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 legislative Building  f'arliament- Buildings  VICTORIA. B.C.  V8V 1X5 95.09  Attention:Rod Cardin  CJOAST^NEWS  50 cents per copy on newsstands  ESTABLISHED    1945  October 10,1994 Volume 48 Issue 41  TMEEK  WITHIN  ������������������������������������  Sechelt planner  Rob Buchan  hands in  resignation  HALFMOON BAY:  Welcome  Beach  kicksoff  Octc&rfest .  celebrations 10  o^��4  \WWWW ������;���M  Students  help raise  seat belt  awareness 12  Max, an 8-year-old  Newfie/Lab cross,  needs a good  home, as do a  number of other  animals at the  SPCA. Call  886-CARE  Toxic  'rumour'  leaves  mill  owner  shaking  by Jane Seyd  A local land owner has  warned the Dislricl of Sechell  he's considering legal aclion  because municipal staff are  telling potential buyers his property could be contaminated.  Ed Marshall, who owns the  former shake mill property along  Highway 101 in Wilson Creek,  said he's angry at what he  believes are unfounded accusations about his land by the district.  Marshall told Sechell council  Wednesday nighl there's no evidence lo support Ihe claim there  might be environmental toxins  on the properly, and called on  Mayor Earl Basse to put a slop to  the rumours.  But Basse said the district is  "duly-bound" to tell people  when there might be a problem.  He added a suspicion of previous  asphalt dumping on the site, in  addition to past industrial uses,  has been one source of concern.  Marshall said when he bought  the land (which has changed  hands several times since operating as a mill), "nobody informed  me there was anything wrong  wilh lhe property."  But Michael Vaughan,  municipal clerk, said this week  lhe district only tells buyers of  potential problems if they ask.  "It's nol an unusual request,"  he commented. "Our duty is to  give them a fair analysis of as  much as we know."  So far, nobody does knows  what is or isn'l in the ground at  the site because il hasn't yet been  tested.  Asked Wednesday evening if  he intends to have Ihe land  checked, Marshall lold council,  "No, and I don't intend to."  turn to page 3  s#\ *_J*L  3BF  _\_^\   _________        _r___\  .   JaaaWt      t H                \\__.     Bm_\  m<fM^.- s__f_\ m_ _M  Y ���              "'"'���'^^__W_\':f'  m           r     Jjf      -   Af  *HHr    ___^K_Wr\ *}__  ife ��� /  f'<J)  ^Jr  \A\^mm  7/i  mtF^'   ^*  jRt  _f*%s  ������ A  f ^*  *******    W (r*C       _>��^*  %  *-    :  &S?'-  \W    ������'SKi  u *&,*���*��,  Jfij?  -                           ���              '���               .         :'  IE .-J       .    " tJt-JAmm  lfc��* ''���������*  ... _   %J      \,  \ V  i  fy  X  y Oa ft-' '���* ������          Gullible art form  More gulls than you can shake a paintbrush at Judi Walden puts finishing touches on the latest batch of 60 works from Seagull  Cement Craft Ltd. The gulls are marketed wholesale to garden shops throughout the lower mainland. Joel Johnstone photo  Teen drug use...the road to recovery  by Sandra Smith  Dave Bodmer used lo stop at the store on  his way to high school. He'd pick up a slush  drink, powa-ptiu of iequilta into itM&fcad-  off to class. He was usually hammered by  noon.  With honest regret in his voice at his own  life story, the 16-year-old tells .how he spent  $12,000 in two months on drugs and alcohol  and how "totally messed up" he became when  he look 28 quads ��� 112 doses ��� of LSD in a  week.  Two of his friends, who asked lo remain  anonymous, tell similar stories. All of them  got stoned for Ihe firsl time at nine or ten and  were addicts by Ihe lime they were 14.  They've all had adults tell them they're too  young to be addicts bul they know better.  "I was drunk daily, day and night. I went  lo school drunk ��� or attempted lo ��� but I  had a good ability to hide it," says one girl.  "ll would numb me so I couldn't feel all  the hurt inside me."  The boy sitting beside her says he'd do  anything that would gel him drunk or stoned  bul he proffered gelling high from sniffing  piopane and glue.  'Drugs MB and I know that  now for a fact'  -Dave Bodmer  "I always had my next 24 hours planned  oul."  They speak of their life-on-drugs in the  past tense now.  The two friends have been clean and sober  for 18 monlhs and two years respectively ���  ever since lhe day Ihey walked Ihrough Ihe  doors of Ihe Breakaway program, Qibsons'  teen drug and alcohol centre that recently shut  down. They've done a lol of growing up since  then.  Dave has been in and out of the program,  getting clean for as long as six months at a  time but always slipping "back out." For him,  the ground is stilt a little shaky, but be says  he's quit for life this time. He made the decision last weekend when a high school Mend  died on drugs.  "I'm scared of drugs now...Drugs kill and  I know that now for a fact. I think now a lot of  kids would like Breakaway to be open  because lasl weekend opened a lot of people's  eyes."  Although il had some ups and downs, they  all credit Breakaway for saving their lives. It  gave them the safe haven and the tools they  needed lo get clean. They got "straight talk-  there from other kids and adults who have  been down the road of drug and alcohol  addiction. Nobody told them what to do and  there were only three basic house rules: no  drags or alcohol, no physical violence and no  sex.'  turn to page 2  Family, friends struggle to find meaning in death of youth  by Darah Hansen  The roses, slill blooming,  line up the front walk  looking lonely and sparse  in the sharp fall wind. A brave  blend of fading beauty and  thorns, they act as guardian lo Ihe  scene unfolding beyond the walls  of Ihe Lewis home at the end of  the garden path.  Inside those walls, people mill  about, sock-footed on a carpeted  floor. Their faces, though worn,  are comfortable, comforted with  the sight of one another. Family.  Coffee and lea are at Ihe  ready, mugs and small plates sit  on the counters and table lops.  No one is talking very loud  today. There are no tears. Bul lhe  sadness they share over lhe  recenl loss of 16-year-old Jeff  Lewis is so plentiful, il fills the  space their voices leave vacant.  Through doors, past all Ihe  people, is a dining room and den,  both overflowing wilh flowers  and cards.  "He (Jeff) was my friend,"  one card says, written in a child's  scrawl. Another says, "A lot of  kids looked up lo him and  admired him for what he did."  Still another writes, "He always  stood up for the underdog."  Jeff's father Lome Lewis,  already in the room, points al two  trophies sitting on a side table by  Ihe from window. "They're  Jeff's," he says, then moves his  finger to a photograph of the  family. "This is Jeff," he says,  indicating a handsome young  man wilh Ihe lean face of an athlete, and short, light-coloured  hair. Lewis' voice catches at Ihe  Jeff Lewis  sight of the family together, smiling.  Jeff's mother, Anne Lewis,  his uncle, Richard Saunders and  school friends join Lome in Ihe  room. They place themselves in  chains, looking serious.  Clearly they are uncomfortable talking lo Ihe newspaper but  they've called Ihe meeting themselves. They want to talk about  Jeff and they want lhe message  thai was so painfully brought  home to Ihem last week made  clear lo others.  "Once can kill you" Anne  says, referring lo drug use.  Jeff Lewis didn't do drugs.  His parents and friends are  certain of this. He was an  athlete: someone who loved running and playing basketball.  Why he chose to drop what  the family suspects was LSD ���  acid ��� lasl Salurday night is still  an uncertainty.  Near as they can piece together, from reports of friends who  were with Jeff lhal night, it was  peer pressure lhat finally gol to  him...and led to his death.  Jeff was found dead near his  Gibsons' home Saturday night,  Oct. 1. He killed himself after  taking some drugs. The family is  convinced il was the influence of  the drugs lhal led to his suicide  and was not a planned event.  Both Anne and Lome are still  shocked il happened. "I never  dreamed in a million years this  would happen to one of my children," Anne says. They blame, in  part, Ihe strong drug culture on  the Sunshine Coast for Jeffrey's  death. "Jeffrey wasn't afraid to  say no and (it) slill gol him,"  Anne says, pointing the finger al  the rampant sale and use of drugs  al Elphinstone Secondary ��� the  high school where Jeff was a successful grade 11 student.  "It was like they [Ihe users]  were out to get him to do drugs,"  she says. "I know he took lhat  [drug] and put ii in his mouth  himself bul as far as I'm concerned, Ihey got him."  Jeff's friends agree.  Studenls at the high school,  which accommodates about 700  youths from grades 7 Ihrough 12,  say the pressure to do drugs is  "phenomenal."  And can you purchase drugs  on the school grounds? "Oh  yeah," says a male youth, reluctant lo be identified, "What do  you want?"  Cocaine, heroin, LSD, marijuana, hashish ��� it's all available  to anyone who wants il, Ihe students say. And it's cheap.  The students quote prices as  low as $2.50 for a single hit of  acid. Another says, "You put $25  in someone's face and you gel  five or six hits."  The stuff Jeff gol lhat Saluiday nighl was "bunk, one of his  friends says. Bunk means the  drug wasn't any good and may  have been mixed liberally with  strychnine, he explains.  "[LSD] usually makes you  really hyper," he says, adding he  has been a user of the drug.  "You want to run and never  stop and you enjoy it. [But] when  you gel the bunk stuff, you go on  a massive depression, especially  if ihere is something really physically wrong in your life."  That's what happened to Jeff,  he says. Purchased from a residence in Gibsons, but likely  made in Vancouver, the drug  apparently made the 16-year-old  disoriented and depressed.  Reports among the students  say everyone who took the drug  was messed up lhal night bul Jeff  was the only one who didn't  make il home.  On the Sunshine Coast,  drug use has long been  identified as a major  problem among teenagers,  though ils use is widespread  throughout Ihe population.  According to a Coast Garibaldi Health Unit survey conducted  last year, the 1,500 respondents  listed substance abuse in the top  five of problems facing the  Coast. And a youth forum held in  May, 1994 ��� attended by about  70 youths ��� also identified  drugs as a big problem locally,  suggesting a link between drug  use and the lack of recreational  facilities on Coast as well as  issues of self-esteem, boredom  and the lack of creative outlets  for energy.  turn to page 2 Coast News, October 10, 1994  FREE  film or  2nd set  of prints  with each film developed  1 hour photos  5x7 prints 994  Buy  Trade-Rent  Sega or Super  Nintendo  111-8711 TinN Strait, Swbeit 885*2882  news  SUNSHINE COAST  HOME BASED BUSINESS  SCHBBA     association  presents...  SMALL BUSINESS RESOURCE INFORMATION  OPEN HOUSE  Tues. 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COIT's prolessional care  ^fc*    and personal attention to detail assures ynu the finest results  ^pPV��      possible; and ste guarantee it.  CY    i  :  SAVE 20%  ON ANYONE SERVICE  DRAPERY. UPHOLSTERY. BLINDS.  CARPET OR AREA RUG CLEANING  SAVE 30%  IF TWO OR MORE  SERVICES ARE DONE  AT THE SAME TIME!  COIT  ���W"���0'  Experience You  Can Trust.  Phone fop free in-home estimate  ISl        Monday to Saturday until 6pm  885-2787  Commitment key to Breakaway recovery  from page 1  Some counsellors were great,  they say, but ultimately it was the  other teen participants that really  made the program work for  Ihem.  "I was really scared the first  lime I went. They were having a  meeting and I sat down and I was  shaking. I felt like people were  looking at me funny. But I was  really listening lo whal the other  kids had to say and it seemed like  I could relate...It was weird,"  says the boy.  "It was the young people lhat  made me comfortable and made  my feelings valid. I didn't feel so  locked up. Il's harder to talk lo  adults but 1 opened up to the  other teens, not really to the  counselors."  His friends, who saw he had a  problem, talked him into going.  They threatened to abandon him  if he didn't and bet him a wad of  drugs if he'd slay in the program  a week. "At ihe end of the week I  said, no way. I like it here. I'm  staying."  The other two agree.  "The Ihing thai helped me  most was having someone I  could talk to who wouldn't judge  me. When I have someone lo listen to me, I don'l expect them or  want them to come back and lell  me how to fix my problems. Just  giving it away is half the battle,"  says the girl.  "I think Breakaway would be  a great thing to start up again but  run by leens because we know  what we want. I think it would  work if you had leens trained in  counselling."  So what went wrong with Ihe  program that saw 150-200 kids  come Ihrough its doors during  four years?  Kids stopped coming.  "ll started lo drop off about  lale spring...We were paying a  full time counsellor and the kids  weren't there," says one Breakaway director, Sue Girard.  "Maybe we've jusl been here  too long that we're being taken  for granted," adds her husband  Ron Girard, also a director.    ...  But the kids suggest evasively  lhat attendance would improve if  all the elements were "right."  They say participation was high  last winter when the teens and  their counsellor established  "group consciousness."  Breakaway board members Brad Quarry, left, Sue Girard, right, Stan Sears, centre front, and Ron  Girard, rear, at the program's now closed facility on Kiwanis Way and North Road. Joel Johnstone photo  The three board members say  they are baffled as lo why local  kids stopped coming and place  most of the blame on basic communily denial.  And on Ihis point, the kids  agree.  "The school, I find, is in total  denial...and other  adults have lold me         I'm too young to be  an alcoholic," says  Dave.  The Girards and  director Brad Quarry say the tolerance  for drugs and alcohol is just too high  in Ihis community.  "What  I   find        shocking is thai  society as a whole says Ihere is  now an acceptable level of drug  and alcohol use," says Ron.  "There's not the zero tolerance there was with kids," says  Sue. "There has lo be zero tolerance."  Ron adds, "Either the patents  and teachers are not recognizing  it or they're choosing to look the  other Way. 1 was in church yesterday morning and somebody  was wrecked. You don'l have to  be blatant to be obvious. People  choose to look the other way...  It's a major communily denial.  'Adults have  told me I'm too  young to be an  alcoholic'  ���Dave Bodmer  People do not want lo acknowledge today our kids are screwed  up on drugs. And we're not talking about Ihe stragglers. We're  talking aboul good kids who  come from good homes but it's  killer acid and killer drugs.  We've lost a lol of kids to it."  Their   voices  ��� have sadness and  anger in them.  They have dedicated themselves lo  Breakaway but are  exhausted from  years of asking for  support.  "It's Ihe same  four or five people        all Ihe lime (on the  board) and two  great people stepped away from  Ihe board last Thursday afler  staying a year longer (lhan they  intended). Thai's whal happens  when there's no new blood coming in behind. We've had open  houses in Ihe pasl and invited Ihe  schools,, the police, the local  politicians but we've always sat  alone," says Ron. u  "We're talking about people  who do know there are kids out  there wilh problems and are  dying oul Ihere and they Ihink  Ihis is a wonderful program bul  we're not getting Iheir help or  Iheir lime.  "It's easy lo blame ourselves  bul, over four years we've never  had any money from the governments (provincial or federal).  The District of Sechelt has contributed something every year,  Gibsons has been hit and miss  and the Regional District has  been abysmal." He added some  local businsesses and a local  church have been very helpful.  "We could go out and fundraise  like crazy, but it's very difficult  and what's the point if nobody is  going lo use Ihe place?"  Except for Dave and his  friends, most of Breakaway's  teens have "gone back out" to  using drugs and alcohol again,  Ihey say.  Girard hopes il will be harder  for ihem with a "head full of  recovery."  The three directors are asking  for input from kids and adults  about the program and say it  could be revived if there was  enough interest, ,,, ,   .,,   ,,,  The Breakaway teens say it's  worth saving and think il would  run better with more of Iheir  input.  The girl speaks for ihem all  when she says, "I don'l want to  be dead before I have a chance to  recover."  Education important in curbing drug use  from page 1  The teens themselves say  ihey don't know why they  do drugs: because it's  there, because it's cool...just  because.  And for parents who might  Ihink they're child immune lo the  influence of drugs, counsellors  on the Coasl tell a different story.  "Drugs are here to stay," says  Charlotte Mallory, a  director/counsellor with Action  Alcohol and Drug Counselling  Society in Sechelt.  Mallory estimates about 80  per cent of teens will at leasl  experiment with drugs. About 15  per cenl of those kids will develop a substance abuse problem,  she says.  The average age kids get  involved in drugs these days is  13, with some starting as young  as 6 or 8, she says.  Counsellors and students  agree the best method lo combat  the issue is through education in  Ihe schools and in Ihe communily-  "It's vitally important," says  Mallory.  The Aclion sociely currently  provides the widesl-based coverage of education sessions in all  Ihree high schools from Pender  Harbour to Gibsons.  Mallory says "scare ladies"  aren't part of Ihe program. "We  know Ihey don't work," she says.  Instead, Aclion talks to teens  aboul health issues and personal  problems related to drug-use.  The program is also aimed al  risk avoidance and injury prevention.  But few other such education  programs exist on the Coast. All  three high schools are stretched  lo Ihe limit in terms of extra-curricular classes Ihey. can afford  and the principals say Ihey need  help from the communily.  Ron Girard of the recently  disbanded Breakaway sociely in  Gibsons agrees it's the community's responsibility lo deal wilh  lhe drug issue, and nol Ihe  schools'.  "If dope is illegal," he says,  "If we agree it's bad for us, then  society has to come up wilh a  solid way to deal wilh it...it's  killing kids."  Girard says education is Ihe  only means to deal with il ���  eliminating the demand for  drugs.  It's going to be a lot of work  and it's going to be a lol of  effort, he says, "Bul have to ask  ourselves, 'How much are our  teenagers worth to us?'"  Meanwhile, at the Lewis  house, a videotape of  Jeff running al a  provincial track meel held earlier  in Ihe year has arrived.  The family watches it with  pride at Ihe young man's sporting ability.  Elphinstone has retired Jeff's  basketball uniform, Lome says.  And Ihe baton used in a relay  race Jeff ran wilh three friends is  in the school's display case.  Despite the pain of the issue  right now, Lome says the Lewis  family want's Jeff's life lo be  remembered, and his death to  make a difference.  COAST GARIBALDI HEALTH UNIT  FLU VACCINE CLINICS  Sechelt: Wed. October 12  9 a.m.-12 noon/1 -2 p.m.  Greenecourt Hall  S583 Ocean Ave., Sechelt  GibSOnS: M* October 14  9 a.m. -12 noon/ 1  Cibsons Legion  747 Sunshine Coast Hwy.,  ��� 2 p.m.  Gibsons  By appointment 883-2764  Pender  Harbour  Clinic:  Flu vaccine free of charge - 65 years  or older, persons with diabetes, cancer,  immunodeficiency, Renal Disease, Anaemia,  chronic cardiac or pulmonary conditions,  and caregivers of the above.  RE^VIBC�� W/m.�� RF^VISC�� Rf^MBC��  ��  *%  ihxmm.  3  1  I  -H  John Gonzaga  X  LX  * >Jfc  Phone: 886-2670 ��� Fax: 886-3760  Vancouver Line: 682-7392  ��  ��  \  Uctt office IndqwndcMl. owned etui oprritrd  3  5  Hie Right Home at the Right Price  ^  ��  A House is a house is a house, but a  8  home is where your heart is. 1 sell  homes... and neighbourhoods...      dff^S^  W  to my customers... the right            W�� *J  setting, the right lifestyle and the      tLv r  right price! I'm a member of the         yfT A  <?,  ���2L  ^  5  ^  &  Multiple Listing Service with a                 ttj  7<  t_  large selection of homes                 l^    Af  7\  ��  available locally. When                 \\\jm<%_J)  ��  5  you're looking for a home             Q  TMLL  to love at a price you                        J_wT  can afford, locally or                    _^*__W _  a  1  ��  nationwide, give me        ,,  .-^__\      KB  35  &  eM*******  ��  WMW WMW WMW> WMW*  1* Coast News, October 10,1994  news  Third parties voice interest in land claims  by Jane Seyd  Less than one week after the Sechelt  Nation became the first Indian band accepted  for negotiations by the BC Treaty Commission, local stakeholders have begun forming  the first third-party group which will advise  the province on land-claim talks.  A first meeting for the local advisory  committee was held Oct. 4 at the Sechelt  Seniors Centre, bringing together representatives of the fishermen, the forest industry,  local government, organized labour, environmental and wildlife groups.  Those at Ihe meeting Tuesday were given  an overview of the land claims issue as well  as the six stages of treaty negotiation which  have been defined by Ihe commission.  "They made il clear we aren't going to be  silting at the main table," said Brad Benson,  who expects to represent the Canadian Parks  and Wilderness Committee on the local advisory group. "Our function is to advise the  negotiators."  So far, it hasn't been determined exactly  who will sit on the local advisory group or  how they will be chosen.  "There's no history yet. There's no precedent," said Benson. "It could be very  unwieldy if everyone wants to be there."  Bul meanwhile, both federal and provincial negotiators have made it clear they  won't wait for Ihe local group lo form before  starting negotiations, which could begin as  early as next month.  Bill Ellis of the Sechell Rod and Gun  Club was also al meeting Tuesday night, representing Ihe BC Wildlife Federation.  Ellis said it's yel to be seen how much  negotiators will listen to third-party concerns. So far, he said, wildlife people have  always had a good relationship with the  Sechelts. But he said everyone is aware the  negotiations will have far-reaching political  implications.  One reason the local advisory group  won't have much time lo organize is because  the Sechelt Indian Band was declared ready  lo negotiate by the treaty commission much  faster than most aboriginal groups in the  province.  The band has repeatedly stated their claim  won't affect third-parly interests. But some  issues like management of resources are likely to be topics of negotiation.  This week, there will be a public open  house on the Sechelt land claim on Oct. 11  from 4 lo 7 pm al lhe Sechelt Indian Band  Hall.  The next meeting for the local advisory  group will this Friday at the seniors hall.  New legislation to mandate 'site profiles'  from page 1  "...That's just like saying 'I'm  contaminated'," he added.  Currently, new provincial  'site profile' laws are being drafted which will require owners to  identify pasl industrial uses of  their properly and give them to  prospective buyers before final  sale.  Similar documents will have  to be submitted lo local government before any developmeni of  Ihe site is approved. The environment ministry could then legally  test Ihe property if there were  concerns.  Under the new conlaminated  site laws, if toxins are discovered, whoever caused the problem is responsible for clean-up.  If no one can be identified,  federal and provincial funds are  available to pay Ihe costs.  Those laws aren'l expected to  be in place until early 1995.  Rumours of toxic waste materials at the Old Mill In Wilson Creek are causing difficulties between  the current owner and the District of Sechelt Joel Johnstone photo  Sechelt planner Rob Buchan tenders resignation  by Jane Seyd  The District of Sechelt's loss  will be Coast developers' gain.  After 12 years of municipal  planning on lhe Sunshine Coast,  Rob Buchan, Sechelt's planner,  has handed in his resignation in  order to go back lo private business.  Buchan will be leaving public planning at Ihe end of  November after two and a half  years with Sechelt and almost  len years as Gibsons' planner.  He said Ihis week he will be  going back to private consulting  work for developers - including  helping them prepare projeci  planning applications - which  he did prior lo joining Ihe  municipal planning departments.  The business will be based in  Sechelt.  Buchan said Ihe decision is  one he's been considering for a  while, and after 12 years of  municipal planning, "it's time."  Buchan said he previously  . considered returning to privale  business before moving from  Ihe Town of Gibsons lo the District of Sechelt.  This time, "I've just decided  lo bite Ihe bullet," he said.  "I can see a need for my services on the other side of the  fence."  In making the announcement  al council Wednesday nighl,  Sechelt Mayor Earl Basse said  he accepted the resignation  "wilh regret," commenting, "we  appreciate Ihe contribution he  has made lo us."  Buchan's departure from the  district marks the second lime a  senior staff member has quit in  the last six months - Art Lew,  the district's former administrator, resigned this spring and has  since been replaced by current  administrator Joe Calenda.  Buchan's resignation also  means the fast-growing district  will now be looking for two new  planning staff: recently Buchan  announced the municipality has  also decided to hire a long-range  planner, to look at planning  issues for the district up to 25  years down the road.  At a recent community association meeling, Buchan said  "all loo often in a small municipality like this the planner is like  the fire department."  This week he said planning  without a long-range outlook is  "like trying to do a jigsaw puzzle without the picture on the  box."  .(���-.. i'  Buchan's resignation notice  is effective for Ihe end of  December, but he will be leaving the position one month  before that, in order to take  vacation time accrued.  He added this week he  doesn't expect his departure to  delay the completion Sechelt's  official community plan. A third  draft of the plan was released  this week.  Health department review calls for increased lot sizes  by Jane Seyd  Rural parts of the Coasl could  soon be seeing less intense  development while areas close to  the towns can expect greater residential densities.  Bul the way Ihose changes are  coming aboul has as much to do  with whal happens when everyone's favourite bathroom fixture  is flushed as il does wilh municipal planning agendas.  If expectations are borne out,  property lol sizes in rural areas  are likely going lo get bigger  soon, and with Ihem, real estate  prices could be rising.  Meanwhile, more suburban  parls of the Coasl - especially in  the Dislricl of Sechell - will be  under increasing pressure lo  hook inlo a municipal sewer system.  The changes are expected to  come aboul soon due to a health  department review of minimum  lol sizes, conducted over the lasl  year and a half.  The review has considered  property in Ihe upper and central  Vancouver Island health regions,  as well as in Ihe Coasl Garibaldi  area, which includes Ihe Sunshine Coasl.  Part of the reason for Ihe  review is lo standardize Ihe minimum lol size in the three regions  which have similar soil and climate conditions and are all subject to increasing development  pressures.  Currently the Sunshine Coast  has Ihe smallest allowable lol  size for regular unsewered properties al roughly half an acre,  compared lo one acre and five  acres for Ihe two other regions.  Bob Weslon of lhe local  heallh deparlmenl said another  reason for Ihe review is concern  aboul lhe cumulative environ  mental effect of more residential  growth and the accompanying  increase in septic fields.  Currently on lhe Sunshine  Coasl, "There are certainly areas  on septic which over the long  lerm are going lo generate problems," he commented.  Bolh Sechelt and Sunshine  Coasl Regional District (SCRD)  planning departments are now  wailing to hear results of the  review, expected to be  announced in lhe next month.  Depending on how much ihe  minimum lot size increases in Ihe  regional district, property in Pender Harbour, Halfmoon Bay and  Roberts Creek could be affected.  "The implication we're looking at is avoiding the need to  provide a communily sewer system," said Steve Olmstead,  SCRD planner.  In some areas, bigger lot sizes  will mean higher land costs, said  Olmstead.  In Sechelt, planner Rob  Buchan said, "I do expect the  minimum to go up and fairly  considerably."  Buchan said he expects less  and less residential properly in  the district will be developed on  septic systems in the future.  In order to deal wilh Sechelt's  current growth pressures in areas  like Porpoise Bay and Davis  Bay, "Il's going to increase Ihe  impetus to extend the sewer system," he said.  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Ladies, Gentlemen and Young Adults  Full Gospel Business Men's Fellowship International Invites you to their  limited seating - reserve early  Friday* October 14* 1994, at GtSO p.m.  at Sunshine Coast Golf ft Country Club  Tickets: SIS at tlte door - Advance sales - $12  Contact: 886-9181 Moe Hostland  Plus the following three speaking engagements  Oct. 16, 1994   Gibsons Community Fellowship  10:30 a.m.  Christian Life Assembly 2:30 p.m.  New Life Christian Fellowship      7:30 p.m. (Sechelt Location)  __________ Coast News, October 10, 1994  opinion  A community  focus...  Ending the  complacency  How much are our teens worth to us in this community?  Police, school principals, counsellors, as well as the  teenagers themselves, all say the Sunshine Coast has a big  problem with drugs and other substance abuse among  teens as well as adults.  It's a problem, they say, because the access to any kind  of mind-altering substance is readily available...to anyone,  anytime. It's a "veritable supermarket" of drug-shopping  out there, says one Gibsons drug and alcohol counsellor.  It's a problem, they say, because teens are coming to  school drunk, stoned, not coming to school at all, getting  arrested, dying.  It's a problem, they say, because the Coast has tragically  lost two young lives this year to drug- or alcohol-induced  suicide - the most recent casualty is Jeff Lewis, a bright,  16-year-old athlete from Gibsons.  It's a problem, they say, because there is nothing to do  on the Sunshine Coast - no recreation facilities, nowhere  to hang out, nowhere for teens just to be teens without hassle.  It's a problem, they say, because people are afraid to  step forward and point their fingers at the users, at the  dealers, or at those who make the stuff. The police say  they don't blame anyone though because the rate of violent  retribution for the informant is often high and the rate of  conviction and incarceration for the offender is too often  low.  It's a problem, they say, because the schools don't have  the money to provide effective education programs to educate about drug and alcohol use.  It's a problem, they say, because there aren't enough  counsellors out there to provide help for all those who  need it.  And it's a problem, they say, because all those who need  help don't ask for it.  Most of all, though, it's a problem, they say, because we  on the Sunshine Coast, as well as the society around us,  have grown complacent about drug and alcohol use among  teens, indeed among all groups. We've grown complacent  to the point where it takes something as drastic as a pointless death to jolt us out of our chairs and take a look at  what's going on.  There is a solution to the problem. The experts - the  teens themselves - all say so.  The solution is in education and increased awareness  into what drugs and alcohol can do to a person. And that  means education and increased awareness for the whole  community, not just the youths.  It sounds so simple - too simple to work. But maybe it  is just that simple. Let's try it out and see. It can't hurt anyone anymore than the way things are now.  Let's sit down as a community and discuss what the  problem is and what kinds of programs will work best.  And then let's get them implemented.  Some kids are still going to slip through the cracks, sure  - the best education in the world can't help that sometimes  - but let's focus on the lives that could be positively affected by these kinds of programs.  Let's finally take responsibility, all of us, for the lives of  citizens in this region who are too young, too confused  sometimes to deal with everything going on around them.  Let's put an end to this complacency and make a real  difference in all our lives.  When lighthouses go unmanned...  Recreation  considered  Is a large new recreation centre really Ihe best answer lo the  Sunshine Coast's needs? If a  major centre is built, will there  be enough money left over to  offer programs at the neighbourhood level as well? Or will all  our resources be focused in one  place with little else to go  around? Before a final decision  is made I would like to know  more about what Ihe total building and operating costs will be  and how lhat will affect the  recreation commission's operation.  There are alternatives lo the  multi-purpose centre model. For  many years, Burnaby's approach  was to concentrate on staff and  programs rather than buildings.  An agreement was worked out  wilh the school board and many  schools were officially designated as after hours and weekend  'rec centres,' wilh gyms,  kitchens, shops and classrooms  busy all the time.  Programs were also run from  church and community halls wilh  staff, equipment and advertising  provided by lhe rec department.  This approach served most local  needs very well. There were teen  drop-ins, parent and tot groups,  crafts, elc. in every part of town.  Would Ihis approach serve Ihe  Coast? Sechelt does need a pool  and we all need more ice surface.  But do we need gyms, racquet-  ball, fitness rooms, etc. included  al this time? Whal happens lo the  Gibsons and Pender Harbour  pools if Ihere is no money to  operate them? How many Gibsons or Pender Harbour teens are  really going to travel to Sechell  anyway? At this crucial point in  time, we need more debate and  information in the press and from  our local representatives.  GRAHAM WALKER  Gibsons  A whale of a column  Two flukes up to Darah  Hansen for her article 'Of gag  orders and whale shows and  doing the right thing', Oct. 3.  She is correct to suspect that  "something fishy is going on" at  the aquarium. One of the former  senior staff that was fired on  Sept. 14 when the aquarium  board voted lo resume the whale  shows was Elin Kelsey. Elin has  worked for the aquarium for six  years and has jusl written her  thesis on the whale shows. She  argues lhal it is no longer acceptable to make whales jump  through hoops for fish.  In her article, Darah Hansen  asks the public to phone the Vancouver Aquarium and demand  answers to questions arising from  this mysterious evenl. May I suggest that the public also phone  Ihe Vancouver Parks Board at  257-8451? The publicly elected  commissioners at the Parks  Board are Ihe aquarium's landlords and they let our Fish Zoo  get away with murder.  The local whale jail pays $1 a  year in rent and makes annually  $7 million with the Parks/  Tourism Board's blessing. But  the aquarium's lease is expiring  on Sept. 9, 2000 and Ihis is our  chance to pressure the government to end the unethical practice of keeping and breeding  whales in Stanley Park. Please  help and thank you from the  whslcs  ANNELISE SORG, Executive  Director  Coalition for No Whales In  Captivity, Period  �� at*\tt*   .  For Breakaway  The following is dedicated to  those who feel from peer pressure, home pressure and other  sources of society's pressure, that  letters welcome  We welcome letters to the editor on matters of  public interest. However, we reserve the right to edit  submissions for brevity, clarity and legality. Please  mail your letters to:  The Editor  Sunshine Cosst News  Box 460, Gibsons, B.C.  VON 1V0  they could no longer attend  Breakaway.  Abyss  This longing for a life filled with  beauty is but a child's desire for  simple things...for then we can  happily dance along life's  pathways, creating a simple life  to lead. Speak now of sparkling  waters, of dew-covered grass  wilh ils beckoning touch of  moisture...  Let's play in Ihe freshly fallen  snow in winter and talk aboul the  wondrously scented flowers  which call to the buzzing bees.  See heavy laden apple  trees...branches bowed  low...leaves gently caressed by  Ihe wind.  Walk softly beside little lambs  and newborn babes...feel  emotions rise lo fiery heights as  you sincerely love another and  be witty...be gay:  For such is beauty. How utterly  complex when it is not so...for  with the shattering of youth's  dreams, as so often  occurs...confusion races on...  To break our childhood games  and our youthful hopes...a reality  more than just the beauty of  lifc.we open our eyes lo see  blood-stained hand; spread over  people's lands and hypocrites  suffocating lhe innocent  seekers...  Blinding their eyes...chaining all  hearts while killing sincere  desires: Are we all living in  hell...are we all living in hell...  Give me the sparkling waters,  dew-covered grass wilh its  beckoning touch of moisture to  quench my thirst, to quench my  thirst...for I Ihink I've lived in  hell-.I Ihink I've lived in hell!  VESTA BRAINERD  Gibsons  A blossoming faith, found in the fertile efforts of others  "There they were, dignified, invisible,  Moving without pressure, over the dead leaves,  In the autumn heat, through the vibrant air.  And the bird called, in response to  The unheard music hidden in the shrubbery..."  When I first moved lo the Coast, about four and  a half years ago now, it was the end of a somewhat  dreary winter. I was living alone, in a cabin which  Ihe foresl creaked and swayed around in lhe dark,  and the wind caught in lhe high branches some-  limes sounded like the whisper of voices.  It was beautiful, (if somewhat lacking in modern conveniences like a decent source of heat), but  the end of February on the Coasl can at times be  anything bul uplifting.  Outside was a mix of salal and ferns, the occasional old slump and Ihe rain dripping down the fir  trees inlo the damp ground.  It was a surprise then, some weeks later, when I  looked out to see some early daffodils mysteriously  blooming, iheir white and yellow petals pale and  delicate against the green background.  It was as though someone had arrived with an  unexpected gift.  coast watch  My landlady told me a young couple had lived  in the cabin a few years back, and the woman had  planted a few bulbs for a spring garden.  Later on, when other blooms erupted haphazardly out of lhe forest nearby, I sometimes wondered  about the person who had planted them.  It was as though a message had been left to me,  a sign of someone else's faith.  Since then I've come to realize that's the way it  is with plants and gardening.  Especially, perhaps in a month like October.  After all, faith is much easier to come by in April.  It would certainly go a long way to explaining  those frantic weekends of yard work during my  jane seyd  childhood when I watched a little incredulously as  my parents spent hours on their knees with garden  gloves and trowels scrubbing about in the brisk fall  weather, preparing the soil and putting in the  autumn bulbs.  For lhe neophyte like me, it comes as a bit of a  shock lhal digging in the dirt isn'l simply a matter  of lighl exertion and a little technical know-how,  bul is also in its own curious way a spiritual exercise.  Any browse through the local gardening shops  these days offers plenty of examples. Rows and  rows of boxes are labelled with interesting names:  Blue Harmony, Pink Innocence, Remembrance.  The picture show clusters of the flowers in bloom;  bursts of red and peach and purple petals. Then  there are Ihe bulbs themselves; some slrange  gnarled brown objects, split and curled; some barely the size of a fingernail, ll takes a strong belief lo  make Ihe connection.  Looking out on Ihose daffodils lhat first spring,  it was nice to think lhal someone had bothered.  In another place I lived, I used to feel Ihe presence of the former owner in the rose garden, which  bloomed in early summer after a winter I couldn't  imagine anything surviving.  The soil there was dark and rich; at some poinl  in the past it had obviously taken years of careful  effort.  Some evenings I would stand ihere in Ihe twilight just before the thunder passed over Ihe house,  admiring Iheir pale heads, which opened to send a  sultry perfume into the night air.  Occasionally I would be struck by how much  work someone before me had gone through.  How they had perhaps left something important  of themselves in lhal strip of black soil and Ihe delicate petals which bowed before lhe rainstorm.  Not a bad thing to aspire to.  COAST^NEWS  Sttbtcripthm Kate* for  the Com! News or the W*t*tieoder:  Canada: 1 year ��� $35 ��� $2.45 CST - $37.45  ft months ��� $20 + $l.4OCST-$2t.4O  Foreign: 1 year ��� |60 (No CST)  Reg. No. 4702  Publisher  jaamake Van Hattem  The Sunshine Coast News is published on  the Sunshine Coast, B.C. every Monday by  Clifford frvss ltd.  Gibiom Offke ��� 537 Cruice lane  Box 460, Cibsons, B.C., VON 1V0  (604) 886-2622, Fax (604) 886-7725  Secheh Office - 5721 Cowrie SI,  Box 68, Sechelt, B.C , VON 3A0  (604) 885-3930,  Fax (604) 885 3954  Sales manager Simon* Cortyeta-Smith  Advertising  Representatives G*dar Qsrdsrsaon,  jmic* Edmonds. 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Coast News, October 10, 1994  opinion  WORKSHOP  START yOUR WM BAS��D BUSINESS  OCTOBER 28fh & 29lh  Call 885-1959  $42  REGISTRATION  , INCLUDES LUNCH ,  Sunshine Coast  Business  Development  Centre  Pre-register st tht  Sunshine Coast  Business Development  Centre (Box 128,  #205 5710 Teredo St., Sechelt)  or your local  Chamber ol Commerce  TOPICS  ��� How to choose a buiineu  ��� Developing a business plan  ��� Basic marketing strategy  ��� financial planning  ��� Pricing & cost control  \fc  ��#aassc  Province ol British Columbia  Ministry ol Small Business.  Tourism and Culture  FBDB      BFO        .   :.\ ii* rmvsursi v.mon  Aurora  Subdivision  off North Road, Gibsons  LOT 21 ��� 813 Celestial Place ��� SOLO  LOT 22 ��� 817 Celestial Place ��� 2050sqft 3 bdrm home on  7800 sqft view lot All cedar exterior, cathedral ceilings,  open staircase, 2 1/2 bthrms. family room off large  kitchen tt nook with knotty pine cabinets, gas heat 2  gas fireplaces. Heated * insulated double garage,  Jacuzzi soaker tub * separate shower in ensuite of 19'  master bedroom with view sitting area. Landscaped yard  ; plus loads of extras. Priced at $249,900.  LOT 23 ��� 80x108' ��� Best view corner lot in development -  will build to suit ��� 1700 sq. ft One level home with  double garage from $239,900  LOT 24 ��� 65x103' view lot ��� will build to suit 1350 sqft  rancher with double garage from $ 199.900  TWIN OAKS VILLAGE* 824 North Rd. Gibsons  UNIT #2 ��� 6 year old adult oriented I060sqft, 2 bdrm. all  one level townhome. Level entry with no steps end unit  with side yard and private rear yard, excellent condition.  Immediate occupancy priced at $ 129.900.  627 GOWER POINT ROAD ��� BUILDBR'S OWN HOME  Walk to Marina and Lower Qibsons, lots of extras like:  Cathedral ceilings, open spiral oak staircase, curved  glass block wall, 4 bedrooms, den, family room, rec  room, 3.5 bathrooms, gas heat 2 gas fireplaces, total  area 3405 sq. ft, 2785 sq. ft finished * 620 sq. ft  partially finished basement, plus double garage, 40  sundeck. 40' covered patio, 8500+ sq. ft usable and  fenced lot with lane. Would suit workshop/garage off  lane, or parking for vehicles. Priced in low $300, s.  NEW HOWS SUBJECT TO GST  Will build your plan on our lots  Will custom build on your lot or your project  Will do renovations ft alterations on your home  26 years of building experience  Courtesy to Agents  mm  TWIN OAKS  DEVELOPMENT CORP.  QIBSONS  Hans  Ounpuu  886-4680  In memory ofthe mission boats  by Becky Beaton  Certain events in my life are  cherished. The Mission Boal  gathering was one of those  events for me.  Someone said al the gathering  that "we are meant lo have our  boats" - well had it nol been for  ihis providence, I never would  have met Veracity nor the Christ-  mases who worked her for Ihe  Kingcome Inlet Indian Mission.  Through Ihe years I have been  drawn lo the romance and importance of ihe missionary work  performed by Ihe Christmases  and the required strength of their  boal. My interest grew as I  explored the history and service  of ihe Columbia Coast Mission,  an Anglican marine service, dedicated lo the medical, social and  spiritual needs of the isolated  people living on Ihe coasl of  British Columbia.  Where do I start lo describe  the potency of this rendezvous?  For the past 30 years I have been  bonded with my boat, Veracity.  The Mission Boal gathering at  Hospital Bay in Pender Harbour  brought together many people  who had their lives touched by  the missions and their sturdy  boats.  Seven mission boats arrived,  the Messenger III from the Shan-  tymen Missions, Ihe Alan Green  (aka Monserrado), John Anile V  (aka Chelsea II), Columbia III  and Veracity from the Columbia  Coast Mission and the Thomas  Crosby IV (aka Argonaut II)  from the United Marine Service.  It was awesome lo see these vessels, lo touch them and realize  the effects their presence had on  so many people. They were no  longer names in books, they  were real. To be able to walk the  decks, stand in Ihe wheelhouses,  and be drawn back to the deeds  they participated. To relive a  small portion of history and lo be  a part of a new history yet to  come.  The people and their stories of  readers write  vessels, ministers and services  were alive throughout the gathering. People like Kay Boas of  Whalelown who spent many  years with her late husband, the  Reverend Rollo Boal, serving the  Columbia Coasl Mission. Agile  at 88 years, she presented me  with the Columbia Coast Mission flag I will fly with pride.  Reverend Ivan  and Brenda Fuller  from Thieves Bay         on Pender Island,  ll was Ivan who  counselled me on  the proper etiquette of flying my  new flag. His  blessing as I struggled to fulfill this  duty of "may you  rest in peace... ___^__  soon" will always  remain. The blessing of myself and Veracity by  Esther North while, Frank, the  fisherman, hovered in the background desperately trying lo  point out the host to which he  had transported the injured logger. Marjorie and Catherine, two  daughters of Alan Greene, both  so proud to be present in the  remembering of the long standing mission work so persistently  performed by Iheir father. The  many people who boarded  Veracity with Ihe treasured reminiscences of Ihe comings and  goings of the Mission Boats and  their people.  The gathering slood in Ihe  shadows of the Sundowner Inn,  converted in 1964 from the old  St. Mary's Hospital, initially set  / must admit  there were  tears in my  eyes as  be spoke  up by ihe Anglican Mission lo  serve the medical needs of Ihe  coastal people. Along Ihe boardwalk still stand the "old folks"  homes which provided haven lo  Ihe stoic coastal people no longer  able lo continue living in Ihe  rugged isolation they had carved  into lhe coast. The presence of  Drs. Swan and Playfair, recounting the days when  only water and a          dirt trail would  bring you lo hospital services. The  stories of not only  "treating" Ihe human population  but also the animal, reflected a  proud, necessary  and innovative  _____ system of community care.  I loved the  story told by Diana Peters of her  as a little girl giving her wornout  doll to Ihe mission, (who would  spit and polish old toys and distribute them to other isolated  children along Ihe Coast), only to  find at Christmastime, she  received her own doll back wearing a brand new dress. Howard  White's reading of the burial service performed by Canon  Greene. "Rock of Ages" will  conjure up Ihis story in my mind.  And Catherine Greene's recount  ing of when the CPR boat would  not enter Hospital Bay until the  rock was marked and the gallant  placement of ihe orange Scotsman in lime for the opening of  Ihe new hospilal.  To meet the present day skip  pers, who are proud of Iheir  boats and the histories surrounding them. Blayne Scott of the  Messenger III displaying the relevant paraphernalia of Ihe Shan-  tyman.  We chuckled at Ihe collection  plate, so reverently softened by a  blue velvet bottom, only to lift  the material to find the pie plate  sticker still intact.  "God and Gardener", Ihe  salute to the driving forces  behind Ihree of Ihe magnificent  vessels.  I marvelled al the devotion  and dedication of Michael  Hadley, keen on preserving the  saga of the Columbia Coal Missions, a powerful and emotional  tribute he gave al the evening's  gel-together. I must admit Ihere  were tears in my eyes as he  spoke.  What a sight to see the parade  of boats in the sail-by through  Pender Harbour. I really don'l  know what route we look, I was  too busy shouting with joy and  trying nol to hit the Messenger  Ill's stern. What a sight to see  these historical boats retracing  paths they had taken so many  times. The blast of a cannon and  the sounding of horns waking the  community lo Ihe coming of the  Missions Boats.  As the boats left one by one,  the Columbia III and the Monserrado al ihe harbour entrance,  the others returning to the dock  only to deposit their guests  before departing to their other  'lives', I was left lonely. I was  thankful to have been a part of  this rendezvous and honoured to  have my family and friends with  me.  I appreciate Ihe generous and  honest hospitality, Ihe tenacity  and forethought of Dallas, Ron,  Sandy and Holly, the Sundowner  crew, for hosting Ihis gathering,  ll was an event I truly will never  forget. I am humbled and proud  to be with Veracity and to help  her 'returns' to kindle her soul.  tellers  Walking the world  Eighty to 100 walkers joined  in the second annual Walk the  World for Schizophrenia through  the streets of Sechelt on a beautiful fall Sunday afternoon, Oct. 2.  Thanks to Ihe generosity of the  communities on Ihe Sunshine  Coast, participants and supporters raised approximately $7,000  in pledges and donations which  will be directed toward research,  the local Arrowhead Drop-in and  education. Congratulations,  everyone.  The Rochwood Centre  lor ihr arts, culture natation, and learning  ANNUAL  GENERAL  HEETING  The SUNCOAST ROCKWOOD  LODGE SOCIETY announce* its  Annual General Meeting for  7:00pm Tuesday, October 25, 1994.  All coast residents committed to arts  education and community programs  on the Sunshine Coast are urged to  attend. The future of expanded programs and facilities is in your hands.  5511 SHORNCLIFFE, SECHELT, BC  INFORMATION 555-2522  What an outstanding walk.  We extend our deep appreciation to all those who walked and  gathered pledges and especially  lo those many merchants who  donated prizes and cash.  Due to the overwhelming  response of merchants this year,  we regret that space in this letter  does not permit you to be named  individually. Special thanks to  those who donated refreshments:  IGA Gibsons Park Plaza, SuperValu, IGA Wilson Creek, Clayton's Heritage Market, Checkers  Town Foods, Henry's Bakery,  Gussy's Deli and Snackery,  Pepsi and McDonalds.  Gibsons Rotary Club deserves  special mention because of its  generous grant of prize money  for the public school essay contest on schizophrenia.  Secondary school prize winner is Sara Roberts of Elphinstone and intermediate winners  are Andrea Chambers, Dylan  Quarry and Melissa Rheaume of  Cedar Grove.  Look for future publication of  some of these excellent essays.  One of the main purposes of  the walk is to develop understanding and compassion for  Ihose struggling with this illness.  