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Array Serving the Sunshine Coasl since 1945  The Sunshine  Published at Gibsons, BC  25' per copy on news stands  Delivered to every address on the Coasl  September 8,1981  Volume 35, Number 36  Mary Jackson displayed Ihe crafl of basket weaving lasl Saturday before vory attentive and inquisitive crowd at the Sunshine  Coast Arts Centre. A member of the Sechelt Indian Band (a part of the Coast Salish) and now in her 75th year, Mary may  become the last Sechelt Indian basket weaver on the Coast. There are no active apprentices. . Brutey j Benson pmo  Additional funds granted  Teredo to be finished  The construction costs of Teredo Street in Sechelt now add up  to $785,000. The original estimate (late 1979) was $521,000 leaving a shortage of $264,000. Council has been taken out of hot  water recently by receiving the funding to finish the project from  Ihe Ministry of Municipal Affairs.  "1 don't know what we would have done if the additional  funds had not been granted," said the relieved village clerk,  Malcolm Shanks.  Under the Revenue Sharing Act, a grant will pay for 50% of  all costs incurred. The other half is paid for under the local 1m-  pruvcniv.nl bjMaw ur.d the Ymageof'SeuSUt.  The village will pay the total amount of $40,000 as its share of  the costs and the remaining $333,000, the balance of the SOVn  will be levied from the property owners between Wharf and  Shorncliffe Avenues on Teredo Street over the next 20 years.  The end product will see Teredo Street paved with storm  sewers, curbs and sidewalks. The estimated completion date is  the end of October 1981.  Almost three years ago, the Village of Sechelt made petition to  have Teredo Street become a major municipal highway.  The village clerk at that time, Tom Wood, wrote in 1978,  "The population of Sechelt and vicinity is steadily growing, and  with it, the number of vehicles. The need for services is likewise  growing and new stores are emerging as well as expansions to existing ones.  "All this adds up to congestion of Cowrie Street. Both local  and through traffic having to use Cowrie Street, obviously  create problems for each other. A community plan, currently in  formation seeks designation of Teredo as a major highway."  The application was turned down at that time due to the lack  of funds available in the Ministry of Municipal Affairs coffers  so late in the fiscal year.  Two years later a second application was made to turn Teredo  into a major municipal highway, "To relieve the heavy congestion on the only through road in the Village."  The application was accepted and work began in November  1980 with a projected completion date of May 1980.  The engineers did their test holes on Teredo, but somehow  concentrations of peat in between the test holes were missed.  The peat had to be excavated and the holes back-filled which incurred more time and costs.  Problems with the contractor for the sub-base reconstruction,  Lennarts Grading Services Limited, along with the other difficulties further delayed the project.  Council had to re-apply for the additional funding to complete the pr jjcot which they have recently bc.*n awarded. Phase 1  complete, now begins Phase 2, the drainage, paving, sidewalks  and curbing are um'uway.  B.A. Blacktop was awarded the tender for $475,000.  With the road closure, the dust problems and in one case, the  flooding as well as the noise of construction, some of the local  businessmen on Teredo Street are more than anxious to see the  project completed. But as one businesman told the Coast News,  on hearing the new completion date, "I'll believe it when I see  it"   _-   -;  LWaV      [Pffl. ���-.,    --  Saturday noon and all's quiet on Teredo Street. Teredo has been  closed from vehicular traffic now for months awaiting the completion of Ihe $785,000 project. The forecasted completion date  has been set for October 1981 and not a moment too soon....  America Cup  challenge accepted  As reported last week in The Vancouver Sun, local  businessman Don McDonald, owner of the Secret Cove  Marina, has had his challenge for the America Cup yacht  race accepted.  McDonald hopes to raise funds by public subscription  for the large expense of building the boat and promoting  the challenge. McDonald told the Coast News that he will  be releasing more information next week. He said that  Secret Cove's (Canada's) entry in the America Cup would  be held as early as September, 1983.  Terry Fox Run  The Terry Fox Run, to raise money for the Canadian  Cancer Society, will be held rain or shine beginning at Molly's Reach in Gibsons from 10:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m., Sunday, September 13th.  Entry forms and pledge sheets are available at Gibsons  Municipal Hall and Trail Bay Sports in the Sunnycrest  Mall.  A map of the route can be found on page 5 of this  week's Coast News.  - George Mstthews photoi  Meanwhile on Cowrie Street... Saturday noon and the traffic  literally piles up on the over-crowded street, (see left corner of  photo). Cowrie is presently the only through road in Sechelt  which takes all the traffic.  Playing fields priority  For Sechelt parks  Alderman Brian Stelck gave a presentation on Wednesday,  September 2nd, to the members of Sechelt Village council on a  proposed conceptual plan for the 160 acres of crown land within  the village boundaries.  District Lot 1472 has long been eyed by the present and past  councils for park and recreation purposes. The conceptual plan  will be presented Friday, September 11th, to the Ministry of  Lands, Parks and Housing, in efforts to acquire the land.  In Stelck's presentation he will tell the officials of the  desperate situation in Sechelt of trying to provide playing fields  for soccer, baseball, etc., and that recent registrations had to be  limited to facilitate the use of the limited number of existing  playing fields.  In the proposed plan, Stelck said, the creation of playing  fields would be a main priority.  The projects will also include: Three playing fields and a 440  metre track on three acres; an arboretum, (a museum of native  trees) on five acres; a 2/5 mile bicycle cross track; 4.5 miles of  park trails of different lengths and difficulty; a two mile fitness  circuit; two acres for parking; one acre for a picnic area; and  half an acre for an adventure playground.  Stelck will also tell park officials that some sources of material  and labour have already been pledged by local businessmen and  service clubs.  Among Gibsons Bluff residents  LEGISLATIVE LIBRARY  Parliament Buildings  VICTORIA. BC  V8V 1X4  BJ.I  Sewer dispute flares  by Vene Parnell  "Our main concern is to be kept informed���there are too  many rumours." This statement was the main thrust of a petition regarding the future of the bluff sewer project signed by 21  households in the Gibsons bluff area and presented to Gibsons  council Tuesday night.  The petition contained 14 specific questions and concerns. It  was presented in an orderly fashion, despite the fact that the  meeting was attended by other bluff residents who opposed the  petitioners, stating that the sewers on the bluff are essential and  necessary.  Petitioners expressed such concerns as possible damage to  homes caused by blasting through rock to lay in sewers and  private household connection, expense of individual home connection; expense of duplication of existing systems, and delay in  obtaining funding while spiralling inflation increases the cost of  the project annually.  Jack Copland, Municipal Administrator, pointed out that  costs of the bluff sewer project had increased dramatically since  1979 when the projected figure was $515,000 (about $5,800 per  lot). In 1981, it is estimated the sewer project could cost  $750,000 (about $8,900 per lot). He predicted that the cost of the  project could increase to $1 million to service the 84 lots if there  is a. further delay of two years.  The petitioners opposing the sewer project felt they should not  be "forced to hook up to sewers when the danger and cost is so  great" despite the fact that a total sewer system for the entire  village was approved in a public referendum in 1972. However,  Shoal Lookout resident Doug Dickson pointed out that the  signatures on the petition represented only 25% of present landowners on the bluff, not the majority.  Other residents attending the meeting Tuesday were vocal in  stating that public sewer service is essential on the Muff.  "There are 20-odd people who cannot build on the bluff now,  because there is no sewer system," stated Trevor Goddard. "In  the case of some of the existing homes, the health problems are  unimaginable, with raw sewage draining directly into the ocean  and some draining across other lots."  The petitioners objected to the fact that the annual sewer tax  charges on the bluff might be higher than the tax for residents in  the rest of the village, because of the high cost of the project.  Mayor Lorraine Goddard stated that it did not seem fair that  the rest of the village residents should have to pay higher costs to  subsidize the bluff sewers, but stated that the decision would be  [by a future council,  agreed that the costs of individual connections to the  trunk line could be "very expensive" in some cases, but that was  the nature of the terrain.  Jack Copland assured the residents that blasting to lay in the  sewers would be done by professionals with little chance of causing damage to homes, and that such contractors carry insurance  to repay homeowners in case of damage.  There are 900 homes in Gibsons presently receiving sewer service representing approximately 2300 users and the present sewer  plant can service up to 3,000 residents according to Dayton and  Knight Engineering representative, Agris Berzins.  He told the Coast News that the present plant can be expanded to eventually provide service to 7,000 users.  Public Health Inspector Bob Weston stated that homes built  on the bluff before 1967, when the sewage treatment regulations  were put into effect in B.C., may be disposing of their sewage  Vandalism in Gibsons  directly into Georgia Strait and "there is nothing we can do  about it. Upgrading of existing systems may only be enforced if  they are creating a proven health hazard."  He told the Coast News that under the present sewage regulations, the Health Unit would not approve any new subdivisions  or homes on the bluff unless there is adequate soil area to install  a septic tank and drain field. Weston said that incinerating or  decomposing toilets were not the answer in that a septic tank and  drain field is still necessary to treat "gray water", from sinks  and bathtubs.  Secondary sewage treatment plants have been installed in  some cases on the bluff, but these are costly to install and service, up to $10,000, and require a certain amount of soil as well.  Mayor Goddard pointed out that homeowners are not required  by law to sign up for a service maintenance program in the case  of an individual secondary sewage system.  A suggestion was made to install a partial sewer line along the  perimeter of the bluff to service those homes already built or  awaiting construction that cannot be occupied until there is a  public sewage disposal system. Council agreed to study the matter further and to keep residents informed of the progress of  sewer construction plans.  ��� Fren Bourissa Photo  To be or not to be? That is the question for sewers on the Gibsons Bluff. The above photo, taken on the bluff, shows lhal at  least this one lot has a septic field that is not functioning adequately, as effluent can be seen running down the rocks by the  side of the road.  Weekend rampage of destruction  Damage amounting to well over $1,000 was reported by police  in lower Gibsons as a result of a Friday night vandalism spree.  A near-catastrophe occurred at Gibsons wharf, where eight  45-gallon drums of jet fuel were knocked over, damaging and  nearly rupturing four of them.  "If just one of the drums had ruptured, this whole wharf and  lower village could have gone up in flames," Ralph Harding,  Shell agent and distributor told the Coast News.  A $500 reward is being offered for information leading to the  arrest of persons involved in damage to the Gibsons Chamber of  Commerce building and other sites throughout the village early  September 5th.  All the windows of the Gibsons Chamber of Commerce  building beside the Gibsons Winter Club were smashed. Police  believe the damage occurred at approximately I a.m.  The Shell Self-Serve Car Wash on Highway 101 was also vandalized, where car-wash equipment valued at $750 was bent  away from the ceiling in car-wash bays. Water taps were turned  on and water was left running all night.  "We pay for water by the gallon up there. It is metered for us  and I would hate to see our next bill," Ian Harding told the  Coast News.  A large amount of damage was done in Pioneer Park, where  two newly-installed parking signs were pulled out of the ground.  The retaining wall was pulled down halfway around the park  site, with rocks and cement left littering the sidewalk.  Gibsons village works superintendent Ron Webber told the  Coast News that the Friday night vandalism sprees are affecting  the village weekly. "It's getting to the point where I expect a  Saturday morning phone call listing the latest damage."  Other Friday night damage was reported on Veteran's Road,  where all the windows of a parked Volkswagen car were smashed and mailboxes were overturned.  ON THE INSIDE...  View from Umbo Page 4  Me...a murderer? Page 5  Sechelt Library reorganizes Page 6  Towards a wider perspective Page 7  Homeopathic remedies Page 7  Gilker Park threatened Page 8  Education battle not won Page 9  Fall flower show Page 9  Dudley C. Carter Page 12  Sports Pages 14 & 15  More letters Page 17  Classified Ads Pages 18, 19 & 20  Crossword Puzzle Page 21  ESSO  Vancouver  Sunshine Coasl  Essofm  IMIiAOB!  Sunshine Coast  REGULAR  Sumhlne Caul  Sunshine Coast  ��� ������ II  NON-LEADED  SmsisIm Cam  J  Gasoline prices at the pump in Vancouver and on the Sunshine  Coasl. Generally prices compare favourably except for unleaded  high octane. (See story on Page Six)  mm r  Coast News, September 8,1981  The       tpi  Sunshine   J  ut i  A LOCALLY OWNED NEWSPAPER  Published at Gibsons. B.C. every   Tuesday, by Glassford Press Lid.  Boi 460, Gibsons, VON 1V0    Pender Harbour enquiries, and all others, il  Phone 866-2622 or 666-7817     no answer Irom 886 numbers call 685-2770  .(���CM  lA Editorial Department:  John Burnside  Fran Bourassa  Vene Parnell  George Matthews  Accounts Department:  MM Joe  Copysetling:  Wendy-Lynne Johns  Lise Sheridan  Connie Hawke  Advertising Department:  Fran Berger  Mark Hood  Jane McOuat  SUBSCRIPTION RATES:  Canada $24.00 per year. $15.00 lor six months  United States S25.00 per year. Foreign $28.00 per year  Distributed Iree to all addresses on the Sunshine Coasl.  . Second Class Mail Registration No 4702  Questions following vandalism  The mosl recent outbreak ol local vandalism detailed elsewhere in these pages  does have a chilling aspect.  The vandals tolled and apparently  dinted several barrels of highly explosive  jet fuel around on Gibsons Wharf during  their prolonged session of hooliganism.  Two thoughts occur: in the first place,  no such barrels should be lying around  where possibly drunken members of the  Tacky treatment  The Vancouver Sun apparently has an  interest in the Gibsons bluff. The Sun has  decided it is amusing to give a local resident, a certain Mr. Gerussi, who resides  on the bluff, some tacky treatment over  some casual remarks he made recently.  Most newspeoplc find August a slow  month and it seems The Sun is no different in finding a need to resort to nickle  and dime journalism.  Of more interest, albeit mundane, to  Gibsons residents is another kind of tacky  treatment going on up on our bluff. In  this case, we have the problem of sewage  treatment.  The bluff sewage issue represents a  microcosm of the development of property on the Sunshine Coast.  On the one hand, one group of bluff  residents is less than enthusiastic about  the construction of sewer lines on the  pristine rock. They believe, among other  things, that if sewer lines are built, the  bluff will be able to accommodate more  houses, thereby precipitating an over-  community can get at them. It is not so  long ago that we protested about chlorine  tanks being left unattended overnight on  the public wharf and barrels of jet fuel  seem no more excusable.  In the second place, it would appear  that a group was rampaging all over the  village for several hours without attracting police attention. Why?  crowded Monacco-like atmosphere, not  to mention costing taxpayers a few hundred thousand dollars.  On the other hand, some bluff  residents, some of whom purchased property they must have known had inadequate drainage for proper sewage  disposal, are arguing the need for sewers  before they can move into their homes. In  strong support of this latter group are  some property owners who are waiting for  adequate sewer lines so they can develop  and sell the property they own on the  bluff.  For those of us who have been around  long enough to remember when the only  creatures on the bluff were children,  meditators and squirrels, the prospect of  an uncluttered bluff has about as much  hope as an undeveloped Coast and no  matter whose side you're on in this largely  philosophical debate, most would have to  agree that a solution to the problem of untreated or under-treated bluff sewage  must be found.  Gambier mine in limbo  At present the question of open-pit  mining on Gambier Island seems in limbo  if you are a member of the legislature or a  member of the public. The mining company, meanwhile, continues to drill test  holes to measure the ore body and continues to fail to produce its preliminary  report for public enlightenment despite  what Energy Minister Bob McClelland  calls in a recent letter to MLA Don  Lockstead 'a number of reminders' from  the government which does have a copy of  the report.  That report, according to McClelland's  letter, outlines the environmental effects  of open-pit mining on Gambier Island  and it would appear to be time that  somebody released it to the public.  Meanwhile, the Gibsons council re-,  mains on record as favouring open-pit or  strip mining in Howe Sound in the wistful  hope that it will produce jobs for local  young people. Experience elsewhere indicates that such mining is not labour intensive and that usually those employed  are experienced strip miners from other  projects and other places.  Perhaps it is also time for the Gibsons  council to take another look at the issue  of strip mining on Gambier Island. To  construct a marina for pleasure craft in  Howe Sound and to support strip mining  in the same area does seem somewhat inconsistent.  ...Irom the files ol the COAST NEWS  FIVE YEARS AGO  Two long-time residents of the  Coast came out last week with  published books of poetry. The first is  "Whittlings" by Hubert Evans, resident of Roberts Creek for almost fifty  years. Evans has had a long and  varied career as a writer and a journalist. The second poet appearing  with a book In Peter Trower. It is called "The Alders and Others" and is  Trower's third book of poems.  TEN YEARS AGO  Commuter tickets for ferry  passengers and cars are being  discussed in Victoria. Following  discussion with Premier Bennett, the  Hon. Isobel Dawson reported there  could be action shortly. Such tickets  would be available in advance for all  ferries serving the Sunshine Coast.  FIFTEEN YEARS AGO  A swimming pool as a centennial  project was decided upon by the Gibsons and Port Mellon Centennial  Committees. After studying  blueprints and pictures of various  pools, the committee decided on a  pool 30 ft. x 60 ft., to cost approximately $12,500.  TWENTY YEARS AGO  Three factors contributed to the  saving of Selma Park from what  might have been a serious fire. These  factors were the rain on Tuesday and  Wednesday, alertness of a lady who  saw the smoke blowing past her  house and the quick arrival of the fire  brigade on the scene. Some children  playing with matches in the brush  behind the community set fire to it  and despite the dampness It was burning merrily when firemen arrived.  TWENTY-FIVE YEARS AGO  The 14th Annual Labour Day  celebration sponsored by the Local  International Brotherhood of Pulp,  Sulphite and Papermill Wotkers was  the best yet. A full day's program arranged by Art Lockwood and his committee began with childrens' sports  at Seaside Park. By lunchtlme, it was  estimated 300 children had claimed  tickets for hot dogs, pop and ice  cream.  THIRTY YEARS AGO  Mrs. E. Earles with an impressive  32 first prizes and nine seconds,  walked away with grand aggregate  points from the two day Howe Sound  Annual Fair which displayed a wide  range of flowers, vegetables, art and  culinary produce. Sponsored by the  combined work of the Farmer's and  Women's Institutes, the fair was  rated as one of the best in history.  THIRTY-FIVE YEARS AGO  South American publishers are offering as high as $300 a ton for  newsprint, the Financial Times  reports, or about four times the  United States price. This unprecedented situation arises  because U.S. consumption is now  averaging more than'28% higher than  last year while U.S. production Is up  only five per cent over 1945.  Pender Harbour, about 1914. Robert Donley had established a general store on well, in which the cod were kept alive unlil delivery. Refrigerated by ice, either in -  the inlet side of Beaver Island, along with a floating dock, in 1913. He built a boxes aboard a steamer or in the hold uf a packer, they would reach Greater Van-  smokehouse to preserve some of the herring that swarmed these waters. As couver customers within the day. Here, John Wray, long-time Nelson Island set-'  packers and manufactured ice became available, shipment of freih fish became tier, appears with a catch of ling cod that will be sent off to market from Donley's  practical. Reefs off Pender proved to be some of the best cod banks on the lower Landing. Donley family pholo courtesy Ida Higgs and Klphinstone Pioneer.  B.C. coast. A fisherman would puncture the sides of his main hatch to create a Museum. L.R. Peterson  -a*  Musings  John Burnside  nr  [Slings & Arrows^^  [George MatthewsP1^  There are undoubtedly a  fair number of inhabitants of  this Sunshine Coast of ours  who could spin a tale or two of  adventure with the B.C. Ferries. I've heard a few and J  hope to hear a few mofe  before I call itjqults. ffi  '���'������T have a clear'favourite |fr  the moment, a tale I have been  recounting at every half decent  opportunity ever since I first  heard it. Two or three people  have assured me that it is, in  fact, a true story and that the  lady in question still lives  around here, I assume in  grateful anonymity through  the discretion and forbearance  of those friends to whom she  must have told the tale.  In its own little way it is an  apocalyptic tale, an illustration par excellence of that fine  frenzy that seizes us all when  we are trying to catch an all-  important ferry. It has the  quality of myth, a tale of  ferry-pursuit that, if not legendary yet, in my opinion  deserves to be.  The tale, as I have told it  and as I believe I heard it, involves a lady of shall we say  vigorous middle years, who  disembarked from a PNE  train late one windy, rainswept  November night and set off  racing to the landing slip  knowing that it was nip and  tuck whether she would or  would not catch the last ferry  home.  By some incredible feat of  leger de main she was contriving to hold several parcels, her  hat, and her coat shut as she  hurtled through the November  dark.  Spent and reeling from her  exertions, she found her worst  fears realized as she neared the  landing and saw the ferry was  just off shore.  For only the merest fraction  of a second did she hesitate,  then she summoned her flagging strength for one last,  desperate effort, raced to the  edge of the slip, and threw  herself bodily into the air over  the dark water in the direction  of the ferry. I mean, nobody  wants to spend the night in  Horeshoe Bay, in or out of the  water.  Her heroism was rewarded.  She landed on the car deck of  the ferry, like a beached  whale,' in a pile with her  parcels and her hat which had  on impact finally escaped her  desperate grasp.  As she lay there, the  deckhand at whose feet she  had landed looked down in  some surprise and said: "For  Christ sake lady, we're just  coming in."  * * *  ' My own most recent ferry  sjtory had little of the dash and  the flair of the story of the  leaping lady. It was just your  average tale of harried  business man on quick trip to  Vancouver. Just, get in there,  do what you have to, then get  out again. Three things to accomplish. Take the ten to  eleven ferry and catch the  three-thirty back again for the  important Thursday staff  meeting.  I turned in a clockwork performance in town. One  meeting and two errands and  I'm running right on schedule.  I'm on West Fourth near Bur-  rard with the ferry to catch  and thirty-five minutes to  catch it in. The situation calls  for some sprightly but more or  less law-abiding driving and  given no bad luck with traffic,  we're on board again for the  Sunshine Coast. Or so I  thought.  Cruising with smug confidence towards the toll booth  at twenty past three, 1 am confronted by a line of cars in the  inside lane stretching two-  thirds of the way to the  Squamish turn-off. I hope it's  just a bunch of people who  have arrived at the same moment, but the line isn't going  anywhere. My worst fears are  confirmed by a man in an  orange coat who says cheerily  that, yes, this is the Langdale  line-up and I'll be on the  fourth fifty-five instead of the  three thirty ferry.  Muttering curses 1 wheel out  of the line-up lo phone the office to say that I will not be al  the staff meeting and lo grab a  bite at Troll's.  In little more than half an  hour I am heading back to the  car park. Wait a minute, how  do you get back across the  highway? I find myself on  Eagleridge Drive following  signs which say Squamish and  Horseshoe Bay but somehow  when 1 come off the overpass  I'm about five yards past  where the ferry traffic turns  left from the Squamish tur-  noff. I back up, look carefully  around, and then commit a  highly illegal manoeuvre turning out of the Squamish turn-  in and so briskly to the ferry.  What's this? In my absence,  the original line-up has gone  but another has grown like a  lizard's tail and a second  cheery B.C. Ferry worker  assures me that while there is  no chance of me getting the  four fifty-five ferry, without a  shadow of a doubt I'll be on  the five fifty-five.  So there it is, part of two  overflows for two consecutive  ferries on a Thursday afternoon. Just when you think  you're getting on top of things  around here you have to catch  a ferry.  Drjt]tjM*JHtf!!!T!)!t)iY!!!*j**rj  'lii'itMrimi'inmiiir'i'mKf'Pf'.r'iTri  Dolor  / have known the Inexorable sadness of pencils,  Neat In their boxes, dolor of pad and paper-weight,]  All the misery of mantlla folders and mucilage,    '  Desolation in Immaculate public places,  Lonely reception room, lavatory, switchboard,  The unalterable pathos of basin and pitcher,  Ritual of multlgraph, paper-clip, comma,  Endless duplication of lives and objects.  Ami I have SIM dust from the wtdls of Institutions,  Finer than flour, alive, mor* dangerous than silica,  Sift, almost Invisible, through long afternoons oftt  Dropping a fine film on nails and delicate eyebrows! ^  Glazing the pate hair, the duplicate grey standard faces.  lurni  I've tried. God knows I've  tried. Al the risk of being arrested by the Metric Commission and thrown in prison, I  must admit to being near giving in.  In my favour, I did once try  lo tell my English students to  leave a two and a half centimetre margin around their  essays. Some said they didn't  have paper big enough, while  the others complained they  couldn't see anything that  small.  Another time, 1 told a man  that I'd caught a 500 centimetre salmon. He replied, "1  ain't never heard of no fish  that heavy".  I know a centimetre; it's  about the length of my thumbnail after I've chewed it down  trying to figure out what a hectare is. A litre I can comprehend due to a lifelong  fondness for European wine. I  am in constant combat with  the gram, am forever misjudging the metre and am positvely  petrified by metric prefixes.  Do you know what a  gigametre is? I thought not.  How about a nanometre?  picometre? femtometre? at-  tometre?  One smart aleck I know  described his new girlfriend to  me in metrics. He said she was  160 centimetres tall and weighed 58 kilograms. He wasn't  pleased when I characterized  her as a stringbean.  The one measurement that  is not accounted for in the  metric system of weights and  measures is the distance between what you think a particular measurement is and  what it really is. For instance,  I estimated my friend's new  girl to be six foot eight but she  was really five foot three.  That's a difference of one  foot, five inches or 43.18 centimetres. There should be a  standard metric expression for  that error. Again, when I  assumed his girlfriend weighed  about 75 pounds and it turned  out she was closer to 128, there  should have been some way to  express that error in judgement.  What we need, especially  for metric . illiterates like:  myself, are three new metric:  expressions: the schitzometre,  the schitzolitre and the schit-  zogram. When someone goes  out and buys 50 grams of  cheese to feed the family and  finds out it wouldn't feed a  skinny mouse, the difference  between what he expected and  what he got should be  measured in schitzograms.  The schitzolitre would be  particularly useful for those ol '  us who don't gel too excited  anymore when the price of  gasoline goes up a couple of,'  cents a litre but would get mac'.  as hell if it went up nine cents a  gallon. In this case the schit- '  zolitre would mean the size ol  the outrage a motorist feels  when he finds out he's paying  something like a dollar eighty,  something for a gallon of gas. '  I'm sorry Metric Commis- '  sion. I take it all back. 1 didn't  mean it. I'll try every day in "  every way to get better and  better   metrically.   1   know*  you're just trying to make me"  more sophisticated and con- "  tinental but  1 just lost my  head. Please don't come and  arrest me.  4 * *  One of the fellows in the of*"  fice  is getting  married this"  week; today as a matter of  fact, if it's still Tuesday. Mark  Hood   is   the   incipient  husband's name. He's marry- '  ing a young woman named*  Eileen. Mark is really a very  nice young man and he seems;'  to be very happy at the prospect of getting hitched.  I haven't known anyone'  who has got married for  years. I thought it was out of  fashion. Those people I've  known who have been maii  ried, have usually done it surreptitiously in some little of-'  fice or in some far away place  and they only admitted it after  hours of grilling. I guess for all  - of the things to be said against  it, people still insist on tying  the knot.  For an old, formerly married cynic who still believes in  love, it is a difficult business to  observe. First of all, it is difficult to avoid the temptation  to give advice. Second, it's  hard not to be cynical. My  typical  first  observation of ;  marriage is that it's something  everybody  should  try  once"':  -just to satisfy the curiosity: :  This observation, as callous as.-  it   might   seem,   is   usually ���  followed by a long list of do's  and don'ts.  In the case of Mark and  r:ben, the pure joy that fills':  our office by Mark's presence  is romantic enough to conquer :  a worn out old cynic like me. '.  Whether it's youth or op- j  timism, I know this is one '  marriage that will be great.     ;  I'm reduced by whatever :  shred of decency left in this';:  decadent soul to give the only*:  piece of advice to newly mar-v  rieds worth listening to. That;'  being: Never listen to advicfe.'  from an old married person. ������ ��� Letters to the Editor  Helen Dawe makes historical points  Coast News, September 8,1981  Editor:  1) Sargeant Bay. Please convey to your reporter, Bradley  Benson, my appreciation for  his story on page one of your  August 25th issue regarding  preliminary negotiations with  the National Second Century  Rund of B.C. toward acquisition of the marsh area at  Sargeant Bay. My pleasure in  this possibility of a park is  heightened by the fact that  Mr. Benson took the trouble  to spell Sargeant Bay accurately instead of corrupting it to  Sargeant's Bay as the Regional  Board frequently does, even in  its legal notices.  > Both hydrographic charts  and the official Geographical  Gazetteer of B.C. omit the terminal apostrophe "s". In the  early days the area was known  as Norwest Bay but the 1930  Gazetteer adopted the form  Sargeant Bay, with a "see"  cfoss reference from Norwest  Bay. Frederick Sargent (sic)  applied to pre-empt D.L. 1324  on June 23, 1887 and he  received his crown grant on  March 31, 1892. He paid  $207.50 for 179 acres. A  member of the Sargeant family was still living in the area  during the 1920s.  The Norwest Bay Road in  West Sechelt is so named  because early in this century it  w-is the only route to Norwest  Bay, there being merely a  telegraph trail along the coast  closer to the shoreline.  2J Rockwood Lodge. Mr.  Cttarles Murray of Selma Park  recently made a charming  sketch of the Lodge and this  h>s been reproduced in the  firm of a postcard. However,  the Sechelt & District  Chamber of Commerce has  seen fit to print an erroneous  caption on the verso of the  card. They state that  "Rockwood Lodge was the  only accommodation in the  area". This is garbage information compiled by I know  not whom.  It is true that the second  Sechelt Hotel, a three-storey  structure, was destroyed by  fire on the night before  Rockwood opened in July  1936. However, the whole of  the second floor of the Sechelt  General Store still existed as  an annex to the hotel and continued in that capacity for  many years. The Union  Steamship Co. also operated  Sechelt Inn (the original  building on the site of Driftwood Inn) as an hotel at the  same time a Rockwood Lodge  functioned.  Before the Youngson family  built Rockwood, Mrs. Gertrude Neal operated Selma  Lodge. Other board residents  at Selma Park in the 1930s,  1940s, et seq. included  Bayview Lodge, Sunset Inn  and Totem Lodge. In Sechelt  Jack and Carrie Mayne ran  their home as a guest house,  Glendalough, at the corner of  Cowrie and Inlet.  In fact we probably had  more tourist accommodation  in the late 1930s than exists today. One need only read the  classified ads in the Vancouver  papers during the month of  June in that period to see long  lists of furnished summer  beachside cottages and camp  sites offered for rent from  Redrooffs through West  Sechelt, Sechelt, Selma Park,  Davis Bay and Roberts Creek.  3) Sechelt streets run east and  west, while our avenues run  north and south. Why then  does Sechelt council constant  ly refer to Binnacle as a street  when it is in fact an avenue?  The Regional Board office is  located on Wharf Avenue in  Sechelt, yet the directors and  their staff seem unable to use  the correct nomenclature. Until construction work commenced at Wharf and Teredo  there was for years an official  sign at the intersection reading  "Wharf Ave.". Why does the  SCRD find it necessary to  refer to either Wharf Road or  Wharf Street? Cannot our  elected officials improve their  usage?  Yours sincerely,  (Miss) Helen Dawe  Box 121  Sechelt, B.C.  On the Gibsons Bluff  sewer dispute  Editor:  At the September 1st  meeting of the Gibsons council  we were treated to the amazing  spectacle of a very small group  of people from the Georgia  Drive area asking that the  Village not install sewers on  the Bluff. Their argument was  based on two spurious  beliefs...that the cost to individuals would be exhorbi-  tant and the damage caused by  blasting horrendous. Had they  done their homework they  could have obtained the B.C.  Government subsidized cost  figures from the Village. As  the blasting, we have taken a  hazardous rock bluff off  Avalon Drive (with the permission of the Village) and put  underground services to the  two houses we have lived in on  Avalon Drive for the past five  years. The blasting has been  extensive, at one instance three  feet from a greenhouse having  only 1/16" glass. Not a single  pane of glass was ever  broken...thanks to Ted Donel-  ly and his merry men.  Most septic systems on the  Bluff do not, and cannot, conform to present day health  standards. As septic fields  burn out, most lots possess no  suitable alternative location  for a new field. Time is not on  our side.  We were accused of being in  it only for the money. Well,  any clown knows that only  fools and horses work for  nothing! However, we have  now upgraded, to Village R.l  standards or better, eight  Bluff properties without the  cost of a single cent to any  Village taxpayer. We will be  building a new house for  ourselves in our six lot subdivision. We would like it, and the  surrounding area, to meet  1981 health standards; Canadian���not Mexican!  As to the subject of self interest, there are some twenty-  odd individual owners (not us  or any "developer" as  somebody suggested) who cannot build until there is a sewer.  ' Until that happy day their investments are useless. The  whole thing has a rather septic  smell. Captain Vancouver  once named the Bluff Gore  Point...presumably dropped  because of confusion with  Gower Point. In this case, it  seems to be a case of whose  part of Gore is being gored.  Sincerely,  Trev & Dee Goddard  P.S. Bart Duteau���and who  better qualified���made the  one sane point about road  safety on the Bluff. Cheap and  simple answer (copied from  Carmel's 17 Mile Drive) make  Skyline a one-way street.  Appreciative  winner  Editor:  My husband and I were fortunate enough to win the prize  of a dinner for two at Andy's  Restaurant in your recent Sea  Cavalcade draw. On August  20th we went for our dinner  and we were extremely pleased. Our host, Andy, was most  courteous. Our dinner was absolutely delicious and the service was great.  We wanted to take this opportunity to thank not only  those at Andy's Restaurant,  but also the Sea Cavalcade  committee for making it possible for us to enjoy a pleasant  evening dining out in Gibsons.  Yours truly,  Ken and Elaine Sutton  That  cartoon  Editor:  Regarding the apparently  controversial "library cartoon" drawn by Mr. Fraser  which appeared in your  newspaper recently. One can  only compliment the man on  his perception and also reward  his courage for using the news  media to take a poke at that  same self-inflated monster. As  a reader of the daily paper,  one needs to be aware of a  tendency to work a subject to  death. Exploitation must be in  the final analysis exposed as  exploitation. Thank you Alan!  Sincerely,  An Admirer  P.S. What about "the cute  and clumsy adventures of  Charlie -Jr. Di" for your  library?  Priorities  Editor:  As pleased as I am to read  about the Marina, it appears  Council has its priorities mixed up. Whatever became of  our much-needed public parking and, most important, our  garbage dump? the latter is  more important in my opinion  than a Marina that we will  probably see mostly empty  during the winter months.  Helene Wallinder  More Letters  on Page  Seventeen  7*\  ( Helen's    \  Fashion  Shoppe  30%-50%  off  Selected  Dreeeea, Pant*  Blouses), Setts  886-9941  Gibsom Landing  ���PKXtttil  OFFICE SUPPLIES  e Photo Co-aim ��� Typewriters  ��� Cash H.gi.lar. s Calculators  ��� Office Supplies s School SeejtMu  Fsirnltsiro A Stationary  Wharf Rd.      Sechelt 885-3735  Churchill vs Atlee:  Browning fires a round  Editor:  Churchill vs. Atlee  Ke: the verbal bombardment  by the master of the pen. Ron  Huggins   for  the  unusually  restrained reply by you.  Sir:  It was said that Sir Winston  Editor's note:  Winston Churchill is reported  (o have said that he was very  fond of his French poodle  because she had taught him  f.. Bring your Visitors  $  to a Country Candy 4  Store  NEW HOURS  Open 7 days a week   ���*  10 a.m. - 5 p.m.      J  m  886-7522        #**  Gibsons Landing M  went to 10 Downing Street at  11 pm. one night to see Mr.  Atlee putting the cat out, but  when he got there it was the  cat putting Mr. Atlee out.  Yours sincerely,  John Browning  Wilson Creek  how to throw sticks. The cat  puts Mr. Atlee out; the dog  teaches Churchill how to  throw sticks. Shall we call this  one a draw, Mr. Browning?  .^#S?%.  Bring your Visitors  to a Country  Gift Store  NEW HOURS  Open 7 Days a Week  10 a.m. - 5 p.m.  886-8355  Gibsons Landing  Super\folu  SUNNYCREST CENTRE  1 Name  is our Promise  100% Locally Owned & Operated  Quality Meats  Prieaa Effective: Tims. Sept. 9 to S��L Sept. 12  CANADA ORADt A  beef chuck roast.-.-.    ��M.18  cross rib roast-**.*       ...��. s1.88  BULK  beef sausage ��99c  PREVIOUSLY FROZEN  sliced beef liver *88*  pork SUIT  shoulder steaks ��s1.48  wmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmammI  Fresh Produce  California  Valencia.  'mt  CUCUmberS lb 58��    B.C. Grown Canada #1  cauliflower  Oven Fresh Bakery  [5T*  Oven r tosh  Oven Fresh  layer cakes  White or Chocolate  3.99  bread ww  While or Whole Wheat    24 oz loaves Mrs. Willman's                  +.   .     ^ a%mx  Country Harvest    White ��� ir. vi       -4*0  ....     ,       oqc swissrolls     4s  i.oa  SandWICh DreafJ      160/ 0\/ Vanilla or Chocolate  Grocery Value  Snow Cap ��� Frozen  Imperial  margarine 3 m PkC  Super Valu ��� Frozen  orange juice  Foremost  ice cream  $1 99   green peas  Snow Cap    Frozen  trench fries  Super-Valu  Trend    All Purpose  coffee  Kelloggs  2 09   macarom &      ol  cheese     2oogmPkg ���t/791  $2 77    evaporated milk  385 mil tins  cornflakes RThqm $1.39     quaker oats      $2.59  2.25 kg bag Coast News, September 8,1981  The View From Limbo  Part IV  Apart from such peripatetic  types as these, there are the  regulars, the people who seem  to materialize out of the walls,  day after day. In the process  of becoming one myself, 1  grow to recognize their faces.  One such is a short, fat man,  always impeccably dressed in a  suit, tie and fedora. Although  I spot him in many bars he  seems, without exception, to  drink alone. Eventually, I ask  some of Ihe old hands about  him. "They say he was a pimp  one time" says Paul the  Gambler. "Had several  broads on the string and he  beat one of them to death in a  rage. Bastard somehow got acquitted but the lady was well  liked and a couple of her  friends kicked hell out of him.  After that, people put the  freeze on him; acted like he  didn't exist. Think he would  have left the street but he  never did. He's been around  ever since I first hit the drag  but he don't talk to anyone  and nobody talks to him. Not  even the beer-slingers���just  gives them a couple of fingers  when he wants a refill. It's  Pages  from a Life-Log  Peter Trower  weird. Almost like he was doing penance or something."  Then there are the con-  artists like Leo and Pokey, a  couple of shifty rounders from  the East End who work a very  cosy scam. They hustle furtively from pub lo pub,  flashing supposedly hoi  wristwatches at likely suckers.  The watches are actually  Japanese cheapo jobs they import by the crate for about two  bucks apiece. "They call them  the Wonder Watch twins"  Ray informs me with a  chuckle, "Two days after you  buy one, you wonder what  time it is!" The gaff Ihat Leo  and Pokey practise is  borderline legal and they actually have pedler's licenses.  But they still skulk from table  to table like junkie boosters  with real stolen property for  sale.  They are countless other  Runyonesque types frequenting the pubs of this period,  guys with names like Benny  For a  Good  Time!  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Sunshine Pottery Guild meets every 2nd Monday ot Ihe month al the  "Studio" corner of North Road and Highway 101 at 7 pm TFN  Tuesday  Women's Aglow Fellowship Meels every third Tuesday of the month at  Harmony Mall. Gibsons Transportation and babysitting available 886-  7426  Sunshine Coast Arts Council Regular meeting 4th Tuesday o' every  month at 7 30 pm at Ihe Arts Centre in Sechelt  Al-Anon Meetings Al-Anon Meelings every Tuesday night  Roberts  Creek For information call 886-9059 or 886-9041  Sunshine Coast Navy Ltagut of Canada Cadels and Wrenettes. ages  10 to 13 will again meet Tuesday nighls. 7-9pm . Uniled Church Hall,  Gibsons New recruits welcomed  Elphinstone Pioneer Museum in Gibsons is now open   Monday  through Saturday between 9 am to 4 p  Wednesday  Tops Club Gibsons Tops meets every Wed  evening at 6 45 in the  Armours Beach Athletic Hall   New members and teen members  welcome Phone 886-9765 eves.  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Reverts Creek Legion Bingo every Thursday, beginning May 7, Early  Bird, Regular and Bonanza. T.F.N.  Friday  Cauiiuv sun Squm Dancing, each Friday, slaning Sept 11 Secnen Elemenlaiy School Gum - 8  I ��� Dm Caller Harry Robertson  Gibsons Tot Lol lie CANCELLED until mid-September  Thrift Shop Every Friday. 1 - 3pm. Thrift Shop. Gibsons United Church  basement  Wilson Creek Community Reading Cenlre Noon - 4:00 pm   885-2709  Saturday  Wilson Creek Communlly Reeding Centre 11 30 -1 p m 885-2709  The Bargain Bern ot the Pender Harbour Health Clinic Auxiliary Is  open on Saturday afternoons from 1 - 4 pm.  the Snatcher, Sergeant Bilko  and Nick the Fink, a host of  off-the-wall characters too  numerous to list. We lurch  through each other's orbits  like a bunch of bad actors in a  bankrupt play. I guess I am a  character to some of them too.  My usual soubriquet is Pete  the Poet (though I haven't  done much lately to justify the  title.) It is a world of  nicknames.  There is not an overabundance of women in any of our  lives at this point. Partly, it is  because the bars are still  segregated and we can seldom  afford to drink in the Ladies  and Escorts side anyhow.  Nobody Knows You When  You're Down And Out like the  song says. That goes double  for any good-looking ladies  with half a clue. The kind that  do want to know you, you  mostly don't want to know. I  guess that is why Shaunie  Pemberton is such a pleasant  surprise.  There is a T.V. room at the  Prince Henry. It is a very  small, community alcove next  to the kitchen. The selection  process is much like that in  jail. You watch whatever the  majority dictates. Once in  awhile, I get glimpses of what  I'd like to see before they  switch it over to a hockey-  game. That is their perogative.  If I want to watch even a good  play, I am usually outnumbered.  One night, I'm sitting in this  room, boredly watching a  football game when Jessie  comes in. Behind her is a lady  of dazzling good looks���the  sort you just don't see around  this establishment.  Paul Kolchak is off gambling somewhere but Ray,  Mohawk Jimmy, Whispering  Chester and myself are on tap.  The football game is forgotten. We sit there with dumb  smiles on our faces at the sight  of this unexpected vision.  Even creaky old Chester does  a double-take. Jess has been  nipping a bit and is in a jovial  mood. "Boys" she says, "I'd  like you to meet Shaunie  Pemberton. She takes tickets  over at the Orpheum Theatre.  Shaunie's going to be staying  here."  "Hi, fellers" says Shaunie.  