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 LEGISLATIVE MflgAHY    81.1  |    PARLIAMENT BUIiOINGS  VICTORIA, B.C.  v8v 1x4  rrested at Texada demonstration  Four residents of the Sunshine Coast journeyed to Texada  Island on Tuesday, of last week to participate in the series of  demonstrations taking place there against the construction of  B.C. Hydro of the Cheekye-Dunsmuir power line. One ol them,  Iris Griffiths of Egmont, took her turn standing in front of the  bulldozer preparing an access road for the power line and was  arrested and charged with public mischief.  : The four demonstrators took the 10:15 am. ferry from Powell  River to Texada Island where they joined forces with the other  demonstrators scheduled to take part in the latest of a series of  formal demonstrations and peaceful protests.  In all, thirteen demonstrators were present at Tuesday's  demonstration at which Griffiths was arrested.  Right at the entrance to the site, said Griffiths, the group was  met by an employee of B.C. Hydro, reportedly an ex-RCMP  officer, named Gerry Young who distributed copies of thc  restraining order Hydro had been granted on June 18. Other  Hydro employees were present along with contractors on thc  project and their supporters.  The demonstrators proceeded by 4-whccl drive vehicles and  finally on foot to the site of clearing work. Once there they all  joined hand in silent prayer, which has been a tradition of  demonstrators at the site.  After the prayer the group broke out their banner which said  ir Power Line" and then the Egmont  ?  111 aiifcaay  housewife and mother stood in front of the bulldozer. The  foreman told the operator of the bulldozer to back away and clear  a few yards off. Griffiths repeated her symbolic act of protest at  the second location.  An RCM P officer approached her and asked her if she knew of  the injunction. Upon her reply in the affirmative she was told that  she was under arrest and charged with public mischief under the  Criminal Code.  Griffiths stressed to the Coast News that the arresting officer  was most polite as he gave her notice that she was to appear at the  Powell River police station for photographing and fingerprinting.  "There was no confrontation or hostility," said Griffiths, "and I  even accepted a lift away from the site from the foreman ofthe  construction crew, Ken Grieve of Comox. The construction firm  involved was Edgett Construction of Comox."  With Griffiths at the demonstration was her thirteen-year old  daughter Maureen. It was the third demonstration that they had  been to. The demonstrations according to Griffiths have all been  peaceful though one demonstrator, Brian Bayley, had his foot  hurt early in the demonstrations by the bulldozer and the presence  of supporters of the Hydro contractors had apparently been  occasioned by the exchange of heated words at the previous day's  demonstration.  Griffiths will appear in Powell River on September 8.   The following is an interview given Ihe Coast News by Griffiths  in Egmont last week:  Why did you get arrested - was it deliberate?  Yes, blocking the bulldozers on Texada was planned months  ago. Whenever Hydro started clearing thai one spot, and if the  B.C. Government still hadn't investigated whether the line is  needed or not, then the dozers would be blocked. Public support is  pretty strong there.  To get the whole mailer into the courts, you must be arrested.  You plead "not guilty", on grounds thai Hydro has no right 10  build the line. They bring evidence���expert witnesses throwing  doubt on thc need for thc line, showing thai they could get  electricity in other ways- that sort of thing. This techique  somtimes works, I hear.  So you've known for months that you'd be arrested?  No, just since lasl week. We have supported the demonstrations  all along, but when they were deciding to have one person per day  block the bulldozer, I realized there should be someone from Ihe  Sechelt Peninsula, so I pul myself down for Tuesday.  What does It feel like to face a bulldozer blade?  A .deep sadness, a sense of loss. I remember thinking "Whal a  way to talk lo your government!" Some fear, too. But I heard  friends clapping; you know, friends help a lot.  Do you really think this gesture will do any good?  Boy, I sure Ihoughl a lot about lhal, beforehand. Here all our  lives some of us have tried to uphold law and order. Now 1 risk a  criminal record, and for what? Can anybody stop Hydro?  On this particular power line, I don't know. But, if someone is  pushing through a project like this, and he finds opposition right  from beginning to end, maybe he'll think about that while he's  planning the next one. Who knows, it might tip the balance on  some doubtful project ofthe future. Then, too, what's life if you  don't stand up for something once in a while?  How do people react when they hear you got arrested?  It varies���amusing; painful; touching. Amusing when people  who know me as a community-club, committee-member citizen,  can't help goggling a little. I'd do the same in their place. Painful -  some good friends are distressed that I could be so foolishly  irresponsible to our growing family. That's hard to take, but I  think I am responsible. Being arrested is not the same as breaking  the law. Wc will all plead "nol guilty" of public mischief. I don'l  think we are guilty, either. Goodness knows we've tried every legal  avenue. I've even been in a delegation speaking lo the Minister of  Environment, asking for a public hearing.  The touching reactions are like a long-distance call from  relatives offering bail money.  The arrests seem to be over...what's next?  More demonstrations. Shifting from confrontation to  "information picketing" at Hydro offices and thc legislature. Our  trial should he interesling, too.   The Sunshine  Published at Gibsons, B.C.  15C per copy on news stands  Second Class,Mall Registration No. 4702  Serving the Sunshine Coast since 1945  Delivered to every address on the Coast.  August 26, 1980  Volume 34, Number 34  rnsiaMtoKHMtauM  Ferry committee runs aground  1  After months of correspondence and meetings, some wilh  senior B.C. Ferries staff in Victoria, the Ferry Advisory  Committee of the Sunshine Coast is right back where it started,  requesting a return to last year's Fall schedule with the addition of  a 7:30 - 7:40 am. ferry.  The committee and the regional board had recommended the  adoption ofthe second of two prospective schedules suggested by  the Corporation's Chief Operations Manager, G. Baldwin and  published in the Aug. 12 edition of the Coast News. The  recommendation, made in a letter dated Aug. 19 from the regional  board to the Corporation's Board of Director, was abruptly  withdrawn two days later when regional board Chairman David  Hunter was informed that the adoption ofthe new schedule would  seriously affect SMT bus service on the coast.  "Every sailing our buses arc on now is not on that schedule,"  SMTs Bill Hamilton told the Coast News, "It would literally shut  down any facsimile of the service we give now."  Hamilton said the company would not discontinue service if  such a schedule were adopted, but pointed out that they might be  ���.orced to do so by economic necessity.  "We carry 100,000 passengers a year," Hamilton said, "and our  schedules are based on what Ihe majority of those people want.  Historic public demand indicates that's when the people want to  travel."  . Hamilton pointed out that direct connections to Powell River  would be impossible and the freight service, on which many local  businesses depend, would also be affected.  Hamilton stated lhat the first he knew of the new schedules was  what he saw printed in Ihe Aug. 12 Coast News.  "I knew at a glance il wouldn't work out," Hamilton said.  Asked why no one had consulted with Sunshine Motor  Transport concerning thc new schedule's effect on service,  Metcalfe concerned about  employees' mental health  Alderman Metcalfe expressed his concern overthementalwell-  being of village poundkeepers because thc number of animals  destroyed under the euthanasian program is quite substantial. He  cited that out of 19 dogs picked up recently, five were claimed, two  were adopted and the remainder were put to sleep. Six dogs  picked up in Sechelt were also destroyed.  Although this method of animal control is the most humane,  Metcalfe felt that over a period it was mentally taxing on the dog  catcher. He asked council to consider that the job be rotated.  Discussion ceased when Alderman Trainor pointed out that  one ol the job requirements ol the poundkeeper was dog control  and this included euthanasia.  regional board Chairman David Hunter replied, "God only  knows. Back at our very first meeting with Bill Bouchard, the  Ferries Communications Manager, we were told that they were in  contact with all the agencies concerned."  "From now on," Hunter said, "SMT is on our list of people to  contact for input into any proposed changes. If the Ferries won't  do it, we will."  Hunter said that in addition to a letter advising the corporation  to disregard the Aug. 19 recommendation ofthe board, he has  spoken to Ken Sorko and requested a return to a schedule "much  the same as was in effect last year." Bill Hamilton of SMT has also  written to the Corporation's Board of Directors, pointing out the  effect major scheduling changes would have on service.  Hunter said he is also concerned about the Ferries' policy of  cancelling sailings to the Sunshine Coast in order to take the  pressure off the Nanaimo run from Horseshoe Bay and other  Ferries' policies.  "The figures they have show no overloads on the 9am. sailing,"  Hunter said, "and I've informed them that those figures are  wrong. The number of overheight vehicles on that sailing makes it' ���  impossible for them to use the elevated ramps and people atj  regularly left behind. Their figures show full sailings but Iftr  overloads."  Hunter said he was surprised by the lack of response locally to  the publication of the proposed new schedules.  "I didn't get any calls until the evening ofthe 19th," Hunter said,  "Since then I've discovered we may have more commuters up here  than we thought. I've got one person in every area now who's  responsible for finding out how things will affect people in their  area and reporting back before we made these decisions."  The B.C. Ferries Board of Directors meets this Monday to  make a decision on the new schedule.  ON THE INSIDE...  Entertainment  page 4  Community News pages 6 & 7  Sports page 12  Hospitality Directory page 14  Frances Fleming on Education... page 8  Classified Ads  pages 18 & 19  Business Directory page 16  Pender Dump Condition page 7  There is nothing like a water/all in the park in Ihe summertime,    slide on. This picture was taken In Cliff Gllker Park recently.  particularly if there's a pool al the bottom and slippery rocks to  Photo by John Burnside  Harbour jurisdiction clarified  Charles Brooks, Regional Harbours and Wharves Administrator for the Canadian Coast Guard, has advised the  Provincial Lands Branch that "It is in the public interest to bring  under control the areas of the foreshore and bed of Gibsons Public  Harbour which are being occupied without benefit of a lease or  licence and to ensure that the requirements of thc Navigable  Waters Protection Act are complied with be all concerned."  The letter, a copy of which was received by Gibsons council at  their meeting last Tuesday evening, indicates the ownership of a  number of craft and structures moored in the harbour, including  four steel scows, owned by Smitty's Barging and Towing, which  are employed transporting goods in the Howe Sound area.  The letter identifies the floating boathouse and shed as  belonging to Mike Fitzgerald of Gibsons and points out that the  deteriorated 10 x 40 foot float which has been moored in the  harbour for many years is not owned by Canada, though it may be  HMM^wMMM^^^taaM^IlM  The two ex-B.C. Ferries lifeboats, owned by the Navy League  of Canada, have already been moved and moored at Armour's  Beach. Harbour Master Harry Smith indicated la.i week that a  number of concrete anchors, placed on the harbour bed without  the approval ofthe Ministe. of Transport have been removed and  piled at the foot of the bluff.  Addressed to Larry Sorkin, Regional Manager of the Lands  Branch of the provincial Ministry of Lands, Parks and Housing,  Brooks' letter states that he has advised Gibsons council that "the  foreshore and bed of the harbour are under the control and  administration of your Minister," and recommends that Sorkin  attend a further meeting with council and representatives of  concerned citizens "to discuss the proposed course of action."  The meeting, scheduled for Sept. 4 at 9 am. in the municipal  offices, should clarify the question of jurisdiction over the  foreshore, which the municipality leases from the provincial  iimn niiiM'ni       11  Traffic was deloured last week as work commenced on Ihe    include a culvert with a grid lo assist spawning salmon to run up  *fif"Tiifit IfihifrMftrtr y~*rffif��rf��f'fttiiiff"1"'-,;// "���t���  For 35 years the most widely read Sunshine Coast newspaper!  ���������������  ma '��� ��� f  mm���v  mmmmm  ^mmm  tmmmmmmmmmmmm  ��� Sunshine jLp  <��CNA  Coast News, August 26, 1980  BLUE  RIBBON  AWARD  1978  A LOCALLY OWNED NEWSPAPER  Published al Gibsons, B.C. every  Tuesday, by Glassford Press Ltd.  Box 460, Gibsons, VON 1V0  Phone 886-2622 or 886-7817  Pender Harbour ���nqulrtM, and all othert, il  no answer Irom 886 number* call 885-2776  Editorial Department: Production Department:  John Burnside  Ian Corrance  John Moore  Accounts Department:  M. M. Joe Copyiettlng:  Wendy-Lynne Johns  SUBSCRIPTION RATES: Use Sheridan  Canada $20 per year. $12 for six months >fc,      f*CNA  United Stales and Foreign. $24 per year. ^$fett52si*  Distributed Free lo all addresses on the Sunshine Coast  Sonia Trudel.  Nancy Conway  Advertising Department  Allan Crane  Fran Berger  A matter of conscience  When citizens as sensible and as stable as  I ris Griffiths are labelled as public mischief  makers the rest of us should pause and  consider what is going on. Mrs. Griffiths is  but one of many who have protested  peacefully against the initial construction  phases of the Cheekye-Dunsmuir power  fine.  We have been over the arguments  against the line many times. We have  chronicled the opinions of experts other  than the experts purchased by B.C. Hydro  that question the need for the line. Wc have  speculated what the real use of this power  line is to be since the magnitude of it make*  it unlikely that Vancouver Island is the sole  cause of its construction.  The steamroller that is B.C. Hydro has  rolled on despite the outcries ofthe people.  It is likely to do so despite the actions of  Iris Griffiths and others who have  continued to protest and yet it must be  protested. Like many other development  in Canada's recent history we suspect that  the Cheekye-Dunsmuir power line has less  to do with Canadian needs than we are  being told. All the signs indicate that the  export of energy is to be Canada's future  role. It has been ordained elsewhere and  B.C. Hydro is the agent. When the power  from nuclear stations on Vancouver Island  is coursing along the Cheekye-Dunsmuir  line for sale south of the border we might  remember the protesters of the late  seventies and of I980 and wish that more of  us had been there with Iris Griffiths.  Passing the buck  The statements allegedly made by  Mayors Goddard and Koch in favour of  the new provincial Holiday Shopping  Regulation Act would seem to be strange  positions for free enterprisers to take. If  ever there was an unnecessary intervention  in the commercial life of the community  this would seem to be it and yet our local  leaders greet it with applause. Why?  In fact, one could travel far and fail to  find a better example of gutless buck-  passing on the part of government that this  new Act provides.  To begin with, the Lord's Day Act is a  federal law which cannot be utilized  without the consent of the provincial  Attorney General. Thus does the federal  government pass the buck. Now we have a  provincial Holiday Shopping Act which is  in effect unless municipalities pass a by-law  to the contrary. Thus does the provincial  government pass the buck.  The evil of rumours  The tragic death of Marnie Jamieson  last week was doubly regrettable. There  was in the first place the death of a young  girl, the snuffing out of a promising young  life, and the anguish that was caused her  family and friends. What we know for sure  has happened is terrible enough, God  knows.  What is also terrible is the effect that  such a tragedy has on others. First there  are the young and the old and the timid  who live with more fear now than they did  just a little while ago. Then there are the  aggressive and violent folks who tend to  sound their mouths off before they know  much about what they are talking about.  Put the two together, the mouthing off and  the climate of fear, and you have fertile soil  for the kind of baseless rumour current  recently.  The best thing we can do now for the  memory of Marnie Jamieson and the good  of the community is refrain from repeating  or listening to rumours born of violence or  fear. Speculation in matters such as this ;  can as readily be evil as idle.  ...from the files of the COAST NEWS  ff l^fl^feSl  FIVE YEARS AGO  Leader of the Social Credit opposition, Bill Bennett told 250 people who  attended a special Socred"function at  Sechelt's Peninsula Drive-in last  Thursday that, if elected, his party  would invite private insurance companies back into the province to  compete with ICBC. Bennett also told  the enthusiastic crowd that one of the  first things his government would do if  elected would be to repeal the  controversial Mining Act Bill 31.  Sechelt School Board announced  the appointment of Mr. L.P. Todd to the  position of Supervisor of Instruction  for Elementary and Secondary  Schools. He fills the vacancy left by  George Cooper who retired earlier this  year.        ,  TEN YEARS AGO  Ten years ago, the staff of the Coast  News were still savouring their two  weeks of annual summer vacation.  FIFTEEN YEARS AGO  No   Coast   News  was  published  between Aug. 26 and Sept. 2 in order  for the offices to be moved to new  premises behind the Bals Block.  TWENTY YEARS AGO  The coroner's jury hearing evidence  in the inquest into the deaths of four  people when the fishing boat Unimak  sank July 23 off Roberts Creek  commended all those who took part in  the attempt to rescue those trapped in  the upturned hull when the vessel  capsized.  Over 120 people owning property  along the West Sechelt highway  attended a meeting in the school hall to  be informed about the proposed water  system. All present were in favour of  Ihe proposition submitted by six  persons who have been working on the  project.  Large crowds watching the PNE  Parade applauded the Squarenaders  from Gibsons, who rode an improved  version of the winning float from  Gibsons July 1 parade.  TWENTY-FIVE YEARS AGO  Prosecutions will occur if any person  is found using water for sprinkling  purposes, members of Gibsons Village  Commission said this week. The threat  of prosecution was made when several  commissioners said they knew or knew  of people who were sprinkling in spite  of the regulations. Increased building  is putting a strain on the existing  system and low supplies of water  currently could create a serious fire  hazard, commissioners observed.  In connection with fire calls outside  the village, Commissioner Ballentine  moved that after Aug. 31 the phqne  office be instructed not to turn on the  fire alarm unless the fire is within the  municipal boundaries of the village  proper.  THIRTY YEARS AGO  The lightest vote ever saw passage of  Gibsons $7,000 water bylaw, with 26  out of an eligible 221 voters casting  their ballots in favour with 6 voting  against and one spoiled ballot for a  total of 33.  A new rural postal delivery route,  from Halfmoon Bay to Pender Harbour  has been announced by the Post Office  Department in Ottawa. E.B. Pratt,  Halfmoon Bay storekeeper, was the  successful bidder for the route.  THIRTY FIVE YEARS AGO  The Sechelt Motor Transport firm  has put into service a modern 35  passenger bus to serve increasing  business between Hopkins Landing  and Pender Harbour. It is stated that as  soon as the passenger ferry from  Gibsons to Horseshoe Bay begins, the  bus line will cooperate so that people  can make direct connections.  Workers in the Co-operative movement are proud of a new turkey-raising  business which has been established  at Wilson Creek and is purely a local  affair.  Sechelt 1920's. The relatively new medium of aerial photography has been applied  here by Pacific Airways of Vancouver lo create an artistic land and seascape  composition. Resort facilities���store, hotel, cabins, dairy, and gardens���He beyond  the wharf. Native Indian village with soccer field, St. Augustine ResidentialSchool,  and Our Lady ofLourdes Church, overlooks Trail Bay to right. Poise Island guards  the exit from Porpoise Bay into Sechelt /"'??, which stretches beyond Four-Mile  Point, known also now as Sandy Hook, toward Skookumchuck Rapids. Roads alt  so narrow (/tat they do not show through the trees. Most communication wilh the.  world beyond this small oblong of humanity was carried on by means of Union'-  Steamships water transport. Photo courtesy Gladys McNutt Collection and.  Elphinstone Pioneer Museum.  L.R. Peterson  jfHttwetm*  Musings  John Burnside  By the time that this offering  appears in print 1 will have  notched up another milestone  on the highway of the years,  It may seem to be an  insignificant portion or the  route that I have arrived at. I  mean, odes are written on the  subject of age and lyrics attest  to the splendours of youth but  little is said of the middle yearly  The lack of attention paid by  poets and other commentators  on the human condition would  almost lead one to believe that  these are the doldrum years.  And yet, in fact, these might  be the best of the years that  make man's lot. Thc fevers and  uncertainties of youth have  abated yet the energiesare little  diminished. The mind is clear  and firm without necessarily  being inflexible.  Approaches to the passage of  the years differ with the  personalities ofthe individuals  involved. Some prefer to ignore  them; others defiantly deny  their passage; and a third group  acknowledge their passing bul  quail pathetically before them.  In this third group, for  example, is friend George  Matthews. It is several years  now since virtually the whole  staff of Elphinstone Secondary  School had to unite to shepherd George through his  thirtieth year. It was a classic  case of a high school football  hero who had been so giddy  with the success of his youth  that he tried to retain it. We  bought George such birthday  gifts as coffins and corsets lhal  year and tried by the means of a  crash course in total debauch to  pole vault him halfway inlo his  thirties in Ihe course of a single  night so thai the leaving ofthe  twenties would no longer  trouble him.  Then there arc those who  defiantly defy the passage ol  the years. Such a one is U.S.  presidential candidate Ronald  Reagan. Reagan the politician  is a better tribute to the actor's  arts than Reagan the actor ever  was. An acid-tongued friend of  mine refers to him as the  Formaldehyde Kid and 1  myself wonder if Reagan will  suddenly grow old like the lady  who escaped from Shangri-La  when the skill of the makeup  artist is no longer sufficient.  What will be thc consternation  among thc youth-conscious  American voters when their  chosen dynamic leader suddenly and visibly ages twenty  years in the space of a few  months?  This is by no means an  academic question as Reagan  himself acknowledged w hen he  agreed on a procedure to be  followed lo relieve him of office  should he grow senile in the  presidency. Thc rigours of the  campaign trail and the demands of the office of president  of the United States have aged  dramatically much younger  men than Ronald Reagan and.  it is indeed almost inevitable  that, ifelected.hewillprovidea  dramatic example to us all  within his first term of the, self-  defeating futility of denying the  passage of the years.  Those who do not deny but  simply ignore the passage ofthe  years deceive only themselves.  The years are not deceived. The  accumulation of hurts which  marks the passage of mortal  time continues and the day  inevitably comes when such  deception is no longer possible.  As that master of contemplating mortality, A.E. Hous-  man, has it in his poem  Epitaph: "I'd face it as a wise  man would/ And train for ill  and not for good." A little  contemplation of mortality  year by year avoids the shock of  confrontation and such is my  preferred approach.  And so as the birthdays roll  by do 1 lake stock of the.  situation and this year while I  acknowledge that forty-two is  not twenty-two, it is nonetheless a fine age to be. The  little aches and pains of  accumulated hurt are not  sufficient to be noted by any  except the most microscopic  examiner. On the other hand  there are some destructive  habits which the body is  indicating clearly simply cannot longer be tolerated.  The cigarettes are gone.  Almost eight weeks of abstinence from nicotine has  revealed a suspected truth, that  being that some of thc aspects  of accumulated injury can be  rapidly and easily reversed.  Indeed, stepping smoking after  about twenty years of it has thc  delightful illusion of youth  rediscovered. There is the  improvement, almost immediate in one's appearance which  draws comment from acquaintances. There is the improved  zest which one brings to  virtually everything. Why, I  had a pork chop the other day  which was by far the best pork  chop that I have enjoyed since  the early sixties. Even the  illusion of the reversal of the  inevitable march to the grave is  a pleasing thing.  Another acquired vice whose  days may be numbered if mine  are to be extended is the  unhallowed practice of alcohol  absorption. The present beer  strike would seem to be as  appropriate a time as any for  some consideration on my part  for defeating this second  monster. Stomach lining has its  own irrefutable logic and mine  is presenting its case.  This particular year's stock  taking, then, is not without its  awareness that time is taking its  toll and that some things must  be left behind. There is stijl,  however, the affirmation that  life is sweet and that the  instrument of appreciation of  that fact is the body which must  be maintained and cared for.  None of the foregoing ranks  among the world's great discoveries nor is it being so  presented, lt is merely the  stock-taking of a middle-aged  gentleman with an appreciation both for the frailty and thc  sweetness of life and a hunger  still unrequited both for thc  years and the wisdom of thc  years.  With Rue My Heart  Is Laden  With rue my heart is laden  For golden friends I had,  For many a rose-lipt maiden  And many a lightfoot lad  By brooks too broad for leaping  The lightfoot boys are laid;  The rose-lipt girls are sleeping  Infields where roses fade.  A.E. Housman  Slings & Arrows V  fo  George Matthews  My dear old friend and  editor, John Burnside, chewed  up my column on American  political life last week and spat  out an interesting piece of his  own. You'd think any sensible  person would take a hint and  go back to writing human  interest stories but I never was  a fast learner. In fact I guess  the only thing I learned from  the experience was the answer  to the question of why the  English never gave the Scots  home rule. In any case, as a  little more grist for the  Burnsidian mill I thought I'd  take shot at an explanation  of the constitutional conference issue.  First of all, I think the whole  constitutional question is a  terrible waste of lime and  energy. Whenever you see  politicians posturing as statesmen, you know something's  wrong. These fellows were  elected to enact laws and  develop proposals to get  people back to work, to deal  with inflation, and to strengthen the economic condition ofthe land. Instead, we  find them making pompous  pronouncements on issues of  provincial rights and the  integrity ofthe nation. There's  no doubt that these high  blown philosophical questions  make for better sounding  speeches than anything inflation or unemployment could  provide but one wonders if  maybe their fascination with  these ideas is a consequence  of their inability to deal with  the more important, albeit  mundane, problems facing the  country. The other thing of  course, and one suspects Mr.  Trudeau's motives here, is  that many of these men have  been seduced by the prospect  of making asterisks of themselves in some history book.  At the centre of the constitutional debate is the issue  of authority. Now most people  believe that authority is some  mystical power emanating  from the laws and leadership  ofthe country. On first glance  it appears to be some power  residing in the hands of those  at the top and dispersed with  some kind of God-given right  down amongst the people who  are obliged to obey. The fact  is that with all of their pious  pronouncements, the politicians know this just isn't so.  They are fully aware that  authority resides not at the top  of the heap but with the  bottom, with the demos, the  mob. It is from us petty folks  that the real authority flows  and while they would never  admit to the fact, the first  ministers  know and   under  stand this political fact of life.  That fact, more than anything explains why the pro.  vincial premiers and the  federal government have been  at one another's throats these  past six months, and more  than that, why the bloodletting has been so public.  These leaders have been so  outspoken because.they aren't:  quite sure yet what the people  are thinking and, more importantly, what we will accept.  If authority was a simple  matter of passing laws and  assuming they will be obeyed,  the federal government, would  have whipped up a -constitution years ago. They  would have written up the  document and said, "Here is  your constitution people, obey  its laws and principles because we are in authority and  we say this must be so,"  No leader in his right mind  is so naive as to believe this  could happen.  The fact of the matter is that  the Canadian constitution, the  bill of rights, the common  goals and purpose of thc  country already exists. It  resides in the collective  consciousness of the people  and all the political speechifying is simply an a tempt on  the part of the leadei s to tease  out that collective consciousness so it can be stated and  written down. The provincial  leaders are listening a lot  harder than they are talking.  They arc trying to figure out;  just exactly what the people  will accept. Of course if they  ever do figure it out and get  it written down they will take  the credit along with the  historical footnote.  I'm nol exactly sure what  purpose will be served in  writing down the common  principle of our people.  Certainly if they had been  written in 1920 or 1940 or  1960 they would not have  served as well for 1980.  Our country, and our people  have changed a great deal and  what our grandfathers would  have accepted is no doubt  much different than what we  will accept.  No matter what it is that our  leaders tell us we believe  in, one hopes that it will  satiate their lust for statesmanship. Perhaps when the  constitutional issue has been  resolved our leaders will get  back to following us again.  Maybe at best we can hope  that after going through the  exercise, the politicians will  come to know us well enough  that they will be able to serve  our interests better.  mmm  m^m* m  Coast News, August 26, 1980  SuperAfolu  SUNNYCREST CENTRE  Better���\bu Bet  100% Locally Owned & Operated  "What America needs now is a return to old spiritual values". . . .  Letters to the Editor  Pygmies with long shadows  Editor:  The public "right to know"  begs that the reported sayings  of Chairman Dave are quite  unfounded, inasmuch as he  appears to require a vote  to vote on a motion (quite daft)  in order to adhere to the  childishly simple rules governing regional board voting,  i.e. proportional, mandatory  under the Municipal Act  which he rules "out of order"  as "we have never done it  like that before", also untrue.  The recently issued copy of  the act has quietly deleted  the two third majority rule  except for the setting of  meetings.  According to chairman ���  Dave's sayings the intent of  the municipal act has been  perverted now Director "C"  Sechelt Alderman Lee has four  votes is pure kneejerk ma-  larkey. Sechelt has and had  one vote. Area "C" has and  had three votes. From Chairman Dave's arithmetic Lee  has four Sechelt votes and  presumably four "C" votes,  total eight votes. The fact is  Lee will vote three with Aid.  Stelck's one and vice versa  where the mutual interests of  "C" and Sechelt are involved.  The Municipal Act needs no  interpretation, is written in  simple English, and will not  be gainsaid or dictatorily  refuted by a chairman who so  frequently appears not to be  very well versed in its contents.  Speaking of which, no  public report appeared of my  challenge of the Shah of Iran  style entourage taken to  Victoria, which could have  done by one person fit to sit  in the board room, and cost us  $500 more than needed,  prompting a Chairman Dave  saying "as long as I am  Chairman I will take who I  like". Such Maypole games  would not be harmful if it did  not prompt such uneasy  questions as how much public  money was wasted, and if we  can spare two highly paid  public servants away from  their desks, did we need them  in the first place?  The reported remarks of  past Alderman Hall's re  Lee's clean political hands, as  objectionable, is a very curious insight. Plato echoed by  Disraeli said "the cleverest  thing in politics is to be  honest and straight". Recently Area "C" and Sechelt  electors, God bless them,  seem to have known this. I  Appreciation expressed  Editor:  Sechelt Detachment of the  RCMP and the Search &  Rescue Group wish to express  their thanks and appreciation  to all the volunteers who took  part in thc search for Marnie  Jamieson.  In particular we would like  to thank thc Sunshine Coast  Regional District for making  available Iheir various maps,  the Sechelt Senior Citizens  Association and the Pender  Harbour Legion for the use of  their halls for command posts  and to Diane Strom and her  group for organizing so many  volunteers from thc Gibsons  area.  Search Coordinators  Bill Lawson  Robert Allen  Crisis Centre needed  Editor:  I am requesting that thc  municipalities, councils and  regions from Powell River to  Port Mellon start a feasibility  study for the need of a Coast  Crisis Centre.  The Director of Vancouver  Crisis Center. Mr. Gary Mavis,  suggests that thc need be  assessed now. Crisis calls from  the coast arc increasing to the  Vancouver Crisis Center which  is overloaded with local calls.  It is vital that lonely,  troubled and depressed people  have a communication link.  The long-distance call to the  burdened Vancouver Crisis  Center is not the answer for thc  coast.  I ask lhal anyone who views  a Crisis Center for the Coast a  necessary community service  contact their area representative or Regional District.  Sincerely  Mrs. Velma Reed  aatKSlMOBooBBaaoooBoonaoMtaoaaaoK  The Gibsons  Meat Market  ��� We Guarantee Service  ��� Quality Freshness  "No Surprises"  Stock Up Your Freezer!  FREEZER ORDERS  are our SPECIALTY!  see exciting progressive times  ahead for them and thank  them for letting me be a part  of such times. During the next  sixteen months they can look  to me to "work my butt off".  I will put up, or shut up.  Once again, Editor, thank  you for your donation of space,  paper, ink and time in the  public cause, as I said during  election I will work toward  regular public press and  public forums, and am delighted to find in Mayor Koch  a similar interest. As little  local politicians we should  reflect on the words of Irwin  Chargraff, just brought to  mind by Darlene Marzari  "that such pygmies should  cast such long shadows, only  shows how late in the day  it has become", and govern  ourselves accordingly.  Sincerely,  Charles Lee,  Regional Director and  Alderman.  T-  worm, warmer, warmest   ?  daniadown  Chase Wmlei chills amay w  i Dinli  cor linen ill  igy and bH'eeol  tedious Dedmikmg fotever Ask aboul out unittue  guarantee ol mvtrwti We have a constantly lipinding  selection oldesnjnsmpeirnapri'SSijerr,,ile'j and muslins  I lie fler n i at t rig poSSitiiMies ate endless  Matching drape service availaOle Please contact us lor  our colour brocftuie and cuss Canada dealer list - Buy  Canadian  fi daniadown quirts ltd  %|R    Vancouver Be        Established 1967  r    SUNSHINE INTERIORS  NOHTH ID. 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Explosion,  Lightening,  Fal-   slide, outright los  ling Object, Glass breakage,   dental   breakage  Rupture  &   Water   Escape,    included.  Smoke,   Theft,   Riot,   Van-       Next week we \  daltsm   &    Malicious   acts,    how   to   remedy,  Transportation.   Windstorm    degree, this situati  SUNSH1NR COAST INSURANCE AGENCIE  Box 375, Cowrie Street  Credit Union Building  Sechelt. B.C. VON 3A0  885-2291  41>V'T.  of  these  crtain ex-  >u will sec  ur policy.  >ur policies  at some of  jerils, such  "lood.land-  and acci-  are   not  vill discuss  to  some  on.  SLTD.  Quality Meats        Prices Effective: Tues. - Sat. 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The village of Minstrel  Island lies at the mouth of  Knight Inlet near Tribune  Channel, 200 odd miles north  of Vancouver. It is scarcely a  prepossessing place, despite  its importance as a steamship  stop, mail pick-up, supply  depot and watering hole for  the many gyppo camps that  fan out around it. There just  isn't much to this limberlost  hamlet sulking in its small,  bottle-cluttered bay: an arthritic hotel dating back to the  turn of the century; an all-  purpose general-store of newer vintage; two miniscule  cafes; a battered, barn-like  community-hall; a clutter of  ragamuffin shacks and shanties. But if Minstrel is short on  any sort of imposing facade, it  is long on legend.  The very name of the place  is reputed to have been coined  when a blackface minstrel  troupe was stranded here in  the early days. Proponents of  this whimsical theory, cite  other place names in the area  such as Bones Bay and Negro  Point. However apocryphal  this yarn may be, it is a  colourful one to juggle with.  There are many such yarns  bruited about in the small,  no-frills beer-parlour, heart of  Minstrel's sketchy social life.  Here the loggers and fishermen gather to drink unchilled  hcer from the bottle, butt their  roll-your-owns in sardine-tin  ash-trays and keep the tall  tales coming. Most of the  stories deal with the exploits  of various eccentric characters  who have landed up in these  parts at one time or another.  Pages from a Life-Log  Peter Trower  Some were brawlers and one  old-timer recalls a thunderous  set-to between the famous  logger, Johnny on the Spot  and a huge faller, that began  in the bar and ended on the  dock with Johnny bloodily  triumphant. But most were  known for other feats and.  peculiarities apart from fighting ability. There was the  bearded recluse who showed  up once a month for supplies  and always paid for them with  a brand new hundred-dollar  bill. It was rumoured that he  either forged them or was  living on the profits of some  forgotten robbery. No one,  including the police, ever  learned the truth.  And there was the garrulous  old boozer who lurched into  the pub one night, claiming  that he had been attacked  by a cougar and had dispatched it with nothing but a  stick. The man in question was  known to be a notorious liar  and his claim was scornfully  dismissed. The next day  however, someone decided to  check on his story and the  body of the dead cat was,  discovered along a trail. It  had indeed been slain with an  improvised club and the man  became something of a hero  for a time.  Minstrel Island even boasts  its own home-grown murder  story. It involves a fisherman  called Spitz. Spitz, by all  accounts a rough and drunken  man, lived aboard his grubby  Green & Flowering Plants,  Cut  Flowers & Arrangements.  Dried Flowers, Gifts.  Deliveries across Ihe Peninsula  0  Gibsons  SoaJum Jlotwu S Giki  886-2316  boat with an Indian woman  whom he was given to mistreating when in his cups.  Word of this situation reached  the woman's relatives in Alert  Bay and several of the men  decided to right it. They  arrived in Minstrel one night  and waylaid the fisherman. It  is unlikely that more than a  beating was actually intended  but in the ensuing struggle,  Spitz was killed. The Indians  apparently panicked, took, the  body aboard their own boat  and threw it overboard several  miles away. They neglected  to weight it down and when  the tide changed, the corpse  drifted sure as a homing  pigeon, right back to Minstrel  where it was found bobbing  incriminatingly beside the  dock, the following day.  Despite this, there were no  witnesses to the killing and  the case remained unsolved  for almost twenty years. At  that time, one of the Indians  involved decided to confess for  reasons of his own and the  whole business came to light.  No charges were ever laid.  Such are the legends of  Minstrel. There are many  more.  Davie Grogan is neither a  brawler, a cougar-slayer nor  a murder victim but he is  destined to achieve a certain  minor notoriety in the Minstrel Island annals for all that.  