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Array Victoria, �����*-���  90.8  The Sunshine  Published on the Sunshine Coast    25' per copy on news stands    September 3,1990   Volume 44    Issue 36  Indian land claims  Collins' proposal  raises Coast Ire  1   hv Row Nlrhoknn .nd dabble in this now td a view to    directly at Alderman  by Rose Nicholson and  Jan eMidud Sliemisn  A proposal by Gibsons  Alderman Ken Collins that local  governments get involved in Indian land claim negotiations  , evoked furious responses from  both Chief Tom Paul of the  S&helt Indian Government  District ud Regional District  Director Gordon Wilson.  At the August 30 joint  meeting of local governments,  Collins circulated the text of an  address he had presented to  Gibsons Council on August 21,  recommending such an involvement, and suggesting that  former chief Stan Dixon be invited "to lead us in this quest."  (See excerpts of text on page 4).  Collins launched into a  rambling discourse which  Regional District Chairman  Peggy Connor futilely attempted to derail before it began.  "I don't think this is the place  to discuss this," she noted firmly, but Collins continued, after  receiving a go-ahead from Gibsons Mayor Diane Strom.  "This document is an offense, in my view, to the duly  elected members of the Band,"  said Wilson in a bitter rejoinder  to Collins' speech.  "There are many important  issues facing the federal and  provincial governments right  now, and for the municipalities  to dabble, and that's all we  would possibly be doing, to  dabble in this now to a view to  whatever political gains could  be made, is rubbish.  "We have no authority to be  speaking on this issue. It's far  more complicated! I think it's  an insult to the members of the  Sechelt Indian Government  District that you of all people,  Ken, would bring it to this  table.  "It's none of your goddamned business as an elected  member of the Town of Gibsons!" Wilson said, banging his  fist on the table.  At this point Chief Tom Paul  spoke out for the first time. "I  didn't want to get into this  tonight," he said. "We have  drafted a letter which you will  get tomorrow.  "The statements in this document insulted a lot of my Band  Council  members."  Looking  directly at Alderman Collins,  Chief Paul stated bluntly but  with calm authority, "You  don't understand the process  that's happening with the land  claims issue.  "We've stated our position  very clearly. The Province of  British Columbia wants to sit  down and draft the principles,  and once these are in plaa, then  you can make your decisions  (about getting involved).  "Until then you'll just create  more confrontations and problems."  For a moment it was silent in  the room, but the tension wk  palpable. Finally, Peggy Connor spoke again. "Chief Tom  Paul has been elected by his  people and he represents his  councillors. That you should indicate that someone else should  do so is totally wrong," she added in a reproving tone.  Chief Tom Paul (right) of the Sechelt Indian Band joined Wedliddi Speck and the Otlkin Dancers  from Courtenay in s traditional dance st the 'Save the Strait' Fair last weekend.  ���RuIN Form In pkolo  Of Economic Development Commission  Gibsons and Sechelt out  by Rose Nicholson  A new bylaw that has been  drafted by the Economic  Development Commission  (EDC) does not satisfy either  Gibsons or Sechelt and both  municipalities have declined to  join the commission.  At the August 30 joint  meeting of the four local  governments, both Mayor  Diane Strom of Gibsons and  Mayor Tom Meredith of  Sechelt were firm in their council's decisions not to be a part of  the EDC.  "My understanding is that a  commission has powers way  beyond that of a committee,"  said Meredith.  "As I recall the terms of the  new bylaw, the budget would be  approved by the regional board,  which is in a position to outvote Setchelt, Gibsons and the  Indian Band.  "I think a properly set up independent commission would  do a whale of a job for us,"  Meredith noted, "but we get  back to the old problem that has  been here for a long time, and I  don't think it's going to go  away for a long time. That's the  very reason Sechelt opted out of  the EDC. Our position is quite  firm."  Regional District Director  Brett McGillivray pointed out  that the regional district is not  really a separate entity, but an  amalgam of the six electoral  areas, the Sechelt Indian  Government District and the  towns of Gibsons and Sechelt.  "We have a good Economic  Development Commission, and  it's doing a fine job," added  Regional Director Gordon  Wilson.  "The municipalities wanted  out, and then I understood they  wanted in. We tried to find a  mechanism to let them back in.  The EDC is constituted to carry  on the way it is. If we can't  come to a resolution of the  bylaw, we should let the respective boards mull over what's  been said tonight and see if  there's anyway it can be resolved."  EDC Chairman Maurice  Egan stressed that the commission is not a legislative body,  but a group of individuals who  contribute their expertise to the  task of solving economic problems on the whole Coast, and  then make recommendations to  the regional district.  "If you want to come in as  just an advocate for your  municipalities, don't come in  yet," he said, "That would be a  disaster for the EDC.  "The people on the commission are there for their expertise.  That's the strength of the EDC.  If you want to bring the experience and know-how of the  municipalities, that's fine, but I  don't think that elected people  should control it. That would  destroy it. Having said all that,  we would love to see the  municipalities represented."  "The EDC is constantly  evolving," added Economic  Development Officer Bill  Moore. "While I appreciate the  position of the municipalities,  the way to work with the  changes is to participate. The  way the revised bylaw is designed, it's left open for anyone to  come in."  "Whatever economic development we do create will benefit  every single person on this  coast," said Regional District  Chairman Peggy Connor.  "Whether you're in or not,  we're quite happy to carry on.  We just wanted to give you the  opportunity. If you wish to  come back in, the door is  open."  I  Ken Collins on  'Native Canadians'  Following are representative excerpts from Gibsons Alderman Ken Collins' address to Gibsons Council, August 21,  1990:  ��� "There is a general view in our country thai whatever  happens to native Indians is a private matter between individuals who have surfaced for whatever reason as 'native  spokesmen' and the Federal Government. Nothing could be  further from the truth..."  ��� "TTtere has been much said about hereditary rights of  leadership over some Canadian citizens of native indian  ancestry. However, the concept of hereditary chiefs is a concept contrary to the form of government this country and its  people support, including most native Indians."  ��� "The concept of hereditary rights of one race over  another is a racist concept."  ��� "When they (native Indians} first arrived (in Canada)  they were foreigners and nol native. It was their sons and  daughters born in this country that were native. Indians who  came after were also foreigners. They pushed aside whatever  people were here before them and made room for  themselves."  ��� "In short, a whole bunch of Asians immigrated to  Canada, the descendenls of which are now native Canadians  and are racially categorized as Native Indian."  ��� "I ask council to consider inviting the one man in the entire country who in ihe past has demonstrated Ihe ability to  carry such a challenge (i.e. the land claim issue) to its successful completion to lead us in this quest. Thai man is a man  who will always be a leader and who will always be a chief.  His name is Stan Dixon."  J  Save the Strait reflections  by Ruth Forrester  The weekend of events got  off to an mating start last  Saturday morning when kayaks  and canoes began to arrive on  the beach in Sechelt after braving some very rough seas from  Nanaimo. More than 120 brave  souls participated and were happy to see the end of their  journey and the cheering  crowds who awaited them.  There were a dozen Sunshine  Coasters who sailed, canoed, or  kayaked the more than 16 miles  from Nanaimo to .Sechelt. One  local participant said afterwards  that "It was tricky in some of  those four and five-foot  waves!", adding that he was  grateful for the companionship  of other marathoners and for  the frequent visits from  Greenpeace zodiacs and other  escort boats.  Sunshine Coast residents  John Marion, Frank White,  Hugh McNabb, and Susan and  Alex Baggio provided some of  the marathon's escort, with  Lome Berman's The Oak  assuming flagship duties across  the Strait.  Roger Lagasse, who completed the crossing in five and a  half hours (in a solo kayak),  said that when the wind blew up  he drew strength from the  knowletdge that Sechelt Indian  Band members had held a  'sweat lodge' prior to the  marathon. During this ritual,  participants prayed for the safe  passage of the marathoners,  Larry Westlake of Halfmoon  Bay completed the sometimes  arduous journey in just under  six hours in the Paper Buoy.  The centre of much interest and  attention from its inception, the  Paper Buoy is a sailing canoe  constructed from used materials, including a 'skin' made  from some 200 brown paper  .bags laminated with casein glue.  It was built by a committee of  10 volunteers under Larry's  direction.  On Sunday morning there  were booths of handicrafts,  food and environmental information set up on the Sechelt Indian Band playing field. Particularly noticeable was the fact  that there were no styrofoam  cups or plates allowed in the  area, but the gap was filled by  the fact that there were real  mugs and plates available for  rent.  At the opening ceremonies  Band Elder Carrie Joe gave the  opening prayer. Sechelt Indian  Band Chief Thomas Paul then  extended a warm welcome to  the several hundred people in  attendance. This was followed  by Indian Band Elder and  former Band Leader Giltiert  Joe, who gave an interesting  and informative talk on the  history of the local band.  Guest speaker Nanaimo Indian Band Chief Robert  Thomas expressed his thanks on  behalf of the visiting band and  assigned 'runners' to distribute  gifts to various dignitaries of the  Setchelt Band. He then gave a  very moving and sincere talk  pointing out how very precious  each part of nature is to man.  Robert Thomas held his audience of all age groups enthralled with the sincerity and  articulation of his address.  He then introduced Wedliddi  Speck and the Otikin Dancers  whose first presentation was of  a very sacred historic family  family dance which has been  passed on from generation to  generation. Those of us present  Please turn to page 14  TW Paper Buoy on dtaplay at fair following its successful strait crossing.     -gnMkktdSkminM.  Serving the Sunshine Coast since 1945 Coast News, September 3,1990  I  On bended knee  "When Washington sneezes, Ottawa reaches for the  kleenex."  We don't recall who originated this bit of unflattering folk  wisdom, but we do know, sadly, how operable a rule of  thumb it remains.  During the reign of King Ronald the Reagan, Mr.  Mulroney, fairly or not, often apptrared to be more a courtier  than the Prime lvlinister of a sovereign nation. This image has  not seemed to diminish with the advent of George Bush.  When Iraq's .Saddam Hussein annexed Kuwait, there was  little public clamour in Canada for Mulroney to immediately  dispatch s military expedition to either liberate the hapless  Kuwaitis ��� or to prated 'our' stake in their plenteous oil  reserves.  But the moment Bush tiegan his so-called "telephone  diplomacy" in an attempt to make an American intervention  appear las unilateral, hue we were pledging ships and the  men (and women) to sail them. Last week, as if to add insult  to injury, Mulroney journeyed, order pad in hand, to Bush's  Kennebunkport retreat. (Evm in the face of a .possible Middle  Eastern punch-up, Bush insists on his daily ration of fishing,  tennis, speedboating and horseshoes).  If Bush so badly desired Canada's counsel and support for  his latest military misadventure, why didn't he drop in on  Brian in Ottawa? If Canada is considered to be such a  valuable friend and trusted advisor, why is the international  traffic always one way ��� South?  Upon his return from Maine, Mulroney reassured us that  the small contingent we've sent steaming for Saudi Arabia is  okay for now, but held out every .possibility that we might be  called on for a greater military investment should things get  more intense.  If there is one thing Canada is perceived to be, other than  an enormous land mass with a smallish population, it is a  decidedly non-militaristic nation, a country which has always  picked its military involvements with care and a good deal of  spirited public debate.  This has stood Canada in good stead as an honest broker.  But when it comes to our relationship with the United States,  honesty often appears to go by the boards, and we wind up  with the unsightly spectacle of Canada assuming the missionary position, with the US above and Canada below, gritting her tetetth and pretending to enjoy it.  Would that Mulroney had initially advised Bush to pull out  for everybody's sake. Would that he had made it clear that  the days of Canada's knee-jerk support for American policies  are over. We wonder what kind of ripple effect might have  eventuated had Canada simply refused to support any intervention other than one consisting entirely of United Nations' forces.  Of course we understand the 'pragmatists'' rationale, that  Canada cannot always assume the higher moral ground,  givesn the US's not inconsiderable; economic influence in our  affairs. Influence, or so the argument proceeds, which the  Americans can wield (unopposed) during any given moment  of pique.  All the more reason why, at key moments like this, Canada  must run the risk of annoying Goliath, lest we be seen (once  again) as just another one of the giant's vassal states.  After all, it's not as if we'd be the first sovereign nation to  tweak the eagle's t*ak and live to tell about it.  As a nutter of fact, there are a nunnber of millions of  Americans who would be eternally grateful should we oppose, rather than encourage and support, policies which they  themselves find as unreasonable and/or abhorrent as many  Canadians do.  It. wouldn't hurt our sense of national self-respect either.  To say nothing of reinforcing our image abroad as a people  who are able to affirm and maintain our own idemtity and integrity in face of our 230 million neighbours south of the  border.  Bottoming out  We do not hrsitate to applaud Director Gordon Wilson  and SCRD Chairman Peggy Connor for the firm clarity with  which they reacted to the recently preposterous intrusion of  Alderman Ken Collins of Gibsons into the affairs of the  Secheit Indian Band.  We too received a letter over Collins' signature in embar-  rasingly effusive praise of Stan Dixon of the Sechelt Indian  Band last week, a letter which was published elsewhere.  It was not published by the Coast News because we were  not persuaded that Collins had actually written the letter and,  even if it had been his work, we could not see what business  the Gibsons' alderman had in telling the elected Chief of the  Sechelt Indians, which advisers he should choose. (White or  otherwise).  Collins is arguably the elected member in least standing of  what is generally agreed to be the weakest of the local government bodia; he is a man for whom no one has ever voted,  even in Gibsons. His attempt to interfere with the internal affairs of the Sechelt Indian Band is simply inexcusable.  The Sunshine  COAM fIWI  p.bii.h.d by GLASSFORD PRESS LTD.  Advertising  Mgr:    Fran Beernalder  John Gilbert  Michael McAllnden  J��aei Broccoli  Ollice Mgr:    Anne Thomien  Dee Gram  Judle Myen  Editor:   fan Mlchaal Sherman  Rose Nicholson  Kerry Mills  Production: Jan Schuks  Jackie Ptttlan  Bonnie McHefley  Brian McAndreems  BUI Rogers. Mary Rogers  BavCMeMtOe*  TIN SUNSHINE COAST NEWS Is a locally owned newspaper,  published on Ihe Sunshine Coasl. BC every Monday by Qlasslord  Prtss Ltd., e3ox 4M, Gibsons. BC VON 1V0. Gibsons e��86-2622 or  886-7817: Sechell 885-3930: Pender Harbour 883-9099; Gibsons  Fax 886-7725, Sechell Fax 885-3954. Second Class Mail Registration No. 4702.  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There was a doctor from  the National Research Council,  the Ambassador from Brazil, a  salesman emeritus from IBM,  the titled widow of the previous  RCMP Commissioner, thi Colonel of the .Princess Louise  Dragoon Light Guards, etc.  And there was Buggy. Buggy  was an .English type who was  secretary to the Royal Ottawa  Golf Club and Captain of the  cricket team which played on  Sundays in those days (1955) on  the grounds of Government  House.  Buggy was vigorous and  charming and fun. He organized the bar club into outings in  which they filled a box at  Lansdown Park at Ottawa  Roughrider football games, going and coming in a bus with  hampers of goodies. He became  the acknowledged social leader  of this disparate little group.  A thing they came to dislike  was the miserable white parrot.  It never said anything, sat in its  corner of the place, and bit  anyone who tried to feed it. Not  really up to the tenor of the  place Buggy thought.  One night, when discussing  the.parrot, someone said they  knew of a parrot who would be  a livelier member of the place ���  "From rock  to rotten"  _y  by Lawrence Villanova  After work, I decide to swing  by the market and pick up some  special goodies for my din-din.  If I go straight home, I face the  dismal prospect of having to  make do with imported Got-  gonzola cheese, orchard-fresh  Pippin apple, and 7-grain,  sprouted wheat bread from the  Died and Gone to Heaven  Celestial Organic Bakery.  Not too shabby, I admit, but  what I crave is toasted bagel  with Italian smoked ham,  beefsteak tomato, grey poupon  mustard, munster cheese melted  on top, and a crowning sprinkle  of 'falfa sprouts.  I must also lay hands on  some of those innocent-looking  green olives with nubbins of  jalapeno pepper secreted inside.  My eyes water in anticipation of  how they'll go off in my mouth  like miniature grenades.  Which means, of course, that  I'll need a succulent pear for  medicinal purposes to chase  down the Vesuvian olives.  Barlett, Bosc, or Anjou. At this  point I'm not the least bit picky.  Alone with the produce and  fruit, I survey the late-night  tranquility of this garden  graveyard. .Picking over the corpses of some terminally-wilted  lettuce, I see the bananas are all  browning, and I wrinkle my  delicate gourmet's nose in mild  distaste. Then I recall that two-  thirds of the world's population  would literally kill for this  perfectly good food, and I feel  the edge of my appetite eroding  slightly.  What I imd are happy  thoughts to revive my palate, so  I regress to 1947, back to when I  was six and served as a willing  native bearer on my father's  gruelling gourmet safaris.  Lew Villanova saw the world  of edibles as a jungle, and when  it came to shopping, he was out  to bag nothing but the best.  He'd march me and my brother, Kenny, from one farmer's  market to the next, beating the  bushes for the elusive ��� and  perfect ��� Bermuda onion.  While searching for the pears,  I remember how Lew taught us  to respeect perishable foods. He  said it was reprehensible to leave  so much as a microscopic dent  on the dermis of anything being  physically manipulated as part  of a serious, hands-on inspection. Should this offense be  committed for any reason,  however, one was obligated  morally to purchase the victim.  I finally track down the  pe*ars, but I'm faced with a major problem. They're like  granite painted green. They  won't be edible for days, and  I'm scheduled to nosh on one of  the suckers in precisely 75  minutes.  I feel like taking Maxwell's  silver hammer to the entire,  petrified lot of them! My menu  hangs in the balance, so I flirt  insanely for a moment with the  idea of softening up one of the  damn things in the microwave!  I sneer down at the pear in  my hand with a lack of respect  that my father would judge  downright psychotic. I .understand intellectually that it's the  store's fault them is only future  fruit available, but my self-  control is fast disintegrating.  My index finger pecks nastily  at the hostage pear. I break the  skin and feel myself becoming  the neighbourhood bully again.  The slit in the siUten skin  broadens, and my fingernail  tastes dessicated flesh.  My petty viciousnetss disgusts  me, and I'm not unaware of  having just broken my father's  Please tum to page 4  just what was neede*d. This parrot had character, noted this  personage, and spoke back  when spoken to. The germ of an  idea almost visibly sprouted  above Buggy's balding head.  The group moved to the parrot's cage, out of earshot of the  bartender, Charles. Hey, was  this parrot available? Yes. What  size? What shape of beak?  What cast of eye? All okay.  Trouble was this parrot was  green and La Touraine of  course was white.  The doctor from the NRC  thought he had an answer, a  light gelatinous spray and the  right amount of talcum powder!  On the instant, almost, the plan  was laid.  A week later to the day they  carried it out. The Brazilian  Ambassador in the dining room  called for Charles to discuss his  brandy. The new parrot, looking splendidly white was outside  the door. The old IBM man,  wearing falconer's glove,  removed La Touraine. Outside  in a car with engine running,  was the Colonel of the Princess  Louise Dragoon Light Guards.  Within a couple of minutes  the white-feathered switch was  made. A room had been booked at the Chateau Laurier for  La Touraine (the members were  later billed for their share of the  rent). Everyone then reassembl  ed looking perhaps a trifle  smug. Few Commando raids,  after all, had gone off without a  hitch.  The new parrot was sitent,  hopped about, and pecked at its  feed dish whilst the members  waited. At the tables behind the  bar were to be found several  senior mandarins of the Ottawa  government in presumably  serious conflab.  It was a lady guest of one of  the mandarins who finally went  up to the cage. "Oh, what a  lovely parrot!" she said, and inserted a Patrician finger into the  cage. Normally this would have  resulted in a lightning bite. This  time, though, the bird rose up,  raised its wings, and shrieked  "Fuggit, fuggit, fuggit...'  The place, of course, fell  silent. Behind the bar the usually imperterbable Charles (later  to be the manager of the Press  Club in Ottawa), had his mouth  open. The members at the bar  evinced no surprise.  It might have passed, who  knows? But the pseudo-La  Touraine began to flap its wings  and talcum powder began to  rise in a cloud, and the jig was  up.  well, said the NKC doctor,  we'll have to try again.  Another time, said Buggy,  towelling talcum from Ids bald  head with a cocktail napkin.  S YEAR8 AQO  The Ted Dixon Memorial Park was officially dedicated  and an all-day soccer tournament took place to celebrate.  Chief Stan Dixon made a short speech to honour the  memory of one of the Sechelt Indian Band's most  outstanding athletes for whom the park is named.  The Regional District recycling program begins this  week with recyclable items only being picked up on alternate weeks.  10 YEARS AQO  On August 25, a black bear made a daylight raid on tha  Honeybunn property on King Road. The residents were  successful In chasing It away but It took one of their goats  with It.  Sunshine Coast fishermen will be under stiffer scrutiny  be federal fisheries officials as a national fish quality program takes focus on the fishing Industry.  The propsect of any Joint Office facility housing Sechelt  Village Council and the Sunshine Coast Regional Board In  the future seemed very remote at the Sechelt Council  meeting held on Septemeber 3,  20 Y.EARS AQO  Police and firemen responded to a 5:30 pm call to the  Chekwelp area on Saturday and had to use ladders to  remove Billy Lee McConnell from his car.  More than 1000 persons attended the Labour Day  celebrations sponsored by area labour unions and the  Sechelt Indian Band.  30 YEARS AQO  Six girls from the Sechelt Peninsula attended the first  track and field meet for the Junior Olympic Championships In Empire Stadium. The girls, age 11 to 16, ware  Laurel Postlewaite, Klrsten Jorgansen, Angela Richter,  Helen Bezdeck, Sheila Nelson and Susan Reid.  Hopkins Landing's fourth Gala Day was hailed as a  great success. The day began early with a fishing derby for  the youngsters and closed with Eric Thomson playing the  bagpipes.  40 YEAR8 AQO  Passage of a half million dollar bill for construction of  new schools is still not the answer to scholastic housing  problems in the area. Ninety-one pupils answered the first  roll call, thereby creating an immediate problem since 80  pupils is the maximum number who should be taught by  three teachers.  1  Your community's  AWARD-WINNING  newspaper  S2>^Xg>^^^ ^  Letters to the Editor    )  Canadian racism on the rise  Editor:  The blatant racism which was  exhibited by rock throwing  members of the Quebec public  directed at the women and  children members of the  Mohawk Indian nation was a  frightening manifestation of the  growing intolerance and racism  in our country.  The inaction of the RCMP  and the Quebec police in the  face of white mobs was sickening and scary. It was in sharp  contrast to the overwhelming  might of the army arraye*d  against the Mohawk barricades  as the negotiations were going  on.  In recent months this kind of  racism has been widespread and  not only against Canadian  aborigines. Tension between  police and black communities in  major Canadian cities has  worsened; Jewish families have  suffered pain and humiliation  caused by the desecration of  cemetarie*s and other property;  and francophones have been  targeted by right-wing groups  that have lobbied to have  municipalities declare themselves 'English only'. And now  we have seen the rock throwing  and the army pointing its guns  at the Mohawk barricades.  This scene brings to mind  stories that the late Clarence  Joe, Sr. told me of the tales his  grandparents had passed onto  him about the British gunboats  which used to lay off the Sunshine Coast in the 19th Century  and point their guns at recalcitrant Sechelts. Has it ever been  any different for the Canadian  Indian or Metis in a crunch?  Canadians increasingly fear  /"DEPENDABLE'  that our country faces an unsettled economic and political  future. History lias shown that  times like these provide fertile  ground for the growth of intolerance, scapegoating, fear  mongering and the trampling of  minority rights.  It is hardly surprising that  such a climate has resulted in  the regeneration of old attitudes  that pit racial, religious and  language groups against each  other.  In the 1960's and early 70's  the local Sechelt press of that  period regularly attacked and  used as scapegoats in its columns Sechelt Indians, immigrants, teachers, and longhaired young peeople. At one  time it made a call for vigilantes  to deal with what it called  "scum".  However, we cannot go back.  Now, more than ever, we Canadians have to reaffirm our support for tolerance and respect  toward racial, religious, and  linguistic minorities, and say  'no' to the bigots that make the  headlines.  The call by opposition leaders  for a recall of parliament to  consider the manner in which  the federal government has  handled the Oka crisis must be  heeded. At the same time the  Canadian and provincial governments must begin to  seriously negotiate with native  people to settle their land  claims.  Frank Fuller  Coast News, September 3,1990  CAPPUCCINO  & DESSERT BAR  a unique combination  of freshly made coffeees, delicious desserts  and art work  OPEN 12 NOON ��� 10 PM on the Sundeck behind  6hadoiv Ihcux* ��o|fct to  ���"���      PieU'ruC c__l__e. leetceiev.  Cowrie St.  Sechelt  885-7606  Dixon stands ready  Editor's Note: The following  was received for publication.  Mayor Diane Strom  Town of Gibsons  P.O. Box 340  Gibsons, BC  Dear Mayor Diane Strom and  Aldermen:  I would like to express my  acknowledgement to you and  your council for accepting the  presentation by Alderman Ken  Collins to your regular council  meeting. 1 respect his thought-  fulness.  