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 Victoria  Park concerns remain unchanged  by Fran Bourassa  A re-run of the June 23 Parks Committee meeting was held  last Thursday before the regular meeting of the Sunshine Coast  Regional District board, under the chairmanship of Director  Charles Lee.  On the 25th of June, a delegation made known its concerns  about the lack of maintenance of Cliff Gilker Park.  So it was at last Thursday's meeting when the committee  received a letter from the Roberts Creek Community Association again pointing out to the board the deterioration of the  park.  Director Harry Almond told the committee that he had been  approached by the Cub and Scout (roups of the area who are interested in preparing a maintenance program for the park.  The board looked very favourably on the request. Scout  leader Terry Alger told the Coast Newi that this project would  not only help the community but also benefit the boys as they  could be working towards their badges.  Alger, who has a reputation for getting things done, feels that  he will be supported by local businessmen."Sechelt Mayor Bud  Koch has already promised us the use of a dump truck to haul  away garbage," said Alger.  The planning and organization of the clean-up and  maintenance project will be discussed at the Cubs and Scouts  meeting later in September after they receive the official go  ahead from the SCRD.  At the June 25 meeting a delegation from Roberts Creek  presented a petition signed by 236 people in an effort to press on  the parks committee the need to acquire the mouth of Roberts  Creek as a park. The delegation suggested that a land swap  might be a way of procuring the park.  Again last Thursday the Roberts Creek citizens made their  plea through their Director, Harry Almond who recommended  that the matter be pursued.  For the second time, recorded in the minutes of both  meetings, Almond recommended that the function of Parks be  raised from l/10th of a mill to 1 mill (which would raise  $100,000) to provide a reasonable level of maintenance and  development of the parks in the regional district. Presently,  there is $100 left in the budget for this purpose.  Another repeated recommendation was that an endeavour be  made to meet with the Provincial Parks Branch to discuss the  future plans for development of parks in our region under their  jurisdiction.  Because the board has not yet met with officials and therefore  does not have the regional parks plan in place, the recommendations in the study done by Stuart Lefeaux last January cannot be  implemented.  Lefeaux told the Coast News in un interview recently that,  "The Sunshine Coast has the rare opportunity to be developed  into one of the most attractive areas in the world, but it will only  happen if someone gets excited about it.  "The SCRD has been spending little enough on recreation  over the years, but my recommendations involve planning and  cost very little. However, a good sized park purchase fund is  necessary if anything is to be done.  "Many park reserves are already owned by the provincial  government, which would be willing to turn them over to the  SCRD, if they could see an official parks plan outlining the  regional district's priorities. The Provincial Parks Program will  pay one third of the cost of land acquisition, maintenance, and  improvement to regional parks," explained Lefeaux.  r  Serving the Sunshine Coast since 1945  The Sunshine  Published at Gibsons, B.C.  25' per copy on news stands  Delivered to every address on the Coast  September 15,1981  Volume 35, Number 37  Board not holding its breath  BUI Slnli gets off to a quick start with more than 80 other participants In the successful first annual Terry Fox Run In (  last Sunday. 'fm ���"��*�����p  Solution proposed for golf course expansion  ���i%%maammswi^mi^swtmswmmaamssststmsasmmasmt.\%assssstsmsms��I^  Park preservation urged  A portion of Cliff Oilker Park has been eyed by the Sunshine  Coast Golf and Country Club for the expansion of its facility  from a nine-hole to an eighteen-hole course.  A delegation, the "Friends of Cliff Oilker Park" met with the  regional board, September 10th, to express its grave concerns on  the matter.  Ex-Sechelt planner, Doug Roy, read a statement and  presented the argument and concerns of the group. "It is with  considerable distress that we note another attempt is being made  by the Sunshine Coast Golf and Country Club to have the  regional government support it in its attempt to acquire some 45  acres of Cliff Oilker Park for the purpose of enlarging the nine-  hole golf course...  "We support the idea of an eighteen-hole golf course and feel  that the present nine-hole course is a most valuable facility. We  cannot agree, however, that one of the few forest parks on the  Sunshine Coast should have a third of its area lopped off and  made unavailable to the general public to give the golf course its  desired expansion room."  The delegation suggested a possible solution which would  allow the golf course to expand.  "In the Parks Study done by Stuart Lefeaux, he describes  Cliff Oilker Park and suggest that clear title to the park should  be sought by the regional district. On the same page, the parks  consultant suggests that expansion of the golf course should be  north of Cliff Oilker Park.  "Research done by our group indicates that the land to the  north, District Lot 1S05, is held by Macmillan Bloedel. We  would suggest that now might be the time for the Sunshine Coast  Golf and Country Club to seek the assistance of the SCRD to effect a land swap between the Crown and Macmillan Bloedel,  with a view to obtaining an adequate portion for the golf club  expansion..."  In a brochure put out by the Ministry of Lands, Parks and  Housing, with information on the regional and community park  assistance program, a statement is made that reads:  "If land is granted for park purposes, and it ceases to be used  for that purpose, then ownership automatically revert!, to the  province."  Director Harry Almond told the Coast News that he didn't  want to take the chance of relinquishing the lease in case the  park was not given back.  The board agreed that this was a chance they did not want to  take by granting the request of the golf club.  Precedent feered  Oil rezoning questioned  - At its August 27 meeting, the regional district's Technical  Planning Committee (TPC) discussed the Imperial Oil rezoning  application. Imperial Oil is seeking to rezone its bulk fuel facility  [A Hopkins Landing from the existing non-conforming residential zoning to industrial status.  'The TPC, advises the regional board on planning matters,  acts as a liaison between the administration of the board and the  respective ministries of government and the members of  municipalities.  :���' The minutes of the meeting expressed the TPC's concern over  the proposed expansion of the plant and the ensuing traffic  flow. The committee felt that safe access should remain a very  high priority for this rezoning. It was noted that a 17 foot road  dedication would probably be required for future widening of  Marine Drive.  ��� The TPC inquired about the seriousness of Imperial Oil's efforts to locate a better and safer site for fuel storage. The committee noted that with reference to the draft settlement plan map  for this area that the map designates the area as single family  residential. In accordance with the expressed wishes in the draft  text of the West Howe Sound Settlement Plan, facilities of this  type should be located in Gibsons or in other designated industrial areas.  The committee felt that, until further conceptual plans were  made available from Imperial Oil, the TPC was not in the position to offer a consensus of opinion. However, the committee  did feel that this was not the wisest location for a bulk facility.  It was expressed that if the regional board wished to go ahead  with this rezoning then a development permit would be the best  route to take in conjunction with the rezoning.  The committee further pointed out that if this rezoning goes  ahead a precedent will be set for the rezoning of other bulk fuel  facilities on the coast.  The regional board will be addressing this issue along with  other TPC opinions at the board meeting September 17 at 7:30  pm at the Sechelt Village office.  LEGISLATIVE;: LIBRARY  Parliament Buildings, ���  VICTORIA, B.C.  V8V 1X4  Road problems continue  The Sunshine Coast Regional District has decided not to hold  its breath waiting for the Ministry of Transportation and  Highways to begin construction on the proposed by-pass  highway in the Gibsons area.  The SCRD received a letter from Minister Alex Fraser saying  that construction would begin after the design completion  (estimated at 14 months) and then would be subject to availability of right-of-way and allocation of funds.  At the board meeting last Thursday, Director Brian Stelck  said (tongue in cneek) that he was sure that construction would  begin three weeks after the B.C. Ferry Corporation began its run  with the new expanded 400-car ferries.  Another road discussed at the September 10th board meeting  was Henderson Road in Roberts Creek.  Director Harry Almond described the terrible condition of the  road and one of his comments was: "If you are walking up the  road and a truck comes by, your best bet is to jump into the  brambles."  In answer to correspondence from the board on the matter,  Minister Alex Fraser replied;  "I am advised that the Gibsons Highways District had a proposal on their day labour estimates to upgrade the road to an  adequate gravel standard this year. However, because of the  <*ai��(H;*vai]abk to the* district and higher priority commitments to other roads, it was not possible to undertake a program of upgrading the road this year."  Policing questioned  Gibsons  vandalism  Several serious cases of vandalism, threats and assault to  private citizens in Gibsons-have raised questions about the  amount of police protection in the village, particularly at night.  Aldermen Bill Edney and Larry Trainor visited the Gibsons  RCMP detachment on September 3rd, on the recommendation  of Gibsons council, following complaints by many citizens of excessive noise at night.  The September Labour Day week-end vandalism spree, which  resulted in over $1,000 damage to private and public property in  a single night, has been one of the worst reported cases of  widespread damage in Gibsons.  As a result, private businesses have joined together to offer a  $500 reward for information leading to the arrest of individuals  responsible for the damage, in an attempt to curb what is  becoming an increasingly serious problem in the village.  Aldermen Edney and Trainor came away from their visit to  the police without any concrete assurances that there would be  an improvement in the situation. Alderman Edney told the  Coast News: "About all that we accomplished was that we told  them our problems and the police told us theirs."  V  A disheartened Almond recommended that the ministry be  asked to put this work at the top of the list of priorities for next  year.  The problem of access to the 56 pad mobile home park on  Browning Road in Wilson Creek was addressed by the board.  A letter accompanied a petition signed by 31 Browning Road  residents who were concerned because serious consideration is  being given by Highways and SCRD officials to approving the  granting of an easement to the development to and from Browning Road through a finger of land which abuts on Browning  Road.  Some of the objections cited in the letter includes the fact that  Browning Road is presently a dead-end street and incapable ot  handling the additional traffic which would be generated; that  there are no sidewalks or pedestrian pathways alongside Browning Road and the traffic would make it hazardous for children;  that the movement of mobile homes could present blockage problems in the event of emergencies hampering the vehicles progress.  The author of the petition, G.E. McKee, wrote in his letter;  "I would emphasize that it is totally wrong and entirely  without regard for the safety of residents already living on  Browning Road, for the authorities to approve the subject  easements and thereby permit considerably more than double  the traffic Volume on Browning Road without first malting  Browning Road a through street with an alternative access at its  .upper end to the Sechelt Highway."  The board decided that Mr. McKee's concerns and recommendation to make Browning Road a through street be taken into consideration as well as Director Brian Stelck's suggestion of  having a turning lane onto the road be looked into.  ON THE INSIDE...  Plumbing the depths Page 4  Fearscapes Page 5  Community new Pages6A 7  Muhammad All Page 12  Cracks In western alliance Page 14  Man of the woods, Part II Page IS  Classified ads Pages 16,17 & IS  Chak-Chak Page 19  From the attic Page 19  Legal notes Page 20  Crossword puzzle Page 21  When Is one really well? Page 21  Back to school I And the ever-popular swings, climbing bars, slide* and outdoor play equipment got a full work-out on the tint  day back to school, Tuesday. New teachers, new classmates, new runners and reaching new heights are all part of that momentous first day at school. Remember? v��� p>m��i piwio  m  m r  Coast News, September 15,1981  The  Sunshine.  Ct-ttf IIWI  A LOCALLY OWNED NEWSPAPER  Published al Gibsons. B.C. tvtry   Tuesday, by Glasslord Press LW.  Boi 460. Gibsons, VON WO    Pander Harbour enquiries, and all others, II  Phone B66-2622 or 086-7817  (���CNA  no answer Irom 886 numbers call 885-2770  Editorial Department:  John Burnside  Fran Bourassa  Vene Parnell  George Matthews  Accounts Department:  MM Joe  Copyselting:  Wendy-Lynne Johns  Lite Sheridan  Connie Hawke  Advertising Department:  Fran Berger  Mark Hood  jane McOuat  SUBSCRIPTION RATES:  Canada $24.00 per year, $15.00 for six months  United States $25.00 per year, Foreign $28.00 per year  Distributed free to all addresses on the Sunshine Coast.  Second Class Mail Registration No 4702  Production Department:  Nancy Conway  Neville Conway  Sham R Sohn  Sherra Picketls  Bradley J Benson  Circulation  Joan H. Foster  Stephen Carroll  rm  Let's keep sport out of politics  It ib not often that a story about rugby,  a relatively obscure game in North  America, makes the front page of one of  the country's largest newspapers and  perhaps less often that the topic is  brought forward on the editorial page of a  ^mall weekly.  The riots accompanying the South  African rugby tour of New Zealand (Riots  rock Auckland, Vancouver Sun,  September 12, page one) raises larger  issue* however,  Ii was nniy last year ihat Ihe Canadian  government discouraged, and in fact  prevented, the Canadian Olympic athletes  from participating in the Moscow Olympics. At that time, the Canadian government's motives were apparently to make a  symbolic gesture of support for the ill-  conceived American protest against the  Soviet presence in Afghanistan.  It was a weak, childish gesture which  did more to harm the Olympic movement  and the hopes of the young competitors  than to discourage Russian ambitions in  Afghanistan. At that time many people  abhorred the apparent injection of  politics into sport, and quite rightly so.  The Auckland rugby riots are a different matter however. In this case we  have thousands of people protesting  against athletes from a nation which supports and maintains racist policies that  Time is running out  It seems to be bubbling to the surface of  the consciousness of the directors of the  Regional Board that now is the time to  plan for the future of this area in the matter of supplying public parks. It is most  certainly not too soon. It may even, in  some important respects, be too late.  It is now almost nine months since  Parks Consultant Stuart Lefeaux produced his Parks Study for the Regional Board  and urged directors to quick action in the  matter of parks provisions. It wouli! appear that very little action has been undertaken in that time; in fact Charles Lee  who heads the Parks Committee is apparently on record as describing  Lefeaux's proposals as 'pie in the sky'.  We would submit that if Director Lee  cannot summon up adequate enthusiasm  to pursue a parks policy he should be  replaced on the committee. One grows  tired of hearing Lee pontificating on what  Ihe people of the Sunshine Coast will not  approve by way of tax expenditures. Particularly since he has been spending what  energy he can bring to regional government pursuing an entirely unnecessary  and probably hugely expensive restructur-  i. i of lite local political map. We are told  ; it Diicclor Lee is doing a financial  ludy .it ihe implications of restructuring.  reasonable people could not and should  not condone.  The South African government makes  no bones about exporting propaganda to  promote its image as something other  than a racist state. Furthermore, South  Africa goes so far as to export its athletes  in an effort to present an image to the  world which is favourable.  The South African rugby players are  being used in a most cynical way by their  government. It is not simply a matter of  injecting politics into sport, as was the  case in the Canadian government's weak  kneed handling of the Olympic boycott, it  is a matter of injecting sport into politics.  The racist attitude of South Africa is an  established political reality. Any nation  who accepts representatives of that country, whether cultural, economic or athletic  should be ashamed of itself.  The New Zealand government erred in  allowing the rugby tour and it is suffering  in both social unrest and international  esteem for its error.  The New Zealand protesters should be  commended, not for their tactics, but for  their morality in reacting so strongly  against the South African tour.  This week, the South Africans will be in  the United States. It will be enlightening  to observe the reactions of both the  citizens of the U.S. and their government  to that tour.  Perhaps such an in-depth study might  have been undertaken before Lee undertook his lobbying in Victoria for restructuring eighteen months ago.  In any event the record of the regional  board since it acquired the parks function  is entirely lamentable. It has been a policy  of drift and indecision, a policy lacking in  vision and energy.  We who live here are the custodians of  one of the most naturally blessed areas in  the entire world yet we find that access  paths to beaches are unmarked,  overgrown, and actually built on. Recommendations which cost thousands of  dollars to acquire have been ignored and  decried by directors responsible.  Time is running out in the matter of the  provision of places for public enjoyment.  The pressure of growth continues to increase and whether or nol the quality of  life on the Sunshine Coast in years to  come will come anywhere near matching  the enormous potential hangs very much  in the balance.  If there is some doubt about what the  people who live here want in ihe matter of  parks let the question be put to them  clearly and squarely and put to them  without further delay on the part of our  elected representatives.  Pi  l        ...Irom the files of the COAST NEWS  t   ^f^^fe pig  FIVE YEARS AQO TWENTY FIVE YEARS AQO  Pender Harbour Secondary School Some grocery ads:  was burnt to the ground in a fire that Netted gem potatoes 10 lbs 39'  broke out early Friday morning. The Carrots, bunches 2 for 17'  main   building   was   completely Lettuce, 2 heads firm 2 for 15'  destroyed despite the valiant efforts Sugar 10 lbs 88'  of the Pender Harbour, Sechelt and Fresh Milk per quart 22'  Roberts Creek Fire Departments. White or Brown Bread loaf 14'  TEN YEARS AQO THIRTY YEARS AQO  With Fire Chief Glen Kraus as A few 'bear' facts got a cleaning  master of ceremonies, Roberts Creek when   the   Village   Commission  new firehall containing three trucks discussion centered around shooting  was officially dedicated with a ribbon or not shooting bears in the water  cutting and unveiling of a plaque. supply. Sparked by a request from  Wood Contractor Eric McCartney to  FIFTEEN YEARS AQO be allowed to follow marauding bears  More than 2000 persons visited the into restricted areas of the water  paddlewheeled Beaver at Gibsons reservoir,  commissioners  found  dock last week. The vessel arrived themselves faced with the problem of  Friday and was greeted by a party of dead bears In the water or live ones  municipal   and   area  Centennial waddling and disturbing the bottom  representatives from Gibsons and silt.  Sechelt.  TWENTY YEARS AQO THIRTY FIVE YEARS AQO  Thursday, September 21 is opening D ���'HT Y,FL.Za.Z. i m ��. ���,.  day for the much anticipated Sechelt f.C. Forest Produo8 Ltd haae  Library. It will be located in the bright.      V*m\ large logging stands on Jervis  rooms above Sechelt Service Store. Inlet*  Alert Bay, 1880's. Native lodges, totem poles, and canoes line the shore.  From ils inception in California during the 1860's, the salmon canning process had spread up the Pacific coast. Installation of a cannery on Cormorant Island established Alert Bay as a poll of call. The paddlewheeler  OLYMPIA had been acquired by the Hundson's Bay Company, and had  been renamed the PRINCESS LOUISE. In Ihe summer of 1880 this vessel  made the first excursion circuit of Vancouver Island, and it travelled nortl  from Victoria during succeeding years. Photographer Richard Maynard  went ashore during a stop on one of these voyages for this view of Ihe  significant Kwakwellh village. Later, Ihe LOUISE became the first of the  Canadian Pacific's PRINCESS ships. Photo courtesy Glenbow Museum.  L. R. Peterson  Musings  John Burnside  It says here lhal the present  version of the Team Canada  hockey aggregation is probably doing more for the  Canadian image abroad than  all of the globe-girdling jaunts  of our much publicized prime  minister and his well-touted  efforts lo raise the consciousness of the northern  countries about the sufferings  of the southern countries, or  Third World countries as they  were called jusl a Trudeau or  so ago.  I'm afraid Ihat 1 find il impossible to be anything but terminally cynical about Pierre  Effervescent. Years ago in  Montreal someone told me an  interminable French-Canadian  dialect story about Jean Bap-  tiste Trudeau. (Bilingual pun,  folks - Johnny Baptist  Waterhole in rough translation.)  In any case Johnny Baptist  Trudeau was a prince of a fine  young fellow out of a village  we would call St. Basil de  Catastrophe. Very determined  was Johnny to make his way in  the world and very confident  in the natural gifts of intellect  and physique which had  knocked ihem dead in Si. Basil  de Catastrophe.  I forget, I am grateful to  report, most of the details of  the talc but I do recall thai it  wound its way lo a climax of a  kind on Ihe occasion of  Johnny Baptiste Trudeau's  visit to a carnival where he was  prevailed upon by his own  vanity and the flattery of  others to challenge the ancient, fat, balding, and mean  man who was offering $10.00  to anybody who could wrestle  with him and escape being pinned.  That there was considerably  more to life than good looks,  intelligence and a determination to succeed was rapidly  borne home to our hero inside  the wrestling ring. In a matter  of moments, the pride of St.  Basil de Catastrophe was tied  in as many knots, painful  knots, as a bagful of pretzels  and the evil old wrestler was  demanding that Johnny quit  before he got badly hurt.  One does not zoom lo Ihe  heights of social acceptance  and prestige in St. Basil de  Catastrophe, however,  without a considerable reservoir of intestinal fortitude and  Johnny Baptiste Trudeau,  wilh arms and legs locked inescapably up, bit savagely into  Ihe nearest piece of flesh in  hopes of escaping from the  submission hold and the  nearest piece of flesh was, it  turned out, his own backside.  I'm nol quite sure why  Johnny Baptisle Trudeau  reminds me of Pierre Effervescent. I suppose it is the determination of both to prove  themselves world-beaters.  Hence, I submit, Old Efferves-  cenl's sudden concern for the  downtrodden and Ihe starving  of the world now that he is in  Ihe twilight of his Canadian  political career.  I cannot escape the feeling  that Trudeau wants to cut as  large a figure on the world  stage as did his mentor, Lester  B. Pearson. He is climbing inlo the ring with world hunger  and injustice in the hope,  maybe that he too may have a  Nobel Peace Prize one day.  It is impossible for me to  take Trudeau the Crusader for  justice seriously. He was  elected in a euphoric Canada,  swept into power with talk of  pursuing the Just Society here  at home. He has, it could be  argued, had himself and us  tied in philosophic knots ever  since.  Now, as he appears to be using the suffering of humanity  as a gate over which he can  vault into a new career, one  senses that the place in history  that he so fervently wishes  may not be quite as glorious as  Old Effervescent would have  it. It seems to me that Trudeau  is a man whose cynicism about  his species is as terminal as my  cynicism about him. It would  come as no surprise to me if  history, if the story of man is  still being told and in the telling notices our hero at all, may  -* -m  find Ihe enigmatic Canadian  Prime Minister has spenl his  time in office gnawing  thoughtfully on his own  philosophic backside.  I should mention that when  Johnny Baptisle Trudeau bit  into himself, his fans, who  were at least as confused outside the ring as Johnny Baptiste Trudeau was inside it,  cheered him to the echo.  Meanwhile Team Canada,  and I write this before the final  between the USSR and Team  Canada in the Canada Cup,  has done much to improve the  image of this country, or at  least lo undo the damage that  such learns have done in Ihe  past.  Since we sent over the 48  cases of beer and the Trail  Smoke Eaters to win the international hockey honours in  the early '60's, Canada has  been like the evil old pro in the  ring with the aspiring Johnny  Baptiste Trudeau.  We used lo send out has-  beens who knew all the dirty  ways lo slow down up and  coming hockey players. For  years il worked and for years  after if stopped working we  kept doing il. Successive  Canadian teams have earned  themselves reputations as  hooligans and thugs in international competition.  Now, at last, from the home  of the game, here is a team in  the colours of Canada which is  playing with enormous skill,  fitness and dedication. Win or  lose in the final, this Canadian  hockey team is a team to  marvel at and to be proud of.  They have proved that when  it comes to playing ice-hockey  this country is still producing  the most skilful, most enterprising, and most inventive  players in the game. Players  who lay to rest all thoughts  that the Russians have a  monopoly on the skills of  skating and stick-handling.  Well done, Team Canada.  [Slings & Arrows^  [George MatthewsB^  What do Julius Caesar,  Salvador Allende and the Shah  of Iran have in common?  Other than the fact thai each  was deposed by a conspiracy,  not a greal deal, except lhal  the other day these historically, geographically and  philosophically separated men  converged for a few moments  in a kind of strange mental  time-warp.  Julius Caesar arrived by  design. He had been invited  because my English class was  studying Mr. Shakespeare's  classic play about the old  Roman who bestrode "Ihis  narrow world like a colossus".  The Shah dropped by unannounced. He showed up  through daily newspaper accounts of the chaos and killing  that is going on in a country  Ihat apparently thought the  Shah's removal would bring  peace and freedom.  Mr. Allende bumped into us  by accident as he was passing  through on the seventh anniversary of his assassination  by a gang of fascist thugs who  have since turned Chile inlo a  military dictatorship  characterized by the imprisonment of political opponents,  torture and murder.  As you might well imagine,  none of them was in a particularly good humour.  Mr. Caesar took charge immediately. Whether he assumed he possessed some sort of  historical seniority or believed  his rule over the Roman Empire gave him a superior rank,  wasn't clear, but he was  definitely a take-charge-type  of guy. In fact, he reminded  me of my old football coach.  "Couldn't you guys take a  lesson from what happened to  me?" he began. "Never turn  your back on anybody,  especially fat, sleek-headed  men."  Senor Allende, sort of a shy  little guy in a grey three-piece  suit, piped up and said, "Look  here, Julius, you were nothing  but a crummy dictator. You  were worse than those clowns  who knocked me off. At least  I was elected, that's more than  you can say."  "Just a minute, Sal,"  replied Mr. Caesar, "it  doesn't matter how you get to  the top. When you're the boss,  you're the boss. The trick is to  stay there. That guy Cassius  who did me in was just as big a  nut as the guy that got you."  At this point the Shah broke  in. "Mr. Allende, you were a  nobody. The only reason you  were the ruler of your petty little country was you happened  to be elected. Juli and I were  rulers by the grace of God. We  were born to it, natural  leaders. Your government was  overthrown because you  didn't have the kind of divine  right, the gift of natural  authority ihat we had."  "It's this way, Sally," chimed in Mr. Caesar. "When I  gave an order, people jumped.  When I spoke, even E.M. Hut-  ton listened.  "Look what happened  when they knocked me over.  There was chaos, senators  murdered in their beds,  citizens running wild, war between my nephew Octavius and  my old pal, Mark Antony,  Nobody ruled anymore, total  anarchy, and all because a few  arrogant democrats thought  they could run the Empire better than me.  "Sure I was a dictator.  Rome was a crazy place in  those days; unemployment,  people starving, inflation, and  the taxes to keep the army in  salt were getting right out of  hand. I had to take charge just  to keep the country together.  It wasn't that I wanted to, in  fact Calpurnia and I had been  thinking of a little vacation;  but I was the only guy around  who could hold things  together."  "It was the same with me,  Mr. Allende," added the  Shah. "Sure we tortured a few  people and I guess maybe we  executed some, and yes we did  throw our enemies in prison,  but how could we make our  country modern without using  extreme methods? You have to  break eggs to make an  omelette.  "I was the only person who.  Please turn to Page Three   ��� ��^^^w��^^  awstsmm  mwm  ���*>�����  Letters to the Editor  Natural gas the only  answer to fuel costs  Editor:  Am I ihe only person on this  coasl who was appalled by the  prospect of owning a home  heated by "Alberta Gold" at  "world prices" by 1986?! I  though your paper would have  been inundated with letters ol'  prolesi at ihis prospect, and  petitions to ihe B.C. Government and B.C. Hydro 10  reconsider the decision lo lay  the Natural Gasline direct to  Nanaimo under water, instead  ol up the Sunshine Coasl and  through Powell River. If you  are paying between $300 and  $500 a year now to heal your  home, you will be paying between $1200 and $2000 by  1986, that is if "world prices"  don't rise in the nexl 5 years.  The only truly viable alternative lo oil is Natural Gas.  The prospect of tearing the  walls out of my house lo wire  for electric panels makes me  shudder, and who will buy my  2 year old, hardly used oil I'm -  nace?! Though I'm very fond  of my wood-slove, and it does  save considerably on my fuel  bill, the prospect of doing  midnight Stoking duly in order  IO keep il going leaves me  cold.  Natural Gas is the only  answer, and we on the Coasl  should be given Ihe opportunity to elect Ihis alternative lo  ihe outrageously expensive oil.  Nobody heals his home with  oil ai "world prices". Surely  in view of the recent oil price  developments, pressure could  be brought to bear on B.C.  Hydro 10 reconsider Ihe proposed routing of that gas-line?  Yours sincerely,  Donnle Redshaw  Coast News, September 15,1981  Bluff  Trustee opposes reporting system  Editor:  Letter tirades: This fall, from  grades 4 - 7, all children in our  school districi are slated lo be  evaluated using leller grades  unless the School Board intervenes. I oppose ihe use of  letter grades, particularly in  the elementary school, and  especially when ihere ate common sense alternative1,. In ihis  letter, I would like lo present  an altemalive. Parents who  have laken iheir children for  swimming instruction have  seen ihe alternative in action.  ;A list of desired swimming  sl.ills with ihe learner's success  or lack of success in mastering  litem is recorded. Learners are  grouped according to iheir instructional needs, not iheir  age.  What's Wrong with Letter  Grades?  A. Inconsistency: Study after  \iudy has shown that teachers,  Iwhen grading the same student's work, arrive at markedly different evalualions. Letter  grades are unreliable.  B. Creates Losers: Leller  grades do motivate. Unfortunately, Ihe evidence suggests  Ihey jusl further motivate the  already motivated. They can  depress (lie achievement of the  "average" or "poor" student.  Realtors not  fJJlror; J        .,., ,4+  * I wonder il'ipSlpleentertain-  i:ig,llie idea of purchasing a lot  in Davis Bay (ihe subdivision  is called Blueberry Place)  .realize there will be a major  thoroughfare going right  through iheir breakfasl nooks.  It is unfortunate our  realtors showing a subdivision  map ol proposed lots don't  clearly show or explain possible roads, highways or future  commercial developments in  ���ihe immediate areas. It is  .becoming clearer every day to  .more and more people thai  For every "A" Ihere will be an  "E".  The child who has the  misfortune to be a slow  developer, enrolled in grade 4  because of his age, working  well in reading, but reading in  a grade 3 reader, will get a  "E". All ihe research shows  lhal, once labelled a failure,  ihe child remains a failure.  The chances for future educational success have been  diminished.  Denies the Individual: Parents  rightfully expect ihat Ihe  school think of iheir child as  an individual. Often school  programs are tailor made for a  child's needs. Yel Ihe use of  letter grades demands ihat the  child on an individual program (shouldn't all children be  on an individual program?) be  compared with all his  peers���which can only be done  if ihe teacher removes the  child from the individual program, therefore denying his  needs. Large group instruction  is ihe best teaching method to  use wilh leller grade reporting,  but the least effective for  young learners.  Irrelevant to Post School Success: High Idler grades are ihe  currency    demanded    of  candid  our developers.will do almost  anything for the Highways  Dept. and Regional Board to  gel iheir subdivisions passed  and on the block.  I would suggest ihat prospective buyers of building lots  in this area and others investigate thoroughly the Dept.  of Highways various proposed  collector roads, grid roads etc.  If there are any questions  regarding ihe aforementioned  subdivision please feel free lo  call me at 885-9055.  Sincerely,  Brian Haslet I  students for subsequent educational experiences, and are  often used by employers in ihe  selection process for new  employees. Yel study after  sludy shows there is no relationship between a grade gained during school experiences  and a job rating provided by  supervisors. Success in grade  11 may predict success in  grade 12, bul success in either  grade does nol predict success  in Ihe world of work.  As Trustee, I am fighting to  remove letter grades from ihe  elementary school, not evaluation per se.  Twenty years ago, letter  grades were ihe best we could  expect. Today, when ihere are  alternatives, it galls me ihat we  are going lo subject young  children io an evaluative  system that is unreliable, Irrelevant as a predictor of  future "oui of school" success, and lhal denies ihe worth  of Ihe individual. Il is such a  discredited system of evaluation ihat il is nol used lo rale  ihe work of people in business  or government, but only in  schools, only on ihe young.  petition  "sarcastic"  Editor:  The petition circulated by  the Bluff residents was not to  protest the installation of a  sewer system as several people  suggest, il was a list of questions for which we would have  appreciated straight-forward  answers. Somehow it got  twisted in meaning into a protest. I  During a time of spiralling  high costs for everything and  getting progressively worse  every day, we who live here  have a right to know exactly  where we stand on all mailers  concerning not only our  pocket books, but also our  homes.  Having lived here some 16  years in a middle income family, I have no desire to be forced out of my home lo make  way for those who not only  have much to gain (owning  more than one lot), bul who  are probably in the upper  bracket money wise.  The article by the Editor  was a fair analysis, but the leller to the Editor sounded very  sarcastic, over dramatized,  and gave a completely wrong  impression as to our motives.  . Sincerely,  Mrs. A.M. Sandy  There are alternatives.  Parents and children have the  right to accurate assessments  of pupil achievement from the  schools. It is our responsibility  lo develop a complete, accurate, and useful reporting  syslem.  Brian Hodgins  School Trustee  ���pittkKtt  OFFICE SUPPLIES  ��� Pholo Copiers ��� Typewriter!  ��� Cask Registers ��� Calculators  a Office Supplies    i ��� School Supplies  Furniture i Stationery     WW** ����<* '**�� %f^g  Wharf'Rd  Sechell  885-3?35;  Slings and Arrows (cont'd.  by divine right, had Ihe will  and the authority to rule.  Look whal happned when ihey  threw me out. You think Iran  was a bad place to live when I  was around - just look al those  crazy bastards now."  "Gentlemen, I wish I had  more time lo argue but just lei  me say this. I am a Marxist,  bin I am also a democrat. In  my counlry we were trying to  do two ihings: lo find a way lo  distribute our wealth more  ;equitably among our people  and lo build a political syslem  "which would allow the orderly  transition of power. Both of  you failed io do ihis and as a  consequence nol only were  you thrown oul, your people  fell lo killing one another  afterwards.  ' "I regret to say lhal ihis loo  happened   in   my   country.  Perhaps I was moving too  quickly; perhaps I stepped on  a few of the wrong loes, but I  tell you this gentlemen, I am  nol ashamed of what we tried  to do. And because we were  righl in whal we did, we will  succeed. The nations you ruled  will never return lo your style  of government."  "Well, let me tell you  something, Sal, " said Mr.  Caesar, chuckling, "you may  believe you were righl, bul  you're jusl as dead as us."  The little political discussion  broke up soon after wilh Mr.  Allende leaving for some son  of appointment. Mr. Caesar  and Ihe Shah left soon after,  arms around one another,  shaking iheir heads. The last  words 1 heard were from the  Shah: "These upstarts, they  jusl don'i understand the righl  io rule."  W '3i*^j  Bring your Visitors  �� to a Country Candy *  Store  Open 7 days a week  11 am ��� 5 pm  886-7522        {ft  W Gibsons Landing JQ  NMMW1, fiSf Mi ft |tr FKiMftS.  Bring your Visitors  to a Country  Gift Store  Open 7 Days a Week  11 am - 5 pm  886-8355  Gibsons Landing  Personal Liability  pay, resulting from an accident causing personal injury or properly damage.  Other examples, where  you would be covered  would be: felling a tree in  your back yard and landing  it on your neighbours'  house; causing personal injury or property damage  while golfing, skiing, or  hunting.  You are not covered for  claims involving Business  Pursuits, professional  sports, or the use of motor  vehicles or owned water-  craft (over a certain size and  horsepower).  If you feel you could be  liable for an accident, it is  very important to inform  your Agent immediately.  This will be of considerable  help to you and your Insurance Company, should  the situation progress further.  Next weeki Voluntary  Medical and Property  Damage.  SI NSHINK COAST INSl RANCE AGENCIES LTD.  Box 375. Cowrie Street  Credit Union Building  885-2291 Sechelt. B.C. VON MO ADVI  If a visitor lo your home  was injured by, perhaps,  tripping on a rug or falling  down your stairs, you  would be exposed to a  lawsuit.  To protect you against  ihis risk, the Homeowners  policy provides a three part  Liability coverage.  Today we will discuss the  first pari of this section, being Comprehensive Personal Liability.  Although ihe coverage  amounts vary, most policies  contain a standard limit of  $100,000.  Basically this covers the  Insured, spouse, relatives of  either, or any person under  the age of 19 in their care,  provided they are all  residents of the household.  It will pay all sums imposed by law (up lo the  coverage limit, of course),  including legal expenses,  which you are required to  SuperAfelu  SUNNYCREST CENTRE  * Name  is our Promise  I00��o Locally Owned & Operated  Prices Effective: Tues. Sept. 15 to Sat. Sept. 19  Quality Meats  GOV.T INSPECTED ��� FRESH  Whole or Shank Portion Ib  PREVIOUSLY FROZEN ��� QUARTER  98'  Cut into Chops.  .. s1.98  pork picnic  PREVIOUSLY FROZEN ��� C  pork loin  PREVIOUSLY FROZEN  side spareribs n.M.88  CANADA GRADE  M BEEF  standing rib roast.*.,.......... $2.98  I    WILTSHIRE OR OLYMPIC  I dinner sausage      m���* $1.69  Fresh Produce  Mexican  Canada 'JM Lardf'Size ��� California  field tomatoes  B.C. Grown Canada #1  green cabbage     ��,  ���-.���. i ciniap.rn ���.,���!  grapes  Double  Your Coupon  Value Week - Sept. 14 -18  Grocery Value  Campbell's  coffee        i ib tm   -ai.  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"Ah, he won't bother us"  says Shaunie. "1 told him we  were through for good and he  knows I damn well mean it."  But she has miscalled the  plan for Bob is apparently not  a man who takes "no" for an  answer. He has obviously  visited several bars already  and keeps glancing blackly ai  us.  "Dammit, Shaunie" I say,  "he looks like he might cause  trouble. We ought to splil."  The words are nol sooner  oul of my mouth when the guy  heaves himself to his feet and  strides purposefully over.  "Listen, Shaunie" he says  tensely, "I gotta have a talk  with you���alone." He glares  balefully at me.  "Look, Bob" says Shaunie  reasonably, "be a nice guy and  lake off, huh? There's nothing  left to talk about."  He stands there fuming  frusiratedly.        Shaunie  CLASSIFIED NOTE  Drop oil your Coasl News  Classified al Campbell's  Family Shoes. Sechelt. or  Madeira Park Pharmacy.  Madeira Park.  studiously ignores him. finally, he stalks away in a hull.  Bul a few minutes later he is  back, this lime accompanied  by his two friends. "Okay,  buddy, you better cop a walk"  he says to me.  "Look, this is a free country" 1 say, trying to sound  braver than I feel and glancing  desperately around for the  bouncer. There doesn't seem  to be one on duly tonight.  Then the bastards are actually  hauling me from my seal. As  they drag me struggling  towards Ihe exit over  Shaunie's strident objections,  a big figure comes charging  down the stairs from the men's  section. To my amazement  and relief, I recognize  Mohawk Jimmy.  The massive Indian doesn't  waste time on words. He simply wades into my assailants  like a red tornado. Jimmy  doesn't wear a black bell for  nothing. All at once, we're in  ihe middle of a kung-fu  movie. Well-placed judo-  chops conned like axc-blows.  In less than half a minute, the  three of them are laid out cold  as corpses. The waiters and  other palrons look on goggle-  eyed. Mohawk Jimmy surveys  his handiwork with an air of  inscrutable satisfaction. Then  he turns io Shaunie and me.  "Good thing 1 happened to  case this joint" he says. "Let's  gel ihe hell out of here."  We have a couple wilh Jimmy in another bar. Then he excuses himself and wanders off  inlo the night. "Hey, you've  actually got a bodyguard"  says Shaunie, impressed.  "thai was more blindfool luck  lhan anything else. I covered  for him a couple of times in  Kilimat when he could have  got canned and I guess he  figures he owes me. But he's a  damn useful guy to have for a  friend, I've got to admit  that."  Eventually, we drift back to  the   Prince    Henry   Hotel.  "Listen" Shaunie says, "I'm  really   sorry   aboul   that  business with Hob. Why don't  you come on in my room and  I'll make it up to you." So 1  did and she does.  Lone ago   was  lit  by your  briefness  my lost goddess of the  garbage-heap  in a bent hotel of whispering  pensioners  brokendown hustlers blessing  the night.  All your dark beauty burned  for me  in ihe beery light of a blurred  hallway  in the kindness of midnight,  you look my hand  kissed my lips and led me  to wonder.  Romance on the floor of a  poisoned lake  among the perishing fish  you look off your garments  wilh infinite grace  came lo me joking and warm.  The fullness of you  engulfed me  in the soft ambush of your  arms  despair fell away like sun-  banished fog  ihe room raced and rippled  wilh you.  A dream ihat was more than  a dream  a touching���u giving���  ���a taking  dark moon over Vancouver  Love in a walk-up hotel.  In he continued  by Rae FJIingham  Through  One I  Plumbing the depths  Bo Derek stars as Jane in the most recent I arzan movie al the  Twilight Theatre this week.  At the Twilight  by Bob Hunter  mw  ^  3tnn  Neil  James  Thurs., Fri. & Sat.  Sept. 17th, 18th & 19th  __     8 pm ��� midnight  ' \jj\ I       Open 10 am  fej-rV midnight  ' 'Soma 01 lata Si/ni/Ut coma to tk tdwi'  886-8171 Cedar haza, Gibsons  I'm sure most us were lucky  enough to miss the $30 million  television movie version of  Farley Mowal's book, A  Whale For the Killing.  It wasn't just bad and il  wasn't just awful. It wouldn't  be fair to say that it was utterly  appalling, because the word  "appalling" lacks the  necessary depth to express the  feelings of loathing for the  modern entertainment industry that welled up inside me  as 1 watched.  I knew the film was going to  be absolutely putrescent  because I got to read one of  Ihe final shooting scripts that  was used.  But as a student of these  things, I wanted to see for  myself if the actors would  blush as they mouthed their  lines.  They   didn't.   God,   they  should have.  �� ��� ���  I know that, somewhere,  Farley Mowat was out getting  plastered. I don't think he  could have watched it himself.  Not without weeping, at any  rate.  Boy meets ape, ape meets  girl, girl meels boy, summarizes the slory line in Tar-  zan, The Apeman, this week's  presentation ai the Twilight  Theatre.  Tarzan features the spectacular Bo Derek as the third  member of the menage a irois.  Tarzan is rated "mature"  wilh a warning: "some nudity,  suggestive scenes, swearing  and occasional violence."  rvTTsOBERT'S CREEK B.C.  ^      - 8S5-932I    .  