It is a late-fall day in 1950  and I am sitting in the drab  beer-parlour with its bare,  scarred, pictureless walls. My  companion is a newly-immigrated Irishman called Paddy  Flynn and though you'd never  guess it, we are both looking  for work. The A-frame show at  which we were both employed  until a few days ago has been  shut down for snow. It is still  over a month to Christmas and  I am hoping to augment my  winter stake with a few more  weeks   at  some   lower-level  camp. The Minstrel pub  functions as a sort of unofficial  hiring-agency for the sixty-  odd gyppos in the near-  vicinity. But the boys are  hanging tough this close to  the year's end and the prospects are not too rosy. I figure  I will hang around one more  day and then head for Vancouver.  It is a Tuesday and the bar  is almost deserted except for  a couple of fishermen arguing  half-heartedly in one corner  and Abie Stein, the unlikely  Jewish owner, presiding glumly behind his makeshift  bar. "Ah, she's not after  being like the pubs at home"  observes my Irish friend'with  a sigh.  A raffish-looking character  enters with a thirsty look.  I have noticed him around the  village before. He is somewhere in his forties, a lean,  lank-haired man with a wea-  therbeaten face full of wry  humour. Paddy evidently  knows him. "About time you  was up, Grogan"he says.  "Sit yerself down and buy a  round."  I assume he is just another  logger in the same boat as  ourselves but it turns out that  Davie Grogan is a businessman of sorts. "Hell, I've had  enough ofthe goddam bush",  he declares. "I'm running that  restoorant across the bay now.  Matter of fact, I'm looking for  a short-order cook. Either one  of you boys be interested?"  "Not me", says Paddy.  "I've got a line on a camp-  watching job for the winter.  Don't know about me friend  here."  "Christ! I'm no cook",  I protest.  "Nothing to her, son",  insists Grogan. "Just bacon  and eggs mostly and the odd  can of Campbell's soup.  Ain't no goormays around  this goddam place I"  I continue to protest my  inadequacies but Grogan is  tenacious. After a few more  beers, I find I have been  talked into taking a stab at  it. To be continued  Sunshine Coast  Insurance Agency Ltd.  The Sechelt Motor Vehicle Branch has moved to  the new Government Agent's Office situated in  Ste. 102, Teredo Square, Sechelt.  We will continue to handle your Autoplan  renewals, transfers, license plates and  decals.  We also offer a full range of Residential &  Commercial insurances as well as Life &  Mortgage Insurances.  We thank you for your patronage and hope that  we may continue to be of service to you for many  years to come.  Cowrie Street, Sechelt  885-2291  A subsidiary of  Sunshine Coast  Credit Union  'I.C.B.C.  Senior Citizen  Program  Elliiigham s  *   Astrology  Robert Wuhl in a wolf mask leads a group of young men in an  explosion of hilarious pranks on Halloween night, 1965, In "The  Hollywood Knights".  At the Twilight  Wednesday, Thursday and  Friday this week the Twilight  Theatre features "Hie Holly-  wood Knights", an outrageous comedy in the tradition of  the overwhelmingly successful  American Graflttl.  The Hollywood KnlghU is  set in 1965 and recounts the  uproarious events of a Hallowe'en night as the "Hollywood Knights", a typical "car  club" ofthe Sixties, gets even  with the Beverley Hills Home  Owners Association for having  razed the club's hangout,  Tubby's Drive-In.  Starring newcomer Robert  Wuhl and Tony Danza of the  popular TV series T��l,' The  Hollywood Knights is sure to  strike a responsive chord in  anyone who spent a good  portion of their youth sitting in  the parking-lots of places like  Tubby's, comparing chrome-  laden hot rods, munching  french-fries and feeling misunderstood.  This Columbia Pictures  release also features Fran  Drescher, Moosie Drier, Leigh  French and Richard Schaal.  As with American Graflttl, the  soundtrack of The Hollywood  Knights, a compilation of  rock-n-roll hits of the middle  Sixties, will be released by  Casablanca Records.  The Hollywood Knights is  rated R and carries a warning:  Frequent coarse language;  some nudity and suggestive  scenes.  From Saturday August 30 to  Tuesday September 2, the  Twilight Theatre features The  Octagon, starring Chuck Nor-  ris, Lee Van Clcef and Karen  Carlson.  Audiences will recognize  Van Cleef as the snake-eyed  villain who tangled with Clint  Eastwood in a series of  successful "spaghetti- westerns", Like Bruce Dern,  Van Cleef is a vastly underrated character actor who has  been buried in two dimensional villainous roles by  Hollywood for years. Only in  recent years has he begun to  get meatier, if still villainous,  roles that enable him to  demonstrate his range as an  actor.  In The Octagon Van Cleef is  teamed with Chuck Norris,  another veteran of action  pictures of a slightly different  genre. Norris has played a  number of lead roles in  "samurai westerns", which  feature oriental martial arts in  place of the familiar blazing  six-guns.  In The Octagon Norris pits  his skills against a mysterious  organization resembling the  ancient Japanese "ninjas"  who were mercenary masters  of a wide range of martial arts  and unusual weapons.  The Octagon will have a  strong appeal for martial arts  fans, but carries the warning:  Frequent violence and occasional nudity. Not suitable  for children.  Next week, Star Wan fans  on the Sunshine Coast can  look forward to the second  episode of what could be an  ongoing series of Star Wan  sequels; The Empire Strike*  Back.  Labour Day Postal Service  Postal facilities throughout  British Columbia and the  Yukon will be closed on  Monday, September 1, in  observation ofthe Labour Day  holiday.  There will be no mail deliveries on this holiday, with the  exception of special delivery  items. i  Street letter box collections  will be made on a "Sunday  Service" basis.  Full postal service will  resume Tuesday, September 2.  by Rae Ellingham  Week  commencing  August  26th.  General Notes:  Action-planet Mars enters  secretive Scorpio indicating a  favourable six-weeks period  for activities linked to research,  investigation, probing, digging  and sifting for hidden facts and  information. News stories will  uncover scandals, schemes,  plots and international conspiracies.  Babies born during this Mars  transit may become successful  surgeons,   detectives,   public  prosecutors or coroners.  ARIES (March 21 - April 19)  Prepare to investigate other  people's financial circumstances, including close associate's ability to handle shared  resources. Shop around for  best deals on loans, mortgages  or insurance. Expect unusual  or drastic domestic decisions  on Thursday. Co-workers are  anxious to discuss in detail the  merits of new methods or  procedures.  TAURUS (April 20 - May 20)  It's time to examine carefully  any upcoming partnership or  business agreements. Realize  loved one, close associates,  competitors will be more  aggressive, quick to argue,  ready to defend thoughts and  actions. Current daily routines  may be scrapped thanks to  exciting Thursday message.  The pursuit of pleasures soon  requires extra journeys, phone  calls and correspondence.  GEMINI (May 21 - June 21)  Employment scene or where  you perform daily services  faces inspections and checkups. Proud co-workers may  resent enquiries into levels of  production or efficiency. Time-  sheets, cash records will be  subject to scrutiny. Anticipate  unusual, risky cash transaction  Thursday evening. Increased  paper-work is linked to property, rental or real estate matters.  CANCER (June 22 - July 22)  Venus in your sign squaring  Pluto says beware ruthless  admirer or person preoccupied  with the sensuous side of  current involvement. Others  now find you magnetic, flirtatious, erotic and irresistible.  Say no to fascinating, late-  night Thursday caller. July 11-  13 birthdays hit peak popularity. Ask yourself whether  latest social activity brings Ihe  enjoyment you expected.  LEO (July 23 - Aug. 22)  Accent is on busier domestic  activities. Get ready to scrutinize documents and deeds  linked to land, property, real  estate or rental agreements.  You'll be in the mood lo  extend, remodel or decorate  existing living quarters. Guard  home against fire and vandals  for the next six weeks. Stay  away  from  secret  meetings,  Features:  LUNCHEON  SALAD BAR/BUFFET  ���'W  i#_5~.  ��� i      ^Lwm. i  '1  ^  wks'W  Mon. ft Tues: Salad Bar  Wed., Thur*. ft Fri: Salad Bar plus  Hot Boast Beef ft Seafood Buffet  11 am.- 2:30pm.  Y*  Nr  Country Blues  - Blue Grass  Thur*. - Sat., Mon. ft Tues.  Aug. 28th ��� 30th, Sept. 1st ft 2nd  8 p.m.- midnight  886-9815  forbidden places Thursday  night.  VIRGO (Aug. 23 - Sept, 22)  The Sun, Mercury, Jupiter  and Saturn all in your sign find  you generous, extra talkative,  optimistic and sensible. Your  Virgo ability to search, sift and  study hidden facts and figures  becomes super sharp. Consider  carefully acquaintance's original but drastic financial  proposal, Thursday. Short I  trips, highway driving need  more concentration throughout September.  LIBRA (Sept. 23 - Oct. 23)  Anticipate a close examination of your personal finances,  possessions and most valuable  assets. Hold on to those goods,  items, documents which are  rightfully yours. Turn the  tables and investigate ihe  investigator. Expect sudden  but stimulating change in your  position or job prospects on  Thursday. Keep promise to  person confined to home or  hospital.  SCORPIO (Oct. 24 - Nov. 22)  Mars enters your sign heralding the start of a new, two-  year action cycle. Now's the  time to launch those well-  planned projects or activities.  Oct. 24 - 31 birthdays are first  to feel fresh surge of energy and  courage. Thursday message  from far away reveals sudden  ending of old conditions.  Prepare for discussions with  local groups and officials.  SAGITTARIUS (Nov. 23 -  Dec. 21)  Spend the next few weeks  planning ways to unearth secret  matters which others have kepi  hidden. Prepare to infiltrate,  explore restricted areas and  expose double-dealing, falseness and fakers. Joint financial  venture changes course, necessitates revised goals on Thur-  day. Now'sthetimelo mail job  applications or arrange confidential chat with the boss.  CAPRICORN (Dec. 22-Jan.  19)  Your involvement with community groups, local officials  or friend's affairs is subject' to  awkward questioning, doubtful looks and comments. You'll  be advised to quit time-wasting  association with disreputable  companions or hangers-on.  Loved one is anxious to try  something different, more  exciting Thursday evening.  Expect an increase in longdistance communications.  AQUARIUS (Jan. 20 - Feb.  18)  Prepare to defend your  honour, position, business or  professional interest during the  next six weeks. Boss or supervisor plans to scrutinize your  career credentials or documents related to your recent  accomplishments. There's talk  of completely revised job-scene  methods and procedures on  Thursday. Romantic involve-  Please turn to Page Five. Off the shelf  A book from our backyard  Coast News, August 26, 1980  by John Moore  John Nichols' The MUagro  Beanfleld Wv is one of those  novels you wish would never  end. It's been around since  1974, when it was originally  published by Random House,  but I missed it on its first  go-round and still didn't pay  any attention when it was  issued in paperback by Ballan-  tine Books in 1976.  I've reached the point  where the bi-annual tidal wave  of trash issued in paperback  sends me climbing to the  library rafters until the flood  recedes and I leave it to my  friends to beachcomb the  racks for salvageable reading  matter. In this case, The  MUagro Beanfleld War was  recommended by Richard  Abrams and Allan Crane  within a week of one another.  Briefly, for the novel runs to  some 630 pages, the story is  set in the southwestern United  States, in the small town of  Milagro, where the traditional  water rights of the Chicano  subsistence farmers in the  northern part of the state have  been systematically eroded or  legally stolen by a cabal of  developers working hand-in-  glove with the state water  engineer and the governor.  Originally, the water was  required to serve large commercial farms in the irrigated  deserts to the south, but the  latest dam planned for the  area involves the creation of  a water district that will see  the taxes of the poor Chicano  population in effect paying  for a water system that will  enable local millionaire developer Ladd Devine the  Third to create a lush resort  and golf course on land bought  for a song from Chicano  farmers who lost their water  rights in the legal shuffle.  Everything is rolling along  smoothly for the developers,  with the Chicanos resentful  but resigned to their lot, until  one of their number, thirty-six  year old handyman, hustler  and n'er-do-well, Joe Mon-  dragon, out of sheer perversity as much as anything  else, takes a hoe in hand and  begins to illegally irrigate  his father's old beanfleld.  The developers, bureaucrats and politicians are  quicker to understand the  symbolic significance of this  lousy acre of beans than the  people of Milagro, whose  initial reaction ranges from  "Ai, Chihuahua!" to "What's  that little half-pint son of a  bitch want to cause so much  trouble for?"  The developers and politicians decide to move  cautiously and clandestinely,  fearful of creating a martyr  around whom the populace  might rally. They could hardly  move more cautiously than the  largely illiterate and suspicious people of Milagro,  and the result is a hilarious  phoney-war of ineptitude and  lunatic guerrilla tactics that  had me laughing out loud as  I haven't done since reading  Catch 22.  The plot of The Milagro  Beanfleld War is determined  largely by the characters  themselves. The fiesty maniac  Joe Mondragon, an unwilling  hero and even more unwilling  martyr of the "beanfleld  war", is regularly eclipsed by  such characters as Amarante  Cordova, the ninety odd year  old alcoholic former sheriff of  Milagro who has obstinately  survived almost every disease  known to man, outlived  most of his children, and still  proves to be a crackshot with  an old Colt Peacemaker he's  barely strong enough to aim.  Foremost among the cast of  subsidiary characters are Sef-  erino Pacheco and his enormous sow; Scferino is perpetually in search of his  beloved but errant pig whose  destructiveness, agressive-  ness and indestructibility are  legendary in the community.  Pacheco's pig, which reappears as a running gag in  the novel, also turns out to be  the catalyst in the "beanfleld  war".  Add to that Onofre Martinez, the one-armed Staur'o-  lite Baron with the vicious  three-legged German Shepherd, who persistently and  deliberately violates the towns  one parking-meter and tears  up the tickets and whose  missing arm, which he claims  was eaten by butterflies  has a life of its own.  Known as "El Brazo Onofre", the invisible arm is  Milagro's chief gremlin. Used  by parents to frighten children  into good behaviour, the  ghostly arm also has some  other eerie habits, like playing  boogie-woogie piano, writing  threatening letters to Ladd  Devine the Third and dabbling  in illegal midnight beanfleld  irrigation.  The MUagro Beanfleld War  isn't just a funny book: it's  a hopeful and compassionate  portrait of disadvantaged,  disunited people finding the  courage to fight a battle  even they don't think they can  win and discovering that the  only thing that beats a royal  flush is a damn good bluff.  All for now.  by George Cooper  Timmy the West Coast Tug by  Jeremy Moray. Illustrated by  Dee Gale. Freedom 79 Publications, Vancouver. L980  $6.95.  A children's book set right in  our own saltwater backyard  and illustrated with more than  a dozen colour plates is a good  step in the development of  book publishing on our west  coast. But apart from the  unique setting the story text by  Moray does not measure up to  even the least demanding  criteria.  Moray has allowed three or  four of his characters to  shoulder Timmy, his main  character, right out of the plot  picture. Timmy needs to be in  full control of his captain and  crew who he has some use for,  and certainly ofthe hangers-on  like Simon thc Seagull, and  Matilda, the cat. How else can  a main character resolve the  difficulties he runs into? But the  plot is quite bland, like cream  of wheat without sugar, and  even then the minor characters  guide Timmy through his  difficulties. One might suspect  Moray is more interested in  producing a profitable series  than he is devoted to entertaining children. He has yet to  learn the story-teller's art.  The illustrations, on the  other hand, bring the animal  Carefree gardening  by Sandy Loam  Most gardeners are considering their gardens right  now with a critical eye. What  has lived up to last spring's  sunny hopes and what has  been a complete flop, to be  removed and forgotten. Almost all gardeners are optimistic by nature and will  overlook small disasters, always looking happily ahead  to the misty glories of next  year.  This year many were quite  bitter about confusion in the  Marguerite family. Marguerites are single yellow daisies.  They are reliable in the garden  no matter what the weather  situation and will last weeks  as cut flowers, indoors.  They are a regular stand-by  mast for every garden. This  year and last, most of the  plant shops were offering  the blasted 'double' Marguerite which looks and acts like  a small Chrysanthemum. Unless the plant has a flower you  can see when you are buying,  this mix-up is difficult to avoid  as the leaves are almost  identical. The double Marguerite has long twisted  sloppy stems and it flops  over immediately into neighbouring plants. It does not  Astrology cont'd  ment   with  co-worker  looks  intense, risky, exciting. Phone  calls   are  linked  to  other  people's financial moves.  PISCES (Feb. 19 - Mar. 20)  Looks like your personal  opinions, religious or spiritual  beliefs may be subject to  unnecessary probing and analysis. Refuse to be browbeaten  by armchair philosopher professing the so-called answer.  Stick by the faith you know  works for you. Social or  romantic side-trip requires  caution and common sense  Thursday. Loved one or close  associate is ready to discuss  strengths and weaknesses ofthe  relationship you both share.  even come close to the perfection of the single, either as  a garden plant or as a cut  flower. This Marguerite mix-  up began last year and  worsened this year. By worsened, I mean, I And several  in my own garden in spite of  being aware of the problem  and on guard in doing my  selecting. There is simply  no way to judge by leaf alone  and the Plant shop people  were as confused as anyone,  selling one for the other and  labelling all "Marguerite".  Next year I hope they will  label 'single' or 'double' or  better yet do not seed for any  of the doubles. The same  should go for the wholesalers.  Please.  Autumn is a good time to  purchase and plant spring  flowering shrubs. The soil is  still warm and they will have  plenty of time to establish  their roots and settle in for  spring blooming. For the truly  Fatality  Former local boy Billy Ray  Fewell, aged 16 years, was  instantly killed on Friday  August 22, at I pm. when water  skiing behind his uncle's boat.  Another boat struck him after  he had fallen in the water.  A memorial service was held  Sunday in Glad Tidings Temple in Vancouver. Billy attended school at Temple Academy.  He lived in Gibsons off and  on for twelve years.  lazy gardener shrub gardening requires no flower  beds and very little edging, if  any, and you will get plenty of  colour each and every spring.  Budgets must be considered  and since we all go overboard  in our spring buying it is wise  to pick up shrubs and evergreens in the fall and reserve  spring money for extravagance with annuals and perennials.  Now is a good time for  splitting and dividing perennial plants including peonies and you will be sure not  to lose a season's flowering.  I hope everyone has noticed  our magnificent Summer Lilacs. They are a tall many  flowered wild shrub with long  purple lilac-like blooms. If  looked at close up each tiny  purple flower has a minute  flaming orange heart. This is  a Tibetan butterfly bush  and will spread nicely if  pruned after flowering. We  are very fortunaie to have  these lovely shrubs growing  wild along our coast.  Think Spring and happy  garden planning.  tr~J���* "  Gibsons Public  library  Tuesday  2-4p.m.  Wednesday  2-4p.m.  Thursday 2-4 & 7-9pm.  Saturday 2-4 p.m.  886-2130  ��=  OPEN 7 DAYS A WEEK  Mon.-Sat.: 9 a.m. -6 p.m.  Fridays until 9 p.m.  Sunday.: Noon til 4 p.m.  PRESCRIPTION  DELIVERY  within the boundaries of  the Village ol Gibsons  to all Seniors  65 years or over.  MAXWELL'S  PHARMACY  Cedar Plaza, Gibsons  Call Jim or Haig lor into  886-61581    A  Tennis anyone?  We can help you make this a  common household question. Let  B.A. Blacktop put a great playing  surface on that waste area on your  land. Whether you want full tennis  courts, properly lined and fenced, or  just an enlarged driveway area for  basketball practice, B.A. can level it  by grading or filling, top it off with  the finest quality surface available,  curb it, drain it, and even " JET  SEAL" it to protect against such  things as oil and gas spills.  PAVING OF  INDUSTRIAL SITES  ROADS  PARKING AREAS  TENNIS COURTS  Also grading, gravel sales,  soil cement, drainage  & curbs.  B.A. BLACKTOP  Porpoise Bay Road, Sechelt, B.C.  885-5151  OB  ��  Head Office: P.O. Box 86340, North Vancouver, B.C. 985-0611  "Quality service since 1956"  AMALGAMATED  MEMBER     JS&a  *UCKTOP!  CONSTR. ASSN.  and people characters humourously alive. A couple of the  people scenes���particularly the  ones of the disconsolate mother  sitting amidships in thc family  rowboat enduring hours of  unrewarding fishing by her  menfolk���have a whiff of the  l.en Norris spice. Dee Gale  could well do her own books.  Recently the Vancouver  press reported a list of trivialities the Ministry of Education had given for not  recommending Timmy, the  West Coast Tug for use in  schools. Some of these were:  too many long place names in  the text and. in one of the  illustrations, a catapult in a  small boy's back pocket. Well,  an eight-year old neighbour  boy going into grade three was  asked to read portions of our  copy. He had no trouble with  Nanaimo, Gambier, Powell  River, but stumbled over  "there" and "then". And with  just a moment's hesitation he  got "planetarium". How does  the Ministry of Education  determine what words kids can  and can't read?  Our choice of trivial reasons  for banning this book? Timmy  was "woken" up for awakened���a dreadful occasional  British use, certainly not North  American.  rro  t  Teredo Square - Sechell. B.C  Haul* - Jimidq    7:30 la. -. S fa 885-9962  Itdui 1t*k -   SmUvut &* Stukm 7 30 - 10 fa  Simdmf 7:30 ax -6 fa       FRESH BAKING DAILY  Q  FREE  at  S3  -'-::::::_:::::::-;;.v. :,. :::  :::.::-: :.WWVWX-.-X:\-\ ' :��� .  TIRE STORE  ��� ADVICE  ��� ESTIMATES  ��� MOUNTING  (with purchase)  ��� COFFEE  COME SEE US  FOR YOUR TIRE NEEDS  CHARGEX  885-3155  SECHELT  Corner of Wharf & Dolphin Sts  8fi  25% OFF  ALL  SCHOOL SUPPLIES  TILL SEPT. 15  WE HAVE THE RECOMMENDED RANDOM  HOUSE PAPER BACK DICTIONARIES.  PEOPLE COME FIRST AT  PRICES EFFECTIVE: WED. AUG. 27TH TO SAT. AUG. 30TH  vdl  Carnation  BR0CERY  EVAPORATED MlUUmi, 2/79'  K,,IUn A   /I-**  CAT FOOD so: 2/59'  Red Rose  TEA BAGS so. 4.69  Money's  MUSHROOM   SOUP ����. 2/79'  Betty Crocker  CAKE MIXES 5.o,m$1.09  Kraft  MIRACLE WHIP 500*11 99'  Northern Gold  GRANOLA BARS     275,. 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We hope to  carry on some ol the projects  they started.  Also leaving Port Mellon are  Bruce and Rulh McClocklin  and lamily. I hey will reside at  Langdale. We hope they enjoyed their stay at Port Mellon.  Leslie Bishop hosted a I up-  perwarc Parly. Louise Palmer  demonstrated both new and  familiar products. Everyone  enjoyed the party and thc  refreshments made by Leslie.  The annual Canfor fishing  derby and barbecue is scheduled for Monday September  1st at Seaside. There will be  games and races for the children. It should be a fun filled day  for all. Tickets may be purchased at thc gate house by  Canfor employees.  It is time once again to start  thinking aboul fall projects.  Let's try to schedule an event  for everynighl at the hall. Bring  all your suggestions to the  Community Association meeting on September 8.  The library will be open on  more days during the school  months. This will enable the  students as well as parents to  make better use of I he selection  of books.  We are having a bazaar in  November. Time is passing  quickly and wc hope to have a  lot of items. Wc hope Ihe Teens  will contribute again. They did  an excellenl job at thc last  ba/aar.  Egmont News  by Jon Van Arsdell  Thank God the gardens  have finally made it. Cora,  peas, beans, lettuce, chard  abound aplenty, all the others  too. Although I am sure that  you people down the coast a  bit get nothing but red tomatoes, the odd year in  Egmont produces nothing but  green. This year looks like a  red year.  Iris Griffiths made the  Province on Wednesday for  her activities on Tuesday of  this week. She was on Texada  Island to participate in a  demonstration against Hydro's cheeky line and was  arrested for standing in front  of a very large bulldozer. Now  we have always considered  Iris a driving force in Egmont  but never a mischief maker.  Nevertheless, that is what the  RCMP charged her with.  It is hard to argue against  progress or a new supply of  jobs for the area, but I do  think Hydro should be involved with alternative energy  sources. Meanwhile the mischief maker of Egmont has  been released on good behaviour.  the Chuck and next to Argus)  blew it. Apparently their  regular powder man was on  leave and someone else was  literally in charge. Far too  much dynamite broke Mr.  Hill's 6'8"x6' sliding window,  rattled Ron's brains, and  almost rocked a coffee cup out  of my hand. Take it easy guys.  Almost everyone in Egmont The Egmont community  got a real blast on Friday now signs off with the con-  morning at 7.25 a.m. when tinuing story of very few  Gordon Dale Logging (through salmon and enough cod.  BUILDING?  Let ui give you our estimate on supplying your new home wilh  quality aluminum twin sealed windows - patio doors. All products  carry our Five Year Warranty.  Local manufacturing means savings to our customers,  accessible servicing)  Also ask us about our aluminum and vinyl siding, and  Installations.  PERMASEAL  Aluminum Mfg. Ltd.  Airport Rd., Sechell MS'3$3S  Knocked over mail boxes are still a problem. A llhough Ihis is usually done as a prank, police are  quick lo point out lhat there can be a serious penally for the perpetrator if caught.  |  Halfmoon Bay Happenings  Community Forum  Channel Ten  0  ff  by Roth Forrester 885-2418  Silver Wedding Celebration.  The Welcome Beach Hall  was the scene of a very happy  evening on Sat. Aug. 16th  when some seventy five family  members and guests gathered  to share the 25th wedding  anniversary of Keith and Olive  Comyn of Welcome Woods.  Master of Ceremonies for the  evening was Olive's brother  Peter Walcott from Delta  who welcomed the guests  as they sat down to enjoy a  delicious dinner which had  been prepared by a group of  the ladies of the Welcome  Beach Community Assocn.  Oldest son David Marshall of  Vernon while proposing the  toast to his parents gave a  very moving and humorous  little talk on the years that  Olive and Keith had shared  with him and brother Ron.  Relatives and friends had  come from Vernon, Kamloops,  Everett, Linwood, Vancouver  and Calgary and it wasn 't long  before everyone present felt  as though they were all  members ofthe family.  The happy couple were  presented with a small travel  case containing the gift from  those present which was a  sum of money to help towards  a trip for Keith and Olive to  Olive's homeland - England.  This has been a dream that  Olive has had for many years  and everyone present would  be happy to see this come to  pass.  After dinner entertainment  was provided by Paul Hansen  who played accordion for  dancing and singing to wind  up a most delightful evening.  Keith and Olive would like to  express their thanks to all who  took part in the celebration  with special mention of the  ladies who had been responsible for the lovely meal  and to Carmen Grassie who  had done such a beautiful job  of the floral arrangements on  the tables and the exquisite  settings ofthe head table.  Fall Activities Planned.  It's that time of year when  things are getting going  again for winter activities in  the area. Seems like there has  been hardly any summer and  here we are planning for the  long winter nights.  The Halfmoon Bay Hospital  Auxiliary will be meeting for  the first time since June.  Volunteer work has continued  throughout the summer even  although the group has not  met officially. However, the  first meeting is scheduled for  Tuesday Sept. 2nd at 8 p.m.  in the Welcome Beach Hall.  Normally this group meets  on the first Monday of each  month but due to the Labour  Day holiday it has been  changed for this one occasion.  It is hoped that all members  will attend this meeting as  there is much planning to be  done and the help and cooperation of everyone is really  needed. It would also be a  good opportunity for any new  residents to come and meet  your neighbours and to decide  if you would like to join the  Auxiliary. The group is always  happy to welcome new members and this is a very good  way of making new friends  and of becoming part of the  community. So don't forget -  Tuesday Sept. 1st at 8 p.m.  The Welcome Beach Community Association directors  held their meeting last week to  discuss some activities for the  season. Roy Hill will once  again be in charge of the  shuffleboard events, Keith  Comyn will take care of carpet  bowling and the ladies auxiliary will be planning the social  functions for the season.  There are also plans for a  possible bingo night once a  month as well as talk of one  evening a month for card  games. Thea Leuchte is once  again lining up the films for  the season and the first of  these will be shown on the  Thursday of Sept. 25th. There  will be more information  coming your way just as soon  as plans are finalized.  Likewise you will be hearing  more about a new programme  due to start in Sept. This will  be a fitness type of class for  the "Over fifty" ladies of the  area who would like to trim  up their bodies and enjoy the  process. The programme is  called "Body Newness" and  is designed to help us get in  touch again and to gently  re-supple the muscles. This  sounds like a very exciting  programme and I shall give  you more information as to  dates and times. Suffice at  present to say that we are very  lucky to be able to have a  highly qualified infractor by  the name of Verity Purdy of  Brooks Cove who is a former  member ofthe Royal Academy  of Dance in London England  and a member of the Imperial  Society of Teachers of Dancing. The classes will be held  at "The Hall" and there will  be limited space so early  registration is advisable.  Local  weather  Weather August 16-22,1980  Did you get caught in the  August 17th thunderstorm?  It broke suddenly, just when it  seemed the rain would let up,  accompanied by squally winds  and heavy rain. The storm  yielded l'/> cms precipitation  but otherwise it was a dry  week until Friday evening's  shower.  August 16-22 last year was  as wet, 1.92 cm to this week's  1.92 cm but the days were  mostly sunny.   ���  Thus the temperatures were  higher last year, averaging  21.5C daytime high to this  year's 19.5C with overnight  lows of 14.5C to this year's  11.5C. On two nights this  week the temperature dropped to 10.0C and Tuesday was  the warmest day at 21.0C.  Precipitation this year to date  is 66.37 cm, ten centimetres  more than at the same time  last year.  CHANNEL TEN GIBSONS  WEDNESDAY. AUGUST 27  6:30 p.m. - "Behind the Scenes  at the Beachcombers"  Produced by Kelly Henry,  this show was taped on the  roof garden at Molly's  Reach and features Hugh  Beard, the Executive Producer for the CBC series.  This program was a co-  production of Delta and  Coast Ten Television.  7:00   p.m.   -   "The   Gibsons  Marina"  Taped during the Sea  Cavalcade events, this  show features Mrs. Lorraine Goddard, Mayor of  Gibsons, and Mr. Larry  Trainor, Chairman of the  Marina Committee. This  co-production shows the  marina in the background  in beautiful colour.  7:30 p.m. - "Senior Chef  Part 12  8:00 p.m. - "Sea Cavalcade  Water Sports"  In case you missed ihis last  week, Coast Ten Television is once again presenting this very entertaining event.  9:00  p.m.  - "Sea  Cavalcade  Parade"  Join us again for thc  parade, if you missed it  jast week. Melanie Mahlman and Craig Amiel  comment on thc parade  and the participants.  CHANNEL TEN SECHELT  THURSDAY, AUGUST 28  6:30 p.m. - "Behind the Scenes  at the Beachcombers"  Produced by Kelly Henry.  this show was taped on the  roof garden at Molly's  Reach and features Hugh  Beard, the Executive Producer for the CBC series.  This program was a co-  production of Delta and  Coast Ten Television.  7:00 p.m. - "The Sunshine  Arts Centre First Year  Party"  Host Sheila Page talks  with many people involved with the Arts Centre  aswwgagaasaawpsaapasaiwasi  i �� B�� VI D-4S  AC  BUILDING  OM���aB  SUPPLIES 083-2585  FRANCIS PENINSULA PLACE  Corner of Hwy. 101 & Francis Peninsula Rd.  A special deal when you purchase a stove  and a chain saw at the same time.  | HOMELITE |  ��   STIHL  Check Our Prices! You'll Be Glad You Didy  ���*-* u>n��ti������t)tntii�� x&a-x-n-x-*  this past year. Taped on  location at the Centre in  Sechelt during the celebration.  7:30   p.m.   -   "The   Gibsons  Marina"  Taped during the Sea  Cavalcade events, this  show features Mrs. Lorraine Goddard, Mayor of  Gibsons, and Mr. Larry  Trainor, chairman of the  Marina Committee. This  co-production shows the  marina in thc background  in beautiful colour.  8:00 p.m. - "Sea Cavalcade  Water Sports"  Host Geoff Madoc-Jones  describes the many activities which took place  during the Firemen water  sports at Armours Beach.  In living colour, this event  was taped by Delta Ten  Television in cooperation  with Coast Ten Television.  V,  JANITORIAL SUPPLIES  Paper Goods, Cleaning Chemicals, Sanitation Products, Garbage Bags, etc.  WE ARE OPEN TO THE PUBLIC  Supplying a complete line of  Sanitation Products  ��� Brooms, Brushes & Mops  (Handles & Heads)  ��� Door matting (any length)  ��� Paper towel & tissue dispensors  for the Workshop  ��� All Rubbermaid products  ��� Bulk garbage bags  ��� Window Squeegee's  ��� Lambswool dusters  ��� Vacuum cleaners  (Uprights & cannisters)  ��� Commercial pot scrapers  ��� Complete line of Carpet Cleaning  chemicals & stain protecting  products.  We have a complete line or  CHEMICALS for cleaning anything  you can imagine!  Distributors for the following  manufacturers:  We are a  Complete  stocking  Warehouse.  Johnsons Wax  G.H. Wood  Clark Vacuums & Floor Equipment  Cleancare Vacuums & Floor Equipment  Avmor Chemicals  I   LEONARD SEIG0 & SON ltd  BOX 1482, SECHELT, B.C. VON 3AO     885-^ ������������  ���.->  ' 'mi  s:Vr  **  \> .-  S*-  ������1/ ��� ���"..'  iosr wee* rtere were conflicting statements made about the   credence to Ihe point of view lhat some difficulties do indeed exist  condition ofthe Pender Harbour dump. This picture would lend  as expressed by Pender Harbour residents.  Gibsons  ...and the sides of the dump road are strewn with garbage.  Meanwhile the sign which marks Ihe dump entrance is lying face down on Ihe side of Garden Bay  Road. ���-wmammmmmmmmmmm  planning  meeting  At the village planning  meeting held on August 18,  John Kavanagh, Jon McRae  and Kevin Ryan were on hand  to iron out details for the  proposed Beachcomber Hotel.  McRae stated that the Water  Rights Branch had indicated  that they would waive the setback requirement from the  creek, if the west side of the  building were to be erected two  feet above the flood level. The  Planner recommended that a  written approval should be  obtained from the Waters  Rights Branch before this was  discussed further.  There is still a deficiency of  14 parking spaces allowed for  in the plans. This is a result of  12 1/2 of the parking spots  being delegated to small vehicles. As the committee has  already made a concession of  20 parking spaces associated  with the banquet room facilities, it was felt that they should  look into other zoning by-laws  to determine a proper allowable percentage for small cars.  Robert Reid the owner ofthe  site ofthe old pool hall,advised  the planning committee that he  had a potential buyer for his  townhouse project and he  wished to continue with his  application for a foreshore  lease.  It was felt lhat since Reid was  selling the property, the application for the lease should not  be given approval, lt was noted  by Mayor Goddard at a later  council meeting, that the lease  was not turned down. It was  simply not given approval  under the present circumstances.  Volunteers needed  "The Extented Care Unit at  St. Mary's is looking for  volunteers to come share their  talents and skills. We would  appreciate hearing from any  local musicians, dancers, jugglers, puppeteers, story tellers,  etc. who may have a free hour  to visit and entertain the  Extended Care residents.  Anyone interested in teaching  his or her craft or hobby, please  contact Evi Blueth, Activity  Aide, 885-2224 Local 14 or 15,  or 886-7139.  Capuchino  & Espresso  A different  SPECIAL DINNER  every day.  We pack Hearty Lunches!  SUE CLAYTON  Vocalist ��� Guitarist  Fri. & Sat., Aug. 29 & 30   from 7 pm.   OPEN 7 DAYS A WEEK  Opening  new doors  fcnto small  Ubusiness  Financial assistance  Management counselling  Management training  Information on government  programs for business  On Wed., September 3rd.  one of our representatives  will be at  BELLA BEACH MOTEL  Sechelt   Tel: 885-9561  If you require financing to start, modernize or  expand your business and are unable to  obtain II elsewhere on reasonable terms and  conditions or If you are Interested in the  FBDB management services ol counselling  and training or wish Information on  government programs available lor your  business, talk to our representative.  FEDERAL  BUSINESS  DEVELOPMENT BANK  145 West 15th Street,   North Vancouver, B.C    980-6571  FVnder opinion  Coast News, August 26, 1980  bv Robi Peter*  What is a PFD you say?  It's a personal flotation  device, in other words a life-  jacket or life preserver.  With the warm weather  here this week it's a good time  to see if your PFDs will hold  you up when needed.  If it's your size and has  the correct buoyancy your  head and top of shoulders  should be out of the water. If  not, you need a new one.  If you have small children  it is especially important that  the devices fit well and hold  the head out of water, lt is  a good idea to get a child used  to being in a PFD in water.  We did a small experiment  at the pool this spring with our  parent and tots class. We  asked the parents to bring  the PFD they used on the boat  and test them. The findings  were quite surprising - One  almost new vest on one of the  children did not keep the child  far enough out of water to be  any use, also there was the  possibility of the child rolling  forward and floating face  down. Another one was too  big. It almost slipped off and  over the child's head. One of  the best types were with  collars (held even an 8-months  head up beautifully) it also  had a strap back to front  between legs to prevent it  slipping up.  One thing to remember,  this type of PFD more commonly known as a "Mae  West'' is fine in warm weather  where the water temperature  is around 75-80 degrees.  But the usual water temperature around Pender  Harbour and coast, except for  a few occasions never gets  that high. If a body has to  survive in water below 50  degrees for more than an hour  it just might not make it.  Sad as it may seem ��� your PFD  held you up, but you died from  exposure. Experiments at the  University of Victoria have  proven that thermal jackets  can help you survive around  9-10 hours longer than ordinary PFDs.  It is something to think  about next time you need to  replace the PFDs in your boat.  The expense will be worth it,  not only for your peace of  mind. Your life could depend  on it.  In the last few years new  findings in Water Safety have  occurred: such as the h.e.  l.p. position and relaxing  strokes such as travel stroke  and drownproofing to help you  survive. These and more will  be taught at the pool in  September, most likely in a  family survival class. Phone  the pool in September or  watch the papers.  WILSON  CREEK  DAY CARE  CENTRE  Registration for  pre-school children  August 25-29       9 a.m. ��� 4 p.m.  #��#?��������?���  MUSTANGS  OUR FINAL SHIPMENT  OF 1980 MUSTANGS IS NOW IN!  SAVE  HUNDREDS  OVER 1981 MODEL COST  (There will be only very minor differences  between the 1980's & 1981's)  If You've Boon Thinking Of  Buying A Mustang ...  NOW IS THE TIME TO DO IT f    ~  MUSTANG!! *P���  Full Instrumentation  ��� Tachometer  - Trip odometer  - Ammeter  - Temperature and oil gauges  Standard Equipment  Radial tires  Bucket seats  Dual halogen headlamps  Mustang* are available In a 4 cylinder (32.7 mpg average), 6 cylinder  (30.2 mpg average) and a 255 cu. Inch V8.  Mileage may vary according to your own driving habits and vehicle condition.  Mustang  the Drivers Choice  For 1980.  SAUiS  ^SOIITH COAST I OKI* Y���  885-3281  Wharf Rd.  Sechelt  DL 5936 PT"*T*����^  ovnfv^PI**1"^"!"  ����^iiP��i<a��a<in��is��BPPMMlHini  Coast News, August 26, 1980  Sea Cavalcade Queen Angela Hilslad is pictured fifth from the   PNE. The photograph was taken as the annual wesl coast fair  right among the collected beauty queens of the province at the   opened ils 1980 version recently.  