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Array The Sunshine  1   \WlSl  LEGISLATIVE LIBRARY W.8  Parliament Buildings  Victoria, B.C. V8V 1X4  ruunsnea on the Sunshine Coast    25* per copy on news stands     September 10,1990   Volume 44   Issue 37  Gibsons VoluntNr Fire Department responds to a fire alarm at house number 565 on Highway 101  In Gibsons hut Sunday at 9:15 am. A neighbour turned In the alarm and the single occupant got out  of her home safely. The fire caused extensive smoke damage to the upstairs living area.  ���Kent Sheridan photo  Gospel Rock views  by Jan .Michael Sherman  To clarify the issus in the upcoming September 12 Public  Hearing on Gospel Rock, the  Coast News interviewed Lola  Wsteil and Catherine McManus, members of 'The Friends of  Gospel Rock', who are trying to  preserve the area in the face of  development plans that would  rezone the area from the present  Rl to R4, thus permitting a high  density housing development in  the area.  Coast News: So you're saying  that the Gibsons Community  Plan cannot be changed at will?  Westell: The Community  Plan has to be accepted by the  majority of the people.  McManus: (rending from the  Official Community Plan  (OCP)): The plan has no fixed  duration but shall be systematically reviewed every five  years. Changs to the plan shall  only be made after extensive  public discussion and only when  it is clear that the proposed  change enjoys widespread community support.  CN: Allowing just one house  per two acres. Why would they  do that after they already said  this to begin with?  McM: That is the largst  designation in the plan. That  was the least dense designation.  CN: When did they make the  zoning ruling that allowed one  house per two acres?  ���McM: I think that was at the  same time as the Community  Plan (was drawn up).  CN: If we draw up a community plan that deems land, 65  acres, to be unstable and not  suitable for etny kind of dense  development, but suitable as  parkland, why would we then  put some kind of a heavy zoning on it?  McM: It would have been  much more powerful if it had  been designated as parkland  then. They mentioned (the  OCP) that they should acquire  as much of it (as possible), notwithstanding that it's private  land, (quoting from OCP)  'should acquire as much as  possible for parkland.  CN: But they didn't.  McM: Well, something has  changed that we don't understand. With this application,  council seems to have changed  its mind,  CN: With the application of  Hayden Killam? Is that what  we're talking about?  W: Ys, he threatened the  council with court action. He  says that other things have been  changed so they have to, by law,  give him...what he wants.  CN: He was aware, would  you assume, of the Community  Plan? One would think that if  he knew of this strongly worded  plan he would move and find  another area, unless he felt there  was some real good chance he  could get what he wanted from  this particular council.  W: That's right.  CN: So only a year ago, he  gets the option, correct? Now,  at that time, the by-law was  such that he could only build  one home per two acres, 35  horns. So he sel about to have  the by-law changed. Now the  Friends of Gospel Rock, were  you not upset at the fact that  someone was going to develop  anything on that property?  W: Not necessarily. I agree  that there should be some  development on Lot 6 which is  higher up and is not as environmentally sensitive.  McM: I don't think the  Friends of Gospel Rock have  one mind aboul this. Some  people think...Stanley Park!  Gibsons deserves its own  Stanley Park. But we are united  in feeling that Block 7, the part  with the promontory on it, is  too sensitive to develop any of  it.  CN: What you're saying is,  that 35 horns, which he would  have been entitled to build  under the existing by-law which  wasn't enough for him, was OK  for the people in the area?  W: That was just fine. They  all had input into the OCP,  that's what they all agreed on.  McM: I think they recognized  that they had to give it some  zoning, so Ihey gave it the least  density. But they did recommend that as much land as  possible be purchased as  parkland.  CN: Dos Gibsons have access to the right of legal expropriation?  W: Ys, and I believe it has  been considered.  CN: But that step wasn't  taken. Nothing was expropriated. So Mr. Killam applied  for a new zoning that would  Please turn to page 12  Gospel Rock goes  down to the wire  by Rose Nicholson  The Friends of Gospel Rock  are gearing up for another  round of the battle to save the  popular spot from development.  In an interview with the  Coasl Netws (see accompanying  article), Lola Westell and  Catherine McManus said that  they expect to have "lots of support" at the September 12  public hearing, possibly enough  to convince Gibsons Council  that the area should be (at least)  partially protected.  In a recap of the history of  the volatile land issue, Westell  and McManus explained that an  attempt is bang made by Valen-  tine Lands Corporation,  through its agent Hayden  Killam, to have Blocks 6 and 7  of District Lot 842 rezoned  from Rl to R4.  The R4 zoning would permit  the building of upwards of 150  horns on the property, instead  of a total of 35 horns now  allowed under the Rl zoning.  The Friends of Gospel Rock  claim that the area is highly sensitive ecologically, being home  to rare speeds such as alligator  lizards, almost extinct mosss  and wild flowers, a fine stand of  arbutus trees and an eagle tree.  Gospel Rock also has a long  history as one of the finst  lookout placs on the Coast,  with a spectacular view of Howe  Sound and Georgia Strait and  numerous trails provide hiking  for Gibsons residents.  Westell and McManus claim  that any rezoning contradicts  the intent of the Official Community Plan (OPQ which stats  (in part): its (Gospel Rock's)  arbutus-lined waterfront and  slops invite the preservation of  the maximum land area for  public use...the area's difficulty  of terrain and the possible instability of some of the slops  suggsts that a portion of the  land may not be conducive to  any marked density of development, and therefore the acquisition of a substantial area of  parkland as condition of  development of the adjacent upper plateau may be feasible in  the future.'  The OCP gos on to recommend that 'high priority must  be given to obtaining (as  parkland) as much of the  Gospel Rock waterfront as  possible,' as well as a site at the  l>eak of the promontory for a  lookout, and the preservation  of the hiking trail that winds  from the end of Chaster Road.  The OCP also cautions that  care must be taken in dealing  with storm runoff and recommends that because of a history  of instability, geotechnical  surveys should be undertaken to  'identify areas...which may or  may not be capable of development.'  Wsteil and McManus pointed out that the OCP stats that  'it does require that the  municipal council shall not  adopt a by-law or undertake  works contrary to or at variance  with the Official Community  Plan.'  They claim that there have  been several irregularities in the  way council has dealt with the  issue and they are prepared to  take the issue to court.  A fund for the preservation  of Gospel Rock has been set up  and one of the options being  considered by the 'Friends' is to  buy all or a portion of the property. They are not opposed to  development  on  the  upland  plateau, though there is concern  about the costs and feasibility of  services such as water, sewer  and road access.  "Il could take Gibsons 20  years to pay for these servics,"  said Wsteil. "The development  costs are supposed to be borne  by the developer, but the town's  estimates are too low, and it  could cost Gibsons taxpayers as  much as $750,000."  Under the terms of development, developers are required lo  deed 3.5 per cent of the property for parkland. At one point,  Killam offered approximately  18 acres, an area that would include the eagle tree and much of  the shoreline. But there is some  question as to whether this offer  is still valid.  Wsteil and McManus see  this as a red herring and are  afraid that the town could end  up with nothing.  Wilson decries latest  In ferry proposals  British Columbia Liberal  Leader Gordon Wilson said that  the latst proposal for a fast  passenger service from the Sunshine Coast to downtown Vancouver (unveiled Setptember 4  by Transportation Minister Rita  Johnston) was neither new nor  the solution to the critical situation now faced by residents of  the Sunshine Coast.  Wilson, who is himself a resident of Pender Harbour, went  on to say that the BC Ferry fleet  has been allowed to deteriorate  to the extent that mosl vssels  are now running with some portion of the mechanics either  under repair or not functioning  at all.  "While the fast service might  be attractive to some commuters who are headed into  downtown Vancouver, it dos  little to help those who commute to points outside the main  urban core. I am most concerned that this will tie seen as a  solution to our problem, and it  clearly is not."  Wilson predicted that should  such a service come into place it  would be run by private enterprise and not the BC Ferry Service. This Wilson said would be  most attractive to the Socred  government that was about to  enter into contract negotiations  with the Marine Workers  Union.  "I heard the minister loud  and clear in Powell River when  she said that it was the intention  of her government to make the  ferry system self-supporting.  That means greater privatization for the fleet, and this is  likely the first step along that  road."  Wilson re-stated his call for  the BC Ferry Corporation to  contract for the construction of  modem mid-sized vehicle ferries  that would have greater load  capacity and travel at faster  speeds.  "It is time that this government realized that the ferris are  an extension of our highways.  The only way to make the service efficient is to have more  frequent and faster service for  vehicle traffic."  Volleyball  The Sunshine Coast Vofleybal AMOdatfon will begin ib  fall schedule Monday, Septetmlter 10 from 7 to 9 pm al  ���Hphlnslone School gym.  Tt* year's hm wll consist of flvt mixed teams at the'B  Rac'ltvH.  For any further Informalion contact Jay Pomfrel at  ���MM,  Happy To Be Back. These Roberts Creek Elementary School students enjoy warm September mornings before daas. -Dive Altai photo  Serving the Sunshine Coast since 1945  mmm Coast News, September 10,1990  mment  Apathy kills  When a newspaper betgins to address the subject of apathy,  its readership immediately groans, knowing intuitively that an  election can't be far ahead. Ironically, the elicitation of  groans is, in itself, indicative of the presence of this most  lethal social disease.  Apathy, being a lack of interest or concern (in anything),  may well sound the death knell of the democratic process as  we now know it. Alas, there are some prognosticators who  will claim with a certainty that it's all over save for the mopping up by the forces victorious.  We, however, do not subscribe to the predictive, fatalistic  approachs to life. We know, as Yogi Berra knew, "It ain't  over 'til it's over."  Which brings us to our own little pocket of apathy-ridden  democracy, those 84 magnificent kilometers from Langdale  to Egmont. In about two months elections will be held to elect  a school board, the Sunshine Coast Regional District, and the  mayors and councils of two municipalities.  How many citizens who, between elections, vilify their  local politicians while hypocritically decrying certain conditions on our Coast, will actually rouse themselves sufficiently  to cast an informed vote? To accomplish this act of enlightened self-interest in our area entails little more than reading a  couple of weekly newspapers, forming a few critical opinions,  and motivating one's self to the assigned polling place.  Yet, if history is a guide, less than 30 per cent of the eligible  voters on the Sunshine Coast will both<er to go to the polls. To  add further insult to injury, many elective offices have been  (and doubtless will be) filled by acclamation. This is inexcusable when one considers the precarious position we as a  Coastal community find ourselves in at this very moment.  Profitmongers, exploiters and other worshippers of progress and the almighty looney, are lurking in the covs, glens,  and byways of the Sunshine Coast, like that licky-lipped wolf  who propositioned Little Red Riding Hood. She, wise child  that she was, voted with her feet and took off for Grandma's  house instanter.  We are fast becoming an extension of greater Vancouver, a  bedroom community of Wst Van, and only 30 per cent of us  will attempt to make a difference by electing people we can  then support and encourage when they take office ��� rather  than heaping scorn and ridicule in their way. (Or simply just  ignoring them and the democratic process entirely).  When a group of people find themselvs tempst-tossed in  a lifeboat, with survival at stake, all it taks is for one person  to allow himself the luxury of becoming apathetic for all to  perish.  The lifeboat we ail share might take a few more years to  capsize completely, but the time to begin bailing is when the  first small leak appears. With a pitiful 30 per cent of us Sunshine Coasters even bothering to make the minimal effort to  save our way and quality of life, we are in a more dsperate  bind than even the most pessimistic among us want to consider.  Yet, dspite this diagnosis, the prognosis is still up for  grabs. All it will take is for the minimally apathetic to shake  off their chains, rattle the cags of the truly unconscious, and  them roll on down to the polling place.  Which leavs you two months to think about the issus and  the personalitis.  6 YEARS AQO  In a discussion of waste management and water at the  Regional Board meeting there was a discussion of an  engineer's report that recommended an extension of the  Gibsons' reservoir and a 10 inch line along Henry Road  that would result In a considerable tax saving.  One hundred people participated In the Terry Fox Run  with runners collecting as much as $300 each in pledges  lor the Canadian Cancer Society.  10 YEARS AQO  Regional Director Joe Harrison and Alternate Director  Homer Glass have been appointed co-chairmen of a committee to look Into the problems caused by an upsurge In  the numbers of people applying for foreshore leases in the  SCRD.  20 YEARS AQO  A non-refundable SO cent charge above the 50 cent pupil  locker fee at Elphinstone School this year put into effect  by Principal T.G. Ellwood, has been suspended while Its  validity has been looked into.  40 YEARS AQO  The Peninsula Times Is now a dead issue. Following  agreement between Sutherland and White for the Coast  News, and Cloudsley Hoodsplth, owner of the "give-away"  paper, the Peninsula Times will not appear with your mail  as It has for the last two years.  The Sunshine  nusf mm  Pubii.h.d i>y GLASSFORD PRESS LTD.  Editor:  Jan Michael Sherman  Roje Nlcholioee  Advertising  M9r:  Fran Burnside  John Gilbert  Jean Broccoli  Production: Jan Scheiki  Jackie Phelan  Bonnie McHeffey Office Mgr:    Anne Thomsen  Brian McAndrewi Dee Grant  BUI Rogera, Mary Rogers Judle Myers  Bev Cranston  The SUNSHINE COAST NEWS is a locally owned newspaper,  published on Ihe Sunshine Coast. BC every Monday by Glasslord  Press Ltd., Box 460. Gibsons, BC VON 1V0. Gibsons 886-2622 or  8867817: Sechelt 885-3930: Pender Harbour 883-9099; Gibsons  Fax 886-7725. Sechell Fax 885-3954. Second Class Mail Registration No. 4702.  The Sunshlnt COAST NEWS is protected by copyright and reproduction of any part ot il by any means is prohibited unless permission in  writing Is first secured from Glasslord Press Ltd., holders of the  copyright SUBSCRIPTION RATES  Cinida: 1 year 135; 6 months 120: Foreign. 1 year $40  Ontario surprise  There they were on CBC's  The Journal, Barbara From and  all, looking slightly pleased with  themselves and somewhat guilty, like schoolchildren who had  just conducted a raid on bad-  tempered Farmer Jones' orchard.  Ontario the 'Good', Ontario  the 'Rich', Ontario the 'Centre'  had done something naughty.  Canada's most self-satisfied and  egocentric province, the bastion  of Conservatism since Confederation, had done the unthinkable and elected a New  Democratic Party government.  What did this all mean, the pundits asked themselves and each  other. What will the rest of  Canada make of this, socialists  in power in the heartland of  Canada?  The NDP's Bob Rae, earnest  and intelligent, seemingly the  perennial boy scout in the  political life of Canada's largest  province had persevered and  was going to be premier. Jack  had climbed the beanstalk and  slain the giant, red jogging  jump-suit, silver patrician manner and all.  What did it all mean the pundits aske*d.  The consensus seemed to be  that the electorate was just so  cheesed off at the corruption  and sleaziness of the old-line  parties that they turned to Bob  Rae and the NDP in vindictive  desperation. And maybe so they  did.  If there has been at last a  revolt in the minds of the Canadian voter against the patronage  and liees which have characterised politics in this country for  decades so much the better. It is  about time.  Bob Rae and the NDP have  ebeen given a golden opportunity. To seize it they must show  tint compassionate, careful and  honwt government is a possibility.  It could be the last chance for  this increasingly tortured country, increasingly split apart by  growing intolerance and racism,  sliding etver more supinely into  the orbit of the United States,  despairing before a growing  national debt that neither the  Conservatives nor the Liberals  have come to terms with, and  facing another recession that the  tight money policies of the  governor of the Bank of  Canada and the federal Finance  Minister have managed to  create just aifew short years  after we had crawled out of the  worst recession since the 1930's.  Time grows short for Canada. In the face of the prevailing cynicism ud apathy,  political opportunists have seized power: only the demented  seem interested in the affairs of  state, the demented and the ineffectual.  What chance is there yet for  this one* most promising of  countries? It is a slim chance to  be sure and if it is to succeed it is  going to succeed because the  people rediscover a joy in the  country and in each other. The  ' foundation stones of such a  rediscovery must be honesty  and accountability.  The pitfalls that lie in wait for  the boy scout who became Ontario's premier .are as daunting  as the opportunity is exciting.  The next four years will not be a  cakewalk for Bob Rae. The possibilities of disaster are all  around him. Not everything he  touches will turn to political  gold.  But he must, if he's to be  judged kindly by history, bring  to the people of Ontario an  honest government free of  corruption, alive to the dignities  of the various rthnic strands  (that form this country), and  above all aware of the need to  settle in a just and compassionate way the enduring question of native land claims.  People of good will, whatever  their political allegjauice, must  wish Bob Rae well. The question that confronts us in this last  decade of the 20th century is  whether or not this Canada of  ours is still a workable entity. A  good part of the answer will be  provided by Bob Rae and his  untried cabinet. God bless and  good luck.  Tempus fugitive:  THE LAST CHAPTER  /am living more alone now than I did:  This life tends Inward, as the body ages;  And what Is left of Its strange book to read  Quickens In Interest with the last few pages.  Problems abound. Its authorship? A sequel?  Its hero-villain, whose ways so little mend?  The plot? still dark. The style? a shade unequal.  And what of the denouement? And the end?  No, no, have done! Lay the thumbed thing aside;  Forget its horrors, folly, Incitement, lies;  In silence and tnsolitude abtde.  And con what yet may bless your Inward eyes.  Pace, still, for pace with you, companion goes,  Though now, through dulled and Inattentive ear,  No more���as when a child's���your sick heart knows  His Infinite energy and beauty near.  His, too, a World, though viewless save In glimpse;  He, too, a book of Imagery bears;  Andes your halting foot beside Mm limps,  Mark you whose badge and livery he wears.  Walter De La Mare  Time is felt, not clocked  by Lawrence Villanova  My friend, Perry, whose  rock-ribbed belief in and  adherence to the 'Time is  Money' ethos, has won him a  Porshce and a condo, and one  week's vacation in the past 10  years, was refusing to even consider that one's concept of Time  had any substantive bearing on  one's experience of it.  So I tried again. Everyone  knows, I explained patiently,  that, in this country and other  Time-obsessed cultures, we  measure this most precious  commodity quantitatively. In  seconds, centuries, minutes,  hours, eras and eons, we thus  express and experience Time  'objectively', making it possible  (we think) to buy Time, save it,  hoard, it, squander it, make it,  and even kill it.  Many of us attempt to beat it.  Unfortunately, all too often we  seem to wind up mimicking the  way we treat time, by splitting  ourselvess into tiny fragments of  Time which we then spend  much of our Time trying to adjust to. Of course, once we're  finally adjusted, Time has run  out and we're left contemplating the sand at the bottom  of the glass.  It's smother story entirely,  however, if one ascribes to the  notion that Time can only be  measured subjectively. Or, as  those philosophers and scientists outside of the rat race have  argued, the true me-asure of  Time is Intensity. If Time is,  after all, a matter of feeling  rather than duration, then how  one's time is spent becomes far  more of an imperative than how  much time one has. (Itself, a  highly-problematic issue, at  best).  While Time measured qualitatively is wavelike, an unbroken flow of wtiatever is at  the moment, Time reckoned in  terms of mili-seconds and months is separate and discontinuous. Quantitative Time  becomes something arbitrary  and concrete, something tangible enough for us to get our  hands on; something we can  dice, .dice, taste, waste, and  watehfly.  Consequently, those who experience their Time quantitatively run the risk of living,  as film makers put it, in Stop  Motion. These unfortunates  find that thdr day-to-day lives  add up to little more than a  flash-frozen collection of herky-  jerky moments, minutes, and  weeks, with Time Out only for  vacations, during which,  ironically, they are at a loss as to  what to do with so much reid  Time on their hands.  Tlnse people do not flow,  they simply go, go, go. They eat  on the run, play on the run, and  (generally) live out their lives on  the dead run. Some will, however, sheepishly allow as how  they would like nothing more  than to just slow down and take  life at a walk.  People who experience Time  qualitatively do just that. They  amble through life at what appears to be a snail's pace, but  appearances are deceiving.  These folk are often intense individuals, who are highly productive and lead intrinsically  more awarding lives.  Their secret is that they have  somehow carried ova from  childhood the memory that  there once was a Time when  there was Time enough to do  absolutely everything. Before  they learned to become Tune-  obsessed, Time was their friend.  They were never out of it, never  running late, and the right Time  for anything was the very moment thery wanted to do it.  People who experience Time  subjectively, live their lives just  like kids, while those who experience it objectively, wish they  could.  Adults who live in Time  qualitatively, are those handful  of kids who never bought the  myth of Time as a clockwork.  So, instead of punching the  clock, they beat it simply by ignoring it.  These free spirits, these wise  children in grown-up's clothing,  can often be spotted by the  singularity of their wrists.  They don't wear watches.  After all, anyone who experiences Time subjectively,  sooner or lata develops a  superb sense of Time. So who  needs a Swiss digital which  glows in the dark, times your  eggs, and talks to you, all for a  tad under $5,000?  Me, that's who, exclaims my  friend Perry, almost belligerently rolling up his cuff and  displaying the new time-dicer he  picked up on his latest business  trip to Geneva.  Upon checking which, he  stood abruptly, fished for the  keys to Ms Porsche, and announced that he was due in  Richmond for a meeting in 30  minutes. I duly noted that his  destination was a good 45  minutes away.  My little cross-town time-  saver will take care of that, he  said, waggling the Porsche keys  in front of my face.  Tempus .Fugitive, I sneered u  he rao*d for the door.  Your community's  AWARD-WINNING  newspaper  EPmVmoeJgSi  v--**7* .**��������.  "^r-^ ��^ >r^   Hl,mc^   ���jtRa-'jj.^^ag-iL,  \8m^3tm&S��m}?'  L  '--*"������'���'--  HiiilMMIIMHi A Native speaks back  Editors note: The following letter was received for publication.  Mayor Diane Strom,  Town of Gibsons, BC  Alderman Mr. Collins,  First Issue:  As a native born in this country, as were my late ancestors, I  speak on behalf of my relations.  I, for one, am appalled and angry with your comments about  my ancestors being foreigners to  our own country. My ancestors  must be rolling over in their  graves with your comments, rest  their souls.  About two months ago, an  article was published by the  local newspaper about an ancestral pot being found by the  pipeline workers. Can you Mr.  Collins prove how long natives  have ebeen in this country? Are  you also stating that us natives  have an Asian background?  