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Sunshine Coast News May 5, 1981

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 , EQISLATNE LIBRARY !��.��   Samwt Buildings, ____i  VICTORIA, B.C. Junshine Coast since 1945  vev 1X4  The Sunshine  Published at Gibsons, B.C.  25' per copy on news stands  Delivered to every address on the Coast  May 5, 1981  Volume 35, Number 18  Meeting resolves Sechelt sewer dispute  ��� Fran Bouruu Photo  The special meeting of both the-Sechelt Village Council and the Regional Board was held April 30 in the Village  Council Chambers. Featured in the photograph is a representative from Dayton and Knight, Engineering, giving  his suggestions to the future development of the sewer system.  One of the five choices  Fertilizer plant for Port Mellon?  ' A recent newspaper report named Port Mellon as being one of  the possible sites being considered for the fertilizer plant  previously planned for l^JWfl-River.   The fertilizer plant, planned for Powell River by Westcoast  Transmission, was contingent upon the acceptance by the  provincial government of the route proposed by Westcoast for a  natural gas line to Vancouver Island which would be routed up the  Sunshine Coast to Powell River and thence to the Island.  Last month the provincial government threw Westcoast's plans  for their chemical plant into disarray when they opted for the  southern route to Vancouver Island proposed by B.C. Hydro.  Representations made to the provincial government by the  Powell River Regional District and other bodies asking for a  public hearing on the subject proved fruitless.  Regional Board Chairman David Hunter, who is also the  representative for Area F which encompasses Port Me.llon,  acknowledged that the regional board had been approached by a  Hunter slams 'misleading' story  representative of Westcoast Transmission.  "We told them that we would have to take an in-depth look at  the project and be rcafcsured that it was entirety ehVlfehmcrta>ly,  clean," said Hunter.  Hunter said that Westcoast Transmission had told him that  providing Port Mellon with a natural gas line from the company's  facilities at Abbotsford was deemed feasible while supplying the  gas to Powell River without the crossing to the Island Was not.  "Of course," said Hunter, "if the project obeyed all the rules and  was environmentally clean we would be delighted to have another  300 steady jobs on the Sunshine Coast."  Chairman Hunter told the Coast News that it was his  understanding that, because of the proximity to Abbotsford and  its access to deep water, Port Mellon is rated near the top of a  short list of five possibilities for the site of the fertilizer plant.  A full representation by Westcoast Transmission to the  regional board will be made later this month.  i  . A resolution did come ofthe dispute between the Village of  Sechelt and the Regional Board at the special meeting, Thursday, April 30, dealing with the future development of the  pillage and the disposition of sewage.  I According to Alderman Brian Stelck of Sechelt, the Sechelt  Village planner John Northey believes that the progress of the  Village should be determined by the Village rather than the  engineers of the sewage system, Dayton and Knight.  i ;; Dayton and Knight, present at the meeting, reminded  ^council that they were employees ofthe regional board and gave  suggestions only.  I Chairman of the Regional Board, David Hunter, told the  (Coast News that the sewer system is the responsibility of the  egional board and the Village of Sechelt were only renters of  lie system.  & The misunderstanding stemmed from an application by  itobert Allen of Forty-Forty Developments Ltd., owner of lot 10,  fist-net lot 1331. He had proposed to install a lift station to'  Service lots in his development.  *��� The Village Planner, Northey, had no objections to the  proposal and suggested the technical aspects of the matter be  discussed with the Village engineer as well as the regional  board engineers.  . The regional board decided against the suggestion as it was  not in the proposed sewer study developed by Dayton and  knight in 1980.  I It was stated at the meeting that the lift station could serve  Ihore people in the prescribed location instead ofthe few on the  development site.  ';' "It would be pinning the system into a corner," said Jim  Gurney, chairman of the public works committee.  t In Gurney's opinion piece-meal extensions to the sewer  System was objectionable and only cause more problems.  | The representative of Dayton and Knight Engineering said  lhat it would be costly to the developer as pumps of that nature  had a tendency to break down and after complying with the  Pollution Control Board standards the costs would be even  greater.  8 "A temporary facility has a habit of becoming permanent.  By the time you put the safeguards in, that the PCU will require, it will cost in the area of $100,000."  Chairman David Hunter reiterated some of the discussion.  "To complete the project as it is outlined in the study, would  cost $200,000 and we would have a permanent pump and  increase the service."  . Director Jim Gurney said: "If we gp the way the village  planner has proposed, what we would end up with is an uneconomical and inefficient system that would only serve a few.  The development cost charge by-law when implemented  would pay for the future proposed Sechelt specified area sewer  Langdale Hotel still unlikely  Regional Board Chairman David Hunter said that a  'misleading headline' in another local newspaper last week had left  a wrong impression in a story concerning the proposed Langdale  Hotel project near the ferry terminal.  The story, on the front page of The Press, claimed that a:  "Resident vote favors(sic) Langdale hotel project".  Hunter reminded theCoast News ofa story carried in this paper  a few weeks ago which reported that the concept ofa hotel near  Residents  want road  Residents of Henderson Road in Roberts Creek are  reported to be ready to picket the Department of Highways  over the condition of their road.  Regional Director for the area, Harry Almond���himself  one of about twenty residents along the short road leading  up to the provincial campground from the end of Beach  Avenue, told the Coast News last week that Henderson  Road residents were not looking for a paved surface, 'just a  decent gravel road'.  Almond said that residents had been waiting for three  years for some work to be done on their road.  "It should be on the 1981 budget," said Almond. "The  regional board should appeal to the Department of  Highways."  Saga resolved?  The saga of the house in Gower Point Road into which  cars keep running in Gibsons took a turn for the better at the  village planning meeting held last week.  Alderman Larry Trainor noted that council had been  requested to construct a concrete retaining wall to prevent  cars running onto the property but it was council's feeling  that such action was properly the responsibility of the  landlord ofthe premises occupied by Wayne Smith and Lola  Woodley.  Council noted, however, that Alderman Trainor's  parking study recommends a 'No Parking' area on the west  side of Gower Point Road and council is hopeful that this  will help alleviate the problem being experienced by the  tenant on this property.  the ferry terminal was greeted with great skepticism by members  of the Regional Board.  "We told them at the time," said Hunter, "that they should feel  free to poll the residents themselves if they liked."  Apparently it was the survey conducted that contributed to the  impression left that there was community support for the hotel  project.  According to Regional Board Chairman Hunter, in whose area  the project was proposed, 'a team of thirty women canvassed  residents near the ferry terminal with a survey which asked if they  preferred a campsite or a hotel'.  "There was no mention of a residential option which is what the  zoning is right now," said Hunter.  The Regional Board Chairman told the Coast News that at a  routine meeting of the Area F Area Planning Committee, held on  the same day the survey was taken, thirty irate residents turned up  protesting 'a most unreasonable survey'.  Hunter said that the developer apologized to the residents who  told him that under the circumstances there was no way they could  accept any explanations he offered with regard to his project.  "Of course the project will be put on hold," said Hunter "until  decisions about projected highway and ferry expansion have been  made."  ON THE INSIDE...  Suicide in Ireland Page 2  Crossword Puzzle Page 5  Coast Newsie Mums Page 5  Fleming: Know/edge network Page 10  World's biggest log barge Page 12  Seafood Platter Page 12  Music Festival winners Page 17  Pender Harbour May Day Page 17  Arm Wrestling Champs  Page 19  Mother's Day Fun Run Page 19  Business Directory Page 20  Native Turtles  Page 21  Classified Ads  Pages 22, 23 & 24  Hydroponic gardening. Page 26^  system. The new by-law, "Which should have been In use years  ago", said Director of Area E, Harry Almond, uses levy fees  from a developer. The funds, $220 for the average lot, will be  set aside in a special account for the future development of new  plants and for increasing the existing lines.  The Sechelt Indian Band has expressed a desire to hook up to  the system and the development cost charge will also apply to  them.  "It will be added funds and the development should go hand  in hand with the proposals," said Gurney.  "We could make room for the Indian Band now," said  Almond, 'but the existing system would reach full capacity. We  would rather expand first and put in the new pod."  Those presently on the system will not be affected by the  development cost charge by-law. They will only pay what is  now the practice: the frontage and user tues.  Gurney explained to the Coast News that with sewer, unlike  water, hook-up is compulsory.  A new sewer study is underway by Dayton and Knight that  includes Greater Sechelt (West Sechelt, Davis Bay, Porpoise  Bay and the Indian Reserve).  "It is obvious that the existing system does not have the  capacity to cover the whole area," said Gurney.  "We are looking at a long-range plan," said the representative of Dayton and Knight, "on the 10 or 12 year concept of  growth rates from the economic study. The Village Planner  thinks that the area will reach 1500 in eight years. We are  saying5,000in lOyears."  Chairman David Hunter added that when the maximum of  5,000 is reached an outfall or rapid Infiltration will be developed  at the airport facility.  May 28 is the unveiling date for the study ia the regional  board room.  Holding up the works at the moment is the new by-law. The  by-law was sent to Victoria for approval and returned with a few  changes. The regional board staff was asked to pursue the  by-law, which has since been returned to Victoria and not yet  retrieved.  The developments in question, Block 11 (Van Egmond development) has. received tentative approval of the grinder  pumps, with the stipulation they must be maintained and  hook-up is immediate to the construction of the sewer line.  The Block 10 (Robert Allen, Forty-Forty Developments)  approval, is subject to the motion passed at the special meeting.  ' "The developer should proceed with the development of the lift  station as outlined by the Dayton and Knight study."  ..''tneW^^^^mVe c% theT>each and not on the'  development site.  Both the Village and the Regional Board were satisfied  with these proposals and the outcome of the special meeting.  This car took a corner on the Langdale short-cut too wide last Thursday. The result: what you ate above and two  young men taken to hospital.  Tenants lose rent battle  The tenants of Maple Crescent Apartments in Gibsons received  word from the Rentalsman Office this week. Unfortunately, it was  not the answer they were hoping for.  The result of the appeal for a 25% rent increase to the  Rentalsman Office from the owners ofthe building, Paz Holding  Limited, and the public hearing of April 8, went in favour ofthe  owners after the review by the board.  The rent will increase I8l/j%. The tenant in I03A, for example,  who was paying S243. per month with the new hike will now pay  $278. per month.  When interviewing the manager for rent review, K. Hancock.  the Coast News was told that consideration had been given to the  31.4% operating cost increases of the owners and to the tenants  many comments on the lack of repair and maintenance.  "We didn't give the owners the whole amount of their  request, but wc were informed that rectification of the heating  problem was in progress."  At the public hearing, there were dozens of complaints about  the heating system that would leave apartments without heat for  days, or else could not be turned off.  The major bone of contention raised by the majority of the  tenants was the inability to get minor repairs done. The rent  review manager told the Coast News that it was impossible to put  a covenant on the owners to insure these would be done in the  future.  "There is no way to monitor that repairs arc made even if it is  conditional to the rent increase. The time involved and the legal  loopholes just make it impossible unless they arc major, essential  repairs," she said.  The tenants describe as ludicrous, the comparison of their'slum  apartments', as the tenants called Maple Crescent, to the  Executive Suites, an apartment building in close proximity to  their building. This was done in the application by the owners for  the increase. The Executive Suites have wall-to-wall carpeting,  guest parking, a security system, and a well-maintained building,  all of which arc lacking at Maple Crescent Apartments. The rents  in both buildings arc comparable since the increase.  The rent review manager told the Coast News that comparison  is not real proof as a tenant can quote lower rent prices found  elsewhere and the landlord can quote the higher rent price  somewhere else.  "It just turns into a vicious circle and after a while the quotes  mean nothing. In our decisions we don't take comparison as  evidence." she said.  I he only way to go for the tenants who are dissatisfied with the  decision is an application to the Supreme or County Court for a  review of the Rcntalsman's Order, redirection of rent (attending  to repairs in lieu of rent by application to the Rentalsman's Office)  or. the way some will choose to go. out.  jL ! Coast News, May 5, 1981  The       iaPffi.A\M  .Sunshine.  Editorial Department:  John Burnside  Fran Bourassa  A LOCALLY OWNED NEWSPAPER  Published al Glbtont, B.C. every  Tuetdey, by Glutford Prett Lid.  Boi 460. 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There was a strong local flavour to the  film as we watched brief cuts of such  locals as Gordon Wilson of Middlepoint,  Billy and Iris Griffiths of Egmont, Howie  White and Joe Harrison of Pender  Harbour, and Carl Rising-Moore of  Powell River intercut with a series of  solemn technocrats and bureaucrats  extolling the virtues of energy responsibility. There, too, was the suave Mr.  Charles Nash of B.C. Hydro: "The  provincial debt is just like a mortgage on  your home".  Nor did the local flavour cease with  those in front of the camera. Richard  Tomkies of Middlepoint was billed in the  credits as being responsible for 'communications strategy and script' and to Mr.  Tomkies should go our thanks for the brief  snippets of appearance of all the contributors which left this viewer at least with  a sense of being manipulated.  The film, which apparently was posing  as a balanced look at the energy situation,  actually was asmooth piece of propaganda  for the provincial government. The  unctuous tones of one-time disc jockey  Fred Latremouille informed us that the  belated and hurried energy policy of the  present government was 'all importantly  strategized for survival'.  Charles Nash smoothly compared  Hydro's provincial debt to a home  mortgage without any suggestion that  sixty percent ofthe provincial debt goes to  provide only fifteen percent of the  provincial energy���that portion supplied  by Hydro. One snippet showed Charles  Nash and contented itself with his bland  assurance that "We are not subsidizing  anybody". Virtually subliminal.  There may be those who are reassured  by the Hon. Bob McClelland assuring us  that all is under control in the best of all  possible worlds and such may have been  comforted by this film. From this vantage  point it seemed like a slickly made piece of  Socred propaganda which skittered across  the surface of a most important subject  with an insubstantial glibness which was  more hype than insight.  Co-operation  On Page Seventeen this week we  carry a press release about a joint recreation commission to serve the needs of  Areas E and F and the village of Gibsons.  At first glance it seems a first rate  group and it is heartening to see evidence  of the co-operation that is taking place  between the village and the adjacent  regional districts.  .from the files of the COAST NEWS  FIVE YEARS AQO  The average homeowner may be  paying from $30 to $40 more this year  for local education costs after the  school board maintained Its approval  of a budget that contains a 6.18 mill  increase.  - Woodcarver Alan Colp of Leduc,  Alberta, was run out of the Village of  Sechelt for not having a $200 business  licence. Colp is a travelling wood-  carver who makes his living from  public relations work for Homelite  chainsaws and the sale of his carvings.  TEN YEARS AQO  The Sunshine Coast was at its best  Sunday when Prime Minister and  Mrs. Trudeau journeyed via the ferry  to visit Mrs. R.E. Bernard, maternal  grandmother of Mrs. Trudeau, whose  home Is on Beach Avenue In Roberts  Creek.  May Sth has been proclaimed as  National Fire Service Day and Gibsons Fire Department will have an  open house for public Inspection. The  Firemen will be on hand to give fire  displays, movies and rescue equipment demonstrations.  FIFTEEN YEARS AQO  A meeting has been arranged by  the Sunshine Coast Rural Development committee to hear Chris Woodward of the provincial municipal  department explain how a Regional  District can be formed.  Nancy Elaine Leslie of Gibsons,  attending UBC, has been chosen to  take part in a three-month exchange  trip to Japan.  Super-Valu opened its remodelled  store In Sunnycrest Plaza offering  many bargains In food supplies,  including turkey for 43�� a pound and  bacon for 69*a pound.  TWENTY YEARSAQO  Canadian Forest Products' Port  Mellon Mill will have $1,000,000  spent on it this year. The work will  involve the Installation of a flash  dryer and an extension of the evaporator plant.  The old building next to Hill's  Machine Station Is being torn down to  make way for a Standard Oil Company service float area. The old  building was a three-storey beach  level to the highway formerly used by  Rogers Plumbing.  Operation Clean-up has started to  bring the Gospel Rock area back to  respectability.  TWENTY FIVE YEARS AQO  Hall a dozen cows on the road  near the S-bend on the Sechelt  highway were the cause of an accident to telephone lineman Fred  Feeney. He was driving home from a  late Job when he came upon the cows.  He avoided two and a third ran out in  front of his truck, which was overturned on the highway. The cow was  killed and Feeney escaped Injury  narrowly and crawled out the door.  He was badly shaken up.  THIRTY YEARS AQO  Gibsons Board of Trade has  requested the provincial government  to do all It can towards allowing  construction of a hotel In Gibsons.  Black Ball Ferries is seeking a  franchise to run a ferry across the  Agamemnon Channel.  THIRTY FIVE YEARS AQO  A proposal that the waters from  Salmon Rock to Slwash Rock be  closed to commercial fishermen has  brought numerous protests from the  Gibsons area. The proposal Is believed to have come from two representatives of the Howe Sound  Salmon Club.  Robert Burns of Gibsons Landing  will address the Sechelt and District  Improvement Association and discuss  the advantages of a village municipality for Sechelt and District.  A sea serpent was sighted by a man  and his wife close to the beach at  Redrooffs in Halfmoon Bay. The  mysterious mammal made noises  similar to a horse snorting or a  grouse rising. It swam with great  speed and seemed to propel Itself  by using Its entire body like a snake.  Rivers Inlet, 1914. At the time of this Karl Andersen photo, hordes of  salmon ran up every inlet on the British Columbia coast. About eighty  canneries employed Caucasian, native Indian, and Oriental fishermen and  shore workers to catch and can the enormous harvests. Scows such as the  one seen here from Wadhams would return filled with prime sockeye. For  decades, hatcheries augmented natural escapements into Rivers Inlet and  the Skeena and the Fraser River. While increasingly sophisticataed  logging and fishing techniques have escalated the pressure on all salmon  stocks, hatcheries on these once prodigious systems have been'  abandoned in favour of salmonoid enhancement programs on only a few]  comparatively much smaller streams. Commercial and sports fishermen,  are now being forced into critical competition for a resource that is rapidly,  vanishing to both. A predictable outcome is that official compromises'  could make this entire coast nothing more than a preserve for global jet-:  setters, whose fish kills would presumably stimulate the national:  economy. L.R. Peterson  [Slings & Arrows]  [George Matthews!  That I should have met Pete  Brady in the Dawson City bars  was, of course, inevitable. He  was drawn to my attention as  he came in one day as the only  miner who still gave a vial of  gold dust to the bartender on  his arrival from the creeks and  stayed in the hotel and drank  until the bartender told him he  had used up his dust.  He was at the time of my  meeting him a balding, stocky,  stooping old man with the  largest and most powerful  hands that 1 have ever seen.  He also had the most formidable eyebrows I have ever  seen and had to get them cut  regularly when he got his hair  cut or they obscured his vision.  Pete drank mainly Guiness  stout, and like many another of  the hermit miners, quite a lot of  it while he was in town. On one  occasion he left the Downtown  Hotel at the 1:30 am. closing  time and decided that he had to  have something to eat. The  Penguin Cafe was just a short  block away but unfortunately  closed its doors at 1:30 am.  Pete got more stooped when  he had been drinking and on  the Friday night in question  stood stooped and knocking  for entrance at the door of the  Penguin Cafe. Though the  door was locked against incomers, the last of that night's  patrons were still dawdling  over their coffees and the  repeated and stubborn knocking of Old Pete drew some  chuckles and the occasional  ribald suggestion.  Irritated by his reception,  Pete suddenly swung one of his  ham-like fists at the glass door  and pieces of glass shot into the  restaurant in every direction.  The law was immediately  summoned and soon the tall,  straight young constable stood  sternly before the stooped old  reprobate demanding an explanation.  "Well, you see, officer," said  Old Pete with the greatest of  innocence while the staff swept  up glass in the far corners ofthe  cafe, "I was just knocking at the  door when the glass sort of fell  in."  It was obvious nonsense but  the old rascal escaped with a  reprimand. When he spoke to  me about the incident later he  chuckled and said, "You know.  Burns, the next lime I went to  the door they let me in."  Pele never did master my  name. I was a Scotsman and  Burns was good enough for  for him and, certainly, good  enough for me.  My ex-wife and I grew better  acquainted with Pete as the  long Yukon winter wore on and  somehow the charming old  rascal determined that she was  a singer, though she could  rarely be persuaded to sing in  public, and persuaded her to  sing "Ave Maria" or "Danny  Boy" just for him. At the  conclusion of the song, to  which he would listen with rapt  attention and many a sigh, he  would seize her poor hand in  his great paw and assure her  again and again that, "Count  John McCormack couldn't do  better".  Pete had two cabins on  Hunker Creek. The main cabin  was by the road and there he  lived during the winter time  between visits to Dawson. The  second cabin was on his claim  where he panned for gold in the  summers.  There was an etiquette which  was observed in a visit to Pete's  cabin which was in its way as  rigid as any devised by Emily  Post. On the first visits, if you  were welcome, you were admitted to the kitchen for coffee  or something stronger. If the  familiarity and the ease of the  first visits merited more, one  was admitted to the main room  of the cabin which held little  except Pete's stove and bed and  a huge old gramophone.  Somewhere about the third  level of acceptance Pete would  share with you his greatest  joy���his Count John McCormack records. His old gramophone was a veritable antique  and the old man would wind it  up and place a 78 r.p.m. record  on and fade off in mists of  nostalgia whilst the glorious  voice of the great Irish tenor  prevailed through the scratches  of the aging record. Halfway  through, his old gramophone  would begin to slow down and  reverently Pete would wind it  up for the conclusion.  That gramophone and those  records were unspeakably dear  to the old man. In the Sixties  doors in the Yukon were still  left unlocked and so it was that  one summer when Pete was up  in his mining cabin some  tourists explored his place and  found the antique gramophone  and the almost equally antique  records and took them, presumably for a memento ofthe  north.  Some ten years later when I  next visited the Klondike the  old tradition of hospitality and  the open door was a thing ofthe  past precisely because of the  thoughtless depredation that  deprived Old Pete of his  beloved gramophone and his  Count John McCormack records.  Next Week: A last look at the  old miner.  The Clerks  f did not think that I should find them there  When I came back again; but there then stood,  As in the days they dreamed of when young blood  Was in their cheeks and women called them fair.  Be sure they met me with an ancient air,���  And yes, there was a shop-worn brotherhood  About them; but the men were just as good,  And just as human as they ever were.  And you that ache so much to be sublime,  And you that feed yourselves with your descent,  What comes of all your visions and your fears?  Poets and kings are but the clerks of Time,  Tiering the same dull webs of discontent,  Clipping the same sad alnage of the years.  Edwin Arlington Robinson  To sacrifice one's self for  the greater good and glory of  the community, while not a  peculiarly Irish habit, is  certainly one characteristic  of that Celtic, myth-ridden  crowd. Under most circumstances, any good Catholic  community would condemn  Bobby Sands as a suicide,  write him off to eternal  damnation and be done with  it. Not the Irish however.  In Ulster, when a man commits suicide by refusing to eat,  he becomes a hero, is immortalized and, most curious  of all, is elected to the British  Parliament.  I have no argument with the  cause of Catholics in Northern  Ireland. By all accounts they  have been treated shabbily for  generations if not centuries.  But when a community allows  that a man is of more value  dead than alive, it seems a  terrible corruption of values.  There appear to be a multitude of villains in the Bobby  Sands affair, probably beginning with Saint Patrick who,  if he had had his wits about  him would have left the snakes  in peace and hightailed back  to Rome where he belonged.  Of more immediate nefarious-  ness, however, are the prison  officials who, besides being in  charge of Mr. Sands incarceration, are presumably  responsible for his care and  protection. Why, weeks ago,  they didn't bind the miscreant  to his bunk and feed him  through a needle, is beyond  my imagination.  Certainly, if Sands had  requested a razor blade or  asked if he might retain his  tie or his shoe laces, the prison  management would have denied the request for his own  protection. What great kindness is there in preventing a  prisoner from slashing his  wrists or hanging himself only  to permit him to starve himself  to death.  Not without blame in this  whole affair is the I.R.A.  itself. While its cause no  doubt be just, to encourage  one of its own to kill himself  and rally the people around to  observe and admire his  demise, is plain and simple  social illness. When the  Reverend Jim Jones and his  900-plus followers chose a  similar fate, for doubtless  what they thought was a just  cause, the whole of humanity  was seized by a justified  revulsion. What a terrible  waste of human life. What  kind of evil and sickness would  allow such a thing to happen?  When 900 Americans kill  themselves in a South American jungle, it is seen for what  it is: sick and evil. When one  Irishman kills himself in a  jail cell, it is seen as good and  just. If 900 Irishmen starved  themselves to death would the  rest of the world see the act for  what it is?  Another antagonist in this  piece is of course Margaret  Thatcher. Bobby Sands is  committing suicide because  Mrs. Thatcher's government  will not admit to the fact that  Sands and his cell mates are  "political prisoners". While  one suspects that if Mrs.  Thatcher were starving to  death, none of Britains'  unemployed would invite her  to tea, she seems bound and  determined to be just as  stubborn as the hunger  striker.  A further factor in the whole  issue is the presence of the  British Army in Northern  Ireland. In retrospect, the  placing of troops in Ulster  has been about as successful  as King George Ill's efforts  to decamp a horde of red-  coated German mercenaries  on the doorstep of American  colonists. When the British  government finally admits to  its monumental misjudgement  and withdraws its soldiers,  perhaps the Irish will cease  taking their own lives and go  back to shooting and bombing  their fellow citizens, which is,  at least as far as the victim is  concerned, a far less venal sin.  I don't pretend to understand why the Irish go on  killing themselves and each  other. I'm not sure what the  motives were in Jonestown,  Guyana. Nor do I understand  why those hundreds of Jews  killed themselves in Masada  when they were bickering  with the Romans. I do however know a suicide when I  hear of it. While the British  Prime Minister argues that  "a criminal is a criminal is a  criminal" it is equally so that  in Mr. Sands' case, a suicide  is a suicide is a suicide.  mtmm m  ���mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmrnKm  Coast News, May 5,1981  Letters to the Editor  Editorial judgement questioned  Editor:  '- Before you publish a contributor's article, do you verify  that it is a true account of an  event, or that it offers fair  comment?  . I feel certain that you did  not do this before printing an  unemployed musician's complaint that he had been denied  welfare by the Ministry of  Human Resources in Sechelt.  If you had stopped to think  about it, surely you would not  have published this scurrilous  article.  Certainly you and your  Contributor (who conceals his  identity behind the pseudonym "Ehjax") have the right  to question the policies of the  MHR. But it is indecent of you  to make a personal attack on a  government employee whose  duty it is to carry out those  policies. For, as you must  know, the B.C. government  does   not   permit   ministry  employees to respond to  criticism by the press.  The entire tone of your  article is offensive ��� it is snide  and contemptuous - and its  phrasing is shocking. Consider the derogatory terms  used by "Ehjax" to describe  the woman who interviewed  him at the MHR, then think  about these questions:  Do you really believe that  "this woman was mean"?  That she behaved like  Attila the Hun?  And that she uttered a  scatalogical oath, and "took  immense pleasure" in denying financial assistance to  an applicant?  And do you think you should  have printed the menacing  phrase, "I really wanted to  smash her smug little face  in"?  Do you think you exercised  sound editorial judgement?  Speaking as a Coast resident, and as a newspaper  editor with many years of  experience, I believe you have  libelled this MHR employee.  You have maligned her  character and impugned her  motives. It is no defence that  you have not named her; her  identity is clear enough in  these small coastal communities.  You have failed in your  first duty as an editor: to check  whether or not the accusations  in a story are true, and to  present a fair and balanced  picture.  You owe a public apology  to this MHR worker, who is  not permitted to defend  herself, and to other members  of the MHR staff in Sechelt,  who must remain silent as  well.  Jack Wallace,  Roberts Creek  Community TV   expresses gratitude  Editor:  : I wish to personally thank  all the people who helped  make, our first year anniversary "Open House" a  success. First of all 1 want to  thank the students of the Community Broadcasting Cass,  Mark Boothroyd, Kathleen  Hall, Ann Watt, Kenna  Marshall, Peter Goodwin,  Peter Austin, David Atlee,  Heather Hogan and Leanna  Lynn for their work in the  technical production of the  three television shows taped  that morning. Thanks also to  the students who could not  attend, but who contributed  to the day.  Special appreciation goes to  former students, Maryanne  West, Kim Almond, Karl  Johnston and Kelly Henry.  It was great to have you  there with us.  To the parents of our  students, thanks for attending  and observing the kind of  activities that your children  are so deeply involved with.  Now you know why they spend  so much time and energy  with Channel Ten. It is fun I  Thanks to the CRTC for  sending representatives to  see how we are progressing  in a project that began with  the co-operation of the CRTC  right from our beginnings  in 1978.  Thanks to the staff of Coast  Cablevision Ltd. We were  pleased to have time with  you, Gerry Wood, Larry  Steed, Ron Caldwell, Doreen  Rayment and Leslie Elliott.  Thanks to Carl Bobardt, the  District Manager, for his first  television experience and for  all his work and energy in  planning this open house  which was a "Ten Year Anniversary" celebration for Coast  Cablevision Ltd.  To Mr. and Mrs. Stan  Thomas, I greatly appreciated  the time and effort that you  gave to the students and the  community. It was a privilege  to have you spend the day with  us and to join you for dinner  with your staff and the students.  And thanks to John Thomas, General Manager of  Coast Cablevision, for your  continued support and your  genuine interest in helping  Coast Ten Television grow  and improve in quality to  better serve this community  as a whole.  Thanks to the local press  for their attention, It was  appreciated. We look forward  to next year's anniversary  celebrations with Coast Cable-  vision and Coast Ten Television.  Sincerely,  Marta MacKown  Elphie  carnival  Editor:  In early June we are planning to hold a carnival at  Elphinstone School which is  planned to include the community. Our aim for this event  is to bring together the community and the school in one  social function.  We are inviting your organization to participate in  this event any way you see fit.  If you would like to raise  money for your function, this  would be an excellent time to  do so.  The carnival committee will  be supplying booths to rent for  the day of the event. There  will be a fee of $5.00 per  booth. These booths may be  utilized any way you wish to  use them. If you would like to  set up a display to represent  your function, a booth can be  used for this purpose also.  If you could please reply no  later than May 22, 1981 we  will be glad to reserve a booth  for you. This will be dealt  with on a first-come-first-  served basis.  If you require any more  information about the carnival, please drop me a note  and I will be glad to serve you  in any way I can.  Thank you for your attention, hope to see you there.  Sincerely yours  Lori Schulberg  Elphinstone Secondary School  Student Council  Musings', a luminous argument  CORRECTION  There was an error In  the Super Valu ad of  April 28th. Pork Butt  Shoulder Steaks, advertised at '1.19 lb.,  should have read '1.29  Ib. Super Valu apologizes for any incon-  vience this error may  have caused.  Fresh Produce  California  wwiorma a     For Mothff��� Oay - 5"  avocados..$������� 3/89*  pottedmums.  C��Ho  strawberries ��> 89    ipinich  .tear  Editor:  I am writing in appreciation  of your splendid Musings of  April 21, about "that most  abused of subjects, human  nature". You have written a  luminous argument in support  of beliefs I have dumbly held  for years and I am collecting  my neighbours' copies of the  musing for mailing to certain  .thoughtful friends and relatives of mine. Thank you for  re-affirming the integrity of  'the human race.  I wish also to compliment  the Coast News upon the  articles by Frances Fleming  and the service she is now  offering of answers to questions concerning education. A  great deal of good, I am sure,  will come of it.  In the matter of the article  by your columnist, Carl  Chrismas, which Mrs. Bishop  considered in poor taste, I  cannot comment because I  hadn't read it. But in his letter  defending himself (Coast  News, April 28) he has bared  his flank to another charge,  that  of  corrupting   English  grammar; he writes of "ladies  with a pocket full of pebbles to  cast at we exasperating men".  Poor Mr. Chrismas embattled  by Raincoas twitches I  Isabel Ralph  Do dogs go for  research?  Editor:  It has been brought to my  attention that Gibsons' Dog  Pound was sending stray dogs  to U.B.C. for research purposes.  I would like to know if this  is true and, if so, to alert the  people of Gibsons so that they  can ensure that this cruel and  unnecessary practice never  happens again I  Yours truly,  Catherine Long  More letters  on Page 25  How About A  Lovely HANDBAG  for  Mother's Day  ��� In Fashionable Spring Colours  All Handbags are Now on Sale  Crtpbdl'sSSS  and LEATHER GOODS  In the  Cowrie Street  It's time to send Mom our FTD  Dig Mug bouquet.  Mother's Day is  Sunday, May 10.  Delight her with  the exclusive FTD  hand-decorated  ceramic bowl  filled with  Place your Out  Ot Town Orders  Early to ensure  ���prompt delivery  Trail Bay Centra  Helping ijou  beautiful fresh  flowers. For  Mom, it's  the best  hug of all.  owtn  ft up  & Gift.  685-9455  sat | it riqnt.  Yfuart invited  Qiristian (mthorityon the family-  Jomos C DobtOA�� Ph.0.  mMiaknging,new  FfXCUS  FAMILY  ft. mir.Hi imitM*'  Sunday Evenings, 7:00 pm.  May 10   Film 3: Christian Fathering  May 17   Film 4: Preparing for Adolescence: The Origin! of  Self-Doubt   May 24   Film 5: Preparing for Adolescence: Peer Pressure   and Sexuality   May 31   Film 6: What Wives Wish Their Husbands Knew   About Women: The Lonely Housewife  June 7   Film 7: What Wives Wish Their Husbands Knew   About Women: Money, Sen, and Children  Gibsons Pentecostal Church (P.O.A.C.)  Cedar Grove School Gym  Chaster Road, Gibsons  Pastor - Ted Boodle Phone 886-9482  ranpurrfctHviiioiu wntn imco*po��ate6  ktAMMalaMl Coast News, May 5, 1981  bv Peter Trower  Soon the crew stumps in  from the woods, a surly-  appearing lot, sullen as convicts. A couple of them deign to  acknowledge my presence with  grunts and cursory nods. I feel  more alone than before they  entered.  Around five, the guthammer  clangs its message and I follow  the rest of them to the equally-  drab cookhouse. Logging  camp lood \aries from outfit to  outfit. It ranges from excellent  to execrable. C'raddock's seems  to fall in the latter category.  I he cook is a small Chinaman  with little Fnglish and less  cooking ability. Ihe greasy  pork chops, boiled potatoes  and canned vegetables he  confronts us with, do not bode  well for the future.  Next morning. I am standing  Pages  from a Life-Log  Peter Trower  in the dripping brush with a coil  of rubber-coated wire around  my neck, trying to blow  whistles for the first time. The  ground is flat and swampy with  considerable underbrush; the  timber, small and scrubby. The  logs are pulled in to the spar-  tree by a wheezing and decrepi.  donkey-engine. My job is to  relay the shouted signals ofthe  rigging-crew which hooks up  the logs. Nervously, I blow a  number of wrong whistles,  infuriating the hooktender or  woods-boss, a short-fuzed,  little tyrant called Stockton.  "Goddammit! Clean those ears  out, punk!" he hollers. Broke.  in the middle of nowhere, I  Gibsons Legion Branch *109  Presents  BRIAN & GRAHAM  Fri. & Sat.  *i  May Sth & 9th       A  Members & Guests Only  Gourmet Lunches  Serving 11 am - 2 pm DAILY  FEATURING:  * The Monte Cristo      * Omlettes  Sandwich  * Gourmet Burgers       + Tahiti Treats  * Lunch Special Daily  "Soorm ot lain &iybw ama to tin Cuku"  886-9815 Cedar Plaza, Gibsons'  suffer his insults in silence. By  the end of the week, I have  achieved enough competence  at the job to minimize Stockton's abuse. I begin to adjust to  the unpleasant environment as  a man adjusts to jail.  The crew are a close-  mouthed bunch and I make  little effort to communicate  with them. Instead. I proceed  to scour the shacks for reading-  material. It is a sorry selection:  old True Detective magazines,  ancient Reader's Digests. Confession books and countless  westerns. I devour them resignedly, wishing I had had the  foresight and wherewithal to  bring some decent pocket  novels in with me. One of the  men owns a brokendown radio.  It pulls in one bad station from  Ketchican which seems dedicated to playing the corniest  music this side of Guy Lom-  bardo. The mudflats sprawl  dismally beyond the window,  exuding the odour of rotten  fish. It is better when the tide  fills the bay like a bottle,  drowning the smells, rocking  the patchwork camp afloat  with clean, salt water.  Stockton, the hooktender,  continues to throw his weight  around at every opportunity.  