on the Sunshine  Coasl.  They were greeted on the  docks by a member of the Kinsmen Club ��� after Ron contracted polio Ihe organization sponsored the Bracken's move to Ihe  Sunshine Coast, supplied them  with their house and sel Ron up  in his shoe repair business.  Diana remembers how friendly the town seemed compared to  their previous home in Vancouver. Everyone said 'hello' as  they passed in Ihe streets and the  family fell immediately welcomed into their new communily...until they saw the house.  Diana laughs now as she  recalls climbing up to their new  home and seeing what she  thought was an outhouse behind  the building. With two small  children she thought her worst  nightmare had been realized.  Further investigation inside  the house revealed a full bathroom, much to the young mother's relief. The building outside  was the pumphouse.  Over the years, the house has  become an "old friend" to the  family. In it, they've lived and  worked and watched their children grow.  From oul its windows they've  seen their town change.  They hold memories of all the  old stores and houses which no  longer stand ��� some of Ihem  burnt down, some of them torn  down and still others which just  fell down ��� and of people who  are no longer alive.  "It's noisy now compared lo  what if used lo be," says Ron  reflecting on how Gibsons has  grown.  "When we first moved here,  we weren't even part of the  town," he says.  "There was nothing up  behind us. It was all bush., there  was a chicken farm across the  street."  Out the back window housing  developments now fight for  space, and from out front sounds  from the busy Highway 101 leak  their way into the room.  "Progress is fine," both  Bracken's agree, but they hope  town council will maintain some  measure of control to keep the  small town flavour.  And as they make their final  preparations to leave their home,  the Brackens say they are ready  to make the move to Ihe Island.  It'll be different, they know, but  they're hoping they'll be able to  share some of the community  feeling they firsl learned in Gibsons.  GARRY'S EXCAVATING  OWNER: GARRY MUNDELL  ��� Tandem Dump ��� 450 John Deere w/ Hoe  ��� Sand & Gravel ��� Septic Fields & Tanks  ��� 120 Komatsu Excavator ��� Repairs & Installation  BOX IS, OIBSON1 ���86-7009 CEL 885-8232  .  CLIP & SAVE    i  IO bcfgrrigs Schedule  HORSESHOE BAY ��� LANGDALE  LaaveLangdala UavtHonaehoeBay  620 am       2:30 7:30 am     3:30  8:30 4:30 pm 9:30 M      5:30 pm  10:30 6:30 11:30        7:2SM  1228pmM  8:20M 1:18pm    9:15  e-mmmmeamtmsssm*  EARLS COVE  Laava EaritCwa  6:40 am 4:30 pm  8:20 6:30  10:30 6:30  1225 pmM 10:20 M  SALTERY BAY  Laava Saltary Bay J  5:45 am    3:30 pm J  7:35         8:30 M a  9:30 M      7:30 J  11:30       9:20 ,  ���  I  SELL IT FAST IN THE COAST NEWS CLASSIFIEDS!  has (-.mow iiAih ito . an inotntaoim mi Mm iioiii  I  * Sunnyciwl M* Hwy. tot, Ciwom, B.C.  ������������������������� Xm m i'^M?1. ���X'Sfi^ *,MS�� f�� MM7SJ  ^SteyeSaj^w^ Coast News, June 13, 1994  news  Chez iPkufitiE. <J^zi.kaixxani  with Domaine de Chaberton  Invite you to un exquisite live course dinner villi Uie  impressive wine* Irom your local Langley Estate Winciy.  Pairing food & wine in the French tradition..  Learn aboul wine from the  award winning wine master  Claude Violet  Friday June 24th at 6:30pm  per person (limited sealing available)  at 5onniebrook Lodge  Please call 886-2188  Left to right, Clay Carby receives a special award for 20 years  service as a volunteer fireman; Carolyn and Dan Cross receive  Service lo Youth for Iheir work wilh Ihe Swim Club; Andy  Maragos receives Service to Ihe Communily; Helen Granbery  receives Senior of the Year; Robert Hoy receives Business of Ihe  Year on behalf of IGA Plus; Bill and Sandra Hughes take Couple  of the Year; and Mayor Eric Small...well...he's Ihe Mayor, at the  Gibsons and District Chamber of Commerce Community  Recognition Awards Wednesday night.  Joel Johnstone pholo  'Dangerous' apartment block  raises ire of Gibsons council  by Ian Cobb  It's becoming an executive  pain in the backside for the Town  of Gibsons.  An aparlment block at 725  Highway 101 (Executive Suites  Apartments), eyed by town officials as a "long standing problem" has run out of time in  responding lo a lown order lo  rectify various safely requirements.  Gibsons town council agreed  June 7 lo a recommendation  made by chief building inspector  Roland Seguin lhat Section 750.1  of the Municipal Act be invoked  and lhal a notice-on-title be filed  wilh ihe Land Title Office.  "The owners have allowed Ihe  building to become dilapidated  and decayed to the point where it  is affecting the health, safety and  well-being of the occupants and  'i.VfsjhorfiDwrote Seguinljn a  report to town administrator Dan  Legg.  Seguin said a "bridge egress  passageway" as decayed and  dilapidated "beyond repair,"  missing, damaged, broken and  decayed guardrails, a leaking  roof and "fire prevention deficiencies are not being attended to  or satisfactorily resolved," in his  report as what is wrong at the  apartment.  Because the absentee-owners  of the property, named as 380699  Ontario Ltd. from "various parts  of Canada" have not responded  to a town double registered letter  dated April 15, identifying the  problems and asking the owners  to resolve Ihem, Seguin and the  town have had lo take matters  into Iheir own hands.  'The owners have  allowed the building  to become  dilapidated and  decayed'  -Roland Seguin  The reason being, said Dan  Legg, is the town has to protect  itself from liability.  And enacting a notice-on-title  will "protect the town from subsequent liability.  The practical implication is  many owners won't want this on  their title."  Town Councillor Ed Steeves  said he was "concerned about  the dilapidation" of the building  and wondered if there "were not  more teeth" the town could use  to force the landlord lo rectify  the problems.  Legg said a force in the way  of the lown getting a response  from the landlords is the fact  they're "absentee. It's a slow  process.  "It slows things down. It's  nol like we can just go knock on  their door."  Steeves said he would rather  see occupants moved out  because he feared lives were  being endangered.  In a similar matter, town  council agreed to another recommendation made by Seguin  that a notice-on-title be filed on  a Casa Luna Condominium at  450 Marine Drive.  Because a unit owner will "riot  allow ihe building owner'to  install a fire alarm system, as is  required in the building code for  a five-story building, Seguin  asked for the notice-on-title to  help ameliorate the contravention of the building code  requirement.  "This procedure will have Ihe  effect of notifying any subsequent purchaser and limit Ihe  town's liability with respect to  this issue," Seguin said.  School lay-offs announced  by Roxanne Gregory  School district assistant superintendent Stewart Hercus issued  lay off notices lasl Wednesday lo  60 special education teaching  assistants and noon hour supervisors.  The staffing cuts come as a  result of a special education audit  last year that identified the need  to irim $250,000 from the district's operating budget.  "We've had lo make a significant re-allocation of working  hours across the district, and in  order lo avoid the disruption  caused by worker's bumping  other workers in the fall, we  decided to lay everyone off, and  re-post the jobs with amended  hours." Hercus said.  "We are working wilh Ihe  union and hope lo he able lo post  positions by ihe end of June.  Some people will be able to reapply for Iheir old jobs, but  seniority will decide who gels  whal."  Hercus said, "It's not like  we're firing these people, but at  leasl half of them are being  directly affected by the change in  the number of hours.  "Although this is a massive  change, we think we've been able  to maintain a lot of jobs," he said.  Normally the school district  evaluates the number of special  education hours each school  requires in the fall. SETA's,  whose positions are reduced or  eliminated, are then able to bump  Ihose wilh less seniority. The  change in personnel can have a  rippling effect across schools for  monlhs.  According to Hercus, there '  will be i net loss of 70 hours or  the equivalent of three SETA  positions this fall.  The lay-off plan will avoid the  kinds of disruptions caused by  bumping.  Although some library  clerk/secretary positions will also  have changes in hours, the lay  offs only affect noon hour supervisors and SETA's.  District trustee Liz Wilson, a  former SETA, said the union had  proposed the plan in an effort to  slop bumping. "It's really hard on  kids, it's very disruptive, and il  takes months to complete. This  way, in the fall, bumping won't  be a problem."  CUPE local 801 president  Celia Fisher could not be reached  for comment.  On the Sunshine Coast,  count on Vaughn Dube!  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"Like the murder/suicide  ��� planning is everything,"  said Sunshine Coast Regional  District Area E Director Jim  Gurney, explaining why the  board first discussed and then  appointed Joan Harvey as  elections officer June 9.  Once a cop...  "Oh Earl, I know, you're  into tickets. It's like a past  life," declared SCRD Roberts  Creek Director Brett McGilli-  vary after Sechelt Mayor Earl  Basse commented on the  SCRD's plans to begin proceedings to set up a Municipal Ticketing Information  System Implementation.  Basse, of course, is a former RCMP officer.  The Coast Academy of Danc9 & Fine Arts  Jtei presents... ill  ' t Ticket... Adults $8 dtudentVAeniors S5 available at.. "$  Talewind Books, Zippcra Kida Wear SS in lower Cibsons, Coaal Books  - QOOD STUFF  HEALTH FOODS  "If it's HeaCth food <Wc Probabttj Have it".  A FULL SELECTION OF...  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But parking requirements  should nol determine ihe nature of business al Molly's  Reach, the markei should.  Rather than facilitating the sprawl of the downtown or  the continued shift of retail and commercial up the highway, town council should clear Ihe way for a town parking lot wilhin walking distance of Lower Gibsons ��� but  outside the core.  The town's downtown revitalization consultants will  likely find that pedestrian access to Lower Gibsons  would be preferred both by necessity and choice. Keep  the cars out of the tourist area. Although places like  White Rock's waterfront strip and Robson Street in Vancouver do not exist without vehicle traffic, both cities are  now grappling with too many cars up and down their  tourist traps.  If there were enough parking spaces in Lower Gibsons, there would be little room for all the cars to drive to  and fro.  There is no more land for parking in Lower Gibsons.  Two cents ���  the most sense in  LRUP review  Now is the time for Sunshine Coast citizens to offer  their two cents regarding the Tetrahedron Local Resource  Use Plan.  On June 26 and June 27 the LRUP committee is  unveiling a draft of the final report of what they've  deemed should and shouldn't be done on the Tetrahedron-  Plateau.  In case you've managed to skim past the crush of articles in Ihe Coast News over the years and especially over  the last six months, the LRUP committee has been trying  to determine whether or not the Tetrahedron should be  included in the provincial Protected Areas Strategy.  The committee, all residents of the Coast, except chairman Barry Miller (Powell River) of the Sunshine Coast  Forest District, have offered their blood, sweat and tears  (often literally) to compile the information and suggestions they're opening up for public scrutiny and input at  Rockwood Centre.  Simply put, the Tetrahedron is the lifeblood of the Sunshine Coast, and the battle this dedicated group of volunteers has waged to come up with a fair and logical solution, as to the future use of the area, has been monumental.  The community not only owes it to itself but to the  members of the LRUP committee to take the time and  attend one or both of the public reviews.  Your two cents now makes the most sense.  N     U.S.TMLERS    TROLIERS       LOGGED SPAWNING  STOWS  FISHERY  OS.  SEINERS  SWING  STOCK  letters  Time running out  It seems that time is running  out for the hundreds of people  who signed a petition to the Dislricl of Sechell Council to seek  means to acquire the Tong property for a park on Sechelt Boulevard. More lhan 900 people  signed the first petition and a  second petition now circulating  has gathered many more names.  The acquisition of ihis land  need not mean an increase in  taxes ��� there are other options  which can be explored by our  elected representatives and our  paid senior staff ��� if only Ihey  cared. They have consistently  refused lo sit down with us as a  group lo consider active research  of these options by those who  have the authority and expertise  to do so. Private citizens do nol  ' get far"iipori'such matters withSul"'  official blessing. rt..,,-)  The Tong development permit j  is on the agenda for ratification '  at council's next meeting,  Wednesday June 15, 7.30 p.m. at  Ihe Municipal Hall, Inlet Ave.  The Trail Bay Protection Society  will be presenting the case for a  park. We arc hoping that as  many people as possible of those  who care about the quality of life  on Ihe Coast will come lo this  meeling lo give support lo all  those who are actively working  for Trail Bay Park.  Sunshine Coast ��� this is a  vital part of your future.  Our mayor, stated in an interview in a Coast paper that it is  "always the same people" who  come lo council meetings, so  show up wilh friends and let him  see some new ones ��� lots of  them. This may be our very last  chance to make our feelings  known before the chainsaws go  in to bring down those trees.  Nexl year a long wall of condos  could stretch from Wharf  Avenue to the Driftwood Inn. If  Ihis prospect saddens and appalls  you, then come join us.  E.MAJOR1E GOODING  Sechelt  Favourable vote  Last year, during our meetings regarding the future of  Sechell, the Village Core OCP  Sub-Committee voted in favour  of Trail Bay Park. Our sub-committee included a developer, a  real estate salesperson, merchants, environmentalist, industry, long time residents, short  time residents, seniors, youlh,  taxpayers, renters, working,  rctire&.oieQ and women.  Needless to say this group did -  not agree on everything. However, they did agree to designate Ihe  property on Trail Bay as a park.  I am writing this letter now  because I do not see the will of  the subcommittee or others who  support the park, reflected in  council action. I would like to  see some positive action. I ask  the mayor to direct staff to find  ways that we could possibly  acquire ihis properly from its  present owner, Mr. Tong.  There is money for downtown  revitalization. There is money for  a canal. There is money for the  Trail Bay Wharf. Now we hear  that there is even money for a  municipal hall, too. There is  money for Trail Bay Park. We  need to find out where it is and  how to get it.  Finding the money is nol the  job of citizens. Thai is Ihe  responsibility of government  through their staff. The people  have fulfilled their responsibility.  The people have spoken. The  people continue lo speak. I ask  mayor and council lo listen now  and direcl staff to find ways that  the democratic process can be  reflected in political aclion.  ���" BEVERLY TANCHUK  -io,c,v V��nCi*.��*j*.  committee chair  Community spirit  Community spirit and caring  is alive in Gibsons. This was evi-  9f.etWe.wee* mMM%i*******A*  iemn weiconw  We welcome letters to the editor on matters of public  interest. However, we reserve, the right to edit  submissions for brevity, clarity and legality. Please mail  your letters to:  Th* Editor  Sunshine Coatt News  Box 460, Qibsons, B.C. . ,  VON IVO  denced by the wonderful support  during our "Why Watch When  You Can Live ll" week at Cedar  Grove school. Many local personalities demonstrated activities  children and adults could get  involved in.  The Learning for Living  Committee at Cedar Grove  staged a successful campaign lo  encourage studenls away from  their television sets. This was in  conjunction with the school's  awareness and emphasis against  violence in the community.  Without Ihe enthusiastic involvement of the community, the  week would not have been such  a huge success.  Ryan Dempster started off the  athletic stations Monday afternoon by inspiring students lhat  dreams are obtainable through  hard work and dedication. Many  thanks to the grade fiv^��|i  of Divisions 3 and 5 for workii  so hard to set up and toteh thejr  "Commonwealth Ga'nYes". A  round of applause to Alexandra  Hook, Arden Currie, Sarah  Hook, Jake Fiedler, Holly Morgan, Mike Forrest, Maggi Guzzi,  James McCarthy and the Karate  Club, and Doug Delwiller for  providing stimulating alternatives to television on Tuesday  evening. Brian Harbison and his  Karaoke system entertained the  students, teacher and parents  Wednesday after school. The  family barbecue Thutsday  evening was a success thanks lo  the organization of Belle Wilson.  It is heartwarming to know  our community has so many  inspiring and enthusiastic volunteers. Thank you so very much..  KAREN WEBB  Cedar Grove elementary  school  The fateful day the beagles from hell put me up a tree  I got treed by a pack of beagles the other day.  As I was aimlessly wandering down a country-  lane, a pack of beagles came bounding around a  corner, spotted me and chased me up an alder.  Now, if you're not familiar with beagles,  they're relentless, flappy eared little demons. They  sat at the bottom of the tree and bayed and bayed  and bayed. My cries of "go away, pee off," only  made them bay louder.  Eventually I drifted into a fitful sleep with  dreams intruded upon by politicians, a woman covered in chocolate and Charles Schultz with horns  protruding from his head and a forked tail dangling  from his behind.  "And you thought Kansas was a weird place,  Dorothy," he kept saying as he swatted al Ihe beagles. I was frozen in my tree. All I could do was  gape down at Schultz as a long line of national and  provincial politicians filed past, all dressed like  Charlie Brown.  The only exception was Svend Robinson. He  was dressed like Linus and as he walked past he  looked up at me and stopped. Preston Manning,  not watching where he was going, bumped into  Svend and bonked his pointy nose against Svend's  pointy head.  "Rats," Preston said, rubbing his proboscis.  "You look lonely out on that limb," Svend said  in the middle  to me, devising a way to gain some noteriety from  the prediciment he perceived.  The line then started up again and I found  myself drifting inlo the air. A silver cord floated  down to the earth and I felt so free and uninhibited.  After a period of lime ��� I'm not sure how long, I  came back to my body. The beagles were gone but  so was the daylight and the ground.  I fell asleep again.  "The Sechelt Indian Government District wants  lo talk about their land claims," the seal seated  behind the secretary's desk barked.  "Spray Ihem with cliches, rhetoric and stall  them," shrieked the ferret from inside the office  which said "Premiers media and troubles avoidance office" on a gilded, shiney marble door.  Giggling, the seal followed his orders.  "They'll be too busy bathing themselves in  Ian cobb  tomato soup and master will be able to escape inlo  the skies in his helicopter gunship so he can make  his 3 p.m. lunch date wilh a major sponsor," ihe  ferret yelped.  "Sechelt?" the Premier mused as he flew toward  Nanaimo, "Is that in B.C.? And if it is, what is it  ihey want?"  A whispy little woman dressed in black leather  and covered in chocolate leaned forward, flipped a  couple of cards over, studied them for a second and  said in a husky Ed McMahon-voice, "A group of  people want to talk to you about land claims."  The Premier carefully placed his lollipop in Ihe  hair of a frightened looking aide, suspiciously similar lo Pavel Bure and scrunched his face up into  his best 'I'm a confused little squirrel look.'  "Gold?" He spluttered.  "No, goodness no. Just land, sir," the chocolate  enchantress rasped.  "Give it to them then," the Premier laughed,  looking down in posed-awe at a group of American  salmon fisherman tossing dynamite into Georgia  Strait.  "We can't," the frightened looking aide blurted,  twitching as if expecting a backhanded pimp-slap  from his squirrely boss.  Still watching the antics below, the Premier  said, "Tell them we're listening to them and we'll  do everything we can lo ameliorate this long-running situation.  Tell Ihem we're inordinately sorry for the howling errors of past governments and remind them  that il's not nor has it been our fault."  Following his sudden outburst of volume, Ihe  Premier looked at the startled chocolate-  enchantress and smiled. His tongue flicked from  his mouth and he coiled down in his seat.  Charles Schultz, flying the chopper, turned and  cracked a satisfied smile.  "Rats," I heard myself say afler my body  thumped into the mulchy ground of the forest  floor.  The beagles were gone but in the time they circled the tree baying at me, they'd left enough  Gains-Burger surprises lo cushion my fall. i  Just another day on the job, I suppose.  Publiahei  QaryHebart  COAST^NEWS  Sttbacrlprioei tttes lot  Ihe CoaU Nrttrtor the Wt-aeeidee:  CaiMt; I year��� SJ5��� S2.45 CST - $17 4',  6 months- S2O��S14OGST-��2l.40  feteeis-: t year ��� W (No CST)  Keg No. 4702  The Sunshine Coast News is published on  the Sunshine Coast, B.C eveiy Monday by  Glasslord fress Lid.  Cihtotts Office snenkt lam  Box Aid, Cibsons, B.C., VON IVO.  |604| nut, 11,22. Fax (MM) 8*67725  Jec*e* Omce ��� mi Cemrie St  Box 68. 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They're dusl,  we're pulsing. Whal can we do  bul shool bombs into a big blue  sky lhal doesn'l need any more  pollutants'/ Whal else can we do  hut parade in uniforms and salute  and cry a nostalgic tear, telling  bygone stories of the glory days?  Isn't Ihis so familiar? The  speeches, the sound of the guns?  We've learned the lessons of  other wars, they say. War is Ihe  biggest failure of mankind, they  say. War is horrible, war is hell,  Ihey say. It was worth it, Ihey  repeat.  And then. Ihey revel in it.  Wars continue. The sons and  now the daughters, are sent.  They're returned in coffins. Billy  who? Sally who? Wasn't she an  honor student? Isn't ii a shame?  The sorrow and the despair of  parents who've losl a child to  senseless violence has been  repealed millions of limes, for  thousands of years. But what else  can we do? We got the message.  ^ v ^.V\    Fri & Sal Junc  ' 7 & ' 8  \\ljy "Baby Jane"  oi loiimaitunt (  lo Co\ ri ��� ["rec  Wednesday  ��� 2 Tables "  McPherson Centre  (7325 McPherson Ave Burnaby  turn Soulh. 5500 block Kingsway)  June 16-17 ��� 18  Thurs ��� 5-10pm ,  Fri-10am-10pm ,  Sat�� 10am-5pm J  Admission $5.00  431-0900  NOTICE TO RESIDENT ELECTORS AND PROPERTY  ELECTORS IN THE TOWN OF GIBSONS AND THE  ELECTORAL AREAS OF "E" (ELPHINSTONE) AND "F  (WEST HOWE SOUND) IN THE SUNSHINE COAST  REGIONAL DISTRICT  On August 13,1994, a by-election will be held in Area "F to elect a Director to fill the  position vacated by the resignation oMony Laver (see "Notice of Nomination Period" in this  paper). On that date, as well, a referendum will be held in Electoral Areas "E" and "F and  the Town of Gibsons to vote on funding for the Gibsons Library (for referendum questions  see ad in this paper for "Invitation for Applications for Scrutineers).  The Sunshine Coast Regional District has amended their Elections Bylaw No. 390 to allow  that "in the case of a by-election or other voting at any time other than at a general local  election, the registration of electors shall be limited to those valid electors who register at  the time of voting." Therefore there will be no pre-registration for resident electors or voters  list prepared in advance, but those who qualify under the requirements listed below will  register at the polls.  Qualifications for i ______ elector ere:  (a) on voting day you must be eighteen years of age or older;  (b) a person MUST be a Canadian Citizen;  a person must have resided in British Columbia in accordance with Section  S3 of the Municipal Act for at least six months immediately preceding the  day of registration;  (c)  (d)  ISSl^ft;resided in the area in which the vote is taking place in  mmpH?l? W"h S5ctl0rL53 ��',he MuniciBalAct for at least 30 da��T  immediately preceding the day of registration'  crn^ti^  Sffisass sa ^sf srin addi,ion ,o "���prior a��n  Qualifications tor _____ f\K>m m-  a person must not be entitled to register as a resident elector;  a person must be eighteen years of age or older on general voting day  a person MUST be a Canadian Citizen;  1��7�� En\?Are,S!ded'? Bri,l3h Colu,,lbia in accordance with Section  a person must be registered owner of the real property used for  qualification a. least 30 days immediately preceding XyTKoT  USS S&2S3Eby ,he Uum>aLMX or any 0,her  Certification of Pronartw Cl��rtnrl:  (e)  (a)  (b)  (c)  W)  (e)  ffl  (a)  (b)  lienors must Tnn, VfnCe o��,ing days or on a6���*81 w,in0 day P'��Perty  S ���!P��y,,0ri Propen* Elector Certificate from the offidal of  the local government in which the election is being held on or before July  iLfeZJbS��h6 nWfi? is re9is,ered as an owner of Ihe real property  only one individual ,s entitled to vote with the written consent of a S  ViSJSSRowners ,hat are on ,he m indudin�� *�����  Joan Harvey  Chief Election Officer  mountains of  things  It's etched in sorrow on our psyche: Sometimes War I.s The  Only Solution.  I will not say that in 1944 it  wasn't necessary to stage a bailie  on Ihe beaches of Normandy. I  will nol say lhal il wasn't lucky  lhal the Allies' strategies, manpower and machines of destruction were greater lhan Ihe Germans'. I'm happy to be alive in  North America. I cherish the contribution of those different than  me, targeted for annihilation by  ihe Third Reich. I can speak  freely ��� up to a poinl ��� and I  appreciate lhal privilege.  Whal puzzles me is the  amount of money, lime and  attention given to this event, 50  years later. The logic of it makes  me wonder: when were the  lessons of war learned? And who  learned these lessons?  Think about Ihe things you've  been taught aboul War.  ��� Murder is wrong, but in  War, (he more the better.  ��� To have Peace, we have to  have War.  ��� Want freedom and equality?  Smash "Ihe enemy", bomb iheir  lands, murder their women and  children and bury their faces in  caitlin hicks  the mud so deeply that when they  come up for mercy, Ihey scarcely  resemble us anymore.  ��� This i.s important: Ihe Evil is  Them and the Evil is to be feared.  ��� And when the mess i.s all  mopped up, and the beaches are  clean again? Stage these events,  talk about "the horror" of the  war, ihe valor and most certainly,  the glory.  