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 Beachcombers divided on new regulations   byVene Pimell  New regulations for log salvors, or beachcombers in the  Vancouver Log Salvage District were released Monday June 1, in  Vancouver by Minister of Forests, Tom Waterland, bringing  about a variety of reactions among local salvors.  Although it was generally agreed that the regulations are "a  better deal than was offered in the White Paper" a year ago,  response among beachcombers to the new payments schedule  varied from "atrocious" to "acceptable".  A major criticism among local beachcombers was the way the  regulations were passed down.  Gord MacDougall of Port Mellon, a salvor for 12 years, told  the Coast News "it was funny how the meeting was announced. I  heard about it from someone, so I attended. There are 500 log  salvors in this district and only a small number were informed of  the meeting by phone.  "It took five years for the government to come up with these  new regulations. Why couldn't they have waited another two  weeks, taken time to send out copies of the new regulations and  announced the meeting properly."  MacDougall stated about 40 salvors attended the Vancouver  meeting Monday.  The new regulations, due to come into effect August I, have  taken into consideration some of the objections raised by log  salvors in public meetings held in April 1980 in New Westminster,  Sechelt, Campbell River and Duncan.  According to a Forestry Ministry press release, the regulations  put an end to the requirement that salvors share in the operating  costs of the Gulf Log Salvage Co-operative Association  (GLSCA), which is the sole licensed receiver of logs salvaged in  the Vancouver Log Salvage District.  Other changes are that the limitations on the size of the salvor's  boat and his number of helpers have been removed. Special  permission will not be required from the Forest Service to operate  outside the Vancouver Log Salvage District, and deadheads now  come under the new regulations, allowing the salvor to receive  95% of the log's value.  "How is that better," asked MacDougall, "when before we were  able to get 100% ofthe deadhead's value? Of course, we had to find  our own market for deadheads to get that."  MacDougall also pointed out that instead of receiving 90% of  the value of #2 and #3 grade logs, the new payment schedule now  offers 50% and 65% for them.  MacDougall stated that the largest percentage of logs picked up  by salvors are in those grades. "They certainly shouldn't be  reducing the rate of the payments."  Other beachcombers felt that the payment for deadheads was a  plus in the new regulations. Until now the GLSCA wouldn't take  them and finding a market for them hasn't been too easy. The 95%  payment is considered to be an incentive to beachcombers to  remove the water-logged logs, which float so low in the water they  art considered to be a hazard to navigation.  Some beachcombers voiced other complaints about the new  regulations:  "These new regulations may look better than the White Paper  that was presented to us last year, but they are still not a better deal  than what we have had in the past," said Dave Hurford of  Gibsons, a beachcomber for the last 18 years.  "Good logs are harder to find, because forest companies are  being more careful in transporting them. Our fuel costs have been  going up rapidly, making it more difficult to make, a profit."  Beachcombers are critical of the GLSCA, whose method of  pricing the logs brought in to them is considered to be "arbitrary".  "We can't find out how much the logs are sold for, so we have no  way of knowing if we are actually getting a correct percentage of  the log's true market value," said MacDougall.  "Salvage logs should be sold to the highest bidder, as they are in  the United States. Here, the forest companies can set their price  for the logs they get from the GLSCA..  "In spite of the fact that we pay a percentage on every log we  bring in towards the operating costs of the GLSCA, scaling costs,  and gear removal costs, we don't have any say in the Co-operative  Association.  "The forest companies are on the board of directors of the  GLSCA, and they make it difficult for log salvors to join the  association," said MacDougall.  MacDougall stated that Forestry Minister Tom Waterland  announced at Monday's meeting that another meeting would be  held "at a later date" after all log salvors have had time to study the  new regulations.  Serving the Sunshine CoasI since 1945  Published at Gibsons, B.C.  25' per copy on news stands  The Sunshine  Delivered to every address on the Coast  June 9,1981  Volume 35, Number 23  LEGISLATIVE LIBRARY  Parliament Buildings,  VICTORIA, B.C.  V8V 1X4  - Bradley J Benson photo  Sold out crowds for "Jesus Christ, Superstar" were evident by this early line-up outside the Twilight Theatre list Friday.  Expectations for this major Sunshine Coast production were not disappointed. A review of the musical by John Burnside begins  on Page 4.  Calls for property tax relief  Sechelt to battle school taxes  Alderman Brian Stelck was embarrassed, he told the Sechelt  council at the June 3 meeting, at the 'opulence' ofthe new school  board offices in Gibsons. He said he 'felt a need for the board to be  a little more humble'.  "I have no qualms now of pursuing a by-law to the Union of  B.C. Municipalities to push the Municipal Finance Authority as  hard as we can to get some changes in taxation. We are nicked for  their tremendous increases and we have to foot the bill," he said,  referring to the recently received school board 1981 budget of  55.35 mills, an increase of 11.2% over last year's budget. Local  cost is up 15.2%.  Sechelt council has appointed Stelck along with Alderman  Charles Lee to draft a resolution to be sent to the UBCM to state  council's disapproval of the high taxation.  A resolution already made on motion and withdrawn at the  1977 UBCM conference will be reworded 'with weight',advised  Mayor Bud Koch. The essence of this resolution was unanimously  agreed with by the Sechelt council.  It states:  "Whereas the burden of school taxes upon property owners is  great;  and whereas school taxes have increased at a rapid pace in recent  years;  and whereas this rapid increase has in many cases been at the cost  of needed municipal services;  and whereas the inconsistency of taxing property for school  purposes has been acknowledged by members of the Provincial  Legislature;  Therefore let it be resolved that the Province of British Columbia  take steps immediately to finance the Provincial Educational  System from General Revenues, and coincidentally remove the  levying and collection of school taxes as it pertains to real  property."  Mayor Koch believes that the UBCM will receive similar  resolutions from other municipalities this year at the November  conference.  Gibsons has enforcement officer  A newly-created position of by-law enforcement officer for the  Village of Gibsons will be filled by Mrs. Val Michaud, it was  announced at Gibsons council meeting, June 2.  Mrs. Michaud has been the Motor Vehicle Branch agent in  Gibsons for the last five years and will commence her new duties  as soon as a replacement is hired for her.  .. As by-law enforcement officer, she will be employed full-time  and will be responsible for enforcing animal control, parking and  sprinkling regulations within the village.  Gibsons council announced other staffing changes at Tuesday's  meeting.  Recreation director at the Aquatic Centre, Mr. George Bodt,  has submitted his resignation effective June 30,1981 and council  will advertise a job description in order to hire a replacement for  him.  Other changes announced were that present Animal Control  Officer, Marty Clarke, will take over a full-time position as Utility  Maintenance Operator, which means she will be responsible for  the daily maintenance and operation ofthe sewer treatment plant,  pumping stations and lines.  By-pass survey starts  Survey work on the Gibsons by-pass route has commenced and  it is estimated it will take 14 months to complete. A letter from  Alex Fraser, Minister of Transportation and Highways, to Mayor  Lorraine Goddard of Gibsons, stated that this is an average figure  and that he would ask his department "to do everything  reasonable to reduce this design time".  Please tum to Page 22  ON THE INSIDE...  The resilient victim Page 2  A brave, exciting show Page 4  Book reviews Page 5  "Our Town" brilliant Page 7  Hospitality Directory Page 8  Frances Fleming:  A positive suggestion Page 9  New wildlife vulnerable Page 15  Business Directory Page 16  T.V. course unique Page 17  Classified ads Pages 18,19 & 20  Crossword puzzle Page 21  Airport expansion imminent ��� Page 21  Architects seen as strangers  Boulevard plan comes under fire  by Fran Bourassa  Burrell Swartz of Kevin Ryan Architectural Services presented  members of council and a handful of Sechelt residents with a  conceptual plan of the Boulevard at a meeting held on  Wednesday, June 3.  The Plan was not received well by town historian Helen Dawe.  "It is nonsensical, unimaginative, stale and certainly not based  on fact," she said.  The Boulevard in Sechelt, according to Helen Dawe, is a great  vestige of Sechelt's history and heritage. At the turn of the  century, the Boulevard which faces Trail Bay was known by the  English name, 'The Strand' until the first map of Sechelt was  made.  i "The Boulevard was the only way to get to the General Store,  the Post Office and the wharf where the Union Steamships used to  come in," said Dawe,  Helen Dawe, along with a few other residents who live on the  Boulevard felt that the plan was a 'sheer waste of money'. Council  had awarded the architectural firm $2,000 for the design plan.  -Before pen was ever jet to paper, the architects should have  jJjolWfli together with the Village residents and had a bj��in.stprming  session," she said.  She fblt the architects ware strangers to the village and had no  facts br feeling for what should be planned for the Boulevard.,  Burrel Swartz of the firm, said that the plan was simply  conceptual and not definite. He admitted that he had not received  much input from the villagers.  "I think the scheme is lacking a great deal but you must realize  that we had limitations of time and money," he said.  The architectural firm suggested a wharf be built and perhaps a  replica of the SS Beaver to come up with tourists. Further  suggestions included fire pits and shelters,  ' Helen Dawe said she had some very basic criticisms ofthe plan.  Dawe brought along with her a display of photographs, letters  and newspaper clippings dealing with the impractability of  building a wharf. "There have been two wharves built in that same  spot and both have been broken up by the wave action of Trail  Bay," she explained.  She had copies of letters from 1900 and 1901 from the MLA  who was, at that time, exploring the reasons why a wharf was not  feasible.  Present sewer treatment plant operator, Fred Cotton, will take  on a new position as Lead Hand, or assistant to the  Superintendent of Works, Ron Webber.  Another staffing change announced was a replacement for  village accountant Edie Ford, who is moving to Tofino. Susan  Finlay has been hired as the new accountant.  - 0*Org. MattlttW. Photo  Teredo Street will remain closed until paved early July.  Teredo waits paving  Teredo Street, the proposed by-pass route through Sechelt, was  closed down last week due to raised man-hole covers, excessive  dust and complaints by residents and local businesses along the  road.  The first stage of the Teredo Street construction, the placement  of fill, was completed March 15 and is now awaiting final paving.  The road must settle for three to four months before the project  can be completed, reported Ann Pressley of the Sechelt Village  Office. She quoted a letter dated May 19 from Dayton and  Knight, the West Vancouver consulting firm responsible for the  Teredo project.  Dayton and Knight recommend the completion begin during  the first two weeks of July.  Pressley indicated that to the best of her knowledge the early  July-date was a firm one.  Sechelt's council has been promised design plans before the  next council meeting by Dayton and Knight. When the plans  arrive the work will be tendered.  Dawe recounted that Bert Whitaker had built the first wharf  and it had been a financial burden to him. "There was a permanent  pile driver and repair equipment on the wharf because of the  frequency of the need for repairs," she said.  Dawe asked Swartz if they had looked into the resource  material available on studies done ofthe foreshore or if they had  checked with the local fire department on the safety ofthe fire pits.  Dawe said that she noted that smoke from such fires would blow  up to the Boulevard and not out to sea. Dawe accentuated the  need for the historical preservation of the Boulevard and its  names. The architectural drawings had misspelled names of  streets and confused the proper name of the "Snickett" a park on  the Boulevard.  Others present echoed her sentiments and said they did not  want to see the Boulevard 'citified'.  "Everyone seems to have their own idea of what should go on  the Boulevard. One Chamber of Commerce president's project  was to build a federal penitentiary on the Boulevard," said Dawe.  "What we have tried to do," said Swartz, "is to link up the  Boulevard to become a part of the overall Parks and Trails system  of the Village. The Boulevard is a great asset to the Village.  .. "We. have tried to eliminate parking on the Boulevard but we  have to keep it accessible to cars. Parking is the major problem.  We know that the wharf is controversial, but we had word from  public works that it was feasible," said Swartz.  After more criticism of the Plan, Mayor Bud Koch took a  suggestion from Helen Dawe that the architect would meet with  interested members of the public and the council planning  chairman Joyce Kolibas in an advertized public meeting for  further discussion of the plan.  "Why didn't we do this in the first place?" said Dawe.  Local parents call  for school inquiry  A group of local people unofficially calling themselves  representatives of 'The Silent Majority' of concerned  parents has been meeting to discuss its concerns with  School District #46 and will call soon for a public inquiry by  the Department of Education into this school district, the  Coast News learned this week.  A spokesman for the group, Dr. Pat Perry of Roberts  Creek said that the group's concern was 'the welfare of our  kids'.  Dr. Perry said that he felt that there should be a public  inquiry by the Department of Education into "the role ofthe  superintendent, the apparent conflict of interest among the  trustees, and the lack of professional behaviour and  communications between some teachers and the  administration of one of our local high schools".  Dr. Perry explained that the conflict of interest referred to  involved the fact that five of the seven trustees have family  members employed by School District #46.  Sechelt Plan meeting  June 15  Sechelt will have a public hearing on the official  Community Plan in the council chambers of the Village  office Monday, June 15.  Sechelt gets tough  The days of unlimited parking on the streets of SecheUare  over, and even the "Days of Grace" allowed to citizens to get  used to the idea have almost expired. Village of Sechelt By-  Law 231, a By-Law to "regulate traffic and the use of streets  in the Village of Sechelt", will be enforced commencing  Monday, June 15th. There will be a 2-hour parking limit in  all areas so posted. Residents are requested to familiarize  themselves with these areas to avoid the inconvenience of  having their vehicles ticketed.  Chamber  holds elections  Gibsons and District Chamber of Commerce elected  Barry Reeves as its president for 1981-82 at a meeting held  on Thursday, June 4. Reeves was elected by acclamation.  Elected to the position of Vice-President was local  businessman John Kavanagh. The executive of the local  body was rounded out with the re-instatement of Tony Tyler  as Treasurer and Pamela Ryan as Secretary.  , Elected to the nine-man directorate were Paul Mulligan,  Blanc Hagedorn, Bob Lambert, Diane Oakcnfull. Kevin  Ryan, Denis Suveges, Jim Stobie and Bill Hughes.  mm  ����� IBBBBBV  W*M  The  .Sunshine  Coast News, June 9, 1981  H  A LOCALLY OWNED NEWSPAPER  Published at Gibsons. B.C. every   Tuesday, by Glassford Prest Ltd.  Boi 460, Gibioni. VON 1V0  Phone 886-2622 or 886-7817  Pender Harbour enquiries, and all others, it  no answer from 886 numbers call 885-2770  Editorial Department:  John Burnside  Fran Bourassa  Vene Parnell  Advertising Department:  Fran Berger  Bradley J Benson1  Jane McOuat  Copyietting:  Wendy-Lyn ne Johns  Use Sheridan  Connie Hawke  Account! Department:  M.M. Joe  Production Department:  Nancy Conway  Neville Conway  Sham R. Sohn  Sherra Picketts  Circulation  Joan H. Foster  SUBSCRIPTION RATES:  Canada $24.00 per year, $15.00 for six months  United States $25.00 per year, Foreign $28.00 per year  Distributed free to all addresses on the Sunshine Coast.  Second Class Mail Registration No. 4702  All is not well  That all is not well at Elphinstone  Secondary School has become apparent  throughout the communities served by the  Sunshine Coast's largest educational  institution. Staff morale is acknowledged  by school trustees to be low, the newspaper  office has been approached by parents  seeking support for a petition calling for  the removal of the incumbent principal,  and senior students reportedly attempted  to hoot down the principal when he  attempted to address them in a recent  assembly.  There comes a time when the relationships in a school have soured to the point  where the only worthwhile thing that can  be done is to make changes. A few years  ago in Pender Harbour a visiting theatre  group to the high school, having just come  off stage to enthusiastic cheering and  applause from the student body, was  appalled when the cheering turned to an  equally loud chorus of boos when the  principal stood up to speak. Something of  the same atmosphere seems to be prevalent  at Elphinstone these days.  The fault for the situation does not lie  entirely with the incumbent. Apparently  when he was hired to replace Don  Montgomery he was to exercise firm  control to rectify real or imagined  shortcomings in the school. That his  present dilemma is a direct result of  instructions he was given, there can be little  doubt.  Nor does the solution for the situation  lie in his hands. Apparently the school  trustees were considering changes when a  phone campaign and presentations to the  board by Superintendent John Denley,  Director of Instruction John Nicholson,  and Principal Barry Boulton led them to  postpone their decision until December.  Superintendent Denley's record for  initial appointment of high school  principals is not a happy one locally. Two  of his three appointments to head local  high schools were replaced shortly after the  appointment, the third being the present  principal of Elphinstone. Fortunately,  Denley has been more successful with his  replacements in Pender Harbour and in  Sechelt. The evidence would seem to  suggest that it is time for similar action at  Elphinstone Secondary School.  As head of the largest high school in the  district the position commands a salary of  almost $50,000 per year. May we remind  that in the real world those who aren't  getting the job done are replaced. For that  salary one would assume there would be no  shortage of candidates for the position.  This is a crucial time for this school  district. It is blessed with a board of school  trustees who are individually intelligent  and compassionate members ofthe public.  They are not, however, being well-served  by their advisors in key areas at the present  time and this recent refusal to bite the  bullet and take apparently needed action  may backfire in the future if the present  trustees are replaced at the next election by  less sympathetic public representatives.  from the files of the COAST NEWS  FIVE YEARS AGO  Gibsons Volunteer Fire Department, In  a lengthy agenda outlined their  concerns with the Village's water  supply and distribution at the council  meeting Tuesday. Hydrant location  and installation were other problems  discussed. Slow rate flows in areas of  the village were reported to be of  unsatisfactory amounts to handle fires.  The Gibsons Heights and West  Gibsons Heights Ratepayers Association have come out strongly against  any move by the Committee on  Government and Gibsons council that'  would work towards the possible  amalgamation of Regional District  Areas E and F into the Village of  Gibsons.  The SCRD received a 78% approval  of their plan to purchase a regional  park at Soames Hill in a referendum  held last Saturday. The 21 acre site will  be purchased as soon as possible at a  maximum cost of $70,000.  TEN YEARS AGO  Gibsons power outage lasting, in  one section of the village for two hours  Monday night, was the subject of many  complaints to Mayor Wally Peterson.  The complaints were concerning the  length of time it took B.C. Hydro to get  a repair team to the scene. Gibsons  council decided to inform B.C. Hydro  that it is not satisfied with the service.  Sechelt's Reserve children's Indian  Band is practicing deligently for a 20  day tour of the Province in the British  Columbia Centennial 1971 Native  Children's Tattoo.  A phenomenon in the goat world  occurred in West Porpoise Bay when  Bergliot Solberg's goat gave birth to  four kids, two billies and two nannies.  FIFTEEN YEARS AQO  Sechelt's Centennial project, a  public library, has been approved by  the federal-provincial government with  the Centennial authorities providing  $2,160 and local authorities, $1,890.  One hundred and ninety one men  attended a meeting called by Pulp and  Paper Workers of Canada in Gibsons  Legion Hall. The purpose of the  meeting was to hear both sides ofthe  union argument. One side seeks a  breakaway from the International and  to form a Canadian union. The other  side prefers to remain with International. No decision was reached, but  the heated meeting did what it set out  to do, supply information.  .    TWENTY YEARS AGO  Gibsons United Church congregation led by Reverend David Donaldson  took part in the laying of the corner  stone last Sunday to celebrate the  opening of the new church on Glassford and Headlands Roads.  TWENTY-FIVE YEARS AGO  Considerable criticism can be heard  in the Pender Harbour area and from  others who were involved, in the  manner in which the Ruby Lake fire  was allowed to get out of control.  According to those at the scene, it  could have been contained the first  night fire, but they were told to go  home and the forestry agent would  handle it in the morning.  Real estate is really hopping in these  parts. George Hopkins of Totem Realty  reports receiving a listing of property  one day last week at 1:10 p.m. It was  sold by 1:18 p.m.  THIRTY YEARS AGO  Gower Point Road will be reconstructed on the basis of 'dollar for dollar'  by the Village and the Department of  Public Works. Deputy Minister E.s.  Jones gave the green light to the plan  when he, with B.M. Maclntyre, MLA  inspected the road Tuesday.  Only one objection was filed against  Sechelt Motor Transport and its  application for through passenger  coveying rights to Vancouvervia Black  Ball Ferries.  THIRTY-FIVE YEARS AGO  On Mason Road in West Sechelt,  there are two bad spots over which  some queer things have happened.  First of all we pestered the government  for six months and finally they sent us a  man on a grader to fix the road. He was  received like Admiral Halsey going into  Japan. Night came, the rain came and  the road disappeared. I often wonder  that on Saturday nights some of the  boys don't sink into it, and that we don't  find them on Sunday mornings with  their faces sticking out of the mud and  their ears holding them up. I understand it nearly swallowed the grader,  (excerpt from Margaret Allen's column.)  The Howe Sound Transport wishes  to announce that they have incorporated under a new name, Sea Bus  Lines Ltd. The Coates Water Ltd. owns  10 percent and the other 90 percent is  owned solely by Gordon Ballentyne  and George Frith.  Royston, 1921. Scholars in Japan aver that mariners from that country explored Lumber, stands, to right, beside his friend K. Imanaka in the decked yard. Royston  Pacific Ocean shores two thousand years ago. Whatever the substance of that Lumber cut trees on its limits, hauled logs to this mill on rail cars, and sawed only  tradition may be, venturesome Japanese did indeed make their way to Northwest prime timber. Family photographic records of the extensive operations over which  America early in the twentieth century. Some worked at lumbering, and a few his father presided have been retained by Kaye Kaminishi.  managed to finance sawmills. Here, Kannosuke Kaminishi, President of Royston L.R. Peterson  Musings  John Burnside  It never rains but it pours  is a demonstrable truth. And  no, Brunhilda, this is not. a  diatribe against our weather.  I am in agreement with  Maryanne West on the subject  of rain and the hysterical  inanities of weathermen and  disc jockeys generally. A  boyhood in Scotland equipped  me with a certain stoicism in  matters of climate and assured  me that, there is more to  weather than sunshine many  years ago.  Nor is it yet another diatribe  on the subject of slugs though  I have heard recently, during  our 'present invasion of the  loathsome creatures, of dignified grey-haired ladies pursuing them with the malevolent ardour of Attila the Hun  armed With rapiers, garden  shears, and axes. I heard  ofthe invasion ofthe creatures  into homes just two days  before I found one six-inch  monster spread full-length on  a shopping bag full of groceries in my own kitchen.  No, when I say it never  rains but it pours in this  instance I am not about to  rail with petulant impotence  against the forces of Nature,  however they manifest themselves, but am instead referring to the absolute wave  of live theatre I have been  bobbing about in during the  last week.  Tuesday night in Vancouver  I went to see the new offering  from the author of Billy  Bishop Goes to War, John  Gray. Rock and Roll is a  nostalgic look at the fifties  as experienced by a hometown  band in small-town Nova  Scotia and an ironic look at  the passage of time and the  havoc it can wreak with youthful dreams and aspirations.  The only female role in the  play is undertaken by Driftwood Players and Elphinstone graduate Barbara Williams. Barbara tells me that  director Mike Nichol is interested in the play, having been  thoroughly impressed with  Billy Bishop when he saw it  in New York, and that there is  a possibility that Rock and Roll  might make it on to the Great  White Way.  Friday night I was sitting  on the bleachers at Elphinstone Secondary School trying  not to make them squeak as I  shifted my posterior while  watching a most impressive  production of Our Town. It  is not my purpose here to  review Our Town as my  colleague George Matthews  is undertaking that task  elsewhere in these pages,  but I would like heartily to  commend drama teacher Judith Wilson for her work with  the young people of the high  school. There was a discipline  onstage and off which was  absolutely professional and I  would confidently predict that  with such a guiding hand we  can anticipate some excellent  productions from the students  of our largest secondary  school.  Saturday night I was in the  Twilight Theatre for Lyn  Vernon's production of Jeaua  Christ, Superstar which I have  reviewed elsewhere.  Now, what I got to thinking  about after this week of  theatre going was an incident  which took place in January  after the final production of  Arsenic and Old Lace. The  president of the Suncoast  Players, Mr. Duncan Sim, was  perhaps surprised at the workmanlike and effective production of that fine old war-  horse and in his elation,  having but recently arrived  from the cultural mecca of  Calgary, was moved to refer  to the Sunshine Coast as a  'cultural wasteland'.  