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Sunshine Coast News May 12, 1981

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 LEGISLATIVE LIBRARY  Parliament Buildings.  VICTORIA. B.C.  V8V1X4  82.1  hine Coa  Sunshine  Published at Gibsons, B.C  25' per copy on news stands  Delivered to every address on the Coast  May 12, 1981  Number 35, Volume 19  Riparian rights still a factor  Optimism questioned on marina  [There seems lo he conflicting views us lo the outcome of a  meeting held in Vancouver Ihis week with members of Gibsons  council and lands Branch officials. The meeting was an effort to  pave ihe way to acquiring a foreshore lease needed for the  proposed municipal Marina.  Whal has become the sticky business of getting the lease  without intruding or interfering with the riparian rights of the  residents of Ihe bay area was discussed at the meeting. Village  Administrator Jack Copland reported to council last week:  "On Monday. May 4. Aldermen Labonte and I rainor together  with myself (Copland) attended the Burnaby offices of the  Ministry of Lands. I'arks and Housing. We met with Al Rhodes  (director), Larry Sorken (District Land Manager) and Bob  Gilmorc to discuss Ihe question of required 'consent forms'  complementing the Village watcrlot lease application for the  proposed marina.  "Wc were pleased to learn that Ministerial policy has changed  respecting application processing and now it is suggested that  council might wish to obtain written commentary only from the  waterfront property owners as lo Ihe proposed marina. This  process is not a ministry requirement but only a suggested course  of action that would reflect on Ihe successful 1979 Marina  Referendum question.  "ll is suggested to Council that at the next Marina Committee  - Wendy-Lynne Johns Photo  Gordon Brooke of Redrooffs Road presents the Mary Brooke Memorial Award to joint winners Jennifer Dowman and Jonathan  Hunter in Ihis year's Music Festival. Mary Brooke, mother of Cordon, was a highly respected teacher of piano in this area for  many years.  Waterfront proposals  Steamers may come back to Sechelt  Kevin Ryan Architectural' Services presented five sets of  proposals lor the waterfront Boulevard to Sechelt Council this  week plus suggested implementation and phasing proposals. The  plans will be on display for public input at 7:00 pm. at the June 3rd  council meeting.  (he phasing is suggested by the architectural firm as a way j.ir  the village to start Ihe project while giving consideration to  monetary constraints.  Phase One will close the boulevard from Trail to Wharf  Avenue. A hammerhead will he built at Wharf Avenue and left  initially as gravel with header board of logs. Ihe rockery next to  the Driftwood Inn will be removed.  Wooden bollards will be erected at frail and Inlet Avenues as  well as Ihe west end of Ihe hammerhead.  I he pav ing will be reduced lo a four metre width and plants and  trees will be planted.  "If Phase One were lo be implemented in the summer, fhe  Boulevard closing and erection of bollards could be part of a  summer celebration, generating community involvement in the  Fran B*ro.r Pholo  (iwen Robertson has volunteered lo co-ordinate Sea Cavalcade.  Sea Cavalcade  lives again  by Allan Karmazyn  On Wednesday May 6 a meeting was held to discuss the future  of Ihe Gibson's Sea Cavalcade. The meeting was very positive and  contrary to popular belief, there will be a 1981 Sea Cavalcade.  G wen Robertson has taken on the duties as co-ordinator of the  event and she informs me that although plans arc underway, the  committee would appreciate any help they can get; especially  some expert advice from people who have been involved in the  past. All interested are asked to attend the next meeting on  Wednesday evening, 8 pm at Ken's Lucky Dollar.  This year's Sea Cavalcade will be on the weekend of August 1.2  & 3 and will coincide with the Dogfish Derby. Other events  planned at press time arc a parade, a Queen's Pageant and dance,  water sports, fireworks and a Pancake Breakfast. The Kinsmen  Club will host the Beer Gardens.  Naturally, in an endeavour such as this, there are many more  ideas being kicked around. The committee has decided that there  will be a theme for this year's fun, but that is yet to be decided, as  arc many ofthe possibilities of entertainment.  All suggestions are welcome and Gwcn would be happy to hear  from you. Gwcn can be reached at 886-2169, in the evenings. If no  luck there, try her able assistant...Suzcttc Arsenault. 886-75.11. In  the daytime, Stephanie at Sunshine Flowers (886-2316) is  available to hear your ideas.  initiation of the Boulevard Project," said Burrell Swartz for the  architectural firm.  Phase Two would see the opening of Ocean Avenue to Teredo  and provide access to the rear of buildings from the laneway.  Plans to clean up the beach and remove the rip-rap are also  included in this phase.  Steps and a retaining wall would be built at Trail Avenue and  the middle beach area would be developed into terraces and  firepits. Lighting, benches and garbage containers will be added.  The last part of Phase Two deals with the wharf:  "In a recent conversation with the owner of the SS Beaver, he  stated. 'We'd go to Sechelt if there was a wharf. We'd take 120  passengers per day who want to get off, have a salmon barbecue,  maybe shop then go home again.' If the steamer run begins, the  wharf should become the first priority," said Swartz in his report.  The last Phase, Three, would see the addition of changing  rooms, washrooms, storage facilities, viewing platforms and  additional lighting.  Sports fishing  changes made  In responding to the seven point conservation package put  forward by the Pacific Region Sport Fish Advisory Board,  Fisheries and Oceans Minister Romeo LeBlanc indicated that he  is prepared to accept their recommendations because they meet  the primary objectives of contributing 12,000 additional chinooks  to the spawning grounds.  The seven point package includes:  - an 18 inch minimum size limit for chinook salmon;  - the stringent and more frequent application of spot closures  whenever required lo protect juvenile and adult chinook salmon;  - continuation of the Fraser River closure for sport fishing for  adult chinook salmon;  - commencing in 1981, a coastwide daily bag limit reduction to  two chinook per day, from four chinook per day. during the four  winter months (December - March);  - the implementation in 1982 of a 30 chinook annual bag limit;  - a ban on the use of all meat lines such as a downrigger without a  quick release mechanism or other devices used to catch salmon in  a non-sporling manner;  - where necessary the extensive use of river mouth closures to  protect adult chinook escapement.  For further information please call the Fisheries Office in  Madeira Park, 88S-23I3.  ON THE INSIDE...  Terrifying Experiences Page 2  Letters to the Editor Page 3  Ellingham's Astrology Page 4  Preppy Handbook Page 5  Pender May Day Page 6  Timber Days Page 6  Frances Fleming:  Movement for the Gifted Page 11  Awards Night at Elphi  Page 17  Armand Simard Page 28  Dee Cee ��� In the Slammer .. Page 21  Classified Ads  Pages 24, 25, 26  Crossword Puzzle Page 27  meeting a standard commentary shed be prepared wiih members  ol council and Mrs. Nygren lor visiting the property owners  seeking endorsement. During the visit, the property owners can he  given individual assurance lhat there is no requirement to forfeit  their riparian rights as had previously been believed,"  Doubls have been expressed by a member ol the Bay residents  as to ihe optimism of the report,  A group of about 20 residents has banded together in an effort  to protect their riparian rights. They told the Coast News that any  further dealings with council will have to he done through the  lawyer they have hired.  A member "I the gnmp questioned Ihe ministerial policy  change, stated :i the report.  An official ..| Ihe lands Branch was inleiviewed as lo whal  legislation had taken place lo put in effect Ihe change.  "There has been no change in policy, "said ihe official, "only in  the perception of Council as lo whal is required in Ihe consent  form, ll is a mailer ol 'interpretation. We are nol dictating whal il  should say. Ihe consent is a winded agreement between the  Village council and the waleriront properly owners in which the  property owners may express their concerns. But their consent has  to be given before the lease application is processed and the  riparian rights ol Ihe upland owners may nol be interfered w ilh."  Council led down the garden path  Sewer dispute bubbles up again  In the words of Alderman Charles Lee, Sechelt Village Council  now believes that the village representatives 'have been led down  the garden path' by regional board engineers Dayton and Knight.  The council now feels it was misled by Dayton and Knight at the  special meeting held last Thursday which had ended with  apparent satisfaction ull round after a representative of Dayton  and Knight had explained their objection to a temporary hookup  to the sewer system proposed by Village Planner .1.1. Northey.  Northey. who did not attend the meeting held on April 30,  wrote a memorandum dated May 5 to Aiderman Joyce Kolibas.  Chairman of the Sechelt Planning Committee in which he  vigorously contested the conclusions of Dayton and Knight.  "Ihe village planner said in his memorandum that there was  substantial confusion on this matter 'heightened by some rather  unfortunate reports in the Press".  At issue is the installation of a temporary pump at Binnacle  Street which would service Lots 10 and 11. favoured by the Village  ^Satwten. or a permanent Porjjojse Bay Sewer system  recommended by Dayton and Knight  According to Nonhcy's reckoning it would cost only $200,000  for a pump at Binnacle Street whcreas.lhc Dayton and Knighl  recommendation would cost $450,000.  When contacted by the Coast News. Public Utilities Chairman  Jim Gurney of the regional board observed lhat perhaps some of  Ihe apparent confusion could have been avoided if Ihe village  planner had been present at the April 30 meeting.  "Dayton and Knight gave us the straighl goods on costs." said  Gurney. "Their proposal is far better. Connecting to the main line  is cheaper than the temporary pump the village .planner  recommends. The developer would have to put in Iwo pumps, a  generator connection and a holding tank for the sewage in the  event of failure. We can't have it running down Ihe street. With the  temporary pump the sewage would have to he pumped 80 feet as  opposed to Ihe 20 feet we arc proposing. Dayton and Knighl have  very good reasons behind their proposals."  It is expected that the horn-again controversy will be the  subject of further discussion at the regioliaT board meeting  scheduled for Thursday of this week.  n..��ii.. J iw.i, 11,,,.,  Wednesday, May Mh. This pholo shows Ihe status of the church building project which members of (he Seventh Day Adveniisl  Church hope lo bring lo near completion by May 17th. The work is going on al Browning Road and Hwy. 101; you can check Ihe  progress yourself. (See story below).  Unique church-raising on coast  by Bradley J Benson  An unusual event for Ihis day and age is now taking place al  Highway 101 and Browning Road near Wilson Creek. In Ihe  tradition of an old-fashioned "Barn Raising" and described as a  "Project of Faith", members of the Seventh Day Adventisl  Church gathered on Sunday. May 3 from communities across  B.C. tocrect a church for their members on the Sunshine Coast. In  a two week period, these dedicated people hope to have "raised"  their church to near completion.  Last week there were 18 workers on the project wilhanolher 14  scheduled to join the crew last Sunday. All work is voluntary.  Before the two week intensive construction began, local members  had to first provide a finished foundation from which lo start, a  cook shack, and sleeping accommodations lor members arriving  without campers or trailers. Donated materials were ready al the  job site.  This church building project is the one such project that  Marantha International, the Church's central co-ordinating  body, schedules for B.C. each year. When the church is  completed, it will provide for worship on the main floor and a  Better Living Centre on the lower floor where classes will be held  on such subjects as vegetarian cooking, dental hygiene and a five-  day plan to slop smoking.  As reporled by members in an interview, the Seventh Day  Adventisl Church was bom as a result ol a hihle study group,  which in Michigan in 1844 concluded lhat the world was going lo  end. In 1844. It didn't, and thai result, besides spawning many a  religious cartoon on the subject, caused the members ofthe group  lo study the bible even deeper. They began follow ing a way of life  as prescribed by their interpretation of Ihe bible. Ihe word  "Seventh" indicates an adherence lo resting from the work of the  everyday world on Ihe seventh day. In their case Ihis is Saturday  rather than Sunday, an interpretation ofthe bible shared by other  religious groups. "Adventisl" indicates a heliel thai Christ will  come again: a belief shared by all Christians.  Central lo this religious group and strongly practised is the  concept thai Ihe human body is the "Temple ol the Lord" Ihis  means no smoking ordrinking. I hough not a requirement of their  Church, a vegetarian diel is strongly encouraged.  Physical as well as spiritual needs are provided for. Through  Marantha International. ihe-Seventh Day Adventists have built  hundreds of clinics and hospitals throughout the world and il is  claimed they have the largest school system in the world. As an  example of their work, many local church members from B.C.  spenl Ihe monlh of March. 1980. building dormilories lor Fulton  College in Fiji.  ll- is hoped that a school will someday be built on the local  church site. Coast News, May 12, 1981  /  The  Sunshine.  A LOCALLY OWNED NEWSPAPER  Published at Gibsons, B.C. every  Tuesday, by Glaj.lord Press Ltd.  Box 460. Gibsons, VON 1V0    Pender Harbour enquiries, and all others, II  Phone 886-2622 or 886-7817    no answer Irom 886 numbers call 885-2770  '���CNA  Editorial Department:  Copysetting:  Production Department  John Bi.ms.rJe  Wendy-Lynne Johns  Pat Tripp  BlUE  Fran Bourassa  Lise Sheridan  Nancy Conway  RIBBON  Connie Hawke  Sham R Sohn  AWARD  Advertising Department:  Sherra Picketts  Bradley Benson  Accounts Department:  1978  r ran Berger  M M Joe  Circulation  Jane McOuat  Michael Nozmski  SUBSCRIPTION RATES:  Canada S24.00 per year, S15.00 for six months  United States $25.00 per year, Foreign $28.00 per year  Distributed tree to all addresses on the Sunshine Coast.  Second Class Mail Registration No. 4702  The garden path  What's this'.' lhat master of municipal  finance has been led down the garden path  and by a mere engineer at that''  Alderman Charles Lee's contention thai  the engineering firm ol Dayton and Knight  successfully misled the lions of Sechell  Council in the special meeting held on  April 30 must come as something of a  surprise to those to whom Mr. Lee has  become the last word in hard-headed  realism  We are content to await events belore  judging the complicated case ol Ihe Sechelt  sewer hook-ups hut a few related thoughts  do spring to mind in light ol the total  reversal ol position of the Sechelt council  in a mere live days actually in one. since  the memorandum from their planner  which swung them totally around was  dated just one day before the council  meeting al which Alderman Lee made his  claim cd virtue deceived.  In the lirst place, il the Sechelt Village  Planner had such strong views on the  subject ol the sewer hook-ups he should  have been present at the meeting on April  .10 lo thrash them out with ihe representatives ol Dayton and Knight and the  assembled council and regional hoard  members. II he couldn't have been there  Ihe meeting should have been re-scheduled  until he could be (here. His absence and  strong subsequent protestations to council  have the ellect of making the council  members look ridiculous, like a collection  of school children who can't be allowed in  the candy store without their planner to  guide them.  In the second place, il would seem lhal  the thrust of the planner's concern is that  the development of the village should not  be slowed by the tedious business of  hooking up to a permanent sewer system.  Those of us with memories that go back far  enough to encompass the Seaside Village  travesty and the Binnacle Street continuing foul-up and a lot of other minor  debacles caused by the Sechelt Village  Council's haste to accommodate developers will feel that the village might be  well advised to make haste slowly.  lo any one with eyes to see it has become  apparent that the whole of the Sunshine  Coast is in the process of undergoing  tremendous growth and change. The  process need not be speeded up. On the  contrary there is no elected representative  on any of the local governments who has  not paid lip service to the concept of  controlled growth and now is Ihe lime lor  careful decision making with an eye to the  future.  Irom Ihis vantage point controlled  growth seems to be what Dayton and  Knight arc recommending and (hey did  design the system.  ...from the files of the COAST NEWS  r��� ii#f|spiirfP31  FIVE YEARS AGO  Sunshine Coast residents are protesting the 217% ferry rate increases.  The new fares announced by Transport Minister Jack Davis will eliminate  the commuter pass and raise the  present per passenger rate from $2.00,  a 100% increase to $4.00 for a double  ferry trip. Five respresentatives from  local government are attempting to  organize a meeting with Davis to make  known the opposition to the increase.  At a special meeting of the Sunshine  Coast Justice Council, the earlier pro-  retentionist position on capital punishment was reversed by a 19 -18 vote in  favour of abolition.  Gibsons Council is attempting to lift  about 103 acres of village land, located  in the area bound partially by Reed  Road and the western boundaries, out  of the Agricultural Land freeze so that  the area can be used for sub-divisions.  TEN YEARS AGO  The Regional District Board, faced  with a decision on the Construction  Aggregates plan to remove gravel from  the Selma Park area, is giving the  public a chance to express their views  on the subject at the next meeting.  The 1971 mill rate for Gibsons-will be  24 03. The budget total was $346,565.  Mayor Wally Peterson termed'the  influx of young travellers from across  Canada as a real concern lo Gibsons  Mayor William Swain of Sechelt  objects to the erosion ol powers ol  Sechelt municipality in favour ol the  Regional District.  FIFTEEN YEARS AGO  Final property settlement associated with improvement and replacement ot the bridge at Grantham's has  been announced by Hon. Phil Gag-  lardi, Provincial Minister of Highways.  This brings to an end the drawn out  efforts of the last two or three years to  obtain sufficient property to enable  reconstruction of the bridge at a less  dangerous angle.  A school referendum for $782,000,  defeated last year, passed this year  with a 680 to 353 vote.  May 1 st marked the completion of 35  years in the general insurance business for Richard McKibbin of Gibsons.  For 20 years of this period he has been  operating on the Coast. Of his  children, who grew up in Gibsons, one  son is now a chartered accountant in  Vancouver and the other a CPA pilot.  TWENTY YEARS AGO  Sechelt's Ocean Street launching  ramp will be opened officially during  May Day celebrations.  A flying school is planned for the  Gibsons-Sechelt airport this summer.  Elphinstone Aero Club will give the  ground school instruction.  TWENTY-FIVE YEARS AGO  Born to Mr. and Mrs. Bob Finnerty, a  son, at 1:45 am. on Thursday May 3,  one and one half miles from Kleindale.  All was in confusion in the delivery  room, which was the back seat of a taxi.  Last report from the hospital states that  mother and son are doing nicely but  taxi driver, Bob Cumming, i* recuperating slowly. His wife Grace, who  had come along for the ride helped  deliver the baby as Bob sped to St.  Mary's Hospital.  THIRTY YEARS AGO  The Government liquor store will  open in Gibsons June 1. It will be  installed in the recently vacated  Appliance and Record Shop in Bal's  Block.  Sparked by the recent collapse of the  Wilson Creek bridge when A.E.  Ritchey catapulted to the bottom, B.M.  Maclntyre, MLA, requested that a  survey be made on all existing bridges.  It is known that several are nearing the  dangerous stage'.  Loss of a thumb while helping  unload lumber has made construction  foreman Charles Collar! first casualty  on the job ol construction of the new  high school in Gibsons.  THIRTY-FIVE YEARS AGO  The good ship 'Prosper' prospered  not so well in the wind that blew here  Thursday night. The diesel tug, owned  by the Poole Brothers of Granthams,  blew ashore from her moorings and  sank.  The fish packer 'Kathleen 1' owned  by RD. Murdock, struck a reef and  sank in the Agamemnon Channel near  Green Bay. She was en route to  Egmont to complete her cargo of fish  for Vancouver. The crew of two men,  Bill Murdock and Vic Palmer, narrowly  escaped being drowned as the boat  sank almost immediately but they  managed to escape into the dory. The  efforts to salvage the sunken craft have  proved futile to date due to the extreme  depth in which she sank.  Ocean Falls, B.C.. circa 1946: The MV 'Wyrill' belonging at the lime lo Pacific  Mills lid. is pictured with Ihe MV Thomas Crosby' astern. The 'Thomas Crosby'  was a I'nited Church Missions boat. On Ihe deck ofthe MV 'Wyrill' left to right are  Armand Siniard, cook-deckhand; Captain Ed Godfrey, skipper; Ruby and Vic  Osborne, contractors out of South Benlinck Arm, B.C.; Bessie Chrismas and tl\  son. Keith, off for a trip to Osborne's camp near Bella Coola. B.C. For related story  see Carl's Corner on Page Kighlecn this week.  Photo bv Carl Chrismas  Musings  John Burnside  The group of old gold  miners that I knew in Dawson  City was as fiercely independent and individualistic a  group of human beings as one  could hope to come across.  Some of them were rowdies  and some were gentle recluses  but all of them had stood on  their own feet for a long  lifetime in a hard land and I  suppose that this is what I  admired about them as mudf  as anything.  It is also true that many of  them were extremely well-  read and better versed in the  ways of the larger world than  many who live within the  shadow of its freeways and  highrises. The solitary life and  the long Yukon winters  combined in many cases to  produce real wisdom and not  through reading alone. Many  of them had lived active adult  lives throughout the whole of  the 20th Century and you can  be sure that they had not  reached the age of eighty or  thereabouts without having  their wits about them.  The visits that I made to  the hospital to visit those old  men who had bowed with  patient grace to the inevitability ofthe need for accepting  assistance and care in their  final years, required a special  form of diplomacy. 1 wanted to  be on good terms with all of  them - no easy task in the first  place. Over a period of time I  discovered what each man  liked best to drink. On each  visit I would show up with a  bottle of somebody's favourite: Hcnnessy's Brandy; Demerara Rum; Johnny Walker  Black Label, etc.  1 would ostentatiously visit  the man whose favourite  brand I was bringing and we  would sit together and chat  over one or at most two  drinks each, after which the  old man I was visiting would  call: "Come on boys, come  and have a drink," and the  rest of the bottle would be  shared. As long as each got  his turn at being the host  all went well and I was on  good terms with all.  Peter Brady, whose recent  death in Whitehorse sparked  these reminiscences, was defiantly independent still, during my years in Dawson City.  He was, as I hope I have  indicated, a roguish old devil  who lived and worked alone  after the death of his brother  and then would come to town  with his vial of gold and drink  until it ws gone.  On one occasion, Pete,  near eighty years old, was  dragging himself back to his  cabin  for  some   peace  and  restoration after a three-week  drunk, only to find a bear on  his cabin roof. Despite his  physical condition and his  years, old Pete dispatched the  varmint with one shot from  the rifle that hung on his wall.  Sometimes the time to leave  town for a while had become  apparent to Pete's friends  before it had quite come to  a realization in the old man  himself. On one such occasion  after Pete and I had become  friendly it fell to my lot to  shepherd the old man out of  town. It was a task which  called for every ounce of  diplomacy at my command  and some resources I never  knew I had. Several bottles of  Guinness stout had to be  consumed before he would  consider accepting a ride up  Hunker Creek. Then it was  back to the grocery store for  some considerable pondering  over his supplies. Not a hint  of impatience could be shown  or Pete was going to be in the  bars for at least another day.  Groceries bought, it was back  to the bar for another Guinness.  Not a little drunk myself,  finally, I drove him to his  Hunker Creek cabin. He was  heading further up because  it was the summer and mining  time, but he wanted to drop  a bottle of propane off at the  'red cabin'. 1 volunteered  to make the drop and when 1  returned to the car Old Pete  seemed to have disappeared  entirely. Hunker Creek Road  is a narrow road and I had  " -j$i  pulled well into the side in  case someone should come by.  On the passenger side there  was a drop of some fifteen  feet down to the tailings of the  dredged creek.  "But.is," came Pete's  voice. "Burns, are you alright?"  "I'm fine, Pete. How about  you?"  "Well, I'm in a little bit of  difficulty."  The voice was coming from  the other side of the car and  there I found the octogenarian  on his hands and knees on the  edge of the drop-off with just  enough sense left not to try  to stand. It still ranks as the  most dignified call for help  that I have received.  My last glimpse of Pete  came ten years after I left the  Yukon. I was waiting for a  train in Vancouver and met a  girl who was a photographer.  She was showing me glossies  she had taken on a tour of  South East Asia and at the  bottom of the pile there he  was, eyebrows bristling, bottle of Guinness in hand, sitting  at a table in the Downtown  Hotel. Pete Brady.  With his passing, all of the  old men that I knew who called  the Klondike home have gone.  He was not a great man in the  world's reckoning, he was not  a wise man particularly. But  he and the others I knew had  the unmistakable stamp of  authenticity. They were real  and that, in these days of  images and image makers and  polishers, is something to  treasure.  Into My Heart  Into my heart an air that kills  From yon far country blows:  What are those blue remembered hills,  What spires, what farms are those?  JTtat is the land of lost content,  I see it shining plain:  ���floppy highways where I went  And cannot come again.  A.E. Housman  [Slings 8t Arrows^  [George MatthewsP**  I was visiting a friend a  couple of weeks ago and  during the course of our  conversation we got onto the  topic of dangerous and terrifying experiences. This fellow had been around considerably more than I had and  when it came to recounting,  our greatest adventures, he  definitely had the advantage  of me. He had been in riots in  Beirut, in gang fights in New  York, lost in the jungles of  the Amazon and, once, been  nearly shipwrecked in the Red  Sea.  Compared to these flirtations with death, my story  about the time my bicycle  got a flat tire in Crescent  Beach, my speeding ticket in  Seattle and the time I almost  lost two tickets to a football  game were embarrassingly  tame. I frankly admit I was  reduced to awed silence as  my friend recounted tale after  .tale of high adventure and  gripping terror. I didn't even  mention the time I lost the sole  of my hiking boot while  camping overnight on Mouth  Hollyburn.  Being reduced to a rather  humble audience of one  to my friend's monologue,  I decided to end the whole  show by asking once and for  all what was his most terrifying moment. I figured that this  way I could at least end my  envious passivity and maybe  even be home in time for  dinner. As it turned out, he  recounted a strange story  that gave me some insight into  the relativity of terror.  He began by admitting that  he had never told this story  to anyone and suggested  he would rather be a grenade  catcher for the P.L.O. (something I think he had tried  once) than ever live through  a moment like that again.  The incident had occurred  years before, when my friend  was a boy of eleven and it  concerned a chance confrontation with his arch-enemy  Cindy Louise Benson, a girl in  his grade four class. It seems  that Cindy Lou was the  smartest and prettiest little  girl in her class. Not only'  could she spell symphony and  sphincter, she knew what they  meant. She could play the  piano, knew the 12 times table  and had the best handwriting  in grade four. While of course  she was universally detested,  her pretty blonde curls, big  blue eyes and razor-sharp  mind, still made her a rival  of  formidable  consequence.  As my friend said, given  even these dislikable qualities, he could have gone on  ignoring the arrogant little  wretch for the rest of grade  four, while secretly hoping she  would be run down by a truck,  except that little Cindy Lou  had already set her sights on  him. Although she was only  nine, (she'd skipped a year,  naturally) she had made it  known far and wide that she  thought my friend was cute  and she was going to marry  him when she grew up, like  maybe when they were both in;  grade six.  It was with a look of genuine  horror in his eyes that my  friend recounted some of the  terrible experiences that little  Cindy ] Louise I subjected; him  to. She would stand around  watching him play marbles  and say right out loud to her  little friends, "Oh isn't he  cute?" Or she would stop at  his desk while she was passing  out the coloured pencils and  say things like "I really like  your shirt" or "I'm glad you  got your hair cut". Once she  even said out loud in the  hallway, when he was talking  to his friends, "Hi, Billy, I  really like your new running  shoes". (I have used a fictitious name here to protect  my friend's sensibilities.)  '���;  the moment of supreme  terror came one Sunday  morning. My friend's mother  had dragged him off to church  because it was Easter and he  was sitting sullenly in the  pew, thinking about the  baseball practice he was  missing, when all of a sudden,  he sensed a terrible presence.  While at first he suspected the'.  Lord was reading his mind:  about baseball, he quickly  became aware that this  particular danger was far  more worldly.  Glancing quickly to his right  he saw, perched not more than  18 inches away, Cindy Louise  Benson. There she was,  sitting with this little smirk  across her rosy little lips,  smug and happy as could be.  In that quick peek, my friend  had detected those golden  little ringlets nestled in the  lacy ruffles of her neckline,  those long lazy eyelashes, the  billows of her soft blue dress,  the long white socks and shiny  black shoes.  It was, according to my  friend, a moment of pure  palpable terror. His hand,  started to sweat, his cheeks  began to burn. He was seized  with a sudden, desperate need,  to pass wind. In an act mp-;  tivated by unsullied terror,:  he blindly groped for the:  hymnals stored in the pew  racks and quickly filled the:  space on the seat be.we.orj:  them with the blue-bound;  tomes. ;X;  Undaunted, Cindy Lou  casually picked up the half  dozen books, placed them  between herself and her  mother   and   shifted   over  Please turn to Page 26 Letters to the Editor J0^  Coast News, May 12,1981  Chrismas with flanks bared  Editor:  It is truly flattering to me to  be included in a letter which  praises John Burnside and  Frances Fleming for their  contributions to the community through the print  media, even though I find  myself at the opposite end of  the scale in the fine art of  writing.  When I began my column  I warned the editor that my  English Lit. teacher had  burned the school down to  get me out of her class, As the  Coast News has just bought  its building, I hope the  editor will not go to such  lengths to dump me as'J��  columnist I ,'.  I must admit to sloppy  grammar - nay, my ignorance  of it - and I shouldn't expect  the copywriter to catch all  of my grammatical boo-boo's,  (although she gets most of  'em, bless her I)  In my search for a career  I have been many things;  farm boy; logger; trucker;  airplane driver. And I have  even tried to slip comfortably  into the role of the senior  citizen. But I'm still restless  and   the   search   goes   on.  The transition from any one  of my former careers, if they  can be called that, is a tough  one for a broken up old  logger. I work hard at itl  But it is apparent that some  touching up around the edges  is needed. While that touching  up  process  goes  on  there  u.e going to be a few ladies  getting their pockets filled  with pebbles; we men (or  should it be 'us men'?) will  be getting our 'weee's'  in the wrong places, and a  'syndrome' is going to be  examined now and then,  much to the disgust of a few  people.  My sales background demanded 'product knowledge*.  I am finding that writing  makes the same demands.  In the meantime I will accept,  the barbs of my adorable i  witches when they swing their  slings and fling arrows in my  direction.  Ladies, my flanks tie  baredI  The 'Embattled!'  Carl Chrismas  Opposition to census expressed  Editor:  1 categorically agree with  B.J. Van Eldik when he protests against invasion of privacy by the government under  the pretext of taking the census.  This should provoke a flood of  "Letters-to-the-Edilor" in support of this just complaint by  an alert public. Certainly, some  of these questions are totally  irrelevant and depart from the  original purpose intended only  to keep a population count  recorded periodically.  There is more than meets the  OOPS!  The Coast news wishes  to apologize to Maxwell's Pharmacy for an  error which appeared in  its' Mother's Day ad on  May 5th.  CLUTCH PURSES  (Reg. Relail $22,501  ''Advertised al $13.49  ���Should have been  ���14.99  eye in all such seemingly  harmless requests as "census  taking" while prying into the  individual's personal life. Furthermore, it is another means  employed to induce compliance to unquestioned authority in an effort to reduce  the average citizen to a malleable glob whose automatic  docility and subservience could  then preclude any serious  opposition to the powers that  be. Talk about doing away with .  money by substituting a system  of credits, for example, is also  another scheme on the road to  universal slavery for the working masses which constitute  the bulk of the population in  any national society.  It must be noted that, from  here on in, advances by the  world's common people to  improve their lot and find a  place in the Sun, will be  countered, by those in position  of political and economic  leadership, with ever more  repressive measures and with  efforts to reduce the financial  resources of this vast social  class, thus further increasing  dependence on the "haves" for  survival���this process has  already begun.  The purpose is clear. Constituted  authority  is endeavouring to "clear the deck" for  the showdown in the class  struggle now nearing its climax...historically   speaking���  in which the armed     confrontation between East and  West evolves as a material  expression of this critical stage  in the social evolution of Man.  Sincerely,  Joseph Sparacino  R.R. #4, Reed Rd.,  Gibsons, B.C.  Art tutors thanked  Editor:  The members of the Sunshine Coast Community Services Society Adult Day Care  wish to publicly thank Hazel  Coxall and Pauline Lawson for  the time and effort they have  put   into   our   art   classes.  We also appreciated the tea  given in our honour Tuesday,  May Sth at the Hunter Gallery  to mark the opening of the  display of our works.  Sincerely,  (Mrs) Louise Hume,  Director, Adult Day Care  The case for  B.C.'s doctors  Editor:  As spouses of Family Physicians and as tax paying citizens  of the province of British  Columbia, we would like to  clarify a few facts with regard  to Physicians' incomes. The  points we would like to clarify  are:���  a) Some of the figures quoted  by the press and on the air are  gross incomes. They do not  take into account overhead  expenses, non-paid vacations,  self-paid medical and dental  plans, self-paid retirement  benefits, and, for Family Physicians, mandatory post-graduate study every year.  b) A Clinic's expenses can  amount to between 43% and  50% of the Physician's gross  earnings. The true take-home  pay must provide for the fringe  benefits many people take for  granted.  c) Doctors are not salaried  employees nor are they civil  servants. They are, in fact,  small businessmen. Like many  self-employed individuals, if  the Physician is ill, away doing  post-graduate work or study,  or on holiday, there is no  money coming in, but the staff  still has to be paid, and  operating expenses still have to  be covered.  d) Physicians' families feel the  bite of inflation like any other  citizens in this province. We  have mortgages to pay, families  to feed, clothe and educate.  Unlike the average citizen, our  husbands entered the work  force after eight or more years  of non-salaried or low-salaried  training.  The Physicians in British  Columbia are well trained and  dedicated, why should they not  be paid appropriately?  Yours,  Marie Theophilus.  Jinty Paterson,  Ruth Mitchell-Banks,  Eileen Mislan,  Marian Smith,  Doris Kavanagh,  Creston, B.C.  Windows  Let us give you our quote for the best price  and service on the Coast.  Insulated windows, patio doors, skylight &  solar systems...  -^ ~    Permaseal  885-3538 ��-���*  arara Wilson CrMk  Can  FBDB help  you?  Financial assistance  Management counselling  Management training  Information on government  programs for business  On Wednesday, May 20th  on* of our representatives  will be at tht offlcta of  MCKIBBIN & BEECHAM, C.A.S.  Tel: 885-2254  If you require financing to start, modernize or  expand your business and are unable to  obtain it elsewhere on reasonable terms and  conditions or if you are interested in the  FBDB management services of counselling  and training or wish information on  government programs available for your  business, talk to our representative.  Pender Harbour Auxiliary  is wasting away  Editor:  (With apologies to all real poets)  Ten Auxiliary members sitting in a line.  Hoping that next time there'll be more than nine.  Nine Auxiliary members thinking of their fate,  What if next time there are only eight.  Eight Auxiliary members, "Maybe we'll have eleven."  Alas we've actually dropped down to seven.  Seven Auxiliary members feeling in a fix,  Looks as though our number now is down to six.  Six Auxiliary members keeping their hopes alive.  Maybe, maybe there'll be five times five.  Five Auxiliary members hurting to the core,  After all their hoping there are only four.  Four Auxiliary members; its difficult to see  Whether we can even boast of three.  Three Auxiliary members; certainly too few,  Can't really manage if there's only two.  Two Auxiliary members; the battle's not been won,  Now the attendance has dropped to one.  One Auxiliary member home decides to run,  Because, you sec, of hope there is none.  The Pender Harbour Auxiliary to St. Mary's Hospital  was the first auxiliary to be  organized on the Peninsula. Is  it to be the first one to  disappear?  There are 8,760 hours in a  year. Auxiliary meetings average two hours each. There are  ten meetings in a year. A total  of twenty hours.  FEDERAL  BUSINESS  DEVEIOPMEN1 BANK  Auxiliary work is not difficult; with enthusiasm and  ingenuity it can be enjoyable.  On the other hand little that is  worth while in this world is  gained without commitment  and work. Auxiliaries are  based on the willingness to  work in some capacity. The  basis  is  not social activity,  ��� prcxoch  though that may be an added  reward.  Do the residents of Pender  Harbour really want to sit back  and let the other five auxiliaries  on the Peninsula work to  provide extra equipment and  service at St. Mary's Hospital?  Are we to share the benefits  without sharing the efforts to  provide those benefits?  Due to the work of the six  Auxiliaries in the past, St.  Mary's Hospital is one of the  best equipped small hospitals  in the province!  Here I rest my case���at least  for the present. Are we to have  a Victory Song or a Dead  March?  Jean Whittaker  Pender Harbour  ^���I   145 West 15th Street,  ���S North Vancouver, V7M1R9 980-6571  m     I Opening new doors to smaH business.  ELECTRONICS  ��� Typewriters  OFFICE  ��� Photocopiers  ��� Cash Registers ��� Calculators  ��� Office Supplies Furniture   &   Stationery  IJjj��r1J^_^^i^^^jjjj|jU_^^^^^M��l5J7J5i  Quality Meats  Priec��EffM��if��Tuis.NkvU-8��tMayl6    wlMMBVlTMimOHTTOUItMTOOAHTrmS  CANADA GRADE  A  medium ground beef * $1.88  CANADA GRADE  A  chuck blade steak**.,. ��'1.28  CANADAGRADE   A  chuck cross rib roast*-,����� '1.98  PREVIOUSLY FROZEN  pork side spareribs     ��'1.58  FRESH  ftying chicken".- ..............;..���, '1.29  Fresh Produce  Florida  $1 1Q cornonthec0u5,or 1-00  A A:4fc       ^- 6r0Wn " FrMh   ~"' ft 1  cantaloupe 36i. mch *rSJ ���  mushrooms.... ib *!*  5 Ib. Cello Bag  carrots ...each  Mexican -   !  Oven Fresh Bakery  Oven Fresh  Oven Fresh  french bread    14 oz  Oven Fresh  bran muffins e-s  '1.49  texas rounders  Cluster Rolls    18's  Martha Laine  hamburger or hot  dog buns      12s  Grocery Value  Grill Time  Super-Valu  ice cream  All Flavours  1.99    briquetteS2oibbaR *o.99  Minute Maid    Concentrate  orange juicei2.5oz  Crystals  hawaiian punch  3 71 gm packs  '1.19  French's    Prepared  mustard       2Aozlz  I   Super-Valu  beans with  14 oz tin  2/89  Hills Bros. - Ground  FJicks - All Varieties  coffee  Heinz - Tomato  $2.79    relishes  12 oz jar  Super-Valu  Heinz - lomato ^ ,_      /�����/\ auper-vaiu _ _  ketchup 909mibti '1.69    potato chips2oogmbox /9 Coast News, May 12, 1981  by Peter Trower  Eventually on Ihe fifth day,  when Li Ching is really scraping the bottom ofthe barrel,  the lost boat limps into view.  