One day, he has a heated set-to  with Blake, the donkey-  engineer. Blake packs up his  tools and quits. A couple of  days later, Craddock returns  from Prince Rupert with a  replacement. He must have  dragged the very gutters for this  character. He is a scrawny,  bald, hatchet-faced and terminally-dishevelled man called  Jim Christie who has been on a  non-stop drunk for months. He  gazes disorientedly around and  Community Forum  We want your old plates, cups & saucers  ^       886-7454      <*-����l  101 Cedar Plaza, Gibson*        *  Bring us any old China & get  10% off  any single food item.  begs the way to the nearest  bunk.  Unfortunately, it happens to  be in the same shack where I am  staying. There he commences  to howl and moan his horrors  loose for the next four days. We  are obliged to suffer the d.t.s  along with him. It is like living  in a psycho ward. Wild rantings  and protestations jolt us awake  in the small hours. Craddock  runs donkey in the meantime.  "Good man," he assures, "once  he gets the booze out of him."  That is all very well for him  to say. He has his own cabin.  We have to suffer the snakes  along with Christie. Common  indignation forges a brief  rapport between us. We seriously discuss pitching him into  the salt-chuck at high tide.  Finally Christie's demons take  their leave. He pulls on his gear  like nothing has happened and  comes out to the woods with us.  Just as Craddock has said, he  proves a crackcrjack engineer.  Li Ching, our incompetent  cook, continues to manhandle  the groceries to dubious culinary ends. In a lot of camps,  the crew would run him off the  claim but Craddock's men are a  notably apathetic lot. They  simply accept the insipid grub  along with the other woeful  conditions. The supplies are  brough down each week from  Prince Rupert. One day, Carver, the boat-man, fails to  return on schedule. He remains  missing for several days. Craddock rants on the radiophone  to no avail. The supplies are  running out and the quality of  Li Ching's meals hits a new low.  Craddock is eventually going  to have to break down and get  some groceries flown in but  that will cost money and he is  holding off until the last  possible moment. We curse his  skinflintedness.  to be continued.  I manga  Ell in pliant '$  j.   Astrology  Richard Dreyfuss and Amy Irving are the romantic leads in  "The Competition" at the Twilight Theatre this week.  At the Twilight  The Twilight Theatre will  feature 'a very spacey' comedy and a romantic story set  against the background of  aspirants in the world of  classical music this week.  The 'very spacey comedy'  will star Burl Ives and Christopher Connelly in a tale of  inept aliens who run into  problems in the skies above  California. Earthbound will  be shown at the local cinema  Thursday through Saturday,  May 7-9.  fihe Competition marks the  return to the screen after a  virtual two-year absence of  Richard Dreyfuss. Dreyfuss is  seen as an aging piano  protege torn between pursuing a classical career or  retreating to a mundane music  teaching position.  Dreyfuss decides, after  many discouraging second  place finishes  in  the  com  petitions which form rungs of  the classical pianist's ladder,  to give his career one last  chance in a prestigious competition in San Francisco.  First place means a Carnegie  Hall recital, cash, and a year  of touring. Anything else is  failure.  The situation is complicated  for Dreyfuss when he falls in  love with one of his chief  competitors, played in the  movie by Amy Irving. The  girl's teacher, played by Lee  Remick and the parents of the  Dreyfuss character are driven  to distraction by the situation.  Although graced by an  excellent cast, The Competition has for its real star  its music and the deftly mimed  fingering of Dreyfuss and  Irving.  The Competition will be  shown locally Sunday through  Tuesday, May 10-12.  Channel Ten        Arts support  CHANNEL TEN GIBSONS  Tuesday, May S  CHANNEL TEN SECHELT  Thursday, May 7  6:00 p.m.  The Sea Cavalcade committee  is once again trying to find  volunteers to help organize  the 1981 events. This week we  begin our program with  scenes from last year's parade. The parade is followed  by an interview with Vene  Parnell and Gary Puckett.  Gary organized last year's  Sea Cavalcade and talks to our  host, Vene, about the needs  for an organizer this year.  We conclude this section of  ^  WATCH  mulif  mooated  RESTAURANT  ojmwj Monti  BonniebrooK  Lodge  u  ife   the program with scenes from  last year's Water Sports,  beginning with the BooDoo  fly past over Armours Beach.  We hope that seeing all the  fun and action from the 1980  Sea Cavalcade will remind  our community of just how  important this summer event  has always been to the Sunshine Coast.  Channel Ten Mule Special  Steve Hubert is a local musician who is actively involved  in many events here on the  Coast. Kathleen Hall talks  with Steve about his music  and his role as Jesus Christ in  Lyn Vernon's production coming up in May, "Jesus Christ  Superstar". Steve is also  organizing the entertainment  section of the 1981 summer  Arts Centre festival and talks  to Kathleen about his plans.  Steve sings three songs for  your entertainment.  Following this will be a song  by the Gibsons Sound Waves  Chorus taped on location in  the Sunnycrest Mall. This is  just one example of what is  to happen in this future  production.  To add to our Music Special  we will play songs from other  local musicians. Graham Edney and Brian Swanson taped  five of their songs with us in  the studio and we will play  these along with music by  Bonnie Low and Bob Gleason.  This summer's Arts Festival  sponsored by the Sunshine  Coast Arts Council and School  District #46 has been given a  helping hand to the tune of  $2500 by the Vancouver  Foundation.  Since its inception in 1943  the Vancouver Foundation  has provided more than  $43,000,000 in assistance to  registered societies in the  areas of Culture, Child Welfare, Education, Health Services, etc.  Anyone interested in knowing more about the work of the  Foundation is invited to  contact the Executive Director, Vancouver Foundation,  9th Floor, 1199 West Pender  Street, Vancouver, B.C.  Entertainment Scene  Pender Harbour to Sechelt  Jolly Roger Inn  Norman Jones, Fri. & Sat.  The Wakefield Inn Bob Gleason, Fri. & Sat.  The Parthenon  Helen Sinclair, Fri., Sat., Sun.  Sechelt Legion "Hush", Fri. & Sat.  Roberts Creek to Gibsons  The Peninsula Hotel  Live Band, Fri. & Sat.  The Cedars Inn Steve Hubert, Thurs.. Fri. & Sat.  Gibsons Legion "Mainstream", Fri. & Sat.  GRAND OPENING  of  Licenced Dining Lounge  Friday, May 15th  Seaview Place, Gibsons  886-9780  FAMIilSgl-  Linda & Jake offer  Baked Pork Chops  with  Homemade Sauerkraut  $6.95  Roast Beef Dinner  with Yorkshire Pudding  $7.io  Spaghetti  & Meat Sauce  for the Kids!  ��3.io  Happy Mother's Day!  PENINSULA HOTEL  RESTAURANT  Open 4 ��� 9 pm 886-9334  by Rae Kllinuliam  Week commencing May -till.  Ceneral Notes: Messenger-  planet Mercury speeds through  restless Gemini for three weeks  announcing a busy period of  more paperwork, short journeys and phone calls. Taxi-  drivers, telephonists and secretaries will be first to feel heavier  workload. Mercury also contacts Jupiter and Uranus on  Thursday bringing rare opportunities to those willing to try  unusual approach.  Sensual Venus opposes unconventional Uranus Saturday  night promising strange social  or romantic encounters.  The New Moon in Taurus  urges us to apply brakes to  current   run-away   spending  binge.  ARIES (March 21 -April 19)  Local communications increase rest of May. Anticipate  more correspondence and  neighbourhood visits. Well-  tuned vehicle is now essential.  Say yes to relative's partnership  proposal arriving by special  delivery. Resist purchase of  unusual luxury item Saturday.  New Moon advises review  financial obligations at once.  TAURUS (April 20-May 20)  Questions concerning your  money or possessions will  require extra journeys and  phone calls next three weeks.  Have all bills, receipts, bank  statements ready for inspection. Meanwhile watch for  sudden chance to boost eatings at jobsite. Venus in Taurus  opposing Uranus introduces  fascinating admirer late Saturday. New Moon also in your  sign says last chance to improve  your appearance.  GEMINI (May 21 -June 21)  Mercury in your sign finds  you restless and talkative till  the end of this month. You'll  feel a strong desire for change  and variety in your daily  affairs. It's the right time to buy  used vehicle, bicycle or roller-  skates. Child's innocent remark  is clue to upcoming speculative  opportunity. Secret or forbidden activity may be exposed  Saturday night. New Moon  recommends more time to  think undisturbed.  CANCER (June 22-July 22)  Letters or phone calls will  concern private matters or  decisions related to someone  sick, handicapped or hospitalized. You'll be expected to  transport less fortunate person  for special treatment. You'll  also feel the need for peace and  quiet and travel to your  favourite secluded spot. Meanwhile casual relationship with  long-time acquaintance becomes exciting late Saturday.  New Moon introduces persons  involved in ambitious community project.  LEO (July 23 - Aug. 22)  Prepare to become more  involved in local group activities. Upcoming journeys and  paperwork will concern details  of daring neighbourhood venture. Accept younger person  offer to assist. You'll also  receive confirmation of personal summer arrangements. Superior's lewd remarks raise eyebrows Friday. New Moon  promises fresh career opportunities.  VIRGO (Aug. 23 - Sept. 22)  Short-distance communications concern your career,  accomplishments or local reputation. Person-at-the-top is  eager to discuss your ambitions  and rate of progress. This week  is a favourable time to mail job  applications or arrange discreet  interviews. Surprising financial  news arrives from a distance  Friday. New Moon guarantees  recent shift in philosophical  approach.  I.IIIR \ (Sept. 23 - Oct. 23)  N-xt few weeks bring long-  awaited messages from a  distance or results of educational pursuits. Short journeys  will be geared to last-minute  travel arrangements. Manv of  you will enjoy passing interest  in art, literature, philosophy or  religion. Unsual agreement  over shared expenses becomes  embarrassing late Saturday.  New Moon says find a more  trustworthy financial advisor.  SCORPIO (Oct. 21- Nov. 22)  Anticipate quick trips related to other people's cash or  possessions. You'll be expected  to untangle partner's financial  mix-up rest of this month.  Make new list of handy phone  numbers to reach banker,  accountant or hide-away debtors. There's sudden news  linked to forgotten insurance  or inheritance matter. Realize  loved one will be anxious to try  original approach anytime  Saturday. New Moon spotlights revised contracts or  agreements.  SAGITTARIUS (Nov. 23 -  Der. 21)  . Next three weeks there'll be  serious discussions with business partners, competitors or  enemies. A legal document is  being prepared for your approval and signature. Lucky  conversation with secretary or  assistant reveals small-print  catch. Loved one will be  restless, talkative, full of harebrained ideas. New Moon says  it's the right time to quit  smoking, to eat right, or to get  fit.  CAPRICORN (Dee. 22-Jan.  19)  Where you perform daily  duties becomes hectic rest of  May. You'll receive increased  paperwork, phone calls and  requests. Some co-workers will  be all talk and no production.  Local journeys may be tied to  staff problems or faulty business machines. Expect results  of recent medical tests. Sudden  romantic involvement is certain Saturday. New Moon  introduces fresh social contacts  and activities.  AQUARIUS (Jan. 20 ��� Feb.  18)  Prepare for more local travel  in pursuit of pleasures, hobbies  or person you'd like to know  better. Child's latest interest  means extra money spent on  equipment or gas. Phone call  announces you're the prizewinner of fund-raising effort.  Surprise weekend visitor will  be difficult to resist. New Moon  coincides with switching of  furniture where you live.  PISCES (Feb. 19 - Mar. 211)  Domestic scene is busier rest  of this month. Letters, phone  calls, journeys will be linked to  property or rental transactions.  Household rearrangements  benefit from unexpected supply of cash. Routine trip leads  to a strange encounter Saturday. New Moon suggests you  reorganize your personal filing  system. You'll find that important lost document.  LtwiligutX  THEATRE Wk  ,     /      bound  May 7 - 8 - 9  Burl Ives   |Christopher Connelly  Warning: Occasional Swearing  Sun. - Mon. - Tues.  May 10-11-12  Richard Dreyfuss  Amy lrvin9    Ouami.  Lee Remick  NfW,* rani, il lov.  ncMigi gong to  .���J .. vn�� way  Wernlng:  Occasional  Coarse  Language,  Nudity  and  Suggestive Scenes.  PIMM Phone lor Show Times 686-2887  ���M*M  ��*MM��M��Mi  MM  mtmmtm Crossword  by Jo Melnyk  ACROSS  1 Moslem Leader  S Put Aside  9 Paper Quantities  14 Tribe  15 Fillet  16 Horse Race  17 Subdue  1B Clog  20 Cheese  21 British Medal  22 Pilots  23 Material  25 Gardens  27 Periods of Time  29 Donkey  30 Wound Mark  34 Serpent  36 Circular  38 Likeness  39 Movie  42 Acquire Knowledge  43 Razor Sharpener  44 German Composer  45 Within (comb.  form)  46 Chinese Tribe  47 Firework  49 Tiny Life  51 Flower  54 Open  58 Snare  60 Hottentot  61 Ornamental Light  63 Break  64 Backbone  65 Fish  66 Outside (prefix)  67 Recushlon  68 Former  69 Shower  DOWN  1 Played  2 Forest Opening  3 Dinner Menu  4 Illness  5 Shabby Woman  6 Got Up  7 Bad Weather  8 Nourished  9 Raves  10 Being (Latin)  11 Hurt  12 Heath  13 Saints (Fr. Abbr.)  19 Slave  24 Masc. Name  26 Witches Place  28 Old   French   Coin  30 Dallas University  31 Movie  32 Dervish  33 Philosophical Elem  ent  34 Salt Tree  35 God  37 Sloppy  38 Urge  40 Theatre Sign  41 Mist  46 Loke's Daughter  48 Light Washer  49 Confronted  50 Vends  52 Violin Maker  53 Bird  54 Russia  55 Neck Part  56 Cut  57 Fern. Name  59 Exam  62 Maiden Name  1  2  3  4  1  5  6  7  '  1  '  10  11  12  13  14  15  "  17  "  "  M  l  1  "  30  31  23  8  '  ",  ��  "  I  "  M  32  33  15  |  "  J7  M  40  41  41  42  43  44  45  49  41  I  l  M  I  52  53  M  55  55  |  M  "  ���1  l  "  ���4  W  M  ���7  M  "  Answers to last week's Crossword  1  e  0.  3e  ''  1  5*  s  e  \  ���l  ���'  J  n!  *t  1  14  n  i  1  e  tfi  n  1  e  t  s  t  a  1  17  C  a  1  c  IS  u  1  a  t  0  r  t  e  r  e  20  e  1  a  i  n  e  21  a  n  a  22  t  o  m  i  c  1  0  n  s  (1  25  S  V  e  Q  2S 127  a Ic  25  Q  e  n  fi  30  si  s  32 ISS 1  air  t  r  a  d  p  3  a  35  d  i  35  n  0  37  1  i  la  31  1  A  11  Eh  r  y>  0  w  �� ���  3M  42  r  tin 1  43  a  p  0  44  d  45 1  t  3  m  0  r  6  ad  4e  a  t,  f��  so  e  51  0  m  a  n  r|y |  I  0  V  S3  e  SS  e  54  d  r  a  vi  56  r  55  fi  57  a  r  t.  e  "  5t  a  _1  t  ta,  o  SS  J_  n  a  r  si  n  a  _t  0  S2  0  S3  a  f  0  -  1  2  r  r  t  ll  e 1  3 1  M  m  T  n  e  5  i  s  1  e  ���a  ���n  a  d  e  3  -���  e  e  d  s  71  e  Family power  for change  Gibsons Public  library  Tuesday 2 - 4 pm  Wednesday 2 - 4 pm  Thursday 2-4 & 7-9 pm  Saturday 2 - 4 pm  886-2130  Native housing  PRSP Bookstore/  886-7744  I Corner Of School k\\  1 Gower Point Roods  Open  Fri. Ml 9 p.m.  Sun. 11-5  ��� Post Cards a Road Maps.  ��� Stationery.   A Touch oi Local Flavour  Remembering Roberts Creek - 1889 - 1955  Son of the Salmon People Hubert Evans  The West Howe Sound Story - 1886 - 1976  F.J. Wyngaert  Raincoast Chronicles First Five  Collector's Edition  The Gibsons Landing Story Lester Peterson  Hiking Trails of the Sunshine Coast  Bull of the Woods  ��� The Gordon Gibson Story  *> =**/, Q/3C  %n-=w  The United Native Nations is  pleased to announce the official  opening of the B.C. Native  Housing Corporation. The  B.C. Native Housing Corporation is owned by the  United Native Nations. Effective March I, 1981 it will  officially assume all of the  assets, liabilities and responsibilities of the B.C. Remote  Housing Association.  B.C. Remote Housing Association has been the delivery  agent for the federal Rural and  Native Housing Program and  the federal-provincial Section  40 housing program.  A major criticism of this  program by Native Indian  people has been its failure to  involve Indian people in the  implementation of the program. As a result, the program  has missed meeting the housing  needs of many Indian people.  In other cases it has provided  inappropriate or unsuitable  housing.  In assuming responsibility  for the delivery function of this  program, the United Native  Nations is committed to using  the resources ofthe B.C. Native  Housing Corporation to ensure  that Native Indian people at the  community level are involved  in making basic decisions as to  how their housing needs will be  met.  While the program is not  only limited to the needs of  i.'.i. u.ji.i|��.,if.|'J.i��.l.|.i...B  MOTHER'S DAY  IDEAS  The Country Diary of an  Edwardian Lady  ��� Edith Holden  The Encyclopedia of  Organic Gardening  Organic Gardening Magazine  Cottage Flowers  ��� Marie Angel  The Clan of the  Cave Bear  ��� Jean M. Auel  Or a Choice From  Our Collection of  CLASSICAL  RECORDS  To All The Mums  who made  The Coast News possible  Happy Mother's Day  Woody  Annette  Dit  Bertha  Frances  Jane's  mum  Mary  Marion  Lady  Gladys  Eileen  maman  Laplante  From The Coast News Kids  FOOD  FOR  THOUOHT  * by Yoihl Tanaka  ��� Broiled lamb with a hint of  the middle East: season with  salt and pepper, garlic--and  cinnamon!  ��� Leftover sauce should be  saved in the freezer. Even  when there's just a little, il"s  enough to pep up ordinary  broiled chops, or bind vegetables delicious.*/  ��� What's your favourite?  You'll find it on the menu at  Yoihf's Restaurant, Glbtoni  886-8015. And just wait till  you taste the magic our chef  works. Join us soon!  OPEN  MOTHER'S DAY  from 5 pm  ��� What is your favourite? Bel  you'll find it on the shelves at  Ken's Lucky Dollar. We carry  a wide variety of delicious  Everything to please our  many customers.  NOW OPEN  FOR LUNCH!  Tue��. - Thuri. 4:30 - 9:30 pm  Fri. a Sat. 4:30-10 pm  CLOSED: Sun. & Mon.  The word "power" may  suggest aggressiveness, force,  and confrontation���but that is  not what the B.C. Council for  the Family had in mind when it  chose as its 198I theme: Family  Power For Social Change.  Family Power grows from  fhe closeness, commitment and  willingness of each family  member to care for, support  and understand the others  within its family group.  Family Power is expressed  by parents who insist on  healthy educational, recreational and legal services for  themselves and their children;  by breadwinners who seek  employment condidtions that  enable them to maintain family  commitments; by grandparents  who resist the lure of retirement  ghettos; by many people who  recognize that family relationships are irreplaceable.  "All we need to do is stick  together and quietly insist,"  says Dave Nordstrom, an  active member of Provincial  and Capital Region Boards of  the B.C. Council for the  Family. Nordstrom claims that  families do not have to campaign loudly to assert themselves, and cites his experience  with local alternative school  programs which fully involve  families, and with preventative  counselling and health maintenance systems that serve  families in their own homes.  True power within a family  lies in the recognition of  common values and bonds, and  the protection and develop  ment of such positive bonds.  With the support of such  agencies as the B.C. Council for  the Family and its affiliates,  "family" can be broadened to  include the increasingly larger  groups of committed, caring  individuals.  Social change is promoted  when an increasing network of  families uphold the integrity of  their communities, and support  each other in resisting the  influence of economic, social  and political developments that  may fragment their family  base.  During Family Month every  year, the B.C. Council for the  Family spreads the good word  throughout the province of  programs and plans that empower families, and increase  their contribution to a responsive community, province  and country.  wckm\wamwr,wormesL   <?  clonioclown  Coast News, May 5, 1981 5  VIDEO PRODUCTION"  We are prepared to produce  Video Cassettes for your Special  Needs.  c��  C04ST  ' ��1910  mpocrms  VHS or Beta Format  885-3666  ��  selection ol dMwjns in pftmipress pel ulti ind minimi  The flec-siiling possibilities lie endless  Mulching duet strut* tviilible Pleist eoMitt us <o*  out colour brochute ind ens Cmtdi dealer lis! -"  Estabhshnd 1967  SUWHINE INTERIORS  NORTH B>. ��� KIW ANtS WAV  OIWONt- M6-8187  lO  j',   vIlV   -I l-H-.M^n.l .���������1,U^.i,..1i lUffUH^IJili;" rHjI.1"  ,**o��*  MORE T-SHIRTS  Jc o'l  Prices  KIDS'  ���5.95  M  -Bl  ?v>&  IV.  i   MEN'S   J V-Neck &  Crewneck  I    Ladies' Sweatshirts  ���7.a5|l in New Spring Colours  D , 7| *16.50  Perfect ~_  for each  Mother's  Day  <H l]lilf%  fa   M4-1S18    A  Native Indian people, but toall  low income people, the housing  conditions presently suffered  by many Native Indian people  are far worse than those by  other segments of society.  PEOPLE COME FIRST IT  PRICES EFFECTIVE: WED. - SAT. MAY 6TH ��� 9TH  IER  FANCY FRUIT !.��. 69'  Fruit Cocktail, Bartlett Pears or Peaches  VEGETABLES u�� 2/89*  Beans, Corn or Peas  Libby's  BEANS with PORK ��.,. 55*  or In Tomato Sauce  Libby's  KIDNEY BEANSR.d m* 49*  Nabob  COFFEE nb $2.99  Maxwell House  INSTANT COFFEE io��. $5.99  Uncle Ben's  CONVERTED RICE       2.bs $1.89  Del Monte  PUDDING CUP      4-so, cups '1.29  Kraft  MAYONNAISE soomi '1.29  MIRACLE WHIP in. $ 1.89  CHEEZWHIZ i* $4.89  PARKAY MARGARINE  3ibs $2.09  TOOTHPASTE isom. $1.99  Glad-Giant  GARBAGE BAGS m $2.99  DOG MEAL 2.,, $1.69  DOG FOOD 2*5.* 55*  Gov't. Inspected, Frozen Whole  FRYING CHICKEN utility n, 99*  Canidt Grade A Tablerite Beef  BONELESS BLADE STEAK ib '1.99  Marinate 8 B.B.Q.  Ft0Mn *���    AM  FRYING CHICKEN �� '1.69  legs, approx. 3 Ib. Poly bag  Grain Fed. Gov't. Inspected  PORK BUTT STEAK        �� '1.49  Bone In, Cut Thick for B.B.Q.  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Fire on Redrooffs  by Ruth Forreater 885-2418  Fire oa Redrooffs:  What was reported as a  chimney Tire turned out to be  an attic fire which totally  destroyed the roof of a home  on Redrooffs Road last Saturday night. New renting  tenants had just moved into  the house and were unfortunately unaware that were  was a fire department in  Halfmoon Bay, so the call was  first made to the Sechelt  Fire Department.  This mistake caused a delay  of six minutes, which is a long  time while a house is burning.  No one was injured in the fire,  but there was considerable  damage to the roof. For the  benefit of the many newcomers to the area, it would be  a good idea to write down the  Halfmoon Bay Fire Department number in a prominent  place. The number is 885-  5511.  The complete house would  have been lost were it not for  the highly efficient and  dedicated group of men under  the leadership of Fire Chief  Jim Nygard who drop what  they are doing and in just  minutes are off to try to  save your home, and possibly  your life.  Also of interest to new  residents ofthe area is the fact  that there is a shoppers'  bus from Redrooffs to the Trail  Bay Mall every Thursday. I  have been receiving phone  calls asking about the time of  this bus. It comes along  Redrooffs between 10:20 and  10:30 every Thursday morning  and returns at 1:45 p.m. The  fare is a mere 30 cents. This is  one of the few items that  inflation has not caught up  with.  The people who regularly  make use of this service have  nothing but praise for George  Hopkins who has been responsible for this operation  for quite a few years. It is a  boon to the many who do not  drive and this is a service  which deserves lots of support.  Shuffieboard wlndop.  The Welcome Beach Community shuffieboard group  held its wind-up dinner  and dance on Saturday last.  The Morgan Cup was presented to Dave and Fran Reid  who were the very popular  winners this year and who had  a perfect score in the final  playoffs. There were five pairs  in the final playoffs - the  Berthelets, Paul Hansen and  Roy   Hill,   Al   and   Eunice  maeirs nuRseRy  DISCOUNT SALE  Still on   .  While Stock Lasts  Hwy. 101, Roberts Creek  Pender Harbour Community Club  GENERAL MEETING  Monday, May 11th  7:30 pm in the Community Hall  Everyone Welcome!  $50. Membership Draw  VILLAGE OF  GIBSONS  APPOINTMENT  The Municipal Council of Gibsons is pleased to  announce the appointment of George Bodf to the  position of Recreation Director for Ihe Village of  Gibsons, effective immediately.  Mr. Bodt has been the Aquatic Supervisor for the  Village of Gibsons since the opening of the pool in  February 1978.  He has completed a Diploma in Recreation at  Vancouver Community College and prior to coming lo  Gibsons was employed with the Vancouver Parks Board  in the capacity of Lifeguard-Instructor and Assistant  Community Centre Director, and also with the  Municipality of Richmond in the position of Pool  Supervisor, Recreation Centre Director, and in their  main office as the Coordinator of Physical Activities.  In the new position of Recreation Director for the  Village of Gibsons George will be responsible for the coordination of recreation, park development, leisure  planning, pool operation and future capital development  projects. George will also assist as a resource person in  the newly formed West Howe Sound Advisory  Recreation Commission.  George is looking forward to meeting all persons and  organizations involved in Recreation on the Coast.  His office is located in the Gibsons Municipal Hall and  he can be reached by phoning: 886-2274.  Keeler, Alex Ellis and Grace  Rutherford.  A very special vote of  thanks was given to Roy Hill,  who has been convenor for the  shuffieboard this season. After a delicious dinner served  by Helen Robertson catering,  Paul Hansen took up his  position at the organ for an  evening's dancing. It was  during the dance that the call  was received of the fire at  Redrooffs Road, so several  wives were abandoned in the  middle of the floor while the  men dashed off to fight the  fire. The response was immediate and the fellows took  off instantly, complete in their  "go to party" suits. The rest  of the evening was a write-off  for these firemen and their  wives and the dance was over  earlier than it would normally  have been. Despite this, it was  a very good and happy evening for everyone present.  Garbage again:  It seems that once again  people are going back to  putting out their garbage in  plastic bags around this area.  Containers with lids are  inexpensive, last for years,  and do not get torn apart by  the crows who then proceed to  scatter the garbage all over  the place. This is a real  eyesore on our pretty road and  is quite unnecessary 1  An Interesting workshop!  Of interest to all home  owners will be a workshop  scheduled to take place at  Chatelech School on Saturday,  May 30th. It is an interior  design workshop, but will be  more than just a session on  how to match colours, etc.  There will be specialists in the  fields of antiques and accessories, fabrics, carpets, an  interior design specialist and  a design instructor consultant.  For further information you  should call 885-5581.  Mlntle Road messi  People around here have  been wondering when the  highways department will  ever get around to fixing up  the road to the Halfmoon Bay  post office. It has been in this  state since the flooding a  couple of years ago and this is  a very busy little road -  especially from this time of  year right through summer.  X  Everything for Mother  885-2916  Cowrie St., Sechelt  H  H  X  Bouiasw Photo  Riccoh Talento, a gifted Pender Harbour High School  student, has been awarded the Gordon Shrum Scholarship  for Music at Simon Fraser University.  humont News  Egmont high life  by Jon Van Arsdell  John Madsen stopped in  yesterday to tell us what he  has been up to. It turns out  that on an impulse he picked  up his lovely wife Yvonne,  and kids Robbie and Donnie,  and they all flew to Titusville,  Florida, to witness the launching of the space shuttle.  Yvonne, by the way, is Frank  and Elsie Suzuki's daughter.  They sat on the sea wall amid  binoculars and TV sets and  watched the takeoff across  eight miles of water.  John is noted for his impulsive moves. When Mt. St.  Helen's was doing its thing,  he chartered a private airplane  and flew his family over the  puff.  Mr. Fearn read that the  space shuttle at lift-off made  four inches per gallon of fuel  and that translated into 1,000  gallons per second. Thank  goodness we are not short of  hydrogen or oxygen. Totally  pollution-free, the exhaust  was pure H20 (i.e. waster).  A very high-class going  away party was held for Greg  and Jackie on Saturday at the  fish farm. Many famous local  dignitaries were present to  pay their respects to the  guests of honour who had to  be phoned the night before, in  Nanaimo, to be told to attend  their own party. Surprise!  An incredible array of fancy  dishes and live music permeated a most delightful  evening. Two beautiful handmade knives, made by Skoo-  kum Cutlery, were presented  as going away gifts.  Bill and Dot Farrell wanted  everyone to know that a deer  was found killed by dogs at  Wilson's Place in Egmont's  West End. No way of knowing  what dog or dogs were responsible, however, people  are going to keep their eyes  open.  Nolle* of th* regular Council M**tlng to be held at the Village  Office on WednMday, May 6th, 1881, at 7:30 p.m.  AGENDA  Minute*  Minules of the Regular Council meeting of April 15th, 1981  Mlnutss ofthe Public Hearing on April 15th, 1981.  Mitten Arlilng Irom Mlnulu  Account*  Accounts Payable lo April 30th, 1981.  Commit!** Report!  Alderman Brown - Public Works, Arena  Alderman Kollbaa - Planning, Library, Health  Alderman Stelck - Finance, SCRD  Alderman Lee - Airport, Tourism, Management  Corr*ipond*nc*  1. Ministry of Prov. Secretary - re.  Funding Program -  Museums.  2. U.B.C.M. - Community Crime Prevention Conference  3. Ministry of Industry and Small Business- 1981 census  4. Sechell Minor Baseball - request for grant.  5. K. Ryan - re. Boulevard landscape.  6. Min. of Municipal Affairs - Livestock Protection Act.  7. Canada Week Proclamation - June 25.1981 - July 1,1981  8. S.H. Churchill - re. Ads In B.C.A.A. "Westworld"  9. Sechelt Marsh Protective Society - re. culvert.  10. School District #46 - Annual Budget Review.  11. Sunshine Coaat Arts Council - Arts Festival '81.  By-Laws:  By-law #228 - 2nd and 3rd reading  By-law #208 - Treatment Plant to Public Assembly -  reconsideration and final adoption  By-law #311 - Capilano College to Public Assembly -  reconsideration and final adoption  By-law#229-Council Indemnity.  Any Other Business:  Resolution of Council - accommodation, travel and per diem  rate of t per day paid for members of Council  and staff attending conventions and/or seminars.  Resolution of Council - Port O'Call water lease taxes paid  since 1976 - owner cancelled as of June/76. Section 376 (2)  A.A. not notified of cancellation.  J.M.A. Shank!  Clerk-Trtaiurer  Don't miss the Annual  Egmont Plant and Bake Sale  on Thursday, May 7, 2:00  p.m. in the hall. Refreshments  will be served.  COME TO MILORE FOR OUR  Special Spring Sale  ALL SMALL FRUITS are still on Sale  Open from  9:00 am - 7:00 pm  FRUIT TREES Reg $9.95  Large Selection  $10.95 Now Only $7.95  JUMPERS Emerald Spreader & Blue Danube  Reg. $3.49  On Sale for $2.49  JAPANESE FLOWERING PLUM Reg $20.95  Now Only $16.95 Double & Single  12' LOMBARDY POPLARS Reg $8.95 Now $6.95  MUMS - CUSHION & INTERMEDIATE Reg sot  Now 60<t ea.  FLOWERING CABBAGE & KALE  Reg. $1.00 per box  On Sale for 75<t  FLOWERING  BULBS  ALL 30% OFF  PERENNIALS  Reg. $1.25  Now $1.00 ea.  ^s^^^^^^^^^^^^^s^^sZs^^^T,  Insurance  Protection  While  Building  We offer ALL RISK protection for your  home while it is under construction. As  well as the standard fire and extended  coverages, our policy includes theft of  materials, vandalism and building  collapse.  Of course, we also offer a full range of  insurance products specially tailored to  suit your needs.  ��� Business  ��� Commercial  ��� Liability  ��� Home Owners  ��� Travel  ��� Tenants  ��� Autoplan  ��� Marine  ��� Life  Come in to see us. You'll be glad you did.  Sunshine Coast  Insurance Agencies ltd.  885-2291  ���.���.���.���.���.���.V.V.V.V.VAV.'  CREDIT UNION BUILDING  COWRIE ST., SECHELT  MMHH Coast News, May 5, 1981  IVn.lr  Swallows are back  bv Robi Peters  Two nice things happened  this week, our swallows came  back and the Regional Joint  Use committee granted the  Pender Harbour Aquatic Society the money they requested for improvements to  the pool facility. In a nutshell  this means the money to pay  for establishing an exercise  room and thermal blanket  for the pool will be paid from a  Recreation fund raised from 1  mil of Sunshine Coast Regional District taxes. Not just  Pender   Harbour   Area   A.  The swallows, which are  like old friends to our family,  bring the definite promise of  Spring. No matter whatever  else happens, war, death or  space flights, when the  swallows return, we know the  world is still on its axis.  It gives a feeling of security to  know after the thousands of  miles which these birds travel  they arrive back on almost the  identical day as the year  before. We feel we are lucky  to have these swallows even if  they do build nests right over  the front door and bedroom  windows (we've tried to discourage this to no avail),  and wake us up early in the  morning with their continual  chatter. They dive bomb the  cat and attack the dog, who  wait with patient vigilance for  revenge and never seem to  get it.  The pleasure my family has  enjoyed throughout the years  in watching the beauty and  skills of these delightful birds  cannot be measured. They  have more than made up for  any problem they might have  caused us.  I remember my young son  picking up a young swallow  fallen while learning to fly,  and returning it to its nest  before the cat got it. The  mother and father who were  watching their youngster try  his wings were beside themselves and were unsure of  Billy as he climbed the ladder  to replace the small bird. The  warm loud reception he  received after his rescue  was worth it, according to the  big smile of satisfaction on his  face from doing a good deed.  Besides the beauty of these  birds they also do us a good  favour by earing bugs and  mosquitoes during the Spring  and Summer. It's their only  diet. According to Ripley's  "Believe it or not" swallows  consume 400 insects a day I  So, if a swallow decides  your home could be his home,  feel honoured, you'll receive  lots of compensations.  Elphi museum  reopens  Elphinstone Pioneer Museum (across from the Gibsons  Post Office) officially reopens  its doors this week, after an  extended period of construction and rearrangement of its  artifacts.  The displays are now  arranged in separate groupings which include a natural  history display, a turn-of-the-  century living/dining area  and toolshed, a display of  pioneer logging and farming  tools, and a fine collection  of Canadian native artifacts.  The public is welcome to  visit between 9 a.m. and  4 p.m., Monday through  Saturday.  Remember  J<i��mv  With a Gift from  WTCHEN GARMIVflL  Cowrie Street, Sechelt 885-3611  This motorcycle-car collision on Highway 101 last week sent one young man to St. Mary's Hospital.  Kolx-rts (  Friday is the day for  Robert's Creek Fun Run  by Jeanle Norton 886-9609  Fun Fair Friday.  Be sure to drop in on the  Fun Faire at Roberts Creek  Elementary this Friday. It's  "fun" for everybody and the  prices are certainly "fair" -  you can't get a cheaper night  out these days.  There's bingo for the  aficionados and games for the  kids. There'll be food for those  who missed supper or need a  snack and there should be lots  of delicious baking with all  those good cooks in the  Parents' Auxiliary.  You'll have to get there  early to beat the bargain  hunters at the white elephant  sale but you can alawys buy a  ticket on the food baskets.  And there are usually enough  plants to fill Stanley Park.  What better way to get your  garden started than from a  gardener who has enough to  spare?  All this and much, much  more. Bring the kids or come  on your own. It's fun and it  raises money for the Parents'  Auxiliary. The Fair will be  held at the school from 6:30  until 9. See you there.  Birth Announcement.  The Grade One class at  Roberts Creek Elementary is  pleased to announce the  successful hatching of three  duck eggs last week. The  ducks are as yet unnamed  (Huey, Dewey and Louie  seem a natural but sex has not  been determined) but are  doing well and eating mush.  They enjoyed their first swim  last Friday.  Miss Lim's class has been  incubating the eggs since  several weeks before Easter.  The thirty proud surrogate  parents are understandably  excited and eager for their  turn to go look at their foster  offspring. They supervise  visitors closely though - they  have signs posted with the  "rules  for  duck-watching".  Bingo Thursday.  Thursday night bingo starts  at the Roberts Creek Legion  this week on May 7. Early bird  starts at 7.  Agenda Items.  Don't forget that items to be  discussed at the Community  Association meeting must be  on the agenda. Contact Gail  Cromie at 885-3469 or Dennis  Davison at 885-2101. The next  meeting is May 20.  Fun Run Sunday.  We all know it's Mother's  Day this Sunday, right? But  are you also aware ofthe Fun  Run that day? It's intended for  i  NOTICE OF PUBLIC MEETING  ELECTORAL AREA E  A public meeting will be held in the  GYMNASIUM, CEDAR GROVE ELEMENTARY SCHOOL  on  WEDNESDAY, MAY 13  AT 7:30 PM  to discuss the first draft of the  ELPHINSTONE SETTLEMENT PLAN  This draft document outlines long range policies for growth and development of the  community in the area lying west of the Village of Gibsons boundaries and west of  ��� North Road extending to the cemetery on Highway 101. Copies of Ihe text portion of  this plan are available at the Regional District office. A settlement plan map is available  for viewing at the same location. Interested citizens and community groups are  invited to participate in the discussion by commenting on the proposals and by  providing suggestions for inclusion in the plan.  Office Hours:  885-2261  Monday ��� Wednesday:'8:00 am - 5:00 pm  Thursday ��� Friday: 8:00 am - 6:00 pm  Sunshine Coast Regional District  Box 800, (Wharf Street)  Sechelt, B.C.  VON 3A0  the whole family and is a  reasonable eight kilometres  (five miles) that you can walk,  run, jog, bicycle or whatever.  There are lots of hidden  prizes as incentive but if it's a  nice day what more inspiration  do you need than a tour  through Roberts Creek? You'd  be surprised by what you see.  The run will start with a  warmup at the school, then  proceed up Hall Road, along  the highway, down Joe Road  and back along Lower Road to  the school. If you haven't  registered yet you can do so at  9 a.m. Sunday.  St. Aidan's Tea  St. Aidan's A.C.W. Tea was  held at the parish hall and was  well attended in spite of a wet  day. Mrs. M. Haulita opened  the Tea and the tea tables  were gay with spring flowers:  The stalls were well patronized.  We thank all who worked so  hard and those who supported  us   with   their   attendance.  The Door Prize was won by  Mrs. E. Horner. The Hamper  Raffle was won by Mrs. F.  McSavaney.  NOTICE OF PUBLIC MEETING  ELECTORAL AREA F  A public meeting will be held in the  GYMNASIUM, LANGDALE ELEMENTARY SCHOOL  on  Tuesday, May 19,1981 at 7:30 pm.  to discuss the first draft of the  WEST HOWE SOUND  SETTLEMENT PLAN  This draft document outlines long range policies for growth and development ofthe  communities in Granthams Landing, Soames Point, Hopkins Landing, Langdale,  Williamsons Landing and the North Road area. Copies of the text portion of this plan  will be available at fhe Regional District office, Gibsons Post Office, Granthams Post  Office and the Hopkins Landing Store from May 12 on. A settlement plan map it  available for 'viewing, at the Regional'Diisttict Office.! Interested citizens and  community groups are invited to participate in the discussion by commenting on the  proposals and by providing suggestions for inclusion in the plan.  8852261  Office hours:  Monday ��� Wednesday ��� 8 am ��� 5 pm  Thursday ��� Friday - 8 am - 5 pm  Sunshine Coast Regional District  Box 800, (1248 Wharf Street)  Sechelt, B.C.  VON 3A0  Economiser  Soma Ittnw may M  untvallabit Out to  supplier, ihortagts  Wl MSMVI THI MCHT  TO LIMIT QUANTITIIS  Sell for MOTHER  ON HER SPECIAL DAY, MAY 10th  PERFUMES ��� CHOCOLATES ���  HAIR APPLIANCES & CARDS  ALL AVAILABLE AT YOUR WESTERN DRUG MART  PRICES EFFECTIVE  UNTIL MAY 9TH, 1981  NO NONSENSE DIET  Chocolate, Vanilla  Strawberry  WESTERN'S  PRICE  11.95  A.B.C. DETERGENT  2 kg.  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Mills Crispy ^           _  wheats n' raisins   $1.79  Miracle Whip A      j***  salad dressing l,*1.99  Rowntree JfcjfcA  chocolate bars 69��  Asst'd Varieties  m ���  .iMftfefe  :��ito*��K^*'  ,>"-v"'  398 ml  650  Libby's Deep Browned  beans  With Pork & In Tomato Sauce  Libby's Red mm**  kidney beans       ....59*  Neilson's .  drink crystals 3,��2era$l.l9  Asst'd Flavours  Pinetree - Dry .  roasted peanuts ���� $2.29  Duncan Hines .  