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Array ! LEGISLATIVE LIBRAP  PARLIAMENT BUILDJ  -VICTORIA, B.C.  V8V u4  The Sunshine  Published at Gibsons, B.C.  15C per copy on news stands  Second Class Mail Registration No. 4702  Serving the Sunshine Coast since 1945  Delivered to every address on the Coast.  July 29, 1980  Volume 34, Number 30  Citizens group formed  Pender water  still hot  A group of subscribers to the South Pender Harbour  Waterworks, frustrated and angry after the stormy July 20 general  meeting at which the water board members refused to allow the  membership to make or vote on motions from the floor, have  formed a citizens group with the avowed intention of finding out  why their rates have increased 300% in five years while the capital  development charge to developers of new lots entering the system  has remained constant.  According to Andy Tapio, Chairman of the Concerned Water  Users of Madeira Park, the group intends to advise the Ministry  of Municipal Affairs and Mackenzie NDP MLA Don Lockstead  of the board's irregular conduct of the July 20 meeting.  "They threw Roberts Rules of Order right out thc window,"  Tapio told the Coast News, "and you can't conduct a meeting  properly without Roberts. It gets away from you."  Thc board accepted a recommendation at the July 20 meeting  that it make every effort to legally raise the capital development  charge to a new 73 lot subdivision on the Francis Peninsula,  allegedly approved at the prevailing 1,000 dollar rate last  October, but the board Vice Chairman later stated that he didn't  "feel right" about reversing the board's approval.  Pender Harbour resident Bill White, one ofthe initiators of the  petition bearing more than 200 names demanding that the capital  development charge be doubled immediately, presented to the  board at the meeting, also says he believes the meeting was illegal.  "I have spoken to a lawyer with forty years experience in  municipal law," White said, "and he confirms my experience of  thirteen years as President ofthe Boilermakers Union and on the  B.C. Councilof Labour. Any duly constituted meeting is bound to  accept motions pertaining to the business of the meeting. The  board is not bound by the motion, but is bound to allow people to  speak to a motion on the floor. The actions of the Chairman  deprived people of their legal rights. These people turned out in  good faith and the board owes them a public apology for  misleading them."  "The most important thing," Andy Tapio said, "is to have the  capital development charge raised immediately. We feel that the  board wants to collect the money at the old rate as quickly as  possible and use it to retire the present debt. Then we will be faced  with the cost of upgrading the system to accommodate this new  subdivision. The money from capital development charges is  supposed to be used to upgrade the system; not to pay off existing  debts."  "Nobody wants to stop development," Tapio said, "but we  don't see why the developer shouldn't be willing to pay his fair  share. Seventy three lots is a sizeable percentage of a system that  only has about five hundred subscribers, and I doubt that the  developer wants everybody in the area mad at him."  From Sechelt Council  Marsh Society seeks support  Angela Hilstad, Miss Cactus Flower, glows with happiness on being crowned Miss Sea Cavalcade for 1980.  Sharing in her victory issecond princess Sherrl Young.  For Gibsons Council  1980 Cavalcade program outlined  President of the Gibsons Harbour Business Association, Gary  Puckett presented Gibsons Council with a lengthy review ofthe  published Sea Cavalcade program at the council meeting held on  July 22. Fund-raising, teenage involvement with the Cavalcade,  and the traditional scuttling of the pirate boat in Gibsons Harbour  were among the subjects touched on by Puckett.  Puckett told council that raising money to pay committee  expenses depends upon the sale of T-shirts and lottery tickets an:!  hoped for grants from local industry.  by John Moore  Four members of the Sechelt Marsh Society appealed to  Sechelt council Wednesday night to maintain "a low maintenance  profile" with regard to the Sechelt Marsh.  "Basically we want to remind council that the marsh is owned  by the National Second Century Fund of B.C." said Kathryn  Angermeyer. President of the Marsh Protective Society, "and we  want to follow their philosophy with regard to the marsh.  The Sechelt Marsh Protective Society had objected to  Alderman Henry Hall's failure to consult with them before  instructing Christa West, Coordinator of the Parks, Trails and  Recreation Program, to proceed with projects in the marsh.  "Alderman Hall's plans were a preliminary sketch to show  Second Century what was possible in the marsh," Angermeyer  said, "Wc don't approve of everything in that plan."  Ms. Angermeyer praised the young people working for the  Parks & Trails Program.  "They're doing an excellent job," she said, "things are working  out very well." but she cautioned against excessive zeal in clearing  t"ie trails or the cutting of new paths into secluded picnic areas.  She pointed out that vegetation along the existing paths should be  disturbed as little as possible and that no new trails or picnic areas  should be established away from the road, pointing out that  secluded picnic areas inside the marsh might encourage people to  use the marsh for drinking parties.  Mr. Henry Otten, a candidate for the aldermanic seat vacated  by Henry Hall, sat in on the meeting and contributed to a  discussion on the installation of a culvert at the south entrance to  the marsh. Otten pointed out that a culvert previously installed in  the area had backed up and caused flooding due to the amount of  refuse dumped into the channel. Council decided to proceed with  the culvert, accepting a recommendation from Alderman Brown  that the Village Maintenance Supervisor monitor the situation  closely.  Acting Mayor Kolibas accepted the Marsh Society's  recommendation that projects in the marsh be confined to those  outlined in the Society's July 18th memorandum. Kolibas  thanked the delegation for attending the meeting.  "I feel that with this cooperation," Kolibas said, "as long as the  coordinator is with us we can get along without changing things  too much down there."  On the question of teenager participation which has been a  matter of controversy, Puckett said that a delegation of teenagers  had told him they were not happy with the quarrelling in the Sea  Cavalcade over events for young people. According to Puckett,  the teenagers had said that they were not happy with the  quarrelling in the committee over events for them and wanted to  see the boogie boat and other events continue as formerly  ^tinned.  "The teenagers told me," said Puckett, "they want to help with  the Sea Cavalcade, not just be entertained." Puckett told council,  "We must see that they are part of the organizing from now on."  On the subject of the scuttling of the pirate boat, a traditional  feature of Sea Cavalcade but one which caused windows in the  harbour area of Gibsons to be blown out last year when excessive  explosives were used, Puckett reassured Council that everything  possible is done to ensure no repeat of last year, "lt will be done by  some of the crew of the Beachcombers this year. They will use  gasoline and phosphorus and one stick of dynamite." Puckett  explained that one stick of dynamite is needed to sink1 the hull.  "One stick of dynamite won't do any damage," said Alderman  Metcalfe.  Puckett said that he thought the excursion boat from  Vancouver and beachcomber boat races lend the Sea Cavalcade a  special appeal to tourists and hopes that these become established  features of Sea Cavalcade.  System in limbo  Regional Board  in Sandy Hook  water dilemma  Area A Director Joe Harrison has finally signed documents to  increase the regional board's borrowing power to take over the  Sandy Hook, Tuwanek water systems, but thc fate of the system  remains in limbo.  Area E Director Jim Gurney reported to the board Thursday  night on his meeting with senior officials of the Water Rights  Branch in Victoria two weeks ago, saying "the Water Rights  Branch is not prepared to take any action" wiih regard to  resolving the transfer of thc systems to the regional board.  "They stated very firmly," Gurney said, "that the Sandy Hook  Water Company must pay up before the transfer is allowed."  Accounts ofthe Sandy Hook Water Company show a $23,000  deficit in reserve accounts for Mains Replacement and  Maintenance ordered established by the Water Rights Branch.  The Mains Replacement Fund, Gurney said, is properly part of  the assets of thc system and should go to the regional board.  "If thc present owners of the system pay the SI3.000 into the  Mains Replacement Fund, they will, 1 suppose, recover the  $19,000 in the Maintenance fund. 1 don't understand what the  problem is, but these people have offered something for sale to  which they do not have clear title. We should call them on the  carpet," Gurney said.  "No mention of money was made at the meeting where the deal  was offered," Director Lee said, "Wc should tell Water Rights to  seize the system."  "They are not prepared to do so," Gurney replied, "they say  they won't fight our battles for us. 1 can't in all conscience  continue to manage someone else's system. We have been duped  into taking over this system. We could sue for damages. As 1 see it,  we have no option but to jettison the system and force Water  Rights to intervene."  The board has already put an estimated $10,000 worth of  improvements into the system as an emergency measure to ensure  water to subscribers to the system.  "1 believe the board has also already begun to levy charges for  water to the system. We cannot jettison the system in spite of the  reprehensible behavior of the company. The people behind this  company have a history of this kind of thing. Wc must demand  that they appear before this board," Lee said.  Board Chairman David Hunter told Directors Lee, Stelck and  Gurney, to avail themselves of the services ofthe board's senior  staff and said, "You have the full power of this board to deal with  this matter."  ON THE INSIDE...  Entertainment  page 4  Community News pages 6 & 7  Sports page 10  Hospitality  Directory  page 2,2  Classified Ads  pages 14 & 15  Business  Directory page 12  Opinions differ  Chamber acquires Rockwood  Historic Rockwood Lodge is now the property ofthe Sechelt  Chamber of Commerce. HomerGlass, President ofthe Chamber,  and Bud Koch, chairman ofthe Rockwood Lodge committee, put  their signatures on the final papers in the offices of Eastwood &  Co. Friday afternoon.  They were given the green light Wednesday evening when the  chamber, meeting at thc Parthenon restaurant, voted in favour of  a resolution that Glass and Koch be authorized to borrow up to  $(i5.00() from the Royal Bank in Sechelt to complete the $87,500  transaction.  Koch explained that thc money would be borrowed at interest  rates K; above thc prime rate of \2Vi% and said he believes the  Chamber can raise all the money to pay back the loan in the next  len months.  For a part of that time, the ongoing costs, including the loan  payments, will be covered by renting the building to the federal  governments Katimavik youth program. Between 11 and 22  young people and their counsellors will move into the building in  October and among their projects in the community will be the  renovation and landscaping of Rockwood Lodge.  "We have $7,500 already invested," Koch told the Chamber  Wednesday evening. "We can still buy, sell it later and get our  money back if the Chamber changes its mind. There is no question  that when these young people leave, the building is going to be in  much better shape than it is now. If we haven't got it paid for by  then, we should sell it."  Koch blamed himself for the Chamber's failure to have raised  more money toward the purchase at this point.  "1 expected to raise more money than 1 have," Koch said, "I  could have had $40,000 by now. I'v^ol $30.000 in commitments  but that doesn't put money in the bank." Koch was responding to  questions from Len Seigo, who asked how much ofthe money the  Chamber already had in the bank.  "$14,000," Koch said.  Several members of the Chamber immediately rose and offered  to underwrite any shortfall in the Chamber's fund raising total.  "The people who just volunteered," Koch said, "are people who  have been in Sechelt a long time and derived a lot of good from  being here and want to put something back."  There were some dissenting opinions expressed.  "I'm still not convinced." Morgan Thompson told the meeting.  "I just can't see this chamber getting into a debt of $60,000. I'm  sorry to put a damper on this, but I'm not much of a gambler."  Vic Walters and Charles Lee both pointed out that the  Chamber is not gambling, since the bank is prepared to allow the  property to stand as security for the loan.  "It's no gamble," Walters said, "The land is worth more than the  Chamber is getting it for." The lodge occupies more than 1V: acres  near the Sechelt Elementary School.  "I've looked at this strictly as a financial matter," Lee said, "and  I don't think we can lose a nickel. There's no question that this  Chamber needs a spur and a focal point. I see this project as a focal  point and a catalyst for the business community, which in my  opinion, is much needed. I think we can do it and should do it."  The Chamber will be approaching the large forest companies  for contributions to the project. Decisions on those grants are  expected early next year, Koch explained. In the meantime, the  Chamber is still looking for $1,000 donors whose names will be  inscribed in stone in a cairn that will stand at the entrance to the  building.  n.:     _--.   *  Lawyer Hugh Jones of Eastwood & Company looks on as Bud Koch. Chairman of the Rockwood Lodge  Committee, and Homer Glass, President of the Sechelt Chamber of Commerce, sign on the dotted line for the  For 35 years the most widely read Sunshine Coast newspaper!  ir.:-'-- '  tarn ���Sunshine  (���CN>  BLUE  RIBBON  AWARD  1978  Coast News, July 29, 1980  i  A LOCALLY OWNED NEWSPAPER  Published at Gibsons, B.C. every  Tuesday, by Glassford Press Ltd.  Box 460, Gibsons, VON tVO  Phone 886-2622 or 886-7817  Pindtr Harbour inquiries, and ill others, II  no amwir Irom 886 numbtrt call aaS-2770  Editorial Department: Production Department  John Burnside  Ian Corrance  John Moore  Account! Department:  M. M. Joe Copyi.ttlng:  Sonla TrudelJ  Nancy Conway  Advertising Department  Allan Crane  Wendy-Lynne Johns Fran Berger  SUBSCRIPTION RATES: Lis0 Sheridan  Canada S20 per year. $12 for six months.  United States and Foreign. S24 per year  Distributed Free to all addresses on the Sunshine Coast  The Sechelt election  I he residents ol Sechelt are facing what  could be a most important by-election on  August 9. The related resignations ,of  Mayor Boucher, because of ill-health, and  ul Alderman Hanry Hall, to contest the  mayor's seal, could lead to significant  changes in council.  Sechelt businessman Hall and Bud Koch  have long declared their intention to seek  to be mayor and a recent report has Joe  Benner also declaring his intention to seek  office. I he outcome of such an election is  hard 10 predict. Both Hall and Koch have  been shown recently to have considerable  public support. Koch has been serving as  President of a very active Chamber of  Commerce and Hall easily led the  uldermanic race in the election held last  November. Benner has not been politically  active for several years.  For what it is worth we think Bud Koch I  will be Sechelt's mayor after August 9th. lt  is possible that Hall's latest brush with the,  Marsh Society in which he seemed to be  attempting to impose his own views  without consultation will alarm enough of  his November following to damage his  chances and Benner has just been away too  long.  In the aldermanic race to replace Hall as  alderman a new face has appeared to seek  office. Henry Otten is a retired Simpson  Sears executive and a Sechelt resident. He  will contest the aldermanic seat with  prominent regional board memberCharles  Lee. Lee did not do very well in his first try  for Sechelt office in November but the  electorate may be more accustomed to the  idea this time and give more credence to his  argument that he will effectively quadruple  the village's representation, because of thei  weighted voting system, on the regional  board as well as prepare for the allegedly  coming day when Davis Bay and Sechelt  will be amalgamated.  On the other hand, Sechelt electors in  November opted for new faces over  familiar names and they may be in such a  frame of mind still. If so, Otten should win.  This contest could go cither way. '  All candidates will be filmed for laterl  screening on Channel 10 next week andj  there will be an all-candidate meeting in;  thc Senior Citizens Hall on Mermaid I  Street at 8:00 p.m. on Friday, August 1st.  All who care about the shape ofthe future  in the village should consider carefully  after hearing the candidates and exercise  their democratic right to vote.  Israel's recalcitrance  From this vantage point one must  deplore thc insistence of the government of  Israel in making Jerusalem the capital of  that country.  Jerusalem is a holy city to Moslems,  Christians, and Jews, and for thc Israelis to  claim it totally at a time when their  expansion onto the west bank of the  Jordan is infuriating the Arabs must be  seen to be ill-advised. For the first time a  sizeable number of members of the Israeli  parliament have openly decried the actions  of their government and in this there must  be hope.  Thc present Israeli government cannot  last for ever and it must be seen in its  intransigence to be one of the most  dangerous groups in the world to future  peace as well as thc survival of Israel itself.  Israel in the long run simply cannot survive  without making peace with the Arabs. It  would appear that the city of Jerusalem  would be a perfect site for the United  Nations, lending massive recognition to  the Third World and making the flash,  point of Jerusalem into a central place for  the search for peace.  Little in the way of such constructive  suggestions are forthcoming these days as  governments afraid of appearing weak,  seem intent on glaring each other down  while the armaments makers grow ever  richer encouraging the deadly game. One  can only deplore the intransigence and the  greed that arc at the root of the world's  political ills. On a planet of startling beauty  the main preoccupation of its principal  resident specimen seems to be self-  liquidation. No wonder we have always  been fascinated with the Arctic lemmings  and their alleged suicidal march to the sea.  They apparently mirror our own darkness.  ...from the files of the COAST NEWS  FIVE YEARS AGO  "We are victims of price conspiracy  because of our geographic isolation  and if anyone can show us differently I  nvite them to do so," said Gibsons  president Joe Kampman, chairman of  a n>iwly oroanized consumer group.  Kampma.i said his group was specifically concerned with the cost of gas  and groceries.  Editor Rob Dykstra reveals in his  column "Of shoes and ships and  sealing wax" that the announced two  weeks of vacation is really a management cover up for a combined lockout walk-out.  TEN YEARS AGO  The school board starts to move  from the B.C. Tel Block back to the  Lang Block.  The Regional Board's 1,000,000  gallon water reservoir is about ready  for use.  FIFTEEN YEARS AGO  Robert Lamont recommends that  ratepayers meet to oppose the 75%  increase in the water rate recommended by Gibsons council.  Lloyd Burritt, son of Ed and Peggy  Burritt of Gower Point, wins a  scholarship to attend Berkshire Music  Festival in Massachusetts.  TWENTY YEARS AGO  With Roberts Creek's pound law  now in effect control of roaming cows  becomes mandatory.  I.H.R. Jeffery, school superindend-  ent, advises the board that a school  will soon be necessary in West  Sechelt.  Free canned pork is being distributed to needy people from national  surplus stocks.  TWENTY-FIVE YEARS AGO  Canadian Forest Products starts a  $25,000 paving job for thoroughfares  in the mill area.  Capt. W.A. Kent is postmaster for  the new Madeira Park Post Office.  THIRTY YEARS AGO  Local fruitgrowers expect to get 20,  cents per pound at the cannery for  their strawberries.  Sechelt will get a memorial cenotaph to commemorate the fallen in two  wars.  Cannery superintendent Fred Holland reports 1,200 cases ofstrawberry  jam have been shipped to Vancouver.  THIRTY-FIVE YEARS AGO  Cougars have been killing the sheep  of Ed Myers in Pender Harbour.  Seventeen were killed in two nights  last week. The cougars are believed to  be a mother and her kittens.  Two Roberts Creek youths, Ken  Green, 18, and Kenneth West, 14, arej  still reported missing after leaving!  their homes in a small boat on July 19.  A new species of seaweed along the  coast is regarded as an act of wartime  sabotage by the Japanese boat  owners and commercial fishermen.  *&^��>*;*,  Gower Point, about 1940. Harry Chaster had built a high-front store  here in the mid 1920's. Harry and Florence took on its management a  few years later. They replaced it with the stuccoed buildirlg seen here,  new at the time of this Helen McCall postcard photo. During summer  seasons, they served campers with groceries from Vancouver  wholesalers, milk from their own dairy herd, and baked goods from  Elphinstone Co-op Bakery. Following the introduction of car ferries  across Howe Sound in 1951, Gower Point gradually lost its pedestrian I  mode of travel. After having served their customers for thirty years, |  Harry and Florence Chaster phased out the enterprise in 1959. The  building was subsequently put to a variety of uses. Recently, it houses  Joan Warns art studio. Photo courtesy Ross Gibson Collection and  Elphinstone Pioneer Museum., i  L.R, Petersen.'  For the past couple of weeks  through the kind offices of  Les Peterson, Gibsons historian, and ex-Coast News  editor and owner, Fred  Cruice, we've been doing a  little historical backward glancing to mark the thirty-fifth  anniversary of the birth of the  Sunshine Coast News. The;  little paper has been going I  regularly since July, 1945 and I  it behooves yours trulv as the;'  present incumbent of thlff  editorial chair to add a few"  words to those of the stalwart  Messrs. Cruice and Peterson.  Les Peterson took the story  through from its first vears to!  the coming of the Cruices.  from Regina in 1954. Fred,|  in his familiar spare and  laconic style brought us up to  date on the Cruice era, ending  with the purchase of the  paper by 'Vancouver man  Doug Sewell'. Said purchase  took place in June, I think, of  1976.  At that time I was coming to  the end of a year's leave of  absence from the local School  District. I had been a school  teacher for fifteen consecutive  years, thirteen of those in high  schools in Montreal, Dawson  City, Fernie and Gibsons. For  the first ten of those fifteen  years I was as enthusiastic  and idealistic a classroom  teacher as ever came down the  pike. My job was to bring  young people together with  the joy of books and it was one  that I was well-qualified and  well-suited for.  Inevitably as year followed  year and after I arrived  on the Sunshine Coast and  didn't want to leave, thereby  losing the temporary relief  of a change of place, boredom  began to set in. I felt like an  old circus horse which knew  all the tricks but had been  around the ring just too many  times.  To the end of the time I  found the business of books  and young people to be a  worthy enterprise to be  engaged in but the petty  power plays implicit in the  educational hierarchv, so  petty, so unnecessary, and so  counter-productive, had taken  much of the pleasure of the  work away. At a staff meeting  in May of 1975 I suddenly  realized with a clarity that  brooked no denying that I  had had all I could stand of  this droning and mediocre  boredom. 1 had heard just one  too many of the verv many  puffed up pettinesses which  took their acquisition of this or  that title as an indication  that they were somehow  superior to their fellows. I  taught school when some  ambitious newcomer rushed in  and gave us reasons why for  educational excellence we had  to go to semester. I taught  Musings  John Burnside  George Matthews  school when another rushed in  and for the same reasons  urged upon us the importance  of going off semester and I  grew weary of the whole silly  business, realizing as I did  that it had little to do with the  welfare of students and a  great deal more to do with the  ambition of the administrator  to become known as an  'innovative educator'. Medi-j  ocrity on greedy parade.  So one day in May I realized  that there was still time to take  my leave. I was by no means  sure of what it was I would .or  could do hence the leave of  absence for one year. Nothing  in that year of leave came to  me as an alternate career  and the time drifted away for|  me to signify my intention'  to resign. Nothing, nothing,  nothing, except-the vision of  year after dreary vear in,  chalky classrooms where only  the teacher grows old and  even the would-be dictators  who climb assiduouslv the  ladders of power were coming  younger every second year.  Without a job or a prospect  of a job and with my money  just about gone, I quit anyway. I wrote a piece for the  local paper, more as a means  for renewing my acquaintanceship with my long-  neglected typewriter than;  anything else. It was a piece  about how the problems of  the Post Office were caused  by junk mail. The commercial  perversion of the Post Office,  I announced grandiloquently.  The paper was itself 'junk  mail' and the editor nearly  didn't run the article for that  reason. If he hadn't I wouldn't  have written another and that  would have been that for  newspapers. He ran it. I wrote  again. I wrote regularly. He  offered me a job as a reporter.  I declined. He offered me a job  as an editor. I accepted. We  quarrelled. I left in November  1976. The paper came up fori  sale and a group of friends!  and I scraped up enough!  money to buy the paper. In;  some ways it was an old'  dream come true. A year after  my arrival on the Sunshine  Coast a group of teachers  including myself had inquired  about purchasing the Coast  News but it was not then for  sale.  We plunged as into the  deep end. None of us knew*  very much about newspapers'  or about business. We had a  lot of energy, though, and we  had all at various times in  our lives done with very little  money and we toughed it out.  Today three of the original  four members of Glassford  Press Ltd., so-called after the  late Eileen Glassford of  Gibsons who had befriended  all of us, are still at it. One left  in 1978 and a new fourth party  joined in 1980 in the person of  Allan Crane. Along the way  we have worked with some of  the most interesting and  gifted people it has been my I  good fortune to have met.'  Heroes and Heroines along |  the way: like Henry and Josef j  our Ukranians; Bruce our  homegrown genius; Cynthia,  the tiny typesetter with the  Great Danes and the fear of  spiders; the inimitable Pat  Tripp; Sharon and Gerry;  the indefatigable Pennv Christian with her golden smile;  Veronica, sweet and joyous  genius; and all the present  crew whose names are listed  above and some whose  names are not.  All in all it has been a  memorable and exciting experience. We've learned a lot  and God knows we have had  a lot to learn. It has been an  experience that I would not  have missed for anything and  I am pleased and proud to  be the editor of the moment on  the Sunshine Coast News.  You Were Born; Must Die  Vou were born; must die; were loved; must love;  Born naked; were clothed; still naked walk  Under your clothes. Under your skin you move  Naked; naked under acts and talk.  The miles and hours upon you <feed.  They eat your eyes out with their distance  They eat your heart out with devouring need  They eat your death out with lost significance.  There is one fate beneath those ignorances  Those flesh and bone parcels in which you're split  O thing of skin and words hanging on breath:  Harlequin skeleton, it  Strums on your gut such songs and merry dances  Of love, of loneliness, of life being death.  Stephen Spender  Hello again!  I have just witnessed the  latest tyranny of technology;  the computer crime. This was  not what you'd normally  associate with the idea of  computer crimes generally,  robbing banks of millions by  simulating programs or steal  ing computer time from the  University, this was a much  more insidious and terrifying  electronic rip off.  The kind of thing I amabo.ut  to describe may have been  going on for some time, I don't  get around much and this is the  first time I've seen it. The whole  thing started when the tail pipe  of my venerable Pontiac fell off  Ihe muffler. In Gibsons this  would have been of no great  concern of course; after 5 or 6  months of noise and fumes I  would gel around to having it  repaired. In Victoria however,  ihe citizens are much less  tolerant of automotive abbera-  lions so after a week or so  of d ragging my tail pipe around  I decided to have it fixed.  Naturally I wanted it repaired  cheap and fast so I took it to  one of those places where they  specialize in such things. 1 don't  want to mention this particular  establishment by name but they  surely tried to put the golden  touch on me.  Now I've owned enough  ancient machines in my time to  be familiar with garages and  their practices. My custom is to  buy myself a coke out of the  machine, listen to a couple of  seamy stories, get the feel ofthe  place and then go and talk to  the guy who most looks like he  knows what he's doing. This  practice has stood me in good  stead and has usually kept my  car running for longer than it  had a right to.  Ihis particular muffler shop,  however, was something beyond my experience. On television the muffler man is  depicted as thc tough guy ofthe  motor trade but in this shop 1  was confronted by a half dozen  spic and span young men in  powder blue jumpsuits who  moved about with the tidy  efficiency of hair stylists.  I knew I was in trouble right  away but I couldn't leave  because my tail pipe was  jammed up under the gas tank  and the prospect of being  incinerated on the streets of  Victoria in the height of the  tourist season was even more  depressing than facing the little  men in the jumpsuits. After  having my poor car mounted  antiseptically on a hoist,  another man emerged from an  adjacent office. He wore a sort  of beige jumpsuit. He inspected  my vehicle's private parts and  informed me that, "as soon as  we get a read out qn the status  of our inventory our computer  will estimatize the job."  Not, "Thai's a real mess you  got there partner" or "This is  . going to cost you an arm and a  leg" but "read outs of inventory)  status" and "our computer will  estimatize the job." I followed .  him into his office and sure .  enough there was some kind of  micro-computer and a printer.  There were maybe half a dozen  other poor suckers in the room .  waiting to be computed and if  you've ever been in a room full i  of people where there is a T.V.  turned on you'll understand the  scene.   Everybody   had   eyes:  glued to the display screen of  this guy's computer like they.  were waiting to watch All in the'  Family or something. ��� -:  The space cowboy in the  beige lounging outfit punched a  few buttons on his gadget and .  in about five seconds a lonj  strip of paper chattered its way .  out of the printer. "Well, (..  think we can fix you up. The.;  computer says it will only cost  you $230.00."  "There must be some mis; |  take," I said. I just want you to-  stick that piece back on tha),  other piece."  "The computer doesn't lie  mister.  Considering the age of��  the   car,   the   status   of  tht ���  external integrity of the rele-  vant  components  and  the'  availability of materials, that's  our best estimate. You need the'  whole   works   pal.   Stem   tot'  stem."  What struck me most was the  way in which the other cus-i  tomers nodded in agreement!  with the computer man. It was!'  as though by challenging his)'  veracity 1 was somehow killing  the messenger. The computer'  said $2.10 and $2.10 it had to bo..  I admit to a certain self-doubt ���  on the issue. Machines don'tl;  lie, people do. If the computer;  said $2.10 who was I to argue..  When  I told  him  I wanted  another estimate and would he  please wire my pipe back in  place he just shook his head in  smiling contempt. "It's certainly within your right to seek a  second  opinion,"  he agreed,  and as I left 1 could sec the  other customers shaking their  heads in pity for my ignorance.  Around thc corner I found a  second muffler shop. This one  just said Brakes and Mufflers.  Much of my terror fled when I  espied the muffler men at their  work. They wore greasy caps to  keep the dirt out of their hair  and overalls that looked like  they were supposed to. 1 felt  even better when they lifted the  car on the hoist and the first  words out of my muffler man's  mouth were, "That's a real mess  you got there partner," Hey--  Harry come and look at this." !  When Harry arrived I could I  have kissed him. "This is going ���  to cost you an arm and a leg ���  mister." ';  Now I was on my own turf, ���  no jumpsuits, no computers, j  just straight talk. We went in.  the office and the boss checked j  to see if he had the parts. No i  computerized inventory here. I ���':  almost broke down and cried ���:  with joy when he started);'  Please turn to Page Three.  - ��� ���    ��� "��� tetters to the Editor  Pender Water Board challenged...  Coast News, July 29,1980  Editor:  pur understanding of an  elected water board is that  they see to the supplying of a  reasonable amount and quality of water at the lowest  possible cost to the users.  this is not being done. The  present board has fallen  asleep with land values climbing like a skyrocket and people  mgving in like it was the only  place to live, which it is, they  still charge $1,000 for capital  lot development for water, the  same as many years ago.  These funds can be used  only for capital development  ofthe water systems e.g. new  mains, enlarging present  mains, improving the watershed and supply and paying  off capital loans etc. If we do  not get enough money from  the land developers to pay for  th; up-grading of the water  supply lines then we, the  water users, will have to foot  the bill. Our rates have gone  up over the years, 300% with  no increase to the developers.  Something is wrong.  There  appears  to be  so  many different charges and  unfair rates to water users.  This could be one of the  reasons why the bookkeeping  and services cost twice as  much, as some people have  indicated they could do them  for. Yes, why not by public  tender? Surely one person  does not run the water board  or does he?  How do they justify having  an annual public meeting  where they accept motions  then have an extension of  the same meeting later and  refuse to accept motions.  They did it, Roberts rules  down the creek.  We feel this water board  should do the decent thing  in the best interest of the  Water Uien. They should  lead, follow, or get out of the  way.  We, some of the water  users, are forming a public  group to find out why we have  to pay such high unequal  charges and rates, and why  the present board condones  some very expensive practices  at our expense.  Are you drowning your  water bills or feeling the water  shaft?  Contact Margaret Causey  883-9957.  '  Andy M. Tapio  Chairman - Concerned  Water Users of Madeira Park  Lee congratulated  Editor:  I see in your paper Charles  Lee is running again for a seat  on the Sechelt Village Council.  I have to congratulate Mr.  Lee. I haven't heard of him  threatening anyone with a law  suit since thc last Regional  Board elections.  Thc local news I read about  Charles is he has stepped down  as Chairman of thc Finance  ... and supported  Editor:  I have lived in Pender  Harbour for 28 years and have  served on the South Pender  Harbour Water Board for a  good portion of those years, so  I know at first hand of the  muhy problems and headaches  that beset thc Board on pretty  well a continual basis.  I think that most people do  not realize the time and effort  that the Trustees devote to their  job, which is unpaid and  generally thankless.  The present Board consists  of 6 responsible citizens, duly  elected by the members of the  district, to work on our behalf  to the best of their ability.  It seems to me. therefore,  that it is ridiculous to call a  Special General Meeting in  order to dictate to the said  Board how they should do their  work. If we have to do this,  then we do not need a Board at  all.  If more water-users would  come to the Annual General  Meetings, get to know their  Trustees, their problems, and  make known to the Board their  own wishes. I think it would be  of great benefit to all concerned. I suggest that if those who  are in apparent opposition,  would spend as much time and  energy in assisting the Board as  they have in opposing the  Board, there would be no  problems.  Bill McNaughton  Madeira Park  MM  will be  TEMPORARILY CLOSED  as of JLJLY30TH  Re-Opening in Lower Gibsons  in September  Inquiries at 886-9147  Very Sorry for the Inconvenience  ***fvmmimiimimimimmmimmim*m  A pig makes reply  Editor:  As I lie here in my bed of  straw, reminiscing on the  highlights of my brief life,  I have to admit that the events  of July 12th, down in the  shade of the cedar trees by  Roberts Creek, were more  exciting than most of my peers  ever get to experience. If  I had been another 100 lbs.  in weight I would have really  given those humans a run for  their money. We pigs who are  raised for bacon have our  pride you know, and I made as  much noise and jumped  around as energetically as a  pig is able. I've certainly  never enjoyed soft green grass  and com-on-the-cob before,  not to mention the hot dogs.  Many thanks to the people  who appreciated my participation in the Roberts Creek  Daze fun.  Sincerely,  Sir Francis Bacon  Covering  ihe Coverage1  Lee enters fray  Editor:  I enclose a copy of a letter  sent to each voter in Sechelt  which sets out as clearly as  possible the principal thrust  of my Sechelt objectives.  From the careful study of  your editorials and other  writings on matters beyond  the ferries, makes it clear that  you, at least, understand how  we are directly affected by  Slings  (cont'd)  thumbing through a greasy old  inventory book. "What do you  want fixed mister?" he asked in  that pleasantly gruff way that  mechanics have.  "I just want you to stick that  piece back on that other piece,"  I suggested in my best technical  language.  "Vou need a new tail pipe  and a resonator. It's going to  set you back a grand total of  lint) Ave dollars and sixty  cents. Come back in 20 minutes  and it'll be ready."  twenty five minutes later. I  erliiscd silently hy the computerized muffler simp. Thc same  customers sat in the same office  Airing in uwc at the golden  ., inpuier. At least. I hope they  were because I certainK didn't  intend mj rude gesture for  lliem.   affairs beyond our local  control and how important it is  that we work at what we can  control.  In this category I place  finance, social and other  related matters, and public  information and participation,  also a brand new approach to  the local news media, that  greatest aid to government. I  am always cognizant that a  people are judged by its  treatment of the aged, the  young and the disadvantaged.  If any Sechelt voter did not  get a copy of my letter, please  phone 885-2903.  Sincerely,  Charles Lee  by Jim Ansell  Am I covered for everything?  "I've paid insurance for 15  years and never had a claim.  Do you mean I can not claim  for my $50.00 whatsit because  it isn't covered under my  policy?"  Every Agent has heard this  statement before. We would  all like very much to be able to  cover all claims submitted  but, unfortunately, it is just  not possible. Your Insurance  Policy is simply a contract  which will do no more and no  less than what is declared in  its wording.  There is no such thing as a  policy which will cover absolutely everything against  absolutely anything. For  peace of mind it is better for  you to know your coverages  before you have to use them.  You should be aware of your  own   and   your   insurance  Company's obligations under  the terms of the contract. TO  this end I strongly recommend the following:  1) Ensure that your Agent  takes the time to explain  your policy coverages to  you, at the time of issue,  detailing all the pertinent  voids and limitations which  could affect you.  2) After you receive it, R EAD  YOUR POLICY OVER  CAREFULLY. If you get  stuck anywhere or if you  . need clarification on any  point, contact your Agent.  He will probably be very  pleased that you have read  your policy and will no  doubt welcome any questions you may have.  After all, everyone knows  how much Insurance Agents  love to chat.  Next   Week:   Homeowners  Package Policies.  SUNSHINE COAST INSURANCE AGENCIES LTD.  Box 375, Cowrie Street  Credit Union Building  Sechelt, B.C. VON 3A0  88S-229I  , \DVI.   I  WANTED  Used Furniture  and What Have You  AL'S USED  FURNITURE  886-2812  WE BUY BEER  BOTTLES    .  i0kmm+imi*mmm  v    Province of Ministry of  fy|i|   British Columbia       Forests  1CM.DI  Alternatives for Crown Timber Pricing  The Ministry of Forests is currently producing a series of White Papers The  purpose of these papers is to obtain al1 additional views of the concerned  parties. The current White Paper is entitled Alternatives for Crown Timber  Pricing.'  Copies of this paper are available from the following Ministry of Forests  Regional Offices:  631 - 355 Burrard Street  Vancouver  515 Columbia Street  Kamloops  518 Lake Street  Nelson  540 Borland Street  Williams Lake  1011 -4th Avenue  Prince George  Market Place  Prince Rupert  Replies and comments should be received by  November 30.1980. addressed to  Director, Valuation Branch. Ministry of Forests  1450 Government Street, Victoria. BC . V8W3E7  Super^lu  Committee, that's the second  time in two years. Last year he  was asked to step down. This  year thc way I read it is: "You  won't make me Chairman of  thc Board so I won't be  Chairman of thc Finance  Committee!" (How childish)  I wonder if his performance  on the Village Council would  be any different.  Sincerely  Ed Nicholson  Better���lou Bet  100��o Locally Owned & Operated  Quality Meats  Prices Effective fe-M July Wh-W;  '���i ���':"'  READY TO SERVE '     mm-\t  hdVTlS ���..,... Sl^PortWi Me in-��.   #9  FLETCHERS BUDGET BRAND  weiners ,...,_; |_M��i*�� 79*  PREVIOUSLY FROZEN - GOVT INSPECTED PORK;  side spareribs .....,...,...,.....:...��, *1.49  ��� ' ���'���'������       -    ��� ' *  CANADA GRADE   A   BEEF BONELESS #  ill nip   lOaSIS Or Outside Round Roast-Ib.      2.79  Wiltshire sliced    Assorted varieties  cooked meats     20% OFF  ' Rtfl. 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He's  a big man ��� maybe six-three -  with a head that is disproportionately small for his  hulk of a body. The eyes are  porcine and suspicious behind  rimless spectacles; his thick-  lipped mouth smiles only with  difficulty and always at  someone else's expense. His  voice is high-pitched and deceptively quiet except when  he's cursing somebody out  or tying the can to them -  which is frequently. He is  seldom seen bareheaded but  habitually wears a heavy,  old-style, composition hard-  hat like the helmets of British  foot-soldiers in World War  One. Ominec indeed, is an ox-  army officer and tries to run  his logging-camp like some  sort of military unit. I swear  to God, he'd have us marching  and saluting if he could get  away with it. He knows only  one speed and that is straight-  ahead highball. He wants logs  the way General Patton  wanted dead Nazis. Hans  Ominec, in short, is a rather  unpleasant son of a bitch.  Unfortunately, my brother  Chris and I are not aware of  this fact when we first make  his acquaintance in the valley-  mouth beer-parlour. He is  feigning an air of bluff good  humour on this occasion, even  buying us drinks with grandly-  flourished bills from a well-fed  wallet. Ominec is playing the  Pages  from a Life-Log  Peter Trower  mancatcher. The snow is  rapidly vanishing from the  slopes of the Cataract Valley  and he is out hunting for a  start-up crew. With little  difficulty, he soft-soaps Chris  and myself into his employ.  I suppose the fact that we are  stranded in this God-forsaken  country and badly need the  work, has some bearing on the  matter.  Ominec's camp is called,  not surprisingly, Cataract  Timber and its woebegone  buildings sprawl along a bank  just back from the rocky  beach, at thc valley's entrance. The condition of the  bunkhouses gives Chris and I  our first uneasy inkling of  Ominec's skin flintedness and  general lack of consideration  for his crew. They consist of  three drafty, dingy-windowed,  eight-man shacks. You could  cut the stink of ripe socks and  sweat-caked stanfields with a  knife. Ominec must have  picked the ratty buildings up  at some bankruptcy sale - they  have obviously been barged in  from elsewhere. We manage  to find two bunks in the least  rundown of them. The cookhouse is at least relatively  clean but the cuisine, purveyed by a cadaverous, slow-  moving man called Briggs, is  repititious  and   indifferently  Pafctnrork,Pine  and olher Pleasures  A country  GIFT  STORE  Open all  Sea Cavalcade  Weekend  10 a.m. - 4 p.m.  Bollom ol School Rd..  Gibsons Landing  886-8355  s��*&p w?m  *' Candles, Mils and MhcrTiuis.'I  Country Candy Store  OPEN  EVENINGS  HI 7 p.m.  ,:Sea Cavalcade Weekend .  Locaied Betou .'.��  Cower Pt. Rd. Jjjfo  Gibsons Landing  life ^PH  8867522  prepared. Chris knows of the  cook by reputation. "Hell I  thought they'd run hime out of  the woods. He got canned up  at Harvey Log for getting  pissed on extract all the  time." Ominec's camp is patently no home awav from  home but it is the onlv outfit  working in the immediate  area. We resolve to grin and  bear it for awhile.  The Cataract valley is one of  the older logging areas on the  Coast. Over a mile in width  and twenty in length, it  thrusts inland like a great  finger among towering, snow-  mottled mountains. Several  larger outfits have worked it  previously and all the best,  most-accessible timber is long  since gone. Hans Ominec has  inherited the leavings and he  has been obliged to climb high  up the valley walls to get at  these. His branch roads lattice  the rugged slopes, twisting  and switchbacking up from the  river that gives the valley its  name, three thousand feet and  higher. This is hard and  dangerous ground and I gulp  when I get my first glimpse of  it. Both Chris and I have  worked rough! shows before  but this place can certainly  hold its own with any of them.  It opens up before us like a  bad dream. I suppose it is  awesomely beautiful from an  aesthetic point of view but we  are not here to look at the  scenery.  Chris has been engaged to  pull-rigging while I have  hired-on as a colddeck chaser.  The colddeck setting is still  being felled however and only  the trackside is in operation.  Ominec puts me setting  chokers until the second  machine is ready to go. There  is still considerable snow on  the ground but at least the  slope we are working is not  particularly steep. There are  only four of us out in the  woods. The whistlepunk is a  thin tubercular man with a  graveyard cough called Jeff  Grissom. He looks and sounds  as though he should be in a  sanitorium rather than a  logging-camp. Our hooktender is a short, ruddy-faced,  impatient  man  called  Finn  ATTENTION MOTORISTS  HAVING REPAIR CLAIMS  WITH  THE INSURANCE  CORPORATION OF B.C.  DUE TO RAPIDLY INCREASING OVERHEAD COSTS, AUTOBODY  SHOPS IN B.C. HAVE REQUESTED AN ADJUSTMENT TO THE  LABOUR RATE ALLOWED BY I.C.B.C. FOR REPAIRS TO VEHICLES  INSURED BY I.C.B.C.  IN RESPONSE TO THIS REQUEST, THE CORPORATION HAS  FLATLY REFUSED TO ENTER INTO ANY NEGOTIATIONS WITH THE  INDUSTRY CONCERNING A RATE ADJUSTMENT, MAINTIANING  THAT THE PRESENT RATE IS ADEQUATE REGARDLESS OF THE  RECENT SUBSTANTIAL INCREASE IN WAGES PAID TO THE  AUTOBODY MECHANICS.  THIS REFUSAL HAS BEEN MADE DESPITE RESULTS OF A RECENT  STUDY OF THE BODYSHOP INDUSTRY, COMMISSIONED BY I.C.B.C,  WHICH INDICATES THAT THE HOURLY RATE PAID BY I.C.B.C. FOR  COLLISION REPAIRS IS THE LOWEST IN THE FOUR WESTERN  PROVINCES, IN RELATION TO WAGES PAID.  I.C.B.C. HAS BEEN UNWILLING TO ACCEPT THE INDUSTRY'S  CONTENTION THAT THE CURRENT RATE IS NOT EQUITABLE. THE  INDUSTRY, ON THE OTHER HAND, HAS EXPRESSED ITS  WILLINGNESS TO HAVE THE MATTER IN DISPUTE SUBMITTED FOR  BINDING ARBITRATION. I.C.B.C. HAS FLATLY REJECTED ARBITRATION.  BECAUSE OF I.C.B.C.'S REFUSAL TO NEGOTIATE - OR TO AGREE  TO ARBITRATION - A SURVEY HAS BEEN TAKEN OF ALL OF THE  SHOPS IN VANCOUVER, THE LOWER MAINLAND AND THE FRASER  VALLEY. THE RESULTS OF THIS SURVEY WOULD INDICATE THAT  THE MAJORITY OF THE BODYSHOPS WILL PROBABLY BILL THEIR  CUSTOMERS FOR THE DIFFERENCE BETWEEN THEIR SHOP RATE  AND THE RATE SET BY I.C.B.C. THE INDUSTRY REGRETS THAT THIS  COURSE OF ACTION MAY BE NECESSARY.  MOTORISTS ARE ADVISED THAT, AS STATED BY I.C.B.C, IT IS  THEIR RIGHT TO TAKE THEIR VEHICLE TO THE REPAIR SHOP OF  THEIR CHOICE. I.C.B.C. DOES NOT HAVE THE RIGHT TO DICTATE  WHERE A VEHICLE SHOULD BE REPAIRED.  m  AUTOMOBILE DEALERS' ASSOCIATION  AUTOMOTIVE RETAILERS ASSOCIATION  Billy Kintoula. He is addicted  to taking siwash roads. Instead of running his line  straight from the tail-block  to the spar-tree, he diverts or  "siwashes" it through the  saplings to form a great curve  or bight. This enables him to  high-grade logs from roads we  have not yet reached and thus  increase his production-count.  It is a practice that will nearly  prove my undoing.  On the afternoon of our  third day in the Cataract  Valley, Finn Billy shatters the  handle of his rigging axe  while notching the next  road-line stump, After a short  burst of cursing and kivi-ing,  he sends me down to the  donkey to fetch him another  one. There is a huge siwash in  the line as usual and I start to  head around it through the  felled and bucked timber.  "Hell, kid, just go down  through the dead ground"  says Billy. "It's a damn sight  easier walking." He's right  enough there so I do as he  says.  Locating another axe on the  cluttered deck of the donkey,  I start back up the hill along  roughly the same route. The  rigging is at the back end and  Chris is hooking up a turn.  Shortly, I hear his falsetto go-  ahead hoot and the sickly  punk's electric response. The  donkey-puncher throws her in  gear and the mainline-drum  starts winding. The big cable  tightens - and tightens - and  tightens. They must have  hooked on to a bloody stump  back there! Suddenly, all hell  breaks loose. The saplings  within the bight start toppling  like jackstraws as the si-  washed line straightens under  the tension and tears itself  free with a crackle of rending  wood. A long silver blur comes  side-lashing dead for me.  1 fling myself to the ground in  one terrified motion. The  mainline hits the snow-  blotched dirt with a sickening  thwack about two feet from  Just a few short years ago  the area was thick woods with  a tiny green cottage. Since  then neighbour Frewin Has  built his own lovely new home,  a boat and a beautiful barn-  shaped woodshed. With the  help of wife Jean and with  daughter Lois as straw-boss  the Frewins have established  two enormous vegetable gardens and several flower  borders, gardens, planters  and cutting gardens.  Art says that the rainy  spring has had little effect on  his vegetables and they seem  about the right height and size  for this time of year. The only  difference is that he has been  spared the bother of sprinkling. Here are broadbeans,  butterbeans, scarlet runners,  huge cauliflowers, tomatoes  about three feet tall, iceberg  lettuce and a new strange beet  that is the same shape as a  carrot for even slicing. There  lots of peas, potatoes, asparagus and onions, enough  to keep an army going, and  of course the single artichoke  which should put out more  shoots next spring. There are  raspberries,      strawberries,  squash and rhubarb.  As this is only the second  year for this garden I find the  progress truly amazing. Normally I don't even think of  a garden as a garden until it  is in its third year.  In fruit trees they have new  apple, cherry, plum and pear  all bearing some fruit this  year.  All summer I have been  admiring the prettiest clump  of onions I've ever seen. The  bees are thronging around the  many huge circular mauve  flower heads (these are lovely  in dried flower bouquets) and  the Russian domes of the buds  make a lovely picture.  Everything is thriving, glowing and growing at the  Frewins Beach Avenue Compound including the family.  Happy Gardening....  P.S. Would the charming lady  who called me about her  oversize Hydrangea please  call again. I have an incurable  habit of writing names on  tiny scaprs of paper and I  lost that one. I believe her  plant was about fourteen feet  and I'd love to get a picture  of it. Sorry.  B.C. Day  Postal Service  Postal facilities throughout British Columbia will be doted on  Monday, August 4, In  observation ot the B.C.  Day holiday.  There will be no mail  deliveries on this holiday  with the exception of  special delivery Items.  Street letter box collections will be made  on a "Sunday Service"  Full postal service will  resume Tuesday, Augusts.  Another week-long feature is  being shown at the Twilight  Theatre this week, this one  featuring recently emerged star  John Travolta in the movie  Urban Cowboy.  Travolta plays a young  Texan who loads up his pick-  my left shoulder, hisses intft. up ,ruck ant| heads off for  the air and strikes again a fe(r> Houston to work in the boom-  feet to my right. To my ing petro-chemical industry. In  unspeakable relief, it does not   Houston. Travolta meets Gill-  hit a third time. I stagger  weakly to my feet, amazed to  be still alive. It is as close a  shave as I have ever had in the  woods. Chris and Finn Billy,  already heading down the hill,  look relieved to see me  standing up. From where they  were, it must have looked as  though the line had clobbered  me. "Jesus, man, you were  sure lucky" says Chris. I am  inclined to agree.  The incident is soon forgotten. It is all in a day's work,  ey's. the largest honky-tonk in  America. He also meets Sissy.  an aggressive tow-truck driver  he eventually marries, and a  mechanical bull. For the'urban  cowboys' riding the bucking  I suppose, if you are crazy  enough to be a logger. Finn  Billy doesn't mention it again  but his formerly brusque  manner becomes much more  friendly. Perhaps he feels  some obscure guilt.  to be continued  iTWILIGHTj  THEATRFd  machine serves as a surrogate  rodeo, and for the owners of  Gilley's it's a way of keeping  would-be frontiersmen from  busting up the bar.  When Travolta and Sissy's  marriage breaks up after a  series of petty arguments, she  takes up with Wes, a sadistic  ex-con who lives in a trailer  behind Gilley's. Travolta is  pursued by Pam, a spoiled rich  girl from up town who wants 'a  real cowboy' to play with. After  Travolta wins a final bull-  riding contest, Pam tells him  how she had kept him and Sissy  apart while Wes beats up Sissy  and robs the ticket office.  Travolta catches him and takes  Sissy home.  This is lively, well-performed  and very entertaining soap  opera that should engross its  audience. The unknowns who  co-star are all quite talented in  their own rights but Travolta  brightens the movie as does the  fine country-rock music from  the movie.  Urban Cowboy will be featured at the Twilight Theatre  Wednesday, July .10, through  Tuesday, August 5.  by Rae Ellingham  Week commencing July 28th.  General Notes: Uranus, planet  of shocks and surprises, becomes 'stationary' indicating a  week of unusual, unexpected  conditions. This is not the week  to go peering down the vents of  volcanoes or picnicking along  side the San Andreas Fault.  Also avoid messing around  with electrical appliances or  fittings.  Communications planet Mercury moves 'forward' again  signifying the arrival of long-  awaited messages and correspondence.  Energy planet Mars creeps  closer to ruthless Pluto warning us that an increase in  violent crimes and behaviour  lies ahead.  ARIES (March 21-April 19)  Loved one's or close associate's financial situation is  subject to shocks, surprises or  strange developments. Do your  best to support other person's zany money-making idea.  Shared venture has to be  original to succeed. You receive  long-awaited message concerning domestic decision. Power  struggle with partner, competitor draws nearer.  TAURUS (April 20-May 20)  Relations with day-to-day  companions become awkward,  strange, peculiar. Special person in your life will be feeling  rebellious and anxious to try  something new. original, inventive or less boring. Crucial  letter, message or phone call is  received at last. Prepare for  ruthless actions where you  perform daily tasks.  GEMINI (May 21-June 21)  Accent is on unexpected  health or employment disruptions. Job-scene hints of new  methods, techniques, procedures and rebellion. Give latest  time-saving idea a chance.  Have faith in little-known  health remedy. Financial transactions become smoother. You  find that lost wallet or I.D.  Upcoming social activity look  risky, even dangerous.  CANCER (June 22-July 22)  Social amusements, pleasures and pastimes surprise  endings. Spontaneous activities now create more fun and  laughter. Love affair or  attachment may end or startl  without warning. Avoid weirdo  Wednesday night. Mercury  moves 'forward' in your sign  meaning smoother local trips.  Domestic blow-up is brewing.  I.EO (July 23-Aug. 22)  Prepare for strange occurrences where you live. Your  basic home security is temporarily shaken. Sudden real estate  or rental proposals will need  quick common-sense decisions.  Have expert fix any electrical  malfunctions. Recent rumours  and gossip are proved false.  There's no escaping upcoming  STARTS WED. JULY 30  Playing Wed., Thurs, Fri., Sat., SuiO  Mon., Tues., July 30 - Aug 5  * nmiioY   f  wwatMrncnoESNESENR AMKncHuivwiMMarrnnauciwi  .UTOiimuiMjoti'inutoiM imscwwi al^o srxmiNC deiuuvwincu  ,1ttt���tmra�����jMjo'i usuiuiTOTffisrcmwMKiiiAiiUN  SOIUM hi WDNtKB AMi MM mm HiMBHIIOKnBra&IHIIICMOff  IHKECTTil SI J11LN imiKb MMEJW A HIANOUHI HCNK   ""^(H  Warning Some Coarse Language  4jgj33^     * Swearing  B.C. Director  coming NEXT WEEK  ALL THAT JAZZ  Please phone for show times 886-2827.  LUNCHEON  SALAD BAR/BUFFET  Mon. & Tues: Salad Bar  Wed., Thurs. & Fri: Salad Bar plus  Hot Roast Beel A Seafood Buffet  11 am. - 2:30 pm.  bareTfraser  &  BRUCE TOLMINSON  Country Folk Music  Wed.Sat., July 30th - Aug. 2nd  8 p.m. ��� midnight  886-9215  dispute with close relative or  neighbour.  VIRGO (Aug. 23-Sept. 22)  .  All forms of short-distance,  communications are subject to  unforeseen interruptions. Lor  cal trips and visits produce  strange incidents. Expect odd  phone calls and peculiar requests. Don't hitch-hike on  Wednesday. Acquaintance presents clearer details of long-  range plan. Financial upheaval  is approaching.  LIBRA (Sept. 23-Oct. 23)  Focus is on sudden changes  in your personal financial  situation. Expect surprise gains  and losses. More l.ibrans win  cash this month than any other  sign. Check impulsive spending  Wednesday. Letter or phone  call announces promising career or job news. Looks like  you'll soon have to deal more  ruthlessly with person who  continually abuses your good  nature.  S( ORP|p (Oct. 24-Nov. 22)  Uranus 'stationary' in your,  sign highlights your dynamic,  strong-willed, unconventional  behaviour. Desire for even  more personal freedom is  strongest yet. Remember to  consider the feelings of those  who tolerate daily your idiosyncrasies. Long-distance communications increase. Dark,  personal secret is revealed next  week. Nov. 13 birthdays experience strange conditions Wednesday.  SAGITTARIUS   (Nov.   23-  Dec. 21)  Expect strange, peculiar  happenings in out-of-the-way  places. Don't anticipate peace  and quiet in your favourite  secluded spot. There may be a  surprise trip to hospital or large  institution. Shared financial  venture gets long-awaited  green light". Prepare to confront  acquaintance regarding recent  deception or so-called honest  mistake.  CAPRICORN (Dec. 22-Jan.  19)  Your long-range plan is  subject to unavoidable diversions. Realize a more original  approach will eventually yield  richer rewards. It's time for a  frank, honest discussion with  loved one or business associate.  Get ready for upcoming, blistering attack on your local  reputation and recent achievement,  vements.  AQUARIUS (Jan. 20-Feb. 18)  Looks like your position,  status or public standing faces'  sudden shake-up. Rebel-rouser  may question your ability to  handle latest responsibilities.  Boss or superior is now unpredictable, full of strange ideas.  Listen to co-worker's better  suggestions. Be ready to make  your final philosophical statement next week.  PISCES (Feb. 19-Mar. 20)  Long-distance affairs, educational pursuits, self-  improvement concerns are  subject to unusual conditions  and changes. There'll be  unexpected news from far  away. Prepare to rearrange^  travel schedule. Looks like;  you've signed up for the wronfc  course. Social invitations;  increase. Anticipate squabble:  over shared finances next week;:  FOR YOUR  SUMMER  CABIN  Lovely articles both  decorative and useful.  Check this carefully  selected display for  yourself at  -THE*.  Shoppe  IN SECHELTS  TRAIL BAY MALL  MMHtassa  ���MHMM Off the shelf  JJ,"    by John Moore  The search for a good short  story is an exercise in unending eyestrain these days.  The academic critics tell us  that the form is regaining its  vitality of late, after a near  demise brought on by changes  in the publishing policy of  large circulation popular magazines like the Saturday  Evening Post etc.  As usual, the critics are full  of it. What they see as a  revival is the publication of  large amounts of otherwise  unpunishable and frequently  unreadable material, written  by themselves and the mutual  backscratchers of creative  Writing departments across  the continent, in quarterly  jobrnals edited by those  departments.  These journals don't pay  their contributors, except in  copies, and therefore seldom  publish anyone who writes  for a living, other than the  professional grant-getters who  have to justify their continued  enjoyment of government  patronage with something  more than a 365 page tab at  the local bar. The lucky among  these augment their incomes  by occupying teaching positions in the departments that  publish the journals, obviously  a ' convenient arrangement,  which has the fringe benefit  of assuring a certain posterity  in that a whole new generation  of aspiring scribblers will be  encouraged to imitate their  abuses of the language, the  intelligence of a presumed  readership and the public  purse.  Not that the academic  journals bear the blame alone.  It is true that changes in the  publishing policy of many  large North American magazines has seriously affected  the art of writing short fiction.  The magazines that once  supported Hemingway and F.  Scott Fitzgerald financially  and brought their work regularly to the attention of  millions of people did cut back  on their publication of fiction  turning to news analysis,  investigative journalism and  'the  glorification  of  popular  fads and trends, less to court  the subscriber, I suspect,  than to grind the axes of  the advertisers who hold the  real purse-strings of publication.  Public reaction was gradual,  but marked. Subscription and  circulation figures, the. first  variable in the equation, since  they determine the value of  advertising dollars, took a  long slow nosedive as readers  wearied of feature articles  on the CIA, the Kennedy  assassination, Watergate,  wife-swapping, drugs, abortion, the future of marriage,  test-tube babies, roller-  boogie, thc oil crisis etc., ail  of which seemed to appear  simultaneously in a dozen  publications.  Some of the once great  magazines led a kind of  schizophrenic existence for  a while, chasing the trends  desperately, trying to compete  with an increasing number of  new magazines | that popped  up catering specifically to  trend markets. There's now a  magazine for just about every  human activity you can name,  from Soldier of Fortune, the  journal of professional murderers, to Creative needlepoint.  There were more than a few  important casualties. The recent failure of Harper's  Magazine is a case in point.  Esquire, which once published  good fiction, changed its  format, chased trends, went  "fortnightly", alienated or  fired many of its best contributors and nearly collapsed.  When last heard of, it had  been purchased by two young  men whose belated intention  was to try to return the  magazine to its format and  standard of over a decade ago.  So what happened to good  short fiction?  Some of the long established magazines are still  publishing and still publishing  short stories. The New Yorker  Magazine, for example. Unfortunately, the fiction editor  of the magazine must have a  list of writers selected for an  affected mastery of the language and a complete lack of  anything to say. On one hand,  the magazine publishes excellent translations of the likes  of Jorge Luis Borges, some of  whose stories are barely a  page long; on the other, it  runs long and obscure studies  of characters whose motives  and situations are either very  confusing, very dull or both.  To be unintelligible may  indicate that a writer is ahead  of his or her time; to be unintelligible and interminable  only indicates that he or she  is wasting it.  It's particularly sad to  encounter writers who can  really write well and have  nothing to say. Two of the  saddest contemporary examples are Saul Bellow and John  Updike, both of whom have  the skill to become great  writers and both of whom have  difficulty selecting a subject  worthy of their skills, Bellow  is a nearer miss than Updike,  who squanders his talent on  suburban New England melodrama. Bellow's early work  was shorter, sharper and  possessed the requisite 20th  century existential torment,  but his last big novel, Hum-  bolt's Gift was a long and  directionless bomb.  So where are the good  stories and who's writing  them? I've run out of space.  Next week I'll have a list of  some of my obscure and not  so obscure favourites. All for  Benner mayor?  "You always get a dark horse in every race," Sechelt  Businessman Joe Benner said as he announced his candidacy for  the office of Mayor of the Village of Sechelt Friday. Friday, the  25th, was the last day for nominations in the by-election.  Benner. who admits to being "39" years old, says he is running  because he feels the village "should have a closer relationship with  other communities on the coast and with the Provincial  government."  .Like aldermanic candidate Charles Lee. Benner sees the  expansion of the village boundaries and the amalgamation of  parts of Areas B and C with the village as inevitable.  "The village could stand some expansion," Benner told the  Coast News, "we need to bring more taxes into the community so  we can provide more services to our senior citizens and our  teenagers."  Benner says thc village needs a more extensive system of  sidewalks to enable senior citizens to do their shopping and get  around thc village with greater ease.  We will be  CLOSED FOR  HOLIDAYS  from July 29th through August 12th  Sorry for  any  inconvenience  JANETTQ  TUB & TOP     '      "  SHOP  886-7621  A full Line of Plumbing Supplies  Hwy 101 A Pratt Rd.  Gibsons  August 8-10  Arts Festival at Centre  by Keith Wallace  In August last year, a lot  of people will remember the  Sunshine Coast Arts Centre  opened with a bang. It was a  gala ribbon-cutting dress-up  affair toasted in champagne  with delectable food and a  genuine holiday atmosphere.  Since then, the arts on thei  Sunshine Coast have emerged  with a true grassroots movement adding immeasurable  value to life on the coast.  Summer is festival time all  over, and what better way to  celebrate a memorable birthday than with a more memorable one.  This Aug. 8, 9 and 10,  the First Annual Arts Festival,  under the sponsorship of the  Sunshine Coast Arts Council  begins. While suitably modest  in scale, this being our first  effort at such an event, we  expect with each year the  festival will grow in size and  quality.  The festival this year takes  place at the Arts Centre,  Hackett Park (located kitty-  corner to the Arts Centre)  and the Sechelt Legion.  Activities begin on Friday  evening Aug. 8, 6-10 p.m.  with a craft fair in Hackett  Park. Twenty craftspeople  are expected, complemented  with food booths to satisfy  the hungry. The fair will  continue on both Saturday  and Sunday Aug. 9 and 10  books-prints-stationery-art supplies  PACIFIC SEASHORES  A Guide to Intertidal Ecology  by Thomas Carefoot  We also have many other books on local flora & fauna,  Indian culture and history of the area.  We carry office stationery  Apple II  The Most Popular Personal  Computer In Its Class  This is the one that started it all. The quality,  performance, and user support that made  Apple II the number-one selling, full-feature  system in the world are keeping It the most  sought-after system anywhere.  ��� Overwhelmed by the cost of maintaining your accounting records?  ��� Can't seem to find lime to help your  slower students with math and spelling?  ��� Tired of drawing and re-drawing charts  and graphs for presentations?  Turn to Apple II, the personal computer system with solutions fo these problems - and  more. It's the smart answer to educational,  Industrial, home management, and many  business computing needs. If you want to  own the very best personal computer available, choose the Apple II Personal Computer  System.  Dlgitronlcs  systems Ltd.  # 103 Teredo Sq.  Sechelt  885-5263  Ron Blair P. Eng.  from 11 a.m. - 5 p.m. There  is the possibility of music  happening in the Park on  Saturday afternoon.  Also on Friday evening,  8:30 p.m., the Arts Centre  presents a classical guitar  recital. Tickets are $3.50 and  watch for further details.  Saturday commences with  performances by the winners  of the Sunshine Coast Music  and Drama festival. The  concert takes place at twelve  noon at the Arts Centre, free  admission.  At 2:30 p.m., clowns and  mime artists invade the Arts  Centre with a session by The  Glass Box and guest clowns  from Vancouver. Admission to  this special event is $1.50 for  kids, S3.00 for adults.  To celebrate our birthday,  a cocktail party will take  place at the Arts Centre at  5 p.m. with a gathering of  members and friends. It will  be a good opportunity to chat  over the year's events. To  fill out Saturday evening a  dance is planned at the  Sechelt Legion. Music will be  provided by The First Annual  Sunshine Coast Arts Council  All Star Jazz Band, a six-piece  custom-designed band playing  music to appeal to all tastes.  Tickets for this fun evening  are $5.00 each and available  at the Arts Centre in Sechelt  or Hunter Gallery in Gibsons.  Sunday morning, Aug. 10, a  special early music brunch is  being offered. For $6.00 one  will have a full course cheese  blintze brunch prepared by  the team that made the  fabulous food for last year's  opening, Donna Shugar, Jody  Pilling and Judy Gates.  Musical accompaniment features live 16th and 17th I  century music on lute, guitar  and flute. Tickets for this  event must be purchased  in advance and are available  at the Arts Centre and Hunter  Gallery. ,  On exhibition throughout  the weekend are the last days  of Earth, Air, Fire and Water  featuring ten Sunshine Coast  artists.  The festival winds down  Sunday afternoon with the  last day of the craft fair.  Keep an eye out for posters  and ads and do join us to make  this festival a memorable  windup to an exciting year.  Coast News, July 29, 1980  KIDS  EAT FREE!  Kids age nine & under can  EAT FREE  EVERY WEDNESDAY  DURING JULY & AUGUST  when accompanied  by an adult.  Yoshi's Restaurant  Sunnycrest Shopping Centre  OPEN: Tues. ��� Sat. at 4:30 pm.  886-8015  TAKE-OUT SERVICE  I Gibsons Public  library  Tuesday  2-4p.m.  Wednesday  2-4p.m.  Thursday 2-4 & 7-9pm.  Saturday 2-4 p.m.  886-2130  THE WILSON CREEK DAY CARE CENTRE  WILL BE CLOSED FOR STAFF HOLIDAYS  UNTIL THE END OF AUGUST.  REGISTRATIONS FOR SEPTEMBER  WILL BEGIN ON THE 25TH OF AUGUST,  FROM 9:00 A.M. TILL 4:00 P.M. FOR MORE  INFORMATION PHONE 885-2721.  PEOPLE COME FIRST AT  PRICES EFFECTIVE: WED. JULY 30TH TO SAT. AUG. 2ND  GROCERY  Betty Crocker  STIR'N FROST      380gm 4.29  Choc. Fudge, Spice, White & Choc.  Nabob ��� Strawberry .'_    __  jam 24oz *2.39  Heinz-White .  VINEGAR i28oz 4.89  Crisco  OIL 3 Litre   '5.29  Q.T.F.  Sliced, Tidbits & Crushed r/*if  PINEAPPLE i4oz 59��  Money's ��� Pieces & Stems  MUSHROOMS iooz 69*  Salada ��� Orange Pekoe  TEA BAGS 60s 4.89  Burns *-   __  CANNED HAM        i**. '2.99  I.G.A. - All Purpose . _  FLOUR .��*.   '4.19  B.C  10 kg  SUGAR iok840.99  10%  I.G.A.  CHlESC Random Weight Reg. Retail Less  Mild, Med., Old, Colby, Brick, Edam, Gouda  Kraft ��� Canadian Deluxe  CHEESE SLICES     soogm $2.39  Parkay - Quarters |��Alf  MARGARINE .�� 69*  7 UP & Plus Deposit  pepsi cola 6,75om, 6/$2.99  Tide - laundry  DETERGENT uub $6.59  Ivory liquid  DETERGENT *u. 4.99  TABLERITE MEATS  Can. Grade A Beet  BLADEo,ROUND STEAK b4.19  Can. Grade A ��� Trimmed  CROSS RIB ROAST     ib. 4.79  Utility Grade ��� Frozen Young  ROASTING CHICKEN  ib 4.09  Olympic Barbeque ��� Bulk  WIENERS ib. 99*  Gov't Inspected ��� Grain Fed  BONELESS PORK LOIN ,,4.99  Roast, Chops, Rib or Tenderloin End  PRODUCE  B.C. Grown ��� Hot House _ _  TOMATOES ib. 69*  B.C. Grown ��� Long English  CUCUMBERS ea 79*  B.C. Grown  RED CABBAGE        311. 4.00  Camaton FROZEN FOODS  FRENCH FRIES 21b 89*  Crinkle cut. Shoestrings & Straight Cut  York ��� Unsweetened  ORANGE JUICE us�� 79*  York ��� Concentrated  APPLE JUICE i2.5o�� 79*  Come to JAacteiAa - u\K QmiA  PENDER HARBOUR CENTRE  Madeira Park.883-9100  "WE-RESERVE THE RIGHT  TO IIMI.' QUANTITIES"  Sunshinegj bad repairs bio or smaii y^V^SX SunslUneO  MDL 5792 ' ' Guaranteed better than city prices. G��      \^V     \^     0�� I llulll   till     Wharf Rd.. Sechelt 885-5131  wmtmm  HMM Coast News, July 29, 1980  Halfmoon Bay Happening  by Rath Forrester 885-2418  The Halfmoon Bay Country  Fair on Saturday July 26th  was a great day with lots of  people on hand to enjoy the  sunshine and the variety of  activities. At noon hour Bernie  Ackerman, president of Welcome Beach Community A-  ssociation, called upon May  Queen Heather Caldwell to  open the fair. Queen Heather  who was very pretty in her  regal robes was accompanied  by her two charming princesses in pale blue as she  declared the fair open. The  girls were then presented with  baskets of flowers by long  time resident Bill Surtees.  There were races for the  children and a volley ball  game which saw the Halfmoon  Bay Fire Department declared  champions and the recipients  of the trophy which was  presented by Peggy Connor.  A very popular and busy  lady at the fair was Eva Lyons  who must have read dozens  of tea cups and foretold  romances and travels.  Raffle prizes were won by  the following: First prize a  digital clock radio went to Eva  Lyons; Sylvia Richardson won  the second prize of a grocery  hamper; third prize of a  planter went to A. Jacques;  fourth prize, another grocery  hamper, was won by Donna  Patrick and fifth which was  a grocery hamper and a gift  of 10 free swim sessions at  the  Pender  Harbour  swim  ming pool, went to Ian Corrance of the Coast News.  The raffle for a beautiful  Raggedy Anne was won by  Susan Perry and the watermelon weight-guessing went  to Sandy Paredon.  rhe end of the fair did  not really mark the end of the  celebrations. There was a  wind-up dance at the Welcome Beach Hall and a good  time was had by all  Our thanks go to all who  supported the fair and to those  who worked so hard to make it  all happen.  The Church of His Presence  on Redrooffs Road provided a  lovely setting for the wedding  on Saturday, July 26th, of  Tony Greenfield and Kay  Angermeyer. The very beautiful bride was a picture in  her cream coloured gown. Her  sister Nancy was the lovely  maid of honour and best man  was long-time friend of the  groom Chris Sorby from  Ontario. The Reverend Jack  Kent of Vancouver joined  them in holy matrimony.  The groom who hails from  Skegness in England was  delighted to have three of his  school friends from Skegness  come to celebrate the happy  day.  Princesses Alison Bandi and Alison Davidson helped  Sechelt May Queen Heather Caldwell to open the  Halfmoon Bay country fair.  