Carver staggers off, drunker  than a winery rat. "Hey fellers,  been partying with the Indians!" he shouts cra/ily,  "You're fired!" roars Crad-  uock.  "fired, hell! I quit lour days  ago!" counters the mutinous  boatman. "Just come back for  my lime and my gear. Goin'  back to the Reserve."  When Craddock sees the  condition of Ihe supplies, he  explodes again. The fresh meat  is higher than glory and quite  unusable. We toss it over Ihe  side and tote the non-perishables to the cook-shack. Craddock heads back to Rupert  with the drunken ex-boatman  Pages  from a Life-Log  Peter Trower  as passenger. Whether he drops  him off at the Reserve or not,  we never learn. He is angry  enough to have dumped him  overboard. In any event, he  returns alone the next day with  fresh food.  The tedious' weeks inch by  into months. The rain falls  interminably. Men come and  go. Craddock's Slough has  become an endurance test and  I am rapidly running out of  endurance.  Out in the damp woods, we  have moved the donkey-engine  to a fresh location. There is no  suitable spar-tree and it now  becomes necessary to raise one.  I have a little familiarity with  this process from my previous  >V  Open 10 a.m. to 12 midnight  Live Entertainment  Thursday, Friday, Saturday  Roy and Simon  "Soorm oi lain  886-9815  urn* In Ik Cttlou"  Cedar Plaza, Gibsons  Gibsons Legion Branch *109  Presents  "MAINSTREAM"  k Fri. & Sat. jj  J J    May 15th & 16th    f  Members & Guests Only  <?       886-7454  101 Cedar Plaza, Glbtoni  Bring us any old China & get  10% off  any single food item.  camp. The ground is so marshy, we are obliged to make a  "mat" oflogsandchunksunder  the butl of the tree to prevent it  sinking into the mud as it rises.  Stockton hangs a block in a  small standing hemlock as a  gin-pole to provide lift. The  mainline is run through this,  out through the bull-block at  the top of the recumbent spar  and back to an anchor-stump. I  am standing beside the machine, untangling some whistle-  wire as Christie throws her into  gear. The spar, its guylines  dangling, begins to rise like an  enormous lever from the gluey  muck.  The asthmatic little donkey-  engine coughs and snorts. The  pillar of wood rises in a  dripping, tortuous arc towards  the upright position. There, the  guylines will be tightened and  and spiked to six equidistant  stumps, locking it aloft. A tree-  raising is always an impressive  sight. I stand watching in  fascination.  Suddenly, there is a sharp  pinging sound. Everything goes  slack and wild. The spar-tree,  about sixty degrees into the  sky, crashes back into the  swamp like a great, thwacking  club. I feel a wind flash by my  cheek as something bullets into  the bushes about ten feet  behind me. Christie shuts off  the donkey. Stockton's frustrated cursing boils to the  heavens. The wornout gin-pole  block, typical of Craddock's  secondhand equipment, has  exploded under the strain.  I turn in a daze and locate the  object that so narrowly missed  me. It is part of the block's  handle or "gooseneck"-a curved, ugly piece of steel about  four inches long. I feel the  bottom drop out of my gut. If 1  had been standing a fraction  further to the right...! Only  Christie has witnessed my close  shave. He hefts the chunk of  broken metal and shakes his  head. "You're goddamn lucky,  kid! That's all I got to say."  The frightening incident  preys on my mind for days.  Over and over again, I unwillingly relive the experience-  feel that shivery wind death  angel pass my cheek. Craddock's Slough is more than  merely depressing now. A guy  could easily get killed here.  I check my time-book. After  three insufferable month in this  melancholy hole, I am several  hundred dollars to the good.  The rain continues to pound  down and the bunkhouse roof  has sprung leaks in several  places. It seems pointless to  press my luck or suffer these  conditions any longer. That  Friday, I draw my time from  niggardly Craddock, stow my  skimpy gear and bid his sorry  gyppo camp goodbye.  The past fades away like an  unpleasant dream and I am  back in the congenial surroundings of Clowholm Falls.  The following day, we take a  run up the valley to check oul  the logging operations. The  devastation is much the same  but the equipment is modern  and obviously well-maintained. Compact steel-spar  units have long since replaced  the wooden trees and slapdash  rigging of Craddock's day.  No, the logging camps of  British Columbia are not what  they once were. The changes  are definitely for the better. I  doubt if too many tears are  being shed for the bad old days.  Jane Fonda, Lily Tomlin and Dolly Parton as they appear in  "Nine to Five".  At the Twilight  High schools' art show  Downtrodden lady clerical  workers get a chance to cheer  with this week's film at the  Twilight Theatre.  Nine to five is a solid  topical comedy starring Jane  Fonda, Lily Tomlin and  featuring Dolly Parton in her  movie debut. Fonda plays  Judy Bcrnlv. newly divorced  and befuddled in her first job  as secretary in Consolidated  Companies, Inc. Her fellow  sufferers in the company  include Violet Newstead, played by Lily Tomlin, who has  been with the company for  twelve years. Violet is super-  competent but is blocked from  a management position by her  superior's sexism. Also on  staff is Doralee Rhodes, a  personable Tennesseean who  is snubbed by her co-workers  The second annual exhibition of Art from the High  Schools will be on view from  May 12-May 24 at the Sunshine Coast Arts Centre in  Sechelt. The three schools on  the Sunshine Coast, Chatelech, Elphinstone and Pender  Harbour will be represented  with work done in class during  this past year.  Last year's exhibition proved to be a surprise to many  viewers, as the quality of work  and variety of media was most  impressive. By the looks of it,  students are getting a well-  rounded diet of instruction  andltechniques and art classes  are certainly more than just an  "easy   elective".  Teachers responsible for  organization of the show  and, enthusiasm by the students are Enid Goodman, Jim  GRAND OPENING!!  May 15th  ��&^ Roast Beef Dinner  -" Including Soup or Salad &  Fresh Baked Bread  Seaview Place, Gibsons  because it is rumoured she  is sleeping with the boss.  The doss, of course, is the  villain of the piece. Dabney  Coleman plays Franklin Hart  Jr., 'a lying, hypocritical,  sexist bigot'. The three  women share wild fantasies  about how they can get rid of  him and then take a shot at  having    them    come    true.  Nine to Five features strong  performances by all members  of the cast and the three  principals are unanimous a-  bout the admiration they feel  for each other and the pleasure they took in making the  picture.  Nine to Five will be shown  at the Twilight Theatre Wednesday through Tuesday, May  13-19.  Waldie and Joe Harrison and  they should be given a good  deal of credit for their able  guidance and interest in their  programme.  So do come and see what  some of our future artists are  creating today. Note that best  viewing times will not be on  May 16 and 17, but the Timber  Days Craft Fair will be there  both days, so come along  anyway. High School exhibit  continues through to May 24.  Channel  Ten  GIBSONS CHANNEL 10  Tuesday, May 12  SECHELT CHANNEL 10  Thursday, May 14  6:30 p.m. "B.C. Closed Arm  Wrestling Championship"  Taped   on   location   at  Elphinstone, Andy Mangos hosts this exciting  event.  7:00 p.m. "Pressure Point"  Louise Hume and Rev.  Bob Scales introduce this  new series for Channel  10. Produced by the Inter-  church Association, this  evening's program is the  first    in    a    line    of  shows discussing important worldwide topics.  7:30-8:30   p.m.    "Sunshine  Coaat Music, Drama, Speech  and Dance Honours Concert"  Ted   Peters   hosts   the  honour's concert held at  Elphinstone     Saturday,  May 9. We will show part  one only this week.  Entertainment Scene  Pender Harbour to Sechelt:  Jolly Roger Inn Sue Clayton. Fri. & Sat.  The Wakefield Inn Bob Gleason, Thurs.. Fri. & Sat.  The Parthenon  Helen Sinclair. Fri. & Sat.  Sechelt Legion "Sunshine Ramblers". Fri. Only  Roberts Creek to Gibsons  The Peninsula Hotel  "Sundown". Fri. & Sat.  The Cedars Inn Roy and Simon, Thurs., Fri., & Sat.  Gibsons Legion "Mainstream", Fri. & Sat.  BCFGRRIGS  HOLIDAY  WEEKEND  SCHEDULE  SUNSHINE COAST  The following schedule will be in effect  FRIDAY, MAY 15, SATURDAY, MAY 16,  and MONDAY, MAY 16.  VANCOUVER-LANGDALE  Lv Horseshoe Bay  (West Vancouver)  Morning: 7:40 am, 8:15,10:10,10:45  Afternoon: 12:25 pm, 1:15,2:45,3:45,5:05  Evening: 6:15 pm, 7:15,8:45,6:30,11:30  Lv Langdale  (Sechelt Peninsula)  Morning: 6:20 am, 9:00,9:30,11:15  Afternoon: 12:00 noon, 1:35,2:30,3:55,5:00  Evening: 6:10 pm, 7:30,8:25,10:00,10:30  Regular sailings In effect all other  days until Wednesday, June 17,1981.  CUP AND SAVE  B.C. Ferries schedules are on  CABLE 10 TV dally.  E  Schedules subject to change without notice.  BC FERRIES  ��������������������������H����f����  Ell'uiiihuni s  +   Astrology  by Rat Ellingham  Week commencing May 11.  General Notes: Venus accompanies Mercury in Gemini for a  few weeks indicating a favourable time to arrange overdue  visits with neighbourhood  friends and relatives. Letters or  requests written now will be  well received.  The approaching Full Moon  conjoins Uranus early next  week promising highly emotional and unexpected occurrences. Doctors and nurses  working hospital emergency  wards will be busier than usual  this weekend. We'll hear of  earthquakes and underground  explosions.  Babies born at this time will  be restless, fond of variety and  change. Those arriving May 17  or 18 will be rebellious, highly  strung, too independent for  their own good.  ARIES (March 21 - April 19)  Short-distance communications continue to bring  happiness rest of this month.  Heart-warming letter, phone  call or visit gives further OK's  to summer plans. Chance of  new association or romance is  found on bus, train or plane  Moody brother or sister is now  prepared to compromise. Full  Moon highlights unusual ending to partner's financial  inquiries.  TAURUS (April 20 - May 20)  Your fresh ideas and enthusiasm now produce sudden  burst of over-spending. Proof  of your talents and abilities is  reflected in luxury or prestige  item. You'll also receive surprise gift of appreciation  unrelated to recent birthday.  Full Moon finds loved one br  partner in extreme emotional  state this weekend. Mars gives  courage to those of you born  May 4 - 10.  GEMINI (May 21 ��� June 21)  Good-looking Venus enters  your sign for three weeks  promising increased charm,  popularity and strong chance  of romance. Others will soon  find you helpful, affectionate  and irresistable. You'll feel the  urge to improve appearance  with new clothes and hair-style.  Meanwhile Full Moon spotlights awkward co-workers and  jobsite botch-ups. Venus bestows early favours on those  born May 21 -31.  CANCER (June 22 - July 22)  Desire for more privacy  increases rest of this month.  Contentment is guaranteed in  quieter surroundings. It's now  easy to become involved with  forbidden person or activity.  You'll be attracted to doctor,  nurse or person caring for the  less fortunate. Stay clear of  known swindlers or neighbourhood layabouts. Full Moon  intoduces strange companions  at next weekend's social event.  LEO (July 23 - Aug. 22)  Venus highlights your tact  and diplomacy during upcoming community gathering  or committee meeting. You're  now a favourite amongst local  officials or club members.  Recently-introduced organizer  has best idea to settle last-  minute summer arrangements.  Casual friend you've known for  ages offers serious proposal.  Full Moon ignites domestic  uproar next weekend.  VIRGO (August 23-Sept. 22)  You begin to regain your  popularity with boss or superior who doubted your  abilities. Anticipate success  and satisfaction after talks  concerning your career, accom  plishments and community  standing. Continue to mail job  applications or documents  promoting your recent achievements. Virgo women are now  attracted to older persons on  the job. Full Moon coincides  with disruptive short journeys  next weekend.  LIBRA (Sept. 23 - Oct. 23)  Contentment is still linked to  long-distance affairs or educational matters. Looks like  you'll become attracted to well-  travelled instructor or expert.  Libra students now cull special  favours from teachers or  clergymen. It's a favourable  time to begin journey or settle  in far-away place. Full Moon  announces abrupt change in  your personal financial position.  SCORPIO (Oct. 24 - Nov. 22)  The Full Moon close to  Uranus in your sign says  anticipate emotional ups and  downs end of this week. Others  will find you excitable, erratic  and irresponsible. Powerful  woman in your life now  becomes unpredictable and  disruptive. Meanwhile continue successful negotiations  with person handling your  savings, investments or insurance matters. Lunar configuration affects most strongly  Scorpios born Nov. 19 - 20.  SAGITTARIUS (Nov. 23 -  Dec. 21)  Anticipate improved relations with loved one, partnefor  business associate. Contracts  and agreements will be settled  in your favour. Special persbji  will be feeling amorous, affectionate and willing to compromise next three weeks.  More Sagittarians fall in love  this month than any other sign.  Full Moon spotlights hospitals,  institutions, dark-and-cretpy  places next weekend.  CAPRICORN (Dec. 22 - Jan  19) j;  You'll enjoy a happier atmosphere where you discharge  daily jobs or services. Busy  work-scene now benefits from  tairet* 'sharing, cjfG resprjhii-  bilities. New (Employee join  becomes key figure in latest  jobsite romance. Recent discussion with doctor or nurse  now yields reassuring facts.  Full Moon draws attention*)  friend's abnormal behavioural  popular weekend night-spot^  AQUARIUS (Jan. 20 - Feb.  18)  All forms of recreational  pursuits bring extra pleasure  rest of this month. It's that time  of year to renew enthusiasm for  hobbies, sports children's affairs or artistic endeavours.  There's a strong urge to gamble  with other people's money or  feelings. You'll find two ot  three younger persons equally  attractive. Full Moon announces sudden career deve-  lopement requiring emotional  decisions.  PISCES (Feb. 19 - Mar. 20)  Home life becomes pleasan-  tcr for a few weeks. Household  members are now ready to  discuss fairer sharing of domestic duties. It's the right time  to plan decorative schemes and  choose colours, patterns, paper  and paint. Full Moon brings  unexpected news from a distance and warns against stubborn philosophical arguments.  If possible postpone any long  journeys by jet.   Chimney  Cleaning  (S Maintenance  Phone 886-8187  p TWILIGHT.'"  THEATRE  "4.  Dolly Parton  Lilly Tomlin  I *tW NINE TO FIVE jane Fonda  Wed. - Thurs. - Fri. ��� Sal. - Sun. - Mon. - Tum.  May 13 - 14 -15 - 16 - 17 -18 -19  (MOW) Warning: Occaelonel Coerte Language  Pitas* Phone tor Show Times 886-2827   \  mmm  warn  ���i Book review  Coast News, May 12, 1981  ^Preppy Handbook' is derivative  Fran BourMU Pholo  Sechelt librarian, Marie Montgomery proudly shows Sechelt Council the registration certificate of  the newly formed Sechelt Library Association. The association has a ten-member board and will be  on this year's grant list.  Volunteer skills sought  Here's a chance to put your  interests and skills to work for  the community...  Secretary /Treasurer  A non-profit voluntary a-  gency in Gibsons requires  responsible person with financial background and skills or  particular interest in this area  to keep small set of books and  do payroll for VA people on  staff. Person in the position  would also attend monthly  general meetings, record minutes and work closely with  staff and other officers. Whole  conversion  WINDOWS  job takes approximately four  hours a week to complete  properly. Initial orientation  and training will be provided.  A wonderful opportunity to  build and sharpen your bookkeeping skills and while contributing to the community.  Tutor in Enf(lish as a Second  Language  An individual in the Sechelt  Seniors  painting  Hunter Gallery is showing a  fine example of small paintings by a group of Senior  Citizens, painting under the  volunteer direction of Pauline  Lawson  and   Hazel   Coxall.  Classes are conducted at  the Kinsmen Recreation Centre in Gibsons every Tuesday  1-3 p.m., with lunch and  afternoon tea provided.  This service is sponsored by  the Resource Society in  Gibsons and Sechelt.  This is the year of the  disabled and the senior  citizen's art proves creativity  will surmount any obstacles  to communicate beauty.  For more information, call  Louise Hume.  vicinity is needed to assist a  Vietnamese resident relatively  new to the area with English  speaking skills in her home. All  materials and teaching supports are provided. One or two  hours per week for a few  months time will adequately fill  the needs required in this  particular situation and could  help you in further developing  your teaching and support  skills.  For additional information,  contact Joan Cowderoy at the  Volunteer Bureau, 885-5881.  by Joan Huestis Foster  Guest season on the Sunshine Coast has arrived and  don't be surprised if your  visitors arrive with a copy of  the "Preppy Handbook" by  Lisa Birnback for you instead  of the usual flowers. This  little book is enjoying an  amazing vogue in the U.S.  and Canada and is consequently quite hard to find.  The book is a laughing  guide to tradition, mannerisms, etiquette, dress codes  and family. How to be really  top drawer. It is a dead  ringer for Nancy Mitford's  "Noblesse Oblige" of thirty  years ago, transferred from  England to the U.S. If I were  Nancy Mitford I would be inclined to sue for plagiarism  since so many of the ideas are  identical and merely dragged  across the sea and updated.  The word Preppy was  picked from "Love Story"  a movie in which Ryan O'Neil  played an upper crust type  who had attended a "Prep"  or preparatory school (in  Canada, private school - In  England public school - how  do we manage to reverse  everything?) In Mitford's hilarious book the group was  referred to as "U", standing  for "Upper Class" or "Non  Book Look  by Murrie Redman  Weasel   Words: The Art Of Saying Whal You Don't Mean by  Mario Pei, Harper & Row 1978, 811.95, indexed.  So accustomed are we to media weasel words that we ignore ads  that tell us a product is "irresistible", "rare" or that we "can't stop  the strawberry whose time has come". Some automatic sifting  circuit in our brain tells us that the after-shave is indeed resistible,  the scotch as rare as fourteen other amber bottles next to it on the  shelves, and that we are relatively safe from invasion by the  strawberry for the moment, at least.  Mario Pei champions the person who wants to stop the rot that  has set into the English language. He succeeds in part by making  the reader aware that much ofthe vernacular is innundated with  weasel words coined by newscasters, pop writers and ads men in  momentary gropes for better ones. The new ones stick. For  example, the Watergate Affair brought us "dirty tricks", liberated  sexual activists made "gay" a by-word, and the advent of rampant  divorce as the solution to marriage problems brought the tidy,  "singles" and "single parent". Other famous weasels are "libber",  "touchy-feely", "sweathogs", "best-seller", and thousands more  that are born every day.  Areas such as sport, science, the arts and education all have  their words to add to the growing list of weasels. My experience  with the "the worked-tongue" of education has me busy just  keeping up with the initials for new ways to describe old things,  not to mention the jargon that goes along with each.  Pel's last word warns particularly that television is the single  most influential force in the change of our language. He cites  numerous examples of his concern in the summary. He warns  against being too impressed by the ratings game. He encourages  the personal involvement of individuals in effecting media  changes by applying pressures against the use of sloppy or  unsuitable language. And finally, he muses "if one cares".  &fa^.  May 30, 32 June 5, 6, 7  Matinee May 31, June 7  Admission $5.00  Tickets On Sale at:  ��� TJ SOUND Qlbaona  ��� BOOKS & STUFF Sachall  U" standing for anything but.  If you were totally U you really  couldn't belong to any other  category, no matter what  you did, you merely became  eccentric.  In the "Preppy Handbook"  a newer generation has to be  more careful but the similarities outweigh the differences. The book has enough  truth in it to be funny.  Nancy Mitford's "Noblesse  Oblige" was a much funnier  book because we were much  more aware of the still rigid  class system in Great Britain,  shards of which had been  mangled across the Atlantic.  I think the American book fails  because there is the usual  American fuss about money,  threadbare Dukes being unavailable in the U.S. In early  Canada, following the British  tradition,   actual   cash   was  rarely discussed. With a fine  old name the school would  take you anyway and the  ancient Aunties would ante up  at their own speed and discretion if they felt like it.  The class system is moribund and has been replaced  by the bank balance, but the  "Preppy Handbook" will still  be considered amusing by the  few. Since it is poking fun it  should not be considered a  snobbish book but rather a  guide to today's snobberies,  through the pocketbook or the  old trust fund. Personally I  would rather devote my  limited reading time to Chee-  ver or Updike.  Gibsons Public  library  Tuesday 2 - 4 pm  Wednesday 2 - 4 pm  Thursday 2-4 & 7-9 pm  Saturday 2 - 4 pm  886-2130  J-RDP Bookstore'/  886-7744  I Corner Of School ti\  1 Oowar Point Roads  Optn  Fri. til 9 p.m.  Sun. 1t4  i.'.i.ih.j  ��� Poal Cards A Row! Maps*  .Stationary*  Harper & Row's  Complete  Held Guide  to  North American  Wildlife  Western Edition  New from Sunset  How to Plan & Build Decks  Building Barbeques  Hot Tubs, Spas & Home Saunas  Garden & Patio Building Book  Walks, Walls & Patio Floors  Patios & Decks  [ofMaajrPMM  |  ��o 5^/ Q/3C\>  Sharp, strong flavour-  enough to clear a head cold-  comes from tomato juice and  beef bouillon, heated with a  dash of crushed dried hot  pepper.  Low-calorie make-believe  sour cream Is made from  ricotta cheese (15 ounce  container) and 1/4 cup plain  yogurt. Puree in processor or  blender.  Low-calorie doesn't have to  mean low taste. See what  wonders await you at  Vothl't, Sunnycrest Shopping Centara, 886-8015. We  have lots of great dishes for  the dieter:  ��� Callfornian Fresh Crispy  Salad.  ��� Buddha's Blessing  ��� (Vegetarian's Chop Suey:  consists  of  various  vegetables: Cauliflower, Bok  Choy, Celery, Baby Corn,  Brocolli, Zucchini, Onion,  Garlic,' Mushroom,  Snow Peas, Carrots,  Cabbage, Qreen Pepper,  Red Pepper, Bamboo  Shoots, Qreen Onion.  Low-calorie meals feature  lean meats and perfect  salads. You'll find the  makings at Variety Foods,  Gower Point, Gibsons - 688-  2938. We're a dieter's delight.  NOW OPEN  FOR LUNCH!  Tues. ��� Sat  11:30 am - 2 pm  Tues. - Thurs. 4:30 - 9:30 pm  Fri. �� Sat. 4:30 -10 pm  CLOSED: Sun. a Mon.  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If left up to our menfolk  we'd have a shrinking population!  Pregnancy and Timber Days  seem to share a common road-  every one enjoys the act-  but the ladies pack the load!  In the early days the Suffragettes  struggled vainly to be heard.  In modern times it's the women  who demand ihe final word!  So now who's bossing Timber Days  and Loggers Sports and such?  It's the ladies of our Village, men;  Are we getting out of touch?  We'd better pull our socks up, boys,  fire up that old impetus!  Or when it comes to procreation  they're going to start without us!  YOUR AUTOPLAN  CENTRE  Taking care of  all your Real Estate Needs  Seaside Plaza Evenings Call  886-2000    Norm Peterson Dennis Suveges  886-9121    886-2607(Res.)or 886-7264 (Res.)  bv Lola Roberts  There was music in the  far-off distance, barely audible. The children started  lo call; "The parade is coming! The parade is coming!"  The music got closer. Everyone lined the streets waiting in  anticipation. Now the source  of the sound could be seen.  There was the band ��� marching and keeping the beat with  their feet. The band marched  by and filled the air with music  that made the people smile  and feel good inside. The  children clapped and tapped  to the rhythm. As the band  passed by and the music  faded the crowd grew quiet  waiting for the next arrival.  Flowers and glitter - a float,  with pretty girls, dressed in  their best, waving, smiling.  The crow "ah's" and waves  back with a smile.  The parade is coming and  all the events that go with the  day. The parade is coming on  Saturday, May 16th, at Madeira Park. You are all invited  to our May Day celebrations.  Do you think a house can be  built in a day? Sure it can?  No it can't? Sandy Hately and  his colleagues believe it can be  done and will prove the point  Ihis Saturday, May Day at  Madeira Park. Come, see for  yourselves.  Kids love races and it is a  good warm-up for their Sports  Day. We plan to have all kinds  of races for children of all  ages.  Speaking of children of  all ages we have got Adult  Races also, for kids in disguise. Can you beat your  buddy running with an egg  on a spoon? Team up and see  how fast you can go in the  three-legged race. How about  a tug-of-war? Not just for men  hut the ladies, too. Bet you  haven't done it in ages. Come  and give it a try - it will be just  plain fun, a good time and a  great laugh.  For those of you who don't  want to race - don't stay  home - we've got something  for everyone. How about the  Mini Carnival. Feeling lucky,  try the "Wheel of Fortune",  or throw a dart, throw a ball,  throw a dime, or even still  throw a pie. Throw a what?  A pie. How many times have  you wanted to throw a pie?  Well, here's your chance.  May Day at Madeira Park.  When the day seems  through it is not quite  finished. There is the Junior  dance for kids from 0 to 12  years old in the Community  Club from 6:00 p.m. till  8:30 p.m.  Tuck the children into bed  and come to the Adult Dance.  It's a chance to laugh over  the events ofthe day, a chance  to see old friends and meet  new ones, a chance to try out  the newest dances and the old  ones. The dance starts at  9:00 p.m. and we've got  4X4 with Lome Jones and  Steve Hubert to play the  music. Tickets on sale at  Madeira Park Pharmacy and  on the grounds at our May  Day.  There is lots still not  mentioned. I could go on  forever, but come see for  yourselves. Come see the  parade, come join the fun and  be a part of the day at Madeira  Park, May Day, Saturday,  May 16th. The parade starts  at 11:00 a.m. See you there.  by Carl Chrismas  Webster says it well: "Impetus: The tendency of a  moving body to keep moving  after the force which has kept it  in motion ceases to act"!  Wow! Doesn't that sound  like we'd just laid back to light  up a smoke? And when it comes  to Timber Days and Loggers  Sports that seems to be what is  happening.  Oh, 1 must give credit to  those of us who are pitching in  and helping where we can.  Such good citizens as Len and  Harold Swanson who have  excavated the pool for the log  burling and the water hazard  on the chokermen's race  course. And George Fawkes  has cut the grass. Looks nice!  And all the business people in  the community who have  conlributed money and effort  to pull it all together. And I  have enjoyed helping where 1  could.  But the credit really goes lo  the ladies. Dorothy Goescn  who is chairing Tirnber Days  again this year.  And our own Bonnie Wigard  and Cory Crosby who arc  sharing the duties of chairing  loggers sports. Bonnie has her  kids lined up for the junior  loggers and teen kids events  while Cory is whippin' her crew  into shape for the main events.  Dorothy has a hard working  crew also, men and women,  boys and girls. And much  credit must go to them.  But without a leader where  Timber Days Craft Fair  A festive and colourful  Timber Days Craft Fair will  take place Saturday and  Sunday, 10 a.m. - 4 p.m. at the  Sunshine Coast Arts Centre  across from Hackett Park.  Aside from the variety of  craft displays, ranging from  complete  ACCOUNTING     $10,934.  package  ��� EIGHT  INCH  DISKS  JCL   LLlL I  flLillilLij    AUTHORIZED DEALER  Trail Bay Centre, j  Sachall  885-2568  homemade soap to toy birds  that really fly, there will be  live music and a bagel booth.  Kate Angermeyer and Dan  Bouman will entertain with  their traditional Irish dance  tunes played on mandolin, tin  whistle and concertina.  Stephen Hubert will play  piano and guitar.  The twenty craft displays  will be located both inside and  outside the Arts Centre.  Included will be assorted  pottery, ceramics, woven  goods, photography, handmade toys, crocheted clothing,  silver jewellery, stitchery kits  and batik t-shirts.  Bagels with cream cheese  and lox, assorted homemade  cakes and muffins and other  refreshments will be available.  would it all be? Must we start  each year in fear of having lo  abort what has become a  community institution?  The funny part of it is. when  the final day comes, the crowds  arc greal and enthusiasm runs  high. The entries in the parade  improve every year and that's a  great boost for the community.  Bul the real joy of it all is in  the participation of the kids.  How they love their May  Queen affair and their sports  and the floss candy and hot  dogs and pop and all the other  once-a-year things that happen  to them. And that's where it all  counts!  So please, folks. Reward all  these lovely, hard working and  loyal citizens of our little  community and turn out in  droves to support all you local  charities by buying their goodies. These are some of the  funds with which our local  groups support their good  deeds lhat make up the rest of  the year. We cannot let them  down!  Y>  ���MxrawornwvvomTesL   <?  daniadown  CNs- IrVinKi chilli jttjv *>th i D*'��JdQ*rt�� Cfjnlnfntji  quilt lull dour) Ihe i��ar Id ;tte energy and be '���������!��� o'  KfJiOus bfdmjhing lotcd Ail JbOut Our unique  gujrjntte nl ajimih IrVt hm i consilMry [iyjnanig  selectyor. ol designs m ptrmj-prrsi peNtennfl muslins  Thp (iKOMhng pcisiMhes Ht (10I��S  Mjlchinq rjijrjf service auiijhle ReJSe contact us lo'  COIflur b'ocrtuie and C'OSS Canada uMlf r tisl - Buy  ctanbdown quilts ltd.  Vancouver BC Esi.ohslvM 1967  SUNSHINE INTERIMS  Norm no. a kiwanis way  QiisoNt- M6-SU7    ,  QONEIDA  SALE  CONTINUES  NOW!    REQ    SAVE!  COHMUNrTV,MSILVEfll>LATE     wo-.d lamous Iff finasl qualify 137.99 $6075  I22.TC  I Outic Shall     '1  Royal Grandeur    3, Patrician    4  Artislrv     5 Modem Uaroque    6 AN��tton  1M10ROQERSW,MSILVEIiPLATE     truly tint Quality, supw valuo 29M     4B 00     11,01  7 Amoretque    B Baroque Rota    9 flirtation  .      49.M   7500    2S.0I  HEMLOOftT" tTMNLIM ... biavyvrwgtit. luxury quality       23 99    3900    11.01  II ShMkity    1? Mwhaiangefo    13 Colonial    14 Dovtf  COMMUNITY��� STAINLESS     vary popular, h8��.yw*ght        1SW    2650     10.51  15 Satiniqua    16 VaneUa    17 Paul Ravers    IB Chattjouig    19 Frosffira    20. Louisiana  ONEBA!U0���LUXE STAINLESS     imptawva Quality good pnea      12.99    Bl 50      1.51  21  Mozart    22 Modern Antique    23 Home-Mead    24 Chateau    25 Chant    26 Capisirano  QUANTITIES LIMITED!    SHOP NOW AT  WTCHEN GARNIVAL  Cowrie Street, Sechelt  885-3611  9th Annual  SECHELT TIMBER DAYS  Schedule of Events  All Events Will Take Place in Hackett Park Unless Otherwise Noted  Not all eventa are listed.  For information, check in at  Ihe First Aid and Information  Booth in Hackett Park  FRIDAY, MAY 15TH  11:00 - 5:00  Sechelt Indian Band Heritage Day Display  Indian War Dances: Show Times 1:00 and 5:00  \JSechelt Elementary School)   SO/SO DRAW TICKETS ��� On Sale at Hackett Park  50% of the proceeds given as Cash Prizes 50% of the proceeds to help finance Timber Days  Winner to be drawn on Monday at 1:00 in Hackett Park  SATURDAY, MAY 16TH  12:00 ��� 4:00 6:00  Canadian Propane Barbeque Vancouver City Police Drill Team  (Canadian Propane Parking Lot) (TraH Bay Ma||)  Band Concert, Elphinstone & Valemont Bands 9:0��  (Trail Bay Mall)                                           Timber Day Dance, Hawaiian Entertainment   (Sechelt Legion) ,  SUNDAY, MAY 17TH  9:00  Grand Parade Marshalling ���  (Sechelt Indian Band Grounds)  9:00  Baseball Games throughout day  (In front ol Benners)  9:00 ��� 11:00  Pancake Breakfast   Roberts Creek Lions Club  9:30 ��� 10:00  RCMP Bicycle Decorating Contest  (Sechelt Indian Band Grounds)  10:00  Judging of Floats  (Sechelt Indian Band Grounds)  10:00 - 4:00  Arts and Crafts Fair  (Arts Centre)  11:00  Grand Parade Begins  11:00  Parade Fly Pass ��� Aero Club & Tyee Airways  11:00 - 4:00  Horseshoe Pitching  12:00  Main Ceremonies  ��� 0 Canada, Elphinstone & Valemont Bands  - Crowning of May Queen  (If raining will be held in Chatelech School Gym)  12:00  Fishing Derby Weigh-In  Throughout Afternoon at Hackett Park  a Tea Garden - Halfmoon Bay Auxiliary  a Pop, tea Cream, ate.  Sechelt & Wilson Creak Cubs  a Food Booth ��� I.O.F.  a Food Booth ��� Halfmoon Bay Recreation  a Food Booth ��� Sachalt Indian Band  a Baseball Games - Start at 9:00 am.  1:00  Parade Winners, Prize Presentations  1:00  S.P.C.A. Pet Contest  1:30  Junior Logger Sports, Ages 7 -10  Pre-Teen Logger Sports, Ages 11-12  Teen Logger Sports, Ages 13 - 15  1:30  Childrerfs Races  2:00  Sunshine Coast Children Variety Show  2:00  Elphinstone High School Dancers  2:00  Push Ball ��� Sechelt vs ???  2:30  Teen Timber Queen Competition Sports  2:30  Cake Walk ��� Western Weight Controllers  rm  Parachute Jump  3:30  Crowing of Timber Boy, Jr. Logger Winner  5:00  Dinner for May Queen and Party  (Parthenon Restaurant)  6:00 - 8:00  Dance ��� Children through Grade 8 - Parents Welcome  (Chatelech School Gym)  8:00  Paul Latta Polynesian Spectactular  (If raining will be held in Chatelech School Gym)  Evening  Reno Night - Sechelt Lions Club  MONDAY, MAY 18TH  9:00  Baseball Games throughout day  11:00  Crowning of Teen Timber Queen  11:00-4:00  Horseshoe Pitch Finals  1:00  50/50 Winner to be drawn by Teen Timber Queen  Loggers Sports Events  Day Starts at 10:00  Novice  Underhand Chop' Chokerman's  Standing Block Chop   Race  Men's Axe Throw  Log Burling  Main Events  Underhand Chop  Men's Axe Throw  Limited Power  Saw Bucking  Unlimited Power  Saw Bucking  Ladies Axe Throw  Standing Block Chop  Ladies Nail Driving  Trophies  Logger of the Day  Sportsman of the Day  Ladies Double Bucking  Men's Double Bucking  Obsticle Pole Race  Jack & Jill Bucking  Men's Single Bucking  Pole Climb  Chockerman's Race  Men's Log Burling  Ladies' Log Burling  Lady Logger of the Day  Hard Luck Trophy  Trophies will be presented after events are finished.  Your Sechelt Timber Days Committee takes this opportunity to thank the many individuals and  organizations who contributed so freely of their time to make this event a roaring success.  ENJOY   YOURSELVES  m It   >('>*.!  Children's outing  by Jon Van Arsdell  ' Mr. Fearn makes the news  this week by taking our school  kids on a very high class field  trip to the Children's Festival  in Vancouver. Nick Wallace,  Iris Griffith, Lise Van Arsdell  and John and Australia  Marion were the big people  who went along to help look  after the little people.  The festival was held in  Jericho Park and the entertainment was superb. Fred  Penner  from   Manitoba  de  lighted the audience with his  songs and does an exceptionally good job with "The Cat  Came Back". The Flying Fruit  Fly Circus from New South  Wales, Australia, was a group  of highly-talented children,  32 in all, ages three to 18,  backed by a five-piece band.  They dabbled in acrobatics,  clowning, music and aerial  acts. Some of the outside  entertainment included a free,  fantastic parachute ride and  Al Simmons, the Almost Alive  Human Juke-Box.  The Egmont contingent  had dinner at The Spaghetti  Factory and lunch at Mac-  Donald's. Cablevision and a  swimming pool highlighted  their stay at the exclusive  International Plaza in North  Vancouver. Ron would like to  thank everyone who contributed and Jielped with the  bottle drive which raised the  necessary bucks for the trip.  Last week's Plant and Bake  Sale was a real winner,  raising $50 for the club. The  raffle was appropriately won  by John Seabrook. The cute  little apron is just what he  needs' for milling lumber.  Mrs. Marshall from North  Lake won the cosmetic bag  with soap.  W    6K CARE CENTRE  & AUXILIARY  Annual s<  GRAN-E THON i  May 31st    2:00 p.m.  -     Sunnycrest Mall j)  Pick-up PLEDGE |  Sheets at       ��  Come out *Q  and rapport the JW  S'   KIWANIS CARE CENTRE  *b  The antique look ofthe newly renovated Gibsons Pioneer Museum is enjoyed by the deReuse family.  KolM-rl.". (  Anniversary, flag theft, etc.  Coast News, May 12, 1981  NOTICE OF PUBLIC MEETING  ELECTORAL AREA F  A public meeting will be held in the  GYMNASIUM, LANGDALE ELEMENTARY SCHOOL  on  Tuesday, May 19, 1981 at 8:00 p.m.  to discuss the first draft of the  WEST HOWE SOUND  SETTLEMENT PLAN  This draft document outlines long range policies for growth and development ol the  communities in Granthams Landing, Soames Point, Hopkins Landing, Langdale,  Williamsons Landing and the North Road area. Copies of the text portion of this plan  will be available at the Regional District office, Gibsons Post Office, Granthams Post  Office and the Hopkins Landing Store from May 12 on. A settlement plan map is  available for viewing at the Regional District Office. Interested citizens and  community groups are invited to participate in the discussion by commenting on the  proposals and by providing suggestions for inclusion in the plan.  885-2261 Sunshine Coast Regional' District  Office hours: Box 800, (1248 Wharf Street)  Monday - Wednesday ��� 8 am ��� 5 pm Sechelt, B.C.  Thursday ��� Friday ��� 8 am - 5 pm VON 3A0  by Jeanle Norton 886-9609  Ladles celebrate third anniversary.  The Ladies Auxiliary to  Legion Branch 219 celebrated  their third birthday on Saturday night with a dinner out,  followed by an evening at the  Branch. Attending as special  guests were Gladys Suis, the  Zone Representative who originally installed the members,  and the present Zone Representative, Gladys Ritchie  from Sechelt.  Flag theft.  The Legion appreciates the  love of the Canadian flag that  prompted its theft from the  Branch the weekend before  last, but they do hope the  patriots are putting it to its  proper   use.   They   request,  however, that if the thieves  don't have a pole from which  to fly it, that the flag be  returned to its rightful place.  Morning babysitters.  The morning fitness class is  in need of babysitters. Please  contact Rieta at 886-2875.  May meeting.  Next Wednesday, May 20,  is the monthly Community  Association meeting. To add  items to the agenda, phone  Gail Cromie at 885-3469 or  Dennis Davison at 885-2102.  Daze coming.  With the wet spring we've  been having it's hard to  visualize the beautiful hot  summer day we've come to  associate with Roberts Creek  Daze. But it will come (won't  it?) and it's time to start  making plans.  The next Daze meeting is  May 27 at the Community  Hall, starting at 7:30. Check  the list at the store to see if  there's something you want to  sign up for and come to the  meeting with any new ideas or  suggestions. We want Roberts  Creek Daze 1981 to be better  than ever.  Home game tonight.  The Roberts Creek Legion  Ladies Softball Team is  keeping up its winning tradition - they're 4 for 4 so far  this season. All the fans  coming out to cheer really  helps. Home games are every  Tuesday at the school, starting  at 6:30.  Tonight's game against the'  Cedars should be the best yet,  so come out and cheer on the  home team. The Legion will be  open afterwards.  Drummond Insurance  Don't  I <ikc C h.inc cs!  Get Thai Boal  "ALL RISK" C  Also \ou ConlriH tor's <ind I'm,Hi  "Al 1   RISK'' Builder's ("owr.i.u's  HarmonyHall happenings  Last Saturday, May 2nd,  was our very successful Spring  Tea, Bazaar and Plant Sale.  It was a smoothly run affair,  under the capable convener,  Marjorie Leslie. Approximately 190 persons partook of the  lovely tea and found many  items to take home. The hall  looked so nice with plants  flanking the back wall and the  brightly-coloured tea cloths.  The winner of first prize, a  beautifully done needlepoint  rose in a tasteful frame,  done by our Jense Tolborg,  was won by Bev Northway of  Roberts Creek with ticket  #24. Second prize of a $50.00  food voucher, donated by  "Super-Valu" was won by  Yvonne Edmonds of Gibsons  and third prize, the afghan  made by Eve Holloway, Dora  Benn and Lila Rhodes, was  won by E. McGrade of Pem-  berton.  The donkey and cart planter  made and donated by Norm  Lambert went to Lois McLean  of Gibsons and we have an  unclaimed prize of a doll and  cradle, which was given to us  from Norm and Mary Lambert. The winning number is  119772 on the rust coloured  ticket stub. Call Mrs. Coates  at 886-7685 if you have this  number.  Many of our activities at  Harmony Hall are winding  down for a summer recess.  Our last bingo was held on  Thursday evening, April 30th,  but we will resume again the  first Thursday in October.  Carpet bowling is also over  until October, when we will  commence with the new  weighted balls. Our Friday  evening fun nights will continue during May, starring at  7:30 sharp. There will be a  Pot Luck' Dinner on May 29th  at 6:00 p.m. to be followed by  cards and other games.  If we can raise the necessary funds we hope to add a  crafts room to our building, so  that we can develop hobbies  among, our "Golder Agere"  such as ceramics, painting  and other crafts of their  choice. We are looking to the  future when many more will  join our happy family of  oldsters. We are also looking  forward to bus trips in June,  so will those interested come  to the June General Meeting  on June 1st and indicate their  wishes.  We owe a big vote of thanks  to all those people who have  helped to make the winter  season a success, and who  have made Harmony Hall a  i wnioiu;. gattiexuig place,  ii* continuing support and  co-operation have made my  job as president a very satisfying experience. I love all of  you and may you all enjoy  good health during the months  to come.  We extend our heartfelt  sympathy to Signe Carlson  and Helen Thurston who have  lost their mates, and get-well  wishes go to John Holloway  and Florence Chaster and any  others who are ill, Happy  gardening to all you busy  people.  