Mr. Collins, I am disappointed in you! Wouldn't it be  like saying that the same as the  Caucasians bang foreigners in  their own countries? NO! It is  the same with natives!  Second Issue:  When your boats came to this  country 498 years ago, our  ancestors welcomed you not  Tempered reply  Editor:  Thank you for the opportunity to respond to the material  on aboriginal land claims presented by Alderman Ken Collins  at last Tuesday's meeting of Gibsons Council.  My first response was to simply consider the source and  move on, however 1 reconsidered my position in light of the  fact that Mr. Collins holds public office, and that the material  was formally presented and received by the Gibsons Council.  The written material presented by Mr. Collins is not only  factually incorrect but constitutes in my opinion both an attempt to defame me and the political party that I represent  and, much more importantly, the members of the Sechelt Indian Band.  The language used in the rather disjointed written presentation is in my view both racist and ethnocentric and can only  serve to promote fear and incite hatred between .peoples on  our coast.  Gordon F.D. Wilson, Leader  B.C. Liberal Party  knowing that it was the end of  their freedom and their land.  It marks the 500 year celebration in 1992 in Spain for the  finding of North America, our  country, but it ended the native  freedom of religion, freedom of  space, giving up their lands and  also their hunting and survival  and their way of life. It ended  their freedom of democracy.  It was not until the 1960's  that the native were able to  move about freely. My point is  this, I oppose the construding  of a pavilion in Spain for this  event. If you, Mr. Collins are  willing to help the government  to build this pavilion, then I  must say, you are on the wrong  seat. If it is Mr. Stan Dixon you  want so badly as a chief, why is  he not aware of this? Why  hasn't he spoken up yet to this  matter? It would be an offense  to me to have a pavilion there,  knowing my ancestors had to  suffer for giving up their land.  Third Issue:  Mr. Ken Collins, is it your  concern how the native people  elect thrir own people? The  native .people have done their  share by electing who is in of fi<*  and I do believe he is doing a  fine job.  I don't think you have the  right to say that Mr. Dixon  should be chief when they  already have one who was elected by his own people.  Chief Tom Paul has provided  the community with employment and good serviw amongst  both the Natives and Non-  Natives. Why do you .Mr. Collins not work with the present  chief who is capable in dealing  with these issues which you  seem to have .difficulty understanding.  Fourth Issue:  Mr. Collins, I do believe it is  time to let go of the former ex-  leader of the Sechelt band as  there will always be another to  succeed him.  If Mr. Stan Dixon could step  down graciously and proudly, I  would be proud of his efforts  but instead he continues to embarrass himself and some of his  people.  From a concerned and proud  Native,  Martha Half  Coast News, September 10,1990  RETIRING???  FREE MARKET SURVEYS AND  PRODUCT PLACEMENT SERVICES FOR:  ��� Anauitetes  ��� Registered Retirement Income Fuads (R.R.I.F.'i)  ��� Registered Retirement Savings Plan (R.R.S.P.'s)  "On-Line" Surveys of over 100 Financial Institutions  CHAMBERS PLANNING SERVICES  ��� Retirement Planning ��� Life Insurance  ��� Annuities R.R.IK. RRSP.   ��� Employee Benefit Plana  'Serving the Sunshine Coasl for over 8 years'  LAWRENCE K. 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Using this as a  guide, complete public daycare  could be provided for less than  one per cent of the existing  provincial budget.  Ensure our future by in  vesting our money where we can  get the best return, on public  daycare and our children.  Elmer G. Wiesns  More letters  p. 19 & 23  ENTRl  Financing is on  What informat  neeed from you?  Participate in a  requirements o  programs and  Development C  For more inforr  FuturesForum  Community Fu  FUTUR  IEURS  s in business,  r investors  >n on the  us, government  ss  e  sunshine Coast  >n at 885-2639.  oast  HJM  InDD \M  ZPREh  e key to succes  on do lenders o  frank discussi  : chartered ban  he local Busine  entre.  nation about th  please call the i  Aires Associatit  Sunshine C  XSFOI  Planning tor^J   J^/n the 90s  GRAND OWNING  PHASE 3 NOW SELLING  DELUXE TOWN HOMES  Phase 3 Units 17 to 22  1620 Sq. Ft. & Balcony  Vis  J J  Fri., Sat. & Sun.  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GOSPEL ROCK BYLAW CONCERNS  ��� Water ��� Sewer  ��� Drainage ��� Design Process  ��� Blasting of Gower Pt. Rd.  ��� Costs to Gibsons & Regional District   L  my childhood m joeutlwn Saskatchewan and Manitoba in  1927. All the details are recorded in The Roar of tte Tweatks  by James H. Gray.  A man named Eaiie Nebon  crossed the imemational border  and made his way to Winnipeg  by catching rides with  motorists.  There he put a dollar down  on a three dollar a week room  and within two days had raped  and murdered two women in  the city. The body of one victim, a girl selling artificial  flowers, was found in his rented  room. The other, a pregnant  mother of two, under ii bed in  tier own home.  Panic clamped down on Winnipeg. Women would not  answer their doors even to  delivery men whom they might  have known for years.  Headlines dubbed Nebon the  Strangler. Hit description  matched that of an escaped  mental patient wanted for 20  killings in the United States.  From Fort William to Edmonton that summer, news-  papers in their regular and  many extra editions featured  only the hunt for Strangler,  Earle Nelson and stories of his  background.  Even stories of Charles Lindbergh's triumphant return to  America after his solo transatlantic flight in the single  engine The Spirit of St. Louis  found space only on back pag��  of the newspapers.  Nelson .always left a clear  trail. In Winnipeg just after his  second killing, he had stopped  to buy a hat with a fancy band  and to have a haircut. The  monety he used was $60 of his  victim's savings. He tipped the  bart)CT SO cents ��� something  unheard of in those Prairie  times.  There was only the telephone  for quick communications. At  one time the police could not  close on the Strangler ��� their  automobiles were mired in the  mud of the dirt roads. Not to be  daunted the police chartered a  locomotive to continue the pursuit.  Nelson did not resist arrest,  but he did escape once from a  village cell and the headlines  screamed again. He had picked  the lock with a nail file found  on the floor of his cell. Hysteria  swept the countryside, until he  was again caught.  In January, 1928, Strangler  Nelson was hanged in Winnipeg, Curious crowds gathered  PUBLIC NOTICE  OF  ZONING AMENDMENT  |   BYLAW NO. 555-46,1990  (being proposed amendment to Zoning Bylaw No. 555,1986)  TAKE NOTICE that the Municipal Council of the Town of Gibsons hereby gives  notice of proposed Zoning Amendment Bylaw No. 555-46,1990 pursuant to Section  958 of the Municipal Act R.S.B.C. 1979, c. 290 to amend the present zoning of the  following property as described:  1. That certain area of land In the Town of Gibsons, British Columbia, more particularly known and legally described aa the southerly 23.46 meters (76.97  feet) of Lot F, Block 2, D.L 1328, Plan 12128 as shown on the map attached.  2. In general terms, the Intent of the Bylaw Is to rezone from the existing Tourist  Commercial Zone 2 (C2) to the proposed General Commercial Zone 1 (C1).  3. This Bylaw may be cited as "Zoning Amendment Bylaw No. 555-46,1990."  4. A copy of this Bylaw may be inspected at the Gibsons Municipal Hall, 474  South Fletcher Road In Gibsons, British Columbia during office hours, namely 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Monday to Friday (Statutory Holidays excepted).  Take notice that this notice Is deemed to be a synopsis of the Bylaw, and not  deemed to be an Interpretation thereof.  Pursuant to the Municipal Act, the Municipal Council has waived the holding of a  Public Hearing on this Bylaw as an Official Community Plan la In effect for the area  and the proposed Bylaw Is consistent with the plan.  Rob Buchan  MUNICIPAL PLANNER j. APPROVING OFFICER  to  Ng^fjfldfejg  ////AV^rainri  outside the jail were allowed in  to view the body of the man  who had terrorized them.  The Prairies got back to tending crops and livestock, and  reading ordinary news.  HUNTER GALLERY  This coining Monday, .Sept-  ember 17, a reception in the  Gallery will open a select showing of water colours by Cordon  Munro, a well known artist who  resides on the .Sunshine Coast.  .His work, which has been exhibit^ all over the Pacific Northwest, has alio been shown in  London, England, with the  Royal Institute of Painters in  Watercolours.  Private collections in  Canada, in Britain, in the  United States, and in Japan  have acquired Munro water-  colours.  Gordon Munro, who grew up  in Victoria and in Vancouver,  studied at the Vancouver School  of Decorative and Applied Arts  under Frederick Varley, a founding member of the Group of  Seven, and as well, a renowned  portraitist.  Gordon Munro has worked  as art director in advertising  agencies in Vancouver, and like  Lyall Nanson, uses water colours as the medium for his art.  POLICE NEWS  Some found jewellery can be  claimed at the RCMP office.  There is a watch, two rings, and  a necklace to identify during office hours.  D~..-S*~L,  Some Original Designs  Big Wind Coming Soon  downtown tJxobexli Cut*  889-7411  h��� Jeannie's���>  SEMI-ANNUAL  Jewellery Repair Event  How Well  Do You Hear?  To find out call for a test,  Gibsons Hearing  Centre 886-3883  Tests by appointment only.  (S12.50 per test)  Serving the Sunshine Coast  Drop oil youi  coast News  Are the claws worn thin!  Are the fide stone* secure!  Is the centre slone secure)   ft' oi this! quihions. i��ow;  I. ih. .I,.��L u*,,��� eh.ee.1        1/TOUl CHANCI IO H��V1 VOU�� I  Is nee sleana morn mini      ��i ���fuu0 >T suasKNeiAl MVINCS.  Special Savings Now In Effect   thru' Saturday, September 19  claw        iyjta     Sale $28   ,&  RETIFHNG     io,,,!,., ,��� < dam     (aMMm&fi  ��||yf* Made Smaller Made larejirr t  sizing   Now $8 $10-$14 -fa  Ri'll Price. 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What better way to end a  beautiful day than to watch the  sun go down behind the mountains of Texada Island, Lasqueti  Island and the coastline of the  Sechelt Peninsula while sitting  on a rock or log at one of our  still clean and private beaches?  With the tide climbing high  most nights, the rocks warm the  water and make for a soothing  salt water bath. Nothing feels  cooler and more refreshing to  me, not even warm lake or pool  water, than at the end of the day  plunging into that  sparkling  blue ocean.  On a .Sunday you can sit and  watch the boaters sailing and  racing back to the city. At the  same time you can count on  both hands the love boats cruising up the strait heading for  Alaska.  If you have a beach fire going, it is even more relaxing to  sit in the dark and watch the  flames dance. Happy summer  Creekers, enjoy our beautiful  coast and keep it clean.  GREENPEACE  Referring to my article on Or-  cas two weeks ago, it has been  pointed out to me that the  names Greenpeace and Paul  Watson must not be mentioned  in the same article (except this  one). I still say Cheers! to Paul  Watson and his crew for his  harrassment of driftnttters.  HAIR SALON  A very talented lady with very  reasonable rates has moved her  salon called Creek Hair Salon to  downtown Roberts Creek and  joins Ragazza, a unique  clothing store, and Alderwood  Furnishings. Congratulations,  Roberts Creek merchants and  community wish you well.  LEGION LINEUP  Don't forget ��� this Friday  night, September 14 is Talent  Night at the legion. It is  guaranteed to be very entertaining, so come on out, Creekers,  Qlbsons  supports  recycling  project  The Sunshine Coast Reeling and Processing .Society  (SCRAPS) requested of council  that their building permit fee be  waived for the Gibsons Recycling Depot currently under construction at the Sunnycrest  Mall.  Alderman Lillian Kunstler  made the motion to waive the  fM after it was revealed the  amount of revenues lost would  be $336 and the motion was carried. The township staff recommended acceptance "in view of  the community benefits to be  derived, and the current social  attitude regarding recycling."  BrltHh c  t  Elections  Brltlth Columbia  Are��)u  Registered to Vote?  A Special Opportunity  for��)utoRegisten  Do you have this card?  Is it correct?  This card means that  you are registered to vote  at a Provincial Election,  based on the address  printed on the card.  If you do not have this  card, or the address is  no longer correct, please  check at a Registration  Centre now!  You must be a registered     Registration Centres .  voter to vote.  Registrar of Voters  6953 Alberni Street  Powell River  485-2815  Government Agent  5710TeredoSt.  Sechelt  How to register.  If you think that you .ire not registered  to vote:  eCbntact a Registration Centre or  Registrar of Voters,  e Have the Voters List checlcesd for your name,  e If you are not on the list, but qualified,  complete a registration form!  Qualifications!  e 19 years of age or older  eCanadian citizen  e .Resident of British Columbia for the past  6 months  For more information:  Elections British Columbia Information Line  1-800-742-8683 (Toll Free)  Remember: You cannot register on Election Day.  m  fallal Electoral Ollice  Hours:  9:30 am - 6 pm      11 am - 5 pm  Fridays 'Till 9 pm    Sun. <& Holidays  Frozen ��� Young ���       v>**x  Utility Grade ��� 3-9 kg   ���*-*" yt  ��� With a Minimum $10.00 Order You Pay: '''     *  TURKEY  kg 2.16  Prices Effective  Mon., Sept. 10 to  Sun., Sept. 16  Ib.  .98  Family Pack ��� Fresh Frying ^        ���   m*^  ��� Quarters ��� Back Attached 'U        WA mm  BREAST   >���a��, 1.49  Boneless ��� Leg Of Pork m\      [\ ��\  ROAST     t,,��,Ll99  Fresh ��� BC Grown Canada No 1 Grade ^  . 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Add all other  Ingredients. Bring to the boll stirring continuously  until mixture has thickened.  4. Arrange pear slices on chilled custard.  5. Pour wine glaze over top and chill until solving time.  NtStLlWli  Wc (lii neeere' leer  yeeei ne |iei>vnlue<| On.ility h leu-nelly S  WISHFUL THINKING  r Sale on Beautiful Decor"]  I   Coloured Rattan Baskets |  ��� Ideal for Harvest & Fall Arrangements -  LOOK FOR THE S.POT ON THE LABEL  Yellow Spot - 25% Off   Red Spot ��� 30% Off  Regular Wicker - 50% Off  FISH SPtCIAL - Tetras 3 For 2  275 Gower Point Road. Gibsons Landing  886-3812  RIGHT HERE ��� RIGHT NOW!  IP*-!  Straight leg cut  ��� 5 Pocket styling  ��� Heavy 14 oz. cotton  denim  ' SIZES: 31 38  ��� Bool cut  SIZES: 28-44  JEANS  99  1B"  IUeach  e WORK WEN?  /IK WORLD x-  Cafe & Confectionery  886-7522  loooooooooooooooo  New Hours  8 AM - 6 PM   Mon. ��� Thurs.  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Today, nine years after his  death, he is no less a hero. His  name is Terry Fox.  You can help to stop the hurting by doing your part in the  upcoming 10th annual Terry  Fox rim on Sunday, September  16. It's a 10k run, but you can  walk, ride your bike, amble  along, anything. The money  raised goes for cancer research.  Be generous when the pledge  sheets come around.  WRITERS FORGE MEETS:  The writers tiave had enough  of lying about in the sun, entertaining visitors and generally  doing everything except writing,  so they're anxious to get back to  work. Wednesday, September  12 is their next meeting, at 7:30  pm at Rockwood Lodge.  This will be a workshop  night, so bring no more than  three page's, double-spaced, for  review. Remember to bring  about six copies.  The Writer's Forge have their  own ropier machine at the  Coast News office which costs  only 10 cents a copy for  members.  HOSPITAL AUXILIARY:  The Sechelt branch of the  Hospital Auxiliary will hold its  first meeting of the fall on  Thursday, September 13 at 1:30  pm in St. Hilda's Hall. This is a  very important meeting. We  need your input regarding coming events, so members and  guests are urged to  attend. The more people there  are, the more ideas are  generated.  DISTRICT OF SECHELT  NOTICE TO ELECTORS  The Court of Revision shall sit at the Municipal Hall  on October 1,1990, at 10:00 a.m. and shall hear all  complaints and correct and revise the list of electors. Names of electors may be corrected, added if  omitted, struck off If not qualified and any other  manifest error may be corrected. The name of any  person may be added to the list if an application on  the appropriate form is received at the Municipal Office by September 28,1990.  J.M.A. Shanks  Clerk-Administrator  SAVE ON ALL DOMCO RESILIENT FLOORING  15% Off  PROMO TURF (green only) 12' width 3.95 sq. yd.  "Tues.  Wed. __  jThiirs. 10-30-7pm=ji  ESat. !O30-4pm  e Boole Drop in Trail Bay Mall  Barn Owls relocated  Two barn owls, a male and a  female, which were raised in  captivity at the Owl Rehabilitation  Society  in  Delta,  were  You're Invited  to a  Free Home Buyer's Seminar  sponsored by  Royal Bank Of Canada  Gibsons &. Sechelt Branches  GUEST SPEAKERS  J. Wayne Rowe, Barrister & Solicitor  Dave Oldham, Realtor  Tuesday, Sept. 18/90  7:00 pm to 9:00 pm  Davis Bay Elementary  relocated and set free in a local  barn.  The delicate operation was  carried out by Irene and Clint  Davy, Gibsons residents who  run a wildlife sanctuary. They  weie aided in the tricky task by  long-time environmentalist,  John Hind-Smith.  "The birds are only 16 weeks  old," noted Irene Davy, adding  that "we can't be sure as to  what happened to their parents  that left them orphans."  "It could have been one of a  number of things," said Clint.  "Thesse owls tend to swoop  down very low over roads, and  one or both of their parents  might well have been hit by a  car or truck."  As soon as being released  from their animal carrier, the  larger (male) owl spread a set of  magnificent wings and headed  for the top rafters of the barn.  His companion, obviously anxious and wary, had to be coaxed  before she would leave the carrier.  Before departing the barn,  the wildlife specialists left  behind portions of dead rat and  DISTRICT OF SECHELT  NOTICE TO ELECTORS  NOTICE OF REFERENDUM  AQUATIC CENTRE LOAN AUTHORIZATION  BYLAW NO. 118  WHEREAS the borrowing is to construct an Aquatic Centre within the boundaries  of the District of Sechelt;  AND WHEREAS the estimated cost of constructing the desired Aquatic Centre including expenses incidental thereto, is the sum of $1,700,000.00;  AND WHEREAS the amount of the debt intended to be created by this bylaw is  $1,700,000.00;  NOW THEREFORE, the Council of the District of Sechelt, in open meeting  assembled, enacts as follows:  1.    (a) To borrow upon the credit of the municipality a sum not exceeding  $1,700,000.00  Take notice that the above is a synopsis of a proposed bylaw on which the vote of  electors of the municipality will be taken at the Advance Polls which will be held at  the Municipal Office on:  1) Wednesday, September 19th, 1990, between 8:30 a.m. and 5:00 p.m.;  2) Saturday, September 22nd, 1990, between 10:00 a.m. and 2:00 p.m.;  3) Wednesday, September 26th, 1990, between 8:30 a.m. and 5:00 p.m.,  and on Polling Day to be held at the  1) Municipal Office, on Saturday, September 29th, 1990 between 8:00 a.m. and  8:00 p.m.;  2) West Sechelt Elementary School, on Saturday, September 29th, 1990 between  8:00 a.m. and 8:00 p.m.;  3) Davis Bay Elementary School, on Saturday, September 29th, 1990 between  8:00 a.m. and 8:00 p.m.;  A Mobile POLL will be conducted on Saturday, September 29th, 1990 at the following locations at the time indicated:  1) "Shorncliffe" Intermediate Care Facility - 9:00 a.m. -10:00 a.m.  2) "Greenecourt" Senior Citizens' Housing facility ��� 10:15 a.m. -11:15 a.m.  3) St. Mary's Hospital -11:30 a.m. ��� 12:30 p.m.  and that Mr. J.M.A. Shanks has been appointed returning officer for the purpose of  taking and recording the vote.  And take notice that the full bylaw may be Inspected at the following places and  times, namely the Municipal Office, 5545 Inlet Avenue, Sechelt, B.C., during  regular office hours, Monday through Friday, excluding holidays, during the normal hours of business, 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m., and that the synopsis is not intended  to be and is not to be understood as an interpretation of the bylaw.  The question on the ballot shall read:  Are you In favour of tha District of Sechelt Aquatic Centre Loan Authorization  Bylaw No. 118, which provides for tho borrowing of up to $1,700,000.00 for the  construction of an Aquatic Centra Facility? Yes or No  Dated at Sechelt this 7th day of September 1990.  J.M.A. Shanks  Returning Officer  rabbit for the eventual delectation of the now roostng barn  owls.  "This is the first time, to our  knowledge, that we have had  barn owls on the Sunshine  Coast," noted Irene. "We hope  they will acclimate themselves to  their new environment."  Special thanks goes to Hind-  Smith for offering and providing a needed boost to the  Coast News photographer, so  that he could scale a large  haystack and gain more intimate proximity with the pair  of dubious birds.  Drop oil youi  COAST NKW8  CLASSIFIEDS  "Tha Floor Ston At Your Door"  SeKhtlt Furnlturaland  Open 9:30 to S PM  Mon. to Sal.  NOW  ENJOY ALL THE BENEFITS OF  SKYLIGHT & SOLARIUM  SYSTEMS  Direct to you from Dargatz Glass  . Longer Summer  ��� The beauty of outdoors...i  . Comfort ��� light  ��� More living space  ��� Increased property value  ��� Striking design possibilities  ./ Experienced, competent & complete solarium service by Dargatz  from planning to completion  si 10 year guarantee  ���/Capable crew means best possible pre-winter pricing in effect now  J Phone or call In soon for more information & free estimate  T^ARGATZ  y(m<muo<k(  HwV 101 at Pi-ntt Rel . Clbsee  886-7359  1 *  *-***��^rJrr-? *-~>�� ������-������������^ :>-*~<+��^ '-y'-i����'.-.~ D.ivis B.iy News & View;  Annual meeting  Coast News, September 10,1990  SHOES  SHOES  Cluing night at the very pleasant and successful cippuclno deck  behind the Shadow Baux Gallery. -Raik Forrattr pkoio  Sechelt Seniors  by Umka Sol, IggU  The Davis Bay/Wilson Creek  Community Association meeting is tonight starting at 7:30  pm. Come out and give your  vie-ws on what you would like to  see happen in the coming months.  TEDDY BEAR BIRTHDAYS  Happy birthday to the little  teddy bears having birthdays in  Setptember ��� Ashley, Chris,  Justine and Quinn. Hope you  enjoy your spetial day!  DAVIS BAY SCHOOL  I drove up to the school to see  if anything was happening. The  playing field is all dug up. If  you have been using it for running, etc., you will have to wait  until the spring before you can  use it again.  Here 1 have bem blaming the  new St. John's United Church  for all the early morning noises  I have been hearing.  Activity and fitness  by Joyce Ostry  This is the first of a number  of articles on activity and  fitness.  "Moses was an hundred and  twenty years old when he died;  his eye was not dim, nor his  natural force abated."  Deuteronomy 34:7.  That's one way of saying, use  it or lose it. A key factor in living fully during the mature  years is our attitude toward life.  SECHELT MEDICAL CLINIC  WISHES TO ANNOUNCE  THE RETURN OF  Dr. Rand Rudland  from sabbatical  Sept. 10, 1990  SUGGESTED  HTML  LIST  PRICES  Mfy/UrJ  ROBERT HONEY  INTERIORS  Decorators for Fine Homes  885-4044  5639 Wharf Road, Sechelt  Tuesday ��� Friday 12-4 p.m.  There is a great temptation to  'take it easy' and surrender to  the filing that it's too late to  begin an exercise program. (Do  check on this with your doctor.  Forget this phrase 'no pain, no  gain'. That doesn't apply to  mature people.)  Age is no barrier to fitness.  Studies show that inactive men  and women in their 8o's and  90's can still improve their  fitness and well-being with a  regular progressive activity program.  The human body was not  designed for the spectator role.  With prolonged inactivity, such  as confinement to bed, muscles  become weak and limp, joints  stiffen, bones become more  brittle, digestion is impaired,  endurance, strength and physical skills decline.  This physical decline results  from disuse and occurs at any  age when the body is deprived  of physical activity. After weeks  in outer space with no oportuni-  ty for merdse, the Apollo  astronauts were unable to stand  when first released from thdr  space capsule.  The physical decline often  associated with ageing parallels  the effescts 'Atrophy Through  Disuse'. The body however, is a  remarkable machine. Though it  breaks down when not used, it  has great recuperative powers.  An active lifestyle cannot  guarantee you a longer life or  freedom from disease. It does  ensure a more vigorous, enjoyable lifestyle and in the event  of illness or surgery, a better  chance of survival and the best  possible recovery.  KIRKLAND CENTRE  The clients of KirUand Cenlre have had a good summer  with excusions to Snickitt Park,  lunch at the coffee shop in the  mall, then shopping, and  another visit to the mall for  Pioneer Days.  They have had a demonstration of punch embroidery by  Georgie, have made blackberry  jam and are going to tackle  making peach freezer jam.  John and Jean were married  in August and a shower was  held with lunch and a cake.  Sadie had a trip to Ireland and  showed her pictures and  postcards. Another lady had a  trip to England and France and  showed her pictures and told  about her trip on a hotel-boat  along the canals in England.  When I called to get information for this column they were  being entertained by Reg, Lynn  and Michelle who are called  'Harmony'. David Wells was  also visiting and taking pictures  for Home Support Week.  