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Coast News Mar 22, 1993

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 Victoria. �����*-������  COAST^NEWS  50 cents per copy on newsstands  imnmiiMiiD  March 22,1993 Volume 47 Issue 12  Wilson's ability,  credibility  debated on Coast  by Jane Seyd  Despite the recent slings and  arrows, local Sunshine Coast  Liberals say they're still behind  their MLA and leader Gordon  Wilson.  "I believe they are solidly  behind him," says Barbara Ball,  the Liberal riding association  president.  So far, Wilson hasn't said  whether he will run  again for leadership  of the provincial Liberals next September.  Commenting on Friday, he said, "I'm  starting to lean.  There's an awful lot __^_____  of support out there."  Norman Ruff, political science professor at the University  of Victoria, says realislicially,  "It's very hard to see lhat he  could ever recover."  Meanwhile, opinion is still  divided over how recent events  have affected Wilson's ability  to represent his riding. "I have  absolutely no concerns," says  Ball, who is organizing constituency meetings where Wilson will be speaking March 28.  But others ;ue more cautious  in Iheir assessments. "Obviously everything that's been going  on in the last eight weeks has  been distracting to him," says  Ruff.  Mrytle Winchester, who,  publishes a newsletter in Pender  Harbour and supported Wilson's election campaign comments, "I don't know if his ability to represent the Coast has  7 have  absolutely no  concerns'  - Barbara Hall  Inside  community page 6  feature      page 11  leisure       page 13  nutter       page 5  musings     page 4  sports      page 14  rmbfween page 17  changed. He doesn't seem to be  spending much time here. I  haven't heard of him doing anything as MLA, other than he's  given people a lot to talk  about."  As chair of the local regional  board, Peggy Connor says as far  as she's concerned, Wilson -  who met with her last week - is  slill pursuing local issues, "I  think he can do the  job," she says. "He's  doing it far better  than any of them I  can think of."  While some people feel let down by  Wilson, Connor says  "I think they're mixing up his private life with his  political life.  "I don't think il's affected  his ability. It may have affected  his willingness a little... It's  pretty hard to live with."  Bul that opinion isn't shared  by another local politician who  supported Wilson during the  election. "I think he was initially quite effective," says Gibsons  mayor Eric Small. "...I'm not  sure I can say that now."  In the early days of his term,  Wilson had a local impact on  issues such as getting attention  to the Gibsons highway bypass,  provincial medical issues and  the sinking of the Chaudiere,  says SimalL But with recent  events, "I think he's lost his  credibility," says Small. "How  much support does he have  when he stands up and says  something?"  While some people, local  Liberals among them, feel  media portayal of Wilson's private problems has been entirely  unfair, others aren't so sure.  "Il's a reflection of character," says Small. "If an individual has difficulty realizing what  is liable to affect their credibility in their personal life then I  would have to have Ihe same  concerns on the political side."  "It's a situation of his own  making," says Ruff. "If he had  been more forthright back in  January, he may well have  escaped this." Locally, Small  says many people are disappointed in Wilson. "Count me  among them."  turn to page 22  Carla Rudland, Ann Konopascek and Sara Norris liven up Rockwood Centre's Children's Fair Thursday.  Joel Johnstone photo  Residents feel burned by new fire regulations  by Charles Harl  After months of review, Gibsons is taking  steps to tighten up the town's burning regulations, but it was immediately apparent  when the new bylaw was unveiled last week  that for some residents the changes proposed  do not go far enough.  David Morrow told council after the  meeting thai land clearing fires from a new  subdivision in his Oceanmount neighbourhood made living conditions unbearable for  residents. "It's basically illegal to do what  they're doing, but there's nobody to enforce  it," said Morrow, referring lo new provincial  regulations on slash fires. "There has to be  something done. 1 was buried in smoke for  nearly a week."  Council moves to  tighten bylaw  Morrow said the whole neighbourhood  was up in arms over the pollution, health  threat, and noise from heavy machinery,  which he said kept up into the early hours of  the morning. "I'm asking for you guys to  come up with some solutions," he told council. "What I saw was the developer go in and  basically do what he pleased. He basically  had total land control."  Mayor Eric Small said the whole Coast is  struggling with the problem. But until there  is an alternative, such as a commercial  stump dump or chipper, he said local government has been reluctant to put on outright  ban on slash and land-clearing fires. When a  commercial service does become available,  "I'm sure you'll find all of us moving very  quickly to ban these fires," Small said.  The town's new bylaw makes no mention  of land-clearing fires, however, although the  mayor did urge councillors to consider  whether they wanted to draft appropriate  regulations. The bylaw, which was given  first reading, will ban burning of construction waste, which is accepted at landfills,  and bring other regulations into line with  Forest Service rules.  turn to page 2  Searching out solitude in Desolation Sound  by Jane Seyd  Rounding Sarah Point at the  entrance to Desolation Sound,  the dark peak of East Redonda  Island rises steeply from the  water, the long arms of the  sound reaching back towards the  mountains which stop up the  distance all around.  Sheltered from the outflow  winds and the tidal currents of  the straits, Desolation lies  smooth and still under the morning sun.  In front of the BC Parks boat  Desoree, Mink Island floats its  green fur of trees in the middle  of the channel.  For many people over the  years, Desolation Sound has  been an idea as much as a place,  a myth of wilderness where  silence echoes out of the forest,  remote and melancholy.  Writing in the summer of  1792 aboard the Discovery,  Captain George Vancouver expressed his hopelessness at finding each inlet blocked by mountains, describing the disorienting  geography of Desolation as "a  detached and broken country,  whose general appearance was  very inhospitable."  Now the largest marine park  inBC, Desolation Sound offers  6,330 acres of foreshore and  water, and 14,000 acres of  upland. Unusually warm water,  caused by an absence of significant tidal flushing, minimal wind  and many sheltered boat anchorages, have made the sound a  popular destination.  Ironically, those who seek  Desolation's sense of solitude at  the height of summer will likely  find up to 300 boats in search of  similar qualities.  The appeal of the area's  "untouched wilderness" has also  not been lost on more commercial interests, which have set a  Toyota car down on one of the  islands and recently filmed a  backdrop for Air Canada vacations, complete with paper maple  leaves spread over the  foreground.  But for those who can get to  Desolation in the spring or fall  off-season, the sound still offers  a place of quiet water, tree-lined  shores and contemplation.  In Malaspina and Lancelot  inlets the park cuts down the  middle of the waterways, dotted  on both sides by the blue floats  of oyster leases.  Although the tide can sometimes run through at as much as  two knots through Malaspina,  the actual exchange of waters in  Desolation's inlets is small,  Textures and reflections in Desolation Sound.  making them a prime area for  oyster fanners, who culture the  shellfish both on lines and in  trays.  Oyster growing in the Desolation Sound area - including  some leases within the park - is a  several-million-dollar annual  Jane Seyd photo  industry, with most oyster growers importing their seed from  Japan and California.  turn to page 2  Students  hear  youth  council  proposal  The mayor of Sechelt was  asked by students to speak at  Chatelech Secondary School  recently to let students know the  municipality has set aside  $1,000 toward the formation of  a Sechelt youth council.  Two Chatelech students  asked Mayor Nancy MacLarty  to attend a class session and  explain a youth council proposal she made in December of  1992.  Sechelt council's youth liaison, councillor Michael Shanks,  was to have spread word of the  proposal, bul not many students  gained any knowledge of it  "We never heard anything  about it, or that there was  $l,000-available," said Chatelech grade 11 student Tyler  Gray. "That's why we asked the  mayor to come and talk to our  class."  turn to page 2 Coast News, March 22, 1993  news  glbaons notes  Gibsons council, asked lo support commercial fishermen in  opposing the aboriginal fisheries strategy, took a cautious approach  last week when the item came up for discussion.  Rather than wade into public debate on a sensitive political issue,  council apparently agreed in advance how to respond. The result  was a motion calling for more negotiations to take place before any  moves are made to implement the strategy, with a vague policy statement reflecting the town's concern to see the interests of the locid  commercial fishing fleet protected.  The SCRD, meanwhile, has gone on record as supporting Ihe  Fishermen's Survival Coalition in ils bid lo hall the aboriginal fisheries strategy.  More grants  The town announced additional grants to non-profit organizations  which have satisfied 1993 requirements;  ��� The Wesl Howe Sound Recreation facilities commission  received a grant of $4,000, roughly one-third of its budget;  ��� Gibsons Teen Outreach was awarded a grant of $2,000 of Ihe  $10,000 requested. "We wanted to strongly support them, bul  couldn't support their entire budget - which is what it would've  amounted to," said Mayor Eric Small;  ��� The Gibsons and District Public Library received a grant of  $35,000, $20,000 of which takes the form of free rent and utilities for  its premises, the remaining $15,000 being a cash grant. Thai is an  increase from $12,500 in recent years to take into account inflation.  The total amounts to a lax of aboul $11 per head for town library services, equivalent lo whal their rural counterparts in electoral areas D,  E are contributing, said Small.  T  Soil Newsprint  Roll Ends  \_ ' Various alxoa tor $5, $10 and $15 aach  >) - In Gibaona at 537 Cruice Lane  - in Sechelt at 5521 Cowrie St.  J a as ���mr���!*********��~~  ^_a_*^^tKtr  FLOOR  INSTALLATIONS  ���Carpet ��� Lino  ��� Hardwood  "FOR A TIDY JOB ON TIME"  call GREG DENNIS0N  886-3220 cell 649-4385  ti �����"*���*��� ���      '  'a/AVlall  \ I  GOOD TO BE BACK  ���i  Paul Scott  Paul was raised on the Sunshine Coast. After graduating  from Elphinstone in 1975, he worked locally in logging,  construction and for B.C. Ferries.  Paul brings over 5 years real estate experience from  Vancouver's North Shore and is both a Medallion Club and  President's Gold Award winner.  For help in achieving your real estate goals...  CALL PAUL at 886-2277  ���lXP<!i����  NRS (.II5SONS Kf Al TV  st \\i< Kl si \r  Reflecting oyster farms, communes,  from page I  Near Galahad Point, at the  entrance to Theodosia Inlet,  Jeremy Petrou, Arlen Drury and  Rich Klose sort the contents of  trays pulled up from the water  on the flout, picking out tiny red  sea cucumbers and pale crabs  which have grown along with  the oysters.  Along with the oysters, the  farm produces littleneck and  manilla clams dug from nearby  beaches.  "During the winter months  you dig at night," says Petrou,  because that's the only time the  tide goes out far enough, looking for the shape of the shells  and the size of their hinges by  headlamp: "It takes a little  while."  At the end of Theodosia,  beyond the boundaries of Ihe  park, tidal flats next to the Toba  forest district have historically  been used as booming grounds  for logging operations.  During the railroad logging  era, Theodosia was known  locally as Baloney Bay, says ex-  logger Frank White, after the  quality of food that could be  expected in camp by up to 300  men employed there.  "In the depression the guys  went anywhere they could get  work and they worked the hell  out of them," says White.  In the early part of the century, a homestead at the head of  the inlet with a herd of beef and  dairy cattle also supplied local  logging operations.  A traditional village site of  Tranquil waters surround an inlet  the Sliammon people al the head  of Theodosia was abandoned in  the 1920s.  Moving out of Malaspina  Inlet and around Clifford Peninsula lo Galley Bay, a shake  cabin below an old orchard  indicates spot once known  throughout the Coast as a commune which ran from 1969 to  1974 on the site of an old homestead.  Back then, "one or Iwo boals  a day would come into this bay  and drop people off," says Rick  Terrell, the parks caretaker and  current occupant of the land,  who first came lo Desolation as  an oyster farmer. "It was a  whole bunch of people trying to  live off the land with no equipment and no money."  When it came to a vote  between doing something and  not doing something, "the vote  Island In Desolation Sound.  would be lo noi do something,"  says Terrell - part of the reason  the commune eventually folded.  A sheltered habitat for many  birds in the winter, Desolation is  home lo bald eagles, scoters,  ravens and marbled murrelets  among other species. East  Redonda Island is also an ecological reserve.  A rock near lo Otter Island,  by the place marked on nautical  charts as Sky Pilot Rock is also  home to a seal nursery, where  the animals watch passing boats  with doleful eyes before slipping into Ihe water.  At Tenedos Bay, described  by the Discovery's botanist  Archibald Menzies as "the deep  bay" because of the steep  enclosing shoreline, purple  starfish cling to the rock above  the tideline, while gulls float  nonchalantly nearby. At the  Jane Seyd photo  entrance to Ihe harbour, a profile  of a face can be seen in the rock  at the point known as Bold  Head, while a trail at the head of  the bay leads back to Unwin  Lake.  Farther up, a series of bays  where tugboats once tied up in  Prideaux Haven offers a  favourite anchorage for boaters.  At one lime, homesteads  existed at the heads of both  Laura and Melanie coves. Long  abandoned, traces of some old  cabins and orchards can still be  found overgrown behind the  bush throughout Desolation. At  Laura Cove, cormorants perch  on a rock at the entrance lo the  bay like charmed black snakes.  On a still afternoon here the  waler reflects everything: the  mountains, the smooth limbs of  the arbutus, the exact pattern of  the shoreline.  Petition opposes Cowrie plans  Sechell council experience the first strong opposition to proposed upcoming changes in the district's official community plan last Wednesday's  when resident Pal Chamberlin presented council  with a petition asking that the residential portion of  Cowrie Street between Trail and      Ocean Avenues not be rezoned  from residential to commeicial.  Chamberlin, who lives in the  neighborhood bordered by Cowrie,  Dolphin, Ocean and Trail avenues,  'Please respect our  sense of place and  the right to protect  saidr|he quality of life for residents. QUr families' safety'  would be "greatly affected" while1  i  '"���  the municipality would at the same time be creating a safety hazard for children attending school at  both the elementary and secondary school.  She pointed out that Cowrie was already a busy  street with cars speeding in and out of the municipality along it. "Please respect our sense of place  and the right to protect our families' safety," reads  part of the petition.  In addition to safety concerns, Chamberlin said  that creating a commercial zone of lhat portion of  Cowrie would create traffic congestion and confusion as the "small" lane behind the existing Cowrie  residences would serve as the only access for commercial enterprises and would easily become     blocked with people trying to park,  trucks making deliveries and people trying to leave. "There's only  room enough for one-way traffic  without removing Ihe powerlines,"  Chamberlin said.  Chamberlin said her petition  consisted of the names of people  living within the neghbourhood or within two  blocks of it and "only one person refused to sign."  She said another won't sign for fear of jeopardizing their tenancy and "two more were so beaten  down by the issue that they want nothing more to  do with it."  Council has a policy of not commenting on presentations Ihe night they are given, so refrained  from comment.  Funds offered to establish youth council  from page 1  MacLarty's youth council  proposal was a response to a  request by other Chatelech students that Sechelt council buy  the former seniors hall and turn  it into a youth centre. MacLarty  said essentially that Sechelt's  youths would have to prove they  were responsible and interested  in operating such a facility  before they could have one and  should therefore be required to  form a recognised, functioning  council.  "I think it would be a real  lesson in democracy," MacLarty  Prepare for an Office Administration Career  The Office Administration Department at Capilano College offers you:  ��� professional instructors ���well-equiped computer labs  ��� work practicums ��� job placement assistance  ��� a College certificate.  Hie Office Technology Programs  Leam accounting, computer, administrative and organizational skills. Students  specialize in Administrative Assistant, Financial and Secretarial programs. Some part-  time courses may be available. Telephone now to anange for your personal interview.  The Legal Secretarial Program  Leam procedural law wiih an emphasis on litigation, corporate law, conveyancing,  family law and probate procedures. Acquire technological skills through hands-on  computer information processing. Information meetings are scheduled for April 14  and May 12 at 6 p.m. Please phone to confirm.  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"I think this should involve  more than just the Chatelech  Student Council," MacLarty has  said. "There are a lot more  young people in Sechelt than  just the high school students."  The proposal also called on  the youths to provide their own  mission statement, policies and  constitution, and that they form  their own elections to choose  those who would serve on the  council.  Once a youth council is  formed and running smoothly,  according to MacLarty, council,  in conjunction with other groups  like Ihe school board and chamber of commerce, could look  into helping the youth acquire  recreational facilities which they  could "call their own."  She said a part-lime co-ordinator could be hired to help run  Ihe facility but said most of the  work and planning and the management of any funds should be  left up to Ihe youths.  Gray said he and other students would undertake to spread  the word.  "ll sounds like a good idea,"  Gray said, bul we've got to tell  other students aboul it."  Burn  permit  rules  adjusted  from page I  Consequently, permits will  be required between April IS  and Oct. IS (rather than April  I and Nov. 1), open fires will  be banned during July and  August, and the fire chief will  be given authority to ban fires  at other times for safety reasons. In addition, the fire  departmenl will be able to bill  individuals for costs arising  from an unpermitted fire  burning out of control.  The new regulations have  already been reviewed and  approved by Ihe West Howe  Sound Fire Protection Committee.  At the same meeting, the  issue was also taken up by  Dr. Paul Martiquet, the  Coast's chief medical health  officer. In a letter to council,  Martiquet notes that there is  convincing scientific documentation that wood smoke  poses serious health risks.  "The Coast Garibaldi  Health Unit recommends that  councils and regional districts  take actions to keep wood  burning to a minimum and  limit the burning of slash  where possible. Alternative  methods of slash disposal  must be encouraged."  Free Help with Your Tax Return  Revenue Canada is opening free tax clinics in your  area to help you at income tax time. You can drop by  with any questions you may have, or choose from a  variety of forms, guides and pamphlets.  Tax preparation classes are also being offered to help  you learn more about completing your income tax  return. Space is limited, so register early!  Trail Bay Centre  Cowrie Street, Sechelt  March 25 to March 27,1993  Information Booth - During Mall Hours  Tax Preparation Classes ��� 9:00am to 3:30pm  Class Registration: Call collect 691-4134  ). "  _____________________ Coast News, March 22, 1993  Chapman Creek Hatchery  volunteer John Smallwood  lets gu the last of 29,000 pink  salmon Wednesday. Fishery  workers estimate one-and-  one-half per cent of this  release should survive to  return. This September the  hatchery hopes 2,500 pinks  h-om the first pink release 18  months ago will live up to  those figures.  Joel Johnstone photo  Herbal cancer remedy touted, disputed  by Darah Hansen  Elaine Alexander says she  doesn't have to make claims  about Essiac, the herbal remedy  long been heralded as a natural  cure for cancer.  She says the proof of its  effectiveness, and that of her  own like-product, Floressence,  is in its history and in the claims  of its many users - information  she will impart to Sunshine  Coast residents next Saturday  when she will speak on the topic  at Greenecourt.  But in the realms of the medical world - both traditional and  alternative - Essiac's reputation  is complex and muddled. About  as many opinions exist on Essiac's results as there are medical  practitioners.  Much of the problem is that  little is known for certain about  the natural remedy. It is  believed to have originated with  Natives living in Northern  Ontario who, before the turn of  the century, passed the recipe  for Essiac into the hands of a  non-native woman after she  11 dWlftRSfj brsfiast cancer!"'' '  ,,The wo'rjijui took the herbal  concoction in the form of a lea  and her cancer is then said to  have disappeared. The remedy  became public knowledge some  30 years later when an Ontario  nurse, Rene Caisse, was made  party to the secret formula by its  original patient.  Over the next three decades,  Caisse claimed to have healed  thousands of cancer victims  with her version of the formula  which she called Essiac (Caisse  spelled backwards).  Caisse died in 1978 but not  before having signed over Ihe  rights to Essiac to two parties:  the Resperin Corporation of  Ontario and to her long-time  friend, Massachusetts doctor  Charles Brusch.  Resperin, Brusch and later  the American firm, Mankind  Research Foundation Inc.,  which bought the formula from  Resperin, are the only parties to  have Caisse's formula.  According to Elaine Alexander, Caisse wouldn't allow her  product to be formally tested  fearing it would get lost in the  bureaucratic shuffle or worse,  that clinical tests would not be  performed correctly thus discrediting forever the remedy she  believed.  Records at the BC Cancer  Research Agency in Vancouver  show that Resperin Corp.,  applied in 1978 to the government to have Essiac recognized  as a legitimate medical drug, but  the submission was later refused  after the two Ontario hospitals  chosen for the investigation  declined to use Essiac as 'the  sole treatment on their cancer  patients.  The records further show that  in 1982 Essiac was made available to 112 family practitioners  to use in supervised treatment of  terminal patients. Of the original  number, 74 later submitted case  reports on 87 patients which  showed Essiac to have a very  low success rate.  The conclusion was drawn  from Health and Welfare Cana  da at that time that clinical evidence did not exist to support  Essiac as an effective treatment  for cancer.  It did acknowledge that it  was not harmful to a person's  health provided the herbs were  not substituted for a proven  form of cancer therapy, and  therefore allowed the release of  Essiac on compassionate  grounds.  Essiac, and versions thereof,  have since been permitted to be  sold in health food stores across  Canada with the idea they create  at least a placebo effect - a positive psychological effect which  Cain aid in the comfort and overall health of a patient.  But Dr Jim Chan, a Vancouver naturopath who has worked  with Essiac for the past three  years, argues that it's too early  to dismiss the remedy completely. "I've got plenty of statistics  to show that it has worked in  certain cases," said Chan,  adding the numbers are not high  enough to say this is a sure cure  ��� for cancer.  , . ...     ������ i  But Chan admits Ihere is still.  'tbb IMIcH Unknown about the  remedy to make any real elaimfc  about it.  "I can have two people with  exactly the same kind of cancer.  I could treat them with Essiac  and one would die and one  would live."  Chan said he does not advise  Essiac's use in isolation from  clinically tested methods such as  chemotherapy or radiation. He  sees it as an alternative to those  who are trying everything and  It's finally here!  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Dr. Kirslie Overhill, chief of  staff at St Mary's hospital in  Sechelt, says she has three  pieces of advice for patients  considering alternative medicine.  First, find out if the remedy  is dangerous or toxic. Second,  look at the price.  And third, try and exercise a  little common sense.  "I don't tell them not to try  it," said Overhill, "I tell them I  don't know ��� it may help and it  '"ftikyttdt."���" md '  activity centr*  FUN AND FITNESS  CHOICES FOR  av******!^iMS**-'  ******  iNftPW1  �� ���|Wlal  afS��������,    ...wife  A Special Fitnosc Iv��nt  Toke o S1LP up with Geoff Bogshow  (1991 B.C. Aerobics Champion.)  Register today for his  SWM SEP class...  Saturday, .April 17/ 11 am  Discounts for families, students, *\ seniors  help t  TO-ffl*!  743 NORTH RD GIBSONS  1992 TEMPO GL  4-Door Sedan  V-6  Ail Conditioning     P-D.l. & FREIGHT jflL  ...and much more   INCLUDED ^^  WE HAVE A FEW MORE  OF THESE VEHICLES TO  CHOOSE FROM, SO  COME IN  AND  SEE US  TODAY!  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Gibsons council has taken a step in the right direction  by banning burning of construction waste. But it should  go further while the issue is on the table: there is clearly a  need for some type of control on slash burning if an outright ban is not acceptable at this time. Without pressure  from local government, it could be a long time before a  commercial enterprise considers it worthwhile to operate  a chipping or stump dump service. The elusive alternative leaves residents suffering unacceptable pollution.  The possibility of incorporating a sizeable stump  dump/burning area at the Sechelt landfill has not been  explored. And even if that is not a suitable option, there  are ways to limit the extent of on-site burning and consequent noxious smoke that residents justifiably find so  objectionable.  