T^   Enjoy European Cooking  in a quiet cozy atmosphere  Open for  DINNER WEDNESDAY THRU SATURDAY  and  SUNDAY BRUNCH  Hall Rd. & Beach Ave.  in Roberts Creek  RESERVATIONS PLEASE  Consider the dilemma of the  modern author as  demonstrated by what happened to A Whale For The  Killing.  Everybody knows the slory:  Mowat and his wife were living in a Newfoundland village  when a whale got trapped in a  nearby lagoon and the local  yahoos went after it with their  rifles. Eventually���despite  Mowat's heroic efforts to save  the creature���it died of infection from the bullet wounds.  Okay, A few years pass.  McrWat finally gets over tllty < Roberts Creek to Gibsons  trauma of the experience  enough to write about it. He  cranks out a book that will  stand out as one of the great  works of the century, certainly  one of the best books ever  written by a Canadian.  1 know for a fact that it  served to inspire virtually a  whole generation of whale-  lovers. And this is what a great  book is supposed to do, isn't  it? Inspire us!  Quite apart from all that,  Mowat poured in an awful lot  of his wisdom and compassion. The book was thick with  observations about nature,  life, mankind, the world. Absolutely great stuff!  Having talked with Mowat  about the subject, I know that  he is aware of the plight of the  whale and only too glad to  help out anyone trying to do  something about it.  He felt that anything that  made people more aware of  the problem was all to the  good. Therefore I'm sure he  had no moral reservations  when Hollywood came knocking and said, "Man, let's  make this into the biggest  blockbuster ever. Sign here."  Well, it was a blockbuster in  one sense, I'll admit. It  became the most expensive  made-for-television movie in  history. Bul in Ihe process of  selling the rights on his book,  Mowat obviously had lo let go  of any control over the content  of the movie.  By the time Hollywood was  through, the main character���Mowat himself���had  been turned into a two-fisted  American macho type who  beats up the dumb Newfie bad  guys and almost gets the girl in  Tarzan, The Apeman will  play Wednesday through  Saturday, September 16-19.  The suspense drama, Atlantic City, starring Burt Lancaster and Susan Sarandon,  can be seen al the Twilight,  Sunday, Monday and Tuesday, September 20-22.  Atlantic City carries a  "mature" label, warning:  "some violence. Occasional  nudity and coarse language."  Llue Entertainment  Pender Harbour to Sechelt  Jolly Roger Inn Reg Dickson, Thurs., Fri., & Sat.  Wakefield Inn Steve and Sieve, Thurs., Fri., & Sat.  Sechelt Legion Gary Sanders, Fri. & Sat.  The Parthenan Helen Sinclair, Fri. & Sat.  Peninsula Hotel Live Entertainment, Fri. & Sat.  The Cedars Inn Neil James, Thurs., Fri., & Sat.  Gibsons Legion Roy and Simon, Fri. & Sat.  Volunteering is fun  Many folks have recognized  lhal volunteering is no longer  only a way of helping others,  but can offer some very concrete vehicles for personal  development. Volunteering  provides opportunities for  career exploration, preparation and change. It offers the  chance to learn new skills. It  can add a whole new dimension to one's life, and can even  provide a vehicle lor moving  into a new life phase.  the end except ihat he decides  to stick it out with his bitchy  wife.  Seriously, in the hands of  Hollywood, that's whal the  plot became.  The only thing the movie  itself could inspire was revulsion Ihat so profound an issue  as ihe extinction of the largest  life-form on earth could be  reduced lo such a banal pile of  tripe.  Like I say, somewhere out  Ihere, Farley Mowal was getting drunk. He had to be.  In essence, volunteering can  give as much to the volunteer  as to the organization or individual receiving support...  often times even more.  Because many people today  recognize this fact, but have  less time available for volunteer work, they are far more  discriminating about where  and how they will spend their  free lime. Consequently, good  volunteer jobs, where training,  challenge and supports are  readily available, are being  snapped up almost as quickly  as good paying jobs.  Don't waste time missing  oul on creative and exciting involvement in your community.  Discover how volunteering can  be an asset in your life. For information concerning voluntary opportunities on the Sunshine Coast, contact Joan  Cowderoy at the Volunteer  Bureau... 885-5881. Or consider attending the New Vistas  for Volunteers course offered  ihis fall through Continuing  Education.  f  ^TWILIGHT  iturmnnr  Fo'Time��*ndPrlc"  THEATRE Phone 886-2827  2 for 1  Hamburger  Sale  Mondays O Tuesdays  from 4:00 pm. to 7:00 pm.  Sale Ends September 22  SCOOP  COWRIE ST. SECHELT SSS-36M  'rices Wt  M  BO DEREK   RICHARD HARRIS  WARNING: ^^^  Some Nudity, Suggestive Scenes & Swearing. Occasional Violence. B.C.F.C.O.  BURT LANCASTER  SUSAN SARANDON  ATLANTIC  CITV  SUN. ��� MON. ��� TUES.  SEPT. 20 ��� 21 - 22  WARNING:  Some Violence, Occasional Nudity & Coarse Language. B.C.F.C.O.  Week commencing September  14.  General Notes:  It is hoped you've recovered  from the confusing conditions  which accompanied the recent  Full Moon. Venus now moves  into Scorpio for three weeks  favouring activities requiring  research or undercover enquiries. Love affairs or relationships starting at this time  will become intense, passionate and prone to petty  jealousies. This week the  Moon opposes every planet except Mars promising eventful  days of mixed moods, lengthy  discussions and hard-earned  compromises.  ARIES (March 21 - April 19)  Other people's financial  good fortune is source of happiness next few weeks. Partner  or loved one will receive unexpected cash prize or gift.  Now's ihe lime 10 settle matters linked to inheritance, insurance, taxes or refunds. Person handling your accounts or  claims will rool out hidden expenses. High-risk scheme  benefits from older person's  suggestions this weekend.  TAURUS (April 20 - May 20)  Relations with closest  associates improve resl of  Sepiember. Marriage partner,  male, business or professional  colleagues will be more cooperative. Any contractual  disputes will be resolved in  your favour. Co-worker explains a better way to share expenses and double earnings.  Domestic routines return to  normal thanks to steadier  employment conditions.  GEMINI (May 21 - June 21)  Enjoy a pleasanter atmosphere where you work  next three weeks. Those sharing your daily tasks will divide  responsibilities more fairly.  Unusual affair involving coworker may be exposed suddenly later Ihis month. Seems  long-time acquaintance is  ready for long-term relationship. Speculative opportunity  arriving by mail is worth a few  phone calls. Younger person  has best solution to puzzling  partnership problem.  CANCER (June 22 - July 22)  Social or romantic activities, hobbies and children's  interests bring much happiness  next few weeks. It's your turn  lo indulge in favourite  pleasures or amusemenls.  Single or irresponsible Cancer  persons meet a succession of  available admirers. Chance of  companionship is wailing at  sports' arena, swimming pool,  other local entertainment spot.  Daring demand for cash pays  off and stabilizes household  changes.  LEO (July 23 - Aug. 23)  Mars in your sign, well  aspected to Jupiter and  Saturn, says launch important  projects now. Optimistic,  common-sense approach  guarantees success of ventures  started at this time. Leos born  Aug. I - 8 can't go wrong.  Meanwhile, domestic scene  becomes pleasanter resl of  September. There'll be talk of  home remodelling or  decoraling ideas where you  live. Letter, phone call or  short trip introduces compassionate newcomer to your  social circle.  VIRGO (Aug. 23 - Sept. 22)  Shon-disiance communications bring unexpected  pleasures next three weeks.  Make an effort to re-aquaint  yourself with long-forgotten  relatives or neighbours. Buy a  new personal directory and  up-date addresses and phone  numbers. Financial situation  benefits from cautious, backroom manoeuvres. Rely on  split-second judgements regarding property, rental or family  decisions. Household member  reveals   imaginative   cash-  raisine scheme,  LIBRA (Sept. 23 - Oct. 23)  Accent is on your money  and possessions rest of  Sepiember. Sudden desire for  new clothes or luxury items  means start of irresponsible  spending spree. Check funds  to cover spur-of-the-moment  purchases. Unexpected cash  pri/c of generous token of appreciation will be yours later  this month, Meanwhile Mercury and Saturn well aspected  in your sign indicates current  plans arc back on the right  track.  SCORPIO (Oct. 24 - Nov. 22)  Venus cnlcrs your sign for  three weeks promising increased charm, popularity and  romance. Others will find you  more affectionate, cheerful  and sociable. Breathe oul and  lake a long look In a long mirror. Now's the lime to improve appearance with new  clothes or hairstyle. Confidential negotiations continue to  boost your career and financial situations. Scorpios born  Oct. 30 - 31 are in greal demand this weekend.  SAGITTARIUS (Nov. 23  -Dec. 21)  Next three weeks favour  quieter, more private activities. Contentment will be  found in secluded place with  chosen companions. Realize  secret or forbidden association  starling now will be exposed  suddenly month's end. Quil  making excuses for nol visiting  confined person who still  cares. Male associate far away  helps accelerate slow-moving,  long-range project.  CAPRICORN (Dec. 22 - Jan.  19)  friends, acquaintances,  group of community concerns  are sources of happiness rest  of Sepiember. Popularity increases with local officials, administrators and committees.  You'll be introduced lo  helpful experts able and will  ing 10 promote thai end-of-  year plan. Meanwhile boss or  supervisor is anxious to learn  one of the tricks of your trade.  Latest career developments  postpone partner's spending  plans.  AQUARIUS (Jan. 20 - Feb.  18)  Your accomplishments and  rale of advancement produce  much contentment next three  weeks. Person-in-charge will  appreciate your ability to solve  difficult dilemmas smoothly.  Now's the lime 10 charm your  way inlo less strenuous, more  comfortable assignments.  Unexpected infatuation with  older colleague may create  problems end of Ihis monlh.  Meanwhile long-distance  messages bring long-awaited  good news.  PISCES (Feb. 19 - Mar. 20)  Happiness will be linked to  far-away places, long journeys  or educational pursuits next  few weeks. Don't hesitate 10  write or phone old friends ai a  distance. You'll learn much  from wise person you haven't  seen for years. Pisces students  will be glad Ihey chose current  courses. Take seriously  superior's advice concerning  insurance, Investments or  quick financial gains.  WESTWURLD  SOUND  (W)piONEEn  Wharl & Cowrie  885-3313  4  Gibsons Legion Branch *109  v . Presents  "ROY & SIMON"  Fri. & Sat.  Sept. 18th & 19th }\  Members & Guests Only  *K mam  mmm  -MOrHrlrnrarVrllrMaiM  -Book Look���>.  by Murrie Redman  Ice Cream by Mable and Gar Hoffman, McGraw-Hill  Ryerson (H-P Books) June 1981, $6.95.  Dolly Madison bega,n the whole ice-cream for dessert  tradition with her 1809 presidential dinner at the White  House. Only the well-off could afford the means to keep  the creamy treat cold enough to last. With the advent of  electricity ice-cream became a by-word.  The world knows ice-cream in many forms: gelees, ices,  slushes, sorbels, frappes and sherbets. You can souffle it,  bake It, mousse it, fry it or bombe it. You can use it to  coax, console, seduce or cool off. It is little wonder ihat  few homes are without it.  Some of the super ideas lo be gained from Ihis book, by  ihe happy, ample Hoffmans, help turn simple ice-cream  into gourmet desserts. The Wallbanger Tortoni and the  Marguerila Pie would delight a couple of people I know.  And kids will love the frozen yogurt on a stick which is  iimple to make and good for them. The illustrations, in  glorious colour, drive one to raid the fridge or run out and  buy an ice-cream freezer.  Sections of Ihe book deal wilh ice-cream and fruit,  beverages, or even vegetables. Ice-cream desserts are  described in pies and cakes, moulded forms, and soda  fountain creations. There is a kiddie chapter in which icecream is made into happy clowns and animals for parties.  All recipes are clear and concise. Terminology and history  is explained at the beginning.  When I was a child I yearned to have a banana splil. Imagine my joy at seeing the same rich delight once again as I  opened ihe first double page of Ice Cream. Now I know  that it is anticipation which makes a split the king of icecream treats. The disappointment of not being able to  finish that object of my childhood dreams is long forgotten  as I gaze at Ihe frothy, creamy, nutty, triple scooped  wonder in full inviting colour and still crave it.  Community Forum  Channel Ten  CHANNEL TEN GIBSONS  Tuesday, Sept. IS  CHANNEL TEN SECHELT  Thursday, Sept. 17  7:00 p.m.  Louise Hume introduces  this week's Pressure  Point, produced by the.  lnterchurch Agency for  Vancouver Cable 10, and  hosted by Rod Booth.  7:30 p.m.  Dave Richardson, vice  principal of Elphinstone  Secondary School, hosts  this program designed to  introduce you to new  teachers in this school  district. Live from our  Gibsons' studio, Dave  will ask the new teachers  about themselves and  their plans for their first  year in Ihe Sunshine  Coasl School District.  Notice lo our Viewers:  Coast Ten Television  welcomes our new and  returning students to the  Communily Broadcasting class. New to the  class are Shelly Boullon,  Vicki Hawkin, Bonnie  Cole, Lorella Rinaldis,  Caron Haywood, Holly  Presl and Miriam  Hughes. You will soon  see litem as they are now  preparing for their first  television show.  Returning to the class for  their second term are  Kenna Marshall, Leanna  Lyn, Andy Maragoes,  Peter Goodwin, Peler  Austin,   Kale   Hume,  Gibioni Public  library  Tuesday  2-4p.m.  Wednesday'  2-4p.m.  Thursday 2-4 & 7-9pm.  Saturday 2-4 p.m.  886-2130  ��=  qCITCHEM  CBRNIVflLl  * Callary ol Kitchen  Gadgets and ��ccesstuta��  Complete Line of  Cake Decorating  Supplies  Available  885-3611  Cowrie Street, Sechelt  Anne Watt, Brian Beard,  Lisa Fretwell and Diane  Parry. With their increasing skills, our new  television shows should  be technically better than  ever.  The Community Broadcasting 11 and 12  students will be producing two local news  shows, Coastal Review  and Suncoast Happenings. The students will  work in two teams, each  team made up of both  first and second year  students. Individually,  each student will be required to produce the  host television shows.,  So, if you have a nonprofit club or organization that is interested in  publicizing events this  fall, please phone us at  886-8S6S.  If one of the Community  Broadcasting students  should phone you for an  interview or for information, we hope you cooperate and help us. We  need the community to  practise our skills in  television production  and we hope we can also  provide a service to the  community. Thank you.  Marta MacKown, Coast  Ten Community Television, Elphinstone Secondary School, Box 770,  Gibsons, B.C.  Coast News, September 15,1981  Gibsons Ready Mix  8884117a  ���Drainrock 'Washed Rock  ���Sand 'Fill  "Concrete Anchors  Mon.���Friday 8a.m.���5p.m  Fearscapes, the new Arts Centre show, suggests terrifying scenes  couver sculptor, Marcia Pitch.  Fearscapes raises  artistic questions  ��� Veno Parnell Photo  with the images used by Van-  by Vene Parnell  Most people will never get  to know what Marcia Pitch,  the young artist exhibiting at  the Arts Centre in Sechelt this  month, looks like.  Most people will also And it  hard to figure out, after studying the unique "tableaux"  show at the Centre, where  Pitch is coming from or where  she is going.  The reason they won't get to  see her real face is simply  because she hides it behind a  mask in the picture taken for  the promotional flyer for her  exhibition.  Understanding Pitch's fear-  inspiring images will be hard  for many people, because  Pitch herself doesn't understand intellectually everything  her images convey.  This unusual artist, who has  only recently taken up drawing  and painting, nevertheless  adds her large, brash oil  pastels to a show that already  is jarring in its strange subject  matter and style.  By making a "pitch" for  Amnesty International,  Pitch's show uses powerful  images that hit at the gut level.  People shudder, want to close  their eyes to it, are shocked into speechlessness, but are not  unmoved.  The use of obvious suggestive materials such as splattered red paint to represent  blood and blackened branches  to represent burning create the  world of torture and human  sadism which we would all  much rather ignore.  Pitch, who maybe has never  yet fully explored her talents  as a potential stage set  designer, especially for horror  stories, obviously displays imagination and the ability to  carry out a theme.  Even to children, the intent  of her materials is fully apparent, they require no explanation. And filling the prerequisite for "art", the images  draw out the viewer's imagination, leaving behind a variety  of interpretations as to exactly  what it is you are afraid of.  "The show is definitely unconventional," Arts Centre  curator Keith Wallace readily  admits. "It certainly provokes  thought, if nothing else."  "For many people, it raises  the question of whether or not  such a display belongs in an  Arts Centre, where people expect to see only paintings and  sculpture. The role of art and  its very definition is being  questioned by this show, and  if that's the only benefit of it,  then that is probably good  enough."  As for pleasure and pure enjoyment, forget it. Unless you  are a person who can easily accept the sado-masochism that  lurks just beneath the surface  in human nature. Or if you're  a horror show buff who gets  vicarious thrills and pleasure  from seeing pain and terror  graphically portrayed, then  this show will have some appeal for you.  Ms. Pitch is not a newcomer  to the art world. After obtaining a Fine Arts Degree in 1969,  she has had IS exhibitions of  her work. Since studying  sculpture with Roy Lewis in  Vancouver in 1975, she has  gradually developed her three-  dimensional style, working intuitively with fabric and solid  materials to create scenes that  generate feelings and reactions  in the viewer.  For some unusual fare, drop  into the Arts Centre and let  yourself wander through the  "Fearscapes" of your own inner mind. Until Sept. 27.  Peppermint Soda  |] starts Fall Film Series  This week sees the return of  the Fall Film Series with  France's Peppermint Soda,  the enchanting story of a pair  of adolescent sisters growing  up in the political turbulence  of Paris in 1963.  This film was France's top-  grossing movie in 1978 and a  winner of the Prix Louis  Delluc. It was described in the  Village Voice: The writer and  director, Diane Kurys,  "weaves an intricate tapestry  of blossoming womanhood.  There is something  marvellously matter-of-fact  about the movie as it scatters  its insights with a very casual  intelligence that one does not  see on the screen very often  these days".  Peppermint Soda will be  screened twice on the Peninsula in Sechelt and Madeira  Park. On Wednesday,  September 16th, the film will  be shown in the Chatelech  Music Room at 8 p.m. Admission is $3.00, Seniors and  Students SI.50, series of six  films $15.00. Presented by the  Sunshine Coast Arts Council.  On Thursday, September  17th, the screening will be at  Madeira Park Elementary at  7:30 p.m. Admission is $3.00,  Seniors $2.00, series $15.00.  Both screenings will be accompanied by shorts.  RDP  Bookstore  it's n\  The FIFTH  HORSEMAN  - Larry Collins &  Dominique LaPierre  Pick up your  Free Copy of  "Books in Canada"  IYIAXUIELI  .'S PHARMACY  ^m             YOUR COMPLETE HEALTH CARBjCENTRE  ^H                  * Fast Prescription Service  ^H                  * Health Care Accessories  ^H                  * Almay Hypoallergenlc Cosmetics  ^���M                  * Patient Aids (Sales & Rentals) crutches,  ^^B                                      comodes, bed pans, canes, etc.  |       107 cadir naza. aibsons                886-8158  OPEM SUNDAYS"--���  Watch for our upcoming  FALL SALE!  Super Savings on  Custom  Window Coverings  Carpets!  Kt'ii Dt'lrics <X Son Ltd.,*?  TEA BAGS ao.'1.89  Shlrriff'i - "Good Morning"  MARMALADE mm s1.89  Knit  DINNER  Knit  MIRACLE WHIP soomi $1.29  Kraft - Plain  CHEEZWHIZ 500gm '2.59  Pirkiy  SOFT MARGARINE       2ib.'1.69  Mix! 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Brown  CABBAGE, CARROTS or  TURNIPS 4ib,'1.00  CELERY .b 29'  York - Unsweetened  ORANGE JUICE i25oz89(  Gainsborough  PIE SHELLS 34o.m'1.39  York  MEAT PIES ooz69c  (Boot, Chicken, Turkey)  Come to JAackina - <M ffieart  h  PENDER HARBOUR CENTRE  Madeira Park.883-9100  Wt raMm Mm right  to limit quantltkn Coast News, September 15,1981  Halfmoon Bay Happenings  UFO spotted on Redrooffs Road  by Ruth Forrester 885-2418  Maybe a UIO?  Three very credible ladies of  the Redrooffs area witnessed a  very unusual and startling  sight last Friday night at  around 11:30, A bright orange  object flew across Ihe sky and  then disappeared behind Thor-  nianby Island. Il would be Interesting to know how many  other people may have seen  this. There was one night a  couple of weeks ago when  Ihere were bright lights in the  sky and Ihese proved to be  flares set off during some  naval operations off Vancouver Island. But apparently  Iriday night's object was quite  different. Makes you think!  Tickets moving fust.  The tickets for Ihe Halfmoon Bay Variety Sjhow on  Saturday, September 26th, are  moving fast. There are still a  lew available al the Halfmoon  Bay Store, bul they won't last  long. You will be out of luck if  you decide lo wait till the last  minute. Sechelt people will  also have an opportunity to  see this great local talent show  on October 10th at Ihe Senior  Citizens Hall.  They arc doing this show by  popular request and at the  same time they will be helping  a good cause as Ihe proceeds  will go towards the fund raising for the Intermediate Care  Unit.  Ticket prices will be the  same - $2.50 for adults and  $1.50 for those under fourteen. They will be on sale soon  from several outlets in the  Sechelt area. More on this  later.  Halfmoon Bay Hospital Auxiliary.  The first meeling of the  season was held al the  Welcome Beach Hall last  Tuesday wilh a fairly good  turnout of members and one  new member, Gladys While.  There were also a couple of  guests who were made most  welcome - Olive Comyn's  sister from Calgary, Mrs.  Johnston by name, and Pat  Bradley from Vancouver  Island came along with her  friend Jean Mercer. Most of  the meeling concerned the  planning of the Bazaar, which  will be al the Welcome Beach  Hall on October 10th from 1  till 4 p.m. There will be a sale  of crafts which will help lo  solve many of your Christmas  shopping problems as well as  the usual very popular bake  and homemade goodies. If  you have any nice little odds  and ends around ihe house  which you would like lo  donate for Ihe while elephant  table, Ihese would be mosl  welcome.  Let's gel fit together.  Verity Purdy will be giving  her "Body Newness" classes  again this year. This is good  news for those of us who enjoyed them so much last  season and who want to get rid  of the "Summer Fat".  Women from Ihe age of forty  and up will find this to be lots  of fun as well as beneficial.  Time and place will be the  same as before - Monday mornings at 10 a.m. at the  Welcome Beach Hall and, if  you feel that you would  benefit from two sessions a  week, there will also be a class  al St. Hilda's Church on each  Wednesday morning, same  lime, same teacher. The first  session will be on Monday,  September 28th, fee is $15 for  ten sessions or $25 for twenty.  Hope to see you there.  Lots of September dates to  remember for happenings at  Welcome Beach Hall. Friday  the 18th is family movie night  with the showing of "And  Now Miguel" al 7:30; Saturday the 26th is the Variety  Show at 8 p.m; Sundat at 2  p.m. is the Annual General  Meeting of the Area "B"  Ratepayer's Association on  Ihe 27th, while Monday morning of the 28th is the Body  Newness class. Better mark  these all on your calendar.  In the hall of fame.  The Harold Hunts of  Redrooffs have a most interesting house guest. She is  Irene MacDonald who has just  been inducted into the Canadian Hall of Fame. Irene is a  diving coach who has trained  many B.C. divers towards  Olympic competition. She also  comments for the CBC on diving events and is well known  throughout this field.  Rummage & Plant Sale  *..c.i. m Hid. tft-MM  Saturday, September Win  I" 1.111. ��� HSOn  J  Doug Roy made a presentation to Ihe regional board last Thursday on behalf of a group calling  itself Friends of Cliff Gilker Park. The brief protested a proposal Ihat part of Ihe park should be  turned over to the golf club. Fun Bou>i>,a pimio  Coast art activities  The art world today is filled  with complexities of various  sorts. There are a multitude of  varying theories, attitudes,  techniques, and questions in  general of what is art, who is  the artist responsible to, what  role does art play in society.  With the large number of  artists and people interested in  art in our small community,  these topics have relevance  here as well as in major centres  of art activity elsewhere.  In an effort to stimulate  more dialogue among artists,  the Sunshine Coast Arts Centre in Sechelt- will be the scene  of our first discussion night on  Monday, September 21st at  7:30 p.m. Everyone, including  non-artists, is encouraged to  Opportunities in  dance for coast  attend and participate in the  discussions.  The format for these evenings will be determined by ihe  participants, though the current exhibition, Fearscapes,  may prove to be a good starting point. Oilier suggestions  that have been made are to  show an related films or lo  critique current work being  done by local artists. It is  hoped varying topics will be  covered and that artists can  talk out problems thai have  been encountered wilh their  work and their relation lo Ihe  community.  Also, artists on the Sunshine  Coast should note thai it is  lime lo prepare your entries  for the Sunshine Coast ARls  Centre's third annual juried  show, View 3. Entry day is October 17th. Time, place, and  juror will be announced during the next few weeks in Ihe  by Vene Parnell  FARMER'S MARKET  ��� Okanogan Fruit ��� Fresh Com  ��� Seafood  All Diy Thurjdoy - Sechelt Reiervatton  Alio Daily it Dtvii Bay (Baach Buoy)  St. John Ambulance  INDUSTRIAL  FIRST AID  COURSE  Leading to  W.C.B.  Certification  Will Commence  September 28th at 7 pm.  in Gibsons Elementary School  Those interested contact  P. Madison      Office Home  884-5223      886-7279  Two unique opportunities  will open up for Sunshine  Coast adults this September,  courtesy of Vancouver ballet  dancer Noel Poole.  Mr. Poole is preparing to  teach ballroom dancing for  couples, and beginner ballet  classes for adults, beginning  September 18.  The one hour ballet classes  will lake place at the Twilight  Theatre in Gibsons and are  scheduled for 1:30 pm.  Fridays. Tentative times for  ballroom dancing are 7:30 or  8:00 Friday. The l'/i hour  class will cost $3 per person or  $30 for Ihe 10 week course.  Mr. Poole has experience  leaching bolh ballet and  ballroom dancing in Richmond and Burnaby, which he  has been doing for the School  Board since 1973. He has  found that the average age of  people interested in ballroom  dancing has dropped from  middle-aged couples to include  teenagers, and a large variety  of age groups attend the  popular len week course. He  teaches the waltz, foxtrot, cha-  cha, rhumba and even how to  jive and guarantees the dance  classes "will put you above the  survival level".  Mr. Poole began his dancing career in his teens, when he  was 17, and is a firm believer  that there is nothing like ballet  lo build up strength in the legs  of soccer and hockey players.  He is a skater himself, and  another one of his favourite  pastimes is bicycle-racing,  "besides it is a very practical  and   economical   way   to  ItlWott tVUVSft-CVi;  Our Fall Bulbs  are in Now  (Many to choose from)  Winter Pansies  arriving in  2 weeks  We have good stocks  of all shrubs, trees,  lawn-seed, etc.  newspaper  and   in   the  Arts  Cenlre calendar.  The previous iwo juried  shows have proven to be interesting in ihe choice of  works by the jurors, and in the  fad lhal iwo quite different  shows emerged; this year, who  knows? Part of Ihe fun and excitement of juried shows are  their unpredictability and the  occasion for Ihe work of  unknown artists to be  discovered.  \  Industrial First Aid Classes  Date:  Time:  Leading to WCB. certification  Sept. 21. 1981  7:30 p.m. - 10 p.m.  20 sessions  Mon. & Thurs evenings  Place: Elphinstone High School  Room 101  Fee: $150 payable on registration night  For pre-registration & for further information contact:  Instructor  Man* t-raser  Phone 116-2512 altar 7 p.m.  No scrubbing  No soaking  No steaming  Penderosa Grocery  6  Colonel Flounders  Winter hours 9 a.m. -1 p.m.  Closed on Wednesdays  (He iluwlt yiu (w ytuu  patowi-je.  raw  HAVE YOUR CARPETS  AND FURNITURE  CLEANED  FLOWER-FRESH  BY PROFESSIONALS  Duraclean  The  School Board Office  Telephone Number  now is  886-8811  Endorsed by furnishings  manufacturers,  the Duraclean /��  Foam-Absorption  Process gels  the dirt out  that the other  methods leave in  takes the soil OUT  nt'-i lot i.ibncsand  1 colors  spring  libers Walt  .mil lexlures  back to life It's all  done in your home..  teady for quests the  same dav  Calf us tor a Free Quotation  Rich & Barb Uffere  886-8667  R.R.#4, Ocean Beach Esplanade   Gibsons, B.C.  ��� Vene Parnell Pholo  Noel Poole, who has danced ballet on TV and on  European stages, will teach  adult ballroom and ballet  dancing classes at the  Twilight Theatre in Gibsons.  travel". He does carving and  stained glass work and is learning to play the flute.  Mr. Poole was trained in the  classical tradition of ballet  dancing, and one of his early  teachers in Vancouver was  Nikolai Svetlanoff from the  Bolshoi Ballet School in  Moscow.  He later studied in New  York and London and became  the first non-national to dance  with the Royal School in  Copenhagen. "I found the  best places to work were with  the opera companies in  Europe." He has also performed on National TV in  Belgium, for the BBC in Britain and for CBC in Canada.  While in Toronto, he  operated a dance studio and he  has also taught ballet at UBC.  Besides teaching adult  classes in Gibsons, Mr. Poole  will be teaching ballet classes  lo young students.  He believes the best way to  teach dance is "to do it along  with the students". He has  never taught four year olds  before and feels it will be a  "tall order".  To prepare for his new  assignment he spent seven  weeks this summer with ballet  teacher Rosemary Deveson in  Richmond, learning from her  how to work with very young  students.  "I do not teach by the  syllabus system, because that  is not how I was taught," he  said. He believes that dance is  a very musical experience and  hopes to introduce some simple instruments such as tambourines in his classes with the  younger students.  Charges for the lessons are  $5 an hour for adult ballet  beginners. To register for  classes or for more information phone 886-2989 or the  Twilight Theatre 886-2827.  THE HOME CENTRE  Everything For Your Home  RENOVATIONS  Our Specialty  OUTSIDE THE HOME  SIDInU    - Aluminum or Vinyl  5Urrl 19 - Aluminum or Vinyl  EAUESTROUGHS   Seamless  - Manufactured at your home.  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As  you may remember, this is the  dug-out eanoe made by Gordie  Tocher. On ils amazing  voyage to Hawaii, Gordie,  Karin Und and Gerhan  Kessler went as far as Santa  Cruz; which, according to  Gordie was a very rough part  of ihe trip. Richard Tomkies  replaced Karin and Ihe trio  completed the expedition.  This gallant little craft made  ihe irip in SI days, proving  Gordie's theory to ihe world  Ihat Hawaiian and Australian  natives could originate from a  North American tribe, probably the Haidas.  For years Gordie researched  his theory, finding carvings,  religious ceremonies and  culture to be essentially alike  in so many ways; he even  checked blood types. The  culmination was the canoe he  carved in replica of an ancient  Haida dug-out. For the second  expedition the wood came  from a park in West Vancouver. It was a big 40 foot fir  log. A part of the Orenda, the  second mast and canoe came  from our own Pender Harbour. This was made of cedar,  and it's still alive and well in  Britannia Beach.  Gordie is a man who lets  nothing stand in his way, be it  red tape, bureaucracy, money,  or the notorious Pacific Ocean  in reaching his goal. The  spirits of the Haidas had given  their blessings upon ihe canoe  in a going-away ceremony held  =/3%  Notice Board  Sponsored as a Public Service  886-2622     by the Coast News    886-7817  NOTE: Early announcements will be run once, lhan mutt ba  re-submltted to run again, no mora than ona month prior to  the event.  Coming Events  Holy Land Tour November 16th for 12 days. Deluxe & complete.  Phone 886-2660.  Ladles Auxiliary Baiair ��� October 3. 1981 in Ihe Legion Hall Madeira Paik.  Starls I 00 pm. Tickets $2.00 Adults - S1.00 Children. Lunch and door prize.  And Now Mlgull Haltmoon Bay's family movie at 7:30 Friday. September 18 at  Welcome Beach Community Hall. Everyone welcome - reasonable admlsnlnn  Sunahine Coasl Fitness Group - Co-Ed Classes to Music. Fall Classes  Sepiember 21 lo December 11 Roberts Creek Community Hall Class No t -0:10  11:15 am. - Mon.. Wed , S Fri.. Class No. 2 ��� 10:30 -11.30 am. ��� Mon , Wed . & Fri.  Elphinstone Gym Class No. 3-6:30 730 pm. - Mon., Tues. & Thurs Haltmoon  Bay Community Hall Class No. 4 -6:00��� 700 pm. Tues. & Thurs. For mlorma-  lion phont Reita Hanson at 886-2875.  Regular Events  Elphinstone Pioneer Museum in Gibsons is now open Monday  through Saturday between 9 am. to 4 pm  Monday  Roberts Creek HospltsI Auxiliary Second Monday ot each month ��� 11  im St Aidan's Hall.  Sunshine Pottery Guild meets every 2nd Monday of the monlh at the  "Studio" corner of North Road and Highway 101 at 7 pm TFN  Tuesday  Women's Aglow Fellowship Meets every third Tuesday of the month al  Harmony Hall. Gibsons Transportation and babysitting available 8B6-  7426.  Sunshine Cosst Arts Council Regular meeting 4th Tuesday o! every  monlh at 7.30 pm at the Arts Centre in Sechelt.  Al-Anon Meetings Al-Anon Meetings every Tuesday night  Roberts  Creek For information call 886-9059 or 886-9041  Sunshine Coast Navy Leigue ot Canada Cadets and Wrenettes. ages  10 to 13 will again meel Tuesday nights. 7- 9pm., United Church Hall  Gibsons. New recruits welcomed.  Interested In Pioneer Girls? Grades 3-12 girls, please join us for a tun night and  registration on Tuesday. Sept. 22 at 7 ��� 9 pm. at Calvary Baptist Church. Park  Ave., Gibsons. For further information contact Ariene Simpson 886-9048 or  Mary Madison 886-7279- ��� 138  Bridge Club ��� Starting Tuesday Sept. IS at 7:30 pm. Klnhul at Dougal Park.  Wednesday  Tops Club Gibsons Tops meels every Wed  evening at 6 45 in the  Armour's Beach Athletic Hall.  New members and teen members  welcome. Phone 8*. j-9765 eves  Sunshine Lapidary t Craft Club Meets 1st Wed every monlh at 7 30  pm. For information 886-2873 or 886-9204.  Pender Harbour Hospital Auxiliary. Second Wednesday of each  month, 1:30 pm. St. Andrews Church-New members always welcome.  Wilson Creek Community Reading Centre 7:30 - 8 30 p.m  885-2709  Sechelt Garden Club. 7:30 p.m., St. Hilda's Hail, first Wednesdays  except January, July, August.  Sunshine Coast Sports Club will  be having a track-and-field  organizational meeting at Elphinstone School, Wednesdays 5 p.m.  Thursday  The Bargain Barn of the Pender Harbour Health Clinic Auxiliary is  open on Thursday afternoons from 1:00 until 3:30.  Al-Anon Meeting Every Thursday in Gibsons at 8 pm, For information  call 886-9569 or 866-9037.  Western Weight Controllers Every Thursday at 1 pm. in the United  Church  hall,  Gibsons and In the Sechelt Elementary School,  Thursdays at 7 pm. New members welcome. 885-3895 (Sechelt Only).  Rcbertt Creek Legion Bingo every Thursday, beginning May 7, Early  Bird, Regular and Bonanza. T.F.N.  Friday  Thrift Shop Every Friday. 1 ��� 3pm. Thrift Shop. Gibsons United Church  basement.  Wilson Crass Community Reading Centre Noon - 4 00 pm   685-2709  Olbsons Tot Lot ��� Every Friday 9:30 to 11:30 am. at Gibsons Uniled Church.  Starlson Ihe 18th ot September .0-3yearsold. '37  Country Start Square Dancing, each Friday. Blading Scpi 11 Sechell Elementary School Gym - 6  . il pm Caller Harry flooerlson  Saturday  Wilson Creek Community Reeding Csnlrs 11:30 -1 p.m. 885-2709  The Bargain Barn ot the Pender Harbour Health Clinic Aux.hary is  open on Saturday alternoons Irom 1 - 4 pm.  The Sunshine Cosst Figure Skating Club: Reglstretlon at Arena ��� Saturday,  Sept. 19,10 am. to 12.  in Vancouver. The voyage  which held many surprises,  had its ups and downs, including a hurricane for a start.  Gordie speaks of the discussion whether to hold sail or go.  Il was a big question, as his  radio reported they were 3,000  miles off-shore and the Hawaii  radio reported the hurricane  was 3,000 miles off-shore.  After consulting with Gerhart  (the navigator) and Richard,  ihey decided to go for it! During this time there was no  radio contact for many days.  This, of course, troubled  many of their friends in B.C.  On ihe completion of their  voyage, the Orenda and crew  were given a victorious  welcome by the Hawaiian people, who also felt a spiritual  feeling towards the canoe and  of course its originator, who  had ihe courage of his convictions.  This summer, Gordie has  been sailing the Orenda  around the Queen Charlottes  for a German TV production.  With a full film crew following  along. I asked Gordie what his  future adventure might be.  "Possibly take the Orenda up  to Alaska this Spring," he  said, with a far-away look in  his brilliant blue eyes.  For now, the Orenda is going for a rest on blocks, while  her Captain contemplates  what seemingly impossible  goal he is going to tackle next.  New principal enthused  by Jeanle Norton M6-9609  Where but Roberts Creek  Elementary would the students  be piped into their first day of  school? "Roberts Creek kids  are special," says Principal  Vern Wishlove. It seemed an  appropriate gesture for a new  school year, a new principal,  and a new gym.  Yes, the Roberts Creek  gymnasium is finally going to  become a reality, after two  years of waiting and finagling.  Construction on the joint use  community hall/gymnasium  project was to start yesterday  (Monday) with an estimated  completion date of six months.  Vern Wishlove agreed that  the construction would create  problems and inconveniences  for the school, but he was optimistic that they would be  worked out. A committee of  teachers has been set up to  work in conjunction with the  project managers to ensure a  minimum of disruption and a  careful adherence to safety.  Space is a bit of a problem.  The adventure playground will  have to be moved, but  hopefully some of it can be set  up elsewhere rather than packed up and stored.  The positioning of another  portable could be more complicated. Enrollment is up to  225 this year, including the  two kindergartens, and  another classroom and teacher  might be necessary, depending  upon the distribution of  students.  As it is, the staff includes  several new teachers. As mentioned before, Vern Wishlove  is the new principal and will be  teaching Grade Four. Vern  was District Principal last  year, looking after Special Ed  programs. Before that he was  Principal at Madeira Park, so  he's certainly not new to the  area.  Don Van Kleek has come  from Kitimat to teach Grade  Seven and Sharon Wood from  Vanderhoof has the  Kindergarten. Returning after  a two year absence from  Roberts Creek School is Jamie  Davidson, who has the Grade  One/Two split. And, after a  year's leave, Linda Kyle  returns to Learning  Assistance.  The rest of the staff have  familiar faces. Jack Tiernan  has Grade Six again and Sheila  Page is into her second year in  the Grade Five room. Eleanor  Swan will combine Grade  Four and the duties of  librarian.  Roy Robinson is again  teaching Grade Three, Orbita  de los Santos, Grade Two and  Dianne Lim has Grade One.  Janet Gibb is the supervisory and Library aide and  Judy Rogers returns as  secretary. Custodian Bob Fletcher, however, is new to the  school.  The school will be holding a  'Meet the Teachers Night' on  September 30th. The school  has various other functions  planned for the near future.  The kids will be treated to the  folk singing of Ian Johnson at  the first assembly of the year  on September 18th. There's a  possibility  that a Students'  Council may be formed, and  clubs such as chess, art, folk  singing, guitar and library,  will start soon.  Parents are needed as  volunteers to help with the  clubs and in the classrooms.  Linda Kyle is the Parent Aide  Co-ordinator and will be  holding a workshop at the end  of September to give the  volunteers some guidelines. If  you have a special talent or are  just interested in working in  the school, call Linda or Vern  at 885-9229.  It looks like a good year for  Roberts Creek Elementary.  Vern is enthusiastic, well-  mannered, and co-operative  and the parents he's met have  been friendly and interested.  He's eager to get new things  happening and foster a good  relationship in the community.  Gel fit again.  The day of reckoning draws  near. After a month of only a  few half-hearted attempts at  sit-ups, several rained-out tennis days, a couple of short  spins on the old bike's flat  tires, a painful game of rac-  quetball and one noble effort  at jogging, the beginning of  Fitness Class will probably be  akin to an ordeal by fire. But  won't the old bod be thankful  to get back into the regimen?  Classes start September 21st  at Roberts Creek Community  Hall. Registration will be .held  at 8:45 for the first morning  class, which will regularly run  from 9:15 to 10:15 Mondays,  Wednesdays and Fridays.  Registration will be at 10:30  for the second class, which will  start at 10:30 and run until  11:30.  The first class looks to be  the most popular, perhaps  because people with kids in  kindergarten think the second  class will run too late. Rieta  says, however, that if you run  before class instead of after  you'll be out by 11:15.  Evening classes will be held  at Elphinstone Gym Monday,  Tuesday and Thursday from  6:30   to   7:30, ...starting  SUNSHINE COAST  REGIONAL DISTRICT  COURT OF  REVISION  Take notice that the Sunshine Coast Regional  District Court of Revision will sit on the following  date In the Board room of the District Office,  Wharf Street, Sechelt, B.C.:  Thursday, October 1,1981 ��� 11:00 am. ��� 12:00 pm.  to hear any complaints and correct and revise the  1981 S.C.R.D. Electoral List of Electors.  Copies of the 1981 List of Electors covering Electoral Areas "A", "B", "C", "D", "E" and "F" of the  Sunshine Coast Regional District will be posted  upon the Public Notice Board In the Regional  District office and at all post offices and community halls by September 15,1981.  L. Jardlne  Secretary-Treasurer  September 21st and at Halfmoon Bay Community Hall  Tuesdays and Thursdays from  6 to 7 p.m., starting  September 22nd. Registration  for both classes is at 6 p.m.  Babysitting is available at  St. Aidan's Hall for the morning classes in Roberts Creek.  Register at your first class or  call Lii Degnan at 886-9367 or  886-2875.  Registration forms are in  the Continuing Education  pamphlet. If you want more  information call Rieta Hanson  at 886-2875.  Association postponed.  A reminder that the  September meeting of the  Community Association has  been postponed until next  week, September 23rd, to  allow the floor to be refinish-  ed. Meeting starts at 8 in the  Community Hall. Phone Gail  Cromie or Dennis Davison to  have items included on the  agenda.  Work Bees.  The Legion Auxiliary installed five new members at its  September meeting on  September 2nd. Plans were  discussed for the "Craft Fair"  on October 25th and work  bees will be held every  Wednesday from 11 a.m. to 2  or 3 p.m. to get ready. If  you'd like to join them, they'll  be at the Legion tomorrow.  Sitters sign up.  Occasionally there's a  phone call for babysitters, but  the list is getting a little outdated - a lot of them have  moved into the realm of  boyfriends and girlfriends. If  there are any burgeoning  young sitters out there (12 or  over) phone 886-9609 and  your name will be kept on file  for those who ask.  CLASSIFIED NOTE  Family Shoe1  Madeira  Par  CONRAD E. WAGNER  D.P.M.    PODIATRIST  will be In Sechelt at the Medical Clinic  1221 Inlet  on Monday, September 21 st   from 9 to 5  For Appointments         phone 885-2257  YOUR AUTOPLAN  CENTRE  Taking care of    all your Real Estate  and Insurance Requirements  886-2000 Seaside Plaza 886-9121  i Phone 8B6-9540  Caller Barry Robertson  ti��mmni����^^e>Mwwi8l  Victor Cecchi  and Eric Peterson  B.C. Land Surveyors  Would like to announce the opening of a surveying  practice in Sechelt at Suite 204, 1326 Wh.irf Rd.  (Upstairs from South Coast Ford)  P.O. Box 1894 VON 3A0  Temporary Phone Number 485-6808  (Call Collect)  t ��Kwttfiii     am    �����,,�� *<*,.,��,, ��, - ���' f. \tt%, %  ���  Watch for our  OPENING Coast News, September 15,1981  ^^"Hv-,  f      1961-1981     *i  OUR 20th     i  T,       YEAR!      *  'HVVA'  ���  QUALITY! VALUE! SERVICE!  Kits Cameras will not only meet or beat competitors' prices but we offer great value on the top quality goods and  services that you expect from a first class photo specialist.  Whether you are just beginning or a long time photo enthusiast, you'll love what Kits has to offer.  Best of all, there's a Kits Cameras location near you.  WESTERN CANADA KITS IS PHOTOGRAPHY!  CANON AE-1  Extraordinarily versatile and  easy to operate. Automatic  control of vital camera functions  enables beginner or professional  to capture those once-in-a-  lifetime shots. With f/1.8 lens.  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The purpose seems to be  to develop consistent high  standards of ethical thinking  and behaviour in the adults of  the future whom these school  children will become.  Donald Thomas wrote seven  years ago: "It is difficult for  men and women to learn lo be  ethical; it is not a skill to be  developed. Rather it is the  man or woman in total; it is  the sum of one's values,  beliefs, and priorities. "How  much more difficult is it for a  little child or an adolescent to  learn ethics as a set school curriculum?  It would almost seem that  parents want their children to  be different from themselves.  In 1980, 84% of parents of  public school children  favoured moral education.  