School phobia: reluctant children  need understanding from all concerned  bv Fn  Fl  rniiiiy  At this time of year when the  summer holidays begin to be  just a little boring, most  children begin to look forward  with eager anticipation to the  start-up of school. New clothes,  new shoes, brand new pencils  ,nd crayons, packages of  exercise books which have  never been used, perhaps a new  lunch kit, all promise an  exciting year of social interaction and learning.  But for a small number of  little ones, and some not so  little, thc opening of school  hangs over their heads like a  threat of doom. Some begin to  be short-tempered, and cry a  lot over small things. Some  begin nightmares, forget their  toilet-training, and behave in  ways absolutely unacceptable  to their puzzled parents. Teenagers become hostile and uncooperative; nothing pleases  them.  Some of these children will  be suffering from a syndrome  which is called "school phobia". It is a genuine and deep-  centred fear of and aversion  toward school. Distraught  parents may try bribes, punishment, threats, lo no avail.  Sometimes great family quarrels develop, with family  members taking sides and  supporting one type of treatment or another.  Some times the parent begins  to question his or her own role  in bringing up Ihis child. Their  own consequent self-doubts  only make the child feel more  insecure, and the situation  worsens.  There are three cardinal  factors in school phobia. First,  the child is acutely anxious,  and depressed. Second, his  mother, or parents also become  anxious and depressed. Third,  ihe problem has been going on  since early childhood and is  getting worse. Usually the  parent and child need professional help to overcome Ihis  developing pattern of refusal  and frustration.  Since the child is suffering,  the parent must seek help. The  principal of the child's school  may be the first professional to  approach. Thai person may be  able lo arrange a visit by parent  and child to thc empty school,  before school Marls. A quiet  walk around, a friendly chat.  may help. A friendly visit to thc  teacher's home, or a one-to-one  conference in the empty school  may help. If the teacher can  involve the child in a special  opening day task, so much the  better. This will give him (or  her) something to look forward  to.  Trying to go over the past to  determine what began the  attitude may be unproductive.  Children are future-oriented,  and need to look forward to  pleasant events. This may be  helpful in mild or newly  developing cases.  However, if the child continues   to act  out  and   rebel  against the start-up of school,  thc office of the school board  should be contacted for specific  counselling. A case history of  the child's school performance  bolh academic and social  should be studied. All impediments to his learning and  socializing should be considered. Does he have a reading  problem? Is he too old or too  young for his grade? Is he  clinging to home because of  some parental situation which  he does not want to leave? Is he  being teased unreasonably?  Does he "bus" to school? Does  Ihis create problems for him? In  other words, the behaviors and  interactions of this child must  be studied and considered,  until some clues appear as to  why he fears or hates school.  He must know that his  parents, the school staff, and all  the adults in his life are anxious  to help. This means a stifling of  criticism, no matter how tempting it is to indulge in some well  phrased home truths. Patience  is the key-note in dealing with  disturbed children. That and a  lot of love and understanding  from all concerned will usually  win the day.  Next week: The child who  cannot read.  Fall courses at Capilano  The Capilano College Sechelt Facility will be offering  four credit courses this fall.  All courses will run between  6:00 to 10:00 p.m. one night  a week in the new building on  Inlet Avenue (down from the  Post Office).  The courses were chosen  from the responses of local  residents to a survey conducted in June. They are:  Business Management 210:  Starting Wednesday, October  1st, oriented to small business. The course work is  based on practical projects  around topics such as budgeting, taxation, getting credit  and dealing with typical  business problems.  Education 155: Starting Monday, September 29th, is one of  the courses in the Early Childhood Program (required for  Preschool Supervisors) and  covers human growth and  development to preschool age.  Georgraphy 101: Starting  Thursday,   October   2nd,   is  taught by two local residents,  Brett McGillivray and Gordon  Wilson, It is an introduction to  environmental concerns and  issues, and concentrates on  energy resources in our  environment.  English 010: Starting Tuesday, September 30th, is an  intensive writing workshop in  basic   language   skills   with  mostly practical assignments.  You can get more information or register for these  credit courses at the Capilano  College Office on Wharf  Street or at 885-9310. Detailed  course descriptions are available on request.  CONTACT: April Struthers,  Community Education Assistant, 885-9310.  PLACI NG & FINISHING  PATIOS - DRIVEWAYS -tLOOKS    All Tmirs oJConcrete Finislia  fOUNDATIOSS ��� SIDEWALKS      Including Coloured ur Etpustd  Call Any Time  885-2125  v SERVING PENDER HARBOUR TO PORT MELLON j  For all your Carpets  clrpet Cleaning  Asa**  T. Sinclair  885-9327  WATERBEDS  & BEDDING  v_  Do-It-Yourielf  WATERBED KITS  from $249-00  10% OFF Bedspread! & Qullt��A  wl* th* irarcbaM at m ���matatba*  Passport Windows  For Most Standard Pick-ups  $115.00   INSTALLED  (including tax)  (!) ULtM <5)  Hwy. 101,  Gibsons  886-7359  WATERBED SHEETS  Kings:  c��i  ���48.95  Set  ��TX MS.95  Set S��  daniadown quilts  Save up to 50%  by having your old down or leather  quilt remade by  cJoOiodoWn  C PILLOWS  Feather & Polyester  \tti>m $9*00 up J  Free Estimate!  Wo OMjggtjOM  North Rd   & Kiwanis Way  Glenda Saiarltt   886-7411 or 886-8023  School-age kids are active, fun-loving kids  who'll sometimes dart out into streets without thinking!  THE RESPONSIBILITY IS ON YOU!  This message sponsored by:  SUNSHINE  4  MDL. 5792  Drive Safely  No sales talk here - Just a poignant  thought   from   our President.  The  papers and television news are full of  all kinds of things that are of earth  shattering importance, so they say,  when in fact our most important asset  and concern should be our children.  Without them and their ability to guide  and control their destinies, there is no  future. All the oil or gold in the world  will mean very little. We must make  every effort to protect and guide them.  A good start would be to eliminate the  word "permissive" from our  vocabulary, to teach and instruct, and  to earn the respect of our children  which, in turn, will give them much-  needed respect for themselves, for  they will inherit the earth-or what there  is left of it.  hi ii ��� ie sai  ift**��  mmta  M^^M��aa��aaaaMi��MaM  MAMMAE Pictured above are the local and regional executive of the  Provincial Emergency Program. Left to right: Mel Stewart,  Regional A ir I o-ordinator; A rthur McPhee, A rea Co-ordinator;  1)011 Williams, Assistant Regional Manager, Air Services: Vera  McAllister. Area Air Chief, The executive was pictured at a  meeting in the local urea recently.  Gramma's Pub in Gibsons lived up to its name last week, with a    Louise Hume decided that the pub was an ideal place to end the  full complement of grandmothers and great grandmothers.     Centre's Mystery Tour.  Fishing resource neglect costly  by Ray Skelly  MP Comox-Powell River  For too long many people  have taken British Columbia's  fijhery resource for granted.  Now we are paying a high price  for that neglect.  In the salmon fishery alone,  the annual catch has fallen  from 280 million pounds in  1970 to aboul 100 million  pounds Ihis year. Things are no  better with olher catches.  This year's poor showing,  combined with repressive unemployment insurance regulations which prevent fishermen from collecting the benefits during ihe summer, have  had a disastrous effect on the  economics of west coast communities dependent on the  spin-oil revenue from commercial fishing.  Despite the seriousness of  (he situation and evidence the  size of the harvest will continue  to decline, there seems to be  little effort to find a remedy.  We're still taking ihis valuable  resource for granted.  Poor management is part of  the problem. Failure to deal  effectively wnh the growing  encroachment by U.S. fishermen is also pari ol the problem.  Pervading the whole situation  is the failure of governments -  at all levels to prevent the  continued pollution of our  waters.  For example, righl now there  arc a half do/en projects  planned or underway which  probably will endanger the  fishery habitat in my own  constituency. I wo of these are  sewage disposal note: disposal not treatment projects  near Powell River and Comox.  In another case, a log sorting  operations has been given  provincial government approval despite evidence il will  seriously affect oyster ground  near Buckley Bay. Further  north the Quinsam Coal operation is moving along with only  a handful of people concerned  about its effect on the fishery.  Meanwhile, further north  the Social Credit government  and Alcan plot the Kemano II  project which will alter river  flows to enable Alcan lo  generate more electricity to sell  to B.C. Hydro to sell to  Washington State. North of  that the provincial and federal  governments have come to the  defense of a multinational  corporation that wants lo  dump mine tailings into Alice  Arm when, for a few bucks  more, they could be disposed ot  where they won't endanger the  traditional food fishery of Ihe  Nishga people. Down in Victoria local politicians are  planning the ribbon cutting  ceremony on an installation  that will dump raw urban  sewage info Juan de Fuca  Strait.  Every one of these projects  has the blessing, in one form or  another, of a federal, provincial  or regional government. Every  one is defended on the grounds  that   by   itself   il   docs   not  constitute a major hazard. But  together and multiplied tenfold  up and down Ihe coast, they are  what is killing the fish stock.  What is needed is an agency  that will lake an overall look al  this resource and the industry il  supports, some instrument lhat  can measure Ihe total environmental impact of commercial  and industrial encroachment of  the sea, and lhat can judge the  effectiveness of the Department of Fisheries management  of this resource. Politicians are  always reluctant to call for yet  another public inquiry, but in  this case, no less than a Royal  Commission is needed lo look  into our sick fishing industry.  ��� '    (PC  PEP assures  quick local action  Coast News, August 26, 1980  Residents and visitors ofthe  Sunshine Coast can be assured  of quick action in the event of  an emergency in their communities, thanks lo the efforts  of volunteer groups such as thc  above.  When an emergency occurs  thc firsl contact is usuallv with  the RCMP. The Rescue Coordination Centre then alert  the Coast Guard and the  Provincial Emergency Program co-ordinator in the area  where the emergency has  occured. On the Sunshine  Coast, Arthur McPhee would  be contacted, he would alert  Vera McAllister, area Air  Chief, who would in turn  contact pilots of the Elphin  stone Aero Club and other  private pilots who have been  trained and become members  of P.E.P. Within minutes, a  search grid would be established and aircraft would be in  the air with a pilot and three  spotters.  P.E.P. now have a Zodiac  rescue boat and crew based on  the Sunshine Coast for marine  emergencies, under the direction of McPhee. In the past  month, there were 35 emergencies responded to hy our  local group wilh gratifying  results.  P.E.P. were also involved in  thc tragic ground search for  Marnie Jamieson of (iibsons.  in co-ordination with the  RCMP.  "LJISSIFIFDAZ7S  Continuing Education  offers UBC credits  Suncoast Players to  hold first workshop  Ihe Continuing Education  office has been bustling wilh  activities for weeks and you will  find ihe Fall Program in your  mailbox in the first week of  September.  Among the new course  offerings arc two credit courses  from UBC.  Education 3I2. Introduction  To Thc Study of Exceptional  Children. This course is a prerequisite to most other courses  in Special Education. It is an  examination of all groups of  exceptional children in terms of  definition, incidence, characteristics, diagnosis and treatment. The fee is $63 for I 1/2  credits.  Ihe information meeting  will take place on September  19. Friday, at 6:30 pm. at  Chatelech. Room 114. The date  for future classes will be  determined al this meeting and  interested students will be  informed about thc procedures  for registration and admission.  Education 486, Oral Language Development deals with  classroom activities for extending children's ability to  express themselves orally.  Diagnostic and remedial procedures for children with  limited language competence.  This course is scheduled to start  September 20, Saturday. 9:30  am. -12:30 pm. in Chatelech Jr.  Secondary School, Room 114.  The fee is $63 for 1 1/2 credits.  In January 1981 Education  480. Advanced Studies in thc  Language Art will oe offered in  Sechelt.  The deadline for preliminary  registration is September 15.  Thc UBC registration takes  place when the participants  have been informed about thc  ><C * X 3Jti(C JJ< % �� ^ >fi Y ^ >P * >  NDP  Gibsons Harbour Area  Greal Canadian and  British Paperbacks  886-7744  content of the course.  Please   call   885-3512.  tinning Education.  "Societies Act"  NOTICE OF ANNUAL MEETING  St %wj'i tfoifitd Society  To the members ol SI. Mary's Hospital Society:  Take notice that the Annual General Meeting  of the members ol the St. Mary's Hospital  Society will be held in the Senior Citizens Hall,  Mermaid Street. Sechell, B.C on  k/a&tadtu/, tkt  2ik duf Qddm, /980.  at th howi oi 7:30 p.m.  Dated in the village ol Sechelt, in the province  of British Columbia this 19th day ol August 1980  By order ol the  Board ol Trustees  Sechelt  Beauty Salon  on Cowrie Street  NOW  under new  management.  Suncoast Players Society  swings into action this weekend  with the firsl of the theatre  workshops it is arranging  locally.  Sunday, August 31, at Chatelech Junior High School  from 10 am. to 2 pm. Isabel  Ralph of the Vagabond Theatre of Toronto will give the firsl  of a series of drama workshops.  The ground to be covered in  this workshop includes role  preparation, creative drama  and improvisation, and techniques of voice production and  relaxation.  Everyone who is interested is  invited to attend this workshop. There is no charge lot  participation. Participants are  invited to attend in old clothes  or leotards and to bring a  lunch.  Investigation continues  Police are remaining silent  about the details concerning  the death of Mary Ellen  (Marnie) Jamieson, while they  gather evidence.  Cpl. Mervin Steddle of  Sechelt is asking the public's  help in locating a blue and  white Adidas bag. Marnie was  last   seen   at    10:40   p.m..  August 7th. She was let out at  Davis Bay after receiving a  ride in a white 1974 Vega  hatchback.  /D\ SUNSHINE  \^y KITCHENS  FINE CABINETS  886-9411  Gibson:  885-9666    SU^SOIl'S     885-5333  Dispatch      Swanson's Ready-Mix Ltd.     Accounts  Ready-mm concrete  Two Plants  sechelt I  Pender Harbour  Box 172,  Sechelt, B.C.  VON 3A0  AUGUST 29,1980  Drop in for coffee and donuts  and see our completely  renovated premises  Fran and Dennis are expecting to add to  their staff a highly-qualified male hairdresser from Winnipeg very soon.  FULL FACILITIES FOR  MANICURING, MAKE-UP,  EYEBROW ARCHING  FACIALS AND EAR PIERCING  All of these services are carried out by highly skilled technicians.  WIN A FREE TRIP  FOR TWO  . TO RENO  * Enter our free draw.  All customers between Aug.  29   and  Oct. 31 are eligible.  OPEN MONDAY TO SATURDAY   (Mondays commencing Sept. 9)  and   THURSDAYS UNTIL 9 P.M.   (commencing Sept. 4)  FOR APPOINTMENT CALL: 885-1818 [  **- - ���  mmmmwaammlma  .tm^mammmmmmt 10.  Coast News, August 26, 1980  LUCKY  DCLLAR fCCDS  OVERLOOKING BEAUTIFUL GIBSONS HARBOUR  PRODUCE  B.C. Grown ',W* Local  CELERY  Washington Medium  ONIONS  2   49��  2,25��  /"  California Canada #1  CANTALOUPES  18's  ea.  79c  ^     J^fmM    ^  '     ' Jl'MJ,*?^  mp        m''  ��<*���'  Thompson Seedless AHA  GREEN GRAPES      ,69��  Beef & Chicken  Pies     2/*i.is  Bran & Oatmeal  muffins 6/89��  Recipe  ofthe   Week  ^  ���i  ./  LETS GET PICKLED!  // your greenhouse is bursting at the seams wilh  cucumbers and you're wondering whal to do wilh them  here's my favourite recipe for dill pickles.  DILL PICKLES  1. Wash and sterilize jars.  2. Wash dill and place a piece 0/ stalk the length of the jar in  each, plus a couple of leaves.  3. Rush out and pick your cucumbers. Rinse them in cold  water and pack them neatly into each jar.  4. Into each jar place the following:���  I head of dill  1 sliced garlic clove  2 chilli peppers  1/8 teaspoon powdered alum  Boil up  3 pints of cider vinegar  I 1/2 cups coarse salt  4 1/2 quarts cold water  Pour this hot into each jar and be sure you cover the  cucumbers completely. This amount of liquid is loth so /  make up the whole batch and keep any left over in a glass  jar to reheat as needed.  6. Seal the jars and keep in a cool dark place for  about a  month.  Waiting a month isn't too bad, but if you're a pickled  onion freak you have to wait a bit longer���at least three  months. You never know, by then the beer strike may be  over and you'll be able to have the perfrect lunch of whole  meal bread, cheese, pickled onions and beer. So with hope  springing its eternal thing���here's the recipe.  PICKLED ONIONS  Buy silver skin onions���as many as you think you can  eat���give them a quick rinse in cold water and pop them  into a brine made of 1 part coarse salt to8partscoldwater.  Put a plate on top of them lo ensure lhat they're below Ihe  surface of the brine then leave them for twelve hours.  When 12 hours are up remove them from the brine and  pop them out of their skins. This isn't always as simple as  you might think, so if you're making lots get someone to  help you. When you've finished pop them inlo a fresh brine  of the same proportions andleave them for thirty-six hours.  As soon as you've put them in this brine make up a batch  of spiced vinegar. 1 always use malt vinegar for pickled  onions but if you want a milder flavour or if you want to use  it for other pickles use white.  To each quart of vinegar add the following:  1 cinnamon stick  I teaspoon whole cloves  1 teaspoon mace  I teaspoon whole allspice  I teaspoon peppercorns  Heat the vinegar and spices to boiling point in a covered  saucepan and allow to steep covered for two hours. Strain  and keep in a cool place until required.  After Ihe onions have sal in the brine for their 36 hours  drain them thoroughly, pop them into jars, pour the cold  spiced uinegar over them and seal. Keep in a cool dark  place for 3 months.  The spiced vinegar can of course be used for other  pickles, beets, or red cabbage or cauliflower.  Add a little spice lo your life.!  Nest Lewis  (former Home Economics teacher)  oav du nay, iiem du iiem, we oo mora ror you in  prouiding uarfetv. quality and friendly service.  Gower Poim Rd., Gibsons      Free Delivery to the Wharf     886*2257  Nabob Tradition Aak Ewaa  coffee 454 gm '3.58  Regular, Fine & Extra Fine  Squirrel - Crunchy & Smooth ^^ Affe  peanut butter ,5kg*3.39  mayonnaise M* M. 89  Lynn Valley - Standard Halves -^  peachesM 59q  Sunspun Whole Kernel Fancy A #vftA  corn 3t,m, 2/79��  Sunspun Pure ^ _    _ _  apple lulce *1.15  Sea Lord Solid White ^ -   Mm\  tuna ,88gJ1.W  Libby's .-���  spaghetti m** 55q  W/Cheese & Tomato Sauce  Cut Rite Box tffetfth  waned paper MM 98��  Fortune Choice JfeffeA  tomatoes ��68c  Bicks Mixed ^ _   mig*  sweet Dickies ^ $1.59  Country Time - Lemonade Flavour A#fc M  drinh mix ���,,. '2.35  DAIRY  Kraft Process Deluxe  cheese slices  Kraft Parkay  margarine  .. ..(16's)500gm  $2.29  790  .454 gm  JJ Ep  ��v^     " s) ftw  McCains - Straight Cut  super tries ��gm99c  Minute Maid - Concentrate ^       j*���  orange lulce      ��-'1.25  -��� Cimi jobs section ^~~  A man in a supermarket was pushing a cart which contained, among  other things, a screaming baby. As the man proceeded along the  aisles, he kept repeating softly, "Keep calm, George. Don't get  excited, George. Don't yell, George."  A lady watched with admiration and then said, "You are certainly to be  commended for your patience in trying to quiet little George."  "Lady," he declared, "I'm George!"  f     We will be  CLOSED  AUG. 30  for Holidays  Opening again  Sept. 16  Gibsons Fish  Market  J8&7888^  OPEN SUNDAYS   MBMOOBtSBBBBBBBB  10  wMay'.  ^\or'��st & Q/A  Green &  Flowering  U PLANTS ft.  8IFT8  86-2715_  |ALL SPORTS  MARINE I  IT'S fi  xxsssa  ITS  | HUNTING        / 1  !  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Special Purchase Price:   89��    S&U8 20^  MEAT  Royal Cryo-Vac Boneless  DINNER HAMS  ,*2.  Fresh Grade H  ROASTING  CHICKEN   lb.  Pure Pork  SAUSAGE  Gov't. Inspected Canada Grade  Outside Round Boneless tfttffc   #%#%  BARON OF BEEF , '2.69  By Bill Edney  SHOP TALK  Business As Usual  for the time being!  This past week we have had a large number of Inquiries as to  whether or not we will be open on Sundays and Statutory  Holidays,���or,���if the recent legislation will prohibit us from being  open on those days.  As the act is written and passed,  1) It does NOT take effect until Jan. 1st, 1981.  2) It WOULD apply to our size of store on the effective date.  3) There IS scope for remedy by way of local by-law.  Many people express concern that this type of legislation should  have been allowed to pass without consideration of the modern day  needs of the users of this service. I have written several articles in  letters to the editor and Shop Talk giving our reasons for providing  the extended services, and we have urged ourcustomers toexpress  their views to Victoria.  Now it is a matter for us to deal with locally. I hope that after being  in business here almost 10 complete years, we have a broad enough  experience and understanding that we may seek and obtain the  necessary endorsements to continue as we have in the past.  I am well aware, with some, it is an emotional subject���that of  being open on the Sabbath. In these 10 years, I have been quite a  steady church goer. I believe in and support its work. I do, however,  believe also that we as Christians must go and preach our gospel by  everyday example, and be with and go where the people are.  We live in an age of round-the-clock shift work, dual and oft times  different husband-wife work schedules. It has been argued that  Sunday should be set aside for "family". There is no family more  family minded than we are. The innocent and provident task of  shopping groceries on a Sunday surely should not be forbidden to  those who are willing to provide the service and those who wish to  use it.  Let's debate the issue, reasonably and sensibly. We will be  carrying our side of the story little by little in Shop Talk. Your  expressions in letters to me, and/or the newspapers will be  respected and appreciated.  Next Week - "Our Special Case"  <Pv  Donations to Cancer Society  Last week, we announced that we would match, dollar for dollar,  the value of your empty pop bottle returns until August 31st, as a  donation.  We received grateful thanks and appreciation from Mrs. Kay  Hatcher, - who represents the Canadian Cancer Society. Her  address is R.R. #1, Madeira Park, B.C. VON 2H0, and her telephone  number is 883-2604. She kindly offers any assistance needed, and  will issue Tax deductible receipts to anyone wishing to make a  donation.  Your support to combat this very common and dreadlul illness is  urgently needed.  Thank you.  $50.00 GROCERY DRAW!   "REAL WIN"  Have you had a  BUSINESS  LUNCH  at  lately?  4th $501 :i Grocery Draw winner:  Irene Jewitt  TIMEX WATCHES  25% Off  **  &*>���  ,J0,  XSM  3. Return lo Ken's Lucky Dollar v+  1. Cut oul ihis Coupon  2. Attach lo your Sales Slip  DRAW TO BE MADE SUNDAY AT b p.m.  NAME   POSTAL ADDRESS  TEL NO.  There will be a fresh draw each week (rom nnw until Ihe end ol  1980, commemorating our 10th Anniversary!  Shop with confidence. Our prices are uery competltlue.  We nil not he undersold on these aduertised items.  We tully guarantee euerything we sell to he satisfactory.  or money cheerfully refunded.  mmmmimm  mmm  MM Coast News, August 26, 1980  Parks and trails  b> ChrisU West  W��W��l  (  sy  '..,v4feWV  Realising lhat they were down two games in the finals ofthe men's fastball tournament, Weldwood pulled oul all the slops and  trounced the Cedar's Inn team nine runs to one. The fourth game in the best of five series will be played in Sechell on Tuesday  evening. If a fifth game is in the cards, it will be played at Brother's Park on Thursday.  From the Fairway  by Emie Hume  A new Senior Club Champion was crowned last Sunday  August 17th. Jim Gilchrist  played a steady game into the  championship by shooting a  low gross score of 157. Coming a close 2nd was George  Grant, who is making his  presence felt with some fine  low scoring games. His gross  158 was one stroke off the  pace for 2nd place. Tom Mil-  stead, last year's runner-up,  was knocking on the door a-  gain by taking third place with  a score of 129. In the 1st 0-14  handicap flight with low nets  of 131 was Andy Grey and  Laurie Todd. Bob McKenzie  Arena  news  The Sechelt Arena will be  opening for the season on  Sept. 18 with a Minor Hockey  School which will run until  Sunday Sept. 21, inclusive.  Full schedules will get  (under way after the Curling  Club's season-opening Mini-  spiel on Oct. 2-3-4-5, with  regular curling on Monday  Oct. 6th. A men's open  bonspiel has been added this  season and will take place on  Oct. 31st, nov. 1 and 2. The  Spring open mixed bonspiel  will again be held in March.  Sunshine Coast Men's  Hockey League will once again  be featured, with games on  Thursdays, Saturdays and  Sundays. Teen Skate will be  held on Fridays from 4:45-  6:45 p.m. and Family Skate  every Sunday from 2-4 p.m.  Moms and Tots as in previous  years 3-4 p.m. on Thursdays.  Sechelt Indian Band have their  usual spot on Wednesday  evenings.  Youth organisations again  figure largely, and both Minor  Hockey and Figure Skaters  look forward to successful  seasons.  For those interested in  joining Men's hockey organizations SCMHL Over the  Hill, Sunday Night hockey,  and Carl Rcitze League -  please contact respective representatives, details from Arena, phone 885-2955.  If any group wishes to buy-  ice time for regular sessions,  we have openings on Wednesdays from 9:30 p.m.,  Thursdays and Saturdays from  10 p.m. Some daytime hours  are also available on Wed..  Thurs. and Fridavs.  ***************  NDP  Gibsons Harbour Aiea  Great Canadian and  Britsh Paperbacks  886 7744  **************)  placed third with 134. The 2nd  low net handicap flight was  taken by Bob Emerson. Ted  Smythe 2nd and Archie Dove  3rd. In the higher handicap  3rd flight. Bob McCallum with  a low net of 136 was 1st. 2nd  went to Phil Clarke with Jack  Ross shooting a 139 for 3rd  spot. Jim Budd could not  defend his championship in  the 2nd round, having wrenched his back earlier in the  week.  In this last week another  important golf event was  successfully  concluded.   The  Ladies played a 36 hole  tournament for the club  Championship. Connie Grant  continued with her hot streak  to take the trophy. Connie shot  a gross 163 to add the Club  Championship to her other  victories this summer. Virginia Douglas, not yet fully  recovered from recent surgery  and many times winner of the  Ladies Championship, along  with Doreen Mathews, played  a steady game to force Connie  Grant to play up to her potential. The tournament low net  winner  was   Jay   Townsend  shooting a 135. Judy Foreman  was 2nd with a 136. Audrey  McKenzie 141 and Hazel  Wright 3rd with a score of 141.  In the 9 hole tournament  playing with irons only,  Winn McGowan took 1st place  and 2nd went to Isobel  Cowley.  Financially, the club a-  ppears to be doing well for  the 1st part of the year.  The goal of 20 new members is  slowly being reached. Green  Fee play is busier than last  year at this time.  Coming up is the Directors  Tournament, open to all past  and present directors of the  club. This is another relaxed  tournament where the players  Sechelt's 1980 Parks and  Recreation Programme is almost over, and by next week  most of us will be back at  school.  Previously I have written  about skills that we, as a team,  have developed. As this will  be my last column, I thought  I'd write about some of the  things that 1 have learned  during the programme.  Any job in which one has  contact with people tends to  develop into a course in public  relations and communications.  This job was no different,  yet through this contact with  the general public I met some  really great people who were  incredibly enthusiastic and  helpful, and who continually  brightened my days.  I tend to joke that I have  learned enough this summer  that I could easily go into  general contracting. It would  he more accurate to say that  I've learned enough to know I  couldn't! It's true that I can  converse fluently about practically any species of wood in  both lineal and board feet,  and my standard for any  price comparison is now a  yard of crusher dust (at $5.72  a yard). Yet if I have learned  anything this summer, I've  learned  how  much  I  don't  must let their golfing ability  do the talking instead of their  debating skills.  The Thursday morning seniors have decided to end their  summer schedule on the 1st  and 2nd Thursday of September with a 36 hole Eclectic  Tournament. In this event the  best role scores are used  to make up the lowest 18  hole score possible. Plans are  underway for a wind-up  celebration.  know; a valuable lesson for  any 1st year university student.  My bookkeeping skills have  improved vastly. By the end of  the week I expect to be doing  T4's and Record of Employment forms in my sleep, and  I no longer bat an eyelid at  doing a payroll and remittances for fourteen employees.  Probably my most painful  lesson this summer was that  the deadline for this paper is  always at noon on Sundays -  yet there always seems to be  less than seven days between  deadlines. Somehow the staff  ofthe Coast News managed to  be patient with me as, every  Sunday, I'd come panting into  thc office sometime between  noon and three, my copy  scrawled on a bit of paper  recycled from somewhere -  clutched in a sweaty fist  promising "Next week I  be on time-for sure I"  CLASSIFIED NOTE  Drop ofl your Coas, News  Classified a, Campbells  Family Shoes, Sechell. or  Centre Hardware. Madeira  Park.  GIBSONS   LANES  Hwy 101  BOWLING  Leagues Start  1st Week of Sept.  COFFEE LEAGUES (LADIES)  Tues. & Wed. 9:30 a.m.  and Wed. 1 p.m.  MIXED LEAGUES -  Tues. - Wed. -  Thurs. Nites  GOLDEN AGE CLUB -  Tues. 1:30 p.m.  YOUTH BOWLING (Y.B.C.)  Bantams  Sat. - 9  a.m. & 11 a.m.  Juniors  Sat. - 1 p.m.  Seniors  Sun. - 7 p.m.  For Information Please Phone  886-2086  Join a League ��� Let's Go Bowling!  1  SANGSTER BOATS  18' sangster  List *11,300.  Clearance  $8,995.  List ��16,640.  Complete with conv. camper top  ladder, gas tank, 100 H.P. Johnson  with power train  1-18' sangster  Hardtop, cuddy head, ladder, camper  back, 140 H.P., OMC stern drive with tmn Qfte  power train Clearance * I C|��v3i  i - 22' sangster  Hardtop, cuddy head, c_  zip-in bulkhead, raised  185 H.P., OMC     Gy  stern drive power train.  13'6" orca  * Methane foam-filled  double hull constuction.  * Teak seats and steering  console.  * Rails & control cables  included.  j/)ack,  ifTg deck,  List ��� 18,500.  Clearance ^lufVVUi  List $3,395,  Clearance:  GREAT SAUINGS       CLEARANCE PRICES  JOHNSON OUTBOARD MOTORS  (23  Regular  Clearance  S  'if  85 HP.  $3,207.  $2,450.  J��    ir  85 TRIM  $3,606.  $2,795.  \    )  70  $2,791.  $2,195.  55 (1979 Model) $2,134.  $1,750.  uahnsan  OUTBOARDS  $2,223.  $1,895.  EZ LOADER     SPECIAL  14C600 Galvanized $459. Painted $429.  Also clearance prices on selected small  boats.  SUMMER CLEARANCE MARINE ACCESSORIES  Bow rollers Fire extinguishers  Lifejackets Downriggers  Anchors Buoys  Flares Paint  Electric winches Depthsounders (3 models of neon LED)  1 - AQUA PROBE RECORDER    Reg. $599. SALE $450.  1 - PORTABLE LOWRANCE        Reg. $380. SALE $329.  Buzz Bombs 2" & 3" $1.99 Daiwa 175 M 9.98  Many more items at clearance prices of  10% - 50% OFF.  Sunnycrest Mall  Gibsons    886-8020  Cowrie St.  Sechelt     885-2512  *7*cUl Say S/tonU  an Reflections  byVernChsbwcht  If you go out in the woods  today you'll likely meet some  of the hikers I'm going to  describe. You might not be  able to identify them immediately, for their unique  characteristics are not always  apparent to the casual observer, but should you chance  to join their hiking party for  a day or two their true natures  would be revealed.  From years of observation  on backpacking trips I've  concluded that the thousands  of outdoorsmen (and women)  who flee to the forests and  hills for serenity and exercise  fit neatly into one of several  categories.  In every fair-sized group of  hikers you'll find the Braggart. This individual's feats  of mountaineering, canoeing  and backpacking are legendary, at least in his own mind.  He's had more death-defying  adventures than Evel Knievel  has subdued grizzlies with  only a hunting knife and once  set a record for remaining in  his tent for 20 straight hours  during a blizzard. You'll find  this person dominating the  chatter around the campfire  late at night, topping everyone  else's modest tale with a  grander one. He'll make  offhand remarks like, "No,  I haven't been to Outer  Mongolia, actually, but I hiked  a little in Inner Mongolia.  It wasn't much, really. Let's  hear about your walk up  Soames Hill."  Cousin to the Braggart is  the Show-Off. He's a quieter  sort, fond of displaying his  superiority by wearing the  newest and fanciest hiking  gear, leading the trek at a  break-neck pace and performing dangerous feats for the  titUlation of the more cautious  hikers. The chaps who enjoyed  wine and caviar at the top of  Mt. De Cosmos while the  rest of us ate soup, cheese and  crackers were Show-Offs. How  we admired and envied them I  Another common type of  hiker is the Plodder. This individual is usually a serene,  placid sort who never hurries  or gets excited, just plods  along at a steady pace, smiling  occasionally as he passes the  speedsters panting for breath  at the trail's edge. The  Plodder is a moderating  influence on the group.  Though he says little, he  often knows more than his  voluble companions, has  seen more too. In a crisis,  he moves swiftly, maybe even  takes charge, then resumes  his even pace.  Few hikes are without a  Whiner who invariably finds  the trail too muddy or steep,  the pace too fast, his boots too  tight, his pack too heavy,  the mosquitoes too persistent,  the food too bland. If there's  any justice, he shares a tent  with the Braggart.  Search and rescue organizations are familiar with  the Wanderer. This is a  curious hiker, not curious in  the sense of strange, necessarily, but inquisitive. Rather  than follow the leader or keep  to the trail, he'll prefer to  wander off on his own, to  check out deer tracks or follow  a stream or gather wildflowers. When found hours  later he'll express surprise at  all the fuss. Tying a leash to  his pack and giving the other  end to the Show-Off usually  curtails future wanderings.  The Fashion Plate is usually  a woman but there are also  men who can't believe that  sweating in the company of  others is perfectly acceptable  and that looking grubby is  the way hikers are supposed  to look, at least while they're  hiking. The Fashion Plate  lugs along enough cosmetics  to supply an Avon lady for  a month and frequently stops  at crucial points in the hike  to check her lipstick or comb  her hair. The other women  in the group look like Russian  shotputters but the Fashion  Plate is a dainty creature  who puts in curlers by flashlight and is the last one to  break camp because she's  waiting for her toenail polish  to dry.  Finally (and this is far from  an exhaustive list), there's  the Ecology Freak. His heart's  in the right place, no doubt,  but he's also a pain in the neck  and by the first night his  fellow hikers are ready to  wring his. Imagine a combination of Felix Unger and  Ralph Nader and you get the  idea. Every plant that's  stepped on is mourned by the  Ecology Freak who bemoans  the ravaging of the wilderness  and feels terribly guilty for  taking part. He trails the  others alert for dropped gum  wrappers and insists on  conducting his own "environmental impact" study before  a campsite is selected. When  the group is prepared to leave,  he scours the campsite, eager  to point an accusing finger  at whoever left more than  footprints at this spot in the  wilderness. His companions  resent his vigilance but  they're secretly glad to have  him along, nevertheless.  So there they are, hikers  all, each communing with  Nature in his own way. Bless  them, every one.  On the Rocks^  by Verda Schneider  Well, Curlers - inexperienced, young and old - a great  season is being planned for  our club, beginning with the  popular Greenspiel on Sept.  20, so be sure to mark your  calendar because this date is  earlier than previous years -  the better to get more curling  in.  The Greenspiel is designed  especially for inexperienced,  would-be curlers - with the  help of experienced ones - to  try their hand at this fascinating game and to see how  truly enjoyable it is. Gub  members, start looking a-  round to make up your teams  and if there is some one  interested in curling - both in  ALWAYS AVAILABLE/'  Our Skill and I  Knowledge  [FOR ONE STOP SHOPPING]  -Leave your prescription and  lo the rest of your'shopping ir  |jthe Mall or phone in advance J  and we will have it ready.  Wcfill PHARMACARE  WCB. and iri Agents  | lor CUU prescriptions.  the Greenspiel and through  the year - please contact  Larry Boyd 886-2030 or the  Gibsons Winter Club 886-  7512.  A full schedule of our  coming activities has now  been planned and will. be  printed in this column the 2nd  week in Sept.  There has been a program  on our local TV station about  curling and hopefully another  one coming up so please  watch   for   dates   for   this  interesting feature.  Invisible man?  Ron Shorlhouse rounds third base on his way home, to help the  welder's team take top honours al Ihe Canfor workers Softball  tounament at Langdale on Sunday. The competition was more  friendly than frantic and the talent was spread evenly, if somewhat  thinly, throughout Ihe competing teams.  Leave no trace  We lave I complete '  PATIENT RECORD PUN  lor your protection end  convenience.  -We will mail out  vour prescriptions  the same day if you  cannot call for them.  Thank you lor your ptttonaie  BOB GRANT  ED FOCKLER ,  L,      886-7213 J  GIBSONS    SimNKCHtST MALI  WESTERN DRUG IllflRT  wt nuAr rou ��cnr-  A good environmentalist  believes that theory comes out  of practice, and that for an  environmentalist to establish  and maintain credibility it is  necessary to put your theory to  practice. Following this worthy motto a group of eight  students and one instructor  spent the better part of a  three day camping trip on a  local island known as "Garbage" Island, a name they  rejected for one that describes  its size and not its character,  Puny Island. The purpose of  the camping experience was  to assist the people to get to  know one another as well as  to show the needs, problems,  and logistics of setting up  camping trips; a skill that all  outdoor education people  must master to ensure the  safety, security and happiness  of those they will be taking  into any possible type of  environment.  Environmental education  teaches that there is a distinction that must be realized  between camping in "campgrounds" such as Porpoise  Bay Provincial Campgrounds  and camping in a wilderness  environment. The wilderness  is not a campground. It does  not have garbage cans, it does  not have "campsites" all set  up with firepits, roadways,  toilets etc. etc. The wilderness  is a sensitive environment  that is under attack from all  directions. The wilderness  cannot be treated as if the  campsite maintenance men  will come along in the morning  to clean up after the "campers".  When a group of people go  camping in the wilderness be  TEAK  HARDWOOD  FLOORING  3 finishes and  8 patterns from  which to choose  TEAK ROOM DIVIDERS  Custom sizes available  OPEN THURS. ��� SAT., 10 an. - 5 pm.  it Alpine Meadow, Rain Forest  or Puny Island they have the  responsibility of not only  being their own maintenance  people but also of ensuring  that the wilderness be maintained through the coming  ages. They must leave no  trace of themselves ever  having been in the area.  The nine people who stayed  on Puny Island did not build  any fires even though it  rained two out of the three  days they were on the Island.  They did not cut down any  trees or branches nor did they  leave any other evidence  of their stay on the Island. It is  a difficult thing for nine  people to live in a restricted  environment and leave no  trace.  