I was personally indignant  at the time as a founding  member of the Driftwood  Players which just a few years  ago was the talk of the province in amateur theatrical  circles but my indignation  stemmed from more than that.  As a peruser of the files of  the Coast News I am aware  that as far back as at least  the forties there were chamber  music groups, orchestras and  theatre groups active on the  �������*&,  ���* ~f*l  Sunshine Coast, to speak only  of the performing arts. I was  aware that this area had  produced such as Lyn Vernon  and Lloyd Burritt who shared  their professional expertise  and their love of music and  theatre with us in the production of Jesus Christ,  Superstar.  I refrained from comment at  the time and I am glad that I  did. In Lyn Vernon, Lloyd  Burritt, and Barbara Williams  the Sunshine Coast has  answer enough for Mr. Sim  and from what I've seen ofthe  work of Judith Wilson with the  young people at the high  school I feel confident in  stating "Mr. Sim, you ain't  seen nothing yet".  Mind you, the Philistines  we also have with us and I  couldn't refrain from an ironic  chuckle on Friday night in the  Elphinstone gymnasium as I  watched Ms. Wilson's valiant  performers working on a  corner of the gym floor whilst  the stage of our major high  school was resplendent behind  them with a dividing wall  built down the middle to house  some expensive machinery for  the favoured in the physical  education department. Apparently a proposed band and  theatre room which was to  replace the purloined stage  was cancelled for reasons of  economy - this from the same  school board now luxuriating  in its grandiose offices overlooking Gibsons Harbour.  Sometimes I wish there was  nothing to complain about  except the slugs and the rain.  [Slings & Arrows^.  ["George Matthews!*-  is silling In Ihe boat  kicker pushing you along  after a quarter mile portage  wiih a square stern freight canoe  twelve raw seal skins  one whole seal  a pack sack full of meat  six horse outboard motor  four gallon gas tank  ten gallon drum half full  two bedrolls and skins  a wet tent with poles  three rifles and a stove  tool box      seal net      rope  and one whole hour  before the next portage  c^jja  Jim Green  I5) ,A>a.  From the book, "Going for Coffee"  Harbour Publishing ��� 1981  My old friend Levshenko  was one of those people who  God put on Earth for the sole  purpose of accepting blame  and punishment for the  wrongs of others. Levshenko  was a victim. He was really  a very nice fellow; he loved  children, was kind to dogs and  was generous to a fault with  his neighbours.  The year of the great rainfall, the flood washed out  Levshenko's neighbour's  driveway and burled a car in  mud and gravel. Levshenko  reasoned, with his deep and  crazy Russian logic, that if he  had cut down the maple tree in  the corner of his property the  year before, the drains would  not have plugged and his  neighbour would have survived the torrent. He spent the  next spring repairing his  neighbour's property and had  the car repaired at his own  expense. It took him 300 hours  of work and cost $5,000, and  when he was finished he went  right out and cut down his own  beautiful maple tree. I asked  him once if that made him feel  better and he said that no, he  could never forgive himself  for destroying such a beautiful  tree.  Like many Russians, Levshenko was too clever, too  sensitive and too fond of the  bottle for his own good. It  was, appropriately, a combination of these fatal qualities that led to his downfall.  I remember the night that  started my friend on his  inexorable slide. He was in the  bar, on the edge of crying into  his vodka. It was late and he  was distraught about disappointing the "little vo-  man", as he called her.  Levshenko's "little voman"  Katrina, was a tyrant, an  absolute witch of a woman  who towered over my dear  friend with a Slavic malevolence which would have  made Ivan the Terrible cringe  with fear. I never heard my  friend refer to her in anything  but the most endearing terms  and for the twenty years of  our friendship he never referred to her as anything but  "the little voman".  His disappointment on this  night was the result of his  forgetting that it was his  birthday and she was cooking  a special meal for him.  He had come to the bar after  work to celebrate his fiftieth  birthday and had overstayed  his joy. Now he was afraid  to go home.  "You need a friend" I said  to him, "someone you can  take home with you to protect  you from your little woman".  "A splendid idea my friend,  but I don't deserve such  friendship".  "Nonsense' my friend, a-  nother vodka or two and I will  accompany you myself.''  Levshenko began to cry that  someone would care for him  enough to take him home to  his little woman. He protested that he could not, in  good conscience, inflict such a  trial on an old friend and  bade me leave him. That was  the last I saw of my friend.  Levshenko apparently met  someone later in the bar  whom he dragged home,  following'my advice, to meet  the "little voman". A week  later the fellow was still  there. He told my friend that  he was on the verge of completing a new invention and  needed a place to hole up for  a few weeks until his invention  was perfected. I discovered  much later that this man was  attempting to design the last  word in field glasses, the  binocular, a logical final  stage from monocular, to  binocular to trinocular.  Within a week Levshenko  was slave not only to his little  woman, but to his guest. He  had taken the guest home to .  protect himself from his  witchwife, and the guest  had sized up the situation  and sided with Katrina.  Three weeks to the day:  that I had left Levshenko in  the bar, they found his boat  floating out near Salmon Rock.  The anchor was missing, and  the SO fathoms of anchor  line. Scotch-taped to the  transom was a neatly typed  note which suggested that  Levshenko couldn't stand it  any more and had decided that  "this is the only way out".  Two months later, Katrina  and her trinocular lover were  married. They have since  become very prosperous and  have financial interests all;  over town. I guess they were  meant for each other.  As for my friend Levshenko, f  I miss him, of course. We had:  often talked about the wisdom  of hiring a villain to clean up  our unpleasant problems ana:  whether in the long run our  problems were not better  than our hirelings. For poor  Levshenko, our visions of  villains proved all too true.    '���;  I see no reason for bringing  this up now except one.'  Certainly there is no cause to  remind anyone that solutions:  can be much worse than the  problems they were meant to  solve. Unanticipated con-:  sequences have been the:  theme of more than enough:  western movies in which the  tall stranger is hired to shoot;  up the town rowdies and ends;  up shooting up the town. Even  Homer, when he wrote the:  Please turn to Page Nine.  HMDIMM^  MMMI  a-jL-  MM Coast News, June 9, 1981  I "bUREfitfBoRp'  ^E Could Puvf  50ht.cK��UET  THERES  OME  THREE To SIX  FOr\ V(0U  ij. i, ���#*���  ; *  /-i  ��* !*���   i      le  .JWf^"  Letters to the Editor ^^  Important issues in Area E  Editor:  Rural or Urban?  This important issue, a-  mong others, will be discussed  at the Elphinstone Settlement  Plan (Area E) public meeting  to be held this Wednesday,  June 10 at Cedar Grove Elementary School at 7:30 p.m.  Ever since 1 have been  involved in these settlement  plans, first in the sub-regional  plan taking in areas E, F, and  the village, and presently  in the Elphinstone Settlement  Plan, the main thrust of  discussion has been to maintain the rural atmosphere of  the whole area.  Committee members living  in different sections of the  area were chosen to best  represent the wishes of their  neighbours and friends. We  hope that in the Elphinstone  Settlement Plan we have  accurately related these  wishes.  Windows  Let us give you our quote for the best price  and service on the Coast.  Insulated windows, patio doors, skylight &  solar systems...  Permaseal  885* 3538 n���M..  ��� WUamCrMk  Our goal is to maintain a  rural atmosphere and in order  to achieve this our policy is to  recommend a minimum of  one-third-acre lots. Early in  the planning stages We started  with the idea of half-acre lots,  just as other settlement plans  in the area had proposed.  With the length of time it is  taking for these plans to be  completed, many ' changes  have taken place. We have  tried to be practical in our  reasoning and had to change  our zoning plans to a minimum of one-third acre lots.  We feel these to be an absolute minimum to maintain any  sort of rural atmosphere. We  have been aware of the  probable pressures that are  formulating for smaller lots  but we believe, as a committee, that the majority of.  people in this area would not  favour this. Our response to  the argument that smaller lots  could be sold for less, is that  this has not proven to be the  fact in the past, and feel that  any size lot will be sold for  as much as the market will  bear.  Even if the larger lots are  sold at a higher price we still  feel that it would be worth it to  maintain the atmosphere  which we all desire.  There is also the matter  of sewage problems to consider. Much of the undeveloped land in Area E is not  suited to septic tanks unless  on larger sized lots. Putting  septic tanks on small lots will  only create a hazard for the  future.  We do not want this area to  be rushed into a short-sighted  development plan because of  high interest rates and ���  volatile real estate market.  When this settlement plan  becomes law it will determine  the nature ofthe area for years  to come. As new subdivisions  come on the market and as  existing properties get subdivided, we will at least have  had some say in the future  development of the area.  ' Qur committee wants you,  the people of Area E, to'come  out to our meetings and help  us make the decision that  will keep this area one of the  most desirable on the Sunshine Coast.  Sincerely,  B. Parker, chairman  of Elphinstone Settlement  Committee  Red Cross gives thanks  RENT- A���BAY  YOUnxit! ,  ��� We supply you with a bay area, floor jacks, jack  stands, creepers.  ��� Bring your own tools.  $5.���� /hour  Phone 9 am - S pm   886*2020  Crucil Rd.  Editor:  On behalf of The Canadian  Red Cross Society, we extend  our sincere thanks to the  residents of Gibsons' and area  for their generous financial  support during the recent  campaign for funds. The total  money received in this campaign was $1,315.30.  Special commendations  must be made to Heather  Campbell, Campaign Chairperson, for her energies and  dedication in this fund raising  campaign, and also to the  Bank of Montreal, Gibsons,  under whose auspices Heather  conducted the campaign.  The valuable support of the  residents of Gibsons and area  is very much appreciated.  Because of your support the  Red Cross is able to continue  to provide free Blood Transfusion Service, Emergency  and Disaster aid, teach Water  and Boating Safety, and provide education and activity  programmes conducted by  Red Cross Youth.  Once again, we thank you,  one and all.  Yours sincerely,  Zarina H. Daya,  Director, Financial Resources,  B.C./Yukon Division  Hats off to 'Superstar*  ^3777    NEW SCHhUULh  ^mW/JffiSPRING AND SUMMER  885-2214  TO NANAIMO  TO VANCOUVER  FLIGHT NO.       TIME  FLIGHT NO.  TIME  201                    07:30  101  07:25  203                    11:45  103  09:45  205                    15:15  105  11:45  207 (Friday Only)    16:00  107  14:15  FROM NANAIMO  109  15:15  FLIGHT NO.      TIME  111  18:00  202                    08:00  FROM VANCOUVER  204                    12:30  FLIGHT NO.  TIME  206                    16:00  102  08:00  208 Friday Only      18:30  104  10*30  TO POWELL RIVER  106  12:30  FLIGHT NO.      TIME  108  14:45  903                     08:30  110  16:00  905                    13:15  112  18:30  907                    16:30  Further Schedules to Jervis Inlet  Salmon Inlet, Narrows Inlet,  Pender Harbour Now 3 Flights Daily Except Sunday.  ettectlve March 30th, 1981  Passengers art requested to check-In 30 minutes prior  to flight times  Editor:  Hats off to all involved in  the production of "Jesus  Christ, Superstar", and to  three of my personal favourites: Stephen Hubert as Jesus,  Chris Carrow as Judas and  Port Mellon Industries  CREDIT UNION  Providing competitive  alternative financial  services to our  community for  over 30 years.  -BUSINESS HOURS-  Tues. ��� Thurs.  10 am - 5 pm  Friday  10 am - 5:30 pm  Saturday  10 am -1 pm  v  Located in Cedar Plaza,  GIBSONS    886-8121  Super\&lu  SUNNYCREST CENTRE  ��� Name  is our Promise  100% Locally Owned & Operated  GOVT. INSPECTED ��� FRESH  pi     pork picnic shoulder     ��. 78*  GOVT. INSPECTED GRADE  A ��*  chuck blade steaks.^ it, '1.68  rib steak��� ..��.$3.19  WILTSHIRE  dinner sausage    **?.%.��'1.69  SCHNEIDERS  sliced side bacon   �����** '2.19  4-Varkrtiet  Fresh Produce  CALIFORNIA CANADA #1  smimm  rjW^M   |��".A��.��, < Mil  y ������'   Oven Fresh Bakery  Oven Fresh  Oven-Fresh $ _Q CTUStV  TOllS  Dread C.I       JLmmJmJ Bag of 3 Dozen  Buttercrust or Honey Wheat   16 oz loaves Mrs yuj||mans  Weston's-Light or Dark C J H n 3 m 0 n   bl  hollywood breadieoz / ^7      pkgots  $3.29  \%   cinnamon  ' Pkg of 8  Alan Karmazyn as Pilate.  A visual delight, too, so thank  yon, Lyn Vernon and company, for putting It all together. BravoI  Sincerely,  Veronica Plewman  Grocery Value  Super Valu  mushrooms      iooz  Stems & Pieces ��� Tins  Rupert Brand  fish & chipsieoz * 1.29  Blue Bonnet  Valu Plus ��� Mild  margarine 3 ibPkK  $1.99    cheddar cheeseib$2.39  Campbell's  tomato soup  384 mil tins  Super-Valu  3/89*    tomato ketchup $1.59  32 oz bottle  9 Lives  cat food  Fortune  6 oz tins  O/^JmJ dOg f00d 25 oz tins  mandarin oranges  10 oz tins  coffee       lib t,n   t  Regular. Drip or Electric Perc  $2.99  Minute Maid - Fro:en  orange juice  12.5 oz tins  $1.19  Foremost Grade  large eggs  $1.25  ���M  ���I wmm  Coast News, June 9,1981  by Peter Trower  The new setting doesn't look  bad from the road. The logs are  all on the lower side, scattered  thickly across a relatively  brush-free slope that appears  not to pitch much worse than  forty degrees at the steepest  point. The felled timber seems  to terminate about a thousand  feet back at the bottom of the  shallow valley where a fair-  sized river foams and tumbles.  Beyond the river, the ground  rises again but it is dead  ground, a huge slashburn  whose blackened stumps peer  like misshapen bears from the  fireweed.  I locate six suitable stumps  for the guylines and we stand  that hundred-foot yellow pipe  upright again. The Skip, Pilford and myself set out for the  river-bottom with the blocks  and straps. It is rougher going  than it looks from the road but  we get to the creek-edge at last.  I start looking around for  backline stumps on which to  hang the blocks and see righl  away that we are going to have  problems. Since a good many  logs have rolled into the creek, I  am compelled to seek tailholds  across it, in the brush-choked  fringes of the old burn. The  stumps are few, far-between  and fire-weakened to boot.  Finally, some distance back  from the bank, 1 locate a couple  that seem reasonably solid. We  Pages from a Life-Log  Peter Trower  hang our blocks on these, run  the cables around and start  pulling in logs.  Back at camp. Croydon is  becoming progressively more  lackadaisical and erratic from  his ceaseless intake of whiskey.  As hooktender, I am called  upon to turn in the time-sheets  each night, give him some sort  of rundown on how the logging  is going and order new chokers  or other equipment as it is  needed. He sits behind his desk  blcarily nodding as 1 offer my  reports bul his eyes look  distracted and far away. 1 am  certain he scarcely hears a word  of it. "God. 1 think the guy's on  the thin edge from all that  booze!" I remark to Skip.  "We ought to turn him on to  grass," says Skip half-scriously.  "Hell, he's too far gone for  that. What he needs is some  antabuse!"  I wonder what can he riding  Croydon. Compared to the rest  of us, he has the world by the  short hairs and Rosie as well.  Yet he is screwing up by the  numbers. It can't be the meagre  responsibility of running this  two-bit little camp. 1 can't  fathom the guy.  We continue to yard the  river-valley setting. The logs on  {rxVi)    Open 10 am to midnight  {]i)4^N ^ Delicious  fW'A Hi**- LUNCHES  '-K jemmX.V'SmmmX*.wi ���  "Soarm ot lata Smi/M/ arna U> Ik, tdmu"  886-9815 Cedar Plaza, Gibsons  **���  the first two roads ride out  easily enough. I take my axe  and go hunting for the next  road-line stump. I beat the  bushes for twenty minutes but  cannot find a thing that is  anywhere near the right place.  Finally, I am compelled to  hang the block on a huge  boulder in the creek. Using a  rock for a tailhold is strictly a  desperation-play. There is no  way to back-notch a boulder  and a strap will not bite into  rock the way it does wood. But  I have literally no alternative.  That third road is a grief-trail  all the way. The rock is solid  enough and there is even a  slight overhang at the back that  should hold the strap down-  but it doesn't. Four times at  least, the cable squeezes free  and the block jumps off. I am  so sick of rehanging the thing  by the time we hook up the last  log that 1 can't even talk about  it. Fortunately, there is a big  fir-stump dead in line for the  next road. 1 feel like getting  down and kissing it.  The steel chokers with which  we hook up the logs, are  becoming increasingly worn  and covered with small spines  or jaggers. Twice I have asked  Croydon to have some new  ones made up but nothing  happens. I am getting damn  tired of having those metal  thorns jab through my gloves  and so are the others. The  punctures alwaysiinfect slightly  and painfully throb. We are all  becoming a bit exasperated  with Vic Croydon.  It is impossible to tell what  Rosie thinks. She busies about  the kitchen on cue and doles  out her adequate, unspectacular meals. She is certainly  not getting any uglier and we  pay her dutiful lust as she  moves primly among us. Croydon must have a freak metabolism if he can absorb all that  alcohol and  still satisfy her  Chintney  Cleaning  & Maintenance  Phone 886-8187   .  ^���aBMM-a-TaT.M-��-MaMMi-^  Breakfast ��� Lunch ��� I  and Sunday Brunch  Pro��rl��toni Clifl & Liz Lindsey  Chaf i Jan dcRcua  Matrl 'Dai Rick Albert  fSll  Bay, Sechelt  undoubted desires. We are  forced to admire his apparently  unquenchable potency. There  is damn little else to admire  about him. The guy is running  this camp right into the ground.  On the seventh morning of  the shift, we rise as usual and  troop dispiritedly down to the  cookhouse. It is vacant as a  tomb-no coffee on- no sandwich fixings- no Rosie. Jammer (who has tended to look  humourously on Croydon's  wayward behaviour up to now)  explodes in outrage. ���'Snuff-  coloured Christ! What is going  on around this gunnvbag  layout?"  He storms over the cook's  cabin and hammers noisily on  the door. A minute later, she  comes rushing in, still buttoning her smock and muttering  embarrassed apologies. She  and Croydon must have been  partying all night. It is the first  time we have seen Rosie with  her guard down. She look  tousled, confused and very  vulnerably feminine. True  gentlemen that we are, we pitch  in and help her get organized,  our annoyance subsiding. But  it is a poor omen for the day.       .,      ��� , .  To ba continued     Alan ,1Ka'ma*-vn. "s Khe, ���*���*  recently. (See review below)  Jesus Christ, Superstar  A brave and exciting show  Jesus Christ, Superstar  John BurnsKln Photo  by John Burnside  It was a brave and exciting  production of Jeaui Christ,  Superstar that Lyn Vernon  brought to the stage of the  Twilight Theatre in Gibsons  over the past two weekends.  Brave because it staged a  full-sized musical production  complete with orchestra in the  cramped-and confining stage  area ofthe local theatre house,  and exciting because under  the guidance of Vernon and  director Lloyd Burritt the  production occasionally transcended the limitations of the  stage area and the amateur  cast, most of whom were  appearing in their first stage  presentation and their first  musical to give us moments of  authentic theatre magic in an  evening which was overall  most worthwhile.  The book of Jeans Christ,  Superstar is notable for its  focus on the undeniably  human aspects of the man who  became the Christ and for the  sense it gives of the social  and political time in which he  lived. During the action of the  play, the time of the emergence of Jesus of Nazareth  as a force to be reckoned  with in the Mediterranean  province ofthe Roman Empire  which gave him birth is  coming to an end. The established religious leaders of  his people, feeling the sting of  his criticism and fearing the  upswelling popular support,  sought to have him silenced  for reasons, they claimed, of  peace and security and the  Jesus of this play is a drained  and vulnerably human figure  who is facing a terrible end.  In one telling scene, surrounded and hounded by the  ailing and the crippled he  rises from his exhaustion and  orders- them to - 'Heal yourselves'. It is the action of a  man who knows that his earthly ministry is over.  In the title role Stephen  Hubert was visually ideal. The  aesthetic sensitivity of his  face and body caught the  world weariness of the man  from Nazareth. If at times he  seemed slightly ill-at-ease and  strained it can be readily  forgiven. Playing such a  character at the agonizing  climax of his life is a task  which might well daunt the  most experienced of actors  and Hubert acquitted himself  both vocally and visually very  well indeed.  Perhaps it is in the biblical  villains of the piece, Judas  Iscariot and  Pontius  Pilate,  &*A^��X6=4? W^CH  *-*?*', ascu^c\  o      /"'-)  HDP Bookstore"/  Corner of School &  Gower Point Roads  <*��*  ax/,- 4 %n-=rt  Open       Sun. 11 - 5  Frl.tllBpm.,,, W6-7744  The Covenant  ���James A. Milchner  (Hardcover)  Still Life With Woodpecker  -Tom Robbins  Building with Wood  ���John I. Rempel  ��� Post Cards ��� Road Maps ��� Stationery ���  A Present That Dad Won't Forget!  The Second Treasury I  Timber Country  Ear! Roliergt'  (Large Formal Hardcover)  Fishing  Fishing History ol B.C.  J.E. & A.D. Forester  (Hardcover)  Logging  B.C.'s Logging History  (Hardcover)  James Herriot's  Yorkshire  (Hardcover)  The Pacific Gardener  ���A.R. Willis  Living the Good Life  ���Helen & Scotl Nearing  front the World of Roderick Haig-Brown  the  ���V Srlght Wft-twra, Woodtt  Bright nth MverTale*  WMttraAagter  Recognized by sportsmen &  naturaBIs tike as the finest book  ever written on Western trout and  salmon.  that Jesus Christ, Superstar  contains its most interesting  theatrical surprises and in  these two roles the production  at the Twilight Theatre was  very well served.  The character of Judas  Iscariot has come down to us  as one of the most despicable  villains in all history. How we  despised him in Sunday  school, a man who for thirty  pieces of silver would betray  the Prince of Peace and who  did it with a kiss - in the act  of betrayal a perversion of an  act of love. In Jesus Christ,  Superstar ��� and it is one of the  real strengths of the show - we  are given a man who sees  Please turn to Page Seventeen.  Community Forum  Channel Ten  CHANNEL TEN GIBSONS  Tuesday, June 9  CHANNEL TEN SECHELT  Thursday June 11  Note: Louise Home has joined  our volunteer staff as host and  producer. We are pleased to  have her with us.  7:00 p.m.  "The  Kin  Hat"  Our host, Brian Beard,  talks with Louise Hume  about the program of  activities for Senior Citizens. Our cameraman  Mark Boothroyd visited  the Kin Hut and then  edited his pictures into  the interview. Technical  crew for this show:  Switcher: Andy Maragos  Camera HI: Scott Maceda  Camera #2: Kim Schacte  Audio: Kate Hume  Editing: Mark Boothroyd  and Kathleen Hall.  7.30 p.m. "Pressure Point"  This series is produced by  the Interchurch Agency.  Louise Hume and Rev.  Bob Scales introduce this  week's show.  8:00 ��� -9.00 p.m. "Terry Fox"  Produced by the Canadian Cancer Society, this  one hour program illustrates the character and  energies   of  Terry   Fox  during his Marathon of  Hope. This show is not  only an excellent profile  of a  remarkable  young  Canadian,     but     also  technically   an   exciting  and moving production.  Coast 10 TV plans to tape the  Elphinstone   Grad    "1981"  ceremonies. For the Gibsons  station we hope to cablecast  live.  CARLOS  CASTANEDA'S  NEWEST  THE EAGLES GIFT  VTWILIG-HTj  THEATRE  Wed. - Thurs.  Fri.-Sat.  June  10-11'  12-13  Warning: Not suitable tor children. Frequent coarse  language, some suggestive scenes.  -A POWERHOUSE OFA FILM..  AMU Kurolnw Ii * Wading cJ.idkJjw tar u�� rjrntm  nvmg Hi��� fltnrflof"- -��� tm tmnrnm w��m  Sun. - Mon. - Tues.  June 14 -15 -16  Warning:  Occaslonsl violence.  Please Phone lor Show Times 886-2827  by Rae Elllngham  Week commencing June 8.  General Notes: Communications planet Mercury conjoins  Venus before turning retrograde for the rest of June.  We've just one last chance to  dispatch those important papers, passport applications or  other special requests. Early  this week is the best time to  make apologies or reply to any  romantic messages.  The Sun opposes tricky  Neptune weekend warning  against deceptive or undercover proposals. The approaching Full Moon will also  contact Neptune indicating  confusing conditions ahead.  There'll be another spate of  mysterious sea-related incidents. Boaters should take note  of all safety regulations or  procedures.  ARIES (March 21 - April 19)  Complete and mail any  paperwork linked to real-  estate, rental or domestic  matters. Be more aggressive  over choice of colours or  patterns for home beautifi-  cation project. Looks like  pleasant conversation with  older family member will be  full of sound advice. Drinking  then driving is a definite no-no  next weekend. Prepare to  receive muddled long-distance  messages.  TAURUS (April 20 - May 20)  Short-distance communications face slow-downs. Last  chance to get rid of documents  concerning brother, sister, or  neighbourhood friend. Double-check addresses and postal  codes. You'll receive amorous  phone call, love-note or surprise compliment early this  week. Vehicle is now begging  for tune-up, wheel alignment or  new tires. Avoid major cash  transactions on Saturday.  Partner's or loved one's financial situation becomes confusing.  GEMINI (May 21 - June 21)  The Sun in your sign opposing Neptune says guard  against self-deception, tryingto  appear what you'll never be.  You won't fool partner or mate  who lives with your strengths  and weaknesses. Mars speeding  through Gemini continues to  promote that project requiring  extra energy and courage. Mail  all cash-related documents  immediately. Check small print  of soon-to-be-signed contract  or agreement. Geminis born  June 13-13 should stick with  practical, proven methods next  twelve months.  CANCER (June 22 ��� July 22)  Mercury moving 'backwards' in your sign finds you  forgetful, indecisive, losing or  dropping small, everyday  items. You'll miss buses, trains  or planes by only seconds.  Advice is adjust clocks and  watches fifteen minutes forward. Have nothing to do with  gossip or undercover activities  this weekend. Be ready for  mysterious health or employment conditions. Venus bestows extra charm on persons  born June 28 - July 8. Those  born June 27 should postpone  major decision.  LEO (July 23 - Aug. 22)  Take care not to reveal  confidential information rest of  June. Innocent bul careless  comment may mean end of  brief association. Ignore consequent gossip and false accusations. Lost financial papers  won') be located till early July.  Don't reveal summer plans in  front of group of strangers this  weekend. Child's untruthfulness becomes more bewildering. Love life introduces  smooth-talking admirer.  