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Array Victoria   /  Sunshine Coast since 1945  i  The Sunshine  LEGISLATIVE LIBRARY       82.1  Parliament Buildings,  VICTORIA, B.C is, B.C.  V8V 1X4 (vs stands  Delivered to every address on the Coast  March 31,1981  Volume 35, Number 13  Threatens resignation  Harrison objects to pool budget  . The final 1981 budget ofthe Sunshine Coast Regional District  passed with little comment or opposition last Thursday night until  a tax requisition item of $50,500 for the Pender Harbour Pool was  read.  . "That's far too high," said Area A Director Joe Harrison.  Harrison said that though he is aware that the specified area  referendum for the pool is "open-ended", he felt that the people of  Pender Harbour had a commitment from himself and from the  board to keep to the 2.2 mill ceiling originally estimated. The  150,550 requisition represents about 2.8 mills.  "I will resign tonight rather than break that commitment,"  Harrison stated.  ,. Finance committee chairman Brian Stelck pointed out that the  budget for the pool was not balanced and that approximately  $13,000 in revenues had been lost during the seven week closure of  the pool that resulted from the controversial "$5,000  misunderstanding" with the School Board.  "It was the decision of the Aquatic Society to close the pool,"  Harrison said, pointing out that he and Pender Harbour  Secondary Principal Tom Rothney had asked the Society not to  Revelation in the Legislature  Last week Rae Ellingham, Coast News astrologer, predicted  "mysterious sea-related incidents," and such was the case over  the weekend.  Hugh Mowatt, a Gibsons resident, decided to go fishing  Saturday afternoon, March 28. He drove his pick-up truck towing  his boat and trailer to the bottom of Gower Point Road to the  boat launch. The tide was up and Mowatt backed his boat and  trailer into the water which was about three feet deep. According  tn Mowatt, his trailer romehnw gotunbitchrd. He drove into the  water, believing it to be shallow, the water coming up to below his  door.  "I swung around and was going back to get the trailer and all of  a sudden I was underwater! I didn't know they'd dredged down  there."  Mowatt had driven his truck around a scow that was moored in  the bay and fallen into a drop off.  "I couldn't get the door open or the windowdown but I found a  wrench and smashed out the back window. I don't remember  much after that."  Mowatt was rescued by two passers-by on a scow from the  Keats Island Baptist Summer Camp, Caretaker Dave Andrews  and his assistant for the day, Alf Glenesk who has a summer home  on Keats Island.  ��� John Moora Photo  This apparent tragedy had a happy ending last Saturday when Gibsons man Hugh Mowatt was revived after a near drowning.  (See story below.)  Tragedy and near tragedy  Gibsons man saved from drowning  They rushed Mowatt to the Gibsons Government wharf where  an ambulance driver administered first aid and sped him to the  hospital where he was treated for hypothermia and spent the night  in intensive care.  Mowatt was minutes from death, "I'm pretty lucky, I figure",  Mowatt told the Coast News on Sunday after his release from St.  Mary's Hospital, "I don't think 111 be going fishing for a while."  Another in the series of "sea-related incidents" was the reported  cries for help anditohinilightiin Halfmoon Bay Friday evsning, ���  March 27.  The SOS came from a boat adrift between the mainland and  Merry Island. Roily Dean of Redrooffs Road spotted the boat  and heard the cries. He phoned the Sechelt RCMP, who  contacted Art McPhee ofthe Provincial Emergency Program on  the Coast who in turn tried to contact members ofthe Volunteer  Rescue Team. After the eighth try, ("It was Friday night,  everybody was out. It's understandable," said McPhee) he  contacted Air-Sea Rescue on Vancouver Island. The Hovercraft  came to the rescue of the four people adrift in their boat that had  incurred engine trouble. They were brought ashore safely. It was  not known at press time who the occupants of the boat were.  The most unfortunate incident of the weekend by far was the  death of 47 year old, Lennart Johnson of Burnaby. He was found  in Plumpers Cove off Keats Island on March 24 drowned. There  were no direct witnesses to say how he entered the water. RCMP  are doing an extensive search to answer the questions surrounding  Johnson's death. Coroner Dan Devlin believes there is no reason  to expect any other verdict but accidental death.  Riparian rights  pose problems  by John Moore  The Marina Committee of Gibsons municipal council held an  in camera "strategy meeting" on the afternoon of Monday March  23 and the first order of business was the knotty question of  riparian rights in the Gibsons bay area.  At the outset of the meeting Municipal Clerk Jack Copland  noted that, earlier the same day, a waterfront property owner had  expressed concern at the possibility of having to sign over in  perpetuity his riparian rights to complement the proposed  municipal marina.  Chiefly at issue is the common law riparian "right of access"  which, in this province, prohibits anyone from obtaining a  foreshore lease or placing any erection in the water without the  consent of the "upland owner" whose waterfront property faces  the site.  Council faces the possibility of having to obtain the written  consent of each and every waterfront property owner in the bay  area before a foreshore lease for the new marina could be  obtained. Council has obtained a sample copy of such a "consent  form" used by the Municipality of West Vancouver which,  according to Municipal Clerk Jack Copland, waives the riparian  rights of an owners' "heirs and successors in perpetuity", but  council intends to contact the Ministry of Lands, Parks and  Housing seeking clarification of the wording of the form.  - Meanwhile, a group of about twenty bay area waterfront  property owners met two Sundays ago to discuss the question and  resolved to seek legal counsel. Frank Braithwaite, spokesman for  the group, told the Coast News, "The question is not whether or  not we're going to have a marina, but whether or not we have to  sign away our riparian rights, because once we sign they're gone  forever."  Council appears to have as little relish for the task of obtaining  the consent of the waterfront owners as the owners have for giving  up their riparian rights. Mayor Goddard has raised the question  of whether or not the whole exercise is necessary, since the  proposed marina should not interfere with the right of "access to  navigable waters" of any of the residents concerned.  Lands Branch Regional Manager Larry Sorken commented  cautiously on the situation when contacted by the Coast News last  week. Sorken confirmed that, though riparian rights extend only  to the high tide line, the riparian right of access does require the  upland owner's or owners' consent before a foreshore lease can be  granted or any erection placed in the water in front of that  Please turn to Page Twenty  Natural gas  The Sunshine Coast may get natural gas by 1984,  according to B.C. Hydro's Vancouver Island natural gas  pipeline Project Manager R.G. Blakely, but Mackenzie  MLA Don Lockstead, who met with Blakely last Wednesday in Vancouver, remains skeptical.  According to Lockstead, Blakely revealed at the meeting  that Hydro is considering running spur lines from its  southern route for the proposed pipeline up to Squamish,  Woodfibre, Port Mellon and the Sunshine Coast. Powell  River would be served by "looping back" the line from  Comox on Vancouver Island. Blakely suggested that the  project might be complete within three years.  However, Lockstead said, Blakely admitted that no  decision on the spur lines has been made by the board of  directors of B.C. Hydro. Blakely also revealed that the cost  of such spur lines was not included in Hydro's estimated  cost for the pipeline project to Vancouver Island via the  southern route.  "The added cost of these spur lines will make the price  higher than the Westcoast Transmission proposal,"  Lockstead said, "I'm not optimistic that we will ever see  this project materialize."  Cooper's Green  zooms in price  Historic Cooper's Green is for sale: the price for three  acres, $1,500,000; the suggested usage, according to last  week's Vancouver Sun advertisement by Century 21, "an  80-room hotel".  Cooper's Green, for years has been sought and fought  for by Halfmoon Bay residents and the regional board  for use as a regional park.  Now, since the provincial order in council that finalized  the sale ofthe road allowance to the Cooper's for $11,200  in August 1980 joining the Cooper's property into one  piece the market value of the land has soared from the  previously assessed value (for park purposes) of $150,000  to $1,500,000.  At the time of the road allowance sale, residents of  Halfmoon Bay protested to the provincial government  claiming that turning over the road allowance (thus  uniting two segments of the green) would facilitate  development by real estate interests and would work  against a regional board program to open up access trails  to the beaches in the area.  "We already have interested buyers," Larry Reardon, a  local real estate agent for Century 21, told the Coast  ^ News.  act hastily and close the pool. "The big increase is not the school  board's fault. The responsibility for the loss lies with the Society.  They'll have to live within their budget."  Harrison did not resign, and later stated he would consider an  increased tax requisition, "only if the community is willing to fund  it, but they must be consulted."  Finance committee chairman Brian Stelck suggested a possible  solution for this year, at least. Stelck pointed out that two items in  the pool budget, a recreation/weight-training room that would  cost approximately $6,000 to complete, and a $2,000 "thermal  blanket" that would retain heat in the pool facility and cut power  costs, are both revenue-producing or cost-saving and both are  essentially capital expenditures.  Stelck recommended that a maximum of $42,750 be raised  from taxes and that the difference be made up from Joint Use of  School Facilities funds towards those capital expenditures.  The board accepted Stelck's recommendation, which will be  put to a meeting ofthe Joint Use of School Facilities committee  scheduled for 4:00 pm. Monday, March 30 in the regional board  offices.  Land swap deal not appraised  Pressure from Opposition MLAs in the Legislature and a  surprise phone call to CPR last week forced Minister of Forests  Tom Waterland to release documents revealing that the  provincial government's land swap deal with CPR for 5,000 acres  in the Skookumchuck area was concluded without an appraisal of  the land involved.  Despite repeated questions from Opposition MLAs Don  Lockstead, Bill King, Alex MacDonald and Opposition leader  Dave Barrett, Waterland initially refused to release details ofthe  agreement on the grounds that all parties involved had not been  notified of a public disclosure.  j While Lockstead continued to question the Minister, Barrett  ���tepped out and telephoned CPR's Pacific Logging Division.  Returning to the House, Barrett informed the Minister he had just  ipoken with Mr. Sloan of Pacific Logging and been told that there  was "no problem" and that the company had no objection to the  disclosure of details of the agreement.  "The Minister then tabled the document," Lockstead told the  Coast News, "and we could immediately see why he was reluctant  to do so. No appraisal ofthe value ofthe land had been done prior  to conclusion ofthe deal. The government didn't even know what  they were trading away."  Lockstead said the agreement does allow for a third party to do  assessments of the land value now that the deal is complete, but  said that the deal "looks even worse than we thought."  Lockstead said that, to his knowledge, no assessment of the.  land values, other than the estimate he originally obtained from  an independent professional forester, has ever been made. That  estimate indicated that timber and real estate values could amount  to as much as 100 million dollars.  "I'm appalled at the whole transaction," Lockstead said.  - John Moora Photo  They're off! Sixty-three hardy entrants answer the sound of the starter's pistol. Sunday's Fourth Annual April Fool's Day Run  saw a record number of entrants and a new record time. (More pictures on Page Twelve.)  Despite the weather  Records set in Fool's Day Run  Despite the inclement weather of a cold and rainy March day  sixty-three entrants started off from Elphinstone Secondary  School in Gibsons on Sunday, March 29, on the Fourth Annual  April Fool's Day Run between Gibsons and Sechelt. The run has  attracted more entrants every year since its inception. ���  The first finisher this year was Steven Brindle of Vancouver  who covered the run in one hour and thirteen minutes, almost  fifteen minutes faster than the previous best time set by two-time  winner Adrian Belshaw. Besides the Coast News Cup, winner  Brindle received a Nike club bag.  Local man Raul Poole finished a close second in one hour and  fifteen minutes followed by James Oostenbrink of Vancouver  who came in one minute behind Poole. Poole was rewarded with  Adidas TRX Trainers and Oostenbrink collected a Nike club bag.  The run this year featured recognition of various categories and  Chris Craigen of Vancouver was the first woman to finish. She ran  into Sechelt only one hour and thirty-four minutes after the start.  Local businessman Arne Tveit-Pettersen was the first finisher in  the Men's Master Class for men over forty. Arne finished in one  hour forty-six minutes. Stephen Christian was the first finisher in  the under fourteen category with a finishing time of one hour,  forty minutes. These winners all received Nike T-shirts and  jogging socks courtesy of Trail Bay Sports.  At least 10 of the sixty-three starters were from Vancouver and  they were unanimous in their praise of the course and how much  fun the event was, despite the rain. The Vancouver runners  thought the event well-organized and found all the people  associated with it most friendly and helpful.  In future, plans are for the April Fool's Day Run to be listed in  the magazine B.C. Runner so more non-local runners will know  about it. If it becomes a registered course, those wishing to  participate in such runs as the Vancouver Marathon will be able to  use their performance here as an official qualifying time.  A near dark spot in an otherwise pleasant event occurred just  outside Sechelt when one runner was knocked into the ditch by a  passing car. Wayne Newport recovered and was able to finish in  fourth place. It is thought lhat Newport, despite race instructions,  was cutting the corner on the wrong side of the road at the time of  the incident.  Finishers after the first three in order of completion were:  Wayne Newport, Bill Morrison, Lonnie Brock, Chad Craigen,  Dave Estergaard, Mike Pearson, Leith Skinner, Allen  Whittleton, Chris Craigen, Brian Rooner, David MacLeod,  Roger Douglas, Stephen Christian, Garry Gray, Chuck Belong,  Jack Pope, Lyn Christian, Clifford De Schcpper, Kim Graf, Arne  Tveit-Pettersen, Michael Read, Sean Whalen, Lawrence  Stoochnoff, Barb Nelson, Brian De Schepper, Robert Makwood,  Steve lllingworth, Stuart Frizzell, Ricki Ferguson, Darcie Young,  James McLachlan, Rieta Hanson, Brandan Whalen, Mary  Dcgnan, Harvey Bist, Steven Horvath, Heidi Brongers; Jane  Degnan, Lynette Willoughby, Lisa Matthaus, Gerd Kuer, Dona'ld  Maedel, Shaun Thorold, Danny Hemstalk, Roberta Esau, Leif  Mjanes, Manuane Joe, Bear, the first and only canine entry,  Susan McKibbin, Ken Birkin, Kelly Quinn, Greg Sylte.  The Coast News regrets that it did not receive finishing times for  Bruce Pedersen, Brent Berry, Trevor Chambers and Freddy  Williams.  Besides the record entry, the April Fool's Day Run this year  featured a five-mile run starting at Browning Road. Taking part in  this modified effort were Steven McLeod, Renee Fountain and  Aron Bjornson.  k*Mi The  .Sunshine  Coast News, March 31  A LOCALLY OWNED NEWSPAPER  Published at Gibsons, B.C. every  Tuesday, by Glaistord Pratt Ltd.  Box 460, Glbtont, VON 1V0    Pender Harbour enqulrlet, and all othert, it  Phone 886-2622 or 886-7617  (���CM*  Accounts Department:  MM Joe  _.    Editorial Department:  I John Burnside  John Moore  Fran Bourassa  Advertising Department:  Bradley Benson  Fran Berger  Jane McOuat  SUBSCRIPTION RATES:  Canada S24.00 per year, $15.00 for six months  United States $25.00 per year, Foreign $28.00 per year  Distributed Iree to all addresses on the Sunshine Coast.  Second Class Mail Registration No, 4702  Come off it, Joe  Residents of Pender Harbour might be  forgiven for asking just who their regional  director is representing these days.  Harrison took a strange position at the  regional board meeting held last Thursday  when he objected to the budgetary item  dealing with the Pender Harbour pool  because the loss of revenue incurred during  the closure was 'the fault of the Pender  Harbour Aquatic Society'.  Let it be said that the Aquatic Society  took the action it did after its efforts to  obtain a hearing were stymied by the  inattention of our local governing bodies.  Harrison's surprise outburst against the  Aquatic Society and in defence of the  school board, which no one present was  attacking, is doubly surprising in that he  . had absented himself from all consideration of the matter since a meeting held at  Chatelech in February between Regional  Board and School Board representatives.  Having excused himself from representing  his electorate because of What he  apparently saw as an awkward situation  since he is a school teacher in the employ of  the school board, Harrison would have  been well advised to stay out of it.  The question could be asked as to why a  school teacher is unable to deal with issues  which come up in the regional area which  he has been elected to represent because  one of the parties is his employer. Whose  interests is Harrison protecting by  removing himself from such an issue and  could it be that silence just wasn't enough  in this case?  April Fool's Day Run  The April Fool's Day Run first  engendered in the pages of the Coast News  in a jocular exchange between George  Matthews and Fran Berger has taken root.  Any event which took place in the kind of  weather prevalent last Sunday and  attracted a record number of entrants is  here to stay.  Special thanks are due John Denham  and Steve Clayton of Trail Bay Sports for  their organization of the event. Assistance  also came from Charlene McCallum, Rieta  and Lex Hanson, and Fran Berger.  The Sunshine Coast Fitness Group  manned the aid stations, the Coast News  provided oranges and lemonade and Lil  Degnan provided the baked goodies. The  Coast News- Cup was accompanied this  year by '1 Made It!' ribbons for all  finishers.  Trail Bay Sports provided T-shirts and  jogging socks; the Nike and Adidas  companies provided prizes for the first  three finishers; Dr. John Farrer and Mike  Vaughan patrolled the highway to offer aid  if needed and all deserve thanks.  Perhaps most of all, the hardy runners  who braved the elements and rose to the  challenge of the Fourth Annual April  Fool's Day Run deserve bur thanks and  our congratulations.  ...from the flies of the COAST NEWS  FIVE YEARS AGO boat launching ramp at the end of  Residents of Halfmoon Bay, Egmont Headlands Road by Ernie Cartwright.  and Pender Harbour are protesting the Council is in favour of the proposal but  intentions of the Provincial Emergency thinks locals will have their objections.  Health Services Commission which is Sechelt District School Board has  planning   to   move  the  ambulance decided to purchase land in the West  service  from   its  present site  in Sechelt area on Mason Road near  Halfmoon Bay to St. Mary's Hospital in Northwest   Bay   Road for school  Seohelt. purposes.  The SCRD has approved the purchase of a new $63,000 fire engine for TWENTY-FIVE YEARS AGO  the   Roberts  Creek   Volunteer  Fire Tne Provincial government will pay  Department. approximately $296,800 towards a new  The SCRD has announced that there school construction in Sechelt School  will be no increase in taxation for the District.  Ratepayers will have to  197g fjSca| year provide the other $296,800. The school  vote will be April 17.  TEN YEARS AGO The glamourous grand opening of  Roberts Creek  Fire Chief Stan Parkers Hardware as a Marshall-Wells  Rowland quits because of dissension store drew great numbers in Sechelt  Glen Kraus is appointed lothe position this week,  of Fire Chief.  Driftwood Players are on their way to THIRTY YEARS AGO  Powell River to perform "What Shall Tne neroic and ,ast thinking of 14-  We Tell Caroline" by John Mortimer. Vear old Jack Cresswell resulted in the  The cast includes last year's Provincial savin9 of the life of 8-year old Wendell  Festival  winners.  Colleen Johnston Hunler when ,he la,,er ,e" ��" hls  (now Elson) and John Burnside. bicycle and tumbled into the water off  A   $600  subsidy   to  maintain   an Gibsons Wharf. Jack ran to the nearest  ambulance service for Gibsons this row boat and fished out Wendell. W.C.  year has been approved by council. Boucher gave Wendell artificial res-  Usersoftheambulanceservicewillstill piration  aided  by storekeeper Eric  have to pay for trips to the hospital. Cooper.  Gibsons Village Commission has  FIFTEEN YEARS AGO given authority to Commissioner  A house built in 1912bythefounder William Skellet to purchase a $4,217  of Gibsons Landing, George Gibson, GMC dump truck.  situated next to the Coast News Office, Construction of a 30-room hotel by  was put to the torch on advice from Vancouver businessmen was backed  council for the practice of fire fighting by 22 Gibsons and District Board of  by local volunteer firemen. Trade members. It is felt that a hotel  The school  board  will terminate was essential  for the growth of  water transportation to Pender Har- Gibsons.  tbrac.r exCp ��e��sS "*"' ^ Pr6Sent ^ THIRTY-FIVE YEARS AGO  The possible and eventual closing of F��od BuVs at ,he Sechelt Service Store  the  reserve school at Sechelt was Sockeye salmon: 1/2 s 3 for 95'  discussed at the district board meet- Tomato soup: Campbell's .. .6 for 69��  ing. Pupils from the reserve school will Peanut but,er: 16 oz 44  be absorbed into the public schools. Co,,ee: Nabob 1 lb 44  Laundry soap: Oxydol 27*  TWENTY YEARS AGO Marmalade: Orange 2 lbs. 25'  A proposition was placed before Black figs: 1 Ib 23'  Gibsons Council for the placing of a Canned Peaches: 20 oz. ... 2 tins 49'  Vancouver Harbour, 1909. The wooden steamer "Joan" had been built at Victoria family's Terminal Steam Navigation Company fleet, renamed the "Ballena". Ted.  in 1892 for the Esquimalt and Nanaimo Railway, to provide a link between Winegarden saw the "Bellena" at Gibson's Landing, where it occasionally called on  Vancouver Island and the mainland. Ada Dawe recalls the "Joan" while it sailed its Howe Sound run, along with the "Defiance", the "Britannia", and the  under the Canadian Pacific flag prior to World War I, Captain Bill Higgs says that, "Bowena". In this 1909 scene, masts of sailing ships are the tallest features along the  as a lad living on Mayne Island, he once salvaged the steamer's wooden keel after it city skyline. Photo courtesy Coast News and Elphinstone Pioneer Museum,  had been knocked loose on a reef. In 1914, the vessel became part of the Cates L.R. Peterson  Musings  John Burnside  Slings & Arrows  ��*  George Matthews  The social and fashion  pages of our newspapers  bravely keep showering us  with breathless details of the  forthcoming nuptials between  the Queen's eldest son and  Lady Di.  I say bravely because  while we are digesting news  about the choice of the designers for the young lady's  wedding dress - it may be  pink - the front pages of the  newspapers are daily revealing more and more sordid  spy scandals involving upper-  crust Englishmen and dating  back to the years before the  Second World War.  Most of the scandals were  born in the Thirties because  there were in the Thirties two  equal and opposing evils  disturbing the rest of those  favoured few at the centre of  Britain's privileged power  structure. From the perspective of the English ruling  classes the growth of Soviet  communism was as much of a  threat, or more, than the  madman in power in Germany.  It may be worth remembering that there is an old man  still in prison in Spandau  Castle who is living testimony  that the German High Command was convinced that the  ruling classes of Britain could  be persuaded to side with the  Nazis. Rudolf Hess, Hitler's  right-hand man, was parachuted into Britain in the  proclivities spawned by the  the support of the landed  aristocracy on the side of the  Germans against the Soviet  menace which surely threatened their infinitely privileged  lives.  As it turned out, badly for  Rudolf Hess and Adolf Hitler,  there was not the co-ordinated  support for the German cause  that they had hoped for. Hess  was thrown in prison, Britain  fought in support of the  Russians, the Germans were  fighting a two-front war and  the rest is history.  Some of the villainous spies  presently being unmasked in  Britain were originally entangled with the world of  Soviet intelligence in the  Thirties. Their anti-fascist  sympathies combined with  many of the furtive sexual  proclivities spawned by the  English public school system  kept many of them as pawns of  the Communists for up to forty  years and revelations lately  have ranged from the art  advisor to Queen Elizabeth  to Sir Roger Hollis who was  for years head of M1.5, the  British Intelligence Service.  The gushing and fulsome  preparations for 'the wedding  of the century' in London this  summer take on an even more  gossamer quality with the  allegations made recently in  Britain that the Communist-  infiltrated MI.5 thwarted an  undoubtedly right wing coup  against the Labour government of Harold Wilson in 1968  led, it is said, by none other  than the late Lord Mount-  batten, cousin of the Queen.  Now, goodness knows, I  have no wish to offend those  for whom the gigantic and  expensive and frivolous carnival of a royal wedding is  sacrosanct, but surely the  vision of the mother of parliaments being rescued from  Britain's aristocracy by an  intelligence service riddled  with homosexuals being blackmailed into the service of the  Soviet Union is enough to  make all but the most dedicated of monarchists choke on  their morning toast and tea.  For my part, I cannot even  say that I am unduly surprised. A constitutional monarchy to withhold the titular  head of state from the bear-pit  of politics is one thing, but the  enormous load of free-loaders  attached to the skirts of the  queen - many of them drawing  enormous salaries for doing  very little from an impoverished country and many of  them through privilege gaining positions of power and  prestige that nothing in their  makeup equips them to  handle - is entirely a different  matter.  It is my conviction that  many of the troubles which  bedevil Britain today, which  have seen it slide from a  position of prominence in the  world of commerce to a point  where it is almost everybody's  poor cousin is traceable  directly to its class system of  which the monarchy is the  keystone or the linch-pin. The  much maligned British working man has known intuitively  for generations that he lives in  a world of 'us and them'.  'Us', to the working man is  the ill-educated masses who  even when Britain was the  richest country in the world  eked  out  a desperate  sub-  v..������������������ ������v.-.-.-.-.v.'.y;  sistence living; 'them' refers  to the ruling classes of whom  the poet Siegfried Sassoon  said: "Those infinitely privileged ones/ Whose lives are  so padded, petrified and  pleasant" and the resentment  born of the perception of  that social dichotomy has  brought a once-proud country  to its present place as the  chronic invalid of Europe.  None of this matters to the  social arid fashion columnists.  They will continue to gush and  coo about the marriage of  a singularly unimpressive  young man and his young lady  as though it were the love  story of the century or a  significant something in the  history of man. It may be  unfortunate for Charlie and  his darling that so much of  the corruption which habitually surrounds British blue-  bloods is percolating to the  surface just when we are all  suupposed to be oohing and  ahing about the possibility of  the royal bride wearing a  gown of pink.  easy or successful.  [ MBS gXSBC  ggggglg  I sometimes wonder how Secondly, I happened to be  long people have been passing reading a piece of historical  off their own incompetence on literature recently that sug-  the "permissive society". I gested that even in the past,  was talking to some parents sin, decadence and permis-  recently about how they siveness were a part of every-  couldn't control their children day life. This book referred to  because society was now so such things as stealing, lying,  soft and permissive that no covetting, murdering and ad:  one would take responsibility, ultery. among others. Some  A few days ago 1 saw a references were even made to  similar account in the Van- sodomy and buggery and a  couver Sun. They complained few other practices I am  about how schools were a unfamiliar with,  breeding ground for sin and There was even an interest;  decadence, how courts let ing little story about how this  kids get away with everything ungrateful kid ran away froro  from petty theft to mass home and spent a saclj fyll  murder and how social work- of his dad's money. When the  ers treated children as though rotten little swine came back  they were people too. home  broke,  the  old   man  The comments of these didn't even bawl him out.  parents held a particular Instead the lily-livered father  interest for me for a couple of threw a party for the wayward  reasons. First, because I teach lad and welcomed him back  school and I know that being as though he hadn't done a  charged with the daily respon- thing wrong. If you think  sibility of getting 150, 13 or 14 society is permissive towards  year old people to do some- children now, you would have  thing they don't consider been appalled by the way folks  particularly important (at least carried on in those days,  compared to certain hormonal Many, and probably most,  imperatives) is not always of the parents who are complaining that they just can't  control their children really do  care about them. You can tell  by the way they get upset,  often to the point of tears, that  they feel frustrated, angry,  guilty, helpless and defeated.  The first inclination is to  blame somebody else. Among  those accused of being in the  vanguard of permissiveness  are: western civilization, the  government, the church, the  school, the police, the legal  system and late night ice  cream parlours.  The simple truth of the  matter may be that parents  have never learned how to  control their children. There's  no reason to blame parents for  such a gap in their education.  It's one thing to love and care  for a child; it's quite another  to have been trained in the art  of being a good and effective  parent.  In many larger centres,  courses are offered in training  parents in how to raise  children. The most difficult  thing, so I'm told, is to convince people that rearing  children is not a natural horn  talent. Often parents feel very  guilty that they don't know the  skills required to bring their  children up in an effective  way and therefore they often  refuse to seek advice; rather  they will retire into blaming  others, pretending to 6e  understanding, trying to become youthful enough (o  tolerate the excesses pf  children, or just simply  drinking too much. -  There are books written on  the subject of raising children.  One of the better ones, Parent  Effectiveness Training, suggests behaviour modification  techniques that may be offensive to some people, but the  point is that there do exist  Please turn to Page Fourteen.  To His Coy Mistress  Had we but world enough, and time  This coyness, Lady, were no crime.  We would sit down, and think which way  To walk, and pass our long love's day.  Thou by the Indian Ganges' side  Should'st rubles find: I by the tide  0/ Humber would complain. I would  Love you ten years before the Flood:  And you should if you please refuse  Till the conversion of the Jews.  My vegetable love should grow  Vaster than empires, and more slow.  An hundred years should go to praise  Thine eyes, and on thy forehead gaze.  Two hundred to adore each breast:  But thirty thousand to the rest.  A n age at least to every part,  And the last age should show your heart.  For, Lady, you deserve this state;  Nor would I love at lower rate.  But at my back I always hear  Time's winged chariot hurrying near:  And yonder all before us lie  Deserts of vast eternity.  Thy beauty shall no more be found,  Nor, in thy marble vault, shall sound  My echoing song: then worms shall try  That long preserved virginity:  And your quaint honour turn to dust;  And into ashes all my lust.  The grave's a fine and private place,  But none, I think, do there embrace.  Now therefore, while the youthful hue  Sits on thy skin like morning dew,  And while thy willing soul transpires  At every pore with instant fires,  Now let us sport us while we may!  And now, like am'rous birds of prey.  Rather at once our time devour,  Than languish in his slow-chapt pow'r.  Let us roll all our strength, and all  Our sweetness, up into one ball:  And tear our pleasures with rough strife,  Through the iron gates of life.  Thus, though we cannot make our sun  Stand still, yet we will make him run.  Andrew Marvell  ��*��*��*����*-**.*.*. ***��**-*>*��������*^�����-��.��*^.**^Zi  .-L  ���aaMataa Letters to the Editor  Coast News, March 31, 1981  Harrison a "star witness" too  Editor:  My conscience bit me last  week as I read your front  page   interview   with   me.  It wasn't your paper's fault.  You reported what I said,  faithfully. Only, some of it  didn't come out the way I  meant it.  (For readers who tuned in  late, the interview was about  a Supreme Court case recently  ended. The case followed a  protest over B.C. Hydro  power line construction).  In the interview I wrongly  implied that all the defendants  came from Powell River  except myself. Many are  really from Texada Island.  I mention this because objection to the power line is  quite widespread, and in fact  protesters came from points  in B.C. as far as the Peace  River.  That wai bad enough, but  conscience really gave me a  nip when I read how I'd described our "expert witnesses"  to your reporter.  Three authorities were allowed to speak on our behalf:  an economist, a molecular  geneticist and our own Joe  Harrison, director for Area  "A".  All three did excellent jobs.  1 was proud of Joe: he told  how. our Regional District lost  the battle with B.C. Hydro, so  that Pender Harbour's drinking water got sprayed with  herbicide. He outlined the  SCRD's unsuccessful efforts  to get a public hearing or in  some way bring out the facts  on the 500,000 volt line. Joe  was first class.  Yet I see in my interview I  said "the star witness" was  the geneticist, Dr. Shearer.  Why? I guess she told us  things most of us didnt know.  " Maybe I was doubly impressed from hearing Dr.  Shearer twice - once at lunch  before the court appearance  and again in court. And,  here's a tip: If yon are ever  going to listen to a scientist  (ell about poisons, don't sit  In front of a plate of liver and  onions.  Joe Harrison, being an  Area Representative is such a  thankless job that I just had to  write and say - you were a  "star witness" tool  P.S. To supporters interested in "what comes next."  We'll pay the $800 in fines,  the lawyers' fees and sundries. Then if there is no more  litigation we'll channel our  efforts and whatever money  into an organization which is  forming.  It promises to be useful - a  "watchdog" body. It will work  with existing organizations to  study energy in B.C., hiring  good lawyers at the beginnings of projects instead of the  middle. We realize we should  have done that with the  Cheekye-Dunsmuir.  We would like first-hand  information on the progress of  Cheekye-Dunsmuir construction anywhere along its  length. If you wish to help, call  883-2434.  Sincerely,  Iris Griffith  Cooper's Green for sale  Editor:  Who needs III  I wonder how many people  noticed the ad in the Vancouver Sun which offered for  sale a piece of land known  locally as Coopers Green.  The piece of property was  described in full detail and the  suggested usage for the  property was that it would be  an ideal location for an eighty-  room hotel I  Not only that - the agent  who recommended this usage  actually is a resident of the  area I Not actually located  close enough to the green to  be personally affected by such  a happening, but still a local  resident. And the asking  price? A mere million and a  halfbucksl  It wasn't many months  ago that the value of that  property was somewhere in  the region of just over a  hundred thousand, but when  the Lieutenant Governor in  his wisdom decided that the  public piece of road should  be sold to the owners for  eleven thousand dollars it  then became automatic'that  the value would jump sky  high.  