cake mines      ....'1.19  Aylmer - Choice ��gfc*ma  tomatoes ���m,99��  Broccoli  Broccoli is one of the great vegetables of the world. It's so pretty  and so versatile. It's the vegetable that my youngest son first  grabbed and demolished at a very tender age. "Trees" are a firm  favourite in my family's diet. We love to eat them as condites - raw  heads of broccoli to use with dips; as snacks for small people and  slimming mums. It's ideal (or Chinese cooking and often, if I've used  Ihe flowerettes elsewhere, I slice the stalks of the broccoli diagonally  and stir fry them. I dice them, too and use Ihem in soups. If I'm just  cooking the flowerettes I cut the stems to about a finger length below  the (lowers and slice them up the middles. One can then cook them  in just a little rapidly boiling salted water or steam them (or about 8 ���  10 minules. There should still be a little "crunch" left in the stem.  For years I've served broccoli plain, or with a cheese sauce, or  with freshly grated Parmesan sprinkled over it. I've avoided  Hollandaise Sauce, one of the classic sauces to serve with it, as  though it was going to give me instant food poisoning. Recently I've  discovered it and found out that there was really nothing to it. The  greal worry people have about it is that it will curdle buf there's a  cure ��� just throw in a small ice cube or a tablespoon of cold wafer and  beat like mad. One can even serve it with foods other than broccoli.  Try cauliflower or asparagus   and especially fish.  Last week 1 credited Mrs T. with the delicious rhubarb cake  recipe, Now she confesses that the recipe really belongs to Mrs. R!  Well. Mrs. R. I guess that's what happens to all the very best recipes.  Thank you very much.  Happy broccoli hunting, everyone.  Nest Lewis  (former Home Economics teacher)  Hollandaise Sauce  1 teaspoon lemon juice (the real thing)  I tablespoon cold water  salt and white pepper  1/2 cup of butter  4 egg yolks  lemon juice to taste  In the top of atlouble boiler place the lemon juice, water, salt and  pepper.  Divide the butter into 4 pieces.  Add the egg yolks and 1/4 of the butter to the liquid in the  saucepan and stir the mixture over hot water. Don't let the  water in the base of the double boiler boil; just keep it hot. I use a  balloon whisk but you could use an electric beater. Whisk the  mixture until it starts to thicken and continue to add the butter  piece by piece until fhe butter is used up and the sauce is thick.  Remove the top of fhe saucepan and beat the sauce away from  the heat for fwo minutes. Replace over the hot water and beat  for another 2 minutes.  Add a little more lemon juice to taste and beat it in. You should  now have a gorgeous glossy sauce to pour over your broccoli.  Day ay day. item by item, we do mora tot you in  providing variety, quality and friendly soroice.  me reserue tne right to limit Quantities'  Gower Point ltd.. Gibsons       Free Delivery to the.Wharf      0B6"2257  DAicy  Kraft Canadian  cheese slices       $2.69  Singles 24's  Southern Sweet  oraMewes      ���79*  McCain's  super crisps       ..,99��  990  Green Giant  UBQBI3DIBS In Butter Sauce 283 gm  Peas, Mixed Vegetables, White Corn  PoP  Shoppe  *5.��/case   �����"���mu.  ~w.   /www  PlusM."deposit  *5.N/case   "-"so mil  w.  /Mien  p|usMhdeposit  *New Flavours, Black Cherry & Lemon Lime *Diet Pop ���Coast News, May 5, 1981  SPRING GLEANING  wed. - sun.  may 6th - loth  Open Fridays til 7 p.m.  Open Sundays & Holidays  10 a.m. - 5 p.m.  DOLLAR  Joy .  liquid detergent  ,..$1.99  Cleanser .  comet ,mem 2/$1.59  Twin-Pack  spies spec iuJI.99  '���rB.ara'ararararararara.^.H.rBI^H^H^aafek....  Aim .em-m.*  toothpaste ......08*  McCormick's McBig .  coohles J2.59  Miss Mew A  cat food ���gm 3/'1.GG  Asst'd Flavours  Oxydol or Cheer  pwd detergent  Bounce  fabric softener  $3.  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I have made it a p<?lrit jtaj, tfj*  concerned with theJBriotisconsumer services being offered in  Gibsons, and in particular our domain in Lower Gibsons. After  the pull-out of tenants to the new shopping mall five years ago,  things looked pretty glum for those who were left.  We formed a group to be known as the Gibsons Harbour  Business Association in order that we could encourage one  another and, by co-operative effort, develop a program of  mutual aid. It Isn't a matter of one business group working  "against" another. I, for one, am most pleased to see the fine  commercial development in both the Sunnycrest and Cedars  "Mall even though some are direct competitors.  To many local citizens this is old stuff, but we have a large  number of new citizens who may not remember that only a few  years ago we had only one restaurant and it was not open on  Sundays. Great changes have taken place in all of Gibsons, but  it is my purpose, as a businessman in the Gibsons Harbour  area, to continually promote and encourage my fellow  tradespeople to do those things that will warrant a good trade  and customer support. We can only deserve the business we  earn.   .  Gibsons Fish Market changed hands recently. With longer  opening hours, larger selections to choose from and a second  cooker���they are doing a roaring business. They'll take phone  orders for fish and chips so you don't have to wait.  May's Florist & Gifts - In the short time that May St. Jean  (with Mary Solnick) has had her Flower and Gift shop she has  accomplished great strides in developing excellent gift, flower  and plant selections. Go see for yourself!  N.D.P. Bookstore has a very good selection of books. I  noticed last week that they are featuring two local authors  whose tales of yesteryear should be of interest to all citizens  including the new arrivals. They are: The Glbtont Landing  Story by L.R. Peterson and The Howe Sound Story by F.J.  Wyngaert.  The Heron restaurant has undergone expansion recently  and is well worth a try-out if you haven't eaten there yet. The  menu is somewhat unique and "different". It is varied and I  can't describe it adequately. Try it for yourself.  Harbour Antiques located now in the newly renovated  C&%_- building, a visit to Johnson's Antique store is well  worth while. Their stock has increased greatly.  Helen's Fashion Shoppe - Denise and Edith Kennett in six  months have laid in a substantial number of good new lines to  build upon the business foundation laid by Helen Johnson.  Their clientele, they say, is ever increasing, but as anyone just  starting up in business will tell you���until you are well known  and well established���you need publicity and all the support  you can get. Pay them a visit.  Mail Order Meats - Last week a large advertisement  appeared in the Coast News from Vancouver. Prices here in  Gibsons were very close to those quoted. One needs to be  wary of these out-of-town offers���especially as I well recall a  customer of mine bringing it all in to be ground into  hamburger, a few years back. The product we sell is fully  guaranteed and you take delivery here!  e*  *$> AT  *r  1. Cut out this Coupon  2. Attach to your Sales Slip  3. Return to Ken's Lucky Dollar  <f>i.   *i  ���V  w  DRAW TO BE MADE SUNDAY AT 5 p.m.  NAME ^ TEL NO.   POSTAL ADDRESS  Our popular $50.00 weekly grocery draw will continue each week into ���  1981 until further notice. ���  L.----������������������J  Ml"  DMM  40th  Grocery Draw Winner  L. Flumerfelt  Shop with confidence. Our prices are uery competltlue.  Ule will not De undersold on these aduertlsed items.  Ule fully guarantee euerythlng we sell to De satisfactory.  or money cheerfully refunded. 10  Coast News, May 5, 1981  Fleming on education  Knowledge network needed  by Frances Fleming  The Knowledge Network of  the West Communications  Authority was created by the  Provincial Cabinet in May,  1980 as a non-profit society to  develop and deliver educational programs and materials via television to all  parts of the province. It is not  intended to be in competition  with universities, colleges or  school districts, but is designed to assist them and  collaborate with them.  To this end three services  are being developed. The first  is called Universities' Communication System, which is  connecting Universities, teaching hospitals, some provincial institutes and law  courts for closed-circuit teaching, medical diagnosis, and  other special services. The  second is called Inter-Institutional Instructional Net-  CARSAND TRUCKS  Rental���Leasing  ���Also-  Domestic & Industrial  Equipment  Sechelt next to the  liquor store  Gibsons at Pratt &  Hwy. 101  Seaside Rentals  885-2848      886-2848  work which through closed-  circuit system of cable, Instructional Television Fixed  Service (ITFS) and satellite  will deliver courses from lower  mainland and Victoria institutions to various metropolitan, interior and northern  locations. The third, which  should interest Sunshine  Coasters, is the Educational  Television Channel, designed  to deliver a variety of courses  and series to the home via the  community cable systems.  Thirty such systems have been  activated and more are being  added.  To assist a community to  obtain this most valuable  service the Ministry of Universities, Science and Communications will subsidize  community-based groups or  agencies to purchase earth  receiving dishes for the Knowledge Network. They have not  been giving grants to cable  companies. However, under  the law, if a signal is provided  in a community, a cable  operator, as a condition of  licence, is required to carry  the signal. As far as is known,  no community group has so  far agreed to undertake the  project for the Sunshine  Coast. Capilano College, the  School Board, or any community association can be a  local sponsor.  Perhaps people have been  waiting for the Cable Company or the government to  Professional Repair & Service  to your Heating & Plumbing  Equipment  ��� General Sheet Metal  �� Installation of Heat Pumps, Air Conditioners,  Wood-Oil, Wood-Electric, Wood, Electric and  Oil Furnaces  ��� Plumbing Service & Installations  THOMAS HEATING  Call Now     BBD-mi  17 Years Experience,  .ervlng the Sunshine Coast since 1967  Audrey's  Coffee serulce  skcmuzimm:  Office Coffee Service  with loan of equipment  885-3716  bring this service to us. It  must be brought to the Sunshine Coast through local  interest and an organized  application to the Knowledge  Network, Box 3200, Victoria,  B.C. V8W 3H4. All inquiries  will be answered promptly.  What will it mean to us on  the Sunshine Coast? Tele-  courses - courses for credit in  a university or post-secondary  institution in which television  viewing is essential to the  course. Video support for  post secondary courses -  television programs which are  designed to augment a distance education (correspondence) course, or conventional  post-secondary course. Normally the key to these learning  systems will be print material  and tutorials, arranged locally.  There will be interactive  instruction ��� courses delivered  live over the system. Students  will interact by telephone from  selected locations. Courses  are now in operation from  BCIT via satellite. Courses  include both credit and non-  credit varieties.  General education will be  dispensed by high quality  series which, when augmented by print material will  be the focus of a new 'living  room learning' experience  for people all across the  province. Some Sunshine  Coasters will remember the  great Living Room Learning  series put out by UBC Extension Department for many  years. These will be even  better I  Schools and Childrens' programming will be sent out  from the Provincial Education  Media Centre. And last but  not least, the network will be  available for local educational  telecasts from colleges and  school districts.  The Knowledge Network is  for everybody. Not all programming will appeal to  everyone all the time, but  there will be something for  everybody every week. The  Sunshine Coast needs a  sponsor. Who will undertake  the responsibility?  The first steps might be for  interested individuals to write  to the above address for information, which will be  gladly sent out. Then pressure  on the Capilano College, or  the School Board, might be  the next step. Northern Lights  College looks after the Knowledge Network in Chetwynd,  Dawson Creek, Fort St. John,  Fort Nelson. Prince Rupert  and Terrace are served by the  Northwest Community College. Quesnel is served by  its School Board, S.D. 28.  Gold River, Port Hardy,  Courtenay and Port Alberni  are served by North Island  College. These are only some  of the areas now participating.  Let's hope the Sunshine  Coast is not left out. Who is  going to undertake this  modern and exciting program  for us?  John Burniida Pholo  Some estimate of the high quality of work being produced by the Craft Studio at the top of  the hill in Gibsons can be gathered from this photograph. The potters put on a splendid  display of their wares last Saturday.  Pender Harbour  Secondary Honor Roll  May 6 at 7 p.m.  John Reisinger  Christian speaker  well-known in  Canada and USA  Speaking on:  "THE DEVOLUTION OF MAN'  ��� What has happened to our  society in the last 10 years?  ��� Why has it happened?  ��� What can we expect?  Chatelech Gym in Sechelt  - No Charge ���  Reformed Christian Gathering  The staff of Pender Harbour  Secondary and the community  would like to congratulate the  following students for attaining high academic standards  in all their courses during the  school's third quarter.  Grade 12:  First Class: Susis Christian,  Riccoh Talento.  "Second Class: Grace Dinardo,  Denise Remmem.  Plant  show  The Annual Show, Vancouver Chapter of the American Rhododendron Society,  will be held in the VanDusen  Garden Floral Hall, 5251  Oak Street, Vancouver, 1 p.m.  to 9:00 p.m., Saturday,  16th of May, 1981; 11 a.m. to  5 p.m., Sunday, 17th of May,  1981. Free Admission. Raffle.  Plant Sale.  Scuba divers  Scuba divers and would-be  scuba divers should make a  point on Tuesday, May 5, of  being present in Room 110 in  Elphinstone Secondary School at  8:00 p.m. for a presentation of  underwater slides by noted local  diver, Tom Sheldon.  The presentation, entitled  Divers' Dreams, is being hosted  by the Suncoast Flounders Dive  Club and a silver collection will  be taken. Everyone is welcome.  Grade 11:  First Class: Barbie Szabados  Grade 10:  Second Claw: Mindy Petra-  schuk  Grade 9:  First Class:  Scott  Simpson,  Susan Wilkinson  Second Class: Michael Hermon, Kim King, Janet Pollock, Rogene Talento  Grade 8:  First   Class:   Kirsten   Kuck  BUTE  TRAVEL  New Number  8S6-ZSM  W^S UNISEX HAIR  M ���       ***                                   886-7616  ^^P                 Open Fridays 'til 9 p.m.  We're   pleased   to   introduce   our  New Hair Stylist  LAURA NESTMAN  Eve, Shirley, Colleen & Laura Invite you to  come in for personalized hair care.  Sunnycrest Shopping Centre, Gibsons  ��� B    u?'/ ^B  E*aBK   .W   |  .T^-^fcla-SI  MOTHER! DOT  *��e*   10% Off  Every Shoe in the Store!  (except Steel Toes & Findings)  FOOT MITTS  HAVE ARRIVED!  For Children & Ladies  20% Off  HANDBAGS  Mother's Day Drawl  Put your Mother's name on your sales slip  ^^^-K > & w'n her a ^"Zl>^  ^-^JJ) PAIR OF SLIPPERS! _'  E3 Dorf�� Shoeg  CHAHCEX  Sunnycrest Shopping Centre  886-2624  1+  Canadian Radao-Mtvrilon and  Com*��dtlafadtodrflu��iooetdtt  ttMOMMRMBIMM CMMMMNt  Public Notice  The CRTC has received the following application:  SECHELT, GIBSONS, B.C.  Applications (810358200) and  (810357400) by Coast Cable  Vision Ltd., 5381-48th Ave.  Delta, B.C. V4K 1W7, to amend  its cable television broadcasting  licences for Sechelt and Gibsons respectively, by increasing  the maximum monthly fee from  $7.50 to $9.00 and for Halfmoon  Bay from $8.50 to $900. The  date of the last fee increase was  23 August 1979 (Decision CRTC  79-553). The applicant has  requested that the increase be  effective as of 1 Sept 1981. The  application may be examined at  Coast Cable Vision Ltd., Wharf  Rd., Sechelt and at D.Q. Douglas Variety & Paints, Sunnycrest  Shopping Centre, Gibsons.  Examination of documents:  documents are available for  examination during normal  office hours. The examination  files may be inspected at the  local addresses shown and at  the CRTC, Central Bldg , Les  Terrasses de la Chaudiere  Room 561, 1 Promenade du  Portage, Hull. Que.; CRTC  Vancouver Office, 701 West  Georgia, Vancouver.  Intervention: any interested  person may submit a written  intervention to the Secretary  General. CRTC. Ottawa, Ont  K1A 0N2 and by serving a true  copy of the intervention upon  the applicant on or before 21  May 1981. The intervention shall  contain a clear and concise  statement of the relevant facts  and the ground upon which the  intervenor*s support for, opposition to or proposed modification of the application is  based The postal ormessengor  receipt should be attached to  the copy for the CRTC, giving  proof that the applicant has  received its copy.  Canada  Monday, May 11th, 1 - 5 pm  Paramettes  Multivitamins        125's  Rea,479$4.��e  Paramettes 250's  ^   $6.99  Paramettes   Supers  ^   $4.99  Paramettes Chewables 100's  4? $3.��*  10% OFF  All Stanley  Vitamin C  GIBSONS  CLINIC PHARMACY  Open Monday - Saturday  Gibsons Medical Dental Centre  886-8191 Coast News, May 5, 1981  11  : It takea a buzz saw to prune this tropical Rhubarb before it eats houses!  ��� Sandy Loam Pholo  Carefree gardening "  by Sandy Loam  To a visitor from the chilly  : recesses of mid-Canada our  vegetation looks lushly subtropical. Azaleas spread their  bright bloom across rockeries,  fruit tree blossoms compete  with omnipresent deep yellow  Broom rampant in empty  fields  and  along  highways.  Domestic white or cream  Broom lushly cascades down  steep banks and creamy  Dogwood drifts with bridal  innocence through the sturdy  evergreens.  Oi  NEW SCHEDULE  SPRING AND SUMMER  885-2214  TO VANCOUVER  FLIGHT NO.  101  103  105  107  109  111  TIME  07:25  09:45  11:45  14:15  15:15  18:00  TO NANAIMO  FLIGHT NO.       TIME  201 07:30  203 11:45  205 15:15  207 18:00  FROM NANAIMO  FLIGHT NO.      TIME  202 08:00  204 12:30  206 16:00  206 Friday Only 18:30  TO POWELL RIVER  FLIGHT NO. TIME  903 06:30  90S 13:15  907 16:30  Further Schedules to Jervis Inlet, Salmon Inlet, Narrows Inlet,  Pender Harbour Now 3 Flights Daily Except Sunday.   Effective March 30th, 1981   FROM VANCOUVER  FLIGHT NO.       TIME  102  104  106  108  110  112  08:00  10:30  12:30  14:45  16:00  18:30  To someone who has just  left still-thawing, leafless  Montreal, the Coast is an  awe-inspiring sight. Then the  eye is struck by our few  Palm trees and our Giant  Tropical Rhubarb, "Gunnera  Chilensis" which demands a  large portion of Kay Butler's  front lawn in Gibsons and  threatens each year to encompass house, cars and  certainly driveway. Kay has  several cuttings of this carnivorous-looking brute, should  anyone care to chance taming  it. Conversation piece anyone?  Looking at our Sunshine  Coast through the greenery-  starved eyes of a visitor  might make us smug if we did  not have to approach Gibsons  from Sechelt so often, through  such a sickening industrial  mess, where not even a breath  of token landscaping has been  attempted. The wild Broom  is the wretched area's only  saving grace and that will not  last long. Why not add a nice  abbatoir to complete this  ghastly short section of  highway 101.  swanson's  L & H Swanson Ltd.  sand, aravel  DUMP TRUCKS  Box 172, Sechelt, B.C. VON 3A0     885'5333  VIASSIFIEDADS  Last Call  Sunshine Coast  Get in on theY-ellow Pages now.  This is your last chance to check out your Yellow Pages listing.  Have you taken advantage of multiple listings so your business can be in  many places at once? (Extra charges apply for extra listings.)  Is every firm you represent represented so people can find you easily?  Remember names, positions and addresses can change in a year and your  listings should change right along with them.  Add something to your Yellow Pages ad or listing right now.  Phone your B.C.Tel Business Office.  It's later than you think. B.Q.TEL  Advertise where you'l  be found.  Fast.  Area E planning  lv.aryanne's  viewpoint  - protect1 v  by Maryanne West  Calling all residents of the  Regional District's Electoral  Area "E". That is, everyone  living between the village  boundary on the east and the  cemetery corner on the highway to the west. South of the  highway there is little problem  in knowing whether you live  in Area "E" or the village -  north of the highway the  village boundary runs along  the east side of Payne Road  to Reed Road, south side of  Reed Road to North Road.  Here the boundary of Area  "E" turns north, keeping to  the west side of North Road as  far as Cemetery Road, south  side of Cemetery Road to  Gilmour Road and then north  to the power line.  If you thought this area  would never get its own  community plan you weren't  alone but, after many delays  and hold-ups, the preliminary  work has been done and the  plan is ready for your inspection and comment.  Just what is a community or  settlement plan?  It's a democratic process  whereby the people who live  in any designated area can  come together to decide on  how they want their area to  be administered by the public  servants who represent them  in local government and by  such provincial agencies as  the Highways Department,  Lands and Forests, Parks,  Hydro, etc.  For example, does it matter  if the guy who owns the land  further up the hill from your  property is allowed to subdivide the build houses on city  lot sizes before there is an  adequate sewage system?  Or, how do you feel about your  residential road being widened into a main traffic artery  to accommodate through traffic? How about land being  set aside for public use so that  there is a park nearby or play-.  ing fields for children?  The process adopted on the  Sunshine Coast has been for  the Regional Board's planning  department to work with a  representative committee of  local residents to put together  the first draft of the settlement  plan. When this has been  done, the plan is presented to  the people of the area for their  response and input, the plan  revised, several times if  necessary, voted on and  agreed to, so that it becomes  the working blueprint for the  Regional Board.  The first stage is now being  completed for Area "E".  You are invited to discuss the  draft plan on May 13th at  7:30 p.m, at Cedar Grove  School on Chaster Road, off  Pratt Road.  I've had a look at this first  draft and it looks comprehensive and reasonable to me.  Obviously the Sunshine Coast  cannot avoid growth. The trick  is to plan that growth sensibly  and sensitively so as not to  destroy the special character  of the area, whatever it was  which attracted us to settle  here in the first place.  The preamble sets out the  idea quite simply. It reads:  "The purpose of this plan is  to place on record a statement  about the type of community  the people in this area wish to  see in the future and how such  a community can be achieved.  It shall provide guidelines for  both governmental and individual decisions. The Plan  represents a commitment by  the people to the course of  action described and thus is  intended to provide a resolution of conflicts within the  community.  The plan sets up six major  goals for the area - you may  well want to add others - and  then goes on to enlarge on  each one with suggested  policies which will help us  meet those objectives. The six  goals are as follows:"l. To  maintain the existing low  density   residential    atmos-  Chlntney  Cleaning  O Maintenance  Phone 886-8187  OFFICE   ELECTRONICS  ��� Photocopiers ��� Typewriters  ��� Cash Registers ��� Calculators  ��� Office Supplies Furniture   &  Stationery  phere. 2. To allow commercial  and industrial development  such as is necessary for an  economically balanced community, but not in competition with other designated  commercial areas. 3. To protect and preserve the waters  and banks of all creeks and  lakes for their social and  environmental values. 4. To  minimize visual, air, water  and sound pollution. S. To  ensure sufficient community  services and parks are available. 6. To ensure that land,  when being alienated or subdivided, is put to an aesthetically pleasing and environmentally sensitive use."  There are people still living  here, the real old timers, who  can remember when there was  only a forest trail to the village  and when we can 25 years ago  almost   all   the   waterfront  houses were just summer  cottages, opened on each  May 24th and closed for the  winter after Thanksgiving.  The sense of community which  existed when we all knew  everyone along the road has  gone, but perhaps now that we  have a school, a new community is developing with  Cedar Grove as its natural  focal point.  Bring your neighbours to  this meeting and let's get to  know one another again.  Meet the committee members  who have already put in  many hours of work on our  behalf. They are Chairman  Bernie Parker, Dr. Bailey,  Ms. Pauline Cripps, Dick  Derby, Ms. Celia Fisher,  Ms. Sheila Kitson, Kevin  Ryan, Area "E" Director Jim  Gurney and planner Jim  Johnstone.  We have delicious treats and gifts  ���      For a Sweet  Mother or Grandmother  Open: Tues. - Sat. 11 -4 pm  and "Sunny" Sundays 12 ��� 5  885-7522  Gibsons Landing  Alano Open House  A week-long Open House of   being offered to  the  com-  the   Sunshine   Coast  Alano   munity.  Club will be held between  May 5-11 to familiarize people  with  the   type  of  services  Visitors and sustaining  members will be welcome and  again many thanks for the  avalanche of donations.  N&  ntchworh.PiiK  and other Pleasures  Wc think  Mothers are very special \  So we offer you 10% Off on  all your Gift Selections till May 10th  We will be open May 10th - Sunday  886-8355 Open: Mon- Sat   11-4 pm   Gibsons Landing I  THINKOFUSASA MATCHMAKER  BtrnKMSaUNGJHE   CMIf UWI OMKBSIMMniinU!  /JrMlOl  As Low As  $78.00  Makes Good  School Sense  People who have  //WKIHlliil   topped our store know  wlWmvW   that we have ^e ua'ue  tlaribels  m *->      ^FASHIONS  X Teredo Square Sechelt  Smo-T" * S*t 9*��'5 885-2029  i  fa WORKWEN? WORLD  WE'RE WORKING FOR YOU'  in celebration ol mother's Day  saue 30% and more on  El Femme Fit Jeans  Famine Fit Jeans  Ml.<28.��  SAVE $8."  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Chak-Chak and his wife  attended the official opening  of the new facilities last  Saturday, April 25. Full bar  facilities are now available in  the "Snug", the cosy dining  area at the Heron.  My wife was very pleased  with the item she chose from  the new dinner menu, baked  sole. Black sole with a tasty  stuffing topped with a delicate  Bechamel sauce. My choice  was baked small salmon  generously stuffed with a crab  dressing. Both dishes were  served on a bed of white and  Platter  wild rice with zucchini and  other vegies.  The small salmon that are  being featured at the Heron  are a Sunshine Coast product  from Tidal Rush Marine  Farms Ltd. on Nelson Island.  These tasty fish are similar  to the "blue backs" that used  to be so plentiful every  spring in the Gulf of Georgia.  The main dish on the dinner  menu at the Heron is the  'Fisherman's Bounty for  Two'. It has six kinds of  seafood and seemed to be very  popular with the patrons the  evening we were there. Other  seafoods on the menu are  oysters, prawns and oysters,  crab 'n cheddar, steak and  prawns or oysters. There are  seven other dishes for those  who do not care for seafood.  As you enjoy your aperitif  in the warm wood decor of the  Snug, you may catch a  glimpse of the diminutive  owner of the Heron Food and  Beverage Co., Katrinka. She  is the "Jill" of many trades  who took over the Heron from  Jerry Bozwinkle and created  the excellent restaurant that  you see today. Proprietor,  Executive Chef, Maitre D\  Menu designs, Architectural  designs and carpentry work  (assisted by King Anderson),  Business woman; this is  Katrinka. The location on  Gower Point Road has evolved  through many forms since  Ed Kullander built his automotive repair shop here in the  1940's.  Before going to the Heron  for dinner drop in to the  Gibsons Fish Market next  door for some seafood to take  home. They are open 'til  7 p.m. I counted over 36  varieties of seafood, including  swordfish steaks!  If you want to catch your  own seafood, Land-Sea Communications and Chandlery  Ltd. now carry a full line of  fishing tackle including a  novel knife sharpener called  'crock sticks' at a competitive  price. Sea you.  Chimney  Cleaning  & Maintenance  Phone 886-8187  Biggest log barge  in the world  FOR THE CONVENIENCE OF OUR CLIENTS  AND TO SERVE YOU BETTER  EASTWOOD fi COMPANY  BARRISTERS ft SOLICITORS  Have moved  across the hall from our old location  in the Medical Dental Centre  886-2271  The Seaspan Forester,  which services Howe Sound,  is the biggest log barge in the  world. It carries four-and-a-  half million feet of wood on a  deck  453  feet by  96  feet.  The ten-year-old barge was  built at Yarrows in Victoria  and designed by Robert Allen.  It is pulled by a 130-foot tug  boat, the Seaspan Commodore, which is operated by an  eight-man crew. It takes a  5500 horsepower engine to  pull the barge. The barge  dumping is an incredible  sight. It is all done by remote  control from the tug boat.  Valves open, filling the  tipping tanks in part of the  hull with water and causing  the load to unbalance.  This procedure takes anywhere from seven to 40-  minutes, then it all breaks  loose. Tons of wood barrel into  the water. The barge, meanwhile, is held steady by a  CLASSIFIED NOTE  Drop oil your Coast News  Classified al Campbells  Family Shoes. Sechelt, or  Madeira Park Pharmacy.  Madeira Park  HELP HELP HELP HELP HELP HELP HELP HELP HELP g  " ~~ "    \  x  H  r  as  %  ��WCM ......  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It loads pulp and  chip-and-saw from Howe  Sound to the Port Alice pulp  mill,   on   the   return   trip.  Loading the barge with two  Washington cranes takes anywhere from 16 to 24 hours,  depending on the species  of wood being loaded.  When the barge dumps it  always does so towards the  beach. Two assist boats with  a string of boom sticks chained  together corral the logs, while  the Commodore pulls the  barge away.  This procedure is timed  carefully to make certain that  the logs are contained and the  assists remain in constant  radio contact, so as not to  act  too  soon  or too  late.  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Sunshine Coast Motocross Club Meeting on Tuesda y May 5th at the  Omega Restaurant in Gibsons. 7:30 pm. to co-ordinate the May 24lh  Provincial Meel Public is urged to attend.  Fitness In Motion: Exercise to Music. Roberts Creek Community Hall.  Mon., Wed, Fri - 9:30 am ��� 10:30 am. Also St. Hilda's Church Hall,  Sechelt, Tues. & Thurs. -12:15 pm -12:45 pm.. commencing April 7th,  SlO/mo. For into, call Rieta, 886-2875 TFN  Pender Harbour Community Club - General Meeting Monday May 11,  1981 at 7 30 pm in the hall. Everyone welcome. $50 membership draw.  Regular Events  Elphinstone Pioneer Museum in Gibsons is now open. Monday  through Saturday between 9 am. to 4 pm  Monday  Roberts Creek Hospital Auxiliary Second Monday ot each month -11  am  St Aidan's Hall.  Sunshine Pottery Guild meets every 2nd Monday of the month at the  "Studio" corner of North Road and Highway 101 at 7 pm. TFN  O.A.P.O. ��38 Regular Meeting. First Monday of each month - 2 pm.  Social Bingo. 2nd & 3rd M   idays 2 pm. at Harmony Hall, Gibsons.  Tuesday  Women's Aglow Fellowship Meeis every third Tuesday of the month at  Harmony Hall Gibsons Transportation and babysitting available. 886-  7426  Duplicate Bridge 7.30 sharp at Sunshine Coast Golf Club, 1st and 3rd  Tuesdays of each month   For further information contact Phyllis  Hoops  886-2575  Sunshine Coast Arts Council Regular meeting 4th Tuesday of every  month al 7 30 pm al the Arts Centre in Sechelt.  Al-Anon Meetings Al-Anon Meelings every Tuesday night. Roberts  Creek For information call 886-9059 or 886-9041.  Sunshine Coast Navy League ot Canada Cadets and Wrenettes, ages  10 to 13 will again meet Tuesday nights, 7- 9pm., United Church Hall.  Gibsons. New recruits welcomed  Wednesday  Tops Club Gibsons Tops meets every Wed. evening at 6:45 in the  Armours Beach Athletic Hall. New members and teen members  welcome Phone 886-9765 eves.  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"38 Carpel Bowling Every Wednesday 1 pm at Harmony Hall,  Gibsons  Sunshine  Coast  Sports  Club  will  be  having  a  track-and-fiald  organizational meeting at Elphinstone School, Wednesdays S p.m.  Woman's Luncheons 12 - 1 pm  Starting Thursday, Feb 5, al "The  Heron   in Gibsons   Reservations recommended - 886-9924   Enpy  good 'ood and the company of other women who work Sponsored by  tne Sunshine Coast Women s Program  Thursday  The Bargain Barn of the Pender Harbour Health Clinic Auxiliary is  open on Thursday afternoons from 1 00 until 3 30  Al-Anon Meeting Every Thursday in Gibsons at 8 pm For information  call 886*9569 or 886-9037  Western Weight Controllers Every Thursday at 1 pm in the Armours  Beach Athletic Hall Gibsons and in the Sechelt Elementary School.  Thursdays at 7pm New members welcome 885-3795  Reverts Creek Legion Bingo e  Bird. Regular and Bonanza  iry Thursday, beginning May 7. Early  T.F.N  Friday  Squart Dancing The Country Stars Square Dancers Gibsons United  Church every Friday 8 to  11  [im   Begin.eis Classes: lor more  .information 886.8027 or 886-9540  Qlbaona Tot Lot Every Fri., 9 30-11 30am in Gibsons United Church  Hall Parents with children 0 - 3 yrs are welcome For further irrto call  Shawn 886-8036  Thrill Shop Every Friday. 1 - 3 pm Thrift Shop. Gibsons United Church  basement  Wllaon Creak Community Reading Centre Noon - 4 00 pm   885-2709  Women'a Floor (coalm) Hockey Friday nights. 7:30- 9:30pm. Gibsons  Elementary Gym. sticks available '  O.A.P.O. K38 Pol Luck Supper, last Friday of every month al 6 pm at  Harmony Hall. Gibsons  Suncoast Challenge Every Friday in Elphie Lunch Room and Gym  April 3 - Paul Johnson - Negro singer - Folk & Rock ��14  Saturday  Wllaon Creek Community Reeding Centre 11 30 -1 p.m 885-2709  The Bargain Barn of the Pender Harbour Health Clinic Auxiliary is  open on Saturday afternoons from 1 - 4 pm.  Sunday  Bingo Sechell Reserve Hall every Sunday. Early birds 7 pm $100 Prize  Proceeds to assist under privileged families  Gibsons RCMP reports a  quiet week puctuated by a  rash of relatively minor motor  vehicle accidents.  On the 25th: Entry was  gained through a window of  a house in Hillcrest area.  Nothing was taken.  On the 26th: A GMC truck  owned by Robert Graham  rolled into the driveway of  Pat John's house, causing  $1,700 worth of damage.  The truck was undamaged.  On the 27th: A '79 Mazda  driving down North Road  failed to negotiate the curve  and knocked the chequered  board sign. There were no  injuries and the incident is  still under investigation.  At Highway 101 and Mar-  lene Road a 79 Chev being  driven northbound by Erik  Steele of Port Mellon collided  with a '79 Merc being driven  southbound by Kassanali  Shamsherali of Vancouver.  Steele is being charged with  driving without due care and  attention.  Finally, at Highway 101 and  B&K Logging Road, a VW  driven by Gloria Smith of  Sechelt went out of control  when attempting to pass  another VW. Smith was taken  to hospital with concussion  and probable whiplash. Investigation   still   continues.  On the 28th: A house on  Smith Road in Langdale was  ELITE  TRAVEL  NewNamber  M6-SS22  broken into and a quantity of  liquor was stolen. The theft  occurred at least ten days  prior    to    being    reported.  75 gallons of fuel were  stolen from a loader in the  Gilmour area.  On the 30th: At 12:30 p.m.  a '79 Dodge Colt driving  south went over the line on a  curve and collided with a  northbound truck. The driver  of the Colt sustained minor  injuries, was taken to hospital  and kept overnight for observation. The accident occurred on North Road.  Gibsons RCMP detachment  welcomes  a   new   member,  Dave Worral, wife and baby,  from Halifax.  Sechelt.  On the 23rd: A Budget  Rent-a-Truck went off the  highway into a ditch. There  were no damages or injuries.  On the 24th: A person  reported that three youths  were seen in the boating  compound of Trail Bay Sports.  The youths fled the scene.  Police have no suspects.  On the 25th: A fire destroyed a house in the Redrooffs area.  Reports of licence plates  being stolen are becoming  more frequent. Also frequent  are reports of youngsters  driving dirt bikes on the  highway without the benefit  of a valid driver's ficence  or insurance. Parents of  juveniles driving dirt bikes are  responsible for their safety.  Someone attempted to hot  wire a car at Sunshine Motors.  Police are still investigating.  At 10:30 p.m. a man filed a  ���**  CEDAR COTTAGE CLINIC  ���������  MASSAGE & HYDRO THERAPY  Elisabeth Brown, R.N., M.S.N.  Licensed Massage Practitioner  Beginning May 15th through June, July and August  Regular Office Hours will be  Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday & Friday  Between 7 am & 2 pm  (Earlier Appointments Can Be Arranged)  Chaster Road  Gibsons, B.C. 886-9555  r^OiT^^L     I   '  Bone China  Mugs  .   s��&      Padded  Chaise Lounge  EUREKA VACUUMS       OR    WIDE  ELECTRIC BROOMS       SELECTION  OF RATTAN  B-B  HARDWARE  Cowrie St.  885-9713  complaint of having beer  bottles thrown at his truck  while driving in the highway  101 and the shake mill area.  The bottles dented his vehicle. Police have suspects  and   charges  will   be   laid.  On the 26th: Police report  that vandalism was done to  the Detachment's door buzzer. The incident occurred  I between midnight and 8 a.m.  Investigation continues and  jutil the buzzer is replaced,  knock hard.  All gas was taken from a  private gas tank near Tyee.  A two-car vehicle accident  near Highway 101 and Redrooffs occurred around 3:30  p.m. The colision caused no  injuries to the juveniles  involved; however, charges  are pending.  Finally, a 21-year-old man  was found on the ground near  Bayview Industrial Building  area and was taken to hospital, having been beaten  badly. It seems the man was  left there all night before his  discovery. Police have a  suspect and are still investigating.  On the 27th: A lady checked  her car left at the Sechelt  Legion parking lot and found  that vandals had thrown a rock  through the windshield. There  are no suspects.  On the 29th: Ten cars  parked at Sunshine GM  suffered $300 damages when  vandals bent the aerials of  each.  Sechelt RCMP wishes to  advise boaters that if they are  charged with an offence under  the Canada Shipping Act,  which regulates public waterways, they face the consequences of a federal offence  that requires a court appearance.   Many   such   charges  Eckankar  In the earlier articles on  Eckankar I have told you that it  is an individual path.  This does not mean you are  strictly on your own. It means  you have the choice to make  your own decisions, carry your  own responsibilities and learn  or progress at your own rate.  There is no one to tell you "you  must" or "you must not", but  the Living ECK Master is  always standing by to guide  and protect you.  Sure, there are people who  cannot believe there is a Living  Master in the world today.  They believe the only living  master was on earth 2000 years  ago. There was a Living Master  then, but I believe there is and  always has been a Living  Master. I will not interfere with  what you believe. That is your  choice. Just as what 1 believe is  my choice.  Why is it so difficult to  believe a Living Master walks  amongst us now? If you wish  more information on Eckankar  consult the ad in this paper.  have already been laid locally.  Regulations on equipment and  speed limits should be followed. Police specially advise  boaters to have a fire extinguisher, government-approved life jackets and lights  for night boating, on board.  Police warn against overloading a boat and recommend  that anyone going on an  extended boating trip should  let somebody know about it.  NDP  Let us pave your  driveway or play  B.A. Blacktop have been paving  driveways and home recreational areas  for twenty-three years. It is quite likely  that some of the better paving around  homes that you have seen was done by  us. If you have a paving job in mind, let us  quote on it. You'll discover, as many have  before that B.A. Quality costs no more.  Sometimes it even costs a little less.  B.A. can "JET SEAL" your new or  existing blacktop driveway to protect it  from oil or gas spills.  PAVING OF  INDUSTRIAL SITES  ROADS  PARKING AREAS  TENNIS COURTS  Also grading, gravel sales,  soil cement, drainage  fi curbs.  B.A. BLACKTOP  0)  ��  Porpoise Bay Road, Sechelt, B.C.  885-5151  Head Office: P.O. Box 86340, North Vancouver, B.C. 985-0611  *UCKTOP!  "Quality service since 1956"  AMALGAMATED  MEMBER     jBFA  CONSTR. ASSN.  LET THE SUNSHINE IN!  GREENHOUSE  WINDOWS  BV  Hwy. 101 & Pratt Rd., Gibsons 886-7359  Computer Operation I Programming Course  No Prior Knowledge ol Computers Needed  Classes Meet: 2 Hours a week on Thursday or Saturday Mornings    Register by Phone  10:00 am -12 am for 6 weeks at 885-5263  or simply drop by  For More Information  PHONE 885-5263  Fee $36.00  DIGITROMCS SYSTEMS LTD.  No. 103 Teredo Square  Sechelt 885-5263 Computers for Home and Business  'We serve our customer^ifoudjvl  Grade "A" Beef  HINDS   ��.��  Ib.  Grade "A " Beef  SIDES   'I"  ib.  Alberta Grain Fed  SIDE of PORK  $1.29  lb.  Use either of our  TWO PAYMENTS PLANS  ��� The 60 Day Plan  No interest or other charges.  1/3 down, 1/3 in 30 days  The balance in 60 days.  ��� The Western Plan   Very low interest.  Total amount spread over 6 months.  ��� PRIME GRAIN FED CATTLE  SPECIALLY AGED TO PERFECTION  From the rolling hills of Southern Alberta  it Weight loss in cutting and boxing will increase the cost per Ib.  WESTERN MEAT PACKERS LTD.  CALL COLLECT 254-5494  804 Renfrew St., Vancouver V5K 4B6 Coast News, May 5, 1981  15  Calm before the storm  Motorists face run around  by Dee Cee  Actually, old Eli Cyr should  never have been in the hotel-  keeping business at all.  Despite his formidable appearance (he had been a  lumberjack and professional  wrestler in his early years and  his face bore unmistakable  evidence of the stormy way  by which he had come), he  was a "soft touch" for anyone  who had a sad story to tell.  