Alderman Ken Collins said  the land claims debate involves  all Canadians, not just the  respective governments. Then  he asked the Gibsons Council to  consider joining forces with the  other two self-governing  municipalities on this Coast and  together, united; join with the  provincial government...to demand of the federal government  to work with us in finding a  solution to the land questions in  our area. Then he added that  council consider in.king me to  "lead us in this quest." On Ihe  21st of August, Alderman Ken  Collins telephoned me and explained his intentions to me and  I said that I would be honoured  to be on a provincially organized lands claims negotiating  team, if there ever was one.  1 feel I could help, but it is  highly unlikely that it would  happen.  I also respect what the concerned citizens of Lillooet have  to say. Colleen Reynolds  presented their case very well  and I agree with her. I feel  honoured. It is a very complex  issue.  1 feel that not too many people truly understand what 'land  claims' is all about. And if it  ever gets to the Union of British  Columbia Municipalities it will  be a miracle, even though it is a  provincial issue. But, I would  like to thank you all for at least  discussing Alderman Collins'  proposal. It is one process to  solving the land claims that  could be worked on and refined  if the local political will is there.  1 admire and respect Alderman Ken Collins for his personal efforts in his initiative; but  if there is no co-operations to  look at the positive side of this  complex topic and his proposal,  nothing will come of it.  Ken can say he tried, and I  can say that I would be  honoured to represent the Sunshine Coast.  Stan Dixon  th eV eWa'iidv Haddock ui.h to announce ihe marriage of  their itttughler, Lima Haddock, lo Ihiug Hilmirilnin.  youngm non uf Mob Edtcardaon & Myrna Harrison.  w��  1��>  ��� ^ *���*��  The Wedding  I ' ' 1  will lake plarr  H' -Ll  H  al ihr  Pender Harbour  Communily Hall  ^^kfc^j^M  on  April l.'tih. I<W1  ���flPj> 1.1 ^mPmm��\  A modest vision  AUIO SERVICE  DID YOU KNOW...  We're known for successful  TROUBLE  SHOOTING  The South Coast's Only  BCAA APPROVED Shop (Special consideration to BCAA members)  fyaUtiMW  AUTOMOTIVE  DISTRICT OF SECHELT  NOTICE TO ELECTORS  The Court of Revision shall sit at the Municipal Hall  on October 1,1990, at 10:00 a.m. and shall hear all  complaints and correct and revise the list of electors. Names of electors may be corrected, added If  omitted, struck off if not qualified and any other  manifest error may be corrected. The name of any  person may be added to the list if an application on  the appropriate form is received at the Municipal Office by September 28,1990.  J.M.A. Shanks  Clerk-Administrator  Editor:  A by-law re: Block 7 is to be  presented to the citizens of  Sechelt this month. Most of us  live comfortable, self-centred  lives, and need reminding once  in a white that our beautiful  area is still in the pioneering and  planning stage. To us is given  the awesome task of shaping it  for centuries to come.  Our mayor and council  caught a vision of what the core  of Sechelt can be. Their plans  are modest, practical and flexible enough to meet present and  future needs.  Who among us does not accept thetruism that if we want  anything of great value, we have  to dig down and pay for it? The  increase in taxes will be more  Success  Editor:  The Watersyde Folke Club is  happy to announce that the  Clansmen/Stoaters dance that  was held on Saturday, August  23, to celebrate the First Annual  Save the Strait Marathon, was a  great success. Thanks to the  support of our friends and loyal  'folkim' over the past two years,  Watersyde Folke is in a position  to donate some of the proceeds  of the dance to the following  groups - the Save the Strait  Alliance, Sunshine Coast  Wildlife Rehabilitation Centre  and CAPE - groups that we feel  contribute to the continuing  beauty of the Sunshine Cosist.  Marilyn James  Helen Shaffer  Watersyde Folke Club  than offset by the immediate increase in the value of Sechelt  property. If we are to become a  retirement, rather than an industrial area, services must be  provided.  As for persons threatening to  move away if the by-laws pass,  we can only wish them Godspeed. They will be able to sell  their property at a considerable  capital gain, and will be replaced by new people attracted to  such a well served municipality.  It follows that a YES vote  will ultimately benefit everyone.  Frances L. Fleming  BUSINESS  MANAGEMENT  CERTIFICATE  The Sechelt Campus is offering the  first in a series of courses which  make up a Certificate program in  Business Management.  Business Management 160  (Marketing) emphasizes consumer  product marketing, and covers  promotion, merchandising,  advertising and salesmanship. It  starts Tuesday, September 4, 7 to  10 pm. Fee: $122.  You can get more information on  the certificate or course by calling  885-9310 between 9 am and 7 pm.  CAPILANO  COLLEGE      S627 Inlet Avenue ��� Sechelt ��� British Columbia  SUT4HINE'COAST  SUNSHINE COAST 2020:  PLANNING FOR OUR FUTURE  The Regional Board, in cooperation with all Municipalities on the Sunshine  Coast is undertaking a major planning program that looks at the 21st century.  We want your input and participation to help establish the goals and  policies that will shape the environment we live in.  Please attend the Open House nearest to you:  DAY                DATE  LOCATION  TIME  Monday          September 10  Wednesday     September 12  Friday            September 14  Cedar Grove Elementary  Sechelt Legion  Madeira Park Legion  7:30 p.m.  7:30 p.m.  7:30 p.m.  '* Please note that a telephone survey will also be taking place during  the middle of September. If you are called, please take the time to  answer the questions.  , e  a  ��� hm^^i,^^,, Coast News, September 3,1990  SUNNYCREST MALL  Where happy/endings  with  10:30 - 4:30 Saturday, September 8  We are honoured to house the  ART AND PHOTOGRAPHY EXHIBIT  for the Sunshine Coast   FALL FAIR 1990  Enjoy over 30 exhibits of oil and water colour paintings, drawings,  black and white and colour photographs. Adults and teens in both  General Public and Professional categories have entered their artwork.  my  'V  i Jeannie's*  SEMI-ANNUAL  Jewellery Repair Event /^  ��� Are the claws worn thin? /~-       ,F You'vt  Are the side stones secure?   /j  answered yes to any  Is the centre stone secure?  />  of these questions, nows  ��� I. Ike. .k>nL a^ora. Ihi.I lAoUR CHANCE TO HAVE YOUR RING e  Is the shank worn thin?     ��/, urml0 AT substantial savings.  CLAW  RETIPPING  Special Savings Now in Effect  thru' Saturday, September 29  7X3  Reg. Price  $44  for 4 claws  D||U�� Made Smaller  sizing   Now $8  Reg. Price-$1J  Sale $28  for 4 claws  Made Larger  $10-$14  Res. $I6$.'0  KARAT GOLD CHAIN SOLDER  bale $6 Reg. Price $10  r  half shanks By Estimate  7i      _  V)r\  Sl\ WREST MALL  Wtwre hB(ypy4nd��ifli  Jeannie's  Gifts & Gems  W  ��a  Cove is grancl  f-^*"  The FTD" Grandparents' Day  Bouquet. Just call or  ' visit us today.  Grandparents'Day is  Sunday, September 9.  St-NWCREST MALL  Where fwppw4ndingi  886-3371 j  wnor-a nafjpwanotngs \\f\J*J~sJ\J I X    f  % T-^AiiOccasionf��^^ {���  f fFloTOW&Plants]   l  Happy Grandparents Day  To Grandmothers, for loving and baking cookies.  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Remember all the (peat things your grandparents  have done for you. ____^  Remember them on lJ  GRANDPARENTS DAY  Grandma has puzzles  'l Grandma's  Toy Box  666-3044  rk  SLNSVCREST MALL  ,$Tv  MALL HOURS: Monday - Saturday, 9-.30 ��� 6 pm.,  Friday, 9:30 ��� 9 pm. Paul Harper of Ihe BC Forestry Service accepts a letter for  District Manager Barry Mountain from Maria McCartney of  SCEPP. -Ktrry Mills pholo  Forestry forthcoming?  The fast reply to a letter  delivered lo the BC Forestry office in Sechelt pleased members  of the Sunshine Coast Environmental Protection Society  (SCEPP) last week. Last Thursday Maria McCartney of  SCEPP hand delivered a letter  for District Manager Barry  Mountain to Paul Harper of the  Forestry Service, asking for a  meeting to discuss alternatives  to forestry's proposal to spray  seven cut blocks on the Coast  with the herbicide Vision. Mr.  Mountain phoned McCartney  later on Thursday afternoon  and  agreed  to  meet  at  the  Sechelt Forestry office on  Wednesday, September 5 at 1  pm.  SCEPP hopes that local contractor Tony Greenfield of  Whiskey Jack Reforestation  will be present at Ihe meeting to  offer Mountain a quote his  company has made to manually  clear the cut blocks. Maria McCartney said, "This is Ihe first  dialogue we've had with them  since before the public hearing.  Perhaps he is willing to listen to  us. I hope we can count on  public support at the meeting on  Wednesday."  CHAMBERS PLANNING SERVICES  ���Retirement Planning ���Life Insurance  ���Investment Planning 'Employee Benefit Plans  'Serving the Sunshine Coasl for over S Years'  LAWRENCE K. CHAMBERS  LIFE UNDERWRITER  ���  M.elu.el lueids licence. ��ieii Ae,ccel I lieaieClHl lieevecci  ��� Lie lr.aei.anca llteanct wee. National l eip eel ��� ��������� 11.<  telephone 886-9111  fax 886.9121  me i free    18006632051  Notice to Members of  St. Mary's Hospital Society  To assist in expediting the registration of  Society members at the St. Mary's Hospital  annual meeting, members are invited to pay  their membership dues, both new and  renewals, in advance. Memberships may be  paid at the cashier's desk at the hospital,  Monday to Friday 8:00 am ��� 4:00 pm.  Thank you.  E.H. Wright  Secretary to the Board  Sunday  Sept. 16/90  Run  Walk  Jog   Ride Wheel  TheTerry  Fox Run  9  for Cancer Research  0t&0^  LOCATION: Sunnycrest Mall  TIME: 9:00 am '_ FOR INFO CALL  ,-MBMHMHlHRIETA: 886-8305  "Rock to  rotten"  Continued from page 2  cardinal rule: Don't abuse  anything!  I guiltily conceal the violated  fruit deep in the pile, then  slouch out of the store with my  other purchases. As 1 hit the  parking lot, I realize I also  broke my father's second most  cardinal rule.  If you bruise anything, buy it.  The morning following the  crime, I'm back at the market to  do our regular, weekly shopping, but this time I'm not in  the grip of a gastronomical wet  dream. It doesn't matter how  ripe the pears may be, I'll simply leave them on the sill in the  sun.  I twirl the plastic bag of pears  before tying it, but it promptly  bangs against the others in the  pile. One pear plunges downward onto the floor, skitters  drunkenly across the waxy  yellow build-up, and comes to  rest wedged between a pair of  ancient sandals.  The old man inhabiting them  squats down and picks up the  fruit, cradling it protectively in  cupped hands. As I approach,  he stares me down reprovingly  before giving it back to me.  At my cart, I'm about to  throw the pear in on top of a  couple of bunches of spinach,  when I notice a tiny brown  patch of oxidized flesh staring  back at me in a manner akin to  the old man. On closer inspection, I discover a jagged hole  gouged out of the meat. There's  no doubt in my mind that this is  the same hapless pear I mauled  last night.  And I wonder at the coincidence. But I don't really  believe in Kharma, so I toss the  pear back among its mates for  the second time and go on  about my business.  The Laws of Kharma, however, believe in me. Five days  later, on a sun-speckled day ordained for growing things, the  dozen pears I bought went  directly from rock to rotten.  More than a little shaken by  the whole, crazy business, I  decide to teach my daughter  how to work the produce department. Let her feel the fruit  for a change, it will be a terrific  learning experience.  I'll stick to canned goods until I can learn to control my  ������motions.  Sechelt  dust to  settle  The problem of dust which  has been irritating the residents  of Sechelt in the past hot, dry  months of summer will soon be  over.  At the joint meeting of local  governments Chief Tom Paul  reported on the talks his council  has had with Sechelt Aggregates. He gave assurances  that plans are underway to solve  both the problem of dust and  also the noise that comes from  the conveyor belt.  Councillor Ben Pierre  pointed out that the gravel plant  has not been the only culprit in  producing the clouds of dust  that have enveloped Sechelt all  summer.  Extensive work on the playing fields at both the elementary  school and the high school, as  well as work on the pipeline,  have contributed to the problem.  Red-letter  day for  Lutherans  Sunday, September 9,1990 is  a red-letter day in the life of  Living Faith Lutheran Church.  One year ago, a small group of  12 to IS people were renting  facilities to hold weekly worship  services in the Lutheran tradition.  On September 9, 1990 this  developing congregation will  open the Charter for an anticipated 70 or more adults to  become the organizing members  of Living Faith Lutheran  Church on the Sunshine Coast.  In that interim year the  former St. John's United facility has been purchased, a permanent pan-time mission Pastor  has been called, and a  flourishing Sunday School  organized.  Enrollment for children age  three through Grade 6 will also  take place on .Setpember 9 at  9:30 am in the church at the corner of Highway 101 and Whitaker Road in Davis Bay. Adults  are invited to participate in an  information series at the same  time.  Coast News, Septembers, 1990  Hours:  9:30 am-6 pm       11 am -5ptn  Fridays 'Till 9 pm    Sun. & Holidays  Prices effective  Mon., Sept. 3  to Sun., Sept. 9  Boneless ��� Cut From Canada Grade "A" Beef  Outside Round or Rump  ROAST  kg 4.37 Ib.  Fresh ��� Frying ��� Halves  ��� Family Pack  CHICKEN., kg 2.82 Ib.  Extra Lean  GROUND  DCCl  kg 5.71 Ib.  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'     ..." ���   ���'  mmmW^k  to-r  ''^^m\^m\m\Wm  e'.V---:- ji   ��� ��*   -   .   *.'   **N ijl  V  *>j.*��v ;t,.:                      ' ,\y*^J^  ��� ������;  -.H^v^M  Vr-  '���amfmiw  .  ��� .  \f*tf* v      IH  ��������� .i  ���^ ������'��������         ^r  *  .  ��HwpVV*'.Sfr.��.t      '���   ^M^ammmW    A  lV.V  ���   ���  '���'-*i'-vfe Ifl  e^BeeT. 1. .'^^J  ���i     ��� ���  . ���*.<*;*����. ^^B  ���--$21- 9  S^^^aiS  \W' -.  ^'''-^iSBff            "v3'.J  H .  i ''*'�����$_&��� ?*Wl&&  HE?- *  ���\ ���������.^miWkmmmLmmk  Hnf^rrTf'* *^|  ���;������**'"''  ^���'wBrnrnf-^  Si  ^���^1  mbkSb^  mX ���'���  ���Sw -��� wV9  Kl.- ' *��� 2 -' J^^KflBU  ��: '"������  ^HStt^^i ������ /:jH  eUte^M^;  1 If  MFw-T ��!  ���    .... _���  K��J  Larry Labonte of Gibsons Lions Club presents a bursary from  Len Wray's Memorial Fund to Lome Carroll of Gibsons who  plans to study to be a veterinarian In Saskatoon.  Jeff Qee-ptnter photo  vs y  Dog Obedience Classes  begin Sept. 11th  To enroll phone  886-8568  ef NEW LIFE FELLOWSHIP  v New Testament Church  Sechelt Arena  Sun. Worship Service     10:30 am  Wed. Bible Study 7:30 pm  Morning Prayer 6:30-7:45 am  Tues.-Sat.  New Lile Christian Academy  Enrolling Kindergarten ��� Grade 12  Pastor Ivan Fox  Principal, Davis Cliff  Phone 88M775 or 885-2672  THE UNITED CHURCH  OF CANADA  Sunday Worship Service  GI.3SONS  Glassford Road 11:15 am  SundaySchool 11:15 am  ST. JOHN'S  Davis Bay 9:30 am  SundaySchool 9:30 am  Rev. Stan Sears  Church Telephone 886-2333  GIBSONS  PENTECOSTAL CHURCH  School Rd., opposite RCMP  SundaySchool 9:45 am  Morning Worship 11:00 am  Evening Fellowship 7:00 pm  Phone: Church Ollice 88fr7107  Pastor Dan MacAulay 886-7107  Youth Pastor J. Morris 8864499  Affiliated with the Pentecostal  Assemblies of Canada  CHRISTIAN  SCIENCE SOCIETY  In the Greene Court Hall  Medusa St., Sechelt.  Sunday Services 11:00 am  For Inlormation, please call:  885-2506 or SeS-3688  CALVARY  BAPTIST CHURCH  711 Park Road  Telephone: 886-2611  SundaySchool 9:30 am  Worship Service 11:00 am  Hour of Inspiration 7:00 pm  Cal Mclver, Pastor  Arlys Peters, Music Minister  "Wie Bible tilt is...  tor People as they era."  LIVING FAITH       v!  LUTHERAN CHURCH  Whitaker Road & Coast Highway  Davis Bay 885-2202  Rev. Frank W. Schmltt, Pastor  Sunday Church School 9:30 am  Sunday Worship 11:00 am  Come Grow With Usl  ANGLICAN  CHURCH OF CANADA  Sunday 10:30 am  Parish Family Eucharist  St. Bartholomew's, Gibsons  Wednesday 10:30 am  Worship and Bible Study  St. Aidan's, Roberts Creek  Rev. Esther North 886-7410  The Anglican Parish ol  St. Aldan & St. Bartholomew  Unity On The  Sunshine Coast  MasterMInd Group 7pm Tues.  Sunday Service 11am Sundays  Study Group 10am Sun.  (The Laws of Love)  1793 Lower Rd., Roberts Creek  Call 886-9194 (for Information)  GRACE REFORMED  PRESBYTERIAN CHURCH  Morning Worship 11:30 am  St. Hilda's Anglican Church  Evening Worship    7 pm In homes  Wednesday  Bible Study 7:30 In homes  J. Cameron Fraser, Paster  885-7488 Olfice 885-9707  dTHE ANGLICAN  CHURCH OF CANADA  St. Hilda's ��� Sechelt  SUNDAY SERVICES  8 and 9:30 am  Nursery and Sunday School  9:30 am  Si Andrew's ��� Pender Harbour  Regular Sun. Worship     11:30am  885��)19 Rev. June Mallln  "We extend a  Warm Welcome to all"  GIBSONS COMMUNITY  FELLOWSHIP  Welcomes you to join us  In Sunday Worship  Children's Progress 9:45 am  Prayer KWJOarn  Morning  Worship Service 10:45 am  Wednesday 7:00 pm  599 Gower Point Road  Pastor Monty McUan  886-7049  ROMAN CATHOLIC CHURCH  MASS SCHEDULE  Saturday  5:0X1 pm St. Mary's Gibsons  Sunday  8:45 am Indian District  9:45 am Holy Family Sechelt  11:15 am St. Mary's Gibsons  CONFESSIONS  1st & 3rd Sat. 4-4:30 pm  Holy Family Sechelt  2nd & 4th Sat. 4:30-5 pm  St. Mary's, Gibsons  885.9526  Georcje    in    Gibsons  Colonel's book  by George Cooper, M.V8S20  When he said he was going to  write a book, my first thoughts  were of something factual, likely something reminiscent of his  military flying days, or his tour  of duty as military attache  behind the Iron Curtain.  Not so, as I found a couple of  years later when I was privileged  to read his manuscript. His  book is a novel, swift of pace  and very topical, as it turns out,  in its selection of characters and  setting.  The author of this first novel,  Stewart (Doug) Dickson of  Shoal Lookout in Gibsons, has  with characteristic determination and initiative turned out a  tale 'of courage and survival'.  In the story an airman leaves  a promising career in the Canadian Forces to become a bush  pilot in northern BC. His family  quite happily join him in the  building of a home in the  wilderness.  When his plane crashes just  before freeze-up on a run to a  mining camp, the bush pilot is  rescued by Indian trappers who  care for him in thdr cabin until  spring breakup. The novel offers 'insight into the lives of  bush pilots and native trappers',  and particularly draws on the  theme of native rights and how  individual natives come to deal  with festering situations.  Stewart (Doug) Dickson's  novel Broken Wing, has just be  printed in Vancouver and will  be ready for distribution  September 10. At a gathering of  publishers' reps and book  distributors in Vancouver in  August, 1200 copies of Broken  Wing were ordered. "An encouraging beginning," Doug  said,  "The launching of the book  will take place in Calgary,  September 14 with press and  book distributors present,"  Doug said.  "Coincidentally," he added,  "at the same time in Calgary  there is a grand reunion of those  who were part of the British  Commonwealth Air Training  j Plan back in WWII. I was an ,  ' instructor in that tremendous I  training program from 1942 tin-  til 1945; first in the elementary  flying school, then in Advanced  Service Flying Training, later an  instructor of student instructors, and finally a Wings  Testing Officer in the final tests  for pilots wings. We called the  plan "Canada's University of  the Air."  Returning to the novel, Doug  said, "It was flattering to see ,  the half-page feature announcement of Broken Wing in the international fall catalogue of  Raincoast Book Distributors,  Not all books get that much  space."  "In this edition there are  10,000 copies, part in hard  cover and part in soft. The book  will be sent to the international  book fair in Frankfurt this October. And I much appreciate  the commendatory statements  of Lester Peterson's The Gibsons Landing Story and of  Bruno Gerussi and as well as  one by Stan Dixon of the  Sechelt Band that will appear on  the book's dust cover.  Doug concluded our interview with an anecdote arising  out of some confusion in communications with the copyright  office in Ottawa. "They  thought the title was Broken  Wind, which they found rather  unusual. "Now my publisher  calls me the old you-know-  what."  By the way, for those of you  with copies of Les Peterson's  The Cape Scott Story (1974),  look again at Chapter VI which  is an account of the function of  the air force staiton in Holberg  and the beginnings of the Cape  Scott Provincial Park, written  by Doug Dickson then the commanding officer of the station.  Les was always grateful for  Doug's work in getting the Cape  Scott story published. He wrote  in Doug's copy when he  autographed it, "To Doug, my  co-author, without whom there  would be no Cape Scott Story."  Later this month when you  go into the local bookstore  nearest you, the dust cover will  catch your eye. Artist Ed Hill  has portrayed the wilderness  scene as the author visualizes it,  and Angel Strehlen, the faces of  the story's characters. The  graphics throughout the book  are by John Weyburg.  FALL FAIR  This Saturday, Septembr 8,  the Fall Fair of former years  will be revived in all its fun and  interest for old and young. A  sampling of the entries for judging: home baking, wines, handicrafts, a 'mutt' show, salmon  barbecue and entertainment as  well.  Cfdl 886-7476 for more infor-  mation. And of course attend at  St. Bartholomew's Hall, the  mall, Gibsons Elementary  grounds, the former Women's  Institute Building.  RECYCLING PLASTIC  A reader asked what is done  with the plastic rings that the liquor stores are accepting from  people who take the trouble to  turn them in.  The manager of the Gibsons  Liquor Store tells me that the  rings are sent to a warehouse in  Vancouver and then recycled in  a plant in Surrey. "We  wouldn't collect them unless  there was some useful reason,"  he said.  Sunshlni Coast  PEST CONTROL LTD  Giaavm Rd      team, Haepr ee. M   VOW 2H0   LOCALLY OPtHATED  GOVERNMENT LICENSED  UNMARKED VEHICLES  For control of carpontar ants, rottents A othor potts  1 Our Perimeter Treatment  Cuts down on the invasion  ot crawling insects  For Conlidentlal   ������- __���..  Advice & Estimates   883-2531  OUR SPECIALTY ��� Pratraitmeflt ol houses under construction!  ATTENTION  B.C. Wolding Supplies Ltd. has roquostod  that B.C. Forrlos Corporation add a  DANGEROUS GOODS  RUN  irom Horsoshoo Bay to Gibsons  You can support our eflorts by writing or calling:  G.W. Barber  Manager, Terminal Operations  Tsawwatsen Terminal  Dalta, B.C. V4K 3N2  COMMUNITY MEETINGS:  Right in your town!  (\d(fitP.Q\  -7 00Frtr  For further information  Carol 886-7454  MSB?  22* wimLT?**"!  place- St. Mary's  Church Hall  Hwy. 101 & Park  We're here! Now Weight Watchers brings its New Fast & Flexible  Program closer to you, through a more convenient way to lose  weight: Community Meetings. With our new 1990 program you'll  lose weight last, while living your normal, everyday life���it's  easy! And talk about value: pre-paying for a series of meetings  saves you money.  JOIN NOW AND SAVE!  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The proposed site will be 500  feet west of the wharf and will  consist of a cement pad and  some fill. The Regional District  will undertake to keep the area  free of logs and other beach  debris and will also post signs to  restrict parking.  Roberts    Creek  Creek shooting problem  by Bev Cranston, 886-2215  The area above the power-  lines in Roberts Creek is becoming more populated now that  Lockyer is the main road. A  concerned resident at a Roberts  Creek Community Association  meeting last spring voted to request the regional district to extend the shooting boundary past  the powerlines. lt apparently  has just been an accepted standard in the past, and Gibsons  RCMP concur, that the power-  lines are the boundary.  Not so, says the 1990/91 BC  Hunting Regulations. The map  of the Gibsons/Roberts  Creek/Sechelt area shows the  shooting boundary starts 500  metres north of the BC Hydro  right-of-way (powerlines). And  did you also know the discharge  of rifles is prohibited on Keats  Island?  Gibsons RCMP state anyone  under legal age should have  parental supervision when firing  airguns, that is, pellet guns and  BB guns. And it is totally illegal  to shoot a 22 or anything  heavier in a residential area.  Hunting season is coming up.  September 8 is the opening for  buck, black bear and various  CHEROKEE 4-D00R  "4x4"  EXE,  . Powerful 4 litre Inline 6 cyl.  a 5 Speed tram with overdrive  ��� Power brakes I steering  a 4 Doors  STK #90-5165  . An teaion radial tires  ��� Electric rear window delroitor  ��� Factory AM/FM stereo  ��� Chrysler 7 yoar/115,000lun warranty  *  17,982  NET OF ALL PROGRAMS ��� FREIGHT & P.D.I. $790 DL 17496  AuM Il's ImslPrices  MOUNTVIEW  1600 MARINE DR., VAN. 980-3431  birds, so watch out for those little red hats when you're in the  bush.  HOME LEARNING  Brian and Sonja of Lockyer  Road in Roberts Creek are  amongst the growing number of  parents who wish to educate  their children at home. As Brian  says "getting involved with your  kids if you have the time, is important to your kids' growth."  Their oldest daughter is school  age this fall, and to combat the  only hesitation they have with  home education, that is fear of  kids being isolated from other  kids, Brian and Sonja want to  become involved with other  parents in the community who  want to try the home education  method as well.  The program is called 'Correspondence and Distance  Learning'. It is a complete  package of learning, at no  charge, put out by the Ministry  of Education. Everything is  supplied ��� books, supplies,  tests, etc. Apparesntly primary  ��� children spend only two to three  hours per day studying and learning, and then their tests are  1 sent to Victoria to be marked.  Brian has a friend in Vancouver whose child is in the upper elementary grades and has  been taking the home courses  for three years now and is doing  better than in-school pupils who  are achieving average grades.  If you are interested in joining in this program give Brian  or Sonja a call at 1-649-4050  (cellular).  LIBRARY NEWS  There are 42 new books on  the shelves of the Roberts Creek  Library this week. Fiction and  non-fiction, cookbooks, and  books of Canadian poetry are  all available. See you at the  library,  CRIBBAGE  Cribbage starts up again this  Thursday night, September 6 at  8 pm sharp. Everyone is welcome and cribbage will continue  every Thursday night afterwards, at the Roberts Creek  Legion hall.  SCHOOLDAYS  School is back in session  Tuesday, September 4 for two  and one half hours in the morning. Regular hours start  September 5. So please watch  out for all the kids walking and  riding along the roads. I hope  you all had a great summer!  LEARN TO DRIVE.  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Next Course Sept. 12/90  Coast News, September 3,1990  POWELL RIVER FOREST DISTRICT  NEWS RELEASE  Ttte Powell Rlwr Forest Service Is pleased to announce that catnpf Ires are once again allo.ved In our  District.  We would like to caution people, however, that  some portions ot the district have had vary little rain,  and the luel, while moist on the outside can still be  very Inflammable. We would like you, when lighting  tires, to be careful ��� please adhere to the requirements ot the Provincial Campfire Regulations  (which may be picked up at our Powell River Office),  and ensure the fire Is out before you leave It.  Do not Just pour water on top, using a stick mix the  ashes and water like a batter, to ensure all the  embers ere extinguished.  HUNTERS'  LIGHT TRUCK  MAXI LUG  ��� Excellent dig-in .a 'Ion lor  most driving conditio is.  ��� Combines traction and  durability with excellent  mileage.  ��� Recommended (or drive  wheel positioning.  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Gibsons  886-2700 T.ee.Be.keb Suspension Cen���,  Vou. Locnlly Ownoet TIRE LAlMO St  "T  k��M  eWM  eflH  H  mm Coast News, September 3,1990  *n  "Not just Truffles the Candy  Store, but Truffles Cafe &  Confectionery, that's what  we'd like to be known as  now," says Mary Chester, one  of the three owners of Truffles  in Gibsons Landing.  Mary Chester, Denise  Howse, and new partner  juanita Wannamaker bring  their creative energy to this  bright spot in town.  