VIRGO (Aug. 23 - Sept. 22)  Check whereabouts of papers detailing holiday itinerary,  end-of-summer arrangements  or ambitious long-range plan.  Re-confirm travel dates, times  and reservations. Examine  passports, tickets and visa for  valid data. Realize officials will  process particulars at a slower-  than-usual rate. Don't believe a  word of superior's promises  Friday afternoon. Domestic  confusion approaches.  LIBRA (Sept. 23 - Oct. 23)  'There's indecision or delay  concerning your career, position or promised assignment.  Get firm written commitment  from superior as soon as  possible. Pleasant chat with  person-at-the-top will help  speed requests. Sign no papers  this weekend concerning muddled activities at a distance  Local trips, visits and phone  calls become bewildering.  Young Librans shouldn't hitchhike during the next Full  Moon.  SCORPIO (Oct. 24 - Nov. 22)  Affairs at a distance face  delays and mix-ups. You'll wait  a little longer to receive crucial  cross-country phone call.  Those preparing to visit faraway places should re-confirm  dates and times of departures.  Avoid dealings with bankers,  brokers, insurance agents end  of this week. Sign no papers  linked to joint accounts or  shared expenses. Looks like  your personal financial situation is becoming more disorderly.  SAGITTARIUS  (Nov.  23 -  Dec. 21)  Attend immediately to all  paperwork, correspondence,  phone calls related to other  people's money or possessions.  Mail documents linked to  insurance, tax matters or  unpaid bills. Financial advisor  will be hard to reach rest of  June. Sign no cdntracts or  agreements next weekend especially with Gemini associates. Full Moon soon in  your sign will find you dreamy  and irresponsible. Sagittarians  born Dec. 15-19 should lay off  the b'ooze, drugs and other  escapist activities.  CAPRICORN (Dm. 22 - Jan.  19)  Loved one or business associate may experience communication problems rest of  this month so arrange frank  discussion soon. Remember to  jot down shared priorities or  decisions. Legal document may  be returned for revisions. Place  of daily drudgery is scene of  wishy-wash suggestions Friday  afternoon. Passing health  worry is probably imagined but  have doctor reassure. Stay  clear of isolated areas next Full  Moon. Anticipate a hospital  visit.  AQUARIUS (Jan. 20 - Feb.  18)  Employment or medical  matters face .slow-downs  owing to forgotten appointments, misplaced files, sloppy  procedures. Locate essential  lists of addresses and phone  numbers today. Co-workers  become more absent-minded  than usual rest of June. Arrange to have business equipment serviced. Lingering health  upset may be linked to the  stomach. Social or romantic  activities look deceptive this  weekend. Refuse ride with  Impaired driver. Recent rescheduling of summer agenda  proves impractical.  PISCES (Feb. 19 - Mar. 20)  Social life suffers through  delayed messages, botched-up  reservations, lost tickets or  unreliable transport. Sometime  Ihis month you'll leave your  keys, purse or I.D. at popular  entertainment spot. Romantic  companion now has difficulty  expressing needs and true  feelings. Child in your life may  become tongue-tied or forgetful. Make no major domestic decisions end of the week.  Deceptive conditions begin to  surround your career or local  reputation.  Gibsoris Legion Branch #109  Presents  "SWEET MAX"  ���U. Fri. & Sat. f\  June lath & 13th  **'  Members & Guests Only  *ft  kMMaMHHIiM  audi  ���, ������������  ���Hi  wmm  wm  Book review  John Le Carre's people  by John Angus  After having attested last  week to the real and considerable virtues of John Le  Carre's spy trilogy, perhaps I  may be allowed to run a little  amok this week, and slash and  hack at some of its more  irksome aspects. In doing so,  however, it would not be my  intention to detract in1, any  ' serious way from this substantial and worthwhile work  of art. Perhaps it is only in the  context of the praise that has  been heaped on both author  and creation that I feel inclined to offer these slightly  carping observations.  I singled out The Honourable Schoolboy last week as  being something of a downer  within the trilogy. If it shines  less brightly in my eyes than  its companion novels, it is not  due to any lack of effort or  ingenuity on the part of the  author, nor to any lack of  research, nor to any lessening  of the author's skills, nor to  any   lack   of  daring   or   of  ' ambition or of vision. In fact,  paradoxically,   in   all   these  ' aspects it outstrips the other  "two.  The central character this  time is not George Smiley, but  . one Jerry Westerby, would-be  novelist and ex-journalist with  one of the British tabloids  (unnamed, but transparently  the Daily Mirror). Having  done a little work for the  Secret Service in the past  .(we meet him briefly in  Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy  and he has now survived as  one of the few operatives  unexposed  by  that  novel's  'mole' catastrophe), he is  picked out by Smiley for some  very sensitive work in the Far  East. What follows is an  extremely complicated stalking, on the put of SmUey's  Secret Service, of a big but  vague catch that promises  to be of great value to Western  Intelligence. It is the time of  Saigon's imminent fall to the  North Vietnamese and in this  violent, surreal atmosphere,  with the Western presence in  Southeast Asia in a state of  near collapse, SmUey's man  hops from country to country,  culling recondite Information  and'poking the Are'.  The breadth and sweep and  wealth of detail of the novel  are impressive and the characterization of Jerry Westerby  has an authenticity and depth  that other Le Carre characters,  SmUey included,do not achieve. Why then is it that I  found myself bored reading it?  Le Cam is trying quite an  ambitious experiment here.  His spy novels are hardly  obvious, yet they are very  successful. His readership  must enjoy the stuff of mystery: the baffling, unanswered  questions, the intricate hunt  for their solutions, the painstaking piecing together of  clues. Perhaps if the reader  were given even less to go on,  the enjoyment would be so  much the greater....  And thus it goes. We follow  Westerby to Country A where  he meets with someone we  know not whom, to make  arrangements we know not  what, to track down someone  we know not whom, and  thence to ask questions we  O  We have a complete  Patient Record Plan  for your protection & convenience  For One stop Shopping  come to  Gibsons western Drugs  Sunnycrest Mall N6-7213  ':  BCFGRRIGS  :���  SUMMER SCHEDULE  ���  SUNSHINE COAST  Howe Sound  Jervis Inlet  The following schedule will be in effect  Thursday, June 18,1981 to  Tuesday, September 8,1981 inclusive.  :���  HOWE SOUND  Lv Horseshoe Bay  (West Vancouver)  ���  Morning: 6:30 am, 7:30, 8:35, 9:45,10:50  Afternoon:  12:00 noon, 1:15 pm, 3:35, 4:55, 5:55  Evening: 7:10 pm, 9:15,11:20  Lv Langdale        i  '������  Morning: 6:20 am, 7:30, 8:35, 9:45,10:50  Afternoon: 12:00 noon, 2:30 pm, 3:45,4:45  Evening: 6:00 pm, 7:05, 8:15,10:20  JERVIS INLET  Lv Earls Cove  Morning: 5:55 am, 7:45, 9:35,11:25  Afternoon: 1:15 pm, 3:35, 5:25  Evening: 7:15 pm, 9:05,10:55 .  Lv Saltery Bay  *���  Morning: 5:00 am, 6:50, 8:40,10:30  Afternoon: 12:20 pm, 2:40, 4:30  Evening: 6:20 pm, 8:10,10:00  ���  ��   ���  CLIP and SAVE  B.C. Ferries' schedules are on  Cable 10 T.V. daily  jjj  Schedules subject to change without notice.  il  ^BCFGRRIGS  know not why, thus to procure  information we know not  whereof.... and unfortunately,  after some several hundred  pages of this, I, for one, could  not care less whereof...  ��� And this is Le Carre's  great experiment. He quite  particularly and purposely  keeps the reader in the dark  as to the significance of the  events he is relating; while  still, however, calculating that  our desire to fully understand  what's going on wUI keep us  reading to find out. It is a  dellverate exercise in obfus-  cation. And one, I must admit,  that has met with great  appltuse. But not from me. If  I want obfuscation I'll follow  the debate on the constitution  or listen to Alexander Haig.  My interest wanes when  subjected to a succession of  novelistic events of no discernible significance. And my  indignation waxes when I am  aware that the events are  indeed of significance, but  that their significance is being  calculatedly withheld at the  pleasure ofthe clever novelist.  However, it is a grudging  testament to the literary  virtues of Le Carre that I did  plough through to the end.  And if one does, one is rewarded with an ending of  some vigour. But suffice it to  say that this is not my favourite Le Carre novel.  Perhaps, you say, he wants  his readership to think.  Probably so. Personally, I  don't like thinking when I'm  reading. It gets in the way.  But Honourable Schoolboy did  get me thinking, as a kind of  escape. Because for all its  colourful characters and exotic  milieus, it progresses leaden-  ly, and it had me feeling as if  I were trapped in a file cabinet.  So I began to think. I began  to dwell on a growing frustration with Le Carre and his  hero, SmUey. With the somewhat schoolboyish sensibilities, with their aura of one-  upmanship, hero-worship and  cultural chauvinism, attitudes  that recur consistently  throughout this trilogy. With  the snobbery underlying Le  Carre's portrayal of SmUey's  self-effacing English reserve.  With Le Carre's peculiar  attitude to women and to  sexuality that give this reader  the impression that the author  is struggling nobly to be  'frank and modern'.  He goes out of his way to  render his hero unprepossessing. Smiley sweats. He fidgets. We are regularly re-  Book Look  by Murrie Redman  Sandcastles by Joseph Allen et al, Doubleday 1981, $11.50  The sandcastles in this unique book are far from the little  tin pail and shovel variety that children create on a beach.  Their elaborate moats, spires and turrets are copies of  famous and beautiful structures now crumbling, but once  imposing and formidable in Europe. Not one, however, of  even the most filigreed sandy towers has lasted longer than  the space of one tide. Photographs and memories are all that  keep them.  The four joint authors, of an order called Sandcastlers,  combine to recall the romance of greatfortresses unlike their  sandy ones, which warded off attacks while protecting  dozens of people behind their thick walls. The building ofa  castle evidently took sometimes hundreds of years. First a  tower was built to fend off attackers. Then as time went on,  curtains or walls were added to increase thecomfort of those  within. Each succeeding group of castle dwellers initiated  and developed refinements in defence as well as appearance  to make up the grand edifices that tourists dream on today.  Sandcastles revives the castle roamer's interest as it delves  into fact and legend surrounding some special ones. Castel  Sant' Angelo, Mont Saint Michel, the Kremlin are among  the better known. It is no wonder that ghosts are said to  haunt their cold halls and loom on winding stone stairways.  History's bloodiest crimes and battles, its cruellest acts were  planned and executed within their walls. They are so old.  Not only are memories of great structures related, the  book also calls up ancient costume and weaponry to enrich  the castle lover's knowledge. How did the castle populace  eat, where did they sleep, what work did they do? There are  many fascinating details to be learned as background before  tackling your first fortress.  Myth and legend aside, the end of the book gets into the  nitty gritty, quite literally. Building a sandy castle is a lot  more difficult than it looks, but it is cheap. If you make a  mistake you can always begin again on another site.  Watching the tide is a factor none-the-less, so time is  important.  Purist castlers stick to water, sand and modelling sticks.  In sandcastle contests the serious contenders bring knockdown forms, huge buckets and a whole team of enthusiasts.  Photographs show great castles of sand over ten feet high,  with fancy ramparts and flowery towers. Their ramps and  moats invite the imagination to dream of knights on steeds  and maidens in turrets. Like all dreams they disappear and  wash away. The practical and elegant castles of sand go back  to the earth just as their rock counterparts shall,  Sandcastles is a lovely volume for the romantic only. Its  pages join photograph and etching, print and woodcut to  make an exceptional book.  10th birthday  SALE  Pay the regular price of  (Plus $4.00 Deposit)  for the  1st Case of  and pay only  picapoP]  54 PRICE  (Plus Deposit)  FOR THE SECOND CASE  June 10th - 20th  Pica-pop  ONLY!  'Pop at Vancouver Prices"  Wt Kept Pop Shoppt botttM lor rifund.  COAST INDUSTRIES  Hwy. 101, Gibsons, Behind Peninsula Transport  886-9159  minded about his pudgy little  hands. He even polishes his  glasses on the end of his tie  (part of the legend, we are  informed). And yet he is  treated with not just deference  by his confreres in the spook  trade but with sheer bootlicking servility. Even his  hard-bitten opposite number  in the CIA deports himself  like a daft spaniel in SmUey's  presence. George, of course,  is above noticing all this in his  quiet, reserved, modest Eng-  ligh way.  But somehow Le Carre  never convincingly presents  Smiley as the type who would  command such awe. Certainly  he is clever, we have a list of  his accomplishments. But this  is sheer, open-mouthed doting  reverence we have here.  Something is amiss in this  presentation.  Somewhere it is written that  it is a great gaucherie for a  novelist to represent a character as an outstanding genius  or wit or sage if the novelist  lacks sufficient genius or wit  or sagacity to realize the  character authentically. It  is doubly gauche to then have  the reputed genius or sage trot  out a procession of the author's pet theories. I somehow  feel that something subtler  but analogous is at work in  this trilogy.  Le Carre'builds a tremendous aura around Smiley, in  direct contrast to the quality  of his physical presence, yet  without ever giving us any  evidence to hang it on. We are  told he is profound, but his  utterances are not. We are  told that he is an afficionado  of German poetry - indeed,  he is writing a book on the  subject - but we never glimpse  the poetry in his soul. In fact,  very little of George SmUey is  revealed and what is, is prosaic. It is an interesting and  deliberate technique of Le  Carre's, but I think it falls a  little short of the mark. To  me, SmUey remains a less  than fully realized character,  A hollow man. It requires a  leap of faith on the part of the  reader to acknowledge SmUey  as the mastermind he is  supposed to be, and after  three novels I remain a  skeptic.  But I'll read the next one.  Coast News, June 9, 1981  Chimney *  Cleaning  & Maintenance  Phone 886-8187  Estate  Planning  is more than simply arranging a Will. It also  should include tax and financial counselling to  help you keep the most of what you've made.  Let me introduce you to one of our salaried  estate planning specialists.  Geoff Hodgkinson  Box 957,  Glbtont, B.C.  lie-Mil  Mutual Life of Canada  Fom's Market  cart step  has moved 2 doors down, beside the  Conn Home Catt  Watch for our  Opening Sale!  Beginning June 19th  All OH if  20% OH  Family Size  Pepsi &7-Up   3/*1.49  ���or,rlH Cllt with  Ersry PktoIum Ovtr SS.M  tioo am ��� 11 inn 7 Days a Weak    SOO-OflS  PEOPLE GOME FIRST IT  PRICES EFFECTIVE: WED. JUNE 10 TO SAT. 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So. 7 30 pm -930 pm  T 0 Th . 1 30 - 2 30 pm  M. ��F  130-230  I Su   2- 4 pm,  Su . 0 - 10 pm  PENDER HARBOUR CENTRE  Madeira Para.883-9100  Wo roaorvo th* right  lo limit quantities Coast News, June 9, 1981  mtm  WS  illmoon  I5a\   II;  The endless issue of access  by Ruth Foneiter 885-2418  Beach Accesses ��� the  Issue.  Considering that the Sunday of May 31st was such a  beautifully sunny day there  was a very good turnout for  the Area "B" Ratepayer's  Association general meeting  at the Welcome Beach Hall.  President George Murray  chaired the meeting and  requested a moment's silence  in respect of the memory of  three members who had  recently passed away - Bill  Moore, Percy Partequin and  Alice Burdett.  The matter of lot sizes  was brought up, but Area  Representative Peggy Connor  informed the group that the  public hearing of the Area  B Settlement Plan would  be taking place some time in  June and this would be the  time to discuss this in full.  An announcement is expected  very soon as to the date of  this event, so watch out for the  date.  Discussion took place regarding the removal of the  garbage containers on the  Trout Lake and the highway  locations, and it was agreed  that they had been abused  and had become an eyesore to  the area. It was requested that  the Halfmoon Bay dump  should be opened up again,  but it was pointed out by  Peggy that this was not  economically feasible.  The Chairman relinquished  the chair to Vice President  Judy Gill in order that he  could speak from the floor on  the matter of the lack of  action on beach accesses in  the area. The fact that application had been made to the  SCRD for a Community waterfront lease for the public  roadway on the waterfront at  Coopers Green, was noted.  This was done to ensure that  this area remains public.  Members were reminded  that there will be a public  hearing on June 11th at 7 p.m.  in the Village of Sechelt  Council Chambers regarding  by-law amendments requests  for the proposed new subdivisions above Sargeants  Bay.  The situation of the arena's  finances was discussed at  length, with expenditures and  figures explained by Brian  Stelck and by Andrew Steele.  An   amendment   to   the  CONFIDENTIAL SECRETARY  A vacancy will exist by the end of June for a  Confidential Secretary to the Superintendent of  Schools, School District 46. The location is in the  new office in Gibsons, the position is challenging  and requires initiative as. well as a high degree of  proficiency in secretarial skills. Salary after 3  months' probation $10.11/hour, with a wide range  of fringe benefits. The position is 12 months/year.  Send applications and resumes to the  undersigned at Box 220, Gibsons, B.C. VON 1V0,  on or before 12:00 noon, Friday, June 12th, 1981.  R. Mills,  Secretary-Treasurer  membership by-law in the  constitution was passed to the  effect that residents of the  area who are renting and who  qualify for membership in the  Association may now do so.  The Halfinoon Bay Variety  Show.  Tickets will soon be on sale  for this show, which will be  at the Welcome Beach Hall  on the Saturday of June  27th. It promises to be a really  great evening of entertainment for everyone, with lots of  local talent. The proceeds will  benefit our own Welcome  Beach Community Association  which is sponsoring the event.  You will be hearing more on  this as the time draws nearer.  Country Fair.  The date of July 18th has  been set for the Annual  Country Fair, and the place  will again be at the Halfmoon  Bay School on Trout Lake  Road. For this year's Fair an  independent committee has  been formed, made up of the  following people, Peggy Connor, Donna Perry, Carol Kozij,  Hank Wilson and Bunty  Pinkerton.  There will be races for the  children, a volley-ball tournament, lots of food and fun  for all. It is hoped that organizations and individuals  will arrange to have booths  for the sale and showing of  their wares. Arrangements for  this may be made by giving  Donna Perry a call at 885-  3742.  In praise of "The Store"  There have been many  favourable comments from  local residents on the fine job ,  that the new owners of the  Halfmoon Bay Store and Post  Office are doing. The  Schmidts have rearranged  things to express their own  ideas, and it is a pleasure  to visit the store.  k  ii   ,' ���  "���    , *��$���  ��, :  t,,     n~  *"* '*'l*"1,'\- ���. "  ������':���   ��  1  -'.�� --S.  fel'lfe'^ '  ilk.                    *  BR                    H^ Mi J  ���*-��< JB  ��> .isn  (m'fc- *jl''  ���                                �����                           MmW?    -"HI*        ij}  '/0m��  P   '�����*'  ^Ulr / :-wt  w  ����  t't^^mmWrnW  kV ���""T iB  'tTtV-flPtij  sL^'f^m*  ��BV r"-   **  gJ-fP**- -AarjgrtoM,  jLi* TS*!-*-!,  '**r.  ���  -St          -.      i  With a hustle and a bustle, Ihe "Gran-E-Thon" begins. Sponsored by the Kiwanis in aid of its  Gibsons Senior Citizens Home, the one mile (approx.) walk left from Sunnycrest Shopping Centre  last Sunday, May 31. ��� *���*�����J ae"!��" i""0  Remembering  Pete DuBois  Harmony  Hall  Happenings  , Our last regular meeting  until September took place on  Monday, June 1st, with our  usual good attendance.  Most of our activities are  finished for the summer but  will commence again in the  fall.  We do want to invite all  members and friends to our  Annual Picnic, Sunday July  19th at Harmony Hall. It will  be a Potluck luncheon, followed by games and outdoor fun. Eva Oliver is our  convenor, so please come and  enjoy yourselves.  We are participating in the  Flea Market June 7th at  Gibsons Winter Club with  crafts and home-baking, so  we hope to see you all come  out and enjoy the variety of  articles, etc. being offered for  sale.  Have a good summer everyone.  See you  in  the  fall.  <KITCHEN  GRRNIVAL  "A Gallery of  Kitchen Gadgets & Accessories"  BUTTERMOLD  SCULPTURES  Add your own creative  masterpiece with molded  butter.  Individual $6.75  Buffet Size $24.95  885-3611  Cowrie Street, Sechelt  We will always remember  Pete Dubois.  Bad news in a small community travels fast and in a  matter ofa few hours after the  word was out that Pete had  been accidentally killed in a  logging accident, friends and  relatives, both, had a very  hard time accepting the fact  that it was true.  Shock and bewilderment  showed in people's faces  and others just let the tears  roll down their cheeks, for  Pete was a well-respected,  kind-hearted, hard-working  person who would go out of his  way to help others. He was  devoted to his family and the  love and affection was very  visible.  Bonny has suffered one of  the most traumatic .blows a  wife can suffer in the loss of  her husband and it helps just  knowing* that she raised a very  close-knit family who will be  standing by her in the days to  come.  The memorial service was  held in the Community Hall  last week with Rev. Godkin  officiating. There was hardly  any standing room left in the  big hall as many, many friends  came to pay their last respects  to Pete.  Pender Harbour and District  Wildlife.  There will be an interesting  meeting of the Pender Harbour and District Wildlife  Society, June 16; 7:30 p.m. at  the Elementary School. Mavis  and Murray Morris will be  guest speakers and showing  films on their ten years in the  Charlottes.  Pender Harbour Hotel Restaurant.  Marge Campbell was a little  concerned about how things  would go if she took over the  Pender Harbour Hotel cafe  and dining room as patronage  from the local people as well  as the tourists is very important. Things have turned  Out very well and the various  crews who stay at the hotel  are pleased with their rea  sonably-priced meals. Local  help is employed and Marge is  open seven days a week,  Monday to Friday 7:00 a.m. to  2:00 p.m. and 5:30 to 10:00  p.m., Saturdays and Sundays  9:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. and  5:30 to 10:00 p.m.  Royal Canadian Legion,  Branch 112.  Open House for members  on June 12, 5:00 to 7:00 p.m.  to celebrate the draft beer  installation. Refreshments will  be served. The regular Saturday afternoon Meat Draws  are still held as well as the  Ladies Auxiliary Raffle.  CLASSIFIED NOTE  Drop off your Coast Ne\  Classified  at  Campbells  Family Shoes, Sechell. or  Madeira Park Pharmacy,  Madeira Park.  Elphinstone Wanderers Softball Club  DANCE  Saturday,  June 27th  9 pm ��� 1 am,  Roberts Creek Hall  Dance to* "TAX DEDUCTIBLE"  Tickets: $6.00 ea      Available at  Richard's, Sunnycrest Mall (No Minors),  SCHOOL DISTRICT NO. 46  CLERICAL EMPLOYMENT  TVPINQ TESTS  Persons interested in obtaining clerical positions  with this School District are reminded that their  application will not be considered unless they  have obtained the established standard in typing  and clerical aptitude tests. Tests are run 2 or 3  times a year and the next set will take place on  Tuesday, June Sth, at 7:00 pm. at Elphinstone  Secondary School. Persons intending to sit the  tests should notify Miss Pat Edwards at  Elphinstone - 886-2204, or the School Board  Office - 886-2225.  R. Mills  Secretary-Treasurer  PHONE: 886-2225  Three cheers for  the gym teacher  ANNOUNCEMENT  Dental Mechanic  Gunnar Aslkainen  Now Open for Denture Service        *  Monday to Friday  9:00 to 5:00  For appointment phone 885-2633  Credit Union Bldg, Sechelt  /l^-  Notice Board  Sponsored as a Public Service  886-2622     by the Coast News    886-7817  NOTE: Early announctmtnti will b�� run onct, than must bt  re-submltted to run again, no mort than ont month prior to  Coming Events  by Robi Peters  Three cheers for Bruce  Forbes, P.E. teacher at our  high school for the best sports  day in a long time. Although  the weather was terrible it  didn't dampen the enthusiasm  of the staff.  The students got right into  the swing of things and participation was excellent. The  two house teams Haida and  Nootka were very close, and I  think it was the tug-o-war  which decided who had most  points ofthe day.  I didn't get a chance to  watch all the events, but the  swimming events Mrs. Vader  and I ran, were quite exciting.  The consensus from the  students was - "It was a great  day".  Bruce put a lot of hard work  into making it a success.  Thanks, Bruce. A lot of  parents appreciate it.  The community' was saddened to hear the tragic news  of Pete Dubois' fatal accident  last week. Logging is still a  dangerous trade. Our hearts  go out to Bonnie and family.  DAN'S BACKHOE SERVICE  seruino  ��� Gibsons ��� Gambier ��� Keats  GENERAL EXCAVATING  AND TRENCHING  Phone 886-2758 Evenings Please  NOTICE OF PUBLIC MEETING  Electoral Area E  A public meeting will be held in the Gymnasium  Cedar Grove Elementary School  Wednesday, June 10 at 7:30 pm  to discuss the first draft of the  ELPHINSTONE SETTLEMENT PLAN  This draft document outlines long range policies for growth and development of the  community in the area lying west of the Village of Gibsons boundaries and west of  North Road extending to the cemetery on Highway 101. Copies of the text portion of  this plan area available at the Regional District Office, Gibsons Post Office and  Douglas' Variety Store. A settlement plan map is available for viewing at the Regional  District office. Interest citizens and community groups are invited to participate in the  discussion by commenting on.the proposals and by providing suggestions for  inclusion in the plan.  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That leaves the parade,  pet contest, food booths,  bingo, canoe races, face  painting and hopefully the  crafts fair to take place on  Saturday. Of most concern is  the lack of kids' games. They  complained last year that  there wasn't enough to do so  you can imagine how bored  they'll be without any.  So come on, people. Roberts  Creek  Daze   has  gained  a  reputation as a fun time over  the past three years. Let's not  let a good tradition die. Come  out and help make it a success. You can't expect a few  people to do it all for you.  Ladles place third.  The Roberts Creek Legion  Ladies Softball Team fared  well at the tournament in  Powell River May 30 and 31.  They won three of their five  games and made it to the  semi-finals, finishing third out  of nine teams. Three players  were chosen for the all-star  team: Maureen Kinniburgh  for second base, Debbie  Mealie for Right Field, and  Sigrid Petersen in Left Field.  They hope to do well this  weekend in the tournament  at Hackett Park in Sechelt.  The Roberts Creek and Wakefield teams are co-hosting  the Third Annual Invitational  Ladies Softball Tournament  with four local teams, three  from Powell River and one  from Victoria.  