JPPIB5KIDS  885-5255  Trail Bay Mall, Sechelt  Egmont  News  by Ann Cook 883-9911  The winner is Ada Priest!  Ada won a beautiful handmade  afghan in the Egmont Lions  raffle last week, at the seafood  dinner.  Do you like walking or helping? If so, you can do both on  Saturday, September 29 in Egmont. the walking will be the  Walkathon on the Skookumchuk Trail, and the helping is  that all proceeds will go to Jaws  of Life for the Pender Harbour  Fire Department.  After all that walking and  helping you can relax at a Coffee House that same evening.  VHS VCR With MTS Stereo Hi-Fi. HQ  and On Screen Menu   $eqqoq  Programming W  $ 39900  VRG75 Even our best value VCR is built with  HQ circuitry. Unified TV/VCR Remote controls  on-screen programming. 1 year, 8 event timer  with 155 channel tuning.  SUNSHINE COAST TV LTD.  "Alter ihe sale. It's the service that counts'  Home Electronics    MON ��� SAT  Sales & Service 9.005.00  5674 Cowrie St��� Sechelt 885-9816  DISTRICT OF SECHELT  NOTICE TO ELECTORS  NOTICE OF REFERENDUM  A Memorandum of Understanding between the Corporation of the District of  Sechelt and the Senior Citizens' Association of B.C., Sechelt Branch #69 has been  drafted and will form the nucleus of a lease agreement should the referendum as  to whether the Seniors' Activity Centre be allowed to locate of Block 7, pass.  The Memorandum of Understanding is as follows:  1. The District will grant a specified parcel of land for lease to the Senior  Citizens' Association of a size not to exceed 14,000 square feet (land of a  value of $49,000.00 ) for the construction of a building, for a term of 99  (ninety-nine) years, for the consideration of $1.00 (one dollar) per year, paid in  advance;  2. The building will be constructed and designed to be compatible with other  civic buildings built on Block 7;  3. The Seniors' Association shall have sole control, maintain, and be responsible for utility and other like charges;  4. The Seniors' Association shall make the facility available for use by other  community, non-profit or charitable organizations. The facility will be  available to all ages. It Is understood that it will include among other  amenities an auditorium with a capacity of at least 300 persons, complete  with stage, dressing rooms etc., games room with pool table, shuffleboard,  carpet bowling etc. In addition there will b a small coffee shop. For the use of  these facilities a nominal fee would be charged, to offset operating expenses,  in any event not to exceed fees charged when Seniors Association members  utilize the facilities.  5. The Seniors' Association shall pay the District of Sechelt the sum of  $25,000.00 (twenty-five thousand dollars) at the commencement of construction of the facility, as a contribution to the cost of off-site services. The cost  of maintaining and upgrading said site-services to be borne by the Municipality. The District will provide services such as, sewage, water, Hydro and  telephone to the site as required.  6. Any lease between the two parties shall contain a proviso for re-entry by the  lessor on failure to pay rent or to observe the covenants contained In it; and  shall contain a prohibition against subletting without the approval of Council.  7. This Memorandum of Understanding will be for a term of 3 (three) years, dated  from the date of an affirmative referendum (referred to above), at the expiration of three years, if construction has not commenced and financing to completion assured, then this Agreement will terminate.  Take notice that the above is the Memorandum of Understanding on which the  vote of the electors of the Municipality will be taken at the Advance Polls which  will be held at the Municipal Office on:  1) Wednesday, September 19th, 1990, between 8:30 a.m. and 5:00 p.m.;  2) Saturday, September 22nd, 1990, between 10:00 a.m. and .2:00 p.m.;  3) Wednesday, September 26th, 1990, between 8:30 a.m. and 5:00 p.m.,  and on Polling Day to be held at the  1) Municipal Oflice, on Saturday, Septemeber 29th, 1990 between 8:00 a.m. and  8:00 p.m.;  2) West Sechelt Elementary School, on Saturday, September 29th, 1990 between  8:00 a.m. and 8:00 p.m.;  3) Davis Bay Elementary School, on Saturday, September 29th, 1990 between  8:00 a.m. and 8:00 p.m.;  A Mobile POLL will be conducted on Saturday, September 29th, 1990 at the following locations at the time indicated:  1) "Shorncliffe" Intermediate Care Facility ��� 9:00 a.m. -10:00 a.m.  2) "Greenecourt" Senior Citizens' Housing facility ��� 10:15 a.m. ��� 11:15 a.m.  3) St. Mary's Hospital -11:30 a.m. ��� 12:30 p.m.  And take notice that the Memorandum of Understanding may be inspected at the  a following places and times, namely the Municipal Office, 5545 Inlet Avenue,  Sechelt, B.C. during regular office hours, Monday through Friday, excluding  holidays, during the normal hours of business, 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.  The question on the ballot shall read:  "Are you In favour ol the Senior Citizens' Association ol B.C., Sechelt Branch #69,  constructing an Activity Centre on Block 7, In accordance with the Memorandum  ot Understanding, as approved by the District ol Sechelt Council?"     Yes or No  J.M.A. Shanks  Returning Officer  Dated at Sechelt this 7th day of September 1990.  MMMMHaMMMi Coast News, September 10,1990  Sign-up time  Interior Plantscaping    -^it+ty  by *'  PENT/\NGLE PLANTS  "Kids Day Barbecue" picnic Is enjoyed by future Halfmoon Bay  Volunteer Fire Fighters at Coopers Green.     -Ruth Foe-mitr photo  School  District  No. 46  (Sunshine Coast)  NEW PROGRAM  HIGH SCHOOL  COMPLETION  Informal Atmosphere  Flexible Hours  FREE Individual Tutoring  ADULTS WELCOME  Register by Sept. 17th  Call Continuing Education 885-2991  by Rett Fontater MM4U  Girls from six to nine years  are invited to register for  Brownies on Monday, September 17 from 4:30 to 6 pm at  Coopers Green Hall.  Five year olds who would like  to join Sparks may do so between 4:30 and 5pm on the same  day, same place, and if enough  interest is shown and a leader  found it will go ahead.  If anyone has a Brownie  uniform that is no longer useful, and if you would care to  either donate or sell it, please  contact Marilyn at 885-2229 or  Marion at 885-2063.  Action is also about to bejgin  for the little boys in our area.  Those between five and seven  can register for Beavers, while  boys from seven to ten can  .become Cubs.  Registration will be at Half-  meson Bay School on Tuesday,  September 11 at 7:30 pm.  Activities for Halfmoon Bay  adults are also underway for the  fall and winter season. This Friday, September 7 is the sun of  afternoon bridge at Welcome  Beach Hall at 1 pm. Whether or  not you are a member you will  be made welcome. Then on Saturday, September 29 ��� mark  your calendar for this date, as  there will tie one of the ever  popular Pub Nights at the Hall.  This is a good time to separate plants and to get ahead  with some home baking for the  freezer. Why? Because donations of such items are requested for the annual Fall Flea  Market at Welcome Beach Hall  in October.  IMPORTANT MEETING:  Tonight, Monday, September  10 there will be a meeting at  Halfmoon Bay School to discuss the future plans for our  local parks. We are all interested in what takes place at  our much used parks and our  ideas and suggestions for improvements may be brought up  for discussion. Take the opportunity to help with your input.  RUNNING?:  There are lots of folks to be  seen running on Redrooffs  Road these days, and even more  of you are out walking. You  have an opportunity to engage  in any of these activities for a  good cause, as well as for your  own well-bang.  Why not get some friends to  pledge, on your behalf, some  funds for the annual Terry Fox  Run which takes place on  September 16. Therre are several  outlets for application forms,  including the Coett .News in  Sechelt.  KARATE CLASSES:  Bw Robinson has announced  that Karate classes will start  next Monday, September 17 at  Coopers Green Hall and will  continue each Monday and  Wednesday from 7 to 8:30 pm.  There are also classes on Thursday evenings, same hours, at  Halfmoon Bay School. For further information, call 885-9026.  THE ���SU.NSHINE COAST  SUNSHINE COAST 2020:  PLANNING FOR OUR FUTURE  The Regional Board, in cooperation with all Municipalities on the Sunshine  Coast is undertaking a major planning program that looks at the 21st century.  We want your input and participation to help establish the goals and  policies that will shape the environment we live in.  Please attend the Open House nearest to you:  DAY  DATE  Monday September 10  Wednesday     September 12  Friday September 14  LOCATION  Cedar Grove Elementary  Sechelt Legion  Madeira Park Legion  TIME  7:30 p.m.  7:30 p.m.  7:30 p.m.  ' Please note that a telephone survey will also be taking place during  the middle of September. If you are called, please take the time to  answer the questions.  SUMMER  SUMMER  ..., ��� vLliAliANbL  Ml In-Stock  Lawn Furniture 30% Off  Lawn Mowers... 25 % OH  w&  BUILDING  SUPPLIES!  HOME/.1LL  BUILDING CENTRE  Pender Harbour  Telephone 883-95S1  Vancouver 669-2604  ��������  Op To 50% Off  September 10-16  Cash & Carry Prices  We're Still Open Sundays ��� 10 am  HOME/.1LL  BUILDING CENTRE  AG BUILDING SUPPLIES  CLEARANCE ITEMS  BfTetra Deck Lights  Reg 114.99   Now 79."  D/Safety Hard Hats  Reg. 5.19     Now 2."  M Moon Ray Garden  m' 20%oH  Miscellaneous  Windows and  Sealed Units  Individually Priced  And Other In-Store Specials  t*-**  Bjfi"  i.���f j��:*aJV,V;**^  = ,,1W1f l..f^*afcJ-,.<!  TiT" mi    t ���:.. -m~~neV ���  .    .     .     __   ^    .  ���if-wr ��*��������- *o^*'r:*^w^f.r^yt^'^*S^,'^rT:aik Coast News, September 10,1990 11.  Pender Patter  Looking for Pender positives  GARDEN BAY  HOTEL  <h  by Myrtle Wtactator, M3-90W  It is the opinion of some that  my column has deteriorated into pointless, bitchy negativity,  and to any of you who fed this  way, I apologize. Perhaps  you're right, but just about  anything that happens in  Pender Harbour does seem to  create controversy, if not direct  opposition.  We need something positive  happening in the Harbour,  something that we can all support and be enthusiastic about.  It can even bea good fight, providing that we're not fighting  our neighbours.  We Med to put aside our  political biases and our personal  prejudices and channel all that  energy into something good for  Pender Harbour.  If you have an idea, please jot  it down and send it to me at Box  178, Madeira Park, BC, VON  2H0 or drop it off at the Paper  ���Mill. Stay tuned, I'll let you  know what I hear.  CREDIT UNION  Wednesday, September 12 at  7:30 pm, Pender Harbour  Credit Union memljers are invited to a sepecial general  meeting at the community hall  to discuss and vote on  amalgamation with the Sunshine Coast Credit Union.  PIECE MAILERS  The Pender Harbour Quilters  (piece makers) recently resumed  their activities and would like to  invite everyone to join them on  the first and third Wednesday  of every month at St. Andrew's  Church Hall. For more information call Rosa Ware at  883-9368.  YOUTH CHOIR  A youth choir for those between the ages of 10 and 16 is  ���beginning at St. Andrew's  Church Hall on September 16 at  10:30 am (this is both the first  session and the registration  day).  For  more  information  or  transportation   call   Nancy  Mackay at 883-2307 or Betty  Scott at 883-9310.  TICKETS  Tickets are on sale at the  Paeper Mill for the following upturning events: September 22:  The Annual Pender Harbour  Volunteer Firemen's Ball at the  community hall with music by  'Local Traffic'. Fire hour at  6:30 pm and baron of beef dinner at 7:30 pm. Tickets are $20  per person.  September 24: Clyde Wells,  premier of Newfoundland and  opposer of the (late) Meech  Lake Accord, will speak at 7:30  pm at Rockwood Centre (pavilion) in Sechelt. Tickets are $5  per person.  LIBRARY NEWS  The Pender Harbour Reading Centre's summer reading  program/contest for kids had  the following results: First prize  to Mary Virrall (Grades K-l);  first prize to Amber Bryant and  second to Virginia Nieuwenhuis  (Grades 24); first prize to Vicky  Nieuwenhuis (Grades 5-5 plus).  Congratulations to the winners and, from the staff of the  Library  receives  collection  The Gibsons and District  Public Library has receiverd a  core literacy collection from the  British Columbia Library  Association. Comprising over  100 books, videos and taixs, the  collodion is designed to provide  assistance and enjoyment to  people who have difficulty  reading.  There is also resource information for literacy tutors. In  addition, the library has received materials for use in conducting staff training sessions and  resource information for further collection development and  program design.  In this, the International  Literacy Year, and every year,  public libraries play an important role in fostering litwacy  throughout the province. Libraries create a love of books in  young cluldren and provide the  tools for adults to read.  Drop oil Your  COAST NEWS  CLASSIFIEDS  (I  MARINA PHARMACY  In Madeira Park  until 3:30 Friday  HA **-* "    ���* ���- Mim"  W rnmMaWf I ���WflM e*1HI  reading centre, thanks to all  who entered.  HARBOUR ARTISTS  This Saturday and Sunday is  the end of the season for the  Harbour Art Gallery and some  ���paintings will be sold at reduced  prices, this weekend, September  15 and 16.  Sepecial thanks to artists June  Malaka and Fran Evans for  donating paintings for a raffle  to raise funds for the Pender  Harbour Health Clinic expansion.  PENDER IN 2020  All Pender Harbour residents  are invited to participate in an  evening of planning for the  future of Pender Harbour, to be  held at the legion hall on  September 14 at 7:30 pm.  The evening will begin with a  slide show designed to stimulate  thoughts and discussion on  what the area might be like in  the Year 2020, and followed by  a brainstorming workshop  where people will lie pan of  small groups and can express  ideas, views, concerns, and  plans on lopics such as housing,  transportation and the environment.  Mothers wash cars to raise money for the Red Balloon play  group In Madeira Park -Ami Cook photo  }^ff TERMINAL  9f       forest Products Ltd.  LOG  BUYING  STATION  Competitive Prices  Camp Run  ��� CEDAR ��� FIR ��� HEMLOCK ���  886-7033  LEARN TO DRIVE.  ONE-ON-ONE.  Lei a professional teach  you lo drive.  Attoung Drivers of  ���Canada, you receive the best  defensive driver training in  North America.  We'll do more than help  you get your licence. We'll  leach you everything you  need lo know lo drive  accident-free.  Things like crash avoidance, threshold bralcing and  slalom steering. 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When it was originally  listed, it was said that there  would be a by-law change, and  that's unheard of. I  McM: 1 have a leKer from the  planner, Rob Buchan, to Hayden Killam, telling him that the  property had a long history of  instability, that there was a lot  of concern, and he would have  to work closely with the communily and the regional district  to get him rezoning.  So he was never promised  that it was going to be easy. We  do not want to fight about the  upper plateau. That could all be  serviced (with roads, water and  sewer) from the other end.  CN: The 18.5 acres that  Killam said he would cede for  pejrk, when did he make this offer?  McM: April 30, 1990.  CN: He offered 18.5 acres, if  they would give him the rezoning?  W: Yes, he was really afraid  of the Community Plan. He  wanted it rushe*d through and he  didn't want to deal with changes  in the Community Plan. He felt  that if he offered them the 18.5  acres they would circumnavigate the Community Plan  and give him what he wanted.  CN: He's still willing to give  that much?  W: It wouldn't be exact, but  it would be about that much.  It's registered against the town.  McM: There's some errors in  the registration. It could be  challenged and the document  could be thrown out. We have  been trying lo get them to add  those documents to the  restricted covenant.  CN: But you're saying that  the offer of 18.5 acres is null  and void at this point? What I  heard is that yes, it's a great  idea, but certain irregularities in  the way it was offered leads us  to believe that if they didn't  rezone the acreage the way he  wanted it, he could walk away  from his promise.  W: At that point, remember,  he doesn't have to give five per  cent (for parkland). So we  would get nothing.  CN: When did he walk out of  council chambers issuing the  threat that if they didn't give  him what he wanted, he would  build a house on the Rock?  McM: That was in April,  1990.  CN: This new zoning by-law  has not been passed yet. The  meeting that was supposed to  have happened on August 29  was cancelled by the SCRD  because certain referrals had not  been handled properly by the  council. But I'm not sure what  referrals are.  McM: Because the community plan affejcts the regional  district, the Municipal Acts says  the regional district is owe*d  referrals and their planning  department gets to make written  comments.  W: Council decided that was  only a courtesy and they didn't  have to pay any attention to  what the regional district said.  And they said that in a council  meeting.  CN: Now the new date (for  the public hearing) is September  12?  McM: Yes.  Member of  ALLIED...  The Caretul Movers  STORAGE  ��� 10,000 sq. ft. of heated, gov't approved storage.  ��� Dust-free storage in closed wooden pallets.  LEM WRAY'S TRANSFER LTD.  Custom Packing, Storage, Local & Long Distance Moving  Pender Harbour Customers  HWY. 101, GIBSONS      Please CALL COLLECT        886-2664  CATHERINE McMANUS  CN: What will happen at the  Public Hearing?  W: People will go to the  meeting and they will sepeak to  the Community Plan and to the  by-law, for or against it. This is  supposedly the time when council listens (to the community),  and then they do what they  wish.  CN: They do what they wish?  Or did you say they do what we  wish? But they're not bound by  anything that happens at this  meeting?  McM: They're bound by the  terms of the plan as it stands,  which says that you can't  change it unless you have  widespread community support.  CN: Well how can they ignore that?  W: In all the hearings they've  had before, people stood up and  said they don't want the by-law  changed.  McM: We've had 150 people  at meetings at hearings. We've  presented a petition with 450 *  names on it.  McM: The Friends of Gospel  Rock would like to buy the property, we're not yet happy with  the 18 acres (for park), because  it leaves the top of the ridge logged off.  CN: Would the Friends of  Gospel Rock be satisfied if they  DISTRICT OF SECHELT  NOTICE TO ELECTORS  NOTICE OF REFERENDUM  MUNICIPAL HALL/LIBRARY/ARCHIVES COMPLEX  BYLAW NO. 119  WHEREAS the borrowing is to construct a Municipal Hall/ Library/ Archives Complex within the boundaries of the District of Sechelt;  AND WHEREAS the estimated cost of constructing the desired Municipal  Hall/Library/Archives Complex including expenses incidental thereto, is the sum  of $1,200,000.00;  AND WHEREAS the amount of the debt intended to be created by this bylaw is  $1,200,000.00;  NOW THEREFORE, the Council of the District of Sechelt, in open meeting  assembled, enacts as follows:  1.    (a) To borrow upon the credit of the municipality a sum not exceeding  $1,200,000.00  Take notice that the above is a synopsis of a proposed bylaw on which the vote of  electors of the municipality will be taken at the Advance Polls which will be held at  the Municipal Office on:  1) Wednesday, September 19th, 1990, between 8:30 a.m. and 5:00 p.m.;  2) Saturday, September 22nd, 1990, between 10:00 a.m. and 2:00 p.m.;  3) Wednesday, September 26th, 1990, between 8:30 a.m. and 5:00 p.m.,  and on Polling Day to be held at the  1) Municipal Office, on Saturday, September 29th, 1990 between 8:00 a.m. and  8:00 p.m.;  2) West Sechelt Elementary School, on Saturday, September 29th, 1990 between  8:00 a.m. and 8:00 p.m.;  3) Davis Bay Elementary School, on Saturday, September 29th, 1990 between  8:00 a.m. and 8:00 p.m.;  A Mobile POLL will be conducted on Saturday, September 29th, 1990 at the following locations at the time indicated:  1)    "Shorncliffe" Intermediate Care Facility - 9:00 a.m. -10:00 a.m.  If    "Greenecourt" Senior Citizens' Housing facility ��� 10:15 a.m. ��� 11:15 a.m  3)    St. Mary's Hospital -11:30 a.m. -12:30 p.m.  and that Mr. J.M.A. Shanks has been appointed returning officer for the purpose of  taking and recording the vote.  And take notice that the full bylaw may be inspected at the following places and  times, namely the Municipal Office, 5545 Inlet Avenue, Sechelt, B.C., during  regular office hours, Monday through Friday, excluding holidays, during the normal hours of business, 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m., and that the synopsis is not intended  to be and is not to be understood as an interpretation of the bylaw.  The question on the ballot shall read:  Are you In favour of the District of Sechelt Municipal Hall/Llbrary/Archlvet  Complex Loan Author). atlon Bylaw No. 119, which provides for the borrowing  of up to $1,200,000.00 for the construction of a Municipal Hall/Llbrary/Ar-  chives Complex Facility? Yes or No  Dated at Sechelt this 7th day of September 1990.  J.M.A. Shanks  Returning Officer  got the 18 acres dedicated to  parkland? How many homes  could be built then (with the R4  zoning)?  McM: Two hundred and fifty. He'll start with 25.  CN: That's as opposed to 35  homes?  W: It's a tremendous difference.  ���McM: We still continue to  have problems with access. The  only access they've ever proposed is all through the regional  district. The sewer proposal is  right through the middle of the  park, a 30 foot wi . strip with  all the trees down and flattened  and blasted.  The water (drainage) is supposed to go through the  regional district to Secret Beach.  We've told them at several  public hearings not to have 700  people going in and out through  the regional district. The  regional district is rural.  CN: What does Gibsons  Council stand to gain by changing the zoning to allow that  many homes?  W: When Victoria (ie. the  provincial government) looks at  all the beautiful homes that  have bwn built, they'll raise the  mill rate and the town will get  the taxes.  As you know we're really  over-extended, and we have a  lot of debts. Unfortunately it's  going to cost well over $1  million to get water and sewage  to that development, and the  town would have to pay  $750,000 of that. It could take  us 20 years to pay for that.  CN: It seems to me if you  have 150 homes, and the taxes  that will bring in, if you put that  up against what it will cost to  provide services and facilities...  McM: And how many years  ���before people buy them! The  development costs (to the  developer) were reduced during  the recession and have never  been raised. Killam told us time  and again that he would absorb  the total cost of water and  sewer, and yet the Dayton and  Knight report we've seen says  that Killam pays a third and the  town pays two thirds, well over  $750,000.  FURNITURELAND  LEADS THE  WAY  WITH  MAYTAG  Furniture Land  Suneheeea  Caail Heejeee.ee  SacMI  MSSTSI  BEST PRICES! BEST SELECTION! BEST QUALITY! BEST SERVICE!  E!  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Car and trailer  readied for travel with Richard  and Helen Malci of Salmon  Arm for what must be considered esn etndurance test for  our 1947 Chevrolet .and their  1948 Plymouth, (To say nothing  about our friendship and marriages).  I, at least, thought we were  ready. About six miles from  home the water pump shaft  broke. Had to limp home for a  change of the only spare I had.  Found at that time the brake  switch had failed.  "Mickey Moused" a switch  for the stop lights .and we were  on our way. We got as far as  CoquiUam when the rear brake  seized. Honed out the wheel  cylinder the next morning and  were on our way to Salmon  Arm to mret up with the  Maki's. (Not a very auspicious  start).  The climb up the Coquihalla  caused the engine temperature  to climb to 220 degrees but soon  setded back after the summit.  Richard had a proper brake  switch that fit the Chev and we  were all reeady to go the next  morning, both of us towing  Boler trailers, to the "Vintage  Car Club" May Tour at Castle-  gar where we had an excellent  time.  Richard and Helen were having a problesm of fumes in their  car that was very hard to track  down. I might mention at this  time that the 48 Plymouth had  been completely restored while  the 47 Chev is an original car  with the exception of a motor  change from the 216 to a 19S6,  235 cu. inch.  Day 7. We said our goodbyes  at Castlegar and headed off for  St. John's Newfoundland. Sure  sounds easy when you put pen  to .paper. Believe me, it is not  the case.  From now on I will not refer  to the owner of the car, but the  car itself. The Chev had a  speedometer problem that took  a few days to get working properly.  Collins' diatribe  continues 'crusade'  Alderman Ken Collins continued on his one-man crusade  for Gibsons involvement with  the 'Indian land claims' issue  much to the chagrin of the  mayor and other council  members in attendance.  Before Alderman Collins  could read his prepared speech,  Mayor Strom made clear that  any and all comments were  those of Alderman Collins and  did not represent council or the  town of Gibsons in any way,  shape or form,  Alderman Collins presented a  three page summary of the "all  government meeting last Thursday" in which he exclaimed that  he was stunned and could not  believe the reaction he had  received from the "lunatic fringe, led by Gordon Wilson."  