SUNSHINE COAST REGIONAL DISTRICT  Sprinhllng Regulations  Enecnuehiwi  The following properties may sprinkle on:  MONDAY - 7 a.m. to 10 a.m. and 7 p.m. tp 9 p.m.  WEDNESDAY        - 7 a.m. to 10 a.m. and 7 p.m. to 9 p.m.  FRIDAY - 7 a.m. to 10 a.m.  1. All waterfront properties  2. Cowrie Street in the Village of Sechelt  3. All houses north of the Hydro right-of-way in the Village of Sechelt, with the  exception of Lookout Avenue.  4. All properties fronting the south side of Norwest Bay Road.  5. Derby Road, Bleigh Road and Wakefield Road In West Sechelt.  ..,..&.The south side.ofXhastef, Rosamund, Fair-view & Grandview Roads in  ";Gowe^ Point.  7. North Road.  8. The west side of all street in Langdale.  9. Whltaker Road in Davis Bay.  All other properties not listed above may sprinkle on:  TUESDAY - 7 a.m. to 10 a.m. and 7 p.m. to 9 p.m.  THURSDAY - 7 a.m. to 10 a.m. and 7 p.m. to 9 p.m.  SATURDAY - 7 a.m. to 10 a.m.  ONE SPRINKLER ONLY IS PERMITTED ON EACH PROPERTY.  WHEN AFIRE SIREN ISSOUNDED.PLEASETURNOFF YOUR SPRINKLER.  G. Dixon    Works Superintendent  FOR THE CONVENIENCE OF OUR CLIENTS  AND TO SERVE YOU BETTER  EASTWOOD & COMPANY  BARRISTERS & SOLICITORS  Haue moued  across the hall from our old location  in the Medical Dental Centre  886-2271 Coast News, May 12, 1981  ^X  LUCKY  DOLLAR fCCDS  OVERLOOKING BEAUTIFUL GIBSONS HARBOUR  Chilean Red Emperor  GRAPES  ���.     m.  Ib.  ggo  Florida  B.C. Grown Long English  CUCUMBERS  Honda m   /J-RtffcA  CGRN ON THE COB 4/99��  California Pink & White     m    m ffe ft A  GRAPEFRUIT 4/99��  Burns *            _  canned ham *.. �����3.o8  Nabob-Deluxe A_   mm*  tea bags <��� $3.49  Hills Brothers - Hi Yield Ajfc ^^  coffee $2.69  Delmonte  Asst'd Varieties  Delmonte  fruit cups        4..J1.69  690  dlllpichles       .U��M.49  14 oz.  Crushed, Sliced & Tidbits  Bick's  National Bakeries'  Hamburger ft     <.���,,-  Hot Bog Buns   d.z*l.lD  also; surprise m-stora specials!  Asst'd Varieties  Sunburst  t-Hiiiuu. si ^m-**-**M-mmMmmmmm^-~~ _j.   _  Instant noodles   4/^1.  790  Bick's  relish m mi  Asst'd Varieties  Aylmer - Fancy  rosebud beets       ,,.��. 55��  French's  mustard ���. 75��  Adventures In e  Reading "Budget Gourmet" in the "Sun" the other week I decided  the only gourmeting I could possibly budget for would have to be  done al home. Whilst surveying the meat and fish department for  bargains I came across something that only cost 99< a pound. Thrills  and frills! What's more there were two in a package and the total  price was only 95C! Thrift leapt beneath the waves because I then  purchased a small tin of crabmeat to accompany my bargain squid.  True confession time: amongst the great gaps in my culinary  knowledge lurks the squid. Eaten it 1 have, and delicious it was too, ���  thank you, Lyn, - but I've never actually done one, let alone two. My  second true confession is that I'm incredibly squeamish and can't  bear handling innards and things so I handed my bargain to my old  man and said: "You do it".  This is what he says to do:  1. Grab the head and tail in each hand and pull. If all the innards  don't come out at once just pull them out separately.  2. Chop the tentacles off just in front of the eyes and discard the  eye bit along with the knob of cartilage that sits just above the  tentacles.  3. Inside the squid body is a piece of skeleton that resembles a  plastic stirrer, pull out and discard.  4. Cut off the fins and peel off the red membrane that covers the  squid. Rinse in cold water and pat dry with a paper towel.  5. In amongst the innards is a dark coloured streak which is the ink  sac. Carefully pry this out and discard the remainder of the  innards.  When you or your helper have done this you can then make the  stuffing.  1. Chop the fins and tentacles up finely. This is rather like  chopping wet rubber but is not impossible!  2. Chop up the following:  2 tablespoons onion  1 clove garlic  1 tablespoon parsley  Heat 1 tablespoon olive oil to a moderate heat and fry the  chopped squid bits for a couple of minutes. Add the onion  mixture plus a pinch of ground nutmeg, salt& pepper to taste.  Continue stirring and frying for five minutes.  Toss in V2 cup soft breadcrumbs and stir in for a minute, then  place the whole mixture in a bowl containing the contents of the  tin of crab. Mix thoroughly.  Divide this mixture in half and place inside the body of each  squid. Fasten the open end with a toothpick  TO COOK THE SQUID  AIET-  Parkay  margarine  . 1.36 Ltr  Palm Asst'd Flavours  3.  Heat up a tablespoon of olive oil and fry the squid on each side.  Cover, turn down the heat and keep it cooking for ten minutes.  Place the ink sac in a small nylon strainer over a glass. Get 14 a  cup of cold water and pour gently through the strainer as you  press with the back of a teaspoon. You will end up with half a  cup of murky black water.  Whisk a teaspoon of flour into Ihe inky water and, when the ten  minutes are up, stir in the ink mixture, cover tightly and cook  gently for a further fifteen minules. Serve ��� minus the toothpick.  We ate ours accompanied by boiled rice with peas and chopped  parsley mixed in it, and a green salad with homemade vinaigrette  dressing, washed down with chilled homemade pear wine. "Kind of  like fishy haggis," said my old man as he licked his lips!  Happy eating.  Nest Lewis  (former Home Economics teacher)  'yen it  providliw variety, quality and IHenl   arulce.  "We reserve the right lo limit qu.Mi.it.es  Gower Point Rd., Gibsons      Free Delivery to the Wharf     886**225  $2.29  icecream J3.99  MnJ^l  Stouffer's  meat pies       ��erJl.65  Beef, Chicken & Turkey  Minute Maid Concentrate  orange lulce     ��nJ1.39  iSOO/CaSO       24 - 300 mil  v.   /�������  plus M.ie deposit  IS N/RflM       12 - 850 mil  W/CMB   Plus ��4�� deposit  *New Flavours, Black Cherry & Lemon Lime 'Diet Pop  r Liue  CLAMS  SU9/ID.  Open 7 Days  9.30 am ��� 1 pm  Gibsons Fish  Market  BgtfKWOOHBOOBQOOOOOBB  j ALL SPORTS  |    MARINE i  AU   [\  \ SPECIALS  ��N        /  FISHING  /    I  GEAR   /  7  JfC-  886-9303   i  faBtM8Mt����atMBBBBBBBa I Coast News, May 12, 1981  BUDGET BEATERS  PRICES EFFECTIVE  wed. - SUP.  May 13th ��� 17th  Open Fridays til 7 p.m.  Open Sundays & Holidays  10 a.m. - 5 p.m.  DOLLAR  Hi-C     Orange & Grape  fruit drink ,��,,,��� 99��  Kam  luncheon meat   M���M.39  Pacific  euaoorated  milk       _��2/$1.99      H8 ".83  Wasa .  crlspbread ^$1.19  Asst'd Varieties  Weston's .  cookies ..J1.79  & Favorite Fives Choc. Chip  Christies .  cookies ��e���,��1.79  & Fudge Coffee Breaks    cones > cuds 59��  Purina .  C3I S CfllB Dinner lkg * imVH  Grilltime .  briquettes��.*4.59  lvory Am   aa  oar soap J 1.09  Personal size 4-Pack  HCLSEKAEES  SHomna babs  We are repeating this sale on  these popular woven bags.  There is an assortment of  colours to choose from. Handy  for the beach & shopping.  Reg. '3.95  Special Purchase Price  ��1��  Special Purchase Price  ROASTING PAHS  by rento-ltott  ��� Non-stick  ��� Scratch Proof  ��� Outside enamelled  ��� Use any of your customary  kitchen tools  ��� Scratch-resistant surface  withstands all normal wear.  Reg. '15.95  special Purchase Price  ��9.��  MULTIPURPOSE  LANTERNS  ��� Includes long-lasting DURA-  CELL 6 VOLT BATTERY.  ��� High impact break-resistant  plastic case  ��� Compact size - light weight  ��� Easy loading battery chamber  ��� Easy grip handle  ��� Powerful long-lasting light  Reg. '19.49  Special Purchase Price  M5.��  STEAK &  Fresh  PRAWNS  ���10.*  886-9021  Pari ftp  D��ll ind HMlth  foot) si  fNO NONSENSE  DIET  Re�� $14.95  Special $9.95  8SB-2936  Open til 7 - Fridays  AT- A  Gov't Inspected Canada Grade H Beef  PRIME *Q on  RIB ROAST Bone,      ,o��2.89  SHORT RIBS cm ������ J 1.89  In Family Pack  Olympic Bulk  WIENEI  Regular or Jumbo BBQ  lb  H5HL solehuhs   J2.89  990  Gov't Inspected Canada Grade H or Utility  FRESH CHICKEN  , $1.29  Whole, Cut-up or Splits  SHOP   TALK " Bill Edney  THE LIFE AROUND US  In the months and years past, since I started this little -, -���  corner of cornrnent and viewpoint, I have written about  many subjects. In a community such as ours we are still  privileged to be seen and heard. What happens around  us in our community affects us in one way or another. To  be able to communicate thoughts, suggestions, words of  encouragement or mutual aid is to my way of thinking an  opportunity lhat should not be passed up.  I know that many people have heard of P.E.P. Many  people have been or are involved in it. Until I was elected  to Gibsons Council and given the role of P.E.P. liaison I  had never heard of it. I wonder how many of my readers  know what P.E.P. stands for, and what type of  organization it is? Was I the only one in ignorance?  Should more people know about it? Is it important that  we do?  P.E.P. stands for Provincial Emergency Program. It is  a provincially organized plan for dealing with any  conceivable disaster or emergency. Our area coordinator is Mr. Art McPhee of Sechell who regularly  organizes meetings, search and rescue training, and all  things related to organized preparation. A survival  exercise for Search and Rescue and the P.E.P. Air  Service will be held Friday and Saturday, May 15 & 16.  1��� spent: four days- at a government sponsored  "Orientation for Disaster Planning" course in Victoria  last week. Needless to say it wasn't designed to enable us  to plan for disaster, but rather thai municipal officials  could be made aware,���"il can happen here", and how to  plan for defensive and life-saving actions in the event a  tragedy occurs.  The course was a real shocker with live-action films  showing Earthquakes, Fire and Floods, Dangerous  Goods transport accidents and how these disasters are  dealt with by various community groups having been  previously organized to work together in an emergency.  Such would be the firemen (whom I wrote about  recently) the police, Highways Management, Transportation people, Radio and Telephone Communications  Hydro, Rescue and Ambulance crews, Medical and  hospital teams, and the various voluntary human welfare  groups to house, feed and clothe the needy.  You will hear more and more about P.E.P. as the  various community representatives essential lo a  Community-Disaster Plan are brought together to lay a  coordinated plan of action. Much has already been  done���more needs to be.  DOGS -1 get some complaints about dogs being tied to  our "hitching" rail immediately in front of Ihe store doors.  It does present a problem, ��� some people being actually  frightened of dogs, and they do get in the way ol people  coming out with a basket of groceries. Please, tie your  dog to the hitching rail further down the ramp toward  the ice machine.  PARKING ��� The municipal lot (by Ihe Fire Hall) is nol  far from us, and we don't mind bringing thecarts back to  Ihe store from there. So if you need a place lo park, and  our lot is full, how about using that area.  **  �����'.*.  1. Cut out this Coupon i^j*  2. Attach to your Sales Slip *\, \.'ty \  3. Return to Ken's Lucky Dollar ' \        1  **           DRAW TO BE MADE SUNDAY AT 5 p.m. I  **  .���P  NAME  TEL NO.  POSTAL ADDRESS  Our popular $50.00 weekly grocery draw will continue each week into  1981 until further notice. ���  l��� ............... --ataa-j  lil  '50.90  WIN"  41st  Grocery Draw Winner  Mabel Betker  Shop with confidence. Our prices are uery competitiue.  Ule will not he undersold on these aduertised Items.  We fully guarantee everything m seil to be satisfactory.  or money cheerfully refunded. 10  Coast News, May 12, 1981  Halfmoon Ha\  Oriental trips and a visitor from Africa  bv Ruth Forrester 885-2418  An oriental trip.  Al and Nancy Lawson of  Eureka have just returned  hum a trip which took them on  an oriental tour. They spent  sonic time in Hong Kong,  which they found to be a  typical concrete jungle, while  Singapore was most impressive with tree-lined  streets and exotic flowers in  bloom. Also included were  visits to Manila, Bangkok,  lukyo, as well as a most  enjoyable eight-day visit to  China,  They spend some time at  the Children's Palace and  kindergartens, and toured  some small factories. One particular factory really impressed At and Nancy. This  was where the workers did  exquisite embroidery pictures,  all by hand. A fact that they  found quite remarkable was  that despite the fine and close  work being carried out, there  was hardly anyone who had to  wear glasses. They must just  get used to this Fine work.  The Lawsons are well known  in this area for the pictures  they   take  of  their   various  NOTICE TO ALL  WATER & SEWER USERS  1981 Water and Sewer Billings have now been  mailed.  All accounts are due and payable on or  before July 31,1981. A10% penalty shall be  imposed on any unpaid balance on August  1. 1981.  If you have not yet received your 1981 billing,  please contact the Regional District office at  885-2261, Monday to Friday.  Sunshine Coast Regional District  s&%  Notice Board  d    Sponsored as a Public Service  886-2622     by the Coast News    886-7817  NOTE: Early announcement! will be run one*, then mutt be  re-submitted to run again, no mort than on. month prior to  Ihe event.  Coming Events  Interior Design Workshop A one-day intensive Interior Oesign  Workshop with guest specialists will be held on Sat. May 30, 9:30 am -  1:00 pm at Chatelech Music Room. Fee: $20. To register call Verity  Purdy 885-5581 or Continuing Education 885-3512.  Legion Branch #112 - General Meeting Madeira Park. Tues May 19 at  8 00 pm. because of long weekend.  Cedar Grove Fun Fair Sat. May 23 Irom Noon till 4 pm. Games, baking,  entertainment and fun. Everyone welcome.  Fitness In Motion: Exercise to Music. Roberts Creek Community Hall,  Mon., wed.. Fri. - 9:30 am -10:30 am. Also St. Hilda's Church Hall,  Sechelt, Tues. & Thurs.-12:15 pm-12:45 pm��� commencing April 7th.  S10/mo. For info, call Rieta, 886-2875 TFN  Regular Events  Elphinstone Pioneer Museum in Gibsons is now open. Monday  through Saturday between 9 am. to 4 pm.  Monday  Roberts Creek Hospital Auxiliary Second Monday of each month -11  am. St Aidan's Hall.  Sunshine Pottery Guild meets every 2nd Monday of the month at the  "Studio" corner of North Road and Highway 101 a' 7 pm. TFN  O.A.P.O. #38 Regular Meeting. First Monday of each month - 2 pm  Social Bingo. 2nd & 3rd Mondays 2 pm at Harmony Hall, Gibsons.  Tuesday  Women's Aglow Fellowship Meets every third Tuesday of the month at  Harmony Hall. Gibsons Transportation and babysitting available. 886-  7426  Duplicate Bridge 7:30 sharp at Sunshine Coast Golf Club, 1st and 3rd  Tuesdays of each month   For further information contact Phyllis  Hoops. 886-2575  Sunshine Coast Arts Council Regular meeting 4th Tuesday of every  month at 730 pm at the Arts Centre tn Sechelt.  Al-Anon Meetings Al-Anon Meetings every Tuesday night. Roberts  Creek. For information call 886-9059 or 886-9041.  Sunshine Coast Navy League ol Canada Cadets and Wrenettes. ages  10 to 13 will again meet Tuesday nights. 7-9pm., United Church Hall,  Gibsons. New recruits welcomed.  Wednesday  Tops Club Gibsons Tops meets every Wed evening at 6:45 in the  Armour's  Beach  Athletic Hall.  New members and teen members  welcome  Phone 886-9765 eves.  Sunshine Lapidary & Craft Club Meets 1st Wed every month at 730  pm  For information 886-2873 or 886-9204  Pender Harbour Hospital Auilllary  Second Wednesday of each  month. 1 30 pm. St. Andrews Church-New members always welcome  Wilson Creek Community Reading Centre 7 30 - 8 30 p,m  885-2709  Sechell Garden Club. 7:30 p.m., St. Hilda's Hall. First Wednesdays  except January, July, August.  O.A.P.O. *3B Carpet Bowling Every Wednesday 1 pm at Harmony Hall.  Gibsons  Sunshine   Coast   Sports  Club  will   be  having a track-and-field  organizational meeting at Elphinstone School, Wednesdays 5 p.m  Women's Luncheons 12 - 1 pm  Starting Thursday Feb  5. at "The  Heron" m Gibsons   Reservations recommended ��� 886-9924  Enjoy  good food and the company of other women who work Sponsored by  ihe Sunshine Coast Women's Program  Thursday  The Bargain Barn ol Ihe Pender Harbour Health Clinic Auxiliary is  open on Thursday aflemoons Irom 1 00 until 3 30  Al-Anon Meeting Evefy Thursday m Gibsons at 8 pm For information  call 886-9569 or 886-9037  Wiatern Weight Controllers Every Thursday at 1 pm in the Armours  Beach Athletic Hall, Gibsons and m the Sechelt Elementary School  Thursdays at 7pm  New members welcome. 885-3795  Rc*ierts Creek Legion Bingo every Thursday, beginning May 7. Early  Bird. Regular and Bonanza TFN.  Friday  Glbion. Tot Lol Every Fri. 9 30-11 30 am. in Gibsons United Church  Hall Parents with children 0 - 3 yrs are welcome For further into call  Shawn 886-8036  Thrift 9hop Every Friday 1 ��� 3 pm Thrift Shop, Gibsons United Church  basement  Wilson Creek Community Reeding Centre Noon - 400 pm   885-2709  Womens Floor (coslm) Hookey. Friday nights. 7:30 - 9:30pm. Glbtoni  Elementary Gym, sticks ivalleblo.  O.A.P.O. #38 Pol Luck Supper, last Friday ol every month at 6 pm at  Harmony Hall, Gibsons.  Suncoast Challenge Every Friday In Elphie Lunch Room and Gym.  April 3 - Paul Johnson - Negro singer - Folk & Rock  ��� 14  Saturday  Wilson Creek Community Reading Centre 11:30-1 p.m -885-2709  The Bargain Barn of Ihe Pender Harbour Health Clinic Auxiliary is  open on Saturday afternoons from 1 - 4 pm.  Sunday  Bingo Sechell Reserve Hall every Sundey. Early birds 7 pm $100Prize.  Proceeds to assist under privileged families  trips, and we hope that later  on in the fall there will be  another evening at the Welcome Beach Hall for a showing  of their slides.  Home bom Zimbabwe:  Gordon and Pat Brooke of  Redrooffs have a most interesting visitor who is spending a vacation from her  teaching job in Zimbabwe -  formerly Rhodesia. Bonnie  Hughes, who taught for a spell  in Gibsons and who will be  remembered by her many  friends and ex-pupils, now has  a position teaching in an  integrated school in Salisbury,  Zimbabwe, and is finding it a  most interesting and enjoyable experience.  Since the new government  take-over in that country  there have been many  changes, but of particular  interest is the fact that blacks  are now attending the same  schools as the white kids and  are therefore receiving the  same standard of education.  This is indeed a great step,  and Bonnie even has photographs of the class having  its swimming lesson in the  same pool. Such a thing was  absolutely unheard of a couple  of years ago.  Bonnie has been visiting  at her home in Vancouver as  well as spending some of her  vacation on Redrooffs, and  will be returning to Zimbabwe  in a couple of weeks' time.  An Anniversary Party:  Jim and Marg Foster of  Redrooffs were special guests  of honour at a gathering at the  Colonial Room at the Manor,  Arbutus Gardens, in Vancouver last Sunday. The happy  occasion was to celebrate the  Fosters' 40th wedding anniversary.   Present  were   son  Dick and his wife Maureen  from Kamloops, son Bill and  wife Janet of Whonnock as  well as many former neighbours and old friends. Some  close friends from this area  also attended. Another son  Bob and his wife Mary who  reside in Ontario were unable  to attend, but did get on the  telephone to wish their parents a Happy Anniversary.  In all, it ws a very happy  gathering, one which Jim  and Marg will remember for  years to come. We would  like to join in the good wishes,  and hope that they will have  many more such happy  events.  New schedule for Mini Boa:  We have just been informed  that the mini bus will be  available one day a week on a  trial basis for the residents  ofthe Redrooffs area. Starting  on Wednesday, May 13th, the  bus will leave Sechelt at 10:15  on a Wednesday morning and  will reach Redrooffs at around  10:45. It will then leave  Sechelt for the return trip at  2:15.  As well as these times,  residents should know that the  bus travels this route each  morning at just past 8 a.m.,  so anyone who has an early  medical appointment could be  picked up on this run and  could then catch the 10:15  back to Redrooffs on a Wednesday.  This mini bus service is for  those with medical-related  appointments, or for hospital  visits, and it is good to see that  some local residents may now  be able to take advantage of  this service. It is advisable to  make your arrangements for  pick up at least twenty-four  hours  ahead  of time.   The  Bazaar a success  by Doria Edwardaon  Pender Harbour Community  Club Bazaar.  The weatherman co-operated with a beautiful sunny  day for the Bazaar and a  record crowd attended on May  2nd. The well-laden tables  were soon depleted. Bouquets  of spring flowers decorated  the tea tables and everyone  enjoyed the goodies served.  Raffle Prize winners were:  Smoker ��� Helen Cameron, set  of dinnerware - Bea Marsden,  floater coat - R. Warne,  case of salmon - P. Thomas  and another case of salmon  was won by Chad Gibson. A  doll each was won by Doris  Edwardson and Ada Priest.  Evelyn Tapio won the afghan  and Doris Edwardson the  tote bag.  There were five grocery  hampers and lucky winners  were: Bea Halberg, Lily  Jones, Linda Andrews, Gail  Ralston and Wilma Thompson, Vi Evans won the gift  certificate donated by Frances  Take Out. The lovely cosmetic  set on the Tea Ticket Draw  was won by Nancy Brown.  Grocery hampers were donated by Serendipity Play  School, Shop Easy, Taylor's  Garden Bay Store, I.G.A. and  Hassan's Store.  There were also individuals  who made very generous  donations, but it is impossible  to list every donation and the  Community Club is grateful  to each and every donor.  At this time the Bazaar  Convenor would like to thank  everyone who worked, donated, attended and helped in  any way at all to make the  Bazaar a success, like the  youngsters who sold raffle  tickets, tea servers etc. Muriel  Cameron has convened these  Bazaars for over 20 years,  spends many hours organizing  it and dedicates much of her  time to the Community Club.  Pender Harbour Health Clinic.  Wednesday, May 20, between 7 to 9 p.m. will be the  date for Open House at the  Pender Harbour Health Clinic  Everyone is invited to go and  meet the staff and inspect all  the latest facilities and equipment. Refreshments will be  served.  Royal Canadian Legion Br.  112.  The regular General Meeting of The Royal Canadian  Legion Br. 112 will be held on  Tuesday, May 19 at 8 p.m.  All members are requested to  attend.  Music Festival.  At the recent Music Festival  students from Pender Harbour  certainly deserve much recognition as they won nine firsts  and 16 certificates in drama  and speech arts. Sterling  Wallace was awarded the  highest marks in Bible reading  and beat the open class.  Kester and Sorrel Tomkies,  Carrie and Sterling Wallace  won firsts in duologues.  Kester and Berengaria Tomkies were also winning students. Pender Harbour Community Choir tied with Sechelt  and The Women's Choir  also tied with Sechelt Choir.  Rogene and Riccoh Talento  received awards for piano.  Meat Draw.  The Saturday afternoon  Meat Draws at the Legion Br.  112 are still at 2, 3 and 4 p.m.  and are very popular; also the  Ladies Auxiliary has a raffle  every Saturday afternoon.  Complaints Department.  Complaints are mainly a-  bout how rotten our local  water tastes, it ruins tea and  coffee, also most people miss  the little store where they  could shop in the evenings and  the one in Madeira is up for  rent if anyone is interested.  May Day.  May Day is May 16 and all  floats will assemble at the  Legion 10:30 a.m.  DEREK EVERARD  & ASSOCIATES  When you need low cost  Term Life Insurance Protection...  Call us ��� we're THE Term Life People!  P.O. Box 1278       Sechelt        885-5726  number to call is 885-5881.  Do try to take advantage of  this offer, as your response  is important, particularly since  it is just for a trial period.  Mary comes home:  It was nice to see Mary  Connor back in town again for  a vacation from her job at  Dawson Creek. She was  looking quite lovely and  happy. Mary really enjoys  the life there, where she is  assistant cook at one of the oil  rigs. A great adventure for  these young people. Apparently there are lots of  recreational facilities there  and plenty of young folks  with whom to mingle and get  acquainted. She returns on  Sunday, but you can be sure  that her parents. Cliff and  Peggy, really enjoyed having  her home for a spell,  Hospital Auxiliary:  The Halfmoon Bay Hospital  Auxiliary held its regular  monthly meeting at the  Welcome Beach Hall on  Monday, May 4th, Main topic  was of course the Timber  Days Tea Garden, and most of  the members have taken on  the task of baking about fifty  pies for the occasion. Anyone  who is willing to do some  baking for this event, which  takes place on May 17th,  could give Mary Murray a call;  she would be more than  delighted to hear from you.  The last regular meeting of  the season will be at the hall  on Monday, June 1st. Following this, there will be a lunch  meeting at the Girl Guide  Campground on June 8th.  This will be in the form of a  get-together for all auxiliaries,  to which you bring a bag  lunch. If you are brave enough  you can even bring your swim  suit.  CLASSIFIED NOTE  Drop oil yourCoastNews  Classified at Campbell's  Family Shoes. Sechelt, or  Madeira Park Pharmacy,  Madeira Park.  VILLAGE OF GIBSONS - MOTOR VEHICLE BRANCH  Corner of Winn Road & Gower Pt. Rd.  YES WE ARE OPEN  (DURING THE ICBC STRIKE)  As we are an agency for the Village of Gibsons  Hours:  8:30 am. - 4:30 pm. ��� Monday & Tuesday  8:30 am. -12 Noon  12:30 pm. - 4:30 pm. ��� Wednesday  8:30 am. - 5:30 pm. - Thursday & Friday  9:00 am. -12:30 pm. ��� Saturday  MAXWELL'S PHARMACY  YOUR COMPLETE HEALTH CARE CENTRE  * Fast Prescription Service  * Health Care Accessories  * Almay Hypoallergenic Cosmetics  * Patient Aids (Sales & Rentals) crutches,  comodes, bed pans, canes, etc.  107 cedar naza. anions 886-8158  OPEN SUNDAYS  Noon to a pm.  Elphinstone Recreation Group  reminds those interested  in the  Reno Trip, October 17  K  (Bus leaving Sechelt)  to reserve early!  Phone Ernie Fossett for more information  886-9655  r*  I  I  I  I  I  I  I  I.  bring in this coupon  free  you pay for 1/2 your haircut  receive the other 1/2 for free  at  silent sam's  new hours  mon to sat  10 till 5  ���a|  I  I  I  I  I  I  I  .J  call carol or terri  885-5911  wharf rd. sechelt Fleming on education  Movement for the gifted  by Frances Fleming  An interesting movement of  international scope is growing  rapidly around the theme of  helping the world's gifted and  talented children. The World  Council for Gifted and Talented Children is five and a  half years old. A Conference is  being held in Montreal in  August, which will attract  delegates from all over the  world.  Some inicresting work is in  progress at the Department of  Psychology at the University of  Edinburgh. Tests of general  intelligence, or IQ tests, have  been under constant attack in  recent years. They have Been  thought lo be unfair to certain  social and ethnic groups; they  have seemed less accurate than  desirable for many medical,  educational, and vocational  purposes. In addition to their  unreliability to predict a child's  performance, no single definition of "intelligence" has  proved to be widely accepted.  A report from Edinburgh of  research conducted over the  last four years has developed  Ihe idea thai individual differences in measured intelligence reflect underlying dif-  takc a long time, and can be  affected by practice and  repetition. The IT test would  assist with the diagnosis of  brain disease and decay. In  industry (or politics!) regular  screening of the intelligence of  personnel in positions of high  authority and responsibility  would be possible. In educational work, group testing of  IT might prove an acceptable  and economical method of  assessing intelligence.  In October, 1980 the first  German workshop on giftedness took place at Hamburg  University. About 50 participants, scholars, psychologists,  educators, psychiatrists came  from different universities and  institutes in Germany- and  abroad. Content of the first  morning were general aspects  of research on giftedness,  identification, processes   and  creativity. Considerations of  special education and the  relationship between giftedness  and psychiatric symptoms  filled the afternoon. The se-  ferences in what they are calling  "mental speed". The test  developed at Edinburgh includes flashing on a screen two  objects of markedly different  size or lenght. The objects are  simple, such as two lines. The  tachistoscope flashes them for  one tenth of a second. The  duration that each subject  requires if he is to make a  reliable judgement (example,  as to which line is shorter) is  ascertained. The duration of  this inspection is called the  subject's "inspection time"  (IT). Five separate studies have  shown that people deemed to  be of higher intelligence can  make do with shorter durations.  The same correlation exists  between IQand IT of four year  olds, so the scientists feel that it  is quite unlikely that the ability  to take in a simple difference is  a skill that is a learned one, or  one that develops as a byproduct of their intelligence.  There is no implication that  subjects of higher IQ will  necessarily make decisions or  "respond" more quickly. The  results simply suggest that the  very bright people have a  capacity to absorb more information in any given period  of time. Two studies have  suggested that ITs for such  stimuli as have been utilized  are related mainly to "general"  intelligence.  If measurable speed in perception underlies individual  differences in IQ, schools will  be able to devise ways to test  intelligence in ways that are  transparently fair. The test will  not depend upon background,  culture, education, language.  Best of all, laboratory results  seem to indicate that training  and practice does not affect the  subject's IT.  In clinical work, mental  speed tests can be taken in a few  minutes. The existing IQ tests  Cap College  writing courses  A Capilano College workshop starting Saturday, May  16th, is aimed at people who  write on a regular basis and  would like to improve technical skills. The class will  also deal with research tech-  ALWAYS AVAILABLE^  Our Skill and .( ,  Knowledge  Leave.your prescription  and do the rest of your  1 Shopping in the Mall or  Phone in Advance &  we will have it ready.  Wi turn i compltti  PATIENT RECORD PLAN  (or youi prottction and  convinces.  -We will mail out  vour prescriptions  the same day if you  cannot call for them.  thank you lor your pitronw  r MARA BEAUMONT    BOB GRANT'  GIBSONS     surmtotsi ��aii  WESTERN DRUG 11111111  milmiAirou incur  ���<*#**:��������� :'���:(��� + :  xOO^%  ****:):::::)��� * * :��-. * ���  QOWQMMffm  P L A C I N G & F I N I S H I N G  PATIOS ��� DRIVEWAYS All Typwo/ Concrete  FLOORS  FOUNDATIONS Fimifwt including  SIDEWALKS Coloured or Exposed  Call Any Time  885-2125  886-8511  SERVING PENDER HARBOUR TO PORT MELLON  cond day, among other topics,  personal traits of highly achieving youth in science and sports  were discussed.  It is gratifying to note the  growing interest in the gifted  child and his growth and  development. One of the best  publications for parents of  . children with great promise is  the Gifted Children Newsletter,  530 University Avenue. Palo  Alto, California, CA 94301.  Twelve issues per year cost  $24. The articles are excellent,  and there arc activities for  youngsters calculated to stimulate their thinking. An excellent  Penguin Book (I979) is "The  World of the Gifted Child" by  Priscilla L, Vail. It sells for less  than S3. Vail is a reading  specialist, and part ofthe book  is given over to "solo" and  group activities. She discusses  how to judge the "fit" between  the child and his school.  Karen Boothroyd show the acrobatic form which won her much  applause at the Awards Concert last Saturday.  Coast News, May 12, 1981  NOTICE OF PUBLIC MEETING  ELECTORAL AREA E  A public meeting will be held in the  GYMNASIUM, CEDAR GROVE ELEMENTARY SCHOOL  on  WEDNESDAY, MAY 13  AT 7:30 PM  to discuss the first draft of the  ELPHINSTONE SETTLEMENT PLAN  This draft document outlines long range policies for growth and development of the  community in the area lying west of Ihe Village of Gibsons boundaries and west ol  North Road extending to the cemetery on Highway 101. Copies of the text portion of  this plan are available at the Regional District office. A settlement plan map is available  for viewing at the same location. Interested citizens and community groups are  invited to participate in the discussion by commenting on the proposals and by  providing suggestions for inclusion in Ihe plan.  11  Office Hours:  885-2261  Monday - Wednesday: 8:00 am - 5:00 pm  Thursday - Friday: 8:00 am - 6:00 pm  Sunshine Coast Regional District  Box 800, (Wharf Street)  Sechelt, B.C.  VON 3A0  I  niques, rewriting, editing and  'brightening' your personal  writing style.  Students should bring  paper, wriligg implements  and samples of previous  writings.  The class will be held at  the Sechelt Learning Centre,  Inlet Avenue, for three Saturdays, 12:30 to 6:30 p.m. The  fee is $48.00.  . A two-session course on  self-publishing will follow on  June 6th and 13th. When you  publish your own material you  have the pleasure, of seeing  your manuscript in print; and  yon design, promote and sell  your own book as well.  The instructor is a writer,  well acquainted with the  business aspects of her craft,  She will discuss with students  the preparation of a manuscript; designing the book  working with printer*, and tin-  aerstanding the printing process; budgeting and dealing  with estimates; as well as  distribution, sales and promotion of the finished product,  Anyone who really wants  to see material in print should  attend this thorough workshop. It runs two Saturdays,  12:30 to 6(30 p.m.  Please pre-register for the  Writing and Publishing workshops at the Sechelt Learning  Centre, Inlet Avenue, or call  885-9310 12:30 to 7 p.m.,  Monday to Friday.  11th Anniversary Sale  Wed. April29th  IWI  Inzs  Imperial Carpeting  To Sat.  May 16th  M  "Jebel"  Carved Berber  Jute Back Reg. $20.50 u| yd $15.75 sq. yd.  Rubber Back Reg. $21.50 sq yd $16.75 sq. yd.  *"Kahala"  lOO'o Nylon Sculptured Carpet  Reg. $19.56 sq yd.  $15.75 sq. yd.  ���"Enchanted Evening"  100'S> Nylon Sculptured Carpet  Reg. $21.45 s�� yd  $16.75 sq. yd.  *"Shalimar"  2 Tone Saxony  Reg. $23.50 sq yd  k   $18.75 sq. yd. |^M^^^^^  *A11 Three Series are colour  co-ordinated for a perfect match  throughout your home.  "Trevelle"  Softly Sculptured Nylon Carpet  Reg. $25.95 sq. yd.  $21.95 sq. yd.  "Soliloquy H"  100% Nylon Deeply Sculptured Carpet  Reg. $26.50 sq. yd.  $22.25 sq. yd.  "Berberesque I"  Reg. $19.50 sq. yd.  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Height: 17V, width: 24", depth:  18V. Complete with 20 Ib. tank.  STANLEY  COMING AND G0ING-THE FINEST  GARAGE DOOR OPENERS  COMBINATION  STORM DOOR  flpd a touch of style and a lot of comfort with  these all-white screen/storm doors. Keep  out wind, weather and insects with a door that  keeps its shape and appearance year after  year. 32" x 80". 34" x 80", 36" x 80". Left &  right hung ��� white or brown.  Designed to raise and lower one  piece, section or jamb type doors���wood,  steel or fiberglass - up to 18 feet wide and 7  feet high.  LAWN MOWER  $144M  Featuring a swing-over chrome handle with  quick change height adjustment. Durable  steel deck. Chrome handle. 7 position wheel  height adjusters. Big 6" wide track tires.  PM 101 Coast News, May 12,1981  17  The Sunshine  Second Section  Music Festival  Award winners  Ihe I9K1 Sunshine Coast Music Festival came to an end on  Saturday night with the Awards Concert at Elphinstone  Secondary School. Prominent among the award winners were  Jonathan Hunter and Jennifer Dowman who shared the Mary  Brooke Memorial Award for performance in the Canadian  Composers category. Gordon Brooke of Redrooffs Road made  the presentation.  Heather Cattanach was another major award winner, winning  the May Freer Memorial Sight Reading Award. Other winners in  the two-week long event were: Kim Linger, Debbie Middleton,  Cabaret, Dance ; Elphinstone Secondary School - Drama;  Gibsons Elementary School - Choral Speaking; Shelly Hunt -  Ja/z Dance; Kimberley Watts - Classical Piano - Tie for First  Place in Junior Piano; Katherine Ciarlick - Character Ballet - Tie  for First Place; Amanda Daft - Character Ballet - Tie for First  Place; Kristene Koop - Classical Piano - Tie for First Place in  Junior Piano; Kester and Sorrel Tomkies - Dialogue; Lisa Wahl-  Classical Ballet - Junior; Stirling Wallace - Bible Reading;  Debbie Middleton - National Dance; Shelly Hunt - Cabaret, Song  and Dance; Leanne Middleton - Recitation; Debbie Middleton -  Classical Ballet, Senior: Andrew Winn - Modern Composers -  Intermediate Piano: Valicr Nettle - Senior Tap; Jennifer Dowman  - Canadian Composers, Tie for Mary Brooke Memorial Award  (half a year); Heather Cattanach - Romantic Composers, Senior  Piano - Also May Freer Memorial Sight Reading Award; Karen  Boolhroyd - Acrobatics Solo Dance; Riccoh and Rogene Talento  - Piano Duets; Shelly Hunt - Junior Tap; Josephine Hammond -  Secular Vocal; Jonathan Hunter - Canadian Composers - Tie for  First Place in Junior Piano - Also Tie for Mary Brooke Memorial  Award (half a year).  Sunshine Coast Arts Council Bursaries went to Tony English -  Piano: Karen Boothroyd - Dance; Donard Mackenzie - Speech  Arts.  Councils favour energy program  Both Village councils are taking into consideration a new  program developed by the Ministry of Energy, Mines and  Petroleum Resourses.  the program is entitled "Energy efficient housing renovation  and energy information centre". It is designed to encourage  energy conservation at the municipal and individual levels.  Both Sechelt and Gibsons councilsremarked that it was an  interesting program in view of the rising fuel costs.  Gibsons council has referred the correspondence to the  municipal inspector for recommendations back to council as to  the appropriateness of enacting an energy conservation program  in Gibsons to complement the existing Rural Rehabilitation  Assistance Program (RRAP).  Sechelt council said they would also do a follow-up.  The project is designed to develop and demonstrate a wide  range of retrofit (energy efficiency) measures appropriate to  residential buildings throughout British Columbia. Estimates of  fuel savings per house can range from 20% to 70% depending on  the measure used.  Each municipality will be required to supply a building,  preferably in the residential sector, which may be newly purchased  or previously owned by the participant. The building will then be  retrofitted for use in this project.  Once the buildings have been retrofitted for.cnergy efficiency  '���sing both conservation measures and renewable energy, they will  men be used as energy conservation information centres for a  period of three years.  The centres will provide an easy-to-undcrstand visual  demonstration of the retrofit possibilities for conserving energy.  Ihey will not he merely a pick-up spot lor brochures. The  buildings themselves will be an integral part of the "how-to"  aspects of energy efficient renovation education.  At the end of the three year period the participant will be free lo  dispose of the building or to continue to operate it al his own  expense.  Livestock protection  In answer to the dog control problem and recent  numerous attacks on livestock.Gibsons VillageCouncilwill  make a formal request, by way of a resolution to the  Ministry of Agriculture and Food.  The request is to have the provisions of Section ft and 8 of  the Livestock Protection applicable within the Village  boundaries.  A number of municipalities have already incorporated the  provisions of these sections into their animal control  regulatory by-laws.  The sections state that dogs causing damage or injury lo  livestock or seen attacking or pursuing livestock can be  destroyed. The owners of the livestock are reimbursed for  the loss of livestock by the Ministry.  ��� Wendy-Lynne Joiins Ptioto  Young Krislie Benard look second place in the Novice Tap  Dancing in Ihis year's Music Festival bul, as you can tell from the  photograph she won first place in the hearts of most of the  audience.  A bold budget  Sechelt taxes to rise nine mills  The new mill rate set for Sechelt for the coming year takes a  jump of 9 mills. Last year's mill rate of 20 will be raised to 29 this  year.  "It's a bold budget." said Mayor Bud Koch, "we might be  criticized for it now. but a few years down the road with the rising  costs of materials, we'll be thanked for it. It Heeds to be done now".  With the bad news comes the good.  "These increases will not affect two-thirds of the village  residents." said Alderman Charles Lee. "People who pay SI tax  and $75 tax per year make up that two-thirds. The mayor pointed  out that t he home owner who now owns a $ 100.000 home will only  feel the hike as an $83 increase.  "That last third will be borne by those who can best bear it."  said Lee.  "24.75 will cover the budget and the 4.25 added will be used for  the sole purpose of municipal improvements, (sidewalks, curbs.  roads, etc.)," explained Brian Stelck. finance committee  chairman.  "The increase has been forced upon us: We have held the mill  rate at 20 for quite a few years'and a mistake was made last year to  leave it there. We needed at least 21.25 to meet thc.budget. Now,  with the raise we'll meet the budget and the4.25 mills will buy a lot  more this year than in the future. Construction materials have  doubled in costs the last year alone," Stelck told the Coast News.  Alderman Joyce Kolibas was the only one who raised any  objections to the hike. "Maybe not everyone wants sidewalks."  she said.  When she asked why the mill rate wasn't raised in two steps and.  left at 25 for this year, it was pointed out that last year's budget  had a shortfall of $21,500.  "Previous Village Councils, to our shock, had pretty sketchy  budgeting. The time has come to improve the village and that  means wc have to spend money and raise it." said Alderman Lee.  Image  makers  by Don Lockstead  This week the NDP continued to press the government  on the question of hiring Doug  Heal and the two Hollywood  movie specialists. The Hollywood professionals were hired  by the Socred's $62,500 public  relations director Doug Heal.  They will receive an initial  $14,000 fee to help bolster the  government's sagging public  image.  