Well - we can't say we  didn't warn you I I guess a  special word of thanks is due  to Mr. Lee who went to  bat for the owners in this  matter.  Thanks a lot Mr. L.  Redrooffs Ratepayer  Foreshore lease protested  Ed. note:- A copy of this letter  was given to the Coast News  for publication.  Hon. James Chabot,  Minister   of   Lands,    Parks  and Housing,  Province of British Columbia,  Victoria, B.C.  Re: T.D.C. Bulger and  Mae G. Bulger, Foreshore of Subdivision C,  Block 9, of Lot 1316,  Group 1, Plan 6630  N.W.D. Roberts Creek  B.C. (copy attached)  Dear Sir:  I would like to draw your  attention to the above noted  application for a foreshore  lease asking for:  (1) .42 hectares or approximately 1.25 Acres  water lot in the Gulf of  Georgia  (2) for their privacy and  (3) to  launch  a  boat,  and set a mooring buoy.  I feel when private individuals and/or corporations  start applying for foreshore  leases aimed at denying the  rights of other citizens to walk  on and use beaches in this  Province some action needs to  be taken. This is a total disregard of rights and feelings  of other private citizens in  the areas concerned and can  only lead to serious confrontations in the future.  This is not the first time  that this type of grievance has  had to be brought to your  attention. It is about time the  government and your department came out with a policy  statement that will guard  against this type of erosion of  our and our children's rights  to the enjoyment of all the  beaches in this Province.  Yours truly,  B. Mulligan  New name for festival suggested  Editor:  . The days of Ihe Sunshine  Coast Music Festival are  approaching, so now is the time  to consider changes in the  name, ajudicators and awards.  Shouldn't ihe festival's name  encompass all the participating  classes'.'  ��� A few suggestions: "The  Sunshine Coast Performing  Arts Festival"; "The Sunshine  Coast Fine Arts Festival";  "Sunshine Coast Performance  Festival" or even "Sunshine  Coast Festival".  As a drama participant, it is  annoying to fill out entry forms  that read "Sunshine Coast  Music Festival". Even more  annoying is receiving awards  that are engraved with "Sunshine Coast Music Festival". A  name with wider scope would  be more appropriate.  This year's Drama ajudi-  cator will have served 4 consecutive years. Gay Scriver was  fine, but receiving the same  advice each year doesn't allow  for growth. A different ajudi-  cator's view would aid this  year's drama class. There are  many qualified people to  choose from here in B.C.  Although of lesser impor  tance, a final change for this 8th  Annual Fine Arts Festival,  might be a new style of award  certificate. As a participant in  each of the 8 years (and I've got  the same old certificates as  proof) what I've written is  valid. I ask the committee to  consider these changes for the  8th annual "Sunshine Coast  Fine Arts Festival".  Your very sincerely,  Donard Mac Kenzie  6,000 daffodils sold  EUTC  TRAVEL  NcwNunker   .  ���tt-issa  F.ditor;  1 would like on behalf of the  local Unit of the Canadian  Cancer Society lo express our  gratitude lo all who participated in our annual Daffodil Sale  on March 13th. We thank the  Coast News for its assistance in  publicizing this event, and the  ladies of the Eastern Star for  the indispensible part they  played by running the stalls in  the shopping centres, and other  people who helped in various  ways. We are grateful to the  management of the shopping  malls in Gibsons, Sechelt and  Madeira Park for their ready  cooperation, and to the business people of the area who  supported this event by their  generous purchases of flowers.  In less than two hours 6000  daffodils were sold, and we  regret that there were none left  for sale, in the afternoon. Next  year we hope to provide more.  Over $600 were obtained to  send to the head office in  Vancouver to promote the  work of the Canadian Cancer  Society. We thank all who  helped us to do this, and the  general public for their support.  N.J. Godkin  Special on  Fresh Frozen  SHRIMP  MEAT  ���3.4* Valb.  Gibsons  Fish Market  886-7888  BUILDING?  For the best pricing and quickest service on  your Window Order, give Permaseal ��� cell.  Now Open  Saturday!  lor Pricing  Permaseal  Alanlnnaa Mlf. Ltd.  neM M., Wtlsea Creek  885-3538  SuperAfclu  SUNNYCREST CENTRE  Thanks,  Mr. Maxwell  Editor:  Msny thanks to Mr. Haig  Maxwell, who assisted us in  applying to the Kinsmen  Rehabilitation Foundation of  B.C. for help with the transportation expenses in taking  our daughter Carlalea to  Powell River two days a week  for speech therapy. Without  this help, Carlalea would not  have been able to continue  with her therapy.  Gratefully appreciated.  Clark and Corey-Anne Dougall  Williams  shafted  Editor:  At long last our Honourable  Attorney-General Allan Williams has received a well-  deserved shafting. The editorial  printed in the Vancouver Sun,  March 20, 1981, entitled 'Speedy Gonzales, is the source of  this shafting'.  For many months 1 and  many other B.C. citizens  watched with disgust the antics  of the Socred leaders and their  minions trying to cover up the  Forged Letters���Dirty Trick.  We witnessed their phoney  'attempts' to track down the  culprits.  This went on for five months,  but note: "The dazzling speed  with which the Attorney-  General dispatched the latest  forged letter caper���why, the  story had barely broken before  it was game over and Mr.  Williams was able to stamp  "case solved" on the file." Has  there ever been a more blatant  case of discrimination!  But as the editorial continues: "Maybe we're comparing apples and oranges. The  original forged letters were  aimed at the NDP. But the  latest letter, bearing the forged  signature of Finance Minister  Hugh Curtis and provincial  coal czar Ron Basford, appeared to be aimed at the  (Socred) government." So this  is Justice? It seems we have a  special kind in B.C.  The 'dirty tricks' scandal,  plus many more like it just  won't stay hurried. The smell  will always linger on.  Sincerely.  W.J. MacDonald  P.O. Box 297,  Madeira Park, B.C.  Better���You Bet  100% Locally Owned & Operated  More letters on Page 18  pixxoch  ELECTRONICS  ��� Typewriters  OFFICE  ��� Photocopiers  ��� Cash Registers ��� Calculators  ��� Office Supplies Furniture   &   Stationery  Wharl Rd.  Sechell 885-3735  THINKOFUSASA MATCHMAKER  BUYWGDRSf.UING.THt   COAff Iltl HJBSMDSIMMrWYDll!  yhatlk I/OU,    to all our  Customers  who have made our  1st Anniversary  a Great Success!  Denise, Allan & Grant  frrdi    A.       r.u,lonl Landing    *���.   .-,  Ill***  GOVT. INSPECTED ��� FRESH OR SMOKED  pork picnic  1 Whoto or ShefTk Portion  CANADA GRADE   A BEEF '���        #����    #**��%  chuck blade steak*��*  ��*1.39  PREVIOUSLY FROZEN - SIDE  spa re ribs  M.48  BULK SLICED  side bacon �� M.39  cross rib roaster �� 98*  Fresh Produce  California  oranges  A R $       Mineola Tangelos  Multiplier  California  head lettuce...... ea  ea  Oven Fresh Bakery  Oven-Fresh  Oven-Fresh - 3 Varieties aSSOTtGC]  breadieozloaves 2/$1.49    cookies  Nature Plus, Honey Wheat, Great Grains Oven-Fresh  Weston's cft*    chop suey  hollywood breadieoz 69  $1.59  $1.49  Grocery Value  Foremost Family Style  ice crearri4 utre cm  All Flavours  $0 Oft    Powder  **��������    detergent  $7.69  Super-Valu - Fancy Frozen  vegetables     2 id. bag  Peas, Corn or Mixed Veg.  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I figure  he'd scare hell out ofthe rather  timid subterraneans who inhabit Skeet's Castle and don't rise  lo the bait.  Ihe eround on Goatfoot  Mountain grows progressively  worse as we tough out way  across it. We are working the  far Mile of an enormous gully  and the yarding cables are  strung out over fifteen hundred  feet. At the back end of this  sprawling setting, the last  shoulder of the mountain rears  sheerly and there is an enormous rockslide. At one point,  there are no stumps whatsoever  on which to hang our roadline  Pages  from a Life-Log  Peter Trower  block. We are forced to reach a  hundred feet back up the slide  and make our tailhold on a big  .standing cedar that either  withstood Ihe avalanche or  burrowed up through il.  The resultant hook-up gives  us an unusual amount of lift  and the chokers sail back  freely. Bul that rock-rooted  cedar is not as solid as it looks.  One fateful turn, my electric  belt-whistle fails to blow the  stop-signal. Unchecked, the  heavy rigging goes rattling past  us and crashes into the block.  I'crhaps the tree has been  weakened by the rockfall. In  any event, the strain Is too  much for it and it comes  toppling slowly and horrifyingly over, kicking free several  big boulders as it falls. We run  like hell as it comes whistling  down, hits the ground with an  earthquaking thump and shatters into several pieces. In our  haste to get out of the tree's  V  FRIDAY  DINNER  SPECIAL  Shrimp  a la King  0  Teredo Square, Sechelt       Reservations Advised        885-9962  Gibsons Legion Branch "109  k Presents  ��� "Bernie & Red"  Fri. & Sat.  April 3rd & 4th      A  Members & Guests Only  *k  DANCE TO  VALDY  JFriday and Saturday  L April 10 and 11  Roberts Creek  [Community Hall  Tickets: *7.*��  at Seaview Market  No Minors   ^  Sponsored by Ihe Roberts Creek Community  Association - Ways and Means Committee  sunshine  coast  women's program  presents the  conference  the  changing  !vorld  of  yomen  and  -  !vork  PURPOSE  To meet with representatives of the Ministry of Labour -  Canada Employment and Immigration - Capilano College and local Educators who will bring  information regarding job skill training  to   women   of   the  Peninsula.  To focus on job training needs  of the women of this particular  community,   for   recommendations to Government Agencies and Ministries.  - To offer free, professional, individual  counselling on career choice and skill  training, later in April, by appointment.  TO REGISTER call Deborah Mcllrath  Pre-regislratlon a must lor child care  885-2391  St hiIda'S hall    bornacle st,sechelt  friday opril 0. 7:00-9.00 p.m.  soturdoy  opril 4, ftPO-P-OP   path, we almost forget about  the boulders. They come can-  nonballing down and one huge  rock almosts clobbers Big Bart.  "Dammit. I make too good a  target!" he declares, seemingly  unruffled. We set about the  knotty lask of cleaning up the  mess and getting the show  operational again. Thus it goes  on dangerous Goatfoot Mountain.  That weekend, I throw on  my street-clothes and head for  the city to pursue my other life.  There is a delapidated school-  bus parked outside Skeet's  unconventional premises. It  bears Ontario license-plates.  Apparently, there are new  arrivals.  A party is in progress. There  is a plethora of wine and beer  and a scattering of less-  orthodox intoxicants. Donovan is chanting the cryptic  words of Sunny Goodge Street  on the stereo. All the regulars  are present and there are  several new faces. Skeet introduces me to this latest clutch of  wanderers. There are six of  them; two girls and a guy from  Montreal and two guys and a  girl from Toronto. The last  mentioned is a small blonde girl  with soft brown eyes. Her name  is Jill Craigmont and she is not  especially pretty but something  about her stirs more than a  passing interest in me.  It is part physical attraction  and part something else. I just  have an overwhelming urge to  know her. But I assume one of  the other bus-people must be  her old man so I keep my  distance at first.  Then, unbelievably, she  comes over to me. "Skeet was  telling me you write poetry,"  she says. She has the breathless,  guileless voice of a little girl.  Her big eyes gaze frankly into  mine.  It is like the answer to an  unspoken wish and I am taken  aback for a second. "Well,  yeah, I fool around with it," 1  mutter in a confusion of  embarrassment and joy.  "Me too," she says magically  and suddenly, we are sitting  together on a couch, nattering  away like old friends.  Jill is a dropped-out English  major, the youngest daughter  of a wealthy Toronto family.  She is an authentic runaway,  on the lam from a strict and  overly possessive mother.  "Hell, she used to follow me  down to Yorkville to find out  what I was up to. RealU  freaked all my friends. I just  couldn't hack her paranoia  anymore."  Jill is nineteen and looks  younger but she has already  gone through several lovers  and a string of wild adventures  "I ran away once before. Madi  it across the line and went down  to Greenwich Village. I met  Phil Ochs, the folk-singer and  we lived together for a couple  of months. He introduced me  to all kinds of heavy people:  Dave Van Ronk, Fred Neil  even Bobby Dylan. He's a  really neat guy, Phil. He set a  couple of my poems to music.  Then my damn mother put a  skip-tracer on me and got me  shipped back to Canada. It was  really a downer. She started  watching me like a hawk after  that."  She rambles on breathlessly  about her underground experiences. "One time when the  Beatles were in Toronto, my  girl-friend and 1 sneaked backstage and hid in their dressing-  room. 1 even got to say a few  words to John Lennon before  they threw us out. I was a real  groupie in those days."  Jill talks as though she is  years older than she is but I find  her utterly bewitching. I finally  manage to steer the talk around  to her present romantic status.  "I'm not with anybody right  now," she declares, amazingly.  "I started out with Carl over  there" ��� she indicates a thin,  dark kid - "but we had a big  hassle in Alberta and we're not  together anymore."  It is all too good to be true. 1  am insanely falling in love with  her and we have only just met.  The almost seventeen years  that separate us don't seem to  matter in the first flood of  infatuation. Maybe the wine is  clouding my judgement but the  age-gap seems of trifling significance. Hell, we're both poets.  What more do we need? Later,  I essay a couple of noisy songs  with the Fallons. Turns out  that Jill is a devout blues-fan  too. By theend ofthe evening. I  have talked her into coming  back to Sully's Cove with me,  stressing that it is a great place  to write. 1 can barely believe  this unscheduled turn of events.  To be continued.  Gubenko film  at the Arts Centre  Those wishing to see good  adult films close to home  should consider joining the  Pender Harbour film series  which meets every second  Thursday at Madeira Park  gym at 7:30 p.m.  The Russian production  Orphans, 1976, was directed  and written by Nikolai Gubenko. It was considered one  of the best of the 1978 Toronto  Festival of Festivals. It will be  shown April 2.  This highly autobiographical film, using present day  orphans in the childrens'  roles, balances nostalgia and  maturing wisdom as it depicts  the learning experiences of  Alexei Bertenev.  On April 16, the final film of  the series, The Wages of Fear,  directed  in  France/Italy  by  Henri-Georges Clouzot, will  be seen. This Grand Prix  winner at the Cannes Festival  is Clouzot's most powerful and  mostcontroversial film.  The plot, a parable of  man's position in the modern  world, involves the desperate  attempt of four European  workers to escape the South  American town, owned by an  American oil company.  The same series of films will  be shown Wednesday evenings at 8:00 p.m. at the Sunshine Coast Arts Centre,  Sechelt, B.C.  rim ri ii ii i mi  Ellinfihum '$  ��   Astrology  Veteran of many Ingmar Bergman films, actor Max Von Sydow  gets into a different role as Ming the Merciless in "Flash Gordon",  al the Twilight Theatre.  At the Twilight  Twilight Theatre this week  will feature a science fiction  fantasy and a thriller starring  two of the screen's most  notable actors.  The science fiction fantasy  is Flash Gordon, starring Sam  J. Jones and Melody Anderson as the embattled hero  and heroine and Max von  Sydow as the evil galactic  dictator Ming the Merciless.  The fast-moving tale of good  versus evil will keep the  audience enthralled. Flash  Gordon will be shown Wednesday through Saturday,  April 1-4.  The week's thriller is  The Formula starring Marlon  Brando and George C. Scott.  The Formula will have only  three showings, Sunday  through Tuesday, April 5-7.  Community Forum  Channel Ten  GIBSONS CHANNEL TEN  MARCH 31  SECHELT CHANNEL TEN  APRIL 2  6:00  p.m.   "Suncoast   Happenings"  This week's update is a  first for the Community  Broadcasting class at  Elphinstone with a brand-  new format. Our two  hosts, Brian Beard and  Kathleen Hall have five  headlines written in cooperation with several  students in the class.  "Spring has Arrived",  written by Kim Schachte  is the first of these, which  gives tips on planting and  informs us about the  weather. Dianne Parry  wrote the script on the  two Cadet boats that recently visited Gibsons  and Jo-Ann Hanson wrote  the Ocean Pearl story.  Coast 10 also took to the  sky and shot some footage up the coast. A story  to accompany this was  written by our host,  Brian. Finally, an update on the school's  vandalism, written by  Peter Goodwin, concludes  our headlines.  Two feature interviews  are also presented this  *$ CRAD VARIETY J*  k\�� Saturday April 4th  *" 7:00 pm  Music & Comedy &  Dance *tm  week. The first of these is  introduced by Peter, who  is the host as well. He  interviews Dr. Mike  MacNeil, a psychologist,  along with Deirdre Dempster and Kim Schachte.  The second feature is  introduced by Anne Watt,  who interviews Susan  Frizzell, a long-term care  worker residing in Wilson  Creek. The technical crew  are Mark Boothroyd; camera and David Atlee,  sound. The program was  edited by Kenna Marshall.  SPECIAL NOTICE TO  OUR SECHELT VIEWERS  Thursday April 2,  7:00  on  Channel 10  Our producer, host, Vene  Parnell, will be hosting a  live phone-in show in the  Sechelt station. The topic  is the B.C. Hydro gas  pipeline. With Vene will  be MLA Don Lockstead  and Ron Blakely, manager of B.C. Hydro's  Gas Engineering division.  This is our first live show  in Sechelt and we hope  you participate. The  phone number is 885-  3224.  Technical crew will be  made up of Elphi students Kenna Marshall,  Peter Austin and Anne  Watt.  Please join us! Gibsons'  viewers will see the show  on Tuesday, April 7.  We are:  Coast 10 Television  c/o  Elphinstone   Secondary, Box 770, Gibsons.  by Rae Ellingham  Week Commencing: March 30  General Notes: The New Moon  conjoins Venus and Mars  bringing highly romantic conditions. More people fall in  love this week than at any other  time of the year. It's a favourable time lo launch a new  partnership or business arrangements, especially those  requiring courage and hard  work. Persons getting married  next weekend will he glad they  did.  Babies born end of this week  will be energetic, impulsive,  passionate and extremely attractive to members of the  opposite sex.  ARIES (March 21 - April 19)  The New Moon. Venus and  Mars in your sign highlight  your irresistible personality.  Others now find you vivacious  and romantic. Your sexual  energy shifts into top gear.  More Aries persons fall in love  this week than any other sign.  Those born April I - 6 attract  admiring glances, compliments, special attention. Meanwhile continue to analyse longdistance messages.  TAURUS (April 20 - May 20)  New Moon brings chance of  an irresponsible involvement.  Looks like secret meetings with  neglected or confined person  will have to become more  discreet. Try to resist charming  advances of nurse, doctor or  associate linked to local institution. Scrutinize facts and  figures guaranteed by acquaintance.  GEMINI (May 21 - June 21)  New Moon says you'll want  to pursue fascinating person  introduced at local get-together. Looks like casual  acquaintance may soon become intimate ally. Happiness  is result of sharing your ideas  with less talented associate. It's  the right time to resume  negotiations with community  group or committee regarding  your summer plan. Meanwhile  the boss's partnership proposal  still looks confusing.  CANCER (June 22 - July 22)  New Moon warns boss or  superior will be feeling a-  morous. flirtatious, a little  naughty. You can now charm  or manipulate long-awaited  promotion or assignment  You'll be pleased with results of  upcoming interviews. Expect  to receive gift from supervisor  who appreciates your rare  skills. Long-distance phone call  is puzzling on Sunday. Persons  born July 6 - 8 are attracted to  older, sophisticated colleagues.  LEO (July 23 - Aug. 22)  New Moon announces happy news from a distance.  Prepare to receive loving or  romantic messages by phone or  mail. It's a favourable time to  start long journey or fresh  educational pursuits. Many  Leo students now become  infatuated with favourite teacher or expert. Partner's gamble means sad loss next weekend. Aug. 6-8 birthdays arc  attracted to passing strangers.  VIRGO (Aug. 23 - Sept. 22)  New Moon emphasises need  for fresh attitude towards other  people's money and possessions. Partner or business  associate is ready lo discuss  details of shared financial  arrangements. Banker or advisor will give go-ahead to your  latest. cash-making scheme.  Loved one is lucky recipient of  surprise gift or bonus next  weekend. Misunderstanding  where you live is result of  innocent slip-of-the-tongue.  LIBRA (Sept. 23 - Oct. 23)   '���:  New Moon spotlights happier partnership agreements.  It's the right time to discuss  fairer ground rules with competitor or enemy. Meanwhile  you'll find loved one in highly  demonstrative or passionate  mood. Single l.ibrans are  bound to meet that longed-for  companion at next weekend's'  social event. Love-match ofthe  year occurs when Oct. 8 Libra  smiles at April 5 Aries.  SCORPIO (Oct. 24 - Nov, 22)  New Moon brings plcasantcr  conditions al jobsitc or place of  regular duties. You'll be suddenly attracted to co-worker  who's usually ignored. Say yes  to off-duty invitation. Passing  health upset is result of over  indulgence. Have a doctor  cheek out recurring head ache. '  Child in your life need special  guidance regarding money,  possessions, true value of  luxury item.  SAGITTARIUS  (Nov.  23 -  Dec. 21)  New Moon promises a romantic weekend you'll never'  forget. Social activities bring  several opportunities for lasting  companionship.  Creative  energy reaches spectacular  high.   Ihe   time   is   ripe  for  Sagittarians longing for child-'  ren of their own. More Sagittarians score bingo or lottery'  wins   than   any   other  sign.  Persons born  Dec. 7 should  seek out pleasure-loving Aries ���  born April 5.  CAPRICORN (Dec. 22 - Jan.  19)  New Moon coincides with'  happier  domestic arrange-'  nienls. There's much love and ' ���  understanding amongst household members. It's the perfect'  week  to  end  time-wasting''  family ,1'eud.   If possible, arrange surprise reunion where'-'  you live. Your place is the best ���  place for  wild weekend get-  together. Put aside important  :  correspondence till later.  AQUARIUS (Jan. 20 - Feb.  18)  New  Moon coincides with''  flirtatious interchanges on the ���  phone or during short jour1  '���  neys.  It's time to smile and- ���  speak lo that person who rides- '������  the same daily bus. ferry, train  or plane. Decision to hitch-hike '  may introduce  love-of-a-life- ���  time next weekend. Hesitate no ���  longer to send love note to the-  neighbour you're crazy about.'  Don't leave purse or valuables  unattended at Friday's group  meeting.  PISCES (Feb. 19 - Mar. 20)  New Moon spotlights your ',  money and possessions. Advice !  is   be   aware   of   your  true  financial situation. Temptation j  soon is to overspend on luxury ;  or prestige item. Leave charge J  cards and cheque book at home  next weekend.  You'll be re- j  ceiving  surprise  gifts  and j  packages Sunday. Mercury in ;  your sign  squaring  Neptune  says  watch  out  for slippery .  surfaces during local trips.  "DANCE*"  to the beat of  42nd STREET  (Music tor any age)  Saturday  April 18th  Sechelt Legion Hall  9 pm -1 am  Tickets: S5."�� ea.  Available at: Book Store. Sechelt  Seaview Market. R.C  Tunle Muisle, Glbsom  warn A good related job"?  ff the   shelf  by John Moore  A Statistics Canada report  released last week indicates  that a large number of this  country's college and university graduates wind up in  jobs unrelated to their educational studies. The report  states that most students  regret their choice of subjects  and want studies directly  related to the labour market.  According to an account of  the report in last Wednesday's  Vancouver Sun, "the days of  education for education's sake  are over as far as students  are concerned".  Oddly enough, the account  carried in the Sun, a Canadian  Press wire service story out of  Ottawa, mentions only two  actual statistics; that women  earn approximately 9% less  than men over all and that a  25% disparity exists between  the wages of male and female  employees of the federal  government. Maybe it's only  me. I realize that reading a  report,, or even a report of a  report, studded with statistics  is about as exciting as settling  into your favourite chair with a  plumbing catalogue.  Still, it does seem a little  weird for Statistics Canada to  collect and prepare five years  worth of essentially mathematical data then have it  reduced to less than a dozen  paragraphs that are truly  stunning in their vagueness  and generality. What follows  is. only one of dozens of  possible pearls:  "Generally, they want to  study fields that will help  them land a good related job  with decent wages and a fair  level of personal day-to-day  satisfaction".  1 think I love that one  because the mercifully anonymous reporter even began the  sentence with the word  "generally". He and his  editor may now be washing  dishes for a living. Let's  hope it's for "decent wages  and a fair level of personal  day-to-day satisfaction".  Alright, enough quibbling.  Aside from the fact that the  sentence quoted is so loaded  with undefined, and possibly  undefinable, terms as to be  completely meaningless, we  somehow feel that we know  what the reporter is getting  at and, in fact, we do, A few  RDPBoohsrore  Fine Booka  See our ad  aa the Community  hours spent in any university  cafeteria will confirm the  impression conveyed, however ineptly, by the hapless  reporter.  It may also give rise to an  even more alarming impression; that the reporter  may not be so hapless after  all and that the vacuous  cliche-ridden sentence quoted  above is a perfectly accurate  reflection, not of the mind  of the reporter, but of the  minds of most university  students and graduates at the  present time.  In a short four years, two at  Cap College and two at the  University of British Columbia, I was repeatedly astounded by the number of my  fellow students who had not  the slightest idea what they  wanted to do but who studiously forged ahead, jumping  through one academic hoop  after another, with an absolute  faith that when they graduated Bachelor of Somethingor-  other they would be assured  of "a good related job with  decent wages and a fair  level of personal day-to-day  satisfaction".  By that they appeared to  mean a job that was interesting to them personally, not  routine or tedious, at which  you could wear the clothing of  your choice, with a salary  starting between $20,000 and  $30,000 per year and from  which you could come home  and be assured of a carefree  night's sleep.  The painful truth is that  most students regard a college  certificate or university degree  like a "Chance" card in  Monopoly that allows you to  Get Out of Jail Free. Most of  them are killing time, at the  expense of their parents or of  a government that is all too  willing to lend them money to  stay in the educational system  and off the unemployment  rolls. If 75% of the first year  college and university students in this country went  straight into the labour force  instead of onto campus the  shock wave would probably  . bring down the government.  Certainly it may be argued  that the structure of the educational system from high  school on up, with its emphasis on specialization and  constant pressure to narrow  the field of studies, "declare  Gibsons  Gibsons Public  library  Tuesday .2 - 4 pm  Wednesday 2 - 4 pm  Thursday 2-4 & 7-9 pm  Saturday 2 - 4 pm  886-2130  ^���      v   a major" etc., fosters the  assumption by students that  all this work is "directed" to  some end. But the desire for  a job "related" to their  studies somehow fails to jibe  with their constant complaints  that the course material at  institutions of higher learning  consists of little more than a  series of tedious academic  hoops to be jumped through.  If you find your studies dull  and unprofitable, maybe you  are in the wrong classroom.  The argument that a course  of studies at university doesn 't  prepare you for life is full of  holes, on still another level.  The Statistics Canada report  says that "many graduates  still find in searching for their  jobs that it's not what you  know, but who you know "  Any student who has  four years at a university  and failed to notice the  enormous game of interdepartmental power politics,  the promotion of excellent  teachers into positions as  inefficient bureaucrats, the  jockeying for important chairmanships and deanships, and  the importance of cultivating  the "right" professors as  faculty and thesis advisors,  has been in a coma. It's sad to  say, but a four to six year  course of studies at university  is perfect preparation for life  as a junior executive for a  large corporation.  Where was I? Oh yes,  books. There may be a lesson  in the fact that four years of  college or university will give  you one thing, a large collection of really marvellous  books that you'll have plenty  of time to read after you  graduate. All for now.  library  New books for adults at the  Gibsons Public Library this  month include, in the non-  fiction shelves, Terror in the  Starboard Seat by Dave  Mcintosh, Measure of the  Year by Roderick L. Haig-  Brown, and Again Calls the  Owl   by   Margaret   Craven.  On the fiction shelves, look  for The Ghosts of Africa by  Williarh Stevenson, Sea Fever  by Antony Trew, and The Mad  Trapper by Rudy Wiebe.  Garden Bay  Dining Lounge  Please Phone  , For Reservations  Friday Night    Dinner lor at  Special: *14.*>  Dinner Roll. Soup or Salad  6 oz. Sirloin  Baked Potato, Vegetable  Coflee  OURS: THURS., FRI., SAT.  6 PM - 10:30 PM  SUNDAY BRUNCH  10 AM - 2:30 PM  Coast News, March 31, 1981  Grads  present  variety show  You are cordially invited to  attend an oldtime vaudeville  variety show to be held at  Elphinstone, Saturday, April  4th, 7:00 p.m.  Mr. Madoc-Jones hosts this  grad show that includes  music, mime, dance and  features a piano performance  by festival winner Tony  English.  The show has been produced by the Elphinstone  graduates of 1981. We hope to  see you there I  In a gesture of good will and best wishes, the Gibsons Fish Market business is symbolically handed  over from the old owners, the sisters Jane Graham and Ann Pinsonnault, to the new owners, Doug  and Mary Solomon. From the left: Ann, Doug, Mary and Jane,  Emaaana  NEW  RELEASES  Charles,  Prince of Wales  ��� Anthony Holden  Guinness Book of  Wold Records  ��� Norris McWhirler  Will,  The Autobiography of  G.Gordon Liddy  The Old Patagonian  Express  ��� Paul Theroux  The Emperor's Virgin  - Sylvia Fraser  Duncton Wood  William Horwood  S Timber Days yiUm CaMette  craft fair  planned  We are now selecting participants for our Timber Days  Craft Fair to be held in the  Arts Centre, May 17. We are .  planning a festive day with  live music, a homemade bagel  booth, and a display of  interesting local crafts located  indoors and out.  Participants will be chosen  based on variety and the  quality of their work. All  items must be handmade.  There will be a $5.00 registration fee and 10% commission on sales up to $50.  Since there is limited space  please get in touch with Evi  Blueth at 886-7139 or 885-2687  as soon as possible.  Book Look  by Murrie Redman  Flight Deck: Memoirs of an Airline Pilot by George Lothian,  McGraw-Hill Ryerson c 1979, $16.95  I know nothing about flying airplanes despite many hours of  flight time as a passenger. George Lothian's account of the early  days of Trans-Canada Airlines makes for fascinating reading. The  man puts life into a history which is full of close calls, good  fellowship and an interest in the best of service.  All good tales begin at the beginning and, fortunately, George  was there in the early days of commercial flight. He started out  green as a kid who wanted to graduate from the wooden World  War One fighter plane in his back yard, to the real thing. Even the  disaster which took the life of his flying teacher in mid-training did  not stop him. He went on to become one of the first pilots in the  growing national airline. Furthermore, he married one of its first  stewardesses.  Lothian's book drops more names than paratroopers, and  many of those connected with the fledgling Aero Club of B.C. will  know them. TCA, as it was called in those days, had an  honourable list of war heroes on its roster. To these people, flying  was second nature, not to mention, instinctive. George describes  the sixth sense that top pilots have which often causes them to  anticipate a problem or find their way out of one.  Contents are arranged in chronological order. There is a nice  historical record in the back of the book. My only criticism, and it  is one which can be remedied in future editions, is the lack of an  index. Perhaps Lothian did not consider that his book was  reference material. Would that more informational records were  as interesting to read!  A mid-section of photographs calls up romantic visions of  camaraderie and tale-telling sessions around the bar with the  Wiffenpoof song in the background. There are 1929 biplanes,  pictures of the honourable and now venerable crews. It is hard to  believe that it was not that many decades ago that passengers had  to wear oxygen masks during flights, and ominously stewardesses  were nurses.  For truly readable history about one of the forces that shaped  the country, try this delightful book by George Lothian.  Entertainment Scene  Pender Harbour to Sechelt  Garden Bay Hotel  Art & Jim, Fri. only  Lord Jim's Lodge  Reg Dickson, Sat. only  Jolly Roger Inn  Lee Taylor, Fri. & Sat.  Wakefield Inn Bob Gleason, Thurs., Fri. & Sat.  The, Parthenon  Helen Sinclair, Fri. & Sat.  Sechelt Legion '.. Russ Clark, Fri. & Sat.  Gibsons  Peninsula Hotel  "The House Rockers", Fri. & Sat.  The Cedars  Stephen Hubert, Wed. & Thurs.  Stephen Hubert & Lome Jones, Fri. & Sat.  Gibsons Legion Bernie & Red, Fri. & Sat.  ���������������������������������eMBBaa  Swanson's  Swanson's Concrete  Products Ltd.  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Pacific  COD FILLETS ��, '1.89  Westvale - Deluxe or Gourmet  VEGETABLE MIX .ooz 75'  Carnation <  HASH BROWNS 2ib, 59'  Rupert Brand  FISH CAKES 11. 89'  California HI  FRESH BROCCOLI �� 59'   Size 115 O/0.7  California  CAULIFLOWER �������. 4.99  PENDER HARBOUR POOL SCHEDULE  Look for Now Spring Schadula April 3rd In your mall box. Until  than, rtftr lo this rtgular Wlnttr Schadula. For apodal claiaaa  and olhtr Information, tttaphono U3-2612.  Early Itrd twHn  MuHNoontwtm  PuMIc Noon Swim  M, W. F, 7.30 - 0 im  TA Th.. 1230- 1.30 pm.  M*F, 12:30-1:30 pm.  I M. T. W. 6 30 -8 30 pm  TH 6:30-8 00 pm  Su , 2 ��� 4 pm.  AMI Inning S��rlm    M. T. W 8 30 - 10 pm  Th 0-10 pm  Totn Only Swim Su 7 30 pm -9 30 pm  UdtttSwIm T  &Th. 1 30 - 2 30 pm  PWMtATot M. IF.1.30-230  PuMk WMktnd Swim Su.. 2 - 4 pm  Su.. 6 - 10 pm  PENDER HARBOUR CENTRE  Madeira Park.883-9100  We reaerve Iht right  to limit quantiilti  jtwrn  m Coast News, March 31, 1981  Valdy plays next week  by  Norton 886-9609  i\  l.ai>i><-nni<>s  Family program offered  by Roth Forrester 885-2418  Gymnaatlca for the family.  The Halfmoon Bay Recreation Commission has come  up with what should prove to  be a very popular activity in  which the whole family can  participate. Starting on the  Thursday of April 23rd at the  Welcome Beach Hall, the  class will be open to children  up to and including grade  three. The children must be  accompanied by an adult and  it is hoped that those adults  will join in the gymnastics.  Exercise is good, no matter  what age you are. The time  will be from 2:45 till 3:45 p.m.,  the fee is ten dollars per  family for ten sessions.  The children will be dropped  off the school bus at the hall  straight after school, provided  that the driver be given a  note each week to this effect.  Those who wish to register for  this very promising program  should call Diana Gruner at  885-2978.  Because ofthe spring break  the next Recreation meeting  will be held a week earlier  than usual, April 6th at the  Wickwire home 7:30 p.m.  Phone 885-9750.  