He continued to call Gordon  Wilson names such as "melancholic malcontent" and "wishy-  washy Wilson" and then stated  "(he) is willing to give away  Canada to anyone who waves a  gun (reference to the native  blockade in Oka, Quebec) that  to me is being a traitor."  He spoke of members of the  "Indian movement" as wanting  to seize state .power by any  meeans necessary and "wanting  sovereignty independently and  separately from that which we  all share as Canadians."  Alderman Collins made blatant statements such as "The  warrior society is a secret society. These individuals have gone  back to the old ways but are  fighting with modern weapons.  They are an elite fighting force  of international terrorists who  have successfully invaded  Canada with armesd force and  after making their point have  withdrawn and melted into the  darkness leaving only a few  guards behind to hold still-  occupied territory."  Even the current publisher of  this paper was not spared name  calling.  While Alderman Collins continued the mayor and aldermen  seemed to sink in their chairs.  Thdr embarrassment was made  more obvious when after Alderman Collins' presentation,  Mayor Strom publicly apologized to the Sechelt Indian Band  and thdr leaders for the embarrassment this episode had caused.  Alderman John Reynolds  stated that as "aldermen we are  fortunate to be able to say  publicly what we want. Alderman Collins has made use of  this opportunity. As for my opinion I have no comment on  (what) Alderman Collins (has  present^)."  No further action from Gibsons Council is expated in this  matter.  Following his vert>al assault  at the council meeting, Alderman Collins informed the Coast  News that he had recently switched his dlegiance from the  NDP to the Socreds. "It turns  out that the people who have  been listening to me," Collins  added, "are Socreds."  (Gordon Wilson's response  to Collins' charges can be found  on the Letters page).  WANTED  523 Good People  Looking for a challenge?  Accept a three-year assignment. Musl be willing to study:  finance, how to manage a multimillion-dollar budget, law, labor  relations, management theory, strategic planning, and communications.  The candidate  You are ready to commit time and energy to a critical social  service. You nave empathy for others, are willing to learn what  you don't know, freely contribute what you do, listen to the ideas  of others, and work cooperatively on a dynamic team.  Compensation  Relatively little pay foi  great deal of satisfaction from helping thousands of others.  Relatively little pay for working days, nights, and weekends, but a  "    ' >fac   The Job  Our schools are your future. Get involved; be a school trustee.  Nominations due by Oct. 29  Elation day is Nov. 17  Details on the roles and  responsibilities of a  school trustee are  available at your local  school board office or  from the B.C. School  Trustees Association.  BRITISH COLUMBIA SCHOOL TRUSTEES ASSOpiATION  1165 W. BTH AVENUE VANCOUVER, B C V6H IC6  TEL. 16041 734-2721 FeW 732-4559  We had ice on the windows  the day we left Fernie, but  everything went well until we  entered the city limits of  Calgary. The Chev blew the  high pressure line to the oil  filter, spraying oil all over the  exhaust manifold.  I am sure all the drivers  behind me thought I had blown  the engine.  Had to leave a smoke screen  for about a quarter of a mile  before I could pull off the  ���highway. Couldn't reach the  Plymouth on the CB, but they  were flagged down by a motorist who told them we were  down.  After rernirs went made we  were again on our way, the  Plymouth still with a fume  problem. Richard was so disap-  pointed, he was reeady to hetad  for home. We tried various  means of plugging holes but  dedded to carry on and head  for .Saskatchewan.  Finally found the Plymouth  problem, muffler too close to  the floor which was burning a  hole in the foam underlay of the  rear carpet. Went to Regina  where the muffler was bent  lower. End of problem. While  in Regina we toured Government House and the John  Diefenbaker homestead. Also  caught a collecter Car Show,  where Richard won a calculator  and I a white "Snap-On-Tools"  jacket   Day 14. Off on our way to  Winniepeg where we spent a day  at the zoo before heading to  Thunder Bay via Fort Francis  with a side trip to Atikokan  mine pit. One of the highlights  of our trip was a tour of Old  Fort William with all the staff in  period clothes and speech.  Day 25. On to Sault Stunt  Marie (the Soo). We were a little  apprehensive about this leg of  our trip as there are some very  high and long hills to climb  along the shore of Lake Superior but we had no problems  heeat wise.  We took the tour of the locks  which wets most enjoyable.  After leaving the "Soo" we  took the ferry from Manitolin  Island to Tobermory on the  Bruce Peninsula. Down through  Ovren Sound and into Toronto  for an eight day stay to visit our  grandsons. (Foreed rest for the  Maki's as we spmt most of our  time visiting).  We did manage most of the  tourists things like the CN  Tower-Sdence Centre ��� all the  subways. A real highlight of our  stay was a trip up to Oshawa  where we ended up at the GM  Truck assembly plant.  to be continued...  p   w  w?m  JHHH (>��r  "^���j***--           Jejf*.  9m^\yy  4  C~'v  Wa-.-.^rtW  ">  1  mm  m  i     tmWlmT^''^5Bh *��t  -"i-s*   i     ...            Y. ���    -        .  -  The 108-day trek begins. With the Laidlaw's '47 Chevy in the lead, and the Maki's '48 Plymouth  close behind, an adventure that spanned a continent heads for Newfoundland.  e^aeaaeaaeaeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeaaeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee-aeaaeaaeaaeaaeaaeBaeeeeeeee^,  IfEDAI'CHOME  IVtnN  O FURNISHINGS  Serving the Sechelt Peninsula  NEW AT KERN'S $499  For Price /-M,  & Quality ,fc_  SHOP&   ^L  ���I  ^f^COMPAREgrf  Safety  Adjustable guardrails  on both sides.  Permanently secured  wires help prevent fell  through.     ������ _  and  Mattress retainer to  help prevent slippage.  Quality  Features  Safety, Quality and Affordabillty are our  primary concern when offering products  for your children. These bunk beds meet or  exceed all the safety features that are  recommended by the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission.  All joints assembled  with hardened stMl  screws.  Sturdy 2x6 sold wood  post side rails. Cleats are  attached with screw  ���nails tor added strength.  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(The Laws of Love)  1793 Lower Rd., Roberts Creek  Call 888-91M (for Information)  GRACE REFORMED  PRESBYTERIAN CHURCH  Morning Worship 11:30  St. Hilda's Anglican Church  Evening Worship    7 pm In homes  Wednesday  Bible Study'        7:30 In homes  J. Cameron Fraser, Paster  885-7488 Office 885-9707  "That's some story. But I'm  still not clear on this money  business."  "It's nothing you'll ever have  to wony about," I assured him.  "And believe me, you can be  thankful for that. It's a highly  overrated Mtnmodity. How did  you and your mate end up in the  park anyhow?"  "I'm a bit hazy on that. It  hapixned when we were both  real young ��� just kits. Fiom  what I can piece together, some  fellers from your Fish and  Wildlife Department found us  in different parts of the country.  We'd gotten separated fiom our  folks somehow. Don't know  how it happened. Anyway, ihey  gave us to the zoo keeper to  raise. I guess you could say he's  sort of our foster daddy.  "Hear you beavers are pretty  handy undenvater?"  "Oh yeah. What with dams  and lodgers to build, we have to  be. We're well equipped for it  though. Got transparent eyelids  wc can sm through and double  lips to keep out the crud when  we're chewing sticks and tilings.  Also, we can hold our breath  for 10 minutes. That sure makers  things easier."  "Guess it would. Any idea  how old you are?"  "I'm just a kid by your  reckoning. Maybe nine or 10,  but you've got to figure the difference in life spans. We only  last about 25 years, tops. And  we're sort of born smart, guess  it must be hereditary memory or  something. We more or less  know the score by the time  we're two.  "That's the time our folks  usually turf us out of the lodges.  Got to make room for the new  kits and the yearlings. Our  parents don't fool around about  it. They drive us right off the  claim to fend for ourselves. But  we never hold any grudge  against them. It's just the way  beavers are."  "Are there any wild beavers  in the park?"  "Not as far as I know. Used  to be some in Braver Lake a  long time ago.  "Do you have a name?"  "Beavers don't usually have  names. We just kind of know  who we are. How about telling  me another tree story?"  "Want one about a spar-  tree?"  "Okay ��� except I'm not sure'  what a separ-tree is."  "I'll try and explain it to you.  Back in the old days, wooden  spar-tree trees were the  mainstay of high-lead logging  shows, sort of like the hub of a  wheel. Then the fallens dropped  a new timber setting, they  always left one tree standing  near the centre, usually a  Douglas fir.  "Then a guy callerd a high-  rigger would come in, climb the  tree in a set of belt and spurs,  chopping off the branched as he  went and then top it about ISO  feet up. When the top let go, the  tree would shake him all over  the sky."  "I've noticed some irees in  the park here don't break off in  high winds. A spw-tree was a  different tiling altogether. A  crew would come in with a big  machine on a sled, called a  donkey engine, and get the tree  ready for logging, hang a set of  guylines on it for support and a  couple of giant steel pulleys up  near the top.  "Then they'd run cables  through the pulleys out into the  woods and start pulling in logs.  They used steel slip nooses called chokers to hook up the logs  and worked around the tree in a  series of roads like slices of a pie  till the ground was all cleared  off. The main thing a spar-tree  ���did was lift the cables up so ihe  logs wouldn't get jammed  behind stumps."  "Think I more or less get the  picture," allows the beaver,  looking a little confused.  "That's about as simply as I  can put it. Now, once in awhile  you'd get a timber setting where  there was no standing spar-tree  available. In that case, we had  to bring one in and raise it."  To be continued...  ��  . r'J'V  Friendly Country Legion  f^S Roberts Creek  "LEGION Branch 219  m  Topline Greal Entertainment  TALENT NIGHT/  Sept. 14, 1990  fnrry Forms ai the Branch  Win Prizes ���  Have tots of Fun       _  Vocal, Instrumental. Comedy. Dance & Ski  1ST PRIZE - Appear in a TV Commercial!  Compliments of CKVU _  2ND PRIZE - Recording Session with Innei Ear Studio.  PIUS Many Other Prizest     ~  JUDGES: Nikki Weber ol Harmony Hunl It  Carter Zygmunt, Producer/Director of CKVU Televiuon(  Hoy > Doug Lewis, Kobtrts Creek Djejnitariw  r Ear Studio.  the  TERRACE  ������hi i,"H,iiiiiiiiipiiiii,"|i| ,,m"'  AT BONNIEBROOK  Plan to treat someone special  at the Sunshine Coast's  finest new restaurant.  SUNDAY BRUNCH (I0im-2pm)   FULLY LICENSED   Serving Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner daily except Mondays  LOCATED AT GOWER POINT RD. &  OCEAN BEACH ESPLANADE  1 PHONE 886-2188  A  Sunshine Coast 1990-91  September Is Registration Time For:  BEAVERS, CUBS, SCOUTS, VENTURES * ROVERS  To Register For Scouting Programs:  Sept. 12   7:30-9:00 pm   Qlbsons Elementary  Sept. 12   7:00-8:00 pm  Sept. 17   6:00-8:00 pm  Sept. 11   7:30-8:30 pm  Sept. 20   7:00-8:00 pm  OR CALL:  GIBSONS: Dave Woodhouse 886-3401 ��� ROBERTS CREEK: Linda Span! 885-3165  SECHELT: Carl Dixon 8853941 ��� HALFMOON BAY: Don Keneeoard 8855308   PENDER HARBOUR: Lynne Munro 883.9604  K0UTS CANADA  Gibsons  Roberts Ck.  Sechelt  Hallmoon Bay  Pender Hbr.  R.C. Elementary Gym  Bethel Baptist  Halfmoon Bay Elementary  Madeira Park Elementary  TOURIST AND RECREATION GUIDE  GIBSONS COMMUNITY  FELLOWSHIP  Welcomes you to join us  In Sunday Worship  Children's Progress 9:45 am  Prayer 10:00 am  Morning  Worship Service 10:45 am  Wednesday 7:00 pm  599 Gower Point Road  Pastor Monty McLean  886-7049  dTHE ANGLICAN  CHURCH OF CANADA  St. Hilda's - SKtmt  SUNDAY SERVICES  8 and 9:30 am  Nursery and Sunday School  9:30 am  St. Andrew's ��� Petndtr Htltwur  Regular Sun. Worship     11:30am  885-5019 Rev. June Maffln  "We extent) a  Warm Welcome to all"  ROMAN CATHOLIC CHURCH  MASS SCHEDULE  Saturday  5:00 pm St. Mary's Gibsons  Sunday  8:45 am Indian District  9:45 am Holy Family Sechelt  11:15 am St. Mary's Qlbsons  CONFESSIONS  1st i 3rd Sat. 4-4:30 pm  Holy Family Sechelt  2nd & 4th Sat. 4:30-5 pm  St. Mary's, Qlbsons  885-9526  mmm Music Society makes plans  A small but enthusiastic  crowd of Sunshine Coast Music  Society (SCMS) members was  on hand Monday, August 27 at  St. Mary's Hall in Gibsons, to  hear about the plans for the upcoming season and to elect a  new slate of officers for  1990/91.  Re-elected as president and  vice-president were Joel Born-  stein and Len Headde. The new  secretary is Autumn Dykstra,  and the treasurer is again. Bub  Hatdy.  In keeping within the mandate of the organization, wehich  is to find, encourage, and sup-  eport new talent in our community, artistic director Lyn  Vernon outlined exciting plans  for the fall season for both the  Soundwaves Choir and Orchestra, and announced formation  of the new Teen Swing Choir  and Combo.  First, the .Soundwaves Orchestra, wehich truly excelled in  the most recent SCMS production of the 'Pirates of  Penzance', will begin its new  season with lehearsals starting  September 13.  They would welcome more  string players and will begin  work on the Brahms Rhapsody,  and the music for the annual  Christmas concert, to include  excerpts from the 'Merry  Widow' bang presented tliis  year on December 7, 8 and 9.  The new Teen Swing Choir  and Combo has had good  response so far. Tentative plans  are to rehearse Fridays from 4  to 6 pm, and for more information interested young musicians  please call Arline Collins at  886-3620 or Dave Morgan (instrumental coach) at 885-5S74.  This is a great opportunity  for young talented people to get  involved, learn, perform and  have fun with music.  The Soundwaves Choir rehearses Tuesdays at 7 pm eit St.  Bartholomew's Church Hall.  And it's into the Christmas  music already, for a conwrt  that promises such gems as Benjamin Britten's 'Ceremony of  Carols' and excerpts from the  'Merry Widow', featuring  soloist Lyn Vernon, the choir  and orchestra and guest soloists  with conductor Brace Dunn of  Vancouver. The choir   needs  some more good strong bass  singeis, says eMs Vernon ud  any interested, please call her at  886-8026.  Chairman Len Headde pointed out that the participation of  all the members of the SCMS is  welcomed and indeed needed.  Come on over and listen in to a  rehearsal, volunteer as a com-  mittK helper, keep your ears  open for people with Ulent  looking for a place to go, was  his advice.  The SCMS is a group of  talented music lovers who, with  a lot of community help and enthusiasm, has shown itself  capable of bringing joy to so  many.  I Ffeendly cWeleyLageonTj  k Roberts  Creek  LEGION  Branch 219  TALENT  NIGHT  Sept. 14, 1990  Memtwra and bona lid*  guests welcomes  Baron ol Beel t  Yorkshire  Fri. Night Dinners  3g  Grilled Naw York Steak  Sat. Night Dinners  BINGO ��� TUES. EVENINGS  (Lie. ��75063)  GIBSONS  fcjLEGION  Branch 109  Two days of fan, sun and great music were enjoyed by about 900  people attending the Sunshine Folk Festival in Powell River on  the 1st and 2nd of September. Featuring such artists as John  Hammond, Sue Foley, and Mae Moore, the concerts were MC'd  by Roberts Creek veteran keyboardist, Ken Dalgleish.  ���Dave Allen photo  Quilters Guild  The first anniversary  membership meeting of the  Sunshine Coast Quilters' Guild  will be held on Saturday,  Septemtxr 22. The agenda for  the day includes a Celtic quilting  demonstration by Yvonne  Mills, registration for fall  classes and an international  slide show by Barbara Fraser.  The guild will hold four  meetings this year. Two will be  held on Saturdays and two on  Thursdays in order to accommodate .people who work during the week, as well as those  who are not available on  weekends.  Workshops are planned for  each of the meetings. The  November meeting will have a  Christmas theme, with fabric  ornaments and Victorian decorations highlighting the day. In  February, the theme will be  basic and machine applique.  Plans for May include fabric  ���painting and stencilling.  Those attending the September 22 meeting will be able to  get in on early registration for  fall classes and workshops.  Rergistration will thereafter be  done at Sew .Easy.  Classes offered this year include one on textured vests  given by Coquitlam quilter and  fabric designer, Bev Neilson.  Instructors from this area will  include Dorothy Drape who will  share her exepertise on art quilts,  Roje*an Trent who is giving an  Irish chain, quilt-in-a-day  workshop, and Anne Cragg  who will repeat her .popular Victorian doll workshop.  One of the highlights of the  September 22 meeting will be  Barbara Fraser's slide show of  quilts from across Canada,  Australia, and from the Quilt  Canada (1989) exhibit in  Waterloo, Ontario.  Barbara, who is a quilter and  exhibitor from West Vancouver, has taught widely and has  ���been giving workshops in the  area since 1984.  The day promises to be a full  one with lots of inspiration for a  new season. Mark your calendar: Septemeber 22 from 10 to 3  pm at Greencourt Hall. See you  there.  Drop oil Your  COA8T NEWS  CLASSIFIEDS  at  PENINSULA MARKET  In Davis Bay  until 3:30 Friday  ���ar" "      " ~ "  Your guide to  the finest in  area dining  rnrna  A listing of  restaurants  and pubs  Twwt  One of the sure-fire indicators of the epopularity of Pronto's Restaurant on  ���Highway 101 in upper Gibsons is the fain that its parking lot was full when we arrived for dinner at 6:15 pm last Wednesday.  For an appetizer I chose deep fried zuccWni sticks, and my partner chose  the mushroom soup which accompanied his entree. Although there were lots of  other diners, the service was prompt and efficient.  Almost before I realized it trine was no chance left for me to sample Ms soup.  He was hungry, and he described the rich and flavourful creamy soup as  "wonderful". He then .agreed to help me with my generous order of zucchini  -really enough for two, which, when .dipped in its tangy garlic dressing, was just  the way I like it.  Pronto's menu features all kinds of pizza, a vuiety of pastas, a number of  steaks, ribs, chops and chicken dishes, and some seafood. In keeping with its  casual family atmosphere, it has a children's menu, too.  I chose Pronto's Greek specialty, chicken souvlaki ��� and was I ever glad I did!  The perfectly grilled kabob of chicken was juicy, tender and flavourful, nestled on  its bed of rice, .and the accompanying Greek salad came with lots of feta cheese  and a good balance of other ingredients.  My partnerr chose the rxpper steak, wehich turned out to be not the hot variety  but an Indonesian style dish with green peppers, onions and mushrooms in a most  wonderful semi-tweet .sauce, the seasonings in which remain an intriguing mystery  to me. It was accompanied by rice or baked potato and cooked vegetables.  I confess I couldn't finish .all my entree. But the possibility of strawberry or  chocolate cheesecake or Dutch chocolate cake was tempting enough to make me  consider stopping in sometime just for dessert.  And to make it really easy to enjoy all of Pronto's goodies, there's a location in  Sechelt, too, at the corner of Wharf Road and Highway 101.  FAMIIY DINING  ���Blue Heron Inn- For lunches lied dinners. FuBy licenced. Dinners Wednesday  to Sunday, 5pm to 9pm. Closed for  lunch, dosed from September 3 to II.  For reservations phone Laurie or  Heather. 885-3847.  Creek House - Intimate dining and  European cuisine in a sophitticated yet  casual eUmospeVre. We serve rack of  lamb, dejek, crab, dams, scalbps, steaks,  alio daily specials. Reservations recommended. Roberts Creek Road and Beach  Avenue - 885-9321. Open 6 pm. Closed  Mondays & Tuesdays. V. MC. 40 seals.  Lord Jim's Resort Hotel A tranquil view of Thormanby bland and the  eMalaspina Straits set the theme for a  beautilul night OK. Super friendly people,  line intematiorul cuisijie, comfortable  sumxiixlinp, soft musk and food wine  always add up to make yours a nighl to  remember. With live music in our lounge'  every weekend and reasonable room rales  with a healed swimming pool and games  room, al our guests fed at home and at  ease. So, for a night out or a get-away  weekend give us a call. Starting June I,  slimmer hours for the restaurant will be:  Breakfast A .lunch, 7 am to 2 pm: Dinner  6 pm to 10 pm; seven days a week. For  reservations or more information call  H5-KS8.  Mariners' Restaurant - On the  waterfront with one of the most spectacular views in Gibsons, the Mariners'  specialize in fresh and live seafood, and  also often a full range of lunch and dinner entrees. Both menus change daily,  with delicious daily specials. eMarine  Drive, Gibsons Landing, 886-23)4. Monday to Saturday: Lunch 11-3, Monday to  Saturday: Dinner 5-10 and Sunday 5-9,  Sunday Brunch 11-3.100 seats. V. M.C.  Tht Wharf - Open for breakfast,  lunch and dinner seven days a week.  Breathtakit* ocean view and sunsets  from every table. Continental cuisine and  seafood al its best. Sunday Brunch from  II am - 2 pm. Fully licensed and air-  conditioned. Dinner reservations recom-  Hwy. 101, Davis Bay. 885-7285.  FINE DINING  Tht Terrace at .Bonniebrook-with  an ocean panorama, The Terrace at Bon-  niebrook, located on the waterfront at  Gower Point, offers superb West Coast  cuisine in a picturesque and relaxing lodge  setting. For those seeking finer dining and  a higher standard of service we offer fresh  local BC food, expertly prepared and  .presented in a varied menu of appetizers,  entrees and desserts for lunch and dinner.  Follow Gower Poinl road to Ocean Beach  Esplanaele. Breakfast, 6-9:30: Lunch,  11:30-2; Dinner, 5:30-9:30. Sunday  Brunch, 9-2. Closed Mondays. Lunch  and Dinner reservations recommended.  Biisiness groups and receptions welcome.  Visa, M/C, 886-2188.  Andy's Restaurant- Every Wednesday nighl is Prime Rib Nighl. House  specialties include veal dishes, steaks,  seafood, pasta, pizza, Thai food, and lots  of NEW dishes. Don't miss Andy's great  Brunch Buffet every Sunday from  I lam-2:30. Hwy 101. Gitesons, 886-3388.  Cafe Pierrot- Comfortable atmosphere with warm, hdpful staff.  Homemade pastas, quiches and daily  specials are all prepared with the freshest  Ingredients - both healthful and delicious.  Our whole wheat bread and scrumptious  desserts are baked fresh daily, on the  premises. Outside dining, take out orceen  fix the beach and cappudno are  available. The Coast's bistro...as unique  as Ihe Coasl itsdf. Mon. - Sal.  9am-5pm.Closed Sunday. Teredo  Square, Sechell. Phone ahead for your  lunch! 885-9962.  Coast Club Cafe- Bright, open,  casual dining for breakfast and lunch.  Fresh is the order of the day for all of our  menu items. Big burgers, pasta dishes,  Mexican specials, sandwiches, salads and  a variety of daily features. An adull environment with European flair, which offers dining ai reasonable prices. Opm  from 5 am daily. Join us for weekend  brunch. 5519 Wharf Ave., Sedidt,  885-9344. Visa and Mastercard accepted ���  sealing for 60.  Backeddy Pub ��� Enjoy the ttautifui  waterfront view (eagles and hummingbirds are a common sight) from the  Backeddy Marine Rib. Enjoy ihe deck as  well as the separate family dining area,  both with a relaxing atmosphere. Bring  your appetite for our home-style  Skookumburger or our great lish a diips.  We're open for breakfast at 9 a.m. and  dinner is served from 11 a.m. to 9 p.m.  Lexated Vt mile north of Egmoni an  .Maple Road.  Cedars Neighbourhood Pub ���  Great food every day all day. Appetizers  and full menu along with terrific daily  specials, available 'till 9 pm every night.  We're known for our greal atmosphere  and good limes. Sun. - Thurs. open 'till  midnight, Fri. 4 Sat. open 'till 1 am.  Visa, Mastercard and reservations accepted. 8864171.  Irvine's Landing Marine Pub -  Excellent lunches, dinners and appetizers  served in a friendly and casual waterfront  pub setting overlooking the mouth of  Pendw Harbour. Prime rib every Saturday. Free moorage available for boaters  visiting with us. We're located at the end  of Irvine's Landing Rood, and we're open  7 days a week from 11 am to 11 pm. Pub  open 11am-11pm. Kitdien open llam-  10pm. Cal 883-1145.  The Omega Pizza, Steak And  Lobster Howe - With a perfect view  of Gibsons marina, and a good time at-  mosphere, the Omega is a people-  watcher's paradise. Cast members of The  Beachcombers can usually be found dining here. Menu indudes pizza, pasta,  steaks and seafood. Steaks and seafood  are their specialties. Banquet facilities  available. Very special children's menu.  Average dinner for two: $20. Reservations recommended. Located in Gibsons  Landing at 1538 Gower Point Rd.  886-2268. Open Sun-Thurs, 11:30 am -10  pm. Fri and Sat 11:30 am - 10:30 pm.  Seals 145.  The Parthenon Greek Tavema  Lexated on the esplanaele in downtown  Sechelt. We specialize in Greek Cuisine,  fresh seafood, steaks, pasta, and pizza.  Open 6 days a week - Tues. through  Thurs., from 11 am -10 pm and Fri. &  Sat., II am - II pm. We are open for  lunch - try our daily luncheon specials.  Lunch is served from II am ��� 3 pm.  Reservations recommended. We also  have take-out - pizza, ribs, pasta, Greek  food and much morel 885-1995 or  885-2833. Katherina - Hostess.  