She is quite simply, a very nice  looking lady; about twenty-  five with long black hair, almond eyes in a cameo-pretty  face, a spectacular figure and  a radiant smile; all this and  friendly to boot. It seems too  good to be true. We practically  trip over each other getting introduced.  Thus the dowdy Prince  Henry Hotel acquires a sex-  symbol. I am overawed to  discover that the beauteous  Shaunie has rented the room  directly across from mine.  This gives me a slight inside  track. The idea that she would  even waste time with a down  and outer like me seems  preposterous. But Shaunie is  so damn attractive, I feel  driven to make some sort of  token advance, however futile  it may prove. On the second  day after her arrival, 1 waylay  her in the hall and fumbling  for the right words, I ask  Shaunie for a date. I am fully  expecting to get turned down  but to my amazement, she accepts.  Fortunately, I have a few  extra dollars from two day's  odd-jobbing that Ray steered  me on to. Walking down  Granville Street with seductive  Shaunie on my arm, I feel,  briefly, like a veritable prince  among men instead of a penniless drifter. Since Shaunie  works at a theatre, she has little interest in going to a movie.  We settle for a few beers at the  Belmont Hotel. I determine to  pace my drinks.  to be continued  Uue Entertainment  Pender Harbour to Sechelt  Jolly Roger Inn Reg Dickson, Thurs., Fri., & Sat.  Wakefield Inn Steve Hubert, Wed., Thurs., Fri. &Sat.  Sechelt Legion Gary Sanders, Fri. & Sat.  The Parthenon Helen Sinclair, Fri. & Sat.  Roberts Creek to Gibsons  The Peninsula Hotel Live Entertainment, Fri. & Sat.  The Cedars Inn Neil James, Thurs., Fri. & Sat.  Gibsons Legion Sunrise, Fri. & Sat.  FALL SCHEDULE  HORSESHOE BAY* LANGDALE  Effective Wednesday, September 9 to  Monday, October 12,1981 inclusive:  Lv Horseshoe Bay  morning      6:30 am, 7:30, 8:40, 9:50  afternoon   12:10 pm, 1:20, 3:40, 5:15  evening      6:00 pm, 7:20,9:20,11:20  Lv Langdale  morning      6:20 am, 7:30,8:40, 9:50,10:55  afternoon 2:30 pm, 4:15,4:50  evening      6:20 pm, 7:10,8:20,10:20  EARLS COVE -SALTERY BAY  Effective Wednesday, September 9 to  Wednesday, March 31,1982 inclusive:  Lv Earls Cove  morning      7:15am,9:15,11:15 ,  afternoon   1:15 pm, 4:30  evening      6:30 pm, 8:30,10:30  Lv Saltery Bay  .morning     6:15 am, 6:15,10:15  afternoon  12:15 pm, 3:30,5:30  evening      7:30 pm, 9:30  Schtdultt tubjact to change without nonce  u  Q BCFGRRIGS  Cheech and Chong's latest is on view at the Twilight Theatre this  At the Twilight  The political football is  kicked around in the John  Huston film Victory, playing  Wednesday, Thursday, Friday  September 9, 10 and 11, at the  Twilight Theatre.  Victory concerns a soccer  game played in 1943 between  the German national team and  the best players among Germany's prisoners of war.  The film stars Sylvester  Stallone, Michael Caine, Max  Von Sydow and the soccer star  Pele.  Victory is rated General.  Playing Saturday through  Tuesday, September 12 - 15,  will be Cheech and Chong's  satire on drug use, Nice  Dreams. Cheech and Chong,  known for their outrageous  humour, play babysitters in  this, iheir newest film, The object of their babysitting is not  a child, but a rock star's marijuana nursery. From this  unusual scenario, the plot  becomes typically bizarre.  Nice Dreams is restricted  and carries a B.C. Censor's  warning, "some nudity, suggestive scenes and dialogue; a  satire on drugs."  Coming to the Twilight arc  Under the Rainbow and Eye  of the Needle.  Book Look  by Murrie Redman  They Thirst by Robert McCommon, Avon 1981.  Vampirism remains the all-time popular theme of occult  fiction. Ever since Bram Stoker conceived Count Dracula,  authors have continued to write about the subject in varying ways. Social psychologists must have dozens of  theories why the vampire of fiction is so viable. Is Dracula  symbolic of urban rot, impending ecological disaster or  merely one individial preying upon another? Leaving all  the conjecture to the literati, Dracula, his consorts and  converts, continue as king and subjects of the night world.  They Thirst, brings the past and present together as a  man named Palatzin recalls the horror of a European  childhood in which his father became a member of the  undead. Memories of his village experience with the "invaders" are never far from the surface in his busy life as  police detective. And when strange events occur in  Hollywood at the scene of an eccentric actor's castle, he  knows they still walk - and thirst.'  Author Robert McCammon brings Dracula to the West  Coast. He shows a strong inclination toward sympathetic  environment in his story. The heat of a Los Angeles summer, the cruelty of a devastating sand storm which covers  the movements of the encroaching vampires, all serve to  imply environmental concerns. Setting becomes very much  a part of the tale, as it is the eventual victor over evil.  McCommon's humanitarianism is also strongly evident  in the book. He selects from off-beat characters to weave  his yarn. There is Kobra, a biker of the cruder kind;  Roach, a weirdo killer; Rico, a street level pusher; and Ratty, an outdated hippy who lives in the sewer. Not all of  these are the bad guys. Amongst the straighter types are  Gayle, a hot-to-trot reporter; Solange, a negress into  coodoo; and Father Silvera, a reformed delinquent-gone  priest. As the tale progresses, their lives and loves become  entangled. Human survival in the face of evil and the  elements is the keyword. They Thirst, is one of the latest in  the long list of vampire novels.  LtwilightJ  jj THEATRE |Kj  VKTOKY  Wed. - Thurs. ��� Fri.  Sept. 9-10-11  Sylvester Stallone  Michael Cains  Sat. - Sun. ��� Mon. ��� Tues.  Sept. 12-13 -14 -15  Warning:  Some  Nudity,  Suggestive Scenes  &  /<urca-u m. r-c    Dialogue; A Satire on Drugs.  ,H*a   ng-s (BCFC0)  ' WEEK "UNDER THE RAINBOW"  AND "EYE OF THE NEEDLE"  Elliiiiiliuin .v    ;  ^   Astrology  *  by Rae Kllitigham  Week commencing September  7.  General Notes; The Sun and  approaching Full Moon  square Neptune indicating a  highly emotional and confusing week lor mosl of us. The  Full Moon in Pisces ihis  weekend will coincide with  many drug and alcohol-related  incidents. Police stations,  hospital emergency and  psychiatric wards will be kept  busy. A record number of impaired drivers will be pulled  over and charged.  Babies born this week will  be sensitive, impressionable,  easily taken advantage of.  Weekend arrivals should be  taught a practical down-to-  earth life-philosophy. Some  may day-dream their lives  away, prisoners of a divine  discontent.  ARILS (March 21 -April 19)  Focus is on hospitals,  prisons, institutions, chronic  health problems, affairs of  confined or lonely persons.  You'll be forced to make that  grand sacrifice after all. Passing anxiety may be linked to  confusing developments far  away. Full Moon warns stay  clear of secluded places and  shady characters this weekend.  Last chance to smooth over recent partnership problems.  TAURUS (April 20 - May 20)  Friend or acquaintance  becomes confused over shared  expenses or joint account.  Establish early who pays for  what at weekend outing. Muddled financial planning stalls  group or community venture.  Recently introduced organizer  proves unreliable. Full Moon  advises lend no money to  strangers. Last chance to  apologize to co-worker who  was only Irving to help.  GEMINI (May 21 - June 21)  Your honour, position or  local reputation is subject to  deceptive maneuvres. Investigate associate's suspicious,  behaviour. Partner or loved  one may unknowingly  sabotage your recent efforts.  Social or romantic affair  demands further decisions.  Last chance to arrange special  outing with much younger person. Full Moon says sign no  career-related documents.  Geminis born June 11 - 23 face  emotional domestic dilemmas.  CANCER (June 22 - July 22)  Anxiety over sad conditions  far away may be the root of  minor health upset or reduced  job-efficiency. Realize longdistance phone calls or letters  won't reveal all the facts.  Resist urge to take quick crosscountry trip. Cancer students  arranging educational courses  can expect last-minute botch-  ups. Where you live is stil!  scene of lengthy but necessary  discussions. Full Moon says  snub armchair philosophers  this weekend.  LEO (July 23 - Aug. 22)  There's concern over other  people's money or possessions. Partner's speculative  venture becomes impractical.  Tell loved one this isn't the  week to mix business with  pleasure. Letters and phone  call demand hard-headed decisions. Full Moon says double-  check bank statements, invoices and receipts. Last  :hance to visit relative or  leighbour unannounced.  Mars energizes Leos born  Aug. 1 - 5.  VIRGO (Aug. 23 - Sept. 22)  Dealings with closest  associates become confusing.  Lingering domestic upset  strains relations with business  or professional colleagues.  Changeable loved one fails to  show caution and common  sense. Financial wrangling  reaches a peak. Last chance to  snap up bargain items. Full  Moon advises sign no  agreements, especially related  to real estate or rental propjer-  ty. Virgos born around Sept.  15 should lay off the cigs,  booze or risky medications all  week.  LIBRA (Sept. 23 - Oct. 23);:  Expect temporary health or  employment problems. Latest  ache or pain is probably imagined but see doctor anyway.  Job-scene confusion is result  of muddled messages. Weepy  co-worker may irick, lie or  deceive. Domestic pet needs  attention this weekend. Your  ability to make sound decisions impresses experts and  advisors. Full Moon says  discuss secret worry with sympathetic friend. Last chance;to  improve your appearance  before Venus leaves your sign.  SCORPIO (Oct. 24 - Nov. 22)  Social activities, romantic  outings, children's interests  are dampened by money mix-  ups. Don't leave purse or  valuables unattended at  popular entertainment spot.  Check dates and times qf  tickets and travel schedules.  Child in your life needs extra  love and reassurance. Details  of private plan begins lo leak  mysteriously. Full Moon advises against any new  speculative schemes.  SAGITTARIUS (Nov. 23  -Dec. 21)  Domestic scene becom.es  highly emotional and  disorganized. It's a perfect  week to clear the air with a  good family fight. Household  members complain latest  scheme is too impractical &jd  expensive. Don't sign any pfp-  perty agreements, especially  with Virgo salesperson. Acquaintance needs firm commitment concerning end-of-  year arrangements. Full Moon  says forbid drinking anjd  debauchery at your place Ihjs  weekend. I  CAPRICORN (Dec. 22 - Ja*.  19)  Short-distance communications become confusing. Letters, phone calls, messages  won't contain essential facts.  This is the week your vehicte  runs out of gas. Happy trip  turns into teary confession.  Refuse to ride with drurtk  driver this weekend. Resist  urge to sneak a look at private  correspondence or hofd  envelopes up to the light.;  Superiors will appreciate <t  firm decision by Friday. Fuji  Moon says laugh off relative^  ridiculous accusation.  AQUARIUS (Jan. 20 - Feb.  18)  Anticipate deceptive financial conditions. Others inttjnd  to tap your source of hard-  earned cash. Friend's s$b-  story is a request for bet  another long-term loan, pull  Moon advises be neither- a  lender nor borrower all wSfk.  Check irresponsible shopping  spree this weekend. Expect  reassuring messages from a  distance. Last chance to ;ar-  range educational or skills  upgrading courses. '.  PISCES (Feb. 19 - Mar. 20)  Full Moon in Pisces squaring Neptune finds you higjily  emotional, indecisive and easily discouraged. Problems linked to your career or lefcal  reputation are not as bad", as  you imagine. Talk over fears  and doubts with uninvotyed  acquaintance rather than overanxious loved one. Mpre  Pisces persons shed tears ijiis  week than any other sign.  There's good news concerning  insurance, taxes, refunds $nd  rebates. Pisces persons tjprn  around March 12 should atfpid  booze, drugs and drink  drivers this weekend, ?ou  were warned! ;  Gibsons Legion Branch ��109  Presents  ^J.  (4  SUNRISE  *����  Fri. & Sat.  Sept. nth & 12th J J  Members & Guests Only  ���������  LMH  mm K  ���  *k  ^  ^        j  iH      ���  k?~T&-i*-  "L^eeaw.      tSa  WU IH-l  LlM  a^a^O^K      'M  :Mn<l  BlIy.MM}' ':'.    tI  II  ^^^  t-H  t\*mm.  Community Forum  Channel Ten  Only a small part of Ihe Coasl Sallsh mastery of Ihe art or basket  making is shown in this photo al another fine exhibition  highlighting Ihe beautiful work of the Sechelt Indian Band al Ihe  Sunshine Coast Arts Centre last week.  Fian Bourassa Pdolo  CHANNEL TEN GIBSONS  Tues. Sept. 8  CHANNEL TEN SECHELT  Thurs. Sept. 10  7:00 p.m.  Our program this week is  a mixture of live and pre-  taped programs coming  to you from our studio at  Elphinstone Secondary  School.  Host Kenna Marshall  will introduce our shows.  In the control room,  technical crew Ann Watt  and Marg Pearson will  direct the action.  We begin with "Pressure  Point" a program produced for Vancouver  Cable 10 by The Inter-  church Agency. Rod  Booth hosts and Louise  Hume introduces the  show. Louise will also  bring you up-to-dalc  wilh her fall plans for  our religious programming.  This is Back lo School  week on the Coast - not  just for the young people, but for anyone who  chooses to select a course  either through Continu-  Me...a murderer?  by Bob Hunter  .' The death penally has been  'in the news a lol lately. It  reminds me of the time I tried  lo murder a man.  ' No kidding. I had the sights  of my rifle trained on Ihe spot  where my target was expected  to step any minute and I was  all psyched-up to pull the trigger.  But let me back up a bit. Let  me explain.  My   father   ran   off  with  Another Woman when 1 was  quite young, leaving my  mother to support herself and  two sons. There were hard  times. Mom struggled  heroically to provide for us.  Fortunately, my mother had  a lot of brothers and sisters  who helped out with food,  clothes and rides in the country on Sunday after church.  One of her brothers, my Uncle Freddy, made a real effort  to act as a surrogate father for  my brother and me.  Okay. We got by. As the  years   passed,   my   mother  worked her way up the ladder  of the company she'd joined  as a waitress. The pay was  never very good.  But in due course, Mom  became the manageress of a  large restaurant, with a staff  of about 30 people under her.  She was next in line to become  boss of the company's entire  cross-country chain of  restaurants once the current  boss quit.  It was a real female Horatio  Algers story.  Then, one day, a con-man  came along and tricked my  mother into falling in love  with him.  He was a handsome looking, older s.o.b. What a yarn  he spun! He'd take us for  drives to small towns where he  would point out the car lots  and garages he claimed to  own, the dealerships and pro-  Corner ol School &  Gower Point Roads  866-7744  Open Friday til 7  Sunday til 5  BEST SELLERS  You've Been Looking Fori  ��� Man, Woman & Child Erich Segal  ��� Hall's AngalS   Hunter Thompson  ��� Houaa Between the Worlds m.z. Bradley  ��� Protector Larry Ntven  ��� The Illearth War S.R. Donaldson  ��� Endlcaa Love Scott spencer  ��� Teas   Thomas Hardy  ��� Running Wild Shirley Powell  ��� Killer's Choice McBam  The Fifth Horseman  Larry Collins     Dominique LaPierre  qUTCHEN  GARNIVflLl  a Gallery ol Kitchen  Gadgets and Accessories  Stop by and see  our display of  Children's Party  Bakeware  885-3611  Cowrie Street, Sechelt  foolish decision, but who  knew? Maybe it was inspired.  Arrangements went ahead  for a huge wedding, no expenses spared. My step-father-  to-be was a rich businessman,  wasn't he? In fact, he was giving Mom some "sound"  financial advice.  The sound financial advice  involved her selling our house  and turning the money over to  him to be invested. It also  meant that she quit her job,  passing up her career as an executive.  Shortly before the wedding,  a lawyer my mother knew  phoned up to warn that the  man she thought she was  about to marry had been jailed  three times for bilking single  or divorced older women with  exactly the same kind of  routine he was using on Mom.  "Watch," the lawyer said.  "The night before the wedding  he'll say, "My dear, this is all  too frantic for me. Let's elope  across the border." There was  a way for him to obtain  phoney wedding documents  that would ultimately result in  all my mother's cash being  deposited in his name. And  then he'd disappear.  Sure enough, he phoned to  say: "My dear, this is all too  frantic for me..," When nn  mother started to scream at  him, he promised to dri*e  right over "lo explain".     ,  We called around to the car  dealerships he said he owned.  Of course, they'd never heard  of him.  So I was waiting up in Ihe  altic, with the window open,  my .22 aimed at the entrance  to the yard. In my own mind,  to this day, I believe i w(ts  quite prepared to shoot.  As luck would have it, im  Uncle Freddy showed up instead, saw me, came upstairs  and look the rifle away. The  con-man never did appear. He  left lown.  I wonder, though. Supposing I'd killed Ihe guy?  WHICH CARPET CLEANING  METHOD IS BEST FOR YOU?  OUR METHOD  SUNCOAST CARPET & UPHOLSTERY CLEANING!  Steam Extraction  (1) Does excellent cleaning.  (2) Does not cause pile distortion or flaring.  (3) Built-in vacuum removes soil.  (4) There is no residue of shampoo to collect more dirt.  (5) Excellent pile restoration.  The steam-extraction system is based on Injection of a let of hot  water containing detergents at a prescribed rate and subsequent extraction by a vacuum system.  With our system of cleaning & atalnguardlng, In moat homes you oan expect 2 - 3  yeara before considering re-oleanlng and that time can be extended with the uae of  houaehold cleaning maintenance equipment and to our knowledge we an, at thla  time, the only FULLY TRAINED & COURSE CERTIFIED CARPET & UPHOLSTERY  CLEANERS In the Qlbeona-Seehelt-Pender Harbour area.  ii  YOU  THIS IS THE SYSTEM  COMPETITION OFFERS  Spray Klean Maintenance  (1) Does not cause pile distortion or flaring.  (2) Does uniform blending and cleaning.  (3) Creates optical brightness of surface fibres.  A rotary scrubbing machine used with a specially woven pad and a  light chemical spray application to remove surface soil In periodic  maintenance programs. Can be blended with adjacent areas when  over-all cleaning is not required.  ff  When you require real  PROFESSIONAL  CLEANING,  ing Education or  Capilano College. Coasl  ID visited Chatelech  Secondary and we bring  you a show with the  Director of Continuing  Education, Karin  Hnemberg. Karin produced and hosted this  program with some of  the instructors of fall  courses.  Coast 10 then visited the  Sechelt Lerning Centre  on Inlet Avenue in  Sechelt. April SIrulhers,  administrator of the  Centre lor Capilano College, talks with some of  ihe instructors about  [heir plans for fall  courses.  if you are interested in  spending some time this  tall learning new skills  and meeting new people,  join us for this program  and hear some of your  options.  Once again we welcome  Randy Johnson, speech  pathologist on the Coast.  He will be visiting our  studio to explain his programs for the fall.  Coast 10 concludes this  week's show with Part 1  of "Profiles of Artists  on the Sunshine Coast".  Taped on location at the  Sechelt Arts Centre,  Dodie Marshall asks  Joan Bist about the  techniques of batik. This  show features examples  of Joan's work.  Coast 10 Community TV  Box 770  c/o Elphinstone Secondary School  Gibsons, B.C.  886-8565  CLASSIFIED NOTE  Dropoll your Coast Ne<  Classified   at   Campbell ^  Family Shoes. Sechelt. or  Madeira Park  Pharmacy  Coast News, September 8,1981  L Please come out and support the Canadian Cancer Society  -^���> Pratt U. > > )  Come Join The Fun  In Ihe "Terry Fox Run"  mFaywU  1 Open to all ages  f   Watch lor Posters!  v.  entry forms and  pledge sheets available  at the Gibsons Municipal Ball  and Trail Bay Sports  in Sunnycrest Shopping Centre  Rain or Shine September 13/61  10:00 am to 2:00 pm  rivisB  FIRE Ml  'kaajr  B        J  j���-TV Highway 10 ���  LSI    ETrlA  START  MOHT'S MACE  Gibsons Ready Mix  886-8174  Drainrock "Washed Rock  'Sand        "Concrete Anchors  "Fill  Mon.���Friday 8a.m.���5p.m.  .WMCWSBEwv^  %m  PEOPLE COME FIRST AT  !ER  KUi'tt     ,.-*      Vi*   ��.J��i    *  JUICES 48 oz 99c  Apple, Grapelruit, Orange & Pineapple  BEANS WITH PORK u�� 2/95c  COFFEE WHITENER 375gm $1.59  I.G.A. - Ready Cut  MACARONI or  LONG SPAGHETTI ug$1.29  SPAGHETTI i4.z2/95c  In Tomato Sauce  SALAD DRESSING m.-e$1.69  Kraft v  PEANUT BUTTER soogm s2.59  Smooth or Crunchy  Campbell's  TOMATO SOUP iooz 39c  Maxwell House  INSTANT COFFEE ,��.��� $5.99  Kraft  DINNER ��5gm45C  SCOTT TOWELS r, M.29  Coronet *��#��*  FACIAL TISSUES 120���. 69��  Ken-L-Ratlon  TENDER CHUNKS 4Kfl $4.49  LIQUID BLEACH un^'.M  POWDERED DETERGENT enr $2.99  DOG MEAL 8kg$6.49  Canada Grade A Tablerite Beef  WHOLE ROUND STEAK    <b$2.39  Boneless  Grain Fed Gov't. Inspected Pork  PORK SHOULDER BUTT   ib $1.79  Steaks  Thick  BEEF SHORT RIBS m s1.69  Fletchers ��� Random Weight  PURE PORK OR BREAKFAST  SAUSAGE ib$1.69  Eversweet ��� Sliced  SIDE BACON 500gme,ch$1.99  Local ��� Iceberg  LETTUCE each 59*|  Washington  TOMATOES ib 39c|  Washington  JUMBO ONIONS ib 33��  Fraser Vale  VEGETABLES a.b,$1.79  Winter Mix, California Bland, Kalian Style  McCains ��� 5"  MINI PIZZAS $2.49  Supreme or Deluxe  Still Meadow - Fried  CHICKEN AND CHIPS   ��oz$2.59  ome to -JAqcfeiAq - uU' ^Omi  PENDER HARBOUR CENTRE  Madeira Park*883-9100  W�� rw-arv* tht right  to limit quantum  ���iMHMHH  ���MMHal Coast News, September 8,1981  Halfmoon Bay Happenings  Variety tickets available  by Kuth Forrester 8*5-2418  Another Variety Show:  Tickets are now available  for ihe new Halfmoon Bay  Variety Show on Saturday,  Sepiember 26th ai 8 pm. in the  Welcome Beach Community  Hall. This will be a whole new  program, starring many of the  cast of the June show as well  as some new faces from the  Halfmoon Bay area. For sure  this will be another great evening's entertainment - lots of  song and dance performed by  some very talented and  dedicated people. Nicki Weber  is once again producing the  show. We have already seen  one of her productions where  she has shown how very competent she is at this kind of  thing, and those of you who  missed the last one would be  well advised to get your tickets  right away and not be disappointed.  The very talented Middleton  children with several more  young dancers will be performing again - they will all be  coming from Gibsons to enter-  lain you, while some of the  more local performers will be  of course Nicki, John  Hamilton, the Murphy girls  -always a treat to hear, Ronnie  Dunn, George Carpenter and  many more. Ticket prices are  as before $2.50 for adults and  $1.50 for children under fourteen, available at the Halfmoon Bay Store, who have  very kindly consented to sell  lickets, or you could give me a  call at 885-2418.  Once again, the Welcome  Beach Community Association will be sponsoring the  concert and the proceeds will  go back to the community via  the Association. The number  of tickets is limited, so don't  wait till the last minute or you  may be disappointed.  Ratepayers' Annual General  Meeling:  The Board of the Area "B"  Ratepayers' Association met  in August and arranged the  date for the Annual General  Meeting for the Sunday after-  *noon of September 27th at the  Welcome Beach Community  Hall. This will be your chance  lo attend and discuss local  problems and to try to get  some action where necessary.  Membership fees for the 81-82  season will be due and payable  on that date, and the hall will  be open from I pm. in order  lhal memberships may be updated. Fees are $2 per person  or $3 per couple.  Your Ratepayers' board has  been busy these past few weeks  dealing with matters which  have caused a great deal of  anger among residents, in particular, the continuing battle  to retain the public's rights to  launch at Cooper's Green.  Thanks to pressure from the  Association there is now a sign  indicating public beach access.  While this sign is not exactly  the one which was requested,  it is at least something, and it  is to be hoped that it will not  be abused or removed.  One of the Dept. of  Highways signs indicating the  Redrooffs Trail has obviously  been moved to what a resident  considers a more appropriate  place for this sign. Hopefully,  the Highways Dept. will look  into this and replace it on its  original location. No resident  has the right to decide that a  public right of way happens to  be an inconvenience to them  and decide to just move it  along a bit. These are the types  of violations which occur in  this area, and one of the  reasons for the necessity of  your local Ratepayers'  Association. But Ihey do need  your support and input, so,  hopefully there will be a good  representation in attendance at  the September 27th meeting.  Family Movies:  The Halfmoon Bay Recreation Commission are planning  a 'Once a Month' movie night  throughout the winter, and the  first of these will be on Friday,  September 18th at the  Welcome Beach Community  Hall, starting at 7:30 pm. The  main feature will be a movie  call "And Now Miguel" in  colour, and is the story of a  young Mexican boy who  wishes to become a shepherd,  but who has to prove that he is  capable of handling the  responsibility. This film has  received several awards for its  excellence and should be well  worth seeing.  Everyone will be welcome at  these movie nights and your  support will certainly be appreciated. There will be a very  reasonable admission charge,  so here is your chance to have  an evening of excellent entertainment for the whole family.  ��� **  '  '                                     \  .  A  .         J"     "^  -.   rvy * - SS *"~���  ��� %��� . ,-jiSi ii^Ta  tSgjKSp*" T^^^^BB^fc  f ^':&3iH  ��E^;*��^B^aff*^^^ **���*���**** " ,'-'���**   '  ���PJaM?:'*"*.:.:*--.->  iv.iiii.a  Gas price comparison  by George Matthews  The price of gasoline on the Sunshine Coast has remained  competitive with lower mainland prices despite the rising cost of  regular and unleaded gasoline.  With the prospect of price increases to 80 cents a litre or  $3.60 a gallon by 1986, this is small comfort to Coast drivers.  An informal survey of Coast service stations indicates prices  of regular gasoline range between 38.7 cents a litre, or $1.74 a  gallon, and 40.9 cents a litre or $1.84 a gallon. Unleaded fuel  ranges between 40.2 cents a litre, or $1.81 a gallon to as high as  42.9 cents a litre, or $1.93 a gallon.  Three Vancouver and New Westminster stations were charging an average 38.8 cents a litre, or $1.75 a gallon. This  represents an average difference of about one cent a litre or four  and a half cents a gallon.  Marine gas in Gibsons is currently 37.1 cents a litre or $1.50 a  gallon.  Powell River gasoline on the other hand, can cost as little as  36.4 cents a litre, or $1.64 a gallon at a self-serve to 37.8 cents a  litre, or $1.70 a gallon at a full service station. This represents a  surprising difference in favour of Powell River of at least two  cents a litre or nine cents a gallon.  ANNUAL  GENERAL MEETING  of the Pender Harbour & District  Health Centre Society  will be held in the Pender Harbour & District  Health Centre  on Sunday, October 4, 1981 - 2 pm.  Members are urged to attend  and renew their membership.  New members welcome but unable to vote  THE BOARD OF TRUSTEES  WESTWURLD  SOUND  W  OtDpionegtc  Wharf & Cowrie  885-3313  STORE MANAGERS/TRAINEES  Saan Stores, a large retail clothing chain operating Irom Ontario to British Columbia needs you it you are presently a  Manager in Retail Sales, or an aggressive retail sales-oriented  person. An opportunity with:  - a challenge  - a future  - excellent benefits  We oiler attractive salary and Incentive Package  Please call:   Pant Gregorchuk  SAAN STORES LTD.  886-9413  n,nm,i.r,i,i3  George Malthews Priori:  David (.erring works out In 21 foot scull recently brought to the Coast. The waters of Porpoise  Bay are considered very good for this sport of competitive rowing and (.erring and the other  owners of the graceful boat can be seen exercising there.  Sechelt Library growing  The Sechelt Library, commenced some years ago as a  Centennial project by some  very far-sighted and dedicated  citizens of the Sunshine Coast,  has reached the second stage in  its steady growth toward  becoming a most valuable  community center. This year it  was granted Public Library  Association status. The  significance of this is the  library will be operated by an  elected Board of Trustees, and  will have access to grants and  building funds.  A Library Board has been  elected by the membership as  follows: Chairman, Merv  Boucher; Treasurer, Arthur  McPhee; Secretaries, Nan  MacFarlane and Frances  Fleming; Members of the  Board, Richard Chamberlain,  Adele deLange and Murrie  Redman. The volunteers will  still operate the library under  the able direction of Marie  Montgomery.  The library is open on  Tuesdays and Thursdays from  10:30 to 1 pm, and on Saturday from 1:30 to 4 pm. The  subscription rate is $2 per person per year, dated from the  time the subscription is taken  out. Children up to 16 are included in their parent's  subscription.  The number of books borrowed is a flexible figure, and  the librarians are more than  willing to discuss an individual's borrowing patterns  to accommodate avid or slow  readers. Children are asked to  select any two books, and to  use the library frequently,  rather than stagger out with a  pile.  Citizen support for the new  library board is now being  solicited. Supporters who have  let their memberships lapse  should drop by and renew. A  phone call will be made to remind them that their subscription has lapsed. A visit to the  library may surprise those who  have not been back for a  while. A large number of excellent novels from the Port  Mellon Library have been added to the shelves.  For busy people, there is a  box in the Trail Bay Mall  where Sechelt Library books  may be returned. People who  use this service should resolve  T  T  ie Magic of  ie Moment  8x10  Colour Portrait  Only 88*  ��  One special per family. No additional charge  for groups. Additional portraits and special  effect portraiture, if available, may be purchased with no obligation. Poses our selection.  Minors must be accompanied by a parent.  Satisfaction guaranteed or money refunded.  PHOTOGRAPHER'S HOURS  Wednesday, Sept. 9th 10 am. - 5 pm.  Thursday, Sept. 10th 10 am. - 5 pm.  Friday, Sept. 11 th 10 am. - 8 pm.  Saturday, Sept. 12th 10 am. - 5 pm.  Sechelt Western Drugs  Trail Bay Centre 885-9833  ALSO AVAILABLE  HIGH LIGHT PORTRAIT  (Ask Photographer for Details)  to visit the library in person at  an early date. The name of the  game   is   circulation   and  reading pleasure. The Sechelt  Public Library Association  needs your support!  HDP Bookstore'/  886-7744  I Corner Of School &  1 Sower Point Roads  PrXj  Open Friday til 7  Sunday lit S  SCHOOL  SUPPLIES!  Until Sept. 12th  25% OFF  All BINDERS In Stock  20% OFF  An DICTIONARIES!  PENDER HARBOUR  PUBLIC MEETING  Sunday, Sept. 13th  1:30 pm.  Community Hall  To Form Incorporation/Restructuring  Investigating Committee  This Committee will gather all relevant information and  present its findings and recommendations lo the public  through the media and public meetings. It would be  desirable to have the following elected to this committee:  1. Independent businessman  2. Self-employed tradesman  3. Employee of a trade, business or industry  4. Housewife, preferably with children  5. Fisherman  6. Logger  7. Egmont representative  8. Realtor/Developer  9. Retired property owner (Senior Citizen)  Due to lack of knowledge and information, the  merits/demerits of incorporation/restructuring WILL  NOT be discussed at this meeting.  To make sure YOU are represented,  come to the meeting  SUNDAY, SEPTEMBER 13TH  Sponsored by:  The Pender Harbour & Egmont  Chamber of Commerce  FINALLY.THE GOVERNMENT  IS GETTING AS SERIOUS ABOUT  WOOD STOVES AS WE ARE.  NOW YOU CAN CONVERT  YOUR OIL HEAT TO  A FISHER WOOD STOVE  ANDYOUMAYRECEMEA  GRANTFOR50%0F  THE CONVERSION COST.  As part of the new Federal Energy Conversion Incentive Program you could  receive a grant of 50% of your oil  conversion cost, up to a maximum of  $800 (Any conversion after October 28,  1980 will apply). And now that everyone  is getting serious about wood as an  alternative to escalating fuel costs, let's  consider these serious Fisher wood  stove design and construction features:  1. Heavy plate steel construction for  strength and durability.  2. E-Z Spin3 draft controls for convenient  temperature control.  3. Firebrick lining to prevent burnout.  4. A Not-too-hot-to-handle handle with a  gravity lock for safety.  5. Custom fit cast iron doors for virtually  airtight seal.  6. Two-step design for almost total  combustion, more heat.  7. C.S.A. Certifications. For Safety.  For full details please send in this coupon or contact  your Fisher dealer.  NAME-  |    ADDRESS  PROVINCE,  POSTAL CODE-  FISHER  NOW THAT YOU'RE GETTING SERIOUS.  AC  mm  euiLDine supplies  Francis Peninsula Place - Hwy. 101  Pender Harbour 883-9551  Serving the Sunshine Coast  ���*  mm  mmmmmmtmmmmmmmmm  mMmLWM  �� Coast Holism  Homeopathic remedies  Coast News, September 8,1981  by Dr. David  ��� vana Parnall Photo  Th>new Department of Highways maintenance yard appears to be on Shoal Lookout Drive in  GI8|ons. Local residents complain that Highways trucks are often parked on the narrow road tor  daji at a time and suggest that public vehicles are being used for private purposes.  A   wider   perspective  World awareness needed  J Geoffrey Madoc-Jones  tNever make forecasts,"  saiUJSam Goldwyn, "especially Jjibout the future." We  would do well to heed  Gqjdwyn's advice, especially  toijay when we are told that  thetate of change is increasing  exjpnentially and that we are  all-suffering from something  caflfcd "future shock". Are we  thra to live in the now, ig-  nqjanl of our past and  headless of the future? What  ar^the alternatives? Well, it  seijns that contemporary seers  artj- divided into two camps,  dcymers and boomers.  Roomers see the human  ratfc and most of the flora and  fa una of our planet disappearing in a raging fireball or  choking to death on our own  excrement. It must be admitted; that many describe the  dejail of Armageddon with a  certain relish, seeing  themselves of course as  detached observers denied the  opportunity of participating in  the holocaust because of some  inherent goodness or member-  in an exclusive spiritual  . A side track to this main  lime of future oblivion is the  wellian 1984 world where  neaning is lost with human  ..jedom and dignity; and  sqiiety takes on the form of a  tajfee Jonestown (an unfortunate name I always  fejl). The Boomers on the  otjier hand are a more varied  bitch, but in fact are heirs to  thi great optimistic Victorian  idjfx of progress based on  technological improvement.  F(t>m our comrades, who  b-jlieve that the 'state will  wjlher away' and the forces of  hjjtory will unleash all that js  pd and brotherly in a  ljular, Socialist Utopia, to the  ijedmanite monetarists, who  ���intain that capitalism  lerating freely and unfet-  led by the demands of the  Weak or the poor will  manufacture a cornucopia of  disposable   durables,   the  boomers believe that the proper harnessing of man's inventive genius. coupled with a  heavy dose of social conformity will ultimately, or at least  once O.P.E.C. stops overcharging, bring about the final  banishment of scarcity, and  thereby   Oh, I'm afraid the planning  has not gone that far, but it is  certain we will all have solar  powered condo's in Maui, or  iive next door to Disneyworld  or possibly in it.  No matter what view of the  future you have or do not  have, it is fairly clear that,  unless you are a Hegelian  determinist, or, Pentacostal  Apocalypst or a person who  consults his horoscope  regularly, then knowledge of  the present state of the world  is an essential precondition for  intelligent and careful prediction. In a society like Western  Canada, where the majority of  world news is fed to the  populace from the U.P.I, and  A.P. telex machines,  sometimes C.P. and three or  four T.V. stations, the opportunity for an individual to  make up his mind concerning,  say, the dogfight in Sidre Gulf  or the economic troubles in  Latvia, is severely limited.  Western Canadians are fed  a highly-doctored version of  the news. The objectivity of  our newspapers and television  studios is something we should  all question.  A bright spot, however, in  this generally American-  dominated view of the world is  the work done by C.B.C.  radio through its "As It Happens" and "Sunday morning  programmes" which give a  broader aternative view of  global matters.  Is it not vital that we understand what the implications of  the Pershing-2 missiles are,  what exactly is Kaddafi doing,  who are the people making the  decisions in the White House  while Ronnie sleeps, how does  the  growing   demographic  power of Soviet Moslems affect the foreign policy of the  U.S.S.R. in the Middle East?  These and many other events,  I believe, should be matters of  concern, inquiry and debate  for us.  We may live in lotus land  across the misty mountains by  the shining sea of peace, but  events that happen today in  Chad, Nigeria, Malaysia, Xinjiang or Texas can and will affect us. We are all connected:  a political and economic symbiosis.  It is hoped that in this column over the next months that  issues or even hackles will be  raised, by one person's view  and analysis of world affairs.  It is important what happens at the Regional Board  meetings, but don't forget the  Russians are paying for Canadian and U.S. wheat, (to feed  their large army in Eastern  Europe) with dollars obtained  from Libya and Iraq in return  for military hardware. These  countries obtained the dollars  by selling oil to North  America, so that people in  Maine and Montreal can keep  their houses warm in winter.  Piano student does well  "Heather Cattanach,  l]J.year-old daughter of Mr.  atjd Mrs. Ian Cattanach of  Itfberts Creek, has just received word of her successful pass-  irft of her Grade IX, Royal  Conservatory piano exam.  jThe examiner commented  thjt her Bach - "showed a  ' od concept of the style with  ot of incisive articulation".  The Beethoven he said  evidenced conscientious  tparation with observance  (details".  CLASSIFIED NOTE  Drop ofl your  Coasl News  Classified   at  Campbells  Family Shoes  , Sechell. or  Madeira Park  Pharmacy.  Madeira Park  Industrial First Aid Classes  Leading to W.C.B. certification  Data: sept. 21,1981  Time: 7:30 p.m. -10 p.m.  20 sessions  Mon. & Thurs. evenings  Place: Elphinstone High School  Room 101  Faa: $1 SO payable on registration night  For pre-reglstration & for further Information contaot:  Instructor  Mary Fraser  Phone 116-2512 after 7 p.m.  Last week I discussed one  approach to holistic health,  homeopathy. One of the main  aspects of homeopathic  medicine is the preparation  and use of remedies and this  week's topic will be  homeopathic remedies.  A Geld* for Homeopathic  Treatment  Preparation ot Remedies  Homeopathic remedies are  prepared through a series of  dilutions and succusiiom  which release the medicinal  force of crude substances.  Because of the many dilutions  carried out in the process, the  remedies are rendered nontoxic while the power or  potency of the preparation is  increased. In this way inert or  toxic crude products become  safe and curative if used in the  proper manner. The resultant  remedy is in an alcohol base  and is dropped onto granules  for easier ingestion.  Storage  If your are given a remdy to  take home or if it is mailed,  certain precautions are  necessary:  - Store in a cool dark place.  ��� Keep away from strong  smelling medicines or lotions,  especially camphor.  - Do not expose remedies to  each other or to strong smells  of smoke, cooking, mothballs,  perfumes, etc.  AdmlntatraUon  A dose consists of approximately 5 - IS granules. If extra spills out do not put them  back in the bottle or packet.  Take dry (do not use water)  and let the granules dissolve  under the tongue. Take  remedies at least 'A hour  before or after meals or any  other ingested substances.  Interfering Factors  Certain substances,  especially, have been found to  "antidote" the effects of the  remedy (in other words, to aff-  ct and interfere with the  defense mechanism reaction).  These include both substances  that you may be highly, sensitive to and others that are  known to create a reaction in  some individuals. Therefore:  -avoid completely Camphor  and Camphor products such  as cough drops, chapstick,  Tiger Balm, Vick's products,  Ben Gay, Mentholatum,  Camphor-Phenique, room  vaporizer sprays, Calomine lotion, mothballs, Noxema,  cosmetics containing camphor, etc.  ��� Avoid any strong Chemical  body treatments such as hair  permanents, dyeing, mineral  baths, medicated skin creams,  etc. and try to use  hypoallergenic cosmetics (in  moderation).  - Avoid coffee completely including all coffee products and  liqueurs.  - Use only weak herb teas or  weak black tea in moderation  and vary the types you use.  - Avoid completely Dental  treatment (try to get it sone  before undergoing  homeopathic treatment).  - In order to allow  homeopathic remedy to work  Fall  Flower Show  & Plant Sale  Sechelt Garden Club fall show of flowers and  plant sale  Saturday, Sept. 12th  2:00 - 4:30 p.m.  Senior Citizens Hall, Sechelt  Plant sale outside - No admission  Display & tea in the hall - 81.00  Her Grieg - To Spring  -"showed tasteful flexibility in  rhythm and pleasing shading  with an excellent climax".  For this, Heather received  an Honours standing and was  awarded 75%.  SUNSHINE COAST  REGIONAL DISTRICT  COURT OF  REVISION  Take notice that the Sunshine Coast Regional  District Court of Revision will sit on the following  date In the Board room of the District Office,  Wharf Street, Sechelt, B.C.:  Thursday, October 1,1981 ��� 11.00 am. -12:00 pm.  to hear any complaints and correct and revise the  1981 S.C.R.D. Electoral List of Electors.  Copies of the 1981 List of Electors covering Electoral Areas "A", "B", "C", "D", "E" and "F" of the  Sunshine Coast Regional District will be posted  upon the Public Notice Board In the Regional  District office and at all post offices and community halls by September 15,1981.  L. Jardlne  Secretary-Treasurer  correctly it is important to not  mix other therapies or  medicines. Please seek advice  if you wish to begin or are currently using other therapeutic  methods (natural or  otherwise).  Reaction  The reaction to remedies is  usually gentle and gradual;  and some will cause quicker  reaction than others and some  reactions will be more  dramatic. These effects are  different in all individuals. Initial aggravations of symptoms  or a 'healing'crisis' sometimes  occurs: these are not side effects of the remedy but an indication that the body is  responding to the stimulus of  the remedy and a good sign to  the homeopathic practitioner.  Next week, I will respond to  some of the questions and  comments you have sent in. If  you have any specific questions you would like answered,  please address them to "Coast  Holism", c/o Box 4��0, Coast  News.  Susan McLean*  C.G.A.  announces the opening of her  ACCOUNTING OFFICE  #104 - 1557 Gower Point Rd  886-8666  Films return to Pender  In the spring, a group of  Pender Harbour area residents  enjoyed a film series organized  by Pacific Cinematheque, a  film study centre in Vancouver. This centre provides  small communities in B.C.  with internationally acclaimed  films. Thus, we sampled some  of the best cinema around.  Of course, we wanted more,  and now an exciting fall program awaits us. This season  we will present six feature  films from Hungary, U.S.A.,  France, Canada and South  Africa. The Arts Centre in  Sechelt also will show these  movies, so watch the coming  newpapers for our shared  publicity. Poster with detailed  film descriptions will soon appear locally too.  Our first screening date is  Thursday, Sept. 17 with Peppermint Soda (France, 1977)  at the Madeira Park Elemen  tary School library, at 7:30  pm. If the fall nights start to  pinch your toes���even if they  don't���join us. It's fun to  meet your friends and try on  someone else's world.  CUBS 8. SCOUTS  REGISTRATION &  M IBul  Registration for 1st Gibsons Cubs and  Scouts will be held on  Tuesday, Sept. 15th  7:30 p.m. at the Scout Hall  Any boy wishing to become a member of leaven.  Cub*, Scouts or Venturers MUST have a parent or  guardian attend to be registered. A lovers group  will also be formed If sufficient Interest is shown at  this time. A group committee has not yet been  organized and It Is hoped that all positions on the  committee will be filled on registration night.  Parents are reminded that without a group committee there can be no Cubs or Scoutsl Any help offered  will be welcome.  lor more Info, call Marilyn Green, 886-7820  CONGRATULATIONS  to  Mary, Ken & Sue of  KExWMAR KNIT & SEW  on the opening of their fine new locution in Francis Peninsula Pluce.  Their store is bright & cheerv and an asset to the community.  GOOD LUCK! from all the staff at  A.C. BUILDING SUPPLIES Coast News, Septembers, 19S1  ��� M M Joe Photo  Rampaging vandals caused widespread damage throughout Gibsons last Friday night at the Information Booth at the top of the  hill, al Pioneer Park, and at Gibsons Wharf. Pioneer Park was  further violated on Saturday night.  capilano  college  Include Cap  in Your Plans  this Fall  on the Sunshine Coast  Business Management 184-71  Accounting 1-4.5 credits  Fee: $54.  Monday and Wednesday evenings 7 to 10 pm.  Starting Monday September 14th  Instructor: Bruce Moseley  Location: Sechelt Learning Centre  An introduction lo basic accounting principles and  procedures including the recording of transaction?, and  adjustments in basic accounting records, the students  w\\ prepare financial statements lor Ihe proprietorship  and will study, in detail. Ihe accounting and reporting  ol cash, accounts receivable, merchandise invenlory  and long-lived assets.  Translerable to SFU and U.Vic UBC lo be delermined  ,..,..,...��� ....... ,.     ,  Education 156-71  Human Growth and Development  3 credits Fee: $36.  Thursday evenings 6 to 10 pm.  Starting Thursday, September 17th  Instructor: Lois Rennie  Location: Sechelt Learning Centre  The second hall ol a two-part sequence. A study ol  human growih and developmenl following Ihe pre-schooler  through me middle years ot cmldhood, adolescence and  launching into adulthood  Psychology 100-71  Introduction to Psychology  3 credits Fee: $36.  Monday evenings 6 to 10 pm.  Starling Monday September 14th  Instructor: Judy Albert  Location: Sechelt Learning Centre  A course designed to inlroduce ihe beginning psychology  student to some of the maior concepts and approaches  necessary to an understanding ot human behaviour from a  psychological perspective Topics covered include  learning, development, motivation, emotion slress.  