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Coast News Dec 14, 1992

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 LEGISLATIVE LIBRARY  Parliament Buildings  Victoria, B.C. V8V 1X4    4    "  COAST^NEWS  50 cents per copy on newsstands  LUUllUl  19 4 5  December 14,1992 Volume 46 Issue 50  Forestry  fertilizer  concerns  raised  by .lime Seyd  A Ministry of Forests fertilizer program originally Intended for 658 hectares on Ihe Sunshine Coast will now go ahead  in a much smaller area this  year, after concerns were  voiced hy bolh downstream  waler users and heallh officials.  In particular, plans lo use  fertilizer in both the Gray  Creek and Haslam Creek  watersheds have been pul on  hold following objections from  Ihe Sunshine Coasl Regional  Districl and Ihe Soulh Pender  Harbour Waterworks District.  Aerial spraying of the fertilizer Urea - which contains  mostly nitrogen - will go ahead  over a one or two-week period  in January in areas on Nelson  Island, near Dakota Creek on  Mt. Elphinstone, McNabb  Creek on Howe Sound and  Sechell Creek draining info  Salmon Inlet.  The fertilizer will be used  mainly on Douglas fir growing  at lower elevations, and is  meant to increase growth rate,  which can cut down rotation  lime for merchantable limber  by 10 to 14 years, says Alan  Shaw, district silviculturist for  the ministry.  Previously, fertilizer has not  been used on any large scale in  forests on the Sunshine Coasl,  although Ihere has been some  pasl spraying near Sechell, and  on Texada and Kedonda  islands. The ministry has also  conducted a more substantial  trial of fertilizer use in the nearby Squamish watershed.  Unlike applications for herbicide and pesticide use, formal  permits are noi required for fertilizers, although opinion of  other government agencies,  including departments of  heallh, fisheries, and wildlife  are consulted.  So far, the main concerns  about fertilizer use have been  over possible leaching into  water courses, which could  affect both downstream drinking water licencees and fisheries.  Ministry guidelines state 50-  metre buffers musl be left on  each side of creeks where there  are downstream water users  and 30-metre buffers are  required for fish-bearing  streams.  But bolh the regional district  and the local heallh unit are  viewing the fertilization program with caution.  "Whal we arc most concerned aboul is activity around  watersheds," says Jeremy Frith,  a regional director. "The balances around water courses are  very easy lo disturb."  The regional districl docs  noi have a blanket policy  opposing fertilizer use, says  Frilh, bul il would like lo see  the ministry run tests before  going inio large-scale application - and preferably not in the  winter months of heavy rainfall.  turn to page2  Dionne Paul and the Eagle Youth Council (EYC) model the fashion wear of local designers to  raise funds to help send the EYC to Arizona next year for a world conference of native youth  organizations. Joel Johnstone photo  Teaching days  settled, contract  talks progress  by Darah Hansen  Sunshine Coasl leachers are  saying Ihey are mil going lo join  Iheir counterpart! in lhe Lower  Mainland who have threatened  to sirike in protest of the slow  progress of contract lalks.  "We are bargaining our own  contract wilh our own hoard,"  said Sharon Wood, president of  the Sunshine Coasl Teachers'  Association (SCTA).  And though they support  action taken by other districts,  "We feel fairly content lhat we  can row our own       boat," Wood said.  Wood said Ihe difference here was lhal  leachers feel conlenl  wiih the progress of  their lalks due mainly  lo an air of co-opera-  lion   between   Ihe  SCTA and Ihe local       school board.  That's something many other  school boards have not experienced, said dislricl superintendent Clifford Smith, noting Ihe  72-hour sirike notice served by  leachers in other school districts.  Smith blames the increasingly confrontational style of negotiations between teachers and  hoards on lack of leadership  coming from Ihe Ministry of  Education, calling their present  posilions on contract settlement  "patently silly" and "wooden."  They are offering no direction, refusing lo lake Ihe lead  and say Ihis is Ihe way il is  going lo be, said Smith.  "Whal can you think of a  Ministry of Education that  hasn't gol a definition of  'instruction".' It's the same as if  Ihe Ministry of Heallh didn't  have a definition of the word  health."  It's a changing world, said  Smith: "Everything has become  so political."  In the pasl, employee groups  of all types, not just teachers,  have enjoyed a sense of permanence and security, said Smith.  "We've moved oul of lhat now.  Now we're guessing at everything and there is a huge  amount of conflict and fear.  "There is an enormous  amount of discomfort and it's  symptomatic of whal is coming  from the ministry."  In Ihis district, Smith said  'Wefeelfairly  content that  we can row  our own boat'  ���Sharon Wood  and the board has been key in  allowing them lo come lo agreeable conclusions on points of  conflict  A recent decision made following a special trustee meeting  ended ongoing discussion on  leachers' prolessional development days - an issue thai has  scnl many other districts into  chaos.  Under Ihe new agreement,  leachers are now guaranleed  release lime lo attend three full  days and four half days of pro-    fessional development activities as  stipulated in Iheir  contract.  Smith said Ihe  board is comfortable  with the decision and  is certain that students    will    still       receive Ihe 187 days  of instructional time  required under regulation eight  of the provincial School Act.  In an interview prior lo Ihe  final decision. Smith said he  reached a settlement wilh Wood  through a flexible definition of  Ihe term "instructional lime."  Smith said many of the  schools provide educational  programs outside the classroom  and can therefore be counted as  providing the legally required  hours and minutes.  Bolh Smith and Wood were  quick to add thai Ihis is not a  precedent-selling decision. The  agreement is only for this year,  said Wood.  "It is something that teachers  do and have always done," said  Wood of Ihe extra-curricular  activities. "It has usually been  voluntary but lhat doesn't mean  it doesn't meet the needs of  instructional lime."  Smith also added the board  will approve each school's professional day plans, provided  they can show each student is  offered the required hours of  instruction and parents and students are made aware this time  is available.  "We are trying to proceed in  a cautious and legal way," said  Smith, saying he doesn't trust  Ministry of Education promises  that they won't be audited by  "minister calendar police," who  could choose to withhold a percentage of budget funding  should it not meet their own cri-  flexibility from bolh the SCTA      teria.  Seeking seasonal solace, support at transition house  inside  cattail     pagan  umummltr   page 6  eenam    me 4  kerne       a/fit  earn       peee*  '���>���*��� pmii  By Stuart Burnside  Keep il simple: don'l let your  Christmas spirit come from a  bottle.  A small seasonal message  artistically painled on a sliding  glass door at Port Mellon's  Transition House (PMTH) for  men. but a message thai impacts  straight home and true for the  dozen plus residents of Ihe Dog-  palch drug and alcohol recovery  centre ... Chrislmas spirit wilh  no hangover.  This is Ihe first Chrislmas  celebrated at the PMTH and  many of the alcoholic and drug-  addicted residents will be passing the occasion at the house,  away from their families.  Which might not be such a  bad thing, according to PMTH  co-ordinalor Keith McNicol. He  says many of the problems  faced by alcoholics and drug  addicts stem from their home  environments. They end up  stuck in situations that perpetuate substance abuse while  accepting such situations as the  norm. Under those circumstances, McNicol says, Christmas is a far cry from being as  joyful as Chrislmas is supposed  to be.  Sitting in the living room on  Ihis overcast Thursday afternoon are two of the transition  house clients who will spend  Christmas in Dogpatch. One is  Jamie, a Coast resident who  asked to be admitted a month  ago; the other is Andy, a Van-  couverile who has been at the  house for two weeks. Both men  appear relaxed, and the scene,  'He ended up taking  a swan dive from a  Vancover rooftop'  with ils Christmas tree backdrop, could be found in half the  homes in North America  Both men have yet to see  their 35th birthday and neither  resembles the stereotypical skid  row derelict. They appear physically fit and neither suffers any  visible handicap.  Both, however, are cripples,  deformed on the inside and they  will admit as much to anyone  who asks. Jamie is an alcoholic  and Andy is addicted to drugs.  Jamie says spending a Christmas at PMTH is "no big thing,"  and that it's all part of the road  to recovery. He says he came to  the transition house because his  life blazed oul of control and  any relationship he entered  invariably ended in ashes. Now,  he says he has come to view the  house and ils occupants as a surrogate family, one lhal doesn't  criticize and one lhal cares whal  happens lo him. "This has saved  my life." he says, "I'd hit the  bottom."  Andy has a similar, if more  extreme tale. As he sits on a  transition house couch smoking.  looking perhaps a bit strung out.  he recounts how on his last drug  binge three weeks before, he  ended up taking a swan dive  from a Vancover rooftop. He  says he had discovered the  attention-fetching possibilities  of leaping from roof lo roof of  downtown buildings. He made  two successful jumps for a gathering crowd of onlookers before  television crews showed up to  record his final leap.  "I didn't make it over the  third (rooftop jump) ... it was a  long way down."  A tree broke his fall, for the  most part, bul he hit Ihe ground  hard, before hitting the news,  and ended up in hospital. McNicol got wind of his plight and  brought him to the PMTH.  turn to page 3  Transition house co-ordinator Keith McNicol  ��� ...     ,  M, Coast News, December 14,  1992  Season's Greetings  From the Faculty & Staff of Capilano College  * We will be closed lor Ihe holiday season from 4:00 pm December 18.  Normal office hours will resume 9:00 am Monday, January 4.  " Please note these other important dates:  ��� REGISTRATION:  Registration lor credit courses will take place form January 6th to 13th,  according to times shown on Permits to Register.  ' Classes will begin during the week ot January 11. Individual start dates  vary.  ��� ADULT IASIC EDUCTION:  Orientation and Registration for NEW students will take place on  Thursday, January 7 at 10:00 am. Returning students who did not  previously pre-register would register at 11:30 am. January 7. Classes in  A.B.E. commence Monday, January 11.  ' ACHIEVEMENT RESOURCES CENTRE:  The tallowing FREE WORKSHOPS will be oltered to all community  members Students (and others ) may take any one or all ol them.  Please pre- register by calling 885-9310.  Strategies lor Success in College:  Mon Jan. 11:9:00- 10:00 am  Mon. Jan. 18: 7:00-8:00 pm  Learning Irom Textbooks:  Mon. Jan. 11:10:30- 11:30 am  Mon. Jan. 18: 8:30-9:30 pm  Notetaking:  Mon. Jan. 11:11:30- 12:30 am  Tues. Jan 19:9:00 -10:00 am  Time Management  Mon. Jan. 11:1:30-2:30 pm  Tues. Jan 19:10:15- 11:15am  CAPILANO  COLLEGE  ��� EMIT CHILDHOOD EDUCATION:  In response to students' concerns, Eduction 172 (Guiding Young  Children) and Education 177 (Observing and Recording) will be offered  from 6:30 to 9:30 pm rather than the times shown in the brochure. Dates  for the courses will remain the same.  5627 Inlet Avenue ��� Sechelt B.C. ��� VON 3A0 ��� Telephone: 885-9310  SANTA'S   .  /i 9- m\      a  The World's Best  Take-Off Tool _  Now Gives You  Even More  Estimating  Power!  Scale Master Plus digital  Now more than 49 Built-in Scales!  Architectural. Engineering, Metric,  and Engineering/Map modes  "Custom Scale" accurately  scales reduced/enlarged plans  Solves Rectangular Area/Volume  Left or Right-Hand Use  "Rolls-in" dimensions either  forward and backward  Subtract key gives you power to  "back-off" measurements  Accumulating Memory subtotals  multi-page plans  Built-in Push-Button Counter  Celcon wheel gives you  slip-free scaling accuracy  User's Guide, 1 -Year Warranty  ^s  The World's Best  Building Calculator/  ******    lM      ^^    ^^    ^m    ^m  ��� Hiitf ������  ijiiii  Complete  Estimating!  Board Feet!   I  K3BD09ID  BBHB  Construction Master II  ��� Works Dfrectfy In:  / Feel-Inches. 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Though il appears nothing  was taken, many of the canned  ponds were opened and wasted,  powdered jello sprinkled  throughout the freezer and sugar  strewn aboul the floor.  The volunteers at the centre  just can'l understand why, just  guessing at who might be  responsible - kids who are  bored, Ihey thought, or maybe  someone who resents Ihe bank's  recipients."I'II lell you one  thing, if Ihey needed anything,  all Ihey had lo do is call and I'd  come righi oul," said long-time  volunteer Rudy Simon.  Simon and Ihe other two volunteers working Wednesday,  Joan Pratt and Kathy Rhodes,  said they're Ihere to help anyone who's hungry and Ihey  have enough to worry about  without having to think of how  they're going to secure Ihe  place against further attacks.  That same day they recorded  the highest figures any of the  Ihree could remember in Ihe last  seven or eight years. By the end  of the day 172 people came  through the door in need of  assistance, double Ihe figure  drawn from November.  "We're seeing an increase in  all our services," said Communily Services executive director,  Vicki Dobbyn, adding she  ~m\  mm  \lt-  mm  *1M  /  ��                     .aaaaaaaaj  4      ���>  >  1 ���  Food bank volunteer Juan Pratt checks fur daman* "r !*>���>*���'  stolen from the organisation's freezer. Darah Hansen pholo  thought il was mainly due lo the happen without Ihe centre. "We  general increase in population serve tpiilc a lot of families. All  across Ihe Coasl, people drawn I can think about is lhal they'd  from the Bart, where  Ihe recession is hitting harder, to the  Wesl where there is  a perceived notion of  safety and warmth.  "In reality, that is  often not the case  and these people  need a safely net  while they adjust  themselves and find  work."  Most people use  the bank only on a  temporary basis, said Dobbyn.  While Communily Services  exists mainly through provincial  grants, the food bank itself  operates solely on the generosity of individuals and businesses.  Dobbyn said she would hale  to even think aboul whal would  "We serve quite  a lot of  families. AU  I can think  about is that  they'd go  hungry'  ���Vicki Dobbyn  go  hungry,"  she  said.  Donations to the  food bank are always welcome in  Ihe fonn of non-perishable foods and  money.  Community Services also ac-cepts  donations to provide for their other  services including  furniture, toys and  clothes.  The donations can be sent by  post lo c/o Communily Services, Box 1069 Sechelt, VON  3A0 or dropped by the office  between 9 am and 4 pm al 5638  Inlet Avenue. Anyone with  questions is encouraged to call  885-5881.  Coast health unit reprersentatives say  high nitrate levels could harm water  from page I  "We are saying err on Ihe side of caution ...  Most of these trees are going to take 80 to 100  years to grow anyway."  That feeling is shared by Dr. Paul Martiquet,  chief medical health officer for the Coasl Garibaldi  Health Unit.  "Any chemical lhal goes inio Ihe waler is a  concern to us ... Nitrates can contaminate water  and I don't like lo see high nitrate levels," she said.  In high concentrations, nitrates can cause gastrointestinal problems and have been associated  with stomach cancer.  During fertilizer trials in the Squamish water  shed, nitrate levels increased, bul still remained  well within acceptable heallh limits.  Bul Bob Weslin of Ihe heallh unil says site-specific risk assessment reports are slill needed for  areas where fertilizer is planned and that downstream waler users should be given a chance lo  respond.  Meanwhile the ministry has backed off from  immediate plans lo treat areas near Haslam Creek,  Carlson Lake, Treat Creek, Gray Creek, (lough  Creek, and the Tzoonie River.  Says Shaw, "We're not going lo treat them this  year."  HOLLAND AMERICA LINE  1993  Alaska  Cruises  Up tO  $1000  Off ICDNI  per couple  whan booked and on deposit by Jan. 31/93.  QIBSONS MEDICAL CENTRE  886-2522      Hwy. 101 & Farnham Rd.  886*3381  Jf   ^T\\ ^  4 T +   *��� 4*- '   * * -^ . T '  Elphinstone  Secondary  -NEWS-  Absent Students  Many parents last week started to receive a recorded  message informing them that their sons/daughters were  absent for at least 1 period during the school day.  Parents can ensure they do not receive such messages  unnecessarily by calling the school beforehand or  sending us a note to let us know if any absence is  excused.  Elphi Students in Grade 12 get the Jump on College  Capilano College in Sechelt will have a number of new  students In January. These will be Grade 12 students  from Elphinstone who are also taking college level  courses. It is feasible for some Grade 12 students to take  college level courses because of the new timetable for  Grade 11 & 12 courses.  END OF TERM  After students get back from Christmas Break on Jan. 4,  they will be preparing for term, final and provincial exams  which will be held as follows:  School Exams Jan. 28 & 29  Grade 12 Provincial/Scholarship Exams Jan. 22-29  THIS IS THE LAST ELPHINSTONE SECONDARY  NEWS UNTIL JAN. 11.  Women's  resource  library to open  With perhaps a slight irony  implicit in ils title, "The  Women's Room", a new  resource library for agencies  serving women on the Coast  will officially open for borrowing Dec. 18 at Communily Services.  Co-ordinaled by members al  ihe Sunshine Coasl Women's  Transition House, the new  library will have a variety of  books and tapes on women's  issues available for lending lo  registered services only.  Some of the subjects covered by the library will be wife  assault, self-esteem, body  image and eating disorders.  An open house for registered services only will be held  al Ihe Women's Room, Dec. 18  from 11 a.m. to I p.m.  Brenda's  Cuts'n'Curls  Everyday Low Prices  For Seniors  ��� Perms $45  include* cut, roller act  or curling Iron  ��� Shampoo & Set  $12  ��� Cuts $10  EVENING APPOINTMEaNTS  FOR THE WORKING  WOMAN OR MAN  Hi  886-4805 news  Coast News, December 14,  1992 3  I ( KOWt ( A\ADIA\ (AK\ IMS        ^|  Elves Club depots at  Sunnycrest Mall, (iibsons  Park I'la/a and Pastimes in  Sechelt are tull of an  assortment <if friendly elves  toiling away to prepare the  Christmas hampers. The  food baskets will be united  with their contents at  Christian Life Assembly  beginning Dec. 16. Food  donations are accepted right  up until Friday the 18th.  Joel Johnstone photo  RIDE "THE WORLD'S BIGGEST  n" �� GOLF CART" aboard a  Eastern Caribbean trimc tan  Norwegian Cruise line's Norway y  March 6, 1993  <���  Sgt-mT.  885-8964 or toll free 1-9794584  5517 Whart St., Sechelt  Friends of Caren garner WWF grants  by Keith Ihii kill  The Friends Of Caren jusl completed a brochure about Ihe Caren  Range wilh money donated by lhe World Wildlife Fund recently,  when another substantial contribution from Ihe same organization  arrived in the treasurer's mail box.  John Field, treasurer for Friends of Caren, said Ihey applied for Ihe  second grant as soon as Ihey got started on the firsl projecl. "We had  lo show Ihem lhat we were making progress on Ihe first brochure and  obviously they fell we met the criteria for another grant," Field com  mented.  The wildlife fund gives out money on an ongoing basis for groups  or individuals taking significant steps to promote conservation.  The second grant, equal lo Ihe first grant of $2,500, will be applied  to production of a booklet about the marbled murrelet.  Field says there is still some debate about the numbers and location of these birds in the Caren but adds it is generally acknowledged  there is a population in the waters around Ihe Sechell Peninsula and in  Ihe Caren.  Weavers  We offer sparkling, creative  solutions and selections lor  Christmas gift giving.  Caff and lat ua create tor youi  Moira Zealand   lane 'Mitttehm  885-1975 885-5416  Feeling your way on road to recovery  from page I  "Now I'm here," Andy says. "I've gol  family I could spend Chrislmas with... a wife  and a kid, and my parents, bul I'm not  ready."  McNicol, himself a recovering addict and  alcoholic, was instrumental in starling the  Port Mellon transition house a year ago, and  he continues to run il like a strict but caring  parent. He says he understands alcoholics  and the emotional needs of people like Jamie  and Andy and keeps only a few hard and fasl  rules. The clients keep up their end on daily  chores and indulge in absolutely no mind or  llil i  1  mood altering substances.  "I have shown people the door," McNicol  says of the firsl year of operation. "Guys  have been asked lo leave because Ihey didn't  follow the rules."  For the most pari Ihere has been no trouble and a genuine atmosphere of goodwill  pervades the place. The first Christmas is  anticipated, if not ecstatically, with at least  resigned good nature.  Meanwhile Ihe PMTH recovery program  carries on, with daily meetings, group activities and group therapy. But the men are also  given plenty of time for themselves.  The program is based on the 12-slep  principles shared by Alcoholics Anonymous  and Narcotics Anonymous.  The centre is inspired, according to  McNicol, by other successful programs  around BC and focuses largely on getting the  men to accept their feelings and not label  everything as "anger."  "Men have a lot of feelings and emotions  Ihey are taught lo deny," McNicol said, "and  the road to recovery means they have to get  in touch with those feelings."  "ll can be very painful ... Especially at  this time of year."  OPENING SOON!  in Wilson Creek Plaza  GREK02forlPIZZA  Free Delivery from  Roberts Creek to Selma Park  885-032X  ���  Council gives library green  light for Holland Park expansion  ���: vr-  by Charles Hart  A referendum could be held  as early as spring to raise the  cash needed for a new Gibsons  and District Public Library.  The breakthough came last  week when Gibsons council  gave approval in principle for a  new library to be buill on a sile  in Holland Park, a decision  which hinged partly on resolving parkland issues in the  town's draft official communily  plan.  The library board favours a  localion in the south-east corner  of Holland Park, opposite Ihe  post office. A sile analysis  including soil testing, and feasibility study to determine building size, costs and parking, will  be carried oul lo ensure Ihe  location is suitable.  "Once we determine Ihe sile  and gel approval from Gibsons,  we will gel together wilh Ihe  town and areas E and F of Ihe  regional dislricl for a referendum," said building committee  chairman John Young.  He said a one-slorey building  of up lo 6,000 sq.ft. is planned,  and an application will be made  to Ihe provincial governmenl for  a grant to help with construction  costs.  Young said he could not eslimale whal Ihe price tag might  be until the studies are complete.  The existing library is woefully inadequate to serve Ihe  growing lower Coasl population  with volunteers now working  under crowded, uncomfortable  conditions and users finding it  increasingly difficult to access  books and magazines, Young  said.  "Now it's so busy il's  become a chore for volunteers,"  he said. "Il's just horrendous."  Judging from overwhelming  community support in 1989  when areas E and F joined in  helping pay for library operating  costs, Young said he is optimistic the new library plan will  receive strong public support  when the referendum is held.  "It's a bil of a motherhood  issue."  Gibsons Cllr. Ted Hume, the  town's representative on the  board, said he was pleased that  council has made a decision.  "They've been held back and  held back," he said of the  library plan. "We'd like to expedite it so they can get going."  1 * *. m  V     NEW     ^f  CHINA KITCHEN  RESTAURANT  RING IN THE  NEW YEAR!  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Coast News, December 14, 1992  opinion  Paying the pros  for profiteering  It has become costly and fashionable for governments  at all levels to hire consultants to tell them what they  want to hear. The political expediency of such a course is  especially alluring, it seems, when the delicate matter of  salaries is on the agenda.  At least Gibsons council recently had the good grace to  appoint a volunteer committee composed of local citizens  when it decided to review pay rates for mayor and councillors. Other municipalities have cozied up to their  favourite consultants to draft the comprehensive, 'impartial' and publicly persuasive report for which they were  commissioned.  A fine example at the provincial level is Ihe review of  MLA remuneration currently being compiled by C.J.  Connaghan and Associates Ltd., of Vancouver. A final  report is expected in the next week or so, but the erudite  Mr. Connaghan found it expedient to send out press  releases in November to soften up the public for what's to  come. Naturally, that's part of the job description too.  The job of MLA in the province is a year-round,  seven-days-a-week undertaking requiring a commitment  of up to 65 hours a week, the consultant advises. Alas, he  has found that the perception of the public of what an  MLA does is far different from that forbidding reality.  "The necessity to schedule personal and family time  around the job demands often places a heavy toll on family life," Connaghan intones. Were that it were otherwise  in too many walks of life whose financial rewards and  perks pale in comparison to the benefits often accorded  those who wager a spell in public life.  Not to mention those plump little pension plans.  BC residents are about to hear in grisly detail how their  fearless representatives in the legislature are overworked,  underpaid and hence overdue for a new compensation  package that will keep people interested in running for  public office.  Not only that, but we'll pay for the privilege too- at  consultants' rates.  Towards a better way,  why not here and now?  A regular reader of our Page Four made the point in  conversation recently that it simply wouldn't be enough  to break the ties between the NDP and the trade unions if  one would reform the electoral scene in Canada.  Of course. All federal parties must be rescued from  obligation to sponsors, whether corporate or trade union.  With that cautionary proviso, our friend informed us  that not only could it be done but that it has been done. In  New Brunswick in 1975 then premier Richard Hatfield  began to find the demands of his own bagmen to be  insupportable.  Hatfield passed a law making political contributions  illegal and providing from the treasury $2 to the political  parties for every vote cast in the previous election.  If this stumbling provincial government of ours wants  to make its mark and maybe even win re-election, let it  follow Hatfield's lead.  Money would be apportioned to the NDP, the Liberals  and the Socreds based on their share of the popular vote  in the 1991 election.  It would be a giant step towards open and honest government and away from the pork barrel of political  favouritism. The electorate would be the winners.  Why not here? Why not now?  letters  Canada's greed, not  Mulroney to blame  Your latest Musings in the  Weekender prompted me to join  lhe fray.  I am one of the very few men  in Canada who believes our  Prime Minister is a very capable  leader. Considering that the  majority of other people in the  world agree with me, then any  thinking man, especially a journalist of great repute, would be  inclined to examine the Canadian people who are so critical.  We must judge any political  leader on the prestige and status  that he is able to maintain for  his country in the rest of the  world.  From any point of view,  Canada is close to the top: economic success, contributions to  the peace of the world, helping  less developed countries, actual  polidtical stability, level of education, and, perhaps most  important, the ability to innovate and produce products with  our industry that are competitive  and in demand in the world.  These days a country must  compete from within as well as  internationally. World trade is  the name of the game and unless  a country erects complete trade  barriers and tries to be self-sufficient, which is virtually impossible (contrary to the federal  NDP platform), then it must be  ready to compete in all world  markets including its own.  Looking into Canada from  without leads one to believe that  Canadians have very little to  complain about. My word to  those  snivelling,   whining,  hypercritical Canadians who  think that Canada is ahout to  collapse because Brian Mulroney is the worst leader in Ihe  world should Iry living in Somalia or South Africa or even  Yugoslavia.  They should try Russia for a  few years where the rale of  inflation has been 2000% and  unemployment over 207c.  If they are looking for something real lo complain about,  ihey should try the greatest  country in the world and lake up  residence in ihe hot section of  Los Angeles.  Our problem is lhal we have  been terribly misled by our  friend Pierre Trudeau. In order  to continue lo be re-elected he  developed a party platform of  universal social programs, lie  knew thai Canada could not  afford them, bul claimed lhat he  could pay for them with deficit  financing because inflation  would tend to wipe out this  debt,  Of course, al the same lime  he admitted that he knew very  little about economics or even  the business world. Mulroney  inherited not only the deficit but  Ihe universal social programs.  He attempted to cut back  where people could most afford  il and those Canadians raised  such a stink that he had to back  off. If Cauda is on the bubble  today wiih ils deficit, then don't  blame Mulroney, blame the selfish Canadians who wanted more  and more from iheir governmenl  and screamed to high heaven  when they found they had to  pay for it as well as iheir past  sins.  TAM JOHNSON  Gibsons  Community spirit  lights up Christmas  Friday evening, Dec. 4 saw  Ihe Christmas lights at Rockwood Centre turned on and  marked the official beginning of  the 1992 Christmas season. The  flicking of the switch and the  wonderful evening lhat followed  was made possible because of  Ihe community spirit and the  generous gifts of time and  letters welcome  We welcome letters to the editor on matters of public  interest. However, we reserve the right to edit  submissions for brevity, clarity and legality. Please mail  your letters to:  The Editor  Sunshine Coast News  Box 68  Sechelt, B.C.  VON 3A0  resources by a large number of  people.  We, the board and staff of  Rockwood would like lo thank  Ihe following groups and individuals: John Kennedy of Pari-  fica Pharmacy, Rick and Carol  al Sechelt Hardware, Dave  Lamb al Home Hardware and  l.ce al CiBS for the generous  donation of Christmas bulbs;  MCs Reg and Lynne Dickson of  Harmony fame; Layle Kenyan  and Ihe Chatelech Band; Karen  Boothroyd's School of Performing Arts and Mrs. Claus (who  loaned her camera loo): Dawn  Dickson and lhe Quarterloncs  and Jan Bcnda - magician  extraordinaire - for providing a  full slale of marvellous cnierfai-  menl; Mark Sutherland for pro  fcssional stage setup; Mayor  Macl.arty and Kay Little for  Iheir words of greeting; Bryan  Carson of The Press and Joel  Johnstone of the Coast News;  George Simpson, John l.ouis,  Winston Van Popta, Robert  MacLarty, Anne Gregory,  Penny and Roger Ulmer, Carol  Oslie, Nicki Schmidt, Pat  Braithwaite, Polly Powley and  Bill Bailey for lending Iheir  willing hands to all of lhe  delails and when il was all over,  Ben, Adrien, Karen and George  for Iheir gifts.  Most important of all, lhank  you Sunshine Coasters for com  ing in droves. By all reports, il  was a wonderful evening and  serves as an excellent example  of the incredible power of communily.  A Merry Christmas to all and  a best ever New Year.  SANDY MCBRIDF.  Rockwood Centre  Finding a winning play on the board game of life  There is no hope, these days, of climbing near  the top of the money tree just by doing your job  weU.  Crooks can do it, baseball players vault easily to  tbe top in their early '20s, and movie stars are  accustomed to the heights. But for your average  fellow, il's a long trail that winds and winds without much climbing.  This is particularly true as our governments and  banks work their magic on the coin of the realm. A  generation ago, I am told, you could buy a good  family home in Vancouver for $30,000. Today, an  'entry level' home for the young family will cost  you $250,000.  So we toil away, those of us lucky enough to  have jobs, running ever more madly to keep from  slipping backwards down the slippery slope.  It's enough to make even a lemming look for  new directions.  My friend in the city, Macdonnell, is in the process of house hunting these days, choking on the  entry level prices and fulminating on what is happening in his native province to the unpretentiously  locally bom seeking permanent shelter.  We turn our collars against the lashing rain of a  December day and decide to splash our way  through the broken flagstones and over the torrents  musings  john burnside  running in the gutter the several blocks between  ourselves and the nearest pub, rather than attempt  the near impossibility of finding parking anywhere  within five miles of the city centre.  The day fits our mood; the prospects look bleak  and trouble sure. As we splash our way to the chosen haven we turn over a few thoughts about what  we can do to improve the prospects.  "How about a board game," said Duncan. "I  really fancy one called 'Cut the Deficit'. I mean  it's going to be current for years to come and since  we can't deal with the real thing on any level we  could pretend to deal with it at home."  "I was thinking about a board game called 'Butt  Out'," I said wistfully. Duncan had just paused in  the lee of a building and lit up a Players Light. I  had conscientiously refrained from joining him  since I was yet again on a regime of planned withdrawal. A new approach, a new hope.  "I mean it could be a beauty. Heroic resolve,  much backsliding, shocking hazards, monstrous  lax increases threatening economic well being. It's  got everything, Duncan. Real problems, real  rewards, real dangers. I mean il would sell."  Duncan took a deep and, what seemed to me,  satisfying drag at his cigarette and squinted  through the smoke at me sideways.  "It will never sell," he said. "C'mon, are you  going to dish out cards thai say 'You have lung  cancer. Leave the game' and sell il as home entertainment? How about: 'You have developed  emphysema. From now until the game ends divide  all dice rolls by two and move at half speed. In the  case of penalty cards incurred you must double the  penalty.' I can see you sitting al home alone with  your board game, buddy."  "Maybe we could sell it to the Third World, like  all the rest of the poisonous junk we can't use. Did  you see where Thailand was forced to allow the  sale of American cigarettes by the General Agreement on Tariffs and Trade? Apparently it's all in  the interest of free trade. Thanks to GATT, Duncan, we're going to have a market in Asia for the  foreseeable future for Butl Out. I tell you it can be  a winner. It's the Snakes and Ladders for the '90s."  "Well, we can give it a shot, if you insist," said  Duncan, "but I do believe the market to be limited  and dwindling. I find precious little empathy  among non-smokers for the smoker's problems  and doubl they can be persuaded to play a board  game about expected agonies. We are, as they say,  an endangered species.  "On the other hand, take my idea of a game  called 'Cul lhe Deficit'. It's very fashionable.  Everybody wants to do it but at no expense to  themselves, ll sets up an insuperable obstacle and  endless rivalries as the corporations, ihe banks, ihe  trade unions, the politicians - everybody schemes  to cut Ihe deficit at somebody else's expense.  "Think about it. You could have a card thai  fired the Minister of Finance for incompetence and  denied him Unemployment Insurance for just  cause dismissal. On a lucky night you could gel the  whole Tory cabinet sleeping under bridges."  "Only one problem I can see," I said. "How  would the game ever end?"  "That is the problem," agreed Duncan. He  flicked his cigarette butt into one of the many  available puddles and we went into the pub to pay  some more taxes.  COAST^NEWS  Siatamj-aSon ��il"a:  Ca.ni*: 1 year ��� $35 + $2.45 CST - $37.45  6 months. $20* $1 40 CST-$21.40  fomtn: 1 yaw ��� $40 (No CST)  Rig. No. 4702  The Sunshine Coast News is locally owned  Manager*  Pat Tripp  Editor*              Charles Marl  and published on the .Sunshine Coast B.C.  every Monday by Glassford frets ltd.  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These are questions thai we  might Dot ordinarily bother lo  ask, and even if ihe answers  were known, we might well  reply, or snap back - "so what?"  Nonetheless I have been  reading a series of reports and  reviews of the Moscow stage in  ihose years and while 1 was  reading them, almost by accident (because I wanted short  ihings. amusingly written, thai  could be jusl picked up and put  down) slill ii grew on mc lhal  these were of special interest,  and lhal somehow, somewhere  they had something to say about  Ihe changing face of Christmas  in our lime.  The reviews are by Kenneth  Tynan, a leading London critic  back then who also wrote regularly for the New Yorker; before  doing Ihis series he had never  been lo Moscow and possibly  no other western theatre observer had either. Tynan al least  arrived with a mass of misconceptions.  He was surprised to begin  wilh by Ihe sheer number of theatres regularly producing every  night around Ihe calendar. Ihere  were 32. Some of these were  devoted to ballet, opera, light  opera and ihree produced entirely plays for children.  This still left 21 continuously  operating houses producing  legitimate theatre. Anyway you  looked al il there had to be variety here, and il was a variety he  hadn't expected lo find in the  Russian Stale.  Then it was the organization  of all these theatres lhat struck  him. He had expected a theatre  that was slate organized and  slate subsidized and state directed and censored, heavily orient-  yachako rajw  dSgcV/ Rowers & Herbs       *' JL  **f in White Wine Vinegar ��'���  Chutney       Pepper Jetty  Gourmet Honey  in a nutshell  ��� Nasturtium ��� Rosemary       ���Apricot ��� Hot Yellow  ��� Ltvendei   ��� Cwkma    ��� l'lum lYprxr ��� Sweet Yellow  ��� Spearmint   ��� Anise ��� lalapeno  DEUVERY AVAHABIl " Swwt Ktd  Roberts Crs-ok ��� 886-7859  ed to doctrinaire ideology. This  was, he found, an old-fashioned  notion. Since 1948 only Iwo of  all these theatres had been slate  subsidized. How in the world  then did all these others make  out?  When Tynan began to look  into lhe theatres themselves this  question became harder and  harder lo answer. They were  individual 'slock' companies,  lhat is, they had Iheir own continuing pool of actors from  which they drew lo cast the various plays in their repertoire and  since ihey only mounted a play  for two nights at a time, their  repertoires were extensive.  Every theatre maintained a  permanent company of between  80 and 150 actors. This, Tynan  thought, 'seemed unbelievable'  in view of ihe 'splendour of lhe  productions.'  Tynan had got there in Ihe  first place in the wake of the  first British production to be  invited lo play in Russia since  the revolution. It was, its producer said, Ihe mosi expensive  production of Hamlet he had  ever produced. In Moscow they  were surprised thai it had only  one sel and many actors played  more than one part. 'Cost-cut-  ling' ihey had to be told and  ihey couldn't believe it.  How did they do it then?  Well of course, Ihey paid no  renl and then Ihey paid no entertainment lax, bul mainly the  answer was lhal Ihey commonly  played throughout the year to 95  per cent of capacity.  letters  Canada Post  changes appalling  An "Across the Miles"  response lo Ihe recent article in  Coast News concerning the sorting of Sunshine Coast mail in  Vancouver. We are quite baffled  and somewhat appalled to discover this is the decision made  by our illustrious Canada Post.  In fact, it is the most insane  decision we have heard in some  time!  The Post Offices in Sechell,  Gibsons and other town do a far  superior job to thai of a large  city sorting facility and they  also provide much needed  , employment to the residents in  lhe various locations.  On a personal note, this also  explains why our copy of the  Coast News faithfully mailed  from your offices takes anywhere from four days lo Ihree  weeks to arrive. To us it has  become a game of chance wondering if il will arrive for good  weekend reading or do we catch  up on the local news two weeks  later! We look forward lo the  arrival of same and enjoy the  contents immensely.  (JERRY ami PATRICIA  COUCHMAN  (iormlcy, Ont.,  soon to be residents of Sechell.  Stimulating interest  as a matter of course  Historical Geology sounds to  most people to be a rather boring title for a Continuing Gd  course but when put in Ihe  hands of a person like Bill  Phillips it takes on a new and  fascinating aspect.  Bill has lhe knack of making  what would appear lo be mundane things into the most interesting subjects and stimulates  interest in such diverse things as  dinosaurs, their sudden extinction, ice ages, volcanoes, fossils  and our ancestors like "Lucy."  A little bit of astronomy  thrown in for good measure  wilh particular reference to  comets and so called heavenly  bodies and of course Ihe big  bang theory were all given their  share of Ihe six two-hour periods.  I would like to suggest  another couple of nighls would  be worth considering. I don'l  think any of the eight people  attending Ihis course were disappointed and are looking forward to the nexl instalment in  the fall of 1993.  JOHN HIND-SMITH  Sechelt  iniiiii ii i in .   . iij.ii.il ii iii.!)iii .in..      ii   mjiiini im.imijliui! I.    . jiiiiiiiiiiimji.jjiiiii.ijiijj.ji.iijii.1  A picture is worth a thousand words  ...come and experience  TWIGS  J*Ua��a,    ffl      '  ^*$km%m-���-\  ���\t\- \ 'WniaB&J*  fa  _ -IJ^-p-v^.-    -.****-E-J  Call Janice for your unique Christmas  fresh floral arrangements.  449 Marine llr., Gibsons  (beside Dnckside rharmacy)  886-7435  stuart nutter  lhe first time 1 was on stage  (and almost the last) I was in a  Christmas pantomime put on in  a town in Ihe south of England.  I was possibly six and I played a  firefly. It was noi a 'splendid  production' bul it was fun and il  was based on Ihe truly splendid  productions of the annual  Christmas pantomimes in London: Dick Whittington, Aladdin,  Cinderella, etc.  In their way classics, as most  of the productions in Moscow  when Tynan was there were  also the classics, done up to lire  nines as richly ordered spectacles (mind you (he acting was  also splendid.)  The lime we are talking  about was something more than  30 years after Ihe revolution. A  strong move had been made to  wipe out religious practices. Is  it fanciful lo suppose lhat Ihe  Moscow theatre developed as  some sort of substitute?  Our own godlessness is not  imposed and il is therefore Ihe  more real. Our substitute theatre, if that's what it is. appears  on a screen in every living  room, but it has little to say  aboul good will, and little perhaps about humanity.  Bul cheer up in ihis season.  Raise a noggin' and raise a  voice. 'A Christmas Carol' is  bound to come on the screen -  our perennial Chrislmas play  altogether secular throughout.  Well, 'God bless us everyone' is  hardly going to lead to an organized religion - and ihose Ihree  ghosts have gol to be pagan.  *-Y2*  HAPPY  HOLIDAYS  from the staff of The Coast News  Most people think  there's only one way  to help  the developing world.  We ha\ e 26.  *$��%%  VllMilium... ihniui-tililt-Tat)  in lIuili'M'liipiiiu unrld  ���a?*  0  &G  ow its out...  Dietmar is here to stay  at Supershape!  '%  n  ��� ��� ictniaU' would like to lake  ��� ���this opportunity to  I I welcome Karen from  *\*mw Vancouver to his styling  team, We <ve now featuring our  Total Makeover Team to  create your new image  for 1993. Introducing  personalized  make-up  applications  and lessons by  Karen.' Also,  acrylic nails  and manicures  by lielle.  We wish you evil the very best of  the season and the upcoming  year from the Supershape  Team; Dietmar, Wendy,  lirenda. Karen, Debbie. Aline,  *i<? lielle. Call us today at  885-2818 for your  makeover  appointment.  "Natural  daytime  & evening  looks...  <**! IPF R QH A PF   UNISEX HAIR *  3111   LlVjIlnil   L    TANNING CENTRE  CORNER Of COWRIE 8. 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Relax anil enjoy our spectacular tiew,  wonderful homes tyle cooking for  breakfast, lunch & dinner  7 days a week  FAMILY DINING  Andy's Restaurant ��� (unch and dinner speci.il every dav Every  Wednesday nighl is Prime Rib  Night. House specialties include  veal dishes, steaks, seafood, pasta,  piza, Thai food and lots of NEW  dishes. Don't miss Andy's great  Brunch Buffet every Sundav from  11 am ��� 2:30 pm. Hwy 10i, Gibsons, 886*3388. Open Sunday and  Monday 11 am -9 pm, Tuesday -  Saturday 11 am - 10 pm.  The Bolt Houie - lust a ferry ride  away in beautiful Horseshoe Bay,  offering daily choices of fresh and  flash frozen seafood from the West,  East and Gulf Coasts as well as a  variety of other specialties. Join us  after 5 pm for dinner or for our  spectacular Sunday Brunch, served  between 10:30 am and 2 pm.  Friendly service in a relaxed atmosphere and fabulous meals are just  some of the reasons you'll keep  coming back. If vou have an important rendezvous or a ferry to catch,  please let us know and we'll make  the necessary accommodations. For  reservations call 921-8188. All  major credit cards accepted.  Cate Pierrot - Comfortable atmosphere with warm, helpful staff.  Homemade pastas, quiches and  daily specials are aU prepared with  the freshest ingredients - both  healthful and delicious. Our whole  wheat bread and scrumptious  desserts are baked fresh dailv, on  the premises. Outside dining, take  out orders for the beach and cappuccino are available. The Coast's  bistro...as unique as the Coast  itself. Mon-Thurs 9 - 5. Fri & Sat 9 -  9. Closed Sunday- Teredo Square,  Sechelt. Phone ahead for your  lunch! 885-9962.  Oar Lebanon Restaurant ��� Come and  join us for Lebanese cuisine lunch  and Dinner features include Chick  en, Beef, Lamb and Vegetarian  dishes, Shishkebabs, Falafels, Cappuccino, Espresso and Desserts.  Mon - Sat 10am - 11pm, Sundav  11am ��� 11pm. F.at in or take-out.  Catering for parties and weddings.  Everything we make is made with  love! Gibsons Par.k Pla/a, Hwy.  101. at Pratt Road, Gibsons, 88b-  3572. Visa and MasterCard.  Licensed  Haid-A-Way Restaurant Bring the  whole family and join us for great  dining at the Haid-A-Way Restaurant in Gibsons Motor Inn on I Iwy.  101 at Park Rd. Our friendly, helpful staff and warm, pleasant atmosphere will add to your enjovment  of our excellent breakfast, lunch  and dinner menu, which includes a  children's section.We're open 7  days a week, 5:30am - 2pm, closed  from 2pm - 5pm with evening  hours 5pm-10pm. Our Sunday buffet (11 am - 2 pm) features a  scrumptious salad bar, with a large  selection of hot and cold dishes  and desserts. Eat to your heart's  content. Don't forget our Friday  night 2 for 1 special 5pm-10pm.  Reservations 886-4501. 50 seats  plus banquet room.  HMskto Family Restaurant Now Open  in Seaview Place, Hwy 101 Gibsons. Family Dining with Special  Children's Menu. Relaxed country  atmosphere and reasonable prices.  Our specialties are stea-ks and burgers, homemade soups, pies and sal  ads, and entres. Dailv Specials.  