Pronto's Restaurants Two location-  to serve you. Both serve an extensive  variety of pizza, steak, pasta, lasagne,  ribs, souvlaki in a elelighiful family al*  mospteerc. Children's menu available. All  dinner entrees indude garlk bread and a  choice of soup or salad. Average family  meesl for four aboul SI5-S20. Located at  Wharf Rd., Sechdt, 885-1919; and on  Highway 101, across from Gibsons  Medical Clinic. Gibsons, 88M138.  Ruby L.ake Resort ��� Picturesque  lakeside letting, posi-and-beam dining  room, children's play area and tame  swans are pan of Ruby Lake Resort's  dianm. Sunday smorgasbord features  baron of beef and other hoi meal dishes,  a .beautiful salad bar and homemade  desserts, suits at I pm. Absolutely superb  prime rib on Friday. Breakfast from 6:30  am. lunch from 11 am and dinner from  4:30 to 8 pm. Daily sperials, licenced,  reasonable price, menus have something  for everyone, on and off-premises catering. Hwy 101 just north of Pentler Harbour, good highway access and parking  for vehicles of all sizes. 883-2269.  F.4 7 IN - TAKf OUT  Ernie * Gwea's Drive ta- Take  out, or delivery. Pizza, dinners, salads,  burgers, chicken, desserts, drinks, ice  cream. Free home extivery within 4 miles,  after 6 pmonly, on $10 minimum orders.  Smal diarge for orders under $10. Open  late emery night. Hwy. 101, Gibsons.  886-7813. 16. Coast News, September 10,1990  ^^m  Thunderbolts win  Slo-Pitch Tourney  A close play at flret base puts a runner on, for Local 280, in an  early round game against the Nurses in the Slo-Pitch Tournament at Brothers Park last weekends. -Kent Sheridan photo  SC Golf h Country Club  Connie the champ  by Frank Nanson  Connie Grant has won the  todies dub championship for  the second year in a row with a  gross score of 254 over the three  days. Virginia Douglas was as  close a second as you can get  with a 255! Congratulations to  both of you for a great competition.  The low net winner over the  three days was Linda Evans  with a 221.  In the 18 hole ladies games on  August 25, Mary Horn took  first flight with a net 71 followed by Jean Dean (N75) and  Virginia Douglas (N76-bb9). In  second flight, Doreen Gregory  was first, Judy Foreman second  and Pat Vaughan third.  Barb Lawrence took third  flight with Peg Dorais and  Edith Woodman in second and  third place. Juanite Wan-  namaker took the fourth flight.  The 9-hole ladira received an  invitation to play at the Pender  Harbour Club on August 23  where seven of our ladies enjoyed 9 holes of golf as well as a  social hour and luncheon. Jan  Robertson, Adie Clayton and  Mercia Nichols brought home  prizes.  On August 28, the 9 holes  played "convert 2 worst holes  to par." The event was tied by  Marion Brant and Thelma  Mann.  In senior mens play on  August 30, Vic Vaughan and his  team of Glen Marden, Harry  Woodman, Lome Grainger and  Dave Hunter (from Hopkins)  took low net. Vic Vaughan also  won the closest to the pint I  assume Vic has some Spalding  Green Dot balls he won't be using and I am always looking for  a few Vic. They go further with  my phony swing!  J.C. Ross and his team took  second place in low nets, with  the tees going to Les Head,  George Bayford, Jack Milburn,  Lome Blain, and Pat Mulligan.  Sunday  Sept. 16/90  Run   Walk  Jog   Ride Wheel  TheTerry  Fox Run  for Cancer Research m^W  3k  6k  10k  IN SECHELT:  Start anylime between 10am  & 2pm with official timed start at  10am.  Course begins & ends at  Sechelt Elementary.  For Info call Mike Metcalfe at  886-3131.  IN GIBSONS:  Official start at 9am  6K and 10K courses begin &  end at Sunnycrest Mall.  For info call Rieta Hanson at  886-8306.  LOCATION: Sunnycrest Mall  TIME 9:00 .am FOR INFO CALL  RIETA: 886*305  by Mark  Stenner's Thunderbolts won  the 7th Annual Labour Day  Mixed Slo-epitdi Tournament  last weekend at Brothers Park  by defeating the IWA team 14  to 8 in the finals.  The eight teams involved  were dispersed into two pools of  four .and played each team once  in their respeective pools on Sunday. The top two teams in each  pool advance to the semi-finals  on Monday.  In Pool 'A', the IWA team  won its division by beating the  Hospital Employee, the Car-  penters Union and CPU, all by  one run.  In Pool 'B' the Langdale  Wrecks shocked Stenner's 17 to  15, beat Local 280, but lost to  the Nurses Union. The Thunderbolts woke up after losing to  the Ferry Workers and  regrouped to win over Load 180  and the Nurses.  The Nurses won their games  over Local 280 and the Wrecks.  Stunner's ended up advancing  to the semi-finals with a 2 to 1  record on a close runs differential over the Wrecks and the  Nurses who also had 2 to 1  records.  On Labour Day in the semifinals, the IWA made it to the  finals by knocking over the  Nurses 9 to 6.  In the other semi-final game,  the Hospital Workers had Stenner's 8 to 6 going into the bottom of the seventh inning.  Thunderbolts John McKer-  racher got on base on a double,  Bob Stevens drove him home  with a double and Dale Bog-  hean tied the game 8 to 8 with a  triple.  With Boghean on third base,  Jane McDonald scored the  game winning RBI with a sui-  dde squeeze hit to first .base.  The Hospital Employees replied  with home runs by Dave .Patton, Brent Rottluff and Barry  Mogge.  In the Final, the IWA jump-  etd out to a 5 to 0 lead in the second inning. Stenner's made the  score 5 to 4 thanks to a  homerun by BIG John Rydde in  the third inning and followed  that with a five run maximum  inning in the fourth. The IWA  got to within a run at 9 to 8 in  the fifth inning thanks to hits by  John Elson and Byron Brock.  Stenner's pulled ahead for  good in the sixth inning due  mainly to a timely triple by Don  Urquhart and ousted to a 14 to  8 triumph. This was the Thunderbolts first tournment win  after bring runners-up four  tim�� over the past two seasons.  In the Consolation Game, the  HEU team waxed the Nurses 9  to 1 to capture third place.  [emstolk's Hunting  & Fishing Supplies  HUNTING SEASON HAS  STARTED  New * Used Quns Available  Full Una Of Ammo ���  It Wa Don't Ham It, We'll Get HI  Hunting Accessories  Located at  5649 Teredo St  .Sechelt  Green Gables Building  Next to Royal Terraces  885-4090  GIBSONS SHITO-RYU ITOSUKAI  KARATE CLUB^  A<Mtt;  Tues. & Thurs.  7:30-9:00 pm  Kids:  Tues. & Thurs  6:00-7:00 pm  ��Gibsons  Swimming Pool  Call 886-9415 for further Information  Monday I Wednesday  Early Bird  Aqua-Fit  Patent & Tat  Noon Swim  Lessons  Swim Club  Lengths  Only/Masters  6:30-8:30  9:00-10:00  10:30-11:00  11:00-1:00  3:30-7:30  7:30-8:30  8:30-10:00  Frldsyi  Tuesday I Thursday  Seniors Fitness     10:00-11:00  Seniors Swim  Mpt. Aquatics  Lessons  Mult Lessons  Public  11:00-12:00  2:30-3:30  3:30-5:30  5:30-6:00  6:00-8:00  Early Bird  Aqua-Fit  Seniors Swim  Noon Swim  Swim Club  Public  Underwater  Hockey  Saturdays  Public  Public  Swim Club  30-8:30  9:00-10:00  10:00-11:00  11:00-1:00  3:30-5:30  5:33-7:30  Family  Public  Sundays:  7:30  2:30-5:00  7:00-8:30  12:00-1:00  1:30-3:30  3:30-5:00  Admission Cltiroas  J 1.75  2.00  2.50  2.00  0.00  55.00  ts.no  25.00  45.00  60.00  22.50  JSJKL  Child  Teen  Adult  Senior  Family  Rentals  Fitness  Lessons  LESSON SCHEDULE  1) Sept. 17 - Ocl. 22  2) Oct. 29 - Oec. 3  3) Jan. 7 - Feb. 7  4) Feb. 16 ��� Mai. 21  5) Asr. 15 - May 16  6) July 1 - July 12  7) July 15 - July 26  Peel Closures:  Oec. 24 - 26  Dec. 31 - Jan. 2  July 27 - Sept. 9  * Over the holidays  m will  have  some  special  holiday swims.  Publication ot this schedule sponsored by]  When you're buying a new home, there's an  important point to consider: resale value.  That's why you should be sure you're buying  a Quality Plus Home. In today's unpredictable  real estate market, it's difficult to know  where the market will be when you  might want to sell. With all the added  features of Quality Plus construction  your home has added value.  A Quality Plus Home may look  like any other, but there's a big  difference inside where you live.  The Quality Plus Home is  designed for today's lifestyles,  for people who are discriminating about workmanship,  energy efficiency and comfort  in their living space.  Quality Plus is an  advanced system of design  and construction incorporating the latest  Power Smart advances in heating, clean  air ventilation, and insulation. That  means you enjoy a clean, quiet, more  comfortable home environment in  a house with lower ongoing  maintenance costs.  When you're looking for a  new home, insist on one with  a Quality Plus Certificate. It's  the sign of another Power  Smart idea from B.C. Hydro.  What all  the best addressed  new homes are  wearing this year.  Builders currently building  Quality Plua Homes are:  A.W. Peter* & Associates  Scarborough Beach  Bowen Island, B.C. 685-4873  Puchalaki Construction  1615 Clover Road  Gibsons, B.C. 885-9208  BChydro O  CANADIAN HOME BUILDERS'  ASSOCIATION OF BRITISH COLUMBIA  in partnership with:  BC Gas ��� New Home Warranty Program of B.C. and the Yukon ��� West Kootenay Power ��� National R-2000 Program  Ml  t^m^mT^mmilmitJjmimmmmmmmm, Coast News, September 10,1990  17.  DOUBLE SHIPPED! MUST SELL!  0-Kl=Y  Pender Golf  by Jerry  BLADES  RAZOR BLADES  FROGSKINS  CTKl=Y  TRAIL BAY SPORTS  TRAILBAY  SPORTS  WINTER HOURS  Mon.-Sll. 9 30 5:30 III  Felday ��:StH:Oo|  TRAIL Ml 1 COMM ST    IICKfll       8��5 1511  w  Reference: Point Atkinson  Pacilic Standard Time  For Skookumchuk Narrows add  1 hr .10 men plus 5 mm tor each It. ol rise,  and 7 mm lot each (I ol fall  TIDELINE MARINE  5637 Wharf Rd., Sechelt  885-4141  9.9%'  FINANCING P  OAC ��� I Yew Teem "  (Boats In Stocky  Kurt Cassidy is our new  Junior Champion, having won  his two round compettition over  an extremely strong field, including Todd McGill, who, until now was an annual winner.  This was a great competition,  with Kurt stroking home a birdie putt on the first esctra hole,  when both boys tied after 36  holes. This is the biuff that  future champions are made of.  Congratulations, Kurt.  The Juniors, who range from  14 to 19, are to be complimented not only for their  golfing prowess, but for their  organizational abilities. They  made all the arrangements for  their own tournament, including soliciting, and getting  prize donations from our geiwr-  ous local business people. So,  congratulations to all the  Juniors. Keep it up!  Junior lessons have also  wound up for this year, with the  six girls and four boys attending  a closing luncheon. Bouquets  and thanks go to our able instructors, Eric Antille, Dutch  Haddon and the old pro  himself, Bill Dean. All gave  most willingly of their time and  knowledge.  The Senior Mens competidou  on Tuesday brought out a great  group of 43, including .half a  dozen members, guests, Bill  Dean Jr., from the north, who  hammered a drive on two that  you had to see to believe, Don  and Ray Schindler, Jim  Balmforth, Mason Clarke and  John Love, as well as three  from our southern neighbours  at Roberts Creek ��� Uoyd  Breaden, Bill Gibbons and J.C.  (you can call me Jack) Ross.  George Langham and Dutch  Haddon, apparently trying to  prove that present and past  chief executive officers should  be top golfers, won first and second gross ��� George with a 40  and Dutch a 43. Mike Cowell  got low net at 32 and is now being investigate^ for handicapping irregularities.  Ernie Holloway, who is  under constant handicap  surveillance, and Richie Smith  were only half a point back, and  George Reid, of the three-  wheeler was net 33.  Bill Gibbons took a little of  the silver back to Roberts Creek  for Ms K.P. on the third hole,  and George Langham put his  tee shot about the length of a  Ray Floyd putter from the sixth  pin.  ATTENTION  Equity Golf Mimberships  Proposed  Sechelt Golf Course  Lifetime Membership  can be sold or transferred  1% ownership & 1% share of profits  $27,500 until September 15, 1990  for lurther information call:  Olson Brothers  Derelopmenta Inc.  885-9417 or evenings 885-1939  Alio a limited number of playing  memberships still available.  Hold your breath:  underwater hockey  We  a  We Are Always There  When You Need Assistance  care  For further information  contact:  579 Seaview Road  Gibsons, B.C.  886-9551  On Septembw 14 we will start  our second season of underwater hockey here on the Sunshine Coast. All interested  youths 12 to 15 years are encouraged to join our junior '  team. There will be a free introductory session at 7:30 pm  Friday, September 14 at the  Gibsons Pool for all youth  players. Equipment will be supplied. However, if you have a  mask, fins and snorkel please  bring them.  The Suncoast Aquahawks  adult underwater hockey team  is for players 16 years of age  and older. They will have their  first practise Friday, .September  14 at 8 pm.  Men's  hockey  For all those health conscious  sports fans out there who enjoy  actually getting involved and  not just being spectators, there's  a hockey meeting coming up.  Which league you ask? The  commercial mens league, and  the meeting is being held Thursday, September 13, at the  Sechelt Arena at 7:00 pm. By  the way the meeting will be held  at the bar, just in case you  develop a thirst from the anticipation of flying into the  boards.  All team reps are requested to  attend and any person who  wants to play in this league is  asked to contact Bob or Hilda  at 885-5096. *  SUNSHINE  COAST  MINOR  HOCKEY  m  REGISTRATION  SWAP MEET  Saturday, Sept. 15   10 am ��� 12 noon  Sunshine Coast Arena  SWAP MEET INFO  Please come at 9 am to list your hockey items for sale.  A table fee will be charged.  All money transactions will be paid out same day.  Bring equipment for swap and sale.  Please return any hockey  equipment at thin time  Dm 885-3539  New players are welcome but  space is limited. The fees will be  W0 per player for the first half  season, September 14 to December 14. Drop-in fee will be  $5. There will be a team meeting  after the practise to .discuss upcoming tournaments. For information on underwater hockey  please call 886-7372 between 5  pm and 9 pm weekdays.  Qlbsons  TABLE TENNIS  Club  A new season will be  commencing on Tues.  Sept. 11th at 7:00 pm. at  Elphinstone Sec. School.  All players are welcome,  memberships available.  For further info, call )oy  at 886-2213.  No one knows your  car better  VEHICLE  INSPECTION  FACILITY  OPEN 6 DAYS A WEEK  SUNCOAST  MOTORS  L  T  1117 Sunshine Coast Hwy    ooc 00jn  Gibsons. near Pratt     OOD'Oefc 1 %J  Any way you Slice it  the Clossifieds bring results  *      ��       ��       1      3      4  ��� *THE MOST COMPLETE FITNESS CENTER ON THE SUNSHINE COAST* *  743 NORTH ROAD  GIBSONS, B.C.  (604) 886-4606  HOURS:  MON. THURS. 10 AM -10 PM  FRI. & SAT. 10 AM-8 PM  SUNDAY 3 PM-8 PM  is pleased to offer  yet another dimension in fitness lo our fall program.  SEPT. ��� DEC. 1990  Starts .Se-fii  11  AEROBICS SCHEDULE  WEIGHT  AEROBIC  MEMBERSHIPS:  RATES:  Drop In              $5.00  Drop In               $4.50  3 Mo.                $95.00  10 class            $35.00  6 Mo.               $17500  (2 mo. expiry)  1 Yr.                 $325.00  20 class            $55.00  (5 mo. expiry)  Student* a Seniors  Senior Fit            $2.00  10% OH  10 class            $16.00  ��� Weight Programm  ing   Included   with  Sauna Only         $3.00  membership  Bike Only            $3.00  (by     appointment)  for non-members  ���   Includes  use  ol  bikes and saunal  (Drop In rates include  BABYSITTING  sauna & shower.)  SlOO/per child - AM  classes.   GROUP IMTES ���   M  T  W  T  F  S  S  10 AM  NIA  NIA  NIA  NIA  11 AM  SF  SF  WO  5 PM  NIA  NIA  6 PM  SM  MW  WO  SM  MW  7 PM  WO  WO  DX  WO  COMBINATIONS  AVAILABLE  NE*ISM  SF  NE*'  WO ��� WORKOUT: High energy class combines  both lo and high impact lor 20 mlns. of  cardio and all over tone-up.  MW ��� MODERATE WORKOUT: A medium paced  class Including a 25 min. cardio of low  impact moves plus Va hr. ot lloorwork.  DX ��� An energetic dance workout with basic  steps and combinations to Improve coordination; includes arms and abs.  STRENGTH MOVES: An hour of f loorwork  for strength and flexibility.  SENIOR HT: '/��� hr. ol mild exercise,  relaxation and some giggles tool  NIA ��� NON-IMPACT AEROBICS: A blend of lal  chi, tai kwon do, jazz, ballet, modern dance  and yoga.  ���tl 18. Coast News, September 10,1990  ���  AUTOMOTIVE  Industrial     AUTOMOTIVE       Marine  PARTS & SUPPLIES  A101 SUPPLY ltd.  1061 Hwy. 101, Gibsons, B.C. 886-8101  Mein.-lii. le-b S.ll. 8-fc, Sun. 10-3  .   SECHELT RADIATORS"���  Complete Cooling Svslem Service Cenlre  We Repai. K Replace Rads. Healei Cores & Gas Tanks  AUTOS TRUCKS TRACTORS INDUSTRIAL MARINE  Naw. Used & Rebuilt  5580 Whirl ftc*���* * Mmry Mo. . s,t  (Old Forestry Buildings)     |SaQ 885-7986^  YOUR "COMPLETE"  TRANSMISSION CENTRE  ��� FRONT AND REAR WHEEL DRIVE  ���AUTOMOTIVE 1 MARINE 'CLUTCHES  ft   'AUTOMATIC t STANDARD  / Come see the Specialists at  ~~ EAQLE TRANSMISSIONS  ���     The Coast's lirsl Transmission only shop.  Phone Kerry al 677  886-2111 Payne Rd.  TRANSMISSION SPECIALISTS FOR 18 YEARS  ��� BUILDING CONTRACTORS*  ALPINE TRUSS  Bus: 886-8233 >***v Res: 886-8201  NO SHIPPING  CHABQES  TrtiMM madt hart on the Sutuhint Coast  Money apent at home 1U-1 at noma.  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CONTRACTORS*  I Rudy Mix Concrtt*  e C Sand a Qratral  N,  SECHELT PLANT  8857180  3  CONCRETE  yj   l'u- hiving rm sunshine court  GIBSONS PLANT |  aaa-8174  Fostrac BACKHOE  sravicE  ���a SEPTIC FIELDS  ��� DRAINAGE DITCHES  ��� EXCAVATIONS  ���a WATER LINES Cat 411 414  .clearing Steve Jones    886-8269  s^sCoast Water Haullnj  4X4. 2000 gal., self-loading,  high pressure discharge,  spray t>ar  886-3412   DAvwcaooM   GIBSONS^  I. MAMLL COXTIACTDra  All types oi concrete work.  SldeeeeMilka, driveways, sl.ebs   smooth, broomed,  exfeewd .eeiqre'ee.ete' linishinq.  q���utr c��icr���� wort t\e��� mma  r 'l'bp Line ConcretS^  Curbs ��� Patios ��� Stairs  Foundations ��� Sidewalks  Retaining Walls ��� Driveways  "We build 'em, We pour 'em"  Res. 885-9203  Bus. 885-4828  FUTURE  Excavating & Developments  Residential  Commercial  Industrial  I .ind Cli'.ii mil  Underground Installations  t. 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Saltery Bay  5:45 M     3:30 pm  7:35        5:30 M  9:25 M     7:30  11.30      9:30  ���NOIt: TDaea ea* ta aa  "Fait Faeey' eeea aa  Saeaeiaai. laaelaai 1 Hawaii  8184318  lex Ir  ceemmaeeli 4 complainit  ROUTE I  [via North Ret & Seacot Goevae PI & FiankHee. Leewae Bul Sine)  Mil  Dipirt  Arrival  5:45  7:45  9:45  11:45  1:48  3:48  8:45  7:48  FMiyTir.  :10  8:10  10:10  12:18  2:18  4:18  8:18  8:18  FARES  Oul ol Town  In Town  Gibsons Bus Schedule  'CmmcIi 8:38 Fury rm  ROUTE 2  !��*��� ewmatina*. WexMclMe. SC MoDell Hoeeet Pl.t)  ."���P"1 Arrive*  *         7:00- 3:00 MM         7:30   3:38  9:00   8:80 9:30   8:3*  11-00   7:08 11:30   7:30  1:�� 1:30  Adults Seniors Children Slut). Comm. Tickets  $150    31.00 .73   St.00       SI ZS/rid*  These transportation schedules sponsored hy  Insurance  OwMptan  Sumoil Agencies  iTPl  TimM  INSURANCE TRAVEL  886-2000 886*9255  Bed Cirptt Service From Frliiuttf Protmlonalt In Sunm/craii Mali, Qlbaona. S  -. ��� .^..-���. .. .-1..'. .. Coast News, September 10,1990  19.  Collins is lacking  Editor: -    .���-.:        .    . ���-*���*  Editor:       ^^^^^^^  The knowledge of native In  dian hereditary and culture appears severely lacking in Alder-  An Invitation to Small Business  People and Entrepreneurs  ���Starting a business?  ���Expanding an existing business?  ���Manufacturing a product?  ���Exporting a product?  The Ministry of Regional and Economic Development  can help. Business Development Coordinators from  the Mainland/Southwest office will be in Sechelt/Gibsons,  Wednesday, Sept. 19 and Thursday, Sept. 20  Sunshine Coast Regional District Office  5477 Wharf Street  Sechelt  To book an appointment in Sechelt/Gibsons for one-on-one  discussions of your business proposals and ideas, contact:  The Government Agents Office in Sechelt,  Phone: 885-5187or fax: 885*3710  Creating a Climate for Growth.  Harold Long, MLA  Honourable Stanley B. Hagen  Minister of Regional and Economic Development  man Ken Collins. He has  soundeed off on a subject he evidently knows little about. Even  more deplorable is the blatant  insult toward Chief Tom Paul  and his able Council. They obviously have the situation in  hand and are dealing with all  the proper authorities in regard  to their land claims.  Collins has interfered with his  irrational suppositions regarding the still undecided factor of  how and by whom this country  was first inhabited thousands of  years ago.  My son has been employed  by the Gitksan and  Wet'suwet'en peoples for almost four years on the longest  court case in Canadian history.  As an anthropologist he hits  taped and recorded thousands  of testimonials on native historical and hereditary data  through interviews with Elders  of the Gitksan - Wet'suwet'en  peoples of Hazelton and  Kispiox areas. Their history  data to the beginning of time!  As one who was fortunate to  have the opportunity to attend  some of the native Land Claims  sessions in the Vancouver Court  House, conducted by the Honorable Judge McEachem, and  later to have the honor to meet  some of the native participants,  one cannot fail to support their  spiritual quality of dignity and  purpose. , , _ ,  Pixie Daly,  Halfmoon Bay  Coast  Services  Directory  MARINE SERVICES  MISC SERVICES  i;',8, ^OCEAN DYNAMICS    Ihriii & Metckuicil EafitMriaf Dtsifi  Boat & General Marine Surveys  Dock Design & Construction  I mMHami       . tMMaasmaaiaa, J  V     " *** -���-������       .m*s  mef(foi7��7  Mercury Outboards  iV��'V0 AB HADDOCK MMINE ltd.  Garden Bay. BC      "SH"5       883-2811  PENINSULA INDUSTRIAL  & LOGGING SUPPLIES  PORT  MELLON  & GIBSONS  ��� Wire Rope & Rigging  ��� Welding Supplies  Gibsons 886-2480  Port Mellon 884-5303  1042 Hwy. 101, Gibsons (across from Kenmac)  ��� Hydraulic Hose & Fittings  ��� Misc. Industrial Products  Van. Direct 689-7387  &  buccaneer  Marina �����/ Resort Ltd  Located in Secret Cove 885-7888    MARINE SPECIALISTS 21 YEARS  PARTS - SALES - SERVICE -REPAIRS  K & C Thirmoglass 8  Cobra Boats now  In-Stock  mwm.  (OUTBOARDS  v&g  Need this space?  (  ..II   the    COASI   Nl WS  For successful  BUSINESS MEETINGS  Urge or Small  CEDARS INN  895 Hwy. 101, Gibsons  Fax 8^3046    886-3008  IUTHERLAND^Lt,  IOUTIOMDS      ^sr       YANMAR   I?  ..icftrui/cr    "*"'"*   J  STCKNOmvCS/iNIOARDS   DIESEL ENGINES*)  Pjrls H, Srrvie e- for All M.eeWs of Outbo,erds  Doe tested' eer Dryland eeeee-/- r   e^  FINANCINGAVMLABLE VHF 6 &   16  ^at COHO MARINA, Madeira Park 883-11197  JACOBSEN FEEDS  <5482 Norwest Bay Road  888*9369        Your Authorized Dealer I  We carry a complete line ol |  Animal Feeds & Supplies      (lie growing  CHAINSAWS'  SALES & SERVICE  KELLY'S LAWNMOWER &  CHAINSAW LTD  f^ranTude'  ^Lmmam^m^mm, * Salt Water Ucencee^at���e( -J  * Motel 8. Campsites * Waler Taxi . ^TSafaW-  * Marine Repairs       * Ice and Tackle    fU-1266  731 NORTH ROAD   886-2912.  Need this space?  r-��i   Cornell's Marine Service  VKlt        SERVICE TO Al I MAKES  HflB     Specializing in Mire. Outboard  ^m^mmWaa>     * "" *'"��� rebuilding  DIVER W" Located at  BOAT V       Smitty's Marina, Gibsons   ,  HAULING        SHOP888-7711     RES 88S-S8W/  Cell   lie.    COASI   Nl W  DOLPHIN ALARM  SYSTEMS LTD  Burglary ��� Fire  ll  ���  MISC SERVICES  Need this space?  WEST COAST RAILINGS^  Stay *MTsMMtava Com '  Music & Sound ��� Intercoms        Don Watson  RR#4 S15 C17     Bui. 886-9144  Gibsons. B.C     Res. 886-3304,/  f     Complete, Confidential, & Prolessional     \  ���BUSINESS * PERSONAL OFFICE SERVICES  SHie faptr AMI       883-9911  ****tcwwM��  GIBSONS MOBILE SAW SERVICE  Custom Cutting - Planing  Bevel Siding - Posts & r  Chris Nappar 888.3488  H.R.84, SS, C78,  \Qlbaons. B.C. VON iyo  ���   WeTITO    VblMIVb  lanlng .   /  & Beams       uXjJ  Concern  Editor:  We have been watching with  growing concern Gibsons  Council's apparent inability to  administer the Municipal Act.  We've had an uncontested  court case over Gospel Rock  with cost assessed against the  town; expensive advertising in  the Vancouver Sun; on-again,  off-again Notices of Hearings.  When are they going to grt it  right, and how much has this  cost us to date?  Now they want to change the  Community Plan to suit the requirements of a developer,  which will effectively eviscerate  ihe Gibsons Official Community Plan, a document preepared  by concerned citizens to protect  Gospel Rock from environmentally insensitive development.  This is the last straw.  We Wieve the community  has lost confidence in this administration and we suggest lhat  the amendments to the Community Plan and Gospel Rock  rezoning be tabled until after  the November cletctions when a  new council will, it is hoped,  have more control over the administration.  Dorothy Cruice, J. Crowhurst  Frank Bailey, Margaret .Bailey  Millicent B. Wilson .and other  concerned citizens  Poisons  ���Editor:  There have been questions  asked as to why British Columbians have such high levels of  dioxins and furans in their  systems. (A Canadian study has  indicated higher levels in BC  than other areas.)  As someone who lives within  smelling distance (20 km) of the  pulp mill in Port Mellon I have  noticed a black dust settling on  my white lawn furniture in the  past year. I would like this  fallout analyzed.  I have read that pulp mill's  air emissions contain dioxins  and furans - is this what is landing all over my yard? Are we  contaminating ourselves with  everything we touch, breathe;  our water and our soil?  According to Waste Management Control no tests or study  has been undertaken in this  regard. I think it's about time.  Pat Ridgway  XUtamJOaaOi  ABE HERE" ^  OPEN SEPT. 15  . V/7 .Ametmm Word  <*V REDUCED PRICES!  