Many lhanks to Ihe Coast News,  B.C.Hydro is experiencing  a labour disruption.  While we're working to resolve the current labour dispute.  B.C.Hydro will maintain essential services. However,  there may be delays in repair and establishing new service.  We are sorry for any inconvenience thai this dispute  may cause and we will endeavor to minimize any disruption in service.  BC hydro  WANTED  PREFERABLY ALIVE  People concerned with Lifestyles,  Recreation, Development or anything in  Area T". We need you and your  input once a month. Reply in person.  WED, OCT 12,1094 ��� 7:30 FM, LAVODALE SCHOOL  WEST HOWE 80n0 ELECTORS ASSOCIATION  RECYCLE THIS NEWSPAPER  the Sunshine Press, the Sechelt  Sun, Mountain FM and Channel  11 Coast Cable Vision for their  wonderful coverage which raised  public awareness of schizophrenia dramatically on lhe Sunshine  Coast.  We appreciate the messages  and words of encouragement  given by MLA Gordon Wilson,  Sechelt Mayor Earl Basse, Gibsons Acting Mayor John  McNevin, Regional District  Chair Peggy Connor and Director of Sunshine Coast Menial  Health Services Marie-Belle Bulmer, prior lo the walk.  We especially appreciate the  contributions of time and talent  from volunteers: emcee Elaine  Middleton, piper Craig  Buchanan, musicians Michelle  Bruce and Kathleen Hovey,  clown Marion Lineker, face  painter Aileen Garnet, doughnut  maker Irene Hawkins, Gibsons  Deputy Ambassadors Sommer  Belanger and Nichole Bodmer,  "Wally the World" Barbara Kan-  negiesser and J. Cal Holdings  volunteers who directed traffic.  Grateful thanks to the Sechelt  Indian Band and hall manager  Merrill Dixon for the generous  use of the community hall, to the  Sunshine Coat Credit Union and  the Bank of Montreal for wearing  Walk the World T-shirts and to  Linnadine's Shoes, Coast Books  and Zippers Kids for distributing  pledge sheets.  With Ihe support of all these  fine people, the walk was a greal  success and we thank all of the  Sunshine Coasl for helping us in  our aim lo alleviate the suffering  caused by schizophrenia.  For those people who missed  Ihe walk bul would like to make  a donation, receive information  or become a member of Ihe Sunshine Coast Branch of lhe BC  Schizophrenia Sociely, phone  886-3534 or write us at Box 861,  Gibsons.  Hope lo see you next year al  the walk.  Julie Skippon, President and  Marilyn Giesbrecht,  "walk" chairperson  ChiWrwvsf  ^vq mln tack Mtm trwyMtonf Coast News, October 10,1994  news  Coast News goes union under CEPU  by Jane Seyd  For the first time since the  Coast News was founded almost  50 years ago, readers are looking at a newspaper that's union-  made.  On Thursday, the Labour  Relations Board ruled organizers  at Glassford Press - which publishes Ihe Coast News, Coasl  News Weekender and Sunshine  Coasl Magazine - had enough  applications from individual  staff members to exceed the 55  per cenl necessary to certify as a  bargaining unit under the Communications, Energy and Paper-  workers Union (CEPU) of Canada.  Almost 60 full-time, part-  time and casual employees work  for Glassford Press al jobs rang  ing from graphic design, typesetting and newspaper reporting  to advertising sales.  Joel Johnstone, spokesperson  for the employees,  said   the   union       drive within the  company started in  May after two staff  members were  fired.  An initial application to unionize  - which excluded  casual employees    ______  who  insert flyers  into the paper - was rejected by  the labour board in August. The  most recent application included  all employees.  Following Ihe announcement  Oct. 6, Johnstone described the  'An inevitable  step in the  evolution of  the paper'  -Joel Johnstone  union as "an inevitable step in  the evolution of the paper."  For a mid-sized company,  "negotiating the needs of the  workers as a body is       more effective," he  said. "In the long  run it establishes a  well-balanced playing field for both  the company and  the workers."  Speaking for the  management of the  newspaper, publisher Jeanneke Van  Haltem said Friday the company  had been expecting the union  announcement and supports the  right of employees to go through  the collective bargaining process. WestMount Press, Ihe  company which bought Glassford Press in January 1993, has  14 community newspapers  throughout BC and Alberta.  The Coast News is the first  paper in the chain to unionize.  Van Hattem said she doesn't  expect any changes in the daily  operation of the newspaper.  Collective bargaining talks  between the union and the company are expected to begin soon.  Johnstone said some main  concerns of employees include  job security, scheduling and  establishing a standard wage  scale wilhin departments.  About 30 BC newspapers are  currently unionized under the  CEPU, including papers in the  Lower Mainland, the Interior  and on Vancouver Island.  Secondary suite construction encouraged  by Sandra Smith  If you earn a low wage and  need a home on the Sunshine  Coasl, Ihe pickings are slim���  and that's if you're single. If  you have a family, the pickings  practically disappear.  In an effort to address Ihe  lack of affordable housing in  this province, the BC Government plans to legislate and promote secondary suites.  "If our proposals are realistic���and the early response indicates they are���changes to Ihe  Building Code could be in place  by the new year," said Municipal Affairs Minister Darlene  Marzari in a press release.  Secondary suites on Ihe Sunshine Coast are generally illegal  because they are unregulated.  That means health and safety  problems go largely unnoticed  by officials unless someone files  a formal complaint.  In a discussion paper released  Sept. 21, a government committee recommends authorizing  local governments to register  and license secondary suites.  And to further encourage them  to implement Ihe idea, "provide  an incentive grant to local governments."  The committee also recommended allowing local governments to pass on that "incentive  grant" to homeowners who provide secondary suites.  Municipal Planner for the  District of Sechelt, Rob Buchan,  welcomes the idea of legislation.  "It would be very welcome  because the whole issue of secondary suites is a very thorny  problem," Buchan said.  "I know there are many illegal suites in our municipality  but we don't go witch hunting  them because they are filling a  definite need in our municipality."  In addition, municipalities  could benefit financially by regulating secondary suites.  "It would certainly increase  the potential value of a house  but I don't know how we would  The provincial government is act to encourage the construction  of secondary suites in municipalities around BC.  Joel Johnstone photo  tax it accordingly," Buchan said.  "It could have a lot of ramifications. Mostly positive but  some negative as well."  Services like water, sewage  and waste removal would likely  need lo be regulated, he said.  Others on lhe coasl aren't as  welcoming as Buchan.  "Secondary suites are one  solution that works for some  people in some neighbourhoods," said Susan Stratis,  Municipal Planner for the Town  of Gibsons.  "But, from a planning point  of view, if we allow secondary  suites we could potentially dou  ble the density of an area and we  would have to make sure to  have support services to go  along wilh that like schools,  parks, roads, water and sewer  systems."  Other planning issues regarding parking, health and safety  would also have to be dealt  with, she said.  "My big concern is on a community basis you have to decide  whether or not you want it and  where you want it...There's a  definite advantage���people can  afford their mortgages and it  addresses affordable housing but  there's some disadvantages  too."  Former Sechelt Mayor and  President of Ihe Coast Housing  Society Nancy MacLarty has a  few thoughts on the issue of secondary suites. She doesn't think  it's the solution to affordable  housing.  "You're going to find a lot of  'not-in-my-back-yard' attitude  because it means more traffic  and more cars parked in front of  a house," she said, adding,  "It won't address the problem  because it will still be an open  "market. Affordable for who? It's  a very wishy-washy term.  Someone making $50,000 a year  can afford a lot more than someone making $19,000 a year...I  think it's lip service by the government. What I'd like to see  municipalities do is provide land  for affordable housing.''  MacLarty said she would like  to see more duplexes and apartment buildings on the coast.  "There are only one or two  (apartments) in Sechelt that are  rental," she said.  "The others are all condos. If  you don't have a lot of money or  a lot of loot, the only places  cheap enough are out in the  boonies somewhere."  Buchan said the need for  "lower-end" apartments is not  being addressed by Sechelt  developers because there is no  real incentive for them right  now.  We will be open 'Friday, October 14rt\  *a Book youf CKristmas parlies nowl        J  Evergreen Landscaping  serving the Sunshine Coast for over 20 years  TOP QUALITY: Workmanship, Design, Materials  FOR YOUR: Landscape, Irrigation, Fencing needs  DESIGN, CONSULTATION or FREE ESTIMATE  Inquiries welcome for our  do-it-yourself packages  885-5033 ��� Fax 885-3066  If you want to do it once, call us first!  FALL SPECIALS  ��� Winter Fertilizing & Lime  for stronger lawns  ��� Fall Garden Clean-up  ��� Book now for Fruit Tree pruning  We are relocating  so please note our  new phone number as of  November 1st  886-3339  "W"    "W     V    "W    "W  Saturday - Oct. 29th  9:00 p.m. - 1:00 a.m.  Sechelt Band Hall  rj  \_tt__ ��� ���    ������     ��� ��� .js"<  "Music by: Sights A Sound  Laser light show & video screen  Prizes for best costume  ^U^-   & tons of door prizes  Admission is  free with costume  ��� Plus 1 donation to  Sechelt Food Bank  ��� OR $2.00 per person  Food bank need rising for both  Gibsons and Sechelt facilities  by Roxanne Gregory  Food bank shelves are bare  in Sechelt and Gibsons and the  need is on the rise.  Last Wednesday's distribution provided food for more  than 300 coastal residents, many  of them children.  In Gibsons cheese donated  by the IGA was added lo the  bags for Thanksgiving, while in  Sechelt, residents received nothing exlra.  Barbara Ferret, coordinator  for Ihe Gibsons food bank  explains, "Out of the sixty bags  we distributed, 45 bags go to  families with children. We have  six families with five members  and one with six members. Only  about a fourth of our bags go to  singles and couples. Our distribution is the same for everyone.  It's one bag per household. We  distribute food on the first and  third Wednesday of every  month. The number of people  we're feeding is increasing, and  donations are down."  In September the Gibsons  food bank fed 284 people. Self  supporting, the Gibsons food  bank relies on sales from its  thrift store, Nifty Thrifty's and  on donations from the commu  nity. For every $S,000 in donated grocery tapes, the food bank  receives a $20 grocery credit.  Nancy Baker, coordinator at  Community Services, which  administers the Sechelt food  bank said, "We've never been  broke before."  'The number of  people we're feeding  is increasing and  donations are down'  ���Barbara Ferret  Food bank coordinator Joan  Pratt explains, "We're very  short of money, and we rely  solely on donalions. We had  nine new families on Wednesday, and four new families  before thai. We're averaging an  increase of 10-20 people every  lime, and we have a lot of single  mothers with children. Even  though this was the holiday dis  tribution, the bags were smaller  than usual, and there was nothing exlra."  Prati says the food bank  would welcome any fund raising ideas, and offers of assistance.  She also commented that  donations from people's gardens were down this year. She  praised Ihe recent toy run  fundraising efforts on behalf of  Ihe food bank by Ihe Sunshine  Coast Motorcycle Association  The Sechelt food bank serves  all of the Sunshine Coast north  of Roberts Creek Road, and has  eligibility criteria.  "You must provide proof of  residency, and we will want to  see a cheque stub identifying  the recipient is in receipt of old  age pension, GAIN, UIC, or  some other form of assistance,"  said Nancy Baker.  Joan Prall explained the process was to keep people from  'double dipping,' by getting a  bag in Gibsons and going to  Sechelt for another one.  The Gibsons food bank says  need is their only criteria, and  Ihey do not identify recipients,  only recording the number of  individuals in a family.  Bistrict of &ttftett  P.O. Boot 129,5545 Inlet Avenue, Seche��, &C. VON 3A0 Tetephona (604) 686-1966 Fuc (604) 666-7861  MUNICIPAL MEMO  REGULAR COUNCIL  October 1994  Wednesday, October 5th and 19th,  1994 at 7:30 p.m. in the Council  Chamber, Municipal Hall, 5545 Inlet  Avenue.  Committee Meeting  Dates  October 1994  | Finance CommlttM  J Wednesday, October 12th at 2:00 p.m.  I Planning Committee  ! Tuesday, October 25th at 1:30 p.m., to be  I followed by the Environment Committee  ! Community Liaison Committee  | Thursday, October 26th at 2:30 p.m.  ! followed by Economic Development  i  i  c._   West Porpoiso Bay  Sanitary Ihink Sowar  Construction  Construction has begun on a sanitary trunk  sewer system in the area of West Porpoise  Bay. The routing is to follow Marina Way,  Raef Road, Gale Avenue South,  portions of undeveloped landa, Harbour  Way, the Eaplanada and Qale Avenue  North to the Snake Bay area. Every effort  will be made to carry out the work with as  little inconvenience as possible. However,  temporary traffic restrictions will be  unavoidable.  The trunk sewer will serve future  community collection systems in the West  Porpoise Bay area and project completion  is expected to be January 1995.  Lost and Found  Some items of clothing were left in the  Council Chamber following the Sechelt  Village Association's meeting on  September 14th, 1994. These items may  be claimed at the Municipal Hall. Coast News, October 10, 1994  ONI WIIKONIV  Sail Away  and Save  Huny, for a short time  discounts on Holland  Windstar Cruises. From  VALUf  only we're ottering special  America Line and  Alaska to Europe The  Caribbean, Panama Canal, Tahiti and Hawaii. And a series of  adventures known as Grand World and Exotic Voyages So, no matter  where in the world you dream of cruising, anywhere from 7 to 85  days, there are special savings waiting for yuu now. Call today  jffl Holland America line  t    T M 0 I TI 0 N    OF    [IC(LI I ItI*  Ship* Kt'tfituv  Nrlhrrljndv Antilles h\ih,im��  iiiiimrciuisES  I  til I 111  11111(1 till   Clltlll  Book October 10-15 for  1994/1995 Sailings  886-3381  Beside Gibsons  Medical Clinic  We're the volunteers, stall, and  supporters ot your local CNIB service  district and the only thing stopping us  Irom meeting the needs ol your blind  neighbours is funding.  ffl  Iht Canadian  National  lutltutt  tof tha Blind  BC -YukonDivision  upcohtuc cvems  MAGIAM6I  Wednesday, October 12 at 7:30pm  Madeira Park Elementary School Gym  Wednesday, October 19at 7:45 pm   ..  West Sechelt Elementary  SUNSHINE COAST  RECREATION COMPLEX SOCIETY  Public Information Meeting  October 14,15,19,20,21,22 at 8pm  also October 22 at 2pm  Driftwood Players present...  DEATHTRAP  Raven's Cr? Theatre, Sechelt  Tickets $12 for info call 886-9310  Saturday, October 15th at 7:30 pm  Sunday, October 16th at 10:45 am  Glen Cuthbertson, Gospel Pianist  Returning to the Coasl  Bethel Baptist Church, Trail Ave, Sechelt, B.C.  ...a love offering will be taken to defray costs...  Thursday, October 20th  CONNECTING THROUGH  LEADERSHIP  Dr. Mike fCneale,  President of Education Research and Development Institute  Sechelt Seniors Hall, 5604 Trail Ave., Sechelt ��� 7:30 pm  For in/ormation call 885 2261 or Lisa 8854048  Sunday, October 23rd  BRUNCH & FASHION WALK  Presented try the Gibsons Landing  Merchants Association  hosted at HOWL AT THE MOON  450 Marine Drive  Tickets $15 ' On Sale Nowl Call 8860005  Walch the Coast News &  Coast News Weekender for details on ail these  upcoming cvcnls & ticket info.  CUP  I SAVE  To ndvwtist! In (his  "UPCOMING MW  uill our Sechell office <n H8r>-:��i:��)  or our Gibsons office HI mviiiii       ^-J  community  Creek child care gets government boost  The Roberts Creek Child Care Sociely and  School District 46 have been successful in  their joint application for funding from the  Ministry of Education.  On Oct. 4 Art Charbonneau gave approval  for $254,618 to be allocated for the purchase  and installation of a 2,016 square foot,  portable building on school district property  adjacent to the school in Roberts Creek.  The building will be designed and  equipped to the specifications of the Roberts  Creek Child Care Society and will meet  licensing requirements for two child care programs. It will accommodate a before-and-after  roberts creek  by Katharine Trueman  885-2282  Recently I attended the first  fall meeting of the Roberts  Creek Communily Association.  It was attended wilh a full agenda ready to be addressed. Ann  Skelcher, new principal al  Roberts Creek Elementary and  Lynn Chapman, School Trustee,  were on hand to update us on  the new direction that schools  on the Coast are taking. A successful workshop outlining Ihis  approach was held at lhe school  on Oct. 5.  Skelcher also invited and  encouraged parents and interested members of the community  lo attend Ihe school open house  on Oct. 13 from 6:30 to 7:30  pm. She advised as well thai  again the school enjoys an  active parent group and the next  meeling will be Oct. 18 at 7 pm.  We were advised that the  adventure playground is no  longer safe and will be coming  to Ihe end of its day when it is  dismantled to make way for the  tennis courts.  Plans have been made to  raise the $25,000-plus for a new  adventure playground.  The parents' group will hold a  silent auction Nov. 19 (probable  date). For this venture lo be successful, they will require donations, services from parents and  businesses of the communily.  Please call Sue Lehman at 885-  7930 if you are able to assist.  Constable Jim McDonald  gave a report to the gathering  and we were astounded to hear  thai crime on the Coasl has escalated within the last year.  McDonald did advise that the  school child care program for up to 25 students and will also accommodate the Rainbow  Preschool program currently operating from  Camp Douglas.  The preschool program will expand to  serve up to 20 children in each of two different classes. The Roberls Creek Child Care  Society will lease the facility from the school  district for a minimum of five years.  The society had direction and support  fromthe Roberts Creek Parents Association,  the Community Association, the regional district, principal(s) and teachers of Roberts  Creek elementary, Ihe parents of Rainbow  Preschool and other child care providers in  Roberts Creek, in the development of these  plans.  Additional funding is needed, however.  Bolh money and services are required for  landscaping the site to suit the needs of the  children that it serves. The society will be  actively embarking on a fundraising campaign  within the community for this purpose. The  society is a non-profit, charitable organization  and welcomes your tax deductible donations  toward this worthy venture.  The society hopes to have Ihe facility open  early in the New Year.  1935 Camp Byng Scouts...Jock Gibsons standing centre, now lives at Garden Bay with his wife Jean.  Abo pictured with Gibson are Don McRae, front left, and Rob Jones right rear. The others are  unknown, or at least their names have been forgotten, so if anyone can recognize them, contact the  Coast News. photo submitted  detachment has been given Ihe  budget to hire another officer  who should arrive within the  month. He further advised that  solving of cases was also up  which was encouraging.  A spokesperson for the group  thanked McDonald for his contribution to the force and in particular for his personal contribution lo the community of  Roberls Creek. He and his family are being relocated in  Smilhers in October. They will  be sadly missed but were wished  much luck in their new community.  SCRD director Bretl  McGillivray gave an update  from the regional board. The  SCRD has now purchased Ihe  properly behind the hall for the  use    of    the    community.  McGillivray encouraged residents to attend Ihe public forum  on water to be held Salurday,  Oct. 15 at Ihe Seniors Activity  Centre in Sechelt. Beginning at  9 am will be an open house on  waler technology display and a  regional district waler reservoir  tour and official opening is  scheduled for 10 am. Call Karen  Decker at 885-2261 for seat  reservations.  The Sunshine Coast Community Concert Band invite you lo  a bang up lime starting Oct. 15.  All ages and abilities are welcome to join them at the Roberts  Creek school's communily use  room. Conductor will be Blaine  Dunaway who can be reached at  885-1086 for more information.  RC hospital auxiliary  The Roberts Creek auxiliary  to St. Mary's Hospital will hold  ils monthly meeling on Oct. 17.  It starts at 10:30 am at Ihe  Roberts Creek legion. For more  information call Florence Fielding at 885-3521. New members  are most welcome.  Christmas craft fair  This year the Creek Christmas craft fair will be held on  Nov. 26 and 27.  Tables   are   now   being  booked. Do not delay, call  Randi at 886-9324 or Yvonne at  886-7815 lo make arrangements.  Lost  A grade 2 student losl his  backpack and his precious  bunny.  There is a $20 reward for Ihe  return of the bunny.  If you can help call Will Gye  at 885-3827.  george In gibsons  by George Cooper  Wreckage of a TCA plane  found afler 50 years on Mount  Seymour was news, as you  know, a couple of weeks ago and  worth a TV camera shot or two.  The news coincided with my  reading Ihe flying memoirs of  Lewie Leigh, for years a bush  pilot and then Ihe first pilot hired  by the new company Trans  Canada Airlines in 1937.  Another coincidence: a new  Royal Mint 20 dollar coin in a  series that commemorates Canada's pioneer pilots and Ihe planes  they flew depicts Leigh and the  Lockheed 14 Super Electra, the  plane he flew for TCA. Leigh's  book, And I Shall Fly, tells Ihe  5729 Cowrie St., Sechelt  885-6436  Tues-Sat 11:30-5:30, Fri til 7pm  Decks and Truck;  and Wh����ls  Strectwear  slory of the developing commercial flying indusiry in a breezy,  matter-of-fact style even when  recounting some near catastrophic events in the course of flying.  One of these was a TCA flight  out of Vancouver in a dreadful  January storm. The reason for the  flight was the company's need  for the pay from ils airmail contract.  Pay only for performance in  thai contract. In those days of  prop engines, icing was an ever-  present hazard at the altitudes  needed to clear Ihe mountains.  On Ihis flight of Leigh's, icing  over Princeton caused a near  stall. With the air speed and the  rale of climb indicators frozen  and lhe fog-like clouds thick and  widespread, the return lo Vancouver was, io say lhe least, a  stomach twister for the pilot and  his engineer co-pilot.  The first attempt to land by  the new procedures of instrument  flying (everything soon thawed  in the lower altitudes over the  lower Fraser) was far from right.  The ground came up loo soon  and Ihe plane thumped and  bounced on the runway and barely got airborne in lime to clear a  chimney rushing by the plane.  With undercarriage severely  damaged and wing flaps jammed  in the down position, Leigh had  to fight the plane in a circuit  above the airport, his engines  almost wide open. The exhausts  were soon "glowing like beacons. Suddenly we saw the  ground and we were almost on it.  I pulled back and shouted 'Cul'  and the co-pilot engineer did and  we were sliding across Ihe field  in a gentle turn."  The stewardess and the passengers left the plane and we followed. No fire, il took some lime  for the ground rescue vehicles to  find them in the fog. Because his  boss was going lo penalize him  with Iwo weeks grounding for  damaging company property and  no pay, Leigh quit. Besides, it  was now 1940 and lime lo consider Ihe country's call lo duly.  And I Shall Fly by Z. Lewis  Leigh, published by CanAv  Books is a nicely crafted mixture  of anecdotes and details of Canada's aviation history.  Friday &Saturdmy, October 14 &1}  fi   SHIRLEY  UJEST  OMN SUNDAYS H ��� * / UMCTP MOM. - WI. 11 ��� 2  Next General Meeting  Hon0ct17/8pm  Crib Bingo        Meat Draw  LOGS  WANTED  TERMINAL  Forest Products Ud.  a^ CLIP   &   SAVE ^  Competitive Prices  886-7033  mmm Coast News, October 10,1994  community  Counting seat belts in pursuit of safety  "Seal bells save lives," was the message on the highway at the Madeira  Park turn off last Thursday, as 28 members of the Pender Harbour Senior Secondary Counter Attack Team set up  road blocks and stopped traffic.  In an ICBC sponsored challenge  against Mt. Currie, studenls stopped  vehicles with the assistance of Sechelt  RCMP, and counted the number of  sealbelts worn by drivers and passengers.  Sponsoring teacher Dave Gibsons  said the kids were really enthusiastic  and that many parents supported the  initiative. Students waved aside  motorists, counted seat bells and gave  oul 'Road Sense' information leaflets,  and 'buckle up for safety' key chains.  The students counted 677 seat belts  in use, and eight drivers were charged  by RCMP with failing lo buckle up.  The counter attack team with the  greatest number of buckled belts wins  a $250 cash award from ICBC which  can be used for any school activity.  Unconfirmed reports have Mt. Currie the winner at 700-plus, buckled  belts.  sechelt scenario  VINYL SIDING  Aluminum Solfts, Patio Covers & Railings  VirrylSurideck Fhomg, Windows i Handrail Coverings.  