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Sunshine Coast News Nov 30, 1981

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Array The Sunshine  LEGISLATIVE LIBRARY  Parliament Buildings  VICTORIA, B.C.  V8V 1X4  82.1  Published at Gibsons, B.C.    25' per copy on news stands  Cash flow may cause delay  Marina ready by 1983  by Vene Parnell  Cubs, Beavers and Scouts from tiihsons, Sechell and Wilson Creek under the co-ordination of Terry Alger  of Sechell tore into the clean-up ol' Cliff Gilker Park last Saturday. Alger praised the co-operation of  parenls, Seabird Rentals who provided chainsaws, and John Chrismas who provided shakes and challenged  Coast youth clubs and service clubs to continue the work begun by Ihe Cubs, Scouts and Beavers. "I'm proud of the fact Ihat the work was done without a dollar changing hands," said Alger.  ��� l.tlmHurn.iil.riml  Blasts Throne Speech  Lockstead in fine form  MLA Don Lockstead delivered a slinging attack  on the provincial government's receni Throne Speech  al a wcll-allended potluck dinner in the Welcome  Beach Community Hall on Redrooffs Road last  Salurday nighl.  "The Speech from Ihe Throne is full of lhe usual  Socred promises," said Lockstead. "We goi the  same promises lhal ihe Socreds would do something  about housing, for example, lasi year."  The Mackenzie MLA said that he would continue  lo press for Crown Land to he made available to ihe  province's residents on a lease-to-purchase basis.  "Crown land is presently being turned over to  private developers," charged Lockstead, "and then  goes, for the mosl pari to acquaintances of lhe  developer. The people who need land lhe mosl are  leasl likely lo gel il."  On the subject of local restructuring the local  MLA said: "I'm in favour of whal Ihe people want. 1  have been promised lhal all information would be  made public and lhal a referendum will be held on  any proposed changes."  in a subjeel obviously dear to his heart, Lockstead  decried the provincial government's failure lo make  good on promises for Ocean Falls.  "Afler we bought the operation it made money,"  said Lockstead. "Now because of lack of provincial  support you have a modern medical clinic, a modern  school and 600 boarded up residences deteriorating  up Ihere. It's a sad sight."  Lockstead said thai a receni meeting of members  of lhe NDP caucus wilh economists al UBC was mosl  disquieting and quoted economist John Helliwell as  being of the opinion that 1982 would make 1981 look  like ihe good old days.  "Though ihere is no hope in the Throne Speech for  ihe majority of British Columbians," said  Lockstead, "we can and we must have secondary industry in lhe province which is compatible wiih our  concerns for the environment".  As School Board Chairman  Don Douglas resigns  Don Douglas resigned his position as chairman of  ihe School Board, Thursday, officially opening lhe  way for nominations for a new chairman lo be  elected by Ihe board, December lOlh.  Douglas, trustee for Area B has been board chairman for the last three years and has been a member  of ihe school board for almost 15 years.  Al the November 26th board meeling, Douglas  thanked the trustees for iheir support over his years  as chairman. He also expressed thanks to Ihe principals and leachers of ihe district for Iheir cooperation and to the management staff and district  staff for iheir efforts in performing their duties. He  staled he will continue to sit on the board as trustee.  Prior io resigning his chairman position, Douglas  made a motion staling lhal neither the school board  chairman nor any member of lhe school board  should be pari of ihe Management Committee,  "The board recognizes iwo executive officers: Ihe  superintendent and ihe secrclary-ircasurer, who  make management decisions, li is my feeling lhal  neither lhe chairman nor lhe school trustees should  be involved in management. The board's purpose is  strictly to set policy.  "1 have come to Ihis decision after three years of  working together wiih ihe management committee. 1  feel ihai ihe iwo functions should be kept separate."  Mayoralty recount  this week  An official recount of lhe mayoralty election  votes will take place in Gibsons Municipal Offices on December 1st. Judge MacKinnon of  Vancouver will be in allendance io check the  narrow vole edge won by incumbent Mayor  Lorraine Goddard over Alderman Larry  Trainor in the recent election November 21st.  ALR meets  in Gibsons  Representatives of the Agricultural Land  Reserve will hold a series of meetings in Gibsons Council Chamber on Thursday, December  3rd, to discuss len applications for subdivision  of Land Reserve land in the Pratt Road area.  Each application will be given approximately  thirty minutes of the available time and the  meetings are open to the public. The hearing  will get underway at 9:00 a.m.  The board unanimously approved Douglas' mo-  lion. He later told Ihe Coast News lhal his involvemenl in the Management Committee took up many  more hours than he was eve.* paid for and ihat his  position on the committee affected the board's decisions regarding management proposals.  "I hope lhal this move will open Ihe way for  discussion among board members and create more  serious consideration of all new policy direclions.  The board was assuming ihat because the chairman  sils on lhe committee and that a proposal has been  voted upon by lhe committee, it should be approved  by the board.  "I have had only one vote on the committee and  could be out-voied by the other two members. Yel,  ihe board was reluclant to question management  committee decisions because 1 was a member and  ihey felt Ihey were opposing me."  Vander  Zalm  to visit  Two meetings have been sel with the Minister of  Municipal Affairs, Bill Vander Zalm when he visils  Ihe Sunshine Coast on December 11,  A letter from the Minister to Regional Board  Secretary-Treasurer Larry Jardine under date of  November 17 specifies ihat Vander Zalm will meet in  lhe Sechell Council Chambers at 9:30 a.m. wilh  representatives of the Pender Harbour-Madeira Park  Restructure Committee. Also invited are the regional  board chairman and the Area A representative, Ian  Vaughan.  A second meeting has been arranged with the  Sechelt and Gibsons Councils at 1:30 p.m. at the  Driftwood Inn. Regional directors are also invited io  attend.  At the time of going to press it is unclear as io  whether or not these will be closed meetings.  Regional Board Chairman David Hunter was informed that representatives of the local newspapers  would be invited. MLA Don Lockstead, on the other  hand, says that he was told that the meetings would  be closed and lhal he could not attend.  The purpose of Vander Zalm's visit is 'to follow up  on discussions about restructure proposals for local  government on the Sunshine Coast'.  Gibsons Municipal Marina could become operational as early as 1983, but cash flow problems might  delay lhe project until sometime in 1984. A meeting  between CM Projects, managers for Ihe marina project, and Gibsons village on Monday, November  16th, outlined the sequence of steps that must be  taken to build the new marina.  The mosl important step is to sign a formal agreement wiih the federal government for dredging and  breakwater work, so that phase of the work can be  done in 1982, under the Winter Works program. The  federal government would like to go to lender for  dredging and breakwater construction in January,  1982.  However, the formal agreement cannot be signed  until Gibsons has received approval for a waterloi  lease from the Ministry of Lands, Parks and Housing. This approval requires the consent of waterfront  property-owners in the bay, where the marina will be  constructed. A legal survey of property lines will also  have lo be completed.  Council met with Lands Branch on Thursday, lo  initiate its waterfront lease application, based on the  approval of over 50% of the waterfront residents  who have already signed consent forms, agreeing to  the village's lease.  The village will seek a $425,000 borrowing by-law  from Victoria to cover the initial costs of the marina  contract, which will include pump dredging and  building up a new shoal area for transplanting eel  grass. Pilings and float work can be installed in 1983,  under the Winter Works program, and this pari of  the project could be done in two stages, dependingon  cash flow.  Construction costs of the marina and on-shore  work, which will include a parking area and an administration building, have not yet been established,  but alternate funding, such as T1DSA (Travel, Industry Development Subsidiary Agreement)  grants  will be sought to help Gibsons village pay for ihis  stage of ihe marina project.  The entire marina project has been estimated lo  cosl $2.8 million wiih Gibsons village responsible for  an estimated $1.7 million. Pari of Gibsons' share of  the marina cost will be Ihe land value of the village-  owned properties, where the on-shore facilities will  be buill, However, Ihis contribution will not be  calculated until the end of the project, when final  balancing of accounts lakes place.  In the preliminary design presented Monday by  CM Projects, a two-storey building for office, laundry and toilet facilities, including rentable space  upstairs for recreational purposes, was discussed. A  green area as large as possible is an important part of  lhe plan, including Ihe creek bed, which will remain  as a park.  ON THE INSIDE...  Red baiting Page 2  Letters to the editor '.... Page 3  Community news Pages 4, 5 & 6  Entertainment Page 8  Elphinstone drama production.. Page 9  Sports Pages 12 & 13  Vene Parnell  on Sister Trudeau Page 14  A threat to democracy Page 15  Classifieds Pages 17, 18 & 19  Sunshine Coast Realtor Page 19  Crossword Page 21  Visitor from Belfast Page 22  In memory of Ted Dixon  At approximately 10  p.m. last Friday nighl, a  i agic automobile accident claimed the life of  iecheft'.-*Jndian Bands  Councillor "Ted Dixon.  AJso injured in the accident was Ted's wife,  Anne, who remains in  St. Mary's Hospital in  Sechelt. The following  eulogy was written for  ihe Coast News by Mr.  Frank Fuller, an old  friend of the Sechelt Indian Band and Ted Dix-  om   by Frank Fuller  Ted Dixon, April 17,  1941 - November 27,  1981.  The waves were breaking gently against the  rocks in Jervis inlet last  night, and lhe firs and  cedars were weeping.  The Sechell Indian  village is heavy wiih  sadness for an honoured  son is dead.  I He Sechell liidliii  Ted Dixon as man and hoy, Shown on the left in 1970 and on the right as a boy  with his grandfather. Captain Joe Dixon, in Jervis Inlet in 1944.  Ted Dixon, Sechelt Indian band councillor and administrator, was killed Friday nighl, November 27th,  while driving his wife and son from the ferry. He was  just 40 years old when his car hit black ice on tlie  Coast Highway.  He was a descendani of Suhll-Khain, of lhe Lahk-  Wihl people who walked across Ihe mountains long'  ago from Pemberton to iheir summer village ai Hun-  ah-Tchin, al ihe head of Jervis Inlet. He fell in love  with a daughter of a Tsoh-nye chief whose father said  he could marry her only If he stayed on their side of  the mountain. And so he stayed and became one of  ihe negotiators of the Masler Tuilion agreement between B.C. Indians, lhe Provincial Governmeni, and  Indian Affairs. He was instrumental in the growih of  the Naiivc Environmental School ai Tsoh-nye. Al the  lime of his dealli he was a spokesman for the  Alliance, a coalition of nine B.C. Indian Bands.  Jusl two weeks ago, Ted presented his band's brief  before lhe Federal Human Rights Commission in  Vancouver, asking for freedom for ihe Sechelt people from the Indian Act, so ihey could enter a new  era of social and economic growih. The Vancouver  Province ran a full page feature slory wiih Ted's pic-  ihe lasi of lhe Jervis Inlet chiefs. But even further   lure on ihis presentation In ils Sunday, November  back, the legends say lhal all the Sechell people were  descendanls of ihe Spihl-Ah-Mohih, the divine men  and women who came from heaven to bring the bow  and arrow, the harpoon, lhe art of cooking clams  and trapping fish to the Jervis Inlet and Sechell people.  Bul while Ted Dixon's roots were deep In his people's past, he left his own rich heritage of accomplishment and humanity to his wife, Anne, and  iheir children Darren, Dana, Trent, and Rosie and  ihe rest of his family; lhal heritage will be shared and  remembered by Ihis coastal community.  He was chief of his band In his early twenties and a  band councillor mosl of his adult life. In his youth he  logged the mountain slopes of ihe inlets as his  forefathers had done for over a hundred years, and  he worked at Porl Mellon for a while as a locomotive  operator. However, it was as a band administrator  that he made his mark in life.  He helped lead lhe band into a new era of  economic, social and political growih during the  1960s and 1970s, which brought his people to lhe  point where they are recognized as one of the mosl  progressive Indian bands in Canada.  He was involved deeply in ihe band's educational  programs, land management and housing development, as well as the major renovations on the reserve,  such as road development, water lines and sewage  treatment. He helped prepare a major national position paper that set the goals and objectives of Canadian Indian education for the 1970s. He was one of  29lh edition, unaware of Ted's tragic death.  Ted Dixon was a lirsl rale alhlele, a member and  often captain of the Sechell Chiefs soccer learn. Al  seventeen he was a winner of lhe Tom Long Boll  award as Canada's foremost Indian alhlele for that  year. His front room is full of trophies and reminders  of pasi soccer triumphs.  Bui Ted's heart was in the past, loo; the memory  of his grandfather, Captain Joe Dixon, and his  childhood in Jervis Inlet were always with him. He  loved lo talk aboul Captain Joe, lhe old hand logger,  who raised him. He often told how he travelled the  shores of Jervis Inlet with his grandfather, who  taught him to watch and listen to the movements and  sounds of nature and its living creaiures. He learned  how to dig clams, fish for salmon and to speak the  Sechell language. The story is told how Captain Joe  rubbed his feet as a child with a duck's feel so he  would be a great runner like his greal-grandfalher,  Suhll-Khain.  In his adulthood he kepi lhal love of nature and  Indian food and on weekends could often be seen  digging for clams or jigging for cod with his family  on Porpoise Bay.  Ted Dixon, tonight, will surely be at Tsoh-nye  beside his grandfather, sitting in a circle of ancient  Sechelt chiefs who are silently making room for their  beloved son, while the firs and cedars arc still weeping in Ihe darkened background for a leader who left  lhe living world loo early, loo young. 2      Coast News, November 30,1981  The  .Sunshine.  Editorial Dapatlmant  John Burnside  George Matthews  Vene Parnell  A LOCALLY OWNED NEWSPAPER  Published al Gibsons. B.C. every Monday by Glasslotd Press Ltd  Boi 460. Gibson*   VON 1V0  ^tt^^S Accounts DepeMm.nl  W   ^ SUBSCRIPTION RATES:  Canada $30.00 par year, $18.00 for alx months  U. S. $32.00 per year, Overseas $32.00 per year  Distributed tree to all addresses on the Sunshine Coast  Second Class Mail Registration No. 4702  Phone B86-2622 or  CopyitlHng  Wendy-Lynne Johns  Connie Hawka  List) Shendan  Advertising Department  Fran Berger  Mark Hood  Jane McOuat  Production Department  Nancy Conway  Neville Conway  Shani R Sohn  Bradley J Benson  John Storey  Circulation  Joan H Foster  Stephen Carroll  More taxation,  less representation  One can easily read between the  lines of Hill Vander /.aim's communication with ihe regional board  on the subjeci of upcoming  meetings to sec where ihe Minister's  Interests lie.  The first meeting is to be held  wiih ilie Pender Harbour Restructure Committee. As an after-  ilmughi, ihe elected representative is  invited lo attend. The second  meeling is to be held with lhe village  councils. As an afterthought,  regional representatives representing 16,000 people are told Ihey can  come loo.  We hope ihai Ihe residents of ihe  Sunshine Coasl look lhe lime lasi  week lo read carefully Jim Tyner's  repori for ihis paper on lhe financial  implications of restructuring. What  is afoot here, we submit, is an ongoing attempt lo lessen Ihe control thai  local people have over their affairs  while continuing io shift as much of  ihe burden of taxation onto iheir  backs as is possible.  Some of ihe mosl basic fundamentals of democracy are involv  ed. Two hundred years ago lhe  Americans led lhe firsl greal  democratic revolution with the  rallying cry "No taxation without  representation". Sixty years later In  Upper and Lower Canada ihere  developed turmoil over the same  principle with the early Canadian  objecting lo the centralized and self-  serving control of the Tamily Compact in Ontario and lhe Chateau Clique in Quebec.  Here we are one hundred and forty years later and facing a governmeni which is attempting to lurn ihe  political clock back. Wc stand to  lose whal little control we have over  our affairs while carrying more and  more of a tax burden.  li is to be hoped thai spirit of  democracy is only dormant and will  flame into life very soon. Il is to be  hoped, also, that our elected  representatives will nol be so overwhelmed wilh lhe honour of a  ministerial visil that they will neglect  10 establish and represent vigorously  Ihe best interests of local taxpayers.  Power for the people?  It is lo be hoped thai at least some  of our citizenry arc paying attention  lo the ongoing saga of B.C. Hydro.  At the hearings Inlo the Site C  dam on the Peace River we are being  told lhal B.C. Hydro consistently  overestimates power needs and one  official has admitted ihat he believes  this lo be a good thing because we  can export power and so make  money.  None of Ihis will sound like news  to those who were involved in public  hearings on the Chcekye-Dunsmuir  line iwo or ihree years ago. Incidentally, an estimate of $1.8 billion is  projected for our very own power  project.  We also reported in Ihis paper  over two years ago ihe firsl public  occasion when Chairman Bob Bonner first spoke of the cxporl of  power.  We have speculated lhal what  Hydro is aboul is turning the entire  province into an energy reservoir for  continental Interests not Canadian.  As the hearings into the Sile C dam  continue, with ihe prospect of ihe  loss of some of lhe besi farm land  on ihe continent, wc hear nothing  which induces us lo change our  minds.  .from the files of the COAST NEWS  ^S"?%%��*��ii�� pug  FIVE YEARS AGO  Coast Chilcotin MP Jaok  Pearsall sent out enquiries to  the local press last week asking  their co-operation in getting  public feedback on the  possibilities of locating a new  maximum security prison in this  area.  Plans are already underway  for a new maximum security  facility at Lillooet and Pearsall  also noted thai the District of  Pemberton had expressed some  interest in the matter.  TEN YEARS AGO  For protection and preservation of watersheds, Ihe regional  board is seeking supplementary  Letters Patent giving it jurisdiction over such watersheds as  are in the entire district including the villages ol Gibsons  and Sechelt as participating  member municipalities.  The board, faced with multi-  use of lorest. lake and mountain  area seeks to protect such  watersheds and prefers one  jurisdiction to control activities  ol both governmental and  private interests.  Director Cliff Thorold said  that some measure of central  control was necessary.  FIFTEEN YEARS AGO  B.C. Hydro has called bids on  a contract to contruct a 50 mile  lone, 230,000 volt power  transmission line connecting  Cheekye Substation, near  Squamish. and Sechelt.  When the project is completed in September 1967, it will  almost double lhe amount of  power available for residential  and industrial expansion on the  Sunshine Coast.  The transmission line will be  supported on wood pok- structures except for the crossing of  Ihe Squamish River near  Brackendale. where steel  towers will be used.  TWENTY YEARS AGO  Tax   collectors   for   Gibsons  ^municipality  are jn  a healthy  condition according to information clerk Jules Malnil has  presented to Gibsons council.  TWENTY-FIVE YEARS AGO  When Sechelt's new  municipal hall was opened at an  official ceremony Saturday  afternoon four generations were  spanned when Julie Steels,  great grand-daughter of T.J.  Cook J.P., one of the original  owners of land comprising the  present village, cut the ribbon  symbolizing the opening of the  hall.  A painting, probably one of  the first ever painted of the  Sechelt area was presented to  the Sechelt Village Commission  by Geoffrey Whltaker, great  grandson of the painter who in  1902 depicted the spot on which  stood the first post office.  This picture will hang in the  municipal office as a reminder  of the progress Sechelt has  made since that time.  THIRTY YEARS AGO  The invasion of Mounties in  this area during the past couple  of days was simple grounding of  their plane due to bad weather.  They took off yesterday morning and despite rumours, there  was nothing to their visit but  forced layover until the storm  abated.  In terms of its prewar buying  power, the Canadian dollar is  now worth 53 cents or more accurately, that is what it was  worth on August 1, when the  cost of living index stood at  188.9.  THIRTY-FIVE YEARS AGO  James Sinclair, MP for this  riding, will visit the district next  week, addressing meetings at  Sechelt and Gibsons Landing.  Gibsons Landing: A capacity  audience witnessed a superb interpretation of an excellent  three-act play here Wednesday.  The play, "The Importance of  Being Earnest" was written at  the height of the brilliant career  of the literary genius, Oscar  Wilde.  J  Brunswick Cannery, Rivers Inlet, 1922. The men seated to Ihe left  are engaged in a contest that became known a,s l.ahalle. Clarence  Joe says that Ihis event was nol Kuropeun, as its name suggests,  hut of native origin. Il was nol a gambling game in aboriginal  limes, as il later came In be, bul a matching of legerdemain  againsl Ihe perceptive powers of Iwo rival medicine men.  Ceremoniously, the teams, each representing a village or a people,  alternated in Ihe possession of two ringed ivory objects. Members  of one team passed Ihese objects from hand to hand as Iheir opponents heat lime and chanted. With a dramatic gesture, Ihe  medicine man would stop his team's chant and point' across to  each of Ihe two players who he believed held Ihe ivories. As  recently as the lime of this Clarence Caheen photo such a contest  would continue through day and night without cease al a  previously arranged location during summer fishing season  closures. Pholo courtesy Marion Waldie, nee Caheen, collection.  Musings  John Burnside  We were, it would apr  pear, treated io a bit of  red-bailing at the  regional board meeting  last week.  Chairman David Hunter referred to my hunv  ble self as 'Comrade  John' and lhal irrepressible wit Mr. Charles Lee  peered over his glasses  and muttered something  like: "Lenin, Lenin".  Now, to be fair aboul  litis mailer, Chairman  Hunter ai ihe lime, and  subsequently, explained  Ihat ihe term used by  him was common among  legionnaires and was being so used. I accept the  chairman's word on  that.  1 think it highly  unlikely, however, lhal  when Mr. Charles Lee  mullered "Lenin,  Lenin," he was making  reference lo the late John  Lennon. I am sure thai  Lee was in his ponderous  way giving utterance at  lhe table of local government lo Ihe muck dredged up from lhe deepest  gutters of local bigotry.  It is exactly the type of  narrow ignorance ihat  Lee himself, also known  as Carlos di Messina,  professed to find in the  utterance of ex-director  Joe Harrison when he  accused Harrison of  'ethnic slurs' in connection with Lee's origins.  As a mailer of fact 1  have heard all ihe accusations before. Almosl  twenty years ago I was  under police investigation, I believe, as a  suspecled communis! in  Dawson City. The  evidence was flimsy. I  was friendly with a  Marxisl and I was appalled Ihat Dow  Chemical of Canada was  developing new, improved, more adhesive  qualities of napalm for  Ihe use of the American  airforce.  Somehow to be  outraged thai our side,  the 'good guys' of  democracy were not only  raining down flaming,  slicky, petroleum jelly  on Vietnamese villagers  but making a profit doing it had to mean that  one was a Communist.  It is a sad fact that  there is always with us on  our journey through life  ihe narrowly self-  satisfied and ihe philosophically ignorant.  Whenever the narrow  smugness of iheir small  certainties is johed by a  new idea or a differing  opinion ihey reach for  the club of accusation.  In lhe Middle Ages  when ihe narrow certainties lo which ihe conventional clung were ecclesiastical the buzz-word  of fear was 'heretic'. If a  man's, or a woman's,  beliefs seemed a touch  oul of synchronization  with the accepted norms  you burned them.  Now while lhe narrowly self-satisfied and the  philosophically ignorant  are always with us, we  have been enjoying a  period in man's history  in a few favoured parts  of Ihe world when Ihey  are not all powerful and  so instead of lhe slake  and the fire they are  reduced to muttering  their hostile banalities to  each other. Or occasionally, lo iheir regret,  in public among fairer  minded folk.  The tide of ecclesiastical bigotry has long  been al lhe ebb, except in  Ireland. Il does show  signs of coming in again  wiih the fearsome haired  of lhe Ayalollah in Iran  and ihe rise of ihe so-  self-styled Moral Majority in the Uniled Stales.  The day may come again  when to be a heretic or  Christian will be enough  to have one killed but it  is nol yel here.  Today in North  America the devil is a  communist. Jusl as the  Ayatollah refers to  America as Ihe Great  Satan, so do the bigots  among us project all  their fears in words like  'red, pinko, commie,  etc' Il is not amusing,  however, when such trite  and hostile utterance is  heard at the democratic  table of discussion on the  lips of a man who would  be one of our local  leaders. In fact, already  is.  For the record: in the  part of the world which  gave me birth there lived  a little known hero by  the name of Keir Hardie  who did as much as any  one individual to spread  ihe concept that while  the struggle for social  justice can never cease il  can be belter fought for  wilh ihe ballot than the  bullet.  A better world lhan  this awaits but the will of  lhe people, and lhe people must be persuaded  not coerced nor cajoled.  Nor intimidated by the  formidable ignorance arrayed againsl ihem.  In 1917 in Gibsons,  J.S. Woodsworth was  removed from ihe Christian church he served  because he was a  pacifist. It was, I think,  loo early then to be called a commie or  peacenik.  Woodsworth went on  to become recognized as  one of the greatest of  Canadians and he  travelled the same patient untiring path as the  Scotsman, Keir Hardie.  On the same path as such  men do I, in my fumbling and erratic fashion,  seek also to walk.  Last weekend at a dinner in Halfmoon Bay  Bruce Woodsworth, the  son of J.S., spoke the  grace before dinner. It  was a grace, Mr.  Woodsworth informed  me, composed by his  father around 1905.  