A Reminder  to Sport Fishermen that  the following  Regulations are now  in effect:  i.  2.  Any person 16 years of age or older who is  fishing requires a sport fishing licence.  No person shall fish with more than one line  except that a person alone in a boat may fish  with two lines.  3. Where there is a group of persona on board a  vessel, no person shall engage in sport fishing  from that vessel unless at least one person 16  years of age or more is the holder of a valid  licence.  4. There is an 18" (45.72 cm) minimum size limit  on Chinook Salmon. (Chinook Salmon have  noticeably black gums at the bate ot their  teeth. Tha Coho'sgumsara much paler-almost  white. Both have darkish tongues so check the  gums of the lower jaw to be sure. The Chinook  tail is covered with spots while the Coho tail only  has a few spots.)  For further information please contact the Fisheries  Office at 883-2313.  They're holding a social  at the Roberts Creek Community Hall on Saturday night  for the players and friends.  Music will be provided by  Lome Jones and Steve Hubert  and they'll need dance partners for all those ladies.  Tickets are $3 and should be  available from the Roberts  Creek team, Seaview Market,  or the ballfield on Saturday.  Roberts Creek plays at  10:15 on Saturday and the  final game will be at 1:30  Sunday. Come out and cheer  on your ladies. They need your  support.  Last before summer.  Next Wednesday (June 17)  is the last Community Association meeting before the  summer break. Contact Gail  Cromie or Dennis Davison to  have an item put on the  agenda. Meeting starts at  8 at the Community Hall.  Sports Day Thursday?  Sports Day at Roberts Creek  Elementary is scheduled for  this Thursday, but it will be  postponed until Friday if it  rains.  Tide open.  It'll be a tough act to follow  but Glen Kraus's reign as  "Mr. Roberts Creek" ends on  July 10 and somebody else will  become the idol of all the  women of Roberts Creek.  Think about it, fellas, it's  the chance of a lifetime 1  Start getting your act together, both for the talent  show and otherwise.  Legion Entertainment.  Graham Edney and Brian  Swanson, formerly of "The  Penn Kings" will be playing  at the Legion this weekend.  Members and guests only  please.  Gibioni Public  library  Tuesday 2 - 4 pm  Wednesday 2 - 4 pm  Thursday 2-4 & 7-9 pm  Saturday 2 - 4 pm  886-2130  Kim's Deal of the Month  Chesterfield and Two Chairs  with Hassock  Beige Tweed with Rusty Brown Stripes  Sale Price ���688.00 Reg. $895.00  NO TRADE  cpernwqod  wuhuture  J Cowrie St., Sechelt   885-2542  Coast News, June 9, 1981  Derek Everard  & Associates  WE OFFER  PERMANENT SAVINGS TYPE OF  LIFE INSURANCE  (If you insist on some money back later)...  BUT, we're THE Term Life people, who feel  you'd prefer to pay 4 or 5 times less money,  and   have   high coverage and income  replacement, while your needs are greatest.  P.O. Box 1278 CALL US  Sechelt 885-5726  l.ori Jovick carried a major load as the Stage Manager in 'Our Town'. Her she is seen in the moving  last scene of the play. (Review below). ��� jonn Bum.Me pnoto  'Our Town  A brilliant entertainment  ��  - Fiehing Indiutry  Union Organization  by George Matthews  "Our Town", the old standard about "life, love and death  in any small town", by Thorton  Wilder, can be tedious, corny,  maudlin and contrived. But  Judith Wilson's high school  production of this play was  (given the incredible limitations ofthe Elphinstone High  School gymnasium) pure, clean  and brilliantly entertaining.  As if to prove the old axiom  that all a good teacher needs  are a sharp stick, a bare patch  of ground and some talented  students, Ms. Wilson showed  her audience the much needed  bright side of our high school.  On that brighter side, the  choice of play was a stroke of  genius. As a set piece of what  life in a small town means,  whether in 1901 or 80 years  later, "Our Town" exudes  meaning to both the students  who performed and the audience which enjoyed. The  basic understanding of the  play's theme was obviously  crystal clear to its players.  Rarely in high school drama do  performers appear to fully  understand what they are  doing. In "Our Town" there  was never a doubt.  A further bright feature was  a cast of experienced and  exceptionally talented players.  "Our Town" had a cast of  young actors who had been  trained by such dedicated  teachers as Colleen Elson and  Patti Allen while in elementary  school, and their skill and  confidence as high school  players owes a great deal to that  experience. This community  has produced many successful  entertainers and the current  crop, many of whom are still in  grade 9 and 10, shows our  ability to generate talent has  not diminished.  Lori Jovick, as the Stage  Manger, anchored the play  with an ease, grace and confidence which will serve her  well in her post high school  acting career. She was simply  excellent. Reg Morel has  developed, with dedication and  patience, into a very credible  performer. The cast was too  large to mention all individuals  by name but particularly  outstanding were Eileen Bandi  as Mrs. Gibbs. Vicki Hawken  as Mrs. Webb, Gerry Lister as  Mr. Webb, and Donna Mac  Farlane as both a loquacious  Mrs. Soames and an hilarious  stumbling academic.  I had two favourites. The  first was perfectly cast Dick *,  Lonsdell as George Gibb.  Dick's natural, naive enthusiasm did more than anything  to make me believe il was 1901  and not the smug sophisticated  80's. The kid was. quite simply,  a natural.  My second favourite was  Sheree Wolansky who. in  about 30 seconds of ribald  teasing of a groom at a  wedding, showed a natural  comic gift. If these students  persist through the trials of  being actors in the usually  cynical teenage environment,  they will realize successful  careers.  A third bright feature was  the technical excellence with  which Ms. Wilson put her  players through their paces.  The lighting was effective yet  unobtrusive; the set simple but  functional; the costumes generally appropriate.  This brings us to the darker  side. How Judith Wilson and  her cast could be subjected to  performing in the corner of a  basketball court is nothing less  than disgusting. Even from our  painfully hard benches, the  audience could catch a glimpse  of a "universal gym" on what  used to be a theatre stage. I  wondered during the performance how the players must  have felt being relegated to a  corner while just to stage left  the theatre stage was being  occupied by those grotesque  manifestations of macho-coast  culture. Until the facilities live  up to the capabilities of the  student talent in our schools,  audiences will remain disappointingly and undeservedly  small.  To end on a positive note, it  was a good play, directed by a  fine teacher, played by superb  and disciplined actors. For our  town, what more could we ask?  HDP Bookstore  Gibsons Landing       886-7744  Ghost Towns of B.C. b���.��.-..��,��/  A Ripple, A Wave  "Work Cf Wages" ^-^.^  "Man Along the Shore" rv��couv��)  - As told by the Longshoremen Themselves  Shipbuilding in B.C.  - Ae told by Shipyard Worker.  Along the No. SO Line  -Roll Knight  The West Howe  Sound Story mm- 1976  in Den Wyngaert  ���mm  Everything must go!  RENOVATION SALE  AH Stock  in our Gibsons store only  to%  OFF  Listed Price  (Except Current Samples)  All Carpet and Linoleum  Roll Ends & Remnants  In Stock  Kirsch Decorative Rods  Discontinued Samples 27" x 18"  ���I.00 each  Smaller sizes *5��*�� bundle  Discontinued  Drapery Samples  SO* each  remember JtayoM tor Father's nay  JUNE 21 ST  Horffem  Morgans men's wear cowrie si. sechelt 885-9330  mm  mmMmm Coast News, June 9, 1981  An auspicious start  Ramblings   of  a Rover  by Dee Cee  In attempting to relive the  past and recapture some ofthe  highlights of a wandering  career that took me from the  Arctic Circle to the South  Seas, the question that arises  with the most persistent  frequency is why did I choose  Ihis kind of life when there  were so many other alternatives? This is a query that  I am unable to answer in a  satisfactory manner, either to  others or to myself. Had I  al any time been stopped in  mid-flight and asked what  exactly I was looking for or  what was the underlying  reason for my quest, I would  have been at a loss  for an  answer and, to be truthful,  I am still in the same position.  Basically I am as big a fool  as when I left the sleepy little  town in Kent, England,  over half a century ago.  I have discovered no protound  truths nor could I attempt to  explain "the enigma of life -  why we are here, what justification we have for our  actions and, most perplexing,  what if any is the purpose of it  all?  There is one thing that 1  have found, however, and far  be it for me to claim it as a  unique discovery on my part.  I maintain that the more  people a person knows the  more complicated that person's life becomes. If one is on  one's own one can do pretty  much as one likes, just so long  as it is within the law, but  add acquaintances, friends,  neighbours, etc. and right  away, willingly or not, one  becomes involved in their  affairs and their problems  become in some measure part  of yours. It is probably the  reason why, as I have stated  before, I have preferred to be  a loner. God knows, I have had  enough problems of my own to  contend with without adding  the burdens of others to my  already stooped shoulders!  In view of the fact that I  more or less promised in last  week's article that this one  would finally have my reaching the West Coast,  I had  better forego any more philosophizing and get on to what  happened after negotiating  the famous Seven mile tunnel.  My companion (an irrepressible and totally irresponsible  character by the name of  Casey) and I had hardly  reached Field when we came  in conflict with authority.  We had lit a small fire and  were heating water, not only  to make ourselves a cup of  tea but for washing purposes,  when a Fire Ranger and,  presumably his assistant, arrived and brusquely informed  us that we were in a Provincial-  Park and that no fires were  allowed without a special  permit. Dutifully, while he  waited, we extinguished it  with several honey pails of  water and, after thanking him  for the valuable information,  walked a mile or two down  the tracks and promptly lit  another one.  Our next stop was at  Golden, B.C. and here we  ran into trouble with a capital  T, Unknown to us, the powers  that be had designated this  spot as the final barrier to all  those transients heading West  and, topographically speaking, they couldn't have chosen  a better place. As the train  slowed down the hoboes,  including Casey and I, began  jumping oft only to find  ourselves surrounded by all  the forces of law and order it  was possible to imagine.  There was no place to run.  On one side of the tracks was  a sheer wall of rock while on  the other ran the swiftly  flowing waters of the Columbia River. I think they must  have screened the combined  police forces of this continent  to come up with the damnedest conglomeration of cretinous creeps that were assembled to maintain the law in  Golden during those days.  Waiting until the freight  had pulled out they then  marshalled us together and  started us back on the highway headed in an easterly  direction. This was too much  for Casey and he got into an  argument with one of the cops  and I became involved, so that  finally they lost patience and  not only arrested us but threw  us into jail. Without actually  being charged with anything  in particular, they kept us  there for three days, sufficient  time for them to have us split  and pile a small mountain of  wood that was lying in the  yard. On the day of our  release I was further enraged  when they confiscated my  hunting knife which I always  carried, not on my person but  in my packsack.  When two of those mongoloid misfits started us on the  road back east, we waited  until we got around a bend in  the highway then both Casey  and I took off into the bush in  opposite directions. I guess  they must have got Casey as  I never saw him again but I  crawled under a big fallen tree  and stayed hidden until  nightfall. Later, keeping the  lights of the town always to my  left, I circled it, came back  out on the railroad tracks and  walked all night and part of  next day till I reached Beaver-  mouth, a water station 27  miles west of Golden.  My next recollection is of a  brief stop at a hobo jungle,  just outside Kamloops, where  almost twenty "gentlemen of  the road" were having a  "wine and cheese party"  along the Thompson River.  While there was very little  cheese in evidence there was  an abundance of red and white  wines, thoughtfully provided  by one of their number,  a remittance man who had  just received his cheque from  the Old Country.  Leaving them to their  wassail, I rested up and  caught a freight late that night  heading west. There were no  open boxcars but I managed  to find an empty gondola car  that had recently transported  coal. Although the dust had  been left behind to the depth  of six or seven inches I crawled into that. It came on to rain  and the closer we got to the  coast the heavier it became.  I must have looked a dreadful sight, early that Sunday  morning when I swung off the  freight at the north end "of  Carrol Street. Soaking wet ana  liberally smeared from heaB  to foot with grime, I had li*He  feelings of elation except for  the fact that I had eventually  made it. I had reached Vancouver come hell or high  water I Thinking along the.se  lines and with my head bent  against the driving rain, 1  came around the corner of  the Europe Hotel and not only  collided with but almqst  knocked down an unkempt  and dishevelled looking  wretch of a woman who was  sucking on a bottle of beet.  She had probably recently  been kicked out of some  drunken logger's room when  he had awakened and discovered the kind of creature  he had spent the night with.  Be that as it may, her greeting  to me could not have been any  warmer or more sincere. Preferring the bottle, she croaked  "Welcome to the Big City  stranger - have a drink!"  How could you wish for a more  auspicious  start  than  that?  for tourists and residents.  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' The public school system,  operating from nine to three for  approximately 190 days out of  .165, has been overloaded to the  breaking point with programs  which pressure groups have  forced the schools to undertake. The result is confusion  confounded. Teachers are  required to present provincial.)'  determined curricula grade by  grade. The inevitable pass-fail  system is immoral and unjust,  resulting in a drop-out and  kick-out rate which is unacceptable in a society where few  opportunities present themselves to immature persons.  More and more teachers are  confessing to stress and "burnout".  The plan which might be  tried in British Columbia is a  modification of what is done in  some countries removed from  the American influence which  so blights our British Columbian school system.  ��� Two different types of educational centres would be set  up. and two different sets of  teachers, one for the morning  and theotherfortheafternoon.  The afternoon session would be  extended to say, five o'clock.  Both sessions would be compulsory for all children.  u The mo.-'"*. .-*-*���- ��>rr��,llH  present only the disciplines;  reading (English), arithmetic  (mathematics), world geography, world history (civics),  general science (moving into  biology, chemistry and physics)  and study skills. These teachers  would study how each child  learns best, and would demand  a high degree of performance.  Tests would determine each  child's progress. These teachers  (on full salary, may I hasten to  add) would remain at school  without their pupils all the  afternoon, for a full working  day, marking, planning, con-  fering, studying, recording.  Their teaching would be reinforced by teaching machines,  computers, and resource centres. Each child would be on an  individualized program, so  there would not be any failure,  just differing rates of progress.  The afternoon staff would be  assisted by as many experts as  the community could offer.  Students from earliest years  would be introduced to art,  music, dance, sports, drama  and generous time allotments  could be given to the student's  choice. There would be rhythm  bands, juvenile orchestras,  marching bands, ballet companies, drama festivals. Artistic  children would be allowed to  paint, to draw, to design, to  sculpture, to carve. Children  who love to sing would be given  voice training.  In addition, there could be  school gardens, and pet centres, where children who lack  these opportunities at home  could learn the basics. There  would be field trips and visits to  adult centres which feature th��  extensions of all these childish  interests.  From theinterestsdeveloped  in childhood by active participation and growing skills, the  secondary students' courses  would be drawn in the mornings, thi rigorous studies; in the  afternoon, the practical application of the morning work.  F<f some, lab time; for others,  t/lcvision production; for  some, work-study work-experience; for others, four or five  hours shop work, or commerce, or performing arts, or  hockey practice, or golf, or  tennis... Some might spend  most of the afternoons in the  library; some might volunteer  to work with pre-schoolers, or  do community service. By this  time, excellence would be the  key-note. The musicians would  be ready for adult apprentice-  ihip, the artists would have  ���chieved a degree of creativity  >:  I  The Officers and Cadets of  2963 Sunshine Coast  Army Cadets  Wish to thank the following people for  helping to make their Annual Inspection  such a success as well as assisting in  activities throughout the year:  Mr. Dick Clayton and the merchants of  Trail Bay Shopping Centre for the use of the  Mall area for the Annual Inspection;  Branch  140, Sechelt Legion Ladies'  Auxiliary for providing food and refreshments'  for everyone;  Carrie and Joe Allan of the Parent's Auxiliary  for  their  assistance throughout  the year;  Sunshine Coast Board of School Trustees  and Chatelech Principal June Bernauer for  the use of school facilities.  Thanks a Million!  bsjaflttattSi  which is seldom achieved in  adolescence.  The twelve month school  year could be easily achieved.  Each teacher and each child  could book off for eight weeks  vacation annually through the  central office. Teachers could  save up for a sabbatical year, as  could secondary students.  Under this system, minority  groups would have the opportunity to immerse their children  in afternoon language and  cultural programs, inviting  other children to join. From  early , years, students could  spend some afternoons studying French, Spanish, Hebrew,  Japanese, Chinese, Russian, or  one or more ofthe many Native  Indian languages and cultures.  Some children would graduate  with two or three languages.  Religious studies and moral  education could be selected  among the afternoon programs.  The point of this organization pattern is that nothing  must intrude on the morning  programs. Almost anything  educational would be permitted in the afternoon program,  with emphasis on personal  development. Our graduates  wou\4 be knowledgeable, secure in their basic education,  and well able to cope with both  employment possibilities and  leisure time.  Would this cost more than  our present distunctional hor-  se-and-buggy, hit-ir-miss system? 1 doubt it. Would it  prevent drop-outs? Try it out  on a young person and get their  opinion.  I'd say "yes!" That's positive!  Volunteers  important  On the Sunshine Coast, the  quality of life is vastly improved through the efforts of  volunteers. Recently a need  has been expressed to provide  support for those individuals  and families experiencing  a life-threatening illness or  bereavement,.A small group  of volunteers has indicated its  willingness to attempt to fill  this need, and in preparation  has attended workshops  Local volunteers are now  ready to visit with community  members requiring the services of a "friend" who will  emotionally support them in  this difficult period of then-  lives. Referrals can come from  medical practitioners, Home  Care or Long Term Care personnel, clergy or a close  friend and should be directed  to Moira Richter, who will  co-ordinate the service at  885-3394, Eileen Mountain at  886-8525 or the Volunteer  Bureau at 885-5881. Visitors of  both sexes and diverse backgrounds are available.  Slings  (cont'd.)  Iliad, knew about unanticipated consequences. I guess the  only reason for bringing up  Levshenko now is the fact  that I received a postcard from  him the other day. The picture  showed a beautiful, small  brown woman cooking on an  open fire under a palm  tree. The other side read,  "Having a vonderful time.  Vish you vere here. Love, L."  The Computer Age comes to Sechell Elementary School. Students Sean Andy and Julie hover over  their new educational toy. Looking are school teacher, Mrs. Enns, Digitronics Systems owner Ron  Blair and school principal, Brian Butcher. . f������ bou,u.. photo  COMMISSION ONf ACIFIC FISHERIES POLICY  COMMUNITY MEETING  SECHELT  Senior Citizen's Hall, Mermaid St.  Wednesday June 10 - 9:30 am. and 1:30 pm.  Informal COMMUNITY MEETINGS are being held to provide an  opportunity for individuals and groups to express their views  concerning Fisheries Policy on the Pacific Coast.  These meetings are in addition to the Commission's formal PUBLIC  HEARINGS where registered participants will present written  briefs. Participants in the Public Hearings may also participate in  the Community Meetings.  Dr. Peter H. Pearse, Commissioner  Commission on Pacific Fisheries Policy  No. 603-1200 W. 73rd Ave.,  Vancouver, B.C. V6P 6G5 Telephone 263-5010  aiimmmmmmuutMBT  MARINE i!#i*v����^A^  ON DISPLAY JuneU^-&J  in our  newly  expanded  marine  showroom!  CHRYSLER Thursday, June 11th  New Model Diesel & Gasoline Engines Now in our stock.  Distributor's Representative on hand all day Thursday  til 9 pm. to talk about powering, new installations,  i prop sizes. ��� the right engine for your boat.  [Also Chrysler Generator Sets, full time & standby.  VOLVO Friday, June 12th    New Models, LO. & Diesel.  ! Importer's Representative in our shop all day Friday  til 9 pm. Should that new engine be gas or diesel?  [Come in & discuss the advantages of each type of engine.  FIRST SHOWING IN THE WORLD(We Think)  . Borg Warner's new stern drive. So new we only have preliminary  ^drawings, but something to think about.  SAILBOAT HARDWARE & BRUCE ANCHORS  On Saturday, June 13th talk to Importer's Representative  , about quality sailboat  fittings  and the new lightweight  \Bruce anchors. Special prices all day.  BARGAIN TABLE  Don't Miss It!  ��� Controls ��� Cables ��� Gauges ���  ��� New Rudders ��� etc. etc. ���  DAILY  DOOR PRIZES  Just Leave Your Name!  PRIZES!  BRING YOUR FIRST MATE!  She gets a 24 K. Gold Maileleaf from Hawaii  with any purchase over $25,00!  GRAND DOOR PRIZE  1/2 Day Fishing Trip for up to 3  with Blackfish Charters of Secret Cove,  PAUL DRAKE LTD.  Suncoast Highway Gibsons      8862929 Coast News, June 9, 1981  WWK   M���   ^L\a\mi  LLCl\y DOLLAR fCCDS  OVERLOOKING BEAUTIFUL GIBSONS HARBOUR  PCCDLCE  390  California  California Fancy  LETTUCE  APPLES  tamornia B c Grown okanagan Spartan  PEACHES    ,  /0M  Bernsteins  Creamy French, Italian & 1,000 Island ,  dressings ,-.������ B5C  Nalley's    Bean or Macaroni  salad  15 oz  990  Sunspun Australian    Sliced, Crushed & Tidbits  pineapple m,���,59c  Eastpoint  tiny shrimp      ,,<���,, $1.99  Kam .  luncheon meat      $ 1.-19  Aylmer  tomato iuice    >.*,.w$1.25  LAI\EET  National Bakeries'  Our Own Freshly Baked  National Bakeries'  Nature Plus & Honey Whole Wheat  Beef & Chicken  Pies ea 590  Dread  16 oz. loaf ea.  950  Hills Brothers  instant coffee  Goodhost  iced tea mix  Kellogg's ^_  rice Krisples    *����-M  750 gm  Peach Whizz  Simp y Peachy  Peachy Chicken  1 cup chopped peaches  4 ice cubes  1/2 cup plain yogurt  1/2 cup milk  1 teaspoon orange peel  1 tablespoon honey  Whizz all ingredients in your blender then drink  Makes 1 serving.  Poached Peaches  Take 4 peaches and blanche them by dipping them  into boiling water for 20 seconds. Plunge immediately  into cold water and peel. Halve and remove stones.  Sprinkle each peach with orange juice.  Into a heavy saucepan pour 1 cup of red wine, a  sprinkle of cinnamon, 2 cloves, 2 slices of orange and 1/4  cup sugar. Heat and stir until sugar is dissolved. Place the  peaches in the liquid, cover and simmer for 15 minutes.  Halfway through the cooking turn the peaches over.  Remove the peaches from the liquid and place in a  warm dish. Turn the syrup up and cook for  approximately 10 minutes until thickened. Strain. Pour  the syrup over the peaches and serve with whipped  cream. **m��� 'v..  2 chicken breasts  1/4 cup vegetable oil  salt and pepper  1/4 cup sliced onion  2 stalks celery, sliced  1/2 cup green pepper, sliced  2 teaspoons cornstarch  2 teaspoons soy sauce  1 tablespoon vinegar  1 cup water  2 peaches, sliced  1 tomato, sliced  m  ^.MMMM��v^  Season the chicken and fry in hot oil until golden  brown.  Add the onion, celery, green pepper. Turn down the  heat, cover and cook for 15 minutes.  Blend the cornstarch, soy sauce, vinegar and water.  Pour into the pan and stir untildear and thick.  Add peaches and tomatoes, Stir in. Cover and simmer  for 5 minutes. Serve with hot rice.  Peach Secrets  Take 4 peaches and blanche as above. Halve and  remove stones. Chill.  Take 8 ozs. cream cheese at room temperature. Beat  in 1/4 cup sugar and 2 teaspoons grated lemon peel.  Chill.  Take 1 package frozen raspberries and thaw. Drain ofl  the juice and use in some other concoction. Puree the  raspberries together with 2 tablespoons of sugar and 1  tablespoon of kirsch. Chill.  Just prior to eating time, place a dollop of cheese  mixture in each peach and sandwich the halves back  together. Place in individual dishes and spoon raspberry  \ \ puree over each serving.  y yourselves Nest Lewis  (former Home Economics teacher)  ;J$|  lAicr-  Day by day. item by item, we do more for you In  grouidiny uartety. quality and friendly service.  'Ule reserve the right to limit quantities'  Gower Point Rd., Gibsons     Free Delivery to the Wharf     886*225/  goods n"     ^  PUOOin Popsicle.. ��� pkg of 6/55 ml bars * | m��$  Imperial  margarine       l��h  Swanson's Chicken, Beef & Turkey  pies  Kellogg's     Regular & Blueberry  eggo wattles        *1.09  The  PoP  Shoppe  lt30 oz/850 ml $500  Any flavour        Vui*p��ii  special.  $5.50 24-10 ox/300 ml  piusdtpmii (Any flavour  W7 Best Ever  m    Selection  of  FRESH  SEAFOODS  9130 am ��� 7 P"��  Gibsons Fish  Market  ALL SPORTS"  MARINE t  We have the     /}  Agency for     / 1  Topper    /  Mooring /   J "  Buoys  / /  h 886-9303  ��*��*Mat*��*Bt*K*'aBaaot*Bt'atM  ^amm  atfa^AMM  ^^��Ma��Mi  *k%%m  mm Coast News, June 9,1981  SUNSPUN SAUINGS  PRICES EFFECTIVE  Vied. - sun.  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Tomatoes, cabbage, green peppers, and  potatoes contribute substantial amounts of vitamin C.  Most people are inclined to over-cook vegetables.  This not only causes loss of natural flavour,  colour, and texture but also loss of nutrients.  The Chinese method of stir-frying is a good  method, otherwise vegetables should be cooked  in a minimum of water for as short a time as  possible. .T*V~  Our store is noted for its large assortment-  of fresh, crisp fruit and vegetables.  by  Bill  Edney  1. Cut out this Coupon  2. Attach to your Sales Slip *��.  3. Return to Ken's Lucky Dollar  ^          DRAW TO BE MADE SUNDAY AT 5 p.m.  NAME TEL NO.   POSTAL ADDRESS  Our popular $50.00 weekly grocery draw will continue each week into        g  1981 until further notice. I  L���������������������-J  #05  Grocery Draw Winner  Mrs. Carol Eades  Shop with confidence. Our prices are uery competitiue.  Ule will not he undersold on these aduertlsed Items.  Ule fully guarantee euerythlng we sell to be satisfactory.  