lake-Out available upon request.  Licensed & air conditioned. Open  Sun - Ihurs, II am - 10 pm. Fri &  Sat 11 am - 11 pm. 886-2993  The Omega Restaurant With a perfect view of Gibsons 1 iarlxnir, and  a good time atmosphere, the  Omega is a people-watcher's paradise. You 11 often see Bruno  Gerussi. star of the Beachcombers,  dining here. The modified menu  includes hamburgers, pizza, pasta,  steaks, chicken, seafood, slirfrys,  ribs, salads and desserts. Banquet  facilities available. Reservations  recommended. Located in Gibsons  Harbour at 281 Gower Toint Rd.  886-2268. Open for lunch and dinner Mon. - Fri., 11:00 am - 10:00  pm, Sat. 4:00 pm - 10:00 pm. Sun.  4:00 pm - 9:00 pm.  NIGHT ON THE TOWN  Jolly Roger - Spectacular waterfront  dining in Secret Cove Lunch and  dinner served seven days a week  from 11:00 a.m. Lunch specials  daily Dinner menu includes fresh  seafood, chicken, steaks, pasta and  pizza wilh homemade dough. All  pies and breads are baked fresh  daily on the premises. A children's  menu is also available. Join us for  Brunch on Sunday from 10:00 a.m.  - 2:00 p.m. Fully licensed. Visa,  Mastercard. Mercer Road, Secret  Cove. Reservations recommended.  885-7184.  The Wharf - Open for breakfast,  lunch and dinner seven days a  week. Breathtaking ocean view  and sunsets from everv table. Continental cuisine and seafood at its  best. Sundav Brunch from 8 am - 2  pm. Fully licensed and air conditioned. Dinner reservations recommended. Hwy. 101, Davis Bay  885-7285.  New China Kitchen ��� GIBSONS  PARK PLAZA, 1100 HWY. 101.  Come enjoy our Gourmet Chinese  Buffet featuring over 16 hot dishes  plus salad bar & dessert. Also featuring a full service menu including Canadian Cuisine. Lunch or  Dinner Licensed premises, dining  facilities fur meetings, banquets  and parties Hours: Sunday -  Thursday 11 30 am 9 pm. Friday  & Saturday, 11:30 am - 10:00 pm,  lunch buffet 11.30 am - 2:30 pm,  dinner buffel 4:30 pm 8:30 pm  For reservations call 886 3028. Tree  delivery from 5 pm 8 30 pm within 6 km radius Minimum $15  order. Visa/Mastercard accepted.  Backeddy Pub Enjoy the natural  beauty of [ervtl Inlet while tasting  one of our many homestyle specialties in the pub; or the casual  surroundings of our family restaurant. Our "Skookum Burger" is a  challenge to the biggest appetite.  Backeddy Pub - located 1/2 mile  north of Egmont on Maple Road.  Closed Monday and Tuesday. Pub  open noon - closing. Kitchen  hours: Noon -8:00 pm.  Irvlnes Landing Pub - Dinner menu  offers a variety of appetizers and  entres featuring local produce and  fresh seafood in a relaxed setting  with ocean view. Average dinner  for two, $30. We're now open 5  days a week - Fri & Sat: Noon - 11  pm, kitchen Noon - 9 pm; Sun,  Mon & Thurs: Noon - 10 pm,  kitchen Noon - 9 pm. For the WINTER MONTHS ONLY, we are  closed Tues. & Wed. Pender Har  bour, 883-1145, Mastercard k Visa.  Fully licensed  FINE DINING  Blue Heron Inn - Localed on the  waterfront, enjoy the view of East  Porpoise Bay Relax and experience the deck which is now open  for lunch and dinner.Observe the  tranquil ducks and geese or dine  by moonlight with a candle at your  table. To savor this superb dining  experience, reservations are  required for dinner, Fully licensed.  Hours, Wednesday- Sunday.  Lunch 11 am- 2pm, Dinner 5 pm.  885-3847.  Chez Philippe Restaurant at Bonniebrook Lodge. Ihe fire is burning everv evening in our rugged  stone fireplace. We have candlelight, fresh flowers, linen table  cloths and napkins on our tables.  Soft music is the final touch to sel  the scene for a relaxed evening of  fine dining. We have an extensive  wine list and friendly, professional  service. Your hosts Chef Philippe  and Karen l.acoste invite you to  have that special dinner you go to  Vancouver for, right here in Gibsons.  A NIGHT TO REMEMBER New  Years Eve: Call for details at Chez  Philippe. Follow Gower Point  Raod to Ocean Beach Esplanade.  Reservations recommended. 886-  2188. Open from 5:30 pm 6 days a  week Closed Wednesdays.  Creek House - Intimate dining and  European cuisine in a sophisticated  yet casual atmosphere. We serve  selections of rack of lamb, duck,  crab, clams, scallops, steaks and  daily specials from a constantly  changing menu. Reservations recommended. Roberts Creek Road  and Beach Avenue - 885-9321.  Open from 6 pm. Ihurs. through  Sun, Visa & Mastercard, 40 seats.  El Nino - Dine in the finest ocean  view restaurant in Gibsons Landing. Savour the delights of fresh  seafood from around the world.  Our extensive Dinner Menu  includes fresh seafood in our soup,  salad, hot or cold appetizers, main  courses and pastas. Other entres  include steak, veal, chicken and  lamb Caesar salad for Iwo and  flam be1 desserts are prepared al  your tableside. Our lunch menu  contains sandwiches and burgers,  l.unch hours: Ihurs thru Mon  11:30 - 2:30. Dinner hours: Wed  thru Mon 4:30 - 9:30. CLOSED  TUESDAYS. Visa and Mastercard.  Reservations recommended. 886*  389|.  Pebbles ��� On The Besch - Dine in a  friendly atmosphere, watch cruise  ships glide by & sample the fine  cuisine of this renowned restaurant. Open 7 day a week for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Brunch on  Sunday 8*3. Dinner Reservations  Recommended. In the heart of  Sechelt at the Driftwood Inn, Trail  Avenue. 885-5811.  EAT IN TAKE OUT  Emit 4 Gmn's Drive In - Take oul, or  delivery. Pizza, dinners, salads,  burgers, chicken, desserts, drinks,  ice cream. Free home delivery  within 4 miles, after 5 pm only, on  $10 minimum orders. Small charge  for orders under $10. Hwy. 101.  Gibsons. 886-7813.  Lions granting wishes  by Aunts Luhontc  Have you heard of Makc-A-Wish, Canada? The Gibsons Lions  Club has joined wilh other clubs on the Coast to make Ihis a projecl  for ihe coming year. The Make-A-Wish Foundation of BC is a charitable organization with lhe sole purpose of granting Ihe wishes of  children with life threatening diseases - children who may not live  beyond lhe age of 18.  Wishes are many and varied - from tickets lo a football game to  meet lhe athletes, to a longed-for pet, a Irip lo distant grandparents, a  holiday in Disneyland and many more. The besl interests of Ihe child  are always considered and wishes always include lhe immediate  family. Donalions are welcome, although lhe Foundation does not  publicly solicit funds.  Locally Ihe cluh has pins which sell for $10 as a fundraiser.  Please help us by purchasing one of these pins from Frank Salconi  (886-4976) or Cliff Moss (886-9768 evenings). All proceeds collected will be to the benefit of a child from the Coast.  Penny Pic has been delayed until the New Year. Lucky winner of  $I(X) from (Iibsons l.ions TV Bingo forCmme 2 was Mrs. Gall Mul-  caster, The pre-Christmas sale of Gourmet Foods has netted a profit  of $MX) which will be given to Timmy's Telethon. The communily  response was excellenl.  Residents of Kiwanis Village are most appreciative of Ihe services of one of our members who quietly provides rides to seniors  for shopping. Many thanks to all who support our programs and may  all have a happy holiday season.  Gibsons student rewarded  Kwantlen College presented  scholarships and awards lo 90  recipients at its annual scholarship and awards ceremony held  at the Richmond Inn Nov. 26.  Tracey Forrest of Gibsons  received the Dunwoody and  Company Award and Kwantlen  College Second Year Scholarship. The scholarships, awards  and bursaries are given lo students attending Kwantlen Col  lege in recognition of academic  excellence  "Students face enormous  challenges and obstacles while  acquiring their education," college board member George Preston told the audience. "Fortunately, scholarships and awards  are available to ease some of  the financial burden. They lighten lhe load many students must  endure."  New Arrivals from  ceo  Dresses  Skirts  Ponchos  Jackets  Separates  Open 11-4 Sunday  Mon. ��� Thurs. W ��� 5:X  Fnday 10 - 6  5729 Cimm SI��� Sachalt  8856460  ��\\\\�� ���.-A*.\\\1\ v��.v  ExcQlilxr Luxury Limousines  "RIDE IN STYLE WITH EXCAUBER"  ��� Fully Licensed ��� Uniformed Drivers ���  Drink and DON'T Drive and have a  great Christmas with your family.  EDNA ��� JOHN  885-4666 ��� 885-4666 ��� 885-4666  george In qlbsons  by George Cooper  Although Princeton is usually only a gas slop for our occasional travelling on the  Crowsnesl highway, we did  stop in October for a meal as  well,  The friendly gas attendant  directed us to Ihe Mini Chef  restaurant on lhe town's Vermilion Street, the sile of Iheir  museum and courthouse. "The  best in town," she said.  The crowded restaurant certainly supported her recommendation, and our breakfast  proved it. Whal a surprise to  find the enterprise was part of  Ihe Princeton Community Services Society's range of programs. The Mini Chef provides  not only work experience bul  employment for "developmen-  tally impaired and disabled  people," providing work Ihey  are not able lo gel elsewhere.  When we were ihere we  were (old there were 12  trainees on staff along with six  to eight other persons of experience in restaurant service.  From Ihe society's information  leaflets we learned 'delegations  from all over the province visit  the Princeton programs' and 'a  current waiting list for this  work experience testifies lo the  need for similar programs elsewhere.'  "The trainees are real  employees," the friendly waitress told us, "paid wages and  expected to produce good service." All this grew oul of Ihe  society's meals on wheels program. All profits go into district communily services.  Langdale  The school is selling Chrislmas coupon books which offer  hundreds of dollars of savings  al local Landing businesses and  services. All for $10, benefits  of proceeds lo school projects.  The recent three-way reporting week brought teacher,  pupil, and parents together to  discuss pupil programs, needs  and goals. The school principal  was gratified to see "participants head lo head pouring  over portfolios..."  That word 'pouring' may be  ihe key lo lhe cause of the  abundance of rain ihis pasl  monlh.  Thrift Shop  The Si. Mary's Hospital  Thrift Shop will be closed from  Ihis Salurday. Dec. 19 al .1 pm  unlil Jan. 5, nexl year. Since  there will be no one al lhe  shop, please do not leave donalions during this lime.  Going Away  on Vacation?  Your Secret's  Safe With Us  Leave your cares at home with us.  Pel / Animal Care  Mail Charing and Forwarding  Indoor Plant and Yaid Maintenance  Regular Home Cheek or Live-in Service  CALL SIMON 885-2228  rCwiM Him - WolA  If^uBeul  BONDED LICENSED INSURED  _\giS_______S-g-s���mmi  am Coast News, December 14,  1992  community  rv)  ~*wrr  i A'  ��   1  IP  {^" fi  i^_\  .^^W*-  ^H                                                                                                                               BV             -^^.1                      a-^a^k.  '" i  l^l^^9     /   jfl^  _____  HI    ' .V'H  f ^  (f 7/r  4  ' i\  w  ?    v/4 ;   V'  m,\  ti  A  l/l if ������'<J  &-\  ���^ lg  111// ��� jUHP**)  m_:'i  *  p 0  ..   ,W\-.l>^2E  **-.. ��� _\  , l f J||  s^^       ^  y*^BIi^fc' ���     'V  KmmU  ���^55��  %l  ^|l%V^***Ha*  -^ '   ���--5r,|  ^^^^^^^^^^**^^H H^k.                                 -���Mm  ��� 1  mrm-*i^m  JSS <"--mWmf  ^���i    -     Ae^-ySmrnKXtfL^^^  m*~*-w jy%  Looking for the best price on your next trip?  TRY US!  Call Bill at Incentive Travel  885-5984  V    or 1-921-8131 _��  Christmas space still tu tillable lo many destinations  the  R���AL ���STAT��� COR06R  by Herb Craig  HEP: GIBSONS REALTY  roberts creek  hy Beverley Shipley  Roberts Creek dad, Brian McAndrew, who  recently donated a very meaningful logo for  Roberts Creek elementary, spoke about his reasons  for creating lhe logo. While silling al the breakfast  table one morning thinking ahout the school and  the fact lhat they had no logo, he started doing  some sketches. From his pen came an open school  book with a rising sun, Roberts Creek itself and  childien and adulls silhouetted wilh joining hands.  Il says a lol about the goals of Ihe school and Ihe  community. Brian was happy to create the logo as  he staled he "can't donate much time, so I'm  happy lo do so in other ways." Daughters Sandia,  8 and l.ydia, 7, who attend Roberts Creek elementary, arc really proud of their dad.  Brian, who has just started a new graphics business called Beyond Oraphlx, has had a lot of experience in Ihe business after working in advertising  production al the Coast News for the pasl four  years.  School News  The school's Chrislmas Concert is to be held on  the evening of Tuesday, Dec. 15 at 7 pm, wilh lhe  davis bay news  dress rehearsal Ihis morning al 9:13 am. Christmas  break ihis year is from Dec. 21 to Jan. I.  Carolling  It's Chrislmas carolling lime again and you air  invited to sing carols the night of Salurday. Dec.  19. The plan is to meet at 7 pm in downtown  Roberls Creek and go along Beach Avenue to the  picnic site. If enough people show, Ihere will be a  second group go along Lower Road. Bring flashlights.  New Year's Eve  Creekers, New Year's live celebrations are in  the works. This year a parly will be held at the  hall, with all proceeds going lo Ihe hall fund.  Tliree to five local bands have agreed to play a set  e,ich, interspersed wilh acoustic ballads from other  Creekers. if you are interested in performing con  tact I re at the following number.  Organizers would like this lo be a Creek parly.  more than just a dance. Volunteers are needed and  hopefully if everyone does a little bil, nobody will  be overburdened. This party is to be non-smoking.  Volunteers who would like to donate an hour or so  of their lime call Lee at 885-4410.  by Jcmi Robinson. 885-2954  Did we sing the Christmas  season in or whal? Thanks to  Reg and Lynne Dickson we  heard some fine music and  singing plus sang our hearts into  the holiday season al lhe hall on  Tuesday. We surely all feel so  much belter for that.  Reg and Lynne contribute so  much and so willingly to so  many events here on the Coast.  Do pick up their lape of Chrislmas music called Harmony, All  proceeds from the sale go lo the  Breakaway Program. They will  have a new lape oul in April so  be sure and watch for it.  New books  The library at Ihe hall has  some new books which we hope  will interest a lol of you. The  English Patient by Ondaatje is  reported to be excellent. Then  Ihere is Good Bone by Alwood;  Every Living Thing by llerriot;  Queen of the Dustballs by  Richardson; Latin Quarter by  Graham; Spoils of Power by  Simpson and Homesteads and  Snug Harbours (The Gulf Island  Story) by Murry. Pick these up  soon because the last day for Ihe  library to be open is Dec. 19 and  it will be closed unlil Jan. 5 al 6  pin.  Story hour  Story Hour for moms and  pre-schoolers is over for Ihis  year, bul will resume again on  Jan. 6.  Frenken progressing  Kalhy Frenken, ihe gal wiih  the muscle failure, leaving her  on a respirator and almosl a  quadriplegic, is very slowly  gaining ground. She has a long  way lo go. I lowever, she checr-  fully sent along seasons greetings and her wish for all lo have  a happy, healthy and peaceful  New Year.  She really has appreciated  getting all the encouraging cards  and letters from you. It has truly  aided in her slow recovery. If  you wish to send her a message  her address is RRI Heather Site,  Sechelt. Sometimes a laugh  goes a long way to speed recovery. Get well soon, Kathy.  Carollers  Soon after we moved to  Davis Bay we were visited by  carollers that came every Christ  mas for aboul five years. Rain,  snow or fog never stopped Ihis  group which consisted of anywhere from 12 to 20 adults and  children.  They would sing a carol and  move on to the next home. This  was a very special and neighbourly thing lo do. Let's hope  Ms can happen again Ihis year.  IJhone me if you are interested  (���.joining a group lo go out one  night.  St. Mary's Auxiliary Thrift  Shop will close on Dec. 19 at 3  pm unlil Jan. 5.  FALL DOWN  LAUGHING AT THE BEST  STAND UP  COMEDIANS ON THE WEST COAST  THURSDAY,  DECEMBER 17  COMEDY  NIGHT  DOORS  OPEN  8PM  ADV. TIX-S6  AT 000R SB  ADV. TIX  AVAILABLE  AT ELPHIES  GRAMMAS PUB  PARTY STOP  MAX MUSIC & BUDGET VIDEO  Featuring DAVID BRUCE,  >-     ROD CRAWFORD &  M.C. ZEKE  BRADKOWSKI  LPHIE'S.  CABARET  LOWER  GIBSONS  886-3336  mLWBmmm  Ifll mm ��������  ma\_M Tne Canadian Red doss Sociely  ICE RESCUE  Lit FIAT-USE A  LADDER OR POLE TO  REACH-FULL TO SAFETY  JOIN US FOR OUR  BOXING DAY BLITZ  SATURDAY, DECEMBER 26  TICKETS AVAILABLE FOR NEW YEARS EVE  STRAIT SHOOTER  $25.00 PER PERSON  The Roberts Creek Hull  Chrislmas Potluck did  a turnabout Dec. 6,  honouring Diane Morgan  fright) for her long-term  commitment, hard work and  fundraising initiatives  to keep the  community hall up  and running.  Joel Johnstone photo  Getting  Your  Money Back  Part 1  A lew years ago we did a series on Honovalions: Renovating a  kitchen or bathroom and how much ol that cost you could expect lo  get back on resale.  A new survey has boon released in the US which relales these  innovations to people who <iru doing the job themselves, rather than  getting a prolessional in to do the job. I he financial return to the "Do-  ll-Yourselter" is significant.  For example: a cosmetic interior facelift, painl and wallpaper, if you  do it yourself, can return up lo 210% on resale. Ihe added benefit, of  course, is generally a fasier resale as well.  Bathrooms il done yourselP 2?1% relurn.  There's more and Ihe numbers get betler...  YOU WILL BE | SOLD | ON MY SERVICE  NATIONAL REAL ESTATE SERVICE  GIBSONS RFAI TY LTD. 886-2277  ���11k Corporation of tlir  Btgtrttt of &etl)eft  P.O. Box 129.5S45 Inlet Avenue, Sechelt. B.C. VON 3A0 Telephone ;604} 885-1986 Fax (604)885-7591  MUNICIPAL MEMO  Merry Christmas Skaters!!  The District of Sechelt cordially invites all members ol the public to a Free Public Skate  on Christmas Eve Day, December 24th between the hours of 1:00 p.m. and 4:00 p.m. at  the Sunshine Coast Arena.  If you have never been to the Arena, now's the time to check  it out. Who knows...you may even see that fellow in the  bright red suit! All reindeer must remain in the parking lot!  Public Notice  Garbage Pick-Up,  Christmas 1992  Please note that there will be NO garbage  pick-up by Sunshine Coast Disposal Services  in Davis Bay, Selma Park and West Sechelt  on the following dates:  Friday, December 25th, 1992  Saturday, December 26th, 1992  Normal garbage pick-up will resume on Friday,  January 1st, 1993.  District of Sechelt Office Hours  Please note the dates and times the Municipal Hall will be open during the Christmas  and New Year's holiday season:  Monday, December 21st to  8:30 a.m. - 4:00 p.m.  Closed  Closed  8:30 a.m. - 4:00 p.m.  8:30 a.m. - 4:00 p.m.  8:30 a.m. - 4:00 p.m.  Closed  Thursday, December 24th  Friday, December 25th  Monday, December 28th  Tuesday, December 29th  Wednesday, December 30th  Thursday, December 31st  Friday, January 1st, 1993  I Sechelt Ice Arena Hours of Operation  Christmas Season 1992  I  I Friday, December 25th, 1992  I  I  Saturday, December 26th, 1992  j Sunday, December 27th, 1992  Closed  Closed  Public Skate  2:00 p.m. - 5:30 p.m.  Closed  Closed  Closed  Closed  Closed  The Arena will re-open with the regular schedule on Saturday, January 2nd, 1993.  I  j Monday, December 28th, 1992  | Tuesday, December 29th, 1992  I Wednesday, December 30th, 1992  I Thursday, December 31st, 1992  I Friday, January 1st, 1993  I  clip and save ~>*  Mayor's Hotline: 885-5360  U  Regular Council Meetings  Regular District of Sechelt Council Meetings are held the 1 st and 3rd Wednesday of  each month at 7:30 p.m. in the SCRD Board Room.  V Coast News, December 14, 1992  community  *mmm\\ (fftA  Here We Grow Again!  RE/MAX "top 20" Realty is pleased to welcome to its  growing team of Professional Realtors  Ken & Lorraine Goddard  Ken comet to RE/MAX It in  experienced top producer with hit  former company. Hit wife  Lorraine comet at hit llcented  assistant/associate.  They Invite ill patl clltntt ind  thote who require profettloml  real estate tervlcet lo conlacl  them at Ihe olfice 886-2670 or  their residence 886-7172.  RE/MAX hat emerged ������  Canada't leading rill ettate  organization with more thin  30.000 sales associates in oiliest  across Canada and lhe U.S.  commuted to hiring only proven,  experienced, profettloml  realtors.  Chances are we're going to sell your home.  Why not call us first?  886-2670 Van toll free 682-7392  Here We Grow Again!  RE/MAX "top 20" Realty is pleased to welcome to its  growing team of Professional Realtors  Teresa Bartrim  Teresa hit been i resident of the  Coitt for 3 yeirt ind comet to  RE/MAX it in experienced top  producer with her former company/  Before choosing i career In real  estate, Teresa worked it ���  Penonnel Officer. She ttrongly  believet in profettlomlitm,  Integrity, understanding ind hard  work. Quality service ll ��� #1 priority  with Teresa. She invite* III her put  clienti and thote who require  prolessional rail estate services to  contact her it Ihe office 886-2670 or  her residence 886-4858.  Chances are we're going to sell your home.  Why not call us first?  886-2670 Van toll free 682-7392  >nV y>      HAPPY  yT%   HOLIDAYS  /   I   \ from the staff of The Coast News  by Deanna l.ueder, W5-7MS  I Ik- first time I saw Ihe carol  ships sailing magically around  ihe inlet with lights sparkling  and Christmas music issuing  forth, I was enchanted. I wanted  to rush up the hill to my house,  phone my daughter in Saskatoon and shout, "Get out here,  right away! I want to show you  something really special, you  musn't miss it." But as a mature  adull, I waited and merely  described il to her in our Sunday phone call. Even in the  measured tones of an adult to  her grown daughter, she was  sorry to have missed it. Now  she lives in Vancouver and  knows too the beauty of carol  ships.  Bonfire party  Here in Sunshine Heights on  the west side of the inlet our  community builds a huge bonfire down at the marina. The  children race around, roast hot  dogs and marshmallows and the  adults chat until the carol ships  come. Then we all sing together  and clap and shout. All along  the inlet on both sides from  Tuwanek and Sandy Hook to  Porpoise Bay people gather, to  take part in this Christmas  magic.  You can be on shore or you  can be in one of Ihe carol ships.  Tickets to sail are only $5 with  proceeds going to Si. Mary's  Hospital. They can be purchased at Talewind Books or  Sew Easy. The ships load at  4:30 pm at the Tyee Air dock  and leave at 5 pm sharp. The  schedule is strict because of the  tides. The ships will return to  dock at approximately 7 pm.  They will sail up the east side of  the inlet and return on the wesl  side. It's a Coast Christmas specially.  St. Mary's Hospital Auxiliary Thrift Shop on Cowrie  Street announces lhat it will be  closed from 3 pm Dec. 19 to 10  am Jan. S. This gives the volunteers a Christmas holiday. They  ask that no donations be left  during thai period.  Library news  Sechelt Public Library will  close early at 4 pm on Dec. 24  and will be closed on Dec. 25  and 26. It will close again at 4  pm on Dec. 31 and remain  closed Jan. I and 2. Otherwise  normal hours will prevail. The  library has an informal children's program and the children  have a wonderful time. Retired  librarian Murrie Redman is  program leader and we are  lucky to have her expertise with  children and her love of books.  As a volunteer she is not  always able to be present eve:y  Saturday, so it might be a good  idea ,u check before you bring  your children. On the other  hand, even if she is not there,  great books are.  The Elves Club depots am  slill needing donations of new  toys, games and non-perishable  food items.  News from School District  46 is that Trustee Shawn Cardinall has been appointed to the  provincial education committee.  She will provide an eloquent  voice from the Sunshine Coast  at the deputy minister level.  On Dec. 18 from 3 pm to 7  pm and Dec. 19 from 10 am to  5 pm Sechelt Beavers and Cubs  are selling locally grown Christmas trees at Trail Bay Mall.  