ALWEST  HOME SERVICES  "B#108 - 5530 Wharf St. Sechelt  IN REAR OF NEW WHARF ST. PLAZA  VISIT OUR SHOWROOM ANYTIME   Jim Bain 885-4572  \*\TBBanuA\jnjnBBBm  Mmmnnni  #**T  i  Chatelech High School Traffic Safety Club members tally up the number of buckled up drivers  to help the provincial safety belt program, Oct. 1-7, determine the number of drivers  complying with the safety belt law. Joel Johnstone photo  by Margaret Watt, 885-3364  I hope each and every one of  you had a great Thanksgiving. Of  course, as I write this it's still a  few days before the big day. The  weather looks promising, the  children are coming home and a  special treat for us, my sisler  Anne and our special friend  Pauline will be with us.  Holy Family bazaar  The CWL will be holding its  bazaar on Oct. 22 from 10 am lo  2 pm in the church hall. There  will be crafts galore, baking and  dockside davls bay  a fish pond for the little ones.  The beauliful quilt for raffle may  be viewed al Sew Easy in Trail  Bay Mall. Buy your ticket for the  raffle now, without a ticket you  have no chance lo win.  Rotary Club auction  The fourth annual TV auction  is in Ihe works now so il will be  ready for Nov. 5. as you may  know, the Rotary Clubs of the  Sunshine Coast have been active  with youth exchange programs,  youth development programs,  apprenticeship programs, senior  citizens park and many other  community services. They have  raised approximately $40,000  toward these projecls.  Roiarians will be canvassing  your area in the next little while.  Writers Forge  The Forge will be meeting as  it does every monlh on Wednesday, Ocl. 12 at 7:30 pm in the  lovely Rockwood Lodge. The  evening should be an enjoyable  one and it won't hurt to come out  and see what it's all about. If it's  not for you, you've lost nothing.  If it's something you want to be a  part of, the dues are only $15 per  year and you have the use of the  copier for the measly sum of 10  cents per copy. A real bargain.  Driftwood Players  As a mystery fan I can scarcely wait to see Ira Levin's Deathtrap at the Raven's Cry Theatre.  The play will run Oct. 14,15,19,  20, 21 and 22 al 8 pm. Tickets  are $12 and are available at Sayward Books, Shadow Baux Galleries and the Roberts Creek  General Store.  To advertise in  this directory, call  885-3930  by Joanne Sheanh, 885-3629  Having just returned from two  weeks overseas and jel lag slill  fuzzing my brain, I did, however,  lake time to catch up on my back  copies of the Coasl News. While  perusing letters lo the editor 1  chanced on the one written by the  proprietors of the hot dog stand al  the beach at Davis Bay.  The issue was nol whether  there were licenses or permits to  operate, for this was checked out  wilh the health inspector by more  than one person, including me,  but the concern was the close  proximity lo the outdoor toilets.  If for no other reason, it didn't  look wholesome lo anyone driving or walking by. The hoi dog  stand was a welcome convenience to those on the beach bul a  Flu  drop-in  clinics  offered  Flu immunization is promoted in order to decrease the  occurrence of illness however,  its greatest impact is in reducing  hospitalization, pneumonia and  death in lhe elderly and those  with chronic health conditions.  The 1994 flu vaccine contains the Ihree strains A/Texas,  A/Shangdong and B/Panama.  Vaccine is available free of  charge lo persons age 65 years  or older, adults and children with  chronic cardiac or pulmonary  problems requiring regular medical care and Ihose with diabetes,  cancer, immunodefficiency,  renal disease and anaemia.  Care providers who have  extensive contact with people in  Ihe above risk groups are  encouraged lo receive vaccine to  protect their clients.  Drop-in clinics are the most  cost-effective means of administering vaccine.  Clinics will be held: 9 am to  12 noon and I to 2 pm in Sechell  on Wednesday, Oct. 12 at  Greencourl Hall at Ocean  Avenue and Medusa; and from 9  am to noon and 1 pm to 2 pm in  Gibsons on Friday, Oct. 14 at Ihe  Gibsons Legion, 747 Sunshine  Coast Highway.  If you are unable to attend  phone Gibsons 886-5600;  Sechell 885-5164; Pender Harbour 883-2764 for further clinic  times.  Utile further along might have  been more favourable and  flavourful.  We columnists try to reflect  the cares and concerns of our  readers, so when people phone or  contact us we feel obligated to try  to express those concerns in our  columns. Such was the case in  this issue. And may I add, nothing is accepted anonymously,' all  sources are known.  We relumed home to still  beautiful weather bul with leaves  beginning to fall, cooler evenings  and talk of turkey. We spent two  fascinating weeks in China soaking up as much of their culture as  we could absorb. Everything in  China is big, Iheir population  1.35 billion, Iheir cities, 13 and a  half million people in the cily of  Shanghai alone and their historic  sites such as the great wall, the  6000 Terra Cotla Warriors, the  Grand Canal and Tienanman  Square just to name a few.  We walked the Great Wall  (the Chinese say 'A man who has  not walked the Great Wall is nol  a true man'); we viewed the warriors (they say 'A man who has  not seen the warriors is a coward'); we cruised the Grand Canal  which threads through China for  some 1800 kilometres and we  visited temples, tombs, palaces,  the Forbidden City and much  more. Everywhere we went the  people were friendly, courteous  and curious...most recognized Ihe  Canadian flag pins we all displayed and would break out in  grins and call 'hello Can-a-DA.'  Thanksgiving  When you read this, you will  have enjoyed your Thanksgiving  dinner replete wilh turkey, stuffing and pumpkin pie - belated  happy Thanksgiving. We truly  have much to be thankful for living in this wonderful country;  rich in water, clean air, unpolluted oceans and creeks and compared to China, luxurious living  conditions. Give thanks!  Association meeting  The Davis Bay/Wilson Creek  Community Association general  meeling is scheduled for Oct. 12  al 7 pm. Topics for discussion  will include: Desperados' application for a pub licence; Port Sta-  lashen sewage outfall permit  appeal; and community/school  interaction. Please plan to attend.  fafa'weitmti.  MARINA  TOTAL SHOPPING  7DAYSAWEEK  All Chevron Products  883-9551  JUILDim HOME HARDWARE  SUPPLIES BUILDING CENTRE  HARBOUR  BOATTOPS  883-2929  Tops, Tarps & Covers  Upholstery & Repairs  MADEIRA  MARINA  j      j|i       MARINA I  PHARMACY  883-2888  lA\  'ze^s.'^TnoTt  IPender Harbour  Golf Course  Visitors Welcome  1/2 Mile North of Garden Bay Rd.  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You'll also find Canada Savings Bonds on sale at all three of our branches.  When it comes to saving. Sunshine Coast  Credit Onion has something for everyone.  t Credit Union  Gibsons  985 Sunshine Coast Hwy.  8864121  12887 Madeira Park Rd.  883-9531  Sachalt  5710 Teredo St.  885-3255 Loast News, October 10, 1994  ^Inal ^all ^atme* s /Havkct  'tree &. ^hmb ��>aU  Sechelt - Gilligan's Pub Parking Lot - Sat Oct 15  Roberts Creek Community Hall Lot - Sun Oct 16  10am - 1pm  ��� Organic Garden Produce ��� Eggs 'Jams ��� Vinegars ���  ��� Sauces ��� Balling ��� Indoor & Outdoor Plants ���  Assorted Trees & Shrubs S3-S4 Bargains ��� 3'-$'  Rare Magnolias ��� 4'-$40, 6'-S45, 2gal-$l5  11 Varieties Wisteria ��� Sgal- $30, 2gat-$20, Igal-SIO  Many other Fragrant Trees & Shrubs $5-$20  ficit mere intt,etHialien (fill 885-6142  community  tlU^RICAIIE  MARINE REPAIRS  MIKE WRIGHT and DAN CROSBY  ���I Mariner, Mercruiser Sales & Serviced  -I Marine Repairs ^  sl Certified Mercury & Mercruiser Mechanics <l  ���I Mercury, Mercruiser Parts & Accessories -l  tl Pressure Washing Hull Cleaning & Painting <l  BOOK NOW FOR WINTER STORAGE  30 SPACES AVAILABLE  We offer boat storage  Total Commitmentto_Customer Satisfaction  OUTBOARDS  Bati.it 'it'll,t>n  The Ont)' Logical Choice  Sechtrttfa  75 INDUSTRIAL WAY, GIBSONS. BC ��� 886-2433 CELL 1-657-5529  by Ruth Forrester, 885-2418  Things were really hopping  al the Welcome Beach Community Hall lasl Saturday al Ihe  annual Oktoberfest night. "It  was just like it used lo be in the  hall with everyone having a  great time," said one participant.  Rather than a totally Bavarian  event it turned out to be more of  an international evening with  lots of music supplied by local  accordianists, guitar and drums,  singing and dancing, all of  which made for a spontaneous  fun-filled evening.  The food was delicious also  and many thanks are due to  those who worked hard to make  for yel another successful  evening at the hall. The next  function will be the soup and  sandwich luncheon which is  another annual event lo which  everyone will be welcome. This  is on Oct. 19 at noon, price $3  and if you need transportation  give Ken a call at 885-7278.  On Ocl. 29 you are invited to  join in the fun of a Hallowe'en  party with games, dancing and  prizes for best costumes. Get the  thinking cap on to decide what  to go as and make sure you  order tickets as soon as reservation numbers are available.  Auxiliary  There was a good turnout al  the October meeting of the Halfmoon Bay branch of Ihe hospital  auxiliary. The next big fundraising event will be the Christmas  bazaar on Nov. 26. So members  Super Sale  Saturday  soo per sal sat er ��� da .;. event occuring on a Saturday  surpassing all or most of its kind. 2. selling of goods at  bargain prices on Saturday only. 3. a sale when Sechelt  Furniture Land goes a little crazy and offers every item in  every department throughout the entire store. Le. every  living room, every bedroom, every chair, every dining  room, every dinette, every sleep sofa, every entertainment  centre, every recliner, every lamp, every table, every  refrigerator, every range, every dishwasher, every freezer,  every microwave, every washer, every dryer, every  television, every V.C.R., every stereo, (EVERY  EVERYTHING) AT RIDICULOUSLY LOW  PRICES. 4. one day experience oflQ% - 57% OFF  market value. 5. sizzling, savings extravaganza YOU  SHOULDN'T MISS!  SATURDAY, OCT. 15th  10:00 TO 5:30  We will be closing early on Friday, Oct. 14  at 5:30 p.m. to prepare the store for  Super Sale Saturday  DOOR CRASHER SPECIALS  5-Piece  Dinnette Set  Leather  Natuzzi  Love Seat  Sanyo  14" T.V.  England  Corsair  Recliner  Best Value' Best Selection' Besl Quality' Best Seivice'  5605 Sunshine Coast Hwy., Sechelt ��� 885-5756  Franz and Hildegard Erber and Frank and Annabel Apel dressed appropriately in Bavarian attire  at Welcome Beach Community Association's Oktoberfest celebrations Oct. 1.        Ruth Forrester photo  are busy getting together making all kinds of crafts. Donations  are always welcome. Right now  there is a big demand for baby  knitted items for Ihe hospital gift  shop which is a place well worthy of a visit. There are some  beautiful new items in this little  shop as well as lovely cards etc.  It is open from 2 to 4 pm each  day.  At school  An invitation is extended lo  everyone in the community to  attend an open house evening at  Halfmoon Bay school this  egmont news  Wednesday, Oct. 12 from 6:30  to 8 pm. The staff are anxious lo  show off the new facilities  which have recently been  installed.  It will also be a greal opportunity for newcomers to the area  lo see what the school has to  offer.  You don't have lo be a parent  to come along and visit the  school and staff members will  be happy to show you around.  Potluck desserts will be available at 7:30 in the gym if you  would care to bring along some  goodies lo share. Some of the  local organizations will have  displays lo let you see what is  available in this great little communily of Halfmoon Bay.  Friends of Mary  Just to let friends of Mary  Shannon know lhal bolh Mary  and Queenie Burrows, Iwo of  our very special Halfmoon Bay  pioneers, are always pleased to  receive visitors al what is now  their home away from home in  Shorncliffe in Sechelt.  Drop by some time and say  Hi.  by Lynn Mees, 883-2099  The monlh of October, squirrels and people alike  scurrying about... Get lhal food and firewood in,  now that we've passed through Ihe month of Ihe spider, wasn't il beauliful Ihe amount of webs there  were?  The plan so far for Hallows Eve is a smorgasbord and potluck children's fun stuff, carving pumpkins, etc. We'll be able lo supply a few this year.  Last year I threw an old one off our deck inlo Ihe  bushes, now we've got a pumpkin plant 28 feet  long. There will be fireworks and festive folk about.  Someone is trying to organize some music, trying  lhat is, so no promises. We'll have fun either way.  The Backeddy is now closed. Mondays and  Tuesday, winter hours... Oh yeah, they have a jukebox, and a pinball machine now.  There are some bulk items for sale at the thrift  store - two twin beds wilh headboards in good  shape; a washing machine which needs repair; a  solid coffee table. Hours for (he thrift store are  Wednesdays 10 am to 12:30 pm. Please when you  drop stuff off, drop stuff you'd want to give lo  someone as we're pretty full up at Ihe momenl.  ��i    n  t  Just  moved?  Cmttutfor    SedKk-l��hM!-M47  your FREE    Gitaooi - Carole M6-3W2  tfflrtr S��Mt(btMaoaly)  laformualo*.   MfclrMMBM  Bride  to be?  New Baby? **  Welcome^-  WAGON  W f Since 1930  Take TIME OUT and join us for  MONDAY NIGHT FOOTBALL  with QBI ��� 6pm SHARP  0< TOIII H 17  KANSAS CITY CHIEFS  AT  DENVER BRONCOS  HOT WINGS  ���2  HOTDOGS  irly for PLAY MAKFK  SPECIAL9 ��� PRIZES  BIG SCREEN ACTION  LIVE VIA SATELLITE!  Join the QBI fun & receive  A FREE HOT DOG  with each PlayerMakari  by Frank Roosen, 883-2920  Thanksgiving  Do you remember when Octobers were cold and all we children ever thought about was  when the time would finally  arrive and then we went to our  parents' home for Thanksgiving.  All of that turkey and ham and  Ihe rest of the fixings. Well finding myself welcomed and loved  is what I cherish the most today.  John Henry's has new winter  hours open from 10 am to 6 pm  every day.  Garden Bay Hotel  Pizza is now available and  darts are starting soon.  Mountain View Service  New winter hours are 7 am lo  8 pm except Friday which is 7 am  to 9 pm.  Ladies Golf  The Ladies Club of Pender  Harbour Golf Club is having its  fall meeting on Oct. 20. Members  are asked lo attend. There will be  a 9-hole scramble starling at 10  am followed by a luncheon and  election of officers for the '94/95  season.  Fire Prevention Week is Ocl. 9  lo IS. DO you have a smoke  detector? and does it work?  PHVFD will deliver and install  free smoke detectors (maximum  two) within Pender Harbour and  Egmont. Please leave a message  at 883-901 lor 883-2561.  St Andrews choir  Sl. Andrews youth choir for  children eight years and older,  please meet with parents at 11  am, Sunday, Oct. 16 to discuss  times and dales.  Trivia Tournament  Every Wednesday Night 7:30pm SHARP!  de Early! Starting Oct 12th  W   INT  Mtad of Gov! Dock- QHmm Landing  PUB HOUPS Mon-Sat 10-12am, Sun 11-12am  Open 7 dan a week 886-621S  t Wm rUmrm 886-8889 ��� OPEN EVERYDAY 9am-11pm  BRIAN AHLSTEN  -h**>\  0 years of award  winning experience  COASTWIDE  REALTY  885-0505  ��� ��� . ���- Coast News, October 10,1994  11  community/leisure  Heroes accident prevention  program comes to Elphinstone  About 3.8 million Canadians  suffer from injuries every year.  "Forty per cent of the injuries  happen to children and teenagers  and 90 per cent of them are preventable," say the spokespeople  for the Canadian Injury Prevention Foundation (CIPF).  In an effort to encourage kids  and adults to take a few more  precautions in life, the CIPF  designed a multi-media presentation called Heroes and it's coming to Elphinstone Secondary  this Friday (Oct. 14). Presentations will be open to Ihe public as  well as students from all three  high schools between Gibsons  and Pender Harbour.  "It's important because of the  risk-taking behaviour of adole-  cents. The crux of the program is  to try and get students to take  safer types of risks," said Elphinstone principal Martyn Wilson.  "I'd view the drug abuse,  on the arts beat  The Sunshine Coast Arts  Council will present a clay workshop on Oct. 29 and 30 by well  known Granville Island potter,  Bob Kingsmill.  Kingsmill produces an extravagant variety of stoneware and  raku fired pieces and he has travelled extensively throughout BC  teaching for Capilano College  and for the Oulreach Program of  Emily Carr College of Art and  Design.  Beginning on Oct. 19 Rose-  marie Cook will help you painl a  canvas mat or personalized place  mats using sponges, stencils or  any other materials you want to  achieve an effect that you will  love. Cook is also teaching a silk  scarf painting session beginning  Nov. 9 where you can paint wonderful patterns or designs to  match your outfit or give as special Christmas gifts to your family and friends.  Your children may want to  make Hallowe'en special by ere- \  ating weird and wonderful cos-  tumes using paint, papier mache,  fabric, applique, beads and more.  Kids can make Iheir fantasy costumes just before Hallowe'en so  call the arts cenlre for more information. This course is running  from 4 to 5:30 on Oct. 25,26 and  27 and is being given by Xerez  Hailenden of Hullaballoo fame.  Hullaballoo is also offering a  workshop for children in exploring the wonderful material called  fimo clay. This is a greal clay that  can be sculpted and molded lo  make beads, barrettes, necklaces  and more and then baked in the  oven. Hailenden will be giving  Ihis class from 10:30 until noon  on Nov. 19 and 26.  which is a problem on the coast,  as a risk-taking behaviour."  The one-hour program  includes big screen images and a  high quality quadraphonic sound  system, a powerful talk from a  young injury survivor, a presentation from a local teenager about  taking postive choices lo reduce  injury risk, and a first aid demonstration. "It doesn't preach, it  doesn't condescend to teenagers,  and it doesn't turn them off with  a predictable litany of DON'Ts.  It simply presents Ihe facts powerfully and then leaves the decision up to the viewer," the CIPF  spokespeople say.  And kids aren't the only ones  who take risks. Recognizing that,  the school district's Heroes organizing committee arranged for  Iwo public showings al 12:30 pm  and 7:30 pm. There is no admission fee but donations will be  accepted. The program will cost  the school district a little more  than $2,500 to bring to town and  all of it has been paid for by  community employers and associations including the Communications, Energy and Paperworkers Union local 1119, Howe  Sound Fire and Rescue Crew,  Howe Sound Pulp and Paper, the  school bus companies in both  Pender Harbour and Sechelt, and  the Sunshine Coast Lions Club.  Going Awny  on Vacation?  Your Secret's  Safe With Us.  l"vc your rairsal homo within.  Pet/Animal Cm  Mall Clearing and Forwarding  Indoor Mail and Yard MaJntrnani-r  fcgular Home check or Ure-to Service  CALLSHARON 885-2228  fuiutHMU-IVoidtl  IxiMiutfiiMt  BONDED LICENSED INSURED  Brgnchw Coatt To Com!  U&!UIJ��  HELD OVER!  See our instore flyer  VARIETY BS.S, FOODS  IM   IM    K<l , (iihsons I UV  NATUREWORKS  Nutrition Centre Inc.  886-2936  Wilson Creek (IGA) Plaza  4330 Hwy 101  Phone 8B5-0773  WANTED:  Donorsfor  Rotary TV Auction   ���   Saturday, November 5  5:00-11:00 p.m.  Cable Channel 11  ,4)Sb&  msa  '���I  ^iTuvi  IP  p  CONTACT:  ���886-3371 (Cheryl)  ���886-8966 (Karen)  ���885-9608 (Tony)  RECYCLE WIS NEWSPAPER  Watch  this  Thursday's  ���WEEKENDERB  for our  Fall Health,  Beauty &  Fashion  Supplement  look inside the  center of our  TVGuide!  Featuring Informative  editorials written  by your Sunshine  Coast business  professionals  I  Stop the world: The 1995 Neon is here.  With seating for you and four of your friends, air, automatic,  AM/FM stereo and a whole lot more, what in the world are you waiting for?  Test drive the new Neon today.  1995 NEON  "1994 Automobile of die Vtar"  220 Package Includes:  Standard dual air bags  Standard side door impact beams  Air conditioning  Automatic transmission  132 HP (98 kw) 2.0 litre  16 valve engine  $15,675  * INCLUDING  FREIGHT  1  OR  GOLDIfe*.  $298  ** Per Month  For 30 Months  5 passenger seating  Cab forward design  AM/FM stereo  Rear window defroster  60/40 split folding rear seat  SEE YOUR LOCAL CHRYSLER PEilBLH il JJI j :1VJH*��I:^I^^ JIBI  OCHRYSLES  E STAR SIRVICI  'iitkak'k'iT  titmrtRMMI.itsteltfttaySI Wsana* %(ne*ntatl*rMhHl tadeolefhiidcvA SuliieittoappnalIryOvy^JerC;����rConodo $ecunyde(��sjr{itS3G0Areqund tKn��nterpeno>��liAeonty CwmwnnlnhKlncrc.Kludad  k*lmtttA*ta.miAe.rjt.::r ill -niAemmaiMnilW.n OojnlSOt,M>��t Wrutr��� We- to wk:nM��ttfegfa<,rr>i4*i��i[fyifefc>(M> hiiiMri tenia  SKOOKUM CHRYSLER 886 3433  1028 Hwy 101, Gibsons nuwci   i \j, i jv^i  HAXSL]  SALON |  YOU DESERVE  A BREAK TODAY!  with the Creek Hair Salon  I  25% OFF  ALL SERVICES  This offer good until  the end of November!  Call Today    -    885 9425  MAVERICK COACH LINES  Daily Service to Vancouver  Leaving:  Powell River  Madeira Park  Sechelt  Upper Gibsons  8:15am & 4:30pm  10:45am & 6:45pm  11:35am & 7:30pm  11:55am & 7:55pm  Sponsored by:  COAST NEWS  leisure  Juno-winning folk musician creek bound  I  IWEERENDERB|  J  CUP & SAVE  by Darah Hansen  In a lime when citizens are  struggling lu find meaning in the  term 'Canadian culture', comes a  singer whose nol afraid lo offer  up his own definition.  Describing himself as a "folk  musician," James Keelaghan has  been wriling and singing about  life in Weslern Canada for over  10 years.  The ideas, he says, come out  of the landscape and out of Canada's own history.  Il's his attempt, he says, lo  weave Ihe culture he's grown up  with and is inspired by with his  rich voice and lyrical talent ��� to  fill a cultural gap left open by the  generations of men and women  who settled the area over 100  years ago.  "In a sense, a lot of us are  wriling the folk music for Ihe  area," he says. "Spirits willing  and all, in another 100 or ISO  years we'll become the traditional music of lhal area."  Keelaghan says il's not the big  things in Canadian history, like  the railway or famous people,  that catch his attention. Instead,  he tends to focus on Ihe smaller  events and "lesser known people...because I feel that that's  where the real history happens,"  he says.  James Keelaghan  Keelaghan speaks of the history of radical politics in Southern  Alberta and tragic events like the  disaster at the Hillcresl mines in  Ihe Crow's Nesl Pass, as events  he finds particularly inspirational.  Originally from Calgary,  Alberta, the 35-year-old musician  says the feeling he carries in his  songs translates universally.  "Yes, Ihey understand Ihem in  the United Stales," Keelaghan  says, adding a concert in Denmark was where he got the best  reaction to his acclaimed song,  Kiri's piano.  "I thought they weren't going  lo understand it because I'm  singing in a language that's not  their first language and singing a  convoluted story...but when I  played at that particular festival  the applause just wenl on and on  and on and on."  Though taken aback at first,  Keelaghan says he soon understood the song had reached inlo  Denmark's own history as a  country and into a lol personal  lives.'Thal's what I try lo do," he  says, "I try to take specific incidents and give (them) a bigger  quality...make them apply to people's lives."  It's a talent thai hasn't gone  unnoticed in Canada. Earlier this  year, Keelaghan earned a 1994  Juno Award in the category of  'Best Roots and Traditional  Album.'  The award "feels pretty  good," he says, adding, nobody  was more surprised on his win  than he was himself, "ll just felt  good thai my peers fell the work  I was doing was worthy of  nolice."  Currently travelling about 200  days and playing about 135 concerts per year, Keelaghan says  he's gone farther in terms of his  success than he ever dreamed he  would. "I always knew I would  do something in the performing  arts," he says. "But in the back of  my mind, I would go on and gain  some measure of success...then  settle down to a more normal sort  of life."  "Even once I started doing  well musically, I thought I would  make one or two albums then I'd  be off again for that normal life."  Showing no signs of settling  down yet, Keelaghan says he still  thrives on the musician's  lifestyle. "When il all happens,  you're sort of on the road saying,  'Okay, what's next?'...There are  always nice surprises," he says.  Keelaghan is scheduled lo  make his firsl appearance at the  Roberts Creek Hall Saturday,  October 15 al 8 pm. For fans  already familiar with his music,  Keelaghan promises to sing some  old songs. He also plans lo try  oul a few new pieces "on an  unsuspecting public."  "Because I haven't been lo  Roberts Creek before, I want lo  do everything I can."  Presented by the Acoustic  Gumboot Folk Society, tickets  are $15 and are available from  Coast Books, the Roberts Creek  General Store, the Creek Hair  Salon and Scott's Music. For  more information call 885-2294.  HORSE!  LMve Langdale  6:20 am       2:30  8:30 4:30 pm  10:30 6:30  12:25 pm M  8:2011  BCFGftRIGS  ftdSS?j Driftwood ready to spring  88U2�� j ��)eatjjfmp at Raven's Qy Theatre  VANCOUVER - SECHELT PENINSULA  ^tm\  JERVIS INLET  :BAY -LANGDALE  Leave Horaethoe Bay  7:30 am     3:30  9:30 M      5:30 pm  11:30        7:25 M  1:15 pm    9:15  ��COVe-  LeaveEartaCovt  6:40 am      *30pm  8:20 6:30  10:30 8=30  1225 pmM   10:20 M  M-dtnomHavntckBut  SALTERY BAY  Leave Saltery Bay  5:45 am    3:30 pm  7:35  9:30 M  11:30  5:30 M  7:30  9:20  EXIMSAJUNGS: Hoik Sound Oct 10,1994 and May 2,1995-Lew*Monetae hy lliOOprnlwveljnjdile IftlOpm.lwviiWttOct 7,8,  9,10, Dec. 23, IA. 26,27,28,1994,Apr. 14,15, It, 17,M��y 19,20,21,22,1995��� leave[��ftCove3:30fen.leaveSalletvBay 1:30p  SUSSEX  REALTY  The topsi-i.i.i.v;  i \ (,  jj IttVLtTPLE l/STWOU40BtmS/mSOFMOM��*mOWin9  a  a  a  ���  a  a  ;  Deathtrap, Ira Levin's gripping "five-character, one-set,  sure-fire thriller" opens this Friday night at the Raven's Cry  Thealre  Set in an up-scale converted  Connecticut farmhouse, the play  weaves an intricate and surprising tale around the five characters - Sydney Bruhl (played by  Gavin Rhodes), a middle-aged  playwright wilh his last hit  receding into the past; his wife  Myre (Dianne Evans) who holds  the purse strings; Clifford  SUSSEX  REALTY  The TOP SELLING OFFICE  N   (i I BSONS  (MuawvLiSiWtil^AD&N  Notice Board  Oigolag events mul be updated monthly  We reserve Ihe right lo edit submissions for brevity  All submissions should refer lo non-profit events  of genuine community interest  Items will be listed three weeks prior to the event.  