We hear; "Who's ever  going to look behind that  tree?" "Why not just leave  your junk; the logging companies are going to wipe out  the wilderness anyway I" The  reason is simple, no one is  going to protect the environment if we, the campers and  hikers, don't become we, the  environmentalists,  The nine environmentalists  who stayed on Puny Island  learned and followed the  ethics of camping, the ethics  of Low Impact Camping. The  ethics of Leave No Trace.  These environmentalists will  all be going back to their  students in the fall to teach  them, through the two great  teachers Experience and Nature, this environmental skill.  They will learn to slip through  the forest like a deer, to go  where they want to go quickly,  easily and safely and without  trace.  Carpet - Cabinet -Ceramic  BwHour��        Centre     ssb^^  by Michael J. Norimld  People often ask "How  many miles do you get to a  gallon?" referring to my little Yamaha 100 motor-cycle.  They're generally surprised  when I say, "I have no idea."  After all, I buy my gas in  litres, my odometer records in  kilometres, and I lack the  curiosity, slide rules or electronic calculators necessary to  juggle the equation. An  equally valid question might  be "How many miles do you  get to a gallon of digestive  juice?"  The recent overturning of  B.C.'s mandatory Helmet Law  once again makes headline  news out of motor-cycle  safety. While it would seem  logical that a helmet would  indeed protect a biker's  noggin, there's a vocal opposition who maintain otherwise. In a minority view,  helmets dangerously limit  vision and hearing, their  weight contributes to whiplash, and a tight fitting hard  hat may actually contribute  to brain damage by not  allowing a fractured skull  to expand and thus let out  pressure. But a medical  wizard I'm not, and for  the foreseeable future I'll  regularly be donning my  helmet, hoping I'm not riding  a "big lie".  In my view though, a helmet  or the lack of it has very  little to do with motor-cycle  safety. The greatest hazard  cyclists face is careless drivers, sometimes rude reckless  car and truck drivers who  throw away all decency  and common sense, willfully  ignore the law, and drive as if  there were an "open season"  on bikers.  No such hunting season  exists, and anyway, very few  bikers are unrepentant outlaw  monster demons whom the  world would be better off  without. Many guys and  nowadays many gals ride  motor-cycles for a  freedom  and intimacy with the road  which makes that antique  auto the "convertible" seem  stuffy in comparison. Motorcycles, mopeds etc. are a  cheap, energy efficient means  of transportation in a world  chronically running out of  oil for a century or so.  Motor-cycles of course consume gas and oil, are subject.  to virtually the same traffic'  regulations which govern cars,  and trucks, and are absolutely  entitled to an unqualified t  equality of the road! While  law enforcement officials have  the right to make certain  that a biker is properly  licensed and insured, they  also have a duty to protect  this often maligned endangered species of taxpayers.  It would be an important  contribution to road safety if  more reckless drivers were  hauled off to jail for illegally  tail-gating, passing, failing  to yield, or otherwise callously  threatening the lives of decent  people guilty of nothing more  than obeying traffic laws on  two wheels instead of four.  As an iron-clad rule, bikers  are made of mortal clay, are  quite often gentle souls,  and generally do not wish to  be splattered all over the road.  It can be hoped that with  conscientious law enforcement  and consciousness raising  exhortations to decency that  there might be a new birth  of road courtesy in an era  when two wheel vehicles  are by necessity becoming  more and more plentiful.  For the real issue is not  kilometres per litre or the  statistical validity of a hard  hat "brain bucket", but  broken bones and mangled  bodies, life and death and  nothing less.  Coast News, August 26, 1980  tyORl0  13.  Cowrie Street,  Sechelt  Tel. 885-3265  holiday/  Chimney  Cleaning  & Maintenance  Phone 886-7411 or  886-8023  Enjoy superb dining  and a million dollar view.  Breakfast:  7:30 am.  - 11:00 am.  Lunch:  11:00 am.  - 2:00 pm.  Tea:  3:00 pm.  - 4:30 pm.  Dinner:  5:00 pm. ���  10:30 pm.  except Sundays:  5:00 pm. - 9:30 pm.  Relax in our Smuggler's Lounge  from 9 am. - 11 pm.  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NUMBERS IN SOLO TYPE -  Approalmal* location on map.  tmmmammtmmtm On becoming a lumberjack  Ramblings of a Rover  by Dee Cee  *  Thinking back on it now,  after the lapse of over half a  century, I am surprised how  well we all got along up in that  remote camp in Northern  -Quebec especially when you  consider that, apart from the  aloof Sinclair, 1 was the only  ���English  speaking  person  a-  mong a crowd of between SO  and 60 French lumberjacks.  Certainly I was on the receiving  end of lots of their chaffing and  practical jokes but they were  mostly of a good natured and  harmless variety and did me no  harm. In fact many of their  pranks did me good as they  added to my knowledge of the  ways ofthe forest and how best  to   overcome   some   of  the  difficulties associated with  wresting a living from it.  lt also has to be considered  . that in those days there were no  such things as radio or T. V. and  while  the   moving  picture  industry was still in its infancy  with its silent films, it certainly  hadn't penetrated up into the  wilderness area and was strictly  confined to the urban centres  and its future was still uncertain.   Most   of  the   reading  material such as newspapers  and magazines that found its  : way into our camp was nat-  : urally in French and it must be  remembered that the majority  pi the men were semi-illiterate  .and  not interested  in the  written word. However many  of them could and did tell some  amazing stories to pass the long  winter nights away. Sinclair,  thc clerk, certainly had books  but he kept them to himself and  damned if I would lower myself  to ask for thc loan of any of  them. 1 read, laugh if you will,  I one of the few books available  in English, the Holy Bible. In  fact  I read it through from  Genesis to Revelations twice  and  at   the  end  was  more  confused   that  when  1   had  started. I could make no sense  out of the largest part of it.  Christmas passed unevent-  :   fully, apart from the fact that  two sides of beef were sent up  the name of Mogens Jensen  having been only a year in  Canada, spoke it haltingly and  with a pronounced Scandinavian accent. Among these new  men was a character named  Tom McGivern. He was a  loudmouth and a braggart and  I don't think in all my travels  around this old globe I have  ever encountered anyone I have  detested more. According to  his version of it, and it is quite  possible it might have been  true, he'had been in the late  1914-1918 war serving in the  Strathcona Light Horseand, to  hear him tell it, it was a wonder  anyone else had bothered to go  overseas as he had practically  won thc war single handed.  When he arrived in France I  guess the Germans simply gave  up!  I never was able to understand why he and two of his  cronies selected poor old  Mogens Jensen as thc target for  all their crude and sometimes  cruel jokes. I did hear that  Jensen, not being accustomed  to the woods, had left his horses  unattended for a while and  they, being cold, had beat it  back into camp much to his  discomforture and to the  hilarity of the other teamsters.  The story was probably true  but I think the main reason was  that the Dane, not being  proficient in the language,  could not respond in kind to  their bantering. Anyway things  went from bad to worse until  one night after Mogens had  bought a pair of oil-tanned  moccasins in the commissary,  when he went outside for a few  moments, they spiked them to  thc floor with the result that  when Mogens leapt out of bed  the next morning at the sound  of thc bell and thrust his feet  into them he was immobilized  and, to his amazement, could  go nowhere. All very funny, but  these same moccasins cost him  $7, almost a week's wages, and  they were now completely  ruined.  A few nights later after  supper they were at him again,  while I was lying in my bunk  trying to read. I don't know  for the event to relieve the   .      t,  St   monotony ol1 our salt pork diet,   what got into me but I could  Wml once again odr cook>came> Stand'it'no longer. Sb fgot out  I  up with a splendid stew, but  I   many of us still remembered  our experience with the moose  meat and were leary of it, so ate  :   very lightly when it was placed  on thc table. He (the cook)also  made some raisin pies but I  guess pastry was not his forte as  thc crust was so hard it almost  needed a hammer and a chisel  to crack it. but we ate it just the  same and. as far as I know,  Ihere were no ill effects.  New Year passed and the  week   following   there   were  some new arrivals in camp.  Five   new  teamsters  arrived  with their horsesand, out ofthe  five, four were English speaking while the fifth, a Dane by  on to the floor and faced up to  this Tom McGivern and invited  him to pick on me for a change.  At least 1 could speak his  language. After a brief exchange of pleasantries, during  which he called me a "Lippy  Limey" and I responded by  referring to him as a "horse's  arse", he struck me a vicious  blow that knocked me to the  floor but I was not there very  long and the fight got underway. He had all the advantages  of height, weight and reach and  it was soon evident he was no  stranger to the fight game. Put  very simply I had underestimated him and bitten off  more than I could chew. I was  definitely getting the worst of  the encounter when a distraction occurred. Mogens,seeing!  was losing the battle, attempted  to intervene but was retrained  by some ofthe others. However  McGivern made the fatal  mistake of turning his head to  sec what all the commotion was  behind him. That was sufficient  time for me to grab a three foot  length of birch from the stack  of firewood piled near the  stove. So that when he turned  again to face mc 1 let him have  it right on top of the head and  down he went! He still wasn't  out so when he attempted to  rise I hit him again and, by this  time in a blind fury, kept  raining blows on his head till I  was seized from behind, lifted  bodily and flung half way  across thc bunkhouse. It was  Larabie thc foreman who had  been attracted by all the shouts  and noise in the bunkhouse.  His lace was livid and he  shouted at mc "You crazy  young bastard. What are you  trying to do? Kill him?" He  followed this up by warning  everyone to keep quiet and  dispatching one of the men to  go and get Sinclair who,  besides being the clerk, had a  First Aid ticket. Then turning  once again to me he said, and  his volte was stern, "I'll see you  over in the office right after  breakfast."  I fully expected to be fired  but such was not the case. I  guess he had learned of the  circumstances that led to the  fight. But he really chewed me  out and, as he put it, "you had  better learn to control that  temper of yours or you will end  up dangling on a rope."  The aftermath of all this  excitement was that Tom  McGivern. his head swathed in  bandages, left that same morning for the long journey south  to Mattawa and proper medical attention, while the rest of  us went quietly back to our  respective tasks in the woods.  Mogens and I bjcame very  close friends and our friendship  endured for over forty years till  his death. Although I did not  know it at the time, he and I  were later to. farm togetjierapd  it was1 through' him and his  influence on mc that I called a  halt to my hoboing days and  became the proud owner of my  first home in Canada���a log  cabin way down in Glengarry  County, Ontario.  Coast News, August 26, 1980  15.  AliinORb  CEDRR  HOHIES  k  Early day lumberjacks expected their horses to pull their weight, so lo speal  Being alone rewarding  ROMAN CATHOLIC  SKRVICF.S  Rev. Angelo De Pompa,  Parish Priest  Times of Masses  Saturday, 5:00 p.m.  Si. Mary's. Gibsons  Saturday 7:30 p.m.  Pender Harbour  June 28th lo Scpi 7lh inclusive  Regular Sunday Masses  sVlHI a.m. Our Lady oI'Lourdcs  Church. Sechelt  Indian Reserve  111:1X1 :i.m. Holy Family  Church, Sechell  12:1)0 noon St. Mary's Church.  Gibsons  Confessions before Mass  Phone: 885-9526 or 885-5201  CLAD TIDINfIS  TABERNACLE  Gower Point Road  Phone 886-2660  Sunday School - 9:45 a.m.  Worship Service - 11:00 a.m.  livening Fellowship 6 p.m.  Bible Study - Wed. 7:30 p.m,  Paslor Nancy Dykes  GIBSONS PENTECOSTAL  CHURCH  ��� Cedar Grove Schcol on Chaster Rd.  Sunday v:45  Morning Worship 11:00  Evening Fellowship 7:00  Home Bible Study  Call Pastor Ted Boodle  886-7107 or 886-9482  Affiliated with the  Pentecostal Assemblies of  Canada  UNITED CHURCH  OF CANADA  SUNDAY MORNING  WORSHIP SERVICES  ST. JOHN'S  -at Davis Bay'9:30 a.m.  GIBSONS  - Glassford Rd,  11:15 a.m.  SUNDAY SCHOOL 9:30a.m  Pastor  The Rev. George W. Inglis,  B. Th.  PHONE 886-2333  SEVENTH-DAY ADVENTIST  CHURCH  Sabbath School Sat.. 10 a.m.  Hour of Worship Sat.. II a.m  St. John's United Church  Davis Bay  Pastor C. Drieberg  Evetyone Welcome  For information phone:  885-9750 or 883-27.16  IK Church Services  For many people, thc idea of  being alone conjures up  thoughts of boredom and fear.  But eleven SFU Environmental  Education students have discovered that being alone need  not be either boring or threatening, and can, in fact, be  rewarding. These students have  just returned from a three-day  solo experience.  Under the supervision of two  of the Institute's staff, the  students were ferried to pre-  designated locations along  Sechelt Inlet. These spots were  on either side of a central  supervisory beach site. Once  located the students were left to  their own devices for a three  day, two night period.  Although there was no  restriction on what they could  bring, simplicity was recommended. An average pack  consisted of tarp or plastic  sheet, sleeping bag, ensolite,  knife, flashlight, matches, a  book, a journal, some clothes,  water and food mostly of which  was fruit and granola. Some  students chose not to bring any  food.  The purpose of the solo  varied according to the personal needs and desires of each  soloist. For some it was a  chance to observe nature, for  others a first experience at  solitude and for all an opportunity, to reflect, meditate and  'Wink.  For liability purposes, the  solists were restricted in their  actions. Since everyone had a  portion of water frontage, a no-  swimming rule was in effect.  There was a 100 feet travelling  Salvation Army Camp  students to perform  Over one hundred students  attending the Senior Music  Camp at the Salvation Army's  Camp Sunrise will perform  "Music of Youth" on Wednesday afternoon Aug. 27 in  lower Gibsons.  The concert will begin with  a brief march, starting at  3:45 from Marine Drive and  Gower Point Road, and will be  held in the new municipal  parking lot on Gower Point  Road at 4:00 p.m. The stu-  at the high rate of burglaries?  Many business and homes are  ALARMED  How about yours?  Security Systems  for  Residential-Commercial- Summer Homes  Peninsula  Alarm Systems  SS6-9116  Ltd.  Mji   Serving the Sunshine Coast  lUE^-1    Professional Installations  Neatness - Quality - References  limit and it was advised that no  one cat anything they did not  know lo be perfectly harmless.  Daily checks were made by the  staff to ensure the soloists  safety.  At the outset ofthe experience there were some of the  typical apprehensions. But  once settled thc anxieties were  dissipated. With living arrangements to be tended to in a no-  trace manner, and 100 yards to  explore, and nature to observe,  and personal and wordly  thoughts to contemplate, there  was no opportunity for boredom. And as for fear, that  comes from within and can be  controlled by asking, "what's  the worst thing that could  happen?" and "is it likely to  occur?"  Though everyone's solo  experience was unique and very  personal, a common element  could be seen in their reunion  on the main beach. There was a  glow and aliveness that radiated from each soloist as they  spoke about their sites, experience can best be summed up  in the words of environmentalist/naturalist, Sigurd F.  Olson: "We cannot separate  ourselves from society, comradeship, sharing and love.  Unless we can contribute  something   from   wilderness  experience, derive some solace  or peace to share with others,  then thc real purpose is defeated."  m  Product of' British Columbia  QUALITY LIVING WITH CEDAR  Every detail in a Lindal Cedar Home radiates gracious, yet sensible  living.  And every Lindal lloor plan permits almost unlimited design  flexibility. Over 60 original plans are available Each can bn modified  to fit your particular needs and tastes Or we can help you design  your very own plan.  Sales Office and Display Home in Horseshoe Bay  -----.���AfcBMfc CE0BR HOfflES   CN 26-8     INDEPENDENTLY DISTRIBUTED BY  M.D. MacKenzie Limited  6342 Bay St.. Horseshoe Bay  West Vancouver. B.C. V7W 2G9  (604) 971-6010   921-9268  Enclosed is $3 for Planbook and Design Guide  Name   Street   City   Prov   .Code  Phone |  , Location of Building Lot  J  SUNSHINE COAST TELEVISION SALES I  AND SERVICE LTD.  "After the sale, it's the service that counts"  885-9816  COWRIE ST.  SECHELT  dents will perform a mixture  of choral and instrumental  selections under the direction  of Captain Robert Redhead,  guest Music Director for this  year's Senior Music Camp.  Captain Redhead has worked with the Salvation Army's  International Music Department and International Staff  Band since 1970 and is one of  the "Army's" highly respected writers of vocal and  brass music.  Congratulations to:  Barrie Custance, Bill Davis, Ken Northrup,  Paul Kuster & all the staff of the B.C. Forest  Service on your move to new quarters at  Teredo Square.  We are pleased & happy to be moving with you  & continuing our service for you.  Over the past three years during which we  have provided Janitorial Service at Madeira  Park & Sechelt, I personally have never met a  group of such super warm people, not only to  myself & Margaret, but also to the public in  general.  Looking forward to seeing you & your staff at  Teredo Square. Sincerely,  Montie's   Mon"  Janitorial Services (1971) Ltd  "OUR BUSINESS IS BUILT ON SERVICE"  886-7513  Insured Bonded, ��*n��i��aipipiHHMHPVHnivp||HWi  16.  Wildlife  corner  by Ian Corrance  Eggdttng Newa.  It looks as if Maplewood is  not the only poultry producer  to run into difficulties. Six  months of intensive hard  labour on my part watching  Steve Carroll building chicken  runs and what have you, are  sort of bearing the fruits of our  labours. Never having been  a chicken rancher before, it  didn't dawn on me that their  eyes are in their head, far  away from their brains and  they have to practice before  they can produce legitimate  eggs. If the first one had been  green, it could have hidden  in a jar of pickled gherkins.  The second attempt could  have passed for one of the pool  balls on my $35 pool table.  After the third attempt,  success. 1 guess everything  taki.s a bit of practice.  Now that it looks like we're  on our way to self-sufficiency  and freedom from the egg  marketing board, I think that  we should move to Alberta  and apply for a federal grant.  How not to catch flsh.  Come fishing with me. Two  things are fortunate in the  Coast News, August 26, 1980  fishing game as far as I am  concerned. 1. That when I  write later in this column  about where the fish are, I call  the people who know and  don't go by my own vast  store of knowledge, and 2.  That food on my table is not  dependent on my prowess as  a fisher of salmon.  On Wednesday evening I  anchored in my favourite spot,  just off the green house at  Gower Point and felt that I  was in the right place at the  right time. Others obviously  thought that too, as I was soon  surrounded by boats. ALL  CATCHING FISH. I tried  every trick I knew, praying,  swearing, acting casual,  changing depths and spying  on the other fishermen.  Nothing worked. Perhaps God  meant me to be a chicken  farmer.  There was a happy ending  to thc expedition. We got  shipwrecked. Seagull outboards have the nasty habit  of running out of gas. This  happened on the homeward  trip and while refuelling  I shorted out the electrical  system.  Your first impression could  be that this is not a happy  ending, but after making a  landfall on Shoal Beach, I  noticed that a bunch of  teenagers were having a wee  bit of a party. From listening  to the police and the shopkeepers, you get the impression that all teenagers  are vandals and it would seem  a bit foolhardy to leave an  open boat full of gear for  their plundering. I'm happy to  report that everything was  intact when I returned the  next morning. Perhaps God  does want me to catch a fish  this year after all. I'll try  tonight.  Where the fish are.  If the reports are anything  to go by, try the Horseshoe  Bay area. The further up you  go, the worse it gets.  Sewell's at Horseshoe Bay  reports lots of 4 to 5 pound  cohos at Passage Island, up  to nine pounds at Seal Rocks  and a 33 pound spring was  snagged at Cowan's Point.  Moving north, Merrill at  Hyak in Gibsons has seen  one 12'/i pound coho come in,  but the rest are small, although there are quite a few  of them. He'd like to remind  fishermen that there are lots  of grilse around. They are not  trout as one nut thought. So,  if they are under 12 inches,  put them back carefully.  Hugh at Lord Jims is further  north, so the tale is sadder.  Fish are coming in, in ones  and twos. He adds that the  weather is beautiful, so how  about some sight seeing.  Maurice at Irvines Landing  makes a great apple and  blackberry pie, so perhaps you  can stop in for some of that  instead of chasing the few  cohos that are around. The  flash in the pan of large  northerners a couple of weeks  ago, was just that. There are  some nice springs in the 15 to  18 pound range being taken in  the Lees Bay and Fearny Point  area. Go down deep with live  bait for them.  Horror stories.  Years after the fact, we  learn that the American  government was using the  public as guinea pigs to test  their germ warfare nasties.  The stuff was let loose in  subways, crowded streets and  other suitable locations where  it could be monitored. To  release it into the subway,  a goon took a light bulb full  of nastie beasties on one of the  trains. When he was enroute,  he dropped it between two  carriages and smashed it.  The finale was when a U.S.  Navy boat went into San  Francisco harbour and aero-  soled the city. The compound  was supposed to be in quantities small enough that  it would not be noticed by  the public. Unfortunately  there was a hospital in the way  and 11 patients reacted to it.  One ofthe people was obliging  enough to die from the  experience, so I guess the test  could be considered a success  and the microbes an effective  deterrent against the yellow  peril.  Don't be smug and think  that this type of behaviour is  confined to south of the  border. Get a hold of Friday's  Province and you can read  about open air tests with  deadly botulism chemicals in  '43 and '44.  The tests were carried out  The first three eggs from the famous Corrance/Carroll chicken ranch were from the one hen. While it  proves that the chicken came firsl, il doesn't necessarily mean that it knows whal an egg is supposed  lo look like.  by the Department of Defence  in Suffteld, Alberta, 35 kilometres northwest of Medicine  Hat.  With idiots like this around,  it's no wonder that any  thinking person must demand  that all chemicals should be  considered unsafe until proven safe. Not vice versa.  Sanity stories.  William Rich, the vice-  president for Alcan BC, has  decided not to fight the court  ruling to maintain the flow of  the Nechako River in order  that salmon may have some  water to spawn.  There was a weird little  news item last week about the  fisheries lowering the water  temporarily, in the very river  that they told Alcan to keep  their hands off. I phoned the  fisheries in Vancouver and  went from department to  department trying to get some  clarification on it. When the  information secretary finally  gave me a number that ended  up being the department of  justice, I gave up.  There is good news from  the Goodyear (blimp) people.  They say that they have come  up with a cheap method of  rendering PCB's harmless.  PCB is that stuff that is used  in electrical transformer.; and  is as deadly to the environment as a flame is to ice.  Millions of pounds of it have  been put into storage dumps  over the years, because no one  knew what to do with it.  Let's hope that for everybody's sake their claims are  true. Especially since the  States recently stopped BC  Hydro and other like companies from using their  dumping grounds.  That's it. If you want to  contact me with items of  interest, my numbers are  886-2622, 886-9151 and 886-  7817, ta.  Gambier Society Founded  Six Gambier Island property  owners are in the process  of forming the Gambier Island  Preservation Society. The  primary purpose of the society  will be to raise money for the  production of a 15 minute  colour documentary film dramatizing the unique recreational potential of the  island and the threat to that  potential posed by the possibility of an open pit copper-  molybdenum mine.  The Society will be trying to  raise an estimated $30,000  for the production of the film  and to cover advertising and  distribution costs. The film,  to be written and produced  by Peter Haworth and Derek  Gardner, has a projected  completion date of Sept.  30th and will be made a-  vailable to groups and organizations interested in the  controversy surrounding metal exploration on the island.  WANTED  Used Furniture  and What Have You  AL'S USED  FUMIITUS  $86-2812  Chevron  HILLTOP  CHEVRON  SERVICE  Hwy. 101, Gibsons  * Fast & Friendly Service  * Complete Automotive Repairs  to All Makes & Models  ! This Week's Special!  LUBE. OIL ft FILTER:   M9.95   ^  Gas: 7 days a week, 8 am. -10 pm.  Repairs: Mon. - Fri., 9 am. - 5 pm.  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Like most gyppo's of the  hungry thirties, we were limited  for equipment by what we  could alTnnl to buy. Ihe old  AC Tractor hail no dozer blade  but the tracks were good and  the engine was a cheap running  diesei.  Bert had traded in his  sawdust truck for a new three  ton Ford with a used, six ton  logging trailer. An old one ton  truck was loaded with tools,  hand equipment and grub and  lied on a hitch at her rear was a  utility trailer loaded with beds,  a stove and other cookhouse  equipment.  Our first chore was to find a  low bank, run the tractor up on  it, then load onto the back of  the log truck. Next the log  trailer was hooked behind the  truck and we were ready to  travel. That little convoy  represented all we owned in the  world, but no one could have  been prouder cf that handfull  of tired iron that we were as we  pointed the lot toward the  timbered hills of the Cowichan  Valley and the E. & N.  K.iilway crossing of the Kok-  silah River.  I God only knew what lay in  Store for us in the months to  come as we struggled against  the fates that faced all gyppo  loggers in their struggle for  survival in the rough and  tumble times of the hungry  thirties!  The first few miles of our  journey into the unknown was  on blacktop as fa r as Cowichan  Jitation. We made a short stop  there to freshen up our supplies  of tobacco, bread and a few  other staples. We were going to  be in the bush for awhile and  didn't plan a trip out until we  were logging.  While we were in the store,  Bert had been making inquiries  about the condition ofthe road  into Kinsol Siding on the E. &  N. Railroad. This surprised me  as Bert and A.T. Craike, the log  broker who owned the timber,  were supposed to have been on  the ground and checked the  ALUMINUM  COMPANY OF  CANADA, LTD  APPOINTS SENIOR  CUTIVE FOR  BRITISH COLUMBIA  William J. Rich  Patrick J.J. Rich. President. Aluminum Company  ol Canada, Ltd, has announced the appointment  ol William J. Rich as Vice  President lor British  Columbia, reporting directly to the President.  The appointment follows a  recent announcement by  Alcan that it will review its  prrposal to build additions hydro-electric and  smelling capacity in  British Columbia. The  development ol a proposal that will take into account the interests ol  governmental agencies  and ol residents in the  area that could be affected  will be a prime responsibility of the new executive.  Bill Rich is a graduate engineer and joined Alcan at  Kitimat in 1961. He has  held a number of management positions and  was, until this appointment, manager of the  Kitimat smelter.  The Aluminum Company  of Canada, Lid's facilities  in British Columbia are  managed by Alcan Smelters and Chemicals Ltd  which operates the smelter at Kitimat and the  hydro-electric facilities at  Kemano; and by Alcan  Canada Products Limited  which is responsible for  six fabricating plants and  seven sales offices in the  province.  road  conditions just a few  weeks before.  We left the blacktop at the  store, crossed a bridge onto a  gravel road and headed West.  The gravel soon gave way to a  narrow set of tracks that  climbed an easy grade into the  hills through heavy second  growth crowding in on both  sides with alder and scrub  growing between the wheel  tracks. It was obvious that little  or no traffic had been over this  road since last fall's hunters  and thc winter snows.  We had been jolting along  over this increasingly rough  trail for a couple of hours,  feeling our way through low  spots and water holes when,  after descending into a small  ravine, Bert's outfit stopped in  front of me. Relishing a chance  to stretch my legs, I walked up  to where Bert and Jim were  surveying the condition of a  small bridge. One stringer had  partly collapsed while the other  looked to be ready to. Light  vehicles and four wheel drives  had been clawing their way  over it in the past, but there was  no way it would support our  heavy loads. It was also  ob'ious that Bert and Craike  had not crossed it in their fancy  car nor hiked this trail in their  city shoes.  I remarked to Bert, "Well,  the timber can't be too far from  here. You fellas must'a walked  in the rest of the way?'  Bert grunted, "Must of  rained hard lately. But I knew  we'd have to fix this bridge.  Better drop the trailer, unload  the 'cat and see if we can find  some logs for stringers".  That job took us most ofthe  day so it was almost dark when  we crossed the new bridge with  our heavy loads and crawled  cautiously along the unfamiliar  track to our final destination.  An hour later we pulled off  the trail into an old siding of the  E. & N. Railroad. This had  been the site of the mill that had  been sawing the timber from  the claim we were now going to  finish logging. A big fire had  destroyed the mill before the  logging was completed and it  was decided that the remaining  timber was not worth building  a new mill for.  They could have shipped the  logs by rail, but for some  strange reason, it was never  done. Within the next few days  we were going to find out why,-  but that night we were all so  tired and hungry it couldn't  have mattered less what the  reasons were.  A quick sandwich of crusty  bread and bully beef soon eased  the hunger pangs, then topping  it off with a fresh brew of  campfire coffee, we dug out our  sleeping bags. We scratched  around in the grass like a pack  of hounds after a cougar hunt,  looking for soft spots to spread  our beds. Moments later I was  stripped of my sweaty clothes,  stretched naked and warm in  my padded cocoon, with only  the stars above me.  My last thoughts of the day  as I lay on my back and picked  out the configuration of the big  dipper in that star-studded sky,  was that because the laddie was  upright, no water would spill.  That meant dry, hot weather  for the next few weeks which  we would need so badly to get  our new road built and packed.  For the moment I was happy  with the decision I had made to  embark on the new career of  'logger', and I wondered if Rat  Portage John would be pleased  if he knew that I had made the  change.  As 1 began to doze, I  wondered if I would someday  top and ride the wildly swaying  pick of the forest crop; to  harness and tame it to its  function as a spar tree; to  become one of the legendary  steel-nerved breed who was  idolized in a forest camp or a  skidrow street as top man in his  trade.... a Highrigger!   To be continued  August 15th: Charisse Hinz  of Roberts Creek and her  passenger Mrs. Wain of  Gibsons were taken to St.  Mary's Hospital after their  car was in a collision with a  1968 Dodge driven by Anthony English of Gibsons. The  accident occurred at 7:15 p.m.  on Highway 101 and Lower  Road in Roberts Creek.  Damage is estimated at  $6,000. Hinz has been charged  with driving without due care  and attention.  August 16th: The tires of a  vehicle parked at Williamson's Landing were slashed.  Damage is estimated at $150.  Four antennae were broken  from vehicles at South Coast  Ford in Sechelt. Value is  reported at $50. A battery was  stolen from a boat in Ruby  Lake.  August 18th: Charges are  pending against Philip Joe  after having driven a vehicle  into the side of a residence  on the waterfront sections of  the Sechelt Indian Land.  Damage to both the vehicle  and the house was extensive.  A new house in Gibsons was  broken into. $2,900 worth of  carpeting, plumbing fixtures  and    cabinet    fronts    were  stolen.  August 20th: A residence on  Hillcrest Road in Gibsons was  broken into and ransacked.  August 21st: Clint Webb was  taken to St. Mary's Hospital  suffering from neck pains  after his Ford Courier pickup  rolled on Stewart Road in  Gibsons. The two passengers  were uninjured. $3,000  damage to the vehicle was  reported.  WINDOWS?  PERMASEAL!  *   *    WE MANUFACTURE     *   *  ��� A complete line ol Aluminum Window a Patio Door products lor  new construction. Let us give you a lirm quote on your plansl  ��� Thermo Paned Conversions I Storm Windows Installed In your  home by our qualified crewi. Give ul a call lor a tree. In home, no  obligation estimate.  Local servicing 4 Five Year Warranty on all products assure your  satisfaction which Is our goall  17  Airport Rd.,  SMhell  M5-3S3S  A seminar in sewing  Are you wondering how to  beat the high cost of clothing  and achieve the Fall 1980 look?  West Vancouveritcs Mari-  Lou Laishly and Gina Moin, of  Optium Two���Professional  Sewing Instruction and Mary-  on Adelaar, a Fashion Image  Consultant will be in Sechelt on  Friday, September 5, for a  seminar sponsored by Sew  Easy. The seminar will be a  Fashion Focus for Fall 1980���  Planning a wardrobe to fit your  lifestyle, time saving sewing  tips, fabric handling, updating  your present wardrobe, and  ideas for sewing "professional  looking" clothes will be discussed.  Maryon Adelaar is a graduate of the Tobe-Coburn  School for Fashion Careers in  Boston, and she has been a  buyer for Sears & Eaton's in  Toronto and Montreal and  managed the Young Toronto  Shop at Eaton's in Yorkdale.  The two home Economists,  Mari-Lou   Laishly   &   Gina  Moin have varied backgrounds  in clothes construction and  design. Currently. Mari-I.ou is  an instructor at UBC School of  Home Economics. Both girls  do promotional work for  various products and department stores as well as offeringa  variety of sewing courses at  their West Vancouver studio.  Thc seminar is being offered  in Sechelt at St. Hilda's Hall,,  Friday, September 5 from 10  am. to 2 pm. Tickets available  at Sew Easv.  Gibsons Ready Mix  886-8174  ���Drainrock "Washed Rock  ���Sand 'Road Mulch  'Fill 'Concrete Anchors  Mon.���Friday 8a.m.���5p.m.  Community projects  COURTENAY - A six  member local advisory board  has been named by Ray  Skelly, MP for Comox-Powell  River, to select projects which  will qualify for $190,000 worth  of grants under the Canada  Community Developments  program in his federal riding.  The funding is a further  development of what used to  be known as Canada Works  and is designed to provide  direct assistance to job creating projects.  Skelly said that while he  was pleased funding has been  'made available in his constituency, "the amount provided is insufficient to meet  the needs ofthe many projects  being planned and it does not  reflect the real unemployment  rate in the riding."  As a result, the local  advisory board will have a  difficult job determining  which projects will receive  grants, he said.  Five of the board members  are Doris Marlow of Courtenay, Mayor Gilbert Popovich  of Alert Bay, Wally Diesman  of Bella Coola, Colin Palmer  of Powell River and Stephen  Holland of Langdale. A sixth  member of the board, from  Campbell River, will be  announced later,  The co-ordinator of the  board will be Greg Hartnup  of Campbell River, a staff  member of the Department of  Employment and Immigration. Skelly will be an ex-  officio member of th* board.  capilano  lege  Because ol  VOUR SUBSECTIONS  We are offering the following courses  on the Sunshine Coast  this fall  ENGLISH 010  Language Skills  Starting Tun., Sept. 30  Instructor William Sctwtmbruckar  GEOGRAPHY 101  Environmental Geography   '-""<���'-     W^��'-  Starting Thurs., Oct. 2  Instructors: Gordon Wilton and Brett McGIMvray  BUSINESS MANAGEMENT 210  Small Business Management  Starting Wed., Oct. 1  Instructor to be announced  u      . .     EDUCATION 15��f  Human Growth and Development  Starting Monday, Sept. 29  Instructor Lols Rennie  ALL OF THE ABOVE COURSES WILL RUN FROM 6 TO 10 PM.  (Subject to Minor Changes)  At the Sechelt Learning Centre  BUSINESS OFFICE TRAINING  Including courses In  Typing, Business English, Calculators,  Office Procedures, Bookkeeping, Business Arithmetic,  One-Write Systems, Machine Transcription  Starting Sept 8,1980  Finishing April 24,1981  9 am to 4 pm - Monday through Friday  BASIC TRAINING  AND SKILLS DEVELOPMENT  Starting Oct. 27  Contact Richard Chamberlain 885-3814  Sponsorship Is available through Manpower  9 am to 4 pm. Monday through Friday  The following credit-free courses and seminars will  also be offered.  FASHION SKETCHING 1  Tuesday, 1 to 3:30 pm.,  Starting September 23  Eight Sessions ��� Fee $48.  Instructor Eva Hall  FELT MAKING  Saturday 9:30 am to 4 pm.  November 8 only. Fee $30.  Instructor Mleneke Men  CREATIVE WRITING  Thursday 7 to 10 pm.  Starting September 25  Six Seaalona. Fee $47.50  Instructor Sally Nelson  DEVELOPMENT OF STRATA TITLES CONCEPT  Saturday 9:30 am to 4 pm.  November 8 only. Fee $25  Instructor: Gerry Sanaken  SELLING YOUR OWN HOME  Saturday 10 am to 4:30 pm.  October 18 only. Fee $35.  Instructor: Lila Plant  GENEALOGICAL WORKSHOP  Saturday 9:30 am to 3:30 pm.  October 18 only. Fee $10.  Instructor: Dr. Tom Warren  At Elphlnstone Secondary School, Gibsons  ALL OF THE COURSES ABOVE, except the Genealogical  Workshop, WILL BE HELD AT THE  SECHELT LEARNING CENTRE  Sechelt Learning centre on When St. opens Aug. ie.  Hours: 12:30 to 7 pm.. mon. through Fri.  FOR FULL COURSE DESCRIPTIONS,:  INFORMATION AND REGISTRATION  CALL 885-9310  APRIL STRUTHERS,  COMMUNITY SERVICES ASSISTANT  OR DIANE STAPLES  RECEPTIONIST,  FOR INFORMATION  mam  Hi  M 18.  Coast News, August 26, 1980  COAST NEWS CLASSIFIED ADS  Births  Help wanted  Phone Ihe Coast News, for this free  service.      rrff  Terry and li/ Forshner arc proud  in announce the birth of Chad  Wesley, horn Aug, 12, weighing 8  Ih. I oz  Jeanne & Barry Walker arc proud  lo announce the nrrivt.1 ol thcil  new son John Kenneth, a brother  foi i rystal Born al 4 45 pm on  Morula. \ug 18th, 1980, weighing 8 |h 2 o; #34  Stelck  I he community can rest easy. I  finall. arrived on August 20th, all  7 lbs |4o/ til mc A son, Matthew  Reid, to Brian and t'aryn. A  brother tor Ryan and Scott, a  grandson lor Don and Mary  Macdonald and Charles and Fran  Stelck. Special lhanks arc extended to Dr I uhin. Sue Steed, Allan  and Mona and the gallery of staff  who were present.  Obituaries  Jamieson, passed away Aug. 7,  1980. Mary Ellen (Murnie) Jamieson, late of Hopkins Landing in  her IXth year. Survived by her  If ;n..' family, parents Allan and  Rosemary, 3 brothers Bill, Doug  and Andrew. Grandparents. Herbert and Thelma .Jamieson, West  Vancouver, Mrs. Rose Libby,  Wcsi Vancouver. Also aunts,  uncles and cousins. Service was  held Thursday Aug. 21 in the  Chapel ol Devlin Funeral Home in  (iibsons. Rev. i'.T. Oliver officiated. Cremation. In lieu of  llowers donations to the Beachcomber Volleyball Club or to the  local Search & Rescue Group  would be appreciated, c. 0 The  Royal Bank Gibsons, B.C.  Announcements  Hoi J 1 and lour - 15 days, departs  Nov, 3. For more information  phone 886-2660. #36  Important Notice to Dance Students: The Gibsons School of  Theatre Dance will be closing  down as ol Sept. 15th. 1980. Mrs.  Milward is leaving thc province.  Acrobatic & Spanish classes will  be available in the same location  commencing Sept. 16th, with Mrs.  Graeie. Tel. 936-0855 or 886-2531.  to register. Junior & pre-school  ballet students call Mrs. Michelle  Graham. 886-2172, lap, Jazz and  Si Ballet students call Mrs.  Milward lor information.       #36  Grand  AUCTION  For Sechelt  Chamber of  Commerce  DONATIONS OF ALL  SORTS SOUGHT  885-3100  Lots ol goods and  services to be sold  al auction  SUNDAY   SEPT. 28  1:30 PM.  Old Bus Depot  Property  Cowrie St.        Sechelt  POSITION VACANT  Province ol  British  Columbia  Ministry of  Forests  FOREST SERVICE  Captain Minor  Vessel I  Applications may be submitted up to & including  Sept 2/80 to the District  Manager, Box 4000, Sechelt, B.C.. lor the position ol Captain Minor  Venal I  This position is lor a term  ol three months but may  be extended (or a further  period of time. Applicants  should hold a valid Coast  Wise Masters' Certificate.  Applicants with lesser  qualifications may be  considered.  