Some municipalities have sought to control the size of  piles, the days and times when burning may take place  and the minimum distance from neighbouring property  lines in an effort to combat the neighbourhood smoke  problem. There are other solutions, in the short term, with  which to establish the principle that indiscriminate commercial burning is unacceptable and that tougher regulations are in the pike to guarantee health and security of  those already living in the community.  Cases have arisen elsewhere in which seniors suffering  from asthma or other chest ailments have been driven  from their homes by smoke pollution. In Oceanmount  recently, llie level of smoke was so dense, even with windows and doors closed, that some residents were left  spluttering in tears while their smoke alarms went off.  A minimum set of standards needs to be enacted and  eitfoteid to prevent such extreme nuisance. It is time  local government acted decisively to clear the air. >  Hockey credits  The Sunshine Coast Minor Hockey Association  deserves a bouquet from the community for the exemplary way it organized and ran last week's provincial AA  midget championships.  No mean feat for a small organization run by volunteers whose first interest is in fostering local quality and  ability in the national sport. The level of sportsmanship  displayed at the tournament was a credit to the Coast  organization and those behind the 10 other participating  teams, which played hard, competitive hockey.  The tight tournament game schedule proceeded like  clockwork. The only complaint from visitors and home  fans seemed to be grumbling about referees... And what  else is new when there's tough competition with a  provincial championship at stake?  Trade unionism  shows true colours  For the past seven weeks  IWA workers of Bayside  Sawmills have been locked out  by their employer.  On March 16, a vole was  taken when the 'best and final'  offer was rejected by the union  membership and a counter proposal sent to the company,  whereby all workers above the  bottom three hourly rates voluntarily gave up their rate increase  in the thin) year of the contract  to their less fortunate co-workers, so that the lower-paid workers will receive a living wage.  In other words the substantial  raise given to the bottom three  categories was funded by the  higher paid workers themselves.  It is this type of kindness and  undeniuuiding>j(hat is die foundation on which trade unionism  wis built. fZT.  The vote was carried by (SO  per cenl. As a result many are  returning to work reluctantly, to  a labour climate, that will be  cool at best.  Notwithstanding, the IWA is  asking its members to put the  past behind them and actively  work lo promote safety, productivity and unity on the job.  IWA-Canada, Local 1-71,  would like lo publicly lhank  George Thomas who as camp  chairman and member of the  negotiating committee, showed  leadership, patience and a generous spirit in donating countless hours of his time for others;  Bill Johnstone and Barbara Vincent for their efforts on the  negotiating committee and as  picket captains; the remaining  dependable picket captains for  hard work and bringing order  out of chaos; the pickets for  faithfully manning the line for  24 hours a day and the special  project workers who helped  arrange firewood and the other  necessities for workers doing  picket duty.  MURRAY CANTELON  Warden, IWA, Local 1-71  Criminal what  press did to Wilson  I have had it up to the eyeballs with the media's witch  hunt after Gordon Wilson. The  sarcastic column in the editorials of The Leader, The Sunshine  Press and John Pifer (Sunshine  Press) did nothing to win credibility of the press.  Last week on the news they  ..tfimfte a lelletfw��^|***,fjo*n  ���'^."Wilson and pwts-of it published in The Province. That's a  >*TilNiW offence and I am disgusted that people reporting the  news can wallow around in the  gutter, producing such slime and  garbage.  This is not news - it's some  one's personal and private life.  Would the wolf pack news  media be so smug and judgmental if we, the viewers and readers, were reporting on their not-  so-perfect little secrets?  Two thousand years ago a  lynching mob was told "He who  is without sin (faults) among  you - cast the first stone."  Gordon Wilson is going  through the most stressful event  in human life that we have to  experience, the grief and pain of  separation and divorce.  There is only one event thai  is worse and that is the death of  a spouse. Divorce is like a dealh  - the grieving lasts much longer  than bereavement in some cases.  Mr. Wilson and his wife had  a 25-year marriage. I'm sure  they tried to stay together. It  takes an enormous amount of  guts and courage to end a mar-  ���jriage,    ������   ��� ���   " '������;;   I Pe6plb,ar'e'sayihg'''Mr. Willi sort was unwind to his wife.' It  ��� doesn't look that way. He was  honest, too many men (and  women) cheat on their spouses  and never say anything. I could  write a hook about it, but not  right now.  letters welcome  We welcome letters to the editor on matters of public  interest. However, we reserve the right to edit  .submissions for brevity, clarity and legality. Please mall  your letters to:  The Editor  Sunshine Coast News  Box 68  Sechelt, B.C.  V0N3A0  When people go through  crises in their private lives, it  takes superhuman effort to put  everything objectively in the  order they would like it to be.  We are all human, far from perfect - shouldn't wc be compassionate?  Three years ago I watched  the TV with disgust as Tony  Parsons stripped Mr. Vander  Zalm of everything. He was  taken apart piece by piece. I  hated it. Now they are trying it  with Mr. Wilson.  Two years ago I had to write  to Ottawa and Victoria about the  destitute women in this country,  older ones and young single  mothers. 1 sent them facts and  figures. I had to send Mr. Skelly  a second letter as he took his  time to answer.  Eventually he passed Ihe  buck to Mr. Mazankowski, who  scnt.nie a lip servicp,govern.-,,.  nicnt-pl.ititudps letter saying,  how concerned the Canadian  government was for its single  mothers and people living on  limited incomes.  Mr. Wilson was Ihe only one  who listened. He took time out  in a busy day to give me an  appointment to see him in his  Sechelt office.  He listened with understanding and made a few recommendations that I should look into. I  will never forget this. Mr. Wilson will always get my vote. I  think he is a great man.  So ladies and gentlemen of  Ihe press, please give us a break.  You do an excellent job otherwise. But after all this dirt and  digging - put a lid on it.  E. MARGARET NIELSEN  Sechelt  Stone Age tips on nutrition and the care of children  m  ;j  II  The headline on the front page read: 'Scientists  look to Stone Age for tips on child care and nutrition'.  That, if you will pardon a pun, takes one a bit  aback, does it not?  We are not just looking at our grandparents  here, folks; this is not just a nostalgic glance back  at a mistily remembered and romanticised era. No  siree, we are going all the way back to pre-agricul-  tural man for tips on how to feed ourselves and  how to care for our young.  These areas of human activity in which we are  to be instructed are not negligible. If there are more  central issues in the life of a species than feeding  itself and caring for its young I'd like to know  what they are.  No, if these scientists are right, we seem to  have taken a wrong turn somewhere a long way  back.  Mind you, it seems the advice we seek from  Stone Age models is scarcely radical. How could it  be, you might well ask.  Our bodies are attuned more happily to grains  and vegetables than they are to red meat, our  researchers tell us. I suspect that there are generations of our kind between here and the cave nun  who knew that well.  From the cave man we can leam that parents  should sleep with their children rather than relegat-  musings  John burnside  ing them at an early age into little cages called  cribs.  Given the evidences of alienation in abundance  all around us, we ought to leam something from  somebody soon about how to produce human  beings who are not time bombs of rage, frustration,  fear and loneliness.  I love this story, though. I love it because it  gives us a marvellous kick in the complacency. We  are so imbued with pride in the marvellous toys we  have had brought into our lives, so smugly sure  that we are the happiest and brightest people who  ever lived.  It is good for us, I submit, to leam tliat there are  some crucially important aspects of life where we  have gone far astray and to leam, too, that we have  much to leam from people without our toys and  who must therefore, given the materialistic yard  stick by which we measure everything and each  other, have been less than clever.  It would be laughably inaccurate to suggest that  good nutrition and childcare have been important  areas of concern in my personal life. But even into  my less-than-enlightened ken has swum some  awareness which prepares me for the scientists'  findings.  During the Second World War in Great Britain,  the populace, of which I was a very small part, was  denied much in the way of red meat and forced  onto a diet of grain and vegetables.  After the war we had the finest crop of middle-  and long-distance runners that Britain has ever produced, young men and women who grew up on the  restricted diet.  Also from my own childhood I remember that  we lived in close proximity to many aunts and  uncles.  We had definitely not escaped the Industrial  Revolution of the 19th century, were in fact caught  deeply in its coils, but the extended family was still  a large part of our lives.  As a child, I knew full well what a haven it was  to have an aunt or two a few doors away or a  grandmother for those days when one's mother  grew irritable and dangerous from work and poverty and the unrelenting demands of her responsibilities.  I knew the joys of having a plenitude of uncles  willing to find the time for a small boy who wanted  to walk the hills and leam about the ways of rabbits and lapwings or go fishing in the streams for  trout.  For several generations now we have been a  mobile people leaving our homes and our families  and our friends to find work in one of the giant  industrial organizations which have shaped our  lives.  Our nuclear families see hard-pressed men and  women hying to cope with children, trying to fill  all the roles that many filled in generations heretofore.  Some couples succeed admirably still, but many  more fail and it is the young who suffer the sting of  such failures.  If you are unpersuaded that life of the hunter  and food gatherers of Ihe Stone Age has anything  to offer, consider this. One study I read of lately  estimated that the hunter and food gatherer spent  approximately 26 hours a week in sustaining the  family.  The rest was with the family and in recreation.  Compare that with your work week - that is if you  are presently employed.  Progress, there can be no doubt, is a winding  road with hairpins to be negotiated leading back to  where we have been.  1  iOAST^NEWS  b-mcHpHoii Helm toe  ������ CafkaMf MMS WPt WMMHMfT  Male: I year ��� J35 ��� $2.45 CST - S37.45  6 months ��� S20*S1.40CST-J21.40  rtmalam 1 yew ��� $40 (No CST)  Ref. No. 4702  The Sunshine Coaat News as published on  the Sumhlne Coaat, RC. every Monday by  GUuhrdf-mM.  Gibsons otHoa  Box 460, Gibsons, 1C, VON IVO  (604| B06.2t.22, Fn 1604) IM-77U  Secftew Office,  Boa M Sedvett, B.C, VON 3A0  (604) M5-3930, Editorial (604) MS-39H0,  Fax(604)eaS-3954  PatTalpp  Jeen BaMX*  ��� Bil Bogeiat, Blaisone Cartysaa-Snaltfi  Orto laaanasjei ��� Anne Tbonseen  OfflaseMaaT  8a* Comae.  Stuen Burnside  Jane Seyd, Darah Hantaan  Andy '  | mm ut-mm*.**Ve*MD.WIr��iNG  Tha Sunshine Coast NetH Is protected by copyright  and reproduction of any part of It by any means is  prohibited unless permission In writing a) first secured  from Ciassfoid Press Ltd., hoUttf oi the copyright Coast News, March 22, 1993  Airing world's most unpopular subject  An unpopular subject is  'addiction'. In fact, if you were  to cast about for the most  unpopular subject of all it might  well be addiction. Death of  course, but death is inevitable  and you can't really just call it  unpopular.  Poverty perhaps. Poverty is  an unpopular subject alright, but  poverty is often presented as  something people, through no  fault of their own, begin with  and through a lifetime's heroics  don't climb out of. Hardly an  unpopular theme.  Addiction, it seems to me,  still holds the edge as the  world's most unpopular subject,  hut why at this time of year,  with the forsythia blooming and  buds at the end of every twig,  should wc be scratching about  for things depressing?  Maybe il's the best time to  face up, or maybe just notice  these things, supposing they are  there, and there is no question  they arc there.  All recent presidents of the  US have put various problems  of addiction to the forefront of  their agendas. Billions of dollars, increasingly scarce, have  been put into various diverse  programs designed to somehow  put a stop to addictions.  Most of us, in the US and  here, observers of the growing  scene or participants it may be,  see most of these programs as  being simply desperation  moves. Lots of variously trained  people are being hired etc., but  little indeed is getting done that  will make such a dint in the  problem.  The problem, as most  observers seem to think, continues to grow and increasingly  among the young, and sometimes among the very young.  In Canada we have at least  two of the continent's top  research and treatment situations: the Addiction Research  Foundation (known as ARF)  and the Donwood Clinic, both in  Toronto.  Their several approaches  have changed over the years and  arc changing still I expect at this  time.  Dr. Bell, who started Don-  woods, did it at the end of WWI  and did it to help people coming  out of that war with their thinking and their beliefs all scrambled. It was only later that he  moved into addiction, recognizing strong links between.  ARF, which lives in a large  building on Bloor Street, is  heavily endowed with psychologists, most that I saw young,  many black-bearded and all  pretty well what you might say  'trendy'. There was a brisk air  letters  Fishy tales  about town  I read wilh interest the vast  sums of money that the Sunshine Coast fishermen bring  home each and every year. Is  Ihis the same group of fishermen that last year was having  difficulty qualifying for unemployment insurance or was that  some other group?  Also, why is it that the Town  of Gibsons on one hand supports the fishermen and on the  other hand does not want Hill's  Machine Shop to expand their  servfces't<rfixtheirboats?  I<1 '"-"  It appears to the casual  observer that most of the money  the fishermen make goes to  town. They sell their fish in  town, they buy, equip and repair  their own bouts in town, and  they live off UIC for all but 14  weeks of the year.  E.JOE  Gibsons  lighting highway  The Town of Gibsons is  pleased to announce a project to  address safety concerns and  improve traffic movement along  Highway 101 between Shaw  and Sunnycrest Roads.  This project is being funded  by the department of highways,  the town, and has also received  a significant contribution from  the owners of Sunnycrest Mall  and SuperValu. We wish to formally acknowledge Ihis financial participation from Blaine  Hagedorn, Frank May and their  companies. In these times of fiscal constraint, it is particularly  pleasing to have this kind of  assistance in dealing with some  of our most pressing concerns.  T.ERIC SMALL, mayor  Ski pioneers  Skiers! We who pioneered  Ihe sport of skiing in the 1930s  and 1940s are still active and  very anxious to have a reunion.  If anyone within the range of  this newspaper is one, or knows  one of the those who hiked and  skied the mountains in the early  years we want to hear from you.  The tentative plan is to get  together this summer - possibly  to gather at the old Hollyburn  Ski Camp (Lodge), which has  been made so accessible with  lhe development of Cypress ski  area,, W^^need an up-tp-d,ate  mailing list and would encourage you to help us create one.  Any information of old-timers is  welcome. Respond as soon as  possible, phone 1-468-9376.  BUD & NAOMI M ACINNES  Nanoose Bay  Brenda's  Cuts'n'Curls  Everyday Low Prices  For Seniors  ��� Perms $45  includes cut, roller set  or curling iron  ��� Shampoo  & Set $12  ��� Cuts $10  Wednnday to Saturday Only  s___  (T**^J^**l-*X^*j  886-4805  &PDING  MOWCASE  Manufacturer's Special  on White  Goose Down Quilts  TWIN-27 oz. $179.95  DOUBLE-34 oz. $231.95  QUEEN - 38 oz. $259.95  KING - 45 oz. $299.95  10 Year Warranty.  Superior Baffle Box Construction  COME IN EARLY FOR BEST SELECTION!  THE  DREAM SHOPPE  5685 Cowrie St., Sechell  -885-1965-  in a nutshell  of assurance about the place but  as it turned out quite wide disagreements between the experts.  I first met Dr. Bell in the mid  '50s when sent to Toronto to  script a film about Alcoholics  Anonymous. Their leader, Dr.  Bob, had told me that addiction  was the result of a particular  chemical makeup in the addicted person. They no longer think  this of course, but at the time I  wondered and asked Dr. Bell for  a view.  He was very supportive of  the AA program but he said no.  There was, so far as he could  see, no special chemical makeup  causing one person to be addictive and another not. He took me  about his place, a comfortable,  rambling old house on a wooded  ravine and introduced me to  some of his people. They were a  pretty solid looking lot, including a wartime padre (non-  preaching) he had brought along  at the start. The only psychologist I met was a nervous looking  stuart nutter  skinny Swedish type, anything  but trendy. She was, Ihey said,  very good with group therapy  sessions.  Comparisons, then, between  these two addiction centres,  Donwoods and ARI;, I didn't  sec il al the lime. Certainly  today there arc differences  between the dedicated professionals trying to figure out what  to do wilh addiction.  What they are, you would  think, would he the firsl thing to  know. But Ihe differences arc  mostly whal they all fall out  about.  There is, what you might  call, a philosophical point of  view (Dr. Bell's); and what is  clearly a psychological view  (ARF's). Much, of course, of  whal they say and do they altogether agree with, but underlying there is always Ihis division.  One, il seems to me, is informed  by philosophy and the other just  by psychology. We may have to  choose.  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Visa and Mastercard.  Reservations recommended. 886-  3891.  - On Tlw Beach ��� Dine in a  friendly atmosphere, watch cruise  ships glide by 4 sample Ihe fine  cuisine of Ihii renowned restaurant. Open 7 day a week for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Bnmch on  Sunday 8 am-2:30 pm. Dinner  Reservations Recommended. In the  heart of Sechelt at Ihe Driftwood  Inn, Trail Avenue. 885-5811.  EAT IN TAKEOUT  Emie I Omti'i Ortvt In - Take out, or  delivery. Pizza, dinners, salads,  burgers, chicken, desserts, drinks,  ice cream. Free home delivery  within 4 miles, after 5 pm only, on  $10 minimum orders. Small charge  for orders under $10. Hwy. 101.  Gibsons. 886-7813.  ZSSSZSSL  zzzzzssssss  george In glbsons  by (ieorge Cooper  'The sign says 'Go'. You see it on Ihe wall of  those trailers sel up in Brothers Park next to the  playlields on Park Road. A quiet area! Except for  eruptions of malicious night-time mischief like  thai of a week ago. Mischief that ruins a whole  summer's work.  Emily Gareau, chairperson of Gibsons Outreach  (GO) heads a group of directors, all volunteers,  that provides a place, an environment, where teens  can find recreation with no drugs, no alcohol present.  Outside, some of the teens have the garden  ready for planting. Indoors there is a pool table,  TV and VCR, computer, ping-pong table. Well  Ihose amenities were there until last Monday night.  That night someone put a boot or a club or a rock  through the TV and VCR, through the drywall, and  through every window.  This is the second time in a year that Ihe GO  building has been turned overnight into a dreadful  mess. The wooden shutters that made the building  look like a Texas concrete fortification did not  deter the intruders. Of course, the reverse is the  case here; Ihe crazies are not the ones holed up in  the building, but the ones outside running loose  like coyotes in the new moon.  At best that portion of Brothers Park has a junkyard look. There's the fenced roller rink, Ihe tattooed skateboard bowl, and an abandoned public  campsite with a jungle of underbrush creeping in  like the Mayan scenes of lost civilizations. Bacchanalian gatherings take place frequently,  unchecked, in the abandoned campsite. A community project to clear away all the underbrush could  help discourage these campsite revelries.  Despite the damage, the teen centre will carry  on. "There'll still be roller skating and indoors, the  youngsters can discover the old-fashioned fun of  board games," said Gareau, adding, "Our art room  can still function and the planned archery classes  will proceed. Pool and ping-pong loo."  The directors, Ian and Nathalie Webber, Rob  Lawson, Anne Gerri, Jacqui Nelson and Marcel  l.andry, firmly intend to continue the good work.  "Our spirits have revived after the shock of last  Tuesday morning, and teens and volunteers will  keep going," said Gareau.  "The GO program was initiated by people interested in good community relations between young  and old. Now we'd like to urge more volunteers to  come forward. It is really a communily responsibility to provide these programs for our teens,  especially the 13 to 16-year-olds."  Lions to sponsor Canada Day events  by Agnes Labonte  Gibsons Canada Day celebrations: The Lions Club has  been approached to sponsor  Canada Day events as they did  last year. The newly formed  Gibsons and District Festival  Society has agreed to work with  us on this projecl.  It is important for our community to observe Canada's  126th birthday with a program  of fun and activities for all age  groups.  M  Christina's  Skin Care  and  Ceaufy Clinic  12 Years of Experience  ��� Facials  ��� Hair Removal  ��� Manicure/ Pedicure  ��� Back Treatment  ��� Lash/ Brow Tints  Trained in Europe  Advanced Equipment  Peaceful Surroundings  ^1                                                                           ^H<9  Please - clubs and organizations - lend your support.  A meeting will be held  Wednesday, March 31 at 7:30  pnf'at'tlte Kinsmen Hall, Gibsons.  The future of our celebration  will depend on attendance of  local individuals pledging their  support.  Mother's Day Pancake  Breakfast: May 9 at Kinsmen  Hall, Gibsons. Mark that date  on your calendar and watch the  local newspapers for details.  Proceeds from the event will be  donated to the Make-A-Wish  Foundation for terminally ill  children.  White Cane Club: Gibsons  Lions sponsor this club and our  committee chairman Don  Andow reports 22 members present at the last meeting. If you  or anyone you know who is  visually impaired would like to  join, phone Don at 886-7185.  Transportation to meetings can  be arranged.  r  i  i  i  i  i  i  i  i  Free 7-Day Cruise!  Win a FREE 7-day cruise for two, including air transportation!  Simply complete the .sweepstakes entry form and return it to  your local Cruise Holidays store.  Name  fWvlnce  City  ��� I have never taken a cruise.  ��� I have tailed onthefoUowing anise ine*  a-Vddress  Postal Caie  (   )  Phone  �� PRINCESS CRUISES'  Cruise Holidays-Sunshine Coast 5517WharfSL,Si^eli;B.C.885-c��64ortollfreel--)79-8584  Official Entry Rules: Sweepstakes open to anyone 18 years of age or older except Cruise Holidays International  Inc franchise owners, employees, indepacnderit contractors andlheirfamilics. No purchase necessary. One entry  included. Some restrictions apply. Odds of winning determined by number of entries. Winner is responsible for  additional options, taxes or outer costs. Winner will be notified by phone or mail. Winner's names will be  published in future issues of Cruise Holidays publications. By entering, winner consents to use of names and  likenesses for promotional purposes without additional compensation. Void where prohibited or restricted by law.  Cruise Night Calendar  Join us for an informal, fun atmosphere and have an opportunity to ask  questions directly with the cruise line representatives.  March 24 - Norwegian Cruise Line  Featuring video presentations,  April 28 - Celebrity Cruise Line      give-aways, $.50 Cruisechek  June 2 -Royal Cruise Line and refreshments.  Call for your invitation today!  885-8964 or toll free 1-979-8584 SPACE LIMITED!  -*.,,..��. community  by Beverley Shipley  BC Hydro's limbing program for the Creek being done  by West Coast Trim has been  going on for some weeks now  and should be completed by the  end of March. Another month  or so after lhat, according to  Wayne Turner of Hydro, the  second phase of the program  will start for approximately two  months.  So, hang in there Creekers -  it isn't over yet. It is annoying  lo hear two chainsaws going at  the same time, and then the  shredder, either in front of your  properly or just down the road.  Apparently depending on the  width of roads, Hydro's right of  way is 10 per cent of the road  allowance, meaning Ihey could  limb six lo even 15 feel. If  some residents feel Hydro  shouldn't be limbing trees on  Iheir privale property and prevent them from doing so,  Hydro will be sending you a  letter to sign a waiver and you  will be billed if lines are affected or if adjacent property is  damaged by your trees.  RCCA Meeting  The next RCCA meeting is  Wednesday, March 24 at 7:30  pm at the hall. It is not the  annual general meeting with  election of officers as reported  previously - that will be held in  April's meeting. On the agenda  for this month will be a report  from the SCRD re: the mill rate  along with an explanation as to  why market values are now  used to assess property. Also  will be a report from school  principal Jack Pope and school  trustee Lynn Chapman regarding the APRA study.  Creek dance  Zydeco/blues guitarist Sherman Robertson and his group  Posse whose music makes people jump, will be performing at  the Creek hall, Friday, March  26. Robertson who hails from  Houston, Texas, has performed  wilh the likes of BB King,  Lightnin' Hopkins, Albert  Collins and Big Mama Thorton.  His music combines smoothness of vocals apd ene^gy,,tq,,,  provide a sound thai keeps people hopping.  The dance, lo benefit the  Teen Parent Daycare program,  begins at 9 pm and tickets are  available al Ihe Roberts Creek  General Store.  OCP meeting  The next meeting for the  working members of the OCP  committee is Wednesday,  March 31 at 7:30 pm in the  library at Roberts Creek elementary.  Legion sale  The ladies auxiliary of the  R/C legion are having a garage  sale Sunday, April 18 at the  legion. Donations of plants,  books, or whal have you would  be appreciated. For information  call 886-0973 or 886-9338.  