Mixed Tulips 10/1.49  Crocus 10/ .95  King Alfred Daffodils_10/1.49  Large Clump of Bell Heather 6" Pot 3.49  Winter Pansies ea. .50  Business Hours 9 am - 5 pm  Closed on Sundaya and Mondays through Fall and  Winter  SUNSHINE COAST NURSERY  Highway 101, Gibsons  886-2796  BACRTOYOU-   .  GOODASNEW!^  Fender benders to major  damage���we can fix it.  Put your car in our  care and let our  experts hindle  the job!  WfiCVCNAOTiCWY  School District No. 46  (Sunshine Coast)  Home Schooling  We invite parents who intend to "home school" their children to register at  their local school.  Under the new School Act, parents must register their  children with a school in their local school district, a  regional correspondence school or an independent school.  The deadline for registration is September 30th.  Registration is compulsory for all home schooled children  aged 7 to 16.  If you register with one of our schools, please feel free to discuss with the  principal what services we can offer to assist you in providing an education for  your child.  Sunshine Coast Schools and Principals  Cedar Grove Elementary  Davis Bay Elementary  Gibsons Elementary  Halfmoon Bay Elementary  Langdale Elementary  Madeira Park Elementary  Roberts Creek Elementary  .Sechelt Elementary  West Sechelt Elementary  Chatelech .Secondary  Elphinstone Secondary  Pender Harbour Secondary  If you want or need more information, please call one of our principals or:  Colleen Elson  Director of Instruction (Programs)  School District No. 46  886-8811 or 885-7871  James Davidson  886-7818  Joanne Pearson  885-9523  Verne Wishlove  886-2612  Roger Douglas  885-2318  Ann Skelcher  886-9971  June Maynard  883-2373  Stewart Hercus  885-9229  John Nicholson  885-2114  Rowan Hartley  885-2825  Jack Pope  885-3216  Martyn Wilson  886-2204  David Witt  883-2727 20.  Coast News, September 10,1990  ^COAST NEWS CLASSIHEDS3  ANDERSON REALTY  ��� Recreation  ��� Retirement  Oammt  FREE CATALOGUE  5686 Cowrie St   Box 1219  Sechelt. B C VON 3A0  885-3211 FAX 885-2899  Van Toll Free 684-8016  WATERFRONT  54'  lot - 60 year least. Keats  Island. Try your otter. 886-2694  MOss  Drop off your  COAST NEWS  Classifieds  at any of our convenient  Friendly People  Places  ���IN PENDER HARBOUR���  Tha Coast News  (Madeira Park Shopping Centre) 883-9099  Marina Pharmacy 883-2888  AC Building Supplies 883-9551  ���IN HALFMOON BAY���  B&J Store 885-9435   IN SECHELT   The Coast News  J 170Osq. It PANA.S0DE. rancher.  * ocean view. Genuine bargain al  $120,000 Drive by 950 Cheryl  Ann Park Road (Lower Road  .Roberls Creek) and phone lor  appl lo view 866-2694    #40ss  (Cowrie Street) 885-3930  ��� IN DAVIS BAY���  Peninsula Market 8859721  -IN WILSON CREEK-  Wilson Creek Campground 885-5937  ���IN ROBERTS CREEK���  Seaview Market 885-3400   IN GIBSONS   The Coast News  (behind Dockside Pharmacy) 886-2622  The Knit Wit  Sunnycrest Mall 886-2717   DEADLINE IS 3:30 FRIDAY  5.1 acres $59,000 close to lerry.  1000' Road frontage. Hydro.  886-9049 #38s  2 bdrm. townhouse. upper Gibsons within walking distance tc  school and shopping $69,900  886-7444. #37s  Pender Harbour view lot, serviced  to border, uncleared, $29,900.  270-2958/883-9095.        #33s  Cochrane   Road.   Good,   large  building lot. Close to marina &  beaches. $27,500. 885-4501.  #39sr  Semi-waterlronl lot by owner.  65x130, serviced, very nice area,  good fishing. 3 km to village.  $35.000.885-2544. #36s  Unique 3 BDRM. 3 BATH Home.  Spectacular view. Approx. 2500  sq. It. 883-9418 - 988-4310.  #35s  5 acres ALR. view, hydro, merchantable timber, Roberts Creek,  $79.000.886-3422. #34sr  Modern 2 bdrm. home on  acreage, private, no reas. oiler  refused, trade commercial or  sailboat 883-2977. #40ss  $40,000 down buys you view lot  wilh 2 houses and $22.800/year  revenue. Owner will finance. Let  the rent do the rest. Total price  $179,000,886-8327. 139  Watertront Soames Point, 4  bdrm. private setting, V, acrl,  pebble beach & moorage  $289,000. MLS FMT. 886-7204  685-3111 (Van.) #39  Linda and Jock are pleased to announce the birth ol their daughter  Katie Louise McPhedran on  Augusl 27. 1990 at St. Mary's  Hospital. A sister lor Laura and  Sasha. Proud grandparents are  Ron and Louise McPhedran ol  Hopkins Landing and Elsie  Goresky ol Vernon. Great-  grandparents are Jack and  Georgle Williamson ol Wilson  Creek. Extra special thanks lo Dr.  Lehman and lo Gall Wilson.  #37  Best level lot on Southwood Road,  6/10 acre, school close by.  885-9323. #38sr  Thtrt't always unlet with i smile whan you  placa your claaalllada it B ��. J Store, our Friendly  People Place In Haltmoon Bay.  Lot 23 Central Rd., 50x105,  view, level, 3 km to lerry.  872-1064. #35ss  For sale by owner, 'A acre lot on  Gibsons Bluff, fantastic vlewl Fully serviced, lop access, to view  call 886-8757. #37ss  Two homes on view lot. 2000 sq.  tt.. two-storey, 1000 sq. ft. rancher w/garage. Presently rented  at $1750/mo.asking $179,000.  Leave mess. 886-8327.       #37  Unique panabode log home,  ocean view, offers to $125,000  considered. Drive by 950 Cheryl  Ann Park Rd. (Lower Rd..  Roberls Creek) and phone for  appt. to view. 886-2694 eves.  #37  PRIVATE SALE  Pratt Road, asking $159,900. 4  bdrm.,  Vh bathrooms, on  1Ve  acres,  close lo schools,  elc.  Phone 886-4618.  f37  Gibsons Lol 13, 1 acre, Rosamund Rd., fronts Rosamund &  Fairview Rd. Zoned lor mobiles &  R2 plus subdivldable, waler and  hydro, asking $60,000.  266-5626.266-2240. #38  Gibsons lot. Shaw Rd., Ideal Investment Icoation lor a potential  duplex. 886-7668. #38  The Gawd ol Gooberheads Is extremely happy, overly joyous and  stupendously proud lo announce  that the heir to Ihe throne has  been born. Entering the world on  Saturday. August 25, 1990 at  precisely 3:24 am, Mitchell  Thomas Rainer was greeted  royally by his loving father and  mother, John and Jennifer. Happy grandparenls of godly proportions Fred and Clare Rainer, Jerry  and Carmen Dixon and ol couse  the other gaggle of relatives:  brother Tyler, lamilies Clarke,  Dixon and Petersen, Oh, you too  Uncle Rave. Thanks to SI. Mary's  fine staff especially nurse June.  #37  Carson - Klrby, Karla and big  brother Spencer are pleased to  announce the birth ol Rae Lynn  Nancy, born Sunday. September  2. 1990 at 6:50 am. weighing 9  lbs., 10 ozs. 21 inches long.  Special thanks to Drs. Lehman.  Pace and Berlin, nurses Rita Collins and Brian Egerton and staff at  St. Mary's; cheering section  Nancy, Edna and Barb; on-call  staff Nella and Robin. Proud  grandparents Morris and Nancy  Nygren of Gibsons and Doug and  Edna Carson ol Smithers.  #37  Doug Erlchson & Sharon Bobler  are proud to announce the birth ol  their daughter Rave Jade  Erlchson. Born Sepl. 1st at 11:09  am. 7 lbs. 1 oz. Many thanks to  my special nurse Iriend Jolynne  Point for being such a good  coach. Also thanks to Dr. Overhlll  & the nursing staff at St. Mary's.  Proud Grandparenls are Bill and  Eileen Erlchson and Frances  Bobler. #37  David. Suzanne & Frazer White  are pleased to announce the birth  of their daughter & sister to Ayla  Marie While. Born Aug. 23.  1990. Special thanks to Dr.  Cairns and the staff at St. Mary's  Hospital. Many thanks to Auntie  Paddy lor taking care ol things at  home e#37  In Memorlam  The BC & Yukon Heart Fund  welcomes 'In Memoriam' donations Please send cheque to Box  1525. Gibsons, giving your nam!  and lhat ol the deceased's next ol  km whose address please supply, so lhat a card may lie sent.  #37  Thank Vou  The Family and Child Services  stall Irom the Minislry ol Social  Services and Housing wish to express appreciation to Sunshine  Coasl residents .ewho came forward in response to our requesl  lor foster parents. Thank you foi  your continuing support.      #36  Thank you so much lo our greal  lamily and Iriends lor Ihe wonder-  lui anniversary part. Vou got us!  John & Nadine #37  Announcements  il        8. livestock  SOOTER'S  STUDIO  la  COMING!!  Sept. 22 * 23  "Fine"  PORTRAIT  PHOTOGRAPHY  for the  WHOLE FAMILY!!!  LOCATION:  ea CckhI Living Video  Sechah. B C  (Nam to tha mall actou  leeeeee Shall Slalton I  Watch for a  Representative  In your area  VERY SOONlt  ���Tha S-xeea, tha Batea,"  To Steve and Shirley Patterson.  Happy 50th Anniversary Sepl.  10/90. Thinking ol you. all our  love. Kathy and Fran. #37  Dine at  Bonniebrook  Terrace  Restaurant to enjoy spectacular  cuisine and ocean view sunsets.  #39  KIDS CAN SEW  A sewing program  for kids aged 8 to 12  Sutin Morris 886-2718  Tke Beat Deal AtowaU  COAST NEWS CLASSIFIEDS  S/IOO  4  (minimum) for 10 words  u  25'  each additional word  IBinhs. Loii & Found FREEH  Pat/ for 2 weeks, get Ihe 3rd week FREE  (When paid fcy  CASH. CHEQUE, or MONEY ORDER)  ALL CLASSIFIED ADS must be       .  PRE-PAID before Insertion. -*  VISA & MASTERCARD accepted    ���  SufteSeK"  CLASSIFIEDS  s15oo  SIOO  up lo 10 words  each additional word  Ynul ftel le',iiiereiii| | .lem eenly well re... 4 ceen  M'tejnve' WUerkl, litem well hi' caieCeflltfd ii.ile'ss  VeeU   lleilrUCI   us   le,   le'lii'U   ii   BY   NOON  SATURDAY. iN..i available- In cememi'iciol  mkvrtlwi)  CLASSIFIED DEADLINE  Gibsons & Sechelt Offices NOOfl  Saturday  "Friendly People Places"  FRIDAY 3:30 pm  COAST NEWS  CLASSIFIEDS  Madeira Park Shopping Centre 883*909%  Cowrie St.. Sechelt 885-3930  Cruice Lane. Gibsons  886*2622  FAX: 886*7725 Gibsons  885-3954 Sechelt  For Public Use  Pender Hanbour Office  FRIDAY 4:30 pm  I love my sons. Al times I have  difficulty telling them that, so in  quiet times ol reflection, I write  them poems or notes and save  poetry oil ol cards or posters. I  then type these on my computer  in Ihe flowing "Venice" style.  The result is a pretty poem or  note on letter size paper. I Irame  them to hang on my sons' walls.  Later, I put them into a cover,  and Ihey become a booklet ol my  love.  Do you have a poem or letter for  that special someone in your lile  that is full of smiling memories?  Let me write Ihem up on my computer. The service Is completely  confidential. The cost for typing,  printing and return postage, Is*  $5.00 per typed page. For only  $3.00.1 will send you a sample ol  different printing styles and  sizes. Please send check or  money order to: GG. Box 2369.  Sechelt. B.C. VON 3A0.       #37  Do you need some information tc  deal with your legal problem? Call  the Legil Information Sorvlca  885-5881; Mondays and  Wednesdays 9-4. TFN  INDIVIDUAL THERAPY  COUPLES COUNSELLING  Eleanor Mae 885-9018  #39  Sunihlne Coait Transition House  885-2944 - A safe place lor  women and children in crisis.  TFN  Announcements  BROOKS & MILLER  FLOOR COVERINGS LTD.  Ben|amin Moore Paints  POST SECONDARY EDUCATION  Affordable now for young lamilies  through Canadian Scholarship  Trust Plan. Concerned? Call  885-3147. #42  Qualitiled art instructor will give  classes and/or private tuition in  drawing, painting, all levels.  Reasonable rates. 886-3905. #39  Leslie Ellel  DANCE  Creative Dance  for 4-12 year olds  Gibsons Uniled Church Hall  Beginning Sept. 27th  886-8044  Survival Wilderness First Aid  Course (34 hrs) Will be offered in  Gibsons, starting Ocl. 23. For Into call Eileen at 686-4943.  m  LOOKING FOR SHAKLEE PRO-  DUCTS? Nutrition supplements,  biodegradeable cleaners, skin  care. Mavis 885-7464. Dale  886-3805. #42  Sunihlne Coast NDP  Pre-election  POT LUCK DINNER  GUEST SPEAKERS:  Dale Lovick. MLA,  Ferries Critic  Howard White, Candidate  7:00 pm Gibsons Legion  Friday. Sept. 14th  Tickets S10 al Ihe door  For     lurther     Inlo:  886-3242  Bill Wood  SECHELT  Bus 885-2923  Res 885-5058  Al  Pro|ect Parent Sunihlne Coait  Offers two parenting programs  10 weeks beginning 0ct./90,  Wednesdays. Parenting 2 lo 12  year olds. Thursdays. Parent-  teen Relationships. Call 885-3506  to register belore Sepl. 28th.  UNITY CHURCH  You are welcome lo join us In ex-  I ploring Unity principles. Sunday  Sludy Group at 10am & Service at  11am. Also MasterMInd Group on  Tues. at 7pm. Call 886-9194 lor  Inlo. #37  Karate Classes In Sechelt for  adults, down to age 13, Mon. &  Thurs. 7:30-9:30 pm. For info  885-6111. #38  Day a evening classes by psychic  counsellor and healer, Gloria  Yates. 8 week Psychic Meditation  classes will start week ol Sept.  24th. 886-4929. #38  Modco Acrylic Stucco  June Boe: 886-7955  #3?  Hockey Players  Well established commercial team  with winning tradition needs experienced players. Speed & competitive spirit an assetl Call Dave  885-3295 days or 855-4546  evenings. #38  ALCOHOLICS ANONYMOUS  885-2896, 886-7272, 886-2954  TFN  Does someone in your family have  a drinking problem? Call Al-Anon  886-9903, 885-7484. Al-Aleen  886-2565. TFN  Phone us today about our selection of beautiful personalized  wedding  invitations,   napkins,  matches, stationery and more.  Jeannles Gifts & Gems  886-2023  TFN  Adult children of Alcoholics or  disluncllonal families please call  885-5281 or 886-8165 for help.  TFN  Phone Kalawna at 885-4883  137  Weight Watchers  10 week session starting Sepl.  12 at 7 pm al St. Mary's Church  Hall, Hwy. 101 I Park. Carol  888-7454.                       #37  m\vji                   m\m  (3MAGUS  KKNNEI,S  Bright, Clean Dog &  Cat Boarding  Dog Training  Science Diet  Pet Foods  886-8568  Registered Miniature Smooth  Dachshunds ready to go, lirst  shots, wormed. Price $400.  885-9840. ��7  SPCA tor ADOPTION  Young personable cats and cute  kittens. 686-7313. #37  Calm Terrier pups. $200.  886-3134. #39  PETFOOD  SCIENCE DIET. IAMS.  TECHNI-CAL, NUTRO-MAX,  PURINA. WAYNE.  Also lull line ol bird seed  And much more.  Duality Farm �� Garden  Supply Ud.  Pratt Rd. 886-7527  TFN  SPCA SPAYING PROGRAM  Contact Then 8e Now Furniture,  699  Highway   101,  Gibsons.  886-4716 or Marlee Fashions.  TFN  Help reduce the pet overpopulation problem ��� spay or  neuter your pet. TFN  Canine consultant, offering obedience 8e intruder awareness  training. Reg Robinson.  886-2382.  TFN  Al'i Horseshoeing Sendee  Experienced, dependable, prompt. Toll tree 1-978-1920.    #37  Large, orange, neutered male  cat, well mannered lamily pet,  Iree to good home. 683-2982.  #38  HORSE BACK RIDING  Horse * Tick FOR SALE  Phone 816-7467  for reservations  Beautiful American standard bred  chestnut trotter. 6 years, well  trained English style, gentle,  $2200 OBO. 885-5910.       #38  Beautilul 14 yr. reg. T.B. mare,  15.2 h.h. English/Western c/w  new western saddle, bridle and  all acces.. $1200 to loving home  only. 885-9364. #37  Piano Tuning  repairs, appraisals  ��  Ken Dalglelsh  886-2843  l-rge sandy-coloured Bouvler  dog, Silver Sands area. Answers  to Rambo. 863-2906 #37  Lost In Woodcreek Park,  Wednesday, Sept. 5 (alter 6 pm)  1 set of keys. If found please turn  into the Coast News office.    #37  Large 4 yr. old black cat. neuf..  lost Irvines Landing Garden Bay  Sept. 1, Reward. Irene  - #38  Camara,   Gower  Pt.   Rd.  886-7111. #37  Men's ring, gold necklro with  blrthstone. Timex ladles watch.  Claim at RCMP Gibsons.      #37  Young lib, Nick & wltt. Rid  collar, Sschilt am. 885-3447  #37  Guitar, Flute, VMin Lessons  Jean Pierre LeBlanc  Rockwood Centre 885-2522  #38  Upright piano In excellent condition. $1500. 885-3247 or  885-2235. #39  Violin or Fiddle Instruction.  Michelle Bruce  885-9224  #42  Altos, and men minimum age 15  needed lor Soundwaves Choir.  886-8026. TFN  Siring players, tympanisl, percussionist, some brass players  needed lor Soundwaves Orchestra. 886-8026. TFN  Modal FE-2 Yamaha Electone  organ, $3500 & Fender Gemini 2  guitar, $175 OBO. 883-2239.  #39  Suzuki violin lessons, Katie  Angermeyer, teacher, registered  SAA. Beginners start October,  age 3 to adult. For Info 885-5539.  #39  We buy used  TAPES, RECORDS I CD's  In good condition.  Mix Music. 886-3453.   efTFN  Luxor 9534 Tracker wanted.  885-9357. 137  4 ham<ns counterbalance floor  loom, 45". 886-9068.        138  Utility trailer. Call m the even-  Ings. 885-4876. #38  Room and board for young nun  botwnn Langdale and Sechelt.  816-7228. #38  Free to loving home. Small black  LabX. 3 years old. Owner moving. A very good lamlly dog.  886-8097. #37  Garage Sales  Sept. 15 t 16, 9 to 4pm, NO  JUNK, Suite 2-723 TruemanRd.  up Irom Gibsons Marina.      #37  Multi-family garage sale plus  baked goods. Sat., Sept. 15.  10am?, 605 (Sower Ft. Rd.   #37  281 Glasslord Rd., Sat., Sept.  15,10-3, Brice barbeque, swing  set, kids toys and other goodies.  #37  Sal., Sept. 15, 9-2. baby furniture, toys, ollice desk, dresser,  new area rug, car. $200,  household items. 180 Grandview  Heights Rd., Gibsons.        #37  Sat.. Sept. IS. 5671 Wharf Rd.,  tools, boal, h/hold Items, etc.  #37  Moving out sale, Tues. & Wed.  Sept. 11 & 12,1927 Grandview  Rd. ON Pine Rd. 886-7943.  #37  Sun, Sept. 16. Shoal Lookout,  the Bluff, Gibsons. 10 III ?  Weather permitting. #37  Barter 1 Trade  Swap or Barter 2 yr. old mule  gelding. 883-2977. #39  Deluxe exerciser - As New. $195.  2 Pes. loam rubber, 4"x73x24,  4"x11x69.885-5200. #39  Moving Sale - All household  items, beds, dressers, tables.  chairs, pool table and misc. Call  alter 6 pm. 886-3013. #37  GE washer, white 2 speed,  multicycle, w/extra rinse $329:  Viking washer, white. 1 speed,  $279; Gibsons Venus 16' almond. 2 dr FF. Iridge, L-hand  door. Like new. $479.;  WestlnghouseH.G. 15' FF Fridge  $389; GE Medallion 7016' white  2 door, FF $479: Coldspol HG  2Dr, 15' 32 "W. $387; Maytag,  avacado dryer $267; Kenmore  heavy duty, white dryer, Fabric  master (soft heat) $279;  Whirlpool 30" almond, sell-clean  slove, $539; Viking copperton.  30" stove, sell-clean, $359;  Slmpllsety (deluxe) 2 speed, 2  cycle, H. Gold washer, $287. All  recond. and guaranteed lor 90  days lo 2 years. Corner Cupboard, 885-4434, B|orn,  885-7897. #39  Will buy used or non-working major appliances. 885-7897.    #39  Greal deal. Brand ntw, air tight  fireplace, heats 1000 sq. It. CSA  approved. $355.885-4899   #39  Double glass, suitable lor green  house, plus large glass door.  885-5854. #37  Large oak desk $100; Exec, chair  $35; Small truck canopy $100;  Fisher stove $200. 885-5458.   ��9  Owen sized waterbed - $150;  King size woolrest mattress cover  $200. 886-9777 after 7:30 pm.  #39  Brown hide-a-bed $200. Good  cond. recliner chair $25. Both in  good condition. 886-9452.   #37  Single bed. good condition $50.  888-4576. #37  Cast-iron wood stove. $150. Girls  bike, $40.883-2783. #39  Young girls shorty wet-suite; 8'  ���Collins truck caiwpy, lighted.  Dodge 15" factory custom lings.  885-4704. #37  65' brown, slum railing $175.  Wtlngor washer, excl. cond.  $85,886-2332. #97 Coast News, September 10,1990  21.  Kenmore almond cooktop Admiral. Black glass wall oven.  685-5057. #37  Twin tad. beer Iridge. kitchen  table 4 chairs 885-2777. Alter 6  pm. #39  Champion {ulcer, like new. $250.  883-9432 #39  BudRiks  I   VIDEO QAMES  I      CASSETTES  ~   C.D.'S  i YDS. DELIVERED  $40.00  LYLE FORBES  883-9907  Apt. size range. $150; ok)  fashioned bathtub, refinistwd.  $800; baby change table. $30,  Slrollee 3-way buggy. $75.  886-7406. #38  1OU40Taeea<lo!Hie.i��  (HeeMelKd Tel Uleolol  885-4888  T �� S SOIL  Mushroom Manure-Bark Mulch  Topsoil mixed-Hog Fuel  By the yard or truck full. Top  quality products at reasonable  prices You pickup or we deliver.  Pltone anytime 885-5669.    TFN  Speed Queen reconditioned  dryer. $125; H/D Kenmore dryer,  $175. 885-4529 alter 6 pm.  #36sr  Men's R/H goll clubs. Spalding  Elite, 3 to P/W plus excecutive  metal woods, 1,3,5, used one  year, $300. 885-5858 or  886-9078. #37s  HAY $4.00/bale  FRESH ORGANIC VEGETABLE!  STEWING CHICKENS $1 00/ea.  Phone 885-9357  TFN  Auto, AM/FM cassette, graphic  equalizer, hl-comp speakers,  $275. 885-4151. 885-7950.  #37sr  2000 sq. tt green metal roofing.  26 gauge, flashing & screws.  $2000.886-3457. #36ss  One sel ladies' Campbell golf  clubs. 1 & 3 woods. 3.5.7,8  Irons, sand wedge & putter plus  bag & cart, asking $200. right  hand; 1 nearly new Kenmore  dehumldifier, asking $150; 1  Kenmore 'steam clean' carpet  cleaner plus attachments, used  once, $150. 885-2047 eves.  #37  Stove Se s/s Iridge, good working  order, $600. 885-3360 before 9  pm. #37  Brand new 12 cu. tt. Danby  Ireezer, $350 lirm. 884-5324.  #37  Special   cedar   2x6  decking.  Custom sawn beams. 665-9373  #37  Patrick green  mohair  picker,  carter/w 2 drums. 886-9068.  #38  Gibson 220V almond clothes  dryer. $125; early Cdn. ant.  birds eye maple spindle back  rocking chair, $350. 886-3875.  #38  SATELLITE SALES  Green Onion Earth Station  885-5644  TFN  White moulded llbreglass  bathtub, $100.886-4743. #35ss  Temporaiy power service, complete wth 15 or 30 amp breaker,  $250,885-7261. #37  Fridge. $125: stove. $100 OBO.  Good working order. 866-7471.  #37  Washer 6 dryer, $50; Simmons  hide-a-bed, $100; kitchen table.  6 chairs, $50; 2 pc sola sel, turquoise; 2 low kitchen cabinets,  $75 ea.; upright filing cabinet.  $100; lateral. $200; various small  Items. 885-2806. #37  Velour couch & chair, cotlee lable  4 2 end tables. 886-4641.    #38  Seasoned firewood $100 a cord.  886-4599. #38  Finders  Antiques, ,  ji      * ����  r Collectibles  Behind the Chevron  at the Sunnycrest Mall  886-4551  Fireplace insert 'Elmira' 1400  series, heartmount, $600 OB 0.  886-9115. #40ss  Oak roll top desk. exc. cond..  $400: Cockateil cage, $30.  886-9141. #3?  KNITTING  NEEDLEPOINT  X-STITCH  BEADS & CRAFT  SUPPLIES  Tues. & Thurs, 10-4pm  450 Pratt Road  886*2910  Foozeball table with extra men &  parts, $195 OBO. Call 885-7576,  11am-1pmor5pm-7pm.     TFN  Firewood For Sals Ve ton p/u  load, spill le delivered, $75.  865-5032. #38  Waterbeds: 1 klngslze, 1 queen-  size, with accessories, Lowry  organ, hutch. 866-2864.     #38  Stove and side-by-slde freezer/  Iridge, auto Ice maker, good  cond., very clean, $600 OBO.  865-3360. #37  Printer Epson comp. $125; med.  sized dog house, $65.886-7089.  #38  . seasoned alder,  generous cords, $100.  866-2933. #39  4x6 Utility Trailer, wired, exc.  cond.; also 12' aluminum boal  with notation lanks. $750 for  both. 885-7815. #39  King-size waterbed with mirrored  headboard, cheap, $350.  886-7652. #39  Antique dining room suite, Call  886-3411 ah. 6pm. #39  Pool table 6 access; misc. toys  (Radio Shack racecar. hockey  game, remote control cars).  666-8661. #39  Cast Iron bathtum, $50; F/G  dinghy, 7', $50; fridge (LH)  20"x56", $100; carpeting  grey/brown, $100; shell unit,  metal sectional, 2'x15', $20;  black metal coffee table, $10;  Knelsel skies, 205 cm, poles,  boots, 10Vi men's, $50.  686-7360. #37  PE81M0  For wood dimensional stabilization. $2/R>. Tim 868-8218.   #39  LAMEIANDSAW  36" wheels, 34"x30" tilt table,  5 HP, 3PH motor, bands, $1300.  Tim 886-8218. 139  18a.  Heavy  Equipment  606CAT t  MINI EXCAVATOR  FOR RENT  Attachments available  DAY. WEEK. MONTH  866-6636.  74 Vega. Runs good. $400 lirm.  685-7131. #39  1975 VW Rabbit. Runs well, good  transportation, some rust. $850.  OBO 885-9369,885-1928.    #39  '83 Olds Omega. 2 Dr. auto,  $3000060.885-3790.     #40ss  '73 Olds Cutlass, 350 auto, PS,  PW, PB, tilt, $450 OBO.  886-2332. #37  1973 Pinto wagon, economical 4  cylinder, aulomatic, runs good  $750.885-7331 #39  1972 Volvo 144. 4 Dr., auto,  transmission. Good condition.  Clean. $1250. 685-7331       #39  '62 Volvo SW. Overdrive, exc.  condition, Inside 8, out. $7500.  885-3790. MOSS  1977 Celica GT llttback, stereo,  good condition. $1650. OBO.  866-8685 evenings. #39  CASH PAID  For Some Cars and Trucks  Dead Car Removal  Abex Ussd Auto Puts  and Towing  868.2020  TFN  ,1980 Chev Malibu, 91,000 miles,  6 auto, good shape, $1750 OBO.  883-9423. 1B4SS  1983 Aries wagon, 130,000 kms.  35-40 m/p/g,  exc.  cond.,  sacrilice $3500 lirm. 866-2945.  #35ss  '87 Jeha, 60,000 km, 5 sp.,  AM/FM cass., snows, 2 year  warranty remaining, $9000.  885-4794. #37ss  1977 Chev van shaggln' wagon,  customized Interior & exterior, ET  mags, 350 auto, P/S, P/B, now  headers, transmission, brakes,  luel pump, alternator, needs  some TLC, asking $3000 080.  665-3758. #37  1979 Ford T/bird, lots of new  parts. $1900 OBO. 865-1943.  #38ss  1978 Volare station wagon, good  cond.. P/S. P/B, $600.  865-1758. #37  1976 Buick Regal, P/S. P/B,  good cond.. runs great. $800  OBO. 886-2263. #37  '65 Pontiac Custom Sport. 327.  -350 HP. exc. cond.. original  owner. $1850.866-2694.    #37  1977 Dodge van, runs good, best  otter over $1750.885-4845. #37  1978 Bronco 4x4, auto, 351 cu.  In, $4000OBO. 883-9911 days  or 683-9302 eves. (Myrtle). #37  ESTATE 1989 Chev Cavalier 4 dr.  wagon, metallic grey, 3600 km.  $10,500,665-2606. #37  1984 TEMPO GL DIESEL  Deluxe instrumentation, Incl.  wood grain panel, speedometer,  tacometer, trip meter, tilt steering  wheel, cruise control, 5 spd.  manual gear box. P/S P/B,  reclining Iront seats, factory  stereo tape deck, digital date and  elapsed time clock, 4 extra studded winter fires, very solid car,  runs exc. extremely economical  MUST SELL FAST, leaving country, asking $4800. 885-7191.  #37  '79 Toronado - loaded ��� over  $1500 recent work, $4300.  886-8779. #38  1979 LeBaron (green), as is,  $1300.883-2808. #38  '74 Dalsun, $400. 886-3885.  #38  '74 Dodge stretch window van,  heavy hitch. Arthur 885-9859.  #38  1980 Chev Van 305 Yi Ion, trailer  hitch, PS/PB cruise tilt, air,  slereo, $3700. 1983 Aries  wagon, auto.. PS/PB, 35-4C  mpg, $3300.886-2945.      #38  1978 Dodge Aspen, 6 cyl, auto.,  gd. cond.. low mileage. $750  OBO. 885-3768. #38  '81 Pontiac Pheonix, runs well,  gd. lires. 2 dr., $1200.  886-8046. #37  1973 VW station wagon, clean,  California, $2000. 885-2293.  #39  1978 Firebird, good cond., must  be seen, $3800 OBO. 885-9035.  #36s  1986 Ford Tempo. $4700 OBO.  883-2906. #35ss  1985 Toyota Tercell, auto., good  cond. $5500. 885-4520 eves.  #35ss  1973 Mustang Legrande, 302  auto., gd. rubber, solid body,  $1400.885-2207. #36sr  1977 Chevy deluxe Nomad van,  captains seats, needs work,  parts. 