Full particulars may be  obtained from the present  Forest Service Office on  Wharf Rd., or call 885-  5168.  B.L. Cuatance,  District Manager  Personal  Alcoholics Anonymous 886-9208  T.F.N.  Banish Corns, Callouses  Carnation Corn Caps, a highly  effective, medicated pad. results  guaranteed. England's largest  selling remedy for over a century.  Now! Available in Canada! Why  suffer? One trial will convince you!  Corn Caps or Callous Caps.  Available at Pacifica Pharmacy.  #34  Fulltime   student   at   Capilano  College wishes to form a car pool.  For Sept. semester. Call 886-7708.  #36  Ranged? You are East Indian, he  said. We rode same West Van bus -  Horseshoe Bay to P.O. at Georgia  St.. dn. twn. Van. Sat. Aug. 26  approx. 3-4 pm. You carried two  bags. Sun glasses, blue jeans and  were probably coming from  (iibsons. Wc spoke as we walked  to transfer bus. You took #55 -  12th express on Pender. You are to  sludy Art. said you were not yet  settled in Van., said you are still  transient Gibsons. Van., Victoria.  Staying with friends in Burnaby. I  wish lo speak with you more or  correspond. If you see this ad,  please contact me. If Rangeet's  friends see it, please contact her.  George Chisholm. #4, 168 E 27th  Ave., Van.. B.C. #34  Announcements  Help wanted  Experienced waitresses, full & part  time. Apply in person to Moi at  Seaview Gardens. #34  Mature, responsible person needed immediately for permanent part  time work in kennel 886-7713.034  Person with car for newspaper  delivery. 886-9503. #34  Lord Jim's Lodge. Help Wanted.  Housekeepers, full or part-time.  Kitchen help, full or part-time.  Waitresses, full and part-time.  Needed immediately. Apply in  person. TFN  Mature lady to look alter a group  or small children. Wed. 9:30am. to  approx. 11:30 am. Must be able to  organize and control small children. R.N. background preferred.  For info, phone Gibsons l.anes  886-2086. #34  Required immediately: Dining  room Waitresses & Bus Persons.  Please apply in person, Jolly  Roger Inn, R.R. #1. Halfmoon  Bay. #34  Experienced Tellers required for  fulltime work. Please submit  resume to: Port Mellon Industries  Credit Union, P.O. Box 715.  Gibsons, B.C. #34  Semi-portable sawmill requires  experienced head sawyer, edgcr,  loader/bucker etc., plus labourers  male and female. No triflers.  Phone 884-5342. #35  Required immed. Fulltime Maintenance person. Apply slating  qualifications & experience to  Jolly Roger Inn. R.R. #1, Halfmoon Bay. #35  BABYSITTER WANTED  Parttimc babysitter required for  beginning of October. Prefer sitter  on school side of Langdale area.  884-5252 afternoons - evenings.  #34  Lluestoch  For Rent  Transcendental Meditation  program (TM) as taught by  Maharishi Mahesh Yogi.  Personal and private instruction. 886-7988.. .tfn  Buying  Selling  Moving  or  Just Dreaming  The Sunshine Coast  REALTOR  will help vou do it.  Available at  Realty offices.  Gibsons Legion Branch #109^.  Presents TJ  Jj      "J & B  Straight Up"  Country Rock  Aug. 29th & 30th  Members & Guests Only  ^  LUNCHES AVAILABLE  11:00 io 6:00 p.m. Monday Saturday  Friday, Saturday also 9:00 p.m. - 12:30 a.m.  3E  HELP  WANTED  Part-time & full-time  Waitresses  &  Morning Cooks  Apply In person to:  Jolly Roger Inn  885-5888  =n  SALESPERSON  REQUIRED  IMMEDIATELY  Sales experience  preferred but not  essential.  Phone:  886-7215  EXPERIENCED  OFFICE  WORKER  Knowlege of office  machines, & ability  to meet the public  required.  Full-time position.  Apply in writing to:  Box 14,  c/o Coast News,  Box 460, Gibsons, B.C.  HELP WANTED  LIFEGUARD  Must have a current  bronze cross.  Permanent Part- time.  Age 19 and over.  Apply  Pender Harbour  Aquatic Centre  Box 361,  Madeira Park  V0N2H0   883-2667  (iood Hay. no rain $2. Clean straw  $2. Spoiled hay for mulch il.  I'honc eves. 885-9.157. #35  Rabbits for sale. New Zealand  white, Heniish giants. California?!  $5. each 886-2696. Anytime or  view .1 miles past Langdale on Port  Mellon Hwy. #34  Personal  Would thc person who bumped  into thc driver's side door of a  wine-coloured Hori/on in the  parking lot at the Roberts Creek  Daze Dance please contact the  Coast News. Unfortunately, the  name and address left on a napkin  went to the laundromat in a shirt  pocket and all was lost. 886-2622  or 886-7817. TFN  For Rent  Avail. Sept. 1, Hopkins. Furnished  semi-waterfront view home. 2 1/2  bdrms.. hot water heat, full bsmt.  with workshop area, elec. range,  $350./mo. 922-5395 or 885-9553  after Aug. 29. #34  SPECIAL WEEKLY RATES  Peninsula Hotel 886-9334 TFN  Three bedroom home. Davis Bay  $450. per month. Available Sept.  1st, phone 885-5220 or 886-2659.  #35  Near Madeira Park, luxurious  waterfront apt.. 2 bdrms., 2 baths.  1200 sq. ft., unfurnished. Quiet  adults. Only rental consideration  will be given to permanent high  quality tenant. Phone 883-9285 or  883-2370. #35  680 sq.ft.  $300. a month  School Road &  Gower Pt. Road  581-0995  New 3 bedroom, 2 bathroom  house in Hopkins. Has fireplace, 5  appliances. Excellent view &  private. Available Oct. 1st on 1 yr.  lease. $475. per month. 886-2177.  #34  3 bedroom, Selma Park, 2 fireplaces, dishwasher, range, fridge,  lease I yr. $500. per mo. Refs.  Partial view. 886-8375. #34  Red & Breakfast. Daily, weekly or  monthly rates. Roberts Creek. Pull  hoard available. 885-2672.      #36  Furn. Trailer, elec. lit., 8 x 40,  $200. Ponderosa Trl. Pk. No. 17.  Kt& last mo. rent. Avail. Sept. 15.  #34  Madeira Park, modern view home.  .1 bdrm.. full basemenl. no appliances $375. per mo. 724-0469.  #34  Sept. to June: I bdrm. cottage,  furnished. Near ferry, no pets, for  couple who will upkeep. Rent  $250. Ph. Sat.-Tucs. eves. 980-  2154. #34  Sept. I. Gower Pt. Exec, type  waterfront home. .1 bdrm.. extensive use of cedar. Spictacularview.  2 bathrooms, 2 fireplaces. Quiet,  private. Refs. 886-7769. #35  Waterfront   2   bedroom   house.  furnished. Close to Madeira Park.  Available Sept. 1st. 929-5307.eves.  #35  Office for Rent: 410 sq. ft. air-  conditioned office in new building  in Sechelt. Quiet 2nd floor  location. Immed. possession. Call  Doug or Stan at 885-3211.     #34  OFFICE,  COMMERCIAL  &/OR RETAIL  SPACE  AVAILABLE  on Hwy. 101, Gibsons  Space can be divided  to suit tenant/tenants.  From 450 sq. ft. up to  1200 sq. ft. available at  realistic rents. Up to  650 sq. ft. available  as warehouse storage.  Phone: 886-7112  OFFICE * COMMERCIAL  SPACE AVAILABLE  Approx. 1,000 sq ft.  Ideal for Convenience Store  886-2417                                     Toll Free:  886-2713                                          922-2017  wanted  wanted  Cheap plywood or sheathing for  boat shed. 885-5588. #34  Local resident wants I - 5 acres in  rural Wilson Creek. Roberts Creek  or Gibsons, for house site. Cash  available now. Call 886-2770 after  5 pm. #36  Wanted to Buy: Logs or Timber.  Fir, Hemlock, Cedar ��� Porpoise  Bay Logging Ltd., 885-9408 or  885-2032. T.F.N.  Lots of ladies to join a new howling  league. Experience not required.  Call Lynda 886-9381 or Lise 886-  9I03. #16  Private party desires I - 2  plus/minus acres. Rural. Hopkins  to Wilson Creek. 886-9634.    #34  Canning sealers of any type 886-  8348. #34  Ram pump, in working order.  Please phone collect 112-433-3679  after 6 pm. #34  Older furniture, china, etc., bought  or sold on consignment. Harbour  Antiques, 1585 Marine Dr., Gibsons. 886-7800 T.F.N.  18" Cedar shake blocks. We pay  the best prices for good wood. Also  custom cut your blocks. 886-9856.  TFN  wanted to Rent  Couple with two children require 2  or 3 bdrm. home for Oct. & Nov.  Excellent references. Ph. 885-3172.   #34  Small house or cabin anywhere  between Gibsons and Sechelt,  Roberts Creek preferred for Sept.  1 or 15. Please call Jean collect at  479-7934. #34  Small suite, reasonable rent,  Gibsons area for single refined  young lady. Phone 886-2660.  TFN  Young couple need I or 2 bdrm  house or cabin, immcd. or Sept.  Rets, avail. Willing to carelakc or  do repairs. Leave message: 885-  3317. #34  Apt. or house in Sechelt or  thereabouts. 3 bedroom. Reliable  tenants. References available. 886-  9231. #34  Lady with 2 children 9 & 11 needs  accommodation anywhere on  Peninsula. Excellent refs. 886-7095  and ask for Patricia. #34  Young man & woman seeking 2  bedroom house or suite A.S.A.P.  References if necessary. 886-7253  or 886-2127 after 5 pm. #34  Quiet responsible family looking  for I or 2 bdrm. house by Oct. 1st.  Between Gibsons & Sechelt pref.  Ph. Collect 325-9048. #36  Ferry Officer requires house or  apt. for winter. Quiet, reliable, no  pets or children. 886-9802 or 886-  9808. #34  Looking for batchelor's suite or  small cottage in Gibsons area.  Need by Sept. 1st. Call Richard at  886-9472. #34  2 hardworking young men looking  for 2 bdrm. house in Gibsons area.  Excell. refs. available 886-2626  after 6 pm. #35  I would like to find rented  accommodation in Gibsons for my  mother. She would prefer the  upper floor of a house or an  upstairs apartment. Please contact  Mr. or Mrs. Johnstone at 886-  9235. TFN  Responsible tenant with two  children seeking house in Sechelt  area; references available. 886-  9231 #35  Family of three desires house in  quiet location between Langdale  and Wilson Creek. Refs. 886-9634.  #36  In Gibsons: Looking for room &  board. Good home for a well-  adjusted 15 yr. old girl. 5 days  week. During schoo] year. Fee  negotiable. Please call collect 985-  8081 after 6 pm. #34  mobile Homes  Bonnlebrook Resort  2 choice mobile home sites  available. Near waterfront. 886-  2887. tfn  For sale  For Sale  BUSINESS  Wanted to Buy  $100,000 - $200,000  All Replies Confidential  Box 20,  c/o Coast News,  Box 460,  Gibsons, B.C.  CASH FOR LOBS  top Prices  ftm EsnmaMs  D & 0 LOG SORTING  LTD.  886-7896 886-7700  3C  WANTED!  Property with or without house on  Abbs,  Winn or Stewart Roads, or  reasonably priced acreage.  Please call Denise at  886-2440 evenings or  886-2818 days  3g  coast mobile  Homos Ltd.  GOOD  SELECTION OF  DOUBLE WIDES  we take trades  or  Consign your Mobile  Home to us for  quick sale  WHARF ST.   SECHELT  885-9979        mol mm  Sunshine Coast  Mobile Home  Park & Sales  I mile west of Gibsons |  Order your new  "ATCO" Home  Direct and  SAVE $$$ on  Stocking Charges  We welcome  Consignment Sales  on your  Used Mobile Home  Pads available  in our lot.  Phone 886-9826  Fum Freth Battoicnach lettuce, Cabbage, Chard, Carrot*,  - Black Currant, etc. Tony Archer  886-7046 beet; & beam      TFN  Starcraft hardtop trailer. Sleeps 6,  furnace, icebox, sink, 3 burner  stove, closet, privacy curtains, 110  V or 12 V. Excell. cond. Spare tire  and cnver.886-9810. #34  Older IS' Travel trailer. As is {300  or swap for Utility trailer. Phone  Sat.-Tues. evenings 980-2IS4. #34  two new wood casement windows,  double glazed w/screens. 4'0" x  3'0", $160.3'0" x 3'0", $100. Phone  886-7098. #34  Acme oil range, water heater,  $100; also Suburban automatics  wood space heater, $75. To be  removed by purchaser. 886-7803  weekends or 926-4832 weekdays.  _, #34  Fresh Tuna  Orders taken now. Phone 886-  9587 or 886-2350. #36  Sparkomatic autosound at Green  Onion Stereo, Dunham Rd., Port  Mellon, 884-5240. #34  Oliver Tractor complete with  hydraulic front end loader &  hydraulic trip bucket. Two buckets, one toothed. 3 point hydraulic hitch. Live power take-off.  Near new rear tires. Gas engine.  Excellent condition. Got a small  farm? Don't miss this. Offers to  $2,900. Will trade for boat of equal  value. Phone 886-8414 days, or  886-7469 after 6 pm. #34  18" Shakes 1/8 to 3/8 thick. Good  for sheds, barns, chicken house  sides. To clear yard special. Only  $2.50 a bundle. 886-9658.       #36  1 - Custom utility trailer, made for  Jeep.  Heavy duty axle & r'ms.  $350., will take $300. Ph. 886-7589.  #36  Dusty Rose rug, approx. 12 x 16  ft., plus underfelt $100. 886-8489.  #35  Copper cylindrical tank c/w  electric float control, 4" Singer  Inlet valve and manhole - 30"  diameter, 87" long, 125 psi W.P.  approximately 540 lbs. - $700. or  best offer above scrap value;  Electric Fog Master for room  disinfecting - best reasonable offer;  Large Crown coffee urn - double  faucet, 208 V. $50.; Elecric Clark  floor scrubber $100; Double  aluminum and glass swing doors  with frame to fit 97" x 951 / 2" high  opening - requires assembly - best  offer; Electric still 3 G.P.H. 3/ 208/  60 but can be converted, c/w 12  gal. Carboy and instructions -  $125. Government registry required; Stretchers with 8" wheels -  $50.; Two sheets glass 67" x 78" x  I /4" - best reasonable offer; White  folding steel examination table 72"  x 30" - would make excellent patio  table or bench - $75; New 12 volt  D.C. Annunciator and alarm bell -  best reasonable offer. Call Mr.  Jenkins, St. Mary's Hospital, 885-  2224 Local 12. #34  / \  LET'S TRADE  APPLIANCES  MACLEOD'S  Sechelt  We deliver Gibson* &  Port Mellon  884-5240  CAM PRENTIS        Prop.  DUNHAM RD.. PORT MELLON  VON 2SO  New Cork Boots. Used once. For  log sorting etc. worth $50. asking  $30. or best offer. Size 10. Call 886-  8245. #35  Sansui metal compatible tape  decks. At Green Onion Stereo.  Dunham Rd., Port Mellon, 884-  5240. #34  Absolutely Mint! Nikon Fe, Nikon  FM, 150 Sonnar for SI.66. 886-  2360. #34  Steam Cleaner. Used less than 20  hours. $1,000. 886-2708. #35'  Tandem Trailer. Custom huilt to  haul 4-whccl drive. Walking beam  construction. Excellent heavy-duty  trailer. 10.000 Ib. O.V.W. Haul  tractors, etc. $1,150. I'honc 886-  7469 after 6 pm. #34  Inner spring mattress, matching  box springs (regular si/c). New  condition. Call 886-7389 rcas. #34  Two Hollywood beds. $90. each.  Phone 886-9128, #34  Bell & Howell Model 1615 Movie  Projector, Movie Camera and  screen, (used 2 weeks) $200; CCM  Girl's 3 speed bike $40; '63 - 95 hp.  Merc, outboard, needs carb. work  in good shape $175; Sewing  machine & cabinet $75. Ph. 886-  7058. To view: Grey house on  Davis Rd. #35  Portable Office���or perfect for  Hot Dog Stand? Constructed ol  finest quality material. Fullj  insulated & carpeted. Electric heat,  fluorescent lighting, exterior flood  lights. On skids. Don't miss this  buy! Cost $5,600. to construct. 10  mos. old. Without office equipment: $3,500. With quality office  equipment: $4,400. Phone 886-  ,7469 after 6 pm. 886-8414 8 am -  5:30 pm. #34  '66 VW. no rust, new radials. side  damaged $250; good belted tire  F78-14, $20; auto bike rack; speed  queen washer, $125; lowtime 2 hp.  Johnson outboard, $200; mooring  anchors; goose decoys; shells;  calls; stroller; old rocker; dresser;  stools, swing set; antenna towers;  leaf rake; brass firescreen & grate  885-9545, #35  Air tight wood heater with  thermostat, new brick lining $ 165.  886-8000. #36  Beautiful handmade baby afghun.  Crocheted. Warm and cosy in blue  with white trim. Size 44" .n 41".  Just right for baby. $30. Please  phone 886-2137 and ask lor  Audrey, after 7 pm. #34  Yamaha 650, special, black, like  new. Phone 886-7606 alter 5. #34  Mattress & boxspring$10. Fridge  $10. 886-9503. #34  Brand new 444 Husqucvarnn'.  $400. 1500 Pionner, rebuilt, brand  new 20" bar & chain. $ 100.2 yr. old  075 AB. 36" bar & chain S250. Ph.  886-2641. #34  BIGFOOT  at  Sechelt RV Sales  sss-ssas  ���������������������  FOR SALE  Thriving Excavating  Co. & Septic Tank  Manufacturing  Business  Open to offers on all or part  of the business.  Call after 7 pm.  886-9031; 886-7064  886-7028  Yes, Wendy J  SECHELT  CARPET  CORNER  Opposite   the   RCMP  has another load ol  Vinyl Hoor  Remnants  $4.95 per yd.  Imagine I  885-5815  (days)  885-8855  ~ irinnr mini n For sale  For sale  Galanti II Magic Chord Organ  $800. 101 Pocket books, 20 cents  each. 886-2908. #35  Ladies Rawleigh bicycle. No  speeds. Used less than one month,  $75. firm. Please phone before 6  pm. 886-7559. #34  AllsteelCARGOVANI2ft.x8ft.  Cantilever rear door with security  locks, ramp bumpers & lighting.  Suitable for I ton to 2 1/2 ton.  Excellent Roberts construction.  OFFERS. Phone 886-7469 aTter 6  pm- #34  Green Wcstinghousc apart, size,  refrigerator, good condition $150.,  4 burner GE range, needs minor  repairs. In working order. $50  884-5348 eves. #34  HOT  WATER  TANKS  are sold and  installed by  MACLEODS  Sechelt  Campers t\ Rl/'s  Galaxie 9'6" Camper with furnace  & blower, 3 way fridge, stove/ oven  2 propane tanks & regulator. 12 V.  waler pump, storm windows, 4  hydraulic jacks and more. $3,400  obo. Phone 886-7216 eves.     #34  8' Camper. Jacks stove/oven,  furnace, ladder and roof rack.  $1,695. 885-5522 (DL 6266)   #35  II'   Frontier camper.  Real  nice  . shape.   Loaded  with  options  $5,395. 885-5522 (DL 6266)    #34  Mini Frontier Motor Home, 1 ton  chassis. Flush toilet, stereo etc. I  Owner. Low miles. Immaculate  condition. $14,950. 885-5255 (DL  6266) #34  Comeau Mobile Home Park,  North Rd., Gibsons. Two Trailer  pads for rent. 886-9581. #34  Used Campers (for import pickups), eicellent condition. Priced  for quick sale. La Caravanna,  7daysaweek.88S.9626.       TFN  Husky camper with three way  fridge. Three burner propane  stove. Porta Potty 883-2425.  #34  "MNeS%t  WEi'  * A Full Line of0"  Plumbing Supplies  Hours: Tues. ��� Sat,  9 am. - 5 pm.  Hwy 101 & Pratt Rd.  Trauel  Going to the City?  We'll be glad to  BOOK YOUR  ACCOMMODATION  NO CHARGE for this service  Book your Winter  Holiday NOW!  peninsula  travel  886-9755  Registered Travel Agent  CAMpbell's  FAMILY SHOES and LEATHER GOODS  "IN THE HEART OF DOWNTOWN SECHELT"   885-9345   Your friendly neighbourhood  drop-off point for  qSQbMWT MSSWSU  Classified Ads.  worn wanted       uiorh Wanted  Chimney  Cleaning  and   maintenance. Ph. 886-7411 or 886-8023  T.F.N.  Will babysit in my home, week  days, fulltime. Phone 886-8436.  '.    -     #36  Two women would like to do odd  jobs, painting, gardening, labouring etc. Please call Collect 112-980-  5586. #36  Most trees, like pets, need care and  attention and trees are our  specialty. _,  ��� Topping  ��� Limbing  ��� Danger tree removal  An insured guaranteed service.  Peerless Tree Service Ltd.  I              885-2109   T.F.N.  Timberjack skidder with operator.  Wire splicer available. 886-2459.   tfn  Backhoe services, septic fields,  water lines and drainage. A.  Ellingsen, 885-5092. tfn  For Explosive Requirements  Dynamite, electric or regular caps,  B line E cord and safety fuse.  Contact Gwen Nimnto, Cemetery  Road, Gibsons. Phone 886-7778.  Howe Sound Farmer Institute.  .  T.F.N.  Electrical Contractor wants work  anywhere on the coast, own boat  for island work. 886-9316   #TFN  Renovations and Repairs, Framing and Foundations. Call Jim  or Brent al 885-5643 #TFN  WEST COAST CONTEMPORARY HOMES - BUILT OR  RENOVATED 883-9259.       TFN  worn wanted  Babysitting: Will babysit fulltime  in my home. 886-8292. #35  Carpenters available: 886-8052  and 885-2140. #35  1st Year Apprentice Bricklayer.  Looking for full time work. Will  do small residential work: barbecues, planters & facings, 886-  9472 #35  Man & truck for cleanups, rubbish  removal etc. Also High School boy  wants part time work. 886-9503.  #36  Dean's Chimney Sweep. 886-7540.  #36  IDEAL UNDSCAPIM  Tractor I Backhoe  Light Land Clearing  Drainage Fields Water Lines  CALLMVTME  686-8851 34  K*XMSS3����MS��MMMS��Ott  !        HALFMOON        j  ! WINDOW CLEANING |  j Professional Service  I        covering the Sunshine Coast.  5   $    Roofs, suiters cleaned.  !  885-2598    I  9 am - 6 pm j  885-3963 ]  (alter 6 p.m.) j  aBMOOBBBBaWM  J. LEPORETILE  Quality Installations  Ceramic, Mosaic or Quarry  All work guaranteed  Free estimates  Phone Anytime  886-8097      .  PENINSULA  ROOFING ft  INSULATION LTD.  All Types of Roofing  & Re-Roofing  Henry Rodriguez  Sechelt     885-9585  CLASSIFIED ADVERTISING  CLASSIFIED DEADLINE  NOON SATURDAY  Minimum $2.50 per Insertion  Each additional line 50C,  or use our economical  3 weeks for the price of 2 rate.  ALL FEES PAYABLE  PRIOR TO INSERTION.  This offer is made available for private individuals.  THE FOLLOWING CLASSIFICATIONS In the event of an error,  ARE FREE the publisher shall be responsible  Birth Announcements, Lost and Found fpr one corrected insertion only.  DROP OFF POINTS:   Campbell's Family Shoes - Sechelt  Centre Hardware & Gifts - Madeira Park  (Deadline FRIDAY before noon)  Print vour ad In the squares Including the price of the Item and your telephone number. Be sure lo leave a blank apace after each word.  In order to keep rates for classified advertising to a minimum, no billing or  telephone orders are accepted except from customers who have  accounts with us or who live outside the Sunshine Coast.Cash, cheques  or money orders muit accompany all classified advertising.  Please mall 16 Coast News, Classifieds,  Box 460, Gibsons, B.C. VON 1V0.  Or bring In person to  CLASSIFICATION:  the Coast News Office In Gibsons.                  Eg. For Sale, For Rent, etc.  : ::..   :  :i:::::: : :::  ::::::::i: :::::::::::: :::n  IT  DEADLINE SATURDAY NOON ���  I  .J  Natural & cultured stone facings,  housefronts, fireplaces and feature  walls. For free estimate call 886-  8456. #38  Will babysit in my own home. Preschool age. Any time Monday to  Friday. Gibsons area. 886-7317.  #36  motorcycles  I974 Honda 750 c.c. Set up for  touring. Windshield, saddle bags,  back rest & carrier. Michelin tires,  overhauled engine. Completely  serviced. Two helmets. Offers to  $ 1,900. Phone 886-7469 after 6 pm.  #34  Pure bred chocolate Lab Retriever puppies with shots. 7 weeks  old. $200. Call 886-9780. ���      #34  Registered pure bred Persian  kittens. 12 weeks old. Black and  blue cream. $100. each. I pure bred  exotic short hair brown Tabby  male kitten. J100. 886-7938.   #35  Dog Obedience Classes by experienced trainers "No. # I Great Dane  in Canada "79" Call 884-5359.#35  Free Kittens 886-9443.  #34  S.P.C.A.  For Adoption: 5 month female  black lab cross; Orange male cat, 2  years; Persian female cat, 2 years  (will spay); 2 black & grey tabby  male kittens, 6 weeks; I male  kitten, grey & white, 12 weeks.  Lost; 4 1/2 yr. Irish setter, Surrey  licence. Mission Point area; Black  Gordon Setter male, Selma Park  ($25. reward by owner)  Found: Older Irish Setter on  Roberts Creek beach; Female Irish  Setter, 4-5 mo. on Government  Wharf. Gibsons; Male Irish Setter,  adult, Gibsons; Black & tan  hunting type dog, male with flea  collar. Call 886-9652, 886-7839,  885-3889 (Spay Clinic) #34  PROFESSIONAL  DOG GROOMING  for small breeds.  Call Sharon 886-2084  Kerry  Blue  Terriers  WMM  KM  PENINSULA KENNELS  ��� Bright & large, indoor  kennels & outdoor runs.  ��� Dogs walked daily  ��*-     PROFESSIONAL  GROOMING  FROM   THE TINIEST  TO  THE  LARGEST  Reed Road. Gibsons  886-7713  Reed Rd.  Peninsula  Kennels  u  Hwy 101  MMWMMMMM  Automotlue  66 VW, no rust, new radials, side  damaged $250.; good belled tire  F78 - 14. $20.; auto bike rack;  Speed Queen washer; $125.;  I.owtime 2 HP Johnson outboard  $200; mooring anchors; goose  decoys, shells, calls; stroller, old  rocker; dresser, stools; swing set;  antenna lower; leaf rake; brass  firescreen & grate. 885-9545.  #34  1976 Triumph Spitfire. 4 cyl. 4  speed. Good all round cond. Great  buy at $3500. Firm. Can be seen  outside Fitzgerald's. TFN  1974 Dodge Tradesman Van.  P.S./P.B. Economical slant six.  $2250. obo. Phone 883-9140. #35  1964 GMC llandi-Vun. Oood  cond. $850; 1971 Peugeot 304.  needs work. $400; 1955 Willys  Jeep, 4x4. Runs well & spare jeep  lor parts. $950. 886-7834.       #35  1972 Dodge Dart Swinger, slant 6.  A.T., 52.000 miles, near new tires,  plus snows. Oood running order.  $1,500. firm. Call 886-2320.    #34  fymmw  AUTOMOTIVE  Your TOYOTA Dealer  DL #5848  Automotive  PARTS & SERVICE  Open Mon - Sat, 9 - 5  1980 Tercel  Standard 4 Speed  '5,518.  1975  Datsun 710  2 Dr. Auto  Vinyl Roof  18,000 miles  '3,495.  1980  Toyota P/U  Auto, Canopy  w/Roof Rack  Radio, Heavy Duty  Bumper  10,000 Km  '7,500.  1974 Ford Stn. Wagon  2 Dr. Auto, 55,000 miles  '2,750.  1974 Datsun B210  Auto, 4 Dr. Sdn.  '2,895.  Automotlue  74   Pinto,  4  spd.   new   radials.  $1,800. obo. 886-9753 evenings.  #34  1973 Ford F250 Camper Special,  P.S./P.B., Canopy. $2,100. obo.  885-9551. #34  Coast News, August 26, 1980  19.  72 Triumph Spitfire. 886-9168.  #34  1975 Volvo 245 DL. AM FM  cassette deck, real good condition  $4,000. 886-7069. #34  64 Beetle chopped. Oil ro.nl use  only. 72 lord Pick-up. perfect lor  parts. Accept oilers. Call alter 6  pm. 885-3946. #34  Van-Ford R J50. Full) done interior-low mllcage-1978 model.  Come and sec il. Call 886-8245,  Asking $8000. Best offer,       ".'6  Automotlue  69 VW. automatic, runs well. $300.  886-7369. #34  1974 Toyota Hilux. excellenl  condition. 2 sets tires, 49,000 mi.  $2,400. Firm. Also 3 Scotchmen.  $50.885-5396. #36  1969 Olds Visia Cruiser, good  transportation, First $500. takes.  886-9746. #36  1979 Ford Econoline F250, AM-  FM tape deck. 351 cu. in. cng. I'H  aulo many extras, must sell, best  offer. Phone 886-9568. UN  One Ion Army Surplus gravel box  $200. Ph. 886-2340 days. 886-9191  eves. #36  Reduced For Quick Sale: 74  Dalsun   610   Station   Wagon,  exc. condition, radial tires, rool  rack, reclining seals. Musi sell  $2,000  885-9630. #34  Days: 886-7919  Eves.: 886-7430  Hwy.  101 & Payne Rd.  Gibsons  I957 International I 2 Ion truck  Oood body. Some mcch. work lo  be done. Oood tires. $650 I inn;  886-2931. nii  75 Dodge Kainchargcr. 45,000  miles 2 WD with mounted snow  tires. $3400. 885-3687. #35  I965 Oldsmobile. Very good  running cond. $700. 886-2856.#36  I977 Pontiac Parisicnnc. No rusl.  electric windows, till steering,  velour interior (maroon & red)  Must be seen and driven. A  beautiful ear il you are looking lor  beauty & economy. I his is the car  for you. Phone 886-7350. Ask lor  John. #35  1977 CHEV  PICK-UP  4x4, Low miles  immaculate condition)  885-2030  RENT-A-CAR  RENT-A-TRUCK  1980 1-TON TRUCK  c/w 12' VAN  1980 F-250  3/4 TON PICK-UP  1980 FAIRMONTS  1980 MUSTANGS  DAILY WEEKLY  MONTHLY  COMPETITIVE RATES  ���ABBA���  \LEASE RENTALS  at  SOUTH COAST F0R0  885-3261  Rentals  CHECK OUR RATES  Motorhome still available  for part of September only!  ft  Call for reservation  885-5111  HIRE  HARDWARE & GIFTS  PENDER HARBOUR CENTER     .......  MADEIRA PARK 003-3914  Is now serving PENDER HARBOUR  as drop off for  Classified Advertisements  Deadline 1.00 p.m. Fridays  Classifieds should be prepaid and pre-written.  All information in Classified Ad section of Coast News.  suncaosT chrmsler ltd  Sechelt  I975 LTD Stn, Wagon.400 motor,  new tires. 92,000miles Phone 886-  MOO Days. 886-2860 even.      K36  68 (IMC 3 Ion wilh rug axle. 20'  bos. $3,900. obo. 885-5305.    ���'34  Marine  lb' Bout & trriiler. (ilnss over ply  Excellent condition. 8K6-25I6  eves. #35  Suirdy lb' outboard with 45 hp.  Mere. Has enclosed lockablc  cabin. Needs some painting. $650.  K86-94II. TKN'  32 C'onvi. Midhridgc cruiser  survey available, very clean reliable & economical. Sleeps 7  15.500. 885-3687. CB. & VHF  Depth sounder. #35  7.1 Bayliner Express. Loaded wilh  extra's. 1980 9.8 LI. Merc. 885-  9081. All maintenance bills on  hand. #35  17' Sailboat, roller main, wood  hull with fiberglass sheathing,  mohogany cabin with 2 berths.  Price includes 9.8 hp. 76 Johnson  and trailer. Phone 885-2555.   #35  17' all fiberglass Runabout bow-  ridcr type, full lake-down lop 1977  Evinrude 140 hp. power tilt & trim,  tach. speedo, a very fast boat. Price  wilh trailer $4,750. Summer  moorage paid. 883-9389. #35  16' Starcraft. alum., elec. start, 65  hp. Merc, with 2 props c w trailer.  S3.000. 886-7954. #35  22' boat, Rinnell. 188 Merc,  cruiser. Kitchenette, sleeps three.  Top speed 35 knots. Motor  recently overhauled. $7,900. 885-  3165 or 885-2522. tfn  IIKJGS MARINK  SURVEYS LTD.  Insurance claims, condition and  valuation surveys. Serving the  Sunshine Coast and B.C. Coastal  Waters. Phone: 885-9425, 885-  9747, 885-3643. 886-9546. T.F.N.  =NAMRAH=���  ENTERPRISES  Fish Chartering Services  Hour or Day  RODS     BAIT  MOTELS   AVAILABLE  Don Harman (604)  Box 982 886'8079  Gibsons. B.C.   VON 1V0  8' Hydroplane with 15 IIP Evinrude. Completely overhauled.  Boat buill by owner, for more  info, call 886-8282 7 pm. to 12  pm. #35  ntrwrrm  THE   UNSINKABLF  CAR  TOPPER  12'  and  14  Ideal lor Wesl " asl Conditions  '��� I'AttO MARINA  l/^ RfSOf"  Peler Allen (604) 883-2248  Copyright and  Advertising  Regulations  The Sunshine Coast News  reserves the right to classify  advertisements under appropriate headings and determine  page location. The Sunshine  Coast News also reserves the  right lo revise or reject any  advertising which in the opinion  of the Publisher is in questionable taste. In the event that  any advertisement is rejected,  thc sum paid for the advertisement will be refunded.  All typesetting, artwork, and  layout, etc., done by the Sunshine Coast News becomes the  property of the Sunshine (oast  News, and reproduction by any  means, without the written  permission of Ihe Publisher, will  be subject to legal action.  Marine  CUSTOM  MARINE  CARPENTRY  e  DON LEVAN  886-95*8  IAN MORROW * CO, LTD.  Marine Surveyors, condition and  detail    surveys   Inr   I.valuation.  Surveys   lor   insurance   claims.  Phone 886-2433. 886-1458.  T.F.N.  30' Monk-designed classic cabin  cruisct flying bridge, fully  equipped foi cruising and fishing  $25.01111 Will considct proper!) In  trade. 886-2787. '��.t<  14' Fibreglass Sungsiercrafl bo.ii  and nailer Canvas top SI, 200 obo  886-94111 ,1.14  Ford 390 cu in Marine engine.  velvet drive borg Warner gear.  Ready lo install $1,000. obo; III'  fiberglass boat with I I 2 hp  outboard. $300. oho 886-9746.  #36  18* red cedar clinker copper  fastened I 2 cabin .'in cu. in.  engine In-> unlet velvet drive.  H.O. lo S3.' in. 886-9128.       #34  Completely rebuilt 9.8 Merc. 1975.  $600. obo. 883-2704. #36  24' Spencer Cruiser. Fast and  economical Clean throughout  wilh galley and stand-up head.  Conies full equipped with dinghy  and recent marine survey. SI 1,5(10.  886-8000. #16  15' Jel Boat for beachcombing,  hull newly fibrcglusscd. lots of  new & used pans. 283 motor, call  886-2353 or 886-2592 $3,500. obo  ������'34  One aircooled and one waler  cooled 2 cylinder pettcr diesei  engines. 886-2360. "34  17' Clinker built boat, marine  plywood bottom wilh fiberglass up  to water line. 125 hp. outboard  motor and seagul trouble motor.  Mahogany dash and window  frames, CB. carpeting. No dry ror.  Built-in 27 gal. gas lank, new paint.  $3,700. linn. 886-9431. To view:  #31. Sunshine Coast Trailer Park.  #34  20 hp. Mercury Outboard. Sel up  for controls. 1977 Model. Never  seen sail water. Low, low hours  (iuaranleed in excellenl cond.  $700. Phone 886-7469 after 6 pm.  #34  12' Sailboat. Thunderbird main A  jib - sell lor S350. oi  rrade lol  aluminum boat. Phone 886-9568.  UN  17' Fibreglass boal. Full controls  and dual fuel tanks. S450. low  posl $75. Ph. 886-2883. #36  18' Campion 140 Merc. Cruiser  I 0. Fresh water cooled Locking  cully cabin. CB radio Auxiliary  motor bracket. Low hours. $7,500.  Firm. 883-2211. ��.W  Aug. 20th. Trout fake. 2 canoe  paddles, reward. 885-2839.'     #34  Lost: One silver butterfly broach.  Saturday August 16. al Roberls  Creek legion. If tound. please  contact Barb at 885-3177.      .v.14  Irish Seller. Answers lo ihe name  ol "Magic", lost in Roberts Creek  area It lound. please call Jo-Anne  al 886-9672. #34  Black wallet, contains all I D. R  Saunders. 886-9472 Reward    #34  Lost Tuesday evening (Aug. 19).  medium-sized black dog. spayed  lemale with spoiled black A white  teel. white tail and streak dowr  iliro.il. \ icmily ol Pratt & Chostet  Rds. 886-7990 ���'������34  Blown waller Philip DeVosiers  886-7106 s.lj  music  MUSICAL INSTRUMENTS  Guitars, amplifiers, music books.  Horizon Music   tin  885-3117  MUSIC  LESSONS  YOV ENJOY  886-0030  essie  Menu  ison  Piano & Organ  Begin a l age 4 and older  1614 Marine Drive, Gibsons  asa  ssasss 20.  Coast News, August 26, 1980  Property  Property  Legal  Cheryl Ann Park, large lot I 3  ac, gentle s w slope, good trees,  some view 525.500. 886-8375.  Private. #36  Roberts Creek Rd. - Lot 2 3 ac.  big trees, perc. lested. 522.500.  886-8369. Bv owner. #36  View Home Two year old custom design. I900sq. fl. finished. 2  1 2 baths, 4 bdrm. custom kit, lien.  2 IPs I nergy cffieiei'. landscaped. I scellent lissur.iable I si  morlgage I " $74,501) I'll: 886-  7668. ���������'14  lor Sale Sciin-walertront. 3  bedroom, Hopkins Superb view.  Ml appliances, Slum walk to ferry  $75,000 922-7570 eves K36  \ number In note:  885-5171  HTIARI RI.AI.n LTD.  Make sure your property for sale is advertised in THE SUNSHINE COAST REALTOR now distributed  separately on Fridays  to every address on  the   Sunshine  Coast.  The Sunshine Coast  Realtor will continue  to be mailed along with  the Sunshine Coast  News to out-of-lown  subscribers early in  thc following week.  Glasslord Press Ltd.  Publishers of  The Sunshine  COAST MM  The Sunshine Coast  ROBERTS CREEK  This custom built, energy efficient home and 5  acres borders on Forest Reserve and Robinson  Creek. Open design kitchen, dining and living  room downstairs with 3 bedrooms, study and bath  upstairs ��� cedar finishing throughout. House is  secluded in 2 acres of large trees with 3 acres of  south sloping meadow out front. Open House 9  a.m. to 9 p.m. daily until sold. Follow signs up  Orange Rd. or call 886-9095.  $105,000  HOUSE FOR SALE  2 1/2 MILES FROM GIBSONS  Pine Rd., 1 yr. old, 2,000 sq. ft., contemporary on .97 acre. Ocean & island  . v;. southern exposure. 3 bedrooms, den,  playroom, 2 large sundecks, airtight stove  & fan  heats complete house. Separate  garage.  886-2046  FOR SALE BY OWNER IN GIBSONS  Located close lo beach in prime residential area, this double lot  property leatures large evergreens, holly, fruit trees, a good  garden, detached studio'workshop and a unique double storey,  three bedroom, all cedar house The features of Ihe house  include a family size, wood fired sauna, wood/electric heat,  double glass throughout, upstairs balcony adjoining bedrooms,  cxup large sundeck and a large sewing/utility area Price of  S95 500 inclodes washer, dryer, range and fridge Small  morlgage could be considered by owner if required. For  appointment to view, serious inquiries please call 886-9746 No  realtors please   '.';���".. ���.-���  NOTICE TO  CREDITORS  "IN THE ESTATE OF  GUNNAR INGOLF  RONNING,  LATE   OF  SECHELT, B.C."  "Notice is hereby given thai  Creditors and others having  claims against the estate of  the above deceased are  hereby required to send Ihe  particulars thereof to the  Administration named hereunder at P.O. Box 1280,  Sechelt, B.C. VON 3A0 on or  belore the 15th day ol  September, A.D., 1980, after  which date Ihe estates  assets will be distributed  having regard only lo claims  thai have been received."  CHARLOTTE  RUTH RONNING  ADMINISTRATOR  DONALD E. FAIRWEATHER  SOLICITOR  Province ol  British Columbia  Ministry ol  Forests    NOTICE INVITING  APPLICATIONS FOR  TIMBER SALE LICENCE  A13285  Pursuant to section 16  (1) of the Forest Act,  sealed tenders will be  received by the Regional Manager, Vancouver, up to 1:00 p.m.  on September 8,1980,  for a Timber Sale Licence to authorize the  harvesting of 350 cubic  metres of dead and  down cedar located  Gibsons Creek, New  Westminster Land District.  Term: 2 years.  Bids can be accepted  only from small business enterprises, as  defined in the Regulations.  Applications for registration under the small  business program and  details of the proposed  Timber Sale Licence  may be obtained from  the Regional Manager,  631-355 Burrard St.,  Vancouver, B.C. V6C  2H1, or the Sechelt  Field Office, Box 4000,  Sechelt, British Columbia, VON 3AO.  B.C. Vuhon  YELLOWHEAD 16 TRAVEL A-  SOCIATION Managing/Director.  The Yellowhead 16 Travel Association requires a Managing/  Director to carry out the many  promotional and administrative  programs of the association. The  person: will be a self-motivator  with knowledge of the travel  industry and media as a distinct  asset. Applicants must be willing  to travel extensively. The Job:  Interested persons contact address below. Salary range to be  negotiated. Resumes to be  forwarded in confidence by August 30, 1980, to the attention of:  The Selection Committee, Yellow-  head 16 Travel Association,  Box 3636, Smithers, B.C.,  V0J 2N0. #34  BOOMING PORT HARDY. Well  established fabric and ladies  wear. Volume over $200,000.  New long-term lease in shopping  centre. Owner retiring. Good  terms available. TOOL RENTAL  BUSINESS, one year old and  growing. Ideal for small engine  mechanic. Excellent location on  main highway. Price is basically  just s lock and equipment.  Retiring owner offers good terms.  HARDY REALTY LTD. Box 550,  Port Hardy, B.C. Phone 949-7231.  #34  IMPOSSIBLE!  That is what most people say  when we tell them that our  distributors work approximately  20 hrs/week and earn up to  $1,000. They stop saying it when  we show them proof. Call person-  to-person collect, Bert Lefebvre  588-4282. Distributorships''now  available. #34  WELDERS with MIG experience.  For more information call (112)  847-4301 or write to Box 3637,  Smithers, B.C. #34  IF YOU ENJOY GARDENING, do  it year round, using an aluminum  and glass greenhouse I Write for  free brochure to: B.C. Greenhouse builders, 7425 Hedley  Ave., Burnaby, B.C. V5E 2R1.  Mail orders now available.     #34  Province ot        ,  British Columbia  Ministry ol  Forests   NOTICE INVITING  APPLICATIONS  FOR TIMBER SALE  LICENCE A13306  Pursuant to Section  16(1) ofthe Forest Act,  sealed tenders will be  received by the Regional Manager, Vancouver, up to 1 pm. on  September8, 1980, for  a Timber Sale Licence  to authorize the harvesting of 420 cubic  metres of dead and  down cedar located  Dakota Creek, New  Westminster Land District.  Term 2 years.  Bids can be accepted  only from small business enterprises, as  defined in the Regulations.  Applications for registration under the small  business program and  details of the proposed  Timber Sale Licence  may be obtained from  the Regional Manager,  631-355 Burrard St.,  Vancouver, B.C. V6C  2H1, or the Sechelt  Field Office, P.O. Box  4000, Sechelt, B.C.  VON  3A0  B.C. Yukon  WANTED: LOCUM PHYSIOTHERAPIST to work in Nakusp  and New Denver from September  22 to October 17. Must have own  transportation. Contact: Barbara  I'owle, Arrow Lakes Hospital.  Box 87, Nakusp, B.C. V0G  IR0  A PROGRESSIVE, rapidly growing weekly newspaper in Central  B.C. requires a reporter- production assistant to establish a new  branch office. Knowledge of dark  rooms and typing ability essential.  Send resume to: Ric O'Connor.  Omenica Advertiser Ltd., Box  1007, Vanderhoof, B.C. V0J 3A0  567-9515. Closing date August 27.  1980.  REQUIRED IMMEDIATELY for  International Harvester dealership in Smithers, B.C: Certified  HD mechanic. Cummins experience an asset. Excellent  wages and benefits. Contact Al  at (112)847-4287 #34  SUB DEVELOPMENT ON LAKE.  Personal reasons force sale.  Beaut, treed, quiet, secluded 40  deeded acres with approx.'/��mile  lake front. Sub. roads in progress  for approved 5 acre lots. Power,  phone, close to schools, etc.  Modern basement log home.  Some furn. and extra accom. for  help, in-laws. 3 sets of plumb,  and kitchen. Good summer/  winter recreation. Fishing, deer,  moose in back yard. Will carry  mtge. at 12% with realistic dwn.  payment. FP $139,000. Located  near new Highway 24 in Bridge  Lake. Phone (112) 593-4475.   #35  TRAPPING SUPPLIES - TRAPS  AND SNARES: Write for free  catalogue. Steel and galvanized  snares, lures, books. Prompt  service. Hoffman Trapping Supplies Ltd., Box 805 Russel,  Manitoba. ROJ 1W0. Phone (112)  204-773-2270 #34  NOW WRECKING 1969 1HDF  480 335 SRD. 1968 1H2000D  6-7113 speed Eaton Bogie. These  are not accident salvage. Contact  Cariboo Tractor, Box 4268,  Quesnel, B.C. 992-53544        #34  Legal  Legal  NOTICE  Take note that application has been made to the  Motor Carrier Commission for an increase in tariff  rates. Changes may be exam ined at the office of the  applicant. Subject to the consent of the Motor  Carrier Commission, the proposed effective date is  Oct. 1/80. Any objections may be filed with the  Superintendent of Motor Carriers, 4240 Manor St.,  Burnaby, V5G 3X5, on or before Sept. 10/80.  Jane Reid and Malcom Duncan, D.B.A.  PENDER HARBOUR TAXI  B.C. Vuhon  FOUR STAR TAXI, a growing  business for a growing family.  Three cars and full line of radio  equipment. In beautiful Okanagan  valley town. Contact 498-3867.  MODERN SERVICE STATION,  pumps under roof. 3,000 sq. ft.  building, six bays, body shop and  paint room, propane station, fully  equipped wreckers. Ucluelet, B.C.  $300,000. Contact: Ron Burley,  Pearson/Johnson & Assoc. Ltd.,  Box 580, Ucluelet, B.C. V0R 3A0.  726-4447.  BUSY STORE IN UCLUELET of  West Coast Vancouver Island.  Attached three bedroom home,  separate apartment. Grounds and  paved parking. $285,000. Contact  Ron Burley, Pearson/Johnson &  Assoc. Ltd., Box 580. Ucluelet,  B.C. V0R 3A0  SAI.TSPRING ISLAND JEAN  SHOP and T-Shirt Co. Gross  $65.000/year. Good owner operation with growth polential. Buy  with or without downtown water-  front premises. Contact Dale  lewing, Box 313, Ganges, B.C.  537-5014. V0S IE0  140 ACRES west of Quesnel.  Partially timbered, some cultivated meadows. Cabin, well,  other buildings. (112) 672-5157.  #34  URINE-ERASE saves carpets!  Guarantees removal dog, cat,  human urine stains, odours  from carpets! Free brochure.  Dept. A, Reidell Chemicals Ltd.,  Box 7500, London, Ont. N5Y 4X8  ONE OWNER. 1973 KEN-  WORTH 350 Cummins 13 speed  transmission. SSHD 44,000 lb,  rear' ends. $23,500. Must Sell.  Phone 392-4931  FOR SALE - FLYING DUTCH-  MAN gold vibrating sluice boxes.  Proven 96 per cent recovery.  Also can be used as a gold  concentrator. Seeing is believing.  