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Sunshine Coast News Jun 16, 1981

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Array ���  Imperial Oil seeks Hopkins re-zoning  by Fran Bourassa  Imperial Oil Ltd. made another presentation to the regional  board on Thursday of last week in their efforts to have their  existing bulk storage depot in Hopkins Landing re-zoned.  The current zoning is non-conforming which means Imperial  cannot make any additions to the existing facility. They are asking  the board for an industrial re-zoning.  The re-zoning application was accepted for first reading, a  procedural introduction of the application to the board.  The next stage entails that the subject be discussed with the  Area Planning Committee, the Technical Planning Committee,  the staff from the Department of Highways, Health officials,  school board and B.C. Ferries.  Director Harry Almond, who is on record as being opposed to  the re-zoning, said this would be the most crucial stage of the  application.  Should the Planning Committee and the TPC bring back  unfavourable findings to the board, the application will be denied.  If the application is given a favourable report, the board will  give it a second reading and the application will be sent to Victoria  for approval and a public hearing will be held.  The last and third reading of the board would then give the  application approval after consideration is given to the outcome  of the public hearing.  Imperial Oil state in their proposal that they will spend $1  million in upgrading the depot with added safety features.  The plan also shows space for the addition of four more storage  tanks in view of future needs.  Imperial Oil has told the board and those members ofthe public  that attended the Area F Settlement Plan meeting that they have  searched for alternate sites for their facility which now exists in the  middle of a residential area and straddles the two major roads that  take all the traffic upcoast from the ferry terminal.  "Hopkins Landing", stated Imperial Oil, "is the only acceptable  alternative due to the existing wharf, the distance from the water  and proximity to our customers."  One Sunshine Coast citizen is quoted as saying that it would be  easier to move the town instead of the bulk fuel storage depots  that threaten the populated areas of the coast.  The glib comment is not as far-fetched as it would seem as  research done by the Coast News indicated that there are no laws  to protect the population from this potential threat to life. A  representative of the Fire Commissioner's Office said that its  jurisdiction covered only the assurance that the depots  maintained the provincial regulations and standards for the  physical maintenance and design of the plant.  "As for the location of the plant, we leave that up to the local  authorities and once the plant is in the community, they also  assume the responsibility of fire-fighting," said the representative.  Fire Chief Melvin Buckmaster of Gibsons told the Coast News  that the Volunteer Department was not equipped to handle a  major oil fire.  Bulk storage plants were initially developed on the fringe of  towns and close to the wharves for easy access to the loading  facilities when the Coast was in its infancy. As areas grew,  residential and commercial buildings sprang up around them.  "You could call it an 'accident of time'," said the representative  of the Fire Commissioner's Office.  As things stand now, most of the depots are in non-conforming  limbo. They may replace anything on their sites with the identical  object but they are limited to existing facilities with no provision  for expansion.  According to John Callan, an administrator from Municipal  Affairs in Victoria, the plants can stay where they are no matter  what threat to life they may pose.  "We can't force them to leave because they were there first.  They must be allowed to continue. There are no laws in the  Municipal Act that cover this," said Callan.  Callan did suggest that political pressure could be put on the oil  companies to move, but he said much depended on the company  and the local authorities would first have to find an alternate site  for the tanks.  So far every suggestion made to the Imperial Oil representatives  has been turned down. The idea of moving the tanks to the Indian  Band bulk petroleum storage farm was found unfeasible because  the company said it contravenes the Combines Act which is an act  to ensure price fixing would not occur when all fuel companies  have the same location.  Please turn to Page Sixteen  Serving the Sunshine Coast since 1945  The Sunshine  Published at Gibsons, B.C.  25c per copy on news stands  Delivered to every address on the Coaat  June 16,1981  Volume 35, Number 24  33,000 swim off  Salmon released by Indian Band  by Bradley J Benson  On Saturday, June 13, the holding nets in all ten sea pens at the  Sechelt Indian Band's salmonid enhancement project were  withdrawn, releasing an estimated 20,000 Coho and 13,000  Chinook into Porpoise Bay. Thus the availability of sport fish in  Jervis Inlet has been increased, satisfying the basic purpose ofthe  project.  On hand for this annual event were, Bob Baptiste, Project  Manager, Tommy Joe, Assistant Project Manager and Herb  August together with their familiesand Maurice Boisvert, Federal  Fisheries Project Co-ordinator, Tony Stein, Federal Fisheries  Technical Advisor and Vic Walters, a private citizen who has lent  his support to the project.  The overall Salmonid Enhancement Program is primarily a  Federal Fisheries operation with some Provincial funding and is  organized into two main groups; Major Functions composed of  the main hatcheries such as Capilano Hatchery, and Special  Projects which is in turn broken down into three groups. The first,  Public Involvement covers school groups and other volunteer  organizations and operates under a community advisor, which on  the Sunshine Coast is Brian Allan. The second, termed Small  Projects involves engineering, biological and other technical  support for Special Projects activities. The third, Community  Development Programs, involves contracts with Native Indian  groups of which there are 14 currently underway in B.C.; the  Sechelt Indian Band's Porpoise Bay project being one of them.  This season's project began by stocking 20,000 Chinook "fry" in  September 1980, and 20,000 Coho "fry" in February 1981. The  "fry", weighing approximately one-third of an ounce and  measuring approximately 2 1/2 inches long were received from  Capilano Hatchery. The salmon were placed in sea pens where  they were fed and constantly sorted according to size until old  enough to be released. The average weight of the salmon released  was 180 grams or approximately 6 1/2 ozs. The pen holding the  largest salmon weighed an average of almost 8 oz. Aside from an  unsolved theft earlier this year of 7,000 Chinook, the project had a  very low mortality rate, estimated by Bob Baptiste at  approximately 1%.  Part of the project involves the tracking of these salmon  throughout their life cycle. The salmon released have been  implanted with coded wire nose tags and any fishermen catching  them are asked to help by saving the head (containing the coded  wire) and contacting the nearest Federal Fisheries office. The fish  have been marked for easy identification by the removal of the  fleshy adipose fin at the top rear ofthe fish's body. A small reward  is offered.  Plans are now being discussed for the Sechelt Indian Band to  establish a hatchery on the Sunshine Coast. In the meantime, the  sea pens will be cleaned and made ready for the next batch of "fry"  this coming fall.  The salmon are not raised during this period of their growth in  large centralized pens, but are placed in specific local areas along  the coast due to a phenomenon called "imprinting." As salmon  grow, they "imprint", or learn the conditions ofthe area in which  they are raised and thus return to that same area when they have  reached the spawning stage.  By-pass when?  The SCRD received a letter from the Minister of  Transportation and Highways, Alex Fraser stating the  Ministry's pleasure with the final agreement made on  choosing Payne Road as the connector to the proposed bypass highway.  "Because of the imponderables it is difficult to give a good  estimate on how long it will take to complete the survey and  design. An average figure would be 14 months but because  of unforeseeable problems...1 cannot make a firm  commitment," said Fraser.  One board member suggested that the regional board  might celebrate with a 'big party' when a confirmation date  is finally received.  By-law opposed  Section 4 of By-law 222 met considerable opposition at  the public hearing held in the Sechelt Village Office  Wednesday, June 10.  The by-law would reduce the off-street parking spaces  from the current size of 10 feet by 20 feet to the smaller size  of 8 1/2 feet by 18 feet.  "How many times do we have to say no to these things,"  said Mrs. Parish, one of the 40 Sechelt villagers who  attended the hearing.  Ex-mayor Merv Boucher supported Mrs. Parish's  statement, "At a standing-room only public meeting held  July II, 1979, the reduction of the parking space size was  strenuously opposed. In the report council received from the  Ratepayers with the comments on the Community Plan, we  again opposed the smaller parking areas," said Boucher.  One ofthe arguments against the reduction was that many  pick-up trucks and recreational vehicles would not fit in to  the parking spaces.  Mayor Bud Koch said that the other side of the story was  with smaller parking sizes, businesses would enjoy more  space for customers' parking. The mayor also felt that  smaller cars would be the future style.  Alderman Joyce Kolibas, chairman of the Planning  committee, told the villagers after the debate had subsided,  "In future, if you can't find a place to park, don't blame  council".  LEGISLATIVE LIBRARY  Parliament Buildings,  VICTORIA, B.C.  V8V1X4  ;���?..  Negotiations resumed  Strike possible next week  by Vene Pamell  A strike by local loggers, members of the International  Woodworkers of America (IWA) is expected next week. Second  Vice-President of the local 1-71, Ed Gill of Gibsons told the Coast  News, Saturday.  Gill, who has been collecting votes from 830 members of the  loggers union in this coastal area, from McNab Creek to Powell  River, said "it looks like 95% of the members will be in favour ofa  Strike vote".  . Formal negotiations between the 6,000 member local and  Forest Industrial Relations (FIR), representing 108 coastal forest  firms have been at a stand-still since May 7 because of the  indutry's refusal to discuss the IWA's demand that all unionized  forest employees in the province bargain at the same table.  Talks resumed on Thursday and are expected to continue next  week, taking the negotiators past the Sunday midnight expiry  date of the union's master coastal agreement.  "Members were asked to vote on whether or not to authorize  the negotiating committee to call a strike," said Gill, who has been  a member of the executive of the IWA for 14 years.  If the vote favours a strike, as expected, then 72 hours notice  will be served and the earliest a strike would be called locally  1/3 acre lots preferred  would be June 22 or 23, if an agreement has not been reached on a  new contract, said Gill.  This contract is seeking $2.50 an hour more for loggers and  sawmill workers, over the last contract which was signed two  years ago.  Gill said there is a possibility of wild-cat strikes, especially after  the Sunday midnight deadline, which the union could not prevent,  but is definitely trying to discourage.  If a strike is called, as expected, operations will close down at L  & K, Andy's Bay, Sea-Span, Mannion Bay, Avalon, MacMillan-  Bloedel, Dolphin, West Bay and McNab Creek. Port Mellon may  also be affected if the IWA picket the mill, although mill workers  belong to the International Brotherhood of Pulp and Sulphite  Workers and have a separate contract due to be negotiated July I.  An IWA strike would effectively close down the entire forest  products industry, which has been experiencing a slump in the  market due to an excess of available lumber ofthe market, this is  partly due to two good winters when logging operations on the  coast were able to continue all year round, rather than closing  down for several weeks because of snow.  High interest rates, which have affected the house-building  industry are also blarhed for trie slowdown in lumber Mies.  - Brad ley J Benton pnoto  The nets come up, releasing newly raised salmon into Porpoise Bay and culminating this season's contribution to salmonid  enhancement by the Sechelt Indian Band. (See story on Page One.)  Area E favours slow growth  by Vene Parnell  A conflict of interests between developers and residents was  apparent at the Area E Settlement Plan meeting, held last week at  Cedar Grove School.  Approximately 60 concerned citizens attended the public  meeting to discuss the second draft of the official Elphinstone  Settlement Plan, a 12-page document which sets guidelines for lot  sizes, parks, water, sewer, bus, commercial and industrial services  within Area E.  A majordiscussion ensued regarding the proposal to change the  zoning of lots from 1 / 4 acre size, which they have been for the last  seven years, to 1/3 acre size.  Objection to the settlement plan recommendation was made by  Jon MacRae of Gibsons Realty presenting the development point  of view. MacRae is associated with a consortium which recently  bought 80 acres at Bonniebrook Lodge with the intention of  creating residential subdivision in the area, featuring "view lots"  of Georgia Strait.  MacRae, who stated he resisted the 1/3 acre lot size proposal  argued that a 596 park dedication requirement was a sufficient  sacrifice for a developer to make and that the larger lot sizes did  not make the developer's profit margin feasible.  Celia Fisher, a member of the Settlement Plan Committee,  drew applause from the audience when she pointed out that the  park dedication offered by the developers was along "ravines and  rock bluffs along Chaster Creek which do not make good building  sites and also are not suitable playing areas for children".  A subdivision needs flat parkland for children to throw a ball  around, said Fisher, who accused the developers of "handing us a  sales pitch". Fisher questioned the meaning ofthe word "quality"  as used by developers and stated it should reflect a quality lifestyle, with larger lots, parks and room to live.  Another committee member, Bernie Parker, stated that the  greater prices of larger lots should be an incentive to new residents  in the area to preserve the rural flavour, which attracted them to  the area in the first place.  "We tried to hold the density to 1/2 acre lots, and if we don't  stop the subdividing that is happening, now, it will be too late. We  will have to go to Jervis I nlet to get back to where we started from  30 years ago."  Settlement Plan committee member Dennis Bailey argued that  developers provide space for a growing population, supporting  MacRae's stand that a developer can insure "proper density  distribution for a variety of life-styles on the Sunshine Coast".  Frank and Maryanne West objected to the increased costs to  taxpayers, associated with a larger population in the area.  "A greater demand for services will inevitably cost us more.  Through larger lot sizes, we can at least slow down the rapid  growth in the area, so we can accommodate ourselves to it,  slowly."  A show of hands at the meeting indicated that the consensus of  opinion favoured the larger 1/3 acre lot sizes, although Area E  director Jim Gurney stated it was only a straw vote and did not  affect current regional board by-laws which allow 1/4 acre lots.  Another vote taken showed residents wanted Mahan Road  removed from the major road network plan, proposed for Area E.  The possibility of planning another access road to the proposed  Bonniebrook subdivision "to alleviate a large amount of  construction-related traffic with the proposed building of  Bonniebrook development," was suggested by John Kavanagh  who stated he felt that the Settlement Plan should indicate "some  future direction regarding roads in the area".  Director Jim Gurney stated that King Road is designated as a  through road in Area E, but did hot know if the Department of  Highways planned to cross the 100 foot cliff that is presently  interrupting portions of the existing road.  Residents also indicated that they objected to any more roads  being built in Area E, without first consulting the wishes  expressed in the community plan. They criticized the Department  of Highways for not maintaining proper road widths in parts of  Area E and for poor drainage run-off on roads being built in new  subdivisions.  Director Gurney stated that the regional board does not have  any direct control over new roads and subdivision approvals,  which come from the Department of Highways.  Gibsons Mayor Lorraine Goddard, right, brought smiles to two  local organizations Friday when she presented cheques of $500  each to Barrie Reeves, Gibsons and District Chamber of  Commerce president and Karen Fournier, secretary of Gibsons  Athletic Association. The G A A will spend the money for safety  equipment for the minor baseball teams. - van. mm onoio   .   ON THE INSIDE...  Soothsayers be damned Page 2  Building your arc Page 2  Letters to the editor Page 3&23  Locals release record Page 5  Seafood platter Page 10  The shame of school failure ��� Page 10  Hospitality Directory Page 12  On Christian faith Page 14  Coast dancers Page 21  Business directory  Page 22  Classified Ads  Pages 24, 25 & 26  Crossword puzzle Page 27 mWkwm  Coast News, June 16, 1981  /  The  Sunshine  A LOCALLY OWNED NEWSPAPER  Published at Gibsons, B.C. every   Tuesday, by Glalltord Press LM.  Boa 460, Gibsons, VON 1V0    Pender Harbour enquiries, and all others, II  Phone 186-2622 or M6-7817  Editorial Department:  John Burnside  BLUE  !IBBON  AWARD  Advertising Department  Fran Berger  1978  Mark Hood  Jane McOuat  Events in the Middle East in the last  week give little cause for comfort. It seems  that Prime Minister Menachim Begin of  Israel is trying to cling to power in the  upcoming Israeli election by this well-  timed show of force against the nuclear  installation in Iraq.  Few commentators relish the prospect  of the Iraquis producing nuclear weapons  but the high-handed tactics of the Israeli  Prime Minister must give cause for  concern. In bombing the Iraquis he sent  warplanes over the airspace of other Arab  nations and he did it just three days after  his 'peace summit' with the leader of Egypt.  SUBSCRIPTION RATES:  Canada $24.00 per year, $15.00 for six months  United Slates $25.00 per year, Foreign $28.00 per year  Distributed tree to all addresses on the Sunshine Coast.  Second Class Mail Registration No. 4702  Little cause for comfort  Few actions could have been taken or  could have been timed better if Begin's  purpose was the embarrassment of his  friends and the world must be wondering if  national leaders with Begin's long  association with violence can be long  endured on the world stage.  Most of the non-Israeli world must be  hoping for Begin's defeat in the upcoming  elections but, sadly, his hawkish stance  may persuade the beleaguered Israelis that  he is the man ofthe hour for them. To most  of the world, however, Begin begins to  look like a most dangerous player of the  game of international politics.  SPCA deserves support  It is to be hoped that the advertisement  appearing in this newspaper on behalf of  the Sunshine Coast SPCA will bring a  spate of support from the people of the  Sunshine Coast and its governing bodies.  It would be a great shame if the work of  this volunteer organization should come to  a halt because of lack of money and  community support.  Again and again over the past few years  the public has clamoured for animal  control and the elected representatives  have shaken their heads and regretted that  they could do nothing. The SPCA has  done something. It has initiated a  programme of subsidized spaying clinics  which are the best long-term solution to  the problems caused by unwanted and too  numerous pets. The SPCA has taken up  stray animals and found them homes.  They have done this work on a volunteer  basis and the time has come for the people  of the Sunshine Coast to support the  volunteer organization if their worthwhile  work is to continue.  .from the files of the COAST NEWS  FIVE YEARS AQO  Not Available.  TEN YEARS AQO  Paul St. Pierre MP, has requested  strongly that Hon. Gerard Pelletier,  Secretary of State in charge of summer  Youth Programs make further checks  on the merit of projects in the area. He  suggested that cheques be held up  until another check on the projects was  made. He asked that local residents,  municipal authorities and police be  approached for their thoughts on the  program.  The Sunshine Coast Senior Citizens  Housing Society has received approval  and a grant of up to $35,000 for an  extension project for the cottages at  Greene Court in Sechelt.  FIFTEEN YEARS AQO  Halfmoon Bay area buzzed with  centennial excitement over plans for a  Country Fair.  Some ads: Help Wanted: A competent shorhand-typist is required forthe  office at Elphinstone Secondary  school in Gibsons. Commencing  salary will be $312.00 per month. For  Sale: Davis Bay; Retirement revenue,  main house consists 3 bdrms. bright  kitchen, living room, 3 pc. bath, A/oil  heat. Cottage is 2 bdrms, L.R. and  kitchen���both just few steps to sandy  beach. Terms on $16,500.  TWENTY YEARS AQO  Four bids came before Sechelt  district school board as tenders for  Langdale school construction. The  lowest bidder, R.F. Shaver and Son of  West Vancouver, obtained the job. The  tender was for $30,958.50. The school,  a two-room elementary at Langdale is  planned so that it can relieve the  pressure on Gibsons Elementary  school.  Trustees of the Sunshine Coast  Hospital Improvement District No. 31  have held three meetings. The first  meeting dealt with organizational  procedures and liaison establishment  with St. Mary's Hospital Society. The  second meeting got down to business  dealing with 1961 budget and sketch  drawings of the proposed hospital. The  Trustees believe St. Mary's Hospital  Society is making satisfactory progress in its planning and reports  excellent co-operation with B.C.H.I.S.  TWENTY-FIVE YEARS AQO  During a thunderstorm on the  evening of June 5th, lightning struck  the home of S.B. Bracewell at Hopkins  Landing and danced on the floor for a  few seconds. It blew all the fuses in the  house. Beyond that no damage  occurred. It did provide afew moments  of excitement in the home.  The monthly meeting of the Pender  Harbour Board of Trade was held in the  clubhouse with a large attendance. A  petition was sent to the Federal  Government asking them to provide  electric light for the wharf at Irvines  Landing. A description ol the dial  phone now being installed in Pender  Harbour was given and satisfaction  was expressed at the progress being  made by the men installing the system.  THIRTY YEARS AQO  Couples with a total income of $100 a  month or less need not pay hospital  insurance. "When in receipt of the B.C.  hospital insurance bill, simply write a  statement to the effect that your total  income is $100. or less per month and  you will hear no more about it."  Letter to Editor: Dear Mister, I see  our "hired" help down in Ottawa were  leaning on their shovels as usual and  getting excited with each other over  things which don't matter no how. It  seems as this here census form has on  it something they call origins of the  people in this country. So they printed  it French, English, Irish, etc. So what  does a hired man named Mac-  something-or-other do but climb all  over the ceiling because they put ETC  instead of whatever tribe he run out  from. He put in a lot of time bellyaching about it too, and several other  Macs joined in the fracas and put in  their two bits worth, all on public time  which at union wages would amount to  quite some, seeing as our money pays  the shot for all this sort of hogwash. I  thought you might like this idea for  saving space in your paper. The next  time you have to print the names of the  Village Commission, you should say,  Chairman Nestman and Councillors  Anderson, Skellett, ETC...ETC.  THIRTY-FIVE YEARS AQO  From the very first hour of the very  first time that he paces a hospital  corridor in horrible suspense until the  time that he is fondly referred to as  "Grandad" every father is a logical  candidate for the title of "The Forgotten Man". Mothers are glamorized  in song and story, but Pop is heard of  only in such ditties as "Father, dear  Father, come home with me now. The  clock on the steeple strikes one."  (Editorial on Father's Day)  Camp Elphinstone, 1932. The Young Men's Christian Association had established  a camp at Hopkins Landing in 1907, At that time, the campers constituted a small  collection of humanity in a setting otherwise occupied by only a few scattered  settlers. By the late 1920's, however, the Y undertook to seek seclusion on larger  grounds near Williamson's Landing. The move, including the chapel pictured here,  was made in 1932. The year 1982 will thus mark the 75th anniversary ofthe YMCA  on West Howe Sound and the 50th anniversary ofthe present Camp Elphinstone.  Special events are being planned to commemorate these milestones. Photo courtesy  J. Roby Kidd collection.  L.R. Peterson  Musings  John Burnside  ^.f:  My father used tabe fond of  quoting: "Sufficient unto the  day is the evil thereof".  I always liked the ring of it,  even when, as a child, I had  absolutely no notion of what it  meant.  As I have struggled to adulthood I have come to savour  the meaning as well as the  sound. I ask no more than that  I wake each morning and in  some sort of orderly fashion  find my way through each  day successfully juggling what  often seems to be the myriad  possibilities of disaster attendant upon the drawing of  breath. One day at a time, is  my cry, sufficient unto the day  is the evil thereof.  Unfortunately the bulk of  mankind is not of a like mind.  In the midst of a sunny  afternoon some clown on the  radio who manages to combine hysteria and sombre  relish in the one unctuous  utterance will assure me that  there is a low pressure zone  somewhere in the Pacific  which assuredly will dump on  me tomorrow. I have been  drawn in dreadful fascination  to the ministrations of teacup  readers and crystal ball gazers  who have never failed to give  me more to worry about than  I had when I paid my money  and heard my chances. I have  had my Tarot cards read by  no less a personage than the  writer Margaret Atwood and  can remember little of what  she saw there except that it  was undeniably gloomy and  full of forebodings I would  probably have been better off  without.  Closer to home and the  moment there is my good  friend Rae Ellingham, who is  my good friend despite the  fact that he is a star-gazer.  Along with the rest of the  office I wait each week for  rningh.ni'. Astrology to arrive in the office and scrutinize, against my will, the word  for Virgos for the coming  week. Despite myself I am  relieved if Rae's jovially grim  prognostications sit lightly on  my celestial sign.  As if the teacups, the crystal  balls, the Tarot cards and the  astrology columns were not  enough, my life has lately  been bedevilled with yet  another source of super-  rational information about my  nature and probably destiny.  It is a book of Chinese Chance  which somehow found its way  into the office and made the  rounds of the avid truth-  seekers therein.  I don't know if you are  acquainted with this type of  uncanny wisdom. Your entire  character, it appears, is  determined by your year of  birth. There is the year of the  Rat, the Ox, the Tiger, the  Goat, and so on to the number  of twelve when the cycle  begins again. Apparently  Horses, Rats, Tigers et al have  identifiable characteristics  and tendencies.  I was lured into a consideration of this latest assault on  my sanity by the information  conveyed to me by a well-  meaning friend that with my  year of birth I was indubitably  a Tiger. My vanity was my  undoing. Before I knew what  was happening to me I was  immersed in this latest in the  line of meaningful mumbo  jumbo. The Tiger, I was  informed, was a fine fellow.  A restless, dynamic leader of a  chap. I began to preen myself  and the bait was taken!  I found myself devouring  great chunks of material about  my nearest and dearest  according to their year of birth  and the revelations of the book  of Chinese Chance. Finally I  came to the section which explicitly ' informs one on the  relationship which will or will  not work. The world became  a courtly dance of Horses  and Pigs, Oxen and Dogs,  Cats and Rats, Tigers and  Goats and so on through the  many possible combinations.  Unfortunately this latest  uncompromising oracle to  blight my days was just as  explicit about the relationships which couldn't work as it  was about those which which  were made in Chinese heaven.  And there it was, damnable  and inescapable. The single  most unhappy combination of  creatures that can be found in  all the possible combinations  of coupling was that of the  Tiger with the Rat. The book  was definite on the subject.  It offered the opinion that the  only way such a union could  function was if the Rat was out  of town for one week and the  Tiger had a speaking engagement elsewhere on the next.  You've guessed it. My lady  is a Rat according to the book  of Chinese Chance and since  Rats and Tigers are simply  incompatible our outlook is  bleak ��� never mind the happy  years together and the hope of  more to come. According to  the Book of Chinese Chance  we are embarked on a hopeless voyage.  She unfortunately found the  passage before I did, otherwise I would have burned  the book, and read it aloud to  me and so it is that I have a  new cross to bear. The cursed  incompatability of Rats and  Tigers throws a chadow over  all my days and ensures that  no sunny day is without its  pre-ordained cloud.  I will not, of course, take  this lying down. I will fight  back. I will banish the book of  Chinese Chance from my  home. I will smash all the  crystal balls I meet, burn  Tarot cards, exercise the  strictest self-discipline and  eschew the astrology column.  "Man is a rational animal",  I will cry and set my course  for a reason-governed future  and avoid all soothsayers  like the plague. In the meanwhile, does anyone know the  address of a reasonably-  priced Chinese exorcist?  My Papa's Walti  Tht whiskey on your breath  Could make a small boy dizzy;  But I hunt on like death:  Such waltzing was not easy.  We romped until the pans  Slid from the kitchen shelf;  My mother's countenance  Could not unjrown itself.  The hand that held my wrist  Was battered on one knuckle;  At every step you missed  My right ear scraped a buckle.  Vou beat time on my head  With a palm caked hard by dirt,  Then waltzed me off to bed  Still clinging to your shirt.  Theodore Roethke  It doesn't require any  heavenly communication or  divine inspiration to realize  that it's time to build an ark.  This has been just about the  wettest spring in living  memory and the message  from the almighty at the  Dominion Astrophysics! Observatory suggests it's not  likely to get much better.  Consider the poor souls with  flooded basements. Now that  is not an unknown catastrophe except that most of  these poor souls don't have  basements.  Then there's the story of the  lady in Langdale who left her  rattan lawn chair out all  night and when she went out  to get it next morning, she  discovered it had taken root  and grown a footstool and a  coffee table. A neighbour's  walking stick grew three  inches and two leafy branches.  Four-wheel drive lawnmowers  have tripled in sales.  For those who have already  contemplated building an ark,  you should realize that it's  not as easy as it used to be.  Based on current costs and  labour expenses, your basic  two creature ark is likely to  cost about $350,000. Given the  interest rates on consumer  loans, an ark builder is looking  at a total expense of around  half a million dollars; a far  cry from the good old days  when Noah threw one together  on the cheap using his family  as labour.  Your basic ark, according to  Genesis, is 300 cubits long  by 50 wide. It stands 30 cubits  high from keel to gunwale  with another cubit added on  for the roof. That's not much  to go on but with the weather  being what it's been, you've  got to take some chances.  While Genesis doesn't give us  too many specifics we can  assume the craft was pointed  at both ends and there is some  mention of three decks and a  door on the side. The door on  the side is an unusual feature,  but you have to remember that  this thing was built way out in  the desert where access to a  pier was somewhat limited.  Now it only makes sense  that an ark builder's first  question is bound to be,  "what the hell is a cubit?"  Apparently, a cubit is the  distance between your elbow  and the tips of your fingers.  Given the general gain in  stature of the average person  over a 5,000-year period  and taking into account  statistical deviations, that  would put your average cubit  at around 18 inches. It has  been speculated by theological  scholars in Rome that Noah's  ! cubit was only   15  inches,  but you should remember that  Noah was 600 years old and  the people and creatures  being smaller, they didn't  take up as much room as a  modern Gibsons or Sechelt  family would expect.  It should be recalled here  that God was very specific  about the dimensions of the  ark. He didn't seem to care too  much what it looked like, but  he was very fussy about the  size. It was a good thing  that Noah was good at elementary arithmetic or else none  of us would be here today.  When planning your ark,  you should keep in mind some  simple conversions. In feet  and inches, your ark should tie  around 450 feet long, about  75 wide and 45 feet from keel  to deck. The cabin roof should  not be more than a foot and a  half above the deck. The  Metric Commission of Canada  has thoughtfully provided  some simple conversion tables  in its recent publication,  "Metricubits for Laymen".  The Metric Commission has  standardized the length of the  cubit based on a complex  statistical analysis of a longitudinal study of 12,000 male  right arms over a period of  5,000 years and has cast;in  pure gold a rod of exactly one  cubit in length, which is kept,  at great expense, in a thermally controlled vacuum chamber, 600 metres below the  parliament buildings in Ottawa. Further and more  precise information can be  obtained by writing: The  Metric Commission, Parliament Buildings, Ottawa, Canada.  As a rough guide, the  Metric Commission suggests  taking an average of the  distances from elbow to  fingertips of all male members  of the family as measurement  ofthe cubit. The centicubit is  taken as the thickness of a  thumb depressed beneath a  wooden mallet at the point of  impact while driving a tight-  fitting wooden dowel into a  hand-augered hole in kiln-  dried oak. The millicubit is  given as the thickness of the  average fingernail of an  adult person who has followed  the Canada Food Guide for do  less than three years.  With these simple dimensions, it seems reasonable to  assume that an average  Canadian family of four should  be able to construct an ark in  about nine and a half years.  Given the standard 40 days  and 40 nights of rain needed to  cause a flood of sufficient  magnitude to require an ark,  you're probably wasting your  time. Better you should take  a trip to a high and dry  place or pray for sunshine. Coast News, June 16, 1981  **w  Your Morel  i'Aw   tA |fV"���  Letters to the Editor  Some thoughts on school administration       \  Editor:  : : Regarding your editorial  about Elphinstone's situation  ��� with its principal, I should  just like to add a word or two  of commentary from my own  observation and experience.  Some few years ago at  Roberts   Creek   Elementary  .School we had a situation of  poor discipline and ill feeling  on the part of many of the  students - a situation that  you might say could have been  pppruppg  f CiMUa, Nut, ind Mnt Treats. *jj  *     A Country  !   Candy Store  ?J>\   Gibsons Landing  ��1    886-7522  traced to the inexperience  and lax discipline of the  principal who was in charge  that year. The year ended  with the burning down of the  school, proven to be an act  of arson related to a student's  resentment.  Now the following year,  while the school was rebuilt  and the pupils were bussed  to a borrowed school building,  we had one of the best administrators it was ever our  staff's experience to serve  with. He was honest and fair,  took staff into consideration  when making policies, was a  good teacher, but since  he'd inherited a situation  which involved insisting on  suffer discipline, he was not  always "popular" in his  moves. Yet,, by the end of  the year, Roberts Creek Elementary School was functioning  smoothly and the performance  of the pupils had reached a  really commendable level.  He left at the end of the  year for a position in the city  and a new principal took his  place. He was a good principal and affable and the  kids liked him. Conditions had  been made smooth for him.  He inherited a nicely-running  household.  And this last man was the  one who received the district's  praise and vote of popularity.  Yet it was his predecessor  who really made the difference and established the  tone of excellence - and the  staff who had worked spiritedly under him knew it.  I know he has gone on to a  position of considerable importance in education * - for  excellence in administration  receives its due - though it  may not pay off in the coin  of popularity.  I don't know enough about  the situation at Elphinstone  to pronounce upon it - but the  foregoing happening has often  given me cause to wonder if  students need equate strict  discipline with not-caring.  May it not mean caring more?  Sincerely,  Joan T. Warn  Trustees to blame  Windows  Let us give you our quote for the best price |  | and service on the Coast.  Insulated windows, patio doors, skylight &  , solar systems...  8853538  Permaseal |  ruid Rd.,  Wllaon CrMk I  Editor:  Your editorial in the last  issue of the Coast News  refers to a poor success ratio  in Mr. Denley's selection of  school principals. Attached,  for your information, is a copy  of Board policy which sets out  the procedure used for the  hiring of school principals.  You will note from that  policy that the final selection  is made by the Board of  School Trustees following a  lengthy interview process.  The point at which the Superintendent has control is in  establishing the short list of  candidates for interview,  which is a technical decision  based upon an evaluation of  qualification and prior, experience, the latter component  requiring extensive checking  with current and sometimes  previous employing School  Boards,  The decision as to which of  the short listed candidates  will be hired is, however, one  made by the Board in consultation with the Superintendent following the interview process. It is, therefore,  quite incorrect to refer to the  selection of principals as if the  choice were that of the Superintendent.  Yours very truly,  R.Mills  Secretary-Treasurer  Board of School Trustees  More letters  on Page S3  ftJftBSft*  A Country  Gift Store  hrtwrt. PMt Ml Mitt HtMRS  Gibsons Landing, B.C.  886-8333  4  .���mn  3aO  Maverick Coach Lines Limited  l  VANCOUVER - SECHELT - POWELL RIVER  NORTHBOUND  i��m  schedule no. 3 Effective June 18,  1981  READ DOWN  (Due to B.C. Ferries Summer Schedules)  DAILY  DAILY  DAILY  DAILY  SATURDAY to FRIDAY  DAILY  8:45 am  2:30  pm  6:15  pm  LV  VANCOUVER  AR  1:15 pm  10:05  am   5:15 pm  9:25 pm  9:45 am  3:35  pm  7:10  pm  LV  HORSESHOE BAY  LV  12:45 pm  9:25  am   4:45 pm  8:55 pm  10:40 am  4:30  pm  7:55  pm  LV  LANGDALE  LV  12:00 pm  8:35  am   3:55 pm  8:15 pm  10:43 am  4:33  pm  7:58  pm  LV  HOPKINS LOG.  LV  11:40 am  8:15  am   3:30 pm  7:30 pm  10:45 am  4:35  pm  8:00  pm  LV  GRANTHAMS   LDG.  LV  11:38 am  8:13  am   8:28 pm  7:28 pm  10:50 am  4:40  pm  8:05  pm  LV  GIBSONS  LV  11:35 am  8:10  am   3:25 pm ���  7:25 pm  -  4:55  pm  8:15  pm*  LV  ROBERTS CREEK  LV  ���  7:50  am  3:10 pm  -  11:10am  5:05  pm  8:25  pm  LV  WILSON CREEK  LV  11:10am  7:40  am   3:00 pm  7:05 pm  11:13am  5:08  pm  8:28  pm  LV  DAVIS BAY  LV  11:05. am  7:35  am   2:50 pm  7:00 pm  11:15am  5:10  pm  8:30  pm  LV  SELMA PARK  LV  11:03 am  7:33  am   2:48 pm  6:58 pm  11:20 am  5:15  pm  8:35  pm  AR  SECHELT  LV  11:00 am  7:30  am   2:45 pm  6:55 pm  11:45 am  9:00  pm  LV  SECHELT  AR.  10:35 am  ��  6:30 pm  11:50 am  9:05  pm  LV  WAKEFIELD  LV  10:30 am  6:25 pm  12:05 pm  9:15  pm  LV  HALFMOON BAY  LV  10:10 am  6:05 pm  12:10pm  9:20  pm  LV  SECRET COVE  LV  10:05 am  6:00 pm  12;15pm  9:25  pm  LV  MIDDLE POINT  LV  10:00 am  5:55 pm  12:25 pm  9:40  pm  LV  MADEIRA PARK  LV  9:55 am  5:50 pm  12:35 pm  9:50  pm  LV  KLEINDALE  LV  9:45 am  5:40 pm  1:15 pm  10:5��  pm  LV  EARLS COVE  LV  9:30 am  5:20 pm  2:05 pm  11:45 pm  LV  SALTERY BAY  LV  8:40 am  4:30 pm  2:20 pm  12:00 pm  LV  LANG BAY  LV  8:05 am  3:50 pm  2:45 pm  12:2{  pm  AR  POWELL RIVER  LV  7:45 am  3:30 pm  All Buses travelling to and from Roberts Creek will be routed  m Beach Ave. and Flume Rd.      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Grown  radish or green  99  r.  onions.  2 for 39  Oven Fresh Bakery  chuck wago  bread  i6oz  Mrs. Willman's  Oven-Fresh  apple pie  Oven-Fresh ^ ^       _   _  chuck wagoru ���,  M   apple pie      a51.69  bread  ����� 2/$ 1.29   %��Z ���  Mrs. Willman's   ' <t> ��     f\f\        'Siner S  03y <hQ    aq  lady fingers   4s ^l.Uy    cakes       i inch O.yy  Grocery Value  BC Granulated fTiaCarOni  &  whitesugariokgbg^O.Oy   cheese... 225gm ^.orO-D  Miss Mew  cat food  6 oz tins  3/89  coca-cola or  Sprite   750 ml btle  2/99  Super-Valu  ice cream 2 Litre cm  <C *1     f\aT\       Nabob  1.99   coffee nb  Regular or Fine Grind  & Deposits  $2.89  Super-Valu Enriched  Gulf or Esso Extra  white flounokgbg ^4.89   motor oiliutreTin ^l.Oo  10-30 W  Fraser-Vale  Super-Valu  orange juicei2.5oztins  f'Sh& $1   ACk  chips     20ozPkg "��.*fy Coast News, June 16, 1981  by Peter Trower  It begins to rain before we  leave camp and by the time we  reach the setting, it is battering  down like a second deluge, lam  certainly not in the best of  humour. For the third day in a  row, there have been no new  chokers made up. I curse  Croydon's alcoholic hide as we  stumble off down the sopping  hill in our raingear.  Along with the rain, the ratty  chokers and the lack of tailhold  stumps, I now have an additional problem. A number of  very large logs at the back end  of the road we are yarding,  have been left inexplicably  unbucked. Occasionally, if a  tree has fallen in some impossible  position, the fallers  Pages from a Life-Log  Peter Trower  have no notion except to leave  it full-length. But there is no  excuse whatsoever for this  mess. It looks like the work ofa  contractor called Burger,  whose fallers are notoriously  slack in this regard. It enables  them to move more quickly  from one claim to the next. I  add them all to my hate list.  But cursing does nol alter the  situation. I am bound to  wrestle those damn logs in  somehow. We hook on to a  hemlock about seventy feet  long. The turn rides easily up  the slope for a couple of  hundred yards. Then it noses in  .r\       Open 10 am. to midnight '>��*  vN James Foster  i ;"v^V (You can call him Jim!)  *'-yl.- Thurs., Fri. & Sat.  [/ fy/ik I June 18, 19 & 20  S-j^T 8 p.m. - Midnight  "Sow* H lata Si/oyborfy una le Iki tuim"  886-9815 Cedar Plaza, Gibsons  ��=^���*r"'*'\  Gibsons Legion Branch *109  \ Presents  ' SOF' TOUCH  Fri. & Sat.  June 19th & 20th  J. <  Members & Guests Only  *k  BCFGRRIGS  SUMMER SCHEDULE  SUNSHINE COAST  Howe Sound  Jervis Inlet  The following schedule will be in effect  Thursday, June 18,1981 to  Tuesday, September 8,1981 inclusive.  HOWE SOUND  Lv Horseshoe Bay  (West Vancouver)  Morning: 6:30 am, 7:30, 8:35, 9:45,10:50  Afternoon:  12.00 noon, 1:15 pm, 3:35, 4:55, 5:55  Evening: 7:10 pm, 9:15,11:20  Lv Langdale  Morning: 6:20 am, 7:30, 8:35, 9:45, 10:50  Afternoon: 12:00 noon, 2:30 pm, 3:45, 4:45  Evening: 6:00 pm, 7:05, 8:15, 10:20  JERVIS INLET  Lv Earls Cove  Morning: 5:55 am, 7:45, 9:35,11:25  Afternoon: 1:15 pm, 3:35, 5:25  Evening: 7:15 pm, 9.05,10:55  Lv Saltery Bay  Morning: 5:00 am, 6:50, 8:40,10:30  Afternoon: 12:20 pm, 2:40, 4:30  Evening: 6:20 pm, 8:10,10:00  CLIP and SAVE  B.C. Ferries' schedules are on  Cable 10 T.V. daily  Schedules subject to change without notice.  n  BCFGRRIGS  behind a huge fir stump and  grinds to a halt. I hit the stop  whistle and head up the hill.  Ordinarily. I would try to free it  bygoingahead on the haulback  line but my tail-block is hung  on a shaky cedar and I don't  want to risk pulling it. The  hemlock has dug into the mud  at the top end and is tight on  rock at the other. I"will have to  grab it in the guts where there is  a hole. I pull the jammed  choker free with the riggingand  do this. Then I run cxaspcra-  tedly into the clear and blow  the go-ahead. The minute the  long hemlock begins to pivot  sideways, I realize I haven't run  quite far enough. I fall on my  face as the log comes whipping  around at me like a monstrous  baseball bat. The end of it  swishes over my prostrate  body. 1 have felt a sidewinder's  wind before but this is just too  close for comfort. Now I have a  set of shot nerves to compound  my other grievances.  The next log I am faced with  is a huge, full-length cedar. It is  so heavy and lying at such a  steep angle against the hill that  Jammer can't even budge it.  There is no alternative except  to buck the cedar. I send Skip  up to fetch the powersaw.  Skip heads up towards the  machine and disappears over  the bank. A minute later he is  back on top of the pile. "Hey,  the goddamn powersaw's busted!"  "That sure figures," I think  grimly.  "Hey, man, let's pack her in!"  Skip shouts down again. "I've  had enough of this haywire  crap!"  I certainly have too. And yet,  I hesitate. I could change roads  right now and leave the whole  mess for later. Then I think of  Croydon. -There is no way  things are going to get any  better as long as he is in charge.  We are on a doomed vessel.  The rain is still hammering  down and I have just had one of  the closest shaves in my life.  How many more excuses do I  need? Walking off jobs can give  a bad reputation but under  these circumstances. 1 figure I  am reasonably justified. "O-  kay, I'm with you!" I yell and  start heading for the tree  "I phoned Croydon. He's on  his way up," says Jammer.  "You guys have had the biscuit.  eh?'  "Goddamn right!" I say.  "This screwball outfit is too  much for me!"  Croydon comes rattling into  the landing in his pick-up. The  news of our defection seems id  have sobered him a bit. "Hcv,  come on, you guys, you can'i  quit on me now!"  Skip and I give him hall a  dozen reasons why we sure as  hell can. "Okay, if that's the  way you feel, get in," he grow lv  He drives us down the hill in  stony silence. By this time we  reach camp, he has worked  himself into an unjustified rage  that must be a good part guilty  conscience. "I want you guu  out of this camp right now! I'm  phoning a water-taxi. You'd  swear we were the sole cause of  all the trouble around here  instead of him.  We toss our gear together  and pretty soon, see a boat  spearheading across the inlet  As we are walking down to the  float, Timmy, home from  school for some reason, comes  running up. "Hey, are youguy>  really quiting?'  "Better believe it, kid," wc  assure him. "Say goodbye to  your ma." And we churn awa\  in the rain, leaving Skalath and  all its traumas behind us.  About two week later, 1 an:  sitting in a Vancouver pub  when Blondy Olsen corner  through the door. "By Yesus!'  he says, "I figure you might bt  here." And he tells me the enc  of the story.  "The day after you guys qvit  Shwartz, the owner, flies in  Croydon is still boozing it up  and Shwartz cans him. Then he  lays us all off for a couple ol  days. Ven ve come back there's  a new super called Russ  Thorsen. Seems like a good  man. Hear Croydon, he end up  in the Hollywood Sanitarium."  "That figures," I say. "What  happened to Rosie'.1"    '   ,.  "She is still there, big as life.  Making eyes at this Thorsen  already."  "She'll probably get him  too," 1 say. "Here's to Rosie."  And we clink our glasses.  ����  ��  *  *  *  *  *  ��������*�� �����������-����*  VAl'mizluun s     :  ^   Astrology   *  *  An action shot from the movie Excaliber on view all week it the  Twilight Theatare. The movie recounts Ihe story of King Arthur  and the Knights of the Round Table.  At the Twilight  Hollywood has discovered  the sword and sorcery genre  and one of the first of its kind  will be shown at the Twilight  Theatre during the forthcoming week.  Excalibur takes us back to  the world of King Arthur and  his knights of the round table.  It is a grand, sweeping telling of  the Arthurian legend filled with  action and humour. It is also  filled with scenes of violence  and explicit sex and so it is not  Community Forum  Channel Ten  A Blue Grass Jamboree is  coming to Sea Cavalcade 1981  on Sunday, August 2nd from  2:00 to 7:00 p.m.  In keeping with our Neptune Realm theme, most of the  activities will take place near  the water in the Government  Wharf and Dougal Park area.  We will be having a Variety  Show this year and welcome  auditions for it. Please call  Hugh Beard, 886-9594, if you  or your group wish to participate.  For the Horseshoe Tournament call Rob Hagar 886-  9261. This tournament will  be on Saturday and Sunday,  August 1st and 2nd.  For   the    King    Neptune  Contest please call Sue Ar-  senault 886-7531 to enter.  The next meeting of the Sea  Cavalcade 1981 Committee  will be July 8th. By that  time most of the programme  will be complete and ready for  publication.In the meantime  Sue Arsenault has the responsibility for the programme,  call 886-7531.  Those who are interested  in having a food booth call  886-8567. Those wishing to  sell or display arts or crafts  please call Hazel Coxall  886-7506. Those who wish to  volunteer to help with Kids  Day in the Park, please call  Pam Coxall 886-7506.  Sunday, June 21st  Linda & Jake offer  Roast Beef Dinner  with Yorkshire Pudding  $7.10  Home made  Cabbage Rolls  $5.9S  Spaghetti  & Meat Sauce  for the Kids!  $3.10  Happy Father's Day!  PENINSULA HOTEL  RESTAURANT  ��� Licensed _ ���    __   ,  Open 4-9pm    886-9334  recommended for young audiences.  Nicol Williamson provides a  witty performance as the  timeless wizard, Merlin, who is  as often baffled by his own  magical feats as everyone  around him. Others prominent  in the cast include Nigel Terry,  Helen Mirren, Nicholas Clay,  Cherie Lunghi and Paul Geoffrey.  Excalibur will play at the  Twilight Theatre Wednesday  through Tuesday, June 17 - 23..  CHANNEL TEN GIBSONS  Tuesday, June 16  CHANNEL TEN SECHELT  Thursday, June 18  7:00 p.m. Dodl Marshall hosts  this  week's   programs   -   a  mixture of live and pre-taped  productions.  Pari I  BCIT Fashion Show  Jim Douglas is a graduate  of Elphinstone and one of  the first students involved in the development of the Community  Broadcasting Class. Jim  just finished his first  year at BCIT in Television Production. This  fashion show was done by  students at BCIT and,  most important,  it was  directed by Jim Douglas.  Jim will be producing  shows for Coast 10 TV  this summer and we wish  to show you this sample  of the kind of training he  has had.  PartD  Pressure Point  Louise Home has another  show in this series -  produced by the Inter-  church agency. Louise  has arranged for a reaction panel to respond  to this week's show  entitled "My Friend  Ivan".  The panel will involve  Rev. Bob Scales and  Mrs. Frances Fleming,  Join us this week.  Blue Grass Jamboree  New book on B.C.  in Sechelt Library  by Kitty Cardinal  "StrongestMan" is Newest  B.C. Book.  It apparently took many  years for this western writer to  complete the book, Strongest  Man of Steamboat Mountain.  This year it's appearing as a  snappy, yellow-covered illustrated book, in uniquely  visual writing for TV-addicted  readers. (Price of book is  $5.95 retail.)  The outdoor-action drama,  by Olga Belisle, is based on  an actual B.C. trailblazer,  during his treks throughout  the Province. Its authentic  settings and maps make it a  threefold reason to acquire.  First, it's what every man  should know. Second, it's  educational, revealing his  survival techniques. Lastly,  visitors to B.C. couldn't get  a better souvenir, and in fact  could go and explore the same'  mountain I  Sechelt Library has the book  and various libraries in Canada and U.S. More information  for tourist outlets can be  obtained from Canho Enterprises, P.O. Box 249, Vernon,  B.C.V1T6M2.  The author's second book  Children of the Homesteaders  is scheduled to be out by the  year end, another Canadian  drama.  Entertainment Scene  Pender Harbour to Sechelt  Jolly Roger Inn Bob Gleason, Fri. & Sat.  Wakefield Steve Hubert, Thurs., Fri. & Sat.  Parthenon  Helen Sinclair, Fri. & Sat.  Roberta Creek to Gibsons  Roberts Creek Legion (Dance)... "Tax Deductible", Sat. Only  The Peninsula Hotel  Rocky Craig, Fri. & Sat.  The Cedars Inn James Foster, Thurs., Fri. A. Sat.  Gibsons Legion "Sof Touch", Fri. & Sat.  by Rae Ellingham  Week commencing June 15.  General Comments: Planetary  configurations now indicate  gloomy, emotional conditions.  The Full Moon conjoins Neptune bringing upsetting consequences to recent activities.  Many of us will be forced to  accept being fooled by last  month's promises. Mercury  squares both Jupiter and  Saturn adding to the difficulty  Qf making corrective judgements.  Venus squares ruthless Pluto  this weekend warning against  evil associates or intimidating  social situations, it's going to  be a rotten week.  ARIES (March 21 - April 19)  Full Moon spotlights emotional conditions far away.  Long-distance letter or phone  ��� call announces sad outcomes.  Expected visitors may have to  endure messed-up travel arrangements. Realize your life  philosophy is now clouded by  unrealistic expectations. Aries  students could be disappointed  with instructor's evaluation.  Think again before announcing  drastic domestic decision. Keep  strangers out of your home this  weekend.  TAURUS (April 20 - May 20)  Full Moon brings chaos to  close associate's financial situation. Partner or loved one  may be victim of shady investment or savings scheme.  Examination of your own tax  or insurance matters may  reveal embarrassing facts and  figures. Looks like it's time to  dump banker, broker or accountant. Letter or phone call  may announce frustrating  change of decision. Young  Taurus women shouldn't hitchhike next Sunday.  GEMINI (May 21 - June 21)  Full Moon exposes deceptive partnership arrangements.  Recently signed agreement  now uncovers snags and crafty  manoeuvres. Relations with  business associate or com-  . panion become fogged by  feelings of distrust. Realize  intense romantic interest could  be hiding ruthless financial  motive this weekend. Postpone  purchase of household equipment, especially small kitchen  gadgets. Geminis born June 14  - 18 experience an emotionally  draining week.  CANCER (June 22 - July 22)  Full Moon draws attention  to confusing employment or  health matters. Deceptive  activities where you perform  daily tasks face investigation.  Co-workers may be accused of  pilfering supplies or fiddling  the accounts. Have nothing to  do with last-minute cover-up.  Mysterious ailment that won't  clear up needs prompt attention, Venus in your sign  squaring Pluto finds you in  highly romantic mood this  weekend. Retrograde Mercury  is still responsible for communications foul-ups.  LEO (July 23 - Aug. 22)  Full Moon brings tricky  social situations. Person you  considered out-of-life returns  at the worst moment. Stay  close to the gang Saturday  night. Don't be lured into  secluded, unfamiliar spot.  Recent gamble or investment  proves worthless. However,  Leo artists, writers or poets  receive long-overdue recognition and cash. Child's recurring nightmares indicate  need for extra love, reassurance  and attention. Important  household documents remain  lost.  VIRGO (Aug, 23 - Sept. 22)  Full Moon coincides with  confusing domestic developments. Household rearrangements now prove impractical.  Those sharing your living space  become moody, over-emotional, unable to admit mis  takes. Rental or property  papers OK'd last month reveal  hidden clauses, added expenses. Bureaucratic wrangling stalls financial go-ahead.  Stranger intends to become  intimate acquaintance Saturday night. Virgo persons born  Sept. 16 - 19 should avoid oil-  delivery men, building or  health inspectors.  LIBRA (Sept. 23 - Oct. 23)  Full Moon spotlights disorderly daily routines. Anticipate vehicle break-downs, dead  phones, forgotten appointments and misplaced documents. Letter will demand  explanation of undisclosed  facts and figures. Local trip or  visit produces emotional outburst. Ruthless use of your  charm now guarantees powerful position at the top. Persons-  in-charge still can't analyse  your ever-changing approach.  Librans born Oct. 13 - IS find  attentive superior more difficult to resist.  SCORPIO (Oct. 24 - Nov. 22)  Full Moon spotlights strange  incidents affecting your finances and possessions. Guard  against fraud or theft. Looks  like your equipment or funds  won't be returned. Postpone  further cash transactions till  next week. Refuse to listen to  any more sob stories. Longdistance messages relay contradictory instructions. Brief  encounter with so-called expert  unveils dark secrets this weekend.  SAGITTARIUS (Nov. 23 -  Dec. 21)  Full Moon with Neptune in  your sign finds you moddy.  impressionable and superstitious. (So don't believe a word  of this.) Seems your recent  attempts to appear refined,  artistic or 'out-of-this-world'  have all' backfired. Realize  others prefer the way you were.  It's the best week of the year to  creep away and let flow those  bottled-up tears. Meanwhile  prepare for passionate weekend re-union with old acquaintance. Sagittarians born Dec.  13-18 are affected most by  current lunar configurations.  CAPRICORN (Dec, 22 ��� Jan.  19)  Full Moon has you feeling  sorry for yourself. Emotidnal  decision requires you seek quiet  place to ponder recent mistakes  undisturbed. You'll be expected to visit hospital, or  institution to comfort person  feeling more miserable than  you. Your own lingering ailment now needs attention.  Anticipate weekend power-  struggle concerning marriage  or partnership upheaval.  Loved one is unable to present  workable solution so sign no  agreements.  AQUARIUS (Jan. 20 - Feb.  18)  Full Moon proves summer  venture or long-range plan  impractical and foolish. Best  friend says quit kidding yourself over project which demands too much time, energy  and cash. As usual, local  officials should have spotted  snags weeks ago. Intense  weekend encounter with doctor, nurse, chef or dietician will  be memorable. Avoid religious  or philosophical discussion  with co-worker.  PISCES (Feb. 19 ��� Mar, 20)  Full Moon brings discredit  to your honour, position or  local reputation. It's important  that you clear your name of any  alleged wrong-doings,  rumours, gossip, scandal. Boss  or superior will demand explanations for recent undercover activities. Be discreet  about this weekend's passionate involvement. Hive  patience with child's see-saw  moods and indecision. Persons  born March 13- 18facecareet  upsets.  Video Cassette >  fc     RENTALS  Some of the Movies Now Available \  ��� Slaughter House 5        * Smokey and the Bandit'  �� American Graffiti ��� Battlestar Galactica  ��� Jesus Christ Superstar ��� Sergeant Pepper and His  Lonely Hearts Club Band  VHS or Beta Format  Sales or Rentals ;  885-9509  (Custom Video Taping Available)  ef)  C$MT  * ��IK9 Local songwriter  releases new album  by Vene Parnell  A new album called Wakefield Inn, a team effort by local  songwriter and musician  Stephen Hubert and Rick and  Gary Radymski, owners of the  Wakefield Inn, have turned  out what may at first glance  appear to be a promotion for  the West Sechelt area pub.  However, Wakefield Inn,  printed under the independent  label of Local Traffic Only  (LTO) and due to be released  this week is much, much  more, which becomes apparent as soon as the listener  gets into the music, or the  music gets into the listener.  The strong jazz-rock  rhythms combined with Hubert's melodic songwriting  style, have created a package  that is an entertainment  delight.  Recorded live at the Wakefield in December, the album  features the sounds of six  accomplished coast musicians  and the music is all the more  amazing when one realizes  that the group had never  played together before.  Bob. Gleason on sax and  harmonica, Mike Evans on  lead guitar, Denny James with  bass guitar, John Patterson  playing drums and Lee Taylor  on rhythm guitar back up  Hubert who was lead guitarist  and vocalist ofthe group.  Hubert was also songwriter  and arranger of all the selections except two on the album.  hr*W  ~ -.j?��.i-.^-..  Stephen Hubert, song-writer and musician hopes his new record will launch his career. Wakefield  Inn, featuring six area musicians, will be released this week. - van. parn.ii pmo  Northbound Train and Wakefield were written by local  songwriter, Darryl Teschke.  All six artists in the group  have a wealth of experience  gained over years in the  entertainment business and  their improvisation has produced a sound that has  energy, excitement and a  touch of professionalism that  will swell the hearts of coast  music fans with pride.  Hubert, who has become a  familiar face over the last  four years, especially as  regular house entertainer at  the Wakefield, describes this  first album as "an attempt to  bring my art before the public  eye".  Born in Maryland, Hubert  comes from a musical family  and was trained classically  in piano. He began to perform  at the age of 14, and started  to write songs at 16.' His formative guitar training was  with Richard Harrison, arranger for famous jazz guitarist Charlie Byrd in Washington and the early influences of  those intricate rhythms are  still the most outstanding  feature in Hubert's playing  today.  After years of producing  and booking bands, and playing clubs and concerts on the  West Coast during the 60's,  Hubert went to Los Angeles  for a couple of years, where he  attempted to break into the  recording industry.  In 1971, he visited Hawaii  for a holiday and found he  liked it so much he stayed  Coast News, June 1.6, 1981  Bring Father in for a Delicious Meal  and a FREE Surprise!  Roast Beef Dinner  1/2 Chicken Dinner  Choice Steak Dinner  Homemade Plot  And Other Delicious  ^^^^^^^B Desserts!  Cowrie St., Sechelt   885-9811  Under New Management  Watch for Grand Opening Soon  Book Look  by Murrie Redman  When The Cook Can't Look by Ralph Read, McGraw-Hill  Ryerson 1981, S14.S0  Ralph Read lost his sight through a diabetic condition.  Since then, he has carried on his work as a professor at a  university. And with a little help from his friends, he is  independent. Read wants other blind persons to enjoy  cooking for themselves and his book is designed to be read  aloud to the sightless.  Cookery is somewhat hazardous even for the sighted.  There are the usual cuts and burns. For the sightless, it is  even more dangerous. Broken glass, flame-ups and boiling  spills, which are a nuisance to the sighted, are tricky things  to manage for the blind. Ralph Read's advice is that kitchen  doings be well-organized with an eye to safety as well as  good cuisine.  When The Cook Can't Look is divided into sections. First  is a pep talk, then a list of staple items to have on hand, and  finaily, the recipes themselves. Going about the business of  food preparation is not the same for the sightless as it is for  the seeing. Much of the measuring is checked with the index  finger as is testing for doneness and heat. The hands become  the eyes.  Read's preface brings the reader into the world of the  blind. What are the stages to acceptance, what are the needs,  what are the frustrations? Mainly his introduction warns,  the blind are not "Big Babies". Yes, they need help in some  ways, but they wish to have as normal a life as possible. He  suggests, ask if the blind person wants assistance, do not  assume that he does. Never grab him by the arm, offer yours.  Do not speak of him as if he were not there, he can hear.  The utensil list and the cooking help is designed  specifically for the sightless. Many of the items are quite  different from the usual stock. The hints for appliance  selection may be surprising to the sighted person. Touch  type ovens and stoves are useless to the blind unless they  have tape attached to indicate numbers. The digitals are  only for the sighted.  The blind person's kitchen is a masterpiece of  organization, truly a place for everything and everything in  its place. Read recounts a story about his mother "just  tidying up a bit". Her efforts caused him much time in  finding things again.  Recipes are graded into levels of difficulty. Each is stated  as a level one, two or three. The appendix lists kitchen tasks  and cookery in progressive areas of difficulty. Recipes are  arranged into breakfasts, lunches and dinners.  For someone assisting the blind or who merely wishes to  further his understanding of the handicapped, Read's book  is excellent. It is a practical aid, written with good humour  and dependable experience.  ^��xa^sx/?-^ -a^Acrih^  o   ./y  (*  Corner of School &  Gower Point Roads  HDP Bookstore / gx/,  %Xlr-rt  James Herriot's  The Lord God  Made Them All  (cloth)  Yorkshire  ��� A guided tour with the  beloved veterinarian  (paper)  The New Worlds of  Robert A. Heinlein  Expanded Universe  (paper)    The list is by no means complete  Open  Fri. til 9 pm.  A Thoughtful Gift for Father  New from Sunset  Do-it-yourself  Energy Saving Projects  Basic Masonry  Illustrated  How to Plan Decks  Steelhead  The Supreme Trophy  Trout  - Barry M. Thornton  (cloth)  Exploring the Coast  by Boat - Volume 1  - Frieda Van der Ree  (cloth)  Sun. 11 - 5  888-7744  Mooching  The Salmon Fisherman's  Bible  ��� Autographed by the author  David Nuttall (cloth)  Casting and Fishing   U51  The Artificial Fly  ��� John W. Ball  British Columbia's  ^^^^^^^^^^^^^ Recreational Atlas  - New Reprint - paper  to list them all would be a hell ol a feat.  | Echeetol the Whittle  An illustrated hi��cxv ol  Union StesamrorjCompsnv  Gerald Rushicm <dp��M  ���anttetttMWMMfa-  ��� Tht Gordon Gitnon Slory  ��� Gordon Gibson with  Carol rtetajon  Ike Aft of laUjr Can*  DoraShadboll ,:  (Large format - clothl  A truly beautiful book  DtaetarLegefWpe  A pictorial account ot  Shipwrecks  Catforwa lo  Alaska'  ��� *n G(N�� (ctolM  <*>.*# 8*:  five years, playing clubs and  concerts. There he developed  a reputation as Stevie Guitar,  the best-known white entertainer on Maui.  When Hubert returned to  North America in 1976, he  played the Vancouver scene  and settled on the Sunshine  Coast, seeing it as an opportunity to become more creative and to live and work as  a songwriter.  He was married last year to  Nancy Baker, former owner of  Pentangle Plants in Sechelt,  and the couple have settled  in Halfmoon Bay and are  expecting their first child in  July.   .  The Wakefield Inn may be  a stepping-stone to greater  things for Hubert, whose  talent is apparent to all who  hear him, but for music fans  it is a record to definitely  collect and appreciate.  For all those who have  enjoyed live performances by  this talented local musician  over the last four years, songs  such as No Life of My Own,  The Sweetest Love, I Wrote  Those Songs for Yoo and  others, have been well-played  and well-reproduced.  Engineered  by   Frank   J.  Campbell, using stage equipment donated by Mike Evans  of Horizon Music, the album  will be sold at TJ's Sound in  Gibsons and Horizon Music  for $8.98, with a special sale  price of $8 if bought at the  famous Wakefield, where it  all happened.  Glbtont Public  library  Tuesday 2 - 4 pm  Wednesday 2 - 4 pm  Thursday 2-4 & 7-9 pm  Saturday 2 - 4 pm  886-2130  A New teth Book  The Individual  and the Nature ol  Mass Events  by Jane Roberts  Now Serving the Sunshine Coast  JERRY'S  LOCK & KEY  Sales, Service & Installation of  Industrial, Commercial, Residential & Automotive Locks  ��� Master Keying ��� Re-Coding  ��� Keys Fitted  Security Deadbolts, Locksets, Door Closers  Panic Hardware  Marine Drive, Glbtont 886-9600  ITS*  FOOD  FOR  THOUGHT  ��� by Yothi Tanaka  Chinese dishes are often  named lor fairy tales. "There  is a dish of ducks' feet and  Chinese black mushrooms  called Handful ol Money.  The round mushrooms look  like coins and the ducks' feet,  set around the edge of the  dish, look like they're grabbing the money."  A somewhat DIFFERENT  cheesecake Is made with  goat cheese or Brie���plus  herbs���and is served with  the salad course. Crust Is  made of bread sticks instead  ot sweet graham crackers.  Easy party dessert: big perfect scoops of vanilla ice  cream, rolled In coconut and  returned to the freezer, ready  to serve In a minute. Top with  liqueur or chocolate sauce.  Simplest salad Is often the  best: cut red and green  peppers into thin slices, toss  with olive oil, and bake  uncovered in a 300�� oven  about hall an hour (peppers  will be crisp). Sprinkle with  salt and pepper and lots of  lemon juice. Serve cool.  Simplest dinner for the  family: bring them all to  Yothl'i Restaurant, Sunnycrest Mall, Gibsons, 886-  S01S.  Everyone chooses his own  favourites���and the cook  gets a treatl  LUNCH  Tues. - Sat  11:30 am- 2 pm  . DINNER  Tues. - Thurs. S pm. ��� 9 pm.  Fri.�� Sat S pm. -10 pm.  CtOSED: Sun. * Mon.  PEOPLE COME HIST IT  PRICES EFFECTIVE: WED. JUNE 17 TO SAT. JUNE 20  IER  Ardmona  FRUITS (in pur juice)   ..!4oz   /9  Peaches, Peirs I Fiuit Salad  Nabob  COFFEE nb$2.89  Nabob Deluxe ,  TEA BAGS so. $1.69  I.G.A. - Unsweetened  juices 4,0.99*  Concentrated Apple, Pineapple & Grapefruit or Orange  Regular  KOOLAIP 7/$1.00  Sugar Sweet Handi Can  KOOLAID 720m. $2.69  Boston  CORNED BEEF LOAF    .20. $ 1.89  Crisco  oil u$2.09  Kraft  CHEEZWHIZ 5oogm$2.59  COCACOLAor  SPRITE 750 ml 2/$1.29  Plus Deposit  Bold or Oxydol  DETERGENT ei $3.99  Javex  LIQUID BLEACH m 4.59  Purina  BUTCHER BLENDor  PUPPY CHOW -n$9.29  Viva  TOWELS 2.4.29  Purex  BATHROOM TISSUE       * 4.49  Sootties  FACIAL TISSUE 200, 89*  Canada Grade A Tablerite Beef  CHUCK BLADE STEAK  Marinate t B.B.Q.  CROSS RIB ROAST  Olympic Brand, Large Size  B.B.Q. WIENERS   Breakfast Delight  SIDE BACON CHUNKS  Vac Pack  .. Ib.  ib 4.39  ... 4.99  ib 4.39  4.59  Golden Skillet Breaded  CHICKEN CURETTES40:.,.* 4.49  Pre-cooked  Local Hothouse  TOMATOES  California  CELERY  California - Medium Cooking  ONIONS  Delnor  VEGETABLES  Peas, Corn or Mixed  McCains  SUPER PATTIESo,  DOLLAR CHIPS  Highliner Whole  LOBSTER  .2 lbs  4.39   24 oz  89  .250gm  *3.99  Come to iMatkm - uU' Qeaul  PENDER HARBOUR POOL SCHEDULE  ShTw��  M, W, F. 7 30 - 9 am  For special data** and othtr Information,  ttltpnont 883-2612.  T & Th. 12 30- 130 pm Tt#0 Ool�� W  Public Moon Swim      M I F. 12 30- 1.30 pm Imajm gJim  Public Ertnlfig Swim M T. W. 6 30 ��� 8 30 pm -^    . ^ j^  Th 6 30 - 8 00 pm -......- ^^^_-  FimHf Swtffl Su, 2- 4 pm  M, T. W. 8 30- 10 pm  Th 9- 10 pm  Su  7 30 pm - 9 30 pm  T iTh. 130-2 30pm  M 4F"  130-230  a Su.2-4.pm.  Su, B- 10pm  PENDER HARBOUR CENTRE  Madeira Park.88J-9100  W�� resarva tha right  lo limit quantltka Coast News, June 16, 1981  EWS  Halfmoon Bay Happenings  Variety show shaping up  bv Ruth Forrester 885-2418  Halfmoon Bay Variety Show:  Tickets are now available  for the grand Halfmoon Bay  Variety Show which will be  at the Welcome Beach Hall  on Saturday, June 27th  starting at 7:30 p.m. Some of  your favourite local talent who  will be appearing are John  Hamilton, Ronnie Dunn,  the Murphy girls, the Middle-  ton family, Alice Horsman and  several performers from Vancouver.  This promises to be a  great evening of fun and  entertainment for all members  of the family, from the wee  ones up to the grandparents -  there will be something for  everyone.  Tickets are available at  the Halfmoon Bay store and  post office, and the price is  $2.50 for adults and SI.SO  for children fourteen and  under. Seating space is  limited, so best get your  tickets right away rather than  be disappointed. Proceeds will  go to the Welcome Beach  Community Association.  Nicki Weber is the producer  of this show, and Nicki has  had lots of experience in this  type of production.  Welcome Beach Annual meeting:  A reminder of the Annual  General    Meeting    of    the  RBP Bookstore ft&  Gibsons Landing        886-7744  Pioneer Days in British Columbia  ��� Volumes 1 - 4  Ariel ��� The Book of Fantasy  ��� Volumes 1 ��� 3  Sunset Barbecue Cook Book  The Decameron - Boccaccio (Penguin Classic)  Robert Davidson: Halda Printmaker  - Hilary Stewart (cloth)  Ralph Edwards  of Lonesome Lake  ��� as told to Ed Gould (cloth)  Tommy Douglas  SpeakS - till power is brought  to pooling (cloth)  Welcome Beach Community  Association at the hall on  Tuesday, June 16fh, at 7:30.  All members and potential  members are urged to attend  this important meeting in  order that your ideas may be  heard as to the types of  activities you would like to sec  in the coming season.  People of all ages who live  in the area are welcome to  become part of the community  by joining this association and  supporting all the activities.  Winter would be a very dull  time here if we didn't have the  social evenings and parties  at the hall, as well as the  various fun games and film  nights etc.  To all of you - and there  are many - newcomers to the  area - we will be happy to  see you at this meeting and to  get to know you. It's a good  place to come to make new  friends - new faces are always  welcome, so do come and join  us.  For kicks:  It seems beyond all comprehension that people get  their kicks out of destroying  mail boxes and signs along  the Redrooffs Road. Surely  there must be better things  to do than to cause many  Egmont News  Grand Egmont day  Area K Director, Jim Gurney, chaired a \ncal meeting, Wednesday at Cedar Grove School to discuss  the Area K Settlement Plan. Seated al left are Jim Johnstone, SCRD Assistant Planner and Bernie  Parker, Settlement Plan committee member.  vem pameii pnoto  elderly people the annoyance  and   expense   of   replacing  these objects which cost a  considerable amount of mo  ney.  Trip to England!  Keith and Olive Comyn had  a truly delightful trip to the  area where Olive had spent  her childhood in Reigate in  Surrey. It had been 55 years  since Olive had been "home",  and acquaintances were re  newed with three cousins. A  very nostalgic visit to the  churchyard where grand and  great-grandparents are buried  as well as a tour of Scotland  and Wales. They found that  though there were many  changes, there were also lots  of places exactly the same as  they had been for hundreds of  years.  ANNOUNCEMENT  Dental Mechanic  Gunnar Asikainen  Now Open for Denture Service  Monday to Friday  9:00 to 5:00  For appointment phone 885-1*33  Credit Union Bldg, Sechelt  PUBLIC NOTICE  This is to inform the general public that, because of lack of  financial help and support, the Sunshine Coast S.P.C.A. can no  longer continue to operate an animal shelter. Therefore the very  difficult decision was reached that, as of August 15, 1981, the  Sunshine Coast S.P.C.A. will no longer be operating an animal  shelter at Peninsula Boarding Kennels,Reed Rd., Gibsons.  Because we are losing our facilities we will no longer be able to  accept any animals as we will have no place to house them.  It is with regret that this decision was made, but without proper  funding there was no way we could continue to raise the amount  of money needed each month to continue running an animal  shelter where are are. If other facilities are made available to us  with lower monthly expenses or regular funding then we would be  pleased to set-up another animal shelter. Until such time, all  monies received will go into the bank towards our future goal of  our own shelter. We are going to continue having fund-raising  projects towards this goal.  We will continue to run the Spay and Neuter Clinic; handle  complaints of abuse, and answer general questions.  Your local S.P.C.A. now needs your support even more to see our  goal reached as quickly as possible. If you have any questions or  inquiries, please phone 886-7839 or 886-7938.  by Jon Van Arsdell  We finally had a great day  for Egmont Sports Day I  The clouds brought no rain,  and old Mr. Sunshine showed  his face at just the right  times throughout the day.  The older citizens praised the  elements; not too hot.  Leonard Silvey brought  big, live herring on the  SUveralde for the Kid's  Fishing Derby that got underway at 9:30 a.m. The bite  was slow at first, but the kids  found where the fish were  lurking, and by noon the  judges, Billy Griffith and Tom  Krivanek really had their work  cut out for them. Kinji Van  Arsdell won first prize, a  Daiwa rod and reel, with a  monster dogfish. Shane Wallace landed a large ling cod,  winning the Daiwa reel for  second place. Jody Jeffries  caught the smallest fish,  Tom Silvey's flatfish was the  strangest, and Adam Wallace  walked away with the Antipollution prize by landing an  old prawn trap that was home  for a very disgruntled sea  cucumber!  We then migrated to the  school field for the races.  There were lots of winners,  from pre-schoolers on up.  Sprints, sack races, three-  legged races, high jump,  slow bike race, and a messy  egg throw kept everyone  hopping. Mens' and Ladies'  Long Ball Throw and the  Tug-o'-wars primed everyone  for the excellent 6-inning ball  game. Good pitching, hitting  and fielding made everyone  think we should play ball more  often. Rodney's team barely  squeezed a 9-8 victory over  Steve's team, thereby capturing the Silver Glove Trophy. Doug Silvey thoughtfully donated a case of Bud for  the winners.  Perhaps the most popular  event of the day was the  Canoe   Race   around   Home  Island. It was a really hard  push from the dock to the  island, as the furious paddlers  bucked both wind and tide.  Three heats had to be run to  determine the final winners.  In the final race, California  Don and Crown Zee Dave  barely edged our John Marion  and his partner. Unfortunately  the prize money disappeared  in the shuffle. Anyone knowing its whereabouts should  give it to Don and Dave, who  have no hard feelings, as they  had to borrow their entry fee  anyhow. Special thanks to  Vene Parnell for documenting  this special day for the Coast  News.  Only good news this week!  Betty Silvey upped the town's  population by one by delivering beautiful Russell David  Silvey last Sunday at three in  the afternoon. He weighed in  at 7 lbs. 15 oz. and Papa  Leonard could be described as  "happy as a clam in high  water"!  ���KITCHEN  CARNIVAL  "A Gallery o}  Kitchen Gadge/s & Accessories"  Father's Day  special:  World's  Greatest Dad  Mug  Made in England  Hrg.S2.98  On Sale '1.49  885-3611  Cowrie Street, Sechelt  VILLAGE OF  GIBSONS  P.O. Box 340  Gibsons, B.C. VON 1V0  Telephone 886-2274  NOTICE TO  GIBSONS  TAXPAYERS  Tax notices for the current year have now been  mailed. If you have not received a notice to the  property you own, please contact the Municipal  Hall at 1490 South Fletcher, or telephone 886-  2274.  New owners - you are responsible for 1981 taxes. If  you are in any doubt, contact our office.  ELIGIBLE   HOME OWNER GRANT APPLICANTS  should complete the home owner grant application  whether taxes are paid by your mortgage company or  not.  Payment and/or provincial home owner grant  applications must be delivered to the Municipal  Office by close of business'at 4:30 pm. on July 2,  1981 to avoid a 10% penalty on current taxes.  PLEASE NOTE DUE DATE - July 2, 1981.  J.W. Copland  Administrator  z'Hjje Cpowf] of GIopv  OPEN MONDAY JUNE 22ND  FOR GRADUATION  New Addition to Our Staff  Marianne  Specializing in all Styles of  BRAIDING  Cedar Plaza, Glbtont    886-9744  FULL QOSPEL  BUSINESSMEN'S  FELLOWSHIP IN CANADA  Gibsons Chapter  BANQUET  June 20th ��  6:30 p.m.  Harmony Hall,  Gibsons \%       m  Guest Speaker: Mr. Bob Milliken  Businessman from Chilliwack  Tickets: 888-9036 -886-2703  Elphinstone Wanderers Softball Club  DANCE  Saturday,  June 17th  9 pm ��� 1 am  Roberts Creek Hall  Dance to "TAX DEDUCTIBLE"  Tlckett: $6.00 ea.      Available at  Richards, Sunnycrett Mall (No Minors),  Sponsored as a Public Service  886-2622     by the Coast News    886-7817  NOTE: Early innounctrntntt will bt run onct, Ihtn mutt bt  rt-itibmltttd to run again, no mort Ihtn ont month prior to  Coming Events  f HiWM In Motion: Exercise to Music. Roberts Creak Community Hall,  Mon.. Wed., Fri. - 930 am - 10:30 am.   $io/mo For into call Ritta.  686-2875  Sechelt Summer Fun Recreation Project for children ages 6-12. June  29 - Aug. 31. Monday through Friday (10 - 12 and 2 - 4) at Sechelt  Elementary School.  Elphinstone Wanderers Dance Elphinstone Wanderers Softball Club  Dance. Sat. June 27, 9 - 1. Roberts Creek Hall. Dance to "Tax  Deductible". Tickets $6.00 ea. Available at Richards, Sunnycrest Mall,  Gibsons. (No Minors).  Postponement. The Teacher  ���Roast" for Louise Lang and Met  Camp bell has been postponed to June 20th at 7:30 at Sechelt  Elementary Gym and former students, parents or colleagues are  welcome.  Display ot painting by Kay Cole al The Hunter Gallery. June 20 til July  4.  Holy LandTour. November 16th. 12 days. Deluxe & complete. For more  into, phone 866-2660 #26  Regular Events  Elphinstone Pioneer Museum in Gibsons is now open. Monday  through Saturday between 9 am.'to 4 pm.  Monday  Roberts Creek Hospital Auxiliary Second Monday of each month -11  jm  SI  Aidan's Hall.  Sunshine Pottery Guild meets every 2nd Monday of the month at the  "Studio" corner of North Road and Highway 101 at 7 pm TFN  Tuesday  Women's Aglow Fellowship Meets every third Tuesday ot the month at  Harmony Hall. Gibsons Transportation and babysitting available 686-  7426  Sunshine Coast Arts Council Regular meeting 4th Tuesday of every  month at 7:30 pm at the Arts Centre in Sechelt  Al-Anon Meetings Al-Anon Meetings every Tuesday night  Robeils  Creek For information call 886-9059 or 886-9041  Sunshine Coast Navy League ot Canada Cadets ana Wrenettes. ages  10 to 13 will again meet Tuesday nights, 7 - 9 pm . United Church Hall  Gibsons New recruits welcomed  Wednesday  Tops Club Gibsons Tops meets every Wed evening at 6 45 in the  Armour's Beach Athletic Hall   New members and teen members  welcome Phone 886-9765 eves  Sunshine Lapidary A Craft Club Meets 1st Wed every month at 7 30  pm For information 686-2873 or 886-9204  Pender Harbour Hospital Auilllary  Second Wednesday of each  month, 1:30 pm. St. Andrews Church-New members always welcome.  Wilson Creek Community Reading Centre 7 30 - 6 30 p m 885-2709  Sechell Garden Club 730 p.m.. St Hilda's Hall. First Wednesdays  except January. Juiv August  Sunshine Coeat Sports Club will  be having a track-and-field  organizational meeting at Elphinstone School. Wednesdays 5 p.m.  Thursday  The Bargain Bam of the Pender Harbour Health Clinic Auxiliary is  open on Thursday afternoons from 1:00 until 3:30.  Al-Anon Mealing Every Thursday in Gibsons at 8 pm. For information  call 666-9569 or 886-9037.  Western Weight Controllers Every Thursday at 1 pm. in the Armours  Beach Athletic Hall, Gibsons and in the Sechelt Elementary School.  Thursdays at 7pm. New members welcome. 865-3895 (Sechelt Only)  Reverts Creek Legion Bingo every Thursday, beginning May 7, Early  Bird, Regular and Bonanza. T.F.N.  Film: "Gambler: An Island In Jeopardy. June 18,8 pm. at Elphinstone  High School, Room 111. Will be followed by a discussion period.  Everyone welcome. #24  Friday  Qlbioni Tot Lot y, CANCELLED until mid-September.  Thrift Shop Every Friday. 1 ��� 3pm. Thrift Shop, Gibsons United Church  beiement.  Wilson Creek Community Reeding Centre Noon - 4:00 pm   885 2709  Saturday  Wlleon Creek Community needing Centre 11:30 ��� 1 p.m. 885-2709  The lergaln Bern of the Pender Harbour Health Clinic Aun.llary Is  open on Saturday afternoons from 1 - 4 pm.  Holy Family Pariah C.W.L. Bake lilt, Saturdty June 20,11 am. Trail  Bey Mell. Roberts Creek  Ladies victorious  by Jeanle Norton 886-9609  The Ladies Softball Team is  hot on the road to fame and  glory. It's leading the league  with 11 wins and 1 loss and,  after hosting a tournament in  Sechelt last weekend, it's off  j to Duncan this weekend in  hopes of a win and a good  time.  Tonight is the last home  game of the season for the  ladies, but the Legion won't  be open afterward. The ladies  would like to thank the Legion  for giving them a place to  celebrate (usually) on Tuesdays.  No entertainment.  There is no entertainment  booked for this weekend at the  Legion, but next week Mike  Evans and Lee Brown will be  playing.  Association tomorrow.  Tomorrow (Wednesday) it  the last Community AtrMfef*  ation meeting until CI* Fall.  Items for the apeafaa mus': be  submitted to Gail Crom.e or  Dennis Davison. Meeting  starts at 8 at the Community  Hall.  Sign op now.  The organizers of Sea  Cavalcade thought the Mr.  Roberts Creek contest was  such a good idea last year  that they want to do something like it this year. Well,  there's only one Mr. Roberts  Creek and it's quite an  honour. Everybody seems to  be lying low, perhaps not  wanting to reveal their winning assets.  Time to come out of the  bush, fellas, and declare your  intentions to run, so we can  give you a little publicity,  Phone Dianne Evans to sign  up - - you can leave a message  at 886 '2087.  Creek Daze lives  Gibsons Hospital  Auxiliary  Coast News, June 16, 1981  ��� Janice Edmonds Photo  by Carol Kuban  A group of enthusiastic  Roberts Creekers is busily  planning this year's festivities. The Hall Committee  has taken responsibility for  the Daze this year.  : As a non-profit organization, our goals are to pay  'off the mortgage on the  community hall and to retain  the building as an historic  landmark.  We plan to have the annual  Mr. Roberts Creek contest on  Friday, July 10th. Tickets  will be on sale for this at the  Seaview Market in the near  future.  On Saturday, July 11, we'll  be having the Higgledy-piggledy Parade, Food Booths,  Crafts People, Musicians and  Children's  Games  On Saturday night, the  annual Daze Dance features  the return of the sounds of  Nightshade. Get your tickets  at the Seaview Market now I  District Commissioner Paula Stewart congratulating Tina Lucas,  one of U Brownies that flew up to Guides on June Ith.  Pender Harbour News  Harbour celebration  RICHARD'S  mens wear  JJunnycrest Mall, Gibsons  886-2116  has  SPECIALS  until Father's Day, June 21st  DADS  AND  GRADS  for your SPECIAL DAY  our SUITS and SPORTSJACKETS  are at  SPECIAL LOW PRICES  Looking Good?  YOU BETCHA!  by Doris Edwardson  Wedding Annlvenaiiea.  Last week Vi and Earl (the  Pearl) Ansell celebrated their  thirty-eighth wedding anniversary and many friends met  them at the Legion where a  lively sing-a-long took place  with Mrs. Les Beharrel  playing all those old tunes.  Vi and Earl were married in  Calgary and spent their  honeymoon in Banff, Alberta.  The previous week Muriel  and Fred Crosby celebrated  their thirtieth wedding anniversary at the home of their  daughter and son-in-law, Mr.  and Mrs. Harry Kammerle,  Narrows Road, where a surprise party was put on by  friends and relatives.  Congratulations to Debbie and  Doug.  Debbie and Doug Fielding  are the proud parents of a  baby girl, three pounds,  thirteen ounces, bora in the  Vancouver General Hospital  last week. Grandparents are  Mr. and Mrs. Pete Hanna and  Mr. and Mrs. Doug Fielding  and great-grandmother is  Mrs. Cledia Duncan.  Pender Harbour Community  Club.  There seemed to be quite a  mix-up over what is going on  at the Community Club  grounds, so I had a talk with  Andy Tapio and Alfie Lajlar  who explained that a portion  of the Bargain Barn had been  fixed up for an information  booth to be run by a few high  school graduates.  Toilet   facilities   will   be  built at the Community Club  for public use and this has  been a necessity for some  time. Alf Lajlar will maintain  the grounds and look after the  facilities and soon it will really  look like a park. The Bargain  Barn is going to be painted  the same colour as the Tiki  Take Out.  The June meeting of the  Gibsons Hospital Auxiliary  was held on Monday, June 8,  1981, at Camp Olave, Roberts  Creek, in conjunction with the  other five Auxiliaries active on  the Sunshine Coast. Roberts  Creek was the host Auxiliary,  and members congregated at  the 'Lodge' at 11 a.m. after  touring the area.  Bag lunches were enjoyed  as members chatted at picnic  tables in the Lodge grounds,  followed by a tempting assortment of cakes and cookies  baked by the Roberts Creek  ladies. We were finally driven  onto the verandah by sprinklings of rain, though no heavy  downpours threatened us.  Mrs. Beverly Northway,  President of the Roberts Creek  Auxiliary, welcomed us most  warmly and Mrs. Joan Rigby,  Vice-President of Gibsons  Auxiliary followed up with a  vote of thanks to our hosts on  behalf of all members. Thirty-  one Gibsons members were  present, Mrs. Betty Patterson,  Area Representative, and  Mrs. Zophia Keller were  honoured guests.  The topic of discussion was  the Convention of British  Columbia Association of Hospital Auxiliaries held in Vancouver on May 11-13 inclusive - uppermost in all  member's minds. Delegates  came back foil of enthusiasm,  and this enthusiasm was  shared with us when various  speakers gave their Individual  impressions. Mrs. Joan Rigby, on behalf of Co-ordinating  Council felt that the displays  presented by Mainland Auxiliaries were ingenious  ���_-�� e      1    i rwi        uianes were ingenious to a  Birthday leadegree*Jotn stressed th,t  J displays need not be elaborate  ���The rnembers of St. Aidan's  Church gave a Tea June 6th  for Mrs. Lily Sear, a long-time  resident of Roberts Creek, to  honour her on her 90th  birthday.  The hall was full of well-  wishers including Mrs. Sear's  family from North Vancouver,  Mr. and Mrs. Donald Sear and  family; Mr. and Mrs. Gerald  Crimp and son Roger, daughter-in-law Leslie and great-  granddaughter, Jessica.  Mrs. Passmbre, President  of the A.C.W. gave the  Welcome address and pit  sented a Boston Fern and a,  beautifully illustrated book  about the life of Prince*  Charles.  Mrs. Marion Cupid, President of New Horizons,  presented a beautiful floral  arrangement and Best Wishes  on behalf of the New Horizons' members.  Mrs. Sear wishes to thank  everyone for nlakmg tne Tea a  happy, eaeasion.  displays i  to be effective.  Mrs. Edith Simmons, President of the Port Mellon  Auxiliary, gave us a lovely  little talk (including jokes  which brought forth giggles)  but stressing the importance  of diet in relation to the aging  process. Loss of memory,  which plagues us all, unfortunately, at some point,  can be improved by folic  acid contained in green leaf  vegetables. Mrs. Mary MacDonald, Activity-Director for  the Coast Auxiliaries mentioned the very Important  part played by familiar surroundings and a healthy  atmosphere in any Extended  Care situation. Mrs. Ida  Leslie, President of the  Gibsons Auxiliary, and member Mrs. Isobel Leech, both  spoke in glowing terms of the  reward gained by any member  attending Convention. They  were both pleased to see so  many young members present.  Mrs. Pauline Lamb, Chairman of the Co-ordinating  Council, brought the event to  a close, entertaining us enormously with a set of exercises done to musk, which  would be of great benefit to  those in wheelchairs in particular, but to anyone in  general. This was a great  success and Pauline had us  all exercising away - a good  thing after all those cakes!  We thank all these ladies for  a most enjoyable day, but a  special vote of thanks to  Mr. and Mrs. Lamb for  their organization.  Tickets for the raffle of a  hand-stitched quilt and an  inlaid walking stick are now  on sale, priced at $1.00 each.  Most members have books,  but tickets will be on sale at  the 'Sunnycrest Mall' on July  19 and July 26 for starters.  It is hoped that the public  will support us as generously  as they have with other  projects in the put. All  proceeds will be donated to  St. Mary's Hospital, Sechelt.  The next meeting of the  Gibsons Hospital Auxiliary  will be held in September,  but in the meantime, it is  hoped that all members will  enjoy a happy and peaceful  summer.  Job's  Daughters  by Arlene Mulcaster  Bethel No. 28, Roberts  Creek, B.C., International  Order of Job's Daughters, extends a warm invitation to the  public to attend an open  installation of Bethel Officers  at 2 pm. on Sunday, June 14,  at the Masonic Hall, Roberts  Creek, B.C.  Honoured Queen-Beet is  Susan Brandys; Installing  Officer of the afternoon is  Debbie Robinson, Retiring Honoured Queen.  Any girls interested in joining Job's Daughters should  phone Mrs. Brandys at 886-'  9617.  While the mortgage is big, and the kids are  young  ��� the years of your greatest  liability you need lots of life coverage at  low cost! Call us ��� we're  THE Term Life People  Derek Everard  & Associates  885-5726  Deserted Bay Summer Camp  Registration lor the Summer Camp will now be taken al  the Sechelt Band Office. There will be 5 - one week  sessions starting:  1.   July 6 to 10     4.   July 27 ��� 31  2. July 13 lo 17   5.   August 3 ��� 7  3. July 20 -24  Applications for Gibsons can be picked up at the Coast  News Office.  The fee will be $50. for one week. For more information,  phone the Band Office at 885-2273.  * Volunteers will be needed to cook.  SUNSHINE COAST  REGIONAL DISTRICT  The offices of the R.R.A.P. Advisor have been  changed to Wednesday and Thursday of each  week.  Hours from 8 a.m. to 3 p.m.  Please call 885-5440 If you have any questions  regarding your application.  B. Ackerman  R.R.A.P. Advisor  U  Diesel Powered with  Rototiller & Loader. All  Hydraulic.  4  Wheel  Drive.  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Bag  New Zealand  GALA APPLES  ,750 ml  SI.99  Kraft  mayonnaise  Sunrype     White Label _A^  apple lulce ^79��  Betty Crocker - Super Moist  C3HB mill Asst'd Flavours... 510 gm * I ��� I 9  National Bakeries'  Fruit Bread i6 oz Loaf $1.25  National Bakeries'  Floured Scones   $ 1.25  FOrtU"e J*   f**A  sardines ^^ 2/99��  Sunspun .  coffee whltener $2.59  Nalley's Lumberjack .       ^^  svrup *,m*1.99  *wAJHBm_  mBKSmBftW&M  Dare - Choc. Chip .       .��*.���*  cookies �� $1.69  Nalley's *****+  potato chips MCmB9(  Shirriffs    Asst'd Flavours  sundae topping ^89��  Monarch __^  margarine ^57��  Parchment  icecream     ^^$1.99  Fraser Vale A      ^^  vegetables J 1.99  California, Italian Mix & Winter Mix  Minute Maid    Concentrate  orange lulce ��ml $1.29  For the Man Who Takes the Cake  "My goodness, it's Father's Day next Sunday. Is there some special treat you'd like to eat?" said I tomyhead of household.  He clutched his head, uttered a horrendous groan and dived under the bedclothes. The reason (or this outburst was not his  len or of my cooking abilities. Unfortunately the poor soul had just had a wisdom tooth removed and his head resembled a  bearded football.  There was a pause, then the football appeared at the top of the bedclothes. "If I could only eat," it mumbled longingly, "I  would eat Roast Pork tenderloin, roast potatoes, and peas ��� lots of peas." "What a plebeian choice," I said scathingly, "I can  hardly write a column about that." The football glowered, then retired to its underworld.  One thing I've learnt, and there aren't many���I do know when I'm beaten so I retired to my kitchen and decided what he'd  really get for Father's Day!  Strawberry Cheese Cake  Base:  I 1/4 cups graham cracker crumbs  1/2 teaspoon cinnamon  1/4 cup sugar  1/3 cup melted margarine  Mix all ingredients together and press into the base and  sides ol a 9" pie plate. Bake at 375�� F for 8 minutes. Cool.  Happy Father's Day  Nest Lewis  (former Home  Economics teacher)  Cheese Cake:  250 ml. Philadelphia cream cheese  1 carton plain yogurt  2 eggs, separated  2 tablespoons sugar  1 package gelatin  1/4 cup water  1. Cream the cheese, yogurt, egg yolks and sugar until  smooth.  2. Dissolve the gelatin in the water following the instructions  on the envelope. Beat into the cheese mixture.  3. Beat the egg whites until stiff and stir into the cheese  mixture. Pour into the crumb base and refrigerate until  set.  Topping:  125 ml. whipping cream  2 cups strawberries  1/4 cup sugar  1. Slice the strawberries in half, reserving a few for  decoration.  2. Beat the whipping cream until stiff.  3. Fold in the strawberries and sugar and spoon over the  cheese mixture. Decorate with the remaining strawberries.  Guaranteed, as the ideal dessert to follow Pork Tenderloin!  A  Day ny day, item by item, we do more tor m In  prouiding variety, quality and friendly si vice.  