A good turnout is hoped for  as it is coming along towards  time when discussions will be  taking place regarding the  summer Country Fair. This  Fair is a joint effort between  the Recreation Commission  and the Welcome Beach  Community Association. The  suggestion was made that for  this year the Recreation group  may like to do it alone, but  they decided that as it is  always a joint effort they  would prefer it to continue as  such. It is actually the one  occasion of the year when the  two groups get together, and  it is usually lots of fun for  everyone.  It would be nice if we could  get some new ideas for booths  and events for this summer's  fair. Get the thinking caps on  folks I  Happy St. Patrick's night:  A good night was had by  all at the Welcome Beach  Community Hall last Saturday  when the occasion was duly  celebrated in the traditional  manner with dancing and  singing. The music for the  evening was a variety of Irish  and you name itl Some local  musicians presented a program of traditional Irish airs  played on violin, concertina  and tin whistle. Katie Anger-  meyer of Redrooffs on violin  was accompanied by Dan  Bowman in the playing of  some good toe-tapping jigs  along with some of the more  nostalgic sad airs. The twosome played well together and  the audience was most appreciative of these good people  giving of their time and talents  to entertain. The evening  continued with dancing to  records which ranged from the  thirties right up to date, as  well as a few vocal solos  from some of the talented  folks in the group.  Highlights of the vocal part  of the evening was a solo sung  in Norwegian by the mother of  Tor Orre of Redrooffs who, in  her 87th year can still carry a  tune to perfection. She was  the star of the evening in more  ways than one. You should  have seen her do the polka!  Paul Hansen played the accordion as a change from the  organ for this evening and  joining him was his friend  Joe Hampton who was visiting  from Vancouver and who  played a marvellous banjo. In  all, it was a really happy  evening.  There was another most  enjoyable evening at the Hall  on Thursday when some forty  people were treated to a  showing of slides of the  Lawsons' travels.  Hospital Auilllary:  A reminder to members and  to those of you who would care  to join this group of ladies who  keep busy doing work towards  patient comfort, that the  regular monthly meeting will  be on Monday, April 6th at  Welcome Beach Hall at 8 p.m.  A reminder too about getting  your plants in containers for  the plant sale on April 18th.  If you wish any advice or help  in deciding what you should  be transplanting or thinning  out you could give Jean Scott  a call and she would be happy  to advise.  The Humming Birds.  There have been several  calls following last week's  mention of the first humming  bird of the season. One man  called to say that he had been  feeding one all winter long. I  wonder how many people  keep on feeding them all  summer long. This is really  not a good idea because they  should really be heading south  with all the rest of the birds in  late summer. One should  really take in their feeders in  early July so that the humming birds can fend for themselves because there are  plenty of pollens around by  then. If they are not encouraged to the feeders they  will then follow their natural  instinct and go where they  should be going.  ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^      - Joan Huestis Fosler photo  By-law Enforcement Officer A.E. Pollock looks efficient in his  handsome new uniform. At the moment the tickets he gives out  are only courtesy warnings and involve no money but soon  overtime and incorrect parking will hit Sechelt motorists and  visitors in the pocketbook. Alas...the old ways ebb.  Arthritis  van visits  Angela Fairleigh, occupational therapist with The  Arthritis Society B.C. Division  will be making her first trip this  year up the Sunshine Coast  with the mobile occupational  therapy van.  Mrs. Fairleigh will be treating arthritis patients on referral  from ihe family doctors at  Gibsons on Monday. April 6;  Tuesday. April 7; Thursday,  April 9 and Friday, April 10.  Stic will be at Madeira Park on  Wednesday. April 8 and Thursday morning, April 9.  At Gibsons, Mrs. Fairleigh  will he working in conjunction  wiih Joanne Rottluff of Gibsons Health Unit and al  Madeira Park with Dr. R.H.  Eastey of the I'ender Harbour  and District Community  Health Centre.  The van makes two trips a  year into the Sunshine Coast  communities, one in the  Spring, the other in the fall.  f.  worm, warmer, warmest  daniadown  CMK it-'- t  I Ojnuflaitn CI  IH tnirn, ,  dDfi  guirinttt al MNffl  se-rCjo- "���'���I(!���,'���  TH iKonWfl post -    .  Miictung dip* JtfWtt J.iiiiWf ftMse eocuct u:  Ctnti i"  leindc  I  M daniadown quilts ltd.  SUNSHItW INTERIORS  NO IT H ID. a KIWANIS WAV  OIUOH��. M6-8187     J  Valdy  The rumours have been confirmed - after the success of  last year's double-header,  "Valdy" is returning to  Roberts Creek for another  two-night engagement. He'll  be at the Roberts Creek Community Hall next weekend,  April 10 and 11.  Tickets are a rare bargain  at S7.50 each and they should  be available at Seaview  Market this week. Both  dances were quick sell-outs  last time so be sure to get your  tickets early. You don't want  to miss it.  Help the Daze.  There's no problem getting  support for Roberts Creek  Daze when the time comes -  the Daze is one of the most  popular of the local celebrations. It's a real community  effort and everybody joins in  on the fun.  But it takes a lot of planning  to make it a success and tKat  usually falls on the shoulders  of a few, who are consequently  burned out after one Daze and  reluctant to take on the responsibility of the next one.  That's why we need lots of  people to help organize the  activities, share the workload  and make it fun for everyone  concerned.  So don't wait until the last  minute to ask if you can help.  Come to the Daze meeting at  the Hall tomorrow (Wednesday) at 7:30 with your  ideas and sign up for a job.  On the agenda.  In an attempt to keep  meetings short and to the  point, the Community Association is introducing a new  procedure: all matters to be  discussed must be entered on  an agenda before the meeting.  Matters not on the agenda will  be discussed only if the open  meeting votes to discuss  them.  If you wish to have an item  added to the agenda phone  Gail Cromie at 885-3469 or  Dennis Davison at 885-2101  before the monthly meeting.  The next meeting is Wednesday, April 15.  Play Ball.  The Roberts Creek Ladies  Softball Team has had several  Sunday practices but if anyone's interested, there's still  time to join them. Phone  886-9609 for practice time.  New Horizons ExecotJve.  A general meeting of the  Elphinstone New Horizons  was held on Monday, March  23, at the Community Hall for  the express purpose of electing a new committee, all  other business being suspended.  After a few remarks outlining the election procedure,  the president called on Mrs.  Minnie Kirkland, chairperson  of the Nominating Committee  to read the list of offices to be  filled with the names of the  nominees. When nominations  from the floor produced no  further candidates, nominations were closed and the  following officers were elected  by acclamation with duties  becoming effective at the end  of March: President, Mrs.  Marion Cupit; Secretary, Mr.  Len Hornet; Treasurer, Mrs.  Dorothy Bruce; Hall Manager,  Mr. Bill Grose; Social Convenor, Mrs. Minnie Kirkland;  Ways and Means (raffles,  bingo, etc.), Mrs. Olive  Provencal; Librarian, Mrs.  Lillian Thomas; Publicity,  Mrs. Madelene' Grose; Historic (photos, scrapbook, etc.),  Mrs. Betty Merrick.  Notice of the Regular Council Meeting to be held on  Wednesday, April 1.1981 at the Village Office at 7:30 pm.  AGENDA  Mlnulei:  Minutes of Ihe Regular Council meeting ot March 18.1981  Minutes of the Management Committee Meeting ol March  18, 1981  Matter. Arising From Minul.i:  Accounts:  Accounts Payable lo March 31. 1981  Committee Reports:  Alderman Brown - Arena, Public Works  Alderman Kolibas - Planning, Library and Health  Alderman Stelck - Finance, S.C.R.C. Parks and Recreation  Alderman Lee - Management. Airport. Tourism  Correspondence:  1.   Cameo Industries Lid - Zoning Certificate - Lol J  U B C M - re 1981 Provincial Budget  U B.C M - Financial Administration Act  A V I M - re Conlerence on Juvenile Crime Prevention  Sunshine Coasi Arts Council - 1980 Financial Statement  Timber Days Committee - grant and use of Hackett Park  6 C Assessment Authority - 1981 Mill Rate  Sunshine Coast Community Service Society  By-Laws: ,�� . -.    ,  ���     ���,.     _   , J.M.A. Shanks  Any Other Business: Cl.rt.-Tr.a.Ur.r  Ad|ournment:  This Public Notice is Sponsored by  2 SECHELT ESSO j  MAXWELL'S PHARMACY  YOUR COMPLETE HEALTH CARE CENTRE  * Fast Prescription Service  * Health Care Accessories  * Almay Hypoallergenic Cosmetics  * Patient Aids (Sales & Rentals) crutches,  comodes, bed pans, canes, etc.  107 cedar Plaza. Gibsons 886-8158  OPEN SUNDAYS  Noon to a pm.  WTCHEN  Grill'N  Oven Brush  $2.50  Industrial strength  steel bristles strip away  burnt-on grease and  grime...working hard  so you don't have to!  Clean your barbeque  grill or oven rack  quickly, easily, thoroughly! Rust-proof  steel "neck", styrene  handle, hang-up slot,  7V4".  The Social Convenor delegated the weekly refreshments and kitchen duties to  Mrs. Emily Horner and Mrs.  Margaret Crawford respectively. A vote of thanks was  extended to Mrs. Kirkland  and Mrs. Cupit for their  efforts on the nominating  committee which was the  contributing factor in keeping  the business meeting to within  a 15-minute period.  Miss Ena Harrold rose to  thank the members for their  "get well" cards and good  wishes sent to her while she  was in hospital recently.  Crib Ends.  Thursday night crib at the  Legion closed the season last  week with a party and extra  prizes. Marcel McNabb had  the highest total for the night,  Lil Flumerfelt won first high  total game score, Vi Kluserits  second, and Tom Des Lauriers  third. Ernie Kluserits won for  best attendance.  Slow down.  Roberts Creek is becoming  much more populated and,  accordingly, the Highways  Department is posting lower  speed limits. The limit  throughout most of the Creek  is now 30 m.p.h. (50 km.p.h.)  so watch it and slow down.  Still Some  '"SPECIALS"  Dresses  Tops  1/2 Price Items  Lots of  Spring Cf  Summer  Styles      SHICMS  owrie St., Sechelt 885-29161  CURTAINS  Ready to Hang  Assorted Sizes  Now available at  TRAIL BAY CENTRE  CO  ^  ft'Wtf  Const Community ,sCa.  Adult Day Care  Homemaker Service  Meals on Wheels  ^  s,  p(  V/,.  Tuesday - 31 March 1981  at 7:30 p.m.  ANNUAL GENERAL MEETING  Room 101 - Elphinstone Secondary School  Gibsons  SPEAKER: JIM BUDD Snr.  Members and friends welcome  Minibus  Volunteer Bureau  Special Services to  Children and  Alternate Education  i*w  Free Openers to the 1st 50 Customers  TAYLOR'S GARDEN BAV STORE  Jfh'*��'���;��� ������ '.? ''til'  24-10 oz. bottles  Your choice of flavours  $3.  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Kiiinonl News  The first store  in Jervis Inlet  byJonVanAndeD  Vera came by with some of  that local history that brings  back memories for old-timers  and interests most newcomers. The accompanying  picture is 1925 or 1926 and  depicts the first store in Jervis  Inlet at the Malibu Rapids on  the left hand side going in. It  was built and owned by  Charlie Wise and the child-  rens' names were Donald,  Richard, Gene and Sissy.  They were raised mostly on  Eagle Brand Milk at 8* for a  tall tin, because it was a  "good   keeper".    Demerara  RDP  Bookstore  Books for  This Place  Edible Wild Fruits &  Nuts of Canada  - Walker & Turner  The Gibson's Landing  Story     Lester R. Peterson  Chevy/GMC  Pickup Repair  Remembering  Roberts Creek  1889 -1955  From a Coastal  Kitchen     - Lee Reid  Along the No. 20 Line  ��� Roll Knight  The West Howe  Sound Story  F.J. Van Den Wyngaert  .Gibsons Landing  886-7744  2Inrb ifitn'0  ANNOUNCING  our  GRAND OPENING  April 4th  for our  1981 SEASON  Special Dinner  PRIME RIB  ���IS.**  Enjoy the  Music of  Ref Dickson  From 8:00 to  Midnight  Reservations Please  885-2232  Open for Dinner at 6:00 pm.  "We at Lord Jlm'e  Look Forward to Seeing Yon"  Local group to produce rock opera  Coast News, March 31, 1981  by Alan Kamuzyn  On Saturday evening, May  30th, the Gibsons Soundwaves  Society will present its premier performance of the rock  opera Jesus Christ Superstar.  "Soundwaves", a local organization formed this year for  the purpose of performing  musical theatre and concerts,  consists of 32 singers and 16  instrumentalists. The group  was put together by Gibsons'  own Lyn Vernon who is also  the show's producer.  The director of the show is  no stranger to Gibsons either.  Lloyd Burritt was raised here  and has blossomed into a  rather well-known B.C. composer. He presently teaches  music at Argyle High School  in North Vancouver and produces various musicals annually.  The conductor is alio a  music teacher who has conducted with the North Shore  Light Opera Society, the  Theatre Guild in Bellingham  and numerous high school  musicals. His hame is Joe  Berarducci.  Susan Ross will be coming  over to handle the technical  aspects of the show. This very  talented woman was stage  manager for the Vancouver  Opera and the Canadian  Opera Company; general manager of the Regina Dance  Theatre and is presently  employed by the Vancouver  Symphony Orchestra.  Another very talented woman is costume designer  Margaret Ryan, Miss Ryan  has spent four years with the  Vancouver Opera and seven  years with the Vancouver  Playhouse Theatre. She also  designed costumes for the  BCTV series "Story Theatre".  If you think that's talent,  wait until you see the cast I!  Don't be surprised if you  notice a few familiar faces up  there on the stage. There is  still room, however, for a few  male singers. Anyone interested may call me at  886-9145. Rehearsals are now  underway.  Residents of the area are  invited to a semi-sneak preview on Saturday, April 11th.  at the Gibsons Mall.The choir  will be doing a fund raising  performance and will sing a  number or two from the  production. Tickets for the  actual show are five dollars  and will be on sale soon. There  will be four showings in all,  Saturday, May 30, Sunday  May 31st (matinee), Friday  and Saturday, June Sth and  6th. The show is being presented at the Twilight  Theatre....   See  you   therel  TRAVEL  884-2S22  Oxygen tanks dangerous  Public Warning - Defective  Oxygen Tanks  The Federal Health Department has issued the following public warning against  use of portable oxygen kits  manufactured by Green Cross  Solid State Oxygen Inc., of  Dania, Florida, USA.  Tests have shown defects in  nineteen of twenty units exa  mined. This manufacturer is  now   out   of  business.  If a Green Cross Solid State  oxygen unit is found, the  oxygen should be released, and  the Staff Development and  Safety Programs Division,  Public Service Commission, at  387-1561, will advise on safe  disposal of the unit.  YOU'LL NEVER RUN OUT!  Audrey's coffee Service  Office & Restaurant Coffee  Supplies & Equipment  885-3716      HELP!  The Crew of the  "Beachcombers"  are still looking tor  furnished houses  between April 1,1981  & Sept. 30,1981.  Please contact  Bob Frederick  886-7811  Norn woeh!  The  2nd  Annual  Grant  stouepipe i  insulated  Chimney  sale...20% oni  all stovepipe, chimney and accessories.  ��� prices will be effective April 6 - April 11 only  .JfiC ELECTRONICS  In the Trail Bay Centre, Sechelt 885-2568  sugar was 25* per pound and  eggs were 15* a dozen, Keep  in mind that these were the  prices at the top of Jervis  Iqlet.  Abe Jeffries and his family  lived in Princess Louisa Inlet  on the Indian Camp Grounds,  which is now the Malibu golf  course. In those days people  travelled from Sechelt to this  area and Deserted Bay to  raise vegetables in the summer; potatoes, cabbage, carrots and corn, which sold for  a dollar per hundred pounds.  They sun-dried blueberries,  salal and blackberries, apples,  prunes, fish and venison.  They cold-smoked all the  species of salmon except  humpies and collected these  fish from "the Skawika" and  Deserted River. The gardeners were "Captain" Joe  Dixon, John Wilson and a lady  named Agnes, who also  served as midwife. The  nearest doctor was in Vancouver, so tobacco was the  cure for most mishaps and  snuff was used for toothaches.  The Egmont smorgasbord  is coming up on April 11.  One of the prizes for the raffle  is a lovely nightgown donated  by Myrtle Dalton of Sechelt,  who was one of our convenors  for several years.  We should have had an  "Early Spring on the Coast  Contest" this year. Maybe  Egmont didn't have wild  strawberries in February, as  Robi Peters says Dave Stig-  litz did, but my neighbour  Gene said he heard someone  talking about seeing a hummingbird on March 17 on Redrooffs Road, then added that  he saw one in his yard on the  16th. So there!  Indash AM-FM and auto Reverse Cassette  give you super fidelity and outstanding tuner  section and the ultimatae convenience of  Auto-Reverse operatlonsl No more tumbling  around trying to flip the cassette over to hear  the other side���this one does It for you.  HCC1100 feature.;  ��� 12 station pre-set  ��� Automatic seek conlrol  ��� 4 Way balance control  a LED display panel  ��� Quartz clock  D-   - - Modular electronic tuning bi-amp AM-FM-  Stereo auto-reverse Cassette with quartz  clock & hi-fi design control panel.  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ESTWURLD SOUND  (Next to Bank of Montreal)  885-3313  Sechelt  ;  v  mmm Coast News, March 31, 1981  YOUR AUTOPLAN  CENTRE  Taking care of  all your Real Estate Needs  Seaside Plaza Evenings Call  886-2000    Norm Peterson Dennis Suveges  886-9121    886-2607(Res )or 866-7264 (Res.)  Fleming on education  Poverty the root problem  /&*  Notice Board  Sponsored as a Public Service  886-2622     by the Coast News    886-7817  NOTE: Early announcements will be run once, Ihen must be  re-submltted to run again, no more than one month prior to  Ihe evunt.  Coming Events  Fllne8i tn Motion: Exercise to Music Roberts Creek Community Hall.  Mon . Wed . Fri. - 9:30 am - 10:30 am. Also St. Hilda's Church Hall,  Sechelt Tues & Thurs.- 12:15 pm- 12:45 pm . commencing April 7th.  SlO'mo For info call Rieta, 885-2875 TFN  Evening ot Bridge at Wilson Creek Hall. Wednesday April 1. 1981 at  7 30 pm Partners not necessary Refreshment and prizes For info. -  885-9726  Wilson Creek Community Association Monthly Meeting Monday April  13 - 8:00 pm Feature - Slide presentation by Sylvia Roberts titled  "Holiday in a Greek Village"  Sunihlne Coast Women's Program presents the Conference "The  Changing World of Women and Work" at St. Hilda's Hall, Sechelt, Fri. &  Sat April 3 & 4 Free child care for those pre-registered. 885-2391  General Meeting Legion Branch #112, Madeira Park Monday April  20th at 8 pm #15  Robert! Creek Daze Meeting Wednesday April 1st at Roberts Creek  Community Hall al 7:30 pm.  Regular Events  Elphinstone Pioneer Museum The Elphinstone Pioneer Museum in  Gibsons will be closed until further notice.  Monday  Roberts Creek Hospital Auxiliary Second Monday of each month -11  am. St. Aidan's Hall.  Sunshine Pottery Guild meets every 2nd Monday of the month at the  'Studio' corner of North Road and Highway 101 at 7 pm. TFN  O.A.P.O. #38 Regular Meeting. First Monday ol each month - 2 pm  Social Bingo. 2nd & 3rd Mondays 2 pm at Harmony Hall, Gibsons.  Tuesday  Women's Aglow Fellowship Meets every third Tuesday of the month at  Harmony Hall Gibsons. Transportation and babysitting available 886-  7426.  Duplicate Bridge 7 30 sharp at Sunshine Coast Golf Club, 1st and 3rd  Tuesdays of each month   For further information contact Phyllis  Hoops. 886-2575  Sunshine Coast Arts Council Regular meeting 4th Tuesday of every  month at 7 30 pm at the Arts Cenlre in Sechelt.  Al-Anon Meetings Al-Anon Meetings every Tuesday night  Roberts  Creek  For information call 886-9059 or 886-9041  Sunshine Coast Navy League ot Canada Cadets and Wrenettes, ages  10 to 13 will again meet Tuesday nights. 7-9pm . United Church Hall.  Gibsons New mcruits welcomed  Wednesday  Tops Club Gibsons Tops meets every Wed evening al 6 45 in Ihe  Armour's Beach Athletic Hall   New members and leen members  welcome Phone 886-9765 eves.  Sunshine Lapidary & CraH Club Meets 1st Wed every monlh at 7 30  pm For mformaiion 886-2873 or 886-9204  Pender Harbour Hospital Auilllary. Second Wednesday of each  month. 1 30 pm. St. Andrews Church-New members always welcome  Wilson Creek Community Reading Centre 7 30 - 8 30 p m  885-2709  Sechelt Garden Club. 7 30 p m , St  Hildas Hall First Wednesdays  except January. July. August  O.A.P.O. #38 Carpet Bowling Every Wednesday 1 pm al Harmony Hall  Gibsons  Sunshine  Coast   Sports  Club  will   be  having  a irack and-tieid  organizational meeting al Elphinstone School, Wednesdays 5pm  Women's Luncheons 12 ��� 1 pm  Starting Thursday Feb  'j .it   rhfl  Moron   in Gibsons  Rescr.ahons recommended ��� BBfi WM   Fiijoy  good load Rnd the company ol olher women v��ho work Sporihoied by  the Sunshine Coast Women s Program  Thursday  The Bargain Barn oi the Pender Harbour Honllh Clinic Auxiliary is  open on Hiuriday afternoons from too until 3 30  Al-Anon Meeting Evjry Thursday tn Gibsons al 8 prn l-oi mformaiion  call 886 9569 or 886-^037  Western Weight Controllers Every Thursday al I pm in Ihe Armours  Beach AtMohc Hall Gibsons and in the Sechell Elomentary School.  Thursdays at 7pm New members welcome 885-3795  O.A.P.O. #38 Public Bingo Every Thursday 7 45 prn sharp at Harmony  Hall. Gibsons  Friday  Square Dancing The Country Stars Square Dancers Gibsons United  Church every  Friday 8 to  11   pm   Beginners Classes   for more  information 886-8027 or 886-9540  Gibsons Tot Lot Every Fri. 9 30- 11 30 am in Gibsons United Church  Hall Parents with children 0-3yrs are welcome For further irrto call  Shawn 886-8036  Thrift Shop Every Friday. 1 -3pm Thrift Shop. Gibsons United Church  basement  Wilson Creek Community Reading Centra Noon ��� 4 00 pm    885-2709  Women's Floor (eoalm) Hockey. Friday nights, 730 - 9.30 pm. Gibsons  Elementary Gym, sticks available.  O.A.P.O. #38 Fun Nlte Every Friday at 7 30 pm Pot Luck Supper last  Friday ol every monlh al 6 pm at Harmony Hall, Gibsons  Suncoast Challenge Every Friday In Elphie lunch Room and Gym  April 3 - Paul Johnson - Negro singer - Folk & Rock a 14  Saturday  Wilson Creek Community Reading Centre 11 30 - 1 p m 885-2709  The Bargain Barn of the Ponder Harbour Heallh Clinic Auxiliary is  open on Saturday allerrtoons from 1 - 4 pm  Sunday  Bingo Sechelt Reserve Hall every Sunday Early birds 7 pm $'00 Prize  Proceeds to assist under privileged families  by Frances Fleming  The United Nations has  designated 1981 the International Year of Disabled  Persons. Five aims have been  accepted. The first is the education of the public and a  change in attitude toward the  disabled. The second is the  prevention of disabilities. The  third is the improvement of  the quality of life of the  disabled through special measures such as better access  to transportation and , public  buildings. The fourth is direct  help to the disabled to assist  their social and personal  adjustment. The fifth is  expansion of employment  opportunities for disabled  persons.  What is a disability? The  Oxford Dictionary defines it as  a thing or lack that prevents  one's doing something, legal  disqualification; physical incapacity caused by injury  or disease. A person who has  lost his sight, or hearing, or  lost a limb, or who is wracked  I  Al Wagner  Al Wagner  Invites you  to join  Big  Brothers  A service of friendship freely given by  men, to boys without  fathers.  For Information  886-2615  885-5664  with arthritis or incapacitated  by such a condition as multiple  sclerosis is disabled. Traditionally, a disabled person  has been regarded as one who  once was normal physically,  and now is not. Modern usage  has   broadened   the   term.  The government of British  Columbia has moved in to help  make the provincial program a success by allocating  $3,000,000 for the cause.  Douglas L. Mowatt of Vancouver, executive director of  the B.C. Division of the  Canadian Paraplegic Association, has been named B.C.  Director of the IYDP. A  committee will be named soon  to include representatives of  disabled groups and of government ministries concerned with social services.  Wayne Desharnais, program.  superintendent of special education for the B.C. Ministry  of Education is the liaison  officer between the new  committee and his Ministry.  Anyone wanting information  on the International Year of  Disabled Persons in British  Columbia should contact the  IYDP office, Ministry of  Education, Parliament Buildings, Victoria, B.C., V8V  1X4.  It is highly unlikely that  children will directly benefit  from this new program. There  is a feeling abroad that our  children are being very well  cared for, in schools, with the  support of the Ministries of  Human Resources and Health.  Are they? What is the evidence?  The Year of the Child came  and went. What was accomplished? What were the  visible and lasting gains?  Did governments institute  hot-lunch programs to assist  in the improvement of young  Canada's nutrition? Was a  school free milk program even  discussed? Did pregnant mothers receive prenatal family  allowance in order to eat  adequately for two? Did child  abuse lessen? Was child  pornography stopped? Was  there a media campaign to  stress the importance of our  children to the future of our  country?  The disability that the Year  of the Child did not deal with,  and one the Year of the Disabled will not is the root cause  of mental and physical illnesses, much juvenile delinquency, and school failure.  It has been reported that, in  B.C. alone, there are 22,000  single parents on social  assistance, with some 60,000  children in Care. Counting the  "working poor" who never  have sufficient money for their  basic needs, there are some  110,000 poor- children in  British Columbia. These children are being housed, fed and  clothed minimally and meanly. Serious malnutrition may  be occurring among this population through the escalating  cost of good food, especially  proteins such as milk, eggs,  fish and meat.  The malnourished child is  educationally disabled. He has  trouble paying attention; he  cannot remember; he may be  irritable and restless; he may  yawn a lot or fall asleep in  class. He probably doesn't  laugh much, and may be  indifferent to his teacher's  efforts to interest him. He may  weep when provoked; he may  be aggressive. All the food he  may eat at a later date will not  build the brain and brawn  that society should have  supplied him with through  good nutrition when he was  very young.  Canada lags far behind  most civilized countries in  overseeing the nutrition of its  growing children. Great Britain instituted hot lunch  programs following World  War II. American schools  serve hot lunches. We leave  our kids to the pop and chip  machines, let them fill up on  junk foods which do not  satisfy their body hunger for  real food.  A prevention of disability  program could only begin with  the infant set, and would make  sense. The IYDP plan will only  dispense charity to some  needy persons and brighten  up many lives for a brief  period of time. It will distract  attention from the root problem, man-made poverty in the  midst of plenty and shortsighted neglect of the basic  needs of children.  Mayor Bud Koch of Sechelt draws tht winning ticket in the draw  held last week on behalf of Elphie grads. The prize was a Chevette  Scooter donated by Koch's Sunshine GM Motors. The winning  ticket was held by Chris Taylor of Gibsons. The grads thank all  who participated.  Careers Day  at Elphie  On Thursday, April 2nd,  1981, a Careers Fair will be  held at Elphinstone Secondary  School in Gibsons. The Careers  Fair will start at 9:15 am. and  end at 12:15 pm. Linda Giza.  counsellor at Elphinstone has  arranged a wide range of  presentations so that students  and interested members of the  community can explore vocational, technical and professional occupations.  In recognition of the guest  speakers' contributions and  involvement, the School District is providing a luncheon at  which Mr. John Denley, District Superintendent of  Schools, will speak.  For more information about  the Careers Fair, please telephone Elphinstone School at  886-2204.  The donation is time  "It's not donations we need  the most," says Al Wagner for.  the Big Brothers organization  on the coast. "It's something  money can't buy, something  more special, your time."  "We have a waiting list of  boys who need someone to fill  the gap of the missing male  figure. Someone to do things  with, someone to call when  they need to talk and, especially, a man to look up to  as an example instead of the  tough guy out on the street,"  explains Wagner.  Most of the boys come from  broken homes and single  parent families. Big Brothers  won't compete with the boy's  father, though. "We are  selective that way, we only  choose those who have had no  male influence for some  time," said Wagner.  Potential Big Brothers are  carefully screened and placed  with care by Drew McKee of  the school board, who is the  main work-horse ofthe organization.  Another active member is  the principal of Roberts Creek  school, Bob Wetmore.  "There is a shortage of  Big Brothers," explains Wagner, "we receive requests  from mothers in trauma and in  great need of the male figure.  But the screening process  takes time and unfortunately  we don't have volunteers lined  up and just waiting."  Wagner says that a "re  lationship" between a Big  Brother and a little brother  can be a deterrent to crime  as well as possibly leading to  lifelong friendship. Wagner,  who himself has been a Big  Brother until his boy moved  away, says he still is in contact  with him.  "It's just a matter of a few  hours a week donated to those  who are less fortunate than  those of us who have had a  good deal out of life. It's a  giving thing."  For a boy or adolescent, a  Big Brother is someone to  spend an afternoon with,  someone to call when you  need to talk and it's hard to  talk to mother, a man to look  up to for guidance.  And sometimes, it's as easy  and uncomplicated as sharing  a silence, just fishing.  For more information, call  Al Wagner, 886-2615 or  885-5664.  Poster contest  ATTENTION!  AH Students - Grades 1-12 in  School District #46 -  POSTER CONTEST  SECHELT VILLAGE is officially 25 years old and will make  a big 'Bang' about it during its  MAY DAY / TIMBER DAYS  Celebrations on May 16, 17  and 18,1981.  $25.00 will be offered for  the best poster entered in our  Poster Contest and there will  be prizes for the best entry  from each grade.  The competition will be  keen, so ask your teacher for  18" x 24" poster paper or  cardboard; use the art materials of your choice and your  own wonderful Imagination  and talent and make a bright,  eye-catching poster to help  advertise the event.  Be sure to show (A) the  Place (Sechelt, Hackett Park),  (B) the Dates (May 16, 17  and 18) and (C) a picture  which suggests one or more of  the "happenings".  Do your neatest-work - not  too much clutter.  Check your spelling!!  Your Name, Age, School,  Grade and Phone No. (if any)  must be on the back of your  poster or it may be disqualified.  The winners will be judged  and displayed at Trail Bay  Shopping Centre, Sechelt - so  please leave your entries at  "Books 'nStuff" by Saturday,  May 2nd.  Judges will be Fran Ovens  and Lillian Peters (local  artists) and prizes compliments ofthe Royal Bank and  Shop Easy in Sechelt.  MSSL  NEW SCHEDULE  Mmt\//i  ^SPRING AND SUMMER  MMlfMJL  885-2214  TO NANAIMO  TO VANCOUVER  FLIGHT NO.  TIME  FLIGHT NO.  TIME  201  07:45  101  07:25  203  11:45  103  09:35  205  15:15  105  11:45  207  18:00  107  14:15  FROM NANAIMO  109                     15:15  111                    18:00  FROM VANCOUVER  FLIGHT NO.       TIME  102                    08:00  104                    10:30  106                    12:30  ma                   ia��  FLIGHT NO.       TIME  202                     08:15  204                    12:30  206                    16:00  208                     18:30  TO POWELL RIVER  FLIGHT NO.  903  905  907  TIME  08:30  13:15  16:30  108  110  112  14:45  16:00  18:30  Further Schedules to Jervis Inlet. Salmon Inlet, Narrows Inlet,  Pender Harbour Now 3 Flights Daily Except Sunday.  Ellectlve March 30th. 1981  Women and work conference  All the women of the Sunshine Coast are invited to  attend this very important  Women's Conference.  The key speaker will be  Diana M. Davidson, lawyer  from Vancouver with several  guest panel participants.  The Changing World of  Women and Work Conference  will address the two most  topical aspects of the problem  confronting many of the women who work, or who wish to  work. First making available  information pertaining to  present job skill training and,  second, obtaining an accurate  picture of the particular education and job training needs of  the women of this community  for presentation tdthe Ministry  of Labour and Canada Em-  Mothers9 March 1981'  The Kinsmen Mathers' March, conducted on the Sunshine Coast Jan. 28th to Feb. 3rd, 1981, has  collected a total of $6,541.00. This money in its entirety will go lo the disabled of B.C. as all  administration costs are raised by other means. The Kinsmen Rehabilitation Foundation, is a B.C.  Foundation only and all funds will therefore stay in B.C.  It is with great thanks, that the disabled of B.C., the Kinsmen Rehabilitation Foundation of B.C., and  Ihe Kinsmen Club of Gibsons, thank all those that guve either time, money or both, lo Ihis worthy cause,  with special thanks to the following "Mothers" who made our campaign possible.  Pat Dickenson  Linda Smid  Eileen Greaves  Lauralee Sulli  l.i/ Gibbons  Sonya Miller  Naomi Cousins  Billy Hollis  Lillian Finnie  Martina Dubois  Nancy Denham  D. Flummcrfelt  Val Michaud  Vicki Rhcaume  F.Ida Finlay  Margaret Buchanan  Ruth Hogberg  Penny Oullon  Jan Johnson  Mrs. E. Miller  Katimavik Volunteers  Marilyn Ranniger  Margaret Jones  Margaret Dyck  Maureen Zueff  Avril Maddern  Joan Graham    '  Pam Helem  Vona Clayton  Gail Wilson  Judy Flett  Helen Weinhandl  Yvonne Hardy  Maureen Bentley  Cathy Wormold  Brenda Montgomery  Janice Edmonds  Jan Milks  Jean Gray  Gail Cavalier  Dorlhy Miles  Phyllis Hoops  June Frizzell  Ellen Whaites  Gwen Nimmo   ,  Shelley Biddle  Bonnie Semutiuk  Denise Walts  Kim Benner  Marlene Blakeman  Debra Peterson  Peggy Wray  Barb Powers  Wendy Allen  Chris Moore  Mrs. Morrow  Mrs. Terry Delong  Dar Vignal  Teresa Lucas  Margrit Billingsley  Gay Shanks  Olga Johnson  Pam Gregorchuk  Judy Bothwell  Donna Forsyth  Dorlhy Hurren  Rose Stevens  Debbie Johnson  Helen Main  Wendy Warman  Nancy Lawson  Barb Grinuey  Linda Phillips  Joan Peers  We would also like to thank the CoasI News lor not only the support we have received for Mothers'  March but also for the help given all year long. We are also pleased to announce that Rick Wray has  been elected Rehabilitation Director for the Lower Mainland Zone.  The Association of Kinsmen Clubs  Kinsmen Club of Gibsons  ployment and Immigration  Council; also to Capilano  College and to local educators.  Many women not only wish  to be employed, but must work  to support, or to implement the  support of their families.  Women from native communities, sole support mothers,  senior high school girls as well  as women wanting to change  careers, because of limited  skills, are often obliged to  remain at minimal wages with  little, or no hope of advancement.  The purpose of the conference is to bring together  those women who wish to  enter, re-enter or grow within  the work force, who need  increased skills, and those  women who. recognizing ihis  need, arc committed to the task  of improving conditions for  women in the job market.  In both the Ministry of  Labour and Canada Employment women head the Departments of Women's affairs. It is  their responsibility to press for  Ihe changes which will create  more, and better, opportunities  for women who work outside  the home. But it is the responsibility of the women of this  community to provide solid  evidence of the specific needs of  the women of this community.  It is expecled thai the subject  matter will encourage a large  number of women to attend  this two day conference. Every  woman will have the opportunity to express her views  when, during the most vital  session, small groups will be  able to pin-point essential  concerns. Summaries, from  which the recommendations  will evolve, will be sent lo the  various ministries, educational  institutions and lo each participant.  Individual counselling about  work and career options available later, in April.  Friday Fvening...April 3, at  7:30 til 9:30 pm. Saturday all  day...April 4, from 9:00 am to  3:30 pm.  Registration fee $2.00 includes Saturday lunch and  Saturday child-minding. Prc-  regisiration requested because  of lunch. Pre-registration necessary lor those who need  child-minding. Call Deborah:  Mcllrath at 885-2391 to register.  