The Ministry of Education in  Alberta is to launch a course  thia fall, and British Columbia  may decide to follow after.  What qualities do parents  want the schools to instill in  their children? Parents have  listed honesty, diligence,  helpfulness, consideration,  manners, neatness, cleanliness, respect, partriotism, ambition and studiousness as  qualities which would be appreciated if they can be  developed in their offspring.  No one can quarrel with  these ambitions, but it is unfair to delegate the teaching of  these concepts to educators  and to expect them to locate  CLASSIFIED NOTE  Drop of I your Coasl News  Classified at Campbell's  Family Shoes. Sechelt, or  Madeira Park Pharmacy,  Madeira Park  appropriate models among the  adult population. Pity the harassed Alberta teacher the  morning some little  philosopher turns up with that  notorious bumper sticker "Let  the Eastern bastards freeze in  the dark", demanding a  discussion of the ethics of that  point of view.  Few adults today are willing  to stand up and say "This is  right; that is wrong." Any  who do are viewed as eccentric. Our society rationalizes,  makes excuses, tries to understand. Can we teach our  children to value and practise  truth in a society which utilizes  the expedient lie? Can we  teach children to value and  practise chastity and self-control when even our medical  colleagues condone and protect them from the results of  self-indulgence and promiscuous sex? Have we not  given up the right to protect  our children from ugliness,  violence, brutality and sensationalism in the entertainment  world? ,  Our much maligned police  forces capture criminals for  us, but society does not know  what to do with them. We do  not care to torture or punish,  we draw back from exterminating them, we don't know  how to rehabilitate them. We  incarcerate them at huge expense and finally release them  to an uncaring world. What  message do we expect our  schools to pass on to our  children -- what ethical/  moral/values can we articulate  for this curriculum?  Further, our schools have  never been able to cope with  their own deviates. Their  response to unmanageable  youth has always been  violence (in the days of the  strap) and expulsion, tossing  them out into the community,  ill-prepared and bitter. Will a  compulsory course in ethics or  morals appeal to this type of  youngster and render him less  rebellious and anti-social? In  the immortal words of Eliza  Dolittle: Not bloody likely!  Life is subject to great emotions: love, hate, despair,  hope, cowardice, courage, infidelity, loyalty, greed,  generosity, the marvelous mix  of sunshine and shadow we experience along life's journey.  Disaster and tribulation bring  glimpses of immortality.  Human beings can be struck  down and rise to fight again;  jve can err and compensate for  the error; we can hurt and be  forgiven.  It has been said that adults  cannot neglect a child's soul  for fifteen years and expect to  be the parent of a saint.  Whether or not one accepts  the concept of "soul", one has  to accept the need to develop  in our children some guts and  moral fibre, some armour  against life's temptations and  pitfalls. Can it be done  without passion and emotion  and appeal to the best in  them? The outcome of the  Alberta innovations will be interesting.  It seems predictable that the  new courses will be essentially  behaviour modification  without any underlying  philosophy, nothing to do  with moral fibre at all. Should  it succeed, the result may be a  rich colony of Albertan ants,  well-endowed, neat, obedient,  dull, unimaginative, dispirited, conditioned to vote conservative forever and ever  because they are unable to  visualize any world other than  the one in which they were  brought up. Not the stuff that  dreams are made of I  Other Ministries should approach this topic with great  caution. The future of Canadian living may be at stake  Coast News, September 15,1981  BR AUN  Kitchen  Appliances SALE-  $���2.00  ��� Juicer  Kei.t44.4f  ��� Yogurt Maker  tuna*.**  ��� Coffee Crtndar  aet.tl4.4f  ��� Coffaa Maker  ����* S74.4S  ��� Convection Oman $29-9.00  �����f.*3J*.*f  ��� Kitekcn Machine $290.00  Cumulate    Keg.tU4.4S  $22.50  $24.9$  $67.90  Al Dougherty and Lauren Crouch of Ihe Federal Business Development Bank were in the  Chamber of Commerce office in Sechell last week to announce a new program to aid small  businesses. ���Jonn Bu"**ide Pho,��  Police news of the week  MB   ���������- ��� ���  Bill'* Holland Electric Ltd.  886*9232     Hwy. lot, Gibsons  next to Ken Devries & Son  t^m'MMinWbmirfriX*.*'*  GIBSONS:     ^^^^^  On the 5th: An antique record  player and several cylinder  records were stolen from a  summer cabin at Williamsons  Landing some time in the last  seven months.  On the 6th: 17-year-old Peter  McKinnon of Gibsons is missing and presumed drowned  after his boat was found adrift  near Gower Point.  On the 7lh: $200 was stolen  from one of the vending  machines at the Langdale  Ferry terminal. The machine  was not damaged during the  theft and may have been left  unlocked.  On the 9th: A total of $900  worth of parts was stolen from  the gravel pit (Fiedler's).  Stolen were: a tire wheel from  a heavy truck, a carburettor, a  3 hp engine and a gas tank.  SECHELT:  On the 1st: The library in  Pender Harbour reported the  theft of a hand-carved wooden  sign valued at approximately  $150. The sign reads "Library  Open"   and   has   carved  Education report  is disappointing  #THE UNITED CHURCH  CALVARY         \  #���           OF CANADA  BAPTIST CHURCH    %  Sunday  Park Rd., Gibsons        ���  Warship Services  Pastor: Harold Andrews  ST. JOHN'S  Res: 886-9163,  Da\is Bay - 9:30 am.  Church: 886-2611  GIBSONS  Sunday School 9:30 a.m.  Glassford Rd. - 11:15 am.  Morning Service 11:00 a.m.  Sunday School - 9:30 am.  Gospel Service 7 p.m.  Rev. Alex. G. Reid  Prayer A Bible Study  Church Telephone  886-2333  Thursday 7 p.m.  ST. BARTHOLOMEW &  GIBSONS  PENTECOSTAL CHURCH  ST. AIDAN  Cedar Grove School  : ANGLICAN CHURCHES  Chaster Rd��� Gibsons  Combined Service  Senior Pastor: Ted Boodle  .     1st Sunday 11:15 A.M.  Youth Pastor: Jack Moch  *     in St. Bartholomew's  Sunday School 9:30 a.m.  Gibsons  Morning Worship 11 a.m.  All other Sundays  Evening Fellowship 7 p.m.  Home Bible Study  Phone 886-7268 or 886-9482  Roberts Creek 9:30 a.m.  Family Holy Eucharist  Affiliated with the  Gibsons 11:13 a.m.  Pentecostal  Assemblies   of  Rector;  Canada  Rev, John E, Robinson  ROMAN CATHOLIC  SERVICES  SEVENTH-DAY  ADVENTIST CHURCH  Rev. Angelo De Pompa  Sabbath School Sat. 10 a.m.  Parish Priest  Hour of Worship Sat. 11 a.m.  Times of Masses  ^ Browning Rd. & Hwy. 101  Saturday 5:00 p.m.  Castor: C. Dncberg  St. Mary's, Gibsons  Everyone Welcome  7:30 pm. Pender Harbour  j   FJr information phone:  (July 4 to September 12 only)  (85-9750 or 883-2736  Regular Sunday Masses  9:00 a.m. Our Lady  SECHELT  of Lourdes Church  NEW LIFE  Sechelt Indian Reserve  ASSEMBLY  10:00 a.m. Holy Family  SERVICES  Church, Sechelt  .���:               in  12:00 noon St. Mary's Church  \       .Senior Citizens Hall  Gibsons  ' 1:00 pm Sunday  Confessions before Mass  Everyone Welcome  Reverend P. Brooks  Phone: 885-9526 or 885-5201  j,      Pastor  GLAD TIDINGS  TABERNACLE  Gower Point Road  CHRISTIAN SCIENCE  SOCIETY  Phone 886-2660  SECHELT SERVICES:  Sunday School 9:45 a.m.  ;    i  Worship Service 11:00 a.m.  Sundays 11:30 am.  Evening Fellowship 6 p.m.  [      Wednesday 8:00 put.  Bible Study Wed. 7:30 p.m.  ;   Suidsy School 11:30 am.  All  i.   l[nit*H   1"h���ri>h .Aitir.  Pastor: Nancy Dykes  l\n u umreo diurcn cumce  ���on asin highway in Davis  REFORMED  Bay. Everyone   is  warmly  CHRISTIAN  InvirM to attend.  GATHERING  ' Phori 885-3157 or 886-7182  Sechelt                  885-5635  1 llChurch Services; |  by Don Lockstead  As part of the Socreds'  $68,000-a-day propaganda  campaign, Education Minister  Brian Smith last week released  an expensively printed 188  page glossy publication called  Education - A Report from the  Minister.  Mr. Smith spend the fall of  1980 touring the province. For  the whole of the 1981  legislative session he fended  off criticisms by repeating  "Wait for my report". A year  later, the minister's latest  report says he is studying his  ministry. On the list of things  to be studied are school  boards, ministry organization,  school buildings and the  system of funding special  education.  None of this is new. The  ministry continually studies  these things. What we need to  know is when the studies will  stop and the action will start.  For example, school property taxes skyrocketed this year  because the Socreds cut their  share of the basic education  program for the fifth straight  year. You were forced to pick  up the difference. Socreds promise you will pay still more  next year, and Mr. Smith  warns school trustees that they  will not have any additional  funds to control class size.  In 1980, 78 presentations  were made to Mr. Smith about  special-needs children, and the  need to change the system of  special education finance. This  is the International Year of  Disablaed Persons, and particularly appropriate for provincial initiative. The Socreds  have disappointed those  teachers, trustees and parents  who hoped that improvements  would be made for 1982.  School trustees begin shortly to prepare their budgets for  Mr. Smith to approve, and it's  clear there will be no changes  before then.  The report, personally written by Mr. Smith, shows the  high priority image-building  and flesh-pressing has for  Social Credit. It also reveals  how low their commitment is  to needed reforms in the  public school system.  SUPERIOR ELECTRIC  ^^^^Complete Electrical Service  offers  a  Complete line of electrical suplies,  lighting fixtures & major appliances  LICENSED  ELECTRICAL CONTRACTORS  For residential, commercial & industrial  with guaranteed material & workmanship  FREE ESTIMATES & ADVICE  WHARF RD.  885-2412  Fred Mercer  Rick Simpklns  Dogwood flowers on both  sides. Ii measures one foot by  two-and-a-half.  On the 4th: Rocks were  thrown through the window of  a residence at the corner of  Laurel Road and Davis Bay  Road. Damage is estimated at  $400.  Thieves siphoned gas froth a  Selma Park Road resident's  car after cutting six of his  garden hoses.  A brown case containing 12  home-recorded cassettes was  stolen from a '76 GMC black  pickup at the Sundance Trailer  Court. The cassettes, which  have either green or red ink  writing on the stickers, are  valued at $150.  On the 5th: A black Braughan  bicycle was stolen from the  Sundance Trailer Court. There  was a report of vandalism  done to a bridge on Francis  Peninsula Road bridge in  Madeira Park. The vandals  spray-painted inanities and  obscenities in red. The bridge  had recently been repainted by  the Department of Highways,  a process which required two  men three days and that has  now to be repeated.  On Ihe 71b: Youths- pulled  several plants from the front ���  of the Sechelt Bank of Montreal and threw them onto the  street.  On the 8th: A grey tool box  filled with $200 worth of  assorted mechanics tools was  stolen from the back of a van  parked near the Halfmoon  Bay store.  On the 9th: A 10-speed Norco  bicycle was found near  Norwest Bay Road. It is grey  in colour and sports a padlock  and chain.  On the 11th: There was a  break and entry at the Parthenon Restaurant. Thieves  gained entry by forcing the  back basement door and stole  approximately $200 worth of  liquor.  CARSANDTRUCKS  Rental ���Leasing  ���Also-  Domestic & Industrial  Equipment  Set hell nexl lo Ihe  liquor store  Gibsons al Prall 8  Hwy   101  Seaside   Rentals  865-2843       886-2848  Splendid on looks.  Stingy on enenjy  The rustic elegance ol a Lndal  Cedar Home has some very practical  advantages too. Besides ils natural beau  ty. cedar helps keep you warm in the  winter and cool in the summer. Naturally  Lindal Homes have other features  built-in to keep energy consumption and  costs down. Our unique cavity-wall  design and standard thermal win  dows give you an added  barrier against the  weather outside.  Other optional features like Polar  Floors. Polar Walls and Polar Cap  Roofs can make a Lindal Home even  stingier on energy.  Come visit us for the full story  on the beautiful and practicalad  vantages of cedar Or. send %\  for our 52 page color  Planbook It offers a gener  ous look al Lindal  Cedar Homes  AMnORbCEOMHOfflE!  IndteTwrMltifrtiV dwnbuiwr h*,'  M.D. MMOk��n*te Ltd.  a Enchwd n Vt h* Fbifenk ��n\ IWyn (hihV  ttami    SiTrtrt .   C*j   0342 Bay Bt, Horseshoe Bay  Wast Vancouver. B.C. V7W 2G9  (004)921-8010   921-9208  VS.-4*  ft  wi  '*#?=:  I <tf  I!  3  ��� .<  &e��taurant  Relax in our spacious dining room and treat yourself to a tempting  appetizer, delicious lunch or full course dinner.  We CATER for SPECIAL OCCASIONS!  ��� ��� Birthday Parties  ��� Wedding Receptions  ��� Anniversary Celebrations  ��� Business Luncheons  ��� Banquets  Let us design a menu specially  suited to your taste and budget.  \       * Cakes baked with 24 hours notice.  Located 3 miles ml of Molly's Rwck on Gower Polnl Bosd  LUNCH HOURS: ^^ j�� ^ DINNER HOURS:  Monday through **lCZ *   >-*��-���-. Mon ��� Thurs 5-10 pm  Saturday ftfifi4fi177 Fri & Sat 5-11 p  11 am -2 pm VW WM J Sunday 5-9 pi mmwmmm  10 Coast News, September 15,1981  .KCN_  PCCDLCE  Okanogan  M'INTOSH _ ,._,  APPLES    2���/89c  B.C. Bartlelt m^m      f ��%-*A  3 J 99��  r 7/$j-00  RUSSETT    #_ . .  POTATOES $7.99  LIJCI\y DOLLAR fCCDS ^  OVERLOOKING BEAUTIFUL GIBSONS HARBOUR  Local  CARROTS  4J��1.  Local  PEARS  CABBAGE  1/n.oo  50 Ib box  National Bakeries' ft 10 4k    AA  TORPEDO BUNS O/'l.09  National Bakeries'    Long l|-f|A  "  FRENCH BREAD ... 79��  ~X��  ~***Mu*>'%,  Seeded  I was standing in front of the spice shelves in the store the other day looking for one thing when I found���luckily for  me���another. This summer my caraway plants produced an incredible amount of seed. I've tossed it into cooked buttered  cabbage; I've thrown handfuls into my rye bread dough and stirred it into my cottage cheese but here was the classic thing  from my youth. Caraway Seed Cake.  Caraway Seed Cake <9x5 inch .oatcake)  1 cup sugar  2 eggs separated  1 teaspoon lemon extract  Vz cup milk  I'M cups sifted all purpose flour  1 'M teaspoons salt  2 teaspoons caraway seed  1 'h teaspoons baking powder  '/2 cup shortening  Sift together the flour, baking powder and salt into a bowl. Add & stir in the caraway seeds.  Cream the shortening until smooth, gradually add the sugar and continue creaming until light.  Add the egg yolks and lemon extract and beat till fluffy.  Add the flour mixture alternately with the milk, beginning and ending with the flour mixture. Add the dry ingredients In  4 parts and the liquid in 3 parts.  After each addition stir enough to blend. -A  Whip egg whites until they form shiny peaks. Fold egg whites into flour mixture just until evenly blended, using a rubber!  scraper or metal spoon. Do not stir. Turn batter Into prepared pan.  Bake I hour and 15 minutes or until top springs back when touched lightly with finger tips. Let cool in pan on wire rack  1(1 minutes. Remove pan and allow cake to cool on rack."  So much for the Blur Ribbon recipe. I find they're usually quite reliable but this I could hardly believe my eyes���no oven  temperaturel With the mixture sitting neatly in its pan I popped it into a pre-heated 350�� oven andfoundit only took I hour  so ytnt'ti better check yours after that time.  I also thought the amount of salt in the original recipe rather excessive so I only used lJi a teaspoon which seemed quite  adequate. I also though my dough was a bit stiff so I popped in t extra tablespoon of milk. And I whipped up the egg whites  before I started sifting not being the sort of person who goes in for extra washing upl  My family gave me the thumbs up sign so I presume that Blue Ribbon and I did not do too badly In co-operatlonl And I  must say that usually I find Blue Ribbon recipes to be quite reliable and'imaginatlve���and of course, they're free!  fk.  pin>n'ir'p!rftOTm, EE31333I5B  (former Home Economics teacher):  Day by day, Item by Item, we do more for you in  providing variety, quality and friendly service.  fVe reserve the right to limit quantities'  686-2257  ver Point Rd., Gibsons Free Delivery to the Wharf  Put in your  own little  v "Harrison"  j&      with  Swim Spa  Representative on the  Sunshine Coast  Seaside Plumbing Ltd.  886-7017  0  Hiiai  tomato ketchup ��*  lood wrap ��, <..���..'��� ,29  cat'iood w-.2/69c  Asst'd Flow oars  napkins  .NTs  ���1.69  Kleenex towels m '1.39  Cashmere  bathroom tissue        �����. 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These are times when you begin to wonder If  advertising costs, or pays. We've been open Sundays and  Holidays for three years and it's advertised every week.  Perhaps this is the very reason one has to keep on advertising?  There is so much to read and absorb these days that we  "scan" read and often miss a good deal. Then, too, some who  read all the food ads before leaving home get confused and  come to us being quite certain we advertised "such and such"  which was either in last week's ad or is an advertisement for  another store.  Many consumers believe that things would cost less if there  was no advertising. Unfortunately, this Is not true In today's  marketplace, supported by a powerful media of information  ���press, magazine, radio and TV.  Volume of Sales reduces costs per unit of sales and  therefore makes it possible to reduce the selling price. A very  good friend of mine studying economics at the time posed the  ��  question, "If this be true, how much advertising will reduce the  cost till It sells for next to nothing?"  To be as effective as possible, within a budget of % to 1t  per sales dollar, we spend our money as follows:  1. Coast News ad - double page, lots of items, In colour, consumer Information, general information and points of view in  Shop Talk; weekly draw for $50 worth of groceries; community-  wise, small business advertising. Last but not least are the very  fine menus and comments developed each week by Nest Lewis. As  discussed and planned, she does her feature around the season prevailing and the specials we advertise for the week. We think this is good  consumer advertising. We'd like to have you tell us so, if you agree.  Or, are we wasting our money?!  2. We carry advertising in the local Bowling Alley, Golf Club, and  Curling Rink.  3. We support Community Sports for our youth.  4. Charitable Donations, of course, of all kinds, same as everyone  else!  Let's hear from you. A new advertising year lies ahead, with new increased costs, and seldom hearing from you out there, we need to  know what you like, and what you don't.  I'll thank you now, for the time you took to read this. Please respond.  %t>v  <VV  ���  .*?���  1. Cut out this Coupon  2. Attach to your Sales Slip  '"1  3. Return to Ken's Lucky Dollar  DRAW TO BE MADE SUNDAY AT 5 p.m  NAME TEL NO.   POSTAL ADDRESS  III  I"  tSMO  Our popular $50.00 weekly grocery draw will continue each week into  1981 until further notice.  59th Grocery  Draw Winner  Robin Craigan  GIBSONS  CLINIC  PHARMACY  A��k .boat oar  coaplete  PATIENT  RECORD  PLAN  886-8191  Shop with confidence. Our prices ore very competitive.  We will not be undersold on these advertised items.  We fully guarantee everything we sell to be satisfactory.  Or money cheerfully refunded. 12  Coast News, September 15,1981  t spobtTI  Hacks 7? bats  How slowly we forget  by Bruce Robinson  Muhammad Ali is staging a  comeback. Pick a year. He  was probably staging one then  loo. He's had more comebacks lhan lite Hong Kong  flu. People laugh or shake  iheir heads when they hear of  this latest effort. Or they do  ring impersonations of an ancient, toothless fighter, swinging impotenily ai shadows.  The first word thai comes  up in any conversation dealing  with Ali's comeback is money,  and perhaps rightly so. The  media accuse Ali of extravagant spending or they  contend his managers have  mishandled his finances, or  ihey point to the money he apparently donates lo ihe Black  Muslim cause, or they talk  about awesome alimony  payments or bad investments  or any combination of the  above.  Maybe Ihe media is righl.  Maybe Ali invested in the  wrong fried chicken franchise,  maybe he's always buying a  round for the house, maybe  his ex-wife insists on driving a  Porsche Carrera, maybe  somebody is building a mosque with his ring earnings.  Again, maybe ali of the above  are true. So money is a factor,  but not necessarily the factor.  Not necessarily.  What is more blind than  greed? Pride maybe?  The man is old and fat and  stings more like a butterfly  than a bee these days. He has  both admitted and  demonstrated that training for  him is a lost art form. He is  not even a shadow of a  shadow of the fighter he once  was. But he's coming back.  His comeback is total insanity. Fight doctor Ferdie  Pachenko claims he should  have quit years ago. Some say  he is now beginning to show  signs of a soggy brain, which  fighters have been known to  develop after years of listening to bells going off even  after they've thrown the alarm  clock against the wall. Some  maintain that his speech has  become a little slurry. Holmes  was visibly embarrassed for  him when they fought.  If Ali beats Bcrbick, he gets  to fight again. His credibility  is wearing precariously thin,  bordering on non-existent. To  get a shot al Holmes, he is going to have to demonstrate he  can still throw the occasional  meaningful punch. So speaking hypothetical^, Ali is looking at three, possibly four  fights. Not one.  It's fairly safe to assume  thai Ali has put Ihis all  together himself, knows that  beating Berbick (which may  happen if Bcrbick decides lo  fight blindfolded and hogtied)  is only the beginning. One  more beginning. And Ihe  beginnings are every bit as  tough as the endings, because  you have to find a reason to  begin again.  I can't help feeling that  money isn't enough of a  reason. Not by itself. Ali in his  prime was arguably the  greatest fighter who has graced the ring, the 'Thrilla in  Manilla' might have been the  greatest fight ever. The United  Slates Military robbed Ali of  probably his three best years;  but he persevered. He came  back.  I wish he wasn't coming  back. However optimistic he  may or may not have been  about his chances with  Holmes, he was still surprised  Holmes handled him so easily.  It was a new kind of humiliation. A new day, a new era.  Somebody else's. And it is  sticking in the craw of  Mohammad Ali. It is no  longer his day. That's the  pride part. Even if Ali knows  he must leave the ring and  leave it soon, he doesn't want  lo do it without regaining a  touch of respect.  The people who watch Ali  perform in the ring are  plumbers, accountants, nurses  and pipe-fitters. Ali is none of  ihese. He is a boxer. That is  his profession. An accountant  doesn't have to stop until he's  65. Quick, name me two 65  year old fighters. When you  can no longer do what you  love, what you do best, then  you have to do something you  do a little less well, something  you love a little less.  Ali has already taken a stab  at acting, looking for  something beyond the ring.  He's not Olivier, but even if he  was damn good, what could he  do that might approach what  he has done in the ring?  So it's time to step down.  We all know that. And we're  upset because Ali won't  recognize the obvious. Think  about boxing in the last 20  years. Who resurrected it, who  made it, what's the one name  that nine out of ten people  would speak if you said the  word "boxing". He was boxing. And now he's not.  It may be the money, but  it's not just the money.  From the Fairway  ��� John Bumaide Photo  Foursome finishes round of golf at the Junior Bursary Golf Tournament held last Saturday at the  Sumhlne Coast Golf Club. The tournament came down to a sudden death playoff by moonlight,  between Ian McLymont and Wolfgang Reiche. Reiche won the playoff. Tournament organizer,  John Kavanagh reported $3,000 was generated for the junior golfers' bursary fund.  Sechelt Rod and Gun  by Ernie Hume  The final Monday Twilight  Golf was held last week. A  four member team scramble  completed the events for 1981.  Lila Chambers, Vic Marted-  due, Virginia Douglas and  Bob Emerson joined to make  up a powerhouse team and  won the tournament with a  very low- 18'/! score for the  nine holes. "'���  After the game, thirty-five  golfers gathered in the  clubhouse and enjoyed  another fine dinner served by  Marg Park and her kitchen  staff, all in all a successful  season, handled by Ed Pinker-  ton, who deserves our thanks  for a good job well done.  The ladies held a back-to-  school tournament last Tuesday. Doreen Gregory topped  the contestants with a low net  68, followed by Doreen  Mathews with a low 71. The  nine-hole players using a full  handicap for the round had  Elsie Cupit winning with a low  net 34 Vi and Jo Emerson second with a 37. The two-day  Eclectic Match was won by Jo  Emerson with a low gross 114.  The senior men took to the  fairway on Thursday morning  and competed in a low gross,  low net tournament. Walter  Nicolls shot a nine-hole gross  of 39 to take top spot for the  day. Low net was captured by  Jim Nielson with a fine low net  29. Three ties for second place  with low net 30 also made the  prize list.  The return interclub match  with Squamish Seniors will be  contested on Thursday. Tee-  off is at 9 a.m. with no holds  barred. This will be followed  by lunch and refreshments.  About 40 seniors are looking  forward to another good day  of golf and fellowship.  On Sunday, September  20th, the McKenzie Trophy is  scheduled. This is an 18-hole  Medal Play, husband and  wife, low aggregate contest. A  large field took part last year  and it is expected that a good  turnout will be on hand this  year. Don't forget to enter at  the clubhouse as soon as possible.  Last Wednesday, September  8th, Greg Grant entered and  won the West Van Police  Tournament with a low gross  76. Congratulations to Greg.  Not to be outdone, Connie  Grant played in the Squamish  Ladies Open and placed in the  runner-up spot with a net 83.  The Golfing Grants, along  with Pat Mulligan, have kept  the Sunshine Coast Club's  name in the limelight during  the summer in many tournaments. May we say thank  you and continued success  along the way.  Charlie Burns Shoot:  Thanks to Joe Mellis of our  Club and Carl Haerthe of the  Gibsons Club for arranging  this shoot.  Participating shooters were  Joe Mellis, George Ruggles,  Gunnar Wigard, Len Clarke,  Doug Meldrum, Chris Blazvic,  David Attlee, Scott Jackson,  Carl Haerthe, Tim and Lyle.  Winners were:  1st - George Ruggles  2nd - Chris Blazvic  3rd - Joe Mellis  Position 3 Shooting:  1st - Chris Blazvic  2nd - Joe Mellis  3rd - Scott Jackson  Bench Rest:  1st - Joe Mellis  2nd - Gunnar Wigard  3rd ��� Doug Meldrum  FRAMED  MIRROR  CABINETS  Many  styles  available  Hwy. 101 & Pratt Rd.      886-7359  e  ^ WORKWEN? WORLD  WE'RE WORKING FOR YOU'  FREE DRAW  Sept. 12 to Oct 3  Rugby club loses  in home opener  by Jay Pomfret  The Gibsons Rugby Club  was slightly outclassed last  Saturday by a stronger Vancouver Mcralomas side.  Il was a beautiful day for  rugby; unfortunately Gibsons  did not get untracked until late  in the game. Strong and continuous support from both  backs and forwards helped the  'Lomas to the 20 - 7 victory at  Vancouver's Connaught Park.  Three penalties killed Gibsons' chances of getting into  the game. Each penalty  resulted in a three point field  goal courtesy of a very  talented Mcralomas place  kicker.  Gibsons' only score came  from a hard drive by wing forward Hugh Duffy. His score  seemed to spark the Gibsons  club but it was too late in the  game.  This coming Saturday,  September 19, the Gibsons  Rugby Club will host the Vancouver Scribes at 1:00 pm at  the Elphinstone school field.  Gibsons Lanes  Open Lane Times  Fri. & Sat.  Sun.  7:00- 11:00 pm.  1:00-5:00 pm.  Closed Sunday Night  Draw to be made in Langley, B.C. Oct. 3, 1981  JIIIWllilllHllllllHlllflllll  I PENINSULA  1     MARKET  885-9721 Davis Bay, B.C.  tide tables  Is your car begging for a  second chance?  Beautiful bodies are our business  Brian's Auto Body &  Painting Ltd.  Fully equipped  for all body and  paint repairs  Box 605. Sechelt  885-9844  Reference:  Point Atkinson  Pacific  Standard Time  Wed. Scpi. 16  0040  0645  1245  1900  5.7  14.0  5.8  14.7  Thurs. Sept. 17  0120 4.9  0740 13.9  1340 7.0  1935 14.6  Fri. Sept. II  0205  0845  1425  2000  Sst. Sept. 19  0305  0955  1515  2055  4.3  13.7  8.3  14.5  3.9  13.5  9.6  14.1  Sun. Stpi. 20  0400  19  1120  I3.5  1615  10.6  2140  13.6  Mon. Sept. 21  0510  4.0  1250  13.7  1800  II.1  2235  13.0  Tues. Sept. 22  0610  4.1  1410  14.2  1930  10.9  2355  12.4  GROCERIES      FISHING TACKLE  TIMEX WATCHES    SUNDRIES  Open 9-9      7 Days a Week  MstMiPIiiIIIW  GWG Scrubbies  and Wranglers  Reg. $19.99         MmW SI  Justine  Ghildrens Jeans  up to Size 18 waist  Italian  Hiking Boot  Reg. $89.98  Levis  Student  Jeans  Sizes 22-27 waist  Reg. $24.98  Men's  Workwear  World  Jean Jackets  ���1S.��*  Canadown  Work Vests  SOA97  Reg. $34.98       *���������������  Bell Flannel Shirts  $7.99 ea. or 2 for *1 ����� ��� "  e* WORKWEfVR  Cowrie St.  /IK WORLD   &J2SZ.  k I SPORTS 1  In Pender  Aquatic Society  receives grant  The Pender Harbour Aquatic Centre opens September 15,  1981! The staff at the pool are getting all geared up for an exciting new fall program. We are very pleased to announce the  opening of our new fitness room which has just been completed  ihis summer by means of joint-use funding for our area. The  fitness room will enable us to hold evening fitness sessions for  ladies, on Monday and Wednesday nights from 7 pm. - 8 pm.  Participant! can follow their fitness session with a swim in the  adult only swim session held on these evenings. Morning and  afternoon sessions for fitness will be held at their regular times  Monday, Wednesday and Friday mornings from 10 am. Look  for new and fun ideas in our fitness exercising to music.  More good news! Not only do we have a fitness room, but the  Aquatic Society, in conjunction with our physiotherapist, Katie  Angermeyer, have been awarded an International Year of  Disabled persons grant from the B.C. Committee for I.Y.D.P.  We applied under a project tabled 'Fitness for Health' and were  awarded a whopping $2,300. The project will focus on prevention of disability and promotion of fitness through exercise and  the money will be spent on exercise equipment, fitness diagnostic  and monitoring equipment, and some on safety equipment for  the pool. We are in the process now of receiving the funds and  ordering equipment. The fitness room will add a new dimension  to the Aquatic Centre, making it a total fitness and health facility with pool, swirl, and fitness room. The facility also has room  for a sauna, which will be the next addition to the Aquatic Centre as funding becomes available.  The society is awaiting news as to acquiring a Universal gym  and weight set for the fitness room. There has been a great deal  of interest by men in working out with weights and a Universal  gym in the fitness room. The staff would try to make this room  available on a almost daily basis for men and women (weight  training is becoming very popular with women these days) when  we acquire our fitness exercise equipment.  Your new programs are in the mail. Most classes will begin the  week of September 21,1981 so read your programs carefully and  then give us a call! Something new this fall as well���Evans Hermon will be offering Yoga classes in our new fitness room! All  information is included in your programs.  So remember���the pool opens September IS, 1981 and we will  feature Free Swimming the Weekend of September 19 and 20 to  start the fall program off with a real splash! See you there!!  Minor Hockey starts  While the Wanderers were beaten 3 - 0 by Labatts "B" In last Saturday's game al Langdale, the  score was not indicative of the play. The Wanderers showed greal potential for the coming season.  The next game Is Saturday in Vancouver.  Fran Bourassa Pholo  Chatelech  Sports     1  Pender  Wildlife  On Tuesday, September  15th. Pender Harbour and  Districi Wildlife Club will  meel again. Business has piled  Up over the summer recess and  items on the agenda include:  1) discussion of the possible  financial   assistance   for  fishway on Anderson Creek  2) The Wildlife Federation  -shall we support its sagging  finances? and 3) our own club  and its goals for the winter  program.  All interested persons please  attend and express your views  on these and other issues.  Tonight, September 15th, at  ihe Madeira Park Elementary  School Library, 7:30 p.m.  Coast News, September 15,1981  13  EVERARD   INSURANCE  SERVICES LTD  Specialists In term life Insurance  ��� Low-cost ��� Mortgage Insurance  ��� Non-Smoker Ratal  CALL US AT 885-5726  a c*  Susan McLean,  C.G.A.  announces the opening of her  ACCOUNTING OFFICE  #104 ��� 1557 Gower Point Rd  886-8666  MERCURY ZEPHYR FORD TRUCKS LYNX ESCORT GRANADA FAIRMONT FAIRIMINT GRANADA FAIRRIONT UANS MERCURV  by Darcie Voung  by Bill Tymchuk  The 1981-82 Min* ��|ockey  season is underway with Sjain  a shortage of coaches and  referees. Anyone interested in  coaching or assisting a Minor  Hockey team, please contact  Head Coach John MacKenzie  885-9866.  A minor hockey referee's  clinic will be held at the arena  Sunday, September 27th. This  is an all day seminar giving  level one and two carding.  Registration is the same day at  9:00 a.m., fee $7.00. Interested persons may contact  Head Referees Ray and Shan  non Stockwell.  A general Minor Hockey  <!M(i!>l*,.is. .scheduled for  September 17ih, 7:30 p.m. at"  the Sechelt Elementary  School. We hope to see many  new faces attending.  To meet Minor Hockey Insurance requirements, parents  should purchase only C.S.A.  approved equipment for their  young players.  Minor Hockey Association  also wishes to announce that  there is still time to register.  Please call Brenda Siebert at  885-2300 or Archie Maclntyre  at 885-5096.  This year, Chatelech Senior  Secondary is starting a new Intramural Sports Program, involving major student participation. To start the year  off with a "bang" we are having The Great Chatelech Gum-  bill Marathon, which is the  first event of our many new  activities.  This marathon consists of  bicycle riding, running, swimming, rowing a boat and an  obstacle up the school hill.  The Great Chatelech Gumball  Marathon will start at the  school, proceed down as far as  the Porpoise Bay Campsite  and back up to Chatelech. It is  on September 23/81 at 11:00  a.m.  Six students and one teacher  from Chatelech were among  the 80 participants in last Sunday's Terry Fox run. Students  included Lonnie Brock, David  McLeod, Darcie Young,  Stewart Frizzell and Lisa Mat-  thaus. The teachers were  represented by Mr. Sluis.  Person's wishing to announce up-coming sporting  events or report scores should  contact Bruce Robinson in  Gibsons, 886-7748 or George  Matthews In Sechelt, 885-3841  or the Coast News, 886-2622.  OH 4984  t  IT  1982 Price Will Be Much Higher!  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Based On the principle ol  Mutually Assumed Destruction, these two power blocs  laced each oilier throughout  the fifties brandishing  weapons of mass destruction.  Internally both organizations  have survived many crises Ihe  1 rench withdrawal from  NATO in l%6 and, for the  Warsaw Pact, the Czech and  Hungarian episodes, for example. Today, however, there  arc emerging in both camps  destabilizing forces thai  threaten to change the nature  of ihese alliances and to again  re-draw the political map of  Europe. They are the current  movement for unilateral disarmament in Europe and the  Polish crisis.  First, NATO and its problems: Fuelled primarily by  the new hawkish, go it alone,  foreign policy of the Reagan  administration, allied to the  break-down of SALT, the  failure of Detente and of  Ostpolitik, and the growth of  the anti-nuclear movement in  Western Europe, decisions are  being made which will affect  America and Western security  well into the nexi century. For  Canadians this should be a  matter of real interest as the  involvement of Canadian  forces in NATO and the current policy of seeking security  through NORAD means that  this country's relations with  Western Europe and the  Soviet Union will be radically  affected by any change in the  European balance of power.  Any alliance depends upon  the willingness of its constituents to consult and discuss  important matters of policy.  In NATO the senior partner,  the USA, has always found  itself torn between this path  and the desire to take  unilateral action based on its  'Super-power' status. The recent decision by President  Reagan to go ahead with the  neutron bomb has made it  clear to Western Europeans  that they are not being consulted.  Anti-Americanism, always a  latent force, has received a  greal fillip and the friends of  Reagan in Europe, in particular Schmidt and Thatcher,  have found themselves in a  difficult spot. The outbreak of  attacks on American property  in West Germany and the increasingly unilateral disarmament policies of the British left  are evidence of movements  that feel an alternative to  NATO is necessary and feasi-|  IF"  Who says we don't use Cliff Gilker Park?        J��*"> Bumsids pmo  COMMERCIAL ART  ble. President Reagan's tough  'cowboy' diplomacy lends  credence and support to the  view that Western Europe cannot trust the Americans in the  crunch.  It is in Britain where the  anti-nuclear, anti-American  feeling has its mosl important  political manifestation. The  policy of the Labour Party  and the recent decision by the  Trades Union Congress call  for Ihe closure of British  nuclear bases and the rejection  of US plans to base Cruise,  Trident and Pershing-2  missiles with nuclear or  neutron warheads anywhere in  Europe. Larry Smith, an official of Britain's largest  union, the Transport and  General Workers, stated that  "The only defence against  nuclear weapons.... is not to  have them". A Labour Party  victory at the polls in the next  General Election could mean  the end of NATO as we know  it today.  The debate over nuclear  arms was recently made more  controversial by the rejection  by the BBC of a synopsis  which E.P. Thompson, the  Marxist historian, submitted  for the proposed Dimbleby  lecture in November. Thompson, a staunch advocate for  Western European detachment from either super-power,  put forward the idea in that  only by destabilizing from  below can the military and  political establishments of  both blocs be brought under  the control of "citizens acting  in quite new ways and according to quite new priorities".  Without this control working  "against the ideological or  security imperatives of the  nation-state of either bloc".  Thompson maintains that the  present situation of the new  cold war must "with our present nuclear armoury lead to  auto-destruction".  The intended 'destabilizing'  of the NATO alliance has the  support of the left and the  trade   unions   in   Britain.  However, there is a formidable body of opinion both  in the UK and the rest of  Europe which supports the  Reagan policy for beefed-up  nuclear forces and for the continuing of the MAD (Mutually  Assured Destruction) -Balance  of Terror policy. The  Economist in its 29th August  edition led the fray in maintaining that MAD only works  if Ihere is in fact parity between the opposing sides. The  Economist stated that the real  security of Europe lies nol in  unilateralism but in "the unbreakable chain". America  must be allowed to deploy the  Cruise and Pershing-2 missiles  in Western Europe, because  this not only nullifies the gain  obtained by the Russians from  the SS20, but assures Ihat in  the event of a European conflict that the Americans would  inevitably be involved. A purely European war would be impossible with Russian cities being bombarded by American  missiles, even if they were  fired in Europe.  The fear of America going it  alone, which isolates President  Reagan's friends in Europe  and encourages the opponents  of NATO, was not lessened by  the recent incident in the Gulf  of Sidre. The shooting down  of two Libyan SU-22's by F-14  Tomcats from the US carrier  Nimitz was seen as another example of Reagan's preference  for missile rather than  diplomacy.  Whether or not NATO survives the next few years will  depend on a real understanding between America and  Western Europe. Canadians  are not immune to the  destabilizing forces at the moment threatening the alliance.  The Canadian government,  with its greater knowledge and  sensitivity for European affairs, could perhaps play a role  in keeping the two sides  together.  Next week, destabilizing  forces working inside the Warsaw Pact.  complete  ACCOUHTIHG     $10,934.  package  ��� EIGHT  INCH  DISKS  s\ working for you  .JfiC ELECIflmCS  Trail Bay Centre,  Radio Jliaek  *<**��  AUTHORIZED DEALER        185-2568  WHY WE  CALL IT  "CANADA BLUE."  "Blue" comes from the  Labatts Blue label. But  "Canada" is the part we're  especially proud of. We've       ^^  been here since 1828. Today we're a  wholly Canadian-owned and  operated company with 11,000  Canadian shareholders  and 10,000 Canadian  employees. What's more  we're Canada's  favourite beer.  Canada Blue. It's a name  we're proud to share.  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Dudley's weakened body  couldn't cope with Ihe rigours  of limber cruising and his  health collapsed completely.  While he was recovering,  Dudley began to experiment  with his axe, illustrating some  of ihe ideas he had observed in  Indian an, and influenced by  his own experiences among the  wildlife of the rugged B.C.  wilderness.  He entered his first  sculpture in a contest in 1930  and was awarded a prize and a  scholarship to study sculpture  for a few weeks under Dudley  Pratt at the University of  Washington.  The next year he won  another prize and began to experiment  in  clay  modelling,  and other sculpture forms, in  1932, he made his first major  wood sculpture symbolizing a  local Duwamish Indian legend  "Rivalry of the Winds" which  weighed two tons and stood  about 12 feet high. It was purchased and featured in the  main sculpture hall of the new  Seattle Art Museum, a greal  honour for an artistic  newcomer and one which  firmly launched Dudley into a  prolific career lhal would span  five decades.  "My an seemed to grow  with me. Fortunately, I could  make a good living as a timber  cruiser, which was sporadic  work, and gave me time to experiment and study. 1 already  had the most important thing,  experience with the axe, and  exposure to Ihe Indian style of  wood carving. I guess I always  had the feeling, from when 1  was a child, thai 1 would one  day create my own work."  In 1933, Dudley moved to  San Francisco with his wife  and daughter and began a rich  association with many well-  known artists, which  stimulated his artistic development. It was on the banks of  the Carmel River that he built  his first replica of a Haida  house out of one gigantic redwood. The house cost him a  total of $7.50 for the glass.  The Carters lived in the 16 by  24 foot home until the war  came, when they returned to  Canada. The home is still in  existence today.  He later built another Haida  house which he still uses as a  studio in Bellevue,  Washington.   His   artistic  energy and imaginalion remain undiminished. A large  commissioned project, named  "Legend of the Moon" con  tains figures that appear to be  free floating inside the tree,  but are actually supported by  steel reinforcing rods.  Another figure was carved  in a living tree near Verlot  Washington, in 1947. In 1978,  it was hit by lightning, making  Dudley the first living sculptor  to receive direct attemion  from Ihe forces above. He is  "Rivalry of Ihe Winds" Dudley Carter's first major work  sculpture, executed in 1932 and still on display in the Seattle Art  Museum. Ph0,�� l:our"-'sv <>< Dudley Carter  still thinking of returning to  ihe sile lo recarve the remnants of the burned tree.  Dudley is innovative. "I am  the first wood sculptor io  develop ihe idea of hollowing  out my carvings, to make them  lighter and easier to transport  and lo speed up the process of  drying the wood."  When necessary, he uses  hidden, steel reinforcing rods  to support his composition or  give it a new dimension, that  would not be possible otherwise.  "I let the wood lell me whal  to carve," he says and points  to shapes lying on the beach  that suggest a future composition to him.  Dudley has adapted (he ancient Indian method of burning out the centre of huge  trees, and once buill a 22 fool  dug-oul canoe by stretching  ihe cedar iree itself "jusl lo see  if I could do it."  Dudley has bridged an era  thai has seen the disappearance of a vital centuries  old culture. He watched the  Indians fashion iheir dug out  canoes, houses and totems  and, inspired by them,  translated their art into a form  acceptable in the modern  world. Today, Indians seek his  advice on carving methods and  building techniques in an attempt lo revive the ancient Indian an and keep it alive.  Dudley Carter, the former  logger who applied his axe to  sculpture, has repaid his debt.  His friend, the Mexican artist,  Diego Rivera summed it up.  "His art at first was like Indian art, now it is his own expression yet a great deal of Indian feeling has passed  ihrough him���that is the way  an should be, first the  assimilation, then the expres  sion."  Sechelt  Library  flourishing  The Sechell Public Library  Association was pleased to  receive a letter of congratulations on becoming a Public  Library Association from the  Gibsons' Public Library  Association, signed by N.  Peterson, Chairman.  The small Sechelt library  circulated 977 volumes in July,  and a whopping 1059 in  August. The Board of the  Sechelt Public Libfary is  undertaking to collect  manuscripts dealing with ihe  early years of book borrowing  in Sechell, and will tape interviews of "old-timers" for a  future archive. Anyone who  can contribute is asked to drop  a note lo Sechell Public  Library, P.O. Box 2104,  Sechell, or lo leave a message  for Murrie Redman at the  library. Hours are from 10:30  1:00 Tuesdays and  Thursdays, and from 1:30  4:00 on Saturdays.  T"  vt-orrawormax.wofmosl  dctoiodown  Chile Wtflltf Chills jojj otlh 1 Dintadoim ronli ���'r*>lj'  quill iu"i down ww ntil to live en'ig, md M Irrt o'  ifdiiiui btdm��ing laitvtt Ask atiuut ot,- un.Qu*  guinntff ol witmin Wt nivt i coniiinli) eipindin'j  stifctton at dtsigni n dp miptesi ueKJirund mui'mi  Tnt Oncoming po��iLW-Ws lit wflim  Matching drip* service fitWt  P����)< COnlacl m 'in  our coin" uiuihu'e ind cross Cmd* deiifi all Hui  CJ'-adiin  donradown quilts ttd.  Vancouver BC ElMMtted 196?  