sexuality, personality Iheoiy behaviour disorders  Translerable lo SFU UBC and U Vic  VOCATIONAL COURSES  Sechell B T S D Program-educaluvi.il upgrading  Grade 8 lo 12 Day and evening courses available  St 00 per couise per monlh Commences Oclobei 15  '981  - 6 months Please contact ihe Sechen learning Centre  lor further information  LEARNING ASSISTANCE  Assistance tutorials will be held in the fall lerm in  spelling English as a Second language reading, learning  and study skills, essay writing and inno management  Petsons wishing to make appointments lor tutorials  can do so by calling the learning Cenlre ��� 885-9310  COUNSELLING  The services ol trained counceliors are available  10 all students ol Ihe Sunshine Coasl lo assist Iheir  educational planning and career development.  Phone the learning Centre tor an appointment  LIBRARY/MEDIA CENTRE  A small collection is being developed lor Ihe  learning Cenlre on Inlet Avenue Access lo Ihe book  and media collection at Ihe Lynnmour campus is provided  through use of Ihe microhche catalogue  This service is available lo students and community  members alike.  ASK FOR APRIL OR BETSY  AT 885-9310 OR 885-3814  Registration forms available at the  Sechell Learning Cenlre. 1360 Inlet Avenue.  SECHELT LEARNING CENTRE  HOURS:  12:30 PM. TO 7:00 PM., MONDAY TO FRIDAY  Cliff Gilker Park threatened again  Maryanne  by Maryanne West  "The Sunshine Coast Golf  and Country Club has approached the Regional Board  to ask if a quarter ol' Cliff  Gilker Park could be given to  litem for an extension of the  golf course. Now, there's no  doubt the golf course is an  asset to ihe community, not  only because il provides an opportunity for healthy exercise  and recreation for residents  and visitors, but ils landscaping, greens and fairways are a  pleasure lo see for all who  drive by.  "The Golf Club has been an  example lo ihe community of  how excellent facilities can be  provided without the recourse  lo lax support. The Club pays  ils way and is a good corporate  citizen. It has deserved  nothing bul bouquets and Ihe  support and admiration of the  community up to now. So it's  something of a shock to find  our golfing friends and  neighbours aren'l so  neighbourly after all, that they  covet the recreation facilities  of others."  This was written, in  September 1979 and now  another attempt is being made  to wrest an even larger area  from the Park, some 45 acres  across the top, almosl a third.  We're being told again thai  it's just bush, no valuable  timber (which is not true); thai  the few beautiful old firs and  spruce would be saved, (which  no-one believes) and that no-  one uses the Park anyway. All  of which is nonsense and has  no bearing on the basic question. Which is:���that land  which is held in trust for all the  citizens of the area should not  be alienated for ihe sole use of  any special interest group.  The Golf Club by ils nature  is a select institution, reserved  for those who have the requisite skills and can afford  Ihe equipment and fees. Given  lo ihe Club, those 45 acres arc-  lost to everyone except this  select minority.  It is not 45 acres of scrub  and waste land, but 45 acres of  superb woodland, mature fir  stands, spruce which must be  upwards of 100 years old,  cedar, hemlock, alder, the occasional white pine, yew,  maple and dogwood. A second  growth forest in a stale of  regeneration, the old slumps  and fallen logs already supporting new growih of ferns,  huckleberry and young trees,  Ihe breakdown of stored  nutrients assisted by a colourful variety of wild mushrooms  in season.  It is true, however, thai lite  whole of Cliff Gilker Park has  been allowed to slip into a  scandalous state of neglect and  it's no wonder many people  may hesitate to sally forth  across unsafe bridges nol  knowing how soon the trail  may be blocked by a fallen  Iree. Despairing of getting any  response from the Regional  Board, 1 know of people who  have cleared trails and arranged for bridge repairs and  general maintenance  themselves,  If one was of a suspicious  mind, one might wonder of  ihe neglect of Ihe Park was nol  a deliberate attempt to make a  lake-over  by  ihe Golf Club  easier io rationalize.  Grained lhal, because Ihe  Village of Gibsons does nol  participate in Regional  Recreation and Parks, a mill  or a pari thereof does not raise  as much as il might for park  maintenance, but regular ai-  tention would not need vasi  sums. A few hundred dollars  would keep trails in shape, and  maintain wood supplies for  picnic sites. Government  grants arc available for summer work when major renewal  projects could be undertaken.  Young people are always looking for summer employment.  And then Ihere are  Katimavikers, who'll be back  again this fall lo lake on community projects. Some of  these young people gave their  spare lime last spring to clear  trees which had fallen over a  bridge. We need to make it  clear to our local politicians  that parks are not luxuries, bul  necessary for the quality of living we've come to expect on  the Sunshine Coast. Not just  for ihe pleasure of residents,  but an attraction for the many  who visit our coast from all  over the world, most of whom  value trees far more than mosl  of us seem to.  The late Cliff Gilker in  whose memory Ihe park is  named, a former Chairman of  Ihe Board and Director for  Roberts Creek, may have had  a vision which was ahead of  his time, but ihere can be little  doubl we shall increasingly, as  Ihe area grows, have reason lo  be grateful to him, his fellow  directors and the Provincial  government for their foresight  and wisdom in selling aside  Ihis small parcel of easily accessible land lo remain in ils  natural state for the pleasure,  refreshment and recreation of  all people.  It's nol ihat I'm unsympathetic to the problems of Ihe  Golf Club, even though they  could have acquired adjacent  land at below market value,  twice turning down generous  offers, bul surely no one in  their sound senses believes lhal  robbing Peter to pay Paul  solves anything, Ii only compounds the problen*.,  RENT - A���BAY  YOU fix it;  ��� We supply you with a bay area, floor jacks, jack  stands, creepers.  ��� Bring your own tools.  $5������ l*our  Phone 9 am ��� S pm   886'2020  Crucil Rd.  Port Mellon Industries  CREDIT UNION  Located in Cedar Plaza,  Providing competitive  alternative financial  services to our  community for  over 30 years.  , BUSINESS HOURS  I   Tues. - Thurs.      10 am  |   Friday 10 am  RS v  - 5 pm      I  - 5:30 pm |  OPEN SATURDAY 10 a.m. -1 p.m.  GIBSONS  886-8121  While Quantities Last  Panelling  4' x 8' sheet  English Oak  Panelling  4' x 8' sheet  Pecan  $11.98  Woodcraft Stain  gal.  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Three prevailing characteristics of English thinking were  the reluctance of the state to  ||j interfere in education, the  ||| aristocratic outlook of both  II) church and state, and the prac-  II) tical and prosaic nature of  llj those who held the purse-  !;��' strings of the nation,  s; Aristocrats would say  ���'; publicly: "Why should we let  t j down a ladder that people may  Ijl climb up and dispossess both  : us and our children?" In 1795  |; j Bishop Horsley "did not know  || what the masses of people in  || any country had to do with the  ;j laws but obey them." In fact,  || j ignorance was seen by many to  ;���; be a social necessity. "To  || make society happy," its  ,; leaders said, "and people easy  llj under the meanest cir-  h{' cumstances, it is requisite that  "-" 1 great numbers of them should  be ignorant as well as poor."  Scotland boasted its parish  schools, New England had its  ^common schools, and the  Mr Revolution made popular  **>; education universal on the  t;i Continent, but no English  X statesman dared propose a nail- tional system for England. In  jj��. 1807 a parliamentarian named  jj5�� Whitbread introduced an  *;. Education Bill. Its purpose  ;5f was to create parish schools  ;j5; for the poor supported by  "jjf' parish taxes, where religious  .*' dogma need not be included in  ��;. the curricula. The Church of  ���;��� England rigorously opposed  ���:��� the bill, claiming that the  ;��; secular, or non-church factor  **����� was most dangerous. Such in-  ';v struction, it was argued,  I; would lead the labourer "to  ;ij despise his lot, read bad  ���S books, and imbibe bad doc-  :���*{��� trine." The bill was defeated  *��< and as one historian put it,  X; "here (England's) lower  "* orders, as a mass, were more  ;���.; ignorant and less civilized than  ��*l those of any other large Pro-  !< testant country in Europe."  j:: In 1858 a Newcastle Com-  ���!; mission was set up to in-  S5j vestigate education. Of a  ;> school population of  & 2,500,000 only 1,675,000 were  !K. enrolled in any kind of school,  j^-and of these one-half were in  <*�� Private-Venture Schools. The  ���'.-: Commission found these  >: schools to be mainly infant  ':'��� schools kept by the "aged and  ��Jj helpless", or wretched  ';'��� nurseries where children  ;��� * "tumbled over each other like  '.j. dogs in a kennel." Most of  *$i these Private Venture schools  5jS met in "barns, outhouses, or  ���t; deserted cabins." The teachers  ;*��� were the paupers, the crippled,  ;t; the consumptive, of the com-  :-" munity.  ^i; The Commission made one  ��� significant recommenda-  :��: tion���in order to achieve more  X schools, better salaries, im-  >'. proved teaching, they recom-  >��� mended inspection, individual  ��� ���.examination, and payment by  S; results! For thirty years, this  :���; method of payment reduced  Xschools to places of  .;: mechanical drills, barren of  Xhuman sympathy or intelligence. The intellectual  [���"[aspects of education became a  ;,'; grand game to beat the state.  nl School Boards in British  ,' Columbia have a modicum of  '^control over what is spent on  ���ftpublic   education   in   their  districts. "Beat the state" is a  well known game even in the  twentieth century. Indian  Education suffered from this  syndrome. The Federal  government reimbursed  Boards of School Trustees an  annual tuition fee for every Indian child enrolled as of October 31; names of Indian  children were kept on the roll  until October 31 and submitted even though many of them  had already dropped out by  that date and never appeared  in school again that year. The  letter of the law had been complied with, and the monies  were transferred.  When education is restricted  by rigid central controls and  when funding becomes a  political issue, education in the  broadest terms suffers and  schools become "barren of  human sympathy and intelligence". Parents and interested persons must never  forget that changes in funding,  undue   stress   on   basics,  removal of grants, rigid central curricula, or merit rating,  will have a direct and  detrimental effect on their  children's education.  In 1981, teachers are Ihe  child advocates in the community. They have good  leadership and they are  fighters. They bear the brunt  of all the political moves that  are made by provincial  governments. Parents individually and collectively  must listen to them and support them in their struggle to  make the schools interesting,  attractive and productive. Incredible as it may seem, there  are politicians and business  leaders who still share the old  philosophy that ignorance is a  social necessity. No teacher  buys that! As the school year  commences, let us all appreciate our schools and the  teachers who teach them.  Those professionals are the  front line fighters in a battle  which is far from won.  Coast News, September 8,1981  Peninsula Roofing  ft insulation Ltd.  Retail Sales  "A complete Rooting and Insulation Supply  Sheet Metal Fabrication  1356 Wharf Rd.  Sechelt  Across Irom Bus Depot  885-3741  885-9585  Beautify your  neighbourhood.  Got out  on the street  Toko a walk.  ��� Photo by O J Hauha  If you've been looking for your knight in shining armour, you  just might have found him al the White Tower Medieval  Society's third annual Medievil Faire last Saturday. Er...  anyone seen a knight around without his armour?  Carefree Gardening^  by Sandy Loam  So now we can relax and  reap the results of our summer's work. But wait, don't  get too well set in the rocking-  chair. This can be the busiest  and the most rewarding phase  of our gardening year. To our  pioneering forefathers the  most important products of  the garden were those  vegetables that were stored  and that kept well over the  winter. Indeed, in many cases,  these were essential for their  very survival.  Now that the earlier tender  delights of lettuce, green  onions, radishes etc. are largely finished for the year, we can  concentrate our efforts on  these, the "winter-keepers".  Cabbage  This peasant of the garden  originated in Europe, but now  it perfumes the kitchens of the  world. One of our best  "keepers", it has been attributed many powers, not the  least of which is a purported  ability to cure overindulgence  in wine.  Late cabbage should be kept  weed free and should be  checked periodically for cabbage worms. (A green worm  which is sometime hard to  detect and can decimate your  crop.) There are several insecticides which easily eradicate  this pest. If I have time, I  sometimes merely search them  out and pick them off.  Bear in mind that cabbage is  still growing and needs fertilizer. A good nitrogenous  feeding every three or four  weeks will suffice. I favour the  natural fertilizers, rotted  seaweed and manure.  Take care when cultivating  ��� not too close and not too  deep ��� roots are susceptible  to injury. If the weather is dry,  water every few days.  Potatoes  The potato was one of the  prizes of the conquest of Peru  by the Spanish. The Peruvians  cured potatoes by exposure to  frost, then dried them. Being  relatively easy to produce, it  became one of the staple foods  of Europe, to the extent that  crop failure could mean starvation.  No home garden is complete  without at least a few hills of  potatoes, and no potatoes  bought at market can equal  for flavour those we raise  ourselves.  Potatoes at this* late stage  are easily cared for, but should  be kept weed free and watered  regularly. Remember, superficial watering is bad for  potatoes. Water them deeply.  If you haven't hilled them fully earlier, do it now.  Onions  Onions have been used as a  food since the beginning of  recorded history. Strangely,  scientists have recently  discovered what Grandma  knew fifty years ago - that  onions are now past the tender  green onion stage, but given a  reasonably warm fall they will  continue to grow for a long  time yet. Keep them weed-free  and water regularly in dry  weather. In retrospect, you  should   have   chosen   good  drainage soil for planting. You  can plant "top" onions now.  Consult your garden centre for  this source of early spring  onions.  In  closing  an  old   poem  -Author unknown - found in  an old Cook book.  /   wonder   if the   Cabbage  knows,  He is less lovely lhan the rose;  Or does he squat in smug  content  A source of noble  nourishment  Or if he pities for her sins  The rose who has no vitamins;  Or if one thing his green heart  knows.  That self-same fire that warms  the rose.  More on storage vegetables  next week.  Gibioni Public  library  Tuesday  2-4p.m.  Wednesday   2-4p.m.  Thursday 2-4 & 7-9pm.  Saturday 2-4 p.m.  The Only Way To Go!  A Partnership has been formed!  Agnes Labonte &  Marion Alsager  are pleased to announce that they  are the new owners of  ($��m  They would he happy  to looh after  all of your travel plans.  May we suggest you take advantage ol  the new low fare* to Britain.  Book now for your choice of dates.  Maureen  Maxwell  Garden Club prepares  for Fall Show  Members of the Sechelt  Garden Club are busy preparing for the Fall Flower Show  and Plant Sale in the Senior  Citizens Hall, Sechelt, on  Saturday, September 12th;  time - 2:00 - 4:30 p.m.  At this show the plant sale  will be held outdoors and no  admission will be charged to  the sale area. The flower show  and afternoon tea will be held  in the Seniors' Hall. This show  is competitive. Two categories  are open for non club  members, as well as club  members, these being in the  Dahlia section, decorative  variety over six inches, and the  Cactus or semi-Cactus variety,  three blooms to a vase in each  entry. Entry fee is $1.50.  Donations for the sale and  for the exhibition may be  made Friday evening up to 9  o'clock, and to 10:30 on  Saturday. So plan to get some  good purchases at the plant  sale, and to have an enjoyable  afternoon at the show. Admission and tea $1.00. 88S-3I54.  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Office Hours: 8:30 - 4:30 Tuesday - Friday  Evening Hours and House Calls by Appointment Only  Telephone: 883-9595  \                                                                                                   llllll!^  A 'S 10 Coast News, September 8,1981  LLIC-ry  DOLLAR FCCDS ^  OVERLOOKING BEAUTIFUL GIBSONS HARBOUR  PRODUCE  I   ���.�� V  Sunkist Valencia  ORANGES  4 lb cello bag  Washington Jumbo  wasmngion jumoo ^^ m^ ^  ONIONS   . 33c  Washington Beefsteak  TOMATOES  lb  39  c  National Bakeries'  HAMBURGER ft HOT DOG  doz I  ���   I V  IT'S THAT  TIME AGAIN  "Tell me," I said, "what would you like to see In your school lunches this year?" Three faces lit up. "Peanut butter and bologna  sandwiches," they said as one. "No" 1 cried wildly, "this school year, just like last school year, I am making a vow thai no peanut  butter or bologna sandwich will pass out of this kitchen. This year 1 shall keep that vow." The three faces paled, then two cleared  as they realized I wouldn't be responsible for their lunches. My own young master chef realized It was time for positive action.  "Leftovers," he muttered. Visions of mashed potato buttles danced before my eyes. "You know, chicken 'n' stuff. "Yes" said the  other two, jumping on the tea wagon, "meat loaf and roast beef and lots of dill pickles." "Pickled eggs," said the master chef.  "And yogurt ��� and chocolate pudding and applesauce cookies and tuna." "Shut up," quoth I and thrust that day's lunch at them  -grapes, dill pickles...and peanut butter sandwiches.  Dilly Luncheon Meat  1 medium can luncheon meat, grated  1 teaspoon minced onion  'A teaspoon celery seed  'A cup dill pickles, chopped  '/a cup mayonnaise  1 tablespoon ketchup  salt and pepper  Salmon or Tuna  1 small can of fish, drained and mashed up with  1 tablespoon diced green pepper  1 teaspoon minced onion  1 tablespoon chopped parsley  'A cup mayonnaise  salt and pepper  Ham Surprise  1 slice cooked ham  1 slice Swiss cheese  1 teaspoon prepared mustard  1 tablespoon honey  Mix the mustard and honey and spread on buttered bread with ham and cheese  Watercress  Sandwiches  (if you know that secret but very central  Gibsons source of watercress)  6-8 sprigs watercress, washed and chopped  1 hard cooked egg, chopped  l'A tablespoons mayonnaise  salt and pepper  1 figure this variety should keep them going for the first week at least plus all the other goodies that one has to throw in to keep  them from collapsing with starvation. And, of course, if they force you, you can always compromise with peanut butter cookies!  Thank you   Tod and John and Mathew  Happy School Year  Nest Lewis   (Former Home Economics Teacher)  Fife Roses ��� All Purpose  flour m,l8.2l  Libby's  spaghetti a aiphagetti    ���.o 65e  In Tomolo Sauce  Hunts  tomato paste M0  369 mil  Christies leaty ItaU  graham waters  OrCnunbs  Hi  Lowry's  spaghetti sauce mix      am 53��  Plain, Italian & Mushroom  Campbell's  tomato soup ��.��.3/99c  Duncan Bines ��� Deluxe II  cakes mixes ��o,.'1.19  Asst'd Flat ours  CoffMlUti  cottee whlteoer  SO  ���.'2.19  Miracle Whip  salad dressing        m'I.IS  Libby's ��� Fancy  tomato lulce us*'1.09  Boston  corned beet ��***..  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At the moment I am in a state of anger, dismay, frustration and all of those feelings one gets when you see  something happening in your society that you can't seem to do much about. I'm speaking of the kinds of things  such as personal intimidation, trespassing, willful ..destruction of private,, and .pubJia.BfOsierty, vulgarity,    .  dangerous and irregular���fjtjylnfl'bn streets and hTghWttyS by */SiHigW*3tt5, ft-jn oFalcoWbr���ftcMMatloi**^^,  drugs and alcohol.        ���.  A lone drunk is not niudh of a bother, except when he's In the company of others. It's a real problem when all  the others also are drunk. In a crowd of drunks there's always the leader, the show-off, who gets things going.  Vandalism is the work of Vandals, plural)  A lot of vandalism occurred all over Gibsons Friday night, September 4th. What concerned me was the damage  to public property - our Pioneer Park, where the gravestone of George W. Gibsons has been knocked down so  many times it doesn't get set up anymore; where the people can't get into the public washrooms, because they  are smashed beyond repair and boarded up; where we can't keep a flag pole or flag upon it; where the village is  loathe to spend more money for repair and upkeep.  Last night about 30 or more feet of cement capping was ripped off the top of the stone wall and stones torn out  of the wall itself. A newly installed two-hour parking post was pulled up by the Come Home Cafe and dropped by  the door of the Bank of Montreal. Down by the wharf, full drums of aviation fuel unloaded during the day were  pushed over on their sides; some leaking.  It so happens that Larry Trainor and I had been to see Sgt. Wayne Bohn only the day before to seek additional  night patrolling. He has a total force of eight men under his command, and can only spare three for night patrol.  What with highway accidents and patrol, call outs to public and private disturbances, they cannot adequately  cover all areas such as beaches, streets, etc. They need more men, and perhaps In view uf the growth of this area,  public pressure should be brought to bear to ensure that this need is met.  However, there are things we as citizens can do, and should do:  1. A noisy gang usually leads to trouble. Observe and report their location to the police.  2. Take licence numbers of cars whose drivers are obviously driving irregularly, or recklessly, and report to  police at once.  3. As a witness to any form of destruction to public or private property report It as it happens.  4. If we don't want total lawlessness we must assist our police force in every way possible.  We were all young once, and foolish too, but the code was different. If a young one got drunk on father's booze,  he made himself scarce. Many young people don't know how to space their drinks so that they may have an enjoyable evening, without losing their heads. Worse still Is the mixture of grass and alcohol, which is all too  prevalent.  These same people, I'm sure, would want to crawl In a hole and remain unseen from the shame and disgrace  they bring upon themselves; or Is that outmoded, too?  l:  mt  1. Cut out this Coupon  2. Attach to your Sales Slip  3. Return to Ken's Lucky Dollar %  DRAW TO BE MADE SUNDAY AT 5 p.m.  NAME TEL NO.  POSTAL ADDRESS  Our popular $50.00 weekly grocery draw will continue each week into  1981 until further notice.  $8th Grocery  Draw Winner  I Mrs. Marjorie Frykas  }ni)P booh:-.torl  886-7744   j  :omsi Ol School 1  1  I QOWI' Point flOSS*  Open  Fri. Ill T  Sun. 114  Something  from an  OCTOPUS*  GARDEN?  886-9021     __  25%  Off   All I  BINDERS  In Stock  Varirtp  Pell and Health  Jfo-ob*  Here Now!  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He lives by the sea on Gower  Point Road, near his daughter  and son-in-law, Mavis and  Das id Vaughan. An unassuming man with one driving  force, he lives to work, to  carve and create towering  sculptures in wood.  When lie is not carving for a  commission, he is working  steadily every day, producing  a full sized 12 loot sculpture in  a week's time. His single-  minded passion is reflected in  the fact that he "never takes a  day off". In the last 49 years,  he has had two weekends off  from his work, and in the last  two years, he took two days  off; "one to go out to get a  Christmas tree and one day to  go sailing".  To enter the world of  Dudley Carter is to descend a  steep winding pathway among  the cool, majestic cedars that  he loves so much, to the rocky  ocean beach where he does his  carving.  Here sits his small  Photo courtesy Erv Nalos  Dudley   Carter,   in    1980.  Well known throughout the  wesl coasl of this continent for  his massive wood sculptures,  this slightly built gentleman  who looks too frail to have  ever felled a giant western  cedar, is deceptively strong.  And ironically, this Canadian,  who owes his inspiration to  our own Haida and Kwakiutl  Indians is only now beginning  to receive some recognition for  his carvings in Canada, despite  the fact they are appreciated  and proudly owned and  displayed in the Uniled States.  His mammoth compositions, as much as 56 feet in  height and often weighing  several tons, command several  thousands of dollars from  buyers. His carvings are  displayed in Portland, Seattle,  Bellevue, Denver, San Fran-  sisco, Anacorles and as far  away as Boston, Germany and  South America. He has been  selling ihem in the United  Stales since the 1930's, but it  wasn't until this year, on the  occasion of his 90th birthday,  thai he was honoured by the  Sculptors' Socieiy of B.C.  with an honorary life presidency in the Society.  However, with ihe exception of some pieces in private  homes in Ihe Vancouver area  cedar house and studio, near  the open waters of Georgia  Strait, a perfect open air  workshop among the piles of  driftwood and beached logs.  Dudley bought this 100 foot  waterfront lot in 1927 for  J175. and this is where he  began his carving experiments.  This prolific artist, whose  work can be described as a  modern adaptation of the  primitive Northwest Coast Indian style of symbolic art, uses  the double-bit faller's axe as  his primary carving tool.  "The axe is a wonderful  tool. It is much faster for  fashioning the large planes of  the sculpture and used with the  proper control, the finest  details can be carved with it."  Dudley demonstrates this fact  by wielding the large axe as  delicately as a feather to shave  off slivers of cedar to form the  detail of an eye of his current  sculpture.  Dudley also uses a steel adze  for hollowing out his  sculptures and several chisels  for detailed work. "It is amazing that the Indians could do  the wonderful carving they did  using only a knife and two  size of adze. Before steel was  introduced to the Indians, they  did all their massive totems using stone tools. Of course,  they had one thing in abundance that we don't have  anymore���time."  Dudley Christopher Carter  was born May 6, 1891 in New  Westminster, the third son in a  family of seven boys and two  girls. Descended from a  former pirate named Stix  Stober Carter, the Carter  family owned sugar plantations in the Barbados.  Dudley's father, Foster, decided to seek further adventure  on the Canadian frontier,  which was being opened up by  the Canadian Pacific  Railroad.  After a short period of  homesteading in North' Bay,  Ontario, the Carter family settled by the Stave River, near  Stave Lake, "the most  beautiful spot on the West  Coast" according to Dudley.  There they operated a logging  camp and at the early age of  & WORKWEN? WORLD  WE'RE WORKING FOR YOU  One Day Only  Saturday Sept. 12  20% off  All Boots  Wrangler Jeans  G.W.G. Scrubbies  $16.99  e WORK WEN?   Cowrie St.  /IK WORLD   r#> ��S&  eight, Dudley worked from  dawn to dusk, greasing the  skid roads in front of the oxen, hauling the timber out of  the woods. He learned every  logging job, including falling  the huge timber with a two-  bladed axe and at age 18 was  "Bull of the Woods", a  foreman in the logging camp.  This accomplishment was  particularly amazing in  Dudley's case, because he was  a sickly child. He barely survived a cholera epidemic that  swept through Vancouver in  the early 1890's, a disease that  weakened his system and left  its mark for the rest of his life.  It made him susceptible to  rheumatic fever, which  seriously damaged his hearing  at the age of five and later  there were bouts with pleurisy  and pneumonia. While living  at Alert Bay, he developed a  serious lung disease which required an operation and the  removal of six ribs.  "I'm living today because  of it," Dudley says now of his  illness ridden childhood.  These days he maintains his  phenomenal strength with a  simple fresh fruit and  vegetable diet, eating two  meals a day, supplemented by  fresh fish caught just outside  his doorstep, "When I have  the patience for it".  He travels a great deal,  spending about half his time in  his studio in Bellevue,  Washington, and he recently  travelled to Mexico. In March,  he completed a large sculpture  commissioned for the  Clackamas Town Centre in  Portland, Oregon. It is a composition, consisting of three  giant trees 30 to 40 feet in  height selected from the  foothills of Mount St. Helen's  prior to the ievestation of the  area in the volcanic eruption  last year.  The three carved trees represent Oregon's primitive  heritage and depict a primitive  woman, beast and plant  forms. to be continued  Victor Cecchi  and Eric Peterson  B.C. Land Surveyors  Would like to announce the opening of a surveying  practice in Sechelt at Suite 204, 1326 Wharf Rd.  (Upstairs from South Coast Ford)  P.O. Box 1894 VON 3A0  Temporary Phone Number 485-6808  (Call Collect)  RDPBoohsrore  Fine Books  Sec our ad  on the Community  gggj *  I*  Government  ol Canada  Fisheries  and Oceans  SUNSHINE COAST  CLOSURE TO SHELLFISH  HARVESTING  The Department of Fisheries and Ooeans has  detected an unacceptable increase In the FSF  (Paralytic Shellfish Poison) of shellfish In the  waters of Areas 13, 15 and 16. Area 13 is the  Campbell River area. Area 15 Includes the waters  lying adjaoent to Powell River, Toba Inlet areas.  Area 16 includes the waters lying adjacent to  Thormanby Island, Texada Island, Pender Harbour, Bargain Bay, Hardy Island, Egmont area,  Jervis Inlet & Sechelt Inlet. These areas will be  closed until further notice for taking of shellfish.  "Shellfish" means oysters, clams, mussels and  any other bivalve molluscs.  The Department of Fisheries and Oceans will be  continuing to monitor the shellfish for contamination and will advise when acceptable levels  have been reached.  All laminate solid colour cabinets with oak or  metal pulls are on sale until Sept. 30th. See our  display and get a free estimate Saturdays 10-5  above the Twilight Theatre or call for an appointment at the showroom or in your home. We will:  help you design your kitchen to suit your needs  and budget. 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'Commerce Registered User of Mark.  J  I  m At Brothers Park  A first class playing field  P ji. * ��� Vena Parnell Ptioto  Jibsons memoirs were presented to parks expert Gerry Chester  of Saanich last week by Gibsons Aldermen Diene Strom, in ep-  | preciation for his hours of professionel  edvice to local  [ j authorities regarding Improvements to Brothers Perk. Chester,  < whose grendperents were the locel Clusters, received e Gibsons  I; lapel pin end e copy of "The Gibsons Lending Story" by Lester  \2 Peterson.  Family worship service  On September 13 at 9:30 a.m., Reverend Alex Reid will  welcome all families to St. John's United Church at Davis  Bay. Parents re invited to bring their children and join in  the familiar hymns and the family-oriented worship service.  Parents of infants are advised that baby tending service  will be provided, so that both parents can enjoy the service. Sunday School will resume on September 20 at 9:30,  and will run concurrently with the church service to  facilitate transportation. Families seeking to have their  child (or children) baptised are invited to contact Reverend  Reid at Gibsons United number: 886-2333.  V                                                                                                                           ^M  -i ^Nl  *           MM  .ft       x.  /     m&      \  # THE UNITED CHURCH  CALVARY        \  M           OF CANADA  BAPTIST CHURCH    ��  Sunday  Park Rd., Gibsons        *  Worship Services  Paitor: Harold Andrews  ST. JOHN'S  Rei: 8864163,  Davis Bay ��� 9:30 am.  Church: 886-2611  GIBSONS  Sunday School 9:30 a.m.  Glassford Rd. - 11:15 am.  Morning Service 11*00 a.m.  Sunday School - 9:30 am.  Goipel Service 7 p.m.  Rev. Alti. G. Reid  Prayer A Bible Study  Church Telephone  Thursday 7 p.m.  886-2333  GIBSONS  PENTECOSTAL CHURCH  ST. BARTHOLOMEW &  ST. AIDAN  Cedar Grove School  ANGLICAN CHURCHES  Chaster Rd., Gibioni  Combined Service  Senior Paitor: Ted Boodle  1st Sunday 11:13 A.M.  in St. Bartholomew's  Gibsons  Youth Pastor: Jack Moch  Sunday School 9:30 a.m.  Morning Worship 11 a.m.  Evening Fellowship 7 p.m.  Al ether Sudqrs  Home Bible Study  Roberts Creek 9:30 a.m.  Phone 886-7268 or 886-9482  Family Holy Eucharist  Affiliated wilh the  Gibsons 11:15 a.m.  Pentecostal   Assemblies   of  Rector:  Rev. John E. Robinson  Canada  ROMAN CATHOLIC  SEVENTH-DAY  SERVICES  ADVENTIST CHURCH  Rev. Angelo De Pompa  Sabbath School Sat. 10 a.m.  Pariih Prieit  Hour of Worship Sat. 11 a.m.  Hem of Mmm  Browning Rd. & Hwy. 101  Saturday 5:00 p.m.  Paitor: C. Dri*berg  St. Mary'i, Gibioni  Everyone Welcome  7:30 pm. Pender Harbour  For information phone:  (July 4 to September 12 only)  885-9750 or 883-2736  Regular Sunday Mann  9:00 a.m. Our Lady  of Lourdei Church  SECHELT  NEW LIFE  Sechelt Indian Reserve  ASSEMBLY  10:00 a.m. Holy Family  SERVICES  Church, Sechelt  in  12:00 noon St. Mary'i Church  Senior Citizens Hall  Gibioni  1:00 pm Sunday  Confessions before Mass  Everyone Welcome  Reverend P. Brooks  Phone: 885-9526 or 885-5201  GLAD TIDINGS  TABERNACLE  Gower Point Road  CHRISTIAN SCIENCE  SOCIETY  Phone 886-2660  SECHELT SERVICES:  Sunday School 9:45 a.m.  Worship Service 11:00 a.m.  Sundays 11:30 am.  Evening Fellowship 6 p.m.  Wednesday 8:00 pm.  Bible Study Wed. 7:30 p.m.  Sunday School 11:30 am.  All in United Church edifice  Paitor: Nancy Dykes  on main highway In Davis  REFORMED  Bay.   Everyone   ii   warmly  CHRISTIAN  invited to attend.  GATHERING  Phone 885-3157 or 886-7882  Sechelt                  885-5635  Brother's Park, the controversial and popular playing field  donated to Gibsons many years ago by Jackson Brother's Logging, is reaching the final stages of improvements that will make  it "a first-class playing field" for the Gibsons area for years to  come.  Alderman Diane Strom, Recreation Director Rob Liddicoat,'  Works Superintendent, Ron Webber and Municipal Administrator Jack Copland met last week with parks expert Gerry  Chaster from Saanich, B.C. to discuss topsoil requirements for  ihe park.  The 600 by 420 foot park has had drain tile laid in the past  year. Drainage at the site is now reported to be "excellent", according to Alderman Strom. The nexl step is lo place 12" of a  special type of sand over the entire surface area. If the right type  of sand is not available locally, then a 6" - 8" layer of topsoil  will cover the field. Results of sand testing will be available this  week.  It is estimated 4,000 to 5,000 yards of topsoil may have to be  Fears grant loss  Sechelt reaches no  decision on next  restructuring move  by Fren Bourassa  Sechelt Council, at a recent council meeting, discussed the  special meeting held by the regional board on August 21.  Mayor Bud Koch told council he felt that the regional board's  special meeting was not properly��structured and was illegal.  The meeting was called to discuss the 'untimely' questionnaire  printed in the August 19 edition of The Press. The board felt  that the questionnaire, intended to survey the feelings of the  public on restructuring the local government, was unauthorized,  uncondoned and premature. Much of the needed data for a proper discussion had not yet been made available to the politicians.  The board also felt that the initiative was being taken away  from the board by the secret meetings held which established  firmly the position of both the villages on restructuring in addition to the polling of the electorate without authorization.  "This village has been pursuing amalgamation long before the  regional board got into the act," said Alderman Brian Stelck,  "We aren't stealing the initiative away from anyone. The village  is entitled to do what it pleases with regard to amalgamation and  restructuring as does the regional board, as a duly constituted  government body."  The village councils of Sechelt and Gibsons have made  statements that they would prefer the Coast to be split into two  district municipalities: Greater Gibsons and Greater Sechelt,  with the exclusion of Pender Harbour.  Mayor Koch feels that the whole situation of the questionnaire was put in the wrong context. "It is not up to the regional  board staff who are employees of Municipal Affairs lo have a  say in what goes down. Let them go to their boss, who tofd'me to  run the questionnaire. The regional board has nothing to bring  to the wedding in the form of a dowry, the villages have the tax  base and the regional board has nothing. The regional board  directors should have the say as representatives of the electoral  areas," said Koch.  "If we leave the matter of restructuring too long," said Koch,  "we may not get the funding that is now available."  Alderman Charles Lee agreed with the Mayor on that fact; he  also said that he felt that the people really don't know what the  local government does.  "Frankly", said Mayor Koch, "I don't think a lot of the people give a damn. The people don't want to be bothered by this  restructuring issue. They have elected us to do a job for them  and make decisions and if they don't like it they can kick us out  at the election time.  "Most people are busy making money, busy enjoying  themselves and getting drunk on Saturday night and they don't  care to be bothered or get involved unless they feel pressured or  betrayed. I'm sure they think that if we want to restructure the  area and we feel that it is the best for them, to just go ahead and  not bother them with trivialities. I'm not saying that they are all  like that, but a good percentage."  Alderman*Joyce Kolibas felt that it has been difficult enough  for the elected representatives to know which way to go, "How  can the general public be informed on the issue?"  Council discussed the Mayor's suggestion to reactivate the  amalgamation committee and put back on the table the original  restructuring idea that encompasses amalgamating the area  within the bounds of Wakefield Creek to Snake Bay and from  Four Mile Post to the east Wilson Creek area. This was the  original suggestion of Minister of Municipal Affairs, Bill  Vander Zalm last year.  "We could strike the committee and get the issue on the  November ballot," said Koch.  Alderman Lee thought that the idea should be put on hold  temporarily. "I think people should know what they are getting  first and from whom and what they are likely to get," said Lee,  who is currently working on a report on the ramifications of  restructuring.  No decision was made as to council's next step and the matter  was further discussed in an 'in-camera' meeting after adjournment.  i\ Church Services  purchased and total park renovations may come to $150,000.  The village budget has $20,000 allotted for park improvements for 1981. Alderman Diane Strom and Recreation  Director Rob Liddicoat plan to approach provincial departments for grant assistance to help finance the project scheduled  for completion in 1982.  Sodding the park is the last step and will require a full growing  season for the surface to "take properly" according to Chaster.  "I would recommend that the surface not be used until next  Sepiember," Chaster told Gibsons village representatives.  Rob Liddicoat plans to have a meeting with all the local  athletic organizations to discuss the park's use next year. He will  also approach the school board to discuss use of the school fields  for the 1982 playing season, until the park is ready.  "This will be an all-purpose field for all our sports requirements," Alderman Dian Strom told the Coast News. "We  will take every step to have the best playing field possible���we  plan to do it right."  i^*iV>  Coast News, September 8.1901  brAun  Kitchen  Appliances SALE  u  ��� Juicer  M*f. ������������<  ��� Yogurt Maker  Meg. tlS.4%  ��� Coffee Grinder  *��(. St4.1t  ��� Coffaa Maker  Ref. *;��.����,  ��� Convection Ovan $298.001  ����g. *Mt.f f 1  ��� Kitchen Machine S*9��."  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Several times Gibsons stopped  the scoring rush but strong  support proved too much for  the local side and the Caps  scored an unconverted tie  making the score at the end of  the first half 4 - 0.  Early in the second half,  Gibsons pressed the Cap's  deep in their own territory. On  a five yard screen, thanks to  ihe help of Jim Peers, Gibsons  pushed the opposition into the  end zone where eighth man,  Garth Lord, fell on the ball to  lie the score at 4 - 4.  Brian Evans narrowly miss  ed the potentially winning convert.  Both teams displayed solid  hitting prior to the upcoming  season. Next Saturday, the  Gibsons Rugby Club travels to  Vancouver to start its regular  fall season against the  Meralomas. The 'Lomas were  one of the few teams that  managed to defeat Gibsons  last year, so it should be an exciting day for the boys in blue.  by Ernie Hume  Gibsons Rugby Club and Capilano'��  field.  I their way to a 4-4 draw on Saturday at Elphinstone  - George Matthews Photo  hy Bruce Robinson  We'll call the town Cumm-  ings. North Carolina. It is  afternoon. Hot sun. A sky of  blue marble, unflawed. Standing oul on the grass in right  field is a boy-man. We'll call  him Jeff Grissom. Jeff is a  man because he is twenty-five,  and he is a boy because he is  still playing baseball.  Triple A baseball. The  minor league. Jeff has been in  Triple A for Ihree and a half  years. Traded three times, he  lias always managed to make a  "positive contribution" to his  new team. His managers  remark on his "unselfish attitude.". He is a student of the  game, he works hard, practices late, in summation, is a  prelty good player. But not  great.  Jeff's a bit concerned these  days. Not that he'd say much  to anyone about it; he's not  really ihe complaining type.  But he wishes somebody  would talk to him, tell him,  when he might get that chance  with a major league club.  Because it's getting tougher to  believe.  Jeff's father was a ballplayer too, Triple A, a minor-  leaguer like his son. "Minor-  leaguer." He never made it to  the Majors, but he'd sure like  his son to make it. Jeff  Grissom knows how much his  father wants it. Jeff  remembers whenever he  strikes out or loses a flyball in  the sun.  Jeff Grissom's mother  knows how much her husband  wants it too, remembers all  those dusks when her dinner  was the only one eaten hot,  when she would hear her husband's voice outside, instructing, and then the slap of a ball  hitting a glove -- again and  again.  Jeff has learned to love  baseball. It's not a bad job as  jobs go. No nine to five stuff.  Get to work outside. But the  travelling, the buses and the  planes wear a person down,  motel rooms seem smaller all  the time, especially,, when  they're shared with* a snoring  roomate. All season. The  women he mostly meets are  cocktail waitresses and  restaurant hostesses. They  don't care much for snoring  team-mates either.  Without the crowd, he  wouldn't have hung in there as  long as lie has. There aren't  thirty thousand fans in the  stadium, maybe, but a thousand, sometimes two thousand  fans can make quite a racket,  especially when a catch saves a  game or a hit wins one. Jeff's  by Ross Lane  Fishing has been excellent  this past week all the way from  Trail Island to the mouth of  the Capilano. A few Springs  and Chums were mixed among  ihe many entertaining and explosive Coho.  The most exciting and  bizarre fishing last week was  ihe mouth of the Gap, with a  multitude of boats and shore  fishermen. Bizarre, because of  JjHH  IWnl  I  i  PENINSULA  MARKET  885-9721 Davis Bay, B.C.  tide tables  Reference:  Pacific  Sun. Sept.  0410  13  13.1  Point Atkinson  Standard Time  1050  3.7  1730  14.4  2315  7.6  Wed. Sept. 9  Fri. Sept. 11  0740  4.8  0215  12.1  Moll. Sept.  14  1530  13.6  0920  3.9  0500  13.5  2H0  10.6  1640  14.2  1125  4.1  2210  9.4  1800  14.5  Thurs. Scpi. 10  Sit. Sept. 12  Tues. Sept.  IS  0110  11.8  0310  12.5  0000  6.6  0835  4.3  1005  3.6  0545  13.9  1610  13.9  1705  14.3  1200  4.7  2140  10.1  2255  8.6  1830  14.6  GROCERIES       FISHING TACKLE  TIMEX WATCHES    SUNDRIES  Open 9-9      7 Days a Week  had a few of those through the  years. Not that many, but  enough. He remembers them  all perfectly.  Sometimes in the shower  after practice he closes his eyes  and imagines himself in a  Yankee shower or a Dodger  shower or a Giant shower, the  kind that don't run out of hot  water. He imagines the post  game conversations with teammates, perhaps an interview  with a sports columnist, an  evening of cocktails at The  Hotel in the city. Class.  The trouble with a dream is  that eventually one has to  wake up.  "Grissom!"  He hears the centerfielder  yell, knows he's going to have  to pick up the ball in the air.  He remembers quickly who  the "hitter was, that he usually  pulls the ball; he looks to the  left and sees it beginning to  drop. He still has time, moves  quickly, and catches it at waist  level.  At first the manager thinks  Grissom was dreamin' or dog-  gin' it but then he figures he  must have lost the ball in the  sun, because Grissom is just  too conscientious, too solid to  dog it. Yep, he's a hard-  workers all right.  Just the kind of guy a minor  league manager needs.  The Host and Hostess Nine-  Hole Tournament was played  last Sunday. This year's winner was Ken White. Ken shot a  low net 31 to take first place  honours. Audrey McKenzie  was the low net winner for the  ladies, shooting a low 35.  Art and Marg Parks served  a tasty smorgasbord dinner,  with the aid of the many men  and women who volunteered  their services at the bar and in  the kitchen.  This volunteer service is still  an important necessity to the  operation of the club. If you  have an hour or two to spare  once a week, please get in  touch with Fred McLean who  has the responsibility of trying  to keep a full schedule  operating smoothly each  week.  Last Tuesday, the ladies  completed the second round of  the Marg Langdale Memorial  Trophy. The rain very nearly  cancelled the day's play for the  Junior coach  sought  Doug Elson, of Gibsons,  would like to see the re-  establishment of a Junior Soccer League on the Coast.  This league would be for  boys and girls, especially in the  8 - 10 year old range.  If anybody is interested in  coaching a Junior Soccer  team, they are asked to contact Doug at 886-2534.  Soccer v  kickoff  The Elphinstone Wanderers  will play their first game of the  1981-82 season this Saturday  at Langdale. Kick-off is at 2  p.m. and the opposition is  Richmond Labatts 'B'.  The club management  would like to remind any interested local soccer players  that they can still try out for  the team. Practices are held  Thursdays at 6 p.m. at the  Elphinstone field.  This week's fishing in  the Alibi Wahoo  the number of fishermen,  sailboaters and windsurfers.  Exciting, because for every  fish taken, several dozen more  were seen jumping and dancing on the water.  Grilse were in great supply  again this week to consume a  large number of bait. Also, the  small dogfish were very much  on the scene.  We are now at the best time  of the year for fishing the  fighting Coho.  f  9  HOMELITE  LIGHT  AND  POWERFUL:  THE XL-76!  The XL-76 is a light,  powerful  and  easy to handle chain saw.  |al clutch ��� molded  12 lbs  3oz  |5.8 kg)  TBON CANADA LIMITED REGISTERED USER  Get your hands on Homelite power at  CmsI f ot I  A Fewer  Rentals, Sales, Service  Formerly A.C. Rentals Ltd  883 9114  first time this season, but subsided in time for the tournament to continue. Leila Comrie continued her winning  ways shooting a low net 59 to  capture first place and the  trophy for 1981. Close behind  in the runner-up spot with a  low 61 was Doreen Gregory.  The C.L.G.A. Pin Round  was taken by Virginia Douglas  with a low gross 88. Low net  scores for the day were a 65  shot by Leila Comrie and second low net of 68 by Doreen  Gregory.  Bernice Bader won the two-  day Eclectic Marg Langdale  award with a score of 31.5.  Runner-up with a low net 35.5  went to Jo Emerson.  Thursday morning seniors  enjoyed a Pinehurst Tournament. The team of Jim Budd  and Ernie Hume scored a low  net score of 29 Vt to capture  first place and two Ben Hogan  golf balls each.  On Sunday, September  13th,  the  past and present  directors take to the fairways  to compete in the annual  18-holc tournament. A good  turnout is expected for this fun  day.  On Saturday, September  12th, the Cedar Plaza merchants are sponsoring a Cedar  Plaza Invitational Golf Tournament. This tournament will  be in aid of junior golfers in  the Sunshine Coast area. An  entry fee of $30 is being collected to provide many worthwhile prizes, such as a trip  for two to Hawaii by C.P Airways and, most important, to  set up a yearly bursary for the  junior golfers.  The Calway system of scoring will be in effect, which will  allow all competitors a fair  chance to come up a winner,  as well as an opportunity to  support a popular sport enjoyed by our youngsters.  Don't forget to be on hand  early so you may be in position  at each tee for the shotgun  start.  Economy,  with a  ^\  ���������  It's an all-new Exciter with an efficient, 185cc  engine tor economical operation. Styled like bigger bikes, from the low, stepped seat to the  unique wheel spoke design. It puts the excitement in everyday driving!  MDL 6447  C00!" CVCLC wnT2r"'  KffiEEE  eovviiri  PLACING 8 FINISHING  PATIOS ��� DRIVEWAYS  FLOORS - FOUNDATIONS  SIDEWALKS  All Types of Concrete  Finishes including  Coloured or Exposed  Call Any Time  885-2125 886-8511  SERVING PENOER HARBOUR TO PORT MELLON  GIBSONS WINTER CLUB  Semi-Annual General Meeting  September 24, 1981 at 7:30 pm.  A new curling season is beginning, commencing September 18th and 19th, 1981, with our  annual Green Spiel. League curling will start September 28th, 1981. Registration forms are  available at the rink and at Kenmac Parts for league curling.  18 & %% 1981   Green Spiel, a.minimum of one green curler per team - contact  Bob Turlock at 886-2904 or Dennis Suveges at 886-7264 or  '886-8107  September 16 to IS, 1981  Ice open for practice  September 21 to 25,1981   tee open for practice and instruction for green curlers  September 28,1981  October 3 &���  league curlin$ibejgi|iS - contact Ron Baba at 886-7466 or Larry  Boyd at 886-2030  da Clinic Level 1  ?tom Regiotoi ��(w��ij Fw AM Zmk  We hope to see all members, new and old, on September 24th  for our Semi-Anriual General  Meeting. See you at the rink at 7:30 pm!  Any new enthusiasts interested in curling this season  should feel free to contact any of the  above mentioned telephone numbers for further information.  yJL  GodfMiwj I SPORTS |  Playing time cut back  Minor Hockey  officials protest  Sechelt Council received a delegation from the Minor Hockey  League last Wednesday at its regular council meeting.  Archie Maclntyre, representing the league, read a statement  which touched on the league's complaint that priority for arena  ice time was being given to the men's leagues to coincide with the  operation of the lounge.  "We were informed by the manager that if it was a case of  first come first served there would be no scheduling problem. It  seems to us that minor hockey has to take whatever is left over,"  said Maclntyre.  An example of the 'leftovers' Maclntyre gave was the scheduling of ice time for 5 a.m. which is felt to be quite impossible if a  child has to travel to the arena from Port Mellon or Pender Harbour.  "We have been cut back from last year's sixteen and a half  hours to fifteen and a half hours after being told to submit what  we desired for ice time (twenty two hours)...  "Three years ago, when the arena was in difficulty, it was said  that the arena should be kept open for the kids, Why now is the  arena being scheduled with preference to adults?"  Maclntyre said that the league would get a letter from the  RCMP stating the consequences of the ice not being made  available to the children.  Mayor Bud Koch told the delegation that he also believed that  (he children's ice time was more Important than ice time being  scheduled around the lounge.  Koch said that he would take the matter in hand and a  representative from the arena would be at the next council  meeting to answer the questions asked by the minor league.  Coast News, September 8,1981  15  ' his well camouflaged Robin Hood Is either hunting up some  venison or perhaps taking in White Tower Society's third annual  medieval festivel. - m* ��i dj. Hauka  Sports fishing lament  Swim Club starts season  Gibsons Aquatic Club will be getting back into the swim  on the 14th of September as evaluation swims begin at the  Gibsons Pool. For those not familiar with the club read on  and see if you would like to join us for the coming season.  The Gibsons Aquatic Club was formed last year for the  purpose of developing competitive swimming. We are affiliated with the Canadian Amateur Swimming Association (CASA), B.C. Region, the parent body that supports  fitness, social interaction, skill development and competitive swimming for Winter Clubs in B.C. and across  Canada. At the club level it is an encouraging programme  of progressions or levels within age groups designed to  motivate a swimmer toward self improvement of skills and  speed.  Last year despite being hampered by strikes, our swimmers from age 8 to 14 competed in meets against clubs  from the Island and the Lower Mainland at Duncan,  Nanaimo and Courtenay, bringing home over 80 ribbons.  As well they improved their times and advanced to higher  levels within their age groups. Fun meets with Pender Harbour were entered into on a home and home basis. Some  swimmers attended a clinic for four days at Campbell  River and most of the club, both parents and swimmers  took part in a clinic held by a representative of the CASA.  With some experience behind us now, plans for the coming year look even better with more clinics, fun meets, fun  club days and travelling to the Lower Mainland for club  meets anticipated. If you have some basic skills in swimming and would like to keep fit and develop more skill and  speed, come and give the club a try.  Registration will be Wednesday, September 9th, from 7  -9 p.m. in the hall above the Lucky Dollar store in lower  Gibsons. Information on fees and workouts will be  available at registration. Come out and help us make the  second year even more fun then the first!!  Ottawa - Concern has been  expressed by Canadian  tourism officials and lodge  owners that "confusion" over  salmon fishing regulations is  keeping sport fishermen away  from Canada's west coast  "during the best season for  chinook in the past 10 years."  Officials of the Canadian  Government Office of  Tourism, British Columbia  tourism officials and local  lodge owners have all  lamented that a misunderstanding regarding fishing limits  has resulted in a decrease in  fishing lodge and charter boat  bookings.  Warren Peterson of April  Point Lodge on Campbell  River said frustration is increased by the fact that "this  has probably been the best  chinook fishing in British Columbia for the past 10 years."  Peterson, director of the  Pacific Salmon Society and  the British Columbia Sport-  fishing Institute, said the  chinook are running "nine to  22 pounds with the occasional  one around 30 pounds."  Fin Anthony of Vancouver,  president of the Pacific  Salmon Society, made a  similar plea for an end to confusion over the regulations  aimed at maintaining the  chinook salmon species. Any  decline, he said, was not the  fault of sport fishermen.  There was confusion over  limits set this year. Some  reports stated that the limit  Warehouse  Clearance Sale!  All In-Stock Items  DISCOUNTED  DRASTICALLY  for your Savings!  Light Fixtures - Carpet & Lino Roll Ends  Ceramic Ties - Miscellaneous Items  DROP IN & SAVE!  Cask ft Cany Plan No Refunds  Carpet   Cabinet  Ceramic  (/ e n t r e      886-2765  had been cut to one salmon  per day.  That is not the case. The  current sportfishing limit for  salmon is four fish per day per  angler with a possession limit  of eight fish ~ or the  equivalent of two days' limit -  unless stated otherwise n  specific area.  Fire crews mop up  Forest Service crews are now in the process of mopping up a  few remaining hot spots from the fire that burned through an  estimated 715 hectares (1750 acres) in the Mid-point area of  Salmon Inlet over the past few weeks.  Forest Service spokesman, Ken Northrup, told the Coast  News that a crew of 10 to 12 men are cleaning up a few hot spots  with the aid of two helicopters equipped with infra-red cameras.  Mr. Northrup said that the area had recently been logged by  helicopter and part of the area had been previously burned. As a  result, the economic loss was less than it could have been.  An investigation of the fire is now underway by the Senior  Protection Service. Mr. Northrup said that the fire resulted from  a flare up of a smaller fire on the site in July. That smaller fire is  believed to have been started accidentally by a crew clearing the  B.C. Hydro right-of-way for the Cheekye-Dunsmuir transmission line.  Results of the investigation will not be known for four or five  months.  B.P. Guild to meet  It is well known that there  are a great number of former  Scouting Associates living on  the Sunshine Coast from Port  Mellon to Egmont, so some  former Guilders who are resident in the area have got  together to try to organize a  Guild here and invite your participation.  An organizational meeting  has been set up and you are so  welcome to join us around the  fireplace with a cup of coffee  and doughnuts at 7:45 p.m. on  Wednesday, September 30th,  at the Lodge at Camp Byng on  the lower Roberts Creek  Road.  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Laic summer and early fall  is when thev are pulling on exlra fat io gel ihem through  iheir winter sleep. Black bears  do not go Into irue hibernation. They den up for Ihe  winter months and sleep till  spring. They do sometimes  wake up and wander a bit during mild spells, but Ihey do not  eat during the winter and live  off their stored body fat.  Black bears are solitary  animals and males and females  come together only for  breeding purposes. Breeding  takes place in June or July and  gestation is around seven and  a half months. The young are  born in late January or early  February while the mother is  denned up. They are surprisingly small for an animal that  is destined to weight up to 400  pounds. The babies weigh six  to eight ounces at birth and are  blind and toothless with a fine  covering of hair. By six weeks  of age their eyes are opening  and teeth are cutting through  ihe gums. When they are two  months  of age  they  weigh  aboul five pounds and are  ready* lo venture out into the  world ai their mother's side.  Mother bears are often very  strict with cubs and will reprimand them with a cuff and a  grunl. The cubs are weaned by-  fall, bui often they den up  with their mother and slay  with her for another year.  Black bears mature at four  years of age and females breed  every second year, giving binh  to two io four cubs. The biggest threat to ihe cubs are male  bears, as ihey will kill a cub  whenever possible. Mother  bears are very protective of  iheir young and will attack any  male thai comes close. A  female with young is not a  creature to trifle with.  In populated areas bears are  mostly nocturnal and prefer  wooded areas. They maintain  a home range that is well-defined by well-worn trails,  droppings and scratching  trees. The female's range is  usually a 10 mile radius and  the male's may be larger. A lot  depends on the availability of  food in the area. Black bears  are creatures of habit and stick  lo their routine of feeding and  sleeping.  Black bears are strong  swimmers and extremely agile  for such large creatures. They  can run in bursts up to 25  miles an hour and can climb  trees. Their eyesight is very  poor, so ihey use their excellent senses of hearing and  scent. Mosl black bears are  wary of man and will retreat  when approached unless  caught suddenly off guard.  Your best defence when in  bear territory is to make lots  of noise so as to warn the bear  of your presence. Sing, whistle, or wear a bell or a tin can  with rocks in it on your belt,  so it clangs as you walk.  This column is to share  Nature Lore, so if you have information or questions, call  886-8029.  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CERAMIC TILE SALES AND INSTALLATIONS  Box 65  Sechelt  Joe Jacques  Phone  885-3611 More Letters to the Editor  "Rape of our Coast" idea rejected  Hjtor,  >7-The worst I've read in a long  (tine is Bob Hunter's column  Sttoday's paper, The Rape of  filir Coast.  l-TThe column properly named  ^Through One 1" fits to a tee.  lam sure if the author opened  two eyes, such a narrow minded opinion could not be conceived.  Pilchards and Anchovies are  not lost on this Coast. The  West coast fishery is still one of  trie most abundant natural  fisheries in the world. I, like  hjany other sport fishermen  ipd residents of the Coast, eat  hjartily of our seafood and do  not consider it coming from a  biological wasteland or garbage dump, as suggested by  "jour column.  The idiotic ideas of Mr.  Hunter's column are what  should be curtailed, not the  conservation regulations by  federal fisheries.  While the commercial  fisherman may take the  greater percentage of fish  caught, they do not take the  greater portion of the species  we are after as sport  fishermen.  In area 16 along the Sunshine Coast the commercial  fishery is over 99% Sockeye  and Pinks, not the Chinook  and Coho sought by the sports  fisherman.  Hatchery programs are in  effect and while more may be  needed, those in operation  seem to be working well, if the  amount of tagged fish being  caught is any indication of  success.  Yes, effluent does and will  steadily increase so long as our  population grows. But none is  so toxic as that coming from  you, Mr. Hunter, converted  into words to poison the minds  of both commercial and sports  fishermen, who are sincerely  interested in the conservation  of our fisheries.  Perhaps you are the one  who should be fired, instead  of hiding betting the presumption of protecting the sport  fishermen.  Sincerely,  C.A. Chappell,  RRI Garden Bay, B.C.  Coast News, September 8,1981  ^7  ftSome questions for you gentlemen.  **  l=ditor: ,  -;This is another open letter  to Mr. Charles Lee and Mr.  Hunter of the Regional Board,  pear Sirs:  ;;Some questions for you  gentlemen in regard to this  Subdivision in Davis Bay.  ;":Again - why all the secrecy?  Arc all prospective buyers being made aware of the fact  that there is a "collector  highway" going right past  their future homes? Are they  ieing made aware of the width  Vjf this collector highway? Are  Ihey being made aware of the  fact that they can phone our  Regional Board Planning Office and get all the pertinent  facts regarding this collector  highway? Or are they able to  phone our own sweet  laughable Tucker Forsythe  and be told it is a "Non  Highway" or an "Un-  Highway"?  If these prospective buyers  are not being made aware of  all the pertinent facts, are you  not fearful of the possibility of  legal action at a later date?  Our high-priced lawyer is  well-versed on the whole situa  tion so may we offer his services to any so inclined before  they buy? At their own expense, of course!  I hope, gentlemen, to write  to our Municipal Affairs  Department shortly, in the  hopes of getting some honest  answers and some action between their Department and the  Department of Highways.  Thank you so much,  Charles and David, for your  patience.  S.R. (Rocky) Mountain  United Nations Year of the Disabled  Editors note: The following  letter, sent to the Coast News,  is intended for the information  of citizens of the Coast.  Dear People:  The United Nations has  declared 1981 as the Year of  the Disabled persons. But  disabled people aren't even  mentioned in the B.C. Human  Rights Code that was set up in  1973 to protect groups from  discrimination. Disabled people are only protected from  discrimination whenever the  phrase 'reasonable cause' is  used in the Code, and this does  not protect disabled people  from certain acts of  discrimination.  How can you as a citizen of  British Columbia change this  unfortunate situation?  Sit down for a few minutes  and write letters to your  Member or Members of the  Legislative Assembly and the  Minister of Labour, the  Honourable Jack Heinrich,  whose department administers  the Human Rights Code. Your  letters could read as follows:  "I would like to see disabled  people included in the B.C.  Human Rights Code as recommended by the B.C. Human  Rights Commission this past  June." All letters should be  sent to the Parliament  Buildings, Victoria, B.C. V8V  1X4.  If you write these letters you  will not only be helping disabled people who make up one in  nine British Columbians, you  will also help the government  of Premier Bill Bennett keep a  promise that was made in the  Vene's  article  delightful  Vene Parnell,  Coast Views.  I would like to thank you so  very much for your perceptive  and delightful personality  sketch of my sister, Joan  Huestis Foster.  I don't feel that I could have  been objective enough to do  half as well. 1 found your article well rounded and always  showing her never-concealed  humour and love of life as well  as her many accomplishments.  My most sincere thanks,  Peggy Huestis Kearns  Keeping  well  Editor:  I am definitely for  homeopathy compared to  drugs for ill health, but it  seems to me we should have  more education on how to  keep well rather than how to  cure once we get sick. A better  mental attitude, good balanced diets, proper foods, etc.  and we wouldn't need the  curers.  Sincerely,  Helene Wallinder  P.S. Your vinegar column is  terrific.   Speech from the Throne on  December 4, 1980.  "During 1981" the Speech  from the Throne said, "my  government will initiate  regulation, pursuant to certain  sections of the Human Rights  Code of British Columbia to  specify a handicap as a  characteristic in which  discrimination in services,  facilities, accommodation and  employment is unequivocally  prohibited."  Dave Jaffe,  member of the B.C. Coalition  of the Disabled,  3416 West 2nd.,  Vancouver. V6R IJ2  JAIL TERMS  .  SUSPENSION!  NOW-TOUGHER DRIVMG LAWS FOR THE SAFETY  AND PROTECTION OF AU BRITISH COUIMBIANS.  At present, an estimated 52,000 drivers in British  Columbia are under suspension. Evidence shows that  many of them are continuing to drive while under  suspension and are the cause of further accidents.  New legislation has been passed to make it safer for  all British Columbians to travel our highways, byways,  and industrial roads.  Now, motorists who are convicted of continuing to  drive while under suspension will receive on first conviction, a fine of from $300 to $2,000 plus a  minimum term of 7 days in jail. Upon a second  conviction, the same range of fines will apply,  plus a minimum term of 14 days in jail.  On a first conviction there will be an additional  suspension of three months. If there are any further  convictions, the additional suspension is six months.  This legislation applies to all drivers including industrial and commercial drivers as well as the general  public so long as the driving-under-suspension  offence occurs on public or industrial roads.  These strong measures are part of a new program that  will help keep B.C. roads safer for all who travel them.  Province of Ministry ot Transportation  British Columbia     and Highways  P-tyy mt^vmi^rmam           Hon Aie�� V Fraser  COMMERCIAL ART  CONTRACTING  Design Drafting  886-7442  Sunshine Coast  EXCAVATING  Business Directory  Cedar-West Properties Ltd.,  Quality fusion! CoiiHtructlnn  Commercial f. Kcslricnllul  4S8-6II08 (Collect)        8811-11702  Mick Alvaro D7 Cat a Hitachi Excavator  Contract Land Clearing  Road Building     SuMlrteions  ALVARO LOG CO. LTD.  , Pt.ll Rd.   Day ��� 886-8555      Ev.a. - 886-9803 Gibson.  CONTRACTING  CONTRACTING  J.F.W. 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ROLAND'S ^  HOME IMPROVEMENTS  Specializing In  CONTINUOUS ALUM. GUTTERS SSsVSfta  PERMASEAL ALUMINUM  MANUFACTURING LTD.  COMPLETE ALUMINUM WINDOW PRODUCTS op"^  DOUBLE PANE WINDOWS FOR NEW CONSTRUCTION   V'aK  AND RENOVATION PURPOSES  885-3538  Sunrise Ridge Industrial Park. Airport Rd. Sechelt 8 C  Professional Work At Reasonable Cost  U JOE DAVIS !'���*��-  m PAINTER & DECORATOR   fT��  lyBJJ Spaclallxlng In Wall Coverlnga V-J_^  R.R. 2 Lower Rd., Gibsons 886-8291  Terry Connor  886-7040  PAINTING CONTRACTS*  Box 540, Qlbjoril, B.C.  BENS R00FINB  ��� DUROID ��� A8HPHALT ��� SHAKES  Ben Vanden Driessche  Repelr ell typee ol rooting  end smell repetre  Qlbeom  HARTLEY PAIHTIM  iDECORATIM   *****  .   __    8S6-S310  Brush, Roller & Spray i^T      SB6-SS1B uuooi news, OCLMCHlUtJI  O.   I-JO I  Birth        1 Announcements1  Work Wanted I Work Wanted I Help Wanted   1     For Rent      I Wanted to Rent  Higgms Walter and Sherry are  happy to announce the birth of  their son. Bryce Stanley, 7 lbs. 1  oz. August 31, 1981 at Vancouver  General Hospital Very proud  grandparents are Stan and  Dorothy Silvey ot Egmont #36  Memoriam  Bessie ClarK 1902 ��� 1978 Beloved  wile ol Bill CiaiK, passed away  Sepiember 10th. 1978. Loves  Greatest Gift. Remembrance. Ever  remembered by her loving husband. Bill. "36  Obituaries  Flockhart. Passed away  Sepiember 3, 1981, Elisabeth  Flockhart late ot Gibsons in her  57th year. Survived by her loving  husband, Bill; one daughter, Mrs.  Fay Fiedler, Gibsons; her mother,  Mrs. Elizabeth Nairn, Scotland;  Ihree brothers, George Nairn, Vancouver, David Nairn, England, Alex  Nairn, Scotland. Funeral service  was held Saturday, September 5 in  Ihe Gibsons United Church;  Reverend Alex Reid ottlciated. Interment Seaview Cemetery. Devlin  Funeral Home, directors, #36  Wilson Creek Community Assn.  Meeling Sept. 14, 7:30. Agenda:  Speaker Irom Katimavik, Fall program, renovations to hall. #36  There are spaces available at the  Wilson Creek Daycare. For information phone885-2721 #38  Sunshine Coast Motorcycle Club  First annual general meeting,  behind Ken's Lucky Dollar, Wed.  Sept 16. 1981, 8:00 p.m. For more  into, ph: J Kelly 885-7229.        #37  2 grey and white Kittens not weaned. From Granthams Landing  residence in Iront ol store. No  questions asked. 886-7862.      #36  Thanks  A.A. Meetings  Phone  886-9208  885-3394  or  886-2993  lor Pender Harbour  883-9978   or   883-9238  BINTS  DRYUIALL  ��� No job too big  or small  ��� Machine taping  available  IFk,  %JANE'$YQ  \ TUB &��� TOP j  \. SHOP f-J  ��c����.7a2l>^(      fjL  A Full Line ol      ��Sara��>  Plumbing Supplies  Tues. - Fri.  9 am - 5 pm  Sat. 9 am - noon  Gibsona  Hwy 101 & Pratt Rd.  White female  Samoyed dog  11  years old Ph: 885-3732. #36  On East Porpoise Bay Road 2  white boat & berth mats - one  men's white wet weather sailing  pants. Reward. (112)266-5565. #37  Found  My heartfelt thanks to Dr. Berlns-  tein and assistant in saving my  life, by accompanying me to St.  Paul's Hospital Also to Jim  O'Toole the pilot. But tor them I  would not be here now. Lily Hammond. #36  Announcements  Relkl-A Natural Healing Art  Free lecture 8 p.m., Sept. 16, Rm.  108, Elphinstone. 4-day workshop  Sept. 18-21. Call Sue Winters for  info, and pre-registration  886-2937. The workshop is almost  full-and is limited to 10. #37  Artists  If you are interested In joining a  life drawing group, contact Pat  Chamberlin 885-2339. We are  presently meeting Thurs. eves, at  7:30, Cap College In Sechelt. A  morning session could begin also.  #36  Gibsons Shltoryii Karate Club  Demonstration - self-defence and  weaponry ��� Aklra Sato 5th Dan  Wed. Sept. 23 at 7:30 Gibsons  Elem. Gym. Registration info: Rob  Bennle 686-2647, Cllve Lloyd  885-3520. #38  SWIM CLUB REGISTRATION  Gibsons registration will be over Ken's  Lucky Dollar on Sept. 9lh from 7 to 9  p.m. Stay in shape and have fun too.  Join the Gibsons Swim Team.        #36  SECHELT TOTEM CI.UB BINGO  Every Sunday. Place: Sechelt Legion  Hall. Times: Doors open 5:30. Early  Birds 7:00. Bonanza 7:30. Regular  Bingo 8:00. 100% payout on Bonanza  end of e<wch month. Everyone  Welcome.  TFN  If someone in your family has a drinking problem you can see what it's doing to them. Can you see what il is doing lo you? Al Anon can help. Phone  6-9037 or 6-8228. TFN  Bunch of Keys in Roberts Creek  picnic  area.   Hawaii  name tag.  Phone Provincial  Park 885-9019.  #36  Female Siamese Cat ��� near Bonniebrook 886-2137 or 886-9232  (days). #36  Female black lab, "Ruby", found  at beach at Davis Bay. Collar  #1428 DTP, North Vancouver.  Phone 885-2833. #36  Small black pup on Pratt Road,  white markings on chest, feet, and  tip of tail. Found Thurs. Sept. 3.  Owner please phone 886-2703.  #36  2 sets of Keys: 1. Tag with letter  "M". 2. Large ring with 5 keys.  Coast News Office. #36  A number of items have been left  at the Cafe Pierrot: a woman's  gold Avon ring, woman's change  purse, Cinderella watch, gold  bracelet, a set of eight keys, pair  of men's sunglasses. Please  describe. 885-9962. #36  Adult male Irish Seller al Pender Harbour Hotel. Pleasant disposition.  Please phone 883-9302. 883-9946 or  883-9175. #36  2 wks. ago, older male Pup, medium  size (Spaniel cross?) on Lower Rd.  Give to a good home. 886-9654.  #36  Registered I nglisli Springer Spaniel  I'ups I SW sliolv etc. Ready lo go.  S25I). Maureen 883-2563. #36  Livestock  For Sale: "Springer" beautiful  liver-chestnut Appy. 15H 3" trained western and English. Jumps  well. Places consistently in local  shows. 885-9969. TFN  Breeding Sow tor sale. Evenings  865-9294. #38  Sul folk-type ewe. Bund gualiiy wood  produces excellent lambs, ready for  breeding Oei.88M2(K). $50. #37  Dr. Nick Kleider will be arriving in  Sepiember. He specializes in horse  problems only. For more information  phone Carmen Peters anytime.  886-8268. #37  Reg. Arab gelding, spirited, good  natured and very pretty. To good  home only. $950. 886-9739. #36  Two purebred Jersey Cows. Phone  after noon. 886-2897. #36  GOOD HAY $3.50 PER BALE.  MULCH   $1.50.    PHONE   EVES.  885-9357. TFN  oooooowooooooogoocy  CASTLEMCK  KENNELS  ��� Boarding      JjBft  ��� Grooming    J/jJ  ��� Puppies occasionally  Roberts Creek,  opposite Goll Course  885-2505  Magus  Kennels  ��� Dog Boarding & Training  a CKC Champion & Obedience  Great Danes  ��� All Breed Grooming  "SCIENCE  DIET"  Dealer  886-8568  SIGNWRITING  You name it, I can do it  JOHN BOULTON 886-8494        #41  Chimney sweeping and moss spraying.  886-7540. TFN  TREE SERVICE  We make it our business io provide  you wilh satisfaction. Our specialty:  ��� Topping  ��� Limbing  ��� Dangerous Tree Removal  Insured guaranteed services  Peerless Tree Service Ltd.  Call   for   free   estimate:   885-2109.   TFN  The Lionhead Development Corp.  general contractor now serving the  Gibsons area. 685-5023. TFN  Trees topped, fallen or hedges trimmed. 886-9192. #37  EIXINGHAM  STABLES  ��� Boarding  ��� Training  ��� Lessons  885-9969  Freebies  Freel Oil cook stove, water  heating attachment too. Works  -just take It away please. Phone  Gary days 885-7477. #37  2 miniature Poodles, male, 5 yrs.  old. 886-2512. #36  One nanny goat ��� Togenberg type,  free   to  good   home.   886-9862.  #38  Hil My name Is Ruby. I'm a  beautltul and gentle female black  Lab and I have had all my shots. I  used to live in North Vancouver  but last week my ex-owner abandoned me In Sechelt and now  denies knowing me at all. As of  now, a nice lady is looking after  me until someone adopts me. Call  her at 885-2833 before someone  puts me to sleep. #36  Free Puppies Vi German Pointer  >/i black Lab. 886-7510 or  885-9632. #36  Work Wanted  Fenced 8 hour daycare, 3 days per  week for Humphrey, friendly little  while Malli-Poo. Jumps 4 ft. Yard  with 5 fl. fence preferred. He is friendly with other pups if they are female.  Ph. 885-525I or Coast News Office  886-2622. TFN  PROFKSSIONA1.  I)t)(, GROOMING  Phone Sharon, 886-2084 TFN  One P.B. German Shepherd AVi  mo. old, female, had all shots.  $100. Phone 886-8453. #37  SPCA  SPAY  Clinic  and information  886-7938  Box 105  Gibsons, B.C.  Colin's  Screen Printing  and  Sign Works  886-9169  ttilKOAaX  Complete  Photographic Service  ��� Promotion  ��� Commercial  ��� Portraits  ��� Custom Work  JS 886*937  Design  Drafting  886-744*  LOG SKIDDING  Timber Jack Skidder  wilh operator 886-2459  #51 TFN  Commercial pilot seeking employment. 500 hrs. multi-engine, land or  sea. Class II instrument rating. Call  Rick (112)921-9646. TFN  Qualified Painter. Reasonable rates.  Work guaranteed. 886-9749.        TFN  HARBOUR  CHIMNEY CLEANING  Serving Ihe Sunshine Coast.  Fireplaces, furnaces, oil stoves,  883-9171. Customers from the 886 exchange call collect. TFN  Carpenter - new and renovations,  Reasonable rates and references. 886-  7280. TFN  Caretaker - plumber and wife 50 yrs.  old, no children, careiake apt., motel  or ? Gibsons or Sechell. Ph: KH6-7847.  #.16  THE MOPPETS  Mouscclcaning, springcleaning or  clean as you move out, a reliable learn  of two cleaning and shining faster  lhan you ever thought possible.  886-9847,886-7013. #36  Ruedi's  Blacksmith Shop  ��� Welding & Fabricating  ��� Tools & Hardware for  Log Building  Roberts Creek    885-3755  NEED TUNE-UP?  Experienced mechanic will come to  your car ��� any mike. Reas. rates call  Dominique  885-3317   anytime.  TFN  Baby SiitinR in my own home. lull  lime and/or pari time. Phone  886-7708. #36  HERITAGE CONTRACTING  Renovations, alterations, from the  basement to the root. Also professional painting services, roller,  brush, spray. Free estimates.  886-9468. #38  Experienced reliable babysitting  ���Sechell area preferred. Call Gillian at  885-3428. TFN  REPAIRS  &  NEW  INSTALLATIONS  Heinz Plumbing  886-9232  886-2854  Between 9 am 8. 5 pm  laincoast secretarial  Office Overload service  and  Professional Oul of Office  Typing  (Pick-up and delivery  available)  Patti: 888-8593  EUBS. 885-5588  J. LEPORE TILE  Quality Installations  Ceramic. Mosaic or Quarry  All work guaranteed  Free estimates  Phone Anytime  886-84597  GIBSONS KITCHEN  CENTRE  Cabinets. Counters & Vanities  WE RE ARBORITE  COUNTERTOPS  Showroom Open  MON. - SAT. 9 ��m. ��� 5 pm.  886-8611  roil F��..  922-2017  Babysitter tor teacher's 11 month  old. Davis Bay area, mornings, 8  am - 12 noon, Mon - Fri. Phone  886-7373 alter 12 noon. #36  Mature salesperson for parttlme  work in ladies wear shop. Approx.  16 to 24 hours per week Including  Friday evenings and Saturdays.  Phone 886-9543 lor appointment  for Interview. #36  TKACTUR FOR HIRE  Rototiller - Plough - Loader wilh  backhoe. Ideal for water lines. 13"  width. For full details 886-2934. TFN  Hardwood Floors rcsanded and  finished, work guaranteed. Free est.  Phone 885-507 J, TFN  Reliable Lady will do house-cleaning,  gardening, painting. Reasonable rates.  References available. 885-3383.     #38  BOB CARPENTER PAINTING  Commercial and Residential  886-2516 TFN  Taping & Texturing large jobs &  small.  Free estimates 886-7484.  #38  Experienced janitorial  cleaning.  Contract or otherwise. 886-7607.  #38  Reliable babysitter available for  after school, evenings and  weekends. Phone 886-8283 ask for  Hollie. #38  Dependable carpenter available  now, exp. in all facets of house  construction, also small elec. and  plumbing work. 885-3847.        #3e  Your   garden   needs   sprucing  up?Rotolilling, pruning, make a lawn  or build a fence. 886-7540. TrM  For Explosive Requirements  Dynamite, electric or regular caps B  line E cord and safety fuse. Contact  Gwen Nlmmo, Cemetery Road, Gib*  sons. Phone 886-7778. Howe Sound  Farmer Institute. TFN  Help Wanted  Wanted  Trucker  to haul approx. 25 to  30 loads of trees,  etc. to Vancouver.  Flat deck  preferable.  Murray Nurseries  261-2151  Janitor  Canadian Forest Products,  Howe Sound Pulp Division,  has an immediate opening  for a fully qualified Industrial Janitor.  Individuals who can  demonstrate a consistent  work record with at least  two years janitorial experience are invited to apply.  An excellent range of  employee benefits is provided as well as a wage of  $11.46 per hour.  Interested persons should  forward a personal resume  outlining qualifications and  experience to:  Personnel Services  Supervisor,  Canadian Forest Products,  Port Mellon, B.C.  VON 2S0  Dependable experienced carpenter,  renovations, cavestroughs,  greenhouses, sundecks, finishing. No  job too small, until 8 pm 886-7355  TFN  Backhoe   available.   Gibsons   area  preferred. Phone 886-9614 anytime.  TFN  Chimney Cleaning and maintenance.  Ph. 886-8187 TFN  Journeyman  Mechanics  or 4th Yr.  Apprentices  References required  9 a.m. -5 p.m.  886-8213  Eves. & weekends:  886-9624  "**- a***  Part-time short order cook. Apply in  person at the Cedars. #37  Doorman required part-time at Gibsons Legion Branch 109. Apply in person between II a.m. & 6 p.m.     TFN  Full-time Receptionist Typist, Pender  Harbour area. Bookkeeping an asset,  but not essential. Call 883-22I2 or  883-2491 for interview. TFN  Waitresses and Bartenders required.  Apply in person at the Cedars Inn.  TFN  Parttlme daycare wanted for 5 & 6  year old, Sechelt. 885-2723.      #36  Teenager for work In yard wood  splitting etc. Minimum wage.  886-8628. #36  Wanted casual labourer for goll  course. Apply to Art Park at  885-9212. #36  Janitorial firm requires part-time  ���jejp. 14 hrs per week. Eves. &  weekends. Driver's license essential.  Live in Gibsons area. Apply P.O. Box  74, Gibsons. #37  Occasional babysitter for two  children. Roberts Creek area. Phone  886-7316. #37  Wanted bar manager at Royal Canadian Legion -112. Apply in writing to  Box 148, Madeira Park, VON 2HO.  Also person to operate kitchen needed. #36  Wanted Part Time Taxi Driver 2  days a week, also dispatcher.  Prefer residents P.H. area. Apply  Pender Harbour Taxi 883-2316. #36  Experienced General Duty Nurses,  registered In B.C. required for  Casual Relief work at St. Mary's  Hospital. Salaries and benefits according to R.N.A.B.C. agreement.  Apply in writing to:  L. Buchhorn, Personnel Officer,  St. Mary's Hospital, Box 7777,  Sechelt, B.C. VON 3AO. #38  Sechelt  teacher requires  light  housekeeper Fridays 5 hours: $30.  Own transp. References. 8852126.  #38  Secretary with typing and  telephone skills. Part, possible full  time work. Apply CBC office In  Gibsons. Please phone 886-7811  for appointment. #36  Babysitter tor one year old boy  two days a week, Thurs. & Fri. In  my home or yours. $1.75 hr.  886-2676. #36  Wanted  Experienced  Breakfast  Grill Cook  f:  Phone  The  Heron  at  886-90X1  For Rent  OFFICE SPACE  Very reasonable lease  requirements for 2nd  floor location.  Sizes available  Irom 880 sq. ft. to  4500 sq. ft.  Air conditioned, carpeted mall location.  SPACE  AVAILABLE  IMMEDIATELY  Phone: 886-2234  886-7454  OFFICE  SPACE  FOR LEASE  New Professional Building  SECHELT  Teredo at Inlet  Up to 2400 sq. ft.  2nd floor  Available end of October  Phone 885-2247  Eves. 885-5240  885-9539  Resp. local lamily w/rel. seeks  winter accommodation 6-7 mo.  Lease it desired or caretaking  position. Write P.O. Box 245. Gibs  #36  Quiet industrious couple and child  urgently require I or 2 bedroom  accommodation. Prefer non-  seasonal rental. 885-3621.       #38  Avail. Sept. IS - year round rental.  Modern 3 bedroom side by side  duplex, central Gibsons. $600/mon.  No pets. Ref. 885-3434. #37  Office space for lease. Sechelt's  newest building. Up to 2400 sq. ft.,  2nd floor. Available end October.  Phone   885-2247.   Eves.   885-5240.  #37  34-yr. old male will share Seaview Rd.  townhouse for Oct. with responsible  working person, prefer N.S. 25-35  female $300 month. Reply RR#I, Box  5, Gibsons or (112) 685-5023.        #36  Room and board available for clean  working men. Phone 886-2137.   TFN  RENT-A-BAY!  YOU FIX ITI  We supply yopu with a bay area, floor  jacks, jack stands, creepers. Bring  your own tools. S5.00/hour. Phone 9  a.m. - 5 p.m. 886-2020. Crucil Rd.  TFN  Granthams Community Hall. Refurbished, good kitchen facilities.  Available for meetings etc. Call  886-2935. #37  Community Hall for rent in Roberts  Creek.  Phone Bill Grose 885-9237.  TFN  COMMERCIAL SPACE  1600 sq. ft. prime retail space  available June I. 885-2522, 885-3165  eves. TFN  Luxurious home in 10 acre park for  rent to right persons, no dogs please  $800 per month will give you 1800 sq.  ft. of comfortable privacy in Roberts  Creek. Available Sept. 15. Phone  886-9792 or 885-3842 for details.    #36  Lovely large 3 bedroom suite with  sundeck $450 per month.  Available Oct. 1st. 886-9352.    #36  Cabin on North Road, suit single  person, non drinker, rets. John  Wilson, Gordon Agencies.  885-5891. #36  2 BR waterfront cottage Sept-June  30, Granthams Ldg. $400 mo.  Lease. Refs. req'd. 886-7905. No  pets. #36  SECHELT OFFICE SPACE  PARTNER(S) NEEDED  If you need quality olfice space  and optional secretarial and  telephone answering services on  a part time basis, why not get  together with like-minded  partner(s). Let's shop around then  share the cost.  John Beuger, Academic Tutorials,  Box 1015, Sechelt. #38  2 bdrms. for adult non-smokers,  no children, no pets. Available  Nov. 1st - April 1st. Centre of Gibsons. 886-9879. #38  Immac. 2 bdrm. rancher all app.  Inc. washer & dryer avail. Immed.  Elderly couple pref. $425 mo.  886-9775 alt. 4 p.m. #36  Rustic 2 bedroom house wood  heat, Roberts Creek, F/P, $300 mo.  Reply Box 8, c/o Coast News, Box  480, Gibsons. #36  2 bedroom summer cabin on  Garden Bay Lake. Fully furnished.  $250 month, rels req'd. 521-5140,  883-9181. #38  3 to 4 bedrooms on 3 levels, 2Vi  baths, 2 fireplaces, 2 sundecks, 2  kitchens, suitable for sub-letting,  furnished, private dock on Ruby  Lake, minimum 1 year lease to  clean tenants with good  references. To view call 883-9667.  #36  1300  sq.  ft.  basement home, all  utilities Inc.  $375  per mo.  View.  1356  S.  Fletcher  after 4  p.m.  #36  1200 Sq. Ft.  Commercial  Shop space  For Lease  Hwy. 101, Gibsons  HH11*  COMMERCIAL  SPACE  FOR RENT  Cedar Plaza  Gibsons  Up to 1600 iq. It. of  prim*   Retail   floor  space for reasonable  lease rates.  Qood location for  Men's Wear, Ladies'  Wear, Jewellry store,  etc.  Please contact  886-2234  886-7454  Professional couple with family  wants 2-3 bedroom home from  Gibsons to Halfmoon Bay  Seasonal OK. 885-5573. #36  urgent, lamily relocating on Sunshine Coast) mu*��i rem } or 4 bedroom  home anywhere Irom Sechell north.  Any rent considered. Ph. collect  (112)758-4904. #36  Apt. or House, I Br. for single person,  Sechelt or Gibsons or Pender Harbour. $300 max. including heal &  light. Refs. available. 885-2W2    #35  Wanted to rent by Oct. I or earlier,  self-contained studio suite bj professional man, in a quiet area, Call collect 266-2861 evenings, m  Young Christian male looking foi  small house or cabin lor the winter,  non smoker & non drinker. 886-751)7  after 5 p.m. #36  For Sale  TRAILER HITCHES  Reese, Eaz-Tow and custom hitches!  Call Terry at Coast Industries, Gibsons. 886-9159. TFN  Antiques: Treadle sewing machine; 2  Jacobean dressers  I  with mirror,  I  wilhout. 8X6-7961.'  #37  "Desert Rose" coloured saxony  carpet, Scotch guarded. $13 sq. \ii'.,.  reg. $19.95 sq. yd. 886-7112. ��<j  30" Moffat ��� Gourmet I(X) ��� $350;  Good condition. 886-7377. TFN  No. 2 Barn Shakes $35 a square*  suitable for outbuildings. 8K(. 2til-t.  #36  3 speed 3 wheeled bike. Price $300.  Wood to oil range with pipes $10U.  Space heater $50. Small fridge $75'.  886-9952 eves. #37  For Sale - Ceramic tile and wallpaper  up to 60% off. Shop on the north  shore and save paying high prices.  Fashion Tile and Wallpaper Ltd., 108  West 2nd Street, North Vancouver,  985-3820.  #36  Dry cut up firewood, fir and hemlock.  Upper Roberts Creek. U-pick up. $50  a cord. Phone 885-2745. #37  Ladies bike CCM. Excel, shape. $50.  886-2512. 886-7808 #36  Gibsons Bluff good beach 2  bedrooms, fireplace, WW, garage,  Ig. workshop, gdn., quiet adults,  no pets. $525. 886-2781, 886-2344.  #36  Gibsons area Apt. 2 br, fpl., deck,  view, utilities $550. Phone collect  weekday evenings (112)943-2469,  943-5026. #38  2 bedroom Duplex, fully carpeted,  stove, fridge, basement workshop.  S3S0 pe: month plus utilities.  First/last in adv. Ref. 833-9676.  #36  SPECIAL WEEKLY RATES  Peninsula Hotel IM-9334 TFN  ATTENTION  BUILDERS  available in  bulk formal  For use in  Solar Collectors  and Radiant  Floor Heating  H&S  CONTRACTING  885-3825  40  fc  V TIRED  OF  SOARING       A  HUH DING^fl  COSTS7.af.fl  f  r  ���  ,itul  H.MS.ilMl.lr  I'.IM'S  C.niir Id  M (111 II  ( AKI'I.I  < OKNI R  I nr I sltmalcs  Nn Oliiiq.lllDH  SECHELT  CARPET  CORNER  Vil In IV. i.,.rsl  Hwy. 101 Sechelt  885-5315  L For Sale  SUNNYCREST FABRICS  SEWING MACHINE   REPAIRS  Phone  '886-22311  Appliances, Furniture. TV's, Stereos  etc. DISCOUNT PRICKS! Kern's  Home Furnishings, Seaview Place.  Gibsons. 886-9733. TFN  TONY'S  UNIQUE RESTORATIONS  BRASS & ANTIQUES  Pedal stools. Sinks. Leaded glass.  I tench Doors. Demolition. Brass  laps Chandeliers. Wall Sconces. Red  Brick. Oak Floors. Beautiful accessories 50 years & older. 3662-lth  Ave.. Vancouver, TFN  20%����  Garden. Camping &  Summer Supplies  Trimette Chainsaw  attachment  reg. $99.95  Weed Eater #107  reg. S55.S5  MBUILDiriG SUPPLIES  Francis Peninsula pint  Hwy. Ill  MMM1  Month ot September  Only  Inglis multicycle auto washer, excellent  condition.  Guaranteed  &  delivered. $250. l'hoiic88.1-2iV18. TFN  I ei US customize your kitchen co��  ordinal ing drapery fabric und wall  oncring. Teredo Carpel Centre.  sS5-2W)lorS85-7520. TFN  TV & STEREO RKPAIRS  Green Onion Stereo, Dunham Rd.,  IVrt Mellon, 884-5240. TFN  u Ml l> \IM.K fabulous designs.  I credo t 'm pel & Home Cenlre.  US* ��| ���i 885-7520 TIN  MACLEOD'S SKCHEI.T for hot  water tanks and Hoipoint appliances.  885-2171. TFN  Beat i he wet wood winter blues - have  your   firewood   delivered   today.  I nick for hire. Rubbish removal.  W-3605. TFN  ���LUfflBEII FOR SALE���,  Rough sawn lumber. Grades for  fencing, construction and boats,  Yellow cedar, red cedar, fir.  hemlock. Inquire weekdays, 9 - 4,  Copack Industries Limited, Hillside Sawmill. Visit us beside  Avalon near Port Mellon or phone  926-7318. TFN  IliJc-a-bcd select,  lop carrier, elect  Til  lie  inopy, car-  R.16.7993.  �� 1 (s  1 651) Norton SS,  re  cull  rebuilt. 1  Norton  Matchless  .   recenlK   rebuilt.  886-8088 after 6.  TFN  Powerful horse manure: you load $15.  885-9969. TFN  r��� Madeira-  Appliances  have good guaranteed  rebuilt appliances.  Less than half  new price.  Call Collect  Anytime  The WOOD SHED  Is now taking orders for  FIREWOOD  Stoch-up now for next winte*  Phone M64M4  COAST  POWER CLEANING  ��� Steam Cleaning  ��� Pressure W��shin|>  ��� Sand Blasting  ��� Industrial Painting  8859316  MyMMm  OCEANSIDE  POOLS  VINYL LINED SWIMMING POOLS  ALUMINUM  ft STEEL WALLS  HOT TUBS I SMS  Salti, Service, Installations  Fully Guaranteed  Ten Yean Experience  FREE ESTIMATES  Phone  Bob Green  885-3862  Box 1184, Sechelt.  Bench grinder $15. Bathtub door  enclosure $20. Porcelain on steel  bathtub, exc. cond. $40. Oil barrel-  stand $7.886-2513. #38  Two Akai speakers SW125 $100.  Older steel desk $75 OBO.  886-7955,886-9720. #36  One oval braided rug, red 8x11, excellent condition. $60. One dining  chair wilh arms $40.885-9863. #36  OPEN HOUSE: Sept. 13, Sun. 1-7.  Drop in and look over all the attractive Tupperware products.  Louise Palmer 886-9363. #36  4 squares of shakes $60 a square.  Phone:885-3179. #36  1;8'V4" boat, fiberglass over  plywood, 80 horse west bend, tilt  trailer, new bottom $1,800.  10'x6'6" heavy duty flatdeck  trailer, tandem single wheels,  licenced, electric brakes $1,000.  Temporary power pole, complete  $125. TV antenna, new condition  $25. Floor polisher. 300 Weatherby  magnum shells: 885-7452.       #36  I electric Range 30 in. Good working  order. I wood Healer. 886-2632.  *36  Christian Books (new & used) bibles,  albums, tapes, plaques, and greeting  cards at Gibsons Christian Books &  Crafts, lower Gibsons. Phone  886-9077 #37  FARM FRESH VEGETABLES  Buttcrcrunch Lettuce, Chard, Zucchini, Carrots, Beels etc. Open Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday. Tony  Archer I86-7046. TFN  FREE KITCHEN DESIGN  SERVICE!  Carpets!   Vinyl!   Ceramics!   Appliances! Cabinets! Teredo Carpet &  Home   Centre   885-260I,   885-7520,  TFN  Due to showroom renovations, we are  selling many individual cabinets,  countertops, hood fans etc. at 40%  off. Call Sunshine Kitchens at  886-9411 for more information.  TFN  1 - 11' F9 boal 9.9 outboard motor, 2  zinc lined copper double boilers. 4'  round table tricycle. 22"x 22' alum,  bathroom window. 883-9973      #38  Near new Airtight wood heater  "Seeflre" brand, airtight suitable  for small cabin or studio. $150.  8862821. #38  BLANCHE  EQUIPMENT SALES  Langley, B.C. 530-3166  73 J.D. 350B, Q.P., HOPS. 75 J.D.  350C, G.P., HOPS. 75 J.D. 350C,  G.P., B/H ROPS. 74-931 MP.  HOPS. 71 D5, 5A, ROPS. '63 D6C  6A ROPS. 76 D8, LQP.A dozer,  ROPS. '66 TD25B, A dozer, Ripper.  73 Hydra unit 202C, 36 in. Bkt. 74  Liebherr, 925, 2 bkts. 78 225 long  U/C & stick. 74 Thomas 2250,  loader, B/H. 74 Case 580B, loader,  B/H. 75 J.D. 410, 2 bkts. 77 Case  680E, loader B/H. 75 AC 940, G.P.  ROPS. New & Used Beales attach.  Clearing blades & buckets. Eves.  Jim 530-3166. Bill 883-1735.      #39  GIGANTIC OARAGE SALE  September 12 & 13. 10 a.m. to 4  p.m. near Coastal Tires on the old  "S" bend. #36  One old Sofa and Chair $50.  886-9290. #38  '64 Ford Vi t. F. end wrecked g.  eng. & good for parts, violin and  case, ex. cond. Offers. 2 skill saws  $25 each. 886-9425. #38  Foosball table $300.886-7877. #38  Antique oak rocker, recliner and  mahogany dropleaf table, yr. old  overstuffed sofa and chair,  bookcase/stereo stand, ski equip.,  ladies golf clubs/bag, full-length  mirror, other household items.  Phone 886-2137 morn and eves.  886-8488 afternoons. #38  Chesterfield & Chair, large, very  comfortable & good condition.  $225 OBO. 886-8494. #38  Hay and Pasture Mix Grass Seed  ���98* Ib. Murray;s Garden & Pet  Supplies 886-2919. #36  New I Used Equip. Sal*  1 - 100,000 BTU space heater  kerosene $75. 1 - 75,000 BTU  space heater kerosene $125. 1  -051 Stihl 30" Bar $495. 1 - XLI  Homelite 16" Bar $125. 1 - Remington 12" Bar $65. t - Holfco  Brush Cutter (gas) $295. 1 ��� 4 hp  B&S engine horiz. shalt $125.1 - 5  HP B&S engine horiz. shaft $150.1  - 5 hp New I.e. series B&S $360.1  -Bhp New B&S $340. Hoffco  Trimette grass trimmer attachment. Reg. $99. Reduced to clear  $59.95. #37  Propane stove with 2 ovens,  2-speed fan, plus 2100 Ib. propane  tanks. Excellent condition.  