885-2207. #36sr  '87 Jetta, 60,000 km, 5 spd..  AM/FM cass., snows, 2 yr. warranty remaining, $9000.  885-4794. #36ss  1978 Buick Skylark, 4 dr. 305  auto., reliable trans., $650.  885-7113. ��9sr  '67 Volvo 123 GT, new motor,  new brakes, new interior, $3500  OBO. 885-3912. #39ss  1977 Pontiac Lemans, 4 dr.,  good running cond, $850.  885-5022,885-2589,.        #37  Commuter Special. '78 Chev, 6  cyl. 4 door, mechanically sound,  in respectable condition.  886-2915. $900. #37  1963 Riviera, 1973 Riviera. 1979  Dodge Ramcharger. For Inlormalion phone 885-7553. #39  1962 Chrysler, 4 door, HT. 38a,  V6, push-button auto, trans.  "Juke Box Dash" Really nice  condition but needs a little work.  Make an offer! 883-6450 evenings. #39  1970 Chev step van. 292 motor,  campsrized, sconomlcal  motorhome, $2500 OBO.  866-7084. #38  1975 Ford cabover 5 ton Rooter,  all gas., gd. shape, $10,000.  925-2378. #34sr  '64 Nissan kingcab, canopy, exc.  cond., 5 sp.. 68.000 ml., new  rubber, $6200 OBO. 686-4664.  1984 Chev 4x4, 6.2 I diesel,  automatic hubs, 5 sp. auto, 2  tanks, tilt, AM/FM cassette,  canopy, good cond., $11,000  OBO. Phono 666-3940.       #36s  1990 F-250HD 4x4 XLT LnW,  lully loaded with 460 5 speed,  dual tanks, skid plates, low  pkg., alum, box liner. Cabernet  red with with grey interior, $4500  km., $22,000.663-2128. #35ss  67 Chev ft Ion, 6 cyl., 3 sp.,  $600,665-2836. #36ss  '87 Dodge Dakota with omul*.  Makeanofter. 886-8116. #36ss  1987 Ford Ranger, 5 sp, 87.000  kms. AM/FM Cass, very clean,  no rust. exc. cond.. $7,300 OBO.  886-3223. #37  1981 Econoline * ton LWB van.  insulated, panelled, work or  camper, $3850. 865-7167.  #37  '88 S10 pickup. 5 spd., short  box, extended warranty. $7500.  886-3885. #38  '77 Dodge Vt ton P/U slant 6,  new 3 spd. standard trans.,  $2500 OBO. 886-9210 or mess.  866-2058. #38  '86 Ford Ranger 4X4. ext. cab.  70.000 kms, $8000. 885-7401.  #38  1982 Datsun P/U, exc. cond..  $3400 OBO. 885-3982.        #37  1989 Custom Ford Ranger, low  kms. extras, $9500. 883-2977.  #38  1976 F250 4X4,302 stand. Runs  Good. $4995. 685-2575.  Campers  1970 Empress motorhome, 23'  Class A, clean, low mileage.  $9000 OBO, needs Iridge.  866-3107. #37  1973 VW camper In gd. run.  cond., $1000 OBO. 866-3703.  m  LET'S TALK  MONEY  Let's get together and sell  your RV unit. II we can't soli  il we'll buy it. Free Appraisal  and pickup anywhere.  LANTZVILLE RECREATION  COMPANY LTO.  tan fin 1-800-663-4234  D7363  35' trailer on nice pad central  Gibsons, rear bdrm., air cond.. 4  pc. bath, new carpets, large living room and closets, lully furnished. Move in lor $14,000  OBO. 885-6064. #37  1976 29' Trophy 5th Wheel, gd.  living accom., road worthy, setup  In Wilson Creek. Phone & cable  hookup, $7500 OBO. 885-5503.  #39  13' Trailer and 15' Camper. $500  each OBO. Needs work.  865-3313. #39  1975 Dodge. 54 Passenger bus  molorhome, shower, toilet,  Iridge, stove, propane torced air  lurnace systems monitor, power  convenor. Nicely finished Interior  (cedar) all work done to  motorhome standards. Needs  paint and some small repairs.  Zinc alloy body No rust. Truck in  good condition. Must be seen  884-5313. Message only. Best  offor by 23rd up lo $8000.  #37  30' disp. cruiser, 340 Chry. dual  hyd str.. live ban tank, VHF/CB.  stereo, sounder, $7950 OBO  885-2814.885-2515.        #32s  18' Sangster 120 hp 4 cyl. I/O  Sounder, trailer. Good cond.  $4250 OBO. 886-9047.     #36sr  'McBeth' 45' offshore ketch,  7000 Autohelm, tracks accurate  courses. Irom Loran automatically. Extra heavy sleel construction,  examine slip BIO Gibsons  Marina. 886-2830. #35ss  1983 .Campion 60 HP Mariner,  galvanized Highliner trailer, etc.  exc. cond., $5900 lirm.  886-8382. #35ss  17' Day sailer, 3 sails. 6 HP,  sounder, moorage, 'III Oct.  $2000 OBO. Rob 866-8526.  #38  12Ve'   Boston   Whaler   style,  comes with trailer. 20 HP Merc.  $151X1 lirm. 866-4733 evenings.  MOSS  1979 - 16' Sangster runabout.  Full camper top. walk thru windshield. 100 HP Johnson. OB,  Galvanized trailer. Good cond.  $3800.886-9452. #39  "Quest" is lor sale. 27'Gaff topsail cutter, 5 sails, 9.9 Yamaha 4  stroke outboard. $9500 060.  Phone 886-8724 evenings.   #39  24' "A" licence gillnetter. 2  nets, $65,000 lirm. 883-9307  Wanled: 17-18' boat with walkthrough window, outboard motor  and trailer, also 14' alum, boal  7.5 lo 10 HP Honda. 885-9336.  1981 Ford Econoline van, 57,000  miles, engine, PS/PB, cruise,  air., lully camperized. Settee, 2  tables, sink, stove, Iridge, toilet,  holding tanks, furnace, converter  hot water. Michelin tires, trailer  hitch, exc. cond., $13,500.  886-2155. #39  1990 - 23' Sprinter by Mallard  travel trailer, fully equipped,  never been on the road.  886-2685. #37  1976 Vanguard 32' 5th Wheel,  many extras, exc. cond., to view  see Irv alt. 5:30pm, 1008 North  Rd��� Gibsons, $14,000 OBO.   #39  '79 VW camper, now CVs. KYB  gas shocks, many new Items,  $3500.885-3912. #39ss  21' Kuslom Coach travel Irailer,  sleeps 6, fully contained, exc.  cond., must see, $8500 OBO.  886-3280 or 886-9020        #38  Travel trailer, approx. 20'. Asking $2700.886-8859.        #37  18' Holldaire '73, exc. cond.,  asking $4800.666-4813.    #39  1974 Vanguard 5th wheel. 32',  lir cond., exc. cond., (2) 30 lb.  propane lanks, $9500 060.  866-8191. #39  in.  GMimiiHMarm  M.C.M.M.C.   M.N.A.M.S.  M.A.B.Y.C.   'Marine  Surveyors and Consultants  14' Aluminum boat and Irailer,  15HP Johnson, $1100. OBO.  885-7251. #39  16' Calglass 70 HP Evinrude. Full  canvas, well maintained c/w ski  equipt. anchor, depth sounder.  $2800. OBO evenings.  886-8685. #30  Classic 19' Lymaw Clinker  runabout. Excellent condition  $6500.886-2738. #37  25' Apollo 225 Merc. I/O  w/traller, $12,500 OBO.  883-9440. #33sr  Mobile Homes  24' Winnebago 1970, $10.01X1.  886-9431 or 885-7078.       #37  1200 sq It double wide on landscaped lot in lamily orientated  park, two full baths, wood stove,  washer, dryer. Iridge, stove and  drapes incl. Covered 10' by 30'  deck with ocean view 865-5890.  #39  1989 Gibraltar 14x70' 2 bdrm.  10x20 extension with patio.  $43,000 OBO 885-5593.  mL  Endurance 35' Pilot House Cutter  auto helm, Loran C video fish  Under, 5 sails, stereo, diesel  engine 8, stove, Slip B-23 Gibsons Marina. 886-9696.   #37ss  24' Turner Classic, mahogany  with Chrysler hemi, well-  oqulpped with or without C  licence. 863-9555. #37ss  9.9 HP Johnson long shah, used  1 season in Ontario. 885-5838.  #37  42' Cruiseahome house boat,  sleeps 9, exc. cond.. $29,500  OBO. 885-1943. #38ss  iriAJor  Classic 33 ft. WC double-ender,  diesel. video sounder, radar, with  'C licence, $34,000; $26,000  without. 883-9158. #37  M.V. Blacklist), 24' Owens, well  appointed large lish deck. Coast  Guard inspected, moorage, parking, hydro paid till Dec/90,  featuring new Swann auto, anchor pkg.. new LMS, 200 w/  Loran C. new fenders & brackets,  mooring lines, new windows,  completely relinished hull and  swlmgrld, new handrails, flush  mount Fishon rod holders (5)  FWC 318 Chrysler, 120 hrs. and  much more, $10,500.885-7977.  #38ss  22% It. Fibrelorm 165 Merc. I/O  too much to list, ready to fish,  $5500.886-8779. #38  1974 Bayliner, 24', $10,000.  883-2661. #38  20' Spencer with cabin, toilet,  sink, V bunks, new upholstery,  new CD, 9.9 Johnson elec. start,  heavy duty trailer, $2500.  683-9979. #38  22'H/T cruiser, 225 OMC, VHF,  sounder, bait lank, winch, head,  sink, stove, down riggers, rod  holders, trim tabs, 425 hours.  moorage till Aug. 91. $6200.  666-4690. #39ss  24' 'A' licence gillnetter, 2 nets,  $65,000 firm. 683-9307.     #38  18W Hbertorm, 65 HP Johnson.  10 HP Chrysler hardtop, standup  cinvas, 7 lite jackets, $4000  OBO. 886-7160. #37  26' Tandem boat trailer, 1972  Vinson, exc. cond., like new,  used in Iresh waler only, includes  ill access., $3200 OBO.  885-5503. #39  19' Reinell, rebuilt motor and log,  fun canvass, spare prop., very  fast, $3200 OBO. 686-2976.  #34SS  OUTBOARDS FOR SALE  9.9-20-30-40-50-70 HP  1968-1989 Evlnrudes. Excellent  condition. Lowes Resort,  883-2456.         TFN  Yes! There is a reliable local pro-  piHor repair service. 685-5276.  TFN  For sm: Float with building.  888-8058. ��7sr  'Cutom.N'43'D-llcence packer  128,000. K. Farrell 685-1126  or gen/del. Egmont.  #34sr  1975 12x66 Lepage, 3 bdrm.,  Selma Vista, $19,900.  665-9577. #37  Rocket  house  trailer,  683-2661.  $495.  #38  1977 Frontier diss C, 68,178  km., sleeps 6, 3 way Iridge,  forced tit lum., 4 burner stove,  w/(Mn, hot wattr, TV antenna,  cruise, $14,995.885-3939. #38  HAVE YOU GOT  $2000.00  or car, boat as down-  payment? You can own a  new 2 or 3 bedroom homo  with MAP OAC. Plus we will  pay your rent tor 1990. II  you bring this ad In.  580-4321  Mptorcycles  Roberts Crook Hall avail ,  dances, parties, weddings,  equipment rental. Yvonne  885-4610. TFN  Sechefl/Sandy Hook watertront.  2/3 bdrm. cottage, fully furnished, elec. Iieat. cable, large decks  with great view, avail.  Sept-May. N/S. no pets, refs.,  $650/mo. 420-3765. #37  3 bdrm. clean mobile home,  $750/mo. or $28,500 to sell, no  pels. Call 886-2169, or  886-9821. #37  2 bdrm. mobile home, partly furnished, $450 to $600/mo. plus  utilities. Phono 883-2424 to view.  ��7  Pendw Harbour waterfront, 2  bdrm., 4 appliances, lurnished.  dock, garage, avail. Sepl 15.  rels. req. Enquire at the Pender  Harbour Paper Mill. #37  K  In Stock at  EN MAC  cycle  Oil Filters. Batteries. Tires.  Riding Gear. etc.  Phone Jay al 886-2031  Easy learner: '82 Kawl 250, bolt  drive, $700; Thumper 76XT 500  Enduro. $850.886-8315.    #39  '84 Honda Sabre, V65,1100 cc,  $3000 OBO. 886-2264.     #40ss  61' XR200 Motorbike. New back  tire. $500. #39  1986 KX125. Re-Built. $1350.  885-9557. #34s  '81 Kawl 10O0J Header, good  rubber. Like new. Fast.  885-5492. #34ss  1987 535 Yamaha Virago, exc.  cond., 1000 kms., asking $2500  or trade. Phone 886-4690. #36ss  Wanted to Rent  Quiet older retired woman, re  quires 1 or 2 bedroom house, cottage or suite. Furn. or unlurn.  Ocl tor Nov. 1st. 885-7640 #39  Prolessional couple, no children  or pets, seek 2 bedroom house.  ASAP. Gibson /Sechell. Long or  short term. Good refs. available.  Telephone 266-1810 (Vancouver)  #39  Single person, small house, quiet  spot, maximum $200. .386-7592.  #39  Small house or apartment  mother with one child, Sechell  ���Haltmoon Bay. 885-7897.   #3!  Cottage or small suite for ons  adult Sept. to May lor 2 night!  per week. 487-9732. #37  Pad lor 27' Alrstream, lull  hookup wilh view, no children,  no motorcycles, quiet, honest  working adult, long term, up tc  Rbts. Ck, send reply to Box 113,  Port Mellon, BC VON 2S0.  #37  Writer seeks small house or cabin  on long term basis lor hlmsoll &  one small dog. Resp., gd. rets.,  can repair anything, lv mess.  686-7029. #37  3 days a week, long term, non-  drinker. Days 884-5355.     #38  Christian family needs 3 bdrm.  home Oct. 1 Gibsons. Exc. rels.  Phone 850-1848. #38  Responsible mature couple with 1  child wishing to rent or lease  clean 3 plus bedroom house.  Langdale lo Davis Bay. Phone  886-9086. #38  Couple with 28' travel Irailer wish  to rent space on property between Gibsons and Davis Bay require access to power, water and  sewer/seplic 1-850-4813   #38  Couple with one well-behaved  child seek 2-3 bdrm. home tor  Oct. I. Prefer Selma Park area.  885-9060, mess. #39  Responsible working couple  seeking rental home in Gibsons  area. 886-3603. #37  Resp. lamily ol4, want 2-3 bdrm.  accommodations, N/S N/D, exc.  rets., Gibsons area. 866-7847.  #39  2-3 bdrm. clean home In Pender  Harbour, 2 resp. adults, no  children, rels. 863-9351.     #39  Bed & eSroaklast close to terry  886-3134. tX  Furn. accom. as low as  $250/mo.. winter tlshlng and  goll, Pender Harbour area.  883-9044,885-7544. #37  1 bdrm. house, lurnished, $500.  883-9110. #38  Unfurn. water view, 1 person  Inch, suite avail. Oct. 1, N/S. no  pets. Gibsons area, $550.  ���7021,732-7731. #38  Hopkins Landing 1 bdrm. plus  den. quiet street, suit single person, $400/mo. 253-4145. (leave  mess.) #37  Available Sept. 15, 2 bdrm.  house, Hlllcrest, $550.685-1744  collect. #38  2 bdrm. trailer, tumlshod. Gibsons. Call 866-8128. #38  OFFICE  SPACE  Available in  Prolessional Block  next to the Gibsons  Medical Clinic  Approx. 445 sq. tt.  Contact: Susini Wong  885-5736  Granlhams, lurnished 1  house plus hides-Dad in living  room. Large balcony with mm.  Long term. $650. 886-3134.  ���137  3 Besdroom suite. Port Medea.  $500.885-7776. #97  MINI STORAGE  885-2061 #97  3 Bedroom watertront cottaege on  1.5 acres in Rotxjrts Creak.  Private, turn, laundry.  WOODHEAT. Avail, immed.  SSOO/Mo. Rels. 224-2656 pager  650-3091. #37  Beautiful watertront cottage, lurnished. 3 bedroom on Redrool  Road. N/S. no pelts. Oct 1 10  Mid-May. Only $550. Phone  872-7787 (Vancouver) after 6:00  pm. #38  Mature lamlly wanted lor new 3  bedroom, 1 Vi bath lamlly home.  Oct. I. Vaulted ceilings,  skylights. 4 appl Near beach 8  park. $875.885-5626.       #37  2 bdrm. ocean view apart Doris  Bay, approx. 1000 sq. It,, Ml.  Oct. 1. $600 plus utils. Dave  792-8731. #3��  Room 4 board or room only, N/S,  Bonniebrook area. 686-6660.  #37  754 Hwy. 101 Gibsons  Condo- New  2 bdim. 2 lull baths, wrap around  sundeck, close to all amenities,  $850/mo. lease only 665-1744  collect. ef39  3 bdrm. home, must be chan  quiet and responsible, no dogs,  avail. Ocl. 1, $795/mo. ind.  hydro 8, cable. 866-3129.  #39  Furnished mobile, 14x70 in SCTP  Irom Nov. 1 to April 1,1991. Suit  single or couple, rels, $650/mo.  886-2155. #37  Semi-lurnished 2 bdrm. cabin.  10 min. from Sechelt. avail, till  July 1, $500 plus utils. Suit  single female. 596-1968.     #37  New 3 bdrm. 2 bath. home. 5  appl. N/S. avail. Oct. 1,  $850/mo. Randy alt 6pm.  885-5623. #39  2 rooms and bath in basement,  heated, semi-turn. cable, elec.,  $450.686-2193. #37  PROPERTY  MANAGEMENT  SERVICES  We will  * Screen potential renters  * Do moving-in Inspection  * Arrange lor maintenance  8, repairs  * Collect the rent &  damage deposit  * Disburse rent monies to  owner  * Do moving-out inspection  rvtato m Die leassm ma pi*-  Ments, and fat just a pittance,  Expent,   Sieve   Swysr  at  886.2277.  2 bdrm. view home avail. Oct. I,  Lower Gibsons, $750. 885-7950  eves. 885-41519-5 pm.      #39  Watertront 3 bdrm. older house.  Pender Harbour, available Oct. 1.  863-9446 leave message.    #38  Prolessional lemale. N/S, no  pets, no children, seeks roommate lor 2 bdrm. house Roberts  Creek. All appls. rent $400 per  month plus Vt utils. 885-6035.  #38  t bdrm. In house, $20O/mo. for  working female. 886-8309 alt.  6pm. #37  Entertainment  Tour the last accessible old  growth forest on the Sunshine  Coasl. Full or half day hikes ind  vehicle only tours. .365-5105  sponsored by the Tetrahedron  Alliance. Voluntary donations.  #39  Help Wanted  ��%  TRAVEL  ^/CONSULTANT  For busy Reservec Equipped  Agency. Must have experience, wages negotiable,  extended benefits and incentive plan. Send resume to  Suncoast Agencies, Box  369. Gibsons, B.C.      TFN  Two bedroom, adults only. $450  plus utilities. Garden Bay.  863-9676. #37  Insulated workshop and/or  storage space. Also monthly RV  sill with hook-up or seasonal  storage. Eaat Porpoise Bay area.  885-5260. #39  One bedroom, furnished cottage.  Redroolts Rd. Available Oct.  -May. $450/mo. plus hydro.  1-325-3099 days. 1-327-7239  evenings. #37  3 Bedroom rancher. 1Vi baths. 5  appl., FP, double garage, fully  landscaped, Marlon Pic. Quiet,  cul-de-sac. 866-9777 between  8810pm. #39  Mobile home, Roberts Creek. 2  Bsdroom. No pels, no children,  non smoker. 885-9840.       #37  3 Bedroom house, watertront.  Gower Point Rd. & Larson $700  per mo. Long term tenant prelerred. Avail. Oct. Write P.O. Box  1127 Gibsons, BC VON 1V0.  #37  To share, studio room. Lower  Lonsdale. 866-7955. #37  Haltmoon Bay. 3 Wroom house.  Lovely view of water, good  gardening area. Double carport,  guest cottage, kcoss to water 8  small rowboat. $650/Mo.  683-2474. #37  Granthams Landing, 1 bsdroom  ocean Iront suite. Oct. 1st $550.  8B8-2071. #37  Full & part time help wanted, excellent hours, apply to Gussy's  Rest. Sunnycrest Mill.  886-7922 Resume please.   #37  -Door Still  - Waitresses/Walters  - Bartenders  Apply In Person it  ELPHIE'S CABARET  1888 Bower PI. Rd.  Counter person, lull or part time.  Apply mornings only, In person.  Henry's Bakery, Sunnycrest  Mall. TFN  Hairstylist, part or lull time mm-  ed in the latest precision cutting  and hair design lor exclusive  salon. Please send resume to Box  2067, Sechelt. (39  RCL Branch 219 (Roberts Creek)  bar - Help Wanted. Phone  666-9964. #37  Part-time person required lor  video dept. at Kern's Horn Furnishings. Must be 18 yrs. of age.  Apply In person only. TFN  Retail SHes/CMhUr. FuMme  position. Smd resume to Pre-  tech, Box 1579 SiChUt, VON  3A0. #37 22.  Coast News, September 10.1990  Help Wanted  Help wanted, weeknights,  cashier, Village Store, Gibsons.  Drop by or phone 886-3520. #37  Reliable courteous Class 4 Ihis  driver. P/F time. .386-9316.  #37  Brand new Diet Disc Program,  doctor created, control nibbling,  lose 10-29 lbs. p<r month, salely  and naturally. Make $ Irom your  weight loss. Results guaranteed.  Toll Free 1-978-3031. #37  Waitresses  Bartenders  & Cooks  Full or Part-Time  .���Ma}.  Peninsula Motor Inn  8M-2W4-    j  29.  Business &  Home Services  Attention home-based business  operators. Showcase your products or son/ices September 29.  1990 at the Futures Forum conference at Capilano College.  Space limited. Call tor inlormation  Community Futures. 885-2639.  #37  PEERLESS TREE  SERVICE LTD.  Topping - Limbing - Danger Tree  Removal.   Insured.  Guaranteed  Work. Free estimates. 885-2109.  TFN  SPECTRUM ACCOUNTING  SERVICES  #38  Rooling-Reiootlng-Remodelling  and Repairs. Reasonable and  guaranteed. 885-4190.       #31  Experienced florist required, full  or part time, wage negotiable,  send resumes to: Florist, PO Box  4. Sechelt, BC VON 3A0. Ann  Lynn Flowers, Sechelt.       #38  VOLUNTEERS  NEEDED  NOP - Howard White Campaign - Volunteers needed to  staff ollice, phone, lund-  ralse and canvas tor provincial campaign.  Volunteer Action Centre  -Volunteers to help with  flower arranging lor gala  event Sept. 22nd.  Navy League - Drill officer  required 2 hours per week In  Gibsons for 10 - 13 year  olds. Training supplied.  Military experience an asset.  Also administrator to do  reports al home, 1 hour per  week.  8AP - Volunteer needed to  stitch machine-ready banner  for environmental group.  English is I Second  Language - Volunteers  needed in Gibsons and  Sechelt. Training provided.  Tstrahsdron Alliance  -Volunteers need to phone.  20-20 Vision: People needed  to help with phone Interviews for a survey. It will  take no more than five hours  In Ihe next two weeks, and  will be helpful to the future  of the Coast.  For these and more opportunities, please contact the  Volunteer Action Centre  885-5881.   ALL RESUMES ARE NOT  CREATED EOUALI CALL ARBUTUS OFFICE SERVICES.  885-5212. #41  Cert. H.D. mech. with hwy. trk  diesel eng. exp. full time pos. excellent wags and benefits.  Resume to Box 1340, Gibsons,  BC VON 1V0. More Into  886-4577. #36  Someone lo split and stack  firewood, mainly alder, $5 per  hour. 686-4714. #37  Brush  cutting,  during and  removal. Call Dave 885-3692.  #39  DOYOUNEEO  Lawn/Landscape Maintenance  weedeating, brushcuttlng. rubbish removal, hedge trimming,  window washings. Skip's  Mainlenance Service. 885-2373.  #39  Work Wanted  Framing crew available, air  equipped. Ph. aft. 6 pm.  686-7630. TFN  MOUNTAINSIDE  PRESSURE WASHING  Trailers, homes, all typos of  buildings, boats, roots, paint  stripping, patios, equipment,  driveways, sundecks, swimming  pools, gutters cleaned, quality  workmanship. Free Estimates  885-7473. TFN  HANDYMAN: Carpentry, drywall,  painting, patio stones, fencing,  driveway sealing, roof demoss-  ing, hauling. No job loo small.  Alan 886-8741. #39  Versatile Construction Company  available lor work. From looting  to finishing. Mr equipped. Local  references available. Call evenings 866-3538. #37  Carpenter available lor decks, additions, small |obs, rels. Brad  886-2558. #38  Let mo tend your  grounds.  Gardening, restorations,  maintenance, landscaping,  winter care.  One    Earth    Groundskeeplng  886-7025  "TLC" for your yard.  #38  Westwlnd Enterprises  Quality House Construction  and Renovations.  25 years building experience  866-7025 #38  Luc Lortie. painting, interior, exterior, 10 yrs. exp. 886-9379.  #39  Work Wanted  riome PROFESSIONAL  ln STEAM CLEANING  Carpels "-  powerful truck mounted 1  equipment  SESI POSSIBLE RESUlTj    ,/|  CHERISHED  CARPET CARE    .  886-3823  ��� DIVISION Of ��EN  a sm nooacoel  Are the cedar brachos in your  driveway, yard etc. In your way?  If suitable tor florist. I will cut oh  30" Iree. 885-7206 #39  Child Care  Need lun loving person lo care tor  3 and 6 yr. olds, preler my home  Roberts Creek. 886-4691 eves.  #37  Responsible person to care tor  two children, Mon.-Fri. Please  call 886-3538. #37  Mother ol two will babysit in her  home on Redroolls. Phone  885-2650. #37  Needed, sitter lor two small boys,  5 hours In mornings, some Saturdays, start Sept. Call 886-8642.  #37  Babysitter available, one girl age  2Vi and up, part time. 886-7375,  #38  Rooling-Rerooling-Remodelling  and Repairs. Reasonable and  guaranteed. 685-4190.       #38  Nurse seeks babysitter tor two  children, 2 & 6 years, in my  home, Sechell, 2-3 days per  week. 885-7008. #38  Mature reliable babysitter needed  lor 2 yr. old twin girls and a  newborn, variable hours, my  home, rels. req.. possible arrangement for room and board If  req. 886-8917. #38  More than custodial daycare,  mother ol a 4 year old boy, trained In child-development provides  fun, creative, educational daycare  in an enriched environment with  Held trips. Full or part time for 2  children aged 4 plus. 886-9390.  #38  Babysitter for 2 boys, 1 and 2ft  years old. 6-8 hours per week,  prefer my home, Selma Park,  rets, please. 665-7407.       #38  .Carpentry, Renovations, Additions, Retaining Walls, Patios,  Flbreglassing. W.H.V. Call Tom  866-7652.  #39  Small daycare in Roberts Creek  has one full time space left,  $20/day 7:45-5:30, Preschool  format in AM wilh lots ot time to  play. 886-8822. #38  Morningtown Daycare is a small  close-knit family environment  providing love. fun. and stimulation lor your child while you're al  work. Phone Lisa Hubel at  886-7668. #38  il-      Business  Opportunities  For energetic ambitious people:  Great potential to earn good income. Will train. 885-7897.  #39  Business  Opportunities  Start now - local Airway  distributor offers opportunity tor  good earnings. Vou pick the  hours. We assist you. For appointment call 885-7144 or  866-9479. #39  1973 Chevy 1 ton completi with  Lincoln 200 amp welder, both  gd. cond.. $5500. 686-4899.  #38  Discovery Toys' wonderful  educational toys, books 8  games tor all ages. Great time to  start your own business. Call me  tor more Into or to lind out how  you can earn your starter kit lor  Iree. Carol 1-563-6195.  #37  Wanled: Men 6 women, be your  own boss. Set your own hours,  earn $500-$1500/month part  lime. Make $1500-15000 or  more/month lull time. You will  decide when you want to work or  how much you want to earn.  This Is multi-level marketing.  For inlo call Gary or Lillian  Crosby 1-594-5232. #38  II you are looking lor a business,  this Is It. Good moneymaker. For  more info RR1, S5, C22, Gibsons. B.C. VON1V0. #38  Help Spread The Word  LITERACY  Ml M WI ������ ptOpM COB  rwrf or write.  MQ.it aattr  AMco mi o oiwwb to 90  ��fta    |UT|**MM* VW  COAST NEWS  Photo  Reprints  5X7        *900  8X10    ���1200  NOTICE TO  CONTRACTORS  The Municipal Council of the District of  Sechelt is permitting the installation of  driveway culverts for residential and  commercial crossings by contractor for  a one year trial period.  Any person as an individual, or as a  representative of a company, may  register and their name will be placed  on an "Approved Culvert Contractor"  list which will be maintained by the  District of Sechelt and be available for  viewing at the Municipal Hall during  normal business hours.  The applicant will be required to post a  security in the amount specified. Application forms are available at the  Municipal Hall during normal business  hours.  NOTICE OF SALE  PURSUANT TO THE  WAREHOUSEMEN'S  LIEN ACT  Notice is hereby given lhat  the storage lots held by Len  Wray's Transfer Ltd., Box  186. Highway 101, Gibsons,  B.C. in the name of John  Dreichel and in the name ol  Jean Burk will be sold at a  public sale for debts  outstanding and cost ol sale  within 30 days ol the second  appearance ol Ihis notice al  a location designated by Len  Wray's Transfer Ltd.  Recycle today for  tomorrow  BLANKET CLASSIFIED ADVERTISING  These Ads appear in Ihe more lhan 90 Newspapers ol Ihe B C and Yukon Community  Newspapers Association and reach more lhan 1.400 000 homes .ind a potential Iwo million renders  $195. for 28 words ($3.70 per each additional word)       Call the Coast NOWS at 885-3930  AUTOMOTIVE  AdiVe Amo Broken, dlapceal  ���gain lor Active e3alWI Sorton.  Repoeaeeaiona, oatilo, legale,  com, Irucka, motextiomea, boot.  CU Mr. Prk�� (only). (604)434-  18H. 05476.  eiajMNuaoFMrnuNmu  START YOUR OWN IMPORTI  EXPORT bUtlnett, tVM apart  dim. No money or experience.  Shin 1848. Frew brexhure:  Wad* World Trade, do Cdn.  SflialBueinMalnal.. Depl.WI.  1140 Mavny Rd. N. tl, tottw-  ough. Ontario. M1H1H4.  EXCELLENT VIDEOOPPORTU  NITY. Inosrporateid company In  vldMrtnUltndeloclronlenHII-  InQloceled In Comox Veley. Projected 1090 grot- aate* et  1340,000. For Mai by owiw.  Contact Nona or John Bel, 2M  AiKaeetweSeart.CoeJw.Bueintao  33M112 or raekHntW 337-8840.  