He never had refused a  hungry man a meal nor a  lodging for the night until  other arrangements could be  made. A namesake of his,  Louis Cyr, possibly a relative,  had been billed as "The  Strongest Man in the World"  and, on a bet, had once - and  this is in the records somewhere - climbed a telephone  pole with a horse strapped on  his backl  At the time of my arrival  with my Ave gallons of bootleg  whisky, he had about six or  seven transients sleeping in  the basement of the hotel and,  although they didn't all have  beds, at least they were warm  and comfortable, snuggled up  to the huge wood-burning  furnace that served to heat the  building.  Cyr welcomed me like a  long-lost son and when we  were alone I told him what I  had in the old battered case  and of my adventures on the  train. He was all for trying a  sample and although I warned  him of its potency, he claimed  he had never yet encountered  anything that he needed to  water down. Taking a large  gulp, he almost dropped the  glass I "Sacre Mere de Dieul"  he choked "Ca c'est fortl"  A deal was quickly made. He  would take four gallons of it  at 525 per gallon. In view of  the fact I had only paid the old  farmer in Ste. Justine $10 a  can, I made a neat profit.  Later I returned the money  (not all of it) to Howard B.  with an explanation for the  non-delivery of the intended  consignment.  One final word on this  hooch, I never attempted to  find out what Cyr did with it.  Seeing that Ontario was still  supposedly a "dry" province,  it could well have ended up  being served in the bar of the  Chateau Laurier, that prestigious hostelry, where all the  upper echelon among the  politicians and other assorted  scoundrels and crooks were in  residence, including the then  Prime Minister R.B. Bennett,  probably the most hated and  biggest crook of them all.  The maker of this fine  product (his name has escaped  me over the years) took his  secret with him to the grave,  but it is my contention that if  . he could have marketed it  legally, he would speedily  have forced the House of  Seagram and the Bronfman  Bros, into bankruptcy. It was  the best liquor I have ever  Chlntney  Cleaning  & Maintenance  Phone 886-8187  tasted and I have sampled a  few in my three score years  and ten, believe you mel  I guess I stayed at Cyr's  Hotel for almost two weeks, at  least until my packsack and  clothes arrived. I had got word  to my friends the MacRaes  and they had shipped them on  to me.  I was right across the river  from Hull so, needless to say,  my profits from the booze deal  didn't last too long. It was too  early for me to start on my  proposed trip to the Pacific  Coast but, through the good  offices of old Eli, I soon found  a job of sorts as watchman-  caretaker for H & E Ducharme  Bros, who had a pulp-cutting  camp up in the Gatineau Hills.  They were one of the main  suppliers for the Eddy Match  Co. but, due to conditions,  the market had deteriorated  and the camp had closed  down.' Being quite close to the  capital city and Hull, there  had been quite a bit of vandalism in the past so I was  hired at $25 per month to look  after the place.  I don't think I have ever  passed such a wonderful  summer nor in a more lovely  spot. The camp was built on  the edge of a small lake which  was teeming with both bass  and trout. Some of the old  timers in the area claimed  there were "lunkers" in the  depths of the lake, weighing  up to ten or twelve pounds,  but if there were they were  definitely staying away from  my baits and lures. The best  I ever hauled out and they  were many, were about two to  three pounds, beautiful,  bright fish which would  readily grab anything offered,  even a piece of bacon rind or  a strip of red flannel to hide  the hook. The cookhouse and  an adjoining storeroom were  bulging with groceries of  every description and I had  access to both, it was part of  the job.   I shall never forget that  summer. I fished, I swam and  I loafed or, if I felt like it, cut  a little wood. I not only put on  weight but I acquired a  wonderful tan and, seeing that  I was at least 30 or 40 miles  away from a tavern or a lady of  doubtful virtue, I had nowhere  to spend the few dollars I was  earning each month. I could, I  suppose, have surrendered  to such an idyllic existence forever, but the camp was due  to re-open in the fall and by  that time, hell or high water,  I not only hoped but had  vowed I would be on my way  to the far Pacific. Should I  stay on and assist in the pulp  cutting? Once more I would be  grounded and might as well  have never left Dunvegan.  My plans were to take in  the harvest on the Prairies  as soon as it commenced and,  when that was over, continue  on west over the Rockies to the  coast. Up to this time I had  purposely avoided the Prairies. I had seen pictures and  heard stories of their flat,  colourless expanses. MUes  and miles of unbroken, drab  loneliness with only waving  fields of wheat and the odd  elevator to break the deadly  WHY  PANTYHOSE?  SIMPLE! Pantyhose Is the LARGEST SELLING fashion  item In Ihe entire world.  MILLIONS sold dally - BILLIONS sold annually -  HUGE PROFITS  INTERNATIONAL LINGERIE SALES are now  appointing business-oriented MEN and WOMEN  throughout Canada as distributors in our marketing program  of health and beauty aids.  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I had found a certain amount  of pleasure both in New  Brunswick and Ontario and I  knew I was going to hate the  Prairies, but they were a  means to an end and, hopefully, my sojourn there would  not last too long.  Damn it, I reasoned, this  trip I was intending to take  would be no pleasant journey  but little did I anticipate what  was in store for me before I  did see the blue waters of that  ocean I had dreamed about for  solongl  To be continued....  Mackenzie NDP MLA Don  Lockstead today warned  motorists that they still face  a bureaucratic run-around if  their vehicle is damaged on  any ferry in British Columbia.  Lockstead said, "My mall  regularly contains complaints  from constituents whose cars  have been damaged while  aboard, loading or unloading  ferries. No one will accept  responsibility. B.C. Ferries  say the motorist should go to  ICBC. ICBC refers people  back to the Ferry Corporation.  The same thing occurs if  there's an accident on a  Highways Ministry ferry."  Lockstead charged,   "The  Socreds have done nothing to  help motorists get satisfaction  after an accident anywhere  near a ferry. Last year both  ICBC Minister Jim Hewitt  and Highways Minister Alex  Fraser said they would look  into it. Nothing seems to have  happened since. So far in 1981  I have received about 25 complaints, and ICBC Minister  has told me again he is looking  into it.  "While Mr. Hewitt takes  his time, the motoring public  is being forced to pay for  repairs because of ferry-  related accidents. All that's  needed is for ICBC, the B.C.  Ferry Corporation and the  Highways Ministry to adopt a  simple procedure that protects  motorists."  Lockstead promised, "I  will continue to press for  government action."   DEREK EVERARD  & ASSOCIATES  Your Life Insurance   Are you still paying too much,  for too little, for too long?  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The  recess gave most MLAs an  opportunity to spend some  time in their home constituencies and catch up on work  in their ridings.  On Wednesday and Thursday, Gary Lauk, NDP critic for  education, rose in the house to  request emergency debate on  the increase in school property  taxes announced earlier in the  week by Education Minister  Brian Smith.  Smith has increased the basic  school tax levy to 41.8 mills for  the 1981 tax year. This means  that a family whose home is  CLASSIFIED NOTE  Drop of I your Coast News  Classified at Campbell's  Family Shoes. Sechelt, or  Madeira Park Pharmacy.  Madeira Park  valued at SI80,000 in Vancouver, for example, will be  paying $287 in 1981, an increase of 130 percent over their  1980 school tax. Other districts  also face outrageous property  tax bills.  Mr. Lauk tried to impress  upon the government the  urgent need to review this  matter in view of the fact that  school districts must finalize  their budgets before May I. He  went on to say: "school trustees  are not prepared to take the rap  for another Social Credit tax  increase which is not revealed  in the (government's) budget",  and that "some school districts,  particularly those in the Lower  Mainland, are considering  precipitous action".  It seems clear that the Social  Credit government intends to  bleed homeowners through this  indirect taxation. This situation can only further inflame  the already critical situation  facing homeowners and home-  buyers, making it even more  costly to own a home.  Each day this issue was  raised by the N DP, the government refused to debate it. Have  they something to hide?  In addition to the school tax  issue, the house was subjected  to a glimmer of Hollywood this  week when it was learned that  the Bennett government has  spend $14,000 of the taxpayers'  money to hire two "movie  specialists" from Los Angeles  to help polish the Social  Credit's tarnished image. This  news comes at a time when the  Socreds are sinking fast in the  Gallup Polls.  NDP leader Dave Barrett  pointed out it seems strange  that after recently hiring Doug  Heal as a public relations man.  the Socreds are hiring public  relations people for their public  relations man. Although this  issue has brought laughter to  the legislature, it has its serious  side as well. The people of  British Columbia deserve a  government based, not on  Hollywood images, but on  sound oolicies.  The Sechelt Learning Centre  is offering a scries of credit free  courses this Spring. A number  of these begin soon. Anyone  interested in one of the following courses should pre-  register at the Centre on Inlet  Avenue, or at 885-9310, 12:30  to 7 pm.  Specialized Typing: Tuesday/  Thursday, starts May 5. 7 to  9:30 pm. Eight sessions. Brush  up on those aspects of typing  which arc of specific interest lo  you. Individual progress on  letters, manuscripts, financial  statements or just speed development - the choice is yours.  Fee: $50.  Touch Typing: The Keyboard  in Two Days: Saturday/Sunday May 9,10 9:30 to 4 pm.  Can you learn to type? A two-  day workshop for those who  are curious about the keyboard  of a typewriter and want to  begin to learn to type. Along  with correct finger positioning  and typing techniques, you will  learn to operate an IBM  Selectric typewriter. Students  should bring typing paper and  lunch. Fee: $30.  How To Set Up and Run A  One-Person Office: Saturday,  May 9, 9:30 to 5 pm. This one  session course establishes  needs, space requirements,  filing system equipment, services and suppliers, when to  expand, and how to handle the  flow of paper through the  office. Fee: $45.  Resume Workship: Saturday,  May 9, 12:30 to 6:30 pm. An  effective personal resume is  often the secret of getting a new  or better job. This intensive one  day workshop will show you  everything you need to know  about preparing an individually tailored resume. The  workshop will also cover career  planning, job search strategies,  cover letters and reproduction,  lee: $30.  Polishing Writing Skills: Saturday May 16, 12:30 to 6:30  pm. Three sessions. For business people who write on a  regular basis, and would like to  improve their techniques  through basic, effective methods. These will be demonstrated clearly and simply. The  instructor will deal with spelling, construction, organization, research skills, rewriting, editing, and "brightening" your style. Personal  attention is given. Fee: $48.  Tax Planning for Independent  Businesses: Friday May 22,  9:00 to 4 pm. Two Chartered  Accountants will facilitate this  session. You can discuss with  them aspects of the incorporation (decision and timing);  remuneration (salary or dividends); deferred profit sharing;  selection of year-end; RRSP's;  and business tax deductions.  Fee: $70.  All of these courses are held  at the Sechelt Learning Centre  on Inlet Avenue. Please pre-  register at the Centre, or call  885-9310 between 12:30 and 7  pm., Monday to Friday.  Pitch-In and  Keep  Canada  Beautiful  WATCH  jpi tkt,  newly  movated  RESTAURANT  opurinq won,  in,  Bonniebrook  Lodge  ��  ��  ��  ��  ��  ��  ��  ��  ��  ��  ��  ��  ��  ��  ��  - Delight Mom with a Time-Saving Microwave Ovenl  Ami  RR7-B  MICROWAVE  OVEN  $618.oo  ��� Rot a wave Cooking System  ��� Infinite Cook mat ic Power Levels  ��� Defrost range on Cookmatic Power  Control  ��� 700 watts of cooking power  ��� End of cycle signal bell H   SALE PRICES ON ALL AMANA RADARANBES  McClary YKB 1220  DISHWASHER,..  ��� 4 Push Buttons, 7 programmes  ��� White,  Almond,  Harvest  Wheat.  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Gurney have appointed the following persons as members ofthe  West Howe Sound Advisory Recreation Commission: Alderman  Diane Strom, Pat Edwards, Dick Derby, David Fyles, Gary  Gray, Geoff Madoc-Jones.  The Commission appointed Diane Strom as the Charter  Chairman for the calendar year 1981. Mr. George Bodt, Recreation Director for Gibsons, has been appointed as staff coordinator and advisor to the Commission.  The West Howe Sound Advisory Recreation Commission was  formed as a direct result of the successful November 1980  referendum ballot held in electoral areas Elphinstone (E) and  West Howe Sound (F) for purposes of participating in a total  Community recreation concept jointly with the Municipality of  Gibsons.  It is intended that the Commission will address the future  development of recreational need within Gibsons, Elphinstone  (E) and West Howe Sound (F) on a continuing equitable financial basis serving the whole Community.  At the first business meeting of the Commission it was  determined that 75% of the product of two mills, being  $81,575.00, would be a direct contribution to the operating  deficit ofthe Aquatic Centre. The Commission is now analyzing  budgetary apportionment of the remaining 25% ($27,200.00)  for the calendar year 1981. Priorities at present are:-  (1) Completion of Brothers Park field Improvements;  (2) Upgrading local Community parks;  (3) Exploring availability of Federal and Provincial grant  funding for Community recreation programmes;  (4) To open dialogue with existing service clubs and recreation associations within the Community for the pursuit  of further recreational opportunity.  The Commission will further address the development of a  long-range recreational master plan for the Community.  Pender May Day getting set  Elphinstone Theatre Club put on a spirited performance of three one-act plays at Gibsons Elementary School last  week under the able direction of Ms. Judith Wilson.  Music Festival winners 1981  Award winners were deter-   shine Music Festival���Music       Leanne Middleton won the       The Choral Speakingsection  mined last week in the Sun-   Section. Junior Recitation prize. of the Festival saw the top prize  shared by Gibsons Elementary  School and the duologue team  of Kester and Sorrel Tomkies.  Stirling Wallace took top  honours ir. Bible Reading.  The Elphinstone Theatre  Club's production of The Actor  and the Invader won the  Drama Competition.  Top honours in the Senior  Vocal section went to Josephine Hammond        Jonathan Hunter won the  Junior Piano; Andrew Winn  tied with the Piano Duet team  of Riccoh and Rojene Talento  in the Intermediate Piano class;  and Heather Cattanach won  the Senior Piano contest.  The Mary Brooke Trophy  for playing Canadian composers was jointly won by  Jennifer Dowman and Jonathan Hunter.  Fran Bouraisa Photo  Erick Vandergeest at the piano, playing the "March of the Goblins" by Berlin. His excellent  performance won him first prize in his class at the Sunshine Coast Music Festival last  week.  Things are shaping up nicely for the annual Pender Harbour  May Day celebration in Madeira Park. The day of the celebration  this year is Saturday, May 16.  Though some events and activities are still in the planning stage,  many events are already organized.  From 8:00 am. to 11:00 am. the Pender Harbour Lions Club  will be hosting a traditional Pancake Breakfast. At 10:00 am.  participants, in the annual parade will assemble at the Madeira  Park Legion. Judging will take place at 10:30 am.  Organizers for the Pender May Day would like to stress that  entries are welcome from Sechelt Timber Days or from Gibsons.  Parade trophies will go to the Best Commercial Entry, the Best  Local Entry, and the Best Decorated Float. Rosettes will go to the  Best Walking or Marching Entry, to the Best Decorated Bicycle,  and to the Best Equestrian Entry.  There will also be a Special Category award which will go to a  family entry or to any other category not mentioned above.  From 11:00 am. till noon the Parade will take place from the  Madeira Park Legion through Madeira Park.  The crowning of the May Queen will take place between noon  and 1:00 pm.  - Concession booths operated by the Legion Ladies Auxiliary  will be in operation between noon and 4:00 pm. serving hot dogs,  hamburgers, ice cream, pop, and coffee.  Also in the afternoon will be the traditional Pender Highland  Games; Children's Games; the now traditional air plane tour of  Madeira Park will leave from Madeira Marina at a cost of $5.00  per person; the Legion Beer Gardens will operate from 2:00 - 4:00  pm.; and the afternoon will be rounded off with a Mini-Carnival  and Adult Novelty Races.  The Madeira Park Community Centre will see two dances on  the big day. From 6:00 - 8:00 pm. there will be a Children's Dance  for children up to twelve years of age, parents welcome, and from  9:00 pm. the Adult Dance with music by the Jones Boys featuring  Lome and Norman Jones along with Steve Hubert, Denny James,  and Phil Knipe. A cold buffet will be served at midnight.  Sechelt's May Queen and her procession will appear in the  parade in Pender Harbour, along with the Sechelt Pipe Band.  1981 Pender May Queen Kester Tomkies will be crowned by  her 1980 predecessor Sandy Barnes.  All this and much more at the Pender May Day festivities.  Everyone is welcome.  ��� Fran Bouruu Photo  These geese are only two of the infamous Lockyer Road  gaggle, residents of Peter Christmas' farm. They have  been known to stop logging trucks in their tracks, as the  fierce gander bites the tires of any vehicle impeding the  passing of his harem.  KXOKKft  vour  one stop Office supply  Headquarters  Paper Clips to Photocopiers         "7/ we don't have it ��� well sure try to set it"  specials!  Deliveries can be arranged  PBIICllS. Regular 33* each  Now only - 25* each '2.20 por Box  I.B.M.  Typewriter Ribbons:Regular -3.75  now only - *3.oo  Desk Accessories Photocopiers  OYYlce supplies cash Registers  Stationery Calculators  Typewriters Office Furniture  -Wharf Rd.���885-3735���sechelt Coast News, May 5. 1981  [ sports"}  Strikes and spares 0^  by Bud Mulcaster  Most of the leagues have  hmshed their playoffs and the  1 ucs. Coffee winners were the  Corner Pins', Sue Whiting,  Nora Solinsky, Fumi Fuji-  mora. Chris Moore and Ann  Knowles. Second place went  to the 'Holy Terrors', Sheila  Enger. Pam Swanson, Gay  Smith. Penny Stubbs and  Linda Makeiff. The consolation round went to the 'Fat  Chance' team of Sandy Lem-  ky. Christina LePage, Susan  Burns, Karen Powers and  Sandra Webb. Highest scores  rolled by Phyllis Hoops, 241-  633: Nora Solinsky, 265-648  and  Chris   Moore,   268-702.  The Slough-Off league winners were the 'Vi Faith'  team of Lynda Olsen, Sue  Whiting, Gail Mulcaster and  Randi Barr. Second place went  to Cathy's Gals', Cathy Martin. Alice Smith, Win Stevens  and  Lil   Degnan.   The  con  solation round went to the  'High Hopes', Lisa Kincaid,  Sylvia Spain, Jacquie Boons  and Carol Constable. Best  scores by Cathy Martin. 234-  665 and Sue Whiting. 265-686.  The Phuntastique league  winners were the 'Happy  Chuckers', Petra Nelson, Edna and Joe Bellerive, Orbita  delos Santos and Ralph Roth.  Second place went to the  'Broken Limbs', Sandra Hanchar, Rita Johnston, Mavis  Stanley, Don Slack and Pat  Prest. Consolation winners  were the 'Big Sunbeams',  Wendy Watts, Rob Schcor,  Les Morris, Ron and Vi Slack.  Best scores by Vi Slack, 235-  628; Hazel Skytte, 265-629;  Ralph Roth, 235-655; Don  Slack, 264-697 and Henry  Hinz, 300-765.  The Legion league winners  were the 'Clan', Bill Vaughn,  Colleen Casey, Jim Peers,  Marilyn    Court    and    Tom  Stenner. Second place went  to 'Tonk', Bob Rogers, Anne  Gurney, Melody and Gerry  Kirsch and Judy Fowler.  The consolation round went to  the '5 Star Team' of Alan and  Darlene Plourde, Bill and  Sharon Burnett and Ruby  Harmon.  The team bowl tournament  was completed last Wednesday night and the first place  team was 'Cathy's Girls',  Cathy Martin, Alice Smith,  Win Stevens, Lil Degnan and  Ann Foley. They rolled a total  of 371 pins over average.  The second place team was  the 'Gibson's Girls' team of  Bobi Mulligan, Diane Strom,  Maureen Emerson, Sharon  Venechuck and Penny Mc-  Clymont. They rolled a total of  339 pins over their average.  Both teams will bowl at  Grandview Lanes on May  10th for a trip to Reno. So,  Good Luck ladies.  John Burntidc Pholo  This young lady gives it her all on behalf of the Sunshine  Coast Track Club last Saturday. The club hosted its first  track meet.  Ladies Softball  Tuesday:  Wakefield 2 - Cedars 9  Steelers 15 - Reserve 18  Blues 0 - Roberts Creek 8  Thursday:  Trail Bay II -Blues 12  Roberts Creek 13 - Steelers 0  Reserve 6 - Pender 18  Shoal 14 - Wakefield 18  SAAN  Sunnycrest Mall, Gibsons  886-9413  SALE NOW ON!  %9mmQ(wSpem&  Nature Notes  byVkkldeBoer  No one seems to know for  sure why Cormorants stand  with their wings held fully  outspread but it is thought  they are hanging out their  wings to dry. These birds are  mostly aquatic, living by  shallow coastal waters or  inland on lakes and rivers.  They lack the plumage oils  of typical waterbirds and,  although they can remain in  the water for up to half an  hour at a time, they must dry  out for long periods. Whatever  the reason, it makes identification of these large black  birds easy as no other aquatic  bird has this habit.  Cormorants are very good  swimmers, floating low in the  water, sometimes with only  their heads and necks showing. They are very good divers  and have been known to dive  as far as 100 ft. down. The  longest recorded dive is of  71 seconds, though they  normally stay down for less  than half a minute and 20-30  ft. below the surface. Their  main diet is fish and flocks of  them can be seen diving for  fish  together.  The fish  are  brought to the surface to be  swallowed whole and head  first. This habit of returning  to the surface with their prey  has been used by Japanese  fishermen who train Cormorants to bring the fish back  to the boat. They are prevented from swallowing the  fish with neck rings.  They are awkward birds  when gaining flight from the  water, having to use feet and  wings to become airborne.  Once up, they are strong  fliers, flying with rapid wing-  beats and necks stretched out.  They can glide on air currents  and they usually are seen  flying low over the water.  When seen in a group on a log  or rock, they will be evenly  spaced with a full wing span  between each other. This is  not only to leave room for wing  drying, but also so they all  have room to take off in a  hurry, without getting all  tangled  up  in each  other.  Cormorants nest in colonies  on rocky cliffs with nests of  twigs, grasses and seaweed  all held together with their  droppings. A few Cormorants  also will nest in trees. Both  parents incubate the 2-4 eggs  and raise the young. Incubation time is one month  and the babies are fed for two  months. The courtship display  of Cormorants involves much  neck waving and posturing  and, in some cases, the female  is the more aggressive of the  pair.  Cormorants have few  enemies on land, as the only  time they come ashore is to  nest and most nest sites are  hard to get to. They do have  some enemies in the water,  though,    such    as    whales,  pike cod fish, plus leopard  s*als. Some fishermen persecute the Cormorant for its  fish-eating habits, but most of  the fish they eat are of little  value and some are predators  of valuable species.  This column is to share  Nature Lore, so if you have  information to share or question,   please   call   886-8029.  <D  Pitch-in and  Kfltp  Canada  Beautiful  From the Fairway  by Ernie Hume  The contestants in the  Two-Ball Best Ball Tournament were startled last  Sunday by the surprise victory  of Jim Munro and Don Elson,  who scored a major upset  with a fine net score of 16  under for 18 holes. Teammates Ken Hincks and Dick  Gaines turned in a net score of  10 under to place second.  Paul Smith and Ken Gallier  played a steady game to take  third spot with a net 9 under.  Runners-up went to Brian  Murphy and Gordy Cook  with a net 8 under.  Last Tuesday 29 ladies  gathered to compete in three  different competitions. Twenty-six qualified for the Mil-  burn Trophy, a match play  tournament, which will be  decided in the coming weeks.  Iva Peterson and Vera Munro  tied for medallist honours with  net 69. The ladies N.H.A.  qualifying rounds for players  with 23 to 39 handicaps is  in progress and will be  finalized next Tuesday.  Winner for the C.L.G.A.  pin round was also taken by  Iva Peterson and Vera Munro.  Low gross winner for the day  was Connie Grant with a score  of 86. The nine-hole lady  golfers competed in a Low  Putts event. Barbara Brad-  shaw placed first with 16  putts, which is pretty accurate  shooting with an average of  two putts per hole. Isobel  Cowley was close with 17  putts.  Thursday morning for  seniors is once again proving  very popular. Some 36 golfing  stalwarts turned up for the  day's game, which proved to  be a hidden 3-man team  event. Teammates are unknown until after the competition has been completed  and are selected by a draw.  The team of Bill Lawerance,  Bill Utterback and Ernie  Hume managed a net team  score of 99'/. to place first.  Fred McLean, Al Boyes  and Bill Mueller took second  spot and third going to Tom  Wock, Tom Milsted and Logan  Wright.  The annual Walter Morrison Tournament gets started  Sunday, May 3rd. Players will  have until May 13th to complete their second round.  Please try to keep your  schedule up to date.  Juniors please take note -  next Thursday, May 7th at  3:30 p.m. the junior programme will start. So, juniors,  be on time and good luck.  Remember, from this section  of the golfing categories  come the future club champions.  TRAVHV >'  NcwNmfcer  ���**���***   1  M  MORTHCOHST  Sales Representative  IAN GRIFFITH  ��� Framing Packages  ��� Cedar Siding  ��� Timbers  Please call for quotations  526-6744  738-4791  Collect  Res.  NORTHCOAST FOREST PRODUCTS LTD  2320 Rogers Avenue, Coquitom. BC. V3KSX7  sechelt  Shell  serulce  Air Conditioning  Complete Air Conditioning  Service and Repairs on most  Domestic and Import Vehicles  Get Ready For Summer!  cowrie ft Trail    885-2120  Roberts Creek to Port Mellon    Jjtig*  WE NEED V0U!     ^  Are you 9 to 13 years old?  Would you like to play ball?  We still have room for you in  BRONCO and MINI-BRONCO TEAMS  Sign up at any practice or at  Driftwood Crafts, Sunnycrest Mall  until May 9th, 1981  Come on out haue lun  I win a trophy!  See you at the games!      <v��(^  (See YOU at the games, too!) ttgtV  For info, call 886-7568 Bradley J Benson Photo  The climax of the B.C. Closed Arm Wrestling Championships came when Jim Peers Jr. of Gibsons, left beat Heinz  Huesman, right, the Carling Canadian Arm Wrestling champion. The event, open to B.C. residents only, and  sponsored by the Howe Sound Arm Wrestling Club was held in the Elphinstone Gym last Saturday. Local entrants  did well. Plans are underway to hold the Canadian National Open Championships during Sea Cavalcade this  August.  Arm wrestling  B.C. Closed Ann Wrestling  Championships....  Winners: ���  Women Light:.  1) Kim Lamoreux, Gibsons.  2) Marie Larochelle, Williams  Lake.  Heavy:  1) Donna Bates, Gibsons.  2) Joanne Mortenson, Gibsons  Men's flyweight:  1) Steve Myers, Williams Lake  2) Victor Scott, Gibsons  3) John   Nygren,   Gibsons  Light:  1) Craig    Norris,    Gibsons  2) Lane Kirchoser, Williams  Lake.  3) Rod Ferch, Williams Lake  Middle:  1) Tony   Ross,    Kamloops  2) Tom Helgesen, Williams  Lake.  3) Russell Nygren, Gibsons  Heavy:  1) Jim Peers, Jr., Gibsons  2) Heinz Huesman, Vancouver  3) Willy Barnhart,  Gibsons  Wanderers host successful tournament  After two days of well-  played soccer, Miloni of Vancouver emerged as top finisher in the Elphinstone Wanderers 5th Annual Soccer  Tournament. They took the  first place trophy by beating  South Vancouver Vikings in a  close game that finished 4-2  for Miloni. South Vancouver  tied the score at 2 late in the  second half and overtime  looked likely until 2 late goals  sewed   up  the   victory   for  Miloni.  In the consolation final  home town Elphinstone lost  a hard-fought game to South  Burnaby Werners,  2  to 0.  Sechelt Stompers came up  with a strong showing to take  Sth spot with a solid victory  over Village Green of Duncan.  Occasional F.C. of Vancouver captured 7th spot after  beating Powell River Labatts  in the early game Sunday  morning.  Local Bill Sluis picked up to  play for South Vancouver  was chosen M.V.P. of the  tourney. Dave Neumann of  Elphinstone was the Most  Inspirational Player.  To prove Miloni were the  overall   champs   they   also  collected the "Best Offensive  Player", "Best Defensive  Player" and "Most Sportsmanlike Team" trophies.  The Elphinstone Wanderers  Soccer Club wishes to thank  the public and local businesses of the Sunshine Coast  for their generous contributions that helped defray  expenses of staging the  successful tournament.  Thanks to the Elphinstone  Recreation Committee; Gibsons Realty; Trail Bay Sports;  Cedars Inn; Great Canadian  Dough Factory; Super-Valu;  Solar Realty; Ken's Lucky  Dollar; Tideline Plumbing;  You-Dels Delicatessen; Richard's Mens Wear; Elson  Glass; Kerns Home Furnish  ings; Gibsons Building Supplies; Wal-Ven; Twin Creek  Building Supplies; Andy's  Drive-in and the Coast News.  Special thanks to Richard's  Men's Wear and Tony Williams for helping make the  dance a great success.  Coast News, May 5, 1981  rav^y* vy^y-j^ v-iv-iyvyrav-sv-*-*  For Mother's Day,  Remember that Special Lady  on Mother's Day - May 10th  \     Treat her to our Special  [\mothers day  -day Brunch  19  SUN  10 am - 2:30 pm  Reserve Early  885-5888  ftftVftWfflreffSWS*?*^^  Get to where the lunkers  are with quick, quiet, dependable Johnson power.  Check out Johnson's fish-  ing features:  ���   lightweight,  portable  models  low  profile  design  shallow-  water drive  co-pilot  steering  We've got  the power for  your kind of rig.  You and your Johnson ... 3 way of life for oyer 50 years.  Combine a Johnson  Motor with an  Aluminum Boat for EXTRA SAVINGS  "Springbok", "Mirrocraft", & "Princecraft"  Boats Designed For Safety & Pleasure  Mother's fun run^  Hey Dads, kids! It's  Mother's Day next Sunday, so  why not treat Mom to a real  family affair and join her in the  Mother's Day Fun Run!  The five mile course is just  long enough to be a challenge  to you if you've been doing  some running and would like to  see how you hold out over a  little longer course, and it's just  short enough to be an interesting walk if you're feelinga  bit more sedate. But everyone  has a chance at the prizes,  because   they   are    Hidden  Trail Ave.  & Cowrie  SECHELT 885-2512  TRAIL BAY  SPORTS  Sunnycrest  Centre   GIBSONS 886-8020  . Johnson outboaros  PENINSULA  MARKET  885-9721    Davis Bay, B.C.  tide tables  Reference:                 Pacific                   Sun. May 10  Point Atkinson.         standard Time      0515  mi  Wed.M.y*                  J*M"'��         ...     ,625  ��2                  14 4      07IS                   '���'���'     M��n'M��"  1 fm                    12      U4��                   I"    ��"2"  ,m                  ,!'*                                         0655  2015                  15.3                                          |050  11.4  "   .  14.1  0.4  1(1.7  1715  Thurs. May 7               S.t. May ���  0140                  10.1      0410                   10.5    Tum. M��\ 12  5.8  0630                  13.8      0815                   12.2    0100  1350                  1.6      1525                  3.5   ��"5  2115                  15.3      2320                   15.0    1250  1835  14.8  8.5  10.6  6.6  GROCERIES  FISHING TACKLE  SUNDRIES  TlMEX WATCHES  Open 9���9     7 Days a Week  Prizes and range from Dinners  for Two to Hair Appointments,  from Chocolate Goodies to  Hanging Baskets���and lots  more!  So serve Mom breakfast in  bed early Sunday morning,  then bring the whole family  down to the school to take part  in the fun. Registration is $2.00  for adults and 50c for children  under 15.  For   more   information,  please call Rieta Hanson at  886-2875.  MMMMM  Sunshine Coast Fitness Group presents...  8 Km. Mother's Day, Family  FUN  RUN  walk or run  ���  have fun!  Sunday, May 10th  Place - Robert's Creek Elementary School  Starling Time - warm up at 9:30 am. - run follows  Entry Fee - $1.00 lor pre-registration - deadline May 4  $2.00 for late registration - on site at 9:00 am.  HIDDEN PRIZES  for all categories  courtesy of:  FITZGERALD'S - Gibsons HAIRLINES - Gibsons  DRIFTWOOD INN - Sechelt       QUALITY FARMS ��� Gibsons  CACTUS FLOWER - Sechelt       TOTAL LOOK  TRAIL BAY SPORTS - Sechelt   HAIR BOUTIQUE - Sechelt  MAGIC MUSHROOM - Sechelt  GRANNY'S SWEETS - Gibsons  REGISTRATION FORM  Info. - 886-2875  Rieta  Return to: Sunshine Coast Fitness Group  c/o Coast News, Gibsons or Trail Bay Sports, Sechelt  Name: ,   j Address:.  ! 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Bill Achterberg  886-9232  JAY CEE AIR CONDITIONING  a REFRIGERATION LIMITED  Heat Pumpi ��� Central Air Conditioning  Salts & Service  Corner ol Dolphin & Wharl. Sechell 886-2689  R. & J. SERVICES LTD.  ICG CANADIAN PROPANE  LTD.  Hwy. 101   Sechell between St. Mary's  Repairs & Rebuilding of^  ��� Alternators  ��� Starters  ��� Generators^  l Payne Rd., Gibsons  ' Electrical Contracting  ��� Industrial  ��� Commercial  ���R*,w,n"'    886-99637  Hospital and Forest Ranger's Hut.  V^ Mon.-Fri.   8 a.m. - 5 p.m. Sat.  I      II      I  [Canadian!  885-2360  9 a.m. - 5 p.m.  by Don Lockstead  On Friday, April 10, 1981,  Premier Bennett called the  Kamloops by-election. The  Premier made the announcement late in the afternoon  following adjournment of the  Assembly for a 10-day Easter  recess.  The election call came as a  surprise to most observers, who  expected the Premier would  CLASSIFIED NOTE  Drop off your CoasI Ne  Classified   at   Campbell  Family Shoes. Sechelt. o  wait until late summer or early  fall. The deadline was September 30, 1981.  The Kamloops by-election  will be a tough fight between  the Social Credit Party, represented by radio station owner-  manager Claude Richmond,  and Howard Dack, an electrician and city alderman representing the NDP.  Kamloops has been traditionally represented by the  Social Credit Party. In fact.  Social Credit has held the  riding for 23 of the past 26  years.  There is some evidence that  the tide may be turning against  Social Credit. A local radio  station in Kamloops took an  opinion poll, in which support  for the NDP showed slightly  ahead of Social Credit. The  NDP nomination meeting,  held the week following the  campaign announcement, out-  drew the Social Credit meeting  by a margin of 2 to I. The N DP  organization in Kamloops has  recently signed up 500 new  members.  These are early indications,  however, and prediction is  premature. Kamloops has been  a Social Credit riding and ii  would be a major upset for the  NDP to win.  A group of NDP Caucus  members  travelled  to the  THOMAS  HEATING  I APPLIANCES I  Kamloops region in January of  this year, before the resignation  of the Kamloops MLS, Rafe  Mair. The Caucus members  found significant dissatisfaction with the policies of  Premier Bennett. They found,  above all, a feeling that the  government is out of touch and  does not respond to legitimate  concerns raised by the people  with their elected officials.  Many have observed that the  government seems to make one  mistake after the other, while  blaming everybody but itself  for its problems.  It will be interesting to see  which party is successful in the  Kami ops by-election.  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Even the most complex ideas  a-borning in the soul may be  packaged and shared with  others through the medium of  language, making the lives qf  the originator and the listener  richer by the sharing.  In order for this miracle of  communication to take place,  however, it is vital that the  originator be proficient in  articulating his or her ideas,  and the listener be equally  proficient in accepting the  articulated message and translating it into palatable and  easily-digested language within  himself or herself.  The danger in this process is  in losing the truth in the  transition from transmitter to  receiver!  The danger is that the  transmitter, set alight and  inspired by some magnificent  and soaring thought may have  difficulty in aligning that  thought with the ability of the  receiver, and the thought may  be demeaned or sullied in the  process.  The ways that this difficulty  are met are many, but they  must be used very wisely, if the  truth of the thought is to be  conveyed and shared with  integrity.  Any poet or writer who has  imparted a "truth" and couch  ed it in language which he or  she felt was a suitable vehicle,  may very well be shocked and  disillusioned to meet that  thought in print, pre-digested,  emasculated and interpreted  for general consumption.  If, however, the thought is  one which is life-giving and  sustaining, of infinite value to  the human race, then this faulty  transporting ofthe truth of that  message becomes a tragedy for  its would-be recipients.  It would seem to me that  both the transmitter and the  receiver have a definite responsibility in this matter, if both  seek to have the transportation  of the message occur with  integrity.  A classic example of this  would appear to be the Bible,  the message of truth which has  been conveyed (transmitted) by  a whole host of writers to depict  one central theme - the relationship between awesome and  infinite God and each humble  and finite person on this globe.  The problem in the transportation is really very simple - it was  written in a language that is no  longer in use today, and it has  been translated and interpreted  by receivers who may or may  not have sufficient in common  with the transmitters to get the  message clearly.  The writers sat down in good  faith to record something  which they believed to be true,  and many of us believe that  these recorders were powerfully guided in their writing by  God's own Holy Spirit, so that  their words have a splendid  force for truth far beyond any  other such book in the history  of the world.  Something of the proof of  this stature ofthe Bible may be  seen in the fact it has lasted all  these years, outlasting all of  those   who   engaged   in   its  translating, interpreting, compiling and editing.  Tragically, however, there  seems to be a growing gap  between the transmitters and  the receivers, as the receivers  seek more and more simple  ways to understand the message, and a whole host of  paraphrasers, re-interpreters  and pre-digesters of the message have arisen.  There is no doubt that some  of these modern manipulators  of the text do so with a high  degree of integrity, and manage  to hold tightly and with insight  to the truth of the message.  There is equally no doubt  that some people, whose ability  to grasp ideas and truths for  themselves due to limitations in  vocabulary, or in the mechanics of reading, are greatly  helped by these adjuncts to  understanding the Bible.  The manner in which the  seeker after truth works may  vary, but it would seem that  certain ingredients might be  valuable aids: I) An enthusiasm for the task; 2) a feel for  the setting of the message; 3) a  conviction about the importance of the message; 4) an  earnest desire to appropriate  fully the truth contained in it,  for the reader!  There is a certain amount of  study indicated, and the reader's degree of enthusiasm and  desire would dictate whether  the reader felt an understanding of the message was worth  the effort!  It would be unrealistic to say  that everyone is capable of  assimilating fully the intricate  meanings of the writer, but  those who believe the message  comes from a merciful, loving  and understanding God would  have to also believe that his  message may be understood,  according to our several abilities, if we but search diligently!  The Bible, as someone once  said about the Gospel of John,  is like a pool of water, in which  a'Child can wade, or an  elephant can drown.  But to the dilligent searcher,  the rewards are endless!  M THE UNITED CHURCH  CALVARY         \  M            OF CANADA  BAPTIST CHURCH    ��  Sunday  Park Rd., Gibsons        *  Worship Services  Pastor: Harold Andrews  ST. JOHN'S  Res: 886-9163,  Davis Bay - 9:30 am.  Church: 886-2611  GIBSONS  Sunday School 9:30 a.m.  Glassford Rd. - 11:15 am.  Morning Service 11:00 a.m.  Sunday School - 9:30 am.  Gospel Service 7 p.m.  Rev. Bob Scales  Prayer A Bible Study  Church Telephone  Thursday 7 p.m.  GIBSONS  PENTECOSTAL CHURCH  ST. BARTHOLOMEW k.  ST. 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Drieberg  Regular Sunday Masses  Everyone Welcome  9:00 a.m. Our Lady  For information phone:  of Lourdes Church  883-9750 or 883-2736  Sechelt Indian Reserve  10:00 a.m. Holy Family  SECHELT  Church, Sechelt  NEW LIFE  12:00 noon St. Mary's Church  ASSEMBLY  SERVICES  in  Sechelt Elementary School  Gibsons  Confessions before Mass  Phone: 885-9526 or 885-3201  CHRISTIAN SCIENCE  1:00 pm Sunday  SOCIETY  7:30 pm Wednesday  SECHELT SERVICES:  Everyone Welcome  Reverend P. Brodks  Pastor  Sundays 11:30 am.  