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 Victoria  LEGISLATIVE LIBRARY  Parliament Buildings.  VICTORIA BC  V8V 1X4  eg. i  Grand old man of sculpture honoured  Evelyn Roth Dancers from Vancouver perform Ihe famous Salmon Dance, behind Ihe Museum In Gibsons Saturday. A  50-foot Inflatable salmon forms a colourful backdrop for the dancers who represent the Raven and Eagle, above, and Bear and  Frog In a stylized dance, based on a timeless legend of life and death. The dancers were Invited to Gibsons to celebrate the 91st  summer of artist Dudley Carter at the home of David and Mavis Vaughan of Gower Point Road.  Vana Parnall Pttoto   by Joan Huettti Foster tot John BotsWc   The fifty-foot, glittering green, blue and silver salmon nudged  a giant cedar in the mellowing cobalt twilight. The enormous  symbolic fish shuddered and struggled as it spawned a frog, an  eagle, a raven, a bear and a human under the cedars at the home  of David and Mavis Vaughan on Gower Point Road last Saturday evening.  The occasion was the celebration to mark the 91st summer of  famed sculptor, Dudley C Carter, father of Mavis Vaughan,  . who lives in a beach house on the Vaughan property and does  much of his work there.  The highlight of the evening of tribute was the Kwa Gulth  ceremonial dance staged by the dancers of Evelyn Roth's  Rothworks dance troupe. The dancers brought the powerful and  captivating ceremonial to a finale with a moving totem on the  floodlit terrace to the enraptured applause of the invited guests,  who included many of the great names in art in British Columbia.  At the conclusion of the ceremonial dance, a presentation was  made to the guest of honour by Peter Ochs, President of the  Sculptors' Association of British Columbia.  "To reach one's ninety-first summer is a very considerable  achievement. When, in addition to that achievement, the man in  question is still the most prolific sculptor in the province, one  can only stand in awe."  In presenting a scroll to Mr. Carter, naming him Honorary  Life President of the Sculptors' Association of British Columbia, Ochs paid tribute to the pioneering work of Carter in finding a symbiosis between the traditional native art and his own  original creativity.  In a short speech of acceptance, Mr. Carter said that it would  be difficult to live up to the honours which Were being bestowed  upon him, but that he appreciated them very much.  Gathered lo pay tribute to the grand old man of West Coast  sculpture were many of the great names in sculpture in this province. Among them were Gerhard Mass who presented the Two  Worlds sculpture at the Queen Elizabeth Plaza to the city of  Vancouver on behalf of the residents of German origin; Jack  Harman, noted for his Miracle Mile and Family Group on the  PNE grounds and in front of the Pacific Press building respectively; Alek Imreddy, whose Girl In the Wet Suit graces the entrance to Vancouver Harbour near Lumbermen's Arch and  whose statue of St. Laurent stands on Parliament Hill; George  Norris, whose Crab at the Planetarium and work at the Pacific  Centre is familiar to many.  Among other sculptors of note were David Marshall of  Capilano College, Jack Ackroyd, George Rammell, and onetime Gibsons resident David Kydd.  Noted Indian sculptors present were Norman Tail, who also  supervised a traditional Indian salmon barbecue, aided and  abetted by the much-loved Earl Carter, and Joseph Waterhouse  of the Klallam people from Port Gamble on the Olympic Peninsula who has been studying with Dudley Carter. It was an occasion on which mere painters felt like hangers-on.  Also present was Abby Sher from Los Angeles. Ms. Sher is  filming an hour-long documentary focussing on Mr. Carter's  worV at the new Portland Centre and a retrospective look at his  life and work. This film is for U.S. Channel Nine.  It is regrettable that while we have such a distinguished artist  living on the Sunshine Coast one must either travel to Portland,  Seattle or Spokane (or wangle an invitation to the Vaughans') to  view any of his stunning work. This leaves all of the students and  99V* of our coastal population totally unaware of this active artist whose flame burns so brightly at ninety years of age. Surely  the time has come for some effort to be made at public purchase,  by subscription if necessary, if the villages are unwilling or  unable to loosen the purse strings.  Serving the Sunshine Coast since 1945  The Sunshine  Published at Gibsons, B.C.  25* per copy on news stands  Delivered to every address on the Coast  September 1,1981  Volume 35, Number 35  There's gold in them thai* hills  i Local men strike it rich in north  by John Burnside  Two local men have followed their trail north ih search of  gold in the way as old as the history of the white man in this province and have had their Initiative and perseverance promptly  rewarded with the discovery of what appears to be a 'considerable gold vein' on the ground they are working on Canyon  Creek near Atlin, B.C.  Archie Wiggins and Herb Craig are well-known to many in  the Gibsons area as independent, resourceful beachcombers.  Together with several local investors, Wiggins and Craig this  year formed Hell's Gate Gold Inc.  "I got to thinking about mining for gold last year," says Wiggins, who is president of the apparently successful venture. "I  was floating down the Thompson and Fraser rivers in a rubber  taft at the time. At first we intended to mine on the Fraser River  this year but the experts were wrong again and water levels on  the Fraser this Spring were much higher than the hydrologists  predicted so we headed north."  Their troubles weren't over when they arrived in the far northwest corner of British Columbia.  "We had another run-in with the weather man," said Wiggins. "The weather man said June was a dry month in Atlin. The  Completion three years off  oldtimers said it was a dry month, but it rained every day. It  took us 21 days to haul our equipment in 20 miles to the mine  site through mud and muskeg."  According to Wiggins they had t*>��uilii��pHhe track into the  mine site as they went with fine gravel on the bottom and then  layers of coarser gravel.  "On muskeg," said Wiggins, "you don't dare break the surface or it opens up like torn fabric."  They finally started mining on Canyon Creek on July 4th but  their problems were by no means over. They had purqhased a  new and ingenious mining machine, The Flying Dutchman, but  the rigours of the work proved too much for it and they wound  up digging up the gravel with a back hoe and sluicing it through  the traditional northern sluice box.  Through July and August Hell's Gate Gold, Inc. found only  traces of gold and after the day's mining on August 22 they  made the decision to quit for the season and spend the rest of the  time digging test holes and taking samples in preparation for  next year.  That night they drowned their sorrows and next day loaded  their generator on a truck and Craig started down the Alaska  Highway with it on a return to the coast. On Monday, August  24, Wiggins went out to complete the clean-up from Saturday's  mining.  '3t was incredible. There was a row of nuggets on the riffle  rtsBJ-at '.tie top of the sluice box and I knew we were into real  gold."  According to Wiggins, subsequent investigation indicated that  there were two gold veins uncovered and he failed to find the end  of either in either direction.  "We are into virgin ground," said Wiggins. "The area hasn't  been mined since the turn of the century."  The president of Hell's Gate Gold, Inc. told the Coasl News  that the area being mined has heavy deposits and that on  neighbouring McKee Creek, ten miles away as the raven flies,  miners found a 37 ounce gold nugget this summer.  "That nugget had been through two sluice boxes," said Wiggins, "and nearly went through the third. It was spotted by a  tourist sitting on top of a riffle near the bottom of the sluice box.  Another five minutes water would have washed it through."  Wiggins says he's heading back to the mine to do some more  mining this week after a flying visit to the Sunshine Coast.  "We're going to turn a profit in our first year," he said, "and  this winter I'm going to design a new plant to make sure that we  don't lose any big nuggets."  Formal agreement heeded for marina  Gibsons Municipal Marina project will proceed as soon as a  formal agreement is signed between the Federal Department of  Fisheries and Oceans and the Village of Gibsons.  Regional Director of the Small Craft Harbour Branch, Warren Parkinson, confirmed that the federal government will con- ���  tribute $255,000 in the 1980-81 fiscal year towards the construction of the proposed marina. That contribution is the first phase  of the total $1.1 million which has been committed by the  federal government towards the marina project.  Parkinson stated in a letter to Mayor Goddard: "It will be  necessary to enter a formal agreement between the Village and  the Department outlining the details of the project and agreeing  to match the federal expenditure.  "This agreement must be signed prior to awarding the contract for the initial phase of the project. When your plans are  sufficiently firm to analyze your costs, we can then prepare the  terms of the agreement."  Mayor Goddard stated that formal letters of consent must be  obtained from waterfront residents in the Gibsons bay area, to  allow Gibsons village to obtain a waterlot lease for the proposed  marina.  "We will not ask anyone to relinquish their riparian rights,  nor will we prevent any waterfront landowners from crossing  our waterlot lease in order to reach their own properties.  "We will be increasing deep-water access in what is now a  shallow bay area, which will be to the advantage of the bay  residents."  Chairman of the marina standing committee, Alderman Larry  Trainor, told The Coast News that "25 or 26 aspects of the project have to be pulled together" before an agreement can be  finalized and construction on the marina project can begin.  "The first step will be the appointment of a Project Officer,"  said Trainor. "Engineering drawings, dredging rights, letters of  consent, grant approvals, organization of financing, and 101 administrative and organizational details will all have to be coordinated by one person in charge of the entire marina project."  ���Trainor stated that council has not yet appointed a project officer, but that a decision would be made as soon as possible in  order to get the project underway.  ":"In 1979, when we studied the proposed marina, the anticipated cost of the project was $1,169,000. Now, with inflation, the cost has gone up to $2.8 million. We are looking for  grant assistance from the provincial government, to help us meet  our share of the project costs.  "We have three years before we expect to put the marina into  operation. Spreading it out over that time frame should help us  finance the project and was probably a factor that encouraged  the federal government to make a financial commitment to the  project.  In Lower Village  Gibsons residents  denied parking  The residents of the Green Block, between the Seaview  Restaurant and Fitzgerald's Restaurant in lower Gibsons, have  found themselves without parking spaces at their place of  residence, as a result of Gibsons' new parking by-law.  The four families occupying the apartment block appealed to  Gibsons council in July to permit resident parking on the street  in front of the building. However, council decided that the two-  hour parking limit would be enforced throughout the lower  village, in order to ease the parking congestion in the commercial area, Monday to Saturday.  In a second appeal to council, in a letter dated August 21, the  Oreen Block residents stated that there is no other place in the  lower village where permanent parking could be found and that  the residents are placed in the position of constantly having to  move their cars, in order to meet the parking requirements or be  "in the position of breaking the law".  Council discussed the fact that the residents are basically asked to move their vehicles away from their apartments from 10  am. to 3 pm. "which is the busiest time of day in that area".  However, they did not have any suggestions regarding alternate  parking sites for Green Block residents during those hours.  It was decided to send a letter to the residents to inform them  that council had "reconsidered the situation and was not  prepared to alter their position on parking restrictions in the  lower village at this time."  Strike update  The threat of the Pulp and Paper Workers of Canada  (PPWC) shutting down forest industry operations in many  parts of B.C. does not appear to be a problem to local  forestry activities.  Ed Gill of the IWA told the Coasl News that the nearest  PPWC local is in Woodfibre and no Sunshine Coast  operations are likely to be affected.  Local log sorting grounds are back in full operation as  the IWA members returned to work last week.  Meanwhile, area logging camps shut down by Ministry  of Forests fire restrictions have not resumed operation.  The sites await sufficient rain and cool weather before  these restrictions are raised. Closest current estimates of  these camps resuming work are sometime after Labour  Day.  vana hrm tm,  Many Gibsons residents found Ihe Evelyn Rolh Dancers performing their Salmon Dance behind the Museum on Saturday moil  entertaining, among them well-known resident, Bruno Gerussi,  who brought his grandchildren along for the show.  ON THE INSIDE...  Testimony of the towels Page 2  Letters to the editor Page 3  Bob Hunter Page 4  Entertainment Page 4  Elllngham 's astrology Page 4  Community news Page 6  Holistic health Page 7  Perils of motherhood Page 8  The energy of life Page II  Ten favourite words Page 11  Sports Pages 14 A 15  Business directory Pages 18 & 19  Classified ads Pages 20, 21A 22  Crossword puzzle Page 23  Andraa and Llndaa, M  Evelyn Rolh Dancers create totem during Salmon Dance performed behind Gibsons Museum last Saturday. ���Mif i zwi  2 Coast News, September 1,1981  The  Sunshine   I A LOCALLY OWNED NEWSPAPER  Publiltwd at Gibson j. B.C. entry   Tuesday, by Glntlord Press Ltd.  Boi 460, Gibaons. VON 1V0    Pender Harbour inquiries, and all others, II  Phone 886-2622 or 886-7817    no answer Irom 886 numbers call 885-2770  4  Editorial Department:  John Burnside  Fran Bourassa  Vene Parnell  George Matthews  Accounts Department:  MM Joe  Copysetting:  Wendy-Lynne Johns  Lise Sheridan  Connie Hawke  Advertising Department:  Fran Berger  Mark Hood  Jane McOuat  SUBSCRIPTION RATES:  Canada $24.00 per year. $15.00 lor six months  United States S25.00 per year, Foreign $28.00 per year  Distributed free to all addresses on the Sunshine Coast.  Second Class Mail Registration No. 4702  Production Department:  Nancy Conway  Neville Conway  Sham R. Sohn  Sherra Picketts  Bradley J Benson  Circulation  Joan H Foster  Stephen Carroll  r  They always get their mandate  II it were suggested, though it certainly  has not been, that the RCMP has  employed illegal means in investigating  the recent murders of children in the  lower mainland, few, if any, people  would be either surprised or outraged. In  fact, most citizens would applaud the actions.  If, on Ihe other hand, it was revealed  that the same police force had kepi active  files on "dissident" students, teachers,  reporters or Canadians who have visited  eastern block countries, most of us would  quite rightly be upset.  The McDonald Royal Commission  report has, in fact, revealed that the  RCMP has engagaed in illegal acts and  has maintained files on otherwise quiltless  citizens. The culprits in this case are not  the RCMP, but rather our government  which refuses to establish guidelines for  police investigations or to take responsibility for encouraging illegal acts.  The policemen, for their part, have  quite rightly grabbed the initiative created  by this policy vacuum and have taken  every opportunity, legal or not, to do  their jobs as effectively as possible.  There must be a compromise  somewhere between allowing the RCMP  to pursue dangerous criminals through extraordinary means and allowing the  lawmen free rein. It is unfair to our national police force not to provide it with  guidelines and a clear mandate for their  woik.  A park perspective  The time has come for a few clear  words about Cliff Gilker Park and the  slate of neglect into which it is falling.  Lei it be said, to begin with, that apart  from the conventional wisdom the problem in Ihe park is not caused by vandalism. It is true that a party of high  school graduates achieved doubtful  distinction for themselves in June by  destroying the covered sand-pit and  smashing up the wooden boat in the  Adventure Playground, but by and large  the problems in the park have been caused  by natural occurrences. Windfall trees  block paths and have smashed wooden  walkways. The little stage in the amphitheatre has had a giant fallen tree  across it for 18 months. Wooden bridges  need maintenance and the one above the  waterfall at the bottom end of the park is  in dangerous state of disrepair through  natural attrition as much as anything else.  The problems in the park are caused by  neglect. In any forest, park growth and  deadfalls on trails must occasionally be  cleared away and bridges maintained. The  Regional Board is conducting surveys in  order to establish a Parks Function, but  have shown lamentably little awareness  that these treasures must be afforded  some upkeep. It is true that the Regional  Board acceded to a request from the  Roberts Creek Lions Club more than two  years ago that the service club be allowed  responsibility for park maintenance. It is  also true that, for whatever reason, the  Lions Club has done nothing towards the  upkeep of the park in that time, neither  taking up the responsibility they sought  nor clearly relinquishing it. The only work  of note done in Ihe park in the past couple  of years was done by Ihe students of Gibsons Alternate School who repaired the  bridge at the foot of Bridal Falls.  Last year, the executive of the Roberts  Creek Lions Club informed the Coast  News that they did not have the manpower for the job they had written to ask  for, a strange statement in view of the fact  that one man with a chain saw and a  machete and some decent carpentry skills  could keep the park in tip-top condition in  a few hours per month.  Such men are available for hire and  the Regional Board would do well to persuade its members to keep their heads part  of the time at least out of the rarefied atmosphere of political lobbying and intrigue long enough to have these basic  issued of regional housekeeping attended  to.  It may not be apparent to the Regional  Board nor the Roberts Creek Lions Club,'  but Cliff Gilker Park is extremely well  used by residents who seek the refuge of  the forest on occasion, be they artists with  their palettes, boys with fishing poles,  children in the playground, or whatever.  It is a disgrace that the Regional Board  has not reassumed clear responsibility  since it became obvious that there was little enthusiasm on the part of the Lions  Club for the preservation of the park as it  is. One has only to imagine Vancouver  without Stanley Park to appreciate what  Cliff Gilker Park could mean to this area  in the years ahead.  ...from the files of the COAST NEWS  m \  FIVE YEARS AGO  Some residents in the vicinity of  Sechelt airport are being forced to  consider selling their property due to  the increased aircraft noise as  planes, both float and wheeled, fly  low overhead while landing or taking  off.  One resident of the area told the  Coast News last week that the noise  of the aircrafts begin at daylight  everyday of the week. Night flights go  on as late as midnight most nights.  TEN YEARS AQO  The Beachcombers, a new CBC  television half-hour series in colour,  will go into production on the  Mainland Coast of B.C. in mid  September, Thorn Benson, director of  entertainment for CBC's English services division, announces.  FIFTEEN YEARS AGO  Mr. and Mrs. Aeron Lewis of Cardiff,  Wales, have spent the summer  visiting their daughter, Miss Nest  Lewis, a home economics teacher in  Elphinstone High School. Miss Lewis  and her parents toured the States of  California, went on to Mexico and on  their return made a trip to Vancouver  Island.  TWENTY YEARS AGO  There are now 2,183 telephones  between Port Mellon and Pender Harbour including Gambier Island. This  is a gain of 29 for the Gibsons exchange, 51 for Sechelt and 21 for  Pender Harbour, a total increase of  101. There are 1,052 at Gibsons; 20 at  Gambier Island; 687 at Sechelt and  300 at Pender Harbour  TWENTY-FIVE YEARS AGO  The first Super Valu store was  completed this week in Gibsons  beside Elphinstone high school. The  concrete building with its plate glass  front is 65 by 85 feet. There will be a  steady staff of eight or nine.  THIRTY YEARS AGO  Gambier Island - The sudden, freak  thunderstorm which Monday ended  one of the longest dry spell in the  history of B.C. was the means of  lighting a bushfire on Gambier  Island.   .  THIRTY-FIVE YEARS AGO  In case there is anybody within  striking distance who has not yet  viewed the spectacle, there Is a fill  being consummated in the glen between Gibsons and Granthams. It has  been calculated that of a fair summer  evening greater crowds congregate  here than line the Grand Canyon at  any. given time. Besides, almost  anybody can suggest an improved  method of bridging our local coulee.  Although the two villages are  rendered almost incommunicado at  present when the undertaking is completed it will be a vast improvement  and a help to the increasing traffic  that this road handles.  Pender Harbour, about 1920. Children and adults pose in Iheir flotilla of  small boats for Robert Donley's camera. Youngsters had spent (he day in  school at Donley's Landing; adults may have called al the store Ihere. Some  Beaver Island students walked part way to and from school over trails. All  from across the inlet travelled entirely by water. Pender transportation was  essentially maritime during the era depicted in this scene, and propulsion  mainly by oar and sail. For several years following ils opening in 1915, Ihe  school locaied here served all of the Pender Harbour-Bargain Harbour  area. Donley family photo courtesy Ida Higgs and Elphinstone Pioneer  Museum. L.R. Peterson  Testimony of Towels  I suppose it really is a story  about three towels, though  three women and one man  have their parts to play and ten  years separate the appearance  of the first towel from (he appearance of the third towel in  the tale.  The third towel lies beside  me now, folded and clean,  unused in its plastic wrapper.  In a dignified crown of,mgold  thistles, it announces that it is  The Finlay Towel. Below the  crown of thistles the wrapper  tells me with discreet confidentiality that Finlay's Authentic  Tartan Towels are made in  Scotland and this one sports  the Barclay Tartan.  The third towel made its appearance just the other night  in the form of a gift from a  lady who knew the first and se-  cond towels well. A  knowledgeable friend informed that this was a towel from  Finlay's Mill in Catrine, the  next village from mine down  the back road to Cumnock,  and somehow that this should  be a towel from home seemed  a natural completion.  For the man, the first towel  took on a very special  significance. It was a deep red  towel which had served for  some years as an unnoticed  utility before it became his  most treasured article.  They were difficult years for  the man and the fact that most  of the difficulties were self-  inflicted made them no less  difficult. The turmoil of  broken relationships and  loneliness led him lo pursue  the easy popularity of the  tavern tables. The drinking,  already heavy, increased to  suicidal proportions. Along  with the drinking came the  disordered behaviour and the  killing remorse.  The two ladies lived in a little house on the corner. For  reasons known only to  themselves, they took the lurching lost one to their hearts.  The house became his refuge.  When they could get him to sit  still long enough they fed him  and one day he brought the  red towel with him and asked  if he could take a bath.  The bath became a ritual.  Almost every time he sought  refuge in the little house he  sought also the deeper refuge  of the bath. Fervently echoing  Rupert Brooke in praise of the  'benison of hot water', he  would soak the mistreated  body and rest the wounded  spirit. And always after the  bath he would open the linen  cupboard door and his red  towel was folded and clean,  warm and dry on top of the  pile of towels. Once he held  the towel against his face and  wept because its being there  was one of Ihe few warm, dry  certainties in a life grown hectically empty and increasingly  dangerous.  He told the ladies how much  it meant to him to find his  towel always there in their  linen cupboard and they listened to him with wise, kind eyes  and made sure that it was  always there, visit after visit,  year after year, folded and  dry, warm and clean on top of  the towels in their linen cupboard.  Circumstances change with  the passing of the years and  some years later the man was  less lonely, living now with the  third lady who knew the story  of the towel which still lived in  the linen cupboard and  awaited his regular coming.  There came a time when the  ladies had to have a conference. It was about, the  towel. The towel was old to  the point of disintegration and  something had to be done  about it. But what? None  wanted to risk an upset to the  unstable equilibrium of the  towel's owner wlio was as  oblivious of the towel's decay  as he was keenly conscious of  its presence. They found the  solution.  One day when the man rose  from his healing meditations  in the bath and opened the  door of the linen cupboard  there was a blue impostor  where his red towel used to lie.  Stunned and incomprehen-  ding, he unfolded the new  towel and wept again, but happier, when he saw the red heart  sewn in the middle of the blue  towel in the unmistakeable  material of his red towel. He  wept for the love and  kindliness so clearly spoken in  the mute testimony of the  towel.  The blue towel served its  turn until the night when fire  took away the little house, the  towel, and one of the dear  kind ladies.  From the other comes this  tartan towel from home.  "It will last for years," she  said. "The last one I had, I got  sick of ironing it and wished  that it would wear out."  It will hang in my bathroom  in these brighter days. A constant evidence of enduring love.  Sailing to Byzantium  That Is no country for old men. The young  In one another's arms, birds in the trees  ���Those dying generations���at their song,  The salmon-falls, the mackerel-crowded seas,  Fish, flesh, or fowl, commend all summer long  Whatever is begotten, bom, and dies.  Caught In that sensual music all neglect  Monuments ofunagelng Intellect.  An aged man Is but a paltry thing,  A tattered coat upon a stick, unless  Soul clap Its hands and sing, and louder sing  For every tatter In its mortal dress,  Nor Is there singing school but studying  Monuments of Its own magnificence;  And therefore I have sailed the seas and come  To the holy city of Byzantium.  O sages standing In God's holy fire  As in the gold mosaic of a wall,  Come from the holy fire, perne In a gyre,  And be the singing-masters of my soul.  Consume my heart away; sick with desire  And fastened to a dying animal  It knows not what It Is; and gather me  Into the artifice of eternity.  Once out of nature I shall never take  My bodily form from any natural thing,  But such a form as Grecian goldsmiths make  Of hammered gold and gold enamelling  To keep a drowsy Emperor awake;  Or set upon a golden bough to sing  To lords and ladles of Byzantium  Of what Is past, or passing, or to come.  I was writing last week  about how it was that one  Michael G. Crimp, owner of  The Trail Store, Wreck Cove,  Cape Breton Island, Nova  Scotia managed to Tom  Sawyer me into an hour's  hazardous labour unloading a  herd of mean and lively  lobsters. That I actually enjoyed the work can be attributed largely to Crimp's  charming, rapscallion personality and the fact that I'd  saved him some time from his  work allowed that I could attend his table a while longer  than otherwise and serve as  rapt audience for a few of his  incredible tales.  Like his imagination,  Crimp's appetite was  somewhat greater than the  average and you could tell that  the three huge bowls of fish  chowder and half a loaf of  bread were just a warm up to  his normal dinner. It was a  disappointed giant whose offer to cook up three fat  mackerel for the second course  was met with the bloated  refusals of his guests, having  to settle for a couple of  massive servings of bread pudding just to keep his mammoth  form from fading away.  By this time the apparently  nightly ritual of friends dropping by had begun in earnest  and across the board crammed  with vacant vessels the engines  of Cape Breton imagination  began to hum. To be fair, the  conversation began with  mackerel, a small, but glorious  fish. But how we proceeded  from this diminutive game fish  to the grey whale is a tribute to  a race of people who were  never told that it was impolite  to attempt to out do the  previous speaker.  "You know of course that a  mackerel is just a small tuna,"  says Mike.  "You got tuna out there in  B.C., don't you?" asks  another fellow, more to be  polite than find out about  B.C. fish.  "Oh yes" I said, not knowing a great deal about what I  was talking about but sensing  fact wasn't absolutely  necessary among these folk.  "I think they get as big as thirty or forty pounds." \  "Well that's not much of 'a  tuna. 1 was just down to the,  fish plant the other day and  saw one that was 700 pounds.  They only offered the fisherman 10 cents a pound. He was  so mad he said he was going to  put it back in the sea."  "I can't say that I blame  him" piped up another guest.  "I saw a guy the other day  who sold his tuna for 20  dollars a pound and for sure it  was bigger than 700 pounds.  Why, it was 8S0 if it was an  ounce."  "Twenty dollars a pound?"  questioned another. It seemed  that even among these taletellers such an outrageous exaggeration was unacceptable.  "Oh yes, twenty dollars a  pound. This fish was brought  in by a boat chartered by some  Japanese tourists and these  fellows killed the tuna in a  special way, by running a  stainless steeel rod up its spine  and into the brain. Then they  had it frozen just enough to  keep it firm, packed it in a  piano case filled with ice and  had it flown to Tokyo where  they sold it for twenty dollars  a pound."  "That's a big fish, but just  the other day I saw a sword-  fish that was bigger than that.  I asked the fisherman to cut  me off a two inch steak and  I'll be darned if that steak  didn't weigh near ten  pounds."  By this time the three Cape  Bretoners were well on their  way, gliding effortlessly  through pure fantasy to the  outrageously sublime and it  fell upon Mr. Crimp to explain  how these huge swordfish were  caught.  "Around here, we don't  catch swordfish with a line.  We harpoon them. What you  do is get out in the boat with  two other fellows. One steers  the boat, one is up in the mast  as a look-out and the third  throws the harpoon. When the  lookout spots a swordfish lying on the surface sunning  himself, he directs the skipper  over to him. Then what you  have to do is pull up beside  him as quiet as you can. (It  should be mentioned here that  this is a free translation of the  Cape Breton dialect so that  "pull up beside him" is an approximate translation from  "pulp basoydum").  "Now", Michael G. continues, "when the boat is  beside the fish the sticker  drives in his spear just above  the fish's fin. You have to.  know what you're doing, of:  course. I remember last year, a!  young fellow just down the  road got a real surprise. He  was out on a boat as har-  pooner.  They'd been out for some  time when the lookout spots a  fish. The skipper comes up  along side and orders the boy  to throw his spear. The young  fellow says to the captain he  doesn't think he should but  the skipper gets real mad and j  the kid drives his sticker as;  hard as he could. The fish rises:  up in the water and instead of:  heading for the bottom it just  keeps coming up. By the time  the thing has risen above the.  level of the cabin the captain:  realizes his mistake. They'd  Please turn to Page Three  fc Letters to the Editor  Lee and Hunter rankle Rocky  Coast News, September 1,1981  Edilor:  This is an open letter to Mr.  Hunter, chairman of SCRD  board of directors and to Mr.  Chas. Lee, director.  Mr. Hunter: On the night of  August 13th when we appeared before you people, you  held up my letter, after I had  finished reading it, and said it  contained "untruths and garbage". Before I could reply  you pointed to someone else to  speak so I held my tongue as I  much prefer to give my rebuttal in print.  Para. I: is simply a request  for help from your group. Un-  iruths? None! Garbage?  None.  Para. II: a suggestion as to  how you people could help.  Untruths? Absolutely none!  Garbage? Absolutely none!  Para. Ill: a statement about  Ihe crossing of A.L.R. land.  Untruths? None! Garbage?  None!  Mr. Hunter: so far you are  looking rather sick.  Para. IV: Purely a statement of fact, you know that as  well as we do!  Para. V: Simply a statement  about the secrecy. I simply  cannot see a report coming out  anytime now on our transportation question without you  people thinking in terms of  whether the buses would be  flitting along the tree tops, using 101, driving on the beach,  or* even on the new highway,  your statements make you  look sicker all the time.  Para. VI: is simply a statement about us not believing  anything our highways dept.  head (on Ihe coast) has or will  be saying. You may believe  Old Tuck but we don't.  Para. VII: If this paragraph  is an untruth, then why is there  so.much fuss about restructuring?  Para. VIII: is simply a promise to try and beat a few of  you at the polls.  , -There are No untruths in the  signatures, so you have made  yourself look, like an idiot and  in.the vernacular of Willie the  Uard - "Melhinks he doth protest loo much".  1 have had a bellyfull of  your arrogance, and hope that  the people of your area will  not saddle us with you after  the next elections. As someone  once said, "When you gotta  go, you gotta go," and I think  you should "Go".  Now Mr. Chas. Lee���I  agree with your terms, "con-  lonely" and "increasingly  autocratic government body".  But then I choose to disagree  wjth the rest of your letter.  I believe in the democratic  process, so I ask you why you  refer to Jon McRae as "our"  alternate director? Is he not  just "your" alternate? If he is  "our" alternate director why  did he stand outside after the  August 13th presentation by  our group and argue like hell  as to why we should have this  damned highway? If this man  is heading up a group to push  this highway through, why  don't you say so and let's get  the bloody kid gloves off? You  must have heard the argument  Mr. Lee, as the windows in the  municipal hall were open.  The fact that the man is in  real estate is irrelevant, but  kindly tell "your" alternate  not to lecture us as if we were  "non compos mentis" in the  ways of real estate and  highways people! By the way  Mr.   Lee,   just   how   many  "alternate directors" have you  appointed since taking office,  and what were their names?  1 know you have wealthy  friends, (political) which I do  not, but I would rather have  the truth as a friend as one  does not find oneself in corners that way, does one? Or  two?  I can see a lot of attention  focusing on our next election  Mr. Lee, and as you suggest  we are looking for good candidates and if you are pushing  Jon McRae, let him make a  stand on his own, I like dealing with his type.  S.R. "Rocky" Mountain  Leave Granthams alone  Editor's Note: A copy of the  following letter was sent to the  newspaper office.  The   Right   Honourable  William N. Vander Zalm,  Minister of Municipal Affairs,  Parliament Buildings,  Victoria, B.C. V8V 1X4  Dear Sir:  Please advise the legal position of Granthams Landing  Improvement District in  regard to remaining an Improvement District, without  ruling jurisdiction from adjacent municipalities or any connection to a regional board for  the following reasons:  1) A water system that has  97% pure water (probably the  finest'water in the world).  2) Adequate water supply, no  sprinkling restrictions, even  during the recent dry spell. As  a matter of fact,, local users  of the Regional Board Water  System were asking for  assistance when their system  evidently became inadequate  to supply them.  3) With assistance from the  Coast Garibaldi Health Unit  the septic tank sewer systems  are operating without any problems therefore not requiring  connection to a major sewer  system which would eventually  cause pollution problems ��� to  our beaches.  4) Granthams Landing has  maintained its wharf and  swimming area since the  1930's and there is no lack of  recreation area especially if the  crown land adjacent to our  water system is turned into a  green belt recreation (hiking  etc.) area as previously requested through the Regional  District.  The citizens of this area  have already voted to remain  as an Improvement District  and are quite willing to efficiently handle their own affairs, as a matter of fact we are  probably making history by  being one of the few places in  the world where the citizens  are going to enjoy a reduction  in taxes���we're proposing to  lower our water rates���thanks  to a good efficient system.  We remain,  Yours very truly,  A. Norman  Chairman of the Trustees  Granthams Landing  Improvement District  Off the track  Editor:  It was with disappointment  that I read your article "Coast  News", August 4, 1981, "New  Park opens for divers."  Several visible errors in  writing occurred. The photo  plainly shows steam engine  #3716, not Royal Hudson  #2860.  Third paragraph "accessible  by train along B.C. Railway  rail line (not C.P.R.)!  I read your newspaper and  this sort of lazy writing with  no correction or proof-reading  is a real disappointment.  Thank you,  Mr. W. Young  Vancouver. B.C.  SCHOOL  Cartoon  applauded  Editor:  I personally was quite relieved to see Alan Fraser's cartoon  in your paper two weeks ago.  1 admire Terry Fox, but  continued reference to' his  -courageous effort I personally  find depressing. How long can  you capitalize on one of  Canada's heroes?  Yours truly,  Virginia Austin  Seaview Rd., Gibsons  Cartoon  tasteless  Editor:  I was astonished to see the  cartoon in your issue of  August II...the inference being that it was time to relegate  the memory of Terry Fox to  obscurity...an exhibition of  very poor taste by the cartoonist, and by your paper for  printing it.  Maybe   your   cartoonist  should try crawling a mile in  that man's single moccasin!  Sincerely,  Mrs. Lou Wilson  R.R. 1, Chapman Road  Sechelt, B.C.  More letters  on page 18  CLASSIFIED NOTE  Drop oil your Coasl News  Classified al Campbell s  Family Shoes. Sechell. or  Madeira Park Pharmacy.  Madeira Park  ARE COMING TO  EMOKK^h  quil iijri .iimj'.u-. iqa  law  Covering  the Coverage  Slings and Arrows (cont'd)  Cpntinued from Page Two  harpooned   a   huge   grey  whale."  . That whale just kept coming  up out of the water until it was  up to the lookout in the mast,  then he started to sound. As  the harpoon line ran out the  skipper ran up to the bow to  cut loose the line so they  wouldn't get pulled under. By  the lime he got to th? bow, the  front end was under water and  he and the sticker were up to  their waists in water. Just  then, as luck would have it,  the line broke and the boat  popped back to the surface.  Those boys didn't say a word,  they just turned that boat  around and headed for home.  They didn't say a thing about  it till the next day when they  were out fishing again."  The Bible tells how the good  Lord was able to feed the  multitude with a few loaves  and fishes but only in Cape  Breton would a man dare to  entertain the tourists with a  story that started out with a  mackerel and ended up with a  grey whale.  Optional Loss  Settlement Clause  a claim, you will receive the]  actual cash value (depreciated,  It is an unwritten law in in- value) of the object claimed,  surance that you cannot profit However, if you choose to  from an insurance claim.        have the object repaired or  Replacement Cost Coverage replaced, you will receive the  seems to be a direct contradic- full cost of repairs or replace-  tion to this law inasmuch as ment with no consideration  you can claim for values much for depreciation,  higher than an object is really Whenever possible, choose  worth. to repair or replace in the  To get around this con- event of a claim. Your settle-  tradiction, the Optional Loss ment wilt be much better.  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Turkey, Chicken, Beef  Super-Valu  lunch bags  I Winston House  Winston n'juse ^   .  $g 29   white vinegar      1.79  I 4 litre bottle  k Coast News, September 1,1981  The View from Limbo  Pari III  There is a communal kitchen across from Jessie's desk  where those who choose can  hash up their own mulligans.  Ray, Mohawk Jimmy and  mosl of Ihe others, avoid this  place like the plague. They  cither eat al restaurants or  starve.  Me, I have a different  philosophy. At leasl as far as  breakfast is concerned. Between bacon-ends, cracked  eggs and day-old bread, you  can whomp up a reasonable  facsimile of anybody's better-  situated meal. We all use the  same refrigeraior and among  those of us who cook, nobody  robs anyone else. The honesly  is awesome.  My mother always said that  breakfast was important so 1  try to get it in my belly, one  way or another. Even if I have  lo wait for Big Janie Forsythe  (one of the semi-retired  hustling-ladies who must make  souffles and takes hours),  breakfast matters. Lunch and  supper are up for grabs.  Thus we sequester at the  Prince Henry, a jolly crew of  born losers if there ever was  one.  Much of our time of course,  is spent on the street or wearing out the chair leather in  various bars. It is in Ihe  relentlessly tacky confines of  Ihe St. Helen's Hotel, that Ray  introduces me to a minor  figure in a major literary  myth. His name is Maurice  Carey, a middle aged man,  rather loo well-groomed for  this neck of town. He introduces himself as a writer.  "I suppose you've read  Malcolm Lowry?" he says.  As a matter of fact, I have  just been introduced to the late  Dollarton  writer's  work  by  WESTWURLD  SOUND  W  (^PIONEER  Pages  from a Life-Log  Peter Trower  Wharl & Cowrie  885-3313  another would-be poet 1 visit  occasionally. But I know little  about the man beyond what is  written   in   the   dust-jacket  blurbs. From Carey, I learn  for the first time the now well-  known legends about Lawry's  wealthy English family and his  wholly chaotic life. He had arrived in Vancouver in the early  Forties with his second wife,  Margerie, the germ of his one  great   novel   Under   The  Volcano   and   a   gargantuan  thirst.   Lowry's  father, concerned by his son's eccentric  behaviour, had engaged Carey  as  a  sort  of "keeper"  to  oversee the errant writer and  attempt to keep his affairs in  order.  According to  Carey,  this was no light undertaking.  "The man was a genius with  words but he didn't have a  shred of responsibility when  he got on the drink. Once, he  disappeared   completely   for  four days. When Margerie and  I finally tracked him down, it  was in an East End bootleg  joint. Male was shivering naked in a backroom bed. He'd  actually sold his clothes and  shoes for one last bottle."  It is not the last time I am to  hear this particular story.  Carey goes on to recount a  couple of similar incidents.  Yet there is no doubt that,  despite Lowry's self-  destructive excesses, he  regards him in retrospect with  a certain affection. "He could  be charming as hell when he  felt like it and funny too. I can  still remember him appearing  at the top of the stairs in my  house, strumming his ukulele  and singing some crazy song.  He sang pretty well."  Subsequently, Carey invites  Ray and myself to the English  Bay apartment he shares with  an attractive wife, many years  his junior. Since we both have  some art-training, he wants us  to help design and illustrate a  guide he has written to Stanley  Park. It will be a sure  moneymaker, he insists but  the manuscript proves to be  clumsily written and poorly  organized. Carey has certainly  not picked up any of Malcolm  Lowry's talent. Apart from  that, neither Ray nor I feels  qualified to take on the job  We manage to squeeze out of  it diplomatically and return to  our usual aimless pursuits.  Just as with Jessie and the  other full-time street-denizens,  the various Granville Street  pubs serve as our living rooms.  "Entrance-fee" is a very  meaningful catch-phrase in  our lives. Hanging around  bars may not be the most profitable way in the world to  spend your time but it beats  staring at four drab walls like  some self-incarcerated con in  the general jail of life. And, to  be sure, there is that yellow  stuff in the glasses, a novo-  caine for the soul to blunt the  edge of things.  Unlike the beer-parlours of  today, there is no sort of  scheduled entertainment in  these desolate drinking spots.  There are no calculatedly  erotic strippers caressing  themselves suggestively with  feathers or forlorn, scuffling  minstrels, singing their butts  off to deaf ears. But there is  entertainment nonetheless for  the pubs abound with oddballs  and eccentrics of one stripe or  another.  There is Jerry the fire-eater,  an ex-carny performer who  devours   tubes   of   lighted  newspaper for free beers. He's  a cocky little character with a  shaven   head   he   sometimes  conceals   with   a   toque.  "Caught me goddamn hair on  fire one time so I cut it all off.  It was sort of an occupational  hazard." Jerry drinks with us  sometimes. He has a wealth of  outrageous carnival yarns he is  by no means reluctant to impart. He also has the annoying  habit of sometimes picking up  your   lighted   cigarette   and  scoffing the coal like a red-hot  dinner-mint.  Jerry has been  permanently   banished   from  more than one watering-hole  for his incendiary proclivities.  Another intermittent player  on these random stages is a  small fiftyish Frenchman called   Marcel.   He  has  taught  himself  to   paint   on   black  velvet (this kitsch art-form is  much in vogue at the time) and  makes  a  meagre  living by  hawking   his   product   to  drunken   loggers   and  other  discriminating patrons. They  look  like  number-paintings  (and probably are) but Marcel  takes his career as an "artiste"  very seriously. When the last  painting is sold, he goes on a  bender for several days, disappears for a couple of months  and resurfaces with a new  batch of daubings under his  arm. He never varies from this  pattern in the several years I  observe him.  to be continued  Kill ii "ha in 's  k   Astrology  Indiana Jones (Harrison Ford)���bullwhlp in hand���protects  Marion Ravenwood (Karen Allen) in the battle with Nazi agents  and their Arab henchmen in the streets of Cairo in "Raiders of  the Lost Ark".  At the Twilight  Film as pure entertainment  is the goal of the George  Lucas���Stephen Spielberg  production Raiders of the Lost  Ark. This movie, set in 1936  involves a search for the Lost  Ark of the Covenant being  sought by henchmen of  Adolph Hitler on the one hand  and a representative of the  American government, Indiana Jones, played by Harrison Ford on the other.  Lucas   and   Spielberg,  responsible for the box office  favourites Jaws and Star Wars  have continued their adventure film tradition in Raiders  of Ihe Lost Ark which plays  for seven days starting  Wednesday, September 2 at  the Twilight Theatre in Gibsons.  Raiders of the Lost Ark carries a mature rating, warning  of "some gory violence and  occasional swearing."  The rape of our coast  by Bob Hunter  'Socmm km tmfUt amatetit tdva"  886-8171 Cedar Plaza, Gibsons  The best idea I've heard in a  long time is veteran angler  Mike Cramond's suggestion  that the federal fisheries  department should be  disbanded.  The money saved by the killing of this bureaucracy could  be used to start up a  desperately-needed hatcheries  program.  What has happened.so far  with the fisheries bureaucracy  is that, as its size increased-, the  fisheries decreased. Some, like  the pilchards and anchovies,  are lost. Everything else - herring, salmon, shellfish, crabs,  clams, groundfish - is in terrible shape.  The West Coast fishery,  once the most abundant  natural fishery in the world,  has nearly been reduced to a  biological wasteland. It has  been depleted, exploited, overfished, poisoned and turned  into a garbage dump.  The record of the fisheries  department in presiding over  the rape of the coast has been  an unparalleled management  disaster.  I agree 100 per cent with  Mike Cramond. The entire  bureaucracy - probably 1,200  people now - should be fired. I  mean, en masse. They have  been the main instrument of  the destruction of our once  magificent marine heritage.  The fisheries department  represents bureaucracy gone  mad, but run by politicians  who bow - every damn time -to  the boardrooms, not the environment.  Witness the spectacle of the  AMAX molybdenum mine being allowed to dump 100  million tons of arsenic, lead  and other nice things into the  ocean at Alice Arm, courtesy  of an order-in-council passed  behind closed doors in Ottawa.  And at another level,  witness the incredibly idiotic  regulations being pushed by  the fisheries department to  "control" sports fishermen in  this province, while leaving the  commercial fleets - which account for 90 per cent of  everything caught - to pillage  as per usual.  The attack on the sports  fishermen must be designed to  distract attention from the  department's appalling failure  to control the rampage of  destruction occurring in every  area relating to our marine en-  NOP  Enjoy European Cooking  in a quiet cozy atmosphere  Open for  DINNER WEDNESDAY THRU SATURDAY  and  SUNDAY BRUNCH  Hall Rd. & Beach Ave.  in Roberts Creek  RESERVATIONS PLEASE  Ljue Entertainment  Pender Harbour to Sechell  Jolly Roger Inn Reg Dickson, Fri. & Sat.  Wakefield Inn Steve Hubert, Thurs., Fri., Sat.  Sechelt Legion "The Sunshine Ramblers", Fri. & Sat.  The Parthenon Helen Sinclair, Fri. & Sat.  Roberts Creek to Gibsons  The Peninsula Hotel "Ride 'em Cowboy", Fri. & Sat.  The Cedars Inn "Steve and Steve, Thurs. & Sat.  Gibsons Legion "You, Me and Us", Fri. & Sat.  Fearscapes  sculpture  at Centre  The Sunshine Coast Arts  Centre maintains in its exhibition programming an interest  in covering a wide variety of  media and concerns.  In terms of sculpture we  have had seven shows which  feature or include sculptural  works that utilize materials  such as wood, marble, bronze,  limestone, beaten lead, and  ivory. For the most part, these  pieces have been sculpted by  hand. The next show at the  Arts Centre features sculpture  which has been constructed as  opposed to sculpted. Various  materials are brought together  to create the whole piece.  Marcia Pitch is presenting  her new sculptures entitled  Fearscapes at the Sunshine  Coast Arts Centre from Sept.  8 to Sept. 27.  Weaponry and the  awareness of personal power  and vulnerability have become  Marcia's main concerns. In  this show, Fearscap, . she explores the symbols of aggression that strike an inner chord  of fear. Spearheads, broken  glass, rubber, concrete and  masked faces are just a few of  the materials used to carry out  her ideas.  Marcia Pitch's sculptures  have been widely exhibited in  Vancouver and Victoria both  in group and solo shows, the  Greater Vancouver Artists  Gallery and Women in Focus  Gallery being the main forums  for her work.  There will be a reception to  meet the artist on Monday  Sept. 7, 8 -10 pm. Everyone is  welcome, refreshments served.  Please note that the Arts  Centre hours change as of  Sept. 1. We will be open on  Tuesday - Saturday, 11 am. to  4 pm. and Sunday, 1 pm to 4  pm.  by Rae Ellingham  Week commencing September  1st.  