Pilcxexlforquk*iale. Cleanlam-  Hy restaurant, Induedoa evKceaa-  lut coloring butintoe In omal  town nwl. Outot Equipment.  ���Excellent eanejtlon. InqejfriM  wtkXtlM. 2S6-4734unlil6,256-  7820 alter 6.  ���vIWMotx(oeSle**lorrenl/eale,  dmanMB iiitMilt fur ynuraria  Exoebtnt return on imeetntttt.  Contact: Imago Signe, OMm  Mtrieoftng, 2896 LaiMn Caul,  Burnaby, B.C. V3J 1E1.  (804)44*4188.  NtWetellinOMOeppeOltlllllly. TOO  damn. Full/part-lime. Noeel-  Ing. NokwMmort. Mom appeal. eStMl (306)343-8515.  e��SiiMOpleVm,2121 WMno  A��.,SaeWoon,SK,S7JlW4.  8TART YOUR OWN PtTtm  BUSINESS WITH A TRIP TO  HAWAII. Set, lowooBolrtronic  aim. DeMhrNllftcliideMlnvaen-  to��,proro.x*iori��l,TWOnlum  ekmoiam to HAWAII lor only  1790. Cal (804(873-1749.  BU8t*S80PPORTeJI��T*S  JOIN US IN eVeARKETWQ our  unique heating oytlom. WW) iNt  idM e/our diem can aave up to  70S on exMnghtitooeilt. Calgary. (.��03)22e*-ie02, (403)560-  1911.  RESTAURANT FOR SALE, by  owner. Located In ttw hoart ol  North Vancouver. Fuly llotneMd.  Eil,a>��ahedaadWngln,take-<>ut  tndejfavory. e"jejejeKMg-7180,  For Salt In Doll B.C.. Union  Salon orceUng 1164.000. ExoH-  len) rotuma lor owntr/eapteiaor,  1*4.800 IntemHtdparteMoon-  lad: Capri. Box 32, Ktlowna,  B.C. V1Y7N3.   ���IMCMPtMONAU  Wanted 86 peiipltiaetimxe en-  trgy.lttlgnat.tilltitfoixltthal  you lava aid loot weight Dirt  bete, eat let*** 24 homo 1-978-  3063.  FOR SALE HISC  Lighting fixtures. Western Can-  ���i'slarejea display. Wholesale  ���nd retail. Fret catalogut available. Norburn Lighting Centre,  4600 East Hastings SL.Bumaby,  B.C., VSC 2K5. Ptwne: (604)299-  SAVE HEATWQ SStft Famous  VtKty Comloet add-on or oomehl-  nation wood-electric lumaces  andlwMtn. C^xilad your local  dttltr, or Valty Comlort Systems Inc., Box 777, Ptnlldon,  B.C. V2A6Y7.  HELPWANTED  Train lo manage an .apartment/  OirelomeTiiuni(xxiepiex. Thtgov-  emment Icmtd homealudy car-  Metalion Inchxlealrat plaoement  aasiatanot.FratbfOchurt: (604)  681-5456. Or: RMTI, 1120-789  W. Pandar, Vanoouvtr, B.C.,  V6C1H2.  DIVORCE? No court appaar-  anot oroamtrt d tpoeat necee  eaiyt Jeitl 5-15 WMta. |eS9.95  pjut CDeKS.     YOU .X Wt lypt.  Lawyer andoned. Send tS lor  can ol Canada'a ntw Divorce  adandHeratun. Samesyatem  since 1970. Dlvoroervtoe, 201-  1252e9urrard,V��TOouvtr. 1-687-  2900. Franchlieaavalliible.  EDUCATION  AREWARDINOCAREERI Loam  Inoome Tax PiapeiHlon. Free  brochurae. No OUigalion. U��R  Tax Seivtoie, 205-1345 Pembina  Highway, Wmmpeo, MB, R3T  2B6. 1-800-666-51.44. eExdusive  eVanchka lanlodoo available.  FOnjALEMHC  In Dm etor CI��talrnao. ewtr 5,000  5 fratahQitw. 18  VWm Bon 1896 BquearM, BC.  VON 3O0. or Ml 898-5328. P^  CeaSedlonol lOOfavorte counlry  tongs OteaHoroinipllraalng.  alonga.  Only 112.98, chtqut,  I, P.O.  ���67,  FANTASTIC OFFERI Join North  AmaHca'a rmtsta heo music dub,  only $1998. e9uy 40 LP.'s, Tapes  or C.D.'t "For 1/2 Price". II H It  .Kid In a record store, wt Oder *  tool Redeem User CeitBcalM lor  36 mm Camera, 3 pltce Luggagt  Set, Vacation Lextglng or Travel.  Man otweque or money Older lo:  Sue Marketing, Box 812, Vernon.  B.C. viT 8MB. Please Include:  Namt.addieta.andpottaloodt,  Stained Glass: Sleep by mail.  (Haas and supplies. Great  Prieoos. 184 pg catalogut, t5  (retundeable): Tho Glass Ptact, 50  SteAnne. Poinlo-Claire, Out-  bete, H9S 4P8. Orders call: 1-  800363-7855.  For sale by Bank. Set 7 Body  Toning Tables and Hex Tanning  Booth c/w Change Room. Two  yeareold.lileenewconditlon. WI  sel separately or aa a un*. Accepting oHm CoeMct Manager  1-604-788-2266.  SELL TAILORED CLOTH DIA-  PERS horn heme. Cxcalei-iperod-  eid. Exdushre lerrBexeite aval-  abb. eSampletandangnaipadt-  age, $10. Reply: Diapen. .W22  Rots Crescent, Wttl Vanoouvtr.  V7V2N7.  HELPWANTID  ABOUTTeMEl A,dmtthat Italy  Rwwyof _  In. Box 48021 Roger),  vfcapoftManl^rftCi  Gtintntrgy. DlttDeecIt 100%  guaranteed, Deodar rtcom-  mtndtd. CU Mo Im: 1-800-  ees-etooa. ToHrat.  Learn lo sell automobiles. Prepare lor one ol today's betlar  paying careen at Ihe M DA Automotive Training Cenlre. (B.C.'s  only Automotive Trailing Ctntre.)  27M121.  WANT TO BE IN THE MOVIES,  T.V. or GAME SHOWS? Cal  now,24hfreoorelng 1(604)736-  5472.73M473,736-5454.  RESIDENT CARETAKER/MAN-  AOER, 100 Mile Houm, B.C, Tht  B.C. Housing Management Com-  mlseiaonltttndeflnglorlhlspexil-  Uonh>ra16unlstnioredevtlo|>-  ment. Tender documtmt art  available Irom BCHMC, 290  Nanaimo Avenue West, Ptnteo-  lon, B.C. V2A IN5. Tell: .WXB01.  Mandatory tht viewing al 4 P.M.,  Sei?teiTit>er13lh, 1990 al Pltenter  Haven, 350 Aafien Street, 100  MHO House, B.C., In the lounge.  PERSONALS  FREE PERSONALITY TE8T.  Your ptreawlly dttemvinM your  luturt. Know why? CaltlreDla-  ntlicstwlllnt. jjOMgjm  B.C ,'t largest ttcort agtncy now  txpandlnglnlolnttrlor. Apfillca-  tleona an avsllatele lor penona  wth or without txptrltnct, who  an honest and roMIt lor oxdu-  aivt retxeMnUlive conlracte.  Cat our head oHIoo al (604)433-  7477.   MALMTATI  RELAX, COUNTRY LIVING. 1,  9,10, acre lots. Water, Hydra,  Ttltjahont, rtvtr vltw and rivtr  Irani. SOmluowtttotKamloixoe.  Cal oohd: (604)373-2282.   :     .       .-.  , Experienced sales representative  lor community nevweoaper in Vic-  lofiaarea Excsllenlcompensa-  Honpadeaeje.lulltienettts. Apefxy  to: PubMtar. The Review. PO.  Box2070,Sldney,B.C. V8L3SIJ.  Nakeap Hot Storings. Manager  mqiared tor elay to day operation  and nalnlenaiTce ol two pooh,  exin()ltxandcaiiipe0r>ound. Afxp.  50,000 users per year. Forfur-  thtr Woimallon cat: 2e35-3689.  Rttumta wW be aocepled unlll  Sepltmbtr 14,1900. Sand to  to280.NaHay.BC. 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Waldlag SuppllM Ltd. has r*qu<Mt��d  that B.C. F��rrlM Corporation add a  from HonMhoo Bay to Gibsons  You can support our efforts by writing or calling:  G.W. Barbar  Manager, Tarminal Oparatlont  TaWWWOeWn Terminal  Dilta. B.C. V4K 3N2  In addition to providing the  BEST NEWS & ADVERTISING COVERAGE  on the Sunshine Coast, THE COAST NEWS  is pleased to offer for your convenience  the services of our Gibsons & Sechell offices  FAX and PHOTOCOPY MACHINES  Cowrie St.  Sechvlt 885*3930  Cruici1 Lane  Gltmini 866*2622  Notice Board  Canadian Power t. Sail Squadron -new classes to start Sepl. 11 Sechelt area.  Sunitilnt Toast Masttts meetings are 2nd and 4th Wed. ol every monlh al 7:15  pm at Greenecourl Hall on Medusa St., Sechelt. All welcome. For Inlo 885-3206.  The Roberts Creek Branch ol St. Mary's Hospital Auxiliary will hold Its first  meeting ol the season on Sept. 10 at 10am in Ihe Legion Hall. New members  welcome.  An evening with The Honourable Clyde Wats, premier ol Newfoundland. Mon.,  Sepl. 24 at 7:30pm Rockwood Cenlre Pavilion. For Inlo 885-2239.  Cralt Salt Sal.. Sepl 28 at 9am. proceeds to Canadian Hemochromatosis Society, 437 Dunham Rd., Port Mellon.  Elphlnslono Electors' Assn. general meeting 7:30pm Wed., Sepl. 12 al Cedar  Grove Elementary All Area E' residents welcome and urged lo attend.  Caasl ."otters Guild meeling Mon., Sept. to at 7:30pm at Bartholomew's Church  Hall. Gibsons. For Inlo 886-4711.  Girt (touts el Canada Elphinstone District registration Mon. Sepl. 17 Gibsons  United Church Hall 6:30 lo 8 pm and Roberts Creek Elementary Community Use  Room. Wed. Sept. 19 6:30 to 8 pm.  Gibsons Branch ol BC Friends ol Schizophrenics next meeting at Garibaldi Health  Unit. S. Fletcher Rd., Gibsons Mon. Sept. 17 at 7:30pm. Topic: Formation ol  Support Group and 'Caring and Sharing'.  Sunshine Coast Spinners I Weavers Guid September meeting Mon.. Sept. 10 at  7:30pm, 718 Franklin Rd.. Gibsons. Newcomers welcome, lor info 885-3666.  Catholic Women's League monthly meeling Wed., Sepl. 19 at 7:30pm In Holy  Family Hall. Please note that meeting date has changed.  IktrndHH Auxiliary monthly meeting. Thurs., Sept. 20 at 1:30pm In the board  room at Shorncliffe. Please note change ol meeting day.  District il Sechelt Concerned Cltliini general meeting Wed.. Sept. 19 at 7:30  pm Greencourt Hall, Sechelt. All welcome.  Choosing WtWnats annual membership meeting St. Bart's Hall, 1-3pm, Wed.  Sept.   12.   Speaker Barbara Williams,  audlologist.  Everyone Invited.  refreshments, no charge.  Nattonai Planned Parenthood Week Sepl. 16-22.  Sunihlne Recovery NA group meet each Fri. at 8 pm. rear door, 5686 Dolphin  St., Sechelt. Inlo 885-9582.  Sechelt Iranch al St. Mary's Hospital Auxiliary regular monthly meeting will be  Thurs., Sept. 13 al 1:30 pm at St. Hilda's Hall. We welcome all members and  Iriends.  Pender Harbour Iranch ol St. Mary's Htspital Auxiliary will hold the first meeting  ol Ihe fall season Wed.. Sept. 12 at St. Andrews Church Hall at 1:30 pm. It is  hoped there will be a good attendance ol members..  IiimMm Coast Pre Life meeting, Sat. Sept. 15 at 7:30 pm, Calvary Baptist  Church, 711 Park Road, Gibsons. For Inlormation call 885-5734.  ley Scaata 01 Canada Sunshine Coasl District Council commences monthly  mNtings - 3rd Tuesday ol ovary month - 7:30 pm. At tin Wilson Creek Hall,  Davis Bay. Inlormation: Vic Bonaguro, 886-4943. Next muting, SUM. 18,1890.  I nm m) Coarse (34hrs) will In ottered In Gibsons, starting  Oct. 23 For Inlormation call Eileen, 886-4943.  ^aam^aassmsmm.  ^LaHjtMM Coast News, September 10,1990  23.  Editor    I  Crisis in Earls Cove  Editor:  Crisis in Earls Cove ��� the  map represents a section of the  Sunshine Coast Regional  District pertaining to By-law 96  which covers the zoning of this  area. It consists of District Lots  5387 and 5388.  The original Plan 16493,  drawn up in 1978, was to comprise 88 'Resitlential 1' (Rl) lots  and supplied by one common  water system. Every lot has a  private owner and is paying  'Residential 1' (single family  unit) property taxes, except Lot  88.  The SCRD board, in disrespect of the Schedule of Restrictions to which every property  owner is committed, forcefully  and without consideration,  altered, in 1985, the zoning of  Lot 88 to'Industrial T (II), and  the rest of the lots to R3.  Paragraph 2 of the Restrictions states in fact that: 'No  commerce, industry, trade, business or public or private utility  shall be carried on upon any lot  or in any building upon any  lot...' This was in effect at the  time of purchases of these lots  and is still held valid by thdr  owners, and it is still applied to  the new constructions.  Who in his right mind would  have invested into these lots  had they known that the conditions of their purchase agreements will not be respected by  the local authorities?  Contrast  Editor:  This summer I had the opportunity to take a holiday  away from the Coast. During  my travels I visited two towns,  Osoyoos, BC, and Sandpoint,  Idaho, both the size of Sechelt  with populations close to 5000  people.  Osoyoos was a place we had  visited two years ago. It was a  lovely town situated on a large  take. The town had decided to  encourage tourism and to my  disappointment the main streets  were filled with motels, fast  food joints, minigolf, boat rentals, jet ski and camp<erlands.  The lake was murky and as the  children and I stood up to our  knees trying to decide if we  should swim, cigarette butts and  a styrofoam cup floated try.  Sandpoint, Idaho, was also  on a lovely lake. In the past this  was a logging town but the  people have chosen to quit logging and nurture the natural  beauty of the area. A large section of the lake was a park with  bike paths, tennis courts,  basketball courts, picnic tables  and a swimming area.  There was no litter in this  town at all and the lake water  was clean. Experiments head  been done on the lake in the  past two years and because of  the strict sewage and industrial  regulations of the area the lake  was declared pristine.  The people of this town have  chosen to nurture their natural  abundance, creating jol�� from  preservation, recreation, farming and businesses that were not  polluting.  The reason I am writing this  letter is I believe it is important  to remind the people of this area  that we have a choice. We can  choose our environment by how  we spend our money and what  we spend it on, what we throw  away, how and who we communicate with and many other  minute by minute decisions. All  these individual decisions do  and will make a difference.  I was happy to return to the  Sunshine Cowtfrom my holiday  and I personally would like to  see this area become an area of  the future nurturing the health  of the people and the environment.  Nancy Baker  REMEMBER:  If you're going to  gamble with your  SEPTIC TANK!  a (lush  is (letter  than a  full house.  BONNIEBROOK  INDUSTRIES ltd.  Ask For Lucky Larty 886*7  Dramatically, a barge terminal was established in 1986  on Lot 88 with the intent of supplying fish food to the fish  farmers. With the fish farming  going under the operator of the  barge terminal is now advertising in the Yellow Pages (page  186) as a 'barge-building,  welding' facility ��� in other  words; a ship yard belching  diesel exhaust fumes often day  and night; riveting machines  rattling; rotting fish nets fouling  up the air; unsightly scrap metal  laying around; electric welding  interfering with TV and radio  reception and indeterminable,  waste it seen dumped into the  Almost even spacerockets?  .Anyone can foresee the mess all  these activities could bring  about, therefore, it is unfair to  charge Rl taxes in such a neighbourhood.  Either the whole of District  Lots 5387 and 5388 must be  rezoned again to Rl, including  Lot 88, or else the property  taxes must be slashed by the  percentage of the damage  brought about by the enforced  introduction of the Industrial 1  Zone. As it stands, from a fiscal  point of view, the loss of  revenue so sustained should be  put on the balance against the  benefit, if any, earned by the Industrial Zone.  The question is whether this  suggestion would be acceptable  to the parties concerned? The  ultimate concern, however, is  for the once beautiful Earls  Cove. Can it survive, or will it  end up on the dump heap?  R. Dudas  EVENING CLASSES  IN HIGH SCHOOL  UPGRADING  Space is available in all levels Grade  8 to Grade 12.  ENGLISH Mondays 7 to 9 pm  MATH Tuesdays 5:30 to 7:30 pm  SCIENCE Wednesdays 6 to 8 pm.  (Biology, Chemistry, Physics)  This is self-paced, MhrMaaHara. I  lion. Coate to a data, or call 885-9310,  CAPILANO   '",o7>-  COLLEGE       5627 Inlet Avenue ��� Sechelt ��� British Columbia  Ferry blues  The direct consequence of  this callous act by the .SCRD has  caused a drop of 30 per cent in  the value of the lots, as  estimated by .Pender Harbour  Realty. An R3 zone rating will  undoubtedly invite further  undesirable activity. Is the  regional board willing to re-  compensate the property own-  en for this loss? And, will the  provincial government refund  the unduly collected Rl property taxes for living in an R3 zoned area?  By all virtue, you cannot col-  ted Rl property taxes in an R3  zone, where even light industry  is permitted. (See Section 3.6.3  of the By-law). Light industry  means: 'Manufacturing, processing, fabricating, assembling,  storing, transporting, distributing, wholesaling, testing,  serving or repairing of goods  and materials.'  Editor:  Just a few words to express  my fetlings. While visiting Gibsons a few weeks ago I unfortunately missed the last ferry to  Horseshoe Bay.  I was stranded and upset and  turned for help to the local  police.  They drove me to the terminal and informed me I could  stay there (which incidentally  was locked), so then they told  me I would have to stay on a  picnic bench until the first ferry  the next morning.  I feel 1 was let down when I  needed help. 1 was fortunate a  lady ovcrhetard the conversation  and helped me. Thanks to her  and her husband it all worked  out well. Regards.  Mrs. I. Bell  Surrey, BC  SECURITY GUARDS FOR:  ON SITE PATROLLING OF  ��� Shopping Malls ��� Construction Sites  ��� Special Events ��� Condominiums  ��� Private Residences  'SUNCOASfN  MOBILE PATROLS  Radio Equipped ��� Marked Cars  LICENSED BONDED INSURED  885-4412  Like it or not, we all must cope with the GST  aa of January 1st.  Come and listen to some practical advice on  implementing the tax in your business from  .Revenue Canada. Bring your questions....  For more information about the  FuturesForum please call the Sunshine Coast  Community Futures Association at .385-2639.  Sunshine Coest  FUTURESTOWU  Pteswntng for.  inthmaos  SAFETY STARTS  WITHEDU  Safety is a skill like any other-  it has to be learned. To  learn properly you need the  right teacher & the right tools  Your Workers' Compensation Board is North  America's leading publisher of workplace safety materials.  Books, brochures, videos and posters-all researched  and prepared by authorities in the field df occupational  health and safety.  With 700 video, film and slide/tape productions, 150  instructional boob and brochures and more than 200 safety  posters, the WCB offers you safety education on a wide  range of topics. Everything from taking care of your back to  handling dangerous chemicals. This material is free, or  available on free loan, to B.C. workers and employers.  Last year you asked for almost 12,000 brochures  and posters and 2,000 films and videos on safety.  Safety at work. It starts with education. So,       i���  whether this is your first job or your fifth; whether it's  part-time in the kitchen after school, or full-time in the   ���  shop during the summer - no matter what hat you wear, |  we can teach you how to do your job safely. After all,     i  we've got the right tools. ,  I  PLEASE SEND ME THESE  SAFETY A HEALTH BROCHURES:  1 Back Talk  1 Electrical Safety for  Construction Machine and  Equipment Operators  Excavation Work  'Falters' anei Buckers'  Handbook  Q Lock-Oul  ��� Publications and Posters  Catalogue  [ J Protecting Your Skin  11 Safer Tire Servicing  D Safely... Make il Work For  You learning package7??  Hear Today Hear Tomorrow fl Working Near Powerlines  ���REVISED Elll! ION AVAILABLE IN |UNE. IW  I'lrasc jllievv J-4 eve'eks feer eiclivcry eef all publicaheens.  Prices vary freeeee $.50 In ii 00 pe'r publication eeutsielf B.C.  NAME   I ORGANIZATION   CITY OR TOWN  ���OSTALCOnE  I'HONE a  MAIL TO:  WCB FILMS AND POSTERS SECTION  P.O. Boi 3390, Vancouver, B.C. V*B 9LS  m  WORKERS'  COftlPENSATION  I W* BOARD85SSSS  EDUCATION IS THE KEY TO A SAFER WORKPLACE 24. Coast News, September 10,1990  ���   .  V  hH'-_.  Mm Bk?^PP  Guess Where  The usual prize of $5 will be awarded to the tint correct entry  drawn which locates tile above. Send your entries to reach the  Coast News, Box 460, Gibsons by Saturday of this week. Last  week's winner was Julie Mackenzie, .Box 1505, Sechell BC, VON  3A0.  SCRD seeks  outdoor park  by Rose Nicholson  A visit to Campbell Valley  Park in the Greater Vancouver  Regional District (GVRD) has  inspired Outdoor Recreation  Advisory Committee (ORAC)  members in their quest for a  similar facility on the Sunshine  Coast.  For some time now, plans  have been discussed for  establishing an equestrian park  for the many horse riding en-  thusiasts on the Coast. Recently, these plans have expanded to  include other activities for such  a park.  "We could have a facility  that would provide space for  hiking, agricultural furs, loggers' sports, family outings,  equestrian events and any  number of other  activities,"  said ORAC member Jeremy  Frith.  ORAC members Frith, Lisa  Williams and Chris Kindt were  particularly impressed with the  organization of the Campbell  Valley Park which was established about six years ago,  largely through the efforts of  equestrian enthusiasts in the  area.  Development and maintenance is the responsibility of  both the GVRD and the local  equestrian association who raised about $60,000 through a  varirty of volunteer events. Further financing came from  various levels of government.  ORAC members are considering two locations for the  local park, Lot 1313 on the outskirts of Gibsons and a piece of  crown land northeast of Cliff  Gilker Park in Roberts Creek.  McLarty fights  for handicapped  During the question period at  the September 6 Sechelt Council  meeting, unofficial ombudsman  Nancy McLarty broached the  subject of handicapped persons'  problems in using the ferry  system.  "Heat and long waits can induce siezures in epileptics," she  noted, going on to say that  "There should be special (arrangements) for handicapped  persons who live on the Sunshine Coast.  Ms McLarty went on to suggest that "The handicapped  should be accorded free passage  and assured loading. Profoundly handicapped people suffer  terribly  (under  the  present  system)."  To which Mayor Meredith  replied "We have the heirarchy  of the BC Ferries on the defensive. We'll be glad to raise this  issue with (general manager)  Morrison at our upcoming  meeting."  Drop off Your  COAST NEWS  CLASSIFIEDS  at  WILSON CREEK  CAMPGROUND  in Wilson Creek  until 3:30 Friday  "A Felaeedly Paeepla Placa"  // you use power tools  in your trade...you should  attend the Malkin & Pinton  e BLACKS IPOWERTOOL  DECKER I      PARTY  LOCATION: M&P Construction Trailer,  Port Mellon  DATES:        September 10-13  TIME: 3 pm - 7 pm  Come diul meet  'Tiger' Williams  Food & Refreshments  884-5335  'Vision' spraying  is delaysd  A meeting Wednesday, September 3 between representatives of the Sunshine Coast  Environmental Protection Project (SCEPP) group and Forest  District Manager Barry Mountain, was the latest development  in the battle over the protection  of community watersheds from  herbicide spraying.  SCEPP's agenda for the  meeting was to ask for a one  year moratorium on the use of  herbicides on the Sunshine  Coast and to demand that  available alternatives to herbicide spraying be used on the  seven cutblocks between Setchelt  and Gibsons, covered by  Pesticide Use Permit (PUP)  number 401-007-89/91 scheduled to start September 7.  "We are pleased that Mr.  Mountain has now agreed to  listen to community concerns  through a public forum concerning 'Herbicide use on the Sunshine Coast' at the beginning of  October," stated Maria McCartney, SCEPP spokesman.  "The date and place will be announced with as much notice as  possible."  SCEPP is seeking a one year  moratorium on herbicide use  similar to the one currently in  effect in the Clearwater Forest  District. There, open meetings  between the public and the  Forest Service are tieing held  throughout the year, allowing  the two sides to exchange information and opinion on the safe  ty of 'Vision' and to accurately  determine public opinion on the  issue so that it can be taken into  account for future policy making in the district.  SCEPP also wants the alternatives to herbicide spraying ���  manual and mexhanical blushing and sheep grazing ��� to.  become the means of vegetation  management in the Sunshine  Coast Forest District.  McCartney is encouraged by  increasing public involvement  and support such as the group  of concerned residents who  showed up outside the Forest  Service office Wednesday during the meeting between .SCEPP  and Barry Mountain.  "The otheir exciting news for  us is that although foresty had  planned to begin the spraying  September 7, a misunderstanding of the PUP number  401-007-89/91 conditions that  require the Pesticide Control  Office of the Ministry of the  Environment in Surrey be  notified of the name and licence  number of the spraying contractor three weeks prior to the  commencement of spraying.  The Surrey Pesticide Control  office has told our Forest  District that spraying cannot  begin until September 23.  "SOLID OAK BEDROOM SUITE]   mmm JsmnillMSim  Reg. $3,495  on for  $2495  iMONmteYl  UAYMtNTst  UvAiuaul  OAC  Also: 7 Piece Pine Bedroom  Suite Reg. $2,395 Sale $1795  Clafjolm  jfutntture interiors  f OPEN TUESDAY TO SATURDAY 10 A.M. TO S P.M.  Cowrie St. at Wharf Rd., Sechelt Iby Ihe Cenotaph)  885-3713  Sechelt Indian Government District  NOTICE OF COURT OF REVISION  LIST OF ELECTORS  TAKE NOTICE that the Court of Revision for the Sechelt Indian Government  District List of Electors, for use at the local Advisory Council and School  Board Election In November will be held In the Sechelt Indian Band office,  Sunshine Coast Highway, Sechelt, B.C. on Monday, October 1, 1990 at  10:00 a.m.  The Court shall hear all complaints and correct and revise the List of Electors. The Court may correct the names of electors incorrectly stated, add  names of electors omitted from the list, strike from the list the names of  persons not entitled to vote or disqualified from voting, correct any other  manifest error in the list, or shall add to the list the name of a person  qualified by August 31,1990 to have his name entered on the list and for  this purpose the Court may accept a completed application if delivered to  the Court at its first sitting.  The list as prepared will be available for inspection at the Sechelt Indian  Band office on and after September 12,1990.  Harold L. Fletcher  Clerk  TRUE  'ptwUttf  From DeVries  SAVE on Factory Specials  up to 100 sq. yds.  Barrymore  Midas Scotchguarded Cut & Loop - Beige  Saxony Carpet ��� Beige  '95  SQ. YD.  YOUR  CHOICE  $12<  SEE THE COAST'S  BEST SELECTION OF VINYLS  VdltJBS likA"  Cambray No Wax Vinyl - BUILDERS' SPECIAL  Customflor II No Wax Vinyl - CMHC Approved  $C95  From    w so. yd.  SW 0* ALL lUu 1*rStVH SfUfitAt*  Candide, Corlon, Mannlngton, Vega, Designer Solarlan  Power Play  BCF Olefin Level Loop  Regular everyday low price:  s5  95  SQ. YD.  Carpet Roll Ends  Up to 12' long  Values to $47.95 sq. yd.  $095  Now Only:  SQ. YD.  DeVRIES  ��� DIWERIES ��� ROMAN SHADES  ��� SHEERS ��� BALLOONS  ��� SWAGS m CASCADES  ��� BEDCOVERINGS & ACCESSORIES  MINI m VERTICAL BLINDS  PLEATED SHADES  DeVRIES  MAKINC  , HOMES BEAUTIFUL K)R '�� YEARS  Open 9-5, Mon. ��� Sat.  ���atata  mm  mmmmmmm  ���MM  mMUmJ


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