Egmont News  AlilMRIi  CEDRR  HUlUCS     Product ol British Columbia  QUALITY LIVING WITH CEDAR  Every detail in a Lindal Cedar Home radiates gracious, yet sensible  And every Lindal floor plan permits almost unlimited design  flexibility. Over 60 original plans are available. Each can be modified  to fit your particular needs and tastes. Or we can help you design  your very own plan. _  Sales Office and Display Home in Horseshoe bay  at 5" T"AtinOBb CEDRR HDIRES   ON �� I     INDEPENDENTLY DISTRIBUTED BY  M.D. MacKenzie Limited  6342 Bay St., Horseshoe Bay  West Vancouver, B.C. V7W 2G9  (604)921-9010   921-9260  Enclosed is $3 lor Planbook and Design Guide  Name ���   Street   City   Prov   Phone _  Location of Building Lot  _Code  VLASSIFIED ADS  Egmont Newt has gone to  the ball game. No newa la  good newt. See yon next  week.  TgHseSHgjSKE  There was some talk that the rules were not strictly  adhered to in the volleyball game at the Halfmoon Bay  country fair. This picture shows that the rumours were  completely unfounded.  Pender Auxiliary Draw  COME TO THE  Cafe fierrot  t Featuring home-made breads,  soups, quiches and other delectables  BREAKFAST - LUNCH - TEA  Iv'Jkiuyilu 7:30- S f.m.  7:30-10(11  7:30 - i f.m.  Teredo Square, Sechelt  V*j  SPECIAL - Friday supper  with Clarke Sttabner,  Classical Guitar  by Lavernc Richardson  The Pender Harbour Auxiliary to St. Mary's Hospital  are having a draw which could  send the lucky winners on a  trip for two to Reno, Nevada.  The Auxiliary is carrying on  with the draw portion of their  current fund-raising effort in  spite of the fact that the  fishing derby portion has been  cancelled for conservation  reasons.  Despite the derby cancellation it is hoped that the  people of Pender Harbour will  give the same generous  support as they have in the  past and purchase the draw  tickets at $2.00 each.  Besides the first prize of a  trip for two to Reno there  is a second prize of $100 and  third and fourth  prizes are  storm doors made to order.  In addition there are floater  jackets to be won and many  other valuable prizes.  The draw will be held at  Madeira Park Shopping Centre on Sunday, August 3 at  6:30 p.m. Come on over and  join the fun and be sure to  have a ticket or two with you.  Creek opposed to  tanks  In a letter to the SCRD the  Roberts Creek Community  Association has gone on  record as "fully endorsing  Director Harry Almond's  stand on the location of the  Propane Tanks in lower  Roberts Creek".  The letter also requests that  the   regional    board    "take  whatever measures necessary  to block the renewal of the  lease to Canadian Propane".  "The community as a whole  feels very strongly about this  issue," the letter states,  "and would hope our wishes,  as stated in our settlement  plan, will be respected."  Chimney  Cleaning  & Maintenance  Phone 886-7411 or  886-8023  Notice is hereby given that a  special meeting of the  SECHELT  INTERMEDIATE   CARE  SOCIETY  will be held at the  Sechelt Elementary School  at 8:00 p.m.  on August 14,1980  by order of the board of directors  White and Morrow resign  from Gibsons posts  At their July 22 meeling, Gibsons Council read letters of  resignation from Ian Morrow and Gary White. Morrow leaves thc  Marina and Harbour Development committee and White, the  wharfinger job.  "Is Mr. Morrow too busy or is he frustrated?" asked Alderman  Metcalfe.  "Just too busy in other community work," said Alderman  Trainor.  White's letter stated it was time lor him to resign and thanked  some former aldermen, and Alderman Trainor and Clerk Jack  Copland for iheir assistance during his term of employment.  When they're showing  you how good it looks,  ask about  their  service  policy.  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Flemish Copper Service  Tray - Teapot - Coffee Pot  Cream & Sugar  $250.00  HARBOUR ANTIQUES  1585 Marine Dr. Gibsons Landing  886-7800  SunshinelWt rad repairs Big or mi ^pp^JLVm Sunshine  MDL 5792 ' ' Guaran.eedbetterthancitypr.ee,. <��*    N^>       N*V    00^ 108111   All     Wharf Rd., Sechelt 885-5131  wm  mm Port Mellon News  Coast News, July 29, 1980  by Sharon Affle 884-5349  ; Beautiful sunny skies have  returned to Port Mellon area,  .and very welcome they are.  Seaside Beach is once again  beckoning the local crowd,  and answering the call are  residents one and all. With  Visitors arriving from near and  distant locales, these marvellous temperatures seem to  come at a most opportune  ���time.  I Residents of Port Mellon  "area held a street dance and  party in the townsite on July  12th. Approximately 50 people  turned out for the evening,  including visitors from as far  away as Quebec, and as near  as Gibsons. We were even  treated to some local entertainment by a couple of very  adept guitarists. The night  was clear and warm and the  . evening turned out a success.  Hours for the Port Mellon  Reading Centre have been  ' revised for the summer. Until  further notice the opening  . hours will be Monday from 7  'p.m. to 8:30 p.m. and Thursday from 10 a.m. to 11:30 a.m.  X Best wishes for a speedy  ���'{ecovery go out to Betty  'Wood, Bob Dick and Wally  Zalischuk. We're happy to  have Bob and Wally home  from hospital and we sincerely  hope to have Betty home soon  also.  The early years of Port  Mellon housing are very hard  to write about as the amount  of information available is  extremely limited. Due to the  fact no early records were  retained this article is being  pieced together as best I can  With the information available.  ' ' In 1929, 35 modern homes  .Were built northwest of the  Pulp Mill. The exterior of  these houses was Tar Paper,  and appropriately they became known as Tar Paper  Alley. Also in 1929, on the hill  where the upper garages are  now located, were built an  additional six or seven homes,  these homes being a bit  fancier, had wood siding, and  became known as the Shaugh-  nessy Street Houses. This is  the first record of company  housing in Port Mellon.  Although there were homes in  the area prior to 1929, there is  no record of where they were  located or to whom they  belonged. These homes were  to accommodate management  and staff personnel ofthe mill.  In 1942 the Grey and Stucco  Dorms and cookhouse were  still in existence, but there is  no trace of them today.  The two houses located  beside the community hall,  were built in 1942. These  became the residence of the  manager and superintendent.  In 1959 a new house was built  for the manager, located west  of the present townsite.  In 1943 Stucco Row came  into existence. Approximately  25 new homes, located northwest of the Mill running  parallel to Rainy River. The  duplexes in the present town-  site were built in 1946 and in  1948 a number of wartime  homes, called the Bremertons,  were moved into Port Mellon  and set in place where the  lower garages now stand.  Shortly after this the large  homes in the present townsite  (opposite the duplexes) were  started. By 1950 (as far as I  can ascertain) there were  approximately 88 company  homes in Port Mellon, not  including the dorms and  bunkhouses.  But in 1951 the great  destruction began. Tar Paper  Alley was bulldozed and set  afire, thus ending Tar Paper  Alley.  In 1955 the beginning of the  end hit Stucco Row. While  some of these homes were  sold (and moved to other  Sunshine Coast locales) the  rest were demolished.  By 1967 only a few homes  from Stucco Row remained  and the Bremertons had  depleted to a count of one.  Today there are 35 homes in  Port Mellon, but no trace  remains of the early Port  Mellon housing.  Information for this article  was supplied to me by Les  Peterson and from the Port  Mellon History Book.  This sign on the door ot the Madeira Park Liquor Store  tells the story of another partially dry summer on the  Sunshine Coast.  Community Forum  CHANNEL TEIN PROGRAM  SCHEDULE FOR <;iHSO\S  "COMMUNITY FORUM"  6:30 p.m. "Behind thc Scenes at  the Beachcombers"  Part 3.  This program features the  Directors of lighting and  sound for the CBC series  "The Beachcombers."  7:00 p.m. - "Veto Vandalism"  Taped at the Gibsons RCMP  detachment this program  features Annie Ciok. project  leader for the Summer .lobs  Corp on vandalism awareness.  7:30 p.m. - "Senior Chef  Part 10  Produced by the B.C. Ministry of Health, Bert Dodd  demonstrates low-cost, high  nutritional methods to prepare meals.  8:00   p.m.   -   "Gibsons   Sea  Cavalcade Queen  Pageant"  Graham Edney hosts the one  hour and 45 minute Queen  pageant held at Elphinstone  Secondary School on July  24. You will be entertained  with local talent and the  crowning of this year's  Queen. Miss Angela Hil-  stad.  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INDIVIDUAL  MEAT   LOAVES  ll /lis. ground beef  ul i breadcrumbs  up evaporated milk  '. lah/espoon onion, choptied  J teaspoon soli  teaspoon basil  , teaspoon thyme  i teaspoon oreguno  teaspoon peppei  .' Combine all ingredients in a large  howl ami mix thoroughly. Divide  in [our and shape each quarter  mm a /on' Hake in meal un in  oirn for forty minutes at 350' F.  '.! Il von icam in sen e the haves hot,  try nii.xinjj 1 3 cup orange marmalade with I teaspoon ol vinegar.  liiush the /mi's wilh this mixture  after they've 6een cooking /or  thirty five minutes and then cook  them for a further len minutes.  JEANWEST LOAF  (Serves 6)  2 3 cup breadcrumbs  3 4 cup milk  1 I 2 lbs. ground bee/  J 4 cup chopped onions  J dove garlic, chopped  I tablespoon parsley, chopped  I teaspoon sail  v,  teaspoon pepper  '., teaspoon sage  /. Soak Ihe breud in ihe milk for  ten minutes.  2. Add bread mix lo remaining  ingredients and mix well. Place in  loaf tin  3. Make a sauce by mixing:  3 tablespoons broom sugar  1 4 teaspoon nutmeg  ���'.j cup ketchup  Pour this oyer ihe loaf.  4. Bake al 35(fF. for 1 hour.  HILDA'S SPECIAL  1 lb. ground beef  6 green onions  J can cream of mushroom soup  1 tablespoon soy sauce  teaspoon pepper  1 cup edible pod peas  I cup Chinese style fried noodles  1. Cut Ihe green onions in half  lengthwise, mix thoroughly with  the meal. Place in a casserole  dish.  2. Place peas on lop of meal.  3. Mix together the soup, soy sauce  and pepper and place over the  peas. Cover.  4. Bake in Ihe oven for 40 minutes al  350�� F.  5. Remoue from oven and sprinkle  noodles over top. Bake, uncovered for a further five minutes.  Last week I hopefully mentioned  ice cream. Try this as a lopping for  vanilla ice cream. Make a puree out  of a couple of bananas, and add Ihe  grated rind and juice of 1 orange.  Delicious.  I've been writing Ihis Utile corner  for a whole year now and I've found  il greal fun. Thank you allthepeople  who've given us new recipes and  thank you all those people who've  risked their stomachs in acting as  tasle testers.  Happy Sea Cavalcade everyone.  Nest Lewis  (former Home Economics teacher)  v* item bv item, we do more tor vou in  varietv, oualltv and trlendlv ser vice.  Gower Point Rd., Gilbsons  Free Delivery to the Wharf     886-2257  liquid detergent   909m,$1.89  Nestea ^���   ME  iced tea mix �������,���1.95  Pampers - Extra Absorb. j,^    _ -^  disposable diapers.��, ���3.19  Agree - Regular, Oily, or Gentle th**   ���*  shampoo ,,...���2.49  Agree - Regular, Oilv, &. Gentle ^-^  mtk  cremerlnce ��m$2.49  Edge - Regular Bomb ^ _   j*j*  shauegel ����� $1.39  Prem A  luncheon meat ��Bm$1.19  Sunspun ^ _   _ ���  salad dressing ,,,, $1.59  Libby's Fancy .  tomato lulce ,,,49��  Libby's Deep Browned - W/Pork & T.S. .  beans ������ 59q  Snackery Regular & Buttermilk A       **^  pancahemix ,kg$1.29  Nalley's Lumberjack  syrup 5oo m.  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The company  was undergoing major changes in its wholesale-retail program. In  preparation of our new role, we were given extensive retail training  so that we would be more valued representatives both from the  viewpoint of the retailerand the ultimate beneficiary���my employer,  the wholesaler.  It was a very successful program and turned the company around  from being in receivership to a position of great success.  My story relates to one part of this training program, and the  theme of this SHOP TALK. As I think back on this experience, I am  grateful for the opportunity that I was given to learn how to express  my thoughts effectively. Too often, we fail to correctly  communicate our true self, or our true intent and the message is  mis-read. But I find myself wandering again.  To make a proper presentation of my employers' new, and  previously untried approach, the salesmen were given lessons in  elocution, a word one seldom hears today. A small hall was rented  for the purpose, and our class of about 30 salesman was assembled,  none knowing just what to expect.  In walked an old lady,���'old' in the eyes of a very young man. To  me she was ugly, and she had thick blunted fingers. Quickly I  formed a negative attitude as to the good that could come of this  session! My hasty, adverse opinions were quickly put aside as she  addressed us.  As she spoke she was transformed before me into a vision of  beauty. He words spoken from trained vocal chords, with clear and  distinct diction were as pearls. She had an eloquent command of  our language, she moved with poise and grace. In truth, she was  beautiful. So. it is true, there is beauty to be found in all of us,���but it  is in the eyes of the beholder.  MAGAZINE RACK  Check our rack for numerous new periodicals. 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Renegades overpowering  in  tournament play  by Tony Paull  The Sechelt Renegades  :ontinue to enjoy a winning  summer on the soccer fields  of the Lower Mainland and  Vancouver Island. The local  team has come up with very  convincing tournament wins  in both areas in the last  month.  On June 20-21, the Renegades travelled to Chilliwack  and scored a most convincing  series of victories. In the first  game of the tournament they  beat an inexperienced Che-  halis Falcons team with no  problem whatsoever by a very  lop-sided score of 11-1, The  second game was against the  North Vancouver Chiefs and  though the Chiefs were more  experienced than the Falcons  they still ended up on the  short end of a 6-1 result. Both  of these initial games were  played on June 20.  On June 21, the Renegades  played against Seabird Island  and wound up as 7-1 winners.  The final match of the tournament was against the  Chehalis Chiefs and their  aggressive    play    kept    the  Renegades to a 2-1 lead at Game 3 saw the Renegades  hall time but the Renegades beat thc Duncan United in a  took control in the second half   well-played game by a score of  4-2.  On July 20, the second day  of the Double Knockout Tournament the Renegades met with Duncan  United again. The first half  ended in a 2-2 tie. Going into  the second half, the Renegades got an early lead when  a cross from Troy Joe from the  right wing eluded the goalkeeper for the go-ahead goal.  The Renegades finished up  ahead by a score of 5-3.  During this tournament the  Renegades scored 20 goals  and gave up 12. Individual  trophies went to Darren  Dixon, Most Valuable Player,  Gary Feschuk, Best Defence.  All-Stars awards went to  Stuart Craigan and Barry  Johnson.  At this time the Sechelt  Renegade Soccer Club would  like to say thank you to their  great fans for their much  appreciated support.  "You helped us out a lot  and we love you."  and went on to win 5-1. In  thc four games of the tournament the Renegades out-  scored Iheir opposition by a  score of 30-4. Barry Johnson  was named Most Valuable  f'layei in the tournament,  Darren Dixon was named  Tournament High Scorer and  All-Star. Also named as All-  Stars were Gary Feschuk and  Tony Paul.  July 19-20 saw the Renegades travel to Vancouver  Island for a tournament in  Nanaimo. Their first game on  July 19 was against Sliammon  Sounder of Powell River and a  tough see-saw battle ended up  with a 3-3 draw. Then the  Renegades came out on top  in thc shoot-out, winning it  3-2.  Game 2 of the tournament  was against the Tillicum  Haus, the hosts of the tournament, and though they tried  very hard in front of their  hometown fans, the Renegades prevailed by a score of  7-4.  Men's Fastball league  There were five games  played in the Men's Fastball  League last week with the  Kenmac team coming out as  the week's big winners.  Kenmac won all three of their  games to end the week tied  for second place in the league  standings with Weldwood and  only two points behind the  front-running Cedars team.  Kenmac won the first of  three games by a score of  15-5 over the Wanderers.  Freeman Reynolds was the  winning pitcher. That game  was played on Monday, July  21. On Wednesday, July 23, it  was Kenmac comfortably over  Gibsons Building Supplies by  a score of 22-2 with Craig  Johnson picking up the  victory. In a battle of the  second and third place teams  on Thursday, July 24, Craig  Johnson was again the winning pitcher in relief of  Freeman Reynolds as Kenmac  took a thriller from Weldwood  by a score of 8-7 in an extra  inning contest. Dave Lamb hit  a home run for Weldwood  in a losing cause.  In other games during the  week, Cedars Inn beat the  Wanderers 6-1 with Alex  Skytte picking up the victory,  and Weldwood beat the Wanderers 7-4 behind the pitching  of Jim Grey.  Men's Fastball luurnament  during the Sea Cavalcade  a! Brothers Park Aug. 2, 3  and 4 will see local teams  with the exception ofthe Wanderers   playing    along   with  Squamish Colts,  House,   Queens  and  Coach  Cross   and  Goofys from North Vancouver.  Last week an inter-club  match played between Sunshine Coast Golf Club Ladies  and Squamish Ladies, our  golfers took a real shellacking  from the ladies at Squamish,  42'/j to 29Vi. Revenge will be  sweet on the return match  later in the season.  On Tuesday the ladies will  be competing for a new trophy  donated by Wally Langdale,  in memory of Mrs. Langdale  who passed away earlier this  month. This trophy will be  known as the "Marg Langdale  Dogwood Trophy" and shall  be a two day 18-hole "Eclectic" event. Best score for  18 holes over a two day competition. The nine hole players  will compete for the Marg  Langdale Award.  Last Ladies Day, the 18-hole  event was a "Loosey Goosey"  competition. In this game the  winner of the 1st hole gets the  "Goose" and maintains it  until some other player wins  the hole. The winner of the  game is the winner of the hole  on the 18th green. In the five  foursomes playing, Helen  Milburn, Adeline Clarke, Lorna Huggins, Lil Bullied and  Connie Grant proved to be the  winners. The 9-hole "Tombstone" competition was won  by Jo Emerson and Edna  Fisher.  A very close inter-club  match was played on Thursday with our men taking on  Seymour men. Mel White, of  Seymour shot a low gross 76.  Greg Grant shot a matching 76  for the Sunshine Coast. Team  low nets proved just as close  with Andy Grey and Bob  McKenzie tying Jim Ruby and  Hank Woodrup with a low net  132. Final score - Sunshine  Coast 17, Seymour 16.  On Senior Men's regular  Thursday golf day, a four man  scramble team led by Al  Boyes defeated all-comers.  2nd place went to Bob Emerson's team. I believe an  apology is due the Seniors  for the crowded conditions,  caused by green fee players  and the Seymour Tournament,  at the 6th tee. Thursday is  Senior Men's Day and their  playing time on the course  should not be subject to  change without prior knowledge and planning with the  committees and members concerned.  The big Sea Cavalcade Golf  Tournament is well in hand,  with the various committees |  handling their many duties,  under  the  chairmanship   of |  Professional Repair & Service  to your  oil & electric heating equipment  -AUTHORIZED DEALER FOR-  Cssoj  (Gulf  CALL NOW   886-7111  THOMAS HEATING  16 yrs experience     Serving the Coasl since 1967  Ch.rge> Matt.rcharge  Chevron  HILLTOP  CHEVRON  SERVICE  Hwy. 101, Gibsons  * Fast & Friendly Service  * Complete Automotive Repairs  to All Makes & Models  We Specialize in  MAJOR AUTOMOTIVE  REPAIRS  >�� ���     i         ���-  Gas: 7 days a week , 8 am. - 10 pm.  Repairs: Mon. - Fri., 9 am. - 5 pm.  For Service:  886-8414  For Gas:  886-8468  PENINSULA  MARKET  885-9721    Davis Bay, B.C.  tide tables  Sun.  W-1  Refcrenc  t'l  i)  acific  0505  5 9  I'oint  Atkinson   Standard Time  1115  11.8  1625  8.8  224(1  15 1  Wed. .1  Ul)  10  Fri. Aug. 1  min  i:  0100  7.7  0610  5.0  0625  u.s  0820  12.6  HID  122  Hill  2.6  14.111  54  10 2  14 7  2015  15.6  2125  15.6  2125  rhurs.  Jul  .11  Sal.  \U|>. 2  lues.  Aug. 5  0210  S4  0400  6.S  0710  (I72M  II 1  IW4II  12(1  14.15  1.155  1.9  1521)  7.1  IWO  II 1  :i��4ii  15.6  22(111  15.4  GROCERIES   FISHING TACKLE  SUNDRIES   TIMEX WATCHES  Open 9���9      7 Days a Week  Roy Taylor. I have been  advised that the committee  is sponsoring a "hole-in-one"  event for the Sea Cavalcade  Tournament. The prize, donated by the Suncoast Chrysler Ltd. of Sechelt, is a  beautiful, brand spanking new  1980 Cordoba. The car will be  on display in the parking lot  opposite H6 tee during the  competition. Bill Van Westen,  manager of Suncoast Chrysler, has chosen the 217 yard  US hole and the 195 yard  #14 hole as the holes to be  used for the competition, so  "Good Luck" to all the golfers  entered in our big tournament. The 1st hole-in-one will  drive away with this beautiful  new automobile.  The club members extend  their thanks to Forda Gallier  and her excellent house  committee for the very successful and well managed  Garage Sale.  Parks and trails  byChrlsUWest  Sechelt's Parks and Recreation Programme's work  crews have survived three  weeks on the job, and as it  looks as though we are going  to make it through the next  eight, this is a good time to  introduce the entire team.  Our Sechelt Marsh crew is  supervised by Ron Vader. The  members of this crew are:  Ed Camposano, Cameron  MacKenzie, Andy Parent,  Mike Shanks and Curt Toews.  The Hackett Park crew, supervised by John Burt, consists of  Andrew Frizzell, Seppo  Haikenon, Lavonne Rudolph  and Chris Summerfelt. Martin  Brooks is also a member of the.  team, however most of his  time is spent working with  George Fawkes. Steve Tarr,  an Engineering Technician,  is working with us and with  Public Works.  The philosophy of government funded programmes  such as ours, is to provide  young people with meaningful employment and an opportunity to learn skills which will  be valuable in the future.  One thing we are all learning  on this project is that the skills  being developed are more  far reaching than simply  using tools safely and efficiently.  Through the day-to-day  routine on the job, one can  already see the bond of  team spirit developing within  our crews. The art of working  as a team is one that doesn't  always come easily, but as our  crews progress they are  discovering that it is usually  worth the extra effort to pull  together. It not only makes the  job easier, but often it can  even be fun I  Although the skill of working as a productive team  member is a difficult one  to describe in a resume, it is  an invaluable one, and one  that will come to light on the  first day of any job. I know  we will all learn many other  things this summer, and if  other skills develop as well  as the team work is, we'll  come through with flying  colours I  With WOVEN WOODS in radiant colours or  soft muted tones, we can outfit any window  whether its angled, arched, bay, mitred, or  floor to ceiling.  And Woven Woods control heat and light-  beautifully  Also Colours Galore In 1"  VENETIAN BUNDS  DELIVERY TIME for both lines  FOURTEEN DAYS  Free estimates without obligation.  All Products & Workmanship Guaranteed  Ken De Vries & Son Ltd.  BBS Gibson:  i 886-711  Two locations lo Sen  Gibsons Ready  886-8174  'Drainrock 'Washed Rock  *Sand -Road Mulch  "Fill "Concrete Anchors'  Mon.���Friday 8a.m.���5p.m..  NOT ONLY CAN YOU  C-216  WIN  THjyTslEW CHRYSLER  But You Always Come Away  A WINNER  WHEN YOU DEAL WITH  SUnCDHSTtHRVSLER LTD  * During  Sea Cavalcade  (Aug. 2 & 3)  The SEA CAVALCADE GOLF TOURNAMENT COMMITTEE  is sponsoring a prize of the  1980 CHRYSLER CORDOBA  The  New  (pictured above)  for a HOLEtIN-ONE on Hole # 5,  donated by  Next to St. Mary's Hospital, Sechelt    885-5111       D.L #2180 meanwhile back at the Reach..."  "I don't know Bob, maybe Hawaii. How about you?"  by Strange & Strange  Intrepid Dan Toiilll's Great  SunshJi.e Coast Talent Contest  will run for two days, August  1st and 2nd. Day one festivities start on the wharf at  8 p.m. and the second day  competition will start at 2 p.m.  somewhere between the Heron and the Fish Market.  20 singers, comics and musicians will try for modest  cash prizes totalling $225.00  Judges are M.M. Joe of the  Coast News, Harry Howard up  and coming real estate whiz  and frustrated rock and roll  star, and Executive Producer  Hugh Beard of your local  entertainment industry.  Miss Beachcombers Cindy  McLean was awarded 1st  Runner Up and Miss Congeniality in the Miss Gibsons  Pageant. Our congratulations  to Miss Cactus Flower, Angela  Hllstad, Miss Gibsons of 1980  and our warmest regards to  Cindy who would 've been a  shoe-in if her horse hadn't  eaten the judges notes.  Summing up -  The life of a television series  like that of a professional  baseball player is measured  in'seasons; and each time at  bat has a measurable effect  on how long they will be  allowed to keep playing.  But unlike the athlete whose  performance can be immediately judged and graded,  the work of our summer must  wait for the fall and winter  ratings gatherers to determine  how many hits we got and how  many times we struck out. If  our averages stay healthy  we could be back for a 10th  season in friendly Gibsons-by-  the-sea; if the numbers are  weak we might all wind up  working in a shoe factory.  So be it. The miracle, at least  from where we sit, is we were  In the game at all.  When thc new episodes  start running this fall there  will be little to suggest that  they were produced under  anything but ideal conditions  v a dedicated, happv group  f professionals but the people  pf thc Sunshine Coast and in  particular the citizens of  Lower Gibsons who rub  shoulders with thc motley  crew all summer will know  that this season was one of the  hard ones. At times it was  difficult to sustain that feeling  of solidarity and enthusiasm  which had in seasons past  kept things rolling along  through times of trouble, it  seemed that all the gremlins  of the picture business were  in grand conspiracy to thwart,  boondoggle and lay us low.  jWe suffered a number of  'telling blows with the loss of  jthree members of the Beachcomber family: Nelson Smith,  retired soundman who in the  early   seasons   was   instru  mental in fighting for and  maintaining a high professional gloss on the show and  helped us gain a reputation  for quality work; Ivor Harries  who was for many vears a  regular as the marina owner  called (for some reason)  Smith; and, in practical terms  most telling, the loss of our  beloved dog Reg Romero on  the first day of shooting.  With a start like that it was  no surprise to anyone that the  season turned out to be  fraught with problems and  disasters. We had robberies  (two) vandalism (count'em)  weather problems (innumerable) equipment breakdown  (daily) and the abject defeat  of our less than sharp baseball  congregation.  Nonetheless and even so,  when the caravan leaves town  in a few weeks there will be  20 (count'em) new shows in  the can and speaking from a  purely subjective perspective  there are many treats in store  for our loyal viewers across  the country and around the  world. Good times and action,  excitement and  laughs and  solid performances from both  sides ofthe camera.  We will leave the ultimate  judgement of how we did in  the hands of those who watch  the show and stand or fall by  their appraisal, but from  where we stand, as we wind  things down for another year,  it seems no small accomplishment that we got the job done.  This has been the last in the  series of reports from Molly's  Reach and it is our sincere  wish that your newspaper-  wrapped coho had a smile on  its face.  On the  Seafood Platter  lit Chuk-Cliak  This is Ihe big weekend lor  Gibsons Sea Cavalcade. The  time when Gibsonites head for  the harbour and have a good  time. As it happens the local  halibut boats will be back this  week and will probably be  alongside for the weekend. So  folks, this is a great opportunity for you to get some fresh  fish for a feed and some to be  put in the deep-freeze for future  use.  This flatfish is the largest of  the flounder family and is most  commonly found on the open  coast right up into the Bering  Sea. The colour of halibut is  dark brown to grey with lighter  blotches. Length to 8.8 ft. with  a weight lo over 500 lbs.  Now this large size presents a  bit of a problem for the  fisherman and his prospective  customer. Regulations limit the  minimum size to 32 in. (about  10 lbs.) and the fisherman must  not sell pieces of fish: this is the  function ofthe retail merchant.  So the thing to do is adopt the  buddy system and share your  fish with a friend who is willing  to share the cost with you. This  is your chance lo gel some low-  cost protein food and at the  same time give your neighborhood fisherman a break on a  better price for some of his  catch as he is involved in a cost-  price squeeze situation this  year.  BAKU) IIALIBI I  fake a piece about 3-5 lbs, and  wash or wipe wilh a clean wet  cloth and place in a deep  roasting pan with lid. Add salt  and pepper and a large tin of  Hunts stewed tontatoes with Vi  cup of white wine and I tbsp of  lemon juice.  Cover and cook in a 400�� oven  for about 30 min. or until flaky.  Serve on a platter garnished  wilh lemon wedgesand parsley.  For those who do not care  for halibut, prawns and  shrimps will again be available  at the wharf and Dale and Sue  on the F.V. Five Spot quite  often have red snapper, rock  cod and grey cod available-  great pan fish!  SEA-FOOD-CAVALCADE  During the Sea Cavalcade  you may not want to miss any  of the events so why not try out  one of the restaurants serving a  variety of seafood dishes. A  short stop and a feed of good  old English Fish V Chips 'to  go' from the Gibsons Fish  Market or a sit down meal at  the Seaview Gardens for excel-  lent Chinese food with a choice  of 16 seafood dishes. Or if you  like fine decor, harbour view  with a French cuisine and a  choice of 12 seafood dishes and  appetizers, Fitzgerald's is thc  place. Perhaps you may prefer  the Greek or Italian way with  another view of the bay and 6  seafood dishes and other  combinations including pizza.  If you are afloat then tie-up  at Gramma's Marine Pub and  have clam chowder or seafood  platter.  Have a great weekend. Sea  you.  Chimney  Cleaning  & Maintenance  Phone 886-7411 or  886-8023  THE CHOICE IS YOURS  Saving money is one thing, making it grow is another  Check these one year results to Jan. 31.  1980  (also the 3,5 and 10 year results)   RRSP & RHOSP's  Templeton Growth 24.7%   Industrial Growth 33.3%  Taurus Fund 34.9%   Industrial Equity 30.4%  Cundill Value 29.9%   Growth Equity 60.3%  Goldlund 157.5%   Can. Gas & Energy 82.3%  Has yuut R.R.S P. averaged 18".i per year compounded for the last 12  years? Industrial Growlh Fund has. Sl.OOO.OOinvesled in 1968would yield  $6,(X)0.00today, including charges   -(his accomplished during sunieol the  stock market's worsl years.  Call oi write for Prospectus:  GREAT PACIFIC MANAGEMENT CO. LTD.  202 - tM Wait Pender Street, Vancouver, B.C. V6B 1R8  Telephone: Al Turney at 669-1143  Name ..  Address.  Tel.  885-9666    SUiailSOn'S    885-5333  Dispatch      Swanson's Ready-Mix Ltd.     Accounts  Readv-miK concrete  two Plants  sechelt I  Pender Harbour  Box 172,  Sechelt,.B.C.  VON 3A0  Despite opposition  Grant for Pender  Coast News, July 29, 1980  11.  A motion by Gibsons Mayor  Lorraine Goddard to deny the  $2,000 grant toward dental  equipment for the Pender  Harbour Clinic was defeated  by directors of the regional  board at their meeting Thursday evening.  "I am in private enterprise  and I would object if this board  were to subsidize one of my  competitors," Goddard said  before making the motion.  Director Almond agreed, saying the board should m t assist  the clinic when "someone else  is in private practice in the  area".  The directors were referring  to objections to the grant  raised by Madeira Park  dentist C.W. Gardner in a  letter to the board June 19th.  Gardner, who teaches dentistry at U.B.C. and has  maintained a part-time  practice in the area for three  years at his own expense,  has stated that he plans to  increase his hours of service  "as soon as it is required".  The board received a report  to that effect from Area B  Director Peggy Connor Thursday night.  "There's no new information here," Area A Director  Joe Harrison said. "There's  no mention of how much more  time Dr. Gardner plans to  spend or when he plans to  increase his hours. Dr.  Gardner operates at an advantage, since he has a teaching job. The amount of work  he took on was enough to  disrupt a full time practice  in the area, but not enough to  serve the needs of the community. The people ofthe area  set the Clinic up before Dr.  Gardner came to the area and  provided for dental facilities  to ensure that the community  would be served."  Director Gurney pointed out  that since dentists working at  the Ginic pay rent for the  use of the facilities, "they're  not getting anything given to  them".  "We subsidize our hospitals," Director Lee said, "and  doctors still maintain their  own private practices and  clinics. What other possible  analogy is there? Obviously  the need is there or these  people would not have come  before us with this request."  Director Stelck, who said  he would have opposed the  grant a week ago, stated that  in the light of the Provincial  government's recent move  towards a Denticare program,  he felt the grant should be  allowed to stand, but that the  board should be "more  scrupulous" in its allocation of  all grants in the future.  itr Inn'  LOOKING FOR A PLACE TO HOW  THAT BUSINESS MEETING  OR LUNCHEON, CLUB SOCIAL,  FAMILY GATHERING. RECEPTION  OR STAFF CHRISTMAS PARTY?  Come view our banquet  & meeting facilities,  then plan your party's menu  with our chel.  Luxury Accommodation  Licensed Dining Lounge  Reservations Please  Full Marina Facilities  Marine Pub  rvations Please       lmmmmm^mmt  ag   [El  R.R. #1. Hallmoon Bay  Van. Direct  684-3541 .  BE COMFORTABLE  This winter with quality thermo paned window conversions from the  glass & window people on the Sunshine Coast. Phone for a free no  obligation estimate & see how reasonable a little added comfort can  be. Convert your home now & avoid the fall rush!  PERMASEAL  Aluminum Manufacturing Ltd.  Airport Road, Sechelt       885*3538  HIFGoodrich  SUMMERTIME  886-2700 Coast  886-8167  AL  TIRE & SUSPENSION  CENTRE  101, 1 mile West of Gibsons  ts��<g**ssss30ia>M>s*s*s*a��>M>*^^  Sunshinem radrepairs moorsman  ' '    Guaranteed he��ter than city prices.  MDL 5792  0o<>>>*  Them All  Sunshine fn  Wharf Rd., Sechelt 885-5131  ���-���-?-' -~.��--�� 12.  Coast  Wildlife  it  corner  h> Ian Corrance  Back In harness.  Thc only rotten thing about  holidays is that thev come  .{o an end as mine have.  I had a chance to sec a few  places that I haven't had the  time to. One of them was  Ambrose Lake, tucked in  behind Ruby Lake. Having my  brother Gordon over from  Scotland was a great opportunity for me to play tourist,  so when John Hind Smith  gave me a call that he was  going to be scouring our  wilderness looking for the lost  portage from Agamemnon  Channel into Ambrose Lake,  wejumpedatit.  After a few hours of canoeing around the lake and  several sojourns into the  forest, we finally didn't find  the route. We were successful  however in recording some  pretty fair loon calls. There  were eight of them on the lake  and they were in good voice.  Another interesting thing  about the lake is that it is the  home of fresh water clams.  This is the second time I've  found them. The other time  was in the Gulf Islands  about a dozen years ago.  News, July 29, 1980  Like any good tour guide I  realized that it was mv obligation to have mv guest  catch a salmon. This was  accomplished in Pedder Bay  outside Victoria. Gordon hooked into about a three pound  giant. He was happy with it  until a lady fishing beside us  showed us a 41 pound spring  which she caught by using the  age old custom of beginners  luck. All was not well in  paradise however. Her husband was lifting it ashore  at the wharf and failed miserably. A diver had to be  brought in to catch the fish for  a second time. The last I  heard about the incident was  that she was taking the fish  home and leaving her husband  at the dock.  Whales.  If you have been following  the news about Canada's  political stand on the moratorium on the hunting of  sperm whales, then you may  be as confused as I am. My  first impression was that  Canada had voted for a limited  harvest and then changed  their minds. The reports I  have been reading appear to  complement the writer's style,  but fall short of clarification.  It appears that Canada is  going to vote for a limited  harvest of 272 whales. This on  the advice of the scientific  advisors. If this is true, a  quota of this minimal size  must tell us something about  the scarcity of the mammals.  Last year's quota was 1,350.  Surely if they are on a decline  as the figures seem to indicate  then we should leave them  alone. It's interesting to note  thai Canada was the only  non-whaling nation to vote  for the continuation of whaling. We certainly go out of  our way to be the nice guys  in the world. Perhaps we  should go one more step and  let the U.S. come in and catch  all our tuna for us.  Where the fish are.  Morris at Irvines Landing  reports good springs and  cohos. A visitor from Vancouver picked up two 12 and a  14 pound spring at the A-  frame. Both Texada and  Lasqueti are good for large  cohos, and for the salts in the  crowd, Epsom Point is hot.  Gary Noble out of Lord  Jim's limited out on cohos  within 30 minutes out by  Sangster Island. The weather  is great and quite a few  people are limiting.  Merrill at Hyak in Gibsons  reports a bit of a slump on  Sunday, although people were  limiting on cohos up to eight  pounds until the previous day.  Sewell's in Horseshoe Bay  tells of good cohos out at  Passage Island. A 30 pound  spring was also snagged out  there.  Son Derby.  The Sun Derby is on at the  moment. The results will  appear elsewhere in the  paper. David Klrkpatrick, the  sportsman in Vancouver called  me to say that he is arranging  a protest at Horseshoe Bay.  Details next week.  Wildlife Lottery.  Once again there were no  local winners in the B.C.  Wildlife Lottery. If this keeps  up, I'm going to have to go to  Surrey to buy my tickets next  year.  