SUNSHINflNTilHMS  NOHTH HO. 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SERVICES  SUNSHINE COAST  DISPOSAL SERVICES  885-9973     Porl Mellon to Ole's Cove     886-2938  Commercial Containers Available  DIALA-BOTTLE  Bottles ��� Party Ice ��� Mixes  ��� pop 886-177S ���C1����  TREE TOPPING  VIEW DEVELOPMENTS LTD  Clean up your wooded areas  Remove lower limbs for VIEW  Top tall trees adjacacent to building  Marv Volen  886-9597  UPHOLSTERY  ALL REUPHOLSTEWNG DONE  Boat Tops& Seats  1339 Wharl Road I ,  Sechell. BC 8H5f>21b   '  MADEIRA  7*4��4*��W LTD  for ovornttjhl fenerel fr��ttj*n ��  ���ntlro murmhenm Coasl * PeweN l  HarMfy Cattooow Nt>74S4  Van 4SO-3000  PowtH mwor 4%mmm74%r  ftrtsmrmtton icrvlce lo Ihe  SCREENED TOP SOIL  Clean black soil from Surrey   Have a look before you buy  Call 885-7496 Also haul sand gravel and fill  MARNOR HOLDINGS LTD.  <5*  r\  Upholsterers  '      Serving Sunshine   Coasl  883-9901 All Furniture - Marine - Boat Tops  MOVING AND STORAGE  LEN WRAY'S TRANSFER LTD.  Household Moving & Storage Complete Packing  Packing Materials tor Sate  Phone 886-2664      Member Allied Van Lines      R.R. 1. Gibsons  Village Tile Co.  CERAMIC TILE SALES AND INSTALLATIONS  Box 65  Sechelt  Joe Jacques  Phone  885-3611 16  r  Coast News, September 15,1981  COAST NEWS CLASSIFIED ADS  ANNOUNCEMENT  This is to inform our Classified Advertising  customers that effective September 15, 1981  the Coast News classified advertising rates will  be increased as follows:  Per IDreh: Minimum S3.00 prr 4 linr  insertion; 75c prr rath additional linr  We continue to offer the 3 weeks for the price of  2 rate.  Birth  Mr & Mrs. Gary Russell are proud  to announce Ihe birth ot their third  child, born August 28th, Grace  Hospital, weighing 9 lbs., named  Brian Robert #37  Thanks  We would like to express our appreciation and sincere thanks for  all the help given to Michael at the  time ot his accident.  The McKinnon family   #37  My heartfelt thanks to Dr. Berins-  tein and whoever assisted him in  saving my life. To Dr. Berinstein  for accompanying me by  helicopter to St. Paul's Hospital.  Also to Jim O'Toole, the pilot. But  for them, I would not be here now.  Lily Hammond   #37  Announcements  Are you interested in meditation,  health, iridology, nutrition, etc;  and would like to get together and  learn more? Please call 886-8795.  #37  NEW DANCE TERfTI  has started, space still open  in some classes, Marie - Aero,  Spanish. Janien ��� Tap, Jazz,  Ballet. Noel - Ballet,  Ballroom, Phone  866-2989  ATTIC ANTIQUES  Is  now  accepting  consignment  items   ���   lurs,   leathers,   wool  sweaters & coats only. 11 a.m. ��� 5  p.m. #38  Ladies afternoon curling starts  Mon. Sept. 28, 12:30 at Gibsons  Winter Club. New curlers  welcome. Babysitting avail. For into. 886-7801. #38  Gibsons Shttoryu Karate Club  Demonstration - self-defence and  weaponry ��� Akira Sato 5th Dan  Wed. Sept. 23 at 7:30 Gibsons  Elem. Gym. Registration info: Rob  Bennle 886-2647, Clive Lloyd  885-3520. #38  MEALS ON WHEELS  Available Moi  Wed . I'n  Gibsons, Ro  mis Creek  886-7880  885-3351  Enroll now  for  BASIC  SEWING  COURSE  8 Lessons: 16 hrs.  TUESDAYS  7:30-9:30 pm.  STRETCH  &SEW  8 Lessons: 16 hrs.  WEDNESDAYS  7:30-9:30 pm.  Sunnycrest  Fabrics  886-2231  -Mr iSL*  U*T7T . J��%P:  \    TUB 4- TOP     /      "  \..    SHOP    ^J  ��0 ^-������--niv   fl  A Full Line of      ��U��  Plumbing Supplies  Tues. - Fri.  9 am ��� 5 pm  Sat. 9 am ��� noon  Glbtom  Hwy 101 & Pratt Rd.  Relkl-A Natural Healing Art  Free lecture 8 p.m.. Sept. 16, Rm.  108. Elphinstone. 4-day workshop  Sepl. 18-21. Call Sue Winters for  info, and pre-regist ration  886-2937. The workshop is almosl  lull and is limited to 10. #37  SECHELT TOTEM CLUB BINGO  Every Sunday. Place: Sechelt  Legion Hall. Times: Doors open  5:30. Early Birds 7:00. Bonanza  7:30. Regular Bingo 8:00. 100%  payout on Bonanza end of each  month. Everyone Welcome. TFN  If someone in your lamiiy has a  drinking problem you can see  what it's doing to them. Can you  see what it is doing to you? Al  Anon can help. Phone 6-9037 or  6-8228. TFN  There are spaces available at the  Wilson Creek Daycare. For Information phone 885-2721. #38  Sunshine Coast Motorcycle Club  First annual general meeting,  behind Ken's Lucky Dollar, Wed.  Sepl. 16, 1981. 8:00 p.m. For more  info, ph: J. Kelly 885-7229.        #37  A.A. Meetings  Phone  886-9208  885-3394  or  886-2993  for Pender Harbour  883-9978  or  883-9238  Would anybody knowing the  whereabouts of Alex Sharpe (alias  Shovelhead) please contact his  former employer at 886-9491. No  reward offered. #37  Will the honest person who found  my two yellow bath sheets and my  chocolate brown flat queen-size  bedsheet on Highway 101 between Roberts Creek and trailer  park Tuesday eve., please call  886-8781 or 886-2622. #37  Aug. 15 area Maple Cres. Apt.  female chocolate point Siamese,  four months old, answers In Mai  Ling. Reward. 886-7656. 886-925C  #37  In Sargeant Bay area Aug. 30th 4  hp Evinrude, serial #708-1101, 2  blue oars. 1 red gas can, all in a  boat. Found the boat empty Call  collect 590-1083. Small reward ol  lered. #37  On East Potpoise Bay Road 2  while boat & berth mats ��� one  mens white wei weather sailing  panls Reward I112)266-5555   #37  Found  6 month (approx,) tabby cat, male,  in area ot Elphinstone School  886-8494. #37  Magus  Kennels  > Dog Boarding & Training  > CKC Champion & Obedience  Great Danes  p All Breed Grooming  "SCIENCE  DIET"  Dealer  886-8568  Announcements  CLOSED FOR  HOLIDRYS  S��pl   ?6th    Ocl  26th  Gibsons Girl & Guys Salon  Gibsons Landing  886-2120  CASTLER0CK  KENNELS  jPb  ��� Boarding  ��� Grooming  ��� Puppies occasionally  Roberts Creek,  opposite Goll Course  885-2505  >oeoocuooooooeocio555  SPCA  SPAY  Clinic  and information  886-7938  Box 105  Gibsons, B.C.  Livestock  Standing at stud, purebred pygmy  buck, Sunbeam's Sundance.  886-8029. #37  Nubian buck service wanted.  886-8029. #37  Suffolk-type ewe, good quality  wool produces excellent lambs,  ready for breeding Oct. 886-9200.  $50. #37  Dr. Nick Kleider will be arriving in  September. He specializes in  horse problems only. For more information phone Carmen Peters  anytime. 886-8268. #37  GOOD Ha7~$3.50 PER BALE.  MULCH   $1.50.   PHONE   EVES.  885-9357. TFN  Breeding  Sow for sale. Evenings  885-9294.  #38  j. ELUNCHAM  [ft   STABLES  HOk  * Boarding  Wmf  ��� Training  l:V  ��� Lessons  _Li.  885-9969  Work Wanted  BIIYI'S  DRYWALL  ��� No job too big  or small  ��� Machine taping  available  Construction and Renovations  $10 par hour  885-3185  TFN  RENOVATIONS  Basemenl finishing, bathrooms,  etc. 10 years experience.  Reasonable rales, free estimates.  B.P.Smith Construction 886-8263  alter 5:30 p.m. TFN  Taping 8 Texturing large jobs S  small.  Free estimates 886-7484.  #38  Experienced  janitorial   cleaning.  Contract or otherwise. 886-7607.  #38  Baincoast Secretarial  Olfice overload Service  and  Professional Out ol Office  Typing  (Pick-up and delivery  available)  Pani: 880-8593  Eves. 885-5588  J. LEPORETILE  Quality Installations  Ceramic. Mosaic or Quarry  All work guaranteed  Free estimates  Phone Anytime  i 886-8097       ,  Work Wanted I Work Wanted I Help Wanted  Fenced 8 hour daycare, 3 days per  week for Humphrey, friendly little  white Malti-Poo. Jumps 4 ft. Yard  with 5 It. fence preferred. He is  friendly with other pups If they are  female. Ph. 885-5251 or Coast  News Office 886-2622. TFN  PROFESSIONAL  DOQ GROOMING  Phone Sharon. 866-2084 TFN  SIGNWRITINQ  Vou name It, I can do it  JOHN BOLTON 886-8494       #41  Falling, Topping & Limbing. Fully  Insured. Free estimates. Call  Steve 885-7274. #39  Design  Drafting  886-744*  Reliable babysitter available tor  after school, evenings and  weekends. Phone 886-8283 ask lor  Hollie #38  Dependable carpenter available  now, exp. in all facets of house  construction, also small elec. and  plumbing work. 885-3847. #38  Reliable Lady will do housc-i'lcaning,  gardening, painting. Reasonable rates.  References available. 885-3383.     #38  LOG SKIDDING  Timber Jack Skidder  with oparator 886-2458  #51 TFN  Commercial pilot seeking employment. 500 hrs. multi-engine, land  or sea. Class II instrument rating.  Call Rick (112)921-9646 TFN  Qualified   Painter.   Reasonable  rates. Work guaranteed. 888-9749.  TFN  HARBOUR  CHIMNEY CLEANING  Serving the Sunshine Coast.  Fireplaces, furnaces, oil stoves,  883-9171. Customers from the 888  exchange call collect. TFN  Carpenter ��� new and renovations.  Reasonable rates and references.  886-7280. TFN  Chimney sweeping and moss  spraying. 886-7540. TFN  TREE SERVICE  We make it our business to provide you with satisfaction. Our  specialty:  s Topping  ��� Limbing  ��� Dangerous Tree Removal  Insured guaranteed services  Peerless Tree Service Ltd.  Call for free estimate: 885-2109.  TFN  LAUNDRY SERVICE  Pick up and Delivery  883-9043      #39  RUBBISH REMOVAL  Reasonable Rates. 868-9503    #39  Trees topped, fallen or hedges  trimmed. 886-9192. #37  Reliable Lady will do house-  cleaning, gardening, painting.  Reasonable rates. References  available. 885-3383. #38  BOB CARPENTER PAINTING  Commercial and Residential  886-2516 TFN  Your garden needs sprucing up?  Rototllling, pruning, make a lawn  or build a fence. 888-7540.     TFN  For Explosive Raquiramants  Dynamite, electric or regular caps  B line E cord and safety fuse. Contact Gwsn Nlmmo. Cemetery  Road, Gibsons. Phone 888-7778,  Howe Sound Farmer Instltute.TFN  NEED TUNE-UP?  Expariencad mechanic will come  to your car > any make. Raas. rates  call Dominique 885-3317 anytime  TFN  Experienced reliable babysitting  -Gibsons preferred. Call Gillian at  886-8781 TFN  Hardwood Floors resanded and  finished, work guaranteed. Free  est. Phone 885-5072. TFN  Dependable experienced carpenter, renovations, eavestroughs,  greenhouses, sundecks, finishing.  No job too small, until 8 pm.  886-7355. TFN  Backhoe available. Gibsons area  prafarrad.   Phone   886-9614,  anytime. TFN  Chimney Cleaning and maintenance. Phone 886-8187. TFN  HERITAGE CONTRACTING  Renovations, alterations, Irom the  basement to the roof. Also professional painting services, roller,  brush, spray. Free estimates.  886-9468. #38  Help Wanted  Janitorial firm requires part-time  help. 14 hrs. per week. Eves. &  weekends. Driver's license essential. Live in Gibsons area. Apply  P.O. Box 74, Gibsons. #37  Occasional babysitter for two  children. Roberts Creek area.  Phone 886-7316. #37  Part-time short order cook. Apply  in person at the Cedars. #37  Doorman required  part-time at  Gibsons Legion Branch 109. Apply  in person between 11 am. 816 pm.  TFN  Resident Watchman with dog required Oct. 1/81 by local logging  company. Accommodation provided. Phone 885-2228 for details  8 a.m. to 5 p.m. #37  Full-time  Receptionist  Typist,  Pender Harbour area. Bookkeeping an asset, but not essential.  Call 883-2212 or 883-22491 for interview. TFN  Required Immediately, light  housekeeping for 2 homes  Madeira Park area. 883-2491.   #38  Wanted part time taxi driver two  days a week. Also dispatchers.  Prefer residents of P.H. area. Apply to Pender Harbour Taxi  883-2316 or 885-9509. #37  Experienced kitchen cabinet installers needed immediately. Top  commission paid. Phone Bill  885-2601. #37  Instruction In Hebrew. 886-7645.  #37  Waitresses 8 Bartenders required.  Apply In person at the Cedars Inn.  TFN  CAPILANO COLLEGE REQUIRES  LEARNING ASSISTANCE  INSTRUCTOR  Capilano College invites applications for a part time position in  Learning   Assistance   at   the  Sechelt Learning Centre. The successful   candidate   will   be  expected   to  teach   Credit   Free  workshops   and   courses   in  vocabulary development,  speed  reading, Information processing,  and  possibly  memory  training.  Qualifications will preferably include an M.A. in Reading and/or  Psychology, or other appropriate  post-graduate degree.  Starting Date: October 3, 1981.  Please reply In writing to:  Dean of Instructional Services,  Capilano  College,  2055   Purcell  Way, North Vancouver, B.C. V7J  3H5.  Closing date: September 21,1981.  #37  TRACTOR FOR HIRE  Rototiller - Plough - Loader with  backhoe. Ideal for water lines. 13"  width. For full details 886-2934.  TFN  Colin's  Screen Printing  and  Sign Works  886-9169  Ruedi's  Blacksmith Shop  ��� Welding St Fabricating  ��� Tools It Hardware for  Log Building  Roberts Creek    885-3755  Wanted  Trucker  to haul approx. 25 to  30 loads of nursery  stock, etc. to Vancouver.  The kind of truck required:  20' flat deck, also  40' flat deck and  some loads for a  semi-trailer.  Murray Nurseries  261-2151  Wanted  Experienced  Breakfast  Grill Cook  f:  Phone  The  Heron  at  886-9031  Babysitter required for 2 small  children up to 2 hrs. daily. Please  call 885-7354. #39  Sechelt   teacher  requires   light  housekeeper Fridays 5 hours: $30.  Own transp. References. 885-2126.  #38  Experienced General Duty Nurses,  registered in B.C. required for  Casual Relief work at St. Mary's  Hospital. Salaries and benefits according to R.N A B.C. agreement.  Apply In writing to:  L. Buchhorn, Personnel Officer,  St. Mary's Hospital. Box 7777,  Sechelt. BC VON 3AO. #38  Wanted to Rent  Wanted to rent by Oct. 1 or earlier,  self-contained studio suite by professional man, in a quiet area. Call  collect 266.2861 evenings.       #39  2 adults want a 2 to 3 bedroom  house or small farm with acreage  suitable for garden. Will sign long-  term lease. References supplied.  Phone Myron 884-5223 local 251 or  write Box 44, c/o Coast News, Box  460, Gibsons, B.C. #39  Needed immediately by working  couple, one or two bedroom house  In Gibsons or Roberts Creek area.  No kids. References available. Ph:  886-9515 (messages). TFN  3 or 4 bedroom family home In  Roberts Creek area and small pet.  Needed Oct. 15th or Nov. 1st. Any  rent considered. Call collect  438-0445 after 6 p.m. #38  Urgently required for Oct. 1, 3  bdrm. house for family of 4.  Roberts Creek area. Ref. 885-7265  after 3. #39  Quiet industrious couple and child  urgently require 1 or 2 bedroom  accommodation. Prefer non-  seasonal rental. 885-3621.        #38  For Rent  2Va bdrm. furnished house, waterfront, Roberts Creek. References.  Ph: 885-3608. #37  Semi-waterfront remodelled two  bedroom house in Roberts Creek.  View, fireplace, WW, privacy, year  round. $500 mo. Ph: 112-687-2385.  #37  Lovely 6 room suite with sundeck.  $450 per month. 886-9352.        #39  Completely furnished suite with  garage in Langdale for one person, non smoker. $250. 886-2474.  #37  Datsun Camper furnished and  ready to go fun seeking $60 per  week. .08c mile.  Small motor home fully equipped,  only $50 per week, .05$ mile.  Hardtop tent trailer, sleeps 4,  ready to go. $35 week. .05c mile.  Cessna 150, fresh C of A $20 per  hour wet to PL & PB insured  pilots. 685.9509, 883-9952,  885-3666. #37  In Garden Bay, new deluxe two  bedroom apartments, appliances  included. Adults only. No pets.  References, deposit and lease required. $425 per mo. 883-9020 after  6 p.m. #39  Office and commercial spaces,  various sizes, 200 - 1200 sq. ft.  Centrally located in Garden Bay.  663-9020 after6 p.m. #39  For lease at Halfmoon Bay, large 2  bdrm. house, fireplace, carport  $550 per mo. No pets. Ph: 321-0880  6 p.m. to 9 pm. #37  1200 Sq. Ft.  Commercial  Shop space  For Lease  Hwy. 101, Gibsons  mm  OFFICE SPACE  Very reasonable lease  requirements for 2nd  floor location.  Sizes available  from 880 sq. ft. to  4500 sq. It.  Air conditioned, carpeted mall location.  SPACE  AVAILABLE  IMMEDIATELY  Phone: 886-2234  886-7454  For Rent  Gibsons. 2 BR house, view of  Howe Sound Islands, elec. heat,  furnished or unfurnished; garden.  886-7487. #39  Avail. Sept. 15 - year round rental.  Modern 3 bedroom side by side  duplex, central Gibsons.  $600/mon. No pets. Ref. 885-3434.  #37   2 bdrm. home for adult non-  smokers, no children, no pets.  Available Nov. 1st - April 1st. Centre of Gibsons. 886-9879. #39  Office space for lease. Sechelt's  newest building. Up to 2400 sq. II.,  2nd floor. Available end October.  Phone885-2247. Eves. 8855240.  #37  Granthams Community Hall.  Refurbished, good kitchen  facilities. Available for meetings  etc. Call 886-2935. #37  Community Hall tor rent In  Roberts Creek. Phone Bill Grose  885-9237. TFN  COMMERCIAL SPACE  1600 sq. ft. prime retail space now  available. 885-2522,885-3165 eves.  TFN  SPECIAL WEEKLY RATES  Peninsula Hotel 886-9334       TFN  3200 sq. ft. Condo Apt. W. Van  wtrfrnt. 20th floor, pvt. elev. 2 car  pk��� fully furnished. Leased by  corp. My 25% share offered at  $90,000, assume mort. $282,000 at  14%, 3 yr. tm. My price is final, no  agents or nominees. $10,000  deposit required. Write Box 929,  Gibsons, B.C. #37  2 bedroom summer cabin on  Garden Bay Lake. Fully furnished.  $250 month, refs req'd. 521-5140,  683-9181. #38  Gibsons area Apt. 2 br, fpi., deck,  view, utilities $550. Phone collect  weekday evenings (112)943-2469,  943-5026. #36  SECHELT OFFICE SPACE  PARTNER(S) NEEDED  If you need quality office space  and optional secretarial and  telephone answering services on  a part time basis, why not get  together with like-minded  partner(s). Let's shop around then  share the cost.  John Beuger, Academic Tutorials,  Box 1015, Sechelt. #38  Wilson Creek: Older 4 bedroom  home. Appliances. Fireplace.  Wood heater. $490/month. Anderson Realty885-3211. #37  OFFICE  SPACE  FOR LEASE  New Professional Building  SECHELT  Teredo at Inlet  Up to 2400 sq. II.  2nd floor  Available end ol October  Phone 885-2247  Eves. 885-S240  885-9539  COMMERCIAL  SPACE  FOR RENT  Cedar Plaza  Gibsons  Up to 1600 sq. It. ol  prime   Retail   floor  space (or reasonable  lease rates.  Good location for  Men's Wear, Ladies'  Wear, Jewellry store,  etc.  Please contact  886-2234  886-7454  For Sale  AWNINGS      >  ��� Dress up your windows or  add a room to your home  ��� Stop furniture fading  FREE ESTIMATES  W.W. Upholittry  & Boal Tops Ltd  Gibsons 886-7310  For Sale  MacLeods Wood Air Tight  Heaters from $279.94.  Some models for trailers or  modular homes.  GARAGE SALE: Malavlew Rd..  Gibsons, Saturday Sept. 19.9 am  til 2 p.m. #37  Graphanola (old-timer) conversation piece; recllner chair, mattress  80" x 80"; gas mower (Iron Horse)  38* chain. 883-2474. #39  Oil furnace burner unit $50. Oil  stove & tank $75. 30-gal. hot water  tank $30.886-8622. #39  1 steel dump box from truck, as is,  where is. Reas. 886-8466 #39  Four Famll; Yard Sale. Sunday  September 20th. 10 a.m. - 3 p.m.  Chesterfield, TV, chairs, girl's  clothes, many small items. Beach  Avenue, West of Flume Rd.      #37  Acorn Fireplace, orange. 885-9274.  #37  Tappan Gas Range & Stove  w/broiler, excellent shape & two  large 240 gas tanks $225.886-7062  or 327-0612. #39  OPEN HOUSE Sept. 13, Sun. 1 fo  7. Drop In and look over all the attractive Tupperware products.  Louise Palmer 886-9363. #37  20 Inch colour TV with remote control. $375.886-2743. #37  BONNIE BALLADS  Second edition just out at Hunter  Gallery & bookstore, lower Gibsons & Sechelt bookstore, Cowrie  Street $3.00 oi phone Margaret  Jones 886-9843. #39  New Sears B&W TV $100.  886-7442. #39  90,000 BTU oil furn. 250 gal. tat*  and Ig. qty. air ducts $250. 4 bar  stools $20 ea. 2 pr. ski boots sz. 9.  886-7668. #39  WHAT  FOR SALE OR TRADE  HAVE YOU?  'Hunters special 8 ft. camper, ice  box, stove & oven, furnace, over  cab sleeper. 886.8345. #39  30" Moffat ��� Gourmet 100 - $350.  Good condition. 886-7377       TFN  FOAM  54"x72"x2"  $22.98  Your One Stop  Foam Shop  W.W. Upholstery  & Boat Tops Ltd  Gibsons 886-7310  FALL  BULBS  Fall   Rye  Perennials  Lawn Seed  Shrubs  Fruit  Trees  Galvanized  GARBAGE  CANS  11.95  ZO    KG.  Mountain  DOG  FOOD  Re��.   -16.80  sI4-95  Quality  Farm & Garden  Supply Ltd. Coast News, September 15,1981  For Sale  PLEXIGLAS  Full Sheets or Cuts  W.W. Upholstery  a Boat Tops Ltd.  Gibsons 886-7310  Everyone needs more TUPPER-  WARE Productsl Date a party and  earn lovely gifts. Phone Louise  Palmer 886-9363. #39  Utility Trailer 4' x 8', '/.-ton steel  box, torsion axle $175. TV 19"  B&W portable $50. Wahl electric  hair clippers $35. Fineness of  grind gauge $250. 100 hp Merc  outboard for parts $100. Triple  beam scale 0 to 610 grams $40.  Two heavy aluminum windows 14'  x 4' $125 each. 885-9509,885-3666.  #37  2 Marantz stereo power amps. 1  elec. range $150. 1 wood  cookstove w/water lacket $100.  886-9169. #39  Used bricks U-Pick-M 20c ea.  886-8274 Mon. 8 Tues. eve.      #37  Blue chesterfield & chair $80.  B&W TV $25 OBO. Ph: 885-5598.  #37  3 lamily Garage Sale Sept. 19,10  a.m. - 4 p.m. Grady Rd., Langdale,  follow signs past ferry terminal.  #37  Various 15" VW tires, good condition, winter & summer. $10 ea.  886-2840. #37  ONE WEEK ONLY  Oil stove "Lady Pal" cooks 8  heats $20, includes stand and one  barrel. Also 110 electric 2-burner  and oven "Acme" range $10.  886-2688 try after 7 p.m. #37  Charm & bracelet display case  ���electric. Ph: 886-9941 10 a.m. ��� 5  p.m. #37  Firewood ��� Alder seasoned split  and dry,  call 885-2454 for del.  #39  2 large pillows 36" x 70" $25 ea.  Wrought iron 42" x 75" $50.  Bathroom medicine cabinet 16" x  24" $15.885-5572. #37  TARPS  W.W. Upholstery  S Boat Tops Ltd.  Gibsons 886-7310  The WOOD SHED  Is now taking orders for  FIREWOOD  Stock-up murv (or next winte  Phone SSb-X0S4  COAST  POWER CLEANING  1 Steam Cleaning  ��� Pressure Washing  ��� Sand Blasting  ��� Industrial Painting  885-9316  OCEANSIDE  POOLS  VINYL LINED SWIMMING POOLS  ALUMINUM  I STEEL WALLS  HOT TUBS I SMS  Sales, Service, Installations  Fully Guaranteed  Ten Yssrs Experience  FREE ESTIMATES  Phone  Bob Green  885-8882  Box 1184, Sechelt.  Appliances, Furniture, TV's,  Stereos etc. DISCOUNT PRICES!  Kern's Home Furnishings,  Seaview Place, Gibsons. 886-9733  TFN  TONY'S  UNIQUE RESTORATIONS  BRASS 4 ANTIQUES  Pedal stools. Sinks. Leaded glass.  French Doors. Demolition. Brass  Taps. Chandeliers. Wall Sconces.  Red Brick. Oak Floors. Beautiful  accessories 50 years 8 older.  3662-4th Ave., Vancouver.      TFN  Inglis multi-cyle auto washer, excellent condition. Guaranteed 8  delivered. $250. Phone 883-2648  TFN  Let US customize your kitchen coordinating drapery fabric and wall  covering. Teredo Carpet Centre.  885-2601 or 885-7520. TFN  TV * STEREO REPAIRS  Green Onion Stereo, Dunham Rd..  Port Mellon, 884-5240. TFN  WALLPAPER labulous designs.  Teredo Carpet 4 Home Centre.  885-2601 or 885-7520. TFN  MACLEOD'S SECHELT for hot  water tanks and Hotpoint appliances. 885-2171. TFN  Beat the wet wood winter blues  ���have your firewood delivered today. Truck for hire. Rubbish  removal. 885-3605. TFN  3 speed 3 wheeled bike. Price  $300. Wood to oil range with pipes  $100. Space heater $50. Small  fridge $75.886-9962 eves.        #37  TRAILER HITCHES  Reese, Eaz-Tow and custom hitches. Call Terry at Coast Industries, Gibsons. 886-9159.   TFN  Antiques:    Treadle    sewing  machine; 2 Jacobean dressers 1  with mirror, 1 without. 886-7961.  #37  ; 1   Powerful horse manure: you load  $15,885-9969. TFN  Christian Books (new & used)  bibles, albums, tapes, plaques,  and greeting cards at Gibsons  Christian Books & Crafts, lower  Gibsons. Phone 886-9077        #37  FARM FRESH VEGETABLES  Buttercrunch Lattuca, Chard, Zucchini, Carrots, Beats ate. Open  Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday. Tony Archer 886-7046.     TFN  NIT HMILIM  W.W. Upholstery  i Boat Tops Ltd.  Gibsons  886-7310  FREE KITCHEN DESIGN  SERVICE!  Carpets! Vinyl! Ceramics! Appliances! Cabinets! Teredo  Carpet & Home Centre 885-2601.  885-7520. TFN  Due to showroom renovations, we  are selling many individual  cabinets, countertops, hood fans  etc. at 40% off. Call Sunshine Kitchens at 886-9411 for more information. TFN  1 -11' F9 boat 9.9 outboard motor,  2 zinc lined copper double boilers.  4' round table, tricycle. 22"x22"  alum, bathroom window. 883-9973  #38  3 used doors, painted & in excellent condition. 30 inches, 2  single panel, 1 full glass panel.  $50. take all 3. Phone 886.8483. #37  Westinghouse self-cleaning oven,  like new, only 3 years old. $500 or  best offer. Phone 886-2508 after  5:00 p.m. #39  Purebred Netherland dwarf bunnies at Unicorn Pets 'n Plants,  Sechelt. #37  "Aloe Vera" the Medicine Plant  available at Unicorn Pets 'n  Plants, Sechelt. #37  Brighten up the house with a new  tropical house plant. A great  selection now at Unicorn Pets 'n  Plants, Sechelt. #37  Bench grinder $15. Bathtub door  enclosure $20. Porcelain on steel  bathtub, exc. cond. $40. Oil barrel  stand $7.886-2513. #38  W.W. Upholstery  ft Boat Tops Ltd.  All Supplies for the  DO-IT-YOUR8ELFER  Still tome gnat  FABRIC  SPECIALS!  Gibsons  886-7310  Another   Load  CANDY  STRIPE  It ul.her Hacked  C.irpet   Has  Arrived  At   the  Am.1/ mt;   Price  595 yd.  (But   Hurry)  SECHELT  CARPET  CORNER  Hwy. 101 Sechelt  885-5315  Stihl 075 AV Chainsaw used only a  few hrs. 36" bar w/ripping chain or  33" bar w/skip tooth chain $600.  Mike. 886-8371. #39  Tent Trailer, lightweight, hardtop,  sleeps tour. Good condition $550  OBO. 886-8647 or 886-9409.      #39  Juicer and Food Processor,  bookcase, solid maple coffee  table, wall clock, wall heater, five  light fixtures, easy chair, swivel  cane rocker, Duncan Fyffe table.  886-8370. #37  '. size continental bed, clean & in  new condition. 886-9272. #37  26" colour TV and cabinet $600.  Colonial style chesterfield and  chair, 2 months old $250. Realistic  stereo and receiver. 2 mths. old  $600. Exercise bike $100.  886-2775.      ' #38  Near new Airtight wood heater  "Seefire" brand, airtight suitable  for small cabin or studio. $150.  886-2821. #38  BLANCHE  EQUIPMENT SALES  Langley, B.C. 530-3166  73 J.D. 350B, G.P., ROPS. 75 J.D.  350C, G.P., ROPS. '75 J.D. 350C,  G.P., B/H ROPS. '74-931 M.P.  ROPS. 71 D5, 5A, ROPS. '63 D6C  6A ROPS. 76 D6, LGP.A dozer,  ROPS. '66 TD25B, A dozer, Ripper.  '73 Hydra unit 202C. 36 in. Bkt. 74  Liebherr, 925, 2 bkts. 78 225 long  U/C & stick. 74 Thomas 2250,  loader, B/H. 74 Case 580B, loader,  B/H. 75 J.D. 410, 2 bkts. '77 Case  680E, loader B/H. 75 AC 940, G.P.  ROPS. New & Used Beales attach.  Clearing blades & buckets. Eves.  Jim 530-3166. Bill 888-1735.      #39  One old Sofa and Chair $50.  886-9290. #38  '64 Ford Vi t. F. end wrecked g.  eng. & good for parts, violin and  case, ex. cond. Offers. 2 skill saws  $25 each. 886-9425. #38  Foosball table $300.886-7877. #38  Chesterfield & Chair, large, very  comfortable & good condition.  $225 OBO. 886-8494. #38  Hay and Pasture Mix Grass Seed  ���98c Ib. Murray;s Garden & Pet  Supplies 866-2919. #38  The amazing New Pol combined  washer-dryer, available exclusively at Teredo Carpet and Home  Centre. Special $1,049.885-2601 or  885-7520. TFN  Compare our photo finishing  prices. Maximum $4.99 ��� 12. $6.99  -20. $7.79 - 24. $10.99 ��� 36. At  Pacifica Pharmacy. TFN  THERMAX  WELD-ALL IND.  Beat the High Cost ol Heating  Custom Made Wood Stoves  PHONE 886-8466  i��� madeira���  Appliances  have good guaranteed  rebuilt appliances.  Less than half  new price.  Call Collect Anytime  (���883-2648���'  CLEARING  Double Knits  60" wide  $4.99m.  Jerseys  60" wide  $3.99m.  Sunnycrest  Fabrics  Opposite Super-Valu  20%.,,  Garden, Camping &  Summer Supplies  AC  Trimette Chainsaw  attachment  reg. $99.95  Weed Eater #807  reg. $55.95  BUlLDinS SUPPLIES  Francis Peninsula Place  Hwy. lot  Pender Harbour  183-9551  Month ot September  Only  ELECTROHOME  SALES & SERVICE  3 Year Warranty  on Parts & Labour  **\ SUNSHINE  COAST T.V.  New t Used Equip. Sale  1 - 100.000 BTU space heater  kerosene $75. 1 - 75.000 BTU  space heater kerosene $125. 1  -051 Stihl 30" Bar $495. 1 - XLI  Homelite 16" Bar $125. 1 ��� Remington 12" Bar $65. 1 - Hoffco  Brush Cutter (gas) $295. 1 - 4 hp  B&S engine horiz. shaft $125.1 - 5  HP B&S engine horiz. shaft $150.1  ��� 5 hp New I.C. series B&S $360. 1  -8hp New B&S $340. Hoffco  Trimette grass trimmer attachment. Reg. $99. Reduced to clear  $59.95. 883-9114 #38  Freebies  Free gentle border collie X lab, 8  months. 885-5572. ��37  One nanny goat - Togenberg type,  tree  to  good   home.   886-9862.  ���38  Free! Oil cook stove, water  heating attachment too. Works  -just take it away please. Phone  Gary days 885-7477. #37  Wanted  Ladies lo fill oul our teams for  bowling Wed. morn. & aft. Babysitting available. 886-9381. 886-2086.  #37  Small ligurines Irom Red Rose  Tea, any number, please call alter  live 866-2466. #38  ���LUmBU FOR SALE������  Rough Mwn lumber. Grades Inr  fencing, construction and boats.  Yellow cedar, red cedar, fir,  hemlock. Inquire weekdays, 9 - 4.  Co pack Industries limited. Hillside Sawmill. Visit us beside  Avalon near Port Mellon or phone  926-7.118. TTN  B  if  ���nov  WOOD HEATERS  AND  WOOD ELECTRIC  FURNACES  Sales and Service  H. Himmel  Hwy. 101, W. Sechelt  885-2113  ATTENTION  BUILDERS  available in  bulk format  For use in  Solar Collectors  and Radiant  Floor Heating  H&S  CONTRACTING  885-3825  Music  Wanted: lead male singer 14.16  yrs. to sing in heavy metal band.  Call 886-2673 after6 p.m.        #37  Stereo: Duel turntable Phillips  amp pair of speakers $100 or best  offer. 883-9450. #39  Electric Guitar Iblnez Musician  with hardshell case, excellent  condition $1,000. Leave message  for Budge at 8857397. #39  Roland GA ��� 30 watt Guitar  Amplifier with distortion circuit &  reverb box, also headphone jack &  reverb footswltch jack, exc. cond  $360.886-2673 after 6 p.m.       #37  ivestwurid  Centres  CrDPIOIMEEFl  MCOfflP  Fender marstuN  Appliances  DEALER  COST  plwie%  Next lo (lie  Bank ol Montreal Building  Sechell  885-3313  Crib. 886 8696.  ���38  Older furniture, china etc. bought  or sold on consignment. Harbour  Antiques, 1585 Marine Dr., Gibsons 886-7800. TFN  F & L Contractors. Standing  timber. Any amount. Fair prices.  Good clean up. Lou LePage  886-9872 or 886-7833. TFN  Automotive  1973 Pont. LeMans stn. wagon,  350, aut. radio, Firestone F721  tires, good condition. $1,200 OBO.  886.9468. #38  '68 LTD 9 pass, wagon, PS, PB,  PW, int. exc, tires good, runs well.  $700.886-9200. #37  1973 Datsun 1200 front fenders  are rusted out. good shape otherwise. $450.886-7463. #37  1973 Volkswagen Beetle, runs, but  needs some repairs. $500. Phone  886-7152. #37  For Sale '79 Omni 2-dr. St. trans.,  45,000 km. $5,000 firm. 885-9600.  #37  75 DODGE VAN (Max!)  Mileage 54,000 orig. full camperized, economic 318 eng. Propane,  no rust, runs perfect. Ask $4,000.  306-7792. #37  1974 Dodge 1-ton cab & chassis,  good condition, automatic, heavy  duty, $2,000. 886-9411. TFN  1979 Dodge 1 ton, dual wheels,  flatdeck. V-8 auto., PS & PB,  20,000 km. Rebuilt. $5,500.  886-6414. TFN  1972 Vi ton Ford pick-up. No rust.  Gc-d condition. Must sell $1100  or best offer. 1958 Morris Minor  2-door sedan. Original condition.  $850 or best offer. 886-8540.     #37  1974 Triumph TR-6,65,000 ml. Mint  condition in and out. Complete  sound system. $4,500 OBO.  885-3313. TFN  1975 Ford van 3/4 ton camperized  V-8 auto. $995.885-2994. #37  Can-Am 175 TNT, street & trail,  good condition & fast, only 2700  miles. 885-3185. TFN  Sharp '75 Ford XLT pickup, clean,  no rust, 7000 miles since rebuilt.  $3,200 OBO. Mr. Davidson  886-8400 or 886-8126. #38  1973 AMC Hornet, 4-dr., auto.,  6-cyl., good condition. Lots of  miles but still runs well. $800.  886-8347 after 5 p.m. #38  vnt;K,:K..wim*M,.,,v*.,.r  Has Your Rabbit  Lost its HOP?  ('unit' in and set* Herman  Viindi'hiTt!. 'Hi years Vnlks  wagon Specialist - Factory  trained.  MOTH CMKT  FSKi XAIHI I.Ti  Hours ol Service  B am - 5 pm    885-3281  ves. m do siocn  many uui parts  I bCOHl   LYNX GRANADA  Automotive  1976 '/. Chev Van 350 V-8, auto  trans., PS, PB, tilt wheel, 66,000  mi $4,000 OBO. 885-3400. #39  1979 GMC Sierra Classic, new 350,  High-Rise Edelbrock, Holley  headers, power windows & door  locks, tilt steering, crulsa control,  pulse wipers, air conditioning,  AM/FM cassette. Phone Rob after  6 at 886-7781. ��37  Station Wagon Plymouth 71.  Runs good. $1,200.886-2847.   #38  '68 Dodge power wagon crew cab  4x4 with PTO winch. $2,100.  886-7442. #39  76 Camaro LT loaded, low  mileage. $4,500. 886-9902 #39  69 Ford Pickup, body Is a bit  rough but In good running order  $425.886-7748 after 6 p.m.       #39  1974 Corvette 454,4 speed. Offers.  After 4:886-8764. #37  71 Ford Torino, body ruat, needs  some work, motor and Interior In  good cond. $600 OBO. 885-5721.  #39  1970 Chev Station Wagon, taat  sale for $300. Get It out of my yard,  runs well. 883-2456. #39  1979 Capri Ghla, V-8 auto, PS, PB,  8,000 miles, loads ot options Incl.  tilt wheel, AM/FM cassette with  amp, etc. Plus 2 new snows on  rims $7,500.886-7927. #39  74 Chev wagon, 9 passenger, no  rust, reliable, clean. $1,600. Mon.  & Tues. eves. 886-8274. #37  1974 Pinto SW, running, suitable  for restoration or parts only $200.  883-9952,885-9509. #37  73 Nova HB, 1 owner, 350, auto,  mag wheels, PS, PB, $2,500 OBO.  886-9810 after 5 p.m. #39  79 Suzuki 4x4 soft top, heavy duty  bumper with winch. $4,900 OBO.  733-3103 after 6 call collect.    #37  78 Ford 3/4 ton Van needs engine,  3-speed. $350 OBO. 886-8894 or  885-5635. #36  '76 VW Rabbit, good condition,  4-dr., radio. $2,900.886-2543.   #38  1967 Buick Skylark, runs great,  good condition, clean $1000. Eves.  885-2583. Days 885-5851. #38  Marine  SMALL GAR  SERVICE  No problem for us - Ford  has been building and  importing cars and trucks  from Germany, Japan  and England as far back  as 1949,  So if you have a problem  wilh your small car we've  got the  EXPERIENCE  Hours ol Service  8 am ��� 5 pm. 885-3281  S.88TH C8AST  PORK MLBI LTI  The following  equipment is open  for closed bid:  2 only  1974 GMC  Dump Trucks  Model CS61403  Series 60Q0  S/N VIN'  #TCS614V586621 and  VIN#TCS614V569287  292 L6ARA  6-CylinderGas Engine  4 Speed Manual Tranny  PTO Drive  5-6 Yd. Steel Dump Box  Terms:  "As is, where is"  For   further   info,   or  viewing, and for presentation of sealed bids,  contact:  Mr. Glen Williams  Purchasing Inventory  Superintendent  Canadian Forest  Products Ltd.  Howe Sound Pulp  Division  Port Mellon, B.C.  Phone: 884-5223  Local: 225  C.F.P. reserves the right  to reject all bids.  Bid Closing Sept. 18/81.  78 Canaventure Twin 20 marcs  sounder bait tank RR trailer top  etc. etc. Moving. Good buy it  $6,500. Phone 883-2221. #37  Too big for my boat Volvo OB  Model 200 LS electric & manual  start. 1979 very few hours. $1,000  or will take short shaft 12 to 18  hp. as part trade. 885-2349.     #37  41' strip plank diesel power and  heat hlc press, water & shower  finished. 1980 - excellent family  live aboard. 3 new sails, centre  and cockpit sleep 6. Consider rail  estate in trade. Can finance part  883-9303. $79,000. #37  35' Ex-Trollcr completely rebuilt Ford  diesel sounder $12,000 OBO.  883-9388. #38  14' Alum. 9.8 Merc 188 Merc prop,  VHF & antenna. 883-2474.        #39  14Vi It. Sportsman 35 hp Merc  easy load tr��� full canopy, bast offer to $1,800. Ph: 885-9600.       #37  15'8" Riviera with trailer 140 hp  Evlnrude approx. 40 hrs. First  $3,500 takes. Rob, evenings or  weekends 886-7781. #39  24' log salvage tug sale or laasa. 2  stat. hyd��� 440 Chrya., VHF scanner, CB, full tow and salvage gear  $18,500,886-7834. #38  14 ft. fibreglass boat with new  vinyl top; newly reconditioned 6  hp Johnson motor. $1,450 OBO.  886-2668. #38  17 It. double hulled fiberglass  boat, new paint and cabin. Needs  to be finished. No accessories.  $500 firm. Ph: 886-2883. #38  73 Flbreform 21' boat 250 Merc  I/O, docking, running and  spotlights, hardtop, campertop,  heated, many extras $8,000 or  trade on Ig. travel trailer. 886-7422  eves. #38  4Vi Mercury $300 caah. Rebuilt  motor. 886-7877. #38  Don't pass this one upl 19 ft. Cal-  glass, 140 Mercruiser, full covered  wagon top, cuddy cabin, head,  stereo, sounder, 40 channel CB,  compass. Trailer, just rebuilt with  new tires. Great for fishing or  water skiing. $12,500. Call  885-3433 alter 6 pm. #37  AB Haddock Boat moving. Licensed and fully insured. Hydraulic  equipment. Phone 883-2722 days.  883-2682 eves. TFN  HIQQS MARINE  SURVEYS LTD.  Insurance claims, condition and  valuation surveys. . Serving the  Sunshine Coaat and B.C. Coastal  Waters. Phone: 885-9425,  885-9747,885-3643,888-9546. TFN  RENT-A-CAR  RENT-A-TRUCK  1981 1-Ton Trucks  c/w 12' Vans  1981 F-250's  3/4 Ton Pickups  1981 Fairmont*  1981 Mustangs  5 Ton Truck. 22' Box  Hydraulic Tailgate  DAILY WEEKLY  MONTHLY  COMPETITIVE RATES  ���ABBA���  \LEASE RENTALS  SOUTH COAST FORD  885-2131  Across from Benncr s  Furniture. Sechell  BAIT TANKS  Special $79."  While Stock lasts  W.W. Upholsteiy  a Boat Tope Ltd  Gibsons 886-7310  TRAILER HITCHES  Heese, Eaz-Tow S custom hitches.  Call Terry at Coaat Industrial, Gibsons. 8B6-9159. TFN  77 Ford Ranger XLT Supercab 3/4  ton, camperized, CB, AM-FM  cassette, new brakes, shocks, exhaust, plus 11 Vi It. camper, fully  equipped, self-contained,  hydraulic lacks, both In immaculate condition, also  fibreglass canopy. $11,000.  886-2924. #38  1978 30' Travel Trailer. Immaculate cond. Many extras.  $11,500,883-9230. #38  Datsun 1600 Pick-up with self contained mounted camper, radio,  CB, sunroof. Can bs rented at $80  wk. Asking only $3450. 885-9509,  885-3656,883-9952. #37  Fargo Motor Home, radio, CB,  tape deck, automatic trans., slant  6. Porta Poty. Can bs rented at $50  week. Asking only $1,850.  885-9509,883-9952,885-3658.   #37  1974 Astre Pontiac Panel, new  paint, tiras, CB, radio, economical  to operate. Yours for $1,950.  885-9509,883-9952,885-3666.   #37  Roomy 16' Trsvel Trsilar 3 burner  stove with oven, three-way fridge,  furnace, electric brakss. Asking  $2,800. Ph: 885-5598. #37  26 ft. Trailer for aals, good condition $6,300 or trads for boat.  Phone 886-6633. #37  17  Mobile  Homes  1974 2 bedroom - tip out on living  room ��� loaded with extras. Offers  to $22,500. Ph.(112)576-1465. TFN  14 x 58 new moduline mobile  home set up In Sundance Trailer  Park, 4 appliances, 15% over 15  year financing O.A.C. 885-9979,  Coast Mobile Homes, Dealer  #8393. TFN  1975 Mobile Home 12 x 64  sundeck and metal shed 4 apt. and  wood burning stove. $27,500.00  888-9777 Pad No. 83 Sunshine Cat.  Tr. Prk. TFN  198910x50 Saleway 2 bedroom excellent cond., new plumbing,  drspes, new else, stove, set up In  Coo. Must be moved. $12,000.  883-9161,531-5140 eft. 5 p.m.   #38  1973 12x54 3 bdrm. Offers to  $19,000. Ph: 865-0941. #38  Old (1952) 8x48 mobile home,  everything works, but interior  needs renovating, to bs moved (in  Garden Bay) best offer tskes ot,  will rent chesp to person willing to '  renovate. 883-9181 or 521-5140 alt.  5 p.m. #38  ' RNWlMMfcr ^  I ML Mist test Stest. tatfrt  rkmsmm.  csgsjMs sit of h sw fen.  Ts *��� Mmm lessHm Urn  Inhftok  MOBILE HOME  SALES ISEHVICE  Big Maple Motel  Davis Bay  885-9513  D.L. 5925  coast mobile  GOOD  SELECTION OF  DOUBLE WIDES  Consign your Mobile  Home to u\ for  Hwy. 101 |K'B>'"" >��"���-'>  ���. ��._-. Furniture)  885-9979 mol e*m  Campers & RV's  Sportsman canopy for import long  box lined & Insul. boat rack windows & screena etc. $600.  886-7757. #37  1973 Intruder 25 ft. Travel Trailer,  very few road miles $7,295. Can be  seen at office, Sunshine Coast  Trailer Park. 886-9826. TFN  For Sale: 18' Lancer camper  trailer, stove, fridge, heater, excellent condition. Phone 885-9432.   #37  10'/t Eldorado camper, 3-way  fridge, stove & oven, furnace plus  4 fixed corner. Good cond. $2,000  OBO. 686-9200. #37  Motorcycles  1978 Honda 400 twin 13,500 km  $1,000.886-9862.  1978 750 Honda, 6,500 miles  $2,000,886-9862. #37  1650 Norton SS, recently rebuilt. 1  Norton Matchless, recently  rebuilt. 8864088 after 6. TFN  For Sale 1979 Yamaha XS400  crash bars, backreat and rack.  Like new - 7500 km - $1300 OBO.  Call eves. 888-7908. #38  Opportunities  Will exchange tree topping or falling for land surveying services.  Phone Steve 985-2267. #37  Economy got you down? Avon offers good dollars, nice people,  great prizes. Call Sue Wiggins  886-9166, Helen Phillips 885-2183.  TFN  CASH FOI LOOS  tod Prices  FrNEMMMM  D & 0 LOG SORTING  LTD.  886-7896    886-7700  POD  U  RoyalTrust  FOR SALE  BEAUTY SALON  Opportunity to be creative and  be your own boss at the same  time. Well established business  with 4 fully equipped stations, 3  sinks with extra hookup (or  fourth, 4 dryers, bin washer &  dryer, full bathroom plus storage.  Located in modern plaza close to  shopping centre. Lots of parking  available. Vendor is motivated.  AH reasonal offers will be considered. CaU Elizabeth Raines  324-4621 (24 hours).  669-3022 RT-8 (24 Hours)  ~",H we can help you better. 18  Coast News, September 15,1981  Property  73' x 130' building lol. services at  property line, except sewer. Nicely  deed, quiet area on North King  Rd $36,500 (1121943-4393 Upper  Gibsons area. TFN  Roberts Creek - Magnificent property, treed level building lot.  Potential view. Services at properly s edge. Close to school, store,  yoll course Immediate access to  secluded beach with excellent  salmon fishing $67,500. Phone  294 8759 weekday eves #37  Selectively cleared '�� acre lot, 67  , 162 west of Gibsons on deadend road $37,500 Some financing  negotiable 886 7422 evenings. #37  New modern basement view home  1700 sq. It. dnished 1000 sq. It  nearly linished Double garage  $149,500 Ph 886-8763 ��37  Sechell Village 3 bedroom 1074  ,il 'I bungalow opposite park  . lose to shops and schools  579.000 linn 886-8787. ��37  Wanted to buy - Cabin on Keats or  Gambier Islands Write Box 8, c/o  Coasl News. Box 460. Gibsons.  BC ��37  Pender Harbour. Va acre 90��  ac-ean view lot. steep but sunny,  ideal for contemporary with solar  neat. Septic approved, paved  'oad cleared to build. Power and  water $37,900. Moving. All oilers  considered Phone 883-2221.    #37  Large level building lot, potential  view at Gower Point. $59,500.  Phone 886-2137 TFN  New 4 bedroom, 2400 sq. ft.  3 storey cedar Home on large lot  bordering elementary school  playground at end ol Poplar Lane,  cul-de-sac. Has huge kitchen and  living room, master bedroom with  walk-in closet and balcony, built-  in intercom system, finished basement and fully carpeted. Askina  $120,000. Call 872-8044 or  8869623 TFN  By owner V? acre west Sechelt.  Health permit obtained ready to  build on. $38,500 firm. Phone  8859240 or 885-5724. #38  Owner built 3 bdrm, 1625 sq. ft.  rancher $100,000. 886-8597.      #38  Corner level Gibsons area lot on  paved road in area ol new homes,  water, hydro, nicely treed, including Dogwood. Private. $36,500  with $10,000 at 13%%. Phone  886-8628. #38  WATERFRONT  WaterlrorTt owner with large level  lol, 2 bedroom home, wishes to  trade/buy small waterfront lot,  larger house, Roberts Creek to  Soames Point area or Bluff.  8869165. #38  For Sole by Owner  5 acres gently sloped  land, 300 ft. highway  frontage. Vi mile to Gibsons, 1 Vt mile to  langdale Ferry (4 min.).  1460 sq. ft. home: two  bedrooms, 2 baths, both  ensuite, family room,  living room with  Franklin fireplace, dining room, built-in china  cabinets, fully carpeted  and draped, 12' x 24'  privacy sundeck. 2 stall  barn -corrals etc. Permission for second  dwelling. Ideal 2 family  purchase. Phone  886-9200.  Forests touch  the lives of all  Canadians....  kJllg  THiNK  FORESTS  B.C. Yukon  Blanket Classifies  WESTERM CANADA'S LARGEST  ANTIQUE SALE AND SHOW. Vancouver Island's Antiques and Col-  leclables 5th Annual Fall Faire,  Esquimau Sports Centre, Victoria,  B C September 18, 19 and 20th.  pnr information phone Julene  4 78 6000 or Don 383-6211. #37  BC   Yukc  HI.imI.im  CI.is  METAPHYSICAL WORKSHOPS  ���Psychic consulting, personal  readings, group lectures and healing by well-known medium. Monthly newsletter. Contact Box 907,  Salmon Arm, B.C. VOE 2TO.  Phone 832-7304. #37  MAUI, HAWAII luxury oceanfront  condominium. Fully equipped  pool, jacuz2i. Summer $275 U.S.  week. $925 month (to Nov. 30).  Winter $350 week. $1,200 month.  Phone Vancouver 921-B401 or  936-7317. #37  FOR SALE BY OWNER: Hog larm  35 sows farrow to linish, new very  modern home on 9.5 acres grossing $60,000 per annum. Fully  equipped, including aerator.  Located in attractive area close to  Maple Bay on Vancouver Island.  Phone 748-2878 Duncan, B.C.   #37  MOBILE HOME. BRANDNEW 14 x  60, 2 bedroom, must be moved.  $29,500 Phone 588-8818 or  585-7173. (D.5246I. #37  R.N.'s Full time, part time or  casual opportunities available for  R.N.'s in a 625 bed acute care  hospital. Must be eligible for  registration with R.N.A. B.C. Apply  Personnel Department, Lions  Gate Hospital, 15th at St.  George's, North Vancouver, B.C.  V7L2L7. #37  ASSISTANT LINEN SERVICES  MANAGER: A degree or diploma  in business administration preferred, previous supervisory experience essential, experienced in  a commercial laundry or  production-related industry an  asset. Apply Personnel Department, Lions Gate Hospital, 15th at  St. George's, North Vancouver,  B.C.V7L2L7. #37  MOUNTAIN HOTEL: Replacing  summer staff, full time positions  available, cooks, housekeepers,  dining room personnel, cashiers,  gas jockeys and tow truck  operators. Apply in writing to  Glacier Park Lodge, Rogers Pass,  B.C. VOE 2SO. #38  WOOD WINDOWS AND DOORS!  Guaranteed lowest prices. Walker  Door Ltd. Vancouver 266-1101,  North Vancouver 985-9714, Richmond 273-7030, Kamloops  374-3566. Nanaimo 758-7375. TFN  HARBEL HOLDINGS LTD. Mobile  homes located in parks on pads.  Listings and Sales. We welcome  all enquiries. Listings wanted.  Wheel Estate. Phone collect.  Lower Mainland Divsion  13647-100th Avenue, Surrey, B.C.  V3T 1H9. 585-3622; Kamloops Division, 90-180 Seymour Street,  Kamloops, B.C. V2C 2E2.  372-5711. The Wheel Estate People. (D.L.6747). TFN  CATTLE RANCH BULKLEY  VALLEY, 640 acres deeded, 275  cultivated, 480 acre grazing lease.  Cattle and equipment optional.  Will carry mortgage for 60%. Call  846-5301. #37  160 ACRES HIGHLY PRODUCTIVE  LAND near Smithers In the  Bulkley Valley. 60 acres In hay,  ready for planting, beautiful view,  homesite, phone and power.  $150,000. Large mobile home and  full line of machinery available as  well. Excellent deal for complete  package. Serious enquiries to Box  413, Telkwa, B.C. VOJ 2XO or  phone 846-5827. #37  SANSUM NARROWS  DEVELOPMENTS LTD. Offering  for the first time. Two choice  -ocean waterfront lots on  beautiful Saltspring Island, B.C.  Lot 1 ��� 10.3 acres 1300 foot beach  frontage, $247,000. Lot 2 ��� 12.1  acres 490 foot beach frontage,  $223,000. Terms available call collect 653-4437 or 537-9242.        #37  BEAUTIFUL REGISTERED  CHOCOLATE LABRADOR PUPPIES, excellent hunting dogs from  field trial stock. Good with  children, super pets, all shots, tattooed, wormed. Price $250.00.  Phone 576-9234. #37  GRAND OPENING MISSION CITY  AQUARIUM CENTRE and Pel Supplies 206 - 33123 1st Avenue, Mission, B.C. Phone 826-8051  September 11 to September 26.  Mail orders Visa, Master Charge.  #37  1956 CATERPILLAR D7 Hydraulic  dozer ��� phone 795-3875 or 794-7746  Chllliwack $15,000.00. #37  FULL-TIME ADVERTISING  TYPESETTER REQUIRED by Vancouver Weekly, experienced on  Edit Writer 7500 or similar equipment an asset. Resume to Ar-  rowsmlth Star, Box 1300,  Parksville, B.C. V0R2S0. #37  THE ARROWSMITH STAR, a  weekly on Vancouver Island, requires a reporter to cover primarily  sports and community news. Car  and camera necessary. Send  resumes to Box 1300, Parksville,  B.C. VOR 2SO. #37  CORNER STORE CAMPBELL  RIVER, land, building, stock and  equipment. $87,000. $15,000 down.  Vendors will hold mortgage at  16%. Phone after 5 p.m. 286-1218.  #37  Sunshine Coast Regional District  NOTICE OF PUBLIC HEARING  Land Use Regulation Amendment By-Law No. 96.32  Application Fee Amendment By-Law No. 105.1  Pursuant to section 720 and 814 ol the Municipal Act, a  Public Hearing will be held to consider the following By-Laws  of Ihe Sunshine Coast Regional District. All persons who  deem their interest in property affected by Ihe proposed By-  Laws shall be afforded an opportunity to be heard on matters  contained in the By-Laws.  By-Law No 96.32 will amend Land Use Regulation By-Law  No 96. 1974 by amending Ihe definition of "Lol or Parcel" lo  include strata lots created pursuant to the Bare Land Strata  Regulations By-Law No. 96.32 will also specify Ihe provisions lo be contained in, and the procedure for the issuance  ot a development permit. Development permits have been  recently included into the Municipal Act as an optional method  ot regulating land use.  Development Permit Application Fee By-Law No. 105.1 will  establish Ihe tees required to issue a development permit.  The Hearing will be held in the Council Chambers of the  Sechelt Village Hall, 1176 Inlet Avenue, Sechell, B.C., at  7:30 pm. on Thursday, September 17, 1981.  The above is a synopsis ol By-Laws Nos. 96.32 and 105.1  and is nol deemed to be an interpretation of the By-Laws.  These By-Laws may be inspected at the Regional District,  1248 Wharl Sireet, Sechelt, B.C. during office hours, namely  Monday lo Wednesday, 8:30 am. to 4:00 pm. and Thursday  and Friday. 8:30 am. to 5:45 pm.  Sunshine Coast Regional District  Box 800  Sechelt, B.C. VON 3A0  885-2261  Mr. L. Jardine  Secretary-Treasurer  NOTICE OF  PUBLIC HEARING  _L ��.  L  ��-' 'W9m*��.  *#; 't.  *     '������'���>���  .   *'  .��t  mm  I  in  y *'..'. its  All that area shaded to be rezoned from Commercial  Zone 1 to Multi-Family Zone 2.  All that area cross-hatched to be rezoned trom Commercial Zone 1 to Commercial Zone 2.  PROPOSED AMENDMENTS TO  VILLAGE OF GIBSONS  ZONING BYLAW NO. 350, 1979  Pursuant to Section 703 of the Municipal Act, a Public Hearing will be held in the Municipal Hall, 1490 South Fletcher  Road, Gibsons, B.C. on Monday, September 28th, 1981 at  7:30 pm. lo consider By-Law No. 405,1981 (Zoning Amendment By-Law No. 405,1981). At Ihe Hearing all persons who  deem their interest in property affected by the proposed bylaw shall be afforded an opportunity to be heard on matters  contained in the by-law.  The intent of the bylaw is lo amend the present zoning to the  following described properties as noted below:  1. That certain parcel or parcels ol land in the Village ol  Gibsons more particularly known and legally described as Lot K, except that part included in explanatory  plan 7090, Plan 7945, District Lot 688, be rezoned  from Commercial Zone 2 to Commercial Zone 1 and  Multi-Family Zone 2 as defined in Schedule "A" attached hereto forming part of this bylaw.  2. This bylaw may be cited as "Zoning Amendment  Bylaw No. 405, 1981."  Take notice that the above paragraph is deemed to be a  synopsis ol Bylaw No, 405 and not deemed to be an interpretation thereof. The Bylaw may be inspected at the Gibsons  Municipal Office, 1490 South Fletcher Road, during office  hours, namely Monday to Wednesday 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m,  and Thursday and Friday 8:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.  J.W. Copland  ADMINISTRATOR  To: Herb Schoepflin Carrying on Business as  Roberts CrMk Drywill,  Coopers Residence,  Redrooffs Road,  Halfmoon Bay, British Columbia.  In the Provincial Court of British Columbia:  Small Claim Division  Between:       Gary Wm. Price, Judgement Creditor  And: Herb Schoepflin, carrying on Business as  Roberts Creek Drywall And the Said Roberts  Creek Drywall, Judgement Debtor.  You, Thi Judgement Dablor, Are raquirad to appaar at the  Courthouse al 1279 Wharf Rd., Sachelt at 10:00 am. on tha  October 22,1981 to ba examined on oath as to:  (a) your property or properly alleged to belong to you.  (b) the circumstances under which you contracted the debt or  incurred the liability which formed Ihe subject matter ol this  action.  (c) the means and expectations you then had, and Ihe property and means you still have, ot discharging the debt or liability-  Id) Ihe disposal you have made ol any property.  (e) What debts are owing to you.  And take Notice that il you fail to attend as required by thus  Judgamant Summons An Application May Ba Mada For Your  Arrait And Imprisonment Without Any Further Notice.  Published this 15th day of September A.D., 1981 By the  Order ol J.S.P. Johnson, A Judge of the Provincial Court, in  and for the Province of British Columbia.  VILLAGE OF  GIBSONS  PUBLIC NOTICE  OF  TAX SALE  PUBLIC NOTICE is hereby given that on the thirtieth  day of September, 1981 at the hour of ten o'clock in  the forenoon, the below described parcels of real property shall be offered for sale by public auction,  1. Folio 39.000     Lot 3, Blocks 4 and 9, District Lot  685, Plan 7013, N.W.D., Group 1.  2. Folio 656.000    Lot 1, Block C, District Lot 686, Plan  6125,'    N.W.D.,     Croup     1.  3. Folio 855.000    Block 7 of K and L, District Lot 686,  Plan   4028,   N.W.D.,   Croup   1.  4. Folio 884.000    Lot 8 of Lot 1, Block 7, District Lot  688, Plan 7392, N.W.D., Croup 1.  |.W. Copland  Administrator  Village of Gibsons  NOTICE  1981 -1982 List of Electors  COURT OF REVISION  Take notice that a sitting of the Court ol Revision to revise and  correct the 1981-1982 List ol Electors for the Village ol Gibsons will be held al Ihe Municipal Hall, 1490 South Fletcher  Road, Gibsons, B.C. at 11:00 am. on Thursday, October 1,  1981 and shall continue to sit il requisite from day lo day until  the list has been corrected and revised.  The Court will hear all complaints and may:  (a) correct the names ol electors in any way wrongly staled  therein; or  (b) add the names ol electors omitted Irom the list; or  (c) strike out the names ol persons Irom the list who are not  entitled to vote or who are disqualified from voting; or  (d) correct any other manifest error therein, or  (e) add to the list of Electors the name of any person who has  become qualified to have his name entered on the List of Electors since the 31st day of August 1981.  Copies of the List of Electors may be examined at the  MUNICIPAL HALL, 1490 SOUTH FLETCHER ROAD, GIBSONS, B.C.  Any elector who discovers his or her name to be omitted Irom  the List, or therein wrongly entered, may register a complaint  either in person, in writing or by agent, to the Court of Revision to have the List corrected accordingly.  Further particulars may be obtained from the office of the  undersigned.  J.W. Copland  Returning Officer  Phone: 886-2274  Application for a  Water Licence  Water Act  (Section 8)  I, Frederick W. Austin of  No. 5 1133 Pipe Line Rd.,  Port Coquitlam V3B 4R8  hereby apply to the Comptroller of Water Rights lor a  licence to divert and use  waler out of Malcolm Creek  which flows S.W. and give  notice of my application to  all persons affected.  The point ol diversion will  be locaied al T5 on WRM  8221-G  The quantity ol waler lo be  diverted or stored is 500  G/D.  The purpose lor which the  water will be used is  domestic.  The land on which the  water will be used is Lot 10  DL 2596 Plan 4364 G1  N.W.D.  A copy of this application  was posted on 29 June,  1981 al the proposed point  ol diversion or site ol Ihe  dam and on the land or  mine where the water is to  be used and Iwo copies will  be filed in the office of Ihe  Waler Recorder at Vancouver, B.C.  Objections to this application may be filed with Ihe  said Water Recorder or with  the Comptroller of Water  Rights, Parliament  Buildings, Victoria, B.C..  within thirty days ol the  date of the first publication  of the application.  The date ol the first  publication is September 8,  1981.  Signed:  Frederick W. Austin  Applicant  Province ol  British Columbia  Ministry of  Forests  NOTICE  INVITING  APPLICATIONS  FOR  TIMBER SALE  LICENCE A15186  Pursuant to Section  16(1) of the Forest Act,  there will be offered  for sale at public auction by the District  Manager at Sechelt at  10:30 am. on  September 28, 1981, a  Timber Sale Licence  to authorize the  harvesting of 170  cubic metres of dead  and down cedar,  located Rainy River,  New Westminster  Land District.  Term: 2 years.  Bids can be accepted  only from those who  are registered as  small business enterprises, as defined in  the Regulations.  Provided anyone who  is unable to attend the  auction in person may  submit a sealed  tender to be opened at  the hour of auction  and treated as one  bid.  Details of the proposed Timber Sale  Licence may be obtained from the  Regional Manager,  B.C. Forest Service,  631-355 Burrard St.,  Vancouver, B.C. V6C  2H1 or the District  Manager, B.C. Forest  Service, Box 4000,  Sechelt, B.C. VON 3A0.  Cap College  courses  by Karin lloi-mfurg  The Continuing Education  Fall Program was mailed to all  residents on the Sunshine  Coast last week and if you did  nol gel a copy something went  wrong in the distribution  system. Please eall the Continuing Education office and  you will receive a copy without  further delay.  Among the hundred courses  you will find quite a mimbci  of new ways to spend an evening of iwo to learn a new skill  and to meet new people,  Joan Warn, who is one ol  our best local waler coloin  painters, lias been conspicuous  by her absence Irom our pro  gram lor several years. I am  pleased thai Joan has accepted  lo leach iwo Salurduv  Workshops, 10:00 am ��� 2:30  pm on September 26 ami October .1 in Roberts Creek  Elementary School. In order  lo find what Joan terms "Ihe  straightest path to ihe goal ol  original painting expression"  you are asked lo bring a pain-  table object which has special  significance lor you. It could  be anything Irom an old pot or  child's first toy to a snapshoi  of your be.si friend, your  favourite house or...Ihe  possibilities are endless.  Deadline lor registration  and prepayment of lee $20 is  Sepiember 21, 1981.  "Women in Focus" is a  Vancouver based group  devoted to promoting  women's art, music and social  issues. On Sepiember 29,  Tuesday at 7:30 pm, Sue  Moore will show a slide/tape  presentation on Sexual  Harassment seen from a  feminine perspective, There is  no fee and we would like lo  stress that men are welcome.  Seven sessions on Chinese  Cooking are taughl by Jenny  McCourt in Chatelech Secondary School on Thursdays  starling on September 24. Pre-  registration is required as only  15 participants will be accepted. Pre-paymew is not  necessary.  I take iV liberty lo appeal  to Uir English speaking people  lo tell those who need and  want to improve Iheir English  language skills to contact Continuing Education, We arc-  prepared to oiler classes in  any area where a minimum of  seven students want instruction by Mrs. Jean Lubin who  is a trained teacher.  II is worthwhile to note thai  ihe Airbrake course lias now  moved to Sechell after being  taught in Gibsons for lour  years. This should ease the access for our Northern friends.  Two sessions on Fruil Drying with Bob Morgan.should  prove a worthwhile investment  especially for those who grow  iheir own products. Information about construction of a  food dryer is also pari of this  short course in Sechelt.  And now comes the Program for men only. Please  read page 12, lower left corner, in the Fall Program:  "New Age Orientation [or  Men" with Dudley Dohoo on  Sepiember 29, Tuesdays 7:00  -9:00 pm in Roberis Creek  Elementary School, library.  Investments with David  Worsley could prove  beneficial to those Interested  in knowing the best options lo  secure healthy financial planning. The course starts on  Sepiember 29, Tuesdays, in  Elphinstone.  Alice Albrecht. well-known  for her scrumptious food, offers "Natural Foods  Cookery" in Elphinstone on  Tuesdays, beginning  September 29 and in Chatelech  on September 28, 7:00 - 9:00  pm.  This is only a brief sample .  of courses offered by School  District   No.   46   (Sunshine ,  Coast).  Please call 885-3512 Continuing Education for further  information. The office is -  open Monday, Wednesday  and Friday - 9:00 am - 4:00 pm  and on Tuesdays and ;  Thursdays - 9,00 am - 7:30  pm.  CLASSIFIED NOTE  Drop oil your Coast News  Classilled at Campbell's  Family Shoes. Sechell, or  Madeira Park Pharmacy,  Madeira Park. Golf course and the park  Coast News, September 15,1981 19  Agile children on monkey-bars are part of the school yard scene  and these young acrobats enjoyed taking a break on first day of  class, Tuesday. . V8ne p��m>ii pmo  First time experience  by Fran Bourassa  The Coast News was given an exclusive interview this week  with Sarah Thomas of Pine Road.  Sarah Thomas, five years old, had an incredible experience  happen to her that will probably change her outlook for the rest  of her life, "I went to school," said Sarah.  She told the Coast News that she was culture shocked and  quite disarmed initially by the strange string of events that took  place that fateful morning. "I was scared," she revealed.  Witnesses say that when she entered the classroom, Sarah  clung lo her mother's leg in fear when her teacher "Mr."  Woods, a tall dark-haired, pretty woman came to greet her.  The environment called for new ways of thinking, strange implements and tools.  "I had to get dressed up and I had to take my lunch kit. I had  apple juice, cheese, an apple, crackers, and that's all," reflected  Sarah.  When asked if she felt that this experience would somehow  help her further her career and what she thought to gain from it,  all Miss Thomas said was that she hoped to learn all the words  and actions to a song called "My little wed wagon."  From the Attic  Bookplates  by Helen Wallinder  Correcting Bookplates  Bookplates, bearing the  owner's name, usually  decorative and pasted on the  inside cover, date back some  500 years when they were first  used to guard against book  thefts in medieval libraries.  They are enjoying a new  surge of popularity in the U.S.  and Canada (they have always  been popular in Europe) now  because they are easy to collect, relatively inexpensive and  fascinating records of history.  Bookplates were first  printed about 1400 when the  art of woodcutting was  developed. Early designs were  usually of mythological  charactaers, ships, landscapes  and wreaths. Later in England  they tended to be Heraldic in  design.  Copper plate engraving of  inscriptions became popular  and a good many of these admonished book borrowers lo  return Ihe book. The earliest  dated French plate was 1529,  English in 1574. In the U.S.  the custom was taken up in  1642. It was in the early 19th  century that bookplate collecting became a craze and collectors lurked about with razors  denuding rare books of their  plates.  Most advanced collectors  specialize in design, country or  age. Collections include, mot-  los, humour plates, poetic  plates and animals.  Bookplates belonging to  famous people is another  category. A Paul Revere  I bookplate would be very expensive today as in 1904 one  brought nearly $200 in London. Rudyard Kipling,  Charles Dickens, Daniel  Webster and Eugene Field all  had their own bookplates.  Bookplates designed by  noted artists are also a major  category. Women's plates of  the 18th century are considered desirable since few  women owned libraries and  had plates.  Many new bookplates are  very collectible, although not  expensive. Many castaway  books have plates which can  be removed by steaming;  otherwise, the rule is���don't  ruin a book by cutting out the  plate.  Most collectors get their  bookplates from other hobbyists. They may be kept in  binders or albums attached  with philatelic hinges or photo  corners.  I^aryanne  ewp  by Maryanne West  I've made it, I think, quite  clear that I'm not in favour of  alienating any of Cliff Gilker  Park, (or other parkland)  from public use for a number  of reasons. Most importantly  because the land was given to  the Regional Board in trust for  the pleasure of all who care to  walk in the woods. It's the only easily accessible area left for  walking, (our residential and  rural roads are already too  busy) and it makes no political  sense to create a precedent, to  give land which belongs to all  the people to a special interest  group, however worthy.  Before you have turned  around there are a dozen other  special interest groups with  good claims and our parkland  is reduced to a picnic site  beside the waterfall. Land is  Finite and, although trees may  be a renewable resource, it  takes several generations to  grow them to forest size.  Which does not mean that the  Golf Club's problems are not  appreciated by those of us who  do not play the game.  A golf course is an asset to  any community, and of course  if you're going to do the thing  properly there are specifications which have to be met and  a nine-hole facility isn't going  to be adequate forever.  As a non-participant, one  can understand both sides of  the golfer's dilemma. There  are those who fear that the  cost of expansion, even if the  land doesn't cost something  like $10,000 an acre (or  whatever land is worth these  days), will inevitably increase  membership dues and green  fees, perhaps beyond their  means. There are those who  doubt that it will be possible  this time around to get  donated and volunteer labour  to do much of the layout and  landscaping and who look at  today's cost of labour and  equipment and today's interest  rates on borrowed money and  feel this is not the time to expand.  Life is very different in this  community than it was some  15 years ago. Almost everyone  works, if only part time, which  leaves a lot less time and  energy for meetings or giving a  helping hand, however much  one would like to.  One can understand people  who are retired, or coming up  to retirement age, and those  with young families and a  whopping mortgage who may  already be looking at the increasing costs of maintenance  and upkeep and who say  "Let's make do with our small  golf course. Let's not bite off  more than we can chew."  And there are golfers who  don't want to go to 18 holes  for no other reason than sentiment. The present club is small  and friendly, a close-knit  group of long-time friends and  acquaintances. This, for them,  makes the game more enjoyable. I'm told this club has  a reputation for being a particularly warm and friendly  group, which makes it very attractive to visitors fleeing big-  city impersonality.  All these are valid concerns  which will have to be properly  addressed by the golfing  fraternity, but sooner or later  change will be inevitable. Can  you imagine West Vancouver  with just a nine hole golf  course?  But there must be some  alternative to alienating  precious parkland, particularly land to which many people  On the  Seafood Platter  by Chak-Chak  For countless generations  the bald eagles have vied for  the look-out perches in the tall  trees on Rock Point just west  of the estuary of Roberts  Creek. This location provides  a view of the shoreline in a  northwesterly direction to  Mission Point and southeast  to Gower Point. The birds  spend time in this area between their trips to the oolichan  runs up coast and the salmon  runs up the rivers in the  Squamish area.  Following the example of  the real birds, old Chak-Chak  and his wife are spending a  month at Rock Point after  leaving the old nest site on  Howe Sound before moving  up the coast to the new nest  site.  To get back to reality, I  should first of all draw your  attention to the notice issued  by the local Department of  Fisheries in the last issue of the  Chatelech parents  invited to meeting  Coast News. For the benefit of  those who missed it, we repeat  that information in this column.  "Sunshine Coasl Closure to  Shellfish Harvesting -  The Department of  Fisheries and Oceans has  detected an unacceptable increase in the PSP, (Paralytic  Shellfish Poison) of shellfish  in the waters of Areas 13, 15  and 16. Area 13 is the Campbell River area. Area 15 includes the waters lying adjacent to Powell River, Toba Inlet areas. Area 16 includes the  waters lying adjacent to Thor-  manby Island, Texada Island,  Pender Harbour, Bargain  Bay, Hardy Island, Egmont  area, Jervis Inlet and Sechelt  Inlet. These areas will be closed until further notice for taking of shellfish. "Shellfish  means oysters, clams, mussels  and any other bivalve  molluscs.  The Department of  Fisheries and Oceans will be  continuing to monitor the  shellfish for contamination  and will advise when acceptable levels have been  reached."  Because the oysters, clams,  JU11H  already have strong emotional  attachments.  We've had a number of  Sunshine Coast recreatio;  studies done TJ-Jer the***!  Did none of them mention a  second golf course, I wonder?  Now, I may well be way off  the fairway, but a second golf  course, maybe in the Halfmoon Bay area, would seem a  logical next move to me. There  must be a number of golfers  living between Sechelt and Egmont who would welcome not  having to drive so far and,  given the rising gas prices,  there'll undoubtedly be more.  1 understand the Department  of Lands and Forests is freeing  some land for development in  that area and maybe it would  be possible to get a hundred or  so acres out of the parcel for a  golf course.  That would take the  pressure off the Roberts Creek  course for a while, keeping it a  viable undertaking for the not-  so-wealthy.  In the long run, two 18-hole  courses may not be a pipe  dream, so now would be the  time to make an agreement for  an option on part of Lot 1505  to the north of Cliff Gilker  Park, if that can be done. Admittedly, it is not ideal to have '  a road (maybe) and a power  line cutting a swath through  the greens, but it is an obstacle  which, with some ingenuity,  can be gotten over or under  without subjecting passing  motorists to the danger of flying golf balls.  Who knows, in ten year's  time, the silicon chip may have  revolutionized golf too, and  we will play by remote control,  from the comfort of the tenth  hole.  swanson's  Swanson's Concrete  Products Ltd.  Manufacture & Sale of  Septic Tanhs  will criMfno  dims, nar Blocks, etc.  Box 172   Sechelt. B.C.   VON 3AII     885*5333  **TH'        ji ! ii ,   _      llllllllllrl.,,  " "     m\atf JHW " "  ' i ^<��^��V * * *  4    -   J   ' -MI0,  and mussels are banned now,  we must turn our attention to  the fish that is available. Here  is a recipe that you can try  with salmon, cod, or flounder.  "Fish Souffle"  1 lb. fish fillets, juice of half  a lemon, salt, a little vinegar, 2  eggs, I onion, 1 tbsn. butter,  flour, Vi cup of milk.  Wash the fillets, rub with  lemon juice and onion and put  aside for half an hour. Then  poach the fillets in salt water  to which you have added a few  drops of vinegar, until tender  but still firm. Take out and  flake the fish.  Meanwhile, prepare a white  thickening (roux) with butter,  flour and milk, add a little of  the fish stock and 2 egg yolks,  and blend briskly with a wisk.  Finally, fold in the well-beaten  stiff white of egg. Place the  fish in layers into a greased  basin, pouring a little of the  sauce over each layer, and  bake in the oven to a pale  golden brown. Particularly  good with mashed potatoes.  Sea you.  by J, Bernauer  Cltatelech's first week as a  junior-senior secondary school  was busy, exciting and exhausting for most of the  students and staff.  Many changes have taken  place including nine new staff  members, two new classrooms  in the mezzanine area and a  full complement of senior  courses to accommodate the  grade elevens.  Computer Science II and a  locally developed course,  Forestry II, are just two of the  many senior electives offered  ihis year.  Parents of all Chatelech  students are invited to attend  the first senate meeting on  Tuesday, September 29th at  7:30 p.m. This will be an opportunity to meet the staff,  tour the school and raise any  questions about the programs  at Chatelech. A very special  invitation is extended to the  parents of Grade 8 students.  For all your Carpets  ivroosheen  " b tc\eanln0  Carpet1*  I No  , BU  ild-uP '  S08P^>��  ��.��**  +**'  ��MS2  jr,^V7��-  T. Sinclair  885-9327  Professional Repair & Service  to your Heating & Plumbing  Equipment  ��� General Sheet Metal  > Installation of Heat Pumps, Air Conditioners,  Wood-Oil, Wood-Electric, Wood, Electric and  Oil Furnaces  ��� Plumbing Service & Installations  THOMAS HEATING  Call Now   886-7111  lo Years Experience  Serving the Sunshine Coast  since 1967  $Itiiage of jfecJfslt  Notice ol the regular meeting to be held at the Village Olfice on Wednesday, September 16th, 1981 at 7:30 p.m.  AGENDA  MINUTES:  Minulas ol the Regular Council Meeting of September 2. 1961  BUSINESS ARISINO FROM THE MINUTES:  DELEGATIONS:  CORRESPONDENCE:  1. School District 146 - paving ol Chatelech Road.  2. Ministry ol Municipal Affairs - re M.A. Ministers Conference  3. Peninsula Roofing & Insulation Limited - fence  I S.C.R.D.. re House Numbering System.  B. 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The VW rolled avvay from Seaview Market in Roberts  < reek when Ihe owner was shopping. He is Ihe black-bearded gentleman on Ihe right.  Carefree Gardening  hv Sandv l.oam  Whit can resist the lure of  Ihese golden days ol' late sum-  ma ami early fall? Luckily,  we can pul our outdoor time  lo good use in lite garden. This  ��a-k I want to continue on  with more aboul lltose  vegetables which, because of  iheir good storage properties,  assure us of a good nutritious  diel throughout the winter,  turnips:  Turnips grow wild in  Europe and have been used as  food for man and animals  since lime immemorial. A  good turnip crop is credited  with saving from scurvy the  settlers of Virginia in the  I600's. These are one of the  best winter vegetables. We  lend io ignore an important  pari oi turnips���the greens, a  rich source of vitamins and  minerals. Personally, 1 find  litem a bil strong, bin every  yeat I enjoy one good meal of  ihis Southern delicacy. The  -riutihagas or "Swede lurnip4^_.|  will still grow for some lime  yel, so we should should give  ihem good, weed-free conditions and water as required. In  rool crops, fast growih is  essential to good tender roots.  Slow growth results In  "woody" iiirnips. Remember,  no cook worthy of his calling  would produce a stew without  Iiirnips, and they arc as versatile in iheir preparation as  arc potatoes, Turnips keep  well in ihe ground till frost,  and are indeed improved by a  "touch of frost", but they  ilso keep well in bins In moist  Hind, in a cool cellar.  ( nrriils:  These natives of Europe and  ilic Middle Easl are now  cultivated universally. They  provide a good source of  Viiaiiiins A, H, & C and  minerals. Carrots are susceptible io ihe earrol nisi fly larva,  which attacks the root. This  pesi can he controlled by digging in wood ashes beside the  row, or In plaining a close row  ol garlic. A good commercial  insecticide can be put in the  row when plaining, (Hear this  in mind when plaining next  sen.i Carrots keep well in ihe  soil in this area if Ihere is good  drainage, and il they are pro-  lecled In a thick cover oi  lluw mulch. Carrots need Utile care now. hut should be  watered deeply in dry spells.  Superficial watering produces  stubb) carrots. The home  garden is nol complete without  carrots,  (urn:  " Ind before lite summer  ended  Stood the maize in all ils  beauty  II ilh its ihilling robes aboul il,  1 ml its long, soft yellow  tresses,"  Thus Longfellow, in  "Hiawatha", perpetuataed  the old Indian legend of the  origin of corn. Certainly corn  did originate in the New-  World and was one of the  wonders seen by Columbus  when he landed in the West Indies. The "corn" mentioned  in the Bible was probably a  general term, meaning grain.  Today corn is grown and eaten  throughout the world but in  Europe is still considered by  some to be "animal food".  But who amongst us Canadians  has   not   enjoyed   Ihe  autumn treat of corn on the  cob, or has not gathered round  ihe outdoor lire or barbeque  for the fun of a "corn roast"?  A few points to  remember'-Corn should not  be planted two years in a row  in the same spot. It takes too  much from the soil. Alternate  with peas or beans. When corn  is ripe the juice from a pierced  kernel is milky. Corn can be  dried and kepi for grinding or  other food uses.  Next week: more on storage of  vegetables.  Von9 Parnell Photo  Best in the Show award went to Carmen Grassie of Halfmoon  Bay, at the Sechell Garden club Kail Flower Show, Saturday.  Mrs. Grassie, who won Ihe Janet Allen Memorial Cup for her  floral arrangement, is congratulated by club president Tarn  Johnson of Gibsons. Mary Willoughby won Ihe besl dahlia  award, first prize for cut flowers, Ihe novice award and Ihe  Grand Aggregate tup. Other award winners were Jean Scoll  and Bahs Roberts.  Venn Parnell Photo  his confused little apple tree is a "late bloomer", says Louis  Hedden, of Norwest Bay Road, Sechelt. The young transparent  apple tree has always bloomed on time in previous years but so  far has never produced an apple. Mr. Hedden thinks Ihe tree  may have some Australian parentage in ils sap.  WESTWURLD  SOUND  CtO PIONEER  Wharl & Cowrie  885-3313  SUNSHINE COAST  PEST CONTROL & HEALTH SERVICES LTD.  LOCALLY OPERATED  GOV'T. LICENCED  For Control of Carpenter  Ants,  Rodents and Other Pests  OUR SPECIALTY:  Pre-freatment ol Houses Under Conduct  For Conlidential  Advice and 883-2531  Estimate Call      Pender Harbour  Legal Notes  by  Wayne Rowe  Facing foreclosure  Editor's Note: Legal notes is  written by Wayne Rowe, a  practising Sunshine Coast  lawyer. Wayne is a graduate of  Ihe I .B.C. law school and has  recently taken up residence on  the Coast.  In ihe current market conditions of soaring interest rates  and plummetting property  values the spectre of  foreclosure once again casts its  ugly shadow over a number of  property owners. Unfortunately, and as you probably  suspected when you signed  that mortgage, all of that fine  print ties you up quite lightly  and leaves little room to  manoeuvre.  To understand your relationship with your mortgagee  (the one who lends you the  money) you should appreciate  that in legal theory a mortgage  passes the ownership of ihe  properly to the mortgagee and  it is only upon the fulfillment  of the conditions of the mortgage that the ownership  revens to you. The early common law was unmerciful in  this regard and required the  mortgage to be repaid on the  specified date or the property  would be forfeited. Some of  you may recall the silent films  in which the villain would go  to great lengths to prevent the  hapless owner from meeting  his payment date, so that he  could take the more valuable  property. Fortunately, the law  has mellowed since those times  and the owner is now given a  period of grace in which to  redeem (pay back) his mor-  igage.  In British Columbia the  mosl common remedy sought  by a mortgagee when faced  with a defaulting owner is to  foreclose on the mortgage  This is invariably done when  the value of the property exceeds the amount owed qt��J*hc .  mortgage as Ihe final effeH of  the foreclosure is lo give to the  mortgagee complete ownership of the property.  At ihis point I should interject lo say that before matters  reach the point of legal pro-,  ceedings, you should discuss  the mater with your mortgagee  to determine whether alternative   arrangments   can   be  made to meet your obligations. This step should always  be taken in regard to any debt  as most creditors are receptive  to reasonable alternatives if  they can avoid costly and  tedious legal proceedings.  II this approach has not  been successful and the mortgagee has proceeded with the  foreclosure the court will normally allow you a period of six  months to pay your full debt  before giving the mortgagee  the title to your property. In  certain exceptional circumstances it is possible for  this period to be shortened or  lengthened.  During this period (called  the redemption period) your  only real options are to  endeavour to refinance your  debt or to sell your property so  Ihat you can pay out the mortgage. Until quite recently you  would have been required to  pay interest for the entire six  months even if you paid the  mortgagee after one month of  the redemption period. As a  result of recent amendments to  the law you are now only required lo pay interest up to the  date that you repay the mortgage.  One other matter that you  should be aware of is that the  mortgagee may, instead of  foreclosing on your property,  seek an order for Ihe sale of  your properly. This is usually  done where Ihe value of Ihe  properly is insufficient lo pay  ihe full amount of ihe mortgage The net result is that the  mortgagee gets the proceeds of  the sale plus a judgement  against you for the balance of  the debt. He can then collect  the deficiency from you al a  later date when you are able to  pay.  The mailer of foreclosure  can be immensely more complicated where ihere is more  lhan one mortgage on your  RTMRertii-As..in:..many, .legal  problems each case is a bil different and il is probably worth  your while to consult with  your legal adviser.  The author invites comments and questions of a  general legal nature,,and will,  when possible, respond to  such comments in the column.  Send comments to "Legal  Notes", c/o Coast News.  Creek Lions  playhouse winners  drawn  Brenda Harrison of the Sunshine Coast Trailer Park was  the lucky winner of- the  Roberts Creek Lions' draw on  a playhouse September 5th.  Second prize went to a fil  ling recipient-eight-month-old  Stuart Mclsack of Roberts  Creek couldn't come lo Ihe  phone, but Ihe child's table  and chairs will be wailing for  him when he's ready.  VOVOAIfl  PLACING & FINISHING  PAT/OS ��� DRIVEWAYS A" Types ol Concrete  H.OORS ��� FOUNDA FIONS Finishes indui/ing  SIDEWALKS Coloured or Exposed  Call Any Time  885-2125 886-8511  SERVING PENDER HARBOUR TO PORT MELLON  Drummond Insurance Ltd.  ATTENTION: All types of CONTRACTORS  We specialize in Liability Policies  Inquire aboul our new  ANNUAL TRAVEL POLICY  Unlimited coverage anywhere in the world for  as many trips a year as you want.  THE Convenient and Inexpensive way lo  insure your vacation.  "Insurance is our Only Business"  Commencing Sept. 8th:  Open Mon. - Sal.. 9:30 am. - 5:30 pm.  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Covers 28.  40. Bird 29.  42. Jacob's Son 33.  43. Follow 35.  45. Clever 36.  47. Tin 37.  48. Possessive Pronoun 39.  50. Awakening 41.  52. Musical Composition 44.  56. Plant 46.  57. Gold 49.  58. Vegetable Si.  60. Core Material of Earth 52.  63. Nightwear Material 53.  65. Love 54.  66. Verb Suffix 55.  67. Encircle 59.  68. Pane 61.  69. Musical Instrument 62.  70. River 64.  71. Tries 65.  DOWN  Quote  Seaport  Direction  Comes In I  Observe  Benedictions  Actual  Apparel  Put On  Direction  Acquire knowledge  Prods  ���-Off  Masc. Name (PI.)  Silly  Greek Letter  Bird  Far (Prolix)  Ireland  Fam. Name  Young Animals  Judgements  Masc. Name  Sound  Fit  Army Unit  Slates (Fr.)  Exclamation  Masc. Name  Ice Cream Dish  Contender  Got Up  Present Occasion  Mr. Shaw  Number  Worry  Congers  Sheep Tick (scots)  Appropriate  Aa-awarei to last week's Oeeewertt  s  ir  1  0  1  R  .  9  '9  rr  i  b  11  A  17  I  t)  L  "c  A  R  A  T  IS  J,  0  I  A  N  N  fi  0  A  G  A  T  It  D  E  s  it  E  R  A  T  I  "b  A  L  r  1 H  E  Rl  n  s  A  T  E  D  13  0  24  1  I  ��  p  A  s  T  0  R  I  !  A  N  E  B  3  T  E  "ar  L  E  s  "a  a  A  I  N  ���H  B  \  1  L  D  0  T  R  L  3  0  A  N  w  N  E  s  A  L  B  M  ii  H  E  A  ��  D  '6  ��r  M  L  E  T  A  L  L  ft.  S  A  R  A  T  S  H"s A  M  E  \  A  T  si  H  m"  ��� a  L  5R  ��  p  R  T  N  A  M  B  L  g  A  T  0  ���J  fi  H  A  I,  ft  K  h  H  fi  V  0  ��  N  }  fi  t  y  N  S  i  E  s  s  *E  D  s  t  L  ^  Coast News, September 15,1981 21  9.9/FL  Coast Holism  When is one really well?  by Dr. David  This week 1 would like to  respond to a thoughtful comment sent in by a reader. In  her letter, the reader wrote, "I  am definitely for homeopathy  compared to drugs for ill  health, but it seems to me we  should have more education  oh how to keep well rather  lhan how to cure once we get  sick. A better mental attitude,  good balanced diets, proper  foods, etc. and we wouldn't  need the cures."  The difficult issue of staying  well rather than curing  sickness is, of course, a very  intelligent observation and I'm  very glad this has been raised  now.  First, any mindful physician  could only administer an actual medicine if the need was  apparent, and this poses a  basic question���just when is  one really well?  As is always the case, the  final arbiter of this is the individual himself. Feeling well  is one indication, but does not  guarantee true wellness. In  order to clarify this a little, I  would like to present a brief  definition of health, which I  attribute to one of my  foremost teachers, George  Vithoulkas.  Essentially, being healthy is  freedom from limitations on  physical, emotional and mental planes. Hence, physical  health implies normal function  with an absence of symptoms  (associated with normal sen  sitivity���pain free people are  apt to injure themselves whilst  cooking Sunday brunch.  Emotional health implies  freedom from, and appreciation of, our emotions. For example, not being consumed by  jealousy, hatred, anxiety etc.,  but rather an appreciation of  this internal "weather" so one  can enjoy the thunder and  lightning.  Mental health is indicated  by clarity, coherence and  creativity, obviously a deluded  person cannot be totally well  any more than one who is  unable to remember from one  moment to the next, however  blissful this may be.  A really well person is  creative with his being, both  for himself and others. The  mere accumulation of wealth  does not fulfil this criterion.  So, rather than living on  seeds and carrot juice or  fasting, I believe the first step  in either attaining or maintaining health necessitates an  awareness of what being well  really means. I would suggest  everyone consider this very  carefully for himself.  The right diet, righl exercise  and right effort, with respect  for the "golden mean" help  greatly in our joint endeavour.  Just what is right for any  given individual is just  that���an individual matter.  Space will not allow further  discourse; however, I do  believe there are appropriate  places to start from and I will  return to this topic later.  If you have other questions  or comments you would like  me to discuss in this column,  please address them to Coast  Holism, Coast News, Box 460,  Gibsons, B.C.  Fitness time again  : Attention all ladies and  gentlemen on the Sunshine  Coasl. It is time again to start  thinking about getting our act  together and our bodies in  order and here here to help us  do just that is instructress,  Rieia Hanson of Gambier  Island.  Rieta is adding more classes  this Fall to accommodate  more keep-fitters, especially  you men. The program is for  you too, so please join us.  The Fall program which  commences on September 21  until December II is as  follows:  Roberis Creek Communlly  Hall: Class No.  I - Mon.,  Wed., Fri., 9:10 - 10:15 am  -$35. per term or $15 per  month. Class No. 2 - Mon.,  Wed., Fri. - 10:30- 11:30 am  -$35 per term or $15 per  month. Babysitting is  available at St. Aidans Hall,  advance booking is  preferred.$30 a term, $12 a  month or $1.50 a class.  Elphinstone Gym: Class No. 3  -Mon., Tues., Thurs. - 6:30  -7:30 pm - $35 per term or $15  per month.  Halfmoon Bay Communlly  Hall: Class No. 4 - Tues. &  Thurs. - 6:00 - 7:00 pm - $30  per term or $12 per month.  Registration for:  Class No. I 8:45 am Sept. 21  at Roberts Creek.  Class No. 2 10:30 am Sept. 21  at Roberts Creek.  Class No. 3 6:00 pm Sept. 21  at Elphinstone Gym.  Class No. 4 6:00 pm Sept. 22  at Halfmoon Bay.  For further information, call  Rieta at 886-2875. See you  there!  When hope is tested  ...we care.  When some one dear departs, the loss is often  accompanied by a feeling of hopelessness.  But reach out to your friends and you'll find  the strength you need. In such a time  you can rely on us... we understand.  886-9551  O. A. Devlin  Director  1665 Seaview  Gibioni  V  ?#*'" n'-'  ,\ v*. *%  v,     I  r -v*  "ir  v.\  * -���>  ���> . * ���. \,  .  B^i.m\.tm^JLsmm.amm.m%Amms     mm*im.*mm,.mmiJaMtS^^mLa*.mmmm*amL  rrotecxs irvouo iruiii  deterioration  6 restores its natural colour!  (Even If weathered* gray!)  Hew dees CWF amp wood deterioration* Wood, alternately wet and -.'*  soon loo��� to itotwrol beauty ltd turns dork, twofflng ���** ���wrtwHill >  woodortMk,o|rtf1,s��UntoMd(M  Imommo H powotrotoe dooply providing protection from msUmrm ettoolu  tihtitf water may stand on the eurfaoo during rain, It deep net ieeJt:mU'tki':  weed. Altar a few minutes of breeze and sunshine, Urn water oomawtaty  o-vepf atoe. Tao weed ie net ohookod by being alternately eeaketf owd dried  out rapidly. Alee, CWP binds the wood fibers keeping the surfaee firm and  free frern pimklnees and splinters. CWt> Film Is resistant to ndldew and  reeots to sunlight. This Is most evident en wood weathered to a WglHtaiai  where CW�� with the help of sunlight, will rosters most ef the original eeleur.  Great tor  Shakes, Decks & Siding!  GIBSONS  Toll Free  ^jjjL.  BUILDING SUPPLIES LTD. ..������  "For All Your Building Needs**  Sunshine Coast Hwy.       Gibsons, B.C. Coast News, September 15,1981  There's a $10 prize this ��n>k lor the correct location of Ihe  abme. Send your entries lo the Coast News, Bo* 460, Gibsons,  in time to reach the newspaper office b> Saturday of this week.  Last week's winner was Mrs. Irene (hamberlin who located the  "Springs and Mains" signpost between the Baptist Camp and  Salmon Rock on Keats Island.  Terry Fox Run  Our first annual Terry Fox Run went over very well with  one and all. We had 80 entries from iwo years old to 76  year old Robert Mennie who, upon arriving at the finish  line remarked, "How many times am I supposed to go  around this course."  We won't know the total pledges for a while but it will  be around the $2,000 figure. Certainly an amount we can  all feel proud of.  The run organizers would like to thank all of you who  showed up and especially those who donated iheir time to  help out. Also thanks to Super-Valu for donating the  orange juice, Ken's Lucky Dollar for the cups and Gibsons  Building Supply for the sign board.  Thank you Sunshine Coast, keep up the spirit.  PERMASEAL  WINDOWS  "A Complete Glass Service"  Forest fertilization  The B.C. Forest Service will be carrying out a Forest Fertilization project this month. The bagging and trucking of fertilizer to  the various locations here on the Sunshine Coast has already  started. Actual application of the fertilizer will commence  around the 21 si of September. Conair Aviation Ltd., out of Ab-  botsford, was awarded the contract and they will be using a Bell  205 helicopter to apply the nitrogen fertilizer.  The fertilizer used will be 46% nitrogen urea which is  manufactured ai t'ominco's plant in Calgary in the form of  "prills". The breakdown of the urea prill once on the ground is  simply carbon monoxide, water, and NH2 (nitrogen) which is  available to the forest trees. One application on an area is good  for up to 5 years and the growth response on Douglas Fir is immediate.  There will be 1,475 ha. treated here on the peninsula, 454 ha.  at Narrows Inlet, and 448 ha. up Ihe Jervis Inlet area, totalling  2,377 ha. in all.  If any further information is requested, please do not hesitate  to contact Ken Matthews or Jim Gowriluk at the Ministry of  Forests office in Sechelt (885-5174).  In local schools  Enrollment down  September is back to school time. At least it is for the 3,000  students and 200 teachers and professional people in Sunshine  Coast School District #46.  Districi Superintendent John Denley told the School Board  Thursday night thai enrollment figures in the district's 14  schools were "down" from the anticipated number for 1981.  However, they were close enough that he expected they would be  "right on" by October.  Traditionally, the number of secondary school students  climbs during the month of September. There are 34 secondary  school students and 25 elementary school students fewer than  expected, Denley said.  Denley told the School Board there has been an unexpected increase in Kindergarten enrollment in the district. There are 254  Kindergarten students, which is 29 more than the number pre-  registered in the district in June.  Cedar Grove, Davis Bay and Roberts Creek schools had the  largest jump in new kindergarten students, making it necessary  to have two kindergarten programs in the Davis Bay and  Roberts Creek schools, rather than the one expected. Cedar  Grove school has the largest kindergarten enrollment in the  district, and already has two kindergarten classes.  Gibsons Elementary school, the second largest elementary  school in the district after Sechelt Elementary school, has had an  increase in students, to 295. Sechelt Elementary has 348 students  this year.  9  a*  JTIfli  a��a  MM (II.MATH II  Kctf.  S1019.00  ��� Cooks by tin tv 01 cooks to  leinpeidluie Iveii holds .11  Inn iier.il m i- to lender i/e economy  euls ol meji  ��� Eictuim Hoiwvi p�� Cooking  Sysietn     ,i totaling slumei ol  pomi" ttut nmits bene and cooks  mosl 'oods lister lhan ever  Mon /00 waits coating power    WMM  ��� Advanced memory    wuh ring* t>' Coolunati  clock     automatic; stall lime     sepatalF hmei  $969.  OO  KERN'S  Home  Furnishings  Open  1 lies - Sul -9 am - 5 pm  I11-N1 on* I liinnclit^ O.A.C.  Seaview Place. Gibsons       HH(i-U7,\,i  Cedar-West  ���Properties Ltd.���w  The .\aiiic lo Kciiiciiihcr  When Thinking  Construction  Guaranteed quality work  in all phases of  residential & commercial construction  Contact 438-6508 (collect) (8 am - 6 pm)  or 885-5702 (6 pm - 9 pm) for  free, no obligation estimates  ��� John Burnside Photo  Big Bird was in Sechell last week promoling the opening of Ihe  Chicken Shack on Cowrie Street  Sports  club  The Sunshine Coast Sports  Club  attended  the Eleventh!  Annual Autumn Track and  Field Championships held it  Victoria September 12th.  Juvenile Men:  Lonnie Brock, 4th - 800M, 4th  - 1500M.  