Make us prove it. Bring us sand,  gravel or concentrates. Phone  859-5490  FIVE ACRE LOT with two  bedroom house, other sheds. On  main highway. Write: M. Lang,  R.R.I Nakusp, B.C. VOG1RO  CONWOOD SHIELDS AUCT-  IONS. Canadian wide industrial  equipment and truck auctions  August 23, September 20, October 11 and November 8. Consign  now. Phone (403) 279-0132. Box  1, Site 2, R.R.5, Calgarv, Alta.  T2P2C6  RESIDENT HUNTERS now book-  ing for all species of Big Game.  Limited hunts for trophy and  meat. Phone 774-3220  VOLKSWAGEN MECHANIC,  Kamloops, B.C. Volkswagen dealer requires experiences mechanic. Dealership experience preferred. Write to: Hasen Auto  Ltd., 1377 Battle St., Kamloops,  B.C. V2C 2N9 or phone 374-0634  NOTICE OF PUBLIC HEARING  PROPOSED AMENDMENTS TO VILLAGE  OF GIBSONS  ZONING BY-LAW NO. 350,1979  Pursuant to Section 703 of the Municipal Act, a PUBLIC HEARING will be held  in the Municipal Hall, 1490 South Fletcher Road, Gibsons, B.C. on Monday,  September 8,1980 at 7:00 pm. to consider By-law No. 370 (Zoning Amendment  By-law No. 370, 1980). At the Hearing all persons who deem their interest in  property affected by the proposed By-law shall be afforded an opportunity to  be heard on matters contained in the By-law.  The intent of the by-law is to amend the present zoning to the following  described properties as noted below:  1. That part of the west half of Lot 6, Blocks 4-6, D.L. 698, Gp. 1,  N.W.D., Plan 3678 which part may be more particulary  described as follows:  All that part of the west 1 /2 of said Lot 6 lying northerly of the  westerly projection of the southerly boundary of Lot A, Lot 6,  Blocks 4 to 6, D.L. 689, Gp. 1, N.W.D., Plan 11588 and  containing an area of 1413 square metres more or less to be  rezoned from Residential Zone 3, R-3 to Public Assembly,  P.A.  2. This by-law may be cited as "Zoning Amendment By-law No.  370, 1980".  Take notice that the above paragraph is deemed to be a synopsis of By-law 370  and not deemed to be an interpretation thereof. The By-law may be inspected  at the Gibsons Municipal Office, 1490 South Fletcher Road, during office  hours, namely Monday to Wednesday 8:30 am. to.4:30 pm. and Thursday and  Friday 8:30 am. to 5:00 pm.  J. W. Copland  MUNICIPAL CLERK  On the  Seafood  Platter  by Chak-Chak  Chak-Chak has been away  on a flight to the inland  waterways. The Fraser, Thompson, Nicola Rivers and Nicola  Lake. The Coldwater, Tula-  meen and Similkameen Rivers.  Osoyoos, Vaseux, Skaha and  Okanagan Lakes. Ogopogo  raised his ugly head from the  depths of Okanagan Lake but  this old bird did not catch a  glimpse of him.  My wife and I took advantage of fresh fruit and vegies on  our trip. We had one meal of  vegies to which we added a tin  of mackerel which was quite  good. We had a dinner of  Chinese food in the town of  Osoyoos and it was very poor,  overcooked and smothered in  beef gravy.  As it was our fortieth wedding anniversary while staying  at Todds Tent Town on the  lake at Peachland we drove  into Kelowna for a special  dinner at the 'Pirates Cave', a  restaurant with a very unusual  decor. The whole place is a vast  cave created from carpet  material with live fish swim-'  ming in pools fed by fountains  and waterfalls tumbling down  rocky slopes.  They have a very good salad  bar on a par with 'The Great  Canadian Dough Factory' in  Gibsons. Of course we ordered  seafood for the entree, my wife  had 'Salmon Steak' which was  done quite nicely, but my  'Pirates Platter' was very  mediocre.  I would like to have tried  Kelowna's floating restaurant,  an old paddle wheel ferry called  the Fintry Queen. The list of  seafood that is available is very  impressive:���Baked B.C. Salmon; Baked Sturgeon; Baked  Halibut; Whole Octopus; Baked Tuna; Smoked Australian  Eel; Baked Artie Char; Smoked Black Alaskan; Smoked  Trout; Scottish Kippers; Shark  (when available); Fin'n Had-  die; Smoked Herring; Barbecued Salmon; Alaskan Baby  Shrimps; Baked King Cod;  California Squid; West Coast  Smelts; Fresh Oyster; Maki  Maki (Hawaii); Smoked Gold-  cyed (Winnipeg); Sable Fillets;  Louisiana Frog Legs; Filet of  Sole; Deep Fried Prawns; King  Crab (in season); Pickled  Herring and much more...  Perhaps we will try this on  our next trip.  The mainstay of this part of  thc country of course, is beefsteak but the diligent fisherman  if he travels around to the right  places can bag a variety of  fish;���Kamloops trout 1 1/2 to  20lb.;Kokaneelto9lbs.;Lake  trout 2 to 25 lbs.; Steelhead 16  lb. average; Rocky Mountain  whitefish up to S lbs.  I have given just a peek at  what is available in this  bountiful province of ours. Let  us all who partake of this  bounty be ever mindful of the  need to conserve and protect  these fragile resources.  Back to the coast next week.  Sea you.  Sewer concern sparked  A letter to Gibsons council from Federal member of  parliament, Ray Skelly, sparked off concern at the Aug. 19  meeting over the future sewer project for the bluff in Gibsons.  To install the sewer council will require funds through the  Community Services Contribution Program. The program is  administered by Canada Mortgage and Housing. Although  Skelly's letter expresses hope for the program's continuation,  there is still doubt that it will be extended past 1980.  Council has written, asking that thc program be continued into  1981 as previously understood. In the meantime they will go  ihead and complete the engineering plans this fall, so work can be  itarted immediately if the funds are forthcoming.  \   y'3p*-ii.'."i  Molly's Reach is always a popular tourist attraction. This is  especially true when they are shooting at Ihe Reach and visitors  get a chance to see Ihe actors work.  Crisis centre sought  A Mrs. Velma Reed asked council to give consideration to a  feasibility study for a crisis centre serving thc area from Port  Mellon to Powell River. She felt that the outlay would be  minimal, mainly requiring volunteers to man phone lines in thfi;  evening.  Alderman Metcalfe said that one had been tried in Nelson and  he was not sure of its value. He felt that a viable alternative could-'  be a Zenith number where people could call direct to Vancouver,:  It was decided that council's representative would bring it before  the Regional Board for discussion. ���'.  Middlepoint fatality  Charges of criminal negligence causing death and  impaired driving have been  laid against 25 year old  Philip Robert Lewis of Madeira Park.  At 2:30 a.m. August 16th,  Lewis' car went out of control on Highway 101 near  Middlepoint. The passenger,  24 year old Patricia McCor-  mack, of Vancouver was killed  in the accident.  Lewis escaped with minor  abrasions.  CLASSIFIED NOTE  Drop   oM   your   Coast   Npa  Classified   at   Ci^pht  Family   Shoes    St'C^eM  Centre    Hardware     '.' lie m  Park  SBBSMBU Route du Rhum  For glory, for gain, for nothing!  by Paul Herbermann  Grabbing one bag as best we  could, we almost rantheSOfeet  to the Second Class coach,  dumped it and came back for  the other one. We had barely  got on when the train started to  move off. You can set your  watch by the French trains ���  to the second!  We were now faced with the  problem of hiding the bulky  bags. There really wasn't any  place at all. Pierre left momentarily. Peeking around, he  opened two doors, one stated  'Toilette' and the other 'Lava-  bos' or something.  "Quick, in here, they'll never  think of looking in here."  "Hut what if someone wants  to goT' I inquired.  "This is the washroom, thc  toilette is next door," he  assured mc.  I was brought up to believe  they were one and the same;  however, 'when in Rome...' Thc  tiny cubicle whosedoorqpened  inwards, was barely large  enough to accept the bags. As I  dragged the first one in, a  familiar odor filled my nostrils,  verifying my initial belief tnat  the 'Lavabos' had been exploited for a purpose other than  what I had been told it was  designed for. After all, there  was a drain in the floor! No  time for second thoughts now,  wc shoved thc other bag in,  foiling thc door shut. Relieved  that they were finally out of  sight, we went to look for a  seat. As the conductor came  into the coach, Pierre perked  up his ears to hear whether the  conductor had any queries as to  whom the two big white bags  belonged to. Not hearing  anything more unusual than  "tickets, please," he gave me the  high sign ��� we were in the  clear!  Five minutes before arriving  in La Rochelle, we went to  retrieve the sails. Through the  motion of the train, one ofthe  bags had become lodged between the door and the wall. The  laughter started all over again,  but this time with a little  nervous twinge to it, as 1  recalled Ihesong about "Char.-;.  lie on the MTA" (Massachu  setts Transit Authority) who  couldnH get off the train.  Struggling, we finally managed  to shove the door open far  enough to hook 'one arm  around the door and latch onto  the culprit. As the sails hit the  platform at La Rochelle, Pierre  and I shook hands, still laughing.  "Good luck in the race."  "Thanks."  October 13 was the day  Ppalu was to officially receive  her new name for the race: Paul  Ricard. The sponsors: Ricard  International, had chosen  Marc's home port, La Baule.  for the christening. Marc and  Corinne had been tripping  around Europe in Kicard's  private plane, promoting thc  race and speaking at functions  organized by Ricard. They  arrived back in La Rochellc  just two days before the  christening. Immediate plans  were made to sail Ppalu lo La  Baule, about 75 miles away.  But, there was no wind! If it  remained this way, Ppalu  would miss her own christening. We departed La Rochelle  at 11:00 hours, October 12. and  did not reach La Baule until  05:00 on the 13th. At 08:00 we  were towed into the marina by  Marc's father and escorted by  two monohull racers decked  out in flags for the occasion.  They were also contestants in  La Route du Rhum. After  considerable difficulty, but  spurred on by copious amounts  of yelling and screaming, we  managed to dock Ppalu in her  pre-arranged place, right  across from the raised platform  from which the dignitaries  would hold their speeches and  let the champagne bottle fly.  We had to dream up a scheme  of how to break the bottle over  Ppalu without damaging her.  So, we trapped the spinnaker  pole to the gunwhale, then tied  a line onto the jib halyard to  which the bottle was secured at'  the desired length. Then a  smaller line was attached to the  bottle neck and led over to the  platform. To make sure the  system was foolproof, we tried  a bottle ��� filled with water;,it  worked fine. Jean Manson, an  American singer living in Paris,  was to cut the line. At 12:00  sharp, a busload of 60 European journalists appeared.  They were all ushered down to  the dock.  Marc was interviewed by all  of them, cameras blazing away.  A half-hour later the public  address system beckoned  everybody over to the platform. A short address was  given by Marc, Jean Manson  and thc Ricard officials. Although I couldn't understand a  word they said, 1 did hear thc  name Ricard and Paul Ricard  mentioned no less than 50 times  in five minutes; 1 wondered if  the news media got thc right  spelling. Jean was ready to let  the bottle go... more pictures...  thc bottle plummeted towards  the boat, a loud metallic ring  was heard as it hit the spinnaker pole ��� but did not break.  Ihe crowd shifted uneasily.  Marc pulled the bottle back up,  much higher this time, Jean let  go once more.... Sssshplat! The  crowd clapped and whistled.  The formalities over with,  cocktails and lunch were  served. They sure put on a good  show. After lunch, more pictures on board for publicity.  "Marc, stand over here next  to Jean."  "No, over here at the mast,  right."  "Jean, stand a little closer to  Marc, look like you are going  to miss him."  "Point at something, Jean.  Look like you're interested."  "Let's have one at the chart  table r-i-i-i-ght!"  After the pictures hit the  papers, the docks hummed  with spectators, all coming to  see the Paul Ricard. At times  like these, one does tend to  become a touch cynical. It was  like being the star attraction at  the circus. But then that's wihat  the game is all about.  Patrick Toyon, an electronics technician and his wife  Dominic had been helping on  board since the first day Ppalu  came ,to La Rochelle. Dominic  is the kind of girl every  yachtsman dreams of. For her,  ketping'tfawgs'tidy wan'^ara-  mount, she was a real workhorse and a super cook, and  was responsible for keeping our  stomachs filled. I don't know  how we worked as well as we  did, for every lunchtime turned  into a two to three-hour feeding  orgy. Those Frenchmen do like  their food! Patrick's work was  cut out for him. Electronic  equipment and deck hardware  started to accumulate on  board, the latest Omega position finder, a Nagrafax weather  map machine, a single sideband  radio, everything had to be  installed, tested and re-tested.  More batteries were added, and  more solar panels to charge  them with. A new, heavier  forcstay, three new sails,  including a fully battened  main, a drifter and another jib.  Two Barbarossa backstay  tentioners, new sheets, halyards, a second autopilot,  safety nets, a'new lifeboat, thc  list was endless. When all this  was finally in place, wc started  thinking of sailing to St. Malo.  All competitors had to be  registered there by midnight.  October 29. We depar.ted from  LaBaulc on October 24, giving  ourselves plenty of time to  cover the 280 miles. When one  hears the words'Bay of Biscay'  it is generally spoken with  respect. Notorious for howling  gales and rough seas, the Bay  was anything but. During my  entire six weeks in France it  had been like a mill pond. It  was under these conditions that  we set sail and it stayed that  way for the entire trip. Very  discouraging when one is trying  to test new gear. Dawn on the  26th still saw us 130 miles from  St. Malo.  I had just relieved Patrick at  the helm. It was 06:00. The sea  was almost flat, wind speed 3-5  knots, boat speed 2-3 1/2  knots, close-hauled indicator at  30 degrees. Incredible! This  new 5-ounce drifter and fully  battened main were making all  the difference. We were in thc  English Channel, freighters  constantly coming up behind  us. then passing. As the sun  broke through the horizon and  thc thin veil of mist lifted, I  noticed another sailboat 3  points off the starboard bow.  and at 3-4 miles distance. An  hour later she crossed our path  about half a mile ahead, went  another 200 feet, then tacked.  "A challenge." I thought, I bet  they want to see how we do in  Coast News, August 26, 1980  The usual prize of$5.00 will be awarded lo Ihe firsl name drawn from the barrel which correctly  identifies the above. Send your entries to the Coast News, Box 460, Gibsons. Lasl week 'i winner was  Dana Bosch of Egmont who correctly identified Ihe bus shelter on Highway 101 across the road  from the Maiaspina Ranch at the head of Pender Harbour.  light airs. So did I. It had been  the cause of much contention  between Marc and myself.  To be continued.  R ft J ELECTRICAL  SERVICES LTD.  REPAIR AND REBUILDING OF:  ��� GENERATORS  ��� ALTERNATORS  ��� STARTERS  Wish to announce  the opening of their  NEW SHOP  We are now located in the Fielder Building  on Payne Rd.  NOTICE BOARD       1  The catamaran Ppalu is pictured under full sail it^the Caribbean.  686-2622  Sponsored as a Public Service by the Coast News.  Holy Land Tour  Leaving Nov, 3rd (or 15 days. For inlo phone 886-2660     TFN  Friendship Tti  Friendship Tea for the members of the Auxilliaries to St Marys  Hospital on Thursday, September 25th, from 2 -4 pm. at St Hildas  Parish Hall, Sechelt,  Squire Dancing  The Country Stars Square Dancers  Gibsons United Church  every Friday 8 to 11 pm  Round Dancing Elphinstone School  Wednesdays 8 to 10 pm Beginners Classes for more information  886-8027 or 886-9540  Every Thursday  9569 or 886-9037  Al-Anon Matting  i Gibsons at 8 00 p m   For informalion call 886-  Men'i Flag Football League  Men's Flay Football League is looking for players All games will  be played on Sundays Contact Rick 686-7386  Tot Lot  Moms and tots meet informally at Dougal Park Friday at 9 30 am  weather permitting Call Eileen at 886-9411 (or m'o TFN  Bingo Robertt Crttk Ltglon  Starts May 1 ��� every Thursday till October 2nd Early Bird 7:00  p.m. Regular 8:00 p m  Davii Bay Summer Play  Davis Bay Summer Play for 6 - 12 year olds Regislralion into  885-5422. 9-4 weekdays AH Summer Long  Stchtlt Garden Club  Next meeting Sept. 3. St Hilda's Hall, 7:30 p m  Robert Crttk Ltglon ��� Ladltt Auxiliary  The Legion Ladies Auxiliary Fall Bazaar   15th of November  From 11 a.m. till 3 pm in the Legion Hall in Roberts Creek  TFN  Sunshine Lapidary & Crafl Club  Club meets 1st Wednesday every month at 7 30 p m   For information phone 885-2375 or 886-9204 tfn  Sunihlne Coail Arti Council  Regular meeling 3rd Tuesday o' every month at  Arts Center in Sechelt  Every  ment  Thrift Shop  Thrill Shop   Gttsons United OIL re h Dase-  Al Anon Metllngt  Al-Anon Meetings every Tuesday night   Roberts Creek   For  information call 886-9059 or 886-9041  Wllion Crttk Community Association  Meeling 2nd Monday each monlh at Wtison Creek Hall 8 00 p m  Bargain Barn  The Bargain Bam ol the Mender Harbour Health Clinic Auxiliary  is Open on Thursday and Saturday afternoons from 1 00 until  3 30 TFN  Roberts Crttk Hospital Auxiliary  Second Monday of each month���11 am St Aidan's Hall  Elphlnttont Plonttr Muitum  Open daily except Sundays For information phone Museum at  886-8232 or 886-9981 or 885-3171  Sunihlne Coast Ntvy League ot Canada  Cadets and Wrenettes ages 10 to 13 will again meet Tuesday  nights. 700 - 9 00 pm. United Church Hall   Gibsons   New  recruils welcomed  Wllion Crttk Community Reading Ctnlrt  Open every Friday from 9 30 a m  - 4 30 P m   For enquiries call  885*9024 Hall rentals call Reg Robinson. 885-9024  Weittm Wtlght Controller!  Now meets every Thursday al ' p m   m the Armours Beach  Athletic Hall. Gibsons New members welcome  Women s Aglow Fellowship  Meet every ttiiro Tuesday of the month at Harmony Hall Gibsons  Transportation and Babysitting available Phone 886-7426 PM*  tmm  22.  Coast News, August 26, 1980  ft;h  %��������/&���'  Family Services  in Davis Bay  St. John's United Church  Sunday Schoo] will be reopening in mid-September.  Initial enrollment will be at a  special Family Service in the  Davis Bay church on Sunday,  September 14 at 9:30 a.m.  Parents, grandparents and  neighbours with children between thc ages of 3 and 13 are  invited to attend this service  and bring the children along  that day. Young people 14 and  older will be organized into a  youth group if there is interest.  They, too, are cordially invited  to attend the family service on  the I4th.  Anyone desiring further  information is invited to telephone 885-5364.  ��� Himni'y    ���  Cleaning  & Maintenance  Phone 886-7411 or  , 886-8023  New Anglican minister  tfrALL  tin Septembet 1st, Rev.  John 1 ric Kohinson will commence his duties as Incumbent  ol st Bartholomew and St.  \uI.im Anglican Chinch. Thc  Service ol Induction by the Rt.  Rev. David Somerville, Archbishop ul New Westminister,  will he held September 21st, at  7:30 pin., with a reception  following in the I'arish Hall.  Since 11'75. Fr, Robinson  has been Keel >i lo All Saints  Church in Kimbcrlcy, B.C. A  graduate of Rochester Theological College in F.ngland, Fr.  Robinson came to Canada in  1967 and was mission priest at  St. Francis of Assissi in Snow  I ike. Manitoba, in the Diocese  Brandon.  While in Manitoba, he  served in Napkina. Dcloraine,  Emerson, Ridgevilleand Dominion City. He has also served  at St, John's Hallock, in the  Diocese of Minnesota. USA.  Fr, Robinson, now 4K, was  born In Doncasler, Yorkshire.  He is married and holds a  Certificate of Mechanical Engineering from British National  Railways. In I960 he became  associated with the Franciscan  Friars and in 1961 wenttowork  for Universities' Mission to  Central Africa, where he was a  station layman in charge of the  building of classrooms, dormitories, houses and extensions to  existing hospitals on the mission stations of Mapan/a and  Msoro in Northern Rhodesia.  He has maintained his connections with Africa and in  1978 undertook thc distribution of "African Palms".  Over two million palm crosses  arc sold world-wide providing  an incomeforthe Africans who  make them and funds to aid in  health and education programmes and aid to Ugandan  refugees.  United Church classes  Starting Sept. 7 seven classes  will be available al Gibsons  United church hall for three-  year-olds to adulthood. There  will be a cradle roll from three,  pre-school to five years and two  primary classes to seven years  with juniors to 12 in boy and  girl classes. A mixed teenpower  class plus an adult class will  take care of grownups.  Included willbeaguitarclass  each Tuesday evening starting  at 6:30 p.m.  Following Sunday School in  the morning of Sept. 14, there  will be a family barbecue at  5:20 p.m. at $2 per plate along  with the movie Martin the  Cobbler. Further information  can be obtained from Moe  Hostland 886-9181.  FASHION FOCUS  SEMINAR -  FRIDAV. SEPT. 5  St. Hilda'! Hall, Sechelt  10 a.m. to 2 p.m.  (Bring your own lunch)  - Learn to plan and co-ordinate  your Fall wardrobe and  SAVE  - Learn to choose patterns and  fabrics  - Learn Up-to-Date sewing and  altering techniques.  PRESENTED BY  Marl-Lou   Laishley   and  Maryon Adelaar of West  Vancouver.  BET VOUR TICKETS EARLVAT  Sew S&Mf  885-2725 (in the Trail Bav mall)  I  1 YEAR  TERM DEPOSIT  180 Day Term: 11% *  * $1,000. Minimum Deposit  Port Mellon Industries  CREDIT UNION  ||    Cedar Plaza,  ^    Gibsons  886-8121 ��� 1  ���^-"-���^mm.- .  .  (aMtan  ,. ^��*.:                  rami*                   ***'���  ���^0           "*  A  '-:  ^^3P^-         jA,           PP  '"-TL"^'--. -JBPft1                  **^IW^^ft^^          "" '                          t^  #  Nr^i  pr-* ^r X  JF  If  -���~ "  :2W_  "���^MB                                                                                                                                                              \mWm^m\  "������V1         ^      ^^        ]r  w  a  #*  %:    ,^3#|  M\^a*  ''��� "''Va����5��  M^W*l^jgj^             H^jfc^ '          ^u^^^^j  "38S  V  0  Miff.                                                �����**                                                                                 ���*  JMUMW  'CSS  ���  ..j*Ss^  The beauty of Ihe Sunshine Coast Is not restricted to the scenery. Close Inspection of even a piece ot driftwood on the  beach unfolds the beauty In nature surrounding us.  Photo by Fran Berger  A MOVING EXPERIENCE  How do you plot the moves of your potential clients and customers?  Watch for studies like a recent one concluded by J.W. Simmons of the University of  Toronto, Department of Geography. Using recent census figures, Mr. Simmons  disclosed the following "moving" facts.  Intercity moves by Canada's far-flung population involves 11%% of all moves taking  place in the country every year. At the end of a given five-year period only a bit more  than half the citizens of the country can be found in the same house or apartment they  were in at the beginning of the period.  Moves are made within the same neighbourhood, across town and across the  country, but more than 4% of the moves of citizens over 5 years of age were registered  to another country.  Simmons says "The Canadian urban system is incredibly diverse, producing strong  variations in the patterns of population growth. These underlying economic, social  and cultural differences do not change rapidly."  He discovered, however, there was a reduction in migration from the Atlantic  provinces and the outflow from Southern-Ontario has increased. Also, people who  formerly moved to Toronto from Atlantic Canada have been abandoning the  metropolis and returning to the Atlantic provinces. 2. Sunshine Coast Realtor, August 22, 1980  At C?        B0X 149��-  ^yCT WHARF ROAD  V^y SECHELT, B.C.  \v VON-3A0  HOMES  ONLY 5 ACRES BETWEEN  LANGDALE AND GIBSONS No. 480  Beautiful land only 1 mile from Gibsons, \% mile  (rom Langdale, 300 feet road frontage! Plus 2  bedrooms, 24 x 60 Esta Villa home with  conventional roof. Spacious living, dining room  with built-in china cabinel. Family room, all  carpeted, 2 baths. Large sundeck, chicken house  and 2 stall horse barn. Two dwellings permitted  on property, ideal for 2 families or build your  dream home. Asking $ 110,000. For appointment  to view call Eva Carsky at 885-2235or 886-7126at  any time.  LEASE LAND ��� WILSON CREEK   No. 276  2-bedroom double wide with assumable mortgage, prepaid lease. Why pay rent, buy this with  low down payment and live happy in your own.  Asking $32,000. Eva Carsky 886-7126 or 885-  2235.  VIEW WEST SECHELT No. 503  This beautiful Lindal Cedar view home has  everything you could want. 4 bedrooms, 2 full  baths plus half bath off utility room, formal dining  room, living room and family room with  connecting fireplace. The features go on and on.  This is the ultimate in family living. Toviewplease  call Leslie Fitch at 885-9057.  CENTURY WEST REAL ESTATE  HOMES  BEACH AVENUE, GIBSONS  Spectacular view! from this well maintained two  bedroom home in Gibsons. Lot is beautifully  landscaped and fenced with garage, basement  and small greenhouse. Relax on cozy private  sundeck and enjoy panoramic view of Keats,  ocean and mountains from this charming home.  Eva Carsky at 885-2235 or 886-7126 or Leslie  Fitch al 885-9057.  1.8 ACRES IN ROBERTS CREEK   No. 511  Wilh lots of help and lender loving care, this old  home and acreage could be a nice mini estate.  The home features hot water healing with an  auxiliary wood burner. Huge attic, 4 bedrooms &  part basement. Call Chuck Dowman 885-9374 or  Lynn Wilson 885-5755.  PRICE REDUCTION No. 386  Don't miss out on this great buy! 3 bedroom view  home in sunny Wilson Creek. This split level  home situated on a corner lot has a great new  addition and an almost completed lower level.  This house can be yours for only $$76,900. Call  now for your personal tour with Leslie Fitch 885-  9057 or Ruth Moore 885-9213.  ���jpj^ppsnr^  ITS IN THE "WOODS" No. 326  Log style home approx. 1170 sq. ft. main floor  plus full cement basement. Elec. heat, 2  bedrooms, large family room, huge kilchen,  dining, nearly !2 acre. "Tiny Bob" 885-9461.  1&" '  s '*'.'.  V    -  �����-kH  ���������k  m  fejfef  M  \H11H ''  fab  vrr?1,'-- *  r*  '!��" "  2.3 ACRE ESTATE No. 436  On Redrooffs Road with privacy and ocean view.  This West Coast Contemporary home has many  exciting features! A cozy fireplace and easy care  oak parquet floor make the sunken living room a  natural gathering place. The family room has  beautiful ceramic tile flooring, bay window,  "Casablanca" overhead fan, fireplace and rich  built-in bookcases. All 3 bedrooms are spacious.  Master bedroom has its own ensuite and sliding  doors which open onto a private deck. This  property is an excellent investment opportunity,  as it is made up of 2 large acre plus lots already  subdivided, $115,000. Leslie Fitch 885-9057 or  Lynn Wilson 885-5755.  THE NEIGHBOURS THINK  THEY'RE CRAZY No. 486  And the sellers admit they'll never find as choice  an area to live in bul they told us to sell so here's  your opportunity! This beautiful lamily home is  situated on quiet cul-de-sac in Gibsons only one  block to beach and you guessed it - has beautiful  ocean view. Back yard is completely fenced and  done in lawn and a vegetable garden thai looks  good enough to mid! Newly listed al jusi $67,900  Leslie Fitch 885-9057 or Eva Carsky 886-7126,  CONSERVE ENERGY No. 468  This 6 bedroom home has two kitchens, 3  bathrooms, family room, large sundeck all on a  large lot, Only 5 years old and $89,500. C.  Dowman 885 9374.  REDROOFFS HOME No. 455  1325 sq. ft., 3 bedroom home, 3 levels modern  features galore, situated on an extra large lot  complete with large well built barn. Some  landscaping needed to creale an absolutely  beautiful home. Asking price $89,900. George  Longman 885 3400 or Larry Reardon 885 9320.  MAKI: NATURE YOUR NEIGHBOR,  THE CITY A CLOSE FRIEND" No. 185  9,43 acres in Roberts Creek. 1520 sq. ft 3  bedroom home wnh ocean view, a few extras to  mention arc dm k pond, barn, corral, drilled well  and wrap around sundeck Asking price  $139,000 George Longman al 885-3400.  BREATHTAKING VIEW.... No. 502  Of Sechelt Inlet from the sundeck. When the  construction of this 1400 square feet, three  bedroom home is complete, you will have a  modern home fit for a King. This contemporary  style home is designed to take full advantage of  the large sloping view lot (50 x 300). See the plans  of this Sandy Hook spectacular or buy at lock-up  and customize yourself. $93,000. Bill Walkey  8855327.  BETTER TAKE A LOOK No. 498  Al this brand new quality home with a low price of  only $54,400 - 1054 square feet of fine family  home, Three bedrooms, large bath, brick wall and  hearth installed for your choice of airtight or  heater. All 2 x 6 construction with heavy  insulation. To view this beauty call Larry or Rulh  Moore 885 9213,  BEAT THE RENT RACE      No. 422  Move into this energy efficient contemporary  home on landscaped lot on quiel cul-de-sac in  Wesl Sechell. Brick fireplace, quality carpeting  and cedar accent wall in large living room. Sliding  doors from dining room to garden. Carefree  kitchen, laundry area, den & powdei room on  main floor. 3 bedrooms & large bright bathroom  upstairs. Short trail to lovely swimming beach.  Assumable 11% mortgage. To view this home  priced at $64,500 call Lynn Wilson at 885-5755 or  Leslie Fitch at 885 5706.  WHY RENT? No. 457  1100 sq ft., 3 bedroom home in neal and lidy  condition, nicely landscaped, covered carport,  and a good size storage shed. Plus a lantaslic  ocean view, lease presently $600 per year Asking  price $35,000, reasonable offers will be  considered. For more details call George  Longman .it 885 3400.  WATERFRONT ON ACREAGE      No. 463  If you're in the markel for acreage on water this  attractive 7.3 acre parcel facing south with aboul  650' of lidal walerfront complete with solid 1100  sq. ft. 3 bedroom home may be for you. Add to  ibis a 3 acre foreshore lease and you can see why  at just $134,900 we think this is such a buy. Call  Bert 885 3746 or Larry 885 9213.  FJORD HOME - GIBSONS No. 444  Architect designed 3 bednxim In West Coast  contemporary style with many features. Brick  heatilator fireplace dividing living and dining area,  cedar ceiling, qualily carpeting, Large bright  kilchen, lamily room off ihe kitchen with Franklin  slove. All 3-bedrOOms are spacious, large closets,  private balcony off master bedroom with  southern ocean view. Attached d ruble garage,  fenced back yard wilh privacy, landscaped,  access to back lane. One block lo ihe beach.  walking distance to shopping. For viewing  anytime call Eva Carsky 886-7126 or Leslie Filch  885 5706.  MEMBER SUNSHINE COAST  REAL ESTATE ASSOCIATION  PHONE  885-2235  VANCOUVER  689-5838  (Toll Free)  LOTS  FINE FAMILY HOME No. 410  1360 sq. ft. of living on two full floors. Large formal  dining room, master bedroom with full bath, large  sundeck for family fun, good size lot with a nice  garden & only a block to public beach. To top it all  off with, an assumable mortgage of $34,000 at  only 1014%. Ruth Moore 885-9213 or George  Longman 885-3400.  CLOSE TO MARINA  Two bedroom home (600 sq. ft.), stone fireplace  in living room. Auto oil furnace in basement. 350  feet sq, newly laid sundeck, garden patch back  end, plus 200 ft. deep lot. About rite for active  couple pending expansion. Just down the road to  Marina facilities. Ask "Tiny Bob" to show this  under $40,000 Country Charmer.  SECHELT TOWNHOUSES  PANORAMIC VIEW No. 336 & 337  Luxurious 2 ievel townhouses on the upper level  are large living dining room with vaulted ceiling  and heatilator fireplace, also den and powder  loom. Kilchen has stove, fridge, dishwasher &  garburalor, The lower level has 3 bedrooms,  bathroom & laundry room with washer & dryer.  Balconies on both levels where you can relax and  enjoy the spectacular view. Many other feaiures.  Priced from $83,500 to $88,500. Inspect these  units today with Lynn Wilson at 885-5755.  ACREAGE  A STREAM - SOME  ACREAGE & YOU No. 287  All the requirements lor a country estate setting,  Ihis 3.7 acres could he just the parcel you've been  looking for wilh pari of the properly slightly  higher than the area where the stream flows  through. On Garden Bay Road with hydro and  phone il jusi awaits your creative touch. Oh yes!  Il's just $22,900. Berl 885-3746.  8.3 LEVEL ACRES No. 491  This beautilul acreage runs helween Pratl  through to Hough Road. Older collage that's  liveable while you build your dream home. This  property is on Regional waler and has a small  orchard. $75,000. Chuck Dowman 885 9374.  1.31 ACRES -  REDROOFFS ROAD No. 427  Heavily Ireed, shorl distance lo Cooper's Green,  boat launching. Hydro, phone, cable TV and  waler lo paved load $27,500. Lynn Wilson 885  5755.  2.16 ACRES-GIBSONS No. 474  An excellenl holding or developmenl property!  Over 2 acres in Gibsons zoned residential  SUBDIVISION ANYONE? $33,000. Leslie Filch  al 885-5706.  "BETTER THAN GOLD" No. 478  Roberts Creek walerlront 95' x 675' approx.  Drive throught 600 fl. of large evergreens to the  building sile ol your choice. Regional water and  driveway installed, Chance ol a lifetime, asking  $135,000. George Longman lo view 8853400.  5 ACRES - HUBY LAKE No.241  Invest in your future wilh 5 acres at Ruby Lake.  Excellenl fishing, boating and swimming. Low  price ol $29,500. Leslie Filch 8859057 or Eva  Carsky 886-7126.  WE'RE THE  NEIGHBOURHOOD  CHUCK DOWMAN - SALES MGR.  RITA PERCHESON    PETER SMITH  PAT PARKER  GEORGE LONGMAN  LESLIE FITCH  LARRY REARDON Sunshine Coasl Realtor, August 22, 1980  PHONE  885-2235  VANCOUVER  689-5838  (Toll Free)  ACREAGE  YOU'LL LOVE.... No, 4W  To go awandering over this West Sechelt  acreage. Located in the ALR. This 25 acres is not  subdividable at present. Some view of Sechelt  Inlet from the north east section of the property.  Asking $85,000 firm. Pat Parker 885-5615.  HARBOUR VIEW SITE No. 496  You're sure to find an ideal building site on this 1.6  acre parcel on Francis Peninsula Road. With over  100' of width there's ample room to locate your  new home to get the best possible view. There's  power, water and phone too so be sure you see  this $29,500 view acreage. Bert 885-3746.  TIMBERED ACREAGE No. 315  Take advantage of the possibilities going with this  6 acre parcel on t he Irvines Landing Road. Sell off  some of the timber if you wish and, for a building  site there's a fairly level area near the corner of the  road. All this is just minutes to excellent boating  and fishing. $28,500. Bert 885-3746.  BUSINESS  OPPORTUNITIES  GOLD! No. 495  There's gold in them thar hills! ��� but why dig for it?  Better yet, invest in this Grocery/Drive-In  Business. The only one of its kind in the whole  Pender Harbour area. Year round business  guaranteed from this unique combination of  groceries and hot food outlet. Add to thisa warm,  iwo bedroom, twelve hundred square foot home  on a view lot and the reward is yours ��� invest now  for $175,000. Bill Walkey 885-5327.  We  Tc  JTT  21  BOX 1490,  WHARF ROAD  SECHELT, B.C.  VON-3A0  %*  CENTURY WEST REAL ESTATE  LOTS  BUILDING IN VIEW? No. 382  Then build on this lovely view lot - Wilson Creek  location in an expanding area ol fine homes. All  this and the lot is cleared leaving Dogwood trees  and view. For only $11,200. Larry or Ruth Moore  at 885-9213.  GOWER POINT  YOUR  OWN  PATH  TO   THE  BEACHl  beautiful building lot with beach access and the'  best view you ever saw. Nearly l'j acre, priced at  $59,500. Call Chuck Dowman, 885-9374 or Ken|  Wells at 886-7223.  2 STORES & 4 SUITES No. 405  All suites have fabulous view of ocean and at  certain times of the year the salmon are plentiful,  just off shore. This income producing property  shows a good return while you earn appreciation.  Assume a 10% no term first mortgage $239,500.  C. Dowman at 885-9374.  PENDER HARBOUR $98,900 No. 350  This 8 acres zoned light industrial and/or other  uses, has great potential. It lies almost opposite  Francis Peninsula turnoff on both sides of  Highway 101 next to the building supply and  laundromat. It has good water access and is a  fairly flat piece easily developed. Larry Reardon,  885-9320.  AUTO MECHANICS DREAM        No. 509  Only business of its kind on Hwy 101. Successful  mechanical repair business plus dealership for  Oanag auto parts. This kind of opportunity rarely  surfaces, act quickly, act now, $45,000. Bill  Walkey 885-5327.  OPPORTUNITIES UNLIMITED     No. 501  If you want to get out of the house and make  money while you're doing it, this is the business  for you. We have a Fabric Store. Ideally located in  oood traffic area of Gibsons. It's priced to sell so  call Lynda 886-7352 or 885-2235.  LOTS  HIGH UPON HILLSIDE No. 257  Large lol wilh southern slope take lull advantage  of sun. Close to easy paved access to sea. Within  2 miles of shops, schools, etc. Just $24,500. "Tiny  Bob" 885-9461.  PORPOISE DRIVE  SANDY HOOK No. 459  It won't last at this low price! See the spectacular  view from this sloping lot to-day. Priced at only  $10,500. Call Leslie Fitch at 885-9057.  NICE VIEW LOT No. 467  Right on Deerhorn Drive looking up the inlet this ���  75' x 120' parcel has power, water and phone to  the road so try your offer on the $10,200 asking  price. Call Bert 885-3746.  A GREAT LOT No. 296  It has - view, trees, privacy, of course water,  phone & hydro. The exposure is south west.  Narrow at top, 132' wide at bottom, 277' long.  Can you beat this in Sandy Hook. Asking  $12,500 and will look at offers. Peter Smith 885-  9463.  ATTRACTIVE BUILDING SITE     No. 403  Well located with a view up the inlet (rom it's  Skookumchuck Drive location it just requires  your imaginative touch to develop it into an  attractive homesile. Asking $12,000. Bert 885-  3746.  LARGE TREED LOT No. 497  In Welcome Woods area on cul-de-sac street.  Ideal for building your home or cottage. See this  one soon with Lynn Wilson 885-5755 only  $14,000.  REVENUE No. 348  Thinking of a building a duplex? Then seriously  consider this lot in the village of Gibsons 192' x  63'! This property is fully serviced, well located  and priced to sell at $18,000. Leslie Fitch 885-  9057  INFLATION HEDGE No. 292 & 293  What is better than an investment in land? Takea  look at these Village lots. 60' x 130' approx.  water, hydro & telephone available. Close to  downtown Sechelt. Priced at $10,900. Lynn  Wilson 885-5755.  LOFTY IDEAS? No. 462  Try them out on a half acre,ocean view lot. Rocky  but has level gravel area for septic field. Located  in Wilson Creek, minutes from Sechelt. Asking  only $13,500. Pat Parker 885-5615.  14 ACRE BEAUTY! No. 482  In developing area of Redrooffs, this beautiful  wooded choice property has excellent building  site. Lots this size are difficult to come by.  $14,000. Lynn Wilson 885-5755 or Leslie Fitch  885-9057.  ROBERTS CREEK BLDG LOT      No. 504  66 x 198, mostly cleared on a quiet road. Hydro,  water & cablevision at property's edge. The last  of the $15,000 lots in Roberts Creek so hurry!  George Longman 885-3400.  INVEST NOW IN A LOT No. 180  While the price is still reasonable choose one of 4  lots available in this area of better homes, close to  beach and boat launching. Sewer, hydro, phone  and water available. Priced at $14,900. Lynn  Wilson 885-5706.  GIBSONS No.430/431  Seamount Development Park, two bts side by  side, zoned industrial, paved roads, sewers, 3  phase power, 50' x 125'equalling6250sq. ft. each.  Get down to business. Asking $36,000. for both  or pick one for only $18,500. George Longman  8853400.  SELMA PARK -  RARE HALF ACRE No. 508  Great lot with 150 feet of frontage, easy access to  great building site. This bt is large enough to  support the large home and swimming pool that  you always wanted. Asking $30,900. Chuck  Dowman 885-9374.  BROOKS COVE LOT No. 351  Large view bts in a lovely quiet location. These  are rock lots but there is a promise of water going  into this area this summer. Adjacent to good boat  launching and sheltered moorage. Parcel "A" is  owned by the same vendor and road access may  be granted through parcel "A" if necessary.  $13,900 Larry Reardon, 885-9320.  MAY WE  Give you the grand tour of these fine Sandy  Hook, Tuwanek lots. Some large, some small,  some sloped, some level. Some with GREAT  VIEW. All well priced. See Larry or Ruth Moore  for information, call 885-9213.  Gnjuofr  CENTURY WEST REAL ESTATE  AGENTS FOR  MO. MACKENZIE LIMITED  Mini Nm  Plans and Brochures available  FREE ESTIMATES  Call Lam Moore 885-2235  LANDSCAPED OCEAN VIEW       No. 346  The neighbour got carried away when landscap-  ping and gardened this beautiful ocean view lot as  well as his own! This lot has it all ��� ocean view,  short distance to beautiful beach, serviced by  sewer, water, hydro, cable and in an area of better  homes. Priced at $13,500. Leslie Fitch 885-9057 I  LOOK  \7��f-\A7   Bu''d y��ur home on a spectacular  ��� **��� VV    scenic lot only minutes from Sechelt.  LOTS  Bill Walkey  885-5327  $12,500  Pat Parker  885-5615  IE  Je  ^-��*j  '<���  V  WEST SECHELT  DERBY & NORWEST BAY ROADS  ND.322&324  There is a choice of fine lots, cleared lots or lots  in their natural state. Some have good views,  lizes and prices vary but buy now and build the  tome of your choice. On Norwest Bay Road  Lots 33,34 & 35 are $15,500. On Derby Road  Lot 20, $19,900. Lany Reardon 885-9320  JUST $1.44 No. 499  That's right, just $1.44/square fool for this fine  Village lot. To view call Larry or Ruth Moore 885-  9213.  BIG BRITE SUN No. 437  Shines on this 100 x 186 ft. bt, water connection  & debenture included as well as use of waterfront  lot $12,500. "Tiny Bob" 8859461.  