General Notes:  Mercury,   Venus,   Jupiter,  Saturn  and  Pluto,  bunched  together in  Libra,  intensify  present conditions, activities  or dilemmas. The desire to  work out alternative solutions  to on-going problems remains  strong.   Action-planet   Mars  enters Leo for six weeks introducing   new   faces   and  much-needed   diversions.  Venus close to Pluto and well  aspected to Neptune promises  pleasing   and   passionate  romantic   encounters   this  weekend.   The   New   Moon  recently in Virgo encourages  new diets, health or keep fit  programs.   Neptune   'stationary'   coincides   with   oil  spills,   chemical   leaks,  dramatic sea-related incidents.  ARIES (March 21 ��� April 19)  Energy will be channeled into   busier   social   activities,  children's affairs, romance or  risks next few weeks. Urge to  gamble outcome of contract  dispute will be strong. Meanwhile   latest   partnership   or  marriage arrangements reach  crucial   turning   point   this  weekend.   Long-distance  messages  or  developments  become less muddled. New  Moon wishes you'd smoke or  eat less and exercise more.  vironment.   Otherwise,   it  makes no senses at all.  Sports fishermen are the  least of our problems. While  the fisheries bureaucrats try to  point the finger at little guys  with their rods and reels, the  mining goes on, with poisons  spilling freely into our ocean.  Effluent from public  drainage steadily increases. It  is business as usual for B.C.  Hydro and the big logging  firms. And the depletion of  fish stocks continues, scarcely  abated.  Mike Cramond describes  the new regulations aimed at  sports fishermen as a matter of  "throwing the baby off the  back to feed the wolves". That  says it.  It is typical of the federal  fisheries boys that they prefer  the most gutless approach to  conservation - namely, attacking the last remaining  unorganized group, the sports  fishermen, leaving the heavy-  duty bad guys alone.  The fisheries department  has an advisory council, an appointed advisory council  whose advice it completely ignores. What is needed is an  elected council, completely independent from government,  with the power to bring the  fisheries department juggernaut under control.  Needless to say, the council  would have to be made up of  knowledgeable local people,  and the distant mandarins in  Ottawa would have to be cut  out of the picture entirely.  It is the only solution.  WARNING: Soma gory vlolanca J occaalonal a��aarlng  B.C.F.C.O.  NEXT: STALLONE ��� CAINE  "VICTORY" *a.C. nkn Oaaameatloti OHKai  TAURUS (April 20 - May 20)  Domestic scene becomes  livelier, noisier rest of this  month. You'll make a few  structural changes where you  live. Some household  members may resent the dust  and distraction. Co-workers  will be eager to check plans or  materials. Discussions concerning your health or job means  further investigation end of  this week. Partner's financial  situation becomes less confusing. New Moon finds you  critical of your social companions.  GEMINI (May 21 ��� June 21)  Neighbourhood  activities  will demand much of your  time   and   energy   rest   of  September. You'll also be asked to launch scheme organized  by brother,  sister or other  relative. Your patience will be  tested. Meanwhile social or  romantic affair reaches climax  this weekend. At last partner  or loved one is ready with  more  practical  suggestions.  New Moon finds you rearranging furniture and floor  lay-outs. Geminis born around  June 13 shouldn't sign any  business papers this week.  CANCER (June 22 - July 22)  Next six weeks offer chances  to boost personal finances or  earn extra cash. Competitors  may complain you've become  too grabby, money-hungry or  materialistic.   There'll  be  a  dispute over unpaid bills or  rights of ownership. Meanwhile   anticipate   a   major  domestic   re-shuffle  this  weekend. Be careful handling  dangerous chemicals at job  site on Thursday. New Moon  says clean out and re-organize  your so-called filing system.  LEO (July 23 - Aug. 22)  Action-planet Mars enters  your sign till mid-October  heralding a new cycle of fresh  energy, interests and projects.  Now's the time to introduce  that well-planned scheme you  kept secret all summer. Leos  born July 23-31 are first to  feel surge of courage and confidence. Meanwhile prepare to  hear and understand  neighbour's or relative's  drastic decision this weekend.  Take time to investigate  motives of latest admirer. New  Moon suggests file all financial papers together.  Gibsons Legion Branch #109  i. . Presents  "You, Me & Us"  Fri. & Sat.  Sept. 4th & sth J J  Members & Guests Only  VIRGO (Aug. 23 - Sept. 22)  New Moon recently in your  sign has you cleaning up your  appearance and discarding  those grubby summer  garments. Others will show  amazement at this passing  desire for a meticulous image.  You'll have less energy and enthusiasm rest of this month.  It's time to reflect on recent  successes or failures and plan  that hoped-for November project. Once again check living  spaces for spilled chemicals,  oil or gas leaks. Virgos born  around Aug. 28 - 29 will have  a home elsewhere next year at  this time.  LIBRA (Sept. 23 ��� Oct. 23)  Six planets in your sign suggest this could be a crucial  period in your life. (Read intro  above.) Ruling-planet Venus  with Pluto promises a major  change or upheaval later this  week, especially for those born  around Oct. IS. Jupiter and  Saturn continue to bewilder  Oct. I - 5 Librans on the best  course of action. Meanwhile  rest   of  you   will   receive  strength and encouragement  from new friends or acquaintances next six weeks. New  Moon says try to forget recent  sad encounter with less fortunate or confined person.  SCORPIO (Oct. 24 ��� Not. 22)  Rate of personal advancement speeds up this month but  prepare   to   defend   your  honour,   position   or   local  reputation. Avoid confrontations with superiors less smart  but more secure than yourself.  Involvement   with   hospital,  prison, institution or invalid is  inevitable later this week. At  last lingering financial problem begins to shift slowly.  New Moon persuades you to  speak  up  for  acquaintance  who helped you last month..  SAGITTARIUS   (Nov.   23  ���Dec. 21)  Neptune 'stationary' in your  sign finds you temporarily  confused and unable to make  the best decision. Advice is  make no decisions till next  week. Some of you undergo  unexplainable change of image  or outlook at this time. Sagit-  tarians bom around Dec. 14  are affected most by current  Neptune position and should  avoid booze, drugs, doubtful  medications. Long-distance  affairs or educational matters  demand extra attention next  few weeks. New Moon  changes career direction or job  assignment.  CAPRICORN (Dec. 22 - Jan.  19)  Extra effort is directed  towards other people's  finances or possessions rest of  September. You'll be busy  guiding loved one's resources  into the most lucrative areas.  Don't antagonize banker or  other advisors handling your  shared resources. Resist urge  to push claims linked to inheritance, insurance or taxes.  Emotional appeal on Thursday concerns your local  reputation or long-range  career plans. Avoid badly-lit  places all week. New Moon reestablishes contact with faraway friend.  AQUARIUS (Jan. 20 - Feb.  18)  Looks like there'll be partnership disputes next six  weeks. Business competitors  or rivals in love may stir up  problems. Unfortunately it's a  time of anger, quarrels, verbal  or physical attacks. Advice is  sense and ignore pending confrontations. Long-distance  message reveals startling  developments later this week.  Check background of recently  introduced acquaintance. New  Moon promises small cash  prize to cheer you up during  this tense period.  PISCES (Feb. 19 - Mar. 20)  Where you perform daily  tasks requires extra energy and  hard work till mid-October.  There'll be passing  disagreements with co-workers  who pretend to look involved  and busy. Health upset may be  linked to too much stress, not  enough rest and relaxation.  Meanwhile close associate's  financial position faces drastic  measures end of the week.  Realize superior may be trying  to deceive you again. New  Moon lines up a series of partnership proposals. Book review  Hunter's book a tonic  by John Angus  Warriors of the Rainbow - A  Chronicle of Ihe Greenpeace  Movement by Robert Hunter.  Holt, Rineharl and Winston.  Holl Paperback, $9.75.  There seems to have been a  re-emergence of the heroic in  the popular imagination over  the last decade. The anti-hero  has had his say and his day  and for our entertainment we  have returned to the age-old  archetypes, forged in legend.  Inspired by science fiction and  fantasy literature the movies  would remove us to the  trackless past or into a visionary future, where the landscape is rendeied distinct from  this, our mundane present, by  the imminence of,...of the  fantastic, of the mythic,...of  magic!  ��� Why is it, however, that in  our imagination we must  repair to the future or to the  past to seek our Holy Grails?  Is it because 'everybody  knows' in this, our  sophisticated modern world,  lhal such fairy-tales? No-one  today rides...no...walks forth  in rusted chain-mail, chipped,  funky sword held aloft to  challenge the black barons of  Monolith Castle; no tiny  figures, resplendent yet in the  fulminating brilliance of their  holy, reckless, idealism sally  I'oYth in this workaday world  against the legions of  darkness.  -In legend, yes. For in  legend, in myth, in fairy-tale  you just know that it is not the  tiny hero who should be  trembling, but rather the complacent, brooding baron  ensconced high behind his impenetrable castle walls; for  ihat faint scratching, that  barely perceptible rhythm that  is the hilt of the hero's sword  pounding on his portcullis,  oven now heralds the buffet  ihat will bring him low.  ��� For in the world of myth,  we understand, there are  forces, powers that respond to  high intent, that rally round  and cdtrieste' to bolster the  llagging spirit of the pure in  heart. So that when that tiny  figure raises high his sword  aiid shouts out his quixotic  challenge, it resonates with a  power far beyond his own all-  liwi-vulnerable individuality.  The voices of nature, the  voices of the universe itself,  join in indignant concert with  Ins cry, are focused on and  hone lo a cutting edge that tiny  blade lhal will slice yet, we can  bt~ sure, right through to the  heart of the black baron's lair.  ���'Ahlili....would that things  were so!  In ihis age when the black  barons' cloaks settle like a  shroud over Ihe globe and the  barons themselves, in their  irtiimal adversity, usurp the  r'olc of Protectors of Ihe Light,  perhaps ii is lhal once and  I i'ii urc magic Ihat we  need...Or, more pragmatically", the human ardour and holy  recklessness that elicit it.  '���/Mother Nature's magic.  Natural magic: ihe kind that  stems lo materialize around a  naturally hallowed mission,  like the mission lo halt an atmospheric nuclear explosion,  or to hall Ihe killing of baby  seals; or the magic that illumines a sacred quest, like the  i|iiesi for a Russian whaling  Heel...  . Mission Impossible: a hand-  Iql of Kitsilano gypsies decide  k| hall all atmospheric testing  of nuclear weaponry. Alone.  Mission Impossible: more-  orrless Ihe same handful of  Kitsilano gypsies decide to put  an end to the worldwide hun-  litig of whales. Alone.  Robert Hunter's 'Warriors  of Ihe Rainbow - A Chronicle  of; the Greenpeace Movement'  is;, this impossible, mythic  story���an account of the  almost unbelievably quixotic  foray of a bunch of raggle-  taggle heroes into the face of a  reality at once so grim and forbidding and harrowing as it is  simultaneously exhilerating  and revelatory and hallowing.  It is an inspiring tale. And  perhaps an unexpected one in  a book that presents itself as a  history of an environmentalist  organization.  Indeed, far from being a dry  litany of environmentalist successes and setbacks, complete  with dates and minutes from  Ihe meetings, Hunter's account is as stirring a tale of  high adventure as you will ever  read...and with the added  dimension of truth.  And therein lies an interesting point, for many of  the events chronicled here  would never see the light of  day in a novel. They are just  too extraordinary, too  magical, would simply be too  corny in a work of fiction. But  this is a factual, blow-by-blow  account of fairly recent events,  along with the real names of  real people, some of them  local to this area (Hunter  himself writes a column for  this newspaper).  This candor has its disadvantages, however. All is far  from perpetual harmony  amongst the Greenpeace 'eco-  hawks'���in fact the awful  fragility of the alliances within  the group might be one of the  major themes to emerge in the  book���and while the author  gives excellent insight into the  causes of friction and disarray  and rivalry, one sometimes  suspects that discretion stays  the pen, and significant incidents and developments are  glossed over through a wish  not to be unfeeling or unduly  divisive���most all of the protagonists mentioned are still  kicking around after all. In a  similar way Hunter only hints  at his own, obviously extraordinary inner processes  throughout certain periods of  his narrative, though the hints  are sufficient to suggest that  much more could be said.  Perhaps that will furnish  material for further works.  Gibsons Public  library  Tuesday 2 - 4 pm  Wednesday 2 - 4 pm  Thursday 2-4 & 1-9 pm  Saturday 2 - 4 pm  886-2130  Hunter has produced a  remarkable document: the  story of a group of characaters  at the cutting edge of a  ballooning, global, ecological  consciousness���a pioneering  rescue mission���humans and  animals in an embrace of  mutual protection and  understanding���the all-too-  human conflicts of a disparate  mix of idealists bent on visions  of harmony���the price and  pressures of success as a cosy  cabal grows into a sprawling  and unwieldy multinational  organization���portraits of  courage and commitment in  men and women confronting  violence for the sake of nonviolence���and perhaps most  startling, the vision of star-  blessed, spirit-fired heroism in  a few men and women cracking the barons' battlements in  an age of wraparound smartass cynicism.  Consider that ten, fifteen  years ago hardly anyone knew  what the word 'ecology'  meant���in the consciousnes-  raising Sixties it was hardly an  issue���and the significance of  this 'work' becomes apparent.  It seems that the changing  relationship between Man and  his environment that we are  undergoing now is  pivotal���more than in a  historical sense���in cosmic  terms. As a species we are  entering a stage of obligatory  maturity���and we appear to  have no choice but to make  this transition successfully if  we are to survive. It does not  seem too far-fetched to point  to this 'Chronicle of the  Greenpeace Movement' as an  indicator of the amazing  potentialities and problems involved in moving in this direction.  On the whole, 'Warriors of  Ihe Rainbow' strikes me as  evidence that we might make  it. In this age of pervasive  cynicism there are sure to be  those who will file 'Warriors',  away in the 'Fantasy' section  of their personal library. It's  that provocative. It's that Wat.  Channel Ten  CHANNEL TEN GIBSONS  Tuesday, Sept. 1  CHANNEL TEN SECHELT  Thursday, Sept. 3  7:00 p.m. Highlights of the  Summer 1981.  Live from our Gibsons  studio, Judy Wilson hosts  this special program for  those of you who were  on holiday and missed  the summer activities or  for you who wish to join  us again for a replay of  the highlights of this  summer 1981.  Coast 10 TV presents ex^  erpts of these events:  1. Elphinstone 1981  Graduation  2. Elphinstone Aero  Club Air Show  3. Roberts Creek Daze  4; Sea Cavalcade  6. Sunshine Coast Arts  Festival  7. Sunshine Coast Golf  Club NHA Provincial  Tournament  Between shows you will  be entertained with songs  from local musicians  recently taped in our  studio - Hahle Gerow  and the Cozy Corner  Cowgirls  Coast News, September 1,1981  RENT- A���BAY  YOU mitt  ��� We aupply you with a bay area, floor lacks, |ack  stand*, creepers.  ��� Bring your own tools.  $5.���� /hour  Phone 9 an * S pm   886*20X0  Crucll Rd.  Sechell Mayor Bud Koch received an award from RCMP constable Russel Pederson for his  valuable contributions to the Neighbourhood Walch Program.  - Mark Hood Photo  Katimavik volunteer youth  return to Coast  Katimavik, Canada's national volunteer youth program, returns to the Sunshine  Coasl on September 9, 1981,  operating projects on Bowen  Island, Keats Island and in  Gibsons. Working with such  agencies as the Salmonid  Enhancement Program, the  Bowen Island Community  School, Keats Camps and the  Elphinstone Museum, the  volunteers will aim toward 4  objectives: community service,  environmental awareness, personal growth and a greater  understanding of the country.  Barbara Macleod returns as  project co-ordinator; she will  head the staff team of Bruce  Kayes, Patti Morden and Paul  Barham, ihe group leaders  directly responsible for Ihe immediate supervision of the  participants.  All residents of the Sunshine  Coast are encouraged to support the Katimavik project. To  find out how you may benefit  from or assist with the program, call Barbara Macleod at  886-9177 in Gibsons.  CLASSIFIED NOTE  Drop oil your Coast News  Classilled at Campbells  Family Shoes, Sechelt. or  Madeira Park Pharmacy,  Madeira Park  aHDP Bookstore'/  5  o  3-  m  \  o  m  ?  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Coast Ten Television  Box 770  Gibsons, B.C.  886-8565  WTCHEM  GARMVAL  A Gallery ot Kitchen  Gadgets and Accessories  UNIQUE  Clear Glass  Peanut Dispenser  885-3611  Cowrie Street, Sechelt  Annual  Buck to  School Solo  10% Off  All  School Supplies  till  Sept. tt  Sunshine  Interiors  Home Decorating Centre  We carry a complete line of  ��� Drapes ��� Blinds ��� Sunshades  ��� Skylight Blinds ��� Wallpaper  WATERBED  CLEARANCE  .4*  jggj  20% Off all  suites in stock  Free Esln  North Rd. at Kiwanis Way,  Gibsons  886-8187  'Instint e          _  'NESCAFE io.z'5.49  I Nalley's e  I CHILI win, BEANS is.z'1.09  Mild or Hot  Nflsttos  MINI PUDDINGS 4/5oz $1.49  | Berry Crocker - Super Moist  CAKE MIXES 510 gm'1.29  Best Foods ft  MAYONNAISE m mi.'1.49  Kraft - Liquid, Regular  SALAD DRESSINGS 250 mil 79q  Allen's Canada  WHITE VINEGAR vu��r '2.29  Five Roses e  FLOUR tokg'5.99  Kraft ft  CHEEZWHIZ ug'4.99  Parkay ft  MARGARINE 3.bs'1.99  Nalley's  POTATO CHIPS 200gm89C  Bounce Sheets  FABRIC SOFTENER w, $3.09  Scottles ���*��*  HANDI-PAK 100s 49c  Pur6X CI      Mt\  BATHROOM TISSUE      4-1 '1.49  SPRAYNWASH iboz'2.29  Detergent  TIDE i2Ltr '7.99  TABLERITE MEATS  $1.49  A-1/..u      ,i   ���..     y.,..,��� i:- .; .  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Just one small example nl this happened ihis week  when a Redroofs resident was  mil lishing with two grandchildren. When ihey look off  in llieir small boat Ihe weather  was jusl fine, bul over near  rhoimanny a big wind blew  up a bil of a storm. Very wisely, the Grandpa look shelter  on the island lo await calmer  seas, bul of course the folks al  home become anxious. Before  long the Mercers from Buccaneer Marina were out ihere  searching for them and it  wasn't long till everyone was  home again safe and sound.  Thai's what I mean when I say  lhal we are fortunate to have  such dedicated people around  who care for others in trouble.  Another group to whom we  owe a greal deal is our own  Halfmoon Bay Fire Department.  The fellows have been kepi  on Ihe hop ihis pasl week having had lo attend lo no less  lhan five brush fires in less  lhan a week. Two of Ihe calls  were on the one day, or evening io be precise. Il was indeed  fortunate thai Ihere are two  vehicles available, because on  Wednesday evening ihere were  Iwo calls, one al each end of  Ihe area. This meant lhal they  were able to handle both fires  al the same lime and did nol  have io draw a truck away  before the fire was completely  extinguished,  Another good thing is thai  at the present lime live of Ihe  crew have "pagers" and are  able to report immediately lo a  call. Fire Chief Jim Nygard  lias found Ihe acquisition of  ihese lilt lo gadgets a godsend  and would like to one day be  able to equip all Ihe crew with  ihese. Certainly cuts down on  ihe telephone chore and makes  for more speedy response to  lire calls.  Jim is mosl saiisfied wilh  ihe men on I he |i)p and has  nothing but prai-c for iheir  keenness and efficiency. We  all agree wilh lhal. Some of  Ihese recenl fires have caused a  loi of concern, and suffice ii to  say I lull al Ihe present time  ihey are under investigation.  The Hospital Auxiliary:  The Halfmoon Bay  Hospital Auxiliary will be gel  ling together again for ihe  season on Tuesday, September  8th. Time is 8 p.m. A good  lurnoul of members is hoped  for, and it would be nice if all  Ihe members could bring a  friend along lo join Ihe group.  Many of you have got new  neighbours who as yel have  nol had the chance lo meet  many people. This is an ex-  eelleni place lo make new  friends and you arc sure of a  warm welcome. There arc  many ways in which you can  help in ihe Auxiliary and ihere  is sure lo be something for  which you would be suited.  Mosl of us enjoy our Auxiliary  activities, so do please come  along lo the Welcome Beach  Hall on the 8th of September.  An apology:  In last week's report on Ihe  Appreciation Tea at the  Welcome Beach Hall, I made  mention of the purchase of the  Centennial cups and saucers. I  was corrected on this. These  items were given as a gift io  the Community Association  by Mrs. Christine Johnstone  who now resides in Greene  Courl and who, at thai lime,  Pender Opinion  was ihe Mayor of Sechell and  who had been ins iled lo cul  the ribbon for the official hall  opening. Sorry for this  mistake Mrs. Johnstone.  Beavers starling up:  A small but enthusiastic  group met at ihe Welcome  Beach Hall last week to discuss  the formation of a Beaver and  Cub group. Already there has  been a volunteer leader for the  Beavers in the person of Bob  Cocking. He seems to be just  ihe fellow for this kind of  thing and Ihere will be many  parents grateful 10 him for his  willingness lo undenake this  lask. The kids will like Bill.  too.  A date has been sel for  registration - September 24th  -and Ihere will be more details  on this later. As well as a  leader, there will be lots of  other help needed io gel Ihis  greal idea going, so all of you  parents of young children, as  well as those of you who have  passed that stage, would do  well lo offer any help you can  to this group. Il could develop  right through Cubs up lo Boy  Scouls  Restructuring and dance  By Robi Peters  I wish all people involved  wilh ihe restructuring of our  local governments would keep  quiet until they have  something constructive to talk  aboul���a few fads and figures  for instance. One thing I  found interesting, the (much  too early) opinion poll in "The  Press" had absolutely no  reference to Area A. I guess  (lie people who made il up  continue to ignore our existence.  If you are looking for an  evening of fun and frolic, plus  Arts Council funds  available on Coast  The Sunshine Coast Arts  Council wishes lo call upon all  arts organizalions on the Sunshine Coast to lake advantage  of the opportunity to apply for  funds allotted to the Arts  Council by the B.C. Cultural  Fund.  Please contact us as soon as  possible as applications must  WsF-  good food and dancing, I  especially recommend Ihe  Firemen's Ball coming. up  September 19th al the Community Hall. The lire-hour  begins at 6:30 pm. A roast  beef supper will be served by  our local firemen. Music will  be by the Penn Kings who do a  good job trying to play as  many of your favourites as  possible.  The tickets are $12.00 each,  and are available al Taylor's  Store, Garden Bay, R. & M.  Auto, Madeira Park and  Anderson Really, Madeira  Park.  be returned with a financial  statement no late than Oct. 1,  1981.  For   applications   please  write:  President,  Sunshine Coast Arts Cenlre  Box 1565  Sechell, B.C.  VON 3A0  Roberts Creek  George Malinens Pnoti.  Sign al Coopers (ircen: This is Ihe recently placed sign above Ihe launching ramp al Coopers  (���reen. While il is a gesture on Ihe pari of Ihe Highways Uepl., il is nol quite what local residents  had requested. Ihey asked fur a sign which would indicate lhal il was a "Public Launching  Ramp", as Ihis is where the controversy and trouble arises. Hopefully, Ihe proper sign will be placed in due course.  The September meeling of  Ihe Community Association  has been postponed to  Wednesday, September 23, so  Ihe Hall floor can be done.  The Hall Committee is getting  up a work bee and I'm sure  any offers of help would be  appreciated.  That's all folks. Please  phone if you have anylhing for  nexl week's column.  Invitation  The Board of Trustees of St. Mury's Hospital  lakes pleasure in extending till invitation In:  All Members ol' the  Hospital Auxiliaries  To the  OFFICIAL OPENING  OF THE "THRIFT  SHOP IiriMHNG"  Cowrie Street, Sechelt, B.C.  September 11, 1981  1400 Hours  Refreshments will he served.  Hosted by Ihe Si. Mary's Hospital Auxlllury  Thrift Shop Commit lee.  (The Thrift Shop will he closed for shopping on  the above day.)  N, Viteurevleh,  Administrator  Odds and ends  by Jeanie Norton 886-9609  "No news is good news"...  except for a reporter.  Hopefully things will pick up  now lhal September is here...  or I'll be oul of a job!  Fitness class has recessed for  a monlh, while Ihe Flail floor  is being refinished. Classes arc  scheduled lo resume  Sepiember 21 (there may be a  delay if the floor is nol finished) wilh two morning classes  at the Community Hall Monday, Wednesday and Friday,  and evening classes ai  Elphinstone and Halfmoon  Bay. Registration will be  before the first class, bin will  be on a lirsl come, First serve  basis.  The Legion Auxiliary is gelling in motion for the Fall.  They'll be discussing plans for  I heir ba/aar al Ihe lirsl  meeting ihis Wednesday,  Sepiember 2, al 7:30 sharp.  The Roberts Creek Lions  have had Iheir playhouse on  display at the shopping malls  the past monlh. Tickets are $1  each and are available at  Seaview Market. The draw  will be Sepiember 5.  The "Women's Cenlre"  behind the Post Office is free  to anyone who will haul ii  away. Contact Gail Cromie al  885-3469 or Dennis Davison al  885-2102.  Film series  returns to Art Centre  HDP  Bookstore  A larger selection  of  SCHOOL  SUPPLIES  here now  DICTIONARIES  20% off  until Sept. 12th  The Sunshine Coasl Aris  Council is pleased to announce  Ihe relurn of ils successful  series of international feature  films. This fall's lineup cortes  from France, Hungary, South  Africa, the U.S.A. & Canada.  Please clip Ihis schedule for  future reference and be sure lo  pick up a pamphlet the next  time you're in the Arts Cenlre.  September 16th: '  Peppermint Soda (Diablo  Menlhe) France 1977. Direction and Screenplay by Diane  Kurys winner of the Prix Louis  Delluc.  (Please nole thai ihis film will  be shown in ihe music room al  Chalelech Secondary School.)  September 30th:  Angi Vera Hungary 1978.  Direction and Screenplay by  Pal Gabor. Awards: New  York Film Festival 1979. Cannes Film Festival 1979.  October 14th:  Boesman & Lena South Africa  (1973)   Direction    by   Ross  Devenish.  October 28th:  Forbidden Games (Jeux Inier-  dits) France 1952. Directed by  Rene   Clement.   Awards:  Grand   Pri/.e   Venice   Film  WESTWURLD  SOUND  W  GD PIONEER  Festival 1952. Academy  Award best Foreign Film  1952. New York Film Critics  Award 1952. Independent  Grand Prize Cannes 1952.  November 11th:  Children   of  Theatre   Street  USA 1977. Directed by Robert  Dornhclm and Earle Mack.  (Please note lhal as ihis film  is suitable for children aged 6  years and up, ii will be shown  November 25:  I.es Buns Desharras (Good  Riddance) Quebec 1980.  Directed by Francis  Mankiewicz. Winner in eight  categories al the 1980 Genie  Awards in Toronto.  The screenings will he at the  Arls Cenlre al 8 p.m. (unless  otherwise indicated above).  Admission is $3, students and  seniors $1.50. Series tickets  will be available for $15.  Please watch the paper for further details about each film.  CLASSIFIED NOTE  Drop off your Coast News  Classified at Campbell's  Family Shoes, Sechell, or  Madeira Park Pharmacy,  Madeira Park  INVITATION  The Hoard of Trustees of St. Mary's Ilospitul  lakes pleasure 111 extending an Invitation In:  Kcsidvnls   of   the   Sunshine  Toust  To The  OFFICIAL OPENING  OF THE "THRIFT  SHOP BUILDING"  Cowrie Street, Sechelt, B.C.  September 11, 1981  1400 Hours  Refreshments will lie served.  Ilosled by the St. Mary's Auxiliary Thrift Shop  Coniiiiittee.  (The Thrift Shop will be closed for shopping on  the above duy.  X. Yiicurevich,  Administrator  Lhotse Imports presents  a Showing & Salt  HAND-MADE TIBETAN CARPETS  and  a Special Selection of Pottery  by Elaine futterman  Sept. 5,6 8.7th - Labour Day Wrrhrnd  Saturday & Sunday 10 a.m. - 8 p.m.  Monday 10 a.m. ��� 4 p.m.  885-5960 at thr Driftwood Inn, Srrhrlt 886-8030  Ken Viitanen of Gibsons presented a commemorative plaque to Sherie McLaughlin of Sunshine  G.M. for her efficient, courteous and largely unrecognized service. Wilh him are (left to right)  Delia and Walter Ibey, Sherie, Mrs. Kerlu Viitanen and Mrs. Ibey. -"" h������ <"�����>���>  Wharf 8, Cowrie  885-3313  ...inianummmi  Sunshine Coast Residents  NOTICE RE GARBAGE DUMPS  Please be advised that the Halfmoon Bay & Gibsons garbage dumps will be open lor the disposal  oi burnable reluse only from August 31 to  September 8. 1981 inclusive.  Sankiae Coast Regional District  STORE MANAGERS/TRAINEES  Saan Stores, a large retail clothing chain operating from Ontario to British Columbia needs you if you are presently a  Manager in Retail Sales, or an aggressive retail sales-oriented  person. An opportunity with:  - a challenge  ��� a future  - excellent benefits  We offer attractive salary and Incentive Package  Please call:  SAAN STORES LTD.  886-9413  v.niiv.x  ,....���.���,���.......  The Magjc of  The Moment  8x10  Colour Portrait  Only 88*  One special per family No additional charge  for groups. Additional portraits and special  effect portraiture, if available, may be purchased with no obligation. Poses our selection.  Minors must be accompanied by a parent.  Satisfaction guaranteed or money refunded.  ALSO AVAILABLE  ��  PHOTOGRAPHER'S HOURS  Wednesday, Sept. 9th 10 am. - 5 pm.  Thursday, Sept. 10th 10 am. - 5 pm.  Friday, Sept. 11th 10 am. - 8 pm.  Saturday, Sept. 12th 10 am. - 5 pm.  Sechelt Western Drugs  Trail Bay Centre 885-9833  HIGH LIGHT PORTRAIT  (Ask Photographer for Details)  aaBaOattsaMM  ���MMMttattfMl Coast Holism  A new approach to health on the coast  X parking lol bench may be a variation ot the park bench theme,  hut the new varnished wood seats on the planters in Gibsons  Municipal Lot are appreciated by lower Gibsons residents and  tourists alike. v'���p"���""  Beach logs  may be owned  Look before you cut. That beached log you are about to hack  up for firewood may be private property. You could be breaking  ihe law. You could also be affecting someone's livelihood.  The Ministry of Forests has received complaints from log  salvors that merchantable logs stranded on beaches are being cut  up for firewood and other purposes.  Ministry spokesman Hans Waelti explains that all logs branded with a timber mark are the private property of the mark  holder. In the Vancouver Log Salvage District - which covers all  the waters between Vancouver Island and the mainland from  Cape Caution lo Sooke and the U.S. border - any unmarked logs  considered of merchantable value may be legally collected only  by.'official permit-holding log salvors.  All other logs on the beach are fair game for the firewood-  seeking public, subject only to local constraints.  There are about 600 salvors operating in the waters of the  Vancouver Log Salvage District. For them, logs are worth  money, Mr. Waelti said today.  "If you take your chainsaw to a good log lying on the beach,  you are probably slicing a piece out of a beachcomber's  income," he said.  Marked logs are easy to recognize, just check the ends for the  brand number. Unmarked but merchantable logs are more difficult for the general public to identify. A good rule of thumb is  to leave any sizeable, fresh-looking logs alone and stick to the  bleached logs that have obviously been on the beach for some  lime.  Penalties exist for the unauthorized taking of merchantable  logs. For marked logs, charges could be laid under the criminal  code, for unmarked logs, under the Forest Act.  However, the Ministry of Forests does not want to play  policeman on British Columbia's beaches. "We expect people  will play by the rules if they know what the rules are," Mr.  Waelti said.  Auxiliary rug raffle  The Coasl News will be  presenting a series of articles  on the subject ot holistic  health, beginning with  homeopathy, prepared by Dr.  David.  The author welcomes comments and questions dealing  with holistic health and will  try, as time and space permit,  to answer your questions in  this column. Ed.  What is homeopathy?  Homeopathy is a two hundred year old ^system of  natural healing. The word  homeopathy is derived from  the Greek words homeos  -"similar" and pathos "suffering".  The specific remedies (of  which there are over 2000 in  use) are chosen based upon the  "law of similars", that is, a  remedy which creates a  specific set of symptoms in a  healthy person can cure  similar symptoms in a sick person. Homeopathic remedies  work by providing a gentle but  powerful stimulus to the  body's own inherent natural  defense system which helps the  person heal.  Such a system was first  described by Hippocrates, and  later discovered and instituted  in   a   highly   scientific   and  Thrifty Nifty  Report on Ihe combined St.  Mary's Hospital Auxiliaries'  Bear Rug Raffle. The bear rug  Ihat was raffled off by all the  St. Mary's Hospital Auxiliaries was won by Lillian  Morgan  who  lives  in  Van  couver. Pauline Lamb, Coordinating Council president,  delivered it. She reports that  the beautifully finished rug  was thoroughly appreciated by  Mrs. Morgan.  Health meeting  Pleased be advised that the next meeting of the Coast  Garibaldi Union Board of Health will be held on Thursday, September 10, at 1:00 p.m. at the Coast Garibaldi  Health District Offices, 4313B Alberta Avenue, Powell  River.  ��� Light refreshments will be served.  Minutes of last meeting  ; Business arising from minutes  Correspondence  : Senior Staff reports  Treasurers report  ; New business  Delegate for Associated Boards Meeting  Date and location for next meeting  W. Bruce Laing, MB, DPH,  Secretary  ^  Does Your Home  Need Improvements?  Call R.R.A.P.  To upgrade housing for people on a Fixed  Income. Wednesday & Thursday 8 am. to  3 pm.  Phone 888-8440  meaningful   way   by   Dr.  Samuel Hahnemann in Germany at the beginning of the  19th Century.  Patient Responsibility  Homeopathic remedies are a  catalyst to the body's own  healing mechanism. This  system is based on the important assumption Ihat the body  can heal itself but at times  needs a stimulus to the vital  energy lo bring about a cure.  The selection of the correct remedy is a complex, exacting process for both the  practitioner and the patient.  The totality of symptoms is  the sum of the signs by which a  correct "prescription" can be  made and so it is important  that there is good and honest  self-observation which is then  correctly related to the practitioner.  Also, because of the nature  of homeopathic treatment and  its deep-acting effects,  perseverence, patience and a  long-term perspective of ones  total well-being are required.  There are certain substances  which "antidote" the effects  of the homeopathic remedy  and these will be discussed in a  later column. It is important  these are avoided even though  they are simple and few: the  ultimate    goal     behind  homeopathic treatment is to  reduce the limitations one may  have.  The Interview  My colleagues and I call  ourselves constitutional  homeopaths because we emphasize the treatment of the  person as an integrated whole  and in the course of an interview inquire into the mental,  emotional and physical limitations... in other words,  treating the disposition to  disease... not only relieving  current discomfort but  ultimately creating a total state  of well being.  The first interview is usually  one to one and a half hours in  length and the follow-ups are  usually 15 minutes to one  hour. Normally, after a detailed initial evaluation of the  over-all condition, a single  dose of one remedy is given. In  most cases, it is important to  wait at least 4-6 weeks between  appointments to best evaluate  changes that are taking place.  Length of treatment  As we treat the whole individual and- not specific  diseases, per se, the length of  treatment will vary with each  individual.  After taking the remedy an  initial improvement may be  seen possibly preceded by a  "healing reaction" sometimes  this is dramatic and other  times a slow process. Usually,  homeopathic treatment takes  from three months to three  years, appointments in one to  six month intervals, this again  depending on various factors  such as family history, sensitivity, age, past stresses, past  suppressive influences and  general vitality.  In the next column I will  discuss the preparation and  use of homeopathic remedies.  If you have any questions you  would like answered in future  columns, please write to  "Coast Holism", c/o The  Coast News.  Coast News, September 1,1981  Quality  LIGHT FIXTURES  15% Discount  Sale continues...  ��� Leonard Appliances  ��� Broun Kitchen Machines  ��� Nu-tone Vacuum Systems  ��� Air Conditioners  ��� Celling Fans  886-9132  V / Bill's Holland Electric Ltd.  Jfev Hwy. IOX, Gibsons  atSsi next to Ken Devrles O Son  i   ;  |   Cedar-West Properties Ltd.  is pleased  to announce its arrival  on the Sunshine Coast  Some uses for vinegar  When you have used up  that expensive bottle of  pickles, slic: a raw onion or a  couple of cooked beet roots,  or cucumbers, into the  vinegar. If you use raw onion,  leave for a week before use.  2. When using beet roots for  pickle, make the solution you  add to the cooked beet roots  half water and half vinegar only. It is much healthier to use  less vinegar, as well as much  cheaper.  3. Don't buy expelttive  tenderizer for meat. Lay your  roast or steak on a dish, then  sprinkle lightly with vinegar.  Turn over and repeat then wait  and repeat in another hour. It  will be tender and sweet.  4. If you feel doubtful as to  whether you haven't kept the  meat too long, so that it might  be going off, that is when my  old-fashioned grandmother  used to soak it in vinegar for a  few minutes.  5. Instead of using that second  egg when baking, add a dessert  spoonful of vinegar, and a tsp.  of baking soda.  6. Instead of buying a special  rinse to use after a shampoo,  just try a tablespoonful of  vinegar in the final rinse. It  leaves the hair soft and  manageable. Especially good  for 'permed' hair.  7. A little vinegar will remove  fishy odours from a pan.  8. To remove strong odours  from the kitchen, sprinkle  your counter lightly with  vinegar.  9. Cut cheese should be wrapped in a cloth dipped in white  vinegar and then will not  harden or mould.  10. To remove brown spots  from the stove, just mix equal  parts of bleach and vinegar.  11. If you have really unpleasant odours that a sprinkle of  vinegar doesn't remove, boil 3  tsps. vinegar in 3 cups of water  until you find the odour * is I  destroyed.  12. Do not store vinegar in a  pottery jug, as the acid will attack the glaze. You should  keep it in a dark cupboard so  that it does hot develop  cloudiness, tightly sealed in a  glass bottle.  13. Use vinegar on a soft cloth  for polishing chrome on your  car.  14,,You can also clean the windows with it, so if doing the  car, start with those, while  your cloth is clean.  |     Guaranteed quality work  in all phases  of  residential & commercial construction  Contact 438-6508 (collect) (8 am - 6 pm)  or 885-5702 (6 pm - 9 pm) for  free, no obligation estimates  Congratulations to  Norm Peterson & Dennis Suveges  on the opening of  <Pttttt  Located on School Road    Lower Villaye  886-8107  REALTY LTD.       Box 33S. 1369 School Road. Gibaons. B.C.   VON IV0  es  We wish them every Success  in their new endeavour.  ��� Jim & Donnie of  Drummond Insurance Ltd.  Men's Rings  25% Off  Selected Karat Gold  Ladies' Rings  10% - 25%  Off  Precious and  Seml-Preclous Stones {  Including Dluiiionds.y  Rubles and Sapphires I  Custom Designer Styles d  SepteMck-i  Special at  Tbte'j SeMettiitg fan ��ueiu-��itel  V> O ���-��7-��7 each  -���^   **: Coast News, September 1,1981  Fleming on Education  Perils of motherhood  by Frances Fleming  A very depressed mother  has posed this question: If a  mother staris off with a normal little hahy, and cares for il  nlghi and day, and stimulates  it, and teaches it, and loves it  very much, why is the result  nol a perfect child'.' What  force enters the scene io turn  the lovely little child into a  deficient   and   irresponsible  teenager? can school be the  culprit? People seem lo blame  Ihe mother tor her child's  misconduct, and alter nearly  twenty years of self-sacrifice,  -he feels utterly worthless.  Mother lose is a very strong  emotion, and many young  girls dream of having a sweet  little infant of their very own,  lo love and cuddle and dress  and show off. They have a  glorified idea of the mother-  child relationship and unreal  expectations as to what a  twenty-four hour day with a  dependant child can be like. In  their dreams the child never  cries, or has diarrhea, or colic;  the child eats and sleeps and  gurgles and laughs and never  learns io say "No!" The  number of battered babies  whose poor little moms are  really children themselves is  one tragic result of this very  prevalent desire 10 have someone "who belongs to me  and me alone".  No one can possess the body  of another. Some mothers find  it difficult lo resign themselves  to the unalterable fact that  even a toddler can be trusted  to look out for himself or  herself very well indeed. At a  very young age a child will  look after his body, eat when  he's hungry arid avoid pain,  extreme cold. Readers may  remember "The Family Circus" cartoon where the  daughter says: "We all have to  put on sweaters. Mother's  cold." The kids were not!  That is not to say that the  average child is a paragon of  personal cleanliness. Children  will eat with dirty hands, stuff  themselves with whatever they  fancy, iry out green apples,  get sunburned, smoke cigarettes, watch television until the  last show clicks off, neglect to  change their underwear, insist  on their hair not being cut. Pity the mothers as Ihey run interference between their  children and what appears to  them some kind of perpetual  Germ and Accident Warfare.  Health, hygiene and grooming  provide topics for many fierce  family battles. It is one of the  many fights the child puts up  to assert his independence. All  a parent can do is keep up gentle pressure, retain a sense of  humour, and realize that in  hundreds of homes every day,  similar battles are being  waged.  Problems occur when a  mother cannot let go. The  "good" mother who always  "knows best",-who is always  "right", who waits on her  child hand and foot, who  reminds him al every turn,  who tries to correct every deficiency, who never lets her  child out of. her sight, who  runs lo the clinic al every sniffle, who protects her child  against other child contacts,  who brags aboul successful  and early toilet training, who  expects "straight A's" from  kindergarten on, that kind of  mother is probably the worst  kind of mother in Ihe world.  Few people have ihe  courage io tell such a woman  that she is destroying Ihe child  she loves so intensely, coddling him, creating all kinds of  , mental ill health lhal the poor  kid will have to live with for  the rest of his days. Some of  the most disturbed and antisocial children encountered in  school are very clean and  orderly. Their apparently  commendable cleanliness is a  compulsive and magical  defense against dangerous  contacts.  Some of ihe wisdom ol the  flower children's generation  goes something like this: II  you love something sel it free;  if il returns, your heart will  sing; if it does not, it was never  yours in the first place. If we  love our children, we must nol  possess them. We must let  them try their wings, always  hovering near (often out of  sight) to pick up the pieces,  nol to do the thing for them,  but to arm Ihem to make  another iry. Courage, confidence and optimism must  permeate the parent-child relationship.  A mother must never lose  her own identity in relating too  closely to a child; a father  must never try to make his son  the champion NHL player he  longed to be. If the kid wants  to make a run for it, help all  you can; but be there to pick  up the pieces with some alternative activities if he doesn't  quite make it. Never weep over  what might have been!  Parents who do their best  should accept neither praise  nor blame from Mends and  neighbours. Children's successes and failures are their  own personal responsibilities,  and ihe sooner they know it,  the faster they will mature. It  is a very great privilege to  travel pari of life's journey  wilh one's very own children,  but we musl be prepared to see  ihem go on without us, even as  we wenl on without our  parents. Parenting should bring nothing but gratitude for  those lovely years spent in very  good company, memories of  laughter and tears, fights and  reconciliations, love and acceptance, trial and error, all  those components of the good  life.  if ~"  llljsjffl  I...    ^  -fi.l' T-^^ ���   A two-storey houseboat built by Gordon and Susanne Hauka at Gibsons Wharf was launched  Saturday. The IS by 28 foot home sits on a 4' deep fibreglass and wood frame hull, designed by  Don Hauka of Gibsons. The home, designed by Susanne Hauka, a commercial artist, will contain  an artist's studio, and a greenhouse and its unique self-contained design features a self-  decomposing aerobic toilet. The home will be moored in the Fraser River, and "beats the high cost  of housing", says Susanne. ftaa mommu  The misuse of language  by Joan Huestis Foster  Words are really fun except  when they become over used,  boring and tedious. We are  noticeably repetitious in our  too frequent use of cliches and  catch-phrasey jargon. Today's  jargon moves more quickly  than it used to, thanks to TV  and radio, and it hangs around  longer. Once categorized as  slang we now have chic  Iherapy talk, dope and street  talk, fashion talk and, of  course, relentless bureau-  cratese.  Viable: does not exist, at least  not in Funk & Wagnalls.  Dialogue: came heavily into  fashion, vanished, is now  making a comeback... Used to  be associated with theatre, but  is now used in place of discussion or conversation.  Seminar: used lo mean grad.  student discussion (dialogue)  with professor... Now is used  to make moiel gathering of  sock merchants feel important  while swinging. Frequently used by school boards along  with:  Communication Skills: used io  be speech,  English or your  mother tongue. Huh?  Finalize: means finish or complete. Politicians are fond of  viable and finalize.  Optimize: is new but moving  up and quite beyond me.  Like: means 'to feel affection  for' or 'resemble' but is used  Davis-Hudson wedding  "like-ya-know", "like-1-  mean".  Bottom line: It will be nice  when this one has vanished. It  is fairly recent but "hangin' in  there!"  Bracket creep: The well-off in  the community sit around  their dry martinis and worry  about "bracket creep, tax-  wise". I think it is awfully funny, but 1 believe it will become  equally irritating. Maybe it  won't catch on.  Curb appeal: this is a new one  ripe from the U.S. for Real  Estate people. "That listing  has excellent curb appeal", or  looks expensive from the  street.  Workshop: used to be called  lesson or class... Has little to  do with carpentry.  Hopefully: What's wrong with  *1 hope'? This one is recent but  strong.  Into: is used instead of 'interested in'... usually art, craft  or trade, as in Woody Allen's  deathless line - "She's into  leather".  Trip: any kind of trip that  does not mean a voyage, holiday or flight, is irritating to  me. I Ihink I have tripped out  on tripping. 1 wish it would go  away.  Dope talk intermingles with  therapy talk. "I know where  you're coming from". "She  knows where her head is at".  "He's in a good head-space".  "She's very together". "1 hear  what you're saying"   "I  want to share something with  off you" both mean "Shut up  and listen".  1 am tired of second-hand  gestalt, drug store psycho-  neurosis, group-therapy talk.  It usually means "1 have had  the time and money to  undergo group therapy or  psychoanalysis", but often  means "1 have been committed", or "I spent three months  at the belly-button farm" or,  "After my third nervous  breakdown...."  Para: is a new one out and  moving quickly to the fore. I  think it started with paramedics, but has advanced to  embrace almost anything you  wish you were but aren't. This  word is encroaching upon  every known profession: para-  teaching assistant? Certainly  we have para-psychologists all  over the place. Will we ever  have para-dentists or para-  lawyers? You're going to hear  a great many para-things. It's  going to be a biggie. Is a  paragon only partly virtuous?  If I were falling out of a plane  I'd rather have a real 'chute',  but I'm getting silly when I  start thinking about shampoo.  Para is in the dictionary as  near to or almost, beside and  close to.  Show business and real  estate people say "important"  a lot.  Lawyers and news people  use "urgent" rather than important.  All contributions to our catchy dictionary will be grateful-  A beautiful double ring  ceremony was solemnized in  the West Coast Christian  Fellowship Church, Vancouver B.C., uniting in mar-  riange, Penny Lea Davis,  daughter of Bill and Gladys  Davis of Gibsons and Al Hudson, son of Mrs. L. Hudson of  Toronto. The ceremony took  place at 10:00 am on July 18,  1981 and was officiated by  Pastor Reg Rygus.  Given in marriage by her  father, the bride looked radiant in a floor-length, off the  shoulder gown of white muslin  with lace-panelled bodice and  a flounced neckline, over a full  taffeta skirt. Penny wore two  gardenias in her hair and carried a bouquet of red and pink  roses.  Matron of Honour was Jan  Hill, bridesmaid was sister of  the bride, Sharon Kellcy and  the bridesmatron, Gail  Jordan-Knox. The attendants  were gowned in rose coloured  chiffon dresses and carried  bouquets of summer flowers.  The groom's attendants  were David Wiens and Dan  Edwards and the ushers were  John Woodin and Armand  Thibault. They were altired in  pearl grey suits and had white  carnations for boutonnieres.  The groom was in a 3 piece  navy blue suit.  The bride's mother chose a  smart 3-piece ensemble in eggshell colour chiffon with matching shoes and a corsage of  pink carnations complemented  her outfit. The groom's  mother wore a navy blue floral  gown and a pink carnation  corsage.  During the ceremony,  pianist Eileen Rygus accompanied the solist Sue  Oberhoffner. Penny cor-  eographed a ballet solo which  she danced for her husband.  The reception was held at  the Coachouse Inn in North  Vanouver. Master of  Ceremonies was John Faulkes,  cousin of the bride. The toast  to the bride was proposed by  Peter Hill and John Hudson  proposed the ��� toast to the  bridesmaids. Telegrams of  congratulations were received  and read from friends and  relatives in England, Ontario,  Alberta and Vernon. A  delicious smorgasbord luncheon was served and after the  meal many touching  testimonials were given to the  happy couple by their many  friends. The three-tier wed  ding cake was made by Evelyn  Hobel and was beautifully  decorated with a grape and  vine motif, topped with a  white dove.  For her "going away" outfit, Penny chose a casual 3  piece sports outfit in black and  grey with white accessories.  Amongst the out of town  guests were the groom's  grandmother, Mrs. L. Watson  from Ontario and mother,  Mrs. L. Hudson of Toronto.  Friends from Gibsons, Vernon, Vancouver and the  Fraser Valley were also in attendance.  