Santa new in to St. Mary's Hospital compliments of Vancouver  Helicopters before being whisked off to Trail Bay Mall by the  Sechelt Volunteer Fire Department. Joel Johnstone photo  halfmoon boy happenings  by Ruth Forrester, 885-2418  Halfmoon Bay School has  grown so much that the gym is  now too small, so to ensure that  everyone will be able to enjoy  the annual Christmas extravaganza, the concert will be held  at the gym at Chatelech Secondary school. The date is  Thursday, Dec. 17 at 7 pm. In  the meantime all the staff and  pupils are busy with rehearsals  for what is always a very fine  production.  Last day of school is Friday,  Dec. 18, then back in session  Jan. 4.  Carol truck  Let's hope that parents will  find interesting activities for  their kids during the holiday  rather than allow time for the  unproductive game of ripping  off Christmas lights from residences. Such a pity that the  actions of a few kids reflect on  all the young people in the area.  We can take some comfort in  the fact that there are more really good kids around and there  will be a whole bunch of ihem  on board the Halfmoon Bay fire  department truck this Wednesday, Dec. 16. From 6 pm to 8  pm the truck will tour Halfmoon  Halfmoon Bay held an open house offering the Christmas shop  per a casual browse.  Bay loaded with young folk  singing Christmas carols, so  flick your lights to let them  know you appreciate their  efforts to bring some Christmas  spirit to the neighbourhood.  This is a busy exciting and  expensive time of year for  everyone, but a difficult one for  those who don't have the cash to  buy Santa Claus things for their  kids, so it is good to know that  Rulh Forrester photo  there are good folks oul there  like the Elves Club, who with  your help make it a wonderful  lime for those in need. The elves  are happy to get anything you  can give in the way of cash or  gifts, so if you feel like lending  a helping hand, drop by at Pastimes next time your are in  Sechell and give a donation.  Thrift Shop Holiday  The St. Mary's Hospital aux-  Women's Resources Society formed  Nov. 26 marked the incorpo  ration of the Sunshine Coast  Women's Resources Society.  The society has been formed lo  XTEEDFUI THINGQ  We couldn't have done it  Without your patience  & co-operation  MANY THANKS FROM  THE CA5T & CREW  NEEDFUL PRODUCTIONS LTD.  6/2IO - 555 Brooksbank Avenue, North Vancouver, B.C. V7J 3S5  PHONE: 604-983-5278 / FAX: 604-983-5284  provide opportunities for. Coast  women to address their individual and collective needs; to  encourage dialogue between  women; to provide assistance so  women can gain access to education, skill enhancement and  community resources; and to  advocate the rights of women lo  have social, economic and physical control of their persons.  The society grew out of the  Women's Initiatives for the  Sunshine Coast committee  which has been active in planning a women's resources centre  for the Coast. To celebrate the  incorporation a general meeting,  pot luck supper and entertainment performed by women will  be held at the Wilson Creek  Community Hall Jan. 9.  ��� PoiniefllM  ��� Mumaettlaa  ���Chrislmai  Cactus  Fresh Cut  Christmas Trees  (Locally grown In Roberts Creak)  Enjoy a  Live Tree  This  Christmas  Lots of great gift'  ideas for your  favorite gardener.  iliary Thrift Shop will close at 3  pm on Salurday, Dec. 19 unlil  Jan. 5 al 10 am. Please note lhal  donalions will not be accepted  during ihis period.  Changes  It is interesting to note thai,  while there have been many  changes in Hallmoon Hay din  ing lhe pasl 20 years, there, are  still some traditions which cany  on much the same as before.  Take for instance, the annual  Christmas Dinner nighl al Welcome Beach Hall.  20 years ago  In 1972 it was Mary Tinkley,  now Mary Shannon, who wrote  the Halfmoon Hay Happenings  column, and here are a few  excerpts from the Dec. 13, 1972  column.  Some of the people mentioned are still with us while  others left some lime ago. President at lhal time was Alex Ellis  who welcomed the guests and  introduced the entertainment,  which included piano duels by  Blanche McCrady and Ruby  Hatcher, recitations by Olive  Cleiir, carols led by a choir comprising Francis Cook, Marj  Morgan and Jean Laird. One of  the carols sung was The Chrislmas Story, written and composed by Fritz Leucine, accompanied by Thea Leucine.  Happy memories will certainly be brought back to those  who knew and who still know  some of the people mentioned.  Nexl week I shall be writing  aboul this year's Welcome  Beach Christmas social and  there won't be much change in  the type of activities and entertainment. Only the names will  be different.  i nri'i' unrals olioul  (all'.ll   (   i.ff.T  FRESH,  FRESH,  FRESH!  I IlIlT   lUHlk   ,llll,ul  f " sl, (  ,,11,,,,  AUDREY'S  COFFEE  SERVICE  Quality Farm & Garden Supply Ltd  :1 . Gibsons       886-7527  3at 9 - 5:30    Sun  10 - 4  -.-,�����   J      at      .     a-   ".*     a*-.  . <.     k   m.  .   -,...., Coaist News, December 14,  1992  community  i*��-��*gj^  Rex McKenzle, Jamie Nuotio, Joanle Thompson and John Story get tn work ingani/ing the hundreds of "Eco-trees" harvested from BC Hydro rights-of-way on Texada Island. The KC lol lociiteil  in lower Gibsons will be selling trees right up to Christmas Kvc. Joel Johruloru pholo  egmont news  by Lynn Mees  Anybody catch the lunar  eclipse last Wednesday  evening? What a night to view it  - clear, crisp and starry. We sure  are having a beautiful winter,  and pretty soon the days will be  gelling longer. I'm already  thinking about what I want to  plant in my garden nexl year.  So the annual Egmont Community Club Chrislmas dinner  and party will be happening  soon, on Friday, Dec. 18. The  dinner starts al 5:30 pin. Il's a  potluck dinner for locals and  golden lifelines  friends. Santa will join us after  we feast, bringing presents for  all the wee ones. If anyone has  an instrument lo play, bring it  along so we can sing songs wilh  Ihe kids. Hope to see you all  there.  Skookum party  The Skookum Scrappers, the  local quilling group, had Iheir  annual Christmas get-together.  They picked names and  exchanged gilts, a pleasant lime  was had by all.  I sat down and made a list of  all the kids in Egmont and Hails  Cove, There are around 24. Can  you believe it? And most of  Ihem are boys. There are quite a  few pregnant women around  loo, so hopefully we will have  some more girls coming up to  balance things out.  Happy birthday to day  Beardmore, not (ieorge - I don't  know where lhal came from.  Be sure lo drive safe along  Ihose slippery roads and please,  if you're going to go oul and  parly and drink, don't drive.  Some folks value their lives too  much for that baloney.  by Joyce Ostry  One approaches the new Senior Cenlre and  finds a cream coloured structure with a light green  accenting the outer building. The purpose on Dec.  10 of my visit was the annual Christmas dinnei  served in Ihe new cenlre which is now llie one and  only seniors building in Sechelt.  As 1 was wheeled in. it struck mc that this was  a pleasant place to be with the outside decor carried tastefully indoors with light green walls that  had a feeling of warmth rather than the coolness  associated with greens. The vestibule was easy  with couch and chairs, lending a nice backdrop for  plants and the place of honour kept for the Christmas tree. The organ, bequeathed from Bva liar-  wood to Rcnee Crowe, was donated by Rene to  the hall, ll complements lhe other decor.  President Len Herder paid tribute lo John and  Patti Miller for John's work on the cenlre and for  Patli waiting for John to conic home.  The dinner was great and many expressed their  pleasure for the good meal thai il was. Marlene  Williams was honoured on her 94th birthday.  The acoustical light on the ceiling and ventilation ducts create a most pleasurable place lor  sound, probably the besl hall for sound on the  Coast. There are ample washrooms and the disabled washrooms have easy handles and there are  no spring locks on the doors. They are equipped  with high stools for easy transfer and minors are  sel lower than usual.  After dinner, a number of people enjoyed dancing and visiting during this festive time.  Installation is Thursday, Dec. 17 at Ihe regular  time of 1:30 pm. There will not be crafts or pompoms until after Jan. 5.  Tickets for New Year's can be bought from  I ��ii Herder and or Larry Grafton.  Annual bird count taking off now  There will be two Christmas  Bird Counts on the Sunshine  Coasl this year - Pender Harbour Thursday, Dec. 17 and  Sunshine Coast (Sechelt, Gibsons and Roberts Creek) Salurday, Dec. 19.  The Sunshine Coast count  will be the 14th, dating back lo  1979. The count area is a circle  15 miles in diameter, centred at  the corner of Roberts Creek  Road and Highway 101 in  Roberts Creek. The area covers  the whole of the Sunshine Coat  from Port Mellon lo West  Sechell. This area will be split  into six sections each covered  by three to four people and led  by a person familiar with all the  species likely to be encountered.  Counting takes place from dawn  lo dusk endeavouring lo count  all Ihe birds within the circle.  The Sunshine Coast count  usually finds 95 to I (X) different  species, wilh the highest count  being 101 in 1988. The highest  total number of birds counted  was 12,801 in 1991. Over Ihe  years a total of 137 different  species have been identified.  The Pendei Harbour count  was initialed in 1991. Last year  4,885 birds of 68 species were  seen.  If anyone is interested in participating thev should conlact  Tony Greenfield at 885-5539 or  885-7869.  Also, if anyone has any  unusual birds at Iheir feeders or  gardens right now, conlact  Greenfield to include them in  lhe count.  harbour watch  ha I.h.iKm Vincent  I he Ponder ll.nlxnii aus.il  i.u> to St. Marj's Hospital  U'u-nll) held ils annual general  meeting at the l.ions Cluh hall.  The newly elected officers  Wet* installed by Isabel  Goodrup iii a wonderful candlelight ceremony The presi-  denl elected for 1993 is Carol  Chambers; vice president,  IVnis lanand; treasurer, Joan  Getuen; secretary Diane Den  nit; publicity, lima Paterson.  Jean Paterson was presented  wiih a life membership and a  pea Congratulations to Jean  and all the new officers.  Thrift Store Closed  For all the volunteers who  help out at the Sechelt St,  Mary'l Hospital Auxiliary  I hull Sialic, il will he closed  from Dec. 18 to Jan. 3.  (im Bargain Hani will be  closed from Dec. 18 onward.  Rr opening dales will be postal later. Don't miss out though  ��ii the super sale on Doc. 17. A  reminder lhal if you have any  articles for the Bargain Haiti  (lining (he closing lime please  do not leave Ihem outside of  lhe building, lhe clinic auxiliary would like to wish everyone a Merry Christmas and  lhanks lo all who supported  Ihem in 1992.  Christmas Activity Night  The Madeira Park elementary school will be hosting a  Christmas activity night on  Dec. 16 al the school from 6:30  pm to 8:30 pm, For lhe adults  Ihere will be a silent auction,  bingo, a cake walk, cenlre  piece making and much more.  For the kids, they'll all love Ihe  gingerbread and Christmas  decoration making tables,  bingo, cake walk, funny photo,  JTong wilh Santa and carol  singinji. Have a great time.  Hospitalized  Sad lo say Jack lloidoma is  ill in hospital, lor all of those  who would like to send Jack a  Christmas card, please send it  to Vancouver General Hospital, in care of Mr. J. Heidema,  Xih floor 8AE, Vancouver BC.  ,We all wish Jnck a very quick  recovery.  As The Tide Changes  Bird huffs - birds don't tip  over when they sleep on telephone wires because of tendons localed under the toe  hones, in front of the knee joint  and behind lhe ankle joint. As  it sits on the wire, the bird's  weight stretches the tendons so  that the loos flex, move forward and lock around the wire.  Happy anniversary lo Ed  and Stephie Paskar, may your  special day be as wonderful as  your life together. Happy belated birthday lo Pal Martin.  Until next week - be good lo  yourself.  Gibsons Legion Br.#109  CLAYTON DELANEY*  Friday & Saturday Might, Dec. 18-19  Meat Draw  Saturday Afternoons  Varrs Wed. Evenings w*}  ** CRIB  Saturdays  ��������������������������������<  _* MERRY "  CHRISTMA!  I teres .1 veiy special1 holiday greeting to .ill <>ui  special friends and patrons. Wfc hope this joy-  oui season brings you joy. love and happiness.  We will be closed December 23 to 30.  B&K  SOILS iVLV\l)S(.\lM;  SUPPLYIXC.  633 HOUGH ROAD & HIGHWAY 101 CIBSONS  8860924     oiuvtRV "vaiubu  PAX 886 0921.  *��  HAPPY  HOLIDAYS  from the staff of The Coast News  RF^klBtC  top 20" realty  ��� ���\ -n *��**��������� A.I  SE3353M JsVI  Gibsons Patk Plaza ��� Phone: 886-2670 ��� Van. line 682-7392 ��� Fax: 886-3760  Here We Grow Again!  RE/MAX "top 20" Realty is pleased to welcome to its  growing team of Professional Realtors  NEIL SANDY  Neil has been a resident of the  Sunahlne Coast tor over 25 years.  Prior to his career In Real Estate,  Nell was an employee of Howe  Sound Pulp and Paper for 12  years. Now, aller 2 successful  years in local Real Estate, Neil has  been invited to join the team of  "Top Producers* at RE/MAX "Top  20" Realty.  Neil welcomes all his friends,  clients and mill associates to  phone or drop by his new office at  Gibsons Park Plaza.  Chances are we're going to sell your home.  Why not call us first?  886-2670 Van toll free 682-7392  mm  "top 20" realty  __t_______sn~~M'' *���.\  _____Jgg_   ja*p|  Gibsons Park Plaza ��� Phone: 886-2670 ��� Van. line 682-7392 ��� Fax: 886-3760  Here We Grow Again!  RE/MAX "top 20" Realty is pleased to welcome to its  growing team of Professional Realtors  JOHN HANSON  John comes to RE/MAX with 10  years of Real Estate experience  including 5 years as a top producer  with his former company.  He is a present member of the  Multiple Listing Service Medallion  Club, past member of the Master  Diamond Club.  John recognizes that success In  the Real Estate industry is only  achieved through a long term  commitment to outstanding  service, integrity, and hard work.  He Invites all his paat clients and  those who want only the best level  of service to contact him at his new  office (886-2670) or at home (886-  8295) anytime.  Chances are we're going to sell your home.  Why not call us first?  886-2670 Van toll free 682-7392  Vfe  rttitma  ttu^ntta  ���\tf-  Give a Reclining Chair, or a Rocking  Chair, a Swivel Rocker or any nice chair ���  but give a chair. Because chairs are in  the Top Ten of the most appreciated  Christmas Gifts.  Give a Chair and see a face light up -  This Christmas the best gifts  come in BIG packages!  Sechelt  GE)  Furniture Land  Besl Prices! Besl Selection! Besl Quality! Best Service!  Free Delivery  Sunshine Coast Hwy., Sechelt  You mad. us the leader in furniture & appliances  on the Sunshine Coasl  885-5756  - that's the Christmas Spirit!  Choose from the largest selection on the  Sunshine Coast and get the Best Price  possible - that's Value.  Low, low monthly payments on approved  accounts. 10        Coast News, December 14,  1992  T75T  These are just a few of the  more than 350 specials you ll  ttnd in store for you.  Prices effective Monday,  December 14 to  Sunday, December 20  seasovs gki i tings and  Mai>u Thanks to All Oik  Valued Customers  As you and yom lamily enjoy this festive  time, please act opt our sincere wishes for  a wonderful Christinas season!  Our expanded lim nl housewares  (almost all at RED! CED PRICES)  otters some greal gift ideas.  Need another idea?  GIFT CERTIFICA'I IS .ire available  at the service counter, any value.  Last Chance To Enter!  a colour TV, or a portable TV, a Soma  Discman CD player, a Nintendo Game  Boy, Makita cordless drill, child's  racing car - details at Check-out #1.  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Seafood  frozen - Canadian  IMS���!"-*     1&49.U  Imitation  mm��^.       3.99.  8��!i��?!L?*H��*��M    7.29.  fresh  SK$�����.........        3.69.  .Bakery  See our experienced bakery staff for premium  quality Christmas baking, such as:  Christmas Cake, Stollen, All Butter Shortbread,  Party Trays, Marzipan, Mince Tarts,  Gingerbread Houses and cookies, etc.  Sourdough Rye Bread-fag  ffAiNUT Danish 233  Carrot Cam 6/3.15  tfoW��TA��T* 3.15  ��jnnamon-Nut Loaf2.45  J5|ierry-Fruit Bread 2,59  Deli  IMglM"       1.59  Schneider's  Montreal Cornid Biif or  \mVOm 1.��  9pieces  .HRR.SREE9&.  coleslaw.  9.99  A delicious dell awortmeiit  prepared and ready for yon end  your guests to enjoy!  Share Christmas cheer with your  guests. Try these favorites:  Party Trays (small, medium, large  - meal A cheese, meat, cheese)  Gift Baskets (made to order)  Sandwich Trays  Fresh Salads, Pale, BBQ Chickens  & Chester Chicken 12        Coast News, December 14,  1992  r DEPENDABLE   AUTO SERVICE  Old you know...  Our BODY SHOP will make  Tour ear look lika new  the South Comal a Only   BCAA AFaTBOVID Shop  iSpaaclaal uunaldaartaUon so BCAA m.mo.r.i  _}ammm automotive  leisure  Art show merges contrasting themes  VINYL SIDING  Vinyl & Aluminum Windows ��� Aluminum Railings  IfL, Vinyl Sundeck Mooring ��� Patio Coverings  'X       ALWEST  _^M        HOME  ^   ^1 SERVICES  #7 ��� 5522 Wharf St, Sechelt Jim Bain 885-4572  VISIT OUR SHOWROOM ANYTIME  Member ol  ALLIED  The Careful Movers  Call tha Moving  Specialists  For all local moving, or tor help wltn  moving awkward heavy items, pianos, etc.  LEI WRAY'S TRMSFER LTP.  Pender Harbour customers  please CALL COLLECT  Custom Packing, Storage, Local ft Long Distance Moving  HWY. 101, GIBSONS 886-2664  lis Darah Hansen  Ihere is a strange and beautilul show currently on display al  Ihe Sunshine Coasl Arts Centre.  The collection of oil paintings offer a curious blend of  blight blooming flowers and  destructive, desolate landscapes  of lire Not coincidenlally Ihe  show is called 'Fire and Flowers.' by Vancouver artist Veronica I'lewman.  The blend of Ihe two forces -  destruction and growth - is gradual, (ireeling the viewer at the  door are Iwo very opposing  works: Burning Dock (l��.l)2),  depicting brilliant orange flames  amid the darkness of nighl,  reflected on black water; topped  by Flower Blossoms in Black  (1991), delicate pink blooms  and new green leaves on black.  Hut a crossing-over of the  dementi begin* to take place as  is most evident in the work Ked  Peonies (l'W2), where Ihe flowers flame in colours red and  orange and in Fire Garden  (1992), where again flowers are  engulfed in fiery blossoms.  The mix is less obvious in  some works, in particular Early  tiarden (1992), where Ihe painling depicts a garden, lush and  green, yel overgrown with  brambles.  The beauty is obvious, Ihe  element of destruction sublle.  it was a natural progression  Oil the part of lhe artist. I'lewman explained when she first  began planning for Ihe show Ihe  Iwo themes were distinct - "fire"  and "flowers".  "Since then the challenge I  have set for myself is to dovetail  these Iwo themes into Ihe same  painling," Plewman wrote in  explanation of her work.  The evidence of her explo  ration is mosi evident in bolh  Fire Garden and Farly Garden.  Plewman called them Ihe beginning depiction of an imaginary  place where growth and destruction happen simultaneously.  "It's also a place which contains the four poetic elements,  earth, air, fire and waler," she  explained.  "It has a cenlre, and from that  cenlre can come Ihe explorations in painl that arc like the  spokes of a wheel or the petals  of a flower: when Ihey reach the  perimeter of the Garden, ihey  return lo Ihe centre.  Il's also a place which tries to  hold in balance the dark and  light sides of the mythological  feminine, and in that it is a  metaphor for our own bodies."  Fire and Flowers will be  exhibited at the Arts Centre until  Dec. 20.  Recollections of life in mftcamp country  TERMINAL  Forest Products Ltd.  LOG  BUYING  STATION  Camp Run  CEDAR -HR - HEMLOCK  886-7033  bv Peter Trower  Raincoast Chronicles has come a long way appearance-wise since  Ihose old sepia issues back in Ihe 70s. The brown ink had a certain  folksy charm but it was a lad drab; for all lhat the magazine has  brightened up considerably over Ihe years. Black ink has long since  replaced Ihe sepia and full colour covers on heavy stock  are now exclusively used.    The latest issue, number 14, features an excellent  painting by West Coast writer Jim Spillsbury, a man of  many accomplishments.  Spillsbury's painling depicts an old-lime float camp -  appropriately enough since this is lhe issue's theme.  Chronicles number 14 breaks wiih tradition in thai it  is devoted to the memoirs of a single writer, Florence  Tickner. Frankly I prefer the intriguing mix of different  voices the magazine has always presented up lo now.  Nonetheless Tiekner's reminiscences Fish Hooks and *~���~������  Caulk Boots are very much worth reading.  They present a unique picture of life as it appeared to a young girl  growing up in Ihe floating logging camps of the 30s.  Florence Tickner takes us back lo a simpler world now almosl  totally lost - a world of gyppo loggers and their families scattered  among Ihe myriad islands, channels and hidden harbours of the  Knight Inlet country. In her account, logging is strictly a background  activity, vital lo the lives of the raftcamp dwellers, but never directly  glimpsed.  'It is hard lo  convey the sheer  charm and magic  of these colourful  memoirs'  Notice Board  Ongoing events must Ik updated monthly  We reserve ihe right to edit suhmissions for brevity  All submissions should refer to non-profit events of genuine community interest  Ilems will he lisled three weeks prior lo the event.  MONDAY, DECEMBER 14  SC Horn* Baud Buslnaaa Association first  annual Christmas Party, 7 pm at New China  Kitchen, Gibsons. Bring your favourite cassette  tape. RSVP wilh a message left with Darta, 885-  7061. Let her know il you need a ride.  TUESDAY, DECEMBER IS  SC Pro Lite meeting. 7:30 pm at SC Gospel  Church Hall. Davis Bay Rd. Info: 885-6141 or  885-5734.  WEDNESDAY, DECEMBER 16  The Weals' Lights are on, 6 - 10 pm every  evening until Jan. 1. Hwy 101 and Otdershaw Rd.  Everyone welcome lo come and browse.  Bathsl Baptist Ladies' Fellowship. 7 pm at the  church. Guest speaker: Kimberley Schreider.  Secret Sister Night. 'Note change of date.  Schizophrenia Society of BC, SC Branch  "Sharing I Caring* Support Group masting 7  - 9 pm at Kirkland Centre. 4602 Slmpkins Rd.,  Davis Bay. For info, or a ride, call 886-3534.  THURSDAY. DECEMBER 17  Seniors' Social Christmas Party, 2 - 3:30 pm at  PH Aquatic �� Fitness Centre. Free.  FRIDAY, DECEMBER 18  PH Mualc Society's 3rd Annusl Community  Christmas Concert. 7 pm at Madeira Park  Community Hall. Admission by donation.  SATURDAY, DECEMBER 19  Carol Ships, boarding 4:30 pm sharp at Tyee Air  Dock, Porpoise Bay, returning approx. 7 pm.  Tickets $5, contribution to St. Mary's Hospital,  available at Talewind Books and Sew Easy. 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The author tells her story in a series of short chapters         - only intermittently chronological. Each chapter deals  wilh a specific theme. Some recall places such as Minstrel Island, Port Elizabeth, Fraser Creek and Alert Bay.  Others concentrate on characters - Bullcook, John  Minoff, Fd Mclean, Uncle Owen, Mrs. Barberie and of  course, Tiekner's own parents, Ed and Mabel Kimball.  One chapter deals with the Union Steamships, Ihe  lifelines of the Coasl in Ihose poor-but-happy limes. The  writer recalls occasional trips to Vancouver with her  parents, sisters and brother when they could only afford       one stateroom. Mrs. Kimball and the four children *  would use the cabin at night while Ed Kimball played  poker. In the morning Ihe stateroom was turned over lo the weary  gambler.  It is hard lo convey the sheer charm and magic of these colourful  memoirs. Florence Tickner lakes us on long gone picnics and fishing  trips when BC was a much less complicated place. She brings her  girlhood to life in simple vivid images.  