Re-opened in November  1989 after the building was extensively renovated and expanded, the owners then got  the chance to design the interior to reflect their style.  Formerly, Truffles was  known for it's candy,  chocolates & ice cream, but  after the renovations the  menu expanded as well to include Mary's wonderful  home-made muffins.  Mornings are special at  Truffles. There's the aroma of  muffins & cookies baking &  soup simmering.  Truffles is a meeting place  where people can enjoy the  best cup of coffee in town ���  only Murchie's best is brewed. Sandwiches are made to  order and are generous in  size, & there's always a daily  quiche special and great  desserts to tempt your  willpower.  Chocolate lovers know that  Callebaut Belgian chocolates  are the best and Truffles carries a full selection, with some  made on the premises.  Known for the line up out  the door for their wonderful  ice cream cones served in  home-made waffle cones (the  aroma has lured people from  blocks away) and repeat  customers from everywhere,  whatever your taste you'll  satisfy it at Truffles Cafe and  Confectionery.  THE BIGGEST  LITTLE STORE  Past Ken's Lucky Dollar  #  TH��B��&T  SANOW/CH  ///TOWAt  .  V^iety gj FOODS  Gibsons Landing     886-2936  Beachcomber T-'s  Size 2,4,6 Reg. $9.95  Sale $5.97  Beachcomber  Sweats  Child Size Reg. $16.75  Sale $10.17  Youth Sizes Reg. $20.95  Sale $12.57  Gower Pt. Rd.,  Qlbsons Unding  886-2818  Complete  Foam Shop  Mattresses,  Toppers,  Bolsters,  etc.  W.W. UPHOLSTERY  & BOAT TOPS ltd  637 Wyngaert Rd . Gibsons  886-7310  MARYS  VARIETY  886-8077  WINTER  HOURS:  Mon. ��� Sat.  9:30 - 5:30  Sundays & Holidays  10-4  Open  7 Day* A Wert  Gower Pi. M.  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Some ol  Ihem had certainly developed some curious twists  and certainly wouldn't win the longest bean contest unless one had a corkscrew shaped measuring tape! Some ol my beets had developed  peculiar shapes but I'd already dealt with them:  PICKLED BEETS  20 er st medium slit beets  2 caps sugar  2 cups water  2 raps wMtt vinegar  1 teaipton whe* elewts  1 toaspeen whole iHtplce  111nch rtek cinnamon  1. Chop the leaves ol the beets about 3 Inches  Irom the beet. Place In cold water and bring to  the boll. Simmer lor 20 minutes. Rinse beets  In cold water and peel oil skins.  2. Place sugar, water, vinegar, cloves, allspice  and cinnamon In saucepan. Bring to the boll.  3. Add beets and slices ol onion and simmer lor  ten minutes.  4. Place In sterilised jars and seal.  I suppose I can always entertain the populace by  entering the knobblest knees contest!  See you at the Fall Fair September 8 at the  Women's Institute Hall!  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Find out all the places to  see and things to do,  when it's happening and  how to get there with  Cmndmsn* QoevrfT  SOUNDINGS  ON SALE AT  Tourist booths,  newstands &  THE COAST NEWS    -     ���      ��� ���   . -��� - -  mam  mtmWmM  mammmmmmmm Bushell's anniversary  A young artist etches a hennaed design in the palm of a most  serious young recipient at the 'Save the Strait' fair.  ���Jan Michael Sherman photo  rmm  ���I MORE THAN CLOTHING  ��,   ,     Some Original Designs  io *,��     Bi9 Wind Coming Soon  -Oour/iiotvn cJ\ooeils. Cxeck  8S5-'/4n Wmmmr  USED BUILDING SUPPLIES  Quality, used lumber, bricks, windows, lights, plumbing, etc.  P A B USED BUILDING MATERIALS  11947 Tannery Rd., Surrey  MONDAY-SATURDAY ������������1311  We also buy used building materials  SECHELT MEDICAL CLINIC  |      ���   f   : '  ...   I  Wishes to Announce Extended Office Hours to accommodate the needs of patients who are unable to visit the  Clinic during Regular Office Hours.  OFFICE HOURS  EFFECTIVE SEPTEMBER 4, 1990  Monday-Friday 9:00 am to 5:00 pm  Saturday 9:00 am to 12:00 noon  Tuesday Evening 6:00 pm to 9:00 pm  Sunday and Public Holidays - Closed  eWORKWEN?  /IK WORLD  RIGHT HERE-RIGHT NOW!  ��� Straight leg cut  ��� 5 Pocket styling  ��� Heavy 14 oz. cotton  denim  ��� SIZES: 30-38  ��� Boot cut  SIZES: 28-44  WERE WORKING FOR YOU!  IMPACT  Flannel  Work Shirts  9.99  TALL & O/S  12.99  Polar  Fleece  29.99  WINDSOR  Thermal  Underwear  9.99  BUTTONS & SNAPS  Quilted  Shirts  19.99 - 24.99  by Lauralee SoE,  W5-521Z, MS-3510  Congratulations to Jack and  Evelyn Bushell who are  celebrating their 60th Wedding  Anniversary on September 4.  Imagine being married to someone for that long! At the  Pioneer Picnic held on Sunday,  August 26 the community  association celebrated this  wonderful accomplishment. It  was a complete surprise to  them. Shop Easy donated a  beautiful cake and they were  presented with a lifetime  membership to the community  association.  They were married in Bella  Coola by a Native minister.  They have two children, a son  and daughter, six grandchildren  and four great-grandchildren.  The family will be holding their  celebration on September 8.  The Bushells moved to Davis  Bay 16 years ago, after living in  Bella Coola, Ocean Falls,  Langley and Roberts Creek.  PIONEER PICNIC  The Pioneer Picnic was well  attended considering everything  that was going on last weekend.  Anyway, those who attended  had a good time. The com cer-  tainly was delicious.  The association would like to  thank J. Clements Ltd. and  Alcola Distributor Ltd. for  donating the pop and to Turner  Berry for donating the ice  cream.  Thanks to everyone who  helped make the afternoon a  success. Special thanks has to  go to the weather which has  managed to cooperate since the  first Pioneer Picnic five or six  years ago.  DB/WCCA  Now that summer is over we  are back in the swing of things.  The monthly meeting of the  community association will be  held on September 10 at 7:30.  Our guest will be Bill Le Neve  who has been making  sauerkraut for many years.  Here's your chance to learn all  you ne*d to know about making  sauerkraut.  Sechelt    Scenario  Preparations for Fall  by Margaret Watt 885-3364  I just can't believe September  is here already. The children are  back in school and the trees are  starting to lose their leaves. But  it was a great summer, wasn't  it?  The Sechelt and District  Chamber of Commerce is still  collecting nominations for the  Good Citizen Award for 1990  /91. The Chamber is asking for  your support.  Individuals should be nominated in a letter using not more  than one hundred words for  each person. The successful,  candidate will be one who has  served the community faithfully  without remuneration. If you  know of such a good soul, send  the name to: Good Citizen,  Sechelt and District Chamber of  Commerce, Box 360, Sechelt,  VON 3A0. Remember, the  deadline is Septemeber 7, 1990.  TOASTMASTERS MEETING  On Wednesday, September  12 at 7:30, Toastmasters will  hold their first meeting after  their summer hiatus. This will  be in Greenecourt Hall and  anyone is welcome to attend. If  you're like me and the very  though of speaking in front of  more than two people turns  your knees to spaghetti and  makes you shake all over like a  bowl of jello, don't worry - you  don't have to say a word if you  don't want to. Come out to the  meeting anyway and see what  it's all about. For more info call  885-3206 or 885-2213.  BLOOD DONOR CLINIC  Don't forget, the Red Cross  needs you on Tuesday,  September 4 from 3 to 8 pm at  the Royal Canadian Legion  Hall. Show you care; plan to be  there!  SECHELT PRESCHOOL  Registration for the coming  year is now in progress. Space is  limited, so if you have a three or  four year old you'd like to have  in preschool, contact Carol Ann  at 885-7737 or Judi at 885-3138.  FIGURE SKATING CLUB  The Sunshine Coast Figure  Skating Club will be taking  registrations for lessons Saturday, September 8 from 10 till 2  pm in the Trail Bay Mall in  Sechelt.  j MARKET GARDEN  I I'' suppose evefyorie knows I  you can buy fresh fruit, flowers  and veggies every Thursday  from 11 am to 2 pm at the Sunshine Coast Arts Centre in  Sechelt. Proceeds from the sales  go toward the Arts Centre  garden.  Project In  Madeira Park  The federal government will spend a total of $40,000 for  the leconslruction of a float at the Madeira Park wharf.  Part of the Department of Fisheries and Oceans' Small  ���Craft Harbours Program, the $40,000 will be invested over  two years; $15,000 during the 1990/91 fiscal year and $25,000  in 1991/92.  The project calb for the replacement of the floating wharf  which provides access to all the other floats at tills facility.  Work on the project will commence Immediately.  Are you renting?  Do you need help paying your rent?  You may be eligible for Shelter Aid for Elderly  Renters (SAFER). The SAFER program provides  direct cash assistance to eligible British Columbia  residents age 60 and over who rent their  accommodation.  On July I, 1990, the SAFER program was enhanced  by increasing allowable rent ceilings for singles, couples  and sharers.  If you or someone you know miy be eligible for  SAFER, find out more by calling:  Victoria: 387-4331  Lower Mainland:    682-0391  Rest of Province:  Or write to:  contact the operator  and ask for Zenith 26S6  SAFER  Ministry of Social Services and Housing  PO Box 2500  Victoria, BC.  V8W 3AI  I Province ol British Columbia  Ministry ol Social Services and Housing  io London,  \MU$0 It  l_a ���.     a. JL    a^  The Caretul Movers  Whether your next move takes you across ths world or to a new  hometown In Canada, choose Allied. More than 1,100 Allied  representatives is one reason why Allied moves twice ss many  lamilies as any other mover.  Call today tor a Iree no obligation estimate.  LEN WRAY'S TRMSFER LTD.  Custom packing, storage, local��long distance moving.  HWY 101, GIRS0NS      *G��t."coT.��� RR6-2864  Nobody  Can Top  These Figures.  20th Anniversary $399S  Special  per week  Expiry Date Sept. 15th, 1990  Man. - Fri.  7:30 am ��� 1:00  Sal.  9:00 -12:00  Center  'I1.V livtfthl-litsslinift^iotittls  QO��   HUTT c ly,��e"��'e''et'nie'r let, Np,ed eel  OOU'LeFlEe 1 ��,-,|el,e lie,, Uriel ee lile Intivleleeal  634 Farnham Rd., Gibsons  behind Gibsons Medical Clinic  Janice Edmonds  Counsellor  Afternoon Appointments Available  R  P<  ss  8  m  hi  rt  re  ni  O'  F  o  n  gi  al  FREE  STIHL WOOD-PRO Gas'lTGo Kit  BACH KIT INCLUDES: ��� Ollomatic Replacement Chain Loop t Combo Fun/Bar  Lute Combiner ��� 250 ml Engine Oil Mix ��� 8" Pruning Saw ��� Stihl Hsl ��� "Sharp  Advice" Filing Manual ��� Valuable Stihl Coupons worth $75.00 ���eaetie e��uir�� Wrcte.����  isr///r  Number On* WorktreUt  Al's Power Plus Service  5542 Inlet Ave., Sechelt   885-4616  If E"l    I   Y'Q   LAWNMOWER   731 North Road. Gibsons.  IVbLLI     W   * CHAINSAWS Sales & Service 886-2912  MIMaeWN.ftiaMlna'eM.emlWaMnCmfe.etell.iieevem  Onim.im.tiea.eMMrmtucmfKamkisam. ���-e.ee UUVtfN  Auxiliary date  Reading her list and checking tt twice b mm Jttrnj McCoart of  West Sechelt, with 8 year old Kriity aad 10 yew oM Rkky, taktai  part In last week's annual ritual of stockiag up oa back-to-xhool  supplies. ���Ptielw^dtMaio  ���j Rath Fomskr, WS-MU  In last week's column I mentioned that the first meeting of  fall of the Halfmoon Bay  Hospital Auxiliary would tie on  a certain date. Ptaw disregard  the date shown as it was wrong.  The correct date is Monday,  Septemtxr 10 at the Welcome  Beach Community Hall at 10  am.  Sincere apologia to anyone  who wu inconvenienced by this  error.  WELCOME BEACH PLANS  At a recent meeting of the  Sechelt Seniors  Congregate housing for seniors  by Joyce Ostry  If you are thinking about  moving to congregate housing  here are some suggestions:  DO.. .Take lots of lime, make  repeat visits with friends or  relatives to get different opinions.  Arrange for a trial visit or  overnight stay���with meals.  Food is an important part of  our daily lives and becomes  more so when we retire.  Take part in one or two program activities or outings. This  allows you to meet other  residents.  Spend time with the manager  and staff. Make several appointments and get to know  management policies and attitude. Ask what criteria are used to accept residents and who  decides how long you can stay if  your needs change (in case of illness, for instance).  Make lists of questions and  get answers in writing. Ask for  written confirmation of any arrangements discussed.  Sit back and assess your feelings. Would you fit in and be  comfortable? Do you like the  way the manager speaks to  residents and treats you?  DON'T...Be unrealistic in  your expectations. You are  making a big change and you  need time to adjust. Give  yourself a chance and allow for  that time.  Move into a facility that does  not provide extra personal care  unless you are prepared to move  again should you need it.  Choose a place providing  three meals a day if cooking is  ,_     Sept. 4th lo 15th  *tC      AT Vi PRICE!  *** THRIFTY'S  HELP we  GIBSONS  886-2488 or Bus 598  You're Invited  to a  Free Home Buyer's Seminar  sponsored by  Royal Bank 0/ Canada  Gibsons & Sechelt Branches  GUEST SPEAKERS  J. Wayne Rowe, Barrister & Solicitor  Date Oldham, Realtor  Tuesday, Sept. 18/90  7:00 pm to 9:00 pm  Davis Bay Elementary  an important part of your life.  Be overrly influenced by Interior design, unless matched by  a caring attitude and supportive  facilities.  Move at all unless you are  prepared to make a sincere effort to become a positive  member of your new community. Once you have made the  move, join in and contribute.  This is the fastest way to feel at  home. You will find new  friends, new energy and you'll  find you've made a change for  the better.  Tuesday, September 4 at 10  am the executive will meet at the  Sechelt Seniors' Branch 60 Hall  on Mermaid. The fall season is  here and the seniors will again  be busy. Cards will begin at 1:30  pm on September 4. Helen  Neelands invites all to attend.  Remember to tum in to  Branch 69 your money and  tickets for the Seniors' Lottery.  Do this soon as the draw date is  September 14.  There is a regional council  meeting in Sechelt on  September 12 at 1 pm. There is  a luncheon and if you plan to  attend phone Tom Bitting at  883-2461.  Oil painting classes begin  September 19 at 1 pm and will  meet on Wednesday from then  on until listed differently. According to Martha Griffith, a  Ross instructioiud tape will  'begin promptly at 1:15 pm. Any  painters, and that includes the  first timers, are welcome at any  time. Bring a table cover (plastic  does nicely) and clean cloths tor  tidying up. Cofftt break will be  at 3:30 pm. The class time is 1  pm to S pm.  Our first general meeting will  be September 20 at 1:30 pm.  The plant sale is on  September 22 at 11 am. There is  still time for those with green  thumbs to get ready.  The Wellness and Exercise  Classes will commence Monday, Septembw 10 at 11 am at  the .Seniors Hall, Sechelt. Evans  Hermon will again give her ex-  pert guidance to the program,  which was enjoyed by so many  last season. We invite your participation and for further information call 885-2383 or  885-7917.  board of the Welcome Beach  Community Association, plans  were discussed for fall and  winter activities at the hall.  All you bridge players will be  pleased lo know that bridge will  be starting up again this Friday,  September 7 at 1 pm and will  continue on the first and third  Fridays of each month at the  Welcome Beach hall. If you  have anything you would like to  discuss regarding bridge days  you could give eMildred a call at  885-5249.  PRESCHOOL  The Welcome Beach  I Preschool has still got some  available spaces for the fall term  which starts up on Tuesday,  September 18. This is for three  and four year olds. For further  information call Joan Lee at  885-5825.  HOSPITAL GREETINGS  Our good wishes for a speedy  recovery go out to Beth Milton  of Eureka and to Marg  Carpenter. Also get well soon to  Fred Julian who is now back  home. To all of you���take care  -of yourselves. As the old Scottish saying goes, "Guid folks  are scarce."  A SAD BLOW  Word has just been received  about a terrible aixident involving the great-grandson of  former Redrooffs resident  Hugh McPhail. Twenty year  old John Morgan of Duncan  had an accident while diving  which has left him paraplegic. It  is indeed heartbreaking when  something like this happens to  one so young.  SPECIAL PARKS MEETING  Eveeryone is invited to a  meeting next Monday,  September 10 at Halfmoon Bay  School. Those .ho are interested in the parks in our area  should make a point of attending. Your input and discussion  regarding the future of our  parks is necessary to the SCRD  as well as to we who live here  and use our parks. The time is  at 7:30.  1 Week���  When 2 adults  book  & fly with  Canadian Holidays to  Britain & Europe  Sept. 16 to Dec. 31, 1990  886-3361  Gibsons Medical Centre  Hwy. 101 & Farnham Rd.  886-2522  ANKLE BOOTS  by Episode  .<3����'  OXFORDS & SLIP-ONS%l!,  by Hokus Pokus 8e Abstrax xvj  ^ ^footprints'  �����    "**       I XCWSIV!  WOMI N'S  TRAIL BAY MALL     SECHELT  DOiM'T BE LEFT.  OUT IN THE -wr,^,  COLD       M\tfifA  Newly Arrived  Fall  Jackets  20% -  OFF H  Drop off Your  COAST NEWS  CLASSIFIEDS  at  B&J STORE  in Hallmoon Bay  until 3:30 Friday  "* Feieeeedly Oopl. PLC'  Are��)u  Registered to Vote?  A Special Opportunity  for ^u to Register*  Do you have this card?  Is it correct?  This card means that  you are registered to vote  at a Provincial Election,  based on the address  printed on the card.  If you do not have this  card, or the address is  no longer correct, please  check at a Registration  Centre now!  You must be a registered     Registration Centres:  voter to vote.  Registrar of Voters  6953 Alberni Street  Powell River  485-2815  Government Agent  5710 Teredo St.  Sechelt  How to register.  If you think that you arc not registered  to vote:  ���Contact a Registration Centre or  Registrar of Voters.  ��� Have the Voters List checked for your name  ��� If you are not on the list, but qualified,  complete a registration form!  Qualifications:  ��� 19 years of age or older  ���Canadian citizen  ��� Resident of British Columbia for the past  6 months  For more information:  Elections British Columbia Information Line  1-800-742-8683 (Toll Free)  Remember: You cannot register on Election Day.  ��  Chiej Electoral Office  PrawKtof  trittah Columbia 12.  Coast News, September 3,1990  SPEED  LIMIT  30  ��� No matter in which direction you are driving, you  MUST STOP WHEN SCHOOL BUS LIGHTS  ARE FLASHING.  ��� Remember: The speed limit in school zones is 30 km.  WATCH FOR CHILDREN - They may not be watching for you!  Parents!  Make sure your students  know the rules that will keep  them safe while riding the school bus.  WAITING FOR THE BUS:  1. Stay at the edge of the road or on the sidewalk  at the stop which has been assigned.  2. Do not play on the road.  3. Respect private property.  RIDING ON THE BUS:  The driver must be free to devote his full attention to driving in all weather and road conditions.  THEREFORE:  1. No standing, changing of seats or moving about while bus is in motion.  2. No rough-housing, fighting, yelling or throwing of any object.  3. The authority of the bus driver is final.  GETTING OFF THE BUS:    t. Remain seated until doors are open. ,?,  2. Stand ahead of the bus in clear view of the driver. _  3. Wait for the driver's signal to cross.  4. Always cross in front of the bus while the lights are flashing.  Promptly Obey the  Driver's Instructions  In Any Emergency  A public service message sponsored by your friends at  Paciflca Pharmasave  District Municipality of Sechelt  School District No. 46  Gibsons Building Supplies  Howe Sound Pulp &. Paper  Marina Pharmacy  Pender Harbour Credit Union  Pender Harbour Transport (urrycumsii  Fleetwood Forest Products  (formerly Jackson Bros. Logging  Sechelt Indian Band  Sechelt School Bus Services uohn Hopkins)  Shop Easy No. 5  Sunshine Coast Credit Union  Sunshine Coast Insurance Agencies Ltd.  SuperValu Coast News, September 3,1990  13.  Pender Patter  More junk mail  John Williams of Capilano Highway Sen/Ices posts a sign of Impending doom for summer vacation, and a reminder to drivers  to slow down as school reconvenes. ���Ken* Milk pinto  Egmont News  Favourite months  hyMyrtfcWtrtM>*rH3-��0W  Now that summer is officially  over, we can stop worrying  about ferry service and highway  conditions and garbage (and  less-pleasant things) in our  water supply. Now's the time to  forg�� about problems not hitting us over the head and  become upset about other, more  visible annoyances. Like junk  mail.  According to Shirley the  epostmistress, not many people  have taken the suggestion of  forwarding unwanted junk mail  to Harvey Andre (minister  responsible for Canada Post),  but many have agreed with me  that junk mail is a problem.  So, here's a reasonable suggestion that takes into account  the fact that Canada Post  derives a not-insignificant  revenue from junk mail.  For a fete, one would have the  privilege of directing mail  sorters to not deposit any un-  addressed mail into one's  mailbox. This fee would offset  the loss of revenue to Canada  Post, and companys using  'direct mail' for advertising  might get the hint that it's not  appreciated  OLD PHOTOS WANTED  The IGA is planning a new  decor that includes murals of  blown-up photographs of old  Pender Harbour. They are  esp<ecially interested in logging  and rommercial fishing scenes,  and would appreciate the use of  any that might be available. If  you have anything that they  could borrow, contact Rob.  SPCA DONATION  Mrs. Holberg will have a  table of home-baked goods at  the October Swap Meet, and  she will donate all proceeds to  the SPCA. If you can help by  donating baked goods for the  sale, have them at the community hall between 10 and  10:30 am on Saturday, October  6.  PLAYSCHOOL  If you are three or four years  old and would like to attend  Serendipity Playschool this fall,  have Mom or Dad register you  on the first day, September 18,  between 9 and 11:30 am. For  more information, tall Lois at  883-9971 or Margaret at  883-2878.  HEAL SCHOOL  A summary of Continuing  Education courses in Pender  HeVbour:  Basic Water Colour, Wendy  Simmonds; Mexican Cooking  and Conversational Spanish,  Elia McNutt; Beginners Knitting, Louise Munro; Bookkeeping Basics, Bonnie Murray;  Buying an IBM Compatable,  David Monpetit; .Basic Acting  and Scene Study, Jay Hamburger; eUarn to Type on a  Macintosh, Heather Forward;  and Making Teddy Bears, Irene  Pratchett.  LEGION ENTERTAINMENT  As live entertainment winds  down in our local watering  holes, the Pender Harbour  Legion features John MacKenzie this weekend, September 7  and 8.  *  HEBE ARE JUST A FEW FROM OUR  WIDE SELECTION  Industrial First Aid  Natural History  Orienteering  Dog Obedienoe  Boat Building  AlrBrakee  Besbysitting  Computers  Oil Painting  Watesnxdour Painting  Retire Framing  CiBative Writing  Fly Tying  Bridge  Ballroom DanoB  Microwaving  and many, many more  Ftene in ct drop eby to register.  Visa and Mastercard aooeptejble.  5638 Inlet Avenue in Sechelt, 885-2991.  Ann Cook 883-9911  Good-bye, August! You were  a wonderful month, but September and October are my  favourites.  The alder leaves are falling,  others are already turning colour, and the kids are getting  antsy. We know they are ready  for school! Who wouldn't be  with all the neat style clothes  they have a choice of wearing.  We had so many grads from  Egmont, there won't be many  big kids at the bus stop. Maybe  just Rena and Chris, 'til Russell  gets to be "big kids".  SEPTEMBER BIRTHDAYS  Dylan Jackson nine years  old, Peter Waugh, Ken Jackson, neighbours Dolly Wallace  and John Dafoe on the fifth,  Eileen Havisto, Myrtle Page,  Melanie Van Arsdel, Jordan  Barnes, Kellie Pryde, Jacob  Thibodeau, Mike Martin, Sandy Kirk, Rev. Don Lavalle, and  remember Nathan Bell and  Norman Gregory.  ANNIVERSARIES  Forty-four years for Bob and  Mae Bathgate, and not quite so  many for Martin and Pam  Menzies.  WALKATHON  Rumours of a Walkathon for  late September in Egmont,  probably through the  Skookumchuk trail then back to  the community hall for an Egmont Lions pancake breakfast,  with proceeds going to help get  the 'Jaws of Life' for the  Pender Harbour Fire Detpart-  ment.  THUMP ON THE HEAD  To the drivers who pass  school busses when the lights  are flashing, or forget to slow  down in school zones.  The kids will be out in full  force this week, the little ones so  excited they forget to watch for  us ��� so we head better watch  out for them. Thanks.  PAT ON THE BACK  To all the people who drive  with thdr lights on when the  weather is dull or raining.  HOWARD WHITE - NDP CANDIDATE  Let's Talk  Issues  .��� New  . .  Democrats!  l'8O0-667'2988  883-2730  Two Tickets To  ZZTOP  October 1 at Pacific Coliseum  Enter Your Name At  EJEEJBI  VIDEOGAMES C.D.'S CASSETTES   ,  104 Teredo Square In The Cowrie WalJrway  Yes, we take your used Nintendo games  as trade-in!  Yes, we buy used cassettes & C.D.'s.  Only A&B teats our music pricesl  , Video geamess are also .same prices as Vancouver.'  HOURSi Mon. - Thure. 10:30 - 7:00  Fri. ft Sat. 10:30 - 8:00  Sunday 12:00 - 6:00  Time For A-B-C's...  "A" Want Ad 'Wrings You Ready "Cash!  MMd the Rod Croii Bleed Dmw  CMc Tues., Sept. 4 at the  Sechelt Legion Hall, 3 to 8 pm.  I��mNm Ceatt Fall Fair Sat.,  Sept. 8, catalogues at outlets.  Something lor all ages! Get your  entry forme In now to compete lor  tromles, ribbons and prizes. For  into Pam 886-7476.  tamtrn Fewer�� Sad Squadron  -new classes to start Sept. 11  Sechelt area.  StiRihino Toast Matters meetings  are 2nd and 4th Wed. ot every  month at 7:15 pm at Greonecourt  Hall on Medusa St., Sechelt. All  welcome. For Inlo 885-3206.  The Roberts Creak Branch of St.  Maiy's Hospital Auxiliary will hold  its first meeting of tho season on  Sept. 10 at 10am in the Legion  Hail. New members welcome.  lecheN Preschool first general  meeting for all parents, Thurs.,  Sept.  6  at  7:30pm at the  rhool. Spaces still available  ttudents.  To  register  885-7737  Craft tela' Sat., Sepl. 28 at 9am,  proceeds to Canadian Hemochromatosis Society, 437 Dunham  Rd., Port Mellon.  HARBOUR BOAT TOPS  883-2929  Tops, Tarps & Covers  Upholstery & Repairs  Located at Headwater eMarina  Madeira Marina  883-2266  HEADWATER MARINA ltd.  Ways, Hi-Pressure Washing,  . el Year-Round Moorage  883-2406  PENDER HARBOUR  GOLF COURSE  Visitors Welcome  Vi M. North of Garden Bay Rd.,  Hwy. 101 883-9541  Hop! Caiman Legion ��� Brinch 112  jE     PENDER HARBOUR  LEGION  ��  Meftibeis & Guests  Always Welcome  TtHpH-M M3-M32  ����lie'�� RESORT  BOAT RENTALS  AIR 883-  PENDER HARBOUR  CHEVRON  Complete Auto Repair  24 HOUR TOWING  883-2392  NURSERY  COMPLETE  GARDEN    CENTRE .^_3<-���")  OPEN 7 DAYS AWfJP****^  9:30 am ��� 6:00 pm 888-9183  /estern Airlines Ltd.  loi reservalions/intormation on  daily scheduled flights & ctiarteis  call M5-4711 (Sunshlni Coast)  U4-B768 (Vancouver)  MOBILE HOMES  MOBILE HOMES  Ntw ind Used ��� Instant Housing  883-9338 or 580-4321 (call collect)  Miss Sunny's Hair Boutique  883-2715  REFLECTIONS  Hair Studio  Foi appointment call H3-2MS  Shop locally: Support your friends & neighbours.  MMMMMM 14.  Coast News, September 3,1990  ]      Guess Where    H  The usual prize of $5 will lie awarded to the first conect entry  drawn which locates the above. Send your entries to reach the  ���Coast News, Box 4>tS0, Gibsons by Saturday of this week. Last  week's winner was Mary Kay Mavin of Madeira Park, who correctly guessed the driveway of Dave and Elite Scoular on Francis  Peninsula Road.  Problem sub at  Nanoose Bay  Qlbsons on  land claims  A letter from the Corporation of Lilloo<et requesting support in pressuring Victoria and  Ottawa to settle Indian land  claims was presented at the Gibsons Council meeting August  21.  Discussion of the letter coincided with a written presentation by Alderman Km Collins  on the subject of land claim  matterrs. In his speech, Collins  argued that weryone on the  Coast has a vested interest in  how the land shall be used.  He asked that council join  forces with the Sechelt Indian  Band and the Municipality of  Sechelt to help the provincial  government pressure Ottawa  for a solution which would  satisfy everyone.  Collins also asked that council consider inviting Stan Dixon  of the Sechelt Indian Band to  lead them in this quest. "He  pulled off a trick people have  been trying to do for 20 years.  There is much we can learn  from him."  The council moved to have  the matter added to the agenda  of the Planning Committee  meeting of August 28.   Diop oil youi  COAST NEWS  Th�� Coast Heme  Gibsons  "A Frlandly Poopl. Pl.o."  