DEADLINE FOR SUBMISSIONS IS WEDNESDAY NOON FOR MONDAY DISTRIBUTION  WEDNESDAY, OCTOBER 12  Wttt Horn. Sound Eleclori' Ann  Annual Qeneral Meeting, 7:30 pm,  Langdale School. Members should plan  to attend. Quests welcome. Quest  Speaker: TBA. Nomination and election  of directors.  S.C. White Cane Club monthly meeting,  St. Hilda's Anglican Church, Sechelt.  Into: 886-2703  Building Batter Race Relatione: a com-  munity forum sponsored by SCRD,  RCMP, Sechelt Indian Band, Bank ol  Montreal. 7:30-10 pm. Seniors' Complex,  Sechelt. Speaker: Patrick Kelly, BC  Hydro. Topic: Building Better Business  Halations between the Business and  Native Communities. Learn about community-identified issues and talk aboul  community responses. An opportunity to  build a better future tor the Sunshine  Coast. Please RSVP your attendance lo  the SCRD 885-2261 or SIDQ 885-2273  at. Mary's Hoapltal Auxiliary. Pender  Harbour Branch regular monthly meeting,  1 30 pm, St. Andrew's Church. New  members welcome.  QUIA meeting, 7:30 pm, Harbour Cafe  Qeneral meeling a election All non-  members welcome.  THURSDAY, OCTOBER 13  SL Mary's Hoapltal Auxiliary. Sechelt  branch meets, 1:30 pm, St Hilda's Hall.  Arthritis Self Help Oroup meets, Coasl  Garibaldi Health Unit, 494 S Fletcher.  Gibsons, t pm. Everyone welcome,  phone 886-9461 or 886-8124 tor info  FRIDAY, OCTOBER 14  Tetrahedron Ski Club meeting and  potluck dinner, Chaster House,  Bonnlebrook. Doors at 6 pm, dinner at 7  pm. Bring a friend, new members welcome Info: 885-9167.  Dince Jam. 8:30-11:30 pm, Wilson  Creek Community Hall, Davis Bay  Eclectic music/visuals, complimentary  arts supplies & more 16 years and over  15 admission Info: 886-7860.  SATURDAY, OCTOBER 15  Acoustic Gumboot Folk Society presents Juno Award-winning singer/songwriter James Keelaghan, 8 pm, Roberls  Creek Hall. Ticket sil 5 at Coast Books,  Roberts Creek General Store, Creek Hair  Salon,, Scott's Music Info: 685-2294.  Sechelt Garden Club Fall Plant Sale. 10  am, St. Hilda's Church.  MONDAY, OCTOBER 17  Canadian Cancer Society, S.C. Unit  reg. monthly meeling, SCRD boardroom,  Royal Terraces building, Sechelt. Public  welcome. 686-8765.  Arthritis Self-Menagament program  begins. Six weekly sessions, 10 am-  noon, Coast-Garibaldi Health Unit, 5571  Inlet. Sechelt Info: 685-2677 or 886-  6124.  S.C. Peace Group meets, 7:30 pm, 6146  Redrooffs Rd., Halfmoon Bay. Come  share your ideas ��� everyone welcome.  E.C.E.B.C. meeting, 7 pm, Dancing Bear  Early Childcare Centre, Halfmoon Bay.  Call Katherine 885-5607 lor directions.  TUESOAY, OCTOBER 18  Pender Harbour Wildlife Society regular monthly meeting. Quest speaker: Dr.  Oscar Sziklai, retired prolessor of  forestry, UBC, will present slides, maps  and discussion of People and Forestry In  China. 7:30 pm, P.H. Secondary, Hwy.  101, north of Petro-Can.  THURSDAY, OCTOBER 20  S.C. Injury Prevention Coalition meeting, 1:30-4 pm, Coast-Garibaldi Health  Unit, Qibsons. If you plan to attend  please call 666-5600  SATURDAY, OCTOBER 22  Langdale Feet, 8 am-4 pm, Langdale  School. Pancake breakfast (8-11 am),  giant garage sale, sports equipment  swap sale, free floor hockey games, BMX  demo, bike safety check, IBM PC demonstration Info; Jim Ling, 866-9259.  Proceeds to Langdale Elementary  School  Christmas Bazaar 4 Craft Sale, 10 am-2  pm, Roberts Creek Legion Held by  Ladies Auxiliary to RC L 1109  Holy Family Baiaar. 10 am 2 pm  Crafts, baking, white elephant sale plus  fish pond and children's table See our  1 st prize, a quilt, at Sew Easy  MONDAY, OCTOBER 24  S.C. Resources Council regular monthly  meeting. 7:30 pm, SCRD boardroom,  Sechelt Everyone is welcome lo attend  these meetings to discuss matters related  lo the community, Ihe environment and  its resources The SCRC is incorporating  - find out why Info: 685-3484  MISCELLANEOUS  Jack A Jill Pre-8chool Chicken Sale  Delivery date Nov. 6 Call Audrey 886  4856 or Joanne 886-8569 for a complete  price list.  Flu Clinics: Qibsons, Fri, Oct. 14, 9  am-noon & 1-2 pm, Qibsons Legion.  Sechelt. Wed., Oct. 12, 9 am-noon 11-2  pm. Greenecourt Hall. No appointment  needed for any ol these clinics  Pender Harbour School of Mualc  Community Choir needs men & women.  Meel Madeira Park Tuesdays, 7:30-9:30  pm. Repertoire: classical and contemporary Info: 883-9278 44  "The Essence of Magic" an exhibit of  watercolour paintings and "Looney Bins*  by Jacoba Van Difk at Hunter Gallery  corner of School Rd. A Gower Pt. Rd,  Lower Gibsons. Oct 22 Nov 11  Qlsti.Art Gallery. Garden Bay. presents Glass Sculpture by David Mompetit  and a variety ol N.W. Coast Native  designs by Susan Point, David Neel 6  Bradley Hunt (totems, plates, architectural A corporate pieces). View by appointment: 883-2142. 44  Quay Works Gallery presents show by  artists Dona Balma and Carol Ptolemy,  Hags, Harridans. Harpies and One Ex-  Husband, through Oct 18 at the Gallery,  271 Oower Point Road.  Pender Harbour Aquatic A Fltnees  Centre: Pool Operator Level 1 Oct. IS a  16, 9 am-4 pm (pre-register). Red Cross  Standard 1st Aid 4 CPR Oct. 21-23 (pre-  register) 6-10 pm 1 9 am-5 pm. CORRECTION: Line Dancing will be on Wed.  eves, 6:15-9:15 rather than Thurs. eves,  7:45 8:45 pm. 44  Child Health Clinics (Olbeons) October  11, 18 1 25 with extra clinic Oct. 17;  (Sechelt) Oct. 12, 19 a 26; (Pender  Harbour) Oct 13, 20 A 27. Gibsons 886-  5600, Sechelt 685-5164.  Tuberculin Skin Testing a Travelers'  Clinic (Qibsons) Ocl. if 24 4 31 with  Travelers' Clinic only on Oct. 13,20 4 27;  (Sechelt) Oct. 17 4 24 with Travelers'  Clinic only on Oct. 12. Gibsons 886-5600,  Sechelt 885-5164.  Prenatal Claeaee (Qlbaona) next Early  Class Oct 11 (Breastfeeding Class foi-  lowup of series Oct. 11 - Sechelt).  (Sechelt) Next Late Class Oct. 18, 25,  Nov 1 with a breastfeeding follow-up  Gibsons Nov. 15 All prenatal classes  are from 7 to 9 pm. Please register early  as classes fill up quickly. To register:  Gibsons 886-5600. Sechelt 865-5164  Elphlnetone Pioneer Museum, 716  Winn Rd., across from Post Office,  Qibsons. New winter hours are Mon ,  Tues, Wed 4 Sat, t-5pm Exhibits  cover the vast range of Coast history  from the near to the distant pasl. All  areas and aspects ol our heritage are  explored on two floors iam-packed with  fascinating displays Be sure to drop by  soon Admission by donation. Call 886-  6705 for more Info  Parent-Tot Drop-In for parents with children up to 5 9:30-11 30 am at the following locations: Qibsons United Church Hall  (Mon., Tues.. Wed., Fri); Sechelt St  Hilda's Church Hall (Mon. 4 Tues);  Wilson Creek Community Hall (Thurs).  Info: Community Servlcet, 665-5861.  Sexually Tranamltted Disease Clinic:  (H.l.v Information, counselling and testing) Phone for appointment in Gibsons  886-5600, SecheH 865-5164.  Single a Pregnant? Call the Health Unit  - 886-5600.  Prenatal Hoapltal Tour: phone St  Mary's Hospital switchboard to arrange  for tour, 685-2224 Prenatal only  Parent a Baby Drop-In gives parents an  opportunity to meet other parents and  discuss common concerns. The group  gathers every Tuesday Irom 1:15 to 3 30  pm at 494 S Fletcher, Qibsons and In  Sechelt at 5571 Inlet on Wednesdays  from 1-3:30 pm.  School Entry Booatar Clinics: A booster dose of diphtheria, tetanus and pertussis Is important for children entering  school. Qibsons clinics - 886-5600;  Sechelt clinics-865-5164  Needle Exchange: Mondays 4  Thursdays, 3-4 pm, Qibsons Health Unit.  MONDAYS  Recovery, Inc. offers a self-help method  to overcome the negative feelings that  come from fear, anger, depression and  constant anxiety. 7:30-9:30 pm, The  Wellness Centre, Qibsons Info: 886-  8026. 44  Fibromyalgia Support Group. 7-9 pm,  Coast-Garibaldi Health Unit.  Sunehlne Toaetmaeters meet, 7:30 pm,  Community Use Room, Chaster Rd.  Firehall, Qibsons. Improve your communication and public speaking skills In a  fun and supportive environment ��� all  glests welcome. Into: 885-4049.  TUESDAYS  "Living With Cancer" Support Group  meets tvtry other Tuesday, Kirkland  Centre, Davis Bay, t pm Info 885-5861  or 666 8369  S.C. Army Cadete (2963) Seatorth  Highlanders ot Canada parades every  evening. 6:45 pm, Sechell Legion. Info:  Cap< f. p��me��. 665 0933 46  WEDNESDAYS  Poatpartum Oepreatlon Support  Group - Qibsons Health Unit. 1-2:30 pm  Shorncllffe Auxiliary meets third  Wednesday ot each month at Shorncliffe  Info: 685-1915 52  Children's Story Hour at Ihe Sechell  Public Library, 2 3 pm. ages 3 5 Info:  865-3260 44  THURSDAYS  iC't Weight Lott Support Oroup  metis afternoons 10 3012 30pm ctll  686-2692, tnd tvtnings 6 30-8 00pm,  call 696-7159. at tht United Church.  Giatsford Rd, Gibsons  Birth Control Clinic. Coast Garibaldi  Health Unit. 494 S. Fletcher, 7-9 pm  Confktentltl tervlce - everyone welcome  No appointment needed Info: 865-7770.  FRIDAYS  Breast Self-Exam Cllnle: First Friday of  each month. 7:30-9 pm. Qibsons Health  Unit.  United Church Thrift Shop, 13 pm.  church basement, lane off Trueman  Road  Dtnct Jtm ��� experience the emst within  you  6:30-11:30 pm. Wilson Creek  Community Hall. Eclectic music/visuals,  complimentary art supplies and more  Minimum age: 16. $5 admission info:  866-7660 44  Anderson (Allislair Basse), a  younger playwright smitten with  Sydney's talent and wit; Helga  Ten Dorp (Sheila Sorenson), a  somewhat eccentric Dutch psychic who's moved into the  neighbourhood; and Porter Mil-  grim (Ed Vallec), the family  lawyer with a secret.  Directed by Mike Forrest,  assisted by stage manager Mary  Caple, Deathtrap is an exciting  way to spend your evening.  Shows run at 8pm on Oct. 14,  IS, 19, 20, 21 and 22, with a  matinee at 2 pm on Oct. 22.  This will be the Driftwood  Players' first appearance at the  Raven's Cry Theatre in the  group's 25 year history.  "This is a big step for us,"  says Producer Jan Robinson.  "We need the community's support lo make sure we can go  back to the Raven's Cry for  another show."  Tickets are $12 and available  at all ihe usual outlets. Questions? Call Mike Forrest at 886-  9310.  ��?  LAWRENCE SOLOWAY D.D.S.  is pleased to announce his  association with  DR. DAN M. KINGSBURY INC.  at the  SECHELT DENTAL CENTRE  5684 Dolphin Street  Naw Patlanta Walcoma  CALL 885-3244  Monday thru Saturday  Hon Time Ht-FI  0350 2.8  1115 14.5  1645 10.5  2130 13.2  Fri   Time Ht-Ft  0145  0805  1515  2145  11.5  6.1  14.5  8.1  Tuee   Time Ht-Ft  0445 3.6  1225 14.4  1805 10.5  2240 12.4  Sat  Tlmt Ht-Ft  0310  0910  1555  2225  11.7  6.7  14.5  7.1  REFERENCE: Point Atkinson  Pacific Standard Tlma  For Skookumchuk Narrows add  Ihr 40 min pka 5 mln. tor ttchfl  of net tnd 7 mm. lor itch fl. of M  Bring your boat in for winterizing A storage and  we'll make sure it's property serviced for the winter  for  MASTER TECHNICIAN & CERTIFIED MECHANICS  CALL TIDELINE MARINE LTD.  TIDELINE  MARINE  885-4141  Vh.irfRo.id Sechell        JQ  The Coast made clear.  The Classford Press gives you more than the news; we're a family  of publications. Our papers arc your definitive guides to food,  accommodation, adventure, arts and entertainment on  the Sunshine Coast.  ___.  _____________m-m-m Coast News, October 10,1994 13  Industrial     AUTOMOTIVE       Marine  PARTS & SUPPLIES  A101 SUPPLY ltd.  1061 Hwy. 101, Gibsons, B.C. 886-8101J  V      Mon.-fri.6-6 S,lt. 8-6, Sun. 10-.'  SECHELT RADIATORS-  ~l Camplclt Cooling Syiltm Strvict Centre  - ��� ' t i'i i i i i * t i i i i i i i i i .  >w RepuJi ie Ri |il.��,- u.i,i��, ll.ii,, Cores, A (iu Tinki  AUTOS TRUCKS TRACTORS INDUSTRIAL MARINE  lick up t, Dcllvny  (S. MADILL CONTRACTUS  All types of conaete work.  Sidewalks, driveways, slabs - smooth, broomed,  exposed aggregate finishing.  Qutlttt Concrete Work        Coloured ft lumped  (H-2117 Cona��tt,CurbtftOott��rt  GARRTS EXCAVATING  OWNER: CARRY MUNDELL  Tendem Dump ��� lend A Oewttl  130 Kswetsu tnwiiiui  450 John Detrew/Hoa  Sep* Mdt A Tenia sox is, omsons  *^**t***tt**tts\t*stm 886-7099  ,^f~3S��~JI        fortlKiVibhlngtoutA  ^       X Eric's Drywall  give us a call  ��� -���,   885-6052  New, I Vil * Itrlmlll  '  i  I  I   I  I  I  i  I  I   i  4319 S.C. Ilvy.  Across from S-  line l,M  885-7986  DENIS TURENNE CONCRETE  Placing & Finishing  Residential ft Commercial  ACI Certified  Driveways, Slabs. Sidewalks etc  t\f �����>�����>     Custom Concrete Specialists  \886-0340 Colored, Stamped, Patterned, EiyosedAggregate/  WILOW00D CONTRACTING  Bobcat Service  Landscaping ��� Sriotv Removal  Bush Clearing ��� Grading  Driveways ��� Backfill  Randy 88S-4146  ��� EFFKIiNT  ��� RfUABif  nonsstONU"    ������"���**���  CARPET & UPHOLSTERY CLEANING  PHONE 885-4258  ROTOR  cen����tr>M4i  ����  BUILDING CONTRACTORS ELECTRICAL SERVICES  CONSTRUCTION  resldentlcil *JT. ___________  8832887 " Laurie LacoveHkv  GRAEMAR CONSTRUCTION INC.  ____m_Mm  MITCHELL SYSTEMS LTD.  ELECTRICAL CONTRACTING ,  Residential  Commercial & Industrial  KELLY 885-9565 t~.ms,  Gary's  LiT*E=lViCi  S203  TRACKS-FOMO-5 TO�� DUVTHUCK  UWecMU' MCKnUMO ��� ETC  ���FRAMING  tolOCK-UP  ��� FINISHING  ��� FOUNDATIONS  ���RB*3VATONS  ���SIDING  W-W  mt  THOMAS ELECTRICAL  CONTRACTING  J.Thomas   886-7571  FREE ESTIMATES  REG. ELECTRICIAN  NO. 17933  ROOFING  FREE  Specializing in all types of  commercial & residential roofing  estimates M6.2087 *UW0B"  eves. guaranteed  ENGINEERING  SWANSON'S  EXCAVATING   1>   SERVING THE SUNSHINE COAST  FOR OVER 30 YEARS  ' Land Development ��� Road Conetructlon  ��� Bulldozing ��� Send & Gravel Deliveries  ��� Pipeline Conetructlon  8��5-0660  SUNSHINE KITCHENS  ' KITCHENS t BATHROOMS ���  B86-9411  Cellular 250-3376  DON'S TILE INSTALLATIONS  I:  Ceramics ft Marble  ear Ceeilreetle* ft Reeeeatlaaa  years esperleese I* TlltisHI*|  886-4280  A t T ENTERPRISES: Construction Benloes  Sarelng Tht Coaat Sine* 1985  ��� CUSTOM HOMES  ��� ADDITIONS  ��� RENOVATIONS  aaa-aaaa  T. W0N0, BOX 713. QISSONS, S.C. VON 1V0  Sunshine Coast Engineering  Engineering and Design for  ��� Subdivision Development  ��� Custom Residential and Commercial  ��� Strwlural ��� Soils ��� Marine  ,C2��,Wt��2 -_.  ,-,*..  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BC j  EXCAVATING  GENERAL CONTRACTORS  ��� Sail Warer Licences ....  ��� Motel*Campsites ���,WalerT��l "___���   ��  ��� Marine Kepalu       ��� Ire ��, Tackle 883-^266^  CENTURY ROCK  ROCK WALLS  ILKO CONSTRUCTION LTD  ��� Septic Systems  ��� Driveways  ��� Waierlines  ��� Excavations Reasonable ��� Experienced  ��� land Cleans   flUN ROSI  881*021  COMPUTERS  Spark of Life Consulting  TO��l CowteyiSHeC3l.Secnell.ee  Wlndowi Development Specious*  Clent Servei Database  Networking and integration  System Analyse and Design  Motion Ruei- Phone: (��M)88&<M19, Foe (604) 88&OB9  Fastrac backhoe ft  TRUCKING SERVICE  ���SE PTC FIELDS  ��� DRAINAGE DITCHES  ��� EXCAVATIONS  ���WATERLINES CA1*s* 4X4  ��� clearing      STEVE JONES   886-8269  886-005?\  ^��. FAXSS9 2SM  mm  NA9C0R-  Mil  SyitM  INDUSTRIES LTD.  7CS  Located in Secret Cove  885-7M8  ��5uccaneer  Marina & resort ltd.  K.C. Ihermoglass A  Cobra Boats now  In-Stock  m  mj  CONCRETE SERVICES  SJtMatklesenLtd.  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ENTERPRISES  HOME IMPROVEMENTS  JL AIMING CONTRACTORS  iMtrnflitmuhinMi ���fimutWrtuni  bulmtlil k Cmnmul ��� tif Quilit) Milnuli  "Free Estimates  ^ 8HS-5111 �� (imrne �� 24hr Amwerlng Service  MOBILE WELDING AND FABRICATING ��� MECHANICAL REPAIRS   STEEL ��� STAINLESS ��� ALUMINUM   ttmn tmc Foenr. mamnc ano cowthuction moustwi  ON THflUNtMM COAIT  HOWARD LANG ... ,.,, ca  msnicm aoTONs 686-3231 U��-0A1\J  Wf Thank You N  to our valued readers. Businesses  appreciate it when you tell them  you Tound them in  The Coast News    > 14  Coast News, October 10, 1994  Take Advantage of our JVezv Classified Ad Special  Run your classified ad 6 times  and pay for only 2 times I  Coast News (Monday  Classified Deadline:  FRIDAY AT NOON  __ Gibsons &  1/s* Sechelt Offices  Homes &  Property  SALTSPRING ISLAND  Enjoy relaxed, rural, sals lifestyle.  14011. watertront, 1.2 sunny acres,  garden i pasture, comlortable  bungalow on quiet road, excellent  condition, $275,000. Call owner  604-537-9724. Mtw  GEORGIA MIRAGE  26-555 Eaglecrest, ground level 2  bdrm., 2 baths, adult, by owner  $189,000. 866-2508 re open  house. ��43w  Gibsons, by owner 1960 sq. tt.  rancher, 3 bdrm., 2 bathrooms,  studio, greenhouse, $189,500.  8880359 eves, 1 -6664368 days.  M9w  For sale by owner. 3 bdrm, 3 bath,  2 yr. old. 666 Oceanmount. 886-  3726. M3c  1/2 acre, ocean view, Roberts  Cieek. Ready to build. 666-3811.  ���43c  847 Poplar, Gibsons, $179,900.  SoW 3 floor opsn beam, 2x6 con-  sir., 4 bdrm, 2 1/2 baths, olfice,  sep. dining rm. Maytag d/w, hot  tub, large level lot, overheight  garage, ample concrete parking,  dose lo ferry, schools, bus, shopping. 866-9037 S43c  MUST SELL "~  Two serviced view lots, 13,455 sq.  ft. and 12,616 sq. ft., $79,000,  $75,000 in prime W. Sechelt area.  8680634. M2c  Redrooffs, .38 acre, level lot, current heelth permit, Akferwood Rd.,  $63,000,931-5045. I42w  For sale 3 bdrm. revenue house  w/suite in basement. Westview  Powell River. Fuse box accessible  by both suites, lot size 92x123.  $127,900.6880290 or 4854560.  By owners, new 1200 sq. It. full  basement, view lot, 15 min. walk  tram lerry. 686-7099 or 685-9206.  M2w  Homes &  Property  SELMAPARK  AFFORDABLE WATERFRONT  Two bdrm home, cabinet kitchen,  ample storage, I2'x16' workshop,  laige paiking area, safe moorage,  $60,000,685-5026. ��42c  View lot lor sale In Oceanmounl  Estates, $150,000 obo. 886-2262.  M2c  Save Realtor Fees Save  Gibsons -1113 Sunnyside, large  landscaped lot with raised bed  gardens, fruit trees, close to  school snd bus, quiet well maintained aiea, 3 bdrm. rancher, 1248  sq. It. Heavy insulation, 2x6  const., 1 1/2 baths, large deck.  $176,500. 8688367 or Iv. mess,  sl 1-478-9753. Mic  MONEY AVAILABLE  SORROW ON YOUR HOME EQUITY  1ST, 2ND. 3RD MORTGAGES  Noibosedonlob'itobity.  oge or credit  CoraoWolon.cai  or wftolevei good leaon  PROPERTY PURCHASES  REFINANCE  DEBT CONSOLIDATION  BAYFIELD  INVESTMENT SERVICES LT6  20577 FRASER HWY.  LANGLEY  SECHELTTEl: 885-5527  Vancouver - well-kept 3 yr. old  condominium, 11ge. bdrm., garden, patio, wheelchair acces., gas  F/P, 5 appt., near Skytrain S paik.  Tenanted, no agents please.  $145,000 sell or Irade. 1-604-872-  3790, Tom. ss  Roberts Creek, 2300 sq. ft. 2  storey, 4 bdrm plus home, 1 1/2  baths, Ige. family room, 2 l/p, quiet  eul-de-sse close to beach.  $215,000. No agents. 6883769. ss  ERROR RESPONSIBILITY^  H��AS�� CHECK YOUR AD ON THE FKSTOAY17 APPEARS  i coked to Mn canUk at ol afc plead by  eomplilek rndboa verifying requeued  dole, number of kuericn* and a copy contort.  Wc lake txHmt core to owid lypoaroptiicol ��ron. hwewr, in  *e evert of an error, w an rmpomSm cttf lor tw finl incorrect  narton ol an ad. We da net amum* any ntpenbby (ar any  earn for an era In an ad beyond Ae cal a *e ad IM  ���sport any error MWMPtAmY by cuing 116-2622  yorM3-3930�� Monday to Friday 9 ojn.to 5 pjry  CLASSIFICATIONS  Announcements  r  Appliances  i*  Autos  23  Better & Trade  18  Bed and Breakfast  Births  30  2  [GREAT  Business and Home  \IDEJL  Services  35  Business Opportunities M  Campers  Child Care  2S  37  Commercial for Rent  32  Entertainment  33  9M**Wa\m9  For Rent  31  �����������  For Sale  21  '   *^^^  Found  11  Obituaries "���  3  Free  16  Personal  ���  Furniture  20  Pets & Livestock  12  Garage Sales  17  Recreation  ���  Heavy Equipment  Help Wanted  22  Storage  30  34  Thank You  S  Home & Property  1  Too Late to Classify  40  In Memoriam  4  Travel  14  Legal  41  Trucks  24  Lost  10  Wanted  .IS  Marine  20  Wanted to Rent  20  Mobile Homes  27  Weddings &  Motorcycles  Music  20  13  Engagements  Work Wanted  O  30  on io��"  SSssjgi0  At any of our convenient  Friendly  ������ People Places �����  DEADLINE IS 3:00 PM THURSDAY  In Pender Harbour  AC BUILDING SUPPLIF.S  Francis Peninsula Place 883-9551  MARINA PHARMACY  Pender Harbour Centre 883-2888  In Halfmoon Bay  B 3c) STORE 885*555  In Roberts Creek  ROBERTS CREEK GENERAL STORE 885-3400  DEADLINE IS NOON FRIDAY  In Sechelt     ��  THE COAST NEWS  5521 Cowrie Street 885-3930  In Gibsons  THE COAST NEWS  537 Cruice Lane (behind Dockside Pharmacy)  886-2622    Homes &  Property  VIEW! Tastefully decorated 2  barm condo. Ground level entry.  Central location, Oceanview Classics. Near schools S shopping.  Qibsons. Call eves, alter 5 pm.  886-0362. ss  Lovely 4 bdrm home ideally located near W. Sechelt school. B/l  vacuum, 6 appl., Ige. back yard.  Priced well below market value at  $163,500,865-6913. ss  Immaculate rancher, over 1300  sq. It. on beautifully landscaped  1/2 acre site in Hallmoon Bay  aiea. 3 bdim, 2 lull baths, Ige. LR,  DR, bright kilchen, lamily rm, new  wood heater (CSA), 5 appl., new  rool, lenced, workshop, greenhouse, garden shed. $163,500.  Drive by to view. 6155 Westwood.  Call 885055610 view. Mtc  Pender Harbour, 2 1/2 acre bird  sanctuary on Garden Bay Rd.  Tidal sail marsh grasses, old forest, salmon stream ��� nature paradise on Oyster Bay. $55,000 or  oilers. 866-8543. Mic  VIEW LOT  WEST GIBSONS, upscale neighbourhood, underground wiring, 1/4  acre, walk to beach, view Georgia  Strait and Vancouver Island.  $96,000 offers. 8664445. '    sa  Ocean view, beachfront, family  home plus cabin, park-like extra  lot (2 acre parcel), Hallmoon Bay.  1-604486-2771. SS  PRICE REDUCED  ARTISTS PARADISE! H.M.B.  $194,900 buys lhe lifestyle a creative peison craves! Rural atmosphere surrounded by nature and  wildlife. Eclectic style new 2 bdim.  view home w. full floor lor creative  endeavours. Details 665-2649 /  683-2687. ss  W. Sechelt, 5465 Mills, 3 bdrm.  rancher, now carpets in L/R, hall s  new lino in kil./bath. Airtight free  starving stove keeps home warm  and cozy in winter, elec. heat,  dUe. garage, ample pkg. for RV  on cement drive, lenced back  yard. $169,500.6654307 Id free  pgr. 1-9794128. sa  Close In - Gibsons lot, Trickle-  brook Way, $79,500.1422-3559.  tt  Madelre Paik lot, Merrill Crew.,  cleared, .34 acie. 8854899.    ss  Commercial lot across from medical building, $95,000.9654412  tt  One year old 2 bdm house, basement, view, $159,000 lirm. No  agents. 6664049. tt  Waterfront lot, Sakinaw Lake Sde  by owners. $150,000. Gary eves,  1472-2117, days, 1465-7478 tt  Beautifully appointed view home in  Halfmoon Bay area. New 2 bdm.,  2 bath, 2 storey home of unique  character and style. Cuslom finishing and detailing. You'd expect to  pay much more lor private .44  acre lot of flat Wile ground, landscaped w. natural stream and  pond 10 mins. lo Sechelt, 5 min.  to Secret Cove mooiage. Vendor  financing available. 885-2649/863-  2687. ss  Custom 2400 sq. It. home, 2 1/2  stories, 3 bdrm., 2 baths, vaulted  ceilings, oak floors and cabinets,  open floor plan, Ige. in-law suite,  1000 sq. It. heated shop, 1/2 acre  landscaped lot. Redrooffs area,  below appraisal, moving, must  sell, $225,000.685-7453.        SS  Approx. 5 yr. old 3 bdm randier  on quiel cul-de-sac in exc. W.  Sechelt neighbourhood. Easy  maintenance yard and 10x10  shed. $159.900.865-7052.      ss  1.   Homes &  Pioperty  MRyWMTI  MUMS  MARINA PLACE  Veiy tastefully decorated, immaculate 1230 sq. It. level entry 2 bedroom condo, 2 bathrooms, lire-  place, skylight, 5 appliances,  drapes, patio (adull oriented).  Across Irom marina, on bus mute,  walking distance to stores. 686-  4190. tins  View lol overlooking Madeira Park  Centre, 102 It. frontage dear. Septic Ok. $65,000 obo. 883-9418 or  9634392. ss  ROBERTS CREEK  BUILDING LOTS  1/2 acre and t acre Iota. Lower  Roberts Creek, selectively  cleared, ready to build. Suaaei  Group, SRC Really Corp., Bryan  Ledlngham 1425-2911     M2w  High bank w/f home, 2 bdrm, 2  bath, large LR, brick f/p, large  solarium, exceptional aggregate  palio, BBO. Situated In one of the  most deeireaUe areas ol Die Sunshine Coast, spectacular view of  Vane. Isl., Mt. Baker, Trail Islands.  Watch the cruise ships sail by. In a  park-like setting, all this and more!  No agents. For appt. to view. 885-  2397. tt  1600 sq It Rancher For Sale  Price reduced - pay no commission. Light ( airy, only 1 yr old.  #530 Shaw Rd. 886-2820 or 886-  3191, Steve or Slier. Pgr, 11-975-  1071 ss  OCEANMOUNT ESTATES  SOAMES POINT, BY OWNER  3 bdrm rancher, 1663 sq h. Laige  family room, f/p, 2 baths, workshop. Large lot. Asking $247,900.  For viewing call 8864396       tt  18 lot lully serviced subdivision  next lo Oceanmount Estates in  Gibsons. Avail, early '95. Take  advantage now of low pie-con-  slruction prices. Starting at  $74,900 Ptxme 8864691.   I52w  Sechelt Home By Builder  Quality plus tnroughoul. Vaulted  living area. 3 bdrms up. Private  master suile w/deluxe ensuite.  Lots ol windows, woodwork and  details. Excellent value at  $'99,900. Francis Peninsula lol  also lor sale. 6850899. ss  Lot 71. Merrill Crescent, Pender  Harbour. Ready lo build, septic in.  financing. 883-9597. u  For sale by owner: 3 bedroom  rancher on .36 acre, 6096 Aider-  wood Road, Halfmoon Bay,  $169,900. Don, days at 665-2201,  evenings 8854944. ss  5.6 acre limbered t secluded,  oceanview, 2100 sq. It. log house,  near completion. $450,000. 885-  5910. ss  ' SECHELT TOWNHOUSE  Central location. 2 bdrms, 2 balhs,  warranty. Like new, $110,900.  ���44-5761 Whart Rd. 1404-986-  4657 or 686-3930. M1c  I  Robtrtt  Crttk  Realty  HghouMonlSecrae  ���ttAlMlt vWwt, quonHt-iiiop.  out bugs fa���**** t* atttistl.,  trotX poodi, ftnctd Sttdt, orenvd  EmlM tack lobeela home  Ocownndmxrtiinvieiw  Pooi.lwte,Mune.decU  3000 iqll home on large tried mi  tttOAH  Omnium  Roeiwn Mln tie creak  Soutitrfew and perked  1170,000  1/2 Am em Lot  SiWntaktoliny  underground atrttst*  tttam  ACREAGE ROBERTS CREEK  CRYSTAL ROAD. Quiet rural setting, tteed w/hydro iecett.4.3  acres, no agents please. 