I might add lhal these recollections stir nostalgic memories of my  own. I worked the same area in 1950, nine years after Florence and  her family lefl lo settle in Gibsons. I stayed at a float camp run by  Harry Mann and Dan Levesque, sons of two of the families she mentions. Part of the camp complex included the very house Florence  Tickner once called home, sold lo Ihe Manns in 1941.  Things, for me, weren't quite as idyllic as she describes them, but  Ihey certainly had their moments.  Daring  Mark Twain's  days as a newspaperman,  he was editor of a small  Missouri paper. One day he  received a letter from a  subscriber, stating that he  had found a spider in his  paper, and asked if this  was an omen of good or  bad lock.  Twain replied: "Finding a spider in your paper is  neither good nor bad luck The spider was merely  looking over our paper to see which merchant was  not advertising so that he could go to that store,  spin his web across the door, and lead a life of  undisturbed peace ever afterward."  To keep the spiders at bay, advertise in the  COAST NEWS  and  COAST NEWS  WEEKENDER  886-2622   ���   885-3930  ���'..-.. -  _ ���   ���  ;       ��� ��� ��� �������� .  t .  ������ ���  ':**���.- .;;;-" .-,:  ' �� . Coast News, December 14,   1992        13  Cooperation within fisheries discussed  by Jane Seyd  With the aftermath of last summer's  native fishery on Ihe Fraser River still settling in the fishing communily, bolh native  and non-native fishermen on the Coasl are  now organizing groups which Ihey hope will  work together in the future to manage the  salmon resource.  But whether the groups' ideas about what  should be done are compatible remains to be  seen.  Recently, a coalition of commercial fishermen from Gibsons lo Pender Harbour was  formed lo discuss concerns aboul re-allocation of salmon into a separale native fishery.  Among many locals, "there's a real concern and fear lhat Ihere won't be room for  commercial fishermen" in the new system  developing between native groups and governmenl, says Russell Cameron, president  of Ihe local Uniled Fishermen and Allied  Workers Union in Pender Harbour.  Cameron says commercial fishermen  don'l necessarily object lo greater native  involvement in the fishery, but Ihey do  object lo being fro/en oul of the negotiation  process as major players.  "Everything that's happened so far,  there's not been much input from commercial fishing industry," says Cameron.  "We want to know what's going on and  to be involved so we can have a solution  lhat fishermen can live with."  For example, Cameron cites the Nishga's  comprehensive land claim settlement under  negotiation, which involves Ihe fishery on  Ihe Nass River: "Nobody knows whal the  fishery will involve."  Most commercial fishermen "accept lhal  there is a native food fishery right and there  should be some consideration given," says  Cameron. But the problem is "there are now  two commercial fisheries happening with  two regulators."  That results in a clash of jurisdictions and  uncertainty over enforcement which is ultimately detrimental to Ihe resource, says  Cameron, noting thai some native bands further up the Fraser River didn't get enough  salmon for food fish this year: "There are  real problems wilh the way il's going."  The new coalition favours more licenses  for natives within the existing commercial  fleet, says Cameron.  Meanwhile, fishermen in the Sechelt  Indian Band say they'd like to develop a  local native co-managemenl of Ihe fishery,  bul they wanl the commercial fishermen to  be involved.  Calvin Craigan, a native fishermen, is the  chairman of a new fisheries commission  established by the Sechelt band to come up  with strategies for co-managemenl of traditional waters with the Departmenl of Fisheries.  Craigan says the band's proposals  include salmon enhancement, monitoring  and enforcing of regulations and co-opera-  live marketing of the calch by band fishermen. A band commission would also oversee catches of food fish.  Says Craigan. "We don't categorize ourselves as commercial or otherwise."  Craigan says there's still lots of room for  commercial fishermen in Ihis scenario. And  he sees Ihe roles of Fisheries and a band  commission as complementary. "There's a  real lack of patrolling right now," says  Craigan. "They need more resource people  out there."  In future, says Craigan, il will be necessary for native, commercial and sporls fishermen lo work together: "That is the real  inlent of Ihe band."  Like public involvement in forestry and  environmental issues, "We in the local communities have lo work together," says  Craigan. "We can't depend on governments.  We have to lake responsibility."  A meeting between commercial fishermen, economic development officer Bill  Moore and Craigan is scheduled for this  week.  SCRD chairwoman Peggy Connor signs a letter on behalf of postcards will be sent to "Prisoners of Conscience" chosen by AI.  Amnesty International (Al).   Hers and other letters and Keith Thirkell photo  Amnesty write-a-thon proves drawing card  by Keith Thirkell  The pens were flying in Trail Bay Mall Thursday, Human Rights  Day, where Ihe local Amnesty International group held it's annual  wrile-a-thon (December 10 is the anniversary of the International declaration of human rights).  People passing by Ihe two tables set up by Amnesty were asked to  either write letters or postcards lo prisoners of conscience . Shirley  Hall, the group's chair, said, "Letters are usually more effective  because Ihey are more personal and tend to get more respect." The  postcards are written by Amnesty head office, then supporters just  add their name and a stamp.  Writers could choose from a long list of countries where human  rights violations are often the norm.  Bul Ihe main emphasis of Ihe write-a-thon was to focus on what  the U.N. has dubbed the International Year of Indigenous Peoples.  Thursday was also the day Guatemalan peasant Rigoberta Menchu  was officially awarded the Noble Peace Prize, and the accompanying  cheque for $1.5 million.  Prime Minister Mulroney has been criticized for refusing lo meet  with Menchu, supposedly because Canada has huge mining and other  economic interests in Guatemala. (Mulroney also refused to meel  with the Dhali Lama, the leader in exile of Tibet, allegedly for similar  reasons).  Two of the more notable pen swingers were Nancy McLarly,  mayor of Sechelt, and Peggy Connor, SCRD director. They bolh  wrote letters which were immediately sealed and taken lo the post  office. People were also asked to make donations to the stamp fund,  which represents a sizable portion of the local Amnesty budgei.  New provincial burning law sparks concern  by Jane Seyd  The provincial Ministry of  Environment says it's cracking  down on smoke from land-clearing fires, with strict new regulations about just whal, when and  how much can be burnt on private property.  Under a new law, already in  effect, only very small fires will  be allowed without an environmenlal permit.  To burn larger amounts of  debris, including stumps - even  for an average residential lol  clearing - contractors will need  permission from Ihe wasle management branch.  But exactly how Ihose rules  will be administered and  enforced, and whal sort of alternatives are available lo local  contractors, hasn't been figured  out by the ministry.  That hasn't made Ihe local  fire chief happy. "I'd be real  interested to see how they're  going to enforce it," says Bill  Higgs. "Rules are great;  enforcement is another matter."  Under Ihe new rules, fires  without environmental permits  are only allowed if the burn pile  is not more than 10 cubic melres  per hectare of land per month.  The Fire must also be on land  which the wood was cleared  from, and not last more than 24  hours.  The idea is lo encourage use  of salvageable limber, and composting or chipping of other  debris. Il's also meant to reduce  problems of large smoky fires in  close proximity to existing residential areas, says Ramdin.  To get approval for larger  fires, it will cost contractors  $100 and take between two  weeks to a month for ministry  paperwork.  Penalties for not complying  with the law include an instant  $200 ticket, followed by possible court proceedings and further fines later.  But whether the new law will  be fairly applied is another  question.  "It's kind of an awkward situation," says Ramdin. While  environmental inspectors and  conservation officers will likely  be charged wilh enforcing the  regulations, "we don't have the  staff to monitor every localion."  Meanwhile Higgs says, "I  won't be enforcing their rules.  That's not going to happen."  Higgs says he's not pleased  the law came through without  consultation with developers or  fire chiefs.  So far, there are no industrial  slump grinders on the Sunshine  Coast, and ministry spokesman  Rick Williams says thai will be  up to private business lo bring in  because, "we don'l have the  money."  Meanwhile, Higgs says he's  concerned the new law will lead  to debris drying oul in large  piles, or being dumped in the  bush where it could become a  fire risk in hot weather: "Then it  becomes my business in a big  way."  A ot **��������� Tea* .*__  at*    ss<��      S-V*  SALE ENDS SATURDAY, DEC. 19*  1 0 -25% Off ALL MERCHANDISE  30% Off ALL CHRISTMAS CRAFTS & FABRICS  Stock Up Now For ,-Ul Your    Christmas & Winter Fabrics! ,OTA��KSu ":  Hans: Mon- Fri MO- 5:00, Saturday 10:00 -4:30 >. I  Kenmar Knit 8e Sew m��m.. p���� en 883-2274  Pender Harbour Legion  Branch 112  ANNUAL  CHRISTMAS  MEAT  DRAW  featuring turkeys and hams  Saturday, December 19  MEMBERS & QUESTS WELCOME  J\ nnouncement  Dr. Pan kk Mi Robert! is pU-nst-d l<  Mtnotmce On- opening of an  OptimiftP, ilinii to serve the  it-siilents of tbe Sunshine Com  Hit- ilinii is looted in tile  Wilson Creek Pbia  S04-4S36 Sunsliine Coast Highway  For appointments please call 885-0838.  DR. 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Clayton said, noting  her reasons are personal.  Clayton said there is never a  guild time to step down hut she  lias complete confidence in Stuart and the rest nf the board.  "The whole hoard operates in  a veiy collective and decisionmaking way ... There are nn little pockets of interests here,  everyone is committed to education."  Clayton will continue on the  mm$ my$��rW&  from the Staff  of the Coast News  HOME IMPROVEMENTS  CONTOUR  I    DESIGN  j ^   --_?  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Clayton came to Ihe hoard 12  years ago and has served off and  on since then, including two  years as vice-chair and six years  as chair.  "I have said il before lhal Ihis  is il," she said, "bul this is really  it."  Following her election to the  position of chair, I'at Stuart  gave an emotional lhanks lo  Clayton, saying, "She's a hard  act to follow."  Elected In serve as vice-chair  was Shawn Cardinall.  Maureen Clayton  5 YKARSAGO  The new Foreshore Advisory  Task Force had barely an hour  lasl week In review and make  recommendations on a new  aquaculture policy being drafted  hy the provincial governmenl.  Hank Unas of the Ministry of  lands and Forests, told the  meeting lhat changes had been  made in the processing of aquaculture leases ever since Ihe  report by the Gillespie Commission had been released in 1985.  10 YEARS AGO  Brookman Park is in serious  jeopardy.  If the creek cannot be directed away from Ihe park soon, it  appears that approximately 40  percent of the park will be  claimed by the creek. Explaining recent bank slippage, Jon  McRae requested SCRD assistance in obtaining provincial  government assistance lo rectify  the problem.  15 YEARS AGO  Secretary treasurer of School  Dislricl 46 informed school  Iruslees that an adjustment in  taxation procedures by the  Social Credit government would  mean a significant increase in  the proportion of school taxes  borne by local taxpayers. The  increase could be as much as 23  .^percent.  20 YEARS AGO  The newly elected presidenl  of Local 297 UPIU has called  on all citizens of Ihe Sunshine  Coasl lo wholeheartedly support  the United Farm Workers Union  in its battle lo guarantee a  decent standard of living to California farm workers.  To this end, local 297 has  requested CFP to stop serving  lettuce at Ihe Seaside Dining  Room.  25 YEARS AGO  Juveniles of lender years  have been blamed for a series of  break-ins in Gower Point Road  police notes  On Nov. 30, a Sechelt resident in the 5000 block Highway  101 reported a residenlial  break-in. A large quantity of  stereo equipment, furs, jewelry  and miscellaneous items were  stolen with an approximate  value of $30,000.  Investigation by the Sechelt  Detachment of the RCMP has  resulted in two Vancouver residents being charged wilh break,  enter and theft. Charged are 34-  year old Kelly George Wymer  and 19-year-old Chien (Ken)  Kang Ho. Warrants have been  issued for Iheir arrest and anyone wilh information is asked  lo call Ihe Sechelt RCMP or  Crimestoppers.  Rummer cottages.  RCMP are warning owners  of such places to see Ihey are  securely locked up before leaving Ihem.  30 YEARS A(H)  Sechell and (iibsons municipal councils are showing an  interest in Ihe Powell River  move Inwards obtaining a ferry  from Ihe Powell River area to  Vancouver Island, landing possibly al Comox. Both councils  arc in favour.  35 YEARS AGO  Expenditures in lhe region of  $3,000 for fire equipment were  discussed by (iibsons Village  Commission. Some commissioners wondered why so much  was needed al Ihis lime. The  money is needed for hoses, tools  and breathing sets.  40 YEARS AGO  A search parly slowed by  high winds and heavy rains, cut  ils way thiough Ihe woods to a  spot a quarter of a mile from  Crowston Lake, four miles from  Halfmoon Kay, to icach Ihe  wrecked plane of Queen Charlotte Airlines.  45 YEARS AGO  A 17 year old Vancouver girl  was given permission by the  court to marry a 22 year old  fisherman from Fender Harbour.  The court's approval was  required because the girl does  not know who her parents are.  She was brought up by a foster  father.  Seward Shell  Full Serve at Self Serve Prices  Welcomes      Jim Parry,  Licenced Mechanic  ��� 21 years experience  ��� l'actor>' trained on late model vehicles  ��� latest technology for fuel injection vehicles  ��� Minor to major repairs  ��� Electrical trouble-shooting  ��� Automatic transmission repairs  ��� Reasonable rates  Phone 886-2572 for appointment  CHANNEL ELEVEN  Tuesday Dec. 15,7 pm  Fives Telethon Highlights  A look al some of the entertainment from this years telethon.  8 pm  Choices- Expanding your Aliveness  Another in the series from host/producer Cathrine Fuller  8:30 pm  Chronicles of Pride  The work of artist Patricia Richardson Logie hung in the Rockwood Centre this summer. Join Pal for a lour of the show.  Wednesday Dec. Ii, 7 pm  A Discussion on Bill #84  Join Emie Tjensvold to discuss the new labour code.  7:30 pm  Arts Update  Chuck Tkachuk's guesl ihis monlh is Beverly Tanchak  8 pm  Drug Abuse...Adult Rehabilitation on (he Sunshine Coasl  Kielh McNichol from the Port Mellon Men's Rehab Cenlre  8:30 pm  Stale of the Art  Woodturner Gary Kelly demonstrates his art.  9 pm  An Introduction to Toastmasters  Thursday Dec. 17,7 pm  Cedar Grove Elementary School Year End Special.  Al press time Ihe show was still in rehearsals. We hope to bring  you full coverage of the show.  8 pm  Fives Club Telethon Highlights  CLIP & SAVE  10 bcfgrrigs Schedule  VANCOUVER - SECHELT PENINSULA  HORSESHOE BAY - LANGDALE  JEP.VIS INLET  Leave Langdale  6:20 am       4:30 pm  8:30 6:30  10:30 8:20 M  12:25 pmM   10:10*  2:30  Leave Horseshoe Bay  7:30 am     5:30 pmM  EARLS COVE  Leave Earls Cove  SALTERY BAY  Leave Saltery Bay  MsvsrickBus  9:30 M  11:30  1:15 pm  3:30  7:25 M  9:15  11:00'  'Simdays or  Hot. Mondays only  6:40 am  8:20  10:30  12:25 pmM  2:30  4:30 pm  6:30  8:30  10:20 M  MdtnoUs  MavwtcllBlls  5:45 am  7:35  9:30 M  11:30  1:30 pm  3:30 pm  5:30 M  7:30  9:20  courtesy of  For D VENDABLE Service  Buying or Selling - CALL  The TOP PRODUCERS on lhe Coast!  885-3295 or Vancouver Toll Free 681-7931  Sussex  Realty 16  Coas,t News, December 14,  1992  Tahf Adx'ctntcigt? of our iV��?zat�� C^lassifieffi Act Special  -TeWitn your ciezzsSmlfv*&*d end a_9 tim&s  ezMrvedi f}*t*.y for orzly 2 tJTwre^sI   Coast News (Monday  Classified Deadline:  NOON FRIDAY  mmm Gibsons &  * Sechelt Offices  Gibsons view lot on Wildwood  cresc. $75,000 980-5412      1*  Roberts Creex acreage, 5 65  acres Souiriern exposure, privacy  & some ocean vie* Private sale  No agenls please 865-5466 ion  1560 sq tt 3 yr ok) rancnei ��i W.  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SiDsons Harbour near  3 tso-s Marina. House needs  ���eta- a,: could be lixed up lor  ���ec-ea-jya or rental use. Proper-  -. zyvjc "ounst Commercial IC-2).  jxd* sa-age pius storage shed.  S'89!jOC ��*icie Jennifer 1 -689-  BRIAN f. ANNE  PARKER  We have purchasers lor  Sunshine Coast properties  Your buyer is likely ,n Greater  Vancouver or mapr cities  east and r,outh  We Know  how to reach them!  See our marketing plan and  vou'll warn our listing team  working for you  Ph: Pager 623-5116  Res: 925-2427  SUTTON GROUP  SENTINEL REALTY  Tait. ANGELICA JOY was born  Nov 20, 1992 ai 5 15 am to  delighted patents. Joanne and  David and brother. Jordan, Heart-  tell thanks to Oz and Dr Pace as  well as the stall at SI Maiys.50cn  GEOFFREY BRUCE WEBB  arnved Novembei 21,1992 aveigh-  ing 8 lbs 5 0*. making pioud patents ol Karen and Giaham.  Delighted grandparents are Ray  and Lorraine Bruce ol Richmond  and Betty Webb ol Kelowna Many  lhanks 10 Dr Pace and the friendly, dedicated stall ol Si Marys. A  special thanks 10 Alice MacDonald.  50cn  Joliitle. Paul and Josephine (Hog-  berg) are pleased to announce Ihe  arrival ol TABITHA ELEANOR  bom Nov 15,1992 al 10:25 am, A  lifetime ol thanks lo tne start al St  Pauls and Childrens Hospital.  Proud grandpaienis are Em and  Ruth Hogbeig and Sheila Jollilte  ��50cn  3     Obituaries  WILCOX: Passed away Dec. 6,  1992. Mina Elizabeth (Bessie)  Wilcox, late ot Totem Lodge,  Sechelt. Predeceased by hei husband Jack on Sept. 23,1992. Survived by a daughter Eileen and  husband Victor Bonaguro. ol Gibsons: two grandchildren. Janet and  Russell. Service was held Sat.,  Dec. 12 in the chapel ol Devlin  Funeral Home. Gibsons.Rev. Bert  Ramsey officiated Cremation.  t&Ocn  RB  Appliance  Service  RANDY BULL  Certified Technician  DOMESTIC APPLIANCE  ��� REPAIR ���  885-6097  or I'nynr Toll I nm  1978-1879  EXPLORING INTIMACY  AND SEXUALITY  When one partner is the survivot of  childhood sexual abuse. Eight  week series, max. 3 couples.  Starts Jan. 7 Inio: 885-2972 1cn  Piolessional Skate  Sharpening and Hepalr al  Trill Bay SporN  Drop-one  Pender Harbour * Sechelt Shell  Sechelt * Trail Bay Sports  Gibaona ��� Fronlrunnara  (Olbaon. Pari, Plata)  Roc storing,  Blade Replacement  Solve your Christmas  Kilt dilemmas with  GIFT BASKETS  from  Randies  fresh  Oferbs  OtKanitally grown  gouimet blends of  hei lis, spiced olive oil,  In-ill and t*nil vinegars,  hed) and llowei lellies  and lugars,  ATTRACTIVELY  GIFT-WRAPPED  from $13.95  Order at  Molly's Lane Market  or call 886-9324.  Mary Kay has the latest colours lor  fall1 Everything you need lo create  a more beautilul you. 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A very special  thanks to Dr. Gibbons, Dr. Fairer  and the nursing staff at SI. Mary's.  60cn  SHE'S A KEEPER!  Edwardson, KAITLIN DESIREE,  born Nov. 6,1992 at 11:28 am  weighing 9 lbs 1 oz. Proud parents  are Doug and Lisa Edwardson of  Sechelt. We would like to thank Dr.  Myhill-Jones and thenursing staff  at St. Maiy's for our baby gill into  lhe world. 50cn  COMMUTERS!  Classic hehtage apt. avail, weekdays, located near Burrard ft Georgia. Rent nag. 886-9600    ��50w  7.  Announcements  SOMETHING DIFFERENT  FOR CHRISTMAS  Gift certificates lot fishing - diving  or lours up to 8 people. 6 hi trip on  36' vessel $400 ��� cottee and lunch  included. Tickets valid till March 31  1993. Foi more into call Peler.  Hallmoon Bay Charters. Pager  885-5111011-230-6527 cellular.  1w  WOMEN SURVIVORS OF  CHILDHOOD SEXUAL ABUSE  Support and education group 12  weeks. Max. 8. Starts Jan. 5 885-  2972. len  Beautiful Handcrafted  Christmas Gifts  Frank's Honey, Beeswax  Candles. Tiee Ornaments.  Jewellery. S3.-S30.  Available at Lorayne's Gifts  Inaal lo Halfmoon Bay Oanaiaa" Stem)  or Sechelt Apiaries  IRaavas Rd off Maaon)  Open Wed.-Sat. 10-5  Sunday1-4  885-5252  LESLIE ELLETT  DANCE CLASSES  foi children age 3 to 10 yrs. Space  in new session beginning January  5/93, Gibsons United Church Hall.  886-8044. <1w  Dr. Vineyard Choy Dental Office,  Gibsons. 886-7830. ��1w  FORST POTTERY OPEN  Wed.-Sat. 11 am-4 pm  1040 Chamberlin Road, Gibsons.  51 en  We buy beer bottles and beet  cans, paying 80 c/doz. 886-6039.  TFN  DftM Entertainment presents  Karaoke. Book your X-mas party  now. Phone Ken. 886-0901  51w  FOOT MASSAGE  Certified reflexologist. Chrislmas  Special 2 lot 1. Phpne 885-5512 or  896-9234 51 w  BARK  MULCH  by container  load  886-7033  Chk-hako Ranch  November 30 - January 14  Gourmet Honeys, vinegars and  pepper jeliyies make gieal Chrislmas gifts. Delivery available 886-  7859 2w  Are you a woman in an unhappy  relationship, d.o you need to talk?  Call the Sunshine Coast Transition  House for confidential 24 hr. set-  vice. 885-2944. TFN  BROOKS a, MILLER  FLOOR COVERINGS LTD. I  Benjamin Moore Paints |  Environment  Frimdty Paints  ill All Colour, ol  the ItBinbnw  ...including Gmen  Bill Wood  SECHELT  A Bus. 885-29231  Res. 885-50581  Companion Concept  Obedience ttaining program "The  best education foi your best friend'  Debbie L. McKay. Cert. Dog Trainer. 886-2854. ��51 en  ���^  Christmas,  ���BRAZILIAN WADES  Exchisiw Chrislmas Giflt  from Soulh America  Detailed Stone Sculpturea  Wood Canrlnn tc lwiik,  Silver, Crystal et Gems  Raw st,,ne (Ojuartx, a-ir.)  Ante A- Amethyst Geotks  nlK-li,kaD.-.S|>liricaon  V:nt, ,n, Rocks  I'nlialii-il Ante Coaster  Itatok Kml Sen  EkqulslleCliy Ajtuuon i'<,ticty  Christinas Specials  10%-20% Selected Items  Wholesale Prices-No GST  Hunt.: Tiles. A' Weal 1 - 4-J0pm  Thurs, FrlfcSai IOsm-4:SOptn  S379 Norvan Rat. (off Mateo Rd.)  WM Sa-rha-lt - RH5-517B  Adult children ot Alcoholics or dysfunctional families please call 886-  3849 or 885-4622 lor help. NC  Does someone in your family have  a drinking problem? Call Al-Anon  686-9903, 885-7484, 886-9059.  Al-Ateen 886-2565. NC  ALCOHOLICS ANONYMOUS  865-7883,24 hour Bne.       TFN  Annual General Meeting  Driftwood Players  The annual general  meeting     for     the  Sunshine       Coast  Driftwood     Players  Society will be held on  Wed. Dec. 16th  at 8:0Opm  at the Marine Room in  Gibsons  Please call  Neat Lewis at  ne-7B73 (_&_.  to update ftw&u  your      lijjjf'/i  membership   <fty  SUNSHINE COAST ARCHERY  Compiele archery supplies PSE  and Alpine bows gifl certificates  available. We make sure your  equipment is tight lor you. 14 yis  experience. Open by appointment,  Dave Estergaard. 665-5050   lw  9.  Weddings &  Engagements  Allen/Kennel Elizabeth (Betty)  Allen   and   Richatd   Kennel  IN YOUR HOME CATERING  Christmas,   birthdays.   Good  menus, good prices. Call Siggy  announce Ihei, matnage to ta e  ggj.ggjg ^    place o\ Si. Bartholomew s Angli-   '.     can Church, Gibsons, BC on Dec.  15, 1992 at 11 am. Reveiend  Esther North officiating.      50cn  Warehouse Clearance diPietto  Designs. Handpainted clothing.  Open Wed. to Sat. starling Dec. 2  thiu Dec. 19. Gnat Deals lor  Christmas. 1010 Venture Way,  Gibsons 866-7069.        I50w  RELAXATION  GIVE THE GIFT OF RELAXATION  TO YOURSELF i. YOUR  FRIENDS. ELLEN BESSO,  TRAGER BODYWORK. GIFT  CERTIFICATES 1 SHORT SESSIONS AVAILABLE. 886-6664.  #50cn  Private Counselling  Fot individuals, couples and families. For appointments call Mary  Lang 8864916. 52w  XmasShaiD  "J (titterings"  Bv Plume Call 7 dwarweek  ��"��.�������   SH6-3.IS2  or Open Friday E\*:6-9  Saturday 10-6  993 Firentl, Ciktoni  GIVE YOURSELF A TREAT  Craniosacral, Shiatsu, Polarity,  Reiki. 20 yrs professional bodywork practitioner offers pain relief  and relaxation. Usha 886-2750.  