Here it is:  "We are thankful for  these and all good things  of life; >Ve recognize ihat  they have come to us  through the efforts of  our brothers and sisters  the world over; What we  desire for ourselves we  wish for all - To this end  may we take our place in  the world's work and the  world's struggle."  Amen.  That's as close to a  credo as it is necessary  for me to come. Let's see  you make something evil  out of it, Mr. Lee.  The World  Is Too Much  With Us  The world is loo much wilh us; late and soon  Getting and spending, we lay waste our powers:  Little we see in Nature lhal is ours;  He have given our hearts away, a sordid boon!  The sea lhal hares her bosom lo Ihe moon;  The winds thai will be howling al all hours.  And are up-gathered now like sleeping flowers;  For this, for everything, we are out of tune;  Il moves us not.���Greal God! I'd rather be  A pagan suckled in a creed outworn;  So might I, standing on ihis pleasant lea.  Have glimpses thai would make me  less forlorn;  Have sight of Proteus rising from Ihe sea;  Or hear old Trilon blow his wreathed horn.  ��� milium Wordsworth  When a powerful person has influence over  your life, he can not only  make you do things you  would otherwise choose  not io do, but he can influence you to not do  something you Would  otherwise choose to do.  One of the most  powerful people 1 ever  met was a Utile old lady,  always dressed in black,  known as "ihe senora".  The senora lived in whal  used to be a little fishing  village on Ihe casl coasl  of Spain, back in the  days before that particular coasl line became  a solid wall of holds and  condominiums.  She was a kind of institution in the town,  along with two or three  other such women,  whose job it was to protect the chastity of young  unmarried girls. The  senora didn't speak any  English; in fact I'm not  sure if she could speak at  all. In my several encounters with her she  never uttered a word except for the occasional,  authoritative clicking  sound she made with her  tongue that sounded like  a "Tsk"! Not a  "tsk...tsk" like North  American mothers make  when disgusted with  their children, just a simple "TSK"! This soum'  was meant to convc  disapproval and I heard  it quite often.  I met the senora (thai  is to say I first saw the  senora) al a party given  for some of ihe young  people of the iown. I had  been in Ihe village for  aboul a week and Ihe  young hostess and 1 had  exchanged admiring  glances on several occasions, most notably at a  performance by some  travelling flamenco  dancers two evenings  previous. At the party,  the senora simply sat in a  corner sipping something  with aniseed in it,  presumably keeping an  eye open for the potential seducers. She noticed  me immediately.  My hostess was a  beautiful girl of about  17, whose parents were  relatively wealthy by  Spanish standards. I  think her father was a  banker. I was quite taken  with her, perhaps  because I was lonely,  perhaps because she  presented a fascinating  challenge to my wickedly  lustful 20 year old soul,  or perhaps simply  because she was a  beautiful young woman.  I determined to become  as intimate with her as I  possibly could. And the  sooner, the better.  Young men of foul intent are not as subtle as  perhaps they ought to be  in   hiding   their   objec  tives; not like sly and  rascally older fellows  who have learned the art  of patience and subterfuge. The old woman sized me up in a minute and  from then on we were  locked in grim combat.  The prize of our contest,  that which 1 desperately  wanted lo steal and she  lo protect, very quickly  became less important  than lhe challenge itself.  Il was up to me to  make the first move. It  was a game of unabashed power; 1 wanted to get  someone to do  something she might not  otherwise do and Ihe  senora wanted me not do  do something I would  otherwise choose to do. 1  invited my beautiful love  object to a movie.  The next evening 1  knocked on her door. I  was invited in by two little girls who giggled a  great deal, and was asked to sit in the drawing  room. Father came in,  shook my hand gravely,  mumbled a few phrases  in Spanish and retreated.  My lovely friend entered  soon after and we  prepared to depart.  "Wait a moment for the  senora," she said. The  tiny black crone entered  from stage right. It was  lo be a threesome at the  movies.  Not only was I obliged  lo pay for all three  tickets, it was made  known that 1 was to keep  both of ihem in food and  drink during and after  the movie. At the  theatre, ihe senora sat  between us. The film was  a comedy. 1 was not  amused. The girl laughed  freely throughout. The  old lady did not so much  as disturb a wrinkle on  her walnut face.  Walking home afterwards, I was allowed to  hold the girl's hand. Al  her door I was allowed a  handshake. The kiss on  her cheek earned me a  particularly urgent  "TSK" from the black  lump.  I decided to redouble  my efforts. The next  night we went to a cafe  where dancing was permitted. The old lady,  somehow aware I was  trying harder, brought a  friend, an identical little  old lady. It could have  been her sister; they  looked like book ends  except in this case they  sat between us to keep us  apart rather than at the  ends to keep us together.  The evening cost me the  equivalent of iwo weeks  living expenses.  Over the next couple  of weeks, I did my best  to win the prize, but I  knew the old lady had  me whipped. I was never  even able to get to know  Continued from Page 3 Coast News, November 30,1981       3  C��w��r>��;> Postrioaj ikjTi*  f>lG.H3 1i��KE��.Cni.>-V  Scwa ME ! -*c ��'0T  ~  SECRET \M6��*FbH  tHi  ft/\# -3 OoA. *���**���*?**? Boosts,      Aho  Letters to the Editor  From Halfmoon Bay  Editor:  Wc would like lo commend your newspaper till  lasi week's coverage of  ihe issues ai slake in ihe  Area "B" District and of  lhe decisions made by  Ihe Regional Board. Il is  beyond our comprehension ihai Directors from  oilier areas who have  vers lillle knowledge of  the real issues and circumstances surrounding  Ihe siands taken by local  residents can have ihe  power lo over-rule  recommendations made  by our area Direcior who  speaks on our behalf.  lhe very idea of  Mayor Goddard from  Gibsons staling ihat our  motives arc "selfish"  when wc express objections to the prospect of a  hotel or bar on  Redrooffs Road is  oulragcous. Our molives  for objecting to commercial zoning al Cooper's  Green were io safeguard  il against any such  possibility. Does ihe facl  lhal citizens can express  themselves in a literate  manner automatical!)  make iheir language  undesirably "flowery"?  As for Mr. Lee���ii  would appear lhal his  own area must be lacking  in issues of importance  when he can lake such  greal interest and in fact,  so readily interfere in the  affairs of our area. Wc  wonder too why Mr.  Stelck, whose capacity  on lhe Regional Board is  lhal of Sechell Council  Representative chose lo  oppose our wishes.  Our Area Director,  Peggy Connor, did the  correct thing by voting  according lo lhe wishes  of Ihe residents of her  area, and ihis is greatly  appreciated. Wc wonder  how ihe directors, ihose  who voted her down,  would read if she look il  upon herself lo Vole  againsl and lo dcslroy  issues concerning iheir  areas.  This Incident does indeed give cause for concern aboul lhe future of  the whole Peninsula, and  is one more reason why it  is essential that we have  an organization such as  ours io keep people in  formed as lo what is happening in our area, and  lo go lo bal for ihem  when necessary. We shall  continue lo do so despite  ihe faci ihai opposition  from oui side our area is  slroug.  Yours truly,  The Area "B"  Ratepayer's Association  cc:  Sunshine Coasl  Regional Disiricl  Wm.N. Vander Zalm  Minister of Municipal  Affairs  Thanks  Editor:  I'd like to take this opportunity to thank your  newspaper for the prompt service 1 received  during my recent campaign, a  I'd also like to thank  the voters of the village  for their support at jhe  polls and assure them  thai 1 will carry oul the  task very diligently. ,  Yours truly,  Janice Edmonds  The welcoming of newcomers  Ldiior:  The Advisory Coin-  miiiee lo the Volunteer  Bureau has recently had  some discussion about  the grow ing numbers of  newcomers settling on  the Sunshine Coasl and  whal we might do to  welcome ihese new people into' our communities.  Becoming established  in new surroundings is  not always an easy iran-  silion for individuals and  families, and for some  can even be a threatening  and isolating experience.  Wc, al the Volunteer  Bureau,   would   be  In-  Thanks  Ldiior:  A special thanks lo ihe  concerned citizens lhal  look the lime id exercise  iheir vole in our receni  election. Congratulations lo Lorraine, Larry,  Jack and Janis on Iheir  election.  I offer many thanks to  the people who voted for  me. Although I lost this  election I will continue lo  work for improvement in  our village.  Yours sincerely,  Barry Lynn  icresied lo know if  organizations have been  able io do anything in  ihe way of reaching oui  io ihose who have  recently arrived in our  neighbourhood. One  idea which has come up  in our discussions was  lhal of selecting a  "hospitality'*1 person  who could comaci new  residents and include  ihem in community happenings. Are Ihere other  approaches which might  be helpful in welcoming  new residenls?  This is an area into  which   ihe   Volunteer  Bureau will be putting  some energy ihis year.  Can we help you? Can  you help us? We look  forward lo talking with  any interested group or  individual. <    Sincerely,  Joan Cowderoy  Co-ordinator,  Volunieer Bureau  S.C. Community  Services Society  ���pmKKft  OFFICE SUPPLIES  ��� Photo Copiers ��� Typewriter.  ��� Cmeh Regleter. ��� Calculator.  ��� Office SappUa. ��� School Supplle.  Furniture at Stationery  Sechelt 885-3735  Slings and Arrows  Audrey's Coffee Service]  Modern Coffee Makers supplied  & serviced at no charge  Pay only for supplies you use  No office too big  or too small  NEVER  RUN OUT.  885-3716'  the girl well enough lo  find oui whelher I ever  had a chance in lhe firsl  place.  A long lime after I  would sometimes think  about lhal old black  bundle of a chaperone.  She was a very powerful  woman. Long alter I  could even remember  whal ihe girl looked like,  I could picture in delail  every  wrinkle  on  lhal  lough, implacable  Spanish face. Nol only  had she been able io slop  me from gelling  something I really  wanted, I don't even  think she had lo iry very  hard. After protecting  her precious charge  againsl some of ihose  Spanish guys, an  amateur like me musi  have been a vacal ion for  her.  I;  SWEETEN  UP!  We've got  the Goodies  to help!  Open Tues - Sat  11 am - 4 pm  & sunny Sundays!  CLOSED  MONDAYS  886-7522  Gibsons  Landing  &_&i_m��&  SEWING  for  CHRISTMAS?  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We outsold Honda and  Volkswagen.*  ��� Ford sold more pickups than all of the foreign made  pickups combined.*  ��� AND Ford outsold Chevrolet by over 47,000 pickups  ��� Simply, Ford pickups outsold any vehicle nameplate  - car or truck - in North America. *  "Based on Manufacturer's Reported Retail Deliveries by Model Year  IN STOCK NOW!  A Good Selection of 1981 Trucks  at Special Savings  Example - Brand New Vi Ton (Stock No. TK-453)  From $7495 (Less $500 Rebate)  $6995.  THE  ^^^��0XD  <$lF     PROGRAM      #^  on 1981 model F-100 llirotijjh I   W  Lijilil IhkV .mil l'l|l|  model nuiiH'i-  I'lIU lltlMM'S --Mil ll'l l'l\l'  ,i S'litOi.i-h u'l'.iU'  -'irom I oid  Ml tit it l omp.nn  or niity itpiil*) tlv ivli.tli' io  the pun Ii.im' piiii'  EXTENDED!  To All 1981 Ford and Mercury Car Lines*  As Well  UNTIL DECEMBER 5  ���Except Escort. Lynx or Lincoln 4      Coast News, November 30,1981  Halfmoon Bay Happenings  "Pop" celebrates 92nd  by Ruth Forrester  885-2418  Hippy Birthday Pup:  It was good to see  "Pop" Brynelsen in the  area on the occasion of  his 92nd birthday this  week. He was looking  much better and seemed  to be back to his spry self  again. Pop's birthday  was celebrated this year  at the home of his son  John and wife Holly, of  Secret Cove.  Christmas dinner at the  hall:  Reservations are now  being taken for the very  popular annual  Christmas dinner for  members of the  Welcome   Beach  Com-  Kiwowt  CIwuJwm CmA Fuwb  Anyone wishing to donate  to Kiwanis Village in lieu  ot Christmas Cirds,  please leave donations at  Bank of  Montreal or  Bank ol  Canada  munity Association.  Date is Saturday,  December 19th, price $7  each and are available by  calling either Barbara  Grimsey at 885-9860 or  Alex Ellis at 885-9492.  Last call for variety  show:  The date for the appearance of the Halfmoon Bay Variety Show  at Madeira Park has  been changed from the  Saturday of December  5th to Friday the 4th,  due to the fact that there  are too many other activities on that Saturday.  Tickets are on sale  locally at the Halfmoon  Bay Store and at the  Madeira Park Pharmacy. Doreen Lee of  883-2283 also has tickets  -price is $3 and $1.50 for  students and seniors.  Show starts at 8 p.m.  Don't miss it.  A Great Little Reno  Night:  Well over sixty people  attended the Little Reno  Night at the Welcome  Beach Hall last Saturday  night and all agreed that  it was the best one ever.  This was mainly due to  Vince Shannon who had  so efficiently arranged a  great variety of interesting and fun games.  Obviously there had  been many weeks of  work* and planning for  everything to run so  smoothly. The Associa-  Dra. Carl -Ambers and Frank Berger  of the MldCowt Dental Clinic  wguld like to announce to their patients  and interested members of the community  The Relocation of their  Dental Practices  to the Upper Floor of the  New Professional Building  on the corner of Teredo and Inlet Street*  For appointment! call 885*2246  tion is indeed lucky to  have such willing people  as Vince and the  members who worked on  his committee. About  twenty of those present  won prizes, which is a  pretty good average and  which^caused lots of happy smiles. In all, a most  successful evening.  Bottles for Beavers:  The First Halfmoon  Bay Beaver group is  planning a bottle drive  for just after new year,  but would like to be able  to start collecting bottles  at any time from now  on. If you have any such  items around the place  you could give either  Diana Gruner a call at  885-2978 or Leader Bob  Cocking at 885-2669 and  they will be happy to  come and pick up bottles.  The area concerned is  from the Sechelt end of  Redrooffs Road area up  to the Jolly Roger. It  would be good to encourage these little guys  by helping them raise  funds for their future  projects.  Gibsons I'nlU'il Church  HOLLY TEA  Friday, Dec -Ufa, t - 8:80 p.m.  Adult* Church IUU   Child���  81,00  Scwliljl ��� GlfUt ��� Home Hukln��  - Hurtfuln Tulilfc  THE  SUNSHINE COAST  ARTS COUNCIL  presents the 3rd annual  CHRISTMAS CRAFTS  MARKET  Pottery Weaving  Ceramics  jewellry  Batiks  For more Information  phone 886-2108  Dec. 5th at the  Sunnycrest Mall, Gibsons  Dec. 12th & 13th at the  Arts Centre, Sechelt  DONATIONS  NEEDED  ��� Food ��� Cash  ��� Toys  Elves Club  Drop-off Depots  Friday, Dec. 4th, 10 am - 5 pm  Holy Family Church Hull (rear)  Cowrie St., Sechelt  Saturday, Dec. 5th, 10 am - ii pm  WAV. Upholstery <*v Boat Tops  1779 Wyngaert, Gibsons  (behind Devrles)  "Santa Clius Is Coming lo Town" says the popular seasonal song. He arrived  by helicopter al Gibsons Sunnycrest Mall Salurday where he was greeted by al  least 100 lillle children, all anxious to be Ihe firsl lo gel in their Christmas order.  Pender Opinion  ���Vote Parnell Phwn  Congratulations  by Robi Peters  Congratulations to Ian  Vaughan on his election  to Regional Director of  Area A. The vote was  close ��� a mere 13 votes  difference. The voter  turnout was low and I  feel the two candidates  were partly to blame.  People did not know  who to vote for! They  did not know the candidates or their policies.  The only public meeting  with both candidates attending was held three  days before the election.  It was not well advertised. Also, it was held the  same night and time as  the school board  trustees' public meeting,  at a different location.  The platforms of both  candidates were not very  clear.  Mr. Vaughan gained  support when he mentioned a change in attitude in the area. In  fact, he even said the  word "progress". It  seems for years now  anyone using this word  was immediately denounced as a radical  developer, ready to tear  the very area apart for  personal gain. We do  need, as Ian said, a few  affordable lots for people to live on. The  younger people of the  area seemed to like what  Ian was saying. I hope  Ian you will get out into  the area and find out  what the people want  and not depend entirely  on a possibly out of date  Area Planning Committee to dictate the future  of "Area A".  JAPANESE,��  SEAFOOD "���*"  otuw. Ck* $tkh* Ttmpura fbli Cakts  Svshl Of Ikackt  ItuSORS Fit! Mirtlt     IM7IM  Roberts Creek  Work begins on new  'zj.  *V��w**��*��r'r��TOfVfWWIilir*��'W��W^*i**��rf>itM(r*��f��*  tm Hfmlthff m9thMm. WW imm AMMf ���!Mj fmt HHmSwt MrWft  data tuft* ui afUntty ball hart* mi lattkaaar.  Recommended by Canada's "*���'  leading carpet manufacturers MmMm teuulaai  "AS THE BEST" -ty *, m ^ Mrf  No Shampoo  Carpet stays  cleantr longsr  No Brutal  Brushing  No Steam  98% lass water  laavai no rasldus  Removes  Difficult Stains  FAST  and  QUIET  NO Matting  or Mildewing  Guarantee  No damaga,  shrinkage or  spin seams  Carpet Dries  In 1-2 Hours  Wt halt hmti tt Uaj tf unlet H m\  mnc Bee Carpet Care  "At me at, TY" MS-MM  Ltt us CARE lor your caipata and upholstery  ��b:  frii  bae  . T  my  vis  Shii  On  Mil  hun  eon  blu  lost  Mi  Co,  Niv  mo  392  In I  live  edi  ret t  ret t  ta I  anc  icn  Va  "dei  by Jeanie Norton,  886-9609  Excavation on the  Joint Facility at Roberts  Creek Elementary finally  started last week and  even after all the false  alarms and delays it was  kind of exciting. The kids  were all agaw watching  the monstrous machines  pick up their playground  equipment and deposit it  among trees like so many  tinkertoys, and the adults  were no less impressed by  the display of action at  long last.  Tenders came in with  an estimate of $507,000  for the project, including  an adequate sum for contingencies. A number of  options had to be compromised on, such as the  flooring and exterior  aesthetics, but if costs are  lower than expected,  more things will be possible.  In fact, it may be  discovered that there is  more money available as  early as six weeks or two  months when the foundations are finished, says  School Board secretary  treasurer, Roy Mills.  There is a large contingency reserve for that  stage of the project in  case of extensive blasting  but if that is not  necessary, then the funds  can be reassigned to other  features.  Music Fest  It's constantly amazing how much musical  talent there is in Roberts  Creek and it was no better demonstrated than at  the Legion on the  weekend of November 21  and 22. Full Watts packed the place with  listeners, dancers, and  musicians. There were  seven or so regular  members in the band but  there was constantly  somebody else joining in  for a tune or a set. It was  like a festival of local  talent.  The dancing was really  animated, whether the  music was rock and roll,  blues, or reggae, but it  didn't seem to bother the  crowd downstairs in the  games room celebrating  Jack Woods' birthday.  Fund for tires  Was it a personal  vendetta or another in tht  series of acts of vandalism in Roberts Creek?  The tires were slashed on  a vehicle parked outside  the Legion on November  22 and a fund has been set  up at Seaview Market to  replace them if you'd like  to help out.  Soup please  If you've been saving  your Campbell's soup  labels, please turn them  into Roberts Creek  Elementary now so  they'll have some  estimate of what they can  order in February. If you  haven't been saving them  please do so. It doesn't  cost you anything and it  helps the school get  books and other  materials. Allen's fruit  drinks and Franco-  American products also  qualify.  Close finish  Eslie Des Lauriers  should have demanded a  recount at Crib Night last  Thursday. She lost first  prize to Ernie Kluserits  by only one point.  Thursday night crib is  drawing quite a crowd  now and there's usually  one or two tables of  bridge as well. The more  the merrier, (and the bigger the pot), so do come  along to the Legion on  Thursdays at 8:00 p.m.  sharp.  Questionable win  If ever there was  reason to suspect a fix, it  was in the Legion's Grey  Cup pool. Bar manager  Annie was running  around Saturday night  trying to flog the last few  squares and just "happened" to pick the winner. Some coincidence,  eh?  Word is, she's taking  a nice, young, sometime  real estate salesman/volunteer bartender, out to  dinner at the Creekhouse  on her winnings.  CHRISTMAS  fBAZAAR  &rtl L.A. to R.C.L.  (^J   Branch 109  Saturday  Dec. 5th  1 - 4 p.m.  Legion Hall,  Gibsons  Admission: $1.00  Includes  refreshments1  Volunteer Bureau  Now in Gibsons  Sunshine Coast Community Services  Wednesdays 1-4 p.m.  (above the Hunter Gallery in Lower Gibsons)  Get involved  the Community!  Drop in or call  885-5881 or 886-2811  ^ta Coast Nftws NIovemher 30 19R1  Pender Harbour news  A tribute to Mike Cashaback  '!�� Doris Kdwardson  883-2308  Tribute lo Mike Cashaback - by J. Macfarlane.  '. Two short weeks ago,  my wife and myself  visited Mike in  Shaughnessy Hospital,  pn entering his room,  Mike, with his usual  humour, berated us for  coming lo visit him in  blue jeans. Mike never  lost his sense of humour.  Mike was born in  Cochrane, Ontario on  November 15, 19W and  moved lo Alberta in  3925. He joined Ihe army  Jn 1940 and was shipped  pverseas. He was wounded in Holland in 1944 and  returned to Canada. On  returning home lo Alberta he joined the Legion  and eventually served a  ierm as president of his  Branch. Mike and June  "decided lo make Pender  |Boohstore|  See our ad on  Page*  Harbour iheir home in  1974.  Since thai time, he  became very active in ihe  community. He was the  firsl vice president of the  Pender Harbour Lions  Club, where he will be  sorely missed. He was a  member of the Royal  Canadian Legion,  Branch 112, and also called bingo for the Community Club. Mike was  also president of the  Mackenzie Riding Group  of the Social Credit Parly. Whenever a volunteer  was needed, Mike's  usual answer was, "Let  Mickey do ii".  He is survived by his  loving wife June and  children: Debera,  Vlckey, Gail, Polly,  Ozann, Wayne, Michael,  Lesley, Andy, Judy, Lorna and 23 grandchildren.  He was pre-deceased by a  son Brian.  He will also be missed  by four sisiers: Isobel,  Ann, Rila and Eve. May  his family derive some  measure of comfort in  the knowledge that we  share their grief with  them. We will all miss  Mike!  Mr. McFarlane, who  wrote this tribute, is a  Pender Harbour Lion.  At the Memorial Service  for Mike, Legion  veterans, Lions Club  members and L.A.  Legion members laid  poppies on his wreath.  Many friends attended to  pay their last respects.  Message from Terry  Miller:  Dear Friends: I would  like to take this opportunity to say goodbye on  behalf of my wife Susan  and myself. During my  slay as manager of the  Pender Harbour Branch  of the Bank of Montreal,  1 met many friends and  associates. We will  t reasure the t ime we spent  in Ihe area as well as the  friendships we made.  Our firsl child, Jeffrey,  will also have an interest  in the area as he was born  in St. Mary's Hospital,  Sechelt, B.C. The decision for my transfer lo  Parksville did not come  easy; however, as it is a  good promotion and opportunity, I have accepted. The incumbent  manager, Ron Arcus, is  married to Anne and has  a family planned. He brings extensive branch  banking experience in  both large and small offices. We wish him and  his family well and know  lhal like myself, he loo  will enjoy his new posting  in Pender Harbour. Ron  is looking forward to  meeting all my friends  and banking customers.  Goodbye again and do  keep in touch.  Terry and Susan Miller  Beavers, Beavers and  more'Beavers:  The beavers have been  building dams in the  culverts at Lillies Lake  and caused it to flood  various areas and the  school grounds are like a  lake. They are also in the  Kleindale area. The  beavers have chewed  down trees on Marge and  Shelley's property and  ate Remmen's weeping  willow tree.  Correction  An error ol omission has been found in lhe While  Pages of your phone book.  The correct Hating for the  SECHELT DENTAL CLINIC  (Bank of Montreal Bldg. - Upstairs)  follows!  Dr. Lome D. Berman  Dr. Ted Esplcy  Dr. Dan Kingsbury      885-3244  Variety night  in Pender  |. Wayne Rowe B.A., LL.B.  Barrister &. Solicitor  Pratt Road, Gibsons'-, if      ...  Telephone: 886-2029  ��-!  The Madeira Park  Elementary School gym  will be lhe scene of much  musical fun nexl Friday  dveliiifg^ December 4th.  Al .Ittison will be there���  disguised :is George Carpenier. Su will Marlene  Dieli icli��� pi eiendiiit:  she's Ronnie Dunn. Dolly Parion, alias Stephanie  Murphy, will render Nine  lo Five. It's all pan of ihe  remarkable song and  dance lineup produced by  Nikki Weber and invited  to perform in ihe Harbour by Suncoasi  Players.  . John. Hamilton will  MC ttie show, inmidu-  tiiig the Murphy girls  from Hnll'moon Bay���  Deirdrc, Sneila and Sie-  phanie: Alice Horsman  from   Sechell   will   be  Gikw Coiiee, Tea & SjMcety  will be open Irom 10 - 5 EVERYDAY  during December for your convenience  ESPRESSO COFTEEius.s5.5oa NOW ��U8/lb.  MINT TEA Reg. 83.BS"-i 16. SOW '2.S8/V4 lb.  JASMINE TEA * mm ��. 109 -UD/n ft.  lhot���� Imports presents.  j^2��? a Showing & Salt of  Hand-made Tibetan Carpets  New Shipment of Small Sized Carpets  1.3' x 1.3' $45.00  2'x3' 150.00  2.3' x 4.6' 275.00  3'x6' 450.00  Date - December 5th & 6th - Saturday & Sunday     MS-S7M  Time ��� 10:30 am ��� 6:00 pm  Place ��� Driftwood Inn, Sechelt 8M-S0JO  Twin       66" x 84"  $133.  $170.  Double   80" x 84"  $160.  $200.  Queen    86" x 90"  $190.  $246.  King      104" x 90"  $218.  $283.  Prices include 6��-i> Prov. Sales Tax. Add $5.50 for postage and handling.  Channeled * baffled for warmth. Neutral coloured ticking. Delivery before Christmas. Send certified cheque,  money order or VISA number to  ORDER   CLESUN ENTERPRISES LTD.  NOW TO:  55 WEST Bth AVENUE  VANCOUVER, B.C. V5Y1N1  Account No..  Expiry Date _  Tef-phoneOrders (6Q4) 872-Q61 7   S'^'ffi  Accepted At:  ihere: Gibsoniies Margaret Junes and Madeleine Grose will perform  skits, ihe chorus line will  comprise ihe amazing  Middleions; Debbie,  Leanne, Susanne and lhe  mo boys Doug and  Aaron. Connie Wilson  will play lhe piano, wiil'i>  Madeira Park's An  Bishop also lending his  musical talents. Les  Fowler and ihe Harbour  Liles will provide orchestral accompaniment.  The show is expected  to lasi 21/; hours���a continuum of delightful  entertainment with an interval halfway through  for refreshments. ,.  Nikki Weber's musical  production skills  orginaled in ihe West Indies where she began  close harmony singing ai  t he age of 13. She worked  professionally in Holland  and later in Vancouver,  performing with and  coaching numerous singing groups over I he years.  Her firsl Iwo presentations on the Coasl won  rave reviews; no doubt  Friday's show will be  similarly hailed.  Doors open 8:00 p.m.  Tickets are available ai  ihe Halfmoon Bay Slore  and ihe Madeira Park  Pharmacy, with advance  bookings available  :hrough Doreen Lee,  R83-2283. Prices: adulls.  $3.00; sludenls and  Seniors, $1.50.  Lions  honoured  The Pender Harbour  Lions Club was honored  on November 18th with a  visit from Districi Governor Don Allardice.  The meeting took the  form of a dinner prepared by a committee of  the Lion's Ladies.  The District Governor  was introduced by Zone  Chairman Harris Cole of  the Sunshine Coast Club  of Sechelt.  District Governor Allardice had an inspiring  message for the local  club and congratulated  them on the developmenl  of the Lion's Community Park.  An outstanding pari  of the programme was  the induction of three  new members, Bruce  Hamilton, Fred Reyburn  and Ole Gronkjaer.  WANTED  Used Furniture  and What Have You  US USED  FUmiTURE  We buy Hew Bullies  886-2812  If  DAY FILfTl  SERVICE  - Available for most colour print rolls  (fTlon - Thurs before 4:00 pm)  FREE  JUfTlBO REPRINT CARD  Will be given to all customers that come  into the store  TrrPhoto j  Teredo Square, Sechelt  885-2882  PEOPLE  COME FIRST AT  ICR  PRICES EFFECTIVE: WED. - SAT. DECEMBER 2ND - 5TH  i i j i -.  Ardmona  FRUITin pear Juice 14 oz 79*  I.G.A.  TOMATOES 2B oz 99c  Nabob  COFFEE  iib$3.19  Welch's - Regular or White  GRAPE JUICE 40oz s2.19  Magic Pantry  HEAT nEAT DINNERS s2.29  Cabbage Rolls, Beef Stroganoll  JELLO 3oz39c  Ocean Spray  CRANBERRY SAUCE 14oz89(  Whole or Jelly  I.G.A. - Light or Dark  XMAS FRUIT CAKE       24 oz s3.19  Kraft  CHEEZWHIZ 500gmS2.49  Aloha  MIXED NUTS 3S0gm$2.29  Vacuum Pack Tin  I Pine Tree  l DRY ROASTED PEANUTS      $2.49  32S gm - Vacuum Pak Jar  Weston  STONE WHEAT THINS 300gm$1.09  POP'NYARN s1.29  All Colours  I Crest  I TOOTHPASTE ISO ml $2.09  Mint or Regular  J-Cloth  TOWELS 20s$2.69  Gravy Train  DOG MEAL 8 kg s8.99  T A WHITE MEATS  Whole - Frozen Utility  FRYING CHICKEN ibs1.19  Fletcher's  SMOKEHOUSE BACON s1.99  500 gm pkt each  Fletcher's  HAM STEAKS 175gmea M.99  Pure  PORK or BREAKFAST  SAUSAGE ib $1.69  Random Weights  Fletcher's - Skinless  WIENERS 1lbpktea$1.39  California  AVOCADOS 60s each 35C  GRAPEFRUIT 48seach 25c  Pinker White  California #1  BROCCOLI ib 59c  Green Giant  VEGETABLES iooz s1.09  In Butter Sauce  COOLWHIP 5 litre 79C  Dessert Topping  Niagara  ORANGE JUICE 12 5 oz 89c  Come to -jUgcteiltq - JX ffieq/tf  PENDER HARBOUR POOL SCHEDULE  Early Bird Swim  M W. F 7 30 ��� 9 00 am  Fun Night  Tufis 6 30   8 00 prr.  Adult Noon Swim  T S Th  12.30- 1:30 pm  - Ladies Swimming  T  & Th  1 30   2 30 pm  Public Noon Swim  M. W. F. 1230- 130 pm  Family Swim  Sun 2 00   4 00 pm  Adult Evening Swim  M. T, W. 8.00- 1000 pm  Public Weekend Swim  Sal 2 ��� 4 pm 8 8   10 pm  Public Evening Swim  M. T, W. Th 6.30 ��� B pm  Sun 2   4 pm  A 5 30   8 30 pm  For Special Classes & other inlo telephone 883-2612  PENDER HARBOUR CENTRE  Madeira Pirk.MMlOO  We reserve Ihe right  to limit quantities m  6      Coast News, November 30,1981  U.B.C. graduates  Ai the Fall convocation, licld November  lUlli, U.B.C. grained  degrees and diplomas to  more than 900  graduates, Sunshine  Coast residents grained  degrees included:  Kalliy-Ann Detwiller  of tiihsons, Bachelor of  Arts; Nellie Gray of Gibsons, Bachelor of Education; Carl Montgomery  of Sechell, Bachelor of  Music; Phillip Murray of  Gibsons, Bachelor of  E'ducation; and Ron  Smith of Sechell,  Bachelor of Eduction.  Pender homecoming  Pender      Harbour ihree   girls   and   three  Secondary School will be bovs, including Bernice  holding     its     lirsi Duncan,   Susan   Nield,  Homecoming        on Judy Klein, Mbert Had-  Februar)   27th,   l4Sc\ dock, Frank Cough and  lhe lirsl ui.id class, in Nelson Miller.  IM59. was composed of   MERLE  XORMAN  COSMETICS  Is now in Powell River  r/owtt Centre Mall, 7100 Alberni  485-9634  Wc ul-." curry ml  Exclusive Line of  Ladies' Clothing  k iti 1/2 sizes unit 38 through 58 A  -=/5W  Notice Board  oardf    A  ublic Service I  f   HI aims    BAC   7A47  Sponsored as a Public Service  886-2622 by the Coast News 886-7817  NOTE: Early announcements will ba run onca, than  mutt ba resubmitted to run again, no mora than ona  month prior to tha event.  Coming Events  Gibsons Toi Lot i ancolled Dscdmbei 4th  Glbions Hospital Auxiliary Chriitmaa Lunch at Tony's Place, Sunshine  Coast Highway, at 1:30 p.m., December 2, 1981. Tickets available at  Don's Shoes, Sunnycrest Mall.  Qibion* Unlltd Church Holly Toa - Dtc. 4th Sewing. Gltts, Home Baking. Bargain Tables. At the Church Hall 2 - 3:30 pm. Admission 91.,  children 25" #46  St. Bartholomew's Church Hall Rummage Sala, Sat. Dec. 5th , North  Road & Highway 101, Irom 10 am onward. #48  Timber Trail Riding Club regular meeting cancelled. Year end awards,  lamily night pot-luck supper Dec. 9lh, Wilson Creek Hall 6:30 pm.  Everyone Welcome  Navy League is having a Bike Sale Dtc. 12 al Sunnycrest Mall -11 am  ���4 pm.  Regular Events  Monday  Roberts Creek Hoapltal Auxiliary Second Monday ol each month. 11  am. St. Aldan's Hall.  Sunshine Pottery Guild meets every 2nd Monday ol the month at the  "Sludio" corner ot North Road and Highway 101 at 7 pm. TFN  Mo.iday - O.A.P.OJ3B Regular Meeting - First Monday ot each month - 2  pm at Harmony Hall. Gibsons.  Social Bingo   2nd & 3rd Mondays 2 pm at Harmony Hall, Gibsons.  Elphinstone Pioneer Museum In Gibsons Is now open. Monday through  Saturday between 9 - 4 pm.  Roberts Creek New Horliona meels at Ihe Community Hall each Monday 1:30 - 3:30 pm. All welcome.  Tuesday  Women's Aglow Fellowship Meels every third Tuesday ot the month at  Haimony Hall, Gibsons. Transportation and babysitting available.  8867426.  Sunshine Coaat Arts Council Regular meeting 4th Tuesday of every  month at 7:30 pm at the Arts Cenlre in Sechelt.  Duplicate Bridge from October 6 and every first and third Tuesday  thereatler at the Goll Club, 7:30 pm. Call Phyllis Hoops at 886-2575 fof  information.  Al-Anon Meetings Al-Anon Meetings every Tuesday night. Roberts  Creek. For information call 886-9059 or 886-9041.  Sunshine Coast Navy League ot Canada Cadets and Wrenettes. ages  10 lo 12 will meet Tuesday nights, 7 - 9 pm, United Church Hall, Gibsons New recruits welcomed  Tuesday ��� Take-A-Break discussion group tor women. In Gibsons, Tues.  930 - 11:30 am at Catholic Church Hall. Babysitting available, call  866-8036  Amnesty international Study Group first and Ihud Tuesdays 8 p.m. Hall  Road, Robctts Creek Phone 6868390. 865 3498  Wednesday  Sechelt Garden Club 7:30 pm St Hilda's Hall. First Wednesday ol each  monlh, except Jan.. July 4 August.  Sunshine Coasl Sports Club will be having a track-and-field organizational meeting al Elphinstone School, Wednesdays 5 pm.  Bridge at Wilton Creak Hall every second Wednesdsy, starting Nov.  4th, 730. For information phone886-9726.  Timber Trail Riding Club 1st Wednesday ol lhe monlh 730 p.m. Davis  Bay Elementary School.  Wednesday - O.A.P.O.*38 Carpel Bowling. Every Wednesday 1 pm al  Haimony Hail. Gibsons  Gibsons Tops Meeting every Wednesday evening at 645 pm.Change  Imm Athletic Club to Resource Cenlre at Ihe Alternate School Phone  885 2391  Sunshine Lapldery 1 Craft Club meels 1st Wednesday every month at  7 30 pm For Information 886 2B73 or 686*9204  Klwanla Care Centre Auxiliary - Gibsons meets 3rd Wednesday each  month 6 pm at Ihe Care Cenlre  Pender Harbour Hospital Auxiliary Second Wednesday of each month,  1:30 pm Si Andrews Church, New members always welcome.  Wilson Creak Communlly Reading Centre 7 00 - 8:30 p m 885-2709.  Thursday  Card Night: Crib, Whlat, Bridge. Every Thursday, starting November 5.  8 00 sharp. Roberts Creek Legion Hall, Lower Road Everyone welcome  Roberis CrMk Legion Bingo Every Thursday, beginning May 7, Early  Bird, Regular and Bonanza. TFN  The Bargain Barn of the Pender Harbour Health Clinic Auxiliary Is open  on Thursday alternoons from 1:00 until 3:30.  Al-Anon Meeting every Thursday In Gibsons at 8 pm. For information  call 686 9569 or 686-9037.  Thuraday - Takt-A-Break discussion group for womerr In Sechelt,  Thursday 9:30 - 11:30 am. at Continuing Education portable unit.  Chalelech. Babysitling available, call 886-6036.  Thursday - O.A.P.O.K38 Public Bingo Every Thursday starting Nov. 5 at  7 45 pm at Harmony Hall, Gibsons.  Western Weight Controllers Every Thursday at 1 pm In the United  Church Hail, Gibsons and in the Sechelt Elementary School, Thursdays  at 7 pm New members welcome 685-3695 (Sechell only)  Friday  Tot Lot ��� Every Friday ��� Olbaona United Church Hall 9:30 am to 11:30 am.  - Children 0 - 3 years.  Sechell Totem Club Bingo Every Friday. Place: Wilson Creak Community Hall. Times: Doors open 5:30 early Birds 7:00. Bonanza 7:30. Regular  Bingo 6:00 100*% payout On Bonanza end of each month. Everyone  welcome TFN  Country Start Square Dancing Each Friday, starting September 11.  Sechell Elementary School Gym 8 - 11 pm. Caller: Harry Robertson.  Thrift Shop Every Friday 1 - 3 pm. Thrift Shop, Gibsons United Church  basement.  Wllaon Creak Community Reading Centre Noon - 4 pm. 885-2709.  Friday - O.A.P.O.#M Fun Nlte Every Friday at 7:30 pm Pot Luck Supper  last Friday ol every month tt 6 pm at Harmony Hall. Gibsons.  Ladles Basketball - Fridays Elphinstone Gym 7 - 9 pm.  Saturday  The Bargeln Barn ot the Pender Harbour Health Clinic Auxiliary Is open  on Saturday afternoons from 1 - 4 pm.  (Vdar Grove School students are having last minute rehearsals for their  December production, Ihe rock opera "Joseph's Amu/ing Tech tricolour Coat*'.  -Wnr Pimril Hhiiiii  Pender Harbour Auxiliary  During the Festive Season,  they'll feast their eves on  YOU  with u little help Irom  Supcrwltapv lTnl*��cx Salon  Par export make tip uppllcution  uml all your make up supply needs.  conic to Supersliape  ('onric St.  Sci-hcl!  MNK-SM1N  by J ran Dale  The Pender Harbour  Auxiliary lo St. Mary's  Hospital held it's annual  meeling Wednesday November 25ih ai the Jolly  Roger Inn. Thirty-two  members and lour guests  attended, enjoying a very  delicious luncheon.  Members were pleased lo  welcome speical guesi  Mary McDonald,  Volunteer Co-ordinator  for St. Mary's Hospital.  Following lunch ihe  minutes of ihe lasi  meeling were read by  Secretary Elspelh Logan,  followed by ihe annua1  reports of officers and  committee chairman.  The     membership  observed one minute's  silence in memory of life  member Elsa (Warden)  Jorgensen. Elsa has been  a tireless worker and  lifetime friend of the  Pender Harbour Auxiliary. Elsa is greatly  missed.  In an inspiring  candlelight ceremony  Evelyn Olsen installed  the new officers for the  coming year as follows;  Gladys Brown, Presidenl; Peg Riley, first  Vice-President; Jean  Presi, Secretary; Sylvia  Thirlwell Treasurer;  Jean Dale Publicity.  The nexl meeting will  be held January 13lh,  1982 al 1:30 pm. al St.  Andrews   Church   hall.  See you ihere!  Please remember ihe  "in lieu of local  Christmas cards" campaign! Please send dona-  lions lo lhe Pender Harbour Auxiliary to Si.  Mary's Hospital, Box  101, Madeira Park, B.C.  VON 2H0, or lo Jean  Dale, Box 63, Garden  Hay, B.C. VON ISO.  Closing deadline is  December 10th. A  receipt for income lax  can be issued upon  receipt.  We were pleased lo  welcome two new  members to lhe Pender  Harbour Auxiliary at  ihis meeling, and would  like lo exlend an invitation lo all ladies lo  "come join us". You  will be welcome indeed.  Your help and support is  very much needed.  Madeira  carnival  The Madeira Park  Elementary School Carnival gets underway ai  6:00 p.m. this Wednesday, December 2nd ai  ihe school. Displays and  evenls include: games,  fish pond, cake walk,  adult bingo, while  elephant sale and much,  much more.  Ron Blair of Digitronics, Teredo Square, Sechell, is  seen here with Klphinslone student Jim Reed, who  worked with Ron last week as part of Elphinstone's  work experience program. c���,, Main.,., n   Elphie work week  Over the past week, 40  grade ten students from  Elphinstone Secondary  School have been placed  with employers in our  community as part of the  school's Career Education program. This is the  third year of the program which continues to  be popular with the  students and well received by employers.  Students have been  placed   in   many   local  businesses and agencies  such as an architectural  office, hairdresser,  Forest Service, law office  and of course, the Coast  News.  New this year were exciting placements in Nursing at St. Mary's  Hospital, and at the  Playhouse Theatre in  Vancouver. The next  proup to participate in  tlu program will be seen  in local businesses in  May of 1982.  capilano  college  Requires  INSTRUCTOR FOR  LONG TERM CARE  AIDE PROGRAM  Duties: to teach Long Term Care Aid  theory, and supervise In laboratory and  clinical settings.  Qualification*: R.N. with teaching  experience.  Appointment: Temporary, January 1882  to April 1882.  Salary: Faculty Scale.  Applications to:  Dean, CareerfVocatlonal Programs  Capilano Collage  -   North Vancouver, B.C. V7J 3H6  Closing Date: December ?, 1881.  Keep warm  ANYWHERE  with a  PORTABLE  KEROSENE HEATER  Keep winter's damp chill out o/your  Boat, Workshop...uny Hard to Heat area.  ���k Odourless * Economical  * Extremely Safe * Easy to Operate  W.  Seaftnl  RENTALS LTD  KAMOUNI INDUSTRIAL PADK SIMONS  Tools & Equipment  886-8744  Seabird Rentals  m  It's a  Gift!  Make  Christmas...  a little easier!!  With a built-in vacuum  cleaning system by  (R)|  o BEAM  DEMONSTRATION  Designed, engineered &  pre-packaged especially for  The Do-It Yourself homeowner  Saturday, Dec. 5th  10 a.m. ��� 3 p.m.  Your built-in vacuum adds to  the property value of your  home IMMEDIATELY.  Our exclusive system  eliminates the need to buy,  change and dispose ol costly  paper bags.  OUR SYSTEM CAN ACTUALLY  COST LESS INITIALLY than  many portable vacuums.  Easier: a Breeze through house  cleaning. No heavy equipment  Cleaner: More cleaning power than  ordinary systems, your commercial  sized built-in cleans more  thoroughly.  Quieten Because the power unit Is  away from the living area, you'll enjoy whisper quiet vacuuming.  Toll Free  {wit* BUILDING SUPPLIES LTD. 8l��li��  "For All Your Building Needs"   Sunshine Coast Hwy.,   Gibsons  ^H  ���an m  Fleming on Education  Knowledge Network  l>> Frances Heming  Several years ago a  speaker at Pender Harbour Secondary was inquiring aboul community resources. When the  staff had to admit lhal  high school was, al that  lime, essentially all Ihere  was, he uttered ihese  haunting words: "You  live in a cultural desert  forty miles from Vancouver!!! Well, times  have changed since his  anguished remarks, and  many, many interesting  and productive services  have been firmly  established on Ihe Coasl,  including Pender Harbour.  In one regard we are  being cheated out of a  program which, because  it is a government program, we are, as taxpayers, paying for. It is,  of course, ihe  Knowledge Network.  The Knowledge Network of the West Communications Authority  was created as a nonprofit society by cabinet  order in May, 1980, "lo  assist, and collaborate  with universities, colleges, provincial institutes, School Districts,  ministries and agencies  of ihe province in the development and delivery  of educational programs  and materials".  Pre Christmas Sale  Monday, November 30���Saturday, Dec. 5  50% OFF  Selected Items  WC  ����*���  09'  -     QOW  DEPARTMENT OF FISHERIES ^  NOTICE TO SPORT FISHERMEN  Effective midnight liecember IB, 1981 and until  .nldntght Januur\ 113, 1982, the waters ot Pender  Harbour inside the rishing boundary signs  located at the mouth of the harbour, will open to  sport fishing for dungeness crabs by means of  hoops or open rings not exceeding three feet in  diameter.  Note:  The daily bag limit of 4 dungeness crabs applies I  to this notice.  The minimum size limit of 6'.s Inches applies to |  this notice.  No crab traps will be permitted.  It would be appreciated If catch results were I  I reported to the Madeira Park rlaheriei office at J  883-8313.  THK UNITED CHURCH  (IK CANADA  Sunday Worship Services  ST. JOHN'S  Davis Bay - 9:30 am  GIBSONS  Olassford Rd - 11:15 am  Sunday School - 9:.10 am  Kt-v. Alex. (I. Reid  Church Telephone  886-23.13  ST. BARTHOLOMEW 4  ST. AIDAN  ANGLICAN CHURCHES  Combined Services  1st Sunday 10:00 am  in Si. Barlholomew's  Gibsons  All olher Sundays  Roberis Creek 2:00 pm  Family Holy Eucharist  Gibsons 10:00 am  Rector:  Rc\. John E. Robinson  SEVENTH-DAY  ADVENTIST CHURCH  Sabbath School Sal. 10 am  Hour of Worship  Sat. II am  Browning Rd. & Hwy. 101  Pastor: C. Drleberg  Everyone Welcome  For information phone:  885-9750 or 883-2736  SECHELT  NEW LIFE ASSEMBLY  SERVICES  in  Senior Citizens Hall  1:00 pm Sunday  Everyone Welcome  Rev. P. Brooks, Paslor  CHRISTIAN SCIENCE  SOCIETY  SECHELT SERVICES:  Sundays 11:30 am  Wednesday 8:00 pm  Sunday School 11:30 am  All   in   Uniled   Church  edifice on main highway in  Davis   Bay.   Everyone   is  warmly invited to attend.  Phone     885-3157     or  886-7882  CALVARY  BAPTIST CHURCH  Park Rd., Gibsons  Pastor: Harold Andrews  Res: 886-9163  Church: 886-2611  Sunday School 9:30 am  Morning Service 11:00 am  Gospel Service 7 pm  Prayer & Bible Study  Thursday 7 pm  GIBSONS  PENTECOSTAL  CHURCH  Cedar Grove School  Chaster Rd., Gibsons  Senior Paslor: Ted Boodle  Youlh Paslor: Jack Moch  Sunday School 9:30 am  Morning Worship 11 am  Evening Fellowship 6 pm  Home Bible Sludy  Phone 886-9482 or  886-7268  Affiliated wilh Ihe  Pentecostal Assemblies  of Canada  ROMAN CATHOLIC  SERVICES  Rev. Angelo DePompa  Parish Priest  Times ��f Masses  Saturday 5:00 pm  St. Mary's. Gibsons  7:30 pm Pender Harbour  (July 4 lo Sept. 12 only)  Regular Sunday Masses  9:00 am Our Lady of  Lourdcs Church  Sechell Indian Reserve  10 am Holy Family Church  Sechell  12 Noon St. Mary's Church  Gibsons  Confessions before Mass  Phone: 885-9526 or  885-5201  REFORMED  CHRISTIAN  GATHERING  Sechell 885-5635  GLAD TIDINGS  TABERNACLE  Gower Point Road  Phone 886-2660  Sunday School 9:45 am  Worship Service 11:00 am  Evening Fellowship 6 pm  Bible Sludy Wed. 7:30 pm  Pasior: Nancy Dykes  The Sunshine Coasl  must be one of the few  areas not to have access  to the enormously  valuable programs that  are received by  thousands of television  owners' throughout the  province. Powell River  has a dish set up by  Malaspina College.  Residents of Powell  River are being supplied  wilh special programs  for elders and children,  as well as general educa-  lional programs in  gardening, arts,  technology and interior  design, right on their  television sets.  For many Sunshine  Coast residents, the  Knowledge Network offers a real alternative to  classroom attendance,  day or night. Many  subscribers find it a more  convenient, flexible and  effective way to learn.  People can learn at their  own pace in the comfort,  convenience and privacy  of their own homes.  Some programs are  rebroadcast Ihree times,  so they can be Fitted into  even shiftwork hours. A  program not clearly  understood coutd be  viewed again for  clarification or review.  The programs are  delivered by a  sophisticated combination of satellite, microwave and cable  technology. The satellite  is the famous ANIK B  satellite, located 22,000  miles above the equator.  The Knowledge Network  signal is transmitted  from the Network  distribution centre in  Burnaby and then back  to earth where low-cost  earlh terminals have  been installed (dishes) to  receive Knowledge Network programs.  It seems incredible  lhal neither Capilano  College nor the local  Board , of School  Trustees has seen fit to  sponsor this program for  us on the Sunshine  Coast. All the other colleges have enthusiastically taken steps to participate. Camosun, Malaspina, North Island, East  Kootenay, Okanagan,  Cariboo. New Caledonia, Northwest, Northern Lights serve their  greater communities  through the Knowledge  Network. Why has nol  Capilano College, in  whose bailiwick we are  placed, done a survey to  see if the interest is sufficient lo warrant applying  for a terminal here? Has  ihe Board of School  Trustees ever discussed  il?  The Ministry of  Universities, Science and  Communications will  subsidize community  based groups or agencies  to purchase earth receiving dishes for the  Knowledge Network.  They have not been giving grants to cable companies. Nevertheless, if a  signal is provided in a  community,   a   cable  Coast News, November 30,1981  Susan McLean, C.G.A.  Bookkeeping & Accounting  Auditing  Income Tux Consulting  104-1557 Gower Point Road  Box 1666, Gibsons, B.C. VON 1V0  886-8686  7  C'elehraling Iheir 60lh wedding anniversary on Mou-mbcr 21st wen- Phyllis and  Sidney Bromley it their home on Beach Au-nur in Roberts (reek. Their sun,  Gilbert, left, from Vancouver and daughter, Sybil, righl, from West Vancouver, attended Ihe event, along wilh other family members and friends. The  Bromley* have lived in Roberts Creek for 2(1 years and have six grandchildren  and three great-grandchildren. w,eiw   Towards a wider perspective  Reagan's economic policies  by Geoffrey  Madoc-Jones  The recent furor in the  US over the confessions  of David Stockman,  director of the US office  of management and  budget, in The Atlantic  Monthly, has again  aroused interest in the  economic policies of the  Reagan administration.  Stockman said that  'supply-side' economics  is just a disguised version  of the old 'trickle down'  theory long favoured by  conservative Republicans. It was, in his  words, "a Trojan Horse  to bring down the top  rate".   That   is   more  operator is required to  carry the signal as a condition of license. If  Capilano College, or the  School Board, do not  want to undertake this  most essential service,  they should state their  case publicly in the local  paper, to clear the way  for some community  Organization other than  themselves to approach  the government. Where  does each of these bodies  stand? Have they ever  done more than ignore  the issue?  The Knowledge Network is not a rival for  dollars or time. It is set  up to be a worthy support service, to fill the  gaps in the public school  and college systems. It is  intended to reach those  who have access lo  neither of the established  bureaucracies. The  public has a right to a  statement from both the  directors of Capilano  College and the Board of  School Trustees setting  forth their views on the  Knowledge Network.  There may be drawbacks  and constraints unknown to this writer.  The "cultural desert"  remark has often come  back to haunt me. We do  deserve criticism if, as a  community, we fail to  avail ourselves of a service that is finding such  favour in isolated parts  of ihis province, as well  as in Ihe urban centres.  money for the rich under  the guise of giving a  break to everyone.  This seeming turnabout or at least incipient disillusionment  about Reaganomics is  becoming more widespread in the US as the  economy fails to respond, a recession looms  and unemployment  grows. The receni AFL-  CIO Cenlenary Conference saw the most  powerful critics of  Republican economic  policies, Ihe Unions and  the Democratic party,  publicly solidifying an  alliance which had fallen  apart over recent years.  The Union's endorsement of George  McGovern in the past  and the high percentage  of Union voters who  supported Republican  candidates in recent  American elections, had  created a great strain on  what had been a traditional alliance. So, with  a failing economy and  revitalized opposition,  the Reagan administration is going to find it  even harder to carry out  its' three year Fiscal and  economic plan.  Republican economic  policies.  Over the next three  weeks, this column will  investigate the nature of  Republican economic  policy, analyse its present state and take a look  at its effects on Canada  and the rest of the world.  The United Stales is  still the world's most important economy and its  health is seen, especially  in Western Europe and  Japan, as vital to the  recovery of the World  economy.  The Reagan budget.  It was last February  that President Reagan  outlined in his budget  speech what Reaganomics meant."America's  New Beginning", as  President Reagan titled  his first budget message,  was intended to be a  radical reform of the role  of the federal government in the American  economy. At the time,  Donald Regan, Treasury  Secretary,   maintained  fknyt  Ca/c  SPECIALTY    �����  CATERING   Sp  FOR EXTRA SPECIAL  PEOPLE  Allow us to make  your next party an  occasion to remember  885-9962  i\ Church Services  that, "This is nol a  forecast in the conventional sense". What he  meant was that the  policies not only were  meant to affect budgets,  but were meant lo  change people's behaviour, to re-asserl  those traditional  American values of  thrift, hard work and  free enterprise. However, al the heart of  the policies lay whal is  known as "supply side  economics".  lo he continued  Christmas & New Year's Packages  i        stiff available to  Jjtstwjjlatid  One week, leaving Dec. 20th or 27th  from $399. |>.p/qud(i  i_r~^. Air only: $249 p.p.  LEASE AN APPLE  No Down Payment ��� No Payment lot 30 DaftI  $175.oo  PER MONTH WILL GET  THE APPLE II COMPUTER  SYSTEM LISTED BELOW,  WITH YOUR CHOICE OF  - General Ledger System  ��� Accounts Receivable System  ��� Inventory Control System  APPLE II BUSINESS SYSTEM  Includes  1-  2-  1-  1-  10  Apple II & 48K  Disk II  12" Monitor  MX80 Printer  ��� Diskettes  1 ��� Choice ot  Software listed  above  It will never be easier to acquire the most versatile and expandable small business computer on the market today!  Call us ��� or come by loday!  For the details ot this unique lease plan  DIGITRONIC SYSTEMS  #103 TEREDO SQUARE  SECHELT, B.C.  885-5263  apple  HOME  BUSINESS  LIABILITY  Whatever Your Insurance Needs  See  SUNSHINE COAST INSURANCE AGENCIES  Be Sure You're Covered Properly  Because Accidents DO Happen  885-2291  Oy/Mto  Cowrie St., Sechelt Coast News, Novembei 30,1981  Doorway to the Woods  That weekend, I am  introduced to another  aspect of logging-camp  life���boredom. Despite  the fact that it is a  reasonably large camp,  Sandspit has little in the  way of recreational  facilities. The arrival of  the weekly Union boat  seems to constitute a major event. The camp has  a large married quarters  and there are several attractive teenage girls bul  they already have more  admirers than they can  cope with. We spend a  lot of time just hanging  about the bunkhouse,  reading and shooting the  breeze. Verne, already a  ten-year woods-veteran,  is a goldmine of logging  yarns, both hilarious and  horrific. He is unhooking logs on a different  crew from us. It is a  dangerous job (his  predecessor was  reportedly killed by a  runaway turn) but the  risk-factor doesn't seem  to bother him in the  slightest. 1 envy him his  expertise   and   self-  confidence. Verne is a  born logger bul also a  nice guy who doesn't  throw his weight around.  On Monday morning,  I am somewhat taken  aback when the foreman  calls me aside and tells  me 1 am being transferred to Ihe bull-gang.  "Give you a better  chance to break in" he  says. Obviously, my inexperience has not gone  unnoticed.  The primary function  of the bull-gang proves  to be rigging up spar-  trees ahead of the yarding crews. It amounts  to a crash-course in how  a high-lead logging  operation is put  together. In short order,  I am being introduced to  such joys of the business  as pulling strawline, carrying blocks and sledge-  hammering railroad  spikes into guyline  stumps to secure the  cables. The work is more  '.