That's all. My numbers are  886-2622, 886-7817 and 886-  9151 if you want to contact me.  Ta.  This young barn swallow was brought in to the Coast  News office two weeks ago. At that time it had just  begun to grow feathers. Through the TLC of Manuane  it has come on great guns and has taken a keen interest  in the local news. On Sunday morning Manuane  phoned the office to tell us that it has taken off to lead  its own life.  Naturalist giving  social program  ALL CANDIDATES MEETING  sponsored by Sechelt Ratepayers  For Mayor: Henry Hall,  Bud Koch  For Alderman: Charles Lee,  Hear their platform! Henry Otten  Ask Questions!  Get Answers  Be there and be informed on  FD. AUflUSt iSt   at 8:00 p.m  Senior Citizens Hall  Park naturalist and marine  biologist Kathy Lysack will be  holding information seminars  and nature walks in local  provincial campgrounds during this summer.  Based out of the Porpoise  Bay campsite, Kathy held a  talk and slide show at 8 p.m.  last Friday. This was followed  up on Saturday morning with a  walk on the shoreline examining and explaining the  myriad of life found there.  Her schedule for the summer will be: Thursday evening  at 8 p.m. in the Roberts Creek  campsite. The first meeting  was on local history, but this  will change each week. This  will be continued the next  morning at 10 a.m. with a  nature walk starting from the  picnic site. This is for both  children and adults.  Depending on the tides, a  walk  to the  Skookumchuck  Narrows has been scheduled  for every second Sundav.  Once a month Kathy will be  hosting a nature walk and a  discussion on local history at  the Smugglers Cove Park.  Three weekly get togethers  have been arranged for the  Porpoise Bay campsite. The  first being a 8 p.m. Friday  evening, the second on Saturday morning at 10 a.m. and  finally a nature ramble for the  children on Sunday morning at  10 a.m.  All of the above are open  to visitors and the local public.  Kathy is looking for a  volunteer helper between the  ages of 11 and 18. For anyone  interested in pursuing a  career of this nature, this is  an ideal opportunity to gain  some practical experience.  For further information  check the notice board in the  Porpoise Bay campsite or  phone 885-9019.         ���.MWmMMMM.  SHERIFF'S SALE  The Sheriff will offer for Sale by Sealed Bids, the  interest of the following Judgment Debtor in the  following good and chattels:-  Stephen Dediluke, carrying on Business under the  name and style of Steve's Contracting.  One John Deere "350 Front End Loader-Serial number  7350-6067W, sitting on a 1957 Chevrolet Truck-Serial  number 0775572. To be sold as one complete unit.  TERMS OF SALE  Sealed bids to be sent in or brought in to the Sheriff's  Office, P.O. Box 160, Sechelt, B.C. VON 3A0 or to the  Courthouse, 1279 Wharf Road, Sechelt B.C. before 9  a.m., Friday August 1, 1980, at which time all bids  received, will be opened. A certified cheque (made  payable to the Minister of Finance) for 10% of the total  bid, must accompany each bid. All unsuccessful  bidders will have their money refunded. Social  Services Tax to be paid. Sold on an as, where is, basis.  May be viewed at Totem Hauling, Mahan Road and  Highway 101, Gibsons, B.C.  ROMAN CATHOLIC  SERVICES  Rev. Angelo De Pompa,  Parish Priest  Times of Masses  Saturday, 5:00 p.m.  Si. Mary's. Gibsons  Saturday 7:30 p.m.  Pender Harbour  June 28th to Sept 7th inclusive  Regular Sunday Masses  9:00 a.m. Our Lady of Lourdc  Church, Sechelt  Indian Reserve  10:00 a.m. Holy Family  Church, Sechell  12:00 noon St. Mary's Church,  Gibsons  Confessions before Mass  Phone: 885-9526 or 885-5201  GIBSONS PENTECOSTAL  CHURCH  Cedar Grove School on Chaster Rd.  Sunday 9:45  Morning Worship 11:00  Evening Fellowship 7:00  Home Bible Study  Call Pastor Ted Boodle  886-7107 or 886-9482  Affiliated with the  Pentecostal Assemblies of  Canada  GLAD TIDINGS  TABERNACLE  Gower Point Road  Phone 886-26611  Sunday School - 9:45 ti.m.  Worship Service - 11:00 a.m,  Evening Fellowship 6 p.m.  Bible Sludy ��� Wed. 7:30 p.m.  Paslor Nancv Dykes  UNITED CHURCH  OF CANADA  SUNDAY MORNING  WORSHIP SERVICES  ST. JOHN'S  - al Davis Bay'9:30 a.m.  GIBSONS  - Glassford Rd, 11:15 a.m.  SUNDAY SCHOOL. 9:30a.m  Paslor  The Rev. George W. Inglis,  B. Th.  PHONE 886-2333  SEVENTH-DAY ADVENTIST  CHURCH  Sabbath School Sal.. 10 a.m.  Hour of Worship Sat.. 11 a.m.  St. John's United Church  Davis Ba>  Paslor C. Dricberg  Everyone Welcome  For information phone:  885-975(1 or 883-2736  i\ Church Services  J_"V Coast Business Directory  I APPLIANCES I  T.V. SERVICE  Sunshine Coast T.V.  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Industrial  and Body Shop Supplies  Sechelt     885-5181  I CABINETS I  UPHOLSTERY  ALL REUPHOLSTER1NG DONE  Boat Tops & Seats  1339 Wharf Road,   Sechelt. B.C. 885-5216 y  '   Harbour Chimney Cleaning    *  SERVING THE SUNSHINE COAST  Fireplaces Furnaces Oil Stoves  883-9171 888-9171  >. Customers Irom the 66 exchange call collect _j  ' SUNSHINE COAST  DISPOSAL SERVICES  885-9973     Port Mellon to Ole's Cove      886-2938  Commercial Containers Available     .  SUNSHINE ANTIQUES & COLLECTABLES  885-9715  SEVEN DAYS A WEEK    10 a.m. - 5 p.m.  v    Whltaker House on Cowrie St., Sechelt  ��*��� GIBSONS LANES ^H  OPEN BOWLING SUMMER HOURS  Saturday - 7:00 -11:00 p.m. ii  Sunday - 2:00 - 5:00 p.m. '**''  PERMASEAL ALUMINUM  MANUFACTURING LTD.    .c* _*��  COMPLETE ALUMINUWWMDOW PRODUCTS. o6?'f^  DOUBLE PANE WINDOWS FOR NEW CONSTHUCrtON   Vv ����-v  AND RENOVATION PURPOSES. rfP  885-3538 *  Sunrise Ridge industrial Park Airport Rd  Sechelt. B.C   TREE TOPPING  VIEW DEVELOPMENTS LTD.  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Mon.-Fri.   8 a.m. - 5 p.m. Sat.  885-2360  9 a.m. - 5 p.m.  ^Sr  PENDER HARBOUR restaurant  CANADIAN AND CHINESE FOOD  Madeira Park Shopping Centre  Eat In S Weekdays      11:30 a.m. - 9:00 p.m.  TaKe out Friday    3at. 11:30 a.m. -11:00 p.m.  883-2413     Sunday 4:00 p.m. - 9:00 p.m. j Route du Rhum  For glory, for gain, for nothing!  PART II  by Paul Herbermann  Ppalu's registration papers  were in Tortola ready to be  picked up. Since the mails left  something to be desired from  the British Virgin Islands, I  opted on picking them up  myself, then sending them on to  La Rochclle to await Marc's  arrival. Simple enough!  At 07:30 August 28, dressed  in new safari shirt, freshly  washed pants and carrying my  briefcase, I was feeling rather  chipper as I awaited my flight  to Beef Island, Tortola. Air  Mello was on time, Mel himself  was at the controls. Six minutes  later we landed on Anguilla  where I was to change planes.  They had a full load that day.  7 passengers, I was the only one  going to Beef Island. 30  minutes later we were off.  Behind me sat a teenager and  her auntie, they were on their  way to St. Thomas for a  holiday, she had told me. The  flight was quite bumpy, lots of  summer squals around. Within  the hour we sighted the Beef  Island airstrip, the pilot made a  steep turn to starboard pinning  us to our seats.  He had just lined-up the  runway and was gliding in to  land, when a spray of soggy  'burger bits' hit me from  behind, a-a-a-all down the back  of my new safari shirt. I turned  around to determine from  whence thc missiles had come  so I could plan my next move,  when I noticed thc young girl's  checks blow up like a balloon  and ducked in time to see the  second blitz come flying'  through thc cabin.  "For God's sake, put your  head down!" I yelled. Too late,  - a-a-a-all over my right pant  leg. By the time the plane came  to a halt outside the terminal  building, I had my escape route  all planned, I couldn't get out  of that plane fast enough.  Dollars to donuts they'll have  'burger bit' baggies on their  next flights.  Cleaning myself as best 1  could, I proceeded to Tortola  by taxi, and was dropped off at  the Registrar of Shipping  Office. It seemed that the  registration papers could not  be handed over until the  registration and net tonnage  numerals had been carved on  the ship's main bulkhead and  the Carvings and Markings  letter was duly signed by an  appropriate officer attesting to  the fact that the carvings had  actually been effected!  I told the registrar that it was  my honest intention to meet the  boat in France and have the  numerals carved in over there.  No luck! However, he  suggested that since Ppalu was  on her way to Bermuda, a  British port, I could have the  carvings carried out, and have  the Carvings  and  Markings  -~ '^^SS^  Catamaran Ppalu is pictured here under lull sail.   ..  Shoe store consistent  There has been a shoe store  at the bottom of Cowrie Street  in Sechelt since 1954. Wigard  Shoes opened there in 1954  across the street from the  present location of Campbells  Shoes.  After having operated a  shoe store there for some nine  years, the Wigard family  built the Wigard Block in  1963. They re-opened their  family shoe store in it in  October, 1963 and continued  to operate their shoe store  until 1967.  The little store in the  Wigard Block continued to  serve the footwear needs of  the community from 1967  until   1975.  David and Emma Campbell  purchased Wigard Shoes in  August, 1975, and Emma  Campbell has carried on  business there on her own  since the death of her husband  in 1975.  WATERBEDS  & BEDDING  Do-It-Youraell  WATERBED KITS  Irom $249-00  10% OFF Bxlmi waill  WATERBED SHEETS  Klngsi  Qmmh  ��; MM* ZZZ. MM*  to tat im fct  daniadown quilts  Save up to $0%  by having your old down or feather  quUt remade by  daniadown  C PILLQiWs"^  letter signed by a Customs  official there. Then send the  signed document back to him  and he in turn would send the  Registration papers to France.  It had been decided!  I spent the better part of the  afternoon at a travel agency  trying to get myself booked to  Bermuda. There was no direct  routing so I had to take the  'milk-run'. The next morning 1  arrived back in St. Maarten at  10:30, that gave me exactly Vk  hours to pack before my flight  lo San Juan. As previously  described, in the panic to get  everything off Ppalu, I had  sown my personal effects all  around thc island. Thc usually  simple chore of packing a  suitcase became an island-wide  scavenger hunt trying to  remember who had what and  where. I honestly don't know  how 1 made it, but there I was at  13: IS on the first leg of my trip  to Bermuda, hoping desperately that I hadn't forgotten  anything important, for it  would be at least 3 months  before I'd return to St.  Maarten.  to be continued  MOTOR HOME  25 ft. "Triple E"  ��� 1972 with 45,000 miles  ��� Excellent condition  ��� Air conditioned & awning  Asking $15,000  Must sell. Owner leaving for Europe  August 10th.  Phone: 885"9683  HIGHWAYS - TENDERS  MACKENZIE ELECTORAL DISTRICT  Bituminous surfacing 1980-81. Project C-0485, 3rd  lane - Earls Cove south (1.5 km).  No full-size drawings available. Contract in metric  measurement.  Tenders will be received by Ministry of Transportation  & Highways, District Office, Box 740, Gibsons, B.C.  VON IVO.  Tender forms and Conditions of Tender can be  obtained from the Ministry of Transportation &  Highways, Box 740, Gibsons, B.C. VON IVO.  $10 charge for documentation not applicable.  General Specifications for Highway Construction are  applicable.  Tender opening date: August 12,1980 (File: 12-0-23)  SEALED TENDERS, on the forms and in the  envelopes provided, accompanied by a bid bond or  certified cheque as defined in the Instructions to  Bidders, will be received by the Ministry of  Transportation, Communications and Highways at  940 Blanshard Street, 4th Floor, Victoria, B.C. V8W  3E6, unless otherwise specified, up to 2 p.m. (local  Victoria time) on the day of the tender opening, at  which time tenders will be opened in public. The  lowest or any tender not necessarily accepted.  Tender forms with envelopes, plans, specifications, and conditions of tender can be obtained from  the Ministry of Transportation, Communications and  Highways, 7818 6th Street Burnaby, B.C. V3N-4NB  (telephone 525-0961), unless otherwise specified, or  from the undersigned for the sum of $10, between the  hours of 8:30 a.m. and 4:30 p.m. Monday to Friday,  except holidays.  If available, full-size drawings can also be  obtained for an additional $10.  The Ministry "General Specifications for Highway  Construction," to which the construction of this  contract shall conform, are also available for the sum  of $10.  Cheques or money orders shall be made payable  to the Minister of Finance. No such purchases are  refundable.  The tender sum is NOT to include Federal Sales  Tax.  R.G. HARVEY  Deputy Minister  Transportation, Communications  and Highways  \  I  "WB/11  '   1 v   f'V'l i  a...  1  m  ��� i**                  m -*                             "r^^^BB  ���'  \  i .  P^  'Ja% '  pi   " ' ���  Guess Where  /  ��  1         '  Coast News, July 29, 1980  13.  The usual prize ot $5.00 will be awarded to the first  name drawn Irom the barrel which correctly locates  the above. Send your entries to the Coast News. Box  460, Gibsons. Last week's winner was E.J. Johnstone  of Hopkins Landing who correctly located the rool of  the Bals Block opposite the Coast News office.  For the price  it's hard to beat  When you're looking for $250,000 or more of  temporary life insurance protection and cost is  a big factor, look into Mutual Life's Term-10  plan. It's ideal for covering a loan or other  short duration liability, and the plan also can  be converted to permanent insurance.  Keep Term-10 in mind. For the  price it's hard to beat.  Geoff Hodgklmon,  Box 957,  Gibsons, B.C.  886-8018 -m^fr  Mutual Life of Canada  The Wpfc UtorUr ���! Ihe ��Bar ��i Stove  MAKING MEMORIES   A glow of yesterday...warm flannel  nightgown, a rag doll and wood heat warmth  radiating through the house. It's no longer a  happy memory of yesteryear, but modern  technology's improvement on a great  Institution.  FOR A HEALTHY  LASTING ENVIRONMENT  A non-polluting, renewable resource, wood  heat brings us back to basics. It's satisfying  to know that what heats us is not depleting  the earth's limited store nf ins*.] fuels, nor  poisoning our air and breath. Wood will grow  for our grandchildren to burn.  %  \Sb&-  ���-"Sis  .���:: 'si. JS ._.  &  HEAT YOUR HOME  COOK A MEAL ...  Is the mouth watering delight of dishes  prepared on a wood stove only nostalgic  Imagination, or is It really the way It was?  Hundreds of owners will tell you that food  really does taite better cooked the old  fashioned way on The Earth Stove.  ENTERTAINING ...  Wood heat and wood cooking are not  exactly status symbols, but the enjoyment  shared around The Earth Stove's  crackling flames is a pleasant respite from  the pressures of the day. That's reward  enough for many.  ^Vatentetf Kv  THE UNIQUE WAY THE EARTH STOVES OPERATES  Combustion air passes througn thermostatically adjusted draft  control (1), is preheated In downdraft manifold (2) before it enters  draft inlet (3). Secondary draft tubes (4) permit combustion of vqlatile  gases above primary fire zone. Insulated fire door (5) acts as heat  reflector, aids fuel combustion. The Chimney Air Mix Assembly (6)  introduces flow of heated air some distance up chimney, controls  creosote deposits.  COLONY  HEARTH  FIREPLACE  INSERT MODEL  ��� Easily installed  ��� Saves room  in your home  ��� Two-level  cook top  ��� Fits most masqnry fireplaces  ��� Includes fireplace facing  ��� Large firebox-use up to 24" logs  US PATENT NuMBEnS.OMS"   *">8*�� DJ��S M4  885-2283  "Satisfaction Guaranteed"  Van. Tol Free  682-0213  Sechelt Building  Supplies Ltd.  sunshlnefl] bad repairs **^x��#^iM SunshineH  un| I 1 Guaranteed better than city prices. 0��       V* ^     0U I Hull I  HII     Wharf Rd., Sechelt 885-6131     MDL 5792 Coast News, July 29, 1980  birth/  Phone thc Coast News for Ihis fret1  service. cT^  per/onol  music  Joe and Fran Prest are pleased to  announce the birth of a baby girl  Jolene Dawn born July 14.1980, a  sister for Cal & Crystal. A very  special thank you to the doctors  and nurses and staff of St.  Mary's Hospital.  Karen Evans and Gordon Costello  are pleased to announce the  arrival of Iheir son Ryan Michael  Joseph, born 2��, 1980, weighing  7 lbs. 3 o/s. Happy grandparents  are Mrs. Marion Evans of Gibsons and Mrs. and Mr. Costello  of Quebec, Thanks to Dr. Cline  and nursing staff. Special thanks  to Dr. Rudland and a very  special thanks to family and  friends.  Terry and Sandy McBride are  happy to announce the birth of  their first son Todd Duggan, June ���  2Jrd, 1980. Hearty thanks to Dr.  Walton and the nurses at St.  Marv's.  obUuoric/  Spanglcr, passed away June 19,  1980, Lcona Rose Spangler  late of Gibsons. Survived by  her loving husband Joe, a daughter Andrena Grivette, New  Westminster, son Jim Clark,  Vancouver. 3 grandchildren Veronica, Guy, Michelle, 3 sisters  and I brother.  Mrs. Spangler was a member of  thc Royal Canadian Legion #140  and the Canadian Shuffleboard  Association. Service was held  Friday June 25 at the Vancouver  Crematorium Chapel. Devlin  Funeral Home Directors.  announcement;  Our most sincere thanks are  extended to the many friends  who sent notes of sympathy and  supported mc in the loss of my  dear mother and my only brother  Herbert.  Also thanks to the many who  visited and sent flowers and cards  during my stay in St. Mary's  Hospital.  Special thanks to Mrs. Betsy  Palmer, Mary Cooper, Chris  LePage and Diane Skytte.  Your thoughtfulness is appreciated. God bless you all.  Faye & Richard Birkin & family.  Earn beautiful free gifts for  holding a needlecraft demonstration for your friends. Terrific  selection of kits to choose from.  Call Fay Hansen 885-3575       #30  (ir.iiuliliiklivn  coming  to visit?  Rem a crib hi high chair, pluy pen,  ���stroller, oi '.'�����... Phone 886-2809,  TEN  Transcendental Meditation  program (TM) as taught by  Maharishi Mahesh Yogi.  V tsonal and i.n-ate instruc-  .jn. 686-7988. tfn  free KinoLina  Old Cedar Shakes  Come & Pick them  upl  PHONE 885-3577  evenings  Alcoholics Anonymous 886-9208  T.F.N.  BANISH CORNS, CALLOUSES  Carnation Corn Caps, a highly  effective, medicated pad, results  guaranteed. England's largest  selling remedy for over a century. Nowl Available in Canadal  Why suffer? One trial will convince youi Corn Caps or Callous  Caps - Available at Pacifica  Pharmacy.  found  Summer Coat on Langdale field.  Dark navy blue windbreaker.  Large 16 to 16".. 886-9971      #30  Red Haired Rabbit, down on  Armour's Beach. 886-2470     #30  lo/l  Red Jogging Suit Top, lost on  Mount Hallowed. Ph. 885-5719  or 987-4736 #30  A Watch - on Franklin Beach,  gold coloured with gold band,  green face (Waltham) 886-9393  or 885-2254 Ask for Nedra.      #30  Light Orange or Beige Cat with  white stomach & white rings  around tail. On the thin side. 886-  7037 30  f  Reward. Lost a 3-yr. old female  Siamese Cat in the area of  Hospital Bay. Ph. Call collect  731-8432 in Vane. #30  live/lock  Wanted a rider, with horse sense  for an excellenl gelding. I6'2"  Totally sound. Fully trained.  Trophied in Western Pleasure and  Games. Polential hunter-jumper  High Brandy-Cat Ballou stocks  SI.200. Also young stock for sale  883-9923, Ml  BONNIEBROOK  RIOINB  A new feature of  our Riding Stable  Buidad 3 day  mountain trips  and. Horses and  Tack Provided  Minimum age 13  For information phone  888-8409 886-2887  oppoflunitie/  A Full Line ol  Plumbing Supplies  Well be  CLOSED FOR HOLIDAYS  July 29th through Aug. 12th  Hwy 101 A Pratt Rd.  Gibsons Legion Branch "109  Presents        Jj  "BARREL HOUSE  Jj       BAND"  1ft U 2nd of August  LUNCHES AVAILABLE  11:00 to 6:00 p.m. Monday-Saturday  Friday, Saturday also 9:00 p.m. ��� 12:30 a.m.  MUSICAL INSTRUMENTS  Guitar:., amplifiers, music books.  Horizon Music   tfn  885-3117  MUSIC  LESSONS  YOU ENJOY  886-9030  essic  OMison  Piano & Organ  Begin it age 4 and older  I hi 4 Marine Drive. Gibsons  As new ��� Rhodes ��� 73 Electric  Piano. Make an offer. 886-7442.  #30  pel/  Purebred registered Persian kittens 8 weeks old. Had all shots.  Wormed. 1 Blue/cream female.  2 blue males $100 each. 886-  7938 eves. #30  Free Kittens to good homes.  1 ginger tabby, 1 grey tabby,  1 black & white, 1 grey & white.  886-7442 #32  S.P.C.A.  For Adoption:-  Golden Lab cross pups 8 weeks  Golden  Lab & Whippet  cross  male 4 months.  Collie   &   Shepherd   female   3  months, had shots.  Shepherd female l'/i years.  Ridgeback & Shepherd pups 8  weeks.  Black Lab cross, female, 6 months  Husky   cross,   spayed   female,  7 months, good with children.  S.P.C.A.   Kittens   on    display  Unicorn Pets & Plants, Sechelt.  Lost-  Male all black (except white on  chest) med. size dog, Selma Park  area.  Found���  Black Lab. female, older dog,  Gower Point.  886-9652, 886-7839, 88S-3889  Must give away: 9 monlh old  female (spayed) Shepherd cross.  Loves children. Would like her to  So to a family with lots of room &  plenty of time to spend with her.  88.1-9698. #31  PROFESSIONAL  DOG GROOMING  for small breeds.  Call Sharon 886-2084  wonted to _cnt  Needed by August IS or sooner, 2  or 3 bdrm. house. Prefer quiet  w for view. Refs. available. 886-  %34 #32  Urgently needed by Aug. 15  three to four bedroom home in  Sechelt area. References available. 886-9650. #30  1 bedroom Cottage Sept. 1.  Phone Victoria 386-1602 col. after  5 p.m. #32  Local doctor & wife need 2-3  bdrm. house to rent/lease by  Sept. 1. Ph. Gibsons Clinic 886-  2221 days. #32  2 bdrm. house for working couple  References avail. Gibsons area  pref. 886-9172. #30  work wonted  One hard-working student will cut  lawns, and do weeding and odd  jobs around the yard. Have own  lawnmower. if needed. 886-9192.   #30  Carpentry Work, marine or  residential. Reasonable rates.  886-8246 #32  Chimney   Cleaning   and   maintenance. Ph. 886-7411 or 886-8023  #30  Business Services  Will do typing, payroll & bookkeeping for small businesses. Pickup & deliverv. Call Donna. 886-  7173. 0.11  Most trees, like pets, need care and  attention and trees are our  specialty.  * Topping  * Limbing  * Danger tree removal  An insured guaranteed service.  Peerless Tree Service Ltd.  885-2109  T.F.N.  Clean ups. Rubbish removal. Light  moving. Also 19 year old male high  school grad. wants work. 886-  9503. #32  Timberjack skidder with operator.  Wire splicer available. 886-2459.  tfn  ODD JOBS  Write: Coast News, Box 460.  Gibsons. B.C. c/o Box 7        #31  General Accountant and Bookkeeping Service. Reasonable rates.  Hourly. Shoebox to computer  imput. 886-9196 #31  For Explosive Requirements  Dynamite, electric or regular caps.  B line E cord and safely fuse.  Contact Gwen Niinmo, Cemetery  Road. Gibsons. Phone 886-7778.  Howe Sound Farmer Institute.  T.F.N.  Backhoe services, septic fields,  water lines and drainage. A.  Ellingsen, 885-5092. tfn  Electrical Contractor wants work  anywhere on thc coast, own boat  for island work. 886-9316   STFN  Renovations and Repairs, Framing and Foundations. Call Jim  or Brent at 885-564.1 #TFN  WEST COAST CONTEMPOR-  ARY HOMES - BUILT OR  RENOVATED 883-9259.        TFN  wonted  /   BOX 809.  f       SECHELT  Kerry  Blue  Terriers  886-2505  /MMM  PENINSULA KENNELS  Boarding ��\  Brooming   j^J  ��� Bright & large, indoor  kennels & outdoor runs.  ��� Dogs walked daily  PROFESSIONAL  GROOMING  FROM   THE TINIEST  TO   THE  LARGEST  Read Road. Biuons  886-7713  Reed Rd.  *  Peninsula  Kennels  ���o-o  MMM  Hwy 101  MMMMNM  IDEAL LANDSCAPIHB  Tractor I BacHhoe  Light land Clearing  Drainage Fields Water Lines  CULL ANYTIME  888-8851 34  HALFMOON  _ WINDOW CLEANING  Provisional Service  overing ihe Sunshine Coast  Roofs, gutters cleaned.  final  ���> inside cleaning  885-2598  9 am - 6 pm  885-3963  (after 6 p.m.)  J. LEPORE TILE  Quality Installations  Ceramic, Mosaic or Quarry  All work guaranteed  Free estimates  Phone Anytime  _      886-8097  PENINSULA  ROOFING ft  INSULATION LTD.  All Types of Roofing  & Re-Roofing  Henrv Rodriguez  Sechelt     885-8585  WANTED  PRIVATE PROPERTY In Gibsons  village or close in. Please call  886-2818  Days,   886-2440 evenings. #30  Wanted late model F250 super-  cab camper special. 886-8034 #32  Wanted 1 Birdcage. 886-2401 #30  Older furniture, china, etc., bought  or sold on consignment. Harbour  Antiques, 1585 Marine Dr., Gibsons. 886-7800 T.F.N.  Oiygenating plants and water  snails for a flsh pond. Phone  886-9750 #30  Wanted to Buy: Logs or Timber.  Fir, Hemlock, Cedar ��� Porpoise  Bay Logging Ltd., 885-9408 or  885-2032. T.F.N.  18" Cedar shake blocks. We pay  the best pricesforgood wood. Also  custom cut your blocks. 886-9856.   TFN  WANTED TO BUY. Good quality used vehicles. Call Mainland  Motors 886-8344 1FN  for /ole  BUSINESS  Wanted to Buy  $100,000 - $200,000  All Replies Confidential  Box 20,  c/o Coast News,  Box 460,  Gibsons, B.C.  Wanted 10-12 ft. aluminum Boat  Good condition 886-2770 after  5. #30  Want to trade 15 cu. ft. chest  freezer, 2 yrs. old for upright of  approx. same age and si/e. Phone  after 6 pm.. 885-5343. #31  Wanted by private parly, reasonably priced semi or waterfront  property. Prefer house, but not  essential. Gibsons or Roberts  Creek Area. Evenings only: 298-  4054 #31  CASH FOR LOOS  no mess  Free Estimates  D & 0 LOG SORTING  LTD.  886-7896    886-7700  help wonted  Required immediately an experienced cook. Apply in writing  to 'Jolly Roger Inn, R.R. #1  Halfmoon Bay. #30  Experienced Presser needed for  garment factory. 886-8161.     #30  Experienced Waitress, door security person and cook required.  Apply in person to Royal Canadian Legion 109. #31  Wanted Experienced Carpenters  or Framing Crew to start immediately. Reply to Box 1783  Sechelt or leave message at 885-  3211 days. #32  FLOWERPOTS  Concrete flower pots and garden  ornaments. Corner of Metcalfe  Rd. and Lower Rd. For more  information call 886-2744 Roberts  Creek ^30  Aluminum Net Drum 5' rim,  dia. 5 7/ 8", net and gear needs  some repair $750. White chest ol  Drawers $30. 886-251.1. #31  Aluminum frame and glass greenhouse kit. 5 x t feel, with self-  opening vent window. 886-9344.   #30  Complete Aluminum Window  units for small house or cabin. I  large picture unit 5' x 10' side  opening with storm. $125. 3  stationary units I - 4' x 5' with  storm $60.2 I 2'x5'$25..3 l,2'x3  12' - $30. or save on complete  package for $200. Phone 886-7710   #31  Jet Pump. 1/3 hp Monarch with  IS gallon tank two tires 12x16.5  Tubeless on Chev rims. Phone  886-9194 after S. #30  71 Otto hardtop tent Trailer  sleeps four. 2 spare wheels and  tires. Excellent condition $500.00  886-2053 #30  7 square 24" tapered Shakes,  thick, $50. square. Phone 885-  9516. #30  Tent Owners, we carry canvas  repair kits, spray-on canvas  waterproofer. as well as mildew  remover. 7 days a week. La  Caravana. #TFN  Used upper & lower kitchen  Cabinets. 886-2460. #30  Farm Fresh Buttercranch let-  luce. Cabbage, Chard, Carrots,  etc. Tony Archer. 886-7046      tfn  Waterbed for Sale: Frame, heater  & mattress. I yr. old. Queen si/e.  $235. Phone: 886-7049 evenings.  #31  CREST SEWING CENTRE  SEWING MACHINE REPAII  tot /ole  foi /ole  help wonted  PART TIME INSTRUCTORS  Part time instructors are needed  for  the   Fall   Program   in   the  following areas:  Adult Basic Education  Basement Finishing  Celestial Navigation  Chainsaw Maintenance  Coastal Navigation  Computer Programs  English as a 2nd Language  Fly Tieing  Furniture Finishing  Goldpanning  Guitar  Gymnastics (Olympic)  Microwave Cooking  Needlepoint  Photography  Pruning  Relaxation  Sewing  Signpainting  Small Engine Repair  Stocks and Bonds  Tool Sharpening  Typing (Speed Development)  Woodwork  New Instructors will be expected  to participate in a 1-day workshop  Mid-September.    If   you   have  other skills you might want to  share, please contact us. Please  call  or  write  after   August  Si  Continuing   Education.   Box   6,  Sechelt. VON 3AO.  Phone:885-3512  Office Hours: 9 a.m. to 4 p.m.  Qflresh   Bread   daily.   Whole  wheat, rye & white. To order call  Cafe Pierrot 885-9962.  We cater small birthday parties,  dinner meetings,  anniversaries  etc. Cafe Pierrot 885-9962 for  info.  29' ex gillnet $2000.00. 1970  Chevelle $2800.00. Ph. 885-9671.  #30  5 gal. Boat Gas Can, oars, coffee  table, cork boots, dining room  set, folding bed, other odds &  ends. Phone 886-9706 or 886-9344  between 4 and 6 p.m. #30  Bargains: Wood stove used only  1 winter, $269. new asking S225.  Oil range $75. Pipes & all excellent heater. Space heater $50.  886-9952 #31  Aluminum storm door as new $75  886-2632 #30  New (1 month old) motorcross  bicycle asking $130.00. Phone  886-8043. Ask for Darrel.       #30  8' GM Canopy. 7" Bosch Lights,  Craig Cass. Player 885-9679   #30  Men's 23" 10-sp. bicycle. New  brakes cables, blocks, tires &  saddle. $85 Firm. 886-9077    #31  Ceiling Fan. Wooden Blades. 36".  886-9485 #31  Firewood $60 per cord. Alder and  maple. 886-7713 #32  Foundation Forms 2' x 8' for 1300  sq.ft. S245., 886-9102 #31  10' x 11' Storage Shed floor. Twin  beds. Singer Sewing Machine.  Apt. freezer, Fire screen & Grade.  Washer & Dryer. 886-2679     #31  1972 Mercury Comet. Bed Chesterfield. Green recliner. Single bed.  3 burner camper stove (coleman).  Vibrator lounge, reasonable, all  good condition. 886-7066.      #31  1 Viking Colorall. Chanel remote  control $200. Complete rock shop:  2-8" x arbors. Grinding and  polishing. 1-8" disks sander attachment. 1-10" x 14" comb.  Saw. New. Electric motors. Some  new jewellery fittings. 3-Barr.  Rub. Tumblers. 6 mo. charging  compound. Timk. self, aling.  bearings. New. 10 piece certified  gemstone kit. Marshells assorted.  This will pay several times.  Many more items and rocks.  Some Jade. Offers over $1,750.  886-2732. #30  caplano requires  COlleqe      INSTRUCTORS IN  a        BUSINESS MANAGEMENT.  Outlet:  To teach small business management course at  Capilano  College Sechelt  Centre, evening,  September to December 1980.  Location:    Sechelt     Salary^   Faculty scale.  Qualtlications:  Minimum of 8 years experience of the operation of a  business. Previous teaching experience helpful but  not mandatory.  Appointment:  ��� Temporary. September - December 1980  Applications:  Dean of Carrers / Vocational Programs  Capilano College, 2055 Purcell Way, North  Vancouver, B.C. V7J 3H5.  Closing date:     August 12th 1980.  Speed Queen Washer $250.  Speed Queen Dryer $200. Phone  886-2416 #30  Old Sideboard, oak, good cop-,  dition. $300 OBO. 886-9843  after 6. #30  Ornate Chess Set $65. firm.  New chess set real nice $40.  32 barbecue blocks including 2  steel grids for large barrel type  barbecue. Cost $79 new, sell for!  $50.886-2512 #30!  28" high Sportsman Canopy)  $350. Dobbie winch $150. Con-;  tractors electric mast $45. Brush  scythe blade $12.885-2334     #3tf  compefz/fvy .  Used Campers (for import pick  ups), excellent condition. Priced  for quick sale. La Caravanna,  7 days a week. 885-9626.       TFN j  18' Trailer ��� sleeps 6 - fridg^':  stove, oven, sink, equalizer  hitch S1400OBO. 886-7173     #3$.  Trillium Travel Trailer. 13 f��:  Fiberglass, sleeps 4, can bt-  pulled by small car, comes wittt".  heater, stove, 3-way fridge, 2-''  propane tanks, awning, wide caf.  mirrors, spare wheel, $2500 of.!  trade for boat. 886-7831.        #3D:  1974 Bendix Motorhome 20 h  $12,500.00   OBO.   Phone   88$  2734 in first class running order.'. '.  #3jf.  1977 11' Frontier. Oven, fridge,;',  toilet, very clean. Hydraulic jack*  $4850.886-8344 TFS!  4 GREENHOUSE {  j GLASS \  $10-20 sq. ft.  j      885-3538      \  ixasaatatBtstBtatsasA  3,000 to 4,000  LINEAL FEET  2x4"  2x6"  FULL SIZE  $330 @ LOAD  PLUS DELIVERY  6" CHANNEL  SIDING  $650 @ 1,000  PARRYL 886-9739  WWWWVWW9  HOTPOINT  APPLIANCES  BEST PRICES ON  THE COAST  at  macleods  sechelt  884-5240  CAM PRENTIS Prop  DUNHAM RD, PORT MELLON  VON2SO  I���������������������4  |    BIGFOOT  at  Sechelt RV Sales  885-SSX3  ������������>�����������>����������������� .  motoicyde/  1973 Honda 500 4. Excellent condition. 26,000 mi. $1450. 886-8344  #TFN  1948 Harley Davidson Panhead.  Fully chopped,  extended front-,  end, belt drive, S.U. carb. Lots ofg  chrome, excellent running cond. .  $4000.886-9491 #30  1977 Su/uki DS 185. pood running;  order. $501). oho. Phone H86-97I5B  after 5 pm. f/318  1976 750 c.c. Triumph motorcycle-:  rebuilt motor and transmission";  Phone 886-2537 between 6 & <�����  p.m. #3t)  mobile home/  1973 Bonavista Mobile Home. '.;  Set up in trailer park. 12x68'. -  $17,900. Ph. 886-2635. #32,::  Custom deluxe Fleetwood Mobile  Home.   64'xl2'   two   berioom,  front dining room, situated in a   \  beautiful   treed   setting   overlooking ocean. Call 886-2488   #30  coast mobile  Homes Ltd.  GOOD  SELECTION OF  DOUBLE WIDES  We take trades  or  Consign your Mobile  Home to us for  quick sale  WHARF ST.  SECHELT  885-9979       mol 6393  aooooooooooo  Sunshine Coast  Mobile Home  Park & Sales  1 mile west of Gibsons  on Hwy. 101  Order your new  "ATCO" Home  Direct and  SAVE $$$ on  Stocking Charges  We welcome  Consignment Sales  on your  Used Mobile Home  Pads available  in our lot.  Phone 886-9826  M  mm  mm icole/ioic  jigwcl  [ House for Sale  Qnicl luxury - Tennis next door,  boating two blocks away. A high  quality energy efficient home.  Tremendous view and excellent  tef'ms. F.P. $74,500. 886-7668#31  Two bedroom house in Selma  Pick on lease land overlooking  TrSil Islands. This is a very  comfortable home with gas  furnace, 3 piece bath and new  range. Priced for quick sale.  Ptone 885-5619 or 574-5516    #30  Modern I bdrm. home on Coracle  Cfr��� Sandy Hook. View, near  heach and boat ramp. Appliances  $40,700. 9K6-4657 or 885-5589K3I  A number to note:  885-5171  WHARF RKAI.TY LTD.  1 '/i yr. home 64x138 Lot. 3 bdrms  up, finished family room, workshop, landscaped. 1 block from  shopping and schools. $69,000.  Ph. 886-7854 #30  Lot 18 Creekside Park Estates.  Treed with south west exposure  and creek to rear for privacy.  Price includes $400 credit for  personal house design by local  architectural firm. Price $18,750  with $12,500 assumable mortgage  at 10%. Ph. 886-2922 eve.  886-9205 #30  WATERFRONT  By owner, (iibsons Bluff III' 3  bdrm. 2 baths. 16* F P. Large I K  & Rec. Rm, Den W Shop. Garage. Patio, Terrace, Courtyard  with fountain, Howe Sound view  from uII rooms. No agents 8X6-  9077. $185,000. #31  hovel  hovel  Tht Only Way To Gol  ATTENTION  * TRAVELLERS! *  �� "Think Money"$  We have excellent packages for  RENO & LAS VEQAS  for Fall 1980  Avoid Disappointment  &  ,Book Your Choice TODAY!  Fully Authorized  Trauei Agent #eeo-i  In the Heart  ol Cedar Plata  886-8155  886-8156  Toll Free: 669-1521  CAMpbell's  FAMILY SHOES and LEATHER GOODS  'IN THE HEART OF DOWNTOWN SECHELT''   885-9345  Your friendly neighbourhood  drop-off point for  Classified Ads.  sy  Going to the City?  We'll be gl&d to  BOOK YOUR  ACCOMMODATION  NO CHARGE for this service  Book your Winter  Holiday NOWI  peninsula  trawl  886-9755  Registered Travel Agent  tot icnt  1 BR waterfront furnished bachelor suite. Sorry no animals.  886-2887 #30  House for Rent: New 3 bedroom  house in Sechelt. To rent must  be willing to sign release. No  pets. References required. Rent  5475 per month. Available August 1st. Prefer tenant to do some  landscaping in exchange for  reduction in rent. 885-3211 days.  #32  SPECIAL WEEKLY RATES  Peninsula Hotel 886-9334 TFN  Honniebrook Resort  2 choice mobile home sites  available. Near waterfront. 886-  2887. tfn  NOW RENTIHO  6BOSa.lt  $300. a month  School Road &  Gower Pt. Road  1    581-0995  outomotlwe  '64 VW bug chopped-off road use  S400; '72 Ford F150 running good  For parts $400. Portable welder,  requires rheostat $200. Ph.  885-3946 Mike after 6 p.m.     #30  '72 Dodge Dart swinger slant 6,  A.T. 52000 miles near new tires  and snows. Good running order.  S1750OBO. 886-2320 #30  1968 Ford - rusted out; good for  parts. Good engine (302) & transmission etc. Sell as is. $175.00  OBO. 886-7386. #30  1976 Datsun Pickup with large  canopy low mileage good condition $3700 OBO. 885-3337      #30  1979 Oldsmobile 98 Regency all  options. Phone 885-5416 after  6 p.m. #30  '71 VW window Van, 74,000  orig. mi. Rblt. motor. New:  brakes (disc & drums), deluxe  shocks, wheel brgs. & custom  exhaust. Good Michelins, 25 mpg  Body good but needs paint job.  Propane furnace & roof vent.  $1500 OBO 885-5505 #30  1970 Dodge  Polara. $300.. 1967  Chev. Caprice. $350., 886-9169  031  1977 Toyota Corolla de luxe  (1 owner) 4 door sedan, 1600 cc  motor, radio, manual shift, radial  tires plus extra snow tires.  Red exterior, white interior,  22,000 mi. In exc. cond. $4000.  1972 3/41. Ford F250PU6cyl.,  manual shift, reconditioned motor  $2000 OBO Phone 886-8076 or  cars can be seen at 1597 Abbs  Rd., Gibsons. #30  outomotlwe  1974 Mercury Montego, excellent  condition. No rust. $1400. 886-  7048. #30  1971 Volkswagen Beetle available  until July 30. Reduced to $1,250.  885-5543 #30  1978 Ford Thunderbird 302  engine, PS, PB. $7500. Ph. 886-  2635 #32  '69 WHITE FREIGHTLINER  COE ., 1674 Cat. power, most  everything rebuilt, new brake  linings & rubber, stereo. CB.  must be seen for $15,000. Lots of  extras. 885-3155, 9-5, evers. 885-  5003 #32  Chevy Blazer 1974 forest green  offers phone 885-5029 #30  AUTOMOTIVE  SjYour TOYOTA Dealer  j Automotive  } PARTS & SERVICE  t  Open Mon - Sat, 9 - 5  j DL #5848  %      886-7919    886-7430  4 Come In & Test Drive  8 our NEW TOYOTAS  j 1980 Pick-up, Auto  f 2800cc. MPG. City-24  \ Hwy - 32  %      Pick-up Std,  4 5 Spd Performance  i City - 22.  K Hwy 37  MMWMMMNNMNMW  OFFICE OR  RETAIL SPACE  AVAILABLE  Approx. 1200 sq. ft.  Prime Hwy 101  location in Gibsons  PHONE 080-7112  MMMMMMMMMMMfM  Gibsons  Industrial Park  FOR RENT  Commercial or  Warehouse Space  Shaw Rd., Gibsons  Phone: 886-7611  Eves: 886-2139  RENT-A-CAR  RENT-A-TRUGK  1980 1-TON TRUCK  c/w 12' VAN  1980 F-250  3/4 TON PICK-UP  1980 FAIRMONTS  1980 MUSTANGS  DAILY WEEKLY  MONTHLY  COMPETITIVE RATES  ���ABBA���  \LEASE RENTALS  at  SOUTH COAST FORD  885-3281  i     $4,195.00  p 1974 Volvo Auto  j      4-Dr. Stn Wagon  J        1 owner driven  8 $4,395.00  i 1975 Ford P/U  5 Auto w/canopy  4 51,000 miles  I      7,550.00  I   1980 Toyota P/U  4 Auto Canopy - Radio ,  JUndercoating -Roofrack  K 6,000 miles  i      $3,495.00  8  1975 Datsun 710  4 ' 2-Dr Auto Vinyl  d Roof - One Owner  K 18,000 miles  8       s2,795.00  J   1974 Ford Pinto  8   Auto 2-Dr Stn/wagon  L  55,000 miles  mobile home/        mobile home/  RENT-A-BOAT  a motor too if you  like at  DAVIS BAY SECONDHAND  STORE  across from  finut Whqif BS5-5Z64  mm MWi  CLASSIFIED ADVERTISING  CLASSIFIED DEADLINE  NOON SATURDAY  Minimum $2.50 per insertion.  