8654409  tt  RARE QUAUTY ACREAGE  Great Ocean View, extensively  improved, well treed and within  walking distance to Sgts. Bay  Marine Paik. This acreage is in a  growing laige lot subdivision wHi  two driveways to access upper  and lower sections ol pioperty tl  $155,000. Lot 23 ol Leaning Tree  SuM. will not last long! Call Dave  946-7655 or pgr. 1-9794042.   tt  Secret Cove, 2 bdm condo, 6  appl., view. Asking $149,900.594-  9310 tt  W. Sechelt, 1/4 acre GD, partial  view lot, lully serviced. Underground, paved w/curbs. $79,900.  8854862 ll  W. Sechelt, new 1350 sq. ft.  rancher. Dbl. gaiage, 2 kill baths,  3 bdrms, skylight, natural gtl  heat, maple cabinets, $174,900  885-7972 or 865-5405. H  Robarts Creek, 1.0 acre, south-  em exposure, partially treed, building site cleared, percolation test  approved. Robinson Road or  Woodley Road access. $128,000.  686-7372. li  COSTARICA  2.5 acre Id in Esperania Ranch.  Serviced, pnvate community, tropical park with hiking/riding trails,  swimming. Close to shopping,  beaches, restaurants, golfing.  $26,500,885-5157. as  This is a little gem lor me discriminating buyer. 1200 sq. fl., 4 yrs,  sophisticated addt house, dose to  village. Charming living room, (replace welcomes. Sun-filled  kitchen, breaklast area open onto  s/f patio I garden. 2 full baths,  master ensuite. Big stutko (easily  2 bdrms again!) Sky/It, extra big  windows. Mature artistic landscaping, dog run and kennel. Appliances. No agents. $174,900. CaH  8854010 to view. h  Commeicial lot. 36x100. Farnham  Rd. $79,999.9854412 M  Announcement ��� 7.   Announcement  Randy snd Leah Banner att  pleased to announce the arrival of  their daughler, Ashley Cynthia,  bom September 5,1994, weighing  7 pounds, 15.9 ounces. Mtc  Switzer. Bob �� Mim (Hughes) happily announce the birth ol their  twin boys, Jacob William, 6  pounds, 10 ounces, and Simon  Donald, 5 pounds, 2 ounces, bom  September 26, 1994 at BC  Women's Hospital. Many thanks to  grandparents Mr. and Mrs. W.I.  Hughes ol Sechelt, BC. Mtc  Gibbons -Sturdy: Jeannette and  Walter announce the birth ol Iheir  daughter Anne, born August 25,  1994. A sister to Jacob, William  and Katherine. Thanks to Dr.  Karen Scott. Mtc  COMPLIMENTARY  FACIAL/MAKEOVER  . A complimentary makeover  that creates the effect you  want - natutal, career or  dramatic,  ��� A glamour look that  perfectly complements  your colouring and  wardrobe preference.  ��� Makeup application  techniques thai will  enhance your features.  ��� Mary Kay also has a skin  program designed for your  skin type.  3LMARV KAV  l��l ID "WI MAUIY ttNKf  Yvonne Valancius  886-4643  Cwwr Oreortuwitr ivlillMe  Giant sports i rec. swap meet,  Rbts. Ck. hall, Sun., Oct. 16,  noon4pm, tables avail. 6664029.  #41 w  Coast Books  OPEN  During Renovations  To make up for any  Inconvenience we are  offering 20% OFF  all In-stock books  377 Onwtr rt. Rd. ��� 866-7744  hom MAS re Mil  The Environmentally  Sound Solution to  Pest Control  GUARANTEED RESULTS  Villi IO��1 Hwy lOt  Gibsons  886-7444  ECOSONIC  SMITH: Arthur (Art) Rufus  away September 28, 1994 at  Brock Fahmi Pavilion, Vancouver,  BC at the age ol 01 yean. He formerly lived tot many years on  Beach Avenue In Robeits Creek,  BC. Predeceased by his wife Alice  in 1965. Art will be sadly missed  by his loving daughter lsobel Aah-  leigh and husband Al ol Vancouver, BC; stepson Bud Mulcastar  and wile Gall ot Gibaons, BC;  stepdaughter Elizabeth Horan and  husband Mel ol Enderby, BC; 9  grandchildren and 3 great-grandchildren. No service as per his  Mtc  WOMEN SURVIVORS OF  CHILDHOOO SEXUAL ABUSE/  INCEST GROUP  This group provides support and  education, Mondaya beginning  Od. 17,9:30 am-12 noon. Childcare provided. Free, confidential,  sale. Call 865-5861 and leave a  message for Trysh Ashby-Rolls.  Sponsored by Sunshine Coast  Community Seivices Sociely. Mtc  In loving memory ol  Frank Wyngeert who passed  away Octobers, 1969:  As time goes on without you,  As days turn kilo years,  They hdd ten thousand memodes  And amllon dlent tears,  I cannot hear your voice,  Nor take your land In mine,  But you are ever in my heart  Until the end ol time.  Urea, Mtn. 141c  Adams River  Salmon Run  Oct. 22/23  2 day excursion  via Whistler  Duffy Lake Rd.  Coquihalla  Cost $235  Leader  Tony Greenfield  WhiskeyJack  Nature Tours  5630 Dolphin St  Sechelt, 885-7869  UNLOCK  YOUR HEALTH SECRETS  Iris analysis - the study ol the  odour and structure ol your Iris,  can reveal your body's weaknesses and strengths. Analysis Is done  Irom a photograph which may be  taken In your home or mine. For  more Information on this eliciting  'key* to your health secrets, call  Vonnie 863-9653. ��42c  please mum  children's weer  New fall catalogue now available.  Ask about our bulk promdion. For  more Inlormation, to place an  Older, or to book a party, Kim 685-  0916. tin  DISCOVLK20POUI.KIU  IH1S10I ( AV.  Release Stress  Accelerate Health,  Creativity At Self Esteem  Dairy Gallagher M.H.  Educating for Wellness  with penonMiiicd coaching  and hands on workshops  885-3685  FORST POTTERY  Open Wednesday thru Saturday 9  am to 5 pm or by appointment.  1040 Chamberlin Road, Gibsons.  886-2543. Miw  ALCOHOLICS ANONYMOUS  885-8206,24 hour line. tfn  COOL RUNNINGS  One ton truck available lor hauling, rubbish removal, moving, yard  maintenance, rotolilling. odd jobs.  885-3917. tfns  Giimbier Island  General Store  WINTER HOURS  Mon/Wed/rimrs/Sat 106  Fril07.SmlOS  CLOSED TUESDAYS  SUNSHINE COAST  COMPUTER COLLEGE  Computer dasses. Adult day and  evening classes, children's after-  school. 885-3386. M4c  HIGHLAND DANCING  Instruction by Angus MacKenzie  (lormer world champion) lor all  ages. (Mala/lemale.. Jdn now for  tall start up. Info: 885-0678. Mtw  SECHELT NATURAL THERAPY  CENTRE  Otters cleansing programs, colonic  irrigation and Bio-Kinesiology  (muscle testing). Call Carolyn 885-  6657. M7w  PRIVATE TUITION  Qualified experienced teacher  available. Adults, high school J  dementaiy students. 8864466.  Mtw  A Home Support Sodety galaxie  of stare to those who helped wih  Kirkland Centre's annual garage  and bake tile, mduding the following: Clayton's Heritage Market.  Wharf Street Market, al those who  donated Hems for sale, and the  so hard on lhe day d the event.  Seeking atkrancod scrabble player  Sat. evenings. 686-8001 Thurs. to  Sun. 6-10 am 141 w  777CRMNAL RECORD???  You need a Pardon or US Waiver.  PARDON ASSISTANCE SERVICE 204-2940 Main St.. Vane.,  BC V5T 3G3 Appointments: 677-  2222. #42w  S.C. 900 Dale Une Great dates!  Coast girls and guys. Voice personals 1-900451-3099 ext. 175.  16+ T. towne $3.29M��n. Canada  gOOEasknMD. ��43w  SHAWANI CAMPBELL STAR  RECONNECT10NS  Heeling circle, Monday evenings,  downtown. 7-9 pm. 885-3685.M1C  Wanted: male dance partner,  country western dance experience  preferred, but nd as important as  your willingness to learn and practice. Replies: Box 431, c/o Box  460,Gibsons,BCVON 1V0. Mtc  Male, late 30s with style and dass  seeks lady with tame. Must be  kilo romance, adventure, camping,  motorcycles, above al monogamy.  Reply to RR 12. S24, C17, Gib-  tons, BC. Mtc  CLARITY COUNSELLING  Specializing in substance abuse,  relationships, trauma and women's  issues Call Carolyn Lincoln,  R.P.C. 8854672. M7w  ft Dlal-A-Dali fl  \_______a_t_v  AWAITS TOU AT 1H��  1-9^51-3065  $2.99/mlni It ye��r�� plus;  24 hn. Voice rersstmsslt  For All Ufctrylee. The  Modern Way For Adulu To  Meel  Freezer meat packages: cut to  tize t variety ol choice, beef,  poultry, pork, lamb * fish. 15%  discount on any orders over $120.  For mote Info, call JJK Meats,  Checkers Town Foods, atk lor  Maik 8884107. M3c  PERFECT CHRISTMAS GIFT  A one d a kind peisonalized calender ol your treaturtd photographs. Gteit lor parents,  grandparents, pel lovers and relatives. Cad 6850575. ��48w  GERfS ELECTROLUX  WV be at the Sunycreat MM Od.  13,14,15. Sales, service and sup-  dies. Introducing the new Rermai-  sance Model and clearing '94  modds at greet savings. Bdlt-kis  wll boondsplay. 886-4776. M1w  BilLUNG! RENOVATING!  Expeiienced carpenter - dumber  now available. 3000 PSI pressure  washer also for Nre. 886-2270.  M3w  'Fitco Style* step classes with  Ronda and Roslyn Mon., Wed.,  Thurs., 5:30 pm; Wed. 9:30 am  Fri. (hips, aba & thighs. 9:30 am.  $4 drop-in or $36 lor 10 classes.  Phone 8860640. I43w  ���SURPfltt-EMIII1  MAKE THEIR DAY Crazy lawn  rentals. Balloons A Bouquets  make every occasion...Xtra Special! Sentimental - Outrageous.  Tattle-Tales Yardcards. 8864776.  M3w  JUST ARRIVED AT  THE SUPPER FACTORY  Easy care, pre-washed, pre-  shrunk, machine wash / dry, Ther-  mohair socks, men'i / ladies'  523/pr. Phone 885-7413. QUALITY MADE IN CANADA.      M3c  THE SUNSHINE COAST  ROOFERS  Reroding and repairs our specialty. For a FREE estimate, call Al.  685-1269,885-2203. M2cFreezar  meat packages' cut to size I variety d choice, beef, poultry, pork,  lamb 1 Mi. 15% discount on any  orders over $120. For more info,  call JJK Mean, Checkers Town  Foods, ask for Maik. 6880107.  ���42c  mSfEmFORrWOEm  INVEST IN YOUR HEALTH  FOR TODAY ANDTOMORKOW-  ' Redmx daily sttsikvds  ��� EaaedmxnicpninAdiKomfort  ��� Inlejnltyuujphyacil.cijwioail,  fi����lil*i(s!itual bodies  ellen besso  v-T^�� ��� TRAGER��  J*.   ��� ACUPRESSURE  RHK11  886-4274  SfedriU��la*om'ib  For women  who have experienced  violence ind ibust  in reiationshlps -  Support a education group  Ten sessions, Thursday  mornings, free of charge,  starting November 24.  Facilitated by the Women's  Counselling Service and  Transition House.  Childcare provided on  location (Community  Services, Sechelt). For  further info, and to register  for group, phone Women's  Counselling Service, 885-  0250 or Transition House,  885-5128. DEADLINE  FOR REGISTRATION IS  NOVEMBER 4.  HALLOWE'EN  Planning a bash? Need balloons.  decorations or supplies? Call  'Boo* Aleut Ventures. 686-2219.  M2w  Sunshine Coast  Transition House.  A safe place for women and children in criais. Free confidential 24  hour service 185-2(44 Ifn  S.C. Arts Council Christmas Craft  Fair, Dec 3*4, at Rockwood Centre, Sechelt. Interested participants please call Sandra Leach  8864261 or 666-4863.       M2w  Stress and tension relief  ACUPRESSURE and or  REFLEXOLOGY. Phone Arleigh  8860234. M2w  i    UNLIMITED  .FREE KMsj  J SKOOKUM ���  i CHRYSLER J  J Rental Cars '  2^886-3493!  Christmas Craft Fair Nov. 12, _     ,    .  , _.     ,   ���  1 lam-3pm Sechelt Legion Hall. ��<*T* <?*"*����� to <*"*>���  Tahi��s ��tfi4BB?            14?* be" Haus,ell) air compressor  ^ w/paits. 885-7374.             M1C  Young girl's watch near Bonniebrook beech. 686-2626.   Mtc  Urge male Siamese cat, neutered,  Seima Park area since Friday,  Sept. 30. Very friendly, unusual  marking. 865-7258. Mtc  Oct. 4 Davis Bay area, young  male Siamese cat with unusual  sniped maikings. 685-7946. Mtc  In-home Christmas art and craft  sale: adult/children's clothing,  toys, jewellery, pottery, stocking  stutters, etc. Come to 'Twin  Cedars" 1lam-6pm, Sat., Nov. 5,  8064 Redroolls Rd. 885-2102 lor  further Info. ��43w  YOGA IN GIBSONS  Moving through Hatha, I yengar,  breath and aura locus, towards  strength and openess d body and  self. Wednesdays 9:15-10:45 am.  Klnsmens Hall, Thurs. 70:30 pm.  St. Bans, lower level Drop-in $7;  any 8 classes Od. 12 to Jan. 25,  $48. Dhyana 886-9737.      M2w  6 -10 week dd orange tabby kitten in Dougal Paik, Sepl. 16.888-  3040. Mtc  Large bunch of keys, claim at  Sechelt Coasl News olfice. 885-  3930. tfn  Gold wire rim eyeglasses with thin  brown arms in brown vinyl case  with pocket clip. Call Sechelt  Coast News olfice 885-3930 or  5721 Cowrie St. for enquiries,  ttn  Does someone in your family have  a drinking problem? Call AJ-Anon  886-9903, 885-7484, 886-9059.  Al-Ateen 886-2565 or 885-7484.  nc  Cameo Singles Qub. Crib, luncheons, potluck dinners, dancing,  hikes, camping. Cal tor into 866-  0954 or 885-5364. tl  Carpod: Interested in daring driving d lud costs to 6:20am lerry  from Seaview Lane near Wake-  laid? Mon-Fri. 686-7704.    ��42w  S.C. Recreation Complex Society  Public Inform,ition Meeting  Oct 12 (<i> 7:30pm  Aadc'irn P.irk Elem School Gym  5012 Gonzales Rd.  Brincj vour friends, relatives,  HELP IT HAPPEN!  BIDING LESSONS  Graduate of Equine Science Program in Alberta. Experienced  coach and trainer. Al Western disciplines and ages. Lisa Carlton  886-7082 after 7 pm. M3c  Loving pet titling in my home,  short or long term. 68(M511.��48w  Cockatiels breeding pair, albino  male, grey female, tingle grey  lemale 1 yr. dd, 4 mo. dd babies.  885-0576.       t42w  Horse pasture and Malls lor rent.  886-8777. M3c  Border Cdlie pups, $250. 886-  3096 ��41c  Loving pd tax or titter avail.685-  3310 M2w  Wanted: Chocolate Lab stud, good  letmperamem. 865-4895.    I43w  t^l �� ' '-JJL 1  Coast News, October 10, 1994  15  #  Baldwin piano, apt. size, upright.  8864291.    M3c  Lexicon "Alex" effects processor,  $450; 2-6 It. snakes lor 6-track,  $80.885-9179. I43w  Mason Risch upright piano, exc.  cond., $1800.886-3410 alt. 6pm.   I43w  Cable/Nelson baby grand piano.  Antique white > gdd. $3,600 obo.  886-7623. #43c  Big blonde Guild guitar, new  cond., $2000.883-2063.      M2c  Mahogany piano, $1900. 886-  3171 evenings. Mic  17. Garage Sales  Need boxes? Slop by the Coast  News office in Gibsons, Monday  mornings alter 10:30 am.       tfn  Giant Garage Sale, Langdale Fesl.  Pancake Breaklast |8am-nam|  Sal., Oct. 22,8am-4pm at Lang,  dale School, For details or donations 886-9259. M2w  WANTED: Quality paperback or  hardcover books, CD's, records or  tapes in good cond. Any quantity  lor cash. Please call ahead, Ashley's Books & Records 685-6952.  ��48w  21   For Sale  21. For Sale  21   For Sale  Piano Tuning  m^    ���reptHe  .^^���epptilaela  L,  Ken Dalglelth  886-2843  Violin for tale, 1/4 size Santlnl.  886*234. M2w  Private piano lettons. Royal Conservatory * Beginners' Limited  Space. Eileen Lewis 886-6588.  M5w  Last tit teatt 108 Resort fall  colour tmin trip, Od. 21.885-2964.  M*  NORSEMAN-BJORN  APPLIANCES  Sales - Service of reconditioned  mapr appliances. A large selection and warranty. Bjorn 685-7697.  Mtw  Hotpdnl B/l D/W, $179; Kenmore  B/l D/W, 9 program, Sears best,  $289; Chambers Imperial Majesty  B/l D/W, 9 prog., $239; Kenmore  washer 1 dryer, $369; Ingis washer, $279; Jen-Air countertop w/4  burners, S BBQ S down draft, was  $2500, sale $559; Inglis almond  beautilul sell-clean 30 in. stove,  $379; Maytag washer 8 dryer,  $369 and morel All appliances  recond. with 6 mos. warranty on  parts (labour. Bjom 885-7897.  M3w  Kenmoie washer 8 dryer, almond  color, $350.685-4729. Mtc  Apt. size washer I dryer, Admiral  _| dryer, Sanyo washer. Exc. cond.,  Downfdl d Temldiam; books wtth iml<"- Ma)"a9 washer' *<��*��  dustjackds; antique records. Allan wdl, $125; Moffat dryer, $75.685-  68MW91. M9w  9^ *����  Place to work and build Ideas, Speed Queen WiD working order,  boatt, elc. Preler Sechelt, S75 both. 665-7460.         M3w  Leonaid, 6854854.          M3c  Disabled couple need affordable  wood dove, dresser, bed, fridge,  sda. 885-2177 Arrowhead.   Mtc  Good quality baby carrier lor hiking. 683-2607. Mic  Equipped travel trailer, registered;  mobile home, rent/own, negotiable. Mess. 883-2028.      M3w  Small photocopier for my home,  also coloured monitor. Al 886-  8039 aft. 5pm. ��43w  Typewriter. Mud be portable. Prefer Underwood or Remington. Willing to pay $30 (or royalties on firs  besl seller). Call Elizabeth, 886-  7355. tins  Cub uniform, call 686-8558.   tfns  .     11  Antique and used clothing and  accessories. Raid the attic - come  down and see md  OUT OF TIME  BIZARRE BAZAAR  GIBSONS t ROBERTS CREEK,  OR PHONE mkm.       M2w  Hdpl We need a computer. We're  looking for tome generous soul to  donate a used computer. Mud be  a 386 or better and be able to run  window! or il you have aome  parti, monitor, keyboard, hard  drive, printer, etc. thai you no  longer need/Tetrahedron Alliance.  8854700. M2w  Single or dble. waterbed (treadmill. 8850699. Mtc  CALCULATOR  Large, office style with adding  tape. Sue 686-2622. Ifns  BUYING COINS  Bank Notes  GddiSilver  Video Etc  8864312  tfn  Couch w/2 matching wing chairs,  exc. cond., $650 obo. 685-5478.  M3w  Lovely 4 fl. round D/R table w/2  leaves, opent to 91 In., has 6  rocking swivd oak chairs, $1600.  685-5429. M3w  We mahtjkmilttre.  We can do lb* bard parti  If you art making  your own.  JnktaHta, Joarettta^  tmulteg, joinery  TIM CLEMENT  stmt pei a  1044 Seemouii WiyjMiom  Solid pine pedettal oval table,  $140; wood desk, arborite top, 3  drawer, $50; solid wood collee  and 2 end tables on brass casters,  $75,885-2310. M3c  Beautiful peach and cream striped  contemporary sofa and love seat.  Mint cond., $750.2 dressers, $15  ea. 885*299. 143c  Beige reclining loveseat, $200;  6x8 mg, beige / floral border,  $125; Pye antique ratio, $50.886-  7042. #42c  Antique coffee table and 2 end  tables, cherrywood odour, $200;  couch 8 rocker chair, $325; table  8 4 chairs, $400.885-9715 alter 6  pm. Mtw  French Provincial chesterfield 8  chair, exc. cond, $600.885-8613.  M2c  Oval walnut dining room table,  40'x56' I, extends to 78" with 2  leaves; also 4 chairs, $125. 886-  3015 alter 6 pm or leave message.  ���42c  Kayaking lite jacket, comfy 1  Colonial floral sola w/matching  cheap, cal 886-7355 tins   swivel rocker chair, $250; end  tattes, $40/both. 886-9346.   M2c  Moving. Frost free fridge, exc.  cond., $175; laige chestertield t  chair, $150; new back pack, $45.  885-3396. M2c  Large water tank, u-take away.  .885-2102. Mic  White tdld, sliding door screen,  cold Irame, toil tcreens. 885-  1942. Mtw  Fern. 4 mo. dd Calico kitten, love-  able and cuddy. 866-9776. Miw  To good home, mother and 9 wk.  old lem. kitten. 886-2077.    Miw  Strdlee car seat with vinyl cover.  6860373. Mtc  Female puppy. Mother purebred  Akita, lather purebred German  Shepherd, 8 wks old lo a good  home. 885-5016. Mic  To good home, 2 B-wk. dd kittens,  1 mde, t lemale. 6854928 alter 5  pm. #41f  Antique bultet. $275.886-8367.  Mtw  Grandfather dock from Germany,  oak, many leatures, 3 chimes.  6864550. ss  Beautiful country pieces for sale.  One 7 It. long Harvest table with  mellowed pine top and Robin's  egg due painted legs. Many other  pieces as wdl. Call 886-3686 to  leave message. Mic  Antique coffee table and 2 end  tables, cherrywood colour, $200;  couch 1 rocker chair, $325; table  S 4 chairs. $400. 885-9715 all.  6pm. Miw  Oueen sola bed a matching chair,  $295; beige loveseat, gd. cond.,  $120 Obo. 885-7624. M2w  5-pce. bdrm. suite (Queen size  bed) redly good condition, $800.  886-7145. M2w  Egmont Lions Garage Sale, Sd.,  Od. 22,10 am on Backeddy Rd.  Estate Items, appliances, tools,  etc. M2w  ^~^��*i5   Coffee tn*. 2 end table., solid  10am No Early Birds, 1477 Bonnlebrook Heights. Mtw  620 Wyngaert Rd., moving sale,  between 104pm, Sat., Od.t5.  Mtw  TROPICAL FISH SALE  Free fish with purchase. Food -  Supplies - Tanks - Repairs 886-  9890. M3c  wood, dark brown, exc. cond.,  $100; imitation fireplace, $45; Kent  wood stove, as new, $500 lirm; 2  Paradm HFi speakers, new, walnut, $195 pair. 885-9597.     ��43c  FABRIC  Ouality 100% cotton coordinated  prints and misc. variety. Priced to  dear. 885-4049. I43w  Kero-Sun, portable kerosene  heater, modd "Sundowner", brand  new, $150.885-2669.        M3w  Two person hoi tub, good cond.,  $1500.885-7604. ��43w  Portable Sega game gear system:  adaptor, three games, good cond.,  $125.666-9096. ��43w  HEY! We have the best smoked  salmon in town (Indian Style). Call  us 886-0274 9am4pm.       M7w  Approx. 200' ��8-3 wire underground Teck Cable; Kerosene  portable healer; Kingsman airtight  dove. Oilers. 886-9831.     ��43w  BARK MULCH  Mushroom manure, $28 sq. yard  FIREWOOD  Fir or alder, $120 split and delivered. 886-7774/ ��43w  10x12 Sundance trampoline, 3  mos. dd, $800.885-7401.   M3w  4 Daiwa mooching rods and reels,  1/2 price, $50 ea.; 8' fibreglass  dinghy, $300; airtight wood stove,  $150; 30" whle range, $75; Gred  selection exdic hardwoods, retail  value, $500, sdl $300; assortment  ot bitold doors. $10 ea 885-3372  MOw  /^ WASHINGTON "\  MdK INTERIOR  hat  FOR SALE  WIONEIM-7800  Teak computer table and printer  stand; filing cabinet; kid's desk and  chair; bedroom suite: dresser  w/minor, night stand, headboard;  2 100 Ib propane tanks w/regula-  tor; Bose 601 speakers; 8864476.  M3c  Kenmore h/d washer and dryer,  almond, good working order, $375;  light grey couch ml 2 armchairs  and ottoman, $450: new building  material: 16 - 4x8x3/6 OSB, $12  ea.; 50 - 2x4 studs, $2.40 ea.; 4 -  6x6x8' posts, $20 ea.; 4 -  2x10x16, $16 ea.; 20 - 2x4x14,  $4.70 ea.; 4-2x10x8, $8 ea.; 3-  2x8x10, $8 ea.; 3 - 2x10x12, $12  ea.; 2 ��� 2x10x16 cedar, $8 ea.; 2 -  3x8x6 cedar, $4 ea.; or $540 for  all. 685-5392. M3c  MOVING SALE  Large chesterfield / 2 matching  recliner /. rockets, $600; large,  kitchen / dining lade / 4 padded.  swivd caster chairs, $350; small  chestertield, $300; love seat,  $200; w/d, white. 3 yis. old, $550.  All in good cond. 8864964.  M3c  FIREWOOD  Seasoned alder, $100/cord.  Please leave message, 886-9410.   M3c  Matching colonial sda, love seat,  rocker / aim chair, oak TV stand,  sdid pine DR table, 6 chairs, china  cabinet, coffee and end tables,  sewing machine. 883-9441. M2w  Brass headboard, $50; Westing-  house dryer, $75; woman's mtn.  bike, $90; dec. ice cream maker,  $25; highchair, $15; hamper, $10.  885-7365. M3w  Patio doors, complete, single  glazed, 3 left and 3 right handed,  $95 ea. 8854551 alt. 6pm. M3w  Pdlel King stove, slightly used,  $800.8854207. M2w  Win. mod. 12, 16 ga. $400;  Mauser FR. 7, FR 8, 306 Win.  w/bayonel, $200 ea.; Spanish  Mauser M43 8X57, $120; Hvsq.  Lanti M40, 9 mm, $400; 6.5X55  Spotter, $300; F.A.C. hdders only.  Aso tadesaw w/stand, $250.885-  2863. M2w  Short box truck canopy; dum. F/G  16' boat 8 trailer with mdor; satellite dish: propane tank; Valley  dubby camper. Cdl aft. 6pm 883-  1136 or 883-9978 lv. mess. M2w  Two eieclnc doves, one Iridge, dl  in gd. working Older, $250 ea.  885-2366. M2w  Toyota small box truck cap w/boat  rack I lights. $50; Toyola front  brake pads, $10; 12 sp. mens  bike. $40: 1960 RM100 rebuilt,  $1000; 13 in. colour TV, $45; car  battery. $50.685-1067.      M2w  Dryer, newly serviced. $225; deep  Ireezer, $50; 3-pce. wall unit,  $100; microwave, $60 obo. BBS-  5991. M2c  17 It. Peterborough Bow Rider  boal. 70 hp Johnson o/b w/lrailer,  needs work, $2200 obo or trade  for p/u; baby change table, carseal  and umbrella stroller; Maytag d/w,  $100; 2 interior doors, $10 ea.;  screen door, $25; tdld; baseboard  heaters; I/b screen: hackstand and  ppe pieces. 685-2946.        M2c  Sklar sda, chair 8 slod, $150; 2  leleposls; wardrobe, $75; deco-  sonic sealer, $15; new lawnmower, $240; new weedeater, $40;  greenhouse glass. 685-1942. M2c  Sel glass lopped, brass trim coflee  tables, $150; sofa, $175; lull  length wood Iramed dressing mirror, $120; students desk i chair,  $60; varnished dywood desk, $30.  666-2613. M2c  Your Logs to Lumber  Custom Sawmilling done  on your property  to your specifications.  885-3506  GE dedric range, solid dements,  s/c oven, exc. cond., $650; range  hood, $50; Toshiba countertop  microwave, auto del. meat probe,  $200; used Citation kitchen cabi-  enls, $1200obo, 886-7978.  M2c  Wanted: child's karate suit for 10-  year-dd. 886-7372. Mtc  The deal Idl through! 1969 Charger 316, auto., needs TLC, $1700  or trade lor lull size PU. 885-2946.  M1w  Alpine Tracker exercise machine,  $150,885-5766. Miw  11 brand new double glazed thermal break windows with screens  and 2 new patio door sliding units  w/screens and key locks. Priced  below wholesale, due to cancdled  contract. Will sdl individually or as  a package. 8854668 for details.  Mtw  Panasonic FM/AM, CD, auto,  stereo, modd CQDP40,40 watts,  $200; Pyle 10 in. 100 w. sub-  woo'er, dual voice cdl, $50; Pyle  100 HZ sub-woofer crossover network, 100 w., $40; Iwo 61/2 in. 60  w. Panasonic Co-ax speakers, $40  ea.; wide range modd EABH , all  above as new. 885-9651.    Mtw  4 cyl. 1987 Tracer engine, 80,000  kms., $200 obo. 685-2998.   Mtw  SUNCO  Recycled Building Modioli  French Doors/lnt.-Ert. Doors  Alum & Vinyl Window  lighting/Kitchen &  ftolnroom Fixtures etc.  Visit our slot, or col  5653 Whart Rd., Sechell  Recycle A Sav*  MON-SAT 9 am-5 pm  25. Campers & RVs  '79 Mercedes 300, European   S10 Canopy, $100. 885-7948 32' Hdiday Rambler, top ot the  model, wagon, seats 7, s/roof,   M3w line model, new fires, etc. Very  leather, exc. $8500.866-0294. ss clean. $9500.686-7090.      M3c  1980  '80 Delia 66, $1 OX. 865-7401.  M3w  1981  Wanted '88 ��� '91 Ford or Chev 1/2  ton truck, 75.0X km max, auto.,  PS/PB. 8864170. M2w  '50s  Large wood lathe 5 hp elec. suitable lor turning up to 10 ft. posts.  $1350ot��. 886-3416.        Mtw  50 pieces 10 It. long 2x6 lir; 1 lilt;  12 ft. 2x3 spruce, price negotiable.  6864201. M1w  Full length wool winter coat, size  12, $65; beige, raincoat, $50 obo.  886-9346 eves. tins  Hay/Straw $4.00 bale  Garden mulch hay, $3.50  Can deliver.  Ceti/Bariey.tOtlb.  Call between 12-tpm 8854357.  tin  IJ&K  BULK SALES  10 Slumber Queen 1990 camper.  3 way fridge, hot water, hyd. jacks,  forced air furnace, shower, toilet,  sink, exc. cond., $11,500 obo.  6854880. S43w  '61 Ford Capri 4 cyl. standard, '55 Chevy pick up, 283 4 spd, "83 24 1/2 tt. 6th Wheel, a/c,  runs good. $850.886-4626. M3c $55X; 327 Corvette mdor, rebuilt, Qreat shape, $6500 obo (lovea  -          $1500.885-5467. ss   Baja!). 883-2063. M2c  New '93 Shadow Cruiser, 24 tt.  lightweight 3600 Ib. aerodynamic  design, tow by V6 p/up. $18,500  obo. 883-9418 or 9834392. M2c  ABEX AUTO  RECYCLERS AND  TOWING  886-2020  24 Hr. Emergency Towing  'Fully Insured and Reliable'  Guaranteed QoodJJud  Paris (or moat makes and  models  MECHANIC ON  DUTY  '4 Wheel Drive, 2 Wheel  Drive and Some Do Drive"  Dead Car Removal  Service  We buy some  and tow some  ACCESS TO  SATELLITE PARTS  FINDER  ���60s  '63 Mercury Unibody pickup. Rare,  restored, collector's plates.  Appraised 523.5X. will consider  any reasonable offer. Mike, 863-  9441. Mtc  ��� Garden Mix & Manure  ��� Compost Blend  ��� Bark Mulch St Nuggets  ��� Lava Rock  ��� Sands & Gravels  ��� Landscape Cloth  ��� Concrete Blocks,  Slabs & Ornaments  ��� Planters  ��� Pond Liners  ��� Drainage Pipe etc.  