David MacLeod, '1st - Javelin  2nd   -   Long   Jump.   2nd  -1500M,   5th   -   200M,   4th  -Discus  ��� (First in Juvenile Men's Pen-  tathalon)  1967 Girls:  Lori Brock, 4th - Discus, 6th  -Shot Put  1968 Boys:  Shaun Thorold, 1st - Discus,  6th - 400M, 7th - 200M  1969 Boys:  Skven MacLeod, 1st - 100M,  1st - 200M, 1st - 400M, 1st  -Shot Put, 1st - Discus, 1st  -Javelin  Cross Country season is rapidly approaching. First practice  will be Wednesday, September  16th, at Davis Bay School at  7:00 pm. Anyone interested in  jogging, competing, or maintaining fitness, you are  welcome to join. For further  information contact Ron Bunting at 885-9859.  Teredo  Mt  SS2�� /VT ABBEY  Window Treatments  A  Bali Venetian Blinds R&TX������Z*  VertlCHlS Texture  Cloth   Designer P.V.C.   Grooved P.V.C.  Woven  Woods  Folding Doors  Valances  Canopies  Cafes  Draperies  Cornices  30% OFF       LY STOCK O.YLV  I Ileum and  Traverse Rods  15% OFF ALL  Drapery Fabrics  .a&J&k  iiiijii^'ii^,  redoSq San-thin* and strollers, swimmers and bikers, treats at ths picnic tabU, ths beach campsite at Porpals* Bay has plenty  el room to accommodate weekend snn and Inn lovers. - *""��� "���""���F��>"n��"��  INSIDE...  Century 21 Century West Real Estate.  Mitten Realty Ltd   Block Bros. Realty Ltd   Coast Mobile Homes Ltd   Aelbers Real Estate   Gibsons Realty   K. Butler Realty Ltd   Woodcreek Park page 10   pages2&3   Pebbles Realty page 11  .pages 4,5,6 & 7   Anderson Realty Ltd pages 12 & 13   page 7   Wharf Realty Ltd page 13   page 7   Art Alexander Realty Ltd page 14   page 7   OUI Sladey Realty Ltd page 15   page 8 & 9   H.B. Gordon Agencies Ltd page 16   page 10   Solar Realty Ltd page 16  COAST  '*    //VANCOUVER ISLAftJ Sunshine Coast Realtor, Sept. 18,1981  GrfUKy.  in-***,    nd Z\  BOX 1490, PHONE  WHARF ROAD      885-2235  SECHELT, B.C.       VANCOUVER  von-mo 689-5838  (ToN Free)  -CENTURY WEST REAL ESTATE  "TWO OFFICES  MEMBER SUNSHINE COAST  HOMES  MERMAID STREET - SECHELT       No. 91l|j  Cozy 3 bdrm. home. Living room, dining room  & efficient kitchen with dishwasher. Lot 63' i  122'.  185.000. Lynn Wilton, 885-5755]  WAKEFIELD ROAD No. 819  Immaculate 3 bdrm 'A' frame home set In almost  an acre of cathedral cedars. The craftsmanship in  this top quality home Is unbelievable. Rosewood  & maple to make you drool. Huge finished  workshop on grounds, landscaped to please even  the most discriminating.  1179,900 BUI Walkey 885-5327  SANDY HOOK No. 867  Vendor would like to see all offers on this  one/two bdrm view home on Coracle Drive.  Tastefully finished Interior with new addition to  enhance view.  174,900 BUI Walkey 885-5327  Pat Parker 885-5615  WATERFRONT HOME  REDROOFFS No. 795 MLS  Lovely two bdrm home on Redrooffs Rd.  Features six-tenth acre of easy access waterfront,  fantastic view Is Merry Island, Welcome Pass and  Mount Arrowsmith. Vendor will consider all offers  and will finance at low interest rate.  1187,500 Pat Parker 885-5615  SHAW ROAD ACREAGE No. 918  Invest in your future. 2.8 acres of property with  subdivision potential on Shaw Road In Gibsons. A  beautiful 7 yr. old, 1645 sq. ft. home Is attractively  located on the'property site. Property is level &  partially cleared to keep development costs down.  Ray or Lealle 885-9057  SANDY HOOK No. 768  1 acre with subdivision potential and well built 1  bdrm home. Privacy and tranquility.  179,900 BUI Walkey 885-5327  WELCOME WOODS ' No. 884]  On Alderwood Rd, new 3 bdrm home, over 1190]  'sq. ft. on approx. l/i acre. W/W throughout  Fireplace, ensuite, sundeck & carport.  1124.500 Ed Baker 885-2641  ptjevt Walker 885-3746!  LAUREL ROAD No. 908  Big landscaped lot complements this fine 3 bdrm  home with big bathroom up & sauna with 3 pee.  on lower level. 2 brick fireplaces and, Jenn-Alr'  range. Excellent financial arrangements for'  serious buyer.  It 139,500. Bert Walker. 885-3746  WESTSECHELT No. 902  2 bdrm. charmer, almost new. 2x6 construction,  heavy Insulation, wood heater, carport, skylights,  parquet flooring, sewered lot, and totally landscaped. Yours for only 189,900.  Larry or Ruth Moon, 885-9213  SAMRON ROAD No. 700  Large home with large view. 3 bedrms, den, rec.  room, large sundeck, dble. carport, extra storage  & landscaped. Assumable mrtge.  1159,500.    Larry or Ruth Moore. 885-9213  TWELVE No. 844  Assume a 12% mortgage & move into this 3 bdrm  rancher In wooded Redrooffs. Large lot has concrete drive, lawn, and short distance to Sechelt.  $93,900 Rita Percheaon 885-5706  SELMA PARK No. 457  3 bdrm home with view of Islands. This 1100 sq.  ft. home near Selma Park Rd. Is a cozy, well  maintained home. Lease guaranteed for five  years.  147.000 BUI Walkey 885-5327  SANDY HOOK No. 891  Two bdrm post & beam cottage that can be used,  year round.f Located on just under half an acre on  Coracle Drive and only 300 ft. from sandy beach.  163,900 Pat Parker 885-5615  BUI Walkey 885-5327  WEST SECHELT. MILLS ROAD       No. 895  Fine new 3 bedroom home with ensuite off master  bedroom, over 1230 sq. ft. with some view.  Features a full basement, fireplace, carport and  sundeck. On sewer. Vendor will consider some  terms with 30% down on the $135,000 asking  price. Bert 885-3746 or Ed 885-2641  REVENUE No. 914  Lots of potential In the revenue producing ocean  view home In Selma Park! Upstairs living area has  cozy brick F/P and 3 bdrms with private deck &  ensuite off master bdrm. 2 bdrm basement suite  has brick F/P & roomy living area. 15% financing!  1110,000 Rita 885-5706  SECHELT VILLAGE No. 755 MLS  3 bdrm, 1048 sq. ft. home on Binnacle St. This  ideal starter or revenue home is in need of a little  T.L.C. Vendor will consider all offers,  865,000 Pat Parker 885-5615  BEACH AVE. ROBERTS CREEK      No. 919  Completely remodelled 12(H) sq. ft. 2 bdrm home  offers privacy & ocean view. This home along  with a nearly completed guest cottage Is priced to  sell.  198,500 George Longman 886-8548  WATERFRONT  |  SELMApARK MLS No. 737  Watch the cruise ships pass by and the sunset over  the Trail Islands from this family sized home. In  excess of 2500 sq. ft. of living space on threej  levels featuring four spacious bedrooms, cozy den  and large formal living room with custom design-!  ed brick fireplace and feature wall. As a bonus thW  property offers a small cottage at water's edge thai  provides a small revenue.  Pat Parker 885-5615 ot  Leelle Fitch 885-9057  GORGEOUS" No. 878  Vi acre lot with easy foot access to beach in  Roberts Creek. This older homestead property is.  landscaped with lawn, fruit trees & climbing roses.  , Cozy 3 bdrm home has rock fireplace & lots of  I charm.  1198,000 Rita Percheaon 885-5706  NARROWS INLET No. 744  5 acres of treed waterfront with your own creek  and waterfall. Sheltered waters for boat moorage  Price includes 16' speedboat.  153,500 Rita Percheaon 885-5706  RUBY LAKE No. 870  Facing west with 300' lakefront. Over 4 ac. & easy  access off highway. Hydro available.  8135,000. Bert Walker. 885-3746  SEACRESTROAD MLS No. 806  Very steep bul very beautiful. Large lot has plenty  of arbutus & gorgeous view.  177,500.     Uny or Ruth Moore. 885-9213  GOWER POINT RD. No. 759  Esplanade w/f with an incredible view. 100' x  217' with a choice of building sites & the septic  lank & field installed. Just 1120,000.  Uny or Ruth Moore. 885-9213  DERBY ROAD No. 883  What a nice location for your family, 3 bdrms, V��  basement with some finishing done & owner can  give quick possession. Landscaped lot & quiet  area.  192.000.      Larry or Ruth Moon, 885-9213  WESTSECHELT No. 747  Located on quiet cul-de-sac, this new three bdrm  home Is ideal for small family & all ready to move  In. Ensuite off master bdrm plus 2 f/p, are just  some of the extra features.  1124,900 VI Glbbone 885-3944  COOPER ROAD No. 861  Redrooffs area a large level lot with a well built 3  bdrm, rancher. Country kitchen, utility room, en-   I  suite and plenty'of storage, dble. carport.  8114,900.    Larry or Ruth Moore. 885-9213  CHARMING No. 911  3 bdrm mobile with large sundeck, on level treed  lol on Cooper Rd. Skirted. Concrete foundation,  porch, fridge & stove included,  169,900 Rita Percheaon 885-5706  NEW ON MARKET  SANDY HOOK WATERFRONT        No. 916  Lovely sloping lot, house is framed & exterior  complete, ready for your finishing touches.  Ruth Moon 885-9213  Bob Kent 885-9461  PEBBLE CRESCENT No. 887  Lovely 2 bdrm split level home close to village,  large L.R. with F/P plus one in den. Fenced in  garden area & hand workshop attached to carport.  1104.000 VI Glbbone 885-3944  MILLS ROAD No. 798  Beautiful brand new home looking for an owner.  3 large bedrms, family room and large kitchen.  Extra size bdrms, 2Vi baths and plenty of storage.  8124,500.    Larry or Ruth Moore. 885-9213  BEACH AVE. ROBERTS CREEK      No. 837  New 3 bdrm home with 2550 sq. ft. of living  space. This one has it all, must be seen lo be appreciated. Owner will assist in financing.  $175,000 George Ungman 886-8548  WESTSECHELT No. 787  Quality home, ensuite, 3A basement, fresh air  fireplace, naturally landscaped.  1112,000        Ualle or Ray Fitch 885-9057  ACREAGE  MIDDLEPOINT No. 799  17.5 acres of lightly treed sloping property on  Hwy 101. Assumable agreement for sale at 10%.  $ 118,000        Ray or Ualle Fitch 885-9057  Bert Walker 885-3746  A FANTASTIC BUY No. 788  On this 25 acres of level land fronting on Mason  Rd. in W. Sechelt! Hydro is In to property & gazetted rd. on 4 sides of property. Offers attractive  holding opportunities. Property has south exposure, view of Poise Island, woodsy trail & some  clearing done.  $7,900 per acre!   Rita Percheaon 885-5706  ROBERTS CREEK No. 907 MLS  3.29 acres Lower Roberts Creek, roads & road  allowances completely surround property. Land Is  almost completely level. Obvious potential.  898,500 George Ungman 886-8548  GOLF COURSE ACREAGE No. 860  255' longside ninth fairway, 2.5 acres total, beach  St business area of uptown Roberts Creek within  walking distance.  $135,000 George Ungman 886-8548  NORVAN ROAD No. 851  Fine family home, 3 bedrms, formal dining room,  2 heatilator F.r   Central vaccum and Intercom  system, partially developed lower floor, nice view  & large lot. A must see for serious buyers.  8139.500.    Larry or Ruth Moon. 885-9213  WILSON CREEK MLS No. 86��  Excellent value and quality. 3 bdrms, ensuite,[  brick f-replace. Partial ocean view.  8109.900 Leelle or Ray Fitch 885-90571  ROBERTS CREEK No. 8451  Sloping five acres running from Hwy towards view!  of Gabriola Island. Possible subdivision potential,  2 bedrooms, near new Lynwood home. Large j  assumable. Vendor will assist with 2nd mortgage.  8139.500 Reduced     BUI Walkey 885-5327  ROBERTS CREEK ���  HANDIMAN SPECIAL No. 874  3 bdrm 1040 sq. ft. home, new electric heal,  foundation at septic system located In a quiet area  & close to beach.  873,500 George Ungman 886-8548  ROBERTS CREEK No. 841  Cozy two bedroom home on nearly two thirds of  an acre. Beautiful park-like setting on Lower Rd.  near Cheryl Ann Park. Vendor may finance at  reasonable rates.  $117,000 Pat Parker 885-5615  SECHELT VILLAGE HOME No. 896  Great starter, 3 bedroom full basement home In  the heart of Sechelt. 'Now hear this' $36,500 at  103/4% due October 1983 assumable.  $89,500 George Ungman 8864548  ROBERTS CREEK No. 920  620 sq. ft., 2 bdrm country cottage located on a  2.5 acre parcel. Zoning allows for hobby farming  or just lay back and enjoy a retreat from city life.  $96,000 George Ungman 8864548  WEST SECHELT RANCHER No. 796  Reduced over $10,000 from original price.  Almost complete 1120 sq. ft. 2 bdrm with attached carport. Located in one of the finer areas of  West Sechelt, just minutes from beach, school &  shopping.  $87,500 George Ungman 886-8548  SELMA PARK BEAUTY No. 797  Brand new 1320 sq. ft., 2 bdrm home with full  basement. 180 degree view of Georgia Strait    et  al from living room, kitchen & master bdrm  Reduced almost $20,000 to  $137,500 George Ungman 886-8548  SECHELT VILLAGE No. 862  3 bdrm ranch style home on Pebble Crescent.  1160 sq. ft. of family living on one floor. This  home Is handy to stores, schools and park.  $97,900 Pat Parker 885-5616 Sunshine Coast Realtor. Sept. 18,1981  TO SERVE YOU"  REAL ESTATE ASSOCIATION  PHONE  886-8194  VANCOUVER  689-5838  (ToS Free)  DENTAL  CENTRE  GIBSONS  ���CENTURY WEST REAL ESTATE-  LOTS  LOTS  REDROOFFS No. (69  Fantastic treed lot KK)' x 200' approx. Services  available. Owner will take 'i cash, balance at  18%. Make an offer on list price of  ���39,900 Lynn Wlleon 885-5755  SANDY HOOK Nn. 838  Lot 2 and Ut 48 on Sandy Hook Road &  Skookumchuck Road. Breathtaking view! Price  for both lots 165,000!  Ray or Lealle Fitch 8859057  SHOAL WAY No. 810  West Porpoise Say, near arena. Water, hydro,  paved road. 60 x 105. $40,000.  Ray or Lealle Fitch 885-9057  ROBERTS CREEK No.880  Magnificent treed Va acre lot In best rural location.  off Beach Avenue. Minutes to beach, store and  school.  �� 58,000 Grain* Longman 886-8548  DEERHORN DRIVE No. 913  Sloping lot in Sandy Hook. View Lot. Owner may  take terms.  J 38,000 Ray or Utile Fitch 885-9057  SECRET COVE No. 804  151 ft. road frontage on this semi-waterfront treed  lot. Beach access nearby.  145.000 Rita Percheaon 885-5706  WESTSECHELT No. 790  Your choice of 3 select building lots on paved  road. Selectively cleared, on sewer.  148,500 Ed Baker 885-2641  SELMA VIEW No. 873  Beautifully treed, ocean view   Lot with good  building site.  155.000 Rite Percheeon 885-5706  WELCOME WOODS No. 824  Wooded privacy on this 102' x 166' lot in area of  new homes In fast growing area. Close to fishing.  ���43.500. Lynn Wllaon. 885-5755  ROBERTS CREEK No. 878  Large ' i + acre bldg lot. complete privacy, all services except sewer, close to uptown Roberts  Creek & beach.  Reduced M5.500  George Longman 8864548  SECHELT VILLAGE No. 900  60 x 132 cleared building lot In Sechelt Village.  Water, hydro, paved road and look at the price!  ���32.500 Rita Percheson 885-5706  SECHELT No. 868  View lot in village on Marine View Way  60' x  132'. Paved road. Services available.  ���39.900. Lynn Wllaon. 885-5755  ROBERTS CREEK No. 780 MLS  3 bdrm mobile home located on 10+ acres. Property has southern exposure and is completed  with barn & storage shed.  ��� 189,000 George Longman 886-8548  WESCANROAD No.882  Large lot on Wescan Road near beautiful Secret  Cove.  ���35,000 Ray or Leelle Fitch 885-9057  ENJOY LIVING IN WEST SECHELT?  LOOK AT THESE GREAT BUYS  No 893 Samron Rd Clear, perc ��37,500  No 889 Norvan Rd Sewer 139,900  No 785 Mills Rd. Clear, sewer ���39,900  No. 853 Norvan Rd. Some view 154.000  No. 865 Jasper Rd. View, sewer 161,000  No. 756 Norvan Rd. Trees, view $62,000  WEST SECHELT VIEW LOT     No. 909 MLS  .59 of an acre overlooking Trail Islands et al.  Complete privacy.  Must be seen to be appreciated.  ���68,500 George Ungman 886-8548  SECHELT VILLAGE No. 912  Choice building lot only one left in general area.  Cleared, sewered, quiet location close to shopping, schools etc.  ���42.500 Ed Biker 885-2641  ROBERTS CREEK No. 877  2  good  size  building lots,  both  have  hyajro,  cablevision & regional water al properties edge.  Close to beach, store & school.  Reduced ���41,500 eo. George)  Ungman 886-8548  REDROOFFS No. 733  You'll have elbow room plus on this 4/10 acre lol.  Building site cleared and waiting for your mobile  or home.  ���45.000 Rita Percheaon 885-5706  SANDY HOOK  - SEAVIEW ROAD -  Lol 107 -138,000.  - SANDY HOOK ROAD -  Ut C- $35,000.  Ut 49 - $38,000 MLS  - DEERHORN DRIVE -  Ut 44 ��� $39,900  Lot 52 - $39,000  Pat Parker 885-5615  Bill Walkey 885-5327  - DEERHORN DRIVE -  Ut 35 ���33,000  George Longman 886-8548  - PORPOISE DRIVE -  Ut 35 ��� 139,900  Rita Percheaon 885-5706  VIEW LOTS  ���VDROOFFS No. 881  Large lot SO x 250 on sunny Southwood Road ii  Welcome Woods,  $36,500 Larry Reardon885-9320 I  WEST SECHELT No. 8791  Make plans to build your own home on this I  beautiful view lot. Site grading completed  $36,900 Rita Percheson 885-5706 |  NORWEST BAY ROAD No. 786 EARLS COVE No. 775 I  7.r> x 150 of towering timbers, near level, close lo Close to ferry, big corner lot. water & hydro at ihe I  schools road.  $39,900 Ray or Leelle Filch 885-9057 127,500. Bert Walker. 885-3746 |  HOMES  m  <m��  GIBSONS No. 789  Smart, attractive, and well built 3 bdrms with  spacious living room, dining and spectacular view  from large deck  Reduced.  1129,500 Bill Walkey 885-5327  GIBSONS No.762  3|edroom 1920 sq. ft. executive, energy efficient  quality home, stands on one of the largest lots in  thi subdivision. Fenced backyard landscaped  front yard in turf. Enjoy the wealth of oak cabinets  and many other features too numerous to list.  Vendor will carry at 15%.  $ 159.000 BUI Walkey 885-5327  or 885-2235  NEED TAX BREAK No. 736  It's here on this 60 x 120 fully serviced lot, close to  all facilities.  140.000 Lynda 886-7352  DUNHAM ROAD - PORT MELLONNo. 628  3 bedroom home, fireplace, dining room, 100 x  173 lot. Needs some work.  $54,900 Eva 886-7126  GIBSONS ��� WOODCREEK PARK No774  Four bedrooms plus large games room and  spacious family room. Energy efficiently insulated  (floor, walls, ceiling), oak cabinetry, huge bt  landscaped in turf. Owner will carry at 13'j'\>on  this large family home.  $159,000 Bill Walkey 885-5327  PRATT ROAD No. 896  Affordable home for a large family offering 4  bedrooms rec. room, 2 bathrooms. This attractive  home is on a sunny landscaped lot and features a  heatilator fireplace and large sundeck,  1119,000 Judy885-9226  Geo. 886-8548  ROBERTS CREEK  CONRAD RD. No. 813  1.75 ac. with over 600 ft. of Hwy frontage, zoning  allowing for campsite, public outdoor recreation  plus 3-bdrm mobile home with garage.  1129,500 Eva 886-7126  Judy 885-9226  WOODCREEK PARK - GIBSONS No772  This attractive split level three bedroom home  has a masonary fireplace, wood windows, hidden  gutters and enclosed garage.  $139,000 Lynda 886-7352  GRADY ROAD - LANGDALE No. 904  Three bedroom almost new with fireplace, basement and enclosed garage This home is on an attractively landscaped large lot. Assumable mor-,  tgage.  $ 128,000 Caro1 Skinn��r 886-9154  HARBOUR VIEW No. 848  An all purpose home, suitable for retirement with  main level living or expand upstairs for the family.  ��� 119.000 Lynda886-7352  CONVENIENCE OF LOCATION  AND POCKETBOOK! No. 629  3 bedroom home lor$59.000.These Strata Titk-  units are locaied on Hillcrest Road. Within  walking distance of schools, shopping and other  amenities. Only one lell. Call for appointment lo  view Eva or Lynda at 886-8194.  LOTS  SEAMOUNT  INDUSTRIAL PARK No. 766 & 765  Prime location wiih 124 It. highway frontagu. The  opportunity to acquire industrial property with  good public visilnliiy is rare socall Lynda now 8H6  7352. $120,000  WATERFRONT  GOWER POINT AND 15TH ST. No.759  Spectacular view from this espanade waterfront  lot. Build your dream home on this 1(H)' x 217'  property  1120,000 Carol Skinner 886-9154 or  Ruth Moore 885-9213  GIBSONS HARBOUR VIEW! No. 827  Lower Gibsons, Super view, ready to build, all  services.  $52,500 Eva Caraky 886-7126  FIRCREST ROAD No. 808  Good level lot for building. Excellent location in  area of new homes.  $35,000 Carol Skinner 886*9154 or  Pat Parker 885-5615  CREEKSIDE SUBDIVISION LOT ���  GIBSONS No.886  60 x 120 fully serviced lot, within walking distance  to all amenities.  $39,900 Eva Caraky 886-7126  CHASTER ROAD No. 818  3 bedroom home on large fenced and landscaped |  lot. Over 2 yrs left on 10' 4% assumable mortgage.  $124,500. Lynda 886-7352 I  DAVIS ROAD - GIBSONS No. 751  4 bedroom split level, fireplace, family room, close I  to  shopping and  all  schools. Assumable f  mortgage.  $119,500 Eva 8867126 |  SKYLINE DRIVE  GIBSONS PRESTIGIOUS BLUFF    No. 846 I  A spectacular view and privacy is yours from this I  attractive  2 bdrm  post and beam bungalow.  situated on a lovely large sized treed lot with selective clearing.  $119,500 Wendy886-80761  WOODCREEK PARK - GIBSONS No773  This   three  bedroom   house  is perfectly  coordinated to take full advantage of the large view  lot.  Features include, pantry off kitchen, two  masonary fireplaces and wood windows.  $149,000 Lynda 886-7352  ACREAGE  BR1DGEMAN ROAD - GIBSONS   No. 857  4,54 secluded treed acres.  $69,500 Lynda Hickman 886-7352  REED ROAD - ACREAGE No. 892  Established  hobby farm, completely fenced &  crossed fenced. 3 bedroom full basement home  rental unit and numerous outbuildings  $260,000 Lynda Hickman 886-7352  LOCKYER ROAD -  ROBERTS CREEK No 885  3 bedroom  with 2 bathrooms and workshop  locaied on 5 mostly cleared acres with barn.  $ 129,000 Carol Skinner 886-9154  ROBERTS CREEK ���  5 ACRE ESTATE No. 901  3 bdrm ii yr. old pannbode home, quality kitchen  cabinetry, woodstove in family area, large sunny  patio's on a selectively cleared area within the  framework of stately cedars ���Mime marketable  timber fit .toe Smith Creek'  $ 182.500 Wendy Bodt 886-8076 Sunshine Coast Realtor, Sept. 18,1981  SECHUT OFFICE  In tht Trail Bay Shopping Contra  885-3295  yint/MITTEN  AmmmWk REALTY LTD.  Van. Toll Free  681-7931  u a  a\  .1  DO YOU WANT A CORNER  OF PARADISE? $198,000  Impressive, spacious home on Vz acre of estate  like grounds. Fabulous sunny views, 2  fireplaces, full basement, stairs to beach and  many more terrific features. Located on Eureka  Place, only a short drive from Sechelt. Try your  jffer. Call Bronia Robins at 885 9033.      fif-JJ  CARLSON POINT $63,000  On Sechelt Inlet, only 4 miles from Sechelt, this  arbutus covered lot has cabin and solitude. Boat  access only ��� boat is included in >ale Property Is  Provincial Government Lease. Your oppoituni-  ty to take part In a true recreational paradise.  Call Don or Rene Sutherland 885-9362. *720  SUBDIVIDABLE ACREAGE  This 18.7 acres in Middle Point with 600 feet of  waterfront has southerly exposure and is zoned  for xli acre lots. Priced at $785,000. Terms  available. Klaus Roepke 885-2314 or Henry  Hall 885-2520 *641  WATERFRONT ACREAGE  Over an acre and half of water and creek frontage located in Halfmoon Bay. Present zoning  allows for subdivision. The bonus is an older two  bedroom home that needs a tittle TLC and two  other buildings. Vendor will carry $75,000 at  15% F.P. $189,000. Call Brent Strad at  883-9382 for more information '673  WATERFRONT $75,000  Beautiful waterfront lot on Porpoise Drive, Sandy Hook. For details call Sylvia Thirlwell  883-9963. *772  This panoramic view of Pender Harbour 24  hours per day. New construction, three large  bedrooms, three bathrooms, spacious living  room with cozy fireplace. Be the lucky buyer of  this fine home. Asking $139,900. For appoint  ment to view call Gayle Adams at 883* 9364  ��� ME WOODS  New two bedroom home with large living room.  On large lot with heatilator fireplace faced in  white marble, two bathrooms, good kitchen,  sundeck across the front of the house. Owner  has bought in the interior and must sell Asking  $99,900 which is under list price. Call Klaus  Roepke at 885-2314 for details. '658  BONNIEBROOK $80,000  Small cottage a short walk from Gower Point  Beach. The location alone Is worth the price for  that inexpensive summer hideaway. Vendor will  carry $40,000 at 16%, so don't wait. Dal  Grauer 885-3808, Til  DAVIS BAY $165,000  Almost brand new three bedroom basement  home. The ocean view Is superb for the large  sundeck. Dutch Hip Design shake roof, two  1 fireplaces, ensuite and much, much more. Fully  landscaped, Prime area. Truly an elegant home.  Terry Brackett 885-9865. '761  AFFORDABLE FAMILY HOME  Nearly new three bedroom cedar rancher on  quiet cul-de-sac in Welcome Woods. Cedar  feature walls, greenhouse, carport and lots  more! $108,000 Call Bronia at 885-9033.  ���746  GRANTHAMS VIEW HOME $75,000  A couple of hundred feet walk to the beach.  This home it close to the ferry and Gibsons. Call  Bryce Leigh to arrange the opportunity to see  the view from this home. 886-8229. *744  LAUREL ROAD $112,000  Generous terms available to qualified buyer on  this nice 2 bedroom family home. Close to  beach, room for expansion. See It with Don or  Rene Sutherland 885-9362. *679  WATERFRONT  LETS NEGOTIATE  Your terms on this rare find cozy all-season  cabin on Strata Title waterfront lot. natural land  scaping, and owner will assist with financing  Call Don or Rene at 885-9362 *682  SWALLOW ROAD $185,000  Level lot, landscaped, ready to build on. View  waterfront, easy access to lovely beach. Small  creek, good garden soil on lot Don & Rene  Sutherland 885-9362. '574  AFFORDABLE WATERFRONT  For only $69,500 you could own this waterfront  lot  on popular  Coracle  Drive   Perfect  retreat or retirement home site  Klaus Roepke  885 2314 '659  i'i.. ���  STSECHELT $3  Spacious 2 bedroom home located on 1 + acre  of park-like waterfront. Has privacy, view, guest  cabin, all within minutes of Sechelt. Details with  Terry Bracken 885 9865 or Don & Rene  Sutherland 885-9362 *692  OWNER SAYS "SELL" $25,000  Small waterfront home on lease land with 14  years still outstanding on the lease Beautiful  beach with year round anchorage riyhi in from  of house. Located in Selma Park Available  30th of September, 1981 See this home with  Klaus Roepke at 885-2314 "542  VACATION PARADISE $119,000  Swim In beautiful Davis Bay. then walk up to  your 2 bdrm home and watch the sunset over  the Trail Islands as you have dinner If you  Would enjoy this life, call me before everyone  else does. Bryce Leigh 886-8229 "586  WESTSECHELT $235,000  Beautiful level waterfront Post and beam design  home features three bedrooms, fireplace and  family room Owner will carry half balance al  18%. This is the best waterfront on the Coast  Must be seen. Terry Bracken 885-9865     *676  FRONT  $197,0<  HOMES  WLSON CREEK $107,000  Brand new three bedroom ranchei Dutch hip  shake roof, skylights, bay window and separate  utility room are just some of the line features  Now is the time to choose colours in carpets  cabinets and colour schemes Quiel area Call  loday for more details Call Terry Bracket! al  885-9865 "731  PERFECT $115,000  For the growing family This one has room to  grow in with full basement, plumbed for extra  suite, sauna, sundecks, double carport and large  sunny kitchen. Minutes from beautiful  downtown Sechelt. 16% financing available  Dal Grauer 885-3808. '741  $30,000 PRICE REDUCTION  DAVIS BAY $219,000  ���  * Quality features throughout.  *��� Excellent view over Georgia Strait.  * Close to beautiful Davis Bay Beach.  * Area of similar homes.  * 3  bedrooms,  3 baths, plus den or 4th  bedroom.  * Private decks off Master bedroom and  upstairs study.  * Separate dining room.  * Vaulted cedar ceiling, skylights.  * Electric doors to double garage.  * 2500 square feel finished.  Call Emilie Henderson at 885-5225 or Klaus  Roepke at 885-2314. '660  WESTSECHELT $79,500  Cozy two bedroom home. Just renovated. New  carpets, cabinets, siding and doors. Large  private lot. Good location. Terry Bracked  885-9865. '636  SELMA PARK $32,500  Smaller two bdrm home. Outstanding view. Only one block to beach and short walk to village.  Lease land. Call Terry Brackett 885-9865. *646  RARE BUY $189,900  * Level, landscaped lot  * Almost 1 acre  * Selectively well treed  ���a- Fenced on bath roadt   * 3 bedroom rancher  * Large sundeck  * Extra large garage/workshop  * Wood shed  * Close to schools/shops  * Excellent West Sechelt neighbourhood  * Call Jenny McCourt 885-2162 '709  UNFINISHED TWO BDRM HOME$65.000  Complete this home to suit your own taste.  Good level lot, easy to landscape, close to Gibsons Call me to find out how easy it would be to  complete this home   Bryce Leigh 886-8229.  ���725  3 BDRM HOME $96,000  Walk >/r block to the beach from this new home  in lower Gibsons. Bright, sunny, level property  within easy walking distance of all facilities.4all  Bryce Leigh before tt'i too late. 886-8229  ���707  Sheltered waler. exciting log home, gentle path  (o your own float your dream come true In the  quiet of Tuwanek Call Don or Rene Sutherland  at 885-9362 (or details '642  REDROOFFS WATERFRONT $ 105.000  1 5o acres south sloping waterfront with services Upper portion of properly has  unobstructed view, lower portion has ltKlfeet of  secluded waterfront Klaus Roepke 885 2314  "600  BEAUTIFUL SARGEANT BAY $87,000  A fisherman's heaven catch your fish out in the  bay. moor your boat 200 feet from the cottage.  walk across the beach lo the cottage, then, sit on  the porch eating your fresh fish as you look out  to the Trail Islands Call Bryce Leigh and arrange lor your trip to heaven 886-8229    *769  DAVIS BAY $127,500  Immaculate four bedroom view home features  include fireplace large suiuieckwpantiy..as well  as wood healer in basement to cut down heating  bills Outside owner has landscaped lot and  erected large storage shed Two blocks to  beach, school and store Realistic price  represents real value Owner will consider all offers' Call Terry Brackett 885 9865  WESTSECHELT $119,500  Almost brand new split level family home. Three  large bedrooms and mam bathroom on top  level Living room, dining room and kitchen on  main level Also, large lamily room and double  enclosed carport Part basement for storage  Call Terry Brackett 885 9865 to view *590  PRICE REDUCTION $79,500  Cozy two bedroom home with good ocean  view Large corner lot There is. also, a small  one bedroom cottage that needs work but could  possibly be fixed up as a rental unit Owner will  carry mortgage of $40,000 at 17% two year  term. Terry Brackelt 885-9865. "688  WEST SECHELT $75,000  Two bedroom home on large lot. Handy location. Plenty of room in basement for third  bedroom and storage. Nicely landscaped Terry  Brackett 885-9865, '648  YOU MUST SEE THIS!! $97,000  An almost new three bedroom home built on a  reasonable size lot in a secluded area of good  homes. This home has dining room, large living  room, three bedrooms, kitchen, bathroom and  utility. All designed Into 1300 sq. ft Thermopane windows, airtight heater, above  average insulation keep heating costs to a  minimum. Carport and patio and fully fenced bt  complete this listing. Call Klaus Roepke at  885-2314 "714  WESTSECHELT $95,000  Cape cod designed three bedroom home.  Upstairs there are two gigantic bedrooms and  bathroom. On the main level there is another  bedroom, bathroom, dining area and spacious  kitchen, Other features include heatilator  fireplace, workshop and storage shed Good  location. Attractive mortgage at just 10V*%!  Terry Brackett 885-9865. "713  WEST SECHELT $199,500  Beautiful three bedroom home. Great ocean  view, creek, fish ponds and meticulous landscaping are fust some of the features Inside  there is a fireplace, ensuile plumbing, wet bar  and games room. Outside you'll find green  house, wishing well and double enclosed carports. Must be seen Terry Brackett at  885-9865. *649  REDROOFFS $145,000  15(H) sq. ft. home In private park-like selling.  Three bedrooms, vaulted ceiling, cedar feature  walls plus large sundeck 24' x 24' workshop as  well as fish pond outside Over-sized lol ensures  your privacy. Must be seen Terry Brarkrtt  ���885-9865 *760  SUBKOknETOtftttVOU  Henry Hall 885-2520  Oil Grauer 885-3808  Gayle Adams 883-9384  Terry Brackett 885-9885  Bryce Leigh 888-8229  Emilie Henderaon 885-5225  Klaus Roepke 885-2314  Bronia Robins 885-9033  RoneJSuthorland 8854382  Corry Ross 885-9250  Brent Strad 883-9382  Donald Sutherland 885-9382  Don Lock 885-3730  Sylvia Thirlwell 883-9983  Jenny McCourt 885-2182  Rosemary Young 888*8359  Member Sunahine Cuasr  Real Estate Association  ACREAGE  PRICE ADJUSTMENT  Now $64,900 for approximately 13 acres on  Redrooffs Road. Easy lo build on, well treed,  short walk to beach and dose to boal launching.  Vendor will take back small 1st mortgage at  15%, 1 year term Call Bronia at  885-9033. *6S4  WESTSECHELT $71^00  Dreaming of a hobby farm or just in love with  having land to call your own? Here is 4.68 treed  acres of mother nature's best Very close to  shops and schools yel thoroughly secluded and  private. Buy this and build your own paradise  Pick up your phone now and call Jenny McCourt 885-2162 "756  ROBERTS CREEK $110.000  5 18 gently sloping acres 264' on Highway  101 This is a well treed, very attractive acreage  not often found on the market Call Emilie  Henderson at 885-5225 or Klaus Roepke at  885-2314. *7Sa  KLEINDALE  2 acre parcel, well treed, rural setting Hydro at  property line, driveway in. building site cleared,  All at the reasonable price of $50,000. Gayle  Adams 883-9364 *724  WALK TO THE BEACH $75,000  Ovet one acre on Redrooffs Road. Gorgeous  trees abound, potential view, water, hydro and  phone at road Call Brent 883-9382 "695  THORMANBY ISLAND $105,000  11 acres of seclusion with high waterfront and  western exposure Water access via Vancroft  Government Wharf only minutes from Secret  Cove Klaus Roepke 885 2314 *671  STRATA TITLE  You own 1 23 acres outright. A lease of 1 23  acres is attached at $1 00 P A , and in common  you own 15 acres of forest parkland. All for  $55,000 Some financing possible. Call Bryce  Leigh lo discover this property's full potential.  886-8229. *723  SECLUDED  CREEKBANK PROPERTY $260,000  Enjoy the lush surroundings of this 1.25+ acres  bordering Roberts Creek. House, 2 small  cabins, studio and barn all go to make this a  special buy for someone with an eye for the unique! Call Dal at 885-3808 or Bronia at  885-9033 ��75*  REDROOFFS ROAD $105,600  Zoned for Vz acre lots, this 2.23 acre piece may  be the one you've been looking for. Roomy living or good investment. Vendor will consider  terms to reasonable offers. Dal Grauer  885-3808 *743  OPPORTUNITY FOR THE FUTURE  Invest In this 3.97 acre parcel In Sechelt Village.  600' of road frontage, a good "holding ground".  Don or Rene Sutherland 885-9362 '640  MIDDLE POINT $78,500  [deal for recreation or residence, this 4.4 acre  parcel is nicely Ireed, with ideal building site.  Call Don or Rene 885-9362 for details. '653  2.78 ACRES MIDDLEPOINT  This charming 2 bedroom country home  situated on well treed acreage has southern exposure and a possible view. Ideal for the young  family or for a retirement home. Offered at  894,500 Brent Strad at 883-9382. '663  HOMES  VILLAGE INVESTMENT $60,000  Cute one bedroom older home on R2 toned lot.  Good starter or investment possibilities. Call  Don or Rene at 885 9362 '689  WESTSECHELT $109,500  Large home In popular subdivision. 1500 sq ft  on the main level with two large bedrooms and  pantry Spacious open kitchen and dining area.  There is, also, a V* basement wilh a hook-up for  a wood heater Also, office in basement. Large  lol with potential view as surrounding area  developes Call Tejy Brackett 885-9865 to  view ' '588 Sunshine Coast Realtor, Sept. 18,1981  ��� LI  SECHELT OFFICE  In tht Trail Bay Shopping Centre  885-3285  >M/MI7TEN  Ammmmm        REALTY LTD.  Van. Toll Free  681-7931  HOMES  LOTS  ;'^rrT**fnrf-  Ice change to  INVESTIGATE THIS ��� $159,500  Two modern houses on over 1 acre lot close In  to Sechelt. One house Is rented after being  remodelled recently; the other house was built  just two years ago and has two bedrooms, living  room with airtight heater, dining Area, kitchen  with Citation cabinets, bathroom and utility. A  two car carport and a 8 x 20 heated workshop  Is, also, Included. Possibility of subdividing off a  lot In the future. Located in Selma Park. Owner  will possibly carry financing to your down payment. So call Klaus Roepke at 885-2314. "735  SECHELT VILLAGE $104,000  Immaculate three bedroom ranch style home  only one year old. Conveniently located on  quiet street In the heart of the village. Brick  heatilator fireplace, cement patio off dining  room, skylight in bathroom. Total of 1310  square feet finished. This home will sell quickly,  so call today! Emilie Henderson 885-5225 or  Brent Strad 883-9382. *685  LARGE 4 BDRM HOME $128,000  Centrally located if) Gibsons, this home provides  views of Keats and Vancouver Islands. Excellent  assumable 13% mortgage 'til 1985. To see this  clean home call Bryce Leigh 886-8229. Vendor  has moved and wants to sell. *747  SECHELT VILLAGE HOME  Three year old three bedroom home with full  basement for only $64,900 all appliances included. Also, assumable mortgage with  qualification of $42,500 at $640.00 per month.  Klaus Roepke 885-2314.    ' '730  WESTSECHELT $149,500  Large family home in popular area. This Lindal  home features 2200 sq. ft. of extensive cedar  ceilings. Two and one half baths, large kitchen  and family room. Also free standing brick  fireplace dividing living and family room. The  four bedrooms feature wooden bl-folds and are  very spacious. Must be seenl Call Terry Brackett  at 885-9865. '666  SELMA PARK $189,000  Brand new three bedroom view home. Area of  expensive homes. This interesting home consists of three large bedrooms, family room,  skylights, greenhouse windows in kitchen and  dining room. Also, double garage with electric  opener, heatilator fireplace and heat pump with  reverse cycle for air conditioning. Interior has  been coordinated by professional Interior  decorator. Up to $100,000 at 15% available to  assist in financing. Terry Brackett at 885-9865  to view. *733  HOME $159,500  Located In beautiful Selma Park this 1800 sq. ft.  three bedroom home on a landscaped lot has  many special features. Assumable mortgage of  $44,000 at 10'/4% due January 1984 available  Klaus Roepke 885-2314. *736  OO YOU WANT ALL THIS  Superior location, partial ocean view, 5 appliances, elegant, custom built home over 1900  sq. ft. Plus too many extras to write about. Call  Emilie Henderson at 885-5225 or Klaus Roepke  ���1885-2314. *656  VIEW HOME $149,500  One level, easy to maintain 3 bedroom home in  desirable West Sechell. Excellent assumable  mortgage at 11%! Elementary school Is almost  next door, ideal for a young family. Panoramic  view, convenience of location, and a new  friendly neighbourhood. What more can one  ask for? Call now! Jenny McCourt 885-2162.  #755  STARTER HOME OR- $89,500  Retirement home? This well priced 3 bedroom  compact bungalow Is Ideal. Located on a large  lot off a quiet road in Wilson Creek. There is  ample room for the children or grandchildren to  play. Plenty more space for that vegetable  garden you have always wanted. Now is the  time to buy. Hurry, call Terry Brackett  885-9865 or Jenny McCourt at 885-2162.  FAMILY HOME $97,500  Near new three bedroom home only three months old. This 1200 sq. ft. ideal, family home is  located in Wilson Creek and is priced to sell  now. Call Brent Strad at 885-9382 or Klaus  Roepke at 885-2314. *763  -  r^v���  I^^A-'-y^srsmmmT    I  With a reasonable down payment and the  balance at 10"A% PA. Interest, this four  bedroom home, beautiful living and dining  room with fireplace can be yours. Other features  are built-in Jenn-Air and wall oven, airtight  heater In family room. Home Is only four years  old and waiting for a discerning buyer . Klaus  Roepke 885-2314. *737  VIEW?  This large, well kept three bedroom home has to  have one of the best views In West Sechelt. Lots  of room for the gardener on over Vfe acre of property. The features are too numerous to mention. $165,000. To get all the details call Brent  883-9382 ��6��9  SELMA PARK $29,500  Cozy one bedroom home close to village. All  four appliances included. Ideal starter or summer home. Owner will carry half at 10%!  Yes -10% Terry Brackett 885-9865.      *751  INVESTMENT-COMMERCIAL & INDUSTRIAL  ��� ,    i5^*  ��� X'JBmmm^  PEN6erHarbo��JrsHni  A marina, dining room, campground, and gas  sales are all Included with the three lots which  are ideally suited to condominium development. Two houses are available for owners.  Financial details for past three years are with  listing, salesman. Call Klaus Roepke at 885-2314  for more details. '70S  CHATEAU VISTA  APARTMENTS 1165,500  This excellent triplex located on the Port Mellon  Hwy contains 3 large 6 room suites with decks.  Income scheduled al $450 per month/unit.  Vendor will take $75,000 down and carry the  balance at an exceptional 12% for 3 years. This  Is an Ideal Investment situation for a discerning  buyer Brent Strad 883-9382 or Bent Segato  885-3918. "749  MOTEL ��� DAVIS BAY $685,000  This 10 self-contained unit motel and 3 bedroom  home is located directly on the Sunshine Coast  Highway in beautiful Davis Bay. Please call us to  find out the full potential ol this outstanding 1.20  acre commercial site. For more information call  Klaus Roepke at 886 2314 or Henry Hall at 885  2520. #708  SECHELT  Well established pet and plant business, no  competition. Excellent main street location.  Low rent. Ideal opportunity for someone  wishing to be self-employed. Call for more  information Emilie Henderson at 885 522jv  MAIL LOCATION  Thriving gift shop specializing In stained glass  works and pottery. Location is second to none  In busy mall. Showing excellent return. Owner  will train would-be purchasers. Price includes all  tools and stock. Owner may consider terms.  Call Terry Brackett at 885-9865. "732  SECHELT COMMERCIAL  Large commercial  building located on two lots. Ideal holding  situation. Owner will consider carrying on large  down payment. Call for all details on lease and  building. Terry Brackelt at 8859865.      #706  IT USED TO BE A GAS STATION  Luge C2L zoned lot with 108' on Highway 101  In Halfmoon Bay. The building Is still standing  but needs lots of work. This property would  make an exceptional holding situation. Priced to  sell at 149,000. Brent Strad 883-9382.    ��621  SEAMOUNT INDUSTRIAL PARK  Three side by side lots zoned commercial light  Industry. Well located back from highway with  total frontage of 150 feet on Venture Way and  side access ol 125 ft. Asking 137,000 each or  $110,400 for package. Call Emilie Henderson  at 885-5225. "609  SANDY HOOK 137,500  Drive by Lot 26, Deerhorn Drive and begin  planning your new home. Minutes from  Sechelt. Where will you Und a better view for  this price? Gayle Adams 883-9364. '675  GIBSONS 150,000  Large view lot. Private setting, quiet area. Level  and easy to build on. Owner has approval for  drain field. Terry Brackett 885-9865.       <770  REDROOFFS 162.500 each  Two prime view lots In exclusive new subdivision close to Sargeants Bay. Level and easy to  build on. Terry Brackett 885-9865. ��75S  HALFMOON BAY 141,000  Over one acre and look at the price! Gentle  slope to the back of the property. Some view of  the bay area. Won't last! Terry Brackett  885-9865. '602  SANDY HOOK LOTS  Three excellent lots*, one nicely sloping with  driveway In, one level with some large trees and  one nice sunny sloping eastern exposure. Call  Don or Rene for details. '652 ft 661  EASY FINANCING TERMS  are available on 20% down for this targe treed  lot near the school in Halfmoon Bay. $49,000.  For a tour of lot call Bryce Leigh 886-8229.  '674  BUILDING LOT $39,000  A level lot on Sinclair Bay Road, Garden Bay  cleared and ready to build on. Asking $39,000  for this excellent lot. Call Klaus Roepke at  885-2314 for more details. ��668  TUWANEK  Two large lots at an affordable price. Call Don or  Rene Sutherland for details at 885-9362.  '633  WESTSECHELT $41,900  Cheapest lot available In this fully serviced subdivision. Lot is nicely treed, located on high side  of street. Call Emilie Henderson at 885-5225.  '605  KLAHANI DRIVE LOT 69 MLS  Beautiful view lot Sandy Hook. Hydro and  water available. Priced In the 30's. Owner will  consider all reasonable offers. For details call  Sylvia Thirlwell at 883-9963 or Valerie Bayntun  at 921-8340. '643  LOOKING FOR VIEW PROPERTY?  Here is one of the finest views on the Sunshine  Coast. Approx. Vz acre overlooking Halfmoon  Bay. Come! See! then begin planning the home  of your dreams. Call Gayle Adams 883-9364.  now. #687  GARDEN BAY $30,000  Build your home amid all the privacy you require, yet within walking distance to stores and  marina. Price adjustment to $30,000. Call  now! Gayle Adams 883-9364. '691  TUWANEK SUPER VIEW $35,500  Exceptional view lot, Ideal spot for your summer  cottage. It's close to the water, has recently passed perc. and all services except sewer are  available. Brent Strad 883-9382.  WEST SECHELT VIEW LOT  Located on the Sunshine Coast Highway. This  nearly one acre lot Is facing the Strait of Georgia  and Ihe sun. Call Klaus Roepke at 885-2314.  $64.900. ,729  SUPER DtAL  Over Vi acre with potential view of Halfmoon  Bay. All this plus a part Interest In a waterfront  property. Call now. Gayle Adams 883-9364.  WILSON CREEK BUILDING LOT 136.900  Excellent level building lot. Located on Wilson  St Field Road. Part of small Sub-Division. Call  Klaus Roepke at 885-2314. ��72S  STEEP BUT FABULOUS VIEW  Located on Gulfview Road. Madeira Park. This  hall acre lot has subdivision possibilities. All offers presented to owners. Call Klaus Roepke at  885-2314. '667  DAVIS BAY $57,500  Perhaps the best view lot available In Davis Bay.  Close to stores and school. Expensive homes In  area protect your Investment. Terry Brackett  8 8 5-9865. T57  VIEW LOT - IHVINGS LANDING. KAN-  MERLE ROAD  Nicely treed view lot. Septic approved. Approximately Vt acre. For details call Sylvia Thirlwell  883-9963   or   Brent   Strad   883-9382.  ���765  Vi ACRE ON REDROOFFS ROAD $42,500  Picture your home on this level lot beautifully  surrounded by stately evergreens. Call Bryce  Leigh 886-8229 or Bronia Robins 885-9033 to  arrange your visit to this property.  EGMONT BUILDING LOT $317.500  Large .45 acre lot on Egmont Road. Close to  great salmon fishing. Hydro and telephone at'  road. Call Brent Strad at 883-9382. '696  MARLENE ROAD $44,000  Close to beach, golf, centrally located, ready for  building. For more Information call Don or Rene  885-9362. '404  SANDY HOOK VIEW  Lots 32 & 33 on Deerhorn at $37,000 apiece.  Get past the alders at the roadside and look over  the building sites. Try an offer on both for roomy  Hvlng. Lot 75 on Skookumchuck affords even  easier building and the same spectacular view  for $39,000. Owner will consider terms, and he  is not a banker by profession. Dal Grauer  885-3808. MLS. **74|,  BRING YOUffTRAlLER  The driveway is in and a site has been cleared  for your recreational trailer on this 6/10ths of  acre on Southwood Road. Excellent building  site and water Is on property. An exceptional  value at $45,500.  Brent Strad 883-9382.  ���6S6  $10,000 PRICE REDUCTIONII  Treed Vz acre lot In lower Roberts Creek. Very  close to beach, general store and elementary  school. Try your offer. Vendor will cany some  financing. $40,500. Call Bronia at 885-9033 or  Terry at 885-9865.  CEDAR CORNERS $38,900  Nicely treed lot In village, close to arena and  beach. Call Don or Rene 885-9362.  TILLICUMBAY $24,900  Lot is only 300 yards from Tlllkum Bay Marina.  Has a 14 foot trailer and Iwo 15 x 8 feet cabins.  Perc. test approved. Klaus Roepke at  885-2314. ��773  .6 OF AN ACRE $45,000  Exceptional value on this private well treed lot  lust off Redrooffs Road. All services except  sewer available. Brent Strad 883-9382. TOO  HALFMOON BAY $39,900  Large lot over Vz acre, well treed, septic approved. Emilie Henderson 885-5225. '604  SECHELT $38,000  Building lot on Lookout Avenue. Nicely treed  with some maples and evergreens, plus lane In  the bach for easy building. All services except  sewer. Excellent price for a village lot! Call  Rosemary Young at 885-3295.               ��734  SECHELT VILLAGE  Located near arena - large level lot. Well priced  at $23,000. Call Don or Rene at 885-9362.  ���629  SECHELT $44,500  Level lot in the village. This fully serviced lot is  very easy to build on and handy to all amenities.  Call Terry Brackett at 885-9865. '639  SECHELT $79,500  Large lot in village. Zoned public assembly. Call  Terry Brackett at 885-9865. '585  TUWANEK LOTS       $29,500 ft $32,900.  Two gentle sloping lots side by side on Tuwanek  Place. Buy one or both. Call Klaus Roepke at  885-2314. <726ft727  REDROOFFS AREA - Extra Large, Level Treed Lota  Cooper Road  Dogwood Road  Dogwood Road  Southwood Road  Cedarwood Road  Eureka Road  Lohn Road  Redrooffs Road  Lot 78  Lot 57  Lot 58  Lot 51  Lot 42  Lot 46  Lot 64  Lot 36  $46,000  $45,000  $42,900  5o>  $44,  $45,000  $43,900  $42,500  - Agreement for sale, 14%, 1 yr. term.  - Vendor will look at all offers and will consider  financing.  - Selectively cleared, driveway In.  Partial view.  SANDY HOOK  Deerhorn Drive        Lot 34  ��� Sloping view lot. Agreement for sale, approx.  $12,000.14% due November 1983       **718  $35,900  Call BRONIA ROBINS for more details at 885-9033. Sunshine Coast Realtor, Sept. 18,1981  In Iho Lower Village  866-9126  MM  ITTEN  REALTY LTD.  Van. Toll Free  669-7920  Carpets & cabinets lor your new 3 bdrm house  Heatilator fireplace & skylights plus a mortgage  at 16% make this one of the most attractive  buys on the market. Terry 885-9865 or Randy  885-5623. '257  ROBERTS CREEK $95,000  Cozy one bdrm home with a small guest cottage. Almost \f2 an acre. Close to beach, school  and trans. All appliances Included. Vendor is  willing to carry approx. $40,000 at 14%.  Suzanne 886-8317. '254  ASSUMABLE $75,000 at 16%  Near new 3 bdrm huge split level. All the  amenities for the perfect family home, large  lamily room, fireplace, 2 car garage, walk to the  shops. Quiet paved cul-de-sac Located In Gib'  sons. Don't miss this deal. Only $129,000 Call  loday, Barbara MacGregor 8869741. ��246  VERY AFFORDABLE HOME  ON THE HILL IN GIBSONS  129.000 at*"10V<%" makes this neat 2 bdrm  lome perfect for the small family, ideal for  etirement. Bryce Leigh 886-8229 or Barbara  vlacGregor 886-9741 Offered for  195,500 '250  ��� 7<>|JVU  A GOOD PRICE 1129.1  Owner will take back a $60,000 mortgage at  15% 3 bdrms. 2 baths, Vz acre lot. Centrally  Located in Roberts Creek. This home will not  last! Phone Randy 885-5623 or 886-8126. MLS  #258  AFFORDABLE HOME $74,500  2 bdrm older home in Gibsons. Newer garage &  garden shed go with price. Sunny lot has tots of  room and 2 fruit trees. This home is a good  starter or ideal for a small family Randy  885-5623 or office 886-8126. *238  IF YOU LIKE QUALITY  You'll love this superior property. Two bdrm  Rancher in lovely neighbourhood Is neat and  tidy and awaits your inspection today. Priced at  1139,900. Call Rita at 886-7070 and make  your offer. *229  MODEST DOWN-PAYMENT        $35,000  The elderly owner cannot cope but says show  me a down payment and 1 will give terms on  balance. Two bedrooms on lease land and just a  little T.L.C. would help. Syd & Frances Heal  885-5693, *217  INVESTMENT-  COMMERCIAL &  INDUSTRIAL  SEAMOUNT INDUSTRIAL   $48,000 each  Two side-by-side 52.5' x 150' level lots. Close to  highway. Fully serviced and correctly zoned  light industrial. Syd or Frances Heal 885-5693,  TAX SHELTER UP TO $30,<MW 1STYR.  1700 sq. ft. per side. Fantastic view of Howe  Sound. This duplex wilt be an ideal rental property or investment for people in a high income  brackett. Phone Randy Wollen 885-5623. MLS  #225  PRICE REDUCED $200,000  Anxious owner wants offers on this superb  duplex. Modern side by side revenue $1270 per  month, some assumable finance. Wilson Creek  area, Frances or Syd Heal 885-5693. *211  NOWMI $176,000 MLS  Financing available at 15% on substantial  amount!!  * 5.32 acres within the village of Gibsons.  * Presented zoned for two family dwellings,  * Minimum lot size 8000 sq. ft.  it Potential view.  * Level 3 blks to village services.  Please call Marilyn at 886-2307. *222  ANTIQUES $85,000  A growing antique business in the heart of Gibsons with a large stock of high quality. The  potential of this business has barely been tapped. Suzanne 886-8317. *248  PRIME COMMERCIAL SPACE  Lower Village ��� 1050 sq. ft. main road location. Immediate possession, private parking.  Lower Village - Storage or workshop space,  convenient loading deck, private parking.  Hwy 101 and Payne Road ��� 4000 sq. ft. retail  or office space. New building, strategic location,  excellent parking. Available in 1000 sq. ft. units.  For  terms and  tease  rates call  Syd  Heal  8855693.   You can entertain a queen in this 3300 sq. ft.  home of elegance and quality. 4 Ige bedrooms.|  huge rec. room with dance floor and garden  Italian tiled sundeck and patio, terraced garden.  Frances or Syd Heal 885-5693. '260  NORTH RD $119,000  3 bdrm home with heatilator fireplace and par  ti.il basement on large 50* x 208' commercially  zoned lot Includes small revenue cabin. Invest  now. Call Marilvn Strom 886 2307. "237  $21,000 dn. - $717 mo. P.I.T  Bal. at 14% - for 2 yrs. Nr. new 3 bdrm home  on choice corner lot, enclosed garage, l/scaped,  paved drive & spotless throughout. $86,000  F.P. Call now to view. _    "214  YOU DESERVE THE BESTIt  * Owner will assist In financing.  * You want & expect quality, well here It is  * Two Fireplaces.  * Large spacious kitchen.  * $6,000 worth of rugs  * View deck & large view lot.  * Two bay garage.  * Arched dining room  * Beautiful kitchen cabinets.  * Ensuite off master bdrm.  Call Randy Wollen 885-5623. *frU  Reduced lo $87,000 ��� MX Financing  Approx $896 mo. with $21,000dn. 6 mos. old  brick faced Rancher. 3 bdrms, heatilator  fireplace, patio in sunny l/scaped yard, paved  drive, sep pantry off kitchen, child proof quiet  cul-de-sac. Call now to view - tomorrow may be  too late, Peter Davidson 886-8400. *220  P.S. Both homes open 2-4 p.m. Sept20  unless previously fold.  ttVrs  MALAVIEW ROAD GIBSONS       $45,000  * Nice level lot in Gibsons  * Very quiet street.  * Area ol quality homes.  * Sunny exposure.  * Just move on and build.  Randy Wollen 885-5623. '261  ' SUNNY ROBERTS CREEK  Large lot in central Roberts Creek. Ready to  build on and could provide a good view. Owner  will look at builders terms & financing. Randy  885;5623. *207  WELCOMEWOODS 148,000  Big level lot, park-like trees, superb building site  100' k 170'. Frances or Syd Heal 885-5693.  THaNKING OF BUILDING  Keep costs down with this 60' x 120' level lot.  Location is sunny and just a short walk to all  amenities. $38,000 Call Rita Hummel lor  more details at 886-7070. MLS��215  THE BLUFF SKYLINE $50,000  Arbutus trees, moss, rocks and Christmas trees.  A fantastic view of sea and mountains. Suzanne  886-8317. ��231  V DESIHABU IH Km IN HOBeHTs'I  CREEK AND OWNER  KJILL CARRY $49,500  20,000 it 16%. Get your start in Roberts  Creek for only $260 a month. This one won't  last. Call Barbara MacGregor today at  886-9741. *241  VILLAGE VIEW 1270.00 MONTH  * That's right only $20,000 down  * Balance at 16%. Level lol.  * Nice trees. View ol Sechelt.  * Bay.  * Property on sewer & ready to build on.  Randy Wollen 885-5623 ��235  SUCH A DEAL 110.000  That's right only $10,000 down, owner will  carry balance at 15%. Full price Is 439,900 and  lot has underground services and private wharf.  Don't let this one get away. Phone today!!! Randy Wollen 885-5623 or 886-8126.  INLET VIEW $43,500  Almost Vr acre of incredible view property ready  to build on. Access (rom front or back of property. This lot Is in an area of fine homes. Act now.  Phone Randy Wollen 886-8126 or Terry  Brackett 885-3295. ��243  SEE THE SEA  From this view lot in Gibsons village. This lot Is  on sewer and has access front & back. Owner  will take $25,000 down and carry the balance at  16%. Full price 143,500. Phone Randy  885-5623 '240  TRAILER SPACE  Large sunny lot on Rosamund Road. Quiet  street In area of good homes. Zoning will allow  for trailers. Lot has deluxe view of Mt.  Elphinstone. Phone Randy 8855623.     '263  sues mm to  Syd Heal Manager  Suzanne Dunkerton  Peter Davidson  Marilyn Strom  Frances Heal  Rita Hummel  Randy Wollen  Barbara MacGregor  Bent Segato  SERVE you  885-5693  886-8317  886-8400  886-2307  885-5683  886-7070  885-5623  886-9741  885-3918  OLDERSHAW RANCH $160,000  Tills has everything. Cottage, big barn Fenced  fields, fruit trees, trout stream and great lodging  for horses. A property with immense potential.  Syd or Frances Heal 885-5693 '213  TRY IT FOR SIZE $112,500  A beautiful family home close to schools, stores  etc. and in a quiet children oriented cul-de-sac.  2 bdrm. large Ir/dn and big kitchen Owner will  consider all offers. Syd & Frances Heal  8855693 '205  HEYIBRONIA LOVES THIS ONE!  So will you! New 1388 sq. ft. Rancher on quiet  cul-de-sac. skyllte In kitchen Heatilator  fireplace, sep. laundry room, carport. Asking  199,500. Try $15,000 down - bal. at 15%.  Bronia Robins 885-9033 or Peter Davidson  886-8400. P.S. Only 5 mins to all Gibsons services. '522  HOBBY FARM GIBSONS $150,000  * Super location in Gibsons.  * Over l'/r acres of flat Ireed property  * Large remodelled home.  * Includes barn & greenhouse.  + Owner will take back mortgage at 16%.  Randy Wollen 885-5623 '262  GIBSONS $132,000  Lovely 4 bdrm In lower Gibsons, view of water  and mountains. Large rec. room with fireplace.  Very convenient kitchen, lots of storage and  work area. Master bdrm with ensuite. Living rm  open to the dining rm with fireplace. Large  workshop with separate entrance. Close to all  amenities Suzanne 886-8317. '589  MASSIVE PRICE REDUCTION  At $89,000 this is the best buy around. If you  want lour bedrooms and two bathrooms for that  big family this is lor you. Frances or Syd Heal  885-5693. *210  WATERFRONT  YOU'LL AGREE 1229,000  That this is one of the finest waterfronts  available. Over an acre in Roberts Creek has  level beach and many very large trees. What  more could you ask for? A double wide mobile  home you say? O.K. Phone Rita at 886-7070 to  view _    *245.  fflmrtm watm nam  Popular Redrooffs can be your new address  when you move into this brand new 3 bdrm  home. High bank but accessible waterfront is  over 3/4 acre Very attractive financing assures  that this won't last. Call Rita today at  886-7070. *2*W  ACREAGE  ROBERTS CREEK $243,000  10 subdividable acres. 2+ acres cleared and in  pasture, some cross fencing. View of  Elphinstone Mt. Quality house of dutch barn  style using logs for the lower level. Unique  finishing are the features in this 3 bdrm home.  Brick heatilator fireplace, large open kit., built-in!  oven, microwave & Jenn-Air range, lots orj  counter space & storage area. Hot tub set out on  a large sundeck overlooking the acreage.  Suzanne 886-8317. '221  HIGHWAY FRONTAGE  Interesting 1200 ft. on the highway at Pender  Harbour. Total area four acres plus, cleared  mostly level and close to the harbour. Call Syd  or Frances Heal 885-5693 . "233  HOBBY FARM $95,000 MLS  Nearly 5 acres of privacy in rural setting. Level,  partially cleared with evergreens on perimeter of  property. Close to Cedar Grove School. Call  Marilyn 886-2307. *236  INVEST FOR THE FUTURE!  This choice 5 + acres with two bdrm home Is offered at $169,000. Absent owner says sell  while I'm gone. This Is fine holding property. To  view call Rita Hummel 886-7070. *249  ROBERTS CREEK 1123,000  Beautiful wooded 9.5 subdividable acreage.  Property bounded by roads on both sides.  Suzanne 886-8317. *255  REDROOFFS  A rare find at 158,000 for 1.31 acres, Road  allowance at back for future subdivision. Gentle  slope southern exposure. Close to beach and  boat launch. Well treed, Suzanne Dunkerton  886-8317. *256  'MAPLE GROVE"  Contact Eiclinlm Agantt $40,900  Syd & Francat Haal From~$*S,00O.per lot  88S-S693 A totally serviced Residential Subdivision  Terms available with 25% down Balance at 18%  Selectively cleared wilh all services underground selling a new high standard tor tne area. Paved curbed  road, selectively cleared wilh beautiful Irees remaining Close lo stores, schools and Gibsons Harbour with  ils soon-to-be-bulll marina.  NO OPEN DITCHES AND NO UGLY POWER-POLES  Gibsons Office  886-8126  Vane. Toll Free 669-7920 Sunshine Coast Realtor. Sept. 18,1981  AELBERS REAL ESTATE  Marine Drive  L Granthams Landing, B.C.  AFFORDABLE PRICES  FOR ACREAGE AND HOUSING  MARTIN ROAD  Two bedroom older  home, tastefully redecorated inside.  Good water view. Easy walking distance to shops, schools,  etc.  Asking price only $69,500  WEST BAY. GAMBIER ISLAND  Almost one acre of level well-treed land with 132 ft. road frontage. Easy access to foot passenger ferry service.  Low price at $19,900  POWELL RIVER  2Vz acres with older farm type house and .mobile home pad.  Property has 228 ft. frontage, and is on community water  system.  Sensibly priced at $65,000  DON LOGAN BUS. 886-9238  RES. 885-3318  Van. Toll Free 922-7814  GARDEN BAY  This strategically belted buitneu it (Muted In  Hospital Bay on a 1 sae corner lot with extensive marina traffic and facilities at Hi front door.  The character of the buildings and property Is  unique and affords a challenge tor the imaginative. The present owners arc operating this  business on a seasonal basis. The operation  could be run year round with an Increased staff.  The property also has potential for future strata  development. For an opportunity to view call  Bruce McKinnon or Harold Jacques 885-9023.  Priced at 1375,000.  ���97,500 ��� POINT ROAD  Enjoy the panoramic view of Howe Sound from  this completely renovated 3 bdrm home.  Located In Hopkins Landing, this property  would be Ideal for the commuter. All appliances  are included In the sale.  LIGHT INDUSTRIAL ��� GIBSONS  Located alongside of the main highway through  Gibsons, this right Industrial zoned property Is In  a prime location. The property consists of a 95 x  150 ft. lot with 808 sq. fl. of office area and an  2600 sq. ft. adjoining quonset hut. The property  Is currently being rented. Listed at 1150,000.  SANDY HOOK VIEW PROPERTY  This ocean and mountain view building lot is  located in sun drenched Sechelt Inlet Estates  overlooking beautiful Porpoise Bay. It Is within  easy walking distance to sandy beaches with  moorage & marina facilities also cbse by. The  property Is serviced with paved roads, hydro,  water and telephone. Asking 137,500.  WILSON CREEK  Large subdividable comer lot with sewage  disposal permit. This property Is duplex zoned  and close to beach. 160,000.  tbs  .bestsellers  SUBDIVIDABLE ACREAGE ���  SANDY HOOK  This 4.8 acres Is zoned R2 and has 330' of road  frontage, The property offers an ocean view of  beautiful Sechelt Inlet and is serviced by hydro,  water, telephone and paved road. There Is approximately $10,000 of marketable timber  which could be selectively logged. Priced at  1130,000. For further information call Bruce  McKinnon or Harold Jacques 885-9023.  Harold Jacques   ooe ^nnei  ^Bnjcj^fcKmnot^^ Mobile  MM FT RANCHER - CREjEKSIDE PARK  3 bdrm Rancher with bulk-In garage and  workshop. This fine home is located on a large  lot and offers a potential, view of Gibsons Harbour. The home features wall-to-wall carpets,  thermopane windows and all appliances. Listed  at 1116,500 Call Bruce McKinnon or Harold  Jacques 885-9023.  REDROOFFS RD  Gothic style 2 storey home located on a welt  timbered one acre + lot. This lovely home Is  located across the road from easy beach access  and features Jenn-Alr range, built-in oven and  dishwasher. There Is also a large workshop or  guest cottage. Owner has transferred employment and therefore has realistically priced this  beautiful property at 1125,000.  NEPTUNE STOCTtUI.SOO  This attractive lVr years old 3 bdrm home Is  situated on a large 93 x 120' lot and Is within  minutes of all the amenities of Sechelt Village,  This home features a double carport, wall to wall  carpeting and full ensuite. The full basement has  been set up as a workshop and would be Ideal  for the home craftsman. The electric heat Is supplemented with an Acorn wood burning stove,  and all the windows are energy conserving thermopane. Appliances included In the sale arc the  washer/dryer and dishwasher.  WEST SECHELT  Large level building lot located on Norwest Bay  Rd. near Mason Rd. Priced to sell at 139,500.  RARE WATERFRONT PROPERTY -  PENDER HARBOUR  This beautiful property includes 168' of prime  waterfront,>n acre of landscape gardening and  a 3 bedroom 2500 sq. ft. home overlooking the  entrance to Pender Harbour. On the property  there is also a 60' float with deep water moorage  and a private boat house equipped with a power  winch and tracks for easy launching. Some of  the features in this fine home Include: a large ensuite with private sauna 8c walk-In his 8c her  closets. The kitchen Is equipped with numerous  extras which Include a Jenn-Alr range and  Radar oven. Downstairs, entertain your  guests In the family room with fireplace and wet-  bar. This property must be seen to be truly appreciated. Priced In the Mid 500's.  4ob  H-<  pta  499-766  ne Sechelt  /U/VIITTEN  MMM       REALTY LTD.  "BLUEBERRY PLACE"  i~A new quality Residential Subdivision  $45,000 per lot  Terms available with 25% down  Balance at 16%  Selectively cleared, Fully serviced lots,  Paved road, Gentle southern slope with  good view, close to the beach at Davis Bay  and minutes to all facilities at Sechelt.  FOR FULL DETAILS CONTACT  EITHER OF OUR OFFICES AT:  Gibsons Sechelt  886-8126 885-3295  Vine. To�� Free 669-7920    Vim. T(jH Frn 681-7931  MOBILE HOMES  TWO BEDROOM MOBILE  Features include a fireplace. Good affordable  accommodation.   $14,500.   Bryce   Leigh  llG IN THE FUTURE?       $69,900  Perfect for the couple who plan to build In the  future but need a place to live right away. The  lot Is a beautiful 1/3 acre in Welcome Woods,  The bonus Is a three bedroom Bendlx Mobile  Home. See It with Brent Strad 883-9382. "569  MONARCH MOBILE HOME 138,900  This 14" m 70' two bedroom near new mobile  home Is already set up In one of Gibsons finer  trailer park. Appliances Included and vendor will  te 885-2314.       "6-9?  carry terms. Klaus Roepke HH5-2314.  Sechelt Office  it tut I pan law HhMm Metre  WESTSECHELT 185.000  Immaculate double wide home located on large  lot. Some features Include built-in drawers In all  three bedrooms, large closets plus full ensuite  bathroom off master bedroom. Large combination kitchen and dining room. Also, large  sundeck. Very popular location. Call Terry  Brackett 885-9865, '627  120.000  Is all you need to buy this 1973 Bendlx two  bedroom mobile home located right In Sechelt,  at Sundance Trailer Park, Vendor Is anxious so  call Brent at 883-9382 today. T66  MiMTreHlay  885-3295  ^ij-RiQiFj-jijyiRai.  aibsons Office  MOM Lew WON  888-8128  fflayfair by LHIanco  Thlt Manco unit wan |uil recently IntMltd In Weal Sechelt.  58'x24'  (1296 sq. ft.)  STANDARD FEATURES  - Hoot ctlllngs Ihrouohout  - Ouility carpeting In living room, dining room  ���nd mtitor bedroom.  ��� Slide* wlndowi c/w ttormi and tcreent.  ��� CSA 2-240-3.1 approved.  - Vi" Ml Jelteraon panelling wilh melchlng trim.  - Ample closets and wardrobe*.  ��� 2" x a" floor joist syslem  - 2 door frail tree refrigerator.  - Houta type doors - Iront and rear cJw acraen door,  ��� Wood louvered blfold door  - 40-gal. (imp.) water heater.  - 54,000 BTU Oil furnace  - Low slope shingle root - 239 Ib.  - Three courae aluminum siding, vertical aluminum above  green end white, while end white, brown and cream,  yellow and white  - Deluxe drapery package  - Deluxe dining room chandelier.  - Cniult* bathroom oil master bedroom with garden tub   .  - Insulation Specllieationa: B 14 3 Walla  n M-7 Floor  1-36-3 Root  ai entrance closei  OPTIONS AVAILABLE  Conventional Bank Mortgage Available  15% Down & 15 Years Bank Financing O.A.C.*  COAST MOBILE HOMES LTD.  across turn Miner's mMri MSecMl  885-9979 mLtm 885-9979 Sunshine Coast Realtor, Sept. 18,1981  SUNNYCREST  SHOPPING  CENTRE  886-2277  IBSONS  AND LAND DEVELOPMENT LTD.  VANCOUVER  TOLL FREE  682-1513  R.R. #2, Gibsons, B.C. VON 1V0  HOMES HOMES HOMES  A LOT OF LIVING: in this 4 bedroom rancher.  1440 square feet of comfort Including fireplace,  family room, workshop area, large kitchen with  three appliances, lots of closets. All this on 1/3  acre landscaped lot. Assumable 1st mortgage at  11 %  YMCA Road. 1112.500.  SUNNYSIDE DRIVE: Here's value! This 1350  sq. ft. near new home has everything you could  possibly want lor comfortable family living and  more. Large master bedroom with 3 pee. ensuite.  Living room has vaulted & beamed celling with  large heatilator fireplace. Dining room plus kitchen eating nook. Wood trim troughout this 3  bedroom home. Finished Rec Room in the full  basement. Double carport, shake roof, brick facing on the exterior and all this is situated on a 95" x  150'lot. $112,000.  MAKLtNL KU: Brand new 3 bedroom homeon  12 acre in Roberts Creek. Master bedroom has  ensuite plumbing, custom kitchen cabinets, largt  sundeck. Beautiful and private, easy to landscape  lot. And more. This home has all permits in place  to make" the full basement into M.U.R.B. duplex.  The house design easily facilitates either single or  duplex use. Truly the home with great investment  potential. $119,500  CHASTER ROAD: This 2 bedroom 'A' Frame is  the ideal hedge against inflation! The home has  been totally renovated with T.L.C. and looks just  like new. The property itself is cleared and level  and situated east of Pratt on a quiet no through  road, Excellent starter or revenue property  154 900.  FIRCREST RD: Beautiful ranch style lamily.  home with large rooms and bay window. Stone  fireplace with energy grate and fan. Sundeck,  double windows and R28 insulation. Assumablei  ll!a% mortgage. Phone to view anytime.  $98,600.  MALAVIEW RD: Cedar Grove School sits at the  end of the no thru road where this three bedroom  rancher is situated. All large room sizes in this  ideal family home. Some of the features include  fireplace, sundeck, landscaping, heated storage.  extra length carport and double windows. This Is a  must see for home buyers. 189,500.  SUNNYSIDE DRIVE: Gibsons. Brand new  1840 sq. ft. four bdrm executive home with en  suite, family room, huge kitchen, custom  :ablnets. Huge lot. double carport and you can  alck your own carpets. Vendor may assist wilh  inanclng. $129,900.  HILLCREST ROAD: Full basement home on 65  x 110 landscaped ocean view lot. Two bedrooms  upstairs, bathroom with make-up table, double  kitchen. Living room with granite half round  fireplace. Sundeck with aluminum railing over  carport, Finished rec. room, bedroom and  bathroom downstairs. Price includes washer,  dryer, fridge and dishwasher. ���139,500.  CHEEKSIDE PARK: Perfect 2 storey family  home at an affordable price in beautiful Creekside  Park Estates. This 1700 sq. ft. four bedroom  home features finished basement, rec. room  large workshop, laundry room, 114 baths. A!  appliances including fridge, slove, dishwasher,  washer, dryer and freezer. Fully landscapec  grounds with concrete drive, pet run and wood  shed. Owner has done high quality work to make  this a waftn comfortable family home. Phone to  view anytime. $109.500.  MOUNTAIN VIEW ROAD: Nearly brand new  1200 sq. ft. three bedroom rancher on quiet no  thru street In beautiful Creekside Park Estates  This beautifully designed home, features separate  dining and living room, good size master  bedroom, fridge, stove and dishwasher. Large  backyard for privacy, and is on city sewer and  water, hydro and cable, and is within walking  distance of mall, schools, and transportation. The  owner says sell now! $84,900  COMEAU TRAILER PK: $10,000 down, owner  will carry 1st mortgage and beat the bank % by a  long shot. Qualifies for the Government 2nd of  $5,000 or First Home Grant of $2,500. You could  own this beautifully constructed 12 x 68 Glen  River Mobile Home all set up on pad and hooked  up to all services for as little as $5,000 (plus  Government 2nd). Why pay rent when you could  live in your own home? Phone to view anytime.  Owner says sell!! $33,500.  RADCLIFFE ROAD: Selma Park. rhree  bedroom view home. Two bedroom upstairs and  one down. Large rec. room with fireplace  roughed in. An efficient floor plan and the yard  offers view and privacy. $120,000.  DOGWOOD ST. ��� VILLAGE OF GIBSONS:  Beautifully finished 2 storey home, close to shopping, parks, tennis courts and beach. The basement is fully renovated into a separate suite and  currently rented. Upstairs features huge, brick  fireplace, large kitchen and dining. Call to view  anytime. $98,600.  FIRCREST ROAD: Brand new three bedroom  rancher. An attractive different arrangement of  the Interior makes this a one of a kind. Fireplace  and carport. Builder does excellent work and his  finishing is something to see. $94,500  CREEKSIDE PARK: Brand new 1672 square  feet 114 storey home in Creekside Park Estates  This home is on city sewer, city water and  cablevision  and  features fireplace, large  rec.  room, laundry room and workshop. Two car  carport and is on a quiet culdesac close to  shopping and transportation. Ready to move into  ���107,900.  'WOODCREEK PARK: Executive home on .39  acre treed lot backing onto the ravine park, This  iovely new home features 4 bedroms, 3  washrooms, den family room plus living and  dining room. This quality constructed home is  ideal for the family that likes room to move wilh  2040 square feet of finished floor area. The two  car garage and full brick fireplace are just some ol  the extra touches that set this home apart from  the rest. $149,500.  HILLCREST ROAD: Corner lot, landscapec  with ocean view. Close to schools and shopping  centre In Gibsons Village. House is Ideal for large  family as downstairs Is completely finished givint  2200 sq. ft. of living area. Double garage witl  sundeck over, two fireplaces and 4 appliances an  some of the extras included in this sale  ^65 000  CREEKSIDE CRESCENT: Here is a unique  designed 1 1$ storey home made for spacious living  by a family that needs lots of room. Main floor has  1103 square feet. Living room has vaulted ceiling,  family room for privacy, bathrooms down and up.  674square feet upstairs with three bedrooms. On  a good loi in Creekside which is three blocks to  shopping centre, schools, medical clinic .ind all  for the price of $115,500.  FIRCREST RD: Near new 3 bedroom home on  beautifully landscaped lot in prime residential  area Southern exposure and close proximity to  schools and shopping represent only a few of the  special features of this home. This 1200 sq. ft.  home is extremely well appointed with Schrader  fireplace, large utility and spacious eating & family  room area. Excellent family home. $85,000.  NORTH FLETCHER: at School Road, The most  beautiful view in Gibsons. Views of Howe Sound.  Gibsons Harbour & Georgia Strait more than  180�� of ocean view Older home, presently  rented, on this approximately 10,000 sq. ft. lot.  Property has many potential uses. Come & talk to  us about this combination home and Investment.  $89,500.  FIRCREST ROAD: ASSUMABLE MORTGAGE OF 123/4% on this well built and maintained three bedroom home. Features a large livingroom with a beautiful stone fireplace and dining area Bright and sunny kitchen with nook. The  all nlghter in the basement makes it economical to  heat. This 1160 square foot house Is on a well-  landscaped 61 x 131 lot. $107,000.  SARGENT RD: Terrific Spanish home on one of  our best view lots. Two fully finished floors, total  2300 sq. ft. Four bedrooms, 21? bathrooms, rec.  room, utility room and workshop. Two fireplaces,  double carport. Intercom and wet bar. Within  walking distance of shopping and schools. Make  an appointment to view  $145,000.  GRADY ROAD: Why buy new when you can  have this immaculate seven year old executive  home with a manicured garden? This home is  tastefully decorated with hardwood floors, real an  tiqut' brick fireplace and dramatic entrance foyer  On top of all this there is the view! Too much to  tell vou, so come and see $159,000  WHAT YOU SEE - IS WHAT YOU GETI:  Three bedroom bungalow on a quiet dead end  street only 2 blocks from shopping and schools.  Vendor will help make this affordable with a small  2nd. Isl mortgage of $35,000 at 11% is  assumable. Situated on Poplar Lane, offers lo  $95,000.  ABBS ROAD: View! View! View! Are you  looking for a view home hiyh nn the hill with a view  forever! This is il! The view is spectacular! It goes  from the north tip ol Keats Island through  Gibsons Harbour, The Gap, The Bluff, Georgia  Strait and of course the coast mountains. The  home is three levels with 4 bedrooms, huge  recreation room, office or den, and balconies  along the front. The landscaping is already in  place. Additional features include full ensuite off  master bedroom plus another full bath and a half  1 bath. This home must be seen to be believed.  $149,900.  ROSAMUND ROAD: Would you like to buy a  home and have someone else help you pay for it?  This duplex on Rosamund Road on an extra large  lot may be the answer. Consider it's assets: Two  kitchens with appliances, two 4 piece skylit  bathrooms, two chimneys, separate meters, just  recently updated and refurbished. Very good rent  potential on either or both sides. Also, vendor will  assist with financing! Try your offer. Asking  $99,600  MALAVIEW ROAD: Extra special rancher  situated to get the most of the sun on a nice partially landscaped lot. Finished with the best of  materials. Solid oak cabinets, lush rug and extra  special light fixtures. Free standing heatilator  fireplace blows heat front and back. Carved bear  in front garden. Mud room and all sorts of extras.  $115,000  8 BEDROOMS?: That's right, on two levels.  This could be for a big family or as is a rooming  house with over $3,000 per month income.  Duplex potential too Includes 5 appliances and  some furniture. $50,000 assumable mortgage at  13V2%. This view lol of Georgia Straits is V* acre  In size. Located on Clark Road off Gower Point.  Phone for further details.  NORTH RD: 2 and 3 bedroom townhouses.  These beautifully finished suites make a perfect affordable first home and/or investment and  holding property, Cablevision. beautiful brick  fireplaces. 5 appliances, fully fenced and landscaped grounds. Ready to move Into and owner  may arrange the banking for you at 15'/2% to  qualified purchasers Priced to sell at $84,900 to  $94,900.  HIGHWAY 101 - SELMA PARK: Beautitt  remodelled little house across the street from  perfect beach Unbelievable view south and west  to Trail Islands and Vancouver Island from this  completely renovated 2 bedroom starter, retirement or recreational home. The owner/contractor has installed new wiring and service, new elec  trie heat, new stove, new wall to wall carpeting.  Landscaping and much more. All appliances included and owner may help with financing at  13%. Call to view anytime. $84,500.  SELMA PARK: Well .Maintained two bedroom  home and self-contained one bedroom cottage on  almost half an acre view property in Selma Park.  Features include: private landscaped setting,  large sundeck, dark room and fresh paint and  paper. Call for an appointment to view.  CEDAR GROVE: Large private lot in quiet  Roberts Creek area close lo stores, beach, and  golf course This 3 bedroom home with fireplace  and partially completed rec room needs some  T.L.C. and yard work Well worth a look if you  like Ihis popular area Offers to $97,500.  HIGHWAY 101: just north ol Crucil Rd. in the  village of Gibsons. Small home presently rented  at $300 per month. Lot is zoned to allow a duplex.  Existing home is set lo the from, however the  'maximum view potential would he closer io the  rear of this lot. This is truly a house wilh  invesfmenl potential $79,500.  REID   ROAD: Absolutely  gorgeous quality home on huge lot. Three  bedrooms, l': baths, carport, garage, storage  shed. Home is only 1 year old, ceramic tile kitchen  floor, oak cabinets, brick fireplace, Jenn Aire  range and microwave. All this on a level  landscaped fenced lot, Other features too  numerous to mention. This home represents  excellent value at the asking price of $119,000.  Vendor will carry full mortgage al 1614%.  MALAVIEW RD: Here is a $53,400 mortgage at I3l/t% until June 19851 Immaculate  3 bedroom rancher. Large living room and ample  room for large dining suite Master bedroom has  walk-in closet and ensuite With current interest  rates showing no signs of going down this is your  golden opportunity. $97,500  HAPPINESS IS A LARGE MASTER BDRM:  This one is huge with plenty of closets There  are 4 bedrooms actually, all wilh walk-in closets.  The house is 2 stories with 2000 square feel of  living area. Fireplace in living room and a family  room off the kitchen. Close to schools, shopping  and all conveniences. Creekside Park Estates,  offers to $119,500.  POPLAR LANE: Ideal location" in Gibson;  Village. Steps to shopping, schools and transput  lalion. This is less than 3 years old, Fully land  scaped yard. Three bedrooms, master with en  suite. Large rec room and workshop for ihe han  dyman Buill in dishwasher. Good financing a  15W% in place Owner wants to sell - pricec  below recent sales  $104,500  COMEAU TRAILER PARK: Affordable, luxurious, private accommodation in a marvelous  treed setting. This immaculate  12 x 64 mobile  home has been babied all ils life and now sits In  beautifully landscaped grounds with storage shed,  porch and covered entrance, all fencing in placr;  for  small   pets  and  inside,   new  wall  to  w.j||  carpeting, and unique open spacious floor plan.  Other features included in the price (see below),  three bedrooms, large bathroom &  laundry,  skirting and landscaping  Owner says sell now!  $27,900.  STEVE        ANNE        JOHN TERRI        GREG        GARY DAVE JON LORRIE  SAWYER    GURNEY   HANSON    HANSON    GRANT    PUCKETT ROBERTS      MCRAE       GIRARD  886-7678    886-2164    886-8295     886-8295    886-7204    886-9508    886-8040      885-3670      886-7760 Sunshine Coast Realtor. Sepl. 18,1981  SUNNYCREST  SHOPPING  CENTRE  886-2277  IBSQNS  AND LAND DEVELOPMENT LTD.  VANCOUVER  TOLL FREE  682-1513  Member Sunshine Coast  OPEN HOUSE  Saturday, September 19,1981 - 10 a.m. to 4 p.m.  8 TOWNHOUSES  Panoramic view of Howe Sound and Georgia Strait  Tlu' location is a bonus ��� only steps Irom shopping, swimming and moorage Enjoy the benefits ol  carafrea, maintenance free townhouse living. These two and three bedroom units are ideal for full  lime or weekend use Fully landscaped and maintained grounds. Covered individual parking. All  units feature fireplaces, balconies, cedar feature walls, twin seal windows and major appliances.  Excellent Value at 197,500 to 1113,000  OWNER WILL ASSIST WITH FINANCING  R.R. #2, Gibsons, B.C. VON 1V0     Real Estate Association  LOTS  HOMES ON ACREAGE  CEMETERY ROAD: Over 2 acres hobby farm  with view of Georgia Strait less than one mile to  bonis and shopping with lots of country charm.  Nearly 1200 square foot log home with shake  ml. Three bedrooms, \\, bathrooms. Floor to  liling cut rock lireplace in living room. Built-in  dishwasher, oven and range in large kitchen. An  ideal lamily home. On the terraced hillside are 4  orrals, large pasture area, riding ring plus 30x50  olid 2x4 barn with 6 sell watering tie stalls. 4 -10  10 box stalls and 10 x 10 tack room. Many  ixtras $156,000  TYSON ROAD: Wilson Creek. 2 acres, size 300'  W0' All cleared with good two bedroom home  il sleeping cottage Nicely situated just off the  II on Agreement lor Sale  HENRY ROAD: Duplex with acreage. Live on  one half, rent the other. Room for gardens or  other hobbles, 1230 sq. ft. per side. Only 2 years  old. Assumable 1st of $42,000 at 10V<% due  1983. Vendor will carry 2nd. Asking 1174,500.  LOWER ROAD: 1.02 acres in Roberts Creek.  125.4' x 357.72' of cedar and other evergreens  provides a perfecl Wttlrn fn�� the two bedroom  approximately 6 year old mobile home. Large  storage shed and chicken coop and run round off  the package Priced at $97,500.  REED ROAD: New rancher on 1 8 acre property  close to schools, parks and shopping. Three  bedrooms with '/z ensuite. Airtight fireplace to  keep healing bill down. House is well built with 2 x  6 framing. R30 and R20 insulation, W thermo  l windows. Attached double garage  $139,500.  RUSSELL ROAD: Very private 4 32 acres with  large duck pond and year round stream. Ranch  type home has sunken living room and other attractive features. Designed for minimal  maintenance. Double garage that could be  developed for extra living space Good outbuildings that could be adapted for many uses.  $225,000.  FLUME ROAD: Charming home on 4.57 acres  zoned R2J. This means you can live in this cozy  modernized two-bedroom home, enjoy the  parklike grounds with a babbling creek and now or  later subdivide into smaller parcels. Located half a  block from the Roberts Creek Provincial Park  which has one of the nicest beaches on the coast  Buy this property and make your dream come  true - be it an escape, a country estate, an investment, a home or all combined  $165,000  INVESTMENT - COMMERCIAL - REVENUE  HIGHWAY 101: This industrial building has a  total ol 5,000 square leet. It has three tenants,  leased out on two five year leases and one three  year lease. Lot size is 167' on the highway by 124'  A PRIVATE WORLD: Set against a treed ravine  with creek, this garden-like 4 acres of flowers,  shrubs and lawns is in 2 parcels. Some of the  features include 900 sq ft. 2 bdrm home. 1 bdrm  guest house joined by deck and hot tub New kitchen, new roof, parlor stove, brick barbeque pit,  wood sheds, garden shed, fountain and much  mote Must be seen and walked to be appreciated  Burton Rd  $182,000.  SCHOOL ROAD: Prime RM-2 zoned lots  20.700 sq ft., approved for 14 suites. This is the  wily RM-2 currently available in the village Ven-  iot has architectual rendering This scarce commodity is priced at only $15,000 per suite.  HIGHWAY 101: 2 49 acres in Village with 173'  frontage on Hwy 101 ideally located next to  .illage swimming pool and curling rink   Prime  ievelopment potential or subdividable for duplex  lots  $259,000.  STEWART ROAD: Fifteen acres located on  Stewart Road just off North Road. This is in three  live acre parcels and can be divided or resold if  :haser does not want that much property.  Zoned Industrial I, which lakes light and heavy  industry, Three phase power available il  necessary, $350,000  GIBSONS   VILLAGE:   This  is   the  only  idepedent bakery in the area. 10 years in the  same location. Business is increasing steadily with  excellent potential lo expand. Owner may carry  1st All equipment included. Call for moredelails.  SEAMOUNT INDUSTRIAL PARK: This key  corner lot has the best access and exposure of any  available lot in the area. Needs no fill excavating.  Ready to build on. Can be purchased wilh existing  development plan and approved access. Lol has  143 feet of highway frontage. $165,000.  MARINE DRIVE: Waterfront Revenue. 100' of  prime low bank waterfront in Village of Gibsons.  Unexcelled view of sheltered Howe Sound. Solid  tenants in all three suites. Building remodelled  and upgraded. Very attractive property consist  ing ol 4 bedrooms, 3 bedrooms and 2 bedrooms  suites with fireplaces. Don't miss your chance to  iwn this waiter fro n i triplex. $285,500  deep. Presenl building has plans lor suites on a  second door and there is room for another  building on this lot. Present annual income is  $29,400 $290,000.  SOUTH FLETCHER: 4-plex on beautiful view  site, across from Holland P-nl< and municipal  complex. Upper 2 suites are approximately 1380  sq. ft. each; spread out ovjr 2 floors with 3  bedrooms. 1-2 bathrooms, large living room for  view, sundecks and storage area. Lower 2 suiles  are approximately 790 sq ft each; containing 2  bedrooms and large living areas. The property is  nicely landscaped and well kept Ideal location for  a revenue property situated between the government wharf and the new marina site. $195,000.  CHAMBERLIN ROAD: Lovely view lot looking  south into Howe Sound and Georgia Strait.  Cleared and ready to build on. 76 x 170. Well  priced at $54,900  CREEKSIDE PARK: Lot 64. Good building lot  In popular Village of Gibsons subdivision. Hydro,  cable, phone, city water, paved streets and  CMHC approved. Vendor will consider low down  payment and 15% financing. $37,900.  CREEKSIDE PARK: Ut 9. Excellent building  lot in popular Creekside Park Estates. Good view  potential along with paved streets, city sewer,  cablevision, hydro and water. Gibsons Creek  runs down rear of lot making this an ideal  purchase. $39,500.  SUNNYSIDE DRIVE: This 100 x 150 lot is  ideally situated at the end of a no thru road. Area  is fast building up with new quality homes. A 2  storey home on this lot would have a view of  Georgia Strait. This lot must be seen to  appreciate the value of the 100 foot widths of the  surrounding lots. $52,500.  SYLVAN PLACE: In Cheryl Anne Park on the  Gibsons side of Roberts Creek. This '4 acre lot  has a partial view and is situated on aquiet cul-de-  sac only 3 blocks from the beach. The property is  nicely treed and in an area of new homes. Lot  dimensions are 48 leet on the road, 109' at the  back with side measurements of 150' and 162'. An  ideal building lot. $55,000.  ARGENT ROAD & HIGHWAY 101: Beauti  fully treed lot in Roberts Creek, approximately  100 x 265. Fully serviced 6/ lOths of an acre, this  lot could accommodate duplex, domestic  industry, hoby (arm, single family residential or  mobile home. The perlect natural setting.  $49,000.  FIRCREST ROAD: Partially cleared building lot  with nice trees in a fast developing area. Excellent  school nearby Dead-end street so safe for  children Don't be put off by trailer three lots down  as It is only temporary. Excellent value at this  price. $31,500.  WHARF RD: Langdale, One of the very few lots  left in this popular area. Large size, corner location and view make this a must see. Call now for  more details.  CREEKSIDE PARK: Lot 109. Good building lot  in popular Village of Gibsons subdivision. Hydro,  cable, phone, city water, paved streets and  CMHC approved. Vendor will consider low down  payment and 15% financing, $39,900.  SCHOOL RD: 13 Viewbts in Gibsons Village.  Servicing   Hearing   completion.   Priced   Irom  $57,500.  YMCA ROAD: This extra large lot in Langdale  has  underground  wiring.   It  is 87  x   163.25.  $25,000.  GAMBIER ISLAND: Own a piece of Gambier  Island. This Vi acre lol is only a stones throw from  the New Brighton Wharf. Good waler. tall trees.  16 foot trailer and shed already for you to build  $26,000.  REED RD: Granthams Landing Beautiful view  lots with southerly exposure and a nice sland of  Irees. Level access from street and easy to build  on. Size 48' x 168'. Buy one of these side by side  lots for $39,500 Or buy both for privacy and as  an investment  WYNGAERT ROAD ��� OWNER SAYS SELL!  50' x 120' view lot with parklike landscaping.  Perfect spot for a home without disturbing plants.  Price reduced from $55,000. $50,000.  MARION PLACE: Evergreen Parkland Large  corner tot on cul-de-sac. A nice neighbourhood  with attractive homes. Owner/builder wilt build  home of your choice or sell lot. Offers to  $37,900.  BONNIEBROOK HEIGHTS: Spectacular  unobstructed corner lot offering a sweeping view  of water clear to Nanaimo. All services  underground. Truly a spectacular site for your  retirement home. Owner will carry some financing  at reasonable rate. $67,000  CHASTER RD ft 7TH: Approximately >/> acre  lot with terrific view of Georgia Strait and Vancouver Island. The targe lot Is close to Bonniebrook, Chaster Creek and ocean front beach  and is on regional water, hydro and cablevision.  Owner says sell and that he may assist your financing at 15%. $64,500.  GRANDVIEW ROAD: Enjoy the great view  from this .44 acre lot with a gentle southern slope.  Located on Granview Road just off Chaster before  you get to Bonniebrook. $61,500.  MARINE DR: Hopkins view lot. Beautifully treed  lot within walking distance of Langdale ferry. Size  50 x 141 serviced by hydro, water, phone and  cablevision. Priced to sell at $44,500.  YMCA ROAD: This extra large lot In Langdale  has underground wiring. Il Is 87 x 163.25.  $25,000  SEAVIEW RD: View lot In Sandy Hook  overlooking Porpoise Bay. Existing assumable  financing in place, Owners plans have changed.  Market value $39,500  CLE'S PLACE: Roberts Creek. Large lot In quiet  cul-de-sac. Close to beach access. Zoning allows  for mobile home. Some attractive financing in  place. $44,900.  GOWER PT: 82 x 133 level lot with super view  of Georgia Strait. One block to Bonniebrook and  good beach, $64,500.  COCHRANE ROAD:65 x 130 dry ideal building  site. Close to new marina. All services available.  $48,000  GRADY ROAD: Beautifully treed lot in  Langdale. 50 x 179.38, 93 x 213,05. Has  underground wiring. $49,000,  WATERFRONT  HOMES  SAKINAW LAKE: Sunny exposure and privacy  are the key features for your recreational  enjoyment. Secure government lease on 1.24  acres of waterfront with one bedroom cottage.  Boat access. $35,000.  FRANKLIN RD. WATERFRONT: Small but  very liveable two bedroom home wilh high dry  basement on this exlra large waterfront lot [60 x  220 x 59.99 x 207 501 in this prime area Gently  sloping path to beach through parklike setting.  Sunny exposure & privacy  $180,000.  ACREAGE  BROWNING ROAD: This 1.2 acre lot may be  approved for Vi acre minimum lots and affords a  natural 4 lot subdivision Road at rear already  started. Hurry ��� for details call now  HIGHWAY 101 AT MAHAN ROAD: Prime  development property presently zoned R3. The  properly has 140' frontage on Hwy 101 with 627'  on Mahan Road. Vendor will build to suit or provide terms on Ihis 2 acre parcel. $249,000  CHAMBERLIN ROAD: Nearly 5 acres ol  beautiful timbered acreage, Waler. hydro, cable  and paved streets close by. Ideal hobby farm or  holding acreage. Priced to sell. $99,500.  HIGHWAY 101 AT SCHOOL ROAD: 1.03  acres zoned multl family just across the street from  Gibsons Elementary School. Excellent view  potential. This triangular shaped lot has 359' on  School Road, 350' on Hwy 101 and is 279' on the  back. Vendor may carry 1st mortgage for qualified  purchaser. $119,000.  LOCKYER ROAD: Secluded 5 acre parcel In  Roberts Creek, Privacy guaranteed by forest on  Iwo sides and long panhandle dedicated as access. Perc approval granted and water available.  Well priced on today's market at $90,000 This  gem awaits your Inspection.  PRICE REDUCTION!!: Sandy Hook low bank  waterfront with gorgeous view and sandy beach  only a few steps from your front door. Good  moorage and close to Sandy Hook boat launch  The 720 sq. ft, home aits on a full concrete foun  datlon for easy addition or renovation. Stone faced brick fireplace and large front sundeck. Serious  waterfront purchasers will appreciate that this is  what living on the beach Is all about. $119,000  50% down and vendor will carry al 15%.  