Hie reserve the rant to limit Quantities'  Gower Point Rd., Gibsons      Free Delivery to the Wharf     906*2257  The  PoP  Shoppe  12-30 oz/850 ml  Any flavour  $5.50  plus dcpmil  $5.00  plus depoiii  24-10 oz/300 ml  Any flavour  Fresh  PRAWNS  *3.75/lb.  a):30 am - 7 pm  Gibsons Fish  Market Coast News, June 16, 1981  SUMMER  MEALS ARE FUN  PRICES EFFECTIVE  Wed. - sun.  June 17th - 2ist  Open Fridays til 7 p.m.  Open Sundays & Holidays  10 a.m. - 5 p.m.  DOLLAR  Sunspun - Fancy Whole Kernel _   ggmtmtmy  corn ^/89c  Crest     Regular & Mint Bonus ^  toothpaste ^,51.59  Blue or Green                      ^A ^            _  super soap f 2S.mlsi.99  Oxydol or Bold .  pwd detergent   ��u$fl.39  Ivory - Personal Size .  bar soap      mmm '1.09  Scott  paper towels     .1*1.88  Baby Scott .  0iaP6rS Super Absorbent 24's 'Oi | 9  Baby Scott .  diapers Re***       *. '2.99  liquid detergent     ->1.99  j  ��� HOUSEWARES ���  BARBECUE TOOLS        *rm���������aaa  DgMdmcK  ��� 3 piece set includes  !��� TURNER ��� FORK ���TONGS  Reg. $7.29  special Purchase Mce  $5.88  PAILS  bv Lustrowere  Sturdy pail with handle. Handy for  your garden work.  Reg. $2.69  special Purchase Price  '2.09  HEAVY DUTY SCRUBBER  ogam  Great cleaning aid for grills, rust &  corrosion, garden & shop tools, loose  paint, acid cleaning, boat bottoms &  hulls etc.  Reg. $3.49  special Purchase Price  (2.39  ,  .  i  . . '.,m*m  ~Uim\\  ���ym  HB"*  :  1  -MEAT-     ,  {Gov't Inspected Canada Grade H Fresh  FRYING CHICKEN  SEGMENTS  Breasts a Thighs >b M.89  Drumsticks >b *1.79  wings ib. 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It's also easier to bea bit particular if one stops driving early In the day, or travels  in the off-tourist season.  I have found, time and again, that first class accommodation costs no more, or very little more than mediocre or  even an unacceptable standard of accommodation. To discover this, one needs to get the key, make an examination  before registering, and decide whether you will stay or not. Sure, the meek are loathe to do this but it pays. One finds  too, that the tourist oriented areas such as Banff are higher priced in all respects.  One goes to Reno or Los Vegas for fun and good shows. The same criteria holds true���the very best costs but very  little more. Speaking of Reno shows, I cannot recall when I've seen a more beautiful production than ''Hello -  Hollywood - Hello", seen twice nightly at the MGM Grand in Reno. I know many people from here have seen it, but If  by chance you are one who hasn't, then may I suggest that at first opportunity you do so.  The MGM Hotel is, of course, a magnificent building throughout and in one small corner contains a threatre that can  seat 2,000 to a dinner or cocktail show. The show commences with the introduction of acast of 150 people who arrive  in a real airplane which lands on the stage, bright landing lights glaring from wing tips as it approaches. This, in itself,  will give my readers some indication of the magnitude of stage and settings. The production cost $6,000,000. three  years ago and is still running under contract for a further three, at least.  So much for my holiday which I enjoyed immensely and I just had to share some of my experiences.  1. Cut out this Coupon  2. Att.ich to your Sales Slip  ���V  ���0  ��  3. Return to Ken's Lucky Dollar ' %  DRAW TO BE MADE SUNDAY AT 5 p.m.  NAME . TEL NO.  POSTAL ADDRESS    Our popular $50.00 weekly yrocery draw will continue each week into ���  1981 until further notice. '  L������a���-.--���a. ��� ��� J  Itl  III  40.00 9MCERV DRAW!  46th  Grocery Draw Winner  Mr. John Buhner  Shop with confidence. Our prices are uery competltlue.  Ule will not be undersold on these aduertlsed items.  We fully guarantee euerythlng we sell to he satisfactory.  or money cheerfully refunded. 10  Coast News, June 16, 1981  Fleming on Education  The shame of failure  b> Frances Kleming  June is the month of brides.  roses, and school failures. Most  June brides anticipate a life-  ���  time (more or less) ol wedded  !   bliss; the roses lade, and leave  '   behind their lovely aroma and  the   memory   ol   their   full-  blown beauty; school failure is  a   traumatic   experience   that  separates  a  child   Irom   his  normal  growth  patterns and  brands him forever as a substandard human being.  No onequanels with subject  failure in a secondary program,  a subject which may he repeated or dropped, depending  upon its importance in the  curricula. English failed must  be repeated: typing failed may  he dropped. I here is no >tie.ma  attached lo subject failure,  because the student is allowed  to progress with his peers in  every subject in which he was  successful, (iood rapport between teacher and pupil would  suggest that both admit failure  tit final report time; the teacher  admitting that he had not  succeeded in his professional  task, and the pupil admitting  that he had missed too much,  had not asked for help, had not  completed required assignments, had lost interest, or that  he had discovered that he had  little or no aptitude lor that  skill or subject. Ihe incomplete  course could and should he the  subject for soul-searching and  counselling on the part of both  teacher and pupil, a most  valuable learning experience  out of which both could emerge  MIL  stronger and wiser. Such  conferences should be mandatory, and results recorded  and intitialled for future reference.  Failure in elementary school  is not subject failure, but grade  failure. Ihis is a damaging,  counter-productive, punitive  measure, foisted upon teachers  by the educational system, it  runs contrary to all we know  about child growth and development. It is also costly,  adding thousands ol dollars to  the school budget.  Parents are advised that the  greatest single goal of early  childhood education is to build  in each child a sense of his own  worth as a person. I he child is  made lo see that he is needed  and valued by thoseabout him.  Ihis is'one of the richest gifts  his parents can give him. By  assuming little tasks in the  lamily circle, he realizes that  people will count on him. that  things run smoothly with his  help, and he gains self-confidence and initiative.  In the home circle the child is  allowed to grow, and there is no  pressure on him to succeed on  the first attempt. Failure lo  accomplish a task, to tie his  shoe, to water a plant without  spilling will not he a threat to  the child but an invitation to  think it over and try again,  doing better next time. No  parent would say to a child,  "Sorry, you have failed your  fourth year. Instead of calling  you five this birthday, wc will  go back to four candles, and  you   will  do  this  year  over  again." All his friends have five  candles and are going on lo six.  He alone is stopped in his  tracks, confused, bewildered,  hurt, unable to comprehend the  standards that dubbed him a  failure. Can a child fail a year of  growth? Parents say. "No."  School says. "Yes!"  School is a world of bewildering distractions, with  numbers of strange adults and  peers all busily involved in  various activities. Thechild has  a reason to be apprehensive  and fearful, and if fear of  failure is added, it may overwhelm the child completely.  Yet children are "failing"  kindergarten! failing every  grade from one to seven, over  the province Iheir numbers  running into thousands every  year.  Moore and Moore discuss  this in a thought-producing  book called "Better Late than  Karly". They poinl out we  make the mistake of starting  little children too early at tasks  which require a co-ordination  of the eyes, hands and sometimes the feet, long before the  child has reached his integrated  maturity level. Would it not be  better to retain them in a free  play situation, learning and  developing as children, before  we introduced them to the  primary sweat shops required  by the heavy curricula laid on  these innocent and defenseless  little ones?  Many researchers are accusing us of spending too much  time on basic skills at too early  an age, creating anxiety, frust-  A wash and a brush-up  Ramblings  of a Rover  by Dee Cee  On the  Seafood Platter  by auk-Clud.  f\  ��<^  CARPET ft  JUPHOLSTERY  W  "SENIOR CITIZEN MONTH" A  To all Senior Citizens: we at Suncoast Carpet  Cleaning are paying Special Tribute to YOU,  our founders.  We have always given you a 10% discount.   But...  For the MONTH OF JULY we offer you a whopping  25% Discount on  UPHOLSTERY CLEANING & CARPET CLEANING  Remember, you want only Professionals doing your work! J  885^5851'  ��� Vene Parnell pholo  (iibsons Science Fair, held June 3, had lots of winners. Kris  Boutilier, striped shirt, a Kindergarten student, won first prize in  the Kit category with his homemade metal detector. Kris explains  his project, above, to the rest of his class.  ration and delinquent behaviour in our anxiety to Teach  rather than lo encourage  growth and learning. The  Browns quote Dr. Annelicse  Pontius' remarks that we seem  bent on creating moral cripples  and ethical retards out of  children who arrive at school  with a sound value system,  expecting to be liked if not  loved, anticipating success al  the assigned task, understanding and encouragement to do  better.  Grade failure is an absolute  betrayal of the child's trust.  Under our present structure it  is the unenviable fate of far too  many children. When the  system destroys the child's self-  worth, the damage is done.  There is no remediation for the  little lost souls that haunt our  school corridors. When a child  is failed by a teacher he has  admired and trusted, something within him dies. Why do  we persist in doing this?Cannot  a better way be devised?  If there is any one thing that  we of the older generation  share in common I think it is  the fact that we resent change.  It is not only the physical  changes that inevitably  occur in our lives as the years  roll remorselessly by, but the  realization that we can neither  arrest the passage of time nor  the sometimes painful alterations that go on in our once familiar surroundings. I cite as  an example, the downtown of  Vancouver.  When I hopped off that  freight at the foot of Carrall  Street on that wet Sunday  morning I was well aware that  I was right in the heart of  skid road. There were, apart  from the blowsy old hag I collided with in front of the  Europe Hotel, many unmistakable signs that collectively  stamped the area for what it  was. The cracked sidewalks,  the shabby storefronts, the  general appearance of decay  and the shattered wine bottles  and other litter evident, not  only in the gutters but in the  doorways of abandoned buil-  y**��y*KM  (  Chimney  Cleaning  & Maintenance  Phone 886-8187  Good news I All seafood fans  in the Sechelt area will be  pleased to know that the  limited supply of bounties  from the ocean is coming to  an end. No longer will I have  to listen to complaints ol  readers who say that it is just  too far for them to travel down  to Gibsons Landing to obtain  good seafood.  On or about July Ist Doug  and Mary Solomon of Gibsons'  Fish Market are opening up a  branch store in Sechelt. The  location is an ideal one in the  centre of the old village on  Cowrie Street right next to the  new St. Mary's Hospital Thrift  Shop. The building is well  known to ail, for over thirty  years it has been Bernel  Gordon's Real Estate and  Agency Office.  Doug and Mary tell me that  not only will it provide the  residents of Sechelt with a  fresh fish market, but it will  provide them with more much-  conomiser  Some Items may be  unavailable due to  suppliers shortages  WE RESERVE THE RIGHT  TO LIMIT QUANTITIES  t  3  Q  C  <D  </>  <1>  JUNE SALE  PRICES EFFECTIVE UNTIL  JUNE 23rd, 1981  Start off Your  Summer Right  WIM  Edeteeyj:   : ^^,  New From Eveready  ECONOLITE FLASHLICHT  Plus ? 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Take the  opportunity today to get to Know your local  western Pharmacist.  needed space in their growing  business of supplying seafood  to the restaurants in the area.  And to top it all off the  manager of the new shop will  be that lovely lady with the  infectious smile in the "bake  shop" at Ken's Lucky Dollar  Store in Gibsons Landing.  Her name is Cohleen Moeh-  ling, she lives at Roberts  Creek and she tells me she  likes Sechelt and is looking  forward to serving the Sechelt  residents.  The salmon fishermen have  left for the summer season  up north and among those  from this area is Bill Dockar  Jr. of Hopkins Landing. While  still at school young Bill went  Ashing during the summer  and continued on, after his  formal education, to operate  his grandfather's old gillnettci  "Do Much" until he sold her  last fall. She was built in  Gibsons years ago and is still  giving good service in the  Jervis Inlet area.  Bill's new boat is a fibre-  glass gillnet-troller combination. Her name is "Kala"  which is money in Hawaiian  (I hope she makes money fot  Bill). The boat was built in  1978 by Farrell Boats near  Parksville on Vancouver Island. The bare hull was towed  across the Gulf by Bill's friend  Mark Jewitt, Gambier Island,  with his beachcomb-boat.  They hauled her out onto the  beachfront at Hopkins where  for the past three winters  Bill has worked at the job of  finishing and installing equipment etc. The deck power for  drum and gerdies is hydraulic  and she has all the modern  conveniences in wheelhouse  and galley. Bill has done a  great job of finishing her  with black walnut panelling,  double bunk settee combination, galley table and  good, stow-away chart table.  A comfortable boat for those  long hours of fishing. I  hope she lives up to her name  and serves Bill well for all the  care that he has put into her  construction. Sea you.  dings, informed the passerby  that definitely he was not in  the shopping centre of the rich  or the well-to-do. Now all that  has changed and whole blocks  of streets have been transformed into what is known as  Gastown. I not only don't like  it but on my infrequent trips  to the city I avoid going there.  There are too many ancient  ghosts and broken dreams  associated with the place that  all the smart boutiques,  specialty shops and prestigious eating places can never  hide, as far as 1 am concerned  I don't belong there. I am part  of the skid road that once  existed there and my memories of what happened on  those streets so many years  ago.  I had a difficult time getting  rid of the old harridan I had  stumbled upon. I think she  must have had E.S.P. and divined that I had over $40 hidden away in my money-belt.  Ouite possibly she regarded  me as a potential customer for  the wares she had to offer, but  eventually I shook her off. 1  hadn't gone very far when I  found the place I was looking  for���a restaurant called the  White Star, only two doors removed from the old Liquor  Store on Carrall Street. It was  operated by a Finnish woman  and her daughter and not only  had it been recommended to  me by some of the transients I had met on my journey  west, but was well patronized  by those of the working class  who frequented that end ol  town.  I must admit that I was  given a rather cold reception  when I first entered the place  but that was not surprising  considering my appearance. I  imagine they mis  took me for just another bum  or a "wino" and a particularly filthy one at that. The  girl behind the counter, a  good-looking blonde with a  pony tail, did not exactly refuse me service but summoned her mother from the  kitchen. This good lady  viewed me with distaste and  not only enquired whether I  had any money to pay for a  meal but asked me when I had  last washed. On my explaining  how I had but recently arrived  in a coalcar and after producing a dollar bill to prove I  was in a solvent condition,  the whole atmosphere underwent a transformation and  both mother and daughter  overwhelmed me with kindness. I was allowed to use a  small washroom at the back of  the kitchen where I removed  the coveralls I was wearing  and scrubbed off some of the  coal dust I had accumulated  enroute. At least 1 had a clean  face and hands when I sat  down to the counter, the rest  of my person would have to  wait till I could find a bath tub  or a shower.'  Never in my whole life have  I eaten such a large breakfast nor have I enjoyed one  as much as that served me in  the White Star, circa 1937.  A large bowl of steaming hot  porridge served with brown  sugar and cream, followed by  two generous slices of fried  ham, two fried eggs, hash-  browned potatoes and a stack  of buttered toasted homemade bread, together with so  many cups of hot coffee I  lost count. I hadn't eaten a satisfying hot meal since I left  Calgary ten days ago so now I  really made up for it. When  the time came to present the  bill the girl apologetically explained that she had had to  add an extra five cents for all  the coffee I had consumed, so  the grand total came to thirty  cents! Now do you see what I  mean when I say 1 wish things  could have stayed as they  were? I can still see the look of  amazement on her pretty face  when I left an extra quarter on  the counter for her. Can you  imagine the dirty looks one  would receive today if one left  such a tip?  I now proceeded to an address on Powell Street that  had been given me by the Finnish lady, where I rented a  room for S2.00 per week. The  owner of the rooming house  was Japanese, the room was  small but spotlessly clean and  I luxuriated in a tub of hot water befor rolling into bed,  where I slept for a full 18  hours. The trip on the freights  had taken more out of me than  I realized at the time.  Monday morning came and  I fclf wonderful and in the best  shape to disprove what those  bumptious, bastards of cops  had tried to tell me in Golden.  They had claimed you were  not able to buy a job in B.C.  for a thousand dollars. I had  a stake now of a little less  than forty bucks but I was determined I would find work if I  had to turn the whole of B.C.  upside down and shake it! I  bought a copy of the Province  newspaper and over a schooner of beer (10 cents) in the  Palace Hotel on Hastings  Street, started a perusal of the  ads offering jobs. There were  very few available I must admit, that I could fill, but I  found one almost at the end of  the column that read: "Man  wanted for large poultry farm.  Experienced preferred. $30.  per month. Free cottage, milk  and eggs"���followed by an  address on the Hjorth Road in  Surrey and a 'phone number.  That was all I needed, but  first I must acquaint myself  with a few of the facts pertinent to poultry raising so  that, if I was lucky enough to  be granted an interview, it  would appear I had the experience needed to fill the position. Making enquiries in  the beer parlour as to the location of the nearest library, 1  was directed to the old Carnegie building on the corner of  Main and Hastings. One more  beer and I was on my way. I  spent the larger part of the  afternoon reading all the material they could provide on  the intricacies of poultry  farming.  By the time I made the  'phone call, early that same  evening, I had amassed a  wealth of detail relating to the  subject that would, I hoped,  impress anyone into believing  that 1 was a walking authority  on chickens and that it would  be foolish indeed to disregard  one with so much knowledge.  Professional Repair & Service  to your Heating & Plumbing  Equipment  ��� General Sheet Metal  ��� Installation of Heat Pumps, Air Conditioners,  Wood-Oil, Wood-Electric, Wood, Electric and  Oil Furnaces  ��� Plumbing Service & Installations  THOMAS HEATING  Call Now     886-7111  17 Years Experience.  Serving the Sunshine Coast since 1967  .>__ VILLAGE  n�� of  GIBSONS  HELP WANTED  PART-TIME  MVB CLERKS  Applications will be received by the undersigned  up to 4:30 p.m. Monday.  June 22, 1981 for the  position of part-time MVB  clerks.  The successful applicant  will be responsible for the  issuance of MVB licence  plates and forms together  with ICBC insurance applications and renewals.  Other duties will be directly related to the office  enrivonment within the  Village of Gibsons MVB/  ICBC Office and Municipal Hall.  1981 salary rate for this  position is $5.66 per hour.  Applications, in writing,  should state qualifications, experience, availability, references and  other pertinent information.  J.W. Copland  Administrator t      ��  s  . V  SIM  Coast News, June 16, 1981  11  I^O  .Mi  2-Speed Black & Decker  JIG SAW ��J9.��*  3-Piece Fuller  CHISEL SET $8.99  Deluxe  WORKMATE $79."  Stanley 6-Piece  BARGAIN  Hawk-eye Quartz  SPOTLIGHT $19.95  SCREWDRIVER SET $8.95  9" Stanley  BENCH PLANE $24*9$  Arrow T-50  STAPLER $12.95   |i  WET & DRY VACUUM $89.9$  if 19"  Ijfjr 8 Point Cross Cut TOOLBOX $13.95  if//Jr OAWU 9 AWl   *^. Black & Decker 3/8" Reversing  VARIABLE SPEED DRILL *30.��  Fuller  RATCHET DRIVER ��8.��       - , ^  Stanley 5-Piece  TOOL SET $16.95  Compressed Air ,0,     with case Chain Saw  PAINT SPRAYER $134." 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By 1965 Canadians  were paying $2 for every  corporate tax dollar, and in  1977 this figure had risen to  van Paroaii phom     almost   $4   for   each   dollar  Entertainment at Kiwanis Home  Young dancers entertained at the Kiwanis Intermediate Care Home in Gibsons, June 9. Rachel Poirier, 10, performs a jazz dance  lor appreciative residents.  contributed   by   the  corporations.  Within the business sector  the tax burden is unevenly  balanced in favour of big  business. Small businesses  have an effective tax rate of  30.4 per cent, medium size  businesses pay at a rate of  34 per cent, while big businesses - the ones with assets  over $25 million - have an  effective rate of 27 per cent.  The oil industry with profits  in 1979 in excess of $4.6 billion  was taxed at a rate of 10 per  cent.  The declining impact of  corporate taxes to government  revenue can be attributed  largely to the increase in  business tax "incentives".  These include capital gains,  rapid depreciation and credits  for investment. It is estimated  that with corporate tax expenditures of at least $5  million annually by the late  1970's, an amount equal to  over two-thirds of corporate  taxes collected are foregone  as a result of tax incentive  measures.  As well as these tax losses  above, companies save by  deferring taxes to upcoming  years. The fact is that deferred taxes are rarely ever  paid. By the end of the third  quarter of 1980 the federal  treasury was owed $17 billion  in deferred taxes.  It is fair to say that virtually  all tax financed growth in  government revenue since the  Second World War has been  due to increases in personal  taxation. At the federal level,  personal taxes have increased  from 30 per cent on tax  revenue in 1947 to 55 per cent  in 1977, while corporate taxes  fell from 26 per cent of tax  revenue to 17 per cent during  the same period.  Provincially, taxes paid by  individuals rose from 13 per  cent ofthe tax base in 1947 to  51 percent in 1977, and taxes  on businesses declined from  18 per cent to 10 per cent.  It is also interesting to note  that tax on wealth fell from  seven per cent of provincial  tax revenue in 1947 to.:one  per cent in 1977 and plummeted to less than one per  cent of federal tax money in  1977.  In my view our tax system  must be reformed to guarantee that the financing of  governments falls equitably,  with those who can assume  the greatest tax burdeh doing  so.  for tourists and residents.  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This  -garden with its overgrown  rockery and cultivated areas  literally surrounded by grass  and bush is a haven for any  sort of creepy-crawly which  doesn't particularly enjoy the  bright light of day.  ;��� For years I've waged war on  them, finally deciding that just  protecting the more succulent  plants with poisons, or soot  or grapefruit skins wasn't  getting me anywhere, and  they just slough off salt. So  I've systematically gone a-  tound the whole garden each  spring collecting slugs into a  container, sometimes as many  as 2-3 hundred at a time, and  then killing them quickly and  as humanely as possible by  pouring boiling water over  them. It's time consuming,  twice a day for 4-6 weeks and  not one of the mote pleasant  chores, but it'Seems to have  worked. There haven't been  enough slugs for the past two  years to make it worthwhile  putting the kettle on. I have  no explanation for this phenomenon, unless perchance  they have some sort of migration cycle of which we are  the temporary beneficiaries.  * * ���  2nd Annual  TrucHload  m.. sal a sun  July Ml5only  look lor  discount  coupon  next wood  ELECTRONICS  TRAIL BAY  CENTRE  SECHELT  885-2568  Working in the garden the  other afternoon I became  aware of the hysterical cries  of the robins who have a nest  on the driveway. It sounded  more urgent than the usual  warnings to the cat to make  itself scarce and as I listened  I thought I could hear throaty  sounds unmistakably like a  crow. I downed tools and went  to investigate and there was  not one, but two crows trying  to muscle in on the nest for  a meal of fledgling robin.  Well aware of my personal  intolerance for crows (I'm  continually chasing them out)  they beat a strategic retreat,  not liking to be caught in  among the bushes and low  branches where I might just  be lucky with a well-aimed  rock.  Knowing the determination  of crows I don't doubt they  have made other sorties and  probably been successful.  What chance do a pair of  robins .have against two  marauding crows?  Alright, Jamie Stephen, I  know it's a part of nature's  overall plan to keep a balance  among the species and I  don't begrudge the Cooper's  Hawk the occasional unsuspecting Junco from the bird  feeder. We're not overrun  with hawks and a junco which  doesn't keep its wits about it  is fair game. The difference is  that crows only seem to have  man to keep their numbers in  check and man for some  reason which escapes me  seems to have abrogated his  responsibility. I'm not against  crows, per se, they have  their place. I'd just like to see  the crow population kept  within reasonable limits. I like  to have robins and other birds  around too.  *        * *  One of the most engaging  tittle birds has to be the  chickadee and to encourage  their regular visits I make  them a special mix of oats,  suet, peanut butter and  sunflower seeds. Even at  today's prices I can find  maybe a tablespoon of peanut  butter a month for their  pleasure and mine, but not on  a daily basis for Stealer's  Jays.  For years I've been trying  to outwit those bluejays  who, although they cannot  hang upside down on the  container like the chickadees,  still manage one. way or  another to get at the goodies.  Last winter I thought I  finally had them beaten - I  put the chickadee mix in a  smallest yogurt container and  hung it upside down. Needless  to say I rejoiced too soon.  Normally I wouldn't be still  feeding the birds but the  chickadees kept coming, were  obviously feeding young and  I refilled the container a few  weeks ago. In the last week a  bluejay has mastered the  challenge which had them  frustrated for so long. He flies  up from underneath, grabbing  a beakful before falling back  and I have to go back to the  drawing board.  , Discrimination it may be,  but I can't afford to assuage  the insatiable appetites of  bluejays with peanut butter.  �� �� *  Remember those fairy  stories in which the prince  found a wonderful magic  world where the trees grew  shining gems and precious  stones?  I've been reminded of them,  walking up the path through  the salmonberry bushes.after  the rain, bushes laden with a  fantastic crop of berries.  The sunshine filtering through  the leaves sets the raindrops  sparkling like diamonds amid  the ruby, orange and golden  fruit.  Coast News, June 16,1981  13  Amax  opposed  The 32,000-member B.C.  Teachers' Federation is calling for a public inquiry into  the disposal of mining wastes  into Alice Arm by Amax  of Canada.  BCTF's 147-member Rep-  , resentative Assembly unanimously passed a motion at its  May 30 meeting in Vancouver  calling for the inquiry. The  Representative Assembly,  which meets three times a  year, consists of delegates  from each of the province's  90 local teachers' associations.  Father's Day  Special  SONY.  Turntable PS-X35  Direct Drlvt, Fully  Automatic Crystal  _, Locked  Rag. $309.95  * *ai9.*  Sun nyc real  - Fran Bourassa photo  This is Elphinstone's graduating class celebrating their last day of school Nero style.  Career testing for women  There was such an enthusiastic response last month  to Capilano College's Occupational Testing session for  North Shore women, that  organizers have decided to  repeat it in June. Over  SO women attended the May  26 session which was designed  to provide women between the  ages of 30 and 50 with information about possible career alternatives.  During the testing session,  participants are given an  occupational test which assesses interests, aptitudes and  skills. Participants who already have career ideas may  find that the results affirm  their ideas pr suggest other  possibilities, while those who  are uncertain about what  occupation to follow find the  suggestions a useful place to  start.  Cap Student Loans  The test, although self-  contained, is also the first  step to the Career Alternatives Program offered by  Capilano College two mornings a week beginning in  September. Since the attendance at the May session  was so high, another session  will be held Tuesday, June  23 from 9:30 a.m. to noon in  room BHS/116.  For further information  about the test or the Career  Alternatives Program, call  986-1911,local 235.  ..rW.y-  Sun Dresses  Beach Wear  Tops  .20%  off  Nursing Bras  and Nighties  885-2916  Cowrie St., Sechelt  Students who are planning  to attend Capilano College  this fall and will be applying  for a Student Loan should fill  out their applications before  July or be in for a long wait,  warns College Financial Aid  Officer, Connie Gibbs.  And, Gibbs emphasizes,  they don't have to be already  registered at Capilano to be  able to apply. Students can  send in their Loan applications before they are ac-  The importance of self-concept  cepted or registered, and then  the money will be released  during the first month of  classes when they do enter  the college.  For those students who wait  until August or September to  apply for loans, however, it  can be a wait of several  moneyless months until they  arrive.  Students who will be registering for at least nine credits  (usually three courses) can  obtain the Student Loan forms  from the Financial Aid Office  at Capilano College, 986-1911,  I local 297.  MAXWELL'S PHARMACY  YOUR COMPLETE HEALTH CARE CENTRE  * Fast Prescription Service  * Health Care Accessories  * Almay Hypoallergenic Cosmetics  * Patient Aids (Sales & Rentals) crutches,  comodes, bed pans, canes, etc.  107 cadar nan. Basons 8864158  OPEN SUNDAYS  noon to 4 pm.  Nancy McLeod, who has  spent the year as a special  counsellor in the School District conducting workshops  and working in the classroom  to improve children's self-  concept, reported to the School  Board last week on her work in  the district.  Her report was prefaced by a  number of quotes from authorities concerned with the  importance of how a child feels  about him or herself and its  relation to their success both in  school and later life. Perhaps  this one from Arthur Combs'  book "The Human Side of  Learning" sums up what the  object of the exercise has been:  "The student takes his self-  concept with him wherever he  goes...Are we influencing that  self-concept in positive or  negative ways? We need to ask  ourselves these kinds of questions. How can a person feel  liked unless somebody likes  him? How can a person feel  accepted unless somebody  accepts him? How can a person  feel he is a person with dignity  and integrity unless somebody  treats him so? And how can a  person feel that he is capable  unless he has some success?"  McLeod reported some difficulty in finding time for  workshops, but that those held  on Professional Development  Days had been the most  successful, teachers not only  gained new ideas to take back  to the classrooms, but found  the workships generated warm  feelings of trust and cooperation between the participants.  A copy ofthe book 100 Ways  to Enhance Self-Concept in the  Classroom has been ordered  for all school libraries.  A 12-week counselling programme at Chatelech was  considered successful and well-  received by the students who  participated. They learned how  to understand themselves and  others better, ' building self-  confidence and giving them  specific skills for communicating with others.  Teachers in Elementary  schools who used the materials  provided at the workshops,  reported that children enjoyed  the activities and benefitted  from them.  Welcoming the School Trustees to Davis Bay, Principal  Bob  Cotter,   who  will  be  moving to West Sechelt in  September, introduced the new  Principal Drew Mckee and  paid tribute to the Davis Bay  Parents Committee, -two ol  whom, Mrs. Lyn Dixon, President and Mrs. Pam Helm,  Secretary, attended the  meeting.  The parent's group has been  indispensable, providing hot  lunches for the children and  invaluable assistance at all  school functions. They also  provided a roster of teaching  aides, helped put together the  school magazine and raised  money for extras for sports and  the music programme, said the  outgoing principal.  Carpet  & Lino  Specials!  All  Roll Ends  & Remnants  20% ��� 50%  OFF Retail Price  "CASH & CARRY"  Come to  "it Morgan's Men's Wear  Carpet  Cabinet -Ceramic  ew HourS        (/ e n t r e      886-2765  New Hours.  Thurs.    Sat  10 a.m. ��� 5 p.m  886-2765  North Rd., Gibson* Coast News, June 16, 1981  - ���-  Nestled among cedar boughs, this hummingbird very calmly let her picture be taken. In the nest  (insert) which looks very similar to a large barnacle are two newly hatched young. This marvel was  discovered b\ Dennis Smith behind his property off North Road, Gibsons.     ��� Bridky j Benson photo  In  Christ1:  service  by Rev. George W. Inglis  The sweeping charismatic  movement in the church in the  world today is an occasion for  great rejoicing, but it is also  an event which has to be seen  in its true light and not distorted into a self-serving  celebration which will blow  itself out.  This is not by any means the  first time God's Holy Spirit  has experienced a great wave  of acceptance, contrary to  what the more enthusiastic  members of the movement  may lay claim to.  It is not the first time that  waves of believers have been  Christian faith must be  well-rooted is faithful response  caught up itl the Spirit of  Pentecost, although each time  it happens there are many  who hail it as a brand-new  phenomenon.  And truly the phenomenon  is something to celebrate,  i ach time it happens, because  it is a cleansing, revitalizing,  and edifying force, which the  church sorely needs, every  day of its life N  The phenomenon, however,  carries with it many dangers,  not the least of which is the  danger of triumphalism, and  its two attendants - pride and  arrogance I  It is the danger of seeking  Pentecost before bowing to  the Cross - moving too swiftly  toward the baptism of the  Holy Spirit without being  sensitive to the price which is  exacted as the payment for  Calvary.  There is attendant on  evangelical fervour the heresy  of what Dietrich Bonhoeffer  called   "cheap  grace",   the  NDP  ,o0^ro.  reducing of salvation to a  dramatic momentary experience, instead of a lifelong  struggle ��� a matter of sharing  in the Resurrection without  first picking up the Cross.  There is a tendency to  covet the indwelling of the  Spirit and to "claim" his  gifts in the search for evidential manifestations of extraordinary stature, rather than  to seek humbly to dwell in the  Spirit with unflinching obedience to the demands of the  gospel upon the life of the  believer, in complete surrender.  There may be the call for  repentence, but it is frequently misinterpreted as the  call to alter personal lives and  sins, with no focus upon the  need to seek to transform the  societal transgressions, as  well as the personal sins.  The belief in instant sancti-  ftcation is another doctrinal  deviation which denies the  revelations of the great advocate of sanctification, the  late John Wesley.  Wesley impressed upon his  followers the impossibility of  obtaining any other than a  relative sanctification in this  life, a condition in which they  must continue to seek for the  mercy and power of almighty  God constantly, in repentance  and obedience to his will.  Dr. A.W. Tozer, one of the  pioneers of the Christian and.  Missionary Alliance, was also  constantly alert to the peril of  instant salvation which may  come about as the result of  too-heavy emphasis on the  triumphant aspect of the  Resurrection and Pentecost.  Tozer said: "By trying to  pack all of salvation into  one experience, or two, the  advocates of instant Christianity flaunt the law of development which runs through  all nature. They ignore the  sanctifying effects of suffering, cross-carrying and practical obedience."  It was this very same  triumphalism which the apostle Paul addressed in his  letters to the Corinthian  church, for the most past, just  a few short years after he had  founded the first-century worshipping community in the  mighty Greek sea-port city.  It was the tremendous  spiritual enthusiasm within  the new-born church he was  addressing when he said:  "I give thanks to God always  for you because of the grace of  God which was given you in  Christ Jesus, that in every  way you were enriched in him  with all speech and all knowledge - even as the testimony  to Christ was confirmed  among you - so that you are  not lacking in any spiritual gift  as you wait for the revealing of  our Lord Jesus Christ..."  (1 Cor. 1:4-7)  He was rejoicing with them  in their spiritual enthusiasm,  and celebrating the fact that  the gifts of the Holy Spirit  were being manifested powerfully in them, but he added a  note of caution: "And I will  show you a still more excellent  way", a Cor. 12:31b).  What follows then is the  greatest discourse on love  ever written, I Cor.  13, in  which Paul points out that the  Christian faith must be rooted  and grounded in a faithful  response to God and to his  neighbour, in love and patience and kindness and  humility and righteousness,  and in endurance and in forbearance and in belief and in  gentleness and in hope and  in faith.  "Make love your aim, and  earnestly desire the spiritual  gifts," the greatest messenger of God's love to the  Gentiles said in conclusion,  "especially that you may  prophesy. For one who speaks  in a tongue speaks not to men  but to God; for no one understands him, but he utters  mysteries in the Spirit. On the  other hand, he who prophesies  speaks to men for their upbuilding and encouragement  and consolation." (I Cor.  14:1-3).  And Paul, in his own life  and example, shows us that  the act of conversion does not  lead to a comfortable, secure  life in human terms, or to the  great miracles of instant-  affluence that so many evangelicals are preaching today as  being God's will for men.     :  Instead, he tells happily  how God refused to grant his  prayers for release from his  physical afflictions, in spite  of his mighty work for the  Lord, instead telling him  "My grace is sufficient for  you, for my power is made  perfect in weakness." (II Cor.  12:9).  "I will all the more gladly  boast of my weaknesses,"  he continues, "that the power  of Christ may rest upon me.  For the sake of Christ, then, I  am content with weaknesses,  insults, hardships, persecutions, and calamities; for when  I am weak, then I am strong."  (II Cor. 12:9b, 10).  What God wants, does his  Holy Spirit want any less?  # THE UNITED CHURCH  CALVARY         %:  M           OF CANADA  BAPTIST CHURCH    %  Sunday  Park Rd., Gibioni        *  Worship Service!  Paitor: Harold Andrew!  ST. JOHN'S  Rei: 886-9163,  Davis Bay - 9:30 am.  Church: 886-2611  GIBSONS  Sunday School 9:30 a.m.  Glassford Rd. - 11:13 am.  Morning Service 1 IKK) a.m.  Sunday School - 9:30 am.  Goipel Service 7 p.m.  Rev. Bob Scales  Prayer A Bible Study  Church Telephone  Thursday 7 p.m.  886-2333  GIBSONS  PENTECOSTAL CHURCH  ST. BARTHOLOMEW &  ST. AIDAN  Cedar Grove School  ANGLICAN CHURCHES  Chaster Rd., Gibsons  Combined Service  Senior Pastor: Ted Boodle  Ist Sunday 11:15 A.M.  in St   Rarthnlnmew's  Youth Paitor: Jack Moch  Sunday School 9:30 a.m.   '  111   aJfc.    IJHl IJIUIUTlllW Vf 9  ail He r\ n c  Morning Worship 11 a.m.  VJIU3UI13  Evening Fellowship 7 p.m.  AB other Sunday!  , Home Bible Study  Roberts Creek 9:30 a.m.  Phone 886-7268 or 886-9482   .  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With f/1.9 lens and case.  Subject lo availability  mmmmiwmm:;iWmmmmmMmmMSi  ������  52 STORES  WITH SERVICE  PERSONALITY  lilllil:  ill, Gibsons 81 Coast News, June 16, 1981  '  xnxi  Guess Where  - Wandy-lynne John. Pholo  The usual pri/e of $5.00 will be awarded to the owner of the first  name drawn from the barrel which correctly locates the above.  Send your entries to the Coast News, Box 460, Gibsons in time to  reach the newspaper office by Saturday of this week. Our Guess  Where in last week's paper defied location. It will appear again  shortly with a prize of $10.00 for its location.  Barrett attacks  interest rates  bv Dave Barrett  Interest rates are surging  again, fueling more inflation,  crippling small business, destroying the dream of home  ownership for our young  people and threatening the job  security of thousands.  Bank profits swell, of course.  Yet our provincial government  continues to keep secret a  report which evaluates a method to give the banks real  competition and lower interest  rates for our citizens.  In recent days, one firm has  decided to raise its interest rate  on credit card purchases to 28.8  percent. Ihe bank interest rate  is hovering around 18 per cent  and showing signs it will go  higher. At that rate, the  mortgage on a $100,000 home  would require monthly payments of $1,466 over 25 years  and would cost the purchaser  almost half a million dollars  before it was paid off.  Those figures outline the  crisis facing our citizens, and all  that the Socred government  has done is bring in a budget  which indexes higher provincial taxes to the inflation  rate. That protects the provincial treasury but it is worse  than nothing for the citizen  because it puts inflation on an  automatic escalator.  The present administration  has been utterly irresponsible  in the interest crisis. Our  provincial finance minister,  while building the inflation  index into his budget, didn't  even attend a national conference of finance ministers last  winter which discussed the  subject.  But worst of all. the Bennett  regime has been sitting on a  report it received as long ago as  February of 1976 which out  lined how the provincial government could help bring  down interest rates.  That report, which this  government has kept secret  throughout its years in power,  was drawn up by the professional experts in the finance  department and the credit  union movement.  It outlined how the British  Columbia Savings and Trust  Corporation Act could be  implemented. That was an Act  which our government introduced in the Legislature in I97S  and which was approved without a dissenting vote.  But the Socred cabinet hid  the implementation report  which was delivered to it in  1976 and it has refused to adopt  the Order-in-Council which  would bring the Statute, still on  the books, into effect.  In essence, the Act proposed  to include the use of the credit  union system instead of the  private banks as the depository  for provincial funds. In return,  the credit unions were to lend  out the funds at special, low  interest rates for qualifying  B.C. businesses, homebuyers  and low-income citizens such  as the elderly, single parents,  disabled and others.  Besides giving a special  break for qualifying borrowers,  all borrowers in the province  could expect to see their  interest rates come down as the  banks were forced to compete  with an enormously strengthened British Columbia Credit Union movement.  The next time a Socred  apologist claims the government can't do anything about  the usurious interest rates  hurting British Columbians,  ask him why then does the  cabinet continue to hide the  B.C. Savings and Trust Act  report.?  *Vr��� 886-2023        .a *  FOR  THAT  SPECIAL  GRADUATE  You'll find a  SPECIAL  GIFT  Very Special Prices on Karat Gold  FLOATING HEARTS  With Diamond: $37.50  With Ruby, Sapphire  or Emerald:  Bulova Watches  Karat Gold Rings  and Chains  ��1X.50  ID. Bracelets  Steins  Travel Alarms  Hopkins tafik re-zoning debated  Continued from Page One  Moving the tanks to the Port Mellon area was also turned  down, as was relocating at Field Road in Wilson Creek, and a  suggested area above the existing plant in Hopkins Landing.  The marine engineer for the company said that there was too  much traffic in Howe Sound which would increase the chance of  an 'incident'.  Construction Aggregates, who have gravel operations in Howe  Sound had looked into the possibility of leasing land at their site  to the oil company. They have a wharf that would suit the  purposes of the oil company but the grade was said to be too steep  for pumping and economically unfeasible, Fire Chief Buckmaster  told the Coast News.  A local oil company worker told the Coast News that traffic in  Howe Sound is a much better alternative. He put it plainly:  "If a fuel barge hits a boom a lot of logs would be destroyed. The  choice is either logs or people."  In conversation with this newspaper, Regional Board  Chairman David Hunter said that his interest lay in the proposed  added safety aspects of the re-zoning application.  He explained to the Coast News that if re-zoning did not take  place the existing facility at Hopkins Landing would remain in its  present hazardous condition. The SI million slated for safety  improvements to the plant, the impervious clay-sealed dyke  around the tank farm, the concrete highway divider and the  lowering of the tops of the existing tanks 17 feet, will not be done  without the re-zoning.  According to Imperial, they have spent ten years looking for  another site unsuccessfully. If the re-zoning takes place, the  facility will be permanently re-zoned making way for the  possibility of expansion and the impossibility of ever moving the  plant elsewhere.  The economic argument would appear to be that because ofthe  number of fuel companies on the coast and the limited customers,  it is not feasible to expend the extra dollars to move. But should  one company fold, the increased business for the surviving  company would be enough to support relocation.  It seems coast residents are stuck with what has been called by a  regional director, 'a potential timebomb'.  Municipalities have their hands tied as to their impotency to  protect residents. The fire department couldn't handle a major oil  fire. The provincial government won't touch the problem with a  ten-foot pole.  "There is no law to control this potentially hazardous condition  even though it is a problem everywhere," Don Lockstead, MLA  for Mackenzie, told the Coast News. "The government is afraid to  take on the oil companies."  Most of the authorities contacted told the Coast News that it  would take an accident before anything would be done to move  the tanks away from population centres.  The Provincial Emergency Program co-ordinator for the Coast  Art McPhee told the Coast News that it is not within their  jurisdiction to protect the population from disaster. Their role  only begins after a disaster has occurred.  "Our hands are tied," said McPhee.  McPhee said that he had had a conversation with Bill Hamilton  from the Ministry of Environmental Waste Management, whose  duties include pollution control and environmental safety.  Hamilton said that he was in the same position and could not  pressure companies to relocate even in the event of threat to life.  "I thought that the government would have taken the Nanaimo  fire as an example to pressure the companies lo relocate then.  That oil fire, set by a vandal at a fuel depot, threatened the whole  City of Nanaimo four years ago. Two years ago, the tanks were  replaced in the same location," said McPhee.  proleoh  OFFICE   ELECTRONICS  ��� Photocopiers ��� Typewriters  ��� Cash Registers ��� Calculators  ��� Office Supplies Furniture   &  Stationery  AJDKXW?  Model ID-600C  "In Dasher" Stereo Cassette Player  with AM/FM Stereo Radio.  HCE 707 ���  7 Band Equalizer Booster 60 Watts  Total LED Meters.  KP-575 Under-Dash ��  Auto Reverse. 