Without the glory, without the  fear, we wouldn't be so stupid.  Without these deeply entrenched  beliefs aboul the "way things  musl be", mothers wouldn't even  consider sending Iheir children  off lo do the bidding of Ihe politicians. Hell, let the politicians go  to the front lines themselves.  Bul as a world culture, we  believe in Ihe war ethic. We're  seduced by ils glory, stuck to its  fear.  And we don'l seem to notice  lhat the war's besl pupils are its  leaders, kings, presidents, prime  ministers who have learned that  without the participation of the  masses, they have no hierarchical  power. Without our lurking fear  of biggets and bullys, without our  love of competition and winning,  we wouldn't be doing things that  letters  don't make sense.  The solution lo conflicts like  World War II which get so bad  they musl be "rescued" with the  wasted sacrifice of our sons and  daughters is not more violence at  the last minute. As a species, we  have the information we need to  Have Peace. We understand how  violence begets itself, we know  how despots like Hitler rise up  and why they behave the way  they do. Alice Miller, a learned  and experience psychiatrist has  written a compelling argument  for world peace through healing  in ��� For Your Own Good.  Il's no big mystery that violence has been passed on from  generation to generation in the  privacy of the home, through  racism, Ihrough abuse of women  and children, then broadly ratified Ihrough war. But those who  benefit from a culture which is  based on the war model pretend  that nothing has been learned.  The rest of us who make "the  sacrifices", who enable this system by our participation ��� we  watch the parades beamed in for  our indoctrination, we listen to  the 10 gun salutes, consoling ourselves lhat we're on the side of  good.  And then we teach our children the lesson that has destroyed  the lives of our parents, grandparents, indeed, our ancestors for  thousands of years.  The fear. The glory. The way  it is. Wasn't he an honor student?  Isn't it a shame?  Taking issue with  Trail Bay wharf  Once again the issue of a  wharf on the Trail Bay beach in  Sechelt has been revived.  This pristine stretch of beach  is the longest, most accessible  pebble beach on the entire  Coast.  Everyone should gaze at the  pebbles through the crystal clear  water to realize how clean it is.  All one needs to do is compare  it to the waters of Porpoise Bay  wharf, Gibsons harbour and  Horseshoe Bay.  Would one like iheir children  to swim in those waters? Nol  only are they dirty with oil, gas  and raw sewage dumped from  boats, but physically dangerous  to a swimmer with regard to the  constant boat traffic. How will  this wharf be any different? ll  won't be.  No, we must have the foresight to preserve this jewel for  Parent 'N' To)  Summer  our children and grandchildren.  If business thinks the extra commerce generated by transient  boaters will make or break  them, then this is a sad mistake  in the long term.  An attractive, clean, and  pleasant environmenl in which  lo live and visit is far more  important to develop solid long  term (and year round) business.  We need to keep Sechelt as a  liveable, desirable place to be as  most of us feel it is today.  Let's endeavor lo keep a  beautiful, enjoyable town in  which lo live and protect il for  generations to come.  Think of the foresight many  years ago which allows Vancouver to retain such a legacy as  Stanley Park.  Let's not allow this local  treasure to be looted.  Keep Trail Bay beach and  foreshore unblemished ��� save  our beach. We must tell Sechelt  councillors now how we feel,  and to lake measures lo prevent  I MORNINGS IN JULY tAUfiUST  CHOICE Of TUESDAYS OR WEDNESDAYS  Program outline and registration  forms available at Sechelt &  Gibsons Libraries or Community  Services - Inlet Ave, Sechelt.  tor Mart infermatieti, cell lll-SIH  pd   h /  Community   Smvich   &   Rrcrtilion   Co  future despoliation.  BRIAN M YHILL-JONES  Sechelt  Missing Larry  Marshall  I miss Larry Marshall. I miss  all those great editorials he was  responsible for which dealt wilh  the watershed, prevention of  violence in Ihe community, support for the SPCA and a new  transition house.  And how many of you  remember the one where he  asked us all to "Help Bring  Back Home Our Seniors to the  Coast", wherein he included a  petition asking us all to become  involved?  That was all really good  community journalism, and  much appreciated.  So what about all Ihe complainants who shouted "Off with  his head" the moment there was  one piece, a trifle overstated,  regarding business on this Coast  ��� surely meant for debate, discussion and helpful dialogue?  The vengeful reaction was  stunning, and despite two sincere apologies from the Coasl  News, the barrage continued  until two individuals losl their  jobs.  Are the complainants now  fully satisfied? Do Ihey really  think that we will miss (heir  advertising?  And do the Sechell Press  really believe we respect their  obvious relish in "throwing  stones from glass houses?  They should stick lo the  repetitive and boring Judi and  Gordo stuff.  ll is more in keeping with  their style.  JO CARDINALL  GQmom  PUBLIC DANCE  featuring  "LOCAL  TRAFFIC"  V   Saturday June 18,  ��*. Gibsons Lesion Hall  KW,  Tickets available at..  Sayward Books, Frontrunners,  Roberts Creek Store, Axana-Dew  Sponsored by  Langdale Elementary School  NO MINORS  *M��lXrt1feMI  art pteOMttto tnmuna Oi  y,Ptm��*>1 marrlAfft of tfuir Ussfltitr |  Snem Ct/nn Jennenj  to  MkiutUfttftulUs.  1*suitt��i*,*_- ulnfUain  'Ktlouit*  I utit/t mans, clou rtltlivts rffrinds  ��" .%ui J0M, isu.  ^tonpltwlBrttUi  I* Vancouver, t.C.  II v,iu ��ii|i i��� inaoanc ���  raptnwn. ����Um| en Mmiwn,,.  I** mums man letters  Concern for  Pharmacare  As pharmacists on the Sunshine Coasl we are concerned  over the latest changes to Pharmacare.  The elimination of Ihe Pharmacare subsidy of a portion of  Ihe dispensing fee is our greatest  concern.  We believe that this change  will jeopardize heallh care for  our seniors as focus on Ihe dispensing fee will encourage larger  quantities of the drug to be dispensed in order lo save exlra cosl  on dispensing fees.  The Pharmacare subsidy for a  portion of seniors dispensing fees  was only a drop in the bucket in  comparison to the dollars wasted  elsewhere. Right now, over half  of all prescription drugs are  either misused or wasted.  This costs the taxpayer millions of dollars every year. The  changes lo Pharmacare are guaranteed to create even greater  waste. Since it appears that Ihe  dispensing lee has increased,  some of our customers believe  that ihe changes are going to put  more money in our pockets.  This is not true. Unlike other  retailers, there is no allowable  mark-up on most of our product  (i.e., prescription drugs) therefore  a $50 prescription or a $200 prescription will make us the same  profit, less than $8 each. The  public must be aware that we as  pharmacists are here to ensure  qualily heallh above all else.  If we can ensure correct drug  usage and give counselling to  increase understanding of prescription drugs, then we cannot  only keep people's heallh our  main concern but also save our  health care system millions of  dollars. It is estimated lhat 20 per  cenl of all senior admissions to  hospitals are related to improper  use of prescription drugs. We  must locus on providing the best  health care possible to our customers, thereby enhancing their  qualily of life. This in turn will  help our overburdened health  care system. Society benefits as a  whole when health has a greater  priority; oyer money, unfortunately; il appears lhal Pharmacare has  their priorities backwards, i  CHRIS JUOZAITIS and  JOHN SHASKE  Howe Sound Pharmacy  Sad day in  Porpoise Bay  Today was a sad day.  On June 3, I and a number of  my neighbours watched trucks  dump five or more enormous box  loads of land clearing debris on  Ihe gravel mining property that  borders the provincial park, and  is directly behind our East Porpoise Bay community. We have  been lold that the debris came  from Gibsons where they are  much more stringent about  <��-i  applying siricl burning control  regulations.  The sad story is that of the  opsrey. Lasl year two of these  beauliful birds buill a nesl in a  tall tree very close to Ihe edge of  the park. Our whole communily  fell like proud relatives as we  watched Ihem raise Iwo babies.  Unfortunately, the December  winds blew down Iheir nesl. This  spring ihe osprey returned, and to  our delight, worked hard at building a new nesl in Ihe same tree.  By Ihe end of May, Ihe nest  appeared to be finished. We  don'l know if Ihere are eggs yet,  bul we were all hoping and it  seemed reasonable that there  would be.  Today, on lhal property  behind us, a huge fire was started  close lo the park boundary. At  aboul 2 p.m. Ihis afternoon,  immense clouds of thick smoke  billowed Ihrough and above Ihe  Ireelops. Dense smoke obliterated Ihe osprey's Iree from view.  The heal musl have been tremen  dous judging by the size and the r  speed of the fly ash ascending the J.  smoke in the direction of its tree  but was quickly forced out.  It circled and tried again, but  again was forced out. Once more,  the osprey circled, but Ihis time,  afler Ihe briefest penetration inlo  Ihe smoke il flew off.  Much later, we saw an osprey  flying in Ihe area, but it made no  attempt to reach the nest.  I wonder what it will find  there if it does return  SHEILA FLETCHER  Porpoise Properties  Gibsons Cadet  inspection  I received an invitation to  attend the annual inspection of  the Kenneth Grant Corps, Sunshine Coasl Branch of the Navy  League of Canada, al Ihe U'gion  Hall, Gibsons, May 29. I was  happy to accept.  SPCA rummages around  SPCA mascot Siska resides over a hoard of goods at Ihe animal  shelter rummage sale last week. Joel Johnstone pholo  mini,  Seecoast Video  Take home a copy of  ��� "The Getaway"  ��� 'In the Name of the Father"  ��� 'Man's Best Friend"  and many more  HOT New       *'  885-7864      Releases  open 7 days a week  available now!  ��� ������������������������������������I'  ��� 5 days ��� 8:30 a.m.  ���$125 per person  ��� includes t-shirt  > guided trail rides  ���ages 6-16  ��� 4 p.m,  Wi.*M*  BIKE SAFETY, BIKE MAINTENANCE & RIDING SKILLS  BegInners (ages 6-10) Intermediate (ages 8-12)  July 4-8: Halfmoon Bay Elementary        July 18-22: Gibsons Elementary  July 11-15: Roberts Creek Elementary   July 25-29: Roberts Creek Elementary  August 1-5: Gibsons Elementary    August 16-20: Halfmoon Bay Elementary  Advanced (ages 12-16)  August 8-13: Site to be announced  For further information call 8cJ5"55# #  or ask at Trail Bay Sports or Mountain High Cycle  Sponsored by:  MOUNTAIN HIGH CYCLE  MSONSMRKHAZA ��� M6-4M0  i\ MONDAY-SA1UUJAY IfcOO-fcOO  V HUOAYIMO-MO  SUNDAY 11 K>0-4:00  ll was a joy to see so many  parents and Ihe public attending  this important meeling.  Everything wenl off smoothly,  the Cadets looked bright and  eager and very smart in their uniforms wilh shoes shining like  mirrors.  I was very proud of them.  Commanding Officer Lena Cle-  land was busy as usual and with  her fellow officer, did a fine  job.Reviewing Officer Larry Fan-  was also kept busy as well as  some of Ihe many distinguished  guesls.Execulive Officer Chris-  line Phaneuf is a most remarkable person, Ihe right one for this  very important job of training  young lads for Ihe future.  ll was easy to see the love and  respecl Ihey held for her.  I had Ihe honour of presenting  a plaque for the besl new entry  lor the year, won by Trevor  Wulf.  ELIZABETH M. WORRALL  Sechelt  Coast News, June 13, 1994  GQAD&!  **.  -* *   Walk up in style with  Satin Shoes  dyed for that exact match !  over 500 colours  to choose from  3 different styles  to suit your needs  only 2 - 3 days to  complete dyeing  Gift Certificates  available for that special Grad !  Sole Fcetures  Mil l!,n  M.lll. Sr  SUNSHINE COAST REGIONAL DISTRICT  1994  LOCAL BY-ELECTION  NOTICE OF NOMINATION PERIOD  Public Notice is given to the electors of the Sunshine Coast Regional District  that a local by-election will be held on Saturday, August 13, 1994 to elect  ONE director from the following electoral area for the remainder of 1994 and  the 1995 and 1996 Board years:  West Howe Sound (Electoral Area F)  Nominations for qualified candidates will be received during the following  times at the Sunshine Coast Regional District office, 5477 Wharf Road,  Sechelt, BC  9:00 am - 5:00 pm  Tuesday, June 28,1994  8:00 am - 5:00 pm  Monday to Wednesday  8:00 am - 6:00 pm Thursday and Friday  excluding holidays from June 29,1994 to July 7,1994  8:00 am - 4:00 pm  Friday, July 8,1994  Nomination documents are available at the Sunshine Coast Regional District  during regular business hours. .  Joan narvey  Chief Election Offlctr  P) 4..J1.4PB.'  .... --. ��� &Hk  Come in and see  our new summer line of  HITACHI  Get PAP a gift he'll use every day!  MANY IN-STORE SPECIALS  ��� VCR's ��� TVs ��� CD & CASSETTE PLAYERS ���  ��� CAMCORDERS ��� BOOK SHELF STEREOS ���  U- Magic Sound u  Electronics Ltd.  0 hitachi Radio /hack ^TELS,0utrity CARTEL  885-2568    ���    Trail Bay Mall  Sechelt  j    i r    i   ���   *   *,   .    ,    ,  - -*���!����� *m-**w %mr *�����*#��� ** :*frt #r jv^; *- ,- K-^ feature  Mew - Vaed  Furniture A Collectable*  WHARF STREET MARKET  ..       Wanted: good used rods, reels, & tackle.  |Sta Open 7 day* a meek, 10 ��� 5:30pm -i*M  mXX 5500 WW Rd. .Jj^Jl  885-6389   ,>.;$&.  Marsh Society perseveres with preserves  GIBSONS  CHRISTIAN BOOKS  MARCH FOR JESUS  Saturday June 25,2pm  starting from  Calvary Baptist Church  2A-747 NORTH RD.,  GIBSONS  Store Hours:  Join together with Christians  across Canada to exalt-  JESUS AS LORD  Mon. - Sal. 11-5  Fri. 11-7 Ph: 886-4748  Further info at store or  call 886-77J6 or 886-8473  Y YMCA Summer Day Camps  With games, special events, swimming, fishing, crafts, overnight  camp outs and age appropriate instruction in sailing, canoeing,  kayaking,   rowboating,   sailboarding,   tennis,  archery  and  orienteering.  Return transportation leaves Sechelt at 8:15 am and returns at  5pm with stops along Highway 101, Roberts Creek and Cibsons.  Daily lunch, meals on overnight camp outs and transportation  from Sechelt, Roberts Creek and Cibsons included.  Fees: 4 days $110.5 days $135. 9 days $235.  A brochure with dates and an application form is available at  1760 YMCA Road, Langdale or by mail from...  YMCA CAMP ELPHINSTONE  440 Hendry Ave.,  North Vancouver, V7L 4C5  Tel 251-1116 or fax 986-0592  "A Place to Learn and a Place to Grow"  for that      SB  speddQrad    *��  ��� Picture frames  ���%gy Chains  ��� Suiarovsl&Sitver  CrystdCmtatnents  ��� gift Certificates  TeLXti^emlitnv  proud you ate  with a unique gift  they'd treasure always!  Trail Bay MaH  Sechelt B.C.  V0N3AO  (604)885-3414  In Inn Cobb  While society marshes  along...  The Sechell Marsh Protective  Sociely is continuing its diligent  work al Sechelt Marsh, Lol 48  .mil Arrowhead Park.  The society, formed in 1976,  consists of "some of Ihe genuinely mosl respected residents on  the Sunshine Coasl," said direc-  lor Hurry Janyk.  The society's work on Ihe  Sechell Marsh, owned by Ihe  N;ilure Trust of BC and leased lo  Ihe Dislricl of Sechell for $ I a  year, has been ongoing lo meel  wilh ihe many changes lhal have  occured in ihe area.  "There has been a condominium development of the west  side. Ihe works yard and sewage  Irealmenl plan! lo Ihe soulh, a  new condo developmeni io the  east. The thinning of Irees on Ihe  perimeter ol ihe marsh has  caused Ihe shallow rooted trees  In be blown down hy Ihe heavy  H nils experienced in Ihe lasl  ample of years." said Janyk, a  zealous supporter of the society's  projecls  He points oul how the District  nl Sechell, following recommendations from their engineers  concerning I (K)-year flood scenarios, replaced an 18 inch  wooden slave culvert, which ran  under Wharf Slreel, wilh a galvanized metal replacement of 42  inches.  "The repercussions of increasing Ihe sail waler flow into Ihe  lormerly brackish waters of Ihe  Sechell Marsh cannot be overstated. The salinity levels have  i  altered Ihe fresh water content in  ihe rool systems of Ihe flora in  the marsh, killing many of Ihe  large conifers and shrubs which  once provided shade and greenery," Janyk said.  However, blame serves no  purpose, he said.  "The habilal is shifting and  Ihe Marsh Sociely musl now  work lo enhance ihis changing  habilat ��� habilal lhal is now  even more conducive lo woodpeckers, flickers, nuthatches and  many cavity nesting bird species.  Unfortunately, lo Ihe inexperienced eye Ihis presents an image  of disrepair and mess, some of  which is obviously in need of  addressing."  All of whal Janyk speaks of is  outlined in the society's constitution.  In the second section it reads  ihe sociely is lo "encourage use  of the marsh as a sanctuary by  birds, fish and waterfowl and to  acl as a public park.  To promote public interest in  the Sechell Marsh as a sanctuary  for birds, fish and waterfowl. To  promote Ihe preservation of areas  critical to ihe qualily of the  marsh and in particular, Porpoise  Bay and its environs.  To support and promote the  preservation of areas deemed to  be of ecological value."  Janyk said, "I think it's  important lo recognize lhat these  concepts were established by Ihis  group as basic tenets long before  Workers  working on  Ihe bridge(s)  of Arrowhead  Park.  Ian Cobb photo  it became politically correct to  trumpet them."  Society members have spenl  hundreds of volunteer hours  working at the marsh as part of  their ongoing restoration projects  and repairing damages to the site  from both man and nature.  And now after nearly two  decades the society is launching  a "major financial undertaking"  thanks lo $30,000 obtained from  the society's fund raising efforts,  Ihe Canadian Jobs Strategy program, Ducks Unlimited and the  Federation of BC Naturalists and  with the aid of the towns of  Sechelt and Gibsons.  "We are continuing to seek  donations for the project, and  others such as Ihis, which of  course are lax deductible," Janyk  said.  The salt waler intrusion into  the marsh can be stemmed by the  installation of a "flap gate, allowing the fresh water lo flow oul  while hailing the sail water from  coming in. Unfortunately, Ihe  solution will cost aboul $8,000 to  provide and install," Janyk said.  "It would, according to an engineering report the society has  received, solve the problem."  The society's works program  started April 11, wilh five people  employed to work up to 10  weeks.  Phase one of ihe project dealt  wilh an improvement and maintenance program to restore areas  of the marsh damaged by development, nature and vandalism.  Trees were topped and trails  were brushed and rebuilt in a few  places, bridges were repaired and  improved to allow safer access  for the hundreds of visitors to the  site during the course of a week.  Disabled access was also  arranged.  Janyk said, "It has to be  remembered thai ihe marsh is  designated as a nature preserve,  rather than a park, per se. lo be  maintained in as nalural a stale as  possible. For this reason il may  never look as lidy as some would  wish il."  Phase two of the projeci is  currently under way as a team of  five workers are locating and  constructing a 300-metre trail  through Arrowhead Park, a 1.5-  hectare municipal park in Lower  Gibsons behind the OAP Hall.  A raw conifer and deciduous  50-year-old second growth forest  lowland is considered ideal habilal for roosting raptors, blue  herons, cavity nesting species  like woodpeckers and thicket  nesting birds like warblers, vire-  os and other songbirds.  Similar to lot 48 in Sechelt,  Ihe site currently has no access in  or through it.  Janyk said Gibsons residents  living near ihe park need nol  worry about the preserve.  "Little developmeni as possible will take place in order not to  disturb ihe wildlife ��� even ihe  resident raccoons."  The projeci has included trail  siting and building, rubbish  removal, the digging of a frog  pond to complement Ihe stream,  nesting boxes for birds, topping  of hazard and sick trees, wooden  bridges, landscaping, some planting and interpretive signage.  "We should be done in ahoul  a week," said work crew foreman Michel Frenelte.  Phase Three of the projeci  will see a 250-metre trail buill on  Lot 48 (comer of Ebbtide and  Trail in Sechelt), as well as the  removal of rubbish and addition  of nesting boxes and signage.  "We need the public's help  and continued financial support  to help us wilh the initiative,"  Janyk concluded.  For more information aboul  the Marsh Sociely, call 886-  4711.  O  SUNSHINE COAST REGIONAL DISTRICT  INVITATION FOR APPLICATIONS  FOR SCRUTINEERS  Public Notice is given to the electors of the Sunshine Coast Regional District that on  August 13, 1994 the electors of Electoral Areas "E" (Elphinstone) and "F" (West Howe  Sound) and the Town of Gibsons may be asked the following questions:  1 Are you in favour of increasing the maximum that may be requisitioned  from Electoral Areas E (Elphinstone) and F (West Howe Sound) and the  Town of Gibsons to $.18 per $1,000 on net taxable value of land and  improvements for purposes of providing operating funds to the Gibsons &  District Public Library?  Yes_  No_  2. Are you in favour of the Board of the Sunshine Coast Regional District  adopting "Sunshine Coast Regional District Gibsons Library Building Loan  Autnorization Bylaw No. 392.1, 1994'' to authorize borrowing a sum not  exceeding $1,500,000 for Ihe construction of a new building for the  Gibsons & District Public Library7  Yes_ No_  Electors wishing to act as scrutineers "FOR" or "AGAINST" any of the questions may  obtain information and application forms from the Sunshine Coast Regional District office,  5477 Wharf Road, Sechelt, BC during regular business hours.  Applications will be received at the Sunshine Coast Regional District office during the  following time period only:  9:00 am - 5:00 pm Tuesday, June 28,1994  8:00 am - 5:00 pm Monday to Wednesday,  8:00 am - 6:00 pm        Thursday and Friday  excluding holidays from June 29, 1994 to July 7, 1994  8:00 am - 4:00 pm        Friday, July 8,1994  Further information may be obtained by contacting Joan Harvey, Chief Election Officer at  885-2261.  Joan Harvey  Chief Election Officer  <Pett(a  WELCOMES  BILL  BRASH  Bill comes lo Pebbles with a  background of len yeas m active  sales. He en|oys boalmg, fishing  and meeling new people   If you're  thinking of selling your home or  looking for a new home you can  expeel the veiy besl teal estate  service from Bill  Why nol put his experience ond  enthusiasm lo work for you2 Call  Bill Brash at his Sechell home al  885-7162 or al ihe office at  886-8107  DAVE  SELLORS  Dave has been a residen' en the  Sunshine Coast for ihe pasl twenty  years and been involved with ihe  expansion of the HSPP since 1988  Wilh his vasl experience in  management and supervisory  positions m the construclion industry,  Dave has developed a keen ability  lo quickly work ihrough challenges.  If you are looking for someone who  knows ihe local communities and is  happy lo spend ihe lime showing  you around, call Dave Sellors al  home al 886-0103 or his new  office al 886-8107.  CbblCS      YOUR LOCAL REAL ESTATE COMPANY  ��� ���'.'" PHONE: 886-8107     VAN. TOLL FREE: 68 I-3044  '  * �� ** v-<  ���5 J~> Coasl News, June 13, 1994  community  roberts creek  Kulherine Trueman  On Sunday, June 5 Ihe 50th anniversary of  D-Day was observed al Ihe Roberts Creek  Legion. Well over 80 people, veterans and1  jheir families attended lo remember and to  give lhanks for the liberty of peace.  Thirty-plus men and women veterans were  recognized with a special commemorative  .item and will receive Iheir D-Day pins when  Ihey arrive on Junt 15.  i John Forbes, a World War One veteran  who died recently, was remembered by  Iriends and family. His wile placed his name  on a plaque for Ihe lasl post.  President Jack Elred encouraged all in  attendance nol lo forget Ihis day in history  and lo be proud lo be Canadian. He said,  ''Canadians are not ones to atlracl attention lo  themselves but during campaigns of any kind  Canadians can be found in the forefront. They  are never silling on Iheir laurels bul continue  l.o strive io make a difference for world  peace."  The I'adre for Ihe Legion, Reverend Whittles, shared how he remembers heing on Ihe  Beach of Normandy 50 years ago as he represented Ihe Canadian government by being  along side Ihe Iroops and 25 years ago when  once again he was al Normandy. He said he  always manages a lear when he remembers  Ihose limes and the miseries of battle, ll is  hard lo explain and impossible lo understand  bul we musl never forget the sacrifices the  Iroops made so lhat we are able to do what we  'round west heme sound  are doing loday. He went on lo encourage us  lo live oul Ihose principles thai loday are still  very much alive. D-Day cannot be duplicated  and at the going down of Ihe sun and in the  morning, we shall remember Ihem!  A roasl lurkey dinner with all the trimmings and trifle for dessert was enjoyed.  Creek Step  Why not slide inlo summer with a more til  you? Think about it. Creek Step, the only  local fitness workoul, heads inlo its last six  week session before Ihe sunimer monlhs. This  unique form of exercise class can be found al  St. Aidan's Hall on Roberts Creek Road on  Mondays, Wednesdays al 6 p.m. or Tuesday,  Thursday and Saturdays at 9:30 a.m.  Partner sharing Ihe same household are  invited lo attend Ihis particular session ��� two  for the price of one.  Men and women participants are all finding Ihe weighl section of Ihe workoul challenging, bul adaptable for individual levels of  fitness. Call 886-3634 for more information.  Congratulations  Congratulations lo Roberts Creek elementary school student Carl Poulsen, who placed  seventh "A" plight for Ihe 100 metre, and  who received a gold medal (firsl place) for Ihe  long jump at the BC lilemenlary Track and  Field Championships held recently in Richmond. Also, hats off to the entire team who  attended the meel and did a first class job in  representing their school.  Congratulations also to Joe Zornes, an  enthusiastic Creek leen who won round five  of Ihe CMA superseries in Merritl on Ihe  provincial moto-cross motorcycle racing circuit al the end of May. Zornes is a Grade 11  student al Elphinstone and works very hard to  be able to compete in Ihe molo-cross circuit  which runs Ihrough Merrill, Agazziz, Duncan,  Mission, Nanaimo, 100 Mile House and elsewhere.  Summer Solstice Dance  A "Summer Solstice Dance" is being  planned for June IS. ll will be held al Ihe Hall  from 9 p.m. unlil 1 p.m. and will feature rock  and roll music with Nighl Moves. The $12  tickets are available at Talewind Books, Sayward Books, and the Roberts Creek General  Store.  