What Bennett is being told  by his image makers, he is also  being told by the polls. In a  '*���'recent Gallup' Pbll.'ff was seen  that the Bennett government  was sinking fast in popularity.  Dave Barrett NDP Opposition leader addressed the  question of the Socred's sagging popularity saying that the  people of British Columbia are  not concerned about Grace  McCarthy's 'frizzy hair' or the  fact that Bill Bennett needs a  Please turn to Page 23  HELP HELP HELP HELP HELP HELP HELP HELP HELP g  5 ONLY 12  BUSINESS DAYS LEFT! P  S  HOUSEHOLD CLEANING AND JANITORIAL SUPPLIES m  Inventory Liquidation Sale S  Rugbee Spotter - 8 oz. Bon Ami Industrial Glass Cleaner MP  Rugbee Heavy Duty -675 gm  Spot & Stain Remover       -4 Litre Bon Ami Oven & Grill Cleaner M  mm}  W  s  ml  w  SB  Swimming Pool Algaecide      - Gal.  Swimming Pool Bleach       - 5 Gal.  Plus $7.00 Deposit on Container  Johnson Lemon Pledge  -18 oz. Aerosol  Johnson Industrial Pledge  - 18 oz. Aerosol  Johnson Glade Air Conditioner  -650 ml  Johnson Good Sense - 16 oz.  Johnson Endbac II - 15 oz.  Johnson Cong-r Dust        -18 oz.  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Behind her is tethered  the 'Thos. B. Crosby', the  United Church Missionary  boat once under the command  of Reverend Colwell of Maple  Bay. grandfather of my  niece, Ncna Braathen, of  Sechelt. Reverend Scales of  the United Churches of Davis  Bay and Gibsons was Missionary skipper on the 'Crosby'  from 1962 to 1964.  The 'Wyrill' was designed  and built for Pacific Mills Ltd.  and launched in 1931. The  original 'Wyrill' was built in  the late 1800's but burned  and sank in 1929.  The new 'Wyrill' was used  by the logging division of  Pacific Mills for transportation  of contractor supervisory personnel, calling on camps  which were scattered from  Smiths Inlet to Khutzey-  mateen Inlet on Portland  Canal. She was a good, seaworthy boat, skippered by a  competent captain, Captain  Ed. Godfrey, British Navy,  retired, sir!  Standing at the rail in their  Sunday duds were Vic and  Ruby Osborne. They had just  returned from a trip to the  south and were on their way  back into camp. Osborne  Logging Co. Ltd. was one of  the Company's prime contractors operating at the head  of South Bentinck Arm, near  Bella Coola. It was to be a  short trip, so my first wife  Bess, standing next to Vic,  and our HI son standing on the  rail, were along for the outing.  Of the Osborne family, Vic  has gone to that big winter  show in the sky; Ruby is still  very active among us here in  Sechelt, doing what she does  best, looking after others. She  is   presently  Jack   Mayne's  right hand man and will  remain so, as long as they  need one another.  Ted, Sr., is semi-retired in  Sechelt, but also very active  in trying to live the relaxed  and easy life as I have been  doing the last few years.  Retirement ain't easy for old  time loggers!  Last in the pic is Armand  Simard. He is standing just a  mite too close to the hole in  the bellows of my camera, so  it looks like another misty  day in Ocean Falls. I wish  Armand's face was in the clear  for he was the spittin' image  of Ben Turpin, the old movie  comedian of the early days.  He had a cow-lick of hair  hand. Reed got wind of  Armand, tracked him down  and talked him into helping  him out. There was a good  buck in it for Armand and  besides, he had time to kill  until the 'Cassiar' showed up.  The trip was only going to  be over and back.  It was a quiet and pleasant  trip over and Armand enjoyed  serving his passengers. When  they arrived at Bella Coola,  Reed and his party took off up  the Valley to visit the operations of Northern Co-op and  the Saugstads. They were only  going to be a short while, then  would be heading back for the  Falls on their return. They  would  have  dinner  on  the  Used Furniture  and What Have You  AL'3 USED  FURNITURE  Wc buy Beer Bottles  886-2812  in  which always hung between boat  his eyes. His eyes were so After a couple of weeks  crossed that he used to say away from his beloved cooking  that he was born in the and salad making, Armand  middle of the week, looking was all fired up to put on a real  both ways at Sundayl spread, a la Frontenacl  During the few years that I     Tied to the same float were  knew him he became another a couple of Bella Coola native  of  my   'most   unforgettable fishermen. He bargained with  characters'. In port, he was them for a fine, red spring  our deck-hand. At sea he was salmon, fresh from the ocean,  our chef par excellence! Preparing it for stuffing and  He had been a salad maker marinates, he filled that great  in  the  Hotel  Frontenac  in cavity with his secret dres-  Quebec City. Canada  Man- sings   and   spices,   pricked  power was sending a large sprigs of herbs into the bright,  group   of   French-Canadian red flesh and popped it in the  pulp workers out to Ocean oven. Now and then we would  Falls and required the services peek,  then baste  it  in  its  of an escort.  Armand  was own juices until it was done to  bilingual and was chosen for a turn,  the job. He received a leave-     Reed and his party were on  of-absence  from   the   Hotel schedule, the fish was ready  and herded his charges aboard to come out of the oven, and  a trans-Canada train. Arriving Armand could barely contain  in Vancouver he loaded them himself. He would show them  aboard a Union Steamships' what Eastern cuisine was all  passenger boat for the last leg about, by gar!  of his journey. After a rough     Filling each  hand of his  ride across Queen Charlotte guests with a hearty cocktail,  Sound he delivered his sea- he shooo'd them all out into  sickened   and    travel-weary the wheelhouse with Ed while  compatriots into the hands of he   prepared   his   table.   A  Pacific   Mills   management, snow   white   bedsheet   was  He had one week to rest up spread on the chartroom table,  and await the return of the The best of the boat utensils  'Cassiar' before he could be- were laid, water glasses would  gin his journey home. Poor have to do for the wine chilling  Armand. He never made it. in the ice box. When all was  He   had   no   intentions   of ready he called his guests  staying on the West Coast, to be seated. When he was  But while he was waiting for sure they were  settled,  he  his boat, another crisis arose, shouldered the huge tray with  Reed Banford, General Log- his    'piece   de   resistance',  ging Superintendent, had to garnished with cress, carrot  make a fast trip to Bella Coola sticks, red radish, lemon slices  with the 'Wyrill'. Tom Jack- and a whole lemon clamped in  son, Vice-President in charge its great jaws, then blaring  of Timber for Crown-Zeller- a fanfare as of a french horn  bach and a couple of other through pursed lips, he per-  people   were   going   to   be formed   the   equivalent   of  a part of his company. Capt. 'piping in the haggis'!  Ed Godfrey was ready to go,     Placing the platter at table  but they had no cook-deck- centre  with  a  flourish,   he   stepped back to await approval. While his guests applauded his culinary efforts,  Armand disappeared  for  a  moment into  his  galley  to  return with a glass of wine.  In his finest French he proposed a toast to the salmon,  exclaimed in English,  "enjoy"! tossed off his drink and  left his guests to their enjoyment.  That voyage was the clincher for Reed. No way was he  I   xfam 1 going to let this gem of a cook  \W^^ I get away from him. On his  \        , " arrival  back  in  the   'Falls'  N���� he set about the nefarious  retention of Armand Simard!  Seafood  ROBIN HURRELL ASSOCIATES INC.  interior designers  Verity Purdy Lawrence H. Woodburn  Mr. Robin Hurrell, President of Robin Hurrell  Associates Ltd., is pleased to announce the  appointment of Verily Purdy as Resident Designer  to the Sechelt office of Robin Hurrell Associates.  Verity rejoins Robin after a long professional  association going back to when they worked together  as designers at The Chelsea Shop in Vancouver.  Already known in the area through her Interior  Design Classes with Continuing Education, Verity is  in touch with the design needs and problems of the  community. In her new capacity, Verity looks  forward to serving her many friends and acquaintances.  Lawrence Woodburn of Robin Hurrell Associates will  be working closely with Verity as a Liaison Designer  between Vancouver and Sechelt. Lawrence joined  Robin Hurrell last year after many years of  residential and executive office design experience in  the Vancouver area.  Robin Hurrell Associates Ltd., is a Vancouver based  residential interior design firm, offering a full range  service in interior design.  Chimney  Cleaning  a Maintenance  Phone 886-8187  by Chak-Chak  It is that time of year again  and the Gibsons halibut fleet  has headed out to the fishing  grounds on the west coast. The  skippers have been going over  last year's log books and charts  in order to make an educated  guess as to the best place to be  for the opening on the 7th of  May.  You can bet your boots that  a good number of them have  dropped in for a social visit  with the boys off the black cod  boats���just to talk about the  weather and the increasing  price of gear and oh, by the way  did they happen to see any sign  of halibut on their last tries.  The weather is an important  factor in the life ofa fisherman,  even while he is in port.  Working on fishing gear and  trying to get the boat painted  has not been easy this spring.  There have not been enough  fine days in a row to let things  dry out and get the paint on.  Halibut are caught on long  lines that are dropped to the  ocean floor and held at both  ends with anchors and marked  with buoys called "Scotchmen"  and bamboo poles with flags on  the top. Each "string" or  "skate" of gear has many small  branch lines called "gangings"  with big halibut hooks on the  end. A great deal of work is  involved in lowering and  lifting, cleaning, untangling  and baiting miles of line each  day in all kinds of weather on  one of the roughest pieces of  ocean in the world.  OAP's  express  gratitude  O.A.P.O. Branch 38 Gibsons,  would like to thank the following businesses for making  our Spring Tea & Bazaar a  great success: Super-Valu  Store;   Ken's   Lucky   Dollar  Foods; Gibsons Landing General Store; Murray's Garden  &  Pet  Supplies; Granny's  Sweets;   Granny's  Treasures;  Korean Hardware Ltd.; Douglas' Variety Store; Saan Stores  Ltd.;  Richard's  Men's Wear;  Todds   Dry  Goods;   Don's  Shoes   Ltd.;   Kits   Cameras;  Western   Drugs;   The   Party  Stop; Fawkes Books & Stationery  Ltd.;  Maxwell  Pharmacy Ltd.; Sunshine Rowers &  Gifts;   Toys   For   All   Ages;  Driftwood  Crafts;   Hunter  Gallery.  An old friend from the Coast  News staff has traded his pen  for a marlin spike and has  shipped out on the Nordic  Spirit with the Nygrens. 1 refer  to Ian Corrance and hope to get  a report from him when they  return. I understand that the  Arctic Fox II has a couple of  gals in the crew this time, one of  whom is Christie Roy who is  just about the same weight as a  "chicken" halibut. I don't know  how she will ever haul in one of  those old "soakers". Let's wish  them all good fishing and a safe  return.  My son tells me of a good  way to cook fresh-frozen  halibut. Cube the fish while it is  frozen and let water from the  tap run over it till it softens on  the surface. Dip cubes in beaten  egg, then roll in corn meal and  granola. Fry to crispy-brown in  a wok. They are crispy on the  outside and moist on the inside.  Fast and delicious! Sea you.  J  S UNISEX HAIR  ** 886-7616  Open Fridays'til 9 p.m  684-5422  Vancouver  885-7222  Sechelt  Audrey's  coffee serulce  j specialize im  Chlirtney  Cleaning  & Maintenance  v  Phone 886-8187 M  We're   pleased   to   introduce   our  New Hair Stylist  LAURA NESTMAN  Eve, Shirley, Colleen & Laura invite you to  come In for personalized hair care.  Sunnycrest Shopping Centre, Gibsons  LAND-SEA COMMUNICATIONS  & CHANDLERY LTD.  We Have  Fishing Poles ��� Line* Lures* Dodgers ���Flashers ��� Sounders  ��� Tackle Boxes ��� Bait Buckets ��� Compasses ��� Radars ���  ��� Heaters ��� Speakers ��� Paint ��� Ganging Twine ���  ��� Gas Tanks ��� Boat Eyes ��� Crab & Prawn Traps ���  ��� Stoves ��� Fridges ��� Helly Hansen Rain Gear ���  ��� Mustad Hooks ��� Nets ��� Tow Lanterns ��� Life Jackets ���  ��� Down Riggers ��� Flares ��� Air Horns ��� Knives ���  ��� Radios VHF & CB ��� Stereo Cassette Players ��� Batteries ���  ��� Flies ��� Reels ��� Sharkskin ��� Lights ��� Spotlights ���  ��� Stainless Steel Screws, Nuts, Bolts, Washers ���  SPECIAL THIS WEEKEND ONLY!  Buzz Bombs $1.*9  Winners of the Sunday May 3  C.K. W.X. & Land-Sea Draw  Office Coffee Service  with loan of equipment  885-3716!  *89 -9684 Sundays-10-j ggfc  -8043  Toll Free Across from Bank of Monteal, Gibsons, B.C. Confessions of an  out of work musician  The street scene  Coast News, May 12, 1981  19  More thoughts on rescue  by Ehjax  The street is the home of musicians who roam  They play there for nickels and dimes  It's also the place far the bums in disgrace  Who wallow in whiskey and wine  Now put them together in wet rainy weather  And see how they strive for the chance  To grab a cheap high or a place that is dry  Or the seat of a passer-by's pants.  A fiddle is yawning 'neath a clothing store's awning  And (here blasts the bleat of a sax  What's that dull ring? A guitar with 2 strings  And a singer who sputters and hacks.  I looked in dismay at this sad sack display  And thought to myself with a groan  How can a guy make the money to buy  A ferry ride's boarding pass home.  I noted with gloom that there wasn't the room  For my case to set up as a target  For people to shoot their ammo of loot.  So I set off in search of the market.  I stood on a bridge looking over the ridge  And saw where the action it was  I headed that way wondering just what  I'd play  When I entered that bustling buzz.  The guitar did her part and I sang with my heart  Attemotina to contact a crowd  When someone turned round and said "Hey, turn it down  You play that thing too b/eedin' loud."  I thought with chagrin of the shape I was in  No money was yet in my cup.  I said "Here's to you, a song which is true"  And turned my vocal chords up.  I sang from the gut and 1 started to strut  As I drew some attention my way  And lo as I sang I heard a cling clang  And noticed they'd started to pay.  My confidence built I went right to the hilt  And sang like a demon possessed.  I then got the itch to throw in a switch  So I started to juggle and jest.  My juggling balls, they too gave their all  And danced thru the air with great ease.  But lo and behold because of my cold  I let go one hell of a sneeze.  I made a wisecrack of finesse which I lacked  And took a most strenuous bow  The money flowed in as / stood there and grinned  Then made off to get me some chow.  My belly content, my energy spent  I returned to the street whence I came  For soon there would be line-ups for the movies  And I could go at it again.  But lo and behold the night was too cold  So I took for my pleasure some draught  And drank to the ways of the street and the days-.  When my living was made there; and laughed.  Professional Repair & Service  to your Heating & Plumbing  Equipment  ��� General Sheet Metal  ��� Installation of Heat Pumps, Air Conditioners,  Wood-Oil, Wood-Electric, Wood, Electric and  Oil Furnaces  ��� Plumbing Service & Installations  THOMAS HEATING  Call Now  886-7111  17 Years Experience.  Serving the Sunshine Coast since 1967  laryanne  viewpoint  by Maryanne West  A few weeks ago I wrote  critically of the time taken to  get help to a small cabin  cruiser which had lost power  off Gower Point and was in  danger of piling up on the  rocky beach. The following  weekend there was a news  story on the radio of a fisherman who fell overboard in or  near Active Pass and who  later died of hypothermia in  Vancouver General Hospital.  A number of questions  remain unanswered in my  mind about our Provincial  Rescue Service and, perhaps,  in the minds of others.  Now, admittedly, I only  know the brief outline of this  story from the news releases  and I'm also aware of how  inaccurate they may be, but  the story as I heard it went  like this:- A fisherman who  fell overboard near Active  Pass was picked up by the  Rescue Hovercraft after being  in the water between 20 and  45 minutes, (the reports  varied) while two (or three)  B.C. Ferries stood by. No  mention was made of a lifeboat being lowered from the  ferry, so I'm left with the  picture of the ferries standing  by to pinpoint the man's  position while waiting for the  Hovercraft.  This may very well be  unfair, the ferries may not  have arrived on the scene  much before the Hovercraft,  in which case it would have  been impractical to go to the  rescue. Or was there some  bureaucratic red-tape between  B.C. Ferries and the Rescue  Service?  The incident has been much  on my mind, as in accidents  of this sort time is the important factor and presumably  if he had been taken from the  water sooner this man's life  could have been saved.  It's true of course that B.C.  Ferries are in the transportation business and not  part of the Provincial Emergency Programme, but the  fact that the ferries ply  waters used extensively for  recreational boating of many  kinds, makes it inevitable that  they are sometimes involved  in coming to the aid of people  in distress.  Landlubbers like myself go  back and forth on fhe ferries  without giving a second  thought to any possible  emergency. The obligatory  recital of emergency procedures goes over our heads,  as we chat with neighbours;  we know there are lifeboats,  neatly tarpaulined and slung  between davits on the top  deck and maybe we've noticed  the bunkers marked "Life-  jackets", but we've never  given a thought to how long it  takes to lower a lifeboat.  They look to me to be the  Industrial site and  subdivision paving  Proper paving is an important asset in  any well developed industrial or residential site. Well installed surfaces on  roads and parking areas, properly  drained and curbed, make the finished project easier to maintain and  more functional and efficient. Let us  actively participate in your development planning so that the paving is  done to best accommodate the overall plan, resulting in greater economy  and efficiency.  PAVING OF  ROADS  PARKING LOTS  SORTING AREAS  TENNIS COURTS  Also grading, gravel sales,  soil cement, drainage  fi curbs.  B.A. BLACKTOP  9  1  ,��  Porpoise Bay Road, Sechelt, B.C.  885-5151  Head Office: P.O. Box 86340, North Vancouver, B.C. 96*0611  "Quality service since 1956"  CRS AMALGAMATED  MEMBER     JSfrA  *UCKTOP!  CONSTR ASSN  old-fashioned heavy lifeboats  which are super seaworthy  once they're in the water, but  which require skill, well-oiled  and maintained machinery  and competent crews to lower  them and, unless I've missed  something, which is always  possible, they're not motorized, but depend upon muscle  power for a propellant.  Obviously they're not designed for quick rescue work,  but to evacuate ferry passengers, should that be necessary.  However, the ferry fleet  does regularly patrol coastal  waters between their ports of  call and because they're there  wouldn't it make sense to  equip them with something  light, fast and manoeuverable,  like a zodiac, for instance?  The ferry fleet has trained  personnel and could easily  double as an auxiliary, first  strike arm of the Rescue  Service if needed and if  properly equipped.  I'm sure I'm not the first  one to make such a suggestion  and it surely should be easy  to implement between two  Provincial departments, between which both operating  and capital costs could be  shared ��� not that it matters  which pays, as the money all  comes from the same pocket -  the taxpayers.  The important question, -,."  course, is: had the ferries  been equipped with a zodiac  and outboard motor, could  that fisherman's life have  been saved?  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This  happy event will send another  youngster to camp, courtesy of  Molson Brewery, sponsors of  this worthwhile campaign.  Congratulations Bud. The  Mixed Twilight group had 39  players turn out to enjoy the  ever-popular four member  team scramble.  In the second round of the  N.H.A. qualifying round for  district 2 and the C.L.G.A.  pin round 30 ladies entered  the 18-hole event. Connie  Grant took low gross honours  with a score of 87. Lil Fraser  captured low net with a low  70.  In the 9-hole Blind Partner  competition, Vivian Woods-  worth and Isobell Cowley  placed first with a combined  low net score of 78'/i. Run-  ncrs-up were Edna Fisher  and Bernice Bader with a low  86 '/.. The ladies are reminded  to be at the golf club at least  15 minutes prior to tee-off  time.  In case of cancellations, the  field of players are advanced  in the draw, which advances  your tee-off time. If there  should be a number of cancellations your tee time can  be considerably earlier than  expected.  On a moderate but rainy  Thursday morning, the seniors tackled a new golf game.  This particular event is called  "plus or minus". Using net  scores, a minus means a  bogey or worse, while a plus  indicates a birdy or better.  The winner is the player  with the most plus scores,  which proved to be Jim Budd  with 5.  The junior program started  last Thursday. Let's hope a  junior girl and boy club  champion will be ready for the  final tournament in the fall.  The high school students have  been visiting the club this  past week as part of their  school curriculum. Roger  Douglas has been teaching the  rudiments of golf, along with  the do's and don'ts and the  use   of  the   various   clubs.  Don't forget to enter the  President vs Vice-President  Tournament to be held on  May 24th. Losing team buys  lunch I  \ PENINSULA  MARKET  885-9721    Davis Bay, B.C.  tide tables  Reference:  Point Atkinson  Pacific  Standard Time  Wed. May 1.1  0150  0840  1413  1943  Thurs. May 14  02.10  0925  1515  2040  14.6  7.5  11.0  7.4  Fri. May 13  0.100  0945  1620  21.10  Sat. May 16  0.125  1025  1710  2215  14.2  5.7  I2..1  8.6  1.1.9  4.8  12.9  9.1  Sun. May 17  0345  1050  1750  2255  Mon, May 18  0415  1115  1825  2.1.15  Tun. May 19  0440  1150  1910  4.0  1.1.4  9.6  1.1.5  .1.4  13.8  10.0  13.3  3.0  14.1  GROCERIES  FISHING TACKLE  SUNDRIES  TIMEX WATCHES  Open 9���9     7 Days a Week  **mmm0m0wmm*m&  DAN'S BACKHOE SERVICE  Serving  ��� Gibsons ��� Gambier ��� Keats  GENERAL EXCAVATING  AND TRENCHING  Phone 886-2758 Evenings Please  Minor League baseball  r  Attention - Secheltl  Gibsons  Fish market  as of Wednesday May 20  will be delivering  Fresh Seafood Orders  which may be collected at the  Cafe Pierrot  Please none Us at  886-7888  to place your orders today!  M^  The late start to this year's  minor league baseball has  meant that the teams of  youngsters organized by Gibsons Athletic Association have  not yet been named, except in  two cases. For the time being,  then, we will carry the results  of league play with the teams  numbered.  T-BALL  (6-8 yean)  Fri. Ma) 1st:  Teari. One-20 - Team Two-34;  Team   3-31   -   Team   4-29;  Mon. May 4th.  Team Five-33 - Team One-28;  Team   2-25   -   Team   3-21;  Fri. May nth.  Team Four-29 - Team Five-32;  Team One-26 Team Three-25;  MINI-BRONCO  (9-10yean)  Wed. May 6th!  Team Five-3 - Team One-2;  Team Two-18 - Team Three-3;  Fri. May 8th.  Team Four-3 - Team Five - 9;  Team One-9 - Team Three-9.  K      -afifrT."   -  aHaPSMfSRHS  f: '   MH'y  WM^:wmm^t'- M      0  '���r^  GIRL'S SOFTBALL  (9-13 yean)  Tues. May Sth:  Team One-23-Team Three-17;  Team Two-25 - Team Four-7.  Thurs. May 7ths  Games cancelled due to rain.  BRONCO  (11-13 yean)  Fri. May 8th:  Super-Valu-14 - K.L.D. 3  Games are held on school  grounds every night, somewhere I If you want to know  where to go to watch a game,  call Gordon or Shirley Walker  at 886-7568.  Ladies  I Softball  May 5:  Cedars 18 Shoal 3  Wakefield 18 Reserve 12  Pender 1       Roberts Creek 10  Steelers 13 Trail Bay 12  May7i  Roberts Creek 22 Wakefield 6  RENT - A - BAY!  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I  had made up my mind that  there was to be no delay. As  soon as 1 left my job with  Ducharmc Bros. I would get  started; but likea lot of resolves  I had made in my life I failed to  carry through with what 1 had  originally planned. 1 think  nearly all of us have at one time  heard the adage "procrastination is the thief of time", but if  we were honest enough to  admit it, why is it that most of  us have practised putting things  off till the last moment many  times in our lives?  I more or less understand all  that but even today I cannot for  the life of me fathom out why,  seeing that 1 had the SIS. Idid  not buy a ticket to Winnipeg  and "ride the cushions" for at  least a part of the way. At the  time there were what they  called "Harvest Excursions"  and the above-mentioned sum  was all that was needed to  provide the return fare to and  from one's starting point to  that city and, should one wish  or  circumstances  require  it,  Video Cassette'  they (presumably the Government and the railroad) would  provide further transportation  at a cent or so per mile. This  was done to encourage men to  go west to ensure that the crops  were harvested and saved, even  although times being what they  were very little was paid for the  bushels of wheat and other  grains that the farmer had  worked so hard to produce.  Well the fact has to be laced. I  had frittered away so much  time both in Ottawa and Hull  that my small stake was almost  exhausted belore I did eventually clamber on to a freight  and get started.  I had scaled down the size of  my packsack to only Ihe  essential things I would actually need on the journey. To  these I had added a five-pound  honey pail, a small frying pan  and a stout hunting knife. The  pail was for heating water for  tea, the pan for cooking or  warming up food and the knife  for such varied tasks as whittling kindling, cutting bread,  etc. I had almost forgotten till  the last moment to include a  money belt, worn next to the  skin to hide and protect  whatever cash I might have or  acquire before I reached the  Pacific. There is talk of "honour among thieves", but 1  knew only too well that there  was little of that noble sentiment   among   the   hoboes   I  RENTALS  Over 100  Programs  In Inventory  ff)  COAST  ���* VIK9  UtOWCWHS  ��� Travelogues  - Movies  - Local Events  VHS or Beta Format  885-3666  would be travelling with. There  were hungry and desperate men  among them who would think  nothing of ganging up on a  more fortunate individual who  had money, beating him up,  robbing him and then tossing  him off the train. It had been  done scores of times before and  the practise, although fortunately not too frequent, still  prevailed,  Well eventually I did get  started but I sure didn't get very  far! When the freight I was  riding, along with .10 or 40  other transients, arrived in  Toronto, the police were  waiting for us. The freight  yards were literally crawling  with every type of cop  railroad "bulls", provincial and  R.C.M.P. included. A few of  the chaps managed to get away  but they were the ones who had  no encumbrances or packs.  About 20 of us were arrested,  loaded into "Black Marias"  and in due course lodged in the  Don Jail.  The next morning we were  brought before the magistrate  and a mockery of a trial ensued.  Without being asked whether  we were guilty or not, or the  charges properly described, wc  all received the same sentence -seven days in the  "cooler". As far as I remember,  there was some mention of  vagrancy, no visible means of  support and trespassing on  railroad property, but the  proceedings resembled an  assembly line in some plant or  factory and we might as well  have been on a conveyor belt.  The "beak" never looked up.  His eyes were on some piece of  paper in front of him while the  names were called out. All he  seemed to be able to say was  "Sevendajs"and away we were  hustled to start serving our  sentences.  I had heard some horrendous stories about the Don Jail  and they proved to be no  figment of someone's distorted  imagination. It was an old  building constructed many  years before and it was crowded beyond capacity. The cells  were filthy and, as for the slop  served as food, 1 have poured  better material, when working  on farms, into the troughs of  hogs. Except for the brief one  hour exercise period, we lay  around all day locked in our  cells. There was very little in the  way of reading material so we  just either held shouted conversations with others on the  same tier or stretched out on  our bunks and tried to sleep,  getting ready for the night  ahead.  I have no idea what the  others may have been engaged  in during the night, for all I  know they may have been  digging tunnels or trying to  break down or saw the bars,  but for me there was little or no  sleep at all. Ihe place was  crawling with cockroaches and,  worse, alive with rats. I had  heard that the latter were so  bold and hlingry that they had  been known to nibble on the  feet of sleeping prisoners. That  was enough for me! I spent the  hou.s with a rolled-up magazine, swatting the cockroaches  and gazing fearfully at the  toilet, waiting for a rat to  appear. One night I was  positive 1 saw one but he never  reappeared. However the evidence of their presence was  everywhere, not only by their  droppings but by the constant  gnawing that went on and the  occasional squeal as one fought  the other for some prized  morsel of food they had found  among the dirt and squalor.  By God, was I ever relieved  when the seven days were up,  my few meagre possessions  returned to me and I was  gruffly ordered to be on my  way and to stay away from the  railroads. All good advice, but  how in the blazes was 1 ever  going to reach the west coast if I  didn't ride a freight? Hitchhiking was out ofthe question  in those days as there were far  fewer cars on the roads than  there arc today.  I was shaken by my experience in that Toronto jail  but the very same night of my  release I was hidden in some  bushes overlooking the freight  yards. To hell with the law and  all it represented! I was going to  Vancouver and nothing or  nobody could stop me!  Coast News, May 12, 1981  College brochure  The Spring Credit Free  Course Brochure is now available for the Sunshine Coast.  Copies can be obtained at local  shopping malls, or from the  Sechelt Learning Centre, Inlet  Avenue.  Credit free courses run  during May and June in the  day, evening and on weekends. Registration may be  completed at the Learning  Centre, 12:30 to 7:00 p.m.  Monday to Friday, or you can  mail  your  cheque   and  the  registration form from the top  of the brochure itself.  Pre-registration is urged  as the courses are held only  if a minimum number of  students register beforehand.  Call 885-9310 for up-to-date  information on courses, and to  check that a particular course  will go ahead.  If you wish to be placed on  our mailing list so you can be  sure to receive this and other  Capilano College information,  please call the above number.  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Minerals significant in our diets  In John Slinslic  lo continue mir overview of  iutrition.il elements, we move  rom the vitamins to minerals.  Iwo important minerals are  ron and calcium.  Iron plavs an important role  in oxygen transport in the  blood. The average male needs  10 mg of iron per da> and a  female needs IS mg per day.  Iron is reabsorbed, so tin)  deficiency is usually due to loss  ol hlood or poor nutrition.  Not all iron tablets are the  same. Ferrous sulfate affords  the best absorption with lei-  rous succinate, ferrous InctAtC,  and ferrous gluconate close  behind. Ferrous citrate, ferrous  tartrate, ferrous pyrophosphate and some ferric salts are  not absorbed well.  Enteric coated or delayed -  release iron preparations are  not advantageous. Progressively less iron is absorbed as it  moves down the intestine.  I hese products generally are  more expensive than other iron  preparations and no advantage  is derived Irom their use.  All iron products tend to  irritate Ihe stomach. Although  ingesting iron with food is less  irritating, lood decreases the  amount ol iron absorbed up lo  APPLIANCES I  JOHN HIND-SMITH  REFRIGERATION H MAJOR APPLIANCE SERVICE  Port Mellon to Pender Harbour  Res. 886-9949  MP*i  HARRISON'S APPLIANCE SALES  Parts and Service  Tuesday   Saturday 9   5  886-9959 Pratt Rd. Gibsons  MISC. SERVICES I  Qclin's   8cpeen   Pointing Is mfg  Custom T Shirts & Sportswear  Real Estate Signs & Stands  Wood, Plexiglas & Magnetic Signs  Vinyl Decals: 886-9169  KfS C' cahpet i]* 8e5M5' I  Ah mm  FREE ESTIMATES  CARPET I -*. 3.  UPHOLSTERY-* *  Look W v/  tor us in the Yellow Paget,  DIAL-A-BOTTLE  Bottles ��� Party Ice ��� Mixes  ��� pop 886-277S #clgs  Quality Form & Garden Supply Ltd.  886-7527  Pratt Rd..  IT*  * Feed  + Pet Food  * Fencing  * Fertilizer  Gibsons  Need this space?  Call the COAST NEWS  886-2622 or 886-7817  KEN DE VRIES & SON LTD.)  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Because iron salts in largedoses  are corrosive to the O.l, track,  pain, vomiting and diarrhea  can occur. I hese symptoms can  lead to shock. Death h;iv  occured from as little as 15  tablets but recovery has occurred from larger ingestions.  Calcium another importani  mineral, is a major componcnl  of bones. It is necessary for Ihe  clotting of blood and Ihe  integrity of many cells. Adults  need about one gram ol  calcium per day while children  need 25!) to 800 mg.  Calcium can also he toxic  Large atnoiinl ol calcium (such  as tablets or in the form ol  aniacids 11 mm" I can lead lo  high levels ol calcium in the  urine and kidney stones. I he  latter mu\ result in kidney  damage.  I RESTAURANTS I  si;rtvri;u/ awDtiSis  Chinese & Western Food licensed Premises  Tuesday to Sunday  Lunch: 11:30 - 3 pm Dinner 4 30 ��� 9 pm  Sat. & Sun. Lunch: 12 noon - 9 pm  Lower Gibsons        886-9219    TaKeOutAyjHable  I CONTRACTING I  T.A.C. 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Patio Blocks  Bonniebrook Industrial Ltd. 886-7064  1*r  V*�� MllfjM Construction Ltd.  Custom homes, commercial and renovations  ^P.O. Box 1280   SECHELT, B.C. VON 3AO   886-2012 J  STEVE HOFLEY  Natural & Cultured Stone Facings,  House Fronts, Fireplaces   and Feature Walls  ALL WOKK CONDITIONALLY GUARANITII)      886-845* In  Christ's  service  Faith must  mature to  be strong  by Rev. George W. Inglis  If faith is to be a viable  ingredient lor today's living, it  must be current and dynamic  and connected to the problems  and needs ol today's society.  Faith inusi dwell in our  midst, talk our language,  celebrate our io\s and trtumps,  and suffer our tragedies and  sorrows, in order that il may be  a force for good in our lives,  and not iitsi an obsolete  theological word with very  little meaning lor today.  When the wiilei ol Hebrews  penned his discourse on faith  (the only one in the Bible), he  described faith as "the assurance ol things hoped for, the  conviction ol things not seen,"  (Hebrews 11:1), and he addressed his words to a church  which was suffering persecution and needed comforting.  In his discourse, he recounts  beautifully the lives of the  believers, going right back to  creation, and dramatizing the  faith of the patriarchs, the  children of Israel, and the  Christian martyrs who were  suffereing persecution even as  he wrote.  He was not talking about the  past alone, however, but addressing the beleaguered Christian church ot thai day, telling  Christians: "...let us run with  perseverance the race that is set  licfore us, looking lo Jesus the  pioneer and peifector of our  faith, who for the joy that was  set before him endured the  cross, despising the shame, and  is seated at the right hand ofthe  throne of God." (Hebrews  12:1).  He was not talking about  something foreign or alien to  ihe Christians of that day, but  something to which they could  relate with graphic and dramatic understanding,  He was not talking about a  faith which was to be realized at  some time in the dim and  distant future, or as something  which had existed for the saints  of old only, but a faith which  was credible, strcngtheningand  nourishing for the problems  facing the church right then!  A faith that is contained in  some creed or doctrine of the  church is a meaningless and  empty word unless it can be  translated dynamically into  today's life, in the same fashion  as scripture and the Creator  must he brought up to date,  and seen in the light of today's  society as a living and viable  entity.  In times past, whenever the  fait h of the children of Israel, or  the Christian church suffered  from lapses of faith, and began  to flounder in uncertainty, God  called upon men to come to the  aid of the wavering believers,  and set a living and glowing  example of faith in their very  lives, as Jesus had done in the  days of his earthly ministry.  These men, and women too,  came to the scene at the time  when thev were sorely needed,  and they came from many  unlikely and humble backgrounds, tied together only by  the fire in their bellies which  would not let them rest, but  drove them to feats of courage  and daring which could not  have been achieved by humans,  without the agency of a powerful force within���faith.  A faith like this, which  enables men and women to step  out confidently into situations  which would be impossible for  mere mortals, does not come  about overnight, however,  It can come in many forms,  dramatically and forcefully, or  so quietly it can hardly be  discerned, but in either form it  is a t first new and raw and must  #THE UNITED CHURCH  CALVARY         \  M            OK CANADA  BAPTIST CHURCH    %  Sunday  Park Rd., Gibsons       ��  Worship Services  Pastor: Harold Andrews  ST. JOHNS  Res: 886-9163,  Davis Ray -9:30 am.  Church: 886-2611  GIBSONS  Sunday School 9:30 a.m.  Glassford Rd. - 11:15 am.  Morning Service 11:00 a.m.  Sunday School - ^JO am.  Gospel Service 7 p.m.  Rev. Bob Scales  Prayer & Bible Study  Church Telephone  88(i-  Thursday 7 p.m.  GIBSONS  PENTECOSTAL CHURCH  ST. BARTHOLOMEW &  ST. AIDAN  Cedar Grove School  ANGLICAN CHURCHES  Chaster Rd., Gibsons  Combined Service  Isl Sunday 11:15 A.M.  in St. Bartholomew's  Gibsons  Senior Pastor: Ted Boodle  Youth Pastor: Jack Moch  Sunday School 9:30 a.m.  Morning Worship 11 a.m.  Evening Fellowship 7 p.m.  All other Sundays  Home Bible Study  Roberts Creek 9:30 a.m.  Phone 886-7268 or 886-9482  Family Holy Eucharist  Affiliated with the  Gibsons 11:15 a.m.  Pentecostal   Assemblies   of  Rector:  Rev. John E. Robinson  Canada  ROMAN CATHOLIC  SERVICES  SEVENTH-DAY  ADVENTIST CHURCH  Rev. Angelo De Pompa  Sabbath School Sat. 10 a.m.  Parish Priest  Hour of Worship Sat. 11 a.m.  Times ol Maim  St. John's United Church  Saturday 5:00 p.m.  Davis Bay  St. Mary's, Gibsons  Pastor: C. Dricberg  Regular Sunday Masses  Everyone Welcome  9:00 a.m. Our Lady  For information phone:  of Lourdes Church  885-9750 ur 883-2736  Sechelt Indian Reserve  10:00 a.m. Holy Family  SECHELT  Church, Sechelt  NEW LIKE  12:00 noon St. Mary's Church  Gibsons  ASSEMBLY  SERVICES  in  Confessions before Mass  Phone: 885-9526 or 885-5201  Sechelt Elementary School  CHRISTIAN SCIENCE  1:00 pm Sunday  SOCIETY  7:30 pm Wednesday  SECHELT SERVICES:  Everyone Welcome  Sundays 11:30 am.  Reverend P. Brooks  Sunday School 11:30 am.  Pastor  Wednesdays 7:00 pm.  All in United Church edifice  GLAD TIDINGS  on main highway in Davis  TABERNACLE  Bay.   Everyone   is   warmly  Gower Point Road  invited to attend.  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Faith may exist in isolation,  but it begins to grow and to  mature and become real and  viable only when it is enacted in  the real world, confronting real  people, temptations, trials and  dilemmas.  Faith must be understood  and embraced in today's language, and accepted as being  fully capable of understanding  today's culture, in order to  move from yesterday's testimony to today's reality.  It is true that faith presents  many problems, because it is an  emotional response to a unseen  power to begin with, and it is  possessed in varying quantities  and qualities, but it is only as  faith matures that the believer's  faith-walk becomes a confident  stride instead ofa fumbling and  stumbling gait, with many  setbacks.  Faith must be practiced to  mature, not read about or  spoken about, but lived in the  daily lives of the believer, and  each glint of understanding  nourishes it.  When we read of the faith of  the apostle Paul, many make  the mistake of thinking that his  mighty faith was gained in a  second on the road to Damascus when he encountered the  risen Christ!  They forget that he went off  and spent 14 years working on  understanding and appropriating fully the faith that had  entered his heart with such  stunning force.  And it was only then that he  had the conviction and assurance that carried him  the mightiest mission of faith  on record!  Faith, like fine wine, must be  mature to be strong.  Coast News, May 12, 1981  NOW OPEN SIX DAYS A WEEK  Mon.-Sat.   9:00-5:00  SUPERIOR ELECTRIC  I i.ln Boui.lM Hi.ilc,  Grade 8: Janet Butcher, Lome Carroll, Martin Carsky, Darryl Gant, Brand! Greggain, Arlene  Mulcaster, Ruth Madoc-Jones, Kirsti McKinnon, Suzanne Keimcr, Cathy Solomon, Tonl Manlon.  Grade 9: Glen lllingworth, Stacey Krintilla, Donna MacFarlane, Donna Ostrosky, Marian  Passmore, Linda Ten, Sonya Tveit-Petersen, Marian VanderGeest. Grade 10: Krika Fredricksen,  Murray Gant, Clint Mahlman, Renee Michaud, Bill Read, Wendi Rotluff, Ian Stevenson, Joseph  Strub, Kari I'etlersen, Rosalyn Lee, Shaheena Mawani. Honourable Mention - Grade 8: Bev  Cameron, Bill Earwaker, Jay Gledson; Grade 9 - Sandra Campin, Cheryl (hiasson; Grade 10 -  Shelley Fyles, Lisa MacDougal, Stephen Starbuck.  Government image makers  That's Life  When you're looking for ways lo protect your  family, think of permanent life insurance It's  one of the most unselfish things you'll  ever buy. You don't buy it just lor yourself.  You buy it because there are others who need  you as much as you need them. That's life.  So when you're looking for  life insurance think ol me  Qcoll Hodgkinion  Box 957,  Glbaona, B.C.  886-8018  Mutual Life of Canada  Al Wagner  Al Wagner  Invites you  to join  Big  Brothers  A service of friendship freely given by  men, to boys without  fathers. -  For Information  886-2615 *  885-5664  Continued from Page 17  shave before he goes on  camera. The people of British  Columbia are concerned about  a government which makes  false statements and plays dirty  tricks. "This is why the public  gets an impression that you (the  government) don't deserve  their vote.  "People want low-cost housing, they want low interest  rates,they want someone to  fight inflation and they want to  be able to buy food for their  tables. That is what they expect  from their government."  The estimates for the newly  created Social Credit public  relations department were  debated this week as part ofthe  provincial secretary's budget.  During the debate on Tuesday  afternoon, Eileen Daily NDP  critic for provincial secretary  moved an amendment to reduce this ministry's budget to  $4.50-the average price of a  theater ticket���because this  government "can't differentiate  between using tax money to  produce Hollywood-style productions to keep up their image  and what is true information".  Thursday's question period  revealed that Ron Basford (the  Socred's $600-a-day Northeast  coal consultant) has indicated  that prairie farmers and the  CNR will be subsidized by B.C.  Rail as a result of agreements  entered into by the Social  Credit government.  Swanson's  Swanson's Concrete  Products Ltd.  Manufacture & Sale of  septic Tanks  euros. Pier Blocks, etc.  Box 172 Sechelt, B.C.  V0N3A0     885*5333  BUILDING OR  REN0UATING?  Be sure to check the prices  on your material list at:  Peninsula Roofing  insulation Ltd.  "Vour complete Roofing supplier"  SPECIALS!        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With Sufficient Funds, you can avoid the  nuisance of making repeated arrangements with the  bank to protect yourself from the embarrassment  of having your cheque returned It's a convenient  way to meet any emergency credit need and a big  reason to open a Commerce Personal Chequing  Account or Key Account.  Drop in soon to find out more about Sufficient  Funds. You can count on the Commerce to make  banking easier for you.  <s>  CANADIAN IMPERIAL  BANK OF COMMERCE Coast News, May 12, 1981  COAST NEWS CLASSIFIED ADS  Birth  Goodwin. Kristy and Sandra are  leased to announce the arrival of  their 10 pound baby brother  Allan Max", born at St. Mary's  Hospital, May ,lrd. 1981 at 3:30  a.m. Croud parents ��� Paul and  Wendy. Grandparents: Jack and  Jeannie Mercer of Secret Cove  ..ml Mrs. Lillian Goodwin of  Vancouver. #19  ���SIMM  Thurston. Passed away May 4,  1981, John Stanley Thurston, late  i (<ihs,ins. In his 74th year.  Survived by his loving wife  Helen. Mr. Thurston was a  retired transit supervisor with  B.C. Hydro Private cremation  arrangements through Devlin  Funeral Home. #19  A.A.  MEETINGS  MONDAY: 8:30 PM.  Open Meetings  Alano Club  (next to Andy's Family  Restaurant)  Ph. 686-2596 Don  886-9208 Dudley  TUESDAY: 8:30 PM.  Young People  Rear of St. Mary's  Catholic Church, Gibsons  Ph 886-9783 Lorna  WEDNESDAY: 8:00 PM.  Closed Discussion Meeting  Rear ol St. Mary's  Catholic Church. Gibsons  Ph 885-3436 Catherine  885-3394 Herb  THURSDAY: 8:30 PM.  Open Meeting  Wilson Creek  Community Hall  Davis Bay  Ph 685-2896 Ed  SATURDAY: 8:00 PM  Al-Anon - A.A. Meeting  Rear ol St. Mary's  Catholic Church, Gibsons  Ph. 886-7358 Linda or Bob  For Pender Harbour Area  Phone  883-9978 or 883-9238  Announcements  SECHELT TOTEM CLUB BINGO  Every Sunday. Plaee: Sechelt  Legion Hall.  limes: Doors open 5:30. Early  Kird.s 7:00. Bonanza 7:30. Regular Bingo 8:00.  100% payout on Bonanza end ,>f  each month. Everyone Welcome.  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I ike butterflies always toward  t ach other until we met and when  we did we thanked the wind  which is the breath of God.  I'mil the wind brings us together  again ��� missed so much by his  wife Lois und all who loved him.  In memory of Nelson Smith,  passed away one year ago, May  15, WHO.    * m  Personal  UNWANTED HAIR  Vanished away with Saca-Pelo.  Saca-Pelo is different. It does  not dissolve or remove hair from  the surface, but penetrates and  retails growth of Unwanted  Hair. Lor-Bcer Lab. Ltd., 9-712  Robsons St.. Vancouver, B.C.  Vo/ IA2 #19  We wish to thank our relatives  and friends for their sympathy  and acts of kindness. Also for the  donations to St. Mary's Hospital  in memory of our beloved husband and father. Special thanks  to the doctors and staff of St.  Mary's Hospital. The Carlson  family. #19  The Sunshine Coast S.P.C.A.  wishes to express its thanks to  all those who donated items and  time to our garage sale and a  special thanks to Bob and Janet  Kodgers for their time, garage  and property. #19  uuestoch  HAY. $2.00 a hale. Phone evenings 885-9357 TFN  HORSES  6 good riding horses & 2 ponies  for sale to good homes only.  886-7377 or 886-9409 TFN  For Sale 2 Toggenburg Doe Kids  1 mth. old, very gentle, great  pets, dehorned. Also New Zealand rabbits - breeding stock  plus offspring. All mdst go.  Phone 886-2696 anytime.        #21  ELUNCHAM  STABLES  ��� Boarding  ��� Training  ��� Lessons  885-9969  For Adoption:  Dogs - 2 female Samoyed X Pups  4 months quiet & well-behaved.  Female black & tan Shepherd 1  year, good dog. Female Samoyed  X spayed, well behaved &  obedient, small to med. size.  Cats ��� Female tortoiseshell  spayed. Orange & white male 6  weeks. Tabby male 6 weeks.  Tabby female 6 weeks. Pure  white male 7 weeks. Grey male  7 weeks.  Peninsula Kennels open to view  9 a.m. - 11 a.m., 2-4 p.m. 7 days  a week or phone 886-7713.      #19  Professional Dog Grooming  Teeth Nails & Ears Cleaned  Phone Sharon 886-2084  #21  BOX 609.  SECHELT  Kerry  Blue  Terriers  886-2505  >ooooecid555o5535oooci  SPCA  SPAY  Clinic  and information  886-7938  Box 405  Gibsons. B.C.  Found  CASTLEMCK  KENNELS  ��� Boarding      ||*��  ��� Grooming      jf/jT  ��� Puppies occasionally  Roberts Creek,  opposite Golf Course  885-2505  PENINSULA  KENNELS  Open  for Boarding  all types of  dogs & cats  Excellent  care given  Now  S.P.C.A. Shelter  Open  9-11 am & 2-4 pm  for viewing  adoptive animals  or drop-off  of unwanted  animals.  Phone  886-7713  Green parrot has been returning  to our feeder for past week. Near  Dougal and Truman Roads,  Gibsons. 886-7906. #19  work Wanted  Qualified    Painter.    Reasonable  rates. Work guaranteed. 886-9749  TFN  I'imberjack Skidder with operator. Wire splicer available. 88b-  2459. TFN  Chimney sweeping and moss  spraying. 886-7540 TFN  For your land and lawn scaping,  garden care call DEAN Ltd.  886-7540 TFN  WRIGHT WAV Renovations -  Alterations basement to the roof,  satisfaction guaranteed. Jim or  Gary 885-5946 #19  COMPLETE GARDEN SERVICE  Seasonal care; pruning, power  raking, garden rototilling, lawns  & hedges, reasonable rate.  885-9498. #19  NEED HELP  SPRING CLEANING?  Quick and Efficient  Reasonable Rates  886-2871 after 6  I require work as a tradesman's/  landscaper's helper. Have pickup and  tools.   For more info,  call Barry 886-9498. #19  Taping and Texturing, big jobs  and small. Phone 886-9291      #20  WEST COAST  (PfllHTIHS  none  888-2883  Free  Estimates  ALL  WORK   GUARANTEED  Work Wanted I Help wanted I    Help wanted  THE MOPPETS  Housecleaning-spring cleaning,  also clean as you move out. A  reliable team of two, cleaning  faster than you ever thought  possible... excl. refs. 886-7013.  #21  Carpentry and Construction, renovations and repairs, decks and  patlus, framing and foundations.  Call Brent or Jim at 885-3185 TFN  TREE SERVICE  Wc   make   it  our   business   to  provide   you   with   satisfaction.  Our specialty:  ��� Topping  ��� Limbing  ��� Dangerous Tree Removal  Insured guaranteed services  Peerless Tree Service Ltd.  Call for free estimate 885-2109.  TFN  Need a truck and driver? Reasonable rates, 3-ton van body truck  for furniture, etc. 885-7342     #20  Harbour Chimney Cleaning. Serving the Sunshine Coast. Fireplaces, furnaces, oil stoves, 883-  9171. Customers from the 886 exchange call Collect. TFN  Pure bred German Shepherd  last seen on 6th April near old  dump on North Road. He is very  high strung but harmless. A  beautiful dog and very obviously  lost. No collar, black spot on  tongue. Please phone even if  only to tell me you've run him  over or shot him. 886-7663 or  9373. #19  Set of 3 similar keys. Gibsons  area. Phone 886-7226 #19  Brass telescoping gaft hook in  Gibsons area. Reward offered.  886-9234. #19  16"  tire,   mounted on  a  split  rim. Gibsons area. 886-9472.   #19  Small black teddy bear, lost  Tuesday morning- at Bus Depot.  886-2410. #19  By Sechelt Post Office or Credit  Union - opal necklace. Owner can  identify - Reward. 885-2969.   #19  'j. LEPORE TILES  Quality Installations  Ceramic. Mosaic ot Quarry  All work guaranteed  Free estimates  Phone Anytime  886-8097       ,  Hardwood Floors resanded and  finished, work guaranteed. Free  est. Phone 885-5072 TFN  Fence building our specialty.  886-7540 TFN  Backhoe available. Gibsons area  preferred. Phone 886-9614 any  time. TFN  Chimney   Cleaning   and   maintenance. Ph. 886-7411 or 886-8023  TFN  NEED TUNE-UP?  Experienced mechanic will come  to your car - any make. Reaa.  rates call  Dominique  885-3317  anytime TFN  For Explosive Requirements  Dynamite, electric or regular caps  B line E cord and safety fuse.  Contact Gwen Nlmmo, Cemetery  Road, Gibsons. Phone 886-7778.  Howe Sound Farmer Institute.   TFN  Carpenter - new and renovations.  Reasonable rates and references.  886-7280 TFN  Electrical Contractor wants work  anywhere on the coast, own boat  for island work. 886-9316      TFN  Experienced House Cleaner  wishes work in Gibsons area.  Have car, phone 886-7358. Refs.  available. #19  Housekeeper, mature woman to  work days. Light housekeeping &  child care. West Sechelt area.  ��S5-3903eves. #20  fart time clerical and store clerk,  [���lease send resume to Personnel  Dept., Box 59, Madeira Pk., B.C.  VON 2HO. TFN  Driver-yard person witn Class 3  licence. Send resume to personnel department, Box 59,  Madeira Park. VON 2HO.     TFN  Waitresses wanted, full & part  time, Bartending experience preferred. Apply in person to Seaview Gardens, 11:30 a.m. to  5 p.m. #19  Need babysitter for 3 children  2 yrs., 4 yrs. & 6 yr. old. Afternoons. Roberts Creek-Gibsons  area. Prefer group accommodation but will consider splitting  up. Call 886-8036 #19  WAITRESS WANTED  Experience preferred. Apply in  person at The Cedars. TFN  Babysitter   Wanted,   Gibsons   -  Gower Pt. area. Phone 886-7510.  #20  Part-time bus girls and doorman  required. Apply in person to  Roval Canadian Legion Branch  109. #20  Sous-chef wanted for gourmet  restaurant on Sunshine Coast.  Send resume to: Box 829, Sechelt,  B.C. VON 3AO. #20  Need babysitter for two children,  day shift only. Gibsons-Langdale  area. Phone 886-2786. #21  Experienced formwork carpenters  wanted. Must be eligible for  union membership. Call 883-2654  after 6 p.m. or in person Jaemar  Construction, Malaspina substn.  Pender Harbour. #21  Experienced part-time waiter/  waitress. Driftwood Inn. 885-9811   #19  Sunshine Coast Home Services  has a vacancy for field supervisor. Applicants must have  professional preparation in one of  the following: Nursing, home  economics, social case work,  education, senior level home-  maker. Experience in supervision, teaching or working with  the elderly would be an asset.  Applications accepted until May  25th and should be forwarded  to Box 1069, Sechelt, B.C.      #19  Regular part-time Physiotherapist. Four hours per day from  1300-1700 hours Monday-Friday.  The applicant must be a chartered  physiotherapist eligible to be  licensed in B.C. Please apply:  L. Buchhorn, Personnel Officer,  St. Mary's Hospital, Box 7777,  Sechelt, B.C. VON 3AO. 885-2224  #19  Part-time work for experienced  salesperson. Prefer someone with  knowledge of floor coverings  and/or drapes. 886-7112.     TFN  Design  Drafting  886-74436  Quality Framing and Contracting.  Reasonable rates, phone 886-8249  or 886-9679. #21  Qualified Painter, reasonable  rates. No job too small. Please  call 885-2928. TFN  Raincoast secretarial  onice Overload Serulce  and  Professional Out oi Office  Typing  (Pick-up und delivery  available)  Patti: 888-8593  EU8S. 885-5588  Help wanted  Breakfast cook  second cook  needed immediately  al  Apply in person  MANAGER  TRAINEE  Required by Trail Bay  Sports. Applicants  should have retail sales  experience and knowledge of sports and  marine fields.  Send resume:  Trail Bay Sports  Box 678  Sechelt, B.C.  VON SAO  885-2512  Van. Direct:  689-5019  mmim  Clean responsible family wants to  rent 2 or 3 BR house. References.  885-5705. #21  URGENT: Couple in mid thirties  require older sm. house or farm  preferably on gravel rd. Have  small hobby kennel of show and  racing dogs. Ernie or Kathy  885-5734. #21  Single person accommodation  needed immediately in Gran-  thams-Gibsons-Roberts Creek  area. One bedroom apartment or  cottage would be preferable.  Excellent references available.  Please call Sherra, Coast News  886-2622. #20  Reliable person to do all facets  household cleaning I day a week.  886-8043 days.   886-7683  eves.  #19  wanted to Rent  Wanted to rent by May or June  1st. 2-3 bdrm. for family of 3.  Gibsons to Sechelt. Ref. available. 885-7265. #19  Quiet responsible working married couple needs to rent 1-3  bdrm. home from Gibsons to  Madeira Park. Excellent refs.  Please call 883-2459. #20  House. References. Available in  Gibsons area. Working man.  886-8511. #20  Desperately! Our house burned  down, we need a place I Couple  with 10 mo. old baby. Anywhere -  Gibsons - Sechelt - references.  Phone 885-5407 #20  Motorhome from Aug. 7 to Aug.  16. Please call Joe Bellerive  886-9453. #19  2 or 3 bdrm. house or apt. need- d  as soon as possible. Leave  message at Park Motel. Ph.  883-9040. #19  For Rent  House on 'A acre 2 bdrm. & sep.  office or 3rd bdrm. close to  schools & shops, frg. & stove,  avail. Jun. 1 or 15. $525. 886-7757  #19  Mobile Home, Wilson Creek.  '/. block from beach $450. Avail.  May 15th. 885-3995. Call weekdays only between 6-8 p.m.    #19  Room and board available for  clean working men. Phone  886-2137. TFN  Sales Clerk  Required by Trail Bay  Sports in Gibsons. 3  full days per week  minimum.  Phone 885-2512 or inquire In person at Sechelt store.  Community Hall for rent in  Roberts Creek. Phone Bill Grose  885-9237 TFN  SPECIAL WEEKLY RATES  Peninsula Hotel 886-9334     TFN  19 in. Colour T.V. S2S per mo., 3  mo. min. 26 in. consoles $30. per  mo. J&C Electronic. 885-2568  #TFN  Looking for a senior person to  share a house and garden near  beach. Reasonable rent. 886-9463  #20  MUSIC  Province ot  British Columbia  Ministry ul  Forests  POSITIONS  VACANT  B.C. Forest Service,  Sechelt has vacancies  for Forest Service Scalers (Auxiliary).  Must have valid Coast  Scaling License with  metric and new grades  endorsements.  Salary $1527 to $2093  per month commensurate with qualifications  and experience.  For information and  applications, contact  B.C. Forest Service,  Teredo Square. Teredo  Street, Sechelt. Tel: 885-  5174.  Closing  date May 28,  1981.  New Yamaha AW) electric organ  with bench and earphones. $1500  OBO. 886-9102. #20  Electric Piano, Fender Rhodes,  portable. Exc. cond. $1000 OBO.  886-8583 TFN  westwurid  Sound  Centres  OiQPIOIMEER  MMlO VOI  MCOfflP  Fender l  Yamaha  ' ^.Appliances  ���* DEALER  COST  pint 10%  Next to Ihe  Bank of Montreal Building  Sechelt  885-3313  Wanted  CASH FOR LOGS  Top Prices  Free Estimates  D & 0 LOG SORTING  LTD.  886-7896    886-7700  For sale  PLEXIGLAS  W.W. Upholstery  & Boat Tops Ltd.  886-7310  APPLIANCES  Compare  Prices  on  HOTPOINT  at  MACLEODS  SECHELT  885-2171  For Sale  Sharp kerosene heater $30.  Hoover cannister vacuum $25.  Wet/dry shop vac $30. VW Beetle  trailer hitch 885-3605 after 5 p.m.  #20  Pool Tabic Gendron 4' x 8'  good condition with cues. $400  OBO. 886-7028 #19  USED FURNITURE  Beds, desks, sofas, dressers,  misc. odds & ends. 1172 Gower  Pt. Rd. 886-7534. #19  The Coast News is looking for  back copies to complete their  files. Issues missing are from  June to December in 1976. Anyone wishing to donate, please  phone 886-2622 and we will pick  up. Thank you I TFN  Older furniture, china etc. bought  or sold on consignment. Harbour  Antiques, 1585 Marine Dr.,  Gibsons. 886-7800 TFN  Delivered sawdust, shavings, for  stable. 885-9969 TFN  F & L Contractors. Standing  timber. Any amount. Fair prices.  Good clean up. Lou LePage  886-9872 or 886-7833. TFN  Wood cookstove, Ford Cortina,  lot on Gambier Island. 886-9503.  #19  Free Clean Fill wanted Lot 36  Jasper Road off Mason. 885-9535  after 5 p.m. #21  GIBSONS WINTER CLUB  Tenders re. roofing contract  (labour only) 106 sq. of 210 Ib.  duroid shingles plus ridge capping. Tenders accepted until  May 26, 1981. The lowest or any  tender will not necessarily be  accepted. Gibsons Winter Club,  Box 989, Gibsons, B.C. #19  Your unwanted dilapidated barn,  shack, etc. Clean up and removal  in exchange for materials at no  charge toyou. 885-3310. #20  Trailer 10'x30* to 50' good  condition. C.S.A. approved. 112-  298-7698. #20  PERSIAN RUG  Nain 3'10" x 4'6"  Collon Warp A; Weft  Fine Wool Pile  Silk Bordering Pattern  88S-7SS9  ELECTROHOME  SALES & SERVICE  3 Year Warranty  on Parts & Labour  " SUNSHINE  COAST T.V.  After the Sale  Its the Service  that Counts  Cowrie St. 885-9816  Looking for  FOAM?  Mattresses. Chips   Cushions  W.W. Upholstery  & Boat Tops Ltd.  Gibsons 886-7310  Firewood   for   sale.    885-3605.  Buy now, have it dry for winter.  SHEDS  Garden Supplies  Lawn        min  Mouiers    sgg.>*  MACLEODS  SECHELT  885-2171  POWERCLEANING  Steam Cleaning  ��� Pressure Washing  ��� Sand Blasting  Industrial Painting  885-9316  PUMPS PUMPS PUMPS  Commercial & Residential  Sump, Sewage &  Ettluent Pumps  Construction Equipment  885-5922  THERMAX  WELD-ALL IND.  Beal the High Cost of Heating  Custom Made Wood Stoves  PHONE 886-8466  Fitzweight 3/8" wet suit 2 yrs.  old attached hood, spine pad,  knee pads and new B.C. seaquest  oral and man inflator 180 lbs.  5'10"   excellent    shape    $650.  Phone 886-2096. #20  Inglis multi-cycle auto washer,  excellent condition. Guaranteed  * delivered. $250. Phone 883-  2648 TFN  6' x 12' national billiard table,  new felt, all ace. $1700 OBO.  Moving sale - plants, toys, books  etc. 886-2706 #19  6 months old Sib. Husky. $100.  Phone 886-9635 #19  1- 28x36 2- 24x30 al. sliding wds.  $20 ea. 110' ornamental iron railing with corrugated plastic  inserts $2.50 per ft. White toilet  $25.886-8398. #19  'EMPEDITIONTENf  Recreational Equipment Inc.  McKinley Model  Complete with Rainfly  All seams coated  Very High Quality Tent  Used Only Once  . (300.-885-5998 .  SECHELT  CARPET  CORNER  has lust raceiued  another load ot  "Candy Stripe"  Rubber Bach  CARPET  at the very  low price ol  $5.85 sq. yd.  But Hurry!  (Beside Banner's  Furniture)  885-5315 For safe  HANGING  BASKETS  ��� Lawn Seed  BEDDING  PLANTS  -�� Seeds  OS  BUSHES  $1.00 OFF  FRUIT  TREES  $2.00 OFF  Many other  SPECIALS  "Everything  for your Garden"  Quality  Farm & Garden  Supply Ltd.  Pratt Road       886-7527  Appliances, Furniture, TV's,  Stereos etc. DISCOUNT PRICES I  Kern's Home Furnishings, Seaview Place, Gibsons. 886-9733.   TFN  Stereo system, realistic 16 RMS  watt per channel, 2 Altec Lansing  spies., 22" high, walnut enclosure  Miricord turntable, all near new  cond. Cost $500 new, sell $250 or  trade for smaller sys. 886-7836  #21  Used 30" white Westinghouse  range. Good working condition.  $150.00.886-9733 TFN  FOR SALE:  Classilied ads that can cover  BC 8 the Yukon  -'.   ,   At--*-  - ��� -.a.,-...  25 WORDS $99  The Sunshine  coAtf nwi  TONY'S  UNIQUE RESTORATIONS  BRASS & ANTIQUES  I'edal stools. Sinks. Leaded  glass. French Doors. Demolition.  Brass Taps. Chandeliers. Wall  Sconces. Red Brick. Oak Floors.  Beautiful accessories 50 years &  older. 3662-4th Ave., Vancouver  TFN  Plastic barrels, very heavy 40-50  j:al capacity. Screw-on liils - used  lor shipping lood products. $.t().  ea. 885-5998. T.F.N,  Farm tractor 50 h.p. Die. Front  end loader, 3 pt. hitch. $7500.  OBO. After 5 p.m. or weekends  885-3382. #21  MULCH HAY $1.50 bale. Phone  evening 885-9357 TFN  Abundant living pro vita vitamins  and beauty aids plus pro-joggers  for excellent health. Phone  886-2660. #21  Starting a new store or warehouse  I have 24 ft. store goldolas and  steel shelving also maple merchandising bunks 4'x2'. Call  883-9676. #20  Lead 75* lb., table saw. 886-7614  The WOOD SHED  Is now taking orders tor  FIREWOOD  Stock-up now for next winter  Phone 886-1084  Powerful horse manure: you load  $15.885-9969. TFN  Ladies bicycle blue $35. Sewing  machine $75.  Phone  886-2660.  #20  1 16 mm film projector $50.  I large steel desk for office $100.  ��� Would the person placing this  ad please contact the Coast News  - you forgot to put your phone  number...  Infants-Teens consignment sale.  Toys, games, clothes, furnishings  YOURS AND MINE  885-2620Tues-Sat. #20  W.W. Upholstery  & Boat Tops Ltd.  All Supplies for the  DO-IT-YOURSELFER  Gibsons 886-7310  i���madeira���i  Appliances  have good guaranteed  rebuilt appliances.  Less than half  new price.  Call Collect Anytime  1���883-2648���'  EAR PIERCING  Girl & Guys  886-2120 Sa,���n  10" B&D Dewalt radial arm saw  $250 OBO. 100 ft. extension cord  12/3 with 4 box $50. Phone  886-2790after6p.m. #19  22" Stove, works perfect. $100.  886-2127. #21  Piano $900.886-9136  #19  Swim - Spa  It's Tomorrow's  Pool and Spa  Today  Auciil on Ihe  SEASIDK  PIJ'MBIM.  006 7017  or 886-7760  TARPS  W.W. Upholstery  & Boat Topi Ltd.  Gibsons 886-7310  GARAGE SALE  May 16 & 17, 10-2, Metcalf  and Lower Roberts Creek Road,  Household articles, original oil  paintings, two Peerless gas  heaters.  COUN'S T-SHIRT SALE  Buy at wholesale prices. Infant  sizes  to  men's  XL.  886-9169.  #19  T.V.  STEREO  KNURS  Green Onion  Stereo  884-5240  Dunham Rd.. Port Mellon  MiJMMM  OCEANSIDE  POOLS  VINYL LINED SWIMMING POOLS  ALUMINUM  ft STEEL WALLS  HOT TUBS I SPAS  Salts, Strvlci, Installations  Fully Guaranteed  Ttn Years Experience  FREE ESTIMATES  Phone  Bob Green  Box 1184, Sechelt.  For Sale  HOT TUB?  Do it yourself. Fiberglass, redwood and vinyl. Solar collectors,  H&S Contracting. 885-3825  TFN  GIGANTIC GARAGE SALE  Antiques, doors, windows, household items. Top of Snodgrass  Rd., Selma Park, May 16, 10 a.m.  to 2 p.m. No early birds.        #19  BOAT HMJLina  W.W. Upholstery  & Boat Topi Ltd.  Glbtoni  886-7310  Automotlue  1979 Dodge 4x4 good condition,  V-8 motor, radio & CB, 4 new  studded snow tires & 4 large tires  with mags. $7500. Phone 886-  7142. #19  SMALL CAR  SERVICE  No problem for us - Ford  has been building and  importing cars and trucks  from Germany, Japan  and England as far back  as 1949.  So if you have a problem  with your small car we've  got the  Hours ol Service  8 am - S pm  885-3281  StfTi CMIT  Ft Ki uia itb  Automotlue  Marine  McCleary double oven range.  Viking twin door refrigerator.  886-9156. #21  ATTENTION LOGGERS!  Kohler generator, 45 kvw -  '95 amp., power by 6-cy. Hercules motor. 886-9780. #19  Tappan built-in dishwasher. Good  condition. $100. Phone 886-2084.  #21  Ping Pong Table & equip. $75.00.  Phone886-9510toview. #19  Twin Beds $75 pr. Stereo set &  speakers $60. Cassette deck $40.  Hoover vac. $45. Flight bag $10.  TV stand $5. plus more. 885-9778.  #19  Zenith Dryer. Good cond. Asking  $100.Ph.883-9496eves. #21  Oil Furnace, good cond. Asking  $100.886-9102. #21  1 set of Lapidary Tools, 8"  grinders, 8" sanders, 10* saw,  1 gal. tumbler. Lots of rocks.  Phone evenings 886-2949       #21  YARD SALE  SAT. MAY 16th  Sunshine Coast Trailer Court  #39.10:00 a.m. #19  Roll Top Desk $50.12 inch colour  TV $200. Looking to buy sofabed.  886-8571. #21  TUPPERWARE - your guarantee  of quality - keeps food at peak of  freshness - pretty and practical.  Phone Louise Palmer 886-9363*21  Garden hay mulch. 10 bale  minimum. $150 each bale. 20  bales $1.25 each. 886-7377 or  886-9409 TjFN  Sony Stereo system, good sound.  Moving, must sell. 886-7595. #19  Three 2' by 4' double dome  acrylic skylights. Brand new.  $100 each. 885-5505. #21  LUMBER FOR SALE  Rough sawn lumber, fir, western  red cedar, yellow cedar, hemlock.  Inquire weekdays, 9 to 4. Copack  Industries Limited, Hillside sawmill. Visit us beside Avalon  near Port Mellon or phone  926-7318.    ' #21  Hide-a-bed, good condition.  Green plaid pattern $90.00. Ph.  886-9843 after 5:00 p.m. #19  WINDOWS  '/i price on used, single pane,  white framed. 886-7993.        #21  Cedar Planters, hanging baskets,  also macrame, made to order by  local handicapped at Sunshine  Achievement Centre. 886-9325  or drop in. #21  Frostfree side by side fridge ���  freezer Baycrest (Gibsons) avocado, works fine. $495 ONO.  886-2513. #21  6-ton flatdeck trailer. Tandem  axle, extra super Skookum  construction $2500.885-3825. #21  For Sale - Haines Bros. Piano.  883-9089. #21  9 cu. ft. Viking Fridge, excellent  condition, G.E. 30" range.  Good working order. Phone  886-8483. #19  Approximately 2000 fbm 1x8  channel utility cedar siding. $400  OBO. 886-9192. #21  Rare Find '63 Chev pick-up  6-cyl. 3-spd. NO RUST, good  body. Approx. 8,000 miles on  rebuild. Needs paint & some  repair. $1000.886-7204. #20  '71 Toyota Corolla, 60,000 mi.  Engine in excellent cond. Needs  a clutch. $200. Phone Terry  885-9358. #20  '73 GMC Van good condition.  $2000. Carpenter - any jobs. Refs.  Reply c/o Box 2, Coast News, Box  460, Gibsons, B.C. #20  1974 GMC 3 ton 18' van body  truck w/reefer, tailgate lift,  2-speed axle, dual tanks. 885-  7342 #20  1979 Fiat Spyder 31,000 km  wire wheel covers, AM/FM radio  excellent cond. $10,000. 886-  9006. #19  '77Reinell l9'/i ft. with EZ loader  trailer. Top condition only 328  hrs. on 175 h.p. Ford, CB, depth  sounder, head in cuddy cabin,  first $9500.886-7204. #20  1980 GMC Sierra Grand Vt ton  pick-up $10,500. Phone 885-2232  TFN  1979 Mercury Marquis, PS & PB,  A/C, C/C, new condition, low  mileage, reasonable to settle  estate. Phone 886-8454. #20  1966 Chrysler, 58,000 miles,  mechanically Al, body good,  frame rusted. 886-7219. #20  1978 Jimmy custom 4x4, PS, PB,  PW, tUt cruise. $6,600. 886-7087.  #20  VANS DRONCOMUSTANG  us Vour Rabbit  Lots its Hour  Come in and see Herman  Vandeberg, 20 years Volkswagen Specialist - Factory  trained.  SMTH CtAST  aPDRft    SalM.lt    LT��  Hours ol Service  6 am - 5 pm    885-3281  Yes. Ule Do Stoch  manvvw Parts  IWHIl!i��JHlt..MJMW  1964 Pontiac Acadian 6-cylinder  automatic, new brakes, runs  good, nice shape. 886-2127.    #21  '68 LTD Wagon, PS., PB., auto,  some rust, motor needs work.  Trans. & brakes good. $200 OBO.  885-3417or885-3310. #21  '72 V. ton Fargo Van, Slant 6,  auto., power steering $1800.  885-5631 #21  '73 Ford Van, PS, PB, panelled,  carpet, mags, Al condition.  $3500 OBO. 885-9749. #21  1978 Firebird Esprit L82 350  Chevy, hi-rise, Holley cam,  headers, shiftkit, NITROUS,  new T/A's, power steering,  brakes, windows, air, cruise, tilt,  velour & leather, $900 stereo,  plus many more extras. Very  quick. Everything new. $11,000  OBO. Ph. 886-8504. No triflers  pleased Must Sell. #19  1980 Ford Pickup, short box,  canopy 13,000 km. Price $6,500  firm. 886-9217. #19  1979 Bronco XLT 351. Mag.  wheels, exc. cond. $8500 firm.  886-8516 TFN  '79 GMC diesel pick-up automatic  PS/PB, radio, 33,000 km. $8,300.  Ph. 885-3949 #19  '76 Dodge club cab excel, cond.  400 cu. in. V-8 auto 37,000 orig.  miles. $4900 OBO. After 5,  883-9427 #19  1979 Chev K5 Blazer stick shift  only 19,000 km Immaculate  many extras $9500. Trev Goddard  886-2658. #19  1974 Firebird Esprit 350 auto  new mags and TA'i, excellent  condition $4400 OBO. Phone  886-7606 *.��  2 68 MGB's. One runs really well  and one is for parts. 2 hd. tpi, good  wheels���great deal at $2,500.  These are classics nowl Jane 883-  9342 Sun. - Tues. or write R.R. #1,  Garden Bay, VON ISO        TFN  1970 VW Beetle, sunroof, AM/  FM, near-new Pirelli radials, runs  great, well-maintained, however  body is thrashed. Best offer over  $685.885-3671. TFN  '74 Ford F250 Camper spec. 390,  auto., dual tanks, S/R window,  57,000 mi., new tires & exhaust,  camper tie downs, P/steer etc.  Ex. cond., no nut! S3.7O0.00  OBO or trade for mid-size or  small station wagon. 886-2786.  #20  Must sell 1976 Pacer X, good  condition, god gas mil. $2100.  885-9630 #19  1964 Volvo 122 Canadian B18  4 door 4 sp. new brakes, clutch,  exhaust, rear shocks $1000 OBO  885-9285 JFN  1978 GMC Window Van, PS/PB,  auto trans., radio. 2-tone paint,  8-pass., 7.000 mi. Asking $7,300.  886-2410. TFN  Valerie, the '64 Valiant is for  sale.  Running condition.  $100.  Phone  885-5466  after  6  p.m.  TFN  Campers ft RU's  197830' Holiday Rambler, deluxe  model, set up at Sunshine Coast  Trailer   Park.   Asking   $17,000.  886-7994. #22  1973 hard top trailer, 3-way  fridge, heater, sleeps 6. 2 spares.  886-7943 #19  camper trailer tee pee  model, sleeps five, propane  stove & sink. $650 OBO. 2 spare  tires. 886-7028 #19  1978 20 ft. Vanguard trailer,  excellent condition, fully equipped. Phone 885-3146 #19  motorcycles  mobile Homes  For Sale: 1970 B.S.A. 500 twin  $500.886-7840 #20  : 1974 Bendix 12' x 60' mobile  Ix Sale 1978 750 Honda super home,   fridge,   stove,   washer,  sport, showroom condition. Only dryer. Asking $18,000. 923-3703  2000 miles $2600 OBO. 886-2740. evenings. Campbell River.     #19  #21    1964 Harley pan head bottom  shovel top redged frame all  chopped, mags, king and queen  seat, SS rods and pistons, bored.  $5,200.886-2096. #20  marine  BIGGS MARINE  SURVEYSLTD  Insurance claims, condition and  valuation surveys. Serving the  Sunshine Coast and B.C. Coastal  Waters. Phone: 885-9425, 885-  9747,885-3643,886-9546      TFN  30 foot, 1978 Holiday Rambler.  Deluxe model, set-up at Sunshine  Coast Trailer Park. Asking  $17,000,886-7994. #20  1974 18'/! ft. Double Eagle Boat.  Eicellent Condition, approx. 1100  hrs.  Equipped wlthi 302 Ford Motor,  270 Volvo Leg, Trim Tabs, Hard  Top, Canvas Cover, Toilet,  Night Light, Six Life Jackets,  Spare Prop, Tools & Tool Box,  Flares, Anchor & 100 ft. of Line,  Fire Extinguisher, Heavy Duty  Trailer. Best Offer Over 811,000.  Before May 1. Phooei 886-7142,  886-7951 or 886-7287. #19  19'/i ft. Boat, trailer, sounder,  head, stove, table etc. Trade for  16 ft. Boat with power or sell for  $1,800 OBO. After 6- 883-9450.  #19  14 ft. aluminum boat with 6 hp  motor, excellent running cond. includes 5 gal. gas tank, oars and  life jackets. $900. 885-5666.  #19  Fisherman's dream, new 1980  12' Lund c/w 7.5 Merc, tank and  oars. $1650.885-9247 #19  Sailboat 26' Thunderbird, 3 sails,  propane stove,  sink,  head  A  double berth. $9500. 886-7534.  #20  Conveniently located year-round  supervised moorage. 883-2424.  .        #26  1975 Rawson 26' 3 sails, 9.9 c/w  elec. start, sounder, CB stove,  c/w tank, head, inflatable raft  etc. $13,000.886-9006. #19  12* Boat aluminum ft motor.  $1000. OBO. 886.7877 #19  1974 K&C fully equipped incl. CB  sounder, stove, sink, hesd, ice  box, lifejackets, Anchorpak, trailer, bait tank 165 OMC. $10,500.  firm. Phone 883-2526 #19  Work or pleasure cruiser 21'  H.D. aluminum hull, 170 Volvo  I/O, F.W.C., hyd. steer., VHF,  Tabs. 2'/i G.P.H. $17,500.  885-9247. #19  22'/.' cabin cruiser 14 yrs. old,  good condition, 110 Volvo I/O  $9500 or best offer. Phone  885-3970 after six. #20  AB ruddock Boat moving.  Licensed and fully insured.  Hydraulic equipment. Phone 883-  2722 daya. 883-2682 eves      TFN  For Sale 1- 15W Cabin Cruiser,  plywood. Outboard motor, trailer,  compass, fishing tackle, usual  accessories, all in good condition.  Phone evenings 886-2949.     #21  *%**>  MOBILE HOME  SALES ft SERVICE  Big Maple Motel  Davis Bay  885-9513  D.L. 6925  coast mobile  Homes Ltd.  GOOD  SELECTION OF  DOUBLE WIDES  Wo take trades  or  Consign your Mobile  Home to us for  QUICK SfllO  WHARF ST.   SECHELT  885-9979       mdl 6393  View lot in lower Gibsons area.  $45,000.987-6698. #20  Evergreen Park, 3 bedrm.,  rancher, cedar siding, shake  roof, thermalpane wood windows,  wod stove, 1625 sq. ft. including  finished rec. room. $106,000.  886-8597. #19  Spectacular view from this 2  bedroom Selma Park home.  Under construction, 1300 sq. ft.,  full basement, double garage,  fireplace, still time to choose  Interior. Call builder 885-9861  tfn  Coast News, May 12, 1981  25  A real classic 17' Glenell, not  another one around, 318 inboard  motor overhauled, interior redone  on new trailer. $4,500.00. 886-  2127. #21  17'F/G Chrysler 1971 Boat  80 h.p. Mercury O.B. Low hrs.  Trailer full canvas, good condition  $3600. Tel: 886-9715 after 5:00  p.m. #20  1973 fibreform 22' hardtop  165 Merc, 3 new props, depth  sounder, head, stove, winch,  new Bennett trim tabs, 6 h.p.  Johnston sporty yacht dinghy or  trade for a smaller boat w/trailer.  $7,200.886-20% #20  22' Cruiser Deep-V 225 h.p.  O.M.C. Drive trim tabs, sounder,  bow rail, I. jackets. Asking $8,500  OBO. 886-9102. #21  14' fiberglass runabout w/trailer  35 h.p. Evinrude $1,000 OBO.  885-2950 #20  17' unique fibreglass Bellboy  good cond., new sleeper seats.  $1;000 OBO. Phone 886-9795 or  886-7084. #20  14'/i' plywood mahogany top boat  and trailer, good condition, no  motor or seats. $850. 886-9233  after 6 p.m. #20  AIKUWC    Sf.WAGt    1WATMT.N1  Perhaps we can service  that   difficult lot.  883-2269      885-5922  Mobile Homes  1979 Moduiine dbl. wide home.  2 bdroom. 960 sq. ft. Set up on  pad in Wilson Creek area, on  private acreage $37,500 + $100/  month pad rental. Purchaser's  option to keep home on location.  (Possession July 2nd). Call after  6p.m. 885-3153. #19  MOBILE HOMES  FOR SALE  12' x 52' Statesman  2 Bedroom  Fridge & Stove  Very Clean  1 Owner  $18,900.  Delivered and Set Up  on your lot or in our park  SUNSHINE COAST  MOBILE  HOME PARK  Hwy. 101       886-9826  Trauel  Mobile Home 12x68, 3 bedrooms,  ,4 appliances. Additions include  workshop 10x22 bedroom or  family room 12x20 with airtight  wood stove entrance storage  porch 8x12 metal storage shed  8x8 decks large fenced yard.  Set up in Sunshine Coast Trailer  Park. 886-8571. #21  KIHEI, MAUI  1 Br. deluxe condo, $32.50day  U.S. 2 pools, tennis, across road  from    exc.    beach.    886-8474.  #21  Getaway Holidays  Maverick Bus Lines Reno - depart  from the Sunshine Coast 24 May  now reduced to $169.00. Full  service Wardair Vanc-Toro return  $239.00. Skybus Vane - Toro  $117.00 one way to 26 May.  Every Tues. 27 May-24 June  Tues. & Wed.    885-3265      #19  B.C. Vuhon  Bianhet Classifieds  HARBEL HOLDINGS LTD. Mobile homes located in parks on  pads. Listings and Sales. We  welcome all enquiries. Listings  wanted. Wheel Estate. Phone  collect. Lower Mainland Division.  13647-lOOth Avenue, Surrey,  B.C. V3T 1H9. 585-3622; Kamloops Division. 90-180 Seymour  Street, Kamloops, B.C. V2C  2E2. 372-5711. The Wheel Estate  People. (D.L. 6747). #TFN  TRAINING NOW AVAILABLE  FOR SCULPTURED FINGERNAILS. Earn extra income at  home or in a salon. Financing  available. Enroll now. Limited  seating. Phone days 463-5025.  Evenings 462-?774. #19  WOOD WINDOWS AND  DOORS I Lowest prices anywhere  on double glazed wood windows.  Walker Door: Vancouver 266-  1101, North Vancouver 985-9714,  Richmond 273-7030. Now open  in Kamloops 554-2058. TFN  LOWER MAINLAND DIVISION,  13647-lOOth Avenue, Surrey,  B.C. V3T 1H9. Phone 585-3622.  KAMLOOPS DIVISION, 90-180  Seymour Street, Kamloops, B.C.  V2C 2E2. Phone 372-5711.  The Wheel Estate People. Dealership ,6747. TFN  Property  B.C. Vuhon  Bianhet Classifieds  WOOD WINDOWS AND  DOORS! B.C.'s lowest prices!  Huge selection. Now stocking  pine double glazed windows.  Walker door: Vancouver L12-  266-1101, 1366 S.W. Marine  Drive V6P 5Z9 or North Vancouver, (112-985-9714), 1589 Garden Ave. V7P3A5 TFN  FOR SALE: Cafeteria equipment  in good condition. Reasonably  priced. Phone 344-6513. #19  HATE FLIES AND BUGS?  Order your fly shooters today.  Send $3.50 (postage and tax  included) to: Tinker Enterprises,  2064 Capilano Road, North Vancouver, B.C. V7P3B8. #19  SPORTSMEN/INVESTORS  Beautifully treed exclusive 5 acre  estates in hunting fishing paradise ��� moose, deer, rivers, lakes,  skiing, -skidooing. Job opportunities from $8,000.00. Box  740. Vanderhoof, B.C. VOJ  3AO. Phone 567-4186. #20  YOU CAN AFFORD YOUR OWN  YACHT two weeks each year.  Cruising, fishing, crabbing. Captain included vacation prayers  answered. Pacific Vacations Inc.,  55 Front Street, Nanaimo, B.C.  V9R5H9. #19  50 BIG REGISTERED HERE-  FORD HEIFERS (Bred) and  Bulls, breeding age, cows with  calves, top quality, Britisher  standard breeding. T. Hopkins,  4218 King George Highway,  Surrey, B.C. Phone 594-9568.  #22  D7-I7A in good condition complete with winch, canopy, dirt  and clearing blade. Phone 838-  9457 or write D&S Ranches,  Box 573, Enderby, B.C. VOE  IVO. #19  SELLING LOGGING ~ EQUIP-  MENT 1972 D8H $46,000.00.  1976 TD20E $58,000.00. 1974  Clarke 667 Skidder $17,000.00.  1973- Timber Jack Skidder  $12,000.00. 1977 P&H VA yard  backhoe $75,000.00. offers. Call  823-6491. #19  EXPERIENCED CREW TO  FINISH LOG HOUSES. Needed  immediately. Excellent income  for right person. Some travel  involved. Phone 395-2867 or 397.  2735, Box 777, 100 Mile House,  B.C. VOK 2EO. #19  SERVICE WRITER" REQUIRED  BY FORD DEALERSHIP. Previous Ford experience preferred  but not essential, preferably  technical and warranty background. Please send written  resume in confidence to Service  Manager, Dearborn Motors Ltd.,  2555 East Trans Canada Highway  Kamloops, B.C. V2C 4A9.      #19  HAVE YOU ALWAYS WANTED  TO GET INTO REAL ESTATE?  Mobile Home sales is the answer.  We train. We require sales  people to represent your area.  Full or part-time. Call collect.  H&R Mobile Homes Ltd. Phone  588-6588 Surrey, B.C. #20  FANTASTIC VIEW  The finest new 3 bdrm. home.  11700 sq. ft. full basement, call  builder 885-9630. #20  PRICE REDUCED  2200 sq. ft. well-designed 3  bedroom split-level family home.  3 yrs. old on good sized professionally landscaped lot, close  to schools, shopping, trans,,  pool & curling. House has l"i  baths incl. ensuite, 2 sundecks,  sauna, heatilator fireplace &  large Fisher wood heater, 2-car  heated garage, quality finishing  throughout. Asking $139,000,  886-7770 #21  Level building lot, good view of  gulf, corner of Leek snd Coach  Rd. App. M acre, $49,500.  522-1046 #19  Half acre lot in Roberts Creek  corner of Joe and Lower. 886-7770  #21  Older type home on lgc. lot  15,700 sq. ft. Sechelt Village on  sewer ideal for duplex or multi  family dwelling. $80,000 885-  9391 ��|<>  Wanted to trade 3 year old. 3  bedroom, I'/. baths home in  Richmond tor older home on large  lol anywhere on the Sunshine  Coast. For more info, phone  271-5149. #21  For Sale: Lot #50. Creekside  Park. 60' x 120' Building lot.  $40,000.886.7951. 019  Good Level building lot on sewer,  in area of new homes. Close to  school and shopping. Phone 886-  2945 or 886-9478. #21  GOOD FAMILY HOME  Assume 12'/.% mortgage. Well  built 3 bedroom, basement home  on nicely landscaped lot. Features  rock fireplace and Fisher stove for  low hydro bills. $112,000. Try  youroffer.    886-7588 #20  Pratt & Rosamund. Choice corner  lot cleared & ready to build.  Asking $55,000. 886-9102.      #21  *$  3 Bedroom Home  1100 sq. ft. with Carport  $46,900.  Built on your lot,  including Fridge, Stove, Dishwasher  and Light Fixtures  WEKO Construction Ltd.  Box 888, 885-2525 (eves.)  Sechelt 886-2344 (days)  FOR SALE  BEAUTY SALON  Opportunity lo be creative and  be your own boss al the same  .time. Well established business  with 4 fully equipped stations, 3  sinks wiih extra hookup fur  fourth, 4 dryers, bin washei &  dryer, full bathroom plus storage.  'Located in modern plaza close to  shopping centre. Lots of parking  available. Vendor is motivated.  All reasonal offers will be con  sidered, Call Elizabeth Raines  324-4621 (24 hours).  tofitther.  I wetanhetpyouiK-ttfi 26  Coast News, May 12, 1981  B.C. Vuhon  Blanket  Classifieds  FOR SALE 4-PLEX IN QUESNEL. Completely renovated including new ceilings, carpets,  lino, paint, furnace, parking lot.  Price S1J5.000.00. Gross revenue  $l.425.(X> per month. Call 398-  7777 or 392-3955 today. #19  SKY HIGH TRAMPOLINES.  Dealerships or direct sales. All  aluminum top quality product.  Fur information contact (403) 387-  ���I I "4. (403) 387-4635. Write Box  492, Millet. Alberta. TOC 1ZO.  #19  1978 D8K DOZER. Tilts, Ripper,  R.O.P.S. 1973 D7F Dozer, tilts,  winch, R.O.P.S. 1962 D7E D.D.  Dozer. R.O.P.S. Phone 578-8449  nr 578-8456 Kamloops. Box 159,  Heffley Creek, B.C. VOE 1ZO.  #19  IF YOU ENJOY GARDENING,  do it year round, using an aluminum and glass greenhouse!  Write for free brochure to: B.C.  Greenhouse Builders, 7425 Hed-  ley Avenue, Burnaby, B.C. V5E  2RI. Mail orders now available.  #19  25 words  tor $99  LOG HOMES AND CABINS.  Daybreak Construction Ltd. For  brochure or further information  contact George Donovan, Box  777, 100 Mile House, B.C. VOK  2EO. Phone 395-2867 (days)  397-2735 (evenings). #19  BED AND BREAKFAST: Travelling in Canada this year? Send  $2.00 for list of quality Bed and  Breakfast in province of your  choice to B&B, Box 743 Nelson,  B.C. V1L5R4. #19  FULLY ESCORTED WESTERN  AGRICULTURAL study tour to  Britain and Israel. Leaving July  4, 1981 (17 days). For more  information on this tax deductible  program, call 854-5471. Write  Ambassador Travel, 33693 South  Fraser Way, Abbotsford, B.C.  V2S2CI. #19  GIFT AND TAXIDERMY  BUSINESS, large inventory,  store, showroom and workshop.  Full basement modem home and  cabin on l'/i acre. Highway  frontage $140,000.00. W.W.  Taxidermy, 1882 Jasper Street,  Ouesnei, B.C. V2J4P2. #19  Police News of the week  Nature Note  Vandalism to parked vehicles predominates police  reports this week.  GIBSONS:  On the 4th: Willful damage  was perpetrated to two vehicles parked at Elphinstone  Secondary school. The cars  were awaiting servicing by the  automotive shop of the school.  They suffered a broken windshield and a broken window.  Over the week-end a back  window of the Gibsons Elementary School was broken.  A vehicle parked overnight  on Martin Road also suffered  a   broken   window   on   the  driver's side.  On   the   5th:   The   Village  Store was broken  into and  $550 worth of cigarettes was  stolen.  On the 6th: A vehicle was  stolen from the Langdale area  and was recovered the same  day at the  Langdale  Ferry  Terminal.  A house on Marine Drive  was broken into and $19.00  in cash was stolen.  SECHELT:  On the 2nd: A rock was  thrown through the back  window of a car in Selma Park  and the windshield of a truck  parked in the Village of  Sechelt was broken.  