STEVE  SAWYER  886-7678  ANNE  GURNEY  886-2164  JOHN  HANSON  886-8295  TERRI  HANSON  886-8295  GREG  GRANT  886-7204  GARY  PUCKETT  886-9508  DAVE  ROBERTS  886-8040  JON  MCRAE  885-3670  LORRIE  GIRARD  886-7760 Sunshine Coast Realtor, Sept. 18,1981 Sunshine Coast Realtor, Sept. 18,1981  11  \h  Located on School Road - Lower Village  886-8107  REALTY LTD.       Box 335,1369 School Road, Gibsons, B.C.   VON 1V0  4V�� ACRES OF PRIVACY WITH CREEK  Location - Oldershaw Road - Roberts Creek  Acreage is partially cleared with a 24' x 52' 1978  Modullne Chancellor set up on lower portion of  property. This acreage has great potential for the  imaginative purchaser. $149,000.  VETERANS-ROAD ��� GIBSONS  A nice neat 2 bedroom starter with large utility  room (may be 3rd b.r.) on large 105' x 141* level  lot. Should be seen. Priced to sell $75,000.  WOODCREEK PARK  Two top of the line homes in this prestigious subdivision to pick from. Both over 2,000 sq. ft. and  owner will help In financing at 13Vz%. Bring your  offers to $149,000.  GIBSONS  Mobile Home set In Trailer Court. 1975  Statesman, 12'x62', 2 bedroom, sundeck Is 10' x  19'. metal shed size 7' x 7'6" al! Included In price.  Also vendors will leave stove, fridge, washer,  dryer, air conditioner, and wood stove. $26,500.  LOTS  INVESTMENT PROPERTY -  ROBERTS CREEK  Al Ihe lop of Margaret Road. This 5 acre 1501' x  420') could make a greal 8 lot subdivision. Mostly  level,   and   may   have   some   view.   Asking  1210,000.       LOT 32    - CREEKSIDE IPARK ESTATES ���  GIBSONS. B.C.  Level building lot close lo schools and shopping.  138,500  SOUTH FLETCHER ROAD ��� GIBSONS  Good view lot close to everything. Great view and  has been landscaped at one time. Also may be  able to rezone to higher use. Priced al 160,000  firm.  DUPLEX LOT  Hlllcrest Road - Gibsons, zoned R3, level duplex  lot with view of Shoal Channel and Gulf. Terms  available. 162.500  '       "  11** MORTGAGE ��� $55,000 APPROX.  BAL. ��� POPLAR LANE GIBSONS  A large 3 bedroom, full basement home located  on cul-de-sac, near all amenities. This 4 year old  home Is well maintained, rec. room In basement is  finished. Alsso a wood stove has been Installed to  assist In tower heating costs. Vendor will assist in  financing. $119,500.  GIBSONS  Grandview & Pratt Road Is the location of this  owner built quality home. Features are many Including hot water heating, deluxe carpeting, living  room size of 14' x 22', etc. To view this three  bedroom, 1472 sq. ft. home, contact Dennis or  Norm. $119,500  SOUTH FLETCHER ROAD ��� GIBSONS  Looking for a great view over Gibsons Harbour?  Then you should see this new 3 b.r. basement  home 1300 sq. ft. on main and over 1,000 sq. ft.  in partially finished basement. Many extras Ind 2  x 6 construction, giving you R20 In ex. walls, R28  In celling. B.R. walls are Insulated with R12. 3 pc.  ensuite in master, stone faced heatilator f.p.,  room for wood stove In basement. Double c/p  sundeck and breeze-way. Plus much more. This Is  a top line home throughout, priced at $175,000  and worth it.  VIEW OF HARBOUR & GULF  FROM 1574 ABBS ROAD  From kitchen, dining room and living room, enjoy  the water and mountains In full view. This large  home also has a fireplace In the basement for that  ideal rec. room or ??? Total bedrooms are 3  upstairs and 2 downstairs for that extra targe family or in-law suite. Home is well constructed, looking for a little tender loving care. $145,000.  GIBSONS ��� CREEKSIDE PARK -  CREEKSIDE CRESCENT  In area of new homes Is this 3 bedroom, basement  home. A level 60 x 120 lot for easy maintenance.  Basement has a self-contained suite for inlaws or  ??? Vendor has Just installed a 12' x 16' sundeck  with access off of dining room for those outdoor  activities. Listed for $98,500.  UNDER CONSTRUCTION  MAPLEWOOD LANE. GIBSONS  Split level 3 bedroom home with den and family  room for that growing family. Situated 2 blocks  from beach access with a southern view of the gulf  from the Master Bedroom or Sundeck. In area of  quality homes. Vendor will sell as Is or at any  stage of finish. Call for complete plans and details  of this new home.  Asking  $150,000.  MARINE DRIVE ��� GRANTHAMS LANDING  Full basement home with 3 bdrms on the main  floor and 2 finished bdrms In basement.  Assumable mortgage at HVe%. One of the best  view home anywhere. $145,000.  LOTS  BONNIEBROOK HEIGHTS  Large view lot. Try your offers to 165,000.  EVERGREEN PARKLAND  We have a few nice building lots priced in the  130,000 ��� 140,000 range.  Phone us for more  details.  LOT 88 ��� KING ROAD ��� GIBSONS B.C.  Cleared, level building lol in quiet area.  138.000  For more information call  Norm Peterson      or      Dennis Suveges  886-2607 886-7264 12  Sunshine Coast Realtor, Sept. 18,1981  FREE CATALOGUE  Sechelt  885-3211  Box 1210, VON SAO  CDE2D  iderson  REALTY LTD  iTaSftee  684-8016  LOTS  PORPOISE PROPERTIES  An exclusive waterfront development  TERMS NOW AVAILABLE  20% down, balance at 15%  - View Property - - Waterfront Property -  from 142,900 from 195,000  - LANGDALE -  End of Grady Rd.  Doug.  - GRANTHAMS -  Central Rd. - Easy building. 50' x 103'  water, power & close to feny. 145,9  '136  Sandy Hook Rd.  Uplands Rd.  Tllllcum Rd.  125,000   Stan Hilstad.  ��115  Woodland Rd. ��� 2 view lots, private road, southern exposure  -139.000 ��� Frank. ��1 ft 2  - SECRET COVE -  Painter Rd ��� Lot 5 ��� Dead end road. 102' x 320'. walk to  moorage ��� Bob ol Frank. *71  - ROBERTS CREEK -  Richards Rd. ��� Choice 70' x 140' lot, cleared & level ��� Doug.  ���127  - DAVIS BAY -  Arbutus Dr. ��� Exclusive subdivision, incredible views, building  protection. Only 3 available, lots 43. 47 & 55. Call Bob or  Frank. -75,123 & 159  - SECHELT VILLAGE -  Lookout Avenue end of paved road. A view lot for just  ���44,500. Call Frank for details. **157  - SANDY HOOK -  Mt. Richardson - Lot 115 - Dead-end road, borders Pro  vincial Forest. Our best buy 130,000  ���Call Don ��21  - Lot 48 - Excellent view, take all offers  -Frank. "113  - Lot 19 - A bargain al $22,900. - Call  Don. ��23  ��� .4 acre property - tall trees, quiet area,  try your deal at 139,000. Stan Hilstad.  '150  - WEST SECHELT -  Jasper Rd. - Semi-view, can only get better - asking  149,900. Let's deal! Gordie. '107  Mason Rd. - 72' x 200' x 68' ��� Great view & area  -easy building - Make an offer - Stan A.  '���54,000. '24  Island View Dr.       - Exclusive area - top of hill - driveway &  building site ready - Call Jack. '84  - REDROOFFS -  Welcome Woods Newest Addition - Lots from ���54,500.  Redrooffs Ranch - Phase I - 82' x 208', level, treed, no mobiles  -Bob or Frank. ��79  Fawn Rd. - Possible view 92' x 408' - Plenty of timber, lovely setting. Frank or Bob. '87  Cooper Rd. - Small mobile, power in, water paid, building site  -Don. '110  Redrooffs Ranch - Phase II - Brand new are, selectively cleared,  southern exposure, building codes, park-land - 8 lots to choose  from.  - GIBSONS VILLAGE -  Good building lot in central lower Gibsons. J49.000 - Stan  Hilstad. '144  GRAN DVIEW ROAD  Bonniebrook Heights - Best lot In the subdivision 66' x 164'  ���54,000. Cleared and ready to build. Call Bob Bull or Stan  Hilstad. '*S0  COMMERCIAL  SECHELT VILLAGE - COMMERCIAL LOT: 50 x 176',  Central location. Great Investment. Will take terms. ���77,000.  Bob Bull. '17  WEST SECHELT: Commercial Corner. Mason & NorWest  Bay Rd. - 18,000 sq. ft. suitable for supermarket or corner store.  Busy crossroad area adjacent to expanding school and no competition. On site living quarters permitted. Call Stan Anderson.  "28  LAUNDROMAT: Steady business. Ideal for semi-retired couple. All equipment In excellent condition. Great location. Call  Jack. Vendors want to sell. *92  GIBSONS PRIME COMMERCIAL: Highway 101 frontage.  Approximately 4 subdividable acres In two separate parcels.  Ready to develop. Call Frank Ingham or Bob Bull. Vancouver  Toll Free 684-8016. '86  WATERFRONT  COCHRANE ROAD ��� VILLAGE OF GIBSONS: Approx  tmately 60' ol beach plus a beautifully landscaped yard. Over  1700 sq. ft of comfortable living with 3 bedrooms. 2 bathrooms  and stone fireplace. Appliances and drapes Included. Plenty of  storage. Offered by Frank Inqham at 1189,000. "116  DAVIS BAY: One of a kind! Sunsets galore. Very private and  partly landscaped lot Is approximately ' i acre View with Bob  Bull. '12  REDROOFFS WATERFRONT  1 .47 acres with hydro, phone, water and cable at the road. Excellent exposure Call Don. "39  103* OF WATERFRONT AT HALF PRICE: Here Is water  front property at an unheard of dollar. Salmon on your  doorstep. Try $50,000 or whatever! Such a deal. Call Frank  "114  SECRET COVE: Vi acre plus 91 ft. of waterfront. Lots of  potential. Last year's price of 179,900. Stan Hilstad. "109  WATERFRONT ACREAGE: 16 acres with approximately  600' of low bank beach. Brand new road access. Approval for  subdivision to 3 parcels. Vendor will cany half. Contact Bob Bull  or Frank Ingham. "126  HOMES  SECHELT VILLAGE: Move right in. Like new 3 bedroom  home features 2x6 walls, airtight heater, basement substantially  developed and $50,000 assumable mortgage. Call Bob Bull or  Frank Ingham. 195,500. "155  SECHELT VILLAGE: 1152 + sq. ft. 3 bedroom home within  walking distance to shopping. On sewer, some view and full  basement. Asking 191,900. Call Doug. "133  DAVIS BAY: Enjoy the panoramic view over Davis Bay or a  refreshing dip in the 16' x 32' pool while the beautiful minimal  care landscaping looks after itself. This well built home has 3  bedrooms up. 2 down and a slate pool table included In the 28' x  17' rec. room. To view call Bob Bull or Stan Hilstad. Askinq  $165,000 "135  SECHELT: Room to roam in 3400 sq. ft. of comfort with a  beautiful view to enjoy from the large living room or wraparound sundeck. Stone fireplace up and airtight down keep the  chill off during the cool evenings. Call Gordie for more information. "122  FQR UNDER $100,000: You can have a home with a view of  the ocean and.easy access to the beach. The lot faces south at  the end of a dead end road. A lovely creek runs through the  back corner of the property. The house has 2 fireplaces: living  room & rec. room. All this located in sunny Roberts Creek. To  view call Gordie. $94,500. "77  NORVAN ROAD - IMMACULATE HOME: 2 year new home  In Immaculate condition. Massive sundeck with southern exposure. Double carport and separate garage. The asking price is  $115,000 and there Is a $40,000 mortgage at 10��/j% due  November 1983. Call Frank Ingham or Bob Bull for details.  '112  <m\ UL atam  HOMES  DAVIS BAY: Energy efficient - $32/month. Beautiful view  home, 3 bedroom split level with many great features, Asking  $175,000. Call Doug. '143  SOMETHING SPECIAL ��� VILLAGE HOME: What better  time to buy a revenue home at a very special price! Recently  redecorated home consisting of 3 bedrooms, 2 levels and  spacious basement. Plenty of room for a suite. Large backyard  and bts of storage space for just $79,900. This is a real buy. Call  Stan Anderson. #16  SELMA PARK: Well built 3 bedroom home on view lot.  Sundeck and rec. room. Owner is leaving the area so bring offers to $139,900. Ask for Doug. "141  WEST SECHELT ��� PRICE REDUCTION: You may still |  assume a mortgage of approximately $49,000 at llVfe%. f  $66,000 more buys you a near new 3 bedroom home of over j  2000 sq. ft. Huge deck, airtight stove and skylight. Contact Bob |  Bull or Frank Ingham, "25 j  WILSON CREEK: Trade or lot as down payment? New house, I  sunny location. 1600 sq. ft. with lots of cedar, vinyl siding, bay j  window, heatilator fireplace and double carport. Bob Bull or I  Frank Ingham. "106 [  MOORAGE GUARANTEED. Up to 40 fl. of moorag  available with purchase of this 2060 sq ft. quality built view |  home In Selma Park Other features include heat pump with I  reverse cycle air conditioning, skylights, built-in vacuum and j  wood sash windows Asking $189,000. For mpre info call Stan \  Hilstad or Stan Anderson "101 [  REDROOFFS: 3 bedroom home, 1538 sq. ft, on targe lot in |  popular Redrooffs area. Asking $107,000. Call Bob Bull for  more info. "158 I  NEW SEA VIEW - LOT 54 ��� DAVIS BAY:   Close to public  beach. Two level home ideal for in-law suite with separate en-    trance. Good view Jrom both levels. 2 sets plumbing plus ensuite [j|]  In master bedroom. Over 2000 sq. ft. with w/w carpets. 3 r3  bedrooms up. Workroom, laundry room. Carport & sundeck. Is  Cement drive. Good value $149,500. F.P. CaU Jack P  885-2053, *��  SECHELT VILLAGE: Uniquely designed 2 storey, 3 bedroom j  home featuring sunken living room, family room and more In  1636 sq.ft. Call Stan Anderson. "18  WEST SECHELT: The price is right on this single-wide mobile  home situated on a maintenance-free nicely landscaped lot on  upper Mason Rd. Ask Frank or Bob. "132  WEST SECHELT: Prestige home in an exclusive area. Present- i  ly under construction and should be finished by November. 3  bedrooms, 3 bathrooms, 3 fireplaces, with Jenn-Alr and built-in  oven. Asking $225,000. Call Doug for other details.        "117  DAVIS BAY: 1346 sq. ft. of executive quality. Wide open view  from deck. Concrete drive to double carport. 3 bedrooms, 2  bathrooms, vaulted ceilings, 2 fireplaces and skylights. Call Bob  Bull or Frank Ingham. "10  DAVIS BAY: Are you Interested in saving money? Are you  capable of finishing a new home? The electrical, plumbing,  doors and windows are already in. Finish this quality home  when you want, as you want. Owner will carry a second mortgage tool Call Frank for full details. #11  Let's Talk Creative Financing  Gordon  Hall  885-9086  Stan  Hilstad  886-2921  Doug  Joyce  885-2761  Frank  Ingham  885-5336  Dor,  Hadden  885-9504 Sunshine Coasl Realtor, Sept 18,1981  13  WATERFRONT  Follow Secret Road and it will lead you to this approx '.  <ine waterfront lot Quiet seclusion will be yours. Services  are available  FP  179.900 Call 885 5171  EXCLUSIVE REDROOFFS RD.  Tins 2 bdrm home is situated in the most sought after area on  the coast Beautifully treed, this to acre lot also entitles you  to part ownership in a waterfront access lot. After fishing  come home and relax on the large cedar sundeck and on  those winter nights around the acorn fireplace. The  roomy garage will add years to your car This home will also  add years of enjoyment to the buyer. F P 193,500 Call  885-5171 Now  REDROOFFS WATERFRONT L260  All seasons will be fun when you buy this waterfront home  Gentle slope to a pebble beach with good moorage. Approx  '/a acre You like to garden - well there is great potential on  this lot The home is approx. 1700sq. ft with 2bedrooms. a  spacious kitchen and dining area, an airy utility, and a living  room Ihat opens onto a beautiful sundeck. And for the one  who likes to get away from it all there is an 11 x 18'6" den.  All this for 1170.000 Call 885-5171  "SEAVIEW APT. WEST SECHELT' L244  Here is a 4 plex apartment set in a very desirable area. Each  900 sq. ft. 2 bdrm suite has lots ol storage as well as a  beautiful view of the Trail Islands. The landscaped property  also has a 1300 sq. ft. "A" Frame home with l'?baths, lovely  cedar finish inside. Large living room, single car enclosed  garage all this on approx. 1 acre ol land. Gentle slope,  southern exposure. Great potential. Call Pat Murphy to  arrange appointment to view. $275,000.    W -Waterfront  H -Homes  A - Acreage  R - Recreational  F - Farms  Bus. 885-5171  Vane. Toll Free  682-3518  Box 1188, Sechelt. B.C. VON 3A0  "Your Real Estate Hosts  on the Sunshine Coast"  "Special Bay"  1977 30 ft. Kustom Koach fully equipped with  air conditioning, AM-FM 8 track stereo, eye  level oven, fridge, range, 4 piece bathroom,  twin battery power pack, twin propane tanks,  retractable T.V., rotating antenna and an 8' x  20' awning. Live in comfort while you build  then travel in style on those country miles. In  excellent condition. F.P. $16,500  COMMERCIAL/BUSINESS PROPERTY  *���* PRIME SECHELT LOCATION ***  2300 sq. ft. modern concrete block commercial building with  above average appearance and finishing.  Prime high traffic location with large paved parking area, lots  of room to expand, and all unaffected by local by-laws.  Beneficial long term (and lease provides a substantial  cash/cost advantage (interest or earnings saved) leaving  capital free for business development. Maximum tax expense  and CCA deductions further add to the viability of this unique property.  The building and location will be of genuine interest to many  business Interests ���- ranging from retail, to service, to office,  or even light industrial usage -��� To any business where  economy, parking, traffic, and high visabfllty are Important.  This One-of-a-kind building is offered for Immediate sale at  well be low replacement cost.  Price 165,000. Call Patrick T. Dahle for details.  LARGE LOT-REDROOFFS L267  Lovely large lot 79' x 199' located on Redrooffs Road. Gentle slope and southern exposure, serviced with power and  water, septic approved. Close to Sargents Bay. Vendor will  cany $25,000 at 18%. F P 140,000 Call Pat Murphy  885 5171 anytime.  THIS VIEWS FOR YOU LI61  From this 100' x 217' lot on Gower Point Koad you can cap  ture a beauliful view and Just an esplanade separates you  from the waterfront. The market Is right and so is the pme  FP 175.000 Call now  SECHELT WATERFRONT LI69  Level lot to waterfront with a 3 bdrm, full basement unfinished home Electric and plumbing are In. Home is on sewer  This home awaits your personnel touch. Finally a house you  can finish to your liking Call now F P. 1155,000  GOWER POINT L162  You've got the plans now all you need Is the land? Great  we've got the lot for you. 100 x 132 In an area that is quiet  and close to the beach. Plus - it's ready to build on - cleared  and waiting Call 885 5171  F.P. 159.500  WHITAKERROAD L170  Looking for a home in a quiet area? Like the beach? Want to  be able to walk to the stores? Then this 1 bdrm bungalow In  Davis Bay will Interest you. Situated on a 50' x 150' lot on  Whitaker Road. 2 blocks from beach and stores aod affordable F.P. 171500. Give us a call 885-5171  COUNTRY CHARMER L 250  * 4.6 acres  * Gentle Sloped Land.  * Dogwood trees.  * Fruit trees.  * Well kept lawns.  * Vegetable garden.  * Flower garden.  * Blacktop Rd. & Path.  * Storage shed (metal).  * Garage.  Plus 3 bdrm 1162 sq.ft. double wide home in  top condition. And all this is surrounded by  a white pickett fence. F.P. $140,000. For  appointment to view call Pat Murphy.  MEMBER SUNSHINE COAST REAL ESTATE ASSOCIATION "P.T." Dahle 885-5692 Deirdre 885-5971 Pat 885-5171  15S& M81S!SLPa,k  m  I  I  1  1  I  i  1  1  1  I  REALTY LTD  883-9525  Box 98, VON 2HQ  FREE CATALOGUE  MEMlCIt MOKER  ���P^^HllltHIII IMIMiin  [a.i.upacu  I   Coast to Coast  1 Real Estate Service  HOMES  RONDEVIEW ROAD: The price combined with construction,  the location and the many features will sell this family home.  Compare Ihis home to others available, with 4 bedrooms,  master with ensuite. finished rec. room with fireplace, large  sundeck. Jenn-Alr kitchen, enclosed independent 2 car garage  and a nice landscaped lot. and you will agree that for 1108,500  asking, this home is an excellent buy. To view call Bill Hunsche  883 2637 or 883-9525 "54  CRIS WAY ��� BARGAIN HARBOUR: Enjoy the southerly ex  posure and excellent view of Bargain Harbour from this home.  Along with the view are features such as 2 heatilator fireplaces. 3  bedrooms, separate dining and living rooms, kitchen with nook,  a large covered sundeck with carport underneath and a finished  rec. room with wet bar. Along with view come all appliances.  drapes and carpeting. To view call Bill Hunsche 883-2637 or  883-9525. "49  DONNELY DRIVE ��� MIDDLEPOINT: A l/5th share In 1  acre of land, with your own 1 bedroom A-Frame. Close to  ocean and public access. This Is a good recreational Investment.  Asking 149,500 To view call Bill Hunsche 883-2637 or  883-9525. "152  STARTER HOME OR SUMNER RETREAT: with fireplace  on large lot on Front Road. Madeira Park. Priced to sell at  ���59,900. Vendor will consider carrying up to $40,000. Call  Doug 885-2761 or Bill Hunsche 883-2637. "108  WELCOME WOODS (REDROOFFS): 9 months new 3  bedroom contemporary home on 5/8 of an acre on Wlldwood  Rd. The home highlights an Interior cedar finish, large sundeck.  and a practical layout The price of 1119.500 Includes 5 new  appliances. For more Information please contact Bill Hunsche  883-2637 or 883-9525 '1*0  GARDEN BAY ROAD ��� GARDEN BAY: Comfortable older  950 sq. ft. home close to stores and government float. The .44  acres and presenl zoning permits 2 dwellings. There is an  assumable mortgage of $33,5011 at lt.'l, due in 1983. The pro-  I perty and home at $82,000 is a sound buv and Investment To  view call Bill Hunsche 883-2637 or 883 %2.r> "147  SMALL, COMFORTABLE ONE BEDROOM HOME: on a  large lot on Narrows Rd. in Madeira Park. For further  information please call Bill Hunsche 883-2637 or 1983-9525.124  SARDEN BAY ESTATES: 4 month old Astro quality home in  a most prestigious area - 2 blocks to a marina - this 11% sq. ft..  2 bedroom home has fireplace, laundry, ensuite and an excellent floor, plan on 4/10 of an acre. I P $129,500. View with  Bob 885-3531  '125.  WATERFRONT  IK STOREY ��� 3 BEDROOM HOME ��� EXCELLENT  DOCK: 150' frontage. F.P. $225,000 - $100,000 down or  will accept Lower Mainland home and carry balance. John  Breen 883-9978 '153  EXQUISITE WATERFRONT: 2325 sq. ft of excellence less  than 2 years old. This 4 bedroom home belongs to the premier  builder In Pender Harbour. Finishing and materials are the very  best and there Is a view from e.very window. Two fingered 40'  float in very calm deep water. I haven't seen anything nicer on  the coast. Executive furniture Included In F.P. $475,000. Bob  885-3531    2 DWELLINGS AREPERMITTED ON THIS 1.47 ACRES:  100' of waterfront in Redrooffs. From your 18' trailer with a large  sundeck you will witness unsurpassed views of the Merry Island  lighthouse, Georgia Straight and Vancouver Island. Lawn,  hydro, water'and driveway are in. Price! 105.000.To view call  Bill Hunsche 883 2637 or 883 9525. #33  EXCLUSIVE WATERFRONT: We are proud to offer for sale  one of the finest homes on the Sunshine Coast. The 2 year old  superbly constructed 60' dock has water and electricity. The  main residence takes full advantage of perhaps the finest view of  Pender Harbour The basement contains a 2 bedroom self-  contained Inlaw suite finished to high standards. A Sauna and  Jacuzzi equipped bathroom are next to the Masler Bedroom. A  separate guest cottage contains a Jacuzzi bath and deluxe  finishing. View this extraordinary property in Garden Bay  Estates with Bob Beaupre - 885-3531.  Full Pikw 4500.000. '129  WATERFRONT  NEW EXECUTIVE HOME IN LEE BAY: 250' from ocean j  lovely views. F.P. 4195,000.  WATERFRONT:  Lease cabin  at  Ruby, Lake.   Reduced to (  430,000. Don *67 I  BARGAIN HARBOUR CHARM: A fresh listing in a desirable I  area Here's a great combination of sandy beach and deep,'  protected moorage. Enjoy the southerly view from the sunroom [  in an 1100 sq. ft. modern (remodelled) home set just above the |  beach amongst landscaped surroundings. A real find at G  4250,000. Jock Hermon 883-2745 or Bill Hunsche 883-2637. f  *137|  WATERFRONT PRIVACY: The best investment in real estate |  is waterfront. This 3 acre�� estate Is located on desirable :  Redrooffs Rd. Formally 2 lots - R-2 zoning permits a 2nd house j  on deluxe site next to the finest porous concrete tennis court oh j  the coast. The 1150 sq, ft. house Is cedar and glass to take advantage of views of Merry Island lighthouse and beyond.  $52,000 at 11%. Owner will accept trades or take back mor-1  tgage. F.P 4265,000. Call Bob883-3531. ��3S��  ACREAGE  LOTS  BARGAIN HARBOUR: Waterfront lot. over half acre, recently I  perked, driveway In, hydro, water and phone at road. Full price Ii  $85,000. Call Don al 8859504 or 885-3211. ��47 S  KLEINDALE: 5 easy acres on highway. 159,000 terms. Call |  Don. . 'i��|  LOT 43 ��� PENDER LAKE ESTATE: This lot is cleared and i  driveway Is In. Ready to start construction. Possible view. F.P. J  $39,000. Call Bob 885-3531. '1381  EXCELLENT BUILDING LOT: on Madeira Park Rd Very I  suitable for a small commercial building br the home-of your j  choice. Price $44,500. To view call Bill Hunsche 883 2637 "88 |  LOCATION PLUS OCEAN VIEW: 1 49 acres adjacent to the j  Earl's Cove Ferry terminal. $65,000. Terms can be arranged. [  Jock Hermon 883-2745. ��13��B  I ACRES ��� KLEINDALE: 2 acres site In Kleindale. The power |  is at the property Una and the well has been drilled. Price |  $55,000. Bill Hunsche 883-2637. '1041  COMMERCIAL  PENDER HARBOUR: Boatworks with waterfront and 1800'  sq. ft. contemporary home situated on 2',* acres at the head of  Pender Harbour. This is an excellent business opportunity  along with a lovely home for the right individual. For more  Information call Bill Hunsche 8839525 or 8832637 '60  I ACRE ON LAGOON RD: In Madeira Park. Zoning permit',"  acre lots. Pried at $65,000 Contact Rill Hunsche 883 9525or  8832637. s52  4i/, ACRES IN MADEIRA PARK: Nexl to shopping centre.  R3L zoning permits ', acre lots. Excellent holding property as I  Ihere are 2 stores & 2 homes on property wilh a potential  revenue of $1,470 per monlh. Owner will carry some financing.  For more information call Bob or Bill 883 9525 "46 I 14  Sunshine Coast Realtor, Sept. 18,1981  Jexander Realty Ltd.   P.O. Box 153, Madeira Park, B.C. V0N2H0  883-2491  or  883-2212  ROBERTS CREEK  ACREAGES  3 ��� 7 �� acre parcels  ��� Considerable quantities  of timber on all parcels.  ��� Some with possible view.  ��� Priced from $133,200  to $141,500  3 - 9.5 �� acre parcels  ��� Subdivision potential.  ��� Very private.  ��� Adjacent to Provincial Forest  ��� Priced from $135,300  to $168,300  SECHELT VILLAGE ��� FRASER PROPER-  TY: Rockledge is the name of this stately home  situated on low bank Waterlroni with a private  cove and pebble beach. Less than 5 minute walk  lo schools and shopping. Enjoy the things only a  vintage home can olfer. Large rooms wilh hi-  cellings, rich solid wood finishings, huge rock  fireplace and a veranda overlooking ihe sea.  t **+ Anyone requiring a unique properly should  view. BY APPOINTMENT ONLY  DL   6989   NELSON   ISLAND:  2.6 acres.  furnished house near Telescope Pass. Over 300'  waterfront. Gov'i lease. Excellent fishing. Full  Price $45,000.  CORTEZ ISLAND - LOT 1, DL 861: 14.3  acres, 1800 feet level W/F with pebble beach,  Lots of gravel on property. Located in Squirrel  Cove adjoining the government dock. $180,000  WHAT A VIEW!! AI are 200' waierlront home  with 2 HR in Bargain Harbour Direct access  from Francis Peninsula Road with good  moorage and a spec I acular view of all of Bargain  Harbour, Approx. '.. acre. $220,000.  PENDER HARBOUR WATERFRONT  ACREAGE: 2 4 acre parcels side by side. 300  ft. on the waterfront stretches from Hwy 101 to  waterfront. What a perfect setting for a country  estate.  GARDEN BAY AREA: Indian Reserve ��19 -  Lot 19 & 20. Approximately ><$ acre of land.  Large foreshore lease. Excellent moorage ramp  & docks in. Property approved for building.  $90,000.  LAGOON ROAD: Madeira Park 1.10 acres  lidal waterfront. Close to school & shopping.  Well kepi Ihree bedroom home. Beautifully  landscaped, a gardener's dream.  LEWIS PROPERTY - I   I  .4 6   ACRES:  Approx. 300 ft. of sloping waterfront Zoned for  1 t acres. Ore of the finest development properties on the Sunshine Coast  BEAUTIFUL FISHER ISLAND AT ENTRANCE TO LEE BAY, (District Lot 4064):  has spectacular exposure and excellent deep  water moorage with dock and small building.  Salmon in your back yard. $160,000.  LUXURY TOWNHOUSES ��� OVERLOOK^  ING BEAUTIFUL SECRET COVE: Fealur  ing 1600 sq. ft. of living area. 3 bedrms, spacious  living room with fireplace, full range of  appliances, large sundecks. Plus each home  offers breathtaking views, full privacy and the  option of reserved moorage at the marina  below. Hurry and lie -among ihe lucky lew to  enjoy the fabulous fishing .ind to relax in this  unspoiled sportsman's paradise.  14% FINANCING NOW AVAILABLE  FRANCIS PENINSULA ��� RONDEVIEW  RD: A picture book selling of flower beds,  shrubs. Iruit Irees mm\ vegetable gardens Enjoy  2160 sq. fl of living area on 2 floors, 3bedrms, 2  bathrooms, wrap around sundecks, and lop  quality finishing touches throughout This  immaculate home is a pleasure to view and to  REDROOFFS ��� LOHN ROAD: Cute 740 sq.  ft., 2 bedroom home on large Vt acre lot. Excellent recreation or retirement home. Asking  179,999 Vendor will finance up to $50,000 at  15%  JEW  WEST SECHELT: View Lol 9/10 of an acre  Driveway in. Approved lor septic system  Westerly view over the Trail Islands. Close lo  beach access. Asking $65,000.  KENT ROAD: Cozy comfortable 950* sq. ft.  home wilh plenty of room for expansion.  Located on a corner lot. Assumable mortgage  of $18,000 at 914%. Appliances included. Priced  in Ihe 90's.  Irw    auat\\%%\\.t.  WEST SECHELT ��� VIEW HOME: Featuring  1800+ sq ft of contemporary living, with 3  bdrm. 2!/S bath, solarium, plus your own pool.  all on just under 1 acre Beautifully landscaped,  low maintenance yard Very private Adjacent  i lol also available Vendor will carry 15% mortgage  Asking $219,000  WILSON CREEK - FIELD ROAD: Level  building lot, 65 ft. x 130 ft., in a papular area.  Price reduced to $34,900  MADEIRA PARK - ONE ACRE LOT WITH  VIEW: Gentle slope, fronlage on 2 roads,  subdivision potential. Priced al $59,900.  BARGAIN HARBOUR: The view is  unbeatable. The house is ready to move into..  Everything is there. Perfect home for retired  couple or weekend retreat. Lots of living space,  \t*\2 two bdrms. large living room St spacious kit*  ���jv^ chen. Moor your boat in front & enjoy the view  from the balcony  $147.500  ARBUTUS DRIVE ��� VIEW LOT: 72' x 124 .  in one of the nicer areas of Davis Bay Selectively cleared and ready to build on Asking  $59,900  Vl down and balance at 15%.  GARDEN BAY: Excellent building lot. One ol  the line-it views in ihis area. Subdivision  potential.  180 FT. WATERFRONT - DEEP WATER  MOORAGE - FRANCIS PENINSULA: 1.2  acres ���  zone commercial.  Fronlage on two  roads. Excellent potential. $270,000.  GARDEN BAY: 2000 �� waterfront plus 19  acres. Ideal for hotel or townhouse development. Sewer permil in place. Existing marina.  Current zoning R3L (.25 ac.) S.W exposure  40% down balance al 15%  ROBERTS CREEK ��� DEVELOPMENT  ACREAGE: 27 acres in desirable area Potential for approx. 43 lots (some with view) Easy to  develop. Close to store, beach and golfing.  Vendor will finance at 15%.  TAYLORS GARDEN BAY STORE &  MARINA: is a well known and long established  business located in Garden Bay. Store, Marina  Gas pumps, boat facilities and other extras.  GABRIOLA ISLAND ��� SILVA BAY: 1100+  ft. level waterfront wilh protected moorage,  plus 23 beautiful acres all in its natural state.  Road access, power & waler on ihe property.  Ideal selling for a very private retreat.  MADEIRA PARK: Nexl to Coho Marina. 180'  deep water moorage. Two bedroom home with  guest cottage. Large storage building - 35' x 35',  1.5 acres...Foreshore Lease.  y ijj 25 ACRES & 3,000 SQ. IT. LOG HOME:  **   Pemberton.   ;,  mile   river  fronlage   Superb  ���**      '^ J mountain   views.   Property   cleared   and   in  m4m\!*ammm*mmm,-T i)i,s'11"' Ideal for landing strip. Home is 1st class  ���MM�� ���    liltlnrouflnout'Ve,y Privat0'  Art Alexander  883-2491  Vadim Kobasew  885-3156  7K Sunshine Coast Realtor, Sept. 18,1981  15  Box 100  Madeira Park,  B.C.  883-2233  Olli Sladey  REALTY LTD.   Member of Multiple Listing Service  | WATERFRONT LOTS & ACREAGE I  Toll Free From |  Vancouver:  689-7623  NARROWS ROAD: - 81 �� ft. waterfront.  1048 �� sq. ft. 2 bdrm home with self-contained  suite on lower floor, drapes & appliances. Carport, workshop, boat shed, float. Immediate  possession. 1195,000.  NEAR MADEIRA PARK  ��� 40+ acres overall  ��� 1.320i ft. waterfront  ��� Zoned R3L (quarter acre lots)  ��� Preliminary roads & water mains installed for  first phase of 23 lots.  ��� 2 drilled wells  ��� Float & dock (need repairs)  $745,000  EARL   COVE   -   *8T��    waterfront   with  panoramic view of Jervis Inlet. Has level access  from road, drilled well and Is mostly cleared. At  today's prices, this is a good buy for  185.000  MADEIRA PARK - 150 �� excellent bw banl  waterfront with wharf & attractive 2 storey horn.  I1600�� sq.ft.).Nicely landscaped.westerly  posure & a fantastic view of the Harbour.  1225.000 .*  TOFINO INLET - 49>t acres island in  sheltered Island Cove near Long Beach,  Vancouver Island. Many good building sites,  timber, nice cove with beach. An excellent buy  lot 1150.000.   tDTT- ST. VINCENT BAY - apc��-ox. fi  acres with 40Zt ft. waterfront and soutH-  westerly exposure. Water access only.  $55,000  ��� 35�� acres overall  ��� 1,700+ ft. tidal waterfront  ��� Zoned R3L (quarter acre lots)  ��� Adjoins above property.  ���380.000  VATERFRONT  'GMONT - Fishing, diving, hiking, beautll  few & southerly exposure. All this Is at thi  loorstep of this Govt, lease property with 103��  :. waterfront, nice A frame cabin & good float.  49,500. =   GROUP PURCHASE - located on 4 �� acres  at beautiful Ruby Lake, this existing motel would  malts an excellent recreational site for a group.  Haari'8 units, with a possibility of 4 more by conversion. 12*0.000          JUNCTION ISLAND - One third interest in  this beautiful 18 acre island located in St.  Vincent Bay, Jervis Inlet. Excellent sheltered  moorage, numerous choice building sites. Only  15 minutes by fast boat from Earls Cove or  Egmont. $139,800.  HK5GINS ISLAND - approx. 26 acre island  with sheltered moorage. Located in False Bay,  Lasqueti bland. $800,000.  GUNBOAT BAY RESORT 3 5�� acres with  152'�� sheltered waterfront with wharf and  small beach. Presently contains a small house  and 3 rental cabins. This could bs'expanded  with more cabins or campsites. Reasonably priced al $279.500.  MADEIRA PARK -- 2 BR home, B16�� sq. ft.,  built 1968 on It acres with 2051 ft. view  waterfront. Located on Summit Road, just off  Narrows Road. MLS HWitO,  FRANCIS PENINSULA (Bum bland) -  5/81 acres with 246 �� ft. choice, sheltered  waterfront. Zoned commercial, would possibly  make a good site for a small Motel & Marina.  $250,000  LOTS  I  GARDEN BAY AREA:  1. LOTS 21 - Elliot Road, Garden Bay Lake.  Large recreational lot, treed, driveway & 2  campsites cleared. 30O�� ft. from good  swimming on Garden Bay Lake. $37,900.  2. LOTS 66 & 67 - Garden Bay Estates.  These are the 2 best view lots left in Pender  Harbour's finest subdivision. Both have  good harbour views and south-westerly  exposure. Lot 66 has a driveway and a  cleared building site. Lot 67 has a septic tank  and drainfield already installed. $53,500  each.  3. LOT 16 ��� Pender Lake Properties ��� large  view lot with 148i ft. frontage on Hotel Lake  Road.   Serviced  with   hydro   &  water.  Southerly exposure. $35,900  4. LOT 68- Hotel Lake Road this steep and  rocky lot could be a real challenge, but it's  nice and large and the price is bw $20,000  5. LOT 61 ��� Panorama Drive, Garden Bay  Estates. One of the best lots in this choice  subdivision $47,500.  6. LOT 20-Deller Road, Garden Bay. Large  panoramic view lot with level access from  Deller Road. MLS $37,500.  7. GARDEN BAY LAKE AREA - one i  acre lot, fairly level, privacy, drilled well,  hydro. 132,500  8. LOT 2 - CLAYDON ROAD partially  cleared, treed lot with view of Garden Bay.  Close to marinas & stores. $47,500.  9. LOT 30 - Large, treed view lot on Hotel  Lake Road. Southerly exposure, serviced  with water & hydro, driveway In. $48,000.  FRANCIS PENINSULA AREA:  LOT 9 ��� Cochrane Road - very nice partially  cleared lot. Excellent for building br mobile  home 32,000.  COCHRANE ROAD - 48 �� acres wilh ocean  view. This excellent lot Is fairly level, mostly  cleared and has several fruit trees. $45,000.  IRVINE'S LANDING AREA:  1. LOT 27 ��� Lee Bay Road, Irvine's Landing.  Nicely treed level lot in a new subdivision  serviced with sewer, water & hydro. Gooc  soil acid a possible view. MLS $47,000.  EARL tXJVE AREA:  1. LOT 23 - Cedar Ridge Place ��� enjoy the  view from this large, nearly level lot with very  little clearing required. $32,500.  2. LOT 27 - Jervis Inlet Road - large semi-  waterfront recreational lot, 400 ft. from  public beach, camping or building site  cleared. MLS $30,000.  MADEIRA PARK AREA:  1. Nicely treed lot adjoining the Elementary  School grounds and close to the shopping  centre and marinas. $36,500.  EGMONT AREA:  1.       LOT A ��� Large, choice lot, over Vt    .  acre.   Small   cottage   (needs   repairs).  Close to Govt, wharf, school, store &  P.O.,   serviced  with  water  &   hydro.  $36,500.  2 LOT B ��� Large lot. over Vt acre, with  excellent vegetable garden & small  cabin. Adjoins above lot. $36,500.  |     HOMES   |  ������t \2m**m..  ��� ITJRvtew horned  sq. ft., phis basement. Has ensuite  I plumbing & finished rec. room. Located on a  I very nice one halft acre lot. A good buy for  i.000.  2 B.R. HOME - 149,800. - Carpenter's I  special or starter home? This small home In f  Madeira Park has been partiallyg-emodelled, but  there's still plenty to do. That's why the price is  an affordable 149.500.  fc'svcfl  ,**kv  ijj  %  jgy-VJI  \W-  GARDEN BAY - new 3 BR rancher on Harbour peak Drive with 1159�� sq. ft., carport &  ensuite plumbing. Situated on a nice near-level  lot, close to Hotel Lake & marinas. Make an offer to the asking price of 189.900.  MADEIRA PARK - 3 BR rancher, approx.  1,26*9 sq. ft. with attached carport. IV,  bathrooms. Located on % acre lot on Lagoon  Road. Just a short walk to shopping centre  school & post office. $120,000.  MOBILE  HOMES  f i  COMMERCIAL  BUILDING  MADEIRA PARK - this 960�� sq ft. building  with room for expansion Is awaiting your Ideas.  1110,000  I  ACREAGE  I  LOT 35 - Ruby Lake ��� 6.8+ nicely treed acres  with large year round creek. Priced to sell at  $45,000.  KLEINDALE - 2�� acres of some of the nicest  land in the Pender Harbour area. This beautiful  property has lots of trees, lots of level ground  and several good building sites. Two homes are  permitted on this property and il could be yours  'or $59,500  SILVER SANDS 15�� acres on Hwy. 101.  silver Sands Creek runs through property.  Merchantable timber, building or camping site  cleared, westerlv exposure. $145,000.  MADEIRA PARK - 7�� acres overlooking  Paq Lake. Has view of straits and harbour.  Rough driveway In and building sites cleared.  $115,000.  IRVINE'S LANDING - Seclusion is what you  will find in this approx. 17.5 acres with a  :omfortaoie 3 BR home and several outbuild  .ngs. $110,000  SEiO  Coast to (oast  Real Estate Service  DAN WILEY, Res. 883-9149  OLLI or JEAN SLADEY,   883-2233 16  Sunshine Coast Realtor, Sepl. 18,1981  886-2417  seauiew Place  Haw 101. Gibsons  Harry Howard 886-7307  922-2017  (Vancouuar Toll Free)  Treu Qoddard 886-2417  This super family home has four bedrooms, a  large open living room with a sundeck that looks  oul over Howe Sound. The house is situated ona  gently sloping well treed lot. The proximity to the  ferry makes this an ideal set up for the commuter.  Asking $98,500.  LANGDALE  Close to the ferry on a treed, private street, A  terraced lot with its beautiful stonework is the  setting for this 5 yr, old 3 bedroom home. The  recently enlarged kitchen, with its sliding glass  doors opening to the patio, has solid oak cabinets.  Some other features are a warm living room with  a cedar accent wall and brick fireplace. Utility  workshop area, family room, new carpeting  throughout. All of this plus a $58,000 + first at  \2%% make this property a must to see. Asking  $119,500  HONES  GIBSONS ��� VIEW ��� VIEW ��� VIEW  Over 3,000 sq. ft. of living space featuring a large  open main door. The first class view of Gibsons  Harbour can be appreciated from either the  sundeck off the living room or the large third floor  master bedroom with its ensuite and Jacuzzi. The  home has two more bedrooms on the main. All  this on a half acre of guaranteed privacy. Asking  $135,000.  UNDER CONSTRUCTION ��� GIBSONS  Come in and see the plans for this 1416sq. ft. new  home.  The view from this unique Grantham's home is  perfect. The house has been painstakingly and  tastefully remodelled and the craftsmanship is  reflected throughout. The ground level features a  self contained garden bachelor suite. The middle  level takes full advantage of the view with its three  large bedrooms, master with ensuite facing one of  two sundecks. Lots of closet space. The top level  has an exterior entrance via footbridge. The view  wall is almost entirely sliding glass opening onto  the top sundeck. It's up here that you'll find the  living room wilh its ceiling fan. tiled kitchen and  dining area. Asking $151,500.  PRATT ROAD  Country feeling at affordable price. This cottage  style home has had extensive updating. New  carpeting, appliances and the plumbing and wiring have been redone. House features 2  bedrooms, living room, kitchen, mud/storage  room and is situated on a deep, well treed lot.  Asking $72,500.  $75,900 AT 13%  The vendor will carry $75,000 at 13% on this  quality Gibsons home. The house is a brand new  1840 sq. ft. Rancher with four bedrooms, master  with ensuite, large family room of! kitchen with  wood stove. Sliding glass door, patios. Huge 100 x  237 (t. lot. This home is a must to see! Asking  $129,900  HOUSE ON ACREAGE  This co^y two bedroom Roberts Creek home is  on 2.5 acres of land. Just minutes from the beach  and stores ihis property is the perfect small  country estate, Asking only $96,500.  LOTS  PRIVACY, CONVENIENCE AND VIEW  This large central Gibsons lot provides a hilltop  view of Howe Sound and Georgia Strait. Would  make a wonderful building site. Asking $55,000.  ROBERTS CREEK ��� COACH ROAD  A half acre of gently sloping view property in quiet  rural surroundings. Asking $49,500  HIGH ON A HILL  You get a panoramic view of Howe Sound from  this Grantham's view lot. Privacy and level terrain  make this an ideal building site. Asking $51,500  LOTS  WATERFRONT  Gibsons Bluff. A perfect level building site with a  fabulous view of Gibsons Harbour from one of the  largest waterfront lots on the bluff. Asking  ���99.000.  CHERYL ANN PARK ROAD  Large building bt in an area ol quality homes.  Asking $48,000.  ACREAGE  SUBDIVIDABLE ACREAGE  1.25 level acres zoned R2L. Application has been  made with the Highways Dept. for a 4 lot  subdivision on this Pratt Rd. acreage. Lot sizes  are 61.8' x 195.5'. One lot has a well maintained 2  bedroom, 1540+ sq. ft. house on it. This whole  package is a beauty and the asking price is only  $155,000  SECHELT PARKLAND  1*4 acres of semi waterlroni inlet view property.  This beautiful piece ol land borders a natural bird  sanctuary and park only seconds from the  government dock. The teal bonus is lhal the  zoning is nuilli family and the package comes with  plans and permits for a 33 unit condominium  complex. Asking $550,000.  GULF ISLAND WATERFRONT  6*- acres wilh 450 ft, of level waterfront on  beauliful Reid Island situated between Pender  and Gahriola Islands. This secluded relre.it would  make an ideal group purchase. Asking $100,000.  MEMBER  SUNSHINE COAST  HEAL ESTATE ASSOCIATION  LOTS  HALFMOON BAY ��� SANDY HOOK  We have several choice properties located in both of these  areas, priced from $39,500.  WESTSECHELT (64,900  Towering evergreens abound on this Vi acre lot. Excellent  private building site with easy access to beach. The future  could hold subdivision possibilities.  To view, call Wayne Salter.  SECRET COVE 139,900  Straight ahead water view from this large sloping lot. Serviced. On MLS. Call John Wilson.  PENDER HARBOUR Flam 150.000  |1. 1.3 ACRES - with potential view, subdivision. 6501.x approx. 90'. Some timber, serviced. ON MLS. Call Jack Noble.  | 2. LARGE TREED LOT - 99' x 425', quiet area, serviced.  Call Jack Noble or Wayne Salter.  EARLS COVE - SEMI-WATERFRONT  Fantabulous view - high bluff ��� great building site & 15%  financing for 3 years!  SUMMER HIDEAWAY  Build your vacation retreat on this well treed lot. Located  500' from the peaceful waters of Ruby Lake. $27,900. Ask  Shelley Biddle for details.  - DAVIS BAY BEAUTY -  H.B.60RD0N AGENCIES ltd  31 Years At Cowrie St., Sechelt  ^Pv^^'x?  Three   bedroom   rancher.   Provision   for   second   bath.  Fireplace, attached garage and 3 rm suite above. (Could be  part of house). View. F.P. $135,000.  John Wilson has the key.  WAYNE  SALTER  885-5986  ,H490-994  PAT  LINDSAY  885-2591  - WEST SECHELT ���  l*M  ,*^r^5  ������'Hi ?'  wmtj/p-  R'.-i�� v  ��� 4fc���. Njy  Full basement quality-built home, with double carport and  fully enclosed workshop which lould be converted Into a  guest cottage. Uninterrupted view overlooking Trail Islands  & Georgia Strait. For details call Wayne Salter.  ���WHITE ROCK TRADE-  BUILDER  IN WHITE ROCK AREA WISHES TO  TRADE FOR PROPERTY IN  SUNSHINE COAST  AREA, RESIDENTIAL OR RECREATIONAL. CONTACT WAYNE SALTER, 885-5986.  - WEST SECHELT -  ' Micro weather area ' Ranch house & outbuildings  ' 5 acre farm, level, excellent soil   ' Details from John Wilson  - GARDEN BAY ROAD ACREAGE -  3.7 acres, water & mountain view; great gardening potential;  treed privacy, brook. Listed at $64,000. Vendor anxious  ���o bring all offer.! Wayn<* Salter.  - SAKINAW LAKE -  I have a Hat ol buyers waiting for waterfronts-freehold or  leasehold, water access only. Please call me If you have a  property you wish to sell. I have a boat on the lake for appraising or showing. Now is the time to sell!  Pat Lindsay 885-2691.  ��� Close to Everything ���  ��� .33 acre with partial view  ��� Treed  ��� In good area on Havies St.  View with Wayne Sailer  PHONE  885-5891 Toll free from Vane.  Box 123 689-2057  Sechelt, B.C.  CHOICE WATERFRONT  - UNIQUE SETTING -  Fabulous smooth rocks - superb views! A unique setting for  a super one level 3 bedroom house with a massive stone  fireplace, step-down living room opening to the sundeck.  Southern view of Merry Island and beyond. $255,000 firm.  Shelley Biddle  PENDER HARBOUR  2 adjoining waterfront lots on Francis Pen. Rd. Asking  $79,900 each. Vendor will assist with financing.  Call Wayne Salter for details.  - HALFMOON BAY -  AFFORDABLEI  Cozy 2 bdrm house on level lot. Unobstructed view. Asking  $130,000  To view phone Jack Noble.  - DEEP MOORAGE -  Extra-large waterfront lot - 120' fronlage. Arbulus trees &  view. Perc test ok. Vendor will carry 50% at 14% for 1 year,  undetprlced to sell at $99,900.  Wayne Salter has details.  JOLLY ROGER INN CONDOMINIUMS AVAILABLE  DETAILS & INCOME PROJECTION FROM  JOHN WILSON  - 16 ACRE TRAIL ISLAND RETREAT -  2200 sq. ft. of decks surround contemporary home & guest  collage with fantastic sunset exposure. Sheltered natural harbour capable of handling large boats For appt. lo view call  John Wilson or Wayne Sailer. On MLS.  BERNEL  GORDON  885-5891  JACK  NOBLE  883-2701  JOHN  WILSON  885-9365  MIKE  BALDIGARA  885-5645  SHELLEY  BIDDLE  885-3505  KELLY  THERIEN  885-5516


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