RCVFD  The Roberts Creek Volunteer Fire Department are now organizing a 25 year reunion  for September 23-25. They hope lo have volunteer fire personal from the Coasl and from  around Ihe province who have once served in  Ihe Creek Volunteer hire Department attend  this gala event.  In order lo make this evenl happen, Ihey  are selling raffle tickets which are now available al the Creek Slore. First prize is "Rescuing A Memory" by James Lumbers (a framed  limited edition print), the second prize is pottery by Elaine Futterman (Creek Clayworks),  and Ihe third prize is a wood carving by Ernie  Burnett (The Wood Carver). The draw will  lake place al 9 p.m., Sepl. 24 at Ihe fire hall.  don't miss it  Raven's Cry Theatre Saturday June 25 8pm  I!  m  Announcing...  Dr. Scott Russell - Podiatrist  is available 2 Thursdays a month  for the treatment of all foot disorders.  Phone Gibsons Medical Clinic  for appointment  886-2221  by Joan Peterson  The commitmenl and dedication given lo his responsibilities  as regional director for this area,  ultimately led lo Tony Laver's  resignation.  We respect his integrity  while regretting his choice.  WHSEA expresses the lhanks  and appreciation of Ihe Wesl  Howe Sound communily, to  Tony for his efforts on our  behalf.  Now however, there's ihis  terrific employment opportunity  open on Ihe Sunshine Coast. The  job description might read as  follows:  Job Opportunity - SCRD  Regional Director, Area "F"  The ideal candidate will have  jin.MfyV, PhD, LL.D, DD DSM  and.V.C. Recenl Diplomatic  george In glbsons  Corps experience also considered helpful.  ��� Musl possess superior verbal/written and politically correct communication skills.  Semaphore, a plus.  ��� Also desirable, Ihe wisdom  of Solomon, patience of Job and  hide of a rhino.  ��� Should be willing lo devote  endless hours lo numerous meetings on any topic at any lime.  ��� Single status or proof of an  utterly forgiving spouse, preferred.  ��� Compensation, (prorated)  approximately 9.5 lo 11 cents  per hour, plus mileage.  Okay, maybe that's an exaggeration, and certainly a regional directorship is not for the shy  or faint-hearted. But for the individual whose talents may be  presently underutilized, Ihe  prospect should be intriguing.  The challenge will lie in shaping  Ihe necessary strategies for controlled growth in the inevitable  expansion of Ihe Coasl ��� no  small responsibility.  Those interested should contact WHSEA president, Daphne  Avis before Aug. 10. Phone  886-2654.  A by-election for regional  director and Ihe referendum on  increased Gibsons Library funding is set for Aug. 13.  April meeting activities  WHSEA members moved  unanimously to extend the  SCRD Jet Ski Ban to include the  section from above Granthams  lo the Langdale dock.    .,,,,.  The danger to swimmers and  There's nothing like hearing a  well spoken traveller lell of his  journeys lo little known places to  fire your own interest ��� lecturers like those who came to  prairie towns on the summer  Chautauqua circuit in the 1920s  before radio to lell of far-off  places and adventures.  Vilhjalmur Slefannson, for  instance, lold of Ihe potential  value as he saw it of our Arctic  region. Bul folks on the prairie  thought Ihey lived too far north  as it was. So wc did our polar  travel vicariously by reading and  listening lo Ihe hardy travellers.  For me a latent interest in the  North is stirred each lime I visit  our Elphinstone Pioneer Museum, there to view the items lhal  Ihe lale Ross Gibson donated.  Gibson's Inuit caribou parka, for  example, and sealskin boots are  there, as are Ihe artifacts on loan  Irom Bill While of Sechelt who  spent lour years in Ihe Arctic  wilh ihe RCMP.  Anecdotes by Bill renewed  my interest in the Vancouver  Maritime Museum and Ihe adjacent Sl Koch National Historical  Site Hill is one of the few  remaining members of the  RCMP who served on thai vessel  When you visit the St. Roch  sile one of Ihe first displays you  pass on Ihe way lo Ihe vessel  ilscll is lhal of an Inuit caribou  parka, a display similar lo the  one in our museum. Today's  synthetic materials may now pro-  leci Ihe Arctic traveller as well,  bul in ihe years the St. Roch  served in the Arctic Ihe double  Caribou parka sewn by Ihe skillful Inuil women was Ihe only  Means lo survive Ihe cold while  palrolling along Ihe sea ice by  dog team and komilik.  The ever-presenl wind or  ground drill drove snow inlo the  hair of the parka and before  {nlering Ihe snow house for the  nighl Ihis snow had to be beaten  oul of Ihe parka. Otherwise the  garment would gel wet while in  Ihe snowhouse, slay that way,  and then freeze on Ihe trail the  nexl day. Result...no insulation  value inIhe parka.  An excerpt from ihe patrol  diary by Sgt. Larsen, St. Roch  skipper, in December, 1941:  "During the night wind cut a  large hole in the  snowhouse...drifting snow  inside.  Attempted lo fill hole with  new snow blocks...put sled  wrapper over the house...lashed  il down and piled more snow  around. Unable to travel the next  day. One dog with long hair  unable to relieve himself became  hair frozen over rectum. Taken  inside and thawed out wilh warm  waler.. .hair clipped away."  Dog much happier, no doubt.  *Hi\t Corporation of % district of J&wljelt  and the INTERACT CLUB of Sechelt  present:  Canada Day Parade  Regis*?  Theme:  THE  INTERNATIONAL  FAMILY  Wc have a variety of  cultures on the Sunshine  Coast.  Get out and show your  colours.  Our parade is a fun event.  You arc not restricted to  the theme.  Friday  July 1st, 1994  Marshalling�� 10 am  on Wharf Street  Award Categories:  Marching Bands  Marching Groups  Floats: Commercial, Ethnic, Political,  Children's Entries  Vehicles: New, Restored, Antiques  Best Dressed for Theme in Audience  (Group or Individual)  Mail $10 Registration Fee to:  NORM BLAIR  RR#1 Draper C28  Sechelt, B.C. VON 3A0  885-6466 (phone)  885-8944 (fax)  Name:   Business:.  Category:  Phone:   small craft is evident.  John McNevin presented the  evening's topic One Coasl Government, emphasizing the need  for checks and balances to  ensure the individuality of  WHS, nol be sacrificed for the  "good of the majority."  A suggestion by Gibsons  council to form police liaison  groups, was also accepted. Glen  Marden to represent WHSEA.  No July meeting  A special meeting will be  held in August to accommodate  summer residents.  The agenda to include discussion of Ihe By-election/Referendum.  Next General Meeling, Aug.  10, 7:30 p.m., at Langdale  school.  BONNIEBROOK INDUSTRIES  your complete septic system seivice  Tank Pumpins  Field Flushins  Portable Toilet Rentals  Environmental Cleanup  Water Haulins  Hish Pressure Wash  Commercial ��� Residential ��� Industrial  Serving the entire Sunshine Coast  Call any time 886-7064 Cell 885-8101  Elephant Eats Tilley Hat...  Three Times!  We lound (ibthiidlo  r  i  twjllow. bul Mictiwl  ^J  i i.k kwitwgei, OuKlw ul thi  WW    ^  Bowmintwllf Zoo, mr*t f,  liuc: m e*eph�� * nn IiHejr  Ha fret limn!  A > 9  As nine |hm��J. udidlhfh*'  MchMf Icllt ut i (OOd wftiirn  wit ill tvt wat nmW io mile  MMtrtmnccabie^in  tVitavm a**'!*   lite  tlerr', wAy if* irlwledfcedihe bea, mouprtakil  outtkxx ''Jt ���>-. ihr astinkl  ��� n't IffWtJdpttytfld comkjnjbk  ��� Culijntnd NEVER Iu **jr out  ��� ll fiuii U boon io U'k)'t ind hstamtn.l  ��� ii itti On with idjutuble. tuckiwiy (rom and back  conh  ��� ll bkx -i UVA ind UBV uduion  ��� Michrnt mlihiblc ytl won'! thtinli ���  ��� Comet with i bur-page Otw'l Manual, i Bug  Tig. ind in EVWY, HUMAN SlZl  ��� BWu-tf   Any-|.mf.  Aln T.lley  Tllby Hat available at:  Coast Flies  SUNNYCREST MALL  886-8085"  L        ��� L  OUTDOOR  RECREATION SHOW  SATUSDAK Mi  FATHER'S DAY SPECIALS THROUGHOUT THE MALL  COAST FLIES  Fly Tying Demonstrations  SUNSHINE  KAYAKING  A  CHAMBERLIN  GARDENS  Gardening Information  [Wmm   "���PW   PIP*"*  CALL NANCY AT 886-8323 FOR MORE INFORMATION  ���.���.'.::'���������'.������'?���'.*�������� *;- -.r .!-*iv*-jii*va(wy FRESH,  FRESH,  FRESH!  AUDREY'S  COFFEE  SERVICE  community  dockside davis bay  by Jo-Anne Shcanh, 885-3629  A postscript Id the excellent show put on by Alice  Horsman anil Friends: Two selections from Pranz  l.ehar's The Merry Widow were show stoppers. Villa  was Ming by Elizabeth Messenger and Ihe Merry Widow  Waltz was sung by and danced lo by Annabel Kershaw  and David Woodhousc.  A standing ovation greeted Ihe performers al curtain  call and il was then Ihe entire cast sang, Play Gypsy,  Dance (lypsy.il was breathtaking.  There have been a number ol cougar sightings around  Ihe school area, so please be aware if you are walking in  or around heavily wooded areas. It you sight a cougar,  call Doug Pierce al 885-2004 or 885-8804 and reporl il.  Early registrations lor all levels of the Hunechin Dis  lricl Girl Guides, which includes Sparks, Brownies,  Guides and Pathfinders, will be held on Tuesday, June 14  from 7 p.m. lo 8 p.m. in Greenecourt Hall, Sechell. For  further Information, please call Denise at 885-2961.  This coming Sunday, June 19, i.s the day sel aside lo  honour our fathers. The idea originated in 1909 by a  woman, Sonora Louise Smarl Dodd of Spokane, Washington after hearing a sermon on Mother's Day. Through  her efforts, the firsl Father's Day was celebrated in 1910.  In 1972, President Nixon made it an official national holiday.  We bestow flowers, chocolates and perfume on our  moms on her day, let's not forget our dads on his. A  phone call, a card, a visil, a lovely dinner, whatever.  Happy Father's Day to all the dads.  sechelt scenario  Don't forget the Sunshine Choristers Concert this  coming weekend, Friday and Saturday nights at the  Seniors Hall. I'm told Ihe Oueen of Sechelt, Ihe Langdale  Oueen and the Blackball Ferry will be in attendance. See  you Ihere.  Alf Lucas remembers...during the Depression, they,  (along wilh thousands of others) were on Relief (a forerunner to Welfare) because Ihere were no jobs lo be had.  For his family of Ihree, he received $11.71 for two weeks  and was required lo spend il in the area in which he lived  which consisted of corner stores wilh higher prices than  ihe larger department stores. Alf remembers stacking a  full load of wood for 50 cents, an all-day job...lhose were  really tough times, but people survived them after all.  Such is Ihe human spirit.  sechelt seniors  m NATIONAL  I NRS CIBSONS RiAlTY ITD. ��� AN INDEPf NDiNT MiMBER BROKER"?  Thinking of  selling your home  orproperty?  .......  MARKET  EVALUATION  For success through  QUALITY service.  Call Sharon Simmons  886-2277 office  886-3051 res  Margaret Wall, 885-3364  Homes are urgently needed  in Ihe Sechell area for Iwo  Japanese studenls.  The iwo young women, 19  years old, arrived here the last  week of August and slay until  the end of Ihe following June.  While here, Ihey will attend  Chatelech high school, Grade  10.  If you're worried about a  language barrier, don't be. The  girls have had four years of  English.  If you feel this would be an  exciting and interesting project  lo undertake, you can contact  Gail al 886-3783.  I should mention lhat Ihe  host families will receive a  remuneration in Ihe bargain.  I feel sure lhat Ihere are  many families oul Ihere who  will jump al Ihe chance to  extend a warm welcome, in  their own homes, lo these students.  Ahoy Mates!  We have all Dad needs  to outfit his boat!  Serving Mariners Since 1968  weeaneer  Marina & Resort Ltd.  '  I ���' -i  PARTS  SALES  ��� marine hardware   ��� marine ways to 36' *  ��� yard trailer haul-out service to 28' ���  ��� open 1 days a week 8 am-5 pm ���  ' free u-launch boat ramp*  ��� hull painting and power washing ���  WARRANTEED MERCURY DEALER  SECRET COVE  885-7888  SERVICE  Help him enjoy the  boating season now!  "outboard*"  Welcome Visitors  At this lime of year, Sechelt  i.s full of visitors and we welcome each and every one of  you.  A very special welcome to  Barry and Shirley Breed who  arc currently holidaying wilh  Iheir son Ian and daughler-in-  law Wendy.  Shirley and Barry have come  all the way from New South  Wales in Australia to Ihe Sunshine Coast.  Have a greal holiday, Shirley  and Barry. I sure hope the  weather gets belter soon so you  will have warm memories of  your stay.  Choristers  Be sure to lake in the music  of the Sunshine Choristers Friday and Saturday, June 17 and  18.  Through the Years Ihe musical selection, will be held in Ihe  seniors hall on Trail Avenue in  Sechell al 7:30 p.m.  Writers' Forge  The wind-up meeling of Ihe  Suncoast Writers' Forge look  place in Rockwood Lodge on  Wednesday, June 8. Their 1994  magazine i.s now in Ihe Coast  bookstores. Look for the bright  green cover.  The magazine, called The  Suncoaster, is filled with stories,  fiction and non-fiction, created  by Coasl writers.  The Forge will start up again  in September. The date will be  announced in this paper, and  new members are very welcome.  Girl Guide Registration  Early registration for all levels of Girl Guides including  Sparks, Brownies, Guides and  Pathfinders will lake place in  Greenecourt Hall in Sechelt on  Tuesday, June 14 between 7  p.m. and 8 p.m.  For more information, call  Denise Lee at 885-2961.  Keeping tabs on the  Coast's Painted Ladies  The Pender Harbour Wildlife  and Sechell Marsh Societies are  asking the public's help in a  pioneer research project.  Four hundred Painted Lady  butterflies will be released from  Eagle Harbour Primary School,  West Vancouver, on or about  Wednesday, June 15 at 1 pm  (weather permitting).  Each butterfly will bear a  tiny paper tag on the right fore-  wing. The tag inviles a collect  phone call to report liming and  location of retrieval.  Some butterflies are expected to head toward the Sunshine  Coast. They are medium-sized  with black and white wing  markings and are rapid-flying  and active.  It is not necessary lo kill the  animal lo read ils tag.  Tag information would provide a first glimpse inlo the  northern migratory habits of  these insects which arc known  lo leave Mexico each spring.  The project has presented  several challenges, including-  ��� How lo find enough food  for nearly 500 hungry caterpillars ��� they feed on thistles  which are fairly scarce in Wesl  Vancouver.  ��� How to tag the butterflies  ��� butterfly tags are not a common item in the average mall.  They were made on a school  computer.  Fingers will be kept crossed  during the nexl iwo weeks in  the hope of a phone call from  the Sunshine Coasl or other  areas announcing the discovery  of a Painted Lady butterfly with  a tag attached.  For further information call  Pender Harbour 883-2434 or  Sechelt 885-5413.  Friday & Saturday, June 17 & 18  &  CROSSCUT   $  Friday Night BBQ Steak Supper $8.00 <>8pm  OMN SUNDAYS ___/ IUNCHIS MON. ��� HI. 11-3  Next General Meeting  Crib  Iwkrfljpm  Bingo  WtsUmn  Meat Draw  Imy Saturday 4 pm  GIBSONS  Hwy. 101 ��� 886-2411  aFrmmUy & SaturaUy.June 17&18  &       THE  PARTNERS    $  OMHSUNPMS 11 �����/ KITCHEN HOURS TUIS. ��� S��T. 11 ��� *  Last General  Meeting until Sept.  Tues June 21/Bpm  Darts  M 7:30 pm  Crib  Sat Ipm  Meat Draw  buy Sal 4 pm  �� Draws  J><    CLIP   'N'   SAVE    >^  by Larry Grafton  Potluck dinner  Following protocol our  branch will have Iheir month end  "dinner get-together" on the  evening of June 25. Bring a potluck gathering this month, it will  be a good opportunity lo sample  our members' choice recipes.  Bring along your favourite recipe  for others to enjoy. Refreshments  will be available starting at 6  p.m. There will be some form of  entertainment following Ihe  meal.  Please keep in mind that these  Saturday night dinners will be  discontinued for July and  Augusi, which is customary for  our cenlre. Although a number of  branch activities will be discontinued during July and August,  there will still be some that will  carry on during Ihe summer.  Look for a list of these in a future  column, but off-hand, bridge and  carpet bowling on Mondays only  come to mind. Carpet bowling on  Wednesdays has been discontinued for the summer, at least.  We'll see what September  brings.  Line dancing  Our very active line dance  group will have their last session  on June 24 at the centre at the  regular time. Please contact  Gwynnelh Houghton (885-5911)  regarding time and place for a  get-togelher for all dancers shortly afler the last session.  Lonely seniors  Joan Mackereth's column of  June I dwell on a new program  whereby isolated, or just plain  lonely, seniors are invited to our  centre for lea and light refreshments each Wednesday afternoon between 2 p.m. and 4 p.m.  Granted some will need transportation which will be supplied  by calling the centre (885-3513).  So far there has been about a  dozen participants each week but  hopefully the program will  become belter known with many  more people taking part.  Our branch, along with some  financial assistance from the  Ministry of Health, and other  communily services has made  ihis program possible.  There is a new brochure available at the centre listing Ihis program along with a regular schedule of activities.  Keep in mind, though, lhat  although the tea will carry on  until further nolice, some of Ihe  other activities on the brochure  will be discontinued for the summer monlhs.  General meeting  The general meeling of Ihe  branch will be held at 1:30 p.m.  on June 16. It would be nice lo  have a full house to help conduct  Ihe business of the branch al that  lime. Members attendance is  requested.  JAKE the  SNAKE  alias RAY  fe 50  June 13th Coast News, June 13, 1994  11  community  The COunlry Stars teach square dancing lo everyone willing lo learn Sechelt's Barefoot-in-the-Park  Celebration Day evenl ut Hackett Park. Joel Johnslonc photo  halfmoon happenings  Ruth Forrester 885-2418  Good news wilh which lo slart  Ihe week i.s lhal Ouecnie Burrows  is home again and now has her  place in Shorncliffe.  Queenie and her family are  happy lhat the strain on everyone  is over. Friends and family can  now pop in lo visit without having to make Ihe trip to Vancouver. Hopefully a change will  come in Ihe law of Ihe wailing  list which will see lo it lhat those  who have had residence in the  area for al least 10 years will  automatically have their name  placed al the lop of the list as  soon as the need arises.  Much expense and trauma of  moving people back and forth  could be saved. Lei's keepjvork-  ing lowards ihis goal.  There i.s a group of young studenls in Ihe process of irying lo  raise kinds lor a skateboard park  in Sechell. A fairly lofty ambition, bul wilh iheir enthusiasm  this could well become a reality.  They are willing lo lake odd jobs  for donalions to the fund, and  from experience, I can tell you  lhat Ihey are good workers. Call  either Terry Nelson at 885-0231  or Rob McNee, 886-3994. You  will get the help you need, while  at the same time showing support  for Iheir cause.  The theme for this year's  Country Fair of Halfmoon Bay  salutes the Commonwealth  games and is on July 8-10, starting off with the annual Car Rally  on Friday evening, July 8. The  fee for each driver and navigator  team is $12. Enter and register  with Marion at 885-8555, then  meel al Ihe parking lol al Cooper's Green al 6 p.m. to take part  in a fun event. Salurday morning,  July 9 will see hundreds of kids  enjoying the Kids' Fishing Derby  at the Halfmoon Bay wharf. Pre-  registration is required at Ihe  store where owners Scotl and  Marion are sponsoring the evenl.  Also scheduled for the Saturday is the bocci ball tournament  sponsored by the Recreation  Association. Call Maurice  Arduin at 885-6278 for information and registration. A big crowd  will gather in the evening at 5:30  p.m. for dinner and socializing.  The Halfmoon Bay Pre-  school/Daycare are in need of  donations for their Service Auction. Call Sue at 885-9975 to help  with this worthy cause. Tickets  for the 50/50 raffle are now on  sale at outlets on the Coast and  will be available in Trail Bay  Mall, June 23-24. Be sure lo get  in on this one.  Watch Ihis column for more  information of events at the Fair.  by Frank Roosen 883-2920  New lion born  On Sunday, June 5, Ihe care-  laker (arid glass artist) of the  LiiWs PM, "June", gave birlh  to a baby boy right in her home  al ihe Lions Park. This I'm sure  is a firsl in Ihe whole world.  Congratulations June, I don'l  know whal you will be calling  him bul in my book he is down  a D-Day Minus One.  Wildlife  The Pender Harbour Wildlife  Sociely will be having a picnic  al the Lions Park on Tuesday,  June 21 al fi p.m. It's a polluck  dinner, so please bring a dish to  share wilh some one who can  cook as good as you. Now Ihere  is a lough one. Of course, there  are barbecues available, but  please bring plates, utensils, a  friend or two and most of all.  sunshine. There will be all sorts  of games and plays like volleyball, horseshoe throwing, and  trisbees.  Sounds like a fun evening.  Tuesday being a fire department  evening I wonder if they could  combine a practice and have  some fun at this picnic? How  about it fellows? You could  check if the tank is still full of  waler.  New bridges  Lasl Saturday, June 11, two  new bridges were officially  opened by a ribbon-cutting ceremony at ihe Lions Park.  These bridges were built by  the students of the Pender Harbour secondary school's shop  class and Ihey have done a  beauliful job on them. Gracefully arched, laminated, routered  and fitted to perfection, the  bridges are works of art. The  firsl chance you get, you should  come and see them. Better yel,  take some time off and walk the  whole trail which, especially at  ihis time of year, is fantastic.  Special (hanks go to the following companies that have graciously donated toward these  bridges: A.C. Building Supplies,  Earls Cove Barge Terminal,  Howe Sound Pulp & Paper,  Interfor, Ray Hanson Trucking,  Roosendal Farms, Swanson's  Ready-Mix. Thank you fellows,  it is people like you and the volunteers that get projects like  these done in this here "Beauliful Harbour."  Going Away  on Vacation?  Your Secret's  Safe With Us.  lent four canal home wth u>.  M/AoIomICmc  MiUCleirinfWid Permuting  Indoor Fbotnd Y��fd Mttnwunce  Itasfjltr Home Check ot Un-toSenkx  CAI1SHARON 885-2228  fulutHMit-UMdi  li  BONDED LICENSED INSURED  BnnchtCotrtToCoart  You're Invited to  A Free Seminar on  Reverse Mortgages  ^> For Homeowners age 60+  Ay Find out how a Reverse Mortgage works  4> Speak with a couple who are in the program  Date:      Tuesday, June 21,1994  Time:     2:00 ��� 3:30 pm  Place:    The Driftwood Inn  Sechelt, B.C.  RSVP:    Lynne Nickford  Phone:  1 800 - 663 -1959  Home Earnings  Reverse Mortgage  (B.C.) CORPORATION  1240 Park Place, 666 Burrard St., Vancouver, B.C.  * Licensed Insurance Agents * Mortgage Broker on Staff  IMIGRTl  TO fl HIGH���R  D6POSIT RAT���.  CMIS��� THC  CflRIBfKflN.  Navigate $5000*  of'new money' to Sunshine Coast  Credit Union between May 9th  and July 6th, 1994, and we'll  navigate you to a 1%* bonus  Interest rate on a one year  locked-in term deposit.  t��fr  Sunshi  tp^tte^  st Credit Union  Gibsons Branch  Sunshine Coast Hwy.  Tel. 886-8121  Pender Harbour  Branch  Madeira Park Rd.  Tel. 883-9531  Sechelt Branch  Teredo St  Tel. 885-3255  You could win  a Caribbean Cruise worth  approximately $5000, or you  could win one of three $500  cash prizes. One will be awarded at each branch. For every  $1000 deposited you receive one  entry form. The more you  deposit, the greater your  chances of winning.  Take another look  at those funds you have elsewhere. Navigate them over to  Sunshine Coast Credit Union,  We QQ have more to offer!  Visit any branch of Sunshine  Coast Credit Union for  complete contest details.  ' SSOOO iitmaniwit tttfjeed to rettf* bonui rott,  ilOOO "KtmtiiH" rtquirrd to mtn tjntr ilia*,  'New money' repmtnti fundi not airtetllf on  depot* ot SCCL/ Hot" ii ubfed Id ihonfe.  Crulw provided by:  5SI7 Wharf, Sechelt. Ttl. SIS-IH4  bar  Tour Crufse Vacation Store'  NORWEGIAN  For Dads  He would like  a chair of his  own as much as  mom likes hers!  For Grads  Don't you think  it's time to replace  the kids' old 12"  black & white with  a BIG SCREEN  Sanyo Color TV!  There's only one  Graduation '94  after all.  SA\YO  BIG SCREEN  Come and see the Selection,  the Prices, the Value.  We can help you find  the perfect fit!  Best Value' Best Selection1 Best Quality1 Best Service!  5605 Sunshine Coast Hwy., Sechelt ��� 885-5756  ���n  ���   <.-.   .-.A   9    .-   i    ..   + Instant of  Impact.  i  -  Joel Johnstone  Best Sports Photo 1994  The impact of an award-winning sports picture is  determined in an instant: a test of the photographer's  reflexes, skill, and eye.  The Coast News is proud to congratulate  Joel Johnstone, Winner of 1st Place Best Sports  Photo in the Canadian Community Newspaper  Association's 1994 Better Newspapers Competitions.  community  egmont news  by Maureen Parrott, 883-9189  A canoe full of kids from  Maple Ridge wilderness camp  entered ihe Skookumchuck last  Wednesday Before afternoon  slack.  The tide was still running  out, maybe five knots with lots  ol while showing on Ihe water.  (Warning: do not try this at  home.)  The canoe rolled over in tide,  and the six kids and their  instructor clung to il, yelling.  Charlie Angus arrived first. He  got a line on the canoe and  lowed them oul of the rapids,  while Ted Lee came and helped  pick the people oul of Ihe frigid  water.  They received first aid (dry  clothes, warmth, hoi drinks) al  the gravel pit, while Charlie salvaged some packs and gear.  Later Ted ferried the group to  Egmont Marina, where they  spent the nighl, apparently none  the worse for their scare.  Egmont Day  Ignoring intermittent showers, sports al Ihe Egmont Day  fishing derby caught and  released quite a few fish. Some  big ones escaped when eager  youngsters tried to lift them  clear of ihe waler on lighl fishing line.  Wayne Silvey caught Ihe  biggest fish, followed by Sean  Grey. Russell Silvey caught the  most fish, as well as the third  biggest.  Egmont Day hasn't been  rained out in years, but this one  was close. Afler Ihe derby,  heavier weather drove every-.  body inlo Ihe hall. Sack races  and a closely contested lug-o-  war entertained the kids until trie  rain stopped.  This year's canoe race winners were Dave Farrel and Pete  Schmidt.  Everyone loved the potluck  dinner. Afterward, aboul 50  Egmonslers gathered in the hall  for ihe dance.  Thanks to everyone who  helped, including Bathgate's,  the Backeddy, and Egmont Fish  Plant for great fishing derby  prizes.  First Aid workshop  Last Tuesday al Egmont  School, 12 fisher folk from  Egmont and Earls Cove gathered to learn Survival First Aid.  Two ambulance attendants, Gerald Sullivan and Dennis Gamble, drilled everyone in emet-  gency procedures. The main  points were: remove danger, test  consciousness, gel help (885-  5191), then check "ABCD"���  airway, breathing, pulse (circulation), and deadly bleeding.  