HOME-TECH  E  50CH0J  21" MTS Stereo  Monitor/Receiver  ELECTROHOME  ��� New Dimensions in Home Entertainment ��� |  66CH09  its" MTS Sieieo  Monitor/ftecdver  NOW $899  HVRH01  HQ VCR  SUGG. LIST $549"  NOW $399  HVRH02  Twin Digital, -i-UiRic VCR  SUGG. LIST $799"  NOW $529  Furniture Land  Sunihlne  Com Highway  Sethi."  SM-5756  BEST PRICES! BEST SELECTION! BEST QUALITY! BEST SERVICE!  A US aircraft carrier that has  been plagued with controversy  regarding its nuclear safety program arrive*d at the Nanoose  naval weapons test range the  evening of August 22.  The USS Mmitz made  headlines about a month ago  whe*n four of its sailors went  public on a Seattle television  station to reveal a host of problems aboard the vessel. They  claimed that the ship was so  dangerous that some sailors  we're considering sabotaging the  reartors to prevent it from going to seta.  "In the event of an  accident," one of them said,  "we could not contain the  radiation."  The four were then rounded  up and held aboard the Nimitz  pending a US Navy investigation. So far as thdr families  know, the men are still being  held incommunicado aboard  the Nimitz - now just off  Nanoose Bay. The families fear  that the men are in danger from  other crew members, since their  photographs have been  plastered throughout the ship.  Save the  Strait  Continued from page 1  were very aware that a great  honour was being bestowed on  us, and respected the request  that no photographs be taken  during this presentation. Several  colourful dances followed,  some of which included our  own Band Chief, while others  were joined by the first ladies  -the wives of chiefs.  The exotic costumes and the  beat of the drums added to the  excitement of the singing which  was beautifully performed.  Throughout the day there  were several speakers and entertainment on stage was provided  until late Sunday night when  many enjoyed dancing to the  rock and roll music.  The whole weekend was most  enjoyable, the only criticism being that many more people  would have attended had there  been information to the public  as to the schedule of events.  However, considering that  this was the first Save the Strait  program, and it was all  volunteers whb worked hud to  get it together, we know that  thesy will have learned much this  year and be more prepared for  the next such event. Meanwhile,  our thanks and congratulations  to them for a most enjoyable  and educational two days.  Nanoose Conversion Campaign (NCC) members held a  vigil at the gates of the Nanoose  naval weapons test range  August 29, and Greenpeace will  be out on the test range in its inflatable boats to 'vigorously  protest' the ship's presence.  Last night, Vancouver Island  peace groups started their  'telephone tree', and yellow  signs warning of 'Danger  -Nuclear Ship at Nanoose'  started to go up on homes and  businesses around Nanaimo and  in other communities stretching  from Duncan to Denman  Island.  The Nimiti is powered by  two nuclear reactors snd carries  approximately 100 aircraft,  most of which are nuclear-  armed. According to the NCC,  it may be carrying the  equivalent firepower of approximately 2400 Hiroshima bombs.  It has a crew of 6000, displaces  93,400 tons of water, and is  valued at about $3.5 billion  (US).  The Nimitz has been at  Nanoose once before, In March  1988, when eight NCC members  were arrested for blockading the  road Into the naval test range.  Charges of mischief were subsequently dropped.  The Sunshine Coast Community Futures Association presents  Sunshine Coast  FUTKRESFOEUM  Planning fori  business  'in the 90s  Capilano Collage, Sechelt  September 29, 1990  A one day forum addressing issues pertinent to business on the Sunshine Coast in the 90s.  Each of five sessions will be free of charge with the day's activities highlighted by a keynote  luncheon address by Richard Allen, Chief Economist, B.C. Central Credit Union  ($10 per person).  The forum will address the following:  RECYCLING    ���    FORESTRY    ���   SMALL BUSINESS INCUBATORS  FINANCING YOUR BUSINESS  GST  For registration information call the Sunshine Coast Community Futures Association  at 885-2639.  ���  ess l5j 5fr ini b  How Well  Do You Hear?  To find out call for a test,  Gibetons Hearing  Centre 8865883  TeMte by appointment only.  (112.60 par tut)  Serving the Sunshine Coott  ICG UTILITIES  (BRITISH COLUMBIA)  LTD.  "The Company of Choice for  the Distribution of Natural Gas  to Vancouver Island and the  Sunshine Coast"  WHY GAS?  a) Gas is more economical  b) Gas is cleaner than oil  c) With gas you only pay for  what you use.  Now has an office open in  Sechelt at 5653 Wharf St.  Mr. Jean Gallant, Sales  Supervisor, will be available  to assist you on Wednesdays  commencing August 8,1990.  9 am ��� 3 pm 885*6117 or in  Nanaimo 754-5561. Coast News, September 3,1990  15.  The Sunshine  Second Section  Last chance for Tetrahedron lost?  by Dave Allen  This month members of the  public will t>e given a chance to  experience a guided tour of the  controversial Tetrahedron  wilderness area for a donation  lo ihe Tetrahedron Alliance, an  unincorporated society organized for ihe preservation of the  Tetrahedron Plateau.  Members of the Tetrahedron  .Alliance are asking the Provincial Ministry of Forms to make  the area a designated  Wilderness Recreational Area  and stop the logging of the old  growth forest today.  For the four weekends in  September anyone interested  will be able to see first hand why  there has been so much effort  put into this cause since the  Alliance was formed eight months ago.  "The last accessible intact  wilderness of the Sunshine  Coast is in danger of being lost  forever," says Dan Bouman,  one of the co-founders of the  Alliance. As a forestry  silviculture consultant, Bouman comments freely that efforts for reforestation in BC are  neither thorough nor particularly successful.  George Smith of the Alliance  told Ihe Coast News: "A new  study has been announced by  the Ministry of Forests, and it is  our position that since the study  has been announced the area  should be studied before it is  logged."  Smith went on to say that the  public participation process on  the Tetrahedron was cut off  prematurely. "People thought  they had no other recourse than  to form the Tetrahedron Alliance in March of this year, to  have their voices heard. We now  have 830 members. We are not  a reregistered society and may not  become one depending on how  long this issue takes to resolve."  Dean Bouman, George Smith  and a couple of other members  of the Alliance escorted  members of the media to the  Tetrahedron Plateau August 31,  and were quick to point out  what was wrong with the system  that was allowing this clearcut  logging.  "According to the 1974  Chapman Watershed Study, the  Minislry of Forests itself recommended there be no harvest activity in the area. We are now  dealing with the problems but  the logging is continuing,"  Bouman noted. Just 100 meters  from one of the four publicly  accessible cabins, trees are coming down and the face of the  hills which take over 300 years  to produce usable timber are being changed.  Finding a solution is easy, according to Bouman. Give the  licence holder a quota in a different area. That way jobs are  not lost and the area is preserved for future generations to enjoy as recreational wilderness.  Silviculture, the reforestation  of logging areas, should be the  number one concern of the  Ministry of Forests, not how  much money can be made in the  short term.  On the side of a clearcut  mountain, after a friendly  greeting from a forest worker  who had come up to pick up  chain saws left after the cutting  of the Batchelor Lake block had  begun, Dan Bouman answered  some direct questions.  What if the clearcutting continues?  "We lose 650 hectares of  wilderness timber, the most  pristine and beautiful sites on  the Sunshine Coast, and habitat  for owls and woodpeckers.  What will remain of the 5600  hectares in the Tetralwdron  Wilderness Proposal presented  last March to the Ministry of  Forests, will be 2000 hectares  crisscrossed with roads. To say  nothing of taking out the best  timeber. This does not qualify as  wildesrnesss."  What is the alternative?  "Thejre is only one alternative. The area should recrive  a wilderness designation where  no industrial development, ie:  logging or mining roads, can  take place. The forest companies can make their money  elsewhere. There would be no  loss of jobs, but it would mean  loggers in this area being flown  into logging camps in other  parts of the province. We do  not want there to be a loss of  jobs and we see no reason why  there should be."  How do we address the problem?  "It is a simple and straight  forward problem with a simple  and straight forward solution.  We have absorbed as much  compromise as we are willing to  take. We need the Ministry to  understand that the licence  holder can grt wood from  another place. We are out to  gain public support by education. For eight days in  September you can join other  people with like concerns and  have an opportunity to become  directly involve-d.  Dan Bouman of the Tetralwdron Alliance indicates the next cutblock of the Tetrahedron Plateau  above Batchelor Lake which b being clearcut.  In the interest of balanced  journalism I spoke with .Barry  Mountain, Ministry of Forests  spokesman, after returning  from my trek to the  Tetrahedron. He spoke to the  Coast News from his office in  Powell River.  He explained that the Local  Resource Use Plan (LRUP) has  not had any public meetings as  of yet because of the large  number of forest fires this year.  "Steve Waghorn, the person in  charge of the LRUP will be  available to start the public  meetings in late September or  early October," commented  Mountain.  One of the objectives of the  LRUP would be to determine  the boundaries of the study  area. When asked why the logging had started in the Batchelor  Lake block area, the answer was  simply: "Because it has been  approved."  There were two blocks that  were planned to be logged.  There have been modifications  so that Edward Lake block will  not be logged pending the study  of the LRUP. The initial public  meetings will determine who  will be on the planning committee.  Barry Mountain explained,  "What is going on is there is a  group of people who are  favouring wilderness areas,  others that are concerned with  watershed, and a skiing group  who has no problem with the  logging at all. All these things  are compatible. The initial opposition to the Edwards and  Batchelor Lake focused on the  water resource issue, but as time  went on the campaign issues  shifted to the old growth issue.  "Logging is going ahead  because the road has gone  ahead. It is not fair to call for a  moratorium. Generally speak-  ���Dan Allen photo  ing moratoriums have not been  the way to go in this province.  There has been a compromise.  The LRUP will guide what happens.  "Fifteen hectares is the area  that is being logged. They (the  Tetrahedron Alliance) would  like to see everything stopped.  "Finding an alternative area  would not be easy. The simple  fact is that it would impart on  someone else (other Timber  Supply Areas). Right now there  is a shortage of wood supply. If  you shift from one sector to  another you find there are no  more areas that we can move  someone (licence holder) in.  Other areas will take many  million dollars to access.  Reforestation vs old growth?  Mountain had a ready answer  to this thorny issue as well.  "If  an   area   cannot   be  Please turn to page 21 Coast News, September 3,1990  *        ' ���:V-       '     '      -    '     ''~\,  gfy:1  ji,.'  I   .   .*t*MM.eanVTana\   '   ,*,��*��  Ifty  ..- ;i;pl  r  ttiMI    mW.  M. -  U        .'l-lJWmA  \ ���  m >  <?' '  WmS-.  i                                    w.          ,   ' WmM  wSmr    '  f~                            amWmW^  "N^     .4��^  i^- :ilS����f '  -.''^kr^^^B  >  Wmt    ���  �� SR^?m-f  [ !  'I  " ";- jf    ���*'   '  :    1    .     .  ��� -  Vi  ^'3ie","^-'e��  :".- *  IF             1  v'           "^V"'        X  N  '>l  v    \  k     *P  Ai r -  �����.                                       *  s.   - -V eV  #.  ��-i>              '?7   ��  W\  ^   ' \     ! '  :>^      ;(  :.  %  ���  i  \ s  "The Blue Cnikioa" it one of the wonderfully detailed sections  of everyday life depicted In Jan Bryant's "Counter Production"  ���how of oVa, pastels and nendl drawings, at Ike Sunshine Coast  Arts Centre In Setclwlt until September 8. -FreuBaruide photo  At The Arts Centre  The Arts Centre in Sechelt is  sponsoring a 'Crafts Only'  juried crafts show September 12  to October 7. Craftspersons  must submit works at the Arts  Centre before 4 pm, Saturday,  September 8. Entry forms are  available at the Arts Centre.  Gail Rogers, the adjudicator,  who has a lifetime of experience  in appreciating and promoting  crafts, is largely responsible for  the success of 'The Craft  House' on Granville Island, and  is currently executive duector of  the Crafts Association of BC.  Than will be an interactive  discussion/critique by Ms  Rogers at 2 pm on Tuesday,  September 9. The accountability provided by the Arts Centre's  customary format creates an  educational egalitarian atmosphere in contrast to judgement delivered by anonymous  or inaccessible experts who provide no explanations. You don't  nered to be an artist or CTaftsper-  son to enjoy the dialogue which  is usually relaxed and informative but .occasionally intense  and dramatic.  BRYANT SHOW  Jan Bryant's recent major  works in oil, pastel,  prismacolour,   graphite   and  c  Sechelt  Public Library,  Hours:  Hires. 10i3(Mpm |  Wed. lOtM-lpm!  jThurs. 10:307pm I*?  SSat. 10:3O-4pm  Boole Drop in Trail Bay Mali j  watercolour make an enjoyable,  accessible display with thdr  bright colour, dynamic composition, and accomplished  technique. 'A Counter Production' has been much appreciated  by visitors in the past two  weeks, but it closes this Saturday, September 8. Be sure to see  it by then.  This week the Arts Centre  reverts to winter hours:  Wednesday to Saturday, 11 to  4.  ART RENTAL  September 4 is Art Rental  Day at the Arts Centre, Trail  and Medusa, Sechelt. Two  times are scheduled: 2-4 and (MS  pm. All work in the collection is  by Sunshine Coast artists. The  works are available for individuals and businesses to rent  for a small fee for three to six  months.  INDIAN COOKERY CLASS  A few of the secrets of the  mysterious East will be  unravelled this week at the first  of four workshops on India  presented at the Arts Centre by  participants in Canada World  Youth. The preparation of a  vegetarian lunch is the subject  of this class: two curries, a  bread, a yogurt drink and  dessert. Preregistration is required by September 5. Call  885-5412.  FALL FAIR  Don't miss the fall fair this  weekend in Gibsons. In addition to the usual items presented  at a-country, this one will include art and photography exhibits.  The Coast Academy  of Dance  eSt    and Fine Arts  Gibsons  Davis Bay  Sechelt  Faculty  Ms. Nicola Stewart - Director  Mrs. Penny Hudson, a.r.a.d.,i.s.t.d.  Ms. Elizabeth Beddard  Curriculum  Classical Ballet  National Dance  Modern Stage  Jazz  Drama  Syllabi  Royal Academy of Dancing  Imperial .Society of Teachers of Dance  of .London, England  ��� Fully qualified, nationally and internationally trained staff.  �� Royal Academy of Dancing Examinations this Fall.  ��� High quality, disciplined classes for serious students  ��� Pointework  > Low key classes for non-exam oriented students -  ' Pointework ��� Private lessons ��� Personal attention  > Student counselling on: nutrition, injury prevention and  audition techniques.  ��� LIMITED CLASS NUMBERS  Office i\ ��� 539 Cruice Lane, Gibsons  Phones 886-7160  P.Kjes From A  SECHELT LEGION BR. 140  Dialogue with the beaver  Bernieft  by Peter Trower  "A gnawmill's kind of like a  sawmill without machinery,"  says the beaver, making sure I  don't miss the pun. "Actually, I  rerally don't mind it all that  much here in the park. No nasty  critters like bears to worry  about for one thing. And I sure  can't complain about the  grub."  "No, you don't look as  though you're going too short  in that department. What do  beavers like to eat besides wood  products?"  "Oh, out in the wild we nosh  on a lot of different things ���  water plants, berries, wild-  flowCTs, mushrooms. No meat  though."  "How about here in the  pwk?"  "They give us lots of fruit,  veggies and some kind of special  meal the head-keeper whomps  up. Pretty decent stuff. Chow  time's in the afternoon. But tell  me more about trees. You must  have seen some big ones."  "Lots of them. Want to hear  about a really strange cedar?"  "Go ahead. I told you  beavers don't mind knocking  ova the odd cedar every so  often."  "Even a giant beaver would  have had his work cut out with  this baby. It stood on a GO acre  chunk of property my mother  used to own back in the 1950's.  Except for the cedar, it was all  scrubby second growth. This  was a first growth, 16 fcrt  around the butt.  "But the top must have been  broken off in a storm at some  time. It shot straight up for  about 100 feet, then split into a  crazy triple crown ��� three  sucker trees, each a pretty fair  size in itself. The sucker trees  were evenly spaced and each  one leaned out in a different  direction. We were kind of proud of that cedar. Used to show  it off to visitors."  "Sure would like to have seen  it," the beaver declared. "Never  heard of one like that."  "Ye*ah, it was quite something. Well, a partner and  myself began cutting shakes on  the property. Shakes are hand-  split shingles we use on the  roofs of our houses. We bucked  up all the snags and blowdowns  first. I'd got sort of attached to  the weird cedar, and we had no  idea how to go about falling it  in any case. But after about a  year, the shake timber started to  run out. That big tree had to  oome down, so we called in an  expert.  "The faller we had hired sized the tree up. After a bit, he  took his chainsaw and began to  cut. We just stood back and  watched. After a bit, the filler  nodded to himself, walked  around the tree and threw in  what looked like a damn  shallow undercut considering  the size of the thing. He went  back to his original position and  started sawing seriously. The  chain seemed to be cutting real  easy like a hot knife through  butter."  "Guess that .beats chewing all  right," concedes the beaver.  "We can knock over a small  tree in 15 minutes but I suppose  the steel teeth on those saws of  yours are a lot sharper and  faster."  "Chainsaws are pretty speedy  for sure, but this one was really  spitting chips. Anyhow, all at  once there was a godawful  cracking, rending and groaning.  Over and down went that tliree-  crowned cedar. It hit the ground  with a bloody great crash that  must have shaken half the country, just lay there broken in  three pieces, big as a whale."  .  "Whew," said the beaver,  "that must have been something! But how come a big brute  like that went over so easily?"  "We were wondering that  until the butt lifted. The base of  the cedar was as hollow as a  gourd���just a great empty cave  of rotten wood. Luckily for us it  wasn't completely a shell. The  rot ran out about 15 feet up.  From that point to where it  divided, the tree was just as  sound as your front teieth."  "Be damned!" said the  beaver, obviously impressed.  "Did you get many of those  shakes out of it?"  "About 600 dollars worth.  That was a lot of money in  those days. We worked away on  the cedar for the next few  weeks. Nice straight-grained  wood. We lost ourselves a landmark but we put a few bucks in  our jeans."  To be continued...  On the Job  DATE:  Sept. 21  I TIME: ^^  Doors Open 8:30 pm  PLACE:  Sechelt Legion 140 Hall  $9.00 Each at the Door  Sunshine Coast Music Society  is forming a  TEEN SWING CHOIR &  COMBO  under the direction of  ARLINE COLLINS - CHOIR  DAVE MORGAN - COMBO  Small fee - Bursaries available  Anyone Interested In tinging pop/}  phone Lyn Vernon 886-8026  SECHELT LEGION BR. 140  6:00 Friday Nite  Steak Supper  We'll continue our great  $6.00 Steak Suppers  for 3 Fridays in September  the 7th, 14th & 28th  SEPTEMBER  21  Bernie & Red win be held in  On The Job        the auditorium.  Tickets available at Ihe bar.  Thanks to Ye Olde Doughnut Shoppe  for our Desserts for the month of August.  Supper Hours ��� 6 pm to 8 pm Dancing ��� 8 pm to 12 midnight   Member* A Guests Welcome  Any way you Slice it  the Classifieds bring results  4      ���       i      9      4  TOURIST AND RECREATION GUIDE  WfnP  Howe Sound  HIP   Ml    MM*   H*iM0  SUMMER TOURS  Contact  Howe Sound Tour Guide  884-5223 Est. 762  Advance Bookings Are Required  ���WEIGHTS  743 North Rd.,  Gibsons  886-4606  ���AEROBICS  Drop-Ins  Welcome  Sunshine Coast  Tours  ��� Mucin Loeilu Crulu        ��� Holly'i Rutti Tour  ��� Silmon Flililng Chirtm      ��� Skookumchuck ��Island Crulsti  4.9 Maileea Oeevee, Gibioees (Beseqe Dochama Ptiaineacyl        886-8341  Fine Dining  and Lodging  On Porpoise Bay  Fully Licensed  Cloned Sunday lunch, all day  Monday, and Tuenday dinner  For Reservations 885-3847  EAST WIRPOISF. BAY RD.  Come  Down  &  Browse  Fine Art - Art Supplies ��� Gift*  280 Gower Poinl Rd.. 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Rds., Gibaora (386-9022 I  VISITORS  WELCOME  En/ox (Mi warm weather from a Kayak  * Rental* ��� Intro Courses  886-3136      666-3654  Cell i Book Early  LoungaaSnickBsr %^      Power Cars Avetlable  Hwy. 101,2 kms. north ol Harden Bay tumoll  Phone MS-.541  CANOE RENTALS!  lk( RfSOlt 883*2269  Local Authors/Local History  M,e<le.er.e Park Shopping Cenlre 883-9911  :  .-...- ,-,.-.��� . ������������ ���  - ~~~--  ' ���   ��� Gardening Notes  Coast News, September 3,1990  17.  Sunflower time  by Marguerite  The judging and measuring  of the children's largest  sunflower head will take place  on Saturday, September 8 at  Gibsons Elementary playing  field, North Road and Highway  101 at 11 am.  This popular event is sponsored by the Gibsons Garden  Club. There will be ribbons and  prizes. Good luck, kids.  Now is a good time to plant a  new lawn or re-seed bare patches  after  the  hot   spell.  Brushing and taking with a wire  rake and spiking all help to improve the penetration of air to  the turf surface and soil beneath.  The gentle rain will get it  established before winter sets in  and produce .good strong roots.  The September meeting of  the Sechelt Garden Club will be  hdd in St. Hilda's Hall at 7:30  pm on Wednesday, September  5.  New members and guests are  welcome. The speaker will be  Mr. Bob Hudson on the subject  of 'Roses'.  Correction  The Sunshine Coast Fall Fair will happen on Saturday,  September 8, not on the 18 as staled In last week's edition.  ^^^i Fieeeidly Coejne.y Ijfleoee T.  & Roberts  l5jJ Creek  LEGION  Branch 219  Fri., Sept. 7 &  Sat., Sept. 8  AUTOMATICS  Members and bona tide  guests welcome  Baron ol Baal a  Yorkshire  Fri. Night Dinners  o��f"'  Grilled New York Sleak  Sal Night Dinners  BINQO - TUES. EVENINGS  Lee .750631  Mt-Mt j ee* aasrmms  GIBSONS  ^LEGION  Branch 109  Members and Guests Welcome  These bonnle lads came all the way from Glasgow to play for tht  'Save the Strait' dance at the Sechelt Legion, proving that tht  environmental fight knows no boundaries.    -Ruih Forraier photo  Tibet slides shown  to wildlife club  Yoga at Rockwood  Tibet was the subjrct of the  slide*s and lecture presented by  Eric Brooks at the Pender Harbour and District Wildlife  Society meeting recently. Mr.  Brooks, a well-known Pender  Harbour resident, world  traveller, mountaineer, and  photographer, gave an interesting account of his 1981  trip into Tibet via China, as well  as an up-to-date account of present conditions in the ravaged  country.  In 1950 Mao's Liberation Army invaded Tibet. Nine years  later the Tibetans rose up in  revolt after China's promises of  religious and personal freedom  proved false. China brutally  crushed the revolt and the Dalai  Lama fled in exile to India  along with many other  Tibetans. It is estimated that  112 million Tibetans, one-fifth  of the population, were killed  since 1950 by the Chinese  soldiers or by imprisonment or  starvation. Also more than eSOOO  monasteries, temples, and  historic structures were razed.  China had not allowed expeditions into Tibet until 1981  from the time of the 1950 invasion. It was 1981 when Eric  Brooks went in with a group,  fulfilling a dream of climbing  Mount Everest. His slides showed a peaceful Tiananmen  Square, the ruined temples of  Rongbuk and Serra, and  glorious vistas of Mount  Everest in perfect conditions  with its trademark cloud plume.  Many slides of the peace-loving  Tibetans going ahead with  reconstruction, by hand, of  buildings that had been bombed, showed the indefatigable  spirit of the people who live  under an administration that  Alexander Solzhenitsyn calls  "more brutal and inhumane  than any other Communist  regime if the world..." Mr.  Brooks achieved the 19,000 foot  level of Mount Everest before  returning home.  Chinese, by lack of wise  agricultural policies have  depleted the soil; by their lack  of wildlife conservation they  have decimated the animal  population. Overgrazing has  destroyed fragile grasslands and  forests have been destroyed.  The borders are closed and  opened to tourists at will.  Thanks are due to Eric  Brooks for his moving presentation, and he mentioned that if  anyone is interested in helping  Tibet, or in becoming more informed aboul events there, the  following address is for you to  contacl: International Campaign for Tibet, 1511 K Street  NW, Suite 739, Washington,  DC 20005. You can contact Mr.  Brooks for other ways to help at  883-2547.  The Pender Harbour Wildlife  Society has sent supporting letters to organizations in  Switzerland, China, and Kenya  which are attempting measures  to halt the desecration of the environment, and to restore and  preserve the animal and plant  communities, in Tibet.  Gibsons  & District  'Public Library  .Home:  STu����. 9:30-5 prr  _W��d.  ' 9:30-5     _  jThun. 12:30-4 pms  I Sat. 9:30-5 pm  'STORYTIME: Wad  The first meeting of the new  season will be on Tuesday,  September 18 at 7:30 in the  elementary school. The speaker  will be Ms Carole Rubin, who  will speak on pesticides and Ihe  use of Vision as a herbicide.  Everyone is welcome and  refreshments are served at these  interesting and informative  meetings every third Tuesday of  the month.  Yoga classes start up again at  Rockwood Centre on September 11 through November 20.  This 10 wrek course will be on  Tuesday evenings with Carol  Brophy as the instructor. Call  885-2522 for information on  price, time and registration.  Starting September 5,  Rockwood art show will be a  retrospective of the works of  Chris Pratt with other works by  Nena Braathen and Michael  Pratt. The show will be opm to  the public on Tuesdays and  Wednesdays from 10 to 2 pm  only.  Rockwood is having a  membership drive. If you are a  member, please renew, if you  want to be a member please call  885-2522 for information.  GIBSONS  TENNIS CLUB  A new season will be  commencing on Tues.  Sept. 11th at 7:00 pm. at  Elphinstone Sec. School.  All players are welcome,  memberships available.  For further info, call Joy  at 886-2213.  The Coast Academy of Dance  & Fine Arts invites all registered  students and parents to meet with  the teachers of the academy and to  view the various class locations  between 3t00 and 6:00 p.m. ont  Tuesday, September 4  at Wilson Creek Hall, Davis Bay  Wednesday, Septemeber 5  at Green Court Hall, Sechelt  Thursday, September 6  at St. Mary's Church Hall, Gibsons  The Coast Academy of Dance requires pianists  and permanent studio sjMce. Please Callt M6-7160  BESQ3Z55ES  Bodyworks ��� A gentle movement class  for people of all ages  Klnderdance ��� Creative movement for kids  Intuitive Movement Workshop - Unleash your  creative potential  Ballet ��� Foundation classes for Teens and Adult beginners  Storting Sepl. 10 - For Details Call 885-9611  Your guide to  the finest in  area dining  ���y.ir'jl^tU'-   ,  ���  -���! .h.et- j*****" ��� ������ "***���   ��MUM GUIDE  ���J.M'I'l".'!"!  A listing of  restaurants  and pubs  Twwt  Creekhouse co-owners, Barbara and Yvan (hostess and chef respectively),  take a well-earned European vacation for six weeks, but thdr casually elegant  establishment will re-open the third week of October.  