51 en  Fostex X-15 Portable recorder,  power supply, looswitch, operating  case, manual, $260. Roland TR-  505 Programmable, rhythm composer, two Midi cables, manual,  $215. Roland MSQ-100 digital keyboard recorder, two Midi cables,  manual, $170. Portable artist easel  {15. Also art instruction and reference books. John 865-9267   1w  MUM ate a guitar duo available to  play instrumental music suitable  for all occasions. 686-9747 lor mlo  or demo taps. 1cn  COASTLINES MOBILE MUSIC  lo book your dance music call 884-  5430. ��4w  Piano Tuning  repairs, appraisals  Ken Dalgleish  886-2843  #  Yamaha electric organ, model B-  4CR,$500.PhonB686-9127.50cn  Sunshine piano closed till Jan. 10,  1993.885-3168. Hen  S3 LC530M5J  ��� Christmas Introductory Spaelal <  4 lessons for the price of 2  All Slyki. & Lovnls  GIFT CERTIFICATES avail.  Steve Giltrow 886-2366  Piano, like new -883-2329     SS  Small male led shettie-type setter  near Gov. Wharl al Whiskey  Slough on Dec. 3.683-9188 50w  2 kittens lound on Hanson and  Rbts Ctk Rd. 1 resembles  Siamese. 1 tabby about 4 months  old. 685-3307. It not claimed within  a week, free kittens to give away,  tw  5 month old kitten, black/while  paws, white nose and chest al  Peninsula Market, Davis Bay. 88b-  8844 50w  12.Pets  and Livestock  Sccfliih Tarter Pupp��w  Ready to go by Dec. 16. $350,  885-9643 1w  SPCA adoption: 4 yeai old German Sheperd cross, gentle female,  good with children. 685-5734 51 w  Would you like a friendly 6 yr. old  Cocker Spaniel on a part time  basis when owners are away?  886-7963. ��1w  COMPLEMENTARY  UMOSINE SERVICE  Book 2 minimum 7 day cruise with  Incentive Travel and we'll provide  complimentary Limosine Service  Irom Horsheshoe Bay to the airport  and on your return as well. We can  match and better most advertised  ciuise prices. Call Bill at Incentive  Travel 865-5984 oi 1-921-6131,8  am lo 10 pm, 7 days a week,  lw  ���FREE VACATION VIDEO1  Book your international Hip with  Incentive Travel and you'll receive  a complimentary video ol your  travel destination or an alternative  choice. Call Bill at INCENTIVE  TRAVEL, 885-5964 or 1-921-  8131.8 am ��� 10 pm, 7 days a  week. 1w  XMAS TRAVEL GIFT  For $30 we offer: Discriminating  Trip Selection; Independence Irom  all suppliers; the lirst steps to a  Quality Destination Experience  through oui CUSTOMIZED ITINERARY AND TRAVEL VALUE  PLAN; Coupon for a $40 BOOKING DISCOUNT; plus Cultural  Opportunities not handled by travel  agencies. Particulars from Chris,  GREAT CIRCLE TRAVEL CONSULTANTS, 885-6933       5tcn  Yvonne Barrie is now an outside  sales rep lot Elite Travel. 686-  4862,886-2522 51cn  Reno - day (lights Irom $149. London ��� Irom $669. Puerto Vallarta -  2 bdim condo avail, from $45CM.  Golf pkgs - to many destinations.  Special teductions lot seniois.  Free passport service. Looking for  the besl price? Try us. Call Bill of  Incentive Travel at 866-5964 ot 1-  921-6131,8 am to 10 pm, 7 days a  week. 50cn  1961 Toyota Corolla. 5 speed,  decent body. Motoi not necessary.  665-0876 or 1185-4660.        S1w  Good puce paid lor laige over-  slutted cheslerlield and chair(s),  prefer plain, solid color, good cond.  865-4432. 50cn  Weekend house exchange, my  comlortable 2 bdrm trjwnhouse for  your watertront home. Preler  Sechelt Inlet. North Delta. 20 mm.  utes Irom Vancouver. 5974425.  Hen  Exc. tenants with leleiences  require house for Dec. 31. Dianna  866-9406. len  VW camperized van in very good  running condition Phone evenings  665-4503 lw  APPEAL FOR HELP  Irom the Port Mellon Men's Recovery House. The Idkwing items aie  desperately NEEDED: Cooking  pots and pans, soup bowls, mixing  bowls, clean men's winlei clothing,  men's toiletries, Xmas decorations  and lights (indoor or outdoor). VHS  tapes, cassette tapes. Contact Port  Mellon Recovery House loi pickup.  884-0099. All donations are lax  deductible. len  Sega Genesis in good condition.  686-4561 51 en  Storage lor 23' trailer. 866-8638  Stcn  Printer for Mac computer (reasonable) 886-2622 (ask for Sue)TFNs  Electric piano keyboard (full size  pressure sensitive) lot college  music student on very limited budget. 886-2513. 51cn  Fridge, 30' wide, 60" high or smaller, leasonable price. 686-8097.  50*  Used card lable in good cond. 665-  1960. SOw  Oder mobile home or travel trailer  approx. 18'to 24'. 885-4594. 50w  Greenhouse space needed tor  beginning ol Jan. '93.1 provide Ihe  seeds if you can provide the time  and expertise to bring them liom  germinalion to the hardening otl  stage. 666-9168 50en  Trailer suitable lot 1 person, to  occupy Oct. thru Dec. 686-9563  TFNs  2 washer, 1. Speed Queen 2.  Viking. 665-3769 50ws  Free kittens to good homes. 10  weeks old. 6664191. lw  Complimentary Facial  Personalized skin care program  customized lor yout skin type. Dei-  matoiogist-tesiod. Call today lot a  tree consultation, Gloria Fritz, independent Mary Kay beauty consultant. 885-5715 #1w  18.Barter  and Irade  350 Chev eng compression tested.  Swap lor cash ot high performance  parts. 886-7227 TFN  1969 Buick GS California I's  match 350 Auto, Nds bodywork  otherwise mint. Swap foi best 4X4  valve $2000.886-7227       TFN  19.Appliance;  G.E. side by side refngeralor/lreez-  ei, white $360.883-9080      1w  Large Toshiba microwave many  features, excellent condition $150.  Price ol small one new. Rob 886-  3822 50cn  Admiral fridge, excellenl condition,  5'2'x30', golden yellow, $250.  Phone evenings 885-4503.   1cn  Panasonic microwave 700 watts  1.0 cu.li Turntable like new $200.  836-0060 51w  Kenmore microwave and vacuum,  $100 ea. or both for $175. 886-  8109. 51w  USED  FURNITURE  Sporting Goods  & Appliances  WE SELL ON CONSIGNMENT  Call 886-0225<days)  CONVIKTINO  TOOAS?  GE, Jenn-Air,  .-vtaric Chef &  Caloric  GAS RANGES  all available al  MCHIIT  IUWIIUMUND  Sunshine Coasl Hwy,  Sechelt  QB5-5756  Wishing to learn Spanish. 886-  9030 50cn  30' Kenmore elec. range, will  deliver. $100. 686-2622 ask for  Bill. TFNs  As new fridge, $600; stove, $700.  684-2392. ��51w  Brand new, never used Kelvinator  18 cu. ft. fiidge and easy clean  range, new tone hood Ian, while.  $1200.686-4950. 151 w  New 5.3 cu It freezer, used 1 winter, $175.885-5396. 50cn Coast News, December 14,  1992        17  Tt*kf Advantage of our IMet4> Classified Ad Special Coast News (Monday)  w^ , . _rmm ���* -m   _**"   m  -   Classified Deadline:  -Hun yOttV ClClSSTfT*?���t aa   O   tZm*?Sm ��&          Noon Friday  and pay for only 2 times! 3BJ SecS5off��es  19 Appliances  Will buy non-woiking oi used  maior appliances Phone Biom al  685-7897. 50cn  GE washei. 2 sp.. 4 cycle. $250.  686-3714. ttn  Kenmore while 17 cu tl 2D FF,  $579, Admiral while 15 cu It 2DR  FF. $399; Whirlpool almond 14 cu  ft FF. $439; Gurney white stove  30' $349; McClary H gold slove  30'. $279; G.E H.G Indge 2 DR  FF 15 cull. $429; G.E. while  Dryer, $239; Hotpoint port. DW  almond. $249. Kenmore 24' while  stove. $249. Viking 30" H.gold  Slove, $259: Admiral 15 cu It  almond FF Indge. $449, Kenmore  H D while dryer. $249. Inglish Lib  eralor 2 spd 3 eye washer, $369.  Mnfi.it imiii hi dishwasher, $249;  Simpltsity port dryer (120v), $189;  and more All recond with 90 days  lo 2 years warranly, parts and  labour. Phone Biorn 685-7897 or  Comer Cupboard 685-4434.50cn  20.Furniture  Futon love-seat and chair, folds  out lo double bed $325.886-8561  lw  Modem attractive dining suite  table. 2 leaves. B chairs. 3 display  cabinets and curio cabinet. Birds-  eye maple, croam upholstery.  smoked-glass and brass. $8,000 in  1988, now only $2,800.886-4620  lw  2 single beds $50 each. 1 dble  $75,1 l/p insert $150.886-9741 lw  LOOKING  FOR  SPECIAL  HELP?  Large, sturdy, old, colonial  cheslerlield and -hair, maple Inm,  suitable lor lamily ruom and children or lor re-upholstenng, $200;  small old oak washsland and  dresser lo relinish. 886-9775. ten  8 pee. dining rm. suite, antique  while, exc. cond., $400 OBO. 885-  8849. ��1w  Floral cheslerlield and chair $250.  886-7067. len  Queen size Sealy Poslerpedic  mattress sel. Very good condition,  non-smoking home $250. B83-  QflflA  m^^mma*mm���  j&f  King size water bed. dark pine  drawers, frame $300; solid oak  block counter/island top 63 1/2 x  251/2x11'4 inch, $225:2 amber  glass lable lamps 41 inch high,  $35 each; Singer portable sewing  machine and some supplies $70.  Best otters on all. 883-9176 51w  USED FURNITURE FOR SALE  Ilems reduced by 10% eveiy 14  days. Dishwasher $205: overhead  range (gas) $395; couch $65; rectangular coffee lable and 2 end  tables $115 set; various silting  chairs $40 and up; teak wall unit  $225: manual typewriter wilh table  $50; queen size waterbed complete $115; bedroom dresser $50;  casl iron bar stools $40 each, set  016, Car chains 185/195/14 $45;  new garborato! $200. On display  al 1023 Venture Way Gibsons.  Call Jack 886-0225 (days)  CONSIGNMENTS WELCOME  Chesterfield, exc. cond. $150.885-  3698 or 886-3318. 51w  5 pee. dinette suile mcl. 4 swivel  chaiis, good condilion, $150 OBO:  double bed on Irame, clean, $75.  866-0043.885-0159. 51cn  BEAUTIFUL CONDITION  Dining room suile. 6 chairs, china  cabinet. Offers 886-7323.    50cn  White arborite lable. $10; card  lable, $10; cool misl vaporizer  886-9316. ��50cn  Greal Chrislmas present ��� anlique  Dulch wall clock, copper lace and  weights, sun and moon plate.  $600.686-7307. ss  4 pc. cheslerlield suite, exc. cond.,  lust cleaned, $250; single box  spring 8 mattress, gd. cond., $35.  885-O159or686-O043.       ��50w  2 twin size box springs and mattresses. Clean, $75 ea. 886-3714.  tin  Newly recovered, used sola in floral tapestry. $249. Kern's Home  Furnishings. TFN  Heirloom  Diamond Ring  OneTxquililt round brilliant diamond,  .47 (mall, wilh 2 motqiiis .12 coial  diamonds on sillier side. Appraised at  $4600- Asking $4000 obo.  885-7136   Perego stroller $200. deluxe Fish-   1 Thomas electnc organ, double  Loveseal. 2 piece beige, $30;   1987 Dodge Cha.ger. new tront  er Puce high chair $65; baby car   keyboard. $200 OBO; electnc cab-   wooden rocking chair, black, gold   brakes, exhaust system, and tues  Try a  Classified Ad  offering a  Career Move.  We'll run  your ad in  NORTH  VANCOUVER  ���  CAMPBELL  RIVER  ���  MERRITT  ...and IOO more  B.C. & Yukon  community  newspapers  All for just  $195  .  That's over  3,000,000  readers  If you're  BUYING,  SELLING or  simply  TELLING,  it pays  to spread  the word.  seat/earner $45; baby swing $25.  white crib w/mattress $125; outbound infant backpack earner $45.  885-5667 51w  Bed 71/2 inch blade Skilsaw. prolessional balance scales $125.  666-9346 51w  2 cakes. An Allegro Iir thunder with  14' all chrome Irame $100. A  Norco Exploer with IB' ttame $70.  6668225 51*  King size walei bed, headboard,  heater and drawer $450 883-9362  51 w  IBM computer with monitor, printer, software. $900 O.B.O. or trade  lor truck. 885-4089 51w  Crib w/maltress $150; breeding  pan white zebra finches with cage,  accessones $75.866-4870  51w  Black leather rocker $100; beige  coid love seat $30; collee. octa-  met sewing machine - needs small  repair; 2 bikes. No reasonable  otter relused 886-9271 after 5 pm.  51w  Inm, $3C 866-3400  50cn     $25000BO 866-3867       5tw  Alder lirewood. $40 -  truckload. 6868070  you pick up  51w  ROVAL ALBERT CHINA  and  ROVAL BOULTON FIGURINES  al competitive prices.  Exclusive Dealer  SECHELT HARDWARE  885-2171  Open 7 days a week  CB base station. Navaho 456: two  Swan 12-channel walkie-talkies:  17'blk awhile TV. 8B5-6352.51W  Ladies while gold Rolex watch  appraised $2500 will sacrifice lor  $1600.885-3995. 50w  Double- bed headboard: stenographer's desk. 866-0439.       51w  gon and end tables $250 set;   350 Chev engine $325 OBO.. 886-  malching pole, swag and table  8604. 51w  lamp $50 set: 2 new dock radios  $10 each; steam iron $5; cannister  set and bi. box $10: Rubbermaid  odds and ends; Romance novels  $.10 each. Phone 886-2606 TFN  Hammond oigan with Leslie  speaker $650; Apt. size dryer $35;  Fisher Price Jolly Jumper $25.  886-9501 51 w  Warn winch 6000 lbs with new laii  lead $500.886-8150 50w  IBM Selectra typewriler, $150;  Roland 9 pin printer, $125:3 level  hampstet cage, $25.885-6430.  <51w  Mttcowave and cad, $180; mirror  3'x5'. $95; 2 small lamps, $25;  micro carl, $55; new record player,  $60.885-6465. 50cn  Canon NP 155 photocopier, 3  trays. 8-1/2'x11\ 8-1/2'x14\  1t'x17' lor low volume occasional  copying $369 Call B85-2202.50cn  Moving snapper rolo tiller, bdrm  suite (French Provincial), kitchen  set. collee table, patio sel.  cheslerlield, convertible dinette lor  van, an compressor. 885-2618  50cn  Seasoned lireweod. mixed $100  cord 885-2362 morning or  evening 50cn  Anlique diamond ring $500.  assessed $950.885-2704.   50cn  LEE FOREST PRODUCTS  High qualily seasoned aldei lire-  wood. $95/cord (Jus delivery. 885-  4814. cellular 1-250-2665.     1cn  AT MILLSITE  Split firewood $65 cord; clean sawdust. Iree; 2' common fir lumber,  $350 Ibm; bundles ol lirewood  slabs, $30 bundle: round, peelec  cedar lenceposls. 65c ft. 885-2339  eves. 50cn  1981 Honda Cine 2 dr tvb, 5 spd.  good condition, new clutch, brake,  tires.$14000BO 885-9224  51w  1967 Chevelie aulo st.6. 4 door,  greal condition $1500 866-7659  3cn  1981 Dalsun 200SX silver  PW/PS7PB, good condilion. $1300  OBO Sean 886-8244        51cn  1979 Mustang V6, PS/PB. sunrool,  runs good, little lust. $500 OBO  lw  '84 Toyola Ceiica GTS. Good  snape $3700 OBO. 886-7648 ss  '86 Ponliac 6000 AC 4 cyl. Ffin|,  gteal mileage Exc cond $3800.  886-7520. ss  Musi sell' Any otler considered  1S85 Renault Fuego. 2.21 auto,  good molor, lots ot new & rebuilt  pans. Needs brake lines and  exhausl system. Real bargain 886-  0085. 51w  1976 Chev Malibu 4 DR, good  condition, new winter radiais.  $750,886-9557. 51w  mm  1 -240-2722'fi  On the Bypass  Gibs;ns_�� j867227_  All vehicles  must be sold  40 vehicles  from  MIKE PLIMLEY  CENTURION AUTO  9643 WhaH Rd    S*.h��ll  883-4004  1982 Mercury Zephyt Very reliable 6 cyl. auto. $795.886-9372  '78 Olds Delta 86, 350 auto,  loaded, new rear tires, exc. cond  686-9500 anytime. .1n  1981 Buick Skylark, good cond.  B86-33BB ss  Good selection used tires, wheels.  Chevelie; Honda Accord parts.  865-4004 ss  77 Pontiac Lemans. exc. cond..  $9O0OBO.8B6-3648 ss  1975 Tnumph TR7. excellent condition new dual exhaust, rackal i/a  low prolile tires Sacnlice $3600 or  trade up or down for family size  car or "tt camper 685-9068  ss  77 Camaio. 39.000 org miles.  Wnne tnt excellent. Rusty $950  OBO 886-2111 ss  '86 Ponliac 6000 AC 4 cyl. F/inj.  greal mileage Exc cond $4500.  ���7150  Astrology pocket computer, Astron  model 2, new, $325 OBO. 883-  _.               ���.    2BB2 ,5](V  1920 Giammophone, stand-up   model appiox 500 78's. asking  Olivetti Praxis 40 lypewriter with  Children's picnic lable, $23; cedar  SMOKED SALMON  Lox, $8 per Ib. Phone Tim, 885-  4818. 50cn  $300,886-9203  51w    auto correct, 885-2954.     #51w  Heavy 6 mil. clear poly film  10x100'rolls$28each 886-7859  51 w  Canopy lor lull size PU Iruck. Aluminum with louvered windows  $425.885-0338 51w  SUNCO  ���rr.YnrosuiibiNGMATERiAls  boot. / Window. / lighting  Plumbing / Kitchen & Bclhtoom  Fixtures elc. ..  visit OUR stone OS CMl  805-8889  5653 Whciil Pd., Socholt  RECYCLE *��� SAVE  wheelbarrow planters $6 and $18.  885-3285. SS  Apple 2E, 2 drives, monitor, printer, soltwate, $350, Sears 26'  colour TV $100.885-2088   50cn  AGED HORSE MANURE  $20 pickup load or 2 loads'S30.  Roberls Creek 885-9969.     TFN  1967 Chevelie aulo si 6. 4 door,  greal condition. $1500.886-7859  2w  1976 Ford Granada, new tires,  new battery, needs some work  886-8680. ��1w  76 Mercury Monar, $600. BB5-  0126. ��51w  II you're in Ihe market lor a car or  truck call 885-2833.1 will save  you money. Howard Cooper,  D9430. #51w  1979 Ford station wagon, PS/PB.  7 DAYS  ONLY  'Prices Seriously Reduced"  40 Vehicles  $150-$4950  Closed Dec. 22/92  Open Jon. 5/93  MIKE PLIMLEY  CENTURION AUTO  5645 Wharf Rat. Saa.halt  885-4004  1967 Ford Ranger 4X4 6 cyl.. 5  spd. many exlras. excellenl cond.  $8000 OBO 886-9968       alw  1981 GMC 3/4 ion Vandura sell or  irade. $2900 OBO 885-7703 1cn  1990 Ford F150 XLT Lanai 4x4,  shod box. trlr. low pkg, auto, captains chrs.. matching libreglass  canopy, excellenl condition  $16,000 885-2503 51w  1987 Ford Ranger XLT 4x4 air  cond , cruise, warert winch, alum  boxliner. 5 spd. $11,000 O.B.O.  6864598 51w  1987 S15 2WD Jimmy excellenl  condition, asking $6595.886-7800  51w  1991 Chev. SiO. 4 cyl.. 5 spd.,  alum box liner. 9000 kms, immac.  $9000. 686-9218 eves. 886-3005  days 5iw  1975 Ford 1/2 ion, low miles,  some rusl but strong and reliable,  $1380. Jim 886-3148. 51w  1984 Chev S10 'little blazer' V6  eng. 2 wd, PS, PB, aulo OD New  lires and brakes, good body. Runs  greal. Only $2900 Mark 1-944-  7580. 51w  '69 3 ton Chev, llatdeck, 5 + 2  trany, new Ironl tires, needs  inspection $3250.886-3001.   ss  1976 Ford F250 4X4 mechanically  Yamaha Clavinova CVP8 electric Wood slove $100 nevv 27- boy-s  piano, 16 voices, 24 back-up beats Norco 12 spd. $100, girl's roller Super-8 or regular-8 movie cam-   reliable transportation. 885-0238.   1974 Dalsun 260Z alpine slereo,   sound, $2300 lirm. 8B5-4629.��51w  and rhythms, midi capability, plug skales (size 6) $?0 'downhill ski era and P'ojeclor, also screen Hi-   $350,                         #5tw    ma9s, spinner hubs, Piielli tires.  1 ROM music book. Stool, head b00ls (si2e g, $25, r0|and prinier pod and lighl, $125.886-9420.  phone lack. Like new $2100 (Over pri012 $275. TV channel con-  $5000 new). RCA stove, white verier $50.886-8867 eves.   50w  $125.885-6030 eves. 51w              2 prs ladies Nordica size 9 ski  boots used 4X's $45. apr. JVC  receivei 60W w/equalizei $200,  TFN  Great holiday gift, astronomical  telescope, German brand, 3 lens  moon and sun fillets, Finderscope  JVC cassette player $75, 2 ultra  tripod w/accessoty tray, $110.  linear speakers $125 pr, 1/2 ot a  885-3769.  PHOTO/VIDEO Beseler 2311  enlarger 21/4 x 3 3/4 and smaller,  condenser head, colour head,  power supply, 50 mm and 105 mm  Componar lenses, Beselet PM2L  colour analyzer, instructions $460.  Gialab 520 digital timer, instructions, $70. Olhei daikroom tools.  Bencer Repro Sland tor reproduction and animation, second moveable translucent copy stage.  Quartz swivel lights, line locus-  mg/cenlering. $425. Sludio Exposure meter Sekonic L-398, $50.  Acme Location Litepack: Three  660 Walts Quartz lights, folding  stands, clamps, hard cany-case,  $60. Two 40' x 40' white, fold-  down Rellectasols, accessories,  $65. Siegelite versatile Hash brack-  el umbrella kit, $25. Portable  artist's easel, $15. Also att instruction and lelerence books John  685-9267 1w  1 DM 309 Dot Matrix like new, reg.  $850, will take $350 O.B.O.    lw  SEASONED FIREWOOD  Split, delivered Gibsons $100/cord.  886-7774 1w  Sharp UX 101 Fax 10 months old.  Used a lew times Cost $600 new,  $375 O.B.O. 886-0787 lw  Great holiday gill - Pathfinder II  zoom spotting scope 15X-60X,  $240,885-3769. ��51cn  Black Sony TV stand, $50; 2,15'  snow tires, $50; 6' libreglass Iruck  canopy, $85.686-3457.        ss  Sears twin male bed wilh 2 storage drawers, good condition,  $115,885-9068. SS  Fischer 175 skis, Salomon bindings S100OBO. 885-2442. (Men  White desk/table wilh hutch,  47x23x52, exc. cond.. $85. 886-  7811. ��1w  ���1 w    float for boat up to 22 ft at Selma  Park break-water $250.685-3114  50w  Schradei fireplace insert, good  condilion $275 O.B.O. 886-4856  50w  Grade 2 shingles $100 loi 2  squares. 885-0331 50w  Chrislmas bikes  Boys mountain, girls' - both 20 inch  wheels, Girl's 10 spd, 19 inch  Irame, tricycle, 885-5779     50w  Wanted: Printer lor Mac computer  (reasonable) 886-2622 (Ask lor  Sue) TFNs  Roomy campei, for small Iruck,  wooden trailer/hitch. Together  #50cn  Nintendo, central deck, light gun,  11 games, extra controller $250  $2750BO. 885-6312.  O.B.O.; 2 Ataiis, 40 games, 10  controllers, make otler. 886-9440  51w  Dahlias Galore gill certificates  available lor Christmas giving.  GOOD HAY  SS.OO/Bale Delivered  Straw $5.00/bale  Call Between 12-1pm  885-9357  TFN  Airco Gas furnace Good cond.  $315 885-6276 ss  USED RAILWAY TIES lor retaining walls.; Unscreened topsoil  $110 load. 886-8204. ss  Parker * Hole 30.06,3x9 Bushnell  scope. Martin 444s Winchester,  Queen size waterbed, Bentwood  rocker. 885-5467. ss  SATELLITE SALES  Green Onion Earth Station  884-5240  TFN  CEDAR SHAKES & LUMBER, any  size. Will custom cut. 685-5669  01665-5601. TFN  22.Heavy  Equipment  1969 VW Beelle, white. Excellent  running condilion, $1500 firm. B85-  5334. ��51w  1977 Suburban, recent engine,  transmission, rear brakes, $1500.  856-2961. 51w  1985 Subaru GL Wagon as is or  lor parts $500.886-2219     50w  1975 Mercury Comet. Good  engine, good tires, good brakes,  new muffler. Some rust but good,  reliable car. Complete service  record. $550.886-3845       50*  1981 Dodge Omni 4 cyl., auto, ps,  clean interior $500.885-3337 ss  1988 Toyota 7 pass, van, auto, tilt,  Pioneer sound, absoutely immaculate. $11,400.885-5779  1984 Lynx 4 dr, 5 spd, new all-  sel wi|n covers Be6.9500 any.  season tires. Absolutely immac.   time ss  One owner $2650 OBO. 8B5-9368  lv. mess. 50cn  1968 Jetta Slalom, met. grey,  loaded, 50,000 kms., show rm.  cond., $8995 OBO. 886-8522.  ��50w  Hoyl Gamegetler 2 hunting bow,  loo many exlras lo list $385  OBO. 886-2785 Cheryl  O.B.O. 865-0787  Warn winch 8000 lbs with new lair  lead $500.8888150. 50w  Fischer 175 skis, Salomon bindings, $100OBO. 685-2442.   ten  Mixed firewood, $90/cord. 886-  9674. Clay. lot  Great starter. IBM compat. 640kK  compute', printer, cables, ribbons,  discs, books, $200. 686-8662, lv.  message. ten  Men's leather jacket, worn once,  size 44, $220 OBO or Irade for  mountain bike. Dave 886-8091.  IcnNeed a gifl from Santa? Nintendo, gun and 13 games, $175  51w           .        , '77 Dodge 4 dr, rusty but reliable.  Tubers mailed anywhere in Cana-   1977 JD 410 Backhoe/loader good Asking $600.885-9265      50cn  Special...5 asst. vari-  condition. $9500 O.B.O. or trade       tor travel trailer. B85-3670 5!cn T-BIRD  lw  14' JVC TV lull remote control 10  months old. Cosl $500 new, $250  O.B.O. 885-0787 lw  While Kenmoie h/d washer and  dryer, v.g. cond. $550/pr. White  Inglis Citation 3-door, I.I. Iridge  exc. cond. $750. Gents Pathfinder  mountain bike 12 sp.. Ids. Sportster 5 sp. $100, $75 bolh in exc.  cond. 886-4620 lw  Freezer, older 20 cutl. $200 OBO  Arthur 885-9859. 51w  MOVING SALE  Kitchenware, linens, nic-nacs,  beds, small enamel wood-burning  stove, electronic keyboard  ($10001. lurniture, books and  records. Everything musl gol 886-  9203. 51 w  Stationary exercise bike, timer and  MPH handlebars convert to rower.  As new, $175, orig. cost $400.  Christmas Gilt - Nintendo good 886-9684. 51w  TOPSOIL  Rich, black lop soil at a very reasonable price. Call 886-9764 TFN  TOP SOIL-SAND-GRAVEL  Reasonable rates. 685-5070  1w  cond. and 13 games. Will sell as  pkg. or separately. David 866-  8223. #1w  Nintendo system, $75; game gear  with adapter, $125; various Nintendo games; roller blades, new condition, size 9, Bauer, $60. 886-  9754. ��1w  Prolessional balance scales suitable for weight loss group or doctor's office. 886-9346.       151 w  Kenmore 5-program washer and  Viking 3-program dryer $150.  Gameboy and three games $50.  8850479 51w  Estate sale. Furniture, glassware,  pottery, much, much more. 885-  5707. 51w  Teak lable, 6' extends to 9'. $300;  6 chairs, $10 each; rollaway bed,  $125; electric baseboard heaters  $10 each. 886-7534 alter 5 pm.  51w  AKAI stereo $75; VCR $50; 3-  tiered record stand $20.8864568.  51w  MOVING SALE  Housewates, hide-a-bed, misc.  turn., antique chain saw, etc. 885-  5645. 51 w  da in April  eties $10, plus $3.50 shipping.  Certificates available top ol Selma  Park Rd. 8859820. 1cn  Incorporate recycling into Christmas this yeai and shop second  hand. FOR OLDE TIMES SAKE  has many, many creative potential  gifts, gilt certificates and a lay-  away plan. Come & browse at your  leisure. Bring this ad with you lor a  10% discount. The Seasons Best  lo you all Irom Karen and I. Sandra  Leach, Proprielor, For Olde Times  Sake, Prall Rd. and Hwy. 101.  686-8261. 50cn  The Honeyman  Now Selling  Peace River Honey  Parrmwik Apiary Farms  Delicious Christmas Gill  Gibsons 886-2604  ��50w  Crib with mattress, $60 OBO;  playpen, $30 OBO. 886-2604.  ��50w  Greal holiday gift! IBM compatible  computer, 2 floppy, 20 MB h/drive,  VGA monitor soltware, exlras,  $400.685-3769. ��50w  '88 Woodmizer 40HD bandsaw  mill. Trailer pkg < 550 hrs, lap siding attach., carriage cover, auto  grinder, tooth setter, misc. spate  parts. $22,000 OBO. 866-3001 ss  Old fashioned sleel single bed  w/circulai h/brd, $35: padded moving blankets, $5 ea. 685-7678.  50cn  5 Thunderbird, 43,000 kms, lady  1977 JD 410 backhoe, good work- driven, non-smoker, very clean,  ing condilion, $10,800 OBO. 886-   $5,695080686-0971.      TFNs  7372 or 885-5730.  955 CAT loader $7,000 865-2503  ss  Heavy duty tandem trlr., elec.  brakes, ramps. Inspected and registered, $1100 OBO. 886-9770.  ��51w  1985 Mustang runs well, no rusl  $3000 885-0175. 1w  '84 Reliant, good cond., low kms.  $2500.886-8305 50cn  1988 Chevrolet PU Cheyenne  electronic luel injected V6, 5  speed, standard, new condition,  $9400 865-2742. ��50w  82 5-ton Ford diesel, 3208 Cat  engine, 135.000 kms.,20 II. box,  exc. mech. cond., $7800. B86-  9600. ��50w  DRUGLORD TRUCKS! $100  86 BRONCO $50  91 BLAZER $150  77 JEEP CJ $50  Sailed Vans, 4x4'i, Boats  Choose Irom thousands Stirling  S50.-24 Hour Holline.801-379-  2935 Copyright HBC104KK Sen  1961 Chev 350.4 spd, good cond.  $2500 OBO. 886-9979.      50W  1984 Nissan 4x4 King Kab, new  tires, tonneau cover, exc. run.  cond. $4,000.885-0244 alt. noon.  ss  1981 F.150, good cond. $3500  OBO. 885-3670. 50cn  Lale 1989 F-350 4x4, extra 1/2 ton  payload w/long wheel base, 12'  deck w/removable sides, 3 large  steel storage boxes, 3 loadbmder  w/41 straps, cloth intenor w/conve-  nience group. 460 engine w/HD. 4  spd auto, elect overdrive bans,  dual tanks, 36,000 kms, $16,500  firm. 885-2339 5-9 pm.       50cn  1979 E350 Ford van. $600 obo.  1971 LandRover ��� 88 complelely   rebuilt. Oilers.. PTO Avail. 883-  Full size 1990 Dodge van, V6  2669. ss      aulo, $8500.886-8301       n  new brakes, exc. shape $3500  OBO 886-7378 ss  '88 Mercury Topaz, like new,  $5500.886-2833 or 886-7484.  ss  CASH PAID  For Some Cars And Trucks  Dead Car Removal  Abex Used Auto Parts  886-2020  TFN  1973 Super Beelle, $2500 OBO.  883-9234. ss  1980 Camaro 305 aulo., T-Tops,  Rally rims, $2600. 885-7113.  ss  1976 New Yorker, A-1 cond., low  mileage $900 OBO 886-9025   ss  Used Camaro T-Top, $495 lor Ihe  1974 Oldsmobile, new brakes and  exhaust. Mechanically sound,  $2400 OBO. 885-1943.       SS  1988 Ford Taurus, am/lm. Ac V6,  aulo/od, 4 door, exc. cond. $7,495.  886-7520 or 886-2111. ss  1979 Cadillac Seville baby blue,  int/ext, rebuilt engine & transmission. Priced lo sell $3850 Call 886-  8510atter6:00pm. ss  1976 Nova 2 dr.  $450. 886-7227  i cyl. Good lires  50cn  Men's X-country ski boots, size 6;  ladies X-country ski boots, size 8,  $10 ea; two wooden bar chairs  $10 ea; CCM girdle and shell  92.000 kms 1981 4cyl  Chevetle 4 dr.. 1 owner, white with  blue interior, aulo, $975.886-7227  SOW  1982 Mustang, 1 owner, 4 cyl.  auto, p/s, 130 kms, white with blue  int. and stripes. No rust, new lires.  $1668 886-7227 50w  1981 AMC Concord, 4 door 6 cyl  auto, PS, PB, pulse lilt, slereo, no  rust, one owner. 886-7227.   TFN  '81 Honda Civic. 10,000 km on  rebuilt, great lor parts. Musl sell.  886-7647. len  Wanted to buy: parts lor 1983  Chevelte 4 door. Also need 13"  tires. Phone 886-8039 after 5.1cn  1975 Dodge Valiant, 4 DR auto,  good transportation, $725 OBO.  885-2557. 1cn  1976 Saab 99 rusted out, engine  and interior good. $250 O.B.O.  men's med. $40; Cooper mask  883-2807 eves. 51w  50cn  new $10.  Solid wood interior trench doors,  $150,886-3899. 50cn  1969 Dynasty 42000 kms., immaculate cond., $9500. 885-2854 or  6852526 Wally. 51w  FOR ONE WEEK  in stifti#af tisW wioi��*uoy  or Weehmefar IcU-Hon  up le 10 words  33 cants for oach  additional word.  Free: Lost.  Found *\ Free  All classifieds musl be  pre-paid before insertion I  Sure Sell Classifieds/  $15 up to 10 words  $ 1 each additional word  Your ad, selling one item, will run 4 consecutive weeks  then will be canceled unless you instruct us to renew it  by classified deadline * Not available lot comnwrria/ adWiatfta  Coast News  CLASSIFIED DEADLINES:  Monday Edition Wookondor  NOON FRIDAY NOON TUESDAY  Gibsons 886-2622 Sechelt 885-3930 18        Coasl News, Dei ember 14,   199 >  Take .Ulratita***' of <*ar /v��*#��- t:iassij'ie*l Ad Specie** Coast News (Monday)  ^^                      "       "               -                 ~_c-       jm          _*   -w-   ~ m Classified Deadline:  Ran your classTjTea aa 6 tomes, $&       Noon Friday  and pay for only 2 times! HD  secSuotfic.l's  I960 Chev 4 ion dump iruck, 366  HP. 2 spd rear end. 6-6 yd t��x.  $6500tirm 886-8560eves   ss  79 Fold 12 passenger van. VB  auto good cond $3295 OBO 866-  7520 or 866-2111 ss  1988 Chev. Cheyenne 1/2 ton  pick-up. 4.3 lure V6. PS'PB,  61.000 km., box mal. toolbox,  $8700.685-2836.8857413     ss  SECHELT MMIIE  SURVEYS LTD.  Captain Bill Murray  UCMMC    MN A M S  M A B > C    ��� Marine  Surveyo's and CoalStlltaVttV  77 Chevy Nomad, deluxe window  van, parts. 8855102 ss  1981 Ford F250.4x4 with tock box  $5500.886-4599 ss  1979 Chevrolet Security Van, well  lilted out. good shape. $6350 885  2618. len  Nomad 21' travel trailer, lully  equipped, exc corxj. $5500 OBO  885-6477 eves. Icn  1978 24'security class 'C M.H.,  exc. cond. $11.900. 885-2392.  Also cable snow chains $45 50cn  27' Vanguard Iravel Trlr Very  good cond. $7000.8855444 ss  1975 GMC camper van. Good  tires, 6 cyl. auto $1000 OBO. 883-  9979 ss  1976 Dodge camperized van,  auto, p/s,p/b, cruise, reai bed. cupboards, icebox, sink. $1,500 318  eng. 886-2512 ss  20 ml Mariner Long Shalt 1991 on  warranty. $1200; 30 hp Evinrude  Loing Shall $800 OBO; new 25 hp  electric Long Shalt Manner,  $2000.883-1119. TFN  24' Bayliner. rebuilt engine, below  2 hrs. Rebuilt leg. VHS, CB, 2  depth sounders, re-upholstered,  sleeps 4-5. Moorage paid lo Aug.  '93. Asking $15,000.886-7255  ��� 1w  16' K&C thermoglass, 70HP Evinrude and trailer, $4500.885-7334.  ���1w  Kawasaki Jel Ski lor sale, excellent condilion. asking $2700 886-  8102. ss  :9J!z^^Tir:T^'iMM-M  netSWliVirtlblllop. No motor,  $950.886-2738. ss  Compiele shipwright seivices,  repairs, installations, wood, libreglass. John 865-8994 5lw  Ranger 22. VHF 5 sails, very lasl.  sleeps 4 Gary Mull design $4200.  886-3490. 1-977-7349 toll-tree  pager ss  Coronado IS, trailer, similar to  Laser, nice boal $1600 886 3490,  t-977-7349 loti-t.ee pager      ss  San Juan 24. VHF, dry sailed,  Iresh waler, 7 5 Honda, exc cond.,  slove, porla-polli, $7900 886-  3490.1-977-7349 loll-liee pager  ss  Hotae Cal 16 sailboat trailer, nice  boal. ��$1700 886-3490, t-977-  7349 toll-tiee pager ss  12 loot aluminum boat with motor.  885-3229 50w  27' Carver new Suzy diesel,  $15,000,886-9979 50cn  14' aluminum boat. 9 9 Johnson,  $1100 886-3400 aller 5 pm  please 50cn  Johnson 6 HP, musl sell due lo  health Otters. 885-2342.    50cn  1987 Campion 250 HaidaCB, lully  loaded, exc cond. Must sell  $28,0000.8.0 886-8344     TFN  Good 12 tl aluminum Ooal $600 or  trade' 8857167 ss  OUTBOARDS FOR SALE  9.9-20-30-40-50-70 HP 1991-1992  Evinrudes. Excellent condition.  Lowes Resort, 883-2456.    TFN  Yes1 There is a reliable local propeller repair service. 885-5278.  TFN  12 ft. aluminum boal $600, 885-  7167. ss  19' Inboard Clinker runabout, very  last and tn top condition, surveyed  value $8500, offers i trades considered. 886-2738. ss  19 It. Sealoner Volvo Penla  Calkins nailer needs exhaust man-  "ss  27 Mobile Homes  BRAND NEW 14x71  $33,900 FP  OLX. home FOB factory.  Mutt have own location.  597*332? ttn  NEW MANAGEMENT  Sunshine Coast Mob.le Home  Park is now under new uwrwsftp  and management We still have b  sites available tor new homes  Snow homes available tor viewing.  Conlact tr 1106. 8862597, 597-  3322 TFN  1980 Mighwood 14x70 mobile lo��  removal. 3 bdrms.. large master  has bay window and ensuite with  garden soaker tub - circle kitchen  with maple cabinets - five appliances, Venetians throughout,  $29,900 Karen 885-6412       ss  1990 Honda 4 trax 350cc, low hrs,  exc cond.. w/low behind trlr.  $4800 886-9047 51cn  34   Help Wanted  HOUSESITTER 3 bdrm. duplex on acieage 2  Required during the Christmas baths, wood stove. 5 appl.. dose  season to care tor my home and to plaza, bus and schools,  animals. 885 3667 51cn $800/mo��� rets req. 886-3457.��lw  New 3 bdim., 2 bath. h ome near  mall, no pals. $675.886-2454��i w  Monthly. Weakly. Daily  886-3343  1992 Kawasaki Nim.i ZX 600.  $5000 886-8996 ss  86 Honda Aspencade. exc. cond..  garage kepi, $5500.886-9595. ss  1981 Honda CB650 cuslom,  immaculale 25,600 original K's,  $1250 OBO. 886-7378.       ss  1985 Kawasaki Ninja like new,  oilers. 886-8622. ss  27 Mobile Homes  1983 Pleasure tug. Atomic 4  engine, VHF sounder, tow post, 3 mobile homes all in Gibsons,  tow lights $9000 O.B.O. 886-4596 priced Irom $15,500 ��� $28,500.  51w 886-3560. 4cn  29.Wanted  to rent  2-3 bdrm home Roberts Creek to  Gibsons. Responsible lamily,  excellenl relerences. 885-6395IW  Collage ot house wilh sludio  space, willing to maintain grounds  elc. 885-2397 message.   #51w  2-3 bedroom home in Sechell,  N/S. N/P. 886-0310. ��Tw  3 bdim. house with garage in  Sechell area. 1 yr. lease. NS couple with NP needed immediately.  865-5392. ��51w  4 bdrm. house, Rbts. Ck. to  Sechelt needed Jan. 1, working  NS. reliable women. Phone 885-  4B83orB85-3719. ��50w  3-4 bdrm. home, Gibsons to Rbts.  Ck., lor Jan. 1/93.886-3663. ��2w  31. For Rent  Shared Accommodation In my  home, short term or long term.  Ideal lor mill student. Close to  lerry, N/S, no pett, available  after Dae. 18 or Jan. North Rd.,  Gibsons. $350/mo. 886-8095.  TFNs  Iwo bdrm trailer. Cedars Trailer  Court 8853313 lw  Need apace lo work? 2 bdrm  bsmt. l/p, woikshop plus studio  In lovely garden $550.8M-4740  tut  targe 3 bdrm duplex, lower Gibsons No pets. rets. Available Feb  1 $600/mth 896-8529 tw  2 bdrm house in Garden Bay  Phone Joyce 883-9449 1w  1 bdrm bachelor suite semi-fur-  nished. avail. Dec 18 886-0054  50cns  By Ihe Beach near Gibsons, lurnished 2 bdrm trailer/audit, cosy,  private, hydro mcl. Avail, immed.  $425/mth. 885-0640 49w  3 bdrm Gibsons home, wood  slove, t/p, w S d, gieen house.  Available Jan. 15. $700/mlh. 885  7776 or 885-7445 1w  1000 Palms California  2 bdrm dblwide mobile home complelely furn. all utilities included.  Golf, 2 pools, hoi lub, tennis  $1000/mlh US 866-3109       1w  1 bdrm duplex, Wharl Rd.,  Sechelt, $375/mo plus utilities.  885-3982. 51 w  Clean, bright 1 bdrm lower Gibsons, private entrance, util., W/D  incl. Pet allowed. $500. Avail. Dec.  15.886-3573. 2cn  3 bdrm house, near schools and  mall. $800/mo. Eves 886-8449.1 en  GRANTHAMS LOG  2 bdrm view home avail, al  reduced rent, to carpenter or hand-  iman in exchange lor repairs. 1 -  254,8349. 1cn  3 bdrm mobile home with W/D,  F/S, D/W, ensuite, 14' wide, $725.  88fW580. , icn  2 bdrm apl, Gibsons, $500; 3 bdrm  apt, $625; 2 bdrm house, $625; 3  bdrm Roberts Ck, $750; 2 bdrm  house, Gibsons, $650; new town-  house $850 Grant Realty Ltd.  886-3330. TFN  2 bdrm. spacious waterlront,  Roberts Cteek, n/s. $800. 885-  8849,8857685. I1w  Roberts Creek. 1 bdrm. bsmt. ste..  suitable tor one person. Beach  access, very quiel location. Pels  Ok. $425 incl utils 886-9856 t61w  Luxurious home: Want Sechett  Near new 3 bdrm, 2 balh custom  kilchen, fireplace, built-in vac., 5  appis, double garage Quiel quality neighbourhood, close lo school  and village. Easy care, lenced  yard, including large patio, ns, no  pels. Rels. $825/mth. 559-8224 oi  885-0345 ��51cn  Grantham's watertront - small one  room, cable, $475 plus utils; 1  bdrm. upper suite, $550 plus utils.  Inquire 886-9238 or Grantham's  Posl Otlice. 11*  Top lloor ol house, 3 bdrm., heat  and elec. incl., $750.886-9245.  <50w  Quiel room with cooking suite,  male. 886-2164 5tw  1 bdim bachelor suite. Close to  ferry, view, private entrance. Util.  incl. $5257mlh. No pets. 886-0003  51 w  Relax in Ihe outdoor hoi lub and  enjoy Ihis 3 bdrm, 3 balh home.  Very clean and bright, w/w carpets, 5 appis, quiet, convenient,  Wesl Sechell. N/s, no pets. Rels  $1000/mlh. 885-5667 51w  2 bdrm Gibsons Harboui, view, f/p,  11/2 balhs, deck $695, Incl. Arthur  885-9859 51w  Move up lo the Weslport - Lower  Gibsons - beautilul I bdrm view  apt. Quiel, new, secure, nice clien-  lelle, blinds, carpet, laundry,  $590/mlh 886-3420 5cn  1 bdrm suite, bright, spacious,  new, one mi to ferry, beautiful  view, private entrance, parking,  utilities included. Ref. required  $525.886-0026 52cn  Bachelor suite avail immed. util  and cable included. $450/mth  close to amenities, Gibsons 886-  0901 Phone Ken. 51w  Gibsons  Spacious 3 bdrm skylight wall to  wall carpet, patio, bright, ocean-  view $625.886-7018 TFN  BCYCNA  BRITISH  COLUMBIA  AND YUKON  COMMUNITY  NEWSPAPERS 9 Q R  ASSOCIATION a*-, O -J  BLANKET CLASSIFIEDS  These ads appear In more than 100 community newspapers In B.C. and Yukon  and reach more than 3 million readers.  TO PLACE AN AD CALL THIS PAPER OR BCYCNA AT (604) 669-9222.  lor 25  words  $195  $3.70 each additional word  AUTO  ENGINES REBUILT Irom  $995. 5 year 100,000 kms  warranty. Bond Mechanical  serving B.C. for 27 years.  Phone 7days,8 a.m. ��� 8 p.m.  (604)872-0641. Toll-free  Mon-Fri 1-800-663-2521.  Cummings Turbo Diesel  4X4's, Explorers, Vans, 4-  Runners, Dakotas, starting  from $189 month, 0 down  O.A.C. We deliver anywhere  in B.C. Brian or Don collect  1(604)585-3141.  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Over  1,000 floors available in the  largest Hardwood selection  In Western Canada. Widths  from 1 1/2" to 7", finishes &  accessories. Call Woodpecker at 1(604)270-0314  Vancouver/Richmond.  BUSINESS OPPORTUNITIES  U.S. Drug Seizures! Cars,  boats, equipment. Buy 100's  ol items, 10% of their value.  925-8019, 24 hrs. Exl 201  Directory Fee.   Wood, Pellet Stove Dealers-  Lightning Nugget Fire Starters, safe, economical, profitable. Builds traffic and repeat  business. 800-468-4487 tor  info.DeaJerswanted-Shaetter  (Newman) mechanical chimney cleaners. Easy, effective,  profitable. Buck Haven, Box  337, Trail, B.C. V1R4L6.   HUGE PROFITS. Start your  own network marketing program, can do anywhere. For  more info S.A.S.E to N.B.P.,  M106U985 ��� 203rd St.,  Maple Ridge, B.C. V2X 4V2.  NEWI HARACIeaning Products. Chemical Free - Enviro  Safel For every Householdl  Free Home Demonstrations!  Info A 1 G BREFA, 9245  Carleton Street. Chilliwack,  B.C. V2R6E1. 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EMPLOYMENT  OPPORTUNITIES   REQUIRED IMMEDIATELY  parts person lor U.A.P/NAPA  Ford New Holland dealership.  Experience an asset. Candidate responsible for inventory and sales.   Call Ed at  (403)627-3646.   FINANCE  GARDENING  The Ultimate Gardener's  Store. 1,000's of Products,  Greenhouses, Hydroponics,  Orip Irrigation. Huge Book  Selection. 80 Page, photo  filled 1992 catalogue $4. refundable on order. Western  Water Farms, #103-20120 -  64th Ave., Langley, B.C. V3A  4P7.  HELPWANTEO  MOBILE HOMES  USED MOBILES. Manufacturer must clear all mobiles.  16 units to choose from.  Priced from $10,000. Noble  Homes (403)447-2333.  PERSONAL  Governmenl Grants 8 Loans.  Billions of dollars are made  available to new and existing  BC businesses. The Brad  Book can show you how to  get your share. Call now  ^4)753-9424.  FOR SALE MISC  Satellite Problems Solved.  New Boards. Legal U.S.  Programing, No more chipping. 10' Dish $379, Uniden  IRD $549. Dall-Comm, Box  431,Lazo, B.C. VOR2KO.  339*203.  All Types Premium used con-  j structlon equipment Doz  I ers, Loaders, Backhoes, Ex  cavators, Packers, Lowbeds,  Waler Service and Dump  Trucks and Cot Graders. Call  493-6791.  Mail Order Fabric Club Huge  monthly savings, wholesale  prices, 100's of fabrics. $5.  for membership card, catalogue and monthly Super  Specials Flyer to: P.H.Q.  Fabrics, Box 6034, Williams  Lake, B.C. V2G 3W2.  "SEPTICTANKS $399.11600  Gals, 210 Lbs. Government  Approved. 20 year warranty.  WATER TANKS - HALF  PRICE. Large stock. Guaranteed absolutely, positively  lowest prioesll Premier Plastics, Delta. Toll-free 1-800-  661-4473.  OVERSEAS POSITIONS.  Hundreds of lop payingjobs,  all occupations, FREE Details. Overseas Employment  Services, Depl. CA, 1255 I  Laird Blvd. Suite 208, Mount I  Royal. Quebec. H3P2T1.  Reporter Wanted: The j  Revelstoke Times Review, an  award winning twice-weekly  newspaper, has an opening  lor a self-directed, creative  and enthusiastic reporter.  Must be skilled in news, lea  tures. sports,deadlines. Successful candidate must take  giee' photos and know standard darkroom procedures.  Revelstoke is in the heart ot  B.C.'s mountains, features a  ski resort and great people.  Fax resume to Simon Birch,  Editor      (604)837-2003.  Phone: 837-4667.  '  MISCELLANEOUS  SATELLITE DISH OWNERS.  Don'l get caught with no TV  torChrlstmas. FreeVCII Plus  Inlormation 1-800-667-7169  recording. Sharper Image  Satellite (403)286-7057.  GUN AMNESTY. Turn your  unwanted firearms Into cash.  Buying Bear Traps,  Collectibles, Antiques, Nazi,  Tin Toys. Pete Gooliaff, Box  2668, Sin *R*, Kelowna, B.C.  V1X6A7. 546-3640.  MOBILE HOMES j  WINTER WORKS SPECIALI  Any new mobile or modular  home ordered during Nov.  will be equipped with "central  air conditioning" ($3,000  value) FREE ol charge. We  will custom build your home.  Noble Homes (4031447-2333.  OKANAGAN VALLEY GIRLS  - Karen, Sylvie and Tanya -  have exciting Personal Photos For Sale. For discreet  Info, write KAREN, Box 670-  GB. Kelowna, B.C. V1Y7P4.  ADULTS ONLY PLEASEI  WOULD YOU UKE to correspond with unattached Christian people across Canada  for companionship or marriage? Ashgrove, P.O. Box  205, Chase, B.C. VOE IMP.  MALE IMPOTENCE test-kit,  education package & product  inlormation: $3.00. refundable cover-charge. Send to:  Performance Medical, P.O.  Box 1273, Brandon, Man. R7A  6K4 or calll -800-663-0121.  REALESTATE   PROPERTIES TO BE SOLD  lor unpaid taxes. Crown Land  availability. For information  on both, write: Properties,  Dept. CN, Box 5380, Stn. F,  Ottawa, K2C3J1.   GALIANO WATERFRONT  CHARMER. Sunny, compact  panabode log cottage on I  acre accessible watertront In  Whaler Bay. Walk to ferry  and shops. Excellent fishing  and boating or relax on private sunny deckl $230,000.  Rosemary, NRS Galiano Is-  land Realty Ltd. 539-2250.   SERVICES   Major ICBC motor vehicle injury claims. Joel A. Wener,  trial lawyer for 24 years. Call  free: 1-800-665-1138. Contingency fees available.  Simon, Wener 8 Adler.   TRAVEL   Disney World/Bahamas air  fare, 8 days hotel plus luxury  cruise with meals. Promotional Treasure Coin offer)  Only $299. 1-600-263-0254.  2 bdim coltage on acie Avail.  Dec. 15, Gowei Pt Rd $4007mo  Rets teq. Tenant must cut grass  597-4530. 50*  Gibsons. 1 bdim blight ground  lloor. $450 plus. Arthur 885-9859.  51w  Gibsons. Housekeeping rooms,  Indge, stove, sink, shaied bathroom. 2-$300. Arthur 8859859.  51w  2 bdrm mobile. Madeira Park.  $450. W/D 526-9895. 51*  LANGDALt  3 bdrm house, ocean view, walk to  lerry and beach, fenced garden  No pets, rets. req.. 6 month rental  Avail. Jan'93 $850,886-9427.  51 w  CHRISTMAS IN MAW. HAWAII!  Furn. 3 bdtm. 2 bath house. 5  mins to beach. Avail Dec-Jan 4.  $5G7day oi ask about a weekly discount. 886-2223. 51w  Studio suile. all inclusive, lurnished, central Gib sons, view. NS.  January 4, refs req. $500/mo. 886-  7955 or 886-7522. 51w  Shared house $400/mo., move in  lor December, $150. Wilson  Creek. 8650930, lv. mess. 151 w  West Sechell, 2 bdrm suite. 1150  sq. It. ind. hydro, cable. Iridge and  stove, W/D, no pets, NS/ND,  $700/mo. 885-6277. ��51w  3 bdrm. house on acreage,  Roberls Creek area, $7257mo��� no  dogs, refs. leq. 8853152 or 437-  3701. ��51w  Large 2 bdrm nailer, wood stove,  oil furnace, 4 appliances, kids and  small pets OK, $600/mo. 885-  0238. ��5lw  West Sechelt - unfurnished 1  bdtm. in a new home. In-llooi  healing, N/S, $450/mo. ��� share  utils. 879-6979. ��5lw  Sunny, oceanfront 1 bdtm. suite  on 2 levels, balcony, skylights,  $600,886-8774. ��51w  2 bdim waterlront cottage, wood  and oil heat, cable incl. now to  May 31. $600/mlh. 438-3843 50w  Gibsons, lower floor, 2 bdrm,  bright, close to amenities, washer/dryer, yard. $650/mo. 1-469-  0622. 50cn  Gibsons. 3 bdrm house on quiet  cul-de-sac, dose to mall. Solarium,  5 appl, t/p. $850/mo to resp family. Must have rels. Avail, immed  8064516 oi 222-4034. (Will hold  lii Jan. 1 lor the nght person ISOcn  Lower Gibsons. Sell-contained  semt-lum bach suite. Util and  cable incl, n/s, no pets, rets pis.  $390/mo. Avail mid-Dec. 886-  2694. 50cn  Roberts Creek, 2 bdrm with  ensuite, watertront $800.885-  8849.8857685 50cn  3 bdtm. home. Robeits Cieek.  $675/month. 886-3714 tfn  Lower Gibsons - beautilul 1 bdrm.  view apts. Quiet, new, secure, nice  clientelle Blinds, caipets. laundry,  $590,886-3420. t50W  ADVERTISING  FOR TENANCY  British Columbia legislation prohibits advertising which discriminates in the rental of property.  Foi example a petson who  stipulates 'No Children' as a  condition ol rental would be in  violation ol the Family Status  and the Human Rights Acts. The  landlord who places the advertisement and Ihe newspaper  which publishes II would bolh be  in contravention ol the legislation and could have a complaint  Hied against Ihem. The Coast  News will therefore not accept  such discriminatory ads.  VOLUNTEERS  NEEDED  Get in the Christmas  spirit! The Elves  Club needs helpers  to work at receiving  depots, pack food  hampers and deliver  hampers to various  locations on the  Coasl.  The   Stroke   Club  needs a volunteer to  help with their program on Fridays in  Sechelt.  If you love animals  and have a tew hours  to spare, the S.P.C.A.  needs you! Shifts are  between 2-4 pm daily.  A volunteer is needed  to   work   with   the  Provincial Emergency Program, which  provides emergency  social services to the  community.  For these and mora  Opportunities  COMTACTTHE  VOLUNTEER AND  INFORMATION  CENTRE AT 885-5881  A Service Funded by the  Ministry ot Social Services  RENTAL  MANAGEMENT  imis  REALTY 110  Don Sutherland  SEVEN TREES - Watertront  - Bonniebrook. Rels.  Sl.OOO/mo.  Small Suite - Grantham's.  $4007mo.  886-8107  $575/month  Cozy 2 bdrm house, central Gibsons, spectacular view, oil and  wood heat. Avail. Dec. 1. Call aft.  5 pm 886-8923 50w  Jan. 1 view Hopkins Landing, 3  bdrm plus den, garden, parking,  hoi tub, w/d, wood stove, Ireezer  $750/mth, n/s prefer. 1237 Port  Mellon Hwy Phone 277-4725,886-  8162 50w  Waterlront apt in Secrel Cove, n/s,  x pets, $450.885-9368 lv. mess.  50cn  1 bedroom suite Dec 15 Selma  Park. $600/mo. 685-7719.  ��50w  3 bdtm. family home, Gibsons Bay  area. Family room, dining, 5  appis., avail. Dec. 5, $1000/mo. 1-  4200317. ��50w  One person suite avail. Dec. 1,  n/s, n/pets, hydro and cable induded, $475/mo. Rels. req'd. 885-  2382. 50cn  PANORAMIC VIEW  Detached bach, cottage, adult oriented, roomy, ample parking, laundry facii., walk to terry, ideal loi  commuters. 886-0990.       50cn  Wanted m/1 lo share two bedroom  house with view, lower Gibsons.  $350/mo, includes utilities. Pis  phone 686-8360 or 883-9279 50cn  NEEDFUL?  Movie channel, cable TV, D/D  phones, O size beds and lully  equipped kitchenettes in our bachelor suites. Our monthly winter rate  special starts Dec. 1. Opposite  Gibsons Marina 886-3343.  TFN  Ep*nont, 924 sq. ft. 2 bdrm unfurnished mobile home. Also fully lurnished, winterized cabins available  by month, weak or day. Sorry no  pets. 683-2222. 50cn  Avail. Dec. 15,3 bdrm panabode  w/FP and lge ocean-facing deck,  on Gibsons blull. Lease $750.  266-1501. 50cn  New 2 bdrm house plus heated  gatage, glass covered sundeck,  buitHn vac. 5 appl, Langdale. Jan  1/93. $850.886-7261.        50cn  Bright 2 bdtm apt, caipets, skylights, $550/mo. Centrally located  886-7018. TFN  Gibsons - 3 bdrm. lamily room,  1000 sq. II. plus, 3 appl., 1 1/2  baths, upper Gibsons, avail. Od.  1, $650/mo. plus ulils. S.C.M.H.  