Use resuscitation or other  first aid techniques if necessary.  Finally, roll an unconscious  palienl into a three-quarters  prone position (safe from choking).  Mr. Sullivan pleaded, "Be  kind." Helpers may not know or  remember enough lo save a  patient, but they deserve full  credit for doing their best. At  least someone tried.  Coast hospice sponsors  charity golf tounament  The Sunshine Coast Hospice is sponsoring a charity golf tournament on Aug. 6 to raise much needed funds for program and volunteer support.  Although we are under the umbrella of the Sunshine Coast Home  Support Sociely, we rely 100 per cent on the community for donations, fundraising events and the goodwill of our volunteers.  Please support the Hospice Golf Tournament on Saturday, Aug. 6  by either playing, sponsoring prizes or helping with dinner preparations. Call 885-5144 to register or help.  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And in keeping wilh ihe society's self proclaimed penchant for puns, they're striving to  become a key ingredient lo promoting and  stimulating the arts and artists on the Sunshine Coasl.  "We hope lo sel up a vital place where all  the arts can find a home," said society president Dr. Peter Millard.  "It will be a place for artists who very  often wouldn't have a commercial outlet."  Currently seeking non-profit society status, the society, numbering about 70 members after only one brief membership drive,  plans to launch their ambitious endeavor wilh  a six week exhibition entitled "Cross Currents."  Simply put, "It will be a cross section of  arts on the Sunshine Coast," said society  director Patricia Nattrass.  The exhibition, scheduled to open at the  society's 271 Gower Point Road location  wilh a June 11 grand opening (7 pm), will  fetmre Coast sculptor, paintings and photographs by such artists as Maurice Spira,  Gordon Munro, Zoe Mackenzie, Mandad,  Gunrude Pacific, Nina Braathen, Donna  Balma, Edmund Butler, Tom Hunt, Lisa  Blackwell, Dean Schulz and Francine Des-  jardins.  The artists featured in the exhibition were  selected by a committee of local collectors,  Millard said.  "It should be a really fun opening show,"  Nattrass said. "We've asked Ihe artists to  bring an earlier piece and a new piece to  show their development and whal they were  concerned with then as compared to now."  During the course of the exhibition the  society plans on holding coffee houses fealuring Coast jazz musicians and guitarists, as  well as a series of open discussions, poetry  readings, book signings and other art related  events.  On June 19 an "artists talk" will be featured during which exhibition artists will be  on hand to discuss their work(s).  "It will be a chance to interface with the  local artists," Nattrass said.  As the society develops, the community  will benefit, Millard said.  ' "We think it will be good for tourism and  good for business. This is the right time for it  in Gibsons. People seem to be very responsive." ,.  In fact, after one membership drive, Ihe'  society's number rose to ariund 70 ������# posi- \  live sign, Millard said.       ���' ^  "It's a strong board. I think il's going to be  a really vital group," said Nattrass, who sits  on the board along with Dr. Terence Webb,  Carol Dunsford, Micheline Larose, Lionel  Trudel (secretary), Sandie Loach (treasurer),  Kay Bailey (vice-president) and Millard.  Madeira Park poet John Pass was recently awarded second place in The League of  Canadian Poets 7th annual poetry contest  for his work, Reprieve For the Body.  Pass' winning poem is part of a larger  collection of works entitled Radical Innocence, to be published by Harbour later this  year.  The poem will also be printed in a special anthology published by the League of  Canadian Poets.  Reached at his home Thursday (June 9)  for comment, Pass said he was pleased to be  recognized for his work but added it's not  the deciding factor in whether he will continue on in his creative endeavors.  First prize in the 1994 League of Canadian Poets contest went to Tim Bowling of  Ladner, B.C. for his poem Snowy Owl After  Midnight.  %,Other wfnhers in the League's contests  include Barbara Kllr of Saskatoon and Ilya  Tourtidis of Vancouver Island for a first  place tie for the Gerald Lamperl Award for  best first poetry book.  Ottawa's Diana Brebner won the Pat  Lowther Award for the best first book by a  Canadian woman poet.  Notice  Oagolai eveils most be updated moolhty  Wc reserve (he right la edti submissions for brevily  All submissions qhttold refer lo non-profit events  of genuine community interest  Items will be listed three weeks prior to the event  nt****  #  The Sunshine  Coast News  MONDAY, JUNE 13  Qlbaona     Landing      Marchanla  Association meeling 7 30 p m Harbour  Cate   All non-memDer  merchants  welcome  St Mary'a Hoapltal Auxiliary. Hallmoon  Bay branch luncheon meeting. Whart  Restaurant Meeting at 11 am. luncheon  to follow Tickets from Hildegard (885*  4590) or Eflna (886 7129)  TUESDAY, JUNE 14   '     I  Huntchln Dlatrlct Olrl Ouldea: Early  regislraiion tor all levels ot Girl Guides'  (Sparks. Brownies. Guides. Pathfinders)  for this fall. 7-8 pm. Greenecourt Hall  inlu Denise Lee, 865-2961  THURSDAY, JUNE IS  Chambers of Commerce Dinner  Meeling. Lord Jim s Resort Speaker: Bill  Barlee. Minister of Smell Business.  Tourism and Culture Social Hour, 6:30;  Dinner 7 15lsh Price $19 To reserve  please call 8853100  Olbeons Garden Club monthly meeting,  7:30 pm. SI Bart's Church Guests  welcome  FRIDAY S SATURDAY, JUNK 17 a IS  Sunehlne Chorletera - Musical  selection Through trie Years Senior  CHiiens Hall. Trail Ave . Sechelt  7:30pm  ,       FRIDAY, JUNE 17  Friend* of Caren meeting. 7 30 pm.  Pender Harbour Lions Park Hall Into  683 2807  SATURDAY, JUNE IS  Canedlan Federation of University  Women meeting will be a garden pany  wilh plant identification walk al tne home  ol Audrey 4 David Morten. 869 Gower Pt  Rd, 2-4 pm Members and their spouse  or tnend are welcome Prospective  members are welcome with confirmed  attendance Afternoon tea served Info.  8853315  Public Dance, Qibsons Legion Hall. 9  pm Fealuring ���Local Traffic." Tickets $10  at Sayward Books. R C General Slore.  Frontrunners, Axana-Dew Sponsored by  Langdale Elementary School  Fundraising Cerweah: Support your  local Gibsons Youth Ambassador  program. Come meet this year's  contestants Refreshments and hot dogs.  11 am-4 pm. Elphinstone Secondary  School  MONDAY, JUNE 20  Olbaona Sea Cavalcade Committee:  neut meeting will be held in the Marine  Room (below Gibsons Public Library).  *m*  7:30 pm. Into: Peggy Small, 886-4956  Canadian Caneer Society. S.C Unit  luncheon meeting, noon, Pebbles  Restaurant. Sechelt.  E C.E.B.C. meeting, 7 pm, Teddy Bear  Daycare. Davis Bay.  Canadian Cystic Fibrosis Foundation.  Sunshine Coast chapter - Apprecietlon  Evening tor sponsors ot Reg I Lynne  Dickson's MMr In th, md and for Walt-  a-runathon sponsors and participants, S  pm at the new Keeper's Restaurant (next  to Lighthouse Pub) Hot 8 cold hors  douevres. no-host bar Entertainment by  Reg S Lynne Dickson $to Reserve  tickets early by calling Elva Dinn. 885-  2361; Illana Holloway. 885.3691;  Linnadine's Shoes, 886-2624  SATURDAY, JUNE 29  March for Jesua. 2 pm. starting from  Calvary Baptist Church Inlo: 886 7736 or  886 8473  FRIDAY, JULY 1  Photo Exhibition: S am-4 pm. Gumboot  Cats Roberts Creek Elphinstone  photography program year-end  exhibition. Spaakless Attitudes This �� a  fundraising event All donations will be  gratefully apprecieled Rattle for one  8k 10 photograph will be held - tickets on  sale at the Gumboot Cate  Canade Day In Olbeone: Set up your  cralts for display al the Canada Day  Festival in Gibsons For inlormation and  applications and applications, call Deda  Anderson at 895-4682 Kldsl Decorate  your bikes, wagons and pets for Canada  Day - ludglng at 9:30 am at Holland Park,  parade at 10 am lo Dougal Park  SATURDAY A SUNDAY, JULY 23 t 24  Sunehlne Coaat Equestrian Club'a  Summer Horse Show: Saturday- Cattle  Penning S Gymknana. Sunday- Jumping.  Concession on site Everyone welcome.  Joan 666-3059  MISCELLANEOUS  Exhibition by Vivian Chamberlin  (watercolours) and Ross Buchanan  (pottery), June 18-July 6, Hunter Gallery,  Qibsons  Parent-Tot Summer Fun '84 will again  be offered during July & Augusi. There  will be 8 morning adventures at different  locations, featuring different activities  Irom dress-up to rock a roll. Programs  ottered Tuesdays or Wednesdays, 10  am-noon Registration limited to 30  children on each ol the two days Inlo S  registration lorms at Gibsons S Sechelt  Public Libraries and Irom Community  Services, 5636 Inlet Ave , Sechell.  Further info from Community Services,  8955881 or from Program Coordinator  Wendy Harford, 995-4959. Program  jointly sponsored by Community Services  * S.C. Recreation Comm'   '  mt  SPCA Display: Juns 25, Sunnycresl  Mall; July 23. Trail Bay Mall.  Men's Baaeball League: recruiting  players IS 9 over lor July, August 9  September. If Interested, ca* 885-3291.  Video Series: ilia on lha Edge:  Preparing for the Challenges ol  Adulthood fealuring Dr. Jamas Oobeon,  Christian uie Assembly, 730 School fld.  Gibsons. Sunday nights: June 5 9 12, 6  pm; June 19. July 3,10,17 9 24, 7 pm.  Info: 986-7107  New Directions Health Reform  Community Meetings June 7 Qibsons  Yacht Club 7:00 - 9:00 pm; June 14th  Sechelt Senior Citizens Hal 7;00 - 9:00  p.m.; June 15th Pendsr Harbour  Community Hall 7:30 - 9:30 p.m. New  Directions Information Heallh Una 995-  3700 25  Child Health Clinks: (Gibsons) June 14,  21 9 29 with an extra CHC June 20.  (Sechelt) June 16, 22 9 29 (Pender  Harbour) June 16,23 9 30  Tuberculin Skin Testing a Traveller*'  Clinic: (Gibsons Heallh Unit) June 13.20  9 27 wilh Travellers' Clinic only on June  19, 23 S 30 (Sechell Health Unit) June  13,20 9 27 with Travellers' Clinic only on  June 15,22 4 29  Prenatal Claaeo*: Gibsons Health Unit  Early Clan June 21 Uie Class Series  July 9. 12 9 19 with a breastfeeding  follow-up July 26 (Sechell Health Unit)  Early Class July 26, Late Class June 14,  21 9 July 5 Next Postnatal Class - June  29 (Sechelt) All above Prenatal Classes  are trom 7 to 9 pm. Please register early  as classes fill up quickly. To register:  (Olbeons) 999.5600, (Sechelt) 865-5164  Elphlnetone Pioneer Mueeum. 716  Winn Rd . aero** Irom Post Office,  Qlbson*. Displays are constantly  changing Wheelchair accessible. Open 7  days a week, Mondays 9 Tuesdays. 1- 5  pm and Wednesday through Sunday. 9-  5:30 pm. Admission by donation. Call  999*9232 lor more info.  Parent-Tot Drop-In: for parents with d*  dien up to 5. 9:3011 30 am at the following locations: Gibsons United Church Hall  (Mon., Tues.. Wed., Fri); Sechelt St  Hilda s Church Hall (Tues I; Wilson Creek  Community Hall (Thurs). Inlo:  Community Services, 9955991  Sexually Transmitted Dleeeee Clinic:  (H.I V Inlormation. counselling and testing) Phone lor appointment in Gibsons  886-5600, Sechell 885-5164  4 Pisgnant? CaH the Health Unit  5800  Prenatal Hoapltal Tour: phone St.  Mary's Hospital switchboard to arrange  tor tour, 995-2224. Prenatal only.  Parent a Baby Drop-In gives parents an  opportunity to meet other parenta and  dlspuss common concerns. Th* group  gathers every Tuesday Irom 1:15 to 3:90  pm at 494 S. Fletcher, Qibsons and In  Seetielt at 8871 Intel on Wednesdays  Irom 1-3:30 pm.  School Entry Booeter Clinic*: A booster dose ol diphtheria, tetanus and pertussis Is Important for children entering  school Qlbaona clinics - 999-5600;  Sechelt clinics .999-9194.  MONDAYS  Sunehlne Coaat Spinnare a Waavere  Guild meets 1st Monday of each month,  Sept. through June, St. John* United  Church, Davis Bay For more Info: Lynn  Pakulak, 8857355  Recovery, Inc. offers a self-help method  to overcome the negative feelings that  come from leer, anger, depression and  constant anxiety 7-9 pm, The Wellness  Centre,Gibsons Inlo:8868028        26  TUESDAYS  "Living With Cencer" Support Group  meels every other Tuesday. Kirkland  Cenlre. Davis Bay, I pm Info 885-5861  oi 886 8369  WEDNESDAYS  Poatperlum Depreeelon Support  Group - Qibsons Health Unit. 1 -2:30 pm  THURSDAYS  3C'a Weight Loee Support Group  meets afternoons 10:30- 12:30pm. call  886-2692, and evenings 6.30-8 oopm.  call 999-7159, at Ihe United Church,  Glassford Rd., Gibsons  Birth Control Clinic, Coasl Ganbaldi  Health Unit, 494 S. Fletcher, 7-9 pm.  Confidential service ��� everyone welcome.  No appointment needed Info: 8657770.  TOPS: men, women 8 teens - it you are  looking for an inexpensive weight loss  support group, there Is a TOPS chapter  in Gibsons Into: Norma. 996-7756.    26  FRIDAYS  Braeet Self-Exam Clinic: Firsl Friday ol  each month, 7:309 pm. Gibsons Health  Una.  United Church Thrift Shop, 1-3 pm.  church basement, lane olf Trueman  Road.  We're ComingBctck!  EVERGREEN LANDSCAPING  DIV. OF ROBERTS CREEK ENTERPRISES LTD.  Serving the Sunshine Coasl for over 20 years. We  are returning from Victoria this July. We have  new products and innovative landscape ideas.  For top quality designs and guaranteed  workmanship.  Starting July 1,1994, phone 885-5033.  s&AJL  For inquiries, phone  1-382-3897 fax 1-388-9666.  Sales & Service  All Major Brands  3 great reasons to call us 1st  885-3963  #3-5580 Wharf Road, Sechelt      Sechelt Plaza (at the lights)  ttlje Corporation of tljr  m__m____i_%t_tU  Vffy   POtoia.iMiHeAv.m.SidiitBCVOHaW T��(m��liO<l��SIM tejjMlSttWtl  NOTICE OF PUBLIC HEARING  TAKE NOTICE that the Council of the District of Sechelt will  be considering the addition of a new Zoning Schedule to  District of Sechelt Zoning Bylaw No. 25 and will be  considering the zoning of certain lands near the Airport to  that new zone as described below:  ZonlnfAmendment Bylaw No. 2542,1994  \  That the text of Zoning Bylaw No. 25, 1M7 will be  augmented to allow for a new Industrial 6 (1-6) zone which  would permit general industrial uses, including bulk fuel  Further, Part of Lot A, District Lot 6682 NWD, Plan 13667  located east of the Airport on the Forest Service Road and  identified on the plan attached as 'Schedule A' to Bylaw 25-  82,1994 will be rezoned from Industrial 5 (1-5) to Industrial 6  (1-6) - so as to provide for the development of those general  Industrial uses, including bulk fuel storage, in that area.  TAKE FURTHER NOTICE that a Public Hearing for the  purpose of hearing all persons who believe their interest in  property is affected by the proposed bylaw is scheduled as  follows:  Date: Monday, June 20th, 1994  Time: 7:00 pm  Place: Sr. Citizens'Assoc, of BC Hall  5604 Trail Avenue, Sechelt, BC  Written submissions regarding the proposed bylaw will also  be received and may be presented at the Public Hearing or  received at the District of Sechelt Municipal Hall, 5545 Inlet  Avenue, Sechelt, BC, VON 3AO (facsimile number 885-7591)  at least forty-eight (48) hours prior to the hearing. No further  information or representations can be considered by Council  after the Public Hearing is terminated.  The above is a brief summary and intent of the bylaw and  not an interpretation. The full text of the bylaw may be  inspected at the District of Sechelt Municipal Hall, during  regular office hours, Monday through Friday, excepting  holidays, 8:00 am to 5:00 pm.  Telephone enquiries should be directed to the Planning  Department of the District of Sechelt at 885-1986.  Michael P. Vaughan  Municipal Clerk  on behalf of the District of Sechelt PENDER HARBOUR  FIRE PROTECTION DISTRICT  BURNING PERMITS  April 15 to October 31,1994  Available at;  Oak Tree Market  Madeira Paik 883-2411  Cliff Orr   John Henry"s  Store  Garden Bay 883-2253  Denny Bowen  Fire Marshal  ill Hunshe  Fire Chief  leisure  Seven balls, two hands*..no brains  BJORN W. MEYER  Sussex Realty is pleased to announce the association of  Bjom W. Meyer to its sales force.  Bjom and Mis wife have recently moved to the Sunshine  Coast from Vancouver, where he spent more than 20 years  in real estate. He has handled sales of commercial and  industrial revenue and user properties, apartment buildings  and townhouse complexes, hotels and motels, a variety of  businesses, as well as commercial and residential  development sites in many locations throughout Ihe Lower  Mainland.  We are pleased to offer this expertise to property owners  and buyers on the Sunshine Coast.  Bjorn will continue to work the Vancouver market as well  as the Sunshine Coasl. His many contacts will give  owners who want to sell, maximum exposure of their  properties, and to purchasers, the greatest choice from  which lo buy.  Please feel free to conlact Bjorn at any time for a private  discussion of your property needs.  Telephone 885-3295 (office).  681-7931 (Vancouver toll-  free) or 885-1099 (residence).  SUSSEX  REALTY  Tickets/or  the double  bill show are  $!4for  adults and  $10for  youth  In 1981 David Aitkcn, al Ihe lender age  ot 13, was lold to put the laundry away.  Who would have thought juggling three  bundles of socks would turn inlo a lifetime  passion for juggling?  Whether manipulating cigar boxes, kini-  billing, or juggling on "The Very Large Uni-  cycle Of Death", Dave's fondness for checkers and his approach to performing distinguished him from others in his class.  In    the    nine  years following his        departure from the  laundry room,  Aitken created the  "Checkerboard  Guy" character.  This led lo performances at the 10th  annual European  Juggling convention in Sainles,  France, a three  month tour of Aus-  tralia, and two  months al  Expo        1990  in  Osaka,  Japan.  The Checker-  hoard Guy was among Ihe first Canadian  artists to perform at the Canadian Pavillion  M Expo 92 in Seville, Spain. His popularity  and universal appeal earned him a nomination as "besl young performer" on the Expo  site.  Riding his "six foot unicycle of death",  the Checkerboard Guy wheels lo the doors  of the Raven's Cry Theatre for Rockwood  Centre's Physical Comedy Minifesl on Saturday, June 25 at 8 p.m.  The first show features Girardo Avila and  Doug Vernon in the Electro Tecno Tealro.  Avila and Vernon are bolh former members  ol Ihe renowned "Le Cirque du Soleil".  Tickets for the double bill show are $14  lor adults and $10 for youth. Available from  Talewind Books, the Roberls Creek General  Slore, Sayward Books, and the Rockwood  Centre. For information and reservaiions call  885-2522.  Juggler Daid Aitkcn will perform at Ihe Raven's Cry Theatre June 25.       photo submitted  Third Coast Theatre finds home for summer  Third Coasl Thealre Works  and The Sundowner Inn  announce a first-ever on Ihe  coasl: Summer Thealre with a  special dinner package every Saturday in July and August.  Following upon a successful  presentation in April of "God  Couldn't be Everywhere, Therefore She Made Mothers", Third  Coasl Theatre approached owners of The Sundowner to provide  a season of summer thealre in the  Annex space.  On June 3, a contract was  signed between The Sundowner  and Third Coast Theatre for a  repertory of three shows, titles lo  ")  A discussion will be held  at the Sunshine Coast  Community Services  Society offices in Sechelt  at 5638 Inlet Avenue on  Monday, June 27, at 9:30  a.m. to plan activities for  the International Year of  the Family.  Anyone interested in  participating is welcome  to attend.  LOGS  WANTED  TERMINAL  Forest Products Ltd.  Competitive Prices  886-7033  be announced. "It's exciting to  have the opportunity to work  consistently in one location,"  says Gord Holloran, Third Coast  Theatre's artistic director.  "I really enjoy going where  the people are," said Caitlin  Hicks. "I'm hoping thai Ihis kind,  of experience will attract people  who may not normally attend  theatre. Because it's connected  with a meal, friends can share'  dinner ��� that's a social ritual, a  custom ... Ron and Dallas Brock  and Alex Boyd and Holly Smirl  have given us iheir vole of confidence, and we're going to be  working towards promoting the  location as a place for some  exciting creative work.."  A repertory of three shows  will be produced on alternate Saturdays. A special weekend of  entertainment revolving around  the arrival of the Mission Boats  will take place Friday and Saturday, Aug. 19 and 20.  Coast authors will speak on  Friday evening Aug. 19. On Saturday, Aug. 20, Caitlin Hicks  will present a dramatic evening  based on true stories of the history of Pender Harbour. Tickets  must be by advance reservation.  Coit Bonus Coupons  -CLIP I S LOR SAVINGS 01 I PK) S175 -  ���50  CUSTOM MADE  OFF DRAPERIES  Hinbvh of fabrics * styles. And our Interior  ���MdlMa an opens a hdplng you dime just  Uie right design.  Una one per rustcmer  MnadaUiayataqmksciaipm  Hill ndwrllOOOO bUnJaits.im  DRAPERY  OFF      CLEANING  Colt's exclusive drapery cleaning removes smoke,  dust, pollen, odors, and ami. We remove and  rehangdraperiesatyourasMenlence.Wlthparalld  .'I pleats, even hems, and no shrinkage.  I    ���   UmJ4 one f�� manner  * f IM valid MharillKi^Mkiinupn.  .   Mu�����,mth��(rl,1500EwlmJ,.,i5. ma  *30  OFF  Costs powerful mobile carpel  moves fauna in dirt lo he!  We are certified to comply w  MMhetmt dewing spa  ilrajpeis  ��� rtw>r��M   Cqm,  AREA RUG  CLEANING  individually using the  liar neave. fibers and  Ipmenl enables us to  sfhlle pnaectaig shape  UsKhiiyodirrwri*  ���.!������, IM<  SA  *20.  _ UPHOLSTERY  OFF   CLEANING  CoN iUW technicians hive the rxpmw and  eqidpment to handle dirt and Main removal on  vM^anyldndafuphotaleTyfafarlc.Fnnirialtaln  ration lo vthri and Jarquard  LHM ��r per mHim .Not *-~ nth any ottrr q*ruf    '  MWrhMfttS   EvhaJm 25.1941  .-L-JC  P20,  OFF  Coit can safety clean all  blinds including cloth  vertical*, removal and  installation free.  limit <���* prt riMlamrr Not nfcdwtlhuw Mtw *kt*  Umimirarh*KrU500 Eiytra Jm 25,1991  CLOTH VERTICAL ft  UNI BUND CLEANING  COIT  Ex|M-rirfi<'t> you rail trust, ninrt- 1962  PHONE FOR FREE IN-HOME ESTIMATE  MON.-SAT. TILL 6P.M.[  885-2787 l_MO__U__________m Coast News, June 13, 1994  15  sports  Over 160 riders  frum a variety  of roast schools  descended upon  Gibsons  Elementary for  the Second  Annual  Sprockids  Rockets  Championships.  Sponsored by  Mountain High  Cycle and  national bike  sponsors, every  student came  away with  something. Ty  Fraser of the  RCMP set up  his radar and  clocked speeds  during the race  events.  Joel Johnstone  photci  QAmv '^C<oto&/  breakfast ��� lunch ��� dinner  desserts ��� snacks ��� coffees  Enjoy our fresh new look  in our smoke-free environment  Teredo Sq., Sechelt 885-9962 r    /V  (fi>  ������_/,��  ���Serving the Coast tor 14 years"      LUiJCJ I ItTTOU \^  ALASKA  \y cruise  Holland America  B.C. Residents Standby  2 for 1 fr. CAD. $970.00  Various Dates ��� June thru.'  i Sept.  Hwy. 101, Gibsons  (beside Medical Clinic)  886-3381 ��� 886-2522  Jfll  Gibsons politicians praise rugby Pigs  The Gibsons Pigs received  some official praise June 7 for  becoming British Columbia  Rugby Union Division Three  champs May 7.  Gibsons council presented  club representative Slu frizzell  with a plaque commemorating  the club's achievement. "We're  really proud of you," exclaimed  Mayor Eric Small, noting the  team "has brought honour to our  communily."  Frizzell said, "It's our philosophy lo open il (club) up Ihe entire  community" and has been since  setting it straight  the club was first established in  1972.  In related news, Ihe Pigs  announced Iheir team awards for  1993/94 last week during their  annual general meeting.  Team leader Drew Murphy  earned the most valuable player  and most inspirational player  awards and Frizzell once again  captured the unsung hero award  for ihe third time in four years.  Bob Cowie was forward of the  year, Dean Johnston was back of  the year and Dave O'Coffey was  rookie of the year.  O'Coffey has since been  selected to play for the Vancouver under 19-side. The club also  appointed a new executive during  the AGM.  Raymond Dow is taking over  as club president and Dean Johnston, Mike Mannion, Karl Mess-  ner and Dave Nanson will take  over from Frizzell, Jeremy Hey-  wood, Terry LaFavor and Dave  Strom on the executive.  Red faced  The Coast News would like lo apologize, in a major way, lo Joe  Zornes for our howling error in the spelling of his name in an article  published in the June 6 issue.  Throughout the article, detailing his recent moto-cross racing successes, Zornes name was published sans ihe es on Ihe end. Sorry Joe.  by Wendy Haddock  Men's Day May 31/94  Forty-four golfers played low  net and Ihe winners were: Isl  low net at 62, Jim Buntain; 2nd  low net at 64, Murrell Smith and  Neil Reeder; 3rd low net al 65,  Bill Wesl; 4th low net at 66, Wilf  Crowe, John Glover and Bobo  Sagansky; Sth low net at 67,  George Reid, Bill Jack, Eric  Antilla; 6th low net at 68, Tom  Held and Pete Waycolt. KP ��� 3;  George Langham; KP ��� 6, Bob  Hagar.  Ladles Day June 2,1994  Thirty ladies played "monkey  Canuck support  Bus 70 is looking for game seven in the Canucks/Rangers Stanley Cup Playoffs. Seclielt Elementary  School students asked driver Robert Evans if Ihey could deck the bus with support posters if the  mainland team wins. Evans said "Win? Heck, do it now." So they did. Joel Johnstone photo  Your Community at Work ||��]  HI  In Partnership with the Government of British Columbia  C Building B.C.  ongrolulolions to the Sunshine Coast Community Services Sociely and the fgf fag  people of Ihe Sunshine Coast for raising $319,03 2 lo purchase and renovate il ��t CentUTV  a building to house family and child support services in Sechell. *  The Government of British Columbia is pleased to recognize the community's  fundraising efforts by contributing an additional $ 159,515 through BC 21  Community Projecls allowing the Society to meet their total target of $478,547  The building has been purchased and renovations are underway.  The new centre will enhance delivery of the Society's programs which include  parenting education, sexual abuse treatment, emergency housing, a food bank  program and employment and vocational counselling for disadvantaged people.  BC 21 Communily Projects works in partnership wilh local communities to support  projects thai meel their needs and invest in a better future for all British Columbians  in every region of ihe province.  Sunshine Coast Community Services Society  Government of British Columbia  foursome" and the winners were:  1st Helen Garnet!, Viv Teapor-  lon, Ev Tapio and Joyce Reid;  2nd Joan Willcock, Marg West,  Judy Mclsaac, Sylvia Thirlwell:  3rd Vivi Alexander, Isabel Gooldrup, Mavis Schindle and Marie  Dobrindt.  Garden Bay Pub tourney  Jay Deyman at 34 for the  men; Moni Langham al 42 for  the ladies.  Len Clarke and Gib Slater  played low net match championship final on June 5, with Len  Clarke prevailing as the winner.  