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A resolution was passed at the Thursday night regional board  meeting that the Pender Foreshore Plan be implemented as part  of the Pender Harbour Settlement Plan as suggested by Area A  Director Joe Harrison.  "The purpose of the foreshore use plan is to detail use and  management criteria for the foreshore resources within the  boundaries of Pender Harbour. The plan will form the basis and  contribute significantly to the development of a regional and  provincial policy for managing foreshore resources," states the  report from Larry Sorken, District Land Manager from the  Ministry of Lands, Parks and Housing.  Sorken pointed out that the rapid development of Pender  Harbour, one of the few protected harbours on the coast, for  recreational and retirement purposes, has led to intensive use of  the foreshore by many upland owners and resulted in the  degradation of environmental quality and an increase in foreshore  use conflicts.  To ensure a more effective and efficient administration of  foreshore resources in this area, the Ministry has responded by  initiating the Pender Harbour Crown Foreshore plan.  For foam insulation users  The foreshore plan will address a number of issues which have  arisen as a result of the escalation of development in this area.  "In the initial letter of April 28,1981, wc indicated there would  be an opportunity for public input to the planning process," said  Sorken. "We agree that public involvement is an essential  component of the plan, and is directly related to the successful  implementation of the final recommendations.  "We are currently developing a public involvement program in  conjunction with the planning consultant and the SCRD. The  program will include a number of public meetings and personal  interviews as well as a questionnaire," stated Sorken's report.  The plan was initiated June 1, 1981 and will be completed  November 18, 1981.  "Although a statement was made in the April 28 letter regarding  the future improvements on the foreshore following completion  of the plan, it is not expected the majority of foreshore  improvements will require any changes and the owners can expect  to obtain a long term tenure. We do not anticipate or expect a  major modification to the pattern of foreshore use in Pender  Harbour," said Sorken.  Pender Harbour has been selected as a Ministry's pilot project  for planned foreshore management.  Students report on Eastern trip  Skelly calls for compensation  by Maryanne West  The School Board heard two reports of trips to Ontario by  Elphinstone students at the Education Meeting held Thursday in  Davis Bay.  Kenna Marshall, with a poise and relaxed ease in speaking to a  roomful of strangers which would be the envy of many adults, told  of her week, May 2-9 in Kingston attendinga Forum on National  issues for Secondary School students from across Canada.  Chosen as one of 20 students from this province, Kenna spoke  of their busy schedule; of keynote speakers on a variety of topics  from the Constitution, Arts and Culture to starvation and the  problems of the elderly; of discussion groups and of how  impressed she'd been personally with the presentation by Dr.  David Suzuki on the importance of Science and Technology in the  modern world.  A day was spent in Ottawa where the students were given a  whirlwind tour of Parliament, entertained to dinner in the  parliamentary restaurant, andvisited-Rideau Hall where theymet  the Governor-General, Hon. Edward Schreyer. Kenna also found  time to visit the Museum of Science and Technology.  She also attended and greatly enjoyed a performance of Gilbert  and Sullivan's H.M.S. Pinafore in Kingston and was particularly  pleased with the opportunity at the conference to talk in French  with her Quebec counterparts, and to make so many friends both  from other parts of B.C. and Canada. She expects the girls with  whom she was billeted to come to stay in July. Kenna expressed  her thanks to all who had helped her take part in what had been a  most rewarding experience.  The Elphinstone School Band have also recently returned from  a ten-day trip to Barrie, Ontario, an exchange made possible by a  grant from Open House, Canada, a government agency which  sponsors student exchanges within Canada. The Barrie  Secondary School Band visited the Sunshine Coast earlier in the  spring.  Band Master Bill Rayment spoke enthusiastically of the  experience of travelling in a party of 45, plus all their musical  intruments (they had, in all 181 pieces of luggage) which could so  easily have been a nightmare but which in fact ran almost without  a hitch, including travelling in Ontario with the Barrie students,  120 people with both bands. One student was left behind after a  day in Toronto, but not one of ours, and there was the small  matter of the bus failing to meet them at Vancouver Airport on  their return.  Everyone, not only their hosts in Barrie but everywhere they  went, had gone out of their way to make them welcome and to give  the students from Elphinstone a time to remember. In Niagara,  despite problems of a sharply reduced school population, (16  schools will be closing in June) the School Board provided a  lTi.iVe'rsfty <5f To'roSro student as tour guide, gave them lunch,  took them up the Seagram Tower for a panoramic view and later  for a tour of Niagara Falls.  In Toronto they went up the CN Tower and to (he Science  Centre, and on other days, visited Pickering Hydro, Molson's  Brewery and the Simcoe County Museum.  Besides playing in several concerts, they attended Church in  Barrie, enjoyed parties, baseball games and many other activities  with their hosts.  Mr. Rayment spoke highly of their students and felt their  community should be proud of them. Perhaps Kenna and some of  the band students can share their experience with a wider audience  on Community 10 TV?  New Democratic Party consumer affairs critic Ray Skelly  today called on the government  to set up an inter-departmental  committee to work out the  mechanism to compensate  owners of homes insulated with  urea formaldehyde (UF) foam.  The substance has been  linked to respiratory sickness  and has been banned by the  federal health department.  Skelly said, "A tragic error  was committed by the federal  government in authorizing the  use of this dangerous chemical  in the first place. That error was  compounded by the government approving the use of this  material under the Canadian  Home Insulation Program."  Some 25,000 homes were  insulated with UF foam with  CHIP grants before the substance was banned.  "Today, as more and more  people come forward, suffering  from the effects of UF gas, the  government refuses to recognize its responsibility to provide  assistance to correct the situation which it has helped to  ���������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������A * ������������������������������k  *   #1 ��� *  We still have the best selection of *  Used Cars and Trucks ever displayed J  in the Gibsons area. *  %Jr      AUTOMOTIVE PARTS SALES & SERVICES LTD  YOUR TOYOTA DEALER        D.L. #5848  886-7919       Hwy. 101 & Payne Rd., Gibsons      886-8414  j ���������������������������CARS ***  Financing available  to approved credit.  Come see for yourself!  ������* TRUCKS******?  t  i  ���������j  1980 Chevette 4 Dr. Llftback  Auto., radio, deluxe Interior.  16,000 miles. Economical and compact  $5695.����  1979 Ford Fairmont  4 Dr. Sedan  6 cyl. auto., P.S. & P.B., Radio.  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From left right: Maurice Boisvert, Federal  Fisheries; Tony Stein, Federal Fisheries; Vic Walters; and Bob Baptiste, Project Manager.  ^ WORKWEN? WORLD  WE'RE WORKING FOR YOU  ttfes  WORK WEAR WORLD  JEANS *ia."  ALIADIN STAINLESS STEEL  THERMOS    B   Moao  Reg. $48.98  While Supplies Last  ALLADIN LUNCH BOX FOR ABOVE  $12.��8  KODAK ft  ISULATED  8    Steel Toe Reg. $79.98  Soft Toe Reg. $74.98  $59."  WESTERN  BiltmoreHATs *39."  *$0CKS 3PERPKG  FINALLY IN!  Wt  RAINCHECKS NOW BEING HONOURED  *e  WORK WEN?  Cowrie St.  /IK   WORLD        ^88^58 18  Coast News, June 16, 1981  Egmont Days 1981  Students enjoy workday  by Jayna Gant  On Friday, May 22, the  grade irVe class from Cedar  Grove Elementary School  went out into the busy working  community, under the guidance of Barry Krangle. Every  person in the class got into a  group of two or three and got  put to work in a store. Christina Perkin and I worked at  the Coast News in Lower  Gibsons. I found out that the  Coast News has been going for  35 years and they make  8,600 newspapers a week, so  imagine   how   many   papers  they have published in 35  years I There are 18 people  who put in a column every  week and there are 14 staff  members who put the newspaper together.  When I was working from  9:30 a.m. -12:30 p.m. I had a  good time looking at the different neat jobs. I went into  the darkroom where a big  camera sat. The camera was  huge and there were so many  different objects that, if I  were to work there, I probably  would forget how to work it.  At the Coast News I had a  lot of fun and the staff was  really great.  I believe that going out into  the community and discovering the businesses of Gibsons  is really neat. I learned that  if you run a store, like being a  manager, you have to face a  lot of problems that occur.  I like the way a business  tries to attract the community  into buying things and also to  get people's attention. I  also liked it when I became a  member at the Coast News.  I enjoyed everything that  happened.  I Pender Hospital Auxiliary  by La Verne Rkhardaon  Pender Harbour Auxiliary  to St. Mary's Hospital held its  regular meeting in St. Andrew's Church Hall, Wednesday, June 10th, with 44  members and guests present.  After a short business  meeting, Jean Whittaker presented Win Course with a very  lovely Birthday "Bread" with  candles and all the trimmings,  on the happy event of her  "80th" birthday. As Win's  diet excludes cakes, Jean  made a round loaf and decorated it very prettily with  flowers and candles. A lovely  corsage was presented to  Win by president Gladys  Brown from the members and  Marjory Harbord on behalf of  the Pender Harbour Church  Women presented her with a  gift of a book.  Al Whittle was presented  with her "10 Year Spoon"  by Pauline Lamb, Chairman of  the Co-ordinating Council.  President Gladys Brown ar  ranged to have each of four  guest speakers give a little  pep talk on the real need of  the Auxiliaries. Charlotte Raines, Auxiliary Representative  to the Board of Trustees,  Mary MacDonald, Director  of Volunteers and Pauline  Lamb, Chairman of the  Co-ordinating Council, reminded us of the generous  contribution of time and  energy the members of the  Pender Harbour Auxiliary had  donated over the years and  how much benefit it had been  and is still to the Community. Joan Rigby, Secretary  of the Co-ordinating committee, from Gibsons, said  that even if there were only a  few members, to stay with the  auxiliary, as the work the few  do is very much needed and  appreciated. In evidence of  this was, again, the many  lovely baby garments made  by the few knitters in the  group.  The  members  were  then  treated to an Aerobic Exercise  Period, presented by Pauline  Lamb. These exercises are  used in the Extended Care  Unit and care performed to  Disco music. They proved to  be a lot of fun as well as  being beneficial physically. .  After the meeting was  adjourned, sandwiches, cakes,  tea and coffee were prepared  and served by Jean Prest, Peg  Riley, Clara Lee, Jean Whittaker and Gladys Brown.  Tea was poured by Bett'e  White.  Members are reminded  that August 1st is the Swap  Meet in Madeira Park and the  Auxiliary is counting on all  members to bring some  saleable items. If you need to  have them picked up call  Sylvia Thirlwell at 883-9963.  Blood Donor Clinic is  July 27th from 3 to 8 p.m. in  the Board Room in the hospital.  The next regular meeting  will be held Wednesday,  September 9, 1981. Have, a  Happy Summerl  Roberts Creek Auxiliary  Twenty-two members of  Roberts Creek Hospital Auxiliary met on June 8th for a short  business meeting chaired by  Beverley Northway.  Tickets for our fall raffle  were distributed and cookbooks previously ordered were  delivered. Discussion took  place regarding the proposed  Nature Note  Everything For Your Home  RENOVATIONS  Our Specialty  OUTSIDE THE HOME  ulUILlU    - Aluminum or Vinyl  SUirltv - Aluminum or Vinyl  EAUESTR0UGHS    Seamless  - Manufactured at your home.  ST dwadek  Aluminum  RAILINGS  In Stock  GREEN HOUSES & SUN ROOMS  WE WILL ADD A ROOM ��� A SUNDECK  - EVEN RE-ROOF FOR YOU  "U  WOOD HEATING CENTRE  Everything to heat with wood  ��� Stoves ��� Fresh Air ��� Fireplace  ��� Pipes      Fireplaces      Screens  LIGHT FIXTURES  In Stock  INSIDE THE HOME  CARPET  ��� 3 Stores to Serve You  1 Many Rolls in Stock al Special Prices  Ceramic Tile  Professionally Installed  Kitchens  New Renovations  Housing Our Specialty  Fpcemont design  POOL WORLD  Swimming Pools  SPAS  Saunas  Swim Spas  Over 70 Pools Installed By Us  . UNSHINE  JIroducts-.  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A male dragonfly  will defend his territory  strenuously against other  males. He will also mate with  any unsuspecting female who  passes into his territory.  Mating takes place in flight  with the male landing on the  back of the female and with  an amazing feat of acrobatics  the mating insects curl their  bodies around each other to  complete the transfer of sperm  from the male to female.  Dragonflies are unusual in  that the male transfers his  sperm from the primary  sexual organ near the top of  his abdomen to an accessory  Sunshine  Interiors  Home Decorating Centre  Give your windows that qustom touch  DecoWovenWDod  Blinds  ** 30% off :: veniBI  Woven Wood Shades  We carry a complete line of  ��� Drapes ��� Blinds ��� Sunshades  ��� Skylight Blinds ��� Wallpaper  \ Special prices  on Selected  Waterbed Bedding;  Kiwanis Way  886-8187  organ near the "tail". The  female dragonfly lays her eggs  in water. She may deposit her  eggs in the stems of water  plants or place them in the  sand or mud at the margins of  ponds.  Dragonflies are actively  predacious throughout their  stages from nymph to adult.  The dragonfly nymphs have  a specially adapted 'mask'  used to capture their prey.  The lower jaw is greatly  enlarged and armed with a  pair of hooks. This jaw can be  extended in front on the head  to capture prey which is then  pulled back to the mouth  for eating. The dragonfly  nymphs prey on other insects,  tadpoles and small fish. Best  of ail they eat large numbers  of mosquito larvae. The  nymphs moult about a dozen  times before they finally  emerge as adult dragonflies.  Because of their size and  speed, dragonflies have few  enemies. Their biggest threat  is the destruction of their  habitat through pollution,  drainage and dredging of  their breeding ponds. The  dragonfly plays an important  part in the chain by keeping  other insect populations in  check and by providing food  for many species of fish while  they are in the nymph stage.  Sechelt Rod & Gun Club will  be having their annual Seafood Banquet Sunday, June  21. Shooting to start at  11 a.m., dinner at 5:30.  Tickets at C&S Hardware,  Sechelt or call 885-9858.  method of financing delegates  to the annual Provincial  Conference of Hospital Auxiliaries. This meeting approved  the proposed plan.  Auxiliary members who do  handicrafts or knitting for -the  Gift Shop were urged to  give the approximate amount  of time spent in preparing the  items. ���'.  At 11 a.m. a goodly number  of members from the other  five Auxiliaries joined the  group for a social hour including a tour of the beautiful  'Camp Olave'. Bag lunches  were enjoyed, supplemented  by hot beverages and 'goodies' supplied by the host  group. After lunch reports  were given by those ladies  who attended this year's  conference. Mary McDonald  spoke on the role of Junior  Volunteers in hospitals and  Edith Simmons relayed new  information on Geriatrics.  Joan Rigby and Isobe! Leech  spoke on displays and facts  and figures respectively, while  Pauline Lamb's topic was  armchair exercises with group  participation. Ida Leslie spoke  on fellowship with other  Auxiliaries. On this occasion  that fellowship made up for  the warmth that was not  forthcoming from the sun and  made for a happy gathering  before summer recess.  Point to remember - Blood  Donor Clinic July 27 at St.  Mary's Hospital 3 p.m.' -  8p.m.  CARSANDTRUCKS  Rental ���Leasing  -Also-  Domestic & Industrial  Equipment  Sechell next lo Ihe  liquor store  Gibsons at Pratt &  Hwy. 101  Seaside  Rentals  885-2848       886-2843  PLACING & FINISHING:  PAT/OS - DRIVEWAYS  FLOORS - FOUNDATIONS  SIDEWALKS  All Types of Concrete  Finishes including  Coloured or Exposed  Call Any Time  885-2125 886-8511  SERVING PENDER HARBOUR TO PORT MELLON  tamM Coast News, June 16, 1981  all our customers for their support  during our first year of business  The Management and Staff  of the  .._  Jiine 15th - 20th  Is Our Birthday Week  We welcome all our customers  to join us in our birthday celebration.  ���'���aSSm^.  m.  ��� ::^r  Join us  for some  Birthday Cake!  R.R. #1 Halfmoon Bay  680-3541  Van. Direct  Official Flag Raising  1:30 Saturday 20th June  Public Welcome  VISA  E3  3a^\^L\v^g 20  Coast News, June 16, 1981  SPORTS 1  From the Fairway  by Ernie Hume  The Monday night Twilight  group had only 19 players to  compete in a three-out-of-four  tournament. In this event  three out of four scores are  used to arrive at a net score.  The team of Bud Montgomery, Bob Emerson and Ab  Chambers, combined to post  a score of 108. In 2nd place  with an 111 '/. was Ed Pinker-  ton, Bridgett Reiche, Alec  Warner and Jo Emerson.  On Tuesday, June 9th,  twenty-nine played in the  Junior Development Week  tournament along with the  C.L.G.A. pin round. Lil Fraser  won low gross, shooting a  95 in the pin round. The  first flight of the tournament  was won by Pat Vaughan with  a low net 67. Second flight  honours went to Leila Comrie  with a low net 69. The nine  hole cqmpetition featured a  longest drive and count  putts. Aileen Pinkerton took  longest drive honours with  Vivian Woodsworth winning  low putt event with 18. Eight  ofthe ladies managed to score  in the  Junior  Development  tournament by beating the  course par of 74.  The ladies Squamish Team  was defeated soundly by the  Sunshine Coast Team. The  score was 45'/. points to  26'/>. In spite of the rainy  weather, the ladies managed  to play 18 holes between  showers. The Squamish ladies  have vowed to be better  prepared for the return match  at Squamish.  The Senior Men played a  hidden partner game on  Thursday. The team of Jim  Budd, Oly Johannson and  Mickey O'Brien shot a low  64 to win the competition.  Please take note that Senior  Men's Thursday morning starting time will be advanced to  8:30 a.m. to allow the green  keepers time to cut the  greens. This will also remove  the dew which will improve  everyone's putting ability.  The unusual rainy weather  has prevented the use of the'  motorized carts. It now appears that the fairways are  in a stable enough condition to  allow the use of carts until  further notice.  Our annual Hawaiian Night  dinner and dance is fast  approaching. If you haven't  made your reservation yet, it  would be advisable to do so to  avoid disappointment. Authentic Hawaiian dancers  and special club entertainment will be presented.  Remember -June 20th I  Men's Summer Medal Play  tournament will kick off on  June 21st.  The Gibsons Blues are up to bat here against the Powell Hirer Inn at the Roberts Creek Invitational  Senior Womens' Tournament held last Saturday and Sunday at Hackett Park, umim j n�����on pnoio  Ladies Softball     On the rocks  Girls love to play baseball, too and it helps to be well-padded.  Ken's Lucky Dollar team catcher Nickie Allen takes a short break  during Tuesday's game. ��� v����� Pa'���" ph��'��  DANS BACKHOESERUIGE  sewing  ��� Gibsons ��� Gambier ��� Keats  GENERAL EXCAVATING,  TRENCHING & TRUCKING  Phone 886-2758 Evenings Please  Nft  PENINSULA  MARKET  885-9721    Davis Bay, B.C.  tide tables  Reference:  Point Atkinson  Tun. June 16  0330 13  I0S0 2  IHIS 14  2320 III  Wed. June 17  04IX)  1125  1850  13.1  2.3  14.6  Pacific'  Standard Time  Thurs. June IK  11015 II  D4JII i;  iisii ;  1920 14  Krl. June 19  0055 It  0505 i;  1225 ;  201)0 U  Sal. June 20  0130  0555  1310  2045  Sun. June 21  0220  0635  1345  2115  Mon. June 22  0305  1)720  1421)  2150  GROCERIES   FISHING TACKLE  SUNDRIES   TIMEX WATCHES  Open 9���9     7 Days a Week  June 9:  June 2:  Steelers 6  Blues 10  Blues 7  Trail Bay 7  Pender 17  Trail Bay 6  Pender 37  Reservell  Wakefield 0 Roberts Creek 10  Cedars 18  Reserve 11  June 4:  Shoal 9  Cedars 18  June 11:  Reserve 21  Wakefield 35  Reserve 11  Shoal 15  Trail Bay 7  Steelers 14  Roberts Creek 14  Cedars 9  Trail Bay 14  Wakefield 12  Blues 7  Pender 14  League Standings  Wins            Losses  Ties  Roberts Creek  11  1  0  Cedars  9  3  0  Pender  9  3  0  Blues  6  5  1  Wakefield  6  6  0  Shoal  5  6  0  Steelers  4  8  0  Trail Bay  2  9  1  Reserve  1  11  0  Men's Softball  Weldwood remains undefeated after the first month  of men's fastball and Ken Mac  is still struggling in the  basement.  On Sunday, Weldwood  edged RCMP 16-15, after  leading 16-4 going into the  7th. RCMP went wild on the  bases as Weldwood put in  their first stringers for the  final inning and promptly  fell apart. A controversial  call at home cut off the tying  run and ended the game.  Jim Gray picked up the win.  At Elphinstone field on  Tuesday. Weldwood crushed  G.B.S. 14-4 behind the pitching of Dave Lamb and the  batting of Laurie Short. Weldwood picked up 11 unearned  runs to win.  On Thursday, Weldwood  won its seventh straight game  Standings as of June 12  as Dave Lamb chopped off  Ken Mac 6-2, with Rick  Waugh in relief.  In the other game that  night G.B.S. edged Cedars  10-8 on 3 hits after scoring  7 runs in the fourth inning.  Gerry Bergnach gave up six  hits to pick up his third win  of the year.  Games this week:  Tuesday  Ken Mac vs Cedars at Elphinstone; RCMP vs Wanderers at  Hackett Park.  Wednesday:  Wanderers vs Weldwood at  Elphinstone; G.B.S. vs Ken  Mac at Hackett Park.  Thursday:  Wanderers   vs    RCMP    at  Elphinstone.  Sunday:  RCMP    vs  Hackett Park.  Weldwood    at  Weldwood  Cedars  G.B.S.  RCMP  Ken Mac  Woo  7  4  3  1  1  Lost  0  2  4  4  5  Average  1.000  .667  .429  .200  .167  Minor League Ball  Sechelt Minor League Ball  Squirts (Ages 5-8)  Points  16  10  10  2  Royal Reach's  Coast Credit Union  Peninsula Market  Randy's Diggers  Mini-Bronco (Ages 9-11)  Coast Stealers 16  Muppet Shop Maulers 9  Sunshine G.M. 16  Jolly Roger Inn 1  Bronco (Ages 12-14)  Big Mac's 12  Sechelt Building Supplies 7  Work Wear World 5  Softball  Driftwood Drifters 12  Cactus Flower 9  Anderson Realty 11  Wins  8  5  5  1  Ties  0  0  0  0  #  MORTHCOnsr  Sales Representative  IAN GRIFFITH  ��� Framing Packages  ��� Cedar Siding  ��� Timbers  Please call lor quotations  526-6744  738-4791  Res  Collect  HORTHCOAST FOREST PRODUCTS LTD  2320 Rogers Avenue. Coqulllam. BC V3KSX7  by Helen Welnhandl  Once again the annual Flea  Market attracted a large  crowd of bargain seekers.  Most vendors were very  pleased with their results  for the day.  The club would like to thank  all members who turned out  to help Saturday and Sunday,  the community for their support and Gus for his extra  efforts.  Door prizes were won by  Ray Mahoney #1���solid brass  kettle; R. Byrne #2���Coleman  lamp; Nadine Lowden #3���  Mahogany cheese board. Congratulations.  This event will be held the  first Sunday of June each year  so plan to join us then.  Have a good summer!  C0GITCYCLC  HONDA.  S'*t\ **   WP  with savings of up to  15% on  manufactures suggested list  Wharf Rd.,  Sechelt  MDL 6447  885-2030  0)  u  c  ��  ��  1  ��  3  ���8  a  U  VILLAGE OF GIBSONS  GIBSONS SWIMMING POOL  Summer Programme  Effective June 27 - July 31, 1981  Pool Schedule:  MONDAY - TUESDAY - WEDNESDAY - FRIDAY  Noon Swim 11:30 am. - 1:00 pm.  Swimming Lessons ,         1:00 pm. - 3:00 pm.  Public Swim *         3:00 pm. - 5:00 pm.  Adult Lessons 6:00 pm. - 7:00pm.  Public Swim 7:00 pm. - 10:00 pm. *  THURSDAY  CANFOR Swim 9:30 am. - 10:30 am.  Noon Swim 11:30 am. - 1:00 pm.  Swfmming Lessons 1:00 pm. - 3:00 pm.  Public Swim 3:00 pm. - 5:00 pm.  Adult Swimming Lessons 6:00 pm. - 7:00 pm.  CANFOR Swim 7:00 pm. - 9:00 pm.  CANFOR Adults Only 9:00 pm. - 10:00 pm.  SATURDAY - SUNDAY  Public Swim 1:00 pm. - 5:00 pm.  Public Swim 7:00 pm. -10:00 pm. *  * Adults only Wednesday and Sunday Nights  All Winter and Spring Programmes  Terminate June 26,1981  Lesson Programme  We are offering 2 Summer Sessions during the month of July.  Participant will come for lessons every day except weekends for a  total of 10 Lessons.  Session #1  Starts Monday July 6, Ends Friday July 17  Session #2  Starts Monday July 20, Ends Friday July 31  REGISTRATION:  Saturday June 27,1981-9 am. at the Gibsons Swimming Pool.  Note this date hat been changed Irom the previously advertised  date of June 20.  Time Schedule for Lessons  1 pm.   1:30 pm:   Pre-School I  Pre-School III  Red Cross Juniors  1:30 pm. ��� 2:00 pm:   Pre-School II  Pre-School IV  Red Cross Survival  2:00 pm. ��� 2:30 pm:   Pre-Beginners Non-Swimmers  Red Cross Beginners  Royal Life Saving I  2:30 pm. - 3:00 pm:   Pre-Beginners Swimmers  Stroke Improvement  Advanced Beginners  6:00 pm. - 7:00 pm:   Red Cross Seniors - Session I  Red Cross Intermediate - Session I  Royal Life Saving II and III - (Session 2)  Adult Beginners  Adult Advanced  Registration:   Saturday June 27, 1981  9 am. at the Pool  You may register for both sessions.  -Maximum 2 families per registrant.  NOTE! Re8'strat'��n Date June 27-1981  Not June 20 as previously advertised  For further information, please phone the pool at     688-9415  .J Sunshine Coast dancers  begin to win attention  Coast News, June 16, 1981  21  by Vene Parnell  In Coquitlam, she placed first  in her interpretative ballet  solo and in Surrey, third.  Boothroyd, who has a gold  medal in tap, was recently  tested by the National Ballet  School and passed her grade  three cecchetti exam with  credit.  Another local stmt is Rachel  Poirier, 10, who was chosen  from 300 young B.C. dancers  to perform in the Pacific  Ballet Company's production  of the Nutcracker Suite in  Vancouver last December.  Poirier placed first in Gibsons in her solo jazz and third  in her classical ballet solo.  In Surrey, she placed first in  her solo classical ballet performance and in Coquitlam  came fourth out of 32 dancers  in her set ballet with a mark of  83. Poirier recently passed  her National Ballet School  grade 1 cecchetti exam. Both  Poirier and Boothroyd studied  with Kay Armstrong in Vancouver last season.  Other local notables are the  Middleton sisters of Gibsons,  formerly from Burnaby. Trained by Bonnie Cattell-Haus,  Suzanne, Leanne and Angela  placed first as a song and  < The Sunshine Coast is  famous for its sunshine  ���(usually), salmon-fishing and  relaxed pace of life. Within  the last few years, the Sunshine Coast is also developing  a serious reputation for its  dancers.  Best-known, perhaps, are  Colleen Connor, Christine  Irvine and Penny Lea Davis,  .early students of Vancouver's  Anne Gordon, the first teacher  to begin visiting the coast  weekly by ferry to tutor ballet  hopefuls, over 20 years ago.  ; Irvine went on to dance with  ���the Pacific Ballet Company.  Connor continued training  with Gordon in Vancouver and  later London, England. Last  year, she danced in Vienna,  Austria and this year is in  New York. Davis went on to  become Gordon's assistant  teacher and now operates  Iter own school, the Lower  Mainland Dance Centre in  White Rock and Tswwassen.  In recent years, a new crop  of talented dancers is emerging from the coast's first  school, the Gibsons School  of Theatre Dance, started by  ;lean Milward in 1974.  :' This year, in April and  May, at the 8th annual  Sunshine Coast Music Festival  22 local students competed  against 146 Vancouverites and  coast dancers showed they  could hold their own - in fact  they are among the best.  Karen Boothroyd, 13, one of  Milward's first students,  placed first three times: in  an interpretative ballet solo,  an acrobatic solo and a  National Spanish dance duo  with Brigitte Marteddu. In  three other tap  and ballet  iop'three and won the Gibsons R,chel Poiri��r. left, age 10 and Karen Boothroyd, 13, passed their National Ballet School exams  Arts Council dance trophy and recently in the Grade 1 cechetti and Grade 3 cechetti, with credit, categories respectively. Both  bursary. Karen also held her Gibsons girls are students with Kay Armstrong at the Vancouver Ballet School and received first  own in the Surrey and Co- place standings in the recent music festivals held in Coquitlam, Surrey and Gibsons in the solo ballet  quitlam   festivals   in   April, categories. Examiner was Debbie Bowes of Toronto.  dance trio at the Surrey  festival. Older sister Debbie,  18, placed within the top  three in five separate categories of jazz, ballet and  character dance in Surrey.  She placed first in the classical  ballet senior and classical  ballet character categories in  Gibsons.  Two newcomers to the  coast last season, Susan Bohn,  13, and her sister Kim, 8,  both came first in their  respective novice ballet and  novice tap categories. Local  acrobatic dancer Colleen Partridge and the brother and  sister dance team of Justin  and Breanna Huselak made a  good showing and Maria  Risebrough, Sonja Valencius,  Clair Bujan, Sonja Ritchie and  Jtllian Morrow received a high  mark of 90% in their jazz  group number.  Young tapdancers Bonnie  Stewart and Jennifer Copping,  trained by Karen Boothroyd,  also did well.  It is no accident that local  dancers have shown well at  area festivals. Much of the  credit goes to Jean Milward  and the high standards she  set at the Gibsons School of  Theatre Dance.  Milward, who became the  coast's first resident teacher  in 1970, was trained in Manchester, England by Aileen  Price in the Royal Academy of  Dance (RAD) method, She  started to dance with professional theatre companies at  the age of 12 and reached her  teacher's membership in  ballet and tap when she  was 18.  Milward later taught at the  Maria Thompson school in  Manchester and arranged  choreography for pro dancers  in the early 1960's. In Canada,  she took refresher courses in  the cecchetti method and  began to teach ballet, tap,  stage and jazz dance in  Gibsons, later obtaining her  jazz membership in the International Dance Teacher's Association (IDTA).  ,  Her well-rounded background was a marvellous  asset to coast dancers and by  1980, the Gibsons School of  Theatre Dance had 130 students enrolled in classes.  Unfortunately, Milward  moved to Grand Cache,  Alberta  in   1980,   and  the  TWIN CREEKS LUMBER &  BUILDING SUPPLIES LTD.  With the addition of our new  ARTICULATING CRANE  .A  rriWJN CREEK LUMBER J  $5, ������*�����?���  on our  TANDEM MACK TRUCK  we can Now  ��� Place trusses, plywood and roofing on your roof.  ��� Take blocks and bricks to your job site.  ��� Lift Gyproc to your second storey.  ...or take care of any other Specialized  HEAVY Lifting Requirments  Please call us for a FREE ESTIMATE of all your building needs.  NOW OPEN SUNDAYS 10 am ��� 4 pm  Sunshine Coast Hwy., Gibsons  886-2291  school disbanded. However,  because of the large numbers  of local students desiring further instruction, several teachers surfaced to fill the gap.  Tina Marie (Wilson) Gracie,  a guest teacher at Milward's  school since 1978, teaching  acrobatic and Spanish dance  has continued her weekly  trips from Vancouver. Gracie,  trained by Kay Visini, operates the Starlet School of  Dance in Coquitlam and  Vancouver and last season  brought along another Starlet  School teacher, Janine Kand-  borg, to teach ballet and  jazz.  Michelle Graham, who trained with Wynne Shaw in  Victoria, taught ballet and  Milward's former student  teachers, Karen Boothroyd  and Sue Francis have been  teaching tap to beginners.  Twilight Theatre owners,  Ray and Pamela Boothroyd,  have been avid supporters of  dance since its beginnings on  the coast. They provided  space for Milward's school  and recently added a dance  studio for use in addition to  the stage.  Since Milward's departure,  they have been instrumental  in keeping dance alive on the  coast by advertising and  offering reasonable rates to  teachers as well as donating  the theatre for festivals and  rehearsals.  "It's a pity Jean had to  leave when she did," said Ray  Boothroyd. "We would have  had a really good school here  in two more years.  "One of the reasons we  became involved with the  dance school was because  we believed there is a potential for dance in this area.  And we wanted to show that  the theatre could be used for  other things besides movies."  The Boothroyds are keen to  support the growth of cultural  happenings on the coast,  such as the recent performance by local amateurs of  the rock opera, Jesus Christ,  Superstar, under the direction  of renowned opera singer and  coast resident, Lyn Vernon.  AlilMflli  CEDRR  IIUIIIEu     product of British Columbia  QUALITY LIVING WITH CEDAR  Every detail in a Lindal Cedar Home radiates gracious, yet sensible  living.  And every Lindal tloor plan permits almost unlimited design  flexibility. Over 60 original plans are available. Each can be modified  to lit your particular needs and tastes. Or we can help you design  your very own plan.  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Norton's  Titbits   in  your  last  edition  :moved me to reply in this  Ivein...  .   Dear Miss Norton...  Maybe it has not occurred  to you in your well meaning  efforts to direct us into a  brighter future... that your  idea of fun or social reward I  does not coincide with all of us  here in Roberts Creek...  The first "Creek Daze",  was a spontaneous effort by  all who had the energy to  get it going. As anyone who  participated, either actor or  . spectator can attest, it was  ; wonderful, magical and symbolised the Spirit of Roberts  reason we moved here in the  first place, being just that, In  relative peace and quiet I  To attract a bunch of people  who would normally pass us  by on the highways, to fill  the area with cars, broken  glass, dog business, litter  and other assorted headaches  is not my idea of fun...granted the dazed committee  cleans up the beach area to the  top of the intersection, but the  mess does not stop there I  Not to mention the noise,  commotion and strange people  being offended when one asks  them to please catch their  dog and remove their car from  one's own back yard... etc. ad  nauseam...  GIBSONS:  On the 7th: A 10' aluminum  boat is reported missing from  the Williamson Landing area.  The small rowboat is described as having a blunt  nose and to be equipped with  two white oars.  A red y, ton GMC is reported stolen from the Ken  Devries parking lot.  On the 8th: Cedar Grove  Elementary School reports  that the rear windows of the  school were the object of  vandalism. The windows were  cracked by thrown rocks.  On the 9th: There is a report of  a motorcycle accident on  Highway 101 in front of  Mack's Nursery. The motorcycle, ridden by Harry Van-  derwoerd of Gibsons, failed to  negotiate the curve and went  off the road. Vanderwoerd was  taken to St. Mary's Hospital  for multiple bruises and held  for observation for a few  hours.  SECHELT:  On the Sth: Gas was stolen  from two boats at Headwater  Marina.  Three impaired driving  charges were handed out on  Friday night and one on  Saturday.  A message to the Ferries  I would gently point out  to you. Miss Norton, that your  remark indicating we wish  you to run around doing all  the work for us to enjoy the  benefits, was mildly offensive...  Not only do we not wish for  you to "do it all"... we do not  wish for you to do it at all"... I  Yours sincerely,  Janine Haughton  Roberts Creek  Creek community... this kind ga^m- in^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^m  iin^SicatTS 0U r��"*o��ing not supported  it  should   not...   to  try  to  arrange year after year for  the same experience is missing the point I  . Many of us here are working extremely hard to maintain our properties, raise  babies, grow food and generally "get it together" to use  a well-worn colloquialism,  to provide comfortable debt-  free, well-fed futures for our-  : selves and our children - the  Ti  wc^wormef, warmest  daniadown  ChJSf Wifflei chilli may wiih . DlTMduwn conlmenlil  guilt turn down ll** ik it id -,m enrgy and De lire ol  .idiot, s Dedmiking loirvtr Ast about our unique  guarantee ol al'mlh Wc have a constantly espandmg  , selection ol designs in peimaprrss pen j'm and mujims  the at muling possibiiiiir s are endless  M,ilch.ng dupe service jvaiiioie Please anlacl us loi  oui colour oiocnu'e and cross Canada dealer hsi - Buy  Canadian  Letter to the Editor:  Editor's Note: This letter was  received by as and also was  sent to the Regional Board.  Please give support to the  majority of the hard working  area planning committee  members, who feel as I do  that now is the time to insist  that Imperial Oil move their  hazardous storage tanks to  an area already zoned commercial; not ask for a re-  ����� zoning to commercial in a resi-  ? dential area.  Can we allow the shortsighted vision of some leaders  and the snow-job of Imperial  Oil speakers to tell us that all  we'll see. smell and feel from  their newly designed facilities  is beautiful?  Disaster from fire or explosion is not beauty and  safety In our community is  the concern of all.  Thank you,  Yours truly,  Betty Kiloh  ft cioniodown quilts ltd.  *%R    Vancoovei BC    ���    EsiaDl.sheti 19G7  r     SUNSHINE INTEHIOSS  NOHTH SO. ��� KIWANIS WAV  ,. eiisoNi. Mj-jIBT    .  Oil tanks opposed  Editor:  Enclosed please find a copy  of a letter I have written to  the Regional Board concerning the rezoning of the Imperial Oil storage tank area at  Hopkins Landing -  Chimney  Cleaning  & Maintenance  Phone 886-8187  RENT ��� A - BAY  YOU fix it!  ��� We supply you with a bay area, floor jacks, jack  stands, creepers.  ��� Bring your own tools.  *$*���� /hour  Phone 9 am   5 pm   886-20X0  Crucll Rd.  Directors   of   the   Regional  Board.  Dear Sirs:  We are homeowners in  Area F and would like to  register our disapproval of the  proposed rezoning of the  Imperial Oil Storage Tank  area.  We feel that oil storage  tanks have no place in a residential area. The possibility  of a disastrous spill or fire is  ever present.  The tanks are situated  in a small triangular area  between two major roads  which heightens the possibility of an accident.  We are also very concerned  about the Hopkins Road being  the only exit from our area.  We live on Point Road, and  anyone familiar with the area  must realize that in case of  an accident or blockage of  some sort on the short Hopkins Road, no one could leave  our area containing some  61 homes.  Yours truly,  Margaret M. Neilson  J.S. Neilson  We are being given the  sweetest little message over the  air waves by the B.C. Ferry  Corporation!  "Leave your car at home and  take the bus, or park it and  walk aboard the ferries!"  Have you tried to find a  parking spot at Horseshoe Bay  lately? Or tried to get into the  ferry parking lot on a Friday  evening? Many of the lot users  are not even ferry travellers.  They park their cars, jump into  their boats and go fishing right  in the area! But you can't blame  them for that, they have to park  too!  The B.C. Ferry Service have  part of the answer right in  Horseshoe Bay. They have a  large parking area that could  accommodate a pretty sizeable  building. And if they built it up  to ten or fifteen levels of  parking it could handle a pile of  cars. A staff of two could  handle the booth for the hours  of ferry traffic so the cost of  operating should be quite  reasonable.  Not only would it relieve a  lot of pressure at the Horseshoe  Bay end, but on Sunday nights,  relieve pressure at Langdale,  Departure Bay and Bowen  Island. Think of the pleasure of  ferry travellers being able to  enjoy a Sunday dinner with  family and friends, then being  driven to the terminal, knowing  they would not have the hassle  of boarding.  Most weekend travellers  plan to visit folks who live  within reasonable driving distance of the ferries who would  not mind picking them up at  the other end. And in the case  of the Sunshine Coast, we find  many who are commuting daily  Gibsons Ready Mix  886-8174  ���Drainrock "Washed Rock  "Sand -Road Mulch  "Fill "Concrete Anchors^:  Mon,���Friday 8a.m.���5p.m  to the City who would share a  car pool at one end or the other.  Granted, the winter months  would be slack, but overhead is  minimal. And as the Sunshine  Coast becomes another North  Vancouver, year round parking  could be a viable operation  without subsidization. What  do you say, you traffic experts?  Carl Chrismas  Principal  supported  Editor:  A Coast "News editorial  commented on the unpopularity of the Elphinstone  principal with some of the  students. As a member of  the school janitorial staff, I  can attest to the fact that if  this is true (or unusual) it  isn't because the students  haven't been given every  opportunity to partake of the  .'sophisticated learning facilities and social programs at  Elphinstone. These are far  beyond what most of us have  known from our school days  and require some care and  responsibility. Some students  respond to this, some don't.  I couldn't comment on staff  morale, but the Elphinstone  teachers, including those  hired by the present principal,  seem very capable and dedicated.  Sincerely,  Victor Kennon  RR#1 Gibsons  CLASSIFIED NOTE  Dropoff your CoasI News  Classllied al Campbells  Family Shoes. Sechelt. or  Madeira Park Pharmacy,  Madeira Park.  X&^w^^^^Mkm^^XXsS^^^^^^^^^^Ws&I  &i$^W' <f=\ II o  When hope is tested  ...we care.  When some one dear departs, the loss is often  accompanied by a feeling of hopelessness.  But reach out to your friends and you'll find  the strength you need. In such a time  you can rely on us ... we understand.  886-9551  D. A. Devlin  Director  1665 Seaview  Gibsons  West Resort in Egmond  reports the theft of a cooler  containing some beer.  On the 7th: A tape deck was  stolen from a Ford Maverick  parked at the Jolly Roger  Inn.  A cabin at Lowes Marina  in Pender Harbour was broken  into. An AM/FM Sanyo  cassette was taken. Police  have no suspects.  More liquor was stolen from  a cooler in the Pender Harbour  Area.  There is a report of the  theft of a small amount of  lumber from the industrial  park on Field Road in Wilson  Creek.  $500 worth of damage was  done to the Madeira Park  Elementary School when it  was broken into.  On the 8th: A travel trailer  was broken into in Pender  Harbour. There was nothing  taken.  Sunshine Motors reports  yet another theft; tires and  wheels were taken from their  storage compound on Porpoise Bay Road.  On the 10th: Vandals smashed  the corner window of a vehicle  in Wilson Creek.  On the 12th: The window of,  a house in the Redrooffs area  was pried, open. 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Use either of our  TWO PAYMENTS PLANS  ��� The 60 Day Plan  (no interest or other charges) 1/3 Down 1/3 In 30 days ��� Balance in 60 days.  ��� The Western Plan  (very low interest) - no down payment - total amount spread  over 6 months.  ��� PRIME GRAIN FED CATTLE  SPECIALLY AGED TO PERFECTION  From the rolling hills ot Southern Alberta  * Weight loss in cutting and boxing will increase the cost per Ib.  ���  WESTERN MEAT PACKERS LTD.  CALL COLLECT 254-5494  804 Renfrew St., Vancouver V5K 4B6 24  Coast News, June 16, 1981  COAST NEWS CLASSIFIED ADS  Obituaries    I Anouncemants  Jewitt. Passed away suddenly  May 30th, 1981, Norman Joseph  Jewitt late of Langdale. Survived  by his loving wife Irene, and son  Mark. Private family arrangements, followed by cremation.  Devlin Funeral Home, directors.  #24  Holy land tour November  16th  12 days. Deluxe and complete.  For more info, phone: 886-2660.  #26  Thanks  Thank you to Dr. Myhill-Jones  and nurses, everyone who administered to my husband, John  Palmer, and to Dan Devlin for  his kind help to me. The final  curtain fell. Betsy Palmer  #24  Thank you to everyone for  your kindness in my time of  grief. Remembering the respect  shown to my husband by the  pallbearers, members of Legion  Branch 219. Betsy Palmer.      #24  Thanks to Dr. Cline, Dr. Petzold,  Dr. Mountain, Dr. Rogers, nurses  and staff of St. Mary's Hospital  for the excellent care given to my  husband during his illness.  Dorothy Lieber  #24  My sincere thanks to friends and  relatives for their support and  comforting messages in the loss  of my beloved husband, Joseph  Lieber who passed away May 31,  1981. Special thanks to Rev.  Angelo de Pompa for his consoling words and company.  Also to the parishioners of St.  Mary's Church, The Royal  Canadian Legion and the Achievement Centre. Special thanks  to Don and June Apchkrum for  their help and support.  Dorothy Lieber  #24  ATTIC ANTIQUES  wishes to advise that its  Parking area is lor Customers only. All others will be  Towed away al owner's  expense.  Announcements  Molly Mouse Day Care has  openings for children aged 3-5  yrs. 886-7307. #26  Film "Gambier: An Island in  Jeopardy" date: June 18. Time:  8 p.m. Place: Elphinstone High  School, room 111. Followed by a  discussion period. Everyone welcome I #24  Mr. & Mrs. Lyle Winchester of  North Van. are pleased to announce the forthcoming marriage  of their daughter Rozann to Mr.  Daniel Zueff, son of Mr. & Mrs.  Al Zueff of Gibsons. Wedding  to take place June 27,1981.    #24  DANCE students, teachers and  others requiring information on  Tap, Ballet, Aero, Modern and  Spanish Dance. Please phone  886-2989. TFN  If someone in your family has a  drinking problem you can see  what it's doing to them. Can you  see what it is doing to you?  Al Anon can help. Phone 6-9037  or 6-8228 TFN  MEALS ON WHEELS  Available Mon.. Wed.. Fri.  Gibsons, Roberls Creek  Call  886-7880   885-3351  SECHELT TOTEM CLUB BINGO  Every Sunday. Place: Sechelt  Legion Hall.  Times: Doors open 5:30. Early  Birds 7:00. Bonanza 7:30. Regular Bingo 8:00.  100% payout on Bonanza end of  each month. Everyone Welcome.  TFN  BIM'S  DRVWALL  ��� No job too big  or small  ��� Machine taping  available  TFN  A Full Line of  Plumbing Supplies  Tues. - Sat.  9 a.m. - 5 p.m.  Glbtont  Hwy 101 & Pratt Rd.  Personal  Diane and Davey   wherever you go, whatever you  do, make sure that each foot  is in the right shoe. Love and  Kisses, Rudolph. #24  WANTED  Person to teach an individual  Arabic one or two evenings a  week. Box 8, Coast News, Box  460 Gibsons. VON 1VO.        TFN  California bound? Christian woman with daughter needs ride to  Northern Calif. 1st of Aug.  Will share with driving and cost.  Prefer Christian replies. Call  886-8669 #26  CASTLEMCK  KENNELS  ' Boarding     ^|  1 Grooming  1 Puppies occasionally  Roberts Creek,  opposite Golt Course  885-2505  SPCA  SPAY  Clinic  and information  886-7938  Box 405  Gibsons, B.C.  Uuestoch  A.A. Meetings  Phone  886-9208  885-3394  or  886-2993  lor Pender Harbour  883-9978  or  883-9238  Found  Washed ashore, a number of  tapes. Owner may claim by  identifying. 886-9252 #24  [I  Denim jean coat size  reward. No questions  Phone evenings 886-9839.  For Adoption:  Dogs . Golden Lab X female  1 year. Collie-Lab X female 1  year. Bloodhound female 1 year.  Shepherd male 1 year. Longhaired Newfoundland-Collie ? X  male 10 months. Cocker Spaniel X  female 7 months. Shepherd X  pup female 3 months.  Caia - We have lots of cute  kittens, male & female. Calico  spayed female one year.  Found ��� Large long-haired neutered male adult, found on Fair-  view Rd. Large long-haired  brown cat male found Park &  Reed Rd.  Peninsula Kennels open to view  9-11 a.m., 2-4 p.m. 7 days a  week or phone 886-7713.        #24  ELLINCHAM  STABLES  ��� Boarding  ��� Training  ��� Lessons  885-9969  work wanted  D6 Cat for hire. Phone leave  message 885-2873 TF>  Dependable Carpenter available  now. Experienced in all facets of  house construction, also small  plumbing and electrical work  Phone 885-3847. #26  Carpenter - new and renovations.  Reasonable rates and references.  886-7280 TFN  Magus  Kennels  ��� Dog Boarding & Training  ��� CKC Champion & Obedience  Great Danes  ��� Best Care on Peninsula  886*8568  PENINSULA  KENNELS  Open  for Boarding  all types of  dogs & cats  Excellent  care given  Now  S.P.C.A. Shelter  Open  9-11 am&2-4pm  for viewing  adoptive animals  or drop-off  of unwanted  animals.  Phone  886-7713  Design  Drafting  886-7441  J. LEPORE TILE  Quality Installations  Ceramic. 