St. Hilda's Church Hall.  Sechelt.  JtowgoMMil..r^3  Jlowgott.toji'lf  i t  Thal'ihin laMarlaulnnl  mbiii nl M,irk��! 11,-ar mil  imtanlnl arilrtVit ami  makr mime, |,Hi!  Contractors  Start Off Spring on the Right Footing  with  TOMOR FORMS  & FOUNDATIONS'  Fast, Accurate Service  for Residential & Commercial  Foundation Work  Contractor Rates Available for Volume Work  Call John Morgan or Floriano Tomasi  886-5279 Coast News, March 31,1981  April 3rd & 4th  ���������������  ���������������������  ��������� ���������  ��������� ���������  ���������  ���������  ��������� ���������  ��������� ���������  ��������� ��������� .  ��������������� ���������  ��������������� ������������������  ��������� ���������  ��������� ���������  ���������  ���������  ������  > ���������  ���������������  :::���:::  III III  ���������������������  ���������������  ������������������  ���������������������  ��������� ���������  ��������� ���������  ��������� ���������  ������������������  ������������������  ���������������  ���������������  ������������������  ������������������  ������������������ ���������  ��������������������� ���������  ��������� ��������� ���������  ���������  *::  ������ ���������  ii��   ��������� ���������  ii* ��������� ���������  ��������� ��������� ���������  ������������������  ��� ������  ������?  !������  ��������� ���������  ��������� ���������  ���������  ���������  ��������� ���������  ��������� ���������  ��������� ���������  Come & See our  Kitchens  international III  We are the Exclusive Dealers  on the Sunshine Coast  for  UENN-AIR       rSlSfUrOOD  ^���^ KITCHEN8 LTD.  RESTWOOD KITCHENS LTD.  r direct from the  Home Show  Installed by Knut Solli, Master Craftsman  Carrying a complete  line Of: Ceramic Tiles  Butcher Blocks  Counter Tops  National Draperies to come g��9W%W!tmf%'m! k\. V CI  Live Demonstrations ^  Starting at 11:30 am 20% Off  LITTON MOFFRT     JE^i,R AH Carpet  Microwave J^TiTr  Grill Range  Appliances & Microwaves  .���     "*�� aflL    Scott Rivers, Sates & Installation David Jones, Sales & Installation  - Pender Harbour ��� Sechelt  Bill Willgress, Sales  Dianne Benner, Bookkeeper, Sales  M  .<*   LITTON MOFFRT  G*      Model # 1010 Microwave  NOT EXACTLY  AS ILLUSTRATED  Draw  To Be Held April 18  OPENING      f**cQr��h Carpets  Q.  RLESS        CELANESE  ugs Carpets  Congoleum  Rolained Hent Wall Ovens  UlasteHing  Sample Books  Washer & Dryer  Model #'s MWG1100W & MDG1120W  *699.  LITTON MOFFRT  Model # ioio Microwave  Stainless Steel Dishwashers  The Steam Machine  Trash Compactors  Panasonic.  CHARGEX fk  VISA  *479.  Vacuum Cleaners  Built-in Vacuum Systems  Teredo Square      885*2601      Hours: 9:30 am - 5:30 pm 10  Coast News, March 31,1981  WWK W"W\\\\\\  LLC Kf DOLLAR fCCDS  OVERLOC UN6 BEAUTIFUL GIBSONS HARBOUR  PECDLCC-  ������m\W      ' W\  mm--   uw  B.C. Grown Spartan    *$j&.        M /ft Ah  APPLES     "   4.BS/88g  California BA^  BROCCOLI .59v  California  (jiB CAULIFLOWER  9's ea. V I ���"ill  F hl R k d ��� eianee? ���  Freshly Baked  Pumpkin Pie ,: M.99  National Bakeries'  Dutch Ouen Bread     �����. 65c  ofu  I was overjoyed recently to find packages of tofu sitting in my  favourite supermarket amongst the beansprouts and bok choy.  I'm soon going to have to dream up a whole new set of-excuses  for visiting Chinatown. Tofu is ever so good for you and is very  versatile. It can be added to salads ��� try it with some peanuts ��� or  sliced into any kind of soup, or chopped and cooked in with  Chinese style vegetables ��� or you can try the two following  recipes.  BF.AN CURD SOUP  BEAN CURD FISH    /��g|     *����  % pkt. bean curd  1 tablespoon oil  1 teaspoon fresh ginger, chopped  1 cup sliced raw chicken  3 pints chicken stock  1 teaspoon orange skin, chopped  1 cup sliced mushrooms  salt & pepper  I tablespoon soy sauce  I teaspoon green onions, chopped  l.Cut the bean curd in small cubes.  Heat the oil in a deep pot until smoking. Add ginger and chicken  and stir for half a minute.  Add the broth and bring it to a boil.  Add the orange skin, mushrooms, bean curd & simmer on a low  heat for 20 minutes. Add salt, pepper & soy sauce to taste.  Sprinkle green onions on top and serve with sesame seed  crackers.  2 cups raw white fish  1 garlic clove  1 teaspoon fresh ginger  2 green onions  1 pkt. tofu  2 tablespoons oil  2 tablespoons oyster sauce  I teaspoon sugar  pepper  1 cup chicken broth  2 teaspoon cornstarch dissolved in % cup water  1. Cut the fish into bite size pieces.  2. Chop the garlic clove and ginger finely.  3. Slice the green onions lengthwise and cut into 2" lengths.  4. Cut the tofu into 1" cubes.  5. Heat the oil in a skillet or wok and fry the fish on a low heat until  just brown on both sides.  6. Stir in garlic, ginger and green onion.  7. Add soy sauce, oyster sauce, sugar, pepper and % cup chicken  broth. Cover and simmer for 10 minutes.  8. Remove fish onto serving dish and keep warm.  9. Put tofu in skillet and turn heat up to high for 3 minutes.  10.   Add cornstarch mixture and remaining broth and stir until  thickened.  Pour over fish and serve with Chinese style  vegetables and rice.  Happy eating,  Nest Lewis  (former home economics teacher)  lay by day* item by Item, we do mora ? r  Providian variety, duality and friendly service.  'Ule reserve me right to limit Quantities'  Gower Point Rd., Gibsons      Free Delivery to the Wharf     886-225  Sealord  pink salmon     ��8m��1.M  Fortune ��m��mt\  smoked oysters    .... 00��  Campbell's  chicken noodle   M ,*, AA  3/M.00  apple pie tiller ��.00(  McCormick's - Whole Wheat ^           _  cookies J1.59  Assorted Varieties  Betty Crocker - Super Moist ^  cake mixes ....tl.19  Assorted Varieties  ���y*.!i,i&  $.a3&&^.'��  Cleanser  comet  Twin Pack  Cala  'MO   2/600 gm  liquid bleach  Arctic Power .       ^^  pwd. detergent    $2.29  3.6 litre  ���Diicy-  Better Buy  margarine  Palm  ice cream  Assorted Flavours  1 lb. Parchment Ll * I ���UU   2 Litre Paper  ^��aUtf  Fraser Vale  fish ft chips       J1.99  890  Snowcap - Choice  peas  . 907 gm  ������  The  PoP  Shoppe  *5.N/case   24-284mi  Plus '4 .����� deposit  *5.M/CaSe       12  850 mil  #����������   pius M<M deposit  * New Flavours - Black Cherry & Lemon Lime * Diet Pop  r New Hours:  9:30 am - 7:00 pm  7 Days  A Week  p����ss��jwsapoBBBOoigp  I  | ALL SPORTS  MARINE  JFiberglassing,  Bapco  &  International  Paints  J  ��� 886-9303  atmtmtmttgmmmtmmmm Our Own Brands PRICES ffFECTIVE  Coast News, March 31,1981  ROSSUJORD CONTEST   m  sun.  1-5  Open Fridays til 7 p.m.  Open Sundays & Holidays  10 a.m. - 5 p.m.  DOLLAR  Sunspun  instant coffee  283 gm  $4.75  Lipton ��� Orange Pekoe  tea bags $3.75  Sunspun  beans with pom  2/890  250 ml  Oral Antiseptic  llsterine  Wilkinson - Disposable  PoZOrS "Pronto" 5's  Better Buy  bathroom tissue ..<*. '1.25  '1.19  990  Assorted & White  ffim                               "*Sa\\\\\\\\\\\  m  ���%  ��� *.    .  Better Buy .  aluminum toll M.89  dog lood ����.2/eiJ00  Palmolive - Twin Pack ^      SMSM  bath soap ��.m'1.29  HOUSEWARES  TEAPOTS  Attractive 4 cup ceramic tea pots in  assorted colours.  Reg. $6.95  special Purchase Price '3.49  MUB RACKS  Hand carved  wooden mug racks  with 4 pegs.  Reg. *4.95  tsnt  jSv . smi* mm'  Special Purchase Price '2.95  WHISTLING TEA  KETTLES By Leuco  e 2 quart size  e Heavy duty deluxe porcelainized  steel  e Non porous inside & outside for easy  cleaning  e Flame-proof bakelite safety handle  Reg.H7.99  special Purchase Price '9.1  Fresh Sole  with Bechamel Sauce  Fri. & Sat.  from 6 pm.  886-9021  M EAT  Fresh True  COD FILLETS  lb.  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Get to know Bill, he is most obliging and will cut to suit your  personal needs. Many of our regular patrons, when wanting  something out of the ordinary will phone and speak to the  butcher personally. We invite you to do so.  Another addition to the staff of our meat market is my son  Keith who has just completed a six-month meat cutting and  merchandising course. At one time, this was a year long  course, reduced to eight and then to six months. With this start,  together with his long-standing interest in Meats, he should be  a good assistant to Bill whose experience will be of benefit to  Keith as well.  CROSSWORD CONTEST  rtwunm.  mcaTGamuTU  n �����������������  uumamm  KNMIMTI1.1M1  Own Brands  crossword puzzle  N KOMI Will WIN $100 IN GMCEIIES..  MTUVMWM AND CONTBT MB AVAHAMI IN OUR STOH.  MORE THAN A CONTEST  Our own brands do represent good value. Shop often while the tale It on.  This week sees the beginning of a month-long province-  wide crossword contest sponsored by our supplier. A total of  $5,000 will be distributed in $100 certificates to SO provincial  winners. Enter as often as you like, - it costs you nothing and  you never know your luck! Ask our cashiers for the necessary  entry forms.  I can't help but feel though, that our own $50.00 weekly  grocery draw is as we advertise, - "a real win" draw when one  considers it is every week, purely local, and that the odds of  winning are much more favourable. So enter Crossword by all  means, but enter our regular weekly draw as well.  if  **  mm%m\  NNtl  3. Return to Ken's Lucky Dollar \        ���  I  1. Cut out this Coupon  2. Attach to your Sales Slip  DRAW TO BE MADE SUNDAY AT 5 p.m.  NAME TEL NO.   POSTAL ADDRESS  Our popular $50.00 weekly grocery draw will continue each week into    _    .  1981 until further notice. '    ���  I---------.���-������ ��� J  "REAL WIN"  $50.00 8R0CERV  35th  Grocery Draw Winner  L. Bisaillon  (known to her friends as "Miss Bee")  Shop nth confidence. Our prices are uery competitive.  We mill not be undersold on these advertised items.  Ule fully uarantee everything we sell to be satisfactory.  or money cheerfully refunded. 12  Coast News, March 31, 1981  [   SPORTS   )  Strikes and spares  by Bud Mulcaster  The G.A. Swingers Team,  Cathy Martin. Celia Nuotio,  Ev MacLaren, Charlie Strom,  Art Teasdale and Bill Martin  went to Commodore Lanes  last Monday to take in the  /one round of the National  5-Pin Championship Tournament. There were eight  teams involved in the zone  and the Gihsons team came in  fourth. The team from Fraser  Bowlaway won the event with  21 pins over their average.  Nobody bowled that well  but they all had a good time  and the tournament was well  organized.  In the Classic League, June  Frandsen came out of her  slump rolling games of 264-  284-358 and a four game total  of 1104. Bob McConnell rolled  a 300 even and Freeman  Reynolds a 313.  In the Tues. Coffee League  Nora Solinsky rolled a 333  single and an 863 triple and in  the Gibsons 'A' League, Pat  Prest a 307-773, Don Sleep a  308-700 and Boo Ford a 335.  In the Phuntastique League  Loren Eve rolled a 316 single  and Gwcn McConnell spared  in the Legion League and  came up with a 348 single and  a 743 triple.  More High Scores -  Classic:  Bonnie McConnell  269-744  Willie Buckmaster  270-746  Slough-Offs:  Sue Whiting  252-683  Bev Drombolis  290-731  Ball & Chain:  Gloria Tourigny  240-668  Arman Wold  285-710  Brian Butcher  273-733  Phuntasdque:  Rita Johnston  Orbita delos Santos  Dot Robinson  Ralph Roth  Glen Hanchar  Legion:  Vi Wilson  Gary McDonald  Bill Burnett  Y.B.C. Peeweesi  Bryan Fitchell  Ricky Reed  Bantams:  Nicole Allen  Greg Cooney  George Williams  Paul Reed  Gwen Edmonds  Don Slack  Bob Ford  Mike Cement  Tues. Coffee:  Phyllis Gurney  Chris Moore  174-455  149-418  164-435  210-531  293-983  270-944  294-960  279-985  243-673  286-712  265-685  243-686  236-701  267-683  296-739  285-606  247-677  254-677  132-234  145-244  Swingers:  Margaret Fearn  Cathy Martin  George Langsford  Gibsons 'A':  211-556  226-601  249-711  Sylvia Bingley  Phyllis Gurney  Lome Christie  249-664  279-682  232-663  George Langsford  Wed. Coffee:  269-688  Barb Rezansoff  246-666  Candy Caldwell  258-671  From the Fairway  MP  Used Furniture  and What Have You  ACS USED  FURNITURE  We buy Beer Bottles  886-2812  ���HMMMMN  by Ernie Home  The first Ladies Day of the  1981 season will kick off  Tuesday, April 7th at 8:30  a.m. Be prepared to play  "Tic Tac Toe" for the first  game of the season. On  Tuesday, April 14th, the Ruth  Bowman Award will be  contested over nine holes.  This will be followed with a  Spring Luncheon at 12 noon.  Please indicate if you intend  to participate to Barbara  Bradshaw at 886-8188 or sign  up at the clubhouse before  April 7th.  The pro shop is open each  day between the hours of  9 a.m. and 3 p.m. for all your  golfing needs.  The directors and pro  manager wish to thank the  many green fee and golfing  members for their patience on  the fairways during the installation of the new sprinkler  system. This work is expected  to be completed shortly and  fairways will soon be back to  normal.  Some keen competition is  being played Saturday morn  ings. A small entry fee  and a good score will entitle  you to pick up all the marbles  in a low gross, low net count  putts event. Starts approximately 8 a.m.  The popular Senior Men's  Day starts on Thursday,  April 9th. Tee off time will be  8a.m. to8:30a.m. Please wait  to tee off until you are aware  of the competition being used  for that day.  A slight increase in bar and  lunch counter price has had to  be made, due to the ever-  increasing cost of living that  is a burden to all of us.  This grand old horse hid to be put down recently after he broke his leg in an accident. (See tribute  below).  Boys  Wear  Tribute to  a thoroughbred  Chief Mountain   A name only you could fill. 1 can see you now, trotting  carefully round and round. Children bouncing on your  back; you taught them to ride, to be gentle, to respect. Or  your cunning, blind speed as you won by length and seconds  the speed jumping last fall. The crowd was amazed to learn  you were 25 years old.  You showed them and you showed all of us mere humans  who knew you, the wisdom that only time brings and the  kindness that can only come from real power.  You roamed my unfenced acres freely, never taking  advantage but with enough mischief to keep me fondly  amused. You won my respect. I found in you a trusted friend  and a willing partner. Despite your years your heart was  young.  Even at the end you held your shattered leg with dignity  and I saw courage and resignation in your brown, soft eyes.  The rose-bush blooms over your grave to remind us of  your years of dedicated service. Racehorse, cutting-horse,  jumper, field hunter and teacher of many.  Chief Mountain - Thoroughbred 1955 - 1981.  Sales Representative  IAN GRIFFITH  ��� Framing Packages  ��� Cedar Siding  ��� Timbers  Please call for quotations  526-6744  738-4791   Res  Collect  NORTHCOAST FOREST PRODUCTS LTD  2320 Rogers Avenue. Coquillam, B.C V3K5X7  Sechelt curling news  * Shirts  * Socks  * Under  wear  * Pajamas  * Belts  �������� Jackets  *Boys  Painter  Jeans  *Boys  Scrubbie  Jeans  This past weekend saw 40  rinks battle it out during the  annual Mixed Bonspiel held  at the Arena. Many of the  rinks were from the Lower  Mainland, Squamish and the  Island.  A lot of the games were  hard fought; all were played  with sportsmanship and  friendship throughout the  weekend.  The victorious rinks were  equally divided between the  locals and the out-of-towners  with the team of D. Yeo, E.  Simpson, M. Minions, S.  Stevens of Hollyburn taking  the "A" event.  R. Motz, K. Motz, T.  Olsson, N. Olsson won the  "B" contest.  L. Paradon, S. Paradon, A.  Perry, D. Perry took the "C"  section.  M. Brooks, A. Newman,  B. Collier, B. Northway  endured the marathon and  won the "D".  Apart from the curling, the  dinner and dance were  thoroughly enjoyed as was the  breakfast the next morning especially by those of us who  had to be up there early  anyway. Thanks to all the  ladies who worked hard with  the food as well as sweeping  all day.  Finally, the Curling Club  would like to thank the  business community who,  once again, came to our aid.  A list of all those who assisted  will be displayed downtown.  Minor Hockey Jamboree  More  to Come  mm\lmmm'''m'/>.<^        ���  Jicrgori\  If ���  S! I  MENS WEAR  885-8330  cowrie sl. sechelt  I- ran Herder congratulates Steven Hrindle Ihis year's winner ofthe  ( nasi News (up awarded to Ihe first finisher in Ihe April Fool's  Dai Kun,  Konegades  in Hawaii  The Renegades are obviously up against stiff competition in the Hawaii Soccer  Tournament they are attending. Although they have lost  Iwo games, however, and tied  one they have been competitive.  The local team lost by a  score of 2-0 to Hawaii; 1-0 to  an Australian side; and tied  the San Francisco Swedes 1-1.  A respectable showing in what  is obviously stiff company.  The Sechelt Minor Hockey  Association will be hosting a  Jamboree this weekend at the  Sechelt arena. Local Minor  Hockey teams (ages 5-15)  will play seven visiting teams  from the Saanich area on Vancouver Island. A contingent of  seventy adults is expected  to accompany the Saanich  teams and a good local turnout  is anticipated.  I he first ever canine contestant      Gam��s   in   tne   ,w0   day  in Ihe April Fool's Daj Kun, tourngment   will   be   played  Bear,   made   il   to   Scchelf, from 6 a.m'. to midnight on  accompanied   In   his   friend Saturday and from 6 a.m. to  MM. Joe, 9 p.m. on  Sunday.  As an  added  attraction  the  South  Delta Juvenile team will play  two games against the Sunshine Coast Juvenile team.  The first game will be played  at 10:30 p.m. Saturday and the  second at 6:30 p.m. Sunday.  The bar will be open for  adults on Saturday evening  and on Sunday morning a  Pancake breakfast will be  available from 7:30 a.m. until  noon.  % WORKWEfvR  /IK WORLD  CONVENIENT  K-WAY JACKETS  When the sun comes out,  these jackets can be folded  into their own pouch and  strapped around your waist.  Reg. $16.98  sale  '11."  GREAT CANADIAN  BLUE JEANS  Reg. $19.99  Sale  *12."  SOFT TOE SHOES  g��  *27-99  1  #C-l.-^.7fl"   I;I/'  Reg. $37.98       J      Q#    I ��^  $27."   I   Cariadas fun boots Jl  Be Sure to Check Out Our Supply of  SAFETY EQUIPMENT  What We Don't Have We Can  Order For You  O WORKWErXR Cowrie SI.  "������'""  Chimney  Cleaning,  & Maintenance  Phone 886-8187  1������ ���.��������*.*�����*��  :-������.���*���-..  APRIL FOOL'S DAY RUN  We are proud to have joined  with the Coast News in helping  to sponsor the Gibsons to  Sechelt April Fool's Day Run  and wish to acknowledge the willing co-operation  of Nike and Adidas who have assisted with prizes  and race materials.  7 our of the first 10 runners across the finish line  were wearing Nike or Adidas.  TRAIL BAY  SPORTS  adidas'  Trail Ave.  Sunnycrest  i Cowrie  Centre  Sechelt  Gibsons  88S-9828  886-8020  t<^ttt'.W^''T��^**t^  asss  OCEANSIDE POOLS  VINYL LINED SWIMMING POOLS  ALUMINUM  & STEEL WALLS  HOT TUBS a SPAS  Sales, Service, Installations  Fully Guaranteed  Ten Years Experience  FREE ESTIMATES  Phone Bob Green  Box 1184  Box 1184, Sechelt, B.C.  aaBai.a^a��a.ja*atta*aM Outward Bound course  by John Hind-Smith  Some two years ago the  Gibsons Wildlife Club instituted an idea to set aside an  evening a month, excluding the  summer months, to present a  series of films, slides and  speakers related to the activities of the Club and its  objectives.  II nder the able chairmanship  of Fred Holland, the Entertainment Committee has decided this popular programme  should be resurrected.  One of the best evenings and  certainly considered by many  js the best presentation ofthe  last series was that given by  Kay Preece of the Canadian  Outward Bound Mountain  School in Keremeos and we are  delighted to be able to bring the  new Associate Director, Mr.  John Binsted back again and  we can guarantee an interesting  and thought-provoking evening suitable for young and old  alike.  Ihe Outward Bound Mountain School is not what you  would consider the ordinary  run of the mill school. For one  thing it is open to all ages. If  someone thinks they can do  what is asked of them then go  ahead and do it. In a nutshell  this represents the policy ofthe  school. Students are put in all  kinds of situations designed to  test themselves physically and  their ability to work with  others. They are tested mentally too because there are  occasions when they have to  put complete trust in the other  fellow in order to survive.  Courses are run throughout  the year and are for the most  part  co-ed.   Certain  of the  courses are designed for the  younger generation 14-16, and  some go to the other extreme,  25 years and older but most of  them are standard courses  taking people from 17 and up.  In length they range from eight  days for a special course such as  ski mountaineering to three  weeks for a regular summer  course. Last year over 600  students experienced Outward  Bound and over the years quite  a number of Sunshine Coast  residents have taken part in  these courses. I doubt whether  any of them would have any  words of regret and more than  likely look back on it as one of  the highlights of their lives.  Come to think, it would be nice  if some of these ex-students  could make it to this meeting.  These words of a 18 year old  student sum up things pretty  well, "I expected to overcome  fear, but didn't���I just knew  how to handle it better. I know  now that part of me that says  'go for it' is capable and needs  to be given the chance because I  can trust in my own ability.''  We are looking forward to  having Mr. Binsted come along  and tell us what O.B. is all  about and will bring along  slides and/ or film to illustrate  his talk. ���  The date is Wednesday April  8 at 7:00 pm. at the Gibsons  Wildlife Club on Highway 101  right opposite the cemetery.  We are sure you will not be  disappointed. Bring along the  youngsters too. This is very  much a family programme and,  best of all, it's free.  Sechelt Marsh Society Birding  Section  Thursday, April 2, will be  the last meeting of the winter  season. The guest speaker will  be the local Fish and Wildlife Conservation Officer, Jamie Stephen". The subject of  his presentation will be  "Pollution on the Sunshine  Coast". The place, Chatelech  School, the time 7:30 p.m.  Pioneer Emeritus  ' MARA BEAUMONT    80B GRANT'  I M6-7213 J  ftlRCfMK SUNNYCREST Mill  WESTERU DRUG IllflRT  wtmiAT rout/cur  by Richard F. Kennett  If there was anyone in this  world who did nothing but  good, one of those chosen  would, have to be Ellen Cook,  almost an eternal resident of  the family acreage on the North  Road outside Gibsons.  An only daughter of Finnish  parents, Ellen Kayto was born  on the North Road stump  ranch about the turn of the  century as were others of the  same heritage; the Wirens, the  Kullanders, the Willanders, the  Heinos, the Hentsas.the Lattas  and so on.  Indeed, they were all spirited  and hard working people who  could put their hands to  anything agricultural as well as  building and using their wondrous workings with old  growth cedar.  As a boy entering my teens  my uppermost recollection of  Mrs. Cook was that she was  ever at her kitchen door-  begging us kids who knocked  around with her son Clarence  to come and get fresh buns or  bread or whatever happened to  be coming from her oven at the  time. In those hungry thirties  for boys in our teens, food was  paramount in our minds, so we  required little coaxing.  On other occasions it would  be packing a lunch for a trip up  the mountain above the old  cemetery to the first camp of  the shingle bolt era when  flumes laced much of Mount  Elphinstone for carrying cedar  n0mm*m*m*wm*W*M*��m  PENINSULA  MARKET  885-9721    Davis Bay, B.C.  tide tables  Referencei  I'oinl Atkinson  Wed. April I  0120  0925  141!  2109  Ihurs. April 2  0.155  0955  1520  2145  Pacific  n  Standard Time  Fri. April 3  14.1  0430  9.0  1040  12.1  1615                  1  4.1  2235  Sal. April 4  14.3  0500                  1  7.9  II10  I2H  1720                 1  4..1  2320  Sun. April 5  0535  I ISO  1815  Mon. April 6  0005  0610  12.15  1905  Tun. April 7  010*  0640  1320  2003  14.7  43  14.4  6.5  14.7  3.4  14.6  7.6  14,5  2.9  14.6  GROCERIES  SUNDRIES  Open 9���9  FISHING TACKLE  TIMEX WATCHES  7 Days a Week  bolts to tidewater, one of which  passed back of the Kayto  property, near the old Coleman  chicken farm, carrying its cargo  of cedar bolts on down to the  salt chuck just north of the  ferry dock.  Invariably, on a hot summer  Sunday, Mrs. Cook would  gather us kids together and  with a large picnic basket we  would pile into their milk truck  and head down to Lucy Smith's  beach beside that proverbial  rock of ages that sits miraculously alone next to an  overflowing fresh spring on  that fine beach just north of the  ferry dock. ,  At corn husking time us  North Road kids would fire up  the little stove in Mrs. Cook's  childhood playhouse which her  father had built for her and  stuff ourselves with fresh corn  on the cob liberally painted in  fresh churned butter.  Throughout her years, Ellen  Cook has never seemed to have  anything but happiness written  all over her face, has never had  second thoughts about taking  less fortunates under her wing  where others might shy away.  In my eyes, Ellen Cook was and  is someone special.  Some years ago when her  father died, Mrs. Cook came  and asked me if 1 would be a  pallbearer at her father's  funeral, and without hesitation  I replied, "Mrs. Cook, 1 will be  very proud".  And so it was, we laid him to  rest at the foot of the mountain  thus then leaving his daughter  Ellen and her son Clarence to  carry on the Finlander's tradition of sharing and caring so  evident in her lifestyle.  Just two years ago, up north  on the fishing grounds near  Bella Bella, 1 asked Clarence  how his mother was and he  said, "Just fine and approaching her eighties". 1 asked him  what he was going to do with  that fine North Road property  in the years ahead and re  replied simply, "Probably leave  it to the grandchildren".'  Ellen Cook's title to the  North Road property chains  back many years, causing an  old lawyer friend of mine to  comment that it was one of the  oldest he had ever seen since  Lands Registry records began  seriously in 1905 in British  Columbia.  I could only comment that I  also agreed but had seen  another of similar vintage in  the name of Margaret Trot-  man, who us oldtimers knew  later as the legendary Maggie  LeFavre when she married  Blackie on the Reed Road. But  that is another tale.,  Gibsons Ready Mix  886-8174  ���Drainrock 'Washed Rock  |*Sand *Road Mulch  rFill 'Concrete Anchors  |Mon.��� Friday 8a.m.���5p.m.  Coast News, March .31, 1981  13  Peggy Connor photo  ��� Peggy uonnor pnoio  A simulated air rescue exercise was held recently involving members of PEP and PEAS. (Sec Carl  Chrismas' report below.)  Air Rescue exercise  RETAIL SALES  Specializing in Thermal  and Moisture Protection  - IW, 2". Ot" Rigid Insulation  - Rolled Roofing  - Shakes and Shake Supplies  - Duroid Shingles  - Brown Pre-painted ( Galvanized Flashings  Plus All Types of Roofing Supplies  FOR SALE AT  Peninsula Roofing  ft insulation Ltd.  1356 Wharf Rd.  Sechelt  885-3744  by Carl Chrismas  By approval of Rescue Coordination Centre in Esquimalt, and Search and Rescue,  Comox, an Air-Ground exercise was programmed for the  Sunshine Coast by Provincial  Emergency Program Area Coordinator Arthur McPhee, and  Air Service Co-ordinator Vera  McAllister, for Saturday,  March 21st, 1981. The exercise  emerged as follows:  Report from R.C.C.  Overdue: Aircraft Cessna  172 (registration unknown).  L.K.P: At 19:30 hours, March  20/ 81, the aircraft was reported  inbound to Vancouver International Airport. E.T.A. 20:15  hours. There were two POB.  Course was 140 degrees via  Sechelt Inlet. Weather was  clear. There were no further  transmissions. Aircraft colour  was White with Red trim lines.  At 6:38 hours of March 21st  a full blown air-ground search  was put into operation. One  hour and thirty 'phone calls  later, Elphinstone Aero Clubhouse had been established as  Search Headquarters; Vera.  McAllister had changed hats  and become Searchmaster; her  Deputy Chrismas had become  Crew Chief; and backup staff  of June Mellis and Margaret  Connor had taken over telephone and radio duties.  Arthur McPhee was coordinating his ground search  crew with Fred Gazeley and  John Hind-Smith ofthe Wildlife Club, who are in charge of  rescue equipment.  Doc John Farrer had been  dispatched to Pitt Meadows in  his swift little Grumman two  place to pick up special radio  equipment for homing in on the  E.L.T. signal, if and when  located.  By 0930 hours the crash site  had been located by Doc John  and his navigator Audry Brou-  ghton; the information passed  on to Arthur McPhee and his  party; and the ground crew  were on their way into the  Carlson Lake area.  But the exercise was far from  over. None of this information  was passed on to other search  crews who were waiting to be  briefed by McAllister. The  object was to get as many crews  into the air as possible, to  assign them to a search area,  then correlate all the information turned in at the debriefing.  In all, seven flights were sent  out to assigned areas, which  included five pilots, seven  navigators, and twelve spotters. Although some technical  problems were encountered in  locating the 'cone of silence'  which would indicate the exact  location of the crash site, all  crews were found to have  centred on the "hot spot' which  would have put the ground  search party to within a few  hundred yards of the site.  The exercise was deemed as  being 'highly successful' from  an organizational and operational point of view, with  lessons learned that will save  much time and energy (not to  mention frayed nerves) in the  event of a real, live situation.  One of the reasons given by  Vera McAllister for the success, and the degree of autonomy, allowed the Sunshine  Coast area of PEP and PEAS  by RCC and Comox, is in  having an area co-ordinator  with the background experience is invaluable.  The same can be said for  Vera McAllister. As a highly  skilled Flying Instructor and  pilot, she has taught many of  our local pilots to fly. Her  knowledge of the area and  years of experience of flying  among the rock-filled clouds of  our B.C. coast, is also invaluable!  And last but not least, much  credit goes to the pilots who  h<v>>>X<%wXv.v>>:v.v.v.v.v.v.v.v.v.v.'  KtfW����*Kv����w%��wv��S:  Chimney  Cleaning  & Maintenance  Phone 886-8187  provide their own aircraft in  searches for kindred spirits  who share their love of the sky  in that very special flying  community. And to fellow  pilots who share duties as  navigators; to navigators who  share duties as spotters; and to  every one who has an interest  or future in aviation and offer  themselves as spotters.  The thought which must be  shared by all as a search and  resue is going on, from Air  Chief to Spotter, can only be;  "There, but for the Grace of  God, wait I"!  The Only Way To Qol  Bookings lor All your Travel Needs  at No Batra Cost to Yea!  ���Tickets      ���Hotels     ��� Tours  ��� Charters      'Insurance  New Number  886-2522  In th* Heart ol Caear Pltwa  Lee Taylor  Friday & Saturday  April 3rd & 4th  8 pm - midnight  Luxury Accommodation  Licensed Dining Lounge  Reservatic  eservations Please    ImEmT  885-5888     R.R. *1, Halfmoon Bay  Full Marina Facilities  Marine Pub  Van. Direct  684-3S41  "For Your Home"  A Full Line of Carpets, Linoleum & Pre-Finished Hardwoods  AT VANCOUVER PRICES  In Stock  LINO SPECIAL    *6#** ���* y��.  ��� No Wax  ��� Good Selection of Colours  In Stock  * PRE-FINISHED HARDWOOD  ��� Teak  ��� Ironwood  ��� Rosewood  $3��'^ �������� **���  In Stock  * CONTRACTORS' SPECIALS  * Lots of Stock in All Locations  * INSTALLATIONS GUARANTEED  * 18 Years Experience  North Road & Kiwanis Way, Gibsons  Edgemont Blvd.  North Vancouver  8864187  Lonsdale Ave.,  North Vancouver  mmtm il  14  Coast News, March 31, 1981  Budding cooks and battling bulls  Ramblings  of a Rover  by Dee Cee  It wasn't until after the  Depression years were ended  and I had time to think things  over that I discovered how  lucky I had been in having a  little log cabin to return to ship  preferable to the hellish  existence in the stokehold  and 1 was glad of the change.  Wc spent three days in  Montreal getting the grain off  and were all set to sail when  1 was transferred to another  Ihe   SS   Glandochart,  when  the  going  got  tough, this time in the capacity of  With the approach of winter cook.   What   I   didn't   know  all   seasonal   work   in   the about cooking  at   the   time  Eastern Provinces came to a would have filled not one book  sudden halt and it was well- but   several    volumes    but,  nigh impossible tofindajob of apart from bacon and eggs,  any   description.   Unlike   my the  odd  roast   and   mashed  contemporaries,   who   were potatoes, there was very little  battered from pillar to post, cooking lo be done. All the  hounded by the police and baked   goods,   bread,   pies,  sleeping    and    freezing    in cakes,    etc.    were    bought  boxcars and barns, at least I ashore.   The   main   thing   I  had shelter and a warm fire to found out was to keep a filled  come back to, even although coffee pot on  the  stove  24  having little or no cash at  all was an ever present  problem, I was extremely  fortunate, far more than I  possibly realized at the time.  1  have  described   how   I  hours a day, the rest was  unimportant as the crew ate  very little. They all seemed to  be cither half drunk, completely drunk or suffering  from hangovers, I rather en-  ended my last summer at Lake joyed life on the lakes and  Dechene and how I rode a  freight back to Montreal when  my pitiful stake had been  squandered away in riotous  living in the "sin-bins" of  Hull. Quebec. On arriving in  the city, which 1 knew well, I  was in possession of only  a dollar or two so I headed for  the Seamen's Institute down  on the waterfront where I  knew I could get not only  cheap meals but a bed for the  night. I had only stayed there  a couple of days when I was  fortunate in finding a job on  one of the Canadian Steamship Line's boats, the SS Glen-  burnie, a grain carrier which  had just finished discharging  its cargo into the Montreal  elevators and was now heading back to Port Arthur or  Fort William for another load.  I was hired as a deckhand at  $40 per month, but not  knowing a "hawser" from a  "hatch cover" I only lasted a  day or so in that capacity when  I was ordered to report to the  engine room. I discovered I  was now a "coal passer" or  "trimmer". My duties were  to assist the firemen (I stayed  the hell out of their way) and,  at the change of shifts when  the fires had been trimmed, I  had to shovel the mountains  of hot ashes into a steam chute  to be blown overboard. This  was a frenzied operation  accompanied by much cursing  from my "superiors" if I took  too long and the steam gauges  dropped several points. It  was Hades down there and it  was a welcome relief when the  bunkers got low, at least I  could escape some of the heat  in them, although there was  no let-up in the shovelling of  the coal to keep the furnaces  going.  I was all set to "jump"  ship at the next port of call  when, once again, I was  shunted to another job. The  cook's helper had failed to  show up when we left Buffalo.  He had been seen roaring  drunk in one of the numerous  "cathouses" in that city and  was probably still there when  wc sailed. The cook was a  cranky old s.o.b. but working  in the galley was definitely  stayed with it till freeze up.  Back to the cabin in the late  fall of 1934. Montreal had  been an even harder place to  leave than my other Nemesis,  Hull, so once again I faced the  winter with very little money  in reserve, but I got by  somehow. I helped a farmer  butcher a pig, for which I  received some of the front  quarter and all of the entrail  meat and my friend Mogens  donated a sack of potatoes,  some beans and onions. I still  had my rifle and it provided  many a dinner. That winter we  had one of the worst blizzards  ever known in that part of  Ontario and there was no way  I could make it to the store,  even although I had snow-  shoes. At the time I was  extremely low on provisions  so I lived on potatoes for three  days. I had a little lard so  I fried them, baked them and  boiled them. When eventually  the storm blew itself out and 1  could get to the village, I recall  buying a tin of sardines and  eating them right in the store,  I was so hungry for something  other than a spud!  I might as well admit it right  now that the lonely winters in  the cabin were beginning to  pall on me. After all I was in  the prime of life - the twenties  and, although the spring,  summer and fall months were  exciting enough, I began to  find the winter days and  nights monotonous in the  extreme. While I had not as  yet developed "cabin fever",  I looked forward to the coming  of spring when I could once  more hit the road and explore  other places, meet my own  kind and, even if times were  tough, at least there was  something different to look  forward to and encounter each  passing day.  