The happy couple left for a  honeymoon trip to Vancouver  Island and Harrison Hot Springs and upon their return they  will be residing in Vancouver.  you   and  and "Let me bounce this ly received.  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Alcohol on the coast  A continuing problem  Kd. note: This article is  reprinted from Ihe Coast News  of August 11th, 1966. There  would appear lo have been only one A.A. group al lhal  lime. In 1981, fifteen years  later, there are six local AA  groups, four Alanon groups  and meetings every nighl of  Ihe week, except Friday and  Sunday.  My name is John Doe���I  am an alcoholic and a member  of Alcoholics Anonymous  here.  I am writing this article for  those of you who, like myself,  have found no way out from a  losing battle with alcohol. No  doubt, like myself and  countless others, you have  groped your way through  sleepless nights of agonizing  despression after endless tragic  drinking bouts. No doubt you  have experienced the  blackouts, loss of jobs, family  or home and fears that only a  fellow alcoholic knows, and  perhaps you have, while under  the influence of alcohol, inflicted mental or physical  harm to those you love.  : How many times have you,  Jike others, said Never Again  only to find Ihat alcohol beats  you over and over in the same  old vicious circle. I know you  never meant to give it the  chance to mess up your life in  that way, but it does happen to  people like you and me. We  are not alone, thousands all  over the world are sick like us.  We have a disease which is  known as Alcoholism, a slow,  progressing kind that cripples  us physically and mentally.  This disease, like many others,  has no cure���it can, however,  be arrested only by total  abstinence from alcohol.  I am going to explain how  AA can and will work for you  if you keep an open mind and  give it a sporting chance.  **���  Let's look in on the Thursday night group meeling at the  Wilson Creek Community  Hall. As we enter, we see a  lively group of men and  women from all walks of  hfe���housewives, working  girls, loggers, businessmen  and the few still struggling  bravely to make a comeback  ;with a heart full of hope. Not  all of these people are  alcoholics���a    few    are  members of a corresponding  group known in AA as Al-  Anon. This is an organization  consisting of the wives,  husbands and mothers of  alcoholics. They are not afflicted with alcoholism  themselves, but they attend the  meetings to gain help and  knowledge to cope with their  loved one. As one studies the  teamwork between these two  groups, it is easy to see how  important each one is to the  other���it is an understanding  that is felt by all. It's the Al-  Anon and alcoholic working  hand in hand with only one  goal, a life of freedom from  alcohol in their home.  ***  You are introduced to these  people by your first name only. Then, over a cup of coffee,  you find you are becoming acquainted with each one individually and you get the feeling that these people are interested in you and understand  your loneliness and anxieties.  Soon, you find you are deeply  engrossed in someone's story,  most likely, similar to your  own.  It is 8:30 pm. and the  meeting is about to begin. You  will notice there are two  members sitting apart from  the others. These two have  been voted by the group to  serve as chairman and  secretary. The chairman calls  the Thursday night meeting of  the Sechelt Peninsula group to  order. The Preamble is read  aloud by a member���it is a  priceless, condensed form of  the AA Program, telling the  newcomer how AA works and  a continual reminder to the  oldtimer of his sobriety. The  chairman then selects one or  two of the Twelve Steps of AA  to discuss with the group.  Then, each member has his or  her chance to say a word or  two of his progress in AA or  relates a story of his past  drinking days.  The secretary lakes over  with the weekly roll call. Each  Thursday, the member's first  name is called out and  answered by the member  either here yes or here no.  Regular attendance and a  series of here no's lead to a  MAXWELL'S PHARMACY  YOUR COMPLETE HEALTH CARE CENTRE  * Fast Prescription Service  * Health Care Accessories  * Almay Hypoallergenic Cosmetics  * Patient Aids (Sales & Rentals) crutches,  comodes, bed pans, canes, etc.  107 cedar Plaza, Bimom 886-8158  Carefree Gardening^  by Sandy Loam  small birthday celebration for  the member with a year of  continual here no's. To answer  here yes, means you have had  a drink, no matter how small,  between meetings, and then  you must start again. This in  AA, is known as a slip. There  are no penalties in AA, only  the member's conscience tells  him he has failed himself that  week. The roll call serves as a  great benefit for the members  to keep tabs on their own as  well as all the other member's  struggle for sobriety. It lets us  know when one of our friends  is having trouble.  The secretary then tells the  group of any notices received  by mail from the head office in  New York. Sometimes, he or  she will suggest we put on a  dance and smorgasbord for  visitors from outside groups.  AA is a free organization���no  one is compelled to donate,  but the members who feel they  can, do so to help keep up the  maintenance of the hall or  socials. The chairman finishes  off the meeting with the  Serenity Prayer, that gives  courage and hope to alcoholics  all over the world.  The meeting is now closed  for the week, all sit around  over coffee and cakes, discussing the casual affairs of our  day. Sometimes, there is a problem such as a member off on  a slip. This affects the group  as a whole and we try to find  out where our lost one went  wrong and had we, in any  way, unconsciously failed  them.  However, our knowledge of  AA tells us the answer that our  Slippers are having trouble in  which any one of us could be  in his or her shoes an hour  from now. Perhaps, they are  not quite ready to accept their  new way of life. They will,  likely, flounder a little while  longer, but we all know that,  at one call from any one of our  strays, all will be at his aid  with a kind, understanding  word of help. The sincere ones  will be back, and the doors of  our little hall will forever be  open to our fallen angels.  Due to a late, wet spring and  summer this gardening year,  many familiar areas in my  garden drew an unexpected  blank. 1 miss the Sunflowers  Ihat have always bloomed in  one particular spot to gladden  the heart in late August. The  blasted seeds rolled in the  ground and not a one came  up. I forgot to put in any  Cosmos and though I have  some from last year's going to  seed I do not have my usual  complement and so, with too  many Marguerites and giant  Marigolds I have an overabundance of yellow. These  small personal offences were  more lhan offset by the acquisition of a bundle of charming, all blue, Alpine perennials and the welcome addition  of a gorgeous crimson perennial which is completely new  to me but most welcome. It  resembles a crimson less than  bushy late Delphinium (if you  can picture such an item.) The  foliage is attractively spikey  and a dark red colour which  stands out in clumps against  the more prevalent green in the  flower beds and the tall bloom  iss covered with intense glaring  scarlet flower clusters. The  name is Lobelia Cardinale. I  don't know how it acquired  Garden  club  The Sechelt Garden Club  will meet in St. Hilda's Hall,  Sechelt, on Wednesday  September 2nd, at 7:30 pm.'  Mr. Bill Brandner, a well  known garden expert in the  Lower Mainland, and a  speaker on several occasions at  our club, will discuss the selecting of choice trees, bulbs and  shrubs for fall planting.  To see an indoor display of  plants and flowers, plan to attend the Sechelt Garden  Club's Fall Flower,.SJipW and  Tea on Saturday September  12th in the Senior Citizens  Hall, Sechelt. As well as a  beautiful display of flowers  and tea inside the hall (admission one dollar), there will be a  plant sale outside the hall with  no admission charge. At the  show, which is competitive for  members, there will be an  open class for non-members in  the dahlia section.  The Club, again this year,  sponsored a Junior Garden  Club at the Sechelt Elementary  School. Membership consisted  of a dozen or more bright and  keen youngsters, who kept the  noon hour meeting alive with  questions. This young club  will miss the help given by  Vikki Lebrun, a staff member  at the school, who is being  transferred by the School  Board to Gibsons. Many  thanks, Vikki!  Remember Saturday,  September 12th! See you at the  Show!  OPEN SUNDAYS  Noon to a PM.  Al Winner  Al Wagner  Invites you  to join  Big  Brothers  A service of friendship freely given by  men, to boys without  fathers.  For Information  886-2615  885-5664     A  this name since it couldn't  possibly be any farther from  Ihe little blue Lobelia with  which we are all so familiar  bul ihe Cardinale speaks lor  ihe colour. Ii grows to a height  of about 30 inches and is a  most attractive addition to Ihe  garden as a whole because of  its lovely foliage and of  course, the fact that it will  come up year afler year and  grow bigger and allow iiself to  splil and spread all over the  place.  This year I devoted a lot of  attention to perennials and  through circumstance, less to  colourful annuals; although  it has certainly been a splendid  year for Portulaca blooming  its friendly little heart oul all  over the edges and re-seeding  itself, I hope, for nexl year.  Porlulaca is a low growing  bright flowering (almosl  fluorescent) first cousin to a  Livingstone Daisy but better.  It has been a perfect year for  Geraniums for some insane  reason.  Everyone's Geraniums seem  bright, clean and clear with  more and bigger flowers than  usual, even the giant, round,  double-flowering variety. It  always seems that what the  weather takes away on (he one  hand it returns on the other.  Now is ihe lime lor a giant  mish-mash bouquet of multicoloured everything from the  gardens. They look so lush  and summery. Also lime io  start checking out early  bargains in spring bulbs.  Aboui every Ihree years my  bulbs need replenishing  because 1 rarely dig Ihem up io  sort, feed and slore ihem properly because I haven't the  time. It will be remembered  that this column is "Carefree"  gardening, rather than following all the tiny advices given by  gardening books, which would  be a fulltime work.  Anyway, remember Lobelia  Cardinale as a beautiful sum;  mer perennial and think bulbs  for spring.  Happy Gardening.  DISCOUNT PRICES  ��� Furniture    ��� T.V.'s & Stereos  ��� Appliances ��� Auto Stereos, etc.  KERNS HOME  FURNISHINGS  Seaview Place,  Gibsons  886-9733  Mon. to Sat.  9 am. - S pm  Drummond Insurance Ltd.  ATTENTION: All *vp��*�� ot CONTRACTORS  We specialize in Liability Policies  Inquire about our n*?\i  ANNUAL TRAVEL POLICY  Unlimited coverage anywhere in the world for *  as many trips a year as you want.  THE  Convenient  and  Inexpensive way to  insure your vacation.  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You mean  you're nol good at it, and  want to use me as a guinea  pig?" I asked, with understandable reluctance.  Sue smiled pleasantly. She  smiles a lot these days and her  friends have noticed a persistent good-naturedness in her  disposition lately, which Sue  attributes directly to Reiki.  "All right, Sue. What exactly is il?"  Sue explained that Reiki is a  Japanese word meaning  Universal Life Energy. The  Usui system of Reiki is a heal-  ing art that uses this life energy  by'channelling it through the  "healer" inlo another person  through "the laying on of  hands".  The healing is done by the  Lift Energy that is being channelled through the healer, and  IhfC healer finds that his own  energy is not being exhausted  but that he becomes invigorated by the experience. I  began to understand what Sue  wanted to do.  As the patient, or person  receiving the energy for healing; all I had to do was lie  down and Sue would, over the  course of an hour or so, place  her hands on various parts of  my botjy and allow "good, or  healing or life energy" to pass  through her lo me.  iji my experience with  Pentecostals and Roman  Catholics and other religious  groups who have been practising the laying on of hands for  tht; last 20 years and longer,  the concept was not new to  mC However, Sue insisted  that Reiki does not compromise anyone's religious  beliefs, it is a healing art, not a  religious practise.  As a fairly average Canadian, in reasonably good  physical and mental health, I  have a healthy respect and  tolerance for "vibes" and  other sources of energy  around us. I believe mediums  have an unusual or finely-  tuned sensitivity and that most  of us, in our daily lives, probably close ourselves off from  the: energy that hums around  us from other human beings.  Faith healers relate their  special sensitivity to a religious  belief, others use it for their  personal gain or power.  Others are confused when they  discover special healing gifts  within themselves, as portrayed in the recent movie  Resurrection, slarrhg Ellen  Burstyn.  Extra-sensory perception  (ESP) is still a largely uncharted zone of our senses and  new awareness and appreciation of these powers is growing  daily. Last week in The Province, I read that in China,  some young children are able  to iense object with their eyes  closed, using their ears and  feet. These powers are describ-*  ed as telepathic and "the  youngsters are said to have  powers akin to X-Ray vision  whfth can penetrate paper,  plastic, metal, the human  body and the ground," the  Chinese news agency reported.  We have all heard of the ancient powers of medicine men  in various primitive cultures,  who were able to induce healing, death or disaster, by applying an energy into persons  around them who believed  that those things could happen. In our own culture, Ihe  ability of persons to heal  themselves through will and  determination has been  medically recorded and ihe  ability to induce death or  "lose the will to live" is an accepted phenomenon.  natural healing power lies  within all of us.  According to Bockner, there  are 300 to 400 Reiki healers in  B.C., "more than the total in  the rest of Canada". He feels  ihat the healing energy of  Reiki is available to everyone  and lhal his role of Master is  lhal of an instructor, teaching  people how to receive and apply this energy lor the benefit ol  others, without relying on or  depicting their own energies in  the process.  Physical pain and chronic illnesses can be relieved through  Reiki energy. A healing nuy  require  several   treatments,  ��� Vene Parnell Pholo  Receiving Reiki energy through the laying on of hands may  sound like a fir-out concept, but believers say don't knock it till  you've tried it.  The "laying on of hands"  was recorded in Jesus' day and  the revival of that practise by  Christians in this century was  seen as a return to the basic  "healing powers of the prophet" as revealed in early  Christian writings. Through  the "laying on of hands", a  person's painful memories  could be healed, as well as  physical ailments, if it corresponded to the "will of  God".  In fact, Reiki grew in the  early 1800's, as a result of a  similar revival in interest in  this power in Japan. Dr.  Mikao Usui, at the University  of Kyoto, realized that all the  prophets and world religious  founders in history had a  power to heal that was  transmitted through the  hands. He researched ancient  Chinese and Christian writings  to Find a basis for this healing  art and found symbols and  formulas in ancient Buddhist  teachings that he applied and  developed into the Usui system  of Reiki. It was widely practised in Japan until the Second  World War, at which time,  many of the Japanese Masters  or healers were killed in the  bombing of Hiroshima.  The Reiki healing system  was carried on in Hawaii by a  lady named Hawayo Takata  until her death in 1980. Her  grand-daughter, Phyllis  Furomoto of Nelson, B.C. is  now the Grand Master and  there are 26 Masters teaching  the healing art in the world,  five of them in B.C.  One of these masters, Rick  Bockner, 32, of Argcnta, B.C.  travels twice a year to the West  Coast to give Reiki workshops  and to initiate new persons into using the healing art lo help  themselves and others.  Bockner plans to give a four  day workshop, of two to three  hours each day at Elphinstone  School in Gibsons, September  18 - 21. He will also give a free  public lecture at Elphinstone,  September 16, to explain the  details of Reiki and to inform  people of the idea that a  depending on the amount of  energy needed to revitalize the  injured part of the body.  "The beauty of the course is  that through the initiations, it  opens up people to the Universal Life Energy in a clearer  way," Rick said.  Reiki is considered lo be an  impetus to spiritual growth.  Believers insist that your  priorities of living will be  altered and that "more and  more, you will find a quiet  honesty about your actions  and your lifestyle."  "Be prepared for growth  and spiritual healing, as well  as physical healing," says the  brochure.        f  While I was lying in a relaxed state, experiencing sensations of heat in certain parts of  my body such as around my  left eye, where I had a tension  headache, I began to feel the  soothing effects of Sue's  hands.  I realized then that I had  been practising a form of healing unwittingly for years, laying my hands on my children's  backs to soothe them at night  before they fell asleep.  I have watched them and  myself relax, while held gently  in someone's arms, to soothe  away fears and anxieties. I  have asked people to apply  their hands to my head to  relieve headache and eye  strain. I have done it to  myself.  The concept of touching  others for physical relief is  surely not new. And we have  all experienced Ihe power of  mind over matter.  If you are interested in experiencing a new awareness  and approach to the  fascinating unseen world of  life energies, perhaps the Reiki  method may be useful to you.  Registrations for the Reiki  workshop and more information on the subject is available  from my friend Sue at  886-2937.  Give her a call, and as it says  on the last page of the Reiki  brochure���Accept what happens.  Coast News, September 1,1981  11  Rii'.s Lane's charter boal, '  around Ihe area.  'Alibi Wahou'  floss Lane Pholo  Ross is currently guiding fishermen lo Ihe best spots  Is your wife insured ?  Your wile should have life insurance for pretty  well the same reasons you do. And for some  reasons that are all her own.  Get in touch and let's talk  it over.  Qtolf Hodgklnaon  Box 957,  Glbaona, B.C.  886-8018  Mutual Life of Canada  Reflections  Some favourite words  by Vern Giesbrecht  Rummaging through my  dc^k the other day, I  discovered scraps of paper  thai I had saved - newspaper  dippings, mostly - with the  idea thai I might use them  later,  One item, from a Chuck  Davis column in ihe Province,  concerned people's choices for  the 10 mosi beautiful words In  the English language.  I was particularly taken with  Ihis collection, by Sheila Dun-  fo'd of Vancouver: rill,  melody, inanimale, delicate,  gloaming, dewdrop, lamentation, meadow, idyllic, drowsy.  Another lisi of lovely words  was compiled by Mary Kerr of  West Vancouver: chalice,  shimmer, whisper, tympani,  languid, ethereal, lullaby, requiem, columbine, majestic.  My own, tentative list would  include these words:  rapscallion, winsome, cobblestone, lissome, poignant,  travail, lugubrious, innuendo,  tenacious, loquacious.  What about youi favourite  words?  * *      ! *  Speaking of word;, one of  my clippings tells of a man in  San Francisco who "suffers  abuse for fun and profit" by  encouraging passersby to call  him nasty names.  This masochist, Jay Stuart,  has been called a "'dirty,  degenerate, low-down freak"  and insulted in much Coarser  language since he begin standing on a street corner with a  sign around his neck ready  "Abuse Me Verbally, 25 cents  three minutes. Call me  anything but call me."  Smart claims lie has been  "abused from day one, so why  not make a buck al it?"  His first idea for making  money on ihe street was bet-  ling people he could make  them laugh in three minules or  less. He earned a mere $2.50  before a policeman failed to  gel the joke and asked him to  move on. Apparently Stuari is  faring better as a verbal whipping post.  Only in California (I hope).  * * *  Children learn aboul God in  various ways but it's doubtful  that many encounter the Deity  in more shocking ways than  the youngsters who attended a  Baptist Bible School in Grand  Rapids, Michigan, recently.  The minister running the  vacation Bible school used a  home-made "electric stool"  and a six-voli battery io shock  the students inlo hearing  God's word.  "Sometime! God talks lo  you and calls you and we jusl  don'l listen," Rev. Dwlghl  Wymer told the children. "Bui  sometimes He can shock you  Into hearing His word and this  (electric shock) jusl makes lhal  demonstration clear."  Some of the children, and  Iheir parents, were upset by  the minister's technique.  "It hurts," said a seven-  year-old boy. "I was gonna  cry, but all my friends were  watching me."  A psychiatrist admitted the  six-volt shock would nol be  physically damaging bul could  be "psychologicatly traumatic". He added, "This  minister Is probably a sincere  man Irving lo leach Ihat God  can be wrathful, but I would  think ihat God, being a loving  lather, ihe God of the New  Testament, would not want  ihis lo occur. I believe this is  unduly dramatic and  reprehensible."  1 agree wilh ihe psychiatrist.  Unfortunately, the antics of  ' apparently   sincere   but  misguided people like the Bao-  bring  complete  IKVENTORV     $7,534.  control systems from  ' EIGHT  INCH  DISKS  g\ working for you...  tisi   minister   often  religion into disrepute.  In my first year of teaching I  mused about what classrooms  were like when leachers and  students were absent, especially as Labour Day and the new  school year approached. Then  I wrote these lines, which  might be appropriate now:  Books browse Iheir pages,  chalk   sticks   rehearse  scripts,  five    rows    announce  "here"  to a phantom  instructor;  ihe   wide  green   slate   is  clean.  Stop in and see  OUft MU)  FALL AftfilUALS  alio  lots of '/j price specials left  k Cowrie St. Sechelt  885-2916  UISJU    LaLaCLj  I   nUllULn      AUTHORIZED DEALER  Trail Bay Centre,  Sechelt  885-2568  iOw  r���**  &  oo  C.O.S.P. Convert  from Oil Grant  ^"NORTHERN Heat Pump Coast News, September 1,1981  S^ wcky DOLLAR  OVERLOOKING BEAUTIFUL GIBS<  fCCDS  GIBSONS HARBOUR  PRODUCE  ''Ki^j.  B.C. Grown  CELERY  B.C. Grown  lb  29c  THE COB   71s. .00  KSSi  *?Cv<^  B.C. Okanogan ��� Red Haven  PEACHES  -^n  Our Own Freshly Baked ���^���\��-"<'  RAISIN RREAD  16 oz loai>  National Bakeries' Brown a White  CRUSTIES  doz  Plum Chutney  Vt teaspoon each:  cayenne  ground cloves  dry mustard  groung nutmeg  1 tablespoon pickling salt  1 pint white vinegar  Peel and core the apples. Chop apples and onions coarsely.  Place all ingredients in a heavy pot and bring to the boil.  Simmer, uncovered, until the mixture becomes fairly  thick.  Pour while hot into clean hot jars and seal. Do not eat for  about 3 months to allow the flavours to mellow.  ! lbs. stoned plums  ! lb. apples  ! Ib. onions  ! Ib. raisins  '. cup brown sugar  ' teaspoon ground ginger  teaspoon allspice  mmiamB  am*  Zucchini Dill Pickles  3 quarts zucchini 2l/i cups water  2 cloves garlic ��� plus heads of fresh dill  Vt cup pickling salt grope leaves  2'/i cups white vinegar peppercorns  Cut zucchini into finger size sticks. Do not peel.  Bring the 2 cloves of garlic, salt, vinegar and water to the  boil then remove from heat.  Pack the zucchini into sterilized Jars.  Into each jar place:  one garlic clove  1 head of dill  1 grape leaf  4 peppercorns  Pour hot liquid into each jar and seal. Keep at least 3  weeks before trying.  '  Mustard Bean Pickles  J '/t tablespoons celery seed  Vt cup dry mustard  Vt cup flour 2 cups white vinegar  1 tablespoon turmeric  1 Vt lbs. green beans  I cup white sugar  Cut beans into >/j" lengths and cook in the usual way until  tender. Drain.  Mix all other ingredients and cook over a medium heat,  stirring constantly until thickened.  Add beans. Cook 5 more minutes.  Pack into sterilized jars and seal.  By the way:���  If your dill is ready before your cucumbers, worry not  Just cut what you require and freeze it.  Don't use your dill just for pickling. Try dill leaves chopped up in salads, egg sandwiches, cottage cheese, sour  cream and rubbed into chicken before roasting. Try the  seeds in lamb stews, cooked with green beans and boiled  potatoes.  Happy pickling  Neat Lewis  format Home Economics Teacher  !i��-'*"i:'i       ''S$kk  mri-sir-  Doy fay day, Item by Item, we do more for you in  providing variety, quality and friendly service.  'We reserve the right to limit quantities'  886-2257  Gower Point Rd., Gibsons  Free Delivery to the Wharf  Enfoy Summer  ell year round  with  Swim Spa  Representative on the  Sunshine Coast  Seaside Plumbing Ltd.  886-7017  M.J.E.  coffee  Regular & Drip  Money's ��� Sliced  lushrooms  .454  >3.29  .284 ail  crispy wheals 'n raisins soo-JI .75  mm  BhUMmUmI)  Catelli  spaghetti sauce m^79t  Tomato a W/i  ColeUi  Ready Cat  long spaghetti ft macaroni���,. 79*  Doles  pineapple lulce       ��������.,, $1.19  cookies    '..:'.'..A;..j     ��..,1.  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The Sunshine Coast can grow wonderful flower and vegetable gardens for those with know-how, 'green thumb'  and patience. But too much rain, without warm sunahine, tried the patience of many a gardener.  Then came the sun ��� beautiful, glorious sunshine. The heat that revived many a garden soon became too much  for plant and humans alike. And then, the parched earth looked forward to fall and rain once again.  P.N.E. time, which runs through to Labour Day annually puts local business to sleep. Why ��� I don't exactly  know, but It happens every year. Even the bank lineups are lees lengthy.  After Labour Day weekend and school opening, a new season begins In earnest. No matter how we hated  school, by June exam time who of us cannot remember how we looked forward to a new term with a new room  teacher, some new classmates, new subjects, and new studies.  After Labour Day weekend we have the wind-up and finals of summer sports schedules and new gemes commence, with new faces, new line-ups, new hopes and aspirations.  After Labour Day weekend clubs and organizations recommence regular meetinga after summer recess. New  social functions commence, which build their particular amphaels to a climax of Christmas parties only a few  months away.  Change In seasons, therefore, brings forth opportunity for change In us. Generally speaking, change Is good.  What we make of the new season that lies ahead is up to us, whether we are going back to school, college,  university or trade school; whether we are going back to work after a long Job lay-off, or summer vacation.  Let's simply resolve to be better, do better, and feel better about ourselves in the new seaaon Just ahead.  <^5fc 1. Cut out this Coupon ufa.  .IT  2. Attach to your Sales Slip  3. Return to Ken's Lucky Dollar  \s  DRAW TO BE MADE SUNDAY AT 5 p.m.  NAME TEL NO. ,  ���    POSTAL ADDRESS  Our popular $50.00 weekly grocery firaw will continue each week into  1981 until further notice.  "REAL WIN"  S50.00 GROCERY DRAW!  S7th  Grocery Draw Winner  Marlon Proulx  We will be  CLOSED  between  Sept. 14 & SO  886-9021  GIBSONS  CLINIC  PHARMACY  Vitamin C  Chewable  ISO's  ase mgm.  $2.99  886-8191  Next lo Medical Clinic. Gibsons  Shop with confidence. Our prices ore very competitive.  We will not be undersold on these advertised items.  We fully guarantee everything we sell to be satisfactory.  Or money cheerfully refunded. 14  Coast News, September 1,1981  (  SPOBTS  *  h   h> Bruce Robinson  886-7748  Morty phoned me last  Thursday around dinnertime.  He sounded panicky. "Oh  geez, Bruce, is the wife sore  Ihis time. I mean she is wound  up! ()h geez!"  "Where are ya?" I asked.  "We're down ai the mall."  "We?"  "Me and ihe T.V. She threw  us both out. You think we  mighl be able lo slay with ya a  couple of days until she cools  Oil'.'"  "Yeah, okay, Morty, Come  on over."  "Well, uh, you think maybe  you could come and gel us in  your truck. The T.V.'s a console model, and I had a hell of  a lime jusl getting il down lo  Ihe mall."  "I'll be right over, Morty,"  I sic lied,  Every year ihis happens.  Always ihe same lime of year  when Gladys gives Morty the  old heave-ho. Right around  the lime ihe ads for Monday  Nigln Football stari showing  up on T.V. and Morty  becomes child-like in his an-  ticipation of the new season.  Around Ihe end of July Ihe  football magazines come out,  complete with forecasts for the  approaching season. Morty is  at ihe drugstore at dawn,  wailing for ihe delivery truck  io arrive. Reading these  magazines is a sacred event to  Mony   -   a   Japanese   tea  Hacks 'n Bats  A victim of  TV football  ceremony seems like a rugby  game in comparison. He  meditates through every page,  meticulously digesting each  scrap of information as if he  was Henrand Russell unveiling  ihe meaning of life.  The children have learned  noi in interrupt Mony when  he gels the glazed eyes, when  ihe saliva forms al ihe corners  of his mouth, when every fibre  of his brain is concentrated on  ihe off-season trades, the  scorning reports, and the  predictions.  Morty wouldn't say much to  me until I had unhooked my  own black and while T.V. and  plugged in his colour model in  its place.  "Whadda ya mean, you  don't have cable?" Morty  gasped, beads of perspiration  forming on his temples. "I  gotla have cable!" he said.  "Okay, okay!" I replied.  "First thing tomorrow-"  "Tomorrow?! I can't wait  that long! Hell, there's gotta  be a night emergency service,  cuz I have to watch Ihe channel 13 sports. 1 have to!" This  was a desperate man.  "So what happened this  time, Morty?" I asked after he  had calmed down somewhat.  "I guess Ihe wife just  couldn't take the  competition," Marty conjectured. "She seemed to fly off  the handle when my supplies  for the season were  delivered."  "What supplies?" 1 asked.  "Couple cases of popcorn,  a case of those frozen french  fries, three cases of minute  steaks, thirty-six cartons of  coke, two cases of frozen  Plllsbury Pjes, and thirty cases  of beer."  "Oh. Those supplies."  "I wanted to be ready this  year," Morty explained. "I  wanted to gel a good jump on  ihe season. We got a full slate  of games this fall. There's  Monday Night Football,  Thursday Night Football,  Saturday Night Football, and  Sunday Morning Football.  You don't take thai kind of a  season lightly. You've got lo  be ready!"  "Apparently Gladys doesn't  agree," 1 pointed oul.  "Yeah, well 1 should have  seen the writing on the wall  after she threw my 9x12 glossy  of Howard Cosell in the compactor."  "Maybe if you explained  the game lo Gladys--"  "I never talk during  gametime!" Morty snapped.  It breaks my concentration.  You know that!"  "There's gotta be a compromise in this somewhere," 1  offered.  "Oh God knows I've made  concessions.   This   season   I  even offered to play with our  kids   at   halftime,   Bobbie  and...uh...uh...  "Debbie," I said.  "Yeah, right...Debbie."  "You're right," I admitted.  "Gladys   just   isn't   being  reasonable."  From the Fairway  by Krnie Hume  Monday August 24th the  Mixed Twilight group enjoyed  a team scramble. The team of  Bernice Bader, Victor Marted-  du, Jo Emerson and Ernie  Cupil pulled out an easy victory with a net score of 21 1/8  strokes.  Tuesday morning ladies  competed in the CLGA Pin  Round Day. Low gross was  captured by club champ Connie Gram with a low gross 81.  The low nel of 69 was shot by  Mary Horn and Doreen  Gregory wilh the nod going to  -Mary Horn for shooting a  lower score on one of Ihe holes  on ihe back nine. The first day  of ihe Marg Langdale Trophy  was also being played.  The nine-hole Ladies also  competed in the Marg  Langdale Award, Bernice  Bader is leading ihe tournament wilh a low net 36'/j,  followed by Jo Emerson with  a 37'/-,.  Thursday, August 27th, our  ladies journeyed lo Squamish  lo bailie for ihe interclub  trophy. Squamish won this  particular lour wilh a score of  ' 42-30. Sunshine Coast managed to win the overall interclub  matches wilh a score of 75'/;  io 68'/j. This victory returns  ihe trophy lo ils home in the  club house of Sunshine Coast  until ihe competition starts in  the spring for another season.  In district 2, our ladies third  team placed first for 1981.  On the same 7:30 ferry our  men journeyed to Seymour for  the return match v>ith the congenial Seymour men. Sunshine  Coast enjoyed a lead of 11  points at the start of the day,  but once again went down to  defeat by a total of 6 points at  Ihe end of the event. The extraordinary hospitality received from the Seymour club  makes this day's golfing one  of the best of the year. The  long fairways on this 18-hole  championship course seem to  take their toll on our golfers  who are used to playing on the  shorter 9 holes at home.  It is getting close to [he time  that the Pro Shop will be offering some worthwhile  bargains in golf equipment,  shoes and clothing. So get  prepared _for next year's activities.  This year our Senior Championship was taken by Roy  Taylor, who has peaked at the  right time. Roy is shooting  some real low scores against  all comers. His low gross score  of 152 was all lhal was needed  lo emerge as our 1981 senior  champ.  Tom Milsted once again  placed second with a 154. Tom  IIIHIIIIIIIIIPINIIIINIIIIIIIII  has been knocking on the door  for the last three years and just  missing by a couple of strokes.  George Grant, always close to  the leaders, shot a solid 156.  John Petula's low net 125 was  low for Ihe two-day tournament. Ed Mcllwaine had the  honour of shooting his age for  18 holes, a solid gross score of  78.  The Summer Match Play  Tournament has produced a  winner. One of our more active and better players has hit  the winner's circle by overcoming all opposition, after  many weeks of competition.  Paul Smith defeated Brian  Leckie on the eighteenth hole  to take the honours in Ihe final  game. Brian's excellent golf  placed him in the runner-up  spot, ready to be a winner next  year.  YOUR AUTOPLAN  CENTRE  [rfwiie Millhews Photo  Gibsons Rugby Club in pre-season training on Elphinstone field. Practices are Tuesday and Thursday al 6:30 pm.  ��� Geojgo Matthtvi* Pholo  Coach Bill Sluis and Manager Danny McKay watch Wanderers practice skills. Practices are Tuesday and Thursday on the Elphinstone field al 6:30 pm.  Junior golf tournament  The first Annual Cedar  Plaza Invitational Tournament, for the development of  junior golf on the Sunshine  Coast will be held on Saturday, September 12, beginning  at I pm. at the Sunshine Coast  Golf Club.  Tournament Chairman,  John Kavanagh is inviting  tourney entrants and told the  Coasl News that there are not  many spaces left. Kavanagh  said that the intention of the  tournament is to develop a  Junior Golf Bursary programme from the entry fees  generated by this first event.  The tournament will be run  under the Calloway handicap  system and should provide the  opportunity for prizes for  everyone, from the beginning  player to those with experience.  For the $30 entry fee,  golfers will play a full round  of golf, be well fed, and be  Ie for many prizes including a trip for two via CP  Air to Hawaii.  The number of entires is  limited and will be on a strictly  first come, first served basis.  Entry can be reserved by dropping off a $30 cheque at the  Gibsons Meat Market or The  Great Canadian Dough Factory.  Those interested in dinner  and after tourney activiiies  may join in for $20.  Marathon of hope  Terry Fox's Marathon of Hope Run is not over. In fact,  it's jusl beginning. This September 13, Canadians all  across the country are invited to join together to participate in the Terry Fox Run for the Marathon of Hope.  Run, walk or jog the ten kilometer course being set up starting at Molly's Reach, September 13, 10:00 am.  So gather up your neighbours, co-workers and friends,  and be a part of the Terry Fox Run, Sunday, September  13. Terry's run raised 24 million dollars for Cancer  research. Let's continue what he started. For further information contact: Rob Liddicoat, 886-2274.  We also need volunteers to make this run a success, so if  you can spare the lime, please call.  For all your Carpets  T. Sinclair  885-9327  Taking care of  all your Real Estate  and Insurance Requirements  886-2000 Seaside Plaza 886-9121  Gibsons  Lanes  Leagues  Start Week  off Sept. 8th  S3.00 Membership Fee  Coffee Leagues: Tues., Wed. am. - Wed. pm.  Mixed Leagues: Tues.. Wed., Thurs. nights  Classic League: Mon. night  Golden Age Club - Tues. pm.  Youth Bowling Council  (Y.B.C.)  S2.SO Membership Fee  Bantams - Sat. 9.00 or 11.00 am.  Jrs. & Srs. - Sat. 1:00 pm.  Information  Phone S86-2086  SUMMER SCHEDULE  TO VANCOUVER  FLIQHT NO.  101  103  10S  107  109  111  TIME  07:28  01:45  11:45  14:15  15:15  11:00  TO NANAIMO  FLIGHT NO. TIME  201 07:30  203 11:45  205 15:15  207 (Friday Onlyl    18:00  FROM NANAIMO  FLIGHT NO. TIME  302 08:00  204 12:30  206 16:00  208 Friday Only 18:30  TO POWELL RIVER  FLIGHT NO. TIME  903 08:30  905 13:15  907 16:30  FROM POWELL RIVER   FOR INFORMATION  FLIQHT NO.     TIME PHONE  904/103 0915    SECHELT ��� 885-2214  906/107 1345    VANCOUVER - 689-8651  908/111 1715    NANAIMO ��� 753-2041  POWELL RIVER - 485-9223  Further Schedules lo Jervis Inlet. Salmon Inlet, Narrow* Inlet.  Pender Harbour Now 3 Flights Daily Except Sunday.  EWecllve March 30th, 1981  Pitungtra art requested to check-In 30 mlnutea prior  to flight times P  FROM VANCOUVER  FLIGHT NO. TIME  102 08*00  104 10:30  106 12:30  106 14:45  110 16:00  112 16:30  "We have moved our Vancouver Terminal 90 ft. east of the old terminal  building to the Mallbu Dock and our Ticket Office II now in the Malibu Office  Building."  CARS AND TRUCKS  Rental���Leasing  ���Also-  Domestic & Industrial  Equipment  Sechelt next to the  liquor store  Gibsons at Pratt &  Hwy. 101  Seaside Rentals  865-2846      886-2848  H.B. Gordon Agencies Ltd.  is pleased lo announce that  Kelly M. Therien has joined  our sales stall. Kelly has  long been acquainted with  the Sunshine Coast and is  now one of ils happy  residenls. She brings many  years of Real Estate experience with her, and  looks forward to serving the  Real Estate needs of the  people in our area.  iiitPiiiiiiiNniiiiiiiniiHHiiHiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiHiiiiiiiirfe  PENINSULA  MARKET  885-9721 Davis Bay, B.C.  tide tables  Relerence  Pacific  Sun. Sept. 6  0455  1225  5.9  12.4  Point Atkinson  Standard Time  1715  10.8  Wtd. Sept. 2  Fri. Sepl. 4  2200  12.5  0150  7.1  0300  6.3  Mon. Sept. 7  0730  12.9  0935  12.3  0545  5.6  1340  6.7  1505  9.0  1355  12.8  2000  14.1  2055  13.3  1835  2250  11.2  12.1  Thun. Sept. )  S.I. Sept. 5  Tun. Sep). 8  0225  6.7  0355  6.1  0645  5.2  0835  12.6  1050  12.2  1455  11.2  1425  7.9  1550  10.0  2005  110  2025  13.7  2125  12.9  2355  11.8  GROCERIES      FISHING TACKLE  TIMEX WATCHES    SUNDRIES  Open 9-9      7 Days a Week  ���^iWPIftlllttlllttWlllWH^IHllilllHllillllllliilHIIIiHIHIftilllHl!,  I  ^s�� ts  I SPORTS 1  Kirk Thomas and his wife Shelley enjoy a day's fishing aboard  Ross Lang's charter boal, "Alibi Wahoo". RosstiM nm  An average day  in paradise  On August 5, 1981, the 27th  draw of the Sea Cavalcade lottery was presented to Kirk  Thomas ol'Gower Point. Kirk  won a day fishing aboard the  Alibi Wahoo lor himself and  live friends.  Kirk very wisely chose live  local friends, of whom he and  three others had never landed  ���i salmon. Kirk, his wife, Shelly, Sue Turenne and Bonita  Hayden landed their first  salmon. Paul McBeth had had  ihe experience before, but only  once. Randy Drummond, an  old hand al the game, added a  lew more to his total.  The weatherman cooperated wilh a beautiful, sun  ny, calm day and Ihe elusive  coho provided the entertainment all day long. The catch  was 18 salmon; the largest a  nine pount Northern, with an  eight, a few sevens, sixes and  fives. Total weight was 99  pounds. The spot was Camp  Byng.  The crew: Skipper Ross  Lane, first mate Sue and skivvies Fred and Marilyn Will  (Sue's sister from Lacombe,  Alberta) baited hooks, served  a buffet lunch and baked a  salmon dinner, along with  pouring liquid refreshments.  An average day in Paradise  was enjoyed by all. Ask Kirk.  Wildlife shoot  The Gibsons Wildlife Club  announc<;s,*.he Charlie Burns  Shoot, to Be held Labour Day,  Monday, September 7, 1981 at  ihe Sechelt Rod and Gun  Club, off Field Road at  Wilson Creek, 10:00 am.  This event will be followed  by a three position rifle shoot,  a benchrest shoot and a trap  shool.  The Charlie Burns Shoot for  the Burns trophy is open to  hunters only with iheir hun-  ding rifles. Scopes have lo be  set at four power maximum.  Caliber must be larger than  .25.  The club also announces the  following I.V.I. Award winners:  Rifle - Marksman - Bronze:  Master K. Allanson, Miss H.  Cattanach. Rifle - Marksman  -Silver: Miss H. Cattanach,  Master R. Edmonds, Master  G. Mulligan. Rifle-Marksman  - Marksman -Gold: Miss H.  Cattanach, Master N.  Flumerfelt. Pistol - Marksman  - Bronze: Mr. S. Pike. Expert  Shield: Mr. B. Papp.  Current salmon  derby leaders  As of August 20th, 1981  1. Troy Winslow, Longdale,  California. Caught at Quadra  Island. 52 lbs. 8 oz.  2. Ken Plumey. Caught at  Campbell River. 44 lbs. 10 oz.  i. Brian Kardelis,  Kamloops, B.C. Caught at  Campbell River. 43 lbs. 12 oz.  4. Don Wolcott, Brag Creek,  Alta. Caught at Campbell  River. 42 lbs. 5 oz.  5. Maurice E. Scheel,  Wendell, Idaho. 40 lbs. 9 oz.  6. Louis Apa, Milwaukie,  Oregon. Caught at Campbell  River. 39 lbs. 10 oz.  7. Mike Balascak,  Tawatinaw, Alta. Caught at  Campbell River. 35 lbs. 11 oz.  8. Doris Morgan, Surrey,  B.C. Caught at Tumbo Island  Reef. 35 lbs. 7 oz.  9. Jason Idiens, Campbell  River, B.C. Caught at Cooper  Bluffs. 35 lbs. 4 oz.  10. R.M. McDowell, Vic-  loria, B.C. Caught at Peddar  Bay. 32 lbs. 8 oz.  The World Salmon Fishing  Championship ends on  September 20, 1981, and  although Ihe majority of  prizes are in (he hidden weight  category, the largest salmon  caught receives a trip for two  to Fiji counesy of C.P. Air  and a trophy.  S��  silent sam's  haircutting  tutxday - uiwttay 10 - 5  wKhwtday 10 ��� 7  for appointment  call Terri or Carol  885-5911 wharf rd.Mch��lt  Police news of the week  Police have identified the body  of a man found floating near  Popham Island as that of  Kazuo Hamoura, a 62-year-  old fisherman from Richmond  who fell from his boat and  drowned on August 11th. No  foul play is suspected.  On  the  22nd:   A  VW  was  reported stolen from Clark  Road. The vehicle was  recovered later. Charges of  auto theft and impaired driving are pending against a  19-year-old Gibsons man.  Minister gets tough  with errant drivers  Victoria ��� British Columbia will begin to get tough with bad  drivers on August 15.  Thai's the day when anyone caught driving while their licence  is suspended can expect at least a $300 fine plus seven days in  jail.  Announcing the date, Minister of Transportation and  Highways Alex Fraser pointed out that this is the enforcement of  the amendments to the Motor Vehicle Act contained in the  Miscellaneous Statutes Amendment Act (No. 2) recently passed  by ihe Legislature.  "There is another act before the Legislature which has only  reached first reading, or formal introduction," said Fraser.  "When this new act is finally passed, there will be a further  tightening of B.C. driving laws."  "But as of August 15th, we intend to enforce all driving  suspensions with severe penalties."  The amended law provides for a fine of not less than $300 and  not more that $2,000 on a first conviction of driving with a  suspended licence, plus a jail term of not less than seven days  and not more than six months.  On a subsequent conviction the same range of fines applies,  bul the jail term runs from 14 days to one year.  The suspensions covered include those imposed as part of  court proceedings, by a peace officer ("roadside" suspensions),  by the Superintendent of Motor Vehicles, and automatic suspensions following convictions under the Criminal Code (such as  for impaired driving).  "In the case of suspensions imposed by a court or as a result  of Criminal Code offences, there is absolute liability," said  Fraser. "No notice of suspension need be served because the  suspension commences when the driver is before the court. In  other cases, the offender will receive clear notice of  suspension."  RCMP Staff Sgt. Don McDermid told the Coast News that  the stiffer penalties may have a deterring effect in that il may ,  decrease the number of drivers on the road with suspended  licences.  "It is an all too frequent occurrence here on the Sunshine  Coast and the new legislation may make our job easier in that we  may nol get many people driving while under suspension."  Airport improvements  to be recommended  Several immediate improvements to the Gibsons���Sechelt  Municipal Airport have been recommended by the Airport Standing Committee, subject to approval by Gibsons and Sechelt  councils this week.  According to a detailed engineering study prepared by Stanley  Associates of Vancouver, under the guidelines of the Airport  Standing Committee chaired by Blackie Apsouris, several immediate improvements at an estimated cost of $180,000 are  recommended immediately.  Top priority will be given to clearing trees and scrub within  250 feet on both sides of the runway and 200 feet from each end  of the runway, a basic safety requirement that may cost $35,000  to $45,000.  A new aircraft and vehicle parking lot, extension of the airport access road from Field Road, taxiway, run-up bays, apron  shoulder improvements, security fencing and lighting and relocation of the trailer and demolition of the shed are all  designated as immediate improvements.  Long-term improvements to be undertaken before 1986, are  an extended taxi-way, a 600-foot runway extension that would  make the airport capable of handling commercial aircraft, fueling improvements, apron widening, and a terminal building in  the area of the present car parking lot.  Improvements to be undertaken after 1986 are runway and  hazard lights, approach lights, extensions to the terminal  building, hangar and vehicle parking areas.  Airport committee member, Gordon Dickson told the Coast  News that the money for immediate improvements has already  been made available by the Ministry of Transportation and  Highways and it is hoped the villages will accept the recommendations of the airport committee and begin work immediately.  On the 23rd: There was a  motor vehicle accident at Pratt  Road and Granview. The  driver who went into the ditch  left the scene of the accident  before returning later where  police apprehended him.  Charges of driving without  due care and attention are pending.  On the 24th: Willful damage  was done to a boat and trailer  parked on Marine Drive overnight. $200 worth of property  was also taken from the boat  in Ihe form of fishing gear and  tools.  On the 26th: Police received a  complainl at 10 p.m. of a  disturbance occurring at the  Twilight Theatre. Police  caught up to the suspects on  Hillcrest Road. Impaired driving charges are pending  against the driver of the car  and the passenger will be  charged with being drunk in a  public place.  On the 27th: A house on  Seaview Road was broken into. A basement suite was  entered and $30 in cash was  taken.  SECHELT:  Sechelt and area suffered a  rash of breaking and entering  this week. Police also handed  out two impaired driving  charges.  At the sunset of  life... we care.  Grief knows no time ... sunrise or sunset  the pain of loss comes at last to each of us.  When you need special understanding and  assistance in a time of sorrow, remember  we're always here, ready to help... any time.  886-9551  D. A. Devlin  Director  1665 Seaview  Gibsons  On the 22nd: Thieves siphoned  gas twice from the same van  on two separate nighis while it  was parked near the Peninsula  Market in Davis Bay.  Vandals slashed three tires  of a vehicle parked in Wilson  Creek. Three lawn chairs  valued at $50 were stolen from  campers vacationing at the  Roberts Creek Provincial  Park.  On the 23rd: Using the porch  gale as a ladder, thieves gained  entry of a house on Medusa  Street through a rear kitchen  window.  On the 24th: Another break  and entry on Mission Point  Road and Highway 101. A  bedroom window was opened  to gain entry and a box of  money was stolen. A residence  on Carmel Place in Tuwanek  was broken into. Thieves  smashed the back door and  took a TV set.  On Ihe 25th: A British Columbia Fisheries cabin was broken  into near Sakinaw Lake. Two  dip nets were stolen. They are  valued at $60.  On the 26th: A 100 Toot black  rubber garden hose was stolen  from the yard of a residence  on Fawn Road in Sechelt.  These items were found near  West Sechell and can be claimed by owner at the RCMP  detachment: 1 Adidas bag, I  tent, I sleeping bag, a fishing  rod and some clothing.  Coast News, September 1,1981  15  PLACING & FINISHING  PATIOS ��� DRIVEWAYS  FLOORS ��� FOUNDATIONS  SIDEWALKS  All Types of Concrete  Finishes in. hiding  Coloured or Exposed  Call Any Time  885-2125 886-8511  SERVING PENDER HARBOUR TO PORT MELLON  LET THE SUNSHINE IN!  GREENHOUSE  WINDOWS  We will be  CLOSED ���  Saturday. Sept. 5th      \ksM  886-7359  Hwy 101 & Pratt Rd.  Gibsons  ($ \��aL\L\me����>  TH��  GREAT  3\ 60lM\mu  ha* wm  m alu oak m\ wtu&tx  CUM Wk\b  am \wip  McJ^fAUG ��� Uf 17 COOCAt- f��� Plf&  ��AP��I. MAfcOII* GmiM'/iZJ  &C0I1 ��� Uf KJX  cMfL tfU frl�� VfO\   flMA.U6IWG RAfB*  Aitf I^WfR. -TH-VW 0A.KJK. RA#��  ���**�� TRY HtVRPf R  South Cons  .VAN   07U, fMl   <#4 29II  SALES LT!r  rww ae>5- mi wH-vtf tv turn*  8&* nb\ 18 Coast News, September 1,1981  e  ^WORKWEN? 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Hiaki  Pageantry, crafts, and feats  of skill will abound at the third  annual Medieval Fair to be  held Saturday, September 5 at  Langdale Elementary School.  The members of the Gibsons  White Tower Medieval Society  will be displaying their wares  and holding field and archery  contests from 9 am to 4 pm.  Public participation is being  encouraged by the White  Tower Society, and you can  either watch or take part says  Vice-president Roger Des-  r osiers.  "Just show up. There'll be a  small entrance fee; and bring  your own equipment���we  don't lend bows," says  Desrosiers.  Arrows can be purchased at  the fair for the eight archery  events, which will include a  ,,. .,   . ,. ,.      r-���r ��� "dragon shoot." Constructed  Vice-president Derosiers readies the dragon (see adjoining by ihe society,  the dragon  s,or>,)* -o.o HaU��a Photo stands eight  feet  tall,  and  that's only the head and neck.  Field events like the spear  throwing and axe throwing  competitions mean there will  be a lot of missiles flying  about, but Desrosiers says the  society has taken a great deal  of care and are very safety  conscious. Field marshals will  patrol the grounds and the  public will be contained within  a specific viewing area. After  all the events, scores will be  tabulated and a champion of  the day announced at the  private society banquet the  following evening.  White Tower Society President, Trevor Oram feels this  will be the biggest fair ever,  and that they're "getting better every year".  "It's a lot of fun, it's entertaining, but we have a purpose  too though," says Oram. "We  like to revive and maintain old  lost skills and crafts."  The fair is the culmination  of a year's activities for the  society's members. Many  hours are spent researching  and preparing costumes and  accessories by the original  methods used by the Europeans during the period between 1000 and 1200 A.D.  "We stress authenticity. We  use the actual materials and  manner of making them as  closely as possible," says  Oram. They have even gone so  far as to reconstruct a  medieval forge in order to get  that much closer to doing  everything-by hand, as it was  in pre-industrial Europe.  A personal touch of authenticity is required from each  member who joins the White  Tower Society.  "Each member" Desrosiers  explains, "has to make up his  or her .character.... a character  autobiography that actually  ties in with historical events."  They  are  not   the  only  medieval society in B.C., but  they are perhaps the most unique. While other groups dwell  on protocol and titles, the  White Tower members are genuinely interested in recapturing the true spirit on the middle ages, not just that of the  upper classes.  Their unpretentious, down-  to-earth attitude sets them  apart from the more escapist-  oriented groups in the lower  mainland. Instead of being  "weekend warriors," as Oram  describes the more martial  groups, the White Tower  Society has an intense dedication to their work. A shirt of  chainmail, constructed by  Desrosiers took over three  hundred hours of work to  complete, every link individually hammered and joined together.  Whatever we work at, we  get involved not only physically but emotionally," he says.  Sponsored as a Public Service  886-2622     by the Coast News    886-7817  NOTE: Early announcement! will be run once, then mult bt  re-submitted to run again, no more than one month prior to  Ihe event.  Coming Events  Holy Lend Tour November 16th lor 12 days. Deluxe & complete  Phone 886-2660  Regular Events  Monday  Roberta Creek Hospital Auxiliary Second Monday of each month -11  jm. St. Aldan's Hall  Sunshine Pottery Guild meets every 2nd Monday of the month at the  "Studio" corner ol North Road and Highway 101 at 7 pm. TFN  Tuesday  Women'a Aglow Fellowahfp Meets every third Tuesday of the month et  Harmony Hall. Gibsons. Transportation and babysitting available. 886-  7426.  Sunshine Coasl Arts Council Regular meeling 4th Tuesday ol every  month at 7:30 pm at Ihe Arls Cenlre In Sechelt.  Al-Anon Meetings Al-Anon Meetings every Tuesday nighl. Roberts  Creek For inlormallon call 666-9059 or 686-9041.  Sunahine Coeat Navy League ol Canada Cadels and Wrenettes. ages  10 lo 13 will again meet Tuesday nights. 7 - 9 pm.. Uniled Church Hall,  Gibsons New recruits welcomed  Elphinstone Pioneer Museum in Gibsons Is now open. Monday  through Saturday between 9 am. to 4 pm.  Wednesday  Tops Club Gibsons Tops meets every Wed. evening at 6:45 in Ihe  Armour's Beach Athletic Hall New members and leen members  welcome Phono 886-9765 eves.  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Roberts Creek Legion Bingo every Thursday, beginning May 7, Early  Bird, Regular and Bonanza. T-F-N.  Friday  Country Start Squirt Dancing, each Friday, starring Sep! 11. Sschel! elementary School Gym - 8  ��� II pm Caller Harry Robertson  Gibsons Tol Lot Ils CANCELLED until mid-September.  ThrlH Shop Every Friday. 1 - 3pm. Thrill Shop, Gibsons United Church  basement.  Wilson Creek Community Reeding Cenlre'Noon ��� 4:00 pm. 885-2709  Saturday  Wilson Creek Community Reading Centre 11:30 -1 p.m 885-2709  The Bsrgeln Barn ot the Pender Harbour Health Clinic Auxiliary Is  open on Saturday alternoons from 1 - 4 pm  "Then you sit back and think,  'God, we can do it this way,  but they never had the tools we  have today.'"  "What we've gained in  materialism," Desrosiers  adds, "We've lost in other  things. Then you gotta decide  between the devil and the deep  blue sea; who was better off?"  "It's a quality of life. That's  what it's all about," Oram  says.  Perhaps the most refreshing  aspect of the White Tower  Society is their appreciation  for the base of feudal society;  the peasant. They pattern their  calendar of events after the  agrarian cycle of the common  fold, with their year's work  celebrated close to the harvest  festival of Michaelmass.  But the fair is not their only  public event. Oram says the  society is kept busy with requests for public appearances  and demonstrations. They also  have plans for the future.  They're currently working on  obtaining a grant of crown  land on which to construct a  medieval village. Not only  would it be the showpiece of  all their research and work,  but Oram feels it would also  boost tourism and eventually  become an educational  resource.  That is their long-range  plan. They have more immediate projects; archery  classes, courses in metal-  working and the general study  of the middle ages. Desrosiers  would like to see the program  aimed at the community's  youth in particular, to involve  them in something more constructive.  "We're not a community  organization; that's not our  main purpose," Oram says, "1  think our scope is a lot  broader than that. It's a  release, a legal way of going  half crazy, at times, without  embarrassment."  An escape, recreation, and a  greater appreciation of the age  we live in through the  understanding of another.  And on the field at Langdale  this Saturday, a small part of  that process will be on view.  "And there's no end to it,"  says Desrosiers, "The more  you learn, the deeper you go."  For Desrosiers, Oram, and the  rest of the White Tower Society, it's their harvest, a last bit  of fun before the winter for  them and the whole community.  INSURANCE CORPORATION OF BRITISH COLUMBIA  OPERATION  HIGH-GEAR  ... a program planned to clear the backlog of claims resulting from the  recent strike and to deal with new claims which continue at the rate of  approximately 2,000 each day.  APPOINTMENTS REQUIRED  ��� A key feature of 'Operation High-Gear' is  an appointment system which will reduce  line-ups and delays at Claim Offices  and enable claims to be settled with  maximum efficiency.  ��� All clainuuits are required to  complete aft Appointment Request  Card and mail or deliver it to the  nearest ICBC Claim Office.  This includes all motorists who have a  claim resulting from an accident  before, during or after the strike, or  one that was reported during  the strike.  ONE EXCEPTION ONLY  ��� Emergency glass damage claims will  continue to be handled by glass  replacement shops temporarily. Therefore,  motorists who have a claim for glass  damage only, are requested to go to a glass  replacement shop.  When an Appointment Request Card is  deceived at the Claim Office, trie claimant  will be contacted as soon as possible and a  convenient appointment will be arranged.  ��� Appointment Request Cards are available  at Autoplan Agents, Motor Vehicle  Branches, body shops throughout the  Province, and any of the Claim Offices of  the Insurance Corporation.  ��� Appointments will be scheduled  according to the date of the accident  Non-driveable vehicles will receive  first consideration.  NON-DRIVEABLE VEHICLES  Damaged vehicles now in storage  compounds will be towed directly to a body  shop where damage will be estimated and  repairs completed.  DAMAGED-BUT-DRIVEABLE  VEHICLES  When an Appointment Request Card is  received, arrangements will be made to  estimate the damage and have  repairs completed.  If you have questions or require additional information,  please call 665-2800���Vancouver.  112-800-663-3051 (toll free)���Other areas of B.C.  ICBC CLAIM OFFICE LOCATIONS  Lower Mainland  VANCOUVER:  999 Klngsway  406 S.W. Marine  2256 W. Broadway  1311 S. Kootenay  NORTH VANCOUVER: 255 Lloyd  BURNABY: 4399 Wayburne  RICHMOND: 7200 Elmbridge Way  COQUITLAM: 700 Tupper Ave.  SURREY: 10262 152A St.  LANGLEY: 6000 Production Way  MATSQUI: 2885 Trethewey, Abbotslord  CHILLIWACK: 106-45680 Hocking Ave.  POWELL RIVER: 4313 Alberta Ave.  Vancouver Island  VICTORIA: 3300 Douglas  DUNCAN: 460 Whistler St.  NANAIMO: 6460 Applecross, Lantzville  COURThNAY:80027thSt.  CAMPBELL RIVER: 1791 Tamarac St.  PORT ALBERNI: 4505 Gertrude  Okanagan  SALMON ARM: Samara Bldg., Box 2140  KAMLOOPS: 1251 Battle  KELOWNA: 1720 Springfield Rd.  PENT1CTON: 1662 Main  VERNON: 2302 48 Ave.  Kootenaye  NELSON: 512 Nelson  CRANBROOK: 126 Briar Ave. NW  TRAIL: 2985 Highway Dr.  REVELSTOKE: 1-Canyon Commercial Centre  Cariboo  100 MILE HOUSE: 4-235 4th St.  QUESNEL 1215 Cariboo Hwy. #97 N     ���  WILLIAMS LAKE: 180 Yorston  Northern B.C.  PRINCE GEORGE: 4001 15th Ave.  DAWSON CREEK: 1107 103rd Ave.  FORT ST. JOHN: 10003 95th Ave.  SMITHERS: 3907 4th Ave.  TERRACE: 4661 Lazelle  PRINCE RUPERT: 2-970 Saskatoon Ave.. Box 699  ��� INSURANCE  CORPORATION  OF BRITISH COLUMBIA 18  Coasi News, September 1,1981  More Letters to the Editor  Public access and private property  Editor:  We were pleasantly surprised to note Vene Parnell's  newsphoto in last week's issue  of the Coast News, which  depicted members of the community cooling off at Pebbles  Beach and displaying fine diving styles.  It has been fun for us to admire and envy this aspect of  the recreational prowess that  abounds in this area. Wc have  the convenience of viewing the  activities from our properly  which overlooks and also  abounds the easterly portion  of Ihe public foreshore tidal  beach. Unfortunately there is  a misconception among the  frequenters of the beach that  the face of the bluff to the east  of the popular beach and also  that the ledge on which they  "sun" themselves, and occasionally "bomb" into the blue  briny, is public property. This  is nol so.  Before anyone jumps lo an  unwarranted conclusion, we  wish to record our attitude  lhal one of the pleasures of life  is to share and enjoy with  friends and neighbours some  of our good fortures, limited  as they may be.  The area of the bluff shown  in Ms. Parnell's newsphoto is  the most southerly portion of  our property which lies above  high water mark, and because  of the vertical nature of Ihe  shoreline Ihere is no public  foreshore lo the south at thai  location, but only to the west  where is situated a lovely  public beach below the  highwaler mark fronting our  property, the public beach access portion, and our  neighbours to the west. In effect the bluff portion is private  property and provides no access without trespassing.  ���  We would indeed be selfish  to deny, at this time, the  privilege for anyone to use the  lower promontory of our property as a diving platform, if  in a responsible respectable  manner, particularly because  of the length of lime that people enjoyed the use through  the courtesy of previous  owners. The public will still be  allowed this privilege under  certain conditions.  In accordance with the  Trespass Act, which has just  been legislated, the area will be  posted with additional "No  Trespassing" signs to establish  the fact ihat we will not be  held liable for any injuries lo  persons falling onio or from  ihe precarious slopes and  ledges adjacent to Ihe swimming area. Trespassing in the  very strictest sense will not be  permilted anyone at the higher  levels, in the interest of preserving the residential privacy of  the owners (Mrs. F.A. Jones  and ourselves).  By reason of an appalling  past record of undesireable  nightly activities on the properly of the owners,  trespassers after dusk will be  prosecuted. The public is advised that at no time, day or  night, will we condone the '  drinking of alcoholic  beverages or smoking and fires  in thai area. The latter restric  tion is imposed because of the  incident of fires that constitute  a danger to the residences.  In the meantime we reiterate  the fact that we are willing to  share this portion of a natural  recreational amenity with our  community in an unselfish  way, trusting that the community will respect our rights,  as we would theirs under  similar circumstances. Let us  all pray for more hot weather  lhal we may all have fun.  Yours truly,  Roben & Joy Maxwell  Mrs. F.A. Jones  Destruction of prisons  who should pay?  liditor:  When prisons are wrecked  by prisoners, who should pay?  In other places, if citizens  damage public property it is  expected thai ihey will reimburse the Crown for those  damages. Why should a different rule apply in prisons?  As a New Democrat, I  strongly believe Ihat each of us  is co-responsible for managing  Ihe great resources and assets  of our country. These assets  include public buildings and  facilities. They" include  prisons.  "Prisons are the centre of  all the malediction in the  universe, French novelist and  playwright Jean Genet .wrote  in Ihe 1940s. Genet was once  condemned himself as an  habitual criminal, and  sentenced to life in jail. He  knew his subject.  Every authority, from  Genet onward, has made the  same observation. The fundamental resolve, put simply,  is this: revenge or rehabilitation? We have never, as a nation, answered this hardest  question. Until we do, our  prison system is doomed to  fail.  In the meantime, it has to be  administered as well and  humanely as possible. In the  meantime, we have to find  COMMERCIAL ART  Design Drafting  886-7442  EXCAVATING  Mick Alvaro D7 Cat & Hitachi Excavator^  Contract Land Clearing  Road Building     Subdivisions  ALVARO LOG CO. LTD.  , Pratt Rd.   Day ��� 886-8555      Eve��. - 886-9803  Gibioni  J.F.W. EXCAVATING LTD.  ��� septic Fields ��� acauaaons ��� Clearing ���  Iticd Rd. BB8"Bu71 Gibsons  Gibsons Bulldozing  I Excauatlng  Land Clearing & Excavating  Gordie Plows       Gravel - Fill & Logging 886-9984  BIVI�� EXUMTIM ��� UHD CLEMIM LTD  3/4 ind t Yard Bwitami with ittachmtnto  Including Grepplee - Tracking  Call Glyn  88W4M 868-7887  PACIFIC GADCO CONSTRUCTION  Land Clearing, light or heavy  Road Construction ��� Excavation ��� Logging  Bulldozer ��� Backhoe ��� Grader ��� Front End Loader  Gravel Truck - Skidder  886-7287 886-7951  886-7142  J. B. EXCAVATING  886-9031  Water, sewer, drainage installation .��__  ��� Dump Truck   ��� Backhoe  ��� Cat   * Land Clearing  ��� Free Estimates   ��� Septic Fields  *   %fe  H. WRAY CONTRACTING  ��� Water, Sewer & Septic Systems  ��� Road Building, Sand, Gravel, Excavations  Phone  886-9614  ELECTRICAL  ways lhal allow���and require���inmates to accept  responsibility lor iheir actions.  As a community worker lor  some years, I've met a lot of  ex-cons and today's cons. The  ones who succeed arc the ones  who've decided to take  responsibility for what ihey  do. The ones who fail are  those who continue to blame  other people for their own  problems.  Convicts who make it on the  outside have learned to be  responsible for who they are  and what they do on Ihe inside. As far as I can tell, this is  the only way prisons ever  'rehabilitate' anyone.  I have a proposal.  I urge that we pay for the  restoration of heat, light, and  running water al Kent and  Matsqui prisons. And that's il.  Everything else should be left  as it is, for at least a year.  I urge that we make a  declaration: "The inmates  have done an unusual job of  redecorating. Apparently,  they want to remodel their  homes along unconventional  lines. We don't share their  taste in redecoration.  Nonetheless, they've made a  choice and they can live in it."  I believe this new policy  would do more io prevent riots  and damage than any other  policy we've ever tried.  Matsqui   is   a   relative!)  modern jail. Kent is brand  new. Until recently, they were  in good physical shape. The  new policy I've proposed  might help keep them lhal way  in Ihe future.  I resent wasting millions of  dollars on slupid and unnecessary repair of prisons. In  these days, with terrible cutbacks in health and hospitals,  there is no justification for  mis-spending public funds.  We need a new policy.  When hardcore cons realize  thai all we're going to give  Ihem is a "Better Homes and  Gardens Award", maybe  they'll adopt a new policy too.  Yours sincerely,  Charles Barber  MLA - Victoria  New Democrat  An approach  to inflation  MP  by Ray Skelly  ��� Comox Powell River  Organizer earns thanks  Editor:  A couple of weeks ago the  5th Annual Sea Cavalcade tennis tournament was held on  Ihe public courts in Gibsons.  Your paper was mosl cooperative in publishing information before the event and in  its coverage of the results, and  those involved are most  grateful lor that.  However, the lime consum-    . Walter Langdon Photo  This cat went lo work to build a retaining wall alongside Gibsons  wharf, al All Sports Marine Thursday, while the tide was out,  moving large boulders which have been a menace to boaters.  Gordon Plows of Gibsons Building and Excavating did the job.  Picky, picky, picky!  The Kiwanis Club was mentioned for some reason. Inser-  vice experience for the course  was obtained at the Kiwanis  Care Home in Gibsons.  Final, Debora Paul's name  was mispelled.  A reporter from "The  Press" and a reporter from  "The Coast News" attended  the ceremony at the Sechelt Indian Band office. Both  reporters received identical information about the course. It  amazes me how the report in  "The Coast News" could be  so inaccurate.  Yours truly,  Barbara Estey  Box 308  Madeira Park, B.C.  Editor:  This letter is to inform you  of the inaccurate reporting on  the graduation ceremony of  the Health Service Course,  Capilano College in the  August 18th edition of your  paper.  For one example, there was  no valedictorian. Joyce  Jackson, received an award  for being the outstanding student.  Inflation: What Can Be Done?  While most people  recognize inflation as one of  the worst problems facing  Canadians, there is much  disagreement aboul how to  slop it.  The present Liberal government���like the Conservative  government before il���claims  lo fight spiralling costs by increasing interest rales. Unfortunately lhal remedy has not  worked, just as an earlier effort by a Liberal administration lo impose wage controls  did not slop inflation.  Rather than curing inflation, Ihe high interest rales  have made inflation worse  because Ihey have driven up  the price of every commodity  in which credit is involved.  The high cost of housing is a  good example of this.  In place of this policy, New  Democratic Party members  are calling for a program lo attack inflation at its source. It  is a comprehensive program  not unlike those employed in  West Germany and Norway.  Here is an outline of how we  would deal with inflation:  1. Give immediate relief to  homeowners, small  businesses, fishermen and  farmers to help Ihem cope  with high costs;  2. Create a fair prices commission to monitor and, if  necessary, roll back price increases;  3. Work with provincial  governments to stop land  speculation   and   encourage  land banking;  4. Abandon the high interest  policy before it docs any more  harm and order the Bank of  Canada to lower its lending  rate;  5. Overhaul the lax system lo.  place a greater burden on large  corporations and a lesser  burden on the individual and  small business as well as create  a cost-of-living lax credit  similar lo the presenl child lax  credit;  6. Curb bank profits (some  banks pay less than II) percent  tax on iheir total profits);  7. Prolccl our currency and  balance of payments by stopping the How of "hoi money"  (speculative money and interest) oul of Ihe country;  8. Establish an Industrial  Strategy to insure Canadian  industry and Canadian  workers derive the maximum  benefit from the further exploitation of our natural  resources; (This would mean  reversing plans which will give  thousands of jobs to the U.S.  and Japan as a result of Canadian Arctic petroleum  development.)  9. Make Ihe Foreign Invest-:  menl Review Agency more effective lo protect Canadian industry from being gobbled up  by foreign companies and thus  prevent a greater flow of  money oul of Ihe country;  10. Create a Canadian Investment Fund, financed by our  largest corporations, to put  money into new ventures and  to expand existing industries  where it will do Ihe most good  for regional economies.  ing jobs of organization,  scheduling, and being always  presenl fell to the chairman,  Lee Brown, and on behalf of  the competitors and interested  spectators may I express our  appreciation. The tournament  would have been held without  you Lee, but not nearly as well  run. Many thanks.  Eric R. Cardinall  CLASSIFIED NOTE  Drop oil your Coasl News  Classified al Campbell's  Family Shoes, Sechelt. or  Madeira Park Pharmacy,  Madeira Park.  EVERARD   INSURANCE  SERVICES LTD  Specialists in term life insurance  ��� Low-cost ��� Mortgage Insurance  ��� Non-Smoker Rates  CALL US AT 885-5726  CONTRACTING  Sunshine Coast  Business Directory  Cedar-West Properties Ltd.,  Quullty Custom Const ruction  Commercial & Residential  498-6508 (Collect)  8*5-5702  CONTRACTING  Bill's Holland Electric Ltd.  Bill Achterberg  886-9232  ,m. #i.  B.C.  Fumiita ��� fihishim  SIMM ��� MDITIOM  KHOWTIOm  r  R. &J.  SERVICES LTD.  Repairs & Rebuilding o\*  ��-* Electrical Contracting  ��� Alternators  ��� Industrial  ��� Starters  * Commercial  ��� Generators^  ��� Reildentlal       --..  _*-t-  Payne  Rd., Gibsons  886-9963^  FIRST CHOICE BUILDERS LTD,,-~m  8B8-7539 **E  Custom Homes ��� Framing ��� Foundations  , Vu HalUfan ISoastrutIn Ltd.  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BENS R00FIN0  ��� DUROID ��� ASHPHALT ��� SHAKES  Ben Vanden Driessche  _.. Repair ill typat ol roofing  Gibsons t||d t[T|l|| r>pi|ft  HARTLEY PAINTIN8  I DECORATING  Brush, Roller & Spray A very up-to-date plant  Sechelt sewage treatment  Coast News, September 1,1981  19  (���raemc Faris Is operator of the Sechelt Sewage Treatment Plant. He is also the recent winner of  Ihe '(lidgets and Gadgets Award' for Ihe most useful and innovative idea lo improve the operation  of plants. In this photo, taken in the laboratory of the plant, Graeme shows three beakers, the first  liar left) is what comes into the plant (influent), the second, what goes out (effluent) and the third,  normal tap water. Graeme points out that the effluent dumped into Trail Bay has as much environmental impact as Ihe tap water. -f" *"aaa> pikho  120,000 gallons per day of influent is pumped in for the collector mains and forced up into the  plant by this screw pump, part of the sophisticated machinery at the Sewage Treatment Plant in  Sechelt. ��� Fran Bouraaaa Photo  RESTAURANTS  by Fran Bourassa  Having been dealing with  sewer extensions in a few  stories lately, I found myself  with the perfect opportunity to  lake a lour of the Sechelt treatment facility with Graeme  Faris and two gentlemen from  Environment Canada.  First of all, the most  noticeable things about the  treatment plant were the lack  of smell, the green grass and  the handsome building. The  green grass was the only item I  expected.  The treatment plant is two  years old. Inside there is a  large panel with gauges and  levers that monitor the many  facets of the operation.  The total process of sewage  treatment, I am told, is as  natural as Mother Nature's,  except, of course, speeded up.  The only chemical added is  chlorine, which kills bacteria  in the effluent (effluent is the  liquid that goes out of the  plant, influent is what comes  in). By the time the effluent  reaches the ocean the chemical  is used up.  "What finally ends up in the  ocean," Graeme tells me,  "has the same environmental  impact as running tap water  into the ocean."  Graeme is proud of his  plant, and he tells me why:  ninety per cent of the waste is  removed from what comes in  raw. He also tells me that that  is the minimum; as much as  ninety-nine per cent is  sometimes removed.  The plant serves about 1,000  people and takes in 120,000  gallons a day. The plant cost  around two million dollars to  build and that included the  sewers, the plant, and the outfall which empties into Trail  Bay. It has the capacity to  handle another 300 people and  provisions on the panel and  wiring have already been installed to double the capacity  of the plant.  How does it all work? This  is what I gleaned from the  tour.  The influent is pumped in  from ihe collector mains and  forced up into the plant from  the screw pump and is  mechanically screened to take  out the unprocessable items.  "These items are anything a  kid can cram down a toilet or  sink. Rings, plastic bags, false  teeth, clothing, toys; I've  found it all," says Graeme.  From there it goes through  the grit removal to take out  anything that is non-organic;  glass, rocks, etc.  The next stop for the effluent is the large circular  tank. The first phase is the  breeding ground of bacteria  which are aerated to speed up  the decomposition of the matter. The bacteria in these tanks  occur naturally.  "What essentially happens  is that we give them an ideal  environment to breed. Lots of  air and food. The bacteria eat  the decomposing organic  material," says Graeme.  From there the material  goes to the next tank which  settles the liquid. The clarifier  has no movement in it; the  bacteria sink to the bottom  and the clear water goes for  chlorination. The bacteria that  has settled is pumped into  another tank called the  digestor, in which the bacteria  begin to eat each other. "All  but the last one," jokes  Graeme, "and he's big and  mean."  What settles from this tank  is called sludge, made up of  the skeletons of microscopic  animals.  The sludge is odourless  when dry and is an excellent  fertilizer for lawns and  flowers. "That's why the  lawns are so green here," says  Graeme.  The fertilizer can be picked  up at the treatment plant free,  when available. Graeme says  that it doesn't last long. "I  give it away as fast as 1 can dry  it."  At Ihe end of my tour,  Graeme showed me the  laboratory in which he checks  the effluent for clearness and  cleanness of the liquid.  Above his desk hangs the  highest certificate of competency for a Wastewater  Treatment Plant operator.  Graeme takes his job seriously  and is conscious of the environment. He works five days  a week and remains on 24 hour  call, in case of emergency.  "I began here before the  plant was built, to make sure it  was assembled properly," he  tells me, "but they managed to  get the valve in wrong, which  made me invent that universal  wrench, which in turn got me  the award and this interview,"  he laughs shyly.  Tours of the plant are  available. Call Graeme at  885-5213.  O  We have a complete  Patient Record Plan  for your protection & convenience  For one stop Shopping  come to  eibsons Western Drugs  Sunnycrest Mall Hi-Till  If you've got the dream,  we've got your home.  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Polar  Walls and a Polar Cap Roof for even  greater energy savings  Visit us to find out more  aboul Lindal Cedar Hontes Or  send $3 for our 52 page color  Ptanbook You'll discover that  Lindal has ihe home to  make your dream  come true  2.1  3.��  It's so easy..  AMRMhCEDMHMIES  Independent)!; diOnbuled by  6342 Bay St, Horseshoe Bay  Weal Vancouver. B.C. V7W 2GB  (604)921-8010 9218268  D Endued n U lot PUnhnk md Oe**y\ Guide  IM.D. Mackonzl* Ltd.  SOM-  Qfy_  SL:ftVIf:u7 afta/OCNS  Chinese & Western Food Licensed Premises  Tuesday to Sunday  Lunch: 11:30 - 3 pm Dinner: 4:30 - 9 pm  Sat. & Sun. Lunch: 12 noon - 9 pm.  Lower Gibsons 866-9219     Take Out Available  Sunshine Coast  Business Directory  THHUKOFUSASA MATCHMAKER  8tlYWG0BSailWG.THt   Cliff Ilfff CUSSrBISMniWHMYOU!  MISC.    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Hospital, Sechell   She ��a*- *i  ol   Vancouver,  Pari and Ciranihams 1 anding  She is sufvised hj hci loving tlaughiei  l'e�� Wallace and husband Hill ��� five  piatKlclulUren   \nn McRae and hus  n ( algary, Hill, i hrls and  Kill!        \ H   ousei   I).i\iJ and wile  Maisellen in I on 'Vngcles, and two  Jchildren, Scon and Kate  Mt Rae  She is also survived b) Net  Kit I aris ol Gibsons, Margie  ��� Gambia Maud, I the Paul  ..ii and brothers Jack I itch  ul V\esi Vancouvct and Dick t Itch in  Iui,nn,!. as well as many nieces and  ��� i I'liin.    Hei   husband   Edward  predeceased  hci   in   1979   She  was  gtcalls loved and wilt be sorel> missed  I here will be a private service and  ciemation arranged through Devlin  I uncial  Home   In lieu of flowers,  donations to si Mary's Hospital t>i a  favoured   charit)   would   be   appreciated  Dance Levvons Commence  Sept i<. rcgistraiion Sept. h between  2 & S pm Itniiiiii in acrobatics,  ballet, ja//, Spanish and tap. Mso  starting this i.ill ballroom \ social  dancing I oi more inlormation phone  S X ft    2**H4  imjoi*. n is  X < Ol OI U  ' illis ill ,V lliiys Slilull  tillMHisl.nl ||  HHti-ilU>  Ml Al SON Willi IS  H  i  ...  886-7880  885  3351  Konica r3 in a Minolta case. Porpoise  Uaj campground on the beach. Lost  \��H 22 m Reward Phone  885*5069 #35  Kitten multicolout in Hurmony Lane  area, balds spot on hack. Medication  ai home 886-7087. #35  Thanks  I lie  Mc-ru  oi Vista Villas would like  io Ih.ink the Pender Harbour  Volunteer lire Dept. lor iheii quick  response to ihe lire early on the morning of August 23. *  Wc would like to express our thanks to  our friends and neighbours lor ihe  cards and well wishes in the loss ol our  beloved mother Luretta MacKay. A  special thanks to the doctors, nurses  and staff ol Si. Mary's Hospital and  tor ihe kindness of the ambulance  crew, also special thanks to Dr.  istein Sincerely  Mart: Sullivan and  Doug MacKay and families  Personal  Mmtelive, intelligent middle-aged  woman on the go wishes lo meet no-  nonsense clever man with niairinionv  as lat from his mind as it is from hers.  Object: numerous outings to various  ime Wesi (nasi restaurants to sel  mood for exchange of ideas, assorled  Platonic c apeftattd adventures, ReplJ  lion 77, i o Const News. Box 461),  C.ibsons, III UN  Announcements  SWIM CLUB REGISTRATION  Ciibsons rcgistraiion ss.HI bcovci Ken's  I ikkv Dollar on Scpi. til, Irom 7 to 9  l>.iii Slas in ^hiipc and hast' lull loo.  Join Ihe Gibsons Swim ream.       #36  SKCHKI.l TOTEM ( I.UB BINGO  I vers Sunday. I'laci cehell Lesion  Mali limes: Doors open 5:30. liarly  Itirds 7:00. Bonanza 7:30, Regular  lime,' 8:00. IIX)���� payout on Bonanza  end ol each month. Everyone  ss elcome.  TIN  Black male fluffy Cat, white Ilea collar, snipped lur on hip. Vicinity ol  Beach Ase. and Cedar Grose Rd.  Reward il relumed. I'hone 885-9516.  #35  I iidas evening Aug. 7 Golden  Relrievcr, his name is Oskar and lie  has a broken botloni loolh, lost  around Ihemouihof Pender Harbour  Rcwurd. Phone 885-7549 ot  883-9354. ��35  Hwy. nil Hopkins lauding, run,', old  white New Zealand Rabbit Aug, 19,  Phone 886-9119. Family pel,        *35  Found  Glngci Kiticn iscll led and housetrained, found Super Valu parking lot,  Saturday afternoon, 886-8880.  f 3 5  Fame white rabbit. 886-2050.  886-84.34. (Como frailer Parkl      #35  Grey/whlte/orangc/cnllco Persian  eai, complete with bell, found neai  Roberis Creek campground,  885-3434, #35  Aduh male Irish Seller at Pender Harbour Hotel. Pleasant disposition.  Please phone 883-93112. 883-9946 or  883-9175. #36  2 wks. ago, older male Pup, medium  si/e (Spaniel cross?) on I ower Rd.  (use in a good home. S86-9654.  �� .3 6  II someone in sour lamils has a drink-  ing problem von can see whal it's do-  ing lo ihem. Can sou see whal it is done i" you? Al Anon can help. Phone  6-90.37 or 6-8228. TFN  Fenced 8 hour daycare, 3 days per  week for Humphrey, friendly little  while Malti-Poo. .lumps 4 ft. Vard  with 5 ft. fence preferred. He is friend.  Is with other pups il Ihe) are female,  Ph. 885-5251 or Coasl News Office  886-2622. TIN  PROFESSIONAL  DOG GROOMING  Phone Sharon. 886-2084 I IN  2 Poodles, moving, sacrifice, $100 for  both. 886-7808 #35  A.A. Meetings  Phone  886-9208  885-3394  or  886-2993  tor Pender Harbour  883-9978   or   883-9238  BIM'S  DRVUIALL  ��� No job loo big  or small  ��� Machine taping  available  \cJANETK  ��     Till rF TO/1  \ .     SIIUI  ..^888-762  A Full Line of       ��W  Plumbing Supplies  Tues. ��� Fri.  9 am ��� 5 pm  Sat. 9 am ��� noon  Gibsons  Hwy 101 & Pratt Rd.  CASTLEROCK  KENNELS  ��� Boarding      TPrl  ��� Grooming 7  ��� Puppies occasionally  Roberts Creek  opposite Goll Course  885-2505  Magus  Kennels  [Jog Obedience Classes  Beginning Sept   1st  rUSs  886-8568  Magus  Kennels  > Dog Boarding & Training  ' CKC Champion & Obedience  Great Danes  a All Breed Grooming  "SCIENCE  DIET"  Dealer  886-8568  Registered red IVim.ui male Kittens, 8  .seeks   old.   886"MI   01   886-7U.38,  Shots SlOOcach. #33  Registered English Springer Spaniel  Pups  I \\s   shots etc   Reads  lo go.  s2'n Maureen 883 2563 136  fssa  SPCA  SPAY  Clinic  and information  886-7938  Bu*  105  (iihsuns. B.C.  Livestock  suiioik-ispe ewe, lh>i��j qualit) wood  produces excellent lambs, read) lur  breeding Oct. H86-92U0. $50,        hm  Di Nick Kleidci will be arriving in  September, lit' specializes in horse  problems only, For more informaiion  phone Carmen Peters anytime.  886-8268. W  Horse Stall and Pasture lor rent. Pli.  H86-:i6(t. #35  Chickens for Sale. Greal for the  tree/or. $2.00 each. Phone  885-2745. #35  Reg. Arab gelding, spirited, good  naiurod and ver> pretty. To good  home only. $950.886-9739. H6  .1 year T.B. ge Iding. twelve year  Arab/quarter gelding, both excellent  disposition - very affectionate. To  good homes only. 886*9409,886-7377.  #35  Two purebred  Jersey Cows.   Phone  after noon. 886-2897. #36  ELUNCHAM  STABLES  k   ��� Boarding  fl ���   kj//  ��� Training  ��� Lessons  llff  88S-9969  Work  Wanted  Caretaker - plumber and wife 50 yrs.  old, no children, caretakc apt., motel  or ? tiihsons or Sechelt. Ph: 8S6-7H47.  #36  Huh> Mninu in my own home, lull  lime and/or pari lime. Phone  S86-7708. #36  UK, skiddim;  limber .luck Skidder  with operator H86-2459  #5ITFN  Commercial pilot seeking employment. 500 hrs. multi-engine, land or  sea. Class II instrument rating. Call  Riek(ll2)92l-%46. TFN  Qualified Painter. Reasonable rales,  Work guaranteed. 886-9749.       TFN  HAKBODK  CHIMNEY CLEANING  Serving the Sunshine Coast.  fireplaces, furnaces, oil stoves,  883-9171. Customers from the 886 exchange call collect. TFN  Carpenter ��� new and renovations.  Reasonable rales and references. 886-  7280, ITN  THE MOPPETS  Housecleaning, springcleaning or  clean as you move out, a reliable team  ol two cleaning and shining faster  than you ever thought possible.  886-9847,886.7013. #36  I xpenenced reliable babysitting  ���Sechell area preferred. Call Gillian at  885-3428, TFN  Colin's  Screen Printing  and  Sign Works  886-9169  ttilKOAaK  (��(q��  Complete  Photographic Service  ��� Promotion  ��� Commercial  ��� Portraits  ��� Custom Work  w-886*937  Work Wanted I Work Wanted iWanted to Rent      For Rent  885-3185.  ictiun and Reno  Mil per hour  PIANO rilNF.R  Expert inning und icp.nrs. Reus, rati  Adam: 886-7792. e  TREE SERVICE  Wc make ii our business lo provi  sou ssjih satisfaction. Our special!  ��� tapping  ��� I mining  ��� Dangeroui ir��� Removal  Insured guaranteed services  Peerless lire Service I Id,  s .ill   foi   11co  estimate:  8K5-2H   II  Ihe  Lionhead  Development Coi  general contractor novs serving  Gibsons area. 685-5023. II  I rees lopped, fallen oi hedges irimiu  cd. 886-9192. ��r  Design  Drafting  886-744*  Reliable I ads \sill do house-cleaning,  gardening, painting, Reasonable rnies.  References available. 885-3383,     ��35  BOB CARPENTER PAINTING  Commercial and Residential  886-2516 II N  Chimney sweeping ami moss spraying,  886-7540. TIN  (.001) HAY $3.50 PER BALE.  MULCH SI.50. PHONE EVES.  885-9357. TFN  REPAIRS  &  NEW  INSTALLATIONS  Heinz Plumbing  886-9282  88(3-2854  Between 9 am &s 5 pm  Your garden needs spruemn  up?Rototilling, pruning, make a lawn  or build a fence. 886-7540. TFN  For Explosive Requirements  Dynamite, electric or regular caps H  line E cord and safely fuse. Comae!  Gwen Nimmo, Cemetery Road, Gib-  sons. Phone 886-7778. Howe Sound  Farmer Institute., ... ....      .,_I��1S  Hardwood Floors rcsanded and  finished, work guaranteed. Free est.  Phone 885-5072. TFN  Dependable experienced carpenter,  renovations, eaves troughs,  greenhouses, sundecks, finishing. No  job too small, until 8 pin 885-9285.  TFN  Backhoe   available.   Gibsons   area  preferred.  Phone 886-9614 anyiime.  TFN  Chimney Cleaning and maintenance.  Ph. 886-7411 or 886-8023. TFN  NEED TUNE-UP?  Experienced mechanic will come lo  your car ��� any make. Keas. rales call  Dominique   885-3317   anytime.  TFN  Huwll't  Blacksmith Shop  _*^=-s  ^B  Welding * rubricating  iob.rt. Craak        MI-3755  Do you  HATE  doing the booki?  Are Accountant's Bills  too big for your  ���mall business?  Let me solve your problems   with   fast,   accurate,  efficient bookkeeping    services   on  YOUR premises.  Hourly Rates  Call Eileen     66S-S623  9 a.m. - 3 p.m. ftlon.-Frl.  Raincoast secretarial ~  Office overload service  ii ml  I'roli'ssimul Out nl (mire  Typing  I Pick-up mill deliver)  available)  Pam: 886-8593  Eves. 885-5588  TRACTOR TOR HIRE Warned in rem b> Oct, I or earlier,  Roioiiller - Plough - Loader with    self-contained studio suite b) proles-  sional man. in a quiel area, (.'all col-  backhoe. Ideal for water lines. 13"  width. For full details 886-2934. TFN    leet 266-28611  emiiuv  QIBSONS KITCHEN  CENTRE  Cabinets Counters & Vanities  Wt RE ARBORITE  COUNTERTOPS  Seaview Puice Gibsons  886-8611  Toll Free 822-2017  Help Wanted  Janitorial firm requires part-time  help. U hrs per week. Eves. A  weekends. Driver's license essential.  I ive in tiihsons area. Apply P.O. Box  74, Gibsons. #37  Occasional   babysitter   Tor   two  children, Roberts Creek area. Phone  886-7.116. #37  Wanted bar manager at Royal Canadian I eglon - 112. Apply in welling to  Box 1*48, Madeira Park. VON 2HO.  Also person lo operate kitchen needed. #36  Pan-lime short order cook. Apply in  person at the Cedars. #37  Doorman required part-time al Gibsons Legion Branch 109. Apply In person between 11 a.m. & 6 p.m.      TFN  Experienced housekeeper warned 4  tirs. daily. & lo live in for 2 weeks in  mid-September. Good cooking abilih  necessary. 886-9232 days, 886-2137  -.Acs. #35  Part-time researcher, 15 weeks, 21:  days pei week, to assess ihe current  state of sell' help mutual aid support  groups on Ihe Sunshine Coast and the  climate foi its potential developmeni.  Mail applications to Sell Hell. Couii-  nuimj Education, P.O. Bos 6, Sccheli,  B.(. before Septembei 4. 1981 oi  call 885-3512. Karin Hoembcrg, coordinator,   ii   you   arc   interested.  Immed, opening for day care worker  with certificate. Apply 886-730';.   #35  Electrician wanted to wire small cabin  in Roberts Creek including hydro pole  -cash job ��� 886-8295 or (112) 731-  1847. #35  Pltzgcrald's Restaurant requires pan-  timc Bartender and Waitresses. Please  contact Richard or Gerry. 886-2888.  #35  Full-time Receptionist Typist, Pender  Harbour area, Bookkeeping an asset,  but nol essential. Call 883-2212 or  883-2491 foi Interview. TFN  Waitresses and  Bartenders required.  Apply in person al the Cedars Inn.  TFN  LOGGERS WANTED  Jervis Inlet, 10 and 4  Camp, 3 sides, free fares.  Rigging Crews, Machine  Operators, Mechanics.  Please Call  Parksville Radio,  N692943 "OB. Jervis"  Or Write  Unicorn Logging Co. Ltd.  Box 8000  Sechelt  ATTN: John Beuger  Wanted  Experienced  Breakfast  Grill Cook  f.  Phone  The  Heron  at  886-9021  'J. LEPORE TILE'  Quality Installations  Ceramic. Mosaic or Quarry  All work guaranteed  Free estimates  Phone Anytime  886-8097  Urgently  required   2   BR   house  for  lamily with 2 children,  quiet dog.  886-2169.      Excellent   references.  #35  Young Christian male looking for  small house or cabin for the winter,  non smoker & non drinker. 886-7507  after 5 p.m. #36  In Garden Bay new deluxe two  bedroom apartments, appliances included. Adults only. No pels.  References, deposit and lease required. $425 per mo. 883-9020.      ��5  Granthams Community  Hall.  Refur-  bished,  good  kitchen  fai  ilities.  Available  for  meetings  etc  Call  886-2935.  #37  2 bedrooms with sauna. Semi-  waterfront in Gibsons. Available Oct.  1st. Quiet couple preferred. $450.  Contact Syd Heal, Mitten Really Ltd.  886-8126. #35  2 bedroom furnished waterfront collage. Sept. 15th to June 15th 1982.  $325 per month. Damage deposit.  References. Phone 886-9077 or  886-9567. #35  t bedroom bungalow Gibsons. $300 a  month. 886-7280. #35  For rent 3 bedroom house Gibsons.  Sept.-June. Sundeck, view, fireplace.  $490. Tuesday - call collect 988-2709  -Wed. call 886-8608 after  10 a.m.  #35  Oct. I - Roberis Creek 2 bdrm house.  $400 & utilities. Fireplace - W/D near  beach.886-9679. #35  3 bdrm. view Home, Davis Bay. Only  2 blocks from beach. Appliances and  drapes included. Ref., deposit and  lease required, $700 per month.  886-2659. #35  34-yr. old male will share Seaview Rd.  townhouse for Oct. with responsible  working person, prefer N.S. 25-35  female $300 month. Reply RR#1, Box  5. Gibsons or (112)685-5023. #36  Room and board available for clean  working men. Phone 886-2137.    TFN  RENT-A-BAY!  YOU FIX IT!  We supply yopu with a bay area, floor  jacks, jack stands, creepers. Bring  your own tools. $5.00/hour. Phone 9  a.m. - 5 p.m. 886-2020. Crucil Rd.  TIN  Commercial space 2 separate locations  1500 sq. ft, locaied at Hwy. 101 &  Francis Peninsula Rd. in Pender Harbour. Day 883-2533. Nights 883-9933,  TIN  Comrnqnlty Hull tor rem in Roberts  Creek.  Phone Bill Grose 885-9237.  TFN  < OMMKIUTAI SPACE  16(H) sq. Ii. prime retail space  available June I, 885-2522, 885-3165  eves, IFN  Store or office space. Approx. 1500  sq. It. located ai Hwy. 101 & Francis  Peninsula Rd. in Pender Harbour.  Day 883-2533, nights 883-9933.    TFN  Wanted to Rent  URGENT. Family relocating on Sunshine Coasl, must rent 3 or 4 bedroom  home anywhere from Sechelt north.  Any   rem   considered.   Ph.   collect  {112)758-4904. #36  OFFICE SPACE  Very reasonable lease  requirements lor 2nd  floor location.  Sizes available  from 880 sq. ft. to  4500 sq. ft.  Air conditioned, carpeted mall location.  SPACE  AVAILABLE  IMMEDIATELY  Phone: 886-2234  886-7454  #39  Apt. or House, I Br. for single person,  Sechelt or Gibsons or Pender Harbour. $300 max. including heat &  light. Refs. available. 885-2902     #35  For Rent  Daismi Canipei furnished and renily  in go tun seeking $80 pel wk   t)8C pel  mile.  Small moioi home full) equipped onl\  $50 per wk. .05c pel mile  Hardtop tent iraile/ sleeps 4, ready 10  go $33 wk. .05C per mile,  883-9952   883-3666    885-9509    *35  Unfurnished 2 bedroom apartment in  lower Gibsons. Suitable for rciired  couple only. Washer, dryer facilities.  No children. No pets. References  Phone 886-2065 - 886-2801. #35  Avail. Sepi, 15 ��� year round rental.  Modern 3 bedroom side by side  duplex, central Gibsons. $600/mon.  No pets. Ref. 885-1434. #37  Office space for lease. Sechelt \  newest building, Up to 2400 sq. ft.,  2nd tloor. Available end October.  Phone   885-2247.   Eves.   885-5240.  #37  Office and commercial spaces, various  sizes. 200 to 1200 sq. ft. Centrally  located in Garden Bay. 883-9020.   #35  1200 Sq. Ft.  commercial  Shop Space  For Lease  Hwy. 101. Gibsons  8669414  LmurlouN home in in owrt park roi  rem 10 tijiln perwim, nn dnjiN please  S8U0pci monlh ��ill (Ivc you isoo,q  n ni comrormblc prl\acj In Ruben.  Creek. Available Scpi l< Phone  HS6-9792111 S85 1842 Inr dclaih    tit  Property Management, ineluding  house rentals, .lohn Wilson.  Cordon Agencies, 885-9365    #3S  : Ilk* \\  hum collate Sept-June lit  (minium. I jf   vim in,,   i raw.  Refs. teq'd. 886.7*15. No pels.       ��<5  2 hcdriiimi Duplex, lully carpeted.  Move, iridic, basemcni wink,imp  $35(1 per monlh plus ulililiCN.  Rrsi last in adv. Rd. 833-9676,  * ] 6  SPECIAL WEEKLY RATES  Peninsula Motel WMi-WI 11 N  COMMERCIAL  SPACE  FOR RENT  Cedar Plaza  Gibsons  Up to 1600 sq. It. of  prime   Retail   floor  space for reasonable  lease rales.  Good location for  Men's Wear, Ladies'  Wear, Jewellry store,  etc.  Please contact  886-2234  886-7454  For Sale  W.W. Upholstery  ft Boat Tops Ltd.  All Supplies for Ihft  DO-IT-YOURSELFER  Still some great  FABRIC  SPECIALS!  Ibsons 886-7310  Wooden  button   cabinet  -   metal  drawers.  very large, complete will.  huininV  Also lady manikin  Attic An-  liqucs 11  5.  #35  No.  2  Hum  Shakes $35  a squifre,  suitable  im  outbuildings  886-2014,  #3 6  Hlde-a-bed velvet, truck c.  nopy, car-  top can  or. elec|. mower.  886-7993.  * 3 (.  Christian Hooks (new & used) bibles,  albums, tapes, plaques, and greeting  cards at Gibsons Christian Hooks &  Crafts,   lowei   Gibsons,   Phone  886-91)77 #37  Golf carl & ban. Good condition, 550  886-9703. #35  7 \ 10 3-panel metal Garage Doot $200  OHO. 886-8597. #35  -Madeira���i  Appliances  have good guaranteed  rebuilt appliances.  Less than half  new price.  Call Collect  Anytime  ���883-2648-  DRAPERIEST  BLINDS!  WOVEN WOODSI  FREE ESTIMATES!  ���Ur*^  885-2601   885-7520  For Sale  ATTENTION  BUILDERS  5gUML  m*mrimi>m*TV    #*.'i*n*"#  available 111  hulk formal  For use In  Solar Collectors  and M<nlii.iit  Floor Heating  H&S  CONTRACTING  885*3825  \ppllnncvs, lurniturc, IW Stereos  et.    msCOl Nl   I'RN'KS! Kern's  Hume  Furnishings Scoslev. Plow,  Ciihsons 886-4733 lis  FONTS  I NIQUK RKSTOKATIONS  BRASS* WIIIJI Ks  Pedal  stools.  Sinks   I ended gloss  I icrii.tr   DniMv   Demolition,   Brass  lans, ( handcller, Wall Sconces, Hal  Brick.   Oak   Floors    Beautiful  a��  ccssorlcs SO years \ oldci   3662-4|h  *sse., Vancouver. lis  Inglis multi-cycle uttlo washer, e\��  eclieni condition, Guuranlccd ,v  delivered. $250. Phone 883-2M8  II N  I HAM IK IIIKIIIs  Reese, la/ u��� and custom liitcltes.  (all berry ai (.nasi Industries, Ciih'  sons 886-9159. II \  Powerful horse manure: you load Si\  885-9969. 11 N  t-riilRi' & elec. stove l,ir sale %��$ Inr  both or S45 for line. Phone Rioiiti  885-562.1 arier 6 p.m. ��ts  30" Moffat ��� Oourmel inn S.lsn  Oood condition. 886-7377. II N  Oil stove stand & drum $101)  ���Granthams, ft. ol Rial Rd It tins  101 ��� waterfront side. #35  3 speed 3 wheeled hike. Pike S.tlHI  Wood to oil range with pipes $UX)  Space hcalei $50 Small fridge SH  886-W52escs. ��r  For Sale - t'eramie tile and wallpapet  up to 60*i> off. fshiip oil Hie nond  shore and save paying high prices  Fashion Tile and Wallpapei 1 ul , Itrjt  West 2nd Sireet, Norili Vancouver.  9 8 5-3820.  m  "Desert Rose" coloured saxony  carpet. Scotch guarded. SI3 sq. yd.,  leg. $19.95 si|.\d. 886-7112. #36  1 -ARM FRESH VKGKTABLK8  RulteriTiiiH'h l-etluce, (hard, /.m-  ehini. Carrots, Herts etc. Open Thursday, Fridu), Sutiirda>, siiii(lu>. Tori)  Archer 886-7046. TIN  Dry cut up firewood, Fit and hemlock.  Upper Roberts Creek. U-piek up. $j6  a cord. Phone 885-2745 hi  Ladies bile CCM Ixcel. shape S5(V  886-2512. 88^-7808 ��1<  Diamond ring appraised value SI,ISC  asking $750. Colour IV. workluj  well $150.886*7800. nSf  '       AWNINGS    ^  ��� Dress up vour windows ,n  add a room to vour home  ��� Stop furniture fadioy  FREE ESTIMATES  W.W  Upholatery  & Boat Tops Ltd  Gibsons 886-7310  t used doors, painted *c in excellent  condition. .10 inches. 2 single panel. [  full glass panel. $50 kt(,t. H|| y p|j0mj  8 8 6 ��� 8 4 * } .    .          * _ JJ-j  Ml new Canadian made luiul l)c  hydrmoi hu> direct front faeiorj  contact Berice Ness . at 534-1002,  Berron Enterprises I id . 359 MOilt  St., Langley, B.C. V3A6H5.        #3J  KRIIMK III \ DISK,N  SKRVK'K!  Carpels!   Vinyl!   Cc lies!   \p  pliimces! Cabinets! leredn Carpel &  II,hoc  c"etiire  ����' 2601,  885-752K  INERGV  WOOD HEATERS  and furnaces  Sales and Service  H. Himmel  Hwy. 101, W. Sechelt  .     8852113  ELECTROHOME  SALES & SERVICE  3 Year Warranty  on Parts & Labour  ~iSUNSHINE  COAST Til.  Alter the Sale  Its the Service  that Counts  Cowrie St 885-9816  mmmmmmmm  mm For Sale  Automotive  ;hest fabrics  MACLEOD'S   SECHELT   for   hot  water tanks and Hotpoint appliances.  885-2171. TFN  let US customize your kitchen coordinating drapery fabric und wall  covering. Teredo Carpet Cenlre.  J85-2WI or 885-7520. TFN  Heat the wet wood winter blues ��� have  vour   firewood   delivered   today.  I ruck for hire. Rubbish removal.  885-3605. TFN  Woman's wet suit, '/<" Tits 5*2" to  5*3", up to 120 lbs. includes dippers,  mask & snorkel. Used only 3 times.  J300 OBO. 886-2601. MS  Cute Guinea Pigs for sale, Peruvian,  $5 each. Phone885-95l6. #35  Jet black Carpel cut to your length.  $15.95 sq. yd. 886-7112. #35  Mobile Homes j    Motorcycles |      Property  Coast News, September 1,1981  21  Building Materials  IMPS  W.W. Upholittry  a Boal Topa Lid.  Qlbaona 886-7310  THERMAX  WELD-ALL IND.  Baal lilt* High Cosl ol Heating  Custom Made Wood Stoves  PHONE 886-8466  Siraiocaster - near new gloss black,  maple neck, tremolo, case. $850,  886-9650. #35  TV & STEREO REPAIRS  Green Onion Stereo, Dunham Rd.,  Port Mellon, 884-5240. TFN  \\ \l l PAPER   fabulous   designs.  1 credo   Carpet   &   I lome   Centre.  KX5 2601 or885-7520 ITN  Built-in Dishwasher 8 button 'Caloric'  2 yrs.   old,   good   condition.   $185.  SS6-S226. #35  New and used woodstoves, Orley,  liarthsiove. Mountaineer, Kings man,  woodcook-stove, garbage burners. At  the Woodsiovc Trade-in Centre in  Sechell. 885-7300. #35  i���LUfflBER FOR SALE������  Rough sawn lumber. Grades for  fencing, construction and boats  Yellow cedar, red cedar, fir,  hemlock. Inquire weekdays, 9-4.  Copack Industries Limited, Hillside Sawmill. Visit us beside  Avalon near Port Mellon or phone  926-7318. TFN  (iluss-iined Pressure Tank 68 gal. New  $230. Asking $175. Wheelchair $25.  ���1 drawer Dresser $20. Class shower  door $35. Truck canopy $50. Ph:  S86-7.150. #35  Foosball Tabic $300. 886-7877.      #35  I 650 Norton SS, recently rebuilt. I  Norton Matchless, recently rebuilt.  X86-8II88 after 6. TFN  Bathuib white porcelain on steel, exc.  cond. $50. Cilass tub enclosure $30.  Pftilishave cordless razor $25. Braun  dec. coffee grinder $12. Oil barrel  stand $15.886-2513, #35  PLEXIGLAS  Full Shecta or Cuts  W.W. Upholstery  S Boal Top, Lid.  Gibsons 886-7310  COAST  POWER CLEANING  Steam Cleaning  Pressure Washing  ��� Sand Blasting  Industrial Painting  885-9316  ~m\T  westwurid  sound  centres  GO PIONEER  MMIOVOK  HI comp  Finder martini  Yamaha  Appliance*  DEALER  COST  plu* 10%  Nexl lo Ibe  Bank ol Montreal Building  Set* hell  885-3313  WE BUT  SELL* TRADE  Books on Philosophy,  Music, Art, Poetry,  Theatre  BOOR SEARCH  available  Attic Antiques  Hwy. 101, on the hill,  GlbsonB  Garage Sale September 6. 10-4 Lot #6  Woodcreek Park, Oibsons. #35  2 folding type steel beds & 2 mattresses  886-2701 after 5. #35  Due to showroom renovations, we are  selling many individual cabinets,  countertops, hood fans etc. at 40%  off. Call Sunshine Kitchens at  886-9411 for more Information.   TFN  1 ��� 11* F9 boat 9.9 outboard motor., 2  zinc lined copper double boilers, 4'  round table tricycle. 22"x 22' alum,  bathroom window. #37  Antiques: Treadle sewing machine; 2  Jacobean dressers I with mirror, I  without. 886-7961.  #37  4 automatic emergency lights $35,  each electric kiln with pyrometer  suitable for ceramics or melting  metals. Quantity 1x8 shiplap 2 x I2's,  aluminum sash, Tappan wall oven  $40. 100 hp Merc, for parts $100.  Shallow well piston pump $40.  Fineness of grind gauge $250. Spitfire  CB 23 CH AC/DC $50. 19" B&W  port. TV $50. H/W heater 36" x 24"  $35. Wahl-elclippers $35. 885-9509,  885-3666. #35  I electric Range 30 in. Good working  order. I wood Heater. 886-2632.  #36  MMTHMIUM  W.W. Upholittry  * Boat Tops Lid.  Gibioni  886-7310  The WOOD SHED  Is now taking orders for  FIREWOOD  Stock-up now for next winte-  Phone gjMOjj  FOAM  54"x72"x2"  $22.98  Your One Stop  Foam Shop  W.W. Upholstery  & Boat Tope Ltd  Gibioni 886-7310  MMMM  OCEANSIDE  POOLS  VINYL LINED SWIMMING POOLS  ALUMINUM  ft STEEL WALLS  HOT TUBS tSNS  Still, Strvlct), InitiHatlons  Fully Guaranteed  Tin Yuri Eipf rlinci  FREE ESTIMATES  Phone  Bob Green  885-3862  Box 1184, Sechell.  VW Bug cuslom P.U. $800. Phone  886-7891 leave message. #36  1975 Ford van 3/4 ton camperized V-8  auto $995. 885-2994. #37  1969 Bronco 4x4, new battery, shocks,  tires, brakes, drive shaft, universal  recent alignment, dual gas tanks,  mechanically good, some rust, can be  seen at Office, Sunshine Coast Trailer  Park,  Hwy.   101, Gibsons. $1,875.   TFN  1970 MO Midget, good condition  $2000 OBO. Call 886-2753. #35  '74 Maverick, adult driven. Excellent  condition inside and out. 27 thousand  miles. $2,500. 885-3579. #35  1972 Chevrolet flatdeck truck, 10,0*00  GVW, dual rears, overload springs.  Excellent shape, good rubber. Perfect  for builder etc. $3500. 886-2779.  133  1974 Triumph TR-6, 65,000 mi. Mint  condition in and out. Complete sound  system. $4,500OBO. 885-3313.   TFN  1979 Dodge I ton, dual wheels,  flatdeck. V-8 auto., PS & PB, 20,000  km. Rebuilt. $5,500. 886-8414.    TFN  1975 OMC Sierra Classic 'A ton P/up.  New 454, balanced, high performance, new running gear, new brakes,  liner bed, mags, air cond., stereo.  $6500 OBO. 886-8301. #35  '76 Econoline Van, PS, PB, auto,  radio, SS radials, custom cabin 351  new brakes, extra snows, manuals, no  rust, many extras. $4995 firm.  885-9545. #36  For sale '67 Camaro RS, SS, 327  4-speed black, firm $5500. Phone  886-2904 Bryan. #36  '71 Chev 4x4 new brakes & front end  parts. $1800. Ph: 886-2096. #36  '77 Honda Civic 4-speed, excellent  condition, no rust, 63,000 km.  Radials, radio. $3500. Phone  886-2673.886-2201. Ask for Betty. #35  1972 Vi ton Ford pick-up. No rust.  Good condition. Must sell $1100 or  best offer. 1958 Morris Minor 2-door  sedan. Original condition. $850 or  best offer. 886-8540. #37  1975 Bulck Century wagon, excellent  running order. $2250. Phone 885-3570  evenings. #35  '68 LTD 9 pass, wagon, PS, PB, PW,  int. exc, tires good, runs well. $700.  886-9200. #37  1973 Datsun 1200 front renders are  rusted out, good shape otherwise.  $450. 886-7463. ��� #37  1973 Volkswagen Beetle, runs, but  needs some repairs. $500. Phone  886-7152. #37  Body Man's Special: '66 Ford  Econoline heavy duty 6-cyl. 3-spd.  Std. Open to offers. Needs work.  886-9102. #35  1973 GMC rusted box 454 auto trans,  PS & PB, air cond., radials, complete  with canopy $1200.886-7808.       #37  '77 Honda Civic 4-speed, excellent  condition, no rust, 63,000 km.  Radials, AM/FM radio $3500. Tel:  886-2201. Ask for Betty or after 6  p.m. 886-2673.    #35  RENT-A-CAR  RENT-A-TRUCK  19811-Ton Trucks  c/w 12' Vans  1981 F-250's  3/4 Ton Pickups  1981 Fairmonts  1981 Mustangs  S Ton Truck. 22' Box  Hydraulic Tailgate  DAILY WEEKLY  MONTHLY  COMPETITIVE RATES  ���ABBA���  LEASE RENTALS  SOUTH COAST FORD  885-2131  Across Irom Bonner s  Furniture. Sechell  For Sale '79 Omni 2-dr. si trans,  45,000  km.  $5,000 firm.  885-9600.  #37  '75 DODGE VAN (Mull  Mileage 54,000 orig. full camperized,  economic 318 eng. Propane, no rust,  runs     perfecl. .  Ask     $4,000.  886-7792. #37  1974 Dodge 1-ton cab & chassis, good  condition, automatic, heavy duly.  $2,000,886-9411. TFN  SMALL GAR  SERVICE  No problem for us - Ford  has been building and  importing cars and trucks  from Germany, Japan  and England as far back  as 1949.  So if you have a problem  with your small car we've  got the  EXPERIENCE  Hours ol Service  8 am - $ pm   885-3281  8MTI CM8T  Ff ti uvea m  HM VWir MMM  LOIS Itl HOD?  Come in and see Herman  Vandrbrrg, 20 years Volkswagen Specialist - Fartor.v  trained.  KMTICMIT  FsMtl UUH Lit  Hours ol Strvlct  8 am - S pm    885-3281  VM.WDOl  MIWWI  24' x 52' new!! Immediate delivery. 2  bathrms., 3 bdrms., fam. rm., bay  windows, patio door, many extras,'  priced to sell al $52,900. 885-9513.  MDL6925. #36  1974 2 bedroom - tip out on living  room - loaded with extras. Ofrcrs to  $22,500. Ph.(112)576-1465.        TFN  14 x 56 new moduline mobile home set  up in Sundance Trailer Park, 4 appliances, 15��*i over IS year financing  O.A.C. 885-9979, Coast Mobile  Homes, Dealer #6393. TFN  1973 Mobile Home 12 x 64 sundeck  and metal shed 4 apl. and wood burning stove. $27,500.00. 884-9777 Pad  No. 63. Sunshine Cat. Tr. Prk.    TFN  2 bedroom 12 x 56 Mobile Home  $14,500. Bryce Leigh - Mitten Realty.  886-8229 or 885-3295. #35  Marine  BAIT TANKS  Special $79."  While Stock lasts  W.W. Upholetery  a Bom Top* Ltd  Olbaona M6-7310J  Mobile Homes  Coast mobile  Homes Ltd.  GOOD  SELECTION OF  DOUBLE WIDES  we tana trades  or  Consign your Mobile  Home to us for  Quick sale  HWV. 101   (across trom Banner's  furniture)  S85-9979       mdl ism  1980 Yamaha 650 4,000 miles  Some  extras        $2,200 886-9102.  ��35  '64 Harks pan bottom ihovd top  rigid frame, magneto, re-built SS  rods, piston, valves, $5,200. Ph:  886-2096. #16  Can-Am 175 TNT. street & trail, good  condition & fast, only 2700 miles.  885-3185. TFN  1975 Suzuki 500 cc. fairing. 12,000  mites,   ness   chain,   sprockets   and  brakes. Phone 886-9245 after 3 p m.  #35  9.8 Mercury recent overhaul, new  carb, tank A line $325. 886-8473.  #36  13' Sailboat S8S0. 886-8332. .1727  Martin Road. Good cond. #35  26 ft. "C" lie. West Banks Dory, 3'/i  yrs. old, new Volvo 145, VHF CB,  sounder, hydraulic gurdies, survival  suit. Phone 6 p.m. 885-5602. #35  4 Vi Mercury $300. 886-7877. #35  78 Canaventure Twin 20 meres  sounder bait tank RR trailer top etc.  etc. Moving. Good buy at $6,500.  Phone 883-2221. #37  Too big for my boat Volvo OB Model  200 LS electric & manual start. 1979  very few hours. $1,000 or will take  short shaft 12 to 18 h.p. as part trade  885-2349. #37  41' strip plank diesel power and heat  h/c press, water & shower finished.  1980 - excellent family live aboard. 3  new sails, center & cockpit sleep 6.  Consider real estate in trade. Can  finance part 883-9303. $79,000.     #37  28 It. Bayliner, model 27-50-Victoria  Sunbridge, fully equipped plus sleeps  6. $34,500. Evenings 885-3570.      #35  Don't pass this one up! 19 ft. Cat-  glass, 140 Mercruiser, full covered  Wagon top, cuddy cabin, head, stereo,  sounder, 40 channel CB, compass.  Trailer, just rebuilt with new tires.  Great for fishing or water skiing.  $12,500. Call 885-3433 after 6 p.m.#37  17' Sangster 70 hp Mercury OB 5 hp  Volvo OB trailer low hours on motors.  Asking $4000. Phone 883-2228.     #35  AB Haddock Boat moving. Licensed  and fully insured. Hydraulic equipment. Phone 883-2722 days. 883-  2682 eves. TFN  HIGGS MARINE  SURVEYS LTD  Insurance claims, condition and  valuation surveys. Serving the Sunshine Coast and B.C. Coastal Waters.  Phone: 885-9425, 885-9747, 885-3643,  886-9546. TFN  35' Ex-Troller completely rebuilt Ford  diesel sounder $12,000 OBO.  885-5588. #36  19' Cabin Boat with 20 hp motor,  needs a lol of work, $300 OBO. Ph:  886-7994. #36  22' Sea Ray Overnighter - 188 Mercruiser, sounder, compass, O/B  bracket, anchor pkg., alcohol stove,  ice box, portipot. Sleeps 4. Hardtop  with canvas. Asking $10,500. Phone:  886-9019. #36  '73 Fiberform 22' Hardtop, dinghy,  depth sounder, 6 hp Johnson winch  ���165   Merc.   $6,500.   Ph:  886-2096.  #36  All fiberglass 12 ft. Runabout with  flotation tanks 10 hp O.B. motor,  easyload trailer, $1200 firm.  Firescreen, Copper trim $10.  886-7650. #35  MOBILE HOME  SALES I SERVICE  Big Maple Motel  Davis Bay  885-9513  D.L. MB  gRpryalThist  FOR SALE  BEAUTY SALON  Opportunity to be creative and  be your own boss at the same  time. Well established business  with 4 fully equipped stations, 3  sinks with extra hookup (or  fourth, 4 dryers, bin washer &  dryer, full bathroom plus storage.  .Located in modern plaza close to  shopping centre. Lots of parking  available. Vendor is motivated.  All reasoned offers will be considered. Call Elizabeth Raines  324-4621 (24 hours).  669-3022 RT-8 (24 Hours)  Tbgettier, BBD| wean rwlpyou better.  Wood Window  Opportunity  WALXM SXXM LTD. Is offer  Ing the axolualva sales rights  to our wood window lino on the.  Sunshine Coast. Our windows  an double glazed, made from  clear pine, and are designed In  two baalo styles: one competes  In prlos with aluminum windows, the other underprloes  the conventional wood window. Both are a superior quality produot.  IUDI OOOl LID. is an aggressive young company with  five branch locations In  southwestern B.C. We are now  expanding on an agency basis  Into areas where we do not  have sufficient coverage.  If you have an excellent  knowledge of the residential  houBlng market on the Sunshine Coast, know the local  contractors, are honest,  energetlo, have a proven  business record and are Interested In a ground floor opportunity with tremendous  growth potential, contact lob  Walker at Walker Doer Ltd.,  UN I.W. Marine Drift, *fincomer, tm an or Me-noi.  BMW KM) 5 motorcycle 600 CC, 8.500  original miles, almosl showroom  cond. 883-2610 days. 885-5888 eves.  Ask for Steve. #33  Travel  Campers & RV's  TRAILER HITCHES  Resse, Eaz-Tow & custom hitches.  Call Terry at Coast Industries. Gibsons. 886-9159. TFN  Combicamp near new unique Danish  design lightweight tent trailer complete with add-a-room S850. Call Bent  at 886-8126. #35  1978 30' Holiday Rambler with a lol  of extras, good cond. Asking $16,500.  Ph: 886-7994. #36  1970 12' Compact trailer, fully equipped, sleeps four $1200 OBO. Phone:  885-3847. #36  1976 EEE motor home, excellent condition, CB; only 18,000 miles. $18,000  firm. 886-2534. #36  For Sale: 18' Lancer camper trailer,  stove, fridge, heater, excellent condi-  tion. Phone 885-9432.  #37  10'/: Eldorado camper, 3-way fridge,  stove & oven, furnace plus 4 fixed corner. Good cond. $2000 OBO.  886-9200. #37  Opportunities  Will exchange tree topping or falling  for land surveying services. Phone  Steve 985-2267. #37  Economy got you down? Avon offers  good dollars, nice people, great prizes.  Call Sue Wiggins 686-9166, Helen  Phillips 885-2183. TFN  Reduced fares to Britain, Vane-  London 01-Oct. to 02-May. $599 plus  tax. Not available 10 Dec. to 23 Dec.  Winter booking now for Mexico,  Hawaii, Caribbean. Getaway  Holidays, Sechelt, B.C. 885-3265. #35  VIA Rail introduces CFL-football  packages for one inclusive price.  Travel to the city of your choice and  watch your favourite CFL team in action. Package includes: Rtn. coach rail.  fare, one night accom. at a popular  downtown htl. (Add'l nights optional)  and your game ticket. Be there and  cheer your team on to the Grey Cup!  Getaway Holidays, Sechelt, B.C.  885-3265. #35  Wanted  CASH FOR LOBS   1  too meat  Free Eiamatu  D & 0 LOG SORTING  LTD.  886-7896    886-7700  Property  NEED * NULTOfl WHO IS  HnOwMfl J BUM9  Experienced  And who WW |hft ��ou good  . Iwneat adalce?  "���".OlMtlTO  IE YOUR REALTOR  Oaiyfuckttt  fitbtons Rutty Ltd.  tHMifcmt Shopping Ctnlrt  R.R. 2, Gibsons, I.C.  IM-2277  View and brand ne<* 3 bedroom 3  bath. Central Gibsons. Cuslom built  with basement. S162.500. 886-7087.  #35  level Lot, few large trees, 5 min. from  Sechell, near arena on quiet cul-de-sac  in growing subdivision. 7500 su,. M.  Recent perc (en approved. $35,500,  885-5226 or 885-9358, #35  Frig., stove, washer, dryer, good  working cond. Call evenings (112)  943-2469 or 943-5026 collect. #36  Older furniture, china etc. bought or  sold on consignment. Harbour Antiques, 1585 Marine Dr., Gibsons.  886-7800. TFN  F & L Contractors. Standing timber.  Any amount. Fair prices. Good clean  up. Lou LePage 886-9872 or 886-7833.  TFN  Wanted to Buy: Quality character  home on quiet large lot, view and  waterfront preferable. Call  980-7734. #35  Partial view wUh expanding view* 1/3  of acre Otl Mask's Rd. Well ireed, grille slope, vers private. Asking  $58,900. 886-7993. #36  Irvines Landing, II ac. view Lot,  treed, serviced, perc tested, near lakes  ���ft marinas, good ocean fishing,  $43,500. 986-4657 or 683-9403 wkndi.  #35  1 Large level huiijinv lot, potential vie*  at  Gowet   Point.   $59,300,   Phone  886-2137, -JfMN  View Hume, b> owner, (-ii(Hun<>  Largc sundeck, 3 bedrooms, 2 up, I  down, basement with rec. room, double carport, walking distance to  schools, shopping, very low price.  886-9879. #35  By owner, Sacrifice Sale, large level  lol near water, underground services.  $39,500 with low In It rest rate or discount   for   cash   $36,000.   Ph:  885.7244. #36  New 4 bedroom, 2100 sq. fl. 3-storey  cedar Home on large lot bordering  elementary school playground at end  of Poplar Lane, cul-de-sac. Has huge  kitchen and living room, master  bedroom with walk-in closet and  balcony, built-in intercom system,  finished basemenl and fully carpeted.  Asking $140,000. Call 872-8044 or  886-9623 TFN  73' x 130* building lot, services at property line, except sewer. Nicely treed,  quiet area on North King Rd. $42,000  (112) 943-4393 Upper Gibsons area.  TFN  CLASSIFIED NOTE  Drop oil your Coast New  Classified at Campbell  Family Shoes Sechell o  Madeira  Park  Pharmacy  BUILDING  MATERIALS  CLEARANCE  While Quantities Last!  3/8" Ranch wall  $14.50 shHl  2 x 6 x 6 99' MCh  2 x 6 x 10' Utility  S4S Cedar 26'/lt.  K3 Panicle Board  3/8" $5.95 shut  1/2 $7.25 shut  5/8" $8.50 ihMt  3/4   $10.25 ihnt  Miscellaneous  Interior Doors  - Slab & Pre-hung  $15.00 ��� $35.00  GARDEN  SUPPLIES  While Quantities Last  Forest  Bark Mulch $3.00 big  6-8-6 All Purpose  $8.00 big  White  Landscape Rock $2.00 big  Dolomite Lime $1.39 big  12-4-8 Super  Lawn Builder $9.00 big  Potting Soil  20 kg. $3.00 big  10 kg. $2.00 big  10-6-4 Super  Garden Builder $4.00 big  Chicken Manure $3.00 big  GIBSONS  BUILDING SUPPLIES LTD.  "fat All Tmt ������Hilt Nm4i"  MMM     ey      MMU1  MB Gibsam 91  Roberts Creek - Magnificent property,  treed level guilding lot. Potential view.  Services at property's edge. Close to  school, store, golf course. Immediate  access io secluded beach with excellent  salmon fishing $67,500. Phone  294-8759 weekday eves. #37  For removal - 1,000 sq. ft. house in  good condition. Make an offer.  886-8239. #36  Selectively cleared 1/4 acre lot, 67 x  162, west of Gibsons on dead-end  road. $37,500. Some financing  negotiable. 886-7422 evenings.      #37  New modern basement view home  1700 sq. ft. finished. 1000 sq. ft. nearly finished. Double garage $149,500.  Ph: 886-8763. a-* 37  Sechelt Village 3 bedroom 1074 sq. ft.  bungalow opposite park close to shops  and schools $79,000 firm.  886-8787. #37  Partial ocean view from lot 94 in  Creekside, excellent building sile close  to all amenities. $36,900.  886-9411. #35  Prime semi-water front half acre on  Gower Point. View of Georgia Strait  and Gulf Islands, Owner will assist  with   financing.  $67,900.  886-9411.   #35_  Wanted to buy - Cabin on Keats or  Gambier islands. Write Box 8, c/o  Coast News, Box 460, Gibsons,  B.C. #37  Pender Harbour. 1/2 acre 90�� ocean  view Lot, steep but sunny. Ideal for  contemporary with solar heat. Septic  approved, paved road, cleared lo  build. Power and water $37,900. Mov-  ing. All offers considered. Phone  883-2221. #37  Madeira Park 1/2 acre lot overlooking  Pender Harbour. Perc tested. $56,500.  Ph: 885-9778. #36  Sechelt. 1/2 acre, levelled, treed lot on  Redrooffs   Rd.   $45,000.   845-2146.  #35  PRIVATE SALE  ROBERTS CREEK  WITH CLEARING - A SEA VIEW!  1/2 acre richly forested, gently sloping hillside jutt  off Beach Avenue. Halfway between store and picnic  site. Stroll to beach ��� golf club ��� community hall and  church. Judicious clearing will provide view ��� beams.  Firewood and your own 'privacy protective' tree  groves. All facilities, including cablevision.  885-5251  B.C. VuHon Bianhet Classifieds  COMOX Unique designed 4 bedroom  home, 2 bathrooms, 2 fireplaces,  lamily room. Fully landscaped, quiel  cul-de-sac, $95,000. Will accept  S60.000 agreement lor sale tilo 2  years. Phone 339-3966 (mornings)  339-4522. #36  FRAMEK'S, Contractors, sawmills,  sale or lease Loed Forklift. Four wheel  drive 90�� pivot steering. 6000 Ib  capacity. 35 foot lift, 23 fool reach,  noating forks. Phone 372-0611.    MS  1976 528 Cat grapple skidder also has  winch and fairlead. Excellent condition not used for 18 months. Price  $65,000. Phone 3482380 or 348-2313  anytime. #35  BUSINESS OPPORTUNITY FOR  RENT. 700 square foot work shop or  showroom, plus three bedroom home.  5 miles south ofQuesnel on Highway  97. Phone days 747-1605 evenings  992-5987. #35  HAVE STRIKES AND INFLATION  GOT TO YOU? Maybe a part lime  wholesale business al home is the  answer lo make lhal extra money.  Phone 397-2557. ��35  PAVINC COMPANY in Ihe B.C. Interior, all equipment necessary. Good  company name. Plenty of work lined  up. Phone colled 376-7632 Kamloops  after 6 p.m. #35  BUSY GROCERY STORE, fishing  supplies, gas pumps, separate living  quarters on beautiful Kootenay Lake  30 miles north of Crcston, B.C.  Highway 3A. $250,000. Annual sales.  Phone 223-8311. #35  Kin COMMISSION! Make exlra  money! Sell Christmas, everyday  cards, jewellery, wrappings and gifts.  Fast service. Particulars and "Free  rain bonnet". Write: Vcribcst, Box  309, Bracebridge, Ontario, POB ICO.  #35  LOG HOME BUSINESS OPPORTUNITY: Set up your own piec-en-  piec log home company. Buy the hand  crafted components from us. Mc-  Culloch Cuslom Log Homes Ltd.,  Phone 892-3492. #35  EARN MONEY! SAVE MONEY!  Learn Income Tax Preparation at  home. For free brochure, no obligation, write U & R Tax Schools, 1148  Main Street, Winnipeg, Manitoba.  R2W 3S6. #40  TOW TRUCK FOR SALE 1980  Holmes 500 twin boom power wrecker  on International 1600 4 wheel drive  truck. Truck has dual gas tanks, free  wheel hubs, 5 speed transmission, 825-  20 tires. 2,500 kilometers. Wrecker  has car and truck tow sling. West  coast body with extension and dollys.  Phone C & T Renials Ltd. 635-6155,  Terrace, B.C. #36  SALES REPRESENTATIVE rc-  quired by expanding wholesaler/  importer. Career opportunity for self  motivated individual... submit resume  lo: OKANAGAN GIFT & SOUVER-  NIR, 2250 Barnes Street. Penliclon,  B.C.V2A6T5. #35  ELDERLY GENTLEMAN with  modern two bedroom home, Vancouver Island, looking for live In  house keeping companion. Cheerful  disposition, reasonably good cook,  drivers license essential. Full details,  snap shot if possible. All enquiries  answered. Box 5264. Chronicle Box  MX), l.adysmith, B.C. VOR 2EO   #35  NEW COMPANY needs coordinators. Irene and Bud Brooks  have started B.C. Warehouse, fabric  paints, glass etching; five other crafts.  For more information phone Marj  856-2680 or Irene 522-6416. #35  FULL-TIME ADVERTISING  TYPESETTER REQUIRED by Vancouver Weekly, experienced on Edit  Wtiler 7500 or similar equipment an  asset. Resume to Arrowsmilh Star,  Box 1300, Parksvillc, B.C. VOR 2SO.  #37  CERTIFIED COACH required by Ihe  Faro, Yukon Gymnastic Club to provide programmed instructions for Intermediate Girls, prc-elitc and elite.  This will be a full-lime job. Salary  negotiable. Mrs. Deforest (403)  994-2439 or send resume lo Box S43,  Faro, Yukon. YOB 1KO. #35  MANAGER, Takhini Recreation  Centre, Whitehorsc, Yukon. Salary  negotiable. Facilities include curling  rink, bowling alley, lounge, hall. Experience required. Write G. Zealand, 5  - Evergreen, Whitehorse, Yukon YIA  4Y3. PHone (403) 667-7821. #35  ALMEA INTERIOR. We are looking  for people to join us in home sales and  hostessing, of lingeries, novelties, lotions etc. If interested in a fun and different type of evening, call Don or  Susan collect at 859-5244 (Ab-  botsford). #35 22  Coast News, September 1,1981  From the Attic  Identify French-Canadian furniture  h> Helene Wallinder  ('SIUMHmm - Identification  Authentic French Canadian  I in nil urc- may be idem i lied hs  ihe useful points ill the following paragraphs.  Planks  rth and 18th Century  hoards were pit-sawn. Tops,  tails and doors were usuall)  made Iront I '��� * - 1 '���: inches ill  thickness, Drawer fronts ol  commodes or the holtom tails  ol armoires run between 2"  and 5" thick. Today, the  boards are 7/8" ot less. I hi.  standard changed with the introduction of the cirClllai saw  around 1840. Before ihis the  woodworker sawed the planks  as he needed them. Deceptions  are easily recognized. Scratch  ihe wood, if il appears while,  n is new. Old wood has a  slight I) warm orange tinge.  Old Wood  Imitators can make lake  pieces out ol old uninteresting  furniture. Look lor ihe traces  ol circulai Ol handsaw marks.  Glue is another tell-iale. Early  woodworkers hardly evei used  it.  Surface ot Old Woods  Examine Ihe wood in across  light,   traces   of   the   hand  B.C. Yukon Bianhet Classifieds  25 Words for *99.  SI M I I) IIMil KS |,ii Mill J4 hull  \ 40 iiini portable classrooms il abcn  IT4I ivill be received b) the untlct  muiiccI up in 12 noun. Sepieiiibci II,  IIHI. Hiuhc-l hi ,ni\ tcutlci inn  nvcvssttrih accepted, fernts: V is.  ishercis. I'oucll Kiser, lie   Im sicss-  nic   .iiuiit'ciik-iil-   |ilhiiic   48.1-111)4  l> I Rciil, Secretary-Treasurer,  School Districi "47. 4.151 Ontario  \sciiuc. I'iracllKiser, lit   \s\<it(,  ��is  WAILABII     I ARM  FRAMING  ( Kl W   I oik till etc. I'hone .172-11611.  ��.15  ASHC K(H I loinuloes, coin.  cucumbers, eggplant, peppers and  melon- riiompsiin Bench farms,  phone 4512172 m stop .u Fresh  Choice I nut Stand 2 kiluuteters soulli  nfCaclicCreek. #35  411   \.i  S71I.IKKI  I'rihiini  Will:.Ill  l,.i ,m Bella Ci  .ill cash. Wine It,  .   iss   North   hi   i  .l.ike.lH   \2l,l*iK  In River.  , 81,  Ihe  1979 Dodge Maxl  campcrl/ed. Sell  rnlleagc.   Excetleni  #35  ���\l II SlltlS I'l I II KS. Mission (i  1\ Aituarilllll ( Clltei and Pel Supplies.  Lou prices. Brand names 206-33123  Isl Willie, Mission, !!.(. Phone  826-8051. I'roiiipl service ml niiiil  orders. #35  2s I Nun I iberforrn c It ncss isiin 225  ti\li 'S Mil. ( It. sounder, stereo,  fridge, stove, enclosed head, much  mine S3I.900. O.B.O. Likes. Musi lie  sold In Sepiember 15. Phone485-4795  nlicr6p.ni. #35  HARBEl HOI DINGS I'll). Mobile  homes located in porks on pads.  1 isiincs and Sales. We welcome all enquiries, I isiines wanted. Wheel  I stale. I'hone colled. Lowct  Mainland Division. 13647-IOOlh  Avenue, Surrey, B.C. V3T lilt.  S8S-3622; Kamloops Division. 90-180  Seymour Street, Kamloops, B.C. V2C  212. 172-5711. rite Wheel Esiale People. ID.I.. 6747).   . UN  i ARI fAKERi   Private  agricultural  island Sunshine Coasl. Vers close 10  simps. I'relei oldei couple, guild  health, nun drinkers, mechanical and  agriculltitiil skills. Good salary,  modern home and boal. Call evenings  9 2 6-9749. �� .1 6  l.M'l K11 Nl ID ADVERTISING  SAI IS PERSON required I') griming  I.,,wei Mainland community  itewspaper. Good salao. henclils fur  salesperson seeking a chullcnge,  Plume Hie publishci .il '74-4191 for  Interview. #35  Mobile home park: iuuo rooi  un highway 97, near Clinton and Hat  Creek Coal Development, 10 acre  park, executive home, equipment,  possible strata title to gross over  5500,000. Forced sale by owner, only  ilis.txx). Phone459-7756. #36  Van completely  .uniaincd,    low  condition,  1977  Ma/da  Id  e 265-3298  Low mileage, guild eundi-  Wanslall,   Nakusp,   B.C.  #35  operated smoothing plane will  be seen unless very old, then  examine the underside of Ihe  board. Furrows will be seen on  panels of armoires and commodes of the 18ih century,  Top Surfaces  Tops of buffets, tables,  leaves of tables, etc., boards  measuring up lo 26" or more  in width and over 1" thick,  generally from knot-free  lumber. A rare Instance of  glue would be used if Ihe ob-  jecl required two or ihree  boards and they would be  iongued and grooved. The  glue prevented the planks  from working loose or warping. As mosl housewives  scrubbed wood wilh a solution  of lye, traces of ihe glue might  not be found.  Dove Tails  liarly dove-lail joints were  never symmetrical as ihey were  hand cm wilh a chisel and saw.  Sides of drawers had a central  enormous dove-tail braced by  a hand-forged nail and iwo  half dove-tails. Some were  lour medium sized dove-tails,  bul never identical.  Lathe-Work  Irregular and asymmetrical  lurning is characteristic. Ex-  til I VOUR OWN GOLD wilh A Flying Dutchman Vibrating gold sluice  box, nun in 1 si/es. proven lite world's  best.   Phone  859-5490  Abbotsford.  ��J5  DISCOUN1 45"'��. Complete Stereo  Disco System "Cervln Vega". Capacity 441) Wans Include liglll system.  Bargain lor J3.KXI. Phone Dun  956-4854. #35  Nl w VANCOUVER ISI AND G.M.  Ill Al I RSHIP requires  Itiiiinciiuaii I'ainlei. Offering above   ,,n   isaee   and   excellent    fringe  benefits. Contact Fd Klasscn. Phone  949-7442. #35  CUMMINS 1)11 si I V.17HI puvvci  unit 1211 III' WOO KI'M. Ideal tm ii  iiealiun ul placet pump. Heal ex-  change, cooled, wei exhaust,  overhauled and warranied, $r,.'��Ki.  Northwest Diesel Phone  29H-25I5. #35  DONOVAN H>c, HOMES, Hit,  HOMES AND CABINS, complete  design service, lor brochure write, Bus  ***. Illll Mile House, lit VOK 2FO.  Phone .195 2867, 195-3811 nl  397 27.15. #35  II VOU ENJOY GARDENING, doll  H'.u i,mud. using an aluminum and  glass greenhouse! Write for tree  brochure to: B.C. Greenhouse  Builders. 7425 lledley Avenue, Bui-  naln. B.C. V5E 2RI. Mail orders now  available. #35  WOOD WINDOWS AND DOORS!  Guaranteed lowest piices. Walker  Dooi lid., Vancouver 266-1101.  lx|onli Vancouver 985-9714, Rich-  rrfond 273-7030. Kamloops 374-3566.  Niiiaiiiin opens Mid-September. TFN  llPADSl! Nuw available in Surrey-  While Ruck atea and throughout  Lower Mainland, phone 588-8818 or  585-7173. (13.5246). #35  Legal  NOTICE TO  CREOITORS  IN THE ESTATE OF ARVID  WILHELM BECK, LATE OF  GARDEN   BAY,   BRITISH  COLUMBIA.  NOTICE  is  hereby given  lhal Creditors and others  having claims against the  eslate ol Ihe above named  are hereby required lo send  particulars thereof to the  Executor. Ernest Beck, at  Eastwood & Company, Barristers & Solicitors. P.O.  Box   1280.   201   Teredo ..  Square.   Sechell,   British  Columbia, on or betore Ihe  1st day of October, 1981,  alter which dale the Executor will distribute the  said eslate among parties  entitled   thereto,   having  regard only to claims by  which he then has notice.  Ernest Beck  Executor  By His Solicitor  Gordon J. Bennett  Eastwood & Company  f%t "\   Province ol  [i-XJr]   Si tilth Columbia  yfl��0/   Ministry ol  Forests  Provincial Forest  A map showing the boundaries  of  the  proposed  Georgia   Strait   Provincial  Forest   is   available  lor  public   viewing   in   the  Sechelt District Office of Ihe  Ministry of Forests. Anyone  is welcome to look at the  proposal during normal office hours (8:30 am. to  4:30 pm.) and make written   comments   to   the  District Manager located on  the Second Floor, Teredo  Square, Box 4000, Sechelt,  B.C. until September 25,  1981. Please direct any enquiries to Mr. R.  Giza,  Operations Superintendent,  Forestry.  B.L. Custance               1  District Manager             1  Sechell Forest Distrlcl       |  Province of  British Columbia  Ministry of  Forests  ��� ,4.     Government  ot Canada  These are:  Federal Provincial Project(s), to be financed by the Department of Regional  Economic Expansion and the British Columbia Ministry of Forests  under the  Subsidiary Agreement on  INTENSIVE FOREST MANAGEMENT  Sealed Tenders for the following Juvenile Spacing  contracts will be received by the District Manager,  Ministry of Forests, Sechelt, B.C., on the dates  shown below:  Contract: ST 92G12 - 147 J.S. Located: Doriston.  Forest Districi Sechelt, on 56.9 hectares. Viewing  Date September 3, 1981, Leaving Sechelt F.S.  warehouse al 09:00 hrs.  Contract: ST 92G 12 ��� 148 J.S. Located: Doriston.  Forest District Sechelt, on 55.3 hectares. Viewing  Date September 3, 1981, Leaving Sechelt F.S.  warehouse at 09:00 hrs.  Contract: ST 92G5 - 13 J.S. Located: Mt.  Elphinstone. Forest District Sechelt, on 42.8 hectares. Viewing Date September 3, 1981, Leaving  Sechelt F.S. warehouse at 09:00 hrs.  Anyone wishing to view the areas must notify the  Sechelt office by September 2, 1981. Viewing is  mandatory.  Deadline for submitting tenders is September 10,  1981.  Tenders must be submitted on the form and in the  envelopes supplied which, with particulars, may  be obtained from the District Manager, Sechelt.  The lowest or any tender will not necessarilv Lie  accepted.  The work will be carried out under the supervision  of the British Columbia Ministry of ,-orests.  amine closely; all ihe  regularities of the lathe can be  seen on table legs or armchairs. A set of chaiis were  never exactly alike. Each of a  sel will have ils peculiarities.  Buckings and Bottoms  Unexposed backs, lops, etc,  were made of large boatds,  bevelled ai the ends or hewn  with an axe and slid horizontally inlo the grooves. Mostly  ihe wood was lell rough. Hoi  loins of drawers were always  made of a wide board or Iwo  boards Iongued and grooved.  Furrows of Ihe smoothing  plane can be felt.  Doors  Doors of armoires and buffets of Ihe I7lh and I8lh cen  tury were made 10 overlap the  rails and centre-posts.   Later  19th century doors were flush  wilh Ihe frame, Early doors  called for lische hinges, later  doors   were   equipped   wilh  hinges screwed 10 Ihe inside.  Pegs and Dowels  All traditional furniture was  assembled by means of tenons  and mortises held by pegs.  Pegs were driven into holes  which had been drilled lirsl  through the stiles, then  through Ihe tenons, securing  lite joint, liarly workers cut  their own pegs wilh a chisel or  hatchet, faceted or often  squarish, Modern suppliers  have now produced liirncd,  perfectly round wooden  dowels in long strips, CUI inlo  desired length lor peg work.  Nexl week: Deseriplions of  Mouldings, Cornices, I'unel  Carving, Signs of Age, tint-  niiine    Meltil    Killings   and  Forgeries,  Derek and Laurie Kverard shown on July II, wedding. Laurie's  grandparents, Mr. and Mrs. K. Owen are West Sechell residents.  Derek's parents, Derek and Pearl K.verard are also Coasl  residents. The couple are living on Gower Point Rd. since returning from Iheir honeymoon in Reno.  Hints on the use  of home freezers  Willi increasing numbers of  women pursuing careers in the  office rather than in Ihe kitchen, the freezer is becoming  more of a necessity lhan a convenience. Home freezers are  used as "lime banks" lo cm  down on the time-consuming  shopping irips and long hours  in front of the stove.  To gel Ihe best use oui of a  freezer, Sears, Roebuck home  economists give these lips:  ��� Prepare large quantities  of a favourite dish and freeze  part of il in meal-size ponions  in heat-scalable plastic bags.  Then, drop lite sealed bags in a  pot of boiling waler for a few  Legal  NOTICE OF INTENTION  TO   APPLY   FOR   A  DISPOSITION     OF  CROWN LAND  In Land Recording  District ol New Westminster  and situated in Tfiorn-  brough Channel.  Take notice that Lyllle  Bros. Limited ol North Vancouver, B.C., occupation  -Towing Company intends  to apply lor a lease ol the  following described lands:  (b) Commencing at a post  planted at Ihe north west  corner ol Blk A, Lot 6216,  GP 1. N.W.D.  thence 182.9m east;  thence 243.8m @ N8��  30'15"E;  thence 204.2m West to  N.E. Cor. D.L. 1440;  Ihence +/-274m S. along  H.W.M. lo P of C and containing 5.0 ha more or less.  The purpose lor which  Ihe disposition is required  is Log Storage.  Lyttle Bros. Limited  John J.T.Clarke  Ajj'il 13, 1981  minutes before mealtime.  (Uoilable bags also work in a  microwave oven, bul should  be slit to allow steam to  escape.)  ��� Citrus fruits and juices  can be frozen for up lo six  months; other frttii up 10 a  year. Stan wilh fresh,  unblemished fruit. Peel, pit  and add ascorbic-  acid���Vitamin C���lo fruits  such as apricols, sweet cherries  and strawberries 10 preserve  natural flavour and keep Ihem  from turning dark. And, leave  some space al the lop of the  container so ihe lid won't pop  off if the liquid inside expands  during freezing.  ��� Vegetables should be  blanched before they're  frozen. Blanching is a quick,  partial cooking in boiling  waler. Il prevails further  ripening, stabilizes vitamin  content and helps green  vegetables hold their colour in  freezer storage.  ��� freeze canapes for unexpected guests. Space ihe hors  d'oeuvres on a cookie sheet,  freeze uncovered, anil place  them in an airtight container  or plastic bag.  ��� Dress up a frozen  casserole or mashed potatoes  wilh chopped chives or parsley  lhal has been frozen in small  plastic bags. Sweel peppers  work, too.  Prevent Freezer Burn  ��� To prevent "freezei  burn", food should be stored  in air-light, moisure-prool  wrapping materials. Good  freezer packaging includes  plastic freezer bags with  closures, heavy-duty  aluminum foil with tape,  heavy parchment or plastic-  coated freezer meat wrap, and  rigid plastic containers with  self-sealing lids. Waxed or  plastic-coaled milk cartons  can be used for soups or other  liquids. (The advantage is  that, to reopen, you can jusl  tear away the canon from the  block of food.) And,  remember when packaging lo  label and date each item.  swanson's  Swanson's Concrete  Products Ltd.  Manufacture & Sale of  septic lands  euros, rier Blocks, etc.  Box 172  Sechelt, B.C.  VON 3A0     885'5333  DROP OFF YOUR  w*CLASSIFIED ADS!��  In Sechelt at:  FAMILY SHOES &  LEATHER GOODS  "In Ihe Heart of Downtown Sechelt"      885-9345  DEADLINE: 12 NOON SATURDAY  In Pender Harbour at:  School Supplies Now In!  MADEIRA PARK PHARMACY  Pender Harbour Centre       883-9414  DEADLINE: 12 NOON FRIDAY  Classifieds must be pre-paid at time of   drop-off  iiiifiiii  CLASSIFIED ADVERTISING  Copyright and  Advertising  Regulations  Ihe Sunshine Coasl News  reserves the right in classil)  advertisements under appropriate headings and deleiinine  page location. The Sunshine  Coast News also reserves the  right to revise or reject an)  advertising which in Ihe opinion  of Ihe Publisher is in questionable taste. In Ihe event that  any advertisement is rejected,  the sum paid for Ihe advertisement will be refunded.  Minimum $2.50 per 4 line insertion. Each  additional line 50C, or use our economical 3  weeks for the price of 2 rate. This offer is made  available for private individuals'  THE FOLLOWING CLASSIFICATIONS  ARE FREE  Birth Announcements, Lost and Found  No billing or telephone orders ate accepted  except Irom customers who have accounts with  us or who live outside the Sunshine Coast  Cash, cheques or money orders must accompany  all classified advertising.  CLASSIFIED DEADLINE  NOON SATURDAY  ALL FEES PAYABLE  PRIOR TO INSERTION.  Please mall lo Coast News, Classifieds,  Box 460, Gibsons, B.C. VON 1V0.  Or bring in person to  Ihe Coasl News Oflice in Gibsons.  CLASSIFICATION:  Eg.  For Sale, For Rent, etc.  .  njfl  I.LU.llLl.L    ...                      _       -  r    :__:     "            ._       ~ti  I  I:  I  L_ ._    _...  lt  : ~:    -               _    :  LTTj  NO. OF ISSUES I   |   j  I Crossword  by Jo Melnyk  ACROSS  1. Prank  6. Burn  10. Ago  14. Fit  15. Actio  16. Distant  17. Fathers (Fr.)  IB. Solicitous  20. Knoad  21. Paddlos  23. Land Measures  24. Employed  26. Annoys  28. Religious Mon  30. Seaweed  31. Correct  32. Stinks  36. Coin  37. Pursue  38. Rivor (Spanish)  39. Midnight Supper  42. Colts  44. Fastens  45. Degrade  46. Snake  49. Baked Clay Piece  50. Fem. Name  51. Time Periods  52. Not Many  55. Night Times  58. Lilt  60. Chair  61. Tidy  62. Advantage  63. To Be (Latin)  64. Loki's Son  65. Bristles  DOWN  1. Contend  2. Adam's Son  3. Appropriate  4. Direction  5. Reverberate  6. Extra  7. Consumes  B. Split  9. Direction  10. Repairs  11. Burning  12. Hoarder  13. Lock of Hair  19. Raining to Birth  22. Donkey  25. No (Fr.)  26. Sacred  27. Stare  28. Masc. Name  29. Bowlin  30. Gather  32. Slate  33. Meal  34. Is Sick  35. Quantity  37. Overlay  40. Agreement  41. Feeble  42. Japanese Girls  43. As Simple As  45. Arid  46. Delia ���  47. Gnomes  48. Entreaties  49. Sew  51. Expensive  53. Ipecac Source  54. Moistens  56. Hotel  57. Goddess (Latin)  59. Compass Point  Aaam  ���ti  to last wNk'i Crossword  'L*;  ���i ^it*?  5A  ���g  trU  ��� 1     10  ��� g   r  11  A  12  s  il  S  14   "  A  3    a H  15  R  0  A N 1  Ir   e  ������)  ti  I,  17  D  i    L E  IT  T  0  N  3 1  I11  ��� A    D  T  E  g  ST"  E J  U.-E.3L  R  21  s  E  E JLJ1  IT  H  1  L   3 E  M  14  T  29  3  E  ��� t  N     k|  ��� n  E  A  H  1                   21  ��J��__E."L  SO  ii  i)  P R    eIt  I  s  S T 1  ��� 5    R  0  V  s  *T"          m  R  E    Vl  w  _IB_!  ill  41  T  I  H  ITEM  g  R E  MERE  L  V  w  T A    L  mat  0  0  TnsjP  3 T    0  |j  HO    U h  ii  JL  &  jLaJ  T A  V  E  Li  *A,  *    N  I  E  1  I  _LE_.  A hi   J  T  S  T  %,  i    T hi  o  t  S I  :He  N  T  E  S  I  J     0 It  'n  f  S T  hm\t>  ti  E  R,  1      2  I      4  'I  1  e  7   a  S    1 1110  11  12  13  14  15  lie  17  #  J'  20  fl  21  W  J  Ir  ���  24   25  w  27  ��   M  |  r  31  J  m  I  M  M  34  35  M  ���  I  J7  J  ^  |  "  as  w  41  Ir  43  ���  W  j  48    47  48  w  1  SO  r  |  '  S3  54  SS  so  S7  m  mV  50  00  1  ai  W  S3  04  ���u  Theatre one step nearer?  by Richard Tomkies  A funny thing happened on  ihe way from the temporary  theatre set-up by Suncoast  Players in the Sechelt Elementary Gym. It was Saturday,  August 15th���last night for  Suncoast's double-header  presentalion of "The Lunch  Hour*' and "The Bear". The  casts had taken their final  bow; people were filing out. A  man slepped-up to the ticket  booth.  "If that's whal you can do  without a theatre" he said,  '��lhen I want to see what you'll  do wilh one." So saying, he  dropped a cheque fur $25 into  ihe "Theatre Fund - Dona-  lions Welcome" bowl.  : There were a fair number of  donations; Suncoast Players'  Theatre Fund is now seeded  and growing well in a savings  account. How long before it is  built?  "It'll take time," said Producer Gordon Wilson; "in the  meantime, we have to press-on  presenting high-calibre shows  lo establish credibility in the  community and a track-record  of fine entertainment. We  have to earn their support;  we're determined to build Ihat  theatre without calling on  public funding..."  To judge by comments from  ihe audience, the track-record  is already underway. "That  was a truly professional evening���good as anything we've  ever seen" said or: woman,  her husband nodding in agreement; "and we're from On-  lario" she added. "Best evening's entertainment for five  bucks ever presented on the  Coast. What's next?" This  from a Gibsonite.  "Fantastic! I can't believe it  happened here" said a young  man from Sechelt. It was the  first time he'd ever seen live  theatre outside school shows.  "Great mate; couldn't've  done better meself" said a  young Australian engineer,  visiting the Coast en route for  a convention in London,  England.  One elderly lady detoured  backstage after the show and  insisted on kissing each of the  casts. Congratulations came  from every quarter���a  veritable cascade of positive  support for Suncoast Players.  Such success for a fledgling  drama group must have logical  roots somewhere, and it is  worth tracing them. Like any  root system, it proliferates in  ail directions and reaches surprisingly far. Credit Foncier  Ltd. in Montreal donated  fiscal support���as did the  Bank of Commerce. The Arts  Council helped with a grant.  Twelve local businesses backed the evening's entertainment  by buying ad-space in the  printed program: Bank of  Montreal, IGA, Fernwood  Furniture, PV Services,  Workwear World, Sechelt  Cactus Flower, Macleods,  Ann-Lynn Flowers, Shop  Easy, J & C Electronics,  Wharf Realty and Anderson  Realty.  Then there were numerous  companies who supported in  kind: AC Rentals with  building materials, McCann  Electric with professional wiring, Westwurld Sound with a  stereo system, PV Services  with transportation���also  Peninsula Transport, Canadian Propane with props, Jolly Roger Inn with auditioning  space. Precise Instant Printing  in North Van for cut-rate printing; six stores sold tickets  -NDP Bookstore, Sunshine  Grocers, Upstairs Downstairs,  Protech Ltd., Madeira Park  Pharmacy and The Book  Store.  Three stores loaned props  -Davis Bay Antiques, The Attic Antiques and Trail Bay  Hardware. Continuing Education arranged for the Gym,  School District No. 46 made it  possible. Capilano College  loaned their brandyew  $12,000 lighting system;  Presentation House in North  Vancouver loaned props.  Then come the small host of  individuals who helped. Joan  Rae who managed tickets sales  and her husband Marshall  who built the astonishing  revolving stage. Meg Hunsche  who put the program together;  Bob Grimsdick who helped  with carpentry, also Clark  Hamilton; Ronnie Dunn and  Isabel Ralph who helped with  casting; Gordon Wilson who  made the breakable furniture;  Patricia Murphy who managed hospitality; Bill and Lily  Skidmore who ran concessions; Dr. Ron and Barbara  Estey who managed The  House; Val Tomkies who coordinated the effort; Richard  Tomkies who organised  publicity; Raelene Bathgate,  Sandy Barnes, Louisa Penson,  Sorrel and Kester Tomkies  who all sold programs; Penny  Horncastle, Al Lloyd, Dorene  Lee, Joan Rae, Liz Wilson and  Mary Richardson who manned the ticket boolh; Marg  Pearson who took  photographs; Randy Knill,  Cathie Mellis, Joan Willcock,  Pat Murphy, Judith Wilson,  Joe Harrison, Val Tomkies  and others who loaned props.  Next, the backstage team:  Dodie Marshall and Deirdrc  Murphy, Stage Managers;  Mahara Ranger, Assistant  Director; Joe Harrison who  designed the sets; Marshall  Rae who built them; Lana  Kneeland who helped  decorate; Ellen Ryan, Liz  Wilson, Margaret Porter and  Pat Logan who designed and  made costumes; Linda Riddle  who managed props; Ronnie  Dunn who did make-up; Ken-  na Marshall who ran the  lights, music and sound effects; Gordon Wilson who  managed both productions  and managed to maintain his  sanity doing it. Then comes  the Director, Bill Murdoch,  who spent every weekday  night for six weeks away from  his Burpaby bomRWductit**  rehearsals and creating our  entertainment.  All this effort, all these people, focused their work on the  six amateur performances we  saw onstage: Nest Lewis, Pat  Murphy and Val Tomkies in  "The Lunch Hour"; Richard  Tomkies, Judith Wilson and  Gordon Wilson in "The  Bear".  Finally, the most important  contributors of all: the some  800 Coast residents and  visitors who braved the heat of  those August evenings to take-  Just a walk  in the park  Coast News, September 1,1981  23  - John Burniid* Ptioto  It is now almost eighteen months since the Coast News first drew  attention to the condition of the walking trail above the amphitheatre in Cliff Gilker Park. In that time, neither the Roberts  Creek Lions Club, who wrote to the Regional Board and sought  permission to take care of the park���whatever that means���nor  the Regional Board have done anything whatsoever to maintain  the walking trails.  in the shows���including some  150 Senior Citizens who were  invited free of charge to enjoy  Ihe First Night.  The first production  meeting for Suncoast Players  second night out took place at  the Driftwood Inn on April  I lth; slowly, inexorably, the  staggeringly complicated sequence of events which  culminated in public performance, took place. Like  spreading roots in fertile-soil,  the decision to proceed extended its consequences through  the fabric of our community,  calling on literally hundreds of  people to commit themselves  in some degree. In a society  that has majored heavily in  materialistic gain rather than  cultural expression,  Suncoast's emergence would  seem to herald a sort of coming of age on the Coast, an appetite to improve the qualities  along with the quantities of  our lives.  "It's one heck of a hobby,  amateur dramatics" said  Director Bill Murdoch,  thoroughly exhausted and  strangely sad as the last of the  last-night audience left the  Sechelt Elementary Gym. The  dismaying task of removing  the temporary theatre���three  days' hard work���lay immediately ahead. "Sure beats  painting by numbers," quipped Val Tomkies, and  everyone laughed.  Gordon Wilson has written  i full-length musical involving  some children; it is being professionally scored. There is  talk of "Habeas Corpus" by  Alan Bennett and "You Can't  Take It With You" by Kaufman & Hart...despite the post-  production blues, akin to postnatal depression, another seed  is already under gestation,  soon to be planted, to spread  its roots...  Suncoast Players have convened a Theatre Committee  under the Chairmanship of  Pat Murphy. The Theatre is  one step nearer.  mW^<\ >    e��r   ���  ���*&  Gibsons Ready Mix  888-8174  "Drainrock 'Washed Rock  'Sand 'Fill  'Concrete Anchors  Mon.���Friday 8a.m.���5p.m  Effective immediately, evening  sprinkling will be allowed in those  areas which were cancelled. Resume  the normal sprinkling schedule.  Thank you for your co-operation.  G. Dixon  Works Department  SUNSHINE COAST  PEST CONTROL & HEALTH SERVICES LTD.  LOCALLY OPERATED  GOVT LICENCED  For Control ot Carpenter Ants.  Rodents and Other Pests  OUR SPECIALTY:  Pre-Treatment ol Houses Under Contructton  For Confidential  Advice and 883-2531  Estimate Call      Ponder Harbour  Professional Repair & Service  to your Heating & Plumbing  Equipment  >   General Sheet Metal  ��   Installation ol Heat Pumps, Air Conditioners.  Wood-Oil, Wood-Electric, Wood, Electric and  Oil Furnaces  ���  Plumbing Service & Installations  THOMAS HEATING  Call Now   886-7111  18 Years Experience  Serving Ihe Sunshine Coast  since 1967  capilano  college  ^^^^^^^^   Include Cap  In Your Plans  this Fall  on the Sunshine Coast  Business Management 184-71  Accounting 1-4.5 credits  Fee: $54.  Monday and Wednesday evenings 7 to 10 pm.  Stilting Monday Sepiember 14th  Instructor: Bruce Meseley  Location: Sechelt Learning Centre  An introduction to basic accounting principles and  procedures including Ihe recording ot transactions, and  adjustments In basic accounting records Trie students  will prepare financial statements lor the ptoprietoiship  and will study, in detail the accounting and reporting  ol cash, accounts receivable meichandtse inventory  and long-lived assets  Transferable lo SFU and u Vic UBC lo be deletmined.  '        Education 158-71  Human Growth and Development  3 credits Fee: $38.  Thursday evenings 6 lo 10 pm.  Stilting Thursday, September 17th  Instructor: Lois Rennie  Location: SecheH Loaming Centre  The second hall ot a Iwo-part sequence A study ol  human growth and development Irom birth to the end ol  Ihe preschool years An introductory study ol  theories principles ol development and child  study techniques  Psychology 100-71  Introduction to Psychology  3 credits Fee: $36.  Monday evenings 6 lo 10 pm.  Starting Monday September 14th  Instructor: Judy Albert  Location: Sechelt Learning Centre  A course designed lo introduce the beginning psychology  student to some ol the major concepts and approaches  necessary to an understanding ol human behaviour Irom a  psychological perspective. Topics coveted include  learning, development motivation emotion stress  sexuality, personality theory, behaviour disorders  Transitive to SFU UBC ano U Vic  VOCATIONAL COURSES  Sechelt B T S D Program educational upgrading  Grade B to 12 Day and evening courses available  $4 00 per course per month Commences October 15. 1981  - 6 months Please contact the Sechell Learning Centre  lor further inlormation  LEARNING ASSISTANCE  Assistance tutorials will be held in Ihe tail term in  spelling. English as a Second Language, reading learning  and study Skills, essay writing and time management  Persons wishing to make appointments lor tutorials  can do so by calling the Learning Centre   88V9310  COUNSELLING  The services ol trained councellors are available  lo all students ol Ihe Sunshine Coast to assist Iheir  educational planning and career development  Phone Ihe Learning Cenlre lor an appointment  LIBRARY/MEDIA CENTRE  A small collection is being developed lor Ihe  Learning Cenlre on Inlet Avenue Access to the book  and media collection al Ihe Lynnmour campus is provided  through use ot Ihe microliche catalogue  This service is available to students and community  members alike  ASK FOR APRIL OR BETSY  AT 885-9310 OR 885-3814  Registration terms available at the  Sechelt Learning Centra, 1360 Inlet Avenue.  SECHELT LEARNING CENTRE  HOURS:  12:30 PM. TO 7:00 PM., MONDAY TO FRIDAY  >A Coast News, September 1,1981  General clean-up takes place in Gibsons  I hi' usual iiri/i- i'I $5.00 will he awarded the first name drawn  from Ihe barrel correctl) Im-utinti the abuse. Send your entries lo  Ihe Coasl News, Ho\ 460, Gibsons, in lime to reach the  newspaper office h\ Salitrtlas of Ihis week, last week no-one  located Ihe pictured item. Il will he run again in the near future  with an augmented pri/e of SKI. ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^  Lockstead in Victoria  Socred financing shocking  Sireel garbage problems in Gibsons village will be tackled by  the provision of four 45 gallon cans complete with flip-top lids,  which will be placed in ihe lower Gibsons commercial area.  In response lo a letter from the Gibsons Harbour  Businessmen's Association (GHBA), Gibsons council decided lo  finance four garbage can units this year, wilh the possibility thai  four more will be added in I982.  The planning committee also recommended lhal ihe Finance  committee examine ihe possibility of purchasing a small street-  sweeper for Gibsons in I982.  Gibsons council addressed the problem of lack of parking in  lower Gibsons and recommended thai a two-hour parking /one  be established from ihe Omega Restaurant to Ihe Post Office, on  ihe east side of Gower Poinl Road, to provide additional parking in the crowded harbour commercial area.  The planning committee also recommended that the south  side of School Road should be paved from North Fletcher Road  lo ihe lancway lo provide additional parking spaces. It was  decided to obtain a cosi esiimale for Hush coaling Ihe curb area  of School Road, and to proceed with the paving if the costs are  feasible.  Pioneer Park is getting a facelift with log and rock-lined  pathways, as part of Gibsons village improvements program.  Vene Pained pnoto  Mark .Hew and Pat lloeving put the finishing touches to Ihe addition on Holland Park, in front of the School Board and  Health Unit offices. ,,���, mm Ptolo  by Don Lockstead  Finance Minister Hugh Curtis was in the news again  recently. This time he  predicted at $173 million  deficit for ihe current fiscal  year.  My colleagues and 1 in Ihe  New Democratic Party find  Ihis suggestion completely  shocking. It comes on the  heels of a legislative session  which imposed more lax increases and more borrowing  lhan any other in Ihe history  of British Columbia.  In the lasl session Social  Credit sought and received approval for $625 million in lax  increases. These included a  iwo per cent hike in sales  taxes, gasoline taxes, liquor  and tobacco taxes. There were  major increases in medicare  premiums, hospital fees, nursing home fees and ICBC rales.  Ferry rales have gone up.  School property lax doubled  in some areas.  In addition, ihe Socreds  secured passage of legislation  allowing Ihem lo borrow an  addiiional $2.5 billion this  year. When added lo ihe debt  outstanding at the beginning  of this year. Social Credit will  have ihe taxpayers owing a  staggering $10.5 billion at Ihe  end of this year. This corresponds lo $3,900 per man,  woman and child, nearly three  times Ihe amount when they  took office in 1975.  Wilh all of Ihese lax increases and additional borrowing powers, why does Mr.  Cunis forecast the government cannot make ends meel?  This is an important question,  Ihe answer lo which brings one  close io understanding the  nalure of Bill Bennett's  government.  The Bennett government  has enjoyed years of "easy  money" in ihe form of  resource revenues. Using Ihe  vehicle of Ihe B.C. Petroleum  Corporation, sel up by the  NDP adminislralion, Cunis  and his colleagues collected  hundreds of millions of dollars  in nalural gas revenues as the  prices for ihese commodities  increased.  Nol one penny of Ihese  resource revenues was saved  for a rainy day. In fact, money  was blown on never-ending  series of gimmicks, vote  buyers and big tickei items.  Buoyed by Ihis "easy money",  the Bennett government went  on a buying spree.  Convention centres for Vancouver and Victoria? No problem.  A stadium and a world's  fair? Bill Bennen planned io  pay with "easy money" down  Ihe road.  Norlh-easi coal? Social  Credit gave the companies  everything Ihey asked for and  paid all of the bills.  This year and last, British  Columbia began to see a  minor downturn in the  resource sectors of our  economy. Social Credit has  been pushing ihe panic button  ever since. This year, Mr. Curtis is making sanctimonious  noises about restraint. He  hopes to come out of the year  avoiding a deficit through  "strong corrective measures".  Social Credit continues to  throw away your money on  projects which are neither  needed nor wanted by the  citizens of this province.  Meanwhile, they cut back  needed health and community  services.  The government of B.C.  must do a lot better than that.  After having imposed unwarranted tax increases on every  British Columbian, Social  Credit should be ashamed of  the way it wastes money.  Surely a day of reckoning  must come for them soon.  Livestock protection  to be enforced locally  LIVESTOCK PROTECTION ACT TO BE ENFORCED...  Under sections of the Livestock Protection Act, Gibsons  residents will be fined $25 if Iheir livestock is "running at large"  or is trespassing onto neighbouring property.  According io a letter to Gibsons council, Minister of Food  and Agriculture, James Hewitt made an order June 30, 1981,  thai sections six and eight of Ihe Livestock Protection Act would  be enforced in Gibsons and 60 other B.C. Municipalities and  Districts. The Village of Sechell was nol included in the list.  