Park. 886-9826. TFN  32.Commercial  For Rent  TEREDO SQUARE - 3rd lloor  olflci, 363 square feet. Carpeted, air conditioning, elevator  service. All Inclusive rent  $335Mio. 885-4466. TFN  Davis Bay/Wilson Creek Hall available. Wheelchair facilities. 885-  2752 or 885-9863 5lcn  Industrial woikshop avail, immediately, Gibsons, 750 sq. ft. unit,  $475/mo. 921-6751. ��1w  Commercial/oflice space lor lease.  1000 sq.ft. comer unil, excellent  exposure, prime location - Kem's  Plaza. Contact Walter oi Beryl  TFN  Commercial warehouse space,  new building, Hwy 101 t Hough  Rd. Gibsons. Immediate occupancy. 885-9719. TFN  Roberts Creek Hall, avail, dances,  parties, weddings. Yvonne 886-  7815. TFN  RETAIL OR OFRCE SPACE  FOR LEASE  600-1300sq.tt $300-$ 1100  Seaview Place, Hwy 101 Gibsons.  Lome, 1 -733-9883 or Marie. 886-  7018. TFN  34.Help Wanted  HELPI  My suede knapsack was stolen at  Wakefield parking lot Sat., Dec. 5.  Contains important university  books. Please call Kalawan 885-  4883. ten  Doormen needed ��� apply in person  lo Chns at Elphie's Cabaret. Itw  Olivers needed lor pizza delivery  wilh own vehicle. Call 686-2069 or  885-0321. 51w  Experienced Produce Manager.  Full lime. 885-5614, ask lor Personnel. 51w  Responsible adull, training in child  care preferred lor after school daycare. Job hours 2-6 pm E.A.school  day. School Holidays. 6 hrs/day.  Call 8852721 50w  P/T person required in video dept.,  4-9 shift. Must be sell-motivated,  musl be 18 yrs. or older. Apply in  person only. Kem's Home Furnishings. TFN  Beat the recession. Earn thousands stuffing envelopes Irom your  home. Woik lull or part-time. Ideal  lor second income, unemployed,  students or retired. No experience  necessary. For tree information  send a self-addressed stamped  envelope to: YMM ENTERPRISES, PO box 38501,3299 Bayview  Ave, Toronto. Ontario. M2K2Y5  Career Opportunity  ST. MARY'S HOSPITAL  SECHELT, BC  Requires a Manager of Human  Resource Services. Responsibilities will include: * Recruitment, hiring, job posting, transfers - for 300  employees. * Collective agreement  administration, a Consultant to  department heads in human  resources policies and administrations. * Advisor to administrator on  personnel policy development and  Occupalional Health 11 Salety. ���  Other senior administrative  responsibilities ol which the successful applicant may prove lo be  capable  Experience: ��� In hospital labour  relations personnel management. ���  In administration within hospital or  health caie tadlffieS "'���"���"��"  Education: ��� Formal education in  Human Resource management,  general administration, or other  applicable discipline  Salary and benelits negotiable.  Successlul applicant will be a  member ol the senior management team and one ol only six  non-union employees. Please  respond to:Ted Wright, CEO. St.  Mary's Hospital. Box 7777,  Sechelt, BC VON 3A0 Telephone:  604-865-2224. Fax: 604-8853250  TFN  Taxi driver with class 4 driver's  abstract. Blue Wave 886-3333.  TFN  WOMEN'S COUNSELLOR  New Women's Counselling Service  requites full-time counsellor to provide individual and group counselling lo women who are victims  ol violence and abuse. Qualifications include related education and  training prelerabty at the post university level, extensive experience  in counselling women, and the  ability to work closely with community agencies. Submit resume by  December 16 to Executive Director, Sunshine Coast Community  Seivices Society. Box 1069,  Sechell, BC VON 3A0.       50cn  PT babysitter needed at local Illness centie, 2-3 hours/wk (am).  Free membership and hourly  wage. C All 886-4606 TFN  Experienced waiter/waitress pan-  time evenings. El Nino. 686-3891.  TFN  BUS  DRIVERS  Sechell School Bus  Service Lid. is now  accepting  applications for bus  drivers for the nexl  school term.  Applicants should  hold a valid B.C.  class 2 license.  Bring resume lo  6041 Porpoise Bay  Rd. or mail lo Box  70, Sechelt, VON  3A0. Inguiries lo  885-2513  35.Business &  Home Services  John MacCallum Electnc: Electrical Services. Reg. 122074.885  0756 51w 31)   Business &  Home Services  Do you need something built lor  your home or office' Maybe an  item toi a Chrislmas gift? Or you  might need some inlenor renovations or linishing! It you've  answered yes to any or all ot the  above, give ART a call 8868354,  lor prompt, quality custom wood  work at reasonable puces.     2w  I'M YOUR HANDYMAN  Porches, stairs, atnums, additions,  all jobs No job loo small. Call Bill  886.3380 pager 977-6502.    ten  Doveiail log home builder. To  enquire call 885-5322. Icn  HOUSECLEANINQ  Honest, reliable Call Beth 686-  7247. icn  Free Estimates  Firm I ���rices  Bruce Fraser  885-9576  Serving Ihe Coast  for 14 vears.  HOUSECLEANING  Reliable, efficient, bond-able Free  estimate. 8856477.685-0708.1cn  Home repairs, mainlenance, carpentry, painling, eavesuough and  window cleaning, Xmas lights.  John 885-8994 51 w  John MacCallum Electric: Electrical Services. Reg. #22074. 885  0756 51 w  SPIC AND SPAN CLEANERS  'II you're not happy with Ihe other  guy then consider giving us a Iry.'  Wendy 886-2751 ot Nicole 886-  3364 1cn  SPECIAL TOUCHES  CLEANING SERVICE  Residential * Commercial * Marine.  Bonded, insured. 685-4457. 51w  EiFflfltl Sin* Flier  IDH MILL SERVICES  Sharpening A Repairs  to all cutting tools Including  Mower Blades A Chalnsiws  ��� Jamie Hirrep  ____ _____ ___  117  FOR BETTER HEALTH* WELL  BEING-POLARITY THERAPY  Reduces stress (Ihe underlying  cause ol illness) raises energy  level, reduces chronic pain and  tension. Appointments available in  Pender Harbour and Sechell. Call  Vonnie 883-9853. 50cn  JSorktfljtre  Commajrciol at Residential  fully Insured  Friendly, Reliabl* Service  MID        ������6-3516  Pat's Disposal -1 ton Truck  Yard, house and garage clean-up,  construction and gyproc removal,  tree and stump removal: demolition - reasonable and reliable: free  estimates 885-2870. 51w  Renovations, Improvements,  Repairs, Interior/Exterior. David  Reid. 386-4642. 50w  HOMEOWNERS  HELPLINE  deck.  _   -Vtr* Wert  I a a I    .nep.i,  ���tlelnleoince  ���Any Job  , one call noes itall  -886-4788  Call Sue lot youi compiele home  deaning needs. 885-4185   51cn  KAYNOR  Inlenor cleaning big or small,  bonded and reliable. 684-5324 or  B86-2312or886-0436.       TFN  DODCI CONSTRUCTION  Gaaw'nl Cofflaaclnp ��� Ciialom (v,ik*��  New Construclion ��� flwovilloni  ��� Additions-  THE FINEST CRAFTSMANSHIP  yet reasonably priced  Prompt, Relisble  20 years enperience  Tom Dodge has taught carpentry  and renovations al BCIT and built  custom homes lor many ol BC's  loremosl designers. Relerences   on request.   COMPARE US TO THE RESTI  Shouldn't you have lhe Besl?  Please phone Tom  883-9822  YORKSHIRE GARDENER  Lawn problems? Garden out of  control? Need Iree pruning, hedge  shaping? Friendly, reliable service.  Fully insured. Commercial & residential. References available.  FRED 6803526. TFN  INTERIOR AND EXTERIOR  Coast News Classifieds  Coast News, December 14,  1992        19  SPOT-LBS PA1N1I6  ft WALLPAPERING  ��� Spasclsliy Fanlshaas  * Piaaajsuns Wishing  FREE ESTIMATES  885-7838  Concrete - Specializing in driveways, patios, stairs, sidewalks,  Hours, foundations, exposed  aggregate. 886-8095.        TFNs  PEERLESS TREE  SERVICE LTD  Topping - Limbing - Dangei Tree  Removal, Insured. Guaranleed  Work. Free estimates. 885-2109.  TFN  CULTURED MARBLE  Jetted bath tubs, sinks, baths and  shower panels, CSA approved.  Free estimates Tom Sealy. 883-  2978 1cn  IN-HOME PROFESSIONAL  STEAM CLEANING  Carpels ��� Upholstery^  POtsWll TBlXK-MOUNTErj  EQUIPMENT  BEST POSSIKE RESULTS  JUSIASKJWJND  A DIVISION OFKENBEVRIES  S.SOHflOOflCOVEHNQS  Experienced reliable carpenter  available from framing lo foundations - siding to decks. 883-2353.  151 w  Complete Bobcat Services  Excavating-Backfilling  Retaining Walls ��� Trenching  Landscape Construction  Drainage  886-8538  TFNs  Experienced orchardist want to  prune your Iruit trees. Free estimales. 685-7906 1w  Interior linish work. Experienced  local carpenters. Relerences. 886-  2558. Icn  Young, honest, reliable, hardworking man looking lot work. Willing to be trained. Call Farley 886-  2172. ��1w  Care-giver, housekeeper, permanent pan-time, 3 days/wk lor Jan.  '93.886-8001 Fn-Mon early am.  ���51w  STUDENT PAINTERS  Home lor X-mas holidays. Need  woik. Available now. Call 886-  0475 51w  LABOUR ETC.  Wood splitting, yard clean-up,  brush cutting, bucking downed  tiees, window cleaning, gullet  cleaning, rubbish removal. 885-  0737. ten  Reliable man seeks P/T casual  woik. Indoor/outdoor. Rob 886-  3822. 51w  HANDtMAN TO THE RESCUE  Yard work, haul away junk, chop  wood, clean gutters. Seniors discount. Doug 885-5070.     51 w  CONSTRUCTION CO.  REQUIRES WORK  Form - Frame - Finish - Commercial ��� Residential. Hourly or con-  trad. 685-3574 50w  Experienced reliable nighl watchman, etc. seeks employment 885  5937. i50w  Experienced house cleaner, will  also do sewing repairs. Refs. 686-  2520 or 886-2565. I5lcn  RENOVATIONS EXPERIENCED CARPENTER  Wallpaper, paint, carpentry, draft- 15 years experience, firm rales,  ing, free estimates. References tree estimates, no job too small 01  available. 866-3463.         TFN too laige. Bruce 885-9576    ten  For Sale/Lease new industrial  building 3700 sq.lt. 3 bays /1800  sq. tt. upper storage space, office  rental potential, $24,000 per year.  Barry 86643204. ss  JARO ENTERPRISES  Roberts Creak  All your cavpentry nteds  Bob Talbot, 886-2215. aft. 6pm.  TFNs  COOL RUNNINGS  One ton truck available foi hauling,  rubbish removal, moving, yard  maintenance, rototilling, odd jobs.  885-3917. TFNs  In-home family child care. Sale,  fun. P/T 01 F/T. Very reasonable  rates. Rets, avail. 886-2227. 4cn  FUNSHINE DAYCARE  Certilied preschool teacher operating a licenced group daycare facility which otters an enriched full day  program thai focuses on learning  through play. For children aged 2-  1/2 to 5. Full and hall day care  available. 886-3377.        50w  Experienced house cleaners, rales  negotiable. Call Jane 01 Bonnie.  885-4165. 51cn  CARPENTER  House construction, framing, finishing, decks, renovations, fencing. Greg 8852610 50w  CaF TREE SERVICES  Falling, lopping, dangerous tree  removal, lol clearing. Fully insured  Free estimates 8855697    50cn  House painting, caipel and lino  laying, re-stretching, repairs. 885-  0191 50cn  Carpenter, Renovations. Additions,  by hour or conlrad. 886-3107.  ���SOw  36. Work Wanted  HAVE BILLS TO PAY  Dont wanl welfare, hardworking -  will do anything, have chainsaw.  Lee 885-0165 2cn  Jack ft Jill P-j-school has openings for 3 i 4 yr. olds To register.  886-2528. TFN  38 Business &  Opportunities  HONDA POWER PRODUCTS  & IIIJSQVARNA  FOREST ft GARDEN  PRODUCTS  Forest & Garden Dealerships  available for Sechelt  Call Dorhn al  Tldellne Logging  885-41-fl  SERIOUS INQUIRES ONLY  Rapidly growing lowing service in  Sechelt area. Good contrads and  reputation. Serious inquiries only.  685-2022 after 6pm.        51 w  Announcement: Psychic Reading  fot appointment please message  8854883 Kalawna 1w  Wanted: Undeveloped lot $17,000-  , Privately Langdale to Pender. 885-  - 4876 lw  Auto: 1988 Bronco II Excellent  shape 4500 kms. 685-5251 50cn  Help: The Port Mellon Men's  Recovery House is in desperate  need ol a deep Ireezer, commercial size cooking pots, vacuum  cleaners, sewing machines as well  as 2 VCR's. These Hems are needed badly by the house, your donations are greatly appreciated by  the men here who are trying  valiantly to turn their lives around  and become contributing and valuable assets to the communlty.TFN  SECHELT INDIAN BAND  INDIAN RESERVE ��2  PORPOISE BAY SUBDIVISION  SEWER AND WATER SYSTEM  Sealed bids marked Bid lor Sechell Indian Band.  Indian Resetve *2. .Porpoise Bay Subdivision, Sewer  and Walei System" will be leceived al Ihe offices of  The Sechelt Indian Band. 5555 Sunshine Coast  Highway. Sechelt, B.C.. VON 3A0, up lo 2:00 p.m.,  Tuesday, January 12.1993.  The woik involves the constiuction ol appioximalely  ��� 265 meties of 200 mm I'VC sanilaiy sewoi  ��� 28 mettes of 150 mm Dl walei main  ��� 3 sanitary sewer manholes  ��� 24 sanitary sewer connections  ��� 225 meties ol road structure including  asphallic concrete pavement  The work Is lo be completed by Apiil 30, 1993.  Conliacl Documents may he examined at Ihe olfices  ol Associated Engineering (B.C./) Ltd., and also at the  Amalgamated Constitution Association ol British  Columbia a 2675 Oak Street, Vancouver, B.C., V6H  2K2.  Contract Documents will bo available loi purchase by  interested General Contiactors at the offices ol  Associated Engineering III 1: 1 Ltd. on or alter  Wednesday, Decemhor 9, 1992 upon deposit ol  $50.00 per set, GST included. Deposits will be non  refundable.  Technical inquiries by bidders are lo be directed to Mr.  Peter DeGroot, P.Eng., Project Engineei at Associated  Englneeiing (B.C.) Ltd., Telephone (604) 293-1411.  Bids must be accompanied by the specilied Bid Bond  payable to the Sechelt Indian Band.  The lowest 01 any bid will not necessarily be accepted  Associated Engineeiing  (B.C.) Ltd.  #300 - 4940 Canada Way  Burnaby, B.C.  V5G 4M5  Telephone: (604) 293-1411  Fax:(604)291-6163  Chief Thomas Paul  Sechelt Indian Band  P.O. Box 740  Sechelt, B.C.  VON 3A0  Harbour  Insurance  Agencies  Ltd.  For ALL your Insurance Needs  John & Heather Forward  Madeira Park Shopping Centre        883*2794  Sunshine Coast  Insurance Agencies Ltd.  Trail Bay Mall    ^_f^ (iibsons Park Plaza  Sechelt ��� (iibsons  885-2291 886-7751  Mon-Sat 9:00-5:00 Mon-Sat 9:00-5:00  Two convenient offices to serve you.  ASSOCIATED  ENGINEERING  /F  Try a  Classified Ad  offering a  Career Move.  ALWAYS RED CARPET SERVICE  AT  Sunnycrest Mall  Covering ihe Sunshine Coast lor over a generation  BCAA        <Jg)  Insurance       fpj|| |    Travel  886-2000 Ms" 886-9255  CHANGES FOR 1993  Hiach year, ICBC announces insurance premium changes  affecting BC motorists. While these receive lots of attention, other  changes have been made to give you the most appropriate  Autoplan coverage. Changes are effective immediately on new  policies and January 1, 1993. on renewals.  LAND DISPOSITION  In the Land Recording District of Vancouver and  situated northwest ol Hope Point, Gambier Island.  Take notice that Robert Hugh Davie, 404 - Alberni  St., Vancouver, B.C., businessman, Intends to  make application to the Ministry of Environment,  Lands, and Parks, Crown Lands Regional Office  In Burnaby for a Waterlot Lease of Crown  Foreshore generally situated to enclose a shot  rock breakwater to the northwest of Hope Point,  Gambler Island and more specifically described  as: Waterlot Lease - Lot 3362 - GAmbier Island,  and containing 1.066 hectares, more or less.  The purpose for which the disposition Is required  is log dump/temporary log storage.  Comments concerning this application may be  made to Ross Douglas at 401 ��� 4603 Klngtway,  Burnaby, B.C., V5H 4M4.  F.P. Hoehne, Agent  File No: 2405726  L 284  GriSMftuB.  Mopo  I   liOaOOO       p0,n}  YU  What's new?  m ICBC needs an additional 9.5% in total  premium income to meet anticipated claim costs.  ��� Higher Driver Point Premiums starting at four  points, not five.  ��� Daily Autoplan renewals.  ��� Vnierinmred Motorist Protectioa(UMP) limits  changed lo SI million.  ��� Higher minimum deductibles for Collision A  Comprehensive.  ��� Weekly disability payments start an 8th day.  ��� Optional propane or CNG fuel conversion  equipment coverage now available.  Higher premiums  ICBC requires an additional 9.591 in total  premium Income in IW to ensure that  funds ire available to pay claims.  Higher Driver Point  Premiums  One way ICBC makes "had drivers" pay  more is through Driver Point Premiums  which go into Ihe Autoplan Fund to help  reduce costs I'or Ihe res! of us.  These premiums are being increased once  again so that drivers caught breaking traffic  regulations pay more.  Also, drivers will now be hilled for  Driver Point Premiums once they have  accumulated four points, not live.  Daily renewals  ICBC" is giving motorists new Autoplan  expir) dales to move from month-end  renewals to daily renewals for improved  sen ice.  Please visit your Autoplan agent before  your insurance expires so you aren't  drning without insurance coverage,  UMP limit change  Underinsured Motorist Protection (UMP) is  pan of your basic coverage. The basic  UMP limit is now $1 million per insured  person. You can buy an optional policy  offering an additional $1 million in UMP  coverage.  Higher Collision &  Comprehensive minimum  deductibles  ICBC has increased  minimum deductible  amounts for optional  coverages. The minimum  Collision deductible is  now S200 and the  minimum deductible for  Comprehensive coverage  is $100, Deductibles  also now apply to  claims for total loss of  a vehicle due lo fire,  lightning or theft  Why is your 1993  premium increase  higher or lower  than the average?  It your premium  increase is more or less  than the average, it is  because of one or more  of the factors that  affect your individual  insurance rating: the  value, age and use of  your vehicle, where  you live, what coverage  you choose and where  you are on the Claim-  Rated Scale.  Disability  Payments  Under No-Fault Accident Benefits, weekly  disability payments of  benefits now begin  on the eighth day.  bringing ICBC's benefits in line with  practices in other jurisdictions.  Propane/CNG fuel  conversion equipment  coverage  In response to public demand, ICBC has  introduced a new optional policy which  will cover, in the event of a total loss of  certain vehicles, the costs of removal and  installation into another vehicle, of a  propane or natural gas vehicle conversion.  njpri  Any contradiction, dispute or difference between the contents of ihis aaSeriisemeni and applicable Acts or Regulations shall be  resolved only by reference to the Act or Regulation. 20       Gust News, December 14, 1992  HAPPY 4 SAFE HOLIDAYS  Come up and see us -  WE STILL NEED YOUR HELP!  w^ilsiSi  Donation!     886 248S or Boa 99*  Vte. /4cm  I WORKER'S COMPENSATION BOARD  INDUSTRIAL  FIRST AID  4502  00  ' T^L l^> ' Register now tor  courses in the new St. John Ambulance  Training Centre in Sechelt.  WHETHER ITS YOUR FIRST TRY  OR YOU WANT TO RENEW YOUR TICKET  TWO WEEK DAY COURSE  FEB. 22 - MAR. 5  ST. JOHN AMBULANCE  Industrial First Aid Course  "The Affordable Alternative"  Payment can be made by   '���.,������]   or   [���  For information and registration  Phone: 885-0161  ST. JOHN AMBULANCE  Jolaine Percival, one of Pender Harbour's newest firefiglitiii-a recruits.  Roxanne lire gory photo  PHVFD juniors undergo trial by fire  bv Roxanne (a'regory  Brighl orange flames lick Ihe  inside ceiling between what  mice was a kilchen and the front  room. Three feci above the  floor, visibility is obscured by  smoke which is almosl while,  translucent and swirling. Less  than Iwo feet above thai is a  chest-high layer of black,  impenetrable, choking smoke.  Suddenly the toxic gases in lhe  dense smoke layer ignite and  DeVRIES  CARPET SALE!  Now is the time for carpet in your  home. For One week we're slashing our  already low sale prices on Mohawk  Carpet. You'll find a huge selection of  styles and colors. So hurry in today to  take advantage during this limited time  sale and get more carpet for LESS!  XtraLife  DUPOM  STAINMASITR  CERTIFIED  QUALITY- GUARANTEED  PERFORMANCE  down payment  interest payments  until March '93 _ws_  fcst 2 "mp" ot our Great In-bwoc savings  ���  RUBBER BACK SAXONY  ^u��W*otv,^  (CONNtCJiON]  HOURS:  9-5 MONDAY  SATURDAY  LINO from only  $C95  W sq.yd.  709 HWY. 101. GIBSONS ��� 886-7112  fire sweeps across Ihe stuccoed  ceiling.  Hot orange flames dance  across the upper room, undulate  oulside through bro-      ken window frames,  then caress the shingled roof. Black silhouettes crawl across  Ihe floor toward Ihe  front door.  "How many arc in  there?" Pender Harbour fire chief Bill  Hunsche asks a fire-  fighter near Ihe door. "Two,  four, six?" Six firefighters are  crawling backlit shadows inside  the burning Pender Harbour  alternate school on Highway  101. Like desert storm troopers  They scramble  out of Ihe  building which  shortly will  light the night  sky'  with Scoll air packs and blackened turnout gear, they scramble oul of the building which  shortly will light Ihe night sky.    There are snakelike clusters of hoses running from Ihe  trucks and a nearby  creek. More than 40  firefighters from  Garden Bay and  Madeira Park have  turned oul for this  burn. Chief Hunsche  is phlegmatic, "We  could have knocked it down,  when it was still in ihe back of  the building, bul lhat wasn't the  plan tonight." He is making  mental notes for the operations  critique which will follow this  We're more than just tires!  Automotive ft Truck Tires ��� Sales ft Servica  lAirtamoUvs Mschanical ��� Exhaust nsplaoawonl  Alignment* -Brains ��� Shocks ��� Turnups  General Mechanical   _. _  ���Sifl BH  This Week's Special  Present this ad & receive 5% off the  purchase price of your new tires.  886-2700  Coastal Tires  ROADCHECKS  ���STOP  If drinking is a part of your holiday  celebrations, plan ahead to make sure you  get home safely...on public transit, in a cab,  or with a designated driver. .Because we're  out to stop drinking drivers. Md we will.  DEC 8-JAN. 3  raiNKNG DRIVING  CXXJNTEMIERCK  practice burn.  There are new faces among  the crowds of older men and  one woman in smokey yellow  turnout gear. Younger faces.  The PHVPD's juniors program is beginning to pay big  dividends. Colin Fenn and Andy  Curtis are among the crew.  Both are 17 and Ihis is Iheir  first structure fire. It provides  Ihe hands-on experience Ihey  will need in the future. They  have just finished their 50-hour  training program, which is  directed by instructor Darren  Reid.  Bolh Curlis and Fenn are  trained in the use of Scott air  packs, basic aulo extrication,  CPR, first aid and ladder work.  Curlis and Penn joined Ihe  program in September wilh six  other volunteers. "I joined mostly for the experience," said  Fenn. "You know if something  happens, I'd like to know what  to do lo help." Curtis had more  traditional reasons for joining.  "I've always admired my father,  who has been a firefighler for  years. I guess I'd like lo follow  in his footsteps...and I think it's  a good way to help my communily." Curtis and Fenn both feel  lhat their training has helped  Ihem grow in both community  and personal responsibility.  Helping Iheir community is  also high on the agenda for  Jolaine Percival and Sarah Beadle, Garden Bay's newest firefighter recruits.  Percival and Beadle,  involved in Students Against  Drunk Driving and swimming  programs at the aquatic cenlre,  both saw firefighting as a way  to make a difference in their  community.  Beadle, whose small frame  made finding appropriate-sized  turnout gear somewhat difficult,  was surprised by her acceptance  in the junior firefighters program.  "Five people applied and  some of Ihe others were a lol  bigger than I am. There are  some things thai because of my  size I don't think I'll be able lo  do, bul Ihey lell us if you don'l  feel confident doing something  oul there, don't do il. Ihere isn't  any discrimination there, and  the crew really made us feel like  we are a part of the team. They  are really great."  "There is so much lo learn,"  added Percival. "How you go  into a fire, how lo hook up Ihe  hoses and use the equipment. I  think Ihe experience of firefighting will change my attitude  towards life.  "You have lo really look at  what you're doing and noi take  things for granted. I think serving your community is one of  the best experiences. We really  want to thank the fire department for their support and this  opportunity."  Beadle and Percival will be  attending training sessions  which are similar to those just  completed by Curtis and Fenn.  All junior members go through  a six-month probationary period  after their training, which  includes practice bums such as  the one Tuesday night.  By morning all lhat remains  of Ihe former alternate school is  a smoldering foundation and the  memories of experience.


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