mm NATIONAL  I NRS CIBSONS REALTY LTD. ��� AN INDEPENDENT MEMBER BROKER J  For action...  ... not excuses.  .......  Call Kenan MacKenzie  885-7810  res  office  Teee  OUT WITH THE OLD  IN WITH THE NEW!  TERRY  has been a marine mechanic  for 20 years and a master  mechanic for the past 10.  We offer Mercruiser, Volvo,  OMC or OEM replacement engines.  Fiberglass transom fill-ins  done on premises.  Rebuilt engines, replacement,  manifold, starters, alternators, STEVE  & carburetors in stock. js a certjfied Mercury>  Mercruiser, Volvo & OMC  factory-trained mechanic.  BOAT HAULING  SERVICE  (power & sail up to 60')  THE FASTEST, MOST RELIABLE SERVICE  AND THE BEST MARINE MECHANICS ON THE COAST!  TIDELINE  MARINE  5637 WHARF RD.  SECHELT  885-4141  3L A  * <   J*  t-'*   ���   \.-e  t 16  Coast News, June 13, 1994  lnclustri.il    AUTOMOTIVE      Marine  PARTS & SUPPLIES  A101 SUPPLY ltd.  1061 Hwy. 101, Gibsons, B.C. 886-8101  y^     Vliiii.-lii.6-b S.il.B-6. Sun. tu-:y  SECHELT RADIATORS ���  Complete Cooling System Seivice Cenlre  ^���t'i1 i i   in  i   It  ��*i i  r"T"TMi  i  i ���  RcpiUi & RcpUtQ Raits, llcnifi Corn, & (..�� fanJu  AUTOS TRUCKS TRACTORS INDUSTRIAL MARINE I  (S. MADILL CONTRACTING!  All typos ol concrete work.  Sidewalks, driveways, slabs - smooth, broomed,  exposed aggregate linishing.  Quality Concrete Work        Coloured k Stamped  M3-2117 Concrete, Cube ft fatten  WILDW00D CONTRACTING  Bobcat Service  Landscaping ��� Snow Removal  Bush Clearing ��� Grading  Driveways ��� Backfill   Randy 885-4146  For the finishing touch  Eric's Drywall  give us a call  885-6052  V Nov, t'wil & Krlniill ��� Pick ou ft Dcllvciy  V aaakmasema   a* ' *  4319 .S.C. Hwy. ��� * Mon.  . Hv y.  Acrota iiuin Snnst line CM  Sm.  885-7986  D & P CONCRETE  IMAGING & FINISHING  Residential and Coimiimial  ACI Certilied  Denis Turenne       Paul DesautcN  886-0340 885-5492  Gary's  3Q3C AC *ERViCi  ��� TRACKS-POMS ������ TON DUMPTWCK  I ��� UMMSMMQ ��� HCKFUMO ��� ETC  CUSTOM BUILT  SPIRAL STAIRS  DAMIR   8864988  BUILDING CONTRACTORS  CONSTRUCTION  residential IT commercial  885-3887 Laurie lacovottky  ORAEMAR CONSTRUCTION INC.  ________  ��� FRAMING  lo LOCK-UP  ��� FINISHING  ��� FOUNDATIONS  ��� RENOVATIONS  ���SIDING    ______  ELECTRICAL SERVICES  MITCHELL SYSTEMS LTD.  ELECTRICAL CONTRACTING  Residential  Commercial & Industrial  KELLY 885-9565 >*.����  SWANSON'S  EXCAVATING   ,���#   SERVING THE SUNSHINE COAST  FOR OVER 30 YEARS  ��� Land Development ��� Road Construction  ��� Bulldozing ��� Sand & Gravel Deliveries  ��� Pipeline Construction  8��5-*MU*G  PAINTING A WALLPAPERING  Jnterior/Exlerior  Reasonable Rate RENEW  Free Estimates        Pointing & Wallpapering  ROOFING  Specializing in all types ol  FREE      commercial & residential rooting  ESTIMATES 886-2087 eves. oum"r��S  A * T ENTERPRISES: Construction Services  Serving The Coast Sine* 1985  ��� CUSTOM HOMES  ��� ADDITIONS  ��� RENOVATIONS  THOMAS ELECTRICAL  CONTRACTING  J.Thomas   886-7571  REG. ELECTRICIAN  NO. 17933  FREE ESTIMATES  GARRY'S EXCAVATING  OWNER: GARRY MUNDELL  ' Tamtam Dump ��� Sand ft Omol  1120 Komatsu Excavator  450 John Door* w/Ho*  Sopite field* tTanlu   ���OXIS.OIMOMt  RepainAlnfldkirton   886-7099  RESTOtt,  Ml      KCintlll   *^  �� EFFICIENT  ��� RELIABLE  PHOFESStONAL ~     'FREEESTIMATES  CARPET & UPHOLSTERY CLEANING  PHONE 885-4258  ENGINEERING  FORESTRY  T. WONO, BOX m, QISSONS, I.C. VON IVO  iuiviHiME Coast Engineering  Enflineennfl ond DssiQn for  ��� Subdiviiion Development  Cuilom Reikienlial ond Commercial  ��� Structural ��� Soils ��� Marine  S7. C29. RR#2 ae. a   af a-i   j  Gibiom, BC VON IVO OOQ-4/4 J J  FORESTRY  Stand Assessment * Tree-Marking  Timber Valuation   ��� Logging  R. |Roy) GIZA R.P.F 885-4755  2 BROTHERS CONSTRUCTION  ItsralAtATAte* I IMWq Wdk  FREE ESTIMATES!   BOBCAT SOVKES AVAUIU  885-0942 carey. richard  EXCAVATING  GENERAL CONTRACTORS  Reo Contracting  DRYWALL, VINYL & CEDAR SIDING  Free Estimates ��� Robert (Bob) Osbom  UK. S, S-9, C-17 Gibsons, B.C. VON IVO   Ht 886-9531 j  SEAWAY CONSTRUCTION  Complete Backhoe  Service  Call Bruce 885-0621  CENTURY ROCK  ROCK WALLS       FAMES        ������_, ���,._  p��no$ puunois   885-5910  SAVI OM BUILDINO COSTS  with PROFESSIONAL CONTRACTING  Building qualily residential homes since 1957  call Harry Swanson MX. (or FREE consultation  885-6281 or 1-733-0725 (collect)  W.D. EXCAVATING  Jbpo<d m vtivtwuyt * Sfssftnp Kemovol  towW5fvi�� ��� torn Charing A O-wthpsng  5QAO ft GfBVm ��� tr9$ fSWIKWS  MARTY 886-9764  ���  CEL 220-1526  ���*u  f      ^T~     886-0057^  ^*" ^f���� FAX:S59-2SM  Quality & Service  ��� Renovations    ��� Additions    ��� Siding  ��� Decks & Fences   ��� Garsgss  Small Projects to Custom Homes  Cill 885-3205 R  CONCRETE SERVICES  S.A Matblesen Ltd.  Masonry Gmtrartor  Stucco & Masonry ��� Tar - Gravel Roofs  883-2343  H)i  rv  ENCO  CONCRETE  SlSfiVINt; Tl IIS SL INSIIINIS CO/VST  RedtMiX Concrete ��� Sand t. Cirnvel  Curbs A Liners ��� Seplic Tanks  88)1-8174.      ,raX.��?fr?"3       HN-.7IHii  Gibsons       BoX3l4C!fcsons     ����5-7l80  VON IVO  rm amv****���a*.  Swanson's  ���Ready-Mix Ltd.  . - Dltprtch ���..��� Account! ���ii���      FAX     ���,  |    88*9666    11    885-5333    | [ JMJ-2226 J  3 Batch Plants on the Sunshine Coast  Gibsons ��� Sechelt ��� Pender Harbour  Box 172, 5417 Hurnrt Kd., .Sechelt, R.C.VON HO  M/*\        totaled in Secret Cove  M J      aes-ma  (Ouccaneer  Marina & Resort Ltd.  MARINE SPEOAOSTS  ��� FARTS < SALES ��� SERVICE ��� REPAIRS  K.C. Thermoglass &  Cobra Boats now  In-Stock  COTTRELLS MARINE SERVICE  nit Sunthint  Coitl't Etlnrudt  Dttlir  _u___m__  THE ALL NEW  SHIFMESEIUES {  COTTRELL'Sra  i����i�����  MARINE SERVICE L J       '',t)H*  886-3005 u1,;,',".��'���'.',  MECHANICAL SERVICES  m SUNSHINE CLEAR  ^ Pumps Be Water Treatment  * Servlns Ml Commercial * Residential  Puns and Ulster Treatment tads  Call 883-9793 or 886-0614  H_  ENTERPRISES  Sechelt  MOBILE WELDING AND FABRICATING ��� MECHANICAL REPAIRS   STEEL ��� STAINLESS ��� ALUMINUM  UHVMO THE NMEIT, MAMNE ANO COMTAUC110N INOtlttMl  OH THCtUNlHMC COAST  HOWARD UNO ooc ,.0< cel  I21SREEDRD   QIBSONS 000-3231  m_tmJ  MISCELLANEOUS SERVICES  Our Customer Service is  prompt with prolessional  work at competitive rates  ^ Ktn BltWn ��� 885-7487��Ctll 885-8177  G.M.S.  Excavating  Ounnar Christiansen  estH-W-tOM SIC7RH1  Qibsons, BC VON 1V0  Wet Coact Vinyl  Waterproofing  QUAUTY VINYL SUNDECKS  Erik Neilsen 8854707  10 YEARS-EXPERIENCE  RR. et. Field Site, C-62  Sechdt, B.C. VON 3A0 Coast News, June 13,1994  17  Take Advantage of our Nexv Classified Ad Special  Rztrt your- classified ad 6 times  and pay for only 2 times!   TBT  Coast News (Monday  Classified Deadline:  FRIDAY AT NOON  Gibsons &  Sechelt Offices  Homes &  Property  Require a building lot In ot neat  Gibsons, serviced with access. Foi  under $50,000. 888-3015. alter 6  pm tins  Qteat lamily home in good atea  close to all shopping (schools.  Up: 3 bdrms, hit and 3/4 bath/sky.  lights, liv. rm., large deck/southern  exposure. Down: 2 bdrm, lull bath,  lam. room, storage 1 utilities. Vinyl  double - gl. windows. 1/4 acre  treed lot. Buy now belore given to  real estate 4 save S7000.  $160,000 firm. Call 866.9983 lor  appt. to view. #26c  BY OWNER  7809 LOHN ROAD, REDROOFFS  Bright 4 spadous 3 bdrm 1350 sq.  It. low malnt. rancher ��� attached  dbl. garage. This home features a  sunny exposure, laige windows, 3  pc. ensulte, coveted deck, airtight  wood stove, skylight, tiled tronl  entry. There la a 16 x 24 tl. out-  building lor RV storage. The hilly  landscaped 1/2 acta lot Includes  raised beds, garden ana and fruit  bees. $229,500. For appl. to view,  cal 885-3205. No agents please.  I28C  Brand new house si Halfmoon Bay  w/view on .5 acre lot, Cunan Rd.  $295,000. Call6852105 or 885-  9084.NOGST #26c  Hopkins Landing. Spectacular  160' view ol Howe Sound. 2bdrm  house, close to ferry. Fruit ttees,  professionally landscaped.  $185,900,886-2431 ��26c  SECHEIT  REALTY LTD.  flMVWMm  M5-MJ5  Industrial lot, Venture Way,  Seamount. For lease or sale.  Offers, 921 -6060 #26c  By owner ��� Oceanmount Estates.  Lovely 3 bdrm ��� view Irom Lions  Bay to Tsawassen and beyond.  Collered ceilings, hw Hoots,  stained glass, sunroom, 4 large  ensulte and walkln closet oil  mbdrm, linished basement ml 3 pc  bath, stone sundeck, tear patio,  fenced yard - the list goes on. Ask-  Ing $310,000 Call 886-3965 lor  appt. No agents please       1126  Lot lot sale, Farnham Rd. 38 x 100  $62,500.9850412 ��26c  Sechelt townhouse. 2 bdtm, 2 full  baths, 2 yrs old, garage. Close to  alt amenities $115,900. 986-4657  01886-3930 ��25w  Secret Cove, 2 bdrm condo, 6  appl., view. Asking $149,900.594-  9310 is  SubdMdable waterfront hall acre  and new home. 1932 sq. fl., dock  approved, $279,900. Call Roberts  Creek Realty, 8864267.  %eut% ?ta*uiHCi<U SewUtti lie.  THE MORTGAGE SPECIALISTS  MORTGAGERS (BORROWERS) NEED HELP?  MORTGAGEES (LENDERS) WANT YOUR FUNDS PLACED TO  WORK THE BEST FOR YOU?  J.R (Jim) MUNRO  886-8831 PAGER  886-3753 FAX  'GIVE ME A CALL FOR EVALUATION AND QUOTES'  SUNNYCREST MAU, GIBSONS  ERROR RESPONSIBILITY^  rt��AS�� CHECK YOUR WON THE FIRST DAY IT APPEARS  Advortiian on adtod to liiten carahfe at al ads plocod by  ttWphono art complijohj road bode verifying requested  ooMWcotton, start date, number ol insertions and a copy content.  We take oxiremt core to avoid fypograptocol errors, however, in  Ihe overt al an error, we ore responsible only tor ihe firsl incorrect  insertion of on ad. We do not assume any responsibifcty (or any  reason (or on error in on od beyond ihe coU of Ihe od itseK.  Itepart mmm IMMEMA1ELY by cdfing M6-2432  ^MS-STOP* Monday to Friday 9 Qjn.lo 3 pJiy  CLASSIFICATIONS  Announcements  7  Appliances  It  Autos  23  Barter 4 Trade  It  [GREAT  Bed and Breakfast  Births  30  2  Business and Home  VlDE/L  Services  35  Business Opportunities 38  Campers  ChlldCare  28  37  \' ��� 'i'-i  Commercial tor Rent  32  Entertainment  33  **Maaaaaa9  For Rent  31  ___-  For Sale  21  ^^  Found  11  Obituaries w  3  Free  It  Personal  t  Furniture  20  Pets & Livestock  12  Garage Sales  17  Recreation  t  Heavy Equipment  Help Wanted  22  34  Storage  Thank You  3t  t  Home & Property  1  Too Late to Classify  40  In Memoriam  4  Travel  14  Legal  41  Trucks  24  Lost  10  Wanted  18  Mailna  26  Wanted to Rent  2t  Mobile Homes  27  Weddings!  Motorcycles  Music  21  13  Engagements  Work Wanted  t  36  Homos &  Property  Value packed only $329,000.  Waterlront property with private  moorage. New ramp and lloat. 3  bdrm house. Approx 8000 sq. It.  land. Zoned OCP C-5. Unbelievable financing available. Call lor  terms. Unbelievable. Angela  Zupanec, 988-3151 #25w  View lot lor sale, Granthams Land  ing, serviced. 948-0713.     #25c  Roberts Creek 1/2 acre lot, Kraus  Road off Marlene. 885-6280.#24*  Madeira Park lol, Merrill Cresc,  cleared, .34 acre. 6654899.   ss  Close In - Gibsons lol, Trickle-  brook Way, $79,500.1-922-3559.  ss  A retirement delight. Immac.  almost new, extremely bright sgl.  ivl. t owner home, bordering  putting gteen. Features ceramic  tile entrance, gracious living area.  Completely landscaped, lenced  back yard w/patio, cedar garden  shed, 2 bdrms, w/ln closets, skylights. Rec. centre on site.  w/games rm, hot tub, dry sauna,  showen and fitness equipment.  Price $183,900. Possession date  Aug. 31/94 (flexible). Serious con.  cents only, 686-2211. For viewing:  Northwood! #10, 620 Kiwanis  Way. 125c  ROBERTS CREEK ACREAGE  CRYSTAL ROAD  Quiet rural setting, treed with hydro  access. Two newly created  parcels, 1.75 Its. Asking $185,000  each. No agentt please. Phone  885-3469. #24c  COSTARICA  2 lots left in Phase I, Eiperanza  Ranch. Each lol 2.S acres, serviced, privale community, tropical  park with hiking/riding trails, swimming. Close to shopping, beaches,  restaurants, golfing. $28,500 each.  665-5157. IS  Save Realtor Fats Savt  Gibsons -1113 Sunnyslde, large  landscaped lot wilh raked bed gardens, fruit trees, dose to school  and but, quiet well maintained  area, 3 bdrm. randier, 1248 sq. tl.  Heavy Insulation. 2x6 conet.. 11/2  baths, large deck. $176,500. 818.  8367 or lv. mess. Mt -478-9753  I24w  Sechell Inlet ��� Fot sale by owner,  $375,000 NO GST. 3500 sq. fl. 2  stony new exec, home, 1/2 acre,  Off*00*  &Skg_f  At any of our convenient  Friendly  nm People Places am  DEADLINE IS 3:00 PM THURSDAY  In Pender Harbour  AC BUILDING SUPPLIES  Francis Peninsula Place 885-9551  MARINA PHARMACY  Pender Harbour Centre 885-2888  In Halfmoon Bay  B*J STORE 885-8555  In Roberts Creek  ROBERTS CREEK GENERAL STORE 8855400  DEADLINE IS NOON FRIDAY  In Sechelt     ___]  THE COAST NEWS  5521 Cowrie Streel 885-5950  In Gibsons  THE COAST NEWS  557 Cruice Lane (behind Dockside Pharmacy)  886-2622       Homes &  Property  RARE QUALITY ACREAGE  Great Ocean View, extensively  improved, well Ireed and within  walking distance to Sgts. Bay  Marine Park. This acreage Is In a  growing large lot subdivision with  two driveways to access upper and  lowei sections ol properly at  $155,000. Lot 23 ol Leaning Tree  Subd. will not last long! Call Dave  946-7655 or pgr. 1-979-4042, SS  Gambier Island. For sale by owner.  Beautiful 8 acres, 2 bdrm character  house and separate studio, 1 1/4  acre ol garden area 4 new  orchard, stream, 10 mln. walk from  ferry. $275,000. Call 886.3214.ss  ROBERTS CREEK  4 bdrm. home with hardwood and  slate Iloor throughout on private  .67 acre. Two car gaiage, workshop and potential revenue/ln-law  suite. Zoned R2. $259,000. please  call 685-2253, no agents.      ss  Chris, Klrsten 4 Patrick are happy  to announce the sale arrival ol  baby Sara, born May 17,1994 al  4:42 am, weighing 8 lbs 12 oz. at  BC Women's. Proud grandparents  ate Sandy Storvold and Emily  Perry of Gideons and great grandmother Joan Gaddei of Powell  River. ��24c  7   Announcement  I 7.   Announcement  RARE QUAUTY ACREAGE  Great ocean view, extensively  Improved, will treed and within  walking dWancs lo Sergeants Bay  Marine Putt. This acreage k In a  ��� ���       i   ���    lad *    M   '   ' ' '   '  giiNfflg urge ni tuooMaon wncn  it located In a very peeceM rural  letting. Reduced to $142,000.  Waler tested fine. Cat Dee* 946-  7866 ot Pager ____ __��  By owner: Houie on comer lot.  Shaw ( O'Shea, Gibsons 3  bdrmi., close to smsnKln. By  ippoMment4>54284     i24w  For sale by owner: $ bedroom  rancher on .36 ecre. 60M Aider-  wood Road, Hallmoon Bay,  $189,900. Don, days al 885-2201,  evenings 8854944 is  Viiw, 3 bdim. on large Id doee to  III imenities, 437 8. Fletcher.  $199,000.886.2456. KTW  ANDERSON MALTY  CATALOOUB  Sees Cowrie a, tee 121S  Secim.BC.. VON 3AO  ���ee-aauFAXi  van. Toll  access, panoramic ocean/mnt.  views, 4 bdrm. 3 lull bathi,  ensulte, lacuzzi, office/den, skyWas  snd glass block, 3 gss F/P,  kitchen/lamlly rm. w/slkfing doors  to 2 decks, TV/games room, 6/1  vac., sound and security systems.  665-9681. I24w  For sale by owner ��� panoramic  view tot In Beyview Heights, lower  Gibsons. $92,900. 936-9401 lv.  men. I24w  Halfmoon Bay. Unique 2 level log  home, new carped, oak kitchen,  large rock f/p, w/RSF Move, 2  decks, ocean view, on parMke 2/3  sere. Added bonus: 1 bdrm wflofl  csbin, preuntly rented st  $400/mo. $215.000.895-8989. SI  BAREUTHER - Passed away June  9,1994, Joseph Bareuther, late ol  Gibsons, sge 82 years. Survived  by family members and Iriends.  Funeral service Tues. June 14 at 1  pm in Ihe chapel ol Devlin Funeral  Home, Gibsons. Interment Seaview Cemetery. 124c  For the care ol my father Ed Connor I would like to give special  thanks to Dr. Lehman, stall ol  Kiwanis Care Home and St. Maiy's  Hospital. To family and friends who  were a greet support to me. Gwen  ��4w  Commercial Id across from medical hiding, $95,000.9654412.  ss  Crtltsmin built custom view. All  new 2 bdrm, 2 balh. 2 decks. Custom cherry niichen, beautllul  anlique woodwork, wood windows  and unique detailing in and out.  Landscsped level 42 ecre lot  w/lawns, stream, pond and privacy! Country seclusion 15 kms to  Sechelt. $192,000. No agents.  Details6852649or683-2687. ss  4 bdrm family home w/1 bedroom  suite, W. Sechell Good invest-  ment. $163,900 ooo. 665-5764.il  Ld 71, Merrill Crescent, Pender  Harbour. Ready to build, septic In,  financing. 883-9597. ss  17. Garage Sale;  ��2  Open HoHse  Sunshine Coast  Community Services  4:30-6:30 June 16  5638 Inlet Avenue  Come see your new  centre for family,  children's &  volunteer services.  Light refreshments  will be served.  Annual  General Meeting  6:30 pm June 16  ' Election of Board of Directors  (phone nominations to  885-5881 before June 2)  > By-law revision (copies  available at Community  Services)  1 Auditor's Report  ' Annual Report  FORST POTTERY t, FRIENDS  Invite you to an Artisans Celebration June 25 ti 26,10 am - 5 pm.  10 outstanding artisans offer a  selection ol Iheir most recent work.  Music sponsored by the Sunshine  Coast Music Society, demonstrations ol techniques throughout the  weekend. #26c  Shop local; save money. Sunshine  Savings '94 is available Ihrough  local schools 4 organizations. Call  Joan Selland 885-7886 or Lori  Weatherby 886-0365 for the location nearest you or to raise money  lor your group #26w  For Rent: Marquees for weddings,  Bar-b-ques, lamily gatherings. 20 x  20.8852896or685-3474. #32w  Driftwood Players presents Summer Drama Workshops, children  aged 6 -12 yrs. with Karen Webb,  July 4 - 8, 9 am - noon, Frank  West Hal, and July 11-15,9 am-  noon, Marine Room. Cost $80.  Phone 8864766 ��26w  Sore back, tired fed? I can help.  For appt, cal 8860338     #24w  Feel weighed down? Take control  ol your welghtl Call for more info.  en our guaranteed nutritious  ���250  ECONO AUTOBODY  Special lhanks to WALTS TOWING who moved my trailer Tuesday nighl Their driver was highly  compdert, courteous, end unfailingly holpM In backing in ��� very  Ughtapott me  8am PoWrt femly would Ike to  thank all el Sirih's numeroui  friends let their sympathy snd  MflJBUS to us. Qwh wi knew wB  be missed by sll who knew tier.  We would sko Wis lo thank Dan  Oertn Funnel Horns lor heir kronen end help In guiding ui  through Wised time       ��4w  ELLEN BESSO  Relaxation for the  mind it the body  ._. -Trager*  **     '��� Acupressure  "��;   ���ReiUI  ���'   ��� Therapeutic  Touch  Release tension &  emotional blocks  in a safe, nurturing  environment  IptcUUnjkiMXMn'i  886-4874  SWM would like to med SWF to  ���hare s home In Roberts Cteek.  Lies bicycles, gardens, animals,  fishing, mmlc, communications  PHeaewr��elo:SWM,Boxl6,Site  26, RR 2, Damns, BCVON 1V0  ��26w   Counselling for individuals, cou  pits md (amies Consolation and  support for step lamilies Call Mary  Long (MSW, RSW) 8864144129c  Cameo Singles Club. Crib, lun.  cheons. potluck dinners, dancing,  hikes, camping Cal for Into 888-  3921 or 885-5364. ttn  Pretty, tall, rubenesque girl. 24,  blue eyes, neks one naughty guy  19 to 45I Send mailing address  please Reply to Box V, c/o Coast  News, Box 68, Sechelt. BC VON  SAO. #24w  Friday, July 1,1994  An opportunity tor youths  aged 13 21 to compete  m various categenes  ofentertanmenr  X CASH PRIZES II-&  ftekTwwyto  UVE Voum Ment Search and  tnfl Star Search Ajdtions  Sumtay Junt 19/94  r< e more mfo e. preregRtr.mon cafl  8854848  aaBSBfinBtt  7. Announcements  SECHELT FARMERS MARKET  First and third Saturdays, to - t  pm, behind Gilligan's Pub   KSc  PRIVATE TUITION  Fully qualified,  expeiienced  teacher available. Adults, high  school, elementary sludents 886  6468. #28c  COMPLIMENTARY  FACIAL/MAKEOVER  ��� A complimentary makeover  that creates the effect you  want - nalural, career or  dramatic.  ��� A glamour look lhat  perfectly complements  your colouring and  wardrobe preference.  ' Makeup application  techniques that will  enhance your features.  ��� Mary Kay also has a skin  program designed for your  skin type.  ^LMARy_KAV  MatoMaiiAuirAwiCE1"  Yvonne Valancius  886-4643 ,  ^CiiM^MortimitymiliU^^  Music Mobile Organisation  Piano and Guitar lessons for any-  one, in your home. Beginners to  grade 4-5. A special discount  offered. Call Allan Kalalumba, 886-  9195. #25w  Piano Tuning  m^  ��� repairs  JkWA*_s * appraisals  Wi  Ken Dalgleish  886-2843  COOL RUNNINGS  One ton truck available for hauling,  rubbish removal, moving, yard  maintenance, rotolilling, odd jobs.  885.3917. tins  Reflexologist - Acupressure -  Stress and tension release. Phone  ArWgh lor appt. 886-9234. #24*  Does someone in your lamily have  a drinking problem? Call Al-Anon  886-9903, 865-7484, 886-9059.  Al-Ateen 686-2565 or 885-7484.  nc  Sunahine Coast  Transition House.  A safe place for women and children in crisis. Free confidential 24  hour service. 665-2944        tfn  Traditionally Irained Luthier.  Repairs, modifications, custom  building of acoustic stringed instruments. 886-4788. *24w  Antique upright piano. Clinton.  Ivory keys, metal sounding board,  beautiful sound. $1000.885-9306.  tfns  WESTCOAST EXPLORERS  TRAVEL CLUB  Presents a TRAVEL SHOW on  New Zealand, Australia, and Fiji at  the Sechelt Seniors Hall on June  21, 7:30 pm. For furthet into,  please call 886-4862.        #25c  Sechelt Victoria Commonwealth  Games Air Charter groups, singles. Inquiries 885-9501.    #24w  Moving (to Nova Scotia) Sale:  Maple dining set, couch, chairs,  windsurfer, books, baskets, bicycle, Sat. June 18,10 am. 7469  Redrooffs #24w  June 18 - 19, 10 - 4 pm, 3385  Richards Rd., Roberts Cr. (off Mar-  lene). Multi-family, rain or shine -  something for everyone. Many  tools 4 fishing items.        #24w  June 18, 280 Lark, off  Pral t/Malaview 8:30 am ��� 4 pm.  Lots of M/F clothes, sm. sizes,  house items. #24w  Japanese Multi-family MOVING  SALE , SAT JUNE 25 8 am -12  pm #10 -623 Farnham off #101 d  Gibsons Medical Clinic.     #25w  Moving Sale: Everything must  go. 885-5647. #24w  June 18, 9 am at tha apple tree,  2055 SC Hwy. 5 man tent, typewriter, colour TV, steieo, Yamaha  keyboard, microwave, downriqger,  Wagner spray machine, Super  Nintendo & games, fabrics, clothing, some vintage size 6, women's  shoes, kldi costumes etc. 886-  4786. #24w  18. Barter & Trade  Will trade e king size bed for a  queen size w/headboard. 885-  3876 after 4 pm. #25c  9. Engagements &  Weddings  Specialty cakes: Weddingi,  anniversaries, special occasions,  rentals available. Marylou, 885-  9250 #26w  Small camera, Gibsons, between  Bank of Montreal on route to  Sechelt. Reward, call colled. 1-  597-2918, Hermon #24c  Reward: lor return d black 4 purple Iguana men's mountain bike,  has water bottle holder, black  fender missing. Taken from School  Rd. residence. 866-6717 or Gibsons RCMP 886-2245.        Km  I wil beat al other bodyshop prices  on tha Coast lor bodywork and  painting. I25w  Ron and Dnjna Bracked, 40-year  residents ol Gibsons, sre moving  lo Sydney BC. Farewell Potluck  Social June 18. All welcome.  RSVP, Jeanette 886-3638 #24w  Wed June 6.2 children's lean lack-  ets left at Variety Foods, 886-2936  K4C  Child's sports watch, Hacked Park.  Sunday June 5.685-4224   #24c  12. Pets & Livestock  KEEP FIT  Join SED Fitness Centre at  Sechdt 865-7391 9 am to 9 pm.  Ktw  Clearance Sale ��� African pygmy  goati, male and females. Great  brush clearen end gentle, loving  pets. 883-2990 I28w  Beautiful nanny pygmy goat and  doe kid, wil sdl together or separate. Wonderful pets and great  bush foragers. 8854682   ��26w  Shihtzu puppies, dew claws,  dewormlng, and 1st shots, 2 left,  ready June 26. $300 ea. 8854470  I26w  Laying hens, $5.75,885-3583  ��26w  Large travelling dog kennel, Air  Canada approved. $50.8854423  126c  OOLOFBH  dl types  SUPPLIES  tanks, pumps dc.  TROPICAL FISH  Double size luton or sola bed.  Cheapl 886-0433 #26w  Please helpl We are tired ol the  same things for dinner eveiy night!  Would like some new recipes for  dairy 4 wheat-tree meals. II you  have the same problem 4 would  Ike to swap recipes, please send  to Karen & Kelly, RR 4, S8, C-24,  Gibsons, BC, VON 1V0      #26w  Generator. Portable lor RV or bod.  800w or more. 886-3635     ��26c  Noritake - Amiston pattern dinner-  wan, 886-9346 eves.       ��25w  Urgent - Carpool, W. Sechelt to  pulp mil, "A" crew 8854030 aller 5  pm. #25w  Family with rels, need long term  lease to own, by Aug 1/94 885-  2666, lv. mess. #25w  Inverter 2000 watts; piopane  Iridge, lg.; wheel barrows; backhoe; propane lanks, 100 to.; pink  insulation; tolled roofing; nab 4  screws; rolled cage wire; 4' ABS  solid pipe; dishwasher. 886-2699,  mess. 124c  Storage space for a lew household  items and boxes. Preferably In  Gibsons. 686-7075. Una  The SPCA shelter needs s sd d  kitchen cabinets upper and lower  with countertop, 6 ft. long. 886-  2273. I24w  Power wither. Cal 8864556.tfns  WANTED: Books t magazlnee  lor the dderly. Preferably large  print, novels 4 picture books. Contact Elizabeth Simpson wk. 886-  2622 hm. 686-7355. tfns  HELPI Earn extra money. Need  nde oft 6:30 ferry to Dunderave,  W Van, 4 days per week. Tues..  Fn Call Jandle 886-9068   #25c  Summit Splash Fashion Show  and Craft Fair. June 26. it 3pm.  Roberts Creek hall. Dee, 885-  4882. #24w  PHOTOCOPIES  The Writers' Forge copy machine  is now al Sunshine Coast TV on  Cowrie St., Sechelt. #24w  please mum  children e wear  Now available in Sechell! For a  lire catalogue, to book a show, or  place an order please call Kim.  685 0818. KSc  ALCOHOLICS   ANONYMOUS  8ir. 8208.24 hour line tin  ��25c  Ram, awes, lambs lor sale, $50  each and up. 8864377.     #25w  Foster home urgently needed lor  couple d months lor greatest dog  known to mankind. Food provided.  666-7248 eves. #25c  Bunnies: cute 4 cuddly. 4 wks. dd,  $5 each 886-4557 K5c  Very tame hand raised 7 wk. old  cockatiels. villous prices 760-  0015 eel Roberts Creek.   *24c  Frei kiltent reidy to go. 885-  2645. *24w  Belgian Draft Horse. 17 HH. gelding 16 yrs., includes harness,  $1350.8857430. ss  MAGUS KENNELS REG.  Since 19(0  Dog 1 Cat Boarding  "Science Old" pet foods  Dog Obedience Classes  186.6566.  Lessons All ages and levels.  Redroolls. 885-1066        #25w  Yamaha PSR 150 Keyboard 61  keys. New in April. $250 lirm. 886-  9774 #25w  Piano tuner selling piano. Like  new $1750 delivered, tuned 883-  2329 #25w  19.Appliances  Washer and dryer, H/D Kenmore,  almond, $375 sd; almond electric  stove, S/C oven. $275.8854175  ��25W  Hotpoint ttove, waiter, dryer and  portable dishwasher, $100 each,  harvest gold. 8864580 afler 5pm.   ��4c  NORSEMAN-BJORN  APPLIANCES  Sales-Service ol reconditioned  major appliances.  ' large selection" warranty *  Bjom 885-7697  ��24w  Coppertone Iridge and stove,  hood, exc. cond., $600 Htm lor al.  883-9977. #24w  24' Viking electric stove, good  cond., $100.665-9536. is  Solid oik dining rm tsble ml 2  leifs, 4 chilli. Exc. cond. $500.  886 4258 #2Mr  8 yr. old neutered coyote/husky,  good w/ rats 4 older children. To  good stay-at-home family. 886-  8905 I24w  Free puppies, mixed breed, med.  size, need good homes, ready  June 28.883-9504 #24w  Elevator parti, angles, cab, counterweights, sted, dc. 885-9126  #24*  Free to good home, adorable kittens. 