In the spring of 1935 I found  myself working for a farmer  out at Stirtsville, a small  village near Ottawa and it was  here I had another adventure,  one that could well have  proved my last. Herding  the cows home one evening  after a hard day at the haying,  1 found that one of them was  missing. Having located her in  a thicket, I was thumping her  along with the aid of a stick  when I sensed something  coming behind me at the  speed of an express train. I  turned but was too late. The  neighbour's Holstein bull had  broken down the fence and  joined our herd, mainly on  account of the missing cow I  was driving being in heat. He  hit me somewhere between  the shoulder blades and  knocked me on my face.  Time after time I struggled  to my feet only to be knocked  flat and, what was even worse,  he was goring me while I was  prostrate. Somehow or other  I managed to make it to the  fence where I found a hardwood stake and, fool that I  was, attempted to emulate  Montes the Matador or  assume the role of another El  Cordoba I When finally I was  forced to give up the unequal  contest and roll under the  fence I don't know who was in  worse shape, the bull or I.  INVESTMENTS  WANTED  We are a Western Canadian corporation with  International affiliations Interested In prime  Investments In the following categories:  ' farms & ranches   * recreational land  ' development land * large motels  * large businesses  Joint venture proposals, partnerships and  other equity funding considered.  Cryden Investment Corporation  502 ��� 455 Granville Street  Vancouver, B.C. (604)6692223  - John Moore Photo  These two guests of the SPCA are looking for good homes. Keno, on the left, is a nine month old  male Samoyed-Husky cross. On the right, Patsy is a very quiet three year old spayed female. Both are  good with children, so if you want a dog give the SPCA a call at 886-7713.  On the  Seafood Platter  oomiiyi  PLACING & FINISHING  PATIOS -DRIVEWAYS  FLOORS ��� FOUNDATIONS  SIDEWALKS  Call Any Time  885-2125 886-8511  SERVING PENDER HARBOUR TO PORT MELLON  Alt Types of Concrete  Finishes including  Coloured or Exposed  by Chak-Chak  Here we are at the end of  the month of March; officially  it is now spring. Harbingers of  spring on the coast are the  skunk cabbage, salmon berry  blossoms and, to early residents, the oolichan.  Each spring, since prehistoric times, the oolichan,  the "break-fast" fish, has  come into certain rivers and  beaches to spawn. These runs  have meant a renewal of food,  in abundance, for birds,  animals, and man, along the  coast of British Columbia. The  Bella Coola Indians have  looked to the oolichan for the  end of a winter diet of dried  salmon and clams. Most  importantly, the runs have  meant a renewed supply of  oolichan oil, a very important  item in their diet, and a very  valuable currency of trade  with the tribes in the interior  of the country. This oolichan  oil because, unlike most fish  oils, it is solid at room temperatures,   was  called   grease.  This grease was carried in  cedar boxes by the "Carrier  Indians" along the "grease  trails" to the more remote  tribes of the interior.  The pale yellow grease  was used as we use butter or  margarine, it helped to make  the dried fish, meat and  berries more palatable. It was  also a good spring tonic  because of its laxative qualities.  The oolichan, quite often  spelled "eulachon", was also  called "candle fish" because,  when dried, the fish were used  by the Indians as torches or  candles. This species is a large  member of the smelt family  "Osmeridae" and is, to my  mind, the most tasty of the  smelts, when freshly pan-fried  or broiled over a grill or open  fire.  While non-natives never  seemed to develop a taste  for ooolichan grease it has  never ceased to be an important item in the Indian  community and many families  still set up oil rendering sites  on the river bank as soon as  the female ooolichan arrive in  their area; late March or early  April. At Bella Coola, the  smell of rotting fish always  mingles with the fragrances of  the spring flowers.  The production of grease  is a lengthy process which  begins with decomposition of  the fish, cooking the fish,  skimming off the oil, boiling  the oil (this second cooking  prevents the oil from becoming rancid) and sealing in  glass jugs or cans for sale in  Vancouver.  If you see any fresh oolichan  for sale in the fish market,  try them, they are delicious.  Sea you.  Professional Repair & Service  to your Heating Equipment  1   General Sheet Metal  1   Installation of Heat Pumps. Air Conditioners,  Wood-Oil, Wood-Electric, Wood, Electric and  Oil Furnaces  THOMAS HEATING  Call Now   886-7111  17 Years Experience.  Serving Ihe Sunshine Coast  since 1967  THINKOFUSASA MATCHMAKER  BUYHGORHUIf*.TH[   COAIf HffC  CUISSIfKOSWORK FMYOU!  Anyway I went to hospital  with four broken ribs, more  black and blue patches all oyer   SHllgS & AITOWS fCOlltM.)  my body than white and the w v �����  bull was in such a grim  shape, with one eye dangling  and his nose smashed to a  pulp, he later had to be destroyed. I still have nightmares  about that experience!  % & 9K dndatLtiatxA  CARPET, TILE & SHEET VINYL  .O. Box 1092 Sechelt, B.C. VON  We sell & install carpet, lino & hardwood.  17 YEARS EXPERIENCE  Roberts Creek Daze  "The Beachcombers" must  be worried about this year's  Roberts Creek Daze game  against the Roberts Creek  Ladies Softball Team. Last  week they imported a "championship" women's team to  give them a few tips. You may  have seen them filming the  "practice" sessions at Dou-  gall Park.  The Roberts Creek lovelies,  however, don't feel threatened. They have a whole  playing season ahead of them  to get into shape. Right now  they're more concerned about  what they're going to wear.  The Daze is a real community effort and the more  people involved the better.  But participation starts now,  at the planning stage.  Get in on the ground floor,  find out how things get done.  The first Daze meeting is  Wednesday, April 1st, at  7:30 at the Roberts Creek  Community Hall. All those  interested in helping with the  Daze are asked to attend.  Continued from Page Three  skills which can be learned  and used to keep children  under control while allowing  them to become happy and  productive human beings.  I think most of us have  great sympathy for parents  who have lost control of their  children. We probably have a  little less sympathy for those  same parents when they start  to attach the responsibility  to others. The parents I refer  to are at this latter stage  and blaming others makes it  easier for them to deal with  their sense of inadequacy.  Were they to reassume the  responsibility for their kids,  then there are things that  could be done to help them  learn the skills of parenting.  Until they are willing to do  that, however, there will continue to be a small group of  helpless, unhappy parents,  raising hopeless and unhappy  children.  Chinlney  Cleaning  & Maintenance  Phone 886-8187  ELITE  TRAVEL  New Number  886-2$12  yjXVHTTEN  MMm REALTY LTD.  is pleased to  ANNOUNCE  that  it will be opening its  Lower Gibsons Office  During the  First Week  of  April, 1981  Can  FBDB help  you?  Financial assistance  Management counselling  Management training  Information on government  programs for business  On Wednesday, April 8th  one of our representatives  will be at the offices of  MCKIBBIN & BEECHAM, C.A.S.  Tel: 885-2254  If you require financing to start, modernize or  expand your business and are unable to  obtain it elsewhere on reasonable terms and  conditions or if you are interested in the  FBDB management services of counselling  and training or wish information on  government programs available for your  business, talk to our representative.  ANNOUNCING BRITISH COLUMBIA'S  NEW EMPLOYMENT STANDARDS ACT.  MATERNITY LEAVE  IS SOMETHING YOU'RE  ENTITLED TO.  C  FEDERAL  BUSINESS  145 West 15th Street,  North Vancouver, V7M 1R9 980-6571  Opening new doors to small business.  British Columbia's new  Employment Standards Act  (1981) protects your rights as  an employee better than ever  before.  Employees who become  pregnant have a legal right to  take maternity leave, with  job protection.  You are entitled to a leave of  absence of 18 weeks, without  pay. The Act states when  you may begin the leave, and  when it expires, although  you may take a shorter time  if you wish.  During your absence, all  benefit plans continue. And  on your return, you must be  The New  Employment Standards Act  IT MAKES B.C ABETTER  PLACE TO WORK  reinstated in the same job, or  a comparable one.  Maternity leave with job  protection is one of the many  ways in which employment  standards have been improved under the new Act.  For further information,  .and a leaflet dealing with  Maternity Leave, contact  your nearest provincial  Ministry of Labour office.  Province ol Ministry ol  British Columbia    Labour  EMPLOYMENT STANDARDS BRANCH  Hon Jack Heinnch Minister Coast News, March 31, 1981  15  In  Christ's  service  by Rev. George W. Inglis  Anyone who joins a Chris-  lian congregation expecting to  I ind a collection of saints is  liable to be sadly disappointed!  What is more, the critic who  looks at the congregation and  decides, in his or her wisdom.  that Ihe congregation is not  Christian because it is composed of fractions, fractured  and fragmented people, is not  only showing an abysmal  ignorance of the reality of the  life of the church, but is also  tunning perilously close to  being guilty of opposing God  himself - Ihe one in whose name  Christ calls upon believers to  meet in fellowship as Christian  ���families and worship together  ���lol strength and comfort.  Vet. none other than the late,  great Mahatma Gandhi him-  ���sclf, history records, once went  into a Christian church when  he was a young man in South  ���Africa, and decided on the  [basis of what he saw. that  [Christians were vain, empty,  hypocritical and unworthy of  his alliance.  ll is said that Gandhi was  ^arching for his own identity  at the time, and was attracted  to Christianity by the pictures  he received from the gospels of  the humble, gentle, loving,  healing Jesus of Nazareth, the  "guru" of this Christian religion.  Many ministers, including  'myself, have used this picture  as a way of showing their own  congregation how important it  is to he lovingand hospitable to  all strangers who come through  the church doors, lest they get  ihe wrong idea, like Gandhi,  and never enter a church door  again.  On the other hand, if Gand-  .hi, and the millions of other  'people who judge Christianity  b\   the  bulk   of  Christian  church-goers' behaviour, were  'to go a little deeper in their  survey, they would find that the  Christian   church   does   not  make any claim lo be a body of  "saints.  I rue. there are today, and  there have been through the  -ages, individual church members, or even groups of mem-  . hers, who have been fatuous,  ;". sell-righteous and pious - more  A collection  of saints?  like the scribes and Pharisees  than Jesus' disciples - who have  laid claim to wondrous stature  in God's eyes as the result ot  their church identity, but, as  Gamaliel once warned those  who were opposing Peter and  some other disciples in Jerusalem, "you might even be  found opposing God," (Acts  5:34), so those boasts were  made from man's devising, not  from God's.  Far from being possessed ol  "instant virtue" or automatic  sainthood, as the result of being  church members, those who  inhabit Christian congregations are actually those who  have had the courage to admit  that they are sinners!  It is because they acknowledge the fact they are sinners,  and badly in need of some help  that they turn to the same  source for help in their weakness and sinfulness - Jesus of  Nazareth, the one of whom it  was written: "God was in  Christ, reconciling the world to  himself, not counting their trespasses against them," (II  Corinthians 5:19).  And because these Christians who band together in  churches to study God's word,  to praise God, and to worship  him in such fashion that they  witness to him, are told in  scriptures that they are sons  and daughters of God, that  they consider themselves to be  families.  They consider themselves to  be blood families, just like the  worldly families, only in the  case of Christian families, they  believe that their blood tie is a  spiritual tie with the blood of  that same Jesus of Nazareth,  the Lord and Saviour of  mankind, which was shed on a  cross on a hill outside Jerusalem, 2,000 years ago.  Beside this common bond of  the blood of Jesus, Christians  also believe that they have a  common mission which not  only binds them together, but  gives them a mutual target in  life, and a mutual hope for an  eternal life after death.  This mission was given to all  those who would believe in  Christ (and thus become Christians), by the resurrected Jesus  Christ himself, when he said to  a group of his disciples (the first  fct  Christians): "Go therefore and  make disciples of all nations,  baptizing them in the name of  the Father and ofthe Son and  of the Hoi/ Spirit, teaching  them to observe all that I have  commanded you; and lo, I am  with you always, to the close of  the age." (Matthew 28:19,20).  But every person who responds to this call to union as a  family of Christians, and this  "Great Commission" to teach  and proclaim, does not become  superhuman, any more than  the disciples who walked in  Jesus' footsteps did.  Jesus' close followers, the  disciples who walked with him,  were of humble origin, and they  possessed all the human frailties of pride, envy, jealousy,  anger, uncertainty, fear and  doubt, as the gospel record tells  us.  And it was into these hands  lhat Jesus committed the  awesome task of carrying on  his ministry after his death and  resurrection, the "earthen  vessels," which the apostle Paul  called them, capable of being  crushed, or crumbling in their  frail humanity, but upheld and  strengthened by the common  bond and mission assigned to  all of Christ's followers (Christians).  These are the people who  make up the Christian church  families in the world - not a  group of saints, but a group of  sinners!  But they are sinners who  have had the courage and  wisdom to acknowledge their  sin, and are seeking to reform.  And the membership price  fits any purse!  AblilDRb  CEDRR  HOIRES  Product ol British Columbia  QUALITY LIVING WITH CEDAR  Every detail in a Lindal Cedar Home radiates gracious, yet sensible  living.  And every Lindal floor plan permits almost unlimited design  flexibility. Over 60 original plans are available. Each can be modified  to fit your particular needs and tastes. Or we can help you design  your very own plan.  Sales Office and Display Home in Horseshoe Bay  independently        M.D. Mackenzie Limited  distributed by       6342 Biy strtel, Horwiho* Bay  Weit Vancouver, B.C. V7W 2G9  CN3-31 Phone (604) 921-8010   921-9268  - Sandy Loam Photo  Relax and enjoy the spring bulbs. These tulips are prepared for a necessary spring rain.  Carefree gardening  by Sandy Loam  So far this growing year has  been early and sunny which  means that most gardeners  have already done their  annual spring chores which a  cold and wet March would  preclude. This has left the  gardener with an uncomfortable lack of ease and a restless  feeling that lie should be  doing something, an uncomfortable conscience being  the earmark of every good  gardener. Relax chaps, we are  a little ahead of the game.  Enjoy the spring bulbs and  admire the primroses but  don't rush the season and  harangue the plant shops for  Geraniums, Giant Marigolds  and other tender annuals as a  nip of frost can set these back  or even kill them. If you just  M THE UNITED CHURCH  M            OK CANADA  Sunday  Worship Services  ST. JOHN'S  Davis Bay - 9:30 am.  GIBSONS  Glassford Rd. - 11.IS am.  Sunday School - ��:.10 am.  Rev. Bob Scales  Church Telephone  886-2333  CALVARY         \  BAPTIST CHURCH    ��  Park Rd., Gibsons        *  Pastor: Harold Andrews     1  Res: 886-9163,  Church: 886-2611  Sunday School 9:30 a.m.  Morning Service 11:00 a.m.  Gospel Service 7 p.m.  Prayer & Bible Study  Thursday 7 p.m.  GIBSONS  PENTECOSTAL CHURCH  Cedar Grove School  Chaster Rd., Gibsons  Senior Pastor: Ted Boodle  Youth Pastor: Jack Moch  Sunday School 9:30 a.m.  Morning Worship 11 a.m.  Evening Fellowship 7 p.m.  Home Bible Study  Phone 886-7268 or 886-9482  Affiliated with Ihe  Pentecostal  Assemblies  of  Canada  ST. BARTHOLOMEW &  ST. AIDAN  ANGLICAN CHURCHES  Combined Services  2nd &4th Sundays I I:l5a m.  in St. Bartholomew's  Gibsons  All other Sunday!  Roberts Creek 930 a.m.  Family Holy Eucharist  Gibsons ll:IS a.m.  Family Holy Eucharist  Rector:  Rev. John E. Robinson  ROMAN CATHOLIC  SERVICES  Rev. Angelo De Pompa  Parish Priest  Times of Masses  Saturday 5:00 p.m.  St. Mary's, Gibsons  Regular Sunday Maiaes  9:00a.m. Our Lady,  of Lourdes Church  Sechelt Indian Reserve  10:00 a.m. Holy Family  Church, Sechelt  12:00 noon St. Mary's Church  Gibsons  Confessions before Mass  Phone: 885-9526 or 885-5201  SEVENTH-DAV  ADVENTIST CHURCH  Sabbath School Sat. 10 a.m.  Hour of Worship Sat. 11a.m.  St. John's United Church  Davis Bay  Pastor: C. Drieberg  Everyone Welcome  For information phone:  885-9750 or 883-2736  GLAD TIDINGS  TABERNACLE  Gower Point Road  Phone 886-2660  Sunday School 9:45 a.m.  Worship Service 11:00 a.m.  Evening Fellowship 6 p.m.  Bible Study Wed. 7:30 p.m.  Pastor: Nancy Dykes  REFORMED  CHRISTIAN GATHERING  Sechelt                  885-5635  !(| Church Servicesl  - John Moore PtlOlO  Dennis Cray of Coast Cycle in Sechelt presents a $35.00 cheque to  Dale Maedel who won the 2S0 Junior event in the first Sunshine  Coast Motocross two weeks ago. The firm offers bonuses and  parts discounts to winning riders who purchase their machines  from the firm.  THINKOFUSASA MATCHMAKER     "~  BUYINGORSELUNGTHE   COAIf lift OMStTOWOMtfOllrWI!  must be out there and your  garden is all cleaned, fertilized and ready to go remember that the plant shops  have many gorgeous perennials (plants that come back  year after year and get bigger  and bigger which makes them  an awfully good buy). One  favoured perennial is Leopard's Bane and if you can't  wait for flowers Ihis bright  yellow daisy is the earliest to  bloom of the entire Daisy  family. It offsets the spring  bulbs and gives your garden  an early summer flavour. The  small button or cushion  Chrysanthemums are available and all the plant shops  seem to have new hybridized  perennials each year.  Why not start some of those  gorgeous tropical Begonias  in the house, to be placed on  the patio when they are ready  to bloom and the weather is  much warmer. Pick up some  perennial Lupine and Delphinium spires as a backdrop  for the annuals you intend  to put in at the right time.  Start some seed boxes on a  sunny window sill to be  planted out when the warm  weather arrives. Tuck those  sweet peas in for later cutting  and colour. Get your Geraniums, if you must, and give  them a rousing start in the  house but your efforts will be  more rewarding if you allow  the very knowledgeable plant  shops to harden and toughen,  these goodies for later use.  There is one exception:  Marguerites may be placed in  the ground now. Marguerites  are those tough little instant  garden plants that grow into a  huge bush of cuttable bright  yellow daisies which will fill  any hole and cover any area  and are in my opinion an  absolute must for those of you  who want constant bloom  until next Christmas. They are  also a great filler for those  blankish times that come  along each year. The empty  period between bulbs and  perennials and between perennials and autumn bloom  and I consider Marguerites  one of the best buys on the  market year after year.  Nasturtium seeds come next  on the list for fill-in areas  and around stumps, gates and  sheds. Visit your favourite  plant shop anyway as they are  always so inspiring and  optimistic this time of year  and they do get you moving  and thinking. You have  "Quality Farm" on Pratt Road  in Gibsons, Mack's Nursery  on the highway in Robert's  Creek, "Casey's Country Garden" in Sechelt and the lovely  "Milore" Nursery on Redrooffs. At Madeira Park you  can visit Plant 'n Garden  Centre at Frances Peninsula  Place.  Enjoy the Tulips while  they're here and Happy  Gardening.  Is your wife insured ?  Your wife should have life insurance for pretty  well the same reasons you do. And lor some  reasons that are all her own.  Get in touch and let's talk  it over.  Geoff Hodgkinson  Box 957, ,  Glbtont, B.C.  886-8018  Mutual Life of Canada  SUNSHINE COAST  PEST CONTROL & HEALTH SERVICES LTD.  LOCALLY OPERATED  GOVT INSPECTED  For Control of Carpenter Ants,  Rodents and Other Pests  OUR SPECIALTY:  Pre-Treatment ol Houses Under Conduction  For Confidential  Advlct and  Estimate Call  883-2531  Pender Harbour  THINKOFUSASA MATCHMAKER  BUVHEORSELUNG.THf   C0AIT Ilffl CUISSKDSWORK WRYOO!  NATURE'S OWN  100% NATURAL  HENNA  NOW AVAILABLE  FOR HOME HAIR CARE  ��� IT IS COMPLETELY NATURAL IN COLOUR  ��� IT CLOSES THE CUTICLE. CONDITIONS i  HIGHLIGHTS THE HAIR  ��� ADDS BODY AND TEXTURE TO HAIR  ��� LASTS A LONG TIME. FADES AWAY GENTLY  Available at:  Western Drug Mart  Sunnycrest Centre,  Gibsons  Maxwell's Pharmacy  R.R. #2, Cedar Plaza,  Gibsons  Western Drug Mart  Trail Bay Mall. Sechelt  The following colour, are available:  Neutral, buttercup blonde, wheat blonde, golden apricot, light brown, brown, ash  brown, chestnut, mahogany, red. burgundy, black  Neutral Henna can be used by everyone to shine and  condition hair. Try it. Your hair will love you for it.  APRIL FOOLS DOLLAR DAY$  ^Wednesday  April 1st  Grilled Cheese*  Sandwich  with Chicken  Noodle Soup  $1,00  ���Thursday=  April 2nd  SHOPPERS BUS SPECIAL  Farmer*! Cheese, Tomato,  Alfalfa Sprouts on a  Whole Wheat Bun  Coffee or Tea        $1#����  =Friday=  April 3rd  Egg Salad Sandwich  with Vegetable  Soup  $1.00  All Three Days  FRESH BAKED PIES  SCOOP  APPLE  RAISIN  PUMPKIN  $l.oo  per slice  COWRIE STREET, SECHELT 885-3628 Coast News, March 31, 1981  Busnarda. Michael and Susan are  proud to announce the birth of  their daughter, Michele, a sister  tor Stephanie. Many thanks to  the wonderful staff at St. Mary's  Hospital. #13  Molly has a baby sister! Kather-  ine ' 'Katie'' Lynne Howard  arrived March 21. Proud parents  are Harry and Janet. Thanks  Dr. Lubin and St. Mary's staff.  #13  Obituaries  l harhoneau. Passed away March  2\. Mervin John (Jack) Char-  boneau, late of Madeira Park in  his o5th year. Survived by his  loving wife. Hazel, two sons  Mervin and Jack, four grandchildren, one brother Bill, two  sisters, Aida and Eileen, one  step-brother Dick, two stepsisters Kay and Pat and his  step-father T.L. Kenny. Funeral  service was held Tuesday, March  24 in the chapel of Devlin Funeral  Home, Gibsons. Cremation.   #13  Damherger. Passed away March  2.1. Barbara Damberger, late of  Gibsons in her 90th year. Survived by one daughter, Ruth  Harrop of Gibsons, three grandchildren and seven great-grandchildren. Funeral mass was  celebrated on Thursday, March  26 at St. Mary's Catholic Church,  Gibsons. Interment Valleyview  Cemetery, Surrey. Devlin Funeral  Home, directors. #13  tozer. Passed away March 28,  1981. Rosanna Tozer late of  Sechelt at the age of 89 years.  Survived by her family, son  peorge, and wife Alice, daughter  Kathleen and husband Geoff  Dixon, daughter Cherry and  husband Jack Cooper, three  granddaughters and one great  grandson. Funeral service Tuesday, March 31, with interment  following at Forest Lawn Memorial Park, Burnaby. In lieu of  Mowers donations appreciated to  St. Mary's Hospital. Arrangements through Devlin Funeral  Home, Gibsons. #13  In Memorial!.  In memory of-Len Coates, passed  away April 3, 1980. A thoughtful,  kind, loving husband, father,'  grandfather, great-grandfather  and friend, loved by all who knew  him. Sadly missed, he lives  in our memories. Wife Gladys,  children, brothers, sisters and  friends. #13  Personal  CARNATION CORN CAPS  Why suffer agony? Relief is now  yours from England. Carnation  Corn Caps have been sold for  over a century with effective  results, a medicated pad that  really does the job I Corn caps or  Callous Caps ��� available at  Pacifica Pharmacy, Sechelt.    #13  Tartaroff ��� for gleaming white  teeth. New improved formula  powder form, removes Tartar and  stains of nicotine, quickly. Also  effectively removes stains from  dentures. New 3 oz. shaker-pack.  Available at Pacifica Pharmacy,  Sechelt. #13  Save on gas. Share  cost with  commuter   fr. Lower   Gibsons.  Need  ride  to Sechelt/P.H.  on  regular basis. Ph. Marianne at  886-8086 #14  Quick relief for discomfort of  mouth sores, white canker spots,  dental plate sores, tender gums,  with Fletcher's Sore-Mouth Medicine. At Pacifica Pharmacy,  Sechelt. #13  Announcements  worn Wanted! Worn wanted I Help Wanted! wanted to Rent  UniPERMS   |  Gibson  Girl S  Guys  886-2120  Salon  Thanhs  We wish to thank the nurses and  staff of St. Mary's Hospital and  especially Dr. Lubin. Also to our  friends for their concern during  Jack's illness. His loving wife  and family. Hazel Charboneau #13  Personal  LINES AND WRINKLES  Leave lines and wrinkles of dry  skin behind you! Use Cocrema for  7 days and see the difference.  Cocrema products have as the  active ingredient, Cocoa Butter,  which has been used for many  years as a skin food and moisturizer. Cocrema products are  now available at Pacifica Pharmacy. Sechell. #13  SECHELT TOTEM CLUB BINGO  Every Sunday. Place: Sechelt  Legion Hall.  Times: Doors open 5:30. Early  Birds 7:00. Bonanza 7:30. Regular Bingo 8:00.  100% payout on Bonanza end of  each month. Everyone Welcome.   TFN  If someone in your family has a  drinking problem you can see  what it's doing to them. Can you  see what it is doing to you?  Al Anon can help. Phone 6-9037  or 6-8228 TFN  DANCE students, teachers and  others requiring information on  Tap, Ballet, Aero, Modern and  Spanish Dance. Please phone  886-2989. TFN  The Hunter Gallery, Gibsons.  Exhibition of oil paintings by  Hazel Coxall April 6-30. Artist  will demonstrate palette knife  technique during exhibit. Gallery  open 11-4 p.m. every day.      #13  LEASE  OPPORTUNITY  Beautiful Ruby Lake Restaurant  is now available for lease. Superbly equipped, with outdoor  patio and take-out window.  Breathtaking waterfront settingl  Catch trout from front door.  $25,000 for business, equipment  and furnishings. Phone owner  883-9453 or (112) 487-9225     #14  A.A.  MEETINGS  MONDAY: 6 30 PM  Open Meetings  Gibsons Athletic Hall  Ph 886-2596 Don  886-9208 Dudley  TUESDAY: 8 30 PM  Young People  Rear ol Si Mary's  Catholic Church. Gibsons  Ph 886-9783 Lorna  WEDNESDAY: 8 00 PM  Closed Discussion Meeting  Rear of St. Mary's  Catholic Church. Gibsons  Ph 885-3436 Catherine  885-3394 Herb  WEDNESDAY: 8:30 PM  Open Meeting  St Andrew's Church  Madeira Park  Ph 883-9978 John  THURSDAY: 8 30 PM.  Open Meeting  Wilson Creek  Community Hall  Davis Bay  Ph 885-2896 Ed  SATURDAY: 8:00 PM  Al-Anon - A.A. Meeting  Rear ol St. Mary's  Catholic Church. Gibsons  Ph. 886-7358 Linda or Bob  A Full Line ol      ��W  Plumbing Supplies  NEW HOURS  Tues. - Sat.  9 a.m. - 5 p.m.  Glbtont  Hwy 101 & Pratt Rd.  u EIXINGHAM  J&   STABLES  gVram&a   ��� Boarding  WfW           ��� Training  IPLr             ��� Lessons  T  f             885-9969  CASTLEROCK  KENNELS  fci  i  ��� Boarding  ��� Grooming  ��� Puppies occasionally  Roberts Creek,  opposite Goll Course  885-2505  To give away a neutered purebred  black Lab 6 yrs. old, trained for  hunting; good with children; must  be a country home. Ph. 885-2783  after Mon. "15  SPCA  SPAY  Clinic  and information  886-7938  Box .Kl.-i  Gibsons, B.C.  Cat: White with gray tabby spots.  Very friendly. 886-9318 #13  P.B. Golden Retriever X Labrador  Ret. Pups born Feb. 1st. Ready  April 1st. Dam excel, retriever,  pups wormed & w/shots. $65  each. 886-2108 #13  Kerry  Blue  Terriers  886-2505  ~ Magus���  Kennels  ��� Dog Boarding & Training  ��� CKC Champion & Obedience  Great Danes  ��� Best Care on Peninsula  886-8568  S.P.C.A.  For Adoption:  Dogs: White Terrier Maltese  cross, 2 year male neutered; black  poodle cross male adult; black &  tan mixed breed male 10 months;  terrier cross female spayed 3  years; Sheepdog/Husky cross  male 10 months.  Cats:  Female fortoiseshell 4 months;  Female Torbie 4 months; tabby  male 4 months; fluffy spayed  female 3 years; black male 1 year;  grey & white female 1 year; black  & white female 4 mo; fluffy  tortoiseshell female 1 year.  To view - Peninsula Boarding  Kennels Open 9-11 a.m. - 2-4  p.m. 7 days a week or phone  886-7713 #13  Uuestoch  HORSES  ii good riding horses & 2 ponies  for sale to good homes only.  N86.7377or886.9409 TFN  HAY. $2.00 a bale. Phone evenings 885-9357 TFN  TB gelding 12 yrs.. 16 hands.  English trained. 886-7880       #14  Hunter jumper clinic with Sue  Mills (qualified judge) at Filing-  ham stables April 4th, Sth.  $25. Beginning jumpers welcome.  For more info, call Jeanine  885-9969 #14  MULCH HAY $1.50 bale. Phone  evening 885-9357 TFN  PENINSULA  Open  for Boarding  all types of  dogs & cats.  Excellent  care given.  Now  S.P.C.A. Shelter  Open  9-11 am & 2-4 pm  for viewing  adoptive animals  or drop-off  of unwanted  animals.  Phone  886-7713  Gibsons Assorted  BOOKKEEFIM  SERVICES  PHONE BETWEEN  8:00 am. -11:00 am.  5:00 pm. - 6:00 pm.  888-8877 MR FOR J  ��� Gen, Bookkeeping  ��� Income Tax  PENINSULA  R00FINB ft  INSULATION LTD.  All Types of Roofing  & Re-Roofing  Henry Rodriguez  Sechelt      885-9585  Reward, Ladies Watch, Cardinel,  Bulova. black strap, small face.  Ph. 885-3325 #14  Last week: Lost on Bal's Lane, set  of keys. 886-9952 #13  Mesa, a small orange and white  female cat, wearing a white flea  collar, was lost between North  Road and Chamberlin to Grantham's Landing. Please call  886-9515. Urgent. #13  ELECTROSTATIC  ANNOUNCEMENT  ONLY WAV  CARPET CARE  $59.95  special  Rccommended hy Canada  Leading Carpet Manufacturers  For Information   886-2853  Sechelt  TAX  SERVICE  BRICKWORK  Richard Saunders. 886-8586, 886-  8456 #13  For Explosive Requirement.  Dynamite, electric or regular caps  B line E cord and safety fuse.  Contact Gwen Nlmmo, Cemetery  Road, Gibsons. Phone 886-7778.  Howe Sound Farmer Institute.         TFN  NEED TUNE-UP?  Experienced mechanic will come  to your est ��� any nuke. Ren.  rates call  Dominique  885-3317  anytime TFN  Qualified   Painter.    Reasonable  rates. Work guaranteed. 886-9749  TFN  2 EXPERIENCED CARPENTERS  Quality craftsmanship, references  reasonable rates, no job too  small. 885-3319'til 9 p.m.     TFN  Carpentry and Construction,  Renovations and Repairs, Deck,  and Patios, Framing and Foundations. Call Jim or Brent  at  885-5643 TFN  Carpenter ��� new and renovations.  Reasonable rates and references.  886-7280 TFN  Lawn and garden care. Clean-up,  painting, no job too small.  885-5349 #14  Experienced Bookkeeper avail,  for small businesses. Please  write Fran de Grood at RR#4  Gibsons VON 1VO, with your  phone no. and 1 will call you.   #15  TREE SERVICE  We   make  it   our  business   to  provide satisfaction  Our speciality:  ��� Topping  ��� Limbing  ��� Danger Tree Removal  Insured guaranteed services  Peerless Tree Ltd.  Call for free estimates 885-2109  TFN  Serving  the  Sunshine  Coast  Since  1975  TAX  RETURNS  FROM  $15.00  Look for our  Sign on  Cowrie St.  Across from  "The Dock"  HOURS:  Mon. - Fri.  9:00 - 5:00  Sat.  10:00 - 3:00  ACADEMIC TUTORIALS  Paleontologist or Geologist with  University degree  Zoologist or Botanist with University degree  These part time positions (weekends and summer holidays)  will be added to the Science,  Mathematics and English sections of the Academic Tutorial  Program. The underlying purpose  heing to affect an attitudinal  change in the student in favour  of academic excellence by providing positive academic experience.  Bach teaching unit is composed of  two formal lessons, one local  field trip and sometimes an  extended field trip. Some of the  students may visit the Canadian  Arctic and Stanford University,  however most field trips will take  place on the Lower Mainland.  Primary and Secondary age  groups are represented and each  student is doing average to far  above average work in school.  Their parents are well motivated  and there are no major behaviour  problems. The student teacher  ratio will not exceed 5; I.  Please direct inquiries and salary  requirements to:  ACADEMIC TUTORIALS, Attn:  John G. Beuger, Box 1015,  Sechelt. B.C. VON 3AO. #15  Branch Manager for truck parts  & industrial supply branch in  Gibsons. Previous experience in  the logging supply business  a definite asset. Excellent remuneration program for the right  person. Please call Reetline Parts  & Equip, at 294-8601 in Burnaby.  #13  Experienced diesel mechanic,  must also be able to weld. Call  after 6 p.m. 885-2657 #14  Sunshine Coast Arts Centre  immediately requires part-time  creative publicity person with  writing and graphic abilities.  Position to pay $200 monthly to  start. Apply in writing Box 1568  Sechelt. B.C. #13  Volunteer SPCA Animal Shelter  help needed. If you are willing to  donate 2 or more hours per week,  please phone Sandy at 886*9265  #15  2nd Cook. Lord Jim's Lodge.  Apply in person or telephone  885-2232 #15  Design  Drafting  886-7442  Yard and Basement clean-ups,  rubbish removal. Also young man  seeks steady employment. 886-  9503 #14  Licenced   dependable   Plumber  repairs, service, new installations  Free estimates. Bruce 885-5072.  #14  HOUSECLEANING  Fast, efficient, reliable and very  reasonable. 886-2758 evenings  please. #14  YOU WANT IT DONE  WE'LL DO IT  Landscaping, build fences, chim-  ney sweep and moss spraying  etc. etc. 886-7540 TFN  2 experienced carpenters for new  structures, renovations, plumbing and electrical. Call eves.  885-3387 #14  YOU WANT IT DONE?  WE'LL DO IT  Build fences, chimney sweep and  moss spraying etc. etc. 886-7540  TFN  rototilling, gardens dug, landscaping, fencing, light hand  clearing. 886-9526 9 a.m.- 6 p.m.  886-2547 after 6 p.m. #14  J. LEPORETILE  Quality Installations  Ceramic. Mosaic or Quarry  All work guaranteed  Free estimates  Phone Anytime  886-8097  Hardwood Floors resanded and  finished, work guaranteed. Free  est. Phone 885-5072 TFN  Harbour Chimney Cleaning. Serving the Sunshine Coast. Fireplaces, furnaces, oil stoves, 883-  9171. Customers from the 886 ex  change call Collect. #14  WEST COAST  Ptinnn      r��<��- -^  886-2683  Free  Estimates  ALL  WORK   GUARANTEED  Help wanted  We are looking for a mature  responsible person to serve as  a live-in babysitter for two  children. If you love children and  are looking for a permanent  position please call 886-9351   #13  CARPENTERS  Only experienced need apply.  Please phone 885-3307 #14  Local doctor and family require  unfurnished 2 or 3 bedroom house  to rent from July for extended  period prefer Sechelt-Roberts  Creek. 885-3328 #14  May-June only furnished 2-3  bedroom house mobile home  cottage or ? In Gibsons area will  pay top dollar for suitable accommodation. Leave message at 886-  2228 or call Powell River 485-9484  after 4:30 p.m. #13  I'imherjack Skidder with operator. Wire splicer available, SK6-  2451. IIA  Chimney   Cleaning   and   maintenance. Ph. 886-7411 or 886-8023  TFN  Electrical Contractor wants work  anywhere on the coast, own boat  for island work. 886-9316      TFN  HELP  WANTED  Experienced Waitresses,  bar tending experience  necessary. Also dishwashers. Apply in person  to:  Seaview Garden  886-9219  MUSIC  westwurid  sound  Centres  Audio VOX  HI COIN  Fender Marshall  vamaha  Appliances  DEALER  COST  plot 10%  Next to Ihe  Bank of Montreal Building  Sechelt  885-3313  W  For Rent  Duplex, one bedroom, adults  only in Gibsons. Range, fridge,  drapes, newly decorated $350.00.  522-6559 #14  Highest quality office space  available in new professional  building in Gibsons. 625 sq. ft.  Location is on Farnham Road  behind Gibsons Medical Clinic.  For details call 886-7020 or  886-7574 TFN  19 in. Colour F.V. $25. per mo.. 3  mo. min. 26 in. consoles $30. per  mo. J &C Electronic. 885-2568  #TFN  Community Hall for rent in  Roberts Creek. Phone Bill Grose  885-9237 TFN  SPECIAL WEEKLY RATES  Peninsula Hotel 886-9334     TFN  Avail. May 1. Gibsons waterfront home, 2 bd. basement,  aut. oil heat. $425 per month.  886-9849 #13  Wanted, men singers, violist  and electric bass player for production of Jesus Christ Super  Star. 886-9409 #13  2 working men need place to rent,  Roberts Creek to Gibsons. Good  references available. Leave messages. Mark pr Wayne at 886-  8533 or 886-7395 #13  2 or 3 bedroom needed April  or May 1. Gibsons area. Family  with 2 kids, will do repairs or  renovations 886-9579 #13  Cple. wants apt., suite or house  to rent in Gibsons area. Up to  $400 mo. Ph. 886-7661 (Noreen)  #13  OFFICE OR  RETAIL  SPACE  AVAILABLE  888-2417  886-2703  822-2017  wanted  WANTED  Pocket Books and Rummage tor S.P.C.A. Pocket  Book Sale & Garage Sale.  Donations can be dropped  oft at Peninsula Boarding  Kennels, Reed Rd.. Gibsons, Quality Farm Supplies, Pratt Rd. or Phone  886-7713 or 886-7839 for  pick-up.  THERMAX  WELD-ALL IND.  