or money cheerfully refunded.  mm  MMriMk 12  Coast News, June 9, 1981  There's nowt wrong with rain  Maryann-  bv Maryuute West  If I tell you I'm writing in  praise of rain, you'll think  I'm crazy, but my philosophy is that as you can't do  anything about it, you might  as well enjoy it.  I've just come in from an  hour's walk with twr soaking  wet dogs; they ve been  rubbed dry with much laughter and wriggling. Janie loves  it, goes off with the towel,  clowns and luxuriates in what  must be for her the pleasant  sensations having her fur  rubbed the wrong way.  Schnickel, who doesn't mind  the rain, suffers through the  drying process however much  fun Janie and I try to make  of it.  We nearly didn't gOi the  house was warm, I had 101  other things to do and of  course I'd heard all those  dreary and depressing comments about the weather from  city broadcasters. As few of  them broadcast any longer  from studios with a view, I  cannot imagine why they  should continually tell us how  miserable it is, but city people  seem to think only sunshine is  weather. How quickly the idea  that it's unpleasant to go out  in the rain becomes implanted  in our minds and, once  flourishing there, infects all  our thinking I  "You're not going out in  this rain?" Frank asks,  "You'll get soaked I" Then I  remind him of the good  (and expensive) rain jacket  he gave me for Christmas and  that it makes no sense to have  that jacket hanging in the  closet and not use it. Now I've  got that jacket I have to go out  in the rain, and do you know  what? I've re-discovered  something I had forgotten -  it's not nearly so wet nor so  unpleasant outside as it looks  from inside the house 11  The worst that can happen  is that you get wet feet and  pants, and once they're wet,  they're wet, and you can  mosey along the beach collecting bark and seaweed from  the tide line to the staccato  accompaniment of the rain  rattling on your jacket and  hood. We had an added bonus  this morning. The salmon-  berry bushes were all sagging  with the weight of the water  on their leaves and Janie could  feast on the berries which  had been previously out of my  reach. Neither Schnickel nor I  like them, but Janie will eat  all you can pick for her I  I suppose I got used to rain  when I worked on the farm.  Although the Boss tried to find  us jobs in the barn in inclement weather, when there  is stock to feed and cows to  be milked, the chores have to  be done regardless of the  weather.  In that part of Somerset  many small farmers milked  their cows in the field for  about nine months of the year,  it being easier to take the  crew to the cows than vice-  versa. We loaded the churns  and buckets into the little Ford  van, Boss and Bill sat in front,  young Tom and I dangled our  feet from the back and we  drove to whichever pasture  the dairy herd was in. The  cows would be standing  around the gate waiting for us,  and taking bucket and stool we  settled ourselves, heads  tucked against the warm  flank, buckets securely between our knees.  When it rained the Boss  would joke about "milk  being up" and there was no  way to stop some getting into  your bucket. I remember days  when the rain pouring off a  cow's back would' run down  your neck until you were  sitting in a pool of water, all  of which ran into your rubber  boots when you stood upl  In summer though, rain had  something to be said for it.  It kept the flies off and you  could milk in peace without  that   constant   flicking   tail  zinging round your ears,  and without the interruption  of your cow taking fright and  kicking you and the bucket  over as she leapt, startled by  the bite ofa fly.  The wettest chore that I  remember and certainly the  most unpleasant because it  was in winter, with cold,  freezing rain which soaked  through to your very bones,  was cutting kale. We grew a  special, giant sort for winter  feed for the dairy herd when  they were in the barn. By  January it had grown luxuriously, about five feet tall  on stalks as thick as your  forearm and with big broad  leaves which held small pools  of water when it rained. We  cut it with machetes, loading it  on a wagon for twice daily  distribution and it was a job  no-one enjoyed unless the  weather was dry. But you got  no sympathy from Bill if you  complained. It was a job  which had to be done, and it  wasn't a good time (if there  was such a time) to be caught  slacking off and not doing  your fair share, so we used  to whistle or sing as we  worked and Missus would  usually take pity on us, and  bring us a cup of coffee when  she saw us come into the  barton.  Like a lot of other things,"  it's relative, isn't it? I've  never felt depressed or miserable by West Coast weather -  at least I don't have to cut  kale or milk my eight cows in  a downpour.  As a footnote, because you  may have forgotten, we had a  wet June last year with over  three inches of precipitation  and the record is held by June  1973 with over four inches.  We've not reached an inch  yet 11  Free Film On  ECKANKAR - A WAY OF LIFE  Elphinstone Secondary School  Room 111  Wednesday June 10, 8 p.m.  DIAMOND  ENGAGEMENT SETS  now in our shop  CUSTOM DESIGNS available  You may order your  WEDDING  INVITATIONS  through us  A full line of samples available  for your viewing.  r*Y#'  V/r-a ��0  -V)-^        886-2023       ..c,*  C*ST MALL. GIB*0*  A diamond is one of natures most beautiful creations!  Whether you're looking for a traditional or contemporary selling, we will be glad to assist in selecting  the right diamond for you.  \  Census reminder  by Joan Mahlmin  If anyone has not received  a census form please cat Mrs.  Joan Mahlman 886-2125 The  census representatives are  now picking up completed  census forms, as this is a drop,  off, pick-up area. Please  complete every square on the  census form or it will not go  through data processing. H  you have been missed either  in drop-off or pick-up, it is  quite possible you were not  home when the census representative called. We wish to  thank everyone who counted  themselves in on census  taking, an accurate count is  most important to you, the  Sunshine Coast, B.C. and all  of Canada.  Used Furniture  and What Have You  US USED  FURNITURE  We buy Beer Bottles  886-2812  Gibsons Ready Mix  886-8174  "Drainrock "Washed Rock  ���Sand *Road Mulch  "Fill 'Concrete Anchor  Mon.���Friday 8a.m.���5p.m  ��� Van. Parnell Dhoto  Frank Roosen of Roosendal Farms, Pender Harbour, brought in  thefirst crop of locally-grown tomatoes to treat the Coast News  staff to their first taste of juicy fresh tomatoes this season. Thanks,  Frank, may all your crops grow so large and lush.  Potters have a party  The Sunshine Coast Potters'  Guild is having their annual  Raku Party on Saturday, June  13, at Elaine Futterman's home  in Roberts Creek.  Raku is an ancient Japanese  method   far   firing   pottery.  If you wish to participate or  want more information, phone  Lynn Chapman at 885-2101 or  Elaine Futterman at 885-2395.  There is a fee of $3.00 for Guild  members and $5.00 for non-  members.  protect v  OFFICE   ELECTRONICS  ��� Photocopiers ��� Typewriters  ��� Cfash Registers ��� Calculators  ��� Office Supplies Furniture   &   Stationery  Wharl Rd. Sechell 885-3735  iVaVaVaVaWaWaVaV^  MAXWELL'S PHARMACY  YOUR COMPLETE HEALTH CARE CENTRE  * Fast Prescription Service  * Health Care Accessories  * Almay Hypoallergenic Cosmetics  * Patient Aids (Sales & Rentals) crutches,  comodes, bed pans, canes, etc.  107 cedar Plaza, masons 886-8158  OPEN SUNDAVS  Noon to a pm.  MAKING  AUTOPLAN PREMIUM  INSTALLMENT RWMENTS  DURING THE INSURANCE CORPORATION  LABOR DISPUTE  While the strike continues, it will not be possible for the Insurance  Corporation to withdraw pre-authorized payments from the bank accounts of  motorists who have arranged to pay for their Autoplan coverage  by installments.  Many motorists who renewed their Autoplan policies using the installment  plan will have a payment due now.  To keep your Autoplan account in good standing, you are requested to  send your first installment by cheque or money order to:  Revenue Accounting  Insurance Corporation of British Columbia  Box 11131,1055 West Georgia Street  Vancouver, B.CV6E3R4  Please be sure to identify your payment by writing the word  "finance" and the vehicle licence plate number SHOWN ON YOUR  CONTRACT on the back of your cheque or money order.  After our staff have returned to work, the withdrawal of pre-authorized  bank payments will resume. All payments made until then will, of course, be  credited to your account before any further withdrawals are made.  Please complete and send this form with your payment.  I  LICENCE PLATE NO.  NAME   ADDRESS    (Please print)  I       1      TELEPHONENO DATE OF POLICY RENEWED  I  AMOUNT OF INSTALLMENT $  ��� INSURANCE  CORPORATION  OFBRTTISH COLUMBIA (0!  Revenue Accounting. Insurance Corporation ol British Columbia, Box 11131,1055 West Georgia Street, Vancouver B.C. W6E 3R4  .^MH|HB| ���  Coast News, June 9, 1981  13  Christ's  service  by Rev. George W. Inglis  The written word, even the  inspired word of Holy Writ,  carries the limitations of the  knowledge of the writer about  the subject.  The reader of the word  must somehow place himself  or herself in the time frame,  culture, background, faith  genre, and mind-set of the  writer - in short, try to fit into  Ihe writer's skin at the time of  writing - if he or she wishes  to achieve a full understanding of the intent of the writer.  Readers think nothing of  doing this every day when  they read a novel, a magazine  piece, a play or a newspaper  piece.  "I know what he is saying,  but he is a right winger,  and he's biased against  women," or some such  remark indicates that the  reader approaches the writing  with some knowledge of the  writer's stance.  From long and bitter experience, this writer has  learned that many readers  can be a country mile off, also,  in interpreting even the most  simple and straightforward  of articles, news stories or  columns.  Nevertheless, the reader  is the writer's most precious  asset, since the printed word  is a dead and useless thing  when it is cast, unread, into  the fire!  It is a sort of love affair, or  marriage, which takes place  between the writer and the  reader, and is subject to all  of the quarrels, arguments,  pain and anger which takes  place in the love relationship,  as well as the joy, fulfillment  and reward that comes in a  tranquil union of two compatible people.  The veil of mystery  This need for a tranquillity  of union between writer and  reader is surely never more  evident than in the reading  of the Bible, especially the  Old Testament I  There is untold wealth to  be mined from the pages of  the record of primeval humans, the patriarchs, the  children of Israel, the judges,  the prophets, the monarchs  and the wise men of the Old  Testament, but the prospector  must be able to walk along  paths that are thousands of  yeais old, with a perspective  to go along with it, if he or she  wishes to hit pay-dirt.  Twentieth-century concepts  have to be set aside and all the  biases, prejudices, and culture  barriers temporarily shelved,  as a starter.  The reader must also  remember that the writer,  even though inspired, was  nevertheless human and affected by the surroundings,  inhibitions, and general knowledge of his time.  We must also remember  that the writers, in the case of  the many hundreds who participated in writing the Bible,  were writing about a mysterious, supernatural subject,  one which is outside the realm  of our space, time and finite  understanding today, just as  it was when the record was  compiled.  Even the one human in all  history who was closest to  the subject, Jesus of Nazareth, was carefully limited in  his powers of explanation,  and chose to use parables  drawn from the real life of  humble people to describe the  kingdom of his Father, the  God of Abraham, Isaac and  Jacob, and confined his  explanation of the Personhood  of God to cryptic passages  such as: "0 righteous Father,  the world has not known  thee, but I have known  thee; and these  know that  a  # THE UNITED CHURCH  CALVARY         \  M            OF CANADA  BAPTIST CHURCH    %  Sunday  Park Rd., Gibsons        *  Worship Services  Paslor: Harold Andrews  ST. JOHN'S  Res: 886-9163,  Davis Bay - 9:30 am.  Church: 886-2611  GIBSONS  Sunday School 9:30 a.m.  Glassford Rd. - 11:15 am.  Morning Service 11:00 a.m.  Sunday School - 9:30 am.  Gospel Service 7 p.m.  Rev. Bob Scales  Prayer & Bible Study  Church Telephone  886-2333  Thursday 7 p.m.  GIBSONS  PENTECOSTAL CHURCH  ST. BARTHOLOMEW &  ST. AIDAN  Cedar Grove School  ANGLICAN CHURCHES  Chaster Rd., Gibsons  Combined Service  Senior Paslor: Ted Boodle  Ist Sunday 11:15 A.M.  Youth Pastor: Jack Moch  in St. Bartholomew's  Sunday School 9:30 a.m.  Gibsons  Morning Worship 11 a.m.  Evening Fellowship 7 p.m.  All other Sundays  Home Bible Study  Roberts Creek 9:30 a.m.  Phone 886-7268 or 886-9482  Family Holy Eucharist  Affiliated with the  Gibsons 11:15 a.m.  Pentecostal   Assemblies   of  Rector:  Rev. John E. Robinson  Canada  ROMAN CATHOLIC  SEVENTH-DAY  SERVICES  ADVENTIST CHURCH  Rev. Angelo De Pompa  Sabbath School Sal. 10 a.m.  Parish Priest  Hour of Worship Sal. 11 a.m.  Times of Masses  Browning Rd. & Hwy. 101  Saturday 5:00 p.m.  St. Mary's, Gibsons  Paslor: C Drieberg  Regular Sunday Masses  Everyone Welcome  9:00 a.m. Our Lady  For information phone:  of Lourdes Church  885-9750 or 883-2736  Sechelt Indian Reserve  10:00 a.m. Holy Family  SECHELT  Church, Sechelt  NEW LIFE  12:00 noon Si. Mary's Church  ASSEMBLY  Gibsons  SFRVIf'FS  Confessions before Mass  ilLn T IVbLl  in  Sechelt Elementary School  Phone: 885-9526 or 885-5201  CHRISTIAN SCIENCE  1:00 pm Sunday  SOCIETY  SECHELT SERVICES:  Everyone Welcome  Reverend P. Brooks  Pastor  Sundays 11:30 am.  Sunday School 11:30 am.  Wednesdays 7:00 pm.  All in United Church edifice  GLAD TIDINGS  on main highway in Davis  TABERNACLE  Bay.   Everyone   is   warmly  Gower Point Road  Invited to attend.  Phone 886-2660  Phone 885-3157 or 886-7882  Sunday School 9:45 a.m.  Worship Service 11:00 a.m.  REFORMED  Evening Fellowship 6 p.m.  CHRISTIAN  Bible Study Wed. 7:30 p.m.  GATHERING  Pastor: Nancy Dykes  Sechelt                  885-5635  thou has sent me. I made  known to them thy name, and  I will make it known, that the  love with which thou hast  loved me may be in them,  and I in them." (John 17:25,  26).  Surely this one man, who  was so close to God that  he spoke with him constantly  and did his bidding unques-  tioningly, should have been  able to come up with a description of God that would  satisfy our 20-century mind I  The truth is that Jesus,  according to the records of the  four evangelists who recorded  his life and ministry, saw  God through the eyes of those  in whom God's love had been  manifested.  He, who had been made in  God's image, even as the  humblest creature on earth,  did not seek to penetrate  the veil of mystery which  surrounded his Father, except  to witness to his glory.  When he was asked by his  countrymen why the man had  been born blind, he said:  "It was not that this man  sinned, or his parents, but  that the works of God might be  made manifest in him."  (John 9:3).  And Jesus saw God everywhere he went, through the  love  he  bore  for  humans,  and the response of love and  obedience his infinite love  fostered in weak and sinful  humans.  Paul reported that the risen  Lord had told him personally  not to crave too many manifestations, beyond those which  were given to him freely,  for: "My grace is sufficient  for you, for my power is made  perfect in weakness,"  And this, I would humbly  suggest, is how we should  read the Bible, deeply conscious of the fact we are but  tiny insects on a random and  wayside planet amid a million  mighty galaxies, yet loved  personally by the awesome  and mighty Creator of all that  is in the earth, the heavens  and the heaven of heavens.  If we hold onto this thought  and content ourselves with as  little or as much of himself  as he cares to reveal to us,  then we may find ourselves  more closely in tune with the  recorders of his activities  throughout the history of the  world.  And we might share with  them the wonder, the majesty,  the "amazing grace" of his  love, each time we pick up his  Holy Word.  And we undoubtedly will be  nurtured and enlightened by  his love I  Principals appointed  The School Board has approved the appointments of Mr.  Martyn Wilson as Principal  of Pender Harbour Secondary  School, Mr. Drew McKee as  Principal of Davis Bay Elementary and Ms. Sheila Luet-  zen, Principal of Bowen Island  Community School.  ��� Bradley i Benton Photo  Matthew Graham and Jay Thomas accept awards from Lions  Club represenlatives on behalf of Cedar Grove school. Tht school  raised most money per capita to aid crippled children in recent  drive.  Free Eckankar film  Peninsula Roofing  ft insulation Ltd.  Retail sales  "A complete Hooting end insumion sunny"  Sheet Metal Fabrication  1356 Wharf Rd.  Sechelt Acroit from Bui Depot       MM SM-87M  /��  For several weeks now  articles on Eckankar have  appeared in this paper. These  were to explain some of the  teachings one learns on this  path. We are not trying to  convert anyone - only giving  each individual the opportunity to research an alternate  path to God. If one is content  in his present belief, fine.  What about the many who feel  there is something more, but  are unable to get the answers  they seek? Perhaps Eckankar  can give you the answers.  We are showing a film  about Eckankar on Wednesday, June 10th, at 8 p.m.  at Elphinstone Secondary  School, This film is free to the  public - no strings attached.  When Paul Twitchell, the  former Eck Master first  brought Eckankar to the  western world he established  an Eckankar International  Office in Las Vegas, Nevada.  For several years now, in  mid-June, Eckists from all  over the world gather in Las  Vegas to hold an Eckankar  Creative Arts Festival. Generally between five and six  thousand people attend this  international .event to hear  some of the most harmonious  music, inspirational poetry  and informative talks.  Would you like to have a  chance to discover for yourself? Plan to attend the free  film on Eckankar.  FULL GOSPEL BUSINESSMEN'S  FELLOWSHIP IN CANADA  aibsons Chapter  A Fellowship for Christian Men  Breakfasts, Banquets, Meetings  For Information and Membership  Please Phone;  888-9438   688-8774   866-2088  Next Banquet June 20, 1981  Harmony Hall  i\ Church Services  ^tbtooft >  *&��c ���>  At*  mi  lT��y 1  :*<&,  *  III,  :\  ULDLi  fY (V  ���tajjajjat   r r 'VfK  Bmmg moom  Come and join us  in the relaxed surroundings of the newly renovated  Bonniebrook Lodge  Well serve you fine food with a European flavour while you enjoy  a breath-taking view of the Georgia Strait and a roaring fire in the background.  If you appreciate charm, tradition and warm service,  then we offer the dining experience you've been waiting for.  jWattager: Jeff Harvey        CW: James Johnson  Reservations  Recommended  ���Stours:-  Tues. to Sat.   5:00 to 11:00 pm.  Sunday 5:00 to 9:00 pm.  886-8177  Licensed  Dining Lounge 14  Coast News, June 9, 1981  [   SPORTS  Coast Naturalist:  A story of bird bravery  bv John Hind-Smith  This year we seem to have  .not quite a variety of birds  nesting in the garden. There  ;ire the usual robins nesting in  the cedars, a finch of some  sort (apologies to Vince,  Tony and Kitie) in the adjoining spruce and a couple of  western tanagers making their  home in the salmonberry  bushes, and who knows what  else.  They all seem able to adapt  quite well to all the noise  and activity going on around  them and we hope of course  that they will eventually  produce a brood, clutch,  gaggle or just plain bunch of  youngsters. The robins already have and are probably  on their way to building a  second nest to act as home to  the second contingent. Young  robins with their speckled  breasts are hiking around the  place already, learning to look  after themselves.  1 think if there are any  prizes to be given out in the  bird world, the medal for  tenacity and bravery should be  awarded to the two killdeers  who raised a family in the  middle of the playing field  at the Salvation Army Camp  Sunrise in Langdale.  These two stalwarts were  first noticed by Mr. Harper  Simmons, the caretaker of the  camp, a few weeks ago and he  placed some stakes with string  between them to indicate  where the birds were. The  nest of the killdeer is just a  depression in the ground and  is very vulnerable.  In the fullness of time  four very well-camouflaged  eggs appeared and the birds  took turns in looking after  them. One was quite timid  and would walk or fly away if  anyone approached too close  and if necessary would go into  Ihe broken wing act when he  trailed one wing along the  ground, all the time leading  one away from the nest. The  other bird was just the opposite and didn't seem to  mind people going by as close  as the string allowed.  As most people know, the  Salvation Army Camp is used  quite extensively by both  children and adults. Groups  come over from the big city  to spend a few days there to  unwind in the case of adults  and to let off steam in the case  of children. One such group of  children came over shortly  after the birds had taken up  residence and somehow or  other they both managed to  survive. The children played  all around the little bit of real  estate which was home to the  birds at that particular time  and no harm seemed to be  ���done. Mr. Simmons had  hoped that in between the  children leaving and the next  party arriving, this time about  350 boisterous teenagers,  the eggs would have hatched  and everything would be  under control. Such was not to  be however.  The youngsters arrived,  played ball,  threw  frisbees  and generally did everything  you would expect a jubilant  bunch of kids to do but the  birds took it all in their stride  and stayed put. It was impossible for someone to be  there all the time, but our  caretaker, wearing two hats  now, did a pretty good job of  both. Two of the eggs disappeared, maybe crows were  the culprits, we'll never know,  but the other two were at  times removed from the nest  and taken into the house to be  warmed up and then replaced  on the nest. The days of  waiting were eventually to  end and two little newcomers  arrived. Now the only thing  left to show where the little  drama of life took place is  a piece of string lying on the  ground and quite a large  area of unmown grass.  I guess we will never know  whether it was by accident or  design that the children visiting Camp Sunrise respected  our feathered friends, but I  would like to think it was the  latter and if so, perhaps  there's hope for our crazy  world yet.  From left to right:  Frankie Dixon���won a  bronze medal in the B.C.  Elementary Track and  Field Championships, a  gold and a bronze medal  in the School District  meet; Jeannie Bilious  won a silver medal at the  District meet, two bronze  medals, one silver and  one gold at the B.C.  Championships; Krista  May won a bronze medal  at the District meet, a  gold and a silver at the  B.C. Championships;  Lisa McCourt won a gold  and a silver at the B.C.  Championships; Stacey  Kirkbride won a gold  medal at the District  meet, a' gold and two  silvers at the B.C. Championships.  Congratulations!  Deserted Bay Summer Camp  Registration for the Summer Camp will now be taken at  the Sechelt Band Office. There will be 5 ��� one week  sessions starting:  1. July 6 to 10  2. July 13 to 17  3. July 20-24  4. July 27-31  5. August 3 - 7  The fee will be $50. for one week. For more information,  phone the Band Office at 885-2273.  * Volunteers will be needed to cook.  From the Fairway  by Ernie Hume  Tsoh-Nye report  by Debbie Campln  5  \\     *  warm, warmer, warmest  daniadown  Cruse Winter chul. .ihj, mtn , Djajulown C'.muwfjl  quill iu"i dn��n 'ft neit in ,j.t <w*.v ind 6* Utt ol  tedtovi twlniilung toitiot *���> juou on' un.que  guanine*. -,t Bj-nn Wt tin? a conttintt) citundmi)  ���,l��liO*>ot(lM>grr in mifvini*Sit��tjie.i?irt muslins  1 ���'  ,.   UiMrlrt! j it cAdfeu  '��������������� g inpt .-..,.r iviiliHa Plus* co Kielui loi  * Brocfiuii ind cicss Odtii dfjifi nsl ��� buy  31 danracfown quilts ltd.  E       IW BC fsMDlishw) 1967  W     SUNSHINE INTERIORS  NORTH HO. 1 KIWANIS WAV   GIBSONS. 886-8187      .  On the last N.E.S. camping  trip a group of students and  Len Marchant, one of the  teachers at Tsoh-nye, left  last Saturday morning to hike  along Potato Creek.  It took us all day to reach  the lake, which was hidden  and very beautiful, with  waterfalls racing down the  surrounding cliffs.  We'd had a tough hike up  these which had been sort of  discouraging and we were all  glad to see the lake and set  up our tents on the sand  banks.  During the night it rained  and we were afraid that the  water would continue to  rise and flood our camp,  ���f^ We decided to risk it  ^anyhow, and went for a day  trip, heading up the glacier.  Climbing, we had a really  good view and we stopped on  a ledge for lunch. While we  were there most of us relaxed,  but a few others explored  higher up and tried a snow  bridge out.  The best part, though, was  sliding all the way down the  glacier, having a really great  time.  That night we moved  camp, which was a wise  decision, because the next  morning our old camp was  totally under water.  The next two  days  were  spent joining up with the old  logging road and getting back  to the mouth of the river,  where the M.V. Price picked  us up and took us back to  Tsoh-nye.  The Native Environmental  Studies program has just been  evaluated by the school board.  Inspectors John Denley, John  Nicholson, Tom Rothy and  Ann Quinn visited Tsoh-nye  to decide whether or not it  should continue in the future.  The Special Event Tournament proved to be an upset  when played a week ago  Sunday. Cliff Salahub and  John Mathews teamed up to  defeat a field of determined  golfers, to take the winner's  prize. They shot a 2-ball best  ball net score of 55. Andy Gray,  and Jim Budd turned in a net  57 to take second place.  On Monday June 1st at  Twilight Golf the players  enjoyed a four-person team  scramble. Jean McLean, Roy  Taylor, Aileen Pringle and  Dick Thompson managed to  shoot a low 20'/; for the nine  holes. Low putts went to the  team of Jo Emerson, Les  Cowley, Doris Receiver and  WilfReichewithl2.  In the Senior Ladies 36-hole  Club Championship, Lil Fraser led the field with a low  net 61 for the first 18 holes.  The 2nd flight low net was  won by Helen Milburn with a  net 70. On the second round  on Wednesday, Hazel Wright  also shot a net 61 to go with  her low 73 to take top spot for  the Senior Ladies Kay Butler  Trophy with a two-day net of  134. Lil Fraser was runner-up  with a net score of 142. 2nd  runner-up went to Audrey  McKenzie with a total 144.  Tuesday, nine-hole players  competed in a "Throw Out  Tournament", In this event  each player removes her  highest score on any hole.  Jo Emerson netted a low 25'/a,  with Edna Fisher placing  second shooting a 27 net.  The week of June 10th the  ladies are participating in the  Junior Development Week  Tournament. Each player pays  an entry fee and the money  gathered goes to assist the  junior golfers.  In the Wednesday Men's  Twilight, Alec Warner gathered 12 points to lead the 27  players in a par point competition. Don Sleep used only  14 putts for the nine-hole  event.  Thursday morning, seniors  played in a three-member  team, two-ball best-ball game.  Locals host ball tournament  SUNSHINE COAST  PEST CONTROL & HEALTH SERVICES LTD.  LOCALLY OPERATED  GOV'T. LICENCED  For Control of Carpenter Ants.  Rodents and Other Pests  OUR SPECIALTY:  Pre Treatment ol Houses Under Contruction  For Confidential  Advice and  Estimate Call  8B3-2531  Pender Harbour  This weekend, June 13 and  14, the Roberts Creek Legion  and Wakefield Inn Ladies  Softball Teams are co-hosting  the Third Annual Invitational  Ladies Softball Tournament at  Hackett Park in Sechelt. Eight  teams will be participating:  three from Powell River, one  from Victoria, and four local  teams.  