For those who have not yet availed themselves of the Creekhouse's spare,  but intriguing menu, mention must be made of a few selections my lady and I  were unable to sample; veal sauteed with mushrooms, paprika, and cream;  rack of lamb with thyme and garlic; salmon poached with wine and herbs,  among others.  We started by sharing an exquisite ravioli stuffed with veal which was tender  not rubberized. The appetizer was served hot and piping and featured an offbeat walnut sauce. We found ourselves sponging up the sauce with crusty  divots of hot French bread I  My spicy fish soup was red, robust, decidedly fish, and spicy enough  without being incendiary. We shared a tomato salad with cilantro which was  crowned with the Creekhouse's creamy and savoury house dressing. The  tomatoes were hothouse, the cilantro homegrown.  My lady lingered over her entree of fresh salmon stuffed with smoked  salmon mousse, after sipping her way through a tureen of (pureed) vegetable  soup with pesto. She pronounced both courses "wonderful," and I confirmed  this with a touch of cross-tasting.  I had to fight off my lady's attempts to appropriate my grilled tenderloin of  beef, rendered medium rare to a pink perfection and lightly doused in a tangy  and tantalizing anchovy sauce. (Where the turf meets the surf, indeedl).  As for the Chocolate Marquise which followed, 1 can say only "C'est in-  croyable!" Dinner for two (excluding alcoholic libations and gratuity) was  J7��- Average meal prices do not Include liquor.  FAMILY DINING  NK.HI ON 1HF TOWN  Blue Heron Inn-For lunches and dinners. Fully licenced. Dinners Wednesday  to Sunday, 5pm to 9pm. Closed for  lunch. Closed from September 3 to II.  For reservations phone Laurie or  Heather. 885-3847.  Creek House - Intimate dining and  European cuisine in a sophisticated yet  casual atmosphere. We serve rack of  lamb, duck, crab, dams, scallops, steaks,  alio daily specials. Reservations recommended. Roberts Oeek Road and e3each  Avenue - 885-9321. Open 6 pm. Closed  Mondays & Tuesdays. V. MC. 40 seats.  Lord Jim's Resort Hotel a tranquil view of Thormanby Island and the  Malaspina Straits set the iheme for a  beautiful night out. Super friendly people.  Am international cuisine, comfortable  surroundinis, soft muuc and good wine  always add up to make yours a night to  remember. With live music in our lounge  every weekend and reasonatele room rates  with a healed swimming pool and games  room, al our guests fed at home and at  ease. So, for a night out or a get-away  weekend give us a call. Starting June 1,  summer hours for Ihe restaurant will be:  Breakfast & Lunch, 7 am to 2 pm; Dinner  6 pm to 10 pm; seven days a week. For  reservations or more information cal  885-7038.  Marinen' Restaurant - On the  waterfront with one of the most spectacular views in Oibsons, the Mariners'  specializes in fresh and live seafood, and  also offers a ful range of lunch and dinner entrees. Both menus change daily,  with delicious daily specials. Marine  Drive, Gibsons Landing, 886-2334. Monday to Saturday: eUench 11-3, Monday to  Saturday: Dinner 5-10 and Sunday 5-9,  Sunday Brunch 11-3.100 seats. V. M.C.  The Wharf - Open for breakfast,  lunch and dinner seven days a week.  Breethtakii* ocean view and sunsets  from every tabic. (Continental cuisine and  seafood at its tint. Sunday Brunch from  11 am - 2 pm. FViHy tensed and air-  condUoeiied. Dinner reservations recommended. Hwy. 101, Davis Bay. 885-7285.  IINl niNIN(.  The Ternm at Bonniebrook-with  an ocean panorama, The Terrace at Bonniebrook. located on the waterfront at  Gower Point, offers superb West CoBt  cuisine in a picturesque and relaxing lodge  setting. For those seeking finer elining and  a higher standard of service wc offer fresh  local BC food, expertly prepared and  ePteaatted in a varied menu of appetizers,  entrees and desserts for lunch and dinner.  Follow Oower Point road to Ocean Beach  Esplanade. Breakfast, 6-9:30; Lunch,  11:30-2, Dinner, 5:30-9:30. Sunday  Bnmch, 9-2. Ooaed Mondays. Lunch  ���nd Dinner reservations recommended.  AatJnen groups and receptions welcome.  Vie*, M/C, 886-2188.  Andy's Restaurant Every Wednesday night is Prime Rib Night. House  specialties include veal dishes, steaks,  seafood, pasta, pizza, Thai food, and lots  of NeEW dishes. Don't miss Andy's great  Breinch Buffet every Sunday from  llam-2:30. Hwy 101, Gibsons, 886-3388.  Cafe Pierrot- Comfortable atmosphere with warm, helpful staff.  Homemade pastas, quiches and daily  specials are all prepared with the freshest  ingredients - both healthful and delicious.  Our whole wheat bread and scrumptious  desserts are baked fresh daily, on the  premises. Outside dining, take out orders  for the beach and cappucino are  available. The Coast's bistro...as unique  as the Coasl itself. Mon. 9am-5pm, Tues.  - Thurs. 9am-8pm, Fri. & Sat. ��am-9pm.  Closed Sunday. Teredo Square, Sechdt.  885-9962. Reservations recommended.  Coast Club Cafe Bright, open,  casual dining for breakfast and lunch.  Fresh is the order of the day for all of our  menu items. Big burgers, pasta dishes,  Mexican specials, sandwiches, salads and  a variety of daily features. An adult environment with European flair, which offers dining at reasonable prices. Open  from 5 am daily. Join us for weekend  brunch. 5519 Wharf Ave., Sedieh,  885-9344. Visa and Mastercard accepted -  seating for 60.  Backeddy Pub - Enjoy the beautiful  waterfront view (eagles and hummingbirds are a common sight) from the  Backeddy Marine l*ub. Enjoy the deck as  well as Ihe separate family dining area,  both with a relaxing atmosphere. .Sring  your appetite for our home-style  Skookumburger or our great fish & chips.  We're eepen for breakfast at 9 a.m. and  dinner is served from 11 a.m. to 9 p.m.  located ": mile north of Eezmont on  Maple Road.  ���Cedars NesghtKHiihood Pub -  Great ft��d every day all day. Appetizers  and full menu along with terrific daily  specials, available 'till 9 pm every night.  We're known for our grett atmosphere  and good times. Sun. - Thurs. open 'til  midnight, Fri. & Sat. open 'till I am.  Visa, Mastercard and reservations accepted. 886-8171.  Irvine's Landing Marine Pub -  Excellent lunches, dinners and aeflxtizers  served in a friendly and casual waterfront  pub setting overlooking the mouth of  Pender Harbour. Prime rib every Saturday. Free moorage available for boaters  visiting with us. We're located at the end  of Irvine's landing Road, and we're open  7 days a week from 11 am to 11 pm. Pub  open llam-llpm. Kitchen open 11am-  10pm. Call 883-1145.  The Omega Pizza, Steak And  Lobster House - With a .perfect view  of Gibsons marina, and a good time atmosphere, the Omega is a peeeple-  watcher's paradise. Cast members of The  Beachcombers can usually be found dining here. Menu indudes pizza, pasta,  steaks and seafood. Steaks and seafood  are their specialties. Banquet facilities  available. Very special children's menu.  Average dinner for two: $20. Reservations recommended. Located in Gibsons  Landing at 1538 Gower Point Rd  886-2268. Open Sun-Thurs, 11:30 am -10  pm, Fri and Sat 11:30 am - 10:30 epm  Seats 145.  The Parthenon Greek Tavema  Lexated on the esplanade in downtown  Sechdt. We specialize in Greek Cuisine,  fresh seafood, steaks, pasta, and pizza.  Open 6 days a week - Tues. through  Thurs., from 11 am -10 epm and Fri. &  Sat., 11 am - 11 pm. We are open for  lunch - try our daily luncheon specials.  Lunch is served from II am - 3 pm.  Reservations recommended. We also  have takeout - pizza, ribs, pasta, Greek  food and much morel 885-1995 or  885-2833. Katherina - Hostess.  Pronto's Restaurants Two location*  to serve you. Both serve an extensive  variety of pizza, steak, pasta, lasagne,  ribs, souvlaki in a delightful family atmosphere. Children's menu available. All  dinner entrees indude garlic bread and a  choice of soup or salad. Average family  meal for four about $15-520. Located at  Wharf Rd., Sechdt, 885-1919; eend on  Hieghway 101, across from .Gibsons  Medical Clinic, Gibsons, 8864138.  Ruby Lake Resort - Picturesque  lakeside setting, post-and-beam dining  room, children's play area and tame  swans are pW of Ruby Lake Resort's  charm. Sunday smorgasbord features  baron of beef and other hot meat ehshes,  a beautiful salad bar and homemade  desserts, starts tt 1 pm. Absdutdy superb  prime rib on Friday. Breakfast from 6:30  am, lunch from 11 am and dinner from  4:30 to 8 pm. Daily specials, licenced,  reasonable prices, menus have something  for everyone, on and ofT-premises catering. Hwy 101 just north of Pender Harbour, good highway access and parking  for vehicles of all sizes. 883-2269.  f4T IN - T4KF Ohl  Ernie * Gwen's Drive In- Ttte  out, or delivery. Pizza, dinners, salads,  burgers, chicken, desserts, drinks, ice  cream. Fteehome delivery within 4 miles,  after 6 pm only, on $10 minimum orders.  Small charge for orders under $10. Open  late every night. Hwy. 101, Gibsons.  886-7813. 18.  Coast News, September 3,1990  Better late than never as rain delayed the opening rounds of this  year's Annual Tennis Tournament held at Dougal Park last  Saturday morning (see story for winner's). ���dark Kent photo  3M FLEA CONTROL SEMINAR  Frustrated With Fleas?  We Can Help!  MONDAY, SEPT. 10TH 7:30 pm - 9 pm  DAVIS BAY HOTEL Room 101  * DOCR PRIZE *  Pet ft PrennlM Flea Control Kit Worth 155  Canadian  Power & Sail Squadron  Sunshine Coast  NEW CLASSES TO START  Sept. 11 Sechelt Area  Sept. 12 Gibsons Area  For Registrator!  886-8645  Sunshine Coast  Youth Soccer Association  SOCCER REGISTRATION  September 8, 1990  10:00 am - 2:00 pm  SUNNYCREST MALL  TRAIL BAY MALL  Boys and Girls  Ages 6-14 years  $15 per player -  $25 family rate  Coaches needed  it   phone   *  885-3849  M/ij  > l<t tW  *���** ^ \i;> " \ \\  Rat.   Tleei. HI.Ft.  12:30 7.8  5 6:00 13.2  WE 12:25 4.4  6:55 14.5  1:05  6 6:55 13.5  TH  1:00 5.3  7:20 14.7  D.I.    Tim.   HI.Ft.  1:40  7 7:45  FR  1:40  7:45  5.4,  13.6.  6.6'  14.8.  fl15   Kg  Data   Tim.   HI.Ft.  3:05  3.6  0 9:50  13.4  SU 3:05  B.3  8:45  14.7  Dat.   Tim.   Hiit.  3:55  1011:05  MO 4:00  9:20  3.2  13.3  10.6  14.4 W  Reference: Point Atkinson  Pacilic Standard Time  Foe Skookumchuk Naerowa add  I he 40 men plus 5 mm lo, each It (  and 7 min foe each It. ol fall  TIDELINE MARINE  5637 Wharf Rd., Sechelt  885-4141  9.9*  FINANCING  OAC ��� 1 Year Term   .  mr\(Hn/rf. In Stocky  Cavalcade  tennis tourney  The Annual Sea Cavalcade  Tennis Tournament held over  the past weekend drew to a successful conclusion late on .Sunday afternoon. Despite showers  (much needed elsewhere) with  the willing ro-operation of the  players wielding brooms on  Saturday, champions in all  events were declared, the trophy  table cleared and the efforts of  the committee suitably appreciated.  In the Men's Singles Dan  Cardinall of Gower Point  repeated his win of last year to  defeat Chris Wales (of the  Granlhams' pod); and in the  Ladies' Singles Angele Yanor of  Vancouver, former top ranked  BC junior, prevailed over Pat  Ewert also of Vancouver. In the  other events:  Ladies' Doubles: Janet  Powell and Janis Brown  (Sechelt) with Cathy Tait and Jo  Cardinall, second, and Patty  Wales and .Barb .Mason, third.  Men's Doubles: Dan and Eric  Cardinall with Joe Smutmry and  Brian Roy, second.  Mixed Doubles: Angele  Yanor and Chris Wales with  Janis and Lee Brown second.  Men's Plate: Brent Beatty,  some very good sports, second.  With the support and generosity  of local merchants, notably  Sups Valu, Gibsons Building  Supplies, Pharmasave, Andy's  Restaurant, Dockside Pharmacy, Marinm', Cedar's Pub,  Family Sports and South Coast  Ford. The winners and runners-  up were suitably rewarded for  their efforts.  The tournament activities  wound down with fluid balance  being restored at the Annual  .Soames Soiree, suitable victuals  being kindly prepared by a  player's spouse.  During the month of Seepteml>er  the Tetrahedron Alliance  will sponsor guided  Trips into the Tetrahedron  Days:   Saturday Mornings  Sept. 8, 15, 22 & 29  Time:   9:00 A.M.  Place:    Intersection of Jackson Bros.  Logging Road And Sechelt  Inlet Road  Phone For Reservations Ami  Information On What To Bring  885*5105  Between 9:00 A.M. ��� 6.00 P.M.  totfiuA.  Voluntary Donation j Accepted  SC Golf h Country Club  Junior champion  by Frank Nanson  The Junior Club Championship tournament was run off on  August 23 and 24 with Matthew  Chalmers repeating his win of  last year. Matthew came in with  gross scores of 77 and 73 for a  total of ISO over the two days.  In second place was Jeremy  Budd with a total of 168 gross  and in third Brian Ewart with a  171. The first flight low net winner was Shane Cross with a 146  net. The second flight low gross  was Kevin Shorthouse with 224  oveer two days.  There is an age difference involved btween the first flight  and second flight players, of  course.  The 18 hole ladies August 21  results were as follows: Nora  McKibbin won in first flight  with Ruby Head second and  Doreen Harris third.  Second flight winner was Linda Evans with Dot Utterback  second and Marjorie Ross third.  Linda broke 100 for the first  time with a great score of 95.  She was also the winner of the  summer club pin.  Third flight was won by  Peggy Small and fourth flight  by Olive Shaw.  The senior men had 75 out on  Thursday playing a' round  wherein the driver was designated for each hole. The Jim  Gilchrist consisting of Bill  Bader, Glen Marden, Art Manning and George Cooper were  the low net winners.  Apparently Fred Moore and  his group were short of tees and  did well to replenish their supply. John Ewens drove closest to  the hole on the 8th green.  Pender Golf  by Jerry Holmes  Last Thursday the ladies were  honoured by seven visitors from  the Sunshine Coast Golf Club.  With the cooperation of the  Weather Guru, the two flights  had a perfect day of golf.  Low Gross in the first flight,  with a 44, was Marcia Keim  with Joyce Reid as runner-up.  Low net was won by Ruth Norman, posting a 32, with Jan  Watson taking runner-up  honours.  Jan Robertson won low gross  for the second flight with a 57.  Elsie Colling took second low  gross. Low net of 34 was won  by Adie Gay ton. Gladys  Warner was runner-up.  A turnout of 36 made Monday's Twilight another success.  The low foursome, posting a 35,  included Helen Crabb, Peg  Lawrenuk, Jim Menzies and  Ken Hoodct. Only one shot  back was the charging team of  Jan Watson, Elsie Colling,  Bruce Hamilton and Dutch  Haddon. Jim Menzies' KP on 3  probably was a factor in the  team win, and Peg Lawrenuk,  with a 40 handicap, made local  history by knocking her drive  closest to the pin on the long par  three number six hole.  The long drives were won by  Jan Watson and Ed Roop. As  has become the custom this  year, a grand array of finger  food goodies capped the evening.  Ray Hansen and his talented  crew have now completed the  de-watering process on the second fairway, and, if the finished product is half as good as it  looks now, we should end up  with a really great fairway by  next spring.  The final evening of play for  the mixed twilighters was held  last Monday, August 27. Only  five holes were played in a 'low  putts' contest for the new  'Faulafer Trophy' which was  donated by Tony's Locks. This  trophy, which is 24 inches high,  will be up for grabs each year.  The winner this year was  George Cooper, who tied with  Walt Faulafer, and won out in  the playoff. See what you  started, Walt! The evening  culminated in a dinnr which was  attended by 50 players.  Everyone in attendance got a  door prize.  The ladies club championship  results will tie in next week's  paper.  ��Gibsons  Swimming Pool  Cill 886-9415 for fuMiir information  Early Brd 6:30-8:30 Early Bird  Aqua-Fit 9:00-10:00 Aqua-Fit  Parent & Tot 10:30-11:00 Seniors Swim  Now Swim 11:00-1:00 Noon Swim  Lessons  Swim Club 7:30-8:30  Lengths  Only/Masters        8:30-10:00  Tuesday el Thurtday  Seniors Fitness     10:00-11:00  3:30-7:30      Swim Club  Public  Underwater  Hockey  6:30-8:30  9:00-10:00  10:00-11:00  11:00-1:00  3:30-5:30  5:30-7:30  7:30  Seniors Swim  Adpt. Aquatics  Lessons  Adult Lessons  Public  11:00-12:00  2:30-3:30  3:30-5:30  5:30-6:00  6:00-8:00  Public  Public  Swim Club  Family  Public  Saturdays  2:30-5:00  7:00-8:30  12:00-1:00  1:30-3:30  3:30-5:00  AditHttten Charges  Child  Teen  Adult  Senior  Family  Rentals  Fitness  Lessons  $1.75  2.00  2.50  2.00  6.00  55.00  18.00  25.00  45.00  80.00  22.50  LESS0H SCHEDULE  SenlM  1) Sept. 17 - Oct. 22  2) Oct. 29 - ON. 3  3) Jan. 7 - Nb. 7  4) Feb. IB ��� Mar. 21  5) Apr. 15 ��� May 16  6) July 1 - July 12  7) July 15 ��� July 28  PodClnuroi:  Dec. 24 ��� 26  Dec. 31 - Jan. 2  July 27 - Sepl. 9  ��� Over the holidays  we mill  have some special  holiday swims.  Publication of this schedule sponsored b\  "A"  CEDARS  Golf  Tournament  Cedars Pub owners Bob and Jean Hyams, along with tournament coordinator Bill Oakenfull, extend thanks and congratulations to all who participated in the ninth annual Cedars Inn-Vitational Golf Tournament.  Together our efforts have raised another $2000 for Sunshine Coast Junior  Golfers.  "�� LOW GROSS WINNERS  1st - Bruce Gorman ft Tarry Duffy  2nd - Chris Jones ft Clint Suveges  3rd ��� Kan Whlta ft Herb Craig  LOW NET WINNERS  1st - Dennis McFarland ft Joe Halliday  2nd - Tarry Martin ft Kavln Forshnar  3rd - Qlan Balrd ft Paul McBath  CLOSEST TO THE PIN ��� Daan Warrens  LONGEST DRIVE #4 ��� Trevor Swann  LONGEST DRIVE #6 ��� Bill Peterson  VERY SPECIAL THANKS TO:  Barrle Reeves & Keith Frampton of Gibsons Building  Supplies for their extreme generosity In supplying  prizes and services over the 10-year history of the tournament.  THANKS TO:  Superior Marine; Ross Lane and the Best Salmon  Fishing Charter Boat on the Sunshine Coast ��� the Alibi  Wahoo, Ron Koch & Sunshine GM ��� Hole In One Prize.  THANKS FOR SUPPLYING GOODS ft SERVICES:  Molson's Brewery  Morrison Electric Steve Sawyer  J.E. Clement Ltd. NRS Realty  Gibsons Meat Market Diane Johnson  THANKS FOR DONATING PRIZES:  Henry's Bakery, Petrocan, United Distillers, Shorncliffe, Kenmac Parts, Ye Olde  Doughnut Shoppe, G.H. Wood, Janitor's Warehouse, Evergreen Landscaping,  Weldwood of Canada, Shell OH, Grey's Beverages, Freybee's, Pittsburgh Paints,  Gibsons Building Supplies, Wishful Thinking, Maxwell's Pharmacy, Dalryland,  Peninsula Transport, Home Hardware, Ken's Lucky Dollar, Cedars Inn, Elphie's  Cabaret, Nelson's Linen, CIBC, SCCU, Molson's Brewery, Audrey's Coffee Service,  Howe Sound Pulp & Paper, NRS Realty, Active Towing, SuperValu, Seaside Plumbing, Sunshine Coast Golf & Country Club, Oakenbullt Construction, Harding & Son,  Sunshine Grocers, Canadian Airlines.  THANKS TO:  The Sunshine Coast Golf Club members for the use of their fine course and  facilities. A nry special thanka to all Ma staff for their halp and co-ordination  above and beyond the caff of duty. Thanks also to the junior golfers who helped as  spotters and with clean-up.  THERE WOULD BE NO CEDARS INVITATIONAL IF:  we didn't have volunteer help. So thanks to all the volunteer helpers who made this  year's tournament the success It was, through the generosity of their time, energy  and effort: Diane Oakenfull, Ron Baba, Sue Rhodes, Jacqul Tyler, Ian Harding, Dan  Dawe, Denise Strom, Bev Cameron, Brenda Harding, Terry Rhodes, Dennis  Suvegea, and Don Lutea.  ,. .....^frrt^ >->..l- ������    ���, ���?������- e.1.t^....ee.to.  - L.:.-..-.. ,->-^.��.J^..,u.... The baseball season  Coast News, Septembers, 1990  Ibe sun shone on the 10th Annual Cedars inn-vltauonal ��Joir  Tournament on August 10th. For complete results see Page IS.  ���Rom NktolKM pkolo  Aquatic Centre  opens September 10  The Gibsons Aquatic Centre  will open Monday, September  10 for the 1990/1991 season.  Centre Director Wendy Gilbert-  son has announced a new  schedule; which appears in the  ad on page 18, there will not be  ein increase in admission charges  over past rates!  Meanwhile, the aquatic commission, composed of representatives of Areas D, E, F and the  Town of Gibsons have been  busy with redevelopment plans  to include new locker rooms,  enlarged hot tub, spectator  amenitites and a general upgrade of the whole facility.  Architect Vic Davies of Victoria has been contracted to  provide the initial plans, and  financing arranged on a 'pay as  you go' budget.  The success of the aquatic  centre can be attributed to the  contributors from .Areas D, E,  F and the Town. The other vital  factor being the use of the pool  by residents of the Coast. Like  all community services the  above two factors are the key to  continued operation.  All individuals and groups  are encouraged to consider  some activity at the aquatic centre as part of their recreation/  fitness program during the fall  and winter. For further information phone the centre at  886-9415.  Yacht club  Gibsons Yacht Club will hold  a Special General Meeting  September 19 at 8 pm in the  Marine Room of the Gibsons  Library. Purpose of this  meeting is to establish a new  budget and to present plans for  the new clubhouse and marine  centre.  The Annual Fishing Competition will be held September  IS. This event, for members only, starts at sun-up, with weigh-  in period from 3 to 3:30 pm  followed by a barbecue.  ���������������������������������������I  REGISTRATION  1990/91 Season  Saturday, Sspt. 8th,  10 am - 2 pm  at Trail Bay Mall, Sechelt &  Sunnycrest Mall, Gibsons  SCHEDULE  {Pending Registration)  MONDAY  4:00-4:30  4:30-4:45  4:45-5:30  5:30-6:00  6:00-7:00  7:00-7:45  TUESDAY  12:30-1:30  12:45-1:15  1:30-2:30  Patch  Stroking  Free Skate  Dance  Canskate Novice/Adult  Precision  TEST & CANFIGURE  Canskate  Tiny Tot  Adult  WEDNESDAY  3:30-4:00  4:00-5:00  5:00-6:00  Tiny Tot  Canskate  Canskate Novice  3:45-4:15  4:15-4:30  4:30-5:00  5:00-5:30  5:30-6:00  6:00-7:00  THURSDAY  4:00-4:30  4:30-4:45  4:45-5:15  5:15-5:45  Patch  Stroking  Freeskate  Dance  Tiny Tot  Canskate  Patch  Stroking  Free Skate  Dance  For Mors Information  885-3454 or 885-2660  Hot Spots and Hints  LOCATION: PRODUCTION:  Camp Byng FMN  Davis lay FAIR  Ttal Islands FAIR   FAIR  KM Rick FAIR/0000  Epim N*l FAIR/0000  Uaquitl liland   Sangitw liland   Tnttta liland MOD  largata Harbour FAIR/SOOD  The start ot last week was very strong, but slowed down .  towards the end. Probably due to the tides.  We expect good coho fishing next week. Cohos up to 6 lbs.,  springs up to 30 lbs.  COINS  FISHMf  SPECIAL    of    tin;    WEEK  ASSORTED RODS, REELS  & PACKAGES  TRAILBAY  SPORTS  Rounding third   PlttlPW  by Mb Morton avera��e>   have   *��&��*   im      _    -Mm.     M*LM~ M\m>**Jls*J   -���     about what the others do. f with  A.  ���!..   lit..-   .....  ir��ua,e. ��....  . .... ... ween  byMyMortoa  As the Blue Jays (Canada's  national tetam accoerding to ttie  Eastern media mavens) croak  their way to a possible steUar  cellar finish in the American  League East, baseball fans  everywhere are already psyching  themselves up for the Fall  Classic.  As of this writing, the World  Series is stuping up as a seven-  game slugfest (hopefully), most  probably pitting the resurgent  .Pittsburgh Pirates against the  pretty boy 'AY from Oakland.  While anything cart happen  with more than a month to go in  the regular schedule, to say  nothing of the playoffs preceding the series, tne smart  money is on Oakland and Pittsburgh.  With Jose Canseco back in  form after his much-publicized  injury (he sprained his back and  ruptured both retina as a result  of contemplating the 26 million  bucks he recently re-signed for),  Oakland has power and speed  to spare.  Some skeptics claim that,  because the Oakland uniforms  run some t>-7 ounces lighter  than those of their American  League competition, this gives  them an unfair edge, I it I say  this is just hogwash, pure  hooey.  Oakland has played more  games in the rain this season  than any other team in thdr  league, so their uniforms, on  average,   have   weighed  aboul what the others do.  Pittsburgh is being challenged  by Cincinnatti, will probably  wind up facing them in the  playoffs, but without Pete Rose  around to "put in the fix"  (metaphorically speaking), what  chance do the Htd Legs really  have anyway?  As for Beoston, well the Red  Sox, perennial tankers of the  American League East, will  probably hang in there just long  enough to clinch their division  and then lose (or give away) the  American League Pennant to  Oakland.  One wonders whether the  Boston management should  hedge their bets and sign Ted  Williams luck onto the club as a  designated hitter for the League  Championship and World Series only. Sure, Ted is in his early  70's by now, but Satchel Paige  was still pitching when he was  pushing 85!  Traditionally, the World  Serin is a great time to take up  curling or hockey, thus gaining  a beat on the season, but  something tells me that this year  the boys of summer are gonna  turn in one of the most compell-  ingly dramatic World Series effort ever made.  But, then again, I'm one of  those fools who sent a donation  to the .Ben Johnson Defense  Fund immediately following the  Olympics. So what do I know,  eh?  COACT HTN1SS * RJ'sKXeWCI���  PUN  Mon., Tues., Thurs. 9:15 am    St. Mary's Catholic Church Hall  (Hwy. 101, opposite Swimming Pool)  IVININQS PLACE  Mon., Ww)., Thurs. 6:05 pm     Gibsons Elementary School Gym  19.  -ool) j  COST  $42 unlimited  classes  ft  RKOISTRATION  1st Session Sept. 10 ��� Oct. 18  2nd Session Oct. 16 - Nov. 29  Prorated during session  Drop-Ins available  Babysitting morning classes  For Information Rieta ������������������05  Jacquie ������������������17 RuthS80.7>12  Health Clinics  '����" ��VI  t COWRU !!    SfCHfLT       Ils HI!  Child health clinics will be  held in Gibsons at the Coast-  Garibaldi Health Unit, 494  South Fletcher Road, on  September 4,11,18 and 25. Extra child health clinics are  scheduled in Gibsons on Monday, September 10 and 24 from  4:30-5:45 pm for parents who  find the regularly scheduled  times inconvenient. Phone  886-8131 to book appointments.  .Sechelt child health clinics  will be held at Sechelt Health  Centre, 5571 Inlet Avenue, on  September 5,12,19 and 26. Extra child health clinics in Sechelt  ye scheduled on Monday  September 10 from 3:30-5:45  pm, and on Monday, September 17 from 3:30-5:45 pm.  Phone 885-5164.  Pender Harbour clinic will be  on September 13, 20 and 27  from 1-3 pm. Phone 883-2764.  Tuberculin Skin Testing and  Travellers' Clinics will be held  on Mondays from 3-4 pm on  September 10 and 24 and  Travellers' Clinic only from 3-4  pm on Thursday, September 6,  13, 20 and 27 in the Gibsons  Health Unit.  In Sechelt the date is Monday, September 10 from  3:30-5:45 pm and Friday,  September 21 from 3:304:15  pm at the Sechelt Health Centre.  The Pender Harbour  Travellers' Clinic can be arranged upon request.  Please make appointments  for clinics for Gibsons  (886-8131). Sechelt (885-5164)  and Pender Harbour  (883-2764).  STD (Sexually Transmitted  Disease) Clinic will be held  Wednesday, September 12 at  the Coast-Garibaldi Health  Unit in Gibsons from 4:30-5 pm  and in the Sechelt Health Centre, September 17 from  3:30-5:15 pm. Information,  counselling and testing (including AIDS) will be given. No  appointment necessary.  Prenatal Classes: The next  Early Class is on September 11  from 7 to 9 pm and will be held  at the Sechelt Health Centre.  The next Late Classes will be  on September 11, 18 and 25  from 7-9 pm at the Health Unit  in Gibsons.  Above Late Classes, taught  by Wendy Burlin, RN, Jeanette  McBain, RN, and Sue Lehman,  RN. To register for the Early  and Late Classes phone the  Health Unit at 886-8131.  The next Post Partum Class  will be held October 2 at the  Gibsons Health Unit. To  register for the Post Partum  Class call Wendy Burlin  885-7132.  Single and Pregnant? Phone  the Health Unit at 8864131.  The next Hospital Tour will  be on September 26. Please  phone St. Mary's Hospital swit-  chboard to arrange for tour  (885-2224).  The Parent ft Baby Drop-In  gives patents an opportunity  to meet other parents and  discuss common concerns. The  group gathers every Tuesday  from 1:15 to 3:30 pm in the  Coast-Garibaldi Health Unit in  Gibsons and the Sechelt Health  Centre from 1:15 to 3:30 pm.  There is no fee for any of  these services.  GIBSONS  LANES  5 Pin Bowling  Ladies Leagues  Mixed Leagues  G.A. Leagues  Tues. - Wed. at 9:30 AM  Wed. at 1:00 PM  Evenings  Tues. at 1:30 PM  Fri. at 10:30 AM & 1:00 PM  Y.6.C. (YOUTH)  Buntama ��� Not 11 YeanAa Or Doe. $1at  Juniors - Not limn to Ot Dae 91*  ~^%m\\\m%*iimm  Y.B.C. SENIORS  U To Not 19 Years As Of Dec. 31st  Will Bowl Thurs. Night at 6:45 PU  If Interested Phone Bowling Center NOW  As We Have Limited Space Available.  