Beat the High Cost ol Heating  Custom Made Wood Stoves  PHONE 886-8466  CASH FOR LOOS  top Prices  Free Estimates  D & 0 LOG SORTING  LTD.  886-7896    886-7700  Want to buy small 2 wheel bike  and one 3-speed bike. Reasonable. 886-2098 #13  Inexpensive but nice carpet and  shelf. 886-7139 dr 885-2687.    #14  Wanted to Buy: Logs or Timber.  Fir, Hemlock, Cedar - Porpoise  Bay Logging Ltd. 885-940" or  885-2032 TFN  The Coast News is looking for  back copies to complete their  Files. Issues missing are from  June to December in 1976. Anyone wishing to donate, please  phone 886-2622 and we will pick  up. Thank youl TFN  Older furniture, china etc. bought  or sold on consignment. Harbour  Antiques, 1585 Marine Dr.,  Gibsons. 886-7800 TFN  Strap-in type baby seat for car  (infant). Call 886-7636 #14  Wanted - single or three speed  ladies bike. Prefer older large  framed bike (28 in. wheels)  any condition. 886-9234 #13  For Sale  Starcraft hard top tent trailer,  furnace, sink, propane stove,  cooler, sleeps 8, privacy curtains,  spare, excellent condition, $2,000  OBO.886-9810afterSp,m,   #13  22 cu. ft. Viking freezer, excellent  condition, will deliver. $250.00.  Ph. 885-5416 #15  Inglis multi-cycle auto washer,  excellent condition. Guaranteed  & delivered. $225. Phone 883-  2648 TFN  2 68 MGB's. One runs really well  and one is for parts. 2 hd.tps, good  wheels���great deal at $2,500.  These are classics now! Jane 883-  9342 Sun. - Tues. or write R.R. HI,  Garden Bay, VON ISO TFN  HOTTUB?  Do it yourself. Fiberglass, redwood and vinyl. Solar collectors,  H&S Contracting. 885-3825   TFN  TUPPERWARE - your guarantee  of quality - keeps food at peak of  freshness - pretty and practical.  Phone Louise Palmer 886-9363#15  Save $1,000 on reconditioned  CA 5E chromoglass sewage  treatment plant. New controls,  ready to transport from Roberts  Creek. $1500. 885-5595 or 922-  7362 #13  Appliances, Furniture, TV's,  Stereos etc. DISCOUNT PRICES)  Kern's Home Furnishings, Seaview Place, Gibsons. 886-9733.  TFN  Babysitter wanted pref. older  person to come into my home for  2 month old. Days, permanent,  part-time. Must be dependable  and loving. If interested please  call 886-8245 in Gibsons area. #14  Wanted 8' or 10' x 30' to 50'  Mobile Home or Trailer. Good  condition. 112-298-7698 #14  SEEDS  Harden supplies  Sheds  Lawn    fsom  Mowers ��99.��  MACLEODS  SECHELT  885-2171  Datsun B2I0 body or body parts  -in good shape. 885-5998       #15  Older style propane cook stove.  Phone 885-5328 after 6 p.m.    #14  Strap-in type baby seat for car  (infant) Call 886-7636 #14  ATTENTION  PHOTOGRAPHERS  Gossen Profisix ��� top quality  hand-held exposure meter w/  silicon blue cells $225. Pat  885-5998 #15  White elec. Fireplace w/Dutch  tile $40. 2 beige Venetian blinds,  6' $3 ea. 2 5' room divider screens  $50. Antique steamer trunk  $35. Home intercom $50. Large  4' x 5' alum, frame window $45.  Danish teak sofa and chair $135.  English chimney pot $45. 886-  9077.886-9851 eves. #14  GilTnet corks & full length leadline. Good cond. Phone 883-992S.  #14  Used one winter black and brass  fire screen and glass doors,  also grate with two speed fan.  885-5676 #14  r'titl^l^f"8 mMm   ?��"����' '52 Chain saw, ,00 cc,  (like new) 886-7943 ,0 np mo(or   Uke Mw   Va,ue  Delivered sawdust, shavings, for   $700. Asking $500.885-5059  #13  stable. 885-9969 TFN  urgently Needed  FOSTER HOME  mine  PENDER HARBOUR AHA  005-2288  Mrs. Roy  JtWfttiM  jy swnr  DECKS *  &  .    SEPTIC  k   TANKS   I  > 885-5703 / For Sale  TONY'S  UNIQUE RESTORATIONS  BRASS & ANTIQUES  Pedal stools. Sinks. Leaded  glass. French Doors. Demolition.  Brass Taps. Chandeliers. Wall  Sconces. Red Brick. Oak Floors.  Beautiful accessories 50 years &  older. 36624th Ave., Vancouver  TFN  Seed  'Potatoes  FRUIT  TREES  ��� PERENNIALS  ��� SPRING BULBS  Fine i  Selection of  FLOWERING  SHRUBS  Fertilizers  Steer Manure  Peat Moss  Potting Soil  Lime  SEEDS  Quality  Farm & Garden  Supply Ltd.  Pratt Road       886-7527  1980 MGB Mark IV-11,000 km.  excellent cond. w/accessories.  Phone 886-7804 #13  Kitchen Table, 4 chairs, ex. cond.  $60 back pack to carry child  $15. Like new umbroller $20 or  best offers. Tel. 886-9332       #13  FRESHLY BAKED BREAD  Whole Wheat, every day. For  poppy seed, rye, oatmeal, white,  raisin, french etc. please order  in advance. Cafe Pierrot, Teredo  Sq.. Sechelt. 885-9962 #13  French Provincial, solid wood,  coffee table & 2 end tables.  $550 OBO. Call 886-7085 after 6.  #13  ELECTROHOME  SALES & SERVICE  J Ypar Warranty  on Parts & Labour  ��SUNSHINE  COAST T.V.  Atter Ihe Sale  It s the Service  thiVI Counts  HOT  WATER  TANKS  All Sizes  Best Puces on  the Peninsula  MACLEODS  SECHELT  885-2171  New men's racing bike CCM  l0-speed, yellow. 886-2951 after  6p.m.$100OBO #14  Queen size Water Bed - eicellent condition - with liner, heater  & bookcase headboard. $275.  885-5416 #14  Black free standing 360 degree  fireplace. $200. Ph. 885-9362 #14  Ice Machine $125.00 and 450 sq.  ft. stainless steel cooler $800.00  OBO. Bus. Ph. 886-7921 #14  1 set tandem trailer axles 5 ton  cap., tires like new plus 6'  channel hitch. Phone 885-5512*14  Moffat 30" stove $75. Hoover  washer-spin dryer $25. Both for  $90.886-8310 #14  Cedar Planters, hanging baskets  made to order by local handicapped at Sunshine Achievement  Centre. Call 886-9325 or drop  in. #15  3 wheel, 5-sp. English made,  good condition, all new tires $150.  886-9952 #15  10" B&D radial arm saw 886-8441  #13  Cabinet Stereo AM/FM radio/  record player. Baycrest $75.00.  Cabinet stereo record player only  Motorola $50.00.886-9197     #15  Used windows, wood sash, many  sizes. Also screens made. 885-  2693 #15  Ten speed bike 21 inch frame $40  Phone 886-9715 after 4. #15  80-gallon fish tank complete with  cabinet, filters, heaters, gravel  etc. $400. Phone 886-7848      #15  1964 Case 530 diesel Backhoe  very good cond. c/w new 5th  wheel trailer. $10,000. 885-9334  #15  Westinghouse Stove electric $75.  Twin size bed, box spring & headboard included. $85. Phone  886-2184 #13  Fiberglass resin & catalyst  $16 gal. 886-9252 #13  White cast iron tub 5'6" $50.  Toilet $25.886-8398 #13  CAMpbell'*  FAMILY SHOES  and  LEATHER GOODS  "IN THE HEART OF  DOWNTOWN  SECHELT"  12:00 Noon Saturday.  PRESCRIPTION*'  SERVICE  MADEIRA  PARK  PHARMACY  rPENDER HARBOUR CENTER  MADEIRA PARK  883-9414  Deadline 12:00 Noon Fridays  [Classifieds should be prepaid and pre-written  Your friendly neighbourhood drop-off  points for COAST I ItfS   Classified Ads  Copyright and  Advertising  Regulations  The Sunshine Const News  reserves the right lo classify  advertisements under appropriate headings and determine  page location. The Sunshine  Coast News also reserves the  riuht to revise or reject any  advertising which in Ihe opinion  of the Publisher is in questionable taste. In the event that  any advertisement is rejected,  the sum paid for the advertisement will be refunded.  ED ADVERTISING  Minimum $2.50 per 4 line Insertion. Each  additional line 50$, or use our economical 3  weeks for the price of 2 rate. This offer is made  available for private individuals.  THE FOLLOWING CLASSIFICATIONS  ARE FREE  Birth Announcements, Lost and Found  No billing or telephone orders are accepted  except from customers who have accounts with  us or who live outside the Sunshine Coast.  Cash, cheques or money orders must accompany  all classified advertising.  CLASSIFIED DEADLINE  NOON SATURDAY  ALL FEES PAYABLE  PRIOR TO INSERTION.  Please mail to Coast News, Classllleds,  Box 460, Gibsons, B.C. VON 1V0.  Or bring In person to  the Coast News Office In Gibsons.  CLASSIFICATION:  Eg. For Sale, For Rent, etc.  ��� : :     _" i  :  :     :~:  r  "���   t  :  J_  I                   "        _.  X I  LTTT    ._       Z           I  For Sale  2-3'8" x 6'8" new solid core,  lire-rated doors. $20 each, older  style black underwood typewriter  SS0. Bathtub enclosure $50.  Call 886-7289 #14  MOVING SALE  Large discounts on most furniture  We must sell some of our larger  furniture to make room for new  stock at our future location.  Come in and see. Harbour  Antiques & Gifts, 1S8S Marine,  Gibsons Landing. 886-7800 Wed.  through Sat. #14  1977 17' Skagit w/85 hp Merc  O/B 200 hrs. on motor complete  with road runner trailer $3,600  OBO. Ph. 886-9287 #15  Near new oil furnace, Duomatic  98000 BTU. 115 v. Comes/w 250  gal. tank. $400 OBO. Phone 886-  9169 #14  Fop sale  Coast News, March 31,1981  17  Automotlue  884-5240  CAM PRENTIS        Prop.  DUNHAM RD.. PORT MELLON  VON 2SO  i I  GARAGE SALE  SPRING CLEANING SALE!  NOON SUN. Coracle Dr. &  Shrimp Way, Sandy Hook. Furn.,  3-spd. bike, clothes, typwrtr.,  books, Ithr. jackt., TV, Sofabds 1  with chr. 885-9677 after 6       #13  Esso Hot Air Furnace complete  with controls, oil burner, fan and  250 gal. tank $150. Phone 885-  3142 #14  Good cond. Oil stove incl. oil  tank (130 gal.) convertible to  woodburning. Best offer takes.  Phone 885-9646 or 885-2746  weekends only #15  New 8x7 redwood panel garage  door w/hardware $350. Olsen oil  furnace 100,000 BTU, 5 yrs. old,  plus 225 gal. oil tank $300 OBO,  various building materials 886-  7889 after 6 p.m. #13  4 ft. chest freezer (16 cu. ft.)  Ph. Cafe Pierrot 885-9962      #13  10' Beamy 'glaspar' cartopper.  Excellent condition. $375.00.  886-9049 #13  Nikon FE, F2, 35mm and 50mm  lenses w/filter and carrying case.  Like new $500.886-8583        #15  Utility Trailer. Small 4'x6' just  built. $400. firm. 886-2105     #15  Apple Trees in rare old varieties.  885-5459 #13  5-speed ladies bike. Best offer.  Been used only 1 month. Call  after 6:00.886-8283 #15  20 gal. fish tank complete with  fish. 886-9770. $100, #15  Nutone built-in food centre has  blender,, mixer, knife, sharp.  New-neverused $175.4 bar stools  chrome & vinyl $200.19" Electra-  home port, colour TV $200.  1977 - 750 Triumph Bonneville,  recently rebuilt, eng. receipts to  prove + 2 helmets. Asking  $1450.886-2706 #13  8080 DB Sansui stereo receiver,  Technics direct-drive turntable  SL 1700, 2 Bose 501 speakers  matched set like new $1700.  6x12 National billiard table,  anniversary slate with new felt  and all accessories. $2000.  886-2706 #13  MACK'S NURSERY  PHONE 886-2684  Hwy. 101, Roberta Creek  Spring Clean Up Sale. Many  kinds shrubs, ornamental &  shade trees, hedges etc. 10 to  20% discount. Open March 21  Saturday-till stocks last.       #13  GARAGE SALEi Saturday, Apr. 4  10-4, YMCA' Rd., Langdale,  kitchen cabs., mirrored medicine  cab., kitchen table & chain,  shades, curtains, bifold doors,  lots of others, watch for signs. #13  ��� Bugzapwrs  ��� Summer Tins  ��� Fertilizers  ��� Pesticides  ��� ess Bar-Muss  AT  MACLEODS  SECHELT  685-2171  '72 Mazda Pick-up, ex. shape  $1300. .'65 Mustang 200 cu..  6 cyl.,A classic with good gas  mileage, interior like new, runs  excellent $1700.886-7342       #13  1973 Toyota Celica 72,000 mi.  Mech. V-. good body excel. $2200.  1975 GMC Van camperized and  loaded 37,000 mi. Stored indoors  $3950.885-2839 #13  1974 Chevy station wagon 9  pass., PS/PB/PW. 454 cu. In.  Good condition. Ph. 886-7801 #13  1979 Bronco XLT 351. Mag.  wheels, eic. cond. $8500 firm.  886-8516 TFN  '67 Pontiac Grande Parisienne  auto trans PS/PB. Phone 886-  7980 eves. $400 OBO #15  Wanted: Datsun B210 body or  body parts - in good shape.  885-5998 #15  '71 Datsun "510" parts for sale  Phone 886-7334 #14  Camoers ft RV's  Wanted to rent for Easter Break  April 10-20th a camper, mutt  have heater. Ph. 886-7392      #13  1975 Dodge Maxi-Van fully:  camperized, 3-way fridge, fur-;  nace, 4 burner stove with oven;  sink & porta-potti. Phone 886-'  9882 #13  SMALL CAR  SERVICE  No problem for us - Ford  has been building and  importing cars and trucks  from Germany, Japan  and England as far back  as 1949.  So if you have a problem  with your small car we've  got the  Houra ot Stnlct  7:30am.-5pm. 885-3281  SttTM CMIT  FftRft MU�� LT��  Trade Your  APPLIANCE  on ��� new  HOT POINT  at  MACLEODS  SECHELT  885-2171  Trauel  1975 Dodge Maxi Van 318  auto, V, ton, PS & PB, 52,000  miles. $2500. 886-9198 after 6  p.m. or 886-2765 #13  Chev 350 turbo rebuilt engine.  Also 350 tran. G.M. turbo 400.  Parts for 128 Fiat. Various  alternators, starter and used  parts. 883-9923 #13  Ford Engine 240 3-spd. rebuilt  '78. 14,000 mi. $200. 886-9252  #13  '66 Beaumont 6-cyl. stand, trans.  New clutch, gd. rubber, Craig  cassette Heck. $850. Runs well.  886-9851 #13  1972 Hornet 4 door sedan, 49,000  mis. Good condition. $950.  Phone 886-7909 #13  Discover the world's greatest  vacation land - Canada - Disneyland - a treat for all ages. Short  on time & money - take in Reno or  Vegas. Take a summer cruise to  Alaska. Merry Xmas? Aloha  Paradise! Get-a-way Holidays.  885-3265 #13  Automotlue  Has vour Rabbit  Lett its HOD?  Come in and see Herman  Vandebcrg, 20 years Volkswagen Specialist - Factory  trained.  SMTN CMIT  PtKi ulbi in  Houra ot tenia*  7:30 am. - s pm. 885-3281  VW. lift DO StOCN  niwiw parts  1976 Ford F-100 short box step  side p.u. 302 V-8 with 22,000  original miles; mags, radial TA's,  canopy, undercoated. Excellent  condition throughout. $5500 OBO  Will consider older truck in trade.  886-7873 #12  '76 Dodge Adventurer SE club  cab. 400 auto V-8, PS/PB,  AM/ fM radio, trailer pkg, canopy  radials, 36,000 orig. mi. $6500.  OBO. Ph. 883-9427 after 5:30  pm. #13  1969 Dodge Super Bee 2-dr.  hardtop very fine cond. Fully  equipped, bargain at $3,500.  885-9602 #12  1978 GMC Rally Van, only  7,000 miles. Excellent cond.  886-2410 #12  1971 Fargo 1-ton truck with box  rolltop door, new tires, dual  rears 75,000 miles, auto. $3,500.  Phone 886-8201 #14  ��� I would like a subscription to that  lively, informative COAST NEWS.  ��� 1 would like to tend a subscription to  my kith or kin.  Kindly print or type the name and address of the person to  receive this fine salty coastal epistle, and please enclose your  cheque for  $24 for one year or,  $15 per half  The Coast News,  Circulation Dept.,  Box 460,  Gibsons, B.C.  VON 1V0.  Mail to:  NAME.  FIRM.  ADDRESS.  CITY   PROVINCE.  .CODE  1964 Acadian. Great basic transportation, six cylinder, automatic  $450. 886-2127. It's got everything. Even radio works!        #14  1979   Jeep    "Golden    Eagle"  good condition. $9500. 886-7579  #14  1974 Dodge Charger Brougham  S.E. 440, new paint job, yellow,  PB/PS/PW, air conditioning,  good condition. Phone 886-  2454 after 6. #14  Old Milk Truck, Mercury, As is.  $300.885-2468 #14  1979 Celica Supra, driven for  7 mo., 24,000 km, 6 tires, radar  detector, 3 year extended warranty. $10,000 firm. Apply to  Box 21, c/o Coast News, Box  460, Gibsons, B.C. VON 1VO #14  '72 VW Super beatle, rusted body  but running well. $500 OBO.  886-2098 #13  75 VANGUARD  ���'���" - with  Hydraulic Jacks and  Tit Downs  orBtttOlltf  883-9496 885-5802  DIESEL 37 MPG PICKUP  1980 CHEVY CHEYENNE  pick-up, diesel 350 C.I.D.,  air cond., P.S., P.B., AM-  FM tape deck, 7,000 miles  $10,900 O.B.O. 886-9363.  Motorcycles  Cross country motor bike 100 cc  seldom used. $600 OBO. Ph. 886-  7476. #14  1972 750 cc BMW R75/5 15,500  hwy. miles, mint, with extras.  886-7891 eves. #13  Mobile Homes  35 ft. Sth wheel trailer c/w stove,  fan, oven, fridge, furnace, stereo,  bar stools, canape french glass  doors and 1974 Chev rebuilt  454 heavy duty 'A ton radio,  auto, trans. $20,000. firm. Call  886-9351 #13  CHAPMAN CREEK  MOBILE NOME MLB  MID SERVICE  8854513  at  Big Maple Motel  Davis Bay ,  1976 Honda Civic hatchback.  Phone after 6,886-2886 #13  1964 Volvo 122 Canadian B18  4 door 4 sp. new brakes, clutch,  exhaust, rear shocks $1200 OBO  885-9285 TFN  1972 Volkswagen 7 passenger bus  rebuilt engine - very clean - all  records. Asking $3,200. Ph.'  885-3498 #15  '71IHC '/. ton; new tires; power  tailgate. Cab in poor shape, but  it runs. V-8, 4-spd. $400. Phone  883-2457 #13  '74 Dodge Van. Y. ton. $1200.  Ph. 886-2708 after 5 #14  SUMMER CARS  1977 Datsun 280Z, green with  gold stripes, new tires, exhaust,  fuel injected, 5-speed, sunroof,  170 h.p. a real beauty $9,000 OBO  886-9826or 886-8064 #15  1967 Cougar GT, 390 c.i. four  barrel, dual exhaust, new paint,  blue with white vinyl top, new  T.A.'s all around, a real cruiser,  must see $2500 firm. 886-9826 or  886-8064 #15  '67 Chev station wgn. $250.  885-2642 #13  Valiant, '65 Signet 2 dr. hardtop  slant '6', rebuilt 2 yrs. ago, good  body, excellent interior, auto,  trans, 4 summer, 2 snow tires all  good, radio etc. some parts go  too. $600 OBO. 885-5998        #15  1966 Volkswagen Beetle, new  muffler, rebuilt 1500 engine,  good brakes and tires. Runs  great! $650. Mike 886-2339 eves.  #15  4-14" new radial tires 50% tread  left. $75.885-5998 #15  2 650x16 general light truck  tires, about 50% tread left  $25.885-5998 #15  1979 Ford Bronco, 4 w.d��� PS/PB.  11,000 miles. Immaculate. 886-  2779 #13  Will buy or pick up unwanted cars  883-9923 #13  1972 Pinto, 52,000 miles, good  tires. Just tuned up, runs excellent. $875.00 or best offer.  Phone after 5 p.m. 886-7804  #15  Coast mobile  Homes Ltd.  GOOD  SELECTION OF  DOUBLE WIDES  u��e take trades  or  Consign your Mobile  Home to us for  Quick sale  WHARF ST.  SECHELT  885-9979       mdl mm  Marine  '70 Kawasaki 500. As is.  886-7843  $300.  #13  1979 19' Thermoglass, V, H.top,  sleeper seats. 120 OMC, 25 hrs.  on engine. Price: $7200.00.  Ph. 886-9198 #13  AIT Haddock Boat moving,  licensed and fully insured.  Hydraulic equipment. Phone 883-  2722 days. 883-2682 eves      TPft   1  HIGGS MARINE  SURVEYS LTD  Insurance claims, condition and  valuation surveys. Serving the,  Sunshine Coast and B.C. Coastal'  Waters. 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The lowest, or any, tender will not necessarily be  accepted.  Inspection of site and on-site measuring will be  arranged by contacting the undersigned, by  appointment only:  N. Vucurevich  Administrator  St. Mary's Hospital  Sechelt, B.C.  B.C. Vuhon Bianhet Classifieds  25 Words for $99.  NOTICE  Application has been made to the Motor Carrier  Commission, on behalf of the undernamed carrier,  to increase rates and charges for the transportation  of freight between the Vancouverarea and points on  the Sechelt Peninsula, and between points situated  on the Sechelt Peninsula.  Subject to the consent of the Commission the  proposed increases will become effective on May  11th, 1981.  Details of proposed changes may be obtained  from the office of the carrier.  Any representation respecting this application  may be made to the Superintendent, Motor Carrier  Branch, 4240 Manor Street, Burnaby, B.C. V5G 3X5  up to April 24th, 1981.  Pacific Tariff Service Ltd.  Tariff Agent for:  Peninsula Transport Ltd.  APPLICATION  FOR RESIDENTIAL  PURPOSES IN  SECHELT INLET  REGIONAL FILE  2400509  An application is pending for residential  purposes on part of Lot  6310, starting at post  300 ft. west of water  line heading North-N-  E 300 ft. due west 100  ft. S-S-W300ft.backto  first post.  Water line is approx.  300 ft. west of the NW  corner of Lot 6310,  containing approx. 3/4  acre.  Purpose: Residence  for Oyster Culture and  other Mollusc.  Robert R. Miller  Box 468  Brackendale, B.C.  VON 1H0  Contractor  APPLICATION  FOR  *  FORESHORE  RIGHTS  In Sechelt Inlet Regional  file 2400509.  An application is pending for the foreshore  rights for the portion of  Sea surveyed as UF-  6310.GP1 and being in  the Land Recording District of Vancouver. Containing approximately  nineteen hectares.  Purpose - Oyster and  other Mollusc Culture.  March 8, 1981  Robert R. Miller  John T, Howe  Contractors  1075 sq. ft. 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Applicants must have proven  administrative ability in the long  term field, be a graduate from an  accredited School of Nursing and  should be registered with the  B.C. Registered Nurses' Association or the Registered Psychiatric Nurses Association of B.C.  A diploma in Nursing Unit  Administration or other Health  Administration Course preferred.  Position will be open as of April  1, 1981. Please send complete  resume to: Mr. T. Kampa, Chairman, Coquihalla Community Care  Society, Box 220, Merritt, B.C.  VOK 2BO. #13  PUREBRED LABRADOR PUPPIES OF IMPORTED Champion  British Sire and Dam. Ideal  temperament for field, show, or  pet stock. Registered with CKC,  AKC and EKC. $280.00. Phone  985-9231 #13  WOODSTOVES UNLIMITED has  Western Canada's largest selection of quality wood heaters and  accessories. Two stores - 3715  West 10th Avenue, Vancouver or  2104 Cliffe Avenue, Courtenay,  B.C. #13  ATTENTION FORMER STU-  DENTS OF PRINCETON SENIOR  SECONDARY. 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Phone the publisher,  574-4191 #13  Property  Unique custom-built yellow cedar  home on double lot, mature trees,  village of Gibsons, close to beach,  3 bedrooms, large sundeck,  separate guesthouse with 3 piece  bathroom, log cabin, workshop.  $125,000,886-8480 #13  Two bedroom house, full basemenl, rec./spa room. Forced  air oil heal plus Fisher and  Franklin wood stoves. Approx.  Vi acre, landscaped, magnificent  view. Very private. $87,900.  Phone 886-9851,886-9077      #13  WANTED - WATERFRONT LOT  Secluded, sunny - by couple for  own use. Call John or Maureen  926-6571 #14  Completely landscaped view lot  in Gibsons 50 x 100 approximately  for further information phone  886-7389 #15  Spectacular view from this 2  bedroom Selma Park home.  Under construction, 1300 sq. ft.,  full basement, double garage,  fireplace, still time to choose  interior. Call builder 885-9861  tfn  View Lots Garden Bay '/a acre  southern exposure, near stores  and marina. $38,500 & $28,500.  886-7955,886-9720 #13  SURREY HOME  3 bedroom home on large corner  lot. Lots of room for pool. Two  fireplaces, finished basement.  Beautiful view. Will trade for  house and property on the Sunshine Coast of comparable value.  ($160,000). Phone 5889380    #14  PRIVATE SALE  This well maintained 3 bedroom home fealures  Sundeck, Rock Fire Place and economical Fisher stove  in basement. Large living room, good size bedrooms,  dining room, and eating area in sunny kitchen.  All this on nicely landscaped lot in good family area on  Fircrest. Assumable mortage available. $115,000.  To View, Call 886-7588  ^  3 Bedroom Home  1100 sq. ft. with Carport  $46,900.  Built on your lot,  including Fridge, Stove, Dishwasher  and Light Fixtures  WEKO Construction Ltd.  Box 888,  Sechelt  885-2525 (eves.)  886-2344 (days)  FOR LEASE  Seamount  Industrial Park  1,500 sq. ft., available now.  3,000+ sq. ft. available soon.  caii 886-2311  after 6pm.  More Letters  to the Editor  Joint Use not working  Ed. note: We have received ���  copy of the following letter  addressed to:  The Chairman,  Joint Use of Schools,  Sunshine Coast Regional District,  Sechelt, B.C.  Dear Sir:  I have been on the "Area  A" Joint Use Committee for  three years and did believe in  its original concept in 1976.  I am sorry to say it is not  working in our area. It was a  new and exciting idea which  became loaded down with  bureaucratic paper work and  inflexible rules. And so our  community school stands a-  lone and empty on most nights  and all weekends. I hope you  will permit me to state a  few reasons more clearly and  maybe we can come up with  a few answers.  1). In renting the facility a  three-week request in writing  to Continuing Education is  required. This is too restrictive to many organizations  and people in the area,  especially if it is an emergency  meeting.  2). Janitors - On the weekend  where a sports event of, say,  a fitness program in the gym  (two to two-and-a-half hour  program) is scheduled, a  janitor hired by the school  board with union pay is then  required to put in a full shift  3:30-11 p.m. or 7:30-3:30 p.m.  Most important, local school  board janitors do not wish to  have days off interrupted (for  which I don't blame them) but  it does seem rather ludicrous  to have a person from Gibsons  travel all the way to Pender  Harbour for a two hour  program. In a recent two  weekend workshop, a lecture  room and the pool were  involved in conducting an  Instructor School workshop.  The hours were from 8:30 a.m.  to 10:30 in the evening,  splitting the time between  the lecture room and the pool.  I would like to say this worked  well and produced Red Cross  Swim instructors for Gibsons,  Powell River and our own  area. The instructor of the  course was well pleased to  have both facilities available.  I hope we can utilize the same  situation again. Now the point  I wish to make. If pool personnel were not entrusted  with the keys and told how to  dispose of the fire alarms,  who would have opened the  school? Local janitors were not  B.C. Vuhon  Bianhet Classifieds  2700 ACRES IN ALBERTA,  1600 acres deeded, balance  grazing lease, 1200 acres cleared,  two sets buildings. Can be bought  with machinery. Phone 403-843-  6434 #14  $$$$ $100 weekly can be yours  in your spare time. For details  write Fuller Brush Co., c/o  T.G. Diamond, 5501-47A Ave.,  Delta, B.C. V4K3P2 #13  SINGLE? Excellent computerized  and personalized Dating Service  in your area. Request free information from main office:  Human Contact B4 818-16th  Ave., N.W. Calgary, Alta. T2M  OKI #13  TRANSICOLD FREEZER MO-  DEL 655, Perkins Diesel Power  $2,900.00, Terex 8240 Crawler  Tractor 16'/i foot blade, tilt,  CCU, Canopy $29,000. Also 8230.  Phone (403) 963-7536. Write Box  55, Edmonton, Alberta. T5S 2G9  #13  Opportunities  Opportunity  Knocks  Pets and Plants  Well established and growing, this unique business  offers a full line pet store  combined with tropical  house plants. Excellent  location in the heart of  Sechelt, with room for  expansion. Owners will  train. Serious enquiries  only. After 6 pm.  886-8029  interested in coming up and  opening and closing the  school. To pay janitors from  other areas for two shifts,  would not be good manage-:  ment. '.  3). The washrooms, showers.  and cooking facilities in the  mezzanine which were to have'  been made available during  sports events were only available when the games were  played after 3:30 p.m. Most  of the games were scheduled  earlier in the day. The reason  the janitor was not called in  for the early shift was that a  fitness program was sche-.  duled for 8 p.m. Sunday:  evenings. This of course did  cause friction with soccer'  clubs etc. who would have  paid to use the facility at  12 p.m.  4). The use of equipment such  as badminton and volleyball  nets (not badminton birds)  also basketballs and volley-  balls, should be available to  reliable persons in charge,  who would then be responsible to report excessive  damage or breakage to Continuing Education. Damage  from general use and repairs  should be- expected. Both  school boards and regional  board should be glad to see  the facility used, instead of  a million dollar facility sitting  locked up tight like a giant  warehouse.  I realize school property  must be protected. But at the  same time the Joint Use  agreement states "And  whereas in the common desire  to avoid duplication it is the  intention of the board and the  district to develop facilities  which may be used for educational, recreational and  other community uses and  thus provide a benefit to the  entire community."  As a member of the Facility  Committee which was established for the Pender Harbour  Joint Use Faciljty.my function  is to establish community  priorities and goals for the  Joint Use Facility and resolve  any conflict as to the use of the  Joint Use Facility. This I am  trying to do.  At a meeting ofthe regional  board, February 12th, I heard  Mr. Brian Stelck, Director;  make a remark which to me  was a bright light in the Joint  Use situation, to use the  1 mil collected from Joint Use  funds and support existing;  joint use projects. Before  building further capital expenditures monies collected  from each area should be  given back to each area  to be used for maintenance,  operation and equipment etc.  I see the above four items  which have plagued me for.  some time, could possibly find  a solution.  If a person could be found in  the community to act as  booking agent for the regional  board, who then contacted a  fully qualified janitor and  caretaker to undertake the  responsibilities (at the pleasure of the school board)  for our area. This would  relieve the school board of  booking and availability of the  facility. 1 am sure there are  lots of qualified people who  would be excellent at the job.  The problem of equipment  would be solved; teachers I  must admit do not like community people to use any  equipment. I say this from  first hand knowledge, being  the fitness programmer for  three years. The community  could then purchase standard  equipment - such as nets ind  balls.  I realize I can only speak  with knowledge of my ow(i  area, but would like to put  forth a strong voice towards  the support by 1 mil from tht  Joint Use funds, for the  maintaining and operation of  Joint Use facilities. ;  In no way am I criticising  Continuing Education or  school board janitors etc. most  of whom have bent over backwards to accommodate. The  rules and restrictions they  have to live with do not make  for good community relations.  Let's hope this can change.  Yours truly,  Robi Peters Coast News, March 31, 1981  19  Sunshine Coast  Business Directory  I ELECTRICAL I  HEATING  Tom Flieger   Phone 886-7868  LECTRICAL  ONTRACTING  Box 214. Gibsons, B.C.  VON 1VO  It's Holland Electric Ltd.  Bill Achterberg  886-9232  R. & J. SERVICES LTD.  JAY CEE AIR CONDITIONING  a REFRIGERATION LIMITED  Heat Pumps ��� Central Air Conditioning  Salt* ti Sanricf  Corner ot Dolphin & Wharf. Sechelt 886-2689  ICG CANADIAN PROPANE  LTD.  Hwy. 101 Sechell between SI. 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Much  of their hunting is done at  dusk and early evening  which is also when they are  most often seen. Whereas  birds catch bugs in their  bills, Bats use a different  method. They scoop their prey  into the flight membrane  (wing) which they fold temporarily into a pouch, then  they seize the bugs with their  teeth. The insect food of  Bats is captured while in  flight so this unusual method  of capturing their prey accounts for their typical erratic  flight. Not all Bats eat bugs,  some feed solely on fruit and  some eat both.  Bats  are true  mammals,  giving birth to live young  I MISC. SERVICES!  A Bella's 8cf>8sa  Pplaliag ft ��rg  ustom   T-Shtrii A  Sportswear  /Iny-l   Dtcali:  Clear <��� Coloured  Real Ettate   Slgni i. Standi  Magnetic   Slgni:    Poiteri  Wood t Plexlglon    Slgni  Phone   886-9169  for   C-S.P.  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It has been  noted that a colony of female  Bats will all give birth  within a few hours of each  other, possibly because they  -woke each other up from  hibernation at the same time,  thus triggering conception all  at the same time. The young  can fly at about four or five  weeks and they are mature by  fall.  Bats are the only mammals  to have mastered true flight  and they have been flying for  thousands of years. Fossils  have been found of bats that  indicate they have not changed through time. Their unique- flying ability plus their,  use of sonar sets them apart  from other mammals. The.'  best part is they use these  features in a good way by  eating thousands upon thousands of insects. So the next  time you see a Flittermouse  don't cringe, instead be thank-  ful he is out there doing a  better job than a can of Raid'  could do any day.  This column is to share;  Nature Lore, so if you have;  information to share or questions you would like answered,'  please write or call 886-8029.  I RESTAURANTS  Chinese 4 Western Food Licensed Premises  Tuesday to Sunday  Lunch: 11:30 - 3 pm Dinner: 4:30 - 9 pm  Sat. a Sun. Lunch: 12 noon - 9 pm       '  Lower Gibsons 886-92! 9    Take Qui Ava'labie  I CONTRACTING I  ROLAND'S HOME IMPROVEMENTS"  * Built-in Vacuum Systems ��� Continuous Aluminum Gutters  ��� See our Solar Systems     ��� Aluminum Soflits and Fasciae  R.R. #1, Ntstman Rd.  885-3562 Sechelt, B.C.    J  KRAMAK CONSTRUCTION CO. 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At the Monday meeting  James pointed out that the  three options considered by  council, Stewart Road, Gil-  mour Road and Payne Road  arc all theoretically viable if  only one connection to the bypass were to be constructed.  James pointed out that Stewart Road is not an appropriate  termination for the by-pass,  since it duplicates an existing  access and does not bypass Gibsons.  James also noted that the  Sunnycrest / Gilmour route  would be of little value in the  long term, because the purpose of the by-pass is "to  move through traffic around  congested streets" and this  route would feed traffic directly into the community.  The Ministry. James said,  recognizes that Gibsons requires more than one connection to the by-pass, but  recommends that such connectors, when serving a  potential urban area, should  be spaced at least two kilo:  metres apart. If the Sunnycrest / Gilmour route were to  be connected, then the Stewart and Payne Road routes  would both be eliminated,  since each is too close to Gilmour.  As a result, the Ministry  recommends that two connections at an appropriate  spacing would be made; the  Stewart / North Road route  and the Payne / Pratt Road  route. The Sunnycrest / Gilmour route will underpass the  proposed new upper highway  but will not be directly linked  to it.  Transportation Engineer Richard James told Gibsons  council that work on the bypass could begin within two  years, but said he "couldn't  promise anything". Still Mayor Goddard remains optimistic.  "I'm not sorry we raised  a fuss," she told directors at  Thursday night's regional  board meeting, "Because we  kept yelling, we may get  some action on the by-pass at  last."  Riparian rights  Continued from page one.  property or properties. Sorken said that, as he understands the  situation, the municipality would therefore be required to obtain  the written consent of every single property owner affected.  Sorken pointed out that since riparian rights are common law  rights, decisions arc made in such cases on the basis of precedent,  previous legal decisions, rather than on the basis of specific  legislation. Sorken said that no case has ever established "just  exactly how far out" the influence of riparian rights extends, but  that it is generally judged to extend farther out in shallow water,  like ihe tidal flats in Gibsons harbour, because the riparian owner  is entitled to "access to deep water".  In anticipation of one point likely to be raised by the waterfront  property owners, the Marina Committee recommended that  council obtain a written opinion from a qualified B.C. appraiser  as to the effect, if any, the signing away of riparian rights,  balanced by the impact of the new marina, would have on  property values.  The question of the "value" of riparian rights, however, is as  murky and debatable as the legal question itself. Local appraiser  Peter Aelbers told the Coast News that the presence orabsence of  riparian rights does not, in itself, raise or lower the value of  waterfront property.  "The signing away of riparian rights simply gives you less  control of the situation; you have no say about what kind of  development will occur in front of your property. It might be  something that adds to the value of your property, or it might not.  The value of riparian rights is in the eye of the beholder," Aelbers  said.  Aelbers' opinion was seconded by North Vancouver Land  Consultant Fred Cunningham, a 21-year veteran of the Lands  Branch who retired as Assistant Director of Lands 13 years ago to  go into business as an independent consultant. Cunningham is a  recognized expert in the field of riparian rights.  "Riparian rights don't necessarily have value in themselves,"  Cunningham said, "They're variable and they vary with each  property. Obviously riparian rights on a bluff aren't worth very  much."  Cunningham pointed out that while riparian rights need not  necessarily be signed away in perpetuity, it would be impractical  for a major development to have to obtain renewed consent on a  five or ten year schedule.  Cunningham stated that though the value of riparian rights  may be difficult to assess, they are almost always exchanged for a  monetary consideration.  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Lid.,  Publl.her. ol Ihe Sunihlne Coa.l Newt  Boi 460 (604)  Glbtont, B.C: 686-2622  VON 1V0 866-7817  MANAGER/  ADVERTISING PRODUCTION  Bradley J Benson Nancy Conway  CIRCULATION COPVSETTING  Michael Nonnshi Lise Sheridan  ACCOUNTS  M M Joe  DISTRIBUTION: Distributed on the Sunshine Coast from  Port  Mellon  to Egmont. Copies are available at all  Sunshine Coast Realty offices and on major ferries  running between Horseshoe Bay and Langdale.  CIRCULATION: 8.000 - 10.000  ADVERTISING: Only real estate related advertising will be  accepted.  SUBSCRIPTION INFORMATION  3 months $10.00  6 months $18.00  12 months $30.00  U.S. & Foreign $35.00 per year  SUBSCRIPTION FORM  Name.  Address.  City    Prov. (State)    Postal Code  ��� 3 mos.       D 6 mos.    D12 mos.  PENDER HARBOUR  REALTY LTD.  