8 wks. 866-7794. 2 black, 2  multi-colour #24c  Reg. 1 yr old male sheltie.  Neutered, ml all shots. 885-4818  124c  Alder sawdust lor the garden, aider  slabs dc. tor the woodstove. 886-  9783 aft. 7pm. #24w  IBM 386 SX computer. 2 floppies,  40 meg Wd, minitower, exc. quality, $695 obo. 886-7518     ��26w  Wd bar 4 4 bar stools, approx 7 tt.  long. $500.685-7669        #26*  1 - MB SIMMs for Mac. $45,886-  0433 #26*  2' x 20' isndstons grinder snd  stand. Mdor driven, 886-4883  124c  Lovely Baldwin console piano, walnut finish, very good condition.  8854913 #26*  Penn Fathom Master 625 downrig-  gar, new, $250 obo; RCA hand  hdd camcorder, all attachments,  as new, $500.863-2788    #26w  Brand new specialized Rock Hopper mountain bike. Fully warran-  teed, paid $600. Sacrifice $400.  886-9145 I28w  Hide-a-bed, tweed beige/brown,  gd. cond., $100 obo; girl's 20'  Huffy bike, $25 firm; York executive II rowing machine with timer,  $50; Baycrest lg. size tricycle, $10;  Gold stove, $50. Cal 8864312  #26*  For att your  renuvalion needs caH  BRUCE RANDALL  CONTRACTING  ��� Residential  ���Commercial  ��� Free Estimates  Call Bwce 885-1949  Aero Club garage sale & pancake  breakfast. 9 am -1 pm, Sun., Jun  26 at Airport. Table rental, $5,885-  6433. #25*  2 family sale June 18.10 - 4 pm,  1157 Port Mellon Hwy, Hopkins  Landing. #24*  Moving I garage sale. Reduction  gear incl. pulley, fishing gear, life  jacket, Ige. fridge, deep freeze,  electric heaters, Kirby carpet  sweeper, furniture, tools. Many  other items. Starts now!! 1868  Esplanade Beach, past Bonniebrook #24*  June 18, 10 - 3 pm, 7791 Lohn  Rd., Hallmoon Bay. Fridge/stove,  sports equip., household, baby  things #24w  Art materials, oil 4 acrylic paints,  large canvasses, bulk canvas,  large wooden easel 8654218#26w  Rowing machine, $60 obo. 685-  3970 #26w  3 HP Briggs 4 Stralton lawn  mower, 4 yrs old. $100.886-9497  #26w  Brown plaid hide-a-bed, exc.  cond., $150; pre-teen girls books,  Babysitters Club etc., 50 cents to  $2.886-2809 #26c  Golf clubs, mens starter set. 7 pc  with bag, 6 mos. old. $200,685-  4785 #24c  New sell cleaning barbeque wth  side burner .tank, and tools. $175'  firm. 683-2887 SS  Brothers knitting machine No.  KH881 with fibber and electric knitter plus 3 dilterent attachments.  Lots ol cone wool and patterns.  $1000 lirm 883-2887 ss ' 18  Coast News, June 13, 1994  21. For Sale  LOOS TO LUMIIR  PORTABLE BAND SAW  MIL SERVICE WIL  COME TO YOUR PROPERTY  TO CUT YOUR LOGS  Irian 885-0270  21. For Sale  While eyelet bumper pads. $15;  baby activity gym, $12; mobile,  $15.8854747. #24c  25. Campers & RVs |26. Marine  "75 Fiat Spider, convertible.  $1600.885-3221 #25w  1981  1986  FIREWOOD  Mixed alder, fir 4 hemlock, full  cord $1 tO; split 4 delivered 863-  9382 ��26c  DECEMBER FOREST  PRODUCTS  Mixed firewood, split 4 delivered.  Full cords, $100., cedar available.  8864349 #26c  FIREWOOD  Dry, seasoned or green. Call  Klaus, speak to my electric secretary. 885-0679 #26c  Casio cash register, model TS -  2600, lully programmable. 105  item key board, inventory control,  etc. Presently sel up tor a service  station. $1700 obo; table S 4 chair  sel, exc. cond. $225 obo; 885-  0173 #26c  Royal Albert, old country rose, 68  pes, will sell as set or individual;  washer 4 dryer, 886-2431   #26c  GOLDFISH  all types  SUPPLIES  tanks, pumps dc.  TROPICAL FISH  886-9890  #25c  SUNCO  Recytbd Building Materials  French Doon/lnl.-Em. Doors  Alum. 4, Vinyl Windows  Lighting/Kitchen &  Bathroom Fixtures etc.  VWrow stow oral  885-8889  5653 Wharf Rd., Sechell  Recycle * Jove  MON-SAT 9 am -5 am  Satellite dish, receiver, tuner, all  wiling kid. $800 863-9676 #25*  5 piece new blonde bdrm suite,  $600,686.9587 #25*  21" Yardsman reel mower, $275.  S 4W model 27,6' 357 mag., holster, re-loading gear, $500. 886-  2969 #25*  Stihl chain saw, used one season,  $300; cement mixer ml electric  mdor, $100; smal table saw, $50.  885-2704 #25*  8-ttack cassette adaptor, $25.  886-3015 aft. 6 pm #25*  Garden Mix ��� Sand  Bart Mulch ��� Gravels  Have Dump-wi// travel  up to 4 yd. loads  call Dave 886-7348  Shirley K Summer Wear - denim,  casual, formal dtess 4 nursing  wear, approx. 25 Hems, take ALL  only $250, size s/m.. 885-9587  #25w  One pair Technics digital electronic piano 8-track sequenser internal  disk drive. Asking $4750; (1) KN  1000 professional Technics digital  electronic keyboard $1850. 485-  7126 #25*  Eaecutrvs mahogany finish desk,  afhbst hew 29 x* 60, $150; computer hutch, 50 x 27, has extra  shelves, mahogany finish, $100.  885-4046 #25w  Pioneer CD. PD - 4550; Scon dual  cassette deck, DD 660; Sansui  tuner, TU-777; Pioneer Amplifier,  SA-6700; Scott record player,  PS60C 885-4888.  Think Bonad  Unique gift. Cal 886-9491. #25*  18 in. mountain bike, Butted Cro-  moly, X-1/XC Pro grease guard,  many extras, $625; 22 in. Marinoni  racing bicycle, Cdumbus tubing,  excellent components, computer,  $650.8854650. #25c  Leather sofa, like new, cost  $1800, sel $780; 6 dining chairs,  $98.886-7321 after 7 pm.   #25c  Cherrywood coffee table, $60;  Smith Corona electric typewriter  w/case, $45; hardwood cross  country ladies skis, poles 4 bods  (leather, size 7), $25; new stainless steel Rival electric meat  dicer, $45; McBrine luggage set  (2), $25; automatic Nordic Hus-  cavarna sewing machine C121,  $275000.886-2211. #25c  Firewood for ills  Ful cord, $100. Ask for Dean 885-  2960 #25c  Colour pencil portraits horn your  favourite photo. Pets, lamily,  friends. 9*x12*, $35. Send cheque  or M/O along with phdo to P.O.  Box 291, Gibsons, BCVON WO.  Pis allow 64 wks. for delivery.  Satisfaction guaranteed ot money  refunded. tfns  FIREWOOD FOR SALE  Dry fir, $85 for pick-up load; green  alder/fir, $65 fot pick-up load.  Dave 865-9306. tfns  Hell-ox-18 band maik 4 hoies  wilh communications gear. $3000;  T-30 Ingersoll Rand compressor  comes/w 5x200 cu. IL Cascade 3  HP, 3 PH, starter Wet, dc. Hydro  just expired auto shutofl d 3100  psi, $3500.886-9464 tfns  5 rob of FAX paper 8 1/2'x328',  1' core. $5.95 per roll. 886-2622  this  12 It. chrome 'A' vent chimney,  $100; large capacity wood htder,  $500 all Ike new. 885-7611.   ss  HORSE MANURE  $20 pick/up or 2 loads for $30, you  load. Roberts Creek. 885-9969.  tin  SATELLITE SALES  AND SERVICE  Green Onion Earth Station  22. Heavy  Equipment  13'x6'x7' Unico van body with  power tailgate, $3500 obo. 886-  Sesrs 1800 w generator, $250  3199. Klw  obo. 8854344  Please mum  children's wur  Eirn tne children's clothing by  boding a home party. Lots of fun  with lob d benellts! For more info  cal Kim 8854916 #25c  Large elegant sofa, seats 4 comfortably, asking $100. 886-2892  aftetepm #25c  Limitd editions collector plates: 7  English Royil Botinic Gardens  250th Anniversary, $450; 3 Paris  scenes, D'Arcetu Umoges, $135;  2 Rockwell Sociely Rediscovered  Women, $120; 2 framed black 4  white engravings ol Montreal  l,$15\,.Td:886-4620.#25c  58 Chevy Biscayne Truly 1 ot a  kind, 263 V8 auto, all original exc  running cond. Good body, $1500,  6864365 #26c  '66 Camaro $2250 ��� 2 turbo auto  trans. $200. - ea; 396 Engine  $550 885-3697. #26*  68 Firebird, big block 400 Munci 4  spd */ Hurst shifter Edoits Limited slip rearend $2000 obo 886-  2525 ss  70s  72 Black 4 x 4 GMC Jimmy, Good  condition. $2000 obo 885-3537  Ktw  Must Sdl! 72 MG Midget runs ok.  convertible, lots of parts. Fun, economical! $2000 obo. 865-8628   #24*  73 Super Beetle, S2500 obo  863-9234 ss  73 Lincoln town cal, 460, full  electric, best offer. 885-2698. ss  73 Super Beetle, gas heater, new  seats, battery, $1800 885-4019 ss  TOPSOIL 74 Dalsun, 1976 Ford camper  Fill, sand, gravels. Reasonable  van, 1977 Maverick, no motor  rates. 885-5070, Doug.      #24*    6864480 ��24c  Pocket doors In frames other  doors, windows, etc. 886-2840.  #24*  Household items al bargain prices.  Change table; queen sire box  spring and frame; blue sofa and  more. 886-2949. ��24c  Adobe photo shop LE 2.5 lor windows, still in wrap, $500. 885-  9861. ss  Very clean 2 and 4 cu. ft. cardboard packing boxes, 2 cu. $1.25,  4 cu., $1.50. Volume discount.  885-0508. #24*  Wire fencing; clay pots; grass  roller; pressure washer; picnic  table; bike; alum.door; edd Irame;  woodstove; dog divider; crib; desk;  light lixtures; lamps; doghouse;  sink; tikis; double wide loam; canning jars; easel. 885-1942. #24*  Microwave, like new, Motfatt  Gourmet, med. size, $100. 886-  6569. I24w  Money1! Mushroom Minors  Fir baric mulch, medium and large  lizes, and other items lor spring.  686.7774. #25c  Utility trailer, enclosed. $600. 686.  3559. #24c  1 pr. French doors, exc. cond.,  $175; dbl. stainless steel sink  w/laps, exc. cond, $60; 685-7144  tfns  New dove grey 3/4 height  tub/shower c/w fittings. $600 obo.  886-9768 aft. 6pm. #24*  L����i4  76 Ford Van, custom inlerior, new  molor in '91 Alpine system, new  tires. Will Irade lor small truck or  1/2 Ion. Danyll 885-9404 weekdays. ��25c  77 Thunderbird. good condilion,  863-2365 #25w  77 Camaro Z-28 Sin. Shift ��� racing  suspension Red exterior, black  leather interior. 30,000 original  miles. No rust, no dents, $7000.  Phone afler 6 pm. 885-4636*25*  76 Volvo 244DL 4 dr., good running cond. $750 885-7203.#24w  1979  79 Mercedes Benz 260E, 6 cyl  auto, fuel inj Sunrool, absol spotless. $9800.686-8365        ��26c  79 GMC Aurora touring van,  loaded, a/c, cruise, b/l cooler,  seals 7. Equalizer towing package,  1st class propane conversion,  $4500000.8654423 #26c  79 Buick station wagon, p/w 11  locks, good tires, good running '  car, $450 obo. 8864963.    #24c  '79 Porche 924,72,000 mi., premium condilion, $5800 obo. 866-  0181. SS  79 Ford Fairmont, good running  condition, new transmission,  exhaud. 885-5102. ss  GOOD HAY  M.oo/Bale Delivered  Garden Mulch Hay $3.50  Whole oats lOc/lb  Cdl Between 12-1pm  ���85-9357  Antique wood burning cook dove,  $600,885-3506. is  Sears 9' garage door 4 opener  (new 1000 ea.) $650.8854244 ss  '88 Chev Sprint, 4 dr. HB, 5 spd,  am/lm steieo, 2nd owner. $2995  obo 885-5894 #26c  '88 Toyota Tetcel, 4 dr., hatchback, 72,000 km. $4500. 886-  3224. #24c  '88 Cavalier Z24, V-6, Pwr. sunrool w/air. Exc. cond. $6,600 obo.  886-7854 alt. 5:30pm. ss  '86 Nissan Sentra 5 sp., red.  AM/FM cass. deck, new front tires,  exc. cond., $5500. 886-4837.   SS  1989  '89 Ford F2S0, $11.500 obo. Call  8664389 tfns  '89 Pontiac 6000. New tires. Also  radial snow tires. Immaculate  cond. $4800 lirm. 886.2196. #25c  No Job?  No Credit?  No Problem!  WE FINANCE  EZ PAYMENTS  SAFETY CHECKED  VEHICLES  CENTURION AUTO  5645 WHARF  885-100.1   ���   DM I 7  '80 Chev Maibu stn wagon. Some  rust. $500.886-9647        #24*  '80 Buick LeSabreSISOOobo. Pd  866-7194. 124c  1961  '81 Monte Carlo trod, runs good.  $900 obo. 8854682 #26*  '81 Toyota Corolla 2 dr. HB, rum  good $450.888-9145        #26c  '81 Silver Hondl Accord New  Clutch, $1000 ObO. 886-4010#26c  '81 AMC Eagle 4 w/d $1000. 886-  2967 ��25w  '81 Granada, 2 dr., good shape,  asking $1200 obo. 985-4433.��Sc  '81 AMC Concord, whits, runs  good, $875.885-1942. is  '81 Mazda RX7,91,000 kms.. sunroof, mags, stereo, $2300. 885-  0168. #24*  81 Pontiac Lemans 4 dr., AM/FM  cassette, good tunning cond.,  $1200 obo. 885-4418 eves. #24*  ���81VWJetta4di.,5sp.,sunroof,  $3500000.886-7969. ss  1M2  82 Mercury Gran Marquis. Works  well, good lires, good body.  $1500.685-5671 #26c  82 Buick Regd V8 auto, 1 owner  $1500 ObO. 8864579        #25*  '62 Oldsmobiie, gred 2nd car or  graduation gift! Looks and runs  line. Must sell, $1000 obo. 683-  9956 #25c  82 Ford Mustang, 117,000 ks. 6  cyl. auto. Very good condition.  $2500. Cal 8864366. ss  '62 Mazda RX7. good cond., new  dutch, brakes, $3100.6864032.  ss  tM4  '84 V65 Magna, new paint, new  tires, greit ships. $2750 obo.  8669691 #26*  '84 Crown Victoria auto, o/d, d/l,  a/c, ^extras, $2950.885-9648 ss  '84 Chevette 4 dr., auto, s/roof,  cass., dear., $950 obo. CaH Ray  or Helen 685.3694, leave message or view 5374 Hwy 101.125c  1966  65 Mercury Lynx, 5 spd, $1000  obo 8854468 0(8854317 #25*  85 Toyotl Tercel 4 sp. 2dr,  hatch., gd. cond, $2600 obo 886-  4568 #25*  19N  '66 Mercury Topaz, a/c, $2500; 79  Chev van, $2500; 27 Cabin Crws-  er 885-5029 Ktw  86 Olds Ciera Brougham, loaded  pka die player. $5795.886-71 SO.  n  '66 Toyola Cressida A/C, cruise.  heated mirrots, leather uphol.  AM/FM cassette, very clean,  $9500 6864430 #24*  '66 Chevrolet Sprint, 5 sp..  w/stereo, 60 m. to gal., super  cond $2600 Bjorn 885-7897  ���24*  1967  '87 Blue Ford Ranger, ext. cab  2.9L V6. 31' tires 4 body lilt  $7000, obo 686-2136        126c  87 Pontiac 6000 LE PS/PB.. air  cond. V6 auto am/lm cass, 4 dr.  Great lamily car. Excell. cond  Asking $4900.686.4561     #25*  tut  '91 Mercury Cougai, auto., air,  power, white, exc. cond., 35,000  kms, $15,000 obo. 686-3623. ss  '91 Sunbird SE, V6, 5 sp., 2 dr.,  air., bit 4 cass. $8900.886-2688.  ss  1992  '92 Aerostar, 7 pass. Exc. cond.  42.000 km. 686-7524 eves,    ss  1913  CLEAROUT! Used tires, wheels,  Chevette; Honda Accord parts.  685-7167 si  '55 Chevy pick up, 263 4 spd,  $5500; 327 Corvette motot, rebuilt,  $1500.885.5467. is  60s  '67 Fargo Half ton pick-up, 6 cyl. 4  ipeed, driven dally, $450 obo.  886.9063,        .       ,   126c  ���701  71 Toyota FJ40 land cruiser, 4  W/D, new Chev engine, biakes,  H/T, good rubber. 683-2083 ��24w  Une-a-bed lor Chev S-10 or GM  S-15 long box, $95. 885-2398  eves. #24w  75 Dodge piopane 4X4, crew cab,  completely rebui, $4995       ss  75 F150 truck with new fld deck,  asking $1600.886-7097.       ss  76 Ford Ranger 4x4, 1/2 ton  camper special, exc. cond. $3800.  886-3992 ll  77 Ford Van, customized exterior,  new paint. $3950.886-7890 ~#25c  77 Ford 150 4x4. 80 box, new  tires, tuff box. Good cond. $2600  obo. 886-4650 is  78 Ford F250 4x4 351 auto, ml  canopy, in gred shape, $3000 obo  685-3396, aft. 6 pm 126c  79 Landcruiser, diesel. 6000 Ib.  warn winch, warn hubs, new  exhaust, $6500 obo 686.7600. n  79 Ford Bronco XLT, 4 wh. drive.  auto., looks and runs excellent,  $4995000.686.7099. Sl  I960  '80 F250 Super Cab p/u, blue,  aulo, $2300 obo. 886-2049.125c   ItSt  81 Datsun p/u, 4 spd. $500 obo.  885-9715. 124c  '81 Dodge tlatdeck, good condition $3,200 obo 886-8201   #24c  81 Dodge van, 7 pass, rear not  folds to bed. cruse, bit. lir, Mc.  $2800000 886-7520 IS  1982  82 Fotd Super Cib. short box,  standard. 4 spd overdrive Extra  topper, box organizers, new  brakes, tuned up and ready to nl.  $3000 obo 6866823.865-5105   124c  1913  83 Mazda truck *,' campy, low k'l  lor year $2500 885-7503   126c  84 Dodge Caravan, auto $4,500  686-6204 u  1985  85 Dodge Caravan SE 5 pass.  auto, air, cruise, ps. pb, 2.6L.  181,000 km, $4000 obo Good  family vehicle 6664312    #26*  '85 Ford F150 XLT. ext cab.  canopy, 351, s/new parls, gd.  cond, $8900 6654109        ss  '66 Toyota van, runs well, will  need shocks, $2500.886 7584 ss  1988  1969  '89 GMC S15, low mileage, $4500.  685-2788. #25c  '69 Isuzu Space Cab p/u, 85,000  km, new exhaust 4 tune up, box  liner. Great condilion, must  sell/moving to Europe. $7600.  686-8822. #24c  '69 Z-71 stepside 4x4, lully loaded,  musl sell. 886-7484. ss  '89 Bronco II XL silver, V6 5 sp.,  cass., clean 4 comfortable, $9800.  885-2133. SS  1992  Tradesman 3 door canopy. 90' I,  60-* $250.886-8579        #25w  25.Campers & RVs  burners, oven, 4 pc. balh, sleeps  5, exceptionally clean, $8700 obo.  886-4217 or 886-2458.      #24w  '88 Mazda B2200 ml canopy. 5  spd, 99,000km. $6000 obo. 686-  4810 #26*  '88 Ford Ranger 4x4, low kms,  excell. cond. $8500, obo. 885  6385 #25*  24 It. Frontier class "C motot  home, double dr, low miles, 1979.  real bright 4 clean, $16,500. 885-  2659 #26*  20 It. Okanagan TT. Exc. cond.,  $3900.683-9153 ��26w  For tent; 13 ft. travel trailer, sleeps  4, $200/wkt $200 d/d. 885-5307  #35*  18 It. 1976 Vanguard, sleeps 6,  frld/st., shower, lurnace, $4300,  885-5369 #26w  24 It. Winnebago, class "C,  sleeps 6, extra large tuel/water  stotsgs, 80% tlrs 4 biakes,  remodeled 4 yrs ago, rool carrier,  4 KW power plant. Very clean,  Irom Interior. Undercoated 4  absolutely no rust. $13,500. 883-  2682 aft. 6 pm is  A beauty. 1990 30 ft. Jayco Travel  Trailer (RV). Rear bed, tree standing table, haidwood floor,  microwave, Iridge, dove. Moved  only 75 km.Never smoked in.  $18,000. 8853145 din 5;30 pm  unM8pm.AskforSlgrid.    126c  '93 Golden Falcon 33 IL Sth wh.  (Tour edition) 14 It. tlpout,  immacused 3 mos. Can be seen  d 4160 Browning, or phone 685-  4808  *26c  Estate sale. 1986 Traval-Aire, 20  ft., 5th wh. Loaded. Indu. air and  awning. Veiy deen, $10,500. Also  1969 Ford 150 Ck* Cab, 302 auto  Fl XLT Land, only 44,000 km, low  package. Veiy clean, $13,500.  886-7927 ��26c  tl 21.5 IL Terry Retort. 5th wh.,  ike new. Al amenities, bid. hitch.  $14,500.6854813 #2Sw  17 It. travel trailer, Iridge, dove,  shower, holding tank, dc, $2500  obo 863-9450. eves.        #28*  Truck canopy, by Canopy West,  Nl midsize trucks, Rangers S10,  S15, etc. Sliding windows,  screens, lie new. $500 obo 885-  7251 ��25w  28' Airstream travel trailer, good  condition, $5,500.886-2622. tfns  Import camper, 7 ft 6 in., sleeps 4,  Ice box, 3 burner stove, new  linoleum, mini blinds, good cond.,  $1200 Arm. 8854447.       ��24w  1989 265 fl. KIT 5th wheel, 2 dr.  fridge freezer, 4 burner dove c/w  oven, ducted forced air heating,  TV and radio ani. and CATV, AIM  F/M dereo, 3-pc bath, queen bed,  Iff awning, $16,750. Alto 1990  Ford XL Supercab. 35,000 mi.  ready to tow. $14.250.686-7417.  #24*  12 It Holiday Rambler (Presidential) Rear bdrm.. 3 pc. balh,  a/c, forced air heating, 3-way  fridge/freezer, range/oven, new  upholstery (loaded), $13,900.883  9464. #24w  1972 Fad camper van 302 auto.  2-way Iridge, slove, $1500 obo.  8857906. #24w  24 ft. Nomad Tandem baler, luly  ���quipped w/shower, flush toilet,  holding tank. F/S, oven ind tw,  furnace, sleeps 6. $3850. 865.  3998. f24w  1(73 VW Westfalia poptop  camp*, auto. good cond. $2800  8164545 #24*  1171 Triple E navel tinier. 25II.  tun-size, 3 pc. bathroom, full-size  tridge. 4 burner stove, oven 4 Ian.  exc. cond. $5500 obo. 885-7016.  ss  1194' Vanguard camper, 4 burner c/w oven, 3/w fridge, forced air  furnace. H/W tank, bathroom  w/shower. very dean cond.. must  sel. asking $7300 685 2351   ss  6x45 trailer, sleeps 6. clean and  good cond 865-2100 ss  1990 dbt. 24' molorhome A-1 condllon 686 9025 ss  30 It. travel baler, remodeled, gas  slove. lurnace, shower, $8500  8868202 ss  1985 Terry Taurus 19.5 ft. travel  30 tl. libreglass Rawson sailboat,  trailer. Fridge, lorced air lurnace, 4  diesel  power,  new canvas,  $28,000. Call 883-1112.     #25c  12' aluminum boal, very strong,  $400.685-0344. #25c  14 ft. K&C Fibreglass Runabout  65 hp Evinrude, lo* hours since  100% overhaul, Ezy-load trailer.  $2000 883.2260. ��25c  9.9 hp SPIRIT  O/B MOTOR  Low, low hours, $900; old 4 hp  Johnson, $100,883-2260.   #25c  27 ft. Catalina sailboat, dinette, 4  sails, 2 yr. old o/b, assumable  moorage in Gibsons Marina, asking $16,900.885-2351. ss  Sangster 15'6", good condilion, 30  hp Suzuki (5 yrs. old, very few  hours), $2500 or boat, molor and  trailer (Road Runner), $3200.  Phone 883-1138 alter 6 or 683-  9978 anytime. #25c  Style 6 Speed  1990 Raven 19 ft. very low hours,  4.3 L engine, Caulkins trailer, must  sell, asking $12,500.883-2618.  #24w  18 ft. alum, boat 6 near new trailer, 50 hp Merc, runs good, stainless prop, elec. start, rigged lor  lishing. $3500.14 fl. alum, boal,  all done up with 18 hp Merc, stainless prop, $1600.685-3417.124c  115 hp Merc Jd Leg, needs w.p.,  has extras, $975.666-2840. ��24c  1 roll f/g malting, $150; used 17'  f/g canoe, comes with paddles,  $300. 886-2708 mornings or lv.  message. #24c  Wanted: 18 to 20 HP o/b motor.  8B5-5373 #26*  '80 19.5 Silverline Cuddy, 186  Merc, motor 4 outdrive, very  dependable, comes */ new boat  trailer, can be purchased separately. Asking $8000 w/o trailer or  $11,OOOw/liailer. 885-0621       SS  14' Aluminum boal. 25 hp, electric  start. Front steering, */ nailer.  $1600000.686-6481 #26w  Lighl boat trailer Good for 12 -14  ft alum, boat oi inflatable. Bearing  buddy and spare tire. $250. BB6-  9497 #26*  1993 Yamaha Wanerunner. Low  hrs. Well-maintained, $4500 obo.  886-9691 #26w  Light boat trailer. Good for 12 ��� 14  ft alum, boal or inflatable. Bearing  buddy and  14 ft. alumin., centre control, gal-  vanized trailer, 25 HP Mariner.  Electric start, bait tank, fish-on  seats, rod holders plus extras.  $3500 obo 883-2390 #26c  12' Danlson row boat, 4.5 hp.  Seagull o/b 886-9308        #26c  36' classic motor yacht forestry  type. Built as private yacht. New  $16,000. Cummins 5.9 diesel.  Sleeps 5. Soundei. Accept 16 -  20' runabout, motorhome, rec  property as part pay. VAlue  $49,000,922-7636 #26c  8' Livingston FG boat, $300. 20  HP Merc, o/b, $300.8864579  #25*  1950 Monk 42' cruiser, 90%  restored. Rebui 6-71 diesel. Must  sell. Reduced lo $50,000. Offers:  8864790 #25w  19 tl. Campion hard top, cuddy  cabin, ful canvas. Powered by 898  Mercruiser fresh water cooled 5  litre V8/198 HP. Very low hours,  used mostly tor mooching. Perfect  cond., clean inside 4 out, $9500  obo. 885-5025 ss  19.5' Cougar Bubbledeck. New  rebuilt 454 and Berkley jet with  Jetovator. with cuitom tandem  trailer. $8700. Cal after 5 pm 886-  7579. #25w  Sangster 15'6" Good condition. 30  hp Suzuki, 5 yrs old, very few  hours, $2500, or bod, mdor and  trailer (Road RUnnei), $3200.  Phone 863-1138 after 6 or 883-  9978 anytime. #25*  SKHEIT MARINE |  SURVEYS LTD.  Captain Wll Murray  MCMMC MNAM5  MAB.YC  ���Marine  Surveyors ond Consultants  Cd 25 fresh bottom, new uphold.,  etc., 5 sails, new main genoa,  mere. 9.8 long shaft, excell. cond..  d Gibsons gov't wharf. $7000.1-  253-1483 colled ��25w  Near new 10 ft Zodiak, used only  one season, approx 10 times,  Includes launching wheels, fishing  lod holders and cover, $2500.  8854032 ��2Sw  Float house, 14 ft x 48 ft., moored  in Tillicum Bay Marina. Nick, 885-  6340 #25*  Kayak/canoe -2/3 person, Easy  rider. Very stable $750.886-3113.  #25*  18'6" Campion h/t, 115 hp motor.  recent overhaul, head, sounder.  RR trailer, very good cond.,  $8200 865-2157. #25*  22 1/2 It. Double Eagle CB  350/280 baitbag VHF sounder,  $23,000.6854448. SS  22' Bell Buoy rebuilt 302 and Merc  leg, convertible hardtop and canvas, VHF, lishlinder, trailer,  $12,000. Will consider part trade.  865-4019. ss  24' work / pleasure boat, f/g on  wood, exc. cond., zero hours on  rebuilt 318, new ex-manifolds, new  s.s. shaft, wiring, paint. Full price  Includes dinghy, oars, 9 hp motor.  $7900.663-2990. ss  28' Unifly fibreglass, brand new  molor and other extras, full ol electronics. Reasonable price. George  886-8139. ss  Heavy duty 50' float ramps built to  suit. 883-2610 or 883-9290.    ss  18 ft. Fibreglass, Volvo I/O, boat.  Tandem axle trailer, $3800. 883-  2297. ss  25 ft. Reinell, depth sounder, good  mech. condition. $9000 obo. 866-  4870. ss  Heavy duty 50 float ramps built to  suit. 883-2610 or 883-9290.    ss  OUTBOARDS FOR SALE  9.9-20-30-40-50-70 HP 1992-1993  Evlnrudes. Excellent condition.  Lowe's Resort, 863.2456.      Hn  27. Mobile Homcc  siA��mi)i'  i Out d town visitors? Why nd  send them 1AIM0NMMM  with a prolessional?  ��� luxurious 28ft. sport Usher  ��� Uve bait/light tackle >AI  equipment supplied ��� Over  10,000 hrs local guiding  experience ���Proven results  ||      Cdl: Kevin Gunning  !       Owner/operator d  I   US-9S4��,futl543U  21 It. sailboat lull cabin, headroom, sleeps 5, lully equipped  w/tO H P Honda. Ready to sal. In  gteat shape, $5100 w/motor,  $4500 without motor. 8864220.  #24*  Forced to sell, luxurious fibreglass  Force 50 yacht, leak decks, 58 ft.  of crattmanship, world traveller.  Fridge, stove, microwave, water,  maker, washer/dryer, freezer, Ice-  maker, bathtub, shower, 2 heads,  king and queen beds, gred galley,  huge salon, Volvo diesel, radar,  Loran, satellite navigation, weather lax, FM and ham radios,  inboard computers and much  more. Gred condition, will consider real estate trade. $190,000.  Herb Craig 886-2277. ss  18 ft. welded alum-centre console,  T-Top. builtin gas lank, 1990 115  HP Suzuki, PT 4 T Highliner trail,  er, $12.500.885-5700.      ��24w  27' Concorde lg. cabin cruiser.  318 Chrysler i/b, radar, VHF, CB,  sounder, compass, sleeps 4.  Excellent condition. Ready to  cruise. $17,800.886-7240.      SS  Wanted: Classic wooden tun-  about. 886-2736. SS  10x32' barge, libreglass over  wood, boom and electric winch.  885-2100. ss  18.5 ft. Double Eagle hardtop.  1968 Merc. 470, deplh sounder,  radio, bail tank, Immac. cond.,  hardly used, with trailer, $15,500  obo. 885-3277. ss  12x52 2 bdrm mobile home, furnished, good cond. $12,500.885-  8899 #26w  24' travel trailer ml 10x20 finished  addition. Sleeps up to 10 people.  Million $ view lor $250/mo. pad  rental. No utilities. Asking $15,000.  Call 886-7064 or 886-2342 after 5  pm #26w  12x68 Canadiana mobile home, 2  bdrm, 4 appl., Pacific Energy  woodstove, new carpels and vinyl  flooring less lhan 2 yrs. ago. Mud  be moved. Asking $19,500. 886-  3763. #25c  12x56 mobile in Sunshine Coasl  Trailer Park, #92, Gibsons,  $21,000.8864697. #24c  14x68' 76 Atco - 2 large bedrooms, washer, dtyer, Hove.  $25,000 obo. Call 8858832 alt.  5pm. #24w  28. Motorcycle:  POWERHOUSE  REPAIRS  SALES  SALVAGE  1945 mow.  885-3137  '87 Harley 883 Sportder ��� extras,  $4200.863-2891 #26w  KX125, very good cond, $1150.  885-4816 ��26w  '85 Honda Interceptor 51,000 km.  Runs greal. Jusl tuned. Moving ���  must sell 886-3631 #26*  76 CB 750 F Honda. 18,000 km  $1000.6864900 #26w  '89 Suzuki QSXR 750 1400k.  $4900 obo. 686-0181 No tilt  plots. ss  Yamaha 400XS and K 400 $650  obo 686-7400 #25w  1981 Honda CM 400T., shield, i.  bags, new tires, comb, hydro and  air shocks, very clean. $1200.  8853594 ��25w  ���83 Suzuki Kitana 650, shall  drive, dull Iront disks, new bit.,  new rear rubber, $950 obo. 886-  2297. tfns  whon you  pay tor 2 Ineortlone  SO  All chiiifiedi tmnt be  prepaid before iniertior.  FOR ONE INSERTION  h ______ __. llMulm *_m m-J���J���  RIHI Hit ifwimuj In nHHHnHi  EoHion. Up to 10 worn; 25 tints  __ mait_   ��fc-�� ��� i i  101 ���Qui Quubkuiiui WWO.  Frie: lost, Found I Free  fww f off ClaeeUlmde  $17 up to 10 words  $ 1 each additional word  Your ad, selling one item, will run 4 consecutive wests  (fian will be cancelled unless you instruct us to renew it  by classified deadline * Not ovalfafcl* lot cemtr���cieri aeh���At���i  Coast News  CLASSIFIED DIADUNISt  M*sisl��y MMm W**k*n��Ur  NOON, FRIDAY NOON TUMDAY  Gibsons 886-2622 StMt 883-3930   -.--* -*   *--���-���-.-* Coast News, June 13, 1994  19  28. Motorcycles  '85 Kewasakl GPZ 900 Ninja.  Black, like new, 20,000 km.  $3,500.886-4616 aft. 7 pm.    ss  1980 CB 750 Custom  1981 CB 750  1981 QL 500 Sihretwing  1984 OS 750 E  1964 KX 60  1978 KZ 650 SR  1990 GSXR1100  Yamaha Powerhouse Motorcycles,  1945 Field Rd��� 885-3137.      