The sections provide landowners with the right to protect their  own livestock from attack by other animals.  "These sections are not particularly useful for Gibsons,  because we have few situations of livestock being raised within  Ihe village boundaries," Jack Copland, Municipal Administrator told the Coast News.  "The pressure lo include those sections of the Livestock Protection Act was probably made by other municipalities where  large numbers of livestock create a problem for livestock owners  and other residents as well."  Copland stated that the Village of Gibsons is still attempting  io receive compensation on behalf of the Robert Graham family. They reported ihat several of their animals had been  destroyed by dogs suspected of belonging to residents who live  outside the village boundary. In May, the Grahams lost two  sheep, thirteen rabbits, twenty-three chickens and ten ducks,  almosl their entire livestock.  Copland staled lhal sections six and eight of the Livestock  Protection Acl unforlunately do nol include any financial pro-  lection for landowners whose livestock is destroyed by  marauding animals. Copland said Ihat Ihe village is still requesting thai Ihe Ministry of Food and Agriculture consider  reimbursing the Grahams for their losses.  VLASSIFIFE ADS  *�� I? 999 0600069  s  The Largest        \ psi  APPLIANCE SELECTION!  on the Sunshine Coast  LOW, LOW PRICES!  rKttZtHd   available  FREE DELIVERY on the Sunshine Coast  ,9  summer Hours:  Tues. - sat.  9 am - 5 pm  886-9733  Seaview Place, Gibsons  In-store financing O.A.C.  HOME  FURNISHINGS  .9  @@666^6����0��0t?  Limited Time Only  GlYIAC  FINANCING  For 1st Year-On Approved Credit  (ON USED CARS & TRUCKS 1978 and NEWER & NEW CARS & TRUCKS)  BUY NOW 1982 MODELS, AVERAGE PRICE  INCREASE APPROX. 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Wagon Ltd., Air Conditioned,  power windows, power locks -2533  14.2%  14.2%  EXCLUSIVE DISTRIBUTORS  for  Handi-Dump  SALES RENTALS  1981 MONTE CARLO  2 tone, rally wheels, landau coupe  -IC112  14.2%  1991 CHEV -V. TON  Cheyenne - 2 tone, Camper mirrors  tilt, power steering, power brakes,  automatic trans -IT 123  14.2%  1981 BUICK  CENTURY  Wagon 2 tone beige -IC175  14.2%  1981 PHOENIX LJ  Under 10,000 Km, Automatic trans.,  power steering, power brakes  14.2%  1981 CITATION  -IC178 tilt, automatic transmission,  power steering, power brakes  14.2%  1981 CHEVY VAN  Vt Ton, automatic transmission,  power steering, power brakes -IT49  14.2%  Sunshine GM  Sechelt  Sales & Service  885-5131  Parts 885-5433   I    Towing  Days 885-5131 Nights 885-2022.  H  2  Sunshine Coast Realtor, Sept. 4,1981  Aerobic Sewage Treatment'  If you're  planning to sub-divide property,  whether 2 or 300 Lots, we have some interesting  numbers for you.  For example, the following  electrical consumptions are for equal volumes  treated.  Type ol Treatment                     Watts/Head/Day  Diffused Air                                        166  Mechanical Aeration                           93  Plastic Media Filtration                        56  Ditch Lagoon Aeration                        41  R0rSR**3                20  We'd  be  pleased to show you amazing  engineer's reports from installations at:  ��� Abltibl Paper Company  . ��� Glen Abbey Goll Courae  ��� Camp Manito Resort Hotel  ��� Agaaalz Federal Prison  ��� And more than 300 other Installations  Your l^^^l^"^l^��^^efr  Numbers  885-5922                   883-2269  Splendid on looks.  Stingy on energy  The rustic elegance of a Lindal  Cedar Home has some veiy practical  advantages too. Besides its natural beauty, cedar helps keep you warm in the  winter and cool in the summer. Naturally.  Lindal Homes have other features  built-in to keep energy consumption and  costs down. Our unique cavity-wall  design and standard thermal win  dows give you an added  barrier against the  weather outside.  Other optional features like Polar  Floors. Polar Walls and Polar Cap  Roofs can make a Lindal Home even  stingier on energy.  Come visit us for the full story  on the beautiful and practical advantages of cedar. Or. send $3  for our 52-page color  Planbook. It offers a generous look at Lindal  Cedar Homes.  AbinDHIiCEORRHOmES  M.D. M-aok-anxl* Ltd.  Independently distributed by  6342 Bay St., Horseshoe Bay  West Vancouver. B.C. V7W 2Q9  (604)921-8010   921-9268  D Enclosed is $3 lor Planbook and Design Guide  Name   Street ,   City prow. Code   . Location of building lot _  L.  -J-  This Manco unit wm |u��t racantly IniUlled In Wwt Stchtlt.  58' x 24*  (1296 sq. ft.)  STANDARD FEATURES  - S-fool celling* throughout.  - Quality carpeting In living room, dining room  and maitar bedroom.  - Slider wlndowi c/w storms and screens.  - CSA Z-240-2-1 approved.  - W Mt. Jefferson panelling with matching trim.  - Ample cloeeti and wardmote.  - 2" k 6" floor lolil system.  - 2 door Iroil free refrigerator  - Houea type doom - front and rear c/w ecreen door.  - 40-gil. (Imp.) wetar heater.  - 54,000 BTU oil furnace.  - Low Hope shingle roof ��� 235 Ib.  - Three couree aluminum elding, vertlcel aluminum above;  green end while, white end white, brown and cream,  yellow and white.  - Deluxe drapery package.  - Deluxe dining room chandelier.  - Eniuite bathroom off mailer bedroom with garden tub.  - insulation Specifications: fl-142 Walls  R-26-7 Floor  Wood louvered bltold door at entrance closet. 13M  ����  OPTIONS AVAILABLE  Conventional Bank Mortgage Available  15% Down & 15 Years Bank Financing O.A.C.*  COAST MOBILE HOMES LTD.  Across inn Banmr's Furnitirs li sactoit  885-9979 MDL63M 885-9979 Sunshine Coast Realtor, Sept. 4, 1981  aOL  lexander Realty Ltd.   P.O. Box 153, Madeira Park, B.C. V0N2H0  883-2491  or  883-2212  OPEN HOUSE  ��� Saturday Sept. 5th  ��� Sunday Sept. 6th  3 p.m. - 6 p.m.  LUXURY TOWNHOUSES ��� OVERLOOK^  ING BEAUTIFUL SECRET COVE: Featur-  ing 1600 sq. ft. of living area, 3bedrms, spacious  living room wilh fireplace, full range of  appliances, large sundecks. Plus each home  offers breathtaking views, full privacy and the  option of reserved moorage at the marina  below. Hurry and be among the lucky few to  enjoy the fabulous fishing and to relax in this  unspoiled sportsman's paradise.  14% FINANCING NOW AVAILABLE  WEST SECHELT - VIEW HONE: Featuring  1800+ sq. ft. of contemporary living, with 3  bdrm, 2Vi bath, solarium, plus your own pool,  all on just under 1 acre. Beautifully landscaped,  low maintenance yard. Very private. Adjacent  lot also available. Vendor will carry 15% mortgage. Asking $219,000.  PENDER HARBOUR WATERFRONT  ACREAGE: 2 ��� 4 acre parcels side by side. 300  ft. on the waterfront stretches from Hwy 101 to  waterfront. What a perfect setting for a country  estate.  BEAUTIFUL FISHER ISLAND AT ENTRANCE TO LEE BAY, (District Ut 4064):  has spectacular exposure and excellent deep  water moorage with dock and small building.  Salmon in your back yard. $160,000.  LAGOON ROAD: Madeira Park 1.10 acres  tidal waterfront. Close to school & shopping.  Well kept three bedroom home. Beautifully  landscaped, a gardener's dream.  WILSON CREEK ��� FIELD ROAD: Level  building lot, 65 ft. x 130 ft., in a popular area.  Price reduced to 134,900.  MADEIRA PARK - ONE ACRE LOT WITH  VIEW: Gentle slope, frontage on 2 roads,  subdivision potential. Priced at $59,900.  FRANCIS PENINSULA - RONDEVIEVV\  RD: A picture book setting of flower beds,  shrubs, fruit trees and vegetable gardens. Enjoy  2160 sq. ft. ol living area on 2 floors, 3 bedrms, 2  bathrooms, wraparound sundecks, and top  quality finishing touches throughout. This  immaculate home is a pleasure to view and to  own. I  ARBUTUS DRIVE - VIEW LOT: 72 x 124 , GARDEN BAY AREA: Indian Reserve #19  in one of the nicer areas of Davis Bay. Selective- Lot 19 & 20. Approximately % acre of land,  ly cleared and ready to build on. Asking Large foreshore lease. Excellent moorage ramp  $59,900. Vt down and balance at 15%. & docks in. Property approved for building.  $90,000.  SecHeLT VILLAGE - FRA&R WBBBT  TY: Rockledge is the name of this stately home  situated on low bank Waterfront with a private  cove and pebble beach. Less than 5 minute walk  to schools and shopping. Enjoy the things only a  vintage home can offer. Large rooms with hi-  ceilings, rich solid wood finishings, huge rock  fireplace and a veranda overlooking the sea.  Anyone requiring a unique property should  view. BY APKMNTMEMT ONLY. .  DL 6989 NELSON ISLAND: 2.6 acres. CORTEZ ISLAND ��� LOT 1, DL 861: 14.3  furnished house near Telescope Pass. Over 300" acres, 1800 feet level W/F with pebble beach,  waterfront. Gov't lease. Excellent fishing. Full Lots of gravel on property. Located in Squirrel  Price $45,000. Cove adjoining the government dock. 1180.000  KENT ROAD: Cozy comfortable 950* sq. ft.  home wilh plenty of room for expansion.  Located on a corner lot. Assumable mortgage  of $18,000 at 9'/,%. Appliances included. Priced  in Ihe 90's.  WHAT A'VIEWTTA rare 206' waterlroni horrii  with 2 BR in Bargain Harbour. Direct access  GARDEN BAY: Excellent building lot. One ol  from   Francis   Peninsula  Road  with  good  the finest views in  this area.  Subdivision  moorage and a spectacular view of all of Bargain! potential.  Harbour. Approx. % acre. $220,000.  BARGAIN HARBOUR: The view is  unbeatable. The house Is ready to move Into...  Everything Is there. Perfecl home for retired  couple or weekend retreat. Lots of living space,  two bdrms, large living room & spacious kitchen. Moor your boat In front & enjoy the view  " r-fe from Ihe balcony. 8147,500.   REDROOFFS ��� LOHN ROAD: Cule 740 sq.  ft.. 2 bedroom home on large xh acre lot. Excellent recreation or retirement home. Asking  179,999. Vendor will finance up lo $50,000 at  15%.  Art Alexander  883-2491  Vadim Kobasew  885-3156  3  INVESTMENT PROPERTIES  GABRIOLA ISLAND - SILVA BAY: U0O  ft. level waterfront with protected moorage,  plus 23 beautiful acres all in its natural state.  Road access, power & water on the property.  Ideal setting for a very private retreat.  MADEIRA PARK: Next lo Coho Marina. 180/  deep water moorage. Two bedroom home with  guest cottage. Large storage building - 35* x 35'.  1.5 acres...Foreshore Lease.  180 FT. WATERFRONT ��� DEEP WATER  MOORAGE ��� FRANCIS PENINSULA: 1.2  acres ��� zone commercial. Frontage on two  roads. Excellent potential. $270,000.  GARDEN BAY: 20001  waterfront plus 19 ROBERTS   CREEK   ���   DEVELOPMENT  acres. Ideal for hotel or townhouse develop- ACREAGE: 27 acres In desirable area. Poten-  ment. Sewer permit in place. Existing marina, rial for approx. 43 lots (some with view). Easy to  Current zoning R3L (.25 ac.) S.W. exposure, develop. Close to store, beach and golfing.  40% down balance at 15%. Vendor will finance at 15%,  TAYLORS GARDEN BAY STORE &  MARINA: is a well known and long established  (business located in Garden Bay. Store, Marina  'Gas pumps, boat facilities and other extras.  LEWIS PROPERTY ��� 1 1 .4 6   ACRES:  Approx. 300 ft. of sloping waterfront. Zoned for  'A acres. One of the finest development properties on the Sunshine Coast.  25 ACRES & 3,000 SQ. FT. LOG HOME:  Pemberton. % mile river frontage. Superb  mountain views. Property cleared and in  pasture. Ideal for landing strip. Home is IsK class  throughout. Very private.  Art Alexander  883-2491  Vadim Kobasew  885-3156  J  0AST HOMES  EDA"       883-9591  pan-abode' dealer  I Manufactured by Pen-Abede UMnaa Canada  Your Exclusive Sunshine Coast  Pan-abode Dealer & General Contractor  pan-abode8  Red Cedar  iM��aiKti����etr>.rH>iuiiuii��r,,|ii������u   Log Home*  Send*$3.6b for full colour catalogue with  pictures, plans, prices to:  COAST CEDAR HOMES LTD.  BOX 153  MADEIRA PARK, VON 2H0  883-9591 or 883-9443  NAME.  ADDRESS  CODE   .TEL. Sunshine Coast Realtor, Sept. 4, 1981  ��� BLOCK  NATIONAL REAL EST/  the  bestsellers  Block Bros. Realty Ltd.  203 - 14th Street, West Vancouver, B.C. V7T 2P9  922-3911  HOTEL AND DINING LOUNGE ���  GARDEN BAY  This strategically located business Is situated In  Hospital Bay on a 1 acre corner lot with extensive marina traffic and facilities at its front door  The character of the buildings and property is  unique and affords a challenge for the imaginative. The present owners are operating this  business on a seasonal basis. The operation  could be run year round with an increased staff  The property also has potential for future strata  development For an opportunity to view call  Bruce McKinnon or Harold Jacques 885-9023  Priced at $375,000.  REDROOFFS RD  Gothic style 2 storey home located on a well  timbered one acre + lot. This lovely home is  located across the road from easy beach access  and features Jenn-Alr range, built-in oven and  dishwasher. There is also a large workshop or  guest cottage. Owner has transferred employment and therefore has realistically priced this  beautiful property at 1125,000.  WEST SECHELT  Large level building lot located on Norwest Bay  Rd. near Mason Rd. Priced to sell at 139,500.  197,500. ��� POINT ROAD  Enjoy the panoramic view of Howe Sound from  this completely renovated 3 bedroom home.  Located in Hopkins Landing, this property  would be ideal for the commuter. All appliances  are Included in the sale.  LIGHT INDUSTRIAL - GIBSONS  Located alongside of the main highway through  Gibsons, this light Industrial zoned property is in  a prime location. The property consists of a 95 x  150 ft. lot with 808 sq. ft. of office area and an  2600 sq. ft. adjoining quonset hut The property  is currently being rented. Listed at 1150,000.  3 BEDROOMS AND A VIEW -  .   WILSON CREEK :���*������,  Enjoy the view of Georgia Straight from the  living room or Ihe large sundeck in this 3  bedroom split level home. This home is  complimented with wall to wall carpeting, a  finished basement which may be used as a  lamily or party room. For the energy conscious,  the electric heat is supplemented by an energy  efficient wood burning stove. Priced at  ; $119,500.  SANDY HOOK VIEW PROPERTY  This ocean and mountain view building lot is  located in sun drenched Sechelt Inlet Estates  overlooking beautiful Porpoise Bay. It is within  easy walking distance to sandy beaches with  moorage & marina facilities also close by. The  property'is Serviced witH paved"roads, hydro,'  water and telephone. Asking $37,500  1/KE FRONTAGE  this large (o.77Ac) lot has 102 ft. of southerly  exposure on tranquil North Lake. This is a lease  tot with 11 years remaining on a 20 to 30 year  renewable basis. The property adjoins a natural  park and is also only minutes away from Egmont's  famous salmon fishing. Priced at only $20,000.  Vendor open to offers.  2000 FT. RANCHER ��� CREEKSIDE PARK  3 bedroom Rancher with built-in garage and  workshop This fine home Is located on a large  lot and offers a potential view of Gibsons Harbour The home features wall-to-wall carpets,  thermopane windows and all appliances Listed  al $116,500. Call Bruce McKinnon or Harold  Jacques 885-9023.  HOBBY FARM ��� ROBERTS CREEK  Situated on 4.92 acres, this property affords  total privacy, a 800 sq. ft. home as well as a  quaint guest cottage. The entire property is  fenced and has numerous fruit bearing trees.  Approxmately half of the property is developed  and draws its water from the new irrigation  system and creek which flows through the  property. Also included in the sale price isa near  new Sears 19.9 hp tractor with all accessories.  Priced at $187,500.  SUBDIVIDABLE ACREAGE ���  SANDY HOOK  This 4.8 acres is zoned R2 and has 330' of road  frontage, The property offers an ocean view of  beautiful Sechelt Inlet and is serviced by hydro,  water, telephone and paved road There is approximately $10,000 of marketable timber  which could be selectively logged Priced at  $130,000. For further informalion call Bruce  McKinnon or Harold Jacques 885-9023.  MOTEL POWELL RIVER  This well known and established operation is  highly visible and strategically located on the  main highway at the entrance to Powell River.  The location is in a quiet area with each unit  enjoying an ocean view. The property consists  of 12 well kept kitchenette units, a self contained  laundry, 10 trailer pads which are fully serviced  including public washrooms and coin laundry.  Owner's office and residence are contained in a  1981 3 bedroom modular home. Also on the  property is a 900 sq. ft. mobile which is currently  rented. There is ample parking and plenty of  room for expansion. Here is an opportunity to  receive a return in excess of 17'*. on your  investment,Financial Statements are available  to< qualified purchaser. List Price $427-500.  NEPTUNE STREET  This attractive 1;. years old 3 bedroom home is  situated on a large 93 x 120' lol and is within  minutes ol all the amenities ot Sechelt Village  This home features a double carport, wall lo  wall carpeting and full ensuite. The full  basement has been set up as a workshop and  would be ideal for the home craftsman. The  electric heal is supplemented with an Acorn  wood burning stove, and all the windows are  energy conserving ihermopane. Appliances  included in ihe sale are the washer/dryer and  dishwasher  RECREATIONAL PROPER  In a parklike setting on beautiful Garden Bay  Lake approx. ',-2 acre with 190ft. oflakefrontage.  Hydro & water on property. Asking $25,000.  RARE WATERFRONT PROPERTY -  PENDER HARBOUR  This beautiful property includes 168' of prime  waterfront, an acre of landscape gardening and  a 3 bedroom 2500 sq. ft. home overlooking the  entrance to Pender Harbour. On the property  there is also a 60' float with deep water moorage  and a private boat house equipped with a power  winch and tracks for easy launching. Some of  the features in this fine home include: a large  ensuite with private sauna & walk-in his & her  closets. The kitchen is equipped with numerous  extras which include a Jennaire range and  Radar oven. Downstairs, entertain your guests  in the family room with fireplace.and wetbar.  This property must be seen to be truly  appreciated. Priced in the Mid 500s  WILSON CREEK  Large subdividable corner lol with sewage  disposal permit. This property is duplex zoned  and close to beach. $60,000.  Harold Jacques  Bruce McKinnon  885-9023  H-499-766  Mobile Phone Sechelt  BCFGRRIG5  SUMMER  1981  SUNSHINE COAST  HOWE SOUND  Summer: Effective Thursday, June 18,1981 toTuesday,  Septembers, 1981 inclusive.  Lv. Horseshoe Bay  6:30 am  7:30  8:35  9:45  10:50  12:00 noon  1:15 pm  3:35  4:55  5:55  7:10  9:15  11:20  Lv. Langdale  6:20 am  7:30  8:35  9:45  10:50  12:00 noon  2:30 pm  3:45  4:45  6:00  7:05  8:15  10:20  ��<  CUP AND SAVE  B.C. Ferries schedules are on CABLE 10 TV dally.  BCFGRRIGS  -3  Schedules subject to  change without notice  /////���/>>'���>'���'������  :. v.v. v.v.w vi.���..���u. t: ���'  111 tti 11��> i ���.  Sunshine Coasl Realtor, Sept. 4, 1981  Located on School Road ��� Lower Village  886-8107  REALTY LTD.       Box 335,1369 School Road, Gibsons, B.C.   VON 1V0  4'A ACRES OF PRIVACY WITH CREEK  Location - Oldershaw Road ��� Roberts Creek  Acreage Is partially cleared with a 24' x 52' 1978  Moduline Chancellor set up on lower portion of  property. This acreage has great potential for the  Imaginative purchaser. ��� 149,000.  VETERANS ROAD ��� GIBSONS  A nice neat 2 bedroom starter with large utility  room (may be 3rd b.r.) on large 105' x 141' level  lot. Should be seen. Priced to sell $75,000.  SOUTH FLETCHER ROAD - GIBSONS  Looking for a great view over Gibsons Harbour?  Then you should see this new 3 b.r. basement  home 1300 sq. ft. on main and over 1,000 sq. ft.  In partially finished basement. Many extras ind. 2  x 6 construction, giving you R20 In ex. walls, R28  In ceiling. B.R. walls are Insulated with R12. 3 pc.  ensuite In master, stone faced heatilator (p..  room for wood stove In basement. Double c/p  sundeck and breeze-way. Plus much more. This is  a top line home throughout, priced at 1175,000  and worth it.  LOT 88 ��� KING ROAD - GIBSONS B.C.  Cleared, level building lot In quiet area  138,000  BONNIEBROOK HEIGHTS  Large view lot. Try your offers to 465,000.  11W MORTGAGE ���  POPLAR LANE GIBSONS  A large 3 bedroom, full basement home located  on cul-de-sac, near all amenities. This 4 year old  home is we.ll maintained, rec. room in basement Is  finished. Alsso a wood stove has been installed to  assist In lower heating costs. Vendor will assist in  financing. $119,500.  GIBSONS  Grandvlew & Pratt Road Is the location of this  owner built quality home. Features are many Including hot water heating, deluxe carpeting, living  room size of 14' x 22', etc. To view this three  bedroorn. 1472 sq. ft. home, contact Dennis or  Norm. $119,500  VIEW OF HARBOUR ft GULF  FROM 1574 ABBS ROAD  From kitchen, dining room and living room, enjoy  ihe waler and mountains In full view. This large  home also has a fireplace In the basement for that  ideal rec. room or ??? Total bedrooms are 3  upstairs and 2 downstairs for that extra large family or in-law suite. Home is well constructed, looking for a little tender loving care. $145,000.  GIBSONS ��� CREEKSIDE PARK ���  CREEKSIDE CRESCENT  In area of new homes is this 3 bedroom, basement  home. A level 60 x 120 lot for easy maintenance.  Basement has a self-contained suite for inlaws or  ??? Vendor has just Installed a 12' x 16' sundeck  with access otf of dining room for those outdoor  activities. Listed for $98,500.  GIBSONS  Mobile Home set In Trailer Court. 1975  Statesman, 12' x 62', 2 bedroom, sundeck is 10' x  19', metal shed size 7' x 7'6" all Included in price.  Also vendors will leave stove, fridge, washer,  dryer, air conditioner, and wood stove. $85,500.  SOUTH FLETCHER ROAD ��� GIBSONS  Good view lot close to everything. Great view and  has been landscaped at one time. Also may be  able to rezone to higher use. Priced at $60,000  firm. s  LOT32    -CREEKSIDE PARK ESTATES-  GIBSONS, B.C.  Level building lol close to schools and shopping.  $38,500.  EVERGREEN PARKLAND  We have a few nice building lots priced In the  $30,000 ��� $40,000 range.  Phone us for more  details.  INVESTMENT PROPERTY ���  ROBERTS CREEK  At Ihe top of Margaret Road. This 5 acre (501' x  420') could make a great 8 lot subdivision. Mostly  level, and may have some view. Asking  $210,000,  For more information call  Norm at 886-2607 or Dennis at 886-7264.  % . Sunshine Coast Realtor Sept. 4, 1981  S9KaS9aB91^^99^e^=SS^=^=  m  SECHELT OFFICE  In th* Trail Bay Shopping Ctntr*  885-3295  JAMtmH  MMm REALTY LTD.  Van. Toll Free  681-7931  SPARKLING CLEAN I19S.0O0  Only mlnulf s from S��ctwlt. oH Redrooffs Road.  this horn, la a family's delight You can easily  enjoy the ocean view Irom Ihlt coiy hideaway  with two fireplace, and you'll love the practical  storage space Walling lo tie bought. CaU Bronia  Robins al 885 9033 ��722  SWALLOW ROAD-GOWER PT 1185,000  Level landscaped esplanade lot. Ready to build  on Good access to beach, small creek, fantastic  view. Call Don or Rene Sutherland at  8859362. ��S74  SEA FOR YOURSELF 1110.000  Eureka Place Strata Title, Waterfront lot with  charming cabin, good building site and lovely  beach. Owner understands creative financing.  For details call Don or Rene Sutherland at  885-9362. *682  SUBDIVIDABLE ACREAGE  This 18.7 acres In Middle Point with 600 leet of  ; waterfront has southerly exposure and Is zoned  for ���/! acre lots. Priced at 1785.000 Terms  available. Klaus Roepke 885-2314 or Henry  Hall 885-2520. 'Ml  TWO BEDROOM WATERFRONT HOME  Situated on Vr acre of private waterfront in  Davis Bay. ll'/s% assumable financing plus  subdivision zoning all lor 1119,000. Bryce  Leigh 886-8229. <*S86  PRIVATE W/F ESTATE 1189,000  Enjoy the peace and quiet of 400+ feet of  waterfront and a two bedroom home situated al  the head of Halfmoon Bay. Good potential for  subdividing the 1.88 acre lot. The bonus Is a  vendor take back ol $75,000 at 15%. Call Brent  Strad today at 883-9382. '673  LOOKII 489,500  Here's |ust the "our very first" that you have  been searching for. This cozy three bedroom  home in quiet Wilson Creek is dose to shops  and schools. Great for the young family. Grow  all your own vegetables on this large lot. See It  now. Call Terry Brackelt 885-9865 or Jenny  McCourt 885-2162.  I  'This panoramic view ol Pender Harbour 24  hours per day. New construction, three large  bedrooms, three bathrooms, spacious living,  room with cozy fireplace. Be the lucky buyer of i  'this fine home. .Asking $139,900. F�� jipoinf-,  ment lo view call Gayle Adams at 8�� fi_'  CHECK THE COMPETITION  In the neighborhood. At 1115,000 this one Is  worth investigating. 1136 sq. ft. with over 400  sq. ft. of sundeck plus full basement and double  carport. Offers plenty of opportunity for expansion. On Samron Road, just a short drive to  downtown Sechelt. Why procrastinate? Let's  make a date. Dal Grauer 885-3808 "741  SECHELT VILLAGE 196.500  Immaculate three bedroom home, 4 blocks to  shopping centre. This energy efficient home  features Anight heater In basement, double seal  windows, 2x6 construction. Assumable  $50,000  mortgage.   For  details call   Sylvia  Thirlwell 883-9963.  "717  SPACIOUSCOUNTBYUVlNG *M9.*6o~  Sizzling BBQ's! Strolls on rolling lawns! Drinks  beneath majestic trees. This three bedroom rancher on almost one acre of subdividable land.  Also, has ample room for a future pool or tennis  court and Is only minutes to shops and school.  Buy now! Owner started to build! Call Jenny  McCourt 885-2162. '709  FINISH YOUR OWN HOME  Who wouldn't appreciate the opportunity to  finish their home just as they wish? All the hard  work has been done. Conveniently located near  Gibsons. 165,000. Bryce Leigh al 8868229.  '725  COUNTRY CHARM 1148,900  This charming 1.000 sq. ft. older home plus  self-contained cabin, double carport and  workshop on one acre. >/i acre zoning Is locaied  In beautiful Davis Bay. Vendor will carry up to  -$40,000 at 15% on terms. Klaus Roepke  1885-2314 .'701  WESTSECHELT I1M.50O  If it's room you're looking for this Is the home for  you. Two large bedrooms plus large walk in  pantry off kitchen. Three quarter basement with  lofflce and lots ol room for expansion Large  combination kitchen and dining room. Wood  stove Ir, basement View will Increase with more  H .development In surrounding area. Good  I   neighbourhood. Call Terry Brackelt 8859865.  I���z  WATERFRONT  Located on Carlson Point, Sechell Inlet.  Includes Provincial Lease, lot, cabin, boat. Call1  Don or Rene Sutherland for details at  885-9362. <*7|0  W^|  OWNER SAYS "MU* 115,000  Small waterfront home on lease land with 14  years still outstanding on the lease. Beautiful  beach with year round anchorage right In front  of house. Locaied In Selma Park. Available  30th of September, 1981. See this home with  Klaus Roepke at 885-2314. '542  AFFORDABLE WATERFRONT  For only 169,500 you could own this waterfront lot on popular Coracle Drive. Perfect  retreat or retirement home site. Klaus Roepke  885-2314  HOMES  #659  New two bedroom home with large living room.  On large lot with heatilator fireplace faced In  white marble, two bathrooms, good kitchen,  sundeck across the front of the house. Owner  has bought In the interior and must sell. Asking  199,900 which Is under list price. Call Klaus  Roepke at 885-2314 for details. *6S8  130,000 PRICE REDUCTION  DAVIS BAY $.119,000  * Quality features throughout.  * Excellent view over Georgia Strait.  * Close to beautiful Davis Bay Beach.  * Area of similar homes.  * 3 bedrooms, 3 baths, plus den or 4th  bedroom.  * Private decks off Master bedroom and  upstairs study.  * Separate dining room.  * Vaulted cedar ceiling, skylights.  * Electric doors to double garage.  * 2500 square feet finished.  Call Emilie Henderson at 685-5225. #660  SECHELT VILLAGE HONE  Three year old three, bedroom home with full  basement for only 164,900 all appliances Included. Also, assumable mortgage with  qualification of $42,500 at $4540.00 per month.  Klaus Roepke 885J314. *730  NEARLY NEW  Three bedroom cedar rancher In Welcome  Woods on cul-de-sac. Comfortable, bright  home with several features such as fireplace, terraced garden, greenhouse on lot of approximately ��/2 acre. Bronia Robins 885-9033.  $108,000. -746  SELMA PARK $29,500  Cozy one bedroom home dose to village. All  four appliances Included. Ideal starter or summer home. Owner will carry half at 10%!  Yes -10% Terry Brackett 885-9865. *751  LOWER GIBSONS  New three bedroom home Vz block from beach  on a bright, sunny, level lot. Within easy walking  distance of all facilities. Excellent retirement or  starter home. $96,000. Bryce Leigh 886-8229.  '707  U99.8"  WESTSECHELT $199,600  Beautiful three bedroom home, Great ocean  view, creek, fish ponds and meticulous landscaping are just some of the features. Inside  there Is a fireplace, ensuite plumbing, wet bar  and games room. Outside you'll find green  house, wishing well and double enclosed carports. Must be seen. Terry Brackett at  885-9865. _ ��649  WESTSECHELT 1110,000  Three bedroom home. Exciting design with  shake roof and twin dormers. Features include  heatilator fireplace, large dining area, extra large .  bedrooms, one and one half baths. Also,  storage shed and workshop. Ideal family home.  Terry Brackett 885-9865. *713  Waterfront estate, minutes from Sechelt.  Privacy, home, guest cabin, magnificent trees.  See for yourself. Call Don or Rene at 885-9362  or Terry at 885-9865. *692  Sunsets, sheltered deep* water, arbutus,  evergreens In the tranquility of Tuwanek. Two  bedroom log home, float, low bank waterfront.  Call Don or Rene Sutherland at 885-9362 for  details. *642  REDROOFFS WATERFRONT $106,000  1.56 acres south sloping waterfront with services. Upper portion of property has  unobstructed view, lower portion has 100 feet of  secluded waterfront. Klaus Roepke 885-2314.  '600  W-TSON CREEK $107,000  Brand new three bedroom rancher. Dutch hip  shake roof, skylights, bay window and separate  utility room are just some of the fine features.  Now is the time to choose colours In carpets,  cabinets and colour schemes. Quiet area. Call  today for more details. Call Terry Brackett at  885-9865.          , "731  YEAR HOUND VIEW $165,000  Watch the season's change from your living  room. This lovely three bedroom, full basement  West Sechelt home offers outdoor living at its  finest. Plenty of room for the whole family on  the .55 acre lot. An excellent value. Call Brent  Strad at 883-9382. *699  WITHIN YOUR MEANS $89,000  Perfect for the couple just starting out. This absolutely charming two bedroom home located in  Redrooffs Ranch was built to expand with your  family. Loads of outdoor space on the .47 acre  tot for the kids and for gardeners. Better hurry  and call Brent at 863-9382. '645  YOUR DREAM HOME  You choose your dream plan and the owner-  contractor will build It for you on this beautiful  view tot In Davis Bay. Buy as a package and you  can decide on the price. Interested? Better call  Brent Strad right away 883-9382.  GIBSONS $165,000  Do you need a large home as well as large lot?  Here is the home you've been looking for. Four  bedrooms, fireplace, wood stove, plus large  recreation room, Almost one acre of level land  fully fenced with two outbuildings. Good garden  area. Handy to all amenities. Call Terry Brackett  885-9865or Marilyn Strom 886-2307. '634  PRICE REDUCTION $79,500  Cozy two bedroom home with good ocean  view. Large corner lot. There Is, also, a small  one bedroom cottage that needs work but could  possibly be fixed up as a rental unit. Owner will  carry mortgage of $40,000 at 17% two year  term. Terry Brackett 885-9865. '688  WESTSECHELT $75,000  Two bedroom home on large lot. Handy location. Plenty of room in basement for third  bedroom and storage. Nicely landscaped. Terry  Brackett 885-9865. '648  YOU MUST SEE THIS!I $97,000  An almost new three bedroom home built on a  reasonable size lot In a secluded area of good  homes. This home has dining room, large living  room, three bedrooms, kitchen, bathroom and  utility. All designed Into 1300 sq. ft. Thermopane windows, airtight heater, above  average insulation keep heating costs to a  minimum. Carport and patio and fully fenced lot  complete this listing. Call Klaus Roepke at  885-2314.            "714  sechelt village $60,ooo  R2 zoned lot, close to all village amenities and  Porpoise Bay with remodelled one bedroom  home. Call Don or Rene for details at  885-9362. '683  REDROOFFS $145,000  1500 sq. ft. home In private park-like setting.  Three bedrooms, vaulted celling, cedar feature  walls plus large sundeck. 24' x 24' workshop as  well as fish pond outside. Over-sized lol ensures  your privacy. Must be seen. Terry Brackett.  885-9865. *760  t*aiwuTOtti*rou  SydHaalManagar 885-5693  Homy Hall 885-2520  DalQrauar 885-3808  Gayla Adams 8834384  Tarry Brackatt 885-8885  BrycaLaloh 8884228  Emilia Handaraon 885-5226  KlauaRoapka 885-2314  Bronia Robins 885*9033  RanaStrthartand 8864382  Corry Roaa 885-9260  Brant Strad 8834382  Donald authariand 8854382  Don lock 8854730  Sylvia Thirtwall 8834983  Janny McCourt 885-2182  Roaamary Young 8884359  Member Sunshine Coast  Real Estate Assoctarion  ACREAGE  PRICE REDUCTION TO 160.000 "  A l/6th share In approximately 30 acres ot  beautiful property. Includes clear Itlle to 1.23  acres plus a l/6th share in 22.5 acres of common property. 4*0,000. Call Bryce Leigh to  ..discover this properties full potential at  886-8229 ��7IJ  WESTSECHELT 471.500  Dreaming of a hobby farm or just In love wilh  having land to call your own? Here Is 4.68 treed  acres of mother nature's best. Very close to  shops and schools yet thoroughly secluded and  private. Buy this and build your own paradise.  Pick up your phone now and call Jenny McCourt 885-2162.  ROBERTS CREEK (110,000  5.18 gently, sloping acres. 264* on Highway  101. This Is a well treed, very attractive acreage  not often found on the market Call Emilie  Henderson at 885-5225.  KLEINDALE  2 acre pared, well treed, rural setting. Hydro at  property line, driveway In, building site cleared.  AD at Ihe reasonable price of 150.000. Gayle  Adams 883-9364. TM  AFFORDABLE ACREAGE 494,500  2.78 treed acres with 700 feet of highway frontage In Middle Point. Charming two bedroom  country home has Fisher Airtight. Good exposure. Good buy. Call Brent 883-9382.  ��6*S  EXCELLENT OPPORTUNITY  to own almost 1.3 acres on Redrooffs Road.  Gentle slope, sunny exposure, short walk to  beach, close to boat launching. Vendor will consider financing this super property!! 169,500.  Call Bronia Robins at 885-9033. ��684  WALK TO THE BEACH 475,000  Over one acre on Redrooffs Road. Gorgeous  Irees abound, potential view, water, hydro and  phone at road. Call Brent 883-9382.        '695  THORMANBV ISLAND 4105.000  11 acres of seclusion with high waterfront and  western exposure. Waler access via Vancroft  Government Wharf only minutes from Secret  Cove. Klaus Roepke 885-2314. ��671  BEAUTIFUL* PRACTICAL        4105.000  2.23 acres of gorgeous woods and clearing on  desirable Redrooffs Road with some view from  the top, and more to come as the area develops.  This area is presently zoned for Vi acre lots-  Vendor will grant registered easement for easy  access and consider terms lo boot! There are  plenty of listings around but lew that offer such  opportunities. Belter look Inlo this one right  awav. Call Dal Grauer at 885-3808. MLS. "743  West sechelt  sound investment 1195,000  Fantastic opportunity lor Ihe thinking buyer. A  rare chance to own 39 -l- acres of level land with  good soil, home, barn, outbuildings etc. for Ihe  price of a West-end home. Call Terry Bracket! al  885-9865 or, Don or Rene Sutherland al  .885-9865 '665  SECHELT VILLAGE 174.000  An exciting parcel of 3.9 acres with 600' road  frontage. Good subdivision potential. Call Don  or Rene Sutherland al 885-9362. '640  YOU CANT SEE THIS  or anything like It anywhere on Ihe Sunshine  Coast! A unique and beautiful piece, jusl over  an acre, bordered by Roberts Creek. Main  house, Iwo small cabins, studio and bam. Call  Dal Grauer 885-3808 or Bronia Robins  885-9033. ��75I  ^=5JB=ara=s=iB��BSM*==a=aB Sunshine Coasl Realtor, Sepl. 4, 1981  SECHELT OFFICE  In tha Trail Bay Shopping Contra  885-3295  AAMtnm  Ail        REALTY LTD.  Van. Toll Free  681-7931  HOMES  change to  INVESTIGATE THIS - 1159.500  Two modern houses on over 1 acre lot close In  to Sechelt. One house is rented after being  remodelled recently; the other house was built  just two years ago and has two bedrooms, living  room with airtight heater, dining area, kitchen  with Citation cabinets, bathroom and utility. A  two car carport and a 8 x 20 heated workshop  Is. also, included. Possibility of subdividing off a  lot In the future. Located In Selma Park. Owner  will possibly carry financing to your down payment. So call Klaus Roepke at 885-2314.  *735  SECHELT VILLAGE 1104,000  Immaculate three bedroom ranch style home  only one year old. Conveniently located on  quiet street in the heart of the village. Brick  heatilator fireplace, cement patio off dining  room, skylight In bathroom. Total of 1310  square feet finished This home will sell quickly,  so call today! Emilie Henderson at  885*5225. *685  WEST SECHELT 179,500  Cozy two bedroom home. Just renovated. New  carpets, cabinets, siding and doors. Large  private lot. Good location. Terry Brackett  885-9865. *636  160,000 ASSUMABLE AT 13% TIL 1985  Is just one of the attractions of this four bedroom  home centrally located In Gibsons. $128,000  Bryce Leigh 886-8229. '747  PRICE REDUCTION S119.500  This house features 1759 sq It of finished living  area on three levels plus an undeveloped basement. The top level contains the M.B. with  private sundeck. 3-plece ensuite and walk-in  closet as well as two other bedrooms and main  bath. Other features include fresh air fireplace,  skylight, double garage. Also assumable mortgage at 13% Call Terry Brackett to view at  885-9865, *590  WEST SECHELT 1149,500  Large family home in popular area. This Lindal  home features 22(H) sq. ft. of extensive cedar  ceilings. Two and one half baths, large kitchen  and family room. Also free standing brick  fireplace dividing living and family room. The  four bedrooms feature wooden bl-folds and are  very spacious. Must be seen! Call Terry Brackett  at 885-9865. '666  DELIGHTFUL GRANTHAMS VIEW HOME  A couple of hundred feet-from the beach. This  cozy Grantham's home is 175,000. Bryce  Leigh 886-8229. '744  SELMA PARK $189,000  Brand new three bedroom view home. Area of  expensive homes. This interesting home consists of three large bedrooms, family room,  skylights, greenhouse windows In kitchen and  dining room. Also, double garage with electric  opener, heatilator fireplace and heat pump with  reverse cycle for air conditioning. Interior has  been coordinated by professional Interior  decorator. Up to $100,000 at 15% available to  assist In financing. Terry Brackett at 885-9865  to view. "733  LOTS  4HOME $159,500  Located In beautiful Selma Park this 1800 sq ft,  three bedroom home on a landscaped lot has  many special features Assumable mortgage of  $44,000 at 10'/*% due January 1984 available  Klaus Roepke 885-2314. '736  EXECUTIVE HOME $ 190,000  Elegant and well designed home in prestigious  West Sechelt Partial ocean view. Over 1900 sq,  ft. of gracious living plus more rm for development. Custom built for owner so quality Is  prevelant throughout. Two bdrms plus huge  master with 3 piece ensuite and sliders to  covered deck. Elegant living and dining rooms,  deluxe kit with 5 appliances included, cozy  family rm plus finished rec. rm with brick F.P..  Ideal for an office. Washer/dryer plus $6,000  drapes also included. Call Emilie Henderson  885-5225. -656  WEST SECHELT $149,500  Unbeatable view year round can be yours in this  two year old three bedroom home with a  beautiful southern exposure. Situated on a quiet  road. It Is ideal for your relaxed enjoyment.  Close to shops and schools, this would definitely  suit the growing family. Come see it now! Call  Jenny McCourt 885-2162.  LAURELROAD $112,000  Well built cedar family home. Close to schools  and shopping. Attractive terms available to  qualified buyer. Call Don or Rene Sutherland at  885-9362 for details. *679  WEST SECHELT $235,000  Beautiful level waterfront Pebble beach and  prime location. This large Medallion home is  over 1600 sq. ft. and features fireplace, family  rm, post and beam construction, two hot water  heaters and 3 extra bdrms. Also carport and  outside storage area This home must be seen!  Call Terry Brackett 885-9865. *676  Owner wilt sell on reasonable down payment  with balance at 10>A% PA interest. This 4  bedroom home is beautiful, living room with  fireplace dining room and picture kitchen with  built-in Jenn-Alr and wall oven. Master  bedroom, ensuite. airtight heater in family  room, thermopane windows throughout. Just 4  years old and waiting for a discerning buyer.  Call Klaus Roepke at 885-2314 for appointment  to view. *737  SUMMERTIME  Was made for places like this. Take a two  minute walk to the beach for a swim before  breakfast and you won't have to move 'til you're  finished barbecuing supper. Try your offer to  $80,000 for this cottage at Bronniebrook. Vendor will carry half at 16% Call Dal Grauer at  885-3808. *711  SELMA PARK $32,500  Smaller two bdrm home. Outstanding view. Only one block to beach and short walk to village.  Lease land. Call Terry Bracken 885-9865.4(646  FAMILY HOME $97,500  Near new three bedroom home only three months old. This 1200 sq. ft, ideal, family home Is  located In Wilson Creek and Is priced to sell  now. Call Brent Strad at 885-9382 or Klaus  Roepke at 8852314. *763  Sffllslrte!  INVESTMENT-COMMERCIAL & INDUSTRIAL  "M"       ���"^ SECHELT  Well established pel and plant business, no  competition. Excellent main street location.  Low rent. Ideal opportunity for someone  wishing to be self-employed. Call for more  information Emilie Henderson at 885-5225.  MALL LOCATION *��H  Thriving gift shop specializing in stained glass  works and pottery. Location Is second to none  In busy mall, Showing excellent return. Owner  will train would-be purchasers. Price includes all  tools and slock. Owner mav consider terms.  Call Terry Brackett at 885-9865. "732  SECHELT COMMERCIAL  JUST LISTED MLS. Urge commercial  building located on two In is ldc.il holding  situation. Owner will consider carrying on large  down payment, Call lor all details on lease and  building, Terry Brackelt al 885-9865.      ��706  LARGE COMMERCIAL LOT $49,000  108 feet of highway Irontage in Halfmoon Bay  C2L zoning allows for restaurant, tourist accommodation Excellent holding property Call  Brent Strad 883-9382 "621  WNBUHASBOllRiNNEi  A marina, dining room, campground, and gas  sales are all Included with the three lots which  are ideally suited to condominium development. Two houses are available for owners.  Financial details for pasl three years are with  listing salesman. Call Klaus Roepke al 885-2314  lor more details. '703  MOTEL ��� DAVIS BAY $685,000  This 10 self-contained unit molel and 3 bedroom  home is locaied directly on the Sunshine Coast  Highway in beautiful Davis Bay. Please call us to  lind out Ihe lull potential ol thisoulstanding 1,20  acre commercial site. For more information call  Klaus Roepke al 885 2314 or Henry Hall at 88S  2520. ��708  SANDY HOOK $37,500  Drive by Lol 26, Deerhorn Drive and begin  planning your new home Minutes from  Sechelt. Where will you find a better view tor  this price? Gayle Adams 8839364 '675  SECHELT VILLAGE $38,000  Quarter acre lot in secluded, quiel area, yet only  two minutes (rom "downtown" Sechelt All services except sewer Call Rosemary Young at  H86 8359 '7 3*  REDROOFFS 162.500 each  Two prime view lots in exclusive new subdivision close to Sargeanls Bay Level and easy to  build on. Terry Brackelt 885-9865 ��753  HALFMOON BAY $41,000  Over one acre and look at the price! Gentle  slope to the back of the property. Some view of  the bay area. Won'l last! Terry Bracken  885-9865. '602  SANDY HOOK VIEW $38,000  Watch the golden sunsets mirrored on the calm  sea Irom this sloped lot. Glorious unobstructed  view lots are getting rare, so buy now!. Call Jenny McCourt 885-2162. ��710  LOTS OF LOTS  Level, sloping, steep, view, secluded located  from. Roberts Creek to Tuwanek. We're sure to  have one to please you. Some terms available.  Call Don or Rene Sutherland 885-9362.  BUILDING LOT $39,000  A level lot on Sinclair Bay Road. Garden Bay  cleared and ready to build on. Asking $39,000  for this excellent lot. Call Klaus Roepke at  885-2314 for more details. '668  ROBERTS CREEK 144,000  Centrally located, level, drive on and build! A  pleasant, uncomplicated lot. Call Don or Rene  at 885-9362 for details. '604  WESTSECHELT $41,900  Cheapest lot available in this fully serviced subdivision. Lot Is nicely treed, located on high side  of street. Call Emilie Henderson at 885-5225.  '60S  REDROOFFS $52,500  Large level lot in handy location. Owner Is  presently clearing and leaving some nice trees.  Easy to build on. Services at road. Call Terry  Brackett at 885-9865. '638  KLAHANI DRIVE LOT 69 MLS  Beautiful view lot Sandy Hook. Hydro and  water available. Priced in the 30s. Owner will  consider all reasonable offers. For details call  Sylvia Thirlwell al 883-9963 or Valerie Bayntun  al921-8340,  '643  HALFMOON BAY~ " $39,900  Large lot over Vi acre, well treed, septic approved. Emilie Henderson 885-52251_ '606  PENDER HARBOUR " $35,000 MLS  Large size lot within walking distance of stores  and marina. Nicely treed. Privacy and convenience for only $35,000 Call Gayle Adams  883-9364. '576  LOOKING FOR VIEW PROPERTY?  Here is one of the finest views on the Sunshine  Coast. Approx. Vi acre overlooking Halfmoon  Bay. Come! See! then begin planning the home  of your dreams. Call Eric Rudland 885-9857 or  Gayle Adams 883-9364 now. '687  GARDEN BAY $30,000  Build your home amid all the privacy you require, yet within walking distance to stores and  marina. Price adjustment to 130,000. Call  now! Gavle Adams 883-9364. '691  TUWANEK LOTS $29,500 ft $32,900.  Two gentle sloping lots side by side on Tuwanek  Place. Buy one or both. Call Klaus Roepke al  885-2313. '726 ft 727  EXCELLENT GIBSONS VIEW LOT  Gently sloping, this lot would be easy to build  on. and easy to buy as vendor will take 50%  down and carry the balance below prime,  $48,000. Bryce Lelqh 886-8229. '693  SUPER DEAL  Over Va acre wilh potential view of Halfmoon  Bay. All this plus a part Interest In a waterlroni  property. Call now. Gayle Adams 883-9364  WILSON CREEK BUILDING LOT $36,900  Excellent level building lol. Locaied on Wilson  & Field Road. Part ol small Sub-Division Call  Klaus Roepke at 885-2314 '728  SECHELT $79,500  Large lot in village Zoned public assembly Call  Terry Brackelt at 885 9865. "585  DAVIS BAY $57,500  Perhaps the best view lot available in Davis Bay  Close lo stores and school Expensive homes in  area protect your Investment T.-rry Btadkotl  885   9865 *7*7  PRIME LOCATION  Jusl minutes lo beach, school and general store  m Roberts Creek, this treed 11 acre lot Is  $58,500. Vendor will consider terms Bring us  an offer! Call Bronia at 885-9033 or Terry al  885-9865.  AFFORDABLE LOTS  Located in Tuwanek. one corner and one valley  lot. Priced at $24,500 and $29,500. Call Don  or Rene for details at 885-9362 '633  r EGMONT BUILDING LOT $37,500  Large .45 acre lot on Egmont Road Close to  great salmon fishing. Hydro and telephone at  road. Call Brenl Strad al 883-9382. '696  SANDY HOOK VIEW  Lots 32 8t 33 on Deerhorn at $37,000 apiece.  Get past the alders at the roadside and look over  the building sites. Try an offer on both for roomy  living. Lot 75 on Skookumchuck affords even  easier building and the same spectacular view  for $39,000. Owner will consider terms, and he  is not a banker by profession. Dal Grauer  885-3808. MLS. '742  BRING YOUR TRAILER  The driveway Is In and a site has been cleared  for your recreational trailer on Ihis 6/ lOths of  acre on Southwood Road. Excellent building  site and water is on property. An exceptional  value al $48,500. Brent Strad 883-9382.  '686  .6 ACRES $45,000  Extra large building lot located on Southwood  Road, offers both privacy and an excellent  building site. An excellent value for a discerning  buyer. Call Brenl Strad 883-9382. '700  RESIDENTIAL BUILDING LOT  Nice lot on Gower Point Road with potential  view. Village sewer and hydro and old cabin.  Make an offer. Klaus Roepke 885-2314. '681  SANDY HOOK VIEW LOTS  Don & Rene Sutherland have listed several nice  view lots Priced from $35,000 to $42,000.  Call 885-9362 for details. '652 ft '661  TRAIL ISLAND LOT $24,900  The rare occasion Trail Island Lol ��9 facing  Strait of Georgia. Klaus Roepke 885-2314.  ���739  CEDAR CORNERS $38,900  Attractive treed lot In pleasant small subdivision.  Close to arena and beach. Call Don or Rene  885-9362 or Brent Strad 883-9382.  SECHELT VILLAGE  Located near arena - large level lot. Well priced  at $23,000. Call Don or Rene al 885-9362.  '629  EASY FINANCING TERMS  .        .  are Included with this approximately l/i acre lot  near Halfmoon Bay. Bryce Leigh 886-8229.  **674  SECHELT $44,500  . Level lot In the village. This fully serviced lot is  very easy to build on and handy to all amenities.  Call Terry Brackelt at 885-9865. '639  PRICE REDUCTION ~ "  $44,900  Half acre lot wilh view potential.,Owner has  obtained health permit. Ready to build on. All  services except sewer. Call Terry Brackett at  8859865. 712  STEEP BUT FABULOUS VIEW     .  Locaied on Gulfview Road. Madeira Park. This  half acre lot has subdivision possibilities. All of*  fers presented to owners. Call Klaus Roepke al  885-2314. '667  WEST SECHELT VIEW LOT  LocatcJ on the Sunshine Coasl Highway. This  nearly one acre lot is facing the Strait ol Georgia  and the sun Call Klaus Roepke al 885-2314.  $64,900. <72��  SEAMOUNT INDUSTRJAL PARK  Three side by side lots zoned commercial light  industry. Well located hack from highway with  total frontage ol 150 feet on Venture Way and  side access of 125 fl. Asking 537,000 each or  $ 110,900 for package Call Emilie Henderson al  8855225. >b09  REDROOFFS AREA - Extra Large, Level Treed Lots  Cooper Road                                        Lol 78         $46,000                     '731       MLS  Dogwood Road    I4amamt tor ule. 14*. Lol 57          $45,000                     "690      MLS  Southwood Road         "�����������>'���"'          Lo) 5,           $44,900                                     MLS  Cedarwood Road                                  Lot 42         $44,900                                  MLS  Eureka Road                                         Lol 46          145.000   tkkttivfly clu             MLS  .mil ilnvvu*. in  SANDY HOOK  Deerhorn Drive Loi .'14 135,900 Sloping view im Auumable agreement lot isle appmximatelv  $12,000 at 1-1't. due November 1983                                                                          "718 MLS  Call BRONIA ROBINS tor more details at 885-9033. Sunshine Coast Realtor, Sept. 4, 1981  GIBSONS OFFICE  In Ihe Lower Village  886-8126  HOMES  AAAwmu  JmrnrnVmrnX REALTY LTD.  Van. Toll Free  669-7920  Carpets & cabinets for your new 3 bdrm house.  Heatilator fireplace & skylights plus a mortgage  at 16% make this one of the most attractive  buys on the market. Terry 885-9865 or Randy  885-5623 *257  GIBSONS $132,000  Lovely 4 bdrm In tower Gibsons, view of water  and mountains. Large rec. room with fireplace.  Very convenient kitchen, lots of storage and  work area. Master bdrm with ensuite. Living rm  open to the dining rm with fireplace. Large  workshop with separate entrance. Close to all  amenities. Suzanne 886-8317. '589  ASSUMABLE 175,000 at 16%  Near new 3 bdrm huge split level. All the  amenities for the perfect family home, large  family room, fireplace, 2 car garage, walk to the  shops. Quiet paved cut-de-sac. Located in Gib  sons. Don't miss this deal. Only * 129.000 Call  today, Barbara MacGregor 886-9741. *246  DOUGAL RD. GIBSONS S 105,500  $50,000 financing available at 16%. Harbour in  your backyard, 3 bdrm split level, hardwood  floors. This one won't last. Call today, Barbara  MacGregor 886-9741. *239  MODEST DOWN-PAYMENT 135,000  The elderly owner cannot cope but says show  me a down payment and I will give terms on  balance. Two bedrooms on lease land and fust a  little T.L.C. would help. Syd & Frances Heal  885-5693 *217  LOW LOW PRICE ��� GIBSONS       174,500  * Sunny central location  * Sunroom & utility rm.  * Large locking garage  * Two bdrms, large living rm.  * Nice lot with fruit trees  * One of the lower priced homes in Gibsons.  