*��cx>:',hv  Coastal  i Sound Waves  Chorus and Orchestra  with Lyn Vernon  Clarke Steabner &. Chorus Soloists  Conducted by Bruce Dunn  PRESENTS!  "A CHRISTMAS CONCERT"  Excerpts from musicals and the Messiah  Gibsons Elementary School  Sat. Dec. 19-8 p.m.  Sun. Dec. 20 - 2 p.m.  Tickets:  Adults $5.00  Children 12 & Under $4.00  Senior Citizens $4.00  Available at Douglas Variety, Gibsons  Books &. Stuff, Sechelt and - at the door  physically demanding  than setting chokers bul  al leasl we are out from  under the production  pressures.  The gang is made up  largely of green hands  like myself and there is  considerable fumbling  and floundering. Fortunately, the rigging-  boss is a patient and  easy-going man who only blow* nis cork al our  most flagrant blunders.  He is a big black called  Orville Penny, one of the  few negroes I will run  across in the woods.  Penny, a large, powerful  man, likes to talk. He  makes no secret of lhe  fact thai he has  sometimes worked on  Ihe shady side of the law.  "Hell, 1 used lo work for  a bunch of Chinamen,  picking up opium drops  off Ihe West Coasl.  They'd throw the junk  off deepsea ships at a  prearranged point, in  waterproof packages  with a float attached. All  1 had to do was row out  and pick them up. Thai  was back in the Thirties.  Easiest money I ever  made."  Penny delights in  relating such tales.,  Under his relaxed  tutelage, 1 soon adjust to  the predictable routine  of the bull-gang.  Soon, July 1st rolls  around and brings with  it, a welcome break in  the general monotony of  camp life. Il is lime for  the annual Logger's  Sports Day. This is the  key social event of the  year around Sandspit  and it draws visitors and  participants from several  nearby camps. Before  long, the place is crawling with people and a  carnival atmosphere  begins to prevail. By  Saturday noon, the  festivities are well underway in a large field just  east of the camp.  Drinking is not  generally encouraged,  but on this occasion, all  the rules go by the  board. Chris, Verne and  I have ordered beer from  Prince Rupert and we  proceed to whoop it up  along with the others.  We wander through Ihe  milling, celebrant crowd,  watching the paradoxical  loggers doing for spori  whal Ihey do for a living���racing up and down  a figurative spar-tree in  belt and spurs; hurling  double-bitted axes at  targets; chopping and  sawing like lunatics for  beribboned bottles it)f  whiskey. Verne, a  veteran of such affairs,  enters the choker-setting  coniesl and wins handily. "Have a shot, boys"  he invites happily, cracking ihe seal of his prize.  The contests continue  all day, climaxing in a  violent and raucous lug-  of-war between two  teams of burly and by  now, well-oiled loggers.  Later, there is a dance  and a couple of inevitable lights. Finally,  the festivities are over  and we straggle back to  Ihe bunkhouse lo sleep il  off. The brief excilemeni  subsides and lhe familiar  grind resumes.  lo be continued  BOOK NOW  for your  Christmas &  Office Parties  ��� Smorgasbord & Sit-down Dinners  ��� We also do outside Catering for  Private Parties, Banquets &  Wedding Receptions  886-9334  Jack and Linda's  Restaurant  at the Peninsula  Hotel  Sleeping on the job, Ihis lillle one lakes a nap while  mom .shops. . \,���, iwn n   Social club for  young people  by Vyvyan Slotl  group) and play. Or your  favourite cassette tapes.  Starting   next   Satur-     A monlh ago, some  day, there will be a place high   school   students  for   you     and   your wrote to the Coast News  friends to get together  and listen to some music.  A "coffee house" will  open at 7:30 pm., in the  St. Bartholomew's Hall,  at the corner of Highway  101 and North Road.  Tea and refreshments  will be available, and  music, live and recorded.  You are invited to bring  your musical talents (or  pointing out the lack of  congenial gathering  places. A week later,  came a reply letter, saying how much there was  lo do here, going walking, or scuba diving!  Nevertheless the situation remained Ihe same.  Disenchantment.  So here is a place. Any  project ideas in the way  of (indoor) sports or  classes will be gladly considered. Only intoxication shall be discouraged. The club may open  on other nights in the  future.  Rachel Poirier, II, was chosen by the Pacific Northwest Ballet Company recently lo dance in one of  Ihe children's roles in Ihe upcoming Nutcracker  production al the Queen K.li/uhelh Theatre in  December. Vml Mn������  At the Twilight  ���'���-������    *' manages lo create horror  without ihe standard axe  murders and mutilations.  Heavy Metal, the  Canadian made  animated spectacular  based on the magazine of  the same name, plays  Saturday and Sunday at  9:00 p.m. and Monday  and Tuesday al 8:00  p.m., December 5-8th.  Czech-born Canadian  direcior Ivan Reii man's  cull movie Heavy Metal  is whal Columbia Pictures calls "a step  beyond science fiction  into a universe of  mystery, magic, sexual  fantasies, awesome good  and terrifying evil".  Heavy Melal is  restricted.  Three films are  featured Ihis week ai the  rwilight Theatre in Oib-  sons, Rich and Famous,  siarring Jacqueline  liissei and Candice  Bergen, runs Wednesday  and Thursday ai 8:00  p.m. and Friday ai 9:00  p.m.  Rich and Famous,  directed by George  Cukor, deals with a 20  year friendship between  iwo women who have  chosen contrasting  careers and life styles.  The Disney film, Watcher of Ihe Woods, playing Friday, Saturday and  Sunday, December 4-6lh  at 7:00 p.m., is a horror  siory filled wilh ihe kind  of supernatural terror  teens   love.    Watcher  Community Forum  Channel Ten  GIBSONS  CHANNELTEN  Tuesday, December 1  SECHELT  CHANNEL TEN  Thursday, December 3  Beginning at 7:00 p.m.  Shelly Boullon is your  host.  "Home of Ihe  Trumpeter Swans,  Cranberry lake"  ' Produced by Powell  River Cable Nei, litis  show fealures a look at  ihe trumpeter swans. The  film and lape footage of  birds was collected  over a period of four  years and documents information aboul ihe  behavior and nesiitig of  he swans from ihe time  |hey arrive until ihey  leave. Cranberry Lake is  locaied north and east of  Powell River. The show  opens wiih air plaii'shois  of the scenery.  "Coasl Ten visits  ; British Columbia Institute of Technology and  Delta Ten Television"  Presently ihree sludenls from ihe Community Broadcasting  Program ai Elphinstone  are enrolled al BCIT. We  are pleased lo be able lo  .visit iwo of ihem.  Kathleen Hall and Karl  Johnstone look members  of ihis yw^sclass on an  excilin-je* our of ihe  facilities and explained to  us iheir experiences this  year. While we were there  we inet local student  Laura Campbell who is  enrolled in journalism.  We asked a lol of ques-  linns and lalked io  sludenls and teachers.  We left BCTT and visited  our sisier station Delia  Ten. Program Direcior,  Ron Dubbin, gave us a  Licensed Premises  LIVE ENTERTAINMENT!  Sat. and Sun.  Dec. 5th & 6th  Dine to the JAZZ & VOCAL Stylings of  Donnie Drummond, Ken Dalgleish & Budge Schacte  * RESERVE NOW FOR CHRISTMAS DINNER!  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"Special Thanks to  Canadian Forest Products al Porl Mellon"  Canadian Forest Pro-  ducis contribuied two  beautiful FILL television  lights lo ihe Community  Broadcasting class. We  visited Porl Mellon lasi  week and received a  warm welcome as well as  our lights. This show was  i aped on local ion ai Porl  Mellon and in the siudio.  You will see lite sludenls  receiving and opening ihe  new liglus. Thank you  Porl Mellon, we greatly  appreciate ihis donaiion  and hope lhal we will  make proper use of Ihem  lo belter our work.  "A Tour of  Gibsons Elementary"  We showed this lasi  week, bi.i due lo popular  request we are playing it  again. Taped on location  in Gibsons Elementary,  ihis program fealures  Sam Reid, Gordon  Sievens, and Mrs. Doris  Fuller. This musical lour  was edited entirely by  l.canna Lynn. Technical  assistants were Peter  Austin, Peler Goodwin,  Brian Beard, Lisa  Freiwell, and Lorella  Rinaldis.  "Elphis'  Drama Program"  Judy Wilson, drama  teacher, produced ihis  show to give you inside  information about the  upcoming drama evening; An Evening of  Melodrama and Burlesque will be held ai Elphi  December 2, 3 and 4.  This show explains Whal  goes on behind the  scenes.  by Rm Ellinghim  Week Commencing December 1st.  General Notes: Unsettling astrological conditions are with us. Mars  squares Neptune indicating a time of  trickery and deception.  Thursday is not the best  day to start new venture  or sign important  papers. Venus squaring  Pluto brings to an end  any time-wasting romances or partnerships. The  Moon opposing Mars  Finds many of us in a  confused and irritable  mood end of this week.  ARIES (March 21 -  April 19)  domestic  rearrangements.  LIBRA (September 23 -  October 23  Be ready for treacherous  moves  where  you  least expect them. Say no  to any illegal or deeep- ,  live  activities.   Squelch j  rumours or gossip dead.)  Try not to worry about;  person soon to be con-,  fined   to   home   or;  hospital. Emotional do- ���  mestic decision has to be ���  made Thursday. Friday's  health   upset   may   be,  result of job-scene frustrations.   Check   with,  SCORPIO (October 24 -  November 22)'  Actions of friend or  Employment       or acquaintance prove de-i  ceptive and disappoint-  medical matters are subject to shady manoeuvres. Male co-worker is  undermining your latest  efforts. Health upset  may be linked to improper drug-use or contaminated foodstuffs.  Local reputation changes  drastically Thursday.  Hospital or polirT station is on Friday's agenda.  TAURUS (April 20 -  May 20)  Social, speculative or  children's activities  become confusing. Muddle over shared expenses  dampens romantic outing. Investigate younger  person's evening whereabouts. It's the wrong  time to buy bingo cards  or lottery tickets. Anticipate crucial longdistance message Thursday. Best friend is in  snappy mood Friday.  GEMINI (May 21 -  June 21)  Accent is on domestic  confusion. Make no major changes where you  live. Sign no property or  rental agreements.  Check safety of burners,  heaters, especially oil  stoves. Help reorganize  partner's finances Thursday. Confrontation with  person at the top is inevitable Friday. Geminis  born June 15 must  balance career and family commitments.  CANCER (June 22 -  July 22)  Short-distance communications look deceptive. Scrutinize incoming correspondence.  Make no commitment  over the phone. Watch  out for slippery surfaces  and sidewalks. Loved  one may announce surprising domestic plan  Thursday. Friday's argument concerns your  strongest philosophical  beliefs.  LEO (July 23 -  August 22)  Emphasis is on financial muddles. Double-  check cash transactions.  Postpone risky purchases. Don't leave purse  or wallet unattended in  shopping centre. Child  knows whereabouts of  lost tools or equipment.  Secret association with  co-workers ends Thursday. Have patience with  slore clerks, bank tellers,  others handling your  cash Friday.  VIRGO (August 23 ���  September 22)  Guard against self-deception. Mars in your  sign squaring Neptune  tempts you to cheat a little. Realize domestic or  family situation is not as  it seems. It's the wrong  week to start new, personal venture. Thursday's social pleasures  may back-Fire financially. Partner or loved one  is in foul mood Friday.  Virgos born September  17 are fooled by current  ing. Misunderstanding  over long-term loan is  root of problem. It's the  wrong time to approach,  local officials with plans  for next year's project.  Keep your mouth shut at  upcoming community  meeting. Local trip or  phone call uncovers well-,  kept secret. Social outing  ends with silly argument  Friday.  SAGITTARIUS   (November 23 - December 21)  Your rate of advancement or local reputatiorij  is subject to subtle  criticism. Ambitious associate intends to cloud  your recent accomplishments. Realize you can  now beat rivals at their  own game. Business and  pleasure become a sour;  mix Thursday. Career  upsei produces domestic tension Friday. Sagit-  larians born December  16 should quit deceiving  ihe boss.  CAPRICORN   December 22 - January 19)  Venus in your sign  squaring Plulo finds you  attracted to intense,  powerful persons. Regrettable association  could start at this tinte.  Check background (of  newcomer introduced  Thursday. Others may  find your philosophical  viewpoints both confj��s-  ing and boring Friday.  Drive extra carefully all  week. Capricorns born  January 16 shouldn't  dabble with well-respected older person.  AQUARIUS (January  20 - February IR)  Matters linked to  other people's money or  possessions become confusing. Tell loved one to  safeguard cash and  valuables. Partner's  funds are now subject to  trickery and deception.  Stay clear of bankers, insurance agents, financial  advisors. Intense romantic interlude needs quick  thinking Thursday. You  will be arguing over the  bill Friday.  PISCES (February 19 -  March 20)  Dealings with loved  one, partner or business  associate become deceptive. Seems others would  rather fight lhan tell the  irulh. Sign no contracts  or agreements, especially  related to your job or  career. Best friend announces startling financial news Thursday.  Moon in Pisces Friday  says walch lhal horrible  temper. Pisces persons  born March 13-16 should  slay in bed all week.  V-  Gibsons Legion  Branch #109  Presents  "PANORAMA'  Fri. & Sat.  Dec. 4th & 5th  Members &  Guests Welcome  worm, warmer, warmest.  daniodown  Chase Vtfinlei chills away wilh a Damadown  continental quill turn down Ihe neat lo save  eneigr ana be Iree ol lentous bedmaVing  lower* Ask about out unique qiuuniee ol  waimin fle have a constantly eipandmg  selection ol designs m per ma pi ess percales  ana musims The decoraiing doss-DiMim ate  Maiching gi^pe seivice available Please con-  lad us lor out colour oiocrtu'e and cross  Canada dealer lis! - Buy Canadian  Hdoniodownquiitsltd.  im ......... at   ���,:���, ui'  SUNSWNi iNTimots  CLASSIFIED NOTE  Drop of I your Coast News  Classified at Campbell s  Family Shoes. Sechelt. or  Madeira Park Pharmacy.  Madeira Park  Ml  mmWm  iaamtmmmmmmm_  mmmmm Through  One!  The touch that  rots  by Bob Hunter  Future generations���if  there are any��� will look  back on countries like  Canada, which happily  traffic in uranium while  pretending to oppose  nuclear proliferation,  with a special kind of  loathing.  Especially if there's  ever a nuclear war.  It's interesting: it  doesn't seem to matter  whether it's a Liberal  regime in Ottawa or an  NDP outfit in Saskatchewan, when it comes  to uranium, greed seems  to overwhelm reason  faster than your genes  can be melted.  The current flap about  Canada's involvement in  an international cartel  which sneakily pushed  the price of uranium up  by 700 per cent between  1972 and 1975 is just the  tip of an iceberg of  sleaze.  S Rnincoaal Chronicles J  \ *9i Vancouver  I Spark,  Fly Upward  b^SlrMrtGfjnij.  Cutting up the North  by  the Bwnwhn   ��� Gentlemen Emigrant,:  1 From Ihe Brltlih Public  I School, lo the Canadian  | Frontier b, PA. Puna.  T*he  Duaty  Road Irom  Perth by Jam,. Mu,ion  I Bull ol Ihe Wood.: The |  H Gordon Gibauns Slory  |ln Search ol Man Alive  b,   Ho, Bunt.lwl  | The Canadian Rockies I  by  H Wikjhi a H ll.i,.. |  Tlmmy A the Otters ..  ki.my Mm,  flffftMotEmirk^Can  by 0o,|  Barbara Streisand: The]  Woman ft lire Legend   I  by Jam., bp.d. I  ���The Verv Rich Book:  ���Supermllllonalres and  |Thel, Money ���> **��..  ���MMM  Angelo Branca:  Gladiator ol the  I ,Courta by vlnc.nl Moo,��  | Alone Against the Atlantic  by Garry Spun.  1  I Blrda ol Ihe West Coaat  | Vol II by FfffiHck L..,dnwn.  Reader, Digest Atlas ol  Canada  And the cartel itself is  just a pan of the story.  It seems that Canada  has acquired the  Uranium Touch, which  is the 20th Century's version of the Midas Touch,  which made everything  poor old King Midas  touched turn to gold.  When King Uranium  touches something, it  begins to rot.  This "decaying" process applies to politics as  much as to biological  life. And especially it applies to Canada's whole  history of involvement  with the lethal "hot  rocks".  You may recall the  storm that swirled  around Atomic Energy  of Canada Ltd., the  government's marketing  arm for the Canadian-  made CANDU nuclear  reactor, a few years ago,  when it was learned that  nearly $18 million in fees  to "agents" had been  paid out in connection  with the sale of reactors  to both Argentina and  South Korea.  In November 1976 the  auditor general reported  that Atomic Energy of  Canada Ltd. had paid  $15.4 million to United  Development Inc. of Tel  Aviv, a worldwide sales  corporation headed by  Shaul Eisenberg, and  another $2.4 million to a  firm called Intercontinental General Trading  Establishment of  Liechtenstein.  More than $10 million  of this money was never  "adequately accounted  for"���the implication  being that the money had  gone to Agentinian and  South Korean officials in  the form of bribes to persuade them to buy CANDU reactaors.  Eisenberg was signed  on in 1972 as an exclusive agent to sell  CANDU to South  Korea. At the same time,  Canada joined in a partnership with Italimpian-  ti, a state-owned Italian  engineering Arm based in  Genoa, to sell the Cana-  plus over 40 different Calendars. I  A book Is a quality gift at a I  reasonable price.  Gibsons Public  library  Tuesday   2-4p.m.  Wednesday  2-4p.ni.  Thursday 2-4 4 7-9pm.  Salurday 2-4 p.m.  886-2130  %n TOCHER-  HBP Bookstore!  Corner ol School  & Gower Point  Roads  Open 10 am ��� 6 pm  Fridays til 7:30. pm  Sundays 11 am-5 pm  Best  Selection  Ever!  %  Love Play - Rosemary Rogers  The Thorn Birds - (Paperback Large Formal)  Garfield.. .Bigger than Life   (Third Book)  ��� Jim Davla  The Birch Bark Caper - Stanley Burke &  Roy Peterson  Their Royal Highnesses, The Prince &  Princess of Wales - Anthony Holden  The Lord God Made Them All - James Herriot  My Heart's In the Highlands - Robert Burns  Raincoast Chronicles - Number Nine  Babar's Anniversary Album ��� De BrunhotT  Oh Say Can You Say? - Dr. Seuss  Best Christmas Book Ever! - Richard Scarry  Ice Castles ��� Leonore Fleischer  The Trouble with Thirteen - Betty Miles  It's Not What You Expect - Norma Klein  My Dad Lives in a Downtown Hotel  - Peggy'Mann  Lilith: Volume I     New! - Jack Chalker  Canadian  WILDLIFE ALMANAC  . Dtnyl Sivaran  t * r  .1 ���*      ���������'  886-7744  dian reactor to Argentina. Within a year, it  looked like Canada had  sold its first two reactors  abroad.  Along the way, alas,  Canada had shelled a lot  of money out to such  characters as Camillo  Crociani, one of the top  officers of Italimpianti,  who is still on the run  because police want to  talk to him about his  part in Italy's Lockheed  scandal.  Money from Canada  also went to Argentina's  former economics  minister, Jose Ber  Gelbard, and former  defence minister Adolfo  Mario Savino, both of  whom are now living in  exile.' According to  reports out of Buenos  Aires, Savino was a  representative of Italimpianti during his term of  office.  Gelbard had been a  top contender for the  leadership of a multiple-  racketeering crime syndicate called "La Cosa",  with tentacles into large-  scale smuggling, illegal  gambling, prostitution,  extortion and fraud.  These were Canada's  business partners in the  effort to peddle nuclear  reactors. I tell you, King  Uranium rots.  Rcprinltd wiih permiislon Trom The  North Shore News, North Vancouver,  Coast News, November 30,1981  ���Games  ���Puzzles ^ ^  ^ ���Models 'Toys <$/**���\,  ������Stocking Stuff ers   *\.  TOYS ft HOBBIES,  FOB ALL ABES  SunnycrtMt Malt Gibsons  ~ 886-8412  The Roberts Creek Craft Fair, an annual Christmas season event, with wine and  beer lasting as an added attraction, kept local craftspeople busy selling their  warts Friday and Salurday. Numerous Christmas bazaars have given shoppers  an early star) on Christmas morning.  Vcnr PomicII I'll..  Melodrama at school  The opportunity to  hiss vindictive villains, to  cheer heroic heroes and  to weep with suffering  sweethearts, is offered to  the theatre-going public  of the Sunshine Coast  this week at Elphinstone  Secondary School where,  on a revolving stage, the  drama club will present  An Evening of Melodrama and Burlesque.  Two one-act plays are to  be offered and, as their  titles suggest, they are  true to the exaggerated  and sentimental spirit of  Victorian melodrama.  Book Look  by Murrie Redman  Trail of Blood by Frank Jones, McGraw-Hill  Ryerson cl981, $15.95.  During a radio interview about his book,  author Frank Jones said that he wanted to tell  the human side of the story behind some  famous murders. He theorized that most  murders are not the acts of crazed persons, but  often those of normally moral individuals who  are momentarily distressed.  In his odyssey of murders, Jones recounts  events leading up to the crimes and happenings  after. Most of the cases have an area of doubt  which makes it difficult for authorities to come  to solid conclusions. Chance clues and slip-ups  by the murderers are often things that clinch a  case.  Using unemotional language and avoiding  legal or police terminology, Jones describes the  crimes. His style is sympathetic but non-  judgemental. He includes the thoughts and opinions of both accused and observer.  It appears that after the initial outrage on the  report of a murder, human curiosity takes over.  People want to know what caused the murder  to take place. They want to know why the  murdering individual chose this way to solve a  problem. The are curious about the actual event  itself and eager to see justice done if only by  reading about it in the newspaper. These feelings make murder a mystery in itself.  The Trail of Blood leads right across Canada  and from the nineteenth century to the present.  Staring out at readers in a photograph midsection, are pictures of famous murderers.  Some are defiant, others pathetically guilty  looking. Scenes of their crimes are included as  well as plates showing bits of incriminating  evidence.  Frank Jones retells the murder stories in the  same easy manner he uses to write his column  for the Toronto Star: "Constable Green,  somewhat of an Inspector Clouseau, casually  leaned over the body and picked up the gun.  'Funny', he said, yanking at the clip and  obliterating any fingerprints, 'It won't come  out'. 'Here, man, I'll show you,' said the doctor taking hold of the gun and showing the officer how it worked...it didn't enter his head to  sniff the barrel to see if the gun had been fired.  He picked up a spent cartridge from the floor,  not thinking to look around for the slug that  killed Janet. 'I thought it was still in her head,"  he said later."  Hunter Gallery  The first joint exhibit  of artwork between the  Arls Cenlre in Sechelt  and Hunter Gallery in  Gibsons begins  December 1st. The title  of ihe show is Spirilual  Jimmies, and is a non-  juried show presenting  individual artist's visions  of the Nativity.  The show starts Tuesday, December 1st, at  the Arts Cenlre al 7:30  pm. It will begin with a  short children's pageant  presented by St. Mary's  Catholic church in Gibsons, and produced by  Pauline Lawson. The  opening night for Hunter  Gallery is Wednesday,  December 2nd, at 7:30.  The children's performance will also open the  show.  The deadline for all  artworks is 4 pm. Monday November 30lh.  They may be brought to  either the Arts Centre, or  Hunter Gallery.  #WSf IN nm...  - A complete line ol greeting cards S gift wrap  - Christmas paper, ribbons, tags G candles  - Plus delightful children's posters  ��lt Ullfy  Lower / 886-2818 -  We're open 11 - 5  7 days a week during December  lor your Christmas Shopping convenience  ilC*-*.      ��� A-.tVt~.-tr, .Shi   .* ** a   _���    e._. ..  Temptation Sordid or  Virtue Rewarded sees the  struggle of the noble  hero, Clarence White-  heart, with his "clean  hands and clean heart"  to resist the temptations  of the saloon girl Fanny  and the machinations of  the evil Sir Jasper  Breakneck, so that he  may return in triumph  with the gold to his beloved Anabella.  One Month to Pay or  The Sailor's Return  displays the afflictions of  sweet Alice as she cares  for her little daughter and  simple brother, resists the  determined advances of  wicked Squire Meadows  and yearns for the return  of her long-lost sa'i'lor-  husband. This "magnili-  cent company of  players" includes Donna  MacFarlane, Debbie  Harrison, Amanda  Wilson, Darcie St. Denis,  Stephanie Sheridan,  Marian Van Der Geest,  Lorena Henry, Joseph  Strub, Dick Lansdell,  Brian Beard and Tony  Maitland with Sheree  Wolansky  So, at 8:00 p.m. on  Wednesday, December 2,  Thursday, December 3  and Friday, December 4,  it will be "three cheers  for villainy! "at the Elphi  gym, but of course love  and virtue will emerge  triumphant in the end.  Aiiinoiiii  CEDAR  Honus  "Super Energy Efficient Homing"  Every detail in a Lindal Cedar Home radiates gracious, yet sensible  living  And every Lindal floor plan permits almost unlimited design  lleaibilily Over 60 original plans are available Eacn can be modified  to til your particular needs and tastes Or we can help you design  your very own plan.  Sales Office and Display Home  in Horseshoe Bay  INDEPENDENTLY    ���  distributed by M.D. Mackenzie Limited  6342 Bay Street, Horseshoe Bay  _. Weil Vancouver, B.C. V7W 2G9  CN 11-30      Phone (604) 921-8010   921-9268  P.D.S. Agencies  SATELLITE T.V.  DEMONSTRATION  AT R.M. Auto  Gonzales Rd., Madeira Park  SATURDAY, DEC. 5TH  11 a.m. -4:30 p.m.  For further information:  438-3010  Elphinstone  High School  Drama Club  presents  An Evening of  Melodrama  & Burlesque  In the Gymnasium  at Elphinstone Hltfh  Dec. Cud, Dec. 3rd, Dec. *��h  8:00 pm.  Tickets available  at the door of the school  Adults - 84.00  . Students A O.A.I��.���  ��� M.*0  Hornet Management Ltd. presents  IN CONCERT  Valdy  Dec. 5, 1981  9:00 pm  Elphinstone  Gym  Tickets 37.50  Available at:  Gibsons Roberts Creek  Sunshine Grocers Seaview Market  Sechelt  The Press  Elphinstone Graduation Committee  HIM  mm  um 10     Coast News, November 30,1981  PRODUCE-  B.C. Home Grown  TURNIPS  Texas  GREEN PEPPERS  Red Emperor  GRAPES  <��ips  National Bakeries'  FLOURED SCONES <.z  sg^ Freshly Baked  S, PUMPERHICKU  ��1  6 oz loaf  LUCKY   0���{��J����6  D O LL A C      GIBSONS  fCCDS HARBOUR  Clubhouse Ground  black pepper   m,*$1.99  Kellogg s  cheerios       .-^'l.  Solado Orange Pekoe  tea nags        *, '1.  cottee        <..���� 9.19  letukrUMp "        ���  Carnation Small  shrimp        111^*1.99  Roy-AU  luncheon meal 3io..s 1.29  Heinz  baked beans       -*����� G3C  Tomuto Sauce & Wilh Pork  Pwafic 5elfl BP>     :   "        ~  evaporated mttk   ��M 85*  Jello  jelly powders    <��,. 2/79c  Asst'd Flavours  Money's - Pieces and Stems  mushrooms        ��B9C  Libby's - Fancy  tomato lulce    36l s1.09  ,49  39c  It Takes Two To.  I was hovering in my usual indecisive fashion over the  broccoli and the brussel sprouts in the store the other  day when a iriend murmured over my shoulder. "I read  in the paper that you are really organized this  Christmas". I gave a little shiver oi guilt and muttered  something to the eifect that one couldn't believe all one  read and scurried oft. Her remark did trigger my conscience into activating my body so this week another  iriend and I got together and did our annual gingerbread house making stinl-or at least phase I oi it.  