Returning after winning the  first place trophy the past  two years is Burg and Johnson's Irly Bird from Powell  River. Also returning from last  year's tournament is The Inn  and Sunshine Transport. New  this year is Rawlings Environment from Victoria.  Four of the top teams in the  local league will be playing:  Roberts Creek Legion, Cedars  Inn, Gibsons Blues, and  Wakefield Inn. The competition should be stiff.  Games start at 8:30 Saturday morning with Wakefield  playing Irly Bird and the Blues  playing The Inn. Cedars  versus Environment Rawlings  and Roberts Creek versus  Sunshine Transport are scheduled for 10:15.  A "social" will be held at  Roberts Creek Community  Hall on Saturday night for the  ball players and friends.  Music will be by Steve Hubert  and Lome Jones. Tickets are  $3 and will be available either  from the hosting teams, Seaview Market, or at the Park on  Saturday. No tickets at the  door and no minors.  Games on Sunday start at  10:00 and the final will be  played at 1:30 with possibly  another game at 3:30.  It promises to be a good  weekend for players and  spectators alike so come out  and cheer your favourite team.  There'll be a concession with  hamburgers, hot dogs, pop,  coffee, chips and muffins  both days at the field.  Minor League Ball  Squirts  Ages 5-8  Royal Reach's  Coast Credit Union  Peninsula Market  Randy's Diggers  Mlnl-Bronco  Ages 9-11  Coast Stealers  Muppet Shop Maulers  Sunshine G.M.  Jolly Roger Inn  Bronco  Ages 12-14  Big Mac's  Sechelt Building Supplies  Work Wear World  Softball  Driftwood Drifters  Cactus Flower  Anderson Realty  Pte     Wins     Losses     Ties  12  8  10  2  10  6  12  1  12  5  7  NATURE'S OWN  100% NATURAL  HENNA  NOW AVAILABLE  FOR HOME HAIR CARE  a IT IS COMPLETELY NATURAL IN COLOUR  a IT CLOSES THE CUTICLE. CONDITIONS 8  HIGHLIGHTS THE HAIR  a ADDS BODY AND TEXTURE TO HAIR  a LASTS A LONG TIME. FADES AWAY GENTLY  Western Drug Mart  Sunnycrest Centre,  Maxwell's Pharmacy  R.R. #2, Cedar Plaza,  Gibsons  Western Drug Mart  Trail Bay Mall, Sechelt  The tollowmg colours are available:  Neutral, buttercup blonde;, wn.:,it blonds, golden apricot, light brown, brown ash  brown chestnut, mahogany, red, burqundy. black  Neutral Henna can be used by everyone to shine and  condition hair. Try it. Your hair will love you for it.  ���   M  PENINSULA  MARKET  885-9721    Davis Bay, B.C.  tide tables  Reference:  Point Atkinson  Pacific  Standard Time.  Wed. June 10  0010  0715  1235  1750  thurs. June I  0045  0810  1410  1845  15.0  7.8  10.3  7.7  14.8  6.8  10.9  8.8  Fri. June 12  0125  0840  1520  2000  Sat. June 13  0155  0910  1620  2100  14.4  5.7  11.8  9.7  14.1  4.8  12.6  10.3  Sun. June 14  0225  0945  1705  2150  Mon. June IS  0255  1015  1750  2245  Tues. June 16  0330  1050  1815  2320  GROCERIES   FISHING TACKLE  SUNDRIES  Open 9���9  TIMEX WATCHES  7 Days a Week  i  In this competition two of the  three scores must be used to  calculate the score of the  team. Roy Taylor, Vic  Vaughan and Fred McLean  used a total of 60 strokes for  1st place.  Please note that group  golf lessons will be starting  again, on or about June 16th.  All interested members are  requested to get in touch with  Art Park at  the  golf club.  At the Seymour Golf Club  field day last week a ladies  team of Iva Peterson, Jay  Townsend, Marg Arbuckle  and Eleanor Dann playing in a  four-ball best-ball tournament  broke into the winner's  bracket by taking 2nd low net  prize in this large field.  The hard-fought Walter  Morrison Tournament final  was decided last week. The  steady playing of the Frasers  took the final against the  surprisingly strong team of  Vic and Pat Vaughan. The  runner up 2nd round is still  being contested, a winner will  surface soon.  C Dariftp  Jfooti*  886-2936  New  from the  Orient!  Nature's Way  Herbal  Combinations  M  Sales Representative  IAN GRIFFITH  ��� Framing Packages  ��� Cedar Siding  ��� Timbers  Please call for quotations  526-6744  738-4791   Res  Collect  NORTHCOAST FOREST PRODUCTS LTD  2320 Rogers Avenue. Coquillam. BC. V3K 5X7  -9* WORKWEN?  /IN WORLD  "WE'RE WORKING FOR YOU'  Levis  CORDS ft JEANS  Reg. $19.98  $1799  0 WORK WEN? Cowrie St.  /IK WORLD r=^ i!c^L  885-5858  ��� Ladies' Roadrunner  - Navy Blue  - Powder Blue  i Ladies' Oceania  ��� Men's Oceania  ��� Men's Cascade'  ��� Men's Roadrunner  ��� Men's Kliminator  * UlLfC 3  Tennis  ��� Ladies' Bruin  -Red  - Natural  ��� Ladies' Allcourl  ��� Men's Bruin  - Canvas  - Leather  ��� Men's Allcourl  ^  Shoes for wen, women l Children   ^  - ��� \  Training  Shoes  ��� Ladies' Liberator  ��� Ladies' Yankee  ��� Men's Daybreak  ��� Men's Yankee  Children's Tennis  ft Leisure  ��� Curt Canvas  ��� Firecracker  ��� Olivia Oceania  ��� Ollie Oceania  4  4  4  4  4  4  4  sale  Ladies' Allcourt  Men's Allcourt  M9.99  (19.98  Children's Curt Canvas M6.99  specials  Ladies' Roadrunner  Men's Roadrunner  (29.99  (29.99  SPORTS  Sunnycreit Centra     Trail Ave. j, Cowrie  GIBSONS, 886-8020  SECHELT, 885-2512  185-2512 fW WsW  mm mm  ^***~���r  ��� "  i<$��**  raW1*  r ������  Conservation Officer's advice  Leave newborn wildlife alone  Coast News, June 9, 1981  15  - Bradley J Benson photo  The future of these two new fawns will be an uncertain one. For the story on them and the issue at  stake read Jamie Stephen's article on this page.  Kiimoiil News  Beekeeper gets into his work  by Jon Van Arsdell  ; A funny thing happened  to Dave Gobels on the way to  the ferry. Actually, it was only  funny in retrospect. He was  pn his way to Egmont from  Powell River with two hives  of bees. The bees were a new  Italian strain guaranteed to  pump out loads of honey  but not exactly the friendliest  bee known to man. Dave hit  a bump and out popped the  'bees. He was immediately  surrounded and coated. Thin-  ting quickly, he stopped,  rolled up the windows, ever  so gently brushed himself  off, got out and donned his  6rand-new bee suit.  :��� He then got into his Willys  jeep, pulled a 180 and headed  back to the bee farm. Can  you imagine the look on the  farmer's face when he pulled  in? I guess you could call it  M four-wheel hive.  More on slugs  . Fred Morgan wanted the  Egmont News to realize that  Egmont has nothing on Seven  .Isles, a suburb of Pender  Harbour, when it comes to  '{lugs. His wife kills two to  three hundred a day and Fred  elaims she is barely holding  her own. Dick White boasted  that he's already used four  boxes of slug bait.  ." What with the weather and  ail, I would imagine that even  the    most   ardent    coastal  gardeners have been put to  maximum task this spring.  Sports Day cancelled  Egmont Sports Day was  cancelled to no one's great  surprise. It was decided all  day Wednesday and all day  Thursday that the incessant  rains had left the field so  awash that by Saturday it  would have been impossible to  lime the tracks or run the  races. No problem. Just come  on Saturday, June 13th, and  play ball with us.  In pursuit of the salmon  Like most small towns we  have people coming and going  all the time. Lyle and Naomi  are comfortably settled int��  #4 (or was it #3?) at West's  Marina in the west end.  They're here for a month to  visit old friends and kill a  few salmon. Geoff and Deb  left this week on the Varholm  to make their fortune trolling  on the Goose Bank. Danny  Cummings left a couple of  weeks ago for the Bull Harbour area on the Sllva Bay.  This would all be very depressing if you were a salmon,  but Jean Silvey told me that in  all his years he has never seen  so many herring in town.  Maybe the near cessation of  the roe-herring fishery on the  West Coast for the last two  years is proving Mother  Nature has a strong backbone.  Bethel installation  The International Order of  Job's Daughters, Bethel #28,  welcomes you to the Installation of Officers on the  afternoon of June 14 at 2:00  p.m. Honoured Queen Elect  is Susan Brandys, Retiring  Honoured Queen is Debbie  Robinson. Masonic Hall, Roberts   Creek.  The International Order of  Job's Daughters is an organization for girls aged 11 to  20,, having some Masonic  relationship. This Order strives for character building  through moral and spiritual  mwmwiiimmwm  PLACING & FINISHING  PATIOS - DRIVEWA VS AM Types of Concrete  FLOORS ��� FOUNDA TIONS Finishes including  SIDBy/ALKS Coloured or Exposed  Call Any Time  885-2125 886-8511  SERVING PENDER HARBOUR TO PORT MELLON  Brooks & Miller Installations, Ltd.  "Your Flooring Professionals"  ""*"!������"���"  development, placing emphasis on reverence, loyalty and  respect. The youthful members conduct the affairs of the  Bethel, which is completely  self-supporting, under the  guidance of an adult council.  Activities are planned for  progress of the Bethel, service  to the Community in which  they function, and such entertainment as is in keeping with  the high ideals of the order.  Contributions to a number of  charitable and research institutions are made each year.  There are at present 57  Bethels in British Columbia.  The members are reminded  of their responsibilities to  their parents, and events are  planned so they do not conflict  with school work. Membership in Job's Daughters presents girls with the opportunity to join girls in Canada,  United States, Australia,  Guam, The Philippines and  Japan, in preparing, themselves for roles as good  citizens and potential leaders  in  their  communities.  For more information please  contact Mrs. Lynne Brandys,  Bethel Guardian,   886-9617.  by Jamie Stephen,  Conservation Officer  fawn   because   it   probably  wasn't abandoned. He said its    mother   would   have   been.  Abandoning caution mo- hiding in the grass nearby,  mentarily, the five year old just watching. O.K., that  hastily closed the sliding glass   might have been, so I asked  door to the sundeck, as away  down the hall the familiar  strains of Fun-O-Rama compelled his attention. Outside,  because the boy was gone, a  pert little nose was thrust  time after time against the  unyielding, unfeeling thermopane glass. It was a stubborn  but vain attempt to attract  someone's attention. At least  for the duration of the show,  however, the little fawn's  efforts were pre-empted by  the more orthodox, televised,  cartoon entertainment. Sadly,  instinct hadn't warned him his  novel appeal to the family  was fading at least twice as  fast as the spots on his coat.  And why not? I Ever since  he'd been picked up from his  home in the under-story of the  forest, he'd been difficult with  his food. It wasn't as if they  hadn't tried, what with bread  soaked in milk, and pablum,  and milk from their own  baby's bottle. At one time it  had seemed as though there  was something wrong with the  fawn's jaw, for she just  couldn't get a grip on the  Playtex nipple - golly, it took  forever to feed her. Or was it a  he? Well, that didn't matter,  perhaps they'd have a look  next time they tried to clean  her hind end. "Phew - what a  smell; who said baby deer  didn't have any scent for the  first few weeks of their lives.  Listen, this one we've got has  had continual diarrhea for the  last three days. Guess she  must have been the runt in  the litter or was sick when we  found her. That's probably  why her mother wasn't a-  round. She probably abandoned her because she just  knew that her fawn was ill and  might not make It. Y'know, it  must have been providential  that we were around when the  doe left her, otherwise that  fawn might have been in  tough shape and.,, oh, I  know what you're thinking.  Sure, it's kinda nice Bobby  having a little pet to look  after - it helps him get closer  to nature, y'know what I  mean? But that's only half the  reason we picked it up; we  just like doing good turns to  wildlife. We're genuinely interested in their welfare...  ohmygosh, gotta run... fawn's  got his leg stuck in the drain  spout".  "Oh, hi, it's you again.  Sorry to have left in such a  rush like that, but y'know  the fawn was in trouble and  well...uh, no - it's not alright.  Yeah, it broke its leg. Well,  I phoned the Conservation  Officer, y'know like the Game  Warden, and you wouldn't  believe it. You just wouldn't  believe itl You know what  that guy told me,..well, I'll  tell you. Just listen to this.  First off he told me that we  shouldn't have picked up the  him why she would stick  around when her fawn was so  sick, and he told me that it  probably wasn't scouring,  (that's what he calls diarrhea)  until we started to feed it. He  said we had caused that by  giving it milk with too high a  fat content in it, and he told  me we probably had been  handling it too much. Well,  gee whiz, anyone with half a  brain can see that it needs  attention - that what it wanted  was to be picked up, probably.  Anyway he gave me a long  song and dance about wild  animals not making suitable  pets and ending up in Game  Farms or zoos when they  grew up. Say, just hand on for  a sec, O.K....Bobby, will you  turn that thing down I  "Sorry, I could hardly hear  myself think with that noise  from the T.V. room. Oh  yeah, he took it away, but  that's not the worst. That guy  said it was not only immoral  to remove new-born wildlife  from their mothers and their  own environment, but...get  this...he said it was also  Illegal. That's right, he said  that we had broken the law  and he was going to charge us  and we'd have to go to court.  Can you imagine! 11  Well, he may know a few  things about wildlife, but he's  sure got a lot to learn about  gratitude. No, he didn't say  what the fine would be, but  I'll let you know what happens., I gotta rush right now  so I'll talk to you later,  O.K."  Sound familiar, folks? Alright, perhaps it is dramatized  a bit, but the basic ingredients  are all there. In fact, I've  written   this   account   only  because two fawns have been  picked up within the last week  on the Sechelt Peninsula, and  it's unlikely that either was  abandoned. It's not even  difficult to understand why  people do pick up new-born  wildlife. Particularly in the  case of fawns. The evidence is  there - people find them  virtually irresistible. And yet,  no matter how enchanting  they are, you must, for their  sake, resist the temptation,  not only to pick them up, but  even to touch or disturb them.  If you don't, you will be the  one who will have imprisoned  them in a zoo or a game farm,  for life. Invariably attempts at  re-uniting them with their  mothers are unsuccessful.  This rejection phenomena  may be caused simply by the  alien scent now contaminating  the fawn or it may be the  result of an instinctual fear  that the doe herself may be  captured. And even if it were  possible for someone to raise  them until they were capable  of providing for themselves,  and they were then released  in the bush, guess who they  would bound up to the first  time a hunter explored their  new territory? I  In the cases mentioned  above, there were no charges;  it, wouldn't have been appropriate. In the future  however, it may be the only  option there is if people  won't he voluntarily persuaded to Leave New-Born  Wildlife Alone.  1.1  2.1  3.��  It's so easy..  complete  INVENTORY  control systems from  '7.534.  ��� EIGHT  INCH  DISKS  f\ working for you..  _____ Trill Bay Centre,  ���J fi C ElECTRaM.CS "�������"���**  ���  AUTHORIZED DEALER  885-2568  We Want To Itloue  Truchs so we're  In the Mood to  Mane some  A complete line of DOwco  and other Brand Name  Floor Products  OMCO excellence  line of carpets  TRUCKS TRUCKS  R  U  C  K  S  T  MAYA  w  \HIAIS  Phone for appointment  Scott & Clark  885-3681     885-2923  Showroom next  to  South Coast Ford  LOW LOW  INTEREST  On New  and used up  to 3 Yrs. 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As inclined as we may be  to resist the electronic marvels  of our modern age, saying  "we have always gotten  along very well before without  them, thanks" and "only  scientists and technicians  need to concern themselves  with them", the fact is that  they are rapidly becoming a  part of our everyday lives.  Within our Sunshine Coast  school district, we have 26  video recording units and  monitors distributed throughout 13 schools for students to  "learn by TV". As well, the  .schools have four colour  portable video cameras and  one black and white one for  teachers to use in classroom  Apple n computers, bought as  a pilot project for the Gibsons  and Sechelt Elementary  Schools.  Marta MacKown, a history  and social studies teacher at  Elphinstone Secondary School  for the past 12 years, is a forerunner in recognizing the  electronic surge that is emerging.  Through her initiative, a  Community Broadcasting  course has been developed at  Elphinstone School which is  the only one of its kind in  B.C.  For the past two years,  through a unique co-operative  plan between the school  district and the Coast Cable-  vision company, the students  of MacKown's course have  been providing broadcasting  material for the local community channel, Coast 10 TV.  Twice a week, viewers in  Gibsons and Sechelt can watch  . Mlhs MacKown Pholo  Coast 10 TV technicians, Mark Boothroyd, left and Brian Beard  prepare to film at the Elphinstone School studio.  filming,   accompanied  by  a  library of 800 tapes for student \^k ^^l^ w^ds ��n  instruction. ""   ' '     -������-���* ---  There are also nine desk-  size computers in the district's  three secondary schools, plus  the recent addition of two  A brave and exciting show  Continued from Page Four  clearly the end to which  Jesus is headed and who  rails and protests against the  fatalism with which Jesus  seems to be accepting it. In  the end Judas sees himself as  an accursed pawn in a larger  game than he had understood  and understands that his  name will be reviled through  ages of man yet to come. It is  a believable and a human  portrait of a man who was  after all called by Jesus to be  one of his chosen ones.  In the performance attended by this reviewer the role  was played by John Johnson  and Johnson brought to the  difficult and vocally demanding role an anguished sincerity which was simply  first-rate.  Pontius Pilate, the Roman  governor, is another figure  af  Al Wagner  Al Wagner  Invites you  to join  Big  Brothers  A service of friendship freely given by  men, to boys without  fathers.  For Information  886-2615  885-5664  reviled in Sunday schools as  the man who could have saved  Jesus but chose instead to  wash his hands of the matter.  In Jesus Christ, Superstar he  is an honourable and a kindly  figure who would have saved  him but that the rabble was  clamouring for his death.  In this small and telling role  Alan Karmazyn had moments  of absolute magnificence.  Blessed as he is with a deep  and powerful voice, Karmazyn  used it to excellent effect and  in the wonderfully theatrical  scene wherein he agonizes  over the decision being forced  upon him, his Pontius Pilate  lit up the theatre with as  splendid a piece of acting as  one could wish to see. With  his natural gifts and this  evidence of theatrical intelligence Karmazy could have  many more fine performances  to give.  Lloyd Burritt's staging was  also at its most impressive  in the Pontius Pilate scene.  The raised platforms above  the exits made for visually  exciting theatre, though it  obviously wasn't an easy thing  to get up and down to the  elevated acting areas. Be that  as it may, the Pontius Pilate  scene which ends with the  lashing of Jesus was one of  those totally satisfying theatrical moments for which the  appetite is never surfeited.  The slender body of the  tortured saviour writhing over  the very heads of the front  rows of the audience was a  scene which will live in the  memory of all who witnessed  it and keep them going back  again and again to live theatre  for more ofthe same.  Burritt's work in the crowd  scenes deserves praise for its  imagination and its valour.  One would have thought that  with forty-odd people on that  tiny stage it would have been  necessary to have them  breathe in and out in unison  to avoid knocking each other  off the stage but Burritt  managed to have his players  avoid the chaos which was  always an obvious possibility  and his use of the theatre  7  Patu  is a Female Bloodhound-  Shepherd Cross. She is  spayed and excellent with  children.  aisles, particularly in the chilling scene when the fickle mob  clamoured for the death of the  man from Nazareth, was  imaginative and telling. The  use of projected slides to  evoke the agony of the crucifixion was equally effective.  One minor criticism of the  crowd work that might be  made was that there were  occasional, momentary lapses  in concentration from the  actors. If the audience glances  over a group of actors who are  themselves supposedly watching the action and finds them  even momentarily inattentive  there is an inevitable loss of  the audience's attention. The  eyes and faces of a crowd  must serve as a funnel which  will direct' the audience's  attention to the main action  at all times and occasionally  this was not the case in the  production under review.  Aside from such minor  quibbles and from the inevitable delays in getting such  a large gody of people on and  off such a limited space, the  group known as Soundwaves  gave us a memorable and  most interesting evening of,  live theatre. They undertook  a very considerable challenge  in conditions which were  severely limiting and they  brought it off with grace and  aplomb.  Well done, and thank you.  TV, learn about community  organizations, watch local  politicians state their views  and generally keep up-to-date  on coast events through the  students' weekly news show,  Suncoast Happenings.  It all started back in 1978,  when MacKown's class presented a forum on Herbicides  as part of their social studies  course. It was so intensive  and well-received that the  regional district asked the  students to prepare a forum on  waste disposal which was  filmed by Delta 10 TV, a community station owned by the  Thomas family in Delta.  John Thomas is the general  manager of Coast Cablevision.  It was through the efforts  of CRTC commissioner Rosa-  lee Gower, that Coast Cable-  vision and the school district  came together. Gower could  see the potential in the Elphinstone Student Research Production Group's projects and  the benefits to the community  from their research.  From there, things moved  te   Sechelt   area   residents.  Surrounded by two portable  Sony DXC 1800 colour cameras, two portable video tape  recorders, a video switcher,  an editor, video monitoring  and audio equipment, two  portable 650 watt TV lights,  tripods and cables, "the  students have everything they  need to produce complete  shows". Which they have  done, with a lot of hard work  and some flair.  The recent welcome addition of a van will facilitate  location shooting for the  students, because there is  sufficient space in the van to  hold all the equipment necessary to convert it into a mobile  studio at a moment's notice.  To produce the large variety  of shows which have been  seen by local audiences such  as the Timber Days and Sea  Cavalcade parades, Guide and  Scout celebrations, interviews  with local politicians and community members, motocross  races, dance festivals, Arts  Centre shows, and concerts  by local musicians, MacKown  and her eager students have  had to put in many hours of  evening and week-end work,  besides the daily 80 minutes of  class-time allowed for the  course.  MacKown has had to  quickly upgrade her own technical knowledge and spent the  summer of 1979 training with  Delta 10 TV. In addition,  she has attended equipment  training courses in Vancouver.  Transmitting twice weekly  on Tuesdays and Thursdays  means manning the Cablecasting equipment and although she has lots of experienced student helpers,  MacKown is always on hand  to keep an eye on her responsibilities.  Her 18 students, the total of  the grade 11 and grade 12  classes, are responsible and  dedicated, reflecting MacKown 's personal view: "Teenagers are not kids who get in  students a credit when they  leave grade  12.  In their unique classroom,  the students learn about video  filming, editing, switching,  audio work, lighting, broadcasting and most important to  MacKown, respect for sensitive and valuable equipment.  The Cablevision company  gains in that they fulfill  their community channel obligations, a regulation set  down by the CRTC, and the  community gains in having an  outlet for local interest news  and concerns.  "Local talent receives a  boost and opportunities are  opened to adults in the community who can gain valuable  experience in media work,  either in front of the camera  or as technicians. Because of  the non-profit, public service  concept of community TV, and  the many evening and weekend opportunities for producing shows, the participation of volunteers is essential," says MacKown.  Although she never dreamed her students' community  forums would ever mushroom  to the point where she would  become the producer-manager  of the local community TV  station, MacKown is happiest  of all.  "To me, this is what  community TV is all about,"  AURDRIi  CEDRR  HDHIES  Product of British Columbia  QUALITY LIVING WITH CEDAR  Every delail in a Lindal Cedar Home radiales gracious, yel sensible  living  And every Lindal floor plan permils almost unlimited design  flexibility Over 60 original plans are available Each can be modified  to lit your particular needs and tastes Or we can help you design  your very own plan.  Sales Office and Display Home in Horseshoe Bay  M.D. Mackenzie Limited  6342 Bay Street, Horseshoe Bay  West Vancouver, B.C. V7W 2G9  CIM-6-9 Phone (604) 921-8010   921-9268  INDEPENDENTLY  DISTRIBUTED BY  Video Cassette '  RENTALS  Some of the Movies New Available  ��� Slaughter House 5 ��� Smokey and the Bandit  ��� American Graffiti ��� Battlestar Galactic*  ��� Jesus Christ Superstar ��� Sergeant Pepper Md His  Lonely Hearts Club Band  VHS or Beta Format  Sales or Rentals  M5-9509  (Custom Video Taping Available)  *>    CMeft  HWCTIOHS  Swanson's  Swanson's Concrete  Products Ltd.  Manufacture & Sale of  Septic Tanks  wen criMtfiig  Curds. Pier Blocks, etc.  Box 172  Sechell. B.C.  VON 3A0     885-5333  Drummond Insurance  quickly ahead. By September "the way. They form a very  of 1979, a large studio was  large centre within the com-  Don l Take Cham cs!"  Gel Thai Boat "ALL RISK" Coverage Now  provided for the community  broadcasting class "which is  comparable to any community  station studio, and is even  larger than Powell River's"  according to MacKown.  The school district provided  the space, building ceiling  tracks for lights and a control  room to house the $25,000  worth of video equipment  provided by John Thomas.  Cablecasting facilities were  installed at Elphinstone to  begin transmitting on a local  channel and a year later,  cablecasting was installed at  the Sechelt Coast Cablevision  offices to provide transmission  munity   and   should   be  resource to the community".  Because she firmly believes  students contribute positively  to the society they live in, she  has worked hard to build up an  approved Community Broadcasting course that will give  I pleasure .incl I nmitifn i<il t rails  Iso Nov. Conlrdr, tor's .ind Private  Al I   RISK" Builder's Coverages  surdTuc K Oui Onk Business'  Opening  new doors  ij-nto small  U business  Financial assistance  Management counselling  Management training  Information on government  programs for business  On Wednesday, June 17th  one of our representatives  will be at the offices of  McKlbbln & Beecham, C.A.'s  Tel: 885-2254  If you require linancing to start, modernize or  expand your business and are unable to  obtain il elsewhere on reasonable lerms and  conditions or if you are interested in the  FBDB management services ol counselling  and training or wish information on  government programs available (or your  business, talk to our representative.  Your own home can provide  the equity for a loan from Our Bank.  