All Y.B.C. Bowling Must Be Paid In Advance  Phone 886-2086 For Costs  mmWmmm 20.  Coast News, September 3,1990  AUTOMOTIVE  ���  EXCAVATING  ��� GEN. CONTRACTORS  Industrial      AUTOMOTIVE        Marine  PARTS & SUPPLIES  A101 SUPPLY ltd.  1061 Hwy. 101, Gibsons, B.C. 886-8101  Mon.Fri.6-eS Sat. ���"-��, Sun. 10-3   SECHELT RADIATORS"���  Complele Cooling Syslem Service Centre  We Repair & Replace Rads. 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SEPTIC FIELDS  ��� DRAIN AGE DITCHES  ��� EXCAVATIONS  ��� WATER LINES  ��� clearing Steve Jones  JH>       THE  Cot 411 4X4  8864269  RENOVATIONS WITH       ~  A TOUCH OF CLASS  COMMERCIAL 8 RESIDENTIAL  IfMPROVER -S  LTD HALFMOON BAY,  Ml typ���� oi concrata work.  Sidewalks, driveways, slabs - smooth, broomed,  exposed aggregate linishing.  T6PLlNEt'ONCREil'li)  Curbs ��� Patios ��� Stairs  Foundations ��� Sidewalks  Retaining Walls ��� Driveways  "We build 'em, We pour 'em"  Res. 885-9203  Bus. 885-4828  Residential  Commercial  Industrial  Land Clearing  FUTURE  Excavating & Developments  Underground Installations  & Repairs  Roads & Driveways  Satisfaction Guaranteed  CALL MIKE OR MIKE  886-2182  PLUMBING  S..K ��� 24 Hour Service  " ��� New Construction  afi ��� Renovations  |OAST ��� Free Estimates  arm ��� Seniors' Discount  JtUMBING KRESS  e3o> 741, Gibsons. B C VON IVO 886-8344  TTJBiENNB   CONCRETE  ���PUMP TRUCKS  ���CONCRETE WORK  Placing & Finishing ot:  Basemenl Slabs. 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Comm Tickw  SI 50 SI 00 75 SI 00 S125/ridi  75        75      7S        75  These transportation schedules sponsored by  I����w��nc8, ''-�����.���  Smmt Rqmm  INSURANCE TRAVEL  886-2000 886-9255  * Hud Carpal Settle* from ftltntH* Pnlnimtiali In Sunnycrest Mall, Oleaona.  Trmal  ���.-���.-^-Z'i*Z..-  .(.-; .e.*e'v ���  ���  ^��f��.i^..^.e��^��e,. i, i', t ���.-��� Coast News, September 3,1990  21.JS  lHAPPY HOLIDAYS MOTORHOME.  RENTALS SALES & SERVICE LTD.  smm m sau  IW Itasca by Winnebago  23ECClassA   1991 Itasca by Winnebago  320RBCIassC   1990 Northern Light Camper  9 foot includes $500  worth of Options   1990-6'10" with $500  worth of Free Options   1W-8T with $500  worth of Free Options   1990 .Dodge 250 Pickup ""   low km with Northern Light  9 fixn Deluxe Fibreglass Camper   1990-20 foot Slumber Queen C/\tJD  Motterhome, Sleeps four Si low kiSWfT'.TT.  1990-24 foot Slumber Queen  Motorhome, Sleeps six, low km   1989-22 foot Slumber Queen  Motorhome, Sleeps six, low km   1987-24 foot Holid-aire  Motorhome   1979-24 foot Security Motorhome  A-1 Condition   23 foot Motor Boat with  Chevy Motor Si Volvo eleg  Si Trailer   Tel: (604) 886-9025 or 886-8481  iFax (604) 886-9534]  ...$9,495  ..$7,490  ..$8,760  .$25,995  .$26,995  .$37,995  $33,900  stiiP  ...$28,900  .$15,900  .$7,900  Section or clearcut hillside above Tunis Lake.   ���Dave Aaaa pkoto  Last chance  for Tetrahedron?  Continued from page 15  reforested we will not issue a  licence. If a logging company  promises that an area will be  reforested and it renegers, it will  face stiff fines. It is utter  nonsense that we are not going  to get companies regenerating  our forests.  "The old growth issue is a  concern. It is being studied. I  don't think these IS hectares  will make a difference in the  overall strategy. I agrese that  there are some significant old  SunshliM Coast  Services  Directory  MARINE SERVICES  MISC SERVICES  OCEAN DYNAMICS LTD.    ^  Marias & Mechaainl Ea|inirii| Dasin  Boat & General Marine Surveys  Dock Design & Construction  "w*n*tm ruwrm  merCrui/er  Mercury Outboards  VolW AB Ha*iDDOCK MARINE ltd.  Garden Bay. BC      "'"^5E"S       883-2811  PENINSULA INDUSTRIAL  & LOGGING SUPPLIES  PORT  MELLON  & GIBSONS  ��� Wire Rope miggiiTe"  ��� Welding Supplies  ��� HyetraLfllc Hose JPFlttlngs'  ��� Misc. Industrial Products  Gibsons 886-2480 v    ..     ..-���.,  Port Mellon 884-5303     Van' Direct B89-7387  1042 Hwy. 101, Gibsons (across from Kenmac*  Bui  mccaneer  Marina 6? Resort Ltd  Located in Secrel Cove 615-7118  PARTS  K&C Thermoglass &  Cobra Boats now  In-Stock  ���ANsMUsV  [OUTBOARDS  MARINE SPECIALISTS ?i years  SALES ��� SERVICE -REPAIRS  Need this space?  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Cottrell's Marin* Service  SK|1       SERVICE TO ALL MAKES  ���     HflE    Spacla/lilna In Metre. OulliMrd  r^lmmmm^me*     * "" "" founding  DIVER WT Located al  BOAT V       Smitty's Marina, Qlbsons  HAULING        SHOPMe-1711     RES. MS-SMOj  DOLPHIN ALARM]  SYSTEMS LTD.  C-       Burglary ��� Fire  Music 1 Sound - Intercoms       Don Watson  RR#4S15C17 Bus. 816-9144  Gibsons. B.C. Bis. 886-3304,/  H  ��� MISC SERVICES ���  Need this space?  (   .ei Hi.   ( HAS I   mi as  Complete, Confidential, & Prolessional  BUSINESS i PERSONAL OFFICE SERVICES  ���3itie gaper iflill       ,883-9911.  WEST COAST RAILINGS^  StrytnaenasunsimyatCaeM  rnmiTiirrli1 f *-Vm1ltltimhUiiiii  acvowiAo  GIBSONS MOBILE SAW SERVICE  Custom Cutting - Planing  Bevel Siding - Posts & teams  Chris Naptfcr 8M34M  R.R.M, 86, C7(,  flUnont, B.C. VON IVO  growth areas of interest in the  Tetrahedron area.  The Public Relations Representative of the Ministry had the  following to say about clearcut-  ting.  "I am not happy with what I  see as to what has gone on over  the past 20 years. Much of this  was condoned. I am not happy  with what I sw in terms of the  large amount of openings. Any  reasonable individual would not  be pleased with what has. gone  on up there (the Tewhedron) in  the 50's and 60's.  When asked if the Ministry  was staffed well enough to  monitor the practices of the log-  gin industry, Mountain preferred not to comment.  When asked who has input to  the LRUP, Barry Mountain  suggested that everyone don.  "The Forest eSetrvice is opening  things up so that all values are  considered; wilderness vaults;  old growth values; recreational  values.  "We want the public to be involved...more involved. I welcome the Tetrahedron Alliance.  It is groups like that who will  add to the input of the  process."  As we followed the logging  road down from the mountains,  behind   us   the   grey   and  ' devastated slopes above Tannis  . Lake gave their mute testimony.  Firehall  In demand  Gibsons' Town Planner, Rob  Buchan, presented the town's  Planning Committ<ee with yet  another proposal for the future  of the old firehall on Gower  Point Road.  Buchan argued that the structure be utilized as a muniripal  workshop and storage area,  noting that, prior to its use by  the Canadian Broadcasting  Corporation for The Beachcombers, the firehall had served  as a storage area.  "I am personally opposed to  the mumdpality renting or leasing this building to any  organization or agency,"  Buchan declared.  He went on to note that the  firehall is a 'sub-standard'  building, one which cost as  much as $45,000 to upgrade.  Buchan's proposal was challenged by Clint Davey, who had  previously proposed that the  firehall be leased for use by a  new artists' co-op being  organized by himself and  Graham Wragg.  Joe Belanger of the Maritime  History Sodesty, which has also  proposed using the firehall,  assured council that, like Davey  and Wragg, his organization  was willing to privately undertake the upgrading of the  building.  The committee ultimately  agreed to develop a package of  guidelines setting out precisely  tinder what conditions the  firehall might be rented or leased.  Portable  Will  Rentals  ��� Construction Site:  Special Events  ��� Outdoor Picnics  ��� Weddings, etc.  etaptlc Tank Pumping  .Bonniebrook  Industries  ���������7084  ANNOUNCEMENT TO OUR CLIENTS  Effective September 1,1990, the public accounting firm of:  MOORBY & CAMERON, c.c.a.  will change its name to:  CAMERON & ASSOCIATES, CCA.  eDoug Cameron, B.A., C.G.A., Tammy Wall, C.G.A., and  Pam Knowles will continue to help you with all your book  keeping, payroll, accounting, corporate income tax and  personal income tax requirements.  Although |ohn Moorby will be leess active in the practice, he  will   still   be   available   for   consultation   and   special  assignments.  We look forward to seeing you at the same location:  #201-5606 Wharf Street, Sechelt  (In the South Coast Ford Building) 885-3511  Vinyl Siding  DEAL WITH AN ESTABLISHED LOCAL COMPANY  ~��5^ ALWEST  HOME  SERVICES  BOX 864, SECHELT, B.C.  V0N3A0  WRAY LINGERS 885*4572  VINYL SIDING-SOFFIT FASCIA  DOOR & WINDOW CONVERSIONS ��� RENOVATIONS   We have references   L^] Sunshine  lPr  Ridge  Deluxe Townhomes  Phase 3 Now Selling  September Occupancy  6-3 Bedroom Homos  1620 sq. ft. ft Balcony  - Carport  - Skylight  ��� l'/i Bathrooms  - Soaker Tubs  - Oak Cabinets  - Mini Blinds  ��� Heritage Doors  ��� Close to Schools & Shopping  Priced at $119,900 to $124,900  mm  Open Weekends 1 ��� 4  HANS OUNPUU CONSTRUCTION  A DIVISION OF  TWIN OAKS DEVELOPMENT CORP. 22.  Coast News, September 3,1990  *CCOAST NEWS CLASSIFIEDS^  Homes S.  Property  Homes   it  8.  Proportv   II  Annouruements  n-CMMOM  ANDERSON RULTV  ��� Recreation  * Retirement  * Relocation  FREE CATALOGUE  5686 Cowrie St.. Box 1219  Sechell. B.C. VON 3A0  885-3211 FAX 885-2899  Van. Toll Free 684-1016  5.1 acres $59,000 close to lerry,  1000' Road frontage, Hydro  886-9049. #38s  2 bdrm, townhouse, upper Gibsons within walking distance to  school and shopping $69,900  886-7444. #37s  35' trailer on nice pad, central  Gibsons, rear bdrm., air cond., 4  pc. balh, new carpets, large living room and closets, lully lurnished. Move in tor $14,000  OBO. 885-6064. #36  Drop off your  COAST NEWS  Classifieds  at any of our convenient  Friendly People  Places  ���IN PENDER HARBOUR���  The Coast News  (Madeira Park Shopping Cenlre) 883-9099  Marina Pharmacy 883-2888  AC Building Supplies 883-9551  ���IN HALFMOON BAY���  B&J Store 885-9435   IN SECHELT   The Coast News  (Cowrie Street) 885-3930   IN DAVIS BAY   Peninsula Market 885-9721  -IN WILSON CREEK-  Wilson Creek Campground 885-5937  ���IN ROBERTS CREEK���  Seaview Market 885-3400   IN GIBSONS   The Coast News  (behind Dockside Pharmacy) 886-2622  DEADLINE IS 3:30 FRIDAY  NOON SATURDAY  AT COAST NEWS OFFICES  SECHELT & GIBSONS  Gibsons lot. Shaw Rd., Ideal investment Icoalion tor a potential  duplex. 686-7668. #38  births  Linda and Jock are pleased to announce the birth of Iheir daughter  Katie Louise McPhedran on  August 27. 1990 at SI. Mary's  Hospital. A sister lor Laura and  Sasha. Proud grandparenls are  Ron and Louise McPhedran ol  Hopkins Landing and Elsie  Goresky ol Vernon. Great-  grandparents are Jack and  Georgia Williamson ol Wilson  Creek. Extra special thanks lo Dr.  Lehman and to Gail Wilson.  #36  Pender Harbour view lot, serviced  lo border, uncleared, $29,900.  270-2958/883-9095.        #335  Cochrane  Road.   Good,  large  building lot. Close to marina 4  beaches. $27,500. 885-4501.  #39sr  Seml-waterfront lol by owner,  65x130, serviced, very nice area,  good fishing, 3 km to village,  $35,000.885-2544. #36s  Unique 3 BDRM, 3 BATH Home.  Spectacular view. Approx. 2500  sq. ft. 883-9418 - 988-4310.  #355  5 acres ALR. view, hydro, merchantable timber, Roberts Creek,  $79,000.886-3422.        #34sr  10 acres 2 houses,  Roberts  Creek. 886-7763. #36  Gibsons Lot 13. 1 acre, Rosamund Rd��� fronts Rosamund 4  Fairvlew Rd. Zoned lor mobiles A  R2 plus subdividable, water and  hydro, asking $60,000.  266-5626,266-2240. #38  Melena Christina Drlnkwater is  pleased to announce the arrival of  her sister Jaimee Pauien. bom  August 27. Proud parents are ill  and Rollande. Proud grandparenls are Len Drlnkwater ot  Port Alberni and Louis and Chris  LePage of Gibsons. Special  thanks to our special Iriend and  wonderful coach Jacquie  Ostrosky. Also thanks to the  nurses and Dr. Yaxley for their  wonderful care. Many thanks  also to Uncle Dean and Pappa and  Nany lor taking care of things at  home. Thanks for supper Dee!  #36  Thank You  Sincere thanks to all those friends  for their cards and offering of  support in our time of grief in the  loss of dear Georgina. Special  thanks to the ladies auxiliary ol  the Royal Canadian Legion.  Bill Nasadyk & family. #36  ALCOHOLICS ANONYMOUS  885-2896. 886-7272, 886-2954.  TFN  Does someone In your lamlly have  a drinking problem? Call Ai-Anon  ���9903. 885-7484. Al-Ateen  886-2565. TFN  Phone us today about our selection ot beautilul personalised  wedding  Invitations,   napkins,  matches, stationery and more.  Jaannles Gilts a Gems  886-2023  TFN  Adult children of Alcoholics or  dlslunclional families please call  885-5281 or 886-8165 lor help.  TFN  Phone Kalawna at 885-4883     #37  BROOKS & MILLER  FLOOR COVERINGS ltd.  Benjamin Moore Paints  100' steel tape al Sechelt Marsh.  885-7259. #36  Gray adult Persian cat at Porpoise  Bay Campground. Reward.  885-3754. #36  Long-haired Siamese lem. cat.  Answers to Maggie, lost in Lower  Rd. & Pine area. 886-8501.  #36  Wire-spoked hub cap tor Buick  between Pender Harbour and  Sechelt. 883-2119. #36  Osprey St.. Sechelt, maroon  wallet, Sal., Aug. 26.885-5482.  Bill Wood  SECHELT  A Bus 885-2923  Res. 885-5058  'Ml���MMT-MBME  Pair of blue  ie pink  ladles  prescription glasses. Claim at  Davis Bay New 4 Used Store.  #36  Wallelt, Identify and pick up at  886-2936. #36  Keys lound near Headlands and  Skyline Dr.. Gibsons. Claim at  Coast News. #36  Cockatoo. 885-2704.  #36  Tets  8. Livestock  Karate Classes In Sechelt lor  adults, down to age 13, Mon. 4  Thurs. 7:30-9:30 pm. For Inlo,  885-6111. #38  Best level lot on Southwood Road.  6/10 acre, school close by.  885-9323. #38sr  Lot 23 Central Rd.. 50x105.  view, level, 3 km to lerry.  872-1064. #35ss  For sale by owner, Vi acre lot on  Gibsons Bluff, fantastic vlewl Fully serviced, top access, to view  call 886-8757. #37ss  Woodcreek Park. $109,900,  under construction, 3 bdrm., 2  bathroom rancher. 1-984-3386,  #36  Two homes on view lot. 2000 sq.  ft., two-storey, 1000 sq. ft. rancher w/garage. Presently rented  al $1750/mo��� asking $179,000.  Leave mess. 886-8327.      #37  Unique panabode log home,  ocean view, offers to $125,000  considered. Drive by 950 Cheryl  Ann Park Rd. (Lower Rd.,  Roberts Creek) and phone lor  appt. to view, 886-2694 eves.  #37  PRIVATE SALE  Pratt Road, asking $159,900. 4  bdrm., IVi bathrooms, on IH  acres, close to schools, etc.  Phone 886-4618. #37  Bored? Wish there was  something to do locally? For ideas  send $10, age and your address  lo Box 159, Gibsons. BC VON  1V0   #36  Do you need some Information to  deal with your legal problem? Call  the Legal Inlormation Service  885-5681; Mondays and  Wednesdays 9-4. ' TFN  Michael Hiimr Registered  Miisige Therapist'  Massage, Reiki, Rebi/lhing  By appointment 886-7589  #36  INDIVIDUAL THERAPY  COUPLES COUNSELLING  Eleanor Mae 885-9018  #39  Sunihlne Coast Transition House  885-2944 - A safe place for  women and children In crisis.  TFN  The Be&t Deal Atwutd!  COAST NEWS CLASSIFIEDS  $/IOO  4  (minimum) for 10 words  mt*M   i.ach additional word  (Births. Lost St Found FREED  "Suite SeT  CLASSIFIEDS  Pay for 2 weeks, get the 3rd week FREE  (When paid by  CASH. CHEQUE, or MONEY ORDER)  ALL CLASSIFIED ADS must be       ,  PRE-PAID belore insertion.  VISA & MASTERCARD accepted    ���  s15oo  $100  up to 10 words  each additional word  Y'eue ?ed, featuring I item only, will run 4 con  ItfCUlM eveekl, then will be1 raiece?lle'el unk'ss  vou instrurl us In remew it BY NOON  SATURDAY. INot available* tee commercial  edvertlwri)  CLASSIFIED DEADLINE  Gibsons & secheit offices Noon Saturday  "Friendly People Places"  FRIDAY 3:30 pm  COAST NEWS  CLASSIFIEDS  Madeira Park Shopping Centre 883*9099  Cowrie St.. Sechelt 885*3930  Cruice Lane. Gibsons   886*2622  FAX: 886-7725 Gibsons  885*3954 Sechelt  For Public Use  Pender Harbour Olfice  FRIDAY 4:30 pm  Gibtons Curling Rink.  . Sal., Sept. 8th ^  Viewing 10-1pm^w  Auction Starts at 1pml  All Welcome  The Terrace Restaurant at Bonniebrook offers a unique setting  lor your special occasions, anniversaries, business meetings.  ! #36  Soumang-Yeadon: Jim  Soumang and Jackie Veadon are  pleased to announce their forthcoming marriage with love and  blessings Irom Iheir families. The  wedding will take place on  November 18. 1990 In Everett,  Washington. #36  For  Old*  Times Sake  Register now for fall. Michelle  Bruce 885-9224. #36  Guitar, flute, violin lessons. Jean  Pierre LeBlanc, Rockwood Centre. 885-2622. #38  Finders    B  Keepers &  We buy used  TAPES, RECORDS �� CD'S  in good condition.  Max Music. 886-3453.#TFN  Luxor 9534 Tracker wanted.  885-9357. #37  4 harness counterbalance lloor  loom, 45". 886-9068.        #38  Utility trailer. Call In the evenings. 885-4876. #38  Room and board lor young man  between Langdale and Sechell.  886-7226. #38  14" or 16" woodworking band-  saw. 886-2419. #38  eJWAGUS  Bright, Clean Dog &  Cat Boarding  Dog Training  Science Diet  Pet Foods  886-8568  Magus Kennels' Dog Obedience  classes begin Sept. 11. To enroll  phone 886-8568. #36  P.B. dwarf rabbits, Siamese  sable and white, $10 each.  888-7372. #36  PETFOOD  SCIENCE DIET. IAMS.  TECHNI-CAL, NUTRO-MAX,  PURINA. WAYNE.  Also full tne of bird seed  And much more.  Quality Farm et Garden  Supply Ltd.  Pratt Rd. 886-7527   TFN  SPCA SPAVING PROGRAM  ���Contact Then 4 Now Furniture,  699   Highway   101,   Gibsons,  886-4716 or Marlee Fashions.  TFN  HORSE BACK RIDING  Horse 8 Tack FOR SALE  Phone 888-7467  tor reservations  Help reduce Ihe pet overpopulation problem - spay or  neuter your pet. TFN  2 yr. old purebred Springer  Spaniel, good with children, Iree  to good home (preferably wilh  acreage) 886-7362 aft. 6pm. #36  Garage Sales  Antiques,.  T" Collecttbtes  Behind the Chevron  il the Sunnycrest Mil  8884581  Printer Epson comp. $125; med.  sized dog house, S65.886-7089.  Old roll lop desk, exc. cond.  $400; cockatell cage, $30.  886-9141. #36  Admiral elec. stove, gd. cond,  $125 OBO; men's wetsull, exc.  cond., $250 OBO. 885-3655.  #36  J  KNITTING^  NEEDLEPOINT  X-STITCH  BEADS & CRAFT  SUPPLIES  Tues. 4 Thurs., 10-4pm  450 Pratt Road  886*2910  For Old* Tim** Salt*  GIANT  GARAGE SALE  9:30 ��� 4:00 pm.  Sat. ft Sat., Sept. 8 ft 9  Couches, Chairs, Tables  Beds St Misc. Items  Th* Appl* Tr**  2025 Hwy. 101  at L**k Rd.  Sat., Sept. 8, 6250 Hwy. 101,  West Sechelt, 10-4. #36  Moving Sale; Sept. 8, tools furniture, appliances, gardening  equipment, games, clothing,  etc., 1263 North Rd.. 10-4,  ���arlles pay double. #36  Family oarage sale, woodstoves.  typewriter, household goods, etc.  Sat., Sept. 8. 10am-? 205 Pratt  Rd. #36  Sat., Sept. 8 (weather permit,  ting), Sam to noon, 2663 Robin-  son Rd. (Hwy. 101 & Crowe Rd.)  household 4 yard Items, quality  clothing, fix-it specials, wood  slove. etc. #36  yew  SELECTION  Come In  and Browse.  PINE TABLE h  BUFFET SET  886-8261  Hwy. 101 at  Pratt Rd.  UNITY CHURCH  You are welcome lo join us In exploring Unity principles. Sunday  Study Group at 10am & Service at  11am. Also MaslerMInd Group on  This al 7pm. Call 886-9194 tor  info. #37  Cahine consultant, offering obedience 4 Intruder awareness  training. Reg Robinson.  886-2382. TFN  Free to good homes, 4 tabby kittens. 885-3131. #36  Al's Hotsuhoelng Service  Experienced, dependable, prompt. Toll Iree 1-978-1920.   #37  1 reg. quarter horse plus good  saddle horses, $1200 ��� $1800.  984-8433 alter 7 pm. #36  Six while geese, $5 ea.  886-2127. #36  SPCA ADOPTION  Young Husky/Malamute, lemale,  885-5735. Young border collie X,  ferale; cats 4 cull kittens.  886-7313. #36  Large, orange, neutered mile  cat, well mannered family pel,  Iree lo good home. 883-2982.  #38  609Seaview, Sat.. Sepl. 8. tOto  1, Corning Vislonware. TV. etc.  #36  Sat.. Sept. 8.10am ���? 4988 Arbutus, Davis Bay, rain or shine.  10 sp. bike, motocross boots, lire  4 helmets, etc. dresser, telescope, paint, roll lino, 6x8'. oval  carpet, plus household items. #36  Saturday. Sept. 8/90. IOam-2,  moving: snowblower, 6' room  divider, small tools, records,  household items, etc. 1491 Smith  Rd., Langdale. #36  Sal., Sept. 8. 9am, outboard,  tablesaw - tools, collectables,  etc. 437 Dunham Rd., Port  Mellon. #36  Unusual and usual stuff! Stove,  beds, h/hold goods, 5713  Salmon (off Surf Circle), Sat..  Sepl. 8-2pm. #36  Barter X.   Ilaalc  Sell or trade lor RV 198112x60 2  bdrm. with fireplace, 4 appls..  Includ. drapes. 10x20 sundeck.  886-7943. #37  T �� 8 SOIL  Mushroom Manure-Bark Mulch  Topsoil mixed-Hog Fuel  'By Ihe yard or truck lull. Top  quality products at reasonable  prices. You pickup or we deliver.  Phone anytime 885-5669.   TFN  Speed Queen reconditioned  dryer, $125; H/D Kenmore dryer,  $175. 885-4529 after 6 pm.  #36sr  Men's fl/H golf clubs, Spalding  Elite, 3 to P/W plus excecutlve  metal woods, 1,3,5. used one  year, $300. 885-5858 or  886-9078. #37s  HAY $4.00/bale  FRESH ORGANIC VEGETABLES  STEWING CHICKENS $1.00/ea.  Phone 885-9357  TFN  Auto, AM/FM cassette, graphic  equalizer, hl-comp speakers,  $275,885-4151,885-7950.  #37sr  2000 sq. fl. green metal roofing.  26 gauge, flashing 4 screws,  $2000.886-3457. #36ss  Klrby Heritage II vacuum shampoo system, 1 yr. old, like new,  $1300.883-2923. #36  Oil lired hot waler furnace; lurnace oil tank; Toyota Land  Cruiser carrying rack; ta ton  Iruck canopy; canning jars. 25'  ea. 885-9754. #36  Queen sized waterbed, complele,  $350.883-9270. #36  'Schrader' wood burning stove,  gd. cond., $300. Phone  886-7057. #36  BudRiks'  VIDEO GAMES  CASSETTES  tC.D.'S  885-4888  Wood stove with pipe 4 chimney,  CSA approved, $800 OBO; small  kilchen unll Iridge, link, 3  burner stove, suit camper, pot-  tapolty. 885-8072. #38  BRIDGE:  Eeejoy good company and meat naw  tetania during long tall and wleelar  days and evaniieeja  Bagieenar and inlaienadlala weioni  given by MIL accieedltad teachai  OeepiKeala gamas avaelatela - paitnae la  guaranteed  For eeeoie Inlormation Pleaae MS-SSIZ  anylime or wiele Ben 185. Saclealt.  ���CVWI3M. J  Beautilul American standard bred  chestnut trotter, 6 years, well  trained English style, gentle,  $2200 OBO. 885-5910.        #38  Shar-Pel Wrinkled pups, asking  $400, open lo offers. Phone  886-7538 after 1pm. #38  Altos, and men minimum age 15  melded for Soundwaves Choir.  886-8026. TFN  String players, tympanlst. per-  cusslonlst, some brass players  needed for Soundwaves Orchestra. 886-8026. TFN  Day�� mM| denies by psychic  counsellor and healer, Gloria  Yales. 8 week Psychic Meditation  ciassas will start week ol Sept.  24th. 886-4929. #38  Avon products - One line ol  cosmetics, luxurious lingerie.  885-9268. #36  Piano Tuning  repair*, ���pp-iiuUs  at  Ken DsltleUh  886-2843  Piano accompany!!! required for  Soundweve Choir, Tim. eves.  $10/hr. 886-8026. TFN  Browning Mod. 2000, 12 ga  auto, ixc. cond., $650 OBO;  S&W Mod. 17, 22 cai., e shot  revolver, like new, $425  886-3218. #36  Humus composting toilet, $50.  866-8033. #36  Firewood: Vi cord, $50; full cord.  $100.885-5150. #36  Pair Lloyds 42 watt loud  speakers, walnut finish, $100  OBO. 888-2544. #38  Double bed 4 dresser, $150;  Sanyo mlcrotvave 1.0 cu, it.,  $150.886-7372. #36  split and delivered,  aider, $100 cord (seasoned).  886-8955 eves. #38  Upright 3 drawer (lie cabinet,  $50; 30x60 3 drawer desk, $50;  kitchen table, $25; 4 office  chain. 825 ea.; elec. coffee  grinder and elec. corn popper,  810 N. 886-2199. #38  One set ladles' Campbell goll  Clubs, 1 4 3 woods. 3,5,7.8  Irons, sand wedge & putter plus  bag 4 carl, asking $200, right  hand; 1 nearly new Kenmore  dehumldlller. asking $150; I  Kenmore 'steam clean' carpet  cleaner plus attachments, used  once, $150.865-2047 eves.  #37  Stove 4 s/s Iridge. good working  order. $600. 885-3360 before 9  Pnv #37  Brand new 12 cu. ft. Danby  Ireezer, $350 lirm. 884-5324.  , r?  7' FG dinghy, $100; 12' alum,  boat with 3 HP Johnson, $500;  -single bed, $20; o'head door.  6'x10', $50. 886-2512.       #36  Bm. hide-a-bed, gd. cond.,  $200; gold reel, chair, $35;  walnut coffee table. $25:7916  Sangster, too HP Johnson, lull  camper top, walkthru windshield.  guv. trailer, gd. cond., 14200.  886-9452. #36  Special cedar 2x6 decking.  Custom sawn beams. 885-9373.   #37  Patrick g,een mohair picker,  carter/w 2 drums. 886-9088.  #38  ��� -iu .<. -4 -V ��� Coast News, September 3,1990  23.  Maple bdrm. suite, 5 pieces, exc  cond. 886-2935.' #36  1977-650 Yamaha needs work,  $250: Sporteried 303 hunting rifle with 4X scope, $225; 1079  Ford Supercab ��e t. runs good.  rusty box, $2000 OBO. alt. 4 pm  886-9047. #36  6 YDS. DELIVERED  $40.00  LYLE FORBES  883-9907  CASHF  For Some Cars and Trucks  Dead Car Removal  H6-20M  TFN  Gibson 220V almond clothes  dryer. $125: early Cdn. ant  birds eye maple spindle back  rocking chair. $350. 886-3875.  #38  Two baby strollers. $15 ea.; baby  mattress, $15.886-3056.    #36  Foozeball table with extra men 4  parts. $195 OBO. Call 885-7576.  11am-1pmor5pm-7pm.      TFN  Firewood Fir Sale Ve Ion p/u  load, split 4 delivered. $75.  885-5032. #38  Waterbeds: 1 klngslze. 1 queen-  size, with accessories, Lowry  organ, hutch. 886-2864.      #38  Baby dresser, $25; small  bookshelf, $15. 886-7375.  #36  Moving sale: quality furniture,  appliances, antiques, drapes,  cream Kroehler 4 pc. bedroom  ste..etc. Into 885-6010eves. except Tuesday. #36  Double bed and dresser, $150  OBO; microwave 1.0 cu. II.  Sanyo. $150.886-7372.      #36  Stove and side-by-side Ireezer/  Iridge, auto ice maker, good  cond., very clean, $600 OBO.  885-3360. #37  SATELLITE SALES  Green Onion Earth Station  885-5644  TFN  White moulded fibreglass  bathtub. $100.886-4743. #35ss  FALL PUNTING  RHODODENDRONS i AZALEAS  $2.50 - $15. Roberts Creek  Nursery. 2569 Lower Rd. Open to  Sept. 16.886-2062. #36  Picnic case. TV, snow blower,  Karta bags (2), coffee table, small  green chair, 2 dining room  chairs. 886-7238. #36  Rough lumber for fencing, decking, siding. 886-9633 or  886-9422. #36  1978 Pontiac Grand SKari SW, all  options includ PS/PB. A/C P/W.  tilt, cruise, P/locks, positractkm  4 trailer pack. GoM Book retail  $3500. sell tor appraised value  wholesale -$2200. 886-2521.  #3Sss  1983 Aries wagon, 130,000 kms.  35-40  m/p/g,  exc.  cond.,  sacrilice $3500 lirm. 8J6-2945.  #35SS  1979 Celica GT, 5 sp., new  brakes, new muffler, new tires,  gd. cond.. $2800. 868-4616  eves. #3t  1967 Merc 1 ton steel deck. gd.  cond., $2000 OBO. 886-8033.  #36  '75 Ford pickup. 360, 4 spd..  $600 OBO. 885-3600. #36  1976 F250 4X4,302 stand. Runs  Good. $4995. 885-2575.  #38  1975 Ford cabover 5 Ion fleeter,  all gas., gd. shape, $10,000.  925-2378. #34sr  '82 Nissan King Cab.  OBO. 886-8101.  $2500  TFN  75 Pontiac Parls'enne, runs well,  new tires, $500 OBO. 886-9453.  #36  87 Jena. 60,000 km, 5 sp.,  AM/FM cass., snows, 2 year  warranty remaining, $9000.  885-4794. #37ss  1978 Ford Capri.  $1300.886-9127.  4 sp.  '82 Olds Omega 2 dr.,  $3500 OBO 885-3790.  aulo,  #36  '82 Volvo SW overdrive, exc.  cond., Inside4oul, $8000 OBO.  885-3790. #36  1977 Chev van shaggln' wagon,  customized interior 4 exterior, ET  mags, 350 auto, P/S, P/B. new  headers, transmission, brakes,  fuel pump, alternator, needs  some TLC, asking $3000 OBO.  885-3758. #37  1979 Ford T/bird, lots ol new  parts, $1900 OBO. 885-1943.  #38ss  1978 Volare station wagon, good  cond., P/S, P/B, $600.  885-1758. #37  1976 Buick Regal. P/S.  good cond., runs great,  OBO. 886-2263.  P/B.  $800  #37  '65 Pontiac Custom Sport, 327  -350 HP, exc. cond., original  owner, $1850.886-2694.    #37  '64 Nissan kingcab. canopy, exc.  cond., 5 sp., 68,000 ml., new  rubber, $6200 OBO. 886-4664.   #34s  1984 Chev 4x4. 6.2 I diesel.  aulomatic hubs, 5 sp. auto, 2  tanks, tilt, AM/FM cassette,  canopy, good cond., $11,000  OBO. Phone 886-3940.      #36s  1990 F-250HD 4x4 XLT Lariat,  fully loaded with 460 5 speed,  dual tanks, skid plates, tow  pkg., alum, box liner, bberntt  red with with gray interior, $4500  km., $22,000.883-2126. #35ss  '67 Chev Vi ton, 6 cyl., 3 sp.,  $800.885-2836. #36ss/  1982 Chev * ton new tins, 6.21  diesel In exc. shape, c/w  sleeper, contact Bill #18 Port  Mellon   RV  Park  or  Rod  at  886-3720. #36  1990 Ford F350 diesel 4 sp.  auto, 12' Reefer cube van.  886-3745. #36  1983 Dodge pickup 4WD, heavy  duty 360 engine, winch, PW, air,  low mileage, $6900. 885-5815.  885-7844 #36  1985 S10.V6, PS, PB, long box,  warranty until April 1991, only  45,000 km. custom 2-tone paint,  box lined, $6000.883-2149. #36  1985 F150 Lariat EFI, ValleePro-  pane, 600 ml. range lank,  $10,000 OBO. 886-7478.     #36  Campers  1976 Vanguard 32' 5th wheal.  exc. cond., to veew see Irv aU.  5:30 pm, 1008 North Rd.. Glb-  sans.  MB  ��' War (MM* haite)  Hups 4, stove, lurnace, Iridge,  lie.  $5500 OBO.   Madeira  Marina, PM 9, Madeira PM, or  Vancouver 736-7002. #38  M.C.M.M.C.   M.N.A.M.S.  M.A.B.Y.C.   ��� Marine  Surveyors and Consultants  JsaL  Toilet. $50; hand-powered anchor winch. $150. anchor $50.  886-8033. #36  'McBeath' 45' offshore ketch,  7000 Autohelm, tracks accurate  courses, Irom Loran automatically. Exlra heavy steel construction,  examine slip B10 Gibsons  Marina. 886-2830. #35ss  1983 tampion 60 HP Mariner,  galvanized Highliner Irailer, etc.  exc. cond., $5900 lirm.  886-8382. #35ss  '87 Dodge Dakota with cellular.  Make an offer. 886-8116. #38ss  1977 Dodge van, runs good, best  offer over $1750.885-4845. #37  1978 Bronco 4x4, aulo, 351 cu.  in.. $4000 OBO. 883-9911 days  or 883-9302 eves. (Myrtle). #37  ENTRY DOORS  Solid cedar or fir, 6 panel, 34"  and 36"x6'8", limited quantity,  $180. Timothy Clement, Cabinet  Maker, 886-8218. #36  Davidson 17' libreglass sailboat,  new sails 4 trailer; 68 HP marine  diesel 4 hyd. gear, suit 38'  power or 50' sail; FG flotation  tank. 72"x3"xl7"; apt. size  refrigerated bar, 45"Lx20"Dx  43"H; mini-mill lumber-making  chainsaw attachment; sport-  fishing gear - rods, reels, elc;  190' 5/8" chain, as new. Open  to offers .883-9401. #36  Freezer, $150 OBO; captain's  bed, complete, $75 OBO.  885-5692 eves. #36  White 12 cu. It. Irost Iree Iridge  with Ireezer. $125. 886-2749.  #36  Temporary power service, complete wlh 15 or 30 amp breaker,  $250,885-7261. #37  Fridge. $125; slove, $100 OBO.  Good working order. 886-7471.  #37  i Washer 4 dryer, $50; Simmons  I hide-a-bed, $100; kitchen table,  I 6 chairs, $50; 2 pc. sofa set, turquoise; 2 low kilchen cabinets,  $75 ea.; upright filing cabinet.  I $100; lateral. $200; various small  Items. 885-2806. #37  ESTATE 1989 Chev Cavalier 4 dr.  wagon, metallic grey, 3600 km,  $10,500.885-2806. #37  1984 TEMPO GL DIESEL  Deluxe instrumentation, incl.'  wood grain panel, speedometer,  tacometer, trip meter, lilt steering  wheel, cruise control, 5 spd.  manual gear box. P/S P/B,  reclining front seats, factory  stereo tape deck, digital date and  elapsed time clock, 4 exlra studded winter lires, very solid car,  runs exc. extremely economical  MUST SELL FAST, leaving country, asking $4800. 885-7191.  #37  '79 Toronado - loaded - over  $1500 recent work, $4300.  886-8779. #38  as is,  #38  1979 LeBaron (green),  $1300. 883-2808.  74 Dalsun. $400. 886-3885.  #38  '74 Dodge stretch window van,  heavy hitch. Arthur 885-9859.  #38  1987 Ford Ranger, 5 sp��� 87,000  kms, AM/FM Cass., very clean,  no rust, exc. cond., $7800 OBO.  886-3223. #37  1981 Econoline Va ton LWB van,  insulated,  panelled,  work  or  camper, $3850. 885-7167.   #37  1981 Datsun Kingcab Diesel  pickup, gd. tins, canopy,  sunroof, sunvisor, boat rack,  $2900 OBO:  685-2839 eves.,  6-10pmonly. #36  '88 S10 pickup, 5 spd.. short  box, extended warranty, $7500.  886-3885. #38  '77 Dodge <h ton P/U slant 6,  new 3 spd. standard trans.,  $2500 OBO. 886-9210 or mess.  886-2058. #38  1986 Jeep Commanche 4X4.  112.000 kms., Mlchelins,  AM/FM cassette, $7300 OBO.  885-4853. #36  '86 Ford Ranger 4X4, exl. cab,  70,000 kms., $8000. 885-7401.  #38  1982 Datsun P/U, exc. cond.,  $3400 OBO. 885-3982.       #37  1990 Topaz LS 4 dr. sedan, loaded, $12,500 firm. 886-8876 alter  5 Tuesday. #36  1978 Dodije Aspen, 6 cyl.. auto.,  gd. cond., low mileage, $750  OBO. 885-3768. #38  Older Iridge, runs good, best offer. 886-4628. #36  Complete queensized waterbed,  honey-coloured pine wilh  bookcase headboard, $250 OBO;  21" colour tv. $150 OBO; roll  bar, tits Fleeislde Chev short box,  $150060.886-7602. #36  Apt. size range, $150; old  lashlOei bathrub, relinished,  $800. baby change table, $35;  Strolee 3-way buggy, $75.  886-7406. #36  Valour couch 4 chair, coffee table  4 2 end tables. 886-4641.    #38  Seasoned firewood $100 a cord.  886-4599 408  18a.  Heavy  Equipment  BOBCAT I  MINI EXCAVATOR  FOR RENT  Attachments available  DAY. WEEK, MONTH  '85 CJ7 Jeep. $11,000 OBO.  886-8101. TFN  I960 Chev Malibu. 91,000 miles.  6 auto, good shape. $1750 080.  883-9423. #34(1  1977 Maverick, gd. cond., $800  886-8033. #36  1980 Chev Van 305 Vi Ion, trailer  hitch, PS/PB cruise tilt, air,  slereo, $3700. 1983 Aries  wagon, auto., PS/PB, 35-40  mpg, $3300.886-2945.      #38  1978 Firebird, good cond., musl  be seen, $3800 OBO. 885-9035.   #36s  1986 Ford Tempo, $4700 OBO  883 8906 #3551  1985 Toyota Tercell, aulo., good  cond., $5500. 885-4520 eves.    #35ss  1973 Mustang Legrande. 302  auto., gd. rubber, solid body,  $1400.885-2207. #36sr  1977 Chevy deluxe Nomad van,  captains seats, needs work,  pails. 885-2207. #36sr  '87 Jetla, 60,000 km, 5 spd.,  AM/FM can., snows, 2 yr. warranty remaining, $9000.  ���M5-4794. ��&s  1989 Mustang LX Coupe, white,  grey Int.; air; cruise; power windows, locks, minora; stereo;  25,000 km; at new condition;  lake over payments OAC or cash,  $9500. Call 883-9261.        #36  1978 Buick Skylark, 4 dr. 305  auto., reliable trans., $650  885-7113. #39sr  '67 Volvo 123 GT, new molor.  new brakes, new Interior, $3500  OBO. 88li-3912. #3953  1977 Pontile Lennns, 4 dr.,  good running cond, $850.  885-5022,885-2589,.        #3?  1989 Custom Ford Ranger, low  kms, extras, $9500. 883-2977.  #38  Campers  LET'S TALK  MONEY  Let's gel together and sell  your RVunil. II we can't sell  it we'll buy il. Free Appraisal  and pickup anywhere.  LANTZVILLE RECREATION  COMPANY LTO.  t��iF... 1-800-663-4234  07363  25' Apollo 225 Merc. I/O  w/lrailer, $12,500 OBO.  883-9440. #33sr  Endurance 35' Pilot House Cutter  auto helm, Loran C video lish  Under, 5 sails, stereo, diesel  engine 4 stove. Slip B-23 Gibsons Marina. 886-9696.   #37ss  9.9 Honda 0/B motor, used  once, $1500. 886-3745.      #36  30 It. Rawson Sloop, ocean  cruiser. Call 883-1112.       #36  1990 14' Livingstone tri-hull.  centre console. 40 HP Mariner  Magnum, approx. 10 hrs., 32  month warranty, elec. start,  power tilt, trim, oil injected,  galvanized Calkins custom Irailer,  many extras, $7475 or 19' to 21'  boat in trade. 885-4031.      #36  17' Day sailer, 3 sails, 6 HP,  sounder, moorage, till Oct. $2000  OBO. Rob 886-8526. #36  24' Turner Classic, mahogany  with Chrysler hemi, well-  equipped with or without C  licence. 883-9555. #37ss  22' Baylner Volvo 140  Depth sounder, CB. anchor,  winch, etc. Easy loader trailer,  $11,500 OBO. Madeira Marina.  Pad 9, Madeira Park or Vancouver 736-7002. #36  Swap or sell:  886-2459.  34 diesel  24' fibrelorm 260 Volvo engine,  power anchor, depth sounder,  spare prop, 2 CBs, dinghy,  $11,600,886-9377. #36  OUTBOARDS FOR SALE  9.9-20-30-40-50-70     HP  1968-1989 Evinrudts. Excellent  condition.   Lowes  Resort,  883-2456. TFN  Vis! There Is a reliable local pro-  peitor repair service. 885-5278.   TFN  For Sale: Float with building.  686-8058. #37sr  'Carloda.N' 43' O-licence packer  $28,000. K. Farrell 685-1126  weekends or gen/del. Egmont.  #34sr  |30' disp. cruiser, 340 Chry. dual  Ihyd. sir., live toil lank. VHF/CB,  ���slereo. sounder, $7950 OBO.  |885-2814,685-2515.        #32s  Sangster 120 hp 4 cyl. I/O  Sounder, trailer. Good cond.  $4250 OBO. 886-9047.     #36sr  42' Cruistahome house boat,  sleeps 9. exc. cond.. $29,500  OBO. 885-1943. #38ss  LYlAJOr  Classic 33 It. WC double-ender,  diesel. video sounder, radar, with  C licence, $34,000; $26,000  without. 883-9158. #37  MV. Blacklist!, 24'(Jwens, well  appointed large lish deck, Coast  Guard inspected, moorage, parking, hydro paid till Dec/90,  featuring new Swann auto, anchor pkg., new LMS, 200 w/  Loran C, new lenders 4 brackets,  mooring lines, new windows,  completely relinished hull and  swimgrid, new handrails, flush  mount Fishon rod holders (5)  FWC 318 Chrysler, 120 hrs. and  much more, $10,500.885-7977.  #38ss  22ft tt. Fibrelorm 165 Merc. I/O  too much to list, really to lish,  $5500.886-8779. #38  1974 Bayliner, 24', $10,000.  883-2661. #38  EVINRUDE OUTBOARDS  Special savings on all models In  stock. Full marine seivices. Hyak  Marine Services 886-2246. #36#  20' Spencer with cabin, toilet,  sink, V bunks, new upholstery,  new CB, 9.9 Johnson elec. start,  heavy duty trailer, $2500.  883-9979. #38  22' H/T cruiser, 225 OMC, VHF,  sounder, bait tank, winch, head,  sink, stove, down riggers, rod  holders, trim tabs, 425 hours,  moorage till Aug. 91, $6200.  866-4690. #39ss  Musl sell this week - 24' FIDer-  lorm with or without Irailer,  trades OK. 885-4593. #36  24' 'A' licence gillnetter. 2 nets,  $65,000 firm. 883-9307.     #38  Whlsp - 16 foot wooden rowing  skill featured In 'Wooden Boat',  excellent last exercise boat, complete, $2000.886-7120.      #36  Mobile Honirs  35' trailer on nice pad central  Gibsons, rear bdrm. air cond., 4  pc. bath, new carpets, large living roan and closets, fully lurnished. Move In lor $14 000  OBO. 885-6064 #36  32' trailer, 1983. lull bath, kitchen, Iridge, Ireezer, air cond.,  bedroom, 20' awning, 12V 120V  propane, exc. cond., sleeps six,  used as home. $16,950  885-3688. ��6  1975 12x68 Lepage, 3 bdrm.,  Selma Vista. $19,900.  885-9577. #37  Rocket house trailer, $495  883-2661 #38  1977 Fronfor Class C, 68.178  kms., sleeps 6, 3 way Iridge,  forced air furn, 4 burner stove,  w/oven, hot water, TV antenna,  cruise, $14,995. 885-3939. #38  Small house or apartment  mother with one child. Sechelt  -Haltmoon Bay. 885-7897.    #37  Collage or sman suite lor one  adult Sept. to May tor 2 nights  per week 487-9732. #37  HAVI YOU GOT  $2000.00  or car, boat as down-  payment? You can own a  new 2 or 3 bedroom home  with MAP OAC. Pius we will  pay your rent for 1990, if  you bring this ad In.  580-4321  Pad tor 27' Airstream, lull  hookup with view, no children,  no motorcycles, quiel, honest  working adult, long term, up to  'Rbts. Ck., send reply to Box 113.  Port Mellon, BC VON 2S0.   #37  Writer seeks small house or cabin  on long term basis for himself 4  one small dog. Rasp., gd. rels..  can respair anything, lv. mens.  886-7029. #37  3 days a week, long term, non-  drinker. Days 864-5355      #38  Christian lamily needs 3 bdrm.  home Oct. 1 Gibsons. Exc. rels.  Phone 850-1848. #38  Roberts Creek Hall avail.,  dances, parties, weddings,  equipment rental. Yvonne  885-4610. TFN  Motorcycles  1986 KX125. Re-Built. $1350.  885-9557. #34s  '81 Kawl 10OOJ Header, good  rubber. Like new. Fast.  885-5492. #34ss  K  In Slock at  EN MAC  cycle  Oil Filters. Batteries, Tires,  Riding Gear, etc.  Phono Jay al 886-2031  9.9 HP Johnson long shall, used  I season in Ontario. 885-5838.  #37  19' Reinell, rebuilt motor and leg,  lull canvass, spare prop., very  last, $3200 OBO. 886-2976.  #34ss  1987 535 Yamaha Virago, exc.  cond., 1000 kms., asking $2500  or Irade. Phone 886-4690. #36ss  Wanted to Rent  Responsible mature couple with 1  child wishing to rent or lease  clean 3 plus bedroom house,  Langdale to Davis Bay. Phone  886-9086. #38  Responsible lamlly wilh local  rels., we need an off the highway  home to rent belore Oct. 1. II you  can help us in any way please call  885-5280. #36  By November 1: prolessional N/S  woman and two school-aged  daughters are looking for a three  bedroom Roberls Creek home,  exc. refs. Phone 885-5189.  #36  Couple with 28' travel trailer wish  to rent space on property between Gibsons and Davis Bay require access to power, water and  sewer/septlc. 1-850-4813.   #38  1 bdrm. semi-furnished suite  Marine Dr., Gibsons. $700 Ind.  hydro, also 2 bdrm. unit, $800.  1-534-2056. #36  Own office spice with shared  2000 sq. It. shop. $650/mo.  886-8554. #36  Modern 3 bdrm. lull basemenl  home, lower Gibsons, avail. Sept.  15.885-2978 alt. 5pm.       #36  2 bdrm. duplex on North Rd., ivi  balhs, utility room, garage. Close  to mall, schools, avail. Immed.  Phone 686-7625. $500/mo. #36  OFFICE  SPACE  Available In  Professional Block  next to the Gibsons  Medical Clinic  Approx. 445 sq. ft.  Contact: Sutim Wong  885-5736  Room lor rent. N/S,  Creek area. 885-3600.  Roberts  #36  Rooms lor rent, $150 pet week,  $500 per month, housekeeping  885-5734. #36  Watertront, lurnished, share kitchen (acuities, plus living room  Sechelt. 885-3409 or 684-8898.  #36  Semi-furnished 2 bdrm. cabin  10 min. Irom Sechelt, avail, till  July 1, $500 plus utils. Suit  single female. 596-1968.     #37  1 bdrm. suile, Hallmoon Bay,  N/S no pets, utils. incl. $475. 2  bdrm. suite Port Mellon. $500  plus utils. 885-7776 alt. Sept. 5.  #36  Garden Bay. 2 bdrm. adults only,  $450 plus utils. 883-9676.   #35  BLANKET CLASSIFIED ADVERTISI  3 bdrm. ocean view home. F/S,  damage dep . rent negotiable lor  gardening tenant, $800.  754-7469 9am-4pnt. 196  1 bdrm. upstairs ol house Porpoise Bay Rd., $450/���., phi  tt mo. deposit, Vi utils.  885-4834. #38  Beautifully turn. 2 room apt In  Gibsons, lull bath, kitchenette.  private sundeck, private entrance, single person, N/S. red.  Avail, immed. 888-8105.     #36  Waterfront. West Sechelt,  modern 3 bdrm., den, 5 appls..  $1200.885-5337. 496  30' trailer. In mobile home park  near Davis Bay. $400.685-4862.   #36  Woodcreek Park, new 3 bdim., 2  bath, view home, 1330 sq. II.  plus full basement. 1-984-3386.   #38  Sechelt/Sandy Hook watertront,  2/3 bdrm. cottage, lully furnished, elec. heat, cable, large decks  with great view, avail.  Sept-May. N/S, no pets, rels.,  $650/mo. 420-3765. #37  Cozy bachelor cottage, semi-  turnished, Lower Gibsons,  available immediately. $390/mo.  including cable, utilities, lease  prelerred, rels. please.  886-2694. #38  Furnished 1 bdrm. basement  suite, private entrance, sell contained, w/w, cable, w/d, utilities  Incl., suit quiet, clean, N/S, no  pets, rels. please. 886-2694. #37  Jolly Roger Inn, lurnished one  bedroom, view condominium with  all appliances, avail. Sept. 1. Bob  Leffler, 438-1471 or 931-5591.  #36  3 bdrm. clean mobile home,  $750/mo. or $28,500 to sell, no  pets. Call 866-2169, or  886-9821. #37  2 bdrm. mobile home, pally furnished, $450 to $600/mo. plus  utilities. Phone 883-2424 to view.   ��7  Pender Harbour watertront, 2  bdrm., 4 appliances, lurnished,  dock, garage, avail. Sept. 15.  rets. req. Enquire at the Pender  Harbour Paper Mill. #37  NEW 3 bdrm. 2Vi  baths. 1 bdrm. guest suite, appliances. Call 1-298-5215.  #36  Furn. accom. as low as  $250/mo., winter fishing and  golf, Pender Harbour area.  883-9044,885-7544. #37  Available Sept. 15, 2 bdrm.  house, Hillcrest, $550.685-1744  collect. #38  Granlhams with view, beautilul 2  bdrm. apartment, 5 appliances,  utils. incl., $650, Avail. Sept. 15.  686-2186. #36  MG  These Ads appear in the more lhan 90 Newspapers ol the B C and Yukon Community  Newspapers Association and reach more lhan 1.400.000 homes and a potential two million readers  $195. for 25 words ($3.70 per each additional word)       Call the Coast NBWS at 885-3930  AUTOMOTIVE  Active Aulo Broken, cHepoul  ���gent lor iVXIve Ballff Servient.  nepoeeeeelone, eetale, legale,  care, trucks, motortwmti, boals.  Cal Mr. Price (only), (604)434-  1818. 06476.   START YOUR OWN IMPORT/  EXPORT btaintet, even apart  dene. No money ear snaritnes.  Setae 1148. Fre* brochure:  Wade World Trad*, c/o Cdn.  Smal eSuslnteu list., Daft WI,  1140 BetiaWW Rd. N. #1, Scaitw-  UUQh.Onlarto. M1H1H4.  16'  Shasta,  888-7591.  loadid.  Otters.  #36  21' Kuslom Coach Iravel trailer,  sleeps 6, lully contained, exc.  cond., must see, $8500 OBO.  886-3280 or 886-9020.      138  Travel trailer, approx. 20'. Asking $2700.888-8859. #37  32' trailer, 1983, lull bath, klt-  chen, Iridge, freezer, air cond.,  bedroom, 20' awning, 12V120V  propane, exc. cond., sleeps 6,  used as home, $16,950.  885-3688. #36  1970 Empress motorhome, 23'  Class A, clean, low mileage,  $9000 OBO, needs trldg*.  886-3107. 497  1973 VW camper in gd. run.  cond., $1000 OBO. 886-3703.   Hi  1970 Volkswagen camperized  van, ideal hunting, Ashing, motor  good, body rutty, $800 OBO.  686-4956. #36  1890 23' Sprinter by Mallard  travel trailer, lully equipped,  never been on the road.  886-2685. #36  79 VW tamper, new CVs, KYB  gas shocks, many new items,  $3500.885-3912. #39ss  DISTRIBUTION AND MAIL  ORDER axdutlvs tentortes In  your area. ENVIRONMENT  SAFE PRODUCTS. Investment  WE FINANCE. 1-420-1 lOOdtyi  tvsnkige Vancouver.   EXC EU.ENT VIDEO OPPORTUNITY. Incoepoeiled compsny In  v*a*o rental and electronic retaking localod In Comox Valey. Pn-  jtcetod 1990 grou lalee ol  $340,000. For ule lay owner.  Conlad Nina or John m. 264  eAndMton Rosd, Comox. BUBBMi  S8S0112 or rwHertHl 337-6640.  OPeTORTUISTES  Do you Ms to deal w�� da people  who make your oommeenly  move? Then ll* P/T or F/T  e-mfnmleok'm mae^eartunlly *a>H edtft.  nakely appeal to you and pe<  money In yoejrpocfctlel You deal  deksctty wexh btsMns**, plum end  dhwoiganlzallone. FOrhirihM  Weatmallon writo: Box 812, do  Th* Nam, 1408 Broadway, PM  Coqu��OT,B.C, V3C8W9.  START A MAI-ORDER HOME  BUSWE8S Easy,pn*d��>. Sel  MOeflMNon by fML Booht. newt-  tttttfi, ooufits. Wo drop-ship,  Delate Omni, Boa 2B96WK,  ThucidwBiy.Onlarto. P7B8Q3.  ���usMMPemoNALS  LIVTNGPAYDAYTOPAYDAY? I  can, and w��, ehow anyone, any  ag*. how to make ttrtom money  anywharel Send Sen ededreeeed  envelop* to: "MONEY*, 11810  Klngaway Ave., Edmonton, Ala.  T5G0XS. Doanythingtoday.but  don't tgnortihletd.   ALBERTOS PIZZA, Buna Lake,  B.C. Prolably the beet decor end  *qulp(>��d|��ziare*lautanllnlh*  northeroat. Wlh last prartkli  location In town on Hwy 16 and  Main and. Owner wi In* lex  whatever Km* required and wa  Bnanot (OAC.) wlh $70,000  down. Also, wa consktor at  Mee (eboue, real aalalo etc.).  CdDMl4Me-7707altorlMure  1-600-7630.  YourBu*lne��e-OiyEap��tlenc��,  Entay th* btnstls ol our yeare In  Automotive Meing. Ourlrdn-  Ing and bmkme plan pka your  loollon ��� SUCCESS. Cal or  wit* TODAY. FlrdStepConeul-  Ing, #140 - 20466 Douglaa Cre*-  cs��, Langtty, B.C. V3A486.  (004)a��3wt  UvMS, earn up to 160,000 In  your own pM-tlrna Iwrne-txeeed  ott baakM btakats. Contact  efiourMul BeMkeM Whotoe***.  12MShepiMRlAen.Wtei.ei7.  Down*ile��,Onaa>lo. M3K1Z8.  ORDER YOUR "LOVE STUFF"  BY MAIL FROM OUR NEW  LOVERS LANE CATALOGUEI  Yeau'reaaaured privacy and eecu-  rly hem our tstttaWad Morel  Check u*aeuHnlh*BeBBINHOME  SHOPPtnt BEST SELECTION  GREAT SERVICEl BSMalogue:  LOVER'S LANE BOUTIQUE,  1074 SHOPPER'S ROW,  CAMPBELL RIVER. B.C., VOW  2C6, PHONE(6O4)2SH010.  DIVORCE?   No QQUTl appear.  ���Mi Of OOfMflt flf BOUH MOM>  tiryt Jut 5-15 WMks tee 86  pfcji ooott. You or wt typo.  LMyor tndorood. Sondtot copy  atCmdrtnowUvorooActand  1970. Wwrwvtat, 201 -1252  BuriMd, Vmwouw, l-W-MOO.  frtncNooo iwMli,  ���OUCATKW  FREE ooroor putt* tohomo-ttudy  oomtpondinot Optoma oomooo  AoooieffMnu, AfcxmdMtrtnQ, Boofc-  kltaataf-afata*.    ���*���-���--       -     *** -   - ���   ---���   m9mfmwt}, etMeWIMS, LeOOeTUVKMOyy.  Do<Minio>tL.>e***-^4tdelcolSo��*��<-     -       Travel Oration,  lo Wool, Toronto.  ten.  HOW TO BAY POPULAR PI-  "NO. Now homo tiudy courts.  Fad.as*y.-i*lhod. GkarantwJI  FREEIfciiii-aon. Writ: Popu-  �� MueJB,_8tudk> (60), 3204  KotowM,. B.C  VIZ2H2.  WW MUM  UMgMuem WMwnCan-  OTtoMtJeplay. Whom*  ���gmteTRw Oeslatogui awl-  paw���  FOR sale mac  SAVEHEATMQ  Veiloy Comftx! add-on or combination wootf-tltdeic lutnaoM  andhtaltre. Conlad your local  delator, or Vtlty Convert .System* Inc.. Box 777. " "  BC. V2A6Y7.  Coerepeettf ewltware, puttie do-  eTesiniohswwaff. BMoeampeeSUe,  l<aae(fctdBolprf)ejrenw. Freeoets-  togu*. AateeMettk EnHrpfhet*, P.O.  Box 476, KJtlmal, B.C. V8C 2R��.  OAHDBpa  AkmlrtunVQUa* Ort*nhou*ti  andSokulumes. SeankanddoiDi  glazed, straight and curved wvt  uenke. Phone or wil* lor FREE  EflOCHURE: B.C. OiMnlMuw  BulderaLld., 7425 Htdlty Avt..  Burnaby, B.C., VSE 2R1. 433-  THE ULTIMATE GARDENER'S  STORE, 1,000'e ol produdt,  gwenhottote, hyestspeteenlco, tmejo  book etitclkm. 84 for cestologtje  lu* d money saving coupons.  Wtdtm Wator Farms, #103,  20120-��4lh Avt., Langley, B.C.,  V3A4P7.   HULTH  BODY, MIND, .SI-fllT? Who are  realy? Cal the Dtenttta  line t-eoo-FOR-TRUTH.   1-  aoo-36747ae.   you r  tedHn  MLP WANTED  TlSetllO   CeandejemeWuen coemptox. Thtejov-  oeTMnofti le.tietori homtdudy ctrtj.  Fre*bnxlw*: (004)  661-S456. Or: RMTI, 1120-760 W.  Ptndtr, Vancouver, B.C., V8C  1H2.  VANCOUVER ISLAND GROCER REQUIRES QUALIFIED  PEOPLE NOWI Wehmelmim-  e*>d*ejpineiTgiloraBakeryM*n-  ager. Bakery Clerk, Del Clerk,  Product Ce��rK Graoe<y (Series  sndCeuhitre. Prevtoue txpttt-  wk* at these peNMonswaguar-  arttt you s reply. Sucovadd  appelcanti WD be rtwarOSd wlh  sn*xotItnt dsrtkvj wage ends  tMe^MtMnek/t empkaytt bonoH  package. Pleaeelaxyoiriteaum  eMlngyeourexpaxtinctto:FAXI  HOUSEWIVES,  torseltd pernor* needed knmtdF  aMy lo eel toys and ejDs lor Ns-  llond Honet Party Pton. No In-  veakieini. dele*>rkee or money  editable. Csl (519>2S��-7��06.  HeELP WANTED  kKtudrlsl Frtt Aid AnemetMe*. B  or IVghtr nuMted for tmploymeinl  Itvcteflhcul B.C. Foiwatd tteunto  to: Pol�� Industrie Fket Aid Sterv-  los, 6200 MecKay Avenue. Suit  145-749, Burr*by,B.C. V8H4L7.  Fax: (e04)435-76M,   ThtlownofSmlthtrelitttklnga  mateerelndlvidenl to carry outttw  duBes d B'/towJCietetafflMtit.  The prtleiied cwnkstft eaea testae  pewavkxjs *xp*rlmoe In tit are* ol  tow or bylaw ^exctewnl. Th*  succtestul applranl ehoeid lavs  eamtett reporting and ooetmRinl.  adkin ekfc bath oral tnd wrlton.  Foevrerd raenimel to the undtr-  sigiad by S^tmtief 21, i860.  Buono4.iotnot kwpaooi. Town  ol Smlhttt, Box 879, SmMwre,  B.C.VOJ2NO. FAX: 847-0643.  REQUIRED eMUEDIATeELY )our-  ntymsnor3rdwtrp*e1s|  dtderahlp tnd Napa eejioptrn  (tore, taptf. Ed, Box MM,  Pindar Creek, Alt. TOKIWO.  Pln*a(40fly827-3e��4e.  CHATEAU LAKE LOUISE. The  Jtuutl ol tht rtoddtt wotirw two  ���W totmiclori to btojn mkHte-  vtmtatf snd mld-Dtcttnbeif.  ManekUory to possess CmM  iMetl l>kMe* send returns to:  Chdttu LtktLoulH, Like Lou-  Its, AB. TOLK.  HumtnRttoucoMD^  WE'RE BUSY.    Joumsymsn  -   -   ���   a ��� -   a -   ��� m. .   a . a JMJ      ISJ-  Mnrov iiancwH nquNTM w#  wMdwlMdl WtlpeerytlalMdl  Uptot20ptrhour,ilitrelt,plu*  tamtllt. Please cal Ptonssr  Clvyeltr Jm WetaakMn, AB.  (403)352-2277.  [403)352-2277. AiklorLsnyor  SUNSHINE VILLAGE, BANFF.  LM opontiont tuporvloof it-  OjeUbvd eCxoteltnt vq pmtaott tor  eQefovon tuptfv*Story ikn. Ttroto  Mulsn, Box 1510, Banff AB, TOL  OCO, (403)76,2-6648.  CAMEIJON-Runabuelratiirorn  yoejr hoeiTw tnsrlatlng ihttr noe>  nm heosesiy A tltriing l��Ve '  ���try. 40-50%prdt. Stort  Utopre-Chrtdmasruih. CHool.  lad (004)<B87-0610n87-040g,  681-33*4.  An tdvttSdng "Bed Buy"l  For $166.00 you can pkoa  yewduriMadlnovwioo  BC AYukoneNeeywipepti*.  HELPWANTED  Twect-wteakly oeMnmunly ntvre*  aam:mmMmlePampmm\*vt.  raid. DutltilrKluditntor|>riM,  nttM,t|XKttinde)trMrtliiilgn-  ���   ... ..     ��-      .  mttr*. vvtgee mnnttaaitreii  sooordanct wkh tht union oon-  trsd. Stnd murret tnd dpi to  Ward Pterin, Photo Editor, Now  Ntwtpeptre, 418 Sixth St., Nm  Wedmlraler, B.C. V3L3B2.  PER80NALS  WOULD YOU LIKE TO cons-  tpond wlh unattesslesd ChrMlen  ptotalt, tgts 18-80, Iht objied  btkig compsrsoralKta or mtr-  rtagt. Wrile: ASHGHOVE, P.O.  Box205.Chttt,B.C.,V0E1M0.  FREE PERSONALITY TEST.  Veai* pi(tc.ai^ed^.-diiit your  Mure. Knowwhy? CsJIhsbia-  nstks ItoUnt M00-367 J78e.  REALMTATE  RELAX, COUNTRY LIVING. 1,  8,10, sore lots. Wsttr, Hydro,  Ttltphont, rivtr vttw and rivet  Iron. 30ml*iw��dolKainboM.  CU odtod: (604)373-a82.  FAIRMONT HOT SPRINGS,  B.C. FUvtrsldt ejol ttUMt - l^er-  way Iran lam*t**s. 889,600 -  660,500. 19%down,111/2Meew.  eMcvtrSyetan. CalOon  (604)34��<8��8.  TRAVEL  AUSTRALIA/NEW ZEALAND.  Ctl Iht South PtcUlcSptcaild,  ANZATrsvsl. Vtreoouvtr/Aue*.  land, return Irom $89eio$1,2M.  Vane3ouvw/8ydnay return tram  $1,149lo$1,579. Totlret 1-600-  anena.  WANTED  EMPLOYERSI Ousmtdttxpt-  rtomad On mtn trtdtenan 8  sxsciall'asssssldiMiiSto'laoastor  ���nrretgratean. veneng to exxxne  snyetlare,  tors, oeMneputor ttctmlcitne, do.  Fsx (604)960-5563 or phont  (604)��8M8eO. URGENT.  RESUME SERVICE. Are you*  reeportef, writer, grepNo artld,  leas nvaagtr, or k*Mng lor a kb  In the newtpapcr Irxkntry? We  keep pssunas d p*ta*a *At*n la  nswspseptr IndijHry lookktg lor  ���son for our nteafflMre.  80,1 yew are looking lor s |ob h  Iht nturapeptr Indudry, stnds  egewsring Itttor snd return to:  apeejdal Prolsds, BCSYCNA,  414-1033 Davit a, Vanoouvsr,  B.C.V6E1M7.   ���* -- I   1  24.  Coast News, September 3,1990  Help Wanted  II    Help Wanted  1 bdrm. house, furnished. $500.  863-9110. #38  Unturn. water view, 1 person  bach suite avail. Oct. 1, N/S, no  pets. Gibsons area. $550.  886-7021,732-7731. #38  Hopkins Landing 1 bdrm. plus  den, quiet street, suit single person, $400/mo. 253-4145. (leave  mess.) #37  Room or 'Room & Board' In new  home, ideal for teachers.  886-8370. #36  2 bdrm. trailer, lurnished, Gibsons. Call 886-8128. #38  Furnished cabin, wood & elec.  heat, Roberts Creek. $450/mo.  885-4891. #36  3 bdrm., 5 appl, carport, avail,  immed. 886-2736. #36  Garden Bay: 2 bdrm., adults only. $450 plus utilities. 883-9676.  #36  2 bdrm. view home avail. Oct. 1,  Lower Gibsons, $750. 885-7950  9-Spm. ��8  Available Sept. 1. Sunshine  Ridge, Gibsons, 3 bdrm., 1347  sq.ft. townhouse, near new, 1'A  bath, 4 appliances, carport, $900  per month. 886-4660. #36  Cert. H.D. mech with hwy. trk  diesel eng. exp. full time pos. excellent wages and benefits.  Resume to Box 1340. Gibsons.  BC VON 1V0. More inlo  886-4577 #38  Experienced florist required, lull  or part time, wage negotiable,  send resumes to: Florist, PO Box  4. Sechelt. BC VON 3A0. Ann  Lynn Flowers, Sechelt.        #38  Cale Pierrot now hiring sandwich  bar person and dishwasher.  885-9962 after 3 pm. #36  Attention: Earn up to $800/week.  working al home. Hundreds ot  opportunities available. Amazing  recorded message reveals  details. 1-206-298-8075 ex.  H25. '36  Waitresses  Bartenders  & Cooks  Full or Part-Time  etegSm*  Peninsula Motor Inn  886-2804      I  Waitress wanted over 19 yrs.. experience nol necessary, /apply  Seaview Gardens or 886-9053  #36  Full and part-lime positions starting Sept., some ECE or related  experience prelerred. 686-3913.  #36  Waterlronl 3 bdrm. older house,  Pender Harbour, available Oct. 1.  883-9446 leave message.    #38  PROPERTY  MANAGEMENT  SERVICES  We will  �� Screen potential renters  * Do moving-in inspection  * Arrange tor maintenance  8. repairs  * Collect the rent &  damage deposit  * Disburse rent monies to  owner  * Do moving-out inspection  Avoid a8 the hassles ind pro-  bfcms, and tot lust a pittance,  cal Ihe Propenly Management  Expert, Steve Siwyir it  886-2277.  cedArs  RUB  requires kitchen & liar start  to work in a busy pleasant  atmosphere. Must be willing  to work flexible hours &  make lots ol money. Apply in  person during the day.  HELP  WANTED  The Town ot Gibsons is  accepting applications for  the posilion ot part-time  Motor Vehicle Branch Clerk.  Duties ot the successlul  applicant will include  responsibility for issuance ol  M.V.B. licences and permits,  ICBC Insurance applications  and tenewals and related  ollice duties. This is a  union position wilh a  slatting rale ol $9.62 per  hour. Familiarity with computers, or prior insurance  experience, would be an  asset. Written applications  slating qualifications, experience, availability, references and any other pertinent inlormalion should be  submitted to the undersigned not later than 4:30  pm Friday, August 31,1990  imi.l 1. LOMMNE GODDAR0  CLEIK-MMIttlSrUIOl  Wilson Creek, working parents  need someone responsible to  come Inlo the home and babysit  our two girls, 7 and 4. We will  also ask for some light  housework to be done. Kalawna  885-4883. #36  F/T receptionist with Iriendly personality needed for health practitioner's office. Submit resume to  Box 1750, Gibsons.B.C.     #36  Help Wanted  Field assistant required lor local  survey firm. Phone 886-2531.  #36  Labourers wanted full time approx. $12/hr. Must have reliable  PU, van or SW. 886-8554.  #36  Looking for  Waiters, Waitresses,  Bartenders a Boor Personnel  for Wed. to Sal. evenings  Apply to Clinl between  8pm & 10pm, Wed. lo Sal.  Part time counter assistant  wanted, daytime only. Ye Olde  English Doughnut Shoppe,  885-2616. #36  SKOOKUM CHRYSLER  has immediate opening lor  Experienced  SALES PERSON  Must be forthright and conscientious. Apply In person  with resume to Sales  Manager.  Part time office help required,  various duties, will train. Hans  Ounpuu Const. 886-4680.    #36  ft  ,r   TRAVEL  ^/CONSULTANT  For busy Reservec Equipped  Agency. Must have experience, wages negotiable,  extended benefits and incentive plan. Send resume to  Suncoast Agencies. Box  369, Gibsons, B.C.       TFN  Energetic resourceful person required to care for 6-9 yrs. old in  after school daycare program.  Exp. an asset, 23 hrs./wk. Halfmoon Bay Child Care Centre  885-3739. #36  CASHIER/  STORE CLERK  ��� Alert, personable, outgoing person  ��� Good with numbers  ��� Exposure to/training with computers  an asset  ��� Must be able to work weekends.  