The making oi gingerbread houses is not a task that  should be done alone-at least not by someone oi my  temperment. Alone it would become a remarkably  tedious process and I can visualize myseli throwing  much dough out of the kitchen window in exasperation.  It's definitely much better done by two-one to keep an  eye on the other!  The following recipe makes 3 gingerbread houses and  several gingerbread men to hang on the tree. It is best to  make the dough up and store it beiore building as there  is much less chance oi it crumbling.  Gingerbread Dough  / cup shortening        5 cups flour  1 cup sugar ' egg  J cup molasses  2 tablespoons vinegar  'i teaspoon salt  I tablespoon ground  ginger  I teaspoon cinnamon  1 teaspoon ground cloves  1 'A teaspoons baking soda  Cream the shortening and sugar. Beat in the molasses  and egg. Sift the dry ingredients together. Add the  vinegar and slowly beat in the dry ingredients. Cover  and leave overnight.  Next day plonk some of the probably rather crumbly  dough on a baking sheet with sides and roll out to about  318" thick. I use a glass bottle for this as I find I can get  into the corners better. When the dough is smooth take  the templates you have made ior your house and cut out  each shape with a sharp knife. Carefully remove any excess dough and replace in your mixing bowl. It can be  kneaded and rolled out again until you have no more  bits leit-no wasteage in this!  Bake each cookie sheet in the centre oi the oven at  350�� F for 8 minutes. Place on a cooling rack and when  quite cold pul in an airtight container ior at least a  week.  Then roll up your sleeves ior phase II - house building.  Don't do this alone either - You will need 2 pairs oi  hands. Make up some "plaster" using icing sugar, a  small splash of lemon juice and egg white. Build your  house on a strong foundation - plywood is very satisfactory and stick Ihe walls together with "plaster". When  these are quite set, deal with the roof. I make ihe  chimneys out oi cardboard.  Phase III is House Decorating and there your imagination can run riot. We use lots of icing and make icicles  using a writing nozzle to squeeze them onto the rooi.  You can use Smarties for cobblestone paths, lengths of  liquorice for a woodpile, garden ience, miniature marshmallows make lovely piles of snow on top of  fencepostsl Such funl  I'm getting there, Mrs. K!  Nest Lewis  dormer Home Economics Teacher)  [Aicy-  Palm  collage cheese   2/$1.99  500 ml  Kraft Velveeta Process  cheese slices mm $2.69  w*^ hi sr t  Minute Maid - Concentrate *m   mm  orange lulce 3SS-$1.29  Swanson's  t.v. dinner ��CgI,$1.59  Chicken, Reef & Turkey  The  PoP  Shoppe  12 ��� 30 oz/850 ml $5.99     24 ��� 10 oz 300 ml $5.49  Any Flavour Any Flavour  Day by day, Item by Item, we do more ior you in  providing variety, quality and friendly service.  'We reserve the right to limit quantities'  686-2257  Gower Point Rd., Gibsons  Free Delivery  to the Wharf  ^��s-*feall year  round  with  Swim Spa  Representative on the  Sunshine Coast  Seaside Plumbing Ltd.  886-7017  ���PBtK��tw��������aowaoooBtt  ALL SPORTS j  MARINE i  Check our      /!  Specials /  Christmas   /    I  Shopping / J  886-9303  \  GIBSONS  FISH MARKET  Fresh  Oysters  10 os  s2.69  V 886-7888 Coast News, November 30,1981  PRE XMAS  SALE  PRICES EFFECTIVE:  wed. - Sun.  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R.g. $9.95  SPECIAL PURCHASE PRICE  $7.95  5 PIECE EVERYTHING POT  - Basic cooking pot  - Spaghetti cooker lniert  ��� Colander/iteamer  - Trivet  - Convenient ltd  - Contains free recipe booklet  Reg. $34.49  SPECIAL PURCHASE PRICE  *26.49  GIBSONS  CLINIC  PHARMACY  iXLk f-Shirls  Sizr* 4 - 6k  3 Pmi liKludftl  Colour* with Mt m pk-  tun tin b�� (olMird Jjahtl  SIM M.  886-8191  [   (   Noil to Medic;  Great  Kids' Corner  on every Menu  08*90*1   .  f VmiU)  ^  Or.ll end Htaith  Vita-Herb  Hair & Scalp  Vitaliser  IM-2U6  M. EAT  Gov't Inspected Canada Grade A  PRIME RIB R9AST  lb  '2.88  Fresh Whole or Shank Portion  PORK PICNIC  SHOULDER  Corn Beef or Fresh Point  RRISKET  Frozen Tray Pack  FRYING  lb  0  lb  '2.38  CHICKEN LEGS .'1.68  Approx. 2-V/i lb. pack  W  1ht wimw, imm by Ruth Kmtjer of  Shins, m EIIAN0R CROSBY tin  if Qibsons. Ciiifiahkhans Bum.  Hippy roeltinal I started h> count thi  ntmbir if Met inhitt tin" ��m up  when ibtut halfwit Ihrouah. My anus,  Bum, yiur witmina tielttt wit oiu-in-  i-thtusitid.  OF THIS ANP THAT  Hut prices hive been dropping steadily. With ttothitij else coming (iewn -Hut  I'm aware if, It makes me winder htw Mir (amirs an making mt in this economy.  If it wisn't fir thi price ttaMixitiMi beard, milk, butter and egg prices Mtild W  coming -down tn. Yw simitinis wonder If these prici-support devices in good  treed.  Um Christiin-liki ippreich ti an irgument in favour of pf-iei-support, I sttp-  poii, would et that thi fainter Midi in orgoniiod mritit to protect his wt)i investment ind livellliood. tVe do this became we mid him, too. On thi ether hand,  to what extent do we pay for Illinois ind inefficiency.  Ai a boy, raited on -Hie farm, we always had the 'poor' (aimer with us. Ha never  jit his crops in on timi, because whin ithers wan busy in the lend, hi wmld  chusi that time ti jet his imehfneiy in order.  Si it is with lifi generally. Believing (hit thin is right end wrong on both sides,  I tend to walk the middle read, avoiding both thi extreme left ir the right.  Anyway, If you haven't yet liimed ti di without nut, or you in gifting find if  mMt substrtutts, it's i gild time to stick up on some good meat at otir meat  counter.  Priduci has been one if our spiciilties over thi yeers. People come for miles  to shop Mir produce eiuntir. A lidy phoned the other diy to isk, "Oo you stock  thi ml Japanase Mandarin Onngas?" "Oh, yes, we do," I replied. She must hove  hid I genuine preference in mind. They in especially good tight now. Why not an-  jiy this fruit thrwghout this siismi, and mt just during thi "twelve days if  Christmas.  Ste��k ind Mushrooms belong together. Dion's no bitter mushroom displiy thin  In our produce counter, when we feituri both thi white ind brown mushrooms. I  prefer brawn mushrooms myself. Uny sum ti have i better keeping quality tm.  Hive you see the TV ids lately about those pretty blonde apples with the big eye  lashes? Will wi hni thisi too, ind tt Is true thiy in I very good apple fir miny  UHS.  *?  1. Cut out this Coupon  2. Attach to your Sales Slip  3. Return to Ken's Lucky Dollar  %  %  NAME  DRAW TO BE MADE SUNDAY AT 5 p.m.   TEL NO.   POSTAL ADDRESS  Our popular $50.00 weekly grocery draw will continue each week into  1981 until further notice.  REAL WIN  $50.00  GROCERY  DRAW!  ORACE  | GILCHRIST |  WINNER  NO. 70  RDP liookatort;  JvOpen:  TFrl'III 7:30 pn  Sun  11 am - S pm  THE  MASSAGE  BOOK  ��� George Downing  Shop with confidence.  Our prices ore very competitive.  We will not be undersold on these  advertised items. We fully guarantee everything  we sell to be satisfactory.  Or money cheerfully refunded. mwmm  MHMMMMMM  Coast News, November 30,1981  Judo club  is active  San Dan Kiyoshi Fujimori puis a stranglehold on hrown hell Bill Peterson during the Judo Club work-out at Cedar Grove School, vans Paintii ptwta  Strikes and spares  Only two 300 games  last weeki one by Rita  Johnston, a 327 in the  Classic league and  Margaret Buchanan, a  303 in a rolloff for the  Tuesday Coffee league.  Lionel McCuaig stayed  over the 250 average  mark wilh a 1023 - 4  game total and Ber-  nadette Paul was top  lady with a 905 total in  the Classic league.  Freeman Reynolds  managed a 757 triple in  the Gibsons 'A' and  Carol Tetzlaff a 743 triple in the Slough-Off  league and that was it for  700's. Lots of good 600  triples and here are some  of them.  Classic:  Edna Bellerive  232-644  Carrol Constable280-862  Rita Johnston  265-662  JuneFrandsen    241-864  Slough-Offs:  Rita Johnston    327-870  Ann Foley  269-652  Frank Frizzell     255-888  Gilda Symes  257-692  Freeman Reynolds  Ball & Chain:  255-954  Rose Jones  227-612  Tuesday Coffee:  Cauleen McCuaig  Joanne Davidson266-685  260-689  Candy Caldwell 248-689  Arman Wold  264-678  Mamie Baba      270-692  Frank Redshaw  279-691  Swingers:  Phuntaslique:  Ev MacLaren     271-624  Willie Buckmaster  Cathy Martin     281-642  241-635  Margaret Fearn 232-669  Pat Prest  253-657  Len Hornett       284-692  Clint Suveges  273-647  Gibsons 'A':  Legion:  Sue Whiting       256-656  Debbie Hildebrant  Phyllis Gurney   282-672  245-636  Vi Slack            232-677  Hazel Skytte  222-651  Nancy Carby      252-678  Al Braun  237-635  Wednesday Coffee:  Marion Reeve    242-640  Gibsons Lanes  Open Lane Times  Fri. & Sat.  Sun.  7:00*  1:00  11:00 pm.  5:00 pm.  Closed Sunday Night  PENINSULA  MARKET  885-9721 Davis Bay, B.C.  tide tables  Reference:       Pacific  Point Atkinson Standard Time  0155  0925  ISIS  1905  3.6  I5.1  10.9  11.8  0310  1055  1730  2100  4.8  15.1  10.1  11.0  Sal. Dec. 5  0500    6.4  1230    15.1  1915     8.1  Sun. Dec. 6  0020    10.9  0610    7.3  1300 .   15.1  2000    6.7  Wed. Dec. 2 Fri. Dec. 4 Mon. Dec. 7  0230    4.2 0405    5.5 0155    11.7  1010    15.1 1140    15.1 0710    8.3  1620    10.7 1825    9.3 1330    15.2  1950    11.4 2245    10.7 2035     5.1  GROCERIES    FISHING TACKLE  TIMEX WATCHES   SUNDRIES  Open 9-9       7 Days a Week [  Power  Squadron  The regular monthly  meeling of ihe Sunshine  Coasl Power Squadron  was held on November  20lh in the home of  Bruce    and    Sylvia  Woodsworth, The  Pacific Mainland Bridge  were in attendance and  spoke on lhe activities of  ihe lower mainland  squadrons, including  financial slruclures,  cruises, social evenls,  etc.  The Christmas parly  will be held December  12th, in Ihe Aero Club  Hall, al ihe Airporl,  Field Road. Please bring  a potluck supper, other  goodies will be provided.  The Happy Hour al 1800  hours, dinner al 1900  hours followed by dancing lo a live band. Any  funhcr information  phone 883-9298.  A comprehensive  Weather Course  (Meteorology) will be offered in January 1982 for  graduales of ihe boating  course. For registration  phone 886-7714 or  885-9772.  CLASSIFIED NOTE  Drop of! your Coast News  Classified at Campbells  Family Shoes. Sechelt, oi  Madeira Park Pharmacy  Madeira Park  The Gibsons Judo Club  has been active on the  coast for several years.  Taught by Kiyoshi Fu-  jimora, a third degree  black belt, the club attracts a large number of  young people.  The 35 members have  rigorous work-outs  Mondays and Thursdays  at Cedar Grove School,  beginning at 6:30 p.m.,  Joshi Tanaka, black  belt, is club president  and Bill Peterson, brown  belt, is secretary.  To learn the throws,  beginners practice the  many variations of the  positions and spend time  learning to land and fall  properly. Beginning at  nine years of age, boys  and girls learn the techniques to pass through the  belt levels beginning with  white, yellow, orange,  green, blue, brown and  then black. Special floor  mats protect them from  injury.  The club charges $5 a  month for junior  members and $10 a  month for adults.  For more information  call   Bill   Peterson   at  886-7759.  From  the Fairway  by Ernie Hume  The Winter Golf  Tournament is well  underway with twenty  teams competing for the  Walter Morrison  Trophy. There was some  anxiety during the past  rainy period as to  whether the games could  be started, but the  beautiful sunny weekend  has allowed all entries to  arrange and play their  first scheduled games.  Early morning players  may be using the winter  greens until the sun melts  the ground frost off the  regular playing areas.  The annual "Tom and  Jerry" get together will  be held on December 13  from 3 to 5 p.m. A special  invitation to prospective  members can be forwarded by getting in  touch with Ernie Hume  at 886-9201.  Bridge players are enjoying a good turn-out  each scheduled afternoon and evening. Fof  information get in touch  with Mr. & Mrs. R.  Woodsworth at 886-7519  who are convening this  enjoyable get together at  7:30 pm. Jean Coyle and  Eric Huskins garnered  1st prize on November  15th.  Every second Saturday  evening December 5th,  19th, etc. the Social  Bridge gather at the Club  House at 8 pm. to take  part in an evening of action Bridge.  On the second and  fourth Tuesdays at 1 pm.  mixed bridge is enjoyed  by a keen group of ardent players.  Every second Wednesday our crib players  gather to 15-2 an evening  of crib on December 9th,1  23rd, etc. at 7:30 pm.  The ladies still gather  on Tuesday mornings if  the weather is suitable  for a few holes of  unscheduled golf. This  keen approach has and  will allow the gals to enjoy another tremendous  successful year of competition against the clubs  on the lower mainland.  Remember there is still  a few Christmas bargains  available at the Club  House.  Gibson Athlttic Jbsoririra  CONTEST  To design on emblem to  represent our association  Top 3 winners   0* g-fr^S ��Pm  $300.00      II        W      II    toallagea  I Jn merchandise   ��x^       ���.��  <SS__i.  MI designs become property ol    U>A.A>  Send entri-M to: Gibsons Athletic AmocUUob  ���ox 604  Gibsons, I.C.  Contest open fiJJ Dae. 31. 1981  Prizes awarded January 1982  association Mnaninrs  Single $3.00. Family $5.00  GIBSONS  SWIMMING     (IA  POOL S?  HOLIDAY SCHEDULE  From Dec 1/81 to Jan 2/82  MORE  Public Swimming.  (Afternoons & Evenings)  Mondays-  3:30 pm- 5:00 pm  6:00 pm -10:00 pm  Tuesdays-  3:30 pm- 5:00 pm  6:00 pm -10:00 pm  Wednesdays -  3:30 pm- 5:00 pm  6:00 pm -  8:00 pm  Thursdays-  3:30 pm- 5:00 pm  Fridays ���  3:30 pm - 5:00 pm  On the Rocks  FRAMED  MIRRORS  10%  List Price  OFF  ���ramW  CHRISTMAS SPECIAL!  Framed Full Length Mirror  14ft"x5Q��A" $19.95  Hu>u. 101 &. Pratt Rd., Gibsons  886-7359  by Helen Weinhandl  Hello Curlers.  The Men's Open  Bonspiel, held November  20, 21 and 22 was a great  success. Curlers arrived  from as far away as  Hope.  The 'A' event was  sponsored by Cedars  Plaza. Winners were: 1st  Will rink, Delta. 2nd  White rink, N.V. Rec. C.  3rd Boyd rink, Gibsons.  The 'B' event, sponsored by Cedars Inn, had  all local winners: 1st K.  Skytte rink, Gibsons.  2nd Rinke rink, Sechelt.  3rd K. Johnson rink,  Gibsons.  "C event, sponsored  by Party Stop and  Village Store, winners  were: 1st Thomson rink,  Powell River. 2nd  Rankin rink, Powell  River. 3rd Hanchar rink,  Gibsons.  'D' event winners  were: 1st Kulchiski,  Richmond. 2nd Murrell,  rink, N.V.R.C. 3rd  Turner   rink,   Gibsons.  Pender  shoot  Come and get your  Christmas turkey! It's  been a long while since  the last turkey shoot, but  this one will make up for  lost time! Sponsored by  Ihe Pender Harbour and  District Wildlife Club,  the shoot is scheduled for  Saturday, December 5,  10:00 a.m. at the Lions  Park. Categories will include large bore, .22 and  open target and novelty  prizes will be awarded  and refreshernents will be  available. Sechelt, Gibsons, come on up;  everyone is welcome. For  further information  please call 883-2267.  r II your mortgage payment  have   eaten   up   your  Christmas money, come to  The Landing General Slore.  We have something lor  every budget. Open 7 days a  week lor your convenience.  896-2818   ,  This event was sponsored by Kits Cameras.  I Prizes for first team  out were supplied by  Great Canadian Dough  Factory. That honour  went to our visitors from  Hope, the Williams rink.  The club wishes to extend a big thank you to  all the sponsors and also  all the volunteers who  worked so hard.  At press time our  juniors are competing in  Powell River and the  ladies club spiel will be  underway. Those results  next report.  See you at the rink.  WATERBABIES  We will be having Waterbabies Classes  on Mondays & Thursdays from 1 pm till 2 pm  Starting Dec. 3rd-21st  Come on Hown and Try Our New Slide   '  The Pool Will Close at 5 pm Dec. 24 & Dec. 31  and Will Close All Day on Dec. 25 & Jan. 1  LATE NIGHT SWIM DEC. 23  FROM 10:30 PM TILL 1:00 AM  THINK Of US AS A MATCHMAKER  MIYMIMSaillW.THE   Cliff Ilffl CUSSKCOSWHIMCHMtBU!  FORTUNATELY  SOME THINGS  NEVER CIMNGL  John Labatt started his  brewery over 130 years ago.  He used his own special  blend of the finest ingredients  to brew a beer that Canadians have  loved since the beginning. Today, it's still  that way.  Labatt's  A lot of care and tradition  have gone into your next  bottle of Labatt's beer. The  11,000 Canadian sharehold-  aw and the 10,000 Canadian  employees who own and operate our  company intend to keep it that way.  WHEN CANADA GETS TOGETHER OVER A BEER.  mm last and muddy action was featured in tht Gibsons-UBC rugby match two  weeks ago. Gibsons won 16-0. <-^i*.,i��..fw.  Boy  Scouts  hike  by Ted Dlnsley  After a 30-hour  downpour, the outlook  on the November 21st  Scouts Hikathon did not  look encouraging.  However, before 9 am.  the sky cleared and there  was actually some sunshine for perhaps 20  minutes. The starling  lime for the five mile  hike for beavers, cubs,  scouts and venturers had  been sel at 10 am. Eighty  five boys and adults  registered at Skeena  Lodge in Camp Byng for  this annual event. The  five groups of the districi  were well represented.  The firsl five boys to  regisler for Ihe Hikathon  were Richard Connor of  Gibsons Venturers,  Jason Mosimann of Gibsons Cubs, Clinton  Mosimann of Gibsons  Beavers, Jason Alger of  Sechelt Beavers and  Steven Alger of Sechelt  Cubs.  The thanks and appreciation of the Sunshine Coast Districi  Council is extened lo Ihe  RCMP and to Ihe ambulance personnel fdr  their kindness in standing by at the vulnerable  crossings on ihe  Hikathon route. Also,  the appreciation of Sunshine Coast Scouting is  extended to (hose ladies  who served  refreshments; Carol  Hartman, Vivienne  Blair, Olivia Seal, Debby  Clipperton, Flo Collins,  Wendy Sallows, Vici  Sallows,' Debby Sallows,  Bev. Dahl, Coleen Heigh  and Carol Culler.  m\7m  E  __7  Wm  w  WINTER  TO NANAIMO  Mon -Fri  SCHEDULE  FLIGHT NO.  TIME  201-  07:30  885-2214  203-  11:45  Oaily  205-  14:45  FROM NANAIMO  TO VANCOUVER  Mon -Fri  Mon -Fri  FLIGHT NO.  TIME  FLIGHT NO.    TIME  202-  08:00  101-                07:25  204-  12:30  103-                09:45  Daily  105-                11:45  206-  15:30  Daily  TO POWELL RIVER  109-                14:45  Mon-Fri  FLIGHT NO.  TIME  FROM  903-  08:30  VANCOUVER  905-  13:00  Mon -Fri  FROM  FLIGHT NO.    TIME  POWELL RIVER  102-                08:00  Mon -Fri  104-                10:30  FLIGHT NO.  TIME  108-               12:30  ���904  09:15  Dally  906~  14:00  110-                15:30  EFFECTIVE DEC. 1,1981  Further schedulss lo Jirvll IntM.-Silmon Intel, Nurowi Inlet.  Pender Harbour now 2 flights dally except Sunday.  PROPOSED  SUNSHINE COAST  RACQUET CLUB  Are you interested in being a charter member of a Racquet  Club offering Tennis, Racquetball and International Squash?  If you are, please complete this questionnaire and return it  to Box 93 this paper.  I am interested in being a charter member of a Sunshine  Coast Racquet Club. I would like to play: (Check one or  more)  1. Tennis (outdoor)  2. Racquetball  3. International Squash  I   would   like   the   following   type   of   membership:  1. Single    2. Family    3. Corporate (3 Adults)           Name  Address  Telephone   Gibsons Wildlife  Club  Coast News. November 30,1981     13  by John Hind-Smith  Conservation  Things have been very  discouraging lately in the  Salmon Enhancement  Program in which the  club is involved.  As reported in the last  newsletter the fish trap  was installed on Husdon  Creek in October, the  idea being to take the  eggs from the fish caught  and put them (the eggs)  in the incubation box on  Wilson Creek.  Any fish up to date  which have been caught  in the fish trap, and their  numbers have been very (  few, have almost entirely  been spawned out, or in  other words, they have  deposited their eggs  before going into the  trap.  Nobody seems to be  able to come up with an  explanation about the.  shortage of fish in both  Husdon and Wilson  Creeks. It has been suggested that the fish came  quite early, maybe in  Sepiember, or that they  are not coming until  later. In the past they  have been seen in  Husdon Creek up until  the middle of December.  The box is checked on a  daily basis and there  have been all kinds of  problems with heavy  rain, etc., but the lack of  fish is the main concern.  A large log jam on  Wilson Creek was  recently operated upon  and a way made for the  fish, if any, to get  through. But so far  results have not been encouraging.  A similar situation  seems to exist in the  Pender Harbour creeks  and in a recent "egg  take" on Roberts Creek  for the Sechelt Club, only one fish which hadn't  spawned out was taken.  All is not lost,  however, and we are still  hoping that the Coho  run will be late.  Rayner and others are  delighted wiih Elizabeth  Brown's "Back  School". The aches and  pains are vanishing and  all are amazed at their  progress once they start  learning whal lhe old  spinal column is all  aboul.  swanson's  L & H Swanson Ltd.  sand, eravai  DUMP TRUCKS  Box 172, Sechelt, B.C. VON3A0  Remodelling  for Christmas?  We have  CARPET  &LINO  ROLL ENDS  at Special Prices!  Carpet -Geramie  Galiiif Giitri  A division of  Howe Sound  Distributors Ltd.  Thurs-Sat  10 am ��� 5 pm  886-2765  North Rd., Gibsons  Coasl News editor,  John Burnside, had a  hockey fan's dream con;  versation last Friday  night. ,  He spotted Jake  Milford, General  Manager of the Vancouver Canucks, enjoying a quiet solitary drink  in Gramma's Pub in  Gibsons and enjoyed a  fascinating off-the-  record discussion of his  favourite ..hockey. team,  with the man at the lop.  Milford was enjoying  a day out of the spotlight  on his boat in Gibsons  Harbour. He owns property in the Sechelt area  to which he hopes to  retire at the close of the  current season.  * *       *  After a trip into town  looking for shoes and a  great deal of shoe leather  later a couple of local;  ladies decided that Em-:  ma Campbell's in Sechell  has ihe best buys in shoes  'and boots after all.  * * *  While travelling the B.C. j  ferries with her own ther-;  mos of hot coffee, Eloisei  found herself paying ten:  cents for two plastic cups;  from the cafeteria.  * *       *  The Coasl News office  received    the    mosl ���.  gorgeous squash as a gifi  ihis week. Il is a Turks.  Turban   (Butternut)  squash in glorious cadmium   orange   wiih   a.  green striped crown. Ma-  nuane warns io hollow ii  oui  and  wear ii  as a,  chapeau.  *        ���        *  Afier a demanding  season wiih slrike delays  lhe "Beachcombers" arc  closing down and leaving  their Gibsons olfice this  week, having jusl  celebrated iheir 10th year  wiih Ihe series. We wish  Ihem happy holidays and  will look forward lo Iheir  return as our annual harbinger of spring.  ��        ��        *  Gail    Roth,    Laura  ^WORKWEN? WORLD  WE'RE WORKING FOR YOU'  WORKWEAR WORLD  JEANS Reg. $19.98  ON SALE  *14.97  HOODED  SWEATSHIRT  Bikes  Bikes  ali kinds of  NEW  BIKES  The Real  Bicycle Shop  886-7192  SHIRTS  Reg. $22.98 NOW  STOREY  WORK SOCKS  3-PftK NOW  s4.97  ITALIAN HIKING BOOTS  Reg. $89.98 NOW  e WORKWEN?  /IK WORLD  Wt  RE WORKING FOR YOU  Cowrie St.  Sechelt  885-5858 14     Coast News, November 30,1981  Coast Views  Sister Trudeau  remembers  residential school  by Vene Parnell  Sisler of the child  Jesus Lucienne Trudeau  siis   in   the   peaceful  silence of her comfortable home in Sechelt  reliving the laughter and  excitement of dozens of  children's voices from  days ihai have gone  forever. As lhe last  matron In charge of the  Sechell Indian Residential School where she  spenl 11 years, Sisler  rrudcau's life has spanned 40 years of working in  the "missions" of B.C.,  teaching and nursing in  Indian residential  schools.  The no-nonsense lady  wearing lhe neat blue  and while uniform and  veil of her order is loo  busy now, visiling the  sick and elderly lo have  much lime for reminiscences. Enjoying a large  collection of records,  gardening and lending to  lush-looking indoor  plants, she shares a  modern home with two  other reiired sisters, bul  she recalls vividly lhe day  in 1974, when the Indian  residential school was  closed forever.  "Thai day was a sad  day. It was very difficult  not to cry, because we all  knew lhal il was finally  over. We would never be  together again.  "Sonic of Ihose  children had nowhere to  go, they really did nol  have any families. We  had been Iheir family for  so many years and now  ihey didn't know what  would happen to ihem.  li was heart-breaking."  The federal governmeni decision lo phase  oul the Catholic Church  operated residenlial  schools was a sign of the  limes and il was a difficult one to accept.  Those few children  ihat couldn't find  relatives to live with  found Iheir way inlo St.  Mary's School in Mission City, lhe lasi remaining centre for Indian orphans and  children from broken  homes.  The Sechell Reserve  school was demolished  after lhe Sislcrs left. Today ihere is no longer  any veslige of a long  school history that spanned Ihe greater part of  this century, beginning  in 1904.  St. Augustine's School  was buill in Sechell In  1923, a large two-storey  brick building surrounded by a cluster of frame  buildings including barns  for animals, gardening  equipment and food  storage. The "mission"  schools were largely self-  supporting and only  mcagerly financed by lhe  Catholic Church.  The   brick    school  replaced a frame strut  lure, that burned in  1916, and housed 100  students and staff. Sisler  Lucienne spent 11 years  ihere altogether, working as a nurse, teacher,  seamstress, chaperone  and "mother" to hundreds of children. Her  companion, Sisler Joan,  speni the greater pan of  her life ai the Sechelt  residenlial school.  "Unlil ihe governmeni  look the schools over in  1969, ii was very difficult  to make ends meet. In  the early days, there were  only four Sislcrs to look  after the teaching, cooking, cleaning, laundry  and constant supervision  of lhe children. We had  two Broihers to help us  look after the large  garden, fruit trees,  chickens and  mainlenance chores.  "Wc were so poor, we  had lo grow and can our  own food. Wc sewed the  uniforms for the children  and accepted donations  for everything we had",  recalls Sister Lucienne.  It was hard work, and  there is no self-pity or  regrel in Sister's voice  for ihe long years she  toiled for no personal  material gain, lo help  provide lhe Indian  children with an education.  "It was a happy life. Il  was like a big home and  we were like a family.  Each child had a task,  otherwise we never could  have managed. They  were taught how to make  beds, wash dishes, cook,  clean, do the laundry,  sew and ihey had a sludy  period every evening.  "When summer came,  many of lhe children  cried and didn't want io  leave.  "In lhe early days, in  1949, the children came  from Mt. Curry, Church  House,     Sliammeo,  Kingcombe Inlet and only aboul half a dozen  children were from Ihe  Sechell reserve. Of 110  children, boys and girls  were divided fairly evenly and ihey slept, lived  and studied in the Indian  school, 10 monihs of lhe  year."  Thai changed in lhe  early 1950's, when integration of community  and reserve schools took  place. When Sister  relumed lo Sechell in  1966, the children lived  al Ihe residenlial school  bul wenl lo classes ai  Elphinstone and other  area schools, including a  day school on the Sechell  reserve.  