8862924. #38  The amazing New Pol combined  washer dryer, available exclusively at Teredo Carpet and Home  Centre. Special $1,049.885-2601 or  885-7520. TFN  Compare our photo finishing  prices. Maximum $4.99 -12. $6.99  -20. $7.79 - 24. $10.99 - 36. At  Pacltica Pharmacy. #36  19" B&W port. TV $50. H.W. wall  heaters $35 ea. Wahl hair clippers  $25. Fineness of grind gauge $250.  Tappan wall oven $40. 100 H.P.  Merc outboard for parts $100. 2  heavy aluminum window units  14*x4'. 4 auto, emergency lights  AC & DC $30 ea. Orn. Iron columns  and railing $50. 885-9509,  885-3666. #36  Ten-speed Bike, good condition  $100. Skate board $50.1 aquarium  15-gal., all accessories $50.  Phone: 886-9790. #36  3 used doors, painted & in excellent  condition. 30 inches, 2 single panel, I  full glass panel. S50 take all 3. Phone  886-8483.   (XL  Simmons Hlde-a-Bed, brown.  Cushions & arms need re-  upholstering. $25.886-2840.     #38  THERMAX  WELD-ALL IND.  Beat the High Cost of Heating  Custom Made Wood Stoves  PHONE 886-8466  m  WOOD HEATERS  and furnaces  Sales and Service  H. Himmel  Hwy. 101, W. Sechelt  885-2113  ELECTROHOME  SALES & SERVICE  3 Year Warranty  on Parts ft Labour  r% SUNSHINE  " COAST T.V.  Automotive  '68 LTD 9 pass, wagon, PS, PB, PW,  int. exc, tires good, runs well. $700.  886-9200. #37  1973 Datsun 1200 front fenders are  rusted out, good shape otherwise.  $450.886-7463., #37  1973 Volkswagen Beetle, runs, but  needs some repairs. $500. Phone  886-7152. #37  VW Bug custom P.U. $800. Phone  886-7891 leave message. #36  Automotive  For Sale '79 Omni 2-dr.  si.  trans.  45.000 km.  $5,000  firm.  885-9600.  #37  '75 DODGE VAN (Mull  Mileage 54,000 orig. full camperized,  economic 318 eng. Propane, no rust,  runs perfecl. Ask $4,000.  886-7792. #37  1974 Dodge 1-ton cab & chassis, good  condition, automatic, heavy duty,  $2,000,886-9411. TFN  '76 Econoline Van, PS, PB, aulo,  radio, SS radials, custom cabin 351  new brakes, extra snows, manuals, no  rust, many extras. $4995 firm.  885-9545. #36  For sale '67 Camaro KS, SS, 327  4-spced black, firm $5500. Phone  886-2904 Bryan. #36  '71 Chev 4x4 new brakes & front end  parts. $1800. Ph: 886-2096. #36  1979 Dodge I ton, dual wheels,  flatdeck. V-8 auto.. PS & PB, 20,000  km. Rebuilt. $5,500.886-8414.    TFN  1972 '/i Ion Ford pick-up. No rust.  Good condition. Must sell $1100 or  best offer. 1958 Morris Minor 2-door  sedan. Original condition. $850 or  best offer. 886-8540. #37  1974 Triumph TR-6, 65,000 mi. Mini  condition in and out. Complete sound  system. $4,500OBO. 885-3313.   TFN  1978 Dodge power wagon 4x4  PS/PB atandard trans. 3/4 ton.  886-7955. #36  Must sell GMC 76 Van, auto, PB,  PS, excellent cond. Phone:  886-9389 before 8 p.m. #36  For Sale 71 Opel GT. 8884651. #38  Sharp 75 Ford XLT pickup, clean,  no rust, 7000 miles since rebuilt.  $3,200 OBO. Mr. Davidson  8864400 or 8864126. #38  1973 AMC Hornet, 4-dr., auto.,  6-cyl., good condition. Lots of  miles but still runs well. $800.  886-8347 alter 5 p.m. #38  79 Suzuki 4x4 soft top, heavy duty  bumper with winch. $4,900 OBO.  733-3103 alter 6 call collect.     #37  78 Ford 3/4 ton Van needs engine,  3-apeed. $350 OBO. 886-8694 or  885-5635. #38  76 VW Rabbit, good condition,  4-dr., radio. $2,900.8862543.   #38  1976 Chrysler Newport custom  loaded, 30,000 m. $4,500.886-2357  after six. #36  1963 Galaxle 500 $200. It runs, br-  Ing your own battery. 886-2357  after six. #36  1967 Buick Skylark, runs great,  good condition, clean $1000. Eves.  885-2583. Days 885-5851. #38  Marine  Coast News, September 8,1981  19  Mobile Homes I Opportunities  1973 GMC rusted box 454 auto trans,    1975 Ford van 3/4 Ion camperized V-8  PS & PB, air cond., radials, complete    auto $995.885-2994. #37  with canopy $ 1200. 886-2512       #37    ^^^  1973 Pont. LeMana stn. wagon,  350, aut. radio, Firestone F721  tires, good condition. $1,200 OBO.  886-9488. #38  RENT-A-CAR  RENT-A TRUCK  1981 1-Ton Trucks  c/w 12' Vans  1981 F-250't  3/4 Ton Pickups  1981 Fairmonts  1981 Mustangs  5 Ton Truck. 22' Box  Hydraulic Tailgate  DAILY WEEMLV  MONTHLY  COMPETITIVE RATES  his vour I  Lots its Hour  Come in and sec Herman  Vandeberg, 20 years Volkswagen Specialist - Factory  trained,  NMTI CMST  PM1 UUI LTB  Hours ol Service  8 am - S pm   885-3281  m. MM do stock*  mnvvw parts  Motorcycles  ���ABBA���  \ LEASE RENTALS  SOUTH COAST FORD  885-2131  Across from Benner s  Furniture. Sechelt  SMALL GAR  SERVICE  No problem for us - Ford  has been building and  importing cars and irucks  from Germany, Japan  and England as far back  as 1949.  So if you have a problem  with your small car we've  got the  Houn ol Service  8 am - s pm ��� 885-3281  StfTi CMST  F9M ULSI IT*  Honda Moped Express 500 km, ex.  condition 49 cc. Helmet Included.  $400 firm. 886-9506 after 5:00 p.m.  ���36  72 650 Yamaha Koni shocks, new  tire. Very reliable. Call Jim at  885-5392. #36  For Sale 1979 Yamaha XS4O0  crash bars, backrest and rack.  Like new - 7500 km - $1300 OBO.  Call evea. 888-7908. #38  Can-Am 175 TNT, sired 4 trail, good  condition & fast, only 2700 miles.  885-3185. TFN  '64 Harley pan bottom shovel top  rigid  frame,  magneto,   re-built SS  rods,   piston,   valves,   $5,200. Ph:  886-20%. #36  Marine  35' Ex-Trollcr completely rebuilt Ford  diesel sounder $12,000 OBO.  885-5588. #36  19' Cabin Boat with 20 hp motor,  needs a lot of work, $300 OBO. Ph:  886-7994. #36  22' Sea Ray Overnighter - 188 Mer-  cruiser, sounder, compass, O/B  bracket, anchor pkg., alcohol stove,  ice box, portipot. Sleeps 4. Hardtop  with canvas. Asking $10,500. Phone:  886-9019. #36  '73 Fiberform 22' Hardtop, dinghy,  depth sounder, 6 hp Johnson winch  -165   Merc.  $6,500.   Ph:  886-2096.  #36  MOBILE HOME  SALES I SERVICE  Big Maple Motel  Davis Bay  885-9513  D.L. 6925  9.8 Mercury recent overhaul, new  carb, tank & line $325. 886-8473.  #36  Don't pass this one up! 19 ft. Cal-  glass, 140 Mcrcruiser, lull covered  wagon top, cuddy cabin, head, stereo,  sounder, 40 channel CB, compass.  Trailer, jusl rebuilt with new tires.  Great for fishing or water skiing.  $12,500. Call 885-3433 after 6 p.m.#37  AB Haddock Boat moving. Licensed  and fully insured. Hydraulic equip-  ment. Phone 883-2722 days. 883-  2682 eves. TFN  HlbGS MARINE  SURVEYS LTD  Insurance claims, condition and  valuation surveys. Serving the Sunshine Coast and B.C. Coastal Waters.  Phone: 885-9425, 885-9747, 885-3643,  8869546. TFN  78 Canaventure Twin 20 meres  sounder ball tank RR trailer top etc.  etc. Moving. Good buy at $6,500.  Phone 883-2221. #37  Too big for my boat Volvo OB Model  200 LS electric & manual start. 1979  very few hours. $1,000 or will take  short shaft 12 to 18 h.p. as part trade  885-2349. #17  41' strip plank diesel power and heat       h/c press, water & shower finished.    CrlD-  1980 - excellent family live aboard. 3 .   new sails, center & cockpit sleep 6.  Consider real estate in trade. Can  finance part 883-9303. $79,000.     #37  24' log salvage tug sale or lease. 2  Stat, hyd., 440 Chrys., VHF scanner, CB, lull tow and salvage gear  $18,500,886-7634. #38  14 ft. fibreglass boat with new  vinyl top; newly reconditioned 6  hp Johnson motor. $1,450 OBO.  886.2668. #38  17 ft. double hulled fiberglass  boat, new paint and cabin. Needs  to be finished. No accessories.  $500 firm. Ph: 886-2883. #36  73 Fibreform 21' boat 250 Merc  I/O, docking, running and  spotlights, hardtop, campertop,  heated, many extras $8,000 or  trade on Ig. travel trailer. 886-7422  eves. #38  4Va Mercury $300 cash. Rebuilt  motor. 886-7877. #38  Campers it RV's  77 Ford Ranger XLT Supercab 3/4  ton, camperized, CB, AM-FM  cassette, new brakes, shocks, exhaust, plus 11 Vt ft. camper, fully  equipped, sell-contained,  hydraulic lacks, both In immaculate condition, also  fibreglass canopy. $11,000.  886-2924. #38  1973 Intruder 25 ft. Travel Trailer,  very few road miles $7,295. Can be  seen at office, Sunshine Coast  Trailer Park. TFN  1978 30' Holiday Rambler with a iot  of extras, good cond. Asking $16,500.  Ph: 886-7994. #36  1970 12' Compact trailer, fully equipped, sleeps four $1200 OBO. Phone:  885-3847. #36  1976 EEE motor home, excellent condition, CB; only 18,000 miles. $18,000  firm. 886-2534. #36  For Sale: 18' Lancer camper trailer,  stove, fridge, heater, excellent condi-  tion. Phone        885-9432.  #37  IO1/- Eldorado camper, 3-way fridge,  stove & oven, furnace plus 4 fixed corner. Good cond. $2000 OBO.  886-9200. #37  TRAILER HITCHES  Resse, Eaz-Tow & custom hitches.  Call Terry al Coast Industries, Gibsons. 886-9159. TFN  Mobile Homes  Old (1962) 8x48 mobile home,  everything works, but interior  needs renovating, to be moved (in  Garden Bay) best offer takes or  will rent cheap to person willing to  renovate. 883-9181 or 521-5140 aft.  5 p.m. #38  196910x50 Safeway 2 bedroom excellent cond., new plumbing,  drapes, new elec. stove, set up In  Coq. Must be moved. $12,000.  883-9181,521-5140 aft. 5 p.m.   #38  1973 12x84 3 bdrm. Offers to  $19,000. Ph: 885-5941. #38  24' x 52' newl! Immediate delivery, 2  bathrms., 3 bdrms., fam. rm., bay  windows, patio door, many extras,  priced to sell at $52,900. 885-9513.  MDL6925. #36  1974 2 bedroom - tip out on living  room - loaded with extras. Offers to  S22.500. Ph. (112) 576-1465.       TFN  14 x 56 new moduline mobile home set  up in Sundance Trailer Park, 4 appliances, I5��^e over 15 year financing  O.A.C. 885-9979, Coasl Mobile  Homes, Dealer #6393. TFN  1975 Mobile Home 12 x 64 sundeck  and metal shed 4 apl. and wood burn*  ing stove. $27,500.00. 886-9777 Pad  No. 63. Sunshine Cst.Tr.Prk.     TFN  Coast Mobile  Homos Ltd.  GOOD  SELECTION OF  DOUBLE WIDES  Consign your Mobile  Home to us for  QUICK  Hwy. 101 I-1-"1- !,,*miH-'iirn't  Furniture)  MOL 6303  885-9979  Wanted  Small figurines from Red Rose  Tea, any number, pleese call after  five 886-2466. #38  #38  Frig., stove, washer, dryer, good  working cond. Call evenings (112)  943-2469 or 943-5026 collect. #36  Older furniture, china etc. bought or  sold on consignment. Harbour Antiques, 1585 Marine Dr., Gibsons.  886-7800. TFN  F & L Contractors. Standing timber.  Any amount. Fair prices. Good clean  up. Lou LePage 886-9872 or 886-7833.  TFN  CASH FOR LOOS  Too Prices  Frae Estimates  D & 0 LOG SORTING  LTD.  886-7896    886-7700  Music  Wostwurld  Centres  CtD PIONEER  MMIO V0I  MConp  vantiha  Appliance*  DEALER  COST  plus 10%  Next lo the  Bank of Montreal Building  Sechelt  885-3313  Opportunities  Will exchange tree topping or tailing  for land surveying services. Phone  Steve 985-2267. #37  Economy got you down? Avon offers  good dollars, nice people, great prizes.  CaU Sue Wiggins 886-9166. Helen  Phillips 885-2183. TFN  Wood Window  Opportunity  WALKIM DOOR LTD. Is offer  Ing the exclusive sales rights  to our wood window line on the  Sunshine Coast. Our windows  are double glazed, made from  olear pine, and are designed In  two basic styles; one competes  In price with aluminum windows, the other underprices  the conventional wood window. Both are a superior quality product.  WALKSi DOOM LTD. Is an aggressive young company with  five branch locations In  southwestern B.C. We are now  expanding on an agency basis  Into areas where we do not  have sufficient coverage.  If you have an excellent  knowledge of the residential  housing market on the Sunshine Coast, know the local  contractors, are honest,  energetlo, have a proven  business record and are interested In a ground floor opportunity with tremendous  growth potential, contact Bob  Walker at Walker Door Ltd.,  ISM I.W. Maria* Drive, Vancouver, V6? SM or SSS-1101.  'RbyalTrust  FOR SALE  BEAUTY SALON  Opportunity to be creative and  be your own boss at the same  time. Well established business  with 4 fully equipped stations. 3  sinks with extra hookup for  fourth. 4 dryers, bin washer &  dryer, full bathroom plusstorage  Located in modern plaza close to  shopping centre. Lots of parking  available. Vendor is motivated  All reasonal offers will be con  stdered. Call Elizabeth Raines  324-4621 (24 hours).  669-3022 RT-8 (24 Hours)  Toge-ther       fl wftan help you betw  Property  Partial view with expanding view, 1/3  of acre on Ha* ics Rd. Well treed, gen-  lie slope, very private. Asking  $58,900.8867993. ��36  B> owner. Sacrifice Sale, large level  lul near waler, underground services.  $39,50(1 wilh low Interest me or discount lor cash $36,000. Ph:  SIS-7244. #36  New 4 bedroom, 2100 sq. ft. 3-storey  cedar Home on large lot bordering  elementary school playground at end  of Poplar Lane, cul-de-sac. Has huge  kitchen and living room, mister  bedroom with walk-in closet and  balcony, built-in intercom system,  finished basement and fully carpeted.  Asking $140,000. Call 872-1044 or  886-9623 TFN  73' x 130' building lot, services al property line, except sewer. Nicely treed,  quiet area on North King Rd. $42,000.  (112) 943-4393 Upper Gibsons area.  TFN  Roberts Creek - Magnificent properly,  irced level guilding lot. Potential view.  Services at property's edge. Close lo  school, store, golf course. Immediate  access to secluded beach wilh excellent  salmon fishing $67,500. Phone  294-8759 weekday eves. ��37  For removal - 1,000 sq. fl. house in  good condition. Make an offer.  886-8239. ��36  Selectively cleared 1/4 acre lol, 67 x  162, west of Gibsons on dead-end  road. $37,500. Some financing  negotiable. 886-7422 evenings.      ��37  New modern basemenl view home  1700 sq, ft. finished. 1000 sq. ft. nearly finished. Double garage $149,500.  Ph: 886-8763. ^37  Sechelt Village 3 bedroom 1074 sq. fl.  bungalow opposite park close lo shops  and schools $79,000 firm.  886-8787. #37  Wanted to buy - Cabin on Keats or  Gambier islands. Write Box 8, c/o  Coasl News, Box 460, Gibsons,  B.C. m  Pender Harbour. 1/2 acre 90* ocean  view Lot, sleep but sunny. Ideal for  contemporary wilh solar heal. Septic  approved, paved road, cleared to  build. Power and water $37,900. Moving. All offers considered. Phone  883-2221. #37  Madeira Park I /2 acre lol overlooking  Pender Harbour. Perc tested. $56,500.  Ph: 885-9778. #36  Large level building lol. potential view  at Gower Poinl. $59,500. Phone  886-2117. UTI-'N  Owner built 3 bdrm, 1625 sq. ft.  rancher $100,000.886-8597.     #38  Corner level Gibsons area lot on  paved road In area of new homes,  water, hydro, nicely treed, including Dogwood. Private. $36,500  with $10,000 it 13'/.%. Phone  886-8628. #36  Langdale - fabulous view 5 min.  Irom ferry, 3 br, 2 baths, lv. rm., dn.  rm., den, bsmt. $147,000.8869789.  #36  By owner Vi acre west Sechelt.  Health permit obtained ready to  build on. $38,500 firm. Phone  885-9240 or 885-5724. #38  Level lot, lew large trees, 5  minutes from Sechelt near arena  on quiet cul-de sac, 7500 sq. It. Recent perc teat approved. $35,500.  Phone 865-5226,885-9358.       #36  WATERFRONT  Waterlroni owner with large level  lot, 2 bedroom home, wishes to  trade/buy small waterlroni lot,  larger house, Roberts Creek to  Soames Point area or Bluff.  886-9165. #38  |B C    Yukon  Bl.'inknt Cliisstli<!ils  HARBEL HOLDINGS LTD. Mobile  homes locaied in parks on pads.  Listings and Sales. We welcome all enquiries. Listings wanted. Wheel  Estate. Phone collect. Lower  Mainland Division. 13647.100th  Avenue, Surrey, B.C. V3T IH9.  585-3622: Kamloops Division. 90-180  Seymour Street, Kamloops, B.C. V2C  2E2. 372-5711. The Wheel Estate People. (D.L. 6747). TFN  ENHANCE: Dynamic new  marketing company founded by  past president ol Shaklee Corporation looking tor experienced  sales leaders. Write: P.O. Box 394.  Abbotslord, B C V2S5Z5 #36  GARAGE AND RESTAURANT  $65,000.00. Convenience store  $75,000.00. Excellent potential on  Highway #97. Resort Canlm Lake  $425,000.00. Terms available. M&R  Realty Ltd.. Box 68, 100 Mile  House, B.C. VOK 2EO. Phone  395-2251. #36  PROGRAM DIRECTOR: Fort St. .  James, B.C. The Fort Alcohol and  Drug Society Is accepting applications lor the position ol Program  Director. DUTIES: Outpatient  counselling lor alcohol and other  drug dependencies. Individual  counselling ��� group counselling  family counselling. QUALIFICA  TIONS: MSW; or*BSW or RSW plus  2 years related experience: or a  university degree preferably In the  Social Sciences plus 5 year  related experience; or a 2 year college diploma plus 7 years related  experience. SKILLS: To organize,  implement and evaluate a drug,  alcohol counselling program. Administrative ability - demonstrated  competence as a fully qualified  counsellor - supervisory experience - public speaking ability.  Salary: $22,200 ��� $26,400 per annum. Relocation allowance and fr.  Inge benefits negotiable. Closing  date, September 15,1981. Reply In  confidence to: Mr. B.G. Snelgrove,  Box 640, Fort St. James, B.C. VOJ  1PO. Phone 996-8233. #36  DYNAMIC TYPESETTER AND  PRODUCTION EXPERT lor busy  printing/newspaper operation in  interior mountains. Comp.IV  Hands-on experience preferred.  Golden Star, P.O. Box 149, Golden,  B.C.VOA1HO. #36  YEAR-END CLEARANCE! 1980  Pontoon Boats, 28 foot with 50-hp ,'  Mercury, 24-foot with 40-hp Mer-���  cury. Arc aluminum factory-built  hulls and hardware. Super family  pleasure boats. Equipped with  canopies, lounges, captains chair  and remote controls. Could be  basis tor building houseboat. 25%  diacount during September. Box  445, Osoyoos, B.C. VOH 1VO.  Phone 495-7217. #36  1979, 1960 Campion, Arrows,  Severyn'e Ski-boats, 80 hp and 90  hp Mercurys. Ski equipment Included. Trailers available. Clearing at $4,395.00 to $5,895.00. Box  445, Osoyoos, B.C. VOH 1VO.  Phone 495-7217. #36  ORCHARD FOR SALE 12.7?acres  mixed orchard - mostly peaches  -Interplanted apples, apricots,  cherriee. All equipment solid Irrigation set. House Included.  Phone 495-7160, Osoyoos, B.C. #36  WANTED  TO   BUY:   Two   used  U-Dozers   to   fit   D-8K.   Phone  6994741  or  699-6904  evenings.  #36  GULF ISLAND WATERFRONT.  Modern home, exceptional sea  view, .53 acre, sandy beach,  foreshore lease, boat house.  Saltspring Lands Ltd., Gil Mouat,  phone 537-5515 or 537-2485.     #36  THREE YEAR OLD HOME  $95,000.00. 8Vi acres, three  bedroom, two baths. Full base-  ment, fruit trees, strawberry  plants. Stove, fridge, dishwasher,  china hutch, wall to wall, drapes.  Phone:428-5011. #36  FORT MACLEOD AUCTION  MARKET - Real Estate Division,  presents tor sale by private treaty,  the following listings: 350 head  cow-call ranch located in B.C.  with 2500 acres deeded grassland  and 17,300 acres M/L ol grass  under permit; 200 head cow-call  ranch located In B.C. wilh 755  acres MIL deeded and 2230 acres  M/L leaae - very scenic; Fort Vermilion, Alberta 01340 acres M/L  deeded, cultivated farmland and  1560 acrea M/L cultivated  farmland with 50 acres under irrigation, completely fenced and  all in one block. For more Information, contact Buckt Rabbiosi at  Fort Macleod Auction Market,  (403) 553-3315 or (403) 553-3967.  ��� 36  IF YOU ENJOY GARDENING, do It  year round, using an aluminum  and glass greenhousel Write lor  free brochure to: B.C. Greenhouse  Builders. 7425 Hedley Avenue,  Burnaby, B.C. V5E 2R1. Mall  orders now available. #36  GREENHOUSE - FIBERGLASS  corrugated or Hal rolls industrial  quality 20 year warranty 96%  clear sundeck panels, trailer skirting wholesale prices BJ8  Fiberglass 5880 198 Street,  Langley. B.C. V3A 4A7. Phone  534-5617. #36  BAKERY FOR SALE - gross sales  $103,000.00. Location centre  downtown - only Bakery. Address  Box 1163 Merritt, B.C. VOK 2BO.  Phone 378-4185. #36  UNATTACHED? Discover lasting  friendships confidentially through  letters. For companionship, cor-  respondence, or marriage. All  ages. Nationwide. Write for application (state age) Box 1567,  Tlmmlns, Ontario. P4N1W7.    #36 : News. Septembers. 1981  Legal  B.C. Vuhon Blanket Classifieds  Legal  NOTICE OF INTENTION  TO   APPLY   FOR   A  DISPOSITION     OF  CROWN LAND  tn Land Recording  District of New Westminster  and situated in Thorn-  tirough Channel.  Take notice that Lyttle  Bros Limited ot North Vancouver. B C . occupation  Towing Company intends  to apply lor a lease of the  following described lands  ioi Commencing at a post  planted al the north west  comer ol Blk A, Lol 6216.  GP1, N.W.D  'hence 182.9m east;  thence 243.8m �� N8��  30 15'  E.  thence 204.2m West to  N E Cor. D.L. 1440;  thence +/-274m S. along  H.W.M. to P ol C and containing 5.0 ha more or less.  The purpose lor which  the disposition is required  is Log Storage.  Lyttle Bros. Limited  John J.T.Clarke  April 13,1981      NOTICE TO  CREDITORS  In the Estate of Sarah  Luretta MacKay, late ot  Gibsons, British Columbia.  NOTICE is hereby given  that Creditors and others  having claims againsl the  estate ot the above-named  are hereby required lo send  particulars thereof to Ihe  Executor. Axel Douglas  Harris, al Eastwood & Company, Barristers &  Solicitors, P.O. Box 708,  Gibsons, British Columbia,  on or before the 1st day of  October, 1981, alter which  date the Executor will  distribute Ihe said estate  among parties entitled  thereto, having regard only  to claims by which he Ihen  has notice.  Axel Douglas Harris  Executor  By his Solicitor  Gordon J. Bennett  Eastwood 4 Company  NATIONAL VIDEO. Now you can  become a part of the Video boom  with the No. 1 name in the  business. Call 689-1683 or write  9th floor, 1281 West Georgia  Street, Vancouver, B.C. V6E 3J7.  #36  OWNER/OPERATORS WANTED  lor Video Electronic Games. In-  vestment required. Recoup in ap.  proximately 20 weeks For information contact 291-0230 or write  P.O. Box 103, 335 East Broadway,  Vancouver, B.C. V5T1W5.        ��36  PYM IS HERE. WANTED: Smart  aware persons lor distribulors to  organize, sell exciting Pym perfumes and products. Excellent  remuneration. Mr. C. Moore, 6878  King George Highway, Surrey,  B.C. V3W 4Z9. Phone 590-2481. #36  MAUI, HAWAII luxury oceanfront  condominium. Fully equipped  pool. Jacuzzi. Summer $275 U.S.  week. $925 month (lo Nov. 30)  Winter $350 week, $200 month.  Phone Vancouver 9218401 or  936-7317. #36  TOW TRUCK FOR SALE I960  Holmcv 500 Iwin boom power wrecker  on International 1600 4 wheel drive  truck. Truck has dual gas tanks, free  wheel hubs, 5 speed transmission, 825-  20 tires. 2,500 kilometers. Wrecker  has car and truck low sling. Wesl  coasl body with extension and dollys.  Phone C & T Rentals t.ld. 635-6155,  Terrace, B.C. ��6  VLASSIFIED\RDS  ^co\  NOTICE OF PUBLIC HEARING  THE APPLICATIONS  British Columbia Hydro and Power Authority ("B.C. Hydro") applied June  18,1961 to amend its electric and gas schedules of rates filed or deemed to  have been filed with the Commission and for an Order approving proposed  tariff schedules, as follows:  1. Mainland Gas Service  Increased rates, effective firstly August 1, 1981, and  secondly, April 1,1982.  2. Greater Victoria Gas Service  Increased rates, effective firstly August 1, 1981, and  secondly, April 1,1982.  3. Electric Service  Increased rates, effective firstly August 1,1981, and  secondly, April 1,1982.  THE PUBLIC HEARING  The Commission has set down the Applications for public hearing to  commence at 10.00 a.m. local time on Tuesday, January 19, 1982 in the  Commission Hearing Room on the 21st Floor, Board of Trade Tower, 1177  West Hastings Street, Vancouver, B.C. Dates, times and locations for  public hearing in other communities will be announced at a future date.  PUBLIC INSPECTION OF THE APPLICATIONS  The Applications and supporting material are available for public inspection at B.C. Hydro's Head Office, 970 Burrard Street, Vancouver, B.C. and at  B.C. Hydro's District Offices throughout the Province. Copies are also  available for inspection at the office of the British Columbia Utilities Commission on the 21st Floor, Board of Trade Tower, 1177 West Hastings  Street, Vancouver, B.C.  INTERVENTIONS  Any person intending to give evidence or cross-examine witnesses at the  hearing should give written notice of their Intention to intervene, including  a brief statement of the nature of their interest in the proceedings, not later  than Monday, October 19, 1981. One copy of such written notice is to be  sent to Mr. D. Leach, Secretary, British Columbia Utilities Commission,  21st Floor, Board of Trade Tower, 1177 West Hastings Street, Vancouver,  B.C. V6E 2L7, and one copy to Mr. W.D. Mitchell, General Counsel, British  Columbia Hydro and Power Authority, Legal Division, 18th Floor, 970 Burrard Street, Vancouver, B.C. V6Z 1Y3.  WRITTEN SUBMISSIONS BY INTERESTED PARTIES  Any person intending to file a written submission must file fifteen (15)  copies thereof with the Secretary of the Commission and five (5) copies  with the General Counsel of British Columbia Hydro and Power Authority.  Written submissions will be accepted now and all such written submissions should be received not later than Monday, November 30,1981.  CLARIFICATION  Persons Intending to participate In the public hearing who are uncertain  as to the manner in which to proceed, should write or telephone Mr. D.  Leach, Secretary, British Columbia Utilities Commission, 21st Floor, Board  of Trade Tower, 1177 West Hastings Street, Vancouver, B.C. V6E 2L7,  telephone (604) 689-1831.  PREHEARING CONFERENCE  A Pre-Hearlng Conference, to discuss procedures, issues, and the phasing, If required, of the public hearings, will commence at 10:00 a.m. local  time on Tuesday, October 27,1981 in the Commission Hearing Room on the  21st Floor, Board of Trade Tower, 1177 West Hastings Street, Vancouver,  B.C.  By Order  D. Leach  Secretary  MAKE EXTRA INCOME from your  home. Sell to friends and relatives  at wholesale prices. Kilts, coats,  sweaters in lambswool, Shetland,  mohair and Cashmere and other  lines Phone835-8431. #36  FULLTIME ADVERTISING  TYPESETTER REQUIRED by Van  couvef Weekly, experienced on Edil  Writer 7500 or similar equipment an  asset. Resume 10 Arrowsmith Slat.  Itiis 1300, Parksville, B.C. VOR 2SO  IV  WOOD WINDOWS AND DOORS'  Guaranteed lowest prices. Walkei  Door Ltd., Vancouver 266-1101  North Vancouser 985-9714, Rich  rnond 273-7030, Kamloops 374-3566.  Nanaimo opens Mid-September. TFN  DONOVAN LOG HOMES, LOG  HOMES AND CABINS, complete  design service, for brochure write  Box 777, 100 Mile House, B.C.  VOK 2EO. Phone 395-2867,  395-3811, or 397-2735. #36  COMOX Unique designed 4 bedroom  home, 2 bathrooms, 2 fireplaces,  family room. Fully landscaped, quiet  cul-de-sac, $95,000. Will accept  $60,000 agreement for sale l5"o 2  years. Phone 339-3966 (mornings)  339-4522. *36  EARN MONEY! SAVE MONEY!  Learn Income Tax Preparation al  home. For free brochure, no obligation, write U & R Tax Schools, 1148  Main Street, Winnipeg, Manitoba.  R2W 3S6. ��40  MOBILE HOME PARK: I0UO loot  on highway 97, near Clinton and Hal  Creek Coal Development, 10 acre  park, executive home, equipment,  possible strata title to gross over  $500,000. Forced sale by owner, only  $135,000. Phone459-7756. #36  CARETAKER: Private agricultural  island Sunshine Coasl. Very close to  shops. Prefer older couple, good  health, non-drinkers, mechanical and  agricultural skills. Good salary,  modern home and boal. Call evenings  926-9749. #36  Legal  Village of Gibsons  NOTICE  1981 -1982 List of Electors  COURT OF REVISION  Take notice that a sitting ol the Court of Revision to revise and  correct the 1981 -1982 List of Electors for the Village of Gibsons will be held at the Municipal Hall, 1490 South Fletcher  Road, Gibsons, B.C. at 11:00 am. on Thursday, October 1,  1981 and shall continue to sit if requisite from day to day until  the list has been corrected and revised.  The Court will hear all complaints and may:  (a) correct the names of electors in any way wrongly stated  therein; or  (b) add Ihe names of electors omitted from the list; or  (c) strike out the names of persons from the list who are not  entitled to vote or who are disqualified from voting; or  (d) correct any other manifest error therein, or  (e) add to the list of Electors the name of any person who has  become qualified to have his name entered on the List of Electors since the 31st day of August 1981.  Copies of Ihe List of Electors may be examined at the  MUNICIPAL HALL, 1490 SOUTH FLETCHER ROAD, GIBSONS, B.C.  Any elector who discovers his or her name to be omitted from  the List, or therein wrongly entered, may register a complaint  either in person, in writing or by agent, to the Court of Revision to have the List corrected accordingly.  Further particulars may be obtained from the office of the  undersigned.  J.W. Copland  Returning Officer  Phone: 886-2274  Sunshine Coast Regional District  NOTICE OF PUBLIC HEARING  Land Use Regulation Amendment By-Law No. 96.32  Application Fee Amendment By-Law No. 105.1  Pursuant to section 720 and 814 of the Municipal Act, a  Public Hearing will be held to consider the following By-Laws  of the Sunshine Coast Regional District. All persons who  deem their interest in property affected by the proposed By-  Laws shall be afforded an opportunity to be heard on matters  contained in the By-Laws.  By-Law No. 96.32 will amend Land Use Regulation By-Law  No. 96,1974 by amending the definition of'' Lot or Parcel'' to  include strata lots created pursuant to the Bare Land Strata  Regulations. By-Law No. 96.32 will also specify the provisions to be contained in, and the procedure for the issuance  of a development permit. Development permits have been  recently included into the Municipal Act as an optional method  ol regulating land use.  Development Permit Application Fee By-Law No. 105.1 will  establish the fees required to issue a development permit.  The Hearing will be held in the Council Chambers of the  Sechelt Village Hall, 1176 Inlet Avenue, Sechelt, B.C., at  7:30 pm. on Thursday, September 17, 1981.  The above is a synopsis of By-Laws Nos. 96.32 and 105.1  and is not deemed to be an interpretation of the By-Laws.  These By-Laws may be inspected at the Regional District,  1248 Wharf Street, Sechelt, B.C. during office hours, namely  Monday to Wednesday, 8:30 am. to 4:00 pm. and Thursday  and Friday, 8:30 am. to 5:45 pm.  Sunshine Coast Regional District  Box 800  Sechelt, B.C. VON 3A0  885-2261  Mr. L. Jardlne  Secretary-Treasurer  Village of Gibsons  PROJECT-MANAGEMENT  OPPORTUNITY  The Village of Gibsons Invites proposals from  qualified organizations who are interested in providing Project-Construction Management Services as an integral part of the Municipal team for  a new marina facility project having an estimated  capital cost of 2.8 million dollars.  The successful organization will be required to  provide services during the pre-design, design  and contract document stages, together with  responsibility for project co-ordination; trade contract documentation and administration; construction administration and control.  The contract will be approximately one year in  duration. It is imperative that the proponents have  experience In the Project-Construction Management field specifically related to dealing with  three levels of government, previous experience  with provision of services in this geographical  area and for projects of this magnitude and complexity.  Pre-qualiflcation documents may be obtained by  contacting the Gibsons Municipal Offices, 1490  South Fletcher Road, Gibsons, B.C. or by  telephoning B86-2274.  Submissions will be received until 2:00 p.m. on  Wednesday, September 16,1981.  J.W. Copland  ADMINISTRATOR  Village of Gibsons,  P.O. Box 340,  Gibsons, B.C. VON 1VO  886-2274  THINKOFUSASA MATCHMAKER  BUVtWORSOltWCIHE   COAIf Uf I CUSSffFtiDS WORK FOit YOU!  VILLAGE  OF GIBSONS  LAND  SALE  Abbs Road  The Municipality of Gibsons invites Interested  purchasers to submit bids for the purchase of that  portion of Lot 2 of Block 1, District Lot 686, Plan  13142, Group 1, N.W.D., as highlighted In the  sketch plan above.  An appraisal report has been completed on the  subject property with final estimate of value being  $148,000. The highest and best use of the subject  site is for residential lots with single family  dwellings. The subject property lias potential for  subdivision Into three (3) single family lots as indicated above. Present zoning on the property Is  Single Family Zone 1 -R-1.  Bid submissions will be received by the  Municipality of Gibsons up to 4:30 p.m. local time  on Wednesday, September 16,1981.  Minimum bids acceptable will be $100,000.  Further information is available from the  Municipal Planning Department (886-2274).  The Village of Gibsons reserves the right to reject  or accept any or all bids.  J.W. Copland  ADMINISTRATOR  Village of Gibsons,  P.O. Box 340,  Gibsons, B.C.  VON 1VO  Poison  treatment ;    B  by John Sh��skf       -  B.St. Phirm. -   x-  One of the many duties ofo  pharmacist is to recommend  procedures in case of accidental poisonings.  If moderate to sc ere toxicity is expected Ihe pharmacist  will recommend the appropriate treatment and refer  the patient to an emergency  treatment facility. If minimal  toxicity and no serious or lifp-  ihreaiening symptoms are anticipated, the administration  of ipecac and observation may  be all that is needed.  Information that will assist  the pharmacist or other health  professional in recommending  the course of action to take include: '.\  1) Name and strength of prsr-  duct ingested.  2) The amount swallowed. -;  3) Time since ingested: (If tht  product is quickly absorbed  giving ipecac to make the pec-  son vomit will do little tf  several hours have passed). *  4) Symptoms - Vomittitig  should not be enduced for example if the person is unconscious. ���  5) Patient's age and weight  -much toxicity information is  given on a dose/body weight  basis. <  Thus knowledge of the patient's weight is needed tp  determine which treatment js  appropriate. The age helps tp  determine the apr-i  propriateness, and the dose erf  ipecac. ;���  Next week, some do's and;'  don'ts on looking after a  poison victim while contacting  a health professional. 8  Legal  Notice Is hereby given that an application will be made to the Director of Vital Statistics for a change  of name, pursuant to Ihe provisions of the "Change of Name  Act," by me:-  Annette Emella Kobetltch of 1275  Dougal Road, General Delivery, in  Gibsons, in the Province of British  Columbia, as follows:-  To change my name from Annette  Emella Kobetitoh fo Annette  Emella Lloyd.  Dated this 2nd day of September,  ad. 1981. #36  Application for a  Water Licence  Water Act  (Section 8)  I, Frederick W. Austin of  No. 5 1133 Pipe Line Rd.,  Port Coquitlam V3B 4R8  hereby apply to the Comptroller of Water Rights for a  licence to divert and use  water out of Malcolm Creek  which flows S.W. and give  notice ol my application to  all persons affected.  The point of diversion will  be located at'TS on WRM  8221-G.  The quantity of water to be  diverted or stored is 500  G/0.  The purpose for which the  water will be used is  domestic.  The land on which the  water will be used is Lot 10  DL 2596 Plan 4364 G1  N.W.D.  A copy of this application  was posted on 29 June,  1981 at the proposed point  of diversion or site ol the  dam and on the land or  mine where the water is to  be used and two copies will  be filed in the office of the  Water Recorder at Vancouver, B.C.  Objections to this application may be filed with the  said Water Recorder or with  the Comptroller of Water  Rights, Parliament  Buildings, Victoria, B.C.,  within thirty days of the  date of the first publication  of the application.  The dite of the lint  publication Is September 8,  1981.  Signed:  Frederick W. Austin  Applicant Crossword  by Jo Melnyk  ACROSS  1. Sleep Sound  6. Lads  10. Dip Out  14. Gold Weight  15. Thought  16. Nine (Comb. Form)  17. Stone  18. Frantic  20. Island  21. Pronoun  22. Filled  23. Fetid  25. Church Men  27. Rested  30. Respect  31. French Town  32. Once More  33. Chill  36. Calm  37. Females  38. Examine  39. Direction  40. Oregon City  41. Perceived  42. Tool  44. Maria-���  45. Water Rodents  47. Identical  48. Consumer  49. Everything  50. Crop  54. Publishable  57. Make Amends  58. Plant  59. Grass  60. Thick  61. Waterfalls (Scots)  62. Disorder  63. Car  DOWN  Strikebreaker  Snake  Spoken  Apportioned  Summer (Fr.)  Waited  River  Affirmative  Juice  Sc'old  Pertaining lo the Body  Bury  English City  German City  Secreted  Masc. Nickname  Sacred Song  Monkshood  Crippled  Ireland  Assertion  Bird  Wings (Fr.)  Dear (Italian)  Finishes  Clay Bed  Chose  Chic  Meat  Fern. Name (PI.)  State (Abbr.)  Flower Part  Premature  Snow Vehicles  Beer  Masc. Nickname (PI.)  Handle (Fr.)  Whirlpool  Limb  Insect  Drink  Answers to Uat week  '���<  JTC  111  ��01  �����  ���c  2A  ���**>  4E  R  6  a  ���r  E  N  10  P  11  A  1J  3  1>  T  '6  B  E  3  E  IS  p  A  I  N  ii  A  F  A  K  ir  P  E  R  E  3  11  A  T  T  E  T  J  V  B  JO  E  T  "  11  0  A  R  S  23  A  g  R  E  s  u  3  E  0  T  H  E  3  C  a  M  0  M  3  A  L  G  A  E  'a1  V  E  N  D  S  M  E  L  L  S  ss  B  M  A  D  io  H  I  N  ��  H  t*  3  ti  (]  10  R  I  0  m  I  I  4l  F'  H  A  a  A  K  I,  s  44  N  A  I  L  ^  D  K  B  A  p  47  P  T  I  40  B H  I  SO  fl  I,  I,  R  N  n  A  Y  3  F  E  W  V  E  N  T  I  ST  D  E  3  M  B  ��  A  v  ��  3  E  A  T  ���1  N  E  A  T  ���a  A  S  3  E  T  01  E  9  3  ��  M  N  A  P  ��  *��  3  E  T  A  s  I  2  )  4  '  >  7  I  '  1  0  II  13  13  I4  '��  14  17  '  :  ��  ���  :  20  ,  1  "  1  "  "  24  26  1>  21  29  _  '  II  ���  I  33  34  35  M  1  W  j  l  ���  8  ��'  |  40  ���  "  4J  ���  15  a  1  ���  W  SI  5?  SO  S5  M  M  1  il  :  jr  ��  5  Coast News, September 8,1981  21  * ti  as.  EVERARD   INSURANCE  SERVICES LTD  Specialists In term life insurance  ��� Low-cost ��� Mortgage Insurance  ��� Non-Smoker Rates  CALL US AT 885-5726  ��  We have u complete  Patient Record Plan  for your protection & convenience  For One Stop Shopping  come to  Gibsons western Drugs  Sunnycrest Mull IM-7213  John Burnside Photo  The usual prize of $5.00 will be awarded to Ihe owner of the first  name drawn from the barrel wilh Ihe correct location of the  above. Send your entries to the Coast News, Box 460, Gibsons,  in time to reach the newspaper by Saturday of this week. Last  week's winner was Barb Birkin, 22 Beach Avenue, Roberts  Creek, who correctly located Ihe covered car belonging lo the  Evelyn Roth dance troupe near Ihe museum in Gibsons last  week.  Professional Repair & Service  to your Heating & Plumbing  Equipment  ��� General Sheet Metal  ��� Installation of Heat Pumps, Air Conditioners,  Wood-Oil, Wood-Electric, Wood, Electric and  Oil Furnaces  ��� Plumbing Service & Installations  THOMAS HEATING  Call Now     886-7111  IB Years Experience  Serving the Sunshine Coasl   since' 1967  from the Attic  Canadiana identification  by Helene Wallinder  Mouldings  in 17th and 18th Century  furniture, mouldings surrounding the panels of armoires_  were always tin integral part of  the stiles and rails. In the 19th  Century it became general  practice to apply mouldings to  ;the edges of the panels with  glue and small nails. It's easy  lo determine whether the  moulding has been applied, by  trying to slip the blade of a  penknife between the  moulding and its adjacent stile  ;or rail.  Cornices  The moulded cornice is in  ���three parts which are mitred  "together, attached to the fur-  ���niiure by long, hand-forged  :nails. A few armoires,  Ihowever, have a removable  Scornice. These were assembled  in one piece and fitted the armoires like a crown.  Panel Carving  :  There is reason to doubt the  ���ry II,  Yti'll  Like IL  A Food Dehydrators Guide  art  ���airs  live Bttk  Guide to Home Canning  and Freezing  Come   In   and  See  Our  Selection  of  ���an rsl Stilts  stm 10% on  School Supplies  Until  September  12  authenticity of lozenges and  St. Andrews crosses carved on  panels of furniture. For  decoration or increased  market value, these designs  were carved on panels which  ���were once plain.  The deception is easy to  detect as the grooves cut in the  old wood will be lighter in tone  than the surface of the panel,  which is more orange in tone.  The deeper one carves into old  wood, the whiter it becomes.  If a slain has been added to  wax, a touch of alcohol or  other solvent will expose  freshly carved wood. When  panels of a plain armoire have  afterwards been carved, the  design is recessed into, the  panel and does not stand out  in relief.  Signs of Age  Signs of wear will be seen on  moulded edges, or on feet of  chairs and tables. Mouldings  will often be smooth with use,  but some trace of the original  design always remains. Corners are often rounded by constant friction. If marks of  wear are found at regular intervals, or in places where daily contact was not likely,  regard as suspect. They have  probably been made with a  rasp to simulate age.  The Genuine Melal Filling  Original brass handles are  easily recongizable. No trace  of an adjacent nail or screw-  hole or peg should be visible  on the facade of the drawer. If  scars are discovered, one can  assume its a mark of an earlier  fitting which has since been  replaced. This also applies to  key-hole escutcheons, hinged  rings and "fron* knobs of tvijb-  tiered buffets and armoires.  Even Ihe Grealesl Experts  With all these indications,  and long practice, it will be  possible for the observant  amateur to distinguish the genuine article from the immita-  tion in French-Canadian antiques. It must be admitted that  anything can be copied and if  enough trouble is taken, the  forgery can approach perfection. Luckily that stage has  not yet been reached in  Canada.  No matter how skillful the  forgery may be, the truth is  somewhere waiting to be  discovered. There is an in  stance of six Louis XV armchairs with caned seats and  backs, of which four were  imperfections and irregularities found in all antique armchairs which have  been made as a set were there.  The Parisian woodworker who  had made the two repros had  used old beech-wood, as in the  originals. He had even taken  care not to make an exact copy  'but had introduced subtle  authentic and two were perfect  reproductions. The  resemblance was so exact in  every detail, it was impossible  to tell them apart. Even the  variations in the carving. The  chairs were evidently alike  without being absolutely identical. The only way to detect  the repros was by weighing  them. Although the woodworker had used old beech-  wood for the repros, it was not  as old as the wood of the  original chairs. Like man,  wood becomes lighter as it  ages. And if the woodworker  had used a wood as old as that  of  the   original   armchairs?  Water problem solved  Council accepted the recommendations of its drainage  engineering firm, Allan and Ashford, at its meeting, Wednesday, September 2nd.  "These improvements to the drainage system in the Village  will solve our longstanding water problems for some time," said  Mayor Bud Koch. "Let's do it."  Allen and Ashford identified the immediate works to alleviate  some of the problems encountered in the Trail-Medusa drainage  area.  The estimated cost of the work is $33,000.  "We had sel aside the funds in our budget for drainage and  special works," said Alderman Brian Stelck, the finance committee chairman,, "so the funds are available."  Lovely, rich, tawny  Sheridan  i'O-BOT ROSE"!  SB  100% fortrel  Saxony Carpet  with Scotchgard��  & Static Control  Reg. JW.M sq. yd.  II.  25  sq. yd.  While Stock Lasts!  Ken Dilrics <X .Sou Lid.g    Z},^  3,S") tfhoftluA wwol b.16 ottavH aia    m  now at  silent sam's  haircutting  a new barber & stylist  from  pender harbour  Us  callllzorterri  885-5911  wharf rd.  sechelt 22 Coast News, September 8,1981  MERCURY ZEPHER COUGAR T-BIRD LTD CAPRI TRUCKS LVHX ESCORT GRANADA FAIRMONT GRANADA FAIRMONT WANS MERCURY  wb'r  QmMlkseKMXtm-  Twm��  If  9  I CARS & imW���  1982 Price Will Be Much Higher!  1"  * Important Announcement *  We are pleased to announce that we have  recently been appointed the authorized Lincoln franchise for the entire Sunshine  Coast.  Drop By Soon and Test Drive the  * 1982 Lincolns. *  'We Have the BIGGEST AND BEST Selection on the Sunshine Coast'  OVBlt iS@  ,  To Choose From!  WE TRY HARDER  at  SOUTH COAST VOKi  van toll iree  684-2911  O-AliuSb   Ii I IP     "Full line Ford-Mercury-Lincoln dealer  OOF"  ���l��)0|  Parts Direct 885-3227  Rentals 885-2131  1326 Wharf Rd., Sechelt  ������|llhmiriil;.*li*l:MiMir*��*lM^  rm rJV*  ^      ti  *^  manner el eraatur* will llrst tast* th* frnlti of this tr**?  I Th*s* walnuts art ana ol th* nor* unusual harv*st an th* Sunshine  Coast.   INSIDE...  AelberaReal Estate  .page 11  OlliSladey Realty Ltd page 2  Block Bros. Realty Ltd page 11  Solar Realty Ltd page 3 Pebbles Realty     page 12  Wharf Realty Ltd      page 3 K. Butler Realty Ltd page 13  GibsonsRealty page4&5 H.B.Gordon Agencies Ltd page 13  Anderson Realty Ltd page6&7 Century 21 Century West Real Estate page 14& 15  Mitten Realty Ltd page 8,9,10&11 Art Alexander Realty Ltd page 16 Sunshine Coast Realtor, Sept. 11, 1981  Box 100  Madeira Park,  B.C.  883-2233  Olli Sladey  REALTY LTD.  Toll Free From  Vancouver:  689-7623  Member of Multiple Listing Service  | WATERFRONT LOTS & ACREAGE I  NARROWS ROAD: - 81 �� ft. waterfront,  1048 �� sq ft 2 bdrm home with self-contained  suite on lower floor, drapes & appliances. Car  port, workshop, boat shed, float. Immediate  possession. $195.000.  NEAR MADEIRA PARK  ��� 40+ acres overall  ��� l,320t A. waterfront  ��� Zoned R3L (quarter acre lots)  ��� Preliminary roads & water mains installed for  first phase of 23 lots.  ��� 2 drilled wells  ��� Float4tjocM|*��eaj2Mire^7��|000  tof^^n^tNT BAY - approx S  acres with 402�� ft. waterfront and south-1  westerly exposure. Water access only.  $55,000  EARL   COVE   ���   87'��   waterfront   with  panoramic view of Jervis Inlet. Has level access  from road, drilled well and Is mostly cleared. At  today's prices, this is a good buy for $85,000.  ��� 35i acres overall  ��� 1,700+ ft. tidal waterfront  ��� Zoned R3L (quarter acre lots)  ��� Adjoins above property.  ���380.000  HKjGINS ISLAND - approx. 26 acre island  with sheltered moorage. Located in False Bay,  Lasqueti Island. $600,000.  TOFINO INLET - 49f acres island in  sheltered Island Cove near Long Beach,  Vancouver Island. Many good building sites,  timber, nice cove wilh beach. An excellent buy  Inr $250,000.  VATERFRONT  tGMONT - Fishing, diving, hiking, beautlfu  lew & southerly exposure. All this is at thi  borstep of this Govt, lease property with 103 ��  I. waterfront, nice A frame cabin & good float  II 149,500,  JUNCTION ISLAND ��� One third interest in  this beautiful 18 acre island located in St.  Vincent Bay, Jervis Inlet. Excellent sheltered  moorage, numerous choice building sites. Only  15 minutes by fast boat from Earls Cove or  Egmont. The price for this one third interest is  only $139,500.  LOTS  GARDEN BAY AREA:  1. LOTS 21 - Elliot Road, Garden Bay Lake.  Large recreational lot, treed, driveway & 2  campsites cleared. 30-Oi ft. from good  swimming on Garden Bay Lake. $37,900.  2. LOTS 66 & 67 Garden Bay Estates.  These are the 2 best view lots left in Pender  Harbour's finest subdivision. Both have  good harbour views and south-westerly  exposure. Lot 66 has a driveway and a  cleared building site. Lot 67 has a septic tank  and drainfield already installed. $53,500  each.  3. LOT 16 ��� Pender Lake Properties ��� large  view lot with 148* ft. frontage on Hotel Lake  Road.   Serviced  with   hydro  &   water.  Southerly exposure. $35,900.  4. LOT 68 ���Hotel Lake Road-this steep and  rocky lot could be a real challenge, but it's  nice and large and the price is low (20,000  5. LOT 61 ��� Panorama Drive, Garden Bay  Estates. One of the best lots in this choice  subdivision $47,500.  6. LOT 20 - Deller Road, Garden Bay. Large  panoramic view lot with level access from  Deller Road. MLS $37,500.  