CANADIAN IMPERIAL  BANK OF COMMERCE  "Borrow-from-your-own-home  Loans-another reason we're calling  the Commerce ours."  145 West 15th Street  North Vancouver, ELC. 980-6571  m 18  Coast News, June 9, 1981  COAST NEWS CLASSIFIED ADS  Birth  Hiinniger. Mark ��fc Trish are  pleased to announce a baby girl,  a sister to Jason and Jennifer,  born June 2nd at St. Joseph's  Hospital, Comox. it-XL  Obituaries  Palmer. Passed away June 4,  W8I. John Ernest Palmer of  Roberts Creek, veteran of both  world wars, life member of  Branch lo Royal Canadian Legion  South Vancouver, Dearly loved  husband of Betsy Palmer. Funeral was held Monday June Hth in  the chapel of Devlin Funeral  Home. Gibsons. Interment Seaview Cemetery. #23  MacKenzle. Passed away June 4  1981, Norman Nevin MacKenzie,  late of Sechelt, aged 77 years.  Survived by his loving family,  wife Kay. sons Donald of Port  Coquitlam, Bruce of El Segundo,  California; daughter Heather  Long, Vancouver; five grandchildren, 2 brothers and 5 sisters.  Private cremation arrangements  through Devlin Funeral Home,  Gibsons. In lieu of flowers,  donations to the Cancer FuriS  would be appreciated. #23  Dubois. Passed sway suddenly  May .29th, 1981, Peter Leroy  Dubois, late of Madeira Park  aged 50 years. Survived by his  loving wife Bonny, 1 son Peter  Jr. .3 daughters, Roxana and  husband George Gibson, Cheryl-  Lynn & husband Bill Lewis,  Linda, 3 grandchildren, Mona-  Lynn, Chad and Michael, 6  sisters Eliza, Alice, Aleen,  Ramona, Gloria and Bonnie and  his mother Susan Laursen. Service was held Tuesday, June 2,  at Pender Harbour, Rev. N.J.  Godkin officiated. Cremation  Devlin Funeral Home, directors.  #23  Lieber. Passed away May 31,  1981, Joseph Rudolph Lieber,  late of Gibsons, aged 63 years.  Survived by his loving wife  Dorothy, brothers, sisters and  other relatives. Prayers were  said Tuesday evening June 2nd  in the chapel of Devlin Funeral  Home, Gibsons. Funeral Mass  Wednesday, June 3 in St. Mary's  Catholic Church, Gibsons. Rev.  A. De Pompa celebrant. Interment Seaview Cemetery.        #23  Hune. Passed away May 31,  1981, Wayne Rodney (Dijon)  Hunt, late of Gibsons, aged 34  years. Survived by his mother  Dorothy and stepfather Ron  Greenwood, Summerland, his  maternal grandmother Mrs. Gladys Neil, Abbotsford; 2 nieces,  one brother Dale of Summer-  land. Private family arrangements. Cremation Devlin Funeral  Home, directors. #23  Jewitt. Passed away suddenly  May 30th, 1981, Norman Joseph  Jewitt late of Langdale. Survived  by his loving wife Jaene, and son  Mark. Private family arrangements, followed by cremation.  Devlin Funeral Home, directors.  #23  Thanhs  MEALS ON WHEELS  Available Mon., Wed.. Fri.  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My sincere thanks to Dr. Mountain, Nurses and staff at St.  Mary's Hospital, for the wonderful care I received while in  hospital. Also to all of my friends,  many thanks for their prayers,  flowers, cards and gifts, they  \vcre very, much appreciated.  Florence Chaster. #23  To Twin Creek Lumber & Building for donating lime for the field  to Youdells for nice variety of  cold cuts and cheese for Powell  Kiver tournament. Gibsons Blues.  #23  Announcements  ECKANCAR Free Film  Elphinstone Secondary School  Wed. June lOat 8:00p.m.      #23  TUFPERW'ARE - your guarantee  of quality - keeps food at peak of  freshness - pretty and practical.  Phone Louise Palmer 886-9363#29  If someone in your family has a  drinking problem you can see  what it's doing to them. Can you  see what it is doing to you?  Al Anon can help. Phone 6-9037  or 6-8228 TFN  DANCE students, teachers and  others requiring information on  lap, Ballet, Aero, Modern and  Spanish Dance. Please phone  886-2989. TFN  With everlasting Memories  Love...his family  On behalf of Bonny Dubois  and her family, we wish to  express our sincere thanks  to everyone who helped us  through our time of sorrow.  God Bless You All.  A.A. Meetings  Phone  886-9208       885-3394  or  886-2993  lor Pender Harbour  883-9978  or   883-9238  attic  antiques  Mirrors   ��� Unique Clocks  COPPER KETTLES  have arrived!  BRASS GALORE!  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Gentle and affectionate,  she's also spayed. Along with  many kittens of all sizes and  colours, she may be seen at the  SPCA.  Found:   long-haired   tabby  cat  adult, Gibsons.  Peninsula Kennels,  Reed Rd.,  Gibsons. Open to view 9-11 a.m.,  2-4 p.m. 7 days a week or phone  886-7713. #23  Lost: Large black female dog with  short curly coat. Looks like a large  poodle. Answers to "Willi".   #23  Beautiful fat kittens, free to good  homes. 886-7769. #23  150 layer Chicks 10 weeks old.  M.25 each. 886-7540 TFN  Goat milk wanted. Please phone  11 a.m.-2 p.m. 886-8015.       #23  Wanted: Barn and pasture for,  one horse in vicinity of Gibsons.  I feed. Apply Box 1634, Gibsons.  B.C. VON IV0. #23  Timber Trails Riding Cub horse  show June 14, 9 a.m. Judge  Sue Mills. Phone Georgina  885-9551. #23  Ewe 4 years old. 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Phone 886-9614 any  time. TFN  Carpenter ��� new and renovations.  Reasonable rates and references.  886-7280 TFN  For Explosive Requirement!  Dynamite, electric or regular caps  B line E cord and safety fuse.  Contact Gwen Nlmmo, Cemetery  Road, Gibsons. Phone 886-7778.  Howe Sound Farmer Institute.  TFN  Chimney  Ceaning  and   maintenance. Ph. 886-7411 or 886-8023  TFN  Raincoast Secretarial  Office Overload Service  and  Professional Out ol Office  Typing  (Pick-up and delivery  available)  Petti: 886-8593  Eves. 885-5588  Experienced hairdresser with  management capabilities. Apply  in person Gibsons Girl & Guy  Salon. #y  Exp. or willing to train prep Cook  full & part-time. Please phone  886-9021. #24  Domestic Cleaner must be bon-  dablc and have transportation.  Call 886-9342 between 5 and  9 p.m. Ask for Beth. #24  Part-time work for experienced  salesperson. Prefer someone with  knowledge of floor coverings  and/or drapes. 886-7112.      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TFN  THE MOPPETS  Housecleaning, springcleaning or  clean as you move out, a reliable  team of two cleaning and shining  faster than you ever thought  possible. Ex. refs. 886-7013,  886-9847. #25  Mechanic - certified by Mercury  Marine. Will repair your boat,  Merc, outboards and stern drives  a speciality. Call Tony: 885-5751  #25  BEST COAST  (POIHTIHQ  Phone  888-2883  |  nniiii/  Free  Estimates  ALL WORK  GUARANTEED  J. LEPORE TILE  Quality Installations  Ceramic, Mosaic or Quarry  All work guaranteed  Free estimates  Phone Anytime  886-8097  Help Wanted  Required immediately permanent  full time bartender and permanent full time day waitress.  Reply in writing to Jolly Roger  Inn, R.R. #1 Halfmoon Bay.    #23  The Vancouver Sun requires a  person 12 years old or older  with a small boat to deliver a  route on Keats Island this summer. Pays approximately $280.  For July and August. For more  information call Mr. Gee at  732-2327 Collect. #23  Loving grandma-type to care for  small baby, please. Call 886-8257.   #24.  Part time clerical and store clerk.  Please send resume to Personnel  Dept., Box 59, Madeira Pk., B.C.  VON 2HO. TFN  Coach required for Gibsons  Swim Club commencing Sept.  '81. Some experience in competitive swimming essential. For  infor. call 886-7982. #23  BreaKfast cook  ft  second cook  needed immediately  al  s^fw*  Apply in person  Driver-yard person witn Class 3  licence. Send resume to personnel department. Box 59,  Madeira Park. VON 2HO.     TFN  Semi-retired, retired or other  suitable person wanted for part-  time work 4 hours a day to teach  carpentry and wood-working  skills to handicapped clients.  Contact Lois Jackson at the S.C.  Achievement Centre 886-9325.  #23  PERMANENT PART TIME  Person required 4 hours per day,  5 days per week - must be mature  knowledgeable and be able to  converse with the public. Please  contact: John Kavanagh 886-2234  886-2141 (eve) for personal  interview. #24  Exp. waitresses, dishwashers,  breakfast cooks. Apply in person  Lord Jim's Lodge. #24  YOSHI'S  Sunnycrest   Shopping   Centre,  part time help required. Please  apply in person between 4-5 p.m.  #23  Deck-hand $50-570 per day  M/F prawn and crab boat. Box  766, Sechelt. #23  Madill S.S. engineer, good opportunity for top producer. Phone  and leave message 885-2873. TFN  Child Care Councillor  Worker Required  To work co-operatively with the  teacher and teacher's aide at the  Gibsons Alternate School to act  as counsellor and support to  students and to maintain liaison  with school, home and social  agencies. Car required. Send  resume to: Alternate Education  Program, Sunshine Coast Community Services Society, Box  1069, Sechelt, B.C. VON 3AO.  #23  RENT-A-BAV1  YOU FIX IT!  We supply you with a bay area,  floor jacks, jack stands, creepers.  Bring your own tools. SS.OO/hour.  Phone 9 a.m. - 5 p.m. 886-2020.  Crucil Rd. TFN  Eight miles north Sechelt older  waterfront cottage needs winterizing and reinstallation of hydro  line, ideal for handyman and  wife. Rent negotiable. Ref. req'd.  Box 5, Coast News, Box 460,  Gibsons, B.C. #29  19 in. Colour T.V. S25L per mo., .1  mo. min. 26 in. consoles S30. pef  mo. J A C Electronic. 885-2568  #TFN  2 BR summer cabin on Garden  Bay Lake. Beach, wharf, row boat  fully furnished incl. dishes,  light & heat. Reserve now.  S125 week. 883-9181, 521-5140,  521-2401. #25  House at Irvines Landing overlooking Lees Bay. TV, fireplace,'  extra fish fridge, 2 bedroom  sleeps six easily. Avail June till  October. You supply food, linen -  everything else there. $245 per  week. Special rate for 1 month or  longer. Phone 939-0559 #25  4 bdrm. house, Sechelt waterfront, S600/mo. 885-2232.      #23  University professor and family  (2 children) wish to exchange  homes with a family on the Sunshine Coast during the period  Aug. 15 to Aug. 29. Home is in  North Burnaby, on quiet street -  one block to busline to SFU,  PNE or downtown. The Elliotts,  7060 Blaine Court, Burnaby.  Ph. 291-1806. #24  For Rent  Room and board available for  clean working men. Phone  886-2137. TFN  Community Hall for rent in  Roberts Creek. Phone Bill Grose  885-9237 TFN  SPECIAL WEEKLY RATES  Peninsula Hotel 886-9334     TFN  Commercial Space. Cowrie St.,  Sechelt. Available immediately.  885-2950. #24  COMMERCIAL SPACE  1600 sq. ft. prime retail space  available June 1. 885-2522,  885-3165 eves. TFN  Room and board available for  responsible person with child.  Prefer school-age boy. In ex. for  light housekeeping, prepare  meals and help share food cost.  Upper Gibsons area. Box 1714,  Gibsons. #24  1200 Sq. Ft.  Commercial  Shop space  For Lease  Hwy. 101, Gibsons  B86-M14  OFFICE SPACE  Very reasonable lease  requirements for 2nd  floor location.  Sizes available  from 880 sq. ft. to  4500 sq. ft.  Air conditioned, carpeted mall location.  SPACE  AVAILABLE  IMMEDIATELY  Phone: 886-2234  886-7454  COMMERCIAL  SPACE  FOR RENT  Cedar Plaza  Gibsons  Up to 1600 sq. fl. ol  prime   Retail  floor  space for reasonable  lease rales.  Good location for  Men's Wear, Ladies'  Wear, Jewellry store,  etc.  Please contact  886-2234  886-7454  wanted  Want to rent small holiday  trailer Aug. 13-20th. Will be  parked in Rbts. Crk. 886-8029. #23  Empty   Juice   Jars.   886-8029.  #23  Oil Heater - Kenmore (S-Sears)  pot type w/automatic ignition,  model #155-89261 or similar.  In working order or for parts - oil  control valve (carburetor), burner  pot etc. Phone Gibsons 886-9598  #23  House on Sunshine Coast in trade  for 4 bdrm. home in Port Coquitlam. Phone 886-9159 or 941-3841,  PoCo. #25  Light car top boat not over 7 ft.  883-9988. #23  Delivered sawdust, shavings, for  stable. 885-9969 TFN  F & L Contractors. Standing  timber. Any amount. Fair prices.  Good clean up. Lou LePage  886-9872 or 886-7833. TFN  Older furniture, china etc. bought  or sold on consignment. Harbour  Antiques, 1585 Marine Dr.,  Gibsons. 886-7800 TFN  Your unwanted dilapidated barn,  shack, etc. Clean up and removal  in exchange for materials at no  charge to you. 885-3310.        #23  Used Gerbil cage. Phone 886-  7982. #23  The Coast News is looking for  back copies to complete their  files. Issues missing are from  June to December in 1976. Anyone wishing to donate, please  phone 886-2622 and we will pick  up. Thank you I TFN  CASH FOR L0QS  top Prices  Free Estimates  D & 0 LOG SORTING  LTD.  886-7896    886-7700  MUSIC  Wanted lo Ren!  Small holiday trailer Aug. 13-20th  will be parked in Rbts. Crk. for  visiting mother. 886-8029 eves.  #23  Desperately need 2 or 3 bdrm.  apt. or house for July 1st Gibsons  to Sechelt. 886-7993. #25  Camperized van June 28-July 19  or trade for station wagon plus  rent. 885-2102. #23  Responsible working woman desires 1 or 2 bed accommodations.  Excellent ref. or will share. Call  days ��� Barbara 886-8126.        #23  Responsible individual with dog  requires 1 or 2 bedroom house/  cottage in the Gibsons-Roberts  Creek area. Can do minor renovation and maintenance. Phone  Bradley J Benson at Coast News  886-2622 or 886-7817. #25  Responsible working female  needs reasonable accommodation  or will share with same. Gibsons  or Sechelt. Will do painting and  remodelling. 885-9861 or 886-  8188. #23  Young energetic married couple  seeks residence in the Pender  Harbour area while building  own hse. Willing to do handiwork  good references. Box #7, c/o  Coast News, Box 460, Gibsons.  #23  Responsible couple a-niting arrival of baby require 2-3 Deuiuoni  house Gibsons-Sechelt area,  ASAP. Present landlord selling  home. References avail. 886-  9220. #23  westwurid  Centres  Or) PIONEER  MKllO VON  Mcomp  _     _, Appliances  ���,m\ DEALER  COST  plus 10%  Next to the  Bank ol Montreal Building  Sechell  885-3313  Coming Euents  Third Annual Invitational  LADIES'  SOFTBALL  TOURNAMENT  June 13 & 14  Hackett Park  SOCIAL SATURDAY  Roberts Crook Comm Hall  8- 12  Tickets $3.00 at Ballfield  No tickels at door No minors  For Sale  Green Onion  Stereo  884-5240  Dunham Rd., Port Mellon For Sale  Coast News, June 9,1981  19  mobile Homes  14* Spring Box boat with 9.5  motor, 883-2415. Stock & appliances in store and take-out for  sale 883-2415.  skidder $9500 or best offer.  883-2415. #24  Antique organ approx. 100 years  old. Excellent condition. $2000  OBO. 886-9114. #24  TAHPS  W.W. Upholstery  * Boat Tops Ltd.  Gibsons 886-7310  SECHELT  CARPET  CORNER  has lust received  another load of  "Candy Stripe"  Rubber Back  CARPET  at the very  low price ot  $5.95 sq. yd.  But Hurry!  (Beside Banner's  Furniture)  885-5315  TONY'S  UNIQUE RESTORATIONS  BRASS * ANTIQUES  I'edal stools. Sinks. Leaded  glass. French Doors. Demolition.  Brass Taps. Chandeliers. Wall  Sconces. Red Brick. Oak Floors.  Beautiful accessories 50 years &  older. 3662-4th Ave., Vancouver  TFN  Bargain. Inglis "Super 100"  deluxe cont. clean auto stove.  Lovely almond colour blk. glass  door. Only one year old but  seldom used. Sparkling clean,  perfect cond. B.O. to $300.  885-5357 aft. 4 p.m. only please.  #24  Soft top for '68 to '78 Bronco.  Good cond. $250.886-9579.    #24'  Used Building materials, windows, doors, plywood and panelling. Rough sawn lumber 1x10,  2x4, 2x6, 6x6. Must sell. No  room. 885-3310. #23  Firewood   for   sale.   885-3605.  Buy now, have it dry for winter.  TFN  Inglis multi-cycle auto washer,  excellent condition. Guaranteed  & delivered. $250. Phone 883-  2648 TFN  Electric Piano, Fender Rhodes,  portable. Exc. cond. $1000 OBO.  886-8583 TFN  Appliances, Furniture, TV's,  Stereos etc. DISCOUNT PRICES!  Kern's Home Furnishings, Seaview Place, Gibsons. 886-9733.  . TFN  Shakes tapers $65/sq. Barn  $40/sq. Survival suits 2 as new.  $225 each. 885-3429. #24  Ives-Way automatic home canner  Necchi portable sewing machine  7' 19' rug copper. Green brocade  club chair. 886-7039. #24  Automotlue  Marine  PUMPS PUMPS PUMPS  Commercial a Residential  Sump, Sewage a  Effluent Pumps  Construction Equipment  885-5922  Garden hay mulch. 10 bale  minimum. $1.50 each bale. 20  bales $1.25 each. 886-7377 or  886-9409 TFN  The WOOD SHED  Is now taking orders tor  FIREWOOD  Stock-up now tor next winter  Phone S86-S084  For sale '74 Ford LTD $2000  OBO. For sale '79 MX100 $600  OBO. For sale truck cap $450  OBO. For sale '72 Ski-doo $300  OBO. Ph. 883-2622 after 4:30  exp.Tue. #24  PLEXIGLAS  W.W. Upho-ittry  a Boat Topi Ltd.  Gibsons  886-7310.  MMMMM  POWERCLEANING  885 9316  Huge three family yard sale  Sunday June Mth 10a.m. - 4 p.m.  Beach Ave., Roberts Creek,  west of Flume Road. #23  The Perfect Gift  for Father's Day  5 Piece Wok Kit  FAN'S  BAMBOO  PANTRY  885-3575       885-9241  BOAT HMILIlia  W.W. Upholstery  * Boat Tops Ltd.  Qlbaona  886-7310  ALOE VERA  Nature's own medicine plant  juice, jel, lotions, shampoos,  face lift kits, etc. Wholesale-  Retail. Call Fran Halliday 885-  2818. #23  Set bunk beds used 4 mo. 886-  8573. #23  4 winter tires 7.00-15 on wheels,  all like new. For GM pick-up.  886-2791. #23  Looking for  FOAM?  Mattresses, Chips Cushions  W.W. Upholstery  t> Boat Tops Ltd.  Gibsons 886-7310  HOTTUB?  Do it yourself. Fiberglass, redwood and vinyl. Solar collectors,  H&S Contracting. 885-3825  TFN  1977 Dodge club cab >/, ton  camper special 20,000 mi. Incl.  high canopy, twin tanks, offers to  $6500.00.885-5020. #24  Truck canopy 8' box screened  windows vent full back door  $150.00 OBO. 886-7938.        #24  1975 Case 580B backhoe and  loader exc. condition. $17,500.00.  10"'deluxe Black k Decker radial  arm saw $285.00. Oil furnace  good cond. $50.00. Yamaha  electr. organ never used, $1,100.  Storage Shed 8 x 6'7 $125.00.  Dining room table $30.00. Two  stereo speakers $40.00.886-9102.  #24  MULCH HAY $1.50 bale. Phone  evening 885-9357 TFN  New 27' x 8'+ laid up fibreglass  hull, excl. for pleasure or commercial. $6000.00. Frank Lee,  Madeira Park, ph. 883-2607.   #23  20-10 Diesel Cat with winch k  blade, canopy, new rollers k  tracks. In good condition. Full  price $10,000.886-2775.        #24  Yard Sale corner Davis Bay  Road k Highway 101 weather  permitting Sat. June 13th, 10  a.m. #23  BOOKSEARCH  available  We stock books on Philosophy,  Music, Art and Poetry.  ATTIC ANTIQUES  Hwy 101, on the hill, Gibsons  TFN  Used inside doors, 2 $10 each,  2 $12 each, screen door with glass  $18. 2 3x5 slider al. wind. $8 ea.  2 8 ft. strip fleur $12 ea. or  $85 the lot. 886-9427 or 5-3406.  '    #23  Approx. 20 used kitchen cupboards $125. Ford F100 dual  exhaust system $40.00. Near new  freezer $225. CCM exercise bike  $80.00.5/8 T&G plywood $10.00/  sheet. Mobile double garbage can  cart $10.00. Strawberry pyramid  corrugated $8. BMW steel wheels  $20 ea. 3 brand new and 4 good  used Michelln 165x13 tires. Best  offer. Eves. 886-2694. #23  1980 Vt ton max! van white.  Tel. #883-2297 s     #25  Competitive quotes on custom  carpet Installation given to  contractors & home-builders.  Ken Devries & Son. 885-3424,  886-7112. #26  ELECTROHOME  SALES & SERVICE  3 Year Warranty  on Parts Si Labour  "\SUNSHINE  ' COAST T.U.  After the Sale  It s the Service  Appliances  have good guaranteed  rebuilt appliances.  Less than halt  new price.  Call Collect Anytime  OCEANSIDE  ���  POOLS  VINYL LINED SWIMMING POOLS  ALUMINUM  ft STEEL WALLS  HOT TUBS I SMS  Sales, Strain, Installations  Fully Guaranteed  Tan Yean Experience  FREE ESTIMATES  Phone  Bob Green  Box 1184, Sechell.  General Electric Range - very  godd condition. $50. Phone  886-8081 #23  LARGE YARD SALE beginning  Wednesday and continuing until  goods are sold. Home by Porpoise  Bav Park near Swansons. Loads  of brass and wicker, valuable  collectibles from continuous demolition of Vancouver heritage  homes. Leaded glass, french  doors, brass taps, chandeliers,  red bricks, china toilets, antique  tubs, sinks and lots more brassl  2 miles down East Porpoise Bay  Road from Sechelt, Phone 885-  9657 for info. TFN  Will swap plumbing, building and  electrical materials for a building  lot or acreage. Phone 885-9657  and ask for Bill. TFN  3 wheeled Forklift 5000 lb. lift  capacity, gas powered, good  condition 885-3952 aft. 7 p.m.  Asking $3,000. #24  11 ft. self-contained Camper,  3-way fridge, gas stove k oven.  Phone 885-3509. Plus Toront  couch. #24  For WatUna Quality Products .  Phone Harry Collins at Davis Bay.  885-3302. #27  Finest selection of custom-made  drapes on the Sunshine Coast.  Ken Devries & Son 886-7112,  885-3424. #26  3 metal framed windows 1 frosted  23" x 35" $20 each. Wood frame  window 21" x 33" $5.  Cat bed $7.885-2623. #23  Michelin radials, set of four,  750 x 16, 70/80% tread mounted  ori Ford 8 bolt pattern, split rims.  $350.00 OBO. 885-9361 #23  Colour TV 26" Magnavox. Offers.  885-9361. #23  One console stereo-radio combination, good working order  $150. One alto saiaphone suitable  for student $50. Ph. 886-7710. #23  LUMBER FOR SALE  Rough sawn lumber, fir, western  red cedar, yellow cedar, hemlock.  Inquire weekdays, 9 to 4. Copack  Industries Limited, Hillside sawmill. Visit us beside Avalon near  Port Mellon or phone 926-7318.  #23  THE WOODSHED  We have firewood cut  split and ready for immediate delivery.  We will make special  payment arrangements  for bulk orders of 2 cords  or more.  Get your winter wood in  now and pay later.  Phone 888-2084  Swim - Spa  skasidi:  Garage Sale. June 15, starts  11 a.m.'/. mile N. of Pratt Rd. on  Gower Pt. Rd. Infant to size 6  clothes and household items.  886-7993 or 886-2034. #23  ELECTROLUX (CANADA) LTD  Vacuum cleaners - nig shampoo-  ers for demo, sales and service.  Contact Stella Mutch 886-7370  serving the Sunshine Coast. TFN  Aristocrat 16 ft. Camper Trailer  2 propane tanks canopy H-tank,  fully contained, sleeps 4. $1,000.  Ph. evgs. 886-7260. #25  Yard Sale Sat. June 13, 1350  Medusa 10-3 p.m. Toys hockey  equip., motor bikes, Toro lawn  mower etc. Sechelt. #23  Gas water htr. $75. 60 amp. pole  $40, 105 comics $25. Cold cure  epoxy $55 gal. Braided 8' x 12'  oval rug $80. 4" planer $125.  10 hp Rototiller $500. '71 Fargo  Van $1500. Marine hdwr. steel  roofing, firewood. 885-7255.   #25  Oxy-acetylene welder with tanks,  antique chair, TV antenna with  booster, chrome table, airtight  heater, laundry sink, beer mugs,  guitar, yellow tile underlay  lino plus misc. Items. 885-5929  after 5 p.m. #23  Console stereo system; Sanyo  cassette deck; AGS turntable,  Heathkit amp. k tuner. Solid  walnut, excellent working condition. $500.886-7726. #23  AM/FM MPX in-dash cassettes.  $99.95.8864043. #23  Powerful horse manure: you load  $15.885-9969. TFN  W.W. Upholstery  & Boat Tops Ltd.  All Supplies for the  DO-IT-YOURSELFER  Gibsons 886-7310  THERMAX  WELD-ALL IND.  Beat the High Cost of Heating  Custom Made Wood Stoves  PHONE 886-8466  Campers & RU s  1974 Volkswagen Westphalia  Camper with side attached tent  $4000 OBO. Phone 886-8481  eves. #23  1975 23 ft. Prowler Trailer,  sleeps 7, excellent condition,  fully S/C. $7000.00 firm. 886-  2886. #24  '74 15' Glenelle hoi. trailer,  fridge, stove, furnace, toilet,  sleeps 6, good cond. 1 blk. up  Norwestbay Rd. Ph. 885-3325. #24  1978 deluxe Lionel Tent Trailer,  fully equipped, 3-way fridge,  stove, etc. Sleeps 8. Excellent  condition. Best offer. 886-7736 .  #24  TRAILER HITCHES  Reese,    Eaz-Tow    &    custom  hitches.   Call  Terry  at   Coaat  Industrie.,   Gibsons.   886-9159.  TFN  Want to rent small holiday trailer  Aug. 13-20th. Will be parked In  Rbts. Crk. 886-8029eves.       #23  Mobile Homes  1975 23 ft. Nomad, fully self-  contained, hitch, sleeps ,7. 14 ft.  awning, very low mileage. $7500  OBO. 886-8442. #23  1977 Kustom Koach 30' model  300D top of the line factory  deluxe everything c/w equalizer  hitch and mirrors. New brakes  city test last year. $18,000 OBO.  885-5976. #25  1975 like new 12 x 68 3 bdrm.  12' 117' living room, new carpet,  8' i 16' covered fiberglass  sundeck, 4' x 8' porch at back  door. Fully set up and skirted in  Comeau's Mobile Home Pk.  North Rd. Can move In while the  paperwork's being done. $27,000  OBO. 886-9581. #25  Mobile Home 12 I 68, 3 bed-  rooms, 4 appliances. Additions  include: workshop 10 x 22; bedroom family room 12 x 20 with  airtight wood stove; entrance  storage porch 8 I 12; metal  storage shed 8x8; decks, large  fenced yard, vegetable garden,  fruit trees. Set up in Sunshine  Coast Trailer Park, No. 39.  886-8571 #25  886-7017  Of 886-7760  MOBILE HOME  SALES ft SERVICE  Big Maple Motel  Davis Bay  885-9513   D.L. 6925   coast mobile  Homes Ltd.  GOOD  SELECTION OF  DOUBLE WIDES  we laHe trades  or  Consign your Mobile  Home to us for  Quick sale  Hwy. 101  Imiob Iran owner's  furmlurel  885-9979       mol on  MOBILE HOMES  FOR SALE  ���  12' x 52' Statesman  2 Bedroom  Fridge & Stove  Very Clean  1 Owner  ��17,900  Delivered and Set Up  on your lot or In our park  10' x 50' Blltmor*  1 BR - Possible 2*  8' x 18' Add-on Room  Fr. & New Stove  New Furnace  New Cupboards  Carpet In L.R. - Hall  &M.B.  Set up in Local Park  A very clean Home at  $12,500  SUNSHINE COAST  MOBILE HOME  PARK & SALES  Hwy 101, Gibsons  886-9826  SMALL CAR  SERVICE  No problem for us - Ford  has been building and  importing cars and trucks  from* Germany, Japan  and England as far back  as 1949.  So if you have a problem  with your small car we've  got the  Houra of Service  8 ��ti - S pm   885-3281  8-MTH C-MST  F��K�� UIU LTB  Auto Parts:'70 Datsun 510 wagon  ;'69 Triumph GT6 good engine,  trans., wire wheels, Saab 96 no  engine, '70 VW 1500 wagon,  Volvo BIS engine only. 885-  9285. #23  ��  1978 GMC Window Van, PS/PB,  jum trans., radio. 2-tone paint,  8-pass., 7,000 mi. Asking $7,300.  886-2410. TFN  RENT-A-CAR  RENT-A-TRUCK  1981 1-Ton Trucks  c/w 12' Vans  1981 F-250's  3/4 Ton Pickups  1981 Fairmonts  1981 Mustangs  5 Ton Truck. 22' Box  Hydraulic Tailgate  0AILV WEEKLY  mONTHLV  COMPETITIVE RATES  ���ABBA���  \LEASE RENTALS  SOUTH COAST FORD  885-2131  Across Irom Benner s  Furniture. Sechelt  Wanted) 4x4 crew-cab short box  or GMC Suburban 4x4, must be  good running order. Evening:  885-3136.    Reasonably   priced.  #23  1976 Dodge Van B200 Insulated,  fiberglassed rear compartment  with regrigeration, excellent for  fish, vegetables etc. 318 mtr.  PS/PB, $3,800 firm. Phone  886-8567. #23  1979 loaded Corvette L-82 4-  speed, great shape throughout,  low mileage $15,500 OBO.  886-2466 after 5 p.m. #23  Ford Meteor 1967 frame bent  but runs good, tow away $150.  Phone 886-8569. #24  '76 F2S0 4x4, PS, PB, 4-��pd, 300  6-cyl., stereo AM/FM cassette.  Needs $500 body work. $3500.  886-8282. #25  1972 Cricket 4 door, trans, and  left rear door damaged in accident. Good motor. Where Is - as  is. Make an offer. Phone 886-  2008. - #25  '73 Mazda 1800 S.W. very  reliable, clean interior, body a  bit funky, new brakes $750.  Call days Barbara 886-8126. .#23  Automotlue  73 Bronco 302 auto 4x4 gd. running cond. Body needs work.  $2,200,886-9579 #24  1979 Dodge 1 ton, dual wheels,  flatdeck. V-8 auto., PS k PB,  20,000 km. -Rebuilt. $5,500.  886-8414. TFN  '74 Chev Vt ton crew cab, 454,  4-speed, two tone, new tires,  radio, twin space tanks, 60,000  mi., ex. cond. city tested. $3,500.  988-5473,886-7862 #23  '77 Dodge Sportsman Vt ton  wind. van. Economical 318 auto.,  PS, PB, new 2-tone paint, new  custom lining, 36-gal. tank, hd.,  heater, etc. Low mi. City tested.  $5,600,988-5473,886-7862.   #23  Has vour Rabbit  Lots Its Hop?  Come in and see Herman  Vandeberg, 20 years Volkswagen Specialist - Factory  trained.  SMTH CM8T  FtKi UU.1 LT��  Houra ol Service  8 am - 5 pm   885-3281  YM, im do stock  Mm *w rant  74 Buick Regal - 2 Door - 350  Engine, Tilt Steer - Power Seat-  Windows. Cond. Good - $1850.  obo: 885-5200. .    #23  1973 MGB Green. Newly rebuilt  motor, good car. 883-9342.    TFN  1973 Dodge Dart, good condition,  nice driving vehicle. Headers are  included. Asking $2500 but open  to offers. 8864268 or 886-7029.  1*24  '71 Simca 4-dr. front WD 4 Mich,  radials, clean body, Interior,  only 44,000 m. 32 MPG, $1,100.  Days Barbara 886-8126.        #23  1964 Chevy Van $150. Need,  work. Ph. 886-2821. #24  '74 Ford F-250 PS/PB. Offers or  trade. 886-8249. #23  '71 Nova. Needs repair but still  mobile. 886-9428. #23  '/. ton 4-wheel drive Land Rover  with new brakes, spare parts,  rad, 3 wheels k tires, front  axles, transmission and extra  motor for parts. The first $750  takes all. 886-2775. #24  TRAILER HITCHES  Reese,   Eaz-Tow   and   custom  hitches.   