OPEN MON-SAT, 9-5  B86-0924  Toshiba 286 IBM compatible laptop computer with carrying case, 2  2 seat bench for Aerostar van,  floppy disk drives, MS Dos,  (center), $550.8854465 att. 5pm.   modem, $450.865-7144.      Hns  Mtw  Wood dove, Cozy Comfort, $250.  885-7503. M1w  AMAZING!!  Multi-use carts... Great lor hauling firewood, parcels, palls, you  name it! Two-wheeled, heavy wire  '81 Cougar 2 door, auto, sun rod,  new brakes. $7X obo. 886-3993  '61 Dodge Colt, O/D, sunroof,  $650.885-1045 aft. 5;30 pm. Mtw  '81 Volvo GLE diesel, std.. 4 dr.  sedan, $1800 obo. 8854166.   ss  GREAT BASIC  TRANSPORTATION  '81 Dodge Aries wagon, 4 sp., new  tires, good inter., AM, runs great,  $1195 obo. Nick 8854505 days or  8854340 eves. M3w  1982  '82 T-bird V8 auto., PS/PB, A/C  exc. cond., body t engine, $1640.  Mtw  Alder S maple slabs, $15 a pickup '"�� T'M������ "-J*"*  , , ,, ��� l o.. ���-,������ - Quantities are limited! See at  load - U-pickup. 886-9783 after  ^ ^ ^ ^ 572,  6pm.  Mtw  Alder 8 maple slabs cut to length,  $90 a measured cord dd., or $50  U-pickup. 886-9783 after 6pm.  Miw  Seasoned Firewood ��� maple/  dder/lir/hemlock Measured cord,  $120 dd. 686-9783 after 6pm.  M1w.  Cowrie St. or Gibsons Coest News  office (behind Dockside Pharmacy), Mon.-Fri., 9-5 pm. ttn  Mdas- authentic -10 at $50 each.  Perted lor Christmas, etc. 886-  7214. tint  250 gal dl tank (lull), lower Gib-  sons. Swap for utility trailer, yard-  woik, w.h.y. 885-3433 st  41w .,-r������       ��� *S9a�� 9' garage door S opener  message.  Garden fools 8 machinist tools  (njw $1000) $550.8854244.  and died. 886-2431,        M1w  cdour pencil portraita from your  CCM hockey hdmetw/cage; CCM ,��wurl,�� Ph0'��- pf��' ������n"l��-  Iriends. 9"x12\ $36. Send cheque  or M/O along with photo to P.O.  Box 291, Gibsons, BC VON 1V0.  Pll. allow 64 wkt. for delivery.  Satisfaction guaranteed or money  refunded. tins  SATELLITE BALES  ANO SERVICE  PrografltntinQ subscriptions.  Green Onion Earth Station  Jr. Tacks, sz. 5, used one season,  offers; 2 - 6x15 ft. connective  docks, $1000 lirm. 8854336. Mtc  Moving sale ��� househdd furniture  and more... sewing machine, toddler's bed. 885-3009. Mtc  Generator (4000), $375; baby  monitor, $15; high char, $65; crib,  $95; Perego stroller, $75; 20" boys  bike, $35; change lade, $40.886-  0373. Mtc  '64 Mercury Topaz, runt good,  $1300 obo. 885-1079.        Miw  '84 Crown Vidoria ado., old, d/l,  a/c + extras, $2950.865-9648. ss  19(5  1920a  For the  ^creative  crafters  rDrieds, silks, wreaths  wires, tapes, ribbons-  Visit our showroom'  <=rfnn-Jjinn  ftotttlii & qihs  5695 Cowrie Street, Sechelt  885-9455  1923 Model T, 350 LT-1 dual  fours, tunnel ram, ex-show, very  fast, head turner. $12,000 obo or  pt. pyment. on boat suitable for  charter. 686-7704. s  '85 Aries K car, station wagon,  75,000 km, air conditioning,  $2400.896-7207. ss  ���85 Fiero ST. V6 4 sp. trans., lUly  loaded, new rear tree, very good  shape, a real performer, $4500.  8884700. M2w  ���e5HondaPrdude,5sp.,sunrod,  new paid, red, good cond., slereo  cast., atking $5495 obo. 886-  3572 wotk, 8864259 home, Sam.  M2w  19M  ���86 Olds Ciera Brougham, loaded  dus disc player, $5795.886-7150.  ss  'ns  TROPICAL FISH SALE  Free lish with purchase. Food -  Supplies - Tanks - Repairs. 886-  9890. MOc  Firewood, $45 / pick-up; cut, but  not split. You pick up. 8854877.  Mtc  New 14.400 digital internal lax  modem, 3 yr. warranty, $125.885-  2425. Mtc  Used vinyl siding, needs painting.  Various sizes, $30 a pickup load.  8654065. Fred. M1c  Valor Home Flame propane-gas  fireplace, $600 obo; 60 gal.  propane lank, $300 obo. 885-  1015. M1c  VOLVO LOVERS!  Absolutely immac. 1973 station  wagon 145, no rust, mud be seen.  685-7232. 143c  73 Super Beetle, $2500 obo.  883-9234. ss  73 Sn>er Beetle, $30X firm. 886-  0420. ��41w  MOVING. MUST SELL  74 AMC Javalin, 360, auto, trans.,  80% restored to original. Primed,  ready lor paint, $1398 obo. 886-  0307. ��43c  75 Volvo, Pirellis, runs good,  aulo.. regular mice., $1200 obo.  685-5095. t42w  For att your  renovation needs call  BRUCE RANDALL  CONTRACTING  ��� Residential  ��� Commercial  ��� Free Estimates  Call Bruce 885-1949.  Speed Queen dryer, $125; 14'  cdor TV i remote, $90; X' dec.  range, $90: Slihl FS-90 gas  er, $170.883-1118. Mic  VIS!  Wc do have late  model car parts!  '90 Firefly Sdr  '85 Accord 4dr  '85 Chevette 4dr  '85 Nissan Sentra  ���  85 Aries 4dr��'84 Ltd 4dr  I    116-3880    .  I Bypass Auto Recyclers'  " stewm (oft North Rd.) Gibsoni I  1971  78 Mustang V8 10,000 kms.,  recent paint, nice interior, must  sdl. $1650 obo. 885-1085.      ss  78 Cadillac, needs work, best  oiler. 886-2905. Miw  1979  79 Buick stn. wagon, runs good,  new brakes. 886-3605.       Mtw  Wanted: wood burning healer. 79 Po,s*e K4' 5 spd., $72.0X  CSA approved. 8854713.    Mtc ���-new tires, dutch, major tune  ���_  up. Trade for car, boat? $4,2X.  Wood fireplace insert complete 6864181.                        ss  87 Dodge Omni, 94.0X km, good  cond. no rust. $17X885-5102 SS  1981  '88 Nissan Sentra 5 spd., red,  AM/FM cass deck, new front tires,  exc. cond., $45X obo. 886-4837.  ss  '88 Chev Eurosport wagon. 5 spd.  108.0X kms, a/c, am/lm cass.,  one owner. Exc. shape. $5900.  8854727 ss  '88 Cavalier Z24, V-6, Pwr. sunrool w/air. Exc. cond. S6.8X obo.  886-7854 aft. 5:30pm. ss  1969  89 Ford Escort, 2 dr., man. tans.,  $30X. 865-9010 Mic  '69 Plymouth Grand Voyager, V6,  88,000 kms., $11.500.885-7420.  Miw  1990  90 Hyundai Excel CX htbk. 4 dr..  auto.. A/C. 50,000 kmt., A-1  cond. $6500.885-2342.      M3w  1991  '91 Mercury Cougar, auto., air,  power, white, exc. cond., 35.0X  kms. SI 5X0 obo. 8864623.    SS  '91 4 dr. Sprint. 5 sp., 40.000  kms.. like new. $54X. 886-2491  eves. Miw  '91 Sunbird SE. V6. 5 sp.. 2 dr.,  air., lilt 1 cass $89X. 886-2688.  87 FORD RflNQER  Ext ilk, 4(4,1-ttlil)  tl* utrt V-6 mtir, trial,  tniifir mi  $7,000  Welly jMjjjl  '70s  '82 Toyota Corolla wagon, as is,  $3X. 686-3064,604-525-2244.  M3W  '82 Ford Muslang, 117,000 k's, 6  cyl. auto. Very good condition.  S25X. Call 8864366. ss  82 Mazda RX7, good cond., new  dutch, brakes, $31X. 8884032.  ss  1984  84 Honda Chile hatchback 1500S  std., t owner, exc. cond. $3495  firm. Call 885-3943 and leave  at  '73 HIAB truck, International 54m,  16II. deck, propane, 885-3337. is  74 3/4 GMC steel flatdeck - JVC  deck, reliable, $750.886-4071,6-  9 pm. tins  74 Chev 3/4 ton, custom  dduxe/20 PU, exc. runner, $2500  obo. 885-1079. Miw  75 Dodge propane 4X4, crew cab,  completely rebuilt, price slashed  $4995.885-7518. ss  76 Ford Ranger 4x4, 1/2 ton  camper spedd, exc. cond. $38X.  8864992. st  77 Ford 150 4x4. 80 box, new  tires, tuff box. Good cond. $26X  obo.886-4650 ss  Full size Bronco 4X4,169 XLT  mod., 50,000 kms., loaded,  $16,000, must see. 685-9892.  SS  79 Landcruiser, dlesd, 8000 Ib.  warn winch, warn hubs, new  exhaud, $6500 obo 886-7800. ss  1910  '80 Dodge 3/4 ton extended dub  cab. Reliable work truck, $2400.  886-7207. is  91 DODGE DfiKOTfi  tlt-ut, 2,000 (VW }i\.  Aiti tri* Mt- ��|kt to  rm. wat  (10,000  '80 GMC van. gupana. lidded  kl, good cond., J31X obo. 885-  6175. Mtc  '80 Toyota 4X4, runt good, new  tires, $1500ObO. 865-1079. Mtw  1982  82 Toyota 4x4 Landacruaer, ttn.  wgn., dietd, good cond., $7100  ObO. 8854175. Mtc  '82 Dodge 4X4, 318 auto.. 2nd  owner, dean, loaded, must sell,  $48X obo. 865-1085. ss  1984  '84 Toyota 4x4 with matching  canopy, new tires, $5,600. 885-  3374. ss  '84 Toytos 4x4, no box, runs,  needs engine work, $1500; cab  extra, $5X. 885-4643. M1c  84 Dodge Caravan, aulo. $4,5X.  8864204. ss  iii  '85 Ford F150 XLT, ext. cab,  canopy, 351, s/new parts, gd.  cond., $8900.8854109.        ss  '85 Ford Ranger, 119,000 kms.,  new brakes. $850.885-2927.i43w  1988  '86 F450, 460 ci on propane  w/power tailgate, 4 wheel disc  brakes, 200,000 kms., $9500 obo.  886-9681. M3w  9 1/2' camper, 2/way Iridge, full  burner dove, furnace, jacks, $850.  886-42X. M2c  1971 35 ft. TravdEze trailer, bath,  tip-out, stove, $6500 obo. 863-  9258. Mtw  20 It. 1976 Prowler, fridge, ttovt,  turn., balh, $35X 8854542. Mtw  101/2 ft. Travddre, 3-way fridge,  ttove, furnace, $800 obo. 885-  1085. It  SNOWBIRD PACKAGE  1993 Chev 3/4 ton 4X4 Silverado,  ext. cab, s/box, PW/PS, A/C, liner,  storage box, running boards, bucket seats, + 22 1/2 ft. Sth Wheel  Travelaire trailer w/all hookups,  towing equip. 8 access. Reedy to  rail. $36,0X663-2767.  Miw  Small 15 ft. trailer, sleeps 2, good  cond., $8X. 8854796.       M2w  See this beady belore you buy. 29  1/2 tt. Bonair trailer. Ideal for  snowttrds. Queen rear bed, 2 dr.  model, large 2 dr fridge, full balh,  sleeps 6, dr and awning. $14,500.  883-2409. as  1981 Okanagan camper van, Q-  tize bad, Iridge, ttove, furn.,  press. wtr��� flush toilet, Dodge  chassis, 360 motor, low mileage,  immaculate, $10,950.685-7580.tt  8 tt. kit camper. S1100.886-9526.   M2c  1977 Nomad 20 1/2 toot travel  trailer, 3 way Iridge, stabilizer bars,  good condition, as it $2500.886-  2504. tfn  Travd trailer by Terry. Spacious,  fdl wt��� bath, sleeps 8. Immaculate  cond. Phone 885-4048 evet for  viewing. Priced to sel. ��  21'Nomad Tandem travd trailer,  lull bathroom, dove, fridge, furnace. Sleeps 6. $3850.8864908    .at ,,  ant: Frontlet, ttwwef, twet;"-  ttovt, furnace, Iridge, dl MrtdriQ.'  Recond. engine. $7000 obo. Can  be teen at #63, Wilton Crk. RV  Paik at  8x45 inlet, deeps 6, deen and  good cond. 885-2100. tt  1990 dx. 24'motorhome A-1 con-  Won, 6664025. at  221/2 It. Travddre 5th whed tn*-  er. Microwave, exc. cond.,  $11,900,683-2787. M3w  21 1/2 It. motorhome, 480 cult.  48.0X orig. mlet, Ite new cond.,  captains chairs, roof dr, custom  outddt stooge, new brakes, ale.  $12,000 or pert pymt. on boat,  euNaUa tor crartarJ86-7704.  it  1979 Dodge Maxivan, fully  camperized, tdld, newly rebuilt  tngina. 885420ft ��43w  1981 camperized Dodge van,  good cond., $9tX��d��. 8854752.  M3w  1989 28'6* Kit Calay 5th wheel.  Fully equipped clean unit,  $15,500.666-7417. S43w  1977 GMC camperized van,  S22X obo. 663-2363 before 10dn  or 883-2253104pm. M3w  '69 Ford F250, 351 ci, 5 spd,  45,000 miles, visor, mil bar, full  aluminum box liner, new paint,  transler case, ball pints 6 Ire rod  ends .$10.500.8664369 Chns.  tfns  '69 Bronco II XL silver, V6 5 sp.,  cass., dean I comlortable, $9800.  865-2133. ss  1990  '90 Ford Ranger ext. cab, exc.  cond.. 5 spV6, $9000. 885-5506.  M3w  "iii      ~~  '91 Chev 1 tun crewcab Silverado,  red, 4x4, 454 V6, AC, PS/PB,  auto., cruise, camper spec,  51,OX kms., exc. cond., $24,5M  obo. 8854880. ��43w  '91 Chev S10, new tires, exc.  cond., $5850.666-7096.     M3w  16 ft. double Eagle, 90 Merc  motor, Road Runner trailer. Vary  low hrs., exc. cond. $85X 886-  BBO M3c  16 fl. Starcrdt dum. 20 HP Evinrude, steering, contrds, trailer,  $1950.6864033. t43w  with heat exchange blower 1 79 Ford Faimont| good mm  accessories, $250obo. 8854569.   condition, new transmission,  Mic  exhaust. 885-5102. ss  1992  '92 Aerostar. 7 pass. Exc. cond.  42.X0 km. 886-7524 eves.     ss  1994  '94 Chev 3'4 ton p/u, 4x4, diesel,  box liner, auto, a/c. $25,0X obo.  883-2063. M2c  350 Chev engine runs great, complete with starter, all., etc. 885-  47X. M2w  SECHELT MARINE |  SURVEYS LTD.  (O0MI ft SMI WVWBV '  MCMMC MNAMS    '  MABYC ���Morine  Surveyor! ond Contdtonh  20' Sangstercralt Fisherman, hard  top lishfinder, radios, downrigger,  more, 115 Merc Offl, $2000.886-  3064,604-525-2244. ��43w  88 20 It. SeeRay, cuddy cabin, V-  6 Mercruiser, am/lm ttereo, VHF  radio, galvanized trailer, $19,500  obo. 885-7162. it  New 10' Horizon libreglass boat  and 93 Evinrude 8 hp. $1600.866-  7201 tl  20' Thermoglass I/O hp Merc. eng.  8 leg. Very low houn. Eveiy Nam  near new. Trailer, anchor, winch,  sounder, holders, down riggers,  bumpers, line bait tank, uphol-  stery, canvas. Excellent running  order. FIRM $9000. Alter 6 pm  886-2802. Mic  Furuno 24X radar, $900; 11/2 In.  poly tow rope, approx. 400 It.,  $250; Beautort 4 man literati.  $10X; Lucas radio beacon bouy,  $1X 883-29X mornings.   Mtw  "I  ��� I  tl  I  m 16  Coast News, October 10, 1994  Sailboat, 1978 Sun, 27' 6", diesel,  furling, wheel, dodger, $25,000  lirm. e83-2329. M1w  14 It. aluminum plus reconditioned  9.5 Johnson. Includes oars, 2 life  jackets 8 gas tank. Reduced to  sell, $875.8854796. Miw  Moving! Musl sell 18 It. cedar drip  canoe. Offers 8864074.     Miw  Wantad 10-17 It. sailing dinghy  wilh or without ngging. 886-7951.  Miw  SELLING YOUR BOAT?  Let Windward Yacht Sales help  you sell your boat. On the water at  Gibsons Marina. Moorage available. 886-2628 (BOAT).      ��43w  1974 Riviera Star, 24 It. sloop,  near new sails, (3) furling head  sail, 9.9 Honda, marine head,  piopane slove, $95X. 8854311.  ss  Very last 17 ft. Silverline 115  Merc, power trim, stainless prop,  garage kept, new trailer, Lowrance  sounder, many extras. Hale to  sell! $6,5X firm. 885-3604.      ss  Grady white 25 It., 1960 twin  Merc. 470, excellent cond.  $42.0X883-2211. ss  18 ft. SeaRay, 1981 Merc in/oul,  comes with trailer, lish finder,  VHF, 2 covers, very clean,  $ 11.XO. 883-2211 SS  20 tt. Double Eagle Mop, cuddy  cabin, galley, head, tabs, new  Lowrance sounder, compass,  radios, rear canvas. $9,500 883-  2409. ss  19' fibreform hardtop, 165 Merc  i/o, VHF, CB, sounder, baitbag,  timer, trimtabs, auto pump. $60X.  883-9923. ss  26 ft. Chris Craft, standup head,  galley. Ige. V-borth, 2 yrs. dd, 350  Chev Crusader i/b, direct-drive  new prop - All mahogany, compl.  top/bottom done over, VHF, depth  sounder, asking, $8.5X, 8 mos.  moorage left at Secret Cove Marina. 885-2771. ss  2 person fibreglass kayak, all  equipped, good cond. $24X. 885-  7645 sa  22' Heavy fg Davidson double  ender. Single cylinder Faryman  diesd.$95X firm. 685-9068    ss  41' houseboat. Fridge, stove,  shower, holding tank, bedroom,  dressing room. $7500 obo. Ph  eves, 6864014 ss  12' aluminum boat, 7.5 Merc o/b  motor, $1800 Him. 8864049.   ss  22 1/2 It. Double Eagle CB  350/280 baitbag VHF sounder,  $23,000.8854448. it  New trailer, 30X Ib cap. $25X.  6854621 ss  Wanted: Classic wooden runabout. 886-2738. ss  10 ft. F/G dinghy w/sail, oars,  $8X. 865-7948. M3w  Canoe 15 It. 6 in., libreglass wilh  paddles, $450.885-5307,        ss  24 tt. Campion Offshore.very  clean, IX hrs. on 260 HP Merc,  new leg, standup head, VHF, Dig.  F/F, bait tank, full galley pack alt.  cabin, lots ol storage, very nice  weekender and lishing machine.  $17,500. (trailer also avail.) 885-  5774. IS  Heavy duty X' float ramps built to  suit. 863-2610 or 883-9290.     ss  IB ft. Fibreglass, Volvo I/O, boal.  Tandem axle trailer, $38X. 883-  2297. ss  22' Bell Buoy rebuill 302 and Merc  leg, convertible hardtop and canvas, VHF, lishfinder, trailer,  $12,0X. Will consider part trade.  885-4019 SS  25 It Reinell, depth sounder, good  mech. condition $90X obo. 886-  4870. ss  Heavy duty X' Hoat ramps built to  suit. 883-2610 or 883-9290.     ss  27' Concorde f.g. cabin cruiser.  318 Chrysler i/b, radar, VHF, CB,  sounder, compass, sleeps 4.  Excellent condition. Ready to  cruise. $17,8X. 886-7240.      ss  OUTBOARDS FOR SALE  9.9-20-30-40-50-70 HP 1992-1993  Evinrudes. Excellent condilion.  Lowe's Resort, 683-2456.       tfn  28 ft Grampian Sloop  Diesel, roller furling, digital  knot/wind indicator, VHF, sounder,  auto pilot. (Easily single handed)  Force 10 heater 8 BBQ, head,  sleeps 5, 6 tt. 1 in. head room.  New Zodiac, assumable Gibsons  moorage, save brokerage lees 1  GST. $27,5X885-9262.    Mtw  18'6" Double Eagle Jet Boat  Hamilton 3 stg. inboard jet. Sml.  blk. Chev. Power. C/W R/Runner  trailer, $35X. Call 886-9408.M2W  27. Mobile Homes    I 29. Wanled to Rent  1971 Lamplighter, IM, 2 bdrm Mature responsible married couple  w/2 extra rooms added. Carpeted, wilh dog require 2-3 bedroom  good cond.. 4 appl. $24,500 at house, Davis Bay to Langdale  Sundance Paik. 9864459.      ss aiea ASAP. Long term rental prel.    946-2118 or 886-3343 ext. X2,  Must be moved: 14x70 ��� 3 bdrm.  For Renl  Gibsons Lane  large L/R, airtight stove, heats  whole mobile, S34.5X. Bev 886-  0908, Brian 8854395.  Miw  28. Motorcycles  Yamaha Blaster, exc. cond.,  $1600.885-7401. M3w  YAMAHA POWERHOUSE  MOTORCYCLES  '85 CVX, Rm IX, '81 PAM, KX  80. MX X, '84 GS750,78 CB4X,  '92 XO Sea-Doo; '94 Wave Runner 885-3137. M3w  1990 DR350 Suzuki Enduro.  10,000 km, mint cond., garage  kepi, 1 owner. $3.3X obo. 885-  3604. ss  1962 Yamaha Venture, 12X cc,  good running cond., $2250 obo.  8854970. M1w  19X Honda CR80R, brand new.  no miles, $1695. 885-6166.      SS  1965 Kawasaki GPZ XO Ninja.  B'ack, like new, 20,000 km.  $3,5X. 886-4616 all. 7 pm.     ss  29. Wanted to Rer  Lovdy, dean 4 yr. dd, 2 bdrm, 2  baths, skylights, vaulted ceiling,  carport, deck, in Rockland Wynd  Paik. $74,9X. 865-2705.        ss  Avdl. Od. 1, mobile home pad lor  single wide. 886-2887.       Mtw  1 bdrm with living room extedJon,  sundfck 1 storage shed. Located  in Seima Vista mob* home park  $14,000.8854698. Mtc  12x70 1973 Leader. 2 decks,  appliances? $19,500 885-0225  eves ss  Shared Accommodation  2 bdrm trailer lor Nov. 1, $375/mo.  886-4068. 143c  SHARED ACCOMMODATION  Roommate to share 3 bedroom  home, $350, available now. B86-  0X9. Ifns  Kitsilano (Vancouver). Room loi  renl. Gieal for commuters. 732-  6421. MIC  LARGE STORAGE SHED  FOR LEASE  4000 sq. ft. enclosed, covered. All  or pan cement Iloor. 922-7836.  M2c  2 bdrm. watertront Seima Park,  $650.  2 bdrm. ground Iloor suite SecheH  $525.  Small 3 bdrm. watertront, lurnished, lease. Redroolls, $5X.  2 bdrm. waterlront, Davis Bay.  $7X.  2 bdrm. lumished Tuwanek lease,  $7X.  3 bdrm. Sechelt, $7M, Nov. 15.  Cute new furnished 2 bdrm. view  home, lease, Garden Bay, $650.  Commercial  1900 sq. It. workshop , powei  hoist, compressor, Sechdt, S800  Sussex Group Property Management. Dave Audin 885-3295.  *41c  APARTMENTS  Two bedroom apartment, central  Gibsons, renl includes heat and  hd water, $550.  Two - three bedroom apartments,  rent Includes heat 8 hot water  $6508 $675, no pets.  SECHELT  Two bedroom "������nhome in adult  oriented complex, available Nov.  1, great view, fireplace, washei /  dryer. $7M plus utilities.  GRANT REALTY LTD.  866-3330  Couple seeking 3 bdim (or 2 bdim  ���) house to lease by Nov./Dec. 1.  Acreage, privacy and reasonable  rent would be nice. 886-2576. M2c  I bdrm. cabin, isolation no problem, $500/mo. or houses!:,  Madeira Pk. to Gibsons area. 1-  604479-9391 coded. M2w  Sechelt area: furnished suile /  house / mold room or ? for senior  gentleman. Call cdled, 604-487-  1115 eves. M2c  Need rental away from city for 1  person, open to all areas. Woman,  45 yrs. has chemical allergies.  Previous n/s permanent preferred.  Winter ok. Lower rent range. Call  collect Beth. 1404477-1118.M1C  1 bdrm. cabin or house, Gibsons /  Rbts. Ck. area, unlurn. Dry storage also required, must be 2M sq.  ft. with level access. Tdl Iree 1-  604-976-2913. Miw  Two or 3 bdrm house, Sechdt or  W. Sechelt. Clean. Needed lor  mos. by responsible family while  building new home. N/S, NIP, exc.  refs. 14044554873.        Mtc  Quiet, N/S person looking for  home in Gibsons area ($400  range) or drill consider shared  accommodation. 6864971. M2w  Resp. family of 4 looking for home  3 bdrm. house Langdale, ocean  to rent or housesit. For winter view, sauna, F/P, references,  months, N/S, N/P. 885-7818. Miw   $950/mo. 604-738-2963.     M3w  Delighllul 2 bdrm. apartment,  $650/mo. NRS Sechdt Realty Ltd.  885-9093. M1w  Langdale, 2 bdrm. suite,/w.  duplex, view, close lo school and  lerry. 886-4979 or 1-604-432-  ��43w  Small house, suil single responsible adull, N/S, N/P, rds. $52S/mo.  866-7642. M3w  Beautilul i bright! Avail. Oct. 15 or  Nov. 1, lg. 1 bdrm. with F/P, F/S,  new carpel and blinds, nice view  in Cenlral Gibsons. Suit quiet N/S  woiking person/couple, N/P. Damage deposit and refs. req., hydro  and cable incl., $595.686-9776.  ���43w  3 bdrm. bsmt. suite, $650fmo. dus  1/2 ulils. 8864110. MOw  2 bdim. apartment, lower Gibsons,  main floor w/view. N/P, N/S,  $720/mo. utils incl. 8654615.  M3w  3 bdrm. home near Cedargrove.  Avail. Od. 15, live appliances, two  inopiaces, lots ol storage,  $e00/mo. 6864271. M3w  New 2 bdrm condo, view, near all  services, 3 appl., $650/mo. Rels.  req'd. 886-2247,1404-2554651.  ���43c  Bachelor suile, quiet, walk to ferry,  own entrance and deck, n/p, n/s,  S375/mo 886-7490. *43c  Lower Gibsons, 1 bdrm waterfront  suile, $450*110.604-525-1589.  ��43c  3 bdrm, 2 balhs, view, Ocean-  mount Estates. Avail. Nov. 1.  $1075/mo. 1404-9644857. M3c  Lower Gibsons, large 2 bdrm  basemenl suite, util. not incl.  $525/1110.8654895. M3c  Renovated Cottage In Bonnlebrook. One block lo beach  with good view. One bdrm. and  enclosed sunporch, new carpets,  drywall, paint, kitchen, bathroom,  baseboard heaters, etc. Avail.  Nov. 1, refs. req. $625/mo. Phone  686-9831. M3w  3 bdrm. trailer, 2 baths, F/P, W/D,  D/W, North Rd. Refs. $650/mo.  Mic  gjjj  BCYCNA  BHitiS'l  CCHUM*IA  ANOriJKON  COMMUNITY  NCWSPAPERS  ASSOCIATION  These ads appear In more then 100 community newspapers in B.C. and Yukon  ���nd reach more than 3 million readers.  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Phone Westwind  Acres. 1(403)556-2538/  556-2865  MISCELLANEOUS  SERVICES  For Rent  Gibsons Langdale  Beach Irani cabin, lurnished.  Avail. Oct. 1 - May 15. $500/mo.  References please. 6444441.  141c  Watertront, 3 bdrm house, n/p, references. $750/mo. 866-9641.141c  Deluxe 2 bdrm duplex. F/P, l/s,  garage, w/d, brand new paint.  $825/mo. Avail, immed. 886-8287.  I41C  2 bdrm upper suite avail. Ocl. 1,  $650/mo. 886-8287. Mtc  Waterlront condo, ground floor,  garden patio on seawalk, 2 bdrms,  2 lull baths. Like new. N/P.  $900/mo. 857-8828. ��41c3bdrm.  home on 2 1/2 acres, kids S pets  welcome. Near Gibsons & lerry, 5  appl., extra storage, fruit trees,  avail. Nov. 1, $900/mo. Mark 944-  7560. Mtw  3 bdrm. upper Iloor, near Cedar  Grove, $725/mo., avail, immed.  6864446. #42w  1 bdrm. view house with W/D, F/P,  close lo all amenilies, $650/mo.  875-1226. M2w  2 bdrm. apl. central Gibsons.  Hydro and cable not included, skylight, newly painted, $595/mo.  686-7016. tin  Halfmoon Bay  Pender Harbour  Irvines Landing, ocean view, lurnished 1 bdrm. cottage, $375/mo.  plus ulils. Avail. Nov. 1-March 31.  663-9403,604-940-1559.    ��43w  Madeira Park - 3 bdrm, house, 5  appl., view of harbour, avail. Oct.  1,$750/mo. 276-0698.        M2w  Halfmoon Bay New large 2 bdrm.  1200 sq. ft. suite, sunny private  location, patio, N/S, N/P, W/D,  close to school, $650/mo. plus  utils. 885-3488. #41*  3 bdrm. house, acreage on Gunboat Bay, 4 appl., F/P, garage,  avail. Oct. 1, $700/1110.1404-436-  1423. #41w  Middlepoint 2 bdrm rancher, Large  privale yard. Rets required.  $700/mo. Avail. Oct. 1. 668-9626,  8864353. ��42c  Large, bright 1 bdrm. suite,  $550/mo. utils t cable Incl. N/P.  685-7453. t42w  32. Commeicial  For Renl  2 bdrm. cottage on shared  acreage, S600/mo. plus ulils. 886-  9170. I41w  Avail. Nov. 1,3 bdrm. rancher on  .75 acre, 5 appl., wood or elec.  heal, $70O/mo. Van. 439-1652 or  wknds. 886-8725. M3w  3 bdrm home, woodsy, rels.  required, Avail. Oct. 31. $775/mo.  922-7836,885-7694. 142c  Large new home lor rent, Nov. t,  refs. ieq., $1050/mo. 686-9192 or  886-7616. ��42w  Small 2 bdrm Bay area, lower Gibsons, w/d, util. included, nip, avail  now, $500/mo. Nov. 1, bright 2  bdrm above ground basement  suite, Bay area, large yard,  S550/mo. uti. Induded. 8864539.  ���43c  WE TAKE The Feat Oul  01 ICBC Ma|Or ICBC in-  I juryciaims JoelA Wener.  ! ir/ai lawyer for 25 yean  | Call Iree 1 -800665-1138  Conlingency fees Simon.  Wener & Adler  WANTED  New! View! 1 bdrm basement  suile. Greal landlords. Close to  ferry. Indudes utilities, cable and  laundiy. $500/mo. Sorry no smoking or pets! 886-2949. ��43c  The Westport 112 bdtm, view  apts., opposite Gibsons Marina.  Private patio, lovely view, quiet  and secure, new building, laundiy.  $590-$750.886-3420.       ��42c  Near terry, avail. Oct. 94-June 95,  waterlront bungalow suitable lor  couple, fully furnished, bedding,  dishes, cable, fireplace. $80OJmo.  Including utils, lirewood. Tele-  I phone extra. References please.  Call 686-2068. ��43w  Avail, immed. beautllul ground  level t bdrm. suite on quiet  acreage off Piatt Rd., $575. 886-  2623. ��42w  Nov. 1 immaculate 2 bdrm. close  to downlown. Open plan, garage,  F/P, lovely view, all appl, incl.,  S735/mo. Furnished 2 bdim. lower  unit in Gibsons. Appl., quiet aree,  $625/mo. 8664206. ��42w  3 bdrm. executive home with view,  5 appl., hot tub, alarm and vacuum  system, entertainment centre,  $1200Mio. Relerences S security  deposit. N/P. 866-9250.      ��42w  New 3 bdrm. randier, double car  garage, on natural gas 4 elec.  Relerences required, damage  deposit, SlOOO/mo. Can between 6  19 pm. N/P 686-9250.       ��42w  Large lurnished room S350/mo.  incl. utils. Cozy home, Gibsons,  N/P, N/S, working person. 886-  7185. ��42w  View 3 bdrm, 4 appl, wood heat,  heritage home, central Gibsons.  Avail, immed. SeOfYmo. 686-2473,  886-2051. <42c  GIBSONS-NEAR NEW  (Duplex) 3 bdrm, 2 balh, specious  kitchen, laundiy, 5 appl., garage.  S850/mo. Avail. Nov. 1 or Dec. 1.  298-5215. ��42c  Beautilul 2 bdrm. condo, cenlral  Gibsons, lg. wrap around deck,  view, new fridge, stove t dishwasher Avail, immed.. no pets.  $775/mo 685-1744 or 666-3168.  Mtw  One year old 3 bdrm. house. 3  baths, hoi tub and many extras.  All appliances, on natural gas.  Avail immed. Relerences required,  $1050.8664069. ��42w  PEBBLES REALTY  3 bdrm. lownhouse, $600/mo.; 2  bdrm. cottage lower viliage,  $725/mo. John Austin 8864107 or  661-3044. Miw  Avail. Oct. 1,2 bdrm. mobile. Oil  heal. $600/mo. NIP. 686-9581.  M1w  Property manager needed to  occupy clean 3 bdrm lop Iloor ol  home in Chaster aree. Avail. Oct.  1. Duties include yard maintenance t collection ol rent from  downstairs suite. $ 700/mo 11/2  util. Ed, 686-4666 or Dee-Dee  8854701. Mic  Sleeping room / Lower Gibsons.  $300'rro. incl. an util S laundry.  