Act now ��� phone Randy Wollen 885-5623-  "238  MASSIVE PRICE REDUCTION  At 189,000 this Is the best buy around. If you  want four bedrooms and two bathrooms for that  big family this is for you. Frances or Syd Heal  885-5693. *210  INVESTMENT-  COMMERCIAL &  INDUSTRIAL  SEAMOUNT INDUSTRIAL   $48,000 each  Two slde-by-slde 52.5' x 150' level lots. Close to  highway. Fully serviced and correctly zoned  light Industrial. Syd or Frances Heal 885-5593.  ���252 & 253  CHATEAU VISTA  APARTMENTS $165,500  This excellent triplex located on the Port Mellon  Hwy. contains 3 large 6 room suites wilh decks.  Income scheduled al $450 per month/unit  Vendor will take $75,000 down and carry the  balance at an exceptional 12% lor 3 yrs. This Is  an ideal investment situation lor a discerning  buyer. Brenl Strad 883-9382 or Bent Segato  885-3918  PRICE REDUCED $200,000  Anxious owner wants offers on this superb  duplex. Modern side by side revenue $1270 per  month, some assumable finance. Wilson Creek  area, Frances or Syd Heal 885-5693. "211  aNOW!II $176,000 MLS  Financing available at 15% on substantial  amount!!  * 5.32 acres within the village of Gibsons.  * Presented zoned for two family dwellings.  * Minimum lot size 8000 sq. ft.  * Potential view.  * Level 3 blks to village services,  Please call Marilyn at 886-2307. "222  FANTASTIC VIEW  is what you get from the sun porch of this older  Iwo suite home, Thie revenue producing property also has excellent MURB development  potential Don't delay, phone loday Randy  Wollen 885-5623 "225  ANTIQUES $85,000  A growing antique business in the heart of Gibsons with o large slock of high quality. The  potential Of this business lias barely been tapped Suzanne 886*8317 *248  PRIME COMMERCIAL SPACE  Lower Village ��� 1050 sq  It   main road loca  lion, immediate possession, private parking  Lower Village ��� Storage or workshop space  convenient loading deck, private parking  Hwy 101 and Payne Road-4000 sq fl. retail  or office space. New building, strategic location,  excellent parking Available in 1000 sq ft units  For   terms   and   lease   rales   call   Syd   Heal  885-5693    LUXURY\  You can entertain a queen in this 3300 sq. ft.  home of elegance and quality. 4 Ige bedrooms,  huge rec. room with dance floor and garden.  Italian tiled sundeck and patio, terraced garden.  Frances or Syd Heal 885-5693. *260  REVENUE) $119,000  3 bdrm home with heatilator fireplace on 50' x  208' commercially zoned lot. Includes small  revenue cabin. Invest now. For details call  Marilyn Strom 886-2307. ��237  OPEN  Saturday. Sept. 5th  All offers will be considered Owner says "Sell"  so come on In and make your offer on this  deluxe 4 bdrm view home In beautiful Wood  Park. Phone Randv 885 5623  TWtf"^^  Vt I LHANb RD * MARION PLACE  $21,000 dn. ��� $717 mo. P.I.T.  Bal. at 14% - for 2 yrs. Nr. new 3 bdrm home  on choice corner lot, enclosed garage, l/scaped,  paved drive & spotless throughout. $86,000  F.P. Call now to view. *214  MARION PLAcTU Vet'er'.n. hat  Reduced to $87,000 ��� 14* Financing  Approx. $8% mo. with $21,000 dn. 6 mos. old  brick faced Rancher, 3 bdrms, heatilator  fireplace, patio in sunny l/scaped yard, paved  drive, sep. pantry off kitchen, child proof quiet  cul-de-sac. Call now to view - tomorrow may be  too late. Peter Davidson 886-8400. ��220  P.S. Both homes open 2-4 p.m. Sept. 6  unlets previously sold.  ���mv It for si;  A beautiful family home close to schools, stores  etc. and in a quiet children oriented cul-de-sac  2 bdrm. large Ir/dn and big kitchen. Owner will  consider all offers. Syd & Frances Heal  885-5693, *205  ATTRACTIVE FINANCING  with attractive Gibsons home. Vendor may  carry up to $60,000 at 16%. This 2 bdrm immaculate rancher In Cedar Grove School area is  offered  at  $139,900.   Call  Rita  886-7070.  OLDERSHAW RANCH $160$!?  This has everything. Cottage, big barn. Fenced  fields, fruit trees, trout stream and great lodging  for horses. A property with immense potential.  Syd or Frances Heal 885-5693. "213  CLASSIC HOWE SOUND VIEW $92,500  Granthams on Reed. Neat clean two bedroom  rancher with remodelling potential. Assumable  finance available and what a view! Syd or  Frances Heal 885-5693. '219  ROBERTS CREEK $95,000  Cozy one bdrm home with a small guest cottage. Almost Vt an acre. Close to beach, school  and trans. All appliances Included. Vendor is  willing to carry approx. $40,000 at 14%.  Suzanne 886-8317. *254  SECHELT VILLAGE $108,000  Charming ranch style and close to everything. 3  bdrms and 6 years old. Cut stone fireplace In living rm, also dining rm and sunroom not to mention a garage and fully fenced garden. Suzanne  886-8317. *242  VERY AFFORDABLE HOME  ON THE HILL IN GIBSONS  $29,000 at "10V4%" makes this neat 2 bdrm  home perfect for the small family, ideal for  retirement. Bryce Leigh 886-8229 or Barbara  MacGregor 886-9741, Offered for  $95,500 "250  LOTS  THE BLUFF SKYLINE $50,000  Arbutus Irees, moss, rocks and Christmas trees.  A fantastic view of sea and mountains. Suzanne  886-8317. "231  VILLAGE VIEW $43,500  Fantastic view lot, close lo wharf & village  center. Access through lane in back and road in  front. Owner will look at all offers so Iry your  luck. Phone Randy 885-5623 '240  WELCOMEWOODS $48,000  Big level lot. park-like trees, superb building sile  100' x 170'. Frances or Syd Heal 885-5693  '228  COCHRANE RD - GIBSONS  VILLAGE BUILDING LOT $43,800  See this level, serviced, sunny, nicely treed lot  Just a quick stroll to both the beach and the  village. Call Barbara MacGregor 886-9741 or  Terry Brackett 885-9865 ��698  A DESIRABLE '/' ACRE IN ROBERTS  CREEK AND OWNER  WILL CARRY $49,500  $20,000 at 16%. Get your start In Roberts  Creek for only $260 a month. This one won't  last. Call Barbara MacGregor loday at  886-9741. ��241  SALES PEOrLE TO SERVE VOU  SUCH A DEAL $10,000  That's right only $10,000 down, owner will  carry balance al 1 b%. Full price is $39,900 and  lot has underground services and private wharf.  Don't let tliis one get away. Phone today!!! Randy Wollen HHS .%23 or 886-8126.  INLET VIEW $43,500  Almost' .> acre of incredible view properly ready  to build on Access from front or back of proper-  ly This lot is in an area of fine homes. Act now.  Phone Randy Wollen 886-8126 or Terry  Brackett 885-3295. '243  SUPER DEAL!!!  Large level lot. Sechell Village. On sewer with  beautiful trees and a deluxe view. Owner will  lake back a $20.00(1 mortgage at 16% A deal  you can'l reluse. Phone Randy Wollen  885 5623 or 886-8126. *235  GIBSONS $38,000  This is a level 60' x 120' lol locaied in Creekside  Park. Affordable al $38,000. Phone Rila Hum  mel 31886-7070. ��215  SUNNY ROBERTS CREEK  Large lot in central Roberts Creek. Ready to  build on and could provide a good view. Owner  will look at builders terms & financing. Randy  885-5623. '207  Suzanne Dunkerton  Peter Davidson  Marilyn Strom  Frances Heal  Rita Hummel  Randy Wollen  Barbara MacGregor  Bent Segato  866-8317  886-8400  886-2307  885-5693  868-7070  885-5623  888-9741  685-3918  HEYIBRONIA LOVES THIS ONEI  So will you! New 1388 sq. ft. Rancher on quiet  cul'de-sac. skylile In kitchen. Heatilator  fireplace, sep. laundry room, carport. Asking  $99,500 Try $15,000 down - bal at 15%.  Bronia Robins 885-9033 or Peter Davidson  886-8400. P.S. Only 5 mins to all Gibsons services. *522  WATERFRONT  SELMA PARK BY THE SEA        $105,000  High view wilh trail to beach, small but neat cottage. Value In land but could make super site for  new home. Syd or Frances Heal 885-5693.  '212  RARE! LEVEL WATERFRONT $229,000  Hurry and buy this before someone else does.  Over an acre faces south in Roberts Creek and  double wide mobile home Is amongst many first  growth timber View today with Rita 886-7070  -245  WATERFRONT ��� REDUCED $169,000  Popular Redrooffs can be your new address  when you move Into this brand new 3 bdrm  home. High bank but accessible waterfront is  over 3/< acre. Very attractive financing assures  that this won't last. Call Rita today at  886-7070. *247  ACREAGE  ROBERTS CREEK $243,000  10 subdividable acres, 2+ acres cleared and In  pasture, some cross fencing. View of  Elphinstone Mt. Quality house of dutch bam  style using logs for the lower level. Unique  finishing are the features In this 3 bdrm home.  Brick heatilator fireplace, large open kit., bultt-irj  oven, microwave & Jenn-Alr range, lots off  counter space & storage area. Hot tub set out on  a large sundeck overlooking the acreage.  Suzanne 886-8317. *221  HIGHWAY FRONTAGE  Interesting 1200 ft. on the highway at Pender  Harbour. Total area four acres plus, cleared  mostly level and close to the harbour. Call Syd  or Frances Heat 885-5693 - '233  HOBBY FARM $95,000 MLS  Nearly 5 acres of privacy in rural setting. Level,  partially cleared with evergreens on perimeter of  property. Close to Cedar Grove School. Call  Marilyn 886-2307. "236  PIGS AND CHICKENS!  If you've dreamed of owning a mini farm now is  your chance. Over 5 acres with 2 bdrm home  conveniently located. Now reduced to  $165,000. Call rita today at 886-7070. "249  ROBERTS CREEK $123,000  Beautiful wooded 9.5 subdividable acreage.  Property bounded by roads on both sides.  Suzanne 886-8317. '255  REDROOFFS  A rare find at $58,000 for 1.31 acres. Road  allowance at back for future subdivision. Gentle  slope southern exposure. Close to beach and  boat launch. Well treed. Suzanne Dunkerton  886-8317. "256  << I  Contact Exclutlvai Agents  Syd & Frances Heal  885-5693  l-*S  MAPLE GROVE"  From $45,900 per lot  A totally serviced Residential Subdivision  Terms available with 25% down    Balance at 16%  Selectively cleared with all services underground setting a new high standard lor the area. Paved curbed  road, selectively cleared with beautiful trees remaining. Close to stores, schools and Gibsons Harbour with  Gibsons Office  886-8126  Vine. Toll Free 669-7920  IT  ���it*  its soon-to-be-ouilt marina.  , NO OPEN DITCHES AND NO UGLY POWER-POLES  "���"  "*"  -(**���  "  IIM  Ill*  " '���  '*"  II,H  II p��  ><-*  "���**  II M  "  J, I  8   \  J    3  e  4 ' ;  t  s   .  a !  t  f !  e  �� :  1  �� :  io ;  it *  n :  is 1  "1  j  :     i  : is :  1$   !  IT  I  ;/:-.  iMI  II M  .III  nta  M.M  ���t IS  ��� ���  llll  i��  ���tm  �����������  ���t I*  ...  'II*  ,,���  in : Sunshine Coasl Realtor, Sept. 4, 1981  Alf/MITTEN  mmmm\       REALTY LTD.  ]_ "BLUEBERRY PLACE"  i A new quality Residential Subdivision  $45,000 per lot  Terms available with 25% down  Balance at 16%  Silectlwely cleared, Fully serviced lots,  Pivad raid, Gentle southern slope with  good view, close to the beech it Divis Bey  end minutes to all facilities at Sechelt.  FOB FULL DETAILS CONTACT  EITHER OF OUR OFFICES AT:  Gibsons  886-8126  Vine. ToH Fin 669-7920  Sechelt  885-3295  Vane. Toll Fin 681-7931  MOBILE HOMES  ISTOOO BUILDING IN TI  WESTSECHELT  Well maintained double wide in quiet area.  Large landscaped lot. Home features three  bedrooms, 2 full baths, patio, plus large kitchen  and dining areas. Terry Brackett 885-9865.  '627  MONARCH MOBILE HOME $38,900  This 14' x 70' two bedroom near new mobile  home Is already set up In one of Gibsons finer  trailer park. Appliances included and vendor will  cany terms. Klaus Roepke 885-2314.       "697  BUILDING IN THE FUTURE?       $69,900  Perfect for the couple who plan to build In the  future but need a place to live right away. The  lot is a beautiful 1/3 acre in Welcome Woods.  The bonus Is a three bedroom Bendlx Mobile  Home. See it with Brent Strad 883-9382. '569  TWO BEDROOM MOBILE  Features include a fireplace. Good affordable  accommodation. $14,500. Bryce Leigh  886-8229. *748  sechelt Office  MtMIMBHI  AELBERS REAL ESTATE  Wa\\    '  Marine Dr., Granthams Landing  886-9238       922-7814  Peter Aelbers (Vancouver)  K KB oik I      Don Logan  Appraiser        C G.A BCCMM  885-3318  LARGE CORNER LOT-SANDY HOOK $39,500  Looking for a bargain? This corner lol must be sold. Excellent view serviced with power arid water. Only 5 miles from Sechelt. Owner will cany  balance after down payment  TUWANEK - SANDY HOOK  We have an excellent choice of lots In each of these areas. Priced from  $29,500.  MAKE AN OFFER!!  Vendor will assist in financing: you be the winner. Water view and within  walking distance of Langdale ferry.  SOAMESROAD 186,500  Next best thing to waterfront - view property within walking distance of the  beach. Two side-by-side lots with an older home straddling them both.  Various possibilities. Buoy established at the water for your boat.  POWELL RIVER $65,000  Your own 2'/2 acre hobby farm with accommodations for the same price of  a single building lot situated In other areas.  FAIRMONT RD. - GIBSONS  8 year old Rancher on 110 ft. frontage. Underground services - good  view. Lot fully landscaped, paved driveway and carport. In attractive cul-  de-sac. All level on one floor. Ideal for retirement.  WEST BAY ��� GAMBIER ISLAND $ 19,500  .93 acre lot for recreational purposes. Daily service from Langdale by foot  passenger ferry. South-easterly exposure.  MARTIN ROAD $69,500  Price reduced - you save on this 2 bedroom older home now tastefully redecorated inside. Good water view and closeness to shops, schools, etc.  makes this ideal as starter, retirement, or revenue home. 10  Sunshine Coasl Realtor, Sept. 4, 1981  Qzrtuty,  21  BOX 1490. PHONE  WHARF ROAD      885-2235  SECHELT. B.C.       VANCOUVER  VON-3A0 689-5838  (Toll Free)  H*  -CENTURY WEST REAL ESTATE  TWO OFFICES  MEMBER SUNSHINE COAST  *^FirT\  ftORVANROAD No. 851  1256 sq ft. of well planned living. 3 bdrms. 2V2  baths. 2 brick fireplaces. Central vacuum, intercom  Large lot.  $159,500      Uny or Ruth Moore 8859213  -Miife. %\.I��  ���Si*:*  DERBY RD No. 883  3 bdrm family home with 3/4 basement & carport.  Double windows, large kitchen. Only  $92.000        Larry or Ruth Moore 885-9213  ROBERTS CREEK No. 841  Two thirds acre on Lower Road near Cheryl Ann  Park. Older two bedroom sits in a beautiful parklike setting of gardens, fruit trees and lawns.  $ 112.500 Pat Parker 885-5615  SANDY HOOK No. 867  Found on Coracle Drive. Attractive new extension,   beautiful  view  from  this  one  may  two  bedroom home. Cozy and private, you'll kick  yourself if you miss this one.  $76,000 Bill 885-5327 - Pat 885-5615  SELMA PARK No. 457  3 bedroom, 1100 sq. ft. home on lease land.  View. Good price on today's market.  $47,000 BUI Walkey 885-5327  WESTSECHELT No. 895  3 bdrm with ensuite off master, 1230 sq. ff with  some view. Full basement, fireplace, carport ft  sundeck. On sewer. Some terms with"30% down  on $135,000 Bert Walker 885-3746 or  Ed Baker 885-2641  BEACH AVE. OFFERS MORE  THAN LOCATION No. 837  New 3 bedroom home with 2550 sq, ft. of living  space situated on over l/2 acre of land. This home  has it all - features are too numerous to mention It  must be seen to be appreciated. If you're in the  market for a fine quality built home. Owner will  carry $100,000at W/��%.  $ 175,000 George Longman 886-8548  WESTSECHELT No. 747  New 3 bdrm home on Bligh Rd. Close to beach,  schools & transportation. An excellent buy for  small family.  $ 124,900 VI Gibbons 885-3944  WATERFRONT  NARROWS INLET No. 744  5 acres of treed waterfront with your own creek  and waterfall. Sheltered waters for boat moorage.  Price includes 16' speedboat.  $53,500 Rita Percheaon 885-5706  GOWER PTRD No. 759  Waterfront lot with esplanade. 100' x 217' selectively cleared & septic tank already Installed.  Beautiful view of the gulf.  $ 120,000 Larry or Ruth 885-9213  HWY 101 RUBY LAKE No. 870  Quiet yet convenient parcel of over 4 acres, 300'  lakefront. Hydro & highway access.  $ 135.000 Bert Walker 885-3746  SECRET COVE No.730  Deep water moorage possible with dredging. Vi  acret. Paved road. Services available. Good  terms.  $79,900 Lynn Wllaon 885-5755  GORGEOUS No. 872  \i acre lot with easy foot access to beach In  Roberts Creek  This older homestead property Is  landscaped with lawn, fruit trees & climbing roses.  Cozy 3 bdrm home has rock fireplace & lots of  charm  $ 198.000 Rita Percheaon 885-5706  HOMES  WELCOMEWOODS No. 884  On Alderwood Rd. new 3 bdrm home, over 1190  sq. ft. on approx.  Vz acre   W/W throughout  Fireplace, ensuite. sundeck & carport,  $ 124,500 Ed Baker 885-2641  or Bert Walker 885-3746  te%JeJ  REDROOFFS No. 742  Country living at its best with all the conveniences.  2 bdrms, double wall oven. Jenn-Air range,  custom cabinets. Barn, fishpond and many extras.  $95,000 Leslie or Ray Fitch 885-9057  TWELVE No. 844  Assume a 12% mortgage & move into this 3 bdrm  rancher in wooded Redrooffs. Large lot has concrete drive, lawn, and short distance to Sechelt.  $93,900 Rita Percheson 885-5706  PEBBLE CRES. No. 887  Charming split-level situated in village. Features 2  fireplaces. 2 bdrms, panelled den, workshop off  carport & lovely garden area.  $104,000 VI Glbbone 885-3944  VILLAGE HOME No. 910  Large living room with fireplace, dining room, &  efficient, bright kitchen. 2 bdrms on main floor &  1 in basement. Partially finished rumpus room  with fireplace, and hobby room or office.  $89,500 George Longman 885-8548  WESTSECHELT No. 787  Quality home, ensuite. 3/4 basement, fresh air  fireplace, naturally landscaped.  Jl 12.000 Lealle or Ray Fitch 885-9057  HANDIMAN SPECIAL No. 874  1040 sq. ft., 3 bedroom home located in nice area  of Lower Roberts Creek, within 2 city blocks of  beach access. Home has new electric service and  heating, new foundations and spetic The repairs  remaining can be done by anyone handy with  hammer and paint brush. Buy now and save.  George Longman 886-8548  SELMA PARK No. 737  Watch the cruise ships pass by and the sunset over  the Trail Islands from this family sized home. In  excess of 2500 sq. ft. of living space on three  levels featuring four spacious bedrooms, cozy den  and large formal living room with custom designed brick fireplace and feature wall. As a bonus this  property offers a small cottage at water's edge that  provides a small revenue.  Pat Parker 885-5615 or  Lealle Fitch 885-9057  ACREAGE  GOLF COURSE ACREAGE No. 860  255 feet alongside the ninth fairway gives way for  the finest relaxed view to be had. In addition the  property is located within one mile of school,  general store and beaches. This property with its  eagles, and birdies Is much above par at  $135,000 George Longman 886-8548  ROBERTS CREEK  3 plus acres with water, hydro & cablevision at  property's edge.  $57,500 George Longman 885-8548  ROBERTS CREEK No. 907  3.29 ac corner of Lower Rd. & Pine Rd. A  natural acreage Investment with obvious potential.  $98,500 George Ungman 886-8548  VIEW THIS ACREAGE No. 799  At Mlddlepoint, 17/5 ac. of lightly treed, sloping  property on Hwy 101.  $118,000 Lealle Fitch 885-9057 or  Bert Walker 885-3746  DAVIS BAY SPECIAL No. 908  Located on Laurel Rd.. 3 bdrm finished lower  level with sauna, 2 fireplaces, sundeck & carport  Big. landscaped lot with garden. Vendor will give  attractive terms on substantial downpayment.  $ 139.500 Bert Walker 885-3746  COOPER RD No. 861  Redrooffs area. Large level lot, treed. Near new  home at 1327 sq. ft.. 3 bdrms, ensuite, fireplace  and double carport.  $114,900      Uny or Ruth Moore 885-9213  SAMRON RD No. 700  Well built family home with quality cabinets &  carpets  Fireplace and wood heater, double carport,   covered   deck    Super   good   view   and  assumable financing.  $159,500      Larry or Ruth Moore 885-9213  WILSON CREEK MLS No. 863  Excellent value and quality. 3 bdrms, ensuite  brick fireplace. Partial ocean view.  $109.900 Lealle or Ray Fitch 885-9057  CHARMING No. 911  3 bdrm mobile with large sundeck, on level treed  lot on Cooper Rd. Skirted, Concrete foundation,  porch, fridge & stove included.  $69,900 Rita Percheaon 885-5706  MILLS RD No. 798  Brand new & ready for occupancy. Level sewered  lot in a good area.  $124,500       Urry or Ruth Moore 885-9213  SANDY HOOK No. 891  550 �� sq. ft. cabin on Coracle Drive. This ideal  summer home needs T.L.C.  $63,900 Pat Parker 885-5615  "WEST SECHELT RANCHER" No. 796  Reduced over $10,000 horn original price.  Under construction 1120 sq. ft.. 2 bedroom ranch  style home with attached carport located in one of  the finer areas of West Sechelt, just minutes from  beach, schools and shopping.  $87,500 George Ungman 886-8548  WEST SECHELT No. 829  Wakefield Road is proud to serve this 3 bedroom.  2000 sq. ft. craftsman's home.Set in almost an  acre of cathedral grove cedars Heading to rockeries, pond, garden shrubs with pavement and  carport at rear of house.  $ 179.900 Bill Walkey 885-5327  OVERLOOK THE BLUE PACIFIC    No. 890  From this 4 yr. new, 2 bdrm double-wide In Selma  Vista Mobile Park. Has lawn, veg. garden, shed,  single carport & covered "sunshine" patio. Very  well maintained. Fisher stove, washer/dryer,  fridge, stove & furniture all Included In low Immediate Mt)t price of  $39,900 Nu Percheaon 885-5706  REDROOFFS MLS No. 795  Six tenths of an acre on Redrooffs Road. 2  bedrooms +, 1100 sq. ft. home. Great view of  Merry, Thormanby and Vancouver Islands. Vendor has purchased elsewhere and will consider  any offer, also will finance.  $187,500 Pat Parker 885-5615  BUSINESS  OPPORTUNITIES  BUSINESS FOR SALE No. 856  This business is being sold for the price of the  Chattels & the prestigious name of Tyee  Products Ltd.'. It is located in the heart of uptown  Sechelt with an excellent five year lease beginning  July 31/81. With the Chattels, location and name  this business could be carried on or changed to  cold storage, warehouse, ice whole sale or retail  outlet or retail fish store plus many other options.  Here's an excellent opportunity to begin working  for yourself with a minimum of investment.  Asking $39,900. Call George 886-8548 or Lynn  885*5755, Terms available. $19,900 at 14% 3 yr.  loan.  LOTS  REDROOFFS No. 761  90 x 181 large lot on Alderwood in Welcome  Woods.   Beautifully treed!   $45,000.  Rila  Percheson 885-5706.  ROBERTS CREEK No. 878  Large 2/3 of an acre building lot. close to beach,  school and store. Waler. hydro and cablevision at  properties edge.  145,500 George Longman 886-8548  SECHELT VILLAGE MLS No. 866  Level lot, 62.5 x 125, Binnacle Street. Vendor  will finance at less than bank rate.  136.000 Pal Parker 885-5615  SECHELT No.868  Marine View on Marine View Way 60 x 132. Services available. Paved road.  139,900 Lynn Wilton 885-5755  NORWEST BAY ROAD No. 786  75 x 150 of towering timbers, near level, close to  schools.  139.900 Ray or Lealle Fitch 885-9057  WELCOMEWOODS No.824  Wooded privacy. Lot 102 xl66. Area of new  homes on spacious grounds.  149,900 Lynn Wllaon 885-5755  WESCANROAD No.882  Large lot on Wescan Road near beautiful Secret  Cove.  135,000 Ray or Utile Fitch 885-9057  SECRET COVE No. 804  151 ft road frontage on this semi waterfront treed  lot. Beach access nearby.  145.000 Rita Percheaon 885-5706  SECHELT VILLAGE No. 912  Choice building lot only one left in general area.  Cleared, sewered, quiet location close to shopping, schools etc.  142.500 Ed Baker 885-2641  REDROOFFS No. 888  Large lot 80 x 250 on sunny Southwood Road in  Welcome Woods.  $36,500 Larry Reardon 885-9320  WESTSECHELT No. 767  Secluded V. acre on Norwest Bay Road.  160,000 Bill Walkey 815-5327  ROBERTS CREEK No.880  Magnificent treed Vi acre lot In best rural location,  off Beach Avenue. Minutes to beach, store and  school.  158,000 George Ungman 8864548  BIG QUIET LOT No. 775  Close to ferry terminal at Earls Cove. 133' x 140'  corner lot. Hydro 8c water at road.  127.500 Bert Walker 885-3746  SANDY HOOK No. 849  Desperation sale on Sandy Hook Rd. .4 acres.  Owner will carry at 15% or will take leu for cash.  ���35,000       BIN 885-5327 or Pat 185-5615  WESTSECHELT No. 790  Your choice of 3 select building lots on paved  road. Selectively cleared, on sewer.  ���48,500 Ed Baker 885-2641  REDROOFFS No. 733  You'll have elbow room plus on this 4/10 acre lot.  Building site cleared and waiting for your mobile  or home.  ���45,000 Rita Percheeon 885-5706  SECHELT VILLAGE No. 900  60 x 132 cleared building lot In Sechelt Village.  Water, hydro, paved road and look at the price!  ���32,500 Rita Percheaon 885-5706 TO SERVE YOU"  REAL ESTATE ASSOCIATION  PHONE  886-8194  VANCOUVER  689-5838  (ToNFim)  DENTAL  CENTRE  GIBSONS  Sunshine Coasl Realtor, Sept. 4, 1981  GhIuij/,  ���f-n    m .el.  ���CENTURY WEST REAL ESTATE-  LOTS  ROBERTS CREEK No 826  All services available except sewer. Close to beach  and golf course.  ���49.900 George Ungmen 886-8548  SANDY HOOK No. 838  Lot 2 and Ut 48 on Sandy Hook Road &  Skookumchuck Road. Breathtaking view! Price  tor both lots $65,000!  Ray or Lealle Fitch 885-9057  SHOAL WAY No. 810  West Porpoise Bay, near arena. Water, hydro,  paved road. 60 x 105. $40,000.  Ray or Leelle Rich 885-9057  REDROOFFS No. 820  Beautiful piece of property with large maple trees,  fronts on paved road in good area.  ���35,000 Rita Percheaon 885-5706  ROBERTS CREEK No. 877  2 good size building lots, both have hydro,  cablevision and regional water at property's edge.  Located within walking distance of beach, store &  school.  ���41,500 each   George Ungman 886-8548  SEACREST WATERFRONT No. 806  Redrooffs area. Very steep but incredible view.  Lovely arbutus and only  ���77,500       Ruth or Uny Moore 885-9213  WESTSECHELT No. 879  Make plans to build your own home on this  beautiful view lol. Site grading completed.  ���36,900 Rita Percheaon 885-5706  WANT TO BUILD IN WEST SECHELT?  LOOK AT THESE BUYS!  No, 893 ��� Samron Road  ���39.900  No. 889 ��� Norvan Road  ���39,900  No. 785 -Mills Road  ���39.900  No. 853-Norvan Roac  ���54,000  No. 865 - Jasper Road  ���61.000  No. 756-Norvan Road  ���62.000  Uny ft Ruth Moore 885-9213  WEST SECHELT VIEW MLS No. 909  .595 of an ac. overlooking Trail Islands et al.  Complete privacy.  ���68,500 George Ungman 886-8548  SANDY HOOK  - SEAVIEW ROAD -  Ut 107 - $38,000.  - SANDY HOOK ROAD -  Ut C - $35,000.  Ut49-$38,000  - DEERHORN DRIVE -  Ut 44   $39,900  Ut 52 - $39,000  Pat Parker 885-5615  BUI Walkey 885-5327  - DEERHORN DRIVE -  Ut 35 - $38,500  George Ungman 886-8548  - PORPOISE DRIVE ���  Ut 35 - ��39,900  Rita Percheaon 885-5706  VIEW LOTS  HOMES  SKYLINE DRIVE  GIBSONS PRESTIGIOUS BLUFF    No. 846  A spectacular view and privacy Is yours from this  attractive 2 bdrm post, and beam bungalow,  situated on a lovely large sized treed lot with selective clearing.  1119,500 Wendy 886 8076  REED ROAD-ACREAGE No. 892  Established hobby farm, completely fenced &  crossed-fenced. 3 bedroom full basement home  rental unit and numerous outbuildings.  ���260,000 Lynda Hickman 886-7352  CHASTER ROAD No. 818  3 bedroom home on large fenced and landscaped  lot. Over 2 yrs left on 10'/,% assumable mortgage.  ��� 124,500. Lynda 886-7352  12'a 68* FLEETWOOD  MOBILE HOME No. 897  Set in Bonniebrook Trailer Park, view, minutes to  beach. Excellent condition, some furniture Included.  ���25.000. Eva 886-7126  VI885-3944  ROBERTS CREEK ���  5 ACRE ESTATE No. 901  3 bdrm. 3 yr. old panabode home, quality kitchen  cabinetry, woodstove in family area, large sunny  patio's on a selectively cleared area within the  framework of stately cedars-some marketable  timber & Joe Smith Creek!  ��� 182,500 Wendy Bodt 886-8076  WOODCREEK PARK - GIBSONS No773  This three bedroom house is perfectly coordinated to take full advantage of the large view  lot. Features include, pantry off kitchen, two  masonary fireplaces and wood windows.  ��� 149,000 Lynda 886-7352  DAVIS ROAD - GIBSONS No. 751  4 bedroom split level, fireplace, family room, cbse  to shopping and all schools. Assumable  mortgage.  $119,500 Eva 886-7126  5 ACRES NORTH ROAD No. 898  300 ft. Hwyirontagc. Double wide home partially  fenced and coraled for the hobby farmer. Vendor  will carry at 16%.  ��� 165,000 Ev. 886-7126  DUNHAM ROAD ��� PORT MELLONNo. 628  3 bedroom hoirte, fireplace, dining room, 100 x  173 lol. Needs some work.  $54,900 Eva 886-7126  HWY 101 No. 848  There is a Harbour View from this two possible 3  bedroom home. Covered sundeck to enjoy the  outdoor living on this large lot.  $139,000 Lynda 8867352  Judy 8854226  PRATT ROAD No. 896  Two levels of family living on a large landscaped  lot. Four bdrms, rec. room, plenty of storage  space, large sundeck and more.  $119,000 George Longman  Judy Eldred 885-9226  JUDITH PLACE No. 814  3 bedroom quality built rancher. A spacious kitchen with separate eating area. A distinctive use  of wood - a lovely home.  ���107,500 Lynda 886-7352  Wendy 886-8076  LOTS  CREEKSIDE SUBDIVISION LOT ���  GIBSONS No.886  60 x 120 fully serviced lot, within walking distance  to all amenities.  ���39,900 Eva Caraky 886-7126  CEDAR GROVE AREA No. 769  Level lot, 74' frontage, zoned for mobile,  $42,000 Eva Caraky 8867126  SEAMOUNT INDUSTRIAL PARK No. 764  74 x 150 - excellent warehouse location.  $60,000 Lynda Hickman 886-7352  SEAMOUNT  INDUSTRIAL PARK No. 766 ft 765  Prime location with 124 fl. highway frontage. The  opportunity to acquire industrial property wilh  good public visibility is rare so call Lynda now 886-  7352. $120,000.  FIRCREST ROAD No. 808  Good level lot for building. Excellent location in  area of new homes.  ���35.000 Carol Sttaner 886 9114 or  Pat Parker 885-5*15  GIBSONS HARBOUR VIEW! No. 827  Lower Gibsons, Super view, ready to build, al  services.  $52,500 Eva Caraky 886-7126  WELCOMEWOODS No. 8*9  Wet* treed tot on quiet street, dose to park and  fishing. 100 x 200 approx.  ���54.900, will look at often.  Lynn Wllaon 888-5755  GIBSONS-WOODCREEK PARK No. 828  Quality controlled prestige subdivision. Fully  serviced lots, some view.  $39,500  $46,000        M Waftey 8854327  Linda Hickman 8867352  GIBSONS-WOODCREEK PARK No774  Four bedrooms plus large games room and  spacious family room. Energy efficiently insulated  (floor, walls, ceiling), oak cabinetry, huge lot  landscaped in turf. Owner wifl carry at 13%% on  this large family home.  $159,000 Bill Walkey 885-5327  WOODCREEK PARK-GIBSONS No772  This attractive split level three bedroom home  has a masonary fireplace, wood windows, hidden  gutters and enclosed garage.  $139,000 Lynda 886-7352  GRADY ROAD-LANGDALE No. 904  Three bedroom almost new with fireplace, basement and enclosed garage. This home Is on an attractively landscaped large lot. Assumable mortgage.  ��� 128,000 Carol Skinner 886-9154  GIBSONS No.789  Woodcreek Park's only full basement home to  dale. 3 bedrooms, well designed living area, huge  wrap-around-deck plus full basement for your  custom touch. This house Is near completion, so  hurry,  ���129.500 BUI Walkey 885-2235  GIBSONS Ne.762  3 bedroom 1920 sq. ft. executive, energy efficient  quality home,-stands on one of the largest lots In  the subdivision. Fenced backyard landscaped  front yard In turf. Enjoy the wealth of oak cabinets  and many other features too numerous to list.  Vendor will carry at 15%.  ���159.000 BUIWalka*SS5-5327  or 885-2235  CONVENIENCE OF LOCATION  AND POCKETBOOK! No. 629  3 bedroom home for ���59,0*0.These Strata Tide  units are located on HiUcrest Road. Within  walking distance of schools, shopping and other  amenities. Only one left. Call for appointment to  view Eva or Lynda at 8864194.  WATERFRONT  UOWER POINT AND 16TH ST.        No.759  Spectacular view from this espanade waterfront  lot. Build your dream home on this 100* a 217'  ���120.000  Carol Sklaoar (86-9154 or '  Rath Moore 885-9213  ACREAGE  ROBERTS CREEK -  CONRAD RD No. 813  1.75 acres with 3 bedroom home, 24x24 garage,  landscaping needed to make this one a beauty.  $129400 Eva Caraky 8867126  Judy Eldred 885-922*  SHAW ROAD-GIBSONS No. 825  Invest In your future! 2.8 acres on Shaw Rd.,  subdivision potential, bonus, 3 bedroom 1645 sq.  ft. home.  Eva 886-7126  Usee 8854057 Sunshine Coast Realtor, Sept. 4, 1981  anderson  REALTY LTD  FREE CATALOGUE  Sechelt  885-3211  ���ox 121*, VON 3AO  cmz��  Rod Estate Service  anderson  REALTY LTD  Vanoeuvor Toll fim    fiftaioftOI ft  *&  HOMES ��� TALK TO US ABOUT VENDOR FINANCING  ROBERTS CREEK: ��� Excellent building lot on paved dead end  road. 75' x 140'. Mobile homes accepted. Asking 142,500. Call  Doug. *127  SELMA PARK: 3 bdrm full basement home on dead end street.  Very low maintenance with aluminum siding. Large sundeck  facing excellent view. Owner has been transferred and will con-  side all offers. Asking 1139,900. Doug has the key.      M41  SELMA PARK ��� PANORAMIC VIEW:  1600 sq.  ft   3  bedroom, full basement and garage. Fireplace, Jennaire range  and oven, two door fridge-freezer and dishwasher. Built-in  vacuum system. 134' x 200' landscaped treed property. Asking  $165,000. Call Jack. #91  MOORAGE GUARANTEED. Up to 40 ft. of moorage  available with purchase of this 2060 sq. ft. quality built view  home in Selma Park. Other features include heat pump with  reverse cycle air conditioning, skylights, built-in vacuum and  wood sash windows Asking 1189,000. For more info call Stan  Hilstad or Stan Anderson *101  "FEATURED HOME  OF THE WEEK"  154,900 buys you a single wide mobile home. Quiet area on  Mason Road. Landscaped maintenance free lot. Metal storage  shed. Corner lot. The price is right for a revenue home toot Call  Frank or Bob. *132  DAVIS BAY: Enjoy the panoramic view over Davis Bay or a  refreshing dip In the 16* x 32' pool while the beautiful minimal  care landscaping looks after Itself. This well built home has 3  bedrooms up. 2 down and a slate pool table included In the 28' x  17' rec. room. To view call Bob Bull or Stan Hilstad. Askinq  $165,000 "135  WEST SECHELT: Prestige home in an exclusive area,  Presently under construction & should be finished by  November. 3 bedrooms ��� 3 bathrooms - 3 fireplaces ��� Jennaire &  built-in oven. Many more features. For the discriminating  purchaser, F.P. $225,000. Call Doug. 9117  trYwm^kt  FOR UNDER 1100,000: You can have a home with a view of  the ocean and easy access to the beach. The lot faces south at  the end of a dead end road. A lovely creek runs through the  back corner of the property. The house has 2 fireplaces: living  room & rec. room. All this located in sunny Roberts Creek. To  view call Gordie. 494,500. "77  DAVIS BAY: It would be difficult to find a prettier setting than  this 3 bedroom split level home. Beautifully built, decorated &  landscaped. Energy efficient, hydro averages $32/month. Too  many features to list here. For the discriminating purchaser! The  price is $175,000 Call Doug "143  WEST SECHELT��� NORVAN CULDESAC  ' 1320 sq. ft. 3 bedroom, 2 bathrooms  * rec. room, family room, enclosed garage  ' fireplace, cedar feature wall and skylight  ' 49,000 mortgage at ll'/2% due in 4 years  1 Contact Bob Bull or Frank Ingham *25  VILLAGE OF SECHELT: Buy a lovely large family home with  a relaxing view of Porpoise Bay and the mountains. This home  has 4 bedrooms, 3 sets plumbing. Large living room and dining  room with an attractive stone heatilator fireplace. Large rec.  room .ind pool room with a wood heater set on a brick  background. This comfortable home has many other features  too numerous to write about. For complete information on this  3400 sq. ft. of tamily living call Gordie at 885 9986 - r 885 3211.  Asking price $219,900. "122   .  S54.900 buys you a single-wide mobile home. Quiet area on  Mason Road Landscaped maintenance free lot Metal storage  shed Corner lot The price is right for a revenue home too! Call  Frank or Bob "132  ROBERTS CREEK ��� HOUSE ON SALE: Owner/Builder Is  going away and ihis house will be sold before he returns! It is  locaied in a quiet area and close to the beach The home has a  large private sundeck and separate workshop Covered by the  "New Home Warranty Program of B.C.". Call Doug for appointment to view. "74  HOUSE FOR RENT: * 3 bedroom family home Field Road  area. $490 per month. Call Bob Bull 885-3211  WILSON CREEK: Brand spankiny new home In quiel sunny  area. 16(H) sq Ii done with a beautiful cedar ceiliuy ihnmghoul  the kitchen, dining and living rooms M miner Lime free siding  Master with shower In extra large ensuite Heatilator fireplace  with wood box Bay window Double carpori and much more  Vendor will take other propem. m trnde l;"n viewing ointiui  Bob Bull or Frank Ingham 106  EXECUTIVE HOME ��� JASPER ROAD: () 1 the JWsl ex  amplesof West Coast living on the Sunshine Const Tup qualilt  craftsmanship and design. Only ihe best ol malt Is in ihis run  tractors' private residence. 3000 plus sq ft m.iking exleu-lvt  use of beams and sundecks. Secluded seiiiny ��-n yen) rnuni  creek Features include: sauna in ensuiie liwnyrooin il'iin- n  cedar and custom solid mahogany cabinets View I>l np))(n:ii  ment only. Offered exclusively by Bob Bull and 11.ink lngh>im   . 1 05  LOTS - FINANCING AVAILABLE AT REDUCED RATES  - SANDY HOOK -  Mt. Richardson        Lot 115 $35,000 Don Hadden    #21  Sandy Hook Lot 48   asking $39,900 Frank   Ingham #113  Uplands Road Lot 19   $26,500 Don Hadden    N23  Porpoise Properties Lot 30   asking $54,900 Bob Bull #90  WEST SECHELT  Mason Road Lot A asking $65,000 Stan Anderson 824  Jasper Road Lot 22 asking $49,900 Gordie Hall       #107  Island View Drive   Lot 7   asking $69,500 Jack Anderson #84  -DAVIS BAY- M23  Arbutus Drive - Lot 55 Asking $66,000 Frank Inuhaii,  Arbutus Drive Lot 47 asking $66,000 Bob Bull or  Frank Inqham #75  LANGDALE: Lot 2 - End of Grady Rd. Water, power &  close to ferry terminal. Asking $45,900. Call Doug. M36  - GRANTHAMS -  Woodland Road   Lot 5 & 6 asking   $45,000  Frank Ingham #1 & 2  Central Road       Lot 22        asking $25,000  Stan Hilstad #115  Welcome Woods Subdivision  Lots from $54,500  Redrooffs Ranch ��� Phase I  Lot 34 asking $49,000 Bob Bull or Frank Ingham  Lohn Rd - Lots 59 & 60149,000 Stan Hllslad  Redrooffs Ranch - Phase II  Lois 63 & 65 asking $45,000 Stan Hilstad  Lots 69 & 70 asking $45,000 Gordie Hall  Lol 101 wilh trailer $45,000 Don Hadden  Fawn Road  Lot 82 asking $49,900 Bob Bull or Frank Ingham  Gordon   REDROOITS  ���79  '134  120* 121  ��� 110  Kleindale ��� 5 easy acres on highway - 159,000  Terms Don 885-9504.  Davis Hay view lot on Arbutus Dr. Priced to sell at $55,000.  Call Boh or ['rank.      SECRET COVE      Painter Road Lot 5 $44,000 Frank Ingham or Bob Bull   jffl  TIUICUM BAY: - Easy access 4 acre lot on Tillicum Road  Asking 139,000. Call Stan Hilstad 'ISO  GIBSONS VILLAGE: - Good building lot In central location ol  lower Gibsons. Asking 149,000 Call Stan Hllslad '144  SECHELT VILLAGE: 1152+ sq II. 3 bedroom home within  walking distance to shopping On sewer, some view and lull  basement Asking 191,900 Call Doug. '133  REDROOFFS ROAD: Owner has bought1 2 bedroom lull  basemem quality built home on one acre >.|u mill assumable  mortgaye.il 11 W. nil Sepi 84 Price reduced for quirk sale to  1139,900. Immediate possession Call Doug 100  Arbutus Drive   Lol 55 askinq $66,000 Prank Ingham  SOMETHING SPECIAL ��� VILLAGE HOME: Whal betler  time to buy a revenue home at a very special price! Recently  redecorated home consisting of 3 bedrooms, 2 levels and  spacious basement. Plenty of room for a suite. Large backyard  and lots of storage space for just $79,900. This is a real boy. Call  Stan Anderson. 816  NEW SEA VIEW ��� LOT 54 ��� DAVIS BAY: Close to public  beach Two level home ideal for In-law suite with separate entrance Good view (rom both levels. 2 sets plumbing plus ensuite  In master bedroom. Over 2000 sq. ft with w/w carpets 3  bedrooms up Workroom, laundry room Carport & sundeck  Cement drive. Good value 1149.500. F P. Call Jack  8852053. '9  SECHELT VILLAGE: Move right in. Like new 3 bedroom  home leatures 2x6 walls, airtight heater, basement substantially  developed and $50,000 assumable mortgage. Call Bob Bull or  Frank Ingham 195,500. '155  WATERFRONT  Hall  885-9986  "TGrT-  Hilstad  888-2923  Joyce  885-2761  Frank  Ingham  885-5336  GIBSONS VILLAGE - BEACHFRONT HOME:   One of the  finest waterfront properties available in the area. This immaculate home features a beautiful vaulted celling and walls  done in cedar, which complement a massive stone fireplace. A  bright well appointed kitchen and huge master bedroom. Two  bathrooms, laundry room and new Fisher stove. The yard is  very well landscaped with garden area, metal shed and  greenhouse. Offered by Frank Ingham. "116  ill  Haddtn  885-9504 Sunshine Coasl Reallor, Sepl. 4, 1981 13  anderson  REALTY LTD  FREE CATALOGUE  Madeira Park  883-9525  ,   Box98, VON2HO  anderson  REALTY LTD  VonoouvoK Tow fIbo)  684-8016  HOMES  BARGAIN HARBOUR CHARM: A fresh listing in a desirable  area Here's a great combination of sandy beach and deep.  protected moorage. Enjoy the southerly view horn the sunroom  In an 1100 sq. ft. modern (remodelled) home set just above the  beach amongst landscaped surroundings. A real find at  $250,000 Jock Hermon 883-2745 or Bill Hunsche 883-2637.  M37  CRIS WAY ��� BARGAIN HARBOUR: Enjoy the southerly exposure and excellent view of Bargain Harbour from this home.  Along with the view are features such as 2 heatilator fireplaces. 3  bedrooms, separate dining and living rooms, kitchen with nook.  a large covered sundeck with carport underneath and a finished  rec. room with wet bar. Along with view come all appliances,  drapes and carpeting. To view call Bill Hunsche 883-2637 or  883-9525. *49  GARDEN BAY ESTATES: 4 month old Astro quality home In  a most prestigious area - 2 blocks to a marina - this 11% sq. ft..  2 bedroom home has fireplace, laundry, ensuite and an excellent floor plan on 4/10 of an acre. F P ���129,500. View with  JBoh 885-3531  "125  GARDEN BAY ROAD - GARDEN BAY: Comfortable older  950 sq. ft. home close to stores and government float. The 44  acres and present zoning permits 2 dwellings. There Is an  assumable mortgage of $33,500 al 16% due In 1983. The property and home at 182,000 Is a sound buy and investment. To  view call Bill Hunsche 883-2637 or 883-9525.  STARTER HOME OR SUMMER RETREAT: with fireplace  on large lot on Front Road, Madeira Park. Priced to sell at  ���59.900. Vendor will consider carrying up to $40,000. Call  Doug 885-2761 or Bill Hunsche 883-2637. '108  Sechelt  885-3211  Boi 1219, VON 3AO  EmmH  fmi uttNf Swtwi  CiSEa  ���"*- 684-8016  ARBUTUS DRIVE: The view is unparalleled from this  executive home in the newest area of Davis Bay. This 1346 sq. ft  home is designed for family living at Its finest. A massive front  deck highlights the cedar siding and shake roof. The 2 car carport garage and driveway are cement and the front lawn Is In,  This home features 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, ensuite with  shower, vaulted ceilings, cedar feature walls, as well as, 2 brick  fireplaces both with heatilators. Skylights and dishwasher are  also Included. This home is truly luxury and In the right area to  protect your Investment. Offered by Bob Bull and Frank In  gham. *K  SECHELT VILLAGE- SALMON DRIVE:  * Unique architectural design.  * 1636 sq ft.. 2 storey. 3 bedrooms.  * family room, sunken livingroom. fireplace.  * walk to schools and shopping.  * another quality built Fjord Design home  * Call Stan Anderson * IS  ���40,000 AT 104-1% DUE NOV. 'S3: Attractive 3 bedroom  home In popular West Sechelt, Large sundeck. carport, separate  12' x 20' garage. Basement nicely furnished and large fenced  year. Call Frank Ingham or Bob Bull.  Asking 1115.000 -112  DAVIS BAY BEAUTY: ��� A short walk takes you to the beach,  store & fine restaurant. A nice view from a private deck and level  back yard makes it a comfortable home. Cedar garage door,  fireplace and skylight Owner builder will sell at any stage of  completion and take back a second mortgage. View anytime  Frank Ingham *H  WELCOME WOODS (REDROOFFS): 9 months new 3  bedroom contemporary home on 5/8 of an acre on Wildwood  Rd. The home highlights an Interior cedar finish, large sundeck,  and a practical layout. The price of ���119,500 Includes 5 new  appliances. For more Information please contact Bill Hunsche  883-2637 or 883-9525 '140  SMALL, COMFORTABLE ONE BEDROOM HOME: on a  large lot on Narrows Rd. in Madeira Park, For further  information please call Bill Hunsche 883*2637 or 8839525 124  RONDEVIEW ROAD: 1086 sq. ft. of real value. Here's a 3  bedroow rem*. rtpfeO yfyc,'U^ll(fcJl'fJ'JH'tfjl well main-  talned ||JlltjUTCKgr|lJl?^ in for  finishing,, carport and sunder 1* Prow is ���94.000. Call John  Breen 883-9978 '14 2  RONDEVIEW ROAD: The price combined with construction,  the location and the many features will sell this family home.  Compare this home to others available, with 4 bedrooms,  master with ensuite. finished rec. room with fireplace, large  sundeck. Jenn-Air kitchen, enclosed independent 2 car garage  and a nice landscaped lol. and you will agree that for ���108,500  asking, this home is an excellent buy. To view call Bill Hunsche  883-2637 or 883-9525.  *54  WATERFRONT  WATERFRONT PRIVACY: The best Investment in real estate  is waterfront. This 3 acre�� eslate is located on desirable  Redrooffs Rd. Formally 2 lots - R 2 zoning permits a 2nd house  on deluxe site next to the finest porous concrete tennis court on  the coasl. The 1150 sq. ft house is cedar and glass lo take advantage of views of Merry Island lighthouse and beyond.  $52,000 al 11%. Owner will accept trades or take back mortgage. F.P. 4285,000 Call Bob 885-3531. '38  2 DWELLINGS ARE PERMITTED ON THIS 1.47 ACRES:  100' of waterfront in Redrooffs. From your 18' trailer with a large  sundeck you will witness unsurpassed views of the Merry Island  lighthouse, Georgia Straight and Vancouver Island. Lawn,  hydro, water and driveway are in. Pricell05.000.To view call  Bill Hunsche 883-2637 or 883 9525. *33  EXCLUSIVE WATERFRONT: We are proud to offer for sale  one of the finest homes on the Sunshine Coast. The 2 year old  superbly constructed 60' dock has water and electricity. The  main residence takes full advantage of perhaps the finest view of  Pender Harbour. The basement contains a 2 bedroom self-  contained in-law suite finished to high standards. A Sauna and  Jacuzzi equipped bathroom are next to the Master Bedroom. A  separate guest cottage contains a Jacuzzi bath' and deluxe  finishing. View this extraordinary property In Garden Bay  Estates with Bob Beaupre ��� 885-3531.  Full Price 1500,000. "129  BUSINESS  OPPORTUNITIES  LENDER HARBOUR: Boatwork., wilh waterfront and 1800  sq. ft. contemporary home situated on 2'. acres at the head of  Pender Harbour. This Is an excellent business opportunity  along with a lovely home for the right individual. For more  Information call Bill Hunsche 883-9525 or 883-2637. '60  4',, ACRES IN MADEIRA PARK: Next to shopping centre.  R3L zoning permils l4 acre lots. Excellent holding property as  there are 2 stores & 2 homes on properly wilh a potential  revenue of $1,470 per monlh. Owner will carry some financing.  For more information call Bob or Bill 883 9525. ��4*  1 ACRE ON LAGOON RD: In Madeira Park. Zoning permit ,  acre lots. Priced al $65,000 Contact Bill Hunsche 883-9525or  883 2637. ��52  FOR KENT: 2700 sq. II. ol retail area in Madeira Park. For  more inlormallon. call Bill or Bob 883 9525.  LOTS AND ACREAGE  LOVELY RURAL 2 ACRE ��� SETTINGjln Mountain View  Estates in Kleindale Property haa^uiAi ftf^fr ' driveway  in, well has been drilled. ���^f>w^ip)l *lnc* A sound  investment for 441,OOO.^Pk^-^|BffrTCmsche 883-9525 or  883-2637. V *93  LOCATION PLUS OCEAN VIEW: 1.49 acres adjacent to the  Earl's Cove Ferry terminal. Some old buildings, but value Is In  semi-waterfront land and It's inspiring view towards Jervis Inlet.  ���65.000 is the price and terms can be arranged. Jock Hermon  883-2745. *139  LOT 43 ��� PENDER LAKE ESTATE: This lot is cleared and  driveway Is In. Ready to start construction. Possible view. F.P.  ���39.000. Call Bob885-3531 '138  EXCELLENT BUILDING LOT: on Madeira Park Rd. Very  suitable for a small commercial building or the home of your  choice. Price $44,500. To view call Bill Hunsche 883-2637.1*88  A TOUCH OF COUNTRY LIVING: On 8 acrest of gentle  sloping land in Klemd-^uHBt 5��awd 700 sq. fl. Panabode  with full baseme^jftryBte-Mf^reed and has a creek on  it. To view ca^l%*sffle 883 2637 or 8839525. F.P.  $118,500. N89  2 ACRES - KLEINDALE: An exceptional 2 acre site in  Kleindale, The power is at the properly line and the well has  been drilled. This properly offers trees and a gentle slope wiiha  good exposure. Price $55,000- To view call Bill Hunsche 883*  2637 or 883 9525. it 104  YOUR OWN MAJESTIC VIEWOF GARDEN BAY  LAKE: This is a large toLjiKte l*f*kh a gentle slope and  excellent building *|iBt inl^mM*t,1L' 'll**e *,nc' 's 'u"v  serviced with pryMt&Kjn^JtW/ma. Ti iced $39,000. To view  call Bill Hunsche 88>Ro37 or 883-9525. ��82  KLEINDALE: 5 easy acres on highway. 159.000 terms Call  Don.  DONNELY DRIVE ��� MIDDLEPOINT: A 1 5th share in 1  acre of land, with your own 1 bedroom A-Frame. Close to  ocean and public access. This is a good recreational investment  Asking 149.500 To view call Bill Hunsche 883-2637 or  883-9525. . '152  LEE BAY PROPERTIES  LEE  BAY  WATERFRONT:   Spectacular  easy  access  walerfrunt shoresof Lee Bay at the entrance lo Pender Harbour  \ quality subdivision with southwestern exposure and fabulous  view. A lisherman's delight, a rclaxer's paradise. Lois are fully  serviced including sewer and nicely treed. All lots are covered  by a building scheme lo ensure highest quality construction.  Lot 01 - 19,063 sq. ft. - $118,900      Lot 18 - $39,000  Lot 02 - 16,835 so. ft. - $118,900      Lol 21 $65,000  Lot 09--SOLD'- -  $099,900  Lot 10 - 15,371 sq. II. - $097,900  Lot 12 - 16,566 sq. ft. - $097,900  Lot 13 - 25,629 sq. ft. - $097,900  LOTS AND ACREAGE: Lot 30 on Lee Bay Rd. in IrvinoB  Landing. 1.85 acres of fantastic view property in new subdivision  priced at $66.000.To view call Bill Hunsche 883 9525 or 883  2637. ��04  WATERFRONT: and your own majestic view of Lee Bay and  Malaspina Strait. This is an excellent waterfront building lot and  a Must See. Price $129,000. To view call Bill Hunsche 883 9525  or 883-2637. ��57  MAGNIFICENT WATERFRONT HOME: Under construe  lion, a 2600 sq. ft. architect designed west coast contemporary  home wl.ich drapes over a 4/10 of an acre site, with 130'+ of  waterfront. The home layout and plan takes optimum  advantage of a south westerly exposure and one of the most  picturesque locations on the B.C. coast, namely Lee Bay and  the Malaspina Strait. The tinted double paned windows will  totally expose several incredible views, for a proud owner to  enjoy and discover each day. The home will feature a unique  design with optimum space utilization and an abundance of  sundecks with a courtyard entrance, highlighted by cedar siding  to express the West Coast theme. This home is situated in the  Lee Bay subdivision which has several restrictive covenants lo  protect one's persona! as well as financial interests. There are  many more features and facets to this exciting home and  property too numerous lo list, so lor further information, please  call Bill Hunsche 883*2637 or 883 9525.  YOUR DREAM HOME: is now under construction. The  location is Lee Bay, lol *25, which allows you toenjoy the view of  famous Lee Bay and the majestic Malaspina Strait. This 1531,2  sq. fl, home will be nestled amongst orchard trees itnd a small  creek. The home is a quality Jenish design two storey with  basement entry. Buy now and have your choice of the finishing  details, such as carpets, cabinets, etc. This home is situated in  an exclusive subdivision, wilh several restrictive covenants  which will protect one's personal and financial Interest!,,  For more inlormallon pleas*, call Bill Hunsche HH.J 26.17 m  8839525, ��97  Jack  Anderson  885-2053  Bill  Hunsche  883-2637  Bob  Bob  Bull  Beaupre  885-2503  885-3531  Stan  Anderson  885-2385  Jock  Hermon  883-2745  John  Breen  883-9978 14  Sunshine Coast Realtor, Sept. 4, 1981  Sechelt  885-3211  Box 121ft VON MO  FREE CATALOGUE  CEDE��  R��JEst��ltStm��  anderson  REALTY LTD  Vanoouvw Tod Fnw  684-8016  WATERFRONT  REDROOFFS WATERFRONT: I 47 ams with hydro,  phone, water anil cablv T V at the road Excellent exposure  Pull price 199,900 Call Don HHS 9504 *39  DAVIS BAY ��� SUNSETS GALORE: Beautiful waterfront  property on Ihe hest r**ai h ol the coftll. Very priv/aie and partly  landscaped lot is approximately ^ acre Stair* could be buill to  ihe water. View with Bob Bull SteZftUS $90,000 bul owner  looking (or oilers. ***  HALFMOON BAY ��� TAYLOR CRESCENT: Fully serviced  waterlroni lot in exclusive area ot deluxe homes Full southern '  exposure Excellent building sues Reduced irom $114,900 lo  109,000 Call Gordie l*5  SANDY HOOK ��� 103- OF WATERFRONT: !i will not be  easy to build on this lol. bul a little imagination will do wonders  Come in and talk II over Name your price and make a deal I'm  Frank Ingham   *ll4  RUBY LAKE: UftM cabin reduced |c $35 <HHI '6 7  SECRET COVE: ft acre plus 91 It of waterfront properly This  land is Ireed and has Iremendous potential. The waterlroni is  tidal bul nol rocky so deep waler access is possible wilh  dredging Usi years price $79,900 Stan Hllslad. ��109  WATERFRONT: 16 acres gently sloping with approx 61X1'  low bank waielront Approval lor subdivision lo 3 parcels A  gieal investment opportunity Vendor will finance at reasonable  interest rate Call Bob Bull or Frank Ingham *I26  BARGAIN HARBOUR: Waterlroni lot, over hall acre.  recently perked, driveway m hydro, water and phone al road  Full price I 8 5 .0 0 0 Call Don al 885-9504 or  885-3211 ** 7  COMMERCIAL  PRIME COMMERCIAL PROPERTY: with IUiliw.iv 101  Ironiase In Gibf-ani Approximaltly 4 lurxlrvktable.i< tei in iwo  WparalB panels. Ready lodflvctoti Hid priced to sell ConiiKI  Frank Inaham 8855336 oi Bob Bull 885 2503 Wncouwi loll  Free 684 8016 "His  SECHELT VILLAGE - COMMERCIAL LOT: This 50* x  176' commercial lol iscentially located In the business oislriu.  