FINE LOT IN WEST SECHELT     No. 488  Quiet cul-de-sac street with polential view. Close  to beach in area of new homes cbse to Village,  $17,900. Hydro, water, cable TV at road. Lynn  Wilson 885-5755.  LARGE LOT, SMALL PRICE No. 383  Quiet cul-de-sac location and a level site for your  home make this a good buy. Locaied wilhin  walking distance of all Sechelt amenities. Only  $15,900. Larry or Ruth Moore 885-9213.  SANDY HOOK! SANDY HOOK! SANDY  HOOK!  A great choice of sloping or level, clear or treed,  mostly with view. Invest in Sandy Hook for your  future at only $8,000 to $13,500. Rulh or Larry  Moore 885-9213.  YEAR ROUND VACATION No. 461  Sechell Inlet Road, Tuwanek. Make tomorrow's  dreams today's reality. Build your dream  hideaway. Creek flowing through property. For  more details call Leslie Fitch 885-9057 or Larry  Reardon 885-9320.  CAN YOU BEAT IT? No. 487  ��� INLET VIEW  ��� HALF ACRE SERVICED LOT  ��� CLEARED  ��� DRIVEWAY IN  ��� BOATING FACILITIES NEARBY  ��� NEAR SECHELT  ��� Bill Walkey 885-5327  ��� Pal Parker 885-5615  ��� $18,000 firm  ISLAND  MAROON YOURSELF! No. 458  On the southern half of this freshwater island in  Sakinaw Lake. Your own retreat with cabins, full  facilities and 600 feet of waterfront. Frolic, fish or  fbat - it's your choice $100,000. Bill Walkey 885  5327.  PROFESSIONALS   FOR   YOU.  WANTED!  "Tiny Bob"  REWARD  "Your Best Policy"  Interested?  885-2235  BILL WALKEY RUTH MOORE  R.B. "TINY BOB" KENT   LYNN WILSON  ED BAKER  LARRY MOORE  EVA CARSKY  BERT WALKER Sunshine Coast Realtor, August 22, 1980  -G  EMLOCK REALTY LTD.  SELMA PARK  3- VIEW LOTS 60 x 130  1- VIEW LOT WEST PORPOISE BAY  1- VIEW LOT MASON RD. W. SECHELT  2- COUNTRY LOTS SECHELT VILLAGE  0     WILL BUILD TO SUIT ON s  ANY OF THESE LOTS  CUSTOM HOMES, SPEC HOUSES  SOME UNDER CONSTRUCTION NOW!  Compare our NEW HOME PRICES!  Paul Flett 885-9630  VANCOUVER  (24 hrs.)   526-1626  ELIZABETH RAINES  Sales Representative  1. WHITTAKER RD - DAVIS BAY  Two large fully serviced lots with partial view of Vancouver  Island. Lots measure 69' x 150' and 71' x 150' approx. l'/2  blocks from beach and boat launching. Maybe purchased  separately or with adjoining lot. Asking $18,900 per lot.  Contact Elizabeth Raines 324-4621 (24 hours) - 886-7061.  2. POPLAR LANE  Neat and cozy three bedroom home. Two years old. Lot size  66' x 110'sq. ft. with home having 1,250 sq. ft. of living space.  Features separate dining room, fully landscaped yard, and  concrete driveway. Good neighbourhood. Only 2 blocks to  schools and shopping. Asking $55,000. Call Elizabeth Raines  324-4621 (24 hours) - 886-7061.  3. BUSINESS OPPORTUNITY  Newly listed carpet and cabinet making business. Centrally  located in Gibsons. Good potential. Listing salesperson has  financial details. Asking $16,900 plus stock. Call Elizabeth  Raines 324-4621 (24 hours) ��� 886-7061.  4. BE YOUR OWN BOSS  If you enjoy children and earning money, this is the business  for you. Ideally situated in good traffic area of Gibsons.  Excellent potential for the right person. Present owner wishes  to retire. Asking $28,000 with stock extra. Call Elizabeth  Raines 324-4621 (24 hours) - 886-7061.'  AELBERS  REAL ESTATE  886-9238  Van. Toll Free  922-7814  Harry M. Howard  Res.886-7307  Located at the Old Granthams Landing Store  Marine Drive, Box 1189,  Gibsons  CAPA  APPRAISALS  INC.  COMMERCIAL RENTAL SPACE ON HIGHWAY 101  675 sq. ft. corner location, fully finished well suited for after hours convenience store. Lease  includes heat Share of taxes and utilities on top of monthly rent of $365.00.  OFFICE SPACE AVAILABLE IN SAME COMMERCIAL BLOCK  625 sq. ft. at $235.00 per month which includes heating. Share of taxes on sq. ft. basis and  utilities are separate.  SERVICE COMMERCIAL RENTAL ON WYNGAERT ROAD  75 FT. OFF HIGHWAY 101  Complete self contained concrete block building with 16 ft. ceiling prey.-ntly used for storage.  Concrete driveway - Oilfired forced hot air - reinforced concrete floor. Completely free standing  and in excellent state of repair. Available within two weeks - three year lease available. Tenant  pays for all utilities and share of taxes. Landlord only responsible for exterior maintenance.  Available at $425.00.  BUSINESS OPPORTUNITY  EARLS COVE FERRY TERMINAL  Same owner since its creation in 1973. Fully licensed restaurant and store. Good owner's  accommodation. Completely self contained except for electricity and telephone. The operation  has always been and shall remain a money maker to an enterprising individual. Owner prepared  to carry good first mortgage. If and when you want to become independent, you can not forego  this opportunity.  WATERFRONT SECLUSION  Earl's Cove area & Skookumchuck Narrows. Approx. 2100 ft. waterfront and 32 acres, 2 acres  cleared. Access by water, with good ramp and float in place. Rough road through Crown Land  for four wheel drive, which could be improved (Length: 5500 ft. in total).  Improvements are 1071 sq. ft. ��� 2 bedrooms ��� full bath, Living room, dining and kitchen.  Fireplace - Sundeck on three sides ��� Floor to ceiling windows. Built in 1974.  Also a 510 sq. ft. 1 bedroom older, but renovated caretaker cottage.  Water by gravity feed ��� Electricity by light plant.  This offer includes all furnishings except personal belongings.  BARGAIN HARBOUR  11.6 ACRE ISLAND WITH ALL SERVICES & HOUSE $265,000.  At the entrance of Pender Harbour. Privacy - Good access from the mainland. At low tide, one  could almost walk to it. Protected moorage. All services, including Regional Water. Complete  natural surroundings. A four wheel drive included to take you from the landing to a Panabode  house which is located on the top of the island overlooking the Strait of Georgia. South-westerly  SANDY HOOK ROAD - NORTH-WESTERLY EXPOSURE  LOT 16,17,18 $12,500 EACH  Three legal entities with a 10 ft. gazetted but not constructed lane along lot 18. This lane gives  good access from Deerhorn Drive. Any improvement has unobstructed view over Sechelt Inlet.  Water and Hydro present. Percolation for septic tank is good. Total size of all three tots is 189.26  x 150 equalling 28389 sq. ft. or 0.65 acre.  CARMEL PLACE - TUWANEK ��� 2 LOTS $13,000 & $16,500  Westerly exposure - View over Sechelt Inlet. Large in size, allowing two residences. Services  available ��� One lot (0.6 acres) has small creek. Well treed & driveway in. Within walking distance  of good beach and boat launching. 12 min. drive from Sechelt.  VIEW - SOUTHERLY EXPOSURE - SPACE & UNIQUE HOUSE  BAYV1EW ROAD OFF REDROOFFS ROAD  This unique improvement is offered fully completed. Owner is one of the principals of a very well  respected construction firm, and will complete under signed contract. Situatedon 0.55 acre 157  x 160 with a southerly exposure and excellent view over Strait of Georgia. Design and actual  construction is completely away from the normal standard and can only be viewed as very  superior.  GRANTHAMS LANDING ��� VIEW  Lots of potential in this 3 bedroom 1025 sq. ft. older style home. Fantastic view of Keats and  beyond. Self contained studio suite downstairs. This is a structurally sound house that a  handyman with vision can make into something special. $41,500.  ACREAGE SAKINAW LAKE  37.5 ACRES - 2400 FT. WATERFRONT $282,000  The ideal combination of over 1000 ft. of level waterfront with Westerly exposure. A 1400 sq. ft.  older house, the plumbing and wiring are brand new. Interior to be finished with gyproc. Over 8  acres cleared, creek through property with water rights. Also on property is an older cabin. The  four legal entities making up the 37.5 acres are allowed to develop as a campground. Hydro and  telephone are on site. Subject is short distance via gravel road from Hwy 101. Location is second  to none.  ACREAGE ROBERTS CREEK  5 ACRES AT THE END OF LOCKYER ROAD $48,000  Complete privacy, well treed, partly surrounded by Forest Land. All services available, including  water from private source. South westerly exposure. Received approval in principle for subdivision from 10 acre parcel. Available at the end of August - middle September.  REAL ESTATE ASSOCIATION Sunshine Coast Realtor, August 22, 1980  iderson  REALTY LTD.  Luxury homes  with an ocean view  to match.  On a beautifully wooded  5 acre hillside in Secret Cove  we are building 29 oustanding  homes. Each and every luxury  home overlooks a magnificent  ocean panorama. Inside and out  these homes are spectacular.  They feature 3 bedrooms,  2 full bathrooms, spacious living  rooms with heatilator fireplaces,  full range of appliances, large  sundecks, natural cedar siding  and shake roofs. Complete  privacy is offered by the unique  designs.  Each owner is assured of  a reserved berth at current  moorage rates in the fully  protected and sheltered marina,  that can accommodate boats of  up to 40 feet.  This area is a fisherman's  paradise. The scenery is  breathtaking. Find out how  you can be part of it all, phone:  Vadim Kobasew 885-3211,  885-3156 or toll free 684-8016  for more details and opening  dates.  Th  ESTATES  oAtSecretCove Sunshine Coast Realtor, August 22, 1980  Post Office Box 1219, Sechelt  885-3211  Vancouver Toll Free:  684-8016  iderson  REALTY LTD  FREE  CATALOGUE  ���null  [ A. K. I.i PACK  Coast to Coast  Real Estate Service  GOWER POINT: View ol Georgia Straight (rom this 1 year  new home is ever changing. Well built, 6 bedroom home (3 up  and 3 down) is on a large lot and has lots of leatures such as  fireplace, skylights, decks and much more. Priced at $73,900.  Call Bob. === ���_____  MADEIRA PARK: Lakefront 3 bedroom home, 1152 sq. ft., 1  bath, double windows, 2 car garage 22 x 24, and workshop 12 x  24 all new in the past 4 years, plus many extras included, on 4.27  acres. Level landscaped yard, a short mile to school, P.O. and  shopping centre. Full price $85,000. Call Don for an  appointment.  ^=====:  WATERFRONT - SANDY HOOK: 111 ft. of prime  waterfront in Porpoise Bay...add to this an immaculate 3,450 sq.  It. cedar home with sauna, sundecks, your own private  float...and you have yourself a fantastic mini-estate. See the  value for yourself by calling Bob at 885-2503 for an appointment |  DAVIS BAY - PRESTIGE HOME: Need room? Like a view?  Want a prestige home? This is gracious living at its best in a great  area & on a level lot. Don't let the price concern you ��� have;  look at this special home. $150,000.    NEW LISTING - ROBERTS CREEK: This 4.6 acre Hobby  Farm offers complete privacy, numerous fruil trees, a large  fenced pasture, 2 creeks, southern slope plus an older well kept  home and a 1100 sq. ft. near new barn on a concrete foundation,  fully wired and easily converted into an attractive farm home.  Both buildings are protected by professional electronic security  system. Priced at $99,500. THIS BEAUTIFUL PROPERTY IS  A MUST TO SEE. To view anytime call Vadim.  ISLAND VIEW PARK: West Sechelt - One year old, 1232 sq,  ft., 3 bedroom, full basement home on a quiet dead end street in  desirable area of West Sechelt. Large 1/3 acre lot with an  excellent view. This attractive home features thermopane  windows throughout, electric heat and includes two Fisher  airtight stoves. F.P. $68,900. To view call Vadim.  GRANTHAM'S LANDING ��� WATERFRONT: Two cabins  on 67 x 117 waterfront lease lot. Well kept main cabin has a brick  fireplace and a large sundeck overlooking Howe Sound. Asking  $45,000. Vendor will assist with financing. For more details call  Vadim.  4                                                                             1  WELCOME WOODS: New 3 bedroom home in a large cul-de-  sac lot. Ensuite plumbing in master bedroom, 1250 sq. ft. single  level. Area of all new homes. Fireplace and sundeck. Very  affordable at $68,500. Call Stan.   r#v ' ���;  *%*���  SECHELT:Lovely brand new 1300 sq. ft. home all on one level.  Level property, real nice for gardening. Large covered carport  adjoining house. Quality interior finishing. Three bedrooms,  large living room and family/kitchen area. Thermal skylight in  bathroom. Living room and kitchen area share attractive brick  fireplace with heatilator. Clean electric heat. Well insulated with  double pane windows. A lew minutes level walk lo school and  shopping. To view call Gordie. $64.900  NEW LISTING - SECHELT VILLAGE: This ideal starter or  retirement home features 988 sq. ft. of living area, 2 bedrooms,  heatilator fireplace, full basemenl as well as a quiet cul-de-sac  setting. Presently under construction and ready for your input.  Asking $62,500. To review the plans call Vadim.  BUSINESS OPPORTUNITY: Hotel for sale in Pender  Harbour. Ideally located at Hospital Bay on 1 acre of land witha  lovely view of Pender Harbour. Accommodations for 34 guest  and fully licensed 58 seal restaurant. Separate duplex that is  rented out. For complete information contact Gordie Hall.  Gordon  Hall  885-9986  Vadim  Kobasew  885-3156  Bob  Bull  885-2503  Jack  Anderson  885-2053 Sunshine Coasf Realtor, August 22, 1980  FREE  CATALOGUE  [  A.K.UPAGt:  anderson  Coast to Coast  Real Estate Service  REALTY LTD  Post Office Box 1219, Sechelt  885-3211  Vancouver Toll Free:  684-8016  WATERFRONT  LOTS  LOTS  REDROOFFS ROAD: Extfi  Excellent beach opposili  but a registered east  easy. Call Stan. $80.  'ATERFRONT LOT.  Isla^t/ighthouse. Lot is steep  s makes a road to the beach  SECLUDED WATERFRONT ACREAGE: Do you want a  quiet waterfront retreat with no roads or cars? We have a few  | parcels of evergreen forest, 5 to 10 acres each. Minimum of 250  feet of waterfront and stream thru most lots, Located 22 miles  from Sechelt by water or air only. Fly in with Tyee Airways Ltd  from Vancouver or Sechelt, or use your own boat. Call Don.  DORISTON: 660 ft. of waterfront. Near level beach. 17.2  I acres, well timbered. Good solid 2 bedroom house.. Lovely  I garden area, good year round creek on property. Located at  Doriston, Sechelt Inlet. To view call Gordie. Asking$120,000.  WATERFRONT - SQUARE BAY: 112 feel of superb  walerfront, situated in an area of exclusive homes. Ideally suited  (or a multi-level home. Protected year round moorage. Plus- lots  of arbutus trees and southerly exposure. All this for only  $77,500. To view this fine properly call Vadim,  [ROBERTS CREEK WATERFRONT: 2 acre estate type  property with a gazetted access on the west boundary. A small  amount ol waterfronl adjoining the property. A fine water view  and heavily treed. Truly a one of a kind property. Call Stan for  details.  EGMONT WATERFRONT: 8 acres of waterfronl. Mostly  | level, low bank, treed acreage developed wilh a 2 bedroom  home. Home rented at $350. per month makes this a good  ! investment property. Egmont is the last area on the Sunshine  Coast   to  be developed and therefore the prices are still  reasonable. Imagine 8 acres of waterfront for only $109,000.  Vendor will carry a large mortgage. Call Bob for details.  REVENUE  'WILSON CREEK: lOpad trailer park with 4 of the units owned  I outright, Room for expansion with very little addilional expense.  I 'Property presently grossing $1,600 per month and all rents  'could rise. An excellent investment for an ambitious couple.  I F.P. $169,500,  LOTS  SUNSHINE HEIGHTS  I LOT#l: Nice corner lot on gently sloping land with some nice  I trees. Power and water at property line. Located in the village of  Sechelt near the Arena. Call Gordie. F.P. $13,500.  LOT #3: Extra large building lol in area of new homes. All  services including paved roads. F.P. $12,000.  LOT ��4: Good building site for your new home located in the  Village of Sechelt near the Arena. The property is nicely treed  and has water and power at properly line. Call Gordie. F.P.  $12,500  LOT 87: Jusi up past the Arena. Lovely subdivision large lols  I new homes. All services are in. Call Stan. F.P. $12,000.  SECHELT VILLAGE: 7 excellent building lots in the lower  Village. All are within walking distance to shopping etc. All  services are available including sewers. Prices range from  $15,500 to $18,500.  WEST SECHELT - NOR VAN CUL-DE-SAC: Nice building  lot located in a quiet cul-de-sac. Ideal for your future home. Call  Bob to view this one of a kind. $16,500.  HOPKINS LANDING - COMMUTER SPECIAL: Just  minutes from the ferry. Thesa��irewi��deal lots to build your  permanent resident opanlrtl^bjjCTJart in all that Vancouver  has to offer. The pfiAtjghTat $16,900 each. For more  information on these^lcall Gordie.  BROWNING ROAD: Level lot ready to build on. This 70' x  149' lot is cleared, close to beach access and in an exclusive  area. New homes are springing up all around it. Join the  neighbourhood. Listed at $16,500 but make an offer. Call Stan  or Bob.  BAYVIEW SUBDIVISION: Your own "piece of the rock."  Lovely view ofthe ocean, nicely treed. Nice quiet neighborhood.  Locaied in Bayview subdivision just off of Highway 101 &  Redrooffs Road. The price is right at $19,900. Call Gordie.  REDROOFFS ��� FAWN ROAD: Large, level building lot.  Nicely Ireed. Approved for septic system. 175' of road frontage.  F.P. $14,500. For more details call Vadim.  SECHELT VILLAGE: Only available duplex lot in Village of  Sechelt. Cleared and on sewer. Build now or hold for potential  service industrial use. $25,000. Call Bob.  SECHELT: One of the very few OCEAN VIEW lots in the  village of Sechell. Large level building site. Asking $ 16,500! Call  Vadim.  REDROOFFS ACREAGE: 100' x 525'. Gigantic first growth  timber. Level area to build, across from Welcome Beach access.  All services at road. Full price $26,000. Call Bob at 885-2503.  WEST PORPOISE BAY: 75 x 150 treed serviced lot, close to  ice arena. Gently sloping land. Close to a small boat marina. F.P.  $12,000. Stan.  OCEAN BEACH ESPLANADE - GOWER POINT: 1/2  acre semiwaterfront lot. Excellenl ocean view with westerly  exposure, Easy beach access. Asking $55,000. For more  information call Vadim.  REDROOFFS: Large corner view lot���level, cleared and  ready to build on. All services. Call Bob. $17,000.  DR: Nicely treed building  t Inlet, F.P.$12,000. For  SANDY HOOK-PORPJ  lot with gentle sb|  more information  BROWNING ROAD: VIEW! WELL,., partial view lot but only  a fraction of the cost of what you would pay for unobstructed  view. Partially cleared and owner will finish burning stumps for  only $18,900. Call Bob.  GRANTHAMS LANDING - VIEW LOT: 65 x 130 ft. treed  view lot close lo the beach with all available services. F.P.  $17,000  REDROOFFS: Two lot!  Lol��41 $16,900. A  recreation homes.  \agpm\gamt  fflALffiih  tffJRoad.Lot#40$16,900,  uty, bolh permanent and  ails.  HIGHWAY ACREAGE:  Excellent access and Somel  $27,900. lol D $37,500. C  5 acre parcels on Highway 101.  ialue in limber. Lot A $24,900 lol C  ill Stan.  GIBSONS: Small cabin on sea view lot. No plumbing.  Landscaped, fruit trees. Lot serviced with sewer and water, etc.  F.P. $19,900.  ROBERTS CREEK ��� RICHARDS ROAD: 80' x 140' fully  serviced lot. Ideal for mobile homes. One of the nicest lots in the  area. F.P. $16,900. Call Vadim for more details.  WILSON CREEK: A picture view to Vancouver from this 64' x  117' lot. Paved road. Priced for quick sale. $13,500. See Doug.  SECHELT: Create your own park on this level treed lot, close  to the water in Sechelt. All local services on paved road. Size is  80' x 320'. The value is there at $23,000. Call Don.  SEAVIEW LOTS IN THE BEST AREA OF THE COAST:  These lots are well over 1 acre each & have a truly fine view of  Trail Islands. Each lot is naturally landscaped wilh moss & fir  trees. South exposure & only 100 yards to a good beach.  $32,900 each. Call J. Anderson 885-2053.  ACREAGE  ACREAGE - GIBSONS: Approx. 12 acres on Highway 101 in  Soames Point. View property septic zoned R2L. A great  investment. F.P. $150,000. Call Bob lor details.  WEST SECHELT: 21+ acres with approx. 12 acres cleared  and fenced in pasture. The remainder is in tall trees with  Wakefield Creek flouring through. This is the ideal property for a  hobby (arm. With acreage so scarce this is a very good  investment for only $80,000. Call Bob at 885-2503 to have a look  at this piece.  WOOD BAY (SECRET COVE): One hundred and fifty nine  acres mostly view property with nice valley in centre. Easy to  subdivide into 5 acre parcels when highway alignment services  property. District lot 6322 is a potential gold mine for an investor  looking to the future. Large sand & gravel deposits and good  bottom land on property. Bonus is xk million feet of timber. Call  Bob for a tour at 885-2503.  SANDY HOOK INVESTMENT PROPERTY: 7 acres of flat  level land with subdivision potential. Some view, easy  development. No rock, partly cleared rough road on property.  Borders crown land on the south side. F.P. $75,900.  COMMERCIAL  SECHELT - COMMERCIAL  Property is on Inlet Avenue. Zoned Commercial 1. Two lots 33 x  122 ft. for total of 8052 sq. ft. Possible to put on a two story  building of 7040 sq. ft. and have 15-17 parking spaces. Good  location for an office building. Property has two older homes  that are rented out, so that you have a source of revenue till you  develop. Call Gordie.  BUSINESS OPPORTUNITIES  BUSINESS OPPORTUNITY: Holel for sale in Pender  Harbour Ideally located al Hospital Bay on 1 acre of land with a  lovely view of Pender Harbour. Accommodations lor M guesl  and fully licensed 58 seal restaurant, Separate duplex thdt is  renledout, Foi complete infoim.iiion contacl Gordie Hall  Doug  Joyce  885-2761  Stan  Anderson  885-2385  Don  Hadden  885-9504 Sunshine Coast Realtor, August 22, 1980  SUNNYCREST  SHOPPING  CENTRE  886-2277       ilBSvllV   ��� \ hflb I  1  Vand land development ltd.  VANCOUVER  TOLL FREE  682-1513  HOMES  RICHARDS RD: Roberts Creek. Large 1356  square feet home with full basemenl. Four  bedrooms, three up and one down. Large living  room with slone fireplace. Kitchen has oak  cupboards, eating bar and indirect lighting.  Master bedroom has Ihree piece ensuite also a  masler switch to adjust the heating in the house.  Master bedroom opens onto the 50 x 8 sundeck  which runs the length of the house. In an area safe  for children and within five minutes walk to  Roberts Creek Park and beach. $69,900.  MAPLEWOOD LANE: One year old basement  home. Three bedrooms. Wall to wall carpels.  Fenced yard. Basement roughed in ready to  finish. This attractive home won't last long at the  asking price of $67,500.  GOWER PT RD: Cute clean one bedroom  house on large lot. The house has to be removed  by June 1985. This is an area of large new homes.  Live in it while you build or tenant will remain at  $200.00 a month rent. $29,900.  OCEAN BEACH ESPLANADE - GOWER  POINT RD: Semi-waterfront. View and millior  dollar sunsets from this completely renovated  and enlarged 1120 square feet, ihree bedroom  home. Abundance of cedar compliments ihe  ruslic brick fireplace and the spacious living  room. French doors open to a very private palic  Sauna adjoining bath. Sliding doors lo a full length  sundeck and across the quiet sired swimming,  boating and fishing. Priced a] $109,900  SMITH RD: Something original! Architecturally  designed mod cedar home with skylighls, vaulted  ceiling in living room and two sundecks. Could be  three bedrooms or two with den. $58,500.  PROWSE & BEACH AVE: WATERFRONT.  Large three bedroom home on prime waterfront  in Gibsons Village. Convenient to shopping, post  office and restaurants. This property is also  adjacent to the boat launching ramp. The garden  with its profusion of tall shrubs makes this a very  private spot. Ducks nest near the stream on the  adjoining lot which has been donated for park  land. 180 degree view of water and mountains  which is ever changing. $112,000.  MALA VIEW RD: Three bedroom two year old  home on Malaview Road. Close to Cedar Grove  School. All rooms are large. Back garden has  large cedar trees lor privacy. This is an attractive  home and should be viewed if you are purchasing.  $56,500  HALFMOON BAY: Waterfront home. Level  waterfronl wilh good garden soil. Two year old  home of excellent quality. Large family kilchen,  living room has fireplace and hardwood floors.  Two large bedrooms, master has ensuite. Fully  (unshed ground level full basemenl is rented suite.  Total finished living area equals over 2700 square  feet. $135,000  GIBSONS VILLAGE: Bay area walerfront  older home. Very dose to proposed marina and  existing boat launch Very good future potential  in developing bay area. Home now vacant, use it  yourself or hold as revenue $105,000  GIBSONS: Gibsons Harbour walerfront. Older  2 bedroom house currently rented. Great future  polential. Lot size 48 x 310. $87,500.  R.R. #2, Gibsons, B.C. VON 1V0  HOMES  HANBURY RD: Complelely fenced 4.63 acre  parcel complemented by selective clearing and  landscaping. Approximately 3 acres in grass,  gardens, fruit trees and meadows. The remaining  acreage in tall timber. Year round creek and pond  are spring fed. Fenced pastures aplenty for  livestock. Comfortable 1050 square feet, two  bedroom home is wood heated with electric  backup for low fuel bills. School bus slops on the  paved road out front. One of the nicest developed  pieces available, truly an idyllic spot for that  dream home. $94,900.  ,���-'.|F  ��  CHASTER RD: Traditional styled 1'. storey  family home. Four bedrooms, large kitchen and  family room. Upstairs area is masler bedroom  plus ensuite. Sliding glass doors open to private  balcony. Kitchen and dining room open to  cement patio for summer entertaining. Fenced  landscaped yard. $79,900.  SARGENT RD: 'Si Senorita' will be your answer  to purchase this Spanish style design new home  on a view lot on Sargent Road in Gibsons. Two  fully finished floors, total 2300 sq. ft. complete  with many extras, such as two fireplaces and an  all nighter, triple plumbing, double garage,  intercom, workshop and within walking distance  I of shopping and schools. Make an appointment to  view. $125,000.  CREEKSIDE PARK: Large three bedroom  home on Brookside under construction. Living  room with fireplace, master bedroom has ensuite.  Separate dining room as kitchen has nook  opening onto a patio. Large unfinished basement  has room for rec room with thimble for wood  heater, two bedrooms and a bathroom. $69,500.  LANGDALE: View. For the purchaser who  appreciates quality in design and construction  detail. Features hot water heat, four bathrooms,  large master bedroom with walk-in closet. 2  fireplaces, separate heated garage/workshop and  finished in-law suite. All interior walls insulated for  warmth and sound. One of the peninsula's best  areas and close to school. 1740 sq. ft. up and  down make this home ideal for the large family.  Offered at $128,500.  GOWER POINT RD: Near new three bedroom  home in spotless condition. Vaulted cedar  panelled ceiling in living and dining rooms. Ensuite  plumbing in master bedroom. Huge wraparound  sundeck and beautiful view of Georgia Strait  Short walk lo beach and boat launch, Large  property including a fantastic vegetable garden.  $76,900.  ARGENT RD. - ROBERTS CREEK: 8/10 of  an ecre in ever popular Roberts Creek. 2  bedroom, 600 sq. ft. cabin in a natural setting of  cedars and fruit trees. Large vegetable garden  already in. Priced to sell at $33,000.  WHARF   ROAD   -   SECHELT:   Older  two  bedroom home on large level lot. Some ocean  view and Village location make this an ideal  slarler, retirement or investment property. All  services available. Priced al $41,000.  PRATT ROAD: Very attractive '. acre lot with  large cedars. Curved driveway leads to'3  bedroom home. Large sundeck. Living room with  fireplace. Basement is finished with large  recreation room and extra bathroom. $64,900,  GOWER POINT RD: 1 1/3 acres cleared with  nice tall cedars. Double wide home has many  extras. Family room with wood burning slove and  wet bar. Master bedroom has walk in closet and 4  piece ensuite. Acreage is very hard to find in ibis  popular area. $59,900.  HILLCREST AVE: Well kept and tastefully  decorated, 6 year old home. Raised brick  fireplace in living room. Manicured lawn elegant  cedars on an extra large lot in Village. $62,900.  SARGENT RD: Terrific view (or boal watchers  of Gibsons Harbour and ocean and mountain  view lovers from this Tudor style 2 year old home.  Lot has been exceptionally well lanscaped with  extra retaining walls. House has one bedroom  downstairs and two spacious ones up. Living  room has fireplace, kitchen and separate dining  room. Carport attached. $74,900,  MARINE DR. - HOPKINS: An ideal find for the  commuter, only a 5 minute walk to the ferry! Five  year old three bedroom home with easy access  onto Marine via dual cement driveways. Almost  1800 square feet of living space in plush wall to  wall and vinyl. Beam ceiling and brick heatilator  fireplace complement the decor and double  glazing keeps the bills down. Much improved view  from the extra large deck if option exercised. The  roses are blooming and the garden awaits your  TLC. Try your offer, $78,900.  LOTS  PRATT RD: 9 lOol an acre park like selling with  huge cedar trees and guaranteed privacy foi the  1250 sq. ft. 3 bedroom home. A nice start for thai  privale mini estale this property comes with a  large vegetable garden, numerous fruits trees,  outbuilding lor live slock and a buck barbecue.  Home is complemented with sliding doors on to a  full length deck and inside, an acorn fireplace to  warm winter nights. Don'l miss this one $65,700.  FAWN RD. - WELCOME WOODS:'. acre in  Sunny Welcome Woods. Easily built on and still  big enough for guaranteed privacy. $10,900.  FAWN RD. & SOUTHWOOD: Beautiful  corner lot approx. 100 x 110. $10,500.  MASKELL & MILLINER RD: Roberts Creek.  Lol approximately 80 x 100. Close to beach  access $17,900.  DERBY RD: Easily built -on view lot measuring  86' x 110' in ever popular West Sechelt. Beach  access just a few minutes walk. $19,500.  SCHOOL ROAD & SOUTH FLETCHER:  Spectacular view corner property 40 x 150 in ihe  heart of Gibsons. Small cabin on lane access. May  be purchased with adjoining lot. $19,200.  LOWER RD & MASKELL RD: Roberts Creek.  Approximately 80 feet on Maskell and 100 leel on  Lower Road. Beach access from Maskell Road.  $16,500.  LOTS  CARLSON PT: ' _ acre W/F ��� 112' of low bank  crown lease Walerfront. Safe moorage, water  available. Try to find any water lots near this  price. $12,900.  PRATT & GRANDVIEW: Large corner lot in  amongst executive homes. $14,900.  GRANDVIEW ROAD: Large lot measures 81 x  141 with partial view. Lot has been parked-out  wilh driveway in and ready (or your home. Area of  top quality homes. $17,900.  HILLCREST RD: Large view lot on quiet cul-de-  sac in Village. Paved road with all services  underground. Water, sewer, lelephoiie, hydro  and cable. Beautiful view of Keats Island and  Georgia Strait. $21,900.  CREEKSIDE PARK: Large lol close to all  amenities. Cleared level and ready to build on. All  services available, $18,900.  SEAVIEW RD: Sandy Hook. Beautiful large 75 x  125 lols with unbelievable view. Regional water,  hydro, easy to build on. Vendor may carry at 10%  down, 13.5% interest. Try your offers. $12,900  each.  HILLCREST RD: Beautiful large view lot in  prestige area of Village. Paved no through road.  All services underground. Hydro, water,  telephone and cablevision. View of Keats & Gap.  Creek al back. $23,900.  POPLAR LANE: 70 x 130 panhandle lot on  sewer. Excellent neighbourhood only one block  to schools and shopping. Flal easy to build on lot  with private driveway. $15,900.  YMCA RD: Large lot in area of nice homes.  Some view of mountains. Good area for children.  $12,000  ALDERSPRINGS ROAD: Beautiful view lot in  the heart of the Gibsons Harbour area, '.block to  Dougal Park, 1 block to shopping. Sewer, water  and hydro to lot line. $16,900.  CREEKSIDE PARK: Beautiful building view lot  bordering creek in area of brand new prestige  homes, Water, cable, hydro, sewer, paved streets  and view. Vendor will consider low down  payment and 10% interest for 3 year term. Owner  must sell. Make an offer. $18,900.  HILLCREST ROAD: Beautiful large view lot in  prestige area of Village. Paved no through road.  All services underground. Hydro, water,  telephone, cablevision. View of Keats & the Gap.  $19,900.  SCHOOL ROAD & SOUTH FLETCHER:  Marvelous view lot on corner 40 x 150 only one  block to shops, wharf elc. Lane access at back of  lot. May be purchased with adjoining lot and  cabin. $17,500.  ACREAGE  BOYLE RD: 4.6 acres at ihe end of Boyle Road.  Regional waler now lo area. Ideal secluded  building site or hold as investment, $35,000.  LYNWOOD RD: Just off Hanbury Road, 5  acres. Land has been l< igged off years ago and the  present trees are tall and very nicely shaped.  Road down side and across back. A rare piece  these days. $47,500.  RUBY LAKE: PRICED RIGHT. 6.5 acres with  Ruby Creek, a spawning creek running length of  property. Water lights on creek. Paved road and  power to properly. End of Halliwell Road near  Ruby Lake $37,000.  SAKINAW LAKE: Here is 35 acres with 800 feel  on the lakefront, accessible from Garden Bay  Road or by water. Timber on, good moorage and  adjacent lols have cabins on. South-west  exposure. $125,000.  MEMBER SUNSHINE COAST  STEVE  SAWYER  886-7678  DAVE  ROBERTS  886-8040  JON  MCRAE  885-3670  LORRIE  GIRARD  886-7760  ARNE  PETTERSEN  886-9793 Sunshine Coast Realtor, August 22, 1980  SUNNYCREST  SHOPPING  CENTRE  886-2277       ilPvvNv   I  \ hflfa I   I  VAND LAND DEVELOPMENT LTD.  R.R. #2, Gibsons, B.C. VON 1V0  VANCOUVER  TOLL FREE  682-1513  CREEKSIDE: Tk^iLpUflG-.' home of 1375  square feet featMes SnWungs as sunken living  room, iv.i^Al/, spacious kitchen with  breakfast nffikj family room of| kitchen, walkthrough closetin master bedroom and ensuite.  For further details contact us now. $59,500.  M  CHADWICIoJDM^S3p|!rWatdMhe  boats at work an^5���%ojrf spacious sundeck  with sui'ny aKPolu^Jtear new three bedroom  home with IsJWroady for your gardening and  landscape t��<iA. Fireplace, oak cabinets,  upgraded floor .overing. $72,500.  BONNIEBROOK �� Lt  family hom<  accommodai'  ensuite. SMSl  InsulationlM  with beach"  $75,000.  iree bedroom  Tit  designed  to  la^A^TMaster bedroom with  ind wrap-around sundeck.  fs"R20 and ceiling R28. Quiet area  ccess and spectacular view,  CHAMBERLIN & BRIDGEMAN: Charming  little farm house on large 6/lQttaBfan acre in quiet  wooded area. Large bree^bn^nced lot with  excellent landscaoj^fctent^^fouse has been  completely rerudeKwwnstalrs with new  kitchen an^mmtoph. Two car garage, laundry  room and n^Srasier bedroom upstairs. Ideal  starter homWSr investment. Phone for appointment anytime. $44,900.  1278 HEADLANDS: Tl^^droom home  with huge living room Siluamj amhe base of the  bluff within walkinajteMaceoPteboat launching  ramp and threiMhoo&eJpdway (rom a beach.  School bus/flSllJ^i^jriildren across the street.  Quiel area.  VMCA RD: Langdale. Family home surrounded  with beautifully terraced ]��!% This Ihree  bedroom home is silu^ed owafl'ge lot with a  very private settingJ4i^t bedroom has ensuite  plumbing. Lame KJngyWTwith antique brick  'ireplace, Kit^J^JlJj/eaiing area, plus utility  room Ljving^roj and dining room have cedar  featur   walls. Ms\ be seen. $62,900.  GRANTHAMS   L^NDING:,  300 square feet fully self-c  beautiful view lot. 100 -1  heat,   regional  Partially lanusy  a startci hor  store. $29,900  Q  WWMO DEVELOPMENT LTD  SUNNYCREST SHOPPING CENTRE  GIBSONS. BC    VON !V0  OFFICE. M6-2OT  VAN-LINE' 682-1513  DO YOU HAVE  PROPERTY'  THAT NEEDS  A  'SOLD  SIGN'  Contact  One  of the Gibsons  Realty Team  THE SOLD  SPECIALISTS  SARGEANT R|  quiet   no  t.  Gibsons  retirement U<  3ruom older home on  Panoramic view of  area.   Ideal  revenue or  2,900.   GRANTHAMS LANDING: Waterfront. Enjoy  the spectacular mountain andj^fean view from  this older type two bedrodt hAe which also  features self-containedAlaw^c#nmodation on  the ground level. S^ffwwgiAtion work needed.  A trail takts j^ufcowwtothe waterfront which  has been irr^^OTmh a concrete breakwater,  creating a leygj/area for boat storage, play,  barbecuing, sunbathing, etc. Excellent beach.  $77,000.  Tuclion. Large  lace in living room.  $59,900.  MOUNTAIN VIEW: CnAsidlPark  1375 square hot horizon 8^)^20 corner lot  Sunken Hvingi n)rffll^b^ujKa ceiling and brick  (ireplace v -dritclulaiw. rarge spacious kitchen  with breakfc^^OTlfT Central family room off  kitchen. Muckirom off carport entrance. Three  bedrooms, master with ensuite and walk-in  closet. Carport and covered entrance way.  Sunny south-west exposure. $61,900.  LOWER ROBERTS CREEKRD: Over V?acre  panhandle lot in Roberts G^ef^Only 2 miles  from Gibsons. Gently dbpetmnynicfely treed.  Excluding the patjjflWCTh^pnrieasures 125 x  168 and ;s oal^Abk*Worn the beach. Some  view dowr. oMWOTWrioned for 2 dwellings or  duplex. $19,9t��/  HWY 101: Langdale Absd*^ gorgeous %  acre view lot measure^l70�� 12B This lot has  , large trees lor land^w^k, sitspMongother large  parcels, of l^j |r p��/^_��rhas view of Keats  Island arcll^^J^yj#ai id is in area of executive  prestige h'"iififrJWect investment. $22,900.  DAVIDSON RD: LangdaleJ*fcc Excellent  family home on quiel park likwmw' road. This  nicely landscape H four ba^rpmiMpffie has double  Windows, firep'et e^fc^kpm stove down,  separale d.��./'!c^giifcri^(miany extra features.  This two ^v.yA/basement home with  approximately 2^^*|uare feel overall has large  finished rec room and 2 full bathrooms. All this  and z.:. excellent view. $76,300.   CHEKWELP RESERVEr^^ay money for  land when you caiujAhasiilKis two bedroom  788 square feet jnu��a^ra 20 year lease for  $27,500. LotJrte^wJerfronl with easy walking  distance tt fttfra^hopping. Ideal for retiring  start**' horn- *wffivestment. $27,500.   TRlCKLEBROOUWfcl/^ In Creekside  Park Estates-J^v^torm; W?Tee bedroom family  home in ihi^yn/n\i Fireplace in living  room. Excell. -r^Jistruction with Dutch hip roof  and hidden gui'ers. $59,900.   ��  LANGDALE RIDGE*Be.i  full basemenl  home with  wood and brick extent]  situated on a 95'  in the area.  living room  w 3 bedroom  ect blend of  q. It. home is  ilh all new homes  aTures dining room and  place, 2 lull bathrooms  with walk-in durft off ihe masler bedroom, twin  seal   windows,   shake   roof,   separate   double  carport  plus large sundeck. The lisl goe  come and see for yourself. $89,500.  REAL ESTATE ASSOCIATION-  ANNE  GURNEY  886-2164  JOHN  HANSON  886-8295  TERRI  HANSON  886-8295  GARY  PUCKETT  886-9508  GREG  GRANT  886-7204 Sunshine Coast Realtor, August 22, 1980  HENRY  HALL  SUNSET HEIGHTS (phase id  17 RESIDENTIAL BEAUTIES  REALTY INC.  Wharf Rd.  Porpoise Bay  Sechelt, B.C.  885-5161  \  \  \  PROPOSED \  MARINA        /  FIELD ROAD  / Adjacent to Chapman Creek Recreation  Reserve & close to the proposed Wilson Creek  Marina.  $2,000 DOWN PAYMENT  BALANCE at $143.31 - $191.44 per month  including 12% interest  Full price of only $12,100 to $15,500  COMMERCIAL  PUB OR MOTEL SITE  Ideal location across from the proposed  Wilson Creek Marina. High building site  with view of White Isles. Two homes  provide revenue while development is  planned. Priced to sell at only $249,000. or  close offer.  RESIDENTIAL  SUNSET HEIGHTS (Phase 1)  WILSON RD. (Lot 4)  Fantastic value dfiYhis fully  serviced lot - DflAj^ew. must be  sold at onl��na?500 with $2,000  down and tJalance at $149. per  month - 12% INTEREST.  MARBLE ROAD (LOT 28)  View lot ready to build on bright  sunny southern exposure.  $13,500. $2,000 down, $163.08  per month 12% INTEREST.  INDUSTRIAL  FIILO   ��0��0     TO SICHIIT    HUMS MIP0II  Sunrise Ridge Industrial Park  Eleven lots varying from 1/2 acre to 3.8 acres with prices  starting at only $20,000. The geographic location of these  lots qualifies for a government manufacturing and  processing grant. Close to airport on Field Road.  WILL BUILD TO SUIT  MIKE BALDIGARA  Res. 885-5645  Vancouver  (Toll Free)  685-9828  HENRY HALL  Res. 885-2520 Sunshine Coast Realtor, August 22,1980  tra BLOCK  U BROS.  203 - 14th Street,  West Vancouver, B.C.V7T2P9  SECRET COVE  SUBDIVISION POTENTIAL  Are you aware of the development taking place  in beautiful Secret Cove? Two condominium  projects are already under way ��� one  completed & the other w��;v*>n stream.  Amenities include ultra dd^iewning & lounge  facilities, living accoinnraarions & moorage.  We have availablcijr p^hase, adjacent to this  development jttfffljres of gradual south sloping  view prop^jQwuch is subdividable into 1/4  acre IttfSWpossibly cluster housing on Strata  Unit Entitlement. The availability of regional  water is anticipated in ihe fall and sewage  disposal can be arranged. The property is  reached by paved road. Vendor (adjoining  marina operator) will provide some amenities to  the developer. Price at $145,000 Call for more  details and arrangements to view.  INVESTMENT  Would you like a yield in excess of 30% on your  investment? This business (a coin laundry)  showed a yield of 26% on gross income last year  for present owner after allowance for major  capital replacement expenditures^.^.  The business is located in a syjtfffl^Apandmg  area on the main highwa^tiw me community  business intersectiyrt n*fc well run coin  laundromat is ^jMrnployment opportunity  requiring nimjjr lime and effort to operate.  The equiUgpml is in top condition and paved  parking is available for a minimum of 20  vehicles. Expansion was contemplated by  present owner, and tentative approval has been  given to accommodate this and a long-term  tenant. The vendor (an equipment technician)  will provide regular preventative maintenance  inspection for a minimal retainer, if purchaser so  desires. Financial statements available to bona  fide purchaser. Price $38,000.  LIGHTS OF NANAIMO  This modest, immaculate ocean view home is  located on the West Sechelt Waterfront  overlooking the Trail Islands and Straits of  Georgia. The property is surrounded by  beautiful gardens and terraced landscaping  extending towards the ocean. A gradual  winding path is your access to a level beach.  