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TFN  NEED TUNE-lirr  Experienced mechanic will come  to your car ��� any make. leas,  rates call  Dominique  885-3317  anytime TFN  1 quarter horse mare, 1 kanata  mare and 1 pony to good homes.  886-9409 TFN  Milking Goat & 2 Toggenberg  doe kids, pony, meat birds.  885-2672. #26  150 layer Chicks 10 weeks old.  $4.25 each. 886-7540 TFN  HAY. $2.00 a bale. Phone evenings 885-9357 TFN  Wanted: Pasture to rent tor two  horses, Gibsons area. Phone  886-8507 after 5:00 p.m. Will  pay $60 per month. #24  Backhoe available. Gibsons area  preferred. Phone 886-9614 any  time. TFN  For Explosive Requirements  Dynamite, electric or regular caps.  B line E cord and safety fuse.  Contact Gwen Nlmmo, Cemetery  Road, Gibsons. Phone 886-7778.  Howe Sound Farmer Institute.   TFN  TREE SERVICE  We  make  it  our business  to  provide  you  with  satisfaction.  Our specialty:  ��� Topping  ��� Limbing  ��� Dangerous Tree Removal  Insured guaranteed services  Peerless Tree Service Ltd.  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TFN  Hardwood Floors resanded and  Wanted to Rent  ���������Responsible individual ������  requires 1 or 2 bedroom house/  cottage in the Gibsons-Roberts  Creek area. Can do minor renovation and maintenance. Phone  Bradley J Benson at Coast News  886-2622 or 886-7817. #25  Rental wanted near Gibsons for  couple, teacher and secretary.  No children, pets, non smokers.  Refs. Summer home Sept 1 -  June 30 acceptable. Call collect  984-9842 #26  3 bedroom home or trailer by  July 1st. Sechelt-Madeira Park.  Will fix up and consider agreement for sale. 883-2772. #24  Urgently required - local electrician - family of 3 - requires  accommodation - please. 886-  9232. T. O'Sullivan. #26  2 or 3 bedroom basement home  Gibsons to Sechelt, up to $500  per month. Phone 886-7513  before 3:30 daily or anytime  weekends. #26  Responsible single male looking  to sublet furnished house for  July and August. Please call  Bob at 886-7911. #26  Furnished or unfurnished accom-  finished, work guaranteed. Free  modftion.. ei*��   mon*hJy   ��'     **.  ubiipIu   hnelc      Planea   /-.nil    Haanh.  est. Phone 885-5072  Help Wanted  TPN  yearly basis. Please call Beachcombers office 886-7811.        #26  RENT-A-BAY1  YOU FIX IT!  We supply you with a bay area,  floor jacks, jack stands, creepers.  Bring your own tools. $5.00/hour.  Phone 9 a.m. - 5 p.m. 886-2020.  Crucil Rd. TFN  Eight miles north Sechelt older  waterfront cottage needs winterizing and reinstallation of hydro  line, ideal for handyman and  wife. Rent negotiable. Ref. req'd.  Box 5, Coast News, Boi 460,  Gibsons, B.C. #29  2 BR summer cabin on Garden  Bay Lake. Beach, wharf, row boat  fully furnished incl. dishes,  light & heat. Reserve now.  $125 week. 883-9181, 521-5140,  521-2401. #25  House at Irvines Landing overlooking Lees Bay. TV, fireplace,  extra fish fridge, 2 bedroom  sleeps six easily. Avail June till  October. You supply food, linen -  everything else there. $245 per  week. Special rate for 1 month or  longer. Phone 939-0559 #25  University professor and family  (2 children) wish to eichange  homes with a family on the Sunshine Coast during the period  Aug. 15 to Aug. 29. Home is in  North Burnaby, on quiet street ���  one block to busline to SFU,  PNE or downtown. The Elliotts,  7060 Blaine Court, Burnaby.  Ph. 291-1806. #24  Community Hall for rent in  Roberts Creek. Phone Bill Grose  885-9237 TFN  19 in. Colour T.V. J2S. per mo., 3  mo. min. 26 in. consoles $30. per  mo. J & C Electronic. 885-2568   #TFN  Room and board available for  clean working men. Phone  886-2137. TFN  Commercial Space. Cowrie St.,  Sechelt. Available immediately.  885-2950. #24  SPECIAL WEEKLY RATES  Peninsula Hotel 886-9334      TFN  2 bedrooms 1500 sq. ft. Selma  Park $500 mo. 885-9630 #24  Store or office space. Approi.  1500 sq. ft. located at Hwy. 101  & Francis Peninsula Rd. in  Pender Harbour. Day 883-2533  nights 883-9933 TFN  2 bedroom home Roberts Creek  $400 per month plus utilities,  references required. Available  July 1st. Write Adola Cottage  Farm, RR#2 Gibsons. #24  Completely furnished suite for  one non-smoker, view, garage.  $235 a month. 886-2474 available  July 1st. #24  Full time and part time housekeepers required. Contact Jolly  Roger Inn. 885-5888. #25  Wanted: Builder for cottage  Sechelt area. Call Craig 327-9014.          #25  Loving grandma-type to care for  small baby, please. Call 886-8257.   #24  Wanted: Person Friday Mond.  through Fri. 8:00 1:00 duties are  ans. phone, typing, banking,  some bkpng. Reply in writing  Boi 1118 Sechelt. State salary  and qualifications. #26  Restaurant manager or manager  trainee & baker trainee wanted.  Please phone for interview  885-9962. Resume required.   #24  Night auditor required. Permanent full-time position. Seeking mature individual with basic  accounting experience. Reply in  writing to Jolly Roger Inn,  RR#1 Halfmoon Bay. #25  Part time clerical and store clerk.  Please send resume to Personnel  Dept., Box 59, Madeira Pk., B.C.  VON2HO. TFN  Short order cook. Apply 885-9212.  #25  Day care relief staff needed  immed. Contact Janet 886-7307  or Carol 886-9646. #26  Desperately need 2 or 3 bdrm.  apt. or house for July 1st Gibsons  to Sechelt. 886-7993. #25  2 or 3 bdrm. waterfront house for  1 yr. starting anytime from July  1 - Sept. 1. Phone collect 112-  224-6720evesafter8p.m.      #26  Craftsman wishes to rent small  work space in Gibsons area.  Call 886-9318 #26  For Rent  Room and board available for  responsible person with child.  Prefer school-age boy. In ex. for  light housekeeping, prepare  meals and help share food cost.  Upper Gibsons area. Box 1714,  Gibsons. #24  COMMERCIAL SPACE  1600 sq. ft. prime retail space  available June 1. 885-2522,  885-3165 eves. TFN  Breahfast cook  ft  second cook  needed immediately  Apply in person  COMMERCIAL  SPACE  FOR RENT  Cedar Plaza  Gibsons  Up to 1600 sq. ft. of  prime   Retail  floor  space for reasonable  lease rates.  Good   location   for  Men's   Wear,   Ladies'  Wear, Jewellry store,  etc.  Please contact  886-2234  886-7454  1200 Sq. Ft.  Commercial  Shop space  For Lease  Hwy. 101, Gibsons  BBBMiq  OFFICE SPACE  Very reasonable lease  requirements for 2nd  floor location.  Siies available  trom 880 sq. ft. to  4500 sq. ft.  Air conditioned, carpeted mall location.  SPACE  AVAILABLE  IMMEDIATELY  Phone: 886-2234  886-7454  Wanted  The Coast News is looking for  back copies to complete their  files. Issues missing are from  June to December in 1976. Anyone wishing to donate, please  phone 886-2622 and we will pick  up. Thank youl TFN  CASH FOR LOBS  tod Prices  Free Estimates  0 & 0 LOG SORTING  LTD.  886-7896    886-7700  For Sale  Iron Bedstead complete with  springs and mattress. Double  size. $50.886-9122. #26  3 brand new 165x13 Michelins  $90 value/$55 each. Baycrest  15.4 cu. ft. freezer as new $225.  4 good used 165x13 Michelins on  BMW rims $200. Eves. 886-  2694. #26  Sears electric chainsaw price new  $84.95 sell $45. include file;  spinning wheel as new $165;  ash sideboard with mirror and  leaded glass doors $170 OBO.  Phone 886-9472 #26  FRESH FISH  Halibut - Cod  Orders   taken   now.   886-2350,  886-9587 #24  David Faber "moving on" sale  Wow to June 28th. Mercury  mechanic's tools, woodwork tools  radial saw to hammer, all household electric appliances, table  lamps, bed, to antique clock,  '69 Ford Station Wagon. 3rd mail  box south Fire Hall uphill Redrooffs Road, Halfmoon Bay.    #24  Oil furnace and oil tank. Best  offer, exc. cond. 886-2733.     #24  TUPPERWARE - your guarantee  of quality - keeps food at peak of  freshness - pretty and practical.  Phone Louise Palmer 886-9363#29  For sale '74 Ford LTD $2000  OBO. For sale '79 MX100 $600  OBO. For sale truck cap $450  OBO. For sale '72 Ski-doo $300  OBO. Ph. 883-2622 after 4:30  exp. Tue. #24  HOTTUBT  Do it yourself. Fiberglass, redwood and vinyl. Solar collectors,  H&S Contracting. 885-3825 TFN  Persian Rug  Itsslzeis4'6"x7'4"  and Its origin Is  Qum. The pile  comes from the  finest Goat's Down  and has Silk bordering. The warp  and weft Is cotton.  Phone 805-7539  Green Onion  Stereo  884-5240  Dunham Rd., Port Mellon  For Sale  Electric lawn mower in good  condition, wading pool for small  child, oak furniture at reasonable  price. 886-8087. #24  Used mobile home. Sechelt area.  Call Craig 327-9014 #25  Your unwanted bam, house, etc.  Clean up and removal at no  charge to you. 885-3310 #26  Wanted second hand gas mower  in good condition. 885-3847    #24  House on Sunshine Coast in trade  for 4 bdrm. home in Port Coquitlam. Phone 886-9159 or 941-3841,  PoCo. #25  Older furniture, china etc. bought  or sold on consignment. Harbour  Antiques, 1585 Marine Dr.,  Gibsons. 886-7800 TFN  F & L Contractors. Standing  timber. Any amount. Fair prices.  Good clean up. Lou LePage  886-9872 or 886-7833. TFN  Delivered sawdust, shavings, for  stable. 885-9969 TFN  Bargain. Inglis "Super 100"  deluxe cont. clean auto stove.  Lovely almond colour blk. glass  door. Only one year old but  seldom used. Sparkling clean,  perfect cond. B.O. to $300.  885-5357 aft. 4 p.m. only please.  #24  1977 Dodge club cab V. ton  camper special 20,000 mi. incl.  high canopy, twin tanks, offers to  $6500.00.885-5020. #24  Truck canopy 8' box screened  windows vent full back door  $l50.00OBO. 886-7938. #24  1975 Case 580B backhoe ind  loader exc. condition. $17,500.00.  10" deluxe Black & Decker radial  arm saw $285.00. Oil furnace  good cond. $50.00. Yamaha  clear, organ never used, $1,100.  Storage Shed 8 x 6'7 $125.00.  Dining room table $30.00. Two  stereo speakers $40.00, 886-9102.  #24  100 3x10x15 ft. Beams $15 ea.  650 bf prestained Haida skirl  cedar bevel siding $500. Old  Singer sewing machine $200.  Oval bevelled mirror wood  frame $150. Radial arm saw  $410 1 cord plus seasoned split  fir $50. Giant moving sale, all  must go. 883-2606. #26  Moffat electric stove and Kenmore washer and dryer $75  each. 886-9849. #24  Homemade bandsaw $50. 886-  2086 #24  24' flat deck ramp trailer 10,000  GVW, electric brake $2750.00.  16 hp diesel farm tractor, attachments $3,100. Thomas 700  Bobcat $3,000 OBO. 7 sq.  roofing shingles $150 delivered.  4' glass display case $200 delivered. 885-3903 evenings.    #25  Trailer hitch, anti-sway bar,  trailer brake control, 2 side view  mirrors, winter chains, 'extra'  gas container, child's car seat,  bumper chair, portable sewing  machine. Call 886-7298 evenings  only. #26  Camper for import truck, new  camper jacks $1,800. 886-7413.  #26  FREE KITCHEN DESIGN"  SERVICE)  Carpets I Vinyl I Ceramics 1 Appliances! Cabinets! Teredo Car-'  pet & Home Centre 885-2601,  885-7520. TFN  Large oil stove for workshop and  oil drum 885-2672 #24  Chesterfield and Chair. Phone  886-7319. Asking $150. #26  Light beige fold-down bed-  or.csiett.eld, excellent condition  $75. Gold contemporary easy  chair re-upholstered $50. 885-  5252. #26  Singer (Dominion) sewing machine with cabinet - completely  re-conditioned $100 OBO. Stereo  radio/record player RCA 2  speakers newly re-conditioned  $100,886-9843. #24  15'/. cabin cruiser plywood  outboard motor trailer usual  accessories $1300. Phone 886-  2949 #24  Used building materials, win-;  dows, doors and plywood. Rough;  sawn 2x4, 2x6. Crestwood sink'  kitchen unit $150. 885-3310.'  #26  1974 Dodge maxivan w/w carpet  air-con., cassette tape deck tout  speakers, CB radio, sleeping  units $2500 OBO. 883-2736  5 p.m. #26  MULCH HAY $1.50 bale. Phone  evening 885-9357 TFN  INSULATION  AND R00FIHB  MATERIALS  FOR SALE  PENINSULA ROOFING ft  INSULATION LTD.  885-37M  POWERCLEANING  885 9316 V    LUMBER FOR  Rough sawn lumber.  retiring, construction  Yellow cedar, red  hemlock. Inquire wet  Copack Industries I  side Sawmill. Visit  Avalon near Port Mel  '126-7.1.1��.  SALE  (irades for  and boats,  eedar.   fir.  kdays. 9 - 4.  imited. Hill-  us   beside  Ion or phone  TFN  Garden hay mulch. 10 bale  minimum. $1.50 each bale. 20  bales $1.25 each. 886-7377 or  886-9409 TFN  II ft. self-contained Camper,  '���way fridge, gas stove & oven.  Phone 885-3509. Plus Toront  couch. #24  For Watklns Quality Products ���  Phone Harry Collins at Davis Bay.  885-3302. #27  3 wheeled Forklift 5000 Ib. lift  capacity, gas powered, good  condition 885-3952 aft. 7 p.m.  Asking $3,000. a24  Finest selection of custom-made  drapes on the Sunshine Coast.  Ken Devries & Son 886-7112,  885-3424. #26  TONY'S  UNIQUE RESTORATIONS  BRASS ft ANTIQUES  Pedal stools. Sinks. Leaded  glass. French Doors. Demolition.  Brass Taps. Chandeliers. Wall  Sconces. Red Brick. Oak Floors.  Beautiful accessories 50 years &  older. 3662-4th* Ave.. Vancouver  TFN  1980  'A  ton  maxi van white.  Tel. #883-2297 #25  Competitive quotes on custom  carpet installation given to  contractors & home-builders.  Ken Devries & Son. 885-3424,  886-7112. #26  Soft top for '68 to '78 Bronco.  Good cond. $250.886-9579.    #24  Powerful horse manure: you load  $15.885-9969. TFN  THE WOOD SHED  We have firewood cut  split and ready for immediate delivery.  We will make special  payment arrangements  for bulk orders of 2 cords  or more.  Get your winter wood in  now and pay later.  Phone 886-2084  PUMPS PUMPS PUMPS  Commercial�� Residential  Sump, Sewage a  Effluent Pumps  Construction Equipment  885-5922  i���Madeira���i  Appliances  have good guaranteed  rebuilt appliances.  Less than half  new price.  Call Collect Anytlmt  SECHELT  CARPET  CORNER  has lust received  another load ot  "Candy stripe"  Rubber Bach  CARPET  at ins vary  l    low piica ot  *5.i�� sa. yd.  But Hurry!  885-5315  fop Sale  Coast News. June 16, 1981  14' Spring Box boat with 9.5  motor, 883-2415. Stock & appliances in store and take-out for  sale 883-2415.  skidder $9500 or best offer.  883-2415. #24  Antique organ appros. 100 years  old. Excellent condition. $2000  OBO. 886-9114. #24  Inglis multi-cycle auto washer,  excellent condition. Guaranteed  & delivered. $250. Phone 883-  2648 TFN  Electric Piano, Fender Rhodes,  portable. Exc. cond. $1000 OBO.  886-8583 TFN  Appliances, Furniture, TV's,  Stereos etc. DISCOUNT PRICES I  Kern's Home Furnishings, Seaview Place, Gibsons. 886-9733.   TFN  Shakes tapers $65/sq. Barn  $40/sq. Survival suits 2 as new.  $225 each. 885-3429. #24  Ives-Way automatic home canner  Necchi portable sewing machine  T19' rug copper. Green brocade  club chair. 886-7039. #24  The Perfect Gift  for Father's Day  5 Piece Wok Kit  ���15.99  FAN'S  BAMBOO  PANTRY  885-3575        885-9241  BOOK SEARCH  available  We stock books on Philosophy,  Music, Art and Poetry.  ATTIC ANTIQUES  Hwy 101, on the hill, Gibsons  TFN  Gas water htr. $75. 60 amp. pole  $40. 105 comics $25. Cold cure  epoxy $55 gal. Braided 8* z 12'  oval rug $80. 4" planer $125.  10 hp Rototiller $500. '71 Fargo  Van $1200i. Marine hdwr. steel  roofing, firewood. 885-7255.   #25  Console stereo system; Sanyo  cassette deck; AGS turntable,  Heathkit amp. & tuner. Solid  walnut, eicellent working condition. $500.886-7726. #24  The WOOD SHED  Is now taking orders for  FIREWOOD  Stock-up now (or next winter  Phone jjt-jtjjj  ELECTROLUX (CANADA) LTD  Vacuum cleaners - rug shampoo-  ers for demo, sales and service.  Contact Stella Mutch 886-7370  serving the Sunshine Coast.  #26  Aristocrat 16 ft. Camper Trailer  2 propane tanks canopy H-tank,  fully contained, sleeps 4. $1,000.  Ph. evgs. 886-7260. #25  20-10 Diesel Cat with winch &  blade, canopy, new rollers &  tracks. In good condition. Full  price $10,000.886-2775. #24  THERMAX  WELD-ALL IND.  Beat the High Cost of Heating  Custom Made Wood Stoves  PHONE 886-8466  Sunnycrest Fabrics  Across from Super Valu  886-2231  ELECTROHOME  SALES 8, SERVICE  e SUNSHINE  COAST T.V.  MMMM  OCEANSIDE  POOLS  VINVL LINED SWIMMING POOLS  ALUMINUM  I STEEL WALLS  HOT TUBS I INS  Silti, Strvlcf, Installations  Fully Gusrsnttsd  Ttn Ytars Experience  FREE ESTIMATES  Phone  Bob Green  Box 1184, Sechell.  Swim - Spa  SIASIDI  886-7017   or 886-7760  Westwurld  Centres  flD PIONEER  MCOfflD  Appllincti  DEALER  COST  plmlO*  Next to the   >  Bank of Montreal Building  Sechelt  885-3311  mobile Homes  1977 Kustom Koach 30* model  300D top of the line factory  deluxe everything c/w equalizer  hitch and mirrors. New brakes  city test last year. 518,000 OBO.  885-5976. #25  1975 like new 12 x 68 3 bdrm.  12' 117' living room, new carpet,  8' i 16' covered fiberglass  sundeck, 4' i 8' porch at back  door. Fully set up and skirted in  Comeau's Mobile Home Pk.  North Rd. Can move in while the  paperwork's being done. $27,000  OBO. 886-9581. #25  Mobile Homewi2 i 68, 3 bed-  rooms, 4 appliances. Additions  include: workshop 10 x 22; bedroom family room 12 x 20 with  airtight wood stove; entrance  storage porch 8 x 12; metal  storage shed 8x8; decks, large  fenced yard, vegetable garden,  fruit trees. Set up in Sunshine  Coast Trailer Park, No. 39.  886-8571 #25  MOBILE HOME  SALES A SERVICE  Big Maple Motel  Davis Bay  885-9513  D.L. 69Z5  Campers & RU s  Dodge maii van Camper 3-way  fridge, stove, oven, furnace,  toilet, low mileage, immaculate  condition. 886-2779. #26  1968 Skylark travel trailer sleeps  6 - toilet, stove, fridge, heater,  propane tanks incl. $2500 OBO.  Must sell, weekdays only 988-  0254 - occasional weekends  885-7274. #26  For sale 35 ft. Layton trailet  with tip out furnished, tub,  shower, toilet, furnace, oven  fridge, large propane tanks  Open to offers 886-8363 o;  886-8276. #21  1975 23 ft. Nomad, fully self-  contained, hitch, sleeps 7. 14 ft.  awning, very low mileage. $7500  OBO. 886-8442.  1975 23 ft. Prowler Trailer,  sleeps 7, excellent condition,  fully S/C. $7000.00 firm. 886-  2886. #24  Automotlue  1973 Capri V-6 4-speed, good  cond. AM 8-track $2500.886-2733  #24  '71 Chevelle 4-dr. auto tran.  Good running cond., consumer  report's best buy $800. Ask for  John. 886-2062. #24  '69 Traveleze 17V. ft. Trailer  w/shower $2500. '69 Datsun  P/U $800. '64 VW $500. '65 Chev  1-ton f/deck $1200. 883-2606  #26  1974 Valiant slant six 74,000 in.  Very good trans. $1,400 OBO.  Phone 886-8561 between 6 & 7  p.m. #26  1968 Corvette rag top, PS, PB,  PW, new 327/380 hp, new turbo  400 automatic, new fires, new  exhaust, new top, new brakes,  much more, $9000 firm. 886-7320  .    #26  1965 Oldsmobile F-85 two-door,  400/4 barrel, fair condition, very  reliable $500. Phone 886-7320 #26  Automotlue  VS ton 4-wheel drive Land Rover  with new brakes, spare parts,  rad, 3 wheels & fires, front  axles, transmission and extra  motor for parts. The first $750  takes all. 886-2775. #24  TRAILER HITCHES  Reese,   Eaz-Tow   and   custom  hitches.   Call   Terry   at   Coast  Industries,   Gibsons.   886-9159.  TFN  '73 Super Charger 400 4bbl���  3 speed automatic, new paint,  new rubber, engine overhaul -  50,000 mi. Call 885-9588 after  5 p.m. #25  1964 Chevy Van $150. Needs  work. Ph. 886-2821. #24  '76 F250 4x4, PS, PB, 4-spd, 300  6-cyl., stereo AM/FM cassette.  Needs $500 body work. $3500.  886-8282. #25  1972 Cricket 4 door, trans, and  left rear door damaged in accident. Good motor. Where is - as  is. Make an offer. Phone 886-  2008. #25  Ford Meteor 1967 frame bent  but runs good, tow away $150.  Phone 886-8569. #24  1973 MGB Green. Newly rebuilt  motor, good car. 883-9342.    TFN  1973 Dodge Dart, good condition,  nice driving vehicle. Headers are  included. Asking $2500 but open  to offers. 886-8268 or 886-7029.        #24  '68  Nova  350  4  barrel auto  headers,   dual   exhaust, nice  shape, needs work. $800. 886-  9700. #25  1970 Ford F100 4x4,74,000 miles.  WeU maintained. $2100. 885-  5287. #25  1965 T-Bird black c/w bl. vinyl  roof, bl. Int. all power exc. A/C  needs paint. $1395 OBO. 886-  2492. #25  Bl  '74   15'   Glenelle   hoi.   trailer, 1970 Hornet $500, some rust,  fridge,   stove,   furnace,   toilet, runs good. 1968 Acadian for parts  sleeps 6, good cond. 1 blk. up 307 eng. trans. $200. 886-7055.  Norwestbay Rd. Ph. 885-3325. #24 #26  1978 deluxe Lionel Tent Trailer,  fully equipped, 3-way fridge,  stove, etc. Sleeps 8. Excellent  condition. Best offer. 886-7736 .  #24  ���    TRAILER HITCHES  Reese, . Eaz-Tow    &   custom  hitches.   Call  Terry  at  Coast  Industries,   Gibsons.   886-9159.  TFN  Mobile Homes  coast mobile  homos Ltd.  GOOD  SELECTION OF  DOUBLE WIDES  wetoKe trades  or  Consign your Mobile  Home to us for  QUICK  Hwy. 101   (across Irom Benner's  885-9979        mdl mi  MOBILE HOMES  FOR SALE *  12' x 52' Statesman  2 Bedroom  Fridge & Stove  Very Clean  1 Owner  ���17,900  Delivered and Set Up  on your lot or in our park  10' x SO* Blltmora  1 BR - Possible 2  8'x 18'Add-on Room  Fr. & New Stove  New Furnace  New Cupboards  Carpet In L.R. - Hall  & M.B.  Set up in Local Park  A very clean Home at  $12,500  SUNSHINE COAST  MOBILE HOME  PARK & SALES  Hwy 101, Gibsons  886-9826  RENT-A-CAR  RENT-A-TRUCK  1981 1-Ton Trucks  c/w 12' Vans  1981 F-250's  3/4 Ton Pickups  1981 Fairmonts  1981 Mustangs  5 Ton Truck. 22' Box  Hydraulic Tailgate  DAILY VEHLV  MONTHLY  COMPETITIVE RATES  ���ABBA���  \LEASE RENTALS  SOUTH COAST FORD  885-2131  Across Irom Benner's  Marine  Ms vour Ramm  LOIS ItS HOD?  Come in and see Herman  Vandeberg, 20 years Vo|k*  wagen Specialist - Factory  trained.  SMTI CtMT  F-SRR uin u��  Hours of Service  8 am - 5 pm   885-3281  Y6S, Mi Do such  Many w nils  1967 GMC Vi ton PU truck as is  $500. Call wkends. only 883-9259.  #26  1973 LTD station wgn. PS, PB,  PW, $1200.885-9815. #26  1978 GMC Rally Wagon, ex-  cellent cond. Only 7,500 mi.  886-2410 TFN  1980 Firebird Esprit, 39,000 km.  PS, PB, PW, TS, velour int.,  AM/FM 8 track stereo. Like new.  $8,900 OBO. 886-8696.   #25  180 Jeep CJ7 V-8 automatic  power steering, soft top. Asking  $8900. Ph. 885-9215 or 885-  2273. #26  '64 Valiant station wagon. Excellent for parts or needs work.  $200 OBO. Call 886-2790 after  5:30 p.m. #24  '73 Bronco 302 auto 4i4 gd. running cond. Body needs work.  $2,200,886-9579 #24  1979 Dodge 1 ton, dual wheels,  flatdeck. V-8 auto., PS k PB,  20,000 km. Rebuilt. $5,500.  886-8414. TFN  SMALL CAR  No problem for us - Ford  has been building and  importing cars and trucks  from Germany, Japan  and England as far back  as 1949.  So if you have a problem  with your small car we've  got the  Houra ol Service  8 am -5 pm  885-3281  K-MTI CMIT  PMI ULU Ll*  motorcycles  1976 Kawasaki KH 500 7.00C  orig. miles. Can be seen below  apartments at 1660 School Rd.  Phone 886-9451  after  6 p.m.  #24  1980 Yamaha DTI00G has new  3,250 km, street legal. $650 Arm.  883-2745. #24  Suzuki 500 GT 1977, 7,000 miles  $1,200. Phone 886-2334.        #24  71 Triumph motorcycle 500  completely rebuilt, new paint,  immaculate condition. Must be  seen. Phone 885-5906. #25  38' A-lic. west coast Troller  Yamanaka glass hull, insulated  and glassed hold, sli alum,  rigging, poles & mast. Most  electronics fishing, Queen Charlotte Islands. $145,000.00. Phone  885-2002 any time. #26  12 foot O'Day fireglass sailboat  excellent condition. $995. 885-  5068. #24  15' KAC, 40 hp Evinrude,  trailer, extras. $3500. 885-3903  #24  Reinell, all elements of big boat  in this 23' cruiser. Galley, head,  sleeper dinette, forward cabin,  hanging locker, bow anchor  locker, canvas covered cockpit,  teak interior, plus CB, sounder,  compass, tabs, grid snd much  more. Ready to go on 26' tandem  trailer/brakes. $20,000. Phone  883-2542 #26  19' cabin Boat, fiberglus over  wood. Needs work. $800 OBO.  Ph. 886-7994 #26  17' Dsvidson Sailboat, FB 4Vi hp  motor, 3 sails & extras. $3650.  898-9728. #25  16' LW1 clinker Lifeboat with  deck and Cabin. Semi-converted  for sail. Best offer. 885-2424.  #26  12 foot O'Day fibreglass sailboat  excellent condition. $995. 885-  5068. #24  14 ft. Clinker with cabin, seats,  rod holders & transom, suitable  for outboard motor, great boat  for fishing. $400.00 firm. 886-  2572 daily until 4 p.m. #24  1979 ft. Mirro Craft, deep fisher-  man; deck, windshield, throttle,  shift, speedo, 1980 20 hp Merc.,  2 props, 11 hrs. TT.800 lb.  trailer c/w spare tire. $4,200.00.  Value. Sell for $3,000.00. 886-  2193 after 5. #24  12 ft. double fiberglas hull  and trailer. $225 OBO. 885-3718  eves, till 8 p.m. TFN  Side-winder 18' x 7' - 85 hp Merc  1980 model, worth $4,500 - OBO  Phone 886-2334. #24  17' fiberglass jet boat, new  engine and jet Interior redone and  has excellent tow post, Hjm paint  on boat also haa very nice trailer  for easy towing. $7,000.00.  886-9067,886-2127. #24  22' cruiser deep V250MC drive  trim tab sounder bow rail,  $7500.00. Take smaller boat or  travel trailer in trade. 886-9102.  #24  16' Sangster soft top, 70 hp and  7V. hp Johnsons; EZ galv. trailer,  depth sndr., wiper, other extras.  Used only 30 hours. $7500.00.  885-3737. #24  HIGGS MARINE  SURVEYSLTD  Insurance claims, condition and  valuation surveys. Serving the  Sunshine Coast and B.C. Coastal  Waters. Phone: 885-9425, 885-  9747,885-3643,886-9546     TFN  20' Sangster Weekender 1978  HOT galley, head, 165 Merc 10  only 220 hrs., CB, AM/FM tape,  '.sounder, compass & more. Cat-  trailer w/brakes $11,750. 886-  9069 anytime. #24  AB   Haddock   Boat   moving.'  Licensed   and   fully   insured.  Hydraulic equipment. Phone 883-  2722 days. 883-2682 eves     TFN  17 ft. Bowrider, soft tp. sleeper  seats, 1977 Evinrude, power tilt  & trim, 18 gal. tank, fast boat.  $4500 with trailer. 883-9389.   #25  Conveniently located year-round  supervised moorage. 883-2424.  #26  18' K.C. Deep Hull -135 hp OB.  Full canvas, jackets, rod holders,  trailer, skiing or fishing. $5500.  886-2735. #24  1980 7.5 hp Merc outbosrd engine  c/w 5 gallon tank used only 1 hr.  as aux. $650. Phone 886-8481  eves. #25  Marine  1880 26- Toifvcraft  Fully equipped with  VHF, Sounder, Bait  Tank. Sleeps 4. Hot &  Cold Pressure Water  & Shower. 255 Mer-  cruiser Engine, 200  hrs., Command Bridge. For more inio.  call 884-5355 days, 886-  8481 eves.  Trauel  Fiji! Air, accommodation, etc.  from only $1169 Can. per person.  Waiklkil Fly Western Air June  16-Aug. 31 snd Century Tours  will give you your hotel for only  $1.00 US per person per night  (7 nights only) additional nights  st $12.50 US per person and your  airfare is just $398 Can. rtn.  Phone Getaway Holidays 885-  3265. #24  Cruises- one of the best values  around. Great selection of summer cruise vacations. Caribbean,  Bermuda, Alaska, trans canal ���  from 3 to 7 days. Airline ticketing  VIA rail.' Phone Getaway Holidays 885-3265. #24  25  Property  Looking? New split-level maintenance-free family home, 3  bedroom, fireplace, vaulted cedar  ceiling, large level lot 65 x 160  in Wilson Creek. For sale by  owner $124,900. After 6 p.m.  885-5680. #25  Creekside Park, Gibsons, nice lot  with 2 bdrm. mobile home on city  sewer and water with cable-  vision. Close to schools, shopping, recreation and medical  clinic. Includes fridge, stove,  Franklin fireplace, washer and  dryer. Has adjoining 12 x 20  plumbed, shaked roof shed which  can be attached. $73,000. Private  ssle. 886-7432 #26  Lot for Ssle. Fircrest Rosd in  Gibsons. Lot #12. Level snd  treed. Asking $37,500. Ph.  886-7408 #26  GREAT INVESTMENT  Large duplex-zoned lot in booming Nanaimo. Central location  building permit being approved.  By owner $49,500 Call Eileen  days 885-5821. #24  SPACIOUS-SECLUDED  WATERFRONT  Sloping, tidal, waterfront lots  selectively cleared, small boat  moorage, approx. 3/4 acre.  Located long arm of Secret Cove  $79,900. Phone Marilyn 885-9683  #29  For Sale 5 acres Roberts Ck.  $73,000 firm. Phone for appt.  885-2858. #26  Lot for Sale Barnacle, flat 60x125  in Sechelt. $29,000. Call after  6 p.m. 885-5490 #26  3 bdrm. 2'/i bath sunken Ivr.  fabulous view, Selma Park. For  Sale or Trade for property in  Surrey or Delta. 885-9630.      #24  LOT FOR SALE  Creekside Park: Lot 120. Large  building lot with paved streets,  city sewer, cablevision, hydro  & water. Attractive assumsble  loan at 14% interest. $38,000.  886-8228. #27  Lot for Sale by Owner: Lower  Gibsons: Cochrane Rd. 65' x 130'  1 block to the ocean. $45,000.  886-2937. #24  Sechelt Village - bright, cheerful,  well-maintained 3 bdrm. bungalow opposite Hackett Pk. 3  blks. from shops & schools. F.P.  $79,000. Phone after 5 p.m.  885-5530. #25  IMMEDIATE  opening  for experienced  Real Estate Sales person.  For confidential interview,  Phone: Butler Realty  886-2000  By owner level village lot in  country setting, underground  services, close to water. $41,500.  Ph. 885-7244 #25  Partial view, potential full view  cleared lot on Jasper Rd. near  Mason Rd. in popular West  Sechelt. $60,000 OBO. 885-9038  #25  New 3 bdrm. rancher, ready to  move in, quiet area, close to  beach, village of Gibsons $95,000  886-8480 #25  View lot, lower Gibsons area.  987-6698 #25  Newly renovated older one  bedroom home with annexed  2nd bedroom & storage on  56 i 150 fenced lot near school  and shopping. Rented furnished  at present. $72,500. Ph. 886-7968   #25  West Sechelt view lot for sale,  orwill build to suit. 883-9945 #25.  ONE OF A KIND  Brownsville, Texas, 50 x 100 ft.  homesite near Gulf of Mexico -  year-round semi-tropicsl resort  area. $3,950.00 full price, terms.  885-5821*25  Private 3 bedroom ranch-style  home. 1260 sq*. ft. Heatilator  fireplace. Fenced. Fircrest Rd.  Gibsons. 886-7847. $103,000. #24  73' x 130' building lot, services at  property line, except sewer.  Nicely treed, quiet area on North  King Rd. $42,000. (112) 943-4393  Upper Gibsons area. #24  3 bdrm. near-new rancher. 1350  sq. ft. on Malaview Rd. VS blk.  from school. Double windows ft  Franklin fireplace. Sundeck.  Well maintained on nicely landscaped lot. Asking $95,000.  Call 886-2425.    ' #24  Good cleared lot ready for building on Malaview Road off Pratt,  hydro, water at property line.  Quiet area near Cedar Grove  School. $38,000. Call 886-2527  after 5 p.m. #24  100 x 218 view lot on Cochran  Rd., Pender Harbour. Partially  landscaped.  $47,000.   883-2289.  #24  LOT FOB SALE  Gibsons: Cochrane Rd., close to   Half acre lot in Roberts Creek  beach,   65'   x   130'.   $49,000.   corner of Joe and Lower. 886-7770  Phone 886-8006. #24   $53,000. #24  AEROBIC   SEWAGE    TREATMENT  Perhaps we can service  that  difficult lot.  883-2269     885-5922  34 WATERFRONT ACRES  approx. 1700 ft. fronting on Skookumchuk  Narrows. $500,000. Call John Liver (112)  539-2119.  ���lock Bros. Realty  147* Dunbar, Vancouver.  -ig 3 Bedroom Home  *^C^      1100 sq. ft. with Carport  $46,900.  Built on your lot,  including Fridge, Stove, Dishwasher  and Light Fixtures  WEKO Construction Ltd.  Box 888, 885-2525 (eves.)  Sechelt 886-2344 (days)  Freebles  ROCKS ft BOULDERS  Free for the taking. Haul away  at your expense. Redrooffs Road.  Phone collect: 985-4208.        #25  B.C. VuHon  Bianhet Classifieds  opportunities  gRojalTrust  FOR SALE  BEAUTY SALON  Opportunity to be creative and  be your own boss at the same  time. Well established business  with 4 fully equipped stations, 3  sinks with extra hook-up for  fourth, 4 dryers, bin washer &  dryer, full bathroom plus storage.  Located in modern plaza close to  shopping centre. Lots ol parking  available. Vendor is motivated.  All reasonal offers will be con  sidered. Call Elizabeth Raines  324-4621 (24 hours).  669-3022 RT-8 124 Hours)  'Bl **<anhelp)nubetter.  EXCAVATING BUSINESS ON  SUNSHINE COAST. Gross revenue for 1980 $141,000.00.  One man operation with late  model equipment. Selling for  health reasons. Also available  or can be sold separately 13 plus-  acre hobby farm with 2 homes.  Phone evenings 487-9130.      #24  OPPORTUNITY FOR AMBITIOUS PERSON IN BOOM  TOWN OF REVELSTOKE, B.C.  Two styling chair Barbershop In  new mall. Phone Ken 837-6563  or 837-3085. #24  EXPERIENCED NEWS PHOTOGRAPHER wanted Immediately  for central Interior Bi-weekly.  Knowledge of darkroom, process  camera essential. Must have  car. Modern building, totally  new lab facilities. Salary negotiable. Please send resume and  references to Editor, Ouesnei  Cariboo Observer, Box 4460,  Quesnel, B.C. V2J 3J4 or phone  992-2121. #24 26  Coast News, June 16, 1981  B.C. Vuhon Bianhet Classifieds  Legal  I2 foot Dish, all aluminum and  steel construction. 24 hour  movies, sports, up to 60 channels.  Manufactured in B.C., installed  anywhere. For more information  call ��87.43o6. #24  1 Vi yard Trojan front end Loader  front wheel drive, rebuilt diesel  plus pallet forks $9,500.00.  Phone 922-4038 #24  1078 Knight tri-axlc end dump  trailer. Aluminum bos with ply-  ii..o.l lining. 10:00x22 Radial  tires, tube type. Steering lock.  New brakes. Phone 837-6386.  Asking $18,500.00. #24  1968 John Deere 450 Crawler  R.O.P.S. blade winch excellent  condition $12,700.00. Call 265-  4257 after 6:00 p.m. or write  Hox 483, Nakusp, B.C. VOG  IRO. #24  One year old Norbark Sawmill,  used 2 months.. Box 21. Burns  Lake. B.C. VOJ 1EO. Phone  692-3243. #24  Canadian National Open Banjo  Competition Friday, Saturday,  July 17, 18, 1981, 8:00 p.m.  Community Centre, Durham,  Ontario. 5-string, Plectrum, Tenor. Ladies, under 16 classes. #24  IMMEDIATE OPENING FOR  EXPERIENCED BAKER for established Super-Valu store. Union  wages and benefits. Phone 392-  5415. Write Super-Valu, 850  Oliver Street, Williams Lake,  B.C. V2G3W1. Ask for Glen. #24  RANCH FOR SALE 445 acres  deeded, 160 grazing lease, 170  cleared. 3/4 mile Bulkley Valley  River        frontage. Asking  $220,000.00. George Johnson,  Box 13, New Hazelton, B.C.  VOJ 2JO. #24  SEVEN ACRES 4 BEDROOM  LOG HOME close to lake with  greenhouse, root house, cement  foundation, hay fields, partly  treed, $80,000.00. W. Herron,  General Delivery, Burns Lake,  B.C. VOJ 1EO. Phone 692-3427  #24  ONE 1979 D-6D, 4300 hours.  Comes with Tube-Lock Cab and  bush guarding. D.A. tilt dozer,  Carco 60 winch, salt undercarriage. One 1979 Carco J-120  winch used only 50 hours. Two  angle Dozers come with D.A.  Tilts to fit D-8K. One Beales  Brush Blade to fit D-6D. One  Cat 29 C.C.U. Phone 699-8741  days or 699-6904 evenings.     #24  USED RESTAURANT EQUIPMENT. Everything. Available  after September 7, 1981. Make a  down payment and get a bill of  sale now. Rudy at 347-9591.    #24  TWO USED U-DOZERS to fit  D-8K. Phone 699-8741 days or  699-6904 evenings. #24  YOGA RETREAT ��� WITH  MASTER YOGI BABA HARI  DASS at Camp Elphinstone,  Langdale, B.C. August 26-31.  Adults $120.00 if pre-registered  by August 15, ($150.00 after);  Children $70.00 first child,  $50.00 each child after if pre-  registered by August 15 ($90.00.,  $70.00 after). Information: Dhar-  masara Retreat, P.O. Box 33842,  Postal Station 'D' Vancouver,  B.C. V6J 3EO. Phone 732-6622  or 733-1644. #24  FOR A QUIET RESTFUL VA-  CATION come to sunny Salt  Spring Island. Comfortable  house-keeping cabins on the  lake. Contact Cusheon Lake  Resort, RR2 Ganges, B.C. VOS  1EO. or phone 537-9629.        #24  EXPERIENCED SERVICE  MANAGER WANTED for established Ford Dealership. Salary and benefits negotiable.  Reply lo: M.S.A. Motors Ltd.,  3.10.13 South Fraserway, Abbotsford. B.C. V2S 2A6. Phone  853 2293 or 524-9504. #24  We'll soften your hard water  problems without salt or chemicals. No plumbing required.  Free water testing. Cell or  write Magnatech Industries, RR3,  Salmon Arm, B C. VOE 2TO.  Phone 832-2679. Dealer applications invited. #25  CALIFORNIA GOLF COURSE  VIEW LOTS, Canadian owners  offer 16 deluxe average one-acre  lots at Fallbrook Country Club  Estates. All underground services including gas and cable  TV, paved, landscaped. From  590,000.00. U.S. North San Diego  County. 40 minutes from downtown. W. Bowes phone (403)  532-2291. #24  INDUSTRIAL SUPPLY STORE on  CNR Line in North Central B.C.  Store building 3000 square foot  (Frame) on 32x100 lot. Warehouse - shop - 1800 square foot  on .62 acre. Adjoining on prime  commercial property. Phone 692-  3012. #24  FOR SALE OR TRADE. RETAIL  FLORIST. Ideal family business. Lower Mainland busy mall.  Doing approximately $175,000.00  gross. Consider lease with option  to purchase. Reply Boi 182,  c/o BCYCNA 1004, 207 West  Hastings Street, Vancouver, B.C.  V6B1H7. #24  FULL TIME ADVERTISING  TYPESETTER required by Vancouver Island Weekly. Experienced on edit-writer 7500 or  similar equipment an asset.  Send resume to Arrowsmith  Star, Box 1300, Parksville, B.C.  VOR 2SO. #24  BAKERY IN GOOD FARMING  AREA in Mid-Eastern Saskatchewan near two major industrial  developments. 46,000 square foot  heated warehouse. Turnover  $300,000.00 in 1980. Owners  retiring. Boi 209, Canora, Saskatchewan. SOAOLO. #24  YOUR FRANCHISE IS WAIT-  ING. Samfco's family restaurants  are expanding in several B.C.  Markets including Prince Rupert,  Cranbrook, Nanaimo and Fort  St. John. Minimum $95,000.00  investment required. Anne Howard, Marketing Department.  Phone 430-3356. #24  FOXES. SILVER, RED, cross  Platinum and Pearl, mated pairs.  Suitable for breeding and young  kits in good demand. Profitable  as hobby or commercial. Pens  and wire available. Phone 265-  3302. Write Box 12, Nakusp,  B.C. VOG IRO. #24  CLEAN APARTMENT FRIDGES  MATCHING 24 inch ELECTRIC  RANGES. Ideal for cabins, suites  or motels. Rebuilt, guaranteed  from $99.00. Edmonds Appliance Centre, 7832 Edmonds  Street, Burnaby, B.C. V3N 1B8.  Phone 525-0244. #24  SHAKE BLOCK CUTTERS FOR  VANCOUVER ISLAND. Phone  days 853-4851, nights 826-7661.  Ask for Warren. Experienced  only need apply. #24  WOOD WINDOWS AND  DOORS I Lowest prices anywhere  on double glazed wood windows.  Walker Door: Vancouver 266-  1101, North Vancouver 985-9714,  Richmond 273-7030. Now open  in Kamloops 554-2058. TFN  HARBELJIOLDINGS LTD. Mobile homes located in parks on  pads. Listings and Sales. We  welcome all enquiries. Listings  wanted. Wheel Estate. Phone  collect. Lower Mainland Division.  13647-lOOth Avenue, Surrey,  B.C. V3T 1H9. 585-3622; Kamloops Division. 90-180 Seymour  Street, Kamloops, B.C. V2C  2E2. 372-5711. The Wheel Estate  People. (D.L. 6747). #TFN  AGGRESSIVE EXPERIENCED  REPORTER/PHOTOGRAPHER  for growing weekly newspaper.  Must be self-starter and familiar  with darkroom. Send resume with  salary expectation to Managing  Editor, Revelstoke Review, Box  20, Revelstoke, B.C. VOE 2SO.  #24  UNIQUE BUSINESS. Be a food  broker. Exciting and profitable.  Customers phone you. A limited  number of choice areas available  in the interior of B.C. at only  $14,200.00. A great opportunity  to join other already successful  people in our booming business.  To arrange a personal interview,  please write to: Vice President of  Franchises, Westland Food Packers of (B.C.) Ltd. 385 Boundary  Road South, Vancouver, B.C.  VSK4S1 or call 294-9667.        #24  1976 667 Gark Grapple Skidder  with cab $40,000.00. 1977 550  Timberjack line skidder $35,000.  Financing available on approved  credit. Phone Smithers 847-3431.  #24  TRAINING NOW AVAILABLE  FOR SCULPTURED FINGERNAILS. Earn extra income at  home or in a salon. Night course  available. Limited seating. Phone  days 463-5025. Evenings 462-  7774. #25  BEAUTIFUL OSOYOOS 1450  square foot home on '/. acre, 4  bedroom, 2 bath, Franklin stove,  underground irrigation. Many  fruit trees, garden. Fenced.  Phone 495-2389 after 5:30 p.m.  #24  VANCOUVER ISLAND, COMOX  PENINSULA: Three farms and  CI subdividable property fronting  onto busy highway. Servicing  $3,000,000.00 per year payroll.  Private sale. Phone 339-4803. #24  Three Bedroom House on 4.28  acres 1-2 zoning. Truck Repair  shop and other buildings included. Courtenay-Comox area  $205,000.00. Box 223, Royston,  B.C. VOR 2VO. Phone 336-2563.  #24  Province of  British Columbia  Ministry of  Forests  NOTICE INVITING  APPLICATIONS  FOR TIMBER SALE  LICENCE A15236  Pursuant to Section  16(1) of the Forest Act,  sealed tenders will be  received by the Regional Manager, Vancouver,  up to 1 p.m. on July 6,  1981 for a Timber Sale  Licence to authorize  the harvesting of 280  cubic metres of dead  and down cedar, located Mardi Creek, west  ot McNab Creek, New  Westminster Land District.  Term: 2 years.  Bids can be accepted  only from small business enterprises, as  defined in the Regulations.  Applications for registration under the small  business program and  details of the proposed  Timber Sale licence  may be obtained from  the Regional Manager,  B.C. Forest Service,  631-355 Burrard St.,  Vancouver, B.C. V6C  2H1, or the District  Manager, B.C. Forest  Service, Box 4000, Sechelt, B.C. VON 3A0.  Province ol  British Columbia  Ministry of  Forests  NOTICE INVITING  APPLICATIONS  FOR TIMBER SALE  LICENCE A15237  Pursuant to section  16(1) of the Forest Act.  sealed tenders will be  received by the Regional Manager, Vancouver,  up to 1 p.m. on July 6,  1981 for a Timber Sale  Licence to authorize  the harvesting of 290  cubic metres of dead  and down cedar, located Mardi Creek, west  of McNab Creek, New  Westminster Land District.  Term: 2 years.  Bids can be accepted  only from small business enterprises, as  defined in the Regulations.  Applications for registration under the small  business program and  details of the proposed  Timber Sale Licence  may be obtained from  the Regional Manager,  B.C. Forest Service,  631-355 Burrard St.,  Vancouver, B.C. V6C  2H1, or the District  Manager, B.C. Forest  Service, Box 4000, Sechelt, B.C. VON 3A0.  VILLAGE OF  GIBSONS  CONTRACT NO. 9.70.1  CONSTRUCTION OF  TRUNK SEWER  Call for Tenders  Sealed tenders clearly marked "Contract No.  9.70.1 - Tender for Construction of Trunk Sewer" will  be received by the undersigned up to 1:00 p.m. local  time of Tuesday, June 23,1981 and will beopened in  public at that time and date.  The work comprises construction of approximately 2*10 metres of 300 mm and approximately 480  metres of 250 mm diameter sanitary sewer and  appurtenances.  Contract documents and drawings may be  obtained at the offices of eitherthe undersigned or of  Dayton & Knight Ltd., Consulting Engineers, 1865  Marine Drive, West Vancouver, B.C., on or after 2:00  p.m., Monday, June 8, 1981 and upon payment of  twenty-five dollars ($25.00) which sum will be  refunded following the submission of a tender or on  return of the documents in good condition within  thirty (30) days of receipt of tenders.  The lowest or any tender will not necessarily be  accepted.  Mr. J.W. Copland  Secretary-Treasurer  Village of Gibsons  P.O. Box 340  Gibsons, B.C.  VON 1V0  NOTICE OF  INTENTION  TO APPLY FOR A DISPOSITION OF CROWN  LAND IN THE RECORDING DISTRICT OF VANCOUVER FOR THE PURPOSE OF AN OYSTER  LICENCE OF OCCUPATION.  By Evelyn Irene Rolston  Occupation ������ Homemaker  File No. 2400616  Land Description ��� Commencing at post planted on  Nelson Island 500 metres  south, 55 degrees east of the  southeast corner of Lot 468,  Group L, New Westminster  District, thence 200 metres  south 25 degrees east along  H.W.M.�� 325 Metres, thence  1325 Metres westerly along  H.W.M. to point of commencement. Area contains +  3.75 Hectares.  NOTICE  OF INTENTION  TO APPLY FOR A  DISPOSITION OF  CROWN LAND  In Land Recording District of VANCOUVER  and situated in SECRET  COVE AREA. Take notice that JOHN E. ELLIS  of VANCOUVER, B.C.,  occupation Accountant, intends toapplyfor  a licence of occupation  of the following described lands:  Commencing at a post  planted at the North  East corner of Lot 20,  D.L. 4552, Plan 13302,  GRPl,NWDistrict(due  to difficult terrain, post  is 8 meters south of  northeast corner of Lot  20;) water area measured from north east  corner, thence 27 meters north 25�� west;  thence 17 meters  south 65�� west, thence  27 meters south 25��  east; thence north  along the shoreline and  containing .04 hectares more or less.  The purpose for which  the disposition is  required is a private  wharf and float.  Re: File No. 2400625  Dated: 15 May, 1981  JOHN E. ELLIS  Used Furniture  and What Have You  AL'S USED  FURNITURE  Wc buy Beer Bottles  886-2812  m  *�����&<  n-iJi'  From the Attic  Willow Pattern China  by Helene Wallinder  The original Willow Pattern  comes to us from China,  painted Cobalt Blue and  totally hand painted. China  supplied the world with  its wares from as early as  1630.  Soft paste porcelain was  made in France around 1700  and Germany started making  its porcelain a few years  later, The English were  making their chinawares a-  round 1750. The first under-  glaze, transfer-printed willow  pattern was applied to china  in England and in the later  1700's and was the first  pattern ever transfer printed.  America began its wares in  the late 1800's.  Made in England t ��� Makers  include: Allerton, Adams,  Booths, Burleigh, Barker,  Crown Clarence, Doulton,  Dudson Wilcox, Grimwades,  Globe Pottery, Green Co.,  Johnson Bros., Maddock,  Maling, Meakin, Myott, Ridg-  way, Staffordshire, Sadler,  and Steventon, Swinnertons,  Simpsons, and also many  unmarked pieces.  Made in Japan: ��� Mopiyama  seems to be the only company  that endorsed its wares,  although Kakusa Wares say  made   in   Occupied   Japan.  American Willow: ��� Buffalo  Pottery is the easiest to identify and has a mark of a Buffalo  CLASSIFIED NOTE  Drop oil yourCoast News  Classified at Campbells  Family Shoes, Sechelt. or  Madeira Park Pharmacy,  Madeira Park.  until 1905, after that pieces  made say semi-vitreous Buffalo Pottery. Other American  potters are Homer and Laugh-  lin, Limoges USA Royal  China, Ideal, Bailey Walker,  Wallace, Syracuse and Hall.  European Willow t - Irish  Willow - Arklow Potteries  (now made in Japan) Holland -  Petrus & Societe - Saar-Basin  (19th Cent, flow-blue and  Bock Willow). France ��� Ha-  mage & Moulin and St. Amad.  Germany - Made in Germany  usually in Black. Scotland -  many hallmarks.  Poland, The Philippines &  Spain also made Willow  Patterns.  Colours: - The most popular  of course is Blue, although  it was also made in Pink,  Red highlights over Blue,  Green, Mauve, Navy Blue  with Gold border (England  only) Red (rare) and Black.  Myths about Willow Ware -  Binds kissing ��� This is not  rare and not more valuable.  The oldest Willow ware did  not have birds at all. Birds  kissing are on most pieces of  Japanese ware of the 30's and  also on English wares.  Two people on the bridge ���  Fact: - the number of people  on the bridge has no bearing  on the age, the first ones made  had only one figure on the  bridge and two in the courtyard. Figures on the bridge  range from none to four -  many 20th century pieces have  two men on the bridge.  Insects and butterflies on  border - They are being  produced today, so are  not  885-13(5  CAMpbell';  rare, the only rare ones are the  very old produced wares  which can be identified only  by the maker's name.  Bridge on the right on  original old Willow - From late  1800's to early 20th century  wares all had the bridge on the  right, so do many pieces from  Japan. Once again, it's the  maker.  Hallmark says Real Olde  Willow ��� Wares made today  still say this as they did  many years ago. This is a false  claim.  Boats ��� Like the birds have ;  no relationship to the value of  any piece.  Prices: Differ from East to  West. This is a guide only,  gathered from shops and  auctions.  Butter Pat -S8-S10; Cereal  Bowls ��� Meakins S20-S30;  Cup/Saucer - Allertons $25-  $35; Woods S8-S10; Egg Cup -  Buffalo Pottery $20-$3O; Sugar  Bowl - Ridgway $60-$70  covered. Covered Butters -  $20-$35. Plates - range from  $7.50 Johnson Bros, to a  Canton Plate $35. Pitchers -  $25. Ridgway (Red) $90.  Demllassc $20. Platters $40-  $50. Tureens - $27-$200, etc.  The list is too numerous for  a column. Willow books  available from libraries and  book shops.  A final note: - Your item is  not worth a dime if it is  chipped, cracked, lids missing, unmatched or handles  off.    Crazing    is    allowed.  Recommended books: First  Internal. Book of Willow  Ware - Hensen.  PRESCRIPTION*  SERVICE  FAMILY SHOES  and  LEATHER GOODS  "IN THE HEART OF  DOWNTOWN  SECHELT" I   Deadline 12:00 Noon Fridays  12:00 Noon Saturday ^Classifieds should be prepaid and pre-written  Your friendly neighbourhood drop-olf  points lor G-Mf f MEWSi  Classilied Ads  MADEIRA  PARK  PHARMACY  083-9414  'PENDER HARBOUR CENTER  MADEIRA PARK  CLASSIFIED ADVERTISING  Copyright and  Advertising  Regulations  The Sunshine Coast News  reserves Ihe right to classify  advertisements under appropriate headings and determine  page location. The Sunshine  Coast News also reserves the  right lo revise or reject any  advertising which in the opinion  of the Publisher is in questionable taste. In the event that  any advertisement is rejected,  the sum paid for the advertisement will be refunded.  Minimum $2.50 per 4 line insertion. Each  additional line 50C, or use our economical 3  weeks for the price of 2 rate. This offer is made  available for private individuals.  THE FOLLOWING CLASSIFICATIONS  ARE FREE  Birth Announcements, Lost and Found  No billing or telephone orders are accepted  except from customers who have accounts with  us or who live outside the Sunshine Coast.  Cash, cheques or money orders must accompany  all classified advertising.  (CLASSIFIED DEADLINE  NOON SATURDAY  ALL FEES PAYABLE  PRIOR TO INSERTION.  