Earth Day  Preparations are starling for  Earth Day, this year lo be celebrated from 10:30 am to 5 pm  Sunday, April 25 at Cliff Gilker  Park. There will be food  booths, eco booths, guest  speakers, a raffle lo benefit the  Tetrahedron and Caren Range,  and of course fun for everyone.  There will again be lots of live  music - so far including Graham Walker, Denise Olsson  and John Marian, along with  local bands Straight From the  Kilchen and Butler in the Hey.  It's gonna be great. To book a  booth or to help in any way call  Pal at 886-8820.  Tourism  survey to  be debated  The Sunshine Coast visitors' survey, recently released,  seems to suggest that visitors  would like the Coast lo become  a Disneyland from Langdale lo  Earls Cove; enhanced by  "higher quality, international,  and diversified shops" and  "fine dining."  The survey's findings and  the feasibility and implications  of following through oil them  will be debated at the Gibsons  and District dinner meeting at  the Gibsons Motor Inn Wednesday, March 24. For information call chamber manager  Emily Perry at 886-2325.  Coast News, March 22,  1993  the  R���AL ���5TPT��� CORH6R  by Herb Craig  REP: GIBSONS REALTY  PREDICTIONS  Part 2  Last week we briefly discussed one of the factors which is  artificially pushing your housing prices up. By artificial, I  mean that your buying/selling homes or local ecomony has  very little effect on these outside pressures. And the end  result?  In my opinion, housing prices in 135 -150 will continue to go  up.  If we are right - it raises an interesting question. What  happens to your balanced middle class society. I think it's  going to create a real gap between the rich and the poor. And  who will be the rich and the poor in the future? Homeowners  and non-homeowners!  Thinking ol buying a home in the next five years? Or trading  up? You might not want to wait that long...  NATIONAL REAL ESTATE SERVICE  GIBSONS REALTY LTD. 886-2277  MJlNPOi  ISA  ���Tl  AbaVKtofwd pall sutler anilely. at>UM. Macks and  accMtnli Your pat dasarvai baitar. If you can no  longtf keep your pat. cal Ilw S P C A, lor aubianca  'Section ��A46 ol Iht Crim.n-.ICod* Ol CvsawW  ���m_\Y  .ta.': W�� kms to, easa. **> eawl v~t, <w awna.a��a  a nwaata I,��� ... H C "mian. E.usahon Sooat,, adusaatonal aim a* in. R C �� P r. a  Savouring a spring break ice cream al Ihe Roberls Creek General Store.  davis bay news  Joel Johnstone photo  by Jo-Anne Sheanh, 885-3629  It's SO good to be home!  The smell of the ocean, sounds  of screeching seagulls and Ihe  enthusiastic greeting 'welcome  home' from friends and neighbours, caused our spirits to soar.  Be it ever so humble...I want to  extend sincere thanks to Jean  Robinson and Grele Avdeeff  who so ably filled in for me by  writing this column for the last  four months while Gerry and I  wintered in California.  "Ha'ah't you 'readers' for being  so supportive of ihem by sharing your news items thereby  making their task easier. Heart-  fell appreciation to good friend,  Bud Tisdall for doing such a  capable and conscientious job of  house silling - many thanks to  all of you. Canada may have ils  problems, ils scandals and ils  imperfections, bul after having  lived in another country for  some months, I'll take her,  warts and all.  General meeting  The annual general meeting  of the Davis Bay/Wilson Creek  Community Association was  held March 9 and a new slate of  execulive members was voted  in. They are: Jim Smith, president; Alison Leduc, vice-president and secretary; John Den-  ham, treasurer; Eileen Nelsen,  Frank O'Brien and Reid Arnold,  directors.  One of the points of business  that arose at Ihis meeting was  the necessity to change Ihe  existing Bylaw 11 which  presently reads: "At its annual  general meeting in each year,  the society shall appoint a non-  member as auditor, who shall  audit all accounts and books of  the society and report of the  audit to the society at its annual  general meeting."  For some years, Jacob  Knaus, a member, has generously donated his time and expertise without charge to theasspct-  ation to act as auditor. This  arrangement has proven highly  satisfactory lo Ihe association  and has saved us a great deal of  money while accomplishing the  same goal as Ihe bylaw - that is  to have the books audited by a  person independent of the treasurer and olher members of Ihe  execulive.  For these reasons, the execulive is proposing to make Ihe  following change lo the bylaw:  "Persons lo be appointed auditor  may be members of Ihe society  but shall not be directors or officers, nor may they have authority lo sign cheques or accounts  on behalf of the society or otherwise deal with or have access lo  Ihe society's funds." This mailer  will be put to a vole al Ihe next  meeting April 13 at 1 pm -  please be there.  Ratepayers meet  A meeting of the Wilson  "J MAKE HOUSE CALLS"  As your CIBC  Mortgage Specialist,  I'm available 7 days a  week-24 hours a  day for your  convenience.  Let me take the  stress out of applying  for a residential  mortgage.  CHERYL REIMER      YOU DECIDE  Mor,8aKS,pmem    WHEN & WHERE  Sunshine Coast WE MEET  CIBC Gibsons  PO Box 1100  Gibsons, BC VON IVO  PAGER: 1-979-4394 (t.oi FreC)  CELLULAR: 892-7737  HOME: 886-3933  F.4X: (604) 886-3933  For Quality and Professional Service...  CALL TODAY!  ��� PRE-APPROVALS ��� TRANSFERS  ��� REVENUE PROPERTY ��� CMHC ���  Creek/Davis Bay/Selma Park  Residents and Ratepayers Association (not to be confused with  Ihe DB/WCCA) was held March  10 al Davis Bay elementary with  approximately 60 people in  attendance.  Issues such as Ihe continuing  problem of litter on Ihe highway, the value of communily  input regarding community  planning and Ihe proposed  dpyejopmenl of the Wilson  Creekniafinawerej.but^aifieWjflf,.,,'  I|b topics discussed. It was  sfiissed thai this was an information meeting, speakers had  heen invited to attend and it was  requested that the audience ask  questions but avoid being confrontational. Nexl week - some  of the issues that were raised,  questions asked and some of Ihe  answers.  00  pr<3a*ventja her  FABRIC  lEXTDAVAGANZAcSALE  ONE DAY ONLY  eMtmb  I /OOMI  HOI SI  End of season clearout !  Save on over 30 varieties of fabric  to choose from: wool, polyester,  polylinens, cotton, washable silk.  %\yt Corporation of tfjr  District of jerclif It  P.O. Bo�� 129,5545 Inlet Avenue, Sechell, B.C VON 3A0 Telephone (604) 685-1966 Fax:(604)685-7591  MUNICIPAL MEMO  What's Happening on  Cowrie Street???  Please be advised that construction has  begun on Sechelt's "Downtown  Revitalization" program. Work will be  continuing on Cowrie Street over the  next few months and it is hoped that the  job will be completed by mid May.  Through traffic or traffic to shopping  areas is advised to use Teredo Street  whenever possible so as to prevent  delay and congestion.  We apologize for any inconvenience  caused residents over the next while.  Burning Permits  A Burning Permit is required year-round for  all land clearing type fires.  A Burning Permit for all other types of  burnng, such as backyard refuse, is  required from April 15,1993 to mid-  October. There is no fee for this type of  Burning Permit. Application may be made  to the Fire Chief at the Fire Station.  Please note that Burning Permits may be  cancelled at any time depending upon the  prevailing forest conditions and fire hazard.  Notice of Final Public  Skate off Season  Please note that the last public skate of  the season will be held on Friday, March  26th.  2:00 - 3:00 p.m. - Mothers and Tots  3:00 - 5:45 p.m. - General Public  Regular Council  Meetings  Regular District of Sechelt Council  Meetings are held the 1st and 3rd  Wednesday of each month at 7:30 p.m.  in the SCRD Boardroom.  Mayor's Hotline  885-5360  i Emergency  j Numbers  | Residents are asked to note the  j following emergency numbers to be  j used after office hours or on weekends  ��� Water 885*2261  ��� Highways        1 ��� 800-663-499  '    Sewer 885-5111  I Please note that any problem with  I waler should be directed to the  I Sunshine Coast Regional District at  I 885-2261. Coast News, Marcn ll,   i wj  From London, Ontario  to London, -**^t^Srv  e4i.L/��D  /Tie Careful Movers  Whether your next move takes you across the world or to a new  hometown in Canada, choose Allied. More than 1,100 Allied  representatives is one reason why Allied moves twice as many  families as any other mover.  Call today lor a free no obligation estimate.  LEI WRAY'S TRANSFER LTD.  Custom packing, storage), local ��� long distance moving.  HWY 101, GIBSONS  Peru*)*' Ht'Doui CueHomait    QttC   ftfifiaf  p.MM CALL COLLECT      OOO-etWW  THANK YOU  IWA - Cairada, Local 1-71, would like lo lake this opportunity to  publicly thank:  Other labour groups, such as the Sunshine Coast Labour Council,  the Fishermen's Union (UFAWU), the workers at Howe Sound  Pulp & Paper through their union (CEP), the B.C. Ferries and  Marine Workers' Union, Canadicin Union of Public Employees - all  were more than generous with their show of solidarity, financial  assistance and donations of food and other useful Items to the  locked-out workers.  The care and concern that the Hospital Employees Union  demonstrated by spending time on the picket line with Bayside  workers, when the health care system is under attack and the HEU  has many battles of its own to fight, was particularly moving.  The Coast News, Leader, and Sunshine Press are to be  commended for their interest in this issue, and their fair and  objective reporting of it.  And last, but not least, a big thank you is in order to the many  people and businesses in the community that showed their support  through kind words, and generous donations of their time and  understanding.  The Union encourages its membership to get involved in the  community and support local business in every way that it can.  by Deanna Lucdcr, 88S-7365  Judging by all Ihe traffic and constant  activity at the arena, the Midgett AA ftovin-  cial Championship Tournament was a great  success. In addition to exciting tux-key, visitors got lo see some of the Sunshine Coast  and to experience our regular sunshine as  well as some of our special liquid variety.  It's ironic is that the tournament took place  in about the only pari of Canada not covered  in ice and snow. I hope everyone enjoyed  themselves and experienced the warmth of  our community, as well as of our weather.  Writers forge  The Suncoast Writers' Forge announced  the winners of its annual writing contest  recently. There were two categories of writing with three winners selected in each category. Winners in the fiction category were  Margaret Watt, first prize; Roxanne Gregory, second prize; and Sharron McMillan,  third prize. Winners in the non-fiction category were Pixie Daley, first prize; Vern  Giesbrecht, second prize; and Janet Millar,  third prize.  Arts .centre play  There's a play coming up at the Aits Centre that sounds intriguing. My Three Dads is  described as a poignant and funny odyssey  of self-discovery after an adolescent boy  concludes that he has been adopted.  It is written and performed by Newfoundlander, John Taylor, who has successfully  performed his play at the Atlantic Fringe  Festival and on CBC Radio's Morningside.  There will be one performance only on  March 27 at 8pm. Tickets can be purchased  at the Arts Centre or at the usual retail outlets.  Get to the Trail Bay Mall early on Thursday, March 25 or you'll miss out on the  wonderful baking. The St. Hilda's Anglican  Church women's bake sale gets underway at  9:30 am and runs until goods are sold out.  They are raising funds for a new church hall.  Many non-church members use and enjoy  the present facility, so this project really  deserves our support.  On March 25 at 2 pm the first meeting of  a newly formed Suncoast association, the  Retired Teachers Branch 46 will take place  at the Sechelt Seniors Centre on Trail  Avenue. I wonder if teachers realize how  deeply they affect their students. I still  remember my grade 1 teacher of 40 years  ago and most of my subsequent teachers  with different degrees of enthusiasm, of  course.  Single parents  Bring some games, pizza and your kids to  the Single Parents Pizza and Games Night  Friday, March 26. It's being held at the  Community Services Centre on Inlet Avenue  from 6 to 10 pm. Call 885-5881 if you need  any information.  On Saturday morning, March 27 leave  your bottles outside your door for easy collection. Chatelech Secondary is having a  door-to-door bottle drive. The students are  raising money for the school band and choir  and would appreciate any support you can  give Ihem.  Youths  participate In the  Sechelt Indian  Band daycantp,  operated during  last week's spring  break by the Eagle  Youth Council.  Joel Johnstone pholo  i  reached an  agreement!  An agreement we'd never have come to without  the creative input of our employees.  Together, we've made something we can all  work with. A responsible agreement that creates  increased benefits for our employees and their  families. And the opportunity for Bayside to remain  a contributing member of our community.  Our thanks to everyone who helped make it  happen. You've put our mill back to work.  B-side Sawmills Ltd.  community services  by Dianne Evans  One of Community Services  volunteer services is Audio  Books. This program offers a  wide selection of books on cassette,.(apes for those with  impaired vision or those whose  illness has made reading difficult.  This free service may be  obtained by calling 885-5881 or  Bill at 885-7490 and leave a  message for one of audio books  volunteers.  Your call will be returned by  volunteers Bill LeNeve and  Diana Case.  They will ask about your  preference in reading material  and set up a system for delivery  and collection.  Books, which are packaged  sturdily, are sent through the  post free of charge or may be  picked up from Community Services at 5638 Inlet Avenue.  A special thank you to John  Saunders, who has recently  retired from this program after  volunteering for several years.  His friendly smile and dependability will be missed.  Welcome to new volunteer  Diana Case who with Bill,  makes sure the books go out  regularly and that every reader  is satisfied with their service.  Women's Resource  Library  Thanks to a grant of $5,000  from the Minisny for,Women's  Equality, a Women's Resources  Library has recently opened in  the women's room at Community Services.  Offering a wide variety of  books on topics of particular  interest to women, as well as  books on parenting, addictions,  violence and sexual abuse, the  library is open Monday and Friday from 9:30 am lo 11:45 am  for use by member agencies and  groups.  To obtain a membership in  the library drop by Community  Services on Monday or Friday  morning. Membership entitles  agencies or organizations to  borrow books for their own use  or for use by their clients.  Books have been sorted and  catalogued by volunteers Sheryl  Burns, Loretta Bonkowski,  Kathleen Westergaard, Marianne Hilstad. A volunteer is also  on hand to help library users.  The Volunteer and Informa  tion Centre also has a library for  use by agencies and organizations. Resource books deal with  topics such as recruiting and  keeping volunteers, publicity for  non-profit agencies, designing  yolunteer programs, running  meetings, management in the  non-profit sector and much  more. For further information  call Nancy or Xerez at 885-  5881.  Baseball Tickets  Time is pressing on towards  the double header featuring the  World Series champions Toronto Blue Jays, Seattle Mariners,  Milwaukee Brewers and the  Detroit Tigers.  If you haven't bought your  $2 raffle ticket yet look in a  store near you at Community  Services.  Your ticket will give you a  chance at five reserved seats for  the April 3 games, or four seats  for the April 4 game.  Support community services  and get a jump start on the base-  ball season. Who knows-  maybe Bill and Boris will take  in a couple of innings and you'll  be there for history in the making.  Minos M  Announces a Spring  SERVICE & LUBE SPECIAL  SP  ��>c!r,?esuP'o  "resof0/7  '   &o��f'lfi,t^  frfflfSi Price includes Free Chassis Lube  APim ��u   & 25point visual inspection.  D.G. Repairs is the Government licensed  Inspection Station Specializing in  , Heavy Truck Repairs  ,   \ on Ihe Sunshine Coasl  Detroit Diesel Parts  & Service is our  Specialty.  Complete Mobile Service Available for Marine & Equipment Repai  Corner Payne and Seamount, Gibsons 886-4577  /*��_*    #.**__$.    + .A m��   eft J* ���'���  J  '.���_-,%*.*  ���*. m__ j.hft J-\m    .<��. J-i  . .    -.   :\    ejlflTl  Ifl   -"'fr '  if  ���ml        ���        I        ���*       t      _.     . Coast News, March 22, 1993  community  Sunshine Coast Credit Union's Harris Cole presents Martha Scales, executive director of the  Sumhlne Coast Home Support Society, with $1,000 cheque Thursday. Joel Johnstone pholo  haltmoon happenings  by Ruth Forrester, 885-2214  This is the time of early spring when people  become aware of changes in nature. Last week we  reported the first hummingbird sighting in Halfmoon Bay, but although most of us have been  watching out for our dear wee friends, so far they  seem to be keeping out of focus. Maybe they  decided it is too cold to hang around, and headed  back to warmer climes.  Whales Sighted  One of our local young nature watchers, Jenny  Brooke of Redrooffs, was really thrilled last week  when she watched a huge group of killer whales  pass in front of her house and head up towards  Welcome Pass. "It was really neat," was Jenny's  comment at having seen about four groups with  one huge bull leading and another one at the rear.  She also spotted a little baby among the group.  Friends of Billie Graves of Mintie Road in  Halfmoon Bay will be sorry to hear that Billie is  presently a patient at St. Mary's Hospital. I know  that good wishes for Billie's speedy recovery go to  harbour watch  her from all of us. Get well soon Billie,  Holly Brynelsen  A lady, who for the past 15 years has lived in  the house across the water from the Jolly Roger  died peacefully in her home.  Holly Brynelsen moved from Vancouver when  she married John Brynelsen, who was the well-  known former owner of the original Jolly Roger  Inn. John died in 1982 and Holly continued to live  in the home where she was dearly loved by her  step-family and grandchildren, who will miss her.  She was a kind and gentle lady who will also be  missed by Ina Grafe, her long-time friend who  helped take care and give companionship to Holly  for many years. Our sympathies to family and  friends,  Pre-school Sale  A reminder of the Welcome Beach pre-school  garage and bake sale this Saturday, March 27 from  10 am to 2 pm. Your donations and support will be  appreciated. The location is 8081 Dogwood Drive,  Welcome Woods.  by Jacalyn Vincent  The Pender Harbour Ladies  Auxiliary to St. Mary's Hospital  will be hosting its spring fashion  show March 27. They are proud  to announce that the ticket  prices are being reduced from  $13 to $10 per person. This is  such a super deal for all the  ladies! of our area. Along with  all the famous local talent performing (including a choir)  there is a fabulous luncheon,  many top fashions being displayed, as well as raffles and  door prizes.  Bring along a friend and  have a very special afternoon.  Tickets are available from the  local merchants.  Bazaar nears  The Pender Harbour Community Club Bazaar will be  May 1. There is still wool and  materials available for anyone  who would like to knit or sew.  If you're one of those people,  Muriel Cameron will be at the  community hall on March 25  from 2 pm to 3 pm giving out  supplies.  A reminder that tickets are  on sale for the beautiful quilt  being raffled, from either Ihe  quitters, executive members or  local business.  Optimist club  A club where everyone is  friendly, fun to be around and  looks forward to exposing only  the besl in everyone. Pretty havd  to believe but that's what the  club is really all about. Bob  Robinson's door is always open  to new members 18 years and  older that would like to join.  They sponsor many youth programs such as soccer, swimming, bicycle safety, even the  opti-bear program for children  and seniors in trauma, drug  awareness, etc. Help Bob to  make our community a belter  place to live by contacting Him  at 883-9227 for further information.  Slots Still available  The Chamber of Commerce  still has business spaces obtainable for advertising on the water  board sign or the sign at the  community hall along with the  Garden Bay sign. Cost is $50  per slot. For more details call  Linda at 883-2819 after 3:30  pm.  Music school  On March 27, the Pender  Harbour Music School will be  presenting Jim Woodyard and  Rob Des Cotes performing on  piano, guitar, banjo, mandolin,  and if they're not out of breath,  the flute and saxophone. Certainly a performance not to be  missed. Tickets are $8 adult, $5  teens and children 12 and under  are free. They can be purchased  at Sunny's Hair Boutique,  Talewind Books or at the door.  As the tide changes''  "A fun and knowledgeable  time to all the students from tne  elementary school who will be  attending the field trip to Seattle.  Oscar buffs - 10 years ago  Terms of Endearment won an  Oscar for best picture with Jack  Nicholson clutching an Oscar  for besl supporting actor. This  year Nicholson is nominated for  an Oscar. We'll see if what goes  around really comes around.  Happy belated birthday to  John Struthers. I guess you'll  tell us your age - eh?  Anyone interested in guitar  lessons call 883-2307.  Unlil next week - be good to  yourself.  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It's time to rock the boat  and get some action happening.  Spring break is always a  small reminder of the summer  tourist months ahead. Get ready  folks - they'll be here in full  force once again.  Coming from a beautiful  place like Toftno, 1 know what  the impact of the tourist industry does lo the head space of the  locals. Hey, I realize we're all  tourists at one point, but it's  how you approach everything in  life. If you go barging into a  place like you own it, you're off  on ihe wrong foot. But if you're  respectful of olher people's  space, you can enter it with sensitivity.  So, yes the new baby girl's  name is Myriah, Faith Anna  Roose, and yes she is beautiful.  I said to Gale, "you lucky  woman, you now have a little  girl and a little boy. I guess you  can quit now."  There will be no play group  at the school this Tuesday, but  we will meel as usual next  week.  -alDSCA  fm__mW_W-W9l*-mm9     f*     __    __^**^\\  9:00 am-5:30 pm  5546 Wharf ��.  ���Isbahimi imuhliw Auto Parti)  March is  Red Cross Month  f ������ Soj1 Testing  Clinic  LSOlWall Unite, EndtabUf,  Beds, Btdroom Suites tfc.  Reclining Stationary Rockers  Chaise Sofas, Loveseats,  Recliners...  Appliances  at Factory  Special Rebates  Best Value! Best Selection! Best Quality! Best Service!  ade us the leader in furniture and appliances on the Sunshine Coast  Mon.-Thurs. & Sat. 9- 5:30, Fri. 9 am to 9 pm Sun. Closed  5605 Sunshine Coast Hwy., Sechelt 885-5756   ,.  ��MMI 10  Coast News, March 22,  1993  a GIFTS  IB2SE0SS  Jrtorat& Qift "Boutique  i.iiiiiim.i.1,111.!,, jimiiiiiiiii   inn ii      il.    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BC 883-2630  LIVE BAIT ��� TACKLE SHOP  CONVENIENCE STORE  DINING  M  Garden  Bay  Hotel  Pub < waiwtnxi Rnuiinm - mxw-w  RaESTAUHaAaNTT  883-9919  HAIRDRESSERS  ROOFING  Tar & Gravel, Shakes, Shingles,  Metal Roof*. Torch On, Duroid*   883-9303   Miss Sunny's  HAIR BOUTIQUE  883-2715  SERVICES  To advertise in  this space,  call Janice  at 885-3930  aRay Hansen Trucldng  & Contracting  OratM Charing  Hugh W.Jones  LAWYER  Pender Harbour  Realty  883-9525  FAX:883-9524  community  by Joyce Oslry  Sometimes the old body gets  busy against the will. Such was  the case last week when there  was no Golden Lifelines column. Several discs in my upper  back are giving me a problem  and it affects my arms. They get  sore - as if I were weeding a  garden.  To continue with health  news, Stan Johnson has been  having some test at Lions Gale  Hospital and is expected home  March 19. Tom Bitting, first  vice-president, will be taking  the helm until Stan feels he's  ready for the task again.  The Vancouver Sun says  don't throw away old dolls  (Barbies in particular), old  board games - a 1935 first edition Monopoly is worth $35 to  $150, old Disney characters of  Mickey and Minnie Mouse, and  old teddy bears.  The grand opening of the  seniors activity centre is April  17 at 2 pm at 5630 Trail  Avenue. The official ceremonies begin at 3 pm with Jean  Sherlock cutting the ribbon.  Dignitaries will be announced  al a later date. Happy hour is at  6 pm and the banquet begins at  7 pm. There are limited dinner  tickets available for $14 per  person and these are available at  the centre.  To give you an idea of what  good food could be available  following is a partial menu from  Ihe Si. Patrick's Day dinner  cooked by John Petula. Choice  of cabbage rolls or barbequed  chicken and dessert was  whipped cream and strawberries  or sponge cake. (At one time I  could count on knowing it was  definitely spring when 1 saw  asparagus and strawberries in  the grocery store. Now, these  items can be found year-round).  Virginia Ekdahl, chairperson  of crafts reports April 3 is the  Spring Bazaar. Doors open at  10 am to 2 pm. Please bring  items for the hamper and bake  Baltkn��� ���  jB^,.^ti.s'^,R,^nt.salc  This gives ample opportunity to  do some transplanting and time  to get the new plants healthy.  Klphlnslone students collect books lo send lo an orphan school In Uganda.  Kyla McDonald photo  Schools supplies sought for Uganda  by Kyla McDonald  Can you imagine living in a world where the  buildings are constructed with trees, reeds, mud  and cow dung? This is an accurate description of  lhe Katatumba free orphan school in Uganda,  where having a pencil sharpener is enough to bring  joy to one of the 170 students who attend school  there.  This'school was started by Mr. Bone/Katatumba in 1987, because he believed that the best way  to help the poor was through education. When Ihe  school opened, it had only 20 pupils and one class.  Since then, the number of students has grown to  more than eight times that number.  Although the school is a huge success, money  and supplies are always in demand. Carol Fisher  has begun a drive to collect items on the Sunshine  Coasl and Elphinstone Secondary school is participating in this project and has already collected  more than 2,000 items.  The Katatumba school has just finished building a library, but has only 120 books to put in it.  Because of this, books are one of the most important items to be collected. Anyone wilh old books,  or any other items they wish to donate, may contact Carol Fisher at 885-7293 or Merv Messner at  886-2910. They will give dropoff locations or if  necessary, will pick up.  Elphinstone Secondary would like to thank all  those students and teachers who have donated  items to this worthy cause.  