An 18" Husqvarna chain  saw was stolen from a vehicle  parked at Ponderosa Pines in  Wilson Creek.  On the 4th: Willful damage  was done to a car in the  Tillicum Bay area. The aerial  was broken in two.  On the 5th: There was a report  of a lost 35 mm Olympus  OM-1 camera in the Earls  Cove area.  On the 7th: A lady's watch  was turned in. Owner can  come in and identify.  by Yield deBoer  My cats have been presenting me with a large  number of Garter Snakes  lately, yet there never seems  to be a shortage of them. The  main reason for their abundance is the very large litters  they have.  Baby Garter Snakes are  born alive during the summer  months and the average litter  size is 50-60 little 6" Garter  Snakes. They grow abput a  foot a year for the first 2-3  years; they mature at two  years of age and they can live  Legal  Legal  NOTICE TO CREDITORS  Estate of the deceased:  LEHMAN: Raymond Frank oka LEHMAN: Frank oka  LEHMAN: Raymond F��� late of R.R. #1, Gibsons, B.C.  Creditors and others having claims against the said  estate(s) are hereby required to send them duly  verified to the PUBLIC TRUSTEE, 800 Hornby Street,  Vancouver, B.C. V6Z 2E5 before June 16, 1981, after  which date the assets of the said estates(s) will be  distributed, having regard only to claims that have been  received.  CLINTON W. FOOTE  PUBLIC TRUSTEE  NOTICE  OF APPLICATION  FOR THE  PURCHASE OF  CROWN LAND  LAND ACT  In land recording district of Vancouver and  situated near Pender  Harbour (on the Sechelt Peninsula).  Take notice that I, John  Gordon Cook, of 6685  Napier Street, Burnaby, B.C. intend to  apply for purchase of  the following described land being the  eastern portion Lot  #6288 Map #C9 F/9-20.  Beginning at the post  planted at the Northeast corner, commencing south 500 feet,  west 749.25 feet, north  500 feet, and 749.25  feet east to point of  commencement. Total  area is approx. 8.6  acres more or less.  The purpose for which  this disposition is required is residential.  File #2400602.  Signed:  J.G. Cook  Dated: April 21,1981  NOTICE OF PUBLIC HEARING  PROPOSED AMENDMENT   TO  VILLAGE OF GIBSONS  ZONING BY-LAW NO. 350, 1979  Pursuant to Section 703 ol Ihe Municipal Act, a PUBLIC HEARING will be held  in the Municipal Hall. 1490 South Fletcher Road, Gibsons, B.C. on Monday  May 25,1981 at 7:30 pm. to consider By-law No. 395 (Zoning Amendment Bylaw No. 395, 1980). At the Hearing jail persons who deem their interest in  property affected by the proposed By-law shall be afforded an opportunity to  be heard on matters contained in the By-law.  The intent of the by-law is to amend the present zoning to the following  described property as noted below:  1 Lots 1 and 2, Block 2, Plan 16470, D.L. 686, Gp. 1, N.W.D. to be rezoned  from Residential 3, R-3 to Multi-Family Zone 2, RM-2.  Take notice that the above paragraph is deemed to bea synopsis of By-law 395  and not deemed to be an interpretation thereof. The by-law may be inspected  at the Gibsons Municipal Office, 1490 South Fletcher Road, during office  hours, namely Monday to Wednesday 8:30 am. to 4:30 pm. and Thursday and  Friday 8:30 am. to 5:00 pm.  J.W. Copland    Administrator  I would like a subscription to that  lively, informative COAST NEWS.  Kindly print or type the name and address of the person to  receive this fine salty coastal epistle, and please enclose your  cheque for  Mail to:  $24 Cor one year or,  $15 per half  The Coast News,  Circulation Dept.,  Box 460,  Gibsons, B.C.  VON 1V0.  NAME.  ADDRESS.  CITY   PROVINCE.  .CODE  for 12 years. They are old  enough to mate when they are  three years old and mating  takes place as soon as they  come out of winter hibernation  in late winter. There is a high  mortality rate during their  first year from starvation and  predators.  Garter Snakes are the last  reptiles to go into winter  hibernation and the first to  come out of their winter sleep.  Most Garter Snakes hibernate  underground about three feet  where the temperature stays  constant. Because snakes are  cold blooded, their activities  depend a lot on the weather.  On warm, sunny days they can  be found sunning themselves  or hunting, but when the  weather is cold they just  den up and wait for a warmer  day.  Garter Snakes are the  commonest snakes in North  America. They are found from  Mexico to the Yukon. There  are many different colour  variations and a number of  separate species found in  Canada. They are usually  two to three feet long and may  be black, brown or olive, with  three yellow, orange or red  stripes down the back. The  belly is usually yellow or  greenish. There are all-black  Chains prosecuted by  defective legislation  individuals that are often  killed by people who mistake  them for poisonous snakes.  Garter Snakes are not poisonous and the worst they can do  when handled is give out an  obnoxious fluid from a pore  on either side of the vent.  Their bite has little effect on  the human skin.  Their main diet during their  first year is earthworms.  After that they also eat frogs,  toads, salamanders, slugs and  occasionally birds' eggs. I  have heard of them eating  goldfish from outdoor ponds.  Large Garter Snakes may also  eat small rodents.  Domestic cats are one of  their main enemies and they  seem to catch them just for  sport, not for eating. Siamese  cats are notorious snake  hunters. Garter Snakes are  also caught by hawks, owls  and skunks and many are  flattened under the wheels  of cars.  Despite many people's repulsion toward snakes, Garter  Snakes are not harmful and  they do have a place in  nature.  This column is to share  Nature Lore, so if you have  information to share or questions, call 886-8029.  Legal  BRITISH  COLUMBIA HYDRO  AND POWER  AUTHORITY  Invites tenders for:  Supply equipment all'  found to mow brush in  Sechelt area on an as  required basis to March  31,1982.  Relerence No.: 01-5814  Closing Date: May 22,  1981  Sealed tenders clearly  marked as above-referenced will be received in  Room 1026, B.C. Hydro  and Power Authority Building, 970 Burrard Street,  Vancouver, B.C. V6Z 1Y3  until 11:00 a.m. May 22,  1981.  Details may be obtained  from the office of the  Purchasing Agent, 10th  Floor, 970 Burrard Street,  Vancouver, B.C. V6Z1Y3,  telephone 663-2577 and  663-2560.  8*5-93(5  CAMpbells  Defective legislation is being used to try the Thomson  and Southam newspaper  chains, New Democratic Party  consumer and corporate affairs critic Ray Skelly said  today.  "While some  might con-  PRESCRIPTION*  SERVICE  MADEIRA  FAMILY SHOES  and  LEATHER GOODS  "IN THE HEART OF  DOWNTOWN  SECHELT"  Deadline 12:00 Noon Fridays  ^Classifieds should be prepaid and pre-wrltten  PHARMACY  883-8414  rPENDER HARBOUR CENTER  MADEIRA PARK  12:00 Noon Saturday,  Your friendly neighbourhood drop-off  points for |JH|f fff I   Classified Ads  Notice of  Public  Hearing  Please take note that,  due to the Victoria Day  holiday, the date of the  Public Hearing to discuss the  PROPOSED  AMENDMENT  TO   VILLAGE  OF  GIBSONS  ZONING BY-LAW  NO. 350, 1979  has been  CHANGED TO  Monday, may 25  at 7:30 p.m.  CLASSIF  Copyright and  Advertising  Regulations  The Sunshine CoasI News  reserves Ihe right lo classify  advertisements under appropriate headings and determine  page location. The Sunshine  Coast News also reserves Ihe  right to revise or reject any  advertising which in Ihe opinion  of the Publisher is in questionable laste. In the event that  any advertisement is rejected,  Ihe sum paid for the advertisement will be refunded.  ED ADVERTISING  Minimum $2.50 per 4 line Insertion. Each  additional line 50$, or use our economical 3  weeks tor the price of 2 rate. This offer is made  available for private individuals.  THE FOLLOWING CLASSIFICATIONS  ARE FREE  Birth Announcements, Lost and Found  No billing or telephone orders are accepted  except from customers who have accounts with  us or who live outside the Sunshine Coast.  Cash, cheques or money orders must accompany  all classified advertising,  CLASSIFIED DEADLINE  NOON SATURDAY  ALL FEES PAYABLE  PRIOR TO INSERTION.  Please mall to Coast News, Classifieds,  CLASSIFICATION:  Box 460, Gibsons, B.C. VON 1V0.  Or bring in person to  the Coast News Office In Gibsons.                   Eg. F  :or Sale, For Rent, etc.  run  LU_LLLL��.__  Mill  _   .. x^                z  Mil                                                          NUMBER OF ISSUES       j  gratulate the government tor  laying charges against these  firms," Skelly said, "it should  be remembered that for 12  years the Liberal government  has failed to bring about  revisions to the existing  Combines Investigation Act -  an act which is widely seen as  weak and defective."  He said the Liberal government has withdrawn a number  of bills which would have  made anti-combines prosecution effective because "these  bills offended the friends of  the government who are in  big business". Another attempt to revise the Combines  Investigation Act, said now to  be in the draft stage, "may be  in the same boat", Skelly  said, noting the bill's introduction in the House of  Commons has been put off.  Skelly said: "The case  against the newspaper chains  could have served as a dramatic test of a new law, one  which states clearly the view  of the public and Parliament  that monopolistic practises  are not acceptable in our  society and that the Government must put ahead of  corporate motives the best  interests of consumers."  The NDP critic said the lack  of a single successful conviction in "all the years that  this present act has been in  place indicates the impotence  of the legislation and, quite  frankly, brings into question  the reasons why the government has now decided to prosecute Thomson and South-  am."  Slings  (cont'd.)  towards the terror-stricken  boy another foot. Panicking,  the boy tried to move away  only to be blocked by the  solemn and substantial buttocks of his own dear mother.  He gripped the bench until  his knuckles turned white.  Moments later, the last two  pink, pudgy little fingers of  a girl's hand overlapped his  and right in the middle of  "Thy Kingdom come" he  heard a whispered voice  say, "Can you come over and  play with me after lunch?"  It was with visible relief  that my friend concluded his  terrible account. He went on  to describe how he had prayed  that very night that Cindy Lou  Benson would come to a bad  end, and it was not without  some sense of revenge that  he recounted how little Cindy  Lou had gone on to finish  school, had dropped out of  secretarial college, then run  off with a Scottish sailor and  was living in Gibraltar with six  kids.  "You're a lucky man to be  here today," I said, as I got  up to leave for my dinner,  "Oh yes," my friend conceded, "the Lord does move in  mysterious ways." Crossword  by Jo Melnyk  1  5  9  14  15  16  17  19  20  21  23  25  26  28  32  37  38  39  41  42  45  48  50  51  54  58  62  63  64  66  67  68  69  70  71  ACROSS  Fashioned  Cotton Batting  Donkeys  Statue  Irish Nobleman  John or Peter  Pleasant Place  Following  Mark  A Foreigner  So Far, Nothing  Yell  Feminine Nickname  Mr. Queen  Traveller  Amateurs  State (Abbr.)  Once More  PeerGynt's  mother  Rates  Fence Sitter  Miss Warwick et al  ToBetFr.)  Love  Disease  Fanatically  French Artist  Subdues  Cheat  Turn    Inside   Out  Turnip  Assam Silkworm  Fern.   Name   (PI.)  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European Town  Unlock  ii   [il   'vi }  Answers to last week's Crossword  1  2  3  4   IBs  e  7  ���   ��������  10  n  12  13  H  f  h  a  -1  a  f  f  r  e  a  fll  S  14  15  18  C  1  a  n  0  r  1  e  a  s  0  0  t  17  18  T��  t  a  in  a  W  0  0  u  e  n  3  h  0  e  JO  21  22  e  d  a  m  ���"  s  0  S  t  e  e  r  23  24  ���  25  25  d  e  n  i  m  ��� e  d  e  n  3  27  jJl  29  30  31  32  33  ��� d  a  Y  s  a  n  eM  s  C  a  r  34  35  34  37  ��� 38  H  <l  fl  r  O  ii  n  il  i  m  a  f  e  39  40  41  t  h  e  S  0  u  n  d  0  t  m  u  s  i  0  42  43  44  1  R  a  r  JP  a  t  r  0  V  ��� a  45  mu  47  48  ���  e  n  s  oM  h  e  h  ��� "  e  r  b  WmWlU  ��� 49  soHl  51  52  S3  f  e  t  u  s  ��� 1  t  1  a  r.  54  55  55  57  58  JelB  80  U  n  S  B  a  L  n  e  ri  a  ill  a  (1  M  S3  s  a  n  r|  c  a  n  d  1  e  s  n  a  P  S4  65  88  s  n  i  jneBB  e  e  1  s  e  c  t  0  ���7  M  89  r  e  p  u | ag e  r  a  t 1  r  a  i  n  Pender  Chamber  slate  The Pender Harbour and  Egmont Chamber of Commerce held their first Annual  General Meeting on Monday.  May 4. Of the previous  executive, Harold Clay, Peter  Grabenhof. Joe Adams, Doug  Fielding. Roj Mansfield, Eric  Antilia. Bob King ind Karen  Adamson will serve iinother  term.  Mac McCutchcnn, Abe  Haddock. Ernie Lee, Jock  Hermon. Ed Lowe, and Robi  Peters were elected for a two-  year term on the Chamber  executive.  The installation dinner for  the incoming executive will be  held June I, I981 at Lord  Jim's. Happy hour will be  from 6:30 to 7:30 p.m. with  dinner at 7:30 p.m. Tickets  will cost $12.50 each and will  be available to non-members  as of May 22 at Madeira Park  Pharmacy.  The executive elected Harold Clay for President; Jock  Hermon is Vice-President;  Karen Adamson is Secretary;  Roy Mansfield is the Treasurer.  The Chamber of Commerce  i:. at the present time the  prime mover in the gathering  of information for a feasibility  study regarding incorporation  of Pender Harbour as a municipality. Regional Director and  Alderman of Sechelt, Charles  Lee, will be guest speaker  at the chamber's next meeting  on the topic of incorporation.  Anyone interested in the  future progress of Pender  Harbour and District should  see Roy Mansfield. He'd love  to sell you a membership in  the Pender Chamber of  Commerce.  SUNSHINE COAST  PEST CONTROL & HEALTH SERVICES LTD.  LOCALLY 0PFRATED  GOV'T. LICENCED  For Control of Carpenter Ants,  Rodents and Other Pests   .  OUR SPECIALTY:  PreTreatment ol Houses Under Contructi  For Confidential  Advice and  Estimate Call  883-2531  Pender Harbour  Sargeant's Bay Society  has many friends  ifarDuitJtl  VMSSIFIFU MDS  The Sargeanl's Bay Society  was founded in March I978,  initially as a property owners'  association in response to plans  to construct a marina at  Sargeanl's Bay. A year later it  was recogni/cd that the Bay has  more friends than just those  Chlniney  Cleaning  Maintenance  Phone 886-8187  IMPORTANT NOTICE TO TENANTS  with waterfront property.  Membership was opened up to  others on the Sunshine Coast  who support the Society's  objectives: "To promote the  conservation of the natural  habitat of Sargeant's Bay" and  "To act in the best interest of  those who wish to enjoy the  rural atmosphere of Sargeant's  Bay".  During the few years of its  existence the Society has been  instrumental in preventing  commercial development at  Sargeant's Bay. ranging from  projects such as a large scale  RENTING?  If you live in an apartment building in British Columbia, you should soon  be receiving Ihe Guide lo Landlord-Tenant Relations under the  Residential Tenancy Act.  This pamphlet is an easy-to-read summary of the Act, and informs  landlords and tenants of their rights and obligations. Read it carefully and  keep it for future reference. The guide is designed to help avoid disputes  between landlords and tenants and to enable you to resolve many  problems on your own.  The pamphlet thoroughly explains RENT CONTROL and RENT  REVIEW. Under RENT CONTROL the 10% rent increase limit still  applies to most one bedroom units renting for not more than $300 per  monlh, Iwo bedrooms renting for not more than $350 per month, and  three or more bedrooms renting for not more than $400 per month.  For most tenants living in units not subject to rent control, RENT  REVIEW applies: tenants may appeal whal Ihey believe to be an  excessive rent increase when the new rent is greater than Ihe average  rent for comparable units in the area.  THERE ARE NO PLANS TO DISMANTLE OR REMOVE RENT  CONTROLS OR RENT REVIEW.  If you do not receive the new guide to the legislation, a copy may be  obtained at no cost by writing or calling the Office of the Rentalsman.  ��  Office of the Rentalsman  Province of British Columbia  Head Oifice:       . 940 Blanshard Street  Suite 1000 Victoria. B C  1050 West Pender Street VBW 3E6  Vancouver. B.C. V6E 3Z4 Telephone: 387-1602  Telphone:  689-0811 (Intormalion)  682-8741 (General Office)  523 Seymour SI Suite 304 Commercial One  Kamloops. B C 260 Harvey Avenue  V2C 2G8 Kelowna. B.C.  Telephone. 372-2322 VIV7S5  Telephone 762-5404  Suite 106  117-10lh Avenue Soulh  Cranbrook, B.C.  V1C2N1  Telephone: 489-3421  Sixth Floor  260 Victoria St.  Prince George. B.C.  V2L 4X3  Telephone: 562-5161  Province of British Columbia  Ministry ol Consumer and Corporate Affairs  Peter S. Hyndman, Minister  WATCH  MUlltf  movatd  RESTAURANT  openuuj won  in,  Bonniebrook  Lodge  Jjatud fwtuu  marina to a condominium  complex. It has also raised its  ;voice concerning the immediate environment of the Bay.  where proposed rezoning  would have meant overdevelopment with its inherent  danger of pollution.  In a more positive way Ihe  Society has initiated a plan for  a Regional Beach and Nature  Park at the bay head. This is  considered the only solution  that would permanently safeguard the beach and adjacent  marsh and forest area for  future generations. The park's  main value would be for  Sunshine Coast residents, as  the terrain is not suitable for  overnight camping. Ihe park  would provide a unique combination of outdoor recreational features: hiking, beach  recreation, fishing, scuba diving, boating, swimming, bird-  watching, wind-surfing, all  against the scenic background  of the bay and a waterfowl  sanctuary behind the beach,  under the Provincial Regional  Parks Program.  The Society has the support  of such organizations as the  B.C. Waterfowl Society and  the Vanouver Natural History  Society as well as government  agencies such as the Provincial  Fish and Wildlife Branch and  the Canadian Wildlife Service.  Please turn lo Page 28  WHY  PANTYHOSE?  SIMPLE! Pantyhose is the LARGEST SELLING fashion  item in the entire world.  MILLIONS sold daily  HUGE PROFITS  - BILLIONS sold annually -  INTERNATIONAL LINGERIE SALES are now  appointing business-oriented MEN and WOMEN  throughout Canada as distributors in our marketing program  of health and beauty aids.  TWO great sources of REVENUE  AUTOMATIC MERCHANDISING - TOTAL  MARKETING  YOU PROVIDE ambition, determination, motivation and a  minimum investment of $2,500.00. totally secured by  inventory.  WE PROVIDE Automatic Merchandisers, selected location.  total marketing concept, accounting, displays, inventory,  inflation fighter program and a solid FUTURE with an  EXECUTIVE INCOME.  CALL I.L.S. INTERNATIONAL LINGERIE SALES INC.  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Canada  Coast News, May 12, 1981  27  Gibsons Ready Mix  886-8174  *Drainrock 'Washed Rock  ���Sand *Road Mulch  Fill 'Concrete Anchors  Mon.���Friday 8a.m.���5p.m.  NATURE'S OWN  100% NATURAL  HENNA  NOW AVAILABLE  FOR HOME HAIR CARE  Westtrn Drug Mart  Sunnycrest Centre,  Maxwell i Pharmacy  R.R. *2, teddi I'ld*,  Gibsons  ��� IT IS COMPLETELY NATURAL IN COLOUR Western Drill Mart  ��� IT CLOSES THE CUTICLE CONDITIONS S j, lt,   ���,,���,.  nir.ui \auis imp u��m Trail bay Mall, Sect  HIGHLIGHTS THE HAIR  ��� ADDS BODY AND TEXTURE TO HAIR  ��� LASTS A LONG TIME FADE S AWAY GENII v  The following colours are available:  Neutral, bullercup blonde, wheal blonde, golden apricot light blown t "ivvm .p,h  brown, chestnut, mahogany, red. burgundy, black  Neutral Henna can be used by everyone to shine and  condition hair. Try it. Your hair will love you for it.  Bay Mall. Sechell  'We serve our customers proudly"  Grade "A" Beet  HINDS   $2.35  Ib.  Grade "A " Beef  SIDES   '1 u  ID.  Alberta Grain Fed ��� ^      A A  SIDE of PORK * I.29  ID.  Unconditionally auarantood lor  Tondonnss and Rauour  Use either of our  TWO PAYMENTS PLANS  ��� The 60 D3y Plan    No interest or other charges.  1/3 down. 1/3 in 30 days  ��� The balance In 60 days.  ��� The Western  Plan    Very low interest  Total amount spread over 6 months.  ��� PRIME GRAIN FED CATTLE  SPECIALLY AGED TO PERFECTION  From the rolling hills of Southern Alberta  ��� Weight loss in cutting and boxing will mctease the c ist oer Ib.  WESTERN MEAT PACKERS LTD.  GOLL COLLECT 254-5494  804 Renfrew St., Vancouver V5K 4B6 Coast News, May 12, 1981  Sargeant's Bay Society  Continued from Page 27  Improvements would include  washrooms, a nature house, a  view tower, a boat launch and a  picnic area. Any such improvements would be designed  such as to blend in naturally  with the environment and such  as to enhance rather than spoil  the present character of the  Bay.  The Society has approached  numerous agencies for financial support, with a fair amount  of success. The National Second Century Fund of B.C. has  been found prepared to buy the  marsh, if the SCRD buys the  surrounding land. Ducks Unlimited would undertake certain improvements to change  the marsh into a productive  waterfowl breeding habitat. As  a regional park it would entitle  the SCRD to a contribution of  one third of the cost of its  acquisition and  maintenance  The Society favours a Regional Parks Plan for the  Sunshine Coast, which would  include the proposed Sargeant's Bay Park. It has sought  co-operation with organizations such as the Pender  Harbour and District Wildlife  Society, the Sechelt Marsh  Society and the Gibsons Wildlife Club in matters of conservation on the Sunshine Coast.  From time to time the  Society issues a newsletter to  inform its members about  matters concerning Sargeant's  Bay.  <* * * :���: * :l: :f :  NDP  xOO^O.  (t-******-.f-*  Bradley J Benson Photo  I he usual prize will he awarded to the first name drawn from the  barrel which correctly locates the above. Send your entries to the  Coast News. Box 460, Gibsons, in time to reach the newspaper  office b) Saturday of this week. Last week's Guess Where - a  pictured 'Knd of the Road' sign stumped everyone. It will be  repeated in the near future with an increased prize of S10.00. Keep  your eyes open for this elusive sign.  Seniors' art  The Royal Terrace's  Condominium Project at Wharf & Teredo  in Sechelt  Invite Interested Trade Contractor*  to call regarding prequaliflcatf one on:  - Reinforcing Steel Placement  - Concrete Formwork  - Concrete Placement  - Electrical  - Plumbing  - Ventilation  - Sprinklers  - Steel Stud  - Spray on Insulation  - Stucco  Those interested in submitting a proposal  on the above trades, should phone  885 -5520  or visit site office  Panorama Constr. Mgrs. Ltd.  Bradley J Benson Photo  Two of the senior citizens who attended the opening of their art  show al the Hunter Gallery. Some of their art is shown in the  background, for more details, see story on page 5.  The Royal Terrace  Condominium Project at Wharf & Teredo  wish to advise the Sunshine Coast  Business Community that  Eight Office Spaces  will be included on the ground floor of our  development. These spaces will be  available in Freehold Strata Title.  Floor areas will vary front  352 sq. ft. to 1,290 sq. ft.  The purpose of this advance information  is to allow the assessing of and assigning  sizes or combinations of sizes in the  early stage of construction.  885-5520  Panorama Constr. Mgrs. Ltd.  Brooks & Miller Installations, Ltd.  "Your Flooring Professionals"  FEATURING  A complete line of DOwco  and other Brand Name  Floor Products  OMCO excellence  line of carpets  Phone for appointment  Scott & Clark  885-3681     885-2923  Showroom next  to  South Coast Foil feet, listen to the winds whispering In the trees, and water tumbling over stones and rocks. Sunshine Coast Realtor, May 8, 1981  886-2417  soauiow Place  Hwy 101  Harry Howard 886-7307  ' HOPKINS ��� VIE  This super family home has (our bedrooms, a  large open living room with a sundeck that looks  out over Howe Sound. The house is situated on a  gently sloping well treed lot. The proximity to the  ferry makes this an ideal set up for the commuter.  Asking $115,000.  CHERYL ANN PARK ROAD  Large building lot in an area of quality homes.  Asking $50,000.  SECHELT  a quarter acres of semi waterfront zoned multi  family. Asking $350,000.  GIBSONS ��� QUALITY ��� HOME  An exceptionally well built executive home  nearing completion. There is still time to choose  your carpets. The house has over 1840 sq. ft. ol  living area featuring four bedrooms, master with  ensuite, large family room off the kitchen with a  wood stove and sliding glass doors that give  access to the patio. All this and a huge 100 x 237  lot at the end of quiet, convenient Sunnys.de  Drive. Asking $144,500.  ROBERTS CREEK ��� COACH ROAD  A half acre of gently sloping view property in quiet  rural surroundings. Asking $59,500  922-2017  (Vancouvtr Toll Free)  Treu Goddard 886-2658  GIBSONS ��� VIEW ��� VIEW ��� VIEW  Over 3,000 sq. ft. of living space featuring a large  open main floor. The first class view of Gibsons  Harbour can be appreciated from either the  sundeck off the living room or the large third floor  master bedroom with its ensuite and Jacuzzi, The  home has two more bedrooms on the main. All  this on a half acre of guaranteed privacy. Asking  $145,000.  GRANTHAMS LOT  Potential view from this building lot hidden  amongst the trees. Asking $35,500  UNDER CONSTRUCTION ��� GIBSONS  Come in and see the plans for this 1416sq. ft. new  home.  SUNNYCREST  SHOPPING  CENTRE  886-2277  IBSONS REALTY  ft  KS AND LAND DEVELOPMENT LTD.  R.R. #2, Gibsons, B.C. VON 1V0  VANCOUVER  TOLL FREE  682-1513  WATERFRONT HOMES  ���EACH ESPLANADE  PT RD: Semi-waterfront. Million dollar view anr  2ven better sunsets from this completely  renovated and enlarged 1120 square (eet, three  Mdroom home. Abundance of cedar compli  ments the 'antique' brick fireplace and the  spacious living room. French doors open toa very  Drivate patio. Sauna adjoining bath, Sliding doors  lo a full length sundeck and across the quiet,  deadend street; swimming, boating and fishing.  Enjoy the waterfront but avoid its high price tag  ind taxes with this 'one of a kind' home.  E 169.900.  waterfront with good garden soil. Two year old  home of excellent quality. Large family kitchen,  living room has fireplace and hardwood floors.  Two large bedrooms, master has ensuite. Fully  finished ground level (ull basement is rented suite.  Total finished living area equals over 2700 square.  feel. $159,900  SAKINAW LAKE: Sunny exposure and privacy  are the key features for your recreational  enjoyment. Secure government lease on 1.24  acres of waterfront with one bedroom cottage.  Boat access. $35,000.  WATERFRONT  ACREAGE  BEACH AVE: Waterfront. Imagine, over an acre  on the water on one of the quietest roads in  Roberts Creek. Ninety-three feet ol frontage wiih  almost due south exposure provide the  purchaser with an exceptional opportunity.  Roughed-in driveway winds amongst stately  evergreens to the building site with an existing 34  x 30 full height foundation. Plans as well as all  approvals for construction await your inspection.  These kind of properties are few and far between  and well worth every bit of $215,000.  LOWER ROAD: Waterfront. Being the only  subdivide!blc waterfront acreage on the market in  Roberts Creek makes thisa rare find. As it is, it's a  beauty: 2.10 acres of undisturbed, gently sloping  terrain complimented with tall firs and huge  cedars; roads dedicated on two sides; out front,  one of the few sandy beaches on the coast. As a  private estate or for investment, this is a must see.  Priced to sell at $195,000.  WATER ACREAGE .$49,500: Unbelievable!  It's not a misprint, that isthe full price. Total 2.46  acres with approximately 275 feet sandy beach.  The property is fairly level, with a small rock bluff  but good building sites, situated in Howe Sound  across from Britannia Beach. Of course there's a  catch-access by boat only, no water and no  power, but still great for summer cabin or  weekend getaway.  HOMES ON  ACREAGE  PORT MELLON HIGHWAY: 4.54 acres with  1095 feel of highway frontage. Zoned A3D, car  take another dwelling. House is situated at one  end of properly and nicely landscaped. Home is  Vj slorey with open vaulted ceiling in living room.  Three bedrooms up and 4 piece bath. Extra large  family room and living room downstairs. Twin  seal windows. Appliances included. Good  workshop at rear of double carport. $178,000.  NORTH ROAD: at Cemetary Road. 5 acres of  secluded timbered properly. Great hobby farm  with barn, chicken coop and corrals. On good  well bul regional water available. Owner has  permission for second dwelling on property. 300  (eet of highway frontage. 1460 square feet home  only 7 years old. Built in china cabinet, 2 full  baths, huge sundeck. Owner says Sell! Make an  appointment lo view today. $165,000.  3  STEVE        ANNE  SAWYER    GURNEY  ,886-7678    886-2164  JOHN  TERRI  GREG  GARY         DAVE  JON  LORRIE  HANSON  HANSON  GRANT  PUCKETT ROBERTS  MCRAE  GIRARD  886-8295  886-8295  886-7204  886-9508    886-8040  885-3670  886-7760 Sunshine Coast Realtor, May 8, 1981  SUNNYCREST  SHOPPING  CENTRE  886-2277  BSONS  ) LAND DEVELOPMENT LTD.  R.R. #2, Gibsons, B.C. VON 1V0  VANCOUVER  TOLL FREE  682-1513  HOMES  HOMES  HOMES  UREL ROAD: Davis Bay. Custom built  home, 5 years old within walking distance of  beach and fishing. Master ensuite, large rec. room  with bar. Three bedrooms up with 2 extra down,  Kitchen and dining room have beautiful view of  ocean. Two fireplaces, even a wine cellar,  $132.900.  CREEKSIDE PARK: Brand new 1672 square  feet 1% storey home in Creekside Park Estates.  This home is on city sewer, city water and  cablevision and features fireplace, large rec.  room, laundry room and workshop. Two car  carport and is on a quiet cul-de-sac close to  shopping and transportation. Ready to move into.  4107,900. ���  ROBERTS CREEK: Always in demand  centrally located, yet very rural. This comfortable  1365 sq. ft., 3 bedroom home is well situated or  this landscaped .47 acre to enjoy a full day ol  sunshine, and the year round creek. Inside  features include an airlight stove and fireplace for  ow hydro bills, a large family room and ensuite off  nasler bedroom. Priced to sell. $119.000.  CREEKSIDE: New construction. Two storey  j unique designed home, over 2000 square feet of  living area. Main floor has living room with  fireplace, dining room, family room, utility room  and bathroom. Upstairs has three bedrooms and  bathroom. Master bedroom is extra large for  gracious living. All this on a good lot in Creekside,  close to schools, shopping centre and recreation."  $119,500.  ESPLANADE: Beautiful, landscaped, "waterfront" property on quiet dead-end street.  Camellias and roses abound on this very private  piece measuring .44 of an acre with 90 feet of  frontage. With a few minor changes the dwelling  could be greatly improved and very comfortable.  Asking $100,000.  MARION PL: Ideal family floor plan with those  extra features you would ask for in a custom  home. Vaulted ceilings in living room, dining room  and kitchen. Fireplace with feature wall, bay  window and a bright bit of sunshine through the  ensuite skylight. Master features large walk-in  closet and full size washroom. Kitchen is very  conveniently set up with utility room and washer  and dryer steps away. Nicely located in quiet cul-  de-sac of new homes. Take advantage of today's  prices with planned occupancy. $106,900.  KS1DE PARK: Perfect 2 storey family  home at an affordable price in beautiful Creekside  Park Estates. This 1700 sq. ft. four bedroom  home features finished basement, rec. room,  large workshop, laundry room, \% baths. Al  appliances including fridge, stove, dishwasher,  washer, dryer and freezer. Fully landscapec  grounds with concrete drive, pet run and wood  shed. Owner has done high quality work to make  this a warm comfortable family home. Phone to  view anytime. $109.500.  OWER POINT: Beautiful executive view  fume in prestigious Gower Point area built by  Dwner/contractor. Features include balconies off  each bedroom, ensuite with shower off master,  sunken living room and conversation pit with  fireplace. For the economy minded an energy  saving warm air circulator and thermopane  windows. Also, double garage, fencing and lots of  andscaping already in. Extras include sauna with  shower, huge kitchen with fridge, stove and  dishwasher. Plus washer and dryer, family room,  vaulted ceilings, skylights. Phone anytime to view  this beautiful home. $189,000.   ABBS ROAD: View! View! View! Are you  looking for a view home high on the hill with a view  forever! This is it! The view is spectacular! It goes  from the north tip of Keats Island through  Gibsons Harbour, The Gap, The Bluff, Georgia  Strait and of course the coast mountains. The  home is three levels with 4 bedrooms, huge  recreation room, office or den, and balconies  along the front. The landscaping is already ir  place. Additional features include full ensuite of  master bedroom plus another full bath and a hal  bath. This home must be seen to be believed  $149,900.   INVESTMENT - COMMERCIAL- REVENUE  GIBSONS VILLAGE: This is the only excellent potential to expand into food market  independent bakery in the area. 10 years in the etc. Owner may carry 1st at competitive interest  same location. Business is increasing steadily with    rates. Call for more details.  [ MARINE DR: Waterlront Revenue. IOC ot  | prime tow bank waterfront in Village of Gibsons.  Unexcelled view of sheltered Howe Sound. Solid  I tenants in all three suites. Building remodelled  and upgraded. Very attractive property consisting of 4 bedrooms, 3 bedroom and 2 bedroom  suites with fireplaces. Don't miss your chance to  own this waterfronl triplex. $252,400.  GIBSONS VILLAGE: Extremely well built  concrete block building with bend beams and  rebar. Two areas easily separated 1304 square  feet and 1109 square feet. 360 square feet covered  carport area. Heating is forced hot water (oil  fired). Established commercial area. Gorgeous  view of Howe Sound and Gibsons Harbour.  $269,500  SARGENT RD: Terrific Spanish home on one ol  our best view lots. Two fully finished floors, tota  2300 sq. ft. Four bedrooms, 2% bathrooms, rec.  room, utility room and workshop. Two fireplaces,  double carport, intercom and wet bar. Within  walking distance of shopping and schools. Make  at^ppo^nhTnenMoj/iew^  M-".at---aBew  *JNYSiDE DRIVETAssume 13ft mortgage!  Exceptionally well built three bedroom 1260  quare foot rancher on huge 100 x 150 lot makes  ideal family home at an affordable price,  Features include shake roof, huge stone fireplace,  extra high quality carpeting, concrete driveway,  arport, double windows throughout, bay  jindow, extra large rooms and much more.  MovjewanvtimeJ107^PiL :  Phonet  CHASTER RD: A-frame, two bedroom home on  cleared level lot. Ideal for starter, recreational or  revenue. Developing area on no through gravel  road. Close to shopping and transportation.  $59,900.  SELMA PARK: Beautiful view south and west to  Trail and Vancouver Islands from this comfortable 2 bedroom starter or retirement home.  Features include brick heatilator fireplace, all  appliances and a touch of cedar. Freehold not  lease. $54,900.  DUNHAM RD: Port Mellon. Ideal starter home  for the family who can do some fix-up work. Large  landscaped 70 x 173 lot. Extra large living room  with fireplace and 2 generous sized bedrooms.  1250 sq. ft. Appliances included in the unusual  price of $44,900.  WOODCREEK PARK: Executive nome on .39  acre treed lot backing onto the ravine park. This  lovely new home features 4 bedroms, 3  washrooms, den family room plus living and  dining room. This quality constructed home is.  ideal for the family that likes room to move with  2040 square feet of finished floor area. The two  car garage and full brick fireplace are just some of  the extra touches that set this home apart from  the rest. $149,500.  WT'.'L  SiY  SOlJtH FLETCHER: A great view and closein  ocation make this newly listed three bedroom full  basement home worthy of your consideration.  Tile mansard roof and brick work in front give this  home that Spanish flavour. Year round creek  flows by the green house and through the fish  pond. If you're a keen gardener you'll not likely  find better soil for growing. Ensuite plumbing in  master bedroom, huge rec. room, 440 wiring for  the workshop and two water heaters. Why wait fr  Call to view this home. $139300.  SCHOOL RD: Executive home in excellent  Gibsons location. Features include sunken living.  room, 2y2 bathrooms, double attached garage, 2 x  6 construction, shake roof, master bedroom with  fireplace and ensuite. $149300.  HILLCREST ROAD: 50 x 268 view' lot with  comfortable three bedroom home. Living room  with fireplace and dining room are at the back of  the home to take advantage of view. Large  sundeck for barbeques. $97300.  ,Y: Selma Park,  View and Revenue. Older home and separate self-  contained one bedroom cottage on large parcel in  Selma Park. Centrally located, this piece is within  easy walking distance from Sechelt. Comfortable  re-decorated main home features two bedrooms,  a large sundeck and a dark room for the  ahotographer. Nicely landscaped but still very  private. Starter, investment or retirement, this  pnequalifies^WJiOp^^^^^^^  LOTS  RD: Beautiful ranch style family  nome with large rooms and bay window. Stone  lireplace with energy grate and fan. Sundeck,  double windows and R28 insulation. Assumable  ll'/4% mortgage. Phone to view anytime  $98,600.   SUNNYSIDE DRIVE: Large "lot 100 x 150,  already cleared, ready to build on. On septic tank  but no field required. Disposal system hook-up  available. $51,500.  CREEKSIDE PARK: Lot 9. Excellent building  lot in popular Creekside Park Estates. Good view  potential along with paved streets, city sewer,  cablevision, hydro and water. Gibsons Creek  runs down rear of lot making this an ideal  purchase. $39300.  SUNNYSIDE DRIVE: This 100 x 150 lot is  ideally situated at the end of a no thru road. Area  is fast building up with new quality homes. A 2  storey home on this lot would have a view of  Georgia Strait. This lot must be seen to  appreciate the value of the 100 foot widths of the  surrounding lots. $52,500.  ACREAGE;  NEW BRIGHTON ��� GAMBIER ISLAND: 9!,  acres view property just minutes from regular  ferry stop. Excellent for single family privacy or  group retreat. Rate on today's market at $85,500.  HWY 101 - SOAMES POINT: 12+ acres of  prime view acreage on Highway 101 at Soames  Point. Zoned for subdivision, or use the two  separate parcels for exclusive residence. Lot B  has 678 feet of frontage and Lot C has 999 feet of  frontage. Adjacent to beautiful Soames Park.  Offers to $325,000.  HWY 101: Panoramic view of Howe Sound and  the bonus of nice trees couple to make this 5 acre  parcel a unique find. Approximately one mile  from ferry terminal with almost 1000 feet of  highway frontage. Choose your favourite building  sites. Zoned R2L Offers to $165,000.  MEMBER SUNSHINE COAST   REAL ESTATE ASSOCIATION  STEVE        ANNE        JOHN  SAWYER    GURNEY   HANSON  -7678    886-2164   886-8295  TERRI        GREQ        GARY        DAVE JON LORRIE  HANSON    GRANT    PUCKETT ROBERTS     MCRAE       GIRARD  886-8295   886-7204    886-9508    886-8040     885-3670      886-7760 Sunshine Coast Realtor, May 8, 1981  anderson  REALTY LTD  Sechelt  P.O. Box 1219  FREE  CATALOGUE  885-3211  Vancouver Toll Free  684-8016  E  A. Kb PACK  I  IN  Coast to Coast  Real Estate Service  HOMES  HOMES  HOMES  DON'T WANT TO PAY 17% INTEREST ONYOUR  MORTGAGE: Assume existing large first mortgage at 11'?%  with almost 4 years to run. This makes this 3 bedroom family  home on large landscape lot a real bargain at $129,000. Call  Bob Bull 685-2503 or Frank Ingham 885 5336. #25  VILLAGE FAMILY HOME: 3 bedroom 2 storey home on  Salmon Drive within Sechelt Village. 1636sq. ft. All bedrooms  1 are on the second floor and also a study area. Main floor has a  | family room and a living room located close to all village facilities.  2 carports. F.P. $137,900. Stan Andenwn. trig  ROBERTS CREEK: 1208 sq. ft. 3 bedroom quality built home.l  Full basement. Quiet area and paved roads. Offered at anl  affordable price - $120,000. See Doug. ��74J  3 BEDROOM VILLAGE HOME: 2 level home within Village  of Sechelt. Large backyard for garden. All new carpets. Lots of  I living area. Fridge and stove included. F.P. $82,900. Stan  I Anderson 885-2385. "16  LOTS  * % ACRE PROPERTIES *  1 3 choice lots in rapidly expanding area. These lots are very level  I and well treed. Paved road, hydro, water, phone & telephone.  I Your choice at $45,000. Contact Bob Bull or Frank Ingham.  #35, 36, 37  j SANDY HOOK: Large level lot on Mt. Richardson Road;easy  I to build on with no foundation problems. Passed perc test in  I April. Hydro, phone & water at road. Underpriced at $35,000.  I No offers. Call Don 885 9504. #21  I SECHELT VILLAGE - COMMERCIAL LOT: This 50' x  ] 176' commercial lot is centrally located in the business district.  I Great investment property. See Bob Bull for details. $89,000.  ##17  I WEST SECHELT - JASPER ROAD: Just listed! Unparallel-  I led view from gently sloping and cleared lot. Exclusive area of  I fine homes. Lot measures 80' x 146' and is fully serviced. Call  I Frank Ingham at 885 5336. #70  I SECRET COVE: This large (gently sloping to the south) lot is  I only 1 block from Buccaneer Marina. Dimensions 102' on road  I and 320' deep. This is a perfect area for a summer camp. Call  | Bob Bull or Frank Ingham. #71  I DAVIS BAY ��� ARBUTUS DRIVE: Quality contractor will  I build home to your specifications and design. Unsurpassed view  I of Trail Islands. Contact Bob Bull. ��8  TUWANEK: Lot 19, Uplands Road, close to beach & boat  I launch. This large private lot didn't perc but you can afford a  I cromaglass or other home treatment plant when you only pay  $26,500 full price. Call Don 885-9504. #23  NEW VIEW HOME - DAVIS BAY: 1200 sq. ft. main floor. 3  bedrooms plus ensuite and a fully finished ground floor with a  4th bedroom. The lot has to be one of the best view lots in the  area. Lower floor also has full plumbing. Excellent value at  ��49,900. Call Jack 885-2053.   WEST SECHELT - MILLS ROAD: This home has all you  could ask for ��� and more! It is in the late stages of completion. 3  bedrooms with shouf^ jjVWlfUf- jaVizzland bidet, 3 piece  bathroom. skylighfC|S fcmej ��om IpsMrs, Large kitchen  with built-in^rarvw, ^^JaVlw/arfWAmaire. Family room with  airtight. Sunken living room with fireplace and bay window.  