Please mail to Coast News, Classifieds,  Box 460, Gibsons, B.C. VON 1V0.  Or bring in person to  CLASSIFICATION:  ���   the Coast News Office in Gibsons.                  Eg. For Sale, For Rent, etc.  II..LLU.LU.L    _                                   ~   ���  JH                              "'                           :_"':  J                  .-���������������                             J_  !     i            -I  \\    |                                              !                             | NO. OF ISSUES Crossword  Answers to last week's Crossword  by Jo Melnyk  ACROSS  1.  5.  Orchestra  Resource  10.  Throw  14.  Friend (Fr.)  15.  Coldly  16.  Agslloch Wood  17.  Breathing Apparatus  19.  Turning (Prefix)  20.  Oil Man  21.  Marred  23.  Senior  25.  State (Abbr.)  26.  Have 'A Cuppa'  29.  Fascinate  34.  Concerning  35.  Route  37.  Lifeless  38.  High Priest  39.  Begin Again  41.  Vehicle  42.  Delia  44.  Burn  45.  Bristle  46.  Foreigner  48.  Notches  50.  Sea (Fr.)  51.  Weapon  53.  Gifted  57.  Firearm Cleaners  61.  Fern. Name  62.  Live Movie Star  64.  Portent  65.  Aunt (Fr.)  66.  Behold (Latin)  67.  Stitches  68.  Rate  69.  Grass  DOWN  1. Poet  2. Bitter (Fr.)  3. Unless (Latin)  4. Exhaust  5. Dog  6. Frighten  7. Perch  8. Force  9. Despot  10. Covered Wagon  11. Excited  12. Glut  13. Walked  18. He (latin)  22. Deserve  24. Home Occupiers  26. Fish  27. Channel  28. Inquisitive One  30. Close By  31. Not at Ml  32. Box  33. Heaters  36. Fox  39. Resume  40. Closed Again  43. Pacific Islanders  45. More Repentant  47. "OneofThe   49. Tent  52. Chatter  53. Seth'sSon  54. Alaskan City  55. Sketched  56. Cloth (Fr.)  58. One Time  59. Mussolini  60. Hurried  63. Direction  1A  %  JE  4T  s  3  'a  ?E  ft  s  G  10  R  11  A  12  F  13  T  14  h  0  I).  E  15  E  3  3  E  \  A  0  I  0  17  I  H  I  D  11  A  S  0  P  is  0  p  E  R  A  M  s  A  G  21  u  N  E  22  L  A  i  N  23  24  N  C  25  u  N  26  T  T  27  M  21  A  s.  2S  T  30  R  31  K  B  E  *  E  T  35  P  A  R  T  A  D  A  M  i  D  E  TH  H  0  S  E  S  M  B  A  L  I  %  N  T  S  4,A  R  0  A  A  L  E  T  41  M  T  P  T  T  47  E  A  D  S  A  L  E  A  Ii  Y  R  E  N  A  I  3  54  3  A  N  0  SS  E  N  E  S7  A  L  I  3  T  SS  E  B  0  E  SS  0  L  q  A  SO  a  a  N  E  K  S1  L  u  h  S2  0  V  E  H  %  R  r.  L  E  S4  3  E  T  3  SS  T  E  R  N  *TI     3     4    ������     S             S   'S    MS*    11    12   "13  IT               �����            "        Ww -"  TT                W      ���  "           Iii ���  III  IT           ~WP~       -������T-'-  IT          "���lr           WF     ~"  Coast News, June 16, 1981  27  Peninsula Roofing  ft insulation Ltd.  Retail sales  "it Complete looting and insulation supply"  Sheet Metal Fabrication  1356 Wharf Rd.  Sechelt Across from Bus Depot       PIMM 8W-3744  DISCOUNT PRICES  e Furniture    ��� T.V.'s & Stereos  e Appliances ��� Auto Stereos, etc.  KERNS HOWE  FURNISHINGS  Seaview place,  Gibsons  886-9733  Mon. to Sat.  9 am. - 5 pm.  - Vane Parnell pnoto  Taking time out for food at Langdale Sports Day.  Fad powder diets  by John Shaske, B.Sc. (Pharm.)  In the previous column a chart was omitted. The chart shows  the nutritional value of the total mixture of fad powder diets and  milk. The chart indicates that the milk supplies most of the  nutrition while the powder just supplies the calories. The fact is  that your eating habits have not changed by using the powder  diets.  Reflections  I'll never forget what's-his^name  by Vem Giesbrecht  You'd think being a teacher  would make me adept at  remembering people's names  but, this is not the case. It seems  I'm forever forgetting the  names of casual acquaintances  or even friends, at the most  inopportune times, of course.  Take the time I was settling  .town to watch a movie in  Vancouver.  I A man a few rows ahead of  me turned, recognized me,  waved and smiled. I waved and  smiled too. "1 know that guy,  but what's his name?" I whispered to my companion as the  theatre lights dimmed. "His  first name's short, two or three  letters, I think. If I can  remember it his last name will  probably come to me, too."  She was more interested in  "Tess" so I dug into the  popcorn and recited all the  short names I could think of:  Art, Alf, Cal, Fred, Bill,  Bob...none of these sounded  right. I was determined to get  the man's name for we were  sure to meet at intermission  and I wanted to introduce him  to my charming companion. I  reeled off more names: Ed,  Ted, Don, Ron, Bcn...and  suddenly the answer flashed to  rtie���Ken! The surname was  automatic, Reeder. Of course.  Ken Reeder from UBC, whom  I'd met at several writing  workshops on the Sunshine  Coast.  j Greatly relieved, I tamed my  attention to the movie. A  potentially embarrassing situation had been averted.  On other occasions my luck  has deserted me. Though I've  tried several mnemonic devices  to ; aid me in remembering  people's names, such as associating their names with certain  characteristics or using the  name's meaning to recall it,  these tricks have often compounded my problems.  Meeting a hefty man named  Stoutley, I thought his name  would stay with me forever, yet  on our next encounter I  exclaimed, "Hello there, Mr.  Plump."  ; A similar error occurred  when 1 met William Rye. This  one's easy, I told myself. I'll  simply associate his name with  grain. Naturally, when I chanced to meet him again I  addressed him as Bill Barley.  I've called a woman who  wore flowers in her hair Lilac  insteat of Rose, a man with  granite-like features Rock  Stone instead of Joe Pebbles  and a fleet-footed boy Tom  Swift instead of Ron Fast.  It's fortunate I haven't met a  Vancouver gentleman named  Ted Nose. With my penchant  for goofing I'm sure I'd greet  him with, "It's good to see you  again, Mr. Ear."  Still, there have been some  successes. I knew a Jim White  in college who was very black;  the contrast helped me get his  name right every time. I also  had no trouble recalling the  names of Fred Warm (warm  handshake, friendly manner),  Penny Kilgor (face bright as a  penny), and Earl Madden  (noble bearing).  Folks with long or unusual  names can be quite confident  that I'll address them correctly,  among my acquaintances are  people whose surnames are Ten  Cate Brouwer, Kariatsumari,  Littleboy, Lysekowski, Brace-  girdle, Teichgraf, Grisen-  thwaite and Thambarajah.  These names I can recall with  ease; it's the shorter ones that  bring me grief.  I'm reassured by the knowledge that others suffer from  the same disability. When I  meet one of these unfortunates,  our salutations are mutually  distressing.  "How are you, Goldbrick'.'  Nice to see you again."  "Fine, fine, but the name's  Giesbrecht, actually. Let's see;  we met at the Whitecaps'game,  didn't we, Mr. Cactus?'  "Yeah, but I'm Fred Thistle,"  he huffed and we part in mutual  disdain.  At least my plight is less  severe than that ofa young man  named Henry Poltergeist.  Starting work in a large  company for a boss named  Thomas K. Thorn, he was  quickly drummed out of the  firm for his habit of calling the  chief Tom Tom.  Formula  Only Powder  Only Milk  225  105  120  14.8 g  6.8 g  8g  28.1 g  16 g  11.9 g  6.1 g  1.4 g  4.7 g  1419   IU  1065 IU  354 IU  85 IU  .  85 IU  303 mg  20 mg  283 mg  289 mg  75 mg  214 mg  523 mg  105 mg  418 mg  Calories  Protein  Carbohydrates  Fat  Vitamin A  Vitamin D  Calcium  Phosphorus  Potassium  A menu set up by a dietition which includes rolled oats or toast  and eggs for breakfast, a sandwich and soup for lunch, meat,  potatoes and salad for dinner in the proper amounts, is much  more nutritious and interesting than any fad powder diet.  10th BIRTHDAY  SALE  Pay the regular price ot  'fcl*^*  (Plus $4.00 Deposit)  for the  1st Case of  and pay only  pcapopi  K PRICE  (Plus Deposit)  FOR THE SECOND CASE  June 10th - 20th  ONLYI  Pica-pop  "Pop at Vancouver Prices"  We accept Fop Snoppe betlln for rotunda  COAST INDUSTRIES  Hwy. 101, Gibsons, Behind Peninsula Transport  886-9159  Everything must go!  RENOVATION SALE  All Stock  in our Gibsons store only  30<%  OFF  Listed Price  (Except Current Samples)  All Carpet and Linoleum  Roll Ends & Remnants  * Excellent door mats & scatter mats  * Great for a Patchwork Carpet!  In Stock  Kirsch  Rods  Armstrong  floor fashion o  Discontinued Samples 27" x 18'  *1.���� each  Smaller sizes *5*���� bundle  Ken DeVries K�� Son Ltd.  ~    ,��olo,.,l,on������* vou   ����� 28  Coast News, June 16, 1981  Along North Road  Sidewalks wanted  I he need lor sidewalks along North Road was considered by  Gibsons village council to be a matter of great importance at last  Monday's planning meeting.  Developer Jot) McRae was informed that his subdivision into  five lots musi include 455 leet of sidewalk along the west side of  North When North Road was re-built recently, a sidewalk  allowance was planned, with sidewalks to be installed at a later  date  McRae, �� ho plans to build four-plexes on the lots, stated that  ihe sidewalk installation requirement, which would cost  approximate!) $5,000 was an additional "up-front burden on  developers".  "We have to start insisting on sidewalk installation at some  point." Mayor Goddard informed MeRae.whenhestatedlhatthe  four-plex development on the other side of North Road had not  been faced with such a demand.  Alderman Hill Id nev stated that conformity must be insisted  upon: "II we charge some developers in the village to put in  sidewalks at ihe time ol I heir development, then we must make it a  rule lor even body." Edney was referring to developments along  School Road w here a sidewalk charge had been made against the  developers.  "The majority, of taxpayers would rather be without  development than pay extra charges for sidewalks to service new  developments at the taxpayers' expense, Mayor Goddard told  McRae.  McRae's subdivision plan would also require re-zoning from  R.l residential duplex to RM2 multiple unit dwelling before the  project could proceed  Audrey's Coffee Service  Modern Coffee Makers supplied  & serviced at no charge  Pay only for supplies you use  No office too big or too small  NEVER RUN OUT  "  885-3716  ^-^s^-j^nv -sx^v .->,v    v  ���   , xx N\\ ^nnn^ A;v^\m'-  Some, but not all of the award recipients for the school year 1980-1981 at Elphinstone Secondary School.  - Brudlay J Benson pnoto  project could proceed. f J      ���! - ���  West Howe Sound    Language and the motorist  Sewer referendum  Regional Board Chairman David Hunter, who also represents  Area Hon the board, made a brief report on the status ofthe West  Howe Sound sewer application at the meeting last Thursday.  He said that the application had been sent back from Victoria  with questions to be rectified before approval. The economic  study done in the area had made erroneous projections as to the  growth factors expected for the area.  When the application returns, Hunter said that even though a  referendum was not necessary on the question of sewers, one will  be held lo keep the promise he made to his constituents.  The West Howe Sound Sewer system will link up to the Gibsons  sewer. Lorraine Goddard, representative and mayor of Gibsons  feels that the problem at Langdale Elementary school is indicative  of the problems with waste disposal in the area.  School children have been sent home numerous times because  of the malfunctioning of the existing system.  Staff changes on SCRD  There have been comings and goings on the staff of the  Sunshine Coast Regional District in the last month.  The SCRD has hired a new building inspector to handle the  ever-increasing work load. The new inspector is Ray Coates from  Gibsons who joins Harry Morris-Reade, John Thorold and relief  inspector Fred Rayburn.  Leaving the staff of the SCRD is the regional planner Bill  Lindsay. His resignation letter stated:  "It is with regret that I write this letter; however, recent events  have arisen which leave me no alternative but to submit my  resignation as Regional Planner.  "It is evident that as a result of personal difficulties and the  sheer volume of activity, which has put a great deal of pressure on  me, I have not been able to administer the operations of the  Planning Department in an acceptable manner."  Ihe board will advertise for another planner to fill the vacancy.  is your car begging for a  second chance?  Beautiful bodies are our business!  Brian's Auto Body &  Painting Ltd.  Box 605       Sechell  Fully equipped  (or all body and  paint repairs.  885-9844  These are genuine extracts  from motor accident claim  forms received by s Isrge  insurance office in London  contributed to the Coast News  by the irrepressible Maurice  Green of the Irvine's Landing  Marina.  1. The accident was due to the  other man narrowly missing  me.  2. Lorry halted and worked for  the Corporation.  3. I collided with a stationary  tramcar coming in the opposite  direction.  4. The occupants were stalking  deer on the hillside.  5. I left my Austin 7 outside,  but when I came out later, to  my amazement, there was an  Austin 12.  6. To avoid collision I ran into  the other car.  7. There were plenty of lookers-  on but no witnesses.  8. The water in my radiator  accidentally froze at 12 midnight.  9. Car had to turn sharper than  was necessary owing to an  invisible lorry.  10. I was scraping my nearside  on the bank when the accident  happened.  11. After the accident a working gentleman offered to be a  witness in my favour.  12. I collided with a stationary  tree.  13. There was no damage done  to the car as the gatepost will  testify.  14. Accident was due to the  road bending.  15. The witness gave his  occupation as a gentleman, but  it would be more correct to call  him a garage proprietor.  16. The other man altered his  mind and I had to run into him.  17. Ice on the road applied  brakes causing skid.  18. I told the idiot what he was  and went on.  19. One wheel went into the  ditch. My foot jumped from  brake to accelerator pedal,  leapt across the road to the  other side and jumped into the  trunk of a tree.  20. I remember nothing after  passing the Crown Hotel until I  came to and saw P.C. Brown.  21. A bull was standing near  and a fly must have tickled him  because he gored my car.  22. A cow wandered into my  car, I was afterwards informed  that the cow was half-witted.  23. She suddenly saw me, lost  her head and we met.  24. I was taking a friend home  and keeping two yards from  each lamp post which were in a  straight line. Unfortunately  there was a bend in the road  bringing the right hand lamp  post in line with the other and  of course I landed in a ditch.  25. If the other driver had  stopped a few years behind  himself, it would not have  happened.  26. I bumped into a shop  window and sustained injuries  to my wife.  27.1 bumped into the lamp post  which was obscured by human  beings.  28.1 heard a horn blow and was  struck violently in the back.  Evidently a lady was trying to  pass me.  29.1 misjudged a lady crossing  the street.  30. Coming home I drove into  the wrong house and collided  with a tree I haven't got.  31. Three women were all  talking to each other, and when  she stepped back and one  stepped forward I had to have  an accident.  32. I can't give details of the  accident as I was somewhat  concussed at the time.  33. Wilful damage to the  upholstery was done by rats.  34. A pedestrian hit and went  underneath my car.  35.1 blew my horn but it would  not work as it was stolen.  36. A lamp post bumped into  my car, damaging it in two  places.  37. My car was stolen and I set  up a human cry, but it has not  been recovered.  38. The car in front stopped  suddenly and I crashed gently  into his luggage grid.  39.1 left my car unattended for  a minute, and whether by  accident or design it ran away.  40. The other car collided with  me, without giving warning of  his intention.  41. I unfortunately ran over a  pedestrian and the old gentleman was taken to hospital,  much regretting the circumstances.  42. On entering Wales I blew  my horn at the left-hand  corner.  43. I thought the side window  was down but it was up as I  found when I put my head  through it.  44.1 considered neither vehicle  was to blame, but if either was  to blame it was the other one.  45. I was proceeding along the  YOUR  AUTOPLAN  CENTRE  al  Taking care of  your Real Estate Needs  Seaside Plaza Evenings Call  886-2000    Norm. Peterson Dennis Suveges  886-9121     886-2607(Res lor 886-7264 (Res.)  Brotherhood urged  The world's great need is  for brotherhood based on  "Spiritual strength and  Christly courage," said the  Chairman of the Christian  Science Board of Directors in  a keynote address June 8 to  the denomination's annual  meeting in Boston.  Christian Scientists from  British Columbia joined  several   thousand   members  NATURE'S OWN  100% NATURAL  HENNA  NOW AVAILABLE  FOR HOME HAIR CARE  Weststn Drug Mart  Sunnyctest Centte,  ��� IT IS COMPLETELY NATURAL IN COLOUR  ��� IT CLOSES THE CUTICLE. CONDITIONS J  HIGHLIGHTS THE HAIR  ��� ADDS BODY AND TEXTURE TO HAIR  ��� LASTS A LONG TIME. 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The Most Complete  8LASS SHOP  around!  ��� Wood & Aluminum Windows  ��� Patio & Storm Doors  ��� Mirrors ��� Skylights  ��� Auto & Marine Glass  ��� Shower Doors & Cabinets  nosel  Hwy. 101 & Pratt Rd., Gibsons 886-7359  Swanson's  L & H Swanson Ltd.  Sand. Brauel  DUMP TRUCKS  Box 172, Sechelt, B.C. V0N3A0  of the church from around the  world who were on hand for  the 86th annual meeting of  members of The Mother  Church, The First Church of  Christ, Scientist in Boston.  Board Chairman Hal M.  Friesen warned members,  "Much of mankind is determined to continue to exalt the  material over the spiritual, the  superficial over the substantial. But," he added, "mankind seeks out and responds  to those who compassionately  seek their own in another's  good. These times call for  visible and active brotherhood," he said.  C Varirtp >  JfoobS   f  886-2936  New  from the  Orient!  Nature's Way  &     DAVIS BAV      ��  MOBILE HOME  OPEN HOUSE ^^J  SAT. & SUN. NOON - 7 PM    1  JUNE 20-21  Join us for coffee and donuts  FREE DISHWASHER - with every home sold to June 30  Brand New 1981 Display Home complete with furnishings.  Factory Representative to answer your questions.  BRAND NEW!!  Single Wides - Complete from $24,000  Double Wides - Complete from $30,000       Prices include delivery to building site.  Chapman Creek Homes Ltd.  at the bridge at Davis Bay ���Sifttig  Tto Tjgw la alwys batfr Ir���i the Wft ���j Iffa���Wly,���th�� 1���sMiw C���it a nnt mrntmr Is wrgUgMs f ��t��it���a.  COAST  Vancouver isiAf-ig  ^    ft*** Tr^Mno/VictoriB Sunshine Coast Realtor, June 19, 1981  SUNNYCREST  SHOPPING  CENTRE  886-2277  'BSONS  AND LAND DEVELOPMENT LTD.  VANCOUVER  TOLL FREE  682-1513  Member Sunshine Coast     R.R. #2, Gibsons, B.C. VON 1V0      Real Estate Association  NOW AVAILABLE  10 TOWNHOUSES  Panoramic view of Howe Sound and Georgia Strait  The location is a bonus - only steps from shopping, swimming and moorage.  Enjoy the benefits of carefree, maintenance free townhouse living. These two  and three bedroom units are ideal for full time or weekend use. Fully landscaped  and maintained grounds. Covered individual parking. All units feature  fireplaces, balconies, twin seal windows and major appliances.  Ancipated Occupancy Date is July 1st, 1981  Excellent Value at $97,500 to $113,000  INVESTMENT - COMMERCIAL - REVENUE  GIBSONS VILLAGE: This is the only excellent potential to expand into food market  independent bakery in the area. 10 years in the etc. Owner may carry 1st ai competitive interest  53me.location. Business is increasing steadily with    rates. Call for more details.  MARINE DR: Waterfront Revenue. 100' of  prime low bank waterfront in Village of Gibsons.  Unexcelled view of sheltered Howe Sound. Solid  tenants in all three suites, Building remodelled  and upgraded. Very attractive property consisting of 4 bedrooms, 3 bedroom and 2 bedroom  suites with fireplaces. Don't miss your chance to  own this waterfront triplex. $252,400.  HIGHWAY 101: This industrial building has a  total of 5,000 square feet. It has three tenants,  leased out on two five year leases and one three  year lease. It's located on Highway 101, on  industrial zoned lot, size 167' on the Highway by  124' deep. There is room for another building on  this lot. Present building has plans (or suites on a  second floor (see Listing Broker for plans).  Present annual income is $29,400. $290,000.  GIBSONS VILLAGE: Extremely well built  concrete block building with bend beams and  rebar. Two areas easily separated 1304 square  feet and 1109 square feet. 360 square feet covered  carport area. Heating is forced hot water (oil  fired). Established commercial area. Gorgeous  view of Howe Sound and Gibsons Harbour.  $269,500.  STEWaKI KOAD: Fifteen acres ol industrial  land, zoned Industrial 1, which takes light and  heavy industry. Three phase power available if  necessary, located on Stewart Road just off North  Road. This is in three five acre parcels and can be  divided or resold if purchaser does not want that  much property, $325,000.  WOODCREEK PARK  OPEN HOUSE BY BUILDER  Saturday* June 20 and  Sunday, June 21  2:00 p.m. - 4:00 p.m.  WOODCREEK PARK: Executive home on .39  acre treed lot backing onto the ravine park. This  lovely new home features 4 bedroms, 3  washrooms, den family room plus living and  dining room. This quality constructed home is  ideal for the family that likes room to move with  2040 square feet of finished floor area. The two  car garage and full brick fireplace are just some of  the extra touches that set this home apart from  ^7 the rest. $149,500  Have your questions answered by the Builder  WATERFRONT   ACREAGE  LOWER ROAD: Waterfront. Being the only  | subdividable waterfront acreage on the market in  Roberts Creek makes thisa rare find. As it is, it's a  | beauty: 2.10 acres of undisturbed, gently sloping  terrain complimented  with  lall firs and huge  cedars, roads dedicated on two sides; out front,  I one of fhe few sandy beaches on the coast. As a  private eslate or for investment, this is a must see.  Priced to sell at $195,000  ��� ��� '  NORTH ROAD, GIBSONS  2 & 3 BEDROOM TOWNHOUSES  Available July 1, 1981  All Suites Feature:  * Fridge  * Stove  * Built-in dishwasher  * Washer & Dryer  * Gorgeous Brick Fireplaces  * Wall lo wall deluxe carpel  * V: B..ths  * Skylights  * Huge Master Bedroom  * Close lo shopping  * Close lo schools  * Close lo transportation  * All services  * Fully landscaped grounds  * Extra slorage room  * Parking lor 2 cars  * Concrete Driveway  * Fully fenced  * Energy efficient  These beautiful suites make a perfect affordable first home and/or investment  and holding property. All units qualify for C.M.H.C. insured mortgaging which  insures the best possible mortgage rate quickly. These properties are brand  new, ready to move into July 1st and priced to sell at $84,900 ��� $94,900.  LOTS  LOT 81 REDROOFF ESTATES: .49 acre on  Southwood Road. Well off the beaten path  guaranteeing privacy. Potential view. Vendor will  take $20,000 down and balance at 15%, 2 year  term. Priced to sell fast at $37,500.  CREEKSIDE PARK: Lot 70. Nice level building  lot. Fully serviced including sewer. Close to  shopping, schools, etc. One of the last chances to  buy a good lot in this area for this price. $39,900.  SUNNYSIDE DRIVE: Urge lot 100 x 150,  already cleared, ready to build on. On septic tank  but no field required. Disposal system hook-up  available. $51,500.  SUNNYSIDE DRIVE: This 100 x 150 lot is  ideally situated at the end of a no thru road. Area  is fast building up with new quality homes. A 2  storey home on this lot would have a view of  Georgia Strait. This lot must be seen to  appreciate the value of the 100 foot widths of the  surrounding lots. $52,500.  CHAMBERLIN ROAD: Lovely view lot looking'  south into Howe Sound and Georgia Strait.  Cleared and ready to build on. 76 x 170. Well  priced at $54,900.  WOODCREEK PARK: Lot 58. Approximately  80 x 128 with ocean view. Corner lot on  intersection of two cul-de-sacs, therefore the bl  accommodates many varying building plans.  Vendor will build to suit. See this lot & start  planning your home now.  CREEKSIDE  PARK  ESTATES:  Lot   1  Absolutely gorgeous 60 x 120 lol. View of Georgia  Strait, The Gap and Bluff. Paved streets, hydro,  city sewer, city water. Close to schools, shopping  and transportation. Gibsons Creek ravine  borders back of property. Perfect building lol.  $39,900.  HWY 101: 50 x 150 industrial lot in Seamount  Park. All services. $40,000.  SCHOOL RD: 13 Viewlots in Gibsons Village.  Servicing nearing completion. Priced from  $57,500.  MALAVIEW KOAD: Lot 9 on Malaview Road.  Cleared ready to build on. All services. 1 block to  school and a very nice area. $39,500.  MARINE VIEW WAY: Sechelt. This 60' x 131.9'  lot is easy to build on and has already been  cleared and is ready for construction of your  reverse plan home. Located only one mile from  downtown Sechelt, close to the water, marina,  staking rink and other amenities. Yes, you may  even get a view. $35,900.  CREEKSIDE PARK: Lot 9. Excellent building  lot in popular Creekside Park Eslates. Good view  potential along with paved streets, city sewer,  cablevision, hydro and water. Gibsons Creek  runs down rear of lot making this an ideal  purchase. $39,500.  HOMES ON  ACREAGE  PORT MELLON HIGHWAY: 4 54 acres with  1095 feet of highway frontage. Zoned A3D, car  take another dwelling. House is situated at one  end of property and nicely landscaped. Home is  storey with open vaulted ceiling in living room.  Three bedrooms up and 4 piece bath. Extra large  family room and living room downstairs. Twin  seal windows. Appliances included. Good  workshop al rear of double carport. $178,000.  ACREAGE  WATERFRONT  ACREAGE...$49,500:  Un  believable! It's not a misprint, that is the full price.  Total 2.46 acres with approximately 275 feet  sandy beach. The property is fairly level, with a  small rock bluff bul good building sites, siluated In  Howe Sound across from Britannia Beach Of  course there's a catch access by boat only, no  waler and no power, bul still great for summer  cabin or weekend getaway.  CHAMBERLIN ROAD: Nearly 5 acres of  beautiful timbered acreage. Water, hydro, cable  and paved streets close by. Ideal hobby farm or  holding acreage. Priced to sell. $99,500.  MOUNTAIN VIEW ESTATES: 2 acres in  Mounlain View Estates, Kleindale. Access front  and back. 7 minutes from shopping and school in  Madeira Park. Some marketable timber or build a  log house! Surrounding properties all have wells.  $64,900  HIGHWAY 101: Five bedroom older home on  five acres close to Gibsons. Property is cleared  with good creek through one corner and  numerous out buidings. This parcel has many fruit  trees and lots of garden possibilities. $160,000-  HENRY RD: A rare find. Duplex with acreage.  1250 square feel per unit wiih 2 bedrooms each.  Large rooms, storage and laundry rooms in each.  Includes appliances. Don't hesitate, call now.  $179,500  NORTH ROAD: at Cemetary Road. 5 acres of  secluded timbered property. Great hobby farm  with barn, chicken coop and corrals. On good  well but regional water available. Owner has  permission for second dwelling on property. 300  feet of highway frontage. 1460 square feet home  only 7 years old. Built-in china cabinet, 2 full  baths, huge sundeck. Owner says Sell! Make an  appointment 10 view today. $165,000.  STEVE        ANNE        JOHN TERRI        GREG  SAWYER    GURNEY   HANSON    HANSON    GRANT  .886-7678    886-2164   886-8295    886-8295   886-7204  GARY DAVE JON LORRIE  PUCKETT ROBERTS     MCRAE       GIRARD  886-9508    886-8040      885-3670      886-7760 Sunshine Coast Realtor, June 19,1981  SUNNYCREST  SHOPPING  CENTRE  886-2277  IBSQNS  AND LAND DEVELOPMENT LTD.  R.R. #2, Gibsons, B.C. VON 1V0  HOMES HOMES HOMES  VANCOUVER  TOLL FREE  682-1513  GRADY RD: 2 storey Alpine house with 2  fireplaces, three bedrooms, 3 bathrooms and an  entertaining sized recreation room. Hardwood  floors in most rooms. Lot is 70 x 157 fully  landscaped with particularly nice rock work in  front. View of water, Keats Island and Soames  Hill. No wires because this area is all underground  wiring. $159.000.  :#  CREEKSIDE PARK: Brand new 1672 square)  [eet IH storey home in Creekside Park Estates  This home is on city sewer, city water ai  cablevision and features fireplace, large rec  room, laundry room and workshop. Two car  carport and is on a quiet cul-de-sac close to  shopping and transportation. Ready to move into.  MM  iARGENT RD: Terrific Spanish home on one o  our best view lots. Two fully finished floors,.tota  2300 sq. ft. Four bedrooms, 2% bathrooms, rec.  room, utility room and workshop. Two fireplaces  double carport, intercom and wet bar. Within  walking distance of shopping and schools. Make  ai^D^ojnjmejinoj^ew^lS^OO^^^^  DRIVE: Assume 13'/& mortgage!  Exceptionally well built three bedroom 1260  square foot rancher on huge 100 x 150 lot makes  Ihe ideal family home at an affordable price.  Features include shake roof, huge stone fireplace  extra high quality carpeting, concrete driveway,  :arport, double windows throughout, bay  window, extra large rooms and much more.  JhoneJojjett^n^timeJJO^JJ^^.^.^.^���  SELMA PARK - $54,900: Can you believe this?  A 900 square foot house with two bedrooms,  including all appliances, brick heatilator fireplace,  walking distance to Sechelt and a fantastic view.  Call to view anytime. This is not a leased  property.  DUNHAM RD: Port Melton. Ideal starter home  for the family who can do some fix-up work. Large  landscaped 70 x 173 lot. Extra large living room  with fireplace and 2 generous sized bedrooms.  1250 sq. ft. Appliances included in the unusual  price of $44,900.  |  iflMIl   ^  MARION PL: Ideal family floor plan with those  extra features you would ask for in a custom  home. Vaulted ceilings in living room, dining room  and kitchen. Fireplace with feature wall, bay  window and a bright bit of sunshine through the  ensuite skylight. Master features large walk-in  closet and full size washroom. Kitchen is very  conveniently set up with utility room and washer  and dryer steps away. Nicely located in quiet cul-  de-sac of new homes. Take advantage of today's  prices with planned occupancy. $106,900.  KSIDE PARK: Perfect 2 storey family  home at an affordable price in beautiful Creekside  Park Estates. This 1700 sq. ft. four bedroom  home features finished basement, rec. room,  large workshop, laundry room, 1% baths. Al  appliances including fridge, stove, dishwasher,  washer, dryer and freezer. Fully landscaped  grounds with concrete drive, pet run and wood  shed. Owner has done high quality work to make  this a warm comfortable family home. Phone to  view am/time. S109JJ00.  CHASTER RD: A-frame, two bedroom home on  cleared level tot. Ideal for starter, recreational or  revenue. Developing area on no through gravel  road. Close to shopping and transportation.  $59,900.  SOUTH FLETCHER & CHARMAN: Custom  view home. Located across the street from the  tennis courts in the Bay area, this brand new  home features three bedrooms, two bathrooms,  plus a full basement. Priced at $149,500.  O'SHEA RD: Tidy little home with Finnish  sauna. This immaculate house has 2 bedrooms  fireplace, kitchen area includes 4 appliances.  Sauna and tiled shower at rear. Garage ha:  workshop and small office. Garden is in fruit tree:  and flcweringjhrubs^jTgjgOO.  SCHOOL RD: Executive home in excellent  Gibsons location. Features include sunken living  room, 2% bathrooms, double attached garage, 2 x  6 construction, shake roof, master bedroom with  fireplace and ensuite. $149,500.  CREEKSIDE: New construction. Two storey  unique designed home, over 2000 square feet of  living area. Main floor has living room with  fireplace, dining room, family room, bedroom,  utility room and bathroom. Upstairs has three  bedrooms and bathroom. All bedrooms have  walk-in closets. All this on a good lot in Creekside  Park Estates, close to schools, shopping cenfre  and recreation. $119,500.   ABBS ROAD: View! View! View! Are yot  ooking for a view home high on the hill with a view  forever! This is it! The view is spectacular! It goes  from the north tip of Keats Island through  Gibsons Harbour, The Gap, The Bluff, Georgi;  Strait and of course the coast mountains. Tht  home is three levels with 4 bedrooms, huge  recreation room, office or den, and balconies  along the front. The landscaping is already ir  place. Additional fealures include full ensuite of  master bedroom plus another full bath and a hal  bath. This home must be seen to be believed  $149,900.  FIRCREST RD: Beautiful ranch style family  Nome with large rooms and bay window. Stone  fireplace with energy grate and fan. Sundeck,  double windows and R28 insulation. Assumable  1^% mortgage. Phone to view anytime  M ARLENE RD. Brand new 3 bedroom home on  % acre in Roberts Creek. Master bedroom has  ensuite plumbing, custom kitchen cabinets, large  sundeck. Beautiful and private, easy to landscape  lot. And more. This home has all permits in place  to make the full basement into M.U.R.B. duplex.  The house design easily facilitates either single or  duplex use. Truly the home with great investment  potential. $119,500.   :^BHP  RADCLIFFE ROAD: Selma Park. Three  bedroom view home. Two bedroom upstairs and  one down. Large rec. room with fireplace  roughed in. An efficient floor plan and the yard  offers view and privacy. $120,000.  LAUREL RD: Davis Bay. Custom built ocean  view home in the most beautiful area of the  Sunshine Coast. 2 blocks to sandy beach, Davis  Bay dock, fishing, store, church, day care centre  and school. This beautiful home features custom  designed interior, 2 fireplaces, huge sundeck,  ensuite, finished basement, huge rec. room,  landscaping and much more. Phone to view  anytime. $124,900.  REID ROAD: Absolutely gorgeous quality home  on huge lot. Three bedrooms, 1^ baths, carport,  garage, storage shed. Home is only 1 year old,  ceramic tile kitchen floor, oak cabinets, brick  fireplace, Jenn- Aire range and microwave. All this  on level landscaped fenced bt. Other features too  numerous to mention. Must be seen. $129,000.  GUNCLUB RD: Wilson Creek. 15% - Isi  mortgage available by vendor to qualif.ee  purchaser. Roomy three bedroom home has lot!  of extras. Skylights, fireplace, family room ofl  kitchen, unfinished rec. room, ensuite and walk-in  closets. Double attached garage. All for only  $119,500.       -   -   ty pay rent? Nicely set up  12 x 68, 1974 Chancellor trailer with large  sundeck. Abo foundation for extending. Lot is 70  x 220, duplex zoned. Lots this size are rare and  due to higher costs to develop new subdivisions  lots of this size will nol be created. $69300.  CREEKSIDE CRESCENT: Here is a unique  designed 1 % storey home made for spacious living  by a family that needs lots of room. Main floor has  1103 square feet. Living room has vaulted ceiling,  family room for privacy, bathrooms down and up,  674 square feet upstairs with three bedrooms. On  a good lot in Creekside which is three blocks to  shopping centre, schools, medical clinic and all  for the price of $115,500.  FIRCREST ROAD: Well built and maintain.  three bedroom home. Features a large living  room with a beautiful stone fireplace and dining  area. Bright and sunny kitchen with nook. The  nighter in the basement makes it economical to  heat. This 1160 square foot house is on a well  landscaped 61 x 131 lot and has an assumable  mortgage of 12%% for eighteen months.  ,000. -  jia  HIGHWAY 101: just north ot Crucil Rd. in the  village of Gibsons. Small home presently rented  at $300 per month. Lot is zoned to allow a duplex.  Existing home is set to the front, however the  maximum view potential would be cbser to the  rear of this lot. This is truly a house with  investment potential. $89,000.  SUNSHINE COAST HIGHWAY: Selma Park.  View and Revenue Older home and separate self-  contained one bedroom cottage on large parcel in  Selma Park. Centrally located, this piece is within  easy walking distance from Sechelt. Comfortable  re-decorated main home features two bedrooms,  a large sundeck and a dark room for the  photographer. Nicely landscaped but still very  private. Starter, investment or retirement, this'  one qualifies. $99,500.  WATERFRONT  HOMES  PT RD: Semi-waterfront. Million dollar view anf  even better sunsets from this completely  renovated and enlarged 1120 square feet, three  bedroom home. Abundance of cedar compH  ments the 'antique' brick fireplace and the  spacbus living room. French doors open toa very  private patio. Sauna adjoining bath. Sliding doors  o a full length sundeck and across the quiet  .lead-end street: swimming, boating and fishing.  Enjoy the waterfront but avoid its high price tag  ind taxes with this 'one of a kind' noma,  Reduced for quick 83161149,900. 1  SAKINAW LAKE: Sunny exposure and privacy  are the key features for your recreational  enjoyment. Secure government lease on 1.24  acres of waterfront with one bedroom cottage.  Boat access. $35,000.  STEVE        ANNE        JOHN        TERRI       GREG  SAWYER    GURNEY   HANSON    HANSON    GRANT  886-7678    886-2164    886-8295    886-8295   886-7204  GARY        DAVE JON LORRIE  PUCKETT ROBERTS     MCRAE       GIRARD  886-9508    886-8040     885-3670      886-7760 Sunshine Coast Realtor, June 19, 1981  BOX 1490,  WHARF ROAD  SECHELT, B.C.  VON-3A0  PHONE  885-2235  VANCOUVER  689-5838  (Toll Free)  CENTURY WEST REAL ESTATE  "TWO OFFICES  No. 687 MASON ROAD        MLS $124,500     N��� 700 SAMRON  SPACIOUS & LOCATION LARRY &     VIEW & SPACE  RUTH  $159,500  No. 742 COOPER ROAD  LARRY & RUTH      COUNTRY CHARMER  $95,000  RITA  No. 693 DALE KOAD $265,000  WATERFRONT - 3 BEDRM PAT PARKER  No. 770 CENTRAL MADEIRA $134,900  SUN - SKY - OUTLOOK BOB KENT  RECIPE FOR HAPPINESS No. 732  Take a beautiful view of Whiskey Slough, add lo  this a large sundeck, two fireplaces, five  bedrooms, iwo bathrooms, a utility room, a  playroom and a large living room with lols of light  and open view and what do you have? Answer:-  lor $115,000 * a lot of house lor ihe money. Call  Bill Walkey 885 5327 MLS  ROBERTS CREEK HOME No. 801  3 bedroom 1216 sq. ft. home located on over '..  acre of land in lower Roberts Creek. The full  basement is presently rented bul could make a  good inlaw suite or recreation room. Asking  $102,000. Call George Longman 886*8548.  STANLEY PARK No. 722  World famous for ils magnificent, quiet, ocean  setting! Now Qentury 21 is offering you mi ocean  park estate in prestigious West Sechelt -��� 1.17  acres ol private wooded ocean front property  The spacious 2 bedroom home, nestled amongst  arbutus and bush evergreens, commands a  southerly view of Trail Islands and the Gull  Discover ihis unique selling wiih George  Longman 8868548 or Rita Perdu-son 885 5706.  $315,000  MLS No. 795  Ideal retirement home only a short distance Irom  Sechelt Tins six tenth acre landscaped prujierly  fealures .1 great view ol Merry Island, southern  exposure and .1 two bedroom home. Foi more  details or to arrange your petsun.il lout call Pal  Pai kei .11885 5615111 885 2235 Asking $215,000  SELMA PARK VIEW HOME No. 847  Attractive 3 bedroom lamily home situated on  large 80' landscaped lol lias spectacular view, 2  fireplaces. 2 bathrooms, finished rec. room.  Unfinished den could be 4th bedroom. Sundeck  & carport. Asking $130,000. Call Ed Baker at  885 2641 or Ben Walker 885 3746  SPECTACULAR VIEW No. 777.  Sparkling blue waters of Gull & Trail Islands is  yours to enjoy1 Discover this cozy 2 bedroom  Selma Park home in its landscaped selling. This  large properly is hindered in evergreen privacy  hedge and ihe grounds are bountifully planted in  blossoming (tun trees and ornamental shrubs.  The real show stopper is the price, $89,000 Call  "SELMA PARK BEAUTY" No. 797  Brand new 1320 sq. ft. 2 bedroom full basement  home wiih 160 degree view ol Georgia Sir. and et  al from living room, kitchen, dining room and  master bedroom. Fealures:  * Paved Driveway and Sidewalks.  * Shake Roof & Stained Cedar Siding.  * Double Sink in Mam Bathroom & Ensuite.  * Oak Cabinets.  * Double Flue    Chimney.  * Two Car Enclosed Carport,  with quality construction throughout. Asking  $149,500 To view this 'me home call George  Longman 886 8548  ROBERTS CREEK No. 841  Cozy two bedroom home on Lower Road Tins  home fealures a large living room with airtigln  heater and a blight kitchen with sliding doors lhat  lead louver 250 sq. ft. ol sundecks. The home is  situated in ,1 beautiful p.nklike set ling lhat  include ayuar round slreainjruil trees, lawns and  garden Prued al only $82,000 This ideal  retirement or young couple's home .will not last  long Call Pai Parker at 885 5615 or 885 2235 to  arrange a lour.  WEST PORPOISE BAY  VIEW HOME No. 704  1248 sq, ft.. .( bedroom lull basement home.  Incited 111 West Poijunse Kay. just minutes pasl  Ihe ice arena, Some fealures to mention. k'sides  1l1especi.uul.il view..irea Squamish rock feature  wall, ensuile oil master bedroom, wrap around  sundeck and double pane windows Tins home  miisi lv seen it you'ii' in the market lor a line  huiiie Asking 5115.000 Call Geuiye Longman  H86 85-18 (tn .ill Ihe details,  K.1.1 IV  1 885 5706  MEMBER SUNSHINE CC VST  SECHELT 885-2235  ED BAKER  885-2641  ���"ESS** "j?���" "��**? GE0RSi?NGMAN  LARRY MOORE   RUTH MOORE  W5-3584 885-9057 885-9461 8864548 885-9213 885-9213 Sunshine Coast Realtor, June 19,1981  PHONE  885-2235  VANCOUVER  689-5838  BOX 1490,  WHARF ROAD  SECHELT, B.C.  VON-3A0  w.  E  fTT  21  y*  \%  Q*  TO SERVE YOU"-  HOMES  1630 FEET ��� NEW -      *  WEST SECHELT No. 747  Home has 3 bedrooms, master large, ensuite with  walk-in closet. Family room opening off well  arranged kitchen. Formal dining room off  (.replaced living room - all with plush carpeting.  Double garage - rough landscaped lot awaits your  planning. At $127,500 - 1 like representing this  home. Elmer Ekdahl 885-3584.  SANDY HOOK AREA No. 836  And fronting on Inlet Highway this over 7 acres of  gently sloping property, has to be a fine holding or  developing land. Zoned for '/, acre subdivision, it  also has a home -1200plus sq. ft. and the interior  is beautifully appointed. Take away the value of  the home and you will agree $204,500 is some  buy. Emer Ekdahl 885-3584.  "WEST SECHELT RANCHER"       No. 796  Underconstructwn 1120 sq. ft., 2 bedroom ranch  style home wiih attached carport located in one of  the finer areas of West Sechelt, just minutes from  beach, schools and shopping. Asking $94,500  so if you're in the market for a quality built starter  or retirement home call George Longman 886-  8548.  BEACH AVE. OFFERS MORE  THAN LOCATION No. 837  New 3 bedroom home with 2550 sq. (t. of living  space situated on over % acre of land. This home  has it all ��� features are too numerous to mention. If  you're in the market (or a (ine quality built home  call George Longman (or a personal tour at 886-  8548. Asking price $175,000.  "AS IT USED TO BE"  A charming 2 room Summer Cottage on a large  lot almost an acre in size. Treed and cleared to  give a pleasant, bright appearance. Two homes  can be built on this site at the corner of Francis  and Westwood in the Redrooffs area. Call Larry  Reardon at 885-2235 or 8859320.  PRIVACY YOURS No. 844  In this inviting 3 bedroom rancher on Cooper  Road in park-like Welcome Woods. The  convenient family kitchen is handily located  adjacent to the utility room. Step from the  spacious living room through sliding glass doors  onto your own private lawn area. There's lots of  sunshine and room for a swimming pool! The best  news is the price! $103,500. Call Rita Percheson  8855706.  "CEDAR GROVE" -  WAKEFIELD No. 629  What is there to say about 1950 sq. ft. of finest of  carpeting offering 3 bedrooms, family room  overlooking a large living room, open staircase,  massive fireplace and situated on a landscaped  acre of huge cedars? Like a workshop or hobby?  How about a 1-% storey 20 x 24 finished bldg. Look  around the area and compare this at $179,900.  Elmer Ekdahl 865-3584.  ONCE UPON A TIME...  IN SANDY HOOK No. 768  If Hansel and Gretel had found this cozy, one  bedroom, 550 sq. ft. home nestled on its quiet and  private acre in Sandy Hook....you can beat them  to it if you hurry, the regional water passes the  door soon, and the property is subdividable. The  price of $87,000 is a real Grim tale so hurry call  Bill Walkey at 885-5327 now before the Witch of  the Hook beats you to it.  WATERFRONT ACREAGE No. 833  Be sure to inspect this fine property if you're in the  market for a revenue producing situation or a  private waterfront estate. With over 3!-j acres, a  good sized float and deep, quiet moorage on 150  ft. of frontage there's also good revenue from the  cabins. Plenty of potential too if you're interested.  Asking jusf $315,000 with some terms. For more  information or appointment call Bert Walker 885  3746.  ACREAGE  ROBERTS CREEK ACREAGE        No. 845  Over 5 acres of view property in Roberts Creek.  Very private with 1200 sq. ft., two bedroom  Lynnwood Cedar home - cozy, warm and waiting  for you. F.P. $153,500. Bill Walkey 885-5327.  MIDDLEPOINT ACREAGE ��� VIEW No. 799  Over 17 acres of gradually sloping timbered  property with great view building sites. Present  R2J zoning provides for % acre lots so the  possibilities are there. More information from  Leslie 885-9057 or Bert 885-3746. Oh yes! the  price is just $118,000.  2% ACRES No. 719  2% acres of treed seclusion. Nice level property  bordering on the golf course. Good building sites,  could leave abundance of natural greenery to  assure privacy. Asking $110,000. Ed Baker 885  2541.  LAND BARON No. 788  * West Sechell location.  * 24.7 acres.  * Near level topography.  * Southerly exposure.  * Developing area.  * Gazetted road on 4 sides.  * For additional information call Rita Percheson  at 885-5706.  FAR FROM THE  MADDENING CROWD!        MLS No. 744  * Five acres - low bank waterfront.  * 200 feet beachfront for swimming.  * Your own creek.  * Sheltered coastal waters of Narrows Inlet.  * This property only $73,500.  * CaH Rita Percheson 885-5706.  10.87 ACRES ��� ROBERTS CREEK No. 780  10.87 acres zoned ALR in Roberts Creek.  Property has southern exposure, with a view of  Georgia Strait from the top half. Water is supplied  from a natural spring fed reservoir. Owner says  some merchantable cedar trees. All this complete  with 3 bedroom Mobile Home, barn and storage  shed. Asking price $189,000. Bring your offers to  George Longman 886-8548.  SUBDIVISION POTENTIAL          No. 835  * 8.5 acres (approx.)  * Zoned R2L  * 1000 It. highway frontage (approx).  * Mostly level.  * Second growth timber.  * Browning Road area.  * $330,000.  * Pat Parker 885-5615.  "THIS IS IT  Our most popular request is about an acre of  Waterfront older building and not easy to reach.  This is it! On Ihe west side of Sargeants Bay, 100'  of good waterfront, with older home and is quite  private. Call Larry Reardon at 865-9320. $99,500.  CENTURY WEST REAL ESTATE-  LOTS  VENDOR IN OTTAWA - HELP!!    No. 753  Out of province owner needs quick sale on this  32000* sq. ft. bl in West Sechelt. Urge and  private, hydro, water and cablevision available at  property line. Bring me an offer to help this  concerned owner. He's asking $60,000. what are  you offering? Call Bill Walkey 885-5327.  LOOK AT THE PRICE!! NoT839  1/3 acre! triangular shaped lot with fine building  sites available. Good stand of timber. Potential  view. Paved road, hydro. For further details call  Lynn Wilson 8855755 - priced at 122,000.  ROBERTS CREEK No. 840  Great building site on lower road. This quarter  acre lot features a gentle slope, a southern  exposure and a metal storage building on  concrete pad. At $45,000 this property is priced  below other comparable property in the area.  More details available from Pat Parker at 885-  5615 or 885-2235.  EARLS COVE LOT No. 775  Right on a comer this big lot (133 x 142) is  conveniently located just minutes from the ferry  terminal. Power, water and phone lines at the  roadside. Asking just $27,500. Bert 885-3746.  LOT 60* x 105' No. 810  Level building lot with all services just waiting for  your new home. For all the information call Rita  Percheson 885-5707.  WEST PORPOISE BAY No. 705  '/. acre, spectacular view lot just minutes pass ice  arena. The perfect setting for your dream home.  May have subdivision possibilities in the future.  Asking $59,000. Call George Longman 886-8548.  SECRET COVE. No. 804  * Semi waterfront wooded lot with 151 feet road  frontage!  * Public lane to protected waters of Secret  Cove only 1 block from property!  * Priced to sell fast $45,000.  * Call Rita Percheson 885-5706.  