Sunday School 11:30 am.  Wednesdays 7:00 pm.  All in United Church edifice  GLAD TIDINGS  on main highway in Davis  TABERNACLE  Bay.   Everyone   is   warmly  Gower Point Road  invited to attend.  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Each can be modified  to fit your particular needs and tastes. Or we can help you design  your very own plan.  Sales Office and Display Home in Horseshoe Bay  INDEPENDENTLY  DISTRIBUTED BY  CNS-S  M.D. Mackenzie Limited  6342 Bay Street, Horseshoe Bay  West Vancouver, B.C. V7W 2Q9  Phone (604) 921-8010   921-9266  Job's Daughters raise money with Sunnycrest Car Wash and some horseplay.  < o.M  Look out for turtles  by Vince Bracewell  Longer days and warm  weather will see an increase  in activity on the lakes of the  Sunshine Coast. This is also  the time when our commercial  fishermen head out to the west  coast to take part in the search  for various species of food fish  that are to be found there.  I would like to draw to the  attention of our readers the  importance of reporting sightings of turtles wherever they  may occur. Record the date,  the place, weather conditions,  time of day, and a description  of the reptile, approximate  size, colour, etc. and send it to  myself, Vince Bracewell, c/o  Coast News, Box 460, Gibsons, B.C.  In March, 1980,1 attended a  symposium on Threatened  and Endangered Species and  Habitats in B.C. and the  Yukon, which was held in  Richmond, B.C. For your  information, I would like to  quote part of a report given at  that time on the "Status of  Reptiles in British Columbia"  by Stan. A. Orchard.  "In the lite winter and early  spring (March to April),  reptiles in British Columbia  emerge from winter dormancy. They will simply bask  for the first few weeks, then  mate and finally venture out  from their respective hiber-  nacula in search of food and  sites to deposit eggs or bear  young. By November they will  have completed their annual  activity cycle and re-entered  the hibemaculum, to subsist  on summer-accumulated fat  reserves until the following  spring.  The leatherback ��� turtle har  been recorded several times in  B.C. and Alaskan waters  (MacAskie and Forrester,  1962; Hodge 1976). Recent  discoveries indicate that this  species is homoeothermic  (Frair et al. 1972: Grur et al,  1973) which would account for  its ability to remain active in  the chilly waters of the B.C.  coast.  Almost all species of sea  turtles are declining, principally due to the over harvesting of gravid females and  their eggs as they come ashore  on tropical beaches to nest  (Konegger 1975).  The western painted turtle  (Chresemys picta belli) is the  only turtle commonly found in  B.C.  It  ranges  across - the  southern quarter of the province,   from   the   Kootenay  region to Vancouver Island.  Lake   margin   is   highly  desirable real estate and is  also the habitat of the painted  turtle. Houses can obliterate  nest sites, and lake margin  roads pose a grave danger to  gravid   female   turtles   and  hatchlings who risk being run  over while travelling between  the   nest   sites,   and   lake  (Holland 1937). Other problems faced by this species  include the trampling of nests  by horses and cattle. (Thacker  1924), people and their vehicles.   Hatchlings   are   extremely  vulnerable  to  pre-  dation;      mink      weasels,  skunks, crows, large fish and  snakes are all probable predators, plus dogs have been  known   to   kill   half-grown  specimens   (Holland   1937).  Important for the thermoregulation of painted turtles  are the basking sites, generally rock and fallen logs, along  the lake margin or just offshore. Painted turtles spend  much of the day basking and  it is during this behaviour  that this species is most often  seen. At the first sign of  danger the turtles slip immediately into the water and  dive. Therefore, the removal  of offshore rocks and  logs  could   be   another   limiting  factor on turtle populations,  because it forces turtles to  bask on the shore  proper,  which increases the chance of  their being preyed upon by  decreasing the distance between predator and prey, as  well as removing the  protection of deep water. Some  painted turtles are harvested  to be sold as pets, but the  extent  of  this   harvest   is  unknown." Unquote.  The name "Holland" is  referred to in the above  report. I believe this is Fred  Holland'of Gibsons and a  member of the Wildlife Club.  Fred has long been concerned  with the turtles in this area  and he maintains that spraying on the power line has been  a big factor in the decline of  the painted turtle in our lakes.  Just another reason for not  spraying I  So this spring and summer  keep your eyes open for these  interesting reptiles, but do not  molest them.  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Visit your IGG Canadian  Propane dealer today!  SAVE $100  00  INTER-CITY FURNACES AND UNIT HEATERS  This great saving makes now the time to buy! Choose  from a full selection of models and sizes in either propane or natural gas styles.  SAVE 20%  ��� INGUS WASHERS ft MYERS  ��� INGUS OR ADMIRAL DISHWASHERS  ��� ELECTRIC OR GAS REFRIGERATORS  ��� ENTERPRISE GAS RANGES  ��� BROILHASTER GAS GRILLS  ��� G.S.W. GAS WATER HEATERS  ��� WALL HEATERS ft FURNACES  ICG CANADIAN PROPANE LTD  division, or Mifnr.il, QM copoh.tion  X��^/  TOTAL PROPANE SERVICE!  ICG CANADIAN PROPANE LTD.  (formerly Canadian Propane Gas & Oil Ltd.)  Service through Canada.  Your local dealer is located across from Benner's Furniture, Sechelt  Savtii^arepopgiiigapeverYwlMffel Coast News, May 5, 1981  COAST NEWS CLASSIFIED ADS  Obituaries  Carlson. Passed away April 21,  1981. Martin Carlson of Grantham's Landing. Leaves to mourn  his passing his loving wife Signe,  son Wayne, daughter-in-law  Maureen, 2 grandchildren Sean  and Meighan of Calgary. Cremation. Donations to St. Mary's  Hospital would be appreciated.  Batchelor, Alice Batchelor of  Burnaby, long-time resident of  Sechelt, in her t-KMri year, on ���  April 29th. Survived by her  daughter and son-in-law, Betty  and Frank Lenk and her son and  daughter-in-law, John and Esther  and a daughter-in-law, Gladys,  of Sechelt; eight grandchildren  and eight great-grandchildren.  Funeru! was held Monday,  May 4th. at St. Albans Anglican  Church, Burnaby, Rev. Kerry  officiating. #18  Personal  A.A.  MEETINGS  MONDAY: 6:30 PM.  Open Meetings  Alano Club  (next to Andy's Family  Restaurant)  Ph. 886-2596 Don  886-9208 Dudley  TUESDAY: 8:30 PM.  Young People  Rear ol St. Mary's  Catholic Church. Gibsons  Ph. 886-9783 Lorna  WEDNESDAY: 8:00 PM.  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VON 1VO    #20  Professional Dog Grooming  Teeth Nails & Ears Cleaned  Phone Sharon 886-2084  #21  If someone in your family has a  drinking problem you can see  what it's doing to them. Can you  see what it is doing to you?  Al Anon can help. Phone 6-9037  or 6-8228 TFN  S.P.C.A.  For Adoption:-  Dogs - Old English Sheepdog,  female 4 months; Cocapoo spayed  female 3 years; 2 Samoyed X  females 3 months; Samoyed X  spayed female 2 years; Shepherd  X female 1 year; 3 Shepherd X  pups 8 weeks; Terrier Sheepdog  X pup male 9 weeks; Lab X pup  8 weeks.  Cats - Pure white male kitten  7 weeks; grey & white male kitten  7 weeks; grey male kitten 7  tabby male kitten 7 weeks;  pure white female cat 1 year;  tabby female 1 year spayed;  tabby female 1 year; black male  1 year.  Lost: Reed Rd., Gibsons, female  grey & white short-haired cat.  Peninsula   Kennels   open   9-11  a.m., 2-4 p.m. 7 days a week or  phone 886-7713. #18  M 8BL  T JANES' I'C  A Full Line of      ��rW  Plumbing Supplies  HOURS  Tues. - Sat.  9 a.m. - 5 p.m.  Gibsons  Hwy 101 & Pralt Rd.  MEALS ON WHEELS  ���   Available Mon., Wed.. Fri.  Gibbons, Hoberts Creek  Call  886-7880   885-3351  Announcements  Garage Sale May 9th. 1172 Gower  Point Rd. 10 a.m. Dressers, beds,  misc. junk. #18  SECHELT TOTEM CLUB BINGO  Every Sunday. Place: Sechelt  Legion Hall.  Times: Doors open 5:30. Early  Birds 7:00. Bonanza 7:30. Regular Bingo 8:00.  100% payout on Bonanza end of  each month. Everyone Welcome.  TFN  ���  DANCE students, teachers and  others requiring information on  Tap, Ballet, Aero, Modern and  Spanish Dance. Please phone  886-2989. . TFN  We arc pleased to announce the  40th Wedding Anniversary of our  parents. Cliff and Vina Beeman.  They have been living at the  comer of Flume Rd. and Beach  Ave. (across from the picnic  ,site) in Roberts Creek since  'M57. Their children. Bud. Diana,  Paul, Vicki and Laurie, will be  having a celebration for them at  their home on May 9th, 1981.  We will be having a money tree  for them. Any well-known acquaintances and friends will be  welcome. #18  55858555558555555555  SPCA  SPAY  Clinic  and information  886-7938  Box 105  Gibsons, B.C.  CASTLER0CM  KENNELS  %  ��� Boarding  ��� Grooming  ��� Puppies occasionally  Roberts Creek,  opposite Golt Course  885-2505  Burned-out couple with small  babv desperately need house in  Sechell area. 885-5407. #18  Free to good home, one 6-month  old Husky male and one 1-year  old female Golden Lab. 886-8043  days. 886-7683 eves. 18  PENINSULA  KENNELS  Open  for Boarding  all types of  dogs & cats.  Excellent  care given.  Now  S.P.C.A. Shelter  Open  9-11 am &2-4pm  for viewing  adoptive animals  or drop-off  of unwanted  animals.  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Reward. 885-7507. #18  uuestoch  Purebred Jersey milking cow for  sale. Eve 885-9294 #17  HORSES  6 good riding horses & 2 ponies  for sale to good homes only.  886-7377or886-9409 TFN  Gibsons Clinic Pharmacy carries  equine veterinary supplies. For  enquiries call John at 886-8191.  #18  ELLINGHAM  STABLES  ��� Boarding  ��� Training  ��� Lessons  885-9969  Ulorh wanted  WEST COAST  PAIHTIHG  Phone  886-2883  I  Free  |'l[ Estimates  ALL WORK   GUARANTEED  Ulorh Wanted ��� He id Wanted ��� wanted to Rent  Wanted  Roto-tiller and soil sifter for hire  with or without operator. For  further info, call 886-2934       #18  Yard and basement clean-ups,  rubbish removal, light hauling.  Also young man seeks steady  work. 886-9503 #18  BRICKWORK  FACINGS, FIREPLACES  PLANTERS, BLOCKWORK  RICHARD SAUNDERS 816-8586  #18  TREE SERVICE  We   make   it  our  business  to  provide   you   with   satisfaction.  Our specialty:  ��� Topping  ��� Limbing  ��� Dangerous Tree Removal  Insured guaranteed services  Peerless Tree Service Ltd.  Call for free estimate 885-2109.  TFN  Need a truck and driver? Reasonable rates, 3-ton van body truck  for furniture, etc. 885-7342     #20  Harbour Chimney Cleaning. Serving the Sunshine Coast. Fireplaces, furnaces, oil stoves, 883-  9171. Customers from the 886 exchange call Collect. TFN  J. LEPORE TILE  Quality Installations  Ceramic, Mosaic or Quarry  All work guaranteed  Free estimates  Phone Anytime  .      8a��-8097      ,  Hardwood Floors resanded and  finished, work guaranteed. Free  est. Phone 885-5072 TFN  Fence building our specialty.  886-7540 TFN  Backhoe available. Gibsons area  preferred. Phone 886-9614 any  time. TFN  Key West Drywall, complete  guaranteed service. Phone 886-  2621 eves. #17  NEED TUNE-UP?  Experienced mechanic will come  to your car ��� any make. Reaa.  rates  call  Dominique  885-3317  anytime TFN  100 Chicks, 10 weeks old. S4.25.  886-7540 #18  Design  Drafting  886-744*  For Explosive Requirements  Dynamite, electric or regular caps  B line E cord and safety fuse.  Contact Gwen Nlmmo, Cemetery  Road, Gibsons. Phone 886-7778.  Howe Sound Farmer Institute.  TFN  Qualified   Painter.   Reasonable  rates. Work guaranteed. 886-9749  TFN  limlHTj.uk Skidder with operator. Wire splicer available. 886-  2459. TFN  Chimney sweeping and moss  spraying. 886-7540 TFN  For your land and lawn scaping,  garden care call DEAN Ltd.  886-7540 TFN  WRIGHT WAY Renovations -  Alterations basement to the roof,  satisfaction guaranteed. Jim or  Gary 885-5946 #19  COMPLETE GARDEN SERVICE  Seasonal care; pruning, power  raking, garden rototilling, lawns  ii hedges, reasonable rate.  885-9498. #19  NEED HELP  SPRING CLEANING?  Quick and Efficient  Reasonable Rates  886-2871 after 6  f require work as a tradesman's/  landscaper's helper. Have pickup and tools.   For more info,  call Barry 886-9498. #19  Taping and Texturing, big jobs  and small. Phone 886-9291      #20  Carpenter - new and renovations.  Reasonable rates and references.  886-7280 TFN  Portable Sawmill available. P.O.  Box 1074, Gibsons. #18  Chimney   Cleaning   and   maintenance. Ph. 886-7411 or 886-8023  TFN  Electrical Contractor wants work  anywhere on the coast, own boat  for island work. 886-9316      TFN  Experienced House Cleaner  wishes work in Gibsons area.  Have car, phone 886-7358. Refs.  available. #19  Quality finishing carpentry and  boat   interiors.   Jeff.   885-5588.  #17  Raincoast secretarial  Office overload service  and  Professional Out ul Office  Typing  (Pick-up and delivery  available)  Patti: 888-8593  Eves. 885-5588  Help wanted  Breakfast cook  I  second cook  needed immediately  Apply in person  Need a babysitter for 2-year-old. Year-round parking for  1  car, Trailer   10'x30'   to   50'   good  Shift work,  must be available walking   distance   to   Langdale condition. C.S.A. approved. 112-  on short notice. Phone Cheryl ferry. Call collect 325-1949, Van- 298-7698. #20  886-7384. #18 couver. #16    GIBSONS WINTER aOB  Tenders re. roofing contract  (labour only) 106 sq. of 210 Ib.  duroid shingles plua ridge capping. Tenders accepted until  May 26, 1981. The lowest or any  tender will not necessarily be  accepted. Gibsons Winter Club,  Box 989, Gibsons, B.C. #19  3 to 4 bedroom house. For more  information call 886-2904.      #16  Motorhome from Aug. 7 to Aug.  16. Please call Joe Bellerive  886-9453. #19  2 or 3 bdrm. house or apt. needed  as soon as possible. Leave  message at Park Motel. Ph.  883-9040. #19  Immediate opening for payroll  clerk. Payroll experience and  accurate typing required. 689-  3931 during business hours, or  886-9634 evenings. 318  Required Immediately Perm.  part-time Receptionist. Experience in dealing with people and  ability to type routine correspondence essential. Apply in  writing to Jolly Roger Inn, R.R,#1  Halfmoon Bay. #18  Required immediately Perm.  part-time Night Janitor. Previous  janitorial experience an asset.  Apply in- writing to Jolly Roger  Inn, R.R. #1 Halfmoon Bay,  B.C. #18  Required immediately full-time  Waitress. Previous experience  essential. Apply in writing to  Jolly Roger Inn, R.R. #1 Halfmoon Bay, B.C. #18  Required immediately part-time  Dishwasher. Apply in writing to    ^^^^  Jolly Roger Inn, R.R. #1 Half-   ��� . .      .       ��� ..    ,  n     or jus  "oom and board available for  moon Bay, d.C fflo  The Crew of the  "Beachcombers"  are still looking  for furnished houses  contact  Bob Frederick  >��� 886-7811  For Rent  clean    working  886-2137.  Housekeeper, mature woman to  W"5 "51- Li��1Lh��cU!!l:!f.pi"ll.&   Community   Hall  Phone  TFN  Your unwanted dilapidated barn,  shack, etc. Clean up and removal  in exchange for materials at no  charge to you. 885-3310.        #20  Delivered sawdust, shavings, for  stable. 885-9969 TFN  Older furniture, china etc. bought  or sold on consignment. Harbour  Antiques, 1585 Marine Dr.,  Gibsons. 886-7800 TFN  Wanted: 24" and 18" cedar  shake blocks (taper wood). Phone  112-8884103 Ask for John (top  prices paid for cords). #18  Wanted to Buy: Logs or Timber.  Fir, Hemlock, Cedar - Porpoise  Bay Logging Ltd. 885-9408 or  885-2032 TFN  child care. West Sechelt area.  885-3903 eves.  #20  for   rent   in  Roberts Creek. Phone Bill Grose  885-9237  TFN  Part time clerical and store clerk.  Please send resume to Personnel  Dept., Box 59, Madeira Pk��� B.C.  VON 2HO. TFN  Housekeeper needed 1 day a  week. Hopkins Landing. Phone  eves, after 6 - 886-7005. #18  Driver-yard person with Class 3  licence. Send resume to personnel department, Box 59,  Madeira Park. VON 2HO.     TFN  Waitresses wanted, full & part  time. Bartending experience preferred. Apply in person to Seaview Gardens, 11:30 a.m. to  5 p.m. #19  Need babysitter for 3 children  2 yrs., 4 yrs. & 6 yr. old. Afternoons. Roberts Creek-Gibsons  area. Prefer group accommodation but will consider splitting  up. Call 886-8036 #19  WAITRESS WANTED  Experience preferred. Apply in  person at The Cedars. TFN  Babysitter  Wanted,  Gibsons   -  Gower Pt. area. Phone 886-7510.  #20  SPECIAL WEEKLY RATES  Peninsula Hotel 886-9334      TFN  19 in. Colour T.V. $25. per mo., 3  mo. min. 26 in. consoles $30. per  mo. J & C Electronic, 885-2568  #TFN  New 3 bedroom log home.  Redrooffs area. Non smoking  adults, no pets, long term only.  References. Fireplace. Reply  Box 1, Coast News, c/o Box 460,  Gibsons, B.C. #18  To put on your property while  you build, 1 bdrm. 10x40 ft.  trailer. 885-9276 #18  Looking for a senior person to  share a house and garden near  beach. Reasonable rent. 886-9463  #20  MANAGER  REQUIRED  by  Trail Bay Sports  Gibsons  Retail and supervisory  experience required.  Knowledge of sports  and marine field  necessary.  Send resume to:  Trail Bay Snorts  BOI 878  sechelt, B.C.  V0H3M  Wanted to Rent  OFFICE  OR  RETAIL  SPACE  AVAILABLE  886-2417  888-2743  822-2017  music  House. References. Available in  Gibsons area. Working man.  886-8511. #20  Desperately I Our house burned  down, we need a place I Couple  with 10 mo. old baby. Anywhere -  Gibsons - Sechelt - references.  Phone 885-5407 #20  Professional couple require long  term rental, exc. references,  carpentry and landscape experience, put your home in good  hands, call Valerie at Anderson  Realty 885-3211 or 886-7851.  #18  Quiet responsible working married couple needs to rent 1-3  bdrm. home from Gibsons to  Madeira Park. Excellent refs.  Please call 883-2459. #20  Winnebago for occasional daily  rental throughout summer. Phone  886-7811 #18  Wanted to rent by May or June  1st. 2-3 bdrm. for family of 3.  Gibsons to Sechelt. Ref. available. 885-7265. #19  ivestwurid  Sound  Centres  CiDpioimeer  ricomp  Fender Marshal  Appliance!  DEALER  COST  pint 10%  Next to the  Bank of Montreal Building  Sechelt  885-3313  CASH FOR LOSS  Top rncai  FreeEsamatM  D & 0 LOG SORTING  LTD.  886-7896 886-7700  For Sale  Lawn    RM  Movers tM.��  MACLEODS  SECHELT  885-2171  New Yamaha A60 electric organ  with bench and earphones. $1500  OBO. 886-9102. #20  PIANO TUNER  Expert piano tuning & repairs at  reasonable rates. Ask for Sig  886-7792 #18  Electric Piano, Fender Rhodes,  portable. Exc. cond. $1000 OBO.  886-8583 TFN  Traynor P.A. 6 channel mixer  amp, slave amp, 2 monitors,  Shure microphone, Fender super  reverb. 886-2516 #17  Fitzweight 3/8" wet suit 2 yrs.  old attached hood, spine pad,  knee pads and new B.C. seaquest  oral and man inflator 180 lbs.  5'10" excellent shape $650.  Phone 886-2096. #20  Set new Keystone custom wheels  5 bolt lock on Chevy unilug  14,6. $325. Ph. 886-9288.       #18  Cedar Planters, hanging baskets,.  made to order by local handicapped at Sunshine Achievement  Centre, 886-9325 or drop in.  Eves. 886-2935. #20  Firewood   for   sale.   885-3605.  Buy now, have it dry for winter.  TFN  6 - 30 ft. hydro poles $70 each;  pipe wrench - 9 inch jaw $50;  timing light & ignition tester, like  new $50/palr. 886-8003.        #18  6' x 12' national billiard table,  new felt, all ace. $1700 OBO.  Moving sale - plants, toys, books  etc. 886-2706 #19  6 months old Sib. Husky. $100.  Phone 886-9635 #19  1- 28x36 2- 24x30 al. sliding wdi.  $20 ea. 110' ornamental Iron railing with corrugated plastic  inserts $2.50 per ft. White toilet  $25.886-8398. #19  ENPEDITI0H TENT  Recreational Equipment Inc.  McKinley Model  Complete with Rainfly  All seams coated  Very High Quality Tent  Used Only Once  . .800.- SS6-590S  For Sale  The Coast News is looking for  back copies to complete their  files. Issues missing are from  June to December In 1976. Anyone wishing to donate, please  phone 886-2622 and we will pick  up. Thank youl TFN  F & I Contractors. Standing  timber. Any amount. Fair prices.  Good clean up. Lou LePage  886-9872 or 886-7833. TFN  Wood cookstove, Ford Cortina,  lot on Gambier Island. 886-9503.  #19  Sharp kerosene heater $30.  Hoover cannister vacuum $25.  Wet/dry shop vac $30. VW Beetle  trailer hitch 885-3605 after 5 p.m.  #20  Pool Table Gendron 4' x 8'  good condition with cues. $400  OBO. 886-7028 #19  Electric Range Moffat, good  condition $125 or offer. After  five 885-5661 #19  Hand tools, building supplies etc.  at reasonable prices. Phone  886-9752 #18  Next year's firewood at last  year's prices. P.O. Box 1074,  Gibsons. #18  MULCH HAY $1.50 bale. Phone  evening 885-9357 TFN  Business For Sale. Small welding  business, tools and stock. F.P.  $12,000.00. Ph. 886-2708 evenings. #17  ELEUTROHOME  SALES f, SERVICE  |, SUNSHINE  s COAST T.U.  HAY. $2.00 a bale. Phone evenings 885-9357 TFN  One deluxe Star Craft tent trailer.  Asking $3500. Will take offers.  One nine-foot camper, needs  some work $400. One ten-foot  Camper King custom camper.  $2200. One 1968 V. ton pick-up  for parts or repair. $250. 886-  2350,886-2568. #18  2" yellow cedar, assorted widths  $1/BF. Peugot racing 10-speed  bike w/tubular tires $300.  5   sheet   5/16   ply   sheathing  $5 ea. 885-5588. #17  1 chesterfield and chair, blue with  gold inlay, good condition $100.  1 sectional chesterfield and large  chair, brick red, good condition  $150. Phone evenings 886-7382.  #18  New wood stove air tight, brick  lined, phone 885-2101 or 886-9277  after 5. #18  THERMAX  WELD-ALL IND.  Beat Ihe High Cost of Heating  Custom Made Wood Stoves  PHONE 886-8466  MOVING- MUST SELL!!  Kenmore dryer $75; Moffat range  $75; 2 single beds $50 for pair;  Philco cabinet stereo $50; antique  typewriter (Imperial) $25; Remington adding machine $25;  head & footboard with metal  frame $25.886-8003. #18  Inglis multi-cycle auto washer,  excellent condition. Guaranteed  & delivered. $250. Phone 883  2648 TFN  SNAPPER  Available at  Sechelt  Power  Products  Inlet Ave. 885-2813  (Across from Post Of lice | ���  For Safe  Coast News, May 5,1981  23  Automotlue  mobile Homes  Marine  HANGING  BASKETS  ��� Lawn Seed  BEDDING  PLANTS  | Mother's Day |  SPECIALS!  Fine  Selection ol  FLOWERING  SHRUBS  Fertilizers  Sleer Manure  Peal Moss  SEEDS  Quality  Farm & Garden  Supply Ltd.  HOT TUB?  Do it yourself. Fiberglass, redwood and vinyl. Solar collectors,  H&S Contracting. 885-3825 TFN  Appliances, Furniture, TV's,  Stereos etc. DISCOUNT PRICES!  Kern's Home Furnishings, Seaview Place, Gibsons. 886-9733.   TFN  Plastic barrels, very heavy 40-50  gal. capacity. Screw-on lids - used  for shipping food products. $30.  ea. 885-5998. T.F.N.  One 8 ft. Sofabed $150, sm. O/T  dresser $35, one sofabed with  mat. chr. $175. 12" B&W TV  $25. Typewriter $35. 885-9677  aft. 6. #18  Used 30" white Westinghouse  range. Good working condition.  $150.00.886-9733 TFN  HOT  WATER  TANKS  All Sizes  Best Puces on  the Peninsula  MACLEODS  SECHELT  885-2171  The WOOD SHED  Is now taking orders for  FIREWOOD  Stock-up now (or next winter  Phone W��-a���4  Powerful horse manure: you load  S15.885-9969. TFN   1  Ladies bicycle blue $35. Sewing  machine $75.  Phone 886-2660.  #20  1   16 mm  fdm  projector  $50.  1 large steel desk for office $100.  ��� Would the person placing this  ad please contact the Coast News  - you forgot to put your phone  number...  Second hand white porcelain  toilet. Good condition or best  offer. 886-2956. #18  Nice looking si* drawer dresser  with mirror (good) $100. Electric  juicer with food processor $60.  2 wrought iron stools. Ph. 886-  8370. #18  Infants-Teens consignment sale.  Toys, games, clothes, furnishings  YOURS AND MINE  885-2620Tues-Sat. #20  46 piece set 1849 Rogers Silverware in untarnishable case  $195. Medium-sized mink jacket  as new $395.886-9686. #18  Chestfld. & chair $60; coffee  table $10; tri-lite floor lamp $10;  Br. India rug 10x14 carved  Kashmir coco-beige 1/3 cost at  $600.885-2766. #20  Appliances  have good guaranteed  rebuilt appliances.  Less than hall  new price.  Call Collect Anytime  Trade Your  APPLIANCE  on a new  HOT POINT  at  MACLEODS  SECHELT  885-2171  Swim ��� Spa  Pool anil Si:  SKASIDK  TONY'S  UNIQUE RESTORATIONS  BRASS* ANTIQUES  Pedal stools. Sinks. Leaded  glass. French Doors. Demolition.  Brass Taps. Chandeliers. Wall  Sconces. Red Brick. Oak Floors.  Beautiful accessories 50 years &  older. 3662-4th Ave., Vancouver  TFN  GAF super 8 movie camera and  Bell and Howell projector with  screen, hardly used. $425 OBO.  886-7736 #18  Farm tractor 50 h.p. Die. Front  end loader, 3 pt. hitch. $7500.  OBO. After 5 p.m. or weekends  885-3382. #21  GE portable dishwasher 5 years  old. Hardly used. Excellent  condition. 886-2303. #18  Abundant living pro vita vitamins  and beauty aids plus pro-joggers  for excellent health. Phone  886-2660. #21  Starting a new store or warehouse  I have 24 ft. store goldolas and  steel shelving also maple merchandising bunks 4'x2'. Call  883-9676. #20  886-7017  Of 886-7760  *kj#taMt��t**M  OCEANSIDE  POOLS  VINYL LINED SWIMMING POOLS  ALUMINUM  I STEEL WALLS  HOT TUBS ISMS  Salts, Sffrvlct, Installations  Fully Guarinttad  Tan Ytara Eiparlanca  FREE ESTIMATES  Phone  Bob Green  885-3862  Box 1184, Sechelt.  Automotlue  1980 Ford Pickup, short box,  canopy 13,000 km. Price $6,500  firm. 886-9217. #19  '79 Chev P.U. Vi ton, burgundy,  very good condition, 305 CI.  $6,000 OBO. Phone 886-7350. #18  4 - six bolt 10 Inch Chevy mags -  suitable for Blazer or Jimmy.  $200 with tires. 885-3825        #18  1 ��� Chevy 35J automatic transmission. $75.885-3825. #18  '79 GMC diesel pick-up automatic  PS/PB, radio, 33,000 km. $8,300.  Ph. 885-3949 #19  2 68 MGB's. One runs really well  and one is for parts. 2 hd.tps, good  wheels���great deal at $2,500.  These are classics nowl Jane 883-  9342 Sun, - Tues. or write R.R. ft 1,  Garden Bay, VON ISO        TFN  1970 VW Beetle, sunroof, AM/  FM, near-new Pirelli radials, runs  great, well-maintained, however  body is thrashed. Best oiler over  $685,885-3671. TFN  1979 Chevy Silverado short box  4 wheel drive, 4-sp. with canopy  36" fun country tires, 4 inch lift  kit, chrome roll bar and push  bar, and Pioneer AM/FM in  dash. Cassette deck, all diamond  tuff interior. $9,000. Phone  886-9890 after 5. TFN  1964 Volvo 122 Canadian B18  4 door 4 sp. new brakes, clutch,  exhaust, rear shocks $1000 OBO  885-9285 TFN  1978 GMC Window Van, PS/PB,  auto trans., radio. 2-tone paint,  8-pass., 7,000 ml. Asking $7,300.  886-2410. TFN  '79 Gran Lemans, 2 dr., PS/PB/  P/w, cruise control, tilt steer,  AM/FM, radials, two-tone blue  305 CI one of a kind $7000 OBO.  886-9157 aft. 5. #18  '76 CJ7 Jeep, white, 3-spd., soft  top. $5000. 885-3400 weekdays  only, 10 a.m.-6 p.m. #18  '66 Thunderbird; reasonable offers accepted. '63 Mercedes 190,  for spare parts; offers. '73 Ford  Bronco 4x4 loaded. 886-9736  #18  '68 Fargo '/. ton P.U. '72 slant 6  4-spd.'new clutch, exc. running  cohd. $400 OBO. 885-5505     #18  1970 Ford stn. wgn. runs good.  Some work needed. 390 V-8.  $250,886-2339. #18  '74 Ford F250 Camper spec. 390,  auto., dual tanks, S/R window,  57,000 mi., new tires & exhaust,  camper tie downs, P/steer etc.  Ex. cond., no rust! $3,700.00  OBO or trade for mid-size or  small station wagon. 886-2786.  #20  1970 MG Midget good condition  $1800 OBO. Call after 7:00 p.m.  886-2753. #18  '76 Dodge club cab excel, cond.  400 cu. in. V-8 auto 37,000 orlg.  miles. $4900 OBO. After 5,  883-9427 #19  1979 Chev K5 Blazer stick shift  only 19,000 km immaculate  many extras $9500. Trev Goddard  886-2658. #19  1974 Firebird Esprit 350 auto  new mags and TA's, excellent  condition $4400 OBO. Phone  886-7606 #19  Must sell 1976 Pacer X, good  condition, god gas mil. $2100.  885-9630 #19  Valerie, the '64 Valiant is for  sale.  Running condition.  $100.  Phone  885-5466  after  6  p.m.  TFN  1979 Fiat Spyder 31,000 km  wire wheel covers, AM/FM radio  excellent cond. $10,000. 886-  9006. #19  SANSUI  Component  STEREO  from  Green Onion  Stereo  884-5240  Dunham Rd.. Port Mellon  Rare Find '63 Chev pick-up  6-cyl. 3-spd. NO RUST, good  body. Approx. 8,000 miles on  rebuild. Needs paint & some  repair. $1000.886-7204. #20  '71 Toyota Corolla, 60,000 mi.  Engine in excellent cond. Needs  a clutch. $200. Phone Terry  885-9358. #20  '73 GMC Van good condition.  $2000. Carpenter-any jobs. Refs.  Reply c/o Box 2, Coast News, Box  460, Gibsons, B.C. #20  1974 GMC 3 ton 18' van body  truck w/reefer, tailgate lift,  2-speed axle, dual tanks. 885-  1979 Dodge 4x4 good condition,  V-8 motor, radio & CB, 4 new  studded snow tires & 4 large tires  'with mags. $7500. Phone 886-  7142. #19  1970 Int. P.U. with canopy,  rebuilt motor $600 OBO. 885-2101  aft. 6. #18  1967 Cougar taiHights $50/pair,  '65 Ford engine & transmission,  352 V-8. $300. '65 VW for parts  J150OBO. #18  1979 Bronco XLT 351. Mag.  wheels, exc. cond. $8500 firm.  886-8516 TFN  1973 Ford Vi ton P.U. Michelins  std. trans., 2 radial snow tires,  $1,500 OBO. 886-9277 after  5 p.m. #18  SMALL CAR  SERVICE  is  No problem for us - Ford  has been building and  importing cars and trucks  from Germany, Japan  and England as far back  as 1949.  So if you have a problem  wiih your small car we've  gotIhe  EXPERIENCE  Hours ot Service  8 am - 5 pm  885-3281  SffJTI CMIT  FtKi uia in  MOBILE HOME  SALES A SERUIGE  Big Maple Motel  Davis Bay  885-9513  D.L. 6925  Campers ft RUs  1973  hard   top   trailer,   3-way  fridge, heater, sleeps 6. 2 spares.  7342  #20  886-7943  #19  '68   Vi-ton  G   Body   G   Eng.,  J969   "*'   *f*  ��/<:   ��*  canonv   snare ens   $800   886- 2"w,y  Wd*e   *  s,ove'   sleeP��  canopy, spare eng.  wwu.  ooo-   . j���,,,-., aa.,,��� j,?.  7294.  #18  6. $4000 OBO. 886-2500  #18  '77 Reinell 19Vi ft. with EZ loader  trailer. Top condition only 328  hrs. on 175 h.p. Ford, CB, depth  sounder, head in cuddy cabin,  first $9500.886-7204. #20  1980 GMC Sierra Grand V. ton  pick-up $10,500. Phone 885-2232  TFN  1979 Mercury Marquis, PS & PB,  A/C, C/C, new condition, low  mileage, reasonable to settle  estate. Phone 886-8454. #20  1966 Chrysler, 58,000 miles,  mechanically A-l, body good,  frame rusted. 886-7219. #20  1978 Jimmy custom 4x4, PS, PB,  PW, tilt cruise. $6,600. 886-7087.  #20  rams  Ms vour Raimit  LOIS its H0DT  Come in and see Herman  Vandeberg, 20 years Volkswagen Specialist - Factory  trained.  SMTI CMST  FtRi mui lt��  Hours ol Service  8 am-5 pm    885-3281  vat. Ml DO StOGH  mm yw parts  Folding camper trailer tee pee  model, sleeps five, propane  stove & sink. $650 OBO. 2 spare  tires. 886-7028 #19  1978 20 ft. Vanguard trailer,  excellent condition, folly equipped. Phone 885-3146 #19  1977 22W'   Vanguard  Trailer,  fully equipped and in excellent  condition. $7,900. Ph. 886-9648  #18  MOBILE HOMES  FOR SALE  12' x 52' Statesman  2 Bedroom  Fridge & Stove  Very Clean  1 Owner  $18,900.  Delivered and Set Up  on your lot or in our park  SUNSHINE COAST  MOBILE  HOME PARK  Hwy. 101       886-9826  Coast Mobile  Homes Ltd.  GOOD  SELECTION OF  DOUBLE WIDES  we take trades  or  Consign your Mobile  Home to us for  QUICK SOlO  WHARF ST.   SECHELT  885-9979       mdl 5393  Trauel  19' Boat, fibreglass on plywood,  type Spencer Hall, with trailer.  Evenings 886-9736 #18  23' F/G Cutter S/boat. CB radio,  9.9. elec. Evinrude O/B. Trailer  incl. $7800.886-2626 #18  15'/.' alumin. Boat, 65 hp Mercury engine, electric start. Built-  in bow tank with Holsclaw  trailer. $3,000. 886-7954 #18  1973 fibreform 22' hardtop  165 Merc, 3 new props, depth  sounder, head, stove, winch,  new Bennett trim tabs, 6 h.p.  Johnston sporty yacht dinghy or  trade for a smaller boat w/trailer.  $7,200.886-2096 #20  1975 17' Starcraft 140 h.p. I/O.  trailer. 883-2263 #18  14' fiberglass runabout w/trailer  35 h.p, Evinrude $1,000 OBO.  885-2950 #20  17' unique fibreglass Bellboy  good cond., new sleeper seats.  $1,000 OBO. Phone 886-9795 or  886-7084. !   #20  14 Vj ' plywood mahogany top boat  and trailer, good condition, no  motor or seats. $850. 886-9233  after 6 p.m. #20  12 foot fiberglass double hull  speed boat and trailer $850.  Phone886-7652after6p.ni.   #18  17'F/G Chrysler 1971 Boat  80 hip. Mercury O.B. Low hrs.  Trailer foil canvas, good condition  $3600. Tel: 886-9715 after 5:00  p.m. #20  HHH,MAUI  1 Br. deluxe condo, $32.50day  U.S. 2 pools, tennis, across road  from   exc.    beach.    886-8474.  #21  Reno from  $199 via Maverick .  Coach starts departures from the Cummini twyl. turbo diesel  Sunshine Coast 24 May '81 w/reduction, controls A panel.  Cheapest yet I Wardair Vanc-Toro Offers. 885-5588.  $239 rtn. No advanced booking '   required I Love Boat mini cruise �����' . m-*i\ ��<��.  3d/2N to/from Vane-San Fran-  29  spruce mast 1250. 885-5588  cisco. Getaway Holidays 885-3265  #18  Marine  motorcycles  For Sale: 1970 B.S.A. 500 twin  $500.886-7840 #20  1964 Harley pan head bottom  shovel top redged frame all  chopped, mags, king and queen  seat, SS rods and pistons, bored.  $5,200.886-2096. #20  1976 125 S Honda 4,000 mi. like  new. Luggage rack, windshield,  crash bars, $600. 885-2232 (Hans)  #18  Mobile Homes  Mobile Home 3 bedroom on one  acre, fridge & stove. Cemetery  Rd. Available May 17. $425 mo.  References.434-2073 #18  1975 - 12x68 Mobile Home set up  in North Road trailer park.  886-9581. #18  1974 Bendix 12' x 60' mobile  home, fridge, stove, washer,  dryer. Asking $18,000. 923-3703  evenings. Campbell River.     #19  1979 Moduiine dbl. wide home.  2 bdroom. 960 sq. ft. Set up on  pad in Wilson Creek area, on  private acreage $37,500 + $100/  month pad rental. Purchaser's  option to keep home on location.  (Possession July 2nd). Call after  6 p.m. 885-3153. #19  HIGGS MARINE  SURVEYSLTD  Insurance claims, condition and  valuation surveys. Serving the  Sunshine Coast and B.C. Coastal  Waters. Phone: 885-9425, 885-  9747,885-3643,886-9546      TFN  30 foot, 1978 Holiday Rambler.  Deluxe model, set up at Sunshine  Coast Trailer Park. Asking  $17,000,886-7994. #20  1974 18'/. ft. Double Eagle Boat.  Excellent Condition, approx. 1100  hrs.  Equipped with. 302 Ford Motor,  270 Volvo Leg, Trim Tabs, Hard  Top, Canvas Cover, Toilet,  Night Light, Six Life Jackets,  Spare Prop, Tools & Tool Box,  Flares, Anchor & 100 ft. of Line,  Fire Extinguisher, Heavy Duty  Trailer. Best Offer Over $11,000.  Before May 1. Phone: 886-7142,  886-7951 or 886-7287. #19  19'/i ft. Boat, trailer, sounder,  head, stove, table etc. Trade for  16 ft. Boat with power or sell for  $1,800 OBO. After 6- 883-9450.  #19  14 ft. aluminum boat with 6 hp  motor, excellent running cond. includes 5 gal. gas tank, oars and  life jackets. $900. 885-5666.  #19  Fisherman's dream, new 1980  12' Lund c/w 7.5 Merc., tank and  oars. $1650.885-9247 #19  Sailboat 26' Thunderbird, 3 sails,  propane  stove,   sink,   head   &  double berth. $9500. 886-7534.  #20  Conveniently located year-round  supervised moorage. 883-2424.  . #26_  1975 Rawson 26' 3 sails, 9.9 c/w  elec. start, sounder, CB stove,  c/w tank, head, inflatable raft  etc. $13,000.886-9006. #19  B.C. Vulion  Bianhet Classifieds  PRIVATE SALE. Fruit and Nut  store in Nanaimo, B.C. Located  in Vancouver Island's largest  mall. Excellent opportunity to  acquire an operating business.  Include a capital summary with  reply. Full price $85,000.00 plus  inventory. Box 533, c/o Nanaimo  Times, P.O. Box 486, Nanaimo,  B.C.V9R5P4. #18  EXPERIENCED PERSON FRIDAY. Required experienced mature secretary for general office  duties in wholesale lumber office.  Must be accurate, excellent  typist, bookkeeping experience,  able to do bank reconciliation,  payroll and month-end financial  statement. Salary negotiable.  Resume and references required.  Apply in writing in confidence to  Michaels Forest Products Ltd.,  209 Revillon Building, 10221-  104th Street, Edmonton, Alberta.  T5J 1B2. Attention Michael  Saiko, phone (403) 424-2232.   #18  BUILD YOUR OWN ROD. Complete components catalogue free  with this ad. Horton Rodcrafting  Co., 29739 Donatelli Road, RR#2  Mission, B.C. V2V4H9. #18  6 FLATDECK TRAILERS, 40  foot x 8 foot good brakes, good  tires 10 winches. Some completely rebuilt with new decks,  new paint, crossmembers aa  needed. 5 to 6 thousand. Phone  collect 498-2535 Rapid Transfer,  Oliver, B.C. #18  TRAINING NOW AVAILABLE  FOR SCULPTURED FINGERNAILS. Earn extra Income at  home or in a salon. Financing  available. Enroll now. Limited  seating. Phone days 463-5025.  Evenings 462-7774. #19  12' Boat  aluminum  &  $1000. OBO. 886-7877  motor.  #19  1974 K&C folly equipped incl. CB  sounder, stove, sink, head, ice  box, lifejackets, Anchorpak, trailer, bait tank 165 OMC. $10,500.  firm. Phone 883-2526 #19  Work or pleasure cruiser 21'  H.D. aluminum hull, 170 Volvo  I/O, F.W.C., hyd. steer., VHF,  Tabs. IVi G.P.H. $17,500.  885-9247. #19  AIH( mil   SCWAGt    THEATMtNT  Perhaps we can service  that  difficult lot.  883-2269     885-5922  22V.' cabin cruiser 14 yrs. old,  good condition, 110 Volvo I/O  $9500 or best offer. Phone  885-3970 after six. #20  AB Haddock Boat moving.  Licensed and folly insured.  Hydraulic equipment. Phone 883-  2722 days. 883-2682 eves      TFN  SURUIUAL SUIT  FIT/RIGHT  *275. - 885-5888  FOR SALE  BEAUTY SALON  Opportunity to be creative and  be your own boss at the same  time. Well established business  with 4 fully equipped stations, 3  sinks with extra hookup for  fourth, 4 dryers, bin washer &  dryer, full bathroom plus storage.  Located in modern plaza close to  shopping centre. Lots of parking  available. Vendor is motivated,  All reasonal offers will be considered. Call Elizabeth Raines  324-4621 (24 hours).  TofiMtier,  I wean help you better.  B.C. Vuhon Bianhet Classifieds  25 words for W.  OFFSET PRINTING SHOP FOR  SALE. Price $150,000.00 plus  stock. (Grossing approximately  $200,000.00). All equipment in  good condition. Phone (306)  783-8928 SAM. Holdings, Box  1859, Yorkton, Saskatchewan,  S3N3R2. #18  WOOD WINDOWS AND  DOORS! B.C.'s lowest prices!  Huge selection. Now stocking  pine double glazed windows.  Walker door: Vancouver .12-  266-1101. 1366 S.W. Marine  Drive V6P 5Z9 or North Vancouver, (112-985-9714), 1589 Garden Ave. V7P3A5 TFN  PROSPECTORS: We want the  opportunity to examine/option  your new Finds. Fair terms.  Send information in confidence  to: Vital Mines, #175-81 West  Broadway, Vancouver, B.C. V5Z  1J8, #18  APARTMENT SIZE FRIDGES  and matching 24 inch ranges.  Ideal for suites, motels or cabins.  Fully rebuilt and guaranteed.  Quantity discounts, Edmonds  Appliance Centre, 7832 Edmonds  Street, Burnaby, B.C. V3N 1B8.  Phone 525-0244 #18  WOOD WINDOWS AND  DOORS I Lowest prices anywhere  on double glazed wood windows.  Walker Door: Vancouver 266-  1101, North Vancouver 985-9714,  Richmond 273-7030. Now open  in Kamloops 554-2058. TFN   a  SINGLE? Excellent Computerized  and Personalized Dating Service  in your area. Request FREE  information from Main Office:  HUMAN CONTACT B4 818-16th  Avenue, N.W. Calgary, Alberta.  T2MOK1. #18  1976 CAT 528 Grapple Skidder.  Excellent condition. Only worked  two weeks in last eighteen  months. $65,000.00. Phone 348-  2380 or 348-2313. #18  DOES YOUR TOWN HAVE NO  BIBLE BOOKSTORE? Would you  like to be selling bibles and  inspirational books out of your  home? Contact Christian Book  Nook, P.O. Box 2252, Sidney,  B.C.V8L3S8. #18  Corgi Pembroke puppies. House.  Training started. Home raised.  Lovely temperaments. Family  dog. Wormed 1st shot. Phone  949-7455. Houlston, Quatsino,  VON 2VO. Realistically priced,  to good homes only. #18  ATTENTIONIII BUTLDERS.DE-  VELOPERS AND INVESTORS.  1 acre "Ready go" R.6 Townhouse Zone property $169,000.00.  Inquiries J.H. Whittome ft Co.  Limited, 254 Trans Canada  Highway, Duncan, B.C. V9L 3P9.  Phone 748-0381, Irene Carroll  743-9164, Lori Carroll Izard  748-7986. #18  REPORTER: For twice-weekly  Vancouver Island Newspaper.  Photography skills required. Call  Editor Comox District Free Press  334-4446. #18  LAKE COWICHAN CONVENIENCE STORE FOR SALE. Newly  rewired, excellent volume, great  location. Living accommodations  attached. Owner selling due to  family expansion $150,000.00  plus stock. Phone 749-3321.  #18  LOWER MAINLAND DIVISION,  13647100th Avenue, Surrey,  B.C. V3T 1H9. Phone 585-3622.  KAMLOOPS DIVISION, 90-180  Seymour Street, Kamloops, B.C.  V2C 2E2. Phone 372-57)1.  The Wheel Estate People. Dealership 6747. TFN  Property  COLLEGE COURSES AT HOME!  Speedwriting, shorthand, bookkeeping, business math. Full time  courses also available. Contact  Duffus College, 543 Seymour  Street, Vancouver, B.C. V6B  3H6. Phone 681-7567. #18  BREED YOUR HEIFERS. Have  three big growthy yearling bulls.  Semen tested and will deliver.  Phone 856-8154 Teck Polled  Herefords, 3259-248 Street, RR#4  Aldergrove, B.C. VOX 1AO.  #18  EDGEGRAfN RESAWS AND  TAPESPLIT SHAKES FOR  SALE. Anglo American Cedar  Products Ltd. Phone 826-7185.  #18  BY OWNER. 37 Suite Apartment  Block located in Winnipeg. Newly  renovated, excellent mortgage.  Revenues $80,000.00. Expenses  $33,500,00 annually. Asking  $550,000.00. Contact Rod Hamilton 286-0621. #18  MODERN 3 BEDROOM HOME.  2 bay truck shop, 24 foot 152 foot.  3/4 acre, fenced, landscaped,  paved driveway. $87,500.00.  RR#2, Box 9, McDonald Road,  Quesnel, B.C. V2J 3H6. Phone  992-6584 after 6 p.m. #18  REGISTERED ENGLISH  SPRINGER SPANIELS Liver and  white sire and dam. Imported  from U.K. Excellent bird dogs  and pets. Many field trial champions in pedigree. Phone 593-  4387. #18  FOR SALE 1974 DH8 CAT 1800  hours since bonded. Equipped  with beales pioneering dozer,  Cat 8B ripper, air conditioned  sound suppressed cab $135,000.  Contact Gordon McDonald phone  989-4225 Williams Lake. B.C.  #18  TRAVEL AGENT REQUIRED  Mission area one year experience  CRT experience an asset. Excellent salaries and working  conditions. Reply Box 3130  Mission, B.C. V2V4J3. #18  SERVICEMAN needed must be  experienced in refrigeration and  household appliances. Pleasant  working conditions. Send resume  to Shore Ventures Ltd. 242 Island  Highway, Campbell River, B.C.  