Highway 101 at Francis Peninsula Rd.  883-2794  New Low Rates On  HOUSE INSURANCE  LOTS ��� LOTS ��� LOTS  We have three side by side lots for sale. All  three are on a paved road, have water and  power and only steps from government  dock and launching ramp.  LOT C: .75 acre is a corner lot and has  potential  view of water.  F.P.  $40,000.  LOT B: .5 acre has a pleasant view of  mountains  and  a small livable  cabin. F.P. $35,000.  LOT A: .5 acre has an unfinished cabin and  a possible view of the water. F.P.  $35,000.  The foregoing properties, all in the Egmont  area are well worth investigating.  KLEINDALE: Very attractive 2 acre lot on blacktop road.  Full price $32,000 with terms.  John Breen  883-9978  Jock Hermon  883-2745  REALTY LTD  FREE  CATALOGUE  [A.E.UPAGE  Coast to Coast  Real Estate Service  Madeira Park  P.O. Box 98  VON 2H0  883-9525  Vancouver Toll Free  684-8016  HOMES  Road. Features include modern kitchen with Jenn-Air and all appliances, 2 lireplaces, 3  bedrooms upstairs, \xk baths, living room, dining room, and large sundeck with carport.  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Approx. 175 feet of westerly-facing waterfront. Boat access only. F.P. $9,500. Call Bob 883-  9525 or 883-3531.  BUSINESS OPPORTUNITIES  PENDER HARBOUR: Boatworks with waterfront and 1800 sq. ft. contemporary home  situated on 2(4 acres at the head ol Pender Harbour. This is an excellent business  opportunity along with a lovely home for the right individual, For more information call Bill  Hunsche 883-9525 or 883-2637.  PENDER HARBOUR ON HWY 101: Plant and Garden Shop in the 101 Plaza in Madeira  Park. Going into its second year of business, it shows excellent potential. This is an ideal  opportunity. The business is being sold for a reasonable price which includes fixtures and  inventories. For more information call Bill Hunsche 883-2637 or 883-9525.  LOTS AND ACREAGE  **&***<>  v- mtffSanh.  LOTS AND ACREAGE: Lot 30 on Lee Bay Road in Irvines Landing. 1.85 acres of fantastic  view property in new subdivision priced at $82,500. To view call Bill Hunsche 883-9525 or  B83-2637.  Lot 29 on Lee Bay Road in Irvines Landing. 1.6 acres of fantastic view property in new  subdivision. $79,900. Call Bob Beaupre at 883-9525 or 885-3531.   Good building lot on Wesjac Road. Close to all amenities. Listed at $26,500. To view call Bill  Hunsche 883-9525 or 883-2637.  LOT IN WELCOME WOODS: 100' x 175' Hat selectively cleared and beautiful trees. All  services at lot line. F.P. $43,000. Call Bob Beaupre 885-3531.  Bill Bob Bob  Hunsche Bull      Beaupre  883-2637     885-2503 885-3531  Stan  Anderson |  885-2385 Sunshine Coast Realtor, March 27, 1981  iderson  REALTY LTD  Sechelt      8853211  Vancouvtr Toll Frt��  P.O. Box 1219      684-8016  FREE  CATALOGUE  HOMES  (HflZaj  Coast to Coast  Real Estate Service  WATERFRONT  WEST SECHELT ��� UNDER CONSTRUCTION: Drive by  Mills Road to view this quality home presently under  construction. This home is loaded! 3 bedrooms with shower in  ensuite, Jacuzzi and bidet, 3 piece bathroom, skylight and games  room upstairs. Large kitchen with built-in range anc  dishwasher, jennaire and laundry room. Family room with air  tight. Sunken living room with fireplace and bay window  Double garage and brick Barb-que. For floor plan and viewinj  contact Bob Bull 885 2503 or Frank Ingham 885-5336.  SECHELT VILLAGE: 3 bedroom home presently under  :onstruction within walking distance of town. Large deck,  masonry fireplace, bay window and roughed in basement. A  Fjord design and construction insures the best of quality. F.P.  $98,900.   DAVIS BAY ��� WHITTAKER ROAD: Enjoy fantastic sunsets  and walks on the beach from this lovely home in a quiet  residential area. This 2 bedroom home is situated on a % acre of  landscapped property and has a park almost in the back yard.  Fridge, stove, washer & dryer included. $125,000 firm. Call  Frank Ingham at 885-5336 for an appointment to view.  SECHELT VILLAGE - REVENUE PLUS: Two storey home  with self contained suite on the lowe^MvLI 175+ square feet of 3  bedrooms, ensuite, firepla^MlundV rAm on the upper level.  Downstairs are 1 firu^dPe<Alj|^ifcplace, large kitchen and  an unfinished bednl^Wto^cellent buy at $84,000. Phone  Bob Bull 885-2503 omank Ingham 885-5336.  DAVIS BAY - VIEW NEW HOME: 1200 sq. ft, main floor with  finished ground level. 2l2 sets of plumbing, sundeck, 4  bedrooms, large living room and a beautiful view of Georgia  Strait. Lot is 72 x 126 with a very large frontyard. A very good  area. F.P. $145,000. Call Slan.  WEST SECHELT: A home at the right price. Single wide, 1  bedroom mobile home on a nice quiet lot in the Mason Road  area. F.P. $43,500. Call Bob Beaupre.  ROBERTS CREEK ACREAGE: 2 bedroom home with  attached garage on 216 'eve' acres, partly cleared. On regional  water, hydro & phone. Full price $95,000. For appointment call  Don.  NEW VIEW HOME*- DAVIS BAY: 1200 sq. ft. main  bedrooms plus ensuite and a fully finished ground floor with a  4th bedroom. The lot has to be one of the best view lots in the  area. Lower floor also has full plumbing. Excellent value at  $149,900, Call Stan.   T SECHELT - NORVAN CUL-DE-SAC: l.year new  home in quiet residential area. Approximately 1320'on the main  floor with large rec. room and pool room. Large landscaped lol  it at $129.000. Call Bob Bull 885-2503.  IOOFFS: New, quality built, 2 bedroom rancher.  Features include 2 bathrooms, rock fireplace, large sundeck,  and double pane windows. This attractive home is situated ona  113 x 170 selectively cleared lot. Still time to choose your  carpets! Offered at $115,000. Call Vadim for details.  SECHELT VILLAGE: One of the better buys. Much less than  others of this square footage. 60 x 120 lot, rural atmosphere. 3  bedrooms, large living room and full basement. F.P. $82,900.  Call Stan.  LOTS  TUWANEK - RECREATIONAL AREA: 80' x 150', small  stream, hydro, phone and water at road. Close to boat launch.  F.P. $26,500. Call Don.  SANDY HOOK - KLAHANIE DRIVE: One of the choicest  view lots in the area. Southwesterly view and easy building off a  a paved road. Grab this one quick. Asking $35,000. Phone  Frank for details.  VILLAGE OF SECbf !J^a|Bi Ajafcd village lot in area of  new homes. View oCioyit��l Ralg#road and .ill services.  Owner has septic ap35r?"��ilrBob Bull 885-2503. $22,000.  DAVIS BAY ��� VIEW U8**el$"Yy cleared, level lot.  Westerly view. *ii lCwlltlrpgfVro "I at $55,000. For  details call Vadim.    *w/^"^  WEST SECHELT - NEW SUBDIVISION: Excellent level  building lot located at end of quiet cul-de-sac. Exclusive area of  new  homes.   Fully  serviced.   Frank  Ingham  has all  the  information.  FOR SALE: 2 lovely !s acre lots side by side in Redrooffs Ranch  subdivision. They are level and have been selectively cleared.  The place to build your dream home. Price $45,000 each. Call  Gordie 885 9986.  Gordon  Hall  885-9986  Vadim  Kobasew  885-3156  Doug  Joyce  885-2761  GIBSONS ��� 1338 BAY ROAD: This cozy 2 bedroom home is  located in the heart of the harbour development area. Sandy  beach out front of your door and easy walking to all services.  The home has recently been reinsulated and thermo windows  installed. A separate guest cottage also on the property. Open  to offers with future development in mind. Contact Frank  Ingham at 885-5336 ��� Vancouver Toll Free 684-8016. MLS,  WATERFRONT WITH YOUR OWN DOCK: This quality  home has 1750 jq. ft. finished on main fbor, 1700 finished on  ower level and large sauna, shower in basement, sundecks and  ���rivacy are a main feature of this home and is a real buy at  #39,000, Call Bob.  WATERFRONT: 2 homes are permitted on this south sloping  1.47 acres of waterfront. Lfl��<#d Jflkpular Redrooffs Road  with water, hydro, \g9fn���nMMvejp^lready in. 100 feet of  waleriront and iraximBwytplTOe insure this property will sell  quickly at $94,000. Call Bob Beaupre 885-3531.  NT BEACH FRONT: Moor yout  boat our front and let the kids play on the sandy beach. Thi<  cozy cottage features rock fireplace, shake roof and incredible  view from the front deck. Call Bob Bull and arrange for  viewing 885-3211 or 885-2503. Reduced to $149,000.  WATERFRONT CABIN: This cabin is on provincial lease at  $320 per year. Quiet retreat. Swim and fish in fresh water off |  your float. Road access. Only $39,000. Call Don.  SECRET COVE - LUXURY TOWNHOUSES: Located on |  a naturally wooded hillside overlooking beautiful Secret Cove.  Featuring 1600 sq. ft. of multi-level living area, 3 bedrooms, living  room with fireplace, 6 appliances, large sundecks, plus each  home is freestanding and offers a breathtaking view. Each  owner also has the option of up to 40 ft. of moorage at the  marina below. To view call Vadim at 885-3211 or home 885-3156.  SANDY HOOK: This is the view from one of the best built  homes on the Sunshine Coast. 1/3 acre treed lot, 3 level home  with 3 bedrooms, large sunken living room and lots of deck  space. Exterior is cedar siding and roof is shake. 1400+ square  fppt. F.P. $119,500. Call Stan Anderson.  WATERFRONT HOME: Leave your wife in the garden while  you fish in peace and content in front of this 3 bedroom  waterfront home with sundeck on both sides and full basement,  jarden and fruit trees. Full price $160,000. By appointmer  only. Call Don 885-9504.  EARLS COVE WATERFRONT LOT: Level building site,  partly .in garden. Approximate size 80' x 250'. Excellent well,  hydro and phone at road. Great view, easy path to water. Full  price $90,000. Call Don 885-9504.  COMMERCIAL  SECHELT - EXCELLENT OPPORTUNITY: Drive in  business located in high traffic area. Excellent return and 2380  sq. ft. building. Call Gordie 885-9986.  COMMERCIAL CORNER: 18,000 sq. ft. of commercial land  suitable for a mini supermarket or combination country  produce market located in a well settled area. Busy crossroad  area adjacent to an expanding school and no competition. On  site living quarters permitted. F.P. $129,000. Call Stan  Anderson 885-2385, 885-3211.  -'j ACRE COMMERCIAL: Home^awhe site, 3 bay garage  with hydraulic hoist plus optljf >n*IWV booth. Small store. 1  excellent access. L"��j^^I*��Mer Harbour Road. F.P  $129000. Call Stan ��Wwior details.  Frank  Ingham  885-5336  Don  Hadden  885-95041 ���'SdnsKnre-'Coast' fteaftaf;' Mirih'H; l'98t '���  JAM  MMm  ITTEN  REALTY LTD.  Conveniently located in Sechelt's Trail Bay Shopping Centre  Open to 9:Q0 Fri. Night  WATERFRONT  HALFMOON BAY $275,000  This old house is facinating! It is located on a quiet cove with approximately 250' of sheltered  waterfront enhanced by great moss-covered rocks and arbutus trees. The main floor with  approximately 1,512 sq. ft. has an open-fired living room, library, bedroom, bathroom and sunny  family sized kitchen. The use of handcrafted cedar panelling and oak floors is reminiscent of days  gone by. The approximate 630 sq. ft. second floor has an enormous master bedroom and room for  more. The whole house is loaded with storage space. There is a huge 10' high basement housing  laundry, workshop etc. If you have imagination and flair and love the unsual, don't miss seeing this  old home with Corry Ross by appointment only 885-9250. #549  SECRET COVE WATERFRONT $159,000  Located next to the Royal Vancouver Yacht  Club. This property has a 56' x 12' mobile home  on a permanent foundation and a large  sundeck. The moorage facilities, complimenting  the 120 feet of waterfront, are in excellent  condition. The property is fully serviced and  could legally accommodate two dwellings. For  more information call Klaus Roepke at 885-  2314 or Henry Hall at 885-2520. #513  GOWER PONT ROAD $136,000  200 feet of waterfront. Two 100 x 217 foot lots  on Swallow Road, Gower Point - one lot with  charming old home - creek on property - good  beach access - expansive vista - landscaped and  all with subdivision potential. Don or Rene  Sutherland 885-9362. #574  TUWANEK $208,000  Crown Jewel ��� Level Waterfront 106 feet of  sheltered waterfront at beautiful Tuwanek.  Tastefully decorated home. Guest cabin, dock  and float, small stream, fully landscaped. A  superb view from this sunny lot. Call Don or  Rene Sutherland for details at 885-9362. #567  SELMA PARK  One bedroom house on low bank waterfront  located behind sheltering breakwater. This  house is ideal for summer occupation or as a  starter home for the newlyweds. Lease on land  has years to run. Please call Don Lock at 885-  3730 for appointment to view. #542  GOWER POINT $136,000  This older two bedroom full basement home is  set in a park-like lot. Nicely landscaped, needs  stairs for access to the lovely beach. Call Rene  or Don Sutherland for details at 885-9362.#534  ACREAGE  REDROOFFS ROAD  Almost 5 treed acres in popular Redrooffs Road  area. Good southerly exposure within walking  distance to Sargeants Bay. Water and Hydro at  road. Call Brent Strad 8839382 for details.  ��580  ROBERTS CREEK $46,000  Approximately 100 feet of highway frontage and  a little over a half acre. Nicely treed and with a  slight westerly slope. It is located just west of the  Masonic Hall. Contact Syd or Frances Heal at  8855693. #573  ROBERTS CREEK ��^N $75,000  Large very priy^lte^K2.75BcjJs in Roberts  Creek. HaifltyMo al ���atgfJKr all details call  Bryce Lcis$Sj\^M'Jr ��558  Egmont - 6.0 acres with 380 feet of waterfront  and older home. Excellent holding property lor  only $139,900. For viewing call Klaus Roepke at  885 2314 or Henry Hall at 885-2520.        #541  KLEINDALE $82,000  One bedroom basement home with fireplace on  3.2 treed acres. Excellent garden site. Sunny  exposure and mountain view. Small guest cabin  included. Call Bronia to view this very appealing  property at 885-9033. #518  LIFESTYLE $396,000  For the price of a west side house on this 40  acres of level treed land. Home, barn, partly  fenced and cleared. Don & Rene Sutherland  8859362. #503  DAVIS BAY $350,000  Three plus acres of view land located in Davis  Bay. This property holds future subdivision  potential. Excellent home with some view. Call  Don or Rene Sutherland for details at 885-9362..  -_ #568  HALFMOON BAY - \\ $94,900  Halfmoon Bav /*!���** - \wd acres ln  Halfmoon ^lfcn��V'*^cre1ots. Good  holding prSeaJ^erview call Bryce Leigh at  886-8229. *538  HOMES  DAVIS BAY $159,900  View home - Contemporary large family home  in popular Davis Bay. Three bedrooms,  elevated living room, dining room, lamily room  and large kitchen with all modern appliances.  This home has three sundecks and a full  basemenl. For viewing call Henry Hall at 885-  2520 or Klaus Roepke at 885-2314. #521  VIEW! VIEW! VIEW!  PENDER HARBOUR $139,900  This chalet type, new construction just needs  your own personal touch to make this home  warm and inviting. 3 large bedrooms, 2yj baths,  spacious living room wit h fireplace, All this and a  panoramic view of Pender Harbour. Call Gayle  Adams 883 9364 for details. "478  HOMES  WEsVsECHELT       " $109,500  Must be sold ��� Six months old home situated in  exclusive Sechelt West Subdivision. 1340 sq. ft.  plus full basement with roughed m plumbing.  Three large bedrooms, master ensuite double  garage. Assumable mortgage at 13%. Call Emilie  Henderson at 885-5225. #517  SELMA PARK $149,900  Brand new three bedroom home. Owner has  just begun construction. This home features  three bedrooms and bath on top level, Kitchen,  family room and living room on main level. Plus  large unfinished basement. Now is the time to  look at the plans and choose your cabinets,  carpets etc. The ocean is superb. Good  neighbourhood. Call Terry Brackett 885-9865.  #526  DOWNTOWN SECHELT  Warm, comfortable, low-cost living in a two  bedroom plus basement Bungalow. While you  hold this Prime Commercial Land as an  investment. Won't last long. For details call  Klaus at 885-2314 or Henry at 885-2520. #530  WELCOME WOODS CHARMER  Three bedroom rancher on large lot, southern  exposure, over 800 feet of patk), professional  landscaping for those extras. Only $95,000. For  further details call'Gayle Adams at 883-9364.  #544  WEST SECHELT $260,000  Split level contemporary home. The ocean view  is outstanding overlooking Trail and Vancouver  Islands. Three levels with two and a half baths,  solarium, rec. room and heatilator fireplace.  Outside there is a bird aviary and 24 foot  circular pool. The property has been meticulously landscaped. Very private setting on  almost one acre lot. Call Terry Brackett at 885-  9865 or Don & Rene Sutherland at 885-9362.  #563  DAVIS BAY $155,000  A view and privacy - This owner-builder has  created a superbly built 2,000 sq. ft. home on  one level. Three bedrooms, two bathrooms,  large living room, den/family room, both with  fireplaces. Well designed kitchen with adjoining  separate dining room. Separate laundry. Large  landscaped lot where the Dogwoods grow. A  useful feature for retirees - no stairs to cope  with. Don't miss this delightful home. Call now  for appointment with Syd or Frances Heal al  885-5693. 8546  DUNHAM ROAD $52,900  Two bedrooms and 1,080 sq. ft, on a 70' x 173'  lot all add up to opportunity for a lucky buyer.  This is a substantial older home, sonic  remodelling and decorating could work  wonders - and look at Ihe price!! To view call  Syd or Frances Heal at 885 5225 (temp, phone).  #547  SECHELT VILLAGE $99,0  This home looks out to Sechelt Inlet. Features a  very exciting and pleasing layout. Master  bedroom features a view and sundeck. The'full  basement is near completion with lots of room  for the growing family. Call Don or Rene  Sutherland at 885-9865. #550  $225,000  Beautiful view home located in sunny Selma  Park. This home features sunken family room  and living room, three and a half baths, parquet  flooring and large stone fireplace. This home  consists of a total of almost four thousand  square feet on three levels. Upstairs there are  four spacious bedrooms with ensuite off master.  Also large sunken tub. The basement has two  more bedrooms and plenty of room to develop  to suit ones needs. Must Be Seen! Call Terry  Brackett at 885-9865. #507  PENDER HARBOUR $129,000  Three bedrooms (possibly four) with one  ensuite, living room with rock fireplace, kitchen,  dining room on upper floor. Rec. room with wet  bar and fireplace, storage, utility, workshop etc.  on lower floor. Double carport with covered  deck over and wrap-around sundecks.  Beautifully landscaped with rock wall, shrubs  and, lawn. Back in natural state. Call Don Lock  at 885-3730 (or appointment to view. #543  PENDER HARBOUR $145,000  Are you looking for privacy? An unbeatable  view? Quiet surroundings? This fine home  offers all this and more. Look at the features, a  sunken living room, sunken tub, hand painted  murals, vaulted ceilings, ensuite off master  bedroom. Three levels of gracious living plus  large patio atop for viewing the harbour. The  ultimate in fine living. Call Terry Brackett for all  details on this fine home at 885-9865.      #389  ST SECHELT $1497500  The Rain in Spain can't possibly fall on this  spacious West Sechelt Hacienda. Three  bedrooms, sunken living room with feature.  Heatilator fireplace, separate dining room, a  kitchen to delight the most discriminating  Senora, plus large sunken rec. room with  second heatilator fireplace, fourth bedroom  "den" office, plumbing in for second kitchen and  large finished utility (could be divided to create  5th bedroom providing a large separate second  home for inlaws at only $74,750 each. All on  landscaped lot. Large double carport plus loads  of parking. To view please call Syd or Frances  Heal at 885-5693. Gracias! #349  Ihrdeutschsprechendergrundstuecksmaklerin Sechelt ist Klaus Roepke - privat tel 885-2314.  Free  Catalogue  Call or  Drop in for  your copy  Sechelt  885-3295  Vancouver Toll Free  681-7931  Member Sunshine Coast Real Estate Association  Ray  Bernie  Sales Mgr.  Henry  Hall  885-2520  Dal  Grauer  885-3808  Gayle  Adams  883-9364  Terry  Brackett  885-9865  Suzanne  Dunkerton  886-8317  Syd & Frances  Heal  885-5633  Bryce Peter  Leigh      Davidson  886-8229    886-8400  6 other offices  lo serve you  POWELL RIVER  WEST VANCOUVER  NORTH VANCOUVER  VANC/BURNABY  SURREY  LANGLEY Sunshine Coast Realtor, March 27, 1981  AAM  MM*    i  ITTEN  REALTY LTD.  Conveniently located in Sechelt's Trail Bay Shopping Centre  Open to 9:00 Fri. Night  HOMES  SECHELT VILLAGE $87,500  Immaculate three bedroom home located in the  village. Short level walk to schools and shops.  Shake roof, separate dining room, rear patio  and many nice features. Call Rene at 885-9362  or Terry at 885 9865 to view this fine home.  #548  SECHELT VILLAGE $89,000  Corner lot - view ��� Charming family home -  underground wiring - landscaped. Value buy.  Don or Rene Sutherland 885-9362. #579  WEST SECHELT  This charming ranch stylt  completed. Features  and walk in closet,  vaulted c��'il  utility area  Three skyligl  $85,900  home_is almost  nbing  room.  Also  dining room.  starter home.  Must be seen! Call today. Terry Brackett at 885  9865.  t*533  BUSINESS  OPPORTUNITIES  ATTENTION  WOODWORKERS $225,000  Don't bother to call unless you aim to be a  millionaire. This business includes a modem  concrete block building with heavy duly power,  olfice area, a (ull inventory of woodworking  machinery and an established product line  capable ol extension or expansion into other  woodworking lines. There are many angles to  this business including some excellent  assumable finance. To us they all look good so  get together right away with Syd or Frances  Heal at 885-5693 and let's have a heart to heart  discussion. "516  POOL HALL  Ideal owner operator business opportunity.  This business includes six slate tables, nineteen  electric andpinball machines, plus various other  items of stock. Lots ol potential with plenty ol  room to expand. Terry Brackett has all details  on lease and financial statement. 885-9865.  #540  COMMERCIAL  PROPERTY  LOCATION! LOCATION! LOCATION!  consolidate this CI property with adjoining lots  and create the best commercial corner in  Sechell. The comfortable reconditioned twu  bedroom basement home is a bonus which  provides good income during holding period.  Call Henry Hall at 885-5711 or Klaus Roepke at  885-2314. ��530  SECHELT  Sechelt - Light industrial Just listed MLS. 2400  sq. ft. concrete block building, Presently leased  on both sides. Also other lease. Showing very  good return. Terry Brackett has all details. 885  9865.  SECHELT COMMERCIAL  Sechelt Commercial - Jusl listed MLS. Large  commercial building located on two lots, Ideal  holding situation. Owner will consider carrying  i large down payment. Call fur all details c  WEST SECHELT $146,500  Unobstructed view - Fussy buyers should see  this immaculate West Sechelt home. Three  bedrooms, two bathrooms (one with sauna),  family room, step-saving kitchen, a super  workshop. Large area on ground level could be  further developed. The owners are perfectionists and an inspection of their home will prove  this. Beautiful garden with fenced play area for  children and a large vegetable garden. Loads of  parking for rec. vehicle or boat. This is an easy  care home that the new owner will have lots of  time to enjoy the area's recreational facilities.  Call Syd or Frances Heal at 885-5693.     #531  TUWANEK $110,000  Remodelled view home on Lamb's Bay. This  charming home features sheltered water, open  plan living area, large master bedroom and view.  Call Don or Rene Sutherland at 885-9362.  #539  GRANTHAMS LANDING  VIEW HOME $74,500  Good starter or retirement home or perhaps  summer cottage with excellent view, close to  beach, ferry and Gibsons. For more information  please call Bryce Leigh at 886-8229.  JUST LISTED -  WONT LAST $69,500  Immaculate 2 bedroom Bendix mobile on nicely  landscaped large level lot. Patio, vegetable  garden. Located on Marlene Road. For details  call Don or Rene Sutherland 885-9362.   #578  window  Call Terry'  ROBERTS CREEK $75,000  Chalet style house in desirable Roberts Creek.  Two bedrooms, one upstairs in the loft and one  down. Cosy living room with an acorn fireplace.  Lot is landscaped and provides a fair amount of  privacy. Just minutes to the beach and close to  the schools. Call Suzanne at 886-8317.   #537  $146,500  Unobstructed View - Fussy buyers should see  this immaculate West Sechelt home. Three  bedrooms, two bathrooms (one with sauna)  family room, step-saving kitchen, a super  workshop, large area on ground level could be  further developed. The owners are perfectionists and an inspection of their home will prove  this. Beautiful garden with fenced-in play area  for children and a large vegetable garden, loads  of parking for recreational vehicle or boat. This  is such an easy care home that the new owners  will have lots of time to enjoy the area's  recreational facilities, To view please call Syd or  HOMES  SUPER Vi��W,  SANDY HOOK $125,000  Quality is prominent through this architect  designed home. Excellent use of skylights and  decking give a contemporary touch. Spiral  staircase to loft and master suite with its own  dressing room, 5 pee bathroom and sundeck.  Many extras include sunken conversation pit in  ceramic tile, vaulted ceilings expertly crafted in  yellow cedar, large sauna and shower. See this  beautiful 2500 sq. ft, home by appointment only  with Emilie Henderson at 885-5225. #494  CAROLE PLACE ��� GIBSONS  This 3 bedroom cedar rancher is in the process  of being built. It is situated on a quiet cul-de-sac  in an area of new homes and is close to schools  and shopping. Some of the features include 2x6  construction, above standard insulation,  fireplace, skylight etc. etc. For more details  please call Bronia Robins at 885-9033. $89,500.  #552  WILSON CREEK $119,500  Split level view home in sunny Wilson Creek.  Three bedrooms with ensuite off master, large  living room and dining room. Large sundeck  plus part basement for further expansion. Fully  fenced lot and enclosed garage. A great family  home. Call Terry 885-9865 or Don or Rene  Sutherland 885-9362. #577  CEDAR RANCHER  Well built, tastefully designed home of over 1500  sq. ft. in a rural setting. Close to school,  shopping and beach in Roberts Creek. Many  interesting features in this newly constructed  home. Assumable mortgage. For more details  call Don or Rene Sutherland at 885-9362 or  Bronia Robins 885-9033. #524  DAVIS BAY $149,900  If a view is what you are looking for, look no  further. Absolute Panoramic view from this  immaculate three bedroom home. Added  features are a finished rec. room with four and a  half by nine foot Pool table, two fireplaces, wet  bar, plus potential for in-law suite in basement.  At the back there is a 16' x 32' pool. The lot is  fully landscaped. Great neighbourhood. Call  Terry Brackett at 885-9865 for more information. ��520  POPLAR LANE $95,000  This 1285 sq. ft. home in Gibsons Village is  under construction and shaping up to be a  beauty. Three bedrooms, double glaze windows  cement patios, cedar siding and soffits,  heatilator fireplace, heated storage room with  entrance off carport, and paved driveway make  this an attractive buy. Make an offer and start  choosing your colours. Call Dal Grauer at 885-  3808. #564  LOTS-  SEAMOUNT INDUSTRIAL  PARK $38,000 each  Two side by side 52'5 light industrial lots, nicely  located close by but not on the highway. This  would be a great site for some rental  warehousing. Call Syd or Frances Heal at 885-  5693 ITemporary Phonel. #555  TILLICUM BAV $34,900  Only 350 yards to Tillicum Bay Marina. This 50 x  180 foot lot has a 14 foot trailer and two cabins  on the property. A perfect retreat (or only  $34,900. Call Klaus Roepke al 885-2314. #536  PENDER HARBOUR $27,000  Half acre lot overlooking Pender Harbour with  perc. test already approved, some improve-  ment to lot. Private road near shopping centre,  marina, boat launching. Please call Don Lock  8853730 for more details. 0551  IRVINES LANDING $35,000  Privacy and some view on this six tenths of an  acre plus position roughly between Hotel Lake  and Lees Bay make this an attractive buy. Call  Syd or Frances Heal at 8855693. ��553  HALFMOON BAY LOT GARDEN BAY $35,000  \ acre view lot in Halfmoon Bay $45,000. Has a Large size lot, nicely treed, short walking  choice of building sites. Bryce Leigh 886-8229. distance to stores & marina. Call Gayle Adams  #569 883-9364 to view. #576  SHOAL ROAD $29,500  Two nicely treed building lots ready to go and  both perc. tested. Contact Syd or Frances Heal  al 8855693.  SECHELT $35,000  View Lot ��� MLS. Good level building lot close to  Sechell. Call Bronia at 8859033. #565  GIBSONS $38,500  One third acre building lot, level and treed, quiet  dead-end street with services at roadside. Call  Rosemary Young for details at 8868359. #570  WILSON CREEK $31,400  Level building lot off Field Road. Call Dal  Grauer for details at 8853808. #566  lease and building. Terry Bracketl 8859865. Frances Heal. #531                   Ihrdeutschsprechendergrundstuecksmakler in Sechelt ist Klaus Roepke - privat tel. 885-2314.  Free  Catalogue  Call or  Drop in for  your copy  Sechelt  885-3295  Vancouver Toll Free  681-7931  Member Sunshine Coast Real Estate Association  Emilie      Klaus      Bronia      Rene       Corry      Donald       Con       Brent       Eric    Rosemary   Sylvia  Hendersnn  Roepke    Robins Sutherland    Ross    Sutherland    Lock      Strad    JMMM    fount   ]���"���l  885-5225 885-2314 885-9033 885-9362  885-9250 885-9362 885-3730 883-9382 885-9857 886-8359 883-9963  6 other offices  lo serve you  POWELL RIVER  WEST VANCOUVER  NORTH VANCOUVER  VANC/BURNABY  SURREY  LANGLEY Sunshine Coast Realtor, March 27, 1981  A/ & B0X 149��-  && WHARF ROAD  S\V SECHELT, B.C.  ���V VON-3A0  TEnZjrTafil,  PHONE  885-2235  VANCOUVER  689-5838  (Toll Free)  HOMES  CENTURY WEST REAL ESTATE  HOMES  ON THE LEVEL --  WATERFRONT!! No. 671  88 feet of superb waterfront, complete wiih good  beach and summer boating. A neat two bedroom  home with plenty of room for expansion all on a  well landscaped lot. Priced for the wise buyer now  at only $220,000. Larry or Ruth Moore 885-9213.  WEST SECHELT No. 503  Over 2000 sq. ft. of finished home. This beautiful  Lindal cedar home has all the features you could  ask for. Four bedrooms plus 2'? baths, formal  dining room, living room and family room with  connecling brick fireplace. For more information  call Leslie Fitch al 885-9057.  CONTEMPORARY ELEGANCE!    No. 668  An eleganl life style awaits you in this prestigious  West Sechelt view home. The property is  completely landscaped with easy care grounds  and features private garage. Vaulted, beamed  ceilings accent the spacious warm interior,  Quality carpeting and finishing throughout.  Affordable elegance in this 3 bedroom conlem-  porary home priced at $137,900. To view call  Lynn Wilson at 885-5755.  DUNHAM ROAD ��� $54,900 No. 628  Immediate possession in this 1500 sq, ft. older 3  bedroom home on 100 x 173 lot. Large family  kitchen, separate dining room, heatilator  fireplace, 2-pc ensuite. All appliances included.  To view call Eva Carsky at 886-8194 or 886-7126.  AS BRIGHT AS  MORNING SUNSHINE No. 704  1248 sq. ft., 3 bedroom full basement home,  located in West Porpoise Bay, just minutes past  the ice-arena. Some features to mention, besides  the obvious spectacular view, are a Squamish  rock feature wall, ensuite off master bedroom,  wrap around sundeck and double pane windows.  This home must be seen if you're in the market for  a fine home. Asking $125,000. Call George  Longman 8868548 for all the details.  RELAX IN ROBERTS CREEK No. 710  This cosy, 2 bedroom 1152 sq. ft. home in Roberts  Creek is just the place for to relax. Quiet, private,  and at the end of the road. If you are looking for a  tranquil place to hang your hat, take a look at this  home. Workshop is heated and insulated and the  green house produces all kinds of flowers for the  beautifully landscaped garden. Call Bill at 885-  5327 and discuss an offer to $89,900.  WEST SECHELT  WATERFRONT ESTATE No. 722  A long private drive wanders through this 1+ acre  treed waterfront estate. The eye is drawn to  stalely Douglas Fir trees, rock oulcroppings  carpeted in moss, natural "bonsai" Arbutus trees,  and - the ocean beyond! The home is situated for  privacy and view of Trail Islands. Angled picture  windows take maximum advantage of sunny  southerly view and the cosy fireplace highlights  living room. Spacious master bedroom has  spectacular ocean view as has wood panelled den  which features bull-in book shelves. This is an  exceptionally rare waterfront property. Asking  $350,000. For your appointment to view call  George Longman 886 8548.  VIEW WEST SECHELT No. 673  View! View! View! Capture forever the view of the  Trail Islands Irom this immaculate iwo storey  home in West Sechelt. Purchase price includes  stove, dishwasher and living and dining room  drapes. For your personal tour call Leslie Fitch at  885 9057. Only $132,500.  OFFERS MORE THAN  JUST LOCATION No. 688  Spacious living room, dining room with sliding  doors to covered deck. 3 bedrooms, master  bedroom with lull 4 piece ensuite. Large  recreation room with Franklin fireplace, great  place for fun and games. 2 piece bathroom and  extra bedroom downstairs. See this family home  priced at $ 105,000 with Lynn Wilson at 885-5755.  OCEAN VIEW & QUALITY No. 713  Large 3 bedroom basement on just under % acre.  Solid brick fireplace. Visualize breakfast on your  sundeck with total privacy. Modern *U' shaped  kitchen. Large ground level entrance makes  receiving guests a pleasure. Asking $119,500.  Call Chuck Dowman 885-9374.  2 ACRE WATERFRONT  NEW HOME WITH  AN UNSURPASSED VIEW No. 698  Brand new 3 bedroom (master ensuite) featuring  a view that is unsurpassed. Home has lots of  glass, high ceilings, oak cabinets throughout.  Lindal home with 2 Shaw fireplaces. This is a treat  lo see. Asking just $229,500. Call Larry Reardon  at 885-9320.  ENJOY YOUR VIEW AND SAVE  OVER $100 PER MONTH No. 643  When you take possession of this 3 bedroom (ull  basement view home in Gibsons. An existing  mortgage at 10% is jusl one of the money saving  features this home has to offer. $107,000. Call  Lynda 886-7352.  IN THE HEART OF SECHELT No. 631  2 bedroom ��� 750 sq. ft. home with attached  carport. Neat and tidy inside and nicely  landscaped outside. Ideal retirement home. Don't  miss the chance to invest in uptown Sechelt.  Asking price $79,500. For details call George  Longman 886-8548.  NEW! NEW! NEW! "     No. 689  View corner location of Field Road and Gun Club  Road. New Marina being proposed only 1 mile  away. Easy drive to Sechelt. Good space in back  yard for your patio or swimming pool. Double  sealed windows & heatilator fireplace with glass  doors will keep you cozy. $83,500. Chuck  Dowman 885-9374.  HIGHEST & BEST USE? No. 692  Almost % acre of properly, prime for re zoning  located next to new Dental building. Older home  currently rented. $125,000. For further details  call Lynda Hickman 886 7352 or Eva Carsky 886  7126.  18 KARAT QUALITY No. 644  Exciting contemporary home, over 2700 sq. ft. of  living space. Gower Pt. Rd. overlooking the  Straight of Georgia. To mention some features,  tinted skylites, indirect & track lighting, area  controlled electric heating, double pane windows,  sauna and hot tub, plus an attractive assumable  mortgage of $44,000 at 11 %% due October 1982.  Asking price $180,000. For more details call  George Longman 886-8548. Out on MLS  Qualified purchasers only please.  WEEKEND APPOINTMENTS ONLY  SEEING IS BELIEVING!! No. 712  And that is the only way to appreciate all of ihe  features of this gold medallion home. Prestige  home on landscaped hall acre in desirable West  Sechelt. Quality conslruciion and finish  throughout, extra features include sunken tub in  main bathroom, teak kitchen cabinets with  sunlight ceiling in the kitchen, three large  bedrooms, a den/games room specially designed.  A super large workshop, gorgeous fireplace and  much more. You will believe the excellenceof this  home when you have seen it. To view call Larry or  Ruth Moore at 885-9213 for your appointment.  OFFERS MORE THAN  JUST LOCATION No. 700  This West Sechelt winner has an incredible view  from all living areas plus the 20' x 30' covered  sundeck ��� what a place to BBQH Extra large  custom kitchen with plenty of storage and work  area, heatilator fireplace with glass doors and  cedar trim enhances the living room. Three extra  size bedrooms and den, plenty of plumbing and a  large recreation room with airtight heater, double  carport and more. Priced at only $160,000 with a  good assumable $50,000 mortgage. To view call  Larry or Ruth Moore at 8859213.  ITS NOT IMPOSSIBLE! No. 629  To own a 3 bedroom home for less than $55,000  We have over 1300 sq. ft. of living accommodation available in these view strata units. For  appointment to view call Eva 886 7126 or Lynda  886 7352.  THAT'S INCREDIBLE No. 663  This neat two bedroom home in the heart of  Sechelt for only $89,900. Less than one year old  and has a good assumable mortgage. Partially  finished downstairs and ready to carpet. Other  extras include fridge, stove, washer, dryer and  drapes. To view call Larry or Ruth Moore 885-  9213.  