Kyla McDonald is an Elphinstone Secondary  sludent participating in a work experience program at the Coast News,  Guides celebrate Baden-Powell's birthday  by Agnes Labonle  Among the many activities of  local Girl Guides during the pasl  month was the annual Baden-  Powell birthday celebration held  jointly with Scouting. This was  a program of games and activities and a tribute- to the founder  of Scouting and his wife Lady  Baden-Powell who shared the  same birthdate. The Sunshine  Coast Amateur Radio'Club  under'the direction of Francis  Konopasek was also on site at  Chatelech secondary school for  the benefit of Guides on the Air.  This is an annual event throughout Canada when Guides can  communicate by radio with others in Canada and points within  a reachable radius. A special  lhank you to the radio club for  their continuing interest and  effort to make this possible.  Senior branches of Guiding  are now active here. The program is for'gjrls 15 years or  older arid'is'open to girls'wHb'  are new to Guiding. Further  information is available from  Guider-in-charge Ann Bakewell  at 886-7808.  March 11 was the annual  meeiing and dinner for Panther  Division. Guests from  Squamish, North and West Vancouver, as well as representatives from the local Trefoil  Guild and Scouts were present.  Program for the evening included a presentation by leader Anna  Girard and two Pathfinders,  Miche-lle Rivers and Mary  Konopasek, who spoke on their  trip to Japan last summer.  THE SUNSHINE COAST  SUMMER TOURIST GUIDE  You've got to let visitors  know who you are and  where you are...  & we know how to do it!  If you've lost the opportunity to promote your business through  other tourist guides that were to be published on the Sunshine  Coast this year, give Soundings a call. We have extended our  advertising deadline to accommodate you.  1 here are a limited number of spaces available until Wednesday,  March 24. If you would like to place an ad in the 1993, full colour  edition of Soundings, contact Rich Rawling or Pat Tripp at 886-8755  no later than Wednesday at 5:00 pm.  Sunshine Coast Soundings is published by Glassford Press Ltd.  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He  says for his age he probably  knows this area as well as anyone and appreciates its nuances  and extremities of geography  and climate. "The area around  Knight Inlet is some of the most  dangerous and wild on the    b.,.  whole, south Coast," he said, u,,,  during a recent interview in,(���> | * -  Roberts Creek.  On Dec. 5, Leben discovered  first hand just how unforgiving  and treacherous the conditions  can be in that region. "Me and a  friend, Travis Mathieson, were  out in a welded aluminum  powerboat checking his trap line  up Thompson sound. We were  returning across some open  water to Minstrel Island to make  a phone call when a real heavy  wind started lo howl down  behind us," he recalled.  "The seas were steadily rising and before we knew what  was happening the waves  around us were towering down  on our boat. The wind became  so fierce there were waler  spouts all around lifting high  into the air. The wheelhouse  seemed to get blasted from  behind by a hurricane gust of  wind which drove the bow  down into the wave in front of  us. Water poured in, then a  massive wave behind drove us  end over end and next thing we  knew we were both underwater  and scrambling to find anything  to grab onto."  Leben said they tried several  limes lo pull the boat upright but  ihe waves just kept smashing it  back down. "If the boat wasn't  built with an air lock I wouldn't  he talking to you right now,"  Leben said.  Whal ensued was eight and a  half hours of endurance in the  frigid inlet temperatures.  Leben and Mathieson capsized at 3:30 pm, then drifted  through darkness, clinging to  the upturned vessel. The waves  seemed unrelenting and immediate rescue was out of the question. "I knew I was going to die,  and I accepted it," Leben said of  the time.  "I wasn't going to give up,  though I just couldn't see any  hope for survival. After I gave  into what appeared to be the  inevitable, a calmness came  over me like a gift from God. It  was as if by accepting death the  universe had somehow shown  pity on me. Travis and I hugged  each other, said goodbye and  waited."  Leben was wearing three  wool sweaters, which he credits  fnnhis survival. "Yak wool and  lhe grace of Cod saved me."  A north-easterly current  pushed Ihe hapless ship and its  occupants through the night  some seven miles, until distant  waves could be heard crashing  on a shore: Gilford Island. At  length, the boat smashed down  onto a rocky beach and Leben  clasped onto a rock. He could  faintly see his companion, in  imminent danger of death. The  aluminum boal, weighing several thousand pounds, was cascading towards Mathieson's helpless figure trapped between the  boat and the beach. Said Leben:  "I had hardly any feeling in any  of my body, my jaw was frozen  shut so I couldn't yell at Travis,  but somehow I mustered enough  strength to seize his arm and  drag him onto the rock.  "The boat then rolled relentlessly back and forth, grinding  and crashing on the beach: I can  still hear that gruesome sound of  aluminum being pulverized by  the unabated waves."  Miraculously, they survived  until morning came, despite  severe hyperthermia and  exhaustion. The boat had somehow come to be stranded on the  beach, a jerry can of gasoline  still attached to the mangled  remains of the outboard motor.  All the usable safety equipment  that was stowed was now flotsam. On the second night, the  pair made a fairly sound shelter  using Leben's 'Bowie' knife.  "That knife and the gasoline  were another saving grace."  Since Mathieson had an  injured leg, they decided the  only course to rescue (a remote'"  possibility considering the**jjrer  no people in that region in the  winter), was to stay together and  build a bonfire which would be'  visible from any passing boat.  They rowed the upturned boat  about half a mile to the most  visible point and when on the  fourth day they saw a tug on the  horizon, lit a fire with the gasoline and made smoke signals  using clam sacks.  Leben says another 10 minutes on that capsized boat or day  on the beach and they'd have  been goners. They were flown  by helicopter to Port McNeill,  where the staff and Coast Guard  said it was an absolute miracle  they were still alive. Gangrene  had set in on both of then and  the possibility of amputation  lingered. They hadn't eaten  anything in four days except  seaweed. They were treated in  hospital for nerve and skin tissue damage, and three months  later Leben still walks with a  slight limp.  "Everything and every  moment is now sacred to me,"  Leben said, "and I think I was  spared for some /mure purpose  which might beof service to the  planet",   ,...,',  He said he has a new sense of  awe about the sanctity of every  moment and.all life. "It's too  bad it usually has to come to  something like this before people take a closer look at the true  value of their lives."  CYBERGENICS  .Bodybuilding Supplements  available at  NATUREWORKS  Nutrition Centre Inc.  WII��on Creek (IGA) Plea, 4330 Hwy 101  Phone 865-0773  OPEN FOR LUNCH MON- SAT  Coming Soon... Inside Information  ^^        on Energy Efficiency  "^tromuumpttam)  If you're looking for a new appliance,  look for the new EnerGuide label. You'll  find it on every new refrigerator,  freezer, clothes washer, dryer, range or  dishwasher, sold in Canada.  The new EnerGuide label shows  the typical amount of energy an  appliance will use in one year.  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Jt_      ��� Coast News, March 22, 1993  13  leisure  In the Hunt for artistic  recognition- province-wide  by Darah Hansen  Like pages torn from the personal diary of the artist, the  work of Dianne Hunt hangs on  the walls of the Sunshine Coast  Art Centre for all to see and  read.  Entitled, The Nigger of  Today Falls into No Identifiable  Group, Hunt's submission is a  series of six pencil on paper  sketches. The look of each is  clean and denotes a simplicity of  message - a visual trick for  something much deeper.  In poetic form, Hunt invites  her viewers to feel her growing  pains, her rejections caused, it  appears, by her refusal to conform as a young adult.  Her words reflect back to earlier days where she looks now  with eyes of experience and  confidence on a girl who clearly  had difficulty being something  she wasn't for the sake of Ihe  norm.  "As I come into awareness, I  gain my ability to doubt, to  doubt everything, even status,  even achievement, even the  apparent good intentions of others... Believing what you said  aboul yourselves, aboul mc,  look away my ability to doubt,"  Hunt writes in one of the  frames.  Her words arc a reassessment  of things important, a rearrangement for her own sanity's sake  the meaning of people, things,  and places.  "Tracy - she is the one, the  friend from back then before I  went crazy -1 have more respect  for (though all of the people  from hack then I have more  respect for as having a place in  life as the original ones). She  was not the one who became  famous, not the one best looking, not the one who could be  called lhe best, just Ihe 'longin-  gest,' lhe centre, the mosi real,  lhe mosi nearly aware, Ihe most  like plain-old life is a good  thing, trie tesfliltcli ittihg in  herself."  Roger Handling's Transference of Souls, one of Ihe pieces  selected for special mention by jurors in the Sunshine Coast  regional show, Images and Objects. Darah Hansen pholo  Her words reflect a sense of    cils' provincial exhibit, Images  comfort, a sense of acceptance  of self, and a sense of belonging.  "Significant Image from a  dream," she writes above the  image of a couple silling in quiet  friendship, "Yes, I'll be your  salvation despite your strange  otherness."  Dianne Hunt's work is  among IS pieces of art selected  by jurors Gordon Smith and  Ann RoMnhurg to represent the  Sanshtoe-eoaWt-trtrAMetrfBly  of British Columbia Arts Coun-  and Objects XI, to be held in  Trail May 26 to 30.  All 15 are presently on display at the Sechelt Arts Centre  along with 16 other works  which received honourable mention al the recent juried show.  Smith and Rosenburg chose  the 31 works from a total of 86  pieces submitted by 35 local  artists at Ihe regional art exhibition, March 6.  Arts CfSnTtinlil Marcl  My Three Dads offers plateful  of laughs for solo Sechelt show  The Arts Centre offers tantalizing treats for your palate and  your funny bone, Saturday,  March 27 at 8 pm.  Arts Centre crew promise  'wicked' desserts and  actor/writer John Taylor vows  lo bum off those calories with a  healthy dose of laughter. His  one-man show, My Three Dads,  originated as a late night offering at the LSPU Hall in St.  John's, Newfoundland, but  demand for the performance  forced the powers that be lo  move him into an earlier time  slot and onto the mainstage.  And, there he stayed, garnering  rave reviews from the local  press and audiences alike.  My Three Dads is Taylor's  first script and he was lucky  enough to capture the attention  of Andy Jones, Newfoundland's  premiere actor/director (of  CODCO fame) who jumped at  the chance to direct it.  "One of the greal joys of the  show is John's storytelling ability," Jones said. "And, that's  what audiences get - a very  interesting and very honest,  funny, moving story."  Jones explained that he feels  that lhe script's strength is that  it speaks for the next generation.  A group who has been generally  silent in the theatre, particularly  in the writing arena, until now.  Jones senses that Generation X  is finding its voice and Taylor's  script reflects that movement.  The play is about a young  man in search of his father. The  search becomes a journey and  an introduction to the many  peculiar characters he meets  along the way.  Taylor has an incredible ability to bring an odd assortment of  people to life in a witty, charming way. Taylor's character  finds his real father after travelling through the US to Houston,  Texas. Here, he finds his father,  an Iranian plastic surgeon.  There will be one performance only in a cabaret style  production. Refreshments by all  accounts, will be dangerously  delicious and will round off a  perfect night out.  Tickets are available at  Talewind Books, Coast Books,  Roberls Creek General Store,  Sayward Books and at the Arts  Centre.  Call 885-5412 for further  information.  fjtjrjr jr jrjrjt f jr jr  Trying to fulfil Coast dance goals  by Darah Hansen  Il's no secret the Sunshine  Coast is a community endowed  with more than its fair share of  artists.  From painters to playwrights,  actors, designers, novelists and  poels, Ihey come lo Ihe Coast to  work al Iheir craft bolh for reasons known only lo themselves  and because of lhe inspiring  beauty of the natural surroundings.  For dancers, the attraction is  the same, bul Ihey have one  problem: Ihere is currently no  place available in which they  can properly perform.  Thai is a problem lhe newly  formed Sunshine Coasl dance  society, Dance Coast Danse, is  hoping lo remedy.  Secretary-treasurer Verity  Purdy said one of Ihe primary  functions is to create space for  those interested in dance, or just  to make belter use of the space  lhal is already available. "Dance  needs space," Purdy said.  "Dance needs an audience...  Dance needs all sorts of things  and ihey have jusl not been  here."  Once a suitable space is  located, she said, Ihe society  hopes to bring to the coasl a  wide variely of professional  dancers.  Further plans include:  ��� training programs and  courses, masters classes and  performing opportunities;  Going Away  on Vacation?  Your Secret's  Safe With Us  Leave your cares al home wilh us.  Pet/Animal Cave  Maif Clearing and Fos-avardinl  Inaioor Kant and Vard Mainlenance  Regular Horn Cktck or Ureto Stnte  CALL SHARON 885-2228  ��� the establishment of a bursary fund for students and teachers of dance;  ��� the mainlenance of ongoing  educational programs to  increase awareness and appreciation of dance amongst the general public;  ��� and efforts to work co-operatively wilh olher local organizations committed to the performing arts.   I  Purdy said Ihe society invites  anyone interested in dance on  ihe Coast to join with ihem and  help promote their goals.  PACKAGED SPICES  .-A  BULK PRICES  21km RUN  GIBSONS TO SECHELT  VARIETY  The BIGGEST Little Store in Gibsons Landing M6-2936  4fy  Culm Htm-WiUk  IriltwnHfUff  BONDED LICENSED INSURED  ill? Cwit  g-j��W:  RESTAURANT  is celebrating  irsouR  ^.anniversary)  We would like to thank you for  your patronage, and  look forward to  serving you in  the coming year  I  REMEMBER  We Serve  Breakfast  All Day  RESTAURANT      l~m  1-ZC16 S HOURS: Mors-f ti; 74; Sal: 8-4; Closed Sundays  iHtiHT'lJiH.'.IHE  SUNNYCRBSTMALL * HWY 101 U_P__ QIBSONS  �� DAYSCHEDULE  8:00-8:40am ��� Packet pick-up and late registration  8:50am ��� Report to Start  9:00am ��� Start  ENTRY FEES   Individual (before March 24th)  $20 includes T-shirt ��� $10 No shirt ��� $25 Late registration  RELAY HAMS (3 members per team)  $17 ea. includes T-shirt ��� $10 No shirt ���  WTFUNNERS  ill ANNUAL APRI1 TOOL'S Rl'N 1993  Make cheques payable to Froittninners. Mill entry form before Match 24 to Box 678, Sechelt BC VON 3A0  or drop off entry forms al Frontrunners (Cibsons Park Plaza) or Trail Bay Sports (Sechelt).  NAME-  ADDRESS -  PHONE.  mU.fQ  ace  INDIVIDUAL RUNNER  ���  FEE ENCLOSED  T-SHIRTS S Q M ��� L ���  RELAY TEAM MEMBER ���  (Please register all members at once.)  TEAM NAME ,   For more information call Shannon at Frontrunners, 886-4830.  ATHLETES WAIVER ;  ���  In ansiattratton of yout accepting (hi* entry 1 hereby for cmMaf. my heirs,  txecuiors and administrators waive anil ideas* any and all rights lo claims  fori)aiiiagBlmayhavtapinstlhtoigasniznoflhistv*nl.ag(iits,  la-prejeniative, successors and assignees and Ihe nee sponsors for al and  any injuries I may sustain during the course of the event.  SIGNATURE OF ATHLETE  PARENT / LEGAL SIGNATURE  (must be signed if athleteis under f9yearsofage|  I the legal parent/guardian of the above competitor, hereby certify that  I have lead and agree to be bound by the terms ot the above walvet on  behalf of the aald competitor.  SIGNATURE OF PARENT / LEGAL GUARDIAN 14  Coast News, March 22,  1993  WANTED: SAILING DINGHIES  The Gibsons Yacht Club's Junior .Sailing Program will be  starting this spring. The purpose of the program is to teach  young people to sail. Instruction will be provided by llie  Ginadian Yachting Assxiition (CYA) qualified iastnictors.  This pnjgr.uii will be open for public registration at a date to  be annoutiKxL  We urgently ivquiiValaiSER sailing dinghies. If you have a  USER which you aa' pivpaaxl to donate or lend to the  Junior Sailing Pu>gr,.iii please contact:  DatvSmetburst 886-2864  Tom Daniels 886-7448  Notice sponsored by Mackenzie Excavating Ltd.  886-3558  $39,999  1992 20' ETASCA TOYOTA MOTORHOME $27,900  1990 24' MOTORHOME $29,900  NOT EXACTLY AS SHOWN  9V NOTHERN LITE FULL SIZE  Fiberglass Camper- Shower Model   $12,990   FORD PICK-UP TRUCK F 250 $14,900  RECYCLE THIS NEWSPAPER  RICHARD  G.WEBER  7760 Redrooffs Rd., Halfmoon Bay  Offered at  $185,000  Located in tha desirable Redrooffs  area within minutes of famous  Sirgants Bay & great sportsfishmg.  this contractor's own home, on almost  1/2 acre boasts of quality workmanship without compromise. In  addilion to nearly 1600 sq.ft. on one  level (incl. an attached garage never  used), this home offers an additional  detached garage/workshop with an  airtight, fully s.c. teenage suite above.  Cloae to schools, shopping and public  transportation. A must see!  Call Richard at Sutton-Medallion Realty  885-0211 or 688-4232  sports  I *)*).> .>4'(>" VVINNHiAC.O SUNDANC I R 400  ON N1WK)RI)( HASSIS  Pegasus sets sites  on Pioneer Cup  The Pioneer Cup looms large  and bright this year lor the players of Sechelt's Pegasus soccer  team.  The team has won ils way to  the league cup finals being held  nexl week (March 26). There  they will play Burna-  by's Cliff Avenue       Uniled for the trophy.  And coach Howie  Joe says his team has  got a real chance al  winning.  "We've been get-  ling some scouting  reports ahout Ihe  liurnahy leam." says  Joe about the compel!-       lion,    "and    we're  expecting a win."  Joe says the leam, which is  classed in Ihe 16 and under age  group, has had lo come hack  after a poor start to the year.  He said due lo player  injuries, the team suffered some  had losses lo competitors in  Richmond and Langley.  Joe added the leam had to  adjust lo Ihe loss of Iwo of their  lop players who turned 17 and  wen: no longer qualified to play  in their age category.  But it didn't lake long for  things to start coming together.  And their regular season  wrapped up with the team rank-  mlnorball  'We just tell  them to play  bard and win  one game at  a lime'  ���Howie Joe  ing eight wins, three losses and  one tie. That's good enough to  lop lhe gold division standings  in either first or second place  (depending on the outcome of a  division game yet to be played  between Richmond and Ladner).  On March 28, the      Pegasus team will  play another important game as part of  the quarter finals for  Ihe provincial cup.  It's scheduled as a  home game to take  place at Ted Dixon  park against North  Delta United.           Joe said if Ihe  team should win Ihis  game, they'll be off  next lo Ihe semi-finals against  an as yet undetermined team  from Vancouver Island.  Joe, who has watched the  leam come together for Ihe pasl  three years, said much of ihe  credit for the team's success  goes to Ihe players themselves  whom he describes as being  "really dedicated lo soccer."  And though they expect good  things ,1'rom ihe games to come,  Joe said that's not whal the team  sees as its overall goal.  "We jusl tell Ihem lo play  hard and win one game at a  time."  A player on Sechelt's Pegasus soccer team unleashes  drive.  a left root  file pholo  Down the street or around the world,  the Red Cross is there to help.  by Koz (iriston  More than SO teens and adults met March  16 to form the Midgel Division of the Gibsons Minor Ball Association. It is expected  lhat al least three, 15-playcr teams wiil start  the '93 minor ball season.  Teens from all over the Sunshine Coast  are welcome to sign up. Those interested in  the Gibsons area should call Sue at 886-  2708 and in the Sechelt area call Wayne at  885-3777.  The cost of the formation of the midget  divison is expected to top the $8,000 mark.  This cost includes the purchase of materials  ito build a backstqp for. Ihe ElphiiKlqne secondary playing field, plus uniforms and  equipment. The starting of a new division is  expensive with most costs being one-time  expenses, however, each year there will be  replacement costs incurred.  Volunteers to help prepare the field, build  the backstop, coach, umpire, etc. arc needed.  Call 886-8800, 886-2708, 886-8404 or 885-  3777 if you can assist.  The association is also actively seeking  funding and sponsors for this new division  as well as the younger divisions. If you arc  interest in sponsoring a minor ball team, call  Don at 886-7574 or Lynctte at 886-8387.  Cash donations to the association can be  made at the Bank of Montreal in Lower Gibsons. Registration for the '93 playing season  of the association drew 570 players from the  ages of five to 17.  'Registration for tbe '93  season drew 570 players  from the ages of five to 17'  This registration Is up from 460 young  ball players in 1992. Sue Underwood, who  has been active with Gihsons Minor Ball for  several years said, "Il's like trying to organize a school. You've gol the kids and  adulls.  The adults take on positions of coaches,  referees, etc. They become like the leachers  and staff. It all has lo be organized, from  game scheduling to playing fields, clinics,  tournamenls and much more. There are a lol  of dedicated poeple who have been involved  for years."  This year's new executive includes: Rod  Lucas, president; Jake Swaney, vice-president; Joe Giuliano, umpire in chief; Moirin  Webster, secretary; Don Bland, treasurer;  Ruth Emerson, registrar.  Other board posilions include: Les Morris, Terry McBride and Wayne Wagner,  equipment; Sue Underwood and Betty Hart,  uniforms, field coordinators and game  scheduling; Gail Lucus and Betty Hart, trophies and uniforms; Don Bland and Lynctte  Robinson, fundraising and sponsor coordinators; Roz Griston, publicity and photography.  Division coordinators arc: Vicki Dobbyn,  mini-tad; Rick Wiebc, tadpole; Graham  Chapman, mosquito; Wayne Wagner, pce-  wce; Maurice Lcroux, bantam; and Maurice  Leroux and Sue Underwood, midget.  More volunteers, sponsors and all around  general support is needed hy the association.  If you can donate time, materials, money,  etc., lo help make the '93 season the best  one ever for almosl 600 Sunshine Coast  kids, call 886-8800 or 886-2708 or 885-  3777.  If anyone still has last year's uniforms  call Sue al 886-2708.  UTER FWHIDLV  ��� Computerized tax returns:  Personal, Proprietorships,  Partnerships  ��� Bookkeeping and Accounting  ��� Small Business Year-Ends  ��� Excellent references available  NANCY HORVATH  T*l*phon*/rax: (604) M5-f ��4f  hunter training  A CORE (Community Outdoor Recreation Education) program  will start Tuesday March 23, at the Sechelt Peninsula Rod and Gun  Cluh, (enter off Field Rd., then left on Parkway Drive). Anyone  applying for a hunting licence for lhe first time must complete this  program.  The course is sponsored jointly hy the Gibsons Wildlife Cluh and  ihe Sechell Peninsula Rod and Gun Cluh. Qualified instructors  donate their time to promote a better understanding of the environment, safety and ethics for hunters.  Course material is supplied, but bring a pen and notepad. Prc-reg-  istration is requested, contact Bill Boytc, 886-7842, Wendy Johnscn  or Stan Jones 886-9171.  Get a  BJCVdGS A  ���92 NORCO Mini Mountaineer  toys SOM^M-Whecl 1ft ipd SIMOff  ���92 NORCO  ���or��*Olrl����80"Wbed,  ���92 NORCO  aS***rt*Udkr  Rt3$S49  mmto*  i^Mf*  justArnucd!,    -^  Rocky fountain $999uo  Expert  <3> IMunph.taitM,   w��*47*  ^BjTSH^^r        -InHa^^tw ��� Hf aW'lrH MM      W   *w  Over 50  W2 Bikes  Mutt Go!  Control Stix Bar Endt  ���WIIWI <WWI BWBB  m_9^**mmW  ���WSJ aM-r.W ���  Trass Psycho  Ml  TRAIL BAY  SPORTS  a* Coast News, March 22, 1993  15  sports  . M��**"f*  ���**  |  .Sunshine Coast Minor Hockey  Association president Don  MacLeod rolls out the red  carpet Tor the midget AA  provincial championships,  held at the Sechelt arena last  week. Below, the Coast Blues  in action.  Joel Johnstone photos  /&#**��***  VANCOUVER YWCA  FITNESS INSTRUCTOR  COURSE  Ptaaaa oome 4 enjoy that 36 hr. couraay  Data** A TknaM:  Wednesdays:    April 7, 14, 21  6:00-10:00  Friday: April 23  6:00 -10:00  Salurdays: April 17  8:00-4:00  Sundays: April 18, 25  9:00-3:00  Mm:  St. Mary's Catholic Church,  Highway 101, Gibsons. S.C.  Cott:  $195.00 course cost  $ 28.00 manual plus Q.S.T.  (course fee Is tax deductible)  FOR FURTHER INFORMATION  MID REGISTRATION, PLEASE  CALL JACOUIE ALAN OYE  MS-M27  ^m *?  Blues  come on  strong to  win one  The Sunshine Coasl did il in  lhe end ... they won a game in  Ihe provincial championships.  The win came in a sec-saw  battle against a lough Sparwood  leam Wednesday evening. The  game could have gone either  way during lhe first and second  periods, bul by lhe third lhe  Hlues' suprcmecy shone  through. They pulled ahead and  never looked back, finishing  wilh an 11 to 7 victory.  "ll was a really good game,"  said Sunshine Coasl Minor  Hockey Association president  Don MacLeod. "Wc showed  Ihem we could do it."  The Hlues, who bought into  lhe tournament as hosts, were  hoping to lake al least one game  lo prove Ihey had the stuff. In  Ihe end they won one, lit!d,"ri^rj  and losl live.  The finalists in the tournament were North Island and  North Okanagan. Results were  unavailable al press lime.  minor hockey tournament standings to frlday  ��ml  Fit-Rite Blinds  50% off Mini Blinds  40% off Verticals  For appointment call Cathy Rumball  886-8445  Game I - North Island liaglcs (Port McNeil) 17 vs Sunshine Coast Hlues 4.  Ciaine 2 - North Okanagan Lumber Kings  5 vs Aldergrove Dniins 2.  (lame .1- Grandview Sleelcrs 7 vs Sparwood Hurricanes 1.  Game 4 - Chclwynd Ja-Knr Midgets 7 vs 100 Mile  House Milers 3.  Game 5 - Terrace Totem Fold Midgels 5 vs Whiiehorse  Hnugcn's Hawks 5.  Game 6 - Grandview Steelers 12 vs Sunshine Coast  Blues 4.  Game 7 - Rnssland/Trail Midgels 4 vs Chclwynd 9.  Game 8 - Whiiehorse 11 vs Sparwood 4.  Game 9 - KM) Mile House 5 vs North Okanagan 8.  Game 10 - Grandview 4 vs Port McNeil 7.  Game 11 - Sunshine Coasl Blues 4 vs Terrace 4.  Game 12 - Aldergrove 2 vs Rossland 6.  Game 13 - Terrace 7 vs Sparwood 1.  Game 14 - Chclwynd 7 vs North Okanagan 5.  Game 15 - Port McNeil 8 vs Whiiehorse 3.  Game 16 - Terrace I vs Grandview 11.  Game 17 - Rossland/Trail 9 vs 100 Mile House 8.  Game 18 - Sunshine Coasl 2 vs Whiiehorse 8.  Game 19   Port McNeil 16 vs Sparwood 2.  Game 20-100 Mile 4 vs Aldergrove 5.  Game 21 - Whiiehorse 2 vs Grandview S  Game 22 - Sunshine Coasl 11 - Sparwood 7.  Game 23 ��� Aldergrove 1 Chelwynd 10.  Game 24 - North Okanagan 15 vs Rosland/Trail I.  Game 25 - Terrace I vs Port McNeil 9.  