7. GARDEN BAY LAKE AREA - one +  acre lot, fairly level, privacy, drilled well,  hydro. $32,500  8. LOT 2 - CLAYDON ROAD partially  cleared, treed lot with view of Garden Bay.  Close to marinas & stores. 147,500.  9. LOT 30 ��� Large, treed view lot on Hotel  Lake Road. Southerly exposure, serviced  with water & hydro, driveway in. $48,000.  FRANCIS PENINSULA AREA:  LOT 9 ��� Cochrane Road - very nice partially  cleared lot. Excellent for building or mobile  home 32,000.  FRANCIS PENINSULA - .48+ acres with  ocean view. This excellent lot is fairly level,  mostly cleared and has several fruit trees.  145,000  IRVINE'S LANDING AREA:  1. LOT 27 ��� Lee Bay Road, Irvine's Landing.  Nicely treed level lot in a new subdivision  serviced with sewer, water & hydro. Goot  soil apd a possible view. MLS $47,000.  EARL COVE AREA:  1. LOT 23 - Cedar Ridge Place ��� enjoy the  view from this large, nearly level lot with very  little clearing required. $32,500.  2. LOT 27 ��� Jervis Inlet Road - large semi-  waterfront recreational lot, 400 ft. from  public beach, camping or building site  cleared. MLS $30,000.  MADEIRA PARK AREA:  1. Nicely treed lot adjoining the Elementary  School grounds and close to the shopping  centre and marinas. $36,500-  EGMONT AREA:  1. LOT A ��� Large, choice lot, over l/i  acre. Small cottage (needs repairs).  Close to Govt, wharf, school, store &  P.O., serviced with water & hydro.  136.500.  2 LOT B ��� Large lot, over Vz acre, with  excellent vegetable garden & small  cabin. Adjoins above lot. $36,500.  MOBILE  HOMES  [COMMERCIAL;  BUILDING   f  MADEIRA PARK -this 960 �� sq.ft. building  with room for expansion is awaiting your ideas.  ���110.000.  \     HOMES   [  GUNBOAT BAY RESORT 3.5 �� acres with  152'�� sheltered waterfront with wharf and  small beach. Presently contains a small house  and 3 rental cabins. This could be expanded  with more cabins or campsites. Reasonably priced at 1279.500  MADEIRA PARK - 2 BR home, 816* sq. ft.,  built 1968 on II acres with 205i It. view  waterfront. Located on Summit Road, just off  Narrows Road. MLS ��165.000.  FRANCIS PENINSULA (Beaver hUnd) -  V<�� acres with 246 �� ft. choice, sheltered  waterfront. Zoned commercial, would possibly  make a good site for a small Motel & Marina.  I250.000  .'^i-aJUMBt  4 BR view home,  ���350�� sq. ft., plus basement. Has ensuite  I plumbing & finished rec. room. Located on .a  very nice one half* acre lot. A good buy for  2 B.R. HOME - $49,500. Carpenters  special or starter home? This small home in  Madeira Park has been partially remodelled, but  there's still plenty to do. That's why the price Is  an affordable $49,500.  GARDEN BAY - New 3 BR rancher, still  under construction, on Hotel Lake Crescent.  Contains 1159* sq. ft., plus carport. Can be  bought as is, or owners will finish it for the full  price of $95,000.  MADEIRA PARK - 3 BR rancher, approx.  1,28�� sq. ft. with attached carport. 1%  bathrooms. Located on \ acre lot on Lagoon  Road. Just a short walk to shopping centre  school & post office. $120,000.  starter or retirement home with 1 bedroom on main floor and 1  in the basement. Close to public beach access.  $89,500.  ACREAGE  I  LOT 35 ��� Ruby Lake - 6.8+ nicely treed acres  with large year round creek. Priced to sell at  $45,000.  MIDDLEPOINT -19�� acres with small cabin.  This Is a beautiful property with some timber and  an ocean view. $145,000.  MADEIRA PARK - 7�� acres overlooking  Paq Lake. Has view of straits and harbour.  Rough driveway In and building sites cleared.  $115,000  SILVER SANDS- 15t acres on Hwy. 101.  silver Sands Creek runs through property.  Merchantable timber, building or camping site  ���"���eared, westerly exposure. $145,000.  KLEINDALE - 2t acres of some of the nicest  iand in the Pender Harbour area. This beautiful  property has lots of trees, lots of level ground  and several good building sites. Two homes are  permitted on this property and it could be yours  for $59,500.  IRVINE'S LANDING - Seclusion is what you  will find in this approx. 17.5 acres with a  comfortable 3 BR home and several outbuild  ngs. $110,000  MEMKR MOKIR  I  "Hill  Ul. Li PACK  Coast to Coast  Real Estate Service  DAN WILEY, Res. 883-9149  OLLI or JEAN SLADEY,   883-2233 Sunshine Coast Realtor. Sept. 11. 1981  WATERFRONT  Follow Secret Road and it will lead you lo this approx   '�����  acre waterfront lot. Quiet seclusion will be yours  Services  are available F P $79,900. Call 885 5171.  SECHELT WATERFRONT L269  Level lot to waterfront with a 3 bdrm. full basement unfinished home  Electric and plumbing are in. Home is on sewer.  This home awaits your personnel touch Finally a house you  can finish lo your liking Call now IP $155,000  THIS VIEWS FOR YOU L 261  From this 100' x 217' lot on Gower Point Road you can capture a beautiful view and just an esplanade separates you  from the waterfront. The market is right and so Is the pike.  FP. 175,000 Call now.  LET THE SUN FIND YOU... L 264  Relaxing on this 54' x 10' sundeck which is part of a tavely 3  bedroom full basement, 1248 sq. ft. home. Cooking oul is no  problem on ihe patio just set up the bar b* que then set up the  badminton net on the super level lawn. Guar.mti.vit fun in  ihe sun. All this plus built-in oven, range, fridge and  dishwasher. Don't miss this one C.ill Pat Murphy lor  appointment loview F.P. $110,000.  WHITAKERROAD L270  Looking for a home in a quiet area? Like the beach? Want to  be able to walk lo the stores? Then Ihis 1 bdrm bungalow In  Davis Bay will interest you. Situated on a 50' x 150' lot on  Whitakei Road 2 blocks from beach and stores and affordable. F.P. $72,500 Give us a call 885-5171.  W -Waterfront  H - Homes  A - Acreage  R - Recreational  F - Farms  Bus. 885-5171  Vane. Toll Free  682-3518  Box 1188. Sechelt. B.C. VON 3A0  "Vour Real Estate Hosts  on the Suns/iinc Coast"  "Special B��y"  1977 30 ft. Huston-, Koach fully equipped with  air conditioning, AM-FM 8 track stereo, eye  level oven, fridge, range, 4 piece bathroom,  twin battery power pack, twin propane tanks,  retractable T.V., rotating antenna and an 8' x  20' awning. Live in comfort while you build  then travel In style on those country miles. In  excellent condition. F.P. $16,500  EXCLUSIVE REDROOFFS RD.  This 2 bdrm home is situated In the most sought after area on  the coast. Beautifully treed, this Vi acre lol also entitles you  to part ownership in a waterfront access lot. After fishing  come home and relax on the large cedar sundeck and on  those winter nights around the acorn fireplace. The  roomy garage will add years to your car. This home will also  add years of enjoyment to the buyer. F.P. 193,500. Call  885-5171 Now.  COUNTRY CHARMER L2S0  * 4.6 acres  * Gentle Sloped Land.  ���k Dogwood trees.  * Fruit trees.  * Well kept fawns.  * Vegetable garden.  * Flower garden.  * Blacktop Rd. & Patio.  * Storage shed (metal).  * Garage.  ffus 3 bdrm 1162 sq.ft. double wide home in  top condition. And all this is surroundedby  a white pickett fence. F.P. $140,000. For  appointment to view call Pat Murphy.  REDROOFFS WATERFRONT L260  All seasons will be fun when you buy this waterfront home  Gentle slope to a pebble beach with good moorage. Approx  vi acre. You tike to garden - well there is great potential on  Ihis lot The home Is approx 1701) sq. ft. with 2 bedrooms, a  spacious kitchen and dining area, an airy utility, and a living  room lhal opens onto a beautiful sundeck. And for the one  who likes to get away from It all there is an 11' x 18*6" den.  All Ihis for 1170,000 Call 885 5171.  GOWER POINT L262  You've got the plans now all you need Is the land? Great  we've got the lot for you. 100 x 132 in an area Ihat Is quiet  and close lo the beach. Plus - It's ready to build on ��� cleared  and walling Call 8855171. F.P. 159.500  LARGE LOT - REDROOFFS L 267  Lovely large lot 79' x 199* located on Redrooffs Road. Gentle slope and southern exposure, serviced with power and  water, septic approved. Close to Sargents Bay. Vendor will  carry $25,000 al 18%. F P. 140,000. Call Pat Murphy  885-5171 anytime  "SEAVIEW APT. WEST SECHELT" L 244  I Here is a 4 plex apartment sel in a very desirable area. Each  I 900 sq. fl. 2 bdrm suite has lots of storage as well as a  I beautiful view of Ihe Trail Islands. The landscaped properly  I also has a 1300 sq. ft. "A" Frame home wilh 1'? baths, lovely  I cedar finish inside. Large living room, single car enclosed  I garage all this on approx. 1 acre of land. Gentle slope,  I southern exposure. Great potential. Call Pat Murphy to  I arrange appointment lo view. $275,000.    MEMBER SUNSHINE COAST REAL ESTATE ASSOCIATION "PI." Dahle 885-5692 Deirdre 885-5971 Pat 885-5171  886-2417  seaulew Place  Hwy 101.  Harry Howard 886-7307  vlSi  822-2017  (Vancouuar Toll Free)  Treu aoddam 886-2*17  VIEW ��� HOPKINS ���  This super lamily home has (our bedrooms, a  large i -pen living room with a sundeck that looks  out over Howe Sound. The house is situated on a  gently sloping well ireed lol. The proximity to the  ferry makes this an ideal set up (or (he commuter.  Asking $98,500.  LANGDALE  Close lo ihe ferry on a treed, private street. A  terraced lot with its beauliful stonework is the  sitting for this 5 yr. old 3 bedroom home. The  recently enlarged kitchen, wilh its sliding glass  doors opening to Ihe patio, has solid oak cabinets.  Some other fealures are a warm living room wilh  a cedar accent wall and brick fireplace. Utility  workshop area, family room, new carpeting  throughout. All of this plus a $58,000 �� first al  12V" make Ihis property a must to see. Asking  $119,500  HOMES  GIBSONS ��� VIEW ��� VIEW ��� VIEW  Over 3.000 sq,. ft. ot living space featuring a large  open main floor. The first class view of Gibsons  Harbour can be appreciated (rom either Ihe  sundeck off the living room i >r the large third floor  master bedroom with its ensuite and Jacuzzi. The  home has two more bedrooms on the main. All  this on a half aire of guaranteed privacy. Asking  $135,000  MAGNIFICENT VIEW ��� GRANTHAMS  A BIT OF CAPE COD  ON THE WEST COAST  mile from Gibsons this quaint 3 bedroom home  overlooks spectacular Howe Sound. Stained glass  windows, rattan celling fan. heatilator fireplace.  ensuite master bedroom, and oak trimmed kitchen designed by a Cordon Bleu chef make this a  very exciting property. $151,500, This vacant  home awaits your inspection. Call Harry Howard  The vendor will carry $75,000 al 13".. on this  quality Gibsons home. The house is a brand new  1840 sq. ft. Rancher wilh four bedrooms, master  with ensuite, large family room off kitchen with  wood stove. Sliding glass door, patios. Huge 100 x  237 fl. lot. This home is a must to see! Asking  1129,900  UNDER CONSTRUCTION ��� GIBSONS  Come in and see the plans for this 1416sq. ft. new  home.  HOUSE ON ACREAGE  This cozy two bedroom Roberts Creek home is  on 2.5 acres of land. Jusl minutes from Ihe beach  and stores ihis properly is the perfect small  country estate. Asking only $96,500  PRATT ROAD  Country feeling at affordable price. This cotlage  style home has had extensive updating New  carpeting, appliances and the plumbing and wiring have been redone. House features 2  bedrooms, living room, kitchen, mud/storage  room and is situated on a deep, well Ireed lot  Asking 172,500.  LOTS  WATERFRONT  Gibsons Bluff. A perfect level building site with a  fabulous view of Gibsons Harbour from one of the  largest waterfront lots on the bluff. Asking  $99,000.  HIGH ON A HILL  You get a panoramic view of Howe Sound from  this Grantham's view bt. Privacy and level terrain  make this an ideal building site. Asking $51,500  ROBERTS CREEK ��� COACH ROAD  A half acre of gently sbping view properly in quiel  rural surroundings. Asking $49,500.  CHERYL ANN PARK ROAD  Large building lot in an area of quality homes.  Asking $48,000.  ACREAGE  SUBDIVIDABLE ACREAGE  1.25 level acres zoned R2L. Application has been  made with the Highways Dept. for a 4 lot  subdivision on this Pratt Rd. acreage. Lot sizes  are 61.8' x 195.5'. One lot has a well maintained 2  bedroom. 1540* sq. fl. house on it. This whole  package is a beauty and the asking price is only  $155,000  SECHELT PARKLAND  1' i acres of semi-walerfront inlet view property.  This beauliful piece ot land borders a natural-bird  sanctuary and park only seconds from the  government dock. Tin1 real bonus is that the  zoning is multi-family and the package cornea with  plans and permits for a 33 unit condominium  complex. Asking $550,000.  GULF ISLAND WATERFRONT  6' acres with 450 ft. of level waterfront on  beautiful Reid Island situated between Pender  and Gabriola Islands. This secluded retreat would  make an ideal group purchase. Asking $100,000. Sunshine Coast Realtor, Sept. 11, 1981  SUNNYCREST  SHOPPING  CENTRE  VANCOUVER  TOLL FREE  886-2277       ���iPvvllV   ���  > hnii i   ���   682-1513  Vand land development ltd. 01��  R.R. #2, Gibsons, B.C. VON 1V0  HOMES HOMES HOMES  A LOT OF LIVING: in this 4 bedroom rancher.  1440 square feel of comfort Including fireplace,  family room, workshop area, large kitchen with  three appliances, lots of closets. All this on 1/3  acre landscaped lot. Assumable 1st mortgage at  11% YMCA Road. $112,500.  SUNNYSIDE DRIVE: Here's value! This 1350  sq. ft. near new home has everything you could  possibly want for comfortable family living and  more. Large master bedroom with 3 pee. ensuite.  Living room has vaulted 8c beamed ceiling with  large heatilator fireplace. Dining room plus kitchen eating nook. Wood trim troughout this 3  bedroom home. Finished Rec Room In the full  basement. Double carport, shake roof, brick facing on the exterior and all this is situated on a 95' x  150' lot. $112,000.  FIRCREST RD: Beautiful ranch style family,  home with large rooms and bay window. Stone  fireplace with energy grate and fan. Sundeck.  double windows and R28 insulation. Assumable  lll4% mortgage. Phone to view anytime.  $98,600  MALAVIEW RD: Cedar Grove School sits at the  end of the no thru road where Ihis three bedroom  rancher is situated. All large room sizes in this  Ideal family home. Some of the features include  fireplace, sundeck, landscaping, heated storage.  extra length carport and double windows. This Is a  must see for home buyers. $89,500  MAHLLNt KU: Brand new 3 bedroom homeon  1*2 acre in Roberts Creek. Master bedroom has  ensuite plumbing, custom kitchen cabinets, large  sundeck. Beautiful and private, easy to landscape  lot. And more. This home has all permits in place  to make the full basement into M.U.R.B. duplex.  The house design easily facilitates either single or  duplex use. Truly the home with great investment  potential. $119,500  CHASTER ROAD: This 2 bedroom 'A' Frame Is  the Ideal hedge against inflation! The home has  been totally renovated with T.L.C. and looks just  like new. The property Itself Is cleared and level  and situated east of Pratt on a quiet no through  road. Excellent starter or revenue property.  $59,900.  SUNNYSIDE DRIVE: Gibsons. Brand new  1840 sq. ft. four bdrm executive home with ensuite , family room, huge kitchen, custom  cabinets. Huge lot, double carport and you can  Dick your own carpets. Vendor may assist with  financing. $129,900.  HILLCREST ROAD: Full basement Home on bi  x 110 landscaped ocean view lol Two bedrooms  upstairs, bathroom with make up table, double  kitchen. Living room with granite half round  fireplace. Sundeck with aluminum railing over  carport. Finished rec room, bedroom and  bathroom downstairs Price includes washer  dryer, fridge and dishwasher  1139.500  CREEKSIDE PARK: Perfect 2 storey family1  home at an affordable price in beautiful Creekside  Park Estates. This 1700 sq. ft. four bedroom  home features finished basement, rec room  large workshop, laundry room, V, baths. Al  appliances including (ridge, stove, dishwasher  washer, dryer and freezer. Fully landscaped  grounds with concrete drive, pet run and wood  shed. Owner has done high quality work to make  this a warm comfortable family home. Plume lo  view anuiime. $109.500.   MOUNTAIN VIEW ROAD: Nearly brand new  1200 sq. ft. three bedroom rancher on quiet no  thru street in beautiful Creekside Park Estates.  This beautifully designed home, features separate  dining and living room. good size master  bedroom, fridge, stove and dishwasher. Large  (backyard for privacy, and Is on city sewer and  'water, hydro and cable, and is within walking  distance of mall, schools, and transportation The  owner says sell now! $84,900  COMEAU TRAILER PK: $10,000 down, owner  will carry 1st mortgage and beat the bank % by a  long shot. Qualifies lor the Governmeni 2nd ol  $5,000 or First Home Grant of $2,500. You could  own this beautifully constructed 12 x 68 Glen  River Mobile Home all set up on pad and hooked  up to all services for as little as $5,000 {plus  Government 2nd). Why pay rent when you could  live in your own home? Phone to view anytime.  Owner says sell!! $33,500.  RADCLIFFE ROAD: Selma Park. Three  bedroom view home. Two bedroom upstairs and  one down. Large rec. room wilh fireplace  roughed in. An efficient floor plan and the yard  offers view and privacy. $120,000.  DOGWOOD ST. ��� VILLAGE OF GIBSONS:  Beautifully finished 2 storey home, close to shopping, parks, tennis courts and beach. The basement is fully renovated into a separate suite and  currently rented Upstairs features huge, brick  fireplace, large kitchen and dining. Call to view  anytime  $98,600.  FIRCREST ROAD: Brand new three bedroom  rancher. An attractive different arrangement of  the Interior makes this a one of a kind. Fireplace  and carport. Builder does excellent work and his  finishing Is something to see. $94,500.  CREEKSIDE PARK: Brand new 1672 square  feet 14 storey home in Creekside Park Estates  This home is on city sewer, city water and  cablevision and features fireplace, large rec.  room, laundry room and workshop. Two car  carport and is on a quiet culdesac close to  shopping andxansportation. Ready to move into  * 107,900.  "WOODCREEK PARK: Executive home on .39  acre treed lot backing onto Ihe ravine park. This  lovely new home features 4 bedroms, 3  washrooms, den lamily room plus living and  dining room, This quality constructed home is  ideal (or the family that likes room to move wilh  2040 square [eel ol finished floor area. The Iwo  or garage and lull brick fireplace are just some of  the extra tout lies thai set this home apart from  Ihe rest  $149,500.  HILLCREST ROAD: Corner lot. landscapec  with ocean view. Close to schools and shopping  centre in Gibsons Village House is ideal for largt  family as downstairs is completely finished givlnc  22(10 sq. ft. of living area Double garage wit!  sundeck over, two fireplaces and 4 appliances an  some   of   the   extras   included   in   this   sale  UHM    CREEKSIDE CRESCENT: Hen- is a unique  designed 1' 2 storey home made ft >r spam his living  by a family that needs lots ot room. Main Hum lias  1103 square feet. Living room has vaulted i filing,  family room for privacy, bathrooms down and up.  674 square feet upstairs with three bedrm mis On  a good lot in Creekside which is three blinks lo  shopping centre, schools, medical clinic and all  for the price of $115,500.  FIRCREST RD: Near new 3 bedroom home on  beautifully landscaped lot in prime residential  area. Southern exposure and close proximity to  schools and shopping represent only a few of the  special features of this home. This 1200 sq. ft.  home is extremely well appointed with Schrader  fireplace, large utility and spacious eating & family  room area. Excellent family home. $85,000.  NORTH FLETCHER: at School Road. The most  beautiful view in Gibsons. Views ol Howe Sound.  Gibsons Harbour & Georgia Strait more than  180�� of ocean view. Older home, presently  rented, on this approximately 10.000 sq ft. lot.  Property has many potential uses Come & talk to  us about this combination home and investment  $89,500.  FIRCREST ROAD: ASSUMABLE MORTGAGE OF 12%% on this well built and maintained three bedroom home. Features a large livingroom with a beautiful stone fireplace and dining area. Bright and sunny kitchen with nook The  all nigbter in the basement makes it economical to  heal This 1160 square foot house is on a well-  landscaped 61x131 lot   $107,000.  SARGENT RD: Terrific Spanish huntcon < mc i >l  our best view lots. Two fully Implied Hours, total  2300 sq. ft. Four bedrooms. I Itaihmotns, rvc  room, utility room and w<�� kslu ip Twi i fireplaces,  double carport, intercom and wei bar. Within  walking distance of shopping and schools. Make  an appointment to view $145,000.  GRADY ROAD: Why buy new when you can  have this immaculate seven year old executive  home with a manicured garden? This home is  tastefully decorated with hardwood floors, real antique' brick fireplace and dramatic entrance foyer.  On top of all this there is the view! Too much to  tell vou. so come and see $159,000  WHAT YOU SEE ��� IS WHAT YOU GET!:  Three bedroom bungalow on a quiet dead end  street only 2 blocks from shopping and schools  Vendor will help make this affordable with a small  2nd 1st mortgage of $35,000 at 11% is  assumable Situated on Poplar Lane, offers to  $95,000.  ABBS ROAD: View! View! View! Are you  It loklng for a view home high on the lull with a view  forever! Thi?. is il! The view is spectacular! Ii goes  Irom Ihe north lip ol Keats Island through  Gibsons Harbour, The Gap. The Bluff. Georgia  Strait and ol course (he coasl mountains The  home is Ihree levels with \ bedrooms, huge  recreation room, olfice oi den, and balconies  along ihe front. The landscaping is already in  place. Additional features include lull ensuite oil  master bedroom plus am ilhet lull bath and a half  bath, This home must be seen to be believed.  $149,900  ROSAMUND ROAD: Would you like lo buy a  1 home and have someone eke help you pay for It?  This duplex on Rosamund Road on an extra large  lot may be the answer Consider it's assels Two  kitchens with appliances, two 4 piece skylit  bathrooms, two chimneys, separate meters, just  recently updated and refurbished Very good rent  potential on either or both sides Also, vendor will  assist wilh financing! Try your offer Asking  $99,600  MALAVIEW   ROAD:   Extra   special   rancher  situated to get the most ol the sun on a nice par  dally landscaped lot Finished with the best of  materials Solid oak cabinets, lush run and extra  special light fixtures Free standing heatilator  fireplace blows beat front and back Carved bear  in front garden. Mud room and all sorts of extras  $115,000  8 BEDROOMS?: That's right, on two levels;  This could be for a big family or as is a rooming  house with over $3,000 per month income  Duplex potential too. Includes 5 appliances and  some furniture. $50,000 assumable mortgage al  13Vz% This view lot of Georgia Straits is Vt acre  in size. Located on Clark Road off Gower Point  Phone for further details  NORTH RD: 2 and 3 bedroom townhouses  These beautifully finished suites make a perfect al  fordable  first   home  and/or  Investment   and  helling property Cablevision, beautiful brick  fireplaces, 5 appliances, fully fenced and lain!  scaped grounds  Ready to move inlo and owner  may arrange the banking lor you at 15' >% to  qualified purchasers Priced to sell al $84,900 to  $94,900.  HIGHWAY 101 ��� SELMA PARK: Beautin  remodelled little house across the street from  perfect beach Unbelievable view south and west  to Trail Islands and Vancouver Island from this  completely renovated 2 bedroom starter, retire-  ment or recreational home The owner /contrac*  lor has installed new wiring and service, new elec  trie heal, new stove, new wall to wall carpeting  Landscaping and much more All appliances In*  eluded and owner may help with financing at  13%  Call to view anytime. $84,500.  SELMA PARK: Well maintained two bedroom  In >me and self-contained one bedroom cottage on  almosl hall an acre view properly in Selma Park.  Features include: private landscaped setting,  large sundeck, dark room and fresh paint and  paper. Call for an appointment to view.  CEDAR GROVE: Large private lot in quiet  Roberts Creek area close to stores, beach, and  golf course. This 3 bedroom home with fireplace  and partially completed rec room needs some  T.L.C. and yard work. Well worth a look If you  like this popular area. Offers to $97,500.  HIGHWAY 101: just north of Crucll Rd. in the  village of Gibsons. Small home presently rented  at $300 per month. Lot is zoned to allow a duplex.  Existing home is set to the front, however the  'maximuni view potential would Ik* closer to die  reat ol this lot. This is truly a house with  investment potential. $79,500.  REID   ROAD: Absolutely  gorgeous quality home on huge lot. Three  bedrooms, l1^ baths, carport, garage, storage  shed. Home is only 1 year old, ceramic tile kitchen  floor, oak cabinets, brick fireplace, Jenn-Aire  range and microwave. All this on a level  landscaped fenced lot. Other features too  numerous to mention. This home represents  excellent value at the asking price of $119,000.  Vendor will carry full mortgage at 16*A.  MALAVIEW RD: Here It a $53,400 mortgage at lV/i% until June 19851 Immaculate  ;���! bedroom ranchei Large living room and ample  room for large dining suite Master bedroom has  walk-in closet and ensuite With current interest  rates showing no signs of going down this is voui  golden opportunity   $97,500  HAPPINESS IS A LARGE MASTER BDRM:  This one is huge with plenty of closets, There  are 4 bedrooms actually, all with walk-in closets  The house is 2 stories with 2(HHI square leel ol  living area Fireplace in living room and a family  room off the kitchen Close to schools, shopping  and all conveniences Creekside Park Estates.  offers to $119,500  POPLAR LANE: Ideal location in Gibson:  Village Steps to shopping, schools and transpor  tation This is less than 3 years old Fully land  sped yard Three bedrooms, master wilh en  suite Large rec room and workshop for the ban  dyman Built-in dishwasher. Good financing a  15li% In place Owner wants to sell pricet  below recent sales. $104,500  COMEAU TRAILER PARK: Affordable, luxurious, private accommodation in a marvelous  treed setting This immaculate 12 x 64 mobile  home has been babied all its life and now sits in  beautifully landscaped grounds with storage shed,  porch and covered entrance, all fencing In place  for small pets and inside, new wall to w-jII  carpeflng. and unique open spacious floor plan  Other features Included In Ihe price (see below),  three heiiiooms. large bathroom Ut laundry.  skirting and landscaping Owner says sell now! '  $29,900  1   STEVEANNE  I SAWYER    GURNEY  *-fjjB86-7678    886-2164  JOHN TERRI        GREG GARY DAVE JON LORRIE  HANSON    HANSON    GRANT    PUCKETT ROBERTS      MCRAE        GIRARD  886-8295     886-8295   886-7204    886-9508    886-8040      885-3670      886-7760 --"a Kealtor, Sept. 11. 1981  SUNNYCREST  SHOPPING  CENTRE  886-2277  IBSONS  ^AND LAND DEVELOPMENT LTD  Member Sunshine Coast     R.R. #2, Gibsons, B.C. VON 1V0      Real Estate Association  LOTS  OPEN HOUSE  Saturday, September 12,1981 ���10 a.m. to 2 p.m.  8 TOWNHOUSES  Panoramic view of Howe Sound and Georgia Strait  The location is a bonus - only steps from shopping, swimming and moorage. Enjoy the benefits of  carefree, maintenance free townhouse living These two and three bedroom units are Ideal for full  time or weekend use. Fully landscaped and maintained grounds. Covered Individual parking. All  units feature fireplaces, balconies, cedar feature walls, twin seal windows and major appliances.  Excellent Value at $97,500 to $113,000  OWNER WILL ASSIST WITH FINANCING  HOMES ON ACREAGE  CEMETERY ROAD: Over 2 acres hobby larm  with view of Georgia Strait less than one mile to  schools and shopping with lots ol country charm.  Nearly 1200 square foot log home with shake  roof. Three bedrooms. I1.. bathrooms. Floor to  eiling cut rock fireplace in living room. Built-in  dishwasher, oven and range in large kitchen An  ideal family home. On the terraced hillside are 4  :orrals, large pasture area, riding ring plus 30 x 50  solid 2x4 barn with 6 self-watering tie stalls. 4 ��� 10  10 box stalls and 10 x 10 tack room. Many  extras. $156,000.  TYSON ROAD: Wilson Creek. 2 acres, size 300'  3(M)*. All cleared with good two bedroom home  and sleeping cottage. Nicely situated just off the  highway Vendor will sell on Agreement for Sale  at 16%   $99,500  A PRIVATE WORLD: Set against a Ireed ravine  wilh creek, this garden-like 4 acres of flowers,  shrubs and lawns Is in 2 parcels. Some of the  features include 900 sq. ft. 2 bdrm home. 1 bdrm  guest house joined by deck and hot tub. New kitchen, new roof, parlor stove, brick barbeque pit,  wood sheds, garden shed, fountain and much  more. Must be seen and walked to be appreciated. Burton Rd. $182,000.  LOOK - A DUPLEX ON ACREAGE: Each side  Is 1250 sq. ft. with 2 bedrooms, large living room  and kitchen with laundry room and storage area.  Live in one half and rent the other. Lots offers  plenty of room to garden or hobbies. Vendor will  help with financing or assume $42,000 1st mortgage at 10l/4%.  LOWER ROAD: 1.02 acres in Roberts Creek.  125.4' x 357.72' of cedar and other evergreens  provides a perfect settipn fo' the two bedroom  approximately 6 year old mobile home. Large  storage shed and chicken coop and run round off  Ihe package. Priced at $97,500.  REED ROAD: New rancher on 1.8 acre property  close to schools, parks and shopping. Three  bedrooms with xh ensuite. Airtight fireplace to  keep heating bill down. House is well built with 2 x  6 framing, R30 and R20 insulation, V2" thermo  windows. Attached double garage. $139,500.  RUSSELL ROAD: Very private 4.32 acres with  large duck pond and year round stream. Ranch  type home has sunken living room and other attractive features. Designed for minimal  maintenance. Double garage that could be  developed for extra living space. Good outbuildings that could be adapted for many uses.  $225,000.  FLUME ROAD: Charming home on 4.57 acres  zoned R2J. This means you can live in this cozy  modernized two-bedroom home, enjoy the  parklike grounds with a babbling creek and now or  later subdivide into smaller parcels. Located half a  block from the Roberts Creek Provincial Park  which has one of the nicest beaches on the coast.  Buy this property and make your dream come  true - be it an escape, a country estate, an Invest:  ment, a home or all combined. $165,000.  IN VESTMENT - COMMERCIAL - REVENUE  SCHOOL ROAD: Prime RM-2 zoned lots  20.700 sq. ft., approved for 14 suites. This is the  only RM-2 currently available in the village. Vendor has architectual rendering. This scarce commodity is priced at only $15,000 per suite.  HIGHWAY 101: 2.49 acres In Village with 173'  frontage on Hwy. 101 Ideally located next to  village swimming pool and curling rink. Prime  development potential or subdividable for duplex  lots. $259,000.  STEWART ROAD: Fifteen acres located on  Stewart Road just off North Road. This is in three  five acre parcels and can be divided or resold if  purchaser does not want that much property.  Zoned Industrial I, which lakes light and heavy  industry. Three phase power available if  necessary. $350,000.  GIBSONS VILLAGE: This is the only  indepedent oakery in the area. 10 years in the  same iocation. Business is increasing steadily with  excellent potential to expand. Owner may carry  1st. All equipment included. Call for more details.  SEAMOUNT INDUSTRIAL PARK: This key  corner lot has the best access and exposure of any  available lot In the area. Needs no fill excavating.  Ready to build on. Can be purchased with existing  development plan and approved access. Lot has  143 feet of highway frontage. $165,000.  MARINE DRIVE: Waterfront Revenue. 100' of  prime low bank waterfront in Village of Gibsons.  Unexcelled view of sheltered Howe Sound. Solid  tenants in all three suites. Building remodelled  and upgraded. Very attractive property consisting of 4 bedrooms, 3 bedrooms and 2 bedrooms  suites with fireplaces. Don't miss your chance to  own this waterfront triplex. $285,500.  HIGHWAY 101: This industrial building has a  total of 5,000 square feet. It has three tenants,  leased out on two five year leases and one three  year lease. Lot size is 167' on the highway by 124'  deep. Present building has plans for suites on a  second floor and there is room for another  building on this lot. Present annual income is  $29,400. $290,000.  SOUTH FLETCHER: 4-plex on beautiful view  site, across from Holland Park and municipal  complex. Upper 2 suites are approximately 1380  sq. ft. each; spread oul over 2 floors with 3  bedrooms, IV2 bathrooms, large living room for  view, sundecks and storage area. Lower 2 suites  are approximately 790 sq. ft. each; containing 2  bedrooms and large living areas. The property is  nicely landscaped and well kept. Ideal location for  a revenue property situated between the govern-  ment wharf and the new marina site. $195,000.  ACREAGE  BROWNING ROAD: This 12 acre lot may be  approved for 'A acre minimum lots and affords a  natural 4 lot subdivision. Road at rear already  started. Hurry ��� for details call now.  LOCKYER ROAD: Secluded 5 acre parcel in  Roberts Creek. Privacy guaranteed by forest on  two sides and long panhandle dedicated as access. Perc. approval granted and water available.  Well priced on today's market at $90,000. This  gem awaits your inspection.  CHAMBERLIN ROAD: Nearly 5 acres of  beauliful timbered acreage. Water, hydro, cable  and paved streets close by. Ideal hobby farm or  holding acreage. Priced to sell. $99,500.  CHAMBERLIN ROAD: Lovely view lot looking  south inlo Howe Sound and Georgia Strait.  Cleared and ready to build on. 76 x 170. Well  priced at $54,900.  GOWER PT: 82 x 133 level lot with super view  of Georgia Strait. One block to Bonniebrook and  good beach. $64,500.  CREEKSIDE PARK: Lot 9. Excellent building  lot in popular Creekside Park Estates. Good view  potential along with paved streets, city sewer,  cablevision, hydro and water. Gibsons Creek  runs down rear of lot making this an ideal  purchase. $39,500.  SUNNYSIDE DRIVE: This 100 x 150 lot is  ideally situated at the end of a no thru road. Area  is fast building up with new quality homes. A 2  storey home on this lot would have a view of  Georgia Strait. This lot must be seen to  appreciate the value of the 100 foot widths of thex  surrounding lots. $52,500.  SYLVAN PLACE: In Cheryl Anne Park on ihe  Gibsons side of Roberts Creek. This % acre lot  has a partial view and is situated on a quiet cul-de-  sac only 3 blocks from the beach. The property is  nicely treed and in an area of new homes. Lot  dimensions are 48 feet on the road, 109' at the  back with side measurements of 150'and 162'. An  ideal building lot. $55,000.  ARGENT ROAD & HIGHWAY 101: Beautifully treed bt in Roberts Creek, approximately  100 x 265. Fully serviced 6/ lOths of an acre, this  lot could accommodate duplex, domestic  industry, hoby farm, single family residential or  mobile home. The perfect natural setting.  $49,000.  GRADY ROAD: Beautifully treed lot in  Langdale. 50 x '179.38. 93 x 213.05. Has  underground wiring. $49,000.  FIRCREST ROAD: Partially cleared building lot  with nice trees in a fast developing area. Excellent  school nearby. Dead-end street so safe for  children. Don't be put off by trailer three lots down  as It Is only temporary. Excellent value at this  price. $31,500.  WHARF RD: Langdale, One of the very few lots  left in this popular area. Large size, corner location and view make this a must see. Call now for  more details.  CREEKSIDE PARK: Lot 64. Good building lot  in popular Village of Gibsons subdivision. Hydro,  cable, phone, city water, paved streets and  CMHC approved. Vendor will consider low down  payment and 15%N financing. $37,900.  MARINE DR: Hopkins view lot. Beautifully treed  lot within walking distance of Langdale ferry- Size  50 x 141 serviced by hydro, water, phone and  cablevision. Priced to sell at $44,500.  CREEKSIDE PARK: Lot 109. Good building lot  in popular Village of Gibsons subdivision. Hydro,  cable, phone, city water, paved streets and  CMHC approved. Vendor will consider low down  payment and 15% financing. $39,900.  SCHOOL RD: 13 Viewlots in Gibsons Village.  Servicing nearing completion. Priced Irom  $57,500.  -YMCA ROAD: This extra large lot In Langdale  has underground wiring. It is 87 x 163.25.  $25,000.  GAMBIER ISLAND: Own a piece of Gambler  Island. This V* acre lot Is only a stones throw from  the New Brighton Wharf. Good water, tall trees.  16 foot trailer and shed already for you to build.  $26,000.  REED RD: Granthams Landing. Beautiful view  lots with southerly exposure and a nice stand of  trees Level access from street and easy to build  on. Size 48' x 168'. Buy one of these side by side  lots for $39,500 Or buy both for privacy and as  an investment.  WYNGAERT ROAD ��� OWNER SAYS SELL!  50' x 120' view lot with parklike landscaping.  Perfect spot for a home withoul disturbing plants.  Price reduced from $55,000 $50,000.  MARION PLACE: Evergreen Parkland Large  corner lot on cul-de-sac A nice neighbourhood  with attractive homes. Owner/builder will build  home of your choice or sell lot Offers to  $37,900.  BONNIEBROOK  HEIGHTS:   Spectacular  unobstructed corner lot offering a sweeping view  of water clear to Nanaimo. All services  underground. Truly a spectacular sile for your  retirement home. Owner will carry some financing  at reasonable rate  $67,000  CHASTER RD & 7TH: Approximately '/z acre  tot with terrific view of Georgia Strall and Vancouver Island. The large lot Is close to Bonniebrook. Chaster Creek and ocean front beach  and is on regional water, hydro and cablevision.  Owner says sell and that he may assist your financing at 15%. $64,500  HWY. 101 AT SCHOOL ROAD: 1 03 acres  zoned multi-family just across the street from Gibsons Elementary school. Excellent view potential.  This triangular shaped lot has 359' on School  Road. 350' on Hwy. 101 and is 279' on the back.  Vendor may cany 1st mortgage for qualified purchaser $119,000.  YMCA ROAD: This extra large lot in Langdale  has underground wiring It is 87 x 163.25.  $25,000  SEAVIEW RD: View lot in Sandy Hook  overlooking Porpoise Bay. Existing assumable  financing in place. Owners plans have changed.  Market value $39,500.  HWY. 101 AT MAHON ROAD: Prime  development property presently zoned R3. The  property has 140' frontage on Hwy. 101 with 627'  on Mahon Road. Vendor will build to suit or provide terms on this 2 acre parcel. $249,000.  COCHRANE ROAD-6S x 130 dry ideal building  site. Cbse to new marina. All services available.  $48,000  WATERFRONT  HOMES  SAKINAW LAKE: Sunny exposure and privacy  are the key features for your recreational  enjoyment. Secure government lease on 1.24  acres of waterfront with one bedroom cottage.  Boat access. $35,000.  FRANKLIN RD. WATERFRONT: Small but  very liveable two bedroom home with high dry  basement on this extra large waterfront lot |60 x  226 x 59.99 x 207.50) in this prime area Gently  sloping path to beach through parklike setting.  Sunny exposure & privacy. $180,000.  SANDY HOOK: Low bank waterfront with  gorgeous view and sandy beach only a few steps  from your front door. Good moorage and close to  Sandy Hook boat launch. The 720 sq. ft. home  sits on a full concrete foundation for easy addition  or renovation. Stone faced brick fireplace and  large front sundeck. Serious waterfront purchasers will appreciate thai this is what living on  the beach is all aboul. Vendor may carry mor*  (gage. $139,500  {  STEVE  SAWYER  886-7678  ANNE  GURNEY  886-2164  JOHN  HANSON  886-8295  TERRI  HANSON  886-8295  GREG  GRANT  886-7204  GARY  PUCKETT  886-9508  DAVE  ROBERTS  886-8040  JON  MCRAE  885-3670  LORRIE  GIRARD  886-7760 Sunshine Coasl Realtor. Sept. 11. 1981  n  - LANGDALE -  End of Grady Rd. - water, power & close to ferry 145,900  Doug. '136  - GRANTHAMS -  Central Rd. - Easy building, 50' x 103' -125,000 - Stan Hilstad.  ���115  Woodland Rd. * 2 view lots, private road, louthern ex-  poaute-���39.900-Frank. "1*2  - GIBSONS VILLAGE -  Good building lot in central lower Gibsons. 149,000 - Stan  Hilstad. '144  - ROBERTS CREEK -  Richards Rd ��� Choice 70' x 140' lot. cleared & level - Doug  ���127  - DAVIS BAY -  Arbutus Dr. - Exclusive subdivision, incredible views, building  protection. Only 3 available, lots 43. 47 & 55. Call Bob or  Frank '75.123 ft 159  - SECHELT VILLAGE -  Lookout Ave. - Just listed! Best view lot buy in town! Frank.  ���157  - SANDY HOOK -  Mt. Richardson - Lot 115 - Dead-end road, borders Pro  vincial Forest. Our best buy 130,000  -Call Don '21  Sandy Hook Rd       - Lot 48 - Excellent view, take all offers  -Frank. '113  Uplands Rd. - Lot 19 - A bargain at 422,900. - Call  Don. ��23  Tillicum Rd. - .4 acre property ��� tall trees, quiet area,  try your deal at 139,000. Stan Hilstad.  '150  WEST SECHELT -  Jasper Rd.  Semi-view, can only get better - asking  149,900. Let's deal! Gordie. '107  Mason Rd. - 72' x 200' x 68' - Great view & area  -easy building - Make an offer - Stan A.  ���154.000. "2+*  Island View Dr.        ��� Exclusive area - top of hill - driveway &  building site ready - Call 'Jack. '84  - REDROOFFS -  Welcome Woods Newest Addition - Lots from 154,500.  Redrooffs Ranch - Phase I - 82' x 208', level, treed, no mobiles  -Bob or Frank. ��79  Fawn Rd. - Possible view 92' x 408' - Plenty of timber, lovely setting. Frank or Bob. *87  Cooper Rd. - Small mobile, power In, water paid, building site  -Don. '110  Redrooffs Ranch ��� Phase II - Brand new are, selectively cleared,  southern exposure, building codes, park-land - 8 lots to choose  from.  - SECRET COVE -  Painter Rd. - Lot 5 - Dead end road, 102' x 320'. walk to  moorage-Bob of Frank. *71  ROBERTS CREEK: - Excellent building lot on paved dead end  road. 75' x 140'. Mobile homes accepted. Asking 142.500. Call  Doug. *1M  COMMERCIAL  SECHELT VILLAGE - COMMERCIAL LOT: 50' x 176'.  Central location. Great investment. Will take terms. 177,000.  Bob Bull. '17  WEST SECHELT: Commercial Comer. Mason & NorWest  Bay Rd - 18,000 sq. It. suitable for supermarket or corner store.  Busy crossroad area adjacent to expanding school and no competition. On site living quarters permitted. Call Stan Anderson.  II  LAUNDROMAT: Steady business. Ideal lor semi-retired couple. All equipment in excellent condition. Great location. Call  Jack. Vendors want to sell. *92  GIBSONS PRIME COMMERCIAL: Highway 101 frontage  Approximately 4 subdividable acres in two separate parcels.  Ready to develop. Call Frank Ingham or Bob Bull. Vancouver  Toll Free 684-8016 ��S6  COCHRANE ROAD - VILLAGE OF GIBSONS: Approx  Imately 60' of beach plus a beautifully landscaped yard. Over  1700 sq. ft. of comfortable living with 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms  and stone fireplace. Appliances and drapes included. Plenty of  storage. Offered by Frank Ingham at 1189,000. M16  DAVIS BAY: One of a kind! Sunsets galore. Very private and  partly landscaped lot Is approximately Vi acre View with Bob  Bull. *I2  REDROOFFS WATERFRONT  1.47 acres with hydro, phone, water and cable at the road Excellent exposure. Call Don. "39  103' OF WATERFRONT AT HALF PRICE: Here Is water  front property at an unheard of dollar. Salmon on your  doorstep. Try $50,000 or whatever! Such a deal. Call Frank  "114  SECRET COVE: 3M acre plus 91 ft. of waterfront. Lots of  potential. Last year's price of $79,900 Stan Hilstad *109  WATERFRONT ACREAGE: 16 acres with approximately  600' of low bank beach. Brand new road access Approval for  subdivision to 3 parcels Vendor will carry half. Contact Bob Bull  or Frank Ingham *126  HOMES  SECHELT VILLAGE: 1152+ sq. ft. 3 bedroom home within  walking distance to shopping. On sewer, some view and lull  basement. Asking 191,900. Call Doug. '133  SECHELT VILLAGE: Move right In. Like new 3 bedroom  home features 2x6 walls, airtight heater, basement substantially  developed and $50,000 assumable mortgage. Call Bob Bull or  Frank Ingham. 195,500. '155  DAVIS BAY: Enjoy the panoramic view over Davis Bay or a  refreshing dip In the 16' x 32' pool while the beautiful minimal  care landscaping looks after Itself. This well built home has 3  bedrooms up, 2 down and a slate pool table Included in the 28' x  17' rec. room. To view call Bob Bull or Stan Hilstad. Askinq  1165,000  _ ��135  "SECHELT: Room to roam In 3400 sq. ft. of comfort with a  beautiful view to enjoy from the large living room or wraparound sundeck. Stone fireplace up and airtight down keep the  chill oil during the cool evenings. Call Gordie for more information. '122  SELMA PARK - PANORAMIC VIEW: 1600 sq. ft. 3  bedroom, full basement and garage. Fireplace, Jennaire range  and oven, two doc: fridge-freezer and dishwasher. Built-in  vacuum system. 134' x 200' landscaped treed property. Asking  $165,000. Call Jack. #91  MOORAGE GUARANTEED. Up to 40 ft. of moorag  available with purchase of this 2060 sq ft. quality built view  home in Selma Park Other features include heal pump with  reverse cycle air conditioning, skylights, built-in vacuum and  wood sash windows. Asking 1189,000. For mqre info call Stan  Hilstad or Stan Anderson. '101  ROBERTS CREEK ��� HOUSE ON SALE: Owner/Builder Is  going away and this house will be sold before he returns! It Is  located In a quiet area and close to the beach. The home has a  large private sundeck and separate workshop. Covered by the  "New Home Warranty Program ol B.C.*'. Call Doug for appointment to view.                                                         *74  SOMETHING SPECIAL - VILLAGE HOME: What better  time to buy a revenue home at a very special price! Recently  redecorated home consisting of 3 bedrooms, 2 levels and  spacious basement. Plenty ol room for a suite. Large backyard  and bts of storage space for just 179,900. This is a real buy. Call  Stan Anderson. ��16  NEW SEA VIEW - LOT 54 ��� DAVIS BAY: Close to public  beach. Two level home ideal lor in-law suite with separate entrance. Good view jtom both levels. 2 sets plumbing plus ensuite  In master bedroom. Over 2000 sq. It. with w/w carpets. 3  bedrooms up. Workroom, laundry room. Carport & sundeck.  Cement drive. Good value 1149.500. F.P. Call Jack  885-2053. ��9  WILSON CREEK: Trade or lot as down payment? New house,  sunny location. 1600 sq. ft with lots of cedar, vinyl siding, bay  window, heatilator fireplace and double carport. Bob Bull or  i Frank Ingham. '106  DAVIS BAY: Energy efficient - $32'month Beautiful view  home, 3 bedroom split level with many great features. Asking  $175,000 Call Doug '143 I  DAVIS BAY: 1346 sq. ft. of executive quality. Wide open view I  from deck. Concrete drive to double carport. 3 bedrooms, 2 i  bathrooms, vaulted ceilings, 2 fireplaces and skylights. Call Bob I  Bull or Frank Ingham. '10 j  REDROOFFS: 3 bedroom home. 1538 sq ft. on large lot in  popular Redrooffs area. Asking $107,000. Call Bob Bull for  more Info. . *IS*  SELMA PARK: Well built 3 bedroom home on view lot.  Sundeck and rec. room. Owner Is leaving the area so bring of- |  fersto $139,900 Ask for Doug "141  SECHELT VILLAGE: Uniquely designed 2 storey, 3 bedroom  home featuring sunken living room, family room and more In |  163(>sq ft. Call Stan Anderson '18  FOR UNDER $100,000: You can have a home with a view of  the ocean and easy access to the beach. The lot faces south at |  the end of a dead end road. A lovely creek runs through the  back corner of the property. The house has 2 fireplaces: living  room & rec. room. All this located in sunny Roberts Creek. To j  view call Gordie. $94,500, ���77 I  WEST SECHELT: The price Is right on this single-wide mobile  home situated on a maintenance-free nicely landscaped lot on  upper Mason Rd. Ask Frank or Bob. '132  WEST SECHELT: Prestige home in an exclusive area. Presently under construction and should be finished by November. 