Double garage and brick barbque. For immediate inspection  contact Bob Bull 885-2503 or Frank Ingham 885-5336,     #29  NEW HOME - REDROOFFS AREA: Drive by this 2  bedroom home presently nearing completion on the corner of  Southwood & Dogwood. This home is quality built throughout  by the owner/builder. Beautilul stone fireplace, 2 bathrooms,  premium carpets. Contact Frank Ingham to view. #32  DAVIS BAY - WHITAKER ROAD  * 2 minutes to store and beach  * 1120 sq. ft., 2 storey, 3 bedrooms  * skylight, fireplace, flue  * garage, large deck, view  * quality built by P & P Developments  Call Frank Ingham for the "inside slory" 885-5336. #11  LOTS  COOPED                                                      j| j             R C  "'������������� ���'���          ajl'l                |    ��.+     j        lM'-\  iW  ���prt^\J.<*           ' -   " -������  ,���  "��   ^v:  %''  /        >-       1325  LOTS - REDROOFFS RANCH EXCLUSIVE - PHASE II  * V2 acre lots  * selectively cleared  * southern exposure  V new pavement, hydro & water  * walk to Sargeant's Bay  * Gordie Hall, Frank Ingham, Stan Anderson.  #40,41,42  TRAIL ISLAND VIEW: Extra large view lot on Mason Road.  14000sq.fi. Very good gardensoil.OnlyoOOft.toagood beach.  One of the tew view lots left in West Sechelt. Call Stan Anderson  at 886*2385, #24  WATERFRONT ��� DAVIS BAY: Waterfront with tantastic  sunset views in Davis Bay. Very private and partly landscaped  lot is approximately % acre and is not level. Stairs could be built  to water. View with Bob Bull 885 2503. $90,000. 12  LANGDALE ��� WOODLAND ROAD: Drive up Harvey Road  and take the quiet lane to Woodland Road. Enjoy the super view  Irom these two gently sloping and well treed lols. Driveway  construction in progress. Call Frank Ingham for details at 885  5336. ��1 & "2  fcipp,.  .   V.:  ._....-  ::���"���i.   DAVIS BAY ��� ARBUTUS DRIVE: Drive by this lovely viev.  home presently under construction in the most exclusive area  of Davis Bay. There are 1346 sq. ft. in this quality home built by F  & P Developments Ltd. Contact Bob Bull 8852503 or Stan  Hilstad 886-2923 lor viewing.  (410  WATERFRONT  WATERFRONT WITH YOUR OWN DOCK: This quality  home has 1750 sq. ft. finished on main floor, 1700 finished on  ower level and large sauna, shower in basement, sundecks and  irivacy are a main feature of this home and is a real buy at  .239,000 Call Bob. #19  WATERFRONT CABIN: This cabin is on provincial lease at  $320 per year. Quiet retreat. Swim and fish in fresh water off I  your float, Road access. Only $39,000. Call Don. #67  SANDY HOOK: One ol the best built homes on the Sunshine I  Coast. 1/3 acre treed lot, 3 level home with 3 bedrooms, large  sunken living room and lots of deck space. Exterior is cedar  siding and roof is shake. 1400+square feet. F.P $119,500. Call |  Stan Anderson #20  SANDY HOOK: Sandy beach   sunny lot. Cottage on large |  level waterfront lot is vacant and ready for you to move in.  Spend the summer on the water; call Bob Bull or Frank Ingham. I  $149,000. #22 |  WATERFRONT HOME: Leave your wife in the garden while  you fish in peace and content in front of this 3 bedrooi��  waterlront home with sundeck on both sides and full basement,  jarden and fruit trees. Full price $160,000. By appointmer  only. Call Don 885 9504. ���*��  SELMA PARK ��� WATERFRONT HOME: Urge lot with !  attractive older home located on the best beach of the coast. |  Nicely  landscaped with plenty ol shrubs & fruit  trees. 3 |  bedrooms. Lease land. $49,900. Call Bob Bull or Frank Ingham  and arrange to view. #13 |  WATERFRONT ACREAGE: 1-47 acres with hydro, phone,  water and cable TV at road. Excellent exposure. Full Price  $99,000. Call Dm 8859504. #39  EARLS COVE WATERFRONT LOT: Level building site,  partly in garden. Approximate size 80' x 250'. Excellent well, j  hydro and phone at road. Great view, easy path to water. Full I  price $90,000. Call Dor, 885 9504. #69  SECRET COVE ��� LUXURY TOWNHOUSES: Located on  a naturally wooded hillside overlooking beautiful Secret Cove.  Featuring 1600sq. ft. of multi-level livingarea, 3 bedrooms, living  room with fireplace, 6 appliances, large sundecks, plus each  home is frees'anding and offers a breathtaking view. Each  owner also hf.s the option of up to 40 ft. of moorage at the  marina below. #44  BARGAIN HARBOUR: Waterfront lot, over half acre,  recently perked, driveway in, hydro, water and phone at road.  Full price $95,000. Call Don at 8859504 or 885 3211.     W7  COMMERCIAL  COMMERCIAL CORNER: 18,000 sq. ft. of commercial land  suitable for a mini supermarket or combination country  produce market located in a well settled area. Busy crossroad  area adjacent to an expanding school and no competition. On  site living quarters permitted, F.P, $129,000. Call Stan  Anderson 885 2385, 885 3211, #28  Gordon  Stan  Doug  Frank  Don  Hall  Hilstad  Joyce  Ingham  Hadden  885-9986  886-2923  885-2761  885-5336  885-9504 Sunshine Coast Realtor, May 8, 1981  Madeira Park  P.O. Box 98  VON 2H0  FREE  CATALOGUE  883-9525  Vancouver Toll Fim  684-8016  E  A.K.LiPAGr  Coast to Coast  Real Estate Service  iderson  REALTY LTD  BARGAIN HARBOUR: Discover and enjoy Bargain Harbour  with the view from this well-built and maintained home on Cris  Way. Features include 2 heatilator fireplaces, large covered  sundeck, and carport, rec. room with fireplace and wet bar, 3  bedrooms, living room, dining room and kitchen with nqok.  Along with the view come all appliances, drapes and carpeting.  To view call Bill Hunsche 883-2637 or 883-9525 $155,000.00.  #49  RONDEVIEW RD: An ideal well-equipped and built family  home. 1232 sq. ft. located on Rondeview Rd. Features include  master bedroom with ensuite and 3 additional bedrooms,  modern kitchen with Jennaire and all appliances, 2 fireplaces,  living room, dining room and a large sundeck with carport.  Accompanying this fine home is a recently built enclosed 2 car  garage. This home is situated on a landscaped lot in a quiet  neighbourhood. To view call Bill Hunsche 883-2637 or 883-9525.  #54  LAKEFRONT: 1.7 acres on Sakinaw Lake of Government  Recreational Lease Land. Approx. 175 ft. of westerly facing  waterfront. Boat access only. F.P. $9,500. Call Bob 883*9525or  883-3531. #66  WATERFRONT: Well built and maintained 1025 sq. ft. home  on 115'of waterfront. Keep your boat at your own dock in front  of your home with sheltered deep moorage, minutes away from  excellent boating and fishing. This home features a large  sundeck, Franklin fireplace, 55 gal. hot water tank, 2 carports  with an independent workshop, driveway and terraced  landscaping. To view call Bill Hunsche 883-9525 or 883-  2637. #51  960 SQ. FT. RANCHER: with 3 bedrooms situated on a 60' x  144' lot in Madeira Park. This home features a Woodsman  Airtight, barbeque pit and a T by 20' sundeck. The home is  located on Francis Peninsula close to school and all amenities.  F.P. $84,500. To view call Bill Hunsche 883*2637 ��� 883-9525.  v #45  LOTS AND ACREAGEl  WATERFRONT: and your own majestic view of Lee Bay and  Malaspina Strait. This is an excellenl waterlront building lol and  a Must See. Price $129,000. To view call Bill Hunsche 883 9525  or 883-2637. ��57  SOME CALL IT MILLIONAIR��SJ��M(��However you can  own a % acre vJB*J^rfa^^p^*1-|I!je�� for only $49,000  F.P. 1.301oArNmiW***- iuST 220' from the bay in an area of  fine homar tall Bob 885 3531 or 883 9525. ��58  WATERFRONT ACREAGE - REDROOFFS RD: 1.47  acres with 100' ol waterfront. Unsurpassed views of Merry  Island lighthouse and Vancouver Island. Lawn, hydro, water  and driveway are in. Owner is currently installing the septic  system. Price $118,500. To view call Bill Hunsche 883-9525 or  8832637. ��33  LOTS AND ACREAGE: Lot 30 on Lee Bay Rd. in Irvines  Landing. 1.85 acres of fantastic view property in new subdivision  priced at $79,000. To view call Bill Hunsche 883-9525 or 883-  2637. ��64  1.8 ACRES: ol westerly sloping view property Lot 29 in Lee Bay |  subdivision has sewer and services at lot line. An exclusive  development with restrictions to protect and insure your  investment. Call Bob 8853531. F.P. $79,000. *65  BUSINESS OPPORTUNITIES  4'/, ACRES IN MADEIRA PARK: Next to shopping centre.  R3L zoning permits % acre lots. Excellent holding property as  there are 2 stores and 2 homes on property with a potential  revenue of $1,470 a month. Owner will carry some financing.  For more information call Bob or Bill at 883-9525. #46  PENDER HARBOUR ON HWY 101: Plant and Garden Shop  in the 101 Plaza in Madeira Park. Going into its second year of  business, it shows excellent potential. This is an ideal  opportunity. The business is being sold for a reasonable price  which includes fixtures and inventories. For more information  call Bill Hunsche 883-2637 or 883-9525. ��48  PENDER HARBOUR FISHING RESORT: Best moorage in  harbour for 70 boats. Deluxe caretaker's home, 5 cabins, store,  camper hookups, boat launch. Call Bob Bull 684-8016 - 885-  2503.  1 ACRE ON LAGOON RD: In Madeira Park. Zoning permit',  acre lots. Priced at $65,000. Contact Bill Hunsche 883-9525 or  883-2637. ��52  PENDER HARBOUR: Boatworks with waterfront and 1800  sq. ft. contemporary home situated on 2V2 acres at the head of  Pender Harbour. This is an excellent business opportunity  along with a lovely home for the right individual. For more  information call Bill Hunsche 8839525 or 883-2637. ��60 |  C.L.    IS"  PORPOISC    BAY   PHOVIHCIAL   PARK  ���i .'.'>'... t....t-.. r.wi-...,f....f....y ft   -������ ���-IT-.***" %     .Y,���'���'"\ X  J * i ������ '!. .> * i i ?\ ��i':;" % " * '\ \  *��� a L I I ��� <l�� .5 .B V    X��      ���**      11    -! .ik -^ \ -\  ���,..�� ,?����!��- '!��!��."��� if" i��P> -f \^VK2&&*^\    V A  -\,<o  - ANNOUNCE -  "PORPOISE PROPERTIES"  *���/' l4iA        %*��\ W/'ii!' ........ V    "������","  %\-*-%v<^r'  i   (ft  'lil .   ���!�� P  pirShrW   J  An exclusive waterfront development  ��� Waterfront Property ���     ^  from $95,000  ��� View Property ���  from $45,000  * 5 minutes from Sechelt  * Souther exposure  * Paved roads  * Cleared and level  {Vane. Toll Free)  885-3211 684-8016    -  '/-^  Bill  Bob  Bob  Hunsche  Bull  Beaupre  883-2637  885-2503  885-3531  Stan  Anderson  885-2385 Sunshine Coast Realtor. May 8, 1981  tB BLOCK Bffi^w  NATIONAL REAL ESTATESEfVICE  1   "  203 - 14th Street, West Vancouver, B.C. V7T 2P9  922-3911  SECLUDED ESTATE  12.57 acres of prime rural property situated on peaceful and picturesque Narrows Inlet. This  prestige property is lor the discriminating Estale orienled buyer and offers sparkling ocean  waters with snow capped mountains. Marvel at the warmth and character ol the custom crafted  log home.Check some of ihese benefits:  ��� Southerly exposure.  ��� Considerable marketable 1st growth timber.  ��� Good soil, garden & fruit trees.  ��� New large quality 1% storey log home.  ��� Excellent & ample water, with rights on  waterfall & year round spring.  ��� Private float with walkway for deep moorage.  ��� Ideal swimming & canoeing in safe waters.  ��� Room for many more beautiful building siles.  ��� An abundance of seafoods.  ��� Serviced by scheduled air flights & water taxi.  ��� Equipment & materials ready for independent hydro hook-up with present new 5 Kw 13  hp diesel plant (now in operation) for back up.  ��� Large insulated 16 x 28 workshop or guest  cottage.  ��� Park like setting, sheltered cove & Inlet 20  miles from Sechelt.  Priced lo sell at only $247,000. Interested? For more dgtailsjlease call.  HOME WITH OCEAN VIEW  (LANGDALE)  Ideal starter or retirement home. This older but  modest small home, has been renovated and  features: individual zoned electric heal. New  cosy fireplace, wall to wall quality carpets.  updated wiimg and insulation and partial new  basement or utility room. Enjoy the spectacular  view of Howe Sound from either the large  enclosed sun porch or ihe landscape terrace as  you watch the ferries come and go. This  property is within easy walking distance to the  ferry terminal, and is priced to soil at only  $77,500  SANDY HOOK VIEW PROPERTY  This ocean and mountain view building lot is  located in sun drenched Sechelt Inlet Estates  overlooking beautiful Porpoise Bay. It is wiihin  easy walking distance to sandy beaches with  moorage & manna facilities also close by. The  property is serviced wiih paved roads, hydro,  water and telephone, asking $39,500  LAKE MONTAGE  This large (o77Ac) lot has 102 ft. of southerly  exposure on tranquil Norlh Lake This is a iease  lot with 11 years remaining on a 20 to 30 year  renewable basis. The property adjoins a natural  park and is also only minutes away from Egmont's  famous salmon fishing. Priced at only $20,000.  NELSON ISLAND (WATERFRONTAGE)  ESTATE SALE  Tins 83 acre waterfront gov't lease lol is located  in Telescope Passage. It has a domestic water  lease & is close to wharfage This property was  assessed at $16,000 for 1979. Sale Price  $15,000  3 BEDROOM RANCHER - GIBSONS  Tins charming near new home is ideally located  for the young lamily, % block from school, on a  cul-de-sac and wiih a $50,000 131 ��% assumable  1st mortgage due 1985. Features Include: wall  lo wall carpels, double pane storm windows,  ensuite plumbing with walk-in closet, carport  with attached workshop and landscaping and  centrally located with shopping and transpor  talion nearby. Priced al $97,500  GRACIOUS COUNTRY LIVING  This beautiful split level 3 bedroom posi and  beam home is located on 41$ acres lhat truly  deserves lo be m the A.L.R The rich black loam  soil wiih unlimited Spring water is waiting for the  productive touch, some cherry and apple irees  are already in and bearing Some of the  home's features are: 3 fireplaces (2 enclosed  heatilator & 1 insert) with custom rock facing.a  combination rustic, bul fully modern dream  kitchen and dining area which includes: built-in  stainless steel range, oven, dishwasher & china  cabinel. two full bathrooms,completely finished  family or recreation room, wall to wall carpets,  extensive patios. & sundecks wiih outdoor  barbecue, double carporl with extra parking,  lighted driveway, landscaping & close to ferry.  Priced at $217,500. For more information and  opportunity to view please call,  RECREATIONAL PROPERTY  In a park'like setting on beautiful Garden Bay  Lakeapprox.'lacre with 190 ft.oflakefronlage  Hydro & water on property Asking $25,000  FAMILY HOME IN DESIRABLE  REDROOFFS AREA  This large 3 bedroom Rancher (1500 sq. ft.) is  located on a large lot in a secluded park'like set  setting. Not visible from the road but as you  enter the winding driveway, the natural  landscaping blends in with this beautiful family  home. Extensive patios take lull advantage of its  southerly exposure. There is also a large  independant and well constructed workshop  (24' x 24') which could be converted into a gues!  eoltage. Priced at $179,900.  BUSINESS OPPORTUNITY  Coin Laundromat. This self employment  opportunity will give you a return in excess of  30V Property offers ample parking &  expansion potential, Purchase price includes all  equipment & bldgs with a long term land lease.  Priced at only $38,000  WANtED   SUBDIVIDABLE ACREAGES  (or  outright   purchase  or  will also  consider participation.   How much is your home worth TODAY?  To find out, call your  nearest Block Bros, office.  We'll do a market  evaluation at no charge or  obligation to you.  H BLOCK BROS.  NAIIONAI K(AI ISlAlf SfRVIl't  Harold Jacques  Bruce McKinnon   885"9023  H-499-766  Mobile Phone Sec hell  ^exander Realty Ltd.  P.O. Box 10, Madeira Park,  883-2491 or 883-2212 BC* V(-*N2H0  WATER VIEW: Excellent recreational lot. \  acre lot In Garden Bay. Gentle slope to water,  easy to build on. Close to boating facilities. F.P.  $45,000  TAYLORS GARDEN BAY STORE &  MARINA: is a well known and long established  business located in Garden Bay. Store, Marina  Gas pumps, boat facilities and other extras.  MADEIRA PARK - WATERFRONT: Truly  rustic cabin by the sea. 3bedrooms, completely  furnished, many antiques. Just move in and  enjoy its uniqueness. This, plus a 24 ft, Bayliner  and covered boat house at your front door. Coop makes it affordable for only $125,000. By  appointment only.  SECHELT VILLAGE: 1176 sq. ft. Ideal one  year old family or retirement home. Three  bedrooms, \l2 baths, full basement. Fireplace,  sundeck and landscaped yard are offered. Walk  to all amenities. Priced at $115,000.  HASSANS STORE OFF FRANCIS PENINSULA RD. WITH 1.2 ACRES WITH 180'  !t. v j&f^l     WATERFRONTAGE: has excellent moorage  ^^^*    with large floats,  2 homes including large  grocery store, is ideally located near Imperial Oil  docks and has good black top access from  highway to waterfrontage $205,000.  A LOVELY 5 BR WATERE  IN GARDEN BAY^WA al  and float with^sc/TvWV1flP*^^9<-^ c  drapes. appliaMpJe^lynreplaci'. 2  loaded   with fcftfras.   Good   access  convenient location $205,000.  NT HOME  view, ramp  arpels,  2 levels  ss  in a  MADEIRA PARK - ONE ACRE LOT WITH  VIEW:  Gentle slope, frontage on 2 roads,  subdivision potential. Priced al $59,900.  FRANCIS PENINSULA - RONDEVIEW  RD: A picture book setting ol flower beds,  shrubs, Iroit trees and vegetable gardens. Enjoy  21t>0sq. ft oi living area on 2floors,3bedrms,2  bathrooms, wrap-around sundecks, and top  quality finishing touches throughout. This  immaculate panabode home is a pleasure to  view and to own.  A RARE 200* WATERFRONT HOME  WITH 2 BR IN BARGAIN HARBOUR:  Direct access from Francis Peninsula Road with  good moorage and a spectaculai view of all ot  Bargain Harbout  Approx. *, acre. $220,000  LUXURY TOWNHOUSES - OVERLOOKING BEAUTIFUL SECRET COVE: Featur  Ing 1600 sq f I. of living area, 3 bedrms, spacious  living room with fireplace, lull range of  appliances, large sundecks Plus each home  offers breathtaking views, full privacy and the  option of reserved moorage at the marina  below Hurry and be among the lucky few to  enjoy ihe fabulous fishing and to relax in this  unspoiled sportsman's paradise.  15 UNIT MOTEL IN GARDEN BAY: with  attractive Caretaker's house Short walking  distance to Mannas A thriving business with  lucrative revenue potential Call for further  mformaiion  BEAUTIFUL FISHER ISLAND AT ENTRANCE TO LEE BAY, (District Lot 4064):  has spectacular exposure and excellent deep  water moorage with dock and small building.  Salmon in your back yard $160,000.  Art Alexander  883-2491  Vadim Kobasew  885-3156  3  .���i Sunshine Coast Realtor. Mav 8, 1981  ���ttf  DENTAL CENTRE  GIBSONS  CMuM  m  JTT  21  ���CENTURY WEST REAL ESTATE-  PHONE  886-8194  VANCOUVER  689-5838  (Toll Free)  **.%  *>  QUAINT AND QUIET No. 724  Charming three bedroom family home on Carole  Place, Gibsons. This new home is situated for  childrens' safety. Privacy on quiet cul-de-sac in  desirable residential area. Beautiful paned  windows make this a homey environment and the  best part is the price - only $79,800. Call Carol  Skinner 886-9154.  IDEAL FAMILY HOME ���  DAVIS ROAD No. 751  4 bedroom home in heart of Gibsons, close to  schools and shopping facilities. Three levels,  family room, forma) dining room, brick fireplace in  sunny living room. Landscaped grounds, plus ass.  mortgage offered at $119,500. Call Eva 866-7126  or 886-8194.  PRIVACY AND BEACH AT HOMENo. 763  This property has it all. Spectacular ocean view  and steps to pebble beach are an added bonus  with this spacious 3 bedroom full basement,  beautifully maintained home featuring large brick  fireplace, sundeck, roomy kitchen with nook,  utility room and entrance foyer. This property  offers all the benefits of prestige living. For your  appointment to view call Lynda 886*8194 or 886  7352.  WOODCREEK PARK No. 772  One of Woodcreek's finest 3 bedroom split level  homes on lovely level lot can be yours for only  $150,000. For further details call Lynda 886-8194  or 886-7352.  Vendor will assist in financing.  WOW! WHAT A HOUSE No. 773  This 3 bdrm house is going to be the ultimate in a  one level home. The floor plan is perfectly  matched to the lot to take full advantage of the  view and privacy. Handcrafted kitchen cabinets,  pantry, 2 masonary fireplaces, family room, are all  here. Make your dream come true by calling  Lynda at 886-7352 or 886-8194.  Vendor will assist in financing.  BETTER HOMES & GARDENS     No. 588  Is the only place you usually view property like  this. The immaculate 3 bedroom home is nestled  among the trees on 4.5 acres (2'/4 acre lots) of  fenced, cleared, magnificently landscaped  grounds. Prepare your meal in the gourmet  kitchen, enjoy the lighted waterfall fish pond from  your dining room, relax by the rock fireplace in  the living room. For the horse lover an added  bonus of 3 stall fully serviced stable. Automatic  watering system & tac room with separate smalt  feed barn, loafing shed etc. To view this exclusive  listing at $287,000 call Eva at 886-7126 or Lynda  at 886-7352.  VIEW LOT No. 736  Fully serviced 60 x 120 lot ready for your new  home. Property has been cleared, perimeter  drain, provides view for Mom, safety for kids, and  480 sq. ft. garage workshop for Dad. $52,000  firm. Call Lynda 886-7352.  YOUR KIND OF LIFE STYLE       No. 725  If you like a bright and spacious home, this is the  one for you. 1249 sq. ft. double wide on a full  basement. Three bathrooms and in the basement  are three additional almost finished bedrooms  and a 17 x 23 family room. Stove, fridge, wall oven  and dishwasher included. Large fiberglassed  sundeck for those summer barbecues. This home  is in a quiet area on Wilson Road, Wilson Creek.  $105,000. Call Carol Skinner or Chuck Dowman  885-9374.  ATTRACTIVE ONE  LEVEL HOME No. 724  The well designed floor plan of this new home  features three spacious bedrooms. Beautiful  paned windows, shake roof and situated for  privacy in a quiet cul-de-sac. Only minutes to  schools and shopping. Priced at only $79,800.  Call Carol Skinner 886-9154 or 886-8194.  $105,000. Call Carol Skinner 886-9154 or Chuck  Dowman 885-9374.  SEAMOUNT  INDUSTRIAL PARK No. 766 & 765  Prime location with 124 ft. highway frontage. The  opportunity to acquire industria) property with  good public usability is rare so call Lynda now  886-7352.  SEAMOUNT INDUSTRIAL PARK No. 764  Over 11,000 sq. ft. on this larger than average  industrial lot. Excellent warehousing location.  Call Lynda 886-7352.  LOOK THRO' ANY WINDOW No. 750  You'll be pleased with what you see from any room on the south side of  this four bedroom, 2000+ sq. ft. luxury home. Overlooking the ocean,  your view is protected by restrictive covenants. The sunken family  room, large living area, open staircase, and vaulted ceilings are just a  few of the features found in this executive quality home for $165,000. If  you buy soon, you get the chance of individual customizing. Call Bill  Walkey for information at 885-5327.  ���Yi��  m  ���AjkZSI  fe_  ���sm  -���V- 'T  IS THIS WHAT YOU WANT? No. 789  Walk up ihe stairs from the entrance of this 3 bedroom, 1260 sq. ft.  basemenl* home and surprise yourself. The large deck gives you  panoramic vieuis of the sun as it travels across your home giving you  fight, warmth and passive solar heating. Just adjust your position for  the best tan after enjoying the labour saving kitchen and spacious living  and dining room. This soon fo be completed home is yours for $145,000.  Bill Walkey 885-5327 has more details.  DUNHAM ROAD-$54,900 No. 628  Immediate possession in this 1500 sq. ft. older 3  bedroom home on 100 x 173 lot. Large lamily  kitchen, separate dining room, heatilator  fireplace, 2-pc ensuite. All appliances included.  To view call Eva Carsky at 886-8194 or 886-7126.  HANDS UP No. 779  All those who don't know how to read a balance  sheet. Don't feel bad, you are not alone, there are  thousands who can't so let me help you. There's a  local fabric shop situated in a busy mall for ideal  customer volume, in a high traffic area, with lots  of untapped market potential. Such an  opportunity in life is worth a lot more than the'  asking price. Call Lynda at 8868194 or 8867352.  LOT 74 x 105 No. 769  Level building lot, cleared ready to buld. All  services at the road except sewer. Close to Cedar  Grove School. Asking $47,000 Call Eva Carsky  at 8868194 or 886-7126.  MALA VIEW ROAD No. 791  Good building site on an already cleared corner  lot. Hydro and water at property line. In a quiet  area and next to Cedar Grove Elementary.  $40,000. Carol Skinner 8869154.  HIGHEST AND BEST USE? No. 692  Almost '/$ acre of property prime for rezoning  located next to new dental building. Older home  currently rented. For further details call Lynda  8B67352 or Eva Carsky 886-7126.  WOODCREEK    PARK  THE FINISHING TOUCH No. 762  Within a few days,the first of George Skea's pretigious homes ivili be  ready. The carpet is just being laid in this bounteous 1920 sq. ft. three  bedroom home on a huge lot. Convert the den into a study or sewing  room, while the kids enjoy their freedom in the spacious family room.  Super energy efficient insulation, oak cabinetry, raised panel doors, to  name but a few of the standard features in this family home. Asking  $149,000. Caff Bill Walkey for details 885-5327 or Carol Skinner 886-  9154.  A LARGE STUDIO FACING SOUTH No. 774  Isjustoneofthedeluxefeaturesofthis2300*sq.ft.,3'/ibedroomhome.  The brick facing on the front of this home sets the mood for your timely  entrance. Quality oak cabinetry lie behind the insulated front door,  that opens to reveal features such as raisedpanel interior doors, family  room with patio doors and provision for airtight heater. Or maybe you  would prefer to enter via the workshop and utility room as you pass  thru' the double insulated garage. Whichever way you choose to come  upon this home, the quality will meet you in the hall. You can be the  proud owner for $159,000. Call Bill Walkey 885-5327 or Carol Skinner  886-9154.  ���GIBSONS OFFICE      886-8194  BILL WALKEY  885-5327  WENDY BODT  886-8076  CAROL (BOSER) SKINNER  886-9154  LYNDA HICKMAN  886-7352  EVA CARSKY  886-7126  -/ Sunshine Coast Realtorjvlay 8, 1981  BOX 1490,  WHARF ROAD  SECHELT, B.C.  VON-3A0  Gntuijc.  -gj    nm ZA  CENTURY WEST REAL ESTATE  PHONE  885-2235  VANCOUVER  689-5838  (Toll Free)  HOMES  HOMES  BLOSSOM TIME! No. 777  Is here in Selma Park with a pink flowering plum  tree in (ull bloom! This spectacular view property  is landscaped with lawn, flowering pink Japonica,  sweetheart roses, pink blossoming plum and  Juniper shrubs for privacy! Quaint, cosy 2  bedroom home is nestled into this garden  paradise. Large lot has approx. 128 ft. road  frontage and 125 ft. deep. Pebble swimming  beach only 2 short blocks away! Here's a home to  blossom in! Call Rita Percheson 885-5706.  WARM & INVITING No. 746  This cosy two bedroom cedar home is excellently  placed for view and beach access. Popular Sandy  Hook location and soclose to good sandy beach.  The private lot adds to the fine value of this home  at only $68,500. Call Larry or Ruth Moore at 885  9213 for your appointment to view.  PSSST!! Over Here No. 457  Have you seen this 3 bedroom, 1100 sq. ft. home  in Selma Park. It overlooks the ocean and is only  minutes from Sechelt. The lease is fixed for five  years and the asking price is $47,000. Call Billfor  more on this Selma special.  CALETTA WATERFRONT No. 693  This exceptional home is located on six tenths of  an acre of fantastic waterfront only a few minutes  from Sechelt Village. Featuring three bedrooms,  study, two bathrooms and huge dining room, the  home has over 1800 sq. ft. on one level. As the  home is presently under construction, you have  the option to purchase subject to completion or  to purchase as is and finish it yourself. For your  opportunity to view this unique home phone Pat  Parker at 885-5615.  FOUR BEDROOMS WITH VIEW   No. 700  Large family home with spacious rooms, extra  large kitchen with special features, large covered  deck, double carport, all well built with 2x6  construction and heavy insulation. Also an  assumable mortgage. Priced at only $159,500.  Call Larry or Ruth Moore at 885-9213 to view the  view.  ROBERTS CREEK HOME  & ACREAGE No. 792  3 bedroom home with 1875 sq. ft. of living space.  Custom kitchen cabinets, feature fireplace and  high sundeck complete with hot tub are just a few  features lo mention. Located on 10 subdividable  acres, with approx. 4 acres cleared for sunlight,  home and corral. Asking price $249,500. Ideal  family purchase. For all details call George  Longman 886-8548.  WEST SECHELT - IVATERFRONT ESTATE No. 722  A long private drive wanders through this 1+acre treed waterfront  estate. The eye is drawn to stately Douglas Fir trees, rock  outcroppings carpeted in moss, natural "bonsai" Arbutus trees,  and ��� the ocean beyond! The home is situated for privacy and view  of Trail Islands. Angled picture windows take maximum  advantage of sunny southerly view and the cosy fireplace  highlights living room. Spacious master bedroom has spectacular  ocean view as has wood panelled den which features built-in book  shelves. This is an exceptionally rare waterfront property. Asking  $350,000. For your appointment to view call Rita Percheson 885-  5706 or George Longman 886-8548.  WATCH  THE SEASONS UNFOLD No. 704  1248 sq. ft., 3 bedroom full basement home,  located in West Porpoise Bay, just minutes past  the ice-arena. Some features to mention, besides  the obvious spectacular view, are a Squamish  rock feature wall, ensuite off master bedroom,  wrap around sundeck and double pane windows.  This home must be seen if you're in the market for  a fine home. Asking $115,000. Call George  Longman 886-8548 for all the details.   VALUE PLUS No. 732  You get a lot of home when you consider this 5  bedroom, 2000+ sq. ft. of finished home  overlooking Whiskey Slough. Mother can sun  herself on the large deck while father is in his  workshop and the family enjoy the playroom.  This home is loaded to go for $125,000. Call Bill  Walkey at 885-5327 for details.  LAKEFRONT RETREAT No. 595  Just 5 minutes by boat from the launching and  you can be on your own, comfortable and quiet  with ample land to roam in. There's 6 acres of  nicely treed property with an attractive home, all  furnished with accommodation for up to 9 with  dock, sundeck and boat storage to mention just a  few features. More information on this rare  property at just $77,900. Call Chuck at 885-9374  or Bert at 885-3746.  DO YOU BELIEVE  IN WATERFRONT? No. 671  Then this is the answer. Absolutely beautiful  waterfront 88 feet of small pebble beach,  completely landscaped grounds, charming two  bedroom home with fantastic view and plenty of  deck on which to enjoy your view. Priced at  $220,000. Call now for your appointment to view.  Larry or Ruth Moore 885-9213.  HOME ON SMALL ACREAGE...    No. 768  Is what everyone is looking for. Nestled just inside  Sandy Hook on a quiet 1.08 acres this charming  little home offers peace and quiet - and privacy.  This well constructed, one bedroom home has  lots of potential for expansion as need prevails.  Nice tidy acre with private driveway, regional  water passes the door this year. One of the few,  don't miss it at $87,500. Bill Walkey 885-5327.  PAINT, SCRUB BRUSH... No. 755  And a little elbow grease, that's what's needed to  spruce up this handyman's home in Sechelt  Village. Located in a quiet residential area this  home offers 3 bedrooms on the 1000+ sq. ft. main  floor and an unfinished partial basement. This  home is offered for only $74,500 so don't delay.  Call today for your appoinlment to view. Pat  Parker 885-5615 or 885*2235. MLS.  ROOM TO ROAM No. 752  New 1500+ sq. ft. home on over half acre of level  land in Welcome Woods. This custom designed  home features 3 bedrooms, sewing room, loft and  a large sundeck for outdoor entertaining. Pat  Parker has more details and would be pleased to  arrange your exclusive appointment to view. Just  call 885-2235 or 885-5615.  NO NEED TO DIG No. 735  Sandy soil - no bog - commercial area near Village  Office and core idea. Present 4 bedroom home.  Space for office in front ��� narking rear. Asking  $195,000. Call Bob Kent for appointment 885-  9461.  WEST SECHELT No. 694  1300 sq. ft. rancher nearing completion on Bligh  Road, 3 bedrooms (master ensuite) large kitchen -  family room, garage and southern exposure are  just a few of the many features. Please call Pat  Parker at 885*2235 or 885-5615 for more details.  Priced at only $120,000.  2 ACRES AND HOME No. 776  Mostly cleared and a great place to keep a horse  or? The 1050 sq. ft. 2 bedroom home is well  maintained separate guest cottage. Asking  $125,000. "Tiny Bob" 885-9461.  IN THE HEART OF SECHELT No. 631  2 bedroom - 750 sq. ft. home with attached  carport. Neat and tidy inside and nicely  landscaped outside. Ideal retirement home. Don't  miss the chance to invest in uptown Sechelt.  Asking price $79,500. For details call George  Longman 886-8548.  Approximately (our tenths acre of  Selma Park Waterfront, featuring  Pebble Beach, Island View and two  homes.  The   2500+   square   foot,   energy  efficient main home is designed for  family living and includes:  * 4 bedrooms plus den  * 3% bathrooms  * family room  * sundecks and patio  The 660 square foot beach house is  an excellent revenue producer and  includes:  * two bedrooms  * partial basement  * large sundeck  DAVIS BAY VIEW HOME No. 697  Here's a superb view home of 3 large bedrooms  (ensuite off master) large living room with  panoramic view, dining area, kitchen with nook.  Full basement with self-contained in-law suite  including kitchen. To complete this attractive'  package the property is beautifully landscaped  including a green house waiting to grow. More  information or appointment to view call Bert  Walker 885-3746.  STOCKWELL ROAD No. 743  Well maintained two bedroom mobile home on  half-acre (approximate) property near Sechelt.  New hall carpets and new vinyl flooring in the  kitchen have added to an already long list of  features in this home. Vendor will consider all  offers on the $67,500 asking price. Pat Parker  885-5615.  AN OVERALL VIEW No. 770  3 bedroom home on a 1344 sq. ft. full high cement  basement. Labour saving kitchen. All major  appliances. You'll love the home and location. For  appointment call Bob Kent 885 9461. Open to  offer on $139,500.  Pat Parker 885-5615 Leslie Fitch 885 9057  MEMBER SUNSHINE COAST    "TWO OFFICES TO SERVE YOU"  CHUCK DOWMAN GEORGE LONGMAN BOB KENT PAT PARKER BILL WALKEY   LARRY MOORE   RUTH MOORE  885-9374 886-8548 885-9461       885-5615 885-5327 885-9213 885-9213 PHONE  885-2235  VANCOUVER  689-5838  Gmupk,  ���&_jtT<cI.  Sunshine Coast Realtor, May 8, 1981  BOX 1490,  WHARF ROAD  SECHELT, B.C.  VON-3A0  CENTURY WEST REAL ESTATE  ',. At.Kt. KLIKfcrt I -  COOPER ROAD No. 742  This charming two bedroom home is located on  level ii acre fenced property. Cosy kitchen has  double wall ovens, Jennaire countertop range  and custom cabinets. Vegetable garden, barn and  unique fishpond are just some of the features  you'll find on this country charmer. Asking  $95,000. For your personal tour call Leslie Fitch  at 885-9057.  WILSON ROAD No. 782  3 bedroom, 1100 sq. ft. family home in popular  Wilson Creek area. This home features carport,  finished basement, partially enclosed sunporch,  loads of closet space and a fan assisted Heatilator  (ireplace. To assist with financing the existing  $46,000, 10l A mortgage is assumable. Asking  $145,000. Call today for your appointment. Pat  Parker 885-5615, Leslie Fitch 885-9057.  View! View! View!  Excellent selection of Building Lots  in Sandy Hook. Prices range from  $34,000 to $39,000. Pat Parker 885-  5615 or Bill Walkey 885-5327.  ACREAGE  2% ACRES No. 719  2JJ acres of treed seclusion. Nice level property  bordering on the golf course. Good building sites,  could leave abundance of natural greenery to  assure privacy - asking $110,000. Ed Baker 885-  2541.  ACREAGE - WEST SECHELT       No. 788  ��� 24.77 acres  ��� Gazetted road on 4 sides.  ��� Near level.  ��� View of Poise Island.  ��� Trail through property.  ��� Hydro to lot line.  ��� $280,250.  ��� Call Rita Percheson 885*5706.  10.87 ACRES - ROBERTS CREEK No. 780  10.87 acres zoned ALR in Roberts Creek.  Property has southern exposure, with a view of  Georgia Strait from the top half. Water is supplied  from a natural spring fed reservoir. Owner says  some merchantable cedar trees. All this complete  with 3 bedroom Mobile Home, barn and storage  shed. Asking price $215,000. Bring your offers to  George Longman 886-8548.  NORTH LAKE No. 653  Lakefront lease property off Egmont Road.  $37,000 asking price include a small cabin to be  finished to lock-up stage. Why not get back to  nature. Call Pat Parker 885-5615 for details.  DANIEL BOONE No. 744 MLS  Would love the privacy afforded on this treed 5  acre waterfront parcel! Gentle topography, your  own creek, trees for log home timbers & year  round moorage are some of the benefits of this  remote haven! Over 200 ft. of low bank waterfront  in Narrows Inlet, 22 miles from Sechelt. An  outdoor paradise at $73,500! Call Rita Percheson  885-5706.  HOMES  WATCH THE SUNSET... No. 726  ...over the Trail Islands Irom this 1100 sq. ft. all  cedar, Lindal home. Features include 3  bedrooms, ensuite plumbing, spacious sundeck  and beautiful westerly view. This lease property is  located in Selma Park only a short distance from  Sechelt Village. For more information please call  Pat Parker at 885*5615. Asking only $69,250  WEST SECHELT WINNER No. 687  One and a half storeys of family living, Level  landscaped lot almost completely fenced, Home  is complete with large family room, formal dining  room, separate living room, V/2 baths, double  garage and workshop. Very close to school in  popular West Sechelt. Special bonus is the  assumable mortgage at 13%%. Priced at a winning  $119,500. Call Larry or Ruth Moore at 885-9213  for more information.  LOTS  WEST PORPOISE BAV No. 705  % acre, spectacular view lot just minutes pass ice  arena. The perfect setting for vour dream home.  May  have  subdivision  possibilities? Asking  $59,000. Call George Longman 886-8548.  SUNSHINE! No. 761  Is yours on this beautifully treed lot in Welcome  Woods with sunny southerly exposure! Property  has wide 90 ft. road frontage on Alderwood and is  181 ft. deep. This is an area of beautiful newer  homes in spacious settings. Call now for more  details on this well priced property $47,500. Call  Rita Percheson 885-5706.  .4 ACRE OF HEAVEN! No. 733  In wooded Redrooffs area. Property has cleared  building site and driveway roughed in. A beautiful  fringe of evergreens has been left on 99 ft. of road  frontage to insure privacy. Level swimming beach  and great salmon fishing area yours in nearby  Sargeants Bay! Ready for your dream home  retreat! $47400. Call Rita percheson 8855706.  WILDWOOD ROAD No. 745  Over (4 acre 125 x 200 ft. Services at road side.  Couple of blocks to sea. A woodsy setting in  Welcome Woods, trailers allowed. $55,000. Call  Bob 8859461.  VILLAGE LOT No. 778  Mostly level building lot in Sechelt Village. 60 x  120. Asking $49,500 for this centrally located lot.  Pat Parker 885-5615.  LOTS  MAKE YOUR SELECTION    No. 728, 729,  730 & 731  From these sunny, secluded ]?�� to J4i acre lols  with excellent building sites, paved road, water lo  property. Hydro to subdivision. Approved lor  septic. Each lot has a bonus of 90�� ft. of  waterfronl on Secret Cove. Priced at $85,000.  Call Lynn Wilson 885 5755 or Pat Parker 885-  5615.  NEW ON MARKET  CORNER BUILDING LOT No. 793  64 x 117 cleared lot ready (or building. Priced at  only $39,500. Larry or Ruth Moore at 885-9213..  LARGE TREED LOT -  WEST SECHELT No. 786  Build your own home on this excellent building lot  on popular Nor West Bay Road. Close to Primary  School and bus route for Secondary Schoolers. It  won't last long at $49,500. To view call Leslie  Filch at 885-9057.  2 UNIQUE VIEW LOTS       No. 740 & 741  A rare opportunity to acquire a spectacular  western view of the Georgia Strait - over the Trail  Islands, into the sunsets. Super view lots for  perpetuity for people with vision and foresight.  One approximately % acre $64,900  One approximately % acre $46,200  Or buy the two (or $109,000  Each lot has passed perc test and zoned for  duplex construction. Call Lynn Wilson at 885-  5755 or Pat Parker at 885-5615.  NEW ON MARKET  LEVEL BUILDING LOT No. 785  Completely serviced with sewer system as well.  This lovely lot has been selectively cleared and  measured 64.72' x 112.51'. Priced to sell quickly  at $44,900 and in an area of all new homes. Call.  Larry Moore 8859213.  WOODED SPLENDOUR No. 787  Is yours to enjoy in this new 2 bedroom cedar  home in West Sechelt. Located on a quiet cul-de-  sac in Carnaby Place, this beautiful home has  double pane windows, vaulted ceilings and  spacious living room with fireplace. Some of the  other features include an eating bar and sunny  deck. Fully serviced by paved roads, sewer,  hydro and telephone. Yours to own at only  $119,500. Call Leslie Fitch at 885-9057.  WEST SECHELT LOT No. 767  You can own this V acre lot in West Sechelt for  $65,000. Facing onto Gowlan and Norwesl Bay  Road and zoned R2L, you won't find many more  lols like this anymore. Call Bill Walkey 885 5327.  HEY! LOOK ME OVER No. 727  I'm the 2nd lol oil Hwy. 101 on Havies Road, Well  treed ��� 140 ft. frontage by over 100 deep. 1 face  south and can connect to water, phone, hydro &  cable T.V. I await your offer on my low price of  $47,500 lo Bob Kent 885-9461.  BIG LOT - GOOD LOCATION No. 775  This nicely treed corner lot (133 x 142) is just  minutes from the ferry terminal at Earl's Cove.  Usual services of hydro, water and phone are  installed to the side of the road. Asking just  $27,500. Bert 885-3746.  ARE YOU LOOKING FOR  A LOT OF LOT? No. 739  Then take a good look at this fine level cleared lot  of 152 x 98. The Selma Park location hints at  developing view. Price? Just $45,000. Call Larry  or Ruth Moore 885-9213 for more information.  WEST SECHELT  BUILDING LOTS No. 790  ��� Paved road  ��� On sewer  ��� Selectively cleared  ��� Culverts in  ��� All new homes in area  Save yotirself problems and money with  septic fields and clearing.  ��� $49,500  ��� Call Ed Baker 885-2641  WHAT A VIEW! $59,900 No. 749  Between Agnes & Alice - on Nestman. Lot size  135' x 102' good building site. Hydro, water at  property line. Call Lynn Wilson 885-5755 or Pat  Parker 885-5615.  NEW ON MARKET  OFFERS MORE THAN  JUST LOCATION! No. 756  A fine level view lot in prestigious West Sechelt,  the surrounding area is being developed with  lovely new homes. A great neighborhood for  family living or retirement just minutes from  Sechelt Village. First offer to $62,000 will win this  fine lot. Larry or Ruth Moore 8859213.  