Each additional line 50$,  or use our economical  3 weeks for the price of 2 rate.  ALL FEES PAYABLE  PRIOR TO INSERTION.  This offer is. made available for private individuals.  ! THE FOLLOWING CLASSIFICATIONS In the event of an error,  ARE FREE 'be publisher shall be responsible  Birth Announcements, Lost and Found for one corrected insertion only.  DROP OFF POINTS.   Campbell's Family Shoes - Sechelt  Centre Hardware & Gifts - Madeira Park   (Deadline FRIDAY before noon)  Print your ad In the square* Including the price of the Item and your telephone num.  ber. Be ante to leave a blank apace after each word.  In order to keep rates for classified advertising to a minimum, no billing or  telephone orders are accepted except from customers who have  accounts with us or who/live outside the Sunshine Coast.Cash, cheques  or money orders must accompany all classified advertising.  MOTOR HOME  RENTAL  - 26 ft.  ��� Sleeps six  ��� Luxury  TIME AVAILABLE IN  AUGUST & SEPTEMBER  We also rent cars & trucks  SUnCQHST CHRM5LER LTQ  885-5111  .Please mall to Coast News, Classifieds,  CLASSIFICATION:  Box 460, Gibsons, B.C. VON 1V0.  Or bring in person to  the Coast News Office In Gibsons.                  Eg. F  :orSale, For Rent, etc.  i  .. L  I   .  !   I  r^  Copyright and  Advertising  Regulations  The Sunshine (oajt News  reserves the ri|;ht to classify  advertisements under appropriate headings and determine  page location. The Sunshine  Coast News also reserves the  right to revise or reject any  advertising which in the opinion  of Ihe Publisher is in questionable taste. In the event that  any advertisement is rejected,  the sum paid for the advertisement will be refunded.  All typesetting, artwork, and  layout, etc., done by thc Sunshine Coast News becomes the  property of the Sunshine Coast  News, and reproduction by any  means, without the written  permission of the Publisher, will  be subject to legal action.  automotive  For Sale 1979 Chev 4*4 short box,  aut. PS, PB, 400 cubic inch  engine, line a bed and canopy,  excellent condition still on warranty. Phone 885-5260 #30  1977 4x4 Toyota LD CRS 1 ton  pickup, 24,000 1  owner miles.  Excellent condition, Craig AM/  FM deck. $6500 OBO. 885-5439.  #30  1959 Merc Pickup good running  order 6 cyl. 3 speed yours for only  $200883-9316 #30  Coast News, July 29, 1980  15.  1>. .& yukon b.c.fi yuhort  fflOltftC  IAN MORROW & CO. LTD.  Mania' Surveyors, condition and  detail surveys lor Evaluation,  Surveys for insurance claims.  Phone 88(i-24.VV 886-9458.  T.F.N,  16' Mii.it with enclosed cabin, wood  hull, needs scraping & painting. 45  hp motor included. $8(111. View al  Smitty's Marina or call 886-  9411. TFN  Roadrunner Boat Trailer $700. 35  hp Evinrude $300.886-9410   #32  Ski Boat, 19' Hourston Hull 318  Chrysler i/o with Volvo Penta  250 tandem drive Roadrunner  trailer, hydraulic brakes. $6,000  firm. 886-8174 #31  14' Glasscraft with 1976 55 hp  Johnston. Just rebuilt with 30  days warranty. $2950. 886-8344.  TFN  12 ft. Hourston Glass boat  c/w 5.5 hp Seagull only 4 hrs. old  $850.00 firm. 885-5396 #30  IIIGGS MAKINt:  SURVKYS LTD.  Insurance claims, condition and  valuation surveys. Serving the  Sunshine Coast and B.C. Coastal  Waters. Phone: 885-9425. 885-  9747. XK5-364.1. 886-9546. T.F.N.  2-30' STVROI OAM DOCKS,  $900. each. Monday to Friday 8  am.- 4 pm. Phone 874-4257    ��32  22' boat, Rinnell. 188 Merc,  cruiser. Kitchenette, sleeps three.  Top speed 35 knots. Motor  recently overhauled. $7,900. 885-  3165 or 885-2522. tfn  Got a Merc?  Got it made!  MAKE IT WITH  MARINA  RESOR1  PC    BOX 160  WADFlRA PARK B C  VON 2t.il  '1,04 ntU ,-^4(J  b.c.fi jjuKon  DEALERSHIPS FOR a proven  rodent and pest control system.  No poisons. Investment back on  inventory. Phone 858-4494, message. Write Ideal Distributors,  Box 398, Sardis, B.C. VOX 1YO.  #29  1973 MACK CABOVER rebuilt  6 cylinder Mack engine brakes  flatdeck or fifthwheel. 1969  Blue Chip forklift, rebuilt diesei  engine, swivel steer. Kamloops,  B.C. Phone 372-5411 or 376-1377  evenings. #29  1973- 30 ton BUCYRUS-ER1E  45-C. Scries 2-B-100 Hydra  Crane. G.M. 6V53 diesei. 100  foot 3 stage telescope boom. 25  foot Tucaway Jib 5/8 inch hoist  cable, '/i inch auxiliary hoist  cable. Phr.nc 378-2836. #29  PAYING TOP CASH for stamps  of Piteairn. Norfolk, Tokelau.  Ross, Nauru. Gilberts. Hebrides.  Cocos, Australia. AAT. New  Zealand. John Stcgman, Box 245.  Nelson. B.C. VIL5P9. #29  DEPTH SOUNDER. Graphic display of what's in the lake, 6'  600' depths. Write: Box 676,  Barriere, B.C. VOE 1EO or call  672-5167. #29  FOR SALE - NATURAL HIGH  POTENCY VITAMINS. Complete  selection. Lowest prices in Canada. Prompt mail service. Free  catalogue. Write Vitamin Discounts, Dept. 4B, 312 Esplanade,  North Vancouver, B.C. V7L 1A4.  A CLASSIC B.C. COOKBOOK.  Back in print after 75 years  the King's Daughters Cook  Book was compiled by Margaret  Leighton McMicking, prominent  Victoria hostess around the turn  of the century. Her husband,  Robert, was one of the founders  in 1880 of thc Victoria & Esquimau Telephone Company,  forerunner of B.C. Tel. A genuine  piece of B.C. history, complete  with tips on handling servants  plus household advice and real  pioneer days recipes (including  planked salmonO this is 296  pages of tasty reading. Send  $9.90 'n cheque or money order,  or your Visa or Mastercharge  a/c no. with a signed order to:  The Unusual House Inc., #201-  1104 Hornby Street, Vancouver,  B.C. V6Z 1V8. #29  FOR SALE - 1974 CATERPILLAR  966C LOADER, owner operator,  immaculate condition. Only 7500  original hours; grapple, bucket  and spare tire. Phone 296-3667  #29  W8 WHITE WESTERN STAR  logging truck with 8V 92T 15-  speed S.l. scales. Page and Page  trailer. With or without job.  Phone567-9625after6p.m.    #29  GERMAN SHEPHERD PUPPIES  Top world bloodlines. Guard or  family dogs. Excellent opportunity. $125 - one insert only ���  clip out. Phone 246-3800 #29  HOUSEBOATS! Dual use Water  or Camper. Be a Dealer Investment only Display Unit. John's  Marketing, 3105-30th Ave., Vernon, B.C. V1T 2C4. Phone 542-  5366 #29  ATTENTION EDITORS I Quality  Astrology column for your community weekly newspaper. R.  Ellingham, R.R.2 Lockyer Road,  Gibsons, B.C. VON IVO. Phone  885-9969 #29  EXPERIENCED SAWYER for  portable sawmill in Port McNeill,  B.C. northern Vancouver Island.  Phone 956-4495 or 956-3538.  Steady employment. Housing  available. Salary negotiable. All  recreational facilities in town. #29  WATERFRONT! 91' water front-  age. Lot 9, Glimpse Lake near  Kamloops. Ideal for building.  Excellent fishing. $18,000.00  cash. Alice Eckland 859-7092  (evenings) or 826-9581 (days) #29  DITCH WITCH. R-60 Trencher,  cable layer, as new backhoe-  lays water line, electric cable to  24". 1974 Chev 'A ton new  tandem trailer. Offers to $10,500  Phone 248-9804 (collect) #29  SURVIVAL NEWSLETTER  MONTHLY. $15 per year. Your  introductory price until September 1, please send $7.00 ���  hurry! New Survival Services  3589 Granville St.. Vancouver  B.C. V7H3K5 #29  NO GAS AVAILABLE. Trucks,  tractors, electrical generators,  boats - Retort burnable gas from  wood. Pre-W.W. 2 invention  drawings and detail $6.95.  Nielsen Inovates and Recycling  Company. ReplvL Box 167  BCYCNA, 1004, 207 West Hastings St.. Vancouver. B.C. V6H  1H7 #29  DIVORCE  LOW COST - Over the phone  fast. Phone The Law Shoppe  Toll Free 112-800-663-3035 (in  Vancouver area call 687-24421  Chargex and Mastercharge accepted "Legal Help You Can  Afford". TFN  EXPERIENCED ADVERTISING  SALES representative for weekly  newspaper in Grande Prairie,  Must be ambitious. Eicellent  company    benefits 15%%  commission. Contact George Lan-  ctot, Grande Prairie Booster,  10022-99 Ave., Grande Prairie,  Alta. T8V OR9. Phone (403)  532-0606 #29  BUY THIS FRANCHISED Sand-  wich Shop - Coin-op, games.  Exceptional returns. 50 mile  exclusive. Details P&L, Century  21, Spectrum Real Estate, Box  1538, Houston, B.C. VOJ IZO.  Phone 845-7141 #29  BUSINESS OPPORTUNITY ��� 63  seat extremely busy cafe for sale  in Lillooct. Ideal family operation.  Licenced for beer and wine.  For detailed information phone  256-7010. #29  WELL ESTABLISHED since 1971  popular import dealership for  sale in the beautiful Bulkley  Valley, North Central B.C.  P.P. in excess of 100. Modern six  car showroom, well equipped  shop. Property includes 16200  square feet. Building 6900 square  feet, second storey revenue  apartments plus three bedroom  manager's suite. For further  details write: P.B. Webber,  3000 Royal Centre, P.O. Box  11130, 1055 West Georgia St.,  Vancouver, B.C. V6E 3R3. All  inquiries will be held confidential.  #29  JOURNEYMEN MECHANICS  wanted immediately. Full bedical  dental and life insurance benefits.  Top wage. Contact service Manager at Inland Kenworth Sales,  865 Notre Dame Dr., Kemloops  V2C 5N8. Phone 374-4406      #31  PART-TIME KINDERGARTEN  TEACHER wanted in rural area.  Douglas Lake Indian Reserve.  Apply before August 6, 1980  to: Richard McLeod, Box 188,  Merritt, B.C. VOK 2BO. Phone  350-3355 or 378-4235  WOODCARVINGS FOR SALE  Sculpture, Gifts Souvenirs.  Family business established 17  years. Send $1.00 for well illustrated catalogue, refundable  with order. Write: Carvings, Box  776, Nelson, B.C. V1LSR4.     #30  REGISTERED NORWEGIAN  ELKHOUND breeding and pet  stock puppies. Champion bloodlines. Adult breeding stock.  Gua'ranteed'temperrrient. No con-'  genital abnormalities. Shots, de-  wormed, tattoo. Phone 832-3242  #29  YOGA RETREAT WITH BABA  HARI DASS. Share 5 glorious  days in Oyama. B.C. learning the  ancient system of Ashtanga  Yoge. August 13-18. $90.00  ($60.00children). For information  write: Dharmasara Retreat, #801.  2277 West 2nd Ave., Vancouver.  B.C. V6K IH8. Phone 533-2312  or 536-1061. #30  ���   LI ���  HARDWARE & GIFTS  PENDER HARBOUR CENTER  MADEIRA PARK  883-9914  Is now serving PENDER HARBOUR  as drop off for  Classified Advertisements  Deadline 1.00 p.m. Fridays  Classifieds should be prepaid and pre-written.  All information in Classified Ad section of Coast News.  Yes, Wendy !  SECHELT  CARPET  CORNER  Opposite   the    RCMP  has another load of  vinyl Floor  Remnants  at   $4.95 per yd.  Imagine I  885-5315  (days)  885-9355  VILLAGE OF  GIBSONS  notice of  Wharf  Closure  The Gibsons  Wharf will be  closed to the  public effective  8 a.m. Friday  August 1st to  Midnight  Saturday   August  2nd.  Public is advised  that  any   vehicle  on the dock  during this period  will be removed at  owner's expense. ���  16. Coast News, July 29, 1980  On becoming a lumberjack  Ramblings of a Rover  Im !).<��� Cee  I sincerely hope that should  mj fellow columnists Peter  Trower and Carl Chrismas.  both former loggers with vast  experience in thc West Coast  logging industry, happen to  read my attempts at portraying life in an Eastern lumber-  camp fifty years ago. they will  be tolerant enough to restrict  themseh es to a gentle smile and  not guffaw outright ul our  efforts 10 gel a camp buill and.  eventually, provide enough  logs for McLaughlin's Sawmills in Arnprior to operate, wc  hope, on u profitable basis I  am well aware that the trees wc  were cutting, and I say "we"  reservedly, would be called  "matchsticks" out here in ihe  \\ csi .mil that our operation in  comparison would he "small  put.noes" indeed and might not  even justify the term "gyppo".  However one must remember  lhal back in those days all Ihe  intricate machinery connected  wnh thc lumber industry had  yd to he built and horses were  urn onk power source in  getting those logs from the  forest to the roads and. eventually, oui on to thc ice-bound  lakes io await the Spring thaw  ami the long drive down thc  river lo the waiting mills.  I might as well admit il right  from Ihe start, as far as my  contribution went in achieving  anything constructive for my  employers. I was possibly more  il a liability than an asset and I  have no clouhi that my fellow  workers would have preferred  me either lo have been several  hundreds of miles away or. lo  use a military expression, to be  "confined to barracks" while  they col mi with the job on  hand.  \ltei the tents were set up  .uul. lei me add. I was of no use  ,ii tins simple job either, our  boss Joe l.arabie divided the  gang ol aboul 50-60 men into  Iwo distinct divisions. One hall  was   delegated   the   task   of  preparing Ihe site lor ihe future  camp and ihe other was off in  the adjacent forest selecting  and cutting down the trees  suitable for the log buildings  that would constitute ihe main  camp. The first building to be  erected was lo be a cookhouse,  then a small cabin to serve as  office and commissary and,  later a bunkhouse lor thc men  and still later stables for the  horses.  Lor a lew days I wandered  around in a complete daze and  about all I acquired in the way  ol knowledge Irom mv coworkers was a startling vocabulary ol French oaths and. sad  io report, most ol ihem were  hurled in my direction. I am  certain lhal had nol Joe  l.arabiecilhei warned them, or  at least said something lo them  as regard their treatment ol mc.  I would have been in lor a lai  "rougher ride" than I aclualh  received. In retrospect I am  amazed that these rough men  could have controlled their  homicidal tendencies as far as  Dec Cee was concerned.  Another source of amazement was thc fact that, seeing  wc were all living in tents, the  cook had to prepare all our  meals over an open fire and  although the selection was not  extensive, the main ilems. and  they were consumed in prodigious quantities, were salt  pork, beans baked in huge iron  kettles and sourdough bread or  flapjacks with either prunes or  molasses as a dessert and very  very occasionally Ihe cook  would relent and issue a small  ration of jam. As far as I  remember we had a lew fresh  vegetables, such as potatoes,  carrots and onions for a week  or two alter our arrival bul  when they were exhausted wc  were back lo our staples, sow  belly and beans. A cook was  judged in ihose days by the  quality of his beans and his  flapjacks. If they were good  then unquestionably he was a  damn   good  cook   and   there  Highways advisory snag  The regional board may  have run into a snag in its  attempts to set up a Highways  Advisory Committee along the  lines of the Ferry Advisory  Committee, directors discovered at Thursday night's  board meeting.  Director Jim Gurney, reporting on his conversation  with local Highways Manager  Tucker Forsyth, said "Mr.  Forsyth has made it clear that  he is not prepared to negotiate  on the day to day items dealt  with by his department. He  also stated that he cannot  speak on policy matters."  Gurney also pointed out that  Mr. Forsyth does not like to  Legion  supports  handicapped  In a letter to the Regional  Hoard. Branch 140 of the  Royal Canadian Legion at  Sechelt expressed its hope  that the proposed Joint Use  Office Facility to be built on  the sewage treatment plant  silo in Sechelt will comply  with the building code as  regards accessibility for the  handicapped.  Ihe letter arose out of a  resolution passed at the  Dominion Convention of the  Royal Canadian Legion held  recently in Penticton, urging  "all commands and branches  lo promote better accessibility  for the handicapped to Legion  premises. D.V.A. buildings  .���id public buildings in general".  r> 3  warm, warmer, warmest.   ���?  daniadown  meet in large committees or  in public. Any meetings held  Would have to involve a small  committee meeting in camera.  Area A Director Joe Harrison was sharply critical of  the lack of public input into  the Highways Department and  blamed the provincial government, saying, "Our problems  with Highways have been  endless. The public look to the  board as the local political  body to deal with these  complaints, but the board has  no powers, the provincial  government is insulated from  public or political input."  Director Gurney passed on  a suggestion from Mr. Forsyth  that directors prepare specific  recommendations and meet  with him just prior to his  recommendations being made  to Victoria in October. Even  then, Gurney stated, "we  cannot assume that work recommended will be done in  the next year."  Board Chairman David  Hunter asked that directors  prepare recommendations  from their areas to be presented to Mr. Forsyth at a  meeting in September. Hunter  also requested Directors Lee.  Almond and Harrison lo  formulate a resolution concerning these problems for  presentation lo the regional  directors forum at Ihe U.B.  CM. meeting in September,  were no arguments about it.  His only helper was an old man  of around sixty years of age  who cut the wood lor thc tires  and hauled water in pails from  Ihe lake lo keep two oaken  barrels lull at all limes.  I must not loigci to mention  the main beverage which was  lea and it was boiled, yes  boiled, in pails strung over the  fires and when it threatened lo  boil over, a small pannikin of  cold waler was dashed into it,  or snow il available, to settle  the leaves. I he resulting hrew  was black in colour and about  thc consistency ol moling tar  and. if Ihe cook was in a good  mood, a little sugar was added,  Ol course undei these primitive  conditions no milk or cream  was obtainable so we drank il  black and to this dav the habit  has remained with me. I cither  want a very strong mug ol tea  or no lea al all - none of ihis  laintlv coloured, lukewarm  water stuff lor me,  Ihe tents in which we were  sleeping were either two or four  man affairs and once mon: I  was fortunate, or it mighi  possibly have been arranged, lo  have as my companion one  who was called only by the  name "Old John". He was later  to he our "Buck Beaver" or the  man in charge of cutting the  main roads through thc  swamps and muskegs. He was  not a full-blooded Indian bul  about three-quarters Algon  quin and would be in his late  fillies. "Old John" had forgotten more about the forest and  its ways than many of us will  ever know and I could write, i  am sure, a whole hook aboul  him and his life in the wood  only knew half of il. He was  really good to me and taught  mc a greal many Ihings thai  have slood me in good stead  over the years. I here have beei  times when, through him. I  remembered "OUI Charlie'  hack in mv schooldays al  Acton Farm. Both were fine  men in their respective wav*  although iheir pathways  through life were so different, 1  am indebted to them both and  shall never forget cither ol  them. 1 hey added so much to  mv education ami. without  question, played a significant  purl in helping me through lib  and in shaping my destiny.  m%M,wWm  PLACING & FINISHING  PATIOS - DRIVEWAYS - FLOORS  FOUNDATIONS - SIDEWALKS  All Types of Concrete Finishes  Including Coloured or Exposed  OLD CONCRETE BROKEN & HAULED AWAY  RESURFACING of ROUGH or DUSTING  CONCRETE  CONCRETE DEGREASING  or ACID CLEANING  WATER PROOFING  on Concrete or Cement Block Structures  ( for any water problem )  Call Any Time  885-2125  SERVING PENDER HARBOUR TO PORT MELLON  at the high rate of burglaries?  Many business and homes are  ALARMED  How about yours?  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Kinsmens Annual Parade  Sunnycrest mall to Dougal Park  Parade will be Televised by Delta T.V.  11:00 A.M. Judging of Kids Events  S.P.C.A. Pet Contest  (Best Dressed. Largest, Smallest Most  Unusual) Trophies  Bike and Costume Contest  (Best   decorated,   Most   Original   Best  Comedy) Cash & Gift.  Poster Contest  (Beachcombing)  Catagories 5 & under, 6 to 8,9 to 11.12 to  13. Trophies  11:30 A.M. Firemens War of Hoses  Tennis Courts  Bingo for Sr. Citizens  Practice Courts  White Tower Medieval Society  "Mock Battle" Dougal Park  12:00 Noon Opening Ceremonies for  "Kids Day in the Park"  Introductions and Awards  12:30 P.M. Start of kids Games & Events  Dougal Park  -Haystack Candy Hunt (5 Sunder, 6 lo 9)  - Childrens Races:  Boys 5 & under - Girls 5 & under  Boys6-7       Girls 6 - 7  Boys 8 - 9       Girls 8 - 9  Boys 10-11       Girls 10-11  Boys 12 -13       Girls 12 - 13  - Rock and Spoon Race  Same Catagories as above  - Hopping Race  Same Catagories as above  Celebrity Dunk Tank  - Rifle Shoot (corkgun)  - Clown Throw-Baseballs  -Dart and Balloon  - Fish Pond  - Bash lor Cash  - Pie Throw  - Ring Toss  - 3 Ball Toss  - Cat Throw  Concessions at Park:  Kinettes Hot Dogs and Drinks  Pentecostal church Hot Dogs & Drink  Candy Floss and Popcorn  12:30 P.M. Craft Fair and Bazaar  in Lower Village.  Arm Wrestlers Concession, Shishkabobs  12:30 P.M. The Sunshine Coast MotoCross  Race  Foot of Prouse Road  Sponsored by the Omega Restaurant  Trophies.  2:00 P.M. The Great Sunshine Coast Talent  Show  Continues  Stage in the Lower Village  2:30 P.M. Kids Bicycle Moto Cross Race  Moto Cross Track, Prouse Road  Sponsored by Trail Bay Sports  Trophies.  3:00 P.M. Co-Ordlnated Search & Rescue  Demonstration  Combined Simulated Rescue at sea by  Prov. Emergency Program Air Patrol. Can.  Coast Guard and the Can Forces 442 Sq.  Helicopter from Comox.  3:30 P.M. Pushball Challenge Game  Gibsons Elementary School Field  Gibsons VS ???  3:30 P.M. Mens Fast Ball Tournament  8 Team Elimination  Trophies and Cash Awards  Preliminaries Sat., Finals Sun & Mon.  Brothers Park  7:00 P.M. Sail Past and Competions  Royal Navy Sailing School, Vancouver.  OK the Wharf  7:30 P.M. Miniature Brlgantlnes In Battle  Small Ships Society of Vancouver  Off the Wharf.  Evening's Entertainment and Daneea  7:30 P.M. Llons/Klnsmens Beer and Wine Garden  Gibsons Winter Club  Music by Rainbow Riders  Admission: S2.00 ea  Food Concession available  7:30 P.M. Legion 109 Gibsons Cabaret  Barrel house Blues  Open  8:00 P.M. Annual Sea Cavalcade Queens Ball  Advance Tickets Only  Tickets available Maxwells Pharmacy  19 & Over Music by "Horizon" $4.00 ea.  Elphlnstone School Gym  8:00 P.M. Teen Dance on the Wharf  18 & under. Muilc by "Acres Wild"  7:00 P.M. Queens, Escorts, & Special Guests  meet at head ol wharf.  Pipers from Sechelt Pipe Band and  R.C.M.P. escort group to stage.  - Intro of Guests and Dignitaries  - Intro of Contestants & Oueens.  - Greetings from last years queens.  -Mayors presentation to 1980 Queen.  -Queens greeting to the public.  -Queen then declares Sea Cavalcade  open "Traditional sinking of boat"  8:00 P.M. The Great Sunshine Coast Talent  Stage on the Wharf Show  Dan Tohill MC.  9:15 P.M. Sunset Flag Ceremony  Conducted by the Navy League Cadets.  -Military March.  -Evening Hymn (record Naden Band)  -Cadets March into place.  -Fire Cannon.  - Sunset Theme & Lowering of Flag  9:30 P.M. Talent Show com.  10:00 P.M. Fireworks Display  in the Harbour  Friday Evening Entertainment  7:30 P.M. Lions Kinsmens Beer Garden  Gibsons Winter Club  7:30 to midnight  Music by Rainbow Riders  Admission: $2.00 ea.  7:30 P.M. Legion #109 Gibsons Cabaret  Music by "Barrelhouse Blues"  Open to the Public  Canadian Open  WRIST WRESTLING  CHAMPIONSHIP  Sponsored by Labatt's Breweries  Saturday, August 2nd  Weigh-In:  Until  7:30 am.  7:30 pm.  Gibsons Winter Club  $3,000. in CASH PRIZES!  Local entrants can register at  the morning weigh-in.  SUNDAY. Aug. 3nd 1980.  FREE BUS!  The Pacific Northwest Open  BEACHCOMBER  BOAT RACE  SUNDAY -  ARMOURS  BEACH - AFTERNOON  $1600.00 IN PRIZE MONEY  3 Classes: Jet-lnboard-Outboard  SPONSORED BV BEACHCOMBER HOTEL  From the Lower Village to Gibsons Winter Club & back past Dougal Park  each day EVERY HALF HOUR  Watch for bus stops along the way!  8:00 A.M. GiBsons Wildlife Club  Fishing Derby  12 Yrs. and under  Gibsons Wharf  Prizes and Free Pop  9:00 A.M. Mens Fast Ball Play Oils  Brothers Park  Finals mon. 10.00 AM  10:00 A.M. Keats I. to Gibsons Swim  All Swimmers must be accompanied  by an Adult in a boat  Sponsored by G V F D  Gibsons Firemens Water Sports  - Young swimmers mixed 3 - 6 yrs  - Boys race 7 ��� 8 yis  - Girls race  7 -8 yrs  - Boys Novelty race 7- 8 yrs  - Girls Novelty race 7 - 8 yrs  - Boys race 9-11  - Boys race 9 - 11 yrs  - Girls race 9-11 yrs.  - Boys Novelty race 9-11 yrs  - Girls Novelty race 9 - 11 yrs  - Boys Race 12-14 yrs  - Girls Race 12-14 yis  - Boys Novelty race 12-14 yis  - Girls Novelty race 1? 14 yis  11:00 A.M. Registration  of Adult  Logger Sports  12:00 Noon Fly-Past - Elphinstone Aero Club  Pulp Packing Competition  - Entiy $5 00 (Registration 1 hr belore  event) Liquid Prizes  1:00 P.M. Fly-Past - Canadian Forces V00  D00S  Irom Canadian Forces Base Comox  Men's & Women's Water Sports  Registration  (Registration 1 Hr before the event at  the beach)  Boomstick Foot Race  - Entry S3 00 - Cash A Liquid Prizes  Log Burling Contest  - Entry S3 00 - Cash & Liquid Prizes  Greased Pole Contest  - Entry S2 00 - Cash Prize  Jousting - Eniry Si 00 - Cash Prizes  1:00 P.M. The Pacific Northwest  TO Beachcomber Boat Race  4:00 P.M.' 3 categories - JET OUTBOARD  INBOARD  $1,600.00 in Cash Prizes  - Sponsored by Beachcomber Hotel  Entry - S20 00ea  3:00 P.M. Sky Divers  -UBC  Sky Diving Club - Dropped by  Tyee Air - picked up by Beachcomber  Jet   Boats  3:15 P.M. TheTug-O-War  - Team Challenges - 10 Men to a Team  Team Entry - S10 00 - Liquid Prizes  Ladies Tug-O-War  - Team Challenges - 15 women minimum  Team Entry - SI 00 head-Liquid Prizes  4:30 P.M. Awards for Day's Events.  Draw for Sea Cavalcade Raffle  Award tor Beachcombet Boat Race  MM  rnmimu 18.  Coast News, July 29, 1980  Green & Flowering Plants,  - Cut   Flowers & Arrangements.  Dried Flowers, Gifts.  Deliveries across the PeninsuU  and Around the World  Gibsons  ��  IBM*  Suiu/um Jtoum S Gijfi  886-2316  Specially for the kids    Merchants urged to 'dress  up for Sea Cavalcade  Capuchino  <   & Espresso  Q      (ulhi-r coffees soon!)  Bring in the COME HOME CAFE   logo  & receive   10% OFF   one of our  SPECIAL DINNERS  Monday: Curried Rice, Phallajels, Salad  Tuesday:       Meatloaf,  Mashed Potatoes,  Vegetables.  Wednesday:    Greek spinach pie & salad  Spaghetti with Meat Sauce,  Garlic Bread, Salad.  Perogies & Cabbage Rolls  Thursday:  Friday:  Saturday:  Sunday:  We pack Hearty Lunches!  Shrimp Crepes in Cheese  sauce     Salad  Enchiladas, Burritos, Tacos  Appearing  Fri. & Sat. evening  DENIS DE KLERCK  Sun. evening  QriCkbv,     SUE CLAYTON  **     .ifiSt-      Guitarists & Vocalists  ftea��e*  Bike & Costume Parade Contest  Categories - Best decorated  - Most original  - Best comedy  All entrants should register at  Dougal Park by 11:00 a.m. Sat.  Aug 2nd in front of stage  S.P.C.A. Pet Show  Categories - Largest  - Smallest  - Best dressed  - Most unusual  All entrants & pets should  register at Dougal Park by 11:00  a.m. Sat. Aug. 2nd beside baseball backstop  Poster Contest  The Gibsons and District  Chamber of Commerce is  urging local merchants to  dress up themselves and  their places of business for the  Sea Cavalcade Weekend. Prizes for the best decorated  shop and best dressed individuals will be awarded at  the  upcoming  Chamber  of  Commerce dinner dance.  Earn a "Good Show" pin  by going out of your way to  make our visitors stay in this  area a happy one.  theme: Beachcombing  Categories - 5 & under  6-8  9-11  12-13  All posters are to be completed  and presented for Judging by 11  a.m. to Dougal Park Sat. Aug.  2nd at the stage. Entrants  should put their name, age &  phone no. on back of poster  Wildlife Club sponsors  Children's Fishing Derby  This year the Gibsons  Wildlife Club will again be  putting on the annual children's Fishing Derby at the  Gibsons Government wharf.  The day is Sunday, August  3rd at 8:30.  As everyone knows this has  been a very popular part of the  summer scene in Gibsons for  many years and offers a great  opportunity for kids to be kids  and for them and their parents  to enjoy something they like  doing most and standing a  chance of winning a prize for  doing it too.  This year youngsters can  start fishing at 8:30 in the  morning and prizes will be  given for a whole lot of weird  and wonderful things. Bait  will be available free for those  who do not bring their own  and of course there will be  free pop.  So come along and have a  good time and the little ones  please bring your parents, if  you can drag them out of bed  at that hour on a Sunday  morning I  The age limit is zero to 12  but please do not haul in too  many salmon or the Club may  be accused of contradicting  its opposition to salmon  derbies!  WILL BE OPENING MOLLY'S  REACH TO THE PUBLIC ON  SAT. AUG. 2ND, FROM 2-4 P.M.  AND SUNDAY, AUG. 3RD,  FROM 12-2 P.M.  Donations to the  Elphinstone Pioneer  Museum will be  gratefully accepted  Come and visit our  standing television  film sets in  Molly's Reach  BB Coast News, July 29, 1980  19.  V.  N  Delicious  Homemade  FISH ft GhlPS ��.25  Shrimp ft Chips '1.25  scallops ft Chips ^4.25  Ousters ft Chips   '4.25  ChlPS M.25  Have a great time at  Sea Cavalcade,  and when you're hungry  come to the  Gibsons Fish market  886-7888  k  J&%- k  Phone 886-2622 866-7817  Sponsored as a Public Service by the Coast News.  Sunihlnt Achievement Centre  Open House and Sale. Macrame - Woodwork.  July 31st. 10 a.m. to 5 p.m.  Al-Anon Meeting  Every Thursday in Gibsons at 8:00 p.m. For information call 886-  9569 or 886-9037.  Mtn'i Flag Football League  Men's Flay Football League is looking for players. AH games will  be played on Sundays. Contact Rick B86-7386.  Tot Lot  Moms and tots meet informally at Dougal Park, Friday at 9:30 am.  weather permitting. Call Eileen at 666-9411 for info.       T.F.N.  Bingo Roberta Creek Legion  Starts May 1 ��� every Thursday till October 2nd. Early Bird 7:00  p.m. Regular 8:00 p.m.  Davis Bay Summer nay  ' Davis Bay Summer Play for 6-12 year olds. Registration Info.  865-5422. 9-4 weekdays. All Summer Long.  Sechelt Garden Club  Next meeting Sept. 3. St. Hilda's Hall, 7:30 p.m.  Robert Creek Legion ��� Ladits Auxllllary  The Legion Ladies Auxllllary Fall Bazaar. 15th of November.  From 11 a.m. till 3 p.m. in the Legion Hall in Roberts Creek.  TFN  Sunshine Lapidary A Craft Club  Club meels 1st Wednesday every month at 7:30 p.m. For Information phone 665-2375 or 866-9204. tin  Country Stars Square Dance Club  Dancing every Friday night 8 - 11 at the Roberts Creek  Elementary School. 886-8027  Sunshine Coast Arts Council  Regular meeting 3rd Tuesday of every month at 7:30 p.m. at the  Arts Center in Sechelt. T F n  Thrift Shop  Every Friday. 1���3 p.m. Thritt Shop, Gibsons United Church basement  Al-Anon Meetings  Al-Anon Meetings every Tuesday night. Roberts Creek. For  information call 886-9059 or 886-9041.  Wilson Creek Community Association  Meeting 2nd Monday each month at Wilson Creek Hall, 8:00 p.m.  Bargain Bam  The Bargain Barn ot the Pender Harbour Health Clinic Auxiliary  is open on Thursday and Saturday afternoons Irom 1:00 until  3:30. T.F.N.  Roberta Creek Hospital Auxiliary  Second Monday of each month���11 a.m. St. Aidan's Hall.  Elphlnstone Pioneer k  Open daily except Sundays. For information phone Museum at  886-8232 or 886-9981 or 885-3171  Sunshine Coast Navy League of Canada  Cadets and Wrenettes ages 10 to 13 will again meet Tuesday  nights. 7:00 - 9:00 p.m., United Church Hall, Gibsons. New  recruits welcomed.  Wilson Creek Community Reading Centra  Open every Friday Irom 9:30 a.m. - 4:30 p.m. For enquiries call  885-9024. Hall rentals call Reg Robinson. 885-9024.  Western Weight Controllers  Now meets every Thursday at 1 p.m. in the Armour's Beach  Athletic Hall, Gibsons. New members welcome.  Women's Aglow Fellowship  Meet every third Tuesday ot the month at Harmony Hall, Gibsons,  Transportation and Babysitting available. Phone 886-7426.  Here they are, the beautiful entries in the Miss Sea Cavalcade competition.  Cavalcade Queen's Ball highlight  **  Sea Cavalcade  PANCAKE  BREAKFAST  $2.0��  Saturday, Aug. 2nd  Gibsons Wharf  8 a.m. -10 a.m.  Sponsored by:  Sunshine Coast Kiwanis Club, Gibsons  The highlight of Saturday  evening during Cavalcade  weekend is sure to be the  Sea Cavalcade Queen's Ball.  This year's Queen Angela  Hilstad will open the ball at  9 p.m.  in  the  Elphinstone  School Gym, to music provided by the local group  "Horizon".  Tickets for the Ball are  available at Maxwell's Pharmacy at $6.00 per person.  Dress is casual to semi-formal what is sure to be one of  and the band plays until the high points of the whole  1 a.m. Get your tickets now for   weekend.  A  Firemen's sports  historic start  The highlight of thc Gibsons Sea Cavalcade is without a doubt  the Firemen's Water Sports which are held at Armour's Beach on  the Sunday of the Cavalcade weekend each year. This is as it  should be for the Firemen's Water Sports is the older part ofthe  annual celebration.  Thc traditional time for the Firemen's Water Sports has been  usually about the first weekend in August, depending on  favourable tides at the beach for the children's swimming events.  Back in the Sixties, there was also a July 1st weekend organized by  the Gibsons and District Chamber of Commerce.  Longtime fireman, Bill Scott remembers how in 1969 the  Chamber of Commerce was about to let the July 1st weekend  lapse.  "Wc set up a committee," said Scott, "with two members from  each of the local organizations and amalgamated the July 1st  festivities with the Firemen's Water Sports."  According to Scott, the Firemen's Water Sports themselves  date back to the middle or late Fifties and the combination of  children's water sports and boommen's events have been a  constant crowd pleaser every year. This year it is confidently  expected they will take their historical place as the heart of  Gibsons summer celebration.  May the efforts of all those who toil to make Sea Cavalcade  1980 a success be rewarded with sunshine and merriment.  a��r        IE  GREATER  SAVINGS  than ever on  Summer Stoch  Qiftwaro  25%-50% OFF  Everything  Still In Gibsons with the same tine service  Helen's Fashion  Shoppe  One Block from Molly's Reach  Downtown Gibsons 886-9941  &  IK ��� IIU %  With any Food Order  on Sea Cavalcade Weekend  886-7454  Northern Fried Chicken  Pizzas ��� Sandwiches* Salads  ^��t    I AIR CONDITIONED     *^  "Under the Green Canopy"   Cedar Plata  am  fisam  mmm 20.  Coast News. July 29,1980  S(mt/cMt Centre  33 Merchants  to Serve You Better  Sea  Cavalcade  We will be CLOSED on B.C. DAY  Monday, August 4th  i  i  i  i  does it again!  Sunnycrest Mall  886-9111  The  BARGAIN TABLE  is back!  LP's from $3.99  Come & find your favourites  I  I  July 30th - Aug. 2nd      <4  Beach Domtar & KDK Electric  FANS  Folding LOUNGE CHAIRS  ALL CAMPING EQUIPMENT  At Special Summer Prices  fr  1 UMBRELLAS  I  ^^^rnm^j^sfi^  GIBSONS ��fk  WESTERN DRUG MART \J  TIM EX WATCHES  A Good Selection  AU at 20% OFF  Summer Candy Special!  FIESTA  FRUIT JELLIES  300 gm *|    **  Reg $189     SALE:     1.29  SUMMER SANDALS  Reg. $8.59  SALE:    $4.79  Reg. $5.98   SALE:    $3.19  LYS0L SPRAY  : $1.98  350 gm  SALE  CALADRYL u*-  For Insect Bites  * ,.  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S0FF PUFFS  250's  SALE  : $1.19  W  L'Oreal     HAIR COLOUR EXCELLENCE Reg. $3.95  or the "NEW" L'Oreal     HAUTE MODE COLOUR   Reg $545  A FREE L'OREAL EXCELLENCE SHAMPOO   200 mil.  wilh each L'Oreal Hair Colour Purchase  GIBSONS WESTERN DRUG MART  JOHN MIAZDZYK, left, Canadian middleweight champion,  Can/Am lightweight champion and rated no. 3 in the world  middleweight, is shown going against AL TURNER, Brockton,  Mass., U.S.A., the world champion heavyweight. Miazdzyk will be in  Gibsons for the Canadian Open Wrist Wrestling Championship, to  be held Sat. August 2nd in the Gibsons Winter Club, beginning at  7:30 a.m.  Driftwood  &  Crafts ��Tt   ��� -   'Qs-]%  SIDEWALK SALE!      '  Come See Our Many In-Store Specials  Sunnycrest Mall 886-2525  Cavalcade  Parade  The Sea Cavalcade Parade  marshalls in the parking lot  of the Sunnycrest Mall at 9:30  ' a.m. on Saturday. Entrants in  the parade will be accepted  right up until 9 a.m., but  organizer Haig Maxwell says  late entrants may not be  judged.  Guest of Honour, provincial  Environment Minister Stephen Rogers will be official  Parade Marshall and will be  joined by Federal M.P. Ray  Enjoy the Water Sports with a Taynor  INFLATABLE BOAT  20% OFF  Any Boat, Pump & Oar package  15% OFF  Demonstrations  I    still in effect!  ��� AU FINS, MASKS &  SNORKELS  ��� All RUBBER AIR  MATTRESSES  Inquire at either store  885-2512  Cowrie St.,  Sechelt  Sunnycrest Mall  Gibsons  886-8020^  Skelly and possibly bv MLA  Don Lockstead.  The Parade will feature  three bands, the Cutty Sark  Pipe Band from Vancouver,  the Sechelt-Squamish Pipe  Band and the HMCS Discovery Sea Cadet Band, and a  colour parry from the Royal  Canadian Legion.  The year's Sea Cavalcade  Queen, Angela Hilstad, will  ride in the parade accompanied by princesses Cindy  MacLean and Sherri Young,  last year's Queen Maureen  Forsyth, Sechelt May Queen  Heather Caldwell and Timber  Days Queen Darcy Young.  Over fifty entrants are  expected in the Parade, including the Gibsons Volunteer  Fire Department, one of the  sabot-brigantine of the Vancouver Small Ship Society,  floats by local merchants,  bikes of the Sunshine Coast  Motocross Association and  decorated bicycles.  The Parade will proceed  from the Mall down Highway  101 and through the lower  village to Dougal Park. Get out  early and pick a good spot  along the route I  Full slate  set for  Cavalcade  Talent  Contest  Two hours of the finest  entertainment on the Sunshine Coast, the Great Sunshine Coast Talent Contest,  gets underway at 8 p.m. on  the Gibsons Wharf Friday.  Dan Tohill, organizer of  the event, will Emcee the  show and has been practising  secretly on the accordion  specially for the occasion.  On Friday, guest entertainer Morris Moses will open  the show. First runner up in  the Mr. Roberts Creek Contest, Morris has sung in the  successful "Theatre in the  Park" series in Vancouver  and promises to be in good  voice for Friday.  The second show and final  judging of the contest will  be held in the lower village,  between the Heron Restaurant  and the Gibsons Fish Market  on Saturday afternoon from  2-4p.m.  Saturday's guest show-  opener will be local boy Rocky  Zantolas. A former logger,  now acting and stunting in  motion pictures, Rocky will  be singing logging songs of  the West Coast. Coast News, July 22, 1980  IYOU-DELSI  I  TREAT  YOURSELF!  Delicatessen  & Cafeteria  Drop in for coffee  & take our goodies  home with youi  886-7922  Sunnycrest Mall, Gibsons  I  Ii  Located In Driftwood Crafts  Sunnycrest Mall  WHAT!     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ApprMMMta location on map. mwmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm  wmm���mmmm  Coast News, July 29, 1980  Cavalcade  souvenirs  available  Sea Cavalcade T-Shirt*,  buttons and beer mugs will be  available at most local stores  this week and at the Craft  Fair and Bazaar held in the  lower village on Saturday,  Aug. 2. Quantities are limited,  so get yours now I  CHRYSLER  VOLVO  B0R6 WARNER  Paul Drake Ltd.  886-2929  Eight of sabot-sized brigantines pictured above will stage a mock  battle during their visit to Gibsons Harbour during Cavalcade  weekend.  