3  bedrooms, 3 bathrooms, 3 fireplaces, with Jenn-AIr and bulk-In  oven. Asking $225,000. Call Doug for other details. '117  REDROOFFS: $40,000 assumable at 11%% till Sept. 1984.  Owner has bought and wants out. Buy this full basement 2  bedroom home located on a full acre. Call Doug. Asking  $139,900. '100  WEST SECHELT: Seclusion & quality are only 2 of the many  features included In this 3000+ sq. ft. beauty. Beams,  sundecks, sauna, cedar, mahogany cabinets and babbling brook  are some of the others. Call Frank or Bob for the rest. Asking  $210.000 'KM  Let's Talk Creative Financing  Gordon  Hall  885-9986  Stan  Hilstad  886-2923  Doug  Joyce  885-2761  Frank  Ingham  885-5336  Don  Hadden  885-9504 Sunshine Coasl Realtor, Sepl. 11,1981  REALTY LTD  FREE CATALOGUE  Madeira Park  883-9525  Box 98, VON 2HO  anderson  REALTY LTD  684-8016  HOMES  RONDEVIEW ROAD: The price combined with construction,  Ihe location and the many features will sell this family home.  Compare this home to others available, with 4 bedrooms,  master with ensuite, finished rec. room with fireplace, large  sundeck, Jenn-Alr kitchen, enclosed Independent 2 car garage  and a nice landscaped lot, and you will agree that tor II OS, 500  asking, this home is an excellent buy. To view call Bill Hunsche  883-2637 or 883-9525, ��54  1  CMS WAV - BARGAIN HARBOUR: Enjoy the southerly exposure and excellent view ol Bargain Harbour from this home.  Along with the view are features such as 2 heatilator fireplaces, 3  bedrooms, separate dining and living rooms, kitchen with nook,  a large covered sundeck with carport underneath and a finished  rec. room with wet bar. Along with view come all appliances,  drapes and carpeting. To view call Bill Hunsche 883-2637 or  883-9525. ��49  GARDEN BAY ESTATES: 4 month old Astro quality home In  a most prestigious area - 2 blocks to a marina - this 11% sq. ft.,  2 bedroom home has fireplace, laundry, ensuite and an excellent floor plan on 4/10 ol an acre. FP 1129,500. View with  Bob 885-3531. _ '125  STARTER HOME OR SUMNER RETREAT: with fireplace  on large lot on Front Road, Madeira Park. Priced to sell at  159,900. Vendor will consider carrying up to $40,000. Call  Doug 885-2761 or BUI Hunsche 883-2637. ��108  SMALL, COMFORTABLE ONE BEDROOM HOME: on a  large lot on Narrows Rd. in Madeira Park. For further  information please call Bill Hunsche 883-2637 or 883-9525.124  BARGAIN HARBOUR CHARM: A fresh listing in a desirable  area Here's a great combination of sandy beach and deep,  protected moorage. Enjoy the southerly view from the sunroom  In an 1100 sq. ft. modem (remodelled) home set lust above the  beach amongst landscaped surroundings. A real find at  1250,000. Jock Hermon 883-2745 or BUI Hunsche 883-2637.  ���137  WELCOME WOODS (REDROOFFS): 9 months new 3  bedroom contemporary home on 5/8 ol an acre on Wlldwood  Rd. The home highlights an Interior cedar finish, large sundeck,  and a practical layout. The price of 1119,500 includes 5 new  appliances. For more information please contact BUI Hunsche  883-2637 or 883-9525. ���140  COMMERCIAL  PENDER HARBOUR: Boatworks with waterfront and 1800  sq. It. contemporary home situated on 214 acres at the head ol  Pender Harbour. This is an excellent business opportunity  along with a lovely home for the right individual. For more  Inlormation call BUI Hunsche 883-9525 or 883-2637.        ��60  WATERFRONT  Ife STOREY ��� 3 BEDROOM HOME ��� EXCELLENT  DOCK: 150' frontage. F P. 12X5,000 - $100,000 down or  will accept Lower Mainland home and cany balance John  Breen 883-9978. '153  GARDEN BAY ROAD ��� GARDEN BAY: Comfortable older  950 sq. ft. home close to stores and government float. The .44  acres and present zoning permits 2 dwellings. There Is an  assumable mortgage ol $33,500 at 16% due In 1983. The property and home at $81,000 Is a sound buy and Investment. To  view call BUI Hunsche 883-2637 or 883-9525. '147  HALFMOON BAY - TAYLOR CRESCENT: Fully serviced  waterfront lot in exclusive area oi deluxe homes. Full southern  exposure. Excellent building sites. Reduced from $114,900 to  109,000. Call Gordie. IMS  WATERFRONT: Lease cabin at Ruby Lake. Reduced to  $30,000. Don. '67  2DWELUNGS ARE PERMITTED ON THIS 1.47 ACRES:  100* of waterfront in Redrooffs. From your 18' trailer withalarge  sundeck you will witness unsurpassed views of the Merry bland  lighthouse, Georgia Straight and Vancouver Island. Lawn,  hydro, water and driveway are in. Pricell05.000.To view call  Bill Hunsche 883-2637 or 883-9525. ��33  EXCLUSIVE WATERFRONT: We are proud to offer for sale  one of the finest homes on the Sunshine Coast. The 2 year old  superbly constructed 60' dock has water and electricity. The  main residence takes lull advantage of perhaps the finest view of  Pender Harbour. The basement contains a 2 bedroom self-  contained In-law suite finished to high standards. A Sauna and  Jacuzzi equipped bathroom are next to the Master Bedroom. A  separate guest cottage contains a Jacuzzi bath* and deluxe  finishing. View this extraordinary property In Garden Bay  Estates with Bob Beaupre - 885-3531.  Full Price $500,000. '129  $MMss��r*  WATERFRONT PRIVACY: The best Investment In real estate  Is waterfront. This 3 acre�� estate is located on desirable  Redrooffs Rd. Formally 2 lots - R-2 zoning permits a 2nd house  on deluxe site next to the finest porous concrete tennis court on  the coast The 1150 sq. ft. house is cedar and glass to take advantage of views of Merry Island .lighthouse and beyond.  $52,000 at 11%. Owner will accept trades or take back mortgage F.P $265,000. Call Bob 8833531 '31  COMMERCIAL  FOR RENT: 2700 sq. ft. of retail area in Madeira Park. For  more information, call Bill or Bob 883-9525.  1 ACRE ON LAGOON RD: In Madeira Park. Zoning permit',  acre lots. Priced at $65,000. Contact Bill Hunsche 883 9525 or  8832637. ��52  4(4 ACRES IN MADEIRA PARK: Next to shopping centre.  R3L zoning permits V. acre bts. Excellent holding property as  there are 2 stores & 2 homes on property with a potential  revenue of $1,470 per month. Owner will carry some financing.  For more information call Bob or Bill 8839525. ��46  ACREAGE  LOTS  BARGAIN HARBOUR: Waterfront lot. over half acre, recently  perked, driveway In. hydro, water and phone at road. Full price  185.000 CellDonat885-9504or885-3211. '47  KLEINDALE: 5 easy acres on highway. $59,000 terms Call  Don *���*�����  LOCATION PLUS OCEAN VIEW: 149 acres adjacent to the  Earl's Cove Ferry terminal. Some old buildings, but value Is in |  semi-waterfront land and It's inspiring view towards Jervis Inlet*.  $65,000 Is the price and terms can be arranged. Jock Hermon j  883-2745. '139  LOT 43 ��� PENDER LAKE ESTATE: This lot Is cleared and  driveway is In. Ready to start construction. Possible view. F.P.  $39,000. Call Bob 885-3531. "138  EXCELLENT BUILDING LOT: on Madeira Park Rd. Very  suitable for a small commercial building or the home of your  choice. Price $44,500 To view call Bill Hunsche 883 2637.H88  2 ACRES - KLEINDALE: An exceptional 2 acre site in  Kleindale. The power is at the property line and the well has  been drilled. This property offers trees and a gentle slope with a  good exposure. Price $55,000. To view call Bill Hunsche 883  2637 or 8839525. #104  DONNELY DRIVE ��� MIDDLEPOINT: A 1 /5th share. In 1  acre of land, with your own 1 bedroom A-Frame. Close to j  ocean and public access. This is a good recreational Investment.  Asking $49,500. To view call BUI Hunsche 883-2637 or  883-9525. '151  LEE BAY PROPERTIES  LEE  BAY  WATERFRONT:  Spectacular  easy  access  waterfront shores of Lee Bay at the entrance to Pender Harbour.  A quality subdivision with southwestern exposure and fabulous'  view. A fisherman's delight, a relaxer's paradise. Lots are fully  serviced including sewer and nicely treed. All lots are covered  by a building scheme to ensure highest quality construction.  Lol 01 - 19,063 sq.ft. -  $118,900      Lot 18 - $39,000  Lot 02 - 16,835 soft. - $118,900      Ut 21 $65,000  Lot 09 - SOLD* - $099,900       Lot 15 - 132,500  Lol 10 - 15,371 sq. ft. - $097,900  Lol 12 - 16,566 sq. ft. - $097,900  Lot 13 - 25,629 sq. ft. - $097,900  LOTS AND ACREAGE: Lot 30 on Lee Bay Rd. in hvines  Landing. 1.85 acres oi fantastic view property in new subdivision  priced at l66,000.To view call Bill Hunsche 883 9525 or 883  2637. ***4  WATERFRONT: and your own majestic view of Lee Bay and  Malaspina Strait. This is an excellent waterfront building lot and  a Must See. Price $129,000. To view call Bill Hunsche 883-9525  or 8832637. *57  MAGNIFICENT WATERFRONT HOME: Under construe  tion, a 2600 sq. ft. architect designed west coast contemporary  home which drapes over a 4/10 of an acre site, with 130'+ ol  waterfront. The home layout and plan takes optimum  advantage ol a south westerly exposure and one of the most  picturesque locations on the B.C. coast, namely Lee Bay and  the Malaspina Strait. The tinted double paned windows will  totally expose several incredible views, for a proud owner to  enjoy and discover each day. The home will feature a unique  design with optimum space utilization and an abundance of  sundecks with a courtyard entrance, highlighted by cedar siding  to express the West Coast theme. This home is situated in the  Lee Bay subdivision which has several restrictive covenants to  protect one's personal as well as financial interests. There are  many more features and facets to this exciting home and  property too numerous to list, so (or further information, please  call BUI Hunsche 883-2637 or 883-9525.  YOUR DREAM HOME: is now under construction. The  location is Lee Bay, lot #25, which allows you to enjoy the view of  famous Lee Bay and the majestic Malaspina Strait. This 1531.  sq. ft. home wiU be nestled amongst orchard trees and a si  creek. The home is a quality Jenish design two storey with  basement entry. Buy now and have your choice of the finishing  details, such as carpets, cabinets, etc. This home is situated in  an exclusive subdivision, with several restrictive covenants  which will protect one's personal and financial interests.  For more information please call Bill Hunsche 8832637 or  8839525. *9I\  Let's Talk Creative Financing  Jack  Anderson  885-2053  Bill Bob        .Bob Stan Jock John  Hunsche Bull Beaupre        Anderson      Hermon Breen  883-2637 885-2503       885-3531 885-2385       883-2745       883-9078 Sunshine Coast Realtor, Sept. 11, 1981  SECHELT OFFICE  n the Troll Bay Shopping Cenlre  085-3295  A4/MITTEN  AmmmXUt        REALTY LTD.  Van. Toll Free  681-7931  tat  WATERFRONT  iPARKLING CLEAN ��� 198.000  )nly minutes from Sechell. off Redrooffs Road,  Ms home is a famllv's delight You can easily  n)oy the ocean view from this cozy hideaway  with two fireplaces and you'll love the practical  torage space. Waiting to be bought. Call Bronia  toblns at 885-9033. "722  .WALLOW ROAD-GOWER PT 1185.000  .evel landscaped esplanade lot Ready to build  >n. Good access to bead' -.malt creek, fantastic  /lew. Call Don or *'ene Sutherland at  185-9362. "574  SEA FOR YOURSELF 8110.000  Eureka Place Strata Title, Waterfront lol with  :harmlng cabin, good building site and lovely  Deach. Owner understands creative financing.  For details call Don or Rene Sutherland at  885-9362. "682  SUBDIVIDABLE ACREAGE  This 18.7 acres in Middle Point with 600 feet of  waterfront has southerly exposure and Is zoned  for Va acre lots. Priced at $785,000. Terms  available. Klaus Roepke 885-2314 or Henry  Hall 885-2520. -641  PRIVATE W/FESTATE $189,000  Enjoy the peace and quiet of 400+ feet of  waterfront and a two bedroom home situated at  the head of Halfmoon Bay. Good potential for  subdividing the 1.88 acre tot. The bonus is a  vendor take back of $75,000 at 15%. Call Brenl  Strad today at 883-9382 *673  THE GREAT ESCAPE $63.0001  .Located on Carlson Point. Sechell Inlet. PrlCSi  includes Provincial Lease, lot. cabin, boat Call  Don   or   Rene   Sutherland   for   details   at  ,885-9362 "720  OWNER SAYS "SELL" $25,000  Small waterfront home on lease land with 14  'years still outstanding on the lease. Beautiful  beach with year round anchorage right In front  of house. Locaied in Selma Park. Available  30th of September, 1981 See this home with  Klaus Roepke at 885-2314. "542  AFFORDABLE WATERFRONT  For only $69,500 you could own this waterfront lot  on popular Coracle Drive.  Perfect  retreat or retirement home site, Klaus Roepke  8852314, ��659  CALL IT WHAT YOU LIKE, BUT CALL  aboul Ihis two bedroom waterfront home on  beautiful Davis Bay. $119,000 Bryce Leigh  886-8229 "586  HOMES  This panoramic view of Pender Harbour 24  hours per day. New construction, three large  bedrooms, three bathrooms, spacious living  room wilh cozy fireplace. Bt' the lucky buyer of  this fine home. Asking $139,900. For appointment to view call Gayle Adams at 883 9364.  *721  LOOKII $89,000  Here's Just the "our very first" that you have  been searching for. This cozy three bedroom  home in quiet Wilson Creek is close to shops  and schools. Great for the young family. Grow  all your own vegetables on this large tot. See it  now. Call Terry Brackett 885-9865 or Jenny  McCourt 885-2162.  CHECK THE COMPETITION  in the neighborhood. At $115,000 this one is  worth Investigating. 1136 sq. ft. with over 400  sq. ft. of sundeck plus full basemenl and double  carport. Offers plenty of opportunity for expansion. On Samron Road, just a short drive to  downtown Sechelt. Why procrastinate? Let's  make a date. Dal Grauer 885-3808. *741  SECHELT VILLAGE $60,000  R2 zoned lot, close to all village amenities and  Porpoise Bay with remodelled one bedroom  home. Call Don or Rene for details at  885-9362. "683  FINISH YOUR OWN HOME  Who wouldn't appreciate the opportunity to  finish their home just as they wish? All the hard  work has been done. Conveniently located near  Gibsons. $65,000. Bryce Leigh at 886-8229.  ���725  DELIGHTFUL GRANTHAMS VIEW HOME  A couple of hundred feel from the beach. This  cozy Grantham's home is $75,000. Bryce  Leigh 886-8229. '744  AFFORDABLE FAMILY HOME  Nearly new three bedroom cedar rancher on  ,  quiet  cul-de-sac In Welcome Woods. Cedar  feature   walls,   greenhouse,  carport  and  lots  more! $108,000   Call.Bronia al 885-9033.  '746  WEST SECHELT $109,500  II it's room you're looking for this is the home for  you Two large bedrooms plus large walk-In  pantry off kitchen. Three quarter basemenl with  office and lots of room for expansion Large  combination kitchen and dining room Wood  stove in basemenl View will Increase with more  development in surrounding area Good  neighbourhood. Call Terry Brackett 885-9865  _ *588  WELCOMEWOODS  New twi j bedroom home with large living room  On large lot with heatilator fireplace faced in  white marble, two bathrooms, good kitchen,  sundeck across ihe front of the house Owner  has bought In the Interior and musi sell. Asking  $99,900 which is under list price. Call Klaus  Roepke at 885-2314 for details *658  $30,000 PRICE REDUCTION  DAVIS BAY $219,000  * Quality features throughout,  * Excellent view over Georgia Strait.  * Close to beautiful Davis Bay Beach.  * Area of similar homes.  * 3 bedrooms, 3 baths, plus den or 4th  bedroom,  * Private decks off Masler bedroom and  upstairs study.  * Separate dining room.  * Vaulted cedar ceiling, skylights.  * Electric doors to double garage,  * 2500 square feet finished.  Call Emilie Henderson at 885-5225. ��*660  SECHELT VILLAGE HOME  Three year old three bedroom home with full  basement for only $64,900 alt appliances included. Also, assumable mortgage with  qualification of $42,500 at $640.00 per month.  Klaus Roepke 885-2314. "730  SELMA PARK $29,500  Cozy one bedroom home close to village. All  four appliances included. Ideal starter or summer home. Owner will carry half at 10%!  Yes -10% Terry Brackett 885-9865. *751  LOWER GIBSONS  New three bedroom home Vi block from beach  on a bright, sunny, level lot. Within easy walking  distance of all facilities. Excellent retirement or  starter home. $96,000. Bryce Leigh 886-8229.  *707  SPACIOUS COUNTRY LIVING  $189,900  Sizzling BBQ's! Strolls on rolling lawns! Drinks  beneath majestic trees. This three bedroom rancher on almost one acre of subdividable land.  Also, has ample room for a future pool or tennis  court and Is only minutes to shops and school.  Buy now! Owner started to build! Call Jenny  McCourt 885-2162. '709  WESTSECHELT $110,000  Three bedroom home. Exciting design with  shake roof and twin dormers. Features Include  heatilator fireplace, large dining area, extra large  bedrooms, one and one half baths Also,  storage shed and workshop. Ideal family home  Terry Brackett 885-9865. "713  Waterfront eslate, minutes from Sechelt  Privacy, home, guest cabin, magnificent trees.  See for yourself. Call Don or Rene al 885 9362  or Terry at 885-9865. "692  ~2  3  t  NATURES NEIGHBOUR $197,000  Sunsets, sheltered deep water, arbutus,  evergreens In the tranquility of Tuwanek. Two  bedroom log home, float, low bank waterlroni  Call Don or Rene Sutherland at 885-9362 lor  details. "642  REDROOFFS WATERFRONT $ 105,000  1.56 acres south sloping waterfront wilh services. Upper portion of property has  unobstructed view, lower portion has 100 feet of  secluded waterfront. Klaus Roepke 885-2314.  "600  BEAUTIFUL SARGEANTS BAY  Moor your boat 200 feet from the cottage on this  large waterfront property. $87,000. Bryce  Leigh 886-8229.  WLSON CREEK $107,000  Brand new three bedroom rancher Dutch hip  shake roof, skylights, bay window and separate  utility room are just some ol the fine features  Now is tlie time lo choose colours in carpets,  cabinets and colour schemes. Quiet area. Call  today for more details Call Terry Bracken at  885 9865 "731  YEAR ROUND VIEW $ 165,000  Walcti Ihe season's change from your living  room. This lovely three bedroom, full basemenl  West Sechelt home offers outdoor living at its  finest. Plenty ol room lor ihe whole family on  the 55 acre lol An excellent value. Call Brent  Strad at 883 "382 "699  GIBSONS $165,000  Do you need a large home as well as large lot?  Here is the home you've been looking for Four  bedrooms, fireplace, wood stove, plus large  recreation room Almost one acre of level land  fully fenced with two outbuildings Good garden  area. Handy to all amenities. Call Terry Bracket!  885-98b5or Marilyn Strom 886-2307.      "634  PRICE REDUCTION $79,500  Cozy two bedroom home with good ocean  view. Large corner lot. There is. also, a small  one bedroom cottage that needs work but could  possibly be fixed up as a rental unit. Owner will  cany mortgage of $40,000 at 17% two year  term. Terry Brackett 885-9865. "688  WESTSECHELT $75,000  Two bedroom home on large lot. Handy location. Plenty of room in basement for third  bedroom and storage. Nicely landscaped, Terry  Brackett 885-9865. '648  YOU MUST SEE THIS!! $97,000  An almost new three bedroom home built on a  reasonable size tot In a secluded area of good  homes. This home has dining room, large living  room, three bedrooms, kitchen, bathroom and  utility. All designed Into 1300 sq. ft. Thermopane windows, airtight heater, above  average Insulation keep heating costs to a  minimum. Carport and patio and fully fenced lol  complete this listing. Call Klaus Roepke at  8852314. '714  WEST SECHELT $199,500  Beautiful three bedroom home. Great ocean  view, creek, fish ponds and meticulous land  scaping are just some of the features Inside  Ihere is a fireplace, ensuite plumbing, wet bar  and games room. Outside you'll find green  house, wishing well and double enclosed car  ports. Must be seen Terry Bracken at  885-9865 "649  REDROOFFS $145,000  15(H) sq ft home in private park like setting  Three bedrooms, vaulted ceiling, i eil.it ItMiiiu*  walls plus large sundeck 24' x 24 workshop ris  well as fish pond outside Over st/i'il lot ensures  your  privacy   Must  Ik*  St     Tern,   Ui.nkell  KKr. 9865 760  UUI PEOPLE TO URVCVOU  Henry Hall 885-2520  Dal Grauer 8853808  Gayle Adams 883-9384  Terry Brackett 885*9885  Bryce Leigh 888-8229  Emilie Henderson 885*5225  Klaus Roepke 885-2314  Bronia Robins 885-9033  Rene Sutherland 885*9382  Corry Rosa 885-9250  Brent Strad 883*9382  Donald Sutherland 885-9382  Don Lock 885*3730  Sylvia Thirlwell 883-9983  Jenny McCourt 885-2162  Rosemary Young 8684359  Member Sunshine Cousi  Real Estate Association  ACREAGE  PRICE ADJUSTMENT  Now $64,900 for approximately 1.3 acres on  Redrooffs Road. Easy to build on. well treed,  short walk to beach and close to boat launching.  Vendor will take back small 1st mortgage at  15%, 1 year term. Call Bronia at  885-9033 "684  WEST SECHELT $72,500  Dreaming of a hobby farm or just in love with  having land to call your own? Here Is 4.68 treed  acres of mother nature's best. Very close to  shops and schools yet thoroughly secluded and  private. Buy this and build your own paradise.  Pick up your phone now and call Jennv McCourt 885-2162 *756  ROBERTS CREEK $ 110.000  5 iH gently sloping acres 2(4' on Highway  101 This is a well treed, wry atlractive acreage  not often found on the market Call Emilie  Henderson at 885 5225 "738  KLEINDALE  2 acre parcel, well treed, rural setting. Hydro at  property line, driveway in. building sile cleared  All at the reasonable price of $50,000 Gayle  Adams 883-9364 '724  AFFORDABLE ACREAGE $94,500  2 78 ireed acres with 700 feet of highway frontage in Middle Polnl Charming Iwo bedroom  country home has Fisher Airtight. Good exposure. Good buy Call Brent 883-9382   a663  WALK TO THE BEACH $75,000  Over one acre on Redrooffs Road Gorgeous  trees abound, potential view, water, hydro and  phone at road. Call Brent 883-9382 "695  THORMANBY ISLAND $ 105,000  11 acres of seclusion with high waterlroni and  western exposure Water access via Vancrofl  Government Wharf only minutes Irom Secret  Cove. Klaus Roepke 885-2314 "671  BEAUTIFUL & PRACTICAL $ 105,000  2.23 acres of gorgeous woods and clearing on  desirable Redrooffs Road with some view from  the top. and more to come as tht* area develops  This area is presently zoned lor ' 2 acre lots  Vendor will grant registered easement for easy  access and consider terms lo boot! There are  plenty of listings around but lew that offer such  opportunities Better look Inlo this one right  awav. Call Dal Grauer at 885-3808 MLS "743  BEAUTIFUL TREED ACREAGE  A l/6th share in approximately 30 acres of  beautiful property. Includes clear title to 1.23  acres plus a 1 6th share in 22.5 acres of common properly $55,000. Vendor financing is a  possibility Bryce Leigh 886-8229, '723  WEST SECHELT  SOUND INVESTMENT $ 195.000  Fantastic opportunity (or the thinking buyer A  rare chance to own ,W + acres ol level land wilh  good soil. home. barn, outbuildings etc. for the  price of ,1 West end hoim- Call Terry Bracket! al  885*0865 or Don ot Rene Sutherland at  885 "865 "665  SECHELT VILLAGE $74,000  An ex, iliinj parcel ol 3 '�� acres with 600' road  frnni.tiji' Good subdivision potential Call Don  ���. .t Ri'ite Sutherland .11KH5 03W 'M0  YOU CANT SEE THIS  or anything like it anywhere on the Sunshine  Coast' A unique and beautiful piece. |usi over  ��iii acre bordered by Roberts Creek Main  house, two small cabins, studio and barn Call  D.il Grauer 885 3808 or Bronia Robins  HHT. 9033 *752 Sunshine Coasl Realtor, Sept. 11,1981  SECHELT OFFICE  In the Trail Bay Shopping Centre  885-3295  aam  Van. Toll Free  681-7931  HOMES  LOTS  _ to  INVESTIGATE THIS ��� $159,500  Two modern houses on over 1 acre lot close In  lo Sechelt. One house Is rented after being  remodelled recently; the other house was built  just two years ago and has two bedrooms, living  room with airtight heater, dining area, kitchen  with Citation cabinets, bathroom and utility. A  two car carport and a 8 x 20 heated workshop  also, included. Possibility of subdividing off a  lol in the future. Locaied In Selma Park. Owner  I possibly carry financing to your down pay-  nl So call Klaus Roepke at 885-2314. "735  SECHELT VILLAGE $104,000  Immaculate three bedroom ranch style home  only one year old. Conveniently located on  quiel street in the heart of the village Brick  heatilator fireplace, cement patio off dining  room, skylight in bathroom. Total of 1310  square feet finished. This home will sell quickly,  so call today! Emilie Henderson 885-5225 or  Brent Strad 883-9382. "685  WEST SECHELT $79,500  Cozy two bedroom home. Just renovated New  carpels, cabinets, siding and doors Large  private lot. Good location. Terry Brackett  885-9865 -636  PRICE REDUCTION $ 119,500  rhis house features 1769 sq ft of finished living  area on three levels plus an undeveloped base  iin'iit The top level contains the M B with  private sundeck. 3 piece ensuite and walk-In  close! -is well as two other bedrooms and main  bath Other features include fresh air fireplace.  skvliijhi double garage Also assumahte mor-  tgage at 13'V. Call Terrv Brackett lo view at  sxr, 9865 ��590  WESTSECHELT $149,500  Large family home in popular area This Lindal  home features 2200 sq It of extensive cedar  ceilings Two and one half baths, large kitchen  and family room Also free standing brick  fireplace dividing living and family room. The  four bedrooms feature wooden bi-folds and are  vorv spacious Must be seen! Call Terry Brackett  ,n 885-9865, "666  SELMA PARK $189,000  Brand new three bedroom view home Area of  , \|��i iwive homes This Interesting home con  sists ol ihree large bedrooms, family room,  skyllyhts. green house windows in kitchen and  dining room Also, double garage with electric  i ipenei healllalor fireplace and heal pump with  reverse cycle lor air conditioning Interior has  been coordinated by professional interior  decorator. Up lo $100,000 at 15'V. available to  ���issisi m financing. Terry Brackett at 885-9865  to view. "733  $54,000 ASSUMABLE AT 13% TIL 1985  is iusi one of the attractions of this four bedroom  home centrally located in Gibsons. $128,000.  Bryce Leigh 886-8229 '747  4 HOME $159,500  Located in beautiful Selma Park this 1800 sq. ft  three bedroom home on a landscaped lot has  many special features. Assumable mortgage ol  $44,000 at IOV.1% due January 1984 available  Klaus Roepke 885 2314 *736  DO YOU WANT ALL THIS  Superior location, partial ocean view. 5 appliances, elegant, cuslom built home over 1900  sq. ft. Plus too many extras to write about. Call  Emilie Henderson at 885-5225. '656  WESTSECHELT $149,500  Unbeatable view year round can be yours In this  two year old three bedroom home with a  beautiful southern exposure. Situated on a quiet  road. It Is Ideal for your relaxed enjoyment.  Close to shops and schools, this would definitely  suit the growing family. Come see it now' Call  Jenny McCourt 885-2162. *755  LAURELROAD $112,000  Well built cedar family home. Close to schools  and shopping. Attractive terms available to  qualified buyer. Call Don or Rene Sutherland at  885-9362 for details. *679  WEST SECHELT $235,000  Beautiful level waterfront. Pebble beach and  prime location. This large Medallion home is  over 1600 sq. ft. and features fireplace, family  rm. post and beam construction, two hot water  healers and 3 extra bdrms. Also carport and  outside storage area. This home must be seen!  Call Terry niactwii 885-9865. *67fi  JL��� ^    *-U    Vl1j  $m  >    :  liU.1 VlLLAut  Wilh a reasonable down payment and the  balance at 10V*4% PA interest, this four  bedroom home, beautiful living and dining  room with fireplace can be yours. Other features  are built-ih Jenn-Air and wall oven, airtight  heater in family room. Home is only four years  old and waiting for a discerning buyer . Klaus  Roepke 885-2314 *737  SUMMERTIME  Was madu lor places like this, lake a two  minute walk to the beach lor a swim before  breakfast rind you won't have to move 'til you're  finished barbecuing suppin Try vour offer to  $80,000 for this collage at Bromrlebronk V'en  dm will carry hall at 16%. Call Dal Grauer al  885 3808 "711  SELMA PARK $32,500  Smaller two bdrm home. Outstanding view. Only one block to beach and short walk to village.  Lease land Call Terry Brackett 885-9865. ��646  FAMILY HOME $97,500  Near new three bedroom home only three months old. This 1200 sq. ft. tdeal. family home is  located in Wilson Creek and is priced to sell  now. Call Brenl Strad at 885-9382 or Klaus  Roepke at 885-2314.  ���763  INVESTMENT-COMMERCIAL & INDUSTRIAL  SECHELT  A marina, dining room, campyround. and gas  salt's an' all included wilh the three lots which  arc ideally suited to condominium development. Two houses are availahle lor owners.  Financial details for past Ihree years are with  listing salesman. Call Klaus Roepke at KH5 2314  lor more details. '703  LARGE COMMERCIAL LOT        149,000  10K leet of highway Irontage in Halfmoon Bay.  C2L zoning allows for restaurant, tourist accommodation Excellent holding property Call  Brenl Strad 883.9,182 -bit  MOTEL ��� DAVIS BAY $685,000  This 10 sell contained unit ntolel and 3 hedroom  home is located directly on Ihe Sunshine Coasl  I lighwny in Ivautiful Davis Bay. Ple.tsecall us to  find QUI the full potential of thisnutst.mding 1.20  .u re commercial situ, Foj more Information call  Klaus Kocpke al 885 2314 or Henry Hall al 885  2520. ��708  Well established pet and plant business, no  competition. Excellent main street location.  Low rent. Ideal opportunity for someone  wishing to be self-employed. Call (or more  information Emilie Henderson al 885-5225.  MALL LOCATION  Thriving gift shop specializing In stained glass  works and pottery Location is second to none  in busy mall. Showing excellent return. Owner  will train would-be purchasers. Price includes alt  tools and stock. Owner may consider terms.  Call Terry Brackelt al 885-9865. -732  SECHELT COMMERCIAL  JUST LISTED MLS. Large commercial  building located on two lots. Ideal holding  situation. Owner will consider carrying on large  down payment. Call lor all details on lease and  budding. Terry Bracken al 885 9865 ��706  CHATEAU VISTA  APARTMENTS 1165.100  This excellent triplex located on the Port Mellon  Hwy contains 3 large 6 mom suites with decks  Income scheduled al $450 per month'unit  Vendor will take $75.000 down and carry the  balance at an exceptional \2% for 3 years This  is an ideal investment situation for a discerning  buyer Brenl Slrad 883-9382 >�� Bent Segato  8K5-39IH "749  SANDY HOOK $37,500  Drive by Lot 26. Deerhorn Drive and begin  planning your new home. Minutes from  Sechelt Where will you find a better view for  this price? Gayle Adams 883-9364. "675  SECHELT VILLAGE $38,000  Quarter acre lol in secluded, quiet area, yet only  two minutes from "downtown" Sechell. All services except sewer. Call Rosemary Yourw at  H86-8359 '7 3 4  REDROOFFS $62,500 Mck  Two prime view lots in exclusive new subdivision close lo Sargeants Bay. Level and easy to  build on. Terry Bracken 885-9865. "75S  HALFMOON BAY $41,000  Over one acre and took at the price! Gentle  slope to the back of the property. Some view of  the bay area. Won't last! Terry Brackett  885-9865 "602  VIEW LOT - IRVINGS LANDING, KAM-  MERLE ROAD  Nicely treed view lot. Septic approved. Approximately >/4 acre For details call Sylvia Thirlwell  883-9963 or Brenl Slrad 883-9382.  ���70S  LOTS OF LOTS  Level, sloping, sleep, view, secluded located  from Roberis Creek to Tuwanek. We're sure to  have one to please you. Some terms available.  Call Don or Rene Sutherland 885-9362.  BUILDING LOT $39,000  A level lot on Sinclair Bay Road. Garden Bay  cleared and ready to build on. Asking $39,000  for this excellent lot. Call Klaus Roepke at  885-2314 for more details. '668  ROBERTS CREEK $44,000  Centrally located, level, drive on and build! A  pleasant, uncomplicated lot. Call Don or Rene  at 885-9362 for details. "604  WEST SECHELT $41,900  Cheapest lot available In ihis fully serviced subdivision. Lol is nicely treed, located on high side  of street Call Emilie Henderson at 885-5225.  '60S  REDROOFFS $52,500  Large level lot in handy location. Owner is  presently clearing and leaving some nice trees.  Easy to build on. Services at road. Call Terry  Brackett at 885-9855. '638  KLAHANI DRIVE LOT 69 MLS  Beautiful view lot Sandy Hook. Hydro and  water available. Priced in the 30's. Owner will  consider all reasonable offers. For details call  Sylvia Thirlwell at 883-9963 or Valerie Bayntun  al 921-8340. '643  HALFMOON BAY $39,900  Large lot over Vz acre, well treed, septic approved Emilie Henderson 885-5226. ��606  LOOKING FOR VIEW PROPERTY?  Here Is one of the finest views on the Sunshine  Coast Approx. Vz acre overlooking Halfmoon  Bay. Come! See! then begin planning Ihe home  of your dreams. Call Eric Rudland 885-9857 or  Gayle Adams 883-9364 now *687  GARDEN BAY $30,000  Build your home amid all the privacy you require, yet within walking distance to stores and  marina. Price adjustment to $30,000. Call  now! Gayle Adams 883-9364. '691  TUWANEK LOTS $29,500 ft $82,900.  Two gentle sloping lots side by side on Tuwanek  Place. Buy one or both. Call Klaus Roepke at  885-2313. '726*727  WEST SECHELT VIEW LOT  Located on the Sunshine Coasl Highway. This  nearly one acre lot is facing the Strait of Georgia  and the sun Call Klaus Roepke at 885-2314.  $64,900. <729  SUPER DEAL  ��� Over Vs acre with potential view of Halfmoon  Bay. All this plus a part interest In a waterfront  property  Call now Gayle Adams 883-9364.  WILSON CREEK BUILDING LOT $36,900  Excellent level building lot. Located on Wilson  & Field Road Part of small Sub-Division. Call  Klaus Roepke at 885-2314. '728  SECHELT $79,500  Large lot In village Zoned public assembly. Call  Terry Brackett at 885 9865 -585  DAVIS BAY $57,500  Perhaps the best view lot available in Davis Bay  Close lo stores and school. Expensive homes in  area protect your investment. Teny Bracken  885-9865. *��*'  PRIME LOCATION  Just minutes to beach, school and general store  in Roberts Creek, this treed Vt acre lot Is  $58,500. Vendor will consider terms. Bring us  an offer! Call Bronia al 885-9033 or Terry al  885-9865.  AFFORDABLE LOTS  Located In Tuwanek, one comer and one valley  lot. Priced at $24,500 and $19,800. Call Don  or Rene for details at 885-9362. "688  EGMONT BUILDING LOT $87,500  Large .45 acre lot on Egmont Road. Close to  great salmon fishing. Hydro and telephone at  road. Call Brent Strad at 883-9382. '696  SANDY HOOK VIEW  Lots 32 8c 33 on Deerhorn at $87,000 apiece.  Gel past the alders at the roadside and look over  the building sites. Try an offer on both for roomy  living. Lot 75 on Skookumchuck affords even  easier building and the same spectacular view  for $39,000. Owner will consider terms, and he  is not a banker by profession. Dal Grauer  885-3808. MLS. '748  BRING YOUR TRAILER  The driveway Is In and a site has been cleared  for your recreational trailer on this 6/10lhs.of  acre on Southwood Road. Excellent building  site and water is on property. An exceptional  value ai $41,500. Brent Strad 8839382.  '686  .6 ACRES $45,000  Extra large building lot located on Southwood  Road, offers both privacy and an excellent  building site. An excellent value for a discerning  buyer. Call Brent Strad 883-9382. '700  RESIDENTIAL BUILDING LOT  Nice lol on Gower Point Road with potential  view. Village sewer and hydro and old cabin.  Make an offer Klaus Roepke 885-2314. '681  SANDY HOOK VIEW LOTS  Don & Rene Sutherland have listed several nice  view lots. Priced Irom $85,000 lo $42,000.  Call 885-9362 for details. '652 ft '661  TRAIL ISLAND LOT $24,900  The rare occasion Trail Island Lol *9 facing  Strait of Georgia. Klaus Roepke 885-2314.  ���739  CEDAR CORNERS $38,900  Attractive treed lot In pleasant small subdivision.  Close to arena and beach. Call Don or Rene  885-9362 or Brent Strad 883-9382  SECHELT VILLAGE  Located near arena - large level lot. Well priced  at $23,000. Call Don or Rene at 885-9362.  ���629  EASY FINANCING TERMS  are Included with this approximately Vz acre lot  near Halfmoon Bay. Bryce Leigh 886-8229.  ���674  SECHELT $44,500  Level lot In the village. This fully serviced lot is  very easy lo build on and handy lo all amenities.  Call Terry Brackett al 885-9865. . _ '689  PRICE REDUCTION $44300  Half acre lot with view potential..'Owner has  obtained health permit. Ready to build on. All  services except sewer. Call Terry Bracket! at -  885-9865. 712  STEEP BUT FABULOUS VIEW  Locaied on Gulfvlew Road. Madeira Park. This  half acre lot has subdivision possibilities. All offers presented to owners. Call Klaus Roepke at  885-2314 '667  SEAMOUNT INDUSTRIAL PARK  Three side by side lots zoned commercial light  industry. Well located back from highway with  total frontage of 150 feet on Venture Way and  side access of 125 ft. Asking 837,000 each or  $ 110,900 lor package. Call Emilie Henderson at  885-5225. #609  REDROOFFS AREA - Extra Large, Level Treed Lota  $46,000  $45,000      ' Agreement for sale. 14%, 1 yr. term  $44,800  $44,900\ ��� Vendor will look at all offers and will can-  $44,900x   sider financing.  $45,000      - Selectively cleared, driveway In.  $33,900 ��� Sloping view lot. Agremeent for sale, approximately $12,000. 14% due November  1983, '718  Call BRONIA ROBINS tor more detalla at 885-9033.  Cooper Road  Dogwood Road  Dogwood Road  Southwood Road  Cedarwood Road  Eureka Road  Lot 78  Lot 57  Lot 58  Lot 51  Lot 42  Lot 46  SANDY HOOK  Deerhorn Drive  Lot 34 10
Sunshine Coast Realtor, Sept. 11,1981
In th* Lowtr Vlllag*
Mmm\      I
Van. Toll Free
Carpets & cabinets for your new 3 bdrm house.
Heatilator fireplace & skylights plus a mortgage
at 16% make this one of the most attractive
buys on the market. Terry 885-9865 or Randy
885-5623. __ "257
GIBSONS $132,000
Lovely 4 bdrm In lower Gibsons, view of water
and mountains. Large rec. room with fireplace.
Very convenient kitchen, lots of storage and
work area. Master bdrm with ensuite. Living rm
open to the dining rm with fireplace. Large
workshop with separate entrance. Close to all
amenities. Suzanne 886-8317.. *589
XsTCBaBTe 175,000 at 16%
Near new 3 bdrm huge split level. All the
amenities for the perfect family home, large
family room, fireplace, 2 car garage, walk to the
shops. Quiet paved cul-de-sac. Located In Gibsons. Don't miss this deal. Only 9129,000. Call
loday, Barbara MacGregor 886-9741. "244
(29,000 at "101A%" makes this neat 2 bdrm
iome perfect for the small family, Ideal for
etlrement. Bryce Leigh 886-8229 or Barbara
HacGregor 886-9741. Offered for
Owner will lake back a $60,000 mortgage at
15%. 3 bdrms, 2 baths, Vl acre lot. Centrally
Located In Roberts Creek. This home will not
last! Phone Randy 885-5623 or 886-8126. MLS
This has everything. Cottage, big bam. Fenced
fields, fruit trees, trout stream and great lodging
for horses.. A property with immense potential.
Syd or Frances Heal 885-5693. »21S
* Super location in Gibsons.
* Over l'/l acres of flat treed property.
* Large remodelled home.
* Includes barn St greenhouse.
* Owner will take back mortgage al 16%.
Randy Wollen 885-5623 "262
At $89,000 this is the best buy around. If you
want four bedrooms and two bathrooms for that-
big family this is for you. Frances or Syd Heal
885-5693.  **210
The elderly owner cannot cope but says show
me a down payment and I will give terms on
balance. Two bedrooms on lease land and just a
little T.L.C. would help. Syd 8i Frances Heal
885-5693^ «217
Two side-by-slde 52.5' x 150' level lots. Close to
highway. Fully serviced and correctly zoned
light Industrial. Syd or Frances Heal 885-5693.
TAYSHEITER UP TO $30.000*ll*f YR53
1700 sq. ft. per side. Fantastic view of Howe
Sound. This duplex wilt be an Ideal rental property or Investment for people in a high Income
brackett. Phone Randy Wollen 885-5623. MLS
Anxious owner wants offers on this superb
duplex. Modern side by side revenue $1270 per
month, some assumable finance. Wilson Creek
area. Frances or Syd Heal 885-5693. «211
NOWIII $176,000MtS
Financing available at 15% .on substantial
* 5.32 acres within the village of Gibsons.
* Presented zoned for two family dwellings.
* Minimum lot size 8000 sq. ft.
* Potential view.
* Level 3 blks to village services.
Please call Martlyn at 886-2307. "222
ANTIQUES $85,000
A growing antique business In Ihe heart of Gibsons wilh a large stock of high quality. The
potential of this business has barely been tapped. Suzanne 886-8317. «248
Lower Village - 1050 sq ft main road loca
lion, Immediate possession, private parking.
Lower Village • Storage or workshop space,
convenient loading deck, private parking.
Hwy 101 and Payne Road • 4000 sq ft. retail
or office space. New building, strategic location,
excellent parking Available In 1000 sq. ft units.
For terms and lease rates call Syd Heal
You can entertain a queen in this 3300 sq. ft.
home of elegance and quality. 4 Ige bedrooms,
huge rec. room with dance floor and garden.
Italian Hied sundeck and patio, terraced garden.
Frances or Syd Heal 885-5693. »260
NORTH RD $119,000
3 bdrm home with heatilator fireplace and partial basemenl on large 50' x 208' commercially
zoned lot Includes small revenue cabin. Invest
now. Call Marilyn Strom 886-2307. *257
Saturday September 12, 1981
All offers will be considered. Owner says "Sell"
so come on In and make your offer on this
deluxe 4 bdrm view home in beauliful Wood
landu 885-5623 MLS
$21,000 da. ■ $717 mo. P.I.T.
Bal. at 14% - for 2 yrs. Nr. new 3 bdrm home
on choice comer lot, enclosed garage, l/scaped,
paved drive fie spotless throughout. $86,000
F.P. Call now to view.         *214
WUtlON PUCE (oil Vol
Reduced to $87,000 • 14X Financing
Approx. $8%mo. with $21,000dn. 6mos. old
brick faced Rancher. 3 bdrms, heatilator
fireplace, patio in sunny l/scaped yard, paved
drive; sep. pantry off kitchen, child proof quiet
cul-de-sac. Call now to view - tomorrow may be
loo late. Peter Davidson 886-8400. *220
P.S. Both homes open 24 p.m. Sept.13
unleea ptaetouahi «old. „.
A beautiful family home close to schools, stores
etc, and In a quiet children oriented cul-de-sac.
2 bdrm, large lr/dn and big kitchen. Owner will
consider   all   offers.   Syd   &  Frances  Heal
885-5693.            *205
2 bdrm otder home In Gibsons. Newer garage &
garden shed go with price. Sunny lot has lots of
room and 2 fruit trees. This home Is a good
starter or Ideal for a small family. Randy
885-5623 or office 886-8126. *238
Granthams on Reed. Neat clean two bedroom
rancher with remodelling potential. Assumable
finance available and what a view! Syd or
Frances Heal 885-5693.        _ *f 19
So will you! New 1388 sq. ft. Rancher on quiet
cul-de-sac, skyllte in kitchen. Heatilator
fireplace, sep. laundry room, carport. Asking
199,500. Try $15,000 down • bal. at 15%.
Bronia Robins 885-9033 or Peter Davidson
886-8400. P.S. Only 5 mins to all Gibsons ser-
RDOMTOROAH ~   1165,000
On this .96 acre property with super size family
* 4 bdrms
* Lg rec. room
* Two out-bulldlrvgs
* Fire place & wood stove
* Fully fenced
* Close to village services
Must be  viewed  to appreciate.  Call Terry
885-9865 or Marilyn 886-2307. "634
* Nice level lot In Gibsons.
it Very quiet street.
* Area of quality homes.
* Sunny exposure.
* Just move on and build.
Randv Wollen 885-5623. "261
Large lot in central Roberts Creek. Ready lo
build on and could provide a good view. Owner
will look at builders terms & financing. Randy
885-5623.. .„*207
Big level lot, park-like trees, superb building site
100' x 170', Frances or Syd Heal 885-5693.
Keep costs down with this 60' x 120' level lot.
Location is sunny and just a short walk to all
amenities. $38,000. Call Rita Hummel for
more details at 886-7070. MLS^IS
more details
See this level, serviced, sunny, nicely treed lot
Just a quick stroll to both the beach and tht
village. Call Barbara MacGregor 886-9741 or
Terry Brackslt 885-9865. »69l~
WILL CARRY $49,500
$20,000 al 16%. Get your start In Roberts
Creek for only $260 a monlh. This one won't
last. Call Barbara MacGregor today
9741. »241
* That's right only $20,000 down.
* Balance at 16%. Level lot.
* Nice trees. View of Sechelt.
* Bay.
+ Property on sewer & ready to build on.
Randv Wollen 885-5623. "235
SUCH A DEAL $10,000
That's right only $10,000 down, owner will
cany balance at 15%. Full price Is $39,900 and
lot has underground services and private wharf.
Don't let Ihis one get away. Phone today!!! Randv Wollen 885-5623 or 886-8126
■NUT VIEW $43,500
Almost V2 acre of Incredible view property ready
to build on. Access from front or back of property. This lot is in an area of fine homes. Act now.
Phone Randy Wollen 886-8126 or Terry
Brackett 885-3295. '243
Fantastic view lot. close to wharf & village
center. Access through lane in back and road In
front. Owner will look al all offers so try your
luck. Phone Randy 885-5623. »240
Arbutus trees, moss, rocks and Christmas trees.
A fantastic view of sea and mountains. Suzanne
8868317. »231
* Large level lot.
* Very sunny exposure.
* Area of fine new homes.
* Lot lends Itself lo solar type home.
Phone Randv 885-5623.
Syd Hoal Minagt r
Suzannt Dunkarton
Polar Davidson
Marilyn Strom
Francos Haal
Rita Hummal
Randy Wollan
Barbara MacQragor
Bant Sagato
Cozy one bdrm home with a small guest cottage. Almost Vi an acre. Close to beach, school
and trans. All appliances included. Vendor Is
willing to carry approx. $40,000 at 14%.
Suzanne 886-8317. «254
You'll love this superior properly. Two bdrm
rancher In lovely neighbourhood Is neal and tidy
and awaits your Inspection loday. Priced at
$139,900. Call Rita at 886-7070 and make
your offer. '229
SELMA PARK BY THE SEA        $105,000
High view with trail to beach, small but neat cottage. Value in land but could make super sile for
new home. Syd or Frances Heal 885-5693.
YOU'LL AGREE $229,000
That this Is one of the finest waterfronts
available. Over an acre In Roberts Creek has
level beach and many very large trees. What
more could you ask for? A double wide mobile
home you say? OK Phone Rila at 886-7070 to
wATBrWHT - mtm miMo™
Popular Redrooffs can be your new address
when you move Into this brand new 3 bdrm
tome. High bank but accessible waterfront Is
over 'A acre. Very attractive financing assures
Ihat this won't last. Call Rita loday al
B86-7070.  - "*SL
10 subdividable acres. 2+ acres cleared and In
pasture, some cross fencing. View of
Elphinstone Mt. Quality house of dutch bam
style using logs for the lower level. Unique
finishing are the features In this 3 bdrm home.
Brick heatilator fireplace, large open kit., bulk-in
oven, microwave & Jenn-Air range, lots of)
counter space & storage area. Hot tub set out on
a large sundeck overlooking the acreage
Suzanne 886-8317. *221
Interesting 1200 ft. on the highway at Pender
Harbour. Total area four acres plus, cleared
mostly level and close to the harbour. Call Syd
or Frances Heal 885-5693 - *233
Nearly 5 acres of privacy in rural setting. Level,
partially cleared wilh evergreens on perimeter of
property. Close to Cedar Grove School. Call
Marilyn 886-2307. "236
If you've dreamed of owning a mini farm now Is
your chance. Over 5 acres with 2 bdrm home
conveniently located. Now reduced to
$165,000. Call rita today at 886-7070. '249
Beautiful wooded 9.5 subdividable acreage.
Property bounded by roads on both sides.
Suzanne 886-8317. '255
A rare find at $58,000 for 1.31 acres. Road
allowance at back for future subdivision. Gentle
slope southern exposure. Close to beach and
boat launch. Well treed. Suzanne Dunkerton
886-8317. '256
Contact Exchistvai Agtrrts
Syd & Frances Hoal
» s
From $45,900 per lot
A totally serviced Residential Subdivision
Terms available wilh 25% down   Balance at 16%
Selectively cleared wilh all services underground setting a new high standard lor Ihe area. Paved curbed
road, selectively cleared with beautiful trees remaining. Close to stores, schools and Gibsons Harbour wilh
its soon-to-be-built marina.
Gibsons Olflci
Vane. Tell Free 868-7820
' :
re !