V9W2B4. #18  ADVERTISING SALBS PERSON  required by bi-weekly newspaper.  Steady foil-time position. Good  starting salary plus commissions  and other benefits. Please write:  The Publisher, Merritt Herald, i  Box 9, Merritt, B.C. VOK 2BO.  #18  QUALIFIED MATURE, Reliable  Houseparent or part-time house-  parent for new group home for six  adult mentally and physically  handicapped. Apply in confidence  with full resume and complete  references to Box 1550, Drayton  Valley, Alberta, TOE OMO.   #18  D8H CAT 270 HP 46A complete  with angle dozer and 29 C.C.U.  $57,000.00 spent on repairs  asking $80,000.00 OBO. Cat #80  Pullscraper $10,000.00. Beales  Filer $4,000.00. 12 foot Rome  Heavy Breaking Disc $13,000.00.  Phone 567-4620 Vanderhoof.   #18  HARBEL HOLDINGS LTD. Mobile homes located in parks on  pads. Listings and Sales. We  welcome all enquiries. Listings  wanted. Wheel Estate. Phone  collect. Lower Mainland Division.  13647-lOOth Avenue, Surrey,  B.C. V3T IH9. 585-3622; Kamloops Division. 90-180 Seymour  Street, Kamloops, B.C. V2C  2E2. 372-5711. The Wheel Estate  People. (D.L. 6747). #TFN  Level building lot. good view of FANTASTIC VIEW  gulf, corner of Leek and Coach The finest new 3 bdrm. home.  Rd.   App.   Vt   acre,   $49,500. 1700 sq. ft. full basement, call  522-1046                             #19 builder 885-9630.                  #20  movmo - musT selli  2200 sq. ft. well designed 3 bedroom split level  family home. 3 yrs. old on good sized professional  landscaped lot, close to schools, shopping,  transp., pool and curling. House has.2Vi baths  including en suite. Two (2) sundecks, sauna,  heatilator fireplace and large Fisher wood heater.  Two car heated garage. Quality finishing throughout. Asking $149,000. 886-7770 24  Coast News, May 5, 1981  Property  GOOD FAMILY HOME  Assume 123/.% mortgage. Well  built 3 bedroom, basement home  on nicely landscaped lot. Features  rock fireplace and Fisher stove for  low hydro bills. $112,000. Try  your offer.    886-7588 #20  Spectacular view from this 2  bedroom Selma Park home,  Under construction, 1300 sq. ft.,  full basement, double garage,  fireplace, still time to choose  interior. Call builder 885-9861  tfn  ^  3 Bedroom Home  1100 sq. ft. with Carport  $46,900.  Built on your lot,  including Fridge, Stove, Dishwasher  and Light Fixtures  WEKO Construction Ltd.  Box 888,            885-2525 (eves.)  Sechelt                886-2344 (days)  PRIVATE  3 bedroom rancher, fenced and  landscaped, heater fireplace,  1260 sq. ft. 3 years old. $97,000.  FircrestRd. 886-7847 #18  For Sale: Lot #50, Creekside  Park. 60' x 120' Building Lot.  $40,000.886-7951. #19  Evergreen Park, 3 bed���.,  rancher, cedar siding, shake  roof, thermalpane wood windows,  wod stove, 1625 sq. ft. including  finished rec. room. $106,000.  886-8597. #19  Older type home on Ige. lot  15,700 sq. ft. Sechelt Village on  sewer ideal for duplex or multi  family dwelling. $80,000. 885-  9391 #19  Legal  Legal  NOTICE TO THE PUBLIC  REGARDING PENDER HARBOUR  Take notice thai Ihe Ministry of Lands, Parks and  Housing, following a review of wharf and related  works on Crown foreshore in Pender Harbour, will be  developing a plan to form fhe basis for future management of Ihe harbour. This plan will be undertaken  immediately with a tentative completion date of  December 1,1981. With Ihe exception of those works  authorized by Ihe Regional Director of the Lower  Mainland Region no further improvements are to be  placed on the Crown foreshore at Pender Harbour  during this period. Owners of improvements partially  completed prior to January 1, 1981. but not completed, should contact the office listed below for  further consideration.  The Regional District of Sunshine Coast will be cooperating with Ihe Ministry of Lands, Parks and  Housing in developing the plan. Public meetings will  be held lo ensure that everyone affected by the plan  will have an opportunity to express their views.  The Ministry will be legalizing existing improvements  ^lor a one year term. You can make application for this  ^one year tenure, after April 20. 1981. One of the  prime objectives of the Ministry of Lands. Parks  and Housing in the management of Pender  Harbour and other Crown foreshore areas is  lo try and retain Ihe water area in a useful  stale for all water users. For further information please contact Mr. Larry Sorken, at 4240  Manor Street, Burnaby, B.C. V5G1B2, Phone:  438-5344.  Province of  British Columbia  Ministry of Lands,  Parks and Housing  NOTICE  OF APPLICATION  FOR THE  PURCHASE OF  CROWN LAND  LAND ACT  In land recording district of Vancouver and  situated near Pender  Harbour (on the Sechelt Peninsula).  Take notice that I, John  Gordon Cook, of 6685  Napier Street, Burnaby, B.C. intend to  apply for purchase of  the following described land being the  eastern portion Lot  #6288 Map #C9 F/9-20.  Beginning at the post  planted at the Northeast corner, commencing south 500 feet,  west 749.25 feet, north  500 feet, and 749.25  feet east to point of  commencement. Total  area is approx. 8.6  acres more or less.  The purpose for which  this disposition is required is residential.  File #2400602.  Signed:  J.G. Cook  Dated: April 21,1981  NOTICE OF PUBLIC HEARING  PROPOSED AMENDMENT   TO  VILLAGE OF GIBSONS  ZONING BY-LAW NO. 350, 1979  Pursuant to Section 703 of the Municipal Act, a PUBLIC HEARING will be held  in the Municipal Hall, 1490 South Fletcher Road. Gibsons, B.C. on Monday  May 18,1981 at 7:00 pm. to consider By-law No. 395 (Zoning Amendment Bylaw No. 395, 1980). At the Hearing all persons who deem their interest in  property affected by the proposed By-law shall be afforded an opportunity to  be heard on matters contained in the By-law.  The intent of the by-law is to amend the present zoning to the following  described property as noted below:  1.   Lot 1, Block 2. Plan 16470. D.L. 686, Gp. 1, N.W.D. to be rezoned from  Residential 3, R-3 to Multi-Family Zone 2, RM-2.  Take notice that the above paragraph is deemed to be a synopsis of By-law 395  and not deemed to be an interpretation thereof. The by-law may be inspected  at the Gibsons Municipal Office, 1490 South Fletcher Road, during office  hours, namely Monday to Wednesday 8:30 am. to 4:30 pm. and Thursday and  Friday 8:30 am. to 5:00 pm.  J.W. Copland  a^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^Adj*rdnlstrator  We meet the 'Wyrill'  Carl's  corner  In search of  ;  caree  by Carl Chrismas  In my search for a career,  Olympic Logging at Big  Qualicum River was a major  stepping stone. It was a small  camp by the standards of the  day compared to the big steam  and railroad outfits which  employed hundreds of men  and produced a million board  feet a day.  Operating three sides, four  logging trucks and a crew of  about twenty five, we were  considered a gyppo camp  by Thompson & Clarke, our  Deep Bay neighbour, logging  in Rosewall Canyon with a  Lidgerwood slack-line skidder  and a Shay powered lode.  But we were highball and our  production per day per man  was as good as any on the  Island. On a good day we  could hit 70-80 thousand and  889-93(5  CAMpbell'!  FAMILY SHOES  and  LEATHER GOODS  "IN THE HEART OF  on a bonus day up to a hundred. Any time production hits  three to four thousand feet per  day per man you've got a  pretty damn good operation.  So we were a pretty proud outfit around them parts and Bert  Welch paid us well for it.  Where the going rate for  truckers was 40* an hour, we  were getting a straight $5.00  per day.  In a little outfit like that, if a  fDm>  PRESCWPnON*  SERVICE      i  MADEIRA  PARK  PHARMACY  DOWNTOWN  SECHELT"  12:00 Noon Saturday,  'PENDER HARBOUR CENTER  MADEIRA PARK  883-9414  Deadline 12:00 Noon Fridays  rClassifieds should be prepaid and pre-written  Your friendly neighbourhood drop-off  points for COMf MEW��  Classified Ads  f��11 i fill  CLASSIFI  Copyright and  Advertising  Regulations  The Sunshine Coast News  reserves the right to classify,  advertisements under appropriate headings and determine  page location. The Sunshine  Coast News also reserves the  right to revise or reject any  advertising which in the opinion  of the Publisher is in questionable taste. In the event that  any advertisement is rejected,  the sum paid for the advertisement will be refunded.  ED ADVERTISING  Minimum $2.50 per 4 line Insertion. Each  additional line 50C, or use our economical 3  weeks for the price of 2 rate. This offer is made  available for private individuals.  THE FOLLOWING CLASSIFICATIONS  ARE FREE  Birth Announcements, Lost and Found  No billing or telephone orders are accepted  except from customers who have accounts with  us or who live outside the Sunshine Coast.  Cash, cheques or money orders must accompany  all classified advertising.  CLASSIFIED DEADLINE  NOON SATURDAY  ALL FEES PAVABLE  PRIOR TO INSERTION.  Please mail to CoasI News, Classifieds,  Box 460, Gibsons, B.C. VON 1V0.  Or bring In person to  the CoasI News Office in Gibsons.  CLASSIFICATION:  Eg. For Sale, For Rent, etc.  fTTiT _              -  IJ Ll 1111 Li     _!_  1               1  Iill                    |         ;                         NUMBER OF ISSUES  I would like a subscription to that  lively, informative COAST NEWS.  Kindly print or type the name and address of the person to  receive this fine salty coastal epistle, and please enclose your  cheque for  $24 for one year or,  $15 per half  The Coast News,  Circulation Dept.,  Mail to: Box 460,  Gibsons, B.C.  VON 1V0.  NAME.  ADDRESS.  CITY   PROVINCE  .CODE  guy was ambitious and wanted  to learn, he had plenty of  opportunities. When a side  was down and my truck wasn't  needed, I would give Joe  Fielding a hand with the  booming down on the fast  flowing Big Qualicum. We  only had a couple of hours  while the tide was in to get  logs stowed and closed off so  we worked fast and day or  night. Old Joe fished me out of  the river one night while we  were working with carbide  lamps on our hats. I stepped  on a loose barked cedar and  the next thing I knew I was  standing on the river bottom,  trying to fight a can of carbide  out of a tight hip pocket. I  thought I was going to lose a  bun off my backside that  night.  At other times I would  monkey-wrench in the shop,  bore boom stick holes with a  four inch hand auger, haul  planks for the road where we  would have to back the empty  rig a half mile for a turnaround. Backing that trailer  down a plank road is like  trying to push a rope across a  carpet. It takes lots of practice.  My most pleasurable days  were following Joe Thomson,  our woods boss, up a heavily  timbered side hill above  Home Lake while he probed  the earth for rock with his  three foot shaft of cold roll  steel. Old Joe joined the ranks  of Rat Portage John and  Cougar Brown on my list of  'unforgettable characters'!  The experience gained during my days at the Olympic  has been stored away in my  memory bank and I can still  draw on that experience to this  day. I made some lasting  friendships there, one of my  longest being Art Langley,  log hauler par excellence!  Art and wife Eleanor were  known and respected around  these parts for some years  before moving into the Interior, They are now retired  in Winfield in the Okanagan  and each time Lucy and I visit  there Art and I haul one hell  of a pile of wood and revive  a lot ofthe old characters that  are now long gone. We are the  fortunate ones!  1 went on from the Olympic  to other outfits; Tansky Logging at Buckley Bay; Grant  Bros, at Oyster River; Burt  Bros, at Wilson Creek. Then I  had a stint of a few years as  commission agent for  Stan-  Reflections  Little things  mean a lot  dard Oil at Roberts Creek,  then into their engineering  department for a few years,  building marine outlets on the  coast for them. The remains of  one can still be seen behind  Hills Machine Shop at Gibsons. We had a barge tied to a  dolphin out there with a  walkway and ramp for access.  With development going on  there now 1 expect the last  remaining planks and piles to  be pulled at any time. So much  for history!  It was while I was installing  huge bulk tanks at Beaver  Cove for Pacific Mills Ltd. that  I was offered a job as assistant  to Reed Banford, General  Superintendent of their logging division. I was to look  after contractors.  Reed had a stay in hospital  coming up that winter so it  was early spring when I was  sent up to the 'Falls to take  charge of the harbour. They  had several tugs keeping the  mill supplied with wood and  Jack Clozza was in charge of  the tugs and the big 'A'  frame where they broke down  the big Davis rafts which were  towed into the harbour from  the Queen Charlotte Islands.  Captain 'Sig' Salverson was  the old Norwegian skipper on  the J.R. Morgan, a sister ship  to the Cynthia and the Cecilea  that plied our local waters for  the Union Steamships Company. Cap. Salverson became  a legendary character among  skippers of the North Coast  as the best weather forecaster.  When he decided the weather  was fit to leave the 'Charlottes' and cross Hecate  Straits with a Davis raft, some  of them up to two million  board feet of high grade  spruce and pulp, every skipper waiting to cross would  takeoff in a hurry.  Reed had told me about the  boat I would be living on most  of the time while making my  rounds of the camps from  Smith's Inlet to Khutzey-  matcen off the Portland Canal.  The MV 'Wyrill' became my  first love affair with a boat.  She was 67 feet long, yellow  cedar hull, Atlas Imperial  diesel engine, roomy wheel-  house, large chart room,  with galley and staterooms  below deck. Talk about a  status symbol. She was the  last word. I was to look forward to a few years of living -  like a king!  To be continued....  by Vern Giesbrechl  "Happiness is a warm puppy," declared Charlie Brown,  the usually luckless hero ofthe  Peanuts comis strip, several  years ago, then went on to  announce a few dozen more  sources of joy.  Before his untimely death at  the age of 27, the gifted British  poet Rupert Brooke wrote:  "...These have I loved:  White plates and cups, clean-  gleaming,  Ringed with blue lines; and  feathery, fair dust;  Wet roofs, beneath the lamplight; the strong crust  Of friendly bread; and many-  tasting food;  Rainbows; and the blue bitter  smoke of wood...'  A delightful little poem by  Elizabeth Coatsworth begins,  "Swift things are beautiful,  Swallows and deer,  And lightning that falls  Bright-veined and clear..."  I too like to compile lists,  though as a poet I'm about as  accomplished as Charlie  Brown or Snoopy.  For some reason I started  thinking the other day about  the little pleasures of life that  for me at least are more  exciting than milestone; or  similar noteworthy events.  Having a hamburger in a  "greasy spoon" restaurant and  playing a favourite song on the  jukebox, for example, is a great  treat. So is reading the coloured funnies while lolling in  the bathtub. I also get a thrill;  when I meet someone who can;  both spell and pronounce my;  last name correctly.  These are some of the other  happenings that give me little'  touches of pleasure, feelings  that are especially to be  cherished because they're often  unexpected :���throwing a fris-  bee against the wind and  making it sail back to me like a  boomerang; ���hearing the  laughter of old people;���I  getting a perfect score in the  Word Power quiz in Reader's  Digest;���finding a parking  meter with only a few minutes  expired;���receiving a compliment from someone who seems  hostile to me;���camping on a  mountain and waking to the  sunrise;���seeing a double rainbow;���chucking someone I'm  fond of under the chin;  getting soaked during a rainstorm, preferably while walking on a beach;���roasting  weiners and marshmallows  oyer a bonfire;���making a 50-  point bonus in Scrabble,  especially when Becky Goodwin's the opponent;���falling  asleep to the melody of "Eine  Klcine Nachtmusik" on CBC  Stereo;���solving a mathematical problem that's been baffling  me for days;���noticingthe light  dawn in a student's eyes;���  eating deep-fried bananas and  ice cream in the Saigon Restaurant on Broadway;���talking  over old times with a friend or  acquaintance I chanced to meet  on the ferry;���finding someone  who laughs at one of my puns.  1 could prolong the list  indefinitely but there's no sense  going overboard. One more  thing that I really do enjoy  though, is coming to the end of  a column. Hooray! More Letters to the Editor   ��* christian science  Coast News, May 5, 1981  25  Some questions raised about consus questions  Editor:  While our elected representatives are busily boring  us to death with their endless  debates about patriation of the  B.N.A. Act, with or without  a bill of rights, with or without  an amending formula, etc.  etc., another assault is being  planned on one of our basic  freedoms. And, beset with  more immediate problems of  unemployment, inflation and  how to get rid of their garbage, Canadians will be in  a convenient state of apathy  until it's all over. Or so it is  hoped.  1 am referring, of course,  to the right to privacy. Yes  folks, once again you are  invited to count yourselves in,  as another major census  gets underway in a few weeks.  Amiable census takers, sporting friendly smiles and Canadian flag lapel buttons, will  ask us a number of questions  that pry deeply into our  personal ife.  A tongue-in-cheek question,  raised by objectors to the 1971  census was: "What will the  1981 census be like; questions  about how much money we  owe to the bank perhaps, or  how often you have sex with  your wife?"  Remember? Well, here it is  1981 and, although I have not  seen this year's census form,  questions about your personal  finances and your wife's  fertility are apparently being  asked in the longer form.  And what about this classic:  "All information is held  strictly confidential..." Well,  you may believe that if you  want to; one of my acquaintances did, and dutifully  answered questions about the  number of rooms in her house.  Yes, you guessed it; three  weeks later she had a visit  from a city inspector who  demanded to see her illegal  suite. Need I say more?  It can hardly be argued  that, in order to properly  evaluate the needs of the  country and its citizens, the  government should have access to certain statistical  information. And I suppose  that everyone should consider  it his or her patriotic duty to  supply such information when  requested to do so, on a volun  tary   basis.    Fair   enough.  But make no mistake about  it, my friend; participation in  the census is not voluntary.  You are not Invited, you are  ordered. For behind the  patriotic flag-waving, the folksy Count-Yourself-In campaign and the disarming  smiles lies the sinister threat  of a fine and/or jail term for  those who refuse to answer  any or all of the questions.  And here is where you and I  should take a long, hard look  at our duty as citizens and our  rights   as   human   beings.  As a human being I have a  very fundamental right to  privacy; I do not have to allow  anyone to invade that privacy.  This includes my right to  refuse anybody, including  governments, access to certain private information about  me or my family that I consider to be nobody's business  but my own. I do not request  or plead for that right; no, I  Insist on itt To even suggest  that this basic right can ever  be called in question is downright absurd. And our government's "co-operate or else"  approach, however subtle,  frankly smacks of fascism and  Naziism and simply cannot  be tolerated in a country such  as ours; it is unworthy of a  nation that has long prided  itself on its traditions of  Freedom, Justice and Democracy.  Many years ago, when 1  came to this beautiful country  of which I am now proud to be  a citizen, these traditions were  held in high esteem. Our  government now seems ready  to abandon them, but I can  assure you that I am not, nor  should any self-respecting  Canadian who values his  fundamental freedoms.  Therefore, on June 3,1 will  provide the census taker with  basic information such as my  name, address and telephone  number. With regard to  questions that I consider to  be an invasion of my privacy  I will ��� politely but firmly -  count myself out. Under the  circumstances this is not  merely my right, but also my  solemn duty as a free citizen  of a free country, which I still  believe Canada to be.  BJ.VanEldik  Editor:  We thank you for the  presentation of the news  articles on Robert W. Jeffery,  member of the Christian  Science Board of Lectureship,  speaking May 3 at Gibsons  United Church, under the  sponsorship of Christian  Science Society, Sechelt.  Many know that Christian  Science is a healing religion,  but think of it as un-Biblical,  un-Christian. Many do not  know that its many healings  are not supernatural, but are  based on orderly process of  spiritual law... logical, reasonable, demonstrable.  Christian Scientists daily  study and depend on the  Bible. Mary Baker Eddy,  author of Science and Health  BUT*  TRAVEL  PWW f-fSSJSScT.  m*-S9tt  Supervisor resents article on welfare  For all your Carpets  t  T. Sinclair  I _i ,J��-   885-9327  Editor:  Re: In search of sustenance ���  article by "Ehjax"-  It is unfortunate that you  would print an article such as  the above, without making  reference to our office for  clarification on it's eligibility  requirements. Ejhax alludes  to the face that:  1) He had no identification.  2) That he was living common-  law and his common-law  spouse is employed.  3) That he missed his Tuesday  appointment, but was able to  see the worker on Wednesday.  I would like to point out that  Income Assistance eligibility  requirements are clearly spelled out to the client at the time  of the initial interview and are  not unilaterally imposed according to the whims of the  worker, but are regulations  laid down by the Ministry of  Human Resources.  In fairness to the people  who read your paper, I think  you could have been more  thorough in your edification  and consulted our office for  clarification.  Our staff are professional  people with a minimum of two  to seven years university  education and do not consider  articles like this to be ethical  or professional.  Our staff is available at  any time to give talks on the  Income Assistance  policies,  including the myriad of other  programs we offer, such as  Family and Children Services  and Community Development.  Harvey Bist, R.S.W.  District Supervisor  Ministry of Human Resources  Sechelt  In your time of  mourning...we care.  When grief strikes, friends who understand  can see you through. The way is never so  bleak, the time of pain never so long as it would  be were there no one to help and guide you.  You can call on us at any time ��� day or night.  Breast-feeding Support  Group  Editor:  There have been recent  incidents of breast-feeding  Moms being asked not to  nurse their babies in the  seating areas of the B.C.  Ferries (Langdale/Horseshoe  Bay). This is not B.C. Ferry  Corporation policy, but a  personal "hang-up" of a ferry  worker. Moms may certainly  do so, or can use the Mothers'  Room facility. A key may be  obtained from the Chief  Steward. Apparently it is not  available for men.   Fathers  sometimes travel alone with  small children and have no  place to change the babies'  diapers.  Anyone who feels the use  of the Mothers' Room should  be extended and changed to  the Parents' Room could let  the Chief Steward on board  the ferry know. A letter or  phone call to B.C. Ferries  might also help.  A Breast Feeding Support  Group has been formed on the  Sunshine Coast. Anyone wanting further information is  welcome to call 885-3633.  Heather Myhill-Jones  Use of  ited  Ed. note: The Six Bay Residents referred to below did  sign their names to the  original tetter, bnt time  were deleted doe to bed of  Editor:  Six Bay Residents (??????)  The first time 1 write a letter  to the Editor, I receive a reply  undermining my cause; not by  neighbours, but by six uni-  denified people, who not only  do not live on the Bluff, but  have an entirely different  complaint. 1 really am sympathetic with your problem,  but as I have absolutely  nothing to do with it personally, I resent your using my  name in such a belittling way.  Please deal with it yourselves  NATURE'S OWN  100% NATURAL WMttm 0rtt| m  Sunnycrest Centre,  HENNA  NOW AVAILABLE  FOR HOME HAIR CARE  ��� IT IS COMPLETELY NATURAL IN COLOUR  ��� IT CLOSES THE CUTICLE. CONDITIONS 1  HIGHLIGHTS THE HAIR  ��� ADDS BODY AND TEXTURE TO HAIR  ��� LASTS A LONG TIME. FADES AWAY GENTLY  Ttw following coloura are available:  Neutral buttercup blonde, wneat blonde, golden apricot, lighl brown, brown, ash  brown, cheslnul, mahogany, red, burgundy, black  Neutral Henna can be used by everyone to shine and  condition hair. Try it. Your hair will love you tor it.  Maxwell's Phirmicy  R.R. #2, Cedar Plaza,  Gibsons  i  Western Druf Mirt  Trail Bay Mall, Sechelt  and complain directly to those  responsible.  As to your solution to my  memo; you may get used to the  dogs ruining your garden and  probably you can afford one to  two thousand dollars to surround your property with  fences, but I'm not in that  position. Generally speaking,  people with animals should  build the fences, otherwise the  animals take precedence over  people-you're putting the can  before the horse.  I was certainly not trying to  make a test case out of this as I  have somejovely neighbours. I  only wished to point out that  several of the dogs could be  better supervised; however, the  situation has already improved  somewhat.  I am rather a quiet person  and don't like to ruffle feathers,  but your letter ruffled mine so I  felt an answer of some sort was  in order even though 1 had no  intention of pursuing the  subject any further.  I should like to add this  postscript "You are Barking up  the wrong tree."  Audrey M. Sandy  ���n  Used Furniture  and What Have You  AL'I USED  I  We buy Beer Bottles  886-2812  with Key to the Scriptures,  speaks of her own study of the  great book, "The Scriptures  were illumined; reason and  revelation were reconciled,  and afterwards the truth of  Christian Science was demonstrated."*  Mr. Jeffery's lecture will  show how dependence on  Principle, God, provides a  sure and reliable Christ  help in every human need, be  it of the community, of the  individual, or of the world.  We are grateful for your help  in sharing this message with  the public through publishing  news ofthe lecture.  Sincerely,  Joan T. Warn  ���Science  and  Health p.110  Mary Baker Eddy.  DISCOUNT PRICES  ��� Furniture    ��� T.V.'s & Stereos  ��� Appliances ��� Auto Stereos, etc.  KERN'S HOME  FURNISHINGS  (jiosons  (Next lo Mr. Mike's)  886-9733  Mon. to Sal.  9 am. - S pm.  Divert speech urged  Editor:  I am writing in regard to a  letter entitled "Dogs for music  trade" published in your April  21st edition. 1 have lived in the  Bay area for approximately a  year now, and practise with a  band in my basement fairly  regularly. In the year 1 have  lived there 1 have on two  occasions been contacted by  neighbours who very politely  mentioned that we had practiced a little late the night  before and would we mind  turning it down after a certain  hour.  Now what you people (?)  who wrote that letter the other  week don't realize is that I don't  know how loud it sounds to  you from outside my house  because I'm down there in the  basement playing.  Not once in the year I've  lived here have you ever  contacted me yourselves and  told me my music is too loud.  Instead you send a rude  anonymous letter to the Coast  News directed not only at me,  but at someone totally unin-  volved.  In future if you have something to say to me, then say it to  me directly.  Neil Sandy  BUILDINB OR  RENOUATINQ?  Be sure to check mo prices  on your material list at  Peninsula Roofing  * insulation Ltd.  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CALL NOW  886-7111  ^ New deal for Post Office  bv Rav Skrllv  This is the Roosen family's new hydroponic greenhouse,  intravenously.  Fran Bourassa Photo  Featured here is a tomato crop that is fed, you could say,  The post office will soon  become a Crown corporation.  Many Canadians are pleased  and we look forward to improved postal service in all regions.  It was no secret that major  changes were required at  Canada Post. There have been  14 strikes in the post office  since 1968. Certainly some of  the past postal problems related to the fact that the post  office had to labor under three  federal departments - the  Public Service Commission,  the Treasury Board and the  Department of Public Works.  Ihis arrangement created serious problems which wc now  all hope to see properly addressed and hopefully corrected.  There were several amendments to Bill C-42 which  westerners should be aware of.  One is that the new Corporation must guarantee that it will  provide similar service to  communities of comparable  size, wherever they may be  located. By guaranteeing the  same level of postal service  across Canada, no longer will  western provinces suffer second class postal service. Another noteworthy amendment  was the inclusion of a section in  the bill which provides for the  gazetting of any closure of a  postal facility and any closure  of a postal route. This amendment will give rural residents  across the country some protection in the event that their  postal service is threatened by  Hydroponics for Garden Bay garden  There's a lot more to  growing tomatoes than one  thinks. It's all very evident in  a visit to Roosendal Farms in  Garden Bay and their brand-  new $20,000 hydroponic  greenhouse.  Frank Roosen admits that in  running a produce farm, one  has to be part horticulturist,  mechanic, plumber, electrician, but now he adds new  necessities with the advent of  the greenhouse; architect and  chemist.  The photographs show the  soiless method of growing  tomatoes. When the plants are  six inches high they are  'planted' in the hydroponic  greenhouse. Plant stems are  entwined and supported on  nylon rope. The roots are set  in a trough, covered in plastic  that is white on the outside to  reflect light and black on the  inside to protect the roots.  The constantly flowing water in the troughs gives the  plant all the necessary nutrition it needs. The troughs  are carefully placed so the  slope is exact. The water  contains chemicals in precise  amounts and mixed in specific  order, that are introduced  daily into the pumping system.  The pump and filtering  system is kept at a constant  temperature, as are the two  thermostats in the greenhouse  that work on a hair trigger  maintaining the plants at the  desirable warmth.  When the temperature in  the greenhouse exceeds the  proper temperature, one fan  turns on and slats open at the  other end of the room for circulation. If this is not sufficient to cool the greenhouse,  then another fan begins  operating and the slats open  further.  The fans are mechanical  but the opening of the slats is  the result of two days work by  Frank Roosen. Precise balancing opens the slats with the  pressure of the air from the  fans.  The greenhouse is hot water  heated. The boiler is fed waste  oil that Roosen procures from  the ferries, logging operations  and manufacturers.  The greenhouse is made of  double plastic. A method has  been invented that blows  air between the two sheets,  keeping it taut and weatherproof. The other greenhouses  on the farm are of glass  construction. The plastic available at that time could not  have stood the severe storms  that occur in the area.  In some ways the new  greenhouse is more expensive  because of the $20,000 initial  expense in construction and  the continuing high costs of  chemicals.  But the great advantages  include the time savings and  the reduction of work. Because of the lack of soil there  is no weeding.  Roosen explains that using  soil demands two months of  cultivation between crops, as  well as the need to fertilize  and sterilize the soil.  In the hydroponic greenhouse, new plants may be  introduced the day the old are  removed.  The glass greenhouses also  demand more heat because of  the loose fitting between the  pieces allowing for escape.  The glass greenhouses have  two miles of heating pipe.  Roosen is pleased with the  hydroponic greenhouse and  believes it will enhance this  year's crop. Roosen is the only  full-scale cash-crop marketer  on the Coast. He specializes in  English cucumbers and tomatoes, soon to be seen on the  local grocers' shelves. And  locally grown, they always  seem to taste better.  Days  Bargains  to change  the look of your  Living Room  or Family Room  Chesterfield & Chair  $1184.00  G III 7809  Reg. $1395.00  Two Piece Sofa  and Loveseat  * 1327    Reg. $995.00  $846.00  Loveseat  Coziness & Comfort in one  allied. 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This means that  such workers do not have the  right to bargain collectively,  and contradicts the Canada  Labor Code which provides for  collective bargaining rights for  contract employees in the  private sector.  Michael Warren has been  appointed to be president of  Canada Post Corporation with  a salary in the 5150,000 range.  Hopefully Mr. Warren will  make a real contribution in his  new position and make the new  Corporation and its 65,000  member labor force an efficient  and well run organization.  SUNSHINE MOTORS  JOINS WITH YOU TO  FIBHT  HI8H INTEREST RATES  ON USED CARS & TRUCKS  Sunshine's  Contribution  on vehicles  $3000-$3999  $300.oo  Sunshine's  Contribution  on vehicles  $4000 -$4999  $400.oo  Sunshine's  Contribution  on vehicles  $5000 & over  $500.oo  Sunshine's contribution Is yours no matter what you do with it,  but if it Is applied to Interest charges, here Is how It works:  VEHICLE PRICE  TYPICAL  DOWN PAYMENT  $3000  500  $4000  700  $5000  1000  AMOUNT TO FINANCE  FINANCE CHARGES  SUNSHINE'S  CONTRIBUTION  2500  546  (24 mos)  300  3300  724  (24 mos.)  400  4000  1104  (30 mos.)  500  THIS IS ALL YOU WILL            .. ���                  __.  HAVE TO PAY IN INTEREST   $246.                 ���3ZR.  (on approved credit)  t(NM.  First make the best deal on the used car or truck of your choice.  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Box 1219  FREE  CATALOGUE  885-3211  Vancouver Toll Free  684-8016  EEE3  Coast to Coast  Real Kstate Service  HQMES  SfcCHELT  EXCELLENT BEACH FRONT: Mo.  WELCOME WOODS - NEW HOME: Drive by this S  bedroom home presently nearing completion on the corner ol  Southwood & Dogwood. Quality throughout is the only way to  describe this home. Beautiful stove (ireplace, 2 bathrooms,  premium carpets and appliances. Selectively cleared corner lot  for plenty of sunshine. Contact Frank Ingham (or private  showing at 885-5336. ��32  LOTS  LANGDALE - WOODLAND ROAD: Drive up Harvey Road  and take the quiet lane to Woodland Road. Enjoy the super view  from these two gently sloping and well treed lots. Driveway  construction in progress. Call Frank Ingham for details al 885  5336. M & ��2  DAVIS BAY - ARBUTUS DRIVE: Quality contractor will  build home to your specifications and design. Unsurpassed view  of Trail Islands. Coniact Bob Bull. ��8  LOTS - REDROOFFS RANCH EXCLUSIVE - PHASE II  * '������ acre lots  * selectively cleared  * southern exposure  * new pavement, hydro & water  * walk to Sargeant's Bay  * Gordie Hall. Fr.mk Ingham, Stan Anderson  "40, 41, 42  TRAIL ISLAND VIEW: Extra large view lot on Mason Road.  14000 sq. ft. Very good garden soil. Only 600ft. lo a good beach.  One of the few view lots left in West Sechell. Call Si ati Anderson  at 886-2385. ��24  WATERFRONT - DAVIS BAY: Waterfronl with fantastic  sunset views in Davis Bay. Very private and partly landscaped  lot is approximately \2 acre and is not level. Stairs could be built  to water. View with Bob Bull 885-2503. $40,000. 12  WEST SECHELT  CARNAq  X si  kLW: Excellenl level  building lot located a.  luldl  LsaffExclusive area of  new homes, hilly set  mJbj  ttflTingham has all the  information 885 321 h  ��26  COMMERCIAL  I COMMERCIAL CORNER: 18,000 sq. ft. of commercial land  I suitable for a mini supermarket or combination country  I produce market located in a well settled area. Busy crossroad  I area adjacent to an expanding school and no competition. On  I site living quarters permitted. F.P. $129,000. Call Stan  I Anderson 885 238.'.. 8853211. ��28  Gordon  Hall  885-9986  boat our liutu and let the kids play on the sandy heath. This  cozy cottage features rock lireplace, shake roof and incredible'  view from the front deck, Call Boh Bull and arrange lor a  dewing 885-3211 or 885 2503. Reduced to $149,000        ��22  SELMA PARK - WATERFRONT HOME: Large lol with  attractive older home located on Ihe best beach of the coast.  Plenty of shrubs and fruit trees. Enjoy sunrise lo sunset. Call  Bob Bull or Frank Ingham for further information ��13  DAVIS BAY ��� WHITAKER ROAD  * 2 minutes lo store and beach  * 1120 sq. ft.. 2 storey. 3 bedrooms  * skylight, (ireplace, flue  * garage, large deck, view  * quality buill by P & P Developments  Call Frank Ingham for the "inside story" 885 53,%  VILLAGE FAMILY HOME: 3 bedroom 2 storey home t  Salmon Drive within Sechelt Village. 1636 sq. ft. All bedrooms]  are on the second floor and also a study area. Main floor has a  family room and a living room located close lo all village facilili  2 carports. F.P. $137,900 Stan Anderson. n|d  ���IhI  JJLI  ^-.-Jjss  DAVIS BAY ��� ARBUTUS Dl  home presently under construe  of Davis Bay. There are 1346 sq.  & P Developments Ltd. Conl.  Hilstad 886-2923 lor viewing.  tlVE: Drive by this lovely view  ion in the most exclusive area  t. In this quality home built by P  cl Bob Bull 885 2503 or Stan  "10  WEST SECHELT FAMILY HOME: 3 bedroom basement  home on a targe lot in West Sechell. Immaculately kept, 2  bathrooms, fireplace on the main floor and a wood stove in the  basement. Excellent value. F.P. $99,500. Call Stan.      *27  DAVIS BAY - WHITAKER ROAD: Ride or stroll past this  soon to be, newest home on the block. 1120 sq. ft. of 2 storey  living will feature skylight in (he bathroom, heatilator fireplace,  targe sundeck and garage. Trade inyour old home for 2 x 6 walls  and R28 insulation. Still time to pick and choose extras. Frank  Ingham has the "inside" information  Stan  Hilstad  886-2923  Doug  Joyce  885-2761  WEST SECHELT ��� MILLS ROAD: This hi.nu' has .ill yen.  could ask for  and mors! Ii is In Ihe late stages ol completion. 3 j  bedrooms with shower in ensuite, iacuzxi and bidet. 3 pieo  bathroom, skyltyht .ind games room upstairs. Large kitchen I  wiih built in range, dishwasher and Jennalre. f-'ainily room with |  airtight. Sunken Irving room with lireplace and bay window.  Double garage and brick Iw It que. For immediate inspection  contact Bob Bull 885 2503 or Frank Ingham 885 5336.      "29  3 BEDROOM VILLAGE HOME: 2 level home within Village  ol Sechelt. Large backyard lor garden. All new carpets. Lotsol  living area Fridge and stove included. F.P. $82,900. Stan  Anderson 885-2385. ��16  WEST SECHELT - NORVAN CUL-DE-SAC: 1 year new I  home in quiet residential area. Approximately 1320' on the main I  floor with large rec. room and pool room. Large landscaped lot  and garage. Priced right al $129,000. Call Bob Bull 8852503.  #25 I  WATERFRONT  NEW VIEW HOME ��� DAVIS BAYfl200 sq. It', main door. 3  ledrooms plus ensuite and a fully finished ground floor with a  4th bedroom. The lot has to be one of the best view lots in the  area. Lower door also has full plumbing. Excellent value at  $149,900 Call Jack 885 2053. ��9  WATERFRONT WITH YOUR OWN DOCK: This quality  home has 1750 sq ll, linished on main floor. 1700 finished on  i .wer level and large sauna, shower in basemenl, sundecks and  irlvacy are a main feature of this home and is a real buy at  ..2.19.000 Call Bob 1119  WATERFRONT CABIN: This cabin is on provincial lease al  $320 per year. Quiel relreat. Swim and fish In tresh water off  your dual. Road access. Only $39,000, Call Don. ��67  SANDY HOOK: Om' of Ihe Ivsl lunil In .meson Ihe Sunshine  CoasI. 1 3 aete treed lol. 3 level home with 3 bedrooms, large I  sunken living room and lols of deck space. Exterior is cedar  siding and roof is shake. 1400�� square leet. F P $119.500. Call  Stall Anderson ��20  WATERFRONT ACREAGE: 1 47 acres with hydro, phone,  water and cable TV at road. Excellenl exposure. Full Price  $99,000. Call Dun 885 9504. ��.19  EARLS COVE WATERFRONT LOT: Level building site,  partly in garden. Approximate size 80' x 250' Excellent well,  hydro .mil phone al road. Greal view, easy path to watet. Full  on. e $90,000 Call Don 885 9504. ��S9  SECRET COVE ��� LUXURY TOWNHOUSES: l.calcd on  a naturally wooded hillside overlooking beautiful Secret Cove.  Featuring 1600 sq. It. ol multi-level living area, 3 bedrooms, living  room with lireplace. 6 appliances, large sundecks, plus each  home is frees'anding and oilers a breathtaking view. Each  owner also his the option of up to 40 It, of moorage al the  marina below.  BARGAIN HARBOUR: Waterlront lot, over hall acre,  recently perked, driveway in, hydro, waler and phone at road.  Full price $95,000. Call Don al 885 9504 or 885 3211.      ��69  WATERFRONT HOME: Leave your wile in ihe garden while  you fish in peace and content itl front of this 3 bedroon-  waterfront home with sundeck on both sides and full basement,  laden and fruit trees. Full price $160,000. By appointmer  only. Call Don 885 9504. *��7  GIBSONS -1338 BAY ROAD: Now is Ihe time lo vest lor the |  future. Thispropettyislocaledinlhenewharbourdevelopment  area A quaint 2 bedroom and separate studio provide excellenl  revenue for lulure devclupmenl. For further information call  Frank Ingham al 8855336 or 885 3211. Vancouver Toll Free  684 8016 MLS ,3  Frank  Ingham  885-5336  Don  Hadden  885-9504 Sunshine Coast Realtor, May 1, 1981  ^10   DENTAL CENTRE  \yy GIBSONS  !�����  A  nrr2l  CENTURY WEST REAL ESTATE  H  PHONE  886-8194  VANCOUVER  689-5838  (Toll Free)  %%  X  SPRING IS SPRUNG No. 457  The grass is rl)t, I wonder where the house is?  