tfn  Power House Motorcycle  1945 Field Rd. 865-3137  NOW IN STOCK!!!  1994 Virago 250  1994 Virago 750  1995 Virago 1100  1995 V-Max 1200  1994 Genesis 600  1994 Genesis 750  1994 YZ125  1994 RT180  1994 TW 200  1994Timberwolf250  1995 Banshee 350  1994 Kodiak 400 4x4 tin  1986 Suzuki GS XR 750. Recenl  tune up. Good condition., $3200,  o.b.o. 6854563 #25w  Suzuki DR600 single, 6 km,  $2950, exc; Yamaha 550 Maxim 4  cyl. 7 km, $900.8864184. #25c  Damaged Suzuki WAIGS/100E  engine, $325.686-2840.     ��24c  29. Wanted  to rent  Wanted: cottage lor quiel tingle  n/s lemale. Reasonable renl. Linda  8864590 #26w  Roberts Creek home wanted: 2 - 3  bdrms, rent or buy. 681-7427,883-  5544 #26c  Need 1 bdrm cabin, trailer ot part  ol house. Permanent residence,  plus dog. Cal am, Pd ot Linda d  886-9409 126c  For 2 win. In Augud, 2 bdrm cd-  tage, prefer wdertront (If possible),  beech access, lumished. 885-2853  #26c  For Rent  Gibsons Langdale  Responsible lamily, n/s, requires 2       TOWNHOUSES/ CONDO 2 bdrm townhome, lireplace,  or 3 bdrm house, Sechelt area, lor Two bedroom townhouse, includes mountain view, $700/mo.  July 1-Dairy! 685-9404 weekdays all   appliances,   $775   per 2 bdim apartment, very well man-  "25c monlh.plus utils. talned, $650/mo.  New mother with pels seeks 1-2  bdrm home. Refs. avail, ASAP.  6864733. #24c  Prolessional non-smoking couple  in their early sixties, wish to rent 3  bedroom, 2 bathroom house or  condo with unobstructed view of  ocein 4 mountains In Sechelt or  Gibsons area. We hope during that  period to find such a house to pur-  chase. Suggest rental start Dec.  1/94 or Jan 1/95 for about 3  months. Call Shlshakly (514) 457-  2759 or fax (514) 457-1640. #24c  Responsible working couple  looking lor a 2 - 3 bdrm house for  long term rental. Refs. avail. Pender Harbour area only. 883-2212.  ss  Small 2 bdrm Davis Bay, no appl.  $400  3 bdrm, rec rm, fireplaces. W.  Sechelt waterfront. Lease, $1200,  Augusi  3 bdrm upper suite waterlront.  Gale Road. Lease, $800  Small 2 bdrm waterfront Seima  Park, lease, $700  Older 4 bdrm waterlront Seima  Park, lease, $750  4 bdrm view, Davis Bay, lease,  $900  Small 3 bdrm Pender Harbour,  $600  APARTMENTS  Two bedroom aparlment, rent  includes heat and hot water, $600  per month.  TWo bedioom waterfront apart-  med, large deck, great view, $650  including hydro, no pds.  Two bedroom, side by side duplex,  $475 per month plus utilities.  One bedroom, view, lower Gib-  sons, $550 plus utilities.  COMMERCIAL  CENTRAL GIBSONS  Retail/office space for renl, 1275  square feet, cenlral air conditioning, good parking, - $10 triple nd.  GRANT REALTY LTD.  886-3330  Avail. July 1,2 bdrm sule ml view,  5 appl, extra storage & parking,  n/p. 596-1669. #25w  Horseshoe Bay cozy bachelor  suite, great for commuter, $395  Incl. heat, light I parking. Avail.  July 1. Phone alter 6 pm. 921-  7480. ��24c  NRS Sechelt Realty Ltd.  865-9093  Hn  Langdale cottage. Spectacular  view. Walk to lerry & beach. Avail,  lor summer rental or long term tenancy. $550/mo util. Included. 886-  2891 #26w  Duplex, 3 bdrm, 2 baths, f/p, 4  appl., deck. Fantastic view of harbour. Close to everything. N/S a  must. $800/mo. Avail June 15.  886-2352 #26*  1 bdrm suite. Bright, spacious,  beautiful view, Granthams Landing. Avail. June 15 or July 1. $525,  utll. inclu. N/S prelerred. Res req.  886-0026 #26W  2 bdrm suite, conveniently located  belween upper & lower Gibsons.  $425/mo. 886-9326, eves   #26w  1 1 2 bdrm apts, view. $440 &  $480/mo. Call Dean at 886-8073  #26w  For Rent  Gibsons/Langdale  Granthams Landing ��� Oceanfront -.  Bright one bdim suite. Split level,  balcony, skylight No pets $550  686-2596 ��26c  1 bdrm bright basement near marina. $400/mo Inclusive. Sieve 886-  0539  *26c  2 bdrm condo, ocean view with  balcony, $650/mo, 886-2247 or 1-  255-0651 |25W  1 bdrm apis, lower Gibsons. Large  patio, privale garden, bright 8  sunny. New kitchen and balh.,  laundiy. carpels, mini blinds. Quiel  and secure, $620/mo. 686-3420  #25w  1 bdrm view apl, opposie Gibsons  Marina. New building. Laundry.  Walk lo all amenities. Very quiel.  $590,866-3420 *25*  Bright ne* 1 bdrm suite. Self-contained. Full kitchen, lull bath.  Shared laundiy. Lovely quiet aiea.  Close to marina, bus route, suit  professional single or couple.Good  refs a must. Avail. July 1, $500/mo  t Utilities. 886-4620 #25*  For Renl  Gibsons Langdale  32. Commercial  For Rent  34. Help Wanted  Property Management  Dave AusUn 615-3293  Klc  Large 3 bdrm townhouse, 1600 sq.  II., view, skylights, w/w, garden, 1  1/2 balhs, $875/mo June 15���nt  July 1.1-9264451 #26c  SHARED ACCOMMODATION  Quid, clean l/m, n/s, ocean view,  large 3 bdrm home, Sandy Hook,  $350 + 1/2 util. 8854856.   #25c  Roommate wanled, clean n/s, to  share 2 bdrm view home In  Madeira Park/Gunboat Narrows,  $260 ��� hydro. 883-2992 leave  message. (25c  N/S shared accommodation, beauliful 3 bdrm. luly furnished rancher  with your own private bathroom,  lireplace, dishwasher, piano. Gred  yard, workshop, garden. Cooked  meals / lunches, laundiy negotiable. $450 plui 1/2 ulils. 866-  8848. 124c  View. 1 bdrm suite lot quid single  working person. N/S $550/mo. Incl.  heat, hydro, cable and a/c. Rets.  6867012 #26w  2 bdrm apt. Laundry and parking  Included. Cats welcomed.  $600/mo. Aval Julyt.886-3108   K6w  Brand new 1 bdrm bsml suite.  Close to ferry, N/S, n/p preferred,  $5O0/mo. 686-2949 #26w  3 bdrm townhouse, central Gibsons, $650/mo. Mature couple preferred. N/S, n/p. Aval. July 1.886-  7051, hr. message #26*  3 bdrm, llOOsq. ft. 1/2 duplex, 3  yis old.S800/mo, 886-9654 ��26w  765 School Rd��� duplex. 2 bdrm, al  appl. New paint. $750/mo. 886-  7016 126c  yfe  BCYCNA  MIT ISM  COLUMBIA  AND YUKON  COMMUNITY  NEWSPAPERS  ASSOCIATION  These ads appeal in more than 100 community newspapers in B C and Yukon  and reach moie than 3 million readers.  TO PLACE AN AO CALL THIS PAPER OR THE BCYCNA AT (604)669-9222  362  $225 **  2!  words  S4 00 itch addiNofld wort  ARTISTS4CRAFTS People exhibit 8 sail in the XV  Commonwealth Games  'Made In B.C' exhibition  1 sale. August 13-26.  downtown Victona. B.C  (625 plus GST per week  /rite/fax ,Aft,* Cultural  esiival. oo Vies events  Ltd.. 2-31 Bushby Slreel,  Victoria.BCV8SIB3.Tel  360-1549. Fax 380-1548  ��� AUCTIONS    :  UNRESERVEDTRUCK* j  Equipment Auction. Mon  :  June 20/94 8a.m. Selling  on behalf of The City of  Calgaiy.AGT Limited, Al- !  berta Transportation,  TransAlta Utilities Cotp.  Kleysen Tiansport Ltd  I  and other consignors.'89  Case 850D dozer,  90  Case     580K      4X4  exiendahoe. (4) 90 Volvo I  T/A tractors; wheel load- I  ers; skidslaers; motor ;  graders end scrapers:  trenching and compaction;  truck tractors; gravel. ]  crane and tank trucks: trailers etc For more information please call CPA -  Canadian Public Auction  Ltd.. 1805-34 Ave. S.E..  Calgary. AB 1(403)269-  66Q0 ;   AUTO  J  ENGINES REBUILT fram I  $795  Engine lamanu- j  facluie from $995. 6  months to pay. 6 Year '  120.000 warranty. Bond !  Mechanical building engines lor 28 years 872-  0641. 84. 7 diys.   CANADA ENGINES Lid  Quality remanufacluied  engines 6cyf fram $995 ;  V6  fiom  $1,095.  Syr  120.000km limited war- I  ranty 580-1050 or 1-800- i  6653570    12345-114  Ave Surrey BCAA Approved  DODGE CUMMINS Diesels and Jeeps Also com-  piete line ol Logan Coach '  trailers in stock Phone (or  our great prices. Financing available OAC. Larry J  Holmes (604)649-8986. i  DL3564  imam __y_*  VINYL WINDOWS/PatK)  Doors for new construe, j  tion/renovavons. standard ���  or made to measure  Shipped anywhere m 8 0  No Minimum!) (Seconds/  returns available at 1/2  price)   Call  Mon.Fri.  7 30a m .5 30pm Fax  795-4574  Oired call 1-  795-4575 Cascade Win-  dowsMfg Inc. 1400481- |  6009  |  BUILD YOUR Own log  home, ski cabin or lake I  cottage with en affordable.  ���Sly to assemble log  home package. Country -  Pine Log Homes. Box  22116, Penticton, BC  :  V2A IU 490-9985. :  VEHICLE LEASE. Drive a  new vehicle and write off!  the cost. No down pay-  ment Call Andy at 328-  9211 OLR #8387.   MY WIFE Janice and I. {  (Clilt) teach and help peo-  pie to create second in- i  comeslhatleadtorealjob '  security. Information from  (604)654-5160.   SECURE A Positive Income! Inalight woodworking industry Established ,  Okanagan company wilh j  excellent 9 year product  reputation, offers an ex- !  elusive home based busi-  ness opportunity in your!  area wilh full training pro- ;  gram for undentlO.OOO '  For more information I  phone Dave Jamieson 1- I  882;5288  j  AN ALBERTA Opportunity: New serviced rest* *  dennallolsunder$10,000. I  Historic Fort Macleod. ;  Maior tourist destination j  In southwestern Alberta. I  excellent facilities Start a .  business a lamily Retire  For information .  1(403)553-4425. Just  listed: New 50X125' I  cindertnock building with I  40X100' attached  quonset on 4.75 acres '  adjacent highways 2 and j  3-6400,000 Canadian. >  1(403)553-2236  YUKON BIO Game Guide  School. June 20-July 26.  1994 Candidates must be  very hunting oriented,  ambitious, good character healthy. Cosl $750.  Apply: Phone/Fax  1(403)633-3366. Also  need super cub mountain  pilot and camp cook Pilot  needs commercial and  500 hours.  tOUCATJON  A NEW Career? Lots ot  jobs available Trained  Apartment, Condominium  Managers needed ��� all  areas We can Irdn you  now! Free Job Placement  Assistance 681-5456/1-  8004854339   UNIQUE OPPORTUNITY  to obtain home based franchise from western Canada's leading process service agency We provide  exclusive territory, continuous operational and  accounting support National advertising. No experience, training provided. Small investment  required. Contact Lormii  Management Systems  inc.. 310, 10232-112  Slreat. Edmonton, AB.  T5KIM4. Phone (403)424-  4442.   LOOKING TO start a new  business? Hera is an opportunity Radio Shack  Iranchise for sate In  Kitimat For more details  call (604) 6324804. ask  for Joe.  Business personals  SPICE UP Your Love Life!  Order adult-only novelties  from your home. 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Training preferred  lor someone with frame  repair experience Call  I 747-3883 Ouesnel  ATTENTION RESIDENT  Managers. 37 Unit newly  renovated Penticton  beachfront motel requires  on-site managing couple.  Duties include front  desk.Mounting, maintenance-all aspects of motel management. Excellent compensation to right  couple. Resumes to: J A  Properties. 350-1333  Johnston St., Vancouver.  V6H 3R9 or Fax: 667-  0202.  MISC .FOR SALE  Karaoke - Mr. Entertainment. Canada's largest  karaoke dealer has the  largest selection of  smgalong tapes and related karaokeproducts.  Call now for our (tee cata-  logues 1400481-7464.  FUTURE STEEL Build-  ings-Quonsels 25'X30'  $5.462.30X40 $6,593.  35X50' $8,478 .  Straightwall Ouonsets  25X30'$5,922. 30X40-  $6,999 Endwails. Sliding Doors. Freight lo Vancouver. GST induded 1-  800.668.5111  CABINETS 1/2 PRICE. In  stock, countertops/vani-  ties also Cash & Carry  Cabinet Warehouses:  "4278 Lougheed.  Burnaby 298-9277 "  19700 Langley Bypass.  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Delivery Included  i injfflst   Tap into BC's Biggest Market with  One Phone Call to  This Newspaper  WHISTLER-BOOK Now-  Spring skiing 200' from  Quicksilver Quadchair  Underground parking,  jacuzzi. pool Seattle  Seahawks slay wilh Sea  To Sky CondolHotel  Rentals 1400467-5529.  Fax (804)938-9611  W__  WANTED: Sony-Mowing  ed printed previously with  incorrect phone number)  Old cowboy chaps, paying $100. plain. $250  tancy. $500 ��� woolles  Angora     saddlebags  . $150 ���   Fancy   spurs  I $300��.culfs$100hoise  hair bridles $1,000 Call  ! tree 1-800-262-  I CHAP(2427)  WANTED OLD cowboy  : spurs, paying $100 plain  $300 ��� fancy $500 ��� sil  ver inlaid Also wanted  Indian antiques especially  ] beadwork. quillwork oi  , gloves etc Call Iree 1  800-262-2427  3 bdrm home on S. Fletcher, near ^ _i/mm Creek hall avail-  yacht club, lovely gaiden with ab|e Whee|ch ai, (aci|j|ies eB5.  greenhouse and fruit trees. Possi- 2752 or 885.9863 Bn  ble lease. Avail, now. Refs req'd.       5850/mo 9227836. #25c  3 new, permanent/long term RV  sites now ready at Boot Hill RV  Park, $250/mo. 1117 Keith Road,  1 1/2 miles up Cemetary Road,  Gibsons. 886-9764 or 220-1526.  tfns  Roberts Creek Hall, avail, dances,  parlies, weddings. Yvonne 886-  7815. tin  34. Help Wanted  For Rent  Roberts Creek  Nice clean house, central Gibsons,  2, bdtm, 2 lull baths, 5 appl. l/p,  garage, $825/mo, plus ulil. Avail  July 1,886-7392 eves.      KSw    926-3991, Lyn  Hopkins Landing watertront house.  Easy walk lo feny. 3 bdrms (or 2-t  den), 2 baths. Furnished il  required. Avail. Sept - June.  $B50/mo. N/S, N/P, refs. 1-274-  8056 #25w  F/T parts person req'd lor outboard  sales & repair shop. Woiking ollice  knowledge. Bedfoid & Woid Per  feet are assets. 883-1119   #24c  Cafetino Kidd seeks kilchen help 8  bus persons. Jobs suitable loi students 865-7626 #26c  RESIDENT MANAGER  For Park Rise Condominiums, 48  suites in Gibsons. Expeiienced,  energetic mature person able to do  minor repairs, yard and ollice  work. July 1. Send resume and  refs to Baseline, 1400-400 Burraid  St. Vancouver, V6C 3G2    ��26c  Sechelt Golf 1 Country Club  ���,    ,.  ��� .. requires a full-time coffee shop  Seima Pk ml, 2 bdrm upper ���, Resumes  house, avail. July 15, $750/mo.   5588 Intel Ave. until June 10/94  Large, spacious basement/living  area with 1 bdrm Shared bath/  kitchen In country home. Close to  beach $300/mo incl util. Avail July  1,8854950 *25w  Redecorated, clean mobile home,  on quiel 1/2 acre, deck, large  shed, 4 appl., l/p, easy walk lo  beach & parks, n/s, n/p. Suitable  for mature single or working couple. $650/mo. Avail. June 1.  lease/rels., please. 5334740 alter  5 pm. ��25c  For Rent  Sechelt & district  Experienced Bartendet  required lot full time permanent  position al Cedars Pub. Apply in  person with resume on Mondays  or Tuesdays between 10 and 12 or  leave resume at the bar and we'll  conlact you lor an appointment.  ��24w  Waiters, waitiesses, cooks, dock  attendant. Apply in person, Irvines  Landing Marine Pub. Ask for  Jessie or Wayne. #24c  A Mom's dream Stay home, lose  weight, help others, make $$ Irom  home, full training. Call Cynthia toll  free 1-978-6244. #24*  Assemble light products at home.  Excel, income, easy work. Call for  directory. 24 his. (604) 623-2380  ext. A74. tin  (26*  ��24c  BUY FACTORY Oired  Save thousands of dollars. Ridgewood-Homes.  B.C.'s ��1 selection of  msnufsctursd homes.  14X70' starling al  $38,900. Free inlo: 902.  9114.   CUSTOM DESIGNED  Manufactured Homes.  Why buy off a lot whan  you can customize any  plan to your own personal  taste Preowned homes  also available Noble  Homes 1(403)447-3414  PERSONAL  LADIES MEET Men. Men  meet ladies Dateline  Canada. Can 1-900-451-  4010 *1O06 $299/min  1-900-Camdi. Inq 1-  600-230-7636 Must be  18*  2 bdrm suite plus 1 bachelor sute,  view, quiet, walk to feny. Own  entrance and decks. $525/mo,  $375/mt util. n/s, n/p. 886-7490  KSw  Gibsons, dose lo dl amenities. 1  bdrm apt, ground floor. Sepaiate  entrance, palio, 4 appl. $550/mo.  298-5215. 125*  3 bdrm house, large fenced land-  scaped yard. Hiatilator l/p and  electric. $825/mo. No dogs, house  cell o.k. Avail Aug t. Reft  required. 886-7071, eves   I25w  2 bdrm view tuite $525/mo.,  includes bed snd hydro. N/S, n/p.  Avail July 1.886-2565      I25w  Wderfronf 3 bdim home. Reasonable red. Aval, immed. For information please cal 9252107.124c  2 bdtm home, private garden, quid  neighborhood, don to 11 amenities. Furnished ot unlumished  $700/mo. negotiable. 866.8689  I25w  Langdale studio suite, spectacular  . view, l/p, w/d, walk to ferry, util.  indu.$525/mo. 886-2891.   128c  Pratt Rd. area, 1 bdrm basement  auit, semi-furnished, privale  entrance, $400/mo., incl. utilities.  cade. Avail. July 1.886-7876.K5C  2300 iq. fl. penthouse w/view,  lower Gibiom neat Mirina, 4  bdtm, 3 bath, 1 yr. lease, rati.  $1000/mo. Lenka 885-7436. K5c  2 bdrm houie, lower Gibiom,  attractive yard, view, lease possible, $850/mo. Avail, now, rets.  please. Adult oriented. 1-922-  7836. 125c  1 bdtm view suite, scroll Irom  Yacht Club, (A, $450.886-9737.   B4c  Avail. Aug 1, private entrance  home, 3 bdrms., lenced garden  yard snd sundeck. Quiet but not  isolated - a nice houie lor nice  people. Sorry house sllstglc to  cats snd dogs, lid) aid ctocoddn  ok. Long teim t salt, plena,  $780/mo. plus utils. 888-3107 or  929-4968. KSc  Avsil. June, central Gibsons 2  bdrm. miin Hoot ol houn,  $675/mo. refs 8704370.   K4w  1 RV lie lor rent, $150/mo. pka  utils. Treed aea, near North Rd.,  aval. now. 9224848.       K4w  Niw 2 bdtm. 2 lull bdh, luxury  conde, F/P. 5 appl., N/S, N/P,  Avdl July 1, $850/mo. pka litis.  886-7651. Klw  Thrss bedroom home, Pratt Rd.,  $85(Vmo Cal 686-7488     K4w  2 bdrm. upper level ol houn.  Haidwood noon, F/P, newly panted, deck w/outdinding view, W/D,  $675*K>. pka 1/2 ut*. avail June  15 or July I 255-9924.       K4w  Near new, 3 bdtm, 2 1/2 baths.  wmtvdw ed-ii kitchen, laundiy.  5 appl., garage (duplex). Avail  July 1.$875/mo. 2984215. K4c  2 bdrm houn, sundeck, Ige. yard  Avail. June 15. $750/mo. 866.  2362. K4C  i Mnrt ipirtment, excellent view,  Gibsons, $520/mo. 6854914 ��24c  View home. 3 bdrms, main floor  plus finished part of lower, 5 appl.  wood dove, $850/mo Incl, cable.  Preler n/s 6884963.        K4c  Sleeping room avail, immed  Lower Gibsons on beach, $27S/mo  incl. cat*, al utilities and laundry.  Klc  W. Sechelt 3 bdrm, 2 bath, 4 yr.  ok) 1300 sq. It. home. N/S. Avail.  Aug. 1,$900/mo. 885-7669 K6*  large 1 bdrm suite. Inlet view. Currently being renovated. Avail July  15. $550/mo. 885-1050  Seaside 1 bdrm, unlurn. cottage,  dec. hed. Lg. sundeck, driveway,  and yard. Close to amenities. Refs,  long-term tenant desired. $450 and  dp. 865-2343 124c  Furnished room In house, on bus  route, close to dl amenities. $450  inclusive 885-5443 K6C  2 bdtm ��� den executive rancher.  Semi-waterfront. $1025/mo 885-  4490 K5w  Oceanside, oceanview, 2 bdrm  apt., Davis Bay, $625/mo, plus utll.  Avail. Immed. 8854918 or 792-  8731 aft. 6pm K6C  Small, modern, dean house, dose  lo arena. W/F, ideal lor single or  couple. N/S, n/p, $800/mo. Lease,  tali req'd. 1-672-3516  eves/wknds, K6c  Bright 2 bdrm ground level sute,  partially lurnished Davis Bay 1 blk  from store 4 beach. W/D kid., 1/2  util. n/p $650 665-5586. Avail.  June 15. K6c  Comfortably lurnished cottage,  ace. up to 6. WF, deep moorage  dock. Accessible by bod only. 15  min. from Sechell en the Sechel  Inlet. Reasonable weekly, Monthly  rates. May ��� Od. Phone 604485-  4099 or write Schmilt, RR1.  Whitaker site, C-20, Sechell, BC  V0N3A0 K6C  Weit Sechelt - great location.  Large contempoiaiy lamily home.  Top Ikwr plus. Quiet street, private  fenced yard, huge decks etc. Aval.  July t Deirdre 939-5486, lv. message K5W  Wed Sechdt area 1 bdtm house,  close to beech, mature, single  n/s.n/p responsible personality 1.  $495/mo. 885-2045 KSC  Inlet View Quest Houis. Furnished, sccommoddes 6. Daily,  weekly rentals. 685-4490   KSw  1 bdtm houie, close to beach,  mature, tingle n/i, responsible  person, n/p, July 1. $49S/mo. 885-  2045. KSc  2 bdrm rancher, 1 acre w/l/p, appl.,  w/d, dose lo amenities, $725 plus  utils. Hai sepaiate workshop and  horse stable. 1-462-7943.   KSc  1 bdim suite, n/s, n/p, walk to  shopping. Suitable lor quiet,  mature person. 6854863.   K5c  2 bdtm w/l view house, 7965  Redroolls Rd. Avail. June t,  $850/mo. 1-7344680.       K5c  3 bdrm duplex, 2 full balhs, oak  kitchen, view, $600/mo, 865-7655.  KSC  2 bdrm view condo. in well managed complex, dose to everything,  S630/mo, 886-2949 ��24c  Ocean trod home, Gibsons, June  18-July2,$40O/wt 686-2258  124c  ~+   ^^^^ft       A  Opening Soon  Dally Roast  Coffee bar  NOW HIRING  friendly people  SERVERS/BAKERS  Part Tint! Positions  Available  Apply in person at the  Omega Restaurant  Mon - Thurs  10:30 lo Noon or  2:30 lo 4:00 pm  2 bdrm basement suite, n/s, n/p. 5  appls., centie Sechalt, next lo  Seniors Centre. Pertly furnished,  cable, gas fireplace 5 hot water  supplied. Refs 8 security deposit.  $650/mo. 685-3417. K4c  1 bdim. suite Seima Paik,  $600/mo. avail. July 1.685-7719  124*  Shared house in Sechet tor dean,  quiet, responsible non-imoker.  W/D. $350/mo 885-4778.   K4w  Urge 2 bdtm mobile. Walk to al  amenities. Sul retired. No dogi.  Rets. June 1,$675/mo. 685-5782.  124*  2 bdtm, 2 bath, trailer, 5 appl.,  adul oriented park. Aval. July 1,  no pets. $650/mo. 885-9715 ��24c  Hallmoon Bay  Pender Harbour  Bachelor suite w/ rantastic viewi  Madeira Park, 865-3910, Seven  Isles Apartments. K5w  2 bdrm. home. Madeira Park,  $495/mo. rels. req. 526-9895 ��24w  Vacation Rentd - 4 bdtm. executive home with waterfall, beach  docks, volley ball and hot tub on  Sakinaw Lake, road access,  $850/week. 8554157. ss  WANTED: mature, expeiienced  person lor housekeeping duties  part time / ful time, May - October  for local resort. Phone 883-2424  loi appointment. K5c  Bookstore cleik, pait/lime. Forward  resume to Ashley's Books 8  Records, Box 421, Sechelt, BC  V0N3A0. K4w  Six chair salon requites ful or part  time stylist with their own clientele.  CU Denise 8864916.      K4w  Coordinator for Fimlly  Caregiver Support Progrim.  Part-time opportunity to coordinate program designed to support  family caregivers. Successful  applicant wil have excellent smal  group facMatkin skills and one-to-  one skills. Musl be able to work  well on own and in team setting  with community professionals.  Preference to RN, OT/PT, or other  professional wilh required skills  and experience. Send hand-written  cover letter plus resume to: Executive Director, Sunshine Com  Home Support Sociely, Box 2420,  Sechel BC VON 3A0. Deadline for  applications. June 16./94     K4w  General labourer required, 885-  4286 KSw  Driven, class 4 needed. Blue  Wave Taxi. 19 Seaview Plaza.  666-3333 K5w  Ice maker/manager. Gibsons curling club (4 sheets) requites an ice-  maker. Management skills important. Salary range $25,000 tor 7.5  months. Reply to Terry Connor  Box 969 Gibsons, BC, VON 1V0  KSw  JOB FINDING CLUB  Three week financially aisisted  Canada Employment Centre sponsored job search program. Mud be  il receipt of Unemployment Insurance Benefits u.l. Proposed startup Mid-July. For lurther information  snd registration, cal 8864099.  KSc  VOCATIONAL DEVELOPMENT  AND CAREER PLANNING  Financially assisted 8-week training program sponsored by Canada  Employment Centre, Sechdt. Pro  posed dart-up: end d June. Location: Gibsons. Eligibility Requirements: Mud be In receipt ol U.l.  bemfiti oi Income Assistance,  must bs committed to exploring  career options snd obtaining job  search skills in a co-operative,  team setting in prepardion lor reentering the workforce. For more  information and registration please  phone 8864099. KSc  In exchange lor board and room  (even suite), require assistance  with gardening, meal preparation,  and household duties, part-time,  lor small commute! lamily. Roberts  Cteek. Non-smoking woman with  exp. in above, phone 886-4584  evenings and weekends.    *25c  Loid Jim's Resoit Hotel now  accepting applications loi the lollowing positions: Sous chel, first  cook, dishwasher, and prep cook.  Please send resume lo Lord Jim's  Resort Hotel, C-18. JR Site, RRI  Hallmoon Bay, BC VON 1Y0, or lax  885.7036. attention Thomas #25c  35. Business and  Home Seivices  Brushcuttlng ��� Weed siting ���  Lawn cutting ��� Rubbish removal  ��� Powerwashing ��� 8854737  ��26w  Rdny Day Minding  Hem pants: Fix zippers: Sew  seams: Iron dress clothes: Design  costumes lor all occasions: Buttons Make pants inlo shorts.  Please make sure all your clothes  are clean. You tear It, I'll repair it.  Penny Berdahl 886-3995   #26w  HOUSEHOLD MAINTENANCE  Carpentry, painting, general  repairs, quality work, good prices,  10 yrs. exper. Keith Wiles 885.  6272 K9w  J-T CONSTRUCTION.  Foundation forming & framing.  References / reasonable. 886-  0315, cdl 220-9019 126*  DON'S TILE INSTALLATIONS  Ceramic - Mosaics - Marble. Quality work al reasonable prices. 886-  4260 K6w  Attention Pinder Harbour residents: Oil furnace repair service.  Call 886-8022 #26w  SHHHHI  Can you keep a secret? You can  save up to 75% off your hydro  lighting billing. For mote Information call Ihis numbei - 6864022.  Remember Always deal wilh a  prolessional. K6w  HOMEOWNERS  HELPLINE  ,_     _   -Oecti  ,^^*Z   ���Varewa*  Te a>   .rmpmr  , L^nJ     .aWammWe-  ��� AnyJob  aSHBiu 8864788  Computer woik. Woid processing,  dala entty, etc. Windows 3 t a  speciality. 8864643 after 6 pm,  8864013. K6w  EXPERIENCED CARPENTER  Quality home builder. Forms, framing, finishing, decks & renovations  Drew, 685-4557 #26c  DEVCO POWER WASHING  Vinyl siding, window cleaning, driveways, boats, RVs and heavy  equipment. Seniors discount, fully  Insured. 8064069 K6c  Journeyman stucco applicdors.  New houses, additions, garages,  restoration. 255-1459, eves. K6c  BID PRESSURE WASH  ENVIRO FRIENDLY CLEAN  AGENT  foi vinyl, aluminum.siding, paint  stripping, concrete walkways, driveways, decks, RVs, boats etc.  6864055 K8w  Oil burner service, plumbing/hading repairs, Michael 886-8022 or  8864083 #25w  Outbuildings ��� Additions ��� Renovations ��� Repaii ��� Stiudure inspection and documentation ��� Rd specialists 6854070 KSW  SUMMER SCHOOL  Local teacher is offering summer  course tor students who have  failed e.her Math 8 or math 9. Student may proceed to next giade  level upon successlul completion  ot this 40 hour program. Foui  days/wk., 2 hours/day. Max class  size to. Cost $200. Gibsons location. Phone 885-7457       KSw  WR ELECTRIC  Free estimdes, all work guaranteed. W. Rennie. LfcJ 1631. 885-  4645 K5w  Gibsons Mobile  Sow Service  Plainsawn, Quartersawn.  4 4      & Bevel  H 886-3468  Meticulous, experienced, reliable  HOUSEPAINTER. Reasonable  rates. Derek Angelus, 886-3411  CATHY'S  HOME CLEANING  Get your house cleaned professionally. Bondable with relerences.  886-4660 #28*  KITCHEN * BATHS  Quality at lair prices. Many refs.  avail. Insured, bonded. Fast, Iree  estimates. Seniors' discounts. Call  Donn 885-3557 #25c  Classifieds continued on page 21  I  -" '*'.*   *-*'-   -    ���   ���   a M  Coast News, lune 13, 1994  Mon Time Ht-Ft  0330  0800  1450  2210  9.9  11.9  3.4  15.1  Fri   Time HtFt  000b  0710  1305  1810  15.2  6.4  11.0  8.3  Tuei   Time Ht-Ft  0420  08b5  1530  2245  9.4  11.5  4.3  15.2  Sll   Time Ht-Ft  0045  0805  1445  1925  15 1  5.0  11.7  9.7  Wed   Tlmt HtFt  0615  1005  1615  2325  B.6  11.1  5.5  15.2  Sun   Time Ht-Ft  012b  0855  1610  15.0  3.6  12.7  2045     10.6  sports  Thure   Time Ht-Ft  061b lo  1130 10.8  1705      6.9  REFERENCE: Point Atkinson  Pacific Standard Time  wmmmmm���������������-!.  