ROBERTS CREEK  BUILDING LOT No. 826  Half acre bldg lot - all services available except  sewer. Located in the quiet and desirable area of  Roberts Creek. Close to beach and golf course. A  thousand stars and no thumbs down to the  purchaser of this fine lot. Asking $49,900. CaH  George Longman 886-8548.  NO. 1 No. 761 & 733  Question:   Why has Redrooffs become one of  our most desirable residential areas  on the coast?  Answer   The average lot size is almost twice  that found in most other residential  areas! This means you enjoy a  spacious park-like setting at dollar  value prices. Nearby Sargeant's  Bay is a marine wonderland for  swimming, boating & fishing!  Century 21 is offering 2 beautiful  treed building lots in Welcome  Woods for $47,500 each. This is  your  opportunity  to capture a  country setting in our fast developing coastal  paradise!  Call  Rita  Percheson 885-5706.  SECRET COVE WATERFRONT  $79,900 No. 730  This beautiful treed recreational lot is selectively  cleared and is an excellent building site. Lots of  sunshine. Driveway is in. Located on paved road.  Hydro, water & telephone available. Approved  for septic installation. For more information call  Lynn Wilson 885-5755.  INCREDIV1EW No. 756  From this large 77 x 178 beautiful lot located on  Norvan Road in West Sechelt. Don't let the alder  fool you ��� use it for fuel and have an incrediview!  Asking only $62,000. Call Larry or Ruth Moore  885-9213.  PRICE REDUCTION!! No. 786  Now only $44,900 can buy this large West  Sechelt lot on popular NorWest Bay Road. Hurry  to see il with Ruth Moore 885-9213 for more  details.  HlOHV.-'  2 UNIQUE VIEW LOTS       No. 740 & 7411  A rare opportunity to acquire a spectacular I  western view of the Georgia Strait - over the Trail J  Islands, into the sunsets. Super view lots for I  perpetuity for people with vision and foresight.  One approximately ���'/, acre $64,9001  One approximately 14 acre $46,2001  Or buy the Iwo for $109,000 [  Each lot has passed perc lest and zoned for  duplex construction. Call Lynn Wilson at 885-  5755  View! View! View!  VIEW/ VIEW VIEW! No. 749  Build your dream home on this spectacular  view lot. Terrific dimensions 135 X 102  approx Good buldjng site. Hydro, waler &  phone at property line. Call Lynn Wilson to  view (his lol priced at $59,900.  SECHELT VILLAGE No. 778  Excellent building lot in heart of Sechelt. This 60 x  120 properly on Ebbtide Street is a good buy at  $49,500. Pat Parker 885-5615.  WESTSECHELT  BUILDING LOTS No. 790  Your choice of 3 lots on sewer, paved road,  selectively cleared, culverts in. All new homes in  area. Save yourselves problems and money by  not having septic fields and clearing to contend  with. Asking $49,500. Call Ed Baker 885-2641.  A LOT FOR YOUR MONEY No. 753  If you're in the market for a huge lot with 209 ft. on  the road, take a look at this one. Over!', acre in an  excellent area of W. Sechell for $60,000. Call Bill  Walkey 885-5327.  COUNTRY QUIET IN  WOODED REDROOFFS No. 824  Nestle your new home for wooded privacy on this  building tot in Redrooffs. Lot is situated on paved  road and has over 100 ft. of road frontage. Area of  newer homes on spacious grounds. Swimming  and fishing at nearby Sargeants Bay. Priced al  $54,900. For more details call Lynn Wilson at  885-5755.  SANDY HOOK No. 838  A breathtaking view can be yours with the  purchase of not one but two Sandy Hook lots.  The lots may be sold together or separately.  Priced al only $65,000 for both. For more  information call Leslie Fitch at 885-9057 or Rita  Percheson at 885-5706.  ON THE LEVEL No. 785  This lot has been selectively cleared and is nice  and level. All services including sewer and priced  at a low, low price of $44,900. Call Larry or Rulh  Moore 885 9213.  MY TEA LEAVES TELL ME No. 806  You will find an absolutely gorgeous view from  Ihis 82 x 341 waterfront lot. The leaves say it's  steep but only $77,500 will put this great lot into  your future! Call Larry or Ruth Moore 885-9213.  OPPOSITE THE BEACH  AT TUWANEK No. 823  Right opposite the access to a beautiful sandy  beach. Enjoy a cool dip after work, just yards from  your door. Cleared, culverted and ready for your  home. Enjoy the beauty of Tuwanek for $35,000  Call Bill Walkey at 885-5327.  REAL ESTATE ASSOCIATION  GIBSONS OFFICE      886-8194  DO YOU LIKE SANDY HOOK?  Call BUI Walkey 885-5327  PAT PARKER  885-5615  RITA PERCHESON  885-5706  LARRY REARDON  885-9320  BERT WALKER  885-3746  BILL WALKEY  885-5327  LYNN WILSON  885-5755 Sunshine Coast Realtor, June 19, 1981  VjvT    DENTAL CENTRE  Ar GIBSONS  ���CENTURY WEST REAL ESTATE  PHONE  886-8194  VANCOUVER  689-5838  (Toll Free)  tfc  W rfWdtajL.   ___   NESTLED IN HORTICULTURE    No. 842  This cozy 963 sq. ft., 2 bdrm home minutes from  the beach will delight you the minute you step into  the front yard. Gorgeous, mature ornamental  shrubbery and fruit trees set the scene for this  older home nestled among the trees. With a little  T.L.C. and $73,500 you could be very happy.  Call Bill Walkey at 885-5327 or Judy El-dred at 885-  9226.  DOUGAL RD. No. 831  Level lot in Bay Area. Close to all amenities.  $42,000. For information please call Judy at 885-  9226.  LOT 74 x 105 No. 769  Level building bt, cleared ready to buld. All  services at the road except sewer. Close to Cedar  Grove School. Asking $47,000. Call Eva Carsky  at 886-8194 or 886-7126.  LANGDALE ��� CORNER LOT No. 830  Good size building lot, close to elementary school  & just minutes from ferry terminal. Great spot for  commuters. Asking $43,000. For information call  Carol 886-9154 or Judy 885-9226.  ALDERSPRING RD. No. 832  60 x 150 building lot. Close to park, tennis court,  boat launch and shopping. Asking $45,000. For  information call Carol Skinner at 886-9154.  SEAMOUNT INDUSTRIAL PARK No. 764  Over 11,000 sq. ft. on this larger than average  industrial lot. Excellent warehousing location.  Call Lynda 886-7352. $60,000.  SEAMOUNT  INDUSTRIAL PARK No. 766 & 765  Prime location with 124 ft. highway frontage. The  opportunity to acquire industrial property with  good public visibility is rare so call Lynda now 886-  7352. $120,000.  INVEST IN YOUR FURUTURE     No. 825  2.8 acres of property with subdivision potential on  Shaw Rd.,Gibsons. Abeautiful7yearold 1645sq.  ft. home is attractively located on the site.  Property is level and partially cleared to keep  development costs down. For all the information  on this property call Eva Carsky at 886-7126 or  Leslie Fitch 885-9057.  PRIVACY AND BEACH AT HOME No.763  This property has it all, spectacular ocean view,  and steps to pebble beach are an added bonus  I with  this spacious  3  bdrm  full basement  I beautifully maintained home. Featuring, large  brick fireplace, sundeck, roomy kitchen with  nook, utility room and entrance foyer. This  | property offers all the benefit s of prestige living for  reasonable price of $159,900.  For your  [ appointment to view call Lynda at 886*8194.  LET ME EXPLAIN No. 762  If you are interested in a 3 bdrm, 1920 sq. ft.  executive quality home in the northern Gibsons  area - read on. This energy efficient home stands  on one of the largest lots in the subdivision, the  back yard is fenced, the front yard is landscaped  in turf. Step inside this home, and enjoy the  wealth of oak cabinets and many other features  too numerous to list. The asking price is  $159,000? What are you offering for this  magnificient home? The vendor will carry at 15%.  Bill Walkey 885-5327.  HANDS UP No. 779  All those you don't know how to read a balance  sheet, don't feel bad, you are not alone, There are  thousands who can't so let me help you. There's a  local fabric shop situated in a busy mall for ideal  customer volume, in a high traffic area, with lots  of untapped market potential. Such an  opportunity in life is worth a tot more than the  asking price. Call Lynda at 886-7352.  Two offices to serve you  ALMOST NEW! No. 807  Ideal 3 bedroom family home located in delightful  country setting. Extras include shake roof, full  sundeck, sliding door from Master bedroom,  recess wall for China cabinet, heatilator fireplace  with brick facing in living room. Level cleared lot  waiting your personal landscaping. Asking  $105,000. To view call Eva Carsky or Leslie Fitch  886-7126 or 886-9057.  GIBSONS HARBOUR VIEW! No. 827  Build your dream home on this spectacular view  lot. Walking distance to shopping, boat launch,  tennis! Hydro & water, sewer and phone at  property line. Call Eva Carsky to view this lot  priced at $52,500 at 886-7126.  LEVEL LOT No. 808  Good building lot on FlTcrest Road. Excellent  location in area of new homes. Asking $48,500.  Call Carol Skinner 8869154.  W^i  A WRAPAROUND VIEW! No. 846  Enjoy the spectacular 360s view of Gibsons and  Howe Sound from this well maintained 2 bdrm  post and beach home on Skyline Drive. Privacy  abounds from one of the highest points on the  bluff, and decks facilitate outdoor living. This  comfortable home comes complete with many  extras and must be seen to be truly appreciated -  all for the asking price of $119,500. To view  please call Wendy at 886-8076.  ONE OF A KIND No. 773  This three bedroom house is going to be the  ultimate in a one level home. The floor plan is  perfectly co-ordinated to take full advantage of  the large view lot. Pantry off kitchen, two  masonary fireplaces, hidden gutters, wood  windows set this home apart. Builder will assist in  financing on the asking price of $169,000. Call  Lynda at 886-8194 or 886-7352.  16% MORTGAGE ON A NEW HOME? No. 750  Two thousand sq. ft. of luxury facing the ocean. Four bedrooms plus  huge storage area. This impeccably built home sits on a superb lot in  Woodcreek Park in the final stages of completion. Elegant and  spacious, this home is fit for a King. The vendor is willing to consider  carrying the mortgage at 16% to the qualified purchaser. Think ofthe  savings over the best bank mortgage you can get anywhere else. We  offer quality, a beautiful home, and the best terms anywhere for  $165,000. Quick, call Bill Walkey at 885-5327 be/ore anyone else does.  LOTS IN WOODCREEK PARK No. 828  A quality controlled subdivision, the 'British Properties' of Gibsons.  Paved, sewered, fully serviced lots in a park setting. Priced from  $39,500 to $46,000 to sell now. Bill Walkey 885-5327, Lynda Hickman  886-7352.  WOODCREEK No. 772  This attractive split level three bedroom  home with masonary fireplace, wood  windows, hidden gutters, and enclosed  garage can be yours for $139,000. Call  Lynda 886-7352.  LOTSOFGIASS-  WITH VIEW ATTACHED No. 789  This is a smart 1260, 3 bdrm home in  Woodcreek Park. The accent is to windows  and the view of Howe Sound. The huge deck  allows lots of sunning while you contemplate. Finish the basement to suit yourself,  or just enjoy the home as is. Either way,  you're a winner for $145,000. Bill Walkey  885-5327.  Member Sunshine Coast Real Estate Association  A VIEW YOU'LL  WANT TO FRAME No. 759  From this beautiful esplanade water front bt at  Gower Pt. Large size of 100'x 217 allows a choice  of building sites. So make it yours for only  $120,000. Call Carol Skinner at 886-9154or Ruth  Moore at 885 9213.  COUNTRY ESTATE  WITH STABLES No. 588  4.5 acres of cleared level land fenced and  landscaped with a 1500 sq. ft. executive style  home centrally located just outside of Gibsons  Village. The home features beamed cathedral  ceiling and cut stone fireplace in living room,  gourmet kitchen with Jenn-Aire range and all  built-ins. Large master bedroom on ground floor  and two bedrooms on lower floor. Hand split  shake roof, double glazed windows and attached  double carport. For the horsey set a three stall  stable with adjoining tack room, automatic water  and light system. A large riding and training ring  with training jumps and hurdles. Small feed bam  and tool and tractor sheds. This is truly one of the  finest properties in the area and is priced at only  $287,500. Shown by appointment only. Please  call either Eva Carsky or Lynda Hickman at 886-  8194.  CONVENIENCE OF LOCATION  AND POCKETBOOK! No. 629  3 bedroom home for $55,000. These Strata Title  units are located on Hillcrest Road. Within  walking distance of schools, shopping and other  amenities. Only one left. Call for appointment lo  view Eva or Lynda at 886-8194.  IDEAL FAMILY HOME ���  DAVIS ROAD No. 751  4 bedroom home in heart of Gibsons, close to  schools and shopping facilities. Three levels,  family room, formal dining room, brick fireplace in  sunny living room. Landscaped grounds, plus ass.  mortgage offered at $119,500. Call Eva 886-7126  or 886-8194  PLEASED AS PUCH $107,500 No. 814  Is what you'll be when you take possession of this  7 month old 3 bdrm quality built rancher. See the  many special features such as wood stove,  separate shower, shake roof and screened wood  windows that the owner-builder provides in over  1600 sq. ft. of living space. For your appt. to view  call Lynda at 886-7352.  READY TO BUILD No. 736  Then this 60 x 120 fully serviced lot is for you.  Located one block from beach on quiet cul-de-  sac. Added bonus of view and garage or  workshop for the asking price of $47,500. Call  Lynda 886-7352.  CHECK IT OUT-  10%% MORTGAGE $129,500 No. 818  On this 3 or 4 bdrm family home offering almost  1800 sq. ft. of living space. Penthouse master  bedroom with full bathroom and sitting room  gives busy parents the privacy and quietness  desired. Many other extras including unique  freestanding fireplace, heated workshop, paved  driveway - parking area, large kitchen, fully  fenced and landscaped front yard. To view call  Lynda 886-7352.  63'1 x 159-8! No. 843  Nice level easy to build on lot in lower Gibsons.  Fully serviced and culvert in, back lane access,  Close to playground and beach. Asking $45,900.  For further information call Eva at 886-7126 or  Wendy at 886-6026.  ROBERTS CREEK ��� CONRAD RD. No 813  This 1344 sq. ft. 3 bdrm double wide located on  1.75 of an acre, features ensuite 3 piece plumbing,  family room complete with bar, built-in china  cabinet, lots of storage and cupboard space.  Attached 24 x 24 garage. Land already cleared  Landscaping needed to make this one a beauty.  Call for appointment to view. Judy Eldred 885  9226 or Eva Carsky 886 7126.  .WENDY BODT  886-8076  ���GIBSONS 886-8194    SECHELT 885-2235-  EVA CARSKY  886-7126  JUDY ELDRED  885-9226  LYNDA HICKMAN  886-7352  CAROL SKINNER  886-9154  BILL WALKEY  885-5327 Sunshine Coast Realtor, June 19, 1981  883-2794  PENDER HARBOUR REALTY LTD  PRICED TO SELL  Appealing 3 bedroom home on Francis Peninsula. Features include ensuile plumbing, 2 fireplaces  <ind sundeck wiih carport under. Full high basement is roughed-in for finishing and includes sub-  floor & wiring. 1086 sq. It. of good value at $94,500.  GOOD INVESTMENT AT EARLS COVE  1.49 acres of ocean view property adjacent to ferry terminal, There's an old homestead plus a 42' x  10' mobile home...both in need of attention. Property is zoned R3L and is a safe place to put your  money at the asking price of $65,000.  ARE YOU CONSIDERING A SALE '  OF YOUR PROPERTY?  We would be pleased lo offer  opinion as to lis current market value  and  Wc  have prospects for all types of properly  New Low Rates On  HOUSE INSURANCE  John Breen  Jock Hermon  000.0070     Highway 101 at Francis Peninsula Rd.       goo 27AC  BiSaSU  FREE CATALOGUE  Sechelt  885-3211  ���aim von two  Biffi-71  .mm. 684-8016  POaPOlSI    B*r   PPQvmu*  ���.*?-'**- 3**��i  il    * *,��� J"  "*M     v. \    "     \  V\Z  ���%���:<&���-���;���'    *��� ...  ANDERSON REALTY LTD.  Exclusive Agents  - ANNOUNCE -  "PORPOISE PROPERTIES"  \ft.r  An exclusive waterfronl development  ��� Waleriront Properly ���    ������';  from $95,000  ��� View Properly ���  Irom 942,900  * 5 minute* from Suihelt  * Southern exposure  * Paved loads  * Cleared and level  * Terms available   l!5"..down  684H0IA XN.VWII  *    J V..'. .'.!,��,      v>     '"V  ',.:������ >'.. |.,..~-*i! ....   >Mii:-v -  53 .....L^i^H:  COMMERCIAL  INVISIMIN1   (OMI'll rELY DEVELOPED (AMI*- PRIME COMMERCIAI  PROPERTY: with H��hwai  (.mil Mi I Ncelleiii loraiun mi 6.9 acm and brand new. Ironings in Glbtoni Appro* K��4wbt||vidaW��ncntti  Feature!   CfoekilHc ki i. lewei  ivilem, undcrflround wparale porcidi. Retfly l��ckM.lopflndpikud.oyi.G.  wiring, healed pont, B bedroom m jtr*i sun.* Alio, itora Frank Inulwrn 8855336 m Bob Bull 8852503 Vancouve  area, I tdromat, t honou room and n i realion area I liulwav I res i*i win.  frantaa* and more For lurlfwr information contact Bob Bull oi  I i.ir.k Ingham "%  Boin  Joyet  jjMjM  tut  ED BLOCK  NATIONAL REAL EST/  the  bestsellers  Block Bros. Realty Ltd.  203 - 14th Street, West Vancouver, B.C. V7T 2P9  922-3911  GRACIOUS COUNTRY LIVING  This beautiful split level 3 bedroom pos! and  beam home is localed on 4*J$ acres that truly  deserves to be in the A.L.R. The rich black loam  soil with unlimited spring water is waiting for the  productive touch, some cherry and apple trees  are already in and bearing. Some of the  home's features are: 3 fireplaces (2 enclosed  heatilator & 1 insert) with custom rock facing, a  combination rustic, but fully modern dream  kitchen and dining area which includes: built-in  stainless steel range, oven, dishwasher & china  cabinet, two lull bathrooms, completely finished  family or recreation room, wall to wall carpets,  extensive patios, & sundecks with outdoor  barbecue, double carport with extra parking,  lighted driveway, landscaping & close to ferry.  Priced al $217,500. For more information and  opportunity to view please call.  5?_2!Mk*��  FAMILY HOME IN DESIRABLE  REDROOFFS AREA  This large 3 bedroom Rancher (1500 sq. ft.) is  located on a large lol in a secluded park like  setting, not visible from the road but as you  enter the winding driveway, the natural  landscaping blends in with this beautiful  (custom designed) family home. The home  features a custom teak wood kitchen and  the use of natural cedar is predominate  throughout. Extensive patios take full  advantage of its southerly exposure. There is  also a large independent and well construcled  workshop (24' x 24') which could be converted  into a guest cottage. This fine home must be  seen to be truly appreciated. Priced at  $179,900. Owner will assist in financing.  NEAR NEW - 1 YEAR OLD HOME  Cenlrally located in Gibsons, within easy  walking distance to all local amenities. Situated  on a quiet cul-de-sac in a new subdivision, this*  affordable three bedroom 1240 sq. ft. home  features energy efficient thermopane windows,  wall to wall carpets and built-in dishwasher.  Priced at only $96,500.  3 BEDROOMS AND A VIEW ���  WILSON CREEK  Enjoy the view of Georgia Straight from the  living room or the large sundeck in this 3  bedroom split level home. This home is  complimented with wall to wall carpeting, a  finished basement which may be used as a  family or party room. For the energy conscious,  the electric heat is supplemented by an energy  efficient wood burning stove. Priced at  $119,500.  SANDY HOOK VIEW PROPERTY  This.ocean and mountain view building lot is  located in sun drenched Sechelt Inlet Estates  overlooking beautiful Porpoise Bay. It is within  easy walking distance to sandy beaches with  .moorage & marina facilities also close by. The  property is serviced with paved roads, hydro,  water and telephone. Asking $37,500.  Ue FRONTAL -^^^*���  Ihis large (o.77Ac) lot has 102 ft. of southerly  exposure on tranquil North Lake. This is a lease  lot with 11 years remaining on a 20 to 30 year  renewable basis. The property adjoins a natural  park and is also only minutes away from Egmont's  famous salmon fishing. Priced at only $20,000.  Vendor open to offers.  NELSON ISLAND (WATERFRONTAGE)  ESTATE SALE  This .83 acre waterfront gov't lease lot is located  in Telescope Passage. It has a domestic water  lease & is close to wharfage. This property was  assessed at $16,000 for 1979. Sale Price  $15.000.   3 BEDROOM RANCHER - GIBSONS  This charming near new home is ideally located  for the young family, % block from school, on a  cul-de-sac and with a $50,000 13V" assumable  1st mortgage due 1985. Features Include: wall  to wall carpets, double pane storm windows,  ensuite plumbing with walk-in closet, carport  with attached workshop, landscaping, centrally  located with shopping and transportation  nearby. Priced_atJ97,500.  wr  DAVIS BAY  Ideal starter or retirement home. This  renovated 1141 sq. ft. 2 bedroom home is  located on a large comer lot. The property may  be subdivided into two separate lols, one with a  beautiful ocean view. The home is situated  amongst a small but prolific fruit orchard. The  home features: Ground level entrance, wall to  wall carpets, thermopane windows, all  appliances, plus a new 28 x 18 wired workshop.  Owner must sell this beautiful property and will  consider all reasonable cash offers. Priced to  sell at only $137,500.   WANTED   SUBDIVIDABLE ACREAGES  for outright  purchase or will also  consider participation.  BUSINESS OPPORTUNITY  Coin Laundromat. This self employment  opportunity will give you a return in excess of  30%. Property offers ample parking &  expansion potential. Purchase price includes all  equipment & bldgs with a long term land lease,  Priced at only $38,000.  How much is your home worth TODAY?  To find out, call your  nearest Block Bros, office.  We'll do a market  evaluation at no charge or  obligation to you.  1 BLOCK BROS.  NATIONAL REAL ESTATE SERVICE  Harold Jacques  Bruce McKinnon  885-9023  H-499-766  Mobile Phone Sechell Sunshine Coast Realtor, June 19, 1981  CATALOGUE  Si!*SflS��  *****  885-3211  Box 1219, VON 3AO  fxmjm  m CotsUo Coast  Red Estate Service  ���^^  anderson  REALTY LTD  viiMttumrToM.'i* 584-8016  HOMES  HOMES  HOMES  REDROOFFS ROAD: Desirable H8��<- sq. ft., 2 bedroom  home on a park-like .97 ol an acre. Bus transportation by the  door. Cablevision. Full basement with possible suite. Try your  offer to $149,900. See Doug. fflOO  WEST SECHELT - SPOTLESS HOME WITH ACREAGE:  9.5 almost level acres approximately % cleared and plenty ol  water from two ponds. 4 bedrooms, 3 baths, central vacuum,  quality cabinets and fisher airtight. $45,000 mortgage at 13.5%  due Oct. 1985. Ideal for a gentlemen farmer or rancher. Oflered  by Bob Bull or Frank 'ngham. **80  LOTS  REDROOFFS RANCH: Lol 36 has 80 feel on Ihe road and  207 feet on 1 ho sides so you have plenty of scope for your quality  home. There is a partial sea view, with hydro, phone, waler,  cable T.V. and bus at the road. Covenants protect your  investment. Full price $47,500. Call Don at 8859504. K103  DRASTIC PRICE REDUCTION: \, acre. The owner has  dropped the price from $45,000 to $39,000 and told us to  "sell'em last". Here's your chance to purchase excellent  properly below market value!! Call now! Bob Bull 885-2503 or  Frank Ingham 885 5336. ��35,36,37  LANGDALE ��� WOODLAND ROAD: Panoramic view of  Howe Sound just minules from the Ferry. New privatedrive just  installed. Two well treed and gently sloping lots. $45,000 each.  Frank Ingham. ol & 2  TRAIL ISLAND VIEW: Extra large view lot on Mason Road.  14000 sq.ft. Very good garden soil. Only 600ft. loa good beach.  One of the lew view lots left in West Sechelt. Call Stan Anderson  at 886 2385. $65,000 D24  DAVIS BAY - ARBUTUS DRIVE: P & P Developments will  custom build your dream home on this huge property.  Unsurpassed view of Trail Islands. Call Bob Bull. ��8  VIEW! VIEW! VIEW! ��� DAVIS BAY: Spectacular view. 70' x  150'+. Cleared and ready to build on. Newest subdivision.  Building scheme. Bob Bull or Frank Ingham. $66,000. 875  WEST SECHELT ��� 0.6 ACRE VIEW PROPERTY: One of  the few remaining private estate type properties available. For  dream homes only. Call Bob or Fratik for details. First class  property. #95  REDROOFFS RANCH ��� PHASE II: Our most recent  subdivision in Ihis area Selectively cleared and level. Greal  southern exposure. [.acie lots only. Stan Anderson or Gordie  Hall. 034, 41 & 42  REDROOFFS AREA - FAWN ROAD: Potential view lot of  92' x 409' - in size. It's near t he end ol the paved road with hydro,  phone and water. For sale at $49,900. Bob Bull 885 2503 or  Frank Ingham 885 5336. ��87  SECRET COVE ��� PAINTER ROAD: Unusually large view lot  within walking distance to the Buccaneer Marina. Lot is 102' on  the road and 346' long. The only problem with this lot is carrying  your Salmon home! Bob Bull or Frank Ingham would like to  show il! Price just reduced to $44,000. #71  WEST SECHELT - ISLAND VIEW ROAD: Panoramic view  lot In exclusive area of new homes. The driveway, culvert and  building sile are in. Vendor wants terms! Call Jack Anderson.  #84  MT. RICHARDSON RD: Lot 115 is nearly level and easy to  build on. Hydro, phone & water are at the road, and it passed a  perk test in April. It adjoins the Sechelt Forest. Full Price  $35,000. Call Don at 8859504. #21  UPLANDS RD: Lot 19 is very private with some nice trees and  a small stream through it. It is located just a block from a public  beach. Good value at only $26,500 full price. Call Don at 885  9504. #23  REDROOFFS RANCH ��� PHASE I: This original develop  ment area has seen much change over the years and still is in  great demand. New listing. Well treed and level. Contact Bob  Bull or Frank Ingham Asking $49,000. ��79  WATERFRONT ��� DAVIS BAY: Waterfront with fantastic  sunset views in Davis Bay. Very private and partly landscaped  lot is approximately ' ��� acre and is not level. Stairs could be built  to waler. View with Boh Bull 8852503. $90,000. 12  "FEATURED HOME  OF THE WEEK"  One of the finest examples of West Coast living on the Sunshine  Coast. Top quality craftsmanship and design. Only the best ol  materials in this contractor's private residence. 3000 plus sq. ft.  making extensive use ol beams and sundecks Secluded setting  on year round creek. Fealures include, sauna in ensuite, living  room done in cedar and custom solid mahagpny cabinets. View  by appointmenl only. Offered by Bob Bull and Frank Ingham.  o|05  DAVIS BAY - MAKE AN OFFER: Vendor will sell this new  home at any stage of completion. Have a close look al Ihis 1120  sq. ft, two ievel home presently at lock-up stage. 2' x 6' walls,  enclosed garage, skylight, fiberglas deck and heatilator fireplace  already in. Great little view and lots ol backyard. Buy now and  save $. Vendor will take 2nd mortgage back. Contact Frank  Ingham with offers 885 5336. ��11  DAVIS BAY ��� ARBU1US DRIVE: Executive home in new  subdivision. 1346 sq. ft. of 3 bedrooms, 2 baths, ensuite with  shower and including: vaulted ceilings, cedar feature walls, 2  brick fireplaces, skylights and dishwasher. Quality and luxury al  Ihe right price. Offered by Bob Bull 885*2503. 810  SELMA PARK - PANORAMIC VIEW: 1600 sq It. 3  bedroom, full basemenl and garage. Fireplace, Jennaire range  and oven, two door fridge-Ireezer and dishwasher. Built-in  vacuum system. 134' x 200' landscaped treed property. Asking  $165,000 Call Jack "91  SELMA PARK VIEW HOME: Nearly finished view home in  Selma Park. Very well constructed with all modern  conveniences including heat pump with reverse cycle air  conditioning, 3 bedrooms, den, dining room & kitchen with  eating nook. All new homes ol good quality in this area. A must  to see if you enjoy quality. Full price $199,500. Call Stan  Anderson or Stan Hilstad lor more information. ��101  VILLAGE FAMILY HOME - SALMON DRIVE: Enjoy this  brand new Fjord Design home within walking distance to town.  3 bedrooms, 2 storey, 1636 sq. ft. with all bedrooms on ,k"  .second floor and a large study. Main floor has family room,  sunken living room and fireplace. 2 carports. F.P. $137,900.  Stan Anderson. 818  WEST SECHELT - CERAMICS?: This home is already set  up for the business. Bul easy to convert. 1320 sq. ft., 3  bedrooms, 3 bathrooms, rec. room, family room and enclosed  garage. Large sundeck with fully landscaped and fenced-in  backyard. Financing no problem with $49,000 at ll^%due tn 4  years. Open to offers at $129,000 by Boh Bull or Frank  Ingham. ��25  NEW DAVIS BAY VIEW: 2050 sq, ft. 4 bedrooms, 3  bedrooms on main floor; rec. room & 4th bedroom, laundry and  work room below. Commanding view Irom living, dining and  kitchen. Real value $149,900. Call Jack 885-2053. *9  COMMERCIAL  GOING CONCERN! UPTOWN LAUNDROMAT: Steady  year round business. Ideal for semi-retired couple All  equipment in excellent condition. 5 year renewable lease on  building. Good location in upper Gibsons. F.P. $55,000,  $20,000 D.P., balance at $500 per month 15"., interest. For  info, call Jack at 885 3211. t��92  ROBERTS CREEK - PRIME DEVELOPMENT PROPER  TV: 4.875 acres zoned R2J. Lower Road frontage. Gentle  southern exposure and approximately half cleared. Favourably  situated one and a half storey deluxe home. Immediate  development potential. Terms. Contact Frank Ingham.    #99  COMMERCIAL CORNER: Mason & Norwest Bay Rd.  18,000 sq. ft. of commercial land suitable for a mini supermarket  or combination country produce market located ina well settled  area. Busy crossroad area adjacent to an expanding school and  no competition. On site living quarters permitted. F.P.  $129,000. Call Stan Anderson 885 2385, 8853211. ��28  SECHELT VILLAGE ��� COMMERCIAL LOT: This 50 x  176' commercial lol is centrally located in the business district.  Great investment property, See Bob Bull lor detail;). $89,000.  ��I7  WILSON CREEK - JUST LISTED!: This brand new home  has just become available. It's a one and half storey with double  carport and no maintenance siding. Nice level lot and plenty of  sun. For viewing contact Frank Ingham oi Bob Bull.      B106  SANDY HOOK - SEAVIEW ROAD: Do not just drive by.  This unique 3 level view home is a must to see. 3 bedrooms, 3  bath, massive front deck and fireplace. Call Slan Anderson.  $119,500. ��20  ROBERTS CREEK - MANATEE STREET: 1208 sq, ft., 3  bedroom quality home nearing completion. Full basement.  Quiel area and paved roads. Offered at an affordable price -  *120,000. See Douq Jovce. *74  SECHELT VILLAGE - PRICE REDUCED: Well maintained  3 bedroom. 2 level home in quiet residential area. All new  carpets and paint. Large backyard for whatever! Lots of storage  space. Call Stan Anderson $79,900. ��16  WANT A HOUSE WITH A VIEW? Only a couple minutes  walk to the beach. The lot faces south at the end. of a quiet dead  end road. A lovely creek cuts through the back corner of the  properly. The house is about 870 sq. ft. with two bedrooms up  and a finished bedroom and rec. room downstairs. Brick  lireplace in living room and the rec. room. All this located in  Roberts Creek. To view call Gordie at 885 3211 or 885 9986.  Asking price $94,500. t*77  WATERFRONT  WATERFRONT CABIN ON RUBY LAKE: Now is the time  to buy this 2 bedroom cabin right next to the water so you can  dive or lish olf the porch. Provincial Government Lease is only  $320 per year. Try your offers to $39,000. Call Don at 885 9504.  ��67  SANDY HOOK ��� LAUNCHING LANE: The view from this  collage is ini|xjsslblc lo describe. Launch your boat here and  moor it out front. Let the kids play on the sandy beach; salmon  in the front yard. Have Bob Bull or Frank Ingham arrange a  viewing "22  SELMA PARK ��� WATERFRONT HOME: Urge lot with  attractive older home located on the best beach of the coast.  Nicely landscaped with plenty of shrubs & fruit trees-3  bedrooms. Lease land. $49,900. Call Bob Bull or Frank Ingham  and ai range to view. ��|3  EARLS COVE WATERFRONT LOT: Level building site,  partly in garden. Approximate size 80' x 250'. Excellent well,  hydro and phone at road. Great view, easy path to water. Full  price $90,000. Call Don 8859504. ��69  SECRET COVE ��� LUXURY TOWNHOUSES: Located on  a naturally wooded hillside overlooking beautilul Secret Cove.  Featuring 1600sq. ft. of multi-level living area, 3 bedrooms, living  room with fireplace, 6 appliances, large sundecks, plus each  home is freestanding and offers a breathtaking view. Each  owner also has the option of up to 40 ft. of moorage at the  marina below. 144  BARGAl.J HARBOUR: Waterfront lot, over hall acre,  recently perked, driveway in, hydro, water and phone at road.  Full price $85,000. Call Don at 8859504 or 885-3211.      #47  GOT-A-BE: One of the finest waterfront Ibts on the whole  coast, A beautiful southern view overlooking Halfmoon Bay out  to Merry Island; watch all Ihe colourful marine traffic as it travels  through Welcome Pass. The property is covered with Arbutus  and stunted Pine. Several nice building sites on this large piece  ol properly Easy access to the water. This lol is fully serviced.  To view and dream call Gordie at 885 9986. F.P. $114,900.  ���85  cordon  Hall  885-9986  -Ran  Hilstad  886-2923  Doug  Joyca  885-2761  Ingham  885-5336  m  Hadrian  885-9504 Sunshine Coast Realtor, June 19, 1981  REALTY LTD  Box 98, VON 2H0  FREE CATALOGUE  HOMES  BAKGAIIN HAKmJUK: Uiscover and enjoy bargain Harbour  wiih the view from this well-built and maintained home on Cris  Way. Fealures include 2 heatilator fireplaces, large covered  sundeck, and carport, rec. room with fireplace and wet bar, 3  bedrooms, living room, dining room and kitchen with nook.  Along wiih the view come all appliances, drapes and carpeting.  To view call Bill Hunsche 883 2637 or 883-9525 $144,000.  #49  A 2 YEAR OLD MODULINE MOBILE HOME: 14' x 70' in  immaculate condition on a large lot in Madeira Park. This home  is located on Harbour View Rd. and is close to the shopping  centre and schools. It comes with 5 appliances. Price $63,900.  To view call Bill Hunsche 883*2637 or 883-9525. #94  YOUR DREAM HOME: is now under construction. The  location is Lee Bay, lot #25, which allows you to enjoy the view of  famous Lee Bay and the majestic Malaspina Strait. This 1531.2  sq. ft. home will be nestled amongst orchard trees and a small  creek. The home is a quality Jenish design two storey with  basement entry, Buy now and have your choice of the finishing  details, such as carpets, cabinets, etc. This home is situated in  an exclusive subdivision, with several restrictive covenants  which will protect one's personal and financial interests. Price  $190,000. For more information please call Bill Hunsche 883-  2637 or 883-9525. #97  EXCELLENT BUY: 900 sq. ft. home on a large level lot near  government dock on Beaver Island Francis Peninsula. The  home is in need of care and repair, however a good investment  at $69,900. With your 25% down, the vendor will carry the  balance. For further information call Bill Hunsche at 883*2637 or  883-9525. #81  RONDEVIEW RD: An ideal well-equipped and built family  home. 1232 sq. fl. located on Rondeview Rd. Features include  master bedroom with ensuite and 3 additional bedrooms,  modern kitchen with Jennaire and all appliances, 2 fireplaces,  living room, dining room and a large sundeck with carport.  Accompanying ihis fine home is a recently built enclosed 2 car  garage. This home is situated on a landscaped lot in a quiet  neighbourhood. To view, call Bill Hunsche 883-2637 ��� 883-9525.  $121,500. #54  1300 SQ. FT. RANCHER ON WILDWOOO RD: Quality  built home under construction includes enclosed garage, stone  and brick fireplace, skylights, 3 bedrooms on a level treed 95' x  200' tot. F.P. $125,000. Call Bob Beaupre 885 3531.        #83  684-8016  LOTS AND ACREAGE  EXCELLENT BUILDING LOT: on Madeira Park Rd. Very  suitable for a small commercial building or the hoWof your  choice. Price $44,500. To view call Bill Hunsche 883-2637.K8*  PENDER HARBOUR ��� PAQ LAKE: Excellent strata title  potential. 7.1 acres and zoned R3L. Vendor to put road in.  Super views. Plenty of timber. Priced for quick sale. For further  information call Frank Ingham 885-5336 or 885-3211.      0102  2 ACRES - KLEINDALE: An exceptional 2 acre site in  Kleindale. The power is at the property line and the well has  been drilled. This property offers trees and a gentle slope with a  good exposure. Price $55,000. To view call Bill Hunsche 883  2637 or 883-9525. #104  A TOUCH OF COUNTRY LIVING: On 8 acrest of gentle  sloping land in Kleindale with a 5 year old 700 sq. ft. Panabode  with full basement. The property is well treed and has a creekon  it. To view call Bill Hunsche 883-2637 or 883-9525. F.P.  $118,500. #89  WATERFRONT  YOUR OWN MAJESTIC VIEW OF GARDEN BAY  LAKE: This is a large lot 100' x 163' with a gentle slope and  excellent building sites. The lot is 66' from the lake and is fully  serviced with power and water at road. Priced $39,000. To view  call Bill Hunsche 883-2637 or 883-9525. 1)82  LOVELY RURAL 2 ACRE* SETTING IN KLEINDALE:  Property has building site cleared, driveway in and the well has  been drilled, with power at the front lot line. A sound investment  for $49,900. To view call Bill Hunsche 883-9525 - 883-2637.#93  WATERFRONT: and your own majestic view of Lee Bay and  Malaspina Strait. This is an excellent waterfront building lot and  a Must See. Price $ 129,000. To view call Bill Hunsche 883-9525  or 883-2637. #57  2 DWELLINGS ARE PERMITTED ON THIS 1.47 ACRES:  with 100' of waterfront. From your 18' trailer with a large  sundeck you will witness unsurpassed views of the Merry Island  lighthouse, Georgia Straight and Vancouver Island. Lawn,  hydro, water and driveway are in. Price $118,500. To view call  Bill Hunsche 883-2637 or 883-9525. #33  WELL BUILT AND MAINTAINED: 1025 sq.ft. home on a 14  acre! terraced lot with 115' of waterfront with its own dock and  sheltered deep water moorage. There is power and water to the  dock. The home features a large sundeck and living room with a  Franklin fireplace, 2 bedrooms and 114 bathrooms, cozy kitchen  and many appliances, with a self-contained suite downstairs.  Also carport, workshop, boat shed and paved driveway. F.P.  $220,000. To view call Bill Hunsche 883-2637 or 883-9525J51  LOTS AND ACREAGE: Lot 30 on Lee Bay Rd. in Irvines  Landing. 1.85 acres of fantastic view property in new subdivision  priced at $79,000. To view call Bill Hunsche 883-9525 or 883-  2637. #64  LEE   BAY   WATERFRONT:   Spectacular   easy   access  waterfront shores of Lee Bay at the entrance to Pender Harbout  A quality subdivision with southwestern exposure and fabulous  view. A fisherman's delight, a relaxer's paradise. Lots are fully  serviced including sewer and nicely treed. All lots are covered  by a building scheme to ensure highest quality construction.  Lot 01 - 19,063 sq. ft. - $118,900  Lot 02 - 16,835 sq. ft. - $118,900  Lot 09 - 21,399 sq. ft. - $099,900  Lot 10 - 15,371 sq. ft. - $097,900  Lot 12 - 16,566 sq. ft. - $097,900  Lot 13 - 25,629 sq. ft. - $097,900  .8 ACRES: of westerly sloping view property Lot 29 in Lee Ba)  subdivision has sewer and services at lot line. An exclusive  development with restrictions to protect and insure your  investment-CaH Bob 885-3631. F.P. $79.000. mil  OCEANFRONT ESTATE: 3 acres ol lubtJiuidaU  Waterfront on desirable Redrooffs Rd. Optimum sunshine on  this steep south sloping terraced property. Perhaps the nicest  porous concrete Tennis Court in B.C. 5 year old, 1150 sq. ft.  home includes thermopane doors and windows, sauna, 48 in.  heatilator fireplace, hardwood floors, teak counters and an  Ashley airtight stove. There is a serviced log cabin for guests.  200 on the Pacific Ocean just 30 miles from Vancouver. R-2  zoning permits second home to be built on deluxe site next to  tennis court. Beautiful views of merry Island Lighthouse and  Vancouver Island. Topography insures privacy. $50,000  assumable mortgage at 11%. Full price $305,000. Formerly lots  �� & 7. Call Bob Beaupre 883-9525 - 885-3531. #38  BUSINESS  OPPORTUNITIES  PENUth* HARBOUR FISHING RESORT: Best moorage in  harbour for 70 boats. Deluxe caretaker's home, 5 cabins, store,  camper hookups, boat launch. Call Bob Bull 684-8016 - 885-  2503.  I ACRE ON LAGOON RD: In Madeira Park. Zoning permit",  acre lots. Priced al $65,000. Contact Bill Hunsche 883 9525or  8832637. #52  PENDER HARBOUR: Boatworks with waterfront and 1800  sq. ft. contemporary home situated on 214 acres at the head of  Pender Harbour. This is an excellent business opportunity  along with a lovely home for the right individual. For more  information call Bill Hunsche 8839525or 8832637. #60  FOR RENT: 2700 sq. ft. of retail area in Madeira Park. For  more information, call Bill or Bob 883-9525.  liar-  Anderson  885-2053.  Hunscht  889.2637  Bpn^y-tt���-. Jim.-pj.    ii iflflft i n,  ���U8  888*2101  Btwprt  885-3531 10  Sunshine Coast Realtor, June 19, 1981  WATERFR6NT  IRVINGS LANDING  Fantastic waterlront in the heart of the besl  fishing and boating area on the Sunshine CoasI.  Two small cottages and workshop on the  properly. Mooring facilities nearby. For more  information call Sylvia Thirlwell at 8839963.  ��669  TUWANEK $223,000  Charming Log Home: Waterfront home in  Tuwanek, located on 89 (eet of perfectly  sheltered deep water moorage. This Immacu  late home is set among Ihe trees on a simple but  attractive landscaped lot. The sunsets from the  float are unbelievable. Call Don or Rene  Sutherland at 885 9362. "642  WATERFRONT RETIREMENT  This two bedroom home is just what you have  been wailing for thennopone windows.  heatilator fireplace. 16' x 16' patio level with  pebble beach. House jusi over 12 years old.  Wall lo wall carpets throughout. Priced to sell  and owners have moved so contact Don Lock  at 885-3730 for appointment lo view. ��635  MIUDLb POINT  WATERFRONT ACREAGE $785,000  First class investment property suitable lor a  luture subdivision. This 18.7 acres with 600 leet  of waleriront has a southerly exposure and is  zoned (or '2 acre tots. This acreage is priced at  only $785,000 and terms are available. For  more information and viewing call Henry Hall at  885 2520 or Klaus Roepke at 885-2314.  ��641  * *400+ WATERFRONT $189,000**  Idyllic setting in the heart of Halfmoon Bay, wiih  a quaint two bedroom home, a tiny cottage and  a 334 sq. ft. storage shed. Just steps across  picturesque lool bridge lo the Halfmoon Bay  Store. The 1.88 acre lot has westerly exposure,  a spectacular view, and the tidal waterfront is  easily accessible from your (ront door. Thisone  of a kind property is just waiting for you. For an  appointment to view call Brent Strad at 883-  9382. ��673  YOUR BOAT IN FRONT $223,000  Located in perfectly sheltered water. This  executive log home is your dream come true.  The t reed-landscaped lot blends naturally with  this charming log home. A gentle path leads to  your own float. Enjoy the quiet of Tuwanek and  the charm of Sechelt Inlet. If you are looking for  waterfront, you must include this exquisite  property. Call Don or Rene Sutherland at 885-  9362. #541  200 FT. WATERFRONT $264,000  Spacious and gracious new view home in  Sunshine Heights. Beautiful deluxe kitchen,  sunken conversation pit off large living room.  Master bedroom features fireplace, Roman tub  and a sunny deck. Quality features galore!  Located on 2.9 acres with excellent subdivision  potential. Call Emilie Henderson at 885*5225.  #620  EUREKA PLACE $135,000  Waterfront ��� View ��� Privacy ��� well-built cabin. All  yours for weekends or to live in while you build  on this strata lot. A rare opportunity for the  discerning buyer. Call Don or Rene Sutherland  at 885 9362.  SELMA PARK WATERFRONT $105,000  High view walerfront with small 2 bedroom  cottage. Value mostly in land. Good weekender, good investment or a good site lor  redevelopment. Call Frances or Syd Heal at  885 5693 or Gibsons Office 886-8126.      #212  Use our Home  TRADE PLAN  6 other offices  to serve you  POWLll RIViR  WEST VANCOUVER  NORTH VANCOUVER  VANC BURNABY  SURREY  LANGLEY  WATERFRONT  GOWER POINT  WATERFRONT $185,000  l-i acre level lot wiih view ol Gull  Easy  access to beach good buildingslte.Thteisa top  quality property .incl will stand the inspection.  Call Don or Rene Sutherland foi details al 885-  9362.  "574  REDROOFFS WATERFRONT    $105,000  1,56 acres south sloping waterfront on popular  Redrooffs Road. All services available. Upper  portion of property has perfect building sile with  unobstructed view. Lower portion has 100 (eel  ol secluded Waterfront. For more information  call Klaus Roepke al 885 2314. ��600  BROOKS COVE $ 125,000  This is ihe property lor you if you desire an  exquisite piece of waterfront of approx una I ely  120 (eet overlooking beautiful Brooks Cove.  The building site is ideal: level, doited with  Arbutus, very private and located in a park like  set ling only minutes lo Smuggler's Cove Marine  Park. Approval pending on sanitation system.  Call Bronia Robins at 885 9033. ��637  BROOKS COVE $275,000  Located in a quiel sheltered cove on three  quarters of an acre with approximately 250 feel  of low bank waterfront. This lovely old house  with approximately 1512 square feet on main  floor and 630 square (eet upstairs is loaded with  charm. This is a rare opportunity to buy  exceptional waterfront with development  potential. Call Corry Ross at 885-9250 for  appointment to view. "549  ' LEASE HOME  This house on super view property with  sheltered year round moorage right at  waterfrontage must sell All offers considered  by owner. 141.. years to run on Dominion lease.  Ideal situation (or weekends or summer boating  couple. Call Don Lock al 885 3730 lo view this  fabulous properly. ��542  SANDY HOOK WATERFRONT  This very affordable waleriront lol on popular  Coracle Drive could be the perfect setting (or  your week-end relreal or to build your  retiremenl home on. Drive by and have a look.  For more information call Klaus Roepke al 885  2314.   $69,500 s659  EGMONT WATERFRONT $139,900  380 leet of waleriront on 6.0 acres with older  home. This walk-on property located on Secret  Bay is the perfect retreat for the one seeking  peace and relaxation. Excellent holding  property. For more information call Klaus  Roepke at 885 2314 or Henry Hall al 885 2520.  #541  GORGEOUS SUNSETS  Are what you'll see Irom this sloping l2 acre o(  privale waterfront property. Located conveniently near Sechelt. This older iwo bedroom  home could be a solution to your waterfront  desires. Vendor financing possible. Call Bryce  Leigh at 886 8229 lor details. $139,000.   t>586  ACREAGE  SHAW ROAD -  GIBSONS VILLAGE $210,000  4.58 acres in the village of Gibsons. Large family  home of approx. 1500 sq. It. possible duplex'  Land could be subdivided into several lots. For  details call Marilyn Strom 8862307 or al  Gibsons Office 886*8126. #218  ROBERTS CREEK ACREAGE    $234,000  10 acres of beautifully secluded acreage in  upper Roberts Creek. Partially cleared, grassed  and fenced. Can be subdivided into two 5 acre  pieces. Lovely 3 bedroom dutch barn-style  home. This home is quality finishing throughout. Kitchen is spacious and very convenient,  includes a hot tub with a large deck also a one  bedroom guest cottage. Must be seen. Phone  Suzanne Dunkerton to view 886-8317 or  Gibsons Office at 886-8126. #221  SUPER PROPERTY ON  REDROOFFS ROAD! MLS  A truly beautiful building lot of just about 1.3  acres. Large cedars, firs and maples. Good  western exposure. Gentle slope and potential  view. $75,000. Call Bronia Robins at 885-9033.  #684  1.15 ACRES IN  REDROOFFS $75,000  Do you appreciate trees, level land, privacy, and  a good location? Then this is the spot for you.  This lot is 100 x 500 feet deep, so bring your  imagination and explore this property's  potential. Call Bryce Leigh at 886-8229 for  details. #630  THORMANBY ISLAND  ACREAGE $105,000  Secluded acreage with high waterfront and  western exposure, Water access via Vancroft  Government wharf. Goodholdingpropertyand  perfect hideaway. Only minutes from Secret  Cove. Call Klaus Roepke al 8852314.     #671  COUNTRY ESTATE ��� ROBERTS CREEK  A very privale 5 acres on a gentle slope with  excellent exposure and Joe Smith Creek  (lowing through property. It is selectively  cleared bul has some merchantable umber, the  home is a very spacious 3 bedroom panabode  Features include quality cabinetry, sunlight,  tiered decks and wood stove. Price $182,500.  To view Ihis quality acreage call Brent Strad al  883 9382 "680  REDROOFFS WATERFRONT    $105,000  1.56 acres of south sloping waterlront on  popular Redrooffs Road. All services available.  Upper portion of property has perfect building  site with unobstructed view. Lower portion has  100 feet of secluded Waterfront. For more  information call Klaus Roepke at 8852314.  #600  HALFMOON BAY $179,500  19,7 acres with subdivision potential into 5  acre blocks. Small cottage plus two small  creeks. There is some good standing timber.  Good holding property. Call Terry Bracket! at  885-9865 for all details. #626  AFFORDABLE ACREAGE $94,500  2.78 well treed acres, with approx. 700 feet of  highway frontage. A charming 2 bedroom  country home has a fisher airtight. Excellent  southern exposure and there is a possible view.  For more info, call Brent Strad at 883-9382.  ACREAGE PIECES  Two seven acre parcels in Tuwanek. Prices at  $87,500 and $169,000. Good possibilities for  development. Call Don or Rene Sutherland at  885-9362.  HOLDING GROUND $99,000  Exciting 3.9 acres in the heart of the village. 