Sisler fondly  remembers lhe Sechell  Pipe and Drum Band,  and the many hours of  music   practise,   effort  and travel ihai wenl inlo  il.  "Mayday was a greal  event, Bands from all the  residenlial schools would  gel together for a tattoo  and one year we wenl io  the Parliament Buildings  in Victoria."  "The Sechell uniforms  were very smart with  headdresses, red satin  shirts, vest made of  material thai looked liked velvet with an Indian  design on them and leggings ihai lil over iheir  dark pants. The children  worked hard and were  very proud of iheir.  band."  Her life has been busy  an J full. Before the new  1 ejac residential school  near Fori St. James was  built to house 200  students, lhe Sisters lived  and taught in log  buildings with no elec-  tricity or running waler.  Sometimes the Sisters  look in younger  cl ililren, four year olds  that were left there by  tl eii parents, but were  loo young to aiiend  school. Madeleine Paul,  v. 10 is now Mrs. William  .1 cl Sechell was one of  il ose children who spenl  almosl her enlire  childhood with the  Sisters.  Much about Ihe Indian residenlial school  system can be criticized,  in retrospect. Young  children were taken away  from their parents,  strange lifestyles and  new religious values were  forced upon them.  However, there was the  other side���the day to  day sharing and love, the  closeness, warmth and,  laughter.  "Many Indian people  who have an education  now, received it from the  residential school. They  have gone on to become  leaders in their community. We weren't  perfect, we did what we  could.  rills new sign at Ihe entrance lo Cliff Gilker Park  was built by George Fawkes of the Village of  Sechell and erected last week by Terry Alger, Doug  Jamleson, Dan Cook and 'Happy Harry' Slory.  hihti Hiifn.iili-IMn.io  MAXWELLS PHARMACY  YOUR CdMPLETE HEALTH CARE CENTRE  * Fast Prescription Service  ' Health Care Accessories  ' Almay Hypoallergenic Cosmetics  * Patient Aids (Sales & Rentals) crutches,  .   , comodes. bed pans, canes, etc.  107 cedar Plaza. Gibsons 8B6-8158  EXCAVATING  Mick Alvaro      07 Cat & Hitachi Excavator^  Contract Land Clearing  Road Building     Subdivisions  ALVARO LOG CO. LTD.  Pratt Rd.    Gibsons  Day-886-8555 , Eves. ��� 886-9803  OPEN SUNDAYS  Sunshine Coast  Noon to a PM.  Business Directory  (? & L CONTRACTORS  Landclearmg, road building, logging,  tree iemov.il  excavations & gravel.  886-9872  CONTRACTING  lONTRACT NG  ..:.���������������'.  886-8070  DESIGN, BUILDING &. 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Could il be lhal we've  forgotten ihai such a  syslem of government requires our. active support? That ii isn't a gift  we can jusl pul away in a  strongbox or lhe vault al  the bank and keep ii  safe. Il has to be used  and each of us has to  contribute, nol wiih  money, but with our  minds and concerned actions.  We have an unprecedented situation loday  on Ihe Sunshine Coasl  where live of lhe six  directors on the Regional  Board are occupying  ihose positions by  default rather lhan  elecied by iheir constituency. Nol iheir fault,  ours.   I   cannot   believe  there is no one other  than the incumbents between Porl Mellon and  Halfmoon Bay who has  ihe lime and qualifications io serve a term as  the people's represen-  lalive. You don't have to  be wealthy, or well-  educated, or experienced, or a good talker���  jusl willing io give your  lime and common sense.  Do ihe residents of  Area C nol see anything  wrong wiih iheir Director's appointing as his  alternate, developers, en-  irepeneurs or those who  have a vested interest in  lhe exploitation of land  as a commodity? 1 have  nothing againsl his presenl alternate personally.  I don't know him, he's  probably an uprighl  citizen, an exemplary  husband and father who  gives a IO1I1 of his income lo lhe church or  charily, bul In my opinion his line of work  makes him ineligible io  represenl ihe people  because of a conflict of  interest.  Maybe we should tell  Mr. Vander /.aim Ihere  is another alternative, we  could go back lo lhe old  days when Ihe  "unorganized areas outside the village boundaries were administered  from Victoria. For all  the interest we lake in  our affairs il wouldn't  make much difference���and would cosl  us less. In fact, il might  be a little more difficult  for ihose with vested in-  leresis io pressure the  powers lhal be.  I'm nol knocking the  Directors (nor even the  developer) even I hough  I'm appalled ai some of  RESTAURANTS  skftvii:\i/ o��a5Ms  Chinese A Western Food Licensed Premises  Tuesday to Sunday  Lunch: 11:30 ��� 3 pm Dinner: 4:30 - 9 pm  Sal. A Sun. Lunch: 12 noon - 9 pm  ^ Lower Gibsons 886-9219     Tahe Qui Ava-Hhie^  HEATING  r ICG CANADIAN PROPANE LTD. A  Hwy. 101   Sechelt between  St. Marys  Hospital and Forest Ranger's Hut.  Mon.-Fri.   8 a.m. - 5 p.m.  Sat.   9 a.m. - 5 p.m.  ICANAI  CANADIAN  885-2360  THOMAS  HEATING  General Sheet Metal  Installation  ol   Healing  K  Air CALL  NOW  Conditioning Equipment QQC   71 11  Plumbing Struct S Installations 000-r I I I  AUTOMOTIVE  ECDnomy AUTO PARTS Ltd.  Automobile. Industrial and  Body Shop Supplies  Sechelt  885-5I8I  NEED TIRES?     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If ihey  have u> function in u  vacuum because no one  cares and only those  whose o\ is being gored  squawk, of course  Mistakes will be made,  and of course some  Directors will succumb  to   the   pressure   from  ihose wiih vested Interests,  I'd like lo be able lo  raise a slink aboul Area  "E" Community Plan,  which seems io be still  alter three-four years  permanently on the back  burner, while developers  change ihe lace of the  land, wiih Iheir plans io  turn large areas Into  veritable ghettoes (my  word inn (heirs!!) with  as high a density a.s they  can squeeze onto each  acre, but I'm ashamed io  say I haven't phoned Jim  Gurney and given him  hell, nor even asked  politely what has happened lo ii and il is five  months since ihe last  meeling.  Oh,  I can  make ex  cuses for myself as I'm  sure you all can for  yourselves, bul the) really won't wash will ihey?  As one dear old Quaker  said lo me many years  ago when I countered his  loaded "So nice to see  you" with all lhe reasons  why I hadn't been lo  meeling in ages, "Thee  can always find lhe time  for Ihe things ihee really  wants io do".  So what's wrong with  us? I suspeel we're vie-  ttills of whal has been  described as "future  shock" the squirrel cage  of existence trying to  Catch up wilh all lhe  things we'd like io do,  bul neither lime nor  energy are infinite. Also  ihai apathy is ihe direct  resull of ihe daily informal ion bomhardmcnl. It  is jusl more lhan we can  process and use, so in  sell-defence   we   turn  ourselves off, We'd be  belter to turn ihe radio  and television off and  rel urn loa sense of quiel  in which we can function.  Obviously none of us,  Including me is going to  turn over a new leal  three weeks before  Christmas. Wejusidon'i  have ihe lime, but as  soon as you gel your new  calendar make ii you  Number One resolution  io do your bil lo banle  this disease called  apathy.  I've jotted down a  note to myself for  January and Jim Gurney  can expect to hear from  me, And I'll remind all  of you loo. Cassandra's  comment could well be  paraphrased "Whom Ihe  Gods wish lo deslroy,  ihey firsl make  apathetic".  Coast News, November 30,1981      15  Local man convicted  of indecent assault  A sciiicncc of IS months in jail and iwo years probation for indecent assuali was given lo a 41 year old  Sunshine Coasl resident in conn in Sechell. Thursday.  The man. who had no known criminal record, was  convicted of having sexual relations wiih his sicp-  daugliici over a period of four years,  In piissinit sciuetie* Judge Johnson said lhal such  actions were beyond the bounds of community standards and abllorciit lo the average ciii/cn.  Gibsons Ready Mix |  886-8174    !;--��2jy*fc.    1  'Drainrock  "mufwM   mam���S       ^a*r^       ^\'<u\\  \\mma��a\u4mm\\T                          ^  h  'Sand  la^ra8ftPr\            _ <}.mm\  'Fill  'Washed Rock  "!"������ r^sBbS^awtil  "Concrete Anchors  Mon.���Fr  iday 8a.m.���5p.m.                         1  ^  &tstaurant  As ot Nov. 30th. our restaurant  will be  k  CLOSED FOR THE  WINTER SEASON  We will still be  CATERING FOR  PRIVATE PARTIES  Book now for those  Special Occasions  Call James Johnson at  886-7096., 886-2277  Located 3 miles west of Molly's Reach on Gower Pt. Rd  Fully Licensed  ^CLASSIFIEDADS  MISC.    SERVICES  Sunshine Coast  Business Directory  Quality Farm \ Garden Supply Ltd.  �� Feed  * Pet rood  * Fencing  * Fertilizer  -886-7527   Pratt Rd  Gibsons  PLUMBING  MISC.    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Randy and Judy (nee  Frlesen) are pleased to announce the birth of their  son, Peter David on Nov.  15/81, at St. Mary's Hosp.,  Sechelt, B.C. Birth weight:  10 Ib. 4 oz. A brother tor  Matthew. Grandparents are  Mr. & Mrs. D.H. Frlesen,  Brandon, Man., Mrs. Jean  Scott, Abbotatord, B.C., Mr.  **. Mrs. WD. Scott, Qibsons,  B.C. A special thank-you to  the Qibsons Health Unit, Dr.  Lubln and stall at St. Mary's  Hospital. #48  OBITUARIES  Hlbbard. Passed away  November 24th, Reta Hlbbard, late ol Qibsons In her  66th year; survived by her  loving husband Earl, one  sister, Freda Dlckau ol Ab-  botslord, two nieces,  Darleen Bell and Qerry  White, Vancouver. Memorial  service was held Saturday,  November 28th In the  chapel ol Devlin Funeral  Home, Qibsons. Pastor  Harold Andrews officiated.  Cremation. Remembrance  donations to the Diabetes  Association would be appreciated. #48  IN   MEMORIflM  Whitaker, Ada, late of  Chaster Road, Qibsons.  Passed away In Burnley,  England, November 10th.  Much missed and mourned  by family and friends to  whom she gave her all.   #48  I would like to thank all the  citizens who voted for me &  for all who worked on my  behalf. Rest assured I will  work to do my best In the Interest of the village.  Jack C. Marshall  #48  Many thanks to Bruce  Wilson and all our greal  friends for the fantastic  benefit dance on Saturday  night. It meant a great deal  to us. Sharon & Jim.  #48  I would like to express my  sincere appreciation for the  prompt services of the  Madeira Park Ambulance  on August 31 st, 1:30 p.m.  Very special thanks to the  driver and nurse of the ambulance, for the wonderful  care and encouragement  they "gave me. Further  thanks to the nurses, staff  and doctor at the Sechelt  Hospital, for their Immediate care and attention  upon arrival. I would also  like to thank the drivers of  Ray Hanson's Trucking ol  Pender Harbour and  Sechelt lor their concern for  me. A very special thank  you to Mr. Joe McKay of  Pender Harbour Diesel, who  took me from Ruby Lake to  the Health Centre and arranged the ambulance service for me. Thank you all  for your kindness and fast  service. Ralph Plechotta,  Powell River, B.C.  ���48  PERSONAL  Feel good all over after a  foot massage by Suzanne.  For appt. phone 886-8317.  #49  Attractive male, 21, seeks  attractive female, 19 early  20's who has a sense of  humour, enjoys outdoor activities and dining. Please,  photo a must. Reply Box  2044, Sechelt. #49  Astrological  birth  control  consultation  $20.   Phone  886-7370 for appointment.  #50  Ear Piercing - Qibsons Girl  and Quys. 886-2120.       #49  HAIRDRESSINQ  FOR SHUT-INS  Professional      service  brought to your residence.  8864290. #50  SECHELT TOTEM CLUB  BINQO  Every Friday Place:  Wilson Creek Community  Hall. Times: Doors open  5:30. Early Birds 7:00.  Bonanza 7:30. Regular  Bingo 8:00.100% payout on  Bonanza end of each  month. Everyone welcome.   TFN  If someone In your family  has a drinking problem you  can see what It's doing to  them. Can you see what It Is  doing to you? Al Anon can  help. Phone 888-9037 or  886-8228. TFN  BACK SCHOOL  New classes start Nov. 23,  Mon & Wed 10 am ��� 12 noon  or 7 pm ��� 9 pm. To arrange  your sessions please call  Elisabeth Brown 886-9555.  #46  Did you know Coast Taxi offers hot lood delivery from  restaurant ol your choice?  Call 885-3666. #48  UNDERWATER   HOCKEY  ���Need players Fr 8:45 ��� 10:00  Gibsons Pool, good snorkel  skills required. Info:  888-2647 or 886-7848.     #48  Microwave Cooking School.  Register now at Teredo  Carpet and Home Center,  Sechelt, 885-2601, or  885-7520 to be held on a  Saturday, Dec. 12th 11 am  to 3 pm. Adults $8.  Teenagers S4. Limited  class. #49  BIM'S  DRYWALL  ��� No job too big  or small  ��� Machine taping  available  A Full Line of  Plumbing Supplies  Tues. - Fri.  8:30 a.m. - 4:30 p.m.  Sat. 9 a.m. ��� noon  Gibson*  Hwy 101 & Pratt Rd.  A.A. Meetings  Phone  886-9208  885-3394  or  886-2993  lor Pender Harbour  883-9978  883-9238  SPCA  Shelter  Reed Road  ��� boarding  ��� bathing  Drop oil & Adoption  Hours:  8:30 am - 4:30 pm  7 Days a week  886-7713  886-7938 alter 5 pm  ANNOUNCEMENTS  Massage Therapist  with  portable table. Ph: 732-3586  (nights) 886-2821 (anytime).  #49  Sammy's Chrjstmas Puppet, Clowns, Music  Machines, at Trail Bay Centre on Saturday, Dec. 5th,  two shows 1 pm & 3 pm, no  charge ��� sponsored by  Sechelt New Life Assembly.  #48  SPCA  SPAY  Clinic  and information  886-7938  Box 405  Gibsons, B.C.  Magus  Kennels  Dog Boarding k Training  CKC Champion & Otwdienct  Gieat Danes  "SCIENCE  DIET"  DoaUr  886-8568  CASTLEROCK  KENNELS  ��� Boarding ^li  ��� Grooming   y.'^*^,  ��� Puppies       \wrW;  occasionally   W  Roberts Creek, Jl  opposite Golf Course  885-2505  FREEBIES  Young cat 4 months, long  hair tabby, shots, affectionate and Intelligent  female. 686-7667. #48  LIVESTOCK  ELUNCHAM  STABLES  ��� Boarding  ��� Training  ��� Lessons  885-9969  Reliable middle-aged  woman wants small cottage, cabin or other  reasonable accom. Could  caretake tor winter. Non-  smoker, non-drinker.  Neutered cat. 886-7276. #46  Mother and six yen old daughter  need Immed. a place In the Lowei  Village Please call NM494. TFN  Dry lockable garage, Gibsons area. Contact Box 857,  Qibsons, B.C. VON 1V0. #48  Responsible couple, aged  37 and 34, looking for  housesittlng or to rent. Very  clean and neat. No children  or pets. Call Vancouver,  684-9878 or pager,  522-3907-3718. #46  3 bdrm. house Roberts Cr.  area. Reasonable rent,  reliable fam. 886-2616.   #48  FOR   RENT  2 BR Qibsons waterfront  cottage. No fridge or stove.  888-0171 after 7 p.m.      #48  Furnished 3 bdrm. home  Gibsons $800 per mon.  885-9365. #48  Panabode guest cottage,  lower Gibsons, fully furnished, WW, clean, very quiet,  suit single working person  $325'mo. Includes light,  heat and cable. 886-2694.  #48  Cozy 1 BR home, lovely  view, WW throughout, electric heat. 883-2649.        #48  Wanted: Young Campbell or  Pekln ducks as companions  for lonely drake. Will provide good home as pets.  886-2696 anytime. #48  PIANO TUNING - Kan  Dalgleish. For appointment  call 886-2843 evenings.  #49  Wanted: Electric bass  guitar. 885-9969. TFN  PIANO  TUNING  A Tuned Piano  Is Better  Ken Dalgleish  8862843 Eves.  PIANOS BY  MASON & RISCH  YAMAHA GUITARS  AND MUCH MORE  mm  HORIZON MUSIC  Trail Bay Centre  885-3117  Roberts Creek Legion area,  gold man's wedding band  with 3 stones. Reward.  886-7808,886-8101. #48  Round silver key ring with 2  brass keys (Super-Valu  parking lot). Please return  to office of Coast News.  #48  CASH FOR LOBS  tod nsces  Free Estimates  D & 0  LOG SORTING LTD.  886-7896 886-7700  WANTED TO BUY  CABIN on Keats or Gambier  Islands. Write Box 99 c/o  Coast News, Box 460, Gibsons, B.C. #46  mEmnn  Room & Board or small  housekeeping room needed  by working gentleman. Gibsons area. 886-8797.       #48  Irvlnes Landing older  house, furnished, view. S325  per month plus utilities.  Rels. rsqulred. Available till  May. 988-4657. #48  Wakefield area: 2 bedroom  suite $375. Also, bachelor  suite with kitchenette &  acorn fireplace. Ideal foi.  single person $250. Both on  main floor, self-contained  with ocean view. Ph:  885-9539 alter 7 p.m.      #48  Duplex Apt. 2 BR., Fpl,  view, all appliances. Tel:  (112) 943-2469 or write P.O.  Box 1735 Qibsons Landing.  #48  3 bedroom waterfront basement, 2 bath., garage,  sundeck, Redrooffs Rd.  $500 month. 886-9102.    #48  3 yr. old 1280 sq. ft. 2 bdrm.  home In Redrooffs area,  electric heat, fully Insulated  carport. No pets. Call collect 321-0880. #49  New 3 bdrm. semi-  waterfront home at Hopkins  Landing. Partly furnished.  Available Now. through  June 30/82. $650 month.  Call 8864093 to view.    #48  Available end November  Langdale area, new 1100 sq.  ft. ground-level, two-  bedroom suite, separate entrance, electric heat and  Franklin, $475 per month.  No pets. Phone 8864676 or  886-7768 between 7 and 9  p.m. #48  HELP   WANTED  VILLAGE OF SECHELT  Applications will be received for the following position: Building Inspector/  Planning Technician.  ��� Experienced In inspection  and by-law building and  plumbing regulation enforcement.  - Knowledge of development permit, zoning and  subdivision application will  be conaldered an asset.  ��� Engineering experience  background preferred.  - Salary to be commensurate with abilities.  - Resumes will be accepted  by the underalgnad up to  12:00 noon on Friday,  December 18th, 1981.  J.M.A. Shanks,  Clerk Treasurer  #49  duality In-home care needed for my 2-yr. old,  weekdays 8-4. Own  transportation necessary.  Phone 886-8474 aft. 5.    #50  Wanted: Salesperson. Interpersonal skills and sales  experience an asset. Apply  Westwurld Sound,  885-3313. TFN  WORK   WANTED  Penthouse Suite available 3 bedroom executive  Jan. 1, 1982. 2 bdrms., residsnce with finished  panoramic view. Mature family room In basement,  couple preferred. No pets. On quiet cul-de-sac, all new  Phone 886-9038 or 888-7112. homes, within 5 minutes of  #48 all amenities, phone    886-7751    or   886-2807  Furnished room for rent,  older woman preferred, kitchen privileges. Sunshine  Coast Trailer Park 2A. Ph:  886-2755.  daytime. 886-2881 evenings.  TFN  COMMERCIAL SPACE  #48   1800 sq.  ft.  prime  retail  space   now   available,  Cozy 1 bedroom, lovely sea 885-2522,885-3165 evenings  view,  electric  heat,  WW TFN  tWu.-LeeBayare* SPE0|AL WEEKLY RATE8  883 2649.                          #50 p^m.u,, ������,���, g^oj^  OPPORTUNITIES  Coast Video Productions of  fered for sale as a going  concern. Well equipped,  high potential business  located at Sechelt, B.C. Offers to $15,000 Incl. stock.  885-9509. #48  Economy got you down?  Avon offers good dollars,  nice people, great prizes.  Call Sue Wiggins, 886-9166,  Helen Phillips,  885-2183. TFN  One-bedroom trailer fgrj-  rent. Phone: 886-5788 of**  467-9265. #48  3 bedroom home, furnished,  Hopkins district, Immediate  occupancy. References required. Phone evenings  after 6 p.m. 886-8427.     #49  3 bdrm. mobile home on  own lot, Chaster Rd. area.  Stove & refrigerator. Asking  $375. Avail. Dec. 1. Phone  886-7206. #49  Unfurnished 3 br. house In  Gibsons available careful  family $550. 112-733-7948.   #49  West Sschelt, 3 bedroom  house with sea view, electric heat & fireplace, 4 appliances. $800 p.m. Phone  112-531-6916. #49  TFN  COMMERCIAL  SPACE  FOR RENT  Cedar Plaza  Gibsons  Up to 1600 sq. It. of  prime Retail floor  space lor reasonable  lease rates.  Good location for  Men's Wear, Ladies'  Wear, Jewellry store,  etc.  Please contact  886-2234  886-7454  Waterfront. Tuwanek home,  avail. Dec. 1,1 br., den, F/P,  dock, greenhouse, $450 mo.  112-988-5309  after  8  pm.   m?  2 bedroom waterfront  house, Roberts Creek area,  partly furnished, couple  preferred, no pets,  references. $425. Phone  886-9107. #49  1200 Sq. Ft.  Commercial  Shop Space  For Lease  Hwy. 101, Gibsons  886-9414  Second-hand piano In good  condition. Have kids anxious to learn. 886-2895. TFN  Good used typewriter,  neatness essential.  886-8301. #50  Wanted ��� very large building  lot in the Bonniebrook area  -(agents are not encouraged). 886-7414 evenings.  #50  Middle-aged lady to shsre  home and expenses.  Capabls ol looking after  herself. References req.  Phone 886-2136. #49  1200 sq. tt. two bedroom  waterfront apartment on  two levels with fireplace  and sundsck. Granthams  $500 per month. Suit couple, no pets. 886-8284.    #49  Community Hall for rent in  Roberts Creek. Phone  Sue, 885-2972. TFN  New, 3-storey, 4 bedroom, 3  bathroom, 2550 sq. feet  cedar home at end Poplar  Lane, Gibsons. Finished  basement, ideal for In-law  suite, handy man preferred.  References and damage  deposit required $700 per  month. (112)872-8044.   TFN  On waterlroni properly  Madeira Park, newly built 1  and 2 bdrm. duplexes fully  furnished, w/w carpet, electric heat, mature couple  preferred $300 per month,  utilities Incl. 883-2284 after  6 p.m. #48  For rent 3 bed., double wide  on two acres. $550 a mo.  plua security deposit.  888-2775. ��49  OFFICE  SPACE  Very reasonable lease  requirements for 2nd  floor location.  Sizes available  Irom 880 sq. It. to  4500 sq. It.  Air conditioned, car  peted mall location.  SPACE  AVAILABLE  IMMEDIATELY  Phone:  886-2234  886-7454  HELP   WANTEO  Wanted: Responsible person in Hopkins Landing  area, or Langdale, to  babysit two school-age  children belore and after  school, on a casual basis,  starting Dec. 1st. Apply in  person to the second house  on the right on Point Rd.,  Hopkins Landing after 3  p.m. #48  POSITIONS  AVAILABLE  St. Mary's Hospital requires Regletered Nurses  lor the following shifts or  rotations:  1.)   12 scheduled shifts  during a 9 week rotation. (12 hour  rotating ahifts).  2.) Regular part time  night shift only. (8  hour shifts)  3.)   Casual, regular part  time or full time  positions.  Thorough Hospital Orlen  tatlon Is provided.  Pre-scheduled hours for  casual stalf may be arranged.  Consideration Is given to  work area of choice.  Please apply:  Personnel Olticer  St. Mary's Hospital  P.O. Box 7777  Sechelt, B.C.  VON 3A0  Talaphone: 885-2224  WORK   WANTED  Friday's Girl  Secretarial  Services  Photocopying       Typing  Bookkeeping  Call 886-2169  School Rd. &. Hwy. IOI  "The Big White House"  TfN  Going Away?  We offer  C Feeding ol Pell  e Watering of Plants  e House Checks  e Specialized Services  REASONABLE  RATES  SUNSHINE HOUSEWATCH  9  886-9839  Design  Drafting  M��744*  Office Party? House  Guests? Don't face cleaning up alone, get expert  help, call Beth 886-9342  after 5 p.m. #50  HARBOUR  CHIMNEY CLEANING  Serving the Sunahine  Coast. Fireplaces, furnaces, oil stoves, 683-9171.  Customers trom the 886 exchange call collect.   TFN  TREE SERVICE  We make It our buslneas to  provide you with satisfaction. Our specialty:  e Topping  e Limbing  e Dsngerous Tree Removal  Insured guaranteed services.  Peerless Tree Service Ltd.  Call for free estimate:  885-2109. TFN  COUNTRY   GARDEN  Autumn clean-up, pruning  fruit trees, planting, views  opened, bush cleared,  reasonable rates. Call  8864700. #48  Sunshine Coast  Homemaker Service provides house care and personal care by trained,  supervised homemakers.  Call 865-5144 for further information. #48  Carpentry handyman.  Renovations, additions,  cabinetry, email |6bs,  reasonable rates. 885-5721  eves. #48  Will babysit pre-schoolers,  aged 3 & up, week-days, my  home. 886-2883. #48  Experienced painter, work '  guaranteed. 888-2883.    #48  Construction and Renovations  $10 PER HOUR  Call 885-3185 eves.  tfn;  What are your  Catering Needa?  Car-Lynn Catering  Carol 885-9278  Lynn 885-7252  ���48'  Will babysit Infant In own  home, days only. 886-6510.  ���50  Willing to babysit lor the  working lamily Monday  through Friday in your  home. Reliable and willing  to do some housework.  Phone 885-2002, ask for  Carol-Ann. #48  Additions, basement  remodelling and siding, excellent relerences, good  rates. Ph: 866-9658 or  9804044. #50  CLEAN SWEEP CHIMNEY  CLEANING SERVICE, clean  all chimneys, tree estimates  on boiler repair and boiler  servicing. Phone 885-5034  or 885-2573. TFN  Reliable Babysitting In my  home,   weekdays   only.  Phone 886-9035 (Langdale).  #49  Ralncoast  Secretarial  Professional Out ol Office  Typing  (Pickup and delivery  available)  Mil: 806-8593  BMS. 805-5588  Rnedi's  Blacksmith Shop  Carpenter���new and  renovations. Reasonable  rates and references.  886-7280.  TFN  Dress Designer: Expert in  dressmaking and alterations, reliable, reasonable  rates. For sewing needs call  Florence, 885-3759.        #49  Carpenters available lor  foundations, framing,  finishing or renovations.  Relerences. 885-7417 or  886-9679. #48  LOG SKIDDING  Timber Jack Skidder  with operator, 888-2459  #51 TFN  Handyman services, 24 hr.  professional repairs for all  your home, automobile,  tree, bush, yard cleaning.  Special low cost tor low income, pensioners. Call  885-3557. #50  Experienced, reliable  babysitter, your home or  mine. Rels. If reo'd. Call  Shelley 883-2207. #48  Chimney Cleaning and  Maintenance. Phone  886-8187.  TFN  Welding ft Fabricating  Tools ft Hardware lor  Log Building  Babuls talk 885-3755  Hardwood Floors resanded  and finished. Work  guaranteed. Free est. Phone  885-5072. TFN  Dependable, experienced  carpenter, renovations,  eaveat roughs,  greenhouses, sundecks,  finishing. No |ob too small.  Until 8 p.m., 886-7355.  TFN  Experienced, reliable  babysitting. Gibsons preferred. Call Gillian at  886-8781. TFN  Qualified Painter.  Reasonable rates. Work  guaranteed. 886-9749.  TFN  DEANS CHIMNEY SWEEP  Langdale, Gibsons, Roberts  Creek,  Sechelt. 886-7540.  TFN  For  Re-  RENOVATIONS  To Basements, Bathrooms  Kitchens, etc.  Free Estimates  10 yrs. Experience  B.P. SMITH  CONSTRUCTION  886-8263  or 112-524-8581  Pager 7424  INTERIOR DECORATING,  painting, wallpapering i.  unlimited Ideas. Phone  Suzanne 888*317.        #49  Light moving and hauling of  any kind, summer home  maintenance & caretaklng,  steady part-time work.  886-9503. #49  J. LEPORE TILE  Quality  Installations  Ceramic, Mosaic or Quarry  All work guaranteed  Frei estimates  Phone Anytime  -*T7  CSt 235  Backhoe  mtnonrilof  For Hire  Jackson iroimn  unto! ea. Lil.  885-2228  Complete  Photographic Service  ��� Promotion  ��� Commercial  ��� Portrait!  ��� Custom Work  Sue  Winters  886-2937  MICKY'S TANK  CLEANING  SERVICE  Save Money by saving on  furnace repairs. Wilh a clean  fuel lank eliminate iusi and  corrosion m your luel lank.  Longer life & belter fuel consumption. Free estimates  We service Irom Earl's Cove  to-Langdale Make your ap-  pomlmenl NOW  Phone Micky at  885-3504  FOR   SALE  Fiaher Fireplace Insert,  nickel doors, can be seen  working. 888-9290. #49  Single mirror medicine  cabinet S12. Twin glass  shade bathroom swag  lamps S25. Bissel carpet  sweeper $10.888-2513.   #49  Explosive  qulrements  Dynamite, electric or  regular caps, B line E cord  and safety fuae. Contact  Qwan Nimmo. Cemetery  Road, Gibsons. Phone  886-7778. Howe Sound  Farmer Institute. TFN  250 gel. tanks $75; roll edge  bathtubs $40; elec. stove  $25; oil stove $50; propane  stove $10; burning barres  $5,888-7629. #49  1 pair CCM Tackleberry  hockey skatee, alze 11,  good condition $55. First 9  vol. of Beethoven bicentennial collection, good  condition $110. Admiral  AM/FM stereo receiver with  built-in turntable and  8-track tape deck $150.  Speakers not Included.  886-2821. #49  Brown and white chesterfield and chair, as new. Bi-  fold louvred doors 8x4,  blue drapery material.  886-2150. #49  INTRODUCTORY OFFER  Cedar utility ahada 6' x 8'  and 6 x 10 $560 t $840  delivered. View at Cornel  Sawmill, Wllaon Creek.