Brigantines in battle  On Saturday evening at  7:30 p.m. Gibsons Harbour  will be the scene of an old  fashioned naval battle, staged  by visiting "sabot-brigan-  tines" of the Small Ship  Society.  Eight of these sabot-size  brigantines will visit the  Harbour during Sea Cavalcade  accompanied by the group's  recently completed 17' Galleon that will be sailed here  from Vancouver. encrusted traditions and le-  The small ships will stage gends of the t d ^  a mock battle, with thundering saj| ��� >  cannon and smoke and demonstrate naval manoeuvres in The Society participates  these fascinating and unusual regularly in all major parades  craft. and water events in the Van-  The Small Ship Society was couver region, including the  formed in 1977 by Les Alfreds, Captain Cook Pageant, the  a founder of the Jib Set Sailing Annual Vancouver Sea Fest-  School, as a salute to the ival and has gained wide-  visiting Tall Ships and to spread recognition locally and  "Preserve the glorious salt- nationally.  (3)  Complete Glass  & Window Service  CUSTOM SCREENS  Hwy 101 & Pratt Rd, Gibsons  886-7359  RCMP requests  beergarden  co-operation  In spite of the beer shortage RCMP   request   that   those  that is becoming an annual attending the beer Hardens  Province-wide summer event, behave in an orderly fashion  the    Sea    Cavalcade    Beer and   not  allow   their  good  Garden at the Gibsons Winter spirits to jeopardize the future  Club will go ahead as sched- ofthe event,  uled, relying heavily on wine The "Rainbow Riders" will  to back up stocks of beer laid he the featured band Friday  on for the event. and Saturday nights from 7:30  Organizers of the event and P"- *�� Midnight at the Beer  the Gibsons detachment of the Gardens.  May's  SOUVENIRS.  BIFTS  ft  NOVELTIES  : cNde of ba��  ^ MAXWELL'S **��$>.  *       PHARMACY       *Vm  CEDAR PLAZA GIBSONS, B.C. 886-8158  WESTCLOX SMOKE AU>RWS       $11.95  SETH THOMAS TRAVEL ALARMS    $6.98  POLAROID COOL MV SUH0LASSE8 % PRICE  MORVAL POLVSTVEHE COOLER     $2.09  M  Carafe,  SPECIAL  DINNERS  at  Fri. & Sat.  Aug. lit. & and.  from 6 pm. on  A Potpourri of Succulent  LOCAL SEAFOODS  rDimetapp Elixir i����ml  summer colds & hay fever 51 ��39  Dlmetapp Extentabs 12's  - for sinus congestion   $X*39  Hot Lemon for Cold*  24 pouch $1*97  Vleks Formula 44  142 ml  $1.97  Prevale Shampoo  30 oz. (900 ml) 97$  J & J Baby Powder  680 gm $2*39  J & J Baby Oil  125 ml  $1.23  J & J Baby Shampoo  350 ml S2.19  Vapona No Pest Strip  kills flies & mosquitoes   $2.29  Raid House & Garden  Spray 450 mg $3*59  A-535 Rub  40 ml  $1.19  Calamine Lotion  250 ml  73$  Aqua Fresh Toothpaste  100 ml 97C  Llsterine Mouth Wash  1000 ml $2*33  Aqua Velva After Shave  114 ml $1*29  Good News Disposable  Razors 4's twin blade        39$  Ultra Ban  75 ml lotion  $1.29  Dial Antipersplrant  Aerosol 200 ml $1����0  Right Guard  Antiperspirant 150 ml  $1.43  Snd Debut GEF1XOO  120 ml $4*S6  Faberge Hand & Body  Lotion 480 ml $2��Q7  J & J Deodorant Powder  Shower to Shower *f gmm  227 gm 9**VS  Vaseline Bath Beads  Intensive Care 454 gm   $1*49  Flex Net Hair Spray  Non Aerosol 350 ml       $2.07  Tame Conditioner  450 ml  $2.07  Breck Creme Rinse  400 ml $1*99  Ultra Max Shampoo  200 ml 77*  (emergency number 886-2045)  Cavalcade Weekend Hours  AUGUST 1st: FRIDAY 9 a.m. to 9 p.m.  AUGUST 2nd: SATURDAY 9 a.m. to 6 p.m.  AUGUST 3rd: SUNDAY noon to 4 p.m.  AUGUST 4th: MONDAY: B.C. DAY CLOSED:  Drive it in,  tow it in  or push it in;  if you've got  a trade we're  open to offers.  So   C'mon in  LET'S MAKE A DEALI    ��� w^  SOUTH COAST FOItll *jjf |J  ���rABBA���  Home of  LEASE RENTALS  885-3281   1328 uihan nu..   sechelt  "Call us first for Parts or Service"  E  m^>m+ mm  wmm  24.  Coast News, July 29, 1980  THE LITE PRICED  CONTENDERS  from KITS Cameras  mW*i   ���'   %Mslw  i-JF-^WU /Canon ^  '4  CANON AV-1  The Canon AV���1 Camera features electronic SLR  automation, motor drive capability, and the ability  to accept Canon's FD Lenses; all at an affordable  price.  With fl.8 Lens and Case.  PENTAX ME  CM-4  KITS LITE PRICE  One ol the World's Smallest, Lightest, Automatic  3mm SLR Cameras. The ME's Accessories are  equally as compact and easy to handle.  With (2. Lens and Case.  KITS LITE PRICE  229  97  239  97  A 35mm SLR Camera with Advanced Features at an  Affordable Price. Unique 3-Step Exposure Indicator  makes picture taking easy.  With f 1.9 lens. Case included.  KITS LITE PRICE  90499  i  LOW PRICES  &MORE  You'll come to KITS for our prices;  you'll come Back to us for our Service  Personality! For 20 Years we've built a  quality reputation on our excellent  products, our service, our knowledge  and our prices. Whether you're an occasional snap shooter or a serious  amateur, we can help you take better  pictures.  IT MAKES SENSE  TO SHOP AT  \K\T$(fatim  Subject to availability.  DOLEX      CHINON    KITSTAR    KITSTAR  625-XL MOVIE CAMERA  From the most respected name in movie equipment comes this low light silent movie camera  Has sharp 2,5 power zoom and automatic exposure control.  KITS LITE PRICE  199  99  HOLIDAY  FILM  SPECIALS  For Beautiful  Color Prints  KITSCOLOR  PRINT FILM  110 126-20 I ���;  KITSCOLOR  2 for 3'  2 for 3  ii*:  30-RXL SOUND SUPER 8  For home movie buffs, this compact,  sophisticated camera features lap dissolve, 3X  power zoom lens, cordless boom mike, LED  monitors and more!  KITS LITE PRICE  329"  KITSTAR  CUSTOM  CAMERA BAG  These superb gadget bags feature  lens mounts that lock your lenses  in place lor ultimate prolection  MOUNTS  INCLUDED  #  KITS LITE PRICE  39  99  KITSTARFLASH 35 E  CAMERA  An automatic 35mm Camera with built-in Hash for  easy picture taking. Features bright view finder  with exposure indicator and self-timer.  KITS LITE PRICE  129  99  KITSTAR  50 BC  FLASH  Similar to illustration  Powerful, versatile automatic  sirobe with tilling head lor  bounce light effects  Thyrislor circuitry  KITS LITE PRICE  imilar to illustration.  KITSTARP  80200mm  ZOOM MACRO-LENS  An (4.5 Macro-Zoom lens with continuous focusing. Lightweight and compact.  ONE YEAR WARRANTY.  KITS LITE PRICE  149"  WM ������      ^mm^F^  Pentax-S Mount  CANON MOUNT $159.99  NIKON MOUNT  $159.99  OLYMPUS MOUNT $159.99  MINOLTA MOUNT $159.99  PENTAX-K MOUNT $159.99  Sunnycrest Shopping Centre,  Gibsons  886-8010  Sale Dates: Thurs. Fri., Sat.  July 3lst - Aug. 2nd  ��������������-��� Gibsons Annual Sea Cavalcade is one of the Sunshine Coast's most enjoyable community festivals. The three  day summer celebration features events for the whole family. This youngster was one of last year's entrants in  the decorated bike contest, a highlight of the Kids Day in Dougal Park. Sunshine Coasl Ruallor, July 29, 1980  W -Waterfront  H -Homes  A - Acreage  R -Recreational  F - Farms  HOMES  Bus. 885-5171  Box 1188, Sechelt,  B.C VON 3A0  "Vour Real Estate Hosts  on the Sunshine Coast"  A BEAUTIFUL PANORAMIC VIEW  of Georgia Strait and Vancouver Island goes with  these 4 ��� 2 bedroom stes, each approx. 900sq. ft.,  located in West Sechelt. All with view. Plus  owner's 1300 sq. ft. "A" Frame home with 1 1/2  baths ��� lovely cedar finish inside. t.arge living  room, Single car enclosed garage ��� all this on  approx. 1 acre of land. Gentle slope, southern  exposure. Great potential. Call Pat Murphy to  arrange appointment to view and for more details.  "tj-iajp^y-i^rj1  i  $210,000. Make an offer  QUIET - COUNTRY ATMOSPHERE  This lovely contemporary iwo storey 2300 sq. fl.  home ��� 1150 up and 1150 down has 2 bedrooms,  large living room, stepsover kilchen, enhance by  skylight, thermopane windows, giant brick  fireplace in living room. This quality home has  many other features. Close lo good beach and  recreation. F.P. $$93,500. Call Pat 885-5171 lo  make appointment to view.  SECHELT L222  Well built home, on 64x122' approx. corner lot.  Two bedrooms up two down. Close to schools,  stores and beach. Hackett Park across street  make it youi1 playground. F.P. $51,000. Call 885  5171.  SECHELT VILLAGE L 205  Two bedroom plus den ��� 1056 sq. ft. with  minimum maintenance located on Spindrift cul-  de-sac. It also has a mountain view. Close to  shops, schools, park and beach. F.P. $48,000.  Call for an appointment to view.  LOTS  VIEW LOT L 226  Close to ferry. Lot size 50 x 141. Great view.  Make it yours at $16,900.  EAGLEV1EW PARK  WEST SECHELT L 144  So you can't afford a house? Why not buy a lot  and build. Here are two lots, still treed with beach  access, that are also very good investments.  Schools and stores are just a 5 minute drive away.  Great for a summer home. You can't lose. Buy  now. Call 885-5171.  PEBBLE CRESCENT L 183  Good Buy! Here is a good building lot situated in  the Pebble Crescent cul-de-sac. Close to the  schools, and beaches. F.P. $14,500  VIEW LOT L 214  This '/i acre terraced lot is a good buy.  Picturesque view of mountains & straight up inlet.  F.P. $12,000.  HOPKINS LANDING L215  This lot is within walking distance to terry tcTmiii.il  and close In store*. Size 56.34 x 141.77 Put .in end  to Ihe lurry hassles and build close by. F.P.  $15,000, Call 8855171,  THIS LOT IS READY... 1.212  Il has a head start with the septic field and  concrete tank already installed. Lot size 117.70 k  64,82. F P. $13,500  HOPKINS LANDING I 94  Commutor special, this lot is 1/2 a mile Irom the  Langdale terminal, tt has a view ol Gambier Island  and surrounding areas. It is a good building site  with Ihe lot dimensions of 50 x 140. Take a look at  "this opportunity and don't let il pass you by. Call  8855171. F.P. $16,900.  TUWANEK VIEW LOT L 223  This % acre lot would make a nice retreat. F.P.  $12,000.  SECHELT VILLAGE: Industrial zoned 193' x  98' level lot on Wharf Road. 1728 sq. ft. building -  plus older two bedroom house 944 sq. ft. and  extras. Excellent hard to find location. F.P.  $165,000. Call 885-5171.  LOTS��174&��175  Marine Way, Sechelt. 60 x 180, $11,000 each.  Call 885-5171.  ACREAGE  ACREAGE & MUCH MORE L 217  3 acres of land zoned A-3 on East Porpoise Bay.  Approx. 1.5 miles from Sechell. Lies waiting for  you to move into its 1600 sq. ft. home. 3 bedroom  home and in-law suite. Master bedroom has  ensuite. Acreage is parklike setting, landscaped,  with ocean view. Cail now for appointment to  view at 885-5171.  GARDENERS - HEAVEN L 213  1.5 acres on Redrooffs Rd. Pleasant gardens  ��� landscape this acreage. Pebble & concrete paths  weave their way through this woodland setting.  Well and regional water installed, cable available.  Cottage also on property with ocean view. Price  high sixties. Call 885-5171.  .   +   +  +   +   +   +   +   +   +   +   +   +   +   +   +   +   +   !  WATERFRONT  700 lot of Ihe moil beautiful park J  like, view waterlront on the Sun- <  thine Coaat.  This RARE property hat rl al Low  bank beach accett. 3.S acre  prepared bids- tit*. Accett road A  all services Well found cabin &  trailer.  PLUS  13 acres ol natural land with large  trcet and a panoramic gulf view.  AND  The whole 16.5 acres it zoned R2J  which peimitt multiple tub-divi-  tion or holding option. You mutt  tee thit opportunity priced property and get all the delailt on the  excellent financing that it aval-  able. $179,000 thit it an excellent  buy.  CALL P.T. DALHLE       883-9285  +���++++���+++++++++++  THE VIEW IMS IT  So doet everything else about thit  beautiful one-of-a-kind 500 ft.  WATERFRONT letting.  For recreation, retirement or  investment, thit exclusive waterlront Strata Title Duplex hat  everything you ever wanted AT A  PRICE YOU CAN AFFORD.  2 deluxe - 2 bedroom unite that arc  to attractive you mutt tee to  believe it it true at the atking  prices.  Thete an a super buy at just  $64,500 and $79,500 or make your  offer for both and let one pay for  the other.  CALL P.T. DAHLE 883-9285  $++++++++++++++++++$  MEMBER SUNSHINE COAST REAL ESTATE ASSOCIATION  "P.T." Dahle 883-9285 Deirdre 885-9487 Pat 885-5171  REAL  ESTATE  OWN YOUR OWN ENTIRE DISTRICT LOT  No. 4282. Approximately 1400 ft. on Mixal Lake.  Small creek. Irvines Landing Road runs from the  northeast corner at the lake to the southwest corner,  close to Lees Bay, THE salmon fishing spot. Signs on  both ends of road. Excellent group venture. F.P.  $180,000.  RUBY LAKE: Large corner lot. $9,900.  UPLAND RD. TUWANEK: Small creek on this  interesting lot. Only $7,500. Offers please.  McCULLOUGH RD. WILSON CREEK: Approx.  ', acre. View building site. $21,000.  WESCAN ROAD: Treed lot bordering on  Smugglers Cove, Marine Park. $10,700. Phone Jack  Noble, 883-2701.  SAMRON RD., WEST SECHELT  View lol jusi off Mason Rd. 90 x 140. Treed.  Offered at $26,900.  SKANA DRIVE, SANDY HOOK: Interesting  deep lot with ravine at back. F.P. $14,900. Trade  equity for Greater Vancouver property?  h.b. 80RD0N AGENCIES ltd.  31 Years At Cowrie St., Sechelt  INSURANCE NOW FROM SUNSHINE COAST CREDIT UNION  SAKINAW LAKE - GORGEOUS  VIEW: Dive from the deck into the  water - cozy up to the fireplace on a cool  evening! Super cottage - sleeps 6 plus.  Propane, fridge, stove, lights. 165'  waterfront, 2,000' deep. 7.1 acres. Just  listed at $63,500 - So hurry!  SAKINAW LAKE  PRIVATE RUSTIC RETREAT  RIGHT AT THE WATER EDGE!  Wonderful warm swimming, fishing.  Sleeps 2 or 8. 150' waterfront, with  docks. 1.7 acres of Govt. Lease Land,  water access only. Offered at $26,500.  SECHELT - SECLUDED  WATERFRONT ESTATE  West Coast contemporary design.  Cedar exterior with skylights. Four  bedrooms. Three fireplaces. Under  construction. Price $170,000.  PHONE  885-2013  Box 123, Sechelt, B.C.  GIBSONS - GOWER PT. ROAD (West of  Pratt Rd.) New, Hot Tub, Skylights, Cedar,  Southwest superb view. Three bedrooms, two  fireplaces, three baths. S/C ground level suite. Details  from John Wilson.  WEST SECHELT: Three bedroom basement  home. Fully developed lower level, including third  bathroom. Ideal in-law home. Landscaped. $67,900.  MEMBER SUNSHINE COAST REAL ESTATE ASSOCIATION  JACK NOBLE 883-2701 H.B. GORDON JOHN WILSON 885-9365 Sunshine Coast Realtor. July 29, 1980  PENDER HARBOUR  REALTY LTD.  Highway 101 at Francis Peninsula Rd.  883-2794  New Low Rates on House Insurar  MADEIRA PARK: Here's a good buy... Large lot within  easy walk to stores and Government dock. It has water  connected and power pole. Price is just $10,500.  MADEIRA PARK: You can stand in this lot and heave a  brick to the shopping centre. A lovely half acre with power  and water on for $16,500.  WATERFRONT: 2 adjacent 4 acre parcels with deep  water and quiet moorage. Buy both for $115,000...  Separately $60,000. each.  LOT - Level cleared and ready to build on. Water and  power - paved road - pleasant location - just $15,000  HIGHWAY ACREAGE: Here's a good investment  property - 6.7 acres on Highway 101 close to Madeira Park.  $35,000 (try offers).  VIEW ACREAGES: Several excellent parcels with good  soil and privacy. Priced from $19,000. to $27,000, with  good terms.  DO YOU PLAN TO SELL?? WE HAVE  MANY PROSPECTS. CALL US AT 883-2794  FOR OUR NO-OBLIGATION ESTIMATE  OF YOUR PROPERTY'S CURRENT  VALUE.  John Breen  883-9978  Jock Hermon  883-2745  FROM VANCOUVER  Direct from  Vancouver International Airport  or Downtown Vancouver  To the Sunshine Coast  SCHEDULES & INFORMATION  PHONE (604) 689-8651 or 885-2214  CALL  ABBA  \LEASe RENTALS  CAR & TRUCK RENTALS  in Vancouver   (604)684-2911  or Locally 885-3281  and a car  will meet you at the Airport  HOMES  Box 566  Gibsons, B.C.  VON 1V0  MARLENE ROAD - ROBERTS CREEK  2 year old 3 bdrm, full bsmt home in area of new homes  (1360 sq. ft. on each floor). Many extras, including  stone f.p. on main, wood burning in bsmt. Range,  fridge, washer & dryer with sale. Large, mostly  landscaped lot with some view. Approx. $41,000.1st at  10 1/2% interest. Coutd be assumed. Priced to sell at  $69,900.  ALDERSPR1NGS RD - GIBSONS: This remodelled  home is in good condition. 2 bedrooms, large carport  for that boat or camper to store in winter. Partial view  of the bay. Situated on a quiet street 1 block from  tennis court and park. 2 blocks from beach. Level  walking distance to stores. Only $53,500  GIBSONS - BRAND NEW: Ready to move in lo. Over  1400 sq. ft. of comfort. Rec room is 16x26 or could be large  master bedroom. Fireplace and large living room. Lot size is  90 x 112. Enjoy the sun from the sundeck and view the bay  area. $71,900.  Serving the Lower Sunshine Coast  Phone 886-2000 or 886-9121  Located in the Seaside Plaza,  Gower Point Road, Gibsons  GIBSONS - REID ROAD: 1.8 acres. New 1280 sq. ft.  home. Has covered 22 x 24 garage. Wood burning stove in  living room, Property has potential for subdividing or?? Must  be seen to be appreciated. $93,500.  GIBSONS ��� FIRCREST ROAD: New 3 bedroom  basement home. Wilt be finished by October 1980. $65,900.  1270 DOGWOOD ROAD - GIBSONS: sits the home  that has finished basement with wet bar and fireplace for  those cold evenings. Home has 1274 sq. ft. of comfort,  upstairs. If you are a person who wants a workshop, this has  a large one in back yard, Landscaped and clean. $77,500.  COMMERCIAL  GIBSONS - INDUSTRIAL PROPERTY - PAYNE  ROAD: Lot size 65 ft. x 160 ft., light industrial zoned. In  regional district for tax purposes. $25,000.  GIBSONS Commercial building in the heart of the Village.  This 14 year old store sits on 4 lots vDith a total area of 17,886  sq. ft. The building is 1 '���_ stories with 4471 sq. ft. on the main  floor and 1562 sq. ft. on the upper- The overall condition is  good and the building could be used for a wide variety of  retail outlets. The store fixtures are NOT included in the sale  price of $175,000 BRING ALL OFFERS  THIS STORE MUST BE SOLD  LOTS  KING ROAD, NORTH END  72 x 127 II. treed building lols on shorl deadend road. Only  $12,000.  SCHOOL ROAD:    Large view lol zoned (or duplex or  single. II you are looking lor a good building lot, this one  should be seen as it is priced to sell at only $13,500.  BRING YOUR OFFERS, TERMS AVAILABLE  MAPLEWOOD LANE - GIBSONS: Fenced, cleared, and  grass in on this level building lot. Located in quiet area.  $17,000  CHASTER ROAD - Bring all offers on 80' level cleared lot,  close to school. OK for trailers.  COCHRAN ROAD < 4 - 65' x 125' level lots to pick from. All  backing on Village park. Priced to sell at $12,000.  REAL ESTATE  GENERAL INSURANCE  AUTOPLAN  I ACRE - NORTH ROAD - OUTSIDE OF GIBSONS:  Looking (or a big workshop? This one is 24 x 40 with a 10 ft.  ceiling. Home has 2 bdrms and wood stove for low heating  costs. Cement patio 19 x 19 for that barbecue. Very good  vegetable garden. Vendor is in process of repaintingexterior  of home. $79,400.  GIBSONS: CHASTER AND PRATT RD: 1408 sq.  ft. of family comfort, 3 bedrooms, fireplace, very well  maintained. Fenced back yard. Double carport. Also  has a 10 1/4% mortgage which is assumable. $64,900.  CAROLE  PLACE (OFF  VETERANS RD):  New 3  bedroom home on large cul de-sac lot. Pari basemenl 2 tin  chimney Ship lap framed with all 2 x 6ex. walls. R20 in walls.  R28 in ceiling. 2 piece ensuite, plus much mure. Don't miss  looking at this one. Asking $68,500.  MAPLEWOOD LrtWt - GIBSONS: New 3 bedroom,  1375 sq. ft. home on end of cul-de sac. Good size level lot.  Many extras, including sun roof, ensuite in large master  bedroom. Large carport with concrete driveway. This is one  that should be seen. Asking $63,000.  ACREAGE  AGENTS FOR EVERGREEN PARKLAND  Over 40 large wooded lots in parklike setting, lot air. I '���'���  from highway on Veterans Road. Drive In and look around  as these lots are priced to sell from only $8,500. to $15,200.  NORM PETERSON     886-2607  DENNIS SUVEGES     886-7264 Sunshine Coast Rcallor, July 29, 1980  4f  V BOX 1490,  WHARF ROAD  SECHELT, B.C.  VON-3A0  Gntuijf  Im  21  PHONE  885-2235  VANCOUVER  689-5838  (Toll Free)   CENTURY WEST REAL ESTATE  HOMES HOMES  MONEY IN THE BANK No. 479  Lois o| potential in Ihis revenue produt mghoniL'  on view lol in Selma Park. Upstairs living area has  cozy brick fireplace, and 3 bedrooms wilh private  deck & ensuite nit mastei bedroom. 2 bedroom  basemenl suite has buck fireplace and roomy  living area. This home jusi needs a lit lie care io  transform il inlo a real money maker! $66,500  Rita Percheson 885)5706 oi Lynn Wilson 885  5755.  WAITING FOR YOU TO MOVE IN!No. 480  5 acres ol beautiful land wilh 2 bedroom 24 x 60  Esta Villa home. Spacious living and dining room.  all carpeted, plus drapes, family room, 2 baths,  Large sundeck, plus chicken house and 2 stall  horse barn. Asking $110,000. For appointment  to view call Eva Carsky at 885-2235 or 886-712bat  any time.  CHARMING LOG STYLE No. 326  New 2 bedroom full cement basement home on  about 4 10 acre "CORNER", Elec. heal, aboul  1170sq.lt main (loot Asking $70,000. ���'Tiny"  885-9461.  THE NEIGHBOURS THINK  THEY'RE CRAZY No. 486  And the sellers admit they'll never find as choice  an area lo live in bul they told us to sell so here's  your opportunity! This beautiful family home is  situated on quiel cul-de-sac in Gibsons only one  block to beach and you guessed n lias beautiful  ocean view. Back yard is completely fenced and  clone in lawn and a vegetable garden thai looks  good enough to raid! Newly listed al jusi $67,900.  Rita Percheson 885 5706. >r Eva Carsky 886 7126.  CONSERVE ENERGY No. 468  This 5 bedroom home has two kitchens. 3  bathrooms, lamily room, large sundeck all on a  large lot Only 5 years old and $89,500. C.  Dowman 885-9374  REDROOFFS HOME No. 455  1325 sq. ft., 3 bedroom home, 3 levels modern  features galore, situated on an extra large lot  complete with large well built barn. Some  landscaping needed to create an absolutely  beautiful home. Asking price $89,900. George  Longman 885 3400 or Larry Reardon 885-9320.  LARGE FAMILY -  WEST SECHELT No. 410  Modern, 21. year old home, 1360sq. ft. main floor,  completely finished basement. 3 bedrooms main  floor, ensuite off master bedroom. A must if  you're in (he market for a fine home. Listing price  $79,000. Call George Longman for more details  885-3400.  GIBSONS - LARGE LOT No. 225  Comfortable iwo bedroom home, laundry oil ihe  kilchen. carpeted throughout, acorn fireplace,  large sundeck. double carport. Large one  bedroom suite on ground level presently rented at  $225.00. Priced at $67,500. Eva Carsky 885 2235  or 886 7126.  VILLAGE HOME No. 341  Attractive 3 bedroom family home one year built.  1320 sq Ii . all rooms spacious, (irepace in 25 ft.  livingroom, w w throughout. Kitchen has more  than ample cupboards. Huge master bedroom. 2  bathrooms. Rec. room finished. $150 per month  revenue from basement Sundecks, back and  front, 91 x!25 ft. lol provides privacy al rear.  $68,000 offers considered. Ed Baker, 885 2611.  "MAKE NATURE YOUR NEIGHBOR,  THE CITY A CLOSE FRIEND" No. 485  9.43 acres m RobrilsCuv. 1520sq. ft 3bedroom  lome with ocean view, a lew extras lo mention  are duck |)otid, barn, corral, drilled well and wrap  around sundeck. Asking pi ice $139,000 George  Longman 885 3400  BEAT THE RENT RACE No. 422  Move into ibis energy elfirieni contemporary  home on landscaped lot on quiet cul de s.ic in  West Sechell. Brick fireplace, quality carpeting  and cedar accenl wall in large living room. Sliding  doors from dining room io garden. Carefree  kuchen. laundry area, den & powdei room on  main floor. 3 bedrooms & large bright bathroom  upstairs, Short trail to lovely swimming beach.  Assumable II ���- morlgage. To view this home  priced al $64,500 call Lynn Wilson 885 5755 or  Rita Percheson 885 570b  HOWARD HUGHES No. 436  Would have loved the privacy on ibis 2.3 acre  est.itr on Redrooffs Road. The beautiful  contemporary design 3 bedroom home spells  quality ihtoughoul. A well known architect has  created this cozy family environment while also  allowing lor lavish home entertaining in the quality  design floor plan. A view of the sparkling blue  wateis of Welcome Pass and Halfmoon Bay is  affordable at a price H. Hughes not-so-rich  relations could afford! Only $115,000. Rita  Percheson at 885 5706 or Lynn Wilson al 885  5755.  LARGE & ATTRACTIVE  REDROOFFS AREA No. 475  Large and attractive 3 bedroom home of over  1600 sq. fl. situaied on over % acre of property.  Large L.R. has brick fireplace, W/W throughout,  masler bedroom with ensuite. Basemenl has rec.  room. Large sundeck wilh brick barbecue.  Heated woodworking shop. Underground wiring  to greenhouse & horseshoe pitch. Fenced  vegetable garden. Other extras too numerous to  mention. Asking $80,000 for further details  please call Ed Baker al 885 2641  ACREAGE  25 ACRFS - W. SECHELT No. 469  A real fine holding property wilh road allowances  around entire perimelei Not subdividable al  present In Al R, good possibilities for future  $85,000 FIRM! Ed Bakei B85-2641  2.16 ACRES - GIBSONS No. 474  An excellenl holding oi development property!  Over  2 acres in Gibsons zoned residential  SUBDIVISION   ANYONE?   $33,000    Rila  Percheson 885-5706  1.31 ACRES - REDROOFFS ROADNo. 427  Meanly treed, short distance lo Cooper's Green,  Hydro, phone, cable TV and water io paved road  $27,500 Lynn Wilson 885-5755  TIMBERED ACREAGE No. 315  Take advantage ol thc possibilities going with Ihis  6 acre parcel on the Irvines Landing Road. Sell off  some of ihe timber, locate youi home on Ihe fairly  level area and he just minutes lo pi ime fishing and  boaling areas in Pendet Harbour. Asking jusi  $28,500 wilh some lerms. Beit Walkei 885 3746.  KLEINDALE ACREAGE No. 3884  Residential subdivision offering a numbei ol fine  2 acre parcels, each in its own natural selling.  virtually undisturbed except fot paved access  roads Close to good fishing and boating areas  attractively pi iced Imm $18,500 You should sec  these acreages, available with terms loo, Beit  Walkei 885 3746  "BETTER THAN GOLD" No. 478  Roberts Creek waterlront 95' x 675' approx.  Drive ihroughl 600 ft. ol large evergreens to the  building site ol youi choice Regional water and  driveway installed Chance ol a lifetime, asking  $135,000. George Longman to view 885 3400  5 ACRES - RUBY LAKE No. 241  Invest in youi future with 5 acres at Ruby Lake.  Excellent fishing, boaling and swimming. Low  price of $29,500 Leslie Fitch 885 9057 or Eva  Carsky 886-7126.  ��� ���/'.'���^gM^.t .  HOME & WATERFRONT ACREAGE  AT GUNBOAT BAY No. 463  You'll find this very at tractive waterfronl property  ol over 7 acres with 650 leet of lirial frontage  lacing south lo catch the sun. The 3 bedroom,  1100 sq. It. home has a large living room with line  brick fireplace. Property has a gentle slope, nicely  limbered, with a nice selection ol fruil trees. Two  good sized sheds and a large floal locaied n the  foreshore lease area complete the list of presenl  material developmenl however, wnh ,i little  imagination you can see what might be done .vi'h  ibis fine property; and all lor jusi $134,900. Berl  Walker 885-3746 or Larry Moore 885 9213  LEASE LAND - WILSON CREEK No. 276  2-bedroom double wide with assumable morl  gage, prepaid lease. Why pay rent, buy this with  low down payment and live happy in your own.  Asking $32,000. fva Carsky 886 7126 or 885  2235.  SHE'S CHARMING No. 422  And affordable! Cozy architect designed home  done in cedar. Bright sunny kilchen, a brick  fireplace in the living room, small den. laundry  room, 3 larger bedrooms and an H'��� morlgage  that you can assume. What does all this mean to  you? A beautiful home with dollar savings galore!  Only $64,500. Rita Percheson 885 5706 or Lynn  Wilson 885 5755.  WHY RENT? No. 457  1100 sq ft., 3 bedroom home in neal and tidy  condition, nicely landscaped, covered carport,  and a good size storage shed. Plus a fantastic  ocean view, lease presently $600 per year. Asking  price $35,000, reasonable offers will be  considered. For more deiails call George  Longman at 885 3400.  JUST STARTED No. 483  Three bedroom home in desirable Wesl Sechelt  location with basement. Partial view and quiet  location. The yard has great exposure for your  garden. Youi chance to pick your interior finish  such as colours and carpels. Only $68,900  Chuck Dowman 885 9374.  i FOR J  CENTURY'S      }  I     PROTECTION      ?  ��A 885-2235 >  i   BEFORE YOU RENEW H  ' REVIEW ,  'II  b  WITH "TINY BOB"   J,  Very f  Important  Policy  FJORD HOME - GIBSONS No. 444  Architect designed 3-bedroom in West Coast  contemporary style with many leatures. Brick  heatilator fireplace dividing living and dining area,  cedar ceiling, quality carpeting. Large bright  kitchen, family room olf the kitchen with Franklin  stove. All 3 bedrooms are spacious, large closets,  private balcony off master bedroom wilh  southern ocean view. Attached double garage,  fenced back yard wilh privacy, landscaped,  access to back lane. One block to the beach,  walking distance lo shopping. For viewing  anytime call Eva Carsky 8867126 or Rila  Percheson 885-5706.  --4^-1  TRY OUR VIP.  I    HOMEOWNERS  I PHONE 1  1 885-2235 I  @5 u��)  9  MEMBER SUNSHINE COAST  REAL ESTATE ASSOCIATION  CHUCK DOWMAN  RITA PERCHESON  WE'RE THE NEIGHBOURHOOD  - SALES MGR. PAT PARKER LESLIE FITCH  PETER SMITH GEORGE LONGMAN    LARRY REARDON  t Sunshine Coast Realtor, July 29, 1980  PHONE  885-2235  VANCOUVER  689-5838  (Toll Free)  BOX 1490,  WHARF ROAD  SECHELT, B.C.  VON-3A0  �����>  ^  LOTS  CENTURY WEST REAL ESTATE  BUILD IN WEST SECHELT No. 439  Family sized lot, near level wilh trees, ready to  clear lor building $12,900. Bill Walkey 8855327.  !4 MOON VIEW No. 437  Look out and over the hay! 100 It. width by 186lo  boot. Your water connection is paid you become  part owner ol waterfronl lol! A debenture worth  $400 thrown in lor $12,500! "Tiny" 8859461.  CONSIDER THIS VIEW ' No. 403  Right up the Inlet from its Skookumchuck Road  location, it could be [list the sile for your  retiremenl or holiday retreat. Measuring 75 x 120  with power, waler & phone available and asking  jusi $12,000. Il's a dandy. Bert 885 3746  BUY A CORNER No. 250  Ol Madeira Park. 198 fronts Hwy 101 about 8/10  acre zoned commercial/residential $39,000  terms - cash offers invited. "Tiny" 8859461.  GOWER POINT  YOUR   OWN   PATH  TO  THE  BEACH  1 beautiful building lol with heach access and Ihi  best view you ever saw. Nearly !$ acre, priced at  $59,500. Call Chuck Dowman, 885-9374 or Ken  Wells at 886-7223.  *?  fctt ******  BREATHTAKING VIEW No. 487  This huge, gently sloping lol is an ideal site lor  your new hi ne Enjoy privacy all around as you  drink in the beauty o( Sechell Inlet. The lot is  cleared, ihe driveway is in, and the amenities of  Sechelt are only minutes away. Pal Parker 885  5615.  CENTURY WEST REM ESTATE  AGENTS FOR  H.D. MACKEWIE LIMITED  Plans and Brochures available  FREE ESTIMATES  Call Larry Moor* 885-2235  BROOKS COVE LOT No. 351  Large view lots in a lovely quiet location. These  are rock lots but there is a promise of water going  into this area this summer. Adjacent to good boat  launching and sheltered moorage. Parcel "A" is '  owned by the same vendor and road access may  be granted through parcel "A" if necessary.  $13,900 Larry Reardon, 885-3924.  LOOK  No. 451  VIEW  Build  your  home on a spectacular  scenic lot only minutes from Sechelt.  LOTS  Bill Walkey  885 5327  $12,500  Pat Parker  8855615  BUSINESS OPPORTUNITIES  HEART OF SECHELT No. 387  Opportunity to invest in the Peninsula's fastest  growing community. This concrete building is  4500 sq ft,, vacant and ready to be converted into  a mini mall $135,000  C. Dowman, 885-9374.  BUSINESS OPPORTUNITY No. 243  Trailer Park West Sechelt located on 6 acres of  prime property. 20 pads available, 17 presently  rented at $85 per monlh. Owner also has  approval for 10 more pads, bringing Ihe potential  to 30 pads. Owner's residence is a modern 1425  sq. ft., 3 bedroom home complete with sauna and  a 20/40 heated swimming pool located at the rear  of the property secluded by a bank of evergreen  trees. Asking $230,000. Financing is made easy  because ol a $118,000 A/S at 9 1/2% no term until  paid. George Longman, 885-3400 or Chuck  Dowman, 885-9374.  2 STORES & 4 SUITES No. 405  All suites have fabulous view of ocean and at  certain times of the year the salmon are plentiful,  just off shore. This income producing properly  shows a good return while you earn appreciation.  Assume a 10".. no term first mortgage $239,500.  C. Dowman at 885-9374.  PENDER HARBOUR $98,900  No. 350  This 8 acres zoned light industrial and/or other  uses, has great potential. Il lies almost opposite  Francis Peninsula turnoff on both sides of  Highway 101 next lo the building supply and  laundromat. It has good waler access and is a  fairly flat piece easily developed. Larry Reardon.  8853924.  LOTS  GIBSONS No.430/431  Seamounl Development Park, Iwo lols side by  side, zoned industrial, paved roads, sewers, 3  phase power, 50' x 125'equalling6250sq.lt.each.  Gel down lo business. Asking $36,000. for both  or pick one for only $18,500. George Longman  8853400.  INVEST IN A LOT NOW No. 180  While the price is still reasonable. Close to beach  & boat launching. Sewer. phone, hydro and waler  available in area of better homes. $14,900. Lynn  Wilson 885 5755.  REVENUE No. 348  Thinking of a building a duplex? Then seriously  consider this lot in the village of Gibsons 192' x  63'! This property is fully serviced, well located  and priced to sell at $18,000. Leslie Fitch 885  9057 or Rita Percheson 885-5706.  WEST SECHELT No. 367  1/2 acre lot 70 x 260 ft. Cleared & ready to build  on. Nice & level, a few trees left. Paved road,  hydro, water and cable. Asing $13,900. Ed Baker,  885-2641.  i|[f -te  V  WEST SECHELT  DERBY * NORWEST BAV ROADS  No. 322*324  There is a choice ol fine lots, cleared lots or lots  in their natural state. Some have good views,  s and prices vary but buy now and build the  Nome of your choice. On Norwest Bay Road  Lots 33,34 ft 35 are $15,500. On Derby Road  Lot 20, $19,900. Larry Reardon 885-3924  TWO OF A KIND No. 466 & 467  There's a great opportunity lor friends or lamily to  buy adjoining properties lor recreation or  retirement. Take advantage ol the view up the  Inlet as you choose a home site, wilh power,  water and phone at the road these 75' x 120' lots  on Dee'horn Drive are a real buy at just $10,200  each. Some terms loo. Bert Walker 885-3746.  LANDSCAPED OCEAN VIEW       No. 346  The neighbour got carried away when landscap  ping and gardened this beautiful ocean view lot as  well as his own! This lot has it all - ocean view,  short distance to beautiful beach, serviced by  sewer, water, hydro, cable and tn an area of better  homes. Priced at $13,500. Leslie Fitch 885 9057  or Rila Percheson at 8855706  ', ACRE BEAUTY! No. 482  In developing area ol Redrooffs Tins beautifully  wooded choice property has excellent building  site. Lots this size are dilticuli lo come by  $14,000 Lynn Wilson 885 5755 ot Rita  Percheson 8855706  PROFESSIONALS   FOR   YOU.   BILL WALKEY RUTH MOORE ED BAKER  R.B. "TINY BOB" KENT   LYNN WILSON        LARRY MOORE  LOT IN WEST SECHELT  Quiel cu] de sac street Willi po  of better homes close to village  uater, cable TV at road. Lynn  No. 488  tential view. Area |  $17,900 Hydro,  Wilson 885 5755. j  CHALLENGE LOT  You can achieve great privacy,  this Ireed lol. 276' long, 132'  southwest exposure. A bit  beautilul. See this with Peter  Asking $12,500  No. 296 I  and water view on I  wide at bottom, I  sleep, bul so |  Smith 8859463.  LOT WITH VIEW No. 295  One ol the besl in Sandy Hook - wonderful view !  up the Inlet, easy access olf the road, lot nearby  square - 98' on road. 101' on shortest side. A real  beauty asking $15,500 Offers considered. Peter  Smith 885-9463.  LAST OF THE LARGE No. 383  Village lots. Great cul-de-sac location. All village  services available and close to schools, shops and  the beach. Just $13,900 so hurry. Larry or Ruth  Moore 885-9213.  NO DOUBT - BEST No. 257 I  The sun goes down ��� you've had the best view all  daylong. It's a treat of astreet with 148 feet gentle  south slope 85 wide. Stroll to easy sea/beach  access and neighbourhood pub. Excellent  building site. $21,500. "Tiny" 885-9461.  INVEST IN YOUR FUTURE No. 435  And if you want to be near the terries this is the  place, only minutes from Langdale, driveway is  already roughed in and the vendor wants to sell.  Invest now at only $15,600. Larry or Ruth Moore  885-9213.  IF DAVIS BAY IS YOUR DESIRE  No. 358  Either one of these fine view building lots only a  block from great beach ��� sounds like what you are  after. Only $15,500 each. Larry or Ruth Moore  885-9213.  SUCH A DEAL!! No. 382  This nice tot is cleared, excavated, has dogwoods,  ready for building. Could all be yours for only  $11,200. Larry or Ruth Moore at 8859213  ���*01;0 SOLO  \    SttLP %  ^���SOLO.'  SOLO  ISOLD.  ' ��� SOLD   '. ' \[  '.    SOLD .  .'j  '.'���     SOLO*  ��� NEWLY MARRIED?  ��� COUNTRY LIVING'  ��� WEST SECHELTV  ��� LESS THAN $I3,000'  ��� Larry or Ruth Moore 885-9213  EVA CARSKY  BERT WALKER Sunshine Coasl Realtor, July 29, 1980  Post Office Box 1219, Sechelt  885-3211  Vancouver Toll Free:  684-8016  anderson  FREE  CATALOGUE  REALTY LTD  SECHELT:Lovely brand new 1300 sq. ft. home all on one level.  Level property, real nice for gardening. Large covered carport  adjoining house. Quality interior finishing. Three bedrooms,  large living room and family/kitchen area. Thermal skylight in  bathroom. Living room and kitchen area share attractive brick  fireplace with heatilator. Clean electric heat. Well insulated with  double pane windows. A few minutes level walk to school and  shopping. To view call Gordie. $64,900   WATERFRONT - SANDY HOOK: 111 ft of prime  waterfront in Porpoise Bay...add tothisanimmaculate3,450sq  ft. cedar home with sauna, sundecks, your own private  float...and you have yourself a fantastic mini-estate. See the  value for yourself by calling Bob at 885-2503 for an appointment  ISLAND VIEW PARK: West Sechelt ��� One year old, 1232 sq  ft., 3 bedroom, full basement home on a quiet dead end street in  desirable area of West Sechelt. Large 1/3 acre lot with an  excellent view. This attractive home features thermopane  windows throughout, electric heat and includes two Fisher  airtight stoves. F.P. $68,900. To view call Vadim.  DAVIS BAY - PRESTIGE HOME: Need room? Like a view'  Want a prestige home? This is gracious living at its best in a grea*  area & on a level lot. Don't let the price concern you - have .  look at this special home. $150,000.   WELCOME WOODS: New 3 bedroom home in a large cul-de-  sac lot. Ensuite plumbing in master bedroom, 1250 sq. ft. single  level. Area of all new homes. Fireplace and sundeck. Very  affordable at $68,500. Call Stan.  