WARM & INVITING No. 687  This great family home in West Sechelt is on a  large level lot, mostly fenced and landscaped. A  great place for a family near school and lots of  young people in the neighborhood. Three  bedrooms, den and a cosy lamily room with wood  stove, formal dining and private patio add up to  good family living. Just $119,500 with $49,000  assumable mortgage at only 13%% financing. Call  Larry or Ruth Moore 885 9213.  HALF ACRE WATERFRONT No. 726  Watch the sunsel over the Trail Islands from this  beautiful Lindal Cedar home. Features include  1100 sq. f I. of living area, a generous sundeck and  an incredible view. This lease property is only a  short distance from the amenities of Sechelt. Call  Pat Parker for your appointment to view, then  place your offer on the $72,500 asking price.  CHUCK DOWMAN BOB KENT  885-9374 885-9461  BERT WALKER  885-3746  MEMBER SUNSHINE COAST  "TWO OFFICES TO SERVE YOU"  LARRY MOORE  885-9213  PAT PARKER  885-5615  BILL WALKEY  885-5327  RUTH MOORF  885-9213  LARRY REARDON  885-9320 Sunshine Coast Realtor, March 27, 1981  PHONE  886-8194  VANCOUVER  689-5838  (Toll Free)  Ceniugc.  im  DENTAL CENTRE  GIBSONS  Vi  *>  HOMES  ���CENTURY WEST REAL ESTATE  L ,1A  DAVIS BAY VIEW HOME No. 697  Here's a superb view home of 3 large bedrooms  (ensuite off master) large living room with  panoramic view, dining area, kitchen with nook.  Full basement with self-contained in-law suite  including kitchen. To complete this attractive  package Ihe property is beautifully landscaped  including a green house waiting to grow. More  information or appointment to view call Bert  Walker at 885 3746.  ONE OF THE VERY FEW!! No. 635  Five acre parcels complele with home on the  markel now. Well located near Gibsons. The land  is lovely, near level, cleared and lenced. The  home is live bedroom, plenty of space family  room and separate living room. The outbuildings  plus carport. All this tor only $145,000. Call Ruth  Moore 885-9213.  LOOK OUT TO SEA No. 457  Y< iu'II be surprised what you see from this warm,  3 bedroom, 1100 sq. ft. home in Selma Park. The  lease is set for five years, and the asking price is  only $47,000. Bill Walkey 885 5327.  WATERFRONT EXCELLENCE      No. 693  Located on six-tenths of an acre in prestigious  Caletta Estates, this modern home is truly one of  a kind. Featuring three bedrooms (master  ensuite), den, generously sized living and dining  rooms, ceramic tile floors in foyer, kitchen and  family room the home has over 1800 sq. ft. of  gracious living on one floor. For the energy  conscious we offer wood framed double glazed  windows, an insulating brick finish, heatilator  fireplace and a hot water radiant heating system  in the floor. The home is presently under  construction, buy now while you have the  opportunity for personal input that makes a  house a home. Call Pat Parker at 885-5615or 885-  2235 for an opportunity to view this unique home.  Priced at only $265,000.  WEST SECHELT No. 694  New 1300 sq. ft, rancher located on Bligh Road.  This home features three bedrooms, two  bathrooms and a heatilator fireplace that is open  to the family/dining room and the living room.  The ideal location leaves you only a few minutes  drive Irom shopping and schools and a very short  walk to a secluded beach. The lot is level, one  quarter acre in size and the southern exposure  makes ideal for you gardeners. The home is  offered for $135,000completely finished. Call Pat  Parker for more details 885-5615 or 885-2235.  JUST ARRIVED! No. 724  Gibsons Three bedroom home in a quiet cul-de-  sac, lor children's safety. Shake roof is an added  attraction lo this new home. Only $79,800. Call  Eva or Lynda to view at 8868194.  ACREAGE  ROBERTS CREEK ACREAGE        No. 702  Priced lots lately? Well here's five acres, located In  the Fairway Estates with a drilled well, hydro at  properties edge, roughly K mile to school, store  md beach. Needless to say just steps away  fromlhe Goll course. Asking $89,000. Call  George Longman 886 8548.  PRETTY AS A POSTCARD No. 686  Acres and acres of pastoral charm facing the sun  with a quaint older home and modern second  home offering privacy, a selection of fruit trees all  nestled in an idyllic country setting. Explore the  meandering creek (lowing through this once in a  lifetime dream. Asking only $192,000. For more  information call Leslie Fitch at 885-9057 or 885-  2235.  2% ACRES No. 917  2'j acres of treed seclusion, nice level property  wiih selective clearing would give you your own  estate overlooking the golf course. Asking  $ 110,000. For further information call Ed Baker  885 2641.  COOPERS GREEN - A UNIQUE  & HISTORICAL PROPERTY  3ACRES ZONED C2L No. 723  This type of property is unique even in British  Columbia. Good beach in front, deep water  moorage. Can be developed commercially or  could be of great asset in company's portfolio. For  viewing call Larry Reardon 885-9320. Priced at  $1,500,000.  ACREAGE GARDEN BAY ROAD No. 716  Your own country estate of 3.78 acres with  stream flowing through the property. Some high  ground slopes toward the rear of the property.  Priced right at only $45,000. To view call Leslie  Fitch at 885 9057.  ACTUALLY, ITS A  PRETTY GOOD BUY No. 660  This treed sloping live acre parcel has good view  and in an area close to Sechelt bound to be  developed in the future. The price is just $60,000.  Call Larry Moore for more information at 885-  9213.  $45,000  LAKEFRONT RETREAT No. 595  Just 5 minutes by boat from the launching and  you can be on your own, comfortable and quiet  with ample land to roam in. There's 6 acres of  nicely treed property with an attractive home, all  furnished with accommodation for up to 9 with  dock, sundeck and boat storage to mention just a  few features. More information on this rare  property at just $77,900. Call Chuck at 885-9374  or Bert at 885-3746.  LOTS  PLAN    \S/S7  I ?  5   6  Pl\Ah  ROBERTS CREEK WATERFRONT n0. 675  192' of fantastic level waterfront, gently sloping back 606" to Beach  Avenue. Chance of a lifetime to purchase lifetime estate or as a proud  investment for the future. Property presently allows for two permanent  homes. Asking $275,000. For details call George Longman 886-8548.  DEERHORN VIEW No. 717  This spectacular lot was formerly cleared and  culverted ready for building. The driveway is in  and ready for your home. At $34,000 it's a lot you  shouldn't miss. Bill Walkey 885-5327 or Pat  Parker 885-5615.  CORACLE VIEW No. 718  Beautiful treed lot on Coracle Drive. Water  connected and temporary electricity for resident  travel trailer. Driveway's in and the view is there  for the taking. Situated among nice homes, yours  for $31,500. Bill Walkey 8855327,or Pat Parker  885-5615.  ROBERTS CREEK  BUILDING LOT No. 707  Size 66 x 198 nicely cleared lot on quiet road.  Hydro, water and cablevision at properties edge.  Asking price $35,000. Call George Longman 886-  8548.  SOME OF THESE DAYS No. 727  There's gonna be a honey of a view! Large lot in  Selma Park once removed from Hwy. 101 x 140  ft., $47,500. Tiny Bob 885-9461.  LAST CHANCE... No. 625  For Sandy Hook property. Move quickly, the lots  are disappearing while you took. This is the last lot  on Sandy Hook Road. $31,500 firm. Call Pat  Parker 885-5615 or Bill Walkey 885-5327.  Q  1               1  1  0,n      |  r  I  t       '**'     1  - !  ���*  ?,1 JM      1  * ..j��  '    ��.��<.    '  Q  *l  Q  it  i  Q  "LAN  1832 1  3     i  n5      !  r.  ��� to*  9,  !��� f^y "���  t*i  1  ,\J*  K  *  </m  lu  5  *  *) .  -J  ?  $7,000'  47,000'  1  si'mi  K  *  \         -1  .'5  3.?  .5 *r  .'5 so  HONEST ABE VALUE ROBERTS CREEK No. 701  3-'/i acre building lots, hydro, regional water, paved road. All with have  ocean views as surrounding property develops. Cleared with some  trees remaining. Call George Longman 886-8548.-    CREEKSIDE - $39,500 No. 720  Level 60 x 120 lot with all services available.  Within walking distance to schools and shopping.  Call Lynda 886-7352.  LAKEFRONT No. 653  Peace and tranquility are yours with this large  Provincial Lease lot on North Lake. The vendor  will include a small cabin (to be constructed) in  the asking price of $37,000. For more  information call Pat Parker 885-5615. MLS.  WEST PORPOISE BAY No. 705  % acre, spectacular view lot just minutes pass ice  arena. The perfect setting for your dream home.  May have subdivision possibilities? Asking |  $59,000. Call George Longman 886-8548.  BUSINESS OPPORTUNITIES  AND THEN THERE WAS ONE      No. 695  In this rural setting at Kleindale just one, two acre  parcel left, located on paved access road just  minutes to all the recreation areas in Pender  Harbour. Priced at just $32,000 with some terms.  It has to be a good buy in today's market. Call  Bert Walker 885 3746.  BUSINESS MAN'S DREAM No. 616  Sales $100,000.*, 3 employees, excellent prolil  ratio. Make money on both ends - cleaning  service & supplies, one of a kind business,  product lines protecled, rent $250.00/month,  expanding established business. High cash flow  wiih low overhead! $85,000. Call Leslie Fitch 885  9057 or Rita Percheson 885 5706.  A GOING CONCERN! No. 662  Excellent land value and income stream on this  desirable highway location. This Mobile Home  Park has low overhead due lo newly installed site  services. Room for expansion! For discussion on  the many different ways on maximizing land  potential on ihis versatile holding property call  Rila Percheson 8855706.  NEW ON THE MARKET  SECRET COVE WATERFRONT  %+ ACRE LOTS  No. 728, 729, 730, 731  These beautiful treed recreational lots are  selectively cleared and have excellent building  sites. Lots of sunshine. Driveways are in. Located  on paved road, hydro, water and telephone  available. All lots approved for septic installation.  Priced at $85,000. To view call Lynn Wilson 885  5755.  REAL ESTATE ASSOCIATION  GIBSONS 886-8194  SECHELT 885-2235   PETER SMITH RITA PERCHESON LYNDA HICKMAN ED BAKER  885-9463                          885-5706                             886-7352                              885-2641  LESLIE FITCH              LYNN WILSON                  EVA CARSKY               GEORGE LONGMAN  885-9057 885-5755 886-7126 886-8548 Sunshine Coast Realtor, March 27, 1981  m BLOCK  NATIONAL REAL EST/  the  bestsellers  SECLUDED ESTATE  12.57 acres of prime rural property situated on peaceful and picturesque Narrows Inlet. This  prestige property is for the discriminating Estate oriented buyer and oflers sparkling ocean  waters witlrsnow capped mountains. Marvel at the warmth and character ol the custom crafted  log home.Check some ol these benefits:  ��� Southerly exposure.  ��� Considerable marketable 1st growth timber.  ��� Good soil, garden & fruit trees.  ��� New large quality \% storey log home.  ��� Excellent & ample water, with rights on  waterfall & year round spring.  ��� Private float with walkway for deep moorage.  ��� Ideal swimming & canoeing in safe waters.  ��� Room for many more beautiful building sites.  ��� An abundance ot seafoods.  ��� Serviced by scheduled air flights & water laxi.  ��� Equipment & materials ready for indepen  dent hydro hook-up with present new 5 Kw 13  hp diesel plant (now m operation) for back up.  ��� Large insulated 16 x 28 workshop or guest  cottage.  ��� Park like setting, sheltered cove & Inlet 20  miles from Sechelt.  Priced to sell at only $247,000. Interested? For more details please ca  NEW PRIME  WATERFRONT HOME  i Enjoy waterfront living in this two level 3  I bedroom, 2200 sq. ft. home located in the heart ol  I Sechelt Village. The majestic view of Sechelt Inlet  I may be enjoyed from both levels of Ihis line home.  ��� Features of ihis well constructed home, to  I mention a few include: lireplace on each level,  I individual zoned heating, full ensuite olf master  | bedroom, quality wall to wall carpets, large family  I and party room, extensive patios, provisions for  I full bathroom downstairs, ihermopane windows  plus an assumable 1st mortgage at 13% with a 4)4  year term remaining, Priced at only $198,500.  UKE FRONTAGE  This large (o.77Ac) lot has 102 ft. of southerly  exposure on tranquil North Lake. This is a lease  lot with 11 years remaining on a 20 to 30 year  renewable basis. The property adjoins a natural  park and is also only minutes away from Egmont's  famous salmon fishing. Priced at only $20,000.  NELSON ISLAND (WATERFRONTAGE)  ESTATE SALE  This .83 acre waterfront gov't lease lot is located  in Telescope Passage. It has a domestic water  lease & is close to wharfage. This property was  assessed at $16,000 for 1979. Sale Price  |15,000.  BUSINESS OPPORTUNITY  Coin Laundromat. This sell employment  opportunity will give you a return in excess ol  30V Property offers ample parking &  expansion potential. Purchase price includes all  equipment & bldgs with a long term land lease.  Priced at only $38,000.  WANTED  SUBDIVIDABLE ACREAGES  for  outright   purchase  or will also  consider participation.   How much is your home worth TODAY?  To find out, call your  nearest Block Bros, office.  We'll do a market  evaluation at no charge or  obligation lo you.  ��� BLOCK BROS.  NAIIONAI Kf Al ISTAtf SERVO  Harold Jacques  Bruce McKinnon  885-9023  JUST LISTED -  WATERFRONT SECRET COVE  This prime 150' of waterfront with westerly  exposure is located in the sheltered waters of  beautiful Secret Cove. The property affords a  majestic view of all traffic within the harbour and  has potential available for deep water moorage.  Priced to sell at only $105,000.  lexander Realty Ltd.  SPECTACULAR WATE  END OF GILDEN JJtf  PARK:   rti  shaped   di  pNTLOTAT  MADEIRA  it with "L  I   and  i\\n  occommodate^rTtnfT vessel. Located in most  desirable areaTniarbour. $225,000  HASSAN'S STORE OFF FRANCIS PENINSULA RD. WITH 1.2 ACRES WITH 180'  WATERFRONTAGE: has excellent moorage  with large floats, 2 homes including large  grocery store, is ideally located near Imperial Oil  docks and has good black top access from  highway to waterfrontage. $205,000.  A RARE 200' WATERFRONT HOME  WITH 2 BR IN BARGAIN HARBOUR:  Direct access from Francis Peninsula Road wiih  good moorage and a spectacular view of all of  Bargain Harbour. Approx. '.acre $220,000.  MAGNIFICENT WATERFRONT HOME  IN WEST SECHELT LOCATED IN "CA-  LETA": One ol the most picturesque locations  in B.C Beautifully situated as lo provide the  maximum use ol approx. 500 lineal ft. of open  ocean. A panoramic view from 3150 sq. It. of  architect designed home with many pleasant  exlras including L',000 ft, of sundecks  surrounding home, fireplaces, professionally  landscaped carports, community sewer system.  This lovely home has to be seen lo properly  appreciate iis many attractions, By appoinl  ment only and prices in 400's.  BEAUTIFUL FISHER ISLAND AT ENTRANCE TO LEE BAY, (District Lot 4064):  has spectacular exposure arid excellent deep  waler moorage with dock and small building  Salmon in your back yard. $160,000  1H0 FOOT DEEP WATER MOORAGE  AND TWO BR HOME IN MADEIRA  PARK: This valuable properly includes  foreshore lease, 1.5 acres, guest cotlageand35'  x 35' storage shed. Room for .in additional  house. Located next to Coho Marina and  known as 'WIDMAN PROPERTY."  TAYLORS GARDEN BAY STORE &  MARINA: is a well known and long established  business located in Garden Bay. Store, Marina  Gas pumps, boat facilities and other extras.  15 UNIT MOTEL IN GARDEN BAY: with  attractive Caretaker's house. Short walking  distance to Marinas. A thriving business wiih  lucrative, revenue potential. Call for lurther  information.  A LOVELY 5 BR WATERFRONT HOME  IN GARDEN BAY: With a lovely view, ramp  and fio.ii with deep water moorage, carpels,  drapes, appliances, lovely lireplace. 2 levels  loaded with extras. Good access in a  convenienl location $205,000  A LARGE LOVELY 3 BR VIEW HOME  OVERLOOKING BARGAIN HARBOUR.  LOCATED OFF CHRIS WAY: One of ihe  nicest homes in the area with panoramic view,  ���ill appliances, carpels, drapes, fireplaces up&  down, lull basement with rec. room.  Your exclusive "Panabode" dealers   883-2491 1  P.O. Box 10, Madeira Park, B.C. VON 2H0  RoyalTrust  H-499-766  Mobile Phone Sechelt  ELIZABETH RAINES  Sales Representative  FANTASTIC OPPORTUNITY  For person who wishes to be independent. Well established  Taxi Business in prime location of Pender Harbour. Good  potential for territorial expansion and current services. For  complete information call Elizabeth Raines 324-4621 (24 hours).  BEAUTY SALON FOR SALE  Opportunity to be creative arid be your own boss at the same  time. Well established business with 4 fully equipped stations, 3  sinks with extra hookup for fourth, 4 dryers, bin washer &  dryer, full bathroom plus storage. Located in modern plaza  close to shopping centre. Lots of parking available. Vendor is  motivated. All reasonable offers will be considered. Call  Elizabeth Raines 324-4621 (24 hours).  Together,  r*iMi  ���j  we can help you better. ��� Sunshine Coast .Raaltor-,-March 27,'lttgl 9  Box 100  Madeira Park,  B.C.  883-2233  | Olli Sladey  % REALTY LTD.  (WATERFRONT  HOMES  FRANCIS PENINSULA approx. 103 ft  choice low bank waterfront with excellent view  and deep, sheltered moorage. Contains an  approx. 960 sq. ft. 2 BR home plus an old 3 BR  home. $160.000.   EARL COVE ��� The view is unsurpassed from  this beautifully treed and lanscaped lot with  approximately 103' lowbank waterfrontage.  The 4 bedroom cedar home with basement is  ideal for vacations or year-round living.  $150,000  GARDEN BAY - choice property with  approx. 92 It. waleriront and 1.31 acres with 4  BR home. Great view of Harbour. Large dock  with pilings, boal house. And very desirable  sunny Southern exposure. $250,000.  Toll Free From I  Vancouver:  689-7623  Member of Multiple lining Service  BUSINESS AND  EQUIPMENT  |      \    ACREAGE   j 1   HOMES    j  Well established and busy hairdressing  business ��� the only one in Pender Harbour,  Located in the Pender Harbour Shopping  Centre. Good steady clientele and lots of extra  customers with the tourist trade in the summer  months. Good equipment and stock. Please call  us for details, $40,000 plus stock.  LOTS & ACREAGE  LOT 20 - Mountain View Estates, Highway 101.  Hard to find 2 acre treed lot. $32.000.  7+ ACRES - MADEIRA PARK a challenging  property for the price of one small lot. Treed semi-  waterfront lake view property ��� mostly steep  ground. Located across the Sunshine Coast Hwy  from Pag Lake.  EARL C6VE - L6T 74 - large lot located  between Sunshine Coast Hwy and Timberline  Road $13.000.  LOT 69 ��� Front Road, Madeira Park. Good  building or mobile home lot. $23,000.   MADEIRA PARK - 3 BR rancher, approx.  1,289 sq. ft. with attached carport. IK  bathrooms. Located on % acre lot on Lagoon  Road. Just a short walk to shopping centre  school & post office. $140,000 .  HIGGINS ISLAND - approx. 26 acre island  with sheltered moorage. Located in False Bay,  Lasqueti Island. $600,000.  JUNCTION ISLAND - 1/3 interest in this  beautiful 18 acre island located in St. Vincent  Bay, Jervis Inlet. Excellent sheltered moorage,  numerous choice building sites. Only 15  minutes by fast boat from Earl Cove or Egmont.  The price for this 1/3 interest is only $125,000.  MADEIRA PARK - 4 BR family home on  Front Road has approx. 2,700 sq. ft. of living  area. 2 bathrooms, fireplace, enclosed garage.  $120,000.  MOBILE        |  HOMES ?  WATERFRONT LOTS & ACREAGE  'Mi':  EGMONT - 7 acres wiih 540 It. low bank  Kvaterfronl. Site has been prepared fur possible  jse as a large WF trailer camper park and  ishmg resort. This is an excellent property  "limning Ihe Egmont Marina. $250,000.  3wncr will linancc at bank interest rale.  WATERFRONT ACREAGE  PENDER HARBOUR approx. 9.5 nicely  treed acres with 345 It. (more or less)  walerlmnlage on Gerrans Bay. Govt, road  allowance down the lull length ol Ihe properly  and zoning permits subdivisiun into |, acre lots  Two dwellings could be built withoul dubdivi  ding Considering the present selling prices lor  small waleriront lols, Ihis is an excellent buy lor  $265,000        EGMONT -Approx. 3.8 acres with approx. 550  ft. low bank waterfront. Boat, launching ramp  & log dump. Drilled well & pump. Considerable  land development done by owner. $210,000.  CoasI to Coast  Real Kstate Service  DAN WILEY, Res. 883-9149  OLLI or JEAN SLADEY,   883-2233 Sunshine.Coast. Realtor, March 27, 1?81  AELBERS REAL ESTATE  CAPA APPRAISALS INC.  Located at the Old Granthams Landing Store  Marine Drive, Box 1189, Gibsons  886-9238  Van. Toll Free  922-7814  Peter Aelbers  886-9238  Don Logan  885-3318  REVENUE PROPERTY -  GRANTHAMS LANDING  WATERFRONT $45,000  Property offers two separate dwellings  fully rented and capable of increased  rents with renovations. Ten years  remaining in lease.   10,000 SQ. FT. - SELMA  PARK WATERFRONT     $175,000  This home has two bedrooms on the  main floor and a third bedroom and  additional bath on the lower floor and  has an unsurpassed view over the Strait  of Georgia. Within walking distance of  Sechelt. By appointment only.  VIEW LOT  HOPKINS LANDING $48,000 Firm  ACREAGE & HOME ON  ROBERTS ROAD -  POWELL RIVER $55,000  Older, one bedroom with loft home on  2.2 acres on Roberts Road. Hydro,  telephone and regional water and 228  feet of frontage on the roadway. Fifteen  minutes from the Saltery Bay Ferry  Terminal and 20 minutes from downtown Powell River.  I  REVENUE PROPERTY -  POWELL RIVER  4675 Michigan Ave. $97,500  Older, two-storey house with basement;  three two-bedroom suites on separate  meters and three rooms with cooking  facilities. Total gross monthly income  $1,108 per month. Close to all the  services and amenities of Powell River.  TRIDENT AVENUE -  VILLAGE OF SECHELT    $64,000  This is an older-type, non-basement  home with a square footage of approximately 1400 and having 4 bedrooms, a  large entry hall, living room with airtight,  utility room with laundry hook-ups,  large kitchen and one bathroom. There  is also a large garage/workshop located  on the property. Some renovating and  repair work is required. This home is  within walking distance of the stores and  services located in the village.  WATERFRONT LEASE  PROPERTY - GRANTHAMS  LANDING $45,000  This property is suitable for recreational  use and features 120 feet of waterfront.  There is a three bedroom cottage on the  property and the lease is payable yearly  and renegotiated every 5 years. At  present there are ten years remaining.  This waterfront property is a fraction of  the price of waterfront on fee-simple  land and for the price and ten years of  use of your own waterfront retreat, this  property is worth your consideration.  MEMBER SUNSHINE COAST REAL ESTATE ASSOCIATION Sunshine Coast' Realtor,'March 27,' 1981  SUNNYCREST  SHOPPING  CENTRE  886-2277  HOMES  VANCOUVER  TOLL FREE  ��� IBSQNS    ���   > mum ���   ���   682-1513  k^AND LAND DEVELOPMENT LTD. �� ��  R.R. #2, Gibsons, B.C. VON 1V0  HOMES  HOMES  DUNHAM RD - PORT MELLON: Ideal starler  home (ot the family who cando some fix-up work.  Large landscaped 70 x 173 lot, Extra large living  room with fireplace and 2 generous sized  bedrooms. 1250 square (eet. Appliances included  In the unusual price of $44,900.  . ******  CREEKSIDE PARK: Luge ranch Fome on  corner lot in Creekside. Exira large living room  has floor to ceiling antique brick fireplace with  glass doors. Three bedrooms, Extra large  bathroom with jacuzzi Enclosed carport,  workshop and extra r<x>ni for study, storage or  Ith bedroom. SI 15.000.  n  SOUTH FLETCHER: A great view and close ir  ication make ihis newly listed three bedroom ful  basement home worthy ol your consideration.  Tile mansard rool and brick work in front give this  home that Spanish flavour. Year round creek  flows hy Ihe green house atid through Ihe fish  pond. If you're a keen gardener you'll not likely  find belter soil for growing. Ensuile plumbing in  master bedroom, huge rec. room, 440 wiring lor  workshop and two water heaters, Why wait?  Call to view this home. Newly listed lor $139,500.  SCHOOL RD: Executive home nearing  completion In excellent Gibsons location.  Features include sunken living room, 2ty  bathrooms, double attached garage, paved  driveway. 2x6 construction, shake roof, master  bedroom with lireplace and ensuile.  LAUREL RD: Davis Bay. This custom horn.  features 2 fireplaces, sunken bathtub, maste  tisuiie. large finished rec room wilhbarand wiiu  ellar. Three bedrooms Up, Iwo bedrooms down.  BVauliful view ol straits from dining room and  kitchen. Large lol with excellent garden are;  House is five years old and was custom built by  mer builder. $129,500.  SUNSHINE COAST HWY: Selma Park. View  and Revenue. Older home and separate self  contained one bedroom cottage on large parcel in  Selma Park. Centrally located, this piece l�� within  easy walking distance from Sechelt. Comfortable  redecorated main home features two bedrooms,  a large sundeck and a dark room for the  photographer. Nicely landscaped but still very  private. Starter, Investment or Retirement, this  one Qualifies. $99,500.  HOMES ON  ACREAGE  HALFMOON BAY: Waterfront home. Level  waterfront with good garden soil. Large family  kitchen, living room has fireplace and hardwood  iloors. Two large bedrooms, master has ensuite.  Fully finished ground level full basement is rented  uite. Total finished living area equals over 2700  square feet. $159,900.  // you are thinking of selling your home or  property have one of our professional people  give you today's market value.  Call 886-2277  NORWEST BAY RD: Spacious cedar will  shake roof home on 4 cleared, level acres. Three  bedrooms, separate dining room. Large pantry  off kitchen. Electric and economical wood heat,  Also included are 20 x 20 barn, chicken coop, pig  run with feeders and 8 x 14 storage shed. Rural  living and only minutes from Sechelt. $137,500,  OCEAN BEACH ESPLANADE - GOWEF  PT RD: Semi waterfront. Million dollar view ant  i belter sunsets from this completely  icnovaled and enlarged 1120 square feet, three  bedroom home Abundance of cedar compli  ments the 'antique1 brick fireplace and th��  spacious living room. French doors open to a veri  private patio. Sauna adjoining bath. Sliding doon  to a full length sundeck and across the quiet  dead end street: swimming, boating and fishing.  Enjoy the waterfronl but avoid its high price tag  and taxes with this 'one of a kind' home.  $169,900   GOWER   POINT  &   CLARK:   View,   sub  dividable 1;; acres. This new home has plenty of  potential. 3000 square feet on 2 levels fealures  fireplaces, deluxe fixtures, garbage compactor  dishwasher, ceramic tile kitchen floors and 8  oedrooms, 3 bathrooms. A 24' x 28' garage with  storage area and office also included. $193,000.  NORTH RD: At Cemeiary Road. Foui  bedrooms, believe it or not. This cozy little cedat  home has awood burning parlor stove In the living  room. Ideal for ihe young lamily, close to schools  and shopping. $69,500.   LOWER ROBERTS CREEK RD: near Met  calfe Road. Gorgeous 2.2 acre property zoned  RU. Property is on regional water and has  dedicated road at the back of the property. The  older 3 bedroom home is surrounded with nicely  treed landscaping, has 18 foot diameter by 4 foot  deep swimming pool. Winding paved driveway.  The home is 960 sq. ft. with solid foundation.  Excellent privacy. $159,500.  NORTH ROAD: Gentleman Farmer. 5 acres  with barn, chicken coop, etc. % cleared, partia  view with potential of panoramic view of Howt  Sound. Close to ferry on North Road yet very  private. Heatilator stone fireplace. Exterior needs  minor fix-up and stain. Adjacent to R2L zoning  $200,000  INVESTMENT - COMMERCIAL - REVENUE  IR jH  MARINE DR: Waterfronl triplex, Refurbished tn  1976. 100 feet of waleriront in Village. Good  holding property for future townhouse develop  ment. Income currently $945 month. Adjacent  property to be developed $252,400  r^.-**.-.CS$3Ji  errific Spanish home on one o  uur best view lots. Four bedrooms, 2';  sat h rooms. Fireplaces, intercom, wet bar  .oaded with extras. $159,900.   ELSON GLASS: Exciting business opportunity  In growing community. Excellent location jusl off  highway. Year end statistics available to qualified  purchaser. $180,000.  GIBSONS AUTOMOTIVE BUSINESS: A  going concern business situated on Highway 101  in a busy section. Owner operated with 1  employee has been operating for 1 year. Building  is 50 x 50, has 4 doors, room' for 7 cars. Rented at  $1,400 per monlh on a 5 year lease. Pay your own  utilities. Full price is $90,000. ($75,000 *  inventory of approximately $15,000). Price  includes equipment worlh $50,000.  GIBSONS VILLAGE: Extremely well buill  concrete block building with bend beams and  rebar, Two areas easily separated 1304 square  feet and 1109square feet 360square leet covered  carport area. Heating is lorced hot water (oil  fired). Established commercial area. Gorgeous  view of Howe Sound and Gibsons Harbour.  $269,500.  CREEKSIDE CRESCENT: New house now  being constructed. Chalet type fits right in with its  surroundings on a lol close lo schools, shopping,  etc. Has large living room, dining room, kitchen,  bathroom, 2 bedrooms downstairs and 2 more  bedrooms and a bathroom upstairs with open  ch $89,900  LOTS  CHERYL ANNE PARK RD: Partial ocean view  from this excellent building lot on quiet cul-de-sac  m Roberts Creek. This % acre lot should be  viewed by all serious lot seekers, $42,000.  SUNNYSIDE DRIVE: This 100 x 150 lot is  ideally situated at the end of a no thru road. Area  is fast building up with new quality homes. A 2  storey home on this lot would have a view of  Georgia St rait. Tins lot must be seen to  appreciate the value of the 100 fool widths of the  surrounding lots. $52,500.  NORTH RD: Double wide (24 x 60) on 5 acres.  Barn, 16x16,1 year old ,2 corrals, chicken coops.  Sundeck 12 x 24. Two full baths, built-in china  cabinet. Two bedrooms and family room. On  good well. Permission for second dwelling.  $189,000  NORTH ROAD: 5 acres, secluded, timbered  with lovely 7 year 1460 sq, ft. home with built-in  China cabinet, huge sundeck, 2 full baths. Great  hobby farm with barn, chicken coop and corrals.  On good well but regional water available. Owner '  has permission for 2nd dwelling on property. 300'  of highway frontage. Owner says sell. Make an  appointment to view today. $165,000.  ACREAGE  HWY 101 SOAMES POINT: 12iacresof prime  view acreage on Highway 101 at Soames Poinl. i  Zoned for sub division, or use the two separate I  parcels for exclusive residence. Lot B has678feet  of frontage and Lot C has 999 feet of frontage.  Adjacent to beautiful Soames Park. $325,000.  HWY 101: Panoramic view of Howe Sound and I  the bonus of nice trees couple to make this 5 acre  parcel a unique find. Approximately one mile  from ferry terminal with almost   1000 feet of  highway frontage, Choose your favourite building |  sites, Zoned R2L. $165,000.  *  (MEMBER SUNSHINE COAST   REAL ESTATE ASSOCIATION^  STEVE        ANNE        JOHN TERRI        GREG  SAWYER    GURNEY   HANSON    HANSON    GRANT  GARY DAVE JON LORRIE  PUCKETT ROBERTS      MCRAE        GIRARD  886-7678    886-2164    886-8295    886-8295   886-7204    886-9508    886-8040      885-3670      886-7760 Sunshine Coast Realtor, March 27, 1981  W -Waterfront  H -Homes  A - Acreage  R -Recreational  F - Farms  Bus. 885-5171  Box 1188, Sechelt, B.C. VON 3A0  "Your Real Estate Hosts  on the Sunshine Coast"  THE INN ON A GOLDEN ACRE  Updated character building by the sea. Business nicely  started ��� now awaits owner with ideas, interesl and energy. A  nice full service Inn and has potential for a unique Pub or  Lounge. Located on a Golden Acre stratigically sitting in  the path of future commercial condominium development  at ihe hub of a fast growing, popular center. R3L zoning  fully conforming. Exceptional revenue potential from  operations or lease-out. High depreciation plus land value  potential makes this most attractive to operator or investor.  $375,000 cash.  SOLID RESTAURANT BUSINESS  Long established and still growing - high volume sales.  Excellent town center location with long term lowcost lease.  Licensed premises, nicely kept. A pleasant place to work  and a profitable business to own. This is a solid no nonsense  business growing with the town. $140,000 some terms.  MAJOR MARINA COMPLEX  Sheltered deep water location in busy harbour center. Rare,  large water lot lease plus 2.5 acres view waterfront property  with development potential. 3 BR house, 2 rental mobiles, a  beautifully equipped shop, and laundromat service building.  .Aircraft facilities, dock side phone, water, electric service.  Optional lease back of all or part of the operations. This is an  excellent terms investment. Fairly priced with good terms.  $580,000  WEST SECHELT L 243  Do you want to rela x in a quiet area - if you do this 3 bedroom  full basement home on Norvan Road could be what you are  looking for. Features: large lot 75' x 150', two fireplaces, 1 full  bathroom and master bedroom has 2 piece ensuite, roughed  in plumbing in basement, carport. House has lovely  brickwork to enhance the appearance. F.P. $115,000. Call  Pat Murphy 885 5171 or Deirdre 885 5971  15 ACRESi HALFMOON BAY L 248  Fifteen acrest located on main highway 101 near Secret  Cove. Possible subdivision lo 3 five acre parcels. For more  information call Pat Murphy at 885-5171. F.P. $150,000.  TRY THIS ON FOR SIZE  2 bdrm, 60' x 12' spacious mobile home. This home has a  very spacious layout with abright living room - highlighted by  the beautiful black leather wet bar with leather swag accent  light. For furlher information call Deirdre 885-5171. F.P.  $22,000. Act now.  SECHELT VILLAGE L 242  This 3 bedroom furnished mobile home is in mint condition  and now on the market. Situated in the Village of Sechelt  within walking distance to all stores, hospital, and beach.  Range. Fridge, washer & dryer are included with sale. Call  now while it's still available. F.P. $22,000.  Further information and details are available  lo qualifiable parties only.  Contact Patrick T. Dahle 112-885-5692  MEMBER SUNSHINE COAST REAL ESTATE ASSOCIATION "P.T  NOW IS YOUR CHANCE L 245  This 3000 sq. tt. 3 level home awaits your finishing touches  The lower level could be a rec. room, a great entertaining  area or a suite. Let your imagination decorate it for you. The  middle level houses a large bright kitchen, open dining area  and living room with a sliding glass door toa sundeck, where  you can enjoy the view of the harbour and Howe Sound, also  on the main floor are two bedrooms and one bathroom.  Then up to the penthouse to the master bedroom and its  Jacuzzi. Ease into this house for $140,000. Call 885-5171 for  appointment to view.  COMMERCIAL - SECHELT L 249  Two {2) lots zoned commercial I, Ideal location for  professional . Lots'size frontage lOOx 132. At present there  are three residential units (all need repairs & renovations).  Can be income producing with just a little elbow grease and  paint. Good potential holding property. F.P. $165,000. Call  Pat Dahle 885-5692 or Pat Murphy 885 5171.  Sails in the sunset...  will be your view when you look up the Georgia Strait and  across to Vancouver Island from these 4 ��� 2 bedroom stes  each approx. 900 sq. ft., located in West Sechelt. All with  view. Plus owner's 1300 sq. ft. "A" Frame home with l1  baths - lovely cedar finish inside. Large living room, single car  enclosed garage - all this on approx. 1 acre of land. Gentle  slope, southern exposure. Great potential. Call Pat Murphy  to arrange appointment to view and for more details.  $275,000. Make an otter.  Dahle 885-5692 Deirdre 885-5971 Pat 885-5171  sumnTcoAST      h.b. GORDON AGENCIES ltd.  I REAL ESTATE ASSOCIATION 31 Years At Cowrie St., Sechelt  ACREAGE  ORANGE ROAD  The Land - 9.4 acres of sunny privacy  The House - Just 4 years old,  beautifully built!  Vaulted Mahogany ceiling in the step-  down living room. Separate dining  room, huge family room, 2 bedrooms,  both ensuite. Oak parquet floors -  fireplace & Fisher stove & huge cement  patio - all thermopane windows ��� built-in  vacuum system. It's very, very nice!  $265,000. Pat Lindsay.  WANTED!!  VIEW LOT - SANDY HOOK  Buyer waiting !  Pat Lindsay 885-2591  ROBERTS CREEK  WATERFRONT  A pebble beach and an atmospheric, 2  level 3 bedroom house right on the  water!  - PLUS -  A new 2 bedroom, 2 level house up at  the road with a gorgeous view! Terrific  family or group investment. $295,000.  Pat Lindsay for details.  SAKINAW LAKEFRONT!  Rustic Retreat right at the water's edge!  Wonderful warm swimming - cabins  sleep 2-8. 150' on the water with docks.  1.7 acres Gov't Lease Land. Water  access only. Price includes boat, engine  & furnishings $29,500. Pat Lindsay.  PHONE  885-2013  Box 123, Sechelt, B.C.  HOMES  JUST STEPS TO EVERYTHING!  One level 2(3) bedroom house in need of T.L.C.!  Big living room - fisher slove. Sunny back  garden ��� fenced on lane. Perfect starter or  retirement home. Large assumable 11%  mortgage. Low 70's. Call Pat Lindsay for details.  LOTS  Two adjoining lot^  Narrows & jf^m  Harbour. Jacl^M^kjafl,]?  J same time,  8,500 Pender  -CARD AND GIFT SHOP -  Retail Business for a family or couple. Fully  stocked. Renewable 5 year lease. Excellent  location In the hearl of Sechell. Loads of  parking. Pat Lindsay.  WAYNE SALTER  885-5986  .H49-0994   Mobile  PATRICIA LINDSAY  885-2591  H.B. GORDON  885-2013  JACK NOBLE  883-2701  JOHN WILSON  885-9365  MIKE BALDIGARA  885-5645


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