��49 18    Coast News, November 30,1981  fOR   SALE  AUTOMOTIVE  GARAGE SALEI Sat. 28th,  Phillips cassette home-  style recorder; chest  drawers; hot plate; coffee  table; 3 x folding beds; hair  dryers; pup tent; bed with  headstead; crib; couch;  camp stove; wooden folding  chairs, 2 coats size 10;  photo albums. Phone  886-2660. #49  New Emperor steel carving  and kitchen knife set, also  men's bicycle, older British  model in good condition.  886-9165. #49  Glenray hot dog machine,  chrome and glass display  type, steams buna and  roasts dogs. Fully reconditioned. $275. Coin operated  Foosball table, pro model,  best ofler. Roger at  885-3113. #49  Firewood Alder-Maple  seasoned, free delivery  Sechelt to Halfmoon Bay.  885-2454 or 885-2971.     #49  Forced air oil furnace and  complete system - tanks,  ducts etc. Well maintained,  efficient Beckett burner.  May be seen In operation  $400 OBO. 886-7025.      #49  9 inch Craftsman table saw  $180. Men's eliminator  10-speed $80. Both in good  condition. 886-8597.       #46  19" B&W TV $50. Two heavy  alum, windows 14' x 4' $125  ea. Large rock tumbler $45.  100 hp Merc, outboard lor  parts $05. Fineness ol Grind  gauge $250. Pre-recorded  reel to reel tapes $5 ea.  Length of ship's ladder $50.  Giant Vista Vision TV 4' x 3'  by Hitachi $1,450 or trade  lor auto. 885-9509.        #48  Freight   Damaged  Appliances  Big dollar savings on  stoves, fridges, washers,  dryers, dishwashers,  microwaves, etc. 1119 West  14th,   North   Vancouver  980-4848   TFN  TRAILER HITCHES  Reeee, Eaz-Tow and custom  hitches. Call Terry at Coast  Industries, Gibsons.  886-9159.  TFN  Solid oak antique sideboard  $2,300.886-8284. #48  Inglis multi-cycle auto  washer, excellent condition.  Guaranteed & delivered.  $250. Phone 883-2648.   TFN  Let US customize your kitchen co-ordinating drapery  fabric and wall covering.  Teredo Carpet Centre,  885-2601 or 885-7520.    TFN  TV �� STEREO REPAIRS  Green   Onion   Stereo,  Dunham Rd., Port Mellon,  884-5240.   TFN  WALLPAPER-fabulous  designs. Teredo Carpet $  Home Centre. 885-2601 or  885-7520. TFN  MACLEOD'S SECHELT lor  hot water tanks and Hot-  point appliances.  885-2171. TFN  SALES A SEHVICE  Thomas electric organ - excellent condition $500 firm.  Evenings 885-9294.        #48  Peace River honey - unpasteurized, for sale.  886-2604. #48  Deep & shallow let pump &  motor, 30 gal. tank $50.  Large oil heater, damper &  pipes $50. Phone 886-9903  alter 6 p.m. #48  An Apple a Month  Okanagan apples delivered  to your door once a month  all winter long, all varieties,  fancy or extra fancy grade,  low prices. Apple a Month,  Box 1815, Summerland, B.C.  VOH 1Z0. #50  Double bed mattress $25.  Padded exercise slant  board $35. Harding carpet 3  sq. yds. New, $25. Please  phone 885-5383. #48  4x4 octagon-shaped Coffee  Table, mahogany base with  state removable top by  Broyhlll $800. Phone after 6  p.m. 886-8025. #50  Sony TC355 reel to reel  deck, excel, cond. $200.  Yamaha acoustic guitar  with soft case, like new  $100. 750 x 16 8-hole GM  wheel $15, two cast Iron  B&S engines $50 ea. Lyman  Va min. peep sight for Win.  mod. 54 or 70, new $20. 12  Inch woofer $20. 5 gallon  Merc, marine gas tank $20.  884-5346. #50  2 near-new 600-12 snow  tires balanced on Honda  Civic rims. $150 firm.  883-2783. #50  1 pair fully lined gold velvet  pleated drapes 126"W x  114" long, excellent condition $140. Ph: 885-9697. #50  Roto spader 5 hp $225. Coffee table $20. 2 hostess  chairs $15 each. 2 GE floor  polishers $5 & $20.  883-2688. #48  Vilas dining table with 6  chairs as new $1,000.  883-2688. #48  GARAGE SALE: Sunshine  Coast Figure Skating Club  Garage Sale, Bake Sale and  Novelties, Dec. 5, 10 a.m.  Wharf Street next to Family  Mart, Sechelt. #48  Complete Hitachi stereo set  Incl. 4 speakers, turntable,  AM/FM cassette, receiver, 2  yrs. old, like new $650 OBO.  TV stand $20. Single bed,  exc. condition $50. 4  Mustang 8" speakers, sep.  tweeters, brand new, ready  to put Into boxes $50 ea.  OBO. Antique oak rolltop  deek, double pedestal  $2,000 firm. Phone 886-9206.  #48  Great for Chrlstmasl Col-  eco Air Hockey $50 OBO.  Hair dryer, excellent condition $25. Ph. after 5 p.m.  886-9992. #48  Firewood For Sale. Alder,  split & delivered, 1 cord $65.  Ph: 886-9848. #48  Yamaha Drum Set $350. Ph:  886-9648. #46  SUNSHINE  COAST T.V.  OCEANSIDE  POOLS  VINYL LINED  SWIMMING POOLS  ALUMINUM  ft STEEL WALLS  HOT TUBS I SMS  Sales, Service, Inatarlatloni  Fully Guaranteed  Ten Years Experience  FREE ESTIMATES  Phone  Bob Green  885-3862  Box 1184, Sechell.  Water line 1 inch. 200 feet.  $150,885-5331. #48  HAND KNITTING  1 "Mary Maxim" sweater &  toque $60. Children's &  baby knits. Hand crochet  work.  Lily Steel 886-8410.  ���48  Wagner 320 airless spray  gun new $240 will sell $150.  886-2883 after 5. #48  Powerful horse manure; you  load, $15.885-9969.       TFN  Skates 1 pr. child's white sz.  11; 2 pr girl's figure sz. 5; 1  pr. sz. 2Va; 1 pr. men's  hockey sz. 7Vi. 886-9342 or  886-7249 alt. 4 p.m.        #48  Chesterfield & Chair $150.  Adult 10-speed bike, like  new $65. Ph: 886-2775. New  Hammond Organ priced at  $4,200, will sell tor $2,800.  NO   RUN   PANTYHOSE  guaranteed not to run (second skin hosiery) recommended by Vancouver  Sun's Nicole Parton. Call  886-7619. #48  Horn Olds EVF Mellophone,  good condition $200.  988-6971 North Vancouver  week-days. #8 Taylor Cres.,  Box 32, RR1 Halfmoon Bay,  week-ends. #48  2 Teak ladderback chairs  $35 ea. Oster food $50.  Tropical fish tanks complete wfflsh $65. 3 wrought-  iron stair rails $3 a ft. 2 portable sewing machines $55.  9 large jade slabs $65. 886-  2658 #48  New & Used Equip. Sale  1-100,000 BTU space heater,  kerosene, $75; 1-75,000 BTU  space   heater,   kerosene,  $125; 1-051 Stihl 30" Bar,  $495;  1-XL1   Homellte  16"  Bar, $125; 1-Remington 12"  Bar,  $65;  1-Hollco  Brush  Cutter (gas), $295; 1-4 hp  B&S engine, horiz. shaft,  $125; 1-5 hp B&S engine,  horiz.   shaft,  $150;   1-5hp,  new I.C. series, B&S, $360;  1-16" Craftsman chainsaw,  $185; Hoffco Trimette grass  attachment,   reduced   to  clear,   $59.95;   Homellte  XL76, sale priced.  COAST  TOOL I POWER  Rentals, Sales & Service  Formerly AC Rentals Ltd.  863-9114  TFN  One nearly-new Acorn  fireplace, cast iron grate  and brass andirons.  886-7075. #48  Top Soil  *80 for 12 yardt  Delivered - Daryll  886-9739  Appliances, Furniture, TV's,  Stereos, etc. DISCOUNT  PRICESI Kern's Home Furnishings. Seaview Place,  Gibsons. 886-9733.       TFN  Compare our photo  finishing prices. Maximum  $4.99-12; $6.99-20; $7.79-24;  $10.99-36. At Pacltlca Pharmacy. TFN  madeira  Appliances  have good guaranteed  rebuilt appliances  Less than halt  Ctll      new price.  ^.883-2648  [RSF^l  WOOD HEATERS  AND  WOOD ELECTRIC  FURNACES  Sale*  and Service  H. Himmel  Hwy. 101,  W. Sechelt  885-M13  After 5 p.m.' #50  MWMWMWm  um ��1  TOYLAND 1  el ��  MACLEODS   |  and it* out       X  ���election of        W  Gomel, 9  lTlod#l> ^��  Tonka,  Fliher-Prlce  and  matte, Toys  and  Watch for  ISANTI. CLAUSfl  Coming  December 5  to  macLtods  685-2171  Cowrie Si.  Sechelt  uu*auta4tmys'a\tmal'a4t'm)a*a  Kmamumna'nKaKm  15 cu. loot, Irost-free Iridge,  clean, ex. condition $325.  Quar. & del. 883-2648.    TFN  Sewing machine & console,  dresser, typewriter, mix-  master, 8-track & radio, coffee table, ice skates, ladies  clothes, toys & misc. Ph:  886-7654. #48  Harmony 5 - string Banjo  $150. Fender FJ-70 6 string  $250. Dearmond guitar  pickup $30. Heathklt  HR1680 sw rec. and HS1681  speaker $275. Ph: 865-3936  aft. 5 p.m. #48  Beer Keg. make your own  draft beer, used once $55  OBO. New hydraulic trailer  hitch $80 OBO. Ph:  885-3439. #48  Parlour stove $150. Portable  dishwasher $250. Canister  vacuum $25. Car seat $25.  886-9252. #46  FIREWOOD  FIR ALDER  CORDS Vi CORDS  Daya 885-7300Eves 886-2616  #48  GOOD HAY $3.50 per bale.  50 or more, $3.00. Phone  eves. 885-9357. TFN  2 snow tires, 185-14, 60%  tread $50 each. No rims.  885-3171. #48  Fridge, frostfree Coronado  $200 or trade lor fridge  under 61"  tall.  685-9464.  #48  Near new electric typewriter  $175 and 5-drawer office-  size desk $100. Phone  885-2002. #50  Willis piano stereo system,  rugs, electric heaters, pole  lamp, three kitchen chairs,  portable washer/dryer,  crock pot, mirrors, misc.  items. 885-9290. #50  2-door, frostfree fridge, 15  cu. ft., only lour years old,  matching stove, best offer.  Phone 886-8769 after 5.  #50  Large Air-tight $5, Coleman  oil heater $5.886-7667.   #48  16 ft. Travelaire trailer with:  stove/oven, refrigerator,  toilet, furnace. Sleeps 4  comfortably - up to six. Excellent condition. Details,  phone Vancouver 929-1141  evenings only. #50  Children's console organ  with bench, 12 chords, 37  melody keys. Would make  an excellent Christmas gift.  $40,886-2191. #48  75 Colt automatic, 5,000  miles on new motor $1,995  OBO 8859232after6.     #48  1979 GMC diesel truck, low  mileage, very good condition, dual tanks $7,200. Ph:  885-3949. #50  1978 CHRYSLER CORDOVA  Black in colour, well maintained, fully loaded, no rust.  8857344 or 885-2266 ask for  Reg. #48  1974 Astre Panel 4-cyl.  stnd.. new paint, tires and  mounted snows. Only  $1.650.885-9509. #48  COAST  POWER CLEANING  ��� Steam Cleaning  ��� Pressure Washing  ��� Sand Blasting  ��� Industrial Painting  885-9316  FALL  SALE  25%  OFF  TREES  SHRUBS  BULBS  Quality  Farm & Garden  Supply Ltd.  EAR  PIERCING  Inclmlinu, hcuiitlt'ul  24 Kt. Gold Studs  Hairlines  886-2318  AUTOMOTIVE  1978 CJ5 Jeep 886-7290  after 5. 304 V-8 standard,  new rubber. 35.000 miles,  extra hd. bumpers, AM/FM  cassette. $6,500 OBO.    #50  1966   Bronco   4x4   302,  3 speed. $2,300 or best ofler.  Phone Clay 886-9674.  #50  1960 Landrover 88, 4x4 &  winch. Phone 885-3755. #50  Austin  Marina  automatic  4 door 886-2965. Good condition. #48  1975 Dodge Vi ton club cab,  PB & PS, auto, trans.,  flatdeck, extra-heavy springs, very good cond. $2,200  OBO. 885-2455. #48  71 Datsun 2 dr. automatic,  good condition. $600.  Phone: 886-7570. #48  International Scout 1 yr. old,  black special edition. Ph:  886-2046 aft. 5 p.m.        #50  1978 blue GMC HD V�� ton  P.U. dual tanks, dual exhaust, 4-spd., PS, PB, full  gauges, well cared for, asking $4,800 OBO. 885-5950.  #48  FARM EQUIPMENT  For sale tractor with front  end   loader.  $6,500  OBO.  885-3382. #48  79 Ford F150, 302 auto,  AM/FM cassette, 50,000  kms., $6,500. Moving, must  sell 885-5570 #48  Rare Mustang '68, good investment, must sell, best offer. Phone: 886-7094.      #48  '76 GMC Sierra Grande 350  auto, heavy half 50,000  miles, canopy. 885-9044. #48  73 Plymouth Wagon, excellent running order, new  radials, body good. $1,349  OBO. 886-7028. #48  "78 Dodge P.U. standard  3-speed, 50,000 km. $3,500  OBO. 886-8484. #48  1972 Cortina, lots of good  parts $50. 1 pr. 78x13 poly  studded snows, used 3  mos., 1 pr. good summer  tires $60 & $50. 686-9342 or  8S6-7249aft.4p.rn.        #48  1952 Jag Mk VII saloon. Excellent running order, new  paint - green. A beautiful  classic wilh great potential.  $3,000. 886-2883 after 5.  #48  1970 Chev Malibu 4-dr  spoked hubs, 2 full sets  tires incl. stud, snows, new  batt. 886-7678 after 6.  $1,450. TFN  78 GMC stepside Va ton,  Sierra Classic with deluxe  interior, bucket seats, new  canopy, high performance  327. mags & wide tires. Ex.  cond. 35,000 ml. $6,500. Ph:  8868691 #50  1972 Ford XLT Ranger. 1980  650 Yamaha Special.  Phone:886-9718. #48  1977 Ford LTD II station  wagon, A/T, PS, PB, 70,000  miles, good condition.  $2,800 OBO. 8867635 alter  6 p.m. or 866-9219. #50  1971 GMC hd. P.U. 350,  4-spd., overload springs,  good shape, asking $1,600.  Canopy, fibreglass top, In-  sul. sides, slide windows.  $300. Ph: 886-8261. #50  77 Toyota Landcruiser 327  Chev, winch, loaded, low  miles, exc. cond. $7,500 or  trade for P.U. 685-9464.   #48  1971 Plymouth station  wagon, working well.  886-2847 after 4 pm.       #49  Like new 1980 Le Baron station wagon, small V-8 cruise  control, PS, PB, AM/FM  stereo tape, velour Interior,  asking $7,950.886-7736. #49  71   Firebird,   small  block  350, new paint, good tires,  runs well. $4,000. 885-3648.  #49  1975   2   door   Maverick,  35,000 ml,  PB &  PS, A-1  shape, one owner. 885-2349.  #49  1966 Jaguar 3.8 Mk. II  sedan, fire-engine red, wire  wheels, radials, std. shift,  walnut dash, trim, int.  leather. Best offer over  $6,000. Roger 885-3113. #49  1969 Firebird, rebuilt motor,  loaded with goodies $2,500  OBO. Phone 884-5385.    #49  1980 Ford Fairmont 4-door  6-cyl., silver metallic blue interior. Phone 886-2660.   #49  1979 Ford Bronco 4-speed  big ties trailer hitch, roof  racks, ex. condition. $7,800.  886-7013. #49  Dependable trans. 1968  Pontiac wagon $450 OBO.  886-8631. #49  $500 Ford Galaxy 500 2-dr.  HT, good transportation.  886-2883. #49  1967 Datsun wagon, runs  but needs muffler. Some  spare parts. First $250  takes. Also 1 Merc. 80 hp  and 1 40 hp Scott for parts  $50 each. 883-9450 after 6.  #48  SMALL GAR  SERVICE  is No problem  for us  Ford  has been building and importing cars and trucks  from Germany, Japan and  England as Tar back as  1949. So, if you have a problem with your small car  we've got the  EXPERIENCE  Hours ot Service  8:00 am ��� 4:30 pm  885-3281  tMMTH CiAST  FS)k�� MU�� LTB  ���ABBA���  SOUTH COAST FORD  685-2131  Across (rom Benner's  Furniture. Sechelt  1981 1-Ton trucks  c/w 12' Vans  1981 F-250'8  3/4 Ton Pickups  1981 Fairmonts  1981 Mustangs  5 Ton Truck. 22' Box  Hydraulic Tailgate  DAILY WEEKLY  MONTHLY  COMPETITIVE RATES  RENT-A-CAR  RENT-A-TRUCK  AB Haddock Boat moving.  Licensed and lully insured.  Hydraulic equipment.  Phone 883-2722 days.  883-2682 eves.  TFN  KUUSCftUKE  Salvage & Underwater  Repairs  frtfi - takers ��� Oaths  Call 883-W2  19 It. Lightning, as Is $500  OBO. 8 ft. Sabot $300 OBO.  Ph: 885-3439. #48  Require trailer lor 18 ft.  Boat IfO, 2000 lbs. min.  886-7768. #48  Lead Cannonballs 7 - 60 lbs.  75�� lb. 685-7486. #48  42' converted tug 671 GM  this vessel is well equip,  and in excellent condition.  Asking $52,000. 886-7000,  885-2564 8-4 wkdys.       #48  FALL PRICED: 25' Luhrs Offshore Sports Fisherman.  10' beam, command bridge,  Chrysler V-8 225 hp inboard  Borg Warner velvet dr., 400  mile cruising range, tresh  water cooled, approx. 500  hrs., sips. 4, enclosed hd..  alcohol St., frdg., 25 gallon  water tank, dual battery, full  canvas, trim lbs.. VHF, CB,  recent survey, replacement  value $41,000, current value  $25,000, tall price $17,500.  886-2567. #49  18' Jet Boat, new motor and  rebuilt jet. Has Roadrunner  trailer and a new tow post  Great for beachcombing  and water skiing or fishing.  Must sell, moving away.  $7,000 8862127 #49  18 ft. wooden boat ��� 50 hp  Evinrude, needs work $1,000  OBO. 886-8484 #48  CAMPERS & RV'S  Older alum, trailer SS bath,  bit-in cpds., 3-way fridge,  gas cooking. $1,950 or trade  for auto. 885-9509. #48  MOTORCYCLES  1980 Suzuki PE250 Enduro,  excellent condition. $1,700.  886-7902. #48  1-650 Norton SS, recently  rebuilt. 1-Norlon Matchless,  recently rebuilt. 886-8088  after 6. TFN  HIGGS MARINE  SURVEYS LTD.  Insurance claims, condition  and valuation surveys. Serving the Sunshine Coast and  B.C. coastal waters. Phone  685-9425, 885-9747,  885-3643,886-9546.       TFN  Shipwright repairs, refits in  wood or glass. Major work  welcome, hull, decking,  house or interior, rigging,  wiring, etc. Good work,  good prices. John or James  885-5464. #50  For sale 14 ft. alum, boat,  motor, trailer $1,000 firm.  Ph: 886-8561 after 5.       #48  38 ft. F/G trailer, "Iwan K"  195 Penta, electronics,  fishing gear. Ph: 885-2002 or  view at Porpoise Bay wharf.  #2  Must sell 35' ex-troller, only  10 hrs. on completely rebuilt  Ford diesel-sounder. First  $8,000.885-5588. #50  MOBILE HOMES  1974 12x68 Leader Mobile  Home, partially furnished,  set up In trailer court.  $25,000,886-6039. #80  14 ft. Vanguard travel  trailer, 3 burner stove,  sleeps 6, good condition,  open to offers. 885-2349.  #49  TRAILER HITCHES  Reese, Eaz-Tow & custom  hitches. Call Terry at Coast  Induatriea,      Gibsons,  886-9159.  TFN  Used 32 foot 5th wheel  trailer. Hydraulic brakes,  lorced hot air under-floor  heating. At Dogwood Drive,  Haltmoon Bay. Phone  885-5344. #48  14 x 70 Modullne Mobile  Home #2 Comeau Mobile  Home Park, complete with  covered sundeck, 9 x 12  metal storage shed, 3 br.,  bay window, reverse aisle  design. Asking $33,900. Ph:  886-8504. #49  MOBILE HOME  SALES I SERVICE]  Big Maple Motel  Davis Bay  885-9513  D.L. 6925  Coast Mobile  Homes Ltd.  GOOD  SELECTION OF  DOUBLE WIDES  we tahe trades  or  Consign your  Mobile Home to  us for QUICK Sale  885-9979  Hwy. 101  laciosi Irom Ben.iei') lumiturel   MDL 6313  By owner 2 bedrm. home  Gibsons, spectacular view,  quiet St., fireplace, garage &  guest cottage. Exc. financing $50,000 at 15% lor 4 yrs.  $79,500.687-2385. #48  Roberts Creek building lot,  treed,   close   to   beach,  $35,000. Phone 885-3470.   TFN  73'x127'  lot,  nicely  treed,  quiet area, perc tested, King  Road off Hwy. 101, Gibsons.  $35,000 firm. 885-7463.   TFN  House for sale by owner,  Selma Park, one bedroom  retirement or starter home  on small lot with excellent  view. $65,000. Phone  886-8453. TFN  WOODED LOT FOR SALE,  PARK-LIKE SETTING,  BEACH ACCESS, ALL SERVICES. MANATEE RD.,  ROBERTS CREEK.  72Vax105. $43,500. SOME  FINANCING AVAILABLE AT  15%. 886-2637. TFN  Vi acre rocky lot overlooking Garden Bay. Water In,  paved roads. Asking  $17,000. 886-9720, 886-7955.  ���49  Contemp. arch, designed 4  BR view to Keats, 2Va  baths., large LR, half acre  lot, private, good home  area, 11 yrs. Phone owner  886-7655. #50  Langdale view lot on  Johnson Rd. 72 tt x 160 ft.  Asking $57,000. Phone:  686-9259. #50  B.C. YUKON BLANKET CLASSIFIEDS  ENHANCE: Ground floor opportunity! Requires Sales  Leaders, multi-level  organization pays overrides  five levels, not three. Full or  part-time. 22566 Lee  Avenue, Maple Ridge, B.C.  V2X4G5. #49  SNOWMOBILERS! One ol  the largest inventory of new  and used parts in B.C. We  wreck machines. All makes.  Williams Outdoor Recreation, Lac La Hache, B.C.  VOK 1T0. Phone 396-7639.  #46  "MANY TRAILS CROSSED  HERE", Oyen and District  History, $22, mailing $2.  Fine Christmas gift. Oyen  Historical Society, Harlet  Austen, phone  (403)664-3520, Box 57, Oyen,  Alberta. T0J2J0. #48  Copyright and  Advertising  Regulations  The Sunshine Coast News  reserves the right to classify  advertisements under appropriate headings and determine  page location. The Sunshine  Coast News also reserves the  right to revise or reject any  advertising which in the opinion  of the Publisher is in questionable taste. In the event that  any advertisement Is rejected,  Ihe sum paid for the advertisement will be refunded.  ED ADVERTISING  Minimum $3.00 par 4 Una Insertion. Each additional line 75�� or use our economical 3 weeks  tor the price of 2 rate. This offer Is made  available tor private Individuals.  THE FOLLOWING CLASSIFICATIONS  ARE FREE  Birth Announcements, Lost and Found  No billing or telephone orders are accepted except from customers who have accounts with  us or who live outside the Sunshine Coast.  Cash, chaquea or money orders  must accompany ill classified advertising  CLASSIFIED DEADLINE  NOON SATURDAY  ALL FEES PAYABLE  PRIOR TO INSERTION.  Pleaaa mall to Coast News, Classifieds,  Boa 480, Olbaona, B.C. VON 1V0.  Or bring In person to  the Coast News Office In Qibsons.  CLASSIFICATION:  Eg. For Sale, For Rant, ate  mi I I.I III I MM Ml     -i   II 11111II11 11111  MM II III I I I I M I I I I I I I I 1   111 ii i 1111111 n  MMMMMMMMMMMMM MMI  MM IIMI II II Ml Ml Ml Il|  1 II   1   1   1   1   1   II   II   1   1   InO.OF.S.UE.          '   H  ( B.C.   YUKON   BLANKET   CLASSIFIEDS  4 BEDROOM HOME on 1.9 MARKET SLOW? Not with  acres, In Ouesnel, built-in us! The affordable Invest-  appliances, 2 lull baths, ment. Mobile homes on  lamily recreation rodm, In- pads. Listings and sales  tercom, carport, covered Phone Andy, John or Steve  patio, cold storage, 10%% 585-3622 (collect) (D6747)  assumable    mortgage, .m  below appraised value, at  $85,500. Call 747-2708.   #48  FRASER VALLEY 49 acres  level, fenced, cleared, barn.  HOUSE TRAILER TOWING  PACKAGE 1976 GMC 671  sleeper  hydraulic  winch.  ssrasftt oT ^*as as  ZT^c^Ze^t ���"���'���^���33M241,    .48  tgage at 10%. Cattle and  machinery available. Phone  869-2820. #48  1966 D-8H-46A C/W ROPS.  Power/Shift double tilt dirt           blade Beales brush blade  rippers winch 60% UIC ask-  "WHEELESTATE". The Ing $57,500. Phone 296-3369  WHEELESTATE  PEOPLE,   alter6:00p.m. #48  Harbel Holdlnga Ltd. Mobile   Home listings and sales.  ..���.,���..  Kamloops 372-5711; Surrey   MONEY-SAVING TAX TIPS,  585-3622.   Call   collect.   '������'������"<'   <���*   Planning,  (D6747).                       TFN   DU8ine8s anIi '���rm returns.      Learn by correspondence.  Write U&R Tax Schools,  PROFESSIONAL 1148 Main Street, Winnipeg,  ASTROLOGER.    Yearly   Manitoba. R2W3S6.       #48  forecast and compatibility __  charts $55. Date, time and   FOR   SALE   BY   OWNER  place of birth. Dodl Holf-   -franchised restaurant and  man, General Delivery, Den-  man Island, B.C. VOR 1T0.  Phone 335-0677. #48  seasonal tourist store  business. A working family  can net in excess of  $100,000 a year, before  taxes. If this Is what you are  looking for, $50,000 will han-  ONE DOUBLE LOT consisting of creek frontage on .. ,���,. _ ���  2 acres. East-west view pro- 2le* Wr"t0wner' Box 98'  perty In Mllburn Lake Spences Bridge, B.C. VOK  Estates, 10 miles west of 2U or phone late evenings  Ouesnel, B.C. $20,000 full 458*2317-                      #�����  price with possible terms. Wrfcker 1077 pop**) F-*n  Phone 249-5142.            #48 "CKER 1977 FORD F350    360 engine 4 speed. Com-  13 ACRE ORCHARD AND f'6'*   ���"��(���   Holm��8   ����  HOUSE 5 miles south ol '���/50��*. Ph��"e  W-3M8  Oliver.   Full   line   good Cle.l��Iter,B.C,            #48  machinery,  underground  sprinklers, good fruit production.    Offers    call  498-2683 after 5 p.m  EXPERIENCED  ADVERTISING SALES MANAGER re-  IMS   quired. Print media sales      background   essential.  TWO ACRES ZONED COM- Retail merchandising ex-  MERCIAL, one sound perience an asset. Salary  building, lull basement 1700 plus commission: detailed  feet, one bedroom suite Information, phone Paulette  main floor premises, suited 992-2121. Send resume in  to mini storage. No agents, confidence, Ouesnel  Price   $65,000.   Phone  Cariboo Observer, 102-246  992-6417 or 249-5918.  #48   St.    Laurent    Avenue,      Quesnel, B.C. V2J 2C9.   #48  HOSPITAL  AD  MINISTRATOR WANTED for ADVERTISING SALES PER-  the Port McNeill and SON ��� 70 year old paper  District Hospital. Financial entering Innovative exciting  background desired with a growth phase, requires ex-  minimum of three year's ex- perienced aggressive pro-  perience In administration, fesslonal. Excellent  and financial control ol a remuneration plus benefits  small community hospital, package, a good career  Reply in confidence before move to sunny southern  December 8 to The Presl- Vancouver Island. Send  dent, Port McNeill and resume now: Roy Spooner,  District Hospital Board, Box Advertising Manager,  44, Port McNeill, B.C. VON Sidney Review, Box 2070,  2R0                              #48 Sidney, B.C. V8L3S5.     #49  DROP OFF YOUR  -CLASSIFIED 4DS/-I  In Sechralt at:  CAMpbell's  FAMILY SHOES A LEATHER GOODS  In lhe Heart o< Downiown Secneil       885-93*15  DEADLINE: 12 MOON SATURDAY  In Pender Harbour at:        Scl,o��' supp"** Now ln!  MADEIRA PARK PHARMACY  Penaei Haiboui Cenlu        B83'J*J14  DEADLINE! 12 NOON FRIDAY  B BMaa���I  A GREAT GIFT!  Take a trip down  Memory Lane with the  useful & attractive 1982  Only $4.95 at  The Sunshine Coast News  or at  The Bookstore, Sechelt  Books 'n Stuff, Sechelt  Madeira Park Pharmacy  NOP Bookstore, Gibsons  Douglas Variety, Gibsons  Pharmasave, Gibsons  Fawkes' Gifts, Gibsons  ���2*  , -     . I  a>.4.*.a  ������������������  IjJEh  Coast News, November 30,1981     19  ti�� SUNSHINE COAST  REALTOR  ;  A Glassford Press Publication. Box 460, Gibsons, B.C. VON 1VO  Set Up ��� Ready To Move  In  5% Down - O.A.C.  Delivered Anywhere  5% Down O.A.C.  Double-Wides in Stock Available  for Immediate Delivery  Lots for these, Homes  Now Available  COAST MOBILE HOMES  Across from Benner's Furniture in Sechelt  885-9979        885-9979  ED BLOCK I  NATIONAL REAL EST*  the  ^bestsellers  SUBDIVIDABLE ACREAGE -  SANDY HOOK  Tliis 4 K acres is zonae! R2 and lias 330' of road  frontage Tha property offers an ocean view of  Iteaiiliftil Sechell Intel anil is serviced by hydro,  waier. telephone and paved road There is ap  proximately $10,000 of marketable limber  which could be selectively logged Reduced tn  $97,000 Vendor open lo offers Tor further in  formation call Bruce McKinnon or Harold Jacques, KS5 9023  2000 PT. RANCHER ��� CREEKSIDE PARK  3 bdrm Rancher wilh built-in garage and  workshop This fine liome is located on a large  lot and offers a potential view of Gibsons Harbour The home features wall-to-wall carpets,  thermopane windows and all appliances Listed  at 1116,500. Call Bruce McKinnon or Harold  Jacques 885-9023.  LAKE FRONTAGE  This large (o.77Ac) lot has 102 ft of southerly  exposure on tranquil North Lake This is a lease  lol wilh 11 years remaining on a 20 lo 30 year  renewable basis The properly adjoins a  nalural park and is also only minutes away from  Egmont's famous salmon fishing. Price reduced  to $18,000 Vendor will carry $9,000 at a  reasonable interest rale  GIBSONS 2 STOREY FAMILY HOME  One block from schools, shopping & transportation, yel on a new and quiel cul-de-sac   This  fine home also has a $41,(100 assumable mortgage at 15" 4%   Llsl Price $116,500  WEST SECHELT  ' Large level building lot located on Norwest Bay  Rd. near Mason Rd. Priced to sell at 139,500.  SANDY HOOK VIEW PROPERTY  This ocean and mountain view building lot is  located in sun drenched Sechelt Inlet Estates  overlooking beautiful Porpoise Bay. It Is within  easy walking distance lo sandy beaches with  moorage & marina facilities also close by. The  property is serviced with paved roads, hydro,  water and telephone  Asking $34,000  Harold Jacques  Bruce McKinnon  885-9023  INVESTORS  ENTREPRENEURS  GIBSONS  Tremendous new industrial-retail  building-Price iust reduced and must be sold!  Over 3000 sq. (I and centrally located in the  Seamount Industrial Park Building equipped  wilh heavy indusirial woodworking equipment  bul could he sold independently Lease lo pur  chase option available with guaranteed income  For details please call Guy Wyndham Jones.  922-3911 or 926 1853  HOTEL AND DINING LOUNGE ���  GARDEN BAY  This strategically located business Is situated In  Hospital Bay on a 1 acre corner lot with extensive marina traffic and facilities at Its front door.  The character of ihe buildings and property Is  unique and affords a challenge for the Imaginative. The present owners are operating this  business on a seasonal basis. The operation  could be run year round with an increased staff.  The property also has potential for future strata  development. For an opportunity to view call  Bruce McKinnon or Harold Jacques 885-9023  Priced at 1375,000.  