INVESTMENT DUPLEX: 2 BR each side ��� 1536 sq. ft. total.  60x 150 lot. Vendor would consider carrying some. F.P. $54,900  See Doug. ^^  SECHELT VILLAGE: Live in the village ol Sechelt. Only  minutes to schools, shopping and social activities. 1800 sq. ft. of  living space all on one level. Yard level and landscaped with  fence all around. Four bedrooms with 2 bathrooms. Large open  areas/Many special features, a treat to show. To view call  Gordie. 885-9986. F.P. $67,000   REDROOFFS AREA: 3 bedroom 1080 sq. ft. home on 82' x  208' lot. Needs some finishing inside and out. School bus and  SMT bus goes by the front door. Asking $48,500. See Doug.  NEW LISTING ��� SECHELT VILLAGE: This ideal starter or  retirement home features 988 sq. ft. of living area, 2 bedrooms,  heatilator fireplace, full basement its well as a quiet cul-de-sac  setting. Presently under construction and ready for your input.  Asking $59,900. To review the plans call Vadim.  [AXLtPAGE  Coast to Coast  Real Estate Service  GRANTHAM'S LANDING - WATERFRONT: Two cabins  on 67 x 117 waterfront lease lot. Well kept main cabin has a brick  fireplace and a large sundeck overlooking Howe Sound. Asking  $45,000. Vendor will assist with financing. For more details call  Vadim. _^^_^^^_____  GOWER POINT: View of Georgia Straight from this 1 year  new home is ever changing. Well built, 6 bedroom home {3 up  and 3 down) is on a large lot and has lots of features such as  fireplace, skylights, decks and much more. Priced at $73,900.  Call Bob.  ROBERTS CREEK: Approximately 3/t acre with 3 bedroom, 4  year old home. South slope ��� dead end street. Asking $61,900.  See Doug,     DAVIS BAY: Family size 3 bedroom full basement home on  large view lot. Two carport, libreglassed sundeck, rec. room  and landscaped. Immediate possession. Asking $69,900. See  Doug.  Gordon Hall Vadim Kobasew Bob Bull Jack Anderson  885-9986 885-3156 885-2503 885-2053  Doug Joyce Stan Anderson        Don Hadden  885-2761 885-2385 885-9504 Sunshine Coast Realtor, July 29, 1980  FREE  CATALOGUE  r  A. R, Li PACE  Coast to Coast  Real Estate Service  iderson  REALTY LTD  Post Office Box 1219, Sechelt  885-3211  Vancouver Toll Free:  684-8016  HOMES  MADEIRA PARK: Lakefront 3 bedroom home, 1152 sq. ft., 1',  bath, double windows, 2 car garage 22 x 24, and workshop 12 x  24 all new in the past 4 years, plus many extras included, on 4.27  acres. Level landscaped yard, a short mile to school, P.O. and  shopping centre. Full price $85,000. Call Don (or an  appointment.  LOTS  LOTS  WATERFRONT  WATERFRONT - SQUARE BAY: 112 feet of superb  waterfront, situaied in an area of exclusive homes. Ideally suited  (or a multi-level home. Protected year round moorage, Plus- lots  of arbutus trees and southerly exposure All this for only  $77,500. To view ihis fine property call Vadim.  EGMONT WATERFRONT: 8 acres of waterfront. Mostly  level, low bank, treed acreage developed with a 2 bedroom  home. Home rented at $350. per month makes this a good  investment property. Egmont is the last area on the Sunshine  Coast to be developed and therefore the prices are still  reasonable. Imagine 8 acres of waterfront for only $109,000.  Vendor will carry a large mortgage. Call Bob for details.  ROBERTS CREEK WATERFRONT: 2 acre estate type  property with a gazetted access on the west boundary. A small  amount of waterfront adjoining the property. A fine water view  and heavily treed. Truly a one of a kind property. Call Stan for  details.  DORISTON: 660 ft. of waterfront. Near level beach. 17.2  acres, well timbered. Good solid 2 bedroom house.. Lovely  garden area, good year round creek on property. Located at  Doriston, Sechelt Inlet. To view call Gordie. Asking $120,000.  SECLUDED WATERFRONT ACREAGE: Do you want a  quiet waterfront retreat with no roads or cars? We have a few  parcels of everqreen forest, 5 to 10 acres each. Minimum of 250  feet of waterfront and stream thru most lots. Located 22 miles  from Sechelt by water or air only. Fly in with Tyee Airways Ltd  from Vancouver or Sechelt, or use your own boat. Call Don.  COMMERCIAL  SECHELT ��� COMMERCIAL  Property is on Inlet Avenue. Zoned Commercial 1. Two lots 33 x  122 It. lor tolal ol 8052 sq. It. Possible to put on a two story  building ol 7040 sq. It. and have 1517 parking spaces. Good  location (or an olfice building. Property has two older homes  that are rented out, so lhal you have a source of revenue till you  develop. Asking $98,500. Call Gordie.  fei hi    d y-  BUSINESS OPPORTUNITY: Hotel for sale in Pender  Harbour Ideally locaied al Hospital Bay on 1 acre ol land wilh a  lovely view of Pender Harbour. Accommodations for 34 gucsl  ���iid fully licensed 58 seat restaurant. Separate duplex lhal is  ented out, For complete information contact Gordie Hall  WEST SECHELT - SAMRON  in an area of quality horn  septic lank and read;  Call Vadim.  dy^Slj  ':/o'x 150'building lot  'clea< ed, approved for  Biistruction F.P. $18,900.  REDROOFFS: Two lots on Redrooffs Road. Lot ��40 $16,900,  Lot #41- $16,900. A growing community, both permanent and  recreation homes. Call Bob for details.  WEST SECHELT ��� NOR VAN CUL-DE-SAC: Nice building  lol located in a quiet cul de-sac. Ideal for your future home. Call  Bob to view this one of a kind. $16,500.  HOPKINS LANDING - COMMUTER SPECIAL: Just  minutes from the ferry. These are the ideal lots to build your  permanent resident on and still take part in all that Vancouver  has to offer. The price is right at $16,900 each. For more  information on these lols call Gordie.  SELMA PARK: Over' _ acre in Selma Park! 151' x 170'. View to  Vancouver Island. Vendor would consider terms. Asking  $20,500. See Doug.  BAYVIEW SUBDIVISION: Your own "piece of the rock."  Lovely view of the ocean, nicely treed. Nice quiet neighborhood.  Located in Bayview subdivision just off of Highway 101 &  Redrooffs Road. The price is right at $19,900. Call Gordie.  REDROOFFS - FAWN ROAD: Large, level building lot.  Nicely treed. Approved for septic system. 175' of road frontage.  F.P. $14,500. For more details call Vadim.  SECHELT VILLAGE: Only available duplex lot in Village ol  Sechelt. Cleared and on sewer. Build now or hold for potential  service industrial use. $25,000. Call Bob.  SECHELT: One of the very few OCEAN VIEW lots in the  village of Sechelt, Large level building site. Asking $16,500. Call  Vadim.  REDROOFFS ACREAGE: 100' x 525'. Gigantic first growlh  timber. Level area to build, across from Welcome Beach access.  All services at road. Full price $26,000. Call Bob at 885-2503.  WEST PORPOISE BAY: 75 x 150 treed serviced lot, close to  ice arena. Gently sloping land. Close to a small boat marina. F.P.  $12,000. Stan.  OCEAN BEACH ESPLANADE - GOWER POINT: 1/2  acre semiwaterfront lot. Excellent ocean view with westerly  exposure. Easy beach access. Asking $55,000. For more  information call Vadim.  REDROOFFS: Large corner view lot���level, cleared and  ready to build on. All services. Call Bob. $17,000.  SANDY HOOK ��� PORPOISE BAY DR: Nicely treed building  lot with gentle slope. View up Sechelt Inlet F.P $12,000. For  more information call Vadim.  SUNSHINE HEIGHTS: $10,000. Exlro large building lot in  area ol new homes. All services including paved roads. Call  Doug.  GRANTHAMS LANDING - VIEW LOT: 65 x 130 ft, treed  view lot close to the beach with all available services. F.P.  $17,000  WEST SECHELT: Large fully serviced view lot (/) in Island  View Park F.P $27,500. Call   Jack to view.  HIGHWAY ACREAGE; 5 acre parcels on Highway 101  Excellenl access and some value in limbi-i LotA$24,9001otC  $27,900. lol D $37,500 Call Stan.  GIBSONS: Small cabin on sea view lol. No plumbing.  Landscaped,fruit irees. Lot servicedwilhsewerandwaler.elc.  F.P. $19,900  ROBERTS CREEK - RICHARDS ROAD: 80' x 140' fully  ���serviced lot. Ideal for mobile homes. One of Ihe nicest lots in the  .area. F.P. $16,900. Call Vadim for more details.  ROBERTS CREEK: Only  school, store, golf cours.  are easy to build on  885-2503.  namtl  5  Close to beach access,  at road. These level lots  iiie homes. $17,500. Call Bob,  SECHELT: Create your own park on this level treed lot, close  to the water in Sechell. All local services on paved road. Size is  80' x 320'. The value is there at $23,000. Call Don.  SEAVIEW LOTS IN THE BEST AREA OF THE COAST:  These lots are well over 1 acre each & have a truly fine view of  Trail Islands. Each lot is naturally landscaped with moss & fir  trees. South exposure & only 100 yards to a good beach.  $32,900 each. Call J. Anderson 885-2053.  ACREAGE  ACREAGE - GIBSONS: Approx. 12 acres on Highway 101 In  Soames Point. View properly seplic zoned R2L. A great  investment. F.P. $150,000. Call Bob for details.  WEST SECHELT: 21+ acres with approx. 12 acres cleared  and fenced in pasture. The remainder is in tall trees with  Wakefield Creek flowing through. This is the ideal property fora  hobby form. With acreage so scarce this is a very good  investment for only $80,000. Call Bob at 885-2503 to have a look  at this piece.  WOOD BAY (SECRET COVE): One hundred and fifty nine  acres mostly view property with nice valley in centre. Easy to  subdivide into 5 acre parcels when highway alignment services  property. District lot 6322 is a potential gold mine for an investor  looking to the future. Large sand & grave) deposits and good  bottom land on property. Bonus is'_ million feet of timber. Call  Bob for a tour at 885-2503.  SANDY HOOK INVESTMENT PROPERTY: 7 acres of flat  level land with subdivision potential. Some view, easy  development. No rock, partly cleared rough road on property.  Borders crown land on the south side. F.P. $75,900.  REVENUE  WILSON CREEK: 10 pad trailer park with 4 of the units owned  outright. Room (or expansion with very little additional expense.  Property presently grossing $1,600 per month and all rents  could rise. An excellent investment for an ambitious couple.  F.P. $169,500.  lmm%  NEW LISTING ��� ROBERTS CREEK: This 4 6... re 1 lobby  iffcrs complete privacy, numerous Iruii trees, .1 large  fenced pasture, 2 creeks, southern Blope plus anoldei well kepi  lomoanda 1100 sq, ft, near new barn onat ow relefoundalmn.  Fully wired and easily convened inlo an atlrat live farm home.  Bolh buildings are protected by professional elet Ironii hi uriiy  Prii ed al $99,500. THIS BEAUTIFl II PROPI RIY IS  A MUST fOSEE To view anytime call Vadim  Gordon Hall Vadim Kobasew Bob Bull Jack Anderson  885-9986 885-3156 885-2503 885-2053  Doug Joyce Stan Anderson Don Hadden  885-2761 885-2385 885-9504 Sunshine Coast Realtor, July 29, 1980  SUNNYCREST  SHOPPING  CENTRE  886-2277  CREEKSIDE: This well planted home of 1375  square feet features sucjuhlwss sunken living  room, vaulted ceibq^pacpic kitchen with  breakfast ntx>l|^tilyfOBm off kitchen, walk  through dosellrtiaWcr bedroom and ensuite.  For further detail contact us now. $59,500-  CHAMBERLIN & BRIDGEMAN: Charming  little farm house on large 6/ 10th of an acre in quiet  wooded area. Large trees on fenced bt with  excellent landscaping potential. House has been  completely remodelled downstairs with new  kitchen and living room. Two car garage, laundry  room and huge master bedroom upstairs. Ideal  starter home or investment. Phone for appointment anytime. $44,900.  1278 HEADLANDS: Three bedroom home  with huge living room. Situated at the base of the  bluff within walking distance of the boat launching  ' ramp and three houses away from a beach.  School bus picks up children across the street.  Quiet area. $46,900.  YMCA RD: Langdale. Family home surrounded  with beautifully terraced gardens. This three  bedroom home is situated on a large lot with a.  very private setting. Master bedroom has ensuite  plumbing. Large living room with antique brick  fireplace. Kitchen with eating area, plus utility  room. Living room and dining room have cedar  feature walls. Must be seen. $62,900.  GIBSONS WATERFRONT: 60 feet of prime  level waterfront in the heart of Gibsons. Three  bedroom split level home with large rooms and of  course a terrific view. $112,000.  GRANTHAMS LANDING: Approximately  300 square feet fully self-contained studio on  beautiful view lot. 100 amp service with electric  heat, regional water, three piece plumbing.  Partially landscaped. Ideal for single person or as  a starter home. Only two blocks to beach and  store. $29,900.  DAVIDSON RD: Langdale Ridge. Excellent  family home on quiet park like private road. This  nicely landscaped four bedroom home has double  windows, fireplace up, wood stove down,  separate double carport and many extra features.  This two year old full basement home with  approximately 2400 square feet overall has large  finished rec room and 2 full bathrooms. All this  and an excellent view. $77.500.  IBSONS  AND LAND DEVELOPMENT LTD.  VANCOUVER  TOLL FREE  682-1513  R.R. #2, Gibsons, B.C. VON 1V0  HOMES  MARNE DR: Watch all Howe Sound Marine GOWER PT RD: Cute clean one bedroom  activities from this 100' x 175* view bt with extra house on large lot. The house has to be removed  large house of 1473 square feet, which includes by June 1985. This is an area of large new homes.  two bathrooms, three bedrooms, utility room, Live in it while you build or tenant will remain at  dining room, living room with fireplace and a self- $200.00 a month rent. $29,900.  contained one bedroom suite downstairs of 1045  square feet. AH this is yours for, $99,900.  WATERFRONT HOMES  BURNS RD: Two bedroom older home on super  large lot in Lower Village. 2 short blocks to boat  launching site. $45,000.  CHEKWELP RESERVE: Why pay money for  land when you can purchase this two bedroom  788 square feet house on a 20 year lease for  $27,500. Lot is semi-waterfront with easy walking  distance to Gibsons shopping. Ideal for retiring,  starter home or investment. $27,500.  SARGEANT RD: Two bedroom older home on  quiet no through street. Panoramic view of  Gibsons Harbour area. Ideal revenue or  retirement home. $42,900.  SARGENT RD: 'Si Senorita1 will be your answer  to purchase this Spanish style design new home  on a view lot on Sargent Road in Gibsons. Two  fully finished floors, total 2300 sq. ft. complete  with many extras, such as two fireplaces and an  all nighter, triple plumbing, double garage,  intercom, workshop and within walking distance  of shopping and schools. Make an appointment to  view. $125,000.  MOUNTAIN VIEW: Creekside Park Estates.  1375 square foot home on 60 x 120 corner lot  Sunken livingroom with vaulted ceiling and brick  fireplace with heatilator. Large spacious kitchen  with breakfast nook. Central family room off  kitchen. Mud room off carport entrance. Three  bedrooms, master with ensuite and walk in  closet. Carport and covered entrance way.  Sunny southwest exposure. $61,900.  GIBSONS: Gibsons Harbour waterfront. Older  2 bedroom house currently rented. Great future  potential. Lot size 48 x 310. $87,500.  BONNIEBROOK PLACE: Three bedroom  family home. Full basement designed to  accommodate inlaw suite. Master bedroom with  ensuite. Shake roof and wraparound sundeck.  Insulation in walls R20 and ceiling R28. Quiel area  with beach access and spectacular view.  $75,000.  CHASTER RD: Traditional styled ll_ storey  family home, Four bedrooms, large kitchen and  family room. Upstairs area is master bedroom  plus ensuite. Sliding glass doors open to private  balcony. Kitchen and dining room open to  cement patio for summer entertaining, Fenced  landscaped yard. $79,900.  BROOKSIDE: Now under construction. Large  three bedroom home. Fireplace in living room.  Dining room is separate. $59,900.  ELPHINSTONE AVE: Granthams Landing.  Unbelievable completely unobstructed view,  view, view from this four bedroom home high on  the hill. You can see NcyjWjhore Mountains,  Keats. The Gap, R!- n'l*id %n��uver Island. This  exceptronall^'jpTk\j2V^quare feet home  has two '-"fiAJ^" off master bedroom,  balcony off Miner bedroom, huge livingroom.  mostly finished rec room with fireplace,  workshop, two car garage, roughed in plumbing  downstairs and much much more. Phone for  appointment anytime. $79,900.   BROOKSIDE: Brand new three bedroom home,  non basement, under construction. Large rooms  and sunken living room with brick fireplace.  $56,900.  TRICKLEBROOK: Brand new in Creekside  Park Estates. Two storey three bedroom family  home in this desirable area. Fireplace in living  room. Excellent construction with Dutch hip roof  and hidden gutters. $59,900.   LANGDALE: View. For the purchaser who  appreciates quality in design and construction  detail. Features hoi water heat, four bathrooms,  large master bedroom with walk-in closet. 2  fireplaces, separate heated garage/workshop and  finished in law suite. All interior walls insulated for  warmth and sound. One of the peninsula's best  areas and close to school. 1740 sq. ft. up and  down make this home ideal for the large family.  Offered at $128,500  TRICKLE COURT: Near new three bedroom  family home with beamed ceilings. Lawn and  some landscaping done. Open planned living  room, dining room and kitchen. Large utility  room constructed so that a wood heater can be  installed. $54,900.  CHADWICK RD: Langdale view. Watch the  boats at work and play from spacious sundeck  with sunny exposure. Near new three bedroom  home with large lot ready for your gardening and  landscape touch. Fireplace, oak cabinets,  upgraded floor covering. $72,500.   ISLAND RETREAT: 1? of Sakinaw Lake island.  Tire ultimate in tranquility and yet only 5 minutes  from boat launch. Price included two fully  furnished buildings with all modem conveniences, two boats, one power, one sail, two floats,  sheltered swimming beach for the children and  approximately 600 feet of waterfront. Ideal for the  two family purchase. $105,00.  LANGDALE RIDGE: Beautiful new 3 bedroom  full basement home with the perfect blend of  wood and brick exterior. This 1345 sq. ft. home is  situated on a 95' x 130' view lot with alt new homes  in the area. The home features dining room and  living room opening fireplace, 2 full bathrooms  with walk in closet olf the master bedroom, twin  seal windows, shake roof, separate double  carport plus large sundeck. The list goes on,  come and see (or yourself. $89,500.  HALFMOON BAY: Waterfront home. Level  waterfront with good garden soil. Two year old  home of excellent quality. Large family kitchen,  living room has fireplace and hardwood floors.  Two large bedrooms, master has ensuite. Fully  finished ground level full basement is rented suite.  Total finished living area equals over 2700 square  feet. $135,000.  GRANTHAMS LANDING: Waterfront. Enjoy  the spectacular mountain and ocean view from  this older type two bedroom home which also  features self-contained in-law accommodation on  the ground level. Some restoration work needed.  A trail takes you down to the waterfront which  has been improved with a concrete breakwater  and creating a level area for boat storage, play,  barbecuing, sunbathing, etc. Excellent beach.  $77,000.  HOMES  ON ACREAGE  ROBERTS CREEK: 8.8 acre Country Estate  Log construction, owner built, deluxe 4 bedroom  home. Features include a forced air heating  system oil or wood fired, sauna located off the  master bedroom ensuite. Family room, custom  built kitchen, formal dining room with fireplace.  Covered by a heavy shake roof with skylites.  $179,000.  STEVE  SAWYER  886-7678  ���MEMBER SUNSHINE COAST  DAVE  ROBERTS  886-8040  LORRIE  GIRARD  886-7760  ARNE  PETTERSEN  886-9793 Sunshine Coast Realtor, July 29, 1980  SUNNYCREST  SHOPPING  CENTRE  886-2277  VANCOUVER  TOLL FREE  ��� IBSQNS     ���   - mJLAM I   ���     fiao.1513  Island land development ltd.  ��"  LOTS  BONNIEBROOK PL: Only one lol left. Extra  large view lot in quiet culde sac. All services, easy  cartop boat launching. Only one block front the  beach and Chaster Park. $27,900.  HILLCREST RD: Urge view lot on quiet cul-de-  sac in Village. Paved road with all services  underground. Water, sewer, telephone, hydro  and cable. Beautiful view of Keats bland and  Georgia Strait. $21,900.  CREEKSIDE PARK: Urge bt close to all  amenities. Cleared level and ready to build on. All  services available. $18,900.  LOWER ROBERTS CREEK RD: Over % acre  panhandle lot in Roberts Cuek. Only 2 miles  from Gibsons. Genlly^luXdVd nicely treed.  Excluding therafGlhAtpMCt measures 125 x  168 and is oi��rapkv1rom the beach. Some  view down Owmoad. Zoned for 2 dwellings or  duplex. $19,900.  CEDAR GROVE SUB-DIVISION: Off Mala  view Road. Large nicely treed lots with level  building sites. Quiet cul-de-sacs close to  shopping, schools and recreation. Priced from  $12,900 to $16,900  SEAVIEW RD: Sandy Hook. Beautiful large 75 x  125 lots with unbelievable view. Regional water,  hydro, easy lo build on. Vendor may carry at 10%  down, 13.5% interest. Try your offers. $12,900  each.  HILLCREST RD: Beautiful large view lot in  prestige area of Village. Paved no through road.  All services underground. Hydro, water,  telephone and cablevision. View of Keats & Gap.  Creek at back. $23,900.  R.R. #2, Gibsons, B.C. VON 1V0  J  ."��7'  7r.*  7f'  c-  o  H  A  UM00  c  r*  "   B  $18,900  c  p.  " c  $18,800  c  0  $18,900  E  $17,900  C  F      ��  $17,900  k �����  7<i'  7<i'  GRANTHAMS HEIGHTS:  Six lots overlooking Keats  Island with some view onto  Georgia Strait. 4 lots are 76 x  170 and 2 are 27 x 56 x 170 x  56 x 150. Cleared and ready  to build your custom home.  Excellent residential area  only one mile from Gibsons.  Priced from $17,900 lo  $19,900.  REED RD.  GRANDVIEW ROAD: Urge lot measures 81 x  141 with partial view. Lot has been parked-out  with driveway in and ready for your home. Area of  top quality homes. $17,900.  CREEKSIDE PARK ESTATES: New develop  ment in Gibsons off North Road. Very quickly  building up with some lovely homes. All on sewer,  water, hydro and all within three bbcks of  schools, medical clinic & two shopping centres.  GRANDVIEW ROAD: Excellent view and  nicely treed in area of new homes. This gently  sloping lot measures approximately 98 x 125.  $19,900.  HILLCREST ROAD: Beautiful large view lot in  prestige area of Village. Paved no through road.  All services underground. Hydro, water,  telephone, cablevision. View of Keats & the Gap.  $19,900  CEDAR GROVE SUB-DIVISION  NOW AVAILABLE  INVESTMENT -COMMERCIAL -REVENUE  BARGAIN HARBOUR RD: Pender Harbour  Semi-watei front. Why pay waterfront prices  when you can enjoy the same luxury at much less  There is a no through road between you and the  most beautiful beach and harbour imaginable.  Perfect investment and summer recreational  property with 3 modern cottages, Property is  zoned C2L for fishing, resort, motel, monthly  rental suites, etc. Why not keep one for yourself  for your summer holidays. Easy level beach  access and deep water moorage. Owner may  carry first mortgage at better that! bank rates.  $79,900.   MARINE DR: Ladies wear business in Lower  Gibsons. Well established business clientele with  greater potential. Present owner wishes to retire.  Price includes all fixtures with stock extra.  Information and statement available to qualified  purchaser.  CREST SEWING: Ideal business (or a sewing  machine mechanic. Located in largest mall in  town. Currently has Elna, White, Husqvarna and  Imfact lines. Nine year lease period. Operating  statement available. Vendor may carry portion of  financing. This is the only sewing machine  business in town.'Unlimited potential.  HOPKINS LANDING  WATERFRONT STORE: Excellent business  investment on the Sunshine Coast. This grocery  and sundry store is located in the heart of  Hopkins Landing jus: minutes to the Langdale  ferry. Ideally situated on 90 feet of level, walkout  WATERFRONT, being the only commercial  zoned property In this area, the land itself is  extremely valuable. Aside from store profits there  is additional revenue from other sources, such as  collection of wharfinger fees from the government  wharf adjoining the property, plus post office and  an upstairs revenue suite, This is an ideal  husband wife situation. Always wanted to be your  own boss, then don't miss this opportunity.  $129,000  ROSAMUND RD: Two duplexes of approximately 1000 square feet each, both on large lots.  Two suites currently rented. Potential lor higher  rents. Ideal investment, priced to sell. Make an  offer. Priced at $37,900 and $35,900.  MARINE DR.: Bals Block. Commercial building  in Lower Gibsons. 5 rental units generating a very  good return. Building has potential for further  development. For details contact us now.  $190,000  ��� Quiet no through street  ��� Adjacent to school & playing field  ��� Nicely Treed  ��� Close to shopping  ��� New homes in the area  ��� Level building sites  ��� Large lots  ��� Priced from $12,900 to $16,900  LOTS  SANDY HOOK: Level comer bt with south  west exposure. Size 69x130 with paved road on  both sides. Power and wot* at site. Short  distance to beach and boat ramp. $10,500  POPLAR LANE: 70 x lib panhandle lot on  sewer. Excellent neighbourhood only one Mock  to schools and shop>i^. Rat usy lo build on lot  with private driveway. $13,900.  LANGDALE RIDGE: View lot protected on  two sides by the Langdale Creek Ravine. 3  minutes to Ihe ferry in quiet residential subdivision. High quality new homes throughout the  area. Partial view. This lot is an excellent value.  $16,900.  SCHOOL ROAD & SOUTH FLETCHER:  Marvelous view lot on corner 40 x 150 only one  block to shops, wharf etc. Lane access at back of  lot. May be purchased with adjoining lot and  cabin. $17,500.  DAVIDSON RD: Langdale. Beautiful panhandle  lot at the foot of the Davidson Road cul-de-sac.  Unobstructed view with incredible privacy.  Approximately % acre with many choice building  sites. The property has a slightly irregular shape  but averages 140 x 170. $21,900.  SEAMOUNT INDUSTRIAL LOTS ��� Hwy  101: Prime location in the heart of Gibsons. 1  hour from Vancouver. Zero bt lines allowed.  Contact our office for information on government  grants for development and expansion. Includes  sewer and 3 phase power.  KEATS ISLAND: Ideal spot for summer retreat  in sheltered Eastbourne area. Don't miss this  opportunity to own your own piece of this Howe  Sound Island, Serviced by summer passenger  ferry or perhaps your own boat. Priced below  recent sales for quick sale. $7350.  SCHOOL ROAD & SOUTH FLETCHER:  Spectacular view corner property 40 x 150 in the  heart of Gibsons. Small cabin on lane access. May  be purchased with adjoining lot. $19,200.  CREEKSIDE PARK: Beautiful building view lot  bordering creek tn area of brand new prestige  homes. Water, cable, hydro, sewer, pavedstreets  and view. Vendor will consider low down  payment and 10% interest for 3 year term. Owner  must sell. Make an offer. $18,900.  FIRCREST PLACE: Only six bts left in this fast  developing area. With $3,000 down, owner will  carry at 12% for three years. This is an excellent  area for children as Fircrest is a no through street.  Nicely treed lots, 61 x 131. Priced from $12,000.  CREEKSIDE CRESCENT: Beautiful 60 x 120  building lot with view potential in area of new  prestige homes. Cablevision, hydro, city water,  city sewer. Paved streets and creek nearby.  $18,900.  HWY 101: Langdale. Absolutely gorgeous V2  acre view lot measures \T^TS%27. This lot has  large trees for landsautg, sj^mong other large  parcels of hf��ff ���5ie^, has view of Keats  Island and HobWoMS and is in area of executive  prestige homes. Perfect investment. $22,900.  GRADY RD: Langdale. Building lot approximately 75 x 250 x 75 x 253. Ail services except  sewer. View. Selectively cleared. $14,000.  ALDERSPRINGS ROAD: Beautiful view lot in  the heart of the Gibsons Harbour area. % block to  Dougal Park, 1 block to shopping. Sewer, water  and hydro to lot line. $16,900.  PORPOISE DR: Large semiwaterfront view lot.  Lightly treed. On quiel cul-de-sac. Excellent  public access path to sandy beach, $11,500.  PRATT & GRANDVIEW: Large corner lot in  amongst executive homes. $14,900.  YMCA RD: Large lot in area of nice homes.  Some view of mountains, Good area for children.  $12,000  ACREAGE  BOYLE RD: 4.6 acres at the end of Boyle Road.  Regional water now to area. Ideal secluded  building site or hold as investment. $35,000.  LYNWOOD RD: Just off Hanbury Road, 5  acres. Land has been logged off years ago and the  present trees are tall and very nicely shaped.  Road down side and across back. A rare piece  these days. $47,500.  REAL ESTATE ASSOCIATION-  ANNE  GURNEY  886-2164  JON  MCRAE  885-3670  TERRI  HANSON  886-8295  GARY  PUCKETT  886-9508  RUBY LAKE: PRICED RIGHT 6.5 acres wilh  Ruby Creek, a spawning creek running length of  property. Water rights on creek. Paved road and  power to property. End of Halliwell Road near  Ruby Lake. $37,000.  SAKINAW LAKE: Here is 35 acres with 800 feel  on the lakefront, accessible from Garden Bay  Road or by water. Timber on, good moorage and  adjacent lots have cabins on. Southwest  exposure. $125,000.  GREG  GRANT  886-7204 10.  Sunshine Coast Realtor, July 29, 19KU  Box 100  Madeira Park,  B.C.  883-2233  Olli Sladey  REALTY   LTD.  Toll Free From  Vancouver  689-7623  M��mb��r of Multiple Lilting Sarvlc*  | WATERFRONT LOTS & ACREAGE^  GARDEN BAY ESTATES ��� approx. 1,440 sq.  fl. deluxe modular home. 2 BR. masler BR  ensuite. Fireplace, double windows, 5 appliances & drapes. On landscaped & naturally  treed lot, close to marinas, stores and post  office. $69,900.  "V  iMkS^taSiiMbi  GARDEN BAY - 4 BR home, total ol approx  1728 sq. It. on 2 levels. Large sundeck, double  arporl and nicely landscaped lot. $67,500.  \      LOTS       j  1. MADEIRA PARK - serviced tots. $9,000  to $22,000.  2. FRANCIS PENINSULA - serviced lots.  $9,000 to $14,900.  3. EARL COVE ��� Several lots to choose from.  Priced from $13,000 to $21,000.  4. KENT ROAD ��� 1.5 acre treed parcel in  Bargain Harbour area. Hydro pole and power  on property. Existing septic tank and drainfield  could possibly be used. Only 600 ft. to public  waterfront access on Bargain Harbour.  $25,000 ��� open to offers.  5.GARDEN BAY AREA - building lots, some  with view. $9,000 - $29,000.  6. ELLIOT ROAD ��� GARDEN BAY LAKE  ���  Partially  finished  cabin  on  large semiwaterfront view lot, $20,000.  ACREAGE  1. KLEINDALE, PENDER HARBOUR  approx. 90 acres ��� proposed subdivision of 14  parcels, averaging 5 acres or more (see  proposed plan at our office). Owner would  consider carrying a large amount by agreement  for sale. An excellent buy for $160,000 full  price.  2. Near MADEIRA PARK - 15 acres,  approx. 2150 ft. on Hwy. 101. $44,000.  3. KLEINDALE ��� Approx. 5 treed acres on  Highway 101. $21,000.  4. FRANCIS PENINSULA - 2 lots of  approx. .9 acre each, partially cleared &  driveway In. One lot has septic tank & drainfield  installed $18,000 & $19,000.  5. HOTEL LAKE 9.86 treed acres, semi-  walerfront, southern exposure, good view. 314  It road frontage. $39,500  6. END OF FRANCIS PENINSULA ROAD  ��� approx. 1.5 acres choice semi -waterfront  treed view properly Weslerly exposure  $40,000  7. NEAR RUBY LAKE      approx, 7 acre  p.irtel nn Hwy 101, short walk In lake Asking  $23,900  8. KLEINDALE approx. 2.2 aires wilh  building sile cleared, good driveway, septic  permil approved $28,000  MiMIH MOKE!  ^^TiPAOkI  Coast to Coast  Real Kstate Service  PORPOISE BAY ROAD, SECHELT - level  lol, approx. .85 acre, with comfortable 2 BR  rancher, 1,537 sq. ft. including enclosed one car  garage. Excellent garden. Lovely low bank  beach property with esplanade between  property and waterfront. $89,900. MLS  -  m\k**d  \WL                 mmr>r.''rmm  GARDEN BAY - approx. 250 It. waterfront...approx. 5 acres...4 waterfront homes. .3  cabins. .10 mobile home pads...$235,000.  BARGAIN HARBOUR AREA - 3 BR home  on corner lot. Presently rented. View by  appointment  only.  $49,500.  EGMONT - Approx. 387 ft. low bank  waterfront on 2.27 acres. Driveway in,  launching ramp. $95,000.  FRANCIS PENINSULA - Approx. 78 ft.  waterfront with septic tank and drainfield  installed. Dries at low tide, but would suit a  small boat. $52,500.  AGAMMEMNON BAY     Approx. 1,800 ft.  of waterfronl on 40 .icres (more or less) wilh  road access from Egmonl Road. Older home &  year-round creek Beautiful view up Jervis Inlet.  $192,500  EGMONT-Approx. 3.Sacreswithapprox. 550  ft. low bank waterfront. Float, launching ramp  & log dump. Drilled well & pump. Considerable  land development done by owner. $165,000.  ST. VINCENT BAY - Approx. 400 ft.  waterlront, 5.97 acres, water access. $29,500.  HIGGINS ISLAND - Approx. 26 acre Ireed  island with sheltered moorage, Located in False  Bay, Lasqueti Island. $185,000.  EGMONT - 7 acres with 540 fl. low bank  waterfront. Site has been prepared for possible  use as a large WF trailer-camper park and  fishing resort. This is an excellent properly  adjoining the Egmont Marina. $180,000 -  Owner will finance at bank interest rale.  l&M  MADEIRA PARK - 3 BR view home on  Dogwood Drive, built 1972. Masler bedroom  ensuile, basement with 4th bedroom. Covered  sundeck, carport. $79,000.  COMMERCIAL PROPERTY  I  WATERFRONT I  HOMES r  MADEIRA PARK ��� 4 BR home, large living  room with stone fireplace, 2 bathrooms. On  approx. 55 ft. beach lot. Beautiful view down the  Harbour. $110,000.         MADEIRA PARK - modern, approx. 960  sq. ft. commercial building with room foi  expansion. Central location. $53,000.  MADEIRA PARK: Approximately 2600  sq.ft. revenue building containing Post  Office, Dept. of Fisheries office and one  apartment. $125,000.  | LAKEFRONT {  t PROPERTIES p  HOTEL LAKE - Approx. 2,200 ft. lakefront ���  87 acres (more or less), merchantable timber.  $292,000.  MIXAL LAKE - near Garden Bay   approx.  113 acres wilh 1,200 ft. (more or less) lakefront.  Merchantable timber. $264,000.  RUBY LAKE      approx. 60 ft. lakefront lot,  sandy beach, waler access only. $25,000.  SAKINAW LAKE - 165 acres {more or less),  with approx. 4,840 ft. choice lakefront. Road  access from Garden Bay Road & jeep roads  throughout property. Owners would carry a  large amount by agreement for sale. $305,000.  GARDEN BAY LAKE ��� 46.9 acres with  approx. 2,200 ft. lakefront, situated on Garden  Bay Road and Claydon Road. Merchantable  timber. $285,000.  FAMILY FASHIONS - Clothing business,  wilh good potential, located in ihe above  building in downtown Madeira Park. $8,000  plus stock.  CONTRUCTION COMPANY  FOR SALE  in one complete unit  Situaied in Pender Harbour. Approx. 16acres  of hard lo find industrial land containing the  following:  One acre leased to Readt-Mix Company,  A Gravel Pit,  32' x 80' metal clad building, divided inlo 3  units,  Owner's residence  24' x 48' Moduline home,  ensuile,  The   lollowing   construction   equipment   is  included in thc sale:  1970 Mack dump truck,  1975 Mack dump truck,  1980 450c John Deere Track Loader.  1979 Case Backhoe wilh 4 in 1 bucket.  1961 Champion Grader.  1979 John Deere 544B Wheel Loader Welder,  loots, spare parts & slock.  FULL PRICE: $450,000  Qualified purchaser could possibly assume  existing financing.    HOTC4.        LAKC  PENDER LAKES  PROPERTIES  Choice lots still available in this  desirable location. Most have view  and sunny southerly exposure.  Paved road, water and hydro.  M.L.S. Priced from $11,000 to  $29,700.  I���,     i��m< Hi1 WE   ttt-1  ^|C-q-]7  penwp    Hftiraaue  DAN WILEY, Res. 883-9149 OLLI or JEAN SLADEY,   883-2233 Sunshine Coast Realtor, .July 29, 1480  BLOCK  9223911  nn/\r 203 - 14th Street,  |>K!Ll3# West Vancouver, B.C.V7T2P9|  INVESTMENT HOLDING  OPPORTUNITY  '1 conlinguous building lols. 3 wiih polenlial j  view. They are across the road Irom and  overlooking the prestigious new Gibsons futun  Manna complex. You can purchase these lots I  indiv idually or as a whole. Priced Irom $22,500 |  in   $:li>,000.  Call  foi   mure details ,.i  nppnitunity lo view.  SECRET COVE  SUBDIVISION POTENTIAL  Are you aware ol ihe development taking place  in beautiful Secret Cove? Two condominium  projects are already under way - one  compleled & the olher well on stream.  Amenities include ultra deluxe dining & lounge  facilities, living accommodations & moorage.  We have available for purchase, adjacent to this  development, 8.9 acres of gradual south sloping  view property which is subdividable into 1/4  acre lots or possibly cluster housing on Strata  Unit Entitlement. The availability of regional  water is anticipated in the fall and sewage  disposal can be arranged. The property is  reached by paved road. Vendor (adjoining  marina operator) will provide some amenities to  the developer. Price at $145,000 Call for more  deiails and arrangements to view.  iki   m.  :.-��~4**&-  ISL\ND IN THE SUN  This beautiful 5 acre island is located on the]  Sunshine Coast in the middle of the protected!  waters of Pender Harbour. The property is[|  naturally treed with numerous trails in a park-l  like setting. It has a 1 1/2 storey (1,860 sq. ft.)||  renovated log home complete with attractive!  furnishings, all appliances, sauna, pool room!  and guest cottage ��� PLUS, PLUS. There is al |  large, new deep-water wharf that will accom|  odate a 50' vessel and two smaller craft.  The island has a steady water supply and isl I  equipped with hydro and telephone. Priced firml  at $400,000  Would you like a yield in excess of 30"�� on your  investment? This business (a coin laundry)  showed a yield of 26", on gross income last year  for present owner after allowance for major  capital replacement expenditures.  The business is located in a steadily expanding  area on the main highway near the community  business intersection. This well run coin  laundromat is a self-employment opportunity  requiring minimum time and effort to operate.  The equipment is in top condition and paved  parking is available for a minimum of 20  vehicles. Expansion was contemplated by  present owner, and tentative approval has been  given lo accommodate this and a long-term  tenant. The vendor (an equipment technician)  will provide regular preventative maintenance  inspection for a minimal retainer, if purchaser so  desires. Financial statements available to bona  fide purchaser. Price $38,000.  LIGHTS OF NANAIMO  This modest, immaculate ocean view home is  located on the Wesl Sechell Waterfront  overlooking ihe Trail Islands and Straits ol  Georgia. The property is surrounded by  beautiful gardens and terraced landscaping  exleiiding towards the ocean. A gradual  winding path is your access to a level beach.  Tins rare and hard to find property would make  au ideal retirement or small family home. Priced  al $137,500. Please call lor more information  and appointment to view.  