This rare and hard to find property would make  an ideal retirement or small family home. Priced  at $137,500. Please call for more information  and appointment to view.  INVESTMENT OPPORTUNITY  HALFMOON BAY - GENERAL STORE  AND POST OFFICE  Would you like a yield in excess of 10". on your  investment, which would also provide you with  1st class living accommodation, considerable  fringe benefits, ownership of a valuable property  plus numerous opportunities for expansion.  Present owners netted 30% yield plus on  present Gross income after an 11% allowance  for depreciation. This unique and diversified  business opportunity is well located in the  centre of a popular and well known sports  fishing area. It is the one and only store in an  area that is steadily expanding. The property  also contains large rental or storage facilities.  Owners will carry some financing with  satisfactory covenant. Priced at $160,000.  INVESTMENT HOLDING  OPPORTUNITY  4 contlngUQUS building lots, 3 with potential  view. They are across the road from and  overlooking the pres.igious new Gibsons future  Manna complex. You can purchase these lots  individually or as a whole. Priced (rom $22,500  to $32,000. Call for more details and  opportunity to view.  ISLAND IN THE SUN  This beautiful 5 acre island is located on the  Sunshine Coast in the middle of the protected  waters of Pender Harbour. The property is  naturally Ireed with numerous trails in a parklike setting, lt has a 1 1/2 storey (1,860 sq. ft.)  renovated log home complete with attractive  furnishings, all appliances, sauna, pool room  and guest cottage - PLUS, PLUS. There is a  large, new deep-water wharf that will accomodate a 50' vessel and two smaller craft.  The island has a steady water supply and is  equipped with hydro and telephone. Priced firm  at $400,000 ___  This well-constructed, partially built home is  located in sundrenched Porpoise Bay with a  potential view of beautiful Sechelt Inlet with  beach access close by. Present owner's plans  have changed and he will not be able to  complete this quality home. With sub-trades  you could complete this house with some of  your own preferences in a relatively short time.  This property is available to you for the owner's  approximate cost of $49,900.  NEW 2 STOREY LOG HOUSE IN A  PARKLIKE SETTING  This rustic home (1800 sq. ft.) is located on a  large corner lot on Redrooffs Road. It also hasa  quaint log guest cottage. Owner is completing  construction and is asking $79,000.  NELSON ISLAND (WATERFRONTAGE)  ESTATE SALE  This .83 acre waterfront gov't lease lot is located  in Telescope Passage. It has a domestic water  lease & is close to wharfage. This property was  assessed at $12,800 for 1979. Sale Price  $12,500. Call me and we will look at this one  together.  FISHERMAN'S SPECIAL  How often when fishing your favourite waters  have you thought, "It certainly would be nice to  have a place here!" Well, the present owners did  just that at Egmont's bountiful fishing grounds.  First, they acquired a government lease on an  immediate waterfront lot, then transported over  by boat the materials to construct this modern  two storey, six room A-frame home with a  majestic view of Egmont and Jervis Inlet. There  is also a new private wharf with metal walkway  and deep water moorage. Price $65,000.  .Harold Jacques Res.885-902<  $0? Mitten  ^Realty Ltd.  Trail Bay Shopping Centre  HOMES  SELMA PARK $69,500  Cozy two bedroom home sj||^cd on a very  private large lot. Well planiitfo_�� design. Two  large bedrooms. UtilityfoomK^Ssive fireplace  dividing living anJ^!m%uj<h. Also large palio  at the rear ^4ulod *Jwith a good supply of  wood. Frid^0fera*4rov- also included. Call  Terry Brack^ro view this fine home at 885-  9865. **416  SELMA PARK $16,900  Compact one bedroom on lease land in Selma  Park. Short walk to village. Owner will consider  terms of $5,000 down with a minimum monthly  payment of $300 per month at 10% rate of  interest. One year term. Call Terry Bracketi for  more information 885-9865. 8354  COMMERCIAL IN DAVIS BAY $100,000  This partly built house on 60' x 157' lol on  Beautiful Davis Bay. Jusi across the road from  the ocean frontage. Zoned C2. Ideal for your  development as a commercial outlet with living  quarters. Call Don Lock 885-3730 or Corry  Ross 886-9250 lor all details. #396  A BEAUTIFUL HOME WITH  A BEAUTIFUL VIEW! $74,900  ��� UPSTAIRS - 2 good sized bedrooms;  combination living/dining room; laundry room  off spacious, sunny kitchen.  ��� DOWNSTAIRS - workshop; recreation  room; 2 guest bedrooms.  ��� low maintenance garden with fruit trees on  extra large fenced in lot.  ��� plus view second to none.  To view this Davis Bay Home call Bronia at 885-  9033. 8364  FRANKLIN ROAD  GIBSONS $47,500  A dandy one bedroom cottage on a dandy well-  landscaped lot. Across from good swimming  beach. Near stores, churches, tennis courts,  etc. This one will not last, so to view, call  Frances or Syd Heal at 886-7875. 8421  DAVIS BAY $69,000  This well built home has large combined  living/dining rooms. Kitchen has large eating  area, pantry. (Built-in stove, oven and  dishwasher stay). Three bedrooms, V/2  bathrooms, larger rec/games room has second  fireplace. Separate laundry room and California  garage. Add to the above easy care aluminum  siding and the location is close toeverything. To  view please call Syd or Frances Heal at 886-  7875. 8348  WEST SECHELT $86,500  Talk about a family home! This home has  everything! Three bright bedrooms, sunken  living room, formal dining area, rec. room,  games room, two fireplaces plus large sunroom.  Outside you find a sundeck, greenhouse,  brickfacing and large workshop and storage  area. The yard has been immaculately  landscaped. Small retaining walls with flowers  and decorative bushes everywhere. There is  also a small creek at the back of the property.  Don't miss your chance to view this show piece!  Call Terry Brackett today!! 8392  DAVIS BAY BEAUTY $98,500  This newly built home will be finished to  purchasers specifications beautifully located on  Laurell Road with excellent view of Gulf and  Islands. Hot water heal that is fired by oil, work  or electricity. A prestige home for the  discriminating family. Call Don Lock at 885-  3730 for details. 8402  POPLAR LANE $56,000  Well built 1144 sq. ft. family home located in the  heart of Gibsons at the end of a cul-de-sac.  Spacious, bright kitchen with lots of storage  space. An extra room for a den or a fourth  bedroom. Utility area and a cozy living room.  Large lot waiting for your landscaping plans.  Financing attraction: Assumable mortgage of  $35,500 at 11J4%, 4 years left $365 monthly  payment. Call Suzanne Dunkerton for details at  885-3971. 8395  GIBSONS $59,500  Immaculate three bedroom mobile home on  large level lot. Lot has been beautifully  landscaped with lots of flowers and a large  vegetable garden. Also outside storage sheds as  well as a patio and double carport. Inside you'll  find a formal dining area ensuite plumbing plus  three large bedrooms. Make an appointment  with Terry Brackelt al 885-9865 to view.  8385  WILSON CREEK $33,000  Semiwaterfront -A well maintained 5 year old  bedroom house with an extra large living ant  dining room combination. The fridge, stove anc  washer are included. Carport and storage shec  and a lovely landscaped lot. This is a prepak  lease with 15 years left. Suzanne Dunkerton wil  give you more information at 885-3971.   8288  MEMBER SUNSHINE COAST  REAL ESTATE ASSOCIATON  885-3295  Vancouver Toll Free  681-7931 12.  Sunshine Coast Realtor, August 22, 1980  *?<%��-  Mitten Realty Ltd  Vancouver Toll Free  681-7931  Trail Bay Mall  Box 979  Sechelt, B.C.  VON 3A0  885-3295  Conveniently located in Sechelt's Trail Bay Shopping Centre  WATERFRONT  SF f LUDED ACREAGE $285,000  Phis superh subdividable waterfront (170 ft.)  property with 2800 sq. ft. architect designed  home and guest rotlageisfasl becoming the last  o ts kind featunng 3 bedrooms master with  ensuite and fireplace, living room wilh vaulted  i cling and skylight. Jennaire kitchen and huge  sundeck with southern exposure Altogether a  unique opportunity for ihe knowledgeable  purchaser. Bv appointment only ��� Com Ross at  885 9250. 8321  TRAIL ISLAND $16,900  Listed MLS Over one and a half acres ol nice  waterfront with lots of trees and privacy. In the  lee of the island looking back to Sechell. Great  Hideaway. Cal! Terry Bracket! for all details at  885-9865 3330  NARROWS INLET $37,500  Gel your friends together and invest now in  Seven acres of remote waterfronl Whal a  hideaway! This heavily Ireed property has a  year round stream to harness for your power  supply. Plus over seven hundred feet on the  shoreline with easy access. Use an alaskan  sawmill to cut all your lumber for your dream  home from the heavy stand of timber. Don't  wait! Call Terry Brackett for all details at 885-  9865. 8332  COMMERCIAL  PROPERTY  COMMERCIAL LOT  CI lot in Village of Seihell Fully serviced and  ready lo build on 50 x 176 $49,900 C.iil Emiiic  Henderson 885 5225. -"107  ACREAGE  ACREAGE WITH  WITH MODERN HOME $95,500  17.5 acres with local access in livings Landing  must be sold. Land wants some attention and  draining but is ideally suited to secluded country  living. For all details on this desirable acreage  call Don Lock at 885-3730. =302  COMMERCIAL WATERFRONT $150,000  100 feet of prime waterfront in downtown  Gibsons. Zoning is C4 and there is an income  producing building on the property. With  Gibsons growing as it is and a new Marina  proposed this piece has greal potential. Phone  Suzanne Dunkerton at 885-3971 for more  information. 8400  Price reduced to $63,500  Want a summer home on tidal waterfront in  Beautiful Pender Harbour then call Don Lock  for all details on this 3 bedroom 65 x 12 mobile  on concrete pad. A large lot with concrete patio  & covered sundeck are yours for just $20,000  down and owner will carry on acceptable credit.  Call Don Lock at 885-3730 for details.     *408  OPPORTUNITIES  Licenced restaurant, garage, 3 rental units,  zoned C2 on 1.5 acres. Adjoining residential]  property on 2.9 acres with large house,  swimming pool and barn also available.!  Provisions for good-sized apartment above  garage. Let your rentals carry the mortgage. Dal  Grauer, 885-3808.  #342|  ROBERTS CREEK  HOBBY FARM $150,000  Spacious 3 bedroom 1,800 sq. ft. family home.  Large living room with a stone fireplace, billiard  room or family room. Well planned kitchen with  built-in dishwasher. Master bedroom has a  dressing room and ensuite plus 10 acres  partially cleared wilh a corral and a vegetable  garden already in. Charming 3 stall Dutch style  barn, several outbuildings including a newly  finished chicken coop just waiting for some  pullets! A 4,400 sq. ft. building whose uses are  multiple ��� raise chickens on a commercial basis!  Warehouse or mini storage rental? Production  line type business! Phone Suzanne 885-3971 to  view. ��362  THOREAU $77,600  himself would be jealous if you had a home in  this unbeatable pastoral setting. Here is ten  acres to make your mouth water. Small  meadow with orchard and year round creek in  complete privacy. Legal access has yet to be  constructed but all problems in this regard have  been worked out with Highways Dept. and  vendor. Call Dal Grauer to get the details at 885  3808 and give your eyes a treat. ��347  HOMES  VILLAGE BEAUTY $62,900  Located only minutes from schools and  shopping, on a quiet cul-de-sac Superior 1260  sq. ft. floor plan with no hallways. Fireplace,  fenced yard. A comfortable well kept family  home. Call Don or Rene Sutherland af 885  9362. S399  ROBERTS CREEK REVENUE $69,900  Well-maintained up and down duplex on 1.01  acres. 3 bedrooms in each suite, 8 appliances  included. Excellent return, More information  with Emilie Henderson al 885-3295 3346  PENDER HARBOUR  Are you looking for privacy? An unbeatable  view? Quiet surroundings? This fine home  offers all this and more. Look at the features, a  sunken living room, sunken tub, hand painted  murals, vaulted ceilings, ensuite off master  bedroom. Three levels of gracious living plus  large patio atop (or viewing the Harbour, The  ultimate in fine living. Call Terry Brackett for all  deiails on this fine home at 885-9865.      *389  RECREATIONAL  PROPERTY  LIKE TO GO FISHING?  Well, you can walk from ihis Immaculate 2  bedroom home to launch youi boat. Ideal lor  retirement (ot starter), litis modular home has  2 full bathrooms Large combined living &  dining room lamily room and ���' productive  garden. Priced to sell at $53,900 To view call  Syd or Frances Heal at 886 7875 --=367  SECHELT VILLAGE $72,000  Four bedroom home located close to the heart  ol the village. Master bedroom lias a walk-in  closet and full ensuile plumbing. Large dining  room and kilchen. plus .111 unfinished  basement you can finish to vour own tasle. Very  private lot with many trees. Ideal family home.  Contact Terry Bracket 1 for .1 tour today. Phone  8859865 ^397  WEST SECHELT  % ACRE ON CREEK $105,000  Casual elegance is prominent in this 1620sq. ft.  one level home. Fireplaces in both living room  and bedroom. Kitchen designed with chef in  mind. Fish from your sundeck. Private treed  setting. Call Emilie Henderson for more details  at 885-5225. ��394  PRATT ROAD $157,000  4.75 beautiful acres most of which is in pasture  grass. Charming 3 bedroom farm house with a  large living room, Kitchen has been recently  renovated in character of the house. Outbuildings include a barn and loafing shed, 16 fruit  irees and a large vegetable garden. A dream  come true lor a hobby farmer. Call Suzanne for  more information at 885-3971. ��401  SURE YOU CAN  AFFORD WATERFRONT  Two provincial lease lols with cabins only 8  miles Irom Sechell, $368 per year for lease  payments. The cabins are ready to use and only  asking $24,500 and $23,500 for these exciting  properlles located across ihe bay from Tillicum  , Bay Marina. Do yourself a favour - call Rene or  Don Sutherland for details. Divers take nole -  885-9362. ��382  SAKINAW LAKE $124,900  2500' of Lake Froniage, 2 dwellings, 2 floats,  Boat house, Completely sheltered private bay.  15 acres with subdivision possibilities. Southern  exposure & view. Call Emilie Henderson for  details al 885-5225. 0340  TSAWCOME $32,500  This immaculate semi-waterfront home on a  quiet road is ideal for recreation or retirement.  For more details call Don or Rene Sutherland al  885 9362. 3411  WILSON CREEK  Brand new home under construction. Over  1640 sq. ft. with three large bedrooms, utility,  family, and large living room. There is an ensuite  off master bedroom. Fireplace and insert for  fisher stove in central location. Outside there is  a double carporl with overhead doors. Sidewalk  and rear patio, Shake roof and many other fine  leatures. Located on almost one half acre lot.  Call Terry Bracket! to view plans and for all  details. ��412  SECHELT VILLAGE $39,000  Locaied close to boal launch, park, a nice level  walk to stores and posl office, this one bedroom  home is suitable for residence or investment.  For details call Rene or Don Sutherland at 885-  9362. ��300  DAVIS BAY $94,500  Immaculate four bedroom in popular Davis Bay.  Spectacular view. Three bedrooms on main and  one down. Fireplace on main with fisher stove  hooked into heating system in basement. All  windows are thermo pane. Expensive rosewood  cabinets and feature walls in living room. Also  sauna. Close to school and wharf. Contact  Terry Brackett to view this fine home at 885-  9865. #409  MEMBER SUNSHINE COAST REAL ESTATE ASSOCIATION  CM7TOJ  POWELL RIVER  WEST VANCOUVER       BERj{JER  NORTH VANCOUVER sales mgr.  EMILIE  JOHN  BRONIA  DAL  RENE  HENDERSON  BLACK  ROBINS  GRAUER  SUTHERLAND  885-5225  886-7316  885-9033  885-3808  885-9362 Sunshine Coast Realtor, August 22. 1980  Mitten Realty Ltd.  885-3295  MEMBER OF "RELOCATION SERVICES CANADA" REFERRAL SYSTEM.  WE HAVE A TRADE PLAN FOR HOMES, PLEASE CALL FOR DETAILS.  /fe.QbAi  Conveniently located in Sechelt's Trail Bay Shopping Centre  HOMES  LOTS  GOWER POINT RANCHER  PRICE REDUCED NOW $62,900  3 bedroom combined livina dining room, 1'2  bathrooms, sundeck. Close to everything. To  view call Syd or Frances Heal al 886-7875.  #371  VIEW HOMh $99,000  Unique duuble dome in West Sechell. Idea! for  couple or as bachelor pad. Large private lot. To  see this exciting home call Emilie Henderson al  8855225 #368  LOTS  ALDERSPRINGS ROAD $13,500  Located next io park in Lower Gibsons, close lo  beach and shopping. Call Rene Sutherland (or  deiails at 885-9362. =298  GIBSONS LOT $13,500  This nice lot on YMCA road has septic tank and  drain field in-builders terms available with a 50"i��  downpayment. For details call Don & Reneal  8859362. #345  ONE OF THE FEW $16,500  Level lots in Sandy Hook with an unblockable  panoramic view of the Inlet. This one is Big. Call  Dal Grauer for details at 885-3808. #377  WEST PORPOISE BAY $10,900  Here is a nice serviced lot within minutes of the  village. This lot is partially cleared and has level  building site. Terry Brackelt 885-9865.    #287  SIDE BY SIDE  Two good building lots in Welcome Woods,  level and nicely treed. Each one is $14,900 and  100' x 170' MLS. Call Bronia at 885-9033.  #419/20  HOW OFTEN  do you gel a chance to choose your next-door-  neighbour! These side-by-side lots in Sandy  Hook combine view with easy building. Call Dal  Grauer or Bronia Robins for details. $11,000  each. #306  TRAIL ISLAND WATERFRONT  $18,500  Large private lot on Trail Island with view of  Sechelt. Located on the protected side.  Excellent investment. Call Don Sutherland for  details at 886-9362. #417  KEATS ISLAND $8,500  70' x 130' treed corner lot. Close to beach  access and easy to build on! Call Bronia Robins  for more details at 885-9033. #350  THIS ONE IS A BEAUTY!!  1. of an acre in Welcome Woods. Great lot for  building: level, treed, private and excellent  exposure. $18,900. Contact Bronia at 885-  9033. "413  TUWANEK  View bt overlooking Lambs Bay. Close to easy  beach access. Vendor will carry at C.I.R. at  $10,000. Phone Rene (or more information al  885-9362. "334  TUWANEK $10,500  Nicely wooded lot in quiet area. Good view of  Lamb's Bay and area. Water and hydro  available. Owner will consider terms of $2,000  down minimum of $125 per month at 13% 2 year  term. Call Terry Brackett at 885-9865.    #358  PORPOISE DRIVE $12,900  cleared building lot in Sandy Hook with lovely  view of Inlet and mountains. Call Emilie,  Henderson at 885-5225, #410  SECHELT LOTS $15,000  The large fir trees, potential view, sloping  hillside and super size combine to make these  lots a good investment. To view call Rene at  8859362. #367  WILSON CREEK  Where the sun always shines - lovely level lot  with a southern exposure and potential view.  Call Suzanne Dunkerton 885-3971. #414  SECLUDED BUILDING LOTS     $13,900  We have two side-by-side lots all ready for  development. Located on paved road in Pender  Harbour. These view lots are ready for your  offer with servicesat roadside. Call Don Lock at  885-3730 for details. #274/75  TUWANEK $9,500 ��� $10,500  .Two side by side treed lots almost directly  across from beach access in quiet area. Zoning  allows mobile homes. Easy to build on with  private setting. Call Terry Brackett at 885-9865.  #415  SECHELT $16,500  Over one half acre in the village. Building site  has been cleared and driveway is in. Very  private and good possibility of future subdivision. Adjoining lots may also be purchased (also  one-half acre each) totalling over one and half  acres. Don't pass up this opportunity! Try your  offer today! Call Terry Brackett at 835-9865 or  Bronia Robins at 885-9033. #398  ANCHOR ROAD, SECHELT        $15,900  Level lot, close to everything. Area of nice  homes. Cleared and ready for your future  home. For further information call Syd or  Frances Heal at 886-7875. ��339  17'  16  18  ��� 15  m  i?  ���������.���*a w  zo  Bl  : a  io  BLIGH ROAD  HWY 101  SECHELT  WEST SECHELT  One of the finest controlled subdivisions in West Sechelt. 19 lots,  sewer, water, power, blacktop roads. Most lots treed with possible  view. Priced from $14,500 to $16,500. For more information call  Mitten Realty at 885-3295. Situaied 112 miles west of the village of  Sechelt. #269  NOT MUCH $ FOR A LOT $16,500  of treed privacy on very large level site.  Welcome Woods. Contact Bronia al 885-9033  for more information. MLS 8391  VIEW LOT $23,000  100-ft. frontage on Wakefield ��� Road. Level  almost square lot with good ocean view. Will go  quickly so act now. Phone Emilie Henderson at  885-5225. #405/6  WEST SECHELT $13,500  Quarter acre lot in desirable area. Water has  been installed and building site has also been  levelled and cleared. Owner has copy of  approved health permit. Zoning permits  placement of mobile homes on this lot. Great  family neighbourhood and close to school. Call  Terry Brackelt for all the details at 885-9865.  #277  BEAUTIFUL $35,000  one-acre piece off Roberts Creek Rd. This one  is cleared, level, has an ocean view, and affords  complete privacy. It won't last long, so call Dal  Grauer at 885-3808 before it's too late.   #393  LEVEL LOT $14,900  Good building lot with 52' frontage on Cochrane  Road, Francis Peninsula. Please call Emilie  Henderson at 885-5225 or Don Lock at 885-3730  for more details. #291  SANDY HOOK $11,000  Good building site, great view. A level area and a  slope should result in some interesting  architecture. Please call Syd or Frances Heal.  #316  PRICE REDUCED  on this very large treed lot in Madeira Park.  Excellent value at $11,000! Vendor will carry  75", of financing al 11%. Property has view and  is within walking distance to stores and  government wharf. Call Bronia at 885-9OTJ-  ���335  BUILDING LOT $9,000  Good view building lot on Sandy Hook Road -  zoned for mobile homes. Services at roadside.  This lot (60 ft. frontage) is priced to sell below  government valuation. Your offer and terms will  be considered by owner. Call Don Lock at 885-  3730 for all details. #386  NO PROBLEM  is what you'll have when you come to build on 1  this great view lot in Sandy Hook. Have a look j  with Dal Grauer 885-3808 or Bronia Robins 885-  9033. #306B  WEST SECHELT $23,500 |  Cleared level view lot in area of new homes.  View overlooks Trails Islands. Easy to build on.  Owner has copy of approved health permit.  Southerly exposure. Call Terry Brackett lo  view this hard to find commodity at 885-9865.  #418 |  WATERFRONT VIEW  This scarce waterfront lot has. an incredible I  view. With the Howe Sound as your front yard  and the snowcapped North Shore Mountains as  a back drop. For full details. Call Frances or Syd  Heal 886-7875. #383  DAVIS BAY $25,000 I  Almost one half acre in this prime location. [  Fantastic view overlooking Davis Bay. About  two blocks to store and wharf. Property also has I  access  road at  the rear and many large  evergreens. Won't last! Call Terry Brackett for  more details at 885-9865. #379 I  WAKEFIELD ROAD $18,000  Bordered by ravine and creek on two sides, this [  large lot of over one acre has a sunny exposure,  good building sites and privacy close to the  village. For information call Rene Sutherland at  8859362.  ��297B  MEMBER SUNSHINE COAST REAL ESTATE ASSOCIATION  SUZANNE  TERRY  DONALD  CORRY  DON  DUNKERTON  BRACKETT  SUTHERLAND  ROSS  LOCK  885-3971  885-9865  885-9362  885-9250  885-3730  SYD AND FRANCES  HEAL  886-7875  �����������������  KINGSWAY  SURREY  LANGLEY 14.  Sunshine Coast Realtor, August 22, 1980  W -Waterfront  H -Homes  A - Acreage  R - Recreational  F - Farms  HOMES  Bus. 885-5171  Box 1188, Sechelt,  B.C VON 3A0  "Vour Real Estate Hosts  on the Sunshine Coast"  LOTS  EVERYTHING'S GOING  YOUR WAY L2I4  Especially with this'. acre lot. The road has been  put in to the back of the property. This terraced  lot has a view up the inlet that could take your  breath away. Come and build your future home  on this choice property. F.P. $12,000.  VIEW LOT L-214  Here is a lot that speaks to you with its view.'_  acre terraced lot with a road in to back of lot. F.P.  $12,000.  THIS LOT IS READY... L 212  It has a head start with the septic field and  concrete tank already installed. Lot size 117.70 x  64.82. F.P. $13,500.  VIEW LOT L 226  Close to ferry. Lot size 50 x 141. Great view.  Make it yours at $16.900.  TUWANEK VIEW LOT L 2231  This ' _ acre lot would make a nice retreat. F.P, |  $12,000.  MARINE WAY  60 x 180 lots $11,000. Call 885 5171.  VIEW LOT L 2261  Save yourself the hassle and time. This 50' x 14lT  lot is close to the ferry terminal and has a view of I  the ocean. You can work in the city and still enjoy I  the country living. Don't pass this up. F.PT  $16,900.  SO YOU WANT A VIEW?  This 100 x 120 view lot is ready for building withl  access road to building site already in. Call 885-1  5171. F.P. $16,000.  PEBBLE CRESCENT L 183|  Good Buy! Here is a good building lot situated in I  the Pebble Crescent cul-de-sac. Close to the|  schools, and beaches. F.P. $14,500  SECHELT VILLAGE: Industrial zoned - 193' x |  98' level lot on Wharf Road. 1728 sq. ft. building -  plus older two bedroom house 944 sq. ft. and I  extras.  Excellent hard to find location. F.P."  $165,000. Call 885-5171.  ITS ALL UP TO YOU L 2271  whether you take this opportunity to buy or not.  Just because it has a great view shouldn't bother I  you. plus the access road that leads to the I  building site means one less obstacle. Oh.1, one I  more thingthe building site is already cleared and I  waiting for you to build. Now what are you waiting |  for. Call 885-5171. F.P. $16,000.  GARDENERS ��� HEAVEN L 213  1.5 acres on Redrooffs Rd. Pleasant gardens  landscape this acreage. Pebble & concrete paths  weave their way through this woodland setting.  Well and regional water installed, cable available.  Cottage also on property with ocean view. Price  high sixties. Call 885-5171.  SECHELT ^^ L222  Well built home, on 64jxl2Ka|��rox. corner lot.  Two bedrooms uortkMlov^rlose to schools,  stores ana t^SAfflcTWl Park across street  make it your^feroCnd. F.P. $51,000. Call 885-  5171.  SECHELT VILLAGE L 205  Two bedroom plus den - 1056 sq. ft. with  minimum maintenance located on Spindrift cul-  de-sac. It also has a mountain view. Close to  shops, schools, park and beach. F.P. $45,000.  Call for an appointment to view.  HOPKINS LANDING L 94  Commutor special, this lot is 1/2 a mile from the  Langdaie terminal. It has a viewof Gambier Island  and surrounding areas. It is a good building site  with the lot dimensions of 50 x 140. Take a look at  this opportunity and don't let it pass you by. Call  885-5171. F.P. $16,900.  A BEAUTIFUL PANORAMIC VIEW  of Georgia Strait and Vancouver Island goes with  these 4 - 2 bedroom stes, each approx. 900sq. ft.,  located in West Sechelt. All with view. Bus  owner's 1300 sq. ft. "A" Frame home with 1 1/2  baths - lovely cedar finish inside. Large living  room, Single car enclosed garage - all this on  approx. 1 acre of land. Gentle slope, southern  exposure. Great potential. Call Pat Murphy to  arrange appointment to view and for more details.  $210,000. Make an offer  AJPVf'  MEMBER SUNSHINE COAST REAL ESTATE ASSOCIATION  "P.T." Dahle 883-9285 Deirdre 885-9487 Pat 885-5171  REAL  ESTATE  h.b GORDON AGENCIES ltd.  31 Years At Cowrie St., Sechelt  PHONE  885-2013  Box 123, Sechelt, B.C.  SECHELT - SECLUDED  WATERFRONT ETYtE  West Coast^LitaMporary design.  Cedar exterjb^Mi skylights. Four  bedroomdQytree fireplaces. Under  constructioTtTPrice $170,000.  OWN YOUR OWN ENTIRE  DISTRICT LOT  No. 4282. Approximately 1400 fl. on Mixal Lake.  Small creek. Irvines Landing Road runs from the  northeast corner at the lake to the southwest corner,  close to Lees Bay, THE salmon fishing spot. Signs on  both ends of road. Excellent group'venture. F.P.  $180,000.  RUBY LAKE: Urge corner lot. $9,900.  UPLAND RD. TUWANEK: Small creek on this  interesting lot. Only $7,500. Offers please.  McCULLOUG ,o*D. WILSON CREEK: Approx.  ', acre. View building site. $21,000.  WESCAN   ROAD:  Treed  lot bordering on  Smugglers Cove, Marine Park. $10,700. Phone Jack  Noble, 883-2701.  SAMRON RD., WEST SECHELT  View lot just oil Mason Rd. 90 x 140. Treed.  Offered at $26,900.  SKANA DRIVE, SANDY HOOK: Interesting  deep lot with ravine at back. F.P. $14,900. Trade  equity for Greater Vancouver property?  MEMBER SUNSHINE COAST REAL ESTATE ASSOCIATION  SAKINAW LAKE -  RUGGLES BAY  2 Spacious Holiday homes. Beamed  cedar interiors. Sundeck facing west.  7 acres lease land. $65,000.  SAKINAW LAKE  PRIVATE RUSTIC RETREAT  RIGHT AT THE WATER EDGE!  Wonderful warm swimming, fishing.  Sleeps 2 or 8. 150' waterfront, with  docks. 1.7 acres of Govt. Lease Land,  water access only. Offered at $26,500. ���  GIBSONS - GOWER PT. ROAD (West of  Pratt Rd.) New, Hot Tub, Skylights, Cedar,  Southwest superb view. Three bedrooms, two  fireplaces, three baths. S/C ground level suite. Details  from John Wilson.  WHITAKER RD. - DAVIS DAY  Twit bedroom basement home '., block to beach and  store. Sunny exposure. $48,500.  JACK NOBLE 883-2701  H.B. GORDON  JOHN WILSON 885-9365 [exander Realty Ltd.  CHOICE 1 ACRE VIEW LOT: Located at  Sinclair Bay Rd. overlooking harbour at a  reasonable price of $18,000.  CENTRE HARDWARE IN MADEIRA  PARK: This modern store in fast growing  community located in main shopping centre  with I.G.A. and L.C.B. is ideal business for right  person with rural living in mind. This business  has unlimited potential.  5.51 ACRES WITH APPROX. 1000' WATERFRONTAGE  IN  BLIND BAY:  and  known as all of District Lot 6212, this is a  beautiful property, low bank and well protected  with two small Islands in front, very close to  Ballet Bay, full price is $70,000.  EGMONT: This rare 32 acres has 23 acres of  lovely land and a 9.5 foreshore lease. Stream  runs through property from North Lake, has  two lovely homes and a trailer with other  buildings on property which was formerly a  salmon farm. Over 1000 ft. of choice level  waterfrontage with dock, ideal for protected  boat and aircraft moorage. Spectacular view,  asking $370,000.  DISTRICT LOT 6280 IS APPROX. 20  ACRES LOCATED IN MIDDLEPOINT:  area on the upper side of Hwy 101 with good  view & direct access from Hwy 101, reasonably  priced at $100,000.  TAYLORS GARDEN BAY STORE AND  MARINA: This renowned, strategically located  business has excellent moorage, gas pumps,  post-office and a thriving grocery and general  store.  EGMONT: Over 10 acres of choice property  adjoining Skookumchuk trail just seconds  away from Gov't, dock and other services.  Asking $56,000 with access from Egmont  Road.  REDROOFS ROAD: An attractive % acre lot  know as lot 10 D.L. 1324 plan 12224 for  $15,000.  AGAMEMNON CHANNEL: A spectacular 5  acres Island just a few short minutes away from  Pender Harbour, perfect moorage at rear of  Island with new dock, excellent generating  plant, water and other amenities. Two lovely  houses, excellent fishing and diving grounds, a  private retreat at its best. Asking $300,000.  GARDEN BAY WATERFRONTAGE: This  spectacular setting with a magnificent view of  the entire harbour and entrance has an  attractive 4 bdrm home on 1.3 acres with gently  sloped lawn to waterfrontage with excellent  moorage, large protected dock with pilings.  Access from blacktopped road, carport, small  guest cottage, lots of property for additional  home which would overlook existing home., all  for $200,000.  $83-2491-  P.O. Box 10, Madeira Park, B.C. VON 2H0   Sunshine Coast Realtor, August 22, 1980  PENDERHARBOUR  REALTY LTD.  Highway 101 at Francis Peninsula Rd.  883-2794  New Low Rates on House Insurance  MADEIRA PARK: Here's a good buy... Large lot within  easy walk to stores and Government dock. It has water  connected and power pole. Price is just $10,500.  MADEIRA PARK: You can st^d in this lot and heave a  brick to the shopping fflifn^JJuJly half acre with power  and water on for $16,SWr  WATERFRONT: 2 adjacent 4 acre parcels with deep  water and quiet moorage. Buy both for $115,000...  Separately $60,000. each.  WATERFRONT: Approximately 4 acres with  protected, deep moorage and 850 sq. ft. house. Some  outbuildings. F.P. $92,000. (Can be bought with two  adjacent waterfront parcels giving 12 acres in all.  Excellent investment.)  LOT - Level cleared and ready to build on. Water and  power - paved road - pleasant location - just $15,000  F.P.  HIGHWAY ACREAGE: Here's a good investment  property - 6.7 acres on Highway 101 close to Madeira Park.  $35,000 (try offers).  VIEW ACREAGES: Several excellent parcels with good  soil and privacy. Priced from $19,000. to $27,000, with  good terms.  John Breen  883-9978  Jock Hermon  883-2745  Box 566  Gibsons, B.C.  VON 1V0  HOMES  ^2^   1.8 ACRES GIBSONS ��� REID ROAD: New 1280 sq. fl.  home. Has covered 22 x 24 garage. Wood burning slow in  living room Properly has polenlial (or subdividing or?? Must  be seen lo be appreciated, $93,500.  VELVET ROAD ��� GIBSONS  Looking for a custom home on a 90 x 180 lol with a view?  Tills home has 1*180 sq. ft. on the main floor wilh a legal two  bdrm suite in Ihe basement. Home is six years old Just listed  for $109,000  GIBSONS ��� BRAND NEW: Immediate occupancy. Over  1400 sq. ft. of comfort. Rec room is 16 x 26 or could be large  masler bedroom. Fireplace and large living room. Lot size is  90 x 112. Enjoy the sun from the sundeck and view ihe bay  a. $71,900  NORM PETERSON 886-2607  Serving the Lower Sunshine Coast  Phone 886-2000 or 886-9121  Located in the Seaside Plaza,  Gower Point Road, Gibsons  ROSAMUND ROAD - GIBSONS: 12 x 68 mobile home  on large lot. Well maintained. Back yard fenced & tree house  for children. Sauna, workshop and vegetable garden in back  yard. Good area for children. $38,500.  GIBSONS ��� FIRCREST ROAD: New 3 bedroom  basement home. Will be finished by October 1980. $65,900.  1270 DOGWOOD ROAD - GIBSONS: sits Ihe home  that has finished basement with wet bar and fireplace for  those cold evenings. Home has 1274 sq. fl. of comfort  upstairs. If you are a person who wants a workshop, this has  a large one in back yard. Landscaped and clean. $77,500.  COMMERCIAL  GIBSONS - INDUSTRIAL PROPERTY - PAYNE  ROAD: Lot size 65 ft. x 160 ft., light industrial zoned. In  regional district for tax purposes. $25,000.  GIBSONS ��� Commercial building in the heart of the Village.  This 14 year old store sits on 4 lots with a total area of 17,886  sq. ft. The building is 1 % stories with 4471 sq. ft. on the main  floor and, 1562 sq. ft. on the upper. The overall condition is  good and the building could be used for a wide variety of  retail outlets. The store fixtures are NOT included in the sale  price of $175,000 BRING ALL OFFERS  THIS STORE MUST BE SOLD  LOTS  KING ROAD, NORTH END  72 x 127 fl. treed building lols on short deadend road. Only  $13,000  MARLENE ROAD ��� ROBERTS CREEK: Choice of Iwo  lots, both irregular in size. Approximately '? acre in size.  $20,000 per lot.  CAMEO ROAD - SECHELT: Good building lul in quiel  area. Only $13,500.  HIGH GULF VIEW - CHASTER & KNIGHT RD: 2  large buildings. Corner lol $24,000. middle lot $23,000.  CHASTER ROAD ��� Bring all offers on 80' level cleared lot,  close lo school. OK for trailers.  COCHRAN ROAD ��� 4 ��� 65' x 125' level lots lo pick from. All  backing on Village park. Priced to sell at $13,500.  REAL ESTATE  GENERAL INSURANCE  AUTOPLAN  1 ACRE - NORTH ROAD ��� GIBSONS  Comfortable two bedroom home - could be made into three  bedrooms. Wood stove to keep heating costs low. 19 x 19  cement patio for summer outings. Very good vegetable  garden. Single car garage with large 24 x 40 workshop.  Asking $79,400.  CAROLE PLACE (OFF VETERANS RD):  New  3  bedroom home on large cul-de-sac lot Part basement. 2 (lu  chimney. Ship lap framed with all 2 x 6ex. walls. R20in walls,  R2B in ceiling, 2 piece ensuite, plus much more. Don't miss  looking at this one. Asking $68,500  MAPLEWOOD LANE - GIBSONS: New 3 bedroom,  1375 sq. ft. home on tifcidi^ailtfeVi Good size level lol.  Many extras "^^Cj^ilmJ^^ii!!.' in large master  bedroom. Lai |e ^y^^i'.iTloni'rete driveway. Tins is one  that should be wen. Asking $63,000.  ACREAGE  AGENTS FOR EVERGREEN PARKLAND  Only 5 large wooded lols in parklike setting, located 1200'  from highway on Veterans Road. Drive in and look around  as these lols are priced to sell from only $11,000.  DENNIS SUVEGES 886-7264 16.  Sunshine Coast Realtor, August 22, 1980  Box 100  Madeira Park,  B.C.  883-2233  | Olli Sladey I  % REALTY   LTD. g  Toll Free From  Vancouver:  689-7623  M*mb*r ol Multiple listing Service  j WATERFRONT LOTS & ACREAGE |  SINCLAIR BAY ROAD - 2 ttdroom home  approx. 572 sq. It. .partial basement. On % acre  ireed view lot. $42,000.  GARDEN BAY ESTATES ��� approx 1,440 sq  It. deluxe modular home. 2 BR, masler BR  ensuite. Fireplace, double windows, 5 appli  ances & dr,ipes. On landscaped & naturally  Ireed lot, close to marinas, stores and post  office. $69,900.  E  MEMIM MOKil  "111  AKLiPACt:  Coast to Coast  Real Estate Service  MADEIRA PARK - 3 BR view home on  Dogwood Drive, built 1972. Master bedroom  ensuite, basement with 4th bedroom. Covered  sundeck, carport. $79,000.  I      L0TS       I  1. MADEIRA PARK      serviced lols. $9,000  lo $22,000  2. FRANCIS PENINSULA (Beaver Island) ���  serviced lols. $9,900 lo $14,900.  3. EARL COVE ��� Several lols lo choose from.  Priced Irom $13,000 lo $21,000.  4. KENT ROAD ��� 1.5 acre Ireed parcel in  Bargain Harbour area. Hydro pole and power  on properly. Existing septic lank and drainfield  could possibly be used. Only 600 It. to public  waierlronl access on Bargain Harbour.  $25,000 ��� open to offers.  5.GARDEN BAY AREA ��� building lots, some  wilh view. $9,000   $29,000.  6. ELLIOT ROAD ��� GARDEN BAY LAKE  ���   Partially  finished  cabin  on  large  semiwaterfront view lot. $20,000.  ACREAGE  1. KLEINDALE, PENDER HARBOUR  approx. 90 acres - proposed subdivision of 14  parcels, averaging 5 acres or more (see  proposed plan at our office). Owner would  consider carrying a large amount by agreement  (or sale. An excellent buy for $160,000 full  price.  2. Near MADEIRA PARK - 15 acres,  approx. 2150 ft. on Hwy. 101. $44,000.  3. KLEINDALE ��� Approx. 5 treed acres on  Highway 101. $21,000.  4. FRANCIS PENINSULA (Beaver Island) -  2 lols of approx. .9 acre each, partially cleared &  driveway in. One lot has septic tank & drainfield  installed. $18,000 & $19,000.  5. HOTEL LAKE - 9.86 treed acres, semiwaterfront, southern exposure, good view. 314  ft. road frontage. $39,500.  6. END OF FRANCIS PENINSULA ROAD  (Beaver Island) ��� approx. 1.5 acres choice  semi waterfront treed view property. Westerly  exposure. $40,000.  7. NEAR RUBY LAKE - approx. 7 acre  parcel on Hwy 101, short walk to lake. Asking  $23,900  8. KLEINDALE - approx. 2.2 acres with  building site cleared, good driveway, septic  permit approved $28,000.  EGMONT ��� 7 acres with 540 ft. low bank  waterfront. Site has been prepared for possible  use as a large WF trailer-camper park and  fishing resort. This is an excellent property  adjoining the Egmont Marina. $180,000  Owner will finance at bank interest rate.  EGMONT-Approx, 3.8acreswithapprox. 550  ft. low bank walerfront. Float, launching ramp  & log dump. Drilled well & pump. Considerable  land development done by owner. $165,000.  MADEIRA PARK 4 BR waterfront home,  large living room with stone fireplace, 2  bathrooms. On approx. 55 ft. beach lol.  Beautiful view down the Harbour. $110,000.  ST.   VINCENT  BAY   -    Approx.   400  ft.  waterfront, 5.97 acres, waler access, $29,500.  HIGGINS ISLAND - Approx. 26 acre treed  island with sheltered moorage. Located in False  Bay, Lasqueti Island. $185,000.  COMMERCIAL PROPERTY  I  GARDEN BAY - 4 BR home, tolal of approx,  1728 sq. ft. on 2 levels. Large sundeck, double  carport and nicely landscaped lot. $67,500.  MADEIRA PARK modern, approx. 960  sq. ft. commercial building with room foi  expansion. Central location. $53,000.  FAMILY FASHIONS - Clothing business,  with good polential, located in the above  building in downtown Madeira Park. $8,000  plus stock.  1 LAKEFRONT f  t PROPERTIES ��  HOTEL LAKE Approx. 2,20011. lakefront ���  87 acres (more or less), merchantable limber.  $292,000.  MIXAL LAKE near Garden Bay approx.  113 acres with 1,200 ft. (more or less) lakelronl  Merchantable timber. $264,000  SAKINAW LAKE ��� 165 acres (more or less),  wilh approx. 4,840 fl choice lakelronl Road  access Irom Garden Bay Road & jeep roads  throughout property. Owners would carry a  large amount by agreement for sale. $305,000.  GARDEN BAY LAKE ��� 46.9 acres wilh  approx. 2,200 ft lakelronl, situaied on Garden  Bay Road and Claydon Road. Merchantable  timber. $285,000.  SAKINAW LAKE approx. 165li, lakefront,  7 acres (more or less), small cabin. $41,000.  MADEIRA PARK: Approximately 2600  sq. It. revenue building containing Posl  'Office, Dept of Fisheries office and one  apartment. $125,000.  CONTRUCTION COMPANY  FOR SALE  in one complete unit  Situated in Pender HaiIniui . Appiox. I6acres  ol hard to find industrial land containing the  following:  One acre leased lo Readi Mix Company,  A Gravel Pil.  32' x 80' metal clad building, divided into 3  units.  Owner's residence ��� 24' x 48' Modulme home,  ensuile.  The  following construction  equipment  is  included in Ihe sale.  1970 Mack dump truck,  1975 Mack dump truck,  1980 45a- John Deere Track Loader.  1979 Case Backhoe wilh 4 in 1 buckel  1961 Champion Grader.  1979 John Deere 544B Win el Loader Welder,  tools, spare parts & slock.  FULL PRICE: $450,000  Qualified purchaser could possibly assume  existing financing.  ttarrt     lakc  PENDER LAKES  PROPERTIES  Choice lots still available in this  desirable location. Most have view  and sunny southerly exposure.  Paved road, water and hydro.  M.L.S. Priced from $11,000 to  $29,700.  pfi liH-iwi-ffirmTztTT^ ^gjrj57f=i rnrnj  wnoff   HAnaoue  DAN WILEY, Res. 883-9149 OLLI or JEAN SLADEY,


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