MOBILE HOME AND  TRAILER PARK  This mobile home park is strategically located al  Davis Bay on Highway 101 close to sandy  beaches. The operation consists of 11 fully serviced single and double wide trailer pads, with 7  mobile homes and trailers owner rented The  area enjoys a rale of full occupancy with the  possibility for mure unils This property would  be ideal for a semi retired couple or as a sound  business investment Priced io sell al  $255,000  LIGHT INDUSTRIAL - GIBSONS  Located alongside of the main highway through  Gibsons, this light industrial zoned property is in  a prime location The property consists of a 95 x  150 ft. lot with 808 sq ft of office area and an  2600 sq. ft. adjoining quonset hut. The property  is currently being rented  Listed at $150,000.  H-499-766  Mobile Phone   Sechelt  Individual  Listings      Only $5,000 down  Balance at 13'/,%  For a large centrally located duplex lot in Nanaimo. F.P.  $45,000, plans and building permits free or trade as down payment towards purchase of home on the Sunshine Coast.  Call 883-9926  Reduced $16,000 ^^^  Custom designed 1300 sq. ft. post and beam home on Cooper Rd. 2 bedrooms,  1 Vz baths (master ensuite), 6 appliances and lots of comfort on a level Vi acre  of treed privacy. With a fish pond, 3 outbuildings, and beautiful stained glass  windows, it can all be yours for the incredible price of $79,000.  Owner must sell before Nov. 30th and at this price It won't take long, so act  quickly.  CaH 885-3153 (eves)  4  2 bedroom house, fruit trees, large garden,  quiet village area, 1 block to beach in  Roberts Creek. Ideal for retirement or  family home.  $68,500  All offers considered  731-9737  -     after 7 p.m. and or weekends  1400 sq. ft. 4 bdrm home on 103 ft. of waterfront. House is sur  rounded by % acre of garden and fruit trees, situated in Earl Cove  with excellent view up Jervis Inlet. Extras include a well, a community water system, double carport, wharf footing, basement  and two bathrooms.  $132,000   Phone 883-9375  WOODCREEK PARK  corner lot **74  Open to Offers 886-2311  2 bedroom mobile horn*  980 sq. ft. ��� 1 year old - comes with  fridge, stove, dishwasher, carpet  and drapes  $31,000 885-5070  BARGAIN PRICES  FOR  VIEW LOTS  Buyers opportunity to  own a Southern exposure  view lot off Chaster Rd.  near primary school. Limited  number of lots available  From $35,000 - $40,000  Phone Vancouver 224-1084  Selling Your Home?  We  Can  Help.  Call  886-2622   or  886-7817 20     Coast News. November 30,1981  Becoming a cook^  Ramblings of a Rover  h> Ike Cee  While attempting  to  recall some the events  associated with lhe sears  I spent in ihe RCAF, I  I eel thai I should be  more    lhan    a    little  grateful not only losome  oi the individuals whom  I met during thai lime  hut also lor ihe way ihai  things linalh worked  oul.  li I had been accepted  as an infantryman in ihe  Sealorlh Highlanders, as  I had originally planned,  or been allowed lo complete my training as a  wireless air gunner and  sent overseas as such I  doubi very much thai I  would ever have lived to  reach my alloiled ihree  wore and then, lei alone  pass il. Nol only did lhe  Sealonhs lake a terrible  drubbing in Italy, par-  licularly on ihe beaches  ai Oriona, bul in lhe  earlier pari of lhe war  when ihe Luftwaffe ruled the skies by sheer  weight of ils numbers,  lhe mortality rale among  air gunners was exireme-  !\ high.  Another thing lhal I  should be thankful for is  ihe fact ihai by the lime 1  goi started on lhe cooking class ai Guelph il was  almosl over. I imagine I  attended less lhan half of  lhe lessons in lhe  culinary an. as  demonstrated by ihose  girl instructors in Home  Economics. Thai was  more lhan sufficient. I  don'l ihink I could have  siood any more and re-  lained any semblance of  sanity.  I have no doubt lhal  ihe authorities meani  well in attempting to give  some kind of instructions in cooking 10 ihose  who. either willingly or  unwillingly, had been  coerced into acting as  cooks for ihe duration of  ihe war bul iheir  nieihods oi' going aboul  il were asinine io say the  leasl. Here wc had lhe  spectacle of young girls  lecluring and giving  demonstrations as io  how io cook ihis or lhal  lo. in some cases, men  nol only old enough lo  be iheir fathers but who  in civilian life had been  professional chefs or  cooks for many years.  \s examples, Ihere was  N.S., a chain restaurant  owner from Vancouver  and another man in Ins  Ionics from Calgary  who had been in charge  of several CPR hotel kii-  chens. including ihe  Chateau I'roiuenac, and  "Old man" O'Connor  -ho had worked all his  he as a camp cook in Ihe  Marilimcs  Grained I did not have  ihe experience ihese men  had hui I had cooked on  grain ships plying ihe  (ncai lake, "hustled  up" grub ior Ihreshing  crews on ihe Prairies,  besides moie recently  .Issisihii! Man ,n lhe  I ruiei'iiii) House oui nl  Wesi I'oim Gray, So ii  ould he said I lull I was  no sirangei in a kiichen.  1 -hall iicvci lorgei one  "I ihese eiik I ihink hei  ii.one u:ts loan, bill we  .il! .ailed hci "I ana  I inner" as she seemed  io fuioui light-fining  sweaieis and had lhe  equipmeiu io fill ihem,  instructing ih on how in  make baking powdei  biscuits. We were all  provided wiih exercise  book-- and I sweai ihai  had we copied down all  lhal she wroie on ihe  blackboard n would  uive taken al least ihree  ir four pages In cover  he subject. Seeing thai  we were supposedly being trained io cool for  possihh hundreds ol  men a; any one given  lime, oi 'iliai earthly use-  was one cup n| flour.  one teaspoon oi baking  powder wiih a pinch ol  sail, all siiied together  ihree limes belore adding a imniscule ol  shoriening and sufficient  milk io make a soli  dough.' A I ii 11 he i  recollection   is   of   sel  I  another very attractive  young lady, who we had  named Cleopatra on account of her long (lowing black tresses and  "bangs", giving us a lecture on the proper procedure in making tea,  everything from making  sure ihe waler was  freshly drawn through  pre-heaiing lhe pot,  belore adding "one"  spoonful of tea and the  boiling waler. We were  Invited io ask questions  should we find any difficulty in interpreting her  instructions and, seeing  lhal    none   were   for  thcoming, she circulated  among the class to inspect what we had written down in our notes. 1  remember her annoyance  wiih me when she  discovered thai 1 hadn't  entered a line on lhe subject and she demanded lo  know whal I had been  doing while lhe lecture-  was in progress. 1 could  hardly lell her lhal all lhe  lime she had had her  back to us writing on ihe  board, I had been ga/ing  in rapt and mesmerized  corneir. nation al her  lower, extremities!  Anyway, after about  three weeks of this  malarkey, the course  ended and the examinations were held. To this  day I will never know  how, after missing so  much of it, 1 managed to  place third with marks of  89 point something and  the notation on my certificate "above  average"!  At the risk of being  called a male  chauvinistic pig, I must  say that although I  hadn't furthered my  knowledge of the  culinary art, I did learn  some very useful things  ai Guelph, including the  days speni in Ihe butcher  shop where the instructors (all male) gave us a  crash course in cutting  up sides of beef and pork  into manageable roasis,  steaks and stews. We  also spenl two days on  what were called field  trips where we learned  the rudiments of outdoor  cooking, including the  construction of basic  fireplaces and stoves out  of materials at hand.  This proved to be of  great assistance when, a  year or two later, 1 ended  up somewhere in the  deserts of Tunisia during  the North African Campaign.  Following our  "graduation", the next  step was a posting to No.  16 X Station in New  Brunswick and later a  devastating experience at  Moncton in Ihe same  province. I hadn't yet attained my dream of being sent overseas but at  least I was on my way!  Drinking  drivers  warned  The province wide  holiday season traffic enforcement programs are  scheduled io begin on the  eighth of December,  1981. Keeping lhe  highways safe from  drinking drivers will be  ihe number one priority  of all police officers. Bat-  mobiles are lhe symbol of  counterattack and iheir  use will be backed up by  increased traffic cheeks  and patrols, using every  available resource. Police  will use increased  highway patrols, radar,  and aircraft patrols  where weal her permits.  A Fine Selection  of Quality        H   LAMPS V-  - Table Lamps. Light Fixtures.  Outdoor Lamps  APPLIANCES  - Leonard Major Appliances  Braun Small Appliances  VACUUM  SYSTEMS  -Built M^^^^  BURGLAR ALARMS  Wm\wmmmmmmwmmwmm\\mmm\m "mmmmmmamamwmmmmm  / Bill's Holland Electric Ltd:  886-9X31     Hwy. let, Clbioni  next to Ken Devriei V Son  mm  THfTWHRlD  AHDBLUE  WIN A NIGHT ON THE TOWN IN  VANCOUVER AT THE NEW CHEVRON SELF-SERVE  IN THE SUNNY CREST SHOPPING CENTRE.  We've changed the location of our Chevron Station  in Gibsons.  But we haven't gone far.  Next door in fact. And that's not the only change.  Our super new station is a Chevron Self-Serve.  Where you can pull up and fill up with two great  grades of gasoline, Chevron Regular and Chevron  Unleaded.  Give us a ding soon.  A NIGHT ON THE TOWN. ON US.  In celebration of this new location we're holding a  great Chevron Draw.  The winner will get a night for two in Vancouver  all expenses paid.  The weekend away includes a chartered flight for  two tc Vancouver for two days  accommodation at the Westin  two at Trader Vic's worth $50.  money thrown in.  Look out for the special  mailer for more details  Or stop by the  new station and pick  up an entry form.  One night's deluxe  Bayshore, Dinner for  And $100 spending  SATURDAY, DECEMBER 5TH. A  GRAND OPENING WITH  GRAND GIVEAWAYS.  And what an opening it's  going to be.  Lovely Chevron Hostesses  will be handing out tubes of Handy  ��  Oil to the men. big, beautiful roses  to the women, and bright balloons  to all the kids.  They'll also be showing you how quick, clean and  simple it is to serve yourself gasoline at this great, new.  Chevron Self-Serve.  We're not just painting you a pretty picture.  Come on down and see it for yourself.  And you could end up painting Vancouver red.  Chevron Hilltop Self-Serve  Sunny Crest Shopping Centre,  Gibsons, B.C.  \burTbwn Pump. Crossword  by Jo Melnyk  Aoawort ta last wnk-i Cmmwot*  ACROSS  1. Doctor 1.  6. Distant 2.  10. House (Sp.) 3.  14. Musical Drama 4.  15. Till* S.  16. Mountains 6.  17. Stale ol Disunity 7.  19. Trench 8.  20. Usher 9.  21. Cherish 10.  23. Trace Back 11.  25. Lamb 12.  26. German Article 13.  27. Club 18.  29. Burden 22.  31. Theatre Sign 24.  33. Mr. Onnassis 27.  34. Train Tracks 28.  36. Command 30.  40. Canvas Shelter 32.  42. Breaks 35.  44. Stack 37.  45. Wise Men 38.  47. Seat 39.  49. Compass Point 41.  50. Otherwise (Scots) 43.  DOWN  52. Mountain  53. Sail (Fr.)  54. Elec. Unit  57. Follower  59. Material  61. Glass Mats  64. List  67. Wheel Part  68. Concerned  70. Fillet  71. Island  72. Horse  73. Smell  74. Emitted  75. -----Cotta  46.  48.  51.  54.  55.  56.  58.  60.  62.  61  Lichen  Sword  Leaving  Angry  Look Alter  Insect  Fact (Fr.)  Love (Italian)  Refreshes  Gears  Audible  Extra  Flower  Theatres  Airplane  Spoils  Mammals  District  Blackboard  Weep (Scots)  Places  Nonconformist  Otherwise  Spool  loll Term   & yet so far"  Slash  Biggest  Beer Mugs  Player  Silk  Speak (Fr.)  Masc. Nickname  Beau -���  Search For  ��� Kenton  Animal  God  Time Zone  n  p  r  p  r-  o  i  u  1  I  r  7  i  ft  \  |  }  ti  A  TT  P  a  la  H  ;  A  T  ii  s  H  0  W  E  J  U  I  ?  >>  E  N  T  E  R  il  A  B  A  I  s  A  L  A  K  E  D  s  E  L  s  D  H  P  R  T  s  0  N  E  R  ���  1  I  E  E  N  c  L  0  3  E  p  L  E  T E  u|  )i  A  D  Jl  A  L  L  K  H  A  R  D  E  n|  5  M  ��'  f  I  E  3  f  L  I  E  l  ���  *  A  N  E  ai  ��� e  A  1  .  |  H  I  N  E  44  c  A  ���T.  1 D  A  M  P  E  N  S  R  &  M  ii  0  H  ��  E  A  R  ���  U  w  E  p  JL  J  H  j  R  E  S  s  p  L  o  i  i  A  T  "t  A  c  T  T  ��  k  0  N  J  a  N  E  "a  R  E  N  A  ft  E  N  8  %  E  E  R  **  E  S  3  Y  T~  T  J  4  V  T"  r~  T"  r-  TT  II  TT  TT  14  ti  IJ  17  IS  74  15'  io  21  23  is  ���  *}">'  79  ii  jj  34  135  36  3a  39  40  41  45  43  44  4i  46  4*>  40  4?  l  51  52  S3  S5  "  |  "  ��3  J*  41  "  _*  64  65  66  if  1  M  441  70  71  72  7i  74  75  Coastal Soundwaves  From the Attic  Reproductions  Marv Tinkle) Shannon enjoys her lemon mrrin|>ue  pii* al ii recent dinner in Welcome Beach Hall.  ��� .lulin llnrn.Hlr I'ln.i  Professional Repair & Service  to your Heating & Plumbing  Equipment  ��� General Sheet Metal  ��� Installation of Heat Pumps, Air Conditioners,  Wood-Oil, Wood-Electric, Wood. Electric and  Oil Furnaces  ��� Plumbing Service & Installations  THOMAS HEATING  Call Now    886-71  by Helene Wallinder  Cist Iron Tobacco Cutlers - Back in the days  when tobacco was sold in  plugs, every tobacco  shop had a large tobacco  cutter on the counter.  Around the turn of the  century, the John Wright  Company of Wrights-  ville, Pa. made a counter  -utter of unpainted cast  iron adorned with a  jaunty boy thumbing his  nose at the world.  The John Wright  Company is still in  business, and is reissuing  this "Brighton #3" cutter, using the original  mould and tools. The  cutter is lO'/i" long, and  is available in gift shops.  It is not marked any differently from the old  ones.  Snuff Bottles -  Reproduction t liinese  snuff bottles arc now being made in n variety of  materials and available  everywhere.  When the taking of  snuff first became  popular in China about  1650, it soon became an  upper class social ritual.  Chinese artisans began  producing miniature bottles to contain the snuff.  The bottles were fitted  with a tight cork and a  tiny spoon for removal  of the snuff.  It is not easy to  distinguish the repros  from the originals. Some  repros are made of a  simulated red  "cinnabar" which is a  deeper cherry red colour  than lhe orange-coral of  true cinnabar. Others are  made of simulated  "ivory".  The copies have heavily carved surfaces, usually with oriental writing  on a brass base. Other  copies are made of glass  to simulate agate and  jade. The spoons in the  Remodel your Kitchen.  Bathroom,  Any Room  RENOVATIONS  Our Specialty  WOOD HEATIN8 CENTRE  AIRTIQHTS PIMPLACI INSERTS  triU^ ��"sft",s Glass Fire Doors  W        CANADA  fAifiAfiMfitl Insulated Chimneys wc,���.  BPHm*--.        Fireplace Accessories    Jjg^.  Mountain Air cio-Boy  Frayi air flrepkxqy  Glass or Plain Door  Aluminum        Vinyl  SIDING  ForSundeciu  Replacement & Slorm  WINDOWS  ALUMINUM RAILINB  in Slock  ORNAMENTAL IRON  POOL WORLD  MMMaMMMaMW  swim spas hoi ran  Saunas Spas  I RHUS  Whirlpool  Baihiuus  POOL TABLES      REC ROOM  Slate and Regular A AMFfi  When the Coastal  Soundwaves (formerly  Gibsons Soundwaves)  gave its first concert in  December of 1980, the  group consisted of 24  singers; there were only  seven men in the choir.  For this year's Christmas  Coast News, November 30,1981     21  orchestra of 16 players.  These men have slaved  on for Ihe Messiah, ex.  cerpts from which will be  included in lhe for-  Ihcoming concerts to be  held on Salurday,  December 19th al 8:00  pm. and Sunday.  December 20th ai 2:00  pin. in lhe gymnasium oi  Gibsons Elementary  School.  concert there will be a  chorus of almost double  those proportions. There  are now over forty  singers which include^ a  good blend of tenors,  baritones and basses  totalling 17. Ir addition,  ihere is now a permanent  repros are usually  plastic.  Porcelain repros with  painted decorations are  also being sold. The  glaze on these extends to  cover the bottom and  may drip into the neck of  the bottle. Original bottles have an unglazed  foot rim.  The repros vary in size  from VA - V/t inches  high. Retail prices range  from $6.00 lo $20.00.  Collectors can find  more information on  real snuff bottles in  "Chinese Snuff  Bottles", a well-  illustrated book by Lilla  S. Perry; Chas. E. Tuttle  Co., Rutland, Vermont.  Floor Cloths - Those  painted canvas rugs used  by our ancestors, are being reproduced for home  use, resembling  linoleum. It requires no  padding, no special laying and should last 10  years. Patterns can be  special-ordered or  chosen from many  authentic 18th and 19th  Century designs. For  more information, write  Floorcloths Inc., 37  West Street, Annapolis,  Maryland, 21401.  YOU ARE INVITED  TO OUR  GALA OPEN HOUSE  WEDNESDAY  DECEMBER 9th  FROM 3 pm to 9 pm  at the  Sechelt  Learning Centre  We would like to talk with you and have  you meet our Principal, Deans, Financial  Aid Officer, Instructors, Counsellors,  Learning Assistance and staff.  We would like to tell you our plans to  better serve your community.  tAnd most important "listen to your requests  and Ideas for making Capilano College  a more Important force in the lives  of those who live on the Sunshine Coast.  Our Registrar will even be present  to register you for our regular credit courses  In the Academic and Career/Vocational  Programs.  Among our offerings for Sechelt  SPRING 1982 WILL BE  COURSES IN:  Psychology 101 ��� Behavioral Theory -  Monday 6 pm to 9 pm  Instructor Paul Avery  and  Business Management 185 ��� Accounting II ���  Monday snd Wednesday 7 pm to 10 pm  Instructor Bruce Moseley  Both of these courses start January 11,1982.  Our Credit lrrse courses for spring will invlude:  Memoir and Biography Writing  Life Styles and Fitness in the 80's  Landscape Painting; A Weekend Workshop  How to Make a Living from Crafts  Plant Associations for the Sunshine Coast  Vocabulary Expansion  Effective Speedreadlng  \ Elements of Music: A series of workshops. Watch  for detailed Credit Free listings  in your mailbox soon.  Vocational courses include Business Office  training, Homemakers,. and Long Germ Care Aide  Program.  And of course our regular full time Basic Training  and Skills Program continues-Monday through  Friday 9 am to 3:30 pm; and the part time  evening course 7 to 10 pm.  Call 885-9310 for Information.  Or better still, come join us and  get acquainted with your Sechelt Learning  . Centre on Inlet Avenue. Regular hours:  Monday through Friday 12:30 to 7:00 pm.  Note: The Centre wl|l be closed from  December 24th to January 4th. 22     Coast News, November 30,1981  From Northern Ireland  Sarah Hughes to visit Gibsons  Sarah Hughes, ihe Irish mother who is making International headlines with her Sarah Hughes Found-  lion for Children of Northern Ireland will be in Gibsons December 3rd. The feisty lady from Belfast who  has single-handedly decided to change the dreadful  fate of children of Northern Ireland who are terrorized hj bombings and killings in the streets, panicular-  I hi* usual prize of $5,110 will he awarded lo Ihe person whose enlr) is chosen correctly identifying Ihe  location of the above. Send your entries to the  (oast News, llox 4611, Gibsons in lime lo reach Ihe  newspaper olfice h> Saturday of Ihis week. Last  week's winner is John Griffith of Kemonl. B.C.  VON I Ml, who correctly identified the sign over Ihe  meal counter in llallinale's store in Kgmonl.  Christmas at  WTCHEN CttRfllVflL  1'  r   ��� Wok Sets  ��� Clay Bikers  ��� English Mugs  �� Esspresso Collie Makers  Henckal s Knives ��� Cookie Jars  Ami all I lie liukcnai-a,-  l�� make your Christ alius  Halting I in-:  V til  Kitchen Gddgels & Accessories"  Open to 6 pm  Friday to 9 pm  Cowrie St.. Sechelt  885-3611  S    4-W  Sund/uM  Jioioeu  SGip  2 Stores  to Better Serve  You  (���ibsons  Sechelt  um  2 Cedar PI.  /,i                 1158 Cowrie St.  um,  illh  885-7211  VtUmUi rictau alt 2maU&, <$t$4.  VtmuMla & Atruuul "Plateau t PtmaU  tit TVoiU (an <ttt Ouaaiutt  ly in Belfast, is in Canada lo promote her summei  holiday program for Irish children.  Mrs. Hughes, who lasi summer senl 80 children io  British Columbia, two of them here lo the Sunshine  Coasl to stay with the Ron Webber and Alan Wiggins  families, will explain her program at an open meeling  ai 7:30 pm. on December 3rd lo be held in Mr. Mai-  zusaki's room in Gibsons Elementary School.  Lasi summer, Mrs. Hughes co-ordinated holidays  for 500 Irish youngsters, who stayed for six weeks  wiih families Ihey had never mei before, often wilh  the resull thai lifetime friendships were formed, and  in some cases, children were invited lo return again.  The sponsoring family is asked to spend $500 foi  air fare and provide accommodation during the  child's visit. Sharon Webber of Gibsons, who is a  volunteer helping Mrs. Hughes finds new sponsors  on the Sunshine Coasl, says she is hoping to Interest  service clubs in helping to pay for children's air fares  Mrs. Hughes says lhe violence In Northern Ireland  touches everyone's lives. "The children don'i know  ihai ihere is any other way of life. Their childhood  has been taken away from ihem."  She receives hundreds of letters from children,  many from sad situations. A typical example is ihis  one from lillle Sonia Ferguson of Belfast:  "I would like to go to Canada as I have never been  anywhere. I don't have harbley (sic) any males as  ihey are all older or younger lhan me so I don't go  oul much. My big sisler has her own males.  "I would love to see Canada as 1 have never seen  anywhere like Ihai before.  "1 don't go our much with my mommy now  because ihe lasi lime we was nearly blow up by a  bomb.  "Please can I be picked as I want to go somewhere  nice. Thank you."  For subdivisions  Province sets  rigid standards  The provincial government will insist on stringent  new assessments of proposed subdivisions lhe  regional board was informed last week.  Chairman David Hunler headed a receni delegation to Victoria which met with representatives of the  Finance Depanmeni, W. Eurchuk, Projects Approval Officer for ihis regional district, and the  Deputy Minister and Inspector of Municipal Affairs,  Chris Woodward.  The new approach will apply province wide.  "Every new subdivision will be assessed for iis  abiliiy to be served by existing waler supplies," said  David Hunier.  It is understood that Ihe new approach is occasioned by the fact Ihat every single waler by-law in the  province has had from 60% lo KXWo over-run.    ���  Affected locally will be proposed subdivisions of  Agricultural Land Reserve land in Ihe Pratl Road  area, ihe proposed extension of ihe regional waler  system to ihe South Pender Water District, and waler  supply in an already contentious area owned by  Haydn Killani.  Servicing of ihe South Pender Waler Syslem had  previously been assured by Depuly Minisler Woodward ai a meeling held with local elected represen-  lalives ai lhe Jolly Roger al Ihe end of July.  Police News  Gibsons RCMP  On the 15th: Thieves  slole $60 worth of tools  from Murray's Garden  and Pet Supplies in lower  Gibsons.  On Ihe 19th: A motorcycle stolen from Tanlalus  Apanmenls on Highway  101 was subsequent!;  recovered a short lime  later in lower Gibsons.  No damage was done.  There was a repori of a  boal on fire in ihe McNab  Creek area. The people  on the boal were picked  up by a crew boal from  ihe nearby McNab logging operation.  On the 22nd: A 27 year  old Sechell man is facing  charges of assault, of  unlawfully being in a  dwelling and of posses-  ^m 9K foKe (W CkVu��tHto��( mm  Celanese __ j  AREA RUGS   25% off]  In Stock Items Only  4' x 6' Keg. $84.00     6* x 9' Reg. $169.50    9' x 12' Reg. $339.00 j  SALEI SALE! SALE!  $63.      $127.����  $254.  REGENCY'  Dense nylon pile smooth saxony carpet.  Choose from 4 warm, mellow earth  tones. Truly a distinctive carpet for any  area in your home.  sion of a weapon in an  early morning incident  on School Road. Police  were called following a  repori thai a man was  threatening ihe residents  of a house wiih a knife.  On the 23rd: Three of  ihe windows of the Sun-  nycresi Moiel were  smashed by flying gravel  displaced by a vehicle do-  ing doughnuts in ihe  Motel's parking lot, The  incident is stilt under investigation.  Sechell RCMP  Police are slilliryingio  locale the owner of a blue  canoe found '/a mile casl  of lhe Porpoise Hay  governmeni wharf,  On Ihe 21st: A Nihil  chainsaw valued at S5(X)  was stolen from the cab  of a truck parked overnight al the Homestead  Drive-Inn.  The Work Wear World  slore was broken Into,  eilher on Saturday night  or Sunday nighl. Thieves  gained entry by  methodically cutting  iheir way through a rear  side grill which was neatly replaced afterwards!  The grill-covered window  was hidden from view,  thereby facilitating ihe  whole operalion. Il ap-'  pears lhal the thieves  j knew exactly whal ihey  | were doing. They slole;  l $400 worth of boots,  $100 worth of jackets,  some rain gear, jeans,  other assoned clothing  and $26 from Ihe till.  Thieves may have stolen*  even more goods bul data  is not yet available from  the owner of the slore.  On the 24th: There was a  break and enlry al ihe AC  Rental and Building Supplies in Garden Bay.  Nothing, however, appears lo have been stolen  from Ihe premises.  aWM \m\  Twfnono  Q  0  9  Q  Q  ��  ��  ��  ��  ��  ��  Q  ��  ��  ��  ��  ��  ��  ��  ��  ��  ��  ��  Q  ��  MICROWAVE  DEMONSTRATION!  Experts from Amana. will be here to demonstrate the  latest features of Amana, Microwave Ovens &  accessories 1Q g ffl   . 4 p m  Saturday, Dec. 5th  Featuring  the  Twtn^  made only by  ��� CookmaticiTM) Power Control wilh inlinite  sellings ��� because dilferent foods cook at  dillerenl speeds  ��� 700 watts ol cooking power ��� cooks almosl  everything in |usl Vt the usual lime.  MICROWAVE^OVEN  ��� Pull-down door.  ��� Stainless steel Interior ��� large enough for a  family size turkey. And it won't rust or corrode  ever.  ��� See-through window and interior light lets you  keep an eye on your dinnertime masterpiece.  Also featuring Ihe ��� H0TAWAVE,.. Cooking System  A rotating shower ot power lh<it cooks  better and cooks most 'oocls faster lhan  ever belore' An exclusive rotating  antenna beams microwave energy  directly al food in a uniform, rotating  ,    pattern So mosl foods require no  ���  turning Anoltiet Amana first!  Amana is the only microwave  oven manufacturer to earn a  U.S. Government exemption  from displaying a warning  label. See a demonstration!  Cook meals or snacks in  one-fourth the usual time  $6l8.oo  Reg. s689.c  Model RR-7B  Ami  ana  ior< II MATH II  Model RR-10A  Everything you could want  in a microwave oven...and  more!  Cooks by time or  cooks to temperature  wilh remarkable accuracy  ��� Even holds al temperature lo  tfjiidfiti?e economy meal cuts  ��� Advanced memory.  Touchmalic II remembers an  amazing combmaiion of  defrost and cook programs  ��� Even lemembers time ol day  ��� Automatic slarl lime  ��� Separate kitchen timer  microwave convection oven  Crisps, Browns & Bakes to Perfection.  Dehydrates, too!  It's a Radaranga microwave ovan  greal lor lasi convenient t'nergysiivinq cooking  It'a a browning A baking convaction ovan  Circulating iiol an around toodiilo blown & crisp to pur Inchon  It'a a combination ovan  providing lhe speed & elliciency ol a microwave PLUS  Ihe delicious frowning & ci ispmg goodness ol convection  It's a dehydration ovan  lotting you pieseive foods wilhoul HddiUvt's or using i>iceBSive alorago  spuce  And there's no need for a bulky turntable  \  A Sj    Saturday, Dec. 5th Only  ^FREEf  Microwave CASTING RACK  With the purchase of  ANY MICROWAVE OVEN  you get a FREE  m  HOME  FURNISHINGS  Open    Tues    -    Sat.,    9    am  ln-store financing O.AC.  Seaview Place. Gibsons  886-9733  QQQQQQQQQQQQQ  _^jy ^W    ^Sy .^��sm_..m*W  .^y. -?ffl--?Br ^^ r^    mm^    IP yamf


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