Apply by resume to:  David On  A.C. Building Supplies  P.O. Box 59  Madeira Park, B.C.  VON 2H0  Part time flag personnel needed,  must have own trans., send full  resume lo RR1, Box 17, Road  Warriors Traffic Control. Silver  Sands, Halfmoon Bay, B.C.  #36  Home Support Workers - Gibsons and Sechelt areas. We are  looking for people with a mature  attitude who will enjoy working  with seniors in their homes. If  you are Interested in entering or  re-entering the work force, we offer flexible hours, support and  training. You must be in good  physical and emotional health,  and have a car with valid license.  Experience in health care or In  working with Ihe elderly Is an  asset. Phone 885-5144.      #36  Help wanted, weeknights.  cashier. Village Store. Gibsons.  Drop by or phone 886-3520. #37  Reliable courteous Class 4 bus  driver, P/F time. 886-9318. 137  Brand new Diet Disc Program,  doctor created, control nibbling,  lose 10-29 lbs. per monlh, sately  and naturally. Make $ Irom your  weight loss. Results guaranteed.  Toll Free 1-976-3031. #37  Babysitter lor Fitness Oar Program, Mon. Tues. Thurs. at 9:15  am. Hourly rate plus Iree classes.  Rleta 886-8305. #36  ParMlme person required lor  video dept. at Kern's Home Furnishings. Must be 18 yrs. of age.  Apply In person only. #36  Full 8. part time help wanled, excellent hours, apply to Gussy's  Rest. Sunnycrest Mall.  886-7922. Resume please.   #37  Finishing carpenters and  plumbers needed. Hans Ounpuu  Conslruction. 886-4680.  #38  ALL RESUMES ARE NOT  CREATED EQUAL! CALL ARBUTUS OFFICE SERVICES.  885-5212. #41  Enetgy! II you've got it. use it.  Join us part time on weekends,  waitresses and bus people. Call  Mike at the Coast Club Cale,  885-9344. #36  The Terrace Restaurant al Bonniebrook, the Sunshine Coast's  finest new restaurant, requires  part time servers and bussers lor  evening work. Contact Ken at  Bonniebrook Lodge or phone  866-2687. #36  29.  Business &  Home Services  Work Wanted  Framing crew available, air  equipped. Ph. alt. 6 pm  886-7830. TFN  MOUNTAINSIDE  PRESSURE WASHM*  Trailers, homes, all typss ol  buildings, boats, roots, paint  stripping, patios, equipment,  driveways, sundecks, swimming  pools, gutters cleaned, quality  workmanship. Free Estimates  885-7473. TFN  For your minor plumbing repairs.  Call Big John 885-3159.  #36  D0V0UNEE0  Lawn/landscape HiMnsnincs  weedeating, brushcutting, rubbish removal, hedge trimming,  window washings. Skip's  Maintenance Service. 885-2373.  #36  HANDYMAN: Carpentry, drywall,  painling, patio stones, fencing,  driveway sealing, root demoss-  Ing. hauling. No job too small.  Alan 886-8741. #36  COAST RENOVATIONS  European  carpenters,  quality  work  at   reasonable   rates.  883-2907 or pager 885-5111.  #38  Reliable man/men available lor  lawn and garden labour and olher  day jobs. Rob 886-3822.     #38  Westwind Enterprises  Quality House Construction  and Renovations.  25 years building experience  886-7025 #38  Luc Lortie, painting, Interior, exterior, 10 yrs. exp. 886-9379.  #39  Rooling-Rerooling-Remodelling  and Repairs. Reasonable and  guaranteed. 885-4190.       #38  Child Care  Small daycare In Roberts Creek  has one lull time space led,  $20/day 7:45-5:30, Preschool  format In AM with lots ol time to  play. 886-8822. #38  Mornlngtown Daycare is a small  close-knit family environment  providing love, fun, and stimulation for your child while you're at  work. Phone Lisa Hubel at  886-7668. #38  Babysitter required starting Sept.  lor 2 and 1 in kindergarten, my  home or yours. 886-2410 aft.  5pm.  32.  Business  Opportunities  Discovery Toys' wonderful  educational toys, books &  games lor all ages. Great time to  start your own business. Call me  lor more Into or to lind out how  you can earn your starter kit lor  Iree. Carol 1-563-8195.  ��7  1973 Chevy 1 ton complete with  Lincoln 200 amp welder, both  gd. cond.. $5500. 886-4899.  #38  PEERLESS TREE  SERVICE LTD.  Topping - Limbing - Danger Tree  Removal,  Insured.  Guaranteed  Work. Free estimates. 885-2109.  TFN  SPECTRUM ACCOUNTING  SERVICES  885-7069 #38  Accounting Services lor small  businesses.  Computer Tutor.  Michael Hamer, 886-7589.   #36  Mobile licenced auto mechanic  will repair at your place or mine.  Call Greg Frlesen at 886-3451.  #36  THE 13TH Person to give me the  page numbers of my 4 ads in the  new yellow pages by noon  September 15th will win a Iree  lunch. ARBUTUS OFFICE SERVICES 885-5212. #36  Rooling-Rerooling-Remodelling  and Repairs. Reasonable and  guaranteed. 885-4190.       #38  Work Wanted  VOLUNTEERS NEEDED  Global Action Plan (BAP)  -Seamstress needed to sew  a banner lor new environmental action group.  Parent 8 Tot Group - Grandparenls lo help in kilchen In  Sechelt, mornings and others  to help plan group Mon/-  Wed/Fri mornings in Gibsons.  Public Health Unit - Vision  screening in elementary  schools in Gibsons. Flexible  hours.  SC RCMP Vldlm/Wltnisi  Program - Mature,committed  Individuals experienced with  criminal justice system and  dealing with crisis situations. Some on-call work.  Tetrahedron - Phoners required for telephone tree.  Mull on Whtsli - Drivers  needed lor Sechelt & Wilson  Creek.  FOR THESE AND MORE  OPPORTUNITIES, PLEASE  CONTACT THE VOLUNTEER  ACTION CENTRE 885-5881.  Person to develop marketing program for Cent. Ed. Must be UIC  recipient. 885-2991. #-36  H���,iei: PROFESSIONAL  "' STEAM CLEANING  Carpels ,fL  Upholstery  'HMRIUI IHieCK MOUMe'  louiputiet  HISI PUfeblfill HtSlll'S  CHERISHED      (  CARPET CARE  886-3823  a division or utee divmes  aio��iiOoacoK��iNO>  Live-in/out Nanny required  1 for 2 children, exc. wages,  resume & refs. please, to Box  1750, Gibsons, B.C.    '     #36  The Good Earth Cleaning Service,  lor a clean house wilh a clean  conscience. Miriam 886-2426 or  886-8217. #36  B 8 D RENOVATIONS  Additions, welding, decks, painting. One call will do It all.  885-3617, #36  Let me tend your grounds.  Gardening,    restorations,  maintenance,  landscaping,  winter care.  One Earth Groundskeeping  886-7025  "TLC" tor your yard. ^  ODD JOBS  Home repairs, plumbing, elec.  painting, fence building, elc. All  work guaranteed. Reasonable  rates, seniors discount. Call John  at 885-3159. #36  Versatile Construction Company  available lor work. From looting  to linishing. Air equipped. Local  references available. Call evenings 886-3538. #37  Carpenler available for decks, additions, small jobs, refs. Brad  886-2558. #38  Need fun loving person to care for  3 and 6 yr. olds, prefer my home,  Roberts Creek. 886-4691 eves.  #37  Responsible person to care lor  two children, Mon.-Fri. Please  call 886-3538. #37  Mother ol two will babysit in her  home on Redrooffs. Phone  885-2650. #37  Needed, sitter lor two small boys,  5 hours in mornings, some Saturdays, start Sept. Call 886-8842.  #37  Babysitter available, one girl age  2'A and up, part time. 886-7375.  #38  Nurse seeks babysitter lor two  children, 2 & 6 years, in my  home, Sechelt, 2-3 days per  week. 885-7008. #38  Child care for girls, ages 3 & 4. in  my home, Lower Gibsons,  wholesome lunches provided.  886-9044. #36  Mature reliable babysitter needed  lor 2 yr. old twin girls and a  newborn, variable hours, my  home, refs. req., possible arrangement lor room and board II  req .886-8917. #38  More than custodial daycare,  mother ot a 4 year old boy, trained In child development provides  fun, creative, educational daycare  in an enriched environment wilh  Held trips. Full or part time lor 2  children aged 4 plus. 886-9390.  #38  Babysitter lor 2 boys. 1 and 2'/i  years old, 6-8 hours per week,  preler my home, Selma Patk.  rets, please. 885-7407.      #38  yL'      Business  Opportunities  II you are looking lor a business,  this Is it. Good moneymaker. For  more Info RR1, S5, C22, Gibsons, B.C. VON IVO. #38  Start now - local Amway  distributor offers opportunity lor  good earnings. You pick the  hours. We assist you. For appointment call 885-7144 or  886-9479. #39  Wanted: Men & women, be your  own boss. Set your own hours,  earn $500-$1500/monlh part  lime. Make $1500-$5000 or  more/month lull time. You will  decide when you want to work or  how much you want to earn.  This Is multi-level marketing.  For inlo call Gary or Lillian  Crosby 1-594-5232. #38  NOTICE  ol Silviculture Contract  Sealed tenders tor the  following Silviculture  Surveys Contract will be  received by the District  Manager, Sunshine Coasl  Forest District, 7077 Duncan  Street, Powell River, BCV8A  1W1 on the date shown  hfilow  Contract: R90V05-03  Locition: Clowhom Lake  Sunshine Coast Forest  District  For: Silviculture Surveys  On: 1,030 hectares  Viewing Date: September  11,1990 at the Sechelt Field  Office, 1975 Field Road,  Sechelt, BC VON 3A0 at  10:00 am.  Viewing ol the site prior to  submitting a bid "is mandatory. All prospective  viewers must inlorm the  Sechelt Field Ollice at  885-5174 on or before  September 7,1990 of intention to view.  Deadline tor receipt ol  tenders is 3:30 pm, September 11, 1990, at which time  all tenders will be opened.  Tenders must be submitted  on the lorm and in the  envelopes supplied which,  with the particulars, may be  obtained Irom the District  Manager in Powell River.  The lowest or any tender will  not necessarily be accepted.  NOTICE TO  CONTRACTORS  The Municipal Council of the District of  Sechelt is permitting the installation of  driveway culverts for residential and  commercial crossings by contractor for  a one year trial period.  Any person as an individual, or as a  representative of a company, may  register and their name will be placed  on an "Approved Culvert Contractor"  list which will be maintained by the  District of Sechelt and be available for  viewing at the Municipal Hall during  normal business hours.  The applicant will be required to post a  security in the amount specified. Application forms are available at the  Municipal Hall during normal business  hours.  NOTICE OF SALE  PURSUANT TO THE  WAREHOUSEMEN'S  LIEN ACT  Notice Is hereby given that  the storage lots held by Len  Wray's Transfer Ltd., Box  186, Highway 101. Gibsons,  B.C. In the name ol John  Dreichel and in the name ol  Jean Burk will be sold at a  public sale lor debts  outstanding and cost ol sale  within 30 days of the second  appearance ol Ihis notice at  a location designated by Len  Wray's Transfer Lid.  You'll be  hooked  COAST NEWS  * Photo  Reprints  5x7       *600  8x10     $900  any published photo or your  choice from the contact sheets  Ot i(?lllllCL^QU II lir  oceon of o/eoi de  the classifieds  Help Spread  The Word:  LITERACY  GLASSFORD  PRESS  DESIGN STUDIOS  THANK  YOU  | to all my Ex-Clients |  and  laStlll MY FRIENDSi  Irom  John B. Pilngle  Notary, Retired  In addition to providing the  BEST NEWS & ADVERTISING COVERAGE  on the Sunshine Coast, THE COAST NEWS  is pleased to offer for your convenience  the services of our Gibsons & Sechelt offices  FAX and PHOTOCOPY MACHINES  FAX RATES  To Send:  *J      first page  'I"    each additional page  PLUS PHONE/TIME CHARGES  To Receive:  *1      per page  Gibsons Fax 886-7725                 Sechelt Fax 885-3954  PHOTOCOPIES:  Quantities Only  50-100   20* ea.  101-250   15* ea.  251-500   12* ea.  501-1000 10* ea.  Over 1,000 copies - to be priced separately  FULL ��e SPOT COLOUR AVAILABLE  Cowrie St.  Sechell 885*3930  Cruice Lane  Gibsons .886*2622  eeeUaMOMMM  mmmmm  riB*  1 Coast News, September 3,1990  25.  Strait action urgently needed  Editor:  After paddling across  Georgia Strait last Saturday in  the First Annual Save the Straits  Marathon, I feel more strongly  than ever the need for taking  direct and urgent action to  rescue this magnificent inland  sm from ecological death.  Sitting low in the seat of a  kayak stroking the waves for  five hours, you can hardly fail  to sense the immensity of the  strait's surging lifeforce. On the  surface she seems so overpowering, so perfect, it becomes hard  to believe she is so sick inside.  But the symptoms are un-  mistakeable. In 40 yean of living on these shorn I have never  seen immense clots of dead  algae floating around in open  waters like I have this year. I  know what that nwans -nutrient  overload, oxygen cycle collapse,  stagnation, dead waters. 1 have  watched it happen to the  beautiful clear lagoons I swam  in as a child around Pender  Harbour, now replaced by  fetid, lifeles sloughs. We have  the dioxin reports, the coliform  imports, the shellfish closures.  We have the warning of Jacques  Cousteau ringing in our ears,  pleading with us not to destroy  the last of the globe's great inshore marine biosystems.  We hear a lot of talk from industry and government about  the millions of dollars they are  supposedly spending to do  something. Yet every year the  total tonnage of pulpmill waste,  or urban sewage, of spilled oil,  of toxic dumping, increases  alarmingly. There is nothing  currently on the government's  books which we can count on to  resvetrse this trend.  CLASSES STARTING  SECHELT CAMPUS  I There is still space in these courses:  j CREDIT  Business Management Marketing 160  ��� Tuesdays  English Composition 100 -  | Thursdays  NON CREDIT  Basics of Micro Computer, Level 2  Spotlight on Canadian Authors:  ATWOOD  Foodsafe Level 1  Please contact us during our new  opening hours  9 am to 7 pm Monday to Thursday  9 am to 4 pm Fridays  Call us at 885*9310 or  CAPILANO       drop into 5627 Inlet Avenue,  COLLEGE        Sechelt  Here are some of the en-  vironmental objectives I am  convinced we must pursue on a  priority basis if we are to have  any hope of saving the strait:  1. A comprehensive study of  Georgia Strait as a unique  ecosystem.  2. Comprehensive ongoing  monitoring of our inshore  waters' vital signs, with full  release of this (and all) environmental information to the  public.  3. An immediate bean on  ocean dumping of toxic waste.  4. A policy of zero tokrarrce  of industrial pollution of  Georgia Strait targeted for the  year 2000.  5. Re-establishment of a  powerful and well-funded Environmental and Land Use  Secretariat with a mandate to  research and analyse environmental problems.  6. Establishment of a Georgia  Basin Authority to collatiorate  with the Puget Sound authority  in monitoring amd regulating  the inshore marine bioregion of  the Pacific Northwest.  I am convinced none of this  will happen under the present  government. Given yet another  term, the Vander Zalm administration will lose its current  affection for environmental  issues a quickly and inexplicably  as they found it. I am equally  corniced NDP Leader Mike  Harcourt's avowed dnram of  making the Gwrgia Basin and  the entire province a model of  good enviromenial management  is sincere. This is why I have  laid aside my other acivities to  help him bring that dream  about.  Howard White  ���Editor's Note: Mr. White is the  NDP candidate for the Mackenzie Riding.  ALBACORE  TUNA  on board the  Royal Spirit  at the Gibsons  Government Wharf  Mon., Sept. 10 & Tues., Sept. 11  FOR (WORE INFO CALL CELL. 230-3063  Biker's view  Editor:  Regarding the motorcycle  fatality reported in last week's  Coast News: As a frequent  motorcycle passenger I would  like to comment on the lack of  consideration car drivers here  on the Sunshine Coast give to  motorcyclists, plus the compulsion many drivers here have to  speed and to try to pressure  others to speed.  Two weeks ago my friend  and I were returning from  Pender Harbour on a somewhat  heavily-laden motorcycle. The  winding road was unfamiliar to  the driver and he did not wish to  exceed the sp<eed limit. Going  too fast around curves is far  more dangerous for a two-  wheeled vehicle than it is for a  four-wheeled one.  A woman in a blue car, who  had obviously not left "-"rself  sufficient time to get io the  ferry, was on our tail for miles  of these dangerous curves,  following so closely that, even  FREEGOaLD  SAVE $120.00 on a  FREE GOLD DOOR  >Environmental .Protection Agency Certified  >Large View Gold Plated Door  >The Clean Glass Air Wash System  >More Heat with less Wood  Choose from the full line of Wood  Freestanding and Insert Models  ^P^J^SIBWKJ^FIREPIACE PRODUCTS  Offer Ends Sept. 15th  Doe* Not Apply to  Radiant Models  ���-"���GIBSDWp-*-*  BUILDING SUPPLIES^  TWO LOCATIONS sunshine coast Mummy ciisohs  wh��i*i ��N0D0ifMm secheit �����. <��&!  ��� >ae  .Spa.  Will  had there been a proper  shoulder on which to pull over,  we could not have slowed down  to do so.  Had we been forced to stop  suddenly our fate may well have  been the same as that of the unfortunate Mr. Werner.  Anne Miles  TERMINAL  Forest Products Ltd.  LOG  BUYING  STATION  Competitive Prices  Camp Run  CEDAR ��� FIR ��� HEMLOCK ���  886-7033  Notice off  Public Hearing  Official Community Plan Designation Amendment  Bylaw No. 600*6,1990 and  Zoning Amendment Bylaw  No. 555*43,1990  Pursuant to Section 956 and 957 of the Municipal Act, a PUBLIC HEARING will  be held Wednesday, September 12,1990 at 7:30 p.m. in the Municipal Hall, 474  South Fletcher Road, Gibsons, B.C. to consider the Official Community Plan  Designation Amendment Bylaw No. 600-6,1990 which is proposed to amend the  Town of Gibsons Official community Plan Bylaw No. 600,1988, and Zoning Amend-"  v ment Bylaw No. 555*43,1990 which bylaw Is proposed to amend the Town of Gibsons Zoning Bylaw No. 555,1986.  "In general terms, the purpose of Bylaw No. 6004,1990, a bylaw to amend the  Town of Gibsons Official Community Plan Bylaw No. 600,1988 is to:  1. (a) clarify the portions of the Gospel Rock Area that are developable;  (b) clarify the conditions under which the Gospel Rock Area can be  developable; and  (c) to obtain as much of the Gospel Rock Area for parkland as is possible.  2. This bylaw may be cited as Official Community Plan Designation Amendment  Bylaw No. 6004,1990.  The intent of Bylaw No. 555-43, 1990 Is to amend the present zoning of the  following property as described:  1. In general terms, the intent of the Bylaw is to amend the zoning of the lands  legally described in Paragraph 2 below from the existing Single-Family  Residential Zone 4 (R.4) to the proposed Single-Family Residential Zone 1 (R.1)  which would allow for creation of parcels upon subdivision of a minimum  parcel size of 7,500 square feet. However, a covenant under Section 215 of the  Land Title Act has been granted by the owner to the Town which is registered  against Block 7 and which will, in the case of Block 7, restrict subdivision to  parcels of an average parcel size of 10,000 square feet and Increase the  minimum side yard setbacks to 10 feet.  2. The lands that are the "ubject of the Bylaw are:  That certain area of land In the Town of Gibsons, British Columbia, more particularly known and legally described as Block 6 and that part of Block 7,  District Lot 842, Plan 6755 which Is shown outlined In red on the plan prepared  by Larry Penonzek, B.C. Land Surveyor, a photo-reduced copy of which forms  part of this notice.  3. This bylaw may be cited as Zoning Amendment Bylaw No. 555-43,1990.  A copy of the above Bylaws may be inspected at the Gibsons Municipal Hall, 474  South Fletcher Road in Gibsons, British Columbia during office hours, namely 8:30  a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Monday to Friday (Statutory Holidays excepted).  Take notice that this notice is deemed to be a synopsis of the bylaws, and not  deemed to be an interpretation thereof.  At the Hearing, all persons who deem their Interest in property to be affected by  the proposed bylaws shall be afforded an opportunity to be heard on matters contained therein.  Rob Buchan  Municipal Planner and Approving Oil leer  '���"��� irr!r~  BLOCK 6  7. as ha  neew... .:*o  I 26.  Coast News, September 3,1990  Community Services fundraiser  Gala Dance plans set  by Rote NkAoboa  "Instead of going door to  door to raise funds this year, we  thought we'd give people the  opportunity to have fun and  support Community Services at  the same time," said Hilary  Estergaard, president of the  Sunshine Coast Community  Services Society (SCCSS).  Estergaard was speaking  about the Gala Dance planned  for September 22 that will  feature a fully catered dinner, a  celebrity master of ceremonies,  and a well known popular band  and some local entertainment.  Some of the prizes to be raf fieri will be a weekend at Nancy  Greene Lodge in Whistler, an  art prim by Ed Hill and a 50  dollar coupon towards a  package holiday.  "Everything for the evening  is being donated," said  Estergaard, "so all the proceeds  will go to the Society. Even  though we're government fund-  ed, quite a few of our groups  find themselves in a deficit position at the end of every year,  and that means fundraising, or  cutting back on service to people on the Coast."  Started in 1974, the SCCSS is  an umbrella organization for 11  service groups that include  Audio Books, the Infant  Development Program, Minibus, Parent-Tot Drop-in, Rainbow Preschool, Sechelt Food  Bank, Special Services to  Children, Telephone Tree,  Transition House, Volunteer  Action Centre and Volunteer  Drivers.  The Audio Books Service last  year provided over 1400 'talking' books for 27 regular and  many short term users, people  who enjoy reading but who are  unable to do so for some  reason.  The Infant Development  Program provides a home-  based consultation f .vice for  children up to three years old  who are showing a delay in  development and helps parents  to find the appropriate treatment.  This year saw an expanded  Paratransit Service, which  brought a second Minibus on-  stream for public uansportation  and improved r vice to disabled passengers.  The Parent-Tot Drop-in gives  young mothers and the many  newcomers to the Coast an op-  The Bodhi Tree  Graphic Design Studio  ��� Lotos . Letterheads  . Direct Mall ��� Financial Reports  . Theatre A Dance Promotion  . Restaurant Menus ��� Etc.  M6-9760 Glb��u,B.C.  Ttltphonc: 737-2112. Van. B.C.  portunity to get together for  friendship and support, as well  as counselling from the trained  staff.  The Rainbow Preschool is a  parent operated preschool in  Roberts Creek with an enrollment of IS three and four year  olds.  Special Services to Children  provides help and counselling  for spedetl needs children from  six to 19 years of age and their  families.  This year the Transition  House provided temporary  refuge and counselling for 88  families, including 75 children,  and Project Parent offered support to young parents, pregnant  teens and families where  dysfunctional family .patterns  are developing.  An average of 150 people  received one or two bags of  groceries twice a month at the  Food Bank and nine Telephone  Tree volunteers make daily  phone contact with 20 people  from 39 to 90 years of age who  are confined to their homes.  Legal Information Service, a  pilot project initiated this year  to determine whether there was  a need for a legal information  and counselling serivce, has  been very well used, "and we've  just heard," snd Estergaard,  "that we're going to grt funding  for mother year."  The Volunteer Action Centre  acts as a co-ordination centre  for all the volunteers of the  many groups on the Coast, and  the Volunteer Driver Program  matches drivers with those that  need help to get to doctor's appointments at the medical clinic  or in Vancouver.  The annual budget for Community Services for 1987/88  was $300,000, most of which  was administered for the provincial government, and came  in the form of grants from the  Ministry of Social Services and  Housing and the Ministry of  Transport.  Smaller grants came from the  Regional District and the Town  of Sechelt.   Donations  from  charitable organizations, businesses and individuals, local  fundraising and some fees for  services made up the rest of the  revenue.  "The Board of Directors is a  very dedicated group," said  Estergaard. "Everybody pulls  their weight, everybody comes  to meetings, the committees all  work very heard, there's a very  positive attitude. We've grown  with leaps and bounds with all  the new serviors."  .Estergaard herself, who has  been on the board for nearly six  years, puts in one full day a  week at the Society's office, as  well as evening meetings.  "1 enjoy it," she said. "It's a  good group of people, and  there's a lot of positive feedback. That's why people stick  with it, and why we have others  who want to get involved.  "That's good, because there  has been a big increase in the demand for our services with the  recent influx of people on the  Coast."  PHILLIPINES  and MORE FROM '1265 Cdn.  INCLUDES: -  ��� Round trip air fare Vancouver/Manila  ��� 2 nights accommodation Guang Dong Hotel  in Hong Kong  ��� Airport transfers, baggage handling, hotel tax  and service charge  ��� Option to stopover in Hong Kong before returning  to Vancouver  ��� Children under 12 sharing with 2' adults (selected dates only)  Je^L.- StUUOtUt AaCMCiaBa)   SeineeyatelMall.Cibeeene  _^^t^*' TRAVEL DU>T 886-9255  SCRD receives report  on watershed future  by Ron Nicholson  According to a hydrologic  report prepared by Dr. Douglas  Golding, logging in the Chapman and Gray Creek watersheds, if carried out with certain  modifications recommended in  the report, would not be harmful to the water supply.  The intent of the report, commissioned by the Sunshine  Coast Regional District  (SCRD), was to deal only with  the effects logging might have  on the water supply, and not to  address any of the othw issues  that have raised a storm of protest in retxnt months.  Golding recommends that  "no timber harvest should be  allowed that would increase the  hydrologically unrecovered  percentage of either watershed  to greater than 30 per cent."  The report defines 'hydrologically recovered' as the condition that develops after logging where new growth has  developed to the point where  conditions are approximately  equivalent to the pre-logged  period, and suggests that this  would usually be about 10  years.  Regional Director Jim Gurney cautioned that the high  altitude and other factors in the  watershed could have a significant effect on recovery and the  10 year period may not be  enough.  Further recommendations  suggest limiting the size and  shape of cutblocks; leaving buffer strips of uncut timber along  streams; replanting after three  years if natural regeneration is  unsatisfactory; and careful consideration of road building  practices to insure control of  runoff.  In preparing his report,  Golding drew on several  previous studies, particularly a  20 year study of two streams in  the Vancouver watershed.  These studies indicate that  logging does not increase the  volume of water in streams at  peak flow periods, but, in many  cass, actually decreases the  flow due to a staggering effect.  It was also found that natural  scouring of stream beds in  unlogged areas during peak  flow periods can cause as much,  or more, sedimentation in  streams as logging dos.  The earlier studies found that  slash burning and herbicide  spraying caused drastic increases of the content of nitrates  and other chemicals in the soil  and water. These increass, particularly in the cass of herbicides, can occur a few years  after spraying, indicating,  pointed out Gurney, that decaying vegetation, rather than the  herbicide is responsible.  Gurney, commenting further-  on the report, pointed out that  it focused manly with the Batchelor  and   Edwards   Lakes  cutblocks and did not address  past logging practices, except in  the context of those two areas.  He recommended that the  waste material pils on the Edwards Lake Road be stabilized  and that a plan of hydrologic  zons be initiated for the purpose of establishing the percentage of non-hydrologically  recovered areas in each zone.  Last Week  Of Sale For School Supplies  PC II 286- 12 MHZ  40 Meg Hard Drive  1 Floppy Drive  14" VGA Monitor (Full Cole  $1995.  ���atlas-  OFFICE SOLUTIONS LTD.  5511 Wharf St., Sechelt  Phone 885-4489 Fax 885-4696  I.  \  V  LAST SALE  BEFORE CHRISTMAS  qCITCHIM        wrr  CARNIVAL   Cowrie, St.. Sechelt  mitt-iiwa  1 WEEK ONLY    ee-Jfii  885-3611 las'���m  I  l#  .:���  HOW FAR DO YOU GO  FOR YOUR DECORATING NEEDS?  i *<  $        �����.  e^aiC  ...... *?-***?  -merrace^-  "III '"'Illlll llllllllll*M"1 ""Willi'  AT BONNIEBROOK  Treat yourself to Excellent Dining  and Superb Service at the  Sunshine Coast's Finest new Restaurant.  SUNDAY BRUNCH (I0jm-2pm)   FULLY LICENSED   Serving Breakfast, Lunch It Dinner daily except Mondays  LOCATED AT GOWER POINT RD. *  OCEAN BEACH ESPLANADE  PHONE 886-2188  eeeeeekaMaaftMM  mmmmmmmmWmmm  ^iM^mma


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