Mic  Ocean view, dim., 1 bdtm. house  In Davis Bay, Nov. 1 -Apr. t,  $475/mo. plus utils. Rels. 885-  2310. M9*  Wilson Cteek. Avail immed., 2  bdrm furnished cottage on beach,  $550/mo. ��� util. 2634842.    143c  Wilson Creek ��� 1 bdrm. suite, pr.  entr., elec. heat & wood airtight,  W/D, shared. $45<Vmo., avail. Oct.  1, Utils. 8 cable, S65/mo. up/tax,  Wayne 437-9243 Days or 986-  1646 eves. M2w  1 bdrm. trailer, Cedars Trailer  Cogrt. 885-3313. ��42w  Shared accommodation. Prolessional working woman seeks to  share beautiful home in Sechelt.  $32��mo. t mil. Please leave message at 686-9972. 141c  West Sechelt 3 bdrm. A-lrame  home, 11/2 baths, W/D, F/S, vanity in m. bdrm, carport t storage  shed, avail. Nov. 1,$90(Vmo. 886-  0863. M3w  3 bdrm. main floor ol house  w/view, W. Sechelt, W/D, F/S,  storage shed, $9tXVmo. N/S, NIP,  avail, immed. 8854863.     M3w  2 bdrm w/t view house, 7965  Redrooffs Rd. $800/mo. Avail.  Nov. I. 1404-734-5880 or 734-  3991. 143c  View home, suitable lor adults,  n/s, n/p. 885-2964,277-4323. M3C  3 bdrm siite with l/p. for quiet n/s.  $750/mo. 885-4672. M3c  3 bdrm, 2 bath, double wide  mobile, great view, big deck,  $750/mo. Must have refs. Avail.  Od. 1.8854354,8 am -6pm.  Mic  2 bdrm. rancher, patio w/view,  F/P, 2 car garage, 5 min. to village, avail. Nov. 1, N/P, $850/mo.  9224481 eves. ��42w  Lge. watertront, 3 bdrm. house ml  2 1/2 baths, sauna, private wharf,  $1600/mo. 665-2863. M2w  Large 2 bdrm. apartment plus uti.  room, ocean view, N/S, N/P, rels.  please. Avail, immed. $635/mo.  685-5357. <42w  Older 3 bdrm. home on ucre  watertront, Sergeants Bay, avail.  Nov 1.S900/mo 9464079 oves  MID  2 bdrm. * den W/F home,  $750��� Avail now. 885-5745  HI*  WANTED: Peison lo share 3 bdrm  / den home. 885-4240, leave message. Mic  Small trailer, suitable for 1 adull,  Cedars Trailer Court. 885-3313.  ���41c  Davis Bay main floor, 2 bdrm. api.  of house, F/P, wrap-around deck,  partial view, lenced yard. 4 appl.,  5675/mo. 9664459. I43w  1 bdrm. semi-detached suite,  Sandy Hook, suil single person,  N/S. N/P, $400/mo plus utils 885-  3962. I43w  Cenlral Sechelt. 2 bdrm. bungalow, incl. W/D, refs req.. avail.  Nov. 1,$700M��. 685-9667. I43w  300 sq ft olfice space lor rent in  professional building in Gibsons,  on 600 Nock ol Sunshine Coast  Hwy. Available immed. For further  Inlormation contact 685-5736   ttn  3000   sq.   ft.   commercial  office/retail space for rent central  Gibsons location. Flexible lease  package. Call Denis at 6664705.  M3w  Ollice or warehouse space lor  rent. About 1500 sq. It., avail. Nov.  1, $560*10. 886-3218.        M3w  Retail/Office space downtown  Sechelt, approx. 5000 sq. ft., main  Iloor. Call Marg at NRS Sechelt  Really Ltd. for details, 885-2235 tin  Oceanview furnished office avail,  for rent by the day or open to special requirements. Located in  Iriendly, relaxed Prolessional  Building in Gibsons Landing. Full  secretarial seivices 1 receptionist  avail. Call 886-3320 ot lax 886-  3270 Hn  Davis Bay/Wilson Creak hall available. Wheelchair facilities. 885-  2752 or 885-9663. tfn  Roberts Creek Han, avail, dances,  parties, weddings. Yvonne 886-  7815. tin  34. Help Wanted  Small Business, Entrepreneurial  skills Employment Training Program - 17 weeks. Financially  assisted and sponsored by Canada Employment. Course is aimed  at sell-employment, business  startup and small business management. Components Include  producing business plan, computer training, flnandal management  skills.  Information Sessions  Oct. 4 ,10:00 am; Oct. 6 ,2:00  pm;Oct. 11,1:00 pm. at 636  Farnham Rd. (behind Gibsons  Medical Clinic) - proposed startup  Oct. 17. Miw  Part time sales clerk, apply with  resume at Linnadine's Shoes,  Sunnycrest Mall, Gibsons.   Mtw  Elphie's Cabaret is looking for  responsible doormen. Apply In  person to Chris, Wed. to Sat., 6-  9:30 pm. tin  CALL US TODAY FOR ALL  YOUR EMPLOYMENT NEEDSI  SUNSHINE COAST EMPLOY-  MENT AGENCY, 863-2162,    lln  In search ol experienced prawn  fisherman to run 36 It. prawn boat.  886-7484 Mtc  Zippers Kids needs a mature P/T  sales clerk with exper. in children's  clothing (ie parent or sales) Must  be responsible motivated outgoing, flexible, well-spoken. Persons  meeting above criteria may apply  in person with resume.       M2w  Experienced service plumber,  Suncoast Plumbing. 88643M.  M3w  Assemble light products at home.  Excel, income, easy wotk. Call for  directory, 24 his. (604) 623-2380  ext. A74. ttn  3 bdrm house, Halfmoon Bay.  One! view. 5 appl.. rVs $900'mo  Avail, immed Van. 737-4283 Mic  Bookstore position P/T that could  become F/T. Preler mature person  with experience but experienoe  not necessary. Send or deliver  resume to Ashley's Books 'n  Records, PO Box 421, 5500 Trail  Ave., Sechelt, VON 3A0.     Mtw  P/T security p9ison to wont Saturdays. Must be bondable. Please  cal 885-1018, leave message.  ���43c  The Sunshine Coast Home Support Society is receiving applications to augment tie Casual Pod  ol Home Support Workers. Applicants mutt be in good physical  and emotional health, have a car  with a valid licence and be willing  to work evenings, weekends as  required. Preference will be given  to those with relevant training (le.,  Long Term Care Aide, Home Support Attendant certification or  equivalent). Starting wage Is $9.35  ��� $10.85. Phone 885-5144 lor  more information. Mtc  Gibsons Animal Hospilal seeks a  part-time to lull-time veterinary  assistant, to begin work immediately. Please call 886-7313 for  interview, or submit resume to  hospital at Hwy. 101 and Payne  Rd. M2c  Florist needed lor busy flower  shop in Sechell. Needs knowledge  ol wire shop workings and all  aspects ol the floral trade. Five  years or more experience prelerred. P/T and seasonal work.  Please send resume or work  experience to Tlortsr. c/o PO Box  4, Sechelt, BC VON 3A0 tin  Volunteers Needed  A Coordinator is needed lor a Sn-  gle Parents Netwtxk Irom Sept. to  June in Sechelt.' Community  Kitchens is looking lor an assistant  to help organize a monthly communal cooking session and lo plan  and publicize the program.' The  Wildlife Rehabilitation Centre is  looking lor seniors who are interested in learning how to gh�� educational sessions to students al  local schools.' Therapeutic Swim  Program lor children with special  needs requires assistants on  Thurs. 12:15-1:45 in Gibsons.'  Lifeline is looking lor an assistant  to keep up diem data base and  intake of new clients. Contad the  Sunshine Coast Volunteer and  Intorniaton Centre 665-5881.  Mtw  Part-time kitchen helper / housekeeper. Suit student. 686-2867.  ���42C  SUNSHINE COAST  COMPUTER COLLEGE  Improve job opportunities,  increase confidence and skills lor  competitive fob markets Register  now for ou' adull courses. We  make It easier. 685-3386.     Mtc  Business and  Home Seivices  Renovating? See It lirst In 3D,  computerized dream visions,  move walls, windows, lurniture,  right down to landscaping. 886-  4136. M3c  RENOVATIONS CARPENTER  Available 7 days/wk. Specialties  kitchen 1 bath, framing, drywall  finishing. 885-3320 Larry.    M3w  CARPET INSTALLATION  And Repairs. 683-9757.      M3w  HOPPY'S TRANSFER  Economy shipping between mainland 4 Sunshine Coast. Construction t agriculture supply our specialty.  DUMP RUNS  Will remove anything, anywhere,  anytime. 886-7774. M3w  Couple available for Iwuseslttlng  from Nov. 1lo April X. Refs avail.  Call Vera or Mike at 8864584.  M3w  Naw homes, ranovationt,  additions large or small.  Cuslom mill word.  Reliable. Affordable.  Automotive computer diagnostics,  17 years experience, licenced  mechanic. Free estimates. 886-  4136. M3c  Computer Consulting. Word processing, data entr.y programming,  Bedford. Resumes and more. 666*  4136. M3c  DIRT PEOPLE  Yaid maintenance, new landscaping, rewoik old landscaping, weekly cuts, inside repairs, low rales,  exc. refs. 886-9593. M6c  Housecleaning seivices, $tO/hr.  Call Pam, 8854317. M3c  Window washing, (all clean-up,  lirewood chopping / slacking. Reliable man available once / regular  basis. Rob 8864622. M3c  Housecleaning. Reasonable rates.  8664739. M3c  HOUSEKEEPING t  HOUSECLEANING  MS-IMS  VILLICE OFFICE ECTINSION  majt our offig your offiu  Full Secretarial  Servlcet  Aruwtrlng Servlct,  Word Protesting,  Booktrping, PiMic Fax,  Photocopying At more...  All work handled by  VlUefe Office Extension  lafueranteed confidential.  The aenrlcee performed  In our office ere kept on  file for your convenience,  or we cen lend you one  of our Insured temporary  staff to eaalst or relieve  In your office.  rrVrt rntbj a __*�� cell away...  721 Winn Rd, Olbeone  886-3320  THE SUNSHINE COAST  ROOFERS  Raroofing and repairs our specialty. For a FREE estimate, call Al,  885-1269,865-2203. M2c  DRYWALL-RENOVATIONS  and painting. Residential l commercial. FREE estimates. 885-  2054, Brian. M2w  Oil burner service, furnace and  drain cleaning. Mchael 6664063.  M2c Coast News, October 10,1994  17  35. Business &  Home Services  RAINY DAY MENDING... hemming pants, fixing zippers, sew  seams & butlons, design costumes lor all occasions, make  Christmas slockings, etc... You  tear II, I'll repair It. Please ensure  all garments are clean. Thanks.  Penny Berdahl 886-3995.    Mic  ��� n  HOME  RENOVATIONS  Specialists In  Additions ��� Carporta  Concrete ��� Decks  Doors ��� Windows  Cabinets ��� Finishing  You name It!  All projects considered.  Free Estlmatea  Firm Prlcee  References available  BRUCE FRASER  EOT.  885-9576  SERVINQ THE  COAST  FOR IB YEARS  35. Business &  Home Services  CULTURED MARBLE  Jetted bathtubs, sinks, baths and  shower panels, CSA approved.  Free estimates. Tom Sealy 883-  2976 tfn  WILL'S WINDOW WASHING  Professional service, reasonable  rales. 665-7733. ��43w  HARDWOOD FLOORING  New floors - supplied, laid, sanded  and finished. Old floors re-sanded  and re-finished. Lyle Hayler Floors  Ltd. 885-7833. ��43c  RIBTREESERVICE  Let Ihe sunshine inl Spiral pruning.  thinning, topping, clanger tree  removal. Reasonable rates. Free  estimates. Fully insured. 885-  9190. M2c  Door Pre-Hang  Service  ��� Sales, Repairs & Installation  of Wood, Metal  & French Doots  ��� Door Lites to brighten  your entrance  ���We do custom sizes  SUNCO 885-8889  FREE ESTIMATES  For all your sandblasting and  painting needs, Coast Abrasive  Blasting 883-9629. M3w  TRADITIONAL DECORATING  Paint'Wallpaper  ���66-3425  trine  EXPERIENCED CARPENTER  Ouality home builder, lorms, framing, finishing, decks, renovating,  call Drew 885-4557. M1w  DRYWALL TAPER  *Sm Monayr You board, in tape  i. Quality ser-  Mtw  *C'CSHK WOOD FLOORING  Installation, Finishing, Refinjshing,  FREE ESTIMATES. 8854641.  Mtw  AU CARPENTRY REPAIRS  Changing doors, windows, bathrooms. Renovations, re-roofing,  siding, painting. 20 years experience, reasonable rates. Norman  885-5111,24 hrs. service.   Mtw  MJJ SIDING  Vinyl and cedar exteriors, soffits, I  fascia. Fred Cocker, 8854065,  cell. 1480-1580. tin  COASTLINE FENCING  All Cedar Wooden Fames  DacloAPorehes  a Specialty  Call alter 6pm 666-2215 Bob tfns  The Meeeenoor  Impress or emberass your Iriends  with a message in song or limerick, clown or lounge lizard, elc.  Birthday, anniversary, sale, love,  fun. 886-4169. M3w  C***'*"t*  *tRVlC*  SPECIALIZING INt  ���VENETIANS ��� VERTICALS ���  ON-SITE CLEANING  886-73*3  CABINS TO CASTLES  Design, renovation, remodel.  Framing lo lockup. 6864380,886-  0664 eves. ttn  QUAUTY WOODWORK  We look at all jobs big or small.  For prompl, quality work at an  affordable price, call Art Glas-  bracht 865-3372 or 885-716* Hn  TIXW-AY  Mobile Mlllworks Ltd.  Ctutem S'ttl'*  a* ill.  Dean 885-4794  PEERLESS TREE  SERVICE LTO  Topping ��� Limbing ��� Danger Tree  Removal, Insured, Guaranteed  Work. Free estimales. 885-2)09.  tfn  UWN* GARDEN  Fruit tree pruning and spraying,  garden renovations, retaining  walls, hedge trimming, general  cleanup. Call 8864180. tfn  38. Business  Opportunities  For sale. Chiropractic / medical  supply co. Work at home and eam  money. Barry 6864204.        ss  S20O-S5O0 Weekly! Assemble  products at home. Easy! No selling! Direcl payment. Fdly Guaranteed. No experience necessary.  Call 24 hrs. 1-504441-7778 ext,  206. ��44c  38. Business  Opportunitic!  ���ea e BraaRiaai nenei seminars manage BSB's (short term).  If you love to travel/meet people.  929-7406. Miw  Greatest opportunity - home  based business, possible to earn  $400-$1000 per week. For more  into 885-7897 Bjom. Mtw  remember when  Garden tilling, $20/hr. 886-7016.  Mtc  RENOVATIONS CARPENTER  Available 7 days/wk. Specialties  kitchens and bath, framing, dry-  wall, linishing. 8654320 Larry.   M3w  SEAWAY CONSTRUCTION  416 Cat backhoe service, septic  fields, drainage lines, water lines,  clearing etc. 6854621.      M6w  HOUSE SITTING  Non-smoking respon. couple will  houses!! Oct. 1 lo Apr. 1 Sech. to  Pender Harbour area, 6 yrs. on  the Coasl, rels. avail. Guy or Dena  Tremblay 883-9430. ��43w  Class I driver seeks woik on the  Coast, 20 yrs. exp. Peter 683-  2407. M3w  Charlene's super clean house-  cleaning done last and efficient.  References. 886-7676.      *43w  RUBBISH REMOVAL  Light moves, seniors discount,  quick service. 885-4706.     M2w  Certilied Journeyman Carpenter  Available for all your home  improvements and or renovations.  Brad 8864652. ��42w  Housesitting or housecleaning.  Relerences evail. Bondable. Call  Joan 686-9679. ��44c  RUBBISH REMOVAL  Yard clean up, light moves, odd  jobs, quick, Iriendly service. 885-  9694 or 6854494 eel. ��44c  COOL RUNNINGS  One ton truck available for hauling, rubbish removal, moving,  yard maintenance, rotolilling, odd  jobs. 685-3917. tins  Honest, reliable woman will do  housecleaning. Exper. refs. avail.  8854502. Mtw  Professional couple seek child  caie lor one year old ki own home,  Mon., Tues., Wed. N/S please.  Call 886-4001. ��43c  Mother ot two will babysit 1-2 children In my home In Wilson Creek.  685-1071. M3w  Langdale Day Care  Quality licensed lamily day care.  Bright, well equipped, with mature,  experienced staff. 866-7648. M3w  Moms! Need a lew hours to yourself? Tin S��ctitlt Pruchool has  spaces open In our Wed-Fi pm  classes. High quality small dasses. Subsides available lor qualifying families. 8854515, 885-9658,  8654606. M2c  Childcare available (Langdale)  F/T, P/T, shut woikers, need playmate lor 16 mo. ok). Open lo all  ages. TLC, first aid, references.  886-4053. M2w  Still desperately seeking daycare  in my Robeits Creek home for a 5  yr.-okt who's in kindergarten 1/2  day, and a lively, playful 3-yr-okJ  who's home all day. 7:30am to 5  pm, Mon-Fri, $3tVday FIRM. Rels.  and own transp. req., long lerm  posilion.6854213. M2w  Teddy Bear Daycare has spaces  avail, for 3 to 5 yr.dds. 665-2721.  Mtw  P/T or F/T avail. Rides to school  and pickup. Rels. avail. 8664001.  ���41w  New licensed Family Daycare  starting Oct. 1, Gower Pt. area. 3  lull time openings. Caregiver,  Japanese R.N. Japanese language teaching available. Commuters welcome. Call aller 7 pm.  8864285. Mtc  Babysitter wanted for 3 1/2 yr. old  every Friday 4 Saturday Irom 5-  9:30 pm, our Bonniebrook home.  Karen 886-2887. Miw  Babysitter req'd. first aid cert. S  vehicle, rels. 885-5809, 8654265  message. Mtc  Tiny Flower Children's  Centre/Daycare seeks a supervisor assist., F/T or P/T. Applicant  must have ECE Cert, or la  presently enrolled in ECE program. Send resume to Box 571,  Squamish, BC VON 3G0 or call  692-5566. M2w  38  Business  Oppoitumlic"  Inflation getting you down? Local  Amway distributors are enjoying  extra income! Call today 885-  71M. M2c  I earn $200 a day - spare time  Irom home. You can lod Call 24  hr. recorded message lor details  604460-7906. Mic  For sale, motor carrier licence.  Licence for transporting a group of  people trom licence dislricl ��13,  situated south ol Earls Cove lo  any pdnt in BC / US border and  inter-provincial. Call 886-4662.  ���41c  All*,  Children's Hospital  Putttns smiles back where they Ddons.  NOTICE OF INTENTION TO  APPLY FOR TEMPORARY  LOG DUMP AND STORAGE  Take notice that 379737 B.C. Ltd.,  #1300-885 W. Georgia, Van., B.C. has  applied to B.C. Lands Office in Burnaby  for temporary log dump & storage on  the East side of Halkett Bay, Gambier  Island, specifically commencing 410m.  @ 177�� from n.w. corner Lot 2259;  thence 60m @ 270��; thence 120m. @  180��; thence 40m. @ 90��; thence  northerly along shore to p. of c. File  #2406217.  Comments concerning this application  may be made to Greg Kockx at #401-  4603 Kingsway, Burnaby, B.C. V5H  4M4. Be advised any response to these  advertisements will be considered part  of the public record. For information  contact FOI Advisor, B.C. Lands, Lower  Mainland Region at 660-5500.  James Green, Realtor  L.22S9  toacha.  5 YEARS AGO  Chalelech Secondary School  students rallied to save their  space lasl Wednesday after  hearing thai a lawn bowling  green could be built in their  Sechell park. "It's not fair"  Christine Toynbee told the  Coast News "They jusl fixed Ihe  park and they want lo wreck it  again."  10 YEARS AGO  The annual general meeting  of St. Mary's Hospital Society  recorded another highly successful year of operation for the  facility but lhe financial picture  for the future indicates difficulties lie ahead.  UBC Old Boys were five  men short of a full 15-man  squad causing a rather embarrassing 53 to 3 loss to an awesome Gibsons side in rugby  action last weekend.  New staff and innovative  programs are revitalizing the  Sunshine Coat Transition House  - a safe house for battered  women, operated by Sunshine  Coast Community Services  Society since 1981.  15 YEARS AGO  Opposition transportation  critic, Don Lockstead asks for  ferry inquiry into the safety and  efficiency of the BC Ferry Corporation because of government  stonewalling.  Youngest faller at Weld-  nu. ���-.     wc need your  Please: sales receipts  g> SUPER-OALU - CHECKERS - IGA  ��,%#        TO HELP OUR FOOD BANK  HELP THE  Thrifty's  GIBSONS  Donalions     866-2466 or Bon 69B  wood's Clowhom Camp, 23  year old Rick Jacobson was  killed by a 'widow maker.' An  on the spot investigation concluded that there had been no  mistake made by Rick in the  accident.  Ken Campbell of Langdale  caught a IS and a half pound  northern coho salmon near  Camp Byng.  2$ YEARS AGO  Dogwood Princess is the latest addition to the BC Ferries  fleet. The boat will service the  Gambier and Keats Island tuns  formerly serviced by the Sea  Wolf IV.  3$ YEARS AGO  The first helicopter to be  seen locally landed at Porpoise  Bay recently and two boy scouts  were able to direct it lo a gas  station, getting a ride in the process. They were Dean Robilliard  and Doug Wakefield.  45 YEARS AGO  Sechelt Teachers Association  endorses federal aid for education.  For rent in Gibsons, a three  room house with large verandah  and splendid view for $20 per  month.  SMART  TO I  POUUTNNFMM  YOURINKTME:  Don'l damper down  your lite, as Ihis will  produce a smoky,  oxygen-starved lire.  Ensure lhal you  follow the  , manufacturer's  I instructions for the  'safe operation and  maintenance ol your  particular stove.  Check your chimney  I frequently tor  | creosotebuildup.a  I common caused  A message from the  I BRITISH COLUMBIA  LUNG ASSOCIATION  For top quality computers  and service, don't play  "bit and miss".  Call us first to ftet  it done right the  first time!  Quality Services include:  / computer system & printer sales, service &  leasing  / hardware & memory upgrades  / software upgrades & installation  / data backup sen/ices  / preventative maintenance  / computer accessories & supplies  Computers      386-4583  WATCH  YOUR  BUSINESS  wm  you  4DVWHSF  /AIM  C0AS1NM  i  .85  SECHELT  885-3930  fax 885-3954  GIBSONS  886-2622  fax 886-7725  SUNSHINE    COAST    REGIONAL    DISTRICT  WRSfnAt^  9 w n a n ��� i- c     v w **, 9 ���     hew  (MMMM  ROYAL TERRACES BUIEDING, 5477 WHARF RD., SECHELT, B.C.  ���   BOX  800, VON 3AO  ���  885   2261  MONDAY, OCTOBER 10,1994  i_  UPCOMING MEETINGS  Outdoor Recreation Advisory Committee  Tuesday, October 11th at 7:00 p.m.  Foreshore Advisory Task Force  Wednesday, October 12th at 10:00 a.m.  Regular Board  Thursday, October 13th at 7:30 p.m.  Development Services  Thursday, October 20th 2:00 p.m.  Planning Committee  Thursday, October 20th to follow Development Services.  Arts Liaison and Support Committee  Friday, October 21st at 2:00 p.m.  A PUBLIC FORUM ON WATER  "our most precious natural resource"  '. Hosted by the Sunshine Coast Regional District  : SATURDAY, OCTOBER 15. 1994  ���  J PLACE:       Senior Citizens Activity Centre,  j 5604 Trail Avenue, Sechelt  '. PURPOSE: To focus on the new challenges for  '. managing our water resources  ���  I ISSUES:      ��� Increasing Demands for Water Use  J ��� Activities and Pressures on our Watersheds  * ��� Water quality issues associated with Major  ; Watersheds and Ground Water Sources  J ��� Limits to Supply and Future Needs for  J Conservation Measures  FOREST AWARENESS DAY  FORMAT:  The Board of the Sunshine Coast Regional District would  like to show its support of the Fourth Annual Forest  Awareness Day sponsored by Canadian Women in Timber.  This event took place on Wednesday, October 5th.  PARKS DEPARTMENT ACCEPTING QUOTES FOR  - 1995 contract for the installation of new hydro poles and  power lines into Katherine Lake Regional Park.  - Sea Vipw Cemetery     2 phase contract that includes:  # 1 ��� Grounds maintenance  and upkeep  H2 ��� Performing burial services  For further information and briefs please contact Parks  Superintendent between 8 ��� 9 a.m. Monday to Thursday.  Closing date November 15, 1994.  Momlnt: 9:00 to Noon  ��� Open House Water Technology Display  ��� Regional District Water Reservoir Tour and  Official Opening (10:00 am) (for seat  reservation, contact Karen Decker  at 885-2261)  Afternoon Session 1:10 to 4:30  Panel discussion with:  ��� Ministry of Environment, Lands & Parks  ��� Ministry of Health  ��� Department of Fisheries and Oceans  ��� World Wildlife Fund  ��� Dayton and Knight Consulting Engineers  ��� Professional Hydrologist  ��� MLA  COMPOSTERS!!!  ; A limited supply of backyard composters are still available.  j COST IS S4Q.B7 (tax included)  I PICK    YOURS    UP    AT    THE    SCRD    OFFICE  '. 5477 WHARF RD., SECHELT  HOURS ��� MONDAY TO WEDNESDAY 8:00AM TO 5:00PM, THURSDAY AND FRIDAY 8:00AM TO 6:00PM  I 18  Coast News, October 10,1994  news  court notes  Marijuana possession  A former Vancouver city  police officer received a suspended sentence and 30 hours community work service in Sechelt  provincial court Tuesday after  pleading guilty to possession of  marijuana.  A small quantity of the drug  was discovered on a sailboat  owned and occupied by Edward  Germain Johnson while police  were investigating the north shore  of Prince of Wales Reach in  Jervis Inlet Aug. 14. Court was  told 39 marijuana plants were discovered on shore within half a  mile of Johnson's boat but Johnson denied ownership. A search  of ihe sailboat revealed marijuana  leaves on the table and deck of  the vessel and a plant stuffed  under the starboard fuel lank.  Johnson has a previous conviction for narcotics possession  from 1982.  Court was lold he was a city  police officer in Vancouver from  1964 to 1973.  False pretences  A 33-year-old Sunshine Coast  man was sentenced to 30 days in  jail and one year probation Tuesday after pleading guilty to conducting business under false pretenses and bilking a local couple  out of $30,000.  Court was told Christian Roux  was involved in a shady business  agreement to sell a backhoe to the  couple, who mortgaged their  home to come up with the cash,  only to discover Roux did not  have authority to sell the equipment.  Roux's lawyer, Don Fair-  weather told court, "in his period  of custody Mr. Roux has learned  a hard lesson about creative business transactions."  Ballbearing  Two Sunshine Coast men  were granted release from custody on bail Oct. 4 after a hearing  before Judge Shirley Giroday in  Sechelt provincial court. Ian  Andrew Purcell, 24 and Hen-  drikas James Virag, 38, both face  charges of assault with a weapon,  threatening and extortion. Purcell  also faces an additional charge of  disguise with intent.  The two men are scheduled to  appear in court nexl Oct. 18.  Driving while prohibited  A local man received a 45-day  sentence Tuesday after pleading  guilty in court to driving while  prohibited. Paul Evan Johnson,  31, will serve Ihe term under  electronic monitoring. He was  spotted by police getting in to his  vehicle outside the Sechelt post  office, Feb. 21 while under a  driving suspension.  Marijuana possession  Charles Henry Ward received  a sentence of 10 days in jail Tuesday after pleading guilty to possession of marijuana.  Ward was slopped by police  while riding his motorcycle Aug.  26. At Ihe time, he was carrying  28 grams of marijuana in a pouch  under his jacket.  Noting Ihe man has eight previous narcotics convictions, federal Crown counsel Michael  Welsh said, "Mr. Ward doesn't  seem to gel the message."  A request to serve the sentence on weekends was turned  down by Judge Shirley Giroday.  Assault  A Sunshine Coast man was  fined $350 and put on probation  for six months after pleading  guilty lo assaulting his girlfriend.  Coun was told the incident  occurred in April this year, during a fight when Thomas Douglas  Soles caused a mirror to fall on to  Ihe victim's face, giving her a  bleeding nose and split lip. Al lhe  time of the offence, Soles was on  probation for a previous assault  on the same woman.  Assault  Two Pender Harbour men  were fined $150 each for their  role in a fight which broke out  near the IGA parking lot in  Madeira Park on Aug. 5 last year.  Ferdinand Alexander Hunsche  and Max William Scoular, both  in their early 20s, received the  fine after pleading guilty to  assault before Judge Shirely  Giroday. Court was told each  man punched a different victim in  the face during the brawl. A  defense lawyer said lhe fight  broke out after lhe two victims  "wenl lo Madeira Park looking  for trouble."  Commented Judge Giroday,  "This sort of activity is nol  applauded by lhe communily."  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