foi Skookumchuk Narrows add  I hr. 40 mln. plus 5 min. lor each ft  ol rise and 7 min. toi each ft. ol fall  ���"���:' '.   ���....   '. .��� -L- ������.';.���.������ ,'-..,'���  Spring Tune Up Time!  call now!  4 certified mechanics  Parts Dept.- Maurice ��� Sales - Dorhn ___  TIDELINE  Parts ��� Supplies ��� Sales ��� Service  Directors take  duties seriously  MON-SAT  8 am -6 pm  MARINE  885-4141   563  Proof of dedication?  Dave Babych had just scored  to push Ihe Vancouver Canucks  inlo a 4-3 lead over Ihe New  York Rangers wilh jusl nine minules remaining in game five of  Ihe Stanley Cup finals.  The Canucks had lo win or  Ihey were loast, being down three  games lo one. They had taken a  three lo nil lead only minutes earlier but the Rangers closed Ihe  gap until Babych's goal,  All nl BC was poised belore  television sets or radios. Even Ihe  directors of Ihe SCRD were  watching the game on Ihe HUGH  screen behind Roberts Creek  director/vice-chair Brett McGilli-  vary.  The members of Ihe local  press watched wilh bemused  appreciation, having begrudging-  ly lorn themselves away from the  game to cover the meeting.  Play resumed afler the Babych  goal and Ihe frenzied activity on  the screen was reminiscent of  some of Ihe finer moments in  televised hockey histoty, recenl  Canada Cups included. Al 7:30  p.m. ��� CLICK. The picture disappeared and Ihe directors started  Iheir meeting.  And some people Ihink their  politicians aren't dedicated.  Luckily, McGillivary informed Ihe directors and Ihe  media thai Ihe Canucks won 6-3  ahoul 15 minutes into the meeting. Alter a brief session of "Yes  ��� alright" and arms punching  inlo Ihe air wilh elation, it was  hack lo work.  DIVISION          (fOFTEAMS  GAMENIGH1  FIELD  "BANTAM                 4  Sun, Tue,  Bros 3  Thur, Fri  Bros 3  BANTAM STANDINGS:  Team                  Wins  Ties  Loses  Points  RC Legion              10  2  5  22  Dales Aulo Clinic       9  1  5  19  Gibsons Lions          6  1  8  13  Coastal Roads          3  2  11  8  DIVISION          It OF TEAMS  GAME NIGHT  FIELD  TADPOLE               10  Mon  Lang 2  Tub  Gib 1,2; CGr 1,2  TADPOLE STANDINGS:  Team                  Wins  Ties  Loses  Points  Renco                  12  1  3  25  Tideline                 11  0  6  22  Gib. Fam. Sports       10  2  5  22  Canfor                  9  2  6  20  Bayside                9  1  7  19  Dargatz                7  3  6  17  Petracan               7  0  8  14  GBS                    6  1  8  13  Ernie & Gwen's         4  1  12  9  NRS                     1  1  14  3  7 Whart Road. Sechelt  ^mc0  SUNS HIN ECO AST   REGIONAL    DISTRICT  ROYAL TERRACES BUILDING, 5477 WHARF RD., SECHELT, B.C.  ���  BOX 800, VON 3AO  ���   885-2261  MONDAY, JUNE 13,1994  UPCOMING MEETINGS  SPRINKLING REGULATIONS  Outdoor Recreation Advisory Committee  Tuesday, lune 14th at 7:00 p.m.  Development Services Committee  Thursday, June 16th at 2:00 p.m.  Planning Committee  Thursday, June 16th to follow Development Services  Arts Liaison and Support Committee  Friday, June 17th at 2:00 p.m.  Regular Board  Thursday, June 23rd at 7:30 p.m.  NOTICE OF ENACTMENT OF BYLAW 404  ODD numbered houses will be permitted sprinkling on the  following days:  ��� Monday, Wednesday, Friday from 7 -10 a.m.  ��� Monday, Wednesday, from 7 - 9 p.m.,  NOTF: NO SPRINKLINP. FRIDAY EVENINGS  EVEN numbered houses will be permitted sprinkling on the  following days:  ��� Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday from 7-10 a.m.  ��� Tuesday, Thursday, from 7 - 9 p.m.  NOTF: NO SPRINKLINC. SATURDAY EVFNINCS  Note: Only 1 Sprinkler per Property is Permitted  ATTENTION:     PLEASE TURN OFF ALL SPRINKLERS IN THE  EVENT OF A FIRE IN YOUR AREA  TAKE NOTICE that the Sunshine Coast Regional District  intends to adopt the following bylaw:  1: "Sunshine Coast Regional District Enforcement   ,  :       BfiawNo'.'wx'rg**  '- royuami  It is the intent of the "Sunshine Coast Regional District  Enforcement Bylaw No. 404", 1994 to provide for  demolition of a building constructed illegally on private  lands as specified on the following map:  -1! APPROXIMATE BUILDING LOCATION  NOTICE TO ALL SCRD WATER/SEWER USERS  ���'* Please be advised that all Regldnal Distrlcfwater/seweT tjjflTfor  j the 1994 calendar year have now been (bailed. Accdufl^aTe  ; due and payable on or before July 31,1994.  : If you have not received your bill, please contact our office at  ; 885-2261 and we will check our records. Please quote street  ��� address, legal description or folio number when inquiring  : about your bill.  SUMMER '94 RECREATION PROGRAMS  The above statement of intent of the bylaw is not deemed to  be an interpretation of the bylaw. The bylaw may be  inspected at the Regional District office in the Royal  Terraces building at 5477 Wharf Road, Sechelt, BC, during  office hours, namely Monday to Wednesday, 8 am to 5 pm  and Thursday and Friday, 8 am to 6 pm from June 13, 1994  to July 14, 1994.  Mr. L. Jardine, Secretary  Sunshine Coast Regional District  Box 800, Sechelt, BC, VON 3A0  Telephone: 885-2261  SUNSHINE COAST RECREATION COMMISSION PRESENTS:  FUN ON THE 101!  Want to be part of the hint  Come to our registration nights...in a community near you!  ROBERTS CREEK  Roberts Creek Hall June 20th 7 - 8:30 pm  (Hall Road, off Highway 101)  CIBSONS  Marine Room (Under Library) June 21st 7 - 8:30 pm  South Fletcher Road, Cibsons  SECHELT  S.I.C.D. Cultural Centre June 22nd 7 - 8:30 pm  (Next to House of Hewhiwus, off Highway 101)  4. PENDER HARBOUR  To be Announced  For information on our FUN ON THE 101! Summer '94  recreation programs, CALL US!  SUNSHINE COAST RECREATION COMMISSION 885-2261  Program registration begins..June 20! Registrations will be  taken for: FUN ON THE 101! PASSES, TENNIS, DAYCAMP,  SOCCER, SUNSHINE CREW & MORE!  THINK COMPOST  DID YOU KNOW... organic material makes up over 30% of the waste going to landfill.  To help reduce this, the Regional District is making the "Earth Machine Composter" available for your yard at our cost of $40.87  (includes taxes). Features of this Cadillac of composters include: ��� a "how to" book ��� 10.5 cu. ft. capacity ��� rodent and raccoon  proof * made in Canada ��� 50% recycled plastic ��� UV resistant ��� 10 year warranty.  ORDER FORM  Name.,  Enclose a cheque made out to the SCRD for the total amount of the order and return to:  Sunshine Coast Regional District, Box 800, Sechelt, BC VON 3A0  or hand deliver to the SCRD office at 5477 Wharf Road, Sechelt  We will send you a coupon to exchange for your composter at any one of our distribution sites.'  Mailing Address   | Postal Code ��� ZZZZ''p^r7IIIIZIZZZZZZIIIIZZIIZZZ.  .  Save a BACKYARD COMPOSTER and BOOK for me! $35.85 + $5 02 tax  1  1 want an extra "how to compost" BOOK  $ 1 50 + $0 21 tax  I  I want the EDUCATIONAL VIDEO too!   $ 3 00 + $0 42 lax   1 want the WING DIGGER too! ^Jt 7^50 (tax included)  I  I want the KITCHEN PAIL too! $ 150 + $0.21 tax  |   "COMPOSTERS AND ACCESSORIES WILL BE DISTRIBUTED IN CIBSONS, SECHEIT AND PENDER HARBOUR. WATCH THE SCRD BULLETIN BOARD  AD FOR DETAILS ON DISTRIBUTION DAYS AND TIMES, (call Cathy Kenny at 8B5-J261 for more information.  1  NOTICE OF PUBLIC HEARING  ZONINC AMENDMENT BYLAW 310.39 (Wood Bay)  SUNSHINE COAST REGIONAL DISTRICT BOARD ROOM  7:00 P.M., THURSDAY, JUNE 23, 1994  Pursuant to Sections 956 and 957 of the Municipal Act a  public hearing will be held to consider the following bylaw  of the Sunshine Coast Regional District:  1. Sunshine Coast Regional District Zoning Amendment  Bylaw No. 310.39, 1994  The intent of Bylaw 310.39 is to amend Schedules A and B  to SCRD Zoning Bylaw 310 to rezone part of Lot B, Block A,  District Lot 1485, Plan 20887 from RU-2 (Rural Two) zone  to RU-1 (Rural One) zone and from G Subdivision District  (1.75 hectare minimum parcel area) to F Subdivision District  (1.00 hectare minimum parcel area). Bylaw 310.39 affects  the Wood Bay Salmon Farm site at 10881 Sunshine Coast  Highway. The subject property is highlighted on the  APPENDIX 1 TO BYLAW 310.39  -L.6277-  MtMHHM  ,,i���  From: RU-2 Zone  rTo:      RU-1 Zone  APPENDIX 2 TO BYLAW 310J9  -L.627T  L.6276  . From: G Subdivision District  To:    F Subdivision District  The public hearing it scheduled lo be held at 7:00 p.m. on  Thursday, June 23, 1994 at the Sumhine Coait Regional  District Board Room, 5477 Wharf Road, Sechelt.  All  persons who deem their interest in property to be affected  by the proposed bylaw shall be afforded an opportunity to  be heard on matters contained in the bylaw.  The above statement of purpose of the bylaw is not deemed  to be an interpretation of the bylaw. The bylaw and related  information and reports may be inspected at the Regional  District Office in the Royal Terraces building at 5477 Wharf  Road, Sechell, B.C. during office hours, namely Monday to  Wednesday 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m., and Thursday and Friday  8:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. from June 6, 1994 up to and  including June 23, 1994.  Mr. L. Jardine Sunshine Coast Regional District  Secretary Box 800, Sechelt, B.C., VON 3A0  CONTINUED ON PAGE 21  HOURS ��� MONDAY TO WEDNESDAY 8:00AM TO 5:00PM, THURSDAY AND FRIDAY 8:00AM TO 6:00PM  fc. ���_______ __ _,   -   -   - ��� -        _^ *. ��� -t-.-t*-\ Coast News, June 13, 1994  21  SUNS HIINJE    CO AST    REGIONAL    DISTRICT  ROYAL TERRACES BUILDING, 5477 WHARF RD., SECHELT, B.C. ���  BOX 800, VON 3A0  CONTINUED FROM PAGE io  COMMUNITY ACCOUNTABILITY PROGRAM  Effective June 1,1994, the Community Accountability Program  will be temporarily located within the offices of the Sunshine  Coast Regional District.  For more information contact the Program Coordinator, Sandy  Coletti, 31885-2261.  WORK OPPORTUNITIES  The Sunshine Coast Regional District is looking for parties  interested in providing contract custodial and maintenance  services for the Frank West Community Hall on Chaster Road  and Chaster House on Ocean Beach Esplanade. Duties  include opening and closing of building for rental purposes,  monitoring of security systems, cleaning and grounds  maintenance. Interested parties may obtain a complete list of  duties at the Regional District offices.  Proposals will be received up to Friday, July 8, 1994, Please  contact Al Silver.  The Sunshine Coast Regional District is looking for parties  interested in providing contract caretaker services for Dan  Bosch Park at Ruby Lake. Main duties will include park security  and garbage collection, and require living on site. The Regional  District will provide basic utilities and a mobile home pad. The  contracter will be required to provide their own residence and  tools. Interested parties may obtain a complete list of duties at  the Regional District office.  Proposals will be received up to Friday, July 8, 1994. Please  contact Al Silver.  MONDAY, JUNE 13,1994  INVITATION TO TENDER  INVITATION TO TENDER  The Sunshine Coast Regional District is calling for tender  submissions for the removal of gypsum waste fom the :  Sechelt Landfill Site and transportation of the gypsum  waste to recycling.  The contract includes: provision of a container at the site for  collection of waste gypsum; the removal of the container  when full and replacement with an empty container so that  there is always a collection container for waste gypsum at  the site; and the hauling of the waste gypsum for recycling  to the New West Gypsum Inc. facility located at 20321 -  80th Avenue, Langley, BC.  Contract documents may be obtained al the offices of the  Sunshine Coast Regional District,  Sealed Tenders, plainly marked on the envelope "Tender for  the SUNSHINE COAST REGIONAL DISTRICT - GYPSUM  REMOVAL AND TRANSPORTATION TO RECYCLING  FROM THE SECHELT LANDFILL SITE" will be received by the  undersigned up to 2 pm local time on June 30th, 1994, at  which time they will be opened in public.  Inquiries relating to this tender may be directed to either  S.K. Lehmann, Superintendent of Public Works or Cathy  Kenny, Solid Waste Management Coordinator at 885-2261.  The lowest or any tender will not necessarily be accepted,  and the award of contract will be subject to funds being  legally available.  S.K. Lehmann  Superintendent of Public Works  Sunshine Coast Regional District  5477 Wharf Road  Box 800, Sechelt, BC VON 3A0  The Sunshine Coast Regional District is calling for tender  submissions for the removal of gypsum waste from the  Pender Harbour Landfill Site and transportation of the  gypsum waste to recycling.  The contract includes: provision of a container at the site for  collection of waste gypsum; the removal of the container  when full and replacement with an empty container so that  there is always a collection container for waste gypsum at  the site; and the hauling of the waste gypsum for recycling  to the New West Gypsum Inc. facility located at 20321 -  80th Avenue, Langley, BC.  Contract documents may be obtained at the offices of the  Sunshine Coast Regional District.  Sealed Tenders, plainly marked on the envelope "Tender for  the SUNSHINE COAST REGIONAL DISTRICT - GYPSUM  REMOVAL AND TRANSPORTATION TO RECYCLING  FROM THE PENDER HARBOUR LANDFILL SITE' will be  received by the undersigned up to 2 pm local time on June  30th, 1994, at which time they will, be opened in public.  Inquiries relating to this tender may be directed to either  S.K. Lehmann, Superintendent of Public Works or Cathy  Kenny, Solid Waste Management Coordinator at 885-2261.  The lowest or any tender will not necessarily be accepted,  and the award of contract will be subject to funds being  legally available.  S.K. Lehmann  Superintendent of Public Works  Sunshine Coast Regional District  5477 Wharf Road  Box 800, Sechelt, BC VON 3A0  SUNSHINE COAST RECYCLING AND PROCESSING SOCIETY (SCRAPS)  ANNUAL GENERAL MEETING  June 21,1994 at 7:30 pm, Sunshine Coast Regional District Board Room, (5477 Wharf Road, Sechelt)  Kevnnte Sppakpr: Renie D' Aquila, RCBC Executive Director  HOURS ��� MONDAY TO WEDNESDAY 8:00AM TO 5:00PM, THURSDAY AND FRIDAY 8:00AM TO 6:00PM  u  ��� ���'  �����  vS*\  kSl  WI  A PROGRESSIVE P0WEBWASH  Boats, patios, RVs, houses ind  driveway sealing, etc. 'Also specializing in marine services.' Waxing, painting, detailing, minor  repairs, seniors discount. 883-  2030 or pager 1-978-0675. KSw  DICKS t FENCES  Quality workmanship: insured 1  bonded; Mr prices: fast, fiee estimates. Seniors' discounts. Call  Donn 865-3557. Refs. avail. K5c  RENOVATIONS PIUS  Quality renovations, fair pricing,  Insured i bonded, fiat, fiee estimates. Rets. nail. Call Donn at  Suteloctt. SeniMS' discounts. 885-  3557. KSc  HORIZON GLASS  LIMITED  ipflcufaiiig in rnamrrt ill A  midentul gluing  Over 20 yean upcrtkc  Competitive, praapt aert'stx  canwiH  SENIORS DISCOUNT  Home repairs i renovations Satis-  taction guaranteed. Dan 888-3064.  127c  MAJESTIC LANDSCAPE  Lawn/landscape maintenance,  weedeating, btushcutling, hedge  trimming/planting, rotolilling, turf  laying, low maintenance landscaping, cleanups, rubbish removal,  etc. 8854737. KSc  ���issc ff^fc.  COASTLINE fENONG  Wooden ��� ctnto unk  Cal afler 6pm 816-2215 Bob tfns  CREEK WOOD FLOORMQ  Finishing and installation. Free  astilMes. 8864167,885-2253  KSc  HMMM0  Vinyl and cedar exteriors, soffits  and fascia. Fttd Cocker, 885-  8065, eel. 1-880-1580.      125c  CAMtSTOCASTUS  Design, tenovalion, remodel.  Framing to lockup. 8864380,866-  0684SVM tin  ���OMEON  PELLET STOVES  Na ���moke, No Chimney!  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For prompt, quality wotk it an  affordable price, call Art (Mas-  brecht 885-3372 or 888-7188. tfn  PEERLESS TIKE  SERVICE LTD  Topping - Limbing - Danger Tim  Removal, Insured, Guaranteed  Wotk, Free estimate. 886-2109.   tfn  M61RUBMH REMOVAL  Yaid cleanup, etc. will temove  whatever haunts you. Quiet, courteous service 8654804.   I24w  RUBBISH REMOVAL  Yard dean up, llghl moves, odd  lobs, quick Iriendly service. 885-  9684,328-1611 eel. 128c  Charlene's 'Super" Clean. Let me  do the woik foi you. Fast and  dependable. References available.  888-7878. KSc  WAYNE'S SERVICES  Gardening, gee weedeafer, lawns,  ground maintenance, window  WHlhg, 888-2999. K6C  Need a diver? Cheeper then hauling your boat out. Anything, anywhere, any time. Seeich and  recovery, line replecement, etc.  WCB Certified. Kevin 8854688.  I24W  Young lady wi do house cleaning/booking and/or companion for  elderly person. 8854156.   KSw  House cleaning aid houoo siting,  references, bondable. 688-9879.   me  Overnight care lo elderly or children, references, bondible. 888*  9971 me  COOLRUNNMQS  One Ion buck Kilobit for hauling,  rubbish removal, moving, yard  maintenance, totolllng, odd jobs.  8854917. ths  Own Your Own Business  IH show you how to operate your  own sucegssful business. As little  as $27 gets you started. Cal 885-  21148 for complete details - no  obligation. KSw  Smal affordable franchise. House  silting and pet care service, pre-  established clientele, flexible  houn. Cal Sharon 885-2226.K5C  rrotnetoml WaUft, Clutk  Scandinavian educated. 30 years  experience. Col 885-0824 Aarne  ��leaves message.       K4w  RfTEWAYPAWTERS  Interior, exterior, pressure wash,  big, quoBy woriuninship, sattstsc-  tkm guaranteed. Bob 8654804.  K4w  WXTS WINDOW WASHWG  Reesonsbls nM. 8(S-7733.R4w  Dirt People  Yard maintenance, new landscaping, rework dd landscaping, weekly cuts, inside repairs, low tues.  exc. lets. 886-9593. KSw  HARDWOOD FLOORING  New flows supplies, laid, sanded  and finished. OM floors resanded  and relinished Lyle Hayter Floors  Lid. 8857833. KSw  Diywal aid tepaks, pbnUig, carpentry, Sffldl renovations Seniors  discounts. Gnu cutting, weeded.  ing. Norm, 8864997        K8w  RENOVATMO?  CERTIFIED CARPENTER  lot hite. Expeiienced. Quality  work. Brad 8664652        KSw  ROOFING-REROOFINQ-  REPAIRS  Reasonable and guaranteed. Call  the Sunshine Coast Roofer, 885-  9250.  Ful or part-  time. Rati, aval 8884001 KSc  We require enemy to care lor our  3 chldfin In our home, refs. req'd,  own tampon praf. 885-2751. Kim ���  bitty KSw  Miture, responsible gtade 12  graduate wodd like hune child-  cm |ob, July and August. Experience. All ages. Excellent references Cal Jessica, 1854499 or  6554099 KSW  Babysitting (anytime) references,  bondable. 888-9879.        M5w  Unlicenced family daycare,  Roberts Creek has I opening,  June 1 for child under 3 yrs Refs  8854850 tins  .18 Busines  Op|)Oiln  CHESTERFRIEO CHICKEN  SYSTEM CPLT.  BakersprMe BBO Rotisserie, Hoi-  tymabc HB patty machine. Wayne  946-7581 Ladder K6w  SECHELT SHELL  One d the busiest service stations  on the Coast. Gross sdes approx  12.5 million, glowing steadily.  excelent return Cal8852128 or  mal inquiries to: Box 577, Sechelt  V0N3AO K5w  WOW, a division d Leigh Morgan  Fashions has an opening in your  area Cal Dawn at 485-7748125c  EXTRA  MONEY  OUT  OF  YOUR  BUDGET?  TRY  SELLING  UNWANTED  ITEMS  IN THE  COAST  NEWS  CLASSIflEDS!  The  Coast  News:  The Sunshine  Coast's  first choice  for news, sports  & entertainment  coverase!  Request for Proposals for Opportunities in the  Recreation Industry  Ministry of Environment, Lands and Parks  BC Parte Invites separate proposals from motivated Individuals or companies for  tho motfrtsnunce and provision of vtaHos sorulcos In JtB cOTphifl, picnic and day  use toMtt wttdn each of the Mowing parte:  *\     m____%_ fMifc BmuAmU n I nil i  1/  nuuaiia ween provincial rare*  Located 14 km west o�� Gibsons. Mandatory bidders meeting July 14 at  Porpoise Bay Provincial Park at 10:00 am. Proposal documents for sale  only un�� July 11.  2) Mumper Covo Marine Pane  Located on Keats Island near Gibsons. Mandatory bidders meeting July  IS at Porpoise Bay Provincial Park at 10:00 am. Proposal documents  for sale only until July 11.  tt) Porteau Cove Provincial Parte  Located 20 km soulh of Squamish. Mandatory bidders mooting July 28  at Porteau Cove Provincial Park at 10:00 am. Proposal documents  available only untK July 22.  4) Nairn Fade Provincial Parte:  Located 3 km soulh of Pemberton. Mandatory bidders mooting July 21  at Nairn Falls Provincial Paik at 10:00 am. Proposal documents for sale  only until July 18.  Located 4 ton south of Squamish. Mandatory bidden meeting July 27  at Shannon Fall at 10:00 am. Proposal documents for sale only until  July 22.  Open Houses  BC Parte will hold information open houses from 7:00 pm to 9:00 pm in  these communities:  Gibaona-Juns 23-Cedara Motor Inn  Squamish - July 8 ��� Alice Uke Parte  Pemberton ��� July 7 ��� Village Hall  There will be displays and BC Parks staff on hand to discuss each  opportunity.  Anyone interested in bidding on these opportunities must attend the  mandatory bidders' mooting and be registered and in possession of the  proposal documents prior to commencement of the bidders' meeting.  Documents win be for sale at the open houses or at:  GartbaMI/Sunahlne Coaat District  Alice Lake Provincial Park  -> Box 220  Bracksndals, BC  5. VON1H0  Telephone 896-3678  OR  Government Agent  102-5710 Teredo Street  Sechelt, BC  VON SAO  Telephone 885-5187  6953 Alberni Street  Powell River, BC  VSA2B8  Telephone: 4854815  To register you interest and receive a copy of the request for a proposal  document, provide cash, monsy order or bank draft for $53.50 (GST  included) payable to the Minister of Finance and Corporate Relations.  Information about this opportunity may be obtained from the BC Parks  District Office at 885-3678. The proposal documents may also be viewed at  the above mentioned offices free of charge.  MINISTRY OF ENVIRONMENT, LANDS AND PARKS ^.imm news,  (Line I.J, 1331  news  Funding  approved  to fight  solid waste  An application hy the Sunshine Coast Regional Disirici to  the provincial solid waste management planning linancial  assistance program has heen  approved.  Under the program, the  SCRD has heen granted up lo  $50,867.  The amount represents the  total of direcl contributions and  the cost-share contribution for  ihe developmeni of a solid  waste management plan for the  regional dislricl.  In a letter dated Ma\ {> and  addressed to SCRD chair and  directors, Minister of Environ-  ment Moc Sihota officially  approved Ihe granl, enclosing a  cheque lor $30,867 lor the  direci contribution portion.  The remaining cosl-share  contribution will be payable to  the SCRD upon completion of  Ihe entire solid waste management plan.  Savoy to stand trial for murder  Former licensed practised  nurse Carrie Savoy has been  ordered lo stand trial for the  alleged murder of M-year-old  Earl's Cove resident Harold  Tibb.  Savoy, 43, of Cibsons was  ordered to strand Irial alter a  two-week preliminary hearing  inlo Ihe case wrapped up in  Sechell Provincial Court. Thursday (June *)).  Savoy was arrested and  charged with second degree  murder last October by RCMP  aller months of police investigation.  Tibb's body was discovered  on a logging road west of  Sechelt in late May, 1992. He  had been reported missing for  two weeks prior to the discovery. Savoy, a former licensed  practised nurse al Sl. Mary's  Hospital in Sechelt, was placed  on indefinite suspension without  pay from her duties by hospital  administration al the time of Ihe  police investigation.  Evidence in Ihe preliminary  hearing againsl Savoy cannot be  printed according to a court-  ordered publication ban.  Savoy is scheduled lo appear  in BC Supreme Court June 29 to  set a dale for trial.  Gibsons councillor presses for ball field  A Gibsons lown councillor  wants a baseball diamond put in  al Brothers Park.  Councillor Ed Sleeves recommended a ball field be established al Ihe Upper Cibsons  park during a June 7 council  meeling. "Here on the (Sunshine) Coast there are no hall  fields capable of accommodating ball players over the age Of  16-17," he said.  Alter council agreed to  Sleeve's recommendation, he  lold them Ihe ball field, "would  be properly designed wilh  bleachers and the ball people  have said Ihey would brush the  land ��� bul not cut any trees  (around the ball field)," Steeves  said. The field would have 90  fool baselines and "hopefully il  would be constructed so it's  done right Ihe first time."  Steeves said if everything  moves along well, "The ultimate would be we could play on  it nexl year."  ��*    n  Just  moved?  Bride  to be?  Mt  J| J/^ New Baby? ^  Call us for    Sechell ��� Bulb 885 -5847    \^ELCOME^^fr-  your FREE   Gibsons ��� Cirolc 886-3682  gifts & Stchelt (tables only)  information.   Mldae 885-3580  Wagon  f * Since 1930  Iordli  j resortB II  un's  HOTEL  Coast Hotels Sr Resorts @  FATHER'S DAY BUFFET BRUNCH  $11.75 per person ��� Children under 5 FREE  Includes:  Roast Ham, Smoked Salmon, Fruit & Cheese Platters  Eggs, Danish, Coffee, Tea, Juice  FATHER'S DAY DINNER  $18.95 per person  Prime Rib - Fresh Thyme au jus,  Garden Vegetables, Yorkshire Pudding,  Oven Roast Garlic Herb Potatoes  Dessert: Chocolate Cognac Mousse  m&  SPECIAL  MOROCCAN NIGHT!  SATURDAY, JUNE 25,1994  DINNER 6PM-10PM  $39.95 PER PERSON  RESERVE NOW!  ��-7|^< 885-7018  oAN     RESERVATIONS ONLY! /  The Coasl News  Our 49th year of Serving the Sunshine Coasl  \o mom:y ikmia!  \o in rosi i  NO IM I KIM  i\*  \����;  \o p.tYMvrs i mil \ex i ykarj  OAC  MINIMUM $500 ORDER ON ANYTHING  IN OUR SHOWROOM  CHOOSE  FROM OVER 1000 SAMPLES  OR TAKE EXTRA ADVANTAGE 0N THESE IN-STOCK SPECIALS  BUY NOW AND DON T PAY UNTIL NEXT YEAR! TAKE ADVANTAGE OF U$ NOW!  Just bought a  house? Renovate  now...pay later!  Planning that  wedding this year?  Spruce up your house  -t  now...pay later!  House for  Sale? Increase value  _ now...pay later. ���  ' Keep your money  wording for you...  ...pay later  This Carpet  <0.    La?ts A  ^^ Long, Long  Time**.  ...But Not  Around Here.  Hurry in now. With savings this big, our stock is  sure to move fast. After all, this is nylon carpet  made of Anso�� with Scotchgard��� Stain Release,  and everyone loves it. Anso with Scotchgard Stain  Release carpet resists food and beverage stains  like never before. And we've stocked up on a  great selection of beautiful colors, styles and  textures. Stop in today. We'll try to make sure our  stock doesn't move any faster than you do. We  also feature an outstanding selection of carpets  made of Anso CrushResister��� nylon, the  fashionable fibre underfoot.  IkAffbrMkLiiW^i  LEVOLOR  VERTICAL  EXPERIENCI mi LEVOLOR DIFFEMNt  1" Mini Blinds save 50%  ExcaliburVeftkalMnds $AVE50%  rtrwoodBlinds   SAVES0%  Avalanche  Reg. $22.95        A  NOWi18.*sgyd*  Over 70 Rolls  of Lino to ,  Choose From  100% Wool Berber  reg $3999 $1f.W sq.yd*  Lamb wool color - one only  Carpet Roll Ends  only  fKlso.lt*  Bruce  Hardwood Floors  starting at $4��"  LaminitcftM" solids  Pre-finished in-stock  starting at  .  $4.��/sq.ft*  ���   ���  European Ceramic  U'��']������!i"iff*-. ��fl M  it s*er(fi*6) T  Mated Ceramic*  $1.79���.  IP XI?'  one WW on*  ��� *  Frost Proof Ceramic'  Hccvemc Special ��� iff* X iff- ��� 4cokxn  mm  mmmm  **.  fc..   > ��� - -


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