NELSON ISLAND (WATERFRONTAGE)  ESTATE SALE  Tins .83 acre w..;et ftoni gov't lease lot is located  in Telescope Passage. It has a domestic water  lease & is close lo wharfage. This i-roivriy was  assessed al $12,800 for 1979, Sale Price  $12,500 Call me and we will look al this one  together,  ImXl  This well-constructed, partially built home is  located in sundrenched Porpoise Bay with a  potential view of beautiful Sechelt Inlet with  beach access close by. Present owner's plans  have changed and he will not be able to  complete this quality home. Wilh sub-trades  you could complete this house wilh some of  your own preferences in a relatively short time.  This properly is available lo you for ihe owner's  approximate ��_ust ol $49,900.  REDROOFFS ROAD  Large (1.42 acres) treed lot in Welcome Beach  area. Hydro, water, telephone and cablevision  ready for hookup. Market price$25,000.  BARGAIN BAY  Located on Cameron Road, this large level  corner lot is ready to build or move onto. Water  and hydro are at the property and perc, tests  were excellent. Owner says he must sell this  beautiful lot. Pi ice was $25,000. now $22,000.  SECHELT INLET ESTATES  Several spectacular view lots of sundrenched  Porpoise Bay,  nearby  beach  facilities and  moorage,   Each  lot  has hydro, water and  I telephone available. Only 4 1/2 mites to (he  | conveniences of Sechelt. Prices from $10,000  i to $11,000  FISHERMAN'S SPECIAL  How often when fishing your favountr waiers  have you ihoughl, "It certainly would be nice in  have a place herd" Well, the present <iwners did  just lhat al Egmont's bountiful fishing grounds.  First, they acquired u government lease on an  immediate walerfront lot. then transported < iver  by boal the materials io construe! this modem  two siorey, six room A-frame home with a  majesik view of Egmonl <^ni\ Jervis Inlet, There  is, also a new private wharf with metal walkway  and deep water moorage. I'm*' $65,000.  .Harold Jacques Res.885-902-  Mitten  Realty Ltd.  Trail Bay Shopping Centre  ��c     l��     ���*c  I���P T��~    pE  l2  BLXGH ROAD  WEST SECHELT |  One of the finest controlled subdivisions in Wesl Sechell. 19 lots,  sewer, water, power, blacktop roads. Most lols treed wilh possible  view. Priced from $14,500 to $16,500. For more information call  Mitten Really at 885-3295. ��269  BUILDING LOT $9,000  Good view building lot on Sandy Hook Road ���  zoned for mobile homes. Services at roadside.  This lot (60 ft. frontage) is priced lo sell below  government valuation. Yourofferandtermswill  be considered by owner. Call Don Lock at 885  3730 for all details. #386  HOW OFTEN  do you gel a chance to choose your next door  neighbour? These side-by-side lots in Sandy  Hook combine view with easy building. Call Dal  Grauer at 885-3808 or Bronia Robins at 885-  9033 (or details. 8306  ALDERSPRINGS ROAD  GIBSONS $13,500  ,Close to beach, shops, tennis court in Lower  Gibsons. For more information call Don or  Rene at 885-9362 8298  BEAUTIFUL $35,000  one acre piece off Roberts Creek Road. This  one is cleared, level, has an ocean view, and  affords complete privacy. It won't last long, so  call Dal Grauer al 885-3808 before it's too late.  8393  MADEIRA PARK $12,000  Large lot, 340' x 235' with ocean view within  walking distance to stores and governmenl  dock. Vendor may consider carrying 75", of  financing at 11%. Please call Bronia Robins lor  more details at 885-9033. 8335  1.URNS ROAD, GIBSO^V $13,500  65' x 130U^��Jff!w�� 'cleAdtoboinlatc  fall, BnyiKl'l�� J y^nHncicdSCb. Call  Syd or hJJSlffil S66-'/875, 8387  ANCHOR ROAD ��� SECHELT $15,900  In area of nice homes. This lot is cleared and  ready for your future home, For further  information please call Syd or Frances Heal at  8867875. 8339  WEST PORPOISE BAY $9,900  Nice level lot located in the village. This lol is  seleclively cleared and ready to build on. Water  and hydro. Contact Terry Brackelt al 885'  9865. ��287  KEATS ISLAND $8,500  70* x 130' treed corner lot Close lo beach  access and easy lo build on! Call Bronia Robins  for more deiails al 885 9033. 8350  JUST LISTED ��� $23,000 lo  VIEW LOTS $29,000  West Sechell 3 larger building lols. These will go  quickly! For deiails and directions call Emilie  Henderson at 885 5225. "390  WEST SECHELT  Two kits side by side located on Norwest Bay  Rd. Priced at $14,500. and $12,000. Both lots  are serviced with water, hydro and cable. Buy  separately or try oflers on both lots. Contact  Terry Bracket, 885 9865. ��277  GIBSONS LOT $13,500  This nice lot on YMCA road has septic tank and  drain field in. Builders terms available with a 50'  down payment. For details call Don or Rene  Sutherland al 885 9362. ��345  GOWER POINT $37,500  One-half aero ol sen^tfal*ffllt on the  Esplanade v!ji^li^58fceWoinfcuwrb view of  Georgia St.^ifccr��sJJj_iMW?t from the  beach. Onlih^iJ^Mwo lots for sale in this  desirable area, so have a look. Dal Grauer at  885-3808. 8396  WAKEFIELD ROAD $18,000  Bordered by ravine and creek on two sides, this  large lot of over one acre has asunny exposure,  good building sites and privacy close to ihe  village. For more information call Rene  Sutherland at 885-9362. ��297B  VIEW LOT $10,000  Easy terms available on this sloping view lot  which is located close to boat launch and beach.  For details call Rene at 885 9362. ��334  NO PROBLEM  is what you'll have when you come to build on  this great view lot in Sandy Hook. Have a look  wit h Dal Grauer at 885-3808 or Bronia Robins at  885-9033. ��3068  SANDY HOOK $11,000  Good building site, great view. A level area and a  slope should result in some interesting  architecture. Please call Syd or Frances Heal,  8316  ONE OF THE FEW $16,500  Level lols in Sandy Hook with an unblockable  panoramic view of the Inlet. This one is BIG.  Call Dal Grauer for details af 885 3808.   ��377  ALL YOU HAVE WANTED...  but couldn't find ��� build on this scarce,  incredible waterfronl lol. Howe Sound as your  yard wilh the snow capped North Shore  Mounlains as a backdrop For more details and  lo view exclusively wilh Frances or Syd Heal tall  8867875. ��383  DAVIS BAY $25,000  Almost one half acre in this prime location,  Fantastic view overlooking Davis Bay About  two blocks to store and wharf. Property also has  access road at the rear and many large  evergreens. Won't last! Call Terry Bracket! lor  more details al 885-9865. "379  ROBERTS CREEK $16,500  Excellent building lot, 70 x 150. with southern  exjxisure, and only 5 minutes walk to beautiful  beach! Close to school, |>ost office and general  store. Please contact Bronia Robins al 885  9033. n366  MEMBER SUNSHINE COAST  REAL ESTATE ASSOCIATON  885-3295  Vancouver Toll Free  681-7931 12.  Sunshine Coast Realtor, July 29, 1980  Mitteai Realty Ltd.  Vancouver Toll Free  681-7931  Trail Bay Mall  Box 979  Sechelt, B.C.  VON 3A0  885-3295  Conveniently located in Sechelt's Trail Bay Shopping Centre  WEST SECHELT $72,900  Don'l miss out on this one! Ground level entry  on this 1340 sq. It. home plus lull basement.  Brand new and ready to move into. Ensuite  plumbing plus roughedin plumbing down.  Double carport. Take time to see the quality  interior of this house. Call Emilie Henderson for  viewing, 885-5225 #318  WATERFRONT  SECHELT BOULEVARD $140,000.  Summer is here and what better place to be  than beside the sea? This beautifully built and  immaculately maintained apMux. 1800 sq. ft.  home has three bedropmgfcndwple plumbing.  Thc open fired lu|uwiiiri\fly dining room  and fully mpmnX\jmniir\ - all have an  unubst[u^2w^iiJ v'ew- Entertain your  friends in^ejpaoous rec room with wet bar,  relax in Ihesauna, or just enjoy the quiet life and  the ever changing sea. Vendor will consider  terms. By appointment, Call Corry Ross -  885-9250. 8322  SECLUDED ACREAGE $285,000  This superb subdividable waterfront (170 ft,)  property with 2800 sq. ft. architect designed  home and guest cottage is fast becoming the last  of its kind featuring 3 bedrooms, master with  ensuite and fireplace, living room with vaulted  ceiling and skylight. Jennaire kilchen and huge  sundeck with southern exposure. Altogether a  unique opportunity for the knowledgeable  purchaser. By appointment only - Corry Ross at  885-9250. #321  NARROWS INLET $37,500  Seven acres with over seven hundred feet of  waterfront. This property has many large trees  and fast running stream to generate your own  source of electricity. Small cabin situated near  Iront of land wilh the start of a float for mooring  your boat. Ideal hideaway or summer home  area. Call Terry Brackett for more details.  Phone 885-9865. n332  ONE HUNDRED $180,000  Feel of waterfronl and more. Two houses on  this perfectly level, nicely landscaped lot in West  Sechelt, Don'l hesitate, ihis won't last long. Call  Dal Grauer lor details at 885-3808. "388  TRAIL ISLAND $16,900  Listed MLS Over one and a hall acres ol nice  waterfronl with lots of Irees and privacy. In the  lee of the island looking back lo Sechelt. Great  Hideaway. Call Terry Bracket! lor all details at  885 9865 8330  DAVIS BAY WATERFRONT        $86,500  Contemporary style 2 bedroom home. Open  plan design for kitchen living and dining  room Well planned kitchen wnh a large panlry.  Panoramii view Irom ihi^Kmimnd dining room  as well as either jjLthe^o^undecks. Two  bathrooms upstju^^pful'ea wilh a hidden  bedroom, greator%5mildren. Full basement  with a i/q��_lmmfti<'n room and fireplace,  roughed Wflrnibmg workshop and unfinished  guest beaffltfm. Lot is large 75 x 356 and  landscaped gently walk loa sandy beach. A gem  in popular Davis Bay, call Suzanne to view  it. ��352  HOMES  ^H^        ��� jfcha. K^^^ ^^H        ��� !���  ^^H^^HI MKirifHHI     I [5sL>\Jn  1 WmWmWress^rrrr- ��ru.:  ROBERTS CREEK $150,000  10 acres of privacy - partial clearing and fencing.  Spacious 3 bedroom home, large living room,  convenient kitchen with built-in dishwasher.  Masler bedroom has dressing room and  ensuite. Charming 3 stall Dutch style barn and a  4,400 sq. ft. multipurpose building too - house  animals? warehouse needed? production style  business? Several other out buildings including  a new chicken coop just waiting for some  pullets. Assumable mortgage of approximately  $55,000. Phone Suzanne at 885-3971.      #362  THOREAU  himself would be jealous if you had a home in  this unbeatable pastoral setting. Here is ten  acres to make your mouth water. Small  meadow with orchard and year round creek in  complete privacy. Legal access has yet to be  const rucled bul all problems in this regard have  been worked out with the Highways Dept. and  vendor. Call Dal Grauer'lo gel Ihe deiails and  give your eyes a treat. $77,600. "347  17.5 ACRES WITH HOME $95,500  This 3 bedroom home is ready lo move inlo and  the land wants some clearing. Ideal for hobby  larm or? Owners will consider offers on this  properly Call Don Lock al 883 3730      ��302  PRATT ROAD $157,000  A heritage larm house. Charming with Ihree  bedrooms, spacious living room and dining  room newly renovated kilchen in keeping with  the style ol home. Locaied on 4.75acres. All the  hard work done as most of the acreage is in  pasture grass. 16 fruit trees large productive  grape arbour and vegetable garden also a barn  and a luffing shed. Close to all amenities. Call  Suzanne Dunkerton lor more information al  8853871. ��401  WILSON CREEK $82,500  Looking lor a large family home, bright and  sunny, with a view and a large assumable  mortgage. Just a year and a half new, ready for  your finishing touches on the recreation room  and landscaping. For details call Rene at 885-  9362. 8344  FAMILY HOME $43,000  Three bedroom plus den (one ensuile), living  room, large nook kitchen, family room, laundry  room and enclosed garage/workshop all on \  acre of good land in Pender Harbour area. New  roof and new water system are included in the  price of $43,000 which is lower than Ihe  appraisers valuation. Call Don Lock at 885  3730. 8329  ACREAGE  GIBSONS $53,900  Trees, privacy, garden area and still close lo  schools, parks, beaches, shopping and  entertainment. Two bedrooms in this spacious  house. Large living room and more than enough  storage as well as a utility area. Stove and fridge  are included in this sale. Call Suzanne  Dunkerton at 885-3971 or Terry Brackett at  885-9865. "360  WILSON CREEK $56,000  Almost brand new three bedroom in quiet area.  This home is over 1250 sq. ft. and features three  large bedrooms, utility, workshop and franklin  stove. Owner will consider all offers. Call Terry  Brackett for all details at 885-9865. #325  ASSUMABLE 11'/4 MORTGAGE  $72,900  Immaculate 1 level 1560 sq. ft. home, situated on  level lot with secluded back garden. Ensuile  plumbing, fireplace and franklin in dining room.  Closed in double garage. Great value. Call  Emilie Henderson or Ray Bernier lor more  details at 885-3295. ��340  GARDENERS DELIGHT $53,900  Well laid out home with large living room and  dining room, family room and a lovely kitchen  for the lady ol the house. Two full bathrooms  and a large vegetable and fruil garden.  Greenhouse, garden shed for ihe gardener in  the family. To view call Frances or Syd at 886-  7875. #367  POPLAR LANE $56,000  Three bedroom family home 1144 sq. ft. Large  bright kitchen with extra cupboards. Cozy  living room, utility area and an extra room for a  den or a fourth bedroom. Large lot al the end of  a cul-de-sac. Close to all amenities. Call  Suzanne Dunkerton for more information al  885-3971. 8395  PENDER HARBOUR  Are you looking (or privacy? An unbeatable  view? Quiet surroundings? This line home  offers all this and more. Look at the features, a  sunken living room, sunken tub, hand printed  murals, vaulted ceilings, ensuite oil master  bedroom Three levels of gracious living plus  large patio alop for viewing the Harbour. The  ultimate in fine living. Call Terry Brackett lor all  details on this fine home at 885 9865.      #389  YOU CANNOT BUY FOR LESS $29,000  A beautiful 2 bedroom home that is spotless on  leased land in Selma Park. Price includes range,  fridge, freezer, washer & drapes. Lease to 1995 -  A good morlage is available at 11% to selected  covenants. Call Don Lock al 885-3730 for  appointment lo view. #293  PRESTIGE VIEW HOME $119,500  For Ihe discriminate buyer this is a must see  over 2500 sq. fl. of sumptuous home built on a  lofty site high on Francis Peninsula. A circular  living area is complete with ils very own fish pool  and massive rock fireplace. A cocktail bar is  locaied immediately behind the living area and a  large family room gives unlimited access to the  beautiful kilchen. The master bedroom is very  large and also has a sunken luH complete with  Jacuzzi, swirl pool, built ensuite, 2 more  bedrooms on Lower Level. This house is the  ultimate in fine living. Call Don Lock at 885-3730  for all details. #310  SALMON DRIVE ��� SECHELT      $76,500  If you are looking for a well built 4 bedroom  family home close to schools and shopping  centre be sure to sec this i^fiwlate 3 year old  home located on 4^re nadwaped lot on a  quiet cul-de ^^JpkacifllRr wiap around  sundeck idAi Mr > jfltnPftime barbeques. Two  fireplacet!vR^*mimbing, loads ol storage  space. On��Mw;r, Plus good 10'A mortgage  assumable with qualification. Please call Corry  Ross at 885-9250 (or appointment. #373  RECREATIONAL  PROPERTY  SURE YOU CAN  AFFORD WATERFRONT  Two provincial lease lots with cabins only 8  miles from Sechelt. $368.00 per year for lease  payments. The cabins are ready to use and only  asking $24,500 and $23,500 for these exciting  properties located across the bay from Tillicum  Bay Marina. Do yourself a favor call Rene or  Don Sutherland lor details. Divers take note.  #382  OPPORTUNITIES  BUSINESS OPPORTUNITY  POWELL RIVER ART GALLERY  The only one in the district and well established,  with arl supply and framing shop. Price of  $120,000includes buildingand gallery adjoining  suite and workshop plus separate small rental  home. All on 66' x 172' commercial zoned view  lot in central location. For more information  please call Ursula Alberts at (112) 4859751 or  (112) 485 4748 evenings.  Licenced restaurant, garage, 3 rental units,  zoned C2 on 1.5 acres. Adjoining residential  property on 2.9 acres with large house,  swimming pool and barn also available.  Provisions for good-sized apartment above  garage. Let your rentalscarry the mortgage. Dal  Grauer, 885-3808. #342  FOR LEASE  2200 sq. ft. in Light Industrial to lease. Will lease  some or all of this area at $4.75/sq. ft. per year or  39T per sq. ft. per month. Idea) village location  wilh rear lane. Call Terry Brackett for all deiails.  MEMBER SUNSHINE COAST REAL ESTATE ASSOCIATION  POWELL RIVER  WEST VANCOUVER  NORTH VANCOUVER  RAY  BERNIER  885-3295  EMILIE  HENDERSON  885-5225  JOHN  BLACK  886-7316  BRONIA  ROBINS  885-9033  DAL  GRAUER  885-3808  RENE  SUTHERLAND  885-9362 Sunshine Coast Realtor, July 29, 1980  13.  Mitten Realty Ltd.  885-3295  MEMBER OF "RELOCATION SERVICES CANADA" REFERRAL SYSTEM.  WE HAVE A TRADE PUVN FOR HOMES, PLEASE CALL FOR DETAILS.  Conveniently located in Sechelt's Trail Bay Shopping Centre  HOMES  A NEW HOME  On an attractive lot on Gower Point Road is  almost ready for you io move into. Three  bedrooms (masler wilh ensuite). Walking  distance to everything. Some view from  sundeck at $63,900, this home will nol last so  call either Syd ot Frances Heal al 886  7875. ��371  WEST SECHELT $99,00C  VIEW! VIEW! VIEW! .  FOR DETAILS CALL RAY  OR EMILIE -885-3295  "368  GIBSONS $59,500  Village location makc^ llu- ^^k.in attractive  investment Q - _|tji'il a 'V oMroom suite,  theot.ti ^'l^vV'-lp^ potential for  having I' i<%_Mj%lV y!*W" foi a store or shop  or leave a^sJmuHvjtdi ihe cash flow in. On  good sized In' with some view. Call Terry  Brackett tor all the details at 885-9865.    ��312  SECHELT VILLAGE $72,000  Four bedroom home located close lo the heart  of ihe village. Master bedroom has a walk-in  closel and lull ensuile plumbing. Large dining  room and kitchen, plus an unfinished  basement you can finish to your own taste. Very  private lot with many irees. Ideal family home.  Contact Terry Brackelt for a tour today. Phone  885-9865. b392  TWO SUITES ���  ROBERTS CREEK $56,900  Locaied on Marlene Road, this house is at  presenl rented as two suites. An excellent  investment for occupation and rental or rent  bolh suites. Call Don Lock al 885 3730 for all  details and appointment lo view. "273  WILSON CREEK $33,000  Semi-waterfronl ��� A well maintained 5 year old 2  bedroom house with an extra large living and  dining room combination. The fridge, stove and  washer are included. Carport and storage shed  and a lovely landscaped lot. This is a prepaid  lease wilh 15 years lefl. Suzanne Dunkerton will  give you more information al 885-3971.   ��288  JUST LISTED GIBSONS $59,500  Immaculate three bedroom mobile home on  large level lot. Lot has been beautifully  landscaped with lots of flowers and a large  vegetable garden. Also outside storage sheds as  well as a patio and double carport. Inside you'll  find a formal dining area, ensuite plumbing plus  three large bedrooms. Make an appointment  with Terry R-ncketl al 885-9865 to view. ��385  DAVIS BAY $69,000  Three bedroom home, large living room, dining  room, kitchen has built-in oven and stove. Two  fireplaces, large play and recreation room.  Separate utility room, lots of storage and low  rr imtenance factors. Early possession. To  view, please call Syd or Frances Heal al 886  7875. *348  BROWNING ROAD $68,500  Great three bedroom home on large nicely  landcaped level lol in quiet area, large area in  rear with good garden soil and storage shed.  Also fridge, stove and built in dishwasher. Large  decks Ironl and rear. Contact Terry Brackelt lo  view. 885 9865. 8294  ROBERTS CREEK REVENUE$69,000  Well-maintained up and down duplex on 1.01  acres. 3 bedrooms in each suite, 8 appliances  included. Excellent return. More information  with Emilie Henderson at.885 3295. ��346  CONTEMPORARY VIEW HOME $65,000  Excellenl architect dc^r rldf^oom home  with a paiiMr/..:y����w \-��r Harbour.  This | ��Jm    flj.**���1 beM "v  inspect io. ^l^i^^rii^onsider terms. Call  Don Loci- iHRb 3730 for details. ��337  SELMA PARK $18,000  Cozy one Iwdnxmi home within walking  distance Io ihe village. Purchase prive includes  fridge, siove, washer and dryer. Also a franklin  stove plus lots of storage area. Private selting  ideal for summer cottage or |X'rmanent home.  On lease land. Call Terry Brackett for all details.  Phone 885 9865 ��354  FOR THE DISCRMINATING BUYER  3 bedroom (master ensuite)  - large living room with feature fireplace  - separate dining room  Gourmet kitchen, Jenaire range, built-in oven  dishwasher, large eating area.  Fully developed basemenl  has recreation  room. 4th bedroom, full bathroom, large utility  and storage (could provide 5th bedroom).  To view this executive home, please call eilher  Frances or Syd Heal at 886 7875. ��349  WEST SECHELT  '_ ACRE ON CREEK $105,000  Casual elegant r is prominent in this 1620sq. ft.  one level home. Fireplaces in both living room  and bedroom Kitchen designed with chef in  mind. Fish Irom your sundeck. Private ireed  setting. Call Emilie Henderson (or more details  al 885 5225. ��*394  WHAT A VISTA...  From ihis 4 bedroom. Davis Bay Home on extra  large lencedin lot! Beautiful low-maintenance  garden with fruit Irees; laundry room off  spacious sunny kitchen; workshop & rec room  in finished basement, huge sundeck overlook  ing Georgia Slrail & much more! Call Bronia at  8859033 ot Ray al 885 5225 (or more deiails.  $74,900 a364  DAVIS BAY $98,500  Contemporary designed home only 2 years old  on 70' x 148'lot wilh fabulous view over the gull.  Ownei will finish lo specifications. Lot fully  landscaped. Only jusi listed and Ihis is a  preliminary advertisement. Call Don Lock at  885 3730 for all deiails. ��402  COMMERCIAL WATERFRONT $150,000  100 feet of prime waterfront in downtown  Gibsons, Zoning is C4 and there is an income  producing building on the property. With  Gibsons growing as it is and a new Marina  proposed gives ihis piece great potential. Phone  Suzanne Dunkerlon (or more information at  885-397:. 8400  COMMERCIAL IN DAVIS BAY $100,000  This partly built house on 60' x 157' lol on  Beautiful Davis Bay. Just across ihe road (rom  the ocean frontage. Zoned C2. Ideal for your  development as a commercial outlet wilh living  quarters. Call Don Lock al 885-3730 for ail  deiails. ��396  SECHELT VILLAGE  Cute one bt.-droom older home in village, large  garden area, lot zoned for duplex. For details  call Rene at 885 9362. a300  GRANTHAMS  SEMIWATERFRONT $72,000  The owner is anxious to sell and invites all and  any offers. The view is great and you can look  from your living room right onto the beach and  your own boat laying quietly al moorings. The  house has three bedrooms, large living room  and kitchen with dining area and a self  contained suite below. To view call Syd or  Frances at 886-7875. "359  LOTS  A LOT OF CEDAR  Located at Reel Way and Shoal Road (out  towards the Arena) eleven easy care lots, some  wilh big cedars. Trade trees for building  materials? These lots are priced at $11,500  each. Call Rene Sutherland at 885-9362 for  details ��� a builder's opportunity. t��299  INDUSTRIAL PROPERTY $32,900  1 acre situated in Wilson Creek off Reid Road.  Light industrial zoning. Good investment  property. Emilie Henderson at 885-5225. ��338  TUWANEK $9,900  Nicely wooded view lol near Beach access.  Water and hydro available. Look at this price.  Call Terry Brackett at 885 9865. ��358  SECLUDED  BUILDING LOTS $13,900 each  We have two side by side lols all ready lor  development. Located on paved road in Pender  Harbour these view lots are ready for your offer.  Services al roadside. Call Don Lock at 885 3730  (or details. ��274/275  VIEW! VIEW! VIEW! $ 12,000 each  This exceptional group of three lots at Sandy  Hook would make a fine country eslate. Level  building sites, and once ihe alders are cleared  the view will be superb. Don'l let a 'drive by'  deceive you, we are available to go over the lots  wilh you at your convenience. Call Syd or  Frances Heal at 886-7875. "378  THE UNUSUAL ACRE $12,000  Here is one acre of jungle paradise about 250' in  (rom the beach al Ocean Esplanade, Gibsons.  The sleep slope guarantees privacy. You need  grit determinalion and $6,000 cash, Ihe vendor  will carry ihe balance. Call Syd or Frances Heal  al 886-7875. ��403  NOT MUCH $ FOR A LOT $16,500  of Ireed privacy on very large level site.  Welcome Woods. Conlaci Bronia at 885 9033  for more informaiion. MLS a391  TWO FOR THE  PRICE OF ONE  Good  building  lo^  locaied in I  two lots wiW^^mjJ B**5"flRn     requires  survey and -Vwrali'ii.. Urn Lock at 885 3730.  B278  SECHELT $16,500  Over one half acre in the village. Building site  has been cleared and driveway is in Very  private and good possibility of future subdivi  sion Adjoining lots may also be purchased (also  one hall acre each) totalling over one and hall  acres. Don'l pass up this opportunity! Try your  offer today! Call Terry Brackelt at 885 9865 or  Bronia Robins al 885 9033. "398  WELCOME WOODS $18,900  Beautifully treed lot in quiet area. Many nice  evergreens, partly cleared building site. All  services except sewer. Call Terry Brackett at  885-9865 or Rene Sutherland al 8859362 for  more information. 0369  MEMBER SUNSHINE COAST REAL ESTATE ASSOCIATION  SUZANNE  DUNKERTON  885-3971  oJ��E��5JrT    o.P^m?����       Cd9>RcRcY D0N        SYD AND FRANCES  BRACKETT    SUTHERLAND ROSS |_QCK HEAL  885-9865 885-9362 885-9250 885-3730 886-7875  KINGSWAY  SURREY  LANGLEY p  Sunshine Coast Realtor, July 29, 1980  REALTY INC.  Wharf Rd.  Porpoise Bay  Box 1700  Sechelt, B.C.  VON 3A0  SUNSET HEIGHTS (PHASE II)  17 RESIDENTIAL BEAUTIES  \  \  PROPOSED  MARINA  Sunshine Coast Realtor, July 29, 1980  15.  / Adjacent to Chapman Creek Recreation  Reserve & close to the proposed Wilson Creek  Marina.  $2,000 DOWN PAYMENT  BALANCE at $143.31 - $191.44 per month  including 12% interest  Full price of only $12,100 to $15,500  COMMERCIAL  PUB OR MOTEL SITE  Ideal location across from the proposed  Wilson Creek Marina. High building site  with view of White Isles. Two homes  provide revenue while development is  planned. Priced to sell at only $249,000. or  close offer.  RESIDENTIAL  SUNSET HEIGHTS (Phase 1)  WILSON RD. (Lot 4)  Fantastic values dtfVhis fully  serviced lot - genAj^ew. must be  sold at onl��na?500 with $2,000  down and tralance at $149. per  month ��� 12% INTEREST.  MARBLE ROAD (LOT 28)  View lot ready to build on bright  sunny southern exposure.  $13,500. $2,000 down, $163.08  per month 12% INTEREST.  INDUSTRIAL  Film   nut     10 IICHUT    CIIIHI MWM1  Sunrise Ridge Industrial Park  Eleven lots varying from 1/2 acre to 3.8 acres with prices  starting at only $20,000. The geographic location of these  lots qualifies for a government manufacturing and  processing grant. Close to airport on Field Road.  WILL BUILD TO SUIT  MIKE BALDIGARA  Res. 885-5645  885-5161  Vancouver  Toll Free  685-9828  HENRY HALL  Res. 885-2520  Alexander Realty Ltd.  TAYLORS GARDEN BAY STORE AND CENTRE HARDWARE IN MADEIRA  MARINA; This renowned, strategically located PARK: This modern store in fast growing  business has excellent moorage, gas pumps, community located in main shopping centre  post-office and a thriving grocery and general with I.G.A. and L.C.B. is ideal business for right  store. person with rural living in mind. This business  TWO CHOICE MIDDLEPOINT h*< unlimited po,en.ial  ACREAGES: One property comprises 6.9  acres of choice land with good view. The other,  approx. 20 acres has beautiful arbutus  surroundings and view of straits.  CHOICE BUILDING LOTS: from l/4acre to  10 acres. Tell us your preference and see if we  can produce for you. From $10,000 to $50,000.  AGAMEMNON CHANNEL: A spectacular 5  acres Island just a few short minutes away from  Pender Harbour, perfect moorage at rear of  Island with new dock, excellent generating  plant, water and olher amenities. Two lovely  houses, excellent fishing and diving grounds, a  private retreat at its best. Asking $300,000.  EGMONT: This rare 32 acres has 23 acres of  lovely land and a 9.S foreshore lease. Stream  runs through property from North Lake, has  two lovely homes and a trailer with other  buildings on property which was formerly a  salmon farm. Over 1000 fl. ol choice level  wa.erfron.age with dock, ideal lor protected  boat and aircraft moorage. Spectacular view,  asking $370,000.  LANGDALE: 38.8 acres gently sloped with  stream, property is on upper side of hwy  $120,000.  GARDEN BAY WATERFRONTAGE:  This spectacular setting with a magnificent'  view of the entire harbour and entrance has  an attractive 4 bdrm home on 1.3 acres with  gently sloped lawn to waterfrontage with  excellent moorage, large protected dock  with pilings. Access from black.opped road,  carport, small guest cottage, lots of property  for additional home which would overlook  existing home., all for $200,000.   EGMONT: Over 10 acres of choice property  adjoining Skookumchuk trail just seconds  away from Gov't, dock and other services.  Asking $56,000 with access from Egmont  Road.  REDROOFS ROAD: An attractive ', acre lot  know as lot 10 D.L. 1324 plan 12224 for  $15,000.  S83-249T  P.O. Box 10, Madeira Park, B.C. VON 2H0  SUNSHINE COAST  T0WNH0MES  .. .just 20 minutes  from downtown  Vancouver by  scheduled float plane  . on the bluff at Porpoise Bay  Open Daily 2 p.m.-5 p.m.  SECRET COVE WATERFRONT ONE ONLY  110' of waterfront next to Buccaneer Bay. Over Excellent semiwaterfront lot. Beach and park  1 acre with moorage, boat launch easement. 300' away. Great buy at  SECHELT VILLAGE LOTS  View, 300' (rom Porpoise Bay. Close lo best ENJOY THIS  beach in Porpoise Bay and all services. Only Fantastic view, semi-waterfront, on sewer.  $9,900. Southern exposure. Don't miss Ihis one.  LEN VAN EGMOND  or toll-free from Vancouver  885-9683 mm       669-0732  AELBERS  REAL ESTATE  886-9238  Harry M. Howard  886-7307  Located at the Old Granthams Landing Store  Marine Drive, Box 1189,  Gibsons  VIEW - SOUTHERLY EXPOSURE - SPACE & UNIQUE HOUSE  BAYVIEW ROAD OFF REDROOFFS ROAD $125,000.  This unique improvement is offered fully  completed. Owner is one of the  principals of a very well respected  construction firm, and will complete  under signed contract. Situated on 0.55  acre 157 x 160withasoutherlyexposure  and excellent view over Strait of  Georgia. Design and actual construction  is completely away from the normal  standard and can only be viewed as very  superior.  GOLDMINE IN THE FORM OF A RESTAURANT & STORE  at the upper end of the peninsula. Captive clientele year round. Fully licensed. Good owner  accommodation. Same owner since start of operation 1973. Full disclosure to qualified party.  Owner is prepared to carry good first mortgage.  WATERFRONT SECLUSION  Earl's Cove area & Skookumchuck Narrows. Approx. 2100 ft. waterfront and 32 acres, 2 acres  cleared. Access by water, with good ramp and float in place. Rough road through Crown Land  for four wheel drive, which could be improved (Length: 5500 ft. in total).  Improvements are 1071 sq. It. ��� 2 bedrooms ��� full bath, Living room, dining and kitchen.  Fireplace - Sundeck on three sides - Floor to ceiling windows. Built in 1974.  Also a 510 sq. ft. 1 bedroom older, but renovated caretaker cottage.  Water by gravity feed ��� Electricity by light plain ���  This offer includes all furnishings except persona! belongings.  TWO STOREY ��� 2,000 SQ. FT.  HOUSE GIBSONS $67,500  Master suite has 11 x 20 bedroom with  fireplace, walkin closet, lull bath with sauna.  Two additional bedrooms, separate dining  room, kitchen with built-in dishwasher &  garburator. Living room with fireplace &  sundeck. Cedar finish throughout. Excellenl  view. Fully landscaped - private. Access from  Iwn roads.  CAPA  APPRAISALS  INC.  Van. Toll Free  922-7814  BARGAIN HARBOUR  11.6 ACRE ISLAND WITH ALL SERVICES & HOUSE $265,000.  At the entrance of Pender Harbour. Privacy ��� Good access from the mainland. At low tide, one  could almost walk to it. Protected moorage. All services, including Regional Water. Complete  natural surroundings. A four wheel drive included to take you from the landing to a Panabode  house which is located on the top of the island overlooking the Strait of Georgia. Southwesterly  exposure.  SANDY HOOK ROAD - NORTH-WESTERLY EXPOSURE  LOT 16, 17, 18 $12,500 EACH  Three legal entities with a 10 ft, gazetted but not constructed lane along lot 18. This lane gives  good access from Deerhorn Drive. Any improvement has unobstructed view over Sechelt Inlet.  Water and Hydro present. Percolation for septic tank is good. Total size of all three lots is 189.26  x 150 equalling 28389 sq. ft. or 0.65 acre.  CARMEL PLACE - TUWANEK - 2 LOTS $13,000 & $16,500  Westerly exposure ��� View over Sechelt Inlet. Large in size, allowing two residences. Services  available ��� One lot (0.6 acres) has small creek. Well treed & driveway in. Within walking distance  of good beach and boat launching. 12 min. drive from Sechelt.  WATERFRONT AT CORACLE DRIVE ��� SANDY HOOK $40,000  Two lots offered as one, so septic tank disposal is certain. Westerly exposure Steep but with  good trees including Arbutus. Total size between Vj to 1 acre complete privacy, Services  available, lane along properly giving access to other lots.  COMMERCIAL RENTAL SPACE ON HIGHWAY 101  675 sq. ft. corner location, fully finished well suited for after hours convenience store. Lease  includes heat, Share of taxes and utilities on top of monthly rent of $365.00.  OFFICE SPACE AVAILABLE IN SAME COMMERCIAL BLOCK  625 sq. ft, at $235.00 per month which includes heating. Share of taxes on sq. ft. basis and  utilities are separate.  SERVICE COMMERCIAL RENTAL ON WYNGAERT ROAD  75 FT. OFF HIGHWAY 101  Complete self contained concrete block building with 16 It. ceiling presently used for siorage.  Concrete driveway  Oilfired forced hot air ��� reinlorced concrete floor. Complelely Iree standing  and in excellent state of repair. Available within two weeks   three year lease available. Tenani  pays for all utilities and share of taxes. Landlord only responsible (or exterior maintenance.  Available al $425.00.    ACREAGE SAKINAW LAKE  7 acres with cabin 600 ft. lake frontage  24 acres older house 1800 ft. lakefroni  5 acres no services, some cleared  ACREAGE ROBERTS CREEK  5 acres good standing limber- private.  $64,500  $200,000  $19,000  $48,000  MEMBER SUNSHINE COAST REAL ESTATE ASSOCIATION 16.  Sunshine Coast Realtor, July 29, 1980  J1II1.MHIMIW  selling vour House or Lend?  If you want Action make sure it's listed.  WHERE THE REAL ESTATE ACTION IS  FOR THE SUNSHINE COAST  $-,,  i  I  ��� 1 '"*' V   I  im SUNSHINE COAST  REALTOR  A Glasslord Press Publication   Box 460, Gibsons, B.C VON IVO  5 acres of beauQiftiMoynm land with a southern  exposure. Large^gphufvegetable garden, trees, and  pasture areas. PLUi/a custom built 1700 sq. ft. three  story 4 bedroom home. Quality and craftsmanship have  created an inspiring living space. Leaded glass windows  - cedar finishing inside ��� parquet floors. A sauna outside  that will seat 10 people. An outbuilding which could be  converted into a guest cottage. This property must be  seen if you are looking for acreage with comfort.  UNDER CONSTRUC/MK BONNIEBROOK PLACE: Executive  >ome with beautiful view^u/easy beach access. This three bedroom full  I sement home is presently under construction and due to be completed by  the en:' r-f February. The home features 2 x 6 walls with R20 insulation and  R2S i., the ceilings. The 83 x 121 ft. lot must be seen then review the plans with  anv of our capable staff.  Buy now for your personal input.   $69,500.  LOWER RD^^i^edroom home-close t  Roberts Creek Wre. An older home with privacy  and charm. Lots of potential for this great little  place. $39,500.  NORTH ROAD, GIBSONS $65,000  4 1/2 acres, just past-Reed Road. 1440 sq. ft.  double wide home with three bedrooms,  livingroom, den and Jii^ien dining area.  Master bedroom jMsVurw-in closet, lull  bathroom with srffTfcratujjilrtH separate shower.  Second be^M^JsiU bathroom of its own,  There's a i^py room, a wet bar and lots of  storage space. Oil furnace supplemented by  wood heater.  Formerly RoS^^-'' odge. This 1.5 acres creates a  cozy backdrop^R" t^-e lodge. It is within a short walk  to the schools, beaches, churches, shopping facilities  and park. The lodge has seven large, airy bedrooms  and a real heart warming brick fireplace in the  livingroom. F.P. $92,500.  FAIRVIEW RD. GIBSONS: 12 ft. x 68 ft. Safeway 1972.  set onto a well maintained lot which is 130 ft. x 106 ft. in size.  Carport size is 22 ft. x 24 ft, also has sundeck and fireplace in  livingroom. Listed for $34,500.  CONTEMPORARY HOME $72,900  This year round, well insulated home overlooks  Lees Bay and is ideal for retirement living or  recreational use. Near to boat moorage and  launching and the excellent fishing grounds of  Pender Harbour.  BROWNING ROACW    \J     $15,900  Great one hall y^|J%n ���'^w-^i .ihk' area.  Close to <\'jf* ,Mt i v�� ]%/nv- ,i ed building site.  Nice priva%^knh0^/ilh all services, except  sewer.       %���  NORTH RD: Capture Ihe contrast ol Keats  Island and the Howe Sound from the sundeck of  this squeaky clean ^".flfiVni*. Two bedrooms,  with workshoi)in{B|ym��nt. Nicely landscaped  lot has its owTOofWl lor private walks. Fully  insulated and less than ten years old make this an  outstanding value. Hurry. $45,000  SELMA P'-fiCA / $18,500  Just reno- vPKjJk'v ;wo bedroom on nicely  landscaped view. !'���:, New roof and gutters, plus  insulation in floors, walls and ceiling, Home has  a fantastic view overlooking Trail Bay and  Islands. Nice terms available. Lease land.  GOWER POINT RD.. 3/4-jcre of privacy. Full  basement, 3 beitrooig J^ial ��elmaintained Fireplace  makes it a cozy coJj���U_pwr*cP)St to the Village but in  regional district foi lower taxes. Listed lor $55,200.  SECHELT VILLAGE Panoramic view of Village and Trail  Bay. $69,900. Like new, spacious home with room for everyone  including home occupancy in lower level. Features are too  numerous to mention.  SECHELT $54,000  Three bedroom home ideal lor retiree's or as a  starter home. Handy bcMfOfeju schools and  shops. This home feotifes nvjpk' fireplace and  separate dining i</^^^hm^^ has been fully  fenced lo ein^J^Jv while you relax in the  rear patio. M'jg^Jbtht. nice extras.  SEEING IS BELIEVING'!! $54,000  Immaculate 3 bedroom home located in the  Village. Short level ��rf\ all stores. Ideal for  starter home nii^kitarirrly Features include  a beautilVIQ& ftlwing fireplace, separate  dining hfi -3os 3 bright bedrooms. Also rear  patio, si oke roof and many more deluxe  leatures. Must be seen.  Comfort^���jflHtTuom home live stall  barn, fruit imfh, fenced and cross fenced  with two meandering streams through  property, Priced to sell at $122,500 with  good terms available.


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