Game 26 - North Okanagan 5 vs Grandview 3.  Game 27 - Port McNeil 7 vs Chelwynd 4  Game 28 -100 mile 13 vs Sunshine Coasl 8.  Game 29 - Aldergrove 5 vs Terrace 7.  Game 30 - Trail/Rosland vs. Whiiehorse unavailable  Game 31 - Grandview vs. Chelwynd -unavailable  Final - North Okanagan vs Port McNeil - unavailable  YES!  Since 1945 Ihe Coast News has been recording the history of our community...  Special Interest Editorials  The Coast New's strength is pur  racial'interest editorials, tddiesstng  issues anil events unique to the  Sunshine Coast. Our community  columns, generated by local  residents, attract the reader's  attention and enhance the exposure  of advertising messages.  Awards for Excellence  The Coast News has won 5 awards  from the Canadian Community  Newspapers Association and 10  awards from the British Columbia  and Yukon New.spapers Association  in the past 4 years, for both  advertising and editorial excellence.  91% Readership  81% of Sunshine Coast respondents  (an additional 5% read 3 out of 4,  another 5% read at least 2 out of 4;  resulting in a 91% following).  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Poune Rd, Gibsons        j  k    Trucking  n  DIRECT  DRYWALL  SYSTEMS  Residential * Commercial  Sim stuns, iuah.ciisiomciiiings  Ron Hovden  8(6-9(91   (eel) (44-57(7  ROOFING  Specializing in all types of  FREE      commercial & residential roofing  ESTIMATES  BOA 00117 ��tL*o����  OUO-atUOif eves  guaranieed  A  A Complete  Asphalt Service  FREE ESTIMATES  A * T ENTERPRISES: Conttruetlon S.rvlo*.  Serving rue Coasl Since I9a��5  0, _��&��*       ��� CUSTOM HOMES  t  iiS irnit-      ���ADDITIONS  jaa^irllf.       ��� RENOVATIONS  ���~���?__^tR\^ ���������MM  T. WONG, BOX 793, QIBSONS. S.C. VON tVO  TRI-CITY PAVING LTD.  RESIDENTIAL & COMMERCIAL  PLANT SITE PORPOISE BAY RD.  TELEPHONE 885-2726 SECHELT B.C.  FORM .RENTALS  2 FT - 4FT - 6FT -8FT  Quick Strip Forms  PENINSULA FORM RENTAIaS  . Phone 1385-0308     Fax 885-2774  lZI/MUTHCXCKV>1TING  ��� Land Clearing & Development  ��� Excavating ��� Trucking  ��� Subdivisions  We otter a lull line of  Service* wilh our  HITACHI EXCAVATOR  Our Customer Service is  prompt wilh prolessional  work al competitive rates I'aW  SECHELT FIRE PLACE  & GAS CENTRE  ��� Gas ��� Wood  ' Cookstoves ��� Zero Clearance ���  ��� All Venting Systems ��� Complete Sales & Inslaltatio  ��� Qualified Dealer ��� Certified Technicians ���  SI 14 >U IH X )M aM   W'AHI IIOIISI  r><>:ti whorfUti HH5-7171  HOME IMPROVEMENTS  ��Gurney   Excavofing      i  KiiS  \  ft  Ken Birkin ��� 885-7487 ��� Cell. 671 -6411  QS DE8IQN a CONSTRUCTION  t-^uHlit^ Bulldirtg K Custom Miltwnrk  RealdBntial    Cornmorclol  On AEME GREEN    I T I I BBB-4a30 7 I M ���! mil B r 'icnk  t'Alit ll: 1B7ta*Sa11^(TI HI   I I If" Ft  U>       i vi  I Hi I      in.iHira1, ���'������liailil.1, .'. .anaiiiala all  InKiiiiir ��� isxl.'i'liii'  CUSTOM PAINTING  swiiiirsilisitiiinl ��� frttonslllllilll'.S  885-8895  GraeMar Construction   Gatmra Contractors   t-OUNDAHONS a FRAMING  RENOVATIONS ��� ADDITIONS  FINISHING �� yiNYiywOOD SIDING  H Yawrt ExptmerKe  MAIMI tltWAtr ttS-0406  DESIGN  Fastrac BACKHOE  SERVICE  ��� SEPTIC FIELDS ��  ���  ��� DRAINAGE 0ITCHE J  . EXCAVATIONS  a WATER LINES  ��� CLEARING Ca_���- I   _  ^_  oteve Jones  t>  EMERaALD DESIGNS  RESKNILAl DfSIGN ��, CON1RACIING  COMMtRCIAt INlERIOd OtSIGN  886-3969  Cot 416 4X4  886-8269  RENOVATIONS  ADDITIONS  DAVE MELLOR  CAME CONSTRUCTION LTD.  886-3171  A  ��� Structural Engineering  ri Design '.SSSSf  - Engineering Ltd.  ' *"�� Houu Pl*"'  Mackenzie Excavating Ltd.  Land Clnarinq H Developmont  Cam Mackenzie  i  8863558 ifhL    <�� ''*'  CELLULAR 1 js3 fi St*>���T ���  2^06314    l__tf$t__  W* dig Un tunthin* Coatt!  GENERAL CONTRACTORS  ���        If        RENOVATIONS WITH  l\ IttlllD * T0UCH "F CLASS  P[V* "���   COMMERCIAL & RESIDENTIAL  IMPROVER "2K   tm IIALrMOON BAV  DRYWALL SERVICE^  BOARDING, TAPINC, TEXTURING  No Job Too Small  FREE ESTIMATES CALL MIKE 886-0040  r Renew Interior Decorating  Gwiplclc Interior Drsi_n  rree tstiimles on  Painting _ Wallpapering   ,  Sum 205, Wllion Croak Plaza, Wilton CrMk, B.C   Tai.: _____ ta16-.HH fn: (604) atHW  ELECTRICAL SERVICES  CENTURY ROCK  ���>  tUNMHINE KITCHEM8  . KITCHENS �� BATHROOMS ���  B86-9411  Cdlutor   644-4907  Thank You >  to our valued readers. Businesses  appreciate it when you tell them  you found them in  ,    The Coast News    j  McCANN ELECTRIC  Residential, Commercial, Industrial  "ExpttrittiK** Makes  *'��I?'f'��J��Be-��"     4M1 CAMERON ROAD  JOE McCANN MADEIRA PARK, D.C.  Reg. 10131 VON 2H0 Call (O3.M02  5     &&  fiAMTSCIUNE SERVICE  8TONUFT - HOOK .HEIGHT ^'  15TON UFT - HOOK HEIGHT SO  ..886-7028  rW&t flr nmf HVMn  infMNiiMff  J  rBRIA^S ROOFING & ATTIC VENTILATION^  REROOFWO SPECIALISTS ��� LEAK REPUfll  ���LOMANCO' WHIflLYfllRD ATTIC VENTS  ��� KEEPS VOUR HOIVC CIXl IN RUMMER  ��� PREVENTS cmVDFNSAt ION IN WINTER  BBB LICENSED* WSURED-FnEEEr.TIMATES  SERVING THE SUNSHINE COAST  1665-4^601  TaJLC.  Electrical & Plumbing  Residenlial * Commercial  Water Healers ��� Electric Heal  t-asnlaaactoal Uc. No. 6644  886-3344  WHEELER ELECTRIC  TUG SERVICE SPECIALISTS"  RESIDENTIAL & COMMERCIAL  886<tt700 urn no i'oo. CEL 3284927  .CONTOUR  I    DESIGN  r  .fk    ���_e  Quality Supply 4 Installation  ���,,,,'**-   -*      Ceramic Tile, Carpel fs Blinds  V^HOWBOOM851 HWY. 101 - GIBSONS ��� DC. ��� PHffAX: 8M 319l>  mm Coast News, March 22, 1993  17  0505  22   1120  MO   1720  2320  13.8  6.6  13.0  6.8  FRI TIME HT. FT.  0100  26 0630  FR   1320  2015  8.8  13.4  4.3  13.4  0525  13.7  23  1150  5.8  0545  13.B  II)  1800  13.2  24   1220  5,1  2355  7.4  WE   1845  13.3  SAT TIME HT. FT.  0140  27 0655  SA   1400  2105  9.5  13.2  4.1  13.4  Sl/ll -i'ME HT. CT  0225  28 0725  SU   1440  2205  0025 8.1  25 0605 13.5  TH 1250 4.8  1930 13.4  REFERENCE: Point Atkinson     F" ����<*"s��*���� ���**"��.  PacINc Standard Tinw **.**_*._***+.��**,*.**,  Tide Tables Courtesy of  Baegaffli  The Weekender...  Your  community  newspaper  SPCA NEWS  Can you guess the age of  this male shephard-husky  cross? The SPCA has  several dogs and cats  waiting Tor your interest In  providing care and a good  home. To meet them call  885-4771.  HOME IMPROVEMENTS  Commercial/Residential  Fully Guaranteed  MARINE SERVICES  Whistler's .Landscaping  Fencing ��� Turf ��� Drainage  Retaining Walls (Rock)  Residential and Commercial  Free EitJmatM: Pat 185-2570  MECHANICAL SERVICES  S & G TREE SERVICE  fN-tiasTq  T^mY*%r  i  Topping ��� Trimming ���Pruning * Brush Chlpptr  Danger Tres Removal  Bonded and Insured ��� .20 Years Experience  665-3697  A  (j.f nri nf Piynf A Srammml  URINE ��� LOGGING * TRUCKING ��� INIH'SITMAI.  Ihcwl Kniitnr Rnulii and Overhaul*  hurt Srmnnt * Rquifi, Vhrrltilrrl Mainirn.in< r  LCKIOIN0 * HEAVY FQI'IPMF.N I REPAIR*?  ti HOW Fmrigrnt. Spnkr-  ,886-4577 Shop 886-0118 Re*.   DON GREENLY ^  MARINE SERVICES  Ship Shape Props  BOAT PIWPEUEI. REPaWS 1 SBteXt  ���mMPtr��n*Briys_"  Camll Bolly, Proprietor R.R. 1, Mwon Road  PH: MaVtU7l (But.) ******, B.C.  (M-N10(Rm.)  VW-***'.  MISCELLANEOUS SERVICES  SUNSHINE 67(lUiC,  S   I   G   N r.l   A   K    F    H   S  mmm��mwm  885-3*900  STIHL  Chainsaws & Trimmers  *>YEa\RSAGO  Bluff ratepayers don't want a  sewer system and they are  going to argue their case before  Gibsons Council. It was at one  time understood that the Gibsons sewage system would be  developed in three phases. People who purchased lots on  Georgia Bluff have installed  their own systems, sometimes at  great personal expense and say  "Why pay again?"  Chinook salmon stocks have  depleted to dangerously low  numbers and no one seems to be  able to agree on what to do to  stive the species, so federal fisheries minister Tom Siddon  announced new restrictions  designed to bring back the chinook stocks in the .Strait of  Georgia.  Bolh commercial and sports  fishermen have mounted a massive lobby against the new  restrictions.  lOYEa-VRSAGO  In a letter to the editor, John  .Shaske, chairman of the transportation committee of the  .SCRD urged residents to use  the late sailing that was being  scheduled over Easter holidays  and during the summer. The  usage of these late sailings will  be monitored closely and future  schedules will be influenced by  these numbers.  15YE/VRSAGO  In an open letter to residents  of the Sunshine Coast, the Gibsons and District Chamber of  Commerce wrote: The Gibsons  marina is beginning to be a reality. If all goes well, the marina  could be in operation by 1979,  but only if the people of this  area support it and demonstrate  their support. The chamber of  commerce would like to take  this opportunity to pledge its  wholehearted endorsement of  the Gibsons marina."  20 YEARS AGO  Overall winner of the Sea  Cavalcade poster contest was Jo  Small, a grade 11 student at  Elphinstone. She will receive a  $130 Canada Savings Bond and  a bursary to be used to further  her education.  "25'YEXRS AGO  Residents from the Northwest Territories as well as  Washington stale are making  enquiries to the Sunshine Coast  real estate offices seeking  acreage and waterfront properly-  The demands are much heavier than they were just five  years ago, according to various  realtors.  30 YEARS AGO  Pender Harbour secondary  school won the top awards in  the Powell River/Sechell school  district drama festival held  March 16 at Elphinstone school  hall. Pender Harbour won the  best drama, best actress and best  actor awards.  40 YEARS AGO  Two brothers, both residents  of Gibsons were fined $10 and  costs, each on a plea of guilty lo  a charge of being intoxicated in  a public place.  brother staled it was his  brother's birthday and they had  been celebrating. Both promised  to behave themselves in Ihe  future.  45 YEARS AGO  The recent opening of Al  Lloyd's Cash Store at Garden  Bay introduces lo the residents  of Pender Harbour, a new,  smart, self-service store. The  interior of the store is bright and  goods are displayed on light  blue islands of shelves against  the background of white walls.  VINYL SIDING  Vinyl & Aluminum Windows ��� Aluminum Railings  Vinly Sundeck Flooring. patio Coverings  ALWEST  #7- 5522 Wharf St., Sechelt Jim Bain 885-4572  VISIT OUR SHOWROOM ANYTIME  r DEPENDABLE ~  AUTO SERVICE  Did You Know...  We Rebuild Engines  ...RIGHT    The South Coast's Only ^ ^^ \^  BCAA AFF.10V.1P Shop (Special consideration to BCAA member*)  ^OIKUMK   AUTOMOTIVE  '���   ���'���-..  '   '      ' '        ���   ,������ ������ H8b /9I1  We're more than just tires!  HAVE YOU CHECKED  YOUR TIRES LATELY ?  Let US do it for you  Calf 889.2700 for an appointment!  OASTAL I IRES   8862700  Why buy, when we've  got your number?  LOW COST FAX  TRANSMISSION  SERVICE  886-7725 or 885-3954  ��� Send or receive  ��� Local, national,  international  ��� Reasonable rates  ��� Confidential service  For more information  call 885-3930 or 886-2622  COAST^NEWS  Cruice l_ane  Gibsons  Cowrie St.  Sechelt  CLIP & SAVE  JO bcferries Schedule  /ANCOUVEH - SECHELT PENINSULA  HORSESHOE BAY - LANGDALE  Lmv�� Langdale  6:20 am      4:30 pm  8:30 6:30  10:30 6:20 M  12:25 pmM  2:30  Leave Horseshoe Bay  7:30 am    5:30 pmM  9:30 M      7:25 M  11:30       9:15  1:15 pm    11:00*  EARLS COVE - SALTERY BAY  LeavefUris Cove Leave Saltery Bay  6:40 am  8:20  10:30  12:25 pmM  For DEPENDABLE Service  Buying or Selling - CALL  The TOP PRODUCERS on the Coast!  885-3295 or Vancouver Toll Free 681-7931  _M 18  Coast News, March ll, l*��J  Take Advantage of our Neiv Classified Ad Special  Run your classified ad 6 times  and pay for only 2 times!  Coast News (Monday  Classified Deadline:  NOON FRIDAY  mm*��� Gibsons &  Sechelt Offices  Homes 8a  Property  Small house, large lot, Tillicum Bay  area. 38OO370. men  Soames Pant. 932 Feeney. View,  F.S.B.O. 3 yr. Jennish Colonial, 3  bdim up, 2 bdtm suite, 2 F/P, 3  baths, double garage, shake roof,  French windows. $255,900. 886-  0061,351-7666 alter 8 pm.    ss  One year old 3 bedroom rancher. 2  baths, double garage, Langdale  area,landscaped, fenced. RV  parking. $163,500.666-4926.  11401  Studio apartment, West Vancouver. Completely updated,  $109,900.  Ball Realty, Janice Maclsaac,  Louky Worrall. 926-7831.    ��14w  ANDERSON REALTY  * RacrMllon * Rattraaanant  * flatocnon  FREE  CATALOGUE  5686 Cswvne St.. Boa 1219  Sax-halt. BC.. VON SAO  aas-32itFAxa��5-2e��  Van. Toll Free l��4-*)ie  2200 sq. tt. 3 bdrm home dose to  school, tull basement, 1 3/4 bath,  $155,000. 1108 Chaster Road.  686-4901. ��13cn  Lease lot close to Sechell on Hwy.  101. Reasonable price. 885-0679  eves. ��13cn  View lot on Gieenbelt. under-  Wniled: Acreage Gibsons-Sechelt ground services, quiet cul-de-sac,  ���/-home. Half-interest considered. Central Gibsons. $75,000 OBO.  885-3925. 114*   886-8859. ��13cn  NATIONAL  NRS GIBSONS REALTY LTD.  MORTGAGE UPDATE  jjjUgj 6 mo. 1 yr.  2yr.  3yr.  4 yr.  7.75   S.125   1.79  S__  Major Bank Prima Rill 6.25S  For a complimentary market  ���valuation ol "your property"  Call  Jerry Ridgewell  Your Resident Realtor  886-2277  7 Love To Sell Real Estate'  CLASSIFICATIONS  Announcements 7  Appliances 19  Autos 23  Barter & Trade 18  Bed and Breakfast 30  Births 2  Business and Home  Services 35  Business Opportunilies 38  Campers 28  Child Care 37  Commercial for Rent 32  Entertainment 33  For Rent 31  For Sale 21  Found 11  Free 18  Furniture 20  Garage Sales 17  Heavy Equipment 22  Help Wanted 34  Home & Property 1  In Memoriam 4  Legal 41  Lost 10  Marine 28  Mobile Homes 27  Motorcycles 28  Music 13  A  GREAT  IDEA,  Obituaries *���* 3  Personal 8  Pels & Livestock 12  Recreation 8  Storage 39  Thank You 8  Too Late to Classify   40  Travel 14  Trucks 24  Wanted IS  Wanted to Rent 29  Weddings &  Engagements 9  Work Wanted 38  DROP OFF YOUB  Coast News  Monday Edition  At any of our convenient  Friendly  ~m People Places m_\  In Pender Harbour  AC BUILDING SUPPLIES  Francis Peninsula Place HHJ-9M1  MARINA PHARMACY  Pender Harbour Centre 883-2088  In Halfmoon Bay  B *J store 885-8555  In Robertas Creek  ROBERTS CREEK GENERAL STORE 885-3400  DEADLINE IS 3:00 1  In Sechelt  THE COAST NEWS  MB   5521 Cowrie Street 885-39511  In Gibsons  THE COAST NEWS  537 Cruice Lane (behind Dockslde Pharmacy)  886-2622  DEADLINE IS NOON FRIDAY  Dave Orr and his great staff will help you place  your classifieds at AC Building Supplies, one of  our Friendly People Places In Pender Harbour.  Homes &  Property  One acre in peaceful lower  Roberts Creek. Partially cleared  with nice trees. Exceptional property at the end ol the road.  $136.000.886-7372. ss  752 Hwy. 101,60x2138 lot. 3 bdrm.  older house, $166.000.886-9049  Wilson Creek. 9/10 acre. Treed,  view, quiet, serviced, small log cab.  in. $96.000.685-5646.       ��14w  Large view lot 124. 60x240'  extends Irom Sandy Hook Rd. lo  Deerhom Rd, $59,000.885-9424.  ���14w  OPEN HOUSE  THIS SUNDAV 1-4 pm  Neonex Imperial 14x70 mobile  home. Brighl. spacious layout,  excellenl condition, very clean,  newly painled & renovated featuring stucco ceiling with cedar  beams in living room, white walls,  400 sq. tt. deck. Excellent localion.  close to terry in Comeau Trailer  Park 122.1416 North Road, Gibsons. Pad rent $195. 666-8095.  $39,900. TFNs  TOPSOIL  Screened lop soil at reasonable  rate W.D. Excavating, 686-9764  oi cell. 11 -220-1526 TFNs  Homes. Watartront 1 Investment  Properties. Nick Proach 583-  7653,185-6340. Valley Pacific  Rlty. TFN  Small oldei home Gibsons, view  lot, sewer, water. Eves. 886-6201,  days 666-6233. >12w  7.   Announcement  INDIVIDUAL COUNSELLING  RELATIONSHIP WORK  Specializing in relationship Issues,  inner child work, recovery from  addictive lilestyle patterns. Call  Joel Brass, B.A.. M.A.Sc. 886-  3221. 114a,  COUNSELLING for couples and  individuals. Women's sell esteem  group - couples conflict resolution  group. Edgewater Counselling  886-0887 ��14w  A new me. I discovered an easy  way! I've lost weight, inches, have  tons of energy, naturally. Call 206-  332-7666 ext. 202. ��14cn  Taking an art course? We have the  largest supply ol art supplies on  the Si nshine Coast. Show Piece  Gallery 886-9213. ��12w  S.M. 36. new to area, resourceful,  into nature, seeks eco-feminis!  w/sailboat, Iriends first. Reply to  Box T, c/o Box 66, Sechelt, BC  V0N3A0. ��12cn  Remedial reading tutor available.  For further information call 886-  9651. ��14w  Tettfes  GARY WHITE  886-8107 ��� 1-351-4390  Single 38 yr. old male, emotionally  and financially secure, lond of children , would like to meet the right  lady for a permanent relationship.  Send recent photo and phone ��� to  Box 389, c/o Box 460, Coast  News. Gibsons, BC VON WO.  ��13w  A New Me - I've discovered  willpower the easy way, lost inches  and pounds and leel great, naturally. Shannon 604-739-7177. Earn  extra income. ��14w  48' x 330' ol prime low bank waterfront in Gibsons Harbour near  Gibsons Marina. House needs  repair but could be fixed up for  recreational or rental use. Property zoned Tourist Commercial (C-2).  Double garage plus storage shed.  $169,500. Phone Jenniler 1-689-  7070. ss  7. Announcements  CRAFT FAIR ALERT!  Sunshine Coast Arts Centre 6th  Annual Summer Craft Fair, Aug.  14 & 15. For info call Sandra 886-  8261 or 686-4863. #14cn  BRIAN * ANNI PARKIR  We have purchasers for  Sunshine Const Properties. Your  buyer is likely in Greater  Vancouvet or east and south  Wt'll find your buy*-1  See oui marietina plan and get  US working nn ynu  Pej��r.��3*in4/W5-2427|(lfs.)  SUTTON GROUP  SENTINEL REALTY  Land or house to buy on Coast by  employed local lamily. Require  creative financing, i.e. lease  option, work trade, owner financing, strata title, etc. 885-3192.  112*41  N/marina, p/view. income, private,  $156,000,886-7400. ��12w  Build to suit on 1/2 acre, West  Sechell, partial view, $55,000.  8864979. ��14w  2 bdrm. tdwnhouse w/lott. fenced  backyard. Across from Porpoise  Bay Wharf, $118,000.885-6430.  ���I2w  hsflttrJlifir __9r>jr'r/ji,;  ONE DAY ONLY  Fabric Clearance Sale  over 30 varieties to  choose Irom  Sun. March 2810am -3pm  at the TZoonie House  in Sechell  Intra Travel, ConchNa Designs  and Royal Cruise Lint presents  'Mediterranean Romance' cruise  and fashion show Sat., April 3, 2-  4pm at Illusions Restaurant. Tickets $5 at 885-5865. I13w  Canada Day Celebration, planning  meeting, March 31,7:30 pm Kinsmen Hall, Gibsons. Community  suppon is essential, bring yourself  S suggestions. Sponsored by Gibsons Lions Club. ��14w  ritmruHoor  Bumo oa scuim?  Grtusv      M0''*  ****Lr!?2l    TURREU.  Attention: All past, present and  future herbal weight loss customers. We are having a sale. Now  you can lose pounds and inches,  have more energy and save  money too! Reg. pnee $6l.60/set.  Sale price $48/set. Prices in effect  while present stock lasts. Call Debbie 886-2238. I13cn  Jim and Bonnie are pleased to  announce the birth ol their son,  John Thomas Bjornson, born  March 8,1993 at 8:23 am. Thanks  to nurses and doctors at St. Maiy's  -special thanks to Paige.  *12cn  It's A Boy! Born March 1, 1993,  Joseph Taytor, son to Darwyn anc  Diane McKay. Many thanks to Dr.  J. Farrer, Ingrid and nursing staff,  and special thanks to Daddy and  Tame Denise. XO. #12cn  ���BRAZILIAN (TRADES  Exclusive Gifts from  South America  Detailed Stsam* Sculptural*  Wcami Carvings tt Batiks  Silver, Crystal air Gems  Raw Stones ((Juan/, etc.)  Agate al. Ametriyst Gesades  Obelisks aV Spheres on  Various Rocks  Polished Agate Casaster  Book Hnd Sets  Exquisite Clay Amazon Pottery  Wholesale Prices - No GST  Hoursilucs.aVWed. I ��� 430 pm  llsuis, Pri & Sat 10 am ��� 4-J0 p.m.  6379 Norvan Rd. (off Mason Rd.)  Weal Sechell .M5-517S  (fJa^T <*^-.  I ILLUSIONS I  Planning a Special Occasion?  Illusions Restaurant has full  facilities lor large or small  groups. Banquet or  a-la-carte menu available.  For more information call  885-0900.  BROOKS & MILLER  FLOOR COVERINGS LTD.  Benjamin Moore Paints |  t mfotenanl  I netnSy I'etnht       S  hi All Colour, ol ,'//_'  lhe H.iHilaiav  iih-IihIiiio llwai  BUI Wood  SECHELT  A Bus 885-29231  fins 885-5058|  PSYCHIC READINGS  Kalawna 666-0948, leave message please. H2w  Open invitation lo help form S.C.  non-profit motorcycle assoc. Meeting April 4 at 1 pm. For into/rjrec-  tions 866-4163. ��t3w  Expenenced and qualified teacher  will accept students to tutor in all  elementary grades and secondary  school, English lessons. B85-3816.  ���14w  PRIVATE TUITION  Expeiienced lully qualified teacher  available. Seniors exam preparation techniques. Elementary students - all subjects. 686-8468.  ���12w  Welcome Beach Hill for rent,  receptions, socials, meetings, etc.  Kitchen facilities. 885-4590, 885-  9855. I12w  We buy beer bottles and beer  cans, paying 80 c/doz. 6664039.  TFN  COOL RUNNINGS  One ton Iruck available tor hauling,  rubbish removal, moving, yard  mainlenance, rototilling, odd jobs.  685-3917. TFNs  Adull children of Alcoholics or dyslunctlonal families please call 686-  3849 or 685-4622 lor help.    NC  Pels &  Livestock  Half lease on well mannered  horse, my facilities. For details,  685-5629. Also show barn with H-  C, wash racks, heated lack room,  etc. Have one stall avail. English  and western lessons, West  Sechell. ��i4cn  Puppies tor sale, $125. Mo"iei P/B  Shepherd, father P/B Akita/Shep-  herd X. An ideal blend of strength,  size, loyalty and temperament. 8  wks. old, 4 males left. 886-7668.         #14w  PB female Shepherd, w/papers, 1  yr., $350.886-7668. I12w  Ferret w/cage, $60.886-4613.           ��12w  BARREL RACES GAMES  SUNDAY. APRIL 4th  12 Noon  Alrican Pigmy goats. Does, bucks,  kids. Excel, pets and bush clearing. 683-2990 ss  SPCA SPAYING PROGRAM  Contact Then It Now Furniture,  699 Highway 101, Gibsons. 686-  4,716 or Martee Fashions.    NC  8 yt. old Anglo-Arab mare. Good  with children, $1500 OBO. 885-  3259 att. 5pm. ��13w  Dog obedience classes begin in  April al Magus Kennels. Call 886-  8568 to register. TFN  TROPICAL FISH  Free fish when buying others. 25c  and up. 886-9690. I13cn  Sat., April 10, miscellaneous  household items, cratt S bake sale,  13109 Claydon Rd., Gatden Bay.  863-2198, come for coflee. 113*  Moving Sale - Sat., Mar. 27,10-2,  1848 West Reed Rd., Rbts. Ck.  (behind Sunshine Coast Nursery).  112w  Sat., March 27,10am, 5670 Trident (off Wharf and E. Porpoise  BayRds.) #12w  6176 Gale Ave. S��� Sechell, 9am-  5pm, March 13 ��14, March 26127.  ���13w  Mountain bike. KHS Montana  Summit. 18' Irame. Complete  Deore LX components. Panaracer  smoke lires. Nearly brand new.  Vety light. $450.885-7355. TFN  4X4 thermal window white exterior  door -metal. 885-7537.     I14w  Regency wood fireplace insert, 3  yrs. old, exc. cond., $860. 686-  2183. I12w  1967AIRSTREAM  Need a guest cottage or temporary  home? Clean warm, dry luxury -  exc. re-sale value. Why pay rent?  $5900 firm. 883-9591.      ��12cn  Craftsman 11 HP riding mower,  36', like new, 7 tt. Dracaena indoor  plant; two size 40 motorcycle  leather jackets, click. 885-4590.  ���14w  YARD SALE EXTRAVAGANZA Ping eye 12 golf dubs. 3-PW hard-  Multi-tamily Sunday, Mar. 28, 9-? |y used, $525 OBO; Ping putter.  412 S. Fletcher. Donl miss it!��12w   $x. 885-4644. I14w  March 27 S 28,94pm - household  items, small appl., tools, books,  records, much more. 5788 Trail  Ave. H2cn  CATZ &  IMYVGS  ��(,.}-*)% 1  Help reduce the pet over-population problem - spay or neuter your  pet. NC  Cedar 2x6 used tongue/groove,  .65"t. OBO. 886-7400       ��14w  Strawberry plants, June bearing, 1-  12 oils. $1.00, $2.00 min. order.  686-3724 eves. ��14w  '81 Honda Accord, $1200 OBO;  VW Sandnil, $1000 lirm; full  length brown suede coal, men's  size 46, $300; VW llared fender kit,  $25; king size 4-post waterbed,  $250,885-4885. ��14w  '60 Honda Civic needs clutch,  $200; '75 Pontiac Grandville convertible, oilers; Roland CR500O  drum machine, $200; Fender pro  reverb amp, $350 Boss octaver  pedal, $50; Gasco gas FP, like  new, $200 OBO; Homelite  weedeater, $30; stucco wire,  $40/roll; Inglis fridge, $50. 885-  4618. #14w  Large Fisher wood burning stove,  exc. cond., $600.885-7152.��12cn  Pram tbe Buaslneaa Card. In ynatr  waallet to I tie Sljpi on your door...  . for AU. VOUR GRAPHIC NEEDS  CA"-885-0244  Yamaha DX7 synth, $800; Alesis  8-nack sequencer, $600; Roland  digital drummer. $400. David 886-  0938,886-7441. ��14cn  HULLABALOO creative workshops for children. March IB-Gibsons: March 19-Sechelt. During  Spring Break! Pop-up cards, T-  shirt art, animal masks and stamp  'n paint. Only $6 per child. Call  865-6203 to register. #12w  HULLABALOO Fun to go otters  birthday parties with face painting,  workshop and deluxe goody bag.  In your home. Call 685-6203 lo  book yours today! *12w  CoursExchange Liaison:  Aijou 886-0347  Buy/Sell used Open Learning  Agency course materials. Now  available PSYC-446.        I12w  ALCOHOLICS ANONYMOUS  886-7863,24 hour line.       TFN  Does someone in your family have  a drinking problem? Call Al-Anon  666-9903, 685-7484, 886-9059.  Al-Ateen 886-2565 or 885-7484.  Piano Tuning  *  repairs  ��� appraisals  Ken Dalgleish  886-2843  4 yr old portable Hotpoint dishwasher, $350.886-9642.   ��14cn  Philco 21 cu. It. SXS white FF  fridge, new compr., beautilul,  $569; GE almond 15 cu. ft. 2 dr.  FF, $429; Hotpoint Comado washer t dryer, almond, beautiful  shape, $579 pr.; Inglis Liberator 3  cycle white washer, rebuilt, $329;  and much mere. Call Norseman  Bjom for Wo. at 885-7897. ��l4w  Like new - frost-free Iridge, range:  self-clean oven, almond, $600 pair  OBO. 886-0941. ��14cn  14 cu. ft. almond frost Iree fridge,  exc. cond., $250.686-3364. ��� 14w  30' GE range. Easy dean, almond,  exc. cond. $300.666-8033. ��14cn  Harvest Gold frost-tree fridge,  good running condition, $200  OBO. Phone 886-7853.    #14cn  Two fridges, 1 large brown, works  well. 1 small beer fridge. 883-9446.  ��14cn  Quality clothes dryer, good cond.  885-7076. 11201  Viking 30' stove, good cond.,  $100.886-2165 aft. 4pm.    ��13w  - ��� 1  ������ Attention builders: 7x16 wood  Admiral sell-clean stove, $300" garage door, Sunburst glass.open-  885-7990 or 6664440 (bus.). er, 2 remotes, 9 mos. old, $600.  ��12cn 885-3797. ��14w  "Dttt/kO^^aux  u, PENDER HARBOUR Mil  FRANCIS PENINSULA PLACE  Piano tuner selling pianos from  $1250, delivered and tuned. 883-  2329. ��12w  GUITAR LESSONS  Experienced teacher. All styles t  levels & applied theory. First lesson free. Avail, days 8 eves. Steve  686-2365. ��14w  UPGRADE your overseas adventures and SAVE $$$$ with our  Information and Travel Planning  Packages. Phone Chris, GREAT  CIRCLE TRAVEL, 885-S933.��12w  Freezer - apartment size, $150.  Arthur 885-9859. #12cn  Ouaiily built recond. fridges,  stoves, washers, dryers, dishwashers, freezers. 90 days to 2 years  warranty. Also service and repairs  to all major appliances. Phone  Norseman Bjom 685-7897.  ��12w  Will buy non-working or used appliances. Phone Bjom 885-7897.  ���12w  G.E. washer, $200 OBO; G.E.  portable d/washei. 3 yrs. old, $350  OBO. 885-6059 eves.       ��14w  Set of keys in Lower Gibsons,  large number of keys on a blue  plastic coil. Phone 686-7206,4l2w  Reward to anyone with information  on the theft of my 5 gallon plastic  gas can (full of gas) and all my  groceries from my boat March 12.  No questions asked. Please return  my gas can, 885-5523.      ��12w  GONE MISSIN' - Irom lar end of  Ocean Beach Esplanade, 1811.  Pioneer canoe (green). Anyone  wilh info on ils whereabouts,  please call 886-8951.        H3w  Very unique multi-coloured,  sequined child's baseball cap. One  of a sel. Reward offered. 686-  4213. ��13w  Many items of jewelry and items of  much sentimental value. Items  include: blue lapis choker, cultured  pearls, petite point on gold chain (  earrings, coins, cameo, antique  aluminum tea pot. If you have seen  any of these items call 886-4225.  ���12cn  Dark khiklknapsack contains  workers gear ��� at Community Services, 5638 Inlet Ave., Sechelt.  885-5881. I12w  Two porcelain dots on Fisher Rd.,  Sun., Feb. 28 at 9 pm. 886-7701.  112x1  80 gal. propane lank. 666-9346  eves. 11401  Doublewide mobile, good cond.,  car top carrier (van). 685-6300.  ���14w  Jet-type well pump in working condition. 665-7664. #14w  Small utility trailer. 885-2096.  11401  Pensioner wants 6 HP outboard  motor. Have 3 HP to trade. Call c/o  685-9322 or 865-6422 evenings  886-2592. (14cn  Wanted to buy - Microsoft Word  version four manual. 685-2416  eves. >12w  Wanted ft** ��� or at little cost ��� 1 ���  20 It. Sea Container for shipping  books and supplies lo an orphans  school in Uganda, Afnca. The container will then become a library or  classroom at lhe school. We are  collecting books t supplies to fill  the container on the SC. Please  call me if you have a container or  know where one is. Carol Fisher  685-7293, FAX 665-4813, or  Norma Hodge 886-4641. Thank  you everyone who has cailed for  your help. #1201  Regency airtight FP; buffet;  microwave; 14* CTV. 665-4727.  #12cn  Boys mountain bike, 20 in., 5 sp.,  good cond. 865-7286.      ��14w  Exercise Rower, $75 OBO; four  all-season radiais, P.175-70R 14X  A4, $90 OBO. 885-9861.   ��14cn  Mac Powerbook 140,40 Mb HD, 4  Mb RAM, incl. software: Wordper-  led, Magic, HyperCard Developers  Kit, Flight Simulator, Quicken.  $2000.686-9665. TFN  1/2 fridge /1/2 Ireezer Fridgedair,  $700 OBO; Oueen size hidebed,  new mattress t spring, good condition, $600 OBO. 885-5301 eves.  #1401  Wood-buming F/P insert, Fisher,  black, $500.886-9474.     I14cn  Bed cheslerlield as new; 26' Aged horse manure, pickup load  TV/stereo, complete. 885-7693, 9- $20, we load, West Sechelt. 865-  5. I12cn     5629. 11401  Bdrm suite, solid pine, 5 pieces, 1  yr old. Cost $2000. Must sell $950.  883-2754. ��13cn  Registered Welsh pony gelding,    a-Tars, asp- *____n #14cn  In memory ol our Nana Miry Certltleition Course lor Trans-        '    Lumsden who passed away Much port ot Dwtgerous Goods. Pow- FREE - two goats, one large neut.  25,1989. We think ol you often ell River and Gibsons area. April mile, one small female, very  and we miss you. Love Tammie 14 4 15. Reservations and info: fhendly. Roberts Creek CU. 240-  and Chris. ��l2cn 804-520-0295. ��13cn 9970. #12en  RECYCLE  New or used building lumber,  rough cut okay. 866-4679. ��13w  Sel of captain chairs with wooden  spindle backs. Solid oik table.  White fridge/freezer and stove,  pair of French doors. 686-8836.SS  Boat - preferably ok) row boat (or  canoe) with character that lloals.  Musl be inexpensive, we're broke.  Call 886-7355 lv, mess.     TFNs  Used oil furnace. 686-9687. TFN  Boil trailer for 12-14 fl. boat. 1-  9260366. ��13w  Kingsize waterbed, complete, good  cond., $200.685-5510.      ��14w  Sewing machine, dining room set,  coffee/end tables, kitchen table /  chairs, rockers, TV, manual typewriter, kiln, skis/poles, barstoois.  waterbed, vanity with mirror,  lamps. Come and see us at 1023  Venture Way.  OPEN 6-4:30 TUES.-SAT.  GIBSONS U-LOCK  886-6460  CONSIGNMENTS WELCOME  ���13w  Household lurniture, good cond.,  open lo reasonable offers. 885-  2093 or 885-5009. ��12w  Queen size boxspring/mattress  wilh brass foot snd headboard.  Excellent condition. 886-7075.  11301  Bedroom suite, ff triple dresser, 5'  mirror, chest drawers; 2 end  tables; padded 6 drwr. bed/comp.  mattress, cheap! Coffee table; 2  smoky glass lamps; 14x15 carpet;  Chevy van, bucket seats like new.  Bargain prices. 886-7244.  *12w  Two love sells, autumn florsl  colours. $250 OBO. 686-8291.  ���12w  Great present-antique Dutch wall  clock, copper face and weights,  sun and moon plates, $600.866-  7307. ss  Kroehler, solid msple bedroom  ste., dbl. mattress with head -  footboards, 6 dwr. dresser/mirror,  night Hole, $500.686O066.��12cn  Kingsize mattress & boxspring, gd.  cond, $350 OBO. 885-3782.  ���1201  Unwanted contest prize still in box,  Kodak Photo CD player. List price  $650. Offers. 865-2144.    ��14cn  Olympia XL512 typewriter (LCD  memory) new cond, $450 ($600  new); convertible highchair, $25;  folding bicycle, $60; 3-mirror medicine cabinet with light fixture. $50.  886-8767 ���14cn  Kitchen table, 4 chaiis, good cond.  $60; answering machine, $40;  Winchester 30-30, $150; alum, ladder 24', 2-section, $80; step ladder, ff, $20; baby crib, toys, $100;  baby car seat, $40,883-2754.  ���13cn  Matching British India carpets,  9'xi2' and B'xiO', carved imperial  Kashmir plain gold colour, excel,  cond. $1750.885-7613.    (13cn  Truck canopy lor S10 Chev, length  711, c/w sturdy boat rack. 883-  9966 iitto)  Compact oak computer table. As  new, $100.886-2673.      ��i3cn  SUNCO  _K_tfmp  ilapiNs-.MATF.IA,  inijowj / lighting  Doofl / Window* / lighting  Plumbing / Kitch-w & fi* Sr:��m  fixturei etc  .  vTStlOU*.tout Oft CAU  ������s-aaa*  5653 Whorl Rd., Saschaslt  RECYCLE 4, SAVE  Household effects - good quality,  rear new. Not a garage sale. 885-  2093 or 865-5009. Unique Hems.        ���130)  Golf clubs, men's, $150; synth,  $200; Rolland Alan compatable  sequencer module, $250; rowing  machine, $60.886-7564.   ���13m  ajMaajajajTl  a-aafc. Coast News, March 22, 1993  19  Take Advantage of our Nexv Classified Ad Special  Run your classified ad 6 times  and pay for only 2 times!   Coast News (Monday)  Classified Deadline:  NOON FRIDAY  Gibsons &  Sechelt Offices  LOOKING  FOR  SPECIAL  HELP?  NORTH  VANCOUVER  ���  CAMPBELL  RIVER  ���  MERRIT  $195  IT PAYS  TO SPREAD  THE WORD  30 It. bus convened to mobile  kitchen, complete with stove,  Iridge, Ireezer and utensils. Perlect  for fairs or contract work up to 50  people. $3500. 866-6015 early  eve. ���13cn  Tradesman's truck canopy for  import size P/U. Sliding access  doors, shelving and ladder rack.  $500 OBO. 886-3231.      (1301  Roberts Creek Wlkfffoww Farm  Create your own wildflower garden  or meadow. Free informational  video and a wide variety of seeds  lo choose from. Bulk prices on  large orders. Order your wildflower  seeds now for planting April 15 -  May 15.686-7372. ��13cn  Perennials  Huge Selection  Low Prices  Melville Cottage Gardens  1685 Tyson, Sechelt  Wed. to Sun. 9 am to 5 pm  Closed Mon. St Tues.  North iill 101 MssTtn Irosanlni a litld  Rhododendrons & Azaleas  Same low price $3.50-$i0. No  GST. Large selection. Roberls  Creek Nursery, 2569 Lower Road.  886-2062. ��13w  Macintosh Slylewriter - ink jet  printer, like new, 5 mo. old, $350.  865-7143. ��13w  Rototiller 3.5 HP Bolen, $200;  Flymo lawnmower 18", $125;  Scotts fertilizer spreader, $40;  hind lawn mower, Craftsman, $40;  aluminum extension ladder, 32 It.,  $100,865-7613. ��13w  White sheers, floor length, pinch  pleated, $250; ecru sheers, floor  length, pinch pleated, $250. 885-  7813. ���13*  Kenmore 40 gal. gas hot water  tank, near new, $50; Airco gas furnace, $250 or $ 275 for both.  886-3271. ��13w  Word processor Olivetti ETV 2700  single drive uses 3 1/2' floppy  discs with a 64 KB user memory.  Very easy to learn. Exc. cond.,  $700.665-5955. ��13w  30 ft. trusses w/certificate, 22 pes.,  great for bam or svorkshop, $1700  new, $900 OBO. 886-9658.113*  Bob Cal trailer, exc. cond., $2500  OBO. 886-2774. ��13w  SCREENED T0PS0IL-6RAVELS  Fll! sand, big or small loads. Doug  865-5070. ��13*  Universal home gym. Solid construction. Padded bench. All  attactments, $400.686*400.  ���13*  Astronomer's delight ��� Tasco telescope up to 400X 60mm, $200  firm. 8850269. ��13*  GARDENERS: rabbit and dwken  manure by the bag. 886-7859.  ���13m  10x16 sundeck, $650; and in  8x12 mobile addition, wired,  plumbed and insulated, compiele  wilh covered porch and stairs,  $900. Both near new and selling  lor costs ot materials. 080.886-  9649. ��13oi  Hoppy's Quality Mushroom  Manure, Bark Mutch, Screened. 11  yrs. continuous setvice. 885-2592,  6850621. ��12w  FIREWOOD  Full cords. We deliver! 886-9674.  ���12*  Near new 12 siring guitar _ cass,  $100; Filler Queen vac, as new,  paid $1300, sell $500; girls 12'  wheel bike, good cond., $25.665-  3772. ��12w  Mahogany entertainment centre;  fridge: 2 VW Dune buggies; Seed-  oo; Conor parrot. Must sell - moving. 685-5443. ��13*  18x32' above ground swimming  pod. Total pkg., $1500.886-9261.  ���12*  McLarey Princess antique wood  cook stove, beige with black trim,  $895 OBO; cinopy lor tull size  P/U, $40; hide-a-bed, $100. 886-  4592. TFN  1-50* recurve bow, new, $50; 1-  30-06 lull slock Springfield, $75.  886-7521. ��12w  Moving: Musl Sell! 25' libreglass  catamaran houseboat, motor  needs work, $2500; 2-170 cu. in.  X100 HP Ford inboards, comp.  with 2 Eton legs, $750; libreglass  hot tub, new thermostat. 4 jets,  $1800; Brunswick pool table,  4'x8'xi" two sets balls & acces.,  exc. cond., will deliver at set up,  $2000; one 6,000 Ib. Warn winch,  comp. with chrome bumper J  remote, $750; 1981 Honda 900  CB, cuslom, exc. cond., 30,000  kms., $1550.8856190.     ��12w  Anlique mahogmy armoir wilh  oval mirror on door, $650. 866-  8490. #13*  Bees, 2 hives, equipment plus  extractor. 6834766. ��13w  Domestic auto, sewing machine in  Queen Anne cibinet, $175;  Lowrey 'Magic Genie' chord organ,  $500; G.E. radio/record player in  cibinet, $50; countertop microwave, 1.3 cu. IL Tappan, $50.886-  2960. 11201  Vermont castings Iree standing  fireplace, dark brown enamel  comp. with firescreen, like new,  $1400.685-4588. ��12o)  8 HP roto-hoe with 'A' attachment,  $500 firm, exc. cond. 665-5556.  ���12cn  OPEN HOUSE  THIS SUNDAY 1-4 pm  Neonex Imperial 14x70 mobile  home. Bright, spacious layout,  excellenl condilion, very clean,  newly painted at renovated featuring stucco ceiling with cedar  beams in living room, while walls,  400 sq. ft. deck. Excellent location,  dose to lerry, in Comeau Trailer  Park ��22,1416 North Road, Gibsons. Pad rent $195.666-6095.  $39,900. TFNs  Cupboard, charming shaker style,  solid pine, unfinished, $450.886-  9665. TFNs  Children's picnic table, $23; cedar  wheelbarrow planters, $6 and $18.  885-3265. SS  HYDRO POLES  BC Hydro approved, all sizes. CaH  W.D. Excavating tor information.  886-9764 or cell 1-220-1526.  TFNs  1992 BRC Switchback 21 sp.  mountain bike, pearl white, 26x20  in exc. cond., $400 OBO. 886-  6095. TFNs  TOPSOIL  Screened lop soil at reasonable  rates. W.D. Excavating, 686-9764  orcell.��1-220-1526.        TFNs  '68 Woodmizer 40HD bandsiw  mill. Trailer pkg ��� 550 hrs, lap siding attach., carriage cover, auto  grinder, tooth setter, misc. spare  parts. $22,000 OBO. 686-3001 ss  Ladies ski boots, 8815-3457.    ss  Airco Gas lurnace Good cond.  $315 8856276 SS  Children's picnic table, $23; cedar  wheelbarrow planters $6 and $18.  8853265. SS  AGED HORSE MANURE  $20 pickup load or 2 loads/$30.  Roberts Creek 6359969.    TFN  Super-8 or regular-6 movie camera and projector, also screen tripod and light, $125.886-9420.  TFN  CEDAR SHAKES at LUMBER, any  size. Will custom cut. 665-2138  Of 8855601. TFN  GOOD HAY  $5.0VBals Delivered  Straw K.OO/blla  Call Betwten 12-lpm  165-9357  TFN  Parker+ Hole 30.06,3x9 Bushnell  scope. Madin 444s Winchester,  Queen size waterbed, Bentwood  rocker. 6855467. ss  SATELLITE SALES  Grttn Onion Earth Station  814-5240  TFN  Wanted: Alder and maple saw  logs. Will pay top dollar. 574-7790  or 275-4459. 11601  Wanled to rent: single axle dump  truck tor March 30,31, April land  possibly 2nd. Call Women in  Trades at 886-3807.        ���13cn  '81 Camaro Berlinetta, new sky  blue paint, exhausl, heater core,  305 auto. Solid sharp looking car,  $2600060.885-3251 eves.��14oi  1964 Rambler classic wagon,  needs transmission work, $200  OBO. 8653192. 113*  1979 Buick Regal station wagon,  $795 OBO. 886-3605 after 7 pm.  ���14cn  1990 Honda CRXsi, black on  black, sunrool, 35,000 km, very  dean inside 6 out, $11,500 OBO.  886-7205 eves. ss  1974 Corvette Stingray lor sale,  $6,000 firm. 686-9670.     ���1401  1965 Mercury Lynx, 4 door, 5 spd,  sunrool, no rusl, $1400 060.886-  2866. ���14-ri  '85 Honda Accord EX, 4 dr, power  sunrool, pwr door locks, pwr steering, pwr windows, exc cond. $5500  060.886-2754. ���1401  1976 Oldsrnobile station wagon, 6  sealer, $500.8857425.    ��14cn  1978 Ford Fiesta. 2 door standard,  $200060.886-4738.      ��14cn  1978 Oldsmobile model 96, new  brakes, exhaust, tuns well, no mst.  $450,683-2754. ���13cn  1982 Volvo s/wagon, one owner,  auto, good cond, no rust. $4900  060.685-7719 eves.      11301  1985 Hyundai Pony, 4 dr., auto.,  AM/FM cass., needs work, $500  060.8653259 aft. 5pm.   *13w  1982 Honda Accord LX, 4 dr.,  auto., 130,000 kms. AtvVFM cass.,  sunroof, lady driven, good cond., $  2700.8853114. ��14cn  '69 Camaro, black on blk., 327  V8 auto., dlx. Interior, best offer.  886-8244 alt 5pm. as  1976 6200 Dodge van, runs well,  $1100.683-2297. ��12cn  1962 Cavalier, 4 sp., clean solid  car, reliable transport. $1000.885  2948. ss  1978 Metcedez 280SE, silver classic. $6500 Gerry B86-8324. ��12w  EXCELLENT VALUE  Immaculate 1986 T-Bird, sunroof,  air, loaded, lady driven.$5500  060. 886-2622 days, 686-0971  eves. TFNs  '17 FORD TAURUS  4 cyl., 4 dr. auto., mint. $4000.  886-2884. ss  77 Merc. Monarch, exc. cond.,  new brakes, etc. $300 parts alone,  $500 060.886-4613 or 886-9525.  ���1201  77 Pontiac Ventura, V6 std.,  66,000 miles, $200.8659553.  ���1201  1981 Chevette, new brakes tt  tires, 85,000 kms. on replaced  engine, $1200060.8851973.  ���13w  1973 VW, gas heater, 4 exlra custom rims, 2 snows, new sells,  over $500 - extra parts, needs  muffler, $1200.8854019.   #13w  1979 Cadillac Seville baby blue,  int/exi,. rebuilt engine & transmission. Pnced to sell $3850 Call 886-  8510 after 6:00 pm. ss  1975 Triumph TR7, excellent condition, new dual exhaust, radial fa  low profile tires. Sacrifice $3600 or  trade up or down tor lamily size  car or 11 ft. camper. 6859066. ss  1960 Honda Prelude, $450; 1977  Ford Thunderbird, $550. 885-  1943 #i4w  '77 Pontiac TransAm, 305 auto,  good cond., $995 OBO. 886-7936.    ��14w  1974 Volvo, new exhaust and  clutch, $1200 060, or Irade lor  truck or motorcycle. 883-9590.  ���14*  '76 Firebird, 305 en, new brakes,  new muffler, carb. rebuild, good  tires. $800 OBO. 886-7650 alt.  4:30. ��14w  '56 Chev rebuilt power glide transmission, $160.8853547.   ��14w  Rare '63 Chev Impala, 2 dr. Too  much work done lo list. Excellent  tor full restoration. Mechanically  excellent. $3200 060.885-3547.  114*  '66 Skoda, 4 dr., 5 sp., make an  offer. 666-9157. ��14w  1969 Volvo 242 DL, still running,  good lor parts. First offer can drive  it away. 886-3295. TFNs  '66 Pontiac 6000 AC 4 cyl, F/inj.  great mileage. Exc. cond. $4500.  886-7150.  25. Campers  1966 Ford 150, auto, 302, with 9 tt.  camper, stove, Iridge, toilet, fiberglass roof, H/D suspension,  $7500.886-8015 early eve.��13cn  1979 ��� 26 It. Okanagan 5th Wheel,  ind. hitch, has awning, 2 propane  tanks, spare tires, new H.W.  heater, shower, Ireezer, fridge and  slereo. Mint condition, asking  $10,500 060. Can come w/1977  Chev 1 ton crew cab duallies. Will  lake $15,000 lor both units. Phone  8855861. ��12w  1991 Northern light dlx camper tr,  fridge, stove, toilet ind shower  $7500.6857810 TFN  1975 GMC camper vsn. Good  tires, 6 cyl. auto. $1000 OBO. 883-  9979 ss  79 S-100 Ford P/U, 6 Cyl aulo, '91 Dutchman 5th wheel, 26 tt. 11*.  new tires, good work Iruck. $699. Fully loaded, like new, Immac.  ssl 967 S15 2WD Jimmy, privacy cond. Call Brad or Connie 666-  glass, PS/PB, auto., till, Sony 0446. ss  stereo, new exhaust, asking  $6800.686-7800. ss  79FordF-100,300 6cyl.,iuto.,4  new tires, $699.686-9500.     ss  1966 Mszda Cab-plus. Beautilul  little truck, $4800.683-2329.   ss  1985 Blazer S-10,2WD.V6,4 sp.,  auto., PS/PS $4995.686-4692.  TFN  74 Toyota longbox, new motor,  new auto, trans., new tres. Bills to  prove. $1100 OBO. 886-7116.  ���12w  New libreglass canopy lor '92  shortbox Chev, $800.8850838.  ���12*  '64 Chev Cuslom Dlx. P/U on  propane, 305 cu. in., $3200; 250  gal. luel oil lank, $100 OBO  (empty). 886-2826. ss  12' slum boat, $260; Mariner 4 HP,  good cond, $350.683-2754.��13cn  17 It. K.C. hardtop, exc. shape,  c/w colour sounder, anchor winch,  etc. Low hours. 40 HP Merc  o/board. 883-9968. ��13oi  Isuzu 45 HP, 4 cyl. diesel, 1467  hrs. with 2-1 Paragon gear. Shaft,  2 props, stuffing boxes. $2900  060.6868545. ��13cn  Runabout 16.5 K+C centre console 60 HP Evinrude galv. trailer.  $6500 or trade lor family boat.  686-7594. ���13cn  24' Reinell cabin cruiser, exc.  shape, $5200 060. 886-6101  between 6 ��� 5 or 8858616 eves.  TFN  '85 Lada 5 sp., 105,000 kms.,  good 2nd vehicle, $500 060.886-  4821. ss  1979 Pontiac station wagon, reliable transportation, lots of extras,  $1250.885-9648. ss  Wanted to buy: spoiler and patt of  front bumper for '83 Chevetle  198347 will fl 8858039 aft. 5pm.  TFN  1991 Mercury Cougar, auto., air,  power, white, exc. cond., 35,000  kms, $17,000.886-3623.       SS  ! 1983 Chevrolet Caprice Classic -  diesel, low milage, no rust. Phone  att. 6pm 885-7300. ��13w  TOTAL  CLEAROUT  All vehicles  must be sold  $150-  �����4'9im.,  v  ��� Prefect Management  ��� Drafting Services  ��� Painting  ��� Paper Hanging  BILL 886-3463  87 Turbo Sprint. New tires, brakes  at battery. $3500 OBO. 686-9507.  ss  '80 Pontiac full size wagon for  parts. Good motor 305. $350.886-  7116. ��12w  1987 Buick Skyhawk LTD. Excellent condition, one woman owner,  non smoker, immaculate, sunroof,  AM/FM cassette, 67,000 km. Call  686-4906. $7000 OBO.     ��TFN  '90 Ford Escort LX, 5 spd.,  AM/FM, A/C, 2 yr. wly, exc. cond,  $6000. Phone 886-0369.   ��13cn  1967 Honda Accord auto/air, lully  loaded, must see, $9000. 865-  6405. -12*  1977 blue Plymouth station  wagon. Looks and runs good,  $350; 1972 Westlalia Van, rusty  and damaged sliding door, $500.  Call 886-3411. ��12w  1979-2 dr. Ford LTD Landeau, 351  aulo., lully loaded, one owner.  $1900060.885-4750.     ��12w  81 Datsun, 20OSX pwr. windows,  steteo, auto., PS/PB, $1200 OBO.  6868244. SS  Yellow 74 Triumph Spitfire, 1500  convertible, $3800 OBO. 685-  2444. ��13w  81 Toyola Corolla SW, auto., rusl  tree, exc. cond., $2300.8857143.  ���13*  1987 Chev Sprint, 2 dr., 5 sp., new  brakes, exheust, etc., $3000 OBO.  885-3259 lit. 5pm. ��13w  MIKE PLIMLEY  CENTURION AUTO  S645 Wharf Rd. Soaholl  885-4004  1984 Buick Regal, grey, 2 dr., 305,  PS/PB/PW, console, bucket seats,  AM/FM stereo, new coils, shocks,  brakes, suiter, battery, Iront tires;  193,000 hwy. kms., nice looking  car, $3490.885-8344.      ���16cn  '88 Dodge Lancer, 4 dr, 5 spd,  Am/FM, very clean, $4995 or  trade. 886-2111 or 686-7520.TFN  79 Ford stn. wagon, V6 auto.,  good running cond., $475. 886-  9372. ss  1966 Ford Mercury 2 dr., 6 cyl., air  cond., exc. cond., low mileage,  $5000060.883-2512. SS  $499 74 Chrysler New Yorker, 4  dr., V6, lully loaded, original  102,000 kms. 886-9500.     TFN  CHEAP! FBIAJ.S. SEIZED  69Mercedes $200  86VW $50  87 MERCEDES $100  65 MUSTANG $50  Choose from thousands starling  $50. 24 Hour Hotline. 801-379-  2935 Copyright ���BC01041O��12cn  1965 Fiero GT, 6 cyl., 4 sp.. runs  great, $2500.686-7484.        ss  Good selection used tires, wheels,  Chevetle; Honda Accord parts.  835*1004 ss  77 Ponliac Lemans, exc. cond.,  $900060.886-3646 ss  1974 Dalsun 2607 alpine stereo,  mags, spinner hubs, Pirelli lires,  new brakes, exc. shape $3500  060686-7378 ss  '86 Mercury Topaz, like new.  $5500.886-2833 or 8857484. ss  1973 Super Beetle, $2500 OBO.  883-9234. ss  1976 New Yorker, A-1 cond., lo*  mileage $900 OBO 666-9025 ss  Used Camaro T-Top, $495 lor Ihe  set, wilh covers, 886-9500 anytime, ss  1974 OUsmoUe, new brakes and  exheust. Mechanically sound,  $900060. 8851943. ss  1988 Ford Taurus, am/lm, Ac V6,  auto/od, 4 door, exc. cond. $6,495.  886-7520or 886-2111. ss  Truck canopy for full size box,  $200,885-4629. ��14en  1961 Datsun King Cab, rusty, runs  great, $900 - canopy $200. BB5-  3131. 114*  Canopy for short box pickup, $125  060.6856159. 114*  1986 F160 4X4, 5.0 L, E.F.I, aulo.  cruise, $4600 060.883-9801.  ���14*  '66 Ford Econoline XL, 6 cyl.,  auto., HD suspension, AM/FM,  cass., phone, exc. cond., $9200  080.686-4586. ��14w  -J i !   '65 Bronco II, 4x4, air-cared, 5 spd  with O/D, new dutch, AM/FM cassette, P/S, P/B, white mags, exc.  cond. $5950. '83 Nissan P/U, 4x4,  air-cared, 4 spd, Rawhide canopy,  AM/FM cassette, bush guard, exc.  cond. $4450. '80 Dodge Ram  Charger SE, 4x4, very rare aulo,  P/S, P/B, AM/FM cassette, air-  cared, roll bars, removable hardtop, factory chrome mags, running  boards, exc. cond. $3875.1-985-  9761 colled. ��13cn  1986 Mazda Cab-plus, beautilul litis truck, $4800. or trade lor 16 ft.  boat package same age. 883-  2329. ss  '85 Ford F150, new 300 6 cyl.  engine, no rust, AM/FM cass.,  stereo, canopy, exc. cond., $3500  060.685-4054. ��13w  1969 F250 Ford Lariat 4X4 super  cab, dual fuel, many exlras, exc.  cond., $20,700.8357492.11401  '90 Toyota 4 runner, exc.  cond.S17.000 liim. 885-0920 aft. 6  pm. ��13w  '88 Jeep Cherokee, 4L, auto, many  options, 61,000 kms. Excellent  condition. $12,900 firm. 8652673.  I13cn  1986 Nissan 4x4 King Cab, V6,  auto, $10,000.866-7584.  #13cn  1976 International MPV 4x4, automatic, P/S, P/8. Everything works  *ell. $1100 OBO. 886-3573.��13cn  1978 -3/4 ton Chev 350 auto.,  H.D., $2800 OBO. 8654750.112*  77 Ford PU 3/4 ton camper special, 77,000 miles, good running  cond, $1500080.686-3700.  113*  1976 Ford F250 4X4. one owner,  mechanically sound. $2300.885-  4629. ��12cn  1986 Ford F250 4X4, diesel,  supercab, $10,000 060. 885-  1949. ss  1980 International crane truck, 440  eng, propane conversion. 5 speed  split, 40' trailer, 35' reach. Just  passed salety inspection, good  cond.; 1973 Ford 1 ton on duals,  360 4 speed, needs minor  mechanical work to run.; 1970  white, cat>over, 5 ton, single axle,  10 speed, 170-6 cylinder diesel,  not running (steel flatdeck!); also  small Hysler forklift Hat head 6  cylinder, good running cond. 886-  8233 days, 886-6201 eves. ��12w  78 Ctwv 306 V8 P/U mectianically  sound, good work truck. Offers  686-4821. Mike in offer.      ss  '87 Nissan 4X4 XE, P/U 5 sp.,  100,000 kms., canopy, sunrool,  dura1iner,Jbushbar,$7600.885  2996. SS  1978 international Seoul, lots ol  rust but runs greal, $600 OBO.  Yvan 8859321. TFN19B6 Che  S.10 Tahoe. Immaculate, low k's,  also canopy fits S.10 longbox.  883-2297. ss  1968 6ronco II 4x4, great in snow,  V6 AT, exc. cond, new brakes,  exhaust. $6500 060 886-2031 .ss  Big block Ford propane system  w/tank, $1000. 886-3005 8am-  5pm. TFN  DRUGLORDTRUCKSI$100  66      BRONCO $50  91      BLAZER $150  77 JEEP CJ  $50  Seized Vans, 4x4's, Boats.  Choose Irom thousands starting  $50.-24 Hour Hotline.801-379-  2935 Copyright IBC104KK��20cn  1970 4x4 40' mudders, runs good.  886-7484. ss  '69 3 ton Chev, flatdeck, 5 + 2  tranny, new front tires, needs  inspection. $3250.8853001.  ss  Full size 1990 Dodge van, V6  auto, $8500.686-8301 ss  1988 Chev. Cheyenne 1/2 ton  pick-up, 4.3 litre V6, PS/PB,  61,000 km., box mat, toolbox,  $8700. 885-2836,885-7413   ss  77 Chevy Nomad, d*4uxe wtrkJo*  van, parts. 885-5102. ss  1991 Chev S10 Durango 4X4 with  cinopy, 29,000 kms., isking  $16,500.6853506. ss  Marine propane stove, $150; Nissan 5 HP motor, like new, $500.  886-2792. ���1401  1930's 26' classic gall-rigged  ketch, all wood construdion. 2 cyl.  Volvo diesel, sieve, sink, head.  VHF, recently re-rigged, rewired  AC/DC, lots of brass ind TLC.  Surveyed value $18,500 (Od. '91)  Offers to $16,000 considered. 863-  2990after5pm. ��14cn  20 ft. Davidson sailboat, 6 HP  0/6. Rigged for single handed sailing, excellent family day sailer.  Sleeps tour. $3500.6854797.  ���1401  KCHEU MIME  WHETS LTD.  captain Bill Murray  M.C.M.M.C.   MNAM.S  M.A.B.Y.C    ��� Marine  Surveyors and Consultants  HONDA POWER PRODUCTS  A HUSQVARNA  FOREST & QARDEN  PRODUCTS  Forest & Garden  Dealerships  available for Sechelt  Call Dorhn at  Tideline Marine  885-4141  SERIOUS INQUIRIES ONLY  25. Crimpers  24' Prowler travel trailer for sale or  trade for motor home. Good  shape. Ideal living conditions while  building your home. Offers. 883-  9570. 11401  Boler travel trailer, fibreglass 13',  $1650.885-1943. ��14*  2111. Kencrall trailer with fridge,  stove, toilet, shower. $2900 OBO.  883-9590. IMw  1986 Aerostar van, 5 speed, 3 litre  engine, partly camperized, $5000  060. Call 8856257.       ���12cn  '66 5th Wheel, 32.5 It. Regal  Prowler. Storm windows, awnings,  back bedroom. $28,000,886-9519.  ���14*  1992 Prowler 19', used only 2  weeks, immac. cond., $12,600.  8854194. ��14w  25 ft fibreglass lifeboat, vety seaworthy, $1200; 14 fl alum, boat  trailer, 2 HP motor, $500. Sechelt  pager 1-650-1212. ���I3cn  CHEAPI FBI/US. SEIZED  8819* Sea Ray $960  9016 Hobie Cat $50  84ChrisCralt $200  Choose trom hundreds starting al  $50. FREE Information 24-Hour  Hotline. 801-379-2935 Copyright  ���BC010429. ��19w  18 ft. Cobra outboard ski boat. Ski  bar, acrylic cover, new upholstery,  new Al tank, no motor, $1500 firm.  8858351. ��13w  15 ft. Sangster boat, new trailer,  60 HP Johnson, extras, reasonable. 8857300. ��13w  22' hydro Swift Cruiser, 350 Chev  OMC leg, $3500 060. Phone att.  6pm 686-8994. *13w  Wanted: Sabot or other small sailboat, approx. $200.6853131.  #14*  16II. Lund, 9.9 Suzuki i trailer,  $2000; 20 ft. steel workboat, 307  Chev, velvet drive, $6000. 886-  2565. ��14w  25 ft. Fibreglass lifeboat, very seaworthy, $1200; 14 tt. aluminum  boat trailer, 2 HP motor, $500.  Sechell pager 1-650-1212. ��13w  50 HP Merc, O/B, c/w controls,  $900,866-9261. ��12w  21 ft. Cabin Cruiser, Sangstercraft,  slant 6 Chrysler, good on gas,  $4000.6857116. ��12w  16 It. F/G Volvo I/O tandem axle  trailer, $3600.883-2297.        ss  23 ft. Sabrecraft 165 I/O Merc, 20  aux. depth sounder, head, stove,  $9500.885-3784. ss  24.5 Cabin Cruiser, new  Merc motor and leg, head propane  stove, sleeps 4, rear glassed in,  $6200.663-9253. SS  Boat trailer for herring skill or large  boat, $600,863-2107. ss  115 Merc 4 cyl. 0/6, $2500; 50  Merc O/B, $1500.886-3005, 8am-  5pm. TFN  16' Double Eagle in excellent  working order. Loaded with  options. $3200.886-2738.      SS  18 HP Mercury O/B, $650; 4 HP  Evinrude,$250.883-2363i ��t*t*n,i  m I  Ranger 22, VHF 5 sails, very fast,  sleeps 4. Gary Mull design $4200.  686-3490, 1-977-7349 toll-lree  pager. ss  Coronado 15, trailer, similar to  User, nice boat $1600.886-3490,  1-977-7349 tdl-free pager,     ss  San Juan 24, VHF, dry sailed,  fresh water, 7.5 Honda, exc. cond,  stove, porta-potti, $7900. 886-  3490,1 -977-7349 toll-tree pager.  ss  23 ft. Reinell 1973 Cabin Cruiser,  new power, leg $ lank - Giveaway,  $8000 OBO. 883-9380.      ��13w  17 It. Double Eagle 140 HP  inboard VHF depth sounder, 420  hrs. on rebuilt, Highliner trailer,  $6500 OBO. 885-4019.      ��13*  14 ft. Fibreglass 65 HP Merc 4  trailer, $3000 OBO. 8850269.  113*  14 ft. Fibreglass boat, exc. cond,  two sets ol oars $ locks. $275.  686-7521. #13w  ���I  i  whon you  pay tor 2 Insorilons  5��  All classifieds must be  pre-paid before insertion  FOR ON! INSERTION  in eiriisr Ida .Monday or Weekender  Edition. Up to 10 words; 25 cents  {or cadi oddilieniil word.  Free: Lost, Found & Fm  Sure Soil ClaieHlode  $17 up to 10 words  $ 1 each additional word  Your ad, soiling one ilom, will run 4 consecutive weeks  then will be canceled unless you instruct us to renew it  by classifies*) deadline ��� Nei-vallabl. for commarelol oaaVaarlfiaara  Coasl News  CLASSIFIED DEADLINES:  Monday MIMon Wo*k*nd*r  NOON FRIDAY NOON TUMDAY  Gibsons 886-2622 _____    Sechelt 885*3930 20  Coast News, March 22,  1993  Take Advantage of our Nexv Classified Ad Special        ���-   Coast News (Monday)  Run your classified ad 6 times      __    clMlS8o^BSS  and pay for only 2 times! ����        sech?ftbo?f7let  2211. Bayliner. 220 Volvo, sun-  bridge, galley, $ endosed head.  Sleeps lour, tully equipped sports  fisher, $17,500.666-2730.  ��t3w  Hobie Cat 16 sailboat, trailer, nice  boat, ��$1700. 686-3490, 1-977-  7349 ton-tree peger. ss  12 ft. aluminum boat $600. 865-  7167. ss  Yes! There is a reliable local propeller repair service. 6855276.  TFN  Good 12 ft. aluminum boat $600 or  trade? 8657167 ss  OUTBOARDS FOR SALE  9.9-20JO-40-5O-70 HP 1991-1992  Evinrudes. Excellent condition.  Lowe's Resort. 683-2456.    TFN  19 It. Sealoner Volvo Penta  Calkins trailer needs exhaust man-  rtofc). $3500.866-3457. ss  Unly 2 left - Sunshine Coast Paik.  Display home, 924 sq. ft., $52,900;  Display home, 1440 sq. It.,  $94,900. Come in to view or call  for appointment. Won't lasl. 886-  2597 or 597-3322. TFN  1963 14x60 2 bdrm.. 4 appis.,  wood stove, $26,000 OBO. 883-  2863 eves. ss  OPEN HOUSE  THIS SUNDAY 1-4 pm  Neonex Imperial 14x70 mobile  home. Bright, spacious layout,  excellent condition, very clean,  newly painted & renovated featuring stucco ceiling with cedar  beams in living room, white walls.  400 sq. ft. deck. Excellent location,  close to terry, in Comeau Trailer  Park (22. 1416 North Road. Gibsons. Pad rent $195. 886-8095.  $39,900. TFNs  1981 Honda CB650 custom,  immaculate 25,600 original K's,  $1250 OBO. 8857378. ss  1985 Kawasaki Ninja like new,  offers. 8858622. ss  Drop oft your  COAST NEWS  CLASSIFIEDS  AT  Seaview Market  in Roberta Creak  A Friendly Paople Place'  29 Wanted  to rent  ADVERTISING  FOR TENANCY  British Cdumbia legislation pro-  hibrts .advertising which discriminates In the rental at property.  For example ��� peison who  stipulates 'No Children' is i  condition of rental would be In  violation of the Farrity Status and  the Human Rights Ads. The  lanJoid who places the advertisement aid the newspaper witch  publishes il would both be in  contravention ol the legislation  and could have a complaint filed  against Ihem. The Coasl News  will therefore not iccept such  dtscnmnalory ads.  28 Motorcycles  1984 Suzuki GS 750EF. blue on  white, great condition, $1600.885  7584. 11301  '60 -1100 cc Gddwing wilh touring pkg. Very good cond., IT'S A  STEAL1 $1800.8850003.  ��14w  CHEAP! FBIAJ.S. SEIZED  87MarduraVGV70O        $100  86 Interceptor VF500 $50  90 Hartey                      $200  87 Magna 700 $100  Choose Irom thousands starting at  $50. FREE information 24-Hour  Hotline. 801-379-2935 Copyright  MCO10421.                   <19w  1980 Honda 400 in very good  cond., just needs solonoid. Only  17,865 orig. kms., $700. with saddlebags; 1981 Honda CM400T tor  parts. $150.8859089.     ��12cn  29 ft. Class A Winnebago, queen   '86 Honda Aspencade. exc. cond.,  bed,  43,000 miles,  loaded,   garage kept, $5500.6659595.  $29,900.883-2778. #13w     ' ss  1992 Coach Master lully loaded,  self-contained, patio doors, W/D,  $26,500 060. View at Hilltop RV  Paik. Cell. 11 -7555897.   I13B1  3 bdrm. 12'x66' mobile home with  2 room addition (12'x24'| on pad,  Sechelt. Inio: Bob at work 885-  2812; Janet work 885-2360; Bob  or Janet al Home 8855789.l14w  CHEAP! FBIAJ.S. SEIZED  88 Allegro 33' $250  62Winnebago $50  87 Pace Arrow 29' $200  Choose from hundreds starting at  $50. FREE information 24-Hour  Hotline. 601-379-2935 Copyright  ���BC010425. ��19w  Active senior, N/S, S/D, no pets,  seeks lental 2 bdrm apart, or  house. Gibsons-Sechelt, May t.  Call collect 683-5606 eves. ��14cn  Retired Toronto couple seek lurnished accom.. Sechelt, Gibsons  area. June to August. Renl or  trade locations. 885-7370  ��13cn  Small cottage to suit N/S quiet  individual. Rbls. Ck. to HM Bay,  yard work maintenance OK. 685  7571. 113*  Wanled - careiaking position for  responsible working couple and  our son. Prefer Gibsons area.  Exc. refs. Avail. May 1 or thereabouts. 255-9924 Van.      I13w  Single N/S man with 1 cat looking  lor 1 bdrm. cottage or suite from  Gibsons to Langdale for May 1.  Reas. rent. Eves 886-2743. ��13w  Happy couple require small house  or cottage April 1 lor long term.  Gibsons aiea. 886-4557     ��12w  Lakelront cabin Ruby/Saklnaw  Like lor summer months. 689-  6837/522-2718 ��14w  Shirtd Accommodation my  home, short term or long term.  U���\ lor mill student. Close to  lerry. N/S, no pats, avail. April 1  or sooner. North Rd., Qlbsons,  $350/mo. Includes utils. 886-  6095. TFNs  1 bdrm. suite upper Gibsons dose  to mill, heat > light incl., $540.  686-3107. ��14w  Gibsons spacious 1 bdrm. apart, in  3 yr. old building, garden level,  W/D, walking distance to all  amenities, avail. Apr. 1, $595 ind.  hydro. 298-5215. ��14w  Gibsons 3 bdrm. mobile with addilion, W/D, no pets, avail. Apr. 1,  $550.8852653. ��14w  Redroolls, 2 bdrm rancher with  view, l/place, turn., cable, $700 /  month plus utils. 8855324,1-266-  7569. ���14cn  Central Gibsons: Large 2 level, 3  bdrm, 2 balh home. Family room,  laundry, modern kitchen, large  backyard. Pets OK. Avail. April 1.  $850,886-3573. ���14cn  3 bdrm, 2-1/2 balhs, Davis Bay,  avail. May 1.8858696.    ���14cn  300  BLANKET CLASSIFIEDS  Thti# ids .ippw In mon than 100 community nnnpaptri tn B.C. and Yukon  ���nd mrti mon tun 3 million rMdtrs.  TO PLACE AN AD CALL IMS PAPER OR BCVCNA AT (604) MS9222.  $195!  AUTO  ENGINES REBUILT Irom  tetS. S year 100,000 krna  warranty. Bond Mechanical  eervlng B.C. lor 27 yaart.  Phona 7 daya. S am. -1 pm.  (604)8/2-0641. Toll-lraa  Mon-Fri 1-S00eS3-2S2l.  BEFORE VOU BUY a rabullt  angina, compara quality and  aarvioa. CANADA ENGINES  LTD. IS THE BEST. Carar  Itjll Trucka Irons S9SS 5 Yr.  Imltaad smartly. 580-1060  (24 Hnr7Daya). i soo-ess-  F-250, 4X41, Cajmnslna Die-  aal, Explorers. Rangara.  Trucka. Up so S1S0O. cam  rabala. 'O' down O.A.C.  PaytTtanta Irom Sise/morstrt.  Phona. Grant or Don collect  S3S-S77S.   DODGE CUMMINS DIESEL  SALE. 45 Available now. 2/  Whaaa! and 4/Whaal drive.  B.C.1. highaat volume Diesel  Dealership. 5.9% Financing  lor 48/mo's. OAC. Larry  Holmes, Mapla Rldga  Chryilar 6498SS5 or 465-  8831. Dealer H3S63,  ���uaawaa ggoamjarnji  JUHLI FASHIONS Doaigrsad  by svoman lor avoman. Taka  aoVantaga ol ml. opponunity  to own your own dsarttsuton  osattaat. Home based. Strong  anmadlM caah How. Mlnf  mum Invaatmant S6.000. R-  nanclng O.A.C. 272-5334.  ATHOMEBUSINESS.oradd  Byouroilallngoparaaton. For  total Invaatmant ot aM tsan  SSO.OOO. You will an)oy Ngh  rabma In tha Compulaatzad  EmbrokJary Buainaaa. Now  avajiabia In your area. Call  Oenis In Calgary 1 -800-661 ���  euenana omomimma  DRUG RAID SEIZUBESI Buy  dirt chaap. Car.. Houmb.  Boata, Computara...Direct  Irom U.S^Cantsdan Government FREE ILLUSTRATED  REPORT: Secures. Dapt.  bctO, (ISO 1857 Waal 4th,  Vartcouvaa, B.C. VSJ 1M4.  38K Taallng Watar S Salyng  Ecowaw equipment In rural  B.C.   Training provided to  good paaoprtwi'm.alio. ar��d  repirtalton In community. FAX  1-765-15M. Call 1-800-667-  4401.  'NEW CAREER* Innovatvo  dyrsssmacsianolaaaJatVmuaaiaa  two Individual, to display  rnarchandlasa in aataablahod  atorea at your area. Eapactb  aarn SSSO.(comm)  WEEKLYI Training provided.  Bonaltt 4 ProHt Shaitng. Cal  11416)3960919. 1(4161396-  0924.  ULTRASONIC BLIND  CLEANING. Tha laataal  growing aarvioa buainaaa ol  aha We now In Canada. No  competition, low ovartsaad.  aacallanl protils Burnaby  435.7323. Kalowna 862.  8332.  HUGE INCOME POTENTIAL Start your own  diatributorshlp with provan  rlty product.. Small Invest-  manL Call today lor Inlorme-  ton. 9295992(Vancouver).  COMPANY REPRESENTATIVES NEEDED. Canadian  Commercial Eksctrorac. Cot,  pany expanding Ihrougla-ut  B.C.NOEXPEPJENC6NEC  ESSARY, wa will train. Po-  aanSal earning. S300 10 J50C  par week. Full/Pan-time do-  anion. WE NEED 20 SELF  MOTIVATED ANDMATURE  INDIVIDUALS IMMEDI  ATELY Call (60.1435-6195  l______________TSi I  BARBER SHOP FOR SALE  In Tne Beauolul Arrow Lake.  Valley ol Nakusp. BC Fully  equipped, well euaUiirtod  wits .seedy clientele $6,000  (804)265-3141. (604)265-  3476  Due to Arthritis, Upholaiery  Buainaaa FOR SALE In  Vandertsool. B.C. Waal .1  tabiitsraad. very stable, immediate income year round.  (804)567-2680. (604)567-  4S45.Boal130.Vanosartsool,  B.C. VOJ3AO.  njucanoia   LEARN PRO  PHOTOGRAPHY.wlatl our  remarkable new home study  courae. You rss<��vss Individual  tuition on cassette tape on al  aapacta ot photography ���  Sporta. Ponrelta, Faehson,  Nudea, Advertising, Newa  and Travel. Sand today for  ou tree colour book. Call: 1-  800-267-1829, Fax:  1(613)749-9551 New York  InasJtule ol Photography. 38  McArtsur Avanue. Suite 295,  Ottawa, Ontavto. K1L6R2.  KIDtKED  CANADA #1 BROME SI.05.  Peace grown Canada ai al-  tallaaeedS.95. Price neoo.  ���able on large tola. Jotm  Raainders (40318362375 or  836-2780.  Qovarnssjail sTHaVsta a Loana.  BHorse ot doUava are made  avalabaatonawandealalrsg  B.C. businesses. The Brad  Book can allow you how to  get your share. Call now  (604 753-1424.  rXMWtr  BEAUTIFUL BUSTLING  BANFF. RetavVoltkaiaacea  ol varying sizes available in  altaardabea rental rates.  Ea"  tabilah your bual  Roa*ylvtountalnaplendourln  Wne lor our next busy eum-  _____*______Wt___.  we s��u mac.  COMINO EVENTS  CONSTRUCTION EQUIPMENT For Sale or Rem.  Grader with Snow Wlnga,  Plow Trucks, Sander Tnaoka,  Excevators. Lowbeds,  Kenworth Tractora,  Beckhoes. Loaders. Watar  Trucks. Doiera. Packera,  Belly Dumpa^nd Pupa. Cal  Mtt-6791.  20AYARMSANDMILITARIA  SHOW P.N.E. Ground.,  Nonh Forum Building   Apr! | "^_\1"_  3rdl0a.m,5pan.,Apni4th9 \__T_  east-4 pm. Public and new    3��i.,  members WELCOME!   ADMISSION U  IOUCAHOH  TARGETtWAND mew work,  mgluids. Rssteesetlpsnsta*.  mg ol. Electrical cleaner.  " lasers Protective Coavt-  . Salely Equipment. For  Brochure/ Pricing call Kalaan  Induatnea (Verscouvari Tel:  984-6100, Fax: 984 3419  AQUA SKILL MACHINE, sen  salonal money maker, hugs  profta, secured a-tvoskmsnt.  Flrat time ottered In Canada  osteblshed et McDonald'..  Burger King etc. Minimum  Inveatment required. 576-  9852.  S85,O0O/Month. No aalea,  Investment, Inventory, MLS.  Irenchlse. NO GIMMICK,  SS9. brings detailed manual  (money-back guarantee).  Noria International, 1700  Ersderby Ave., Delta, B.C. V4L  1T1.  KIDS ONLY CLOTHING  CLUB now haa openinge lor  new consultants. 100% cotton, 100% CanatJan. Work  your own hours through home  party salee. Cal! Jackie 753-  5894.  THE FUNDRAISING TOOL  OF THEM'S. Imagine pur  chaalng current caaaettea for  S7.47.ctfsSU.35 or kasver.  IfcaS.T. ax P.S.T.avkh Federal Muekis Program. 1-100-  263-1900.  Train to be a-CRM- Cert,  tied Apartment Manager  Many jobs available Over  2.000 graduates now working. Government licensed  home-study course. R.M.T.I  6BIJ4660I 1 <0Oa>e5al339.  Fishing Guide Piolsssiorsel  Courae catrrasportdsnoe rag.  istered with Prfveta Post Sec-  ondery Education Commie-  sion ol British Columbia. Applications (403)668-7233.  Poleralc Career Collage, Box  32021. Whltehorae, Yukon.  YIA5P9.  PROFESSIONALPASTRYS  DESSERT PROGRAM. Paa-  try Chela are In great demand. t7WeektJk3omjPre.  gram. Govt Fundus*, Slu-  dent Loans, Accommodation  Arranged. Conlinuoua  enrollment. Register now  Mair3*)3 ctau. Call Regie  trarTDubrulle FrarvchCullnary  School, Vancouver, B C  fiSffi?:?.!.6.5' ���*"��� I-  MONEY MAKING OPPORTUNITIES! Learn Income Tax  PlYa*paratlon or Basic Book-  kaeplng. TsadaWucbbiecer-  tillcete courses by home  ���Wr^lreebrt>ct>urea,rio  oMgaatton, contact UJRTax  9fr��1e��2��IWPaml)lrai  ar^^ssi'ja8^  quare about exclusive (ran.  JalaaWtollltollearaaSWaaVaaaaaabaa  SEPTIC TANKS.  PUMPOUTS, DISTRIBUTION BOXES. WATER  TANKS. New lightweight  Poiysatsaaam. Outlasts con-  crelal Lowest prices. War  ranly. Premier Ptaalcs. Delta.  B.C. Call lor local dealer I  600JJ6H473.  STEAM MODELS! -Faaol-  naUng Heel Workltaj Steam  Modele-I NtaorasUmbled.  Complete 'Wllesco >  Mamod- Ine. Over 100 dK-  tonnt models. Slaam Irac-  lore, trains, marine, care.  mcka, Ire engines, suaon-  ery and aoosseone. Stun-  rttrsg 34 page coloured catalogue S6.95 relundable.  Large dsscountsl Yesteryear  ToyalBookalnc,Depl.AM  RH��3, Brighton, ON, KOK  1HO. Phone:(6l3)475t771.  STEEL BUILDINGS. Spring  ���ale - all Ouonaet end strati  wall btaldasge tor MuetrlaV  cummerclel use. Lowest  pias-M guaranteed. Cell now  -Bonng delivery. Future Sleet  9-5 (604UJ60-7022.  HOME GROWN TOBACCO.  Short Md aeaason, air cured.  Third year serving al Caraada.  200 aeeda, otasTapata mstruc-  ��ona,i�� only ��10. (cheque  �� money orsisr). Gourmet  Ttabeaxxj, Bar. 65011.Nepaan  Owerto. IOO SYS.  ���aj-tajujeaec.  MAPLE SYRUP SEASON  haa aaraivedl Syrup, candy,  barner, made only with punt  Maple Syrup; gait twiaytrtona  also available. Reldrktge  Farm producing over too  yeera. Free Brochure. Cot-  feci (514)2643493, Fai:  (6141264.2492.   r^RISTIANSwiahlngtoob-  wttts verses Irom the Holy  Scrlpturoa write: Lumen  t~*artetlPuUlcalonB,at33-36  Ave. S.W., Caslgary, Alberta  T3BtWlor(4(j3)247e730.  aratvkluale, Churchee. Deal.  THE LAST STEEL BUILD-  ING you'l ever need. FUTURE STEEL BUILDINGS-  The reaxagnized leader In al-  lordabie, ta>p-quality, Arch-  Slyie BulUlnge. VVhy pay  mom? Q30VS38'UI4H -  SSJI74. S*aTW��40'Lx14'H .  $Sa134.r'       ���   Silt.  STEEL BUILDINGS.  OUONSETS and S. MOD-  ELS. Many alios to ehooae  torn. For Value. Quality and  Integrity, call Future Steel  BuiioVaga i-eooese-siit.  HUL1N  OSTEOPOROSIS INFORMATION. Wrtsa u. 10 learn  about the Society and the  condition. OSTOP,  OeMpca*>es*taiats*ol8.C.,  Suite 203 ��� 2182 West 12th  Ave., Vancouver, B.C. VSK  2N4.   mnamni  EDITOrVREPORTER Im-  moalMaspssnangtea-alaaAdual  avian a r/anulrse oommranent  tooommtarftynaawsloiolnour  lria��Ksendau>l awerd winning  waaeWynawraoaperlocatodln  aoulhernlnlerlorolB.C. Muat  have ebiity to do Han. quality  willing, snappy headllnea.  copy edatng, story asasclnn  end asslgnmenl. A great  an-aportunlly tor someone who  Ikes lie in e email commu-  my. Send resume, daps and  references lo: Publisher.  Maarm Hereto, Boa 9, Merrill,  B.C. VOK 2BO  _______}JS  SAWFILER.kjl tmeor pert-  ImelorlnduelilasJSewShop  on Venoouver Island. Muet  be krsowledgeeole I herd  working. Wages negolaable.  Fax hand wnaen resume av  relerences to 1-248-7344.  BEAT INCREASING kansber  pnoes. Cuaaombulkmoduuar  and irsobUe honsea. Trades  Bajytsctorydl  sea|��03)447-3  IMS NEW HOME SHOW  M Tredan Cenlre,  April 3  Aboil  More Information Call  Monufeeturod Houetng  AtaMO. Ol I.C. 1-100417-  IKXMJUIHOiiaU  TRUE MODULAR HOMES a  w I tt caallngs A oontanuoue  gyproc aasaje. FOB factory,  J45.900. Ottered by FAR  WEST MODULAR HOMES.  Instantiation Toi Iree 1-800-  8��o-7717.  EXCITING PHOTOS-Keren,  Sylvi* and Tanya have aen-  aBeonal peraonel photoe for  sale. For dtaa-reet Ho arte:  KAREN, Box 670-OB.  Kalowna, B.C. V1Y 7P4.  AoaaltoOnlyPleeeel  WOULD YOU UKE kaatorre-  asptsndwIlhursallea-ntdChria.  tan people acratts Canada  tor oompartonsup or mar-  riaga? Aathgrova, P.O. Box  ���tOTChaaa^C. VOE IMP.  GREAT PYRENEES PUPS  tor sate. Registered, shots,  guerarslaad. Exoelent llva-  atook guardlana and lamly  doge. Ready now. Also one  year old male, excellent wnh  rjaldren. (403)9*42778.  MALUTATI  1H3 NEW HOME SHOW  Aprtl 24 Tredex Centra,  AMoMoid Alrpon For  Mara Information Call  Manulaclurad Houelng  Aeeoc. of B.C. HOOMf-  NEW HOMES FROM $55.  aqh. Quality engineered  moaWarhomee. Factory baik  tor your alto. 2'X6'wela,R4uY  R201naulaaton. Showhomaa  at DeMac Home Salee, Surrey. 507-21*1.  lO0O-lt. Frontage Cariboo  Lake, I62AC Ranch, 65AC  (hay), aubdivklable/rason?  taoo aq.ll 4-badroom home  $111,000. Also 42AC on  Cariboo Lake, teed SSO.OOO.  338-S543 altar 6 pan.  BUYING, SELLING OR  RENTING a vacall n  ���maahere? Call tie Expartal  RaetjrtCoiaatolilarkelrsj.San  Dieoo, CaaHomla. 1400-72-  OONOO, t��X).722o636.  ���aMMATaOMaUVIHlCLM  NEW ROADSTER lent trailer  deatera wanled. Pul witti 4  cylnder cava. 395 ��� 690 toe,  13.195. . $4,696. Made In  Canada. Compactwlttiulaly  on tae road, roomy In tie  park. FunWey Sales  (403)2272886 Alberta.  1976 Scamper 17 1/2'travel  ���allef, ateapt 8,3 wey trldgo  atovavoven, batvoomnolei,  mled tumaca $3,000.  Excellent Condllon.  795-2527.  Mavtor ICBC motor vehicle In  lury dawns. Joel A Wener.  ���tai lawyer lor 24 years. Cal  tree: I4K����5.1138. Con.  fees evallab'e.  tAder.  NOTRE DAME HOUNDS  raelo*rrtUlia>ciaeyaelsool.24  hour aupervlilon. Gala - July  26-31. Soya tour 1 week  aaaatone Aug. 1-28. Four  hourakaaliriedely. AecaotaaV  iylaind training.   (306)732-  TttAVm  DOWN UNDER SEAT SALE.  AuaealaR.T.*rt��raTi,*-3topB  $1341. AuatralaO.W.$B49.  New Zealand R.T. $1146,  New Zealand O.W. $799.  Cooklsavsd2Asmkpeckage  $1517. ANZATRAVELnS.  772S, 1-800-667-4329.  Britain, Ireland May 4-26.  Fully Eaconed. Highlights  London, Plymouth. Stone-  henge, Cornwall, Devon,  Nllaatrnay, DuUn, aaaJnburgh,  Sky*, dlaagow, York. Sln-  glea Welcome. Cal Bob,  Cheem Travel Chiitwack I-  800*81-2142.  SmiNCaVEASTER break ski  package ���paoWa^ Say 4  rtghal kl a famKy���'  ���fa tvee daya, fr  tie whole femlyl Pi  Reeort 1-80043*3-2  e famHy slyto condo,  daya, from $449. tor  Gibsons, bright beautilul 2 bdrm  suite. Close to all amenities.  $57Wno. No pets. 8853457.  ���14oi  OCEANVIEW  Boothlll Ranch H.V. PARK  Opening this spring. Cell now to  reserve your space! Long term ind  shod term rates available. Phone  886-9764 lor more inlormation or  celll 1-220-1526. TFNs  Large 2 bdrm mobile home,  Sechelt, $6C��im 685-C4304.  ���1401  2 bdrm oceanside apl., Davis Bay.  Avail. April 1, $600/mo. plus utilities. 885-5918 or 792-8731 alter 6  pm. 11401  Monthly, Weekly, Dally  886-3343  Gibsons. New 3 bdrm, 1/2 duplex,  centnl location, 4 appl. Avail.  immed. 1-880-1230 (cell t)J14cn  1 bdim apt for rent, $395, utils not  incl. Central Gibsons. New carpel,  new tile, skylight. 886-7016. TFN  New 1000 sq. ft., 2 bdrm, 4 appl.,  $650. Also 900 st). tt. attached  shop avail, in 3 months. Les 885  2716. #14cn  3 bdim house, 2-1/2 baths, 1 km to  ferry, 6 mos. old, 5 appl., F/P, 2-  car garage. Refs. No pets. $975.  Private, quiel localion. 8864567 or  986-7552. I14cn  Bachelor  Suites  BY MONTH OR WEEK  Royal Reach Motel  885-7844  One bdrm apt. Gibsons, $450.  Two bdrm apt. Gibsons, $500.  Two bdrm, den, $625, One bdtm  duplex, $400. Grant Realty 686-  3330. TFN  2 - 3 bedroom home, Beach Ave.,  Roberls Creek, avail, immed.  $80G��mo. 885-7930.        ���1401  Cosy 1 bdrm view suite across  trom Gibsons Marina, avail, now,  $500.8859737. ���1401  31. For Renl  1 bdrm. shared ace, avail.  immed., N/S please, $250.886-  0948 lift  Hopkins Landing, 1 bdrm. suits  avail. Apr. 1, $375.686-3428.   ��14w  Obsbum Clarke designed 'Country  Cottage' on 1 acre lenced property. 2 bdrm. 1 large loll, 5 appis.,  Redroolts Rd. - house lor sale.  Kids $ pets welcome, lets $750 *  utils. 8856237. ��12w  Hopkins Landing, small watertront  house, avail. Mir. 15-June 25. F/P  lully turn., Incl. bedding/dishes.  $650 ���utils. 88520891V. mess.   ��12w  Glbioni WHartront - Brand new  2 bdrm., 5 appis., bilcony, N/S.  $800,886-3881. t12w  Small trailer suitable tor one adutt,  Cedars Trailer Court. 8853313.  ���12cn  2 bdrm. house on acreage in Rbts.  Ck. Kids $ pels welcome, avail.  Mar. 15 or Apr. 1, $650. 8858377  all. 7pm. ��12oi  Avail. Apr. 1, basement sie., 1  bdrm., Granthams, view. $515 incl.  heal. 8857249. ��12w  New 3 bdim. deluxe home close to  mall. No pels. $875.6852454.  ���1201  Avail. Mar. 15 i Apr. 1, 2 duplexes, lower Gibsons, 3 bdrm., F/P t  appis., $80CVmo. 1-948-0384.  ��12cn  Davis Bay - furnished 2 bdrm. apl.,  N/S 1 no pets please. $525 incl.  utils. Days 686-0068, eves 685  4812. #13w  Gibsons -1 bdrm. trailer, $375  Includes cable. Close to beech.  886-3996 or 737-8975.      ��13w  3 bdrm. 1800 sq. II. upper floor, 2  baths, 2 FP, Gibsons, $100O/mo.  885-7749 Apr. 1. ��13w  TRAIL bAY  PROPERTIES LTD  Office or  Retail Space  2361 square feel of  ground floor, level access  office or retail space in  downtown Sechelt. Good  exposure wilh ample  parking. Air conditioned.  Available May 1,1993  wilh long or short term  leasing options. Space  can be divided if smaller  premises required.  Contact Bruce Morris  885-5614  Trail Bay Properties Lid.  Box 400, Sechell, B.C.  V0N3A0  RENTAL  MANAGEMENT  Vetiles  REALTY LTD.  Don Sutherland  2 BDRM Townhouse  Avail.-April 1 $775  J586-8107  Room, Reed Road, Gibsons, avail.  March 15, $300/monlh. N/S, no  pets. 8864363. ��13cn  Hopkins waterlront - beautilul  bright home. Main lloor, 3 bedrooms, 1600 sq. II Features large  kitchen, Jenn-Aire appliances,  D/W, skylights plus deluxe jet-tub  room and 2 baths * laundry. Aval.  April 1. $1050.688-4973.  11301  Irwin Motel Trailer Park, 826 Hwy.  101,2 bdrm trailer, $475, avail.  April 1, suitable lor older couple. 1  bdrm trailer, $425, avail. April 15,  suit single person. Central quiet  perk. 6853331. ��13oi  Smaller 2 bdrm mobile set up in N.  Road Mobile Park. Avail. April 1,  $450. No dogs. 886-9681. ���13ot  Lower Gibsons, 1 bdrm view apt.  Brighl, new, secure, quiel. Balcony, caipets, laundiy, nice clientele. $590.8853420.      ��13ot  Fully lumished batch, suite, Reed  Rd., avail. Apr. 1, $365/mo. 885  7261. ��13w  3 bdrm rancher 1 block to Sxjnny-  crest Mad. 4 appl., carport, lencad  yard. 1-755-1639 or 886-0964  after 6 pm and before 9 pm.��13cn  Accomodation to share in view  home in lower Gibsons. $380  includes rent, utilities, phone,  washer J dryer. Prater ncxi-ernok-  er. 886-3097. ��13cn  2 bdrm. ground level bssement  suite, $450 + utils. 8853772.��12w  Glbioni ��� $650/mo. ��� 3 bdrm.  mobile on 1/3 sera. Close lo ill  amenities, avail. Apr. 1. Drive by  724 Hillcrest. Call 886-0036 lo  view. ��12cn  Newly renovated nice, clean 2  bdrm. townhouse, close to amenities, 6 appis., F/P, $750. Avail.  Apr. 1.1-731-2920, 886-3216  wkends. ��12cn  Gibsons - 2 bdrm. bnghl, mountain  view, $595. Arthur 8859659.  ���1201  Rbls. Ck. -1 bdrm. bright, share  ittached greenhouse and hot tub,  $500 plus. Arthur 8B59659.��12cn  3 bdrm. suite, Ig. I. rm., appis.,  upper Gibsons, $685.8858287.  ���12cn  2 bdrm. apartment in lower Gibsons, close lo shopping _ marina,  avail. Mar. 1,$500/mo.  Apartment in lower Gibsons. 3  bdrm, plus den, close to Post  Office md shopping. Available  Mar.1,$75tVmo.  Clean 2 bdrm. house In Sechell,  easy walk to all seivices, w/d incl.,  $650/mo. Avail. Mar. 15.  34. Help Wanted  Gibsons - new view apartment, 2  bdrms., 1st lloor, partly lumished,  elegant, blinds plus drapes  throughout, 3 appis., patio, storage, laundry facilities, parking.  Central, yet quiet, location suitable  for responsible couple/single person, $680/mo. 885-5659.    ��13w  Gibsons - 2 bdrm. suite, Ocean  Classics, Jerry Dixon 886-7616 or  886-0143 eves. *13w  Davis Bay, 3 bdrm. mobile home in  quiet park, $650/mo. Aptil 1.885  4862 ��13w  2 bedroom, large sundeck, carport,  beich, Pender Herbour,  $550/month plus utilities. (604)  327-7725. t18cn  Watertront 1 bdrm apt. in Secret  Cove. NS, no pets, $450. Lv.  mess. 8859368. TFN  Mobile home, Redroolts area, very  clean S pnvale, 2 bdrm., $450/mo.  plus ulils. 6859424. ��14w  Gibsons - 3 bdim., 2 bath, water  view, 2 sundecks, garage, 5 appl.,  avail. Apr. 1, $850.298-5215J14W  Rbts. Ck., 2 bdrm. lop lloor ol  bouse, garage, sundeck, FP, N/S  prel. Kids welcome, $675 plus 1/2  utils. Avail. May 1.865-3806J14W  PART-TIME  ADVERTISING  SALESPERSON  To service/develop accounts lor the Coast News  and the Weekender. We  are looking lor an energetic, self-motivated, team-  ortented individual. This is  a salaried position. Please  send resume to Pal Tripp,  Publisher, Coasl News,  Box 460, Gibsons, BC VON  WO or FAX to 886-7725.  (No phone calls please).  TFN  33 Commcrc  For Rent  LOWER GIBSONS  Two offices, $175 & $225, light,  heat, GST included. 686-2586 or  1-736-4804. 11401  2 bay automotive garage. Owner  willing to modify as required. Halfmoon Bay area. 6852703. <14w  Office or light-duly work space.  600 plus sq. ft., $450/mo. 886-  8615 or 8852231. ��14w  622 sq. ft. of space on Marine  Drive in Lower Gibsons. Suitable  for otlice or retail. 886-7453.m4cn  Warehouse or manufacturing  space, 2000 to 6000 square leet,  Wilson Creek. Grant Realty 886-  3330. ��TFN  Plumber's helper, high school  grad, own transportation. Possible  apprenticeship, $7 to stilt. Submit  resume lo: Box 935, Sechell, BC  V0N3A0. ��12w  For a Prolessional Resume  in Lower Gibsons call  CONFIDENTIAL, 886-4740.��14w  Cleaning helper needed 1525 hrs.  a monlh. Musi be reliable and  have own transportation. Wendy  886-2751. ��14w  Motivated highschool student lor  yard work, approx. 2 hrs. weekly.  686-9006. ��14w  Shipping ind production assistant  required lor Tilly's Galley. Applicant musl be eligible for C.E.I.C.  job opportunities training program.  Training ind job responsibilities  will include shipping, receiving,  production ind some office skills.  X hrs./week. Call Kate 8852400.  Cook wilh banquet experience.  Part-time leading to lull-lime. Must  have lull kitchen experience. Apply  to Gibsons Yachl Club. Call lor  appl. 886-3500. *12w  Lunch cook at Ihe Omega Restaurant. Apply in person between 11-  11:30 am or 2-2:30 pom Tuesday-  Friday. TFN  Assemble products at home. Variety ol work. Excellenl pay. Call  amazing 24 hr. RECORDED tries-       sage for free details (604) 623-  Commercial shop, 4642 Francis 2380 Exl. A74. TFN  Peninsula, Madeira Park, 1680 sq.       ft., $40CVmo. 883-2930.     ��13w  Roberts Creek Hall, avail, dances,  parties, weddings. Yvonne 886-  7815. TFN  Now hiring friendly people for the  , asu , ,, , J position of servers. P/T, F/T, days  l^T^S^e!^- ��nW Apply in person beitnan  Btm.7.59, "1,1. �����'. W*j^mT:�� am or MdM$?*M,-   ���    Fn., Omega Restaurant.     TFN  Assemble light products from  home. Excellent income. Call  amazing 24-hour RECORDED  message for free details. (604)  623-2360 Exl. IA74 (not a direct  hirer), TFN  EASY ASSEMBLY my hours,  $339.84 week, tsmily of 3 earns  $4417.92 monthly. 24 hour hotline. 601-379-2985. Copyright  ���BC010452. 11501  CENTURY WEST REALTY  W0PERTY MANAGEMENT  ���852235  TFN  WATERFRONT  Deluxe new 2 bdrm. coido, 5 quality appis.. efficient radiant healing,  S8257mo. avail, immed 886-3013  lv. mess. H2w  Modein 1 bdrm. home on acreage.  5appL,$625/mo. 8850354.112w  Commuters ��� large, bright adult oriented 1 bdrm. apart, w/view., laundiy t, summer pool facilities. Walk  to ferry. Avail, immed. 