600  feet of. road frontage. Call Don or Rene  Sutherland at 885-9362. #640  40 ACRES  Level, good soil, will make ideal hobby farm with  fantastic potential future value. Asking  $295,000. Call Don or Rene Sutherland at 885  9362. #665  RARE OFFERING $78,500  4.4 acres of view property in Middlepoint, nicely  treed - good slope - ideal building site - road  roughed in. Call Don or Rene Sutherland at 885-  9362. #653  WESTSECHELT $175,000  Just over two level acres with subdivision  potential. Present zoning would allow subdivision into quarter acre lols. There is also a cozy  two bedroom home presently being renovated.  Ideal holding property or hobby (arm. Call Terry  Bracketl al 885-9865 for all details.  "636  HOMES  EXTRAORDINARY VIEW $158,50(1  * Commanding view  * Attractive 3 bedroom home.  �� Urge 100' x 150'lol (approx.)  * Close td limy  * Easy access lo beach.  Call Rita Hummel Mi 7070 oi Gibsons Office  886-8126 "216  Ihrdeutschsprechendergrundstuecksmakler  in Sechelt ist Klaus Roepke - privat tel. 885-2314.  MUlKOrLETOKHWVOU  sechelt Office  in ilia mil in Mowing  885-3295  Van. Toll Fl-M 681-7931  Ray Berniei  Henry Hill  Dal Grauer  Gayle Adams  Terry Brackett  Bryce Leigh  Emilie Henderson  Klaus Roepke  Bronia Robins  Rene Sutherland  Cony Ross  Blent Stiad  Donald Sutherland  Don Lock  Eric Rudland  Sylvia ftiulwell  ManaBei  mum  8853808  8839364  885-9865  88S82I9  885 5225  SSS 2314  885-9033  885-9362  885-9250  8839382.  8859362  885-3730  8859857  8839963  Gibsons Office  in iha lower village  808-8126  SuMiuir Dunkerton  Rosemary Young  Peter Davidson  Marilyn Strom  Syd & Frances Heal  Rita Hummel  Randy Wollen  Barbara MacGregor  8868317  8868359  886 8400  8862307  MS-564.1  8867070  8855623  886-7453  Member Sunshine Coast  Real Estate Assouatian  HOMES  SELMA PARK $350,000  Beautifully designed contemporary cedar home  situated on Ihree gorgeous acres. Very good  holding property wiih possibility or future  subdivision potential. The view is super. The  home is immaculate with many deluxe leatures.  Call Terry Brackett at 885 9865 or Don or Rene  Sutherland a! 885 9362 for all details. "568  ROBERTS CREEK  Why buy a small lot in some big subdivision?  You could have a 'j acre sunny level lot in  centrally located Roberts Creek. Drive down  your own country lane, as you come into your  property, picture a Jenish designed home  snuggled in amongst the tall cedars. Owner-  contractor can put you in your own new home  with large variety of quality plans to choose  Irom. Come on in and create a home. Phone  Randy Wollen 885 5623 or Gibsons Office 886  8126.  ^Sundeck & living room overlooks Keats Island'  & harbour. 3 bedrooms (2 up & 1 dn) 1 % baths,  rec, room, workshop and its only 2 blocks to  marina, shops & all amenities. $104,800. See it <  with Peter Davidson 886 8400 or Gibsons Office  8868126. ��208  ^PB'^PPIv  MINI RANCH $160,000  Miniatum farm with small cottage, large barn,  pasture, fruit trees and year-round creek  through property. Nice lor horses, sheep,  poultry. See this with Prances or Syd Heal 885  5693 or Gibsons Olfice 8868126 ��213  SECHELT VILLAGE $104,000  Immaculate Ihree bedroom ranch slyle home  only one year old. Conveniently located on  c|iilel street 111 the heart ol the village Brick  heatilator fireplace, cemenl patio oil dining  room, skylight In bathroom. Total ol 1310  square feel finished Ihis homo will sell quit kly.  so call today] Listed with Emilie Henderson al  885 5225          ��(,Nr,  FREE  CATALOGUE  AVAILABLE Sunshine Coast Realtor, June 19, 1981  11  ^ ^ AilTTEN  REALTY LTD.  HOMES  HOMES  HOMELY  near new 3 bedroom home to sell. Pantry/freezer room off kitchen, toads of storage space,  patio, paved drive, heatilator fireplace & fully  landscaped tool Asking $102,500 with 14%  financing. Peter Davidson 886-8400 or Gibsons  Office 886-8126. #220  PRrtll ROAD $225,000  4.75 beautiful acres most of which is in pasture  grass. Charming 3 bedroom farm house with a  large living room. Kitchen has been recently  renovated in character of the house. Outbuildings include a barn and luffing shed, 16 fruit  trees and a large vegetable garden. A dream  come true for a hobby farmer. Call Suzanne  Dunkerton for more information at 886-8317 or  Emilie Henderson at 885-5225. 4657  GIBSONS $27,500  Immaculate three bedroom mobile set up in  quiet trailer park. This home is fully skirted and  includes all appliances in sale plus outside  storage shed. Yard is fully fenced and nicely  landscaped. Call Terry Bracket 885-9865J654  Hc$jl|fr6c��s*  BRAND NEW HOME $115,900  Three bedroom quality built family home on  Cedarwood Road. Featuring a beautiful setting  on approximately !4 acre, double carport,  Yukon type fireplace faced in natural stone,  solid wood kitchen cabinets, and ceramic tile in  both bathrooms. Hurry and you can still choose  your own carpets. For viewing call Klaus  Roepke at 885-2314. . #624  REDROOFFS $108,900  Brand new affordable ranch style home on  Cooper Road. 1400 sq. ft. features three  bedrooms, 2 washrooms and large separate  utility room. Beautifully treed level K acre bt.  This won't last) So see it today! Call Emilie  Henderson at 885-5225. #607  DAVIS BAY $249,000  Davit Bay Contemporary $249,000  * Quality features throughout.  * Excellent view over Georgia Strait.  * Close to beautiful Davis Bay Beach.  * Area of similar homes.  * 3 bedrooms, 3 baths plus den or 4th  bedroom.  * Private decks off Master bedroom and  upstairs study.  * Separate dining room.  * Vaulted cedar ceilings, skylights.  * Electric doors to double garage.  * 2500 sq. ft. finished.  Call Emilie Henderson at 885-5225.        #660  SECHELT VILLAGE  Affordable home in Sechelt Village. This home  is within walking distance of village centre.  Good lot with gardening soil. Call Don or Rene  Sutherland at 885-9362. Asking $60,000.  CLOSE TO BEACH -  MADEIRA PARK $89,900  Cozy home with basement on Bargain Harbour  Road, approximately one block to beach.  Airtight heater in basement, greenhouse,  garden in, good supply of winter wood. Located  within 14 mile of shopping centre. Moorage  handy in Bargain Harbour for your boat. Don't  waitl See this one. Call Sylvia Thirlwell at 883-  9963. ��678  WEST SECHELT $79,500  Smaller two bedroom in popular West Sechelt.  Plenty of room in basement for further  expansion. Sunken living room, enclosed  carport and sundeck are some of the features of  this cozy home. Close to elementary school and  handy lo village. Won't last. Terry Brackett 885  9865. K648  FREE  CATALOGUE  AVAILABLE  lEPiACE':  OFF VETERANS RD.  Quiet cul-de-sac, new 1388 sq. ft. 3 bedroom  Rancher with sep. laundry room. Skylite over  kitchen. Big carport, heatilator fireplace and  only 3 mins. to shopping and 7 mins. to the ferry.  $104,500. Try your offer and terms. Peter  Davidson 886-8400 or Bronia Robins 885-9033.  ���522  58!  ^^|^an��  ***** J^l^torsratBSSE,.  i $209t000  Beautiful view home located in sunny Selma  Park. This home features sunken family and  living rooms, 3% baths, parquet flooring, and  large stone fireplace. This home consists of a  total of almost four thousand square feet on  three levels. Upstairs there are four spacious  bedrooms with ensuite off master. Also large  sunken tub. The basement has two more  bedrooms and plenty of room to develop to suit  one's needs. Must be seenl Call Terry Brackett  at 885-9865 to view. #507  SUPER VIEW ��� MADEIRA  From this warm and cosy all cedar Gothic arch  design home in Madeira Park. Kitchen nook,  combined dining and living room on main floor,  two bedrooms upper level, one and a half baths,  approximately 1300 sq. ft. of living area. Plus  completely finished basement with rec. room,  self-cleaning stove, fridge, washer & dryer  included. Separate 19' x 13' workshop with  cement floor. This could be your dream home.  Call Sylvia Thirlwell at 885-9963 or 885-3295.  ROBERTS CREEK $165,900  1.90 subdividable acres in popular Roberts  Creek, close to beach and golf course and only  25 minutes to ferry terminal. Comfortable well-  built home has Frontier air-tight woodstove and  double windows, to ensure low cost heating.  Vendor has bought and will consider realistic  offers. Please call Corry Ross at 885-9250 to  view. #582  GIBSONS $165,000  Four bedroom home on almost one acre. Some  features include fireplace in living room, wood  stove in family room, shake roof, large  workshop plus double enclosed garage. Also  large games room. Property is fully fenced and  level. There are also two outbuildings. Private  location yet minutes to the village. Ideal hobby  farm. For more information call Terry Brackett  at 885-9865 or Marilyn Strom at 886-2307.#634  A MILLION BUCKS  worth of location in this trim three bedroom  house. All on one level, well-kept, with nicely  landscaped lot, you can find this one in the heart  of Sechelt Village, across the street from a  lovely park. Easy walk to all amenities. A great  buy at $85,000. Call Dal Grauer at 885-3808 for  details. #584  SELMA PARK LEASE $37,500  Here's a nifty 2 bdrm home of fairly modem  design. It needs a clean-up and some T.L.C.  This represents economical living for some  lucky retirees. Call Frances or Syd Heal 885  5693 or Gibsons Office 886-8126. #217  MOBILE HOME  Two bedroom Chancellor home -14' x 56'. Only  one year old. $25,000. For more information  call Bronia Robins at 885-9033. #677  IT FAMILY HOME $97,500  Newly-built 3 bedroom family home, 1086 sq. ft.  on main, % daylight basement includes fourth  bedroom and second bathroom. Located in  woodland setting at end of quiet cul-de-sac. Call  Syd or Frances Heal 885-5693 or Gibsons Office  886-8126. #210  WELCOME WOODS $74,900  Welcome Woods - Fantastic Southerly  Exposure from this three bedroom Mobile  Home! Features include an attached carport,  patio, decks, and a nicely cleared lot with an  enclosed garden area. For more details call  Brent Strad at 883-9382. #569  SECHELT VILLAGE $94,500  Three bedrooms, full basement home on quiet  cul-de-sac. Easy walk to village centre.  Approximately $43,000 assumable mortgage at  14&% due November. Approximately six  months old. To view call Sylvia Thirlwell at 883-  9963 #644  VIEW CORNER LOT,  LANDSCAPED $89,000  Charming three bedroom home situated in  excellent family area. This subdivision has  underground wiring to allow your unrestricted  view of Sechelt Inlet. This home has large living  room, dining room, good working kitchen, lots  of deck and other features. Call Don or Rene  Sutherland at 885-9362. ��575  RETIREMENT CHARMER $89,900  Here's almost % acre of level cleared property in  quiet Redrooffs Ranch just waiting for a little  T.L.C. The cozy 2 bedroom home is almost  brand new, has a nice floor plan, and is roughed  in for a woodstove. To view this home call Brent  Strad 883-9382. #645  WESTSECHELT $109,500  Large home in popular subdivision. 1500 square  feet on main level with two large bedrooms and  pantry. Spacious open kitchen and dining area.  There is also a % basement with a hookup for a  wood heater. Also office in basement. Large lot  with potential view as surrounding area  develops. Call Terry Brackett at 885-9865 to  view. #588  SELMA PARK  Charming small home on lease land, handy to  village, level Waterlront with protected  moorage behind the breakwater. Well maintained with a shake roof. Call Terry Brackett for all  details at 885-9865. JjOl  This panoramic view of Pender Harbour 24  hours per day. New construction, three large  bedrooms, three bathrooms, spacious living  room with cozy fireplace. Be the lucky buyer of  this fine home. Asking $139,900. For appointment to view call Gayle Adams at 883  9364. mW  Brand new three bedroom home. Owner I  just begun construction. This home features  three bedrooms and bath on top level. Kitchen,  family room, and living room on main level, plus  large unfinished basement. Now is the time to  look at the plans and choose your own cabinets,  carpets, etc. The ocean view is superb. Good  neighbourhood. Call Terry Brackett at 885  9865. #526  Jhr deutschsprechender grundstuecksmakler  in Sechelt ist Klaus Roepke - privat tel. 885-2314.  to Roberts Creek & will give up this 3 bedroom,  6 month old Rancher with enclosed garage &  sep. laundry room off kitchen. Landscaped with  driveway too! She may also carry some  financing below current bank rates. $102,500.  Peter Davidson 886-8400 or Gibsons Office 886-  8126 ��U  CLASSIC HOWE SOUND VIEW $92,500  Located high above Granthams on Reed Road.  Superb panoramic view of Keats Is. and North  Shore mountains. Needs some work but with  two bedrooms this roomy home could be very  cozy for a small family, retirees or someone  using it as a basis for rebuilding and expansion.  On large lot with some assumable finance. See it  with Syd or Frances Heal 885-5693 or Gibsons  Office 886-8126. #219  SELMA PARK $32,500  Smaller two bedroom home. Oustanding view.  Only one block to beach and short walk to  village. Lease land. Call Terry Brackett at 885-  9865 for all details. #646  DAVIS BAV $112,000  Family home on good size bt. This home is  available at end of June. Features good family  area, deck, workshop. Call Don or Rene  Sutherland at 885-9362. #679  INVESTMENT  PROPERTY  vTLUgEoFCBSONB  6.32 acres of subdividable land. Zoned R3  possibility of two family dwellings per bt. Could  be view from southerly portion. For more  details call Marilyn Strom 886-2307 or Gibsons  Office 886-8126. #222  REVENUE DUPLEX  TJW  Superb investment, modern home style side by  side each with two bedrooms plus an in-law  suite. Rental revenue $1,270 per month.  Located at Wilson Creek. See it with Frances &  Syd Heal 885-5693 or Gibsons Office 886-8126.  COMMERCIAL"  PROPERTY  GROCERY AND TAKE OU 1 FOODS  Enjoy a view at the same time as making a living.  This grocery plus food takeout is available to  the family interested in store operation. Living  quarters are included in the asking price of  $225,000. Also included are all fixtures and  equipment. Stock at cost. AH information with  Don Lock at 885-3730. #670  lhrVr3TMENTOI>-PORTUNTrY $52,500  ' There's lots of potential for this large  commercial bt on the highway in Halfmoon  Bay. All servicesexcept sewer are in. If you have  some creative ideas and don't mind a little hard  work. This is the property for you. Call Brent  Strad for more information at 883-9382. #621  BUSINESS  OPPORTUNITIES  SECHELT $32,500  Well established pet and plant business, no  competition. Excellent main street location.  Low rent. Ideal opportunity for someone  -wishing to be self-employed. Call for mon  informatbn Emilie Henderson at 885-5225.   , Jrjflj  Use our Home  TRADE PLAN  6 other offices  to serve you  I'owiu mvin  WIM VANCOUVI ��  VANC  HIJRNAt- 12  Sunshine Coast Realtor, June 19, 1981  SECHELT $35,000  Large level lot close to the arena. All services  except sewer. Good location. Call Terry  Bracketl al 885 9865 or Don or Rene  Sutherland al 885-9362. #629  HALFMOON BAY $45,000  One acre lot with some view overlookin*  Halfmoon Bay. Water, cable, hydro and phone  available. Some timber. Call Terry Brackett at  885-9865, #602  SEAMOUNT  INDUSTRIAL PARK $110,900  3 side by side lots zoned commercial light  industry. Well located back from highway with  total frontage of 150 feet on Venture Way and  side access ol 125 It. Call Emilie Henderson at  8855225. 4609  BUILDING IN THE FUTURE?  1/3 acre in Welcome Woods. Perfect (or the  couple who plan to build eventually, but need a  place to live now. The lot is a prime 1/3 acre,  selectively cleared, and has exceptional  southern exposure. The bonus is a three  bedroom, immaculately kept Bendix Mobile  with attached carport and tiered deck on two  sides. All services are in. The septic field has  been installed and the fridge and stove are  included. It's ready to move into and the price is  an affordable $74,900. To view call Brent Strad  at 883-9382. #569  CHERYL-ANNE & LOWER  ROBERTS CREEK $47,500  Sunny central Roberts Creek potential view lot.  South slope has Dogwood trees and is only a  few minutes walk from a really fine view. Check  the price & compare. For more info, call Randy  Wollen 885-5623 or Gibsons Office at 886-8126.  #207  PRIME DEVELOPMENT LOT $275,000  Only feet from the ocean in Sechelt. Excellent  opportunity for CI zoning. Present zoning is  marine 1. The-lease expires June 1 at which time  the lot will be cleared and ready for  development. The commercial potential for this  property is almost endless. For details call Brent  Strad 883-9382. #647  WEST SECHELT $44,900  Level fully serviced building lot in new  subdivision. There is some ocean view - easy to  build on. Call Terry Brackett. #664  TUWANEK $23,500  Lovely large lot with a peek-a-book view. This  lot with its tiny creeks lends itself to a very  interestingly designed home. Call Suzanne  Dunkerton 886*8317 or Emilie Henderson 885-  5225. #614  TUWANEK  Large lot on Uplands Drive for only $23,500.  Call Emilie Henderson at 885-5225. #614  -LOTS  REDROOFFS $65,000  Extra large lot in popular area. Owner is  presently clearing to build on. Level with several  nice trees. All services except sewer. Call Terry  Brackett 885-9865. #638  SEAMOUNT INDUSTRIAL $40,000  Light industrial level lot close lo highway and  ready for building, measuring 52,5' x 150'. Call  Syd or Frances Heal 885-5693 or Gibsons office  886-8126. #204  WEST SECHELT $75,000  One plus acre view lot directly across from one  of the best beaches on the coast. Owner has  septic field approval. There is some nice  standing timber. Lots like this are scarce so call  Terry Brackelt today for all details at 885 9865.  REDROOFFS $59*,-$00  Exquisite view lot just under % acre.  Combination of Arbutus and rock create a  magnificent property! In area of fine homes.  Approved for Chromaglass. Call Bronia Robins  at 885-9033. #622  EXCELLENT BUILDING LOT! $41,900  In exclusive West Sechelt subdivision, paved  roads, hydro, water and sewer available. Call  Emilie Henderson at 885-5225. #605  ROBERTS CREEK $85,900  .7 acres of level land with good southern  exposure. Ready to build on. Centrally located.  Close to school, general store and beach.  Property comes with brand new one bedroom  studio/cottage with custom cabinets, vaulted  ceiling, three piece bath, stove, fridge, wood  heater and more. The ideal place to live in while  you build! Call Bronia Robins at 885-9033. #672  MARLENE ROAD $44,000  Roberts Creek ��� Marlene Road ��� centraPy  located '< acre, level treed lot close to beach  access! Partial and increasing view! Water,  electricity, just drive on and build. For further  details phone Don or Rene Sutherland at 885  9362. #604  HALFMOON BAY ���  GOOD BUILDING LOT  Nearly !���> acre in Halfmoon Bay area. Sloping,  nicely treed, and close to school. There is a  limited view with potential for more. Vendor  financing below prime is possible with a 20%  down payment. Call Bryce Leigh at 886-8229 for  more information. #674  VIEW LOT  Good view lot overlooking Madeira Park,  Pender Harbour. Owner will consider all offers.  Call Don Lock 885*3730 for more details.#667  BUILDING LOT  A level lot on Sinclair Bay Road, Garden Bay  cleared and ready to build on. Asking $39,000.  For this excellent lot call Don Lock at 885-3730  for more details. #668  VIEW PROPERTY  PORPOISE ROAD $50,000  Sandy Hook lot, partly cleared with small trailer.  Minutes to quiet beach. Call Valerie Bayntum  921-8340 or Sylvia Thirlwell 883-9963. #650  HALFMOON BAY $39,900  Large lot over one half acre, well treed, septic  approved. Call Emilie Henderson at 885-5225.  #606  VIEW PROPERTY FOR $40,000  Yes it's still possible to get approximately % acre  with trees and a view for $40,000 near  Redrooffs and water. Call Bryce Leigh before  it's too late at 885-8229. #571  GIBSONS $45,000  Sunny south facing lot in Creekside meets  requirements for two family structure. Level  and easy to build on. Phone Rita Hummel 886-  7070 or Gibsons Office 886-8126. #215  PENDER HARBOUR $35,000  Large size lot within walking distance of stores  and marina. Nicely treed. Privacy and  convenience for only $35,000. Call Gayle  Adams at 883-9364. #576  SANDY HOOK $43,000  Beautiful view lot, well treed. Located on  Porpoise Bay Drive. Great location within easy  reach of Sechelt. MLS. Call Gayle Adams at  883-9364 for more information. #675  OVER % ACRE ON SOUTHWOOD  ROAD NEAR REDROOFFS  Absolutely prime building site on this .6 acre lot.  The property has a very gentle slope and is  beautifully treed. A driveway has been put in  and a site has been cleared for a trailer. All  services except sewer are available and the  water has been connected. To view this choice  property call Brent Strad at 883-9382. #686  SECHELT $49,500  Level lot in the village. This fully serviced lot is  very easy to build on and handy to all amenities.  Call Terry Brackett at 885-9865. #639  NEW ON MARKET MLS  Almost Vi acre tot in quiet Welcome Woods.  Level, beautifully treed and only $45,000. Call  Bronia Robins at 885-9033.  EXCELLENT LOTS  Two excellent lots located in Sandy Hook. Both  view. Level lot $35,500. Lot with driveway in  $42,000. Call Don or Rene Sutherland at 885-  9362 for details. #652 & 661  MLS. RESIDENTIAL "GIBSONS'1  BUILDING LOT $44,900  Nice building lot on Stewart Road, with  potential view. Available services are village  sewer and hydro. Property has gentle slope and  old cabin. For information call Klaus Roepke at  885-2314. #681  Centrally located 2 storey home. Lots of living  space with 5 bedrooms, den, workshop, V/j  baths. Level lot is ready for backyard garden.  $46,000 mortgage at 11% due July/84 may be  assumed without qualifications. Rosemary  Young al 886*8359. #202  WEST SECHELT $260,000  Beautiful level waterfront. Pebble beach and  prime location. This large Medallion home is  over 1600 sq. ft. and features fireplace, family  room, post and beam construction, two hot  water heaters and three extra bedrooms. Also  carport and outside storage area. This home  must be seen! Call Terry Brackett at 885-9865.   , #676  Use our Home  TRADE PLAN  6 other offices  to serve you  VENDOR WILL CARRY $65,000  Here is a great little project for a handyman.  Partly   finished  cottage  on  a  half-acre  in  Welcome Woods. Offers to Syd or Frances  Heal 885-5693 or Gibsons Office 886-  8126. #592  WEST SECHELT $99,500  Ideal investment in West Sechell. Cozy view  home on well landscaped 1 acre lot. Zoning  allows 2 dwellings plus future subdivision  potential. Call Emilie Henderson 885-5225 or toll  free 681-7931. #625-  PRICE REDUCTION $159,000  Three bedroom cedar and glass contemporary  on .96 acre, selectively cleared plus small creek  running through backyard. House fealures  ensuite and deck off Master Bedroom, double  garage, oak parquet floors, indirect lighting,  vaulted cedar ceilings. Minutes to beach. Call  Rosemary Young at 886-8359. #2  'OWIII RIVIR  SI VANCOUVI I  POPLAR LANfe  A delightful home situated on a quiet children  oriented cul-de-sac. Close to stores, schools'  and everything. 2 bedrooms (including master  ensuite) up with large l.R/DR and extra large  kitchen. Daylight basement below could be an  exceptional inlaw suite. This functional house is  as neat as a pin and beautifully decorated. It is  well worth your consideration so call Syd or  Frances Heal 885 5693 or Gibsons Office 886  8126. #205  Bt SEChECT $199,5  True gardeners paradise! Over one half acre of  meticulous landscaping. Numerous retaining  walls with flower and decorative trees and  shrubs everywhere. Also wishing well, two fish  pools, greenhouse and outside storage area  with large storage shed, The large home  features, three large bedrooms, family room,  rec. room with bar in basement, double  enclosed garage, and large sundeck. There is  also stone fireplace, wood heater to cut heating  costs and plenty ol room in basement for  storage or further development. Property  borders small creek and has a fine ocean view.  This home is truly one of a kind. Call Terry  Brackett 885-9865 to view. #649  saw raru to seme vou  sechelt Office  lAtlNTMIwMlNlMCMtrt  885-3295  m-UNFfMN1-7U1  eiusons Office  HI IIW mJmmmmW *YitS**9  886-8126  Member Sunshine Coast  Real Estate Association  HOMES  $149,500  Large family home in popular area. This Lindal  home features 2200 sq. ft. of extensive cedar  ceilings. Two and one half baths, targe kitchen  and family room. Also free standing brick  fireplace dividing living and family room- The  four bedrooms feature wooden bi-folds and are  very spacious. Must be seen! Call Terry  Brackett at 885-9865. #666  EXECUTIVE HOME $199,500  Elegant and well designed home in prestigious  West Sechelt. Partial ocean view. Over 1900sq.  ft. of gracious living plus more room for  development. Custom built for owner so quality  is prevelant throughout. Two bedrooms plus  huge master with 3 piece ensuite and sliders to  covered deck. Elegant living and dining rooms,  deluxe kitchen with five appliances included,  cozy family room plus finished rec. room with  brick fireplace, ideal for an office. Washer, dryer  plus $6,000 drapes also included. Call Emilie  Henderson at 885-5225.       #656  NEW HOME IN WELCOME WOODS  Beautiful two bedroom home on Southwood  Road, Welcome Woods, with large living room  and heatilator fireplace, dining area, two  bathrooms, excellent plan. Carport and across  the house sundeck extra. Asking $102,900  without appliances. Call Don Lock at 885-3730  for appointment to view. #658  WEST SECHELT $229,500  Split level contemporary home. The ocean view  is outstanding overlooking Trail and Vancouver  Islands. Three levels with two and a half baths,  solarium, rec. room and heatilator fireplace.  Outside there is a bird aviary and 24 foot  circular pool. The property has been meticulously landscaped. Very private setting on  almost one acre lot. Call Terry Brackett at 885-  9865 or Don and Rene Sutherland at 885-9362.  #563  WEST SECHELT $124,900  Exciting new split level home on quiet street.  This house features 1759 sq. ft. of finished living  area on three levels plus an undeveloped  basement. The top level contains the master  bedroom with private sundeck, three piece  ensuite and walk-in close! as well as two other  bedrooms and main bath. Other features  include fresh air fireplace, skylight, double  garage, Also assumable mortgage at 13%. Call  Terry Brackett to view at 885-9865,        #590  FREE  CATALOGUE  AVAILABLE  at*- Sunshine Coast Realtor, June 19, 1981  Box 100  Madeira Park,  B.C.  883-2233  OLLI SLADEY I  REALTY LTD. >  REALTY  kmttrJmmr of Mulrtpl* llttlng Scrvlca  Toll Free From  Vancouver:  689-7623  j   HOMES    j        | WATERFRONT LOTS & ACREAGE f I  WATERFRONT  HOMES  V' mV  *       1  r  '         ."'*  Wj---'H  ������������iiirtti.IV  ,**y4  mP  ate*"      l  **t   .    ,  GARDEN BAY New 3 BR rancher, still  under construction, on Hotel Lake Crescent.  Contains 1159* sq. ft., plus carport. Can be  bought as is, or owners will finish it lor the full  price of $95,000.  MADEIRA PARK 3 BR rancher, approx  1,28" sq. It. with attached carport, 1:.  bathrooms. Located on ���> acre lot on Lagooi  Road, .lust a short walk lo shopping centre  I100I& pbsl office $120,000.  MADEIRA PARK 3 BR Gothic arch homi  on Front Road. Separate garage, sauna, paved  driveway. Purchase price includes acorn  lireplace, ft appliances and some furniture.  $84,500  C ARPENTER'S SPECIAL AND 2 LOTS  small 2 BR home and adjoining lol oh Francis  Peninsula Road. Madeira Park. Some remodel  ling has been done, but (here's still penly lodo,  Asking $79,500. I  MtMM-t MOKEI  Coast lo Coast  Real Estate Service  I  LOT 2 - ST. VINCENT BAY - approx. 5  acres with 402�� ft. waleriront and south  westerly exposure. Water access only.  $55,000   LOT 5 ��� olf Bowsprit Road  Madeir  i Park.  Very nice treed lol with 661 ft  waterfronl nn  Bargain Harbour al ihe entrance to  Oyster  Lagoon. Serviced with water,  lydro &  sewer.  M.L-S. $75,000.  MADEIRA PARK - 2 BR home, 816* sq. ft  built 1968 on 1�� acres wiih 205* It. view  waterfront. Located on Summit Road, just ofl  Narrows Road. $195.000. MLS  |     LOTS     |  ACREAGE  2  LOT 27 - Lee Bay Road. Irvine's Landing.  Nicely treed level lot in a new subdivision,  serviced wiih sewer, water & hydro. Good soil  and a possible view. MLS. $47,000.  LOT 68 Hotel Like Road ihis steep and  rocky lol could be a real challenge, bul it's nice  and large and Ihe price is low. $22,000.  LOT 16 Pender Lake Properties large view  lot with 148* fl. frontage on Holel Lake Road.  Serviced with hydro & water. Southerly  'xposure. $35.900.  LOT 61 ��� Panorama Drive, Garden Bay  Estates. One of the best lots in this choice  subdivision $47,500.  LOT 20 - Deller Road, Garden Bay. Large  panoramic view lol with level access from Dellei  Road. $37,500.  LOT 73       Hotel Lake Road. Choice, large  treed lot in Pender Lakes Properties $38,500.  LOT 23 -- Earl Cove enjoy the view from  this large, nearly level lol with very little clearing  required. $32,500.  IRVINE'S LANDING - Seclusion is whal you  will  find in  ihis approx.   17.5 acres with a |  comfortable 3 BR home and several outbuild |  ings $110,000.   ISLANDS  I  JUNCTION ISLAND I 3 interest in this  beautiful 18 acre island located in SI. Vincent  Bay. Jervis Inlet. Excellent sheltered moorage,  numerous choice building sites. Only 15  minules by last boal from Earl Cove or Eqmont.  The price for this 1 3 interest is only $139,500  HIGGINS ISLAND - approx. 26 acre island  with sheltered moorage. Located in False Bay,  Lasqueti Island. $600,000,  KLEINDALE 2tacrdsol some ol the nicest  land in ihe Pender Harbour area. This beautiful  property has lots of trees, lots of level ground  and several good building sites. Two homes are  permitted on this property and il could be yours  'or $59,500.  MOBILE  HOMES  I  TOFINO INLET - 40i acre island in  sheltered Island Cove near Long Beach.  Vancouver Island. Many good building sites,  limber, nice cove wiih beach. An ����vcelleni buy  for $250,000.  BUSINESS AND  EQUIPMENT  MISS SUNNY'S MLS  Well established and busy haidressing  business ��� Ihe only one in Pender  Harbour. Located in the Pender  Harbour Shopping Centre. Good  steady clientele and lots of extra  customers with the tourist trade inthe  summer months. Good equipment  and slock. Please call us for details.  MADEIRA PARK ��� Large choice Harbour  view lot on Dogwood Dr. with partially  furnished 61' x 12' Nor'Western mobile home  with 7' x 23' covered porch. Immediate  IKissi'ssion. $65,000.  a  DAN WILEY, Res. 883-9149  OLLI or JEAN SLADEY,   883-2233 14  Sunshine Coast Realtor, June 19, 1981  lexander Realty Ltd.  P.O. Box 153, Madeira Park,  883-2491 or 883-2212 B-C. VON 2H0  LUXURY TOWNHOUSES- OVERLOOKING BEAUTIFUL SECRET COVE: Featur  ing 1600 sq. ft, of living area, 3 bedrms, spacious  living room with fireplace, full range ot  appliances, large sundecks. Plus each home  offers breathtaking views, full privacy and the  option of reserved moorage at the marina  below. Hurry and be among the lucky few lo  enjoy the fabulous fishing and to relax in this  unspoiled sportsman's paradise.  LAGOON ROAD: Madeira Park   U0 acres PENDER HARBOUR WATERFRONT  tidal waterfront. Close to school & shopping. ACREAGE: 2 - 4 acre parcels side by side. 300  Well kept three bedroom home. Beautifully "��� on the waterfront stretches from Hwy 101 to  landscaped, a gardener's dream. watch a perfect setting for a country estate.  180 FT. WATERFRONT - DEEP WATER  MOORAGE ��� FRANCIS PENINSULA: 1.2  acres - zone commercial. Frontage on two  roads. Excellent potential. $270,000.  MADEIRA PARK - ONE ACRE LOT WITH  VIEW: Gentle slope, frontage on 2 roads,  subdivision potential. Priced at $59,900.  GARDEN BAY: Excellent building lot. One of  the finest views in this area. Subdivision  potential.  WHAT A VIEW!! A rare 200' waterfront home  with 2 BR in Bargain Harbour. Direct access  from Francis Peninsula Road with good  moorage and a spectacular view of all of Bargain  Harbour. Approx. -, acre. $220,000.  GARDEN BAY AREA: Indian Reserve #19 ���  Lol 19 & 20. Approximately % acre of land.  Large foreshore lease. Excellent moorage ramp  & docks in. Property approved for building.  $90,000.  BEAUTIFUL FISHER ISLAND AT ENTRANCE TO LEE BAY, (District Lot 4064):  has spectacular exposure and excellent deep  water moorage with dock and small building.  Salmon in your back yard. $160,000.  FRANCIS PENINSULA - RONDEVIEW  RD: A picture book setting of flower beds,  shrubs, fruit trees and vegetable gardens. Enjoy  2160 sq. ft. of living area on 2 floors, 3 bedrms, 2  bathrooms, wraparound sundecks, and top  quality finishing touches throughout. This  immaculate home is a pleasure to view and to  own.  DL 6989 NELSON ISLAND: 2.6 acres,  furnished house near Telescope Pass. Over 300'  waterfront. Gov't lease. Excellent fishing. Full  Price $45,000.  TAYLORS GARDEN BAY STORE &  MARINA: is a well known and long established  business located in Garden Bay. Store, Marina  Gas pumps, boat facilities and other extras.  OTHER AREAS  s.  ��� ���PW JEXMNH���                                \  UriflRi       H25 ACRES & 3,000 SQ. FT. LOG HOME:  BmmSmmtmn ,'JT"!^J*^^^�� Pemberton.   Vi  mile  river  frontage.   Superb  fl|                                                 1 mountain  views.   Property  cleared  and  in  W^^^^^^tHKtmmWmWSWSam Pas,ure' 'dea' 'or landing strip. Home is 1st class  BMPP"WM|i!^p^^T^HBtriroughout. Very private.  Art Alexander  883-2491  Vadim Kobasew  885-3156  AELBERS REAL ESTATE  *������ ���^APA APPRAISALS INC.  ff*.  Located at th�� Old Granthams Store  Marine Dr., Granthams Landing  886-9238 886-8640 922-7814  Peter Aelbers mo  886-9238  Don Logan  885-3318  HOPKINS LANDING $48,000  One of the last view lots available in this area. Make an offer with a third  down and the vendor may carry the rest.  SAVARY ISLAND $14,500  Two lots, one waterfront, to be sold together for the price of one! Good  swimming and fishing area.  TUWANEK $31,500  Nearly % an acre in size with view and within walking distance of beach  and boat launching. Perc. hole in place.  SANDY HOOK From $37,500  Two excellent view lots looking up the Inlet in this popular area. Easy to  build on lots make these highly desirable.  ROBERTS ROAD, STILLWATER  POWELL RIVER $65,000  2% acre hobby farm with an existing 30 - 40 year old home in a good state of  repair. The square footage is approximately 1,000. There is one bedroom  down with room for two more in the loft area. There is also a mobile home  pad and barn/workshop situated on the property.  WATERFALL & PRIVACY $43,000  This unique lot is located in the popular Roberts Creek area and is ready  to build on as a health permit has been issued.  GOWER POINT ROAD $89,000  One-half acre waterfront lot with a small 400+ sq. ft. cabin located on the  public esplanade.  ���o~*-W  MEMBER SUNSHINE COAST REAL ESTATE ASSOCIATION  m  w***\  50  DAVIS BAV  MOBILE HOME  Ij^jyOPEN HOUSE  %  SH  SAT. & SUN. NOON - 7 PM  JUNE 20-21  Join us for coffee and donuts  FREE DISHWASHER - with every home sold to June 30  Brand New 1981 Display Home complete with furnishings.  Factory Representative to answer your questions.  BRAND NEW!!  Single Wides - Complete from $24,000  Double Wides ��� Complete from $30,000      Prices include delivery to building site.  Chapman Creek Homes Ltd.  at the bridge at Davis Bay Sunshine Coast Realtor, June 19, 1981  MEMBER  SUNSHINE COAST  | REAL ESTATE ASSOCIATION  NEW LISTINGS  hb GORDON AGENCIES ltd.  PHONE  885-5891  - OWN YOUR OWN ISLAND! -  Only 2 km from Hwy 101   16 acres ol privacy. Protected  moorage. Western Contemporary house. Year-round living  in solid comfort. Huge sundecks. $730,000-  John Wilson 885-9365 or  Wayne Salter 885-5986.  - TRAIL ISLANDS -  Where else can you get away from it all for $32,000?  Wayne Salter 885-5986.  - ROBERTS CREEK RETREAT -  Large treed lot, 110' frontage. Cozy post and beam non-  bsmt home with 2 bedrooms, Franklin stove. Beach access  is just across Ihe road. F.P. $79,000.  John Wilson 885-9365.  - MASON ROAD -  Even Ihe basement has a view! Superbly built home on extra  large lot with immediate possession available. Many, many  extras included at $189,900. To view call  Wayne Salter 885-5986.  - HILLCREST AVE., GIBSONS -  2 bdrm rancher. Level lol ��� 268' deep. Large garage/workshop. Oilers to $72,500.  John Wilson 885-9365.  31 Years At Cowrie St., Sechelt  - WATERFRONT ��� ROBERTS CREEK -  These are the beach houses. Each property has another  house above. Level pebble beach. Great family investment ��� ���  or rent one and weekend in the other. On MLS. Asking  $295,000 and $265,000 respectively.  Pat Lindsay 885-2591.  - HALFMOON BAY WATERFRONT -  Fabulous smooth rocks - superb views! A unique setting for  a super one level 3 bedroom house with a massive stone  fireplace, step-down living room opening to the sundeck.  Southern view of Merry Island and beyond. $255,000 firm.  Pat Lindsay 8852591.  - .ROBERTS CREEK -  Retirement acreage - 9.4 acres of sunny privacy.  Meticulously constructed one level house opening to huge  patio and grounds. It is the perfect answer to the move from  a large family home -- big rooms, sep. dining rm, 2 bdrms;  both ensuite, oak parquet floors, 2 fireplaces, built-in  vacuum. It's very, very nice! $265,000.  Pat Lindsay 885-2591.  - ILLNESS FORCES SALE -  of this well-located card & gift shop. Prime location. Fully  stocked. Renewable 5 year lease. Drastic price reduction to  $48,500. On MLS.  Pat Lindsay 885-2591.  WAYNE SALTER  PATRICIA LINDSAY  H.B. GORDON JACK NOBLE  885-5986 ... 885-2591 885-2013 883-2701  H49-0994 - Mobile  Box 123, Sechelt, B.C.  - SAKINAW LAKE -  On Ruggles Bay facing SW. Beamed cedar retreat, 3 BR, FP,  deck, fully furnished. 7.4 acres. Lease land ��� but, so what?!  It's years of summer fun, warm swimming & sunshine.  Water access only. $38,000.  Pat Lindsay 885-2591.  LOTS  RUBY LAKE -  Located 500' from lake. Asking only $19,900.  Wayne Salter 885-5986.  -EARTSrOVE-  Semi-waterfront. Level access. High bluff. Beautiful view!!  133 ft. frontage. .40 acres $55,000 on MLS. Vendor will  carry at 15%!  Pat Lindsay 885-2591  - SECRET COVE -  Straight ahead water view from this large, sloping lot.  Serviced. F.P. $39,500.  John Wilson 885-9365.  - GARDEN BAY -  3+ acres, excellent building sites. Stream and possible view.  Wayne Salter 885-5986.  - WELCOME WOODS -  Super large lot. Well timbered. Possible view. $48,500  Wayne Salter 885-5986.  -SANDY HOOK  Porpoise Bay Rd. High side of the road, across from the  water. Super view. Big deep lot. $42,500.  Wayne Salter 885-5986.  - MOUNT RICHARDSON -  Huge view, large level lot. No building problems - it's a  beauty. $48,500.  Pat Lindsay 8852591.  - MADEIRA PARK -  1.30 acres with potential view & subdivision. Some timber.  Dead end road. Serviced.  Jack Noble 8832701.  -LARGETREED LOT-  99* x 425'. Dead end road. Serviced.  Jack Noble 883-2701.  - 2 WATERFRONT LOTS -  available on Francis Peninsula Rd. For details call  Wayne Sailer 885-5986.  JOHN WILSON  885-9365  MIKE BALDIGARA |  885-5645  Box 566  Gibsons, B.C.  VON 1V0  HOUSE ON THE HILL: One ofthe best views inGibsons.  Set on a good sized lot is this l1^ storey home. Rebuilt in  1975. A good 3 bedroom home, has a large 13' x 18' rec  room for entertaining with a 16' x 20' sundeck for those  summer barbeques. Kitchen includes Jennaire range, Fisher  wood stove in living room. Firm $139,000.  ROBERTS CREEK: 57 x 970 waterfront property, with six  year old 1344 sq. ft. mobile home with 200 sq. ft. addition on  front. Also small beach cabin. Front 300 ft. of lot is  landscaped to a good beach. This one of a kind should be  seen. Asking $239,000.  1574 ABB'S ROAD - GIBSONS: is the location of this 3  bedroom full basement home with prime view of Bay and  Gulf. A great family home. Newly listed $155,000.  r  POPLAR LANE - GIBSONS: Well maintained 3% year old  family home three bedroom split level well landscaped, quiet  setting, small assumable 1st mortgage. Must be seen to be  appreciated $129,000. Vendor will assist to finance  mortgage.  Serving the Lower Sunshine Coast  Phone 886-2000 or 886-9121  Located in the Seaside Plaza,  Gower Point Road, Gibsons  HOMES  riff  i n  CRUCIL ROAD ��� GIBSONS - OCEAN VIEW: 1300 sq.  ft. full basement 3 bedroom home on landscaped view lot.  Features include a large modern kitchen, 3-piece ensuite off  master bedroom. Heat-A-Later brick fireplace, large deck.  The basement is mainly finished with brick fireplace in family  room, extra bedroom and large workshop. This would make  someone a great family home and has an approximate  $60,000 assumable 1st mortgage at 13%. This is priced to sell  at only $128,000.  5        B i CEg-  'TRUEMAN ROAD - GIBSONS ��� RETIREMENT  REVENUE: Well built & maintained 4 plex in quiet area.  Each unit has 2 bdrms ��� kitchen, LR./Diningarea, fridge and  stove included with sale. Washer and dryer in common  laundry room shared. All units rented steadily. $185,000.  K. BUTLER 886-2000  REAL ESTATE  GENERAL INSURANCE  AUTOPLAN  BUILDING LOTS  DOGWOOD ROAD - GIBSONS: Well maintained two  bedroom home on landscaped fenced lot with greenhouse,  storage shed and many extras. $80,000.  EVERGREEN PARKLAND: We have several good size  building lots in this area of al! new homes ranging from  $36,000 up.  CHASTER ROAD: .46 of an acre. Sloping southerly Gulf  view lot. Zoned R2, walking distance to beach. Close to  elementary schcM $65,000.  ACREAGE  L 4 fiAif  Ideal Hobby Farm 2% acres with southern exposure. On  Hwy 101 Roberts Creek area. 3 bed. (ull basement. Ideal  family home, mostly cleared. Sheds included. $176,000.  GAIL  ROAD  -  ROBERTS  CREEK:   l1-  acres  of  subdividable land. Home was duplex up and down.  Assumable mortgage of $41,000 at 10 .'., has excellent  potential. Listed at $124,900.  INVESTMENT PROPERTY  GOWER POINT ROAD: Best ocean view night or day on  the coast, investment property. 4 acres consist mg ol lour'.��  acre waterfront lots plus 2 subdividahle acres on Gower  Point Road. This property has tn be seen to be appreciated.  Great investment potential at $680,000. 16  Sunshine Coast Realtor, June 19,1981  886-2417  ssauiev Place  Hwy lot.  Harry Howard 886-7307  922-2017  (Vancouver Toil Free)  Trou Goddard 886-2417  GIBSONS ��� VIEW ��� VIEW  Over 3,000 sq. ft. of living space featuring a large  open main floor. The first class view of Gibsons  Harbour can be appreciated from either the  sundeck off the living room or the large third floor  master bedroom with its ensuite and Jacuzzi. The  home has two more bedrooms on the main. All  this on a half acre of guaranteed privacy. Asking  $135,000.  HOMES  ifrJsToNSUBBivlfiABLEtcf*  The indications are that this large 97 x 187 lot may  be divided into two excellent properties. The  house has 1340 sq. ft. on the main floor featuring 3  bedrooms, kitchen-dining area, living room with  large fireplace. Downstairs has a finished family  room, workshop and root cellar. All of this and  Ihe central Gibsons location make this property  well worth an inspection. Asking $135,000.  This super family home has four bedrooms, a  large open living room with a sundeck that looks  out over Howe Sound. The house is situated on a  gently sloping well treed lot. The proximity to the  ferry makes this an ideal set up for the commuter.  Asking $105,000.  ) AT 13%  The vendor will carry $75,000 at 13% on this  quality Gibsons home. The house is a brand new  1840 sq. fl. Rancher with four bedrooms, master  with ensuite, large family room off kitchen with  wood stove. Sliding glass door, patios. Huge 100 x  237 ft. lot. This home is a must to see! Asking  $137,500.  HOUSE ON ACREAGE  This cozy two bedroom Roberts Creek home is  on 2.5 acres of land. Just minutes from the beach  and stores this property is the perfect small  country estate. Asking only $96,500.  A beautiful setting for a solid family home. The  house is a 1440 sq. ft. Rancher with four  bedrooms, large kitchen, living room with  fireplace and a lot more. The lot is 82 x 162 feet  well landscaped and very private. Asking  $115,000.  NEW LISTING  UNDER CONSTRUCTION ��� GIBSONS  Come in and see the plans for this 1416sq, ft. new  home.  LOTS  ROBERTS CREEK ��� COACH ROAD  A half acre of gently sloping view property in quiet  rural surroundings. Asking $55,000.  CHERYL ANN PARK ROAD  Large building lot in an area of quality homes.  Asking $48,000  GRANTHAMS LOT  Potential view from this building lot hidden  amongst the trees. Asking $35,500.  ACREAGE  SECHELT PARKLAND  \% acres of semi-waterfront inlet view property.  This beautiful piece of land borders a natural bird  sanctuary and park only seconds from the  government dock. The real bonus is that the  zoning is multi-family and the package comes with  plans and permits for a 33 unit condominium  complex. Asking $550,000.  GULF ISLAND WATERFRONT  6+ acres with 450 ft. of level waterfront on  beautiful Reid Island situated between Pender  and Gabriola Islands. This secluded retreat would  make an ideal group purchase. Asking $100,000.  W -Waterfront  H - Homes  A - Acreage  R - Recreational  F - Farms  WEST SECHELT VIEW HOME" L 243  Do you want to relax in a quiet area - if you do this 3 bedroom  full basement home on Norvan Road could be what you are  looking for. Features: large lot 75'x 150', two fireplaces, 1 full  bathroom and master bedroom has 2 piece ensuite, roughed  in plumbing in basement, carport. House has lovely  brickwork to enhance the appearance. Also enjoy the view  of Trail Islands Irom your living room. $107,000. Call Pat  Murphy 885-5171 or Deirdre 865-5971. MLS.  GOWER POINT L 262  Cleared and ready to build. This 100 x 132 lot is in an area  that you're sure to like. Quiet, close to beach and to the  Bonniebrook Lodge. F.P. $75,000. Call 885-5171.  CANT AFFORD TO BUILD ���  CONSIDER THIS L247  2 bdrm, 60' x 12' spacious mobile home. This home has a  very spacious layout with a bright living room - highlighted by  the beautiful black leather wet bar with leather swag accent  light. For further information call Deirdre 885-5171. F.P.  $22,000. Act now.  Bus. 885-5171  Box 1188, Sechelt, B.C. VON 3A0  "Your Real Estate Hosts  on the Sunshine CoasI"  LOOK! WATERFRONT! BUY!!! L 260  This Redrooffs Rd. waterfront home is situated in a prime  area. Gentle slope to a pebble beach with good moorage.  Approx. M acre. You like to garden - well there is great  potential on this lot. The home is approx. 1700 sq. ft. with 2  bedrooms, a spacious kitchen and dining area, an airy utility,  and a living room that opens onto a beautiful sundeck. And  for the one who likes to get away from it all there is an 11' x  18'6" den. All this lor $170,000. Call 885-5171.  FOUNDATION ALL READY... L 264  % acre lot with concrete foundation already in. If you're  looking for a building lot close to Sechelt with a view that can  only get better, here is your wish. Close to beach access that  leads to a very quiet pebble beach. F.P. $75,000.  LET THE SUN FIND YOU... L 264  Relaxing on this 54' x 10' sundeck which is part of a lovely 3  bedroom full basement, 1248 sq. ft. home. Cooking out is no  problem on the patio just set up the bar-b-que then set up the  badminton net on the super level lawn. Guaranteed fun in  the sun. All this plus built-in oven, range, fridge and  dishwasher. Don't miss this one. Call Pat Murphy for  appointment to view. F.P. $110,000.  COMMERCIAL ��� SECHELT L 249  Two (2) lots zoned commercial I. Ideal location for  professional . Lots' size frontage 100 x 132. At present there  are three residential units (all need repairs & renovations).  Can be income producing with just a little elbow grease and  paint. Good potential holding property. F.P. $165,000. Call  Pat Dahle 885-5692 or Pat Murphy 885-5171.  "SEAVIEW APT. WEST SECHELT' L 244  Here is a 4 plex apartment set in a very desirable area. Each  900 sq, ft. 2 bdrm suite has lots of storage as well as a  beautiful view of the Trail Islands. The landscaped property  also has a 1300 sq.ft. "A" Frame home with l1^ baths, lovely  cedar finish inside. Large living room, single car enclosed  garage all this on approx. 1 acre of land. Gentle slope,  southern exposure. Great potential. Call Pat Murphy to  arrange appointment to view. $275,000.  GOWER POINT - EXCELLENT VIEW L 261  This esplanade waterfront is on the market. The lot is 100 x  217, with an excellent view and just an esplanade separates il  from the waterfront. Call now. F.P. $90,000.  MAJOR MARINA COMPLEX  Sheltered deep water location in busy harbour center. Rare,  large water lot lease plus 2.5 acres view waterfront property  with development potential. 3 BR house, 2 rental mobiles, a  beautifully equipped shop, and laundromat service building.  Aircraft facilities, dock side phone, water, electric service.  Optional lease back of all or part of the operations. This is an  excellent terms investment. Fairly priced with good terms.  $580,000.  MEMBER SUNSHINE COAST REAL ESTATE ASSOCIATION "P.T." Dahle 885-5692 Deirdre 885-5971 Pat 885-5171


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