\ m.H
" "
it —
" '*
'• '•
•i m
\» \
" :
S3  -
jj :
31   '
sff *
if '
t$ *
40 it *'
Hi*     1
,.   M
i »
ft ff
aJtttt   -1     "f
.... ��� BLOCK  NATIONAL REAL EST/  the  bestsellers  Block Bros. Realty Ltd.  203 - 14th Street, West Vancouver, B.C. V7T 2P9  922-3911  HOTEL AND DINING LOUNGE ���  GARDEN BAY  This strategically located business Is situatud in  Hospital Bay on a 1 acre corner lot with extensive marina traffic and facilities at Its front door.  The character of ihe buildings and property is  unique and affords a challenge for the Imaginative The present owners are operating this  business on a seasonal basis. The operation  could be run year round with an increased staff.  The property also has potential for future strata  development For an opportunity to view call  Bruce McKinnon or Harold Jacques 885-9023,  Priced at $875,000.  REDROOFFS RD  Gothic style 2 storey home located on a well  timbered one acre + lot. This lovely home is  located across the road from easy beach access  and features Jenn-Alr range, built-in oven and  dishwasher. There is also a large workshop or  guest cottage. Owner has transferred employment and therefore has realistically priced this  beautiful property at $125,000.  WEST SECHELT  Large level building lot located on Norwest Bay  Rd. near Mason Rd Priced to sell at $39,500.  $97,500. ��� POINT ROAD  Enjoy the panoramic view of Howe Sound from  this completely renovated 3 bedroom home.  Located in Hopkins Landing, this property  would be ideal for the commuter. Alt appliances  are included in the sale.  LIGHT INDUSTRIAL ��� GIBSONS  Located alongside of the main highway through  Gibsons, this light industrial zoned property is In  a prime location. The properly consists of a 95 x  150 ft. lot with 808 sq. ft. of office area and an  2600 sq. ft. adjoining quonset hut. The property  Is currently being rented. Listed at $150,000.  3 BEDROOMS AND A VIEW ���  WILSON CREEK  Enjoy the view of Georgia Straight from the  living room or the large sundeck in this 3  bedroom split level home. This home is  complimented with wall to wall' carpeting, a  finished basement which may be used as a  family or parly room. For the energy conscious,  the electric heat is supplemented by an energy  efficient wood burning stove. Priced at  $119,500  SANDY HOOK VIEW PROPERTY  This ocean and mountain view building lot is  locaied in sun drenched Sechelt Inlet Estates  overlooking beauliful Porpoise Bay. It is within  easy walking distance to sandy beaches with  moorage & marina facilities also close by. The  property is serviced with paved roads, hydro,  water and telephone. Asking $37,500.  LAKE FRONTAGE  Phis large (o.77Ac) bt has 102 ft. of southerly  exposure on tranquil North Lake. This is a lease  lot with 11 years remaining on a 20 to 30 year  renewable basis. The property adjoins a natural  park and is also only minutes away from Egmont "s  famous salmon fishing. Priced at only $20,000.  Vendor open to offers.  MOTEL POWELL RIVER  This well known and established operation is  highly visible and strategically located on the  main highway at the entrance to Powell River.  The location is in a quiet area with each unit  enjoying an ocean view. The property consists  of 12 well kept kitchenette units, a self contained  laundry, 10 trailer pads which are fully serviced  including public washrooms and coin laundry.  Owner's office and residence are contained in a  1981 3 bedroom modular home. Also on the  property is a900sq. ft. mobile which is currently  rented. There Is ample parking and plenty of  room for expansion. Here is an opportunity to  receive a return in excess of 17% on your  investment, Financial Statements are available  lo qualified purchaser. List Price $427,500  2000 FT. RANCHER - CREEKSIDE PARK  3 bedroom Rancher with built-in garage and  workshop. This fine home is locaied on a large  lot and offers a potential view of Gibsons Harbour. The home features wall-to-wall carpets,  thermopane windows and all appliances. Listed  at $116,500. Call Bruce McKinnon or Harold  Jacques 885-9023.  HOBBY FARM - ROBERTS CREEK  Situated on 4.92 acres, this property affords  total privacy, a 800 sq. ft. home as well as a  quaint guest cottage. The entire property is  fenced and has numerous fruit bearing trees.  Approxmately half of the property is developed  and draws its waler from the new irrigation  system and creek which flows through the  property. Also included in the sale price is a near  new Seajs 19.9 hp tractor wilh all accessories.  Priced at $187,500.  SUBDIVIDABLE ACREAGE -  SANDY HOOK  This 4.8 acres Is zoned R2 and has 330' of road  frontage. The property offers an ocean view of  beautiful Sechelt Inlet and is serviced by hydro,  water, telephone and paved road. There is approximately $10,000 of marketable timber  which could be selectively logged. Priced at  $130,000. For further information call Bruce  McKinnon or Harold Jacques 885-9023.  NEPTUNE STREET $112,!  This attractive 1! > years old 3 bedroom home is  situated on a large 93 x 120' lot and is within  minutes of all the amenities of Sechelt Village.  This home features a double carport, wall to  wall carpeting and full ensuite. The full  basement has been set up as a workshop and  would be ideal for the home craftsman. The  electric heat is supplemented with an Acorn  wood burning stove, and all the windows are  energy conserving thermopane. Appliances  included in the sale are the washer/dryer and  dishwasher.  RECREATIONAL PROPERTY  In a parklike setting on beautiful Garden Bay  Lake approx. ���/���> acre with 190ft. of lakefrontage.  Hydro & water on property. Asking $25,000.  RARE WATERFRONT PROPERTY -  PENDER HARBOUR  This beautiful property includes 168* of prime  waterfront, an acre of landscape gardening and  a 3 bedroom 2500 sq. ft. home overlooking the  entrance to Pender Harbour. On the property  there is also a 60' float with deep water moorage  and a private boat house equipped with a power  winch and tracks for easy launching. Some ol  the features in this fine home include: a large  ensuite with private sauna & walk-in his A her  closets. The kitchen is equipped with numerous  extras which include a Jennaire range and  Radar oven. Downstairs, entertain your guests  in the family room with fireplace and wetbar.  This properly must be seen to be truly  appreciated. Priced in the Mid 500's.  WILSON CREEK  Large subdividable comer lot with sewage  disposal permit. This property is duplex zoned  and close to beach. $60,000.  Harold Jacques  Bruce McKinnon  885-9023  H-499-766  Mobile Phone Sechell  Sunshine Coast Realtor, Sept. 11.1981  11  yU/MITTEN  MMM       REALTY LTD.  "BLUEBERRY PLACE"  A new quality Residential Subdivision  $45,000 per lot  Terms available with 25% down  Balance at 16%  Selectively cleared, Fully serviced Mi,  Paved road, Gentle southern slope with  good view, dose lo the beach at Davis Bay  and minutes to all facilities at Sechelt.  FOR FULL DETAILS CONTACT  EITHER OF OUR OFFICES AT:  Gibsons  886-8126  Vine. Tel Free 869-7920  Sechelt  885-3295  Vent. Tel Free 681-7931  WESTSECHELT  Well maintained double wide in quiet area.  Large landscaped lot. Home features three  bedrooms, 2 lull baths, patio, plus large kitchen  and dining areas. Terry Bracken 885-9865.  MONARCH MOBILE HOME 138,900  This 14' x 70' two bedroom near new mobile  home is already set up In one of Gibsons finer  trailer park. Appliances included and vendor will  carry terms. Klaus Roepke 885-2314. ��697  TWO BEDROOM MOBILE  Features include a fireplace. Good affordable  accommodation. 114.500 Bryce Leigh  '748  HOMES  BUILDING IN THE FUTURE?       169,900  Perfect for the couple who plan to build In the  future but need a place to live right away. The  lot is a beautiful 1/3 acre In Welcome Woods  The bonus is a three bedroom Bendix Mobile  Home. See it with Brent Strad 883-9382. "569  BENDIX MOBILE HOME  1973 Bendix 12' x 60' Mobile Home located just  minutes to shopping In Sechelt at Sundance  Trailer Park. Fridge, stove, couch and double  bed included. Fast action required. Well priced  at 120,000. Call Brent at 883-9382.  *766  ice  in iMTnuiwsiioMM cum  885-3295  tM-TIFfMSei-TIH  Blbsons Office  MDteueerMMe I  886-8128 II  AELBERS REAL ESTATE  &        *-*���  Marine Drive  Granthams Landing, B.C.  AFFORDABLE PRICES  FOR ACREAGE AND HOUSING  MARTIN ROAD  Two bedroom older  home, tastefully redecorated inside.  Good water view. Easy walking distance to shops, schools,  etc.  . Asking price only $69,500  WEST BAY. GAMBIER ISLAND  Almost one acre of level well-treed land with 132 ft. road frontage. Easy access to foot passenger ferry service.  Low price at IW.WO*  POWELL RIVER  2V2 acres with older farm type house and mobile home pad.  Property has 228 ft. frontage, and is on community water  system.  Sensibly priced at $65,000  DON LOGAN BUS. 886-9238  RES. 885-3318 12  Sunshine Coasl Realtor, Sept. 11. 1981  Located on School Road - Lower Village  886-8107  REALTY LTD.       Box 335,1369 School Road, Gibsons, B.C.   VON 1V0  es  4>A ACRES OF PRIVACY WITH CREEK  Location - Oldershaw Road.   Roberis Creek  Acreage is partially cleared wilh a 24' s 52' ll)7S  Moduline Chancellor set up on lower portion ol  property. This acreage has greal potential (or the  imaginative purchasei   $149,000.  SOUTH FLETCHER ROAD - GIBSONS  Looking for a great view over Gibsons HarbnurJ  Then you should see this new ii b.r basemenl  home 1300 sq. ft. on main and over 1.000 sq. fl.  in partially finished basemenl. Many extras Ind 2  x 6 construction, giving you-R20 in ex. walls. R2H  In ceiling. B.R walls are insulated with R12. 3pc.  ensuite in master, stone faced heatilator f.p..  room for wood stove in basement Double c p  sundeck and breeze-way. Plus much more. This is  a top line home throughout, priced at $175,000  and worth it.  VETERANS ROAD ��� GIBSONS  A nice neat 2 bedroom starter wilh large utility  room (may be 3rd b.r.) on large 105' x 141' level  lot. Should be seen. Priced to sell 175,000.  LOTS  LOT 88 ��� KING ROAD - GIBSONS B.C.  Cleared, level building lot in quiet area.  138,000  LOT 32 ��� CREEKSIDE PARK ESTATES ���  GIBSONS, B.C.  Level building lot close to schools and shopping.  138,500.  SOUTH FLETCHER ROAD ��� GIBSONS  Good view lot close to everything. Great view and  has been landscaped at one time. Also may be  able to rezone to higher use. Priced at 160,000  lirm.  \W\\M  i  aS*C  11 U%   MORTGAGE  SS5.000  APPROX.  BAL. - POPLAR LANE GIBSONS  A large t bedroom, lull  lasi'ineiil In  in.' locaied  on ml tie sac. near all nmemues  I'ln  . 1 iv.u old  home is well maintained.  a  iiinin m  1 ���.,.,'.11,1,1 is  Ilnlshed. Alssu a wood sti  v.' lias beel  InsMlkil i..  .is.i.i in lower healing'cu  l< VVi.iI.ii  ..II ,,-wM in  financing $119,500.  GIBSONS  (jr ami view & Pratt Road is the location of this  owner built quality home Features are many including hot water heating, deluxe carpeting, living  room size of 14' x 22', etc To view this ihrve  bedroom, 1472 si), ft. home, contact Dennis or  Norm   $119,500  VIEW OF HARBOUR ft GULF  FROM 1574 ABBS ROAD  From kitchen, dining room and living room, enjoy  the water and mountains in full view. This large  home also has a fireplace in the basement for that  Ideal rec. room or ??? Total bedrooms are 3  upstairs and 2 downstairs for that extra large family or in-law suite. Home is well constructed, looking for a little tender loving care. 9145,000.  GIBSONS ��� CREEKSIDE PARK -  CREEKSIDE CRESCENT  In area ul new homes Is this 3 bedroom, basemenl  home AlevelNix 120 lot (or easy maintenance  Basemenl has >i self-contained suite foi inlaws or  "' Vendor lias iust installed a 12' x 16' sumleck  with access ..If of dining room foi those outdoor  activities  Lisled (oi $98,500.  WOODCREEK PARK  Two top ol the line homes In tins prestigious sub  division to pick Irom Both over 2.000 sq ii and  owner will help in financing at V.V i% Bring vour  .illers in $149,000.  UNDER CONSTRUCTION  MAPLEWOOD LANE - GIBSONS  Split level A bedroom home with den and family  room lor that growing family Situated 2 blocks  (rnm beach access with a si tuition, view of the gulf  (rum the Master Bedroom or Sumleck In area of  quality homes Vendoi will sell as is or at any  stage of finish Call for complete plans and details  of this new home  Asking $150,000.  GIBSONS  Mobile Home sel in Trailer Court. 1975  Statesman 12' x62', 2 bedroom, sundeck Is 10'x  19'. metal shed size 7* x 7'6" all included In price.  Also vendors will leave stove, fridge, washer,  dryer, air conditioner, and wood stove. $26,500.  LOTS  BONNIEBROOK HEIGHTS  Large view lot. Try your offers lo $65,000.  EVERGREEN PARKLAND  We have a few nice building lots priced in the  130,000 ��� $40,000 range. Phone us for more  details.  INVESTMENT PROPERTY -  ROBERTS CREEK  At the top of Margaret Road. This 5 acre (501* x  420') could make a great 8 lot subdivision. Mostly  level, and may have some view. Asking  $110,000.  For more information call  Norm Peterson  886-2607  or     Dennis Suveges  886-7264 Box 566  Gibsons. B.C.  VON IVO  Sunshine Coast Realtor. Sept. 11, 1981  13  Serving the Lower Sunshine Coast  Phone 886-2000 or 886-9121  Located in the Seaside Plaza,  Gower Point Road, Gibsons  REAL ESTATE  GENERAL INSURANCE  AUTOPLAN  HOMES  BUILDING LOTS  REVENUE: Immaculate 4 plex in quiet residential area.  Each suite features 2 bdrms. 3 piece bath, open plan living  rm.. dining, rm and kitchen. Sale includes fridge and stove in  each suite plus washer and dryer in shared laundry room  This is a well buill and maintained building A good buy at  the asking price of 1185,000 Be sure to view it by giving us  a call for appointment.  INVESTMENT PROPERTY  INVESTMENT: Best buy on the Coast14 acres. 401)" waterfront, unparalleled view over Georgia Strait Gentle slope  All facilities available except sewer Small house on one corner. Select cleared with lots of large evergreens to afford  privacy. Presently subdivided into 6 parcels Area of new executive homes Priced right for the knowledgeable Investor at  $680,000  ROBERTS CREEK: Over I acre in beautiful natural  setting, easy to maintain as there is little formal landscaping.  A "green thumb" gardener could develop into a real show  place. The home consists of 3 bedrooms. Bright convenient  kitchen with adjoining dining area. 3 piece vanity bath, 12 x  24 living room. Rec. room, "wash up" room in lower level. A  must to see at only $124,900. Assumable mtge at 10' i%.  CAROL PLACE: Lttigi irregular shaped lot on quilt* CUl de  sac   S38.0OO  FITCHETT ROAD: Level lot, easy dealing 71 x lit!  136.000  BURNS ROAD - GIBSONS: Level lot with small stream.  Quiet residential area. Few large evergreen trees. 65 x 130.  Close to beach, P.O. and shops. $49300  THOMPSON ROAD: 100 x 150' lot with unsurpassed view  of ferries. Howe Sound. Islands and North Shore Mountains-  Asking 175.000.  ACREAGE  r m^  - *   4 jftjrr  HWY 101: 2>/2 acres south slope. Beautiful landscaping  around the desirable 3 bdrm home with full unfinished basement. Attractive living room with fireplace. Convenient kitchen with built-in oven. etc. Forced air heat. Greenhouse  plus other outbuildings. Real value at $176,000.  HAVE CLIENTS  K. BUTLER 886-2000  NEED LISTINGS  Vi1 WBIH  M WHIM  l (MM |J   n  HIM  fsM/l   \SSt HIM It l\ H    H  LOTS  HALFMOON BAY ��� SANDY HOOK  We have several choice properties located in both ol Ihese  areas, pricetl from 139,500  WESTSECHELT 164.900  Towering evergreens abound on Ihis ' i acre lol   Excellent  private building site with easy access lo beach   The Future  could hold subdivision possibilities  To view, call Wayne Sailer  SECRET COVE 139.900  Straight ahead water view Irom Ihis large sloping lot  Servic  ed  On MLS. Call John Wilson  PENDER HARBOUR From $50,000  1. 1.3 ACRES with potential view, subdivision 050' x ap  prox 90" Some limber, serviced ON MLS Call Jack No  ble  2. WATERFRONT 2 adjoining bis on Francis Pen Rd All  oilers       considered1       Call       Wayne       Sailer  3. LARGE TREED LOT   99' x 425'. quiel area, serviced  Call Jack Noble or Wayne Sailer  EARLS COVE - SEMI-WATERFRONT  Fantabulous view    high blufl    greal building sile & 15%  financing for ;*��� years1  SUMMER HIDEAWAY  Build your vacation retreat on this well treed lot   Locaied  Slid'Irom Ihe peaceful waters of Ruby Lake 127,900. Ask  Shelley Biddle for details  DAVIS BAY BEAUTY -  I'linv  bedroom   ranchei    l^rovlslon  (oi   second  bath  I Ireplace, attached garage and :l rm suite above ICnuld he  pan ..I b.iusel   View  I  I'  1135,000  lohn Wilson ha. ihe ken  GORDON AGENCIES  31 Years At Cowrie St., Sechelt  LTD  - WEST SECHELT -  Full basemenl quality built home, with double carport and  fully enclosed, workshop which sould he converted into a  guest collage Uninterrupted view overlooking Trail Islands  Hi Georgia Stout l-'or details call Wayne Sallet  ���WHITE ROCK TRADE-  BUILDER  IN WHITE  ROCK AREA WISHES TO  TRADE FOR PROPERTY  IN  SUNSHINE  COAST  AREA. RESIDENTIAL OR RECREATIONAL. CONTACT WAYNE SALTER. 885-5986.  - WEST SECHELT -  ' Micro weather area ' Ranch bouse & outbuildings  ' r> acre larm. level, excellent soil    ' Details Irom John Wilson  - (,AKDI N BAY ROAD ACREAGE -  i/.iii,, i.itpi.s I'Muuiainview ijivuiyanleningpotential  ireed pnvacv. brook I isted .it 164,000 Vendor anxious  so bring all oilers! >v*'v'"' s'1'''1  PHONE  885-5891 Toll free from Vane.  Box 123 689-2057  Sechelt, B.C.  - SAKINAW LAKE -  I have a Hit of buyers waiting for waterfronts-freehold or  leasehold, waler access only  Please call me if you have a  property you wish lo sell  I have a boat on Ihe lake for appraising or showing  Now is the lime to sell!  Pat Lindsay 885-2591  CHOICE WATERFRONT  HALFMOON BAY  AFFORDABLE)  Cozy 2 bdrm house on level lot  Unobslrucled view Asking  1130,000  To view phone Jack Noble  - UNIQUE SETTING -  Fabulous smooth rocks superb views! A unique selling lot  " a supei one level H bedroom bouse with a massive slone  fireplace, step-down living roum o|Hsning lo ihe sundeck.  Sniilherii view ol Mens Island and beyond, $255,000 firm.  Shelley Biddle  - DEEP MOORAGE -  Extra-large waterlroni lol     12(1' frontage   Arbulus trees &  view   fere lest ok Vendor will carry 511% al 14% for 1 year  underprlced to sell ,u 199,900  Wayne Salter has details  JOLLY ROGER INN CONDOMINIUMS AVAILABLE  DETAILS & INCOME PROJECTION FROM  JOHN WILSON  ��� Close to Everything -  ��� 33 acre with partial view  ��� Treed  ��� in good area on Havles St  View wilh Wavne Salter  - 16 ACRE TRAIL ISLAND RETREAT -  22IIII sq  ft  ol decks surround contemporary home Si guest  i ullage Willi ianlaslii sunset exposure Sheltt'ii'd natuta! bar  bout capable of handling large boats  1 DI appt  to view call  John Wilson or Wayne Salter  On MLS  WAYNE  SALTER  885-5986  LH490-994  PAT  LINDSAY  885-2591  BERNEL  GORDON  885-5891  JACK  883-2701  JOHN  WILSON  885-9365  MIKE  BALDIQARA  885-5645  SHELLEY  BIDDLE  885-3505  KELLY  THERIEN  885-5516 14  Sunshine Coasl Realtor, Sept. 11, 1981  ���eg    nm ��\,  BOX 1490,  WHARF ROAD  SECHELT, B.C.  VON-3A0  PHONE  885-2235  VANCOUVER  689-5838  (Toll Frtt)  -CENTURY WEST REAL ESTATE  "TWO OFFICES  MEMBER SUNSHINE COAST  HOMES  LAUREL ROAD No. 908  Big landscaped lot complements this fine 3 bdrm  home with big bathroom up & sauna with 3 pee  on lower level. 2 brick fireplaces and Jenn-Air  range. Excellent financial arrangements for  serious buyer.  1139,500. Bert Walker. 885-3746  WELCOME WOODS No. 884  On Alderwood Rd, new 3 bdrm home, over 1190  sq. ft. on approx. '/a acre. W/W throughout.  Fireplace, ensuite, sundeck & carport.  1124.500 Ed Baker 885-2641  or Bert Walker 885-3746  ST  ��� * 4HNK  NEAR CROWE ROAD No. 845  Roberis Creek's finest view acreage. 5 acres of  gently sloping reed land plus a new 2 bdrm. 3  level   cedar   home.   Vendor   will   assist   large  assumable with low Interest second financing.  $153,500. BUI Walkey. 885-5327  REDROOFFS MLS No. 795  Six tenths of an acre on Redrooffs Road. 2  I bedrooms +, 1100 sq. ft. home. Greal view of  ] Merry, Thormanby and Vancouver Islands. Ven-  I dor has purchased elsewhere and will consider  1 any offer, also will finance.  8187.500 Pat Parker 885-5615  ROBERTS CREEK No. 841  j Two thirds-acre on Lower Road near Cheryl Ann  I Park. Older two bedroom sits In a beautiful park  I like setting of gardens, fruit trees and lawns.  1 $112,500 Pat Parker 885-5615  BEACH AVE. OFFERS MORE  THAN LOCATION No. 837  I New 3 bedroom home wilh 2550 sq  ft  of living  I space situated on over 1/2 acre of land This home  1 has it all - features are loo numerous to menllon It  must be seen to be appreciated   If you're In iht'  market for a fine quality built home. Owner will  carry $100,000 at 14Va%.  | $175,000 George Longman 886-8548  WESTSECHELT No. 902  2 bdrm. charmer, almost new. 2x6 construction,  heavy Insulation, wood heater, carport, skylights,  parquet flooring, sewered lol. and totally landscaped. Yours tor only $89,900.  Larry or Ruth Moore. 885-9213  SAMRON ROAD No. 700  Large home with large view 3 bedrms, den. rec.  room, large sundeck, dble. carport, extra storage  & landscaped. Assumable mrlge.  $159,500.    Urry or Ruth Moore. 885-9213  TWELVE No. 844  Assume a 12% mortgage & move into this 3 bdrm  rancher in wooded Redrooffs. Large lot has concrete drive, lawn, and short distance to Sechelt.  $93,900 Rita Percheaon 885-5706  PEBBLE CRES. No. 887  Charming split-level situated in village. Features 2  fireplaces. 2 bdrms. panelled den. workshop otf  carport & lovely garden area.  $ 104.000 VI Gibbons 885-3944  VILLAGE HOME No. 910  Large living room with fireplace, dining room. &  efficient, bright kitchen  2 bdrms on main floor &.  1 in basement. Partially finished rumpus room  with fireplace, and hobby room or office  $89,500 George Longman 885-8548  WEST SECHELT No. 787  Quality home, ensuite. 3/4 basement, fresh air  fireplace, naturally landscaped.  |112.000 Leslie or Ray Fitch 885-9057  HANDIMAN SPECIAL No. 874  HMO sq ft . 3 bedroom home located in nice area  of Lower Roberts Creek, within 2 niv blocks <il  beach access Home has new electric service and  heating, new foundations .mil uptftlc I'he repairs  remaining can he done by anyone handy, with  hammer and painl brush Buy now and save  George Longman 886-8548  WATERFRONT  SEACREST ROAD MLS No. 806  Very steep but very beautiful. Large lot has plenty  of arbutus & gorgeous view.  $77,500.      Urry or Ruth Moore. 885-9213  SELMA PARK No. 737  Watch the cruise ships pass by and the sunset over  the Trail Islands from this family sized home. In  excess of 2500 sq. ft. of living space on three  levels featuring four spacious bedrooms, cozy den  and large formal living room with custom designed brick fireplace and feature wall. As a bonus this  property offers a small cottage at water's edge that  provides a imall revenue.  Pat Parker 885-5615 or  Leslie Fitch 885-9057  NARROWS INLET No. 744  5 acres of treec!  vaterfront with your own creek  and waterfall. Sin Itered waters for boat moorage  Price includes 16   pcedboat  $53,500 Rita Percheson 885-5706  RUBY LAKE No. 879  Facing west with 300' lokefronl. Over4ac. &easy  access oil highway  I Ivdro available.  $135,000. Bert Walker. 885-3746  GORGEOUS No. 872  h-i acre lol with easy foot access to beach In  Roberts Creek This older homestead property Is  landscaped wilh Iriwn. trull trees & dunning roses  Co/y 3 bdrm home has rock fireplace & lots of  I charm  $198,000 Rita Percheson 885-5706  GOWER POINT RD. No. 759  Esplanade w/f with an incredible view 100' x  217' with a choice of building sites & the septic  tank & field installed Just $120,000.  Larry or Ruth Moore. 885-9213  SECRET COVE No. 730  Va ac. lot 94' w/f on sheltered Secret Cove. Good  building site. Privacy Driveway in. Hydro & water  available. Approved for septic installation. Good  terms available $79,900. SOX down at 15%  Int.  Lynn Wllaon, 885-5755  BUSINESS  OPPORTUNITIES  BUSINESS FOR SALE No. 856  This business is being sold tor Ihe price ol Ihe  Chattels & Ihe prestigious name ol 'Tyee  Producls Lid.'. Il is Itxaled in ihe hearl of uptown  Sechell wit h an excellent live year lease beginning  July 31/81. Wilh Ihe Challels. location and name  Ihis business could be carried on or changed In  cold storage, warehouse, ice whole sale or relail  oullel or relail tab store plus many olher opiums.  Here's an excellent opportunity lo begin working  lor yoursell with a minimum ol investment  Asking $39,400. CaU George 885 8548 or Lynn  885 5755. Terms available $19,900 al 14",. 3 yr.  loan.  IS    _  NORVAN ROAD No. 851  Fine family home. 3 bedrms, formal dining room,  2 heatilator F.P. Central vaccum and Intercom  system, partially developed lower floor, nice view  St large lot. A must see for serious buyers.  1139.500.    Uny or Rulh Moore. 805-9213  DERBY ROAD No. 883  What a nice location for your family. 3 bdrms. Vt  basement with some finishing done & owner can  give quick possession. Landscaped lot & quiet  area.  192.000.      Uny or Ruth Moore, 885-9213  SANDY HOOK No. 867  Found on Coracle Drive. Attractive new extension, beauliful view from this one may two  bedroom home.  Cozy and private, you'll kick  yourself If you miss this one.  ���76.000 BUI 885-5327-Pat 885-5615  COOPER ROAD No. 861  Redrooffs area a large level lol with a well built 3  bdrm. rancher. Country kitchen, utility room, ensuite and plenty ol storage, dble. carport.  ��� 114.900.    Uny oi Ruth Moon, 885-9213  CHARMING No. 911  3 bdrm mobile with large sundeck. on level treed  lot on Cooper Rd. Skirted. Concrete foundation,  porch, fridge & stove included.  ���69.900 Rita Percheson 885-5706  SANDY HOOK No. 891  550�� sq. ft  cabin on Coracle Drive. This Idea)  summer home needs T.L C.  ���63,900 Pat Parker 885-5615  "WEST SECHELT RANCHER" No. 796  Reduced over ��� 10.000 from original price.  Under construction 1120 sq fl   2 bedroom ranch  style home with attached carport located In one ol  the Inter areas of West Sechell. tusl minutes from  beach, schools and shopping  ���87,500 George Longman 886-8548  MILLS ROAD No. 798  Beauliful brand new home looking for an owner.  3 large bedrms. family room and large kitchen.  Extra size bdrms. 2Wt baths and plenty of storage.  ��� 124.500.    Uny oi Ruth Moore. 885-9213  ACREAGE  WESTSECHELT No. 788  24+  acres near level south exposure   Gazetted  road 4 sides  ���280,250. Rita Percheson. 885-5706  GOLF COURSE ACREAGE No. 860  255 feel alongside lite ninth fairway gives wnv lot  ll��� llne.l 1,'l.ixeil lieu In he hail   Id n Hi.  prripeni  i- I nil ilillli te mil.   ��� I  -il I  gen 1 -lot,' .in,I he.n lies   I In-, propem tilth lis  eagles, .ui'il hlrdle. - much .Ibove |),n al  ��� 135.000 George Longman 886-8548  ROBERTS CREEK No. 907  3.29 ac. corner ol Lower Rd & Pine Rd A  natural acreage investment with obvious potential.  ���98,500 George Ungman 886-8548  ROBERTS CREEK No864  3 plus acres with water, hydro & cablevision at  property's edge  ���57,500 George Long men 885-8548  MIDDLEPOINT No. 799  Wilh some view, nice slope 17.5 acres R2J St  hydro al road  ��� 118,000. Leslie, 885-9057 or  Ben. 885-3746  WfS.  MERMAID STREET  SECHELT        No. 915  Cozy 3 bdrm. home Living room, dining room  & efficient kitchen with dishwasher. Lot 63' x  122*  ���85.000. Lynn Wilun, 885-5755  WILSON CREEK MLS No. 863  Excellent value and quality. 3 bdrms. ensuite.  brick fireplace. Partial ocean view  ��� 109.900 Leslie or Ray Fitch 885-9057  SELMA PARK No. 457  3 bedroom,  1100 sq. It. home on lease land.  View. Good price on today's market.  ���47,000 BUI Walkey 885-5327  REVENUE PRODUCER No. 914  On view lot in Selma Park. Upstairs living area has  cozy brick F.P.. 3 bdrm. private deck & ensuite off  master bedroom. Two bedroom basement suite  has brick F.P. St rommy living area.  ��� 110,000. Rita Percheaon, 885-5706  WESTSECHELT No. 747  New 3 bdrm home on Bllgh Rd. Close to beach,  schools & transportation An excellent buy lor  small lamily.  ��� 124.900 VI Gibbons 885-3944  SANDY HOOK No. 768  Well built cozy home on an acre of privacy waiting  for your attention and initialive.  ���79,500. BUI Walkey, 885-5327  LOTS  SANDY HOOK No. 913  Sloping lot on Deerhorn Dr Yours for only  ���38,000. Owner will take 25'L down and bal. at  good interest rate  Leelle or Ray Fitch, 885-9057  ROBERTS CREEK No. 878  Large -, nf an acre building lol close u> h.   ichool,mil store W.ilei hydro,mil cihlevi.i I  prnperllesediie  ���45.500 George Longman 886-8548  SECHELT VILLAGE MLS No. 866  Level loi. 02 !> x 125. Binnacle Street  Vendor  will finance al less than h.uik rate  ���36.000 Pat Parker 885-5615  EARLS COVE No. 775  Close to ferry, big comer lot. water St hydro al Ihe  mad.  ���27,500. Ben Walker. 885-3746  WESTSECHELT No. 767  Secluded Vt acre on Norwest Bay Road  ���60,000 BUI Walkey 885-5327  WESTSECHELT No. 790  Your choice of 3 select building lots on paved  road  Selectively cleared, on sewer  ���48,500 Ed Baker 885-2641  WESCAN ROAD No 882  Large lot on Wescan Road near beautiful Secret  Cove.  ���35,000 Ray or Leslie Fitch 885-9057  NORWEST BAY ROAD No. 786  75 x 1511 of lowering limbers neat level. .Ins.' to  schools  ���39,900 Ray or Leslie Filch 885-9057  SELMA VIEW No. 873  Treed, ocean view lot with good building site  155,000. Rila Percheaon. 885-5706 TO SERVE YOU"  REAL ESTATE ASSOCIATION  PHONE  886-8194  VANCOUVER  689-5838  (ToHFrat)  DENTAL  CENTRE  GIBSONS  Sunshine Coast Realtor, Sept. 11,1981  Gnti%.  ���CENTURY WEST REAL ESTATE-  LOTS  ROBERTS CREEK No.826  All services available except sewer. Close to beach  and goll course.  ���49,900 George Untman 886-8548  SANDY HOOK No. 838  Lol 2 and Lot 48 on Sandy Hook Road &  Skookumchuck Road. Breathtaking view! Price  lor both lots $65,000!  Ray or Leelle Fitch 885-9057  SHOAL WAY No. 810  West Porpoise Bay, near arena. Water, hydro,  paved road. 60 x 105.140,000.  Ray or Leslie Fitch 885-9057  SECHELT No. MS  View lol In village on Marine View Way. 60' x  132'. Paved road. Services available.  ���39.900. Lynn Wilson. 885-5755  WELCOMEWOODS No. 869  Well treed, 100' x 200' approx. Located dose to  park and fishing In fast developing area.  ���39,900. Vi cash, bal. at 18%.  Lynn Wilson. 885-5755  ROBERTS CREEK No. 877  2 good size building lots, both have hydro,  cablevision and regional waler at property's edge.  Located within walking distance of beach, store &  school.  ���41.500 each    George Longman 886-8548  WELCOME WOODS No. 824  Wooded privacy on this 102* x 166' lot In area of  new homes in fast growing area. Close to fishing.  ���43,500. Lynn Wilson. 885-5755  WESTSECHELT No. 879  Make plans to build your own home on this  beautiful view lot. Site grading completed.  ���36.900 Rita Percheson 885-5706  SECHELT VILLAGE No. 900  60 x 132 cleared building lot In Sechelt Village.  Water, hydro, paved road and look at the price!  ���32,500 Rita Percheson 885-5706  ROBERTS CREEK No.SfW  Magnificent treed Vi acre lot In best rural location,  off Beach Avenue. Minutes to beach, store and  school.  ���58.000 George Unfir  WANT TO BUILD IN WEST SECHELT?  LOOK AT THESE BUYS  No. 893 ��� Samron Road  ���39,900  No. 889-Norvan Road  ���39.900  No. 785-Mills Road  ���39.900  No. 853 ��� Norvan Roau  ���54.000  No. 865 ��� Jasper Road  ���61.000  No. 756 - Norvan Road  ���62.000  Uny a Ruth Moon 885-9213  WEST SECHELT VIEW MLS No. 909  .595 of an ac. overlooking Trail Islands et al.  Complete privacy.  ���68,500 George Longman 886-8548  REDROOFFS No. 733  You'll have elbow room plus on this 4/10 acre lot.  Building site cleared and walling for your mobile  or home.  ���45,000 Rita Percheson 885-5706  SECHELT VILLAGE No. 912  Choice building lot only one left in general area.  Cleared, sewered, quiet location close tp shopping, schools etc.  ���42.500 Ed Baker 885-2641  SANDY HOOK  - SEAVIEW ROAD -  Lot 107 - 438,000.  - SANDY HOOK ROAD -  Ut C ��� $35,000.  Ut 49 -$38,000  - DEERHORN DRIVE -  Ut 44 - $39,900  Ut 52 ��� $39,000  Pat Parker 885-5615  BUI Walkey 885-5327  - DEERHORN DRIVE -  Ut 35 - $38,500  George Ungman 886-8548  - PORPOISE DRIVE -  Ut 35-439.900  Rita Percheaon 885-5706  .VIEW LOTS  REDROOFFS No. 8881  Large lot 80 x 250 on sunny Southwood Road in|  Welcome Woods.  $36,500 Urry Reardon 885-93201  HOMES  GIBSONS No. 789  Smart, attractive, and well built 3 bdrms with  spacious living room, dining and spectacular view  from large deck. Reduced.  1129.500 Bill Walkey 8855327  GIBSONS No.762  3 bedroom 1920 sq. ft. executive, energy efficient  quality home, stands on one of the largest lots in  the subdivision. Fenced backyard landscaped  front yard In turf. Enjoy the wealth of oak cabinets  and many other features too numerous to list.  Vendor will cany at 15%.  1159.000 Bill Walkey 885-5327  or 885-2235  WOODCREEK PARK - GIBSONS No773  This  three  bedroom house is perfectly coordinated to take full advantage of the large view  lot. Features include, pantry off kitchen, two  masonary fireplaces and wood windows.  1149.000 Lynda 886-7352  GRADY ROAD ��� LANGDALE No. 904  Three bedroom almost new with fireplace, basement and enclosed garage. This home is on an attractively landscaped large lot. Assumable mortgage.  $ 128.000 Caro1 Skinner 886-9154  HWY 101 No. 848  There is a Harbour View from this two possible 3  bedroom home, Covered sundeck to enjoy the  outdoor living on this large lot.  $139,000 Lynda 8867352  Judy 885-9226  12' x 6S! FLEETWOOD  MOBILE HOME No. 897  Set In Bonniebrook Trailer Park, view, minutes to  beach. Excellent condition, some furniture included.  125.000. Eva 886-7126  VI885-3944  PRATT ROAD No. 896  Two levels of family living on a large landscaped  lot. Four bdrms, rec. room, plenty of storage  space, large sundeck and more.  $119,000 George Longman  Judy Eldred 885-9226  WOODCREEK PARK ��� GIBSONS No772  This attractive split level three bedroom home  has a masonary fireplace, wood windows, hidden  gutters and enclosed garage.  $139,000 Lynda 886-7352  GIBSONS No. 736  Fully serviced building lot short walk to beach and  shopping.  140.000 Lynda 886-7352  DAVIS ROAD ��� GIBSONS No. 751  4 bedroom split level, fireplace, family room, close  to shopping and  all schools. Assumable  mortgage.  $119300 Eva 886-7126  DUNHAM ROAD - PORT MELLONNo. 628  3 bedroom home, fireplace, dining room, 100 k  173 lot. Needs some work.  $54,900 Eva 886-7126  CHASTER ROAD No. 818  3 bedroom home on large fenced and landscaped |  lot. Over 2 yrs left on 101-A assumable mortgage.  $124,500. Lynda 886-7352 |  CONVENIENCE OF LOCATION  AND POCKETBOOKI No. 629 |  3 bedroom home for$S9,000.These Strata Title  units are located on Hillcrest Road. Within J  walking distance of schools, shopping and other  amenities. Only one left. Call for appointment to |  view Eva or Lynda at 886-8194.  GIBSONS - WOODCREEK PARK No774  Four bedrooms plus large games room and  spacious family room. Energy efficiently insulated j  (floor, walls, ceiling), oak cabinetry, huge lot  landscaped in turf. Owner will carry at 13'Aon  this large family home.  $159,000 BUI Walkey 885-5327  SKYLINE DRIVE  GIBSONS PRESTIGIOUS BLUFF    No. 846  A spectacular view and privacy is yours from this  attractive  2 bdrm  post and  beam  bungalow. [  situated on a lovely large sized treed lot wilh selective clearing.  1119,500 Wendy 886-8076 I  WATERFRONT  GOWER POINT AND 15TH ST.        No.759  Spectacular view from tills espanade waterfront  lot. Build your dream home on this 100' x 217'  property.  $120,000 Carol Skinner 886-9154 or  Ruth Moon 885-9213  ACREAGE  LOTS  CREEKSIDE SUBDIVISION LOT -  GIBSONS No.886  60 x 120 fully serviced lot, within walking distance  to all amenities.  139,900 Eva Caraky 886-7126  CEDAR GROVE AREA No. 769  Level lol, 74' frontage, zoned lor mobile.  $42,000 Eva Carsky 8864126  SEAMOUNT  INDUSTRIAL PARK No. 766 or 765  Prime location with 124 II. highway homage The  opportunity lo acquire industrial properly with  good public visibility is rare so call Lynda now 886  7352. $120,000.  FIRCREST ROAD No. 808  Good level lot for building. Excellent location in  area ol new homes.  ���33,000 Carol Skinnar 8S6-91M or  Pat Parker 885-5615  GIBSONS HARBOUR VIEWI No. 827  Lower Gibsons, Super view, ready lo build, all  services  $52,500 Eva Caraky 886-7126  GIBSONS - WOODCREEK PARK No. 828  Quality controlled prestige subdivision. Fully  serviced lots, some view.  $39,500 - $46,000        BM Walkey 881-5327  Linda Hickman 8867352  LOCKYER ROAD ���  ROBERTS CREEK No.SSS  3 bedroom wilh 2 bathrooms and workshop  locaied on 5 mostly cleared acres with barn.  ��� 129,000 Carol Skinner 886-9154  REED ROAD ACREAGE No. 892  Established hobby farm, completely fenced &  crossed-fenced. 3 bedroom full basement home  rental unit and numerous outbuildings.  ���260,000 Lynda Hickman 886-7352  ROBERTS CREEK -  CONRAD RD No. 813  1.75 acres wilh 3 bedroom home, 24 x 24 garage,  landscaping needed lo make this one a beauty.  $129,500 Eva Caraky 8867126  Judy Eldred 885-9226  BRIDGEMAN ROAD   GIBSONS   No. 857  4.54 secluded treed acres.  $69,500 Lynda Hickman 886-7352  $ ACRES NORTH ROAD No. $98  300 ft. Hwy frontage. Double wide home partially  fenced and coraled for the hobby farmer. Vendor  will carry at 16%  ��� 168,000 Eva 886-7126  SHAW ROAD ��� GIBSONS No. 825  Invest in your future! 2.8 acres on Shaw Rd.,  subdivision potential, bonus, 3 bedroom 1645 sq.  ft. home.  Eva 886-7126  Leslie 885-9057  ROBERTS CREEK  5 ACRE ESTATE No. 901  3 bdrm. 3 yr. old panabode home. quality kitchen  cabinetry, woodslove In family area, large sunny  patio's on a selectively cleared area within the  framework ot stately cedars-some marketable  limber & Joe Smith Creek!  ��� 182,100 Wendy Bodt 886-8076 16  Sunshine Coast Realtor, Sept. 11,1981  2tL  Icxander Realty Ltd.  P.O. Box 153, Madeira Park, B.C.V0N2H0  883-2491  or  883-2212  WATERFRONT  Hcnen vniA-se ��� nuien mrafl  TY: Rockledge is the nam* of this stately home  situated on low bank Waterfront with a private  cove and pebble beach. Leu than 5 minute walk  to schools and shopping. Enjoy the things onlya  vintage home can offer. Large rooms with hi-  ceilings, rich solid wdod finishings, huge rock  fireplace and a veranda overlooking the sea.  Anyone requiring a unique property should  yjew. jy APK>i.>iTra^CMLY.  DL 6989 NELSON ISLAND: 2.6 acres,  furnished house neat Telescope Pass. Over 300*  waterfront. Gov't lease. Excellent fishing. Full  Price $45,000.  CORTEZ ISLAND ��� LOT 1. DL 861: 14.3  acres, 1800 feet level W/F with pebble beach.  Lots of gravel on property. Located in Squirrel  Cove adjoining the government dock. $ 180,000 ���  .WHAT A VIEW!! A rare 200' waterfront home  with 2 BR in Bargain Harbour. Direct access;  from Francis Peninsula Road with good|  moorage and a spectacular view of all of Bargain  Harbour. Approx. % acre. $220,000.  PENDER HARBOUR WATERFRONT  ACREAGE: 2 - 4 acre parcels side by side. 300*  ft. on the waterfront stretches from Hwy 101 to'  waterfront. What a perfect setting for a country  estate.  GARDEN BAY AREA: Indian Reserve ttl9  Lot 19 & 20. Approximately % acre of land.  Large loreshore lease. Excellent moorage ramp  & docks in. Property approved for building  $90,000.  LAGOON ROAD: Madeira Park ��� 1.10 acres  tidal waterfront. Close to school & shopping.  Well kept three bedroom home. Beautifully  landscaped, a gardener's dream.  LEWIS PROPERTY ��� 1 1 .4 6   ACRES:   BEAUTIFUL FISHER ISLAND AT EN-:  Approx. 300 ft. of sloping waterfront. Zoned for TRANCE TO LEEBAY,(District Lol 4064):  Va acres. One of the finest development proper- has spectacular exposure and excellent deep  ties on the Sunshine Coast. water moorage with dock and small building.  Salmon in your back yard. $160,000-  LUXURY TOWNHOUSES - OVERLOOK-.  ING BEAUTIFUL SECRET COVE: Featuring 1600 sq. ft. of living area, 3 bedrms, spacious}  living room with fireplace, full range of  appliances, large sundecks. Plus each home  offers breathtaking views, full privacy and the  option of reserved moorage at the marina  below. Hurry and be among the lucky few to  enjoy the fabulous fishing and to relax in this]  unspoiled sportsman's paradise.  14% FINANCING NOW AVAILABLE  LOTS  ARBUTUS DRIVE -VIEW LOT: 72' x 124',  In one of the nicer areas of Davis Bay. Selectively cleared and ready to build on. Asking  159,900. Vi down and balance at 15%.  WILSON CREEK ��� FIELD ROAD: Level  building lot, 65 ft. x 130 ft., In a popular area.  Price reduced to IS4.900  GARDEN BAY: Excellent building lot. One ol  the finest views in this area. Subdivision  potential.  MADEIRA PARK - ONE ACRE LOT WITH  VIEW: Gentle slope, Irontage on 2 roads,  subdivision potential. Priced at $59,900.  WEST SECHELT: View Lot. 9/10 of an ana.  Driveway in. Approved for septic system.  Westerly view over the Trail Islands. Close to  beach access Asking 165.000.  c  Art Alexander  883-2491  Vadim Kobasew  885-3156  J  HOMES  RONDEVIEW  FRANCIS PENINSULA  RD: A picture book setting of flower beds;  shrubs, fruit trees and vegetable gardens. Enjoy!  2160 sq. ft. of living area on 2 floors, 3 bedrms, 2  bathrooms, wrap-around sundecks, and top  quality finishing touches throughout. This  Immaculate home is a pleasure to view and hi  REDROOFFS ��� LOHN ROAD: Cute 740 sq  ft., 2 bedroom home on large 'A acre lot. Excellent .recreation or retirement home. Asking  ���79,999. Vendor will finance up to $50,000 at  15%.  KENT ROAD: Cozy comfortable 950+ sq. ft.  home with plenty of room for expansion.  Located on a corner lot. Assumable mortgage  of $18,000 at 9'/,%. Appliances included. Priced  in the 90's.  WEST SECHELT - VIEW HOME: Featuring  1800+ sq. ft. of contemporary living, with 3  bdrm. 2V2 bath, solarium, plus your own pool,  all on Just under 1 acre. Beautifully landscaped,  low maintenance yard. Very private. Adjacent  lot also available. Vendor will carry 15% mortgage. Asking 1219,000  BARGAIN HARBOUR: The view ls~  unbeatable. The house Is ready to move into...  Everything is there. Perfect home for retired  couple or weekend retreat. Lots of living space,  two bdrms, large living room & spacious kitchen. Moor your boat In front '& enjoy the view  from the balcony. 1147.500.   INVESTMENT PROPERTIES  180 FT. WATERFRONT - DEEP WATER  MOORAGE - FRANCIS PENINSULA: 1.2  acres ��� zone commercial. Frontage on two  roads. Excellent potential. $270,000.  GARDEN BAY: 2000 �� waterfront plus 19  acres. Ideal for hotel or townhouse development. Sewer permit in place. Existing marina.  Current zoning R3L (.25 ac.) S.W. exposure.  40% down balance at 15%.  ROBERTS CREEK ��� DEVELOPMENT  ACREAGE: 27 acres In desirable area. Potential for approx. 43 lots (some with view) Easy to  develop. Close to store, beach and golfing.  Vendor will finance at 15%.  TAYLORS GARDEN BAY STORE ��  MARINA: is a well known and long established  lousiness located in Garden Bay. sWeTMarina  'Gas pumps, boat facilities and other extras  G ABRIOLA ISLAND - SILVA BAY: 110O      MADEIRA PARK: Next to Coho Marina. 180  ft. level waterfront with protected moorage,  plus 23 ber utiful acres all in its natural state.  Road acces t, power & water on the property.  Ideal setting for a very private retreat.  deep water moorage. Two bedroom home with  guest cottage. Large storage building - 35' x 35'.  1.5 acres...Foreshore Lease.  25 ACRES & 3,000 SQ. FT. LOG HOME:,  Pemberton. % mile river frontage. Superb  mountain views. Property cleared apd inj  pasture. Ideal for landing strip. Home is ls)t class  throughout. Very private.  Art Alexander  883-2491  Vadim Kobasew  885-3156  J


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