Greal investment properly, See Bob Bull foi details   577,000  "17  COMMERCIAL CORNER: Mason & Norwest B.iv Rd  18.000 si) Il ol commercial land suitable tor a mini supermarket  or combination country producemarKei locatedInaweIIsettled  area Busy crossroad area adjacent lo an exnaiiding school and  no competition On sue living quarters permitled F P  $129,000. Call Stan Anderson 885-2385, 885-3211 ��2R  GOING CONCERN! UPTOWN LAUNDROMAT; Steady  year round business. Ideal lor semi retired couple All  equipment in excellent condition Renewable lease on binkling  Good location in upper Gibsons. Just reduced from $55,000 to  $45,000 S20,000 DP, balance at 5500 per monlh ai 15".  interest For information call Jack al 885 3211 =92  FULL-SCALE DEVELOPMENT PROPERTY: Approx  imately 4 acres ol subdividable land in two separate parcel) Ex  cellenl Highway 101 frontage in the Key" growth area Option  to join the village with 25 II strata lot zoning Prime lor office  retail, apartment, racquet sports Heady In develop and priced  lo sell Talk creative financing to Frank Ingham oi Bob Bull  Vancouver Toll Free 684-8016 '8*  PORPOISE BAYX  ��� Now Selling  An exclusive waterfront development  "TERMS NOW AVAILABLE"  20% down balance at 15%   ���  View. I'nip.-iu  Irom SI.'.'llHI  (iM-8016       885.31111  Gordon  Hall  885-9986  Hilstad  888-2923  Doug  Joyce  885-2761  Frank  Ingham  885-5336  Don"  Hadden  885-9504  WATERFRONT  Follow Secret Road and II will lead you to this approx. V.  acre waterfront lot. Quiet seclusion will be yours. Services  are available. F.P. 179,900. Call 885-5171. *  SECHELT WATERFRONT L269  Level lot to waterfront with a 3 bdrm, full basement unfinished home. Electric and plumbing are In. Home is on sewer.  This home awaits your personnal touch. Finally a house you  can finish to your liking. Call now. F.P. 1155,000.  THIS VIEWS FOR YOU L261  From this 100' x 217' lot on Gower Point Road you can capture a beautiful view and just an esplanade separates you  from the waterfront. The market is right and so is the price.  . F.P. 175,000. Call now.  LET THE SUN FIND YOU... L 264  Relaxing on this 54' x 10' sundeck which is part of a lovely 3  bedroom full basement. 1248 sq. ft. home. Cooking out is no  problem on the patio just set up the bar-b-que then set up the  badminton net on the super level lawn. Guaranteed fun in  the sun. All this plus built-in oven, range, fridge and  dishwasher. Don't miss this one. Call Pat Murphy for  appointment to view F.P. $110,000.  WHITAKERROAD L270  Looking lor a home in it quiet area? Like the beach'* Want to  be able to walk to the stores? Then this 1 bdrm bungalow in  Davis Bay will interest you Situaled on a 50' x 150' lot on  Wlnl.ikrr Road 2 blocks Irom beach and Mores and affor  dable  FP  172,500  Give us a call 885-5171  W -Waterfront  H -Homes  A - Acreage  R - Recreational  F - Farms  Bus. 885-5171  Box 1188, Sechelt, B.C. VON 3A0  "Vour Real Estate Hosts  on (he Suns/line Coast"  "Special Bay"  1977 30 ft. Kustom Koach fully equipped with  air conditioning, AM-FM 8 track stereo, eye  level oven, fridge, range, 4 piece bathroom,  twin battery power pack, twin propane tanks,  retractable T.V., rotating antenna and an 8' x  20' awning. Live In comfort while you build  then travel in style on those country miles. In  excellent condition. F.P. $16,500  REDROOFFS RD. ��� HIDE-AWAY  This 2 bed 24 x 36 modular home is lucked neally in Ihe  trees Enjoy those summer evenings sitting on Ihe 2H x 12  sundeck and those winter nights curled around the acorn  fireplace Park your car in the 24 x 17 garage and make use  of this'/! acre lot F P 193,500. Call 885-5171 for appointment to view.  COUNTRY CHARMER L 250  * 4.6 acres  * Gentle Sloped Land.  * Dogwood trees.  * Fruit trees.  * Well kept lawns.  * Vegetable garden.  * Flower garden.  * Blacktop Rd. & Patio.  * Storage shed (metal).  * Garage.  Plus 3 bdrm 1162 sq. ft. double wide home in  top condition. And all Ihis is surrounded by  a white picketl fence. F.P. $140,000. For  appointment to view call Pat Murphy.  REDROOFFS WATERFRONT L260  All seasons will be fun when you buy this waterlroni home.  Gentle slope to a pebble beach wilh good moorage Approx  Vi acre. You like to garden - well Ihere Is great potential on  this lot. The home is approx. 1700 sq. ft. with 2 bedrooms, a  spacious kitchen and dining area, an airy utility, and a living  room that opens onto a beautiful sundeck. And for the one  who likes to get away from il all there is an 11' x 18'6" den  All this for 1170.000. Call 885-5171.  GOWER POINT L262  You've got the plans now all you need is the land? Great  we've got the lot for you. 100 x 132 in an area that Is quiet  and close to the beach. Plus - It's ready to build on - cleated  and waiting. Call 885-5171. F.P. 159.500.  LARGE LOT-REDROOFFS L267  Lovely large lot 79' x 199' located on Redrooffs Road. Gentle slope and southern exposure, serviced with power and  water, septic approved Close to Sargents Bay Vendor will  carry $25,000 al 18% F P 140,000. Call Pat Murphy  885-5171 anytime.  "SEAVIEW APT. WEST SECHELT* L 244  Here is ,i 4 plex apartment set in a very deiirable <ire.i. Each  9fX) sq It. 2 hclrin suite h,is lots ol slor.ige <is well as a  beautiful view ol the Tr.nl Islands The landscaped properly  ���ilso h,is a 1300 sq. ft. "A" Frame home with 1 -^ baths, lovely  cedar finish inside. Urge living room, single car enclosed  garage -til this on approx. 1 acre of land. Gentle sIoih*.  southern exposure. Great potential. Call Pal Murphy to  arrange appointment lo view $275,000.  MEMBER SUNSHINE COAST REAL ESTATE ASSOCIATION "P.T." Dahle 885-5692 Deirdre 885-5971 Pat 885-5171 Sunshine Coast Realtor, Sept. 4, 1981  15  Box 100  | Madeira Park,  B.C.  883-2233  �� Olli Sladey  % REALTY LTD.   Metmbci qj MulHple Listing Service  | WATERFRONT LOTS & ACREAGE |  rv  NARROWS ROAD  - II.  waterfront. I  10481 sq ft 2 bdrm home with sad-contained I  suite on lower floor, drapes ft appliances. Car- [  port, workshop, boat shed, float. Immediate!  union 1210.000  JUNCTION ISLAND - One third interest in  this beautiful 18 acre island located in Si.  Vincent Bay, Jervis Inlet. Excellent sheltered  moorage, numerous choice building sites. Only  15 minutes by fast boat from Earls Cove or  Egmont. The price for this one third interest ie  only $139,500  HIGGINS ISLAND'- approx. 26 acre island  with sheltered moorage. Located in False Bay,  Lasqueti Island. 1600,000  w  Wj",-*J&.'  | MADEIRA PARK - 150 �� excellent low bank  waterfront with wharf ft attractive 2 storey horns  (1600�� sq.ft.). Nicely landscaped, westerly ex  posure ft ��� fantastic view of the Harbour.  ���125,000  EARL  COVE   -   87'��   waterfront  with  panoramic view of Jervis Inlet. Has level access  from road, drilled well and Is mostly cleared. At  today's prices, this Is a good buy for 185,000.  TOFINO INLET - 4*Vacres island in  sheltered Island Cove near Long Beach,  Vancouver Island. Many good building sites,  timber, nice cove with beach. An excellent buy  for $250,000.  NEAR MADEIRA PARK  e 401 acres overall  ��� l,320i ft. waterfront  ��� Zoned R3L (quarter acre bts)  ��� Preliminary roads & water mains installed for  first phase of 23 lots.  ��� 2 drilled wells  ��� Float & dock (need repairs)   $745,000  ��� 351 acres overall  ��� 1,700+ fl. tidal waterfront  e Zoned R3L (quarter acre bts)  ��� Adjoins above property.  ISM.0M.  LOT 2 - ST. VINCENT BAY - approx. S|  acres with 402�� ft. waterfront end southwesterly exposure. Water access only.  FRANCIS PENINSULA (Beentr bland) -  V>�� acres with 2461 ft. choice, sheltered  waterfront. Zoned commercial, would possibly  main a good site for a small Motel ft Marina.  1150,000.  Toll Free From |  Vancouver:  689-7623  GROUP MICHAM - bated on 411  at beautiful Ruby Lake, this existing motel would!  make an excellent recreational site for a group. J  Has8 units, with a rjc^trillty of 4 more by conversion. 1290,000   GUNBOAT BAY RESORT - 3.51 acres with  152'1 sheltered waterfront with wharf and  small beach. Presently contains a small house  and 3 rental cabins. This could be expended  with more cabins or campsites. Reasonably priced at 1179.500.  MADEIRA PARK - 2 BR home, 816+ sq. ft.  buill 1968 on 11 acres with 2051 ft. view  waterfront. Located on Summit Road, just off  Narrows Road MLS ���165*00.  I  LOTS  I  GARDEN BAY AREA:  1. LOTS 21 -Elliot Road, Garden Bay Lake.  Large recreational bt, treed, driveway ft 2  campsites cleared. SOU ft. from good  swimming on Garden Bay Lake. $37,900.  2. LOTS 66 ft 67 - Garden Bay Estates.  These are the 2 best view bts left in Pender  Harbour's finest subdivision. Both have  good harbour views and south westerly  exposure. Lot 66 hat a driveway and a  cleared building site. Lot67hatateplic tank  and drainfield already installed. $53,500  each.  3. LOT 16-Pender Lake Properties large  view bt with 1481ft. frontage on Hotel Lake  Road.   Serviced  with  hydro ft water...  Southerly exposure. $35,900.  4. LOT 68- Hotel Lake Road this steep and  rocky bt could be a real challenge, but it's  nice and large and the price is bw. $20,000.  5. LOT 61 ��� Panorama Drive, Garden Bay  Estates. One of the best tote in this choice  subdivision $47,500  6. LOT 20 -Deller Road, Garden Bay. Large  panoramic view bt with level access from  Deller Road. MLS $37.500.  7. GARDEN BAY LAKE AREA - one +  acre bt, fairly level, privacy, drilled well,  hydro. 132,500  8. LOT t - CLAYDON ROAD - partially  cleared, treed lot with view of Garden Bay.  Close lo marinas ft stores. 147,500.  9. LOT 80 - Large, treed view lot on Hotel  Lake Road. Southerly exposure, serviced  with water ft hydro, driveway in. 148,000.  FRANCIS PENINSULA AREA:  LOT 9 ��� Cochrane Road - very nice partially  cleared lot. Excellent (or building or mobile  home 31,000.  FRANCS PENINSULA - .48* acres with  ocean view. This excellent lot is (airly level,  mostly cleared and has several fruit trees.  145.000  IRVINE'S LANDING AREA:  1. LOT27-L���efeyRc^,lwine'sUnding.  Nicely treed level lot in a new subdivision  serviced with sewer, water & hydro. Gooc  soil and a possible view. MLS $47,000  EARL COVE AREA:  1. LOT 23 ��� Cedar Ridge Place - enjoy the  view (rom this large, nearly level lot with very  little clearing required. $32,500.  2. LOT 27 ��� Jervis Inlet Road - large semi-  waterfront recreational lot, 400 ft. from  public beach, camping or building cite  cleared. MLS $30,000.  MADEIRA PARK AREA:  1. Nicely treed tot adjoining the Elementary  School grounds and close to the shopping  centre and marinas. *3*$,500.  1     HOMES   I  ���:  .^ifs��*'l  A ���4 review home!  t B.R. HOME - 149,500. - Carpenter's I  special or starter home? This small home In  Madeira Park has been partially remodeled, but  there's still plenty to do. That's why the price Ie  an affordable 149,500.  wmm?  L350* sq. ft., phis basement. Hie ensuite I  plumbing ft finished rec. room. Located on al  very nice one half! acre bt. A good buy fori  15105.000  MADEIRA PARK - 3 BR Gothic arch homel  on Front Road. Separate garage, sauna, pavedl  driveway. Purchase price includes acornl  fireplace, 5 appliances and some furniture:!  ������4.500  MADEIRA PARK - 3 BR rancTier, approx.  1,28" sq. ft. with attached carport IK  bathrooms. Located on % acre bt on Lagoon  Road. Just a short walk to shopping centre  school ft post office. $120,000.  GARDEN BAY - New 3 BR rancher, still  under constructbn, on Hotel Lake Crescent. L  Contains 1159) sq. ft., phis carport. Can bell  bought as is, or owners will finish it for the fusj|  price of $95,000.        ^^^  I ment home with 1 bedroom on main floor and 1.  j In the basement. Close to public beach  llfttJOO.   '      -  MOBILE  HOMES  -  trailer, 31' x 8', located on cleared and serviced!  kit wilh septic tank ft drainfield installed.!  $45,000.    I  COMMERCIAL  BUILDING  MADEIRA PARK - this 9601 sq ft. building  with room for expansion Is awaiting your Ideas.  ��� 110.000   ACREAGE  I  LOT 35 - Ruby Lake 6.8t nicely treed acres  with large year round crack. Meed to tell at  $45,000.  MIDDLEPOINT -19�� met with small cabin.  This Is a beautiful property with some timber and  an ocean view. ���145,000,  MADEIRA PARK - 7�� acres overlooking  Paq Lake. Has view of straits and harbour.  Rough driveway in and building sites cleared.  ��� 115.000.  SILVER SAND6 15�� acres on Hwy. 101.  silver Sands Creek runs through property.  Merchantable timber, building or camping site.  Heared, westerly exposure. $1454100.  KLEINDALE-2�� acres of some of the nicest  land in the Pender Harbour area. This beautiful  property has bts of trees, bts of level ground  and several good building sites. Two homes arc  permitted on this property and it could be yours  for $59,500.  IRVINE'S LANDING -Seclusion is what you  will find in this approx. 17.5 acres with a  -.omfortable 3 BR home and several outbuild-  .ngs. $110,000  <ss$m  Const to Coast  Real Estate Service  DAN WILEY, Res. 883-9149  OLLI or JEAN SLADEY,   883-2233 Sunshine Coasl Realtor, Sept. 4, 1981  SUNNYCREST  SHOPPING  CENTRE  886-2277  IBSONS  AND LAND DEVELOPMENT LTD.  R.R. #2, Gibsons, B.C. VON 1V0  HOMES HOMES HOMES  VANCOUVER  TOLL FREE  682-15131  CHASTER RD: This 2 bdrm 'A' Frame Is thi  dL.il hedge against inflation! The home is present  y rented to help with any mortgage payments  The properly itself is cleared and level anc  iituated east of Pratt on a quiet no through road  ���xcellenl starter or twaniifl nrnnartu. 159.009  FIRCREST RD: Beautiful ranch style family  home with Iar9e rooms and bay window. Stone  fireplace wilh energy grate and fan. Sundeck,  double windows and R28 insulation. Assumable,  11%% mortgage. Phone to view anytime.  ��98,600:  MALAVIEW RD: Cedar Grove School sits at the  end of the no thru road where this three bedroom  rancher is situated. All large room sizes In this  ideal family home. Some of the features Include  fireplace, sundeck, landscaping, heated storage,  extra length carport and double windows- This Is a  must see for home buyers. 189,500.  MAKLLNh KU: Brand new 3 bedroom home on  ���i acre in Roberts Creek. Master bedroom has  ensuite plumbing, custom kitchen cabinets, large  sundeck. Beautiful and private, easy to landscape  tot. And more, This home has al) permits in place  lo make the full basement into M.U.R.B. duplex.  The house design easily facilitates either single or  duplex use. Truly the home with great investment  potential. $119,500  RADCLIFFE ROAD: Selma Park. Three  bedroom view home. Two bedroom upstairs and  one down. Large rec. room with fireplace  roughed in. An efficient floor plan and the yard  offers view and privacy. $120,000.  POPLAR LANE: Ideal location In Gibson-  Village Steps to shopping, schools and transpor  tatlon. This is less than 3 years old. Fully land  scaped yard. Three bedrooms, master with en  iuite. Large rec. room and workshop for the han  dyman. Built-in dishwasher. Good financing a  15'/2% In place. Owner wants to sell - prtcet;  below recent sales. 1104,500.  CHEEKSIDE PARK: Perfect 2 storey family  home at an affordable price in beautiful Creekside  Park Estates. This 1700 sq. ft. four bedroorr  home features finished basement, rec. room,  large workshop, laundry room, 1% baths. Al  appliances including fridge, stove, dishwasher,  washer, dryer and freezer. Fully landscaped  grounds with concrete drive, pet run and wood  shed. Owner has done high quality work to make  -Ihis a warm comfortable family home. Phone to  view anytime. M09.S00.  HAPPINESS IS A LARGE MASTER BDRM:  This one is huge with plenty of closets. There  are 4 bedrooms actually, all with walk-in closets.  The house is 2 stories with 2000 square feet ol  living area. Fireplace In living room and a family  room off the kitchen. Close to schools, shopping  and all conveniences. Creekside Park Estates,  offers to 1119,500.   COMEA0 TRAILER PK: $10,000 down, owner  will carry 1st mortgage and beat the bank % by a  ong shot. Qualifies for the Government 2nd of  15,000 or First Home Grant of $2,500. You could  own this beautifully constructed 12 x 68 Glen  ���liver Mobile Home all set up on pad and hooked  up to all services for as little as $5,000 (plus  government 2nd). Why pay rent when you could  ive in your own home? Phone to view anytime.  Owner says sell!! $33,500.  REED RD: New rancher on 1.8 acre property  lose to schools, parks and shopping. Three  wdrooms with Vi ensuite. Airtight fireplace to  teep heating bill down. House Is well built with 2 x  6 framing, R30 and R20 Insulation, W Ihermo  windows. Attached double garage. $139,500.  SOUTH FLETCHER: 4-plex on beautiful view  site, across horn Holland Park and the municipal  complex. Upper 2 suites are approximately 1380  sq. ft. each; spread out over 2 floors with 3  bedrooms, l'/a bathrooms, large living room for  view, sundecks and storage area. Lower 2 suites  are approximately 790 sq. ft. each; containing 2  bedrooms and large living areas. The property is  nicely landscaped and well kept. Ideal location for  a revenue property situated between the government wharf and the new marina site. 1195,000.  CREEKSIDE PARK: Brand new 1672 square  feet 1% storey home in Creekside Park Estates  This home is on city sewer, city water and  cablevision and features fireplace, targe rec.  room, laundry room and workshop. Two car  carport and is on a quiet cul-de-sac close to  shopping and transportation. Ready to move into,  ���107,900  WOODCREEK PARK: Executive home on .39  aire treed lot backing onto the ravine park, This  lovely new home features 4 bedroms, 3  washrooms, den family room plus living and  dining room. This quality constructed home is  ideal for the family Ihat likes room to move wilh  2040 square feet of finished floor area, The Iwo  car garage and full brick fireplace are just some of  the extra touches Ihat sel this home apart from  Ihe rest, $149,500.  HILLCREST ROAD: Comer lot, landscapec  with ocean view. Close to schools and shopping  :entre In Gibsons Village. House Is Ideal for large  family as downstairs Is completely finished givlnj  2200 sq. ft. of living area. Double garage will  mndeck over, two fireplaces and 4 appliances an  tome of the extras Included In this sale  Uttsi  CREEKSIDE CRESCENT: Here is a unique  designed 1 !*$ storey home made for spacious living  by a family that needs lots of room. Main floor has  1103 square feet. Living room has vaulted ceiling,  family room for privacy, bathrooms down and up,  674 square feet upstairs with three bedrooms. On  a good lol in Creekside which is three blocks lo  shopping centre, schools, medic.il clinic and oil  for the price of $115,500.  FIRCREST RD: Near new 3 bedroom home on  beautifully landscaped lot In prime residential  area. Southern exposure and close proximity to  schools and shopping represent only a few of the  special features of this home. This 1200 sq. ft,  home is extremely well appointed with Schrader  fireplace, large utility and spacious eating & family  room area. Excellent family home. 185,000.  NORTH FLETCHER: at School Road. The most  beautiful view In Gibsons. Views of Howe Sound,  Gibsons Harbour & Georgia Strait more than  180�� of ocean view, Older home, presently  rented, on this approximately 10,000 sq. ft. lot.  Property has many potential uses. Come & talk to  us about this combination home and investment.  $89,500.  FIRCREST ROAD: ASSUMABLE MORTGAGE OF 12J/��% on this well built and maintained three bedroom home. Features a large livingroom with a beautiful stone fireplace and dining area. Bright and sunny kitchen with nook. The  all nlghter In Ihe basement makes It economical to  heat. This 1160 square foot house Is on a well-  landscaped 61 x 131 lot. $107,000.  1 -'     "z  HILLCREST ROAD: Full basement home on 65  x 110 landscaped ocean view lot. Two bedrooms  upstairs, bathroom with make-up table, double  kitchen. Living room with granite half round  fireplace. Sundeck with aluminum railing over  carport. Finished rec. room, bedroom and  bathroom downstairs. Price includes washer,  | dryer, fridge and dishwasher. 1139.500.  SARGENT RD: Terrific Spanish home on one of  our best view lots. Two fully finished floors, total  2300 sq. It. Four bedrooms, 21*4 bathrooms, rec,  room, utility room and workshop. Two fireplaces,  double carport, intercom and wet bar. Within  walking distance of shopping and schools. Make  an appointment to view. S1S9.900.  GRADY ROAD: Why buy new when you can  have this immaculate seven year old executive  home with a manicured garden? This home is  tastefully decorated with hardwood floors, real antique' brick fireplace and dramatic entrance foyer.  On top of alt this there is the view! Too much to  tell vou, so come and see. $159,000.  WHAT YOU SEE ��� IS WHAT YOU GETt:  Three bedroom bungalow on a quiet dead end  street only 2 blocks from shopping and schools.  Vendor will help make this affordable with a small  2nd. 1st mortgage of $35,000 at 11% is  assumable. Situated on Poplar Lane, offers to  $99,500.  ABBS ROAD: View! View! View! Are you  looking for a view home high on the hill with a view  forever! This is it! The view is spectacular! It goes  from the north tip of Keats Island through  Gibsons Harbour, The Gap, The Bluff, Georgia  Strait and of course the coast mountains. The  home is three levels with 4 bedrooms, huge  recreation room, office or den, and balconies  along the front. The landscaping is already in  place. Additional features include full ensuite off  master bedroom plus another full bath and a half  bath. This home must be seen to be believed.  $149,900  ROSAMUND ROAD: Would you like to buy a  home and have someone else help you pay for It?  This duplex on Rosamund Road on an extra large  tot may be the answer. Consider it's assets: Two  kitchens with appliances, two 4 piece skylit  bathrooms, two chimneys, separate meters, just  recently updated and refurbished. Very good rent  potential on either or both sides. Also, vendor will  assist with financing! Try your offer. Asking  199.600  MALAVIEW ROAD: Extra special rancher  situated to get the most of the sun on a nice partially landscaped lot. Finished with the best of  materials. Solid oak cabinets, lush run and extra  special light fixtures. Free standing heatilator  fireplace blows heat front and back. Carved bear  In front garden. Mud room and all sorts of extras.  1115.000  8 BEDROOMS?: That's right, on two levels.  This could be for a big family or as Is a rooming  house with over $3,000 per month income.  Duplex potential too. Includes 5 appliances and  some furniture. $50,000 assumable mortgage at  13'/i%. This view lot of Georgia Straits Is Vt acre  In size. Located on Dark Road off Gower Point.  Phone for further details.  NORTH RD: 2 and 3 bedroom townhouses.  These beautifully finished suites make a perfect affordable first home and/or Investment and  holding property. Cablevision, beautiful brick  fireplaces. 5 appliances, fully fenced and landscaped grounds. Ready lo move Into and owner  may arrange the banking for you at \Wi% to  qualified purchasers. Priced to sell at 184,900 to  194,900.  HIGHWAY 101 ��� SELMA PARK: Bceulih.  remodelled little house across the street froml  perfect beach. Unbelievable view south and west!  to Trail Islands and Vancouver Island from this I  completely renovated 2 bedroom starter, retire-J  ment or recreational home. The owner/contractor has Installed new wiring and service, new elec-1  trie heat, new stove, new wall to wall carpeting. I  Landscaping and much more. AH appliances In- [  eluded and owner may help with financing at |  13%. Call to view anytime. 184,500.  SELMA PARK: Well maintained two bedroom I  home and self-contained one bedroom cottage on I  almost half an acre view property in Selma Park. [  Features include: private landscaped setting, I  large sundeck, dark room and fresh paint and |  paper. Call for an appointment to view.  FIRCREST ROAD: Brand new three bedroom I  rancher. An attractive different arrangement of I  Ihe Interior makes this a one of a kind. Fireplace I  and carport. Builder does excellent work and his I  finishing Is something to see. 194,500.  HIGHWAY 101: just north of Crucil Rd. in the I  village of Gibsons. Small home presently rented |  at $300 per month. Lot is zoned to allow a duplex.  Existing home is set to Ihe front, however the J  'maximum view potential would be closer to the  rear of Ihis lot. This is truly a house with j  investment potential. $79,500  REID  ROAD: Absolutely I  gorgeous quality home on huge lot. Three [  bedrooms, 1% baths, carport, garage, storage I  shed. Home is only 1 year old, ceramic tile kitchen I  floor, oak cabinets, brick fireplace, Jenn Aire  range and microwave. All this on a level [  landscaped fenced lot. Other features too  numerous to mention. This home represents [  excellent value at the asking price of $119,0  Vendor will carry full mortgage at 16%%.  MALAVIEW RD: Here ie ��� 153,400 mor  tgage at 13'/i% until June 19851 Immaculate I  3 bedroom rancher. Large living room and ample I  room for large dining suite. Master bedroom has I  walk-In closet and ensuite. With current interest I  rates showing no signs of going down this is your I  golden opportunity. $97,500.  MOUNTAIN VIEW ROAD: Nearly brand new I  1200 sq. ft. three bedroom rancher on quiet no j  thru street in beautiful Creekside Park Estates.  This beautifully designed home, features separate I  dining and living room, good size master  bedroom, fridge, stove and dishwasher. Large  jbackyard for privacy, and Is on city sewer and  'water, hydro and cable, and Is within walking  distance of mall, schools, and transportation. The |  owner says sell now! $84,900.  SUNNYSIDE DRIVE: Gibsons. Brand new  1840 sq. ft. four bdrm executive home with ensuite, family room, huge kitchen, custom  cabinets. Huge tot, double carport and you can  pick your own carpets. Vendor may assist with  financing. $129,900.  COMEAU TRAILER PARK: Affordable, luxurious, private accommodation In a marvelous I  treed setting. This immaculate 12 x 64 mobile  home has been babied all its life and now sits in  beautifully landscaped grounds with storage shed,  porch and covered entrance, all fencing In placf  for small pets and Inside, new wall to wull |  carpeting, and unique open spacious floor plan.  Other fealurei Included in ihe price (see below).  three bedrooms, large bathroom & laundry,  skirling and landscaping. Owner says sell now!  $29,900  STEVE        ANNE        JOHN        TERRI       GREG  SAWYER    GURNEY   HANSON    HANSON    GRANT  886-7678    886-2164    886-8295    886-8295   886-7204  GARY DAVE JON LORRIE  PUCKETT ROBERTS      MCRAE       GIRARD  886-9508    836-8040      885-3670      886-7760 Sunshine Coast Realtor, Sept. 4, 1981  17  SUNNYCREST  SHOPPING  CENTRE  886-2277  IBSONS  AND LAND DEVELOPMENT LTD.  VANCOUVER  TOLL FREE  682-1513  Member Sunshine Coast     R.R. #2, Gibsons, B.C. VON 1VO     Real Estate Association  LOTS  OPEN HOUSE  Saturday, September 5,1981 - 10 a.m. to 4 p.m.  8 TOWNHOUSES  Panoramic view of Howe Sound and Georgia Strait  Thi? location is a bonus - only steps from shopping, swimming and moorage. Enjoy the benelits of  carefree, maintenance free townhouse living These two and three bedroom units are ideal for full  time or weekend use. Fully landscaped and maintained grounds. Covered individual parking. All  units feature fireplaces, balconies, cedar feature walls, twin seal windows and major appliances.  Excellent Value at $97,500 to $ 113*000  OWNER WILL ASSIST WITH FINANCING  HOMES ON ACREAGE  CEMETERY ROAD: Owr 2 acres hobby farm  with view of Georgia Strait tess than one mile to  schools and shopping with lots of country charm.  Nearly 1200 square foot log home with shake  rool. Three bedrooms, l\*\ bathrooms. Floor to  eiling cut rock fireplace in living room. Built-in  dishwasher, oven and range in large kitchen. An  ideal family home. On the terraced hillside are 4  corrals, targe pasture area, riding ring plus 30 x 50  solid 2x4 barn with 6 self-watering tie stalls. 4 -10  x 10 box stalls and 10 x 10 tack room. Many  extras. $156,000.  PORT MELLON HIGHWAY: 4.54 acres with  1095 feet of highway frontage. Zoned A3D, can  take another dwelling. House is situated at one  end o( property and nicely landscaped. Home ip.  1 *.. storey with open vaulted ceiling in living rooni.  Three bedrooms up and 4 piece balh. Extra large  jmily room and living room downstairs. Twin  seal windows, Appliances included. Good  workshop at rear ol double carport. $178,000.   I  FLUME ROAD: Charming home on 4 57 acres  zoned R2J. This means you can live in this cozy  modernized two-bedroom home, enjoy the  parklike grounds with a babbling creek and now or  later subdivide into smaller parcels. Located half a -  block from the Roberts Creek Provincial Park  ���hich has one of the nicest beaches on the coast.  Buy this property and make y tvr dream come  - be it an escape, a country estate, an investment, a home or all combined. 1165,000  RUSSELL ROAD: Very private 4.32 acres with  large duck pond and year round stream. Ranch  lype home has sunken living room and other at-  iractive features. Designed for minimal  maintenance. Double garage that could be  eloped for extra living space. Good outbuildings that could be adapted for many uses.  $225,000.  LOOK ��� A DUPLEX ON ACREAGE: Each side  Is 1250 sq. ft. with 2 bedrooms, large living room  and kitchen with laundry room and storage area.  Live In one half and rent the other. Lots offers  plenty of room to garden or hobbles. Vendor will  help with financing or assume $42,000 1st mortgage at 101/4%.  LOWER ROAD: 1.02 acres in Roberts Creek.  125,4' x 357.72' of cedar and other evergreens  provides a perfect settirn fn' the two bedroom  approximately 6 year old mobile home. Large  storage shed and chicken coop and run round off  the package. Priced at $97300.  TYSON ROAD: Wilson Creek. 2 acres, size 300'  x 300'. All cleared with good two bedroom home  and sleeping cottage. Nicely situated just off the  highway. Vendor will sell on Agreement for Sale  at 16%   $99,500  ^i^jy^  A PRIVATE WORLD: Set against a treed ravine  with creek, this garden-like 4 acres of flowers,  shrubs and lawns Is in 2 parcels. Some of die  .features include 900 sq. ft, 2 bdrm home. 1 bdrm  guest house joined by deck and hot tub. New kitchen, new roof, parlor stove, brick barbeque pit.  wood sheds, garden shed, fountain and much  more. Must be seen and walked to be appreciated. Burton Rd. 1182,000.  ACREAGE  LOCKYER ROAp: Secluded 5 acre, parcel in  Roberts Creek. Privacy guaranteed by forest on  two sides and long panhandle dedicated as access. Perc. approval granted and water available.  Well priced on today's market at $90,000. This  gem awaits your Inspection.  CHAMBERLIN ROAD: Nearly 5 acres of  beautiful timbered acreage. Water, hydro, cable  and paved streets close by. Ideal hobby farm or  fiQlding acreage. Priced to sell. $99,500.  BROWNING ROAD: This 1.2 acre lot may be  approved for Vt acre minimum lots and affords a  natural 4 lot subdivision, Road at rear already  started. Hurry - for details call now.  INVESTMENT - COMMERCIAL - REVENUE  HIGHWAY 101: This industrial building has a  total of 5,000 square feel. It has three tenants,  leased out on two five year leases and one three  year lease. Lot size is 167' on the highway by 124'  deep. Present building has plans for suites on a  second floor and there is room for another  building on this tot. Present annual income is  $29,400. $290,000.  MARINE DRIVE: Waterfront Revenue. 100' of  prime low bank waterfront in Village of Gibsons.  Unexcelled view of sheltered Howe Sound. Solid  tenants in all three suites. Building remodelled  and upgraded. Very attractive property consisting of 4 bedrooms, 3 bedrooms and 2 bedrooms  suites with fireplaces. Don't miss your chance to  own this waterfront triplex. $285300.  STEWART ROAD: Fifteen acres located on  Stewart Road just off North Road. This is in three  five acre parcels and can be divided or resold if  purchaser does not want that much property.  Zoned Industrial I, which takes light and heavy  industry. Three phase power available if  necessary. $350,000,  SCHOOL ROAD: Prime RM-2 zoned lots  20,700 sq. ft., approved for 14 suites. This Is the  only RM-2 currently available in the village. Vendor has archltec'ual rendering. This scarce commodity Is priced at only $15,000 per suite.  GIBSONS VILLAGE: This is the only  indepedent oakery in the area. 10 years in the  same location. Business is increasing steadily with  excellent potential to expand. Owner may carry  1st. All equipment included. Call (or more details.  WYNGAERT ROAD: 50 x 120 lot. Build your  home in a beautiful park-like setting ol fruit trees,  flowering trees and shrubs and a view to Keats  Island. This park-like setting is truly one of a kind.'  $55,000.  CREEKSIDE PARK: Lot 70. Nice level building  lot. Fully serviced including sewer. Close to  shopping, schools, etc. One ol the last chances to  buy a good lot in this area for this price $39,000.  CREEKSIDE PARK:~Lot 9. Excellent building  lot in popular Creekside Park Estates. Good view  potential along with paved streets, city sewer,  cablevision, hydro and water. Gibsons Creek  runs down rear of lot making this an ideal  purchase. $39,500  SUNNYSIDE DRIVE: This 100 x 150 lot is  ideally situated at the end of a no thru road. Area  is fast building up with new quality homes. A 2  storey home on this lot would have a view of  Georgia Strait. This lot must be seen to  appreciate the value of the 100 foot widths of the  surrounding lots. $52,500.  SYLVAN PLACE: In Cheryl Anne Park on the  Gibsons side of Roberts Creek. This !/4 acre lot  has a partial view and is situated on a quiet cul-de-  sac only 3 blocks from the beach. The property is  nicely treed and in an area of new homes. Lot  dimensions are 48 feet on the road, 109' at the  back with side measurements of 150* and 162'. An  ideal building lot. $55,000.  ARGENT ROAD & HIGHWAY 101: Beaut i  fully treed lot in Roberts Creek, approximately  100 x 265. Fully serviced 6/ lOths of an acre, this  lot could accommodate duplex, domestic  industry, hoby farm, single family residential or  mobile home. The perfect natural setting.  $49,000  GRADY- ROAD: Beautifully treed lol in  Langdale. 50 x 179,38. 93 x 213.05. Has  underground wiring. $49,000.  FIRCREST ROAD: Partially cleared building lot  with nice trees In a fast developing area. Excellent  school nearby. Dead-end street so safe for  children, Don't be put off by trailer three lots down  as it is only temporary. Excellent value at this  price. $31,500.  WHARF RD: Langdale, One of the very few lots  left In this popular area. Large size, corner location and view make this a must see. Call now for  more details.  CREEKSIDE PARK: Lot 64. Good building lot  in popular Village of Gibsons subdivision-. Hydro,  cable, phone, city water, paved streets' and  CMHC approved. Vendor will consider low down  payment and 15% financing. $37,900.  MARINE DR: Hopkins view lot. Beautifully treed  lot within walking distance of Langdale ferry. Size  50 x 141 serviced by hydro, water, phone and  cablevision. Priced to sell at $44,500  CREEKSIDE PARK: Lot 109. Good building lot  In popular Village of Gibsons subdivision. Hydro,  cable, phone, city water, paved streets and  CMHC approved. Vendor will consider low down  payment and 15% financing. $39,900.  SCHOOL RD: 13 Viewlots in Gibsons Village.  Servicing   near ing   completion.   Priced   (rom  $57,500.  YMCA ROAD: This extra large lot In Langdale  has underground wiring. It is 87 x  163.25.  $25,000.  GAMBIER ISLAND: Own a piece of Gambler  Island. This Vt acre tot Is only a stones throw from  the New Brighton Wharf. Good water, tall trees.  16 foot trailer and shed already for you to build.  $26,000.  REED RD: Granthams Landing. Beautiful view  lots with southerly exposure and a nice stand of  trees. Level access from street and easy to build  on. Size 48'x 168'. Buy one of these sld. by side  lots for $39,500. Or buy both for privacy and as  an Investment.  GOWER PT: 82 x 133 level tot with super view  of Georgia Strait. One block fo Bonniebrook and  good beach. 164.500  COCHRANE ROAD:65 x 130 dry ideal building  site. Cose to new marina. All services available.  148.000  CHAMBERLIN ROAD: Lovely view lot looking  south into Howe Sound.and Georgia Strait.  Cleared and ready to buijd on. 76-x 170. Well  prtced at $54,900. '     .  BONNIEBROOK HEIGHTS: Spectacular  unobstructed corner lot offering a sweeping vievj  of water clear to Nanaimo. All services  underground. Truly a spectacular site for your  retirement home. Owner will carry some financing  at reasonable rate. $67,000  CHASTER RD m 7TH: Approximately Vz acre  lot with terrific view of Georgia Strait and Vancouver Island. The large lot Is close to Bonniebrook, Chaster Creek and ocean front beach  and Is on regional water, hydro and cablevision.  Owner says sell and that he may assist your financing at 15%. $64,500.  SEAMOUNT INDUSTRIAL PARK: This key  corner lot has the best access and exposure of any  available lot In the area, Needs no fill or excavating. Ready to build on. Can be purchased  with existing development plan and approved access. Lot has 143 feet of highway frontage,  $165,000  YMCA ROAD: This extra large lot in Langdak?  has underground wiring. It is 87 x 163.25  $25,000  SEAVIEW RD: View lot in Sandy Hook  overlooking Porpoise Bay. Existing assumable  financing in place. Owners plans have changed.  Market value $39,500.  OLE'S*PL: Roberts Creek. Large lol in quiet cirF  de sac. Close to beach access. Zoning allows for  mobile home. Some attractive financing in place.  $44,900  EVERGREEN PARKLAND: Large corner lot  on Marion Place cul de-sac. A nice neighbourhood with attractive homes. Owner/builder will  build home of your choice or sell lot. Offers to  $37,900  WATERFRONT  HOMES  SAKINAW LAKE: Sunny exposure pnd privacy  are the key features for your recreational  enjoyment. Secure government tease on 1.24  acres of waterfront with one bedroom cottage.  Boal access. $35,000.  FRANKLIN RD. WATERFRONT: Small but  very liveable two bedroom home Wilh high dry  basement on this exlra large waterfront lot |60 x  226 x 59.99 x 207.50) in this prime area Gently  sloping path to beach through parklike setting  Sunny exposure & privacy. $180,000.  SANDY HOOK: Low bank waterfront with  gorgeous view and sandy beach only a few steps  from your front door. Good moorage and close to  Sandy Hook boat launch. The 720 sq. ft. home  sits on a full concrete foundation for easy addition  or renovation. Stone faced brick fireplace and  large front sundeck. Serious waterfront pur  chasers will appreciate that this is what living on  Ihe beach is all about. Vendor may carry mor  tgage $139,500   STEVE  SAWYER  886-7678  ANNE  GURNEY  886-2164  JOHN  HANSON  886-8295  TERRI  HANSON  886-8295  GREG  GRANT  886-7204  GARY  PUCKETT  886-9508  DAVE  ROBERTS  886-8040  JON  MCRAE  885-3670  LORRIE  GIRARO  886-7760 18
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WOODCREEK PARK respects the
Natural Beauty of the Sunshine Coast
and every possible effort has been made
to retain and enhance this beauty. Entering off Hwy 101, 2 miles west of Gibsons, is Ocean View Drive, overlooking
the Straight of Georgia. Sloping
southwards and bounded on both sides
by Crown Parkland filled with stately
WOODCREEK PARK ensures this
beauty forever. With homesites priced
from $39,500 to $46,000 and all on
sewer system, they really are your best
Waobtntk Park
a quality controlled subdivision
An Ideal Holding Property
Invest NOW with
<•«■> \"*f 1^-JsiaM-•£   V'^'V
trsvjs^. X
■"  " imP ■ '■••
fa ..-■*. i >!r*k.{ririM ''- ......   . •
-,  ,        ,i'J;""Var    "' iw*'fX'"* V
' *ti/*;{'-*»isfc' ■;'it:.;T ■ ,'*i-;'.'• !£lW '•■••;•
In PHASE I we still have lovely view
and ravine-backed lots to choose from.
PHASE II is being readied; even now
panoramic views await your inspection.
An old logging road winds down the
easterly ravine to where we are creating
a beach access and picnic site for you to
enjoy after your nature trail hike.
Stop at my Information Field Office for a
mpa, and information on our registered
building covenants and prospectus.
After all, seeing is believing.
 -P    «i
mtau.. .-.TmwmWmmW7
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Photos ly
flalncoasl Colour
i   I Sunshine Coast Realtor, Sept. 4, 1981  19  HOUSING OF THE FUTURE IS  HERE TODAY  Anyone expecting futuristic housing design with an exterior appearance of  space age capsules or something equally exotic is doomed to disappointment.  The Canadian Real Estate association, central research group of more than  one hundred real estate boards across the nation, says the housing of the future  is already here.  Because all member-boards report to CREA, and because the provincially  licensed and trained real estate personnel working within these real estate  boards are immediately involved in the housing and development market, their  opinions should be noted.  The reasons, say the experts, are mainly economic. Houses have a life  expectancy of anywhere from SO to 100 years or more, and livable  accommodation is not going to be demolished to make way for something more  modern just for modernity's sake. Although this might give employment a  temporary boost to the economy, the cost would be astronomical and doesn't  make economic sense.  New housing adds only about three per cent per year to the existing stock of  7,500,000 dwelling units across this vast country. Considering the present life  expectancy of existing houses, and the rate new houses come on stream, it will  be many decades before the country's housing generally can lay claim to the  label "futuristic". That's why today's homebuyer can be assured his purchase is  here to stay for many years.  Members of the Real Estate Board of Greater Vancouver report a busy  season in buying and selling at the present time, with sufficient supply to meet  the demands of the marketplace. Of particular note is activity in marketing  strata title properties, where sales have increased 75% during the past two  years. This multiple family housing is one futuristic innovation of the past ten  years, and will figure largely in the housing market for the lifetime of current  housing styles. The strata title townhouse, apartment or single family unit  makes the highest and best use of land resources and because of building  economies provides the opportunity of ownership to a wider range of buyers.  One characteristic of the condominium is the high percentage of single-person  ownership it has generated because of security, low maintenance and  reasonable cost for single working people.  Changes in housing design are gradual instead of radical, and technological  and electronic changes are to be expected more than design alterations.  Greater energy efficiency, heavier insulation, improved window quality and  design, solar heating installations and central city infill housing of a multiple-unit  nature are the main innovations expected in housing now being built and  renovations incorporating some of these innovations are expected in existing  housing stock. So, space bubble and time capsule enthusiasts will have to wait  another hundred years to find themselves housed in the Buck Rogers city. 2(1  Sunshine Co,m Realtor, Sept. I. 1W1  886-2417  saauiew Place  Hwy 101. Bibsons  Harry Howard 886-7307  922-2017  (Uancouuer Toll Free)  Trou Goddard 886-2417  This super lamily home has four bedrooms, a  large open living room wilh a sundeck Ihat liHiks  out over Howe Sound. The house is situated on a  genlly sloping well treed lot. The proximity lo the  ferry makes ihis an ideal sel up lor the commuter.  Asking $98,500.  LANGDALE  Close to the lerry on a treed, private street. A  terraced lot with its beautiful stonework is the  setting lor this 5 yr. old 3 bedroom home. The  recently enlarged kitchen, with its sliding glass  doors opening to the patio, has solid oak cabinets.  Some other features are a warm living room with  a cedar accent wall and brick fireplace. Utility  workshop area, family room, new carpeting  throughout. All of this plus a $58,000 + first at  12V1.. make this property a must to see. Asking  $119,500.  HOMES  GIBSONS ��� VIEW ��� VIEW ��� VIEW  Over 3.000 sq Ii ot living space featuring a large  open main IliK.r. The first class view ol Gibsons  Harbour can be appreciated from either ihe  sundeck nil ihe living room ur the large third floor  master bedroom with its ensuite and Jacuzzi, The  home has two more bedrooms on the main. All  this on a hall acre oi guaranteed privacy. Asking  $135,000  PRATT ROAD  Country feeling at affordable price. This cottage  style home has had extensive updating. New  carpeting, appliances and the plumbing and wiring have been redone. House features 2  bedrooms, living room, kitchen, mud/storage  room and is si!uated on a deep, well treed lot  Asking 172,500.  MAGNIFICENT VIEW ��� GRANTHAMS  A BIT OF CAPE COD  ON THE WEST COAST  1 mile from Gibsons this quaint 3 bedroom home  overlooks spectacular Howe Sound. Stained glass  windows, rattan ceiling fan. heatilator fireplace,  ensuite master bedroom, and oak trimmed kitchen designed by a Cordon Bleu chef make this a  very exciung property. $151,500, This vacant  home awaits your inspection. Call Harry Howard.  UNDER CONSTRUCTION ��� GIBSONS  Come in and see the plans (or this 1416sq. fl. new  home.  I75i000 AT 13%  The vendor will carry $75,000 at 13".. <>n this  quality Gibsons home The house is ii brand new  1840 sq. It. Rancher wilh lour bedrooms, master  with ensuite, large lamily room off kitchen with  wood stove. Sliding glass door, patios. Huge lOOx  237 It. lot. This home is a must to see! Asking  $137,500.  LANGDALE ��� YMCA ROAD  A beautiful setting for a solid l<imily home. The  house is a 1440 sq, ft. Rancher with lour  bedrooms, large kitchen, living room wilh  fireplace and a lot more. The lot is 82 x 162 leet  well landscaped and very private. Asking  $115,000  HOUSE ON ACREAGE  This cozy two bedroom Roberts Creek home is  on 2.5 acres of land. Just minutes from the beach  and stores this property is the perfect small  country estate. Asking only $96,500  LOTS  WATERFRONT  Gibsons Bluff A perfect level building site with a  fabulous view of Gibsons Harbour Irom one of the  largest waterfront lots on the bluff Asking  199.000.  HIGH ON A HILL  You get a panoramic view of Howe Sound from  this Grantham's view lot. Privacy and level terrain  make this an ideal building site. Asking $56,900.  ROBERTS CREEK ��� COACH ROAD  A hall acre of gently sloping view property in quiel  rural surroundings. Asking $49,500.  CHERYL ANN PARK ROAD  Large building lot in an area of quality homes.  Asking $48,000.  ACREAGE  SUBDIVIDABLE ACREAGE  1.25 level acres zoned R2L. Application has been  made with the Highways Dept. (or a 4 bt  subdivision on this Pratt Rd. acreage. Lot sizes  are 61.8' x 195.5'. One lot has a well maintained 2  bedroom, 1540+ sq. (t. house on it. This whole  package is a beauty and the asking price is only  $185,000  SECHELT PARKLAND  1*4 acres ol semi-waterfront inlet view property.  This beautiful piece of land borders a natural bird  sanctuary and park only seconds from the  government dock. The real bonus is that the  zoning is multi-family and the package comes with  plans and permits for a 33 unit condominium  complex. Asking $550,000  GULF ISLAND WATERFRONT  6+ acres with 450 ft. of level waterfront on  beautiful Reid Island situated between Pender  and Gabriola Islands. This secluded retreat would  make an ideal group purchase. Asking $100,000.  MiMBIH  SUSSHIM ((MSI  HtAt ESTATE ASSOCIATION  LOTS  HALFMOON BAY ��� SANDY HOOK  We have several choice properties located in both of these  areas, priced from $39,500  WEST SECHELT 164,900  Towering evergreens abound on this Vz acre lot. Excellent  private building site with easy access to beach. The future  could hold subdivision possibilities.  To view, call Wayne Salter  SECRET COVE $39,900  Straight ahead water view Irom this large sloping lot. Serviced. On MLS. Call John Wilson.  PENDER HARBOUR From $50,000  1. 1.3 ACRES - with potential view, subdivision. 650' x ap  prox 90', Some timber, serviced ON MLS. Call Jack Noble.  2. WATERFRONT 2 adjoining lots on Francis Pen. Rd All  offers       considered!       Call      Wayne       Salter.  3. LARGE TREED LOT - 99' x 425'. quiel area, serviced.  Call Jack Noble or Wayne Salter.  EARLS COVE - SEMI-WATERFRONT  Fantabulous view ��� high bluff - great building site & \b%  financing for 3 years!  SUMMER HIDEAWAY  Build your vacation retreat on this well treed lot. Located  500' from the peaceful waters of Ruby Lake $27,900. Ask  Shelley Biddle for details.  h.b. GORDON AGENCIES ltd.  31 Years At Cowrie St., Sechelt  m��m  - DAVIS BAY BEAUTY -  Three   bedroom   rancher.   Provision   for   second   bath  Fireplace, attached garage and 3 rm suite above. (Could be  'part of house). View  F.P $135,000  John Wilson has the key  WAYNE PAT  jjgjjB LINDSAY  ,H490-994 885-2591  - GARDEN BAY ROAD ACREAGE -  3.7 acres, water & mountain view, great gardening potential;  treed privacy, brook. Listed at 164,000. Vendor anxious  ao bring all oHeral Wayne Salter  - WEST SECHELT -   PHONE  885-5891 Toll free from Vane.  Box 123 689-2057  Sechell, B.C.  CHOICE WATERFRONT  . PRICE REDUCED  FOR FAST SALE -  Full basement quality-built home, with double carport and  fully enclosed workshop which Sould be converted into a  guest cottage  Uninterrrpted view overlooking Trail Islands  & Georgia Strait  l:or details call Wayne Salter  PRICE REDUCED BY $40,000 -     Price reduced  by 140.000  - Waterfront ���  Roberts Creek -  Live in the near new full-  basement    house   while  allowing yourself the time to  explore the incredible potential   of  the   older   2  level  A-Frame home located on  Call Shelley Biddle lor details.       the   pebble   beach.  - WEST SECHELT -  ' Micro weather area ' Ranch house & outbuildings  ' F> acre farm, level, excellent soil   ' Details Irom John Wilson  - INVEST IN THE FUTURE -  PARKLIKE 9.4 ACRES locaied in Roberts Creek area  atop Orange Rd. Extensive use of oak & mahogany highlight  this custom-crafted one level 180(1 sq fl. home  View wilh Shelley Biddle.  mm  . TWO HOUSES ���  Make this your prime Investment! Super 2 bdrm house  on level pebble beach-plus  another small 2 bdrm house  to rent or? Just reduced  from $265,000. Now offered at $239.0001  Call Kelly Therlen.  - HALFMOON BAY WATERFRONT -  AFFORDABLE!  Cozy 2 bdrm house on level lot. Unobstructed view. Asking  $130,000  To view phone Jack Noble.  Fabulous smooth rocks-superb views! A unique setting for  a super one level 3 bedroom house with a massive stone  fireplace, step-down living room opening to the sundeck.  Southern view of Merry island and beyond. $255,000 firm.  Shelley Biddle  - WEST SECHELT WATERFRONT -  Watch all the action around the Trail Islands from this 3  bdrm rancher. Fabulous fishing. F.P. $155,000  John Wilson has details  JOLLY ROGER INN CONDOMINIUMS AVAILABLE  DETAILS ft INCOME PROJECTION FROM  JOHN WILSON  ��� Close to Everything *  ��� 33 acre with partial view  ��� Treed  ��� In good area on Havles St.  View with Wayne Salter  - 16 ACRE TRAIL ISLAND RETREAT -  22(H) sq ft. of decks surround contemporary home & guest  cottage with fantastic sunset exposure. Sheltered natural harbour capable of handling large boats. For appt. lo view call  John Wilson or Wayne Salter. On MLS.  BERNEL  JACK  JOHN  MIKE  SHELLEY  KELLY  GORDON  NOBLE  WILSON  BALDIGARA  BIDDLE  THERIEN  8855891  883-2701  885-9365  885-5645  885-3505  885-5516


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