8850990.  ���12w  Gibsons -1 bdrm. suile, avail. Apr.  1.886-2202 all. 4 pm.       ��13w  We are looking lor a deli person  with experience (minimum ol one  year). Please send resume to: Deli  Departmenl, Box 1010, Gibsons,  BCV0N1V0. ��12cn  Business looking for bakery person with decorating experience -  musl have 2 yrs. experience.  Apply at: Bakery, RR 2 S4CC19,  Gibsons, BC VON 1V0     ��12oi  SPCA SHELTER MGR.  The Sunshine Coasl SPCA will  soon open its own shelter and  requires a mature, responsible  individuil to id as manager.  Duties will include cleaning animal  cages daily, admitting, adopting  and providing basic health care for  the animals, liaising with volunteer  staff and handling administrative  details. Applicants must have related experience and genuine concern for animals, they should have  some training in animal cite, be  highly effective with the public, end  have own car. Salary to $2,000  plus car expenses. Please send  resume to PO Box 2094, Sechelt,  V0N3A0. ��12cn  Marine Park attendant P/T til May,  then F/T. Boat and chainsaw exp.  necessary. Cabin supplied. Send  resume to Box 1777, Gibsons.  ���13cn  Totally Tropical Interiors requires  full-time or part-lime consultants to  sell exclusive line ol silk plants and  tress through home parties and/or  to businesses. Car a must! Excellent earning potential" Call Joyce  (604) 465-5775 collect.     11301  3 bdrm. home, West Sechell  watertront, $925.6656311.113w  Sleeping room in private home:  kitchen privileges, washer/dryer,  cable, reasonable. Must like animals. 886-3740 aft. 7 pm.   ��13w  TOWN OF  GIBSONS  Notice of  Teupomry  Employment  The Town of Gibsons Is  accepting application!  for a Temporary Labourer Posilion wilh the  Parks Department.  DUTIES:  Operating hand powered  tools, operating power  and non-professional  mowers, collecting garbage, raking, slashing,  sweeping sidewalks,  weeding, watering,  cleaning washrooms and  all other related tasks.  QUALIFICATIONS;  __X_ff_.  UXTRA! EXTRA!  Drop off your  COAST NEWS  CLASSIFIEDS  AT  The Coasl News  In Sechelt  Must be capable of  working under minimum  supervision.  - Ability lo perform  heavy outdoor manual  work In all types of  weather.  - Landscaping knowledge an asset.  - Self Starter  - Minimum Grade 12  Education  - Ability to understand  and carry out oral end  written Instruction,  SALAffit  In accordance with the  B.C. Government Employees Union, Local  #1003 - Labourer I  Classification.  This position Is Temporary only for a period  of 26 weeks.  Applications will be  accepted until 2:00 p.m.  local time, March 31,  1993, al ihe Town ol  Qlbsons, 474 South  Fletcher Road; P.O.  Box 340. Gibsons, BC,  V0N1V0  ^-^^^^- Coast News, March 22, 1993  21  Take Advantage of our Nexv Classified Ad Special  Run your classified ad 6 times  and pay for only 2 times!   Coast News (Monday)  Classified Deadline:  NOON FRIDAY  Gibsons &  Sechelt Offices  34. Help Wanted  District of  Sechelt  Employment Opportunity  POSITION TITLE: General Secretary  REPORTS TO: Execulive Secretary  POSITION SUMMARY: Responsible lor providing  clerical snd receptionist support to the Executive  Secretary, Administrator, Municipal Clerk, Public  Works Superintendent, Engineering Technician,  Bylaw Enforcement Officer, Chlel Building Inspector  and Council. This position will also be responsible tor  support to the Building Inspection Department.  DUTIES AND RESPQNSIRILmFa:  1. Provides typing, clerical, filing snd reception  support to Ihe Execulive Secretary, Chlel  Building Inspector, Administrator, Municipal  Clerk, Public Works Superintendent,  Engineering Technician, Bylaw Enforcement  Officer, and Council.  2. Assists in the preparation ot agendas; takes  and transcribes Minutes.  3. Prepares draft correspondence.  4. Checks completion ol all requirements lor  Building Permit applications when received at  the counter.  5. Provides back-up for the Receptionist.  6. From lime to time provides back-up support to  olher secretarial stall, as necessary.  7. Data entry lor Engineering/Public Works  Department, I.e., culvert applications, rights-  of-way Improvements, Servicing Agreements,  Inspection reports, etc., etc., etc.  6.       Any other duties related to above.  QUALIFICATIONS AND TRAINING  1. Minimum typing speed of 60 w.p.m.  2. Knowledge and experience In word  processing and spreadsheet applications.  3. Computer data entry.  4. Shorthand, or other recognized Minute-taking  skills.  5. Previous Municipal government experience Is  desirable.  PAY RATE:  $14.94 per hour.  PROBATIONARY PERIOD:  Three months probationary period.  This Is a position within the B.C. Government  Employees' Union bargaining unit.  This position Is open to both male and female  applicants.  Applications should be submitted by 4:00 p.m. on  Monday, March 29th, 1993 to:  Mr. Michael Vaughn, Municipal Clerk  Dislricl ol Sechelt  P.O. Box 129,  Sechell, B.C. VON 3A0  March 19,1993  CONSTRUCTION  af*TTr��Cujtom framing  J[ "Decks  (1 ��� Stairs  I ��� Wood Siding  883-9775  6*9 pm  EXPERIENCED CARPENTER  15 years experience, firm rates,  free estimates, no job too small or  too Isrge. Bruce 685-9576.  TFN  IN-HOME PROFESSIONAL  STEAM CLEANING  Carpets* Upholstery  rowim truck-  MLaJfiTEOEQUPWNI  retiroseiE RESULTS  JUST ASK ABOUrC  INTERIOR AND EXTERIOR  RENOVATIONS  Wallpaper, paint, carpentiy, drafting, Iree estimales. References  available. 686-3463.        TFNs  PEERLESS TREE  SERVICE LTD  Topping - Limbing - Danger Tres  Removal, Insured, Guaranteed  Work. Free estimates. 685-2109.  TFN  CULTURED MARBLE  Jetted bathtubs, sinks, balhs and  shower panels, CSA approved.  Free eslimales. Tom Sealy 663-  2976. TFN  S.A. Mathieson - plastering, stucco, masonry, new and repairs.  883-2343. ��12w  Carpentry, Renovations 1 Additions by hour or contract. Call 886-  3107. ��13w  Drywall, Carpentry, Plumbing,  Small RenovatKxis. Srs' Discount.  Call Norm 886-0997.        ��12w  COOL RUNNINGS  One ton truck available lor hauling,  rubbish removal, moving, yard  maintenance, rototilling, odd jobs.  665-3917. TFNs  Complete Bobcat Seivices  Excavating - Backfilling  Retaining Walls - Trenching  Landscape Construction  37, Child Catre  Daycare, my home, babies wel-  comeveasonble rates* Langdale  area* references avail* 866-7490.  ���14w  RAINBOW PRESCHOOL  now openings for children ages 3  - 4. Phone 886-8496 Jormita til 5  pm, to register. TFN  Molly Mouse Daycare. Spaces  avail. 18 months to school age.  Fun-filled, caring environment with  early childhood trained stall. 886-  3913. I14w  38. Business  Opportunities  Local landscape business with all  necessary equipment.. 886-4859.  I14w  APPUCATION  FOR  CROWN LAND  Take notioa that Ctiartes Paine ol  Garden Bay B.C. has Nad wish the  Ministry ol EiTviraiment. Lands and  ParksanApptcata-aifwaLitwireof  Ot-a-upalion for pnvale moorage on  Crown land d*atat-*e<l as follows:  Gmmencing at the South Comer ol lot  20 D.L.1397 GPI N.W.D. (Han 13697  thence 21M. SW. thence 20M N.W.  thence 26.2M NE thence S.E along tie  tahoisjllne to the point ol a_mtnoatnati  (/tjmments tnncefnlng this apptcalion  rraybemadeloRlcfcav-JWaaMffsl  1401 -4603 Kingsway Burnaby B.C. V5H  36. Work Wanted  Jack of all trades FT/PT certified  welder, some experience in  machining and heavy duty  mechanics. Third year apprentice.  Have 1/2 ton and tools ��� your  welder. 883-2680. ��14w  Gardening blues? Csll 886-0135  lor help. H4w  Experienced young woman avail,  yard work, spring cleanup,  reduced rate for seniors. 885-  4402. I12w  Sell motivated business person  seeks management co-ordinating  position with local company. Flexible time. Reply Box V, Coast  News, Box 68, Sechelt, BC VON  3A0. I14w  Home maintenance, repairs, renovations, etc. Reasonable rates,  Iree estimates. 866-6396.   #14w  666-8538  TFNs  Lather / drywaller, 5 yrs. exp. looking for woik. 886-4763 (leave message) #14cn  37. Child Care  Kiddie Cst Daycare now laking  registration for April. Spaces for  children 2 1/2 to 6. Fun, caring,  learning environment with certified  Stall, 885-7759. #12w  Loving educated childcare worker  with references for 8 mo. old your  home, 2 days a week. 686-3929.  I12w  Wanted: Part-time nanny or mother's helper lor 4 yr. old girl. Ptef 4  days/wk., 8-noon S 4-6pm wilh  supper preparation. 686-9559  eves. #12cn  Due to cold weather  conditions,  Tldeilne Marina is  offering special pricing on  exhausl manifolds &  risers. 10% off labour if  we install!  Please call for delails.  TIDELINE!re  5��)7 Wharf Road, Sultan a MS-1'1  ESMa-^a  THIS SUNDAY  1-4PM   OPEN HOUSE  Neonex Imperial  14'x70'Mobile Home\  Comeau Trailer Park  #22,1416 North Road,  Gibsons  3BMM.400SQ.FT.MCK,  NEWLY RENOVATED  886-8095  '39,900  39   Storage  MINI  STORAGE  885-0333  MINI STORAGE  LOCKERS  SECHELT-GIBSONS  U LOCK INC.  Gibsons: 886-8460  Sechelt: 885-6422  LOGS  WANTED  TERMINAL  Forest Products Ltd.  Competitive Prices  886-7033  1  H  M  I  35. Business & ��� 35, Business &  Home Services   | Home Services  DO YOU NEED  Lawn maintenance/de-thatching,  brush cutting, pressure washing,  mobile washing, asphalt/concrete  sesling, roto-lilling, hedge trimming, rubbish removal, bucking  wood, window/gutter cleaning, car-  pet/upholstery cleaning. 8650737.  I13W  Sechelt Pressure Washing. Fully  insured, concrete patios, cedar  roofs, trailers, etc. Free estimales  866-2612. ��14cn  Plumber with 30 yrs. exp. and carpenter will do plumbing and carpentry renovations and maintenance. Excellenl prices. 686-2801.  ��12w  SPRING CLEANUP, SMS PRES-  SURE WASHING. MOBILES,  CONCRETE, HOUSES, PARKING, STORE FRONTS, MACHINERY, ETC. 8850737.       I12w  RENOVATIONS*  ALL CARPENTRY NEEDS  Call Bob  for your FREE ESTIMATE  88$-2215(aft6pm)  TFNs  Building?  Construction Manager  Bellerive (instruction Services  886-2563. I12cn  I'm Your Handimin - Porches,  Additions, Fterraodalling. Soiariums,  No pb too small. Bill at 886-0360  or 24 hr. pager 1-977-6602.  ��12cn  LAWN AND GARDEN  Fruil Iree pruning and spraying.  Laiidscaping, Iree removal, hedge  trimming, garden cleanup. Jan  886-0180. 11301  WILLOW GARDEN SERVICE  7 yrs. exp. quality work, reasonable, reliable, exc. refs. Lawns,  pruning, hedges, gardens, cleanup. Rob Wilson 865-3232.  11201  SPRING IS COMING. Get ready  lor planting. Retaining wall,  planters, stone work. Century  Rock 8855910. ��14cn  Custom Sewing &  Alterations  by qualified tailor  Fobric, fur ft leother  For appointment  pkot.call*tt-3\7S  Aher 5 pm call 886-7694  Drywall finishing, complete professional service. Taping, texturing,  etc. 686-3573. ��14cn  Fine Wr>*adwork  Staircases, Bannisters, Mantles,  Mouldings, etc. Celtic Crafts 886-  2844. #14cn  PATERSON tV CO.  ACCOUNTANTS  Income Tax  Preparation  977 Hwy. 101  Gibsons, B.C.  .886-4843  Creative Sundecks  Outdoor staircases, ramps, Gate-  bos, hot-tub enclosures, custom  patio lurniture. Celtic Crafts 886-  2844. 11401  Millwood services - portable band-  saw mill, accurate dean cut lumber on your land. 685-0270 Brian.  I17cn  ��orkuljirr  <&nrbenrr  CatMMMRaW ft MSMMIAW  fuHy Insured  rn*etdty, Kmtobl* Service  Fred Hot* 886-3526  Will's Window Washing 6657733,   ���, ,        ���,,,..  reasonable rates. ��13oi    Clean-up ��� lawns, blackbernes,       painting. Man seeks P/T, casual or  regular basis work. Reliable. Bill  686-3822. #13w  Free Estimates  Firm Prices  885-9576  Serving the Coast  for 14 years.  We do renovations, repairs, additions and out buildings. 8856070.  ��16w  KAYNOR  Interior cleaning big or small,  bonded and reliable. 864-5324 or  686-2312 or 8864)436.       TFN  Concrete - Specializing in driveways, patios, stairs, sidewalks,  floors, foundations, exposed  aggregate. 866-8095.       TFNs  Notice Board  ��� Ongoing events must be updated monthly  ��� We reserve the right tn edit submissions fair brevity  ��� All submissions should refer Its non-profit events tilgcnuine ctimmunily interest  ��� Ilems will be listed three weeks prior to the event.  MONDAY, MARCH 22  Canadian Federation ot University Women  meet al St. John's, Davis Bay. Speaker: Pat  Stuart on Year 2000.  B.C. Schizophrenia Society, Sunshine Coast  Branch, 7:30 pm, Coast-Garibaldi Health Unit,  Gibsons. Short business meeting followed by  video about new housing concept.  WEDNESDAY, MARCH 24  Friends ot the Sechelt Public Library meel at  the Library, 7:30 pm. All welcome. Info: 885-5076.  B.C. Schizophrenia Society, Sunshine Coast  Branch "Caring & Sharing" Support Group  meeting, 7-9 pm, Kirkland Centre, Davis Bay. Far  info or ride: 686-3534 or 886-7055.  Public Meeting to discuss impact of  Shaughnessy Hospital closure on Ihe Sunshine  Coast. Hear speakers from both sides. 7:30 pm,  Elphinstone School cafeteria.  Glbeone ft District Chamber ot Commerce  dinner meeting, Gibsons Molor Inn. Happy hour  and dinner, 6 pm; business meeting, 7:30 pm,  panel discussion of 1992 tourism survey, 8 pm.  info: 886-2325  THURSDAY, MARCH 25  Retired Teachers Branch #46 lirsl meeiing, 2  pm, Sechell Seniors Centre. RTA speaker.  Reform Party of Canada North Island/Powell  River Constituency Association meeting, 7:30 pm,  Greenecourt Hall, Sechell. Inio: 886-5242, 886-  9295.  A.C.W. Bake Sale, Trail Bay Mall, Royal Bank  end. Starts 9:30 am.  FRIDAY, MARCH 26  M.S. Support Group meets, 10 am at Coast  Garibaldi Heallh Unit.  Single Parents pizza & games night. 6-10 pm.  Sunshine Coasl Community Services. Bring your  children, some pizza & games. Info: 885-5881.  SATURDAY, MARCH 27  Bottle Drive for Chatelech Secondary Music  Department. Fundraiser for band and choir. If not  home leave bottles outside.  Welcome Beach PreSchool garage sale and  bake sale, 10 am-2 pm, 8081 Dogwood Dr.  Details and donations, call 885-6494.  Pender Harbour School of Music presents Jim  Woodyard 4 Rob Des Cotes on piano, guitar,  banjo, mandolin, flute & saxophone. Tickets: $8,  teens: $5, children 12 & under: free. Available et  Sonny's (Madeira Park), Talewind Books and at  the door.  Improvisation Workehop wilh Jim Woodyard  and Rob Des Cotes, Pender Harbour School ol  Music, approx. 2-3 hours. $20. Call 883-9345.  Sunshine Coaet Arte Centre presents my 3  Dads, 8 pm. A wickedly funny and poignant  drama. Tickets at Talewind, Cast Books, Sayward  Books, Roberts Creek General Store and the Arts  Centre. Info: 885-5412.  Pender Harbour Wildlife Society hike up  Chapman Creek Trail to falls. Meel at Brookman  Park, Davis Bay, 10:30 am. Inio: 683-2807, 883-  1198.  WEDNESDAY, MARCH 31  Canada Day Celebration Planning meeting  sponsored by Gibsons Lions Club, Kinsmen Hell,  Gibsons, 7:30 pm. Interested members of public  Invited.  SATURDAY, APRIL 3  Hunter Gallery will hold a reception at 2 pm to  open Hazel Coxall's new show, All Things Bright  and Beautilul. Proceeds lo cancer research.  MONDAY, APRIL 5  Sunshine Coast Peace Group meets, 7:30 pm,  Roberts Creek Elementery School Library.  Refreshments, everyone welcome  MISCELLANEOUS  Gibsons Outreach Teen Centre is open Thurs.  & Fri. 3:30 ��� 10 pm, Sal. 10 am -11 pm, Sun. 1 ���  8 pm. 13  Glbaons and District Public Library Is open  Tuesdays and Wednesdays 9:30-2:30;fhursdays  2:30-7:30; and Saturdays 9:30-2:30. For more  information, call 886-2130 13  Elphinstone Pioneer Museum, 718 Winn Rd.,  across from Post Office, Gibsons. Displays are  constantly changing. Wheelchair accessible.For  hours of opening or to book a tour: 886-8232. 13  'Living with Cancer" Support Group meetings  In Gibsons and Sechelt. For Into re: times and  places, call Pearl at 886-8389. All welcomel    13  Parent Tot Drop In at the following locations  Irom 9:30 - 11:30am: Qlbeons Uniled Church  Hall, Mon., Tues., Wed., Fri.; Sechelt SI. Hilda's  Hall, Tues.; Wilson Creek Communily Hall,  Thurs. For info call 885-5881. 13  Help ue to help our wildlife. Membership drive  lor S.C. Wildlife Rehab Cenlre. $10 per year,  Feb. lo Feb. Box 6. Trout Lake Rd., Hallmoon  Bay, BC VON 1YO. 885-5997. 13  Pender Harbour Aquatic ft Fitness Centre:  Fitness classes, Monday-Friday: Step, Aquallt,  Hi/Lo Aerobics, Stretch ft Strength & Fat Burner.  Daytime and evening classes available. Phone  883-2612 for schedules.  A.A. Meetings every Monday ft Wednesday. 8 pm,  Pender Harbour Heallh Cenlre, Madeira Park.   13  A.A. Women's Only meetings, Sechell:  Mondays 8:15 pm and Thursdays noon at the  Action Building. Dolphin St. Call 885-5680.      13  Events at Rockwood Centre: Drawing ft  Watercolour with Don Jarvis; Shakespeare - The  Tragedies with Peter Millard; Cake ft Candy  Courses with Bsrb Whitby: Creetive Belgian  Chocolates begins March 30.  Sexually Transmitted Disease Clinic: Phone lor  appointment In Gibsons 886-8131, Sechell 885-  5164. 13  Single ft Pregnant? Phone Ihe Health Unit -  886-8131. 13  Hospital Tour: Phone St. Mary's Hospital  switchboard to arrange, 885-2224. 13  School Entry Booster Clinics: A booster dose  of diphtheria, tetanus and pertussis Is important  for children entering school. Gibsons 886-8131;  Sechelt 885-5164. 13  MONDAYS  Tuberculin Skin Testing ft Travellers Clinics  will be held in Gibsons March 22 and 29 and  Traveller's Clinic only on March 18 ft 25 at the  Gibsons Health Unit No charge. Into: 868-8131.  Tuberculin Clinics will be held In Sechelt March  22 and 29 at the Sechelt Health Unit. No charge.  Info: 885-5164.  Tai Chi with Marilyn Corder, Rockwood Centre,  noon-1 pm. Drop-ins welcome. 885-2522.       13  TUESDAYS  Child Health Clinics will be held in Gibsons  March 23 and 30 with an extra CHC March 22.  No charge. Into: 888-8131.  Late Seriea Pre-Natal Class March 23, 30 ft  April 6 at the Sechelt Health Centre. To register  phone 886-8131.  Parent ft Baby Drop-In, 1:15-3:30 pm, 494 S.  Fletcher, Gibsons. 13  Yoga with Carol Brophy, Rockwood Centre,  beginners 6-7:30 pm, advanced 7:30-9:30 pm.  885-2522. 13  Light Movement Fitness Class for over-50s  offered at Pender Harbour Aquatic Centre, 3:30-  4:30 pm. Info: Maggi, 885-5527. 12  WEDNESDAYS  Suncoast Writers' Forge meets on the second  Wednesday of every month to learn Irom one  another during critique workshops. AH writers are  welcome, Irom poets to technical, from novice to  professional. Bring 4 pages of your work, photocopied. Please |oln us el Rockwood Centre, 7:30  pm. For more info: Jan DeGrass, 886-4692.    12  Child Health Clinics will be held In Sechell  March 24 and 31. No charge. Inio: 885-5164.  Tuberculin Clinics will be held March 24 at the  Sechell Health Unit. No charge. Into: 885-5184.  Parent ft Baby Drop-In, 1:00-3:30 pm, 5571  Intel, Sechelt. 13  Yoga with 8ara Qerrlng, Rockwood Centre,  beginners 6-7:30 pm, advanced 7:30-9:30 pm.  885-2522. 13  Tai Chi with Merrily Corder, Rockwood Centre,  noon-1 pm. Drop-Ins welcome. 885-2522.       13  Navy League Cadets for boys snd girls 10-13  years old. Develops sell-respect and discipline  while having lun learning new skills. Meets at  8:30 pm, Gibsons Legion Hall, Sept.-May.  Continuous registration, uniforms provided. Call  Mike at 886-8238. 17  Sunshine Toastmastere meetings at 7:30 pm at  Chatelech Secondary, Room 115. Learn leadership, communication and public speaking skills.  Everyone welcome. TFN  THURSDAYS  Child Health Clinics will be held In Pender  Harbour March 25. No charge. Info: 885-5164.  Sunshine Summers support for weight loss.  Davis Bay, 6:30 pm. Phone Joan, 885-2098    13  Gibsons Garden Club meetings are held the 3rd  Thursday ol every month at 7:30 pm at St.  Bartholomew's Church Hall (comer North Rd. ft  Hwy. 101). New members welcome. 13  Sunahlne Coast Hospice volunteer training  program April 3. Phone Sunshine Coast Home  Support Society, 885-5144.  3C's Weight Loss Support Qroup meets afternoons 12:30-2:30pm, call 886-2692, and  evenings 6:30-8:00pm, call 886-7159, at the  United Church, Glassford Rd., Gibsons.       TFN  Lettuce Lose Branch #16 ol Western Weight  Controllers Is a support group for weight loss.  Meet in central Sechelt weekly at 9:30 am. Into:  885-2658. 14  a.***. 22  Coast News, March 22,  1993  NOTICE  Congratulations to  ���SUB  Employee of the Month  CHRISTINE PHELPS  news  Touring Halfmoon Bay old-growth  School District No. 46  (Sunshine Coast)  INTERMEDIATE FRENCH IMMERSION  Sechelt BtcmentOiy School Is currently accepting irglstr'tkms ftar the  ltitt-niiftli.tif I tvm.li Inimrrslon Pnignini beginning In ttr.ulr four In  September 1993 Interested parems are entoui-.iged to contact Shirley  WLshkivv tar Pstsncy llrindley al Seclieh Elementary School (H8-J-2114) hy  Manh J 1st In onler to complete a lliial registration It inn.  #,e      Septic System  ttU Hazards  ��� Donl allow any vehicles lo drive or park  over any part of the septic system.  ��� Donl pour paints, solvents or toxic  chemicals into drains or toilets. (Tank  bacteria action may be destroyed)  ��� Donl dispose of grease, fat, coffee  grounds, paper towels, facial tissues,  hair, cigarettes, etc. in sinks or toilets.  ��� Donl plant trees or shrubs in or near the  disposal field area, as their roots may  affect the system.  ��� Don't overload the system wilh waler  from dripping faucets or continuously  running toilets.  This Information Series Presented by:  BONNIEBROOK INDUSTRIES LTD.  Septic Tank Pumping Services serving Gibsons,  Sechelt, Pender Harbour areas.  886-7064 (collect)  .4  by Keith Thirkell  The Pender Harbour Wildlife  Society hosted an educational  outing last Saturday to one of  Ihe only known stands of old-  growth Douglas Fir on the  Sechelt Peninsula.  John Field led the lour,  which took a group of 40 keen  naturalists into the almost  impenetrable bush behind Halfmoon Bay. Field said the  turnout was gratifying and  indicative of the ecological  interest prevalent in Ihe community.  The lour started on a logging  road which veers off Highway  101 about half a mile south of  Trout lake.  After a head-bashing ride on  a progressively deteriorating  road, the convoy came lo a hall  after three miles. A leisurely  stroll ensued, meandering  through a stunning and somewhat primeval example of  coastal temperate rain forest.  A grove of several dozen  massive Douglas Firs remain,  most measuring about 200 feel.  The voices of the anl-likc  humans surrounded by the towering giants gave off an ambience reminiscent of a Gothic  cathedral.  One particular giant, locally  known as the Halfmoon Bay Fir,  was surveyed by naturalist Tony  Greenfield and determined to be  212 feet high, with a broken top.  Greenfield estimates il is 350  years old with somewhere in the  neighborhood of 30,000 board  feet of lumber encased in the  foot-thick bark.  The group represented a  cross-section of the public  including long-time Sunshine  COLMAR f ��VE  NEVER POLISH    **'ZT  5 YEAR WARRANTY sqyd-  REG. $16.95 sq.yd.  hardwood  floors  I ���\W SQ YD. I  CARPET  &LINO  STARTING AT  Bracr  JjgSg  ^WmW   SQVD.  REG. $10.99 SQ.FT.  ho*!  SQ. FT  SQ. FT.  _ LAMINATE OR SOLID 3/4"  (in-stock only)  @Tnstrong  CANDIDE  ROLL ENDS  (irregular)  EaHMNIaNGTON  GOLD  5 YEAR WARRANTY1  (irregular)  COLOR MAY VARY FROM SAMPLES  HUGE SELECTION OF ROLL ENDS!  ATTENTION SENIORS  We will p.Ty the GST on any non-sa  c^X Member of  WtWW&Wi  CONNECTION)  Canada's largest floor covering family  Hurry! Spring Collection Sale ends March 31.  Hk.hw a y   I O !  K!l>''l  iwt^l^a  fMMirW.i IHI  w* ��� M  aHWaWi^ OJItMI  pwByX^jS?  IrtaK '���'��� frVi  utl Ml ��� w  _m 1,-" wTM  \wm_  3_\\$\  /l^/VVV^f^'3  ���JHflflfiBlrl'iH  mm       \\\Wn Vmrn  mm  iki rofi-^KimL-^iE  rwiB��\F* H  M'__}_W.  J*��Wr^i*WMB"  ��� afSr^B  3Ww*V'-(ff  Eul-feMr**!* *9*k." fVltn'^uv *  ���Pii  He^^K  ���yflflVr .J*WL*gB"i '7b\ T  wTO?fe  ^RL          ��* JStitmt.  nli-InvlMJtS''     * Va^no*- a  ttHurwKY' *VtK' ^ 3  t��uv3--vl   Ajb>* ^ 3  Ejysp.. _wEe__j_  1 *!___**''"'* ���''$' W%f  fep:^  SP*  A giant Douglas llr trunk along the trail in Halfmoon Bay.  Coasl resident Harold Swanson,  who said he came along because  "I thought it would be a nice  way to spend a Salurday morning. I've come to       this spot for  decades and I just  enjoy seeing the  big old Irees."  Swanson says  lhe fact lhal these  trees still exist is  quite miraculous.  "A massive fire  ripped through  most of the Sun-  shine Coast in 1917 and only  those trees big enough lo withstand Ihe heat could survive.  Because the bark on the Dou-  The tour group  agreed tbe grove  would make an  excellent park  because of ils  accessibility and  history  fectly suited lo endure Ihe heal."  Fire scar is slill evident on some  of the trees, licking up as high  as 50 feel on a few.           Ian  and  Pal  Ridgeway of  Gibsons said Ihey  went along lo see  some of Ihe "last  old growth still  within easy walking distance on  the Sunshine  Coast."  The lour group  agreed the grove  would make an excellent park  because of ils accessibility and  history. Greenfield said an  application for park status was  glas fir is so thick, it was per-      made to the Ministry of Forests  Keith Thirkell pholo  one and a half years ago.  The forestry office in Powell  River recently informed him  that the area has been selected  for protection.  For now, Greenfield says, it  will fall under a category called  UREP, for Use, Recreation and  Enjoyment by the Public.  Greenfield says it could become  an important destination foreco-  lourisls, but stressed thai some  protective measures will have to  be taken lo ensure continued  survival of the stand.  The ministry has alloted  some money for constructing  trails and erecting rope barricades around Ihe giants, to help  limit possible erosion associated  wilh public use.  Wilson vows to continue as MLA  from page 1  For his own part, Wilson says lhat recently  "there's no doubt I haven't been able to devote  myself to the extent that I usually do," but adds,  "My ability as an effective MLA hasn't been  impaired at all over the long term.  "If I've let people down I apologize for that. I  would ask lhat people try to spend a few days in  my shoes and tell me what they would have done  differently... It was an extremely difficult time."  Wilson says regardless of whether he runs as  leader, he will continue to serve his term as an  MLA.  Meanwhile, federal MP Ray Skelly says recent  events won't deter people from going into politics.  "I think lhat people who have an interest in politics know what it's about," he says. "It's a tough  business and can often be unforgiving."   .  SUNSHINE COAST INSURANCE AGENCIES  LTD   GIBSONS MOTORISTS   If you buy ICBC insurance at  the Gibsons Motor Licence Office,  you're missing a great deal,  BIG SAVINGS  ��� The first de.il you're missing out on is  Sunshine Coasl Insurance's exclusive 10%  discount on our Sate Drivers' 1'ackage.  When you quality, this policy can save you 10% on  your collision/comprehensive auto insurance.  Available to most drivers with five years' accident free driving, our package offers you the  only chance to save money on BC's increasingly expensive auto insurance.  COMPIETE KANGE Of SERVICES  ��� Secondly, when il comes to aulo  insurance we can do everything lhe  Motor Licence Office can do including all ICBC insurance policies.  In addition, we offer a wide range of  insurance policies from home and tenant  insurance to commercial and life insurance. A  stop at our offices will take care of all your insurance needs.  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