OVERLOOKING SARGEANTS BAY  __    NEW! NEW! NEW!  A Brand New Subdivision  19 Large Lots  REAL ESTATE ASSOCIATION  SECHELT 885-2235  Check these features:  ��� Lots of Sun  ��� Views  t Sizes ��� run from approx. 1/3 acre  toover2acres.  ��� Lots are cleared  ��� Choice of flat or sloped lots  ��� Under Ground Wiring  ��� blacktop Roads  ��� Short walk to beautiful Sargeant's Bay  ��� School Bus close by  ��� Approx. 5 miles from Sechelt  ��� Prices are reasonable for this lovely area,  ��� Larry Reardon 885-9320 or 885-2235. Exclusive  Agents.  BERT WALKER ELMER EKDAHL LYNN WILSON  RITA PERCHESON   LARRY REARDON LESLIE FITCH ED BAKER  885-3746 885-3584 885-5755 885-5706 885-9320 885-9057 885-2641 10  Sunshine Coast Realtor, May 8, 1981  it's new...  and it can be  yours  Send tor National's Full Colour Catalogue with over  100 home plans designed by National ���  We pre-cut and manufacture all the components  necessary to build your new home.  LOCAL   REPRESENTATIVE:  Walter Froese  Valencia Developments Ltd.  Vancouver Toll Free  886-2417  886-2743  922-2017  3)1 NATIONAL HOMES  y LIMITED  P.O. Box 245, AbboUlord, B.C.  or 4)52 - Mth St., Edmonton, AIM.  Please send me National's 1961 Catalogue ol manufactured Home Plans. 11  /rave enclosed $2 to cover postage'  and handling.  Name      I own a lot   I plan to build (date).  Aerobic Sewage Treatment  If you're planning to sub-divide property,  whether 2 or 300 Lots, we have some interesting  numbers for you. For example, the following  electrical consumptions are for equal volumes  treated.  Type ot Treatment  Diffused Air  Mechanical Aeration  Plastic Media Filtration  Ditch Lagoon Aeration  Watts/Head/Day  166  93  56  41  20  We'd  be pleased to show you amazing  engineer's reports from installations at:  ��� Abltlbl Paper Company  ��� Glen Abbey Golf Course  ��� Camp Manito Resort Hotel  ��� Agasslz Federal Prison  ��� And more than 300 other Installations  RCflOR^  Your  Numbers  885-5922  883-2269  Box 566  Gibsons, B.C.  VON 1V0  HOMES  HOUSE ON THE HILL: One of the besi views In Gibsons.  Sel on a good sized lot is this 1^ storey home. Rebuilt in  1975. A good 3 bedroom home, has a large 13' x 18' rec.  room (or entertaining with a 16' x 20' sundeck for those  summer barbeques. Kitchen includes Jennaire range, Fisher  wood stove in living room. Firm $139,000.  GIBSONS - DAVIS RD: Not one but two fireplaces in this  well maintained three bedroom home. Basement has  finished rec. room and sauna. Walking distance to all  services. Situated on level landscaped lot. SllQ.OQfl.  5GWOOD ROAD - GIBSONS: Well maintained two  bedroom home on landscaped fenced lot with greenhouse,  storage shed and many extras. $80,000.  BUILDING LOTS  PRIME VIEW LOCATION: Velvet Road - Gibsons large  90' x 180' lot. Irom which you can watch the sun go down  over Vancouver Island and the Gulf. Situated on this large  Jot is a 12' x 62' trailer with a 20' x 43' sundeck. Also a 12' x 24'  family room with fireplace. All this plus a 3 car carport for  mly $107,000.  EVERGREEN PARKLAND - KING RD: 76 x 120 cleared  building lol. in area ol all new homes reduced to $38,000.  JUDITH PLACE ��� EVERGREEN PARKLAND: Large  level buildinq lot $40,000.  BONNIEBROOK HEIGHTS: Lot 4 on Grandview Road.  Great view out over the ocean to Vancouver Island. Nice  slope and partly cleared. $70,000.  CHASTER ROAD: .46 of an acre. Sloping southerly Gulf  view lot. Zoned R2, walking distance to beach. Close to  elementary school. Some terms available at 15%%. $65,000.  Serving the Lower Sunshine Coast  Phone 886-2000 or 886-9121  Located in the Seaside Plaza,  Gower Point Road, Gibsons  5 CREEK: 57 x 970 waterfront property, with six  year old 1344 sq. ft. mobile home with 200sq. ft. addition on  front". Also small beach cabin. Front 300 ft. of lot is  landscaped to a good beach. This one of a kind should be  seen. Askinq $239,000.  OCEAN VIEW - CHUCILKOAD GIBSONS: 1300 sq. It.  full basement three bedroom home. Features include a large  modem kitchen, 3 piece ensuite off master bedroom,  fireplaces up and down. Partially finished basement, 5  appliances with sale. The central location makes this an ideal  family home. All this and a well kept landscaped view lot.  $128,000.  �����*������'*���'-*-' -  I LANE - GIBSONS: Well maintained lour year  old family home on quiet cul-de-sac close to all amenities.  Living room features California Sandstone Fireplace, among  the many extras is a kitchen gar berator, ensuite plumbing off  of master bedroom. Rec. room is completely finished  including earth stove to help with heating cost. $55,000  assumable at 11 V*>. Asking $129,000.  CREEKSIDE CRES. ��� GIBSONS: Well maintained 3  bedroom home. Completely linished basement including  extra 3 piece bathroom, new sundeck off dining room.  Convenient walking distance to all facilities. Must be seen at  $101,000.  REAL ESTATE  GENERAL INSURANCE  AUTOPLAN  "'^:  Ideal Hobby Farm 2% acres with southern exposure. On  Hwy 101 Roberts Creek area. 3 bed. full basement. Ideal  family home, mostly cleared. Sheds included. $176,000.   n r���^Smes.  HOBBY FARM  HENRY ROAD ��� GIBSONS: Ideal for horses or 7>7> 8.5  acres, year round creek, plus large 3 bedroom ranch style  home, wood stove to help with heatingcost. Must be seen to  be appreciated. Asking $260,000.  INVESTMENT PROPERTY  GOWER POINT ROAD: Best ocean view night or day on  the coast. Investment property 3 acres consisting of ��� four 'i  acre waterfront lots plus a subdividable 1 acre lot front on  Gower Point Rd. This property has to be seen to be  appreciated. Great investment potential at $550,000.  NORM PETERSON     886-2607  DENNIS SUVEGES 886-7264 OAST  EDAR  HOMES  883-9591  pan-abode dealer  ��� Minutacturrt by P-tn-ftbod* blldlnai Cimdi  Vour Exclusive Sunshine Coast  Pan-abode Dealer & General Contractor  | pan-abode  III    ^B I M.nuf.clurtd by Pin-AbodtBuilding. Cam  Western  _ ��� _      nwl Cedar  BullOing.C.n.ai       L()fl HOItieS  Send $3.00 for full colour catalogue with  pictures, plans, prices to:  COAST CEDAR HOMES LTD.  BOX 153  MADEIRA PARK, VON 2H0  883-9591 or 883-9443  NAME   ADDRESS   CODE   Sunshine Coast Realtor, May 8, 1981  883-2794  TEL.  . 4fe  PENDER HARBOUR REALTY LTD.  We have a prospect wanting to buy a 2 bedroom  house around 800 - 1,000 sq. ft. in the Pender  Harbour area or close by. O.K. if older type or in  need of repair, with view preferred but not essential.  Please call us right away... we'll be happy to give a  free estimate of current market value. ALSO... We  have an immediate prospect for a non-view lot in the  $25,000 - $35,000 range.  LOT A: V2 acre ha  possible vitjj  LOT B: >/2 acre has  and livable  i /natuitfjlished cabin and a  l^flitTwa  "water. F.P. $35,000.  6i&��  |View of mountains  $35,000.  New Low Rates On  HOUSE INSURANCE  John Breen  883-9978  Highway 101 at Francis Peninsula Rd.  Jock Hermon  883-2745  /MITTEN  REALTY LTD.  LOTS-  WEST SECHELT $75,000  Very interesting one acre lol. All services  except sewer available. There is enough timber  on site to build your dream home. Good  building site and owner already has approval for  septic disposal field. This kind of property is rare  so call Terry Bracketl at 885 9865 for locaiion  and ail details.  SARGEANTS BAY $65,400  Looking for a view lot? Here it is! One of the best  views on ihe coast. Sunny southwest exposure.  a beautiful ocean view overlooking Sargeant's  Bay, and it's ready to build on. Act quickly as  this won't last long. Call Bryce Leigh at 886  8229. 8593  MADEIRA PARK - VIEW LOT  One of Ihe finesl views of Pender Harbour Irom  this half acre lot. Steep but possibly subdivida  ble. Located on Gulfview Road. Sign is on  properly so please dirve by and then phone Don  Lock at 885-3730 lor more details.  HALFMOON BAY  Large view lot in Halfmoon Bay one block from  the water. Lot has passed percolation test.  Bryce Leigh 886-8229 has details. #569  VIEW LOT $36,000  Beautiful property in Sandy Hook for those who  enjoy exquisite scenery in a peaceful neighbour  hood. #591  HALFMOON BAY $41,900  Excellent building lot in exclusive West Sechelt  subdivision, paved roads, hydro, water and  sewer available, Call Emilie Henderson at 885-  5225. #605  TILLICUM BAY $34,900  Only 350yards to Tillicum Bay Marina, This 50x  180 foot lot has a 14 foot trailer and two cabins  on the property. A perfect retreat for only  $34,900. Call Klaus Roepke at 885*2314. #536  SEAMOUNT  INDUSTRIAL PARK $110,900  3 side by side lots zoned commercial lighl  industry. Well located back from highway with  total frontage of 150 feel on Venture Way and  side access of 125 ft. Call Emilie Henderson at  885-5225. #609  NEW ON THE MARKET $59,900  Exquisite view lol of jusi under lj acre in  Redrooffs area. Combination of arbutus and  rock create a very picturesque properly! Call  Bronia Robins at 885-9033. #622  SECHELT $79,500  Large lol in Village. Zoned Public Assembly.  Call Terry Brackett at 885*9865. #585  HALFMOON BAY $45,000  One acre lot with some view overlookinj  Halfmoon Bay. Water, cable, hydro and phone  available. Some timber. Call Terry Brackett at  885-9865. #602  MARLENE ROAD $44,000  Level building lot on Marlene Road. Excellent  area centrally located, For more information  call Don or Rene Sutherland at 885-9362.��604  GIBSONS $52,000  View lot in Bonniebrook Heights. Level nicely  treed and still a view. Call Don or Rene  Sutherland at 885-9362. #597  PENDER HARBOUR $35,000  Hard to find. Nicely treed lot with all the privacy  you dreamed of yet close to stores and Marina.  For details call Gayle Adams at 883 9364��576  HALFMOON BAY $39,900  Large lot over one half acre, well treed, septic  approved. Call Emilie Henderson at 885-5225.  #606  EXCELLENT BUILDING LOT  In exclusive West Sechelt subdivision. Paved  roads, hydro, water and sewer available. Call  Emilie Henderson at 885*5225.  COMMERCIAL  PROPERTY  SEMI WATERFRONT ��� SECHELT  Just listed MLS. - This one won't last. Large lot  in rapidly developping area of ihe village. The  possibilities (or development are endless.  Presently zoned Marine I Presenl lease expires  end of May. For more information or to view this  property, call Brent Strad at 883-9382.    #617  SECHELT COMMERCIAL  Sechell Commercial - Jusi listed MLS. Large  commercial building locaied on two lots. Ideal  holding situation. Owner will consider carrying  on large down payment. Call for all details on  lease and building. Terry Brackett 885-9865.  #562  COMMERCIAL PROPERTY -  HALFMOON BAY  * 108' of highway frontage.  * Older building, previous Service Siation.  * All services except sewer at road.  * This property holds a lot of potential for Ihe  right purchaser, and the price is only  $52,500.  For more information or to view call Brent Strad  at 883-9382. ��621  BUSINESS  OPPORTUNITIES  SECHELT $32,500  Well established pet and plant business, no  competition. Excellent main street location.  Low rent Ideal opportunity for someone  wishing to be self-employed. Call for more  mformaiion Emilie Henderson at 8855225.  #603  SALES PEOPLE TO SERVE VQU  Sechelt Office  in tlw Trail lay Shopulna centra  885-3295  nan. roil free aai-783i  Ray Bernier  Henry Hill  Dal Grauer  Gayle Adams  Terry Brackelt  Bryce Leigh  Emilie Henderson  Klaus Roepke  Bronia Robins  Rene Sutherland  Corry Ross  Brent Strad  Donald Sutherland  Don Lock  Eric Sutherland  Sylvia Thirlwell  Manager  885-2520  885-3808  883-9364  885-9865  886-8229  885-5225  885-2314  885-9033  885-9362  885-9250  883-9382  885-9362  885-3730  885-9857  883-9963  Gibsons Office  MtlMIMMrMHlM  886-8126  Suzanne Dunkerton  Syd t, Francis Heal  Rosemary fount  Peter Davidson  886-8317  885-5693  886-8359  816-8400  Member Sunshine Coast  Real Estate Association  FREE  CATALOGUE  AVAILABLE 12  Sunshine Coast Realtor, May 8, 1981  WATERFRONT  HOMES  BROO"KS COVE $275,000  Here is a Spellbinder. Approximately three quarlers of an acre with approximately 250 feet of low  bank waterfront in a quiet sheltered cove. The lovely old house with 2 or 3 bedrooms, handcrafted  cedar panelled living room with library and ten foot high basement is jus! waiting for someone with  flair and imagination to develop the potential. Feeling lucky? Call Corry Ross at 885-9250 for  appointment to view. _ #549  SECRET COVE WATERFRONT $159,000  Located next to the Royal Vancouver Yacht  Club. This property has a 56' x 12' mobile home  on a permanent foundation and a large  sundeck. The moorage facilities, complimenting  the 120 feet of waterfront, are in excellent  condition. The property is fully serviced and  could legally accommodate two dwellings. For  more information call Klaus Roepke at 885-  2314 or Henry Hall at 885-2520. #513  Just Listed  WEST SECHELT WATERFRONT  Modern two bedroom home with heatilator  fireplace. Double glazed windows, good patio  and sundeck, enclosed garage. All this right on  level beach property with unexcelled view of  Trail Islands and Gull of Georgia. Priced in mid  two hundred thousand. Please call Don Lock at  885*3730 for all details and appointment to view  this beautiful home.  GIBSONS $185,000  Walerfront is priceless - Gower Point, Sw,allow  Road, one half acre, 100' of view waterfront.  This level lot is landscaped and ready to build  on. Easy access to beach. Gentle creek through  property. Call Don or Rene Sutherland at 885-  9362.  DAVIS BAY $159,600  Two bedroom Waterfront Home on a private V2  acre lot in Davis Bay. Beautiful southwest  exposure provides magnificent view of the Trail  Islands. You could combine this with the  adjacent lot and have a 1.1 acre Waterfront  Estate. For your personal tour call Bryce Leigh  al 886-8229. #586  ACREAGE  SUNSHINE HEIGHTS  Semi Waterfront Acreage - new and very  deluxe view home on 2.9 acres. Area is zoned  for l/i acre lots. Ideal for anyone desiring a good  investment plus luxury living. Call Emilie  Henderson for details at 885-5225.  EGMONT WATERFRONT $139,900  380 feet of waterfront on 6.0 acres with older  home. This walk-on property located on Secret  Bay is the perfect retreat for the one seeking  peace and relaxation. Excellent holding  property. For more information call Klaus  Roepke at 885-2314 or Henry Hall at 885-2520.  #541  SELMA PARK  This house on super view lease lot with  sheltered moorage must sell. All offers  considered by owner. Wh years to run on  Dominion lease. Ideal situation for weekend or  summer occupation or as a starter home for the  newly-weds. Please call Don Lock at 885-3730 to  view anytime. #542  REDROOFFS WATERFRONT $105,000  1.56 acres south sloping waterfront on popular  Redrooffs Road. All services available. Upper  portion of property has perfect building site with  unobstructed view. Lower portion has 100 feet  of secluded Waterfronl. For more information  call Klaus Roepke at 885 2314. #600  MADEIRA PARK $225,000  Waterfront ��� Park'like 1.10 acres, level low  bank waterfront in Madeira Park. Well  maintained three bedroom home, surrounded  by landscaping and natural beauty. Privacy, yet  close to all amenities. If this appeals to you call  me Sylvia Thirlwell at 883-9963 or 885-3295.  #5%  ACREAGE - RURAL SOLITUDE  ���10 acres of good soil. This top quality farm land  is located on Mason Road. Home, barn and  workshop with approximately 7 acres cleared  and fenced. Asking $6,875 per acre plus  improvements. Some timber. Call Don or Rene  Sutherland lor details at 885-9362.  PRATT ROAD $225,000  4.75 beautiful acres most of which is in pasture  grass. Charming 3 bedroom farm house with a  large living room. Kitchen has been recently  renovated in character of the house. Outbuildings include a barn and luffing shed, 16 fruit  trees and a large vegetable garden. A dream  come true for a hobby farmer. Call Suzanne  Dunkerton for more information at 883-3971 or  Emilie Henderson at 885-5225.  HALFMOON BAY $179,500  19.7 acres with subdivision potential into 5  acre blocks. Small cottage plus two small  creeks. There is some good standing timber.  Good holding property. Call Terry Brackett at  885 9865 for all details.  Use our Home  TRADE PLAN  6 other oltices  to serve you  P0WI1I KIVIR  WtST VANCOUVER  NORTH VANCOUVER  VANC BURNARY  SURREY  LANGUY  REDROOFFS WATERFRONT    $105,000  1.56 acres of south sloping waterfront on  popular Redrooffs Road. All services available.  Upper portion of property has perfect building  site with unobstructed view. Lower portion has  100 feet of secluded Waterfront. For more  information call Klaus Roepke at 885-2314.  GIBSONS $159,900  Four bedroom home on almost one acre. Some  features include fireplace in living room, wood  stove in family room, shake roof, large  workshop plus double enclosed garage. Also  large games room. Property fully fenced and  level. There are also two outbuildings. Private  location yet minutes to the village. Ideal Hobby  Farm. Call Terry Brackett at 885-9865.  REDROOFFS $75,000  1.15 acres Redrooffs - This beautifully treed  level lot will provide you with a nice private  setting for your home. Call Bryce Leigh and  arrange for the opportunity to explore this  property's potential at 886-8229.  DAVIS BAY $350,000  View - Acreage ��� House - Subdivision Potential.  For details call Don or Rene Sutherland at 885-  9362. #568  REDROOFFS ROAD  Almost 5 treed acres in popular Redrooffs Road  area. Good southerly exposure within walking  distance to Sargeants Bay. Water and Hydro at  road. Call Brent Strad 883-9382 for details.  #580  Large family hom^ inVinjJSf'Tlu' view will  improve with -vh^^Be-velopment in area.  Vaulted ceiling-Mfth extensive pine throughout, ensuite and walk-in closet. Full basement  with wet bar and roughed in fireplace. Large  fireplace in living room. Open design with  combination kitchen and dining area. Large  sundeck and double carport. All kinds of  potential. Call Terry Brackett at 885-9865.  #579  ROBERTS CREEK $75,000  Cosy 2 bedroom cottage in Roberts Creek.  Open fireplace for those wintaTTkys. A tiny  view through the trees^nth WmM be made  bigger. Creek border/pr��p|jlr^To add to the  privacy of this ni-WMbadfcaped lot. Close to  beach and schocftr and half way between  Gibsons and Sechelt. Call Suzanne at 885-8317.  #537  WELCOME WOODS $74,900  Welcome Woods ��� Fantastic Southerly  Exposure from this three bedroom Mobile  Home! Features include an attached carport,  patio, decks, and a nicely cleared lot with an  enclosed garden area. For more details call  Brent Strad at 883-9382. #569  WEST SECHELT $85,000  Immaculate double wide home located on large  lot. Some features include built-in drawers in all  three bedrooms, large closets plus full ensuite  bathroom off master bedroom. Large combination kitchen and dining room. Also large  sundeck. Very popular location. Call Terry  Brackett at 885 9865.  GIBSONS $131,000  Gibsons - Just Listed - This iwo storey home  totals over 2,000 sq. fl, of living space! Five  bedrooms, workshop, !���_��� baths, finished  basement, level cleared lot is perfect for a  backyard garden. Lots of house for $131,000  To view call Rosemay Young al 886-8359.  GIBSONS $95,000  Attractive three bedroom cedar clad home on  Poplar Lane in Gibsons village. Still under  construction, this one features thermopane  windows, heatilator fireplace, cement patios,  large heated storage room and paved driveway.  Located in a quiet neighbourhood, yet handy to  all amenities. Make an offer now and choose  your carpet colours. Call Dal Grauer at 885-  3808. #564  GIBSONS $132,000  Lovely 4 bedroom home in lower Gibsons with a  view of the water and mountains. Large rec.  room with a fireplace. Very convenient kitchen  with lots of storage and work area. Master  bedroom is large with a view and ensuite. Living  room is open to the dining room and has a  fireplace and a view, large workshop with a  separate entrance. Close to all amenities. Cal1  Suzanne to view at 886-8317. #569  SUPER VIEW - MADEIRA PARK$150,000  From this warm and cosy all cedar Gothic arch  design home in Madeira Park. Kitchen nook,  combined dining and living room on main floor,  two bedrooms upper level, one and a half baths,  approximately 1300 sq. ft. of living area. Plus  completely finished basement with rec. room,  self-cleaning stove, fridge, washer & dryer  included. Separate 19' x 13' workshop with  cement floor. This could be your dream home.  Call Sylvia Thirlwell at 885-9963 or 885 3295.  #596  MLESPEOPlfTOSEWEVOU  sechelt Office  in the Trail Bav Shonoing canto  885-3295  wan Toil Frae 881-7931  Ray Bernier  Manager  Henry Hall  885-2520  Dal Grauer  885-3808  Gayle Adams  883-9364  Terry Brackett  885-9865  Bryce Leigh  886-8229  Emilie Henderson  885-5225  Klaus Roepke  885-2314  Bronia Robins  885-9033  Rene Sutherland  885-9362  Corry Ross  885-9250  Brent Strad  883-9382  Donald Sutherland  ��35-9362  Don Lock  885-3730  Eric Sutherland  885-9857  Sylvia Thirlwell  883-9963  Qlbsons Office  in tm lower wiasa  886-8126  Suzanne Dunkerton  Syd & Frances Heal  Rosemary Young  Peter Davidson  886-8317  885-5693  886-8359  886-8400  Member Sunshine Coast  Real Estate Association  HOMES  PENDER HARBOUR MLS  Enjoy this beautiful view at breakfast, lunch and  dinner. Home features many extras. Lucky  purchaser will be able to finish with own  personal touch. For more details call Gayle  Adams at 883-9364. #478  REDROOFFS $65,900  The vendor's plans have changed and so he is  selling this half acre lot which has been  selectively cleared and has a partially renovated  cottage. For further details and to view please  call Frances or Syd Heal at 885-5693.   #592  SELMA PARK $350,000  Beautifully designed contemporary cedar home  situated on three gorgeous acres. Very good  holding property with possibility or future  subdivision potential. The view is super. The  home is immaculate with many deluxe features.  Call Terry Brackett at 885 9865 or Don or Rene  Sutherland at 885*9362 for all details.      #568  Ihr deutschsprechendergrundstuecksmakler  in Sechelt ist Klaus Roepke - privat tel 885-2314.  FREE  CATALOGUE  AVAILABLE Sunshine Coast Realtor, May 8, 1981  13  HOMES  HOMES  ROBERTS CREEK $69,500  A quality location. This 60 foot unit is top value  in today's market. Well located in central  Roberts Creek on Marlene Road. Call Don or  Rene Sutherland at 885 9362. #578  SECHELT $85,000  Young at Heart - Is what this old-timer is.  Immaculately kept, nicely landscaped, and  sound as you please. Three bedrooms on one  level, Franklin stove (wood) tocut those heating  costs. Right across Medusa street frpm Hackett  Park. Have a look with Dal Grauer at 885-3808.  #584  SELMA PARK $155,000  Brand new home in area of prestige homes.  Superb view from this tri-level design. All  bedrooms are on top level with ensuite off  master bedroom and sundeck. Good sized  kitchen and dining area on main level. Also  utility area in basement which may be finished to  suit your needs. Call Terry Brackett at 885-  9865. ' #526  REDROOFFS $108,900  Brand new affordable ranch style home on  Cooper Road. 1400 sq. ft. features three  bedrooms, 2 washrooms and targe separate  utility room. Beautifully treed level % acre lot.  This won't last! So see it today! Call Emilie  Henderson at 885-5225. #607  DAVIS BAY $159,900  If a view is what you are looking for, look no  further. Absolute Panoramic view from this  immaculate three bedroom home. Added  features are a finished rec. room with four and a  half by nine foot Pool table, two fireplaces, wet-  bar, plus potential for in-law suite in basement.  At the back there is a 16' x 32' pool. The lot is  fully landscaped. Great neighbourhood. Call  Terry Brackett at 885-9865 for more information. #520  ROBERTS CREEK $89,500  Two bedroom old timer on one acre with 300  feet bordering along a creek. House presently  rented and tenants would like to stay. To view  this property or for more information call Klaus  Roepke at 885-2314. #599  GRANTHAMS LANDING $74,500  Cosy Granthams Landing view home with  excellent view of Howe Sound. Close to beach,  Gibsons and the ferry. Call Bryce Leigh at 886-  8229. #570  WEST SECHELT $260,000  Split level contemporary home. The ocean view  is outstanding overlooking Trail and Vancouver  Islands. Three levels with two and a half baths,  solarium, rec'room and heatilator fireplace.  Outside there is a bird aviary and 24 foot  circular pool. The property has been meticulously landscaped. Very private setting on  almost one acre lot. Call Terry Brackett at 885-  9865 or Don & Rene Sutherland at 885-9362.  #563  FREE  CATALOGUE  AVAILABLE  BRAND NEW CEDAR RANCHER  This house offers privacy on a quiet cul-de-sac  and it is in a super location ��� close to Gibsons,  schools, shopping. 1350 sq. ft. of living space  includes three bedrooms, living room, large  kitchen, utility room and features such as  fireplace, skylight and much more. Call Bronia  Robins at 885-9033. #552  WEST SECHELT $115,000  Cape Cod Designed - Home in popular area.  Two gigantic bedrooms and bathroom on top  level. Kitchen, dining room, living room and two  piece bath on main level, plus a full basement.  Design makes home very easy to heat. Call  Terry Brackett at 885-9865 to view.       1*594  DAVIS BAY $159,900  View home ��� Contemporary large family home  in popular Davis Bay. Three bedrooms,  elevated living room, dining room, family room  and large kitchen with all modern appliances.  This home has three sundecks and a full  basement. For viewing call Henry Hall at 885-  2520 or Klaus Roepke at 885-2314.        4521  CEDAR RANCHER $124,000  Well built, tastefully designed home of over 1500  sq. ft. in a rural setting. Close to school,  shopping and beach in Roberts Creek. Many  interesting features in this newly constructed  home. Assumable mortgage. For more details  call Don or Rene Sutherland at 885-9362 or  Bronia Robins at 885-9033. #524  WILSON CREEK $119,500  Attractive split level view home. Good view of  the White Islets. This fine home features three  bedrooms, dining area, hook-up for a wood  heater plus living room fireplace. Also large  sundeck at the rear and enclosed garage.  Property is fully fenced. Call Terry Brackett at  885-9865 or Don or Rene Sutherland at 885-  9362. #577  ROBERTS CREEK $96,500  Two and a half acres in Roberts Creek with a  two bedroom home. Only $96,500. Call Bryce  Leigh for a tour at 886-8229. #615  WEST SECHELT $124,900  Exciting new split level home on quiet street.  This house features 1759 sq. ft. of finished living  area on three levels plus an undeveloped  basement. The top level contains the master  bedroom with private sundeck, three piece  ensuite and walk-in closet as well as two other  bedrooms and main bath. Other features  include fresh air fireplace, skylight, double  garage. Also assumable mortgage at 13%. Call  Terry Brackett to view at 885-9865.       #590  SELMA PARK $225,000  Well planned family home. The view is  breathtaking overlooking Trail Bay and Islands.  Four bedrooms on top level with ensuite and  walk-in closet off master. Main level has sunken  living room and family room. Parquet floors and  vaulted ceilings in living room. Also oak cabinets  and wood windows. There is also a full  basement with two additional bedrooms and  bath. Good assumable mortgage. Call Terry  Brackett at 885-9865. #507  WELCOME WOODS $115,900  Brand New Home - Three bedroom home in  Welcome Woods, featuring a beautiful setting  on approximately % acre, double carport,  heatilator fireplace and you still can choose your  carpets. For viewing call Klaus Roepke at 885  2314. #624  ROBERTS CREEK  PRICE REDUCED TO $165,900  Here is the property you have been waiting for!  Approx. two subdividable acres, partly cleared  with excellent vegetable garden and fruit trees  and partly beautifully woodsy. Only a short walk  to popular swimming beach. The comfortable  secluded house with two bedrooms (could be  three) double plumbing, Frontier all-night wood  stove and double windows is geared for low cost  living and easy maintenance. Vendor has  bought so please call Corry Ross at 885-9250 for  your appt. to view this exciting HsfingM.LS.  #582  WEST SECHELT $109,500  If it's room you're looking for, this is the home  for you. Two large bedrooms plus large walk-in  pantry off kitchen. Three quarter basement  with office and lots of room for expansion. Large  combination kitchen and dining room, wood  stove in basement. View will increase with more  development in surrounding area. Good  neighbourhood. Call Terry Brackett at 885-  9865. #588  GRANDV1EW & PRATT $127,000  Quality spec, home by experienced builder.  This 3 bedroom, full basement home is loaded  with extras. Garage under, paved drive, smartly  finished exterior, dining room features alcove  for china cabinet, working kitchen with  dishwasher, master bedroom has ensuite and  walk-in closet. Quality buy. Call Don or Rene  Sutherland at 885-9362. #623  SECHELT 105,000  Large view home near the arena. Three large  bedrooms upstairs with plenty of room for more  expansion in the basement. Large fireplace and  separate dining area. Good view of Sechelt  Inlet. Ideal family home. Call Terry Brackett at  885-9865 or Don or Rene Sutherland at 885-  9362. #550  yjss  t/Sp3!i^J  BKriH' rvsa^BiB  fei&-^V^|  \W                                                                                          A ���*���'.-!,  PENDER HARBOUR $129,000  Modern two level house with three bedrooms  on upper floor with one ensuite, living room with  rock fireplace, dining area, kitchen and  bathroom complete the upper floor. On the  lower floor there is a large family room with wet  bar, rock fireplace, storage, workshop,  bathroom, utility, etc. Double carport with  covered deck over and wrap-around sundeck.  All this on large landscaped lot in residential  area, just minutes away from shopping,  marinas, and boat launching. Please call Don  Lock at 885-3730 for appointment to view.  #543  SELMA PARK $49,500  Charming small home on lease land, handy to  village, level Waterfront with protected  moorage behind the breakwater. Well maintained with a shake roof. Call Terry Brackett for all  details at 885-9865. #601  REDROOFFS $108,000  A gorgeous piece of property fully landscaped.  The house has three large bedrooms, half  basement, separate utility room, two single  carports plus your own well. To view please call  Syd or Frances Heal at 885-5693. #612  COOPER AND SOUTHWOOD  View house on % acrecortfr^t. This sunny  home has 2 bednOftAt'd^lO' workshop,  greenhouse adjdLref pWed at $79,500. For  more informa^J cati Bronia Robins at 885-  9033. #611  A CORNER LOT - VIEW -  SUNSHINE HEIGHTS $89,000  Quality Fowler Home - Fireplace, concrete  drive, other extras. Only $89,000. Call Don or  Rene Sutherland at 885-9362. #575  SELMA PARK $39,900  View House on Leased Land ��� A very well built  house with sundeck ( 25 x 4) across front of  house. Excellent insulation and fireplace is  included as well as extra building as present  used as workshop. Where else can you find all  this for $39,900. Low lease rental and nearly 15  years to run on lease. A good sea view over Trail  Bay is included as a bonus. Please call Don Lock  at 885-3730 for more information and  appointment to view.  Ihrdeutschsprechendergrundstuecksmakler  in Sechelt ist Klaus Roepke - privat tel. 885-2314.  Use our Home  TRADE PLAN  6 other offices  to serve you  POWELL RIVIR  WEST VANCOUVE R  NORIH VANCOUVFR  VANC BURNABY  SURREY  LANGLEY 14  Sunshine Coast Realtor, May 8, 1981  Box 100  Madeira Park,  B.C.  883-2233  Olli Sladey  REALTY  LTD.  M��mb��r ol Multiple listing Sarvlc*  \   ACREAGE   |  GARDEN BAY - New 3 BR rancher,  under construction, on Hotel Lake Crescent.  Contains 1159+ sq. ft., plus carport. Can be  bought as is, or owners will finish it for the full  price of $95,000.   Toll Free From |  Vancouver:  689-7623  \ HOMES   {  EARL COVE ��� The view is unsurpassed from  this beautifully treed and lanscaped lot with  approximately 103' lowbank waterfrontage.  The 4 bedroom cedar home with basement is  ideal for vacations or year-round living.  $150,000.   MOBILE        fe  HOMES I  MADEIRA PARK - 12' x 64', 2 bedroom  Gendall Mobile home with approx. 18' x 20'  addition and sundeck. Located in Seven Isles  Mobile Home Park, for quiet adults only.  $25,000.  BUSINESS^ND  EQUIPMENT  Well established and busy hairdressing  business - the only one in Pender Harbour,  Located in the Pender Harbour Shopping  Centre. Good steady clientele and lots of extra  customers with the tourist trade in the summer  months. Good equipment and stock. Please call  us for details. $35,000 plus stock.   MADEIRA PARK - 2 BR home, 816�� sq. ft.  built 1968 on 1+ acres with 205+ ft. view  waterfronl. Located on Summit Road, just off  Narrows Road. $190,000.   JUNCTION ISLAND - 1/3 interest in this  beautiful 18 acre island located in St. Vincent  Bay, Jervis Inlet. Excellent sheltered moorage,  numerous choice building sites. Only 15  minutes by fast boat from Earl Cove or Egmont.  The price for this 1/3 interest is only $139,500  HIGGINS ISLAND - approx. 26 acre island  with sheltered moorage. Located in False Bay,  Lasqueti Island. $600,000.  LOT 68 ��� Hotel Lake Road. Large building lot  $25,000.  i WATERFRONT LOTS & ACREAGE I  WATERFRONT LOT  PENDER HARBOUR - treed bt in Madeira  Park area with 99�� fl. waterfront and good  harbour view. A good buy for $80,000.  MEMIM MOKE*  Coast to Coast  Real Estate Service  LOT 2 - ST. VINCENT BAY - approx. 5  acres with 402�� ft. waterfront and south  westerly exposure. Water access only.  $55,000    EGMONT -Approx. 3.8acres with approx. 550  ft. low bank waterfront. Float, launching ramp  & log dump. Drilled well & pump. Considerable  land development done by owner. $210,000. |  MADEIRA PARK - 3 BR rancher, approx.  1,289 sq. It. wiih attached carport, ljj  bathrooms. Located on % acre lot on Lagoon  Road. Just a short walk to shopping centre  school & post office. $140,000.  ^jfeloOttlif'  MADEIRA PARK - 4 BR family home or  Front Road has approx. 2,700 sq. ft. of livinj  area. 2 bathrooms, fireplace, enclosed garage.  $120,000.  MADEIRA PARK - 2 BR, 2 bathrooms  (ensuite bathroom has Jacuzzi tub & separate  shower), approx. 1,443 sq. ft. home plus carport  and separate 780 sq. ft. shop (could possibly be  made into guest cottage). Many extra  appliances. Located on nearly level view lot on  Wesjac Road. Owner willing to rent back house  & shop for a minimum of 3 months at $700 per  month. $120,000.   DAN WILEY, Res. 883-9149 OLLI or JEAN SLADEY,   883-2233 Sunshine CoasI Realtor, May 8, 1981  AELBERS REAL ESTATE  CAPA APPRAISALS INC.  Located at the Old Granthams Store Peter Aelbers ri<b.c.)f.r.i.  Marine Dr., Granthams Landing  886-9238 922-7814  886-9238  Don Logan   b��omm.  885-3318  Two Residences  5999 Lois Street, Wildwood, Powell  River. Four bedroom house and a one  bedroom house. Ideal Revenue Property. $68,500.  Call Don Logan 922-7814  886-9238  885-3318.  REVENUE MARINE DRIVE $89,000  POWELL RIVER $1,025 per month  Excellent state of repair - duplex with in-law suite. All three  units have separate meters. Tenants pay for all utilities.  Open mortgage of $40,000 at 15%. Shows a good return on  asking price. Excellent future potential for town house. An  inspection would be worthwhile to the serious investor.  THE HOUSE ON THE HILL NEVER BEFORE  OFFERED FOR SALE  Overlooking Granthams Landing and the Coastal Mountain  Range. A view that must be the best combined with its  position among the other houses, making this listing the  castle of the area.  Some Features: Each floor has a full bathroom,  utility/storage room, brick fireplace and a balcony. A  full height basement with rec. room and workshop.  All windows are thermopane. Fisher wood stove in  basement. Fully landscaped including concrete  retaining walls. Covered car park - concrete driveway  on public road.  An inspection could fulfill a dream. Asking $156,500.  SELMA PARK - WATERFRONT  WESTERLY EXPOSURE $165,000  Older but very well maintained, three bedrooms, two  bathrooms (on two floors) thermopane windows, wood  stove, sliding door to covered sundeck. Master bedroom  has bay window, see photo. View is impressive, access to  level beach via concrete steps. Property at beach level could  readily support a beach cabana. Close to Sechelt Civic and  Commercial services. By appointment only.  A creek with its own waterfall  Roberts Creek $48,000  Howe Sound and Mountain View  Hopkins Landing $48,000  Breathtaking Sechelt Inlet View  Sandy Hook $37,500  Two lots for the price of one -  and one is waterfront!!  Savary Island $14,500  MEMBER SUNSHINE COAST REAL ESTATE ASSOCIATION  Moduiine Neighbors  These two new, recently installed Moduiine Homes await only the finished landscaping to settle into their new community.  24' x 44'  a**; a ,. atcr <tf  Pir.'bJgrr-  W ^  m  L MV ,[,*'������ \U  lo? j4iu' wtHM an.twin*  Many Models and Floor  Plans to choose from  Drop in Today  To View  Across from Benner's Furniture  in Sechelt  ���  24' x 52'   R'bfli  fc��  -JrX.  m Stir tm��t m.a.rm.t*  15% Down I ts vaars Bank Rnanciw o.t.c*  COAST MOBILE HOMES 885-9979  MDL 6393  'on approved credit Sunshine Coast Realtor, May 8, 1981  W -Waterfront  H -Homes  A - Acreage  R -Recreational  F - Farms  Bus. 885-5171  Box 1188, Sechelt, B.C. VON 3A0  "Vour Real Estate Hosts  on the Sunshine Coast"  THE INN ON A GOLDEN ACRE  Updated character building by the sea. Business nicelv  started - now awaits owner with ideas, interest and energy. A  nice full service Inn and has potential for a unique Pub ot  Lounge. Located on a Golden Acre - strategically sitting in  the path of future commercial - condominium development  at the hub of a fast growing, popular center. R3L zoning  fully conforming. Exceptional revenue potential from  operations or lease-out. High depreciation plus land value  potential makes this most attractive to operator or investor.  $375,000 cash.  EXCLUSIVE ESTATE L 250  4.6 acres of beauty - lovely retreat. Picture yourself in a very  relaxed attitude amid dogwood trees, fruit trees and green  lawns. A picket fence adds to this beautiful 3 bedroom, 1162  sq. ft. doublewide home in immaculate condition plus a  garage and garden shed. The private black-topped road  adds the finishing touch to this acreage. All this for  $140,000. Call Pat Murphy for appointment to view.  MAJOR MARINA COMPLEX  Sheltered deep water location in busy harbour center. Rare,  large water lot lease plus 2.5 acres view waterfront property  with development potential. 3 BR house, 2 rental mobiles, a  beautifully equipped shop, and laundromat service building-  Aircraft facilities, dock side phone, water, electric service.  Optional lease back of all or part of the operations. This is an  excellent terms investment. Fairly priced with good terms.  $580,000  COMMERCIAL ��� SECHELT L 249  Two {2) lots zoned commercial I. Ideal location for  professional . Lots' size frontage 100 x 132. At present there  are three residential units (all need repairs & renovations).  Can be income producing with just a little elbow grease and  paint. Good potential holding property. F.P. $165,000. Call  Pat Dahle 885-5692 or Pat Murphy 885-5171.  SOLID RESTAURANT BUSINESS  Long established and still growing ��� high volume sales.  Excellent town center location with long term low cost lease.  Licensed premises, nicely kept. A pleasant place to work *  and a profitable business to own. This is a solid no nonsense  business growing with the town. $140,000 some terms.  TRY THIS ON FOR SIZE  2 bdrm, 60' x 12' spacious mobile home. This home has a  very spacious layout with a bright living room - highlighted by  the beautiful black leather wet bar with leather swag accent  light. For further information call Deirdre 885-5171. F.P.  $22,000. Act now.  Further information and details are available  to quallfiable parties only.  Contact Patrick T. Dahle 112-885-5692  WEST SECHELT VIEW HOME L 243  Do you want to relax in a quiet area - if you do this 3 bedroom  full basement home on Nor van Road could be what you are  looking for. Features: targe lot 75* x 150', two fireplaces, 1 full  bathroom and master bedroom has 2 piece ensuite, roughed  in plumbing in basement, carport. House has lovely  brickwork to enhance the appearance. Also enjoy the view  of Trail Islands from your living room. $105,000. Call Pat  Murphy 885*5171 or Deirdre 885-5971. MLS.   GOLDEN SUNSETS  View the golden sunsets from each of these 2 bdrm suites  Each approx. 900 sq. ft. located in West-Sechelt. All with  view, Plus owner's 1300 sq. ft. "A" Frame home with Vh  baths - lovely cedar finish inside. Large living room, single car  enclosed garage - all this on approx. 1 acre of land. Gentle  slope, southern exposure. Great potential. Call Pat Murphy  to arrange appointment to view and for more details  MEMBER SUNSHINE COAST REAL ESTATE ASSOCIATION "P.T." Dahle 885-5692 Deirdre 885-5971 Pat 885-5171  n.  MEMBER  SUNSHINE COAST  \REAL ESTATE ASSOCIATION  hbOORDON ABENCIESltd.  31 Years At Cowrie St., Sechelt  ACREAGE  ORANGE ROAD  The Land - 9.4 acres of sunny privacy  The House - Just 4 years old  Vaulted Mahogany ceiling in the step-  down living room. Separate dining  room, huge family room, 2 bedrooms,  both ensuite. Oak parquet floors -  fireplace & Fisher stove & huge cement  patio - all thermopane windows - built-in  vacuum system. It's very, very nice!  $265,000. Pat Lindsay 885-2591.  SAKINAW LAKEFRONT - $29,500  Know of any other waterfront at this  price? It's gov't lease land - but so what?  Here's a rustic retreat right on the water  - docks - furnishings - a boat & engine.  What more do you need for a heavenly  summer of warm swimming, sunning  and wind surfing?! Pat Lindsay for  details at 885-2591.  ���Piptriii mem  A pebble beach and an atmospheric, 2  level 3 bedroom house right on the  water!  - PLUS -  A new 2 bedroom, 2 level house up at  the road with a gorgeous view! Terrific  family or group investment. $295,000.  Pat Lindsay for details.  PHONE  885-5891  Box 123, Sechelt, B.C.  -WANTED-  VIEW LOT - SANDY HOOK  I have the Buyer!  Pat Lindsay ��� 885-2591  - SUPER SMALL SHOP-  Cards and gifts - or whatever you want  to add! Sunny side of the street - Heart  of Sechelt - Fully stocked and 3 years to  go on the lease! Details Pat Lindsay 885-  2591.  LOTS  - SECRET COVE -  Straight ahead water view from this  large sloping lot. Serviced. F.P.  $39,500. John Wilson 885-9365.  - GARDEN BAY -  3+ acres, excellent building sites, stream  and possible view. Wayne Salter, 885-  5986.  - WELCOME WOODS -  Super large lot - well timbered. Possible  view. $48,500. Wayne Salter, 885-5986.  WAYNE SALTER  885-5986  L.H49-0994 - Mobile  PATRICIA LINDSAY  885-2591  H.B. GORDON  885-2013  JACK NOBLE  883-2701  JOHN WILSON  885-9365  MIKE BALDIGARA  885-5645


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