Thai's terrible prose, worthy ol a bw mark in  .inyhody'b book. But speaking olbw.the price on  this 3 bedroom 1100 sq. It. home is terribly low,  loo. Ocean view from the window, fireplace,  furnace, wli.ii more can you want for $47,000.  The lease is guaranteed for five years so come  one, come all. Bill Walkey 885-5327.  WOODCREEK PARK $150,000  One Woodcreek's finest 3 bdrm split level homes  is under construction on a lovely level view lot.  For a preview of the floor design call Lynda at 886-  8194 or 886-7352 or drop in and see me at the  open house's al Woodcreek Park.  DUNHAM ROAD ��� $54,900 No. 628  Immediate possession in this 1500 sq. ft. older 3  bedroom home on 100 x 173 lot. Large family  kitchen, separate dining room, heatilator  fireplace, 2-pc ensuite. All appliances included.  To view call Eva Carsky at 886-8194 or 886-7126.  LOT 74 X 105 No. 769  Level building lot, cleared ready to buld. All  services at the road except sewer. Cbse to Cedar  Grove School. Asking $47,000. Call Eva Carsky  at 886 8194 or 886-7126.  BIGGER & BETTER No. 774  Imagine 2340 sq. ft. of expertly built home  sporting 3^ bedrooms, and a huge daylight studio  facing the ocean. Lots of room for a large family,  especially the hobby conscious, workshop for the  aspiring, studio for the artistic, family room for the  domestic. Whatever your need youll find it in this  well appointed home for $159,000. Call Bill  Walkey 885-5327.  HOME IS WHERE... No. 750  You hang your hat? Well, old fashioned as that  statement may be, it's true. Come visit me and I'll  show you a good place. It's a four bedroom, 2000  sq. ft. home in Woodcreek Park. The large family  room, nook, kitchen, all accented to give you a  magnificent view of Howe Sound. The two  separate fireplaces add class to this quality home  under construction. See the elevated living room  ceiling, as you imagine yourself seated in front of  the crackling fire. Buy now and customize the  finish. This fine Woodcreek Park home can be  yours for $165,000. Call Bill Walkey at 885-5327.  GIBSONS No. 769  Level building lot already cleared, ready to build.  All services except sewer, close to Cedar Grove  School 79 x 105. Asking $47,000. Call Eva  Carsky at 886-8194.  WOW! WHAT A HOUSE No. 773  This 3 bdrm house is going to be the ultimate in a  one level home. The floor plan is perfectly  matched to the lot to take full advantage of the  view and privacy. Handcrafted kitchen cabinets,  pantry, 2 masonary fireplaces, family room, are all  here. Make your dream come true by calling  Lynda at 886-7352 or 886-8194.  THE MERCY OF QUALITY  IS NOT STRAINED No. 762  Nor is the craftsmanship on this 3(4 bedroom,  1920 sq. ft. home, standing on a large lot at the  entrance to Woodcreek Park. Your wife will love  the large family room off the kitchen, while you  enjoy the workshop and double garage. Energy  efficient and well built from the double blacktop  driveway, to the handsplit 24" handsplit shakes.  Asking $149,000. Call Bill Walkey at 885-5327.  MOORAGE AT YOUR DOOR       No. 732  Take a ride along Francis Peninsula Road and  look for my sign. You'll find it outside a smart 2  bedroom, 1026 sq. ft. home that overlooks the  Whiskey Slough and all of its fishing boats. The  vendor is a carpenter and doing a remarkable job  of finishing the basement off to give extra  bedrooms, workshop, second bathroom - the list  goes on. This smart almost new home is a market  super special on a large lot. You would enjoy its  attributes for $125,000. Don't be shy - call Bill at  885-5327.  EXECUTIVE HOME ON  4.38 ACRES No. 760  Extremely well designed home plan for family  living. 3 bedrooms, side split with entertaining  living dining room, built-in appliances in kitchen,  huge family room, 2 rock heatilator fireplaces,  attached double garage, shake roof, sundeck.  Level land located next to park. Offered at  $189,000- -Show by appointment only. Contact  Eva Carsky for viewing at 886-8194 or 886-7126.  BETTER HOMES & GARDENS No. 588  Is the only place you usually view property like  this. The immaculate 3 bedroom home is nestled  among the trees on 4.5 acres (2% acre bts) of  fenced, cleared, magnificently landscaped  grounds. Prepare your meal in the gourmet  kitchen, enjoy the lighted waterfall fish pond from  your dining room, relax by the rock fireplace in  the living room. For the horse lover an added  bonus of 3 stall fully serviced stable. Automatic  watering system & tac room with separate small  feed barn, loafing shed etc. To view this exclusive  listing at $287,000 call Eva at 886-7126 or Lynda  at 886-7352.  YOUR KIND OF LIFE STYLE        No. 725  If you like a bright and spacious home, this is the  one for you. 1249 sq. ft. double wide on a full  basement. Three bathrooms and in the basement  are three additional almost finished bedrooms  and a 17 x 23 family room. Stove, fridge, wall oven  and dishwasher included. Large fiberglassed  sundeck for those summer barbecues. This home  is in a quiet area on Wilson Road, Wilson Creek.  $110,000. For viewing call Carol Skinner 886  9154 or 886-8194.  IDEAL FAMILY HOME ���  DAVIS ROAD No. 751  4 bedroom home in heart of Gibsons, close to  schools and shopping facilities. Three levels,  family room, formal dining room, brick fireplace in  sunny living room. Landscaped grounds, plus ass.  mortgage offered at $119,500. Call Eva 886-7126  or 886-8194.  QUAINT AND QUIET No. 724  Charming three bedroom family home on Carole  Place, Gibsons. This hew home is situated for  childrens' safety. Privacy on quiet cul-de-sac in  desirable residential area. Beautiful paned  windows make this a homey environment and the  best part is the price ��� only $79,800. Call Carol  Skinner 886-9154.  AT THE END OF A  QUIET ROAD... No. 710  You'll find this cosy, two bedroom, 1152 sq. ft.  home just waiting for you. The warmth of this :  home will invite you in, after you've enjoyed  looking around the neatly landscaped tot, walked  through the greenhouse, measured the 12 x 18  insulated workshop. It's calling out to you, why  not answer by calling Bill Walkey 885-5327.  -GIBSONS OFFICE       886-8194  BILL WALKEY  885-5327  CAROL (BOSER) SKINNER  B6-9154  LYNDA HICKMAN  886-7352  EVA CARSKY  886-7126  iderson  REALTY LTD  E  Coast to Coast  Real Estate Service  WATERFRONT: Well built and maintained 1025 sq. ft. home on 115' of waterfront. Keep  your boat at your own dock in front of your home with sheltered deep moorage, minutes  away from excellent boating and fishing. This home features a large sundeck, Franklin  fireplace, 55 gal. hot water tank, 2 carports with an independent workshop, driveway and  terraced landscaping. To view call Bill Hunsche 8839525or 883-2637.  BARGAIN HARBOUR: Discover and enjoy Bargain Harbour with the view from this well-  built and maintained home on Cris Way. Features include 2 heatilator fireplaces, large  covered sundeck, and carport, rec. room with fireplace and wet bar, 3 bedrooms, living  room, dining room and kitchen with nook. Along with the view come all appliances, drapes  and carpeting. To view call Bill Hunsche 883 2637 or 883-9525. $155,000.  RONDEVIEW RD: An ideal well-equipped and built family home. 1232 sq. ft. located on  Rondevtew Rd. Features include master bedroom with ensuite and 3 additional bedrooms,  modern kitchen wiih Jcnnaire and all appliances, 2 fireplaces, living room, dining room and a  liirye sundeck wiih carport. Accompanying this fine home is a recently built enclosed 2 car  garage. This home is situated on a landscaped lol in a quiet neighbourhood. To view call Bill  Hunsche 883 2637 or 883 9525.  LAKEFRONT: 1,7 acres on Sakinaw Lake of Government Recreational Lease Land.  Apptox. 175 feel of westerly facing waterlront. Boat access only. F.P. $9,500. Call Bob 883-  9525 or 883-3531.  .m::,ij     Madeira Park 883-9525  P.O. Box 98       ��STTb#SSS  VON2H0 Do4-o0lD  FREE CATALOGUE   960 SQ. FT. RANCHER: with 3 bedrooms situated on a 60' x 144' lot in Madeira Park. This  home features a Woodsman Airtight, barbeque pit and a T x 20' sundeck. The home is  located on Francis Peninsula close to school and all amenities. F.P. $84,500. To view call Bill  Hunsche 8832637 - 883.9525.  BUSINESS OPPORTUNITIES  BUSINESS OPPORTUNITIES: 4 acres in Madeira Park, next to shopping centre. R3L  zoning permits % acre lots. Excellent holding property as there are 2 stores and 2 homes or  property with a potential revenue of $1,470 a month. Owner will carry some financing. Fot  more informatbn call Bob or Bill at 883-9525.  PENDER HARBOUR: Boatworks with waterfront and 1800 sq. ft. contemporary home  situated on 2!? acres at the head of Pender Harbour. This is an excellent business  opportunity along with a lovely home for the right individual. For more information call Bill  Hunsche 883-9525 or 883-2637.  PENDER HARBOUR ON HWY 101: Plant and Garden Shop in the 101 Plaza in Madeira  Park. Going into its second year of business, it shows excellent potential. This is an ideal  opportunity. The business is being sold for a reasonable price which includes fixtures and  inventories. For more informatbn call Bill Hunsche 883-2637 or 883-9525.  LOTS AND ACREAGE  WATERFRONT: and your own majestic view of Lee Bay and Malaspina Strait. This is an  excellent waterfront building lot and a must see. Price $129,000. To view call Bill Hunsche  8839525 - 8832637.  SOME CALL IT 'MILLIONAIRES ROW: However you can own a </, acre view lot in  Garden Bay Estates for only $49,000 F.P. 130' on Panorama Dr. just 220' from the bay in an  area of fine homes. Call Bob 885.3531. - 883.9525.  WATERFRONT ACREAGE ��� REDROOFFS RD: 1.47 acres with 100' of waterfront.  Unsurpassed views of Merry Island lighthouse and Vancouver Island. Lawn, hydro, water  and driveway are in. Owner is currently installing the septic system. Price $118,500. To view  call Bill Hunsche 8839525 or 8832637.  LOTS AND ACREAGE: Lot 30 on Lee Bay Road in Irvines Landing. 1.85 acres of fantastic  view property in new subdivision priced at $86,900. To view call Bill Hunsche 883-9525 or  883-2637.  1.8 acres of westerly sloping view property. Lot 29 in new Lei Bay subdivision has sewer  and services at lol line. An exclusive development with restrictions to protect and insure  your investment. Call Bob 885-3531. F.P. $86,900.  1 acre on Lagoon Road in Madeira Park. Zoning permits '/, acre lots. Priced at $65,000.  Contact Bill Hunsche 883 9525 or 883 2637.  Bill  Bob  Bob  Stan  Hunsche  Bull  Beaupre  Anderson  883-2637  885-2503  885-3531  885-2385 Sunshine Coast Realtor, May 1, 1981  BOX 1490,  WHARF ROAD  SECHELT, B.C.  VON-3A0  /rTaSl.  PHONE  885-2235  VANCOUVER  689-5838  (Toll Free)  CENTURY WEST REAL ESTATE  HOMES  aw  w  DO YOU BELIEVE  IN WATERFRONT? No. 671  Then this is ihe answer. Absolutely beautiful  waterfront 88 feet of small pebble beach,  completely landscaped grounds, charming two  bedroom home with fantastic view and plenty ol  deck on which to enjoy your view, Priced at  $220,000. Call now for your appointment to view.  Larry or Ruth Moore 885-9213.  ON SECHELT'S DOORSTEP No. 754  Two bedroom, 735 sq. ft. home minutes from  Sechelt, Situated on a quiet private lot, tucked  away in the trees, the price sticker of $35,000isa  giveaway, especially when you realize that the  lease is only $850 a year, and guaranteed so until  1985, Suitable for older couple or young starters.  Call Bill Walkey 885-5327 or Leslie Fitch 885-9057.  STYLE FOR THE TIMES No. 687  This well designed home is definitely designed for  family living. Separate living room, formal dining,  kitchen with eating area and large family room. All  on one floor with three bedrooms plus den on  the upper floor. This home is complete with  double garage, workshop area and all on a fenced  lot very close to primary school in ever popular  West Sechelt. A great buy and complete with  assumable mortgage all for only $119,500. To  view call Larry or Ruth Moore at 885-9213.  EAGLES SIGHT - MADEIRA No. 770  Sun all day while watching the harbour, an ever  changing scene from 60 ft. length - 8 ft. wide  sundeck. You'll enjoy ihe layout. 1344 sq. It, o(  main floor; spacious living/dining room combo.  master bedroom ensuile (step-into-bath) vanity  and compartmenlal toilet Hallway lo all 3  bedrooms and other plumbing. Entrance-way  through front to back door. Thoughtfully planned  kitchen with loads of cupboards and closets  galore. Full size and high basement, A O forced  air furnace, handy man work bench, finished  rumpus room, bar, stainless steel sink. eic. Quiet  cul-de-sac. $139,500. By appointment thru "Tiny  Bob" 885 9461 (Residence).  WARM & INVITING No. 746  This cosy two bedroom cedar home is excellently  placed for view and beach access. Popular Sandy  Hook location and so close to good sandy beach.  The private lot adds lo the fine value of this home  at only $68,500. Call Larry or Ruth Moore al 885  9213 for your appointment to view.  HORSE SENSE - MINI FARM  OR JUST A BIG YARD?  295 Feet frontage block off Hwy 101 on Tyson  Road. 2 acres, flat level, goodly portion cleared.  Neat & tidy 2 bedroom home about 1050 sq. ft.  A/O furnace plus guest collage. Price reduced to  $125,000. Phone B. Kent 8859461.  IN THE HEART OF SECHELT       No. 631  2 bedroom - 750 sq. ft. home with attached  carport. Neat and tidy inside and nicely  landscaped outside. Ideal retirement home. Don't  miss the chance to invest in uptown Sechelt.  Asking price $79,500. For details call George  Longman 8868548.  GOTTA GO No. 710  Says the vendor of ihis 1152 sq. fl. two bedroom  home in Roberts Creek. The exterior of this  immaculate home has been remodelled with  impeccable craftsmanship. Added features are  the large, insulated, heated workshop and a  greenhouse to complement ihe carefully  landscaped lot. All appliances stay, as the vendor  is in a hurry. If you are needing to move in quickly,  see this exceptional value lor $78,750. Call Bill  Walkey 8855327.  VIEW! VIEW! VIEW! No. 673  Capture forever the view ol the Trail Islands Irom  this immaculate two storey home in West  Sechelt. Easy maintenance vinyl siding and a  southern exposure are ju-i two ol the many  features. Two bedrooms up with possibility of  third downstairs. Develop your own 15 x 28 rec.  room. For your personal tour call Leslie Fitch at  885 9057. Asking $132,500.  CALETTA WATERFRONT No. 693  This exceptional home is located on six tenths of  an acre of fantastic waterlront only a few minutes  from Sechelt Village. Featuring three bedrooms,  study, two bathrooms and huge dining room, the  home has over 1800 sq. ft. on one level. As the  home is presently under construction, you have  the option to purchase subject to completion or  to purchase as is and finish it yourself. For your  opportunity lo view this unique home phone Pat  Parker at 885-5615.  WEST SECHELT - WATERFRONT ESTATE No. 722  A Ions private drive wanders through this I+ acre treed waterfront  estate. The eye is drawn to stately Douglas Fir trees, rock  outcroppings carpeted in moss, natural "bonsai" Arbutus trees,  and - the ocean beyond! The home is situated for privacy and view  of Trail Islands. Angled picture windows take maximum  advantage of sunny southerly view and the cosy fireplace  highlights living room. Spacious master bedroom has spectacular  ocean view as has wood panelled den which features built-in book  shelves. This is an exceptionally rare waterfront property. Asking  $350,000. For your appointment to view call Rita Percheson 885-  5706.  AS BRIGHT AS  MORNING SUNSHINE No. 704  1248 sq. fi.. 3 bedroom (ull basemenl home,  located in West Porpoise Bay, just minutes past  the ice-arena. Some fealures to mention, besides  Ihe obvious spectacular view, are a Squamish  rock feature wall, ensuite off master bedroom,  wrap around sundeck and double pane windows.  This home must be seen if you're in the market for  a line home. Asking $115,000. Call George  Longman 886-8548 lor all the details.  SUPER VIEW, SUPER LIVING       No. 700  Four bedroom family home with super large  family kitchen. Southern exposure with lots ol  view over the Trail Islands. 600 sq. ft. deck  Completely  covered  and  private  for  all  your  summertime entertaining. The home is near new  and solidly built with 2x6 construction.  Thermopane windows, heatilator fireplace and  wood stove. Assumable mortgage of $50,000 at  131 /n due 1986 will help you with the full price of  only $160,000. Call Larry or Ruth Moore 885-  9213 to view.  ROOM TO ROAM No. 752  New 1500+ sq. ft. home on over half acre of level  land in Welcome Woods. This custom designed  home features 3 bedrooms, sewing room, loft and  a large sundeck lor outdoor entertaining, Pal  Parker has more details and would be pleased to  arrange your exclusive appointment lo view. Just  call 885 2235 or 885 5615.  SECHELT VILLAGE No. 755  Where can you find a 3 bedroom lamily home for  only $74,500? In Sechell Village, that's where.  Why not call Pat Parker for details 885-5615.  WEST SECHELT No. 694  1300 sq. ft. rancher nearing completion on Bligh  Road, 3 bedrooms (master ensuite) large kitchen  lamily room, garage and southern exposure are  just a few of the many features. Please call Pal  Parker at 885-2235 or 885-5615 (or more details.  Priced at only $120,000.  BLOSSOM TIME! No. 777  Is here in Selma Park with a pink flowering plum  tree in full bloom! This spectacular view property  is landscaped with lawn, flowering pink Japonica,  sweetheart roses, pink blossoming plum and  Juniper shrubs for privacy! Quaint, cosy 2  bedroom home is nestled into this garden  paradise. Large lot has approx. 128 It. road  frontage and 125 ft. deep. Pebble swimming  beach only 2 short blocks away! Here's a home to  blossom in! Call Rita Percheson 885 5706.  DAVIS BAY - VIEW  LANDSCAPED No. 697  A truly fine 3 bedroom home with over 1360 sq. ft.  on both floors, attractive fireplace and big  carport. Other features are, the self contained in  law suite with private entrance and the nicely  landscaped lot with greenhouse for the avid  gardeners. More information or appointment to  view call Bert 885*3746.  STOCKWELL ROAD No. 743  Well maintained two bedroom mobile home on  half-acre (approximate) property near Sechelt.  New hall carpets and new vinyl flooring in the  kitchen have added to an already long list of  features in this home. Vendor will consider all  oilers on the $67,500 asking price. Pat Parker  885 5615  West Coast living at its best  No. 737  MEMBER SUNSHINE COAST  "TWO OFFICES TO SERVE YOU"  CHUCK DOWMAN BERT WALKER  BOB KENT    PAT PARKER   BILL WALKEY   l ARRY MOORE    RUTH MOOP!  885-9374 885-3746 885-9461 885-5615 885-5327 SS5 92I3 885-9213 Sunshine Coast Realtor, May 1,1981  PHONE  885-2235  VANCOUVER  689-5838  BOX 1490,  WHARF ROAD  SECHELT, B.C.  VON-3A0  ltfe  *v&  o>  CENTURY WEST REAL ESTATE  HOMES  M ACRE RETREAT  COOPER ROAD No. 742  This charming two bedroom home is located on  level 'x, acre fenced property. Cosy kitchen has  double wall ovens, Jennaire countertop range  and custom cabinets. Vegetable garden, bam and  unique fishpond are just some of the features  youll find on this country charmer. Asking  $95,000. For your personal tour call Leslie Fitch  at 885.9057.  WEST SECHELT LINDAL No. 503  Over 2000 sq. ft. of beautiful Lindal cedar home  can be yours for the asking. A few of the many  features include see-through fireplace, 2% baths,  formal dining room, large family room, four  bedrooms and a kitchen a gourmet cook would  be proud of. For more information call Leslie  Fitch at 885-9057.  2)4 ACRES No. 719  2)4 acres of treed seclusion. Nice level property  bordering on the golf course. Good building sites,  could leave abundance of natural greenery to  assure privacy ��� asking $110,000. Ed Baker 885  2541.  LITTLE HOUSE ON THE ACRE    No. 768  Seeing is believing when you visit this very well  maintained 550 sq. ft., 1 bedroom home. House  was built with future expansion in mind ��� plans  available. Tucked just inside Sandy Hook on a  peaceful acre, you can't afford to miss this one.  Call Bill Walkey 8855327.  10.87 ACRES ��� ROBERTS CREEK No. 780  10.87 acres zoned ALR in Roberts Creek.  Property has southern exposure, with a view of  Georgia Strait from the top half. Water is supplied  from a natural spring fed reservoir. Owner says  some merchantable cedar trees. All this complete  with 3 bedroom Mobile Home, bam and storage  shed. Bring your offers to George Longman 886-  8548.  NORTH LAKE No. 653  Lakefront lease property off Egmont Road.  $37,000 asking price include a small cabin to be  finished to lockup stage. Why not get back to  nature. Call Pat Parker 885-5615 for details.  DANIEL BOONE No. 744 MLS  Would love the privacy afforded on this treed 5  acre waterfront parcel! Gentle topography, your  own creek, trees for log home timbers & year  round moorage are some of the benefits of this  remote haven! Over 200 ft.of low bank waterfront  in Narrows Inlet, 22 miles from Sechelt. An  outdoor paradise at $73,500! Call Rita Percheson  885-5706.  WATCH THE SUNSET... No. 726  ...over the Trail Islands from this 1100 sq. ft. al  cedar, Lindal home. Features include 3  bedrooms, ensuite plumbing, spacious sundeck  and beautiful westerly view. This tease property is  located in Selma Park only a short distance from  Sechelt Village. For more information please call  Pat Parker at 885-5615. Asking only $72,500.  LOTS  ARE YOU LOOKING FOR  A LOT OF LOT? No. 739  Then take a good look at this fine level cleared lot  of 152 x 98. The Selma Park location hints at  developing view. Price? Just $45,000. Call Larry  or Ruth Moore 8859213 for more information.  NEW ON MARKET  HOW ABOUT A WATERFRONT  LOT WITH GREAT VIEW No. 759  Located on Gower Point Road at 15th. This large  lot has plenty of panoramic view, two home sites,  septic tank and field already installed. The  undeveloped esplanade in front is a definite  advantage and some work will create your own  pathway to the beach and Gower Rock. Act now  this is a one of a kind bt and is listed at just  $120,000. Larry or Ruth Moore 885-9213.  LOT $25,000 No. 771  Approx. 82' x 110' on Uplands Road at Tuwanek -  Hydro, water, phone at roadside. Close to easy  sandy boat launching site. Call Bob 885-9461  (residence) with your offer.  WEST PORPOISE BAY  % acre, spectacular view lot just minutes pan ice  arena. The perfect setting for your dream home.  May have subdivision possibilities? Asking  $59,000. Call George Longman 8868548.  SUNSHINE! No. 761  Is yours on this beautifully treed lot in Welcome  Woods with sunny southerly exposure! Property  has wide 90 ft. road frontage on Alderwood and is  181 ft. deep. This is an area .of beautiful newer  homes in spacious settings. Call now. for more  details on this well priced property $47,500. Call  Rita Percheson 885-5706.  .4 ACRE OF HEAVEN! No. 733  In wooded Redrooffs area. Property has cleared  building site and driveway roughed in. A beautiful  fringe of evergreens has been left on 99 ft. of road  frontage to insure privacy. Level swimming beach  and great salmon fishing area yours in nearby  Sargeants Bay! Ready for your dream home  retreat! $47500. Call Rita percheson 885-5706.  WATERFRONT PARADISE No. 657  This waterfront has it all! Year round moorage in  sheltered waters of Pender Harbour. The coasts  'Venice by the Sea'. Level swimming beach, treed  privacy and excellent building site! Quaint marina  nearby and spectacular view of happenings in  harbour $95,000. Call Rita Percheson 885-5706.  VILLAGE LOT No. 778  Mostly level building lot In Sechelt Village. 60 x  120. Asking $49,500 for this centrally located lot.  Pat Parker 885-5615.  LOTS  No. 705    SUPEK SANDY HOOK  We currently have a good selection of super view  lots in Sandy Hook. Priced at $38,000 these lots  are excellent buys on today's market. Please call  Pat Parker at 8855615 or Bill Walkey at 8855327  for details.  EARLS COVE LOT  CEDARIDGE ROAD No. 775  Good sized, serviced (hydro, water & phone) bt  very conveniently situated just minutes from the  ferry terminal. Asking just $27,500. More  information from Bert Walker 8853746.  SELMA PARK BARGAIN No. 727  Well treed gentle slope to west. Havies Road  locatbn with 140 feet fronting south. Over 100 ft.  depth, bts of room to build. $47300 full price  more? B. Kent 8859461.  A LARGE ('/, ACRE) LOT  IN WEST SECHELT No. 767 |  See this huge bt in the prestigious area of West  Sechelt. Facing onto Gourian and Norwest Bay  Roads, lots like this area now a rarity. You can be  the owner for $65,000 if you call Bill Walkey at  885-5327^_      NEW ON MARKET  OFFERS MORE THAN  JUST LOCATION! No. 756  A fine level view bt in prestigbus West Sechelt,  the surrounding area is being developed with  lovely new homes. A great neighborhood for  family living or retirement just minutes from  Sechelt Village. First offer to $62,000 will win this  fine lot. Larry or Ruth Moore 8859213.  Welcome Woods  -��?'  Newest Phase  SOLD  ��:��    >*    '*������  ��� ?���?> ixpuo  SOLD  ' SOLD  T . s       .      " I'     "������ ���" "  i^T  OVERLOOKING SARGEANTS BAY  NEW! NEW! NEW!  A Brand New Subdivision  19 Large Lots  Check these features:  ��� Lots of Sun  ��� Views  ��� Sizes - run from approx. 1/3 acre to over 2 acres.  ��� Lots are cleared  ��� Choice of flat or sloped lots  ��� Blacktop Roads  ��� Short walk to beautiful Sargeant's Bay  ��� School Bus close by  ��� Approx. 5 miles from Sechelt  ��� Prices are reasonable for this lovely area.  ��� Larry Reardon 885-9320 or 885-2235. Exclusive  Agents.   REAL ESTATE ASSOCIATION  SECHELT 885-2235  LESLIE FITCH  885-9057  LYNN WILSON  885-5755  RITA PERCHESON  885-5706  LARRY REARDON GEORGE LONGMAN   ED BAKER  885-9320 886-8548 885-2641 Sunshine Coast Realtor, May 1, 1981  WATERFRONT  BROOKSCOVE $275,000  Here is a Spellbinder. Approximately three quarters of an acre with approximately 250 feet of low  bank waterfront in a quiet sheltered cove. The lovely old house with 2 or 3 bedrooms, handcrafted  cedar panelled living room with library and ten foot high basement is just waiting for someone with  flair and imagination to develop the potential. Feeling lucky? Call Corry Ross at 885-9250 for  ippointment to view.    #549  SELMA PARK  This house on super view lease lot with  sheltered moorage must sell. All offers  considered by owner. 14% years to run on  Dominion lease. Ideal situation for weekend or  summer occupation or as a starter home for the  newly-weds. Please call Don Lock at 885-3730 to  view anytime. #542  GIBSONS $185,000  Waterfront is priceless - Gower Point, Swallow  Road, one half acre, 100' of view waterfront.  This level lot is landscaped and ready to build  on. Easy access to beach. Gentle creek through -  property. Call Don or Rene Sutherland at 885-  9362.  MADTlRA PARK $129,000  Large view lot tastefully landscaped with shrubs  and lawn. 1400 sq. ft. of living area with lower  floor additions of workshop, wet bar in rec.'  room, bathroom, woodshed. Two excellent  rock fireplaces, fully covered deck, wraparound sundeck and double carport. This  house was built to one owner specification and  includes all large closets lined with cedar. Please  call Don Lock at 885-3730 for appointment to  view. #543  WELCOME WOODS $115,900  Brand New Home ��� Three bedroom home in  Welcome Woods, featuring a beautiful setting  on approximately % acre, double carport,  heatilator lireplace and you still can choose your  carpets. For viewing call Klaus Roepke at 885-  2314. #624  SELMA PARK $49,500  Charming small home on lease land, handy to  village, level Waterfront with protected  moorage behind the breakwater. Well maintained with a shake roof. Call Terry Brackett for all  details at 885-9865. #601  ROBERTS CREEK $96,500  Two and a half acres in Roberts Creek with a  two bedroom home. Only $96,500. Call Bryce  Leigh for a tour at 886-8229. #615  GRANTHAMS LANDING $74,500  Cosy Granthams Landing view home with  excellent view of Howe Sound. Close to beach,  Gibsons and the ferry. Call Bryce Leigh at 886-  8229. #570  Use our Home  TRADE PLAN  6 other offices  to serve you  POWill RIVIR  WiSl VANCOUVER  NORTH VANCOUVER  VANC BURNABY  SURRFY  LANGLIY  EGMONT WATERFRONT $139,900  380 feet of waterfront on 6.0 acres with older  home. This walk-on property located on Secret  Bay is the perfect retreat for the one seeking  peace and relaxation. Excellent holding  property. For more information call Klaus  Roepke at 885-2314 or Henry Hall at 885-2520.  #541  REDROOFFS WATERFRONT $105,000  1.56 acres south sloping waterfront on popular  Redrooffs Road. All services available. Upper  portion of property has perfect building site with  unobstructed view. Lower portion has 100 feet  of secluded Waterfront. For more information  call Klaus Roepke at 885-2314. #600  HOMES  ROBERTS CREEK $89,500  Two bedroom old timer on one acre with 300  feet bordering along a creek. House presently  rented and tenants would like to stay. To view  this property or for more information call Klaus  Roepke at 885-2314. ' #599  REDROOFFS $108,000  A gorgeous piece of property fully landscaped.  The house has three large bedrooms, half  basement, separate utility room, two single  carports plus your own well. To view please call  Syd or Frances Heal at 885-5693. #612  WEST SECHELT $260,000  Split level contemporary home. The ocean view  is outstanding overlooking Trail and Vancouver  Islands. Three levels with two and a half baths,  solarium, rec. room and heatilator fireplace.  Outside there is a bird aviary and 24 foot  circular pool. The property has been meticulously landscaped. Very private setting on  almost one acre lot. Call Terry Brackett at 885-  9865 or Don & Rene Sutherland at 885-9362.  #563  ROBERTS CREEK  PRICE REDUCED TO $165,900  Here is the property you have been waiting for!  Approx. two subdividable acres, partly cleared  with excellent vegetable garden and fruit trees  and partly beautifully woodsy. Only a short walk  to popular swimming beach. The comfortable  secluded house with two bedrooms (could be  three) double plumbing, Frontier all-night wood  stove and double windows is geared for low cost  living and easy maintenance. Vendor has  bought so please call Corry Ross at 885-9250 for  your appt. to view this exciting new listing.  M.LS. #582  $129,900  Large family home on ft acre lot. The view will  improve with future development in area.  Vaulted ceilings with extensive pine throughout, ensuite and walk-in closet. Full basement  with wet bar and roughed in fireplace. Large  fireplace in living room. Open design with  combination kitchen and dining area. Large  sundeck and double carport. All kinds of  potential. Call Terry Brackett at 885-9865.  #579  SUNSHINE HEIGHTS  Semi Waterfront Acreage - new and very  deluxe view home on 2,9 acres. Area is zoned  for '.i acre lots. Ideal for anyone desiring a good  investment plus luxury living. Call Emilie  Henderson for details at 885-5225.  MADEIRA PARK $225,000  Waterfront - Parklike 1.10 acres, level low  bank waterfront in Madeira Park. Well  maintained three bedroom home, surrounded  by landscaping and natural beauty. Privacy, yet  close to all amenities. If this appeals to you call  me Sylvia Thirlwell at 883-9963 or 885-3295.  #596  DAVIS BAY $159,600  Two bedroom Waterfront Home on a private %  acre lot in Davis Bay. Beautiful southwest  exposure provides magnificent view of the Trail  Islands. You could combine this with the  adjacent lot and have a 1.1 acre Waterfront  Estate. For your personal tour call Bryce Leigh  at 886-8229. #586  SECRET COVE WATERFRONT $159,000  Located next to the Royal Vancouver Yacht  Club. This property has a 56' x 12' mobile home  on a permanent foundation and a large  sundeck. The moorage facilities, complimenting  the 120 feet of waterfront, are in excellent  condition. The property is fully serviced and  could legally accommodate two dwellings. For  more information call Klaus Roepke at 885-  2314 or Henry Hall at 885-2520. #513  SELMA PARK $225,000  Beautiful view home located in sunny Selma  Park. This home features sunken family room  and living room, three and a half baths, parquet  flooring and large stone fireplace. This home  consists of a total of almost four thousand  square feet on three levels. Upstairs there are  four spacious bedrooms with ensuite off master.  Also large sunken tub. The basement has two  more bedrooms and plenty of room to develop  to suit ones needs. Must Be Seenl Call Terry  Brackett at 885-9865. #507  ROBERTS CREEK $75,000  Cosy 2 bedroom cottage in Roberts Creek.  Open fireplace for those wintry days. A tiny  view through the trees which could be made  bigger. Creek borders property to add to the  privacy of this nicely landscaped lot. Close to  beach and schools and half way between  Gibsons and Sechelt. Call Suzanne at 885-8317.  #537  WELCOME WOODS $74,900  Welcome Woods ��� Fantastic Southerly  Exposure from this three bedroom Mobile  Home! Features include an attached carport,  patio, decks, and a nicely cleared lot with an  enclosed garden area. For more details call  Brent Strad at 883-9382. #569  GIBSONS $132,000  Lovely 4 bedroom home in lower Gibsons with a  view of the water and mountains. Large rec.  room with a fireplace. Very convenient kitchen  with lots of storage and work area. Master  bedroom is large with a view and ensuite. Living  room is open to the dining room and has a  fireplace and a view, large workshop with a  separate entrance. Close to all amenities. Call  Suzanne to view at 8868317. #589  SUPER VIEW - MADEIRA PARK$150,000  From this warm and cosy all cedar Gothic arch  design home in Madeira Park. Kitchen nook,  combined dining and living room on main floor,  two bedrooms upper level, one and a half baths,  approximately 1300 sq. ft. of living area. Plus  completely finished basement with rec. room,  self-cleaning stove, fridge, washer & dryer  . included. Separate 19* x 13' workshop with  cement floor. This could be your dream home.  Call Sylvia Thirlwell at 885-9963 or 885-3295.  #596  SALES PEOPU TO ttRVEVOU  sechelt Office  in the Trill Bw Showing Cmtn  885-3295  van. Toll Fran 881-7931  Ray Bernier Manager  Henry Hall 885-2520  Dal Grauer 885-3808  Gayle Adams 883-9364  Terry Brackett 885-9865  Bryce Leigh 886-8229  Emilie Henderson 885-5225  Klaus Roepke 885-2314  Bronia Robins 885-9033  Rene Sutherland 885-9362  Corry Ross 885-9250  Brent Strad 883-9382  Donald Sutherland 885-9362  Don Lock 885-3730  Eric Sutherland 885-9857  Sylvia Thirlwell 883-9963  Qlbsons Office  in the Lover wiiih  886-8126  Suzanne Dunkerton 886-8317  Syd & Frances Heal 885-5693  Rosemary Young 886-8359'  Peter Davidson 886-8400  Member Sunshine Coast  Real Estate Association .  ACREAGE  DAVIS BAY $350,000  View - Acreage - House - Subdivision Potential.  For details call Don or Rene Sutherland at 885  9362. #568  ACREAGE - RURAL SOLITUDE  40 acres of good soil. This top quality farm land  is located on Mason Road. Home, barn and  workshop with approximately 7 acres cleared  and fenced. Asking $6,875 per acre plus  improvements. Some timber. Call Donor Rene  Sutherland for details at 885-9362.  REDROOFFS ROAD  Almost 5 treed acres in popular Redrooffs Road  area. Good southerly exposure within walking  distance to Sargeants Bay. Water and Hydro at  road. Call Brent Strad 883-9382 for details.  #580  REDROOFFS WATERFRONT   $105,000  1.56 acres of south sloping waterfront on  popular Redrooffs Road. All services available.  Upper portion of property has perfect building  site with unobstructed view. Lower portion has  100 feet of secluded Waterfront. For more  information call Klaus Roepke at 885-2314.  PRATT ROAD $225,000  4.75 beautiful acres most of which is in pasture  grass. Charming 3 bedroom farm house with a  large living room. Kitchen has been recently  renovated in character of the house. Outbuildings include a barn and luffing shed, 16 fruit  trees and a large vegetable garden. A dream  come true for a hobby farmer. Call Suzanne  Dunkerton for more information at 883-3971 or  Emilie Henderson at 885-5225.  Ihrdeutschsprechendersrundstuecksmakler  in Sechelt ist Klaus Roepke - privat tel. 885-2314.  FREE  CATALOGUE  AVAILABLE Sunshine Coast Realtor, May 1, 1981  ROBERTS CREEK $69,500  A quality location. This 60 foot unit is top value  in today's market. Well located in central  Roberts Creek on Marlene Road. Call Don or  Rene Sutherland at 885-9362. #578  REDROOFFS $65,900  The vendor's plans have changed and so he is  selling this half acre lot which has been  selectively cleared and has a partially renovated  cottage. For further details and to view please  ' call Frances or Syd Heal at 885-5693. #592  SECHELT $85,000  Young At Heart - Is what this old-timer is.  Immaculately kept, nicely landscaped and  sound as a dollar. 3 bedrooms on one level.  Franklin wood stove goes with it to cut those  heating costs. Right across Medusa Street from  Hackett Park. Have a look with Dal Grauer at  685-3808. #584  SELMA PARK $149,900  Brand new three bedroom home. Owner has  just begun construction. This home features  three bedrooms and bath on top level. Kitchen,  family room and living room on main level. Plus  large unfinished basement. Now is the time to  look at the plans and choose your cabinets,  carpets etc. The ocean is superb.' Good  neighbourhood. Call Terry Brackett 885-9865.  #526  REDROOFFS $108,900  Brand new affordable ranch style home on  Cooper Road. 1400 sq. ft. features three  bedrooms, 2 washrooms and large separate  utility room. Beautifully treed level % acre lot.  This won't last! So see it today! Call Emilie  Henderson at 885-5225. #607  A CORNER LOT ��� VIEW -  SUNSHINE HEIGHTS $89,000  Quality Fowler Home ��� Fireplace, concrete  drive, other extras. Only $89,000. Call Don or  Rene Sutherland at 885-9362. #575  COOPER AND SOUTHWOOD  View house on l/2 acre corner lot. This sunny  home has 2 bedrooms, 18' x 20' workshop,  greenhouse and is well priced at $79,500. For  more information call Bronia Robins at 885-  9033. #611  PENDER HARBOUR MLS  Enjoy this beautiful view at breakfast, lunch and  dinner. Home features many extras. Lucky  purchaser will be able to finish with own  persona] touch. For more details call Gayle  Adams at 883-9364.  #478  COMMERCIAL  PROPERTY  SEMI WATERFRONT ��� SECHELT  Just listed MLS. - This one won't last. Large lot  in rapidly developing area of the village. The  possibilities for development are endless.  Presently zoned Marine 1. Present tease expires  end of May. For more information or to view this  property, call Brent Strad at 883-9382. #617  SECHELT COMMERCIAL  Sechelt Commercial ��� Just listed MLS. Large  commercial building located on two lots. Ideal'  holding situation. Owner will consider carrying  on large down payment. Call for all details on  lease and building. Terry Brackett 885-9865.  #562  COMMERCIAL PROPERTY ���  HALFMOON BAY  * 108' of highway frontage.  * Older building, previous Service Station.  * All services except sewer at road.  * This property holds a lot of potential for the  right purchaser, and the price is only  $52,500.  For more information or to view call Brent Strad  at 883-9382. #621  FREE  CATALOGUE  AVAILABLE  HOMES  BRAND NEW CEDAR RANCHER  This house offers privacy on a quiet cul-de-sac  and it is in a super location ��� close to Gibsons,  schools, shopping. 1350 sq. ft. of living space  includes three bedrooms, living room, large  kitchen, utility room and features such as  fireplace, skylight and much more. Call Bronia  Robins at 885-9033. #552  WESf SECHELT $115,000  Cape Cod Designed ��� Home in popular area.  Two gigantic bedrooms and bathroom on top  level. Kitchen, dining room, living room and two  piece bath on main level, plus a full basement.  Design makes home very easy to heat. Call  Terry Brackett at 885-9865 to view.        #594  DAVIS BAY $159,900  View home - Contemporary large family home  in popular Davis Bay. Three bedrooms,  etevated living room, dining room, family room  and large kitchen with all modern appliances.  This home has three sundecks and a full  basement. For viewing call Henry Hall at 885-  2520 or Klaus Roepke at 885-2314.        #521  CEDAR RANCHER $124,000  Well built, tastefully designed home of over 1500  sq. ft. in a rural setting. Close to school,  shopping and beach in Roberts Creek. Many  interesting features in this newly constructed  home. Assumable mortgage. For more details  call Don or Rene Sutherland at 885-9362 or  Bronia Robins at 885-9033. #524  WILSON CREEK $119,500  Split level view home in sunny Wilson Creek.  Three bedrooms with ensuite off master, large  living room and dining room. Large sundeck  plus part basement for further expansion. Fully  fenced lot and enclosed garage. A great family  home. Call Terry 885-9865 or Don or Rene  Sutherland 885-9362. #577  DAVIS BAY $159,900  If a view is what you are looking for, look no  further. Absolute Panoramic view from this  immaculate three bedroom home. Added  features are a finished rec. room with four and a  half by nine foot Pool table, two fireplaces, wet  bar, plus potential for in-law suite in basement.  At the back there is a 16* x 32' pool. The lot is  fully landscaped. Great neighbourhood. Call  Terry Brackett at 885-9865 for more information. #520  DAVIS BAY $130,000  Davis Bay ��� View! This newly listed three  bedroom home has the mosOflUr|ly garden  setting you could wish fous wCas% beautiful  ocean view. Sontfr^aSres %cj��le cedar  panel'ed irvin^^dttinM rpwfe, sundrenched  k.tchtn.'douOTflfcmti^.air tight wood heater,  double carpofHmo lots of storage space. For  appointment to view please call Corry Ross at  885-9250. #616  WEST SECHELT $124,900  Exciting new split level home. This home  features fresh air fireplace, large family room  plus two and one half baths. Very well planned  layout with three bedrooms on top level. Also  garage. On quiet street. Call Terry Brackett at  885-9865 to view. #590  LOTS  SEAMOUNT INDUSTRIAL  PARK $38,000 each  Two side by side 52'5 light mdutffMlots, nicely  located close hyJiyt^lolkli ilifcij^iway. This  would be a Mujlrf some rental  warehousing. 'JMKydor Frances Heal at 885  SEAMOUNT  INDUSTRIAL PARK $110,900  3 side by side lots zoned commercial light  industry. Well located back from highway with  total frontage of ISO feet on Venture Way and  side access of 125 ft. Call Emilie Henderson at  5693  ���555       885-5225.  ���609  TILLICUM BAV     - $34,900  Only 350 yards to Tillicum Bay Marina. This 50 x  180 foot Jot has a 14 foot trailer and two cabins  on the property. A perfect retreat for only  $34,900. Call Klaus Roepke at 885-2314. #536  EXCELLENT BUILDING LOT  In exclusive West Sechelt subdivision. Paved  roads, hydro, water and sewer available. Call  Emilie Henderson at 885-5225.  SECHELT $79,500  Large lot in Village. Zoned Public Assembly.  Call Terry Brackett at 885-9865. #585  HALFMOON BAV $39,900  Large lot over one half acre, well treed, septic  approved. Call Emilie Henderson at 8855225.  #606  HALFMOON BAY  Excellent building lot in exclusive West Sechelt  subdivision, paved roads, hydro, water and  sewer available. Call Emilie Henderson at 885-  5225. #605  NEW ON THE MARKET $59,900  Exquisite view lot of just under % acre in  Redrooffs area. Combination of arbutus and  rock create a very picturesque property! Call  Bronia Robins at 8859033.  SARGEANTSBAY $65,400  Looking for a view lot? Here it is! One of the best  views on the coast. About 1!4 acres, sunny  southwest exposure, a beautiful ocean view  overlooking Sargeant's Bay, and it's ready to  build on. Act quickly as this won't last long. Call  Bryce Leigh at 886-8229. #593  GIBSONS $52,000  View lot in Bonniebrook Heights. Level ��� nicely  treed and still a view. Call Don or Rene  Sutherland at 885-9362. #597  HALFMOON BAY $45,000  One acre bt with some view overlooking  Halfmoon Bay. Water, cable, hydro and phone  available. Some timber. Call Terry Brackett at  885-9865. #602  HALFMOON BAY  Large view lot in Halfmoon Bay one block from  the water. Lot has passed percolation test.  Bryce Leigh 8864229 has details. #569  REDROOFFS  Extra large lot -  Redrooffs Road al  WEST SECHELT  One acre plus view lot. Lots of standing timber.  Owner has septic approval. A very interesting  lot. Just listed MLS. Call Terry Brackett at 885-  9865.  MARLENE ROAD $44,000  Level building bt on' Marlene Road. Excellent  area centrally located. For more information  call Don or Rene Sutherland at 885-9362-#604  PENDER HARBOUR $35,000  Hard to find. Nicely treed bt with all the privacy  you dreamed of yet cbse to stores and Marina.  For details call Gayle Adams'at 883 9364.#576  GARDEN BAY LAKE (MLS)        $24,800  View bt overlooking lake. AnMglmately 100'x  160'. Good M&s\f * WfElliott Road.  Approximt^tlfiuft*ll*ltPtisri]ng etc. at  Garden Bay. gSRIsDavidson at 886-8400 or  886-8126.  VIEW LOT $36,000  Beautiful property in Sandy Hook for those who  enjoy exquisite scenery in a peaceful neighbourhood. #591  WEST SECHELT $115,000  Large home in popular subdivision. 1,500 sq. ft.  on the main level with two large bedrooms and  pantry. Spacious open kitchen and dining area.  There is also a % basement with a hook-up for a  wood heater. Also office in basement. Large bt  with potential view as surrounding area  develops. Call Terry Brackett at 885-9865 to  view #588  GRANDVIEW& PRATT $127,000  Quality spec, home by experienced builder.  This 3 bedroom, full basement home is loaded  with extras. Garage under, paved drive, smartly  finished exterior, dining room features alcove  for china cabinet, working kitchen with  dishwasher, master bedroom has ensuite and  walk-in cbset. Quality buy. Call Don or Rene  Sutherland at 885-9362. #623  SECHELT $95,000  View home overlooking Sechelt Inlet. This well-  planned home features three bedrooms, dining  room plus large sundeck, ensuite plumbing with  sunken tub. Plus a full basement with additional  space for more bedrooms, storage, rec. room  etc. Call Terry Brackett al 8859865 or Rene  Sutherland at 885-9362 for appointment to view.  #550  Ihrdeutschsprechendergrundstuecksmakler  in Sechelt ist Klaus Roepke - privat tel. 885-2314.  BUSINESS  OPPORTUNITIES  ATTENTION  WOODWORKERS $225,000  Don't bother to call unless you aim to be. a  millionaire. This business includes a modem  concrete block building with heavy duty power,  office area, a full inventory of woodworking  machinery and an established product line  capable of extension or expansion into other  woodworking lines. There are many angles to  this business including some excellent  assumable finance. To us they all look good so  get together right away with Syd or Frances  Heal at 885-5693 and let's have a heart-to-heart  discussion. #516  SECHELT $32,500  Well established pet and plant business, no  competition. Excellent main street location.  Low rent. Ideal opportunity for someone  wishing to be self-employed. Call for more  information Emilie Henderson at 885-5225.  #603  Use our Home  TRADE PLAN  6 other offices  to serve you  P0WII1 RIVEN  WEST VANOOIIVIR  NO RIM VANCOIIVIR  VANC BURNABY  SORRI Y Sunshine Coast Realtor, May 1, 1981  Box 100  Madeira Park,  B.C.  883-2233  I WATERFRONT  i      HOMES  FRANCIS PENINSULA - approx. 103 ft.  choice bw bank waterfront with excellent view  and deep, sheltered moorage. Contains an  approx. 960 sq. ft. 2 BR home plus an old 3 BR  homeJMOM^  EARL COVE ��� The view is unsurpassed from'j  this beautifully treed and lanscaped lot with |  approximately  103' lowbank waterfrontage.  The 4 bedroom cedar home with basement is  ideal   for  vacations  or  year-round- living.  $150,000.  MOBILE  HOMES  i  TfF  S-V,:!i&  MADEIRA PARK ��� 12* x 64', 2 bedroom  Gendall Mobile home with approx. 18' x 2ff  addition and sundeck. Located in Seven Isles  Mobile Home Park, for quiet adults only.  $25,000.   Olli Sladey  REALTY  LTD.  Toll Free From  Vancouver:  689-7623  Member ol Multlpl* Hating Sonic*  USINESS^ND ;       I   unMPC    I  EQUIPMENT j   HUMES    |  IRVINE'S LANDING-Seclusion is what you  will find in this approx. 17.5 acres with a  comfortable 3 BR home and several outbuild-  lings. $110.000.  Well established and busy hairdressing  business - the only one in Pender Harbour.  Located in the Pender Harbour Shopping  Centre. Good steady clientele and lots of extra  customers with the tourist trade in the summer  months. Good equipment and stock. Please call  us for details. $40,000 plus stock.  LOTS & ACREAGE  LOT 30 - Hotel Lake Road, Garden Bay. The driveway will  be steep, but this large lot has a good building site,  panoramic view and southerly exposure. $43,500.  7+ ACRES - MADEIRA PARK - A challenging property  for the price of one small lot. Treed semi-waterfront lake  view property - mostly steep ground. Located across the  Sunshine Coast Hwy. from Paq Lake. $52,000.  LOT 4 - Front Rd. Madeira Park. Choice large view lot  100' x 200'. $35,000.  LOT 68 - Hotel Lake Rd. Large building lot. $25,000.  I  ISLANDS  I  JUNCTION ISLAND - 1/3 interest in this  beautiful 18 acre island located in St. Vincent  Bay, Jervis Inlet. Excellent sheltered moorage,  numerous choice building sites. Only 15  minutes by fast boat from Earl Cove or Egmont.  The price for this 1/3 interest is only $139,500  ... ,v ISLAND ��� approx. 26acre island  with sheltered moorage. Located in False Bay,  Lasqueti Island. $600,000.  I  WATERFRONT LOTS & ACREAGE  I  MEMtf* MOKE*.  jj��a����j  Coast to Coast  Real Estate Service  WATERFRONT LOT  PENDER HARBOUR - treed lot in Madeira  Park area with 99�� ft. waterfront and good  harbour view. A good buy for $80,000.  IEDT 2 ��� ST. VINCENT BAY - approx. 6  acres with 402i ft. waterfront and south  westerly exposure. Water access only.  $55,000 '   FRANCIS PENINSULA (Beaver Island)  this older 3 BR home needs work, but it's on i  large level landscaped lot, has a little view and i  close to Gov't wharf. This is a good buy '  $64,900.  MADEIRA PARK - 3 BR rancher, approx.  1,289 sq. fl. with attached carport. 1)4  bathrooms. Located on y. acre lot on Lagoon  Road. Just a short walk to shopping centre  school & post office. $140,000.  MADEIRA PARK - 4 BR family home on  Front Road has approx. 2,700 sq. ft. of livin.  area. 2 bathrooms, fireplace, enclosed garage.  $120,000.  -  - -��� ���'������ <:.  ^-.^MSitoti  MADEIRA PARK - 2 BR, 2 bathrooms  (ensuite bathroom has Jacuzzi tub & separate  shower), approx. 1,443 sq.ft. home plus carport  and separate 780 sq. ft. shop (could possibly be  made into guest cottage). Many extra  appliances. Located on nearly level view lot on  Wesjac Road. Owner willing to rent back house  & shop for a minimum of 3 months at $700 per  month. $120,000.   DAN WILEY, Res. 883-9149 OLLI or JEAN SLADEY,  883-2233 Sunshine Coast Realtor, May 1, 1981  Box 566  Gibsons, B.C.  VON 1V0  HOMES  TlOUSE ON THE HILL: One of the best views in Gibsons.  Set on a good sized lot is this \% storey home. Rebuilt in  1975. A good 3 bedroom home, has a large 13* x 18' rec.  room for entertaining with a 16' x 20' sundeck for those  summer barbeques. Kitchen includes Jennaire range, Fisher  wood stove in living room. Firm $139,000.  GIBSONS ��� DAVIS RD: Not one but two fireplaces in this  well maintained three bedroom home. Basement has  finished rec, room and sauna. Walking distance to all  servires. Situated on level landscaped lot. SIlQonfl  DOGWOOD.ROAD - GIBSONS: Well maintained two  bedroom home on landscaped lenced lot with greenhouse,  storage shed and many extras, $80,000.  MALAVIEW ROAD OFF PRATT: Immaculate 3  bedroom ranch style home, double* windows, walk-in closet  oil mostei bedroom. Excellent family home tin a nicely  landscaped level lot, This one should he seen al $95,000,  BUILDING LOTS  EVERGREEN PARKLAND ��� KING RD: 76 x 120cleared  building lot. In area o! all new homes reduced to $38,000.  JUDITH PLACE - EVERGREEN PARKLAND: Large  level building lol $40,000.  READY FOR CONSTRUCTION: Chaster and Knighl  Rd. 104 x 118 level building lot. High view of Gulf. Good lot  for sunshine. Terms at 1514. $54,000.  CHASTER ROAD: .46 of an acre. Sloping southerly Gulf  view lot. Zoned R2. walking distance to beach. Close to  elementary school. Some terms available at 15!$%. $65,000.  Serving ihe Lower Sunshine Coast  Phone 886-2000 or 886-9121  Located in the Seaside Plaza,  Gower Point Road, Gibsons  RTS CREEK: 57 x 970 waterlront property, with six  year old 1344 sq. ft. mobile home with 200 sq. ft. addition on  front. Also small beach cabin. Front 300 It. of lol is  landscaped lo a good beach. This one ol a kind should be  seen. Asking $239,000.  OCEAN VIEW ��� CRUCILROADGIBSONS: 1300sq. fl.  full basement three bedroom home. Fealures include a large  modern kitchen. 3 piece ensuite off master bedroom,  lireplaces up and down. Partially finished basement, 5  appliances with sale. The central location makes this an ideal  family home. All this and a well kept landscaped view lot.  $128,000.   POPLAR LANE ��� GIBSONS: Well maimSoTufyear  old lamily home on quiet cul-de-sac close to all amenities.  Living room leatures California Sandstone Fireplace, among  the many extras is akitchen garberator, ensuite plumbing off  of master bedroom. Rec. room is completely finished  including earth stove to help with heating cosl. $55,000  assumable al 11',",.. Asking $129,000.  CREEKSIDE CRES. ��� GIBSONS: Well maintained 3  bedroom home. Completely linished basement including  extra 3 piece bathroom, new sundeck oil dining room.  Convenient walking dislance to all facilities. Must be seen al  $101,000  REAL ESTATE  GENERAL INSURANCE  AUTOPLAN  GOWER POINT ROAD: 3 acres consisting of four !4 acre  waterfront lots with three 1 acre subdividable lot on Gower  Point Road. 66' road allowance on each side of property.  Great investment potential at $550,000.  Ideal Hobby Farm 2'-j acres with southern exposure. On  Hwy 101 Roberts Creek area. 3 bed. full basement. Ideal  family home, mostly cleared. Sheds included. $176,000.  HOBBY FARM  HENRY ROAD - GIBSONS: Ideal for horses or ???? 8.5  acres, year round creek, plus large 3 bedroom ranch style  home, wood stove to help with heat ing cost. Must be seen to  be appreciated. Asking $260,000,  VIEW! VIEW! VIEW! - HOPKINS: Fantastic view of  Howe Sound from this uniquely designed 9 room house.  2300 sq. ft. of living area. Stove, fridge, built-in dishwasher,  washer and dryer all included in this price. Beautifully  landscaped large lot. All for only $152,500  MAPLEWOOD LANE: Seven loom pai tial bjsen ... ��plit  level design home. There are 3 bedrooms-ia|�� living room,  kitchen, dining area, three h^h^CnCi|jlJ#iished f.imily  room, utility and>|M(3��^e^/eniures include sundeck,  patio, conle\rHiJMty\iii,d a double carport. All this on a  large mosfr-y landscaped cul-de-sac lot. Should be seen.  Listed to sell at $115,000.  NORM PETERSON     886-2607  DENNIS SUVEGES 886-7264  MEMBER  SUNSHINE COAST  REAL ESTATE ASSOCIATION  hb.GORDON AGENCIES ltd.  31 Years At Cowrie St., Sechelt  ACREAGE  ORANGE ROAD  The Land - 9.4 acres of sunny privacy  The House ��� Just 4 years old  Vaulted Mahogany ceiling in the step-  down living room. Separate dining  room, huge family room, 2 bedrooms,  both ensuite. Oak parquet floors -  fireplace & Fisher stove & huge cement  patio - all thermopane windows - built-in  vacuum system. It's very, very nice!  $265,000. Pat Lindsay.  SAKINAW LAKEFRONT - $29,500  Know of any other waterfront at this  price? It's gov't lease land - but so what?  Here's a rustic retreat right on the water  ��� docks - furnishings - a boat & engine.  What more do you need for a heavenly  summer of warm swimming, sunning  and wind surfing?! Pat Lindsay for  details.  ROBERTS CREEK  WATERFRONT  Pat!  - SUPER SMALL SHOP-  Cards and gifts - or whatever you want  to add! Sunny side of the street - Heart  of Sechelt - Fully stocked and 3 years to  go on the lease! Details Pat Lindsay.  WAYNE SALTER  PATRICIA LINDSAY  885-5986 885-2591  1H49-0994 - Mobile  A pebble beach and an atmospheric, 2  level 3 bedroom house right on the  water!  - PLUS -  A new 2 bedroom, 2 level house up at  the road with a gorgeous view! Terrific  family or group investment. $295,000.  Lindsay for details.  H.B. GORDON  885-2013  JACK NOBLE  883-2701  PHONE  885-5891  Box 123, Sechelt, B.C.  -WANTED-  VIEW LOT - SANDY HOOK  1 have the Buyer!  Pat Lindsay - 885-*2591  HOMES  SABGE  IdrrJ  BAY VIEW  Private level lol, ta^BdrAmlion basement  home with ^3:��usld|U>rnfee room guest  cottage. Larg^nwfvvorkshop. Carport. F.P.  Only $110,000. View with John Wilson.  LOT  - SECRET COVE -  Straight ahead water view from this large sloping  lot. Serviced. F.P. $39,500. Phone John Wilson  for details.  JOHN WILSON  885-9365  MIKE BALDIGARA  885-5645 Sunshine Coast Realtor, May 1. 1981  AELBERS REAL ESTATE  CAPA APPRAISALS INC.  Located at the Old Granthams Store  Marine Dr., Granthams Landing  Peter Aelbers r.ub.c.,f.ri.  886-9238  SIR   886-9238  922-7814     Don Logan   b��omm  7A* /ox-*       885-3318   Two Residences  5999 Lois Street, Wildwood, Powell  River. Four bedroom house and a one  bedroom house. Ideal Revenue Property. $68,500.  Call Don Logan 922-7814  886-9238  885-3318.  REVENUE - GRANTHAMS LANDING  ON WATERFRONT $45,000  Two dwellings on Lease land, present rate is $1,500 per year  (approx.) for 5 years.  Both units presently rented year around, either units could  be principal residence, if some tender love and care were to  be executed.  At present values for waterfront, this is worth an inspection.  REVENUE MARINE DRIVE $89,000  POWELL RIVER $1,025 per month  Excellent state of repair ��� duplex with in-law suite. All three  units have separate meters. Tenants pay for all utilities.  Open mortgage of $40,000 at 15%. Shows a good return on  asking price. Excellent future potential for town house. An  inspection would be worthwhile to the serious investor.  THE  HOUSE  ON  THE  HILL  NEVER BEFORE  OFFERED FOR SALE  Overlooking Granthams Landing and the Coastal Mountain  Range. A view that must be the best combined with its  position among the other houses, making this listing the  castle of the area.  Some Features: Each floor has a full bathroom,  utility/storage room, brick fireplace and a balcony. A  full height basement with rec. room and workshop.  All windows are thermopane. Fisher wood stove in  basement. Fully landscaped including concrete  retaining walls. Covered car park concrete driveway  on public road.  An inspection could fulfill a dream. Asking $156,500.  NATURE FILLED Roberts Creek Lot $48,000,  14 ACRE' lot Tuwanek $31,500.  ���SELMA PARK ��� WATERFRONT  WESTERLY EXPOSURE $165,000  Older but very well maintained, three bedrooms, two  bathrooms (on two floors) thermopane windows, wood  stove, sliding door to covered sundeck. Master bedroom  has bay window, see photo. View is impressive, access to  level beach via concrete steps. Property at beach level could  readily support a beach cabana. Close to Sechelt Civic and  Commercial services. By appointment only.  GIBSONS VILLAGE -  OLDER RESIDENTIAL AREA $84,500  Excellent view from a two bedroom home on full basement.  Garage and carport. Fully landscaped lot fenced. Fireplace  in LR. Sundeck. View over Howe Sound and Keats Island.  Improvements are in excellent state of repair.  TWO LOTS - SAVARY ISLAND i  Excellent buy in a great area. Two lots for the price of one ���  and one is waterfront. $14,500.  View Lot   Hopkins Landing   $48,000  iView Lot      Sandy Hook       $37,500,  MEMBER SUNSHINE COAST REAL ESTATE ASSOCIATION  W -Waterfront  H -Homes  A - Acreage  R - Recreational  F - Farms  Bus. 885-5171  Box 1188, Sechelt, B.C. VON 3A0  "Vour Real Estate Hosts  on the Sunshine Coast"  THE INN ON A GOLDEN ACRE  Updated character building by the sea. Business nicely  started - now awaits owner with ideas, interest and energy. A  nice full service Inn and has potential (or a unique Pub oi  Lounge. Located on a Golden Acre - strategically sitting in  the path of future commercial ��� condominium development  at the hub of a fast growing, popular center. R3L zoning ���  fully conforming. Exceptional revenue potential from  operations or lease-out. High depreciation plus land value  potential makes this most attractive to operator or investor.  $375,000 cash.  EXCLUSIVE ESTATE L 250  4.6 acres of beauty - lovely retreat. Picture yourself in a very  relaxed attitude amid dogwood trees, fruit trees and green  lawns. A picket fence adds to this beautiful 3 bedroom, 1162  sq. ft. doublewide home in immaculate condition plus a  garage and garden shed. The private black-topped road  adds the finishing touch to this acreage. All this for  $140,000. Call Pat Murphy for appointment to view.  MAJOR MARINA COMPLEX  Sheltered deep water location in busy harbour center. Rare,  large water lot lease plus 2.5 acres view waterfront property  with development potential. 3 BR house, 2 rental mobiles, a  beautifully equipped shop, and laundromat service building.  Aircraft facilities, dock side phone, water, electric service.  Optional lease back of all or part of the operations. This is an  excellent terms investment. Fairly priced with good terms.  $580,000  SOLID RESTAURANT BUSINESS  Long established and still growing high volume sales.  Excellent town center location with long term low cost lease.  Licensed premises, nicely kept. A pleasant place to work ���  and a profitable business to own, This is a solid no nonsense  business growing with the town, $140,000 some terms.  GOLDEN SUNSETS  View the golden sunsets from each of these 2 bdrm suites.  Each approx. 900 sq. ft. located in West Sechelt. All with  view. Plus owner's 1300 sq. ft. "A" Frame home with \%  baths lovely cedar finish inside. Large living room, single cat  enclosed garage alt this on approx. 1 acre of land. Gentle  Slope, southern exposure. Great potential. Call Pat Murphy  to arrange appointment to view and for more details.  $275,000.   TRY THIS ON FOR SIZE  2 bdrm, 60' x 12' spacious mobile home. This home has a  very spacious layout with a bright living room highlighted by  the beautiful black leather wet bar with leather swag accent  light. For further information call Deirdre 8855171. F.P.  $22,000. Act now.  Further information and details are available  lo qualifiable parties only.  Contact Patrick T. Dahle 112-885-5692  m  :jhvii  ft**' -IE  El |*j      "^iJJ^B  -���V   J  WEST SECH  Do you want tc  full basement i  looking for. Fe  bathroom and  in  plumbing  brickwork to e  of Trail Island  Murphy 885-5  ELT VIEW HOME  relax in a quiet area  if y  ome on Norvan Road c  Mures: large lot 75'x 150  master bedroom has 2 pi  n  basement, carport.  nhance the appearance  from your living room  71 or Deirdre 885 5971  L243  ju do this 3 bedroom  )uld be what you are  two fireplaces, Hull  ece ensuite, roughed  House has lovely  Also enjoy the view  $105,000. Call Pat  MLS.  COMMERCIAL - SECHELT L 249  Two (2) lots zoned commercial 1. Ideal location for  professional . Lots' size frontage 100 x 132. At present there  are three residential units (all need repairs & renovations).  Can be income producing with just a little elbow grease and  paint. Good potential holding property. F.P $165,000. Call  Pat Dahle 885 5692 or Pat Murphy 885-5171.  NOW IS YOUR CHANCE L 245  This 3000 sq. ft. 3 level home awaits your finishing touches.  The lower level could be a rec. room, a great entertaining  area or a suite. Let your imagination decorate it (or you. The  middle level houses a large bright kitchen, open dining area  and living room with a sliding glass door lo a sundeck, where  you can enjoy the view of the harbour and Howe Sound, also  on the main floor are two bedrooms and one bathroom.  Then up to the penthouse lo the master bedroom and its  Jacuzzi. Ease into this house for $140,000. Call 885 5171 for  appointment to view.  MEMBER SUNSHINE COAST REAL ESTATE ASSOCIATION "P.T." Dahle 885-5692 Deirdre 885-5971 Pat 885-5171 Sunshine Coast Realtor, May 1, 1981  SUNNYCREST  SHOPPING  CENTRE  886-2277  , JBSQNS   ^AND LAND DEVELOPMENT LTD.  VANCOUVER  TOLL FREE  682-15131  HOMES  R.R. #2, Gibsons, B.C. VON 1V0  HOMES HOMES  GOWER POINT: Beautiful executive view  tome in prestigious Gower Point area built by  owner/contractor. Features include balconies off  each bedroom, ensuite with shower off master,  sunken living room and conversation pit with  [ireplace. For the economy minded an energy  saving warm air circulator and thermopane  windows. Also, double garage( fencing and lots of  andscaping already in. Extras include sauna with  shower, huge kitchen with fridge, stove and  dishwasher. Plus washer and dryer, family room,  vaulted ceilings, skylights, Phone anytime to view  this beautiful home. $189,000.  CREEKSIDE PARK: Brand new 1672 square  feet Vj storey home in Creekside Park Estates.  This home is on city sewer, city water and  cablevision and features fireplace, large rec.  room, laundry room and workshop. Two car  carport and is on a quiet cul-de-sac close to  shopping and transportation. Ready to move into.  4107,900,  WOODCREEK PARK: Executive Tome on .39  acre treed lot backing onto the ravine park. This  lovely new home features 4 bedroms, 3  washrooms, den family room plus living and  dining room This quality constructed home is  ideal for the family that likes room to move with  2040 square feet ofc finished floor area, The two  car garage and full brick fireplace are just some of  the extra touches that set this home apart from  the rest.. $149,500.  'W?-i%mW- ip? '  SUNNYSIDE DRIVE: Assume 13fe mortgage!  Exceptionally well built three bedroom 1260  square foot rancher on huge 100 x 150 lot makes  the ideal family home at an affordable price.  Features include shake roof, huge stone fireplace,  extra high quality carpeting, concrete driveway,  :arport, double windows throughout, bay  window, extra large rooms and much more.  Phone to view anytimg^-^ tflZi^flff?  HALFMOON BAY: Waterfront home. Level.  waterfront with good garden soil. Large family  kitchen, living room has fireplace and hardwood  f loors. Two large bedrooms, mSster ensuite. Fully  finished ground level full basemenl is rented suite.  Total finished living area equals over 2700 square  feet. $159,900  SUNSHINE COAST HIGHWAY: Larg<  duplex-zoned view lot with a well-maintained  retirement or starter home in Lower Gibsons.  Breathtaking view, complete landscaping, all  appliances, 1% baths, enclosed separate garage.  Priced to sell at $79,500.  FAIRVIEW ROAD: Very nice lot 70 x 220 with  1974, 2 bedroom Chancellor trailer set up with  large patio. This is an area of good homes and  children would go to Cedar Grove School.  $71,500. /  ESPLANADE: Beautiful, landscaped, "waterfront" property on quiet dead-end street.  Camellias and roses abound on-t his very private  piece measuring .44 of an acre with 90 feet of  frontage. With a few minor changes the dwelling  could be greatly improved and very comfortable.  Asking $100,000.  SCHOOL RD: Executive home in excellent  Gibsons location. Features include sunken living  room, 2l2 bathrooms, double attached garage, 2 x  6 construction, shake roof, master bedroom with  fireplace and ensuite. $149,500.  CHASTER RD: A-frame, (wo bedroom home on  cleaned level lot. Ideal (or starter, recreational or  revenue. Developing area on no through gravel  road. Close to shopping and transportation.  $59900  CREEKSIDE PARK: Perfect 2 storey family  home at an affordable price in beautiful Creekside  Park Estates. This 1700 square feet four bedroom  home features finished basement, rec. room,  large workshop, laundry room, l1/? baths. All  appliances including fridge, stove, dishwasher,  washer and dryer and freezer. Fully landscaped  grounds with concrete drive, pet run and wood  shed. Owner has done high quality work to make  this a warm comfortable family home. Phone to  view anytimp $109,500  OCEAN~BEACH ESPLANADE - GOWE1  PT RD: Semi waterfront. Million dollar view anc  even belter sunsets from this completely  tenovated and enlarged 1120 square feel, three  bedroom home. Abundance of cedar compli  ments the 'antique' brick fireplace and the  spacious living room. French doors open to a very  private patio. Sauna adjoining bath, Sliding doors  to a full length sundeck and across the quiet,  dead-end street: swimming, boating and fishing.  Enjoy the waterfront but avoid its high price tag  and taxes with this 'one of a kind' home.  $169,900.  ABBS ROAD: View! View! "View! Are you  looking for a view home high on the hill wit h a view  forever! This is it!. The view is spectacular! It goes  from the north tip of Keats Island through  Gibsons Harbour, The Gap, The Bluff, Georgia  Strait and of course the Coast mountains. The  lome is three levels with 4 bedrooms, huge  recreation room, office or den, and balconies  along the front. The landscaping is already in  slace. Additional features include full ensuite off  naster bedroom plus another full bath and a half  uath. This home must be seen to be believed.  $149I900  INVESTMENT - COMMERCIAL - REVENUE  GIBSONS  VILLAGE:  This is  the only  independent bakery in the area. 10 years in the  same location. Business is increasing steadily with  excellent potential to expand into food market  etc. Owner may carry 1st at competitive interest  rates, Call for more details..  Waterfront Revenue. 100' of GIBSONS VILLAGE: Extremely well built  concrete block building with bend beams and  rebar. Two areas easily separated 1304 square  feet and 1109square feet. 360square feet covered  carport area. Heating is forced hot water (oil  fired). Established commercial area. Gorgeous  view of Howe Sound and Gibsons Harbour.  $269,500  MARINE DR:  prime low bank waterfront in Village of Gibsons.  Unexcelled view of sheltered Howe Sound. Solid  tenants in all three suites. Building remodelled  and upgraded. Very attractive property consisting of 4 bedrooms, 3 bedroom and 2 bedroom  suites with fireplaces. Don't miss your chance lo  own this waterfront triplex. $252,400.  FIRCREST RD: Beautiful ranch style family  home with large rooms and bay window. Large  stone fireplace. Superior construction. Sundeck,  double windows, energy grate with fan in  fireplace. Extra R28 insulation and partial  andscaping. Assume 11^% mortgage. Phone to  jjiewanytime^ySjJOO.  SARGENT RD: Terrific Spanish home on one of  our best view lots. Four bedrooms, 2'-.  bathrooms. Fireplaces, intercom,' wet bar.  Loaded with extras. $159,900. ,  SELMA PARK: Beautiful view south and west to  Trail'and Vancouver Islands from this comfortable 2 bedroom starter or retirement home.  Features include brick heatilator fireplace, all  appliances and a touch of cedar. Freehold nol  lease. $54,900.  CREEKSIDE: New construction. Two storey  unique designed home, over 2000* square feet of  living area. Main floor has living room with  fireplace, dining room, family room, utility room  and bathroom. Upstairs has three bedrooms and  bathroom. Master bedroom is extra large for  * gracious living. All this on a good lot in Creekside,  close to schools, shopping centre and recreation.  $119,500.   SOUTH FLETCHER: A great view and close in  ocation make this newly listed three bedroom full  Msement home worthy of your consideration.  Tile mansard roof and brick work in front give this  home that Spanish flavour. Year round creek  flows by the green house and through the fish  pnnd. If you're a keen gardener you'll not likely  find better soil for growing. Ensuite plumbing in  master bedroom, huge rec. room, 440 wiring for  the workshop and two water heaters. Why wait?  Call to view this home. $139,500.  AST HIGHWAY: Selma Park,  View and Revenue. Older home and separate self*  contained one bedroom cottage on large parcel in  Selma Park. Centrally located, this piece is wilhin  easy walking distance from Sechelt. Comfortable  re-decorated main home features two bedrooms,  a large sundeck and a dark room for ihe  photographer. Nicely landscaped but still very  private. Starter, investment or retirement, this  .me qualifies. $99,500.  ToTS"  SUNNYSIDE DRIVE: Urge lot 100 x 150,  already cleared, ready to build on. On septic tank  but no field required. Disposal system hook-up  available. $51,500.  CREEKSIDE PARK: Lot 9. Excellent building  lot in popular Creekside Park Estates. Good view  potential along with paved streets, city sewer,  cablevision, hydro and water. Gibsons Creek  runs down rear of lot making this an ideal  purchase. $39,500.  SUNNYSIDE DRIVE This 100 x 150 bt is  ideally situated at the end of a no thru road. Area  is fast building up with new quality homes. A 2  storey home on this lot would have a view of  Georgia Strait. This lot must be seen to  appreciate the value of the 100 foot widths of the  surrounding bts. $52,500.  ROAD: Davis Bay. Custom built  home, 5 years old within walking distance of  beach and fishing. Master ensuile, large rec. room  with bar. Three bedrooms up with 2 extra down,  Kitchen and dining room have beautiful view of  ocean. Two fireplaces, even a wine cellar.  $132.900 .   , ROBERTS CREEK: Always in demand,  centrally located, yet very rural. This comfortable I  1365 square foot, 3 bedroom home is well situated I  on this landscaped .47 acre to enjoy a full day of I  sunshine, and Ihe year round creek. Inside [  features include an airtight stove and fireplace for  tow hydro bills, a large family room andensuite off j  master bedroom. Priced to sell $119,000.  HOMES ON  ACREAGE     ,  SAKINAW LAKE: Sunny exposure and privacy I  are the key features for your recreational I  enjoyment. Secure government tease on 1.241  acres of waterfront with one* bedroom cottage. |  Boat access. $35,000.  NORTH ROAD: at Cemetary Road. 5 acres of I  secluded timbered property. Great hobby farm I  with barn, chicken coop and corrals. On good I  well but regional water available. Owner has I  permission for second dwelling on property. 300 I  feet of highway frontage. 1460 square feet home [  only 7 years old. Built-in china cabinet, 2 full  baths, huge sundeck. Owner says Sell! Make an |  appointment to .view today. $165,000.  ACREAGE  BEACH AVE: Waterfront. Imagine, over an acre I  on the water on one of the quietest roads in I  Roberts Creek. Ninety-three feet of frontage with I  almost  due south exposure provide the I  purchaser  with  an  exceptional  opportunity. [  Roughed in   driveway  winds  amongst   stately I  evergreens to the building site with an existing 34 I  x 30 full height foundation. Plans as well as all |  approvals for construction await your inspection.  These kind of properties are few and far between |  and well worth every bit of $215,000.  LOWER ROAD: Waterfront. Being the only |  subdividable waterfront acreage on the market it  Roberts Creek makes (hisa rare find. As it is, it'sa I  beauty: 2.10 acres of undisturbed, gently sloping I  terrain complimented with  tall firs and huge f  cedars; roads dedicated on two sides; out front,  one of the few sandy beaches on the coast. As a |  private estate or (or investment, thisisa must see.  Priced to sell al $195,000.  .  WATER ACREAGE...$49,500: Unbelievable!  It's not a misprint, that isthe full price. Total 2.46  acres with approximately 275 feet sandy beach.  The property is fairly level, with a small rock bluff  but good building sites, situated in Howe Sound  across from Britannia Beach. Of course there's a  catch-access by boat only, no water and no  power, but still great for summer cabin or  weekend qetaway.  NEW BRIGHTON ��� GAMBIER ISLAND: 9!r  acres view property just minules from regular  ferry stop. Excellent for single family privacy or  group retreat. Rate on today's market at $85,500.  HWY 101 ��� SOAMES POINT: 12+ acres of  prime view acreage on Highway 101 al Soames  Point. Zoned for subdivision, or use the two  separate parcels (or exclusive residence. Lol B  h.is 678 feet of frontage and Lot C has 999 feet of  frontage. Adjacent lo beautiful Soames Park.  Offers to $325,000.  HWY 101: Panoramic view of Howe Sound and  the bonus of nice trees couple to make Ihis 5 acre  parcel a unique find. Approximately one mile  from ferry terminal with almost 1000 feet of  highway frontage. Choose your favourite building  sites. Zoned R2L Offers lo $165,000.  MEMBER SUNSHINE COAST   REAL ESTATE ASSOCIATION  STEVE        ANNE        JOHN TERRI        GREG  SAWYER    GURNEY   HANSON    HANSON    GRANT  886-7678    886-2164   886-8295     886-8295   886-7204  GARY        DAVE JON LORRIE  PUCKETT ROBERTS     MCRAE       GIRARD  886-9508    886-8040      885-3670      886-7760 Sunshine Coast Realtor, May 1, 1981  883-2794  '���*?'';���  PENDER HARBOUR REALTY LTD  We have a prospect wanting to buy a 2 bedroom  house around 800 - 1,000 sq. ft. in the Pender  Harbour area or close by. O.K. if older type or in  need of repair, with view preferred but not essential.  Please call us right away... we'll be happy to give a  free estimate of current market value. ALSO... We  have an immediate prospect for a non-view lot in the  $25,000 - $35,000 range.  LOT A: % acre  possible  J8CK&  LOT B: % acre has ji  and livable  ���shed cabin and a  water. F.P. $35,000.  View of mountains  $35,000.  New Low Rates On  HOUSE INSURANCE  John Breen ���,.       ,���,    _     . _   ,    , ���,  Jock Hermon  coo.0070     Highway 101 at Francis Peninsula Rd.       fiu^-2745  [exander Realty Ltd.  P.O. Box 10, Madeira Park,  883-2212 or 883-2491 B.C. VON 2H0  SECHELT VILLAGE: 1176 sq. ft. Ideal one  year old lamily or retirement home. Three  bedrooms. 1!�� baths, full basement. Fireplace,  sundeck and landscaped yard are offered. Walk  to all amenities. Priced at $115,000.  WATER VIEW: Excellent recreational lot. %  acre lot in Garden Bay. Gentle slope to water,  easy to build on. Close to boating facilities. F.P.  $45,000.  LUXURY TOWNHOUSES-OVERLOOKING BEAUTIFUL SECRET COVE: Featur  ing 1600 sq. ft. of living area, 3 bedrms, spacious  living room with fireplace, full range of  appliances, large sundecks. Plus each home  offers breathtaking views, full privacy and the  option of reserved moorage at the marina  below. Hurry and be among the lucky few to  enjoy the fabulous fishing and to relax in this  unspoiled sportsman's paradise.  TAYLORS GARDEN BAY STORE &  MARINA: is a well known and long established  business located in Garden Bay. Store, Marina  Gas pumps, boat facilities and other extras.  MADEIRA PARK ��� ONE ACRE LOT WITH  VIEW: Gentle slope, frontage on 2 roads,  subdivision potential. Priced at $59,900.  BEAUTIFUL FISHER ISLAND AT ENTRANCE TO LEE BAY. (District Lot 4064):  has spectacular exposure and excellent deep  water moorage with dock and small building.  Salmon in your back yard. $160,000.  15 UNIT MOTEL IN GARDEN BAY: with  attractive Caretaker's house. Short walking  distance to Marinas. A thriving business with  lucrative revenue potential. Call for further  information.  FRANCIS PENINSULA - RONDEV1EW  RD: A picture book setting of flower beds,  shrubs, Iruit trees and vegetable gardens. Enjoy  2160 sq. ft. of living area on 2 floors, 3bedrms, 2  bathrooms, wrap-around sundecks. and top  quality finishing touches throughout. This  immaculate panabode home is a pleasure to  view and to own.  A LOVELY 5 BR WATEROONT HOME  IN GARDEN BAY: Wi* o��v* view, ramp  and float wiih^te/^^Djvenge. csrpeis,  drapes, appliafc��l��Ar5nreplace. 2 levels  loaded with Mlras. Good access in a  convenient location $205,000.  A RARE 200' WATERFRONT HOME  WITH 2 BR IN BARGAIN HARBOUR:  Direct access from Francis Peninsula Road with  good moorage and a spectacular view of all of  Bargain Harbour. Approx. % acre. $220,000.  HASSAN'S STORE OFF FRANCIS PENINSULA RD. WITH 1.2 ACRES WITH 180*  WATERFRONTAGE: has excellent moorage  with large floats, 2 homes including large  groce ry store, is ideally located near Imperial Oil  docks and has good black lop access from  highway to waterlronlage. $205,000.  Art Alexander  883-2491  Vadim Kobasew  885-3156  EB BLOCK  NATIONAL REAL EST/  203 - 14th Street, West Vancouver, B.C. V7T 2P9  922-3911  SECLUDED ESTATE  12.57 acres ot prime rural property situated on peaceful and picturesque Narrows Inlet. This  prestige property is (or the discriminating Estate oriented buyer and offers sparkling ocean  waters with snow capped mountains. Marvel at the warmth and character ofthe custom crafted  tog home. Check some of these benefits:  ��� Southerly exposure.  ��� Considerable marketable 1st growth timber.  ��� Good soil, garden & fruit trees.  ��� New large quality 1% storey log home.   *  ��� Excellent & ample water, with rights on  waterfall & year round spring.  ��� Private float with walkway for deep moorage.  ��� Ideal swimming & canoeing in safe waters.  ��� Room for many more beautiful building sites.  ��� An abundance of seafoods.  ��� Serviced by scheduled air flights & water taxi.  ��� Equipment & materials ready for independent hydro hook-up with present new 5 Kw 13  hp diesel plant (now in operation) (or back up.  ��� Large insulated 16 x 28 workshop or guest'  cottage.  ��� Park like setting, sheltered cove & Inlet 20  miles from Sechelt.  Priced to sell at only $247,000. Interested? For more details please call.  'I w***  f*2r'  VIEW  (LANGDALE)  Ideal starter or retirement home. This older, but  modest small home, has been renovated and  features: individual zoned electric heat. New  cosy fireplace, wall to wall quality carpets,  updated wiring and insulation and partial new  basement or utility room. Enjoy the spectacular  view of Howe Sound from either the large  enclosed sun porch or the landscape terrace as  you watch the ferries come and go. This  property is within easy walking distance to the  ferry terminal, and is priced to sell at only  $77,500.  SANDY HOOK VIEWPROPERTY  This ocean and mountain view building lot is  located in sun drenched Sechelt Inlet Estates  overlooking beautiful Porpoise Bay. h is within  easy walking distance to sandy beaches with  > moorage & marina facilities also close by. The  property is serviced with paved roads, hydro,  water and telephone, asking $39,500  This large (o.77Ac> lot has 102 ft. of southerly  exposure on tranquil North Lake- This is a lease  lot with 11 years remaining on a 20 to 30 year  renewable basis. The property adjoins a natural  park and is also only minutes away from Egmont s  famous salmon fishing. Priced at only $20,000.  NELSON ISLAND (WATERFRONTAGE)  ESTATE SALE  This .83 acre waterfront gov't lease lot is located  in Telescope Passage. It has a domestic water  lease & is close to wharfage. This property was  assessed at $16,000 for 1979. Sale Price  $15,000  NEW PRIME  WATERFRONT HOMI.  Enjoy waterfront liv j in this two level 3  bedroom, 2200 sq. ft. home located in the heart of  Sechelt Village. The majestic view of Sechelt Inlet  may be enjoyed from both levels of this fine home.  Features of this well constructed home, to  mention a few include: fireplace on each level,  individual zoned heating, full ensuite off master  bedroom, quality wall to wall carpets, large family  and party room, extensive patios, provisions for  full bathroom downstairs, thermopane windows  plus an assumable 1st mortgage at 13% with a 4%  year term remaining. Priced at only $198,500.  RECREATIONAL PROPERTY  In a parklike setting on beautiful Gary Bay Lake  approx. % acre with 140 ft. of lakefrontage.  Hydro & water on property. Asking only  $25,000.  FAMILY HOME IN DESIRABLE  REDROOFFS AREA  This large 3 bedroom Rancher (1500 sq. ft.) is  located on a large lot in a secluded park'like set  setting. Not visible from the road but as you  enter the winding driveway, the natural  landscaping blends in with this beautiful family  home. Extensive patios take full advantage of its  southerly exposure. There is also a large  independant and well constructed workshop  (24' x 24') which could be converted into a guest  cottage. Priced at $179,900.  BUSINESS OPPORTUNITY  Coin Laundromat. This self employment  opportunity will give you a return in excess of  30%. Property offers ample parking &  expansion potential. Purchase price includes all  equipment & btdgs with a long term land lease.  Priced at only $38,000.   WSNTED   SUBDIVIDABLE ACREAGES  for outright  purchase or wilt also  consider participation.  How much is your home worth TODAY?  To find out, call your  nearest Block Bros, office.  We'll do a market  evaluation at no charge or  obligation to you.  ED BLOCK BROS.  NATIONAL REAL ESTATE SERVICE  Harold Jacques  Bruce McKinnon  885-9023  H-499-766  Mobile Phone Sechelt


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