Call  Terry  at  Coast  Industries,   Gibsons.   886-9159.  TFN  '73 Super Charger 400 4bbl.,  3 speed automatic, new paint,  new rubber, engine overhaul ���  50,000 ml. Call 885-9588 after  5 p.m. #25  1974 Volvo 164E, auto., air cond.,  sunroof, leather Int., under 40  thous. miles. 2nd owner, clean In  6 out. 883-2275. #23  '68  Nova  350  4  barrel auto  headers,   dual   exhaust, nice  shape, needs work. $800. 886-  9700. #25  AM/FM MPX in-dash cassettes.  $99.95.886-8043. #23  1970 Ford F100 4x4,74,000 miles.  Well maintained. $2100. 885-  5287. #25  1965 T-Bird black c/w bl. vinyl  roof, bl. int. all power exc. A/C  needs paint. $1395 OBO. 886-  2492. #25  motorcycles  1980 Yamaha DT100G has new  3,250 km, street legal. $650 firm.  883-2745. #24  '71 Tdumph motorcycle 500  completely rebuilt, new paint,  immaculate condition. Must be  seen. Phone 885-5906. #25  Suzuki 500 GT 1977, 7,000 miles  $1,200. Phone 886-2334.        #24  r    DAY    ^*>  ONLY!  Saturday  June 13th  Mission Pt. Rd.  1970 Toyota  $650  1970 Toyota  $750  1974 Plymouth  Satellite  $1,875  TRUCKS  1967 Ford V. Ton  $635  1970 Ford Vi Ton  $1,135  1973 Ford % Ton  $935  1973 Chev Blazer  4x4  $1,970  1975 El Camino  $4,140  1948 Ford 1 Ton  C'Zeke")  $3,950  14M>' Fibreform  Ski Boat  65 horse O.B.  & Trailer  $1,950  OFFERS  WELCOME  , 885-2775  for Info.  Marine  14 ft. Clinker with cabin, seats,  rod holders k transom, suitable  for outboard motor, great boat  for fishing. $400.00 firm. 886-  2572 daily until 4 p.m. #24  1979 ft. Mirro Craft, deep fiaber-  man; deck, windshield, throttle,  shift, speedo, 1980 20 hp Merc..  2 props, 11 hrs. TT.800 lb.  trailer c/w spare tire. $4,200.00.  Value. SeU for $3,000.00. 886-  2193 after 5. #24  12 ft. double flberglas hull  and trailer. $225 OBO. 885-3718  eves, till 8 p.m. TFN  Side-winder 18' x T - 85 hp Merc.  1980 model, worth $4,500 - OBO  Phone 886-2334. #24  24' cust. Cruiser, high qual.,  fast, better than new cond.  FWC, TT.65 hrs., tabs, grid,  head, heat, VHF, sounder,  pumps, fridge, stove, compass,  teak trim, canvas, wipers etc.  $22,500. NS moorage avail.  985-0243 or 988-5473. #23  17' fiberglass jet boat, new  engine and jet interior redone and  has excellent tow post, ipw paint  on boat also has very nice trailer  for easy towing. $7,000.00.  886-9067,886-2127. #24  22' cruiser deep V250MC drive  trim tab sounder bow rail,  $7500.00. Take smaller boat or  travel trailer in trade. 886-9102.  #24  16' Sangster soft top, 70 hp and  TA hp Johnsons; EZ galv. trailer,  depth sndr., wiper, other extras.  Used only 30 hours. $7500.00.  885-3737. #24  HI GGS MARINE  SURVEYS LID  Insurance claims, condition and  valuation surveys. Serving the  Sunshine Coast and B.C. Coastal  Waters. Phone: 885-9425, 885-  9747,885-3643,886.9546     TFN  20' Sangster Weekender 1978  HDT galley, head, 165 Merc 10  only 220 hrs., CB, AM/FM tape,  sounder, compass k more. Cal-  trailer w/brakes $11,750. 886-  9069 anytime. #24  Johnson 4 hp outboard motor,  good condition. $295. Phone 886-  9386. #23  AB Haddock Boat moving.  Licensed and fully insured.  Hydraulic equipment. Phone 883-  2722 days. 883-2682 eves     TFN  1975 Rawson 26' 3 sails, 9-9.  c/w elec. .tart, sounder, CB  stove, cw tank, bead, inflatable  raft, etc. $13,000.00. 886-9006.  #23  19!4 ft. Cabin Cruller, depth  sounder, dual tanks, many  accessories, trailer included.  $1,800 or swap for cartopper with  10 or 20 hp outboard. After 6 ���  883-9450, #23  12 foot aluminum Boat * Motor  $1000.00 or best offer. 886-7877.    #23  Conveniently located year-round  supervised  moorage.  883-2424.  #26  AM/FM MPX in-dash cassettes.  S99.95.8864043. #23  Sabot Boat in excellent condition  sail and oars. $200. 886-2601.  #23  1975 50 ft. charter, live aboard or  pleasure yacht In salt or Ind.  for property, house or small  business, full price one hundred  and fifty-two thousand ($152,000)  equity $112,000. Phone Laddie,  days 988-4444, eves. 985-8387 #23  17 ft. Bowrider, soft tp. deeper  seats, 1977 Evinrude, power tilt  k trim, 18 gal. tank, fast boat.  $4500 with trailer. 883-9389.   #25  22 foot Beachcomb. boat call  Vancouver 683-6219 or 684-5430  maximum speed 9 knots, tremendous pulling power.        #23  1980 7.5 hp Merc outboard engine  c/w 5 gallon tank used only 1 hr.  as aux. $650, Phone 8864481  eves. #25  18' K.C. Deep Hull -135 hp OB.  Full canvas, jacket!, rod holden,  trailer, skiing or fishing. $5500.  886-2735. #24  Property  LOT FOB SALE  Creekiide Put: Lot 120. Large,  building lot with paved streets,  city sewer, cablevision, hydra  k water. Attractive assumable  Joan at low interest rate. $38,000.  8864228. #24'  Lot for Sale by Owner: Lower  Gibioni: Cochrane Rd. 65' x 130'  1 block to the, ocean. $45,000.  886-2937. #24  LOT FOB SALE  Gibsons: Cochrane Rd., dose to  beach,   65'   x   130'.   $49,000. i  Phone 886-8006. #24  Half acre, lot in Roberta Creek  corner of Joe and Lower. 886-7770  $53,000. #24  Private 3 bedroom ranch-style  home. 1260 sq. ft. Heatilator  fireplace. Fenced. Fircreit Rd.  Gibsons. 886-7847. $103,000. #24  73' 1130' building lot, services at  property line, except sewer.  Nicely treed, quiet area on North  King Rd. $42,000. (112) 943-4393  Upper Gibsons area. #24:  3 bdrm. near-new rancher. 1350  sq. ft. on Malaview Rd. '/> blk.  from school. Double windows k  Franklin fireplace. Sundeck.  Well maintained on nicely landscaped lot. Asking $95,000.  Call 886-2425. #24  Good cleared lot ready for building on Malaview Road off Pratt,  hydro, water at property line.  Quiet area near Cedar Grove  School. $38,000. Call 886-2527  after 5 p.m. #24'  100 x 218 view lot on Cochran  Rd., Pender Harbour. Partially  landscaped. $47,000. 883-2289.   #24_  Sechelt Village - bright, cheerful,  well-maintained 3 bdrm. bungalow opposite Hackett Pk. 3  blks. from shops A schools. F.P.  $79,000. Phone after 5 p.m.  885-5530. #2$  1B80 28* TiNivcraft  Fully equipped with  VHF, Sounder, Bait  Tank. Sleeps 4. Hot &  Cold Pressure Water  & Shower. 255 Mer-  cruiser Engine, 200  hrs., Command Bri  dge. For more info.  call 884-5355 days, 886-  8481 eves.  ackwc itWAGE   raurmiar  Perhaps we can  service  that  difficult lot.  883-2269     885-5922  For sad n  3 Bodroom Horn  In heart of Gibsons ���  Beautiful view of  Georgia Strait & Harbour. In-law suite plus  Rental suite. 2 Carports, fish pond &  much more.  Call HHN1 eves.  For appointment to  view. 20  Coast News, June 9, 1981  Property  Legal  By owner level village lot in  country setting, underground  services, close to water. $41,500.  Ph. 8857244 '#25  Partial view, potential full view  cleared lot on Jasper Rd. near  Mason Kd in popular West  Sechelt. $60,000 OBO. 885-9038  #25  Nev, .1 bdrm rancher, ready to  muve in, quiet area, close lo  beach, village of Gibsons 595,000  NS08480 #25  West Sechell view lot for sale  or will build to suit. 883-9945  #25  ONE OF A KIND  Brownsville. Texas, 50 x 100 ft.  homesite near Gulf of Mexico  year-round   semi-tropical   resort  area. $3,950.00 full price, terms  885-5821*25  l/j acre lot Welcome Woods area,  well treed. $49,500. 885-5449. #23  View   lol.  lower Gibsons  area.  987-6698 #25  Newly renovated older one  bedroom home with annexed  2nd bedroom & storage on  5b x 150 fenced lot near school  and shopping. Rented furnished  al parent. $72,500. Ph. 886-7968  #25  Looking? New split-level main-  lenance-free family home. 3  bedroom, fireplace, vaulted cedar  ceiling, large level lol 65 x 160  in Wilson Creek. For sale by  owner $124,900. After 6 p.m.  885-5680.  _^ #25  **  3 Bedroom Home  �����^V'V*      1100 sq. ft. with Carport  $46,900.  Built on your lot,  including Fridge, Stove, Dishwasher  and Light Fixtures  WEKO Construction Ltd.  Box 888, 885-2525 (eves.)  Sechelt 886-2344 (days)  jtt MACAULAY NICOLLS  M ' MAITLAND & CO. LTD.  SUMMER   RETREAT  Beachfront Property - Endangered species. One of a kind.  Fabulous 1.91 acre lot in ROBERTS CREEK on ihe  Sunshine Coasi. Includes 3 cabins & 1 A-Frame plus all the  sunshine & relaxation you want. Appiox. gross revenue  from cabins is $6,700 pei/ann. Priced al $275,0011 For  further details call DON MATHESON at 112-731-0413 or  112-731-4509.  Province of  British Columbia  Ministry of  Forests  NOTICE  INVITING  APPLICATIONS  FOR TIMBER SALE  LICENCE A15195  Pursuant to Section  16(1) of the Forest Act,  sealed tenders will be  received by the Regional Manager, Vancouver, up to 1 pm. on  June 22, 1981 for a  Timber Sale Licence to  authorize the harvesting of 280 cubic metres  of dead and down cedar, located Sechelt  Creek, New Westminster Land District.  Term: 2 years.  Bids can be accepted  only from small business enterprises, as  defined in the Regulations.  Applications for registration under the small  business program and  details of the proposed  Timber Sale Licence  may be obtained from  the Regional Manager,  B.C. Forest Service,  631-355 Burrard St.,  Vancouver, B.C. V6C  2H1, or the District  Manager, B.C. Forest  Service, Box 4000, Sechelt, B.C. VON 3A0  CLASSIFIED NOTE  Drop off your Coast News  Classified at Campbell's  Family Shoes, Sechelt, or  Madeira Park Pharmacy,  Madeira Park.  B.C. Vuhon Bianhet Classifieds  DAIRY DISTRIBUTION CONTRACT. Showing good potential.  Also equipment: 75 Ford 1 ton  11 Um Reefer 220 volts J6.000.  79 Chev C60 16 foot Arctic  Traveller Reefer, cooler hydraulic  220 volts $38,000. 10 x 12 foot  walk-on cooler, pallet door  $4,500. '69 gmc 5 ton 427 5/2  11 foot steel deck ghost 5th  wheel 15,000 ton Tulsa winch gin  poles 30 foot Hiboy oilfield float,  live rolls, good rubber, all chains,  slings, etc. $20,000.00. All in fair  to good condition. Replies Boi  A.C. c/o Gazette, Boi 700,  Grand Forks, B.C. VOH 1HO or  phone message only  446-2250.  #22  PRIVATE WATERFRONT  ACREAGE    SALTSPRING    ISLAND B.C. 10 acres 1150 feet of  ocean   waterfront   $235,000.  12 acres 1650 feet of ocean waterfront $215,000. For appointment  to view write Department T  Box 250, Driftwood, Ganges,  B.C. or phone 537-9242 or 653-  4437. #23  Tf VOU ENJOY GARDENING,  do it year round, using an aluminum and glass greenhouse I  Write for free brochure to: B.C.  Greenhouse Builders, 7425 Hed-  ley Avenue, Burnaby, B.C.  V5fc 2R1 Mail orders now  available. #23  FAWN AND BRINDLE GREAT  DANE PUPPIES. Show and pet  stock. Phone 457-9537, evenings  and weekends. #23  TRUCKING BUSINESS WITH  STEADY CONTRACT IN LOGGING CAMP on West Coast.  Going concern showing good  return. No Hitlers. Reply to Box  414, c/o Campbell River Courier,  Boi 310, Campbell River, B.C.  V9W5B5. #23  UNIQUE BUSINESS. Be a food  broker. Exciting and profitable.  Customers phone you. A limited  number of choice areas available  in the interior of B.C. at only  $14,200.00. A great opportunity  to join other already successful  people in our booming business.  To arrange a personal interview,  please write to: Vice President of  Franchises, Westland Food Packers of (B.C.) Ltd. 385 Boundary  Road South, Vancouver, B.C.  V5K 4S1 or call 294-9667.        #24  LOG HOMES AND CABINS.  Daybreak Construction Ltd. For  brochure or further information  contact George Donovan, Boi  777, 100 Mile House, B.C. VOK  2EO. Phone 395-2867 (days)  397-2735 (evenings). #23  BY OWNER. Modern 4 bedroom  ranch-style home. Garage, paved  driveway on 4.9 acres. All under  cultivation, beautifully landscaped, fruit trees, sheds, chicken coop, 446 Case tractor with all  attachments. Phone 442-8306  Grand Forks. #23  SCHOOL DISTRICr #54 is  hosting a public- tea to honour  Mrs. Delia Herman retiring from  44 years teaching and administrating Students, colleagues and  trie ml. all welcome. Muheim  Elementary June 13th from 2:00  to5:30p.m. #23  SINGLE? Excellenl computerized  and personalized Dating Service  in your area. Request free information from main office: Human  Contact B4 81816th Avenue  N.W Calgary, Alberta. T2M  OKI #23  MOTEL 21 UNITS PLUS SUITE  1981 volume estimated $150,000.  Mortgages $258,000 at 11 and  12.75 per cent. Godfrey Quesnel  Realty, 260 Reid, Quesnel, B.C.  V2J 2M2. Phone 992-7202.  #23  PROSPEROUS BOOKSTORE LO  CATED IN VANDERHOOF. Ow  ner leaving province Serious  inquiries to 567-2715 days or  567-9708 or 567-9743 after 6 p.m.  60 miles west of Prince George.  #23  USED RESTAURANT EQUIP  MENT. Everything. Available  after September 7, 1981. Make a  down payment and get a bill of  sale now. Rudy at 347-9591.    #24  CERTIFIED HEAVY DUTY MECHANIC for International Har  vestcr truck dealership in Smith  ers. Box 3430, Smithers, B.C.  VOJ 2NO. or phono Al 847-4287  #23  AMPLICATIONS INVITED FOR  RANCH MANAGERIAL TRAINEES. Experience in supervision  of work crews necessary. Must be  experienced and knowledgeable  in irrigation machinery operation  and all aspects of livestock  management. Contact Gang  Ranch, phone 392-4469. Purchase  order 039-937. #23  SHAKE BLOCK CUTTERS FOR  VANCOUVER ISLAND. Phone  days 853-4851, nights 826-7661.  Ask for Warren. Experienced  only need apply. #24  WANTED: MANAGER FOR  HARDWARE LUMBER YARD.  Must have retail, purchasing  experience. For more information  write United Builders Supply  Ltd., Box 690, Port Alice, B.C.  VON 2NO. Phone 284-3433.    #23  SOUTHERN VANCOUVER IS-  LAND Office Supply Dealer  requires outside Salesperson to  sell full line of stationery,  printing, business machines and/  or office furniture. Basic salary  plus commission. Car supplied.  Applicant should phone or write,  giving experience and references  to The Letter Box, 138 Craig  Street, Duncan, B.C. V9L 1V9.  Phone 746-5641. #23  EXCELLENT OPPORTUNITIES  FOR Cashiers, Salesclerks, Waitresses and Cooks. Single living  accommodations available. Apply  to Hell's Gate Airtram, Boi 129,  Hope, B.C. VOX 1LO. Phone  867-9277. #23  RETIRING. Wish to sell two  versatile commercial buildings,  also vacant commercial properties in Grand Forks, B.C. Prime  locations write G. Popoff, Box  1376, Grand Forks, B.C. VOH  1HO. #23  WETASKIW1N, ALBERTA - Join  us for a gala Homecoming Weekend July 17-19, 1981. Dance to  Mart Kenney. Information: 75th  Anniversary Committee, Boi  6266. Wetaskiwin, Alberta T9A  2E9. #23  WOOD WINDOWS AND  DOORS I Lowest prices anywhere  on double glazed wood windows.  Walker Door: Vancouver 266-  1101, North Vancouver 985-9714,  Richmond 273-7030. Now open  in Kamloops 554-2058. TFN  EXPERIENCED BUILDING SEK  VICES WORKER, steady full  time employment. Performs all  janitorial and light maintenance  duties. Send particulars: Box 392,  c/o Observer, Boi 550, Salmon  Arm, B.C. VOE 2TO. #23  HARBEL HOLDINGS LTD. Mobile homes located in parks on  pads. Listings and Sales. We  welcome all enquiries. Listings  wanted. Wheel Estate. Phone  collect. Lower Mainland Division.  13647-lOOth Avenue, Surrey,  B.C V3T 1H9. 585-3622; Kamloops Division. 90-180 Seymour  Street, Kamloops, B.C. V2C  2E2. 372-5711. The Wheel Estate  People. (D.L. 6747). #TFN  FOR RENT: 11,500 .square feet  warehouse space houston in-  DUSTRIAL PARK. Can be divided into required/requested  size. Available mid-summer. Call  HOUSTON 845-2381. #23  VINYL SUNDECKING FRAN  CHISE AVAILABLE in your area.  Excellent earnings and independent way of life. Inquiries to Boi  265A Peach Arch News. 1335  Johnston Road, White Rock, B.C.  V4B 4Z7. #23  Province ol  British Columbia  Ministry of  Forests  FEDERAL PROVINCIAL  PROJECTS, TO BE  FINANCED BY THE  DEPARTMENT OF  REGIONAL ECONOMIC  EXPANSION AND THE  BRITISH COLUMBIA  MINISTRY OF FORESTS  under the  Subsidiary Agreement on  INTENSIVE   FOREST  MANAGEMENT  SEALED TENDERS tor the  following Juvenile Spacing contracts will be received by the District  Manager, Ministry of Forests, Sechelt, B.C. on the  dates shown below:  Contract: ST 92G12-132  J.S. Located: Burnet  Creek. Forest district Sechelt, on 14.7 hectares.  Viewing Date Thursday,  June 11, 1981, leaving  B.C.F.S. Warehouse Compound (Hwy 101 at Wharf  St. Sechelt) at 09:00 hrs.  Contract: ST 92G12-137  J.S. Located: Haslem  Creek. Forest District Sechelt, on 9.5 hectares.  Viewing Date Thursday,  June 11, 1981, leaving  B.C.F.S. Warehouse Compound (Hwy. 101 at Wharf  St. Sechelt) at 09:00 hrs.  Contract: ST 92G12-139  J.S. Located: Halfmoon-  Haslem. Forest District  Sechelt, on 11.1 hectares  Viewing Date Thursday,  June 11th, 1981, leaving  B.C.F.S. Warehouse Compound (Hwy. 101 at Wharf  St. Sechelt) at 09:00 hrs.  NOTE: all three contracts  will be viewed on the same  trip.  Deadline for submitting  tenders is June 18th,  1981.  Viewing ia mandatory.  Anyone viewing the area  must ensure their names  are recorded by the Sechelt Office.  Tenders must be submitted on the form and in the  envelopes supplied which  with particulars, may be  obtained from the District  Manager 2nd floor, Tore-  do Square, Toredo St.,  Sechelt. .   .  The lowest or any tender  will not necessarily be  accepted.  The work will be carried  out under the supervision  of the British Columbia  Ministry of Forests.  On the  Seafood Platter  by Chak-Chak  Last Tuesday, June 2nd, my  wife and 1 attended the  opening of Shantys Restaurant  in the newly-renovated Bonniebrook Lodge on the waterfront at Gower Point.  The Lodge had been in  operation as a guest lodge and  a private home for fifty-four  years. It was built by Harry  Chaster in 1927 and I believe  was operated by his mother,  "Granny" Chaster, as a quiet  seaside guest home where  people would come from  Vancouver via Union Steamship, to spend a restful holiday  by Ihe sea, with home-cooked  meals of seafood from the  beach and wean, vegies from  the garden and dairy products  from Harry's farm. Besides  being general factotum a-  round the Lodge, Harry also  looked after the mail and  supplies from Vancouver as  well as transportation of the  guests. This involved launching a rowboat from the beach  at the mouth of Chaster  Creek, rowing out to a small  cedar float anchored in deep  water where the steamer  would drop off the passengers  and freight for Gower Point,  then transporting both guests  and goods safe and dry  (hopefully) to the beach and  on up to the Lodge and the  waiting "Granny" Chaster.  My wife recalls making this  trip in 1941 when she stayed  with a friend, Marion Laffere,  just along the beach from  Chasters'.  In 1936 Harry Chaster built  a house for himself just west  of the Lodge, and two years  later a small store in front,  which is now on the corner of  Harry Koad and Ocean Beach  Esplanade. (This property was  owned quite recently by Jack  Warn, and his wife Joan had  a little art studio in the store  building).  Bonniebrook Lodge was  sold in the mid-thirties to  Ted Williams, and again later  to a Mr. Farnsworth. In 1951 it  was acquired by Mr. and Mrs.  Vernon, Senior, who made  it their home until their son,  Ran Vernon, and his wife Ev  took it over  in   1963.  They  Trauel  Britain made easy. $300 downl  It's simple - fly to Britain for $300  down per person, balance in two  equal payments 2 & 4 months  after your return. Payment may  be made by Amer. Eip., Mas.  Chge., Visa etc. Princess mini-  cruises, 3 days, 2 nights, all  meals Victoria-San Fran. & vice  versa from $349 U.S. We have  many money saver summer fares  for Canada. Alaska cruises filling  up very quickly. Book now and  save disappointments. Phone  Getaway Holidays 885-3265.   #23  Application for a  WATER LICENCE  WATER ACT  (Section 8)  I, Paul Herbermann of R.R. #2, Lockyer Rd���  Roberts Creek hereby apply to the Comptroller of  Water Rights for a licence to divert and use/store  water out of flume which flows S.W. and  discharges into sea and give notice of my  application to all persons affected.  The point of diversion/storage dam will be located  at 45 + feet from new residence. The quantity of  water to be diverted or stored is 1000 gals, per  day. The purpose for which the water will be used  is domestic, livestock, irrigation. The land or mine  on which the water will be t'sed is Lot 8, D.L. 1319,  Plan 4504 New Westminster.  A copy of this application was posted on the 01  April, 1981 at the proposed point of diversion or  site of the dam and on the land or mine where the  water is to be used and two copies will be filed in  the office of the Water Recorder at Vancouver,  B.C.  Objections to this application may be filed with the  said Water Recorder or with the Comptroller of  Water Rights, Parliament Buildings, Victoria,  B.C., within thirty days of the date of the first  publication of the application.  The date of first publication is June 2, 1981.  P. Herbermann,  Applicant  started a complete renovation:  concrete foundation, electrical, plumbing and finishing  inside and out. More recently  it was operated as a lodge and  dining room for the Vernons  by Connie Achtcrberg.  In January of this year it  was bought by a local group of  Sunshine Coast residents  whose firm objective it is to  retain the charm and tradition  that has always been an  integral part of Bonniebrook.  The new Shantys Restaur-  nnt with manager Jeff Harvey  and Chef James Johnson  serves as seafood items:  Prawn Cocktail (appetizer)  Clam Chowder (New England  style)  French Omelette (Filled with  crab and a cheese sauce)  Poached Salmon (With a tangy  herbal hollandaise sauce)  Steak   and   Lobster   (on    a  skewer).  We enjoyed our orders of  Poached Salmon. We also had  a crisp salad and a delicious  light dessert called "Pavlova".  Bonniebrook with a new  look. A place to splurge on  that special occasion. Sea you.  VLASSIFIFB ADS  Opportunities  Pender Harbour Taxi ��� 2 cars and  equipment. Licenses with pickup boundaries from Earl's Cove  to Halfmoon Bay destined anywhere in B.C. Priced to sell by  owner. 883-9078. #25  ���RoyalTnist  FOR SALE  BEAUTY SALON  Opptiriumly lo be creative and  be your own buss til the same  Htne, Well established business  wii!i 4 fully equipped stations, 3  sinks with extra hookup fot  fourth. 4 dryeis, bin washer &  diver, lull bathroom plus storage.  ���Located in modern plaza close to  shopping centre Lots ol parking  available Vendor is nmlivated.  All reasonal oilers will be considered Call Elizabeth Raines  324-4621 (24 hours).  6fa9-3022 RT-8 (24 Hours)  together; I=:3Efl wetanhelpyoubette.  You wonl make a  killing in this business  but you could earn  from $50 to $400  per week for a few  hours work!  Get in on the $7-Billion a year recorded music  industry. NO SELLING INVOLVED. We supply  top-name popular albums. We locale exclusive  outlets for you in a territory (possibly your own  neighborhood). We give you our sure-tire  "Silent-Salesman display. All you have to do is  make the rounds and pick up your cash! Up to  $400 weekly possible... in as little as to hours1  Ideal lor those who need part lime income with  spare time on their hands. Investment ol $9,750  needed but we don't accept people just because  they have money... you must be absolutely  convinced you can't lose money.  For tree brochure and more details call colled:  (416)421-4135  MARKETING CONCEPTS INTERNATIONAL  86 Overlea Blvd.. Toronto. Ont. M4H IC6  685-9345  CAMpbEll's  PRESCRIPTION"  SERVICE  FAMILY SHOES  and- iii      LEATHER GOODS  "IN THE HEART OF  DOWNTOWN  SECHELT"  Deadline 12:00 Noon Fridays  12:00 Noon Saturday ^Classifieds should be prepaid and pre-written  Your friendly neighbourhood drop-off  points for illf f fllf Classified Ads  MADEIRA  PARK  PHARMACY  883-90H  rPENDER HARBOUR CENTER  MADEIRA PARK  CLASSIFI  Copyright and  Advertising  Regulations  Ihe Sunshine (iiast Ne��s  reserves the right to classify  advertisements under appropriate headings and determine  page location. Ihe Sunshine  (oast News also reserves ihe  right In reiise nr reject an)  advertising which in the opinion  ol Ihe Publisher is in quest*  innable taste. In Ihe event that  an; advertisement is rejected,  Ihe sum paid lor the advertisement Hill lie refunded.  ED ADVERTISING  Minimum $2.50 per 4 line insertion. Each  additional line 50C, or use our economical 3  weeks tor the price ot 2 rale I his otter is made  available for private individuals  THE FOLLOWING CLASSIFICATIONS  ARE FREE  Birth Announcements. Lost and Found  No billing or telephone ordeis are accepted  except from customers who have accounts with  us or who live outside the Sunshine Coast  Cash, cheques or money orders must accompany  all classified advertising.  CLASSIFIED DEADLINE  NOON SATURDAY  ALL FEES PAYABLE  PRIOR TO INSERTION.  Please mail lo Coast News, Classifieds,  Box 460, Gibsons, B.C. VON 1V0.  Or bring in person to  the Coast News Ollice in Gibsons.  Q  CLASSIFICATION:  Eg. For Sale, For Rent, etc  -                                                            .                                   M                    ll-   -^                                                         ll                     IN                                                                    "IT                     "  I 111 LLJJ.L    ...      u.  ���  "  I I I I I                                  I i II  _ T[TTT    - -       ��� --  Trn  ft  I  I  I  I  I  I  I  I  I  VLJJSSJFIFJJ ADS  LTD  NO. OF ISSUES Coast News, June 9, 1981  21  Crossword  Anawera to last week's Crossword  by Jo Melnyk  ACROSS  1. Aid  5. Tenant  9. Corruption  14. Drove  15. Being (Latin)  16. Wireless  17. Crocus  18. Moist  19. Musical Drama  20. Pouch  21. Not Understood  23. Inactive  25. Unfasten  26. Cravat  27. Service  29. Anger  32. Headdress  35. Divide  36. First Man  37. Same (Latin)  38. Flowers  39. Island  40. Explosives  41. Venezuela Copper  Centre  42. Manservant  43. Water (French)  44. Manner  45. Mine  46. Peruse  48. Bargain Time  52. Artistic Period  56. Direction  57. A Tilt  58. Tree  59. Fern. Name  60. More Reasonable  61. Defame  62. Above  63. Fish  64. Groups  65. Gull    .  DOWN  1. Get Up  2. Type of Salt  3. Proclamation  4. Masc. Nickname  5. Session  6. Advantage  7. Freshwater Fish  8. Fabric  9. Moans  10. Fast  11. Concerning the Palate  12. Discharge  13. Amphibian  21. One  22. Desires  24. Entries  27. Stone Worker  28. District  30. Lung Sound  31. Issue  32. Chew  33. Fern Name  34. Coming Back  35. Ponder  36. Lessen  38. Forays   .  42. Base  44. Master (fr.)  45. Speed Setters  47. Painter's Equipment  48. Nose  49. To Dig  50. Annoy  51. Long For  52. Essence  53. Spirit  54. Soap Frame Bar  55. Fit  59. Out (Scots)  1  B  1  O  l  A  4  R  s  D  *  H  r  A  l  I  ���r  ���  %  it  T  ���sr  W  ft  M  E  N  T  E  R  ��  E  I  P  i  R  J  T,  17  3  L  n  V  ri  MI  JJ  E  N  A  *  U  M  A  an  I  A  M  "K  3  E  R  E  D  wm  Ms  0  *E  P  I  5  3  O  D  E  V  E  '.V  E  3-B"t  t|  K  L  A  N  D  1  %  0  R  !���$  ^  "it  E  3S  Jl  N  G  R  0  N  J  I  *;  A  B H"b  R  E  N  T  I  T  E  R  I  E  I a  E  E  e,HE  E  W  I  0  R  A  S  ��  I  N  3  T  A  ���D  it  R  c  A  I  I  it  K  at]  T  0  H  T  E  V  %���";  E  E  ��  Ml  A  V  E  H  }  A  Ii  N  A  I  V  i  ��a  T  E  N  ���  "n  0  N  E  M  s  1  E  I  It  H  K  R  0  3  i  N  A  W  %  E  L  L  S  1  2  3  4  S  t  7  1   ���  22  1  10  11  '12  13  14  15  11  17  It  It  20  21  23  24  25  24  27  21  2t  31  34  27  45  3t  40  41  42  43  44  41  44  47  '  to  51  S3  S3  54  55  1  a.  "  57  51  ���  "  to  S1  "  '  S3  14  M  Master Plan  The SCRD will be spending  $20,000 on a 'blueprint'  to update all the public works  planning of the past and to  prepare ��� Public Works Long  Term Development Plan for  the future, identifying regional needs and responsibilities.  Director Joe Harrison put  the need for this development  plan plainly at the Thursday  PUC meeting when he' said,  "Planning without guidelines  would be like building a house  without a blueprint."  Father's Day  Special  Turntable Pt-Xtt  Direct Drive, Putty  Automatic Crystal  si  avtjg. R#g. $30��.��S  ������6-7216  Sunnycrest*1 Mtll.Olbtont  ^iniTffnnnP'fliTrm  m  Ceramic show at Arts Centre  Commencing on June 16,'  the Sunshine Coast Arts  Centre in Sechelt will be the  setting for a delightfully different yet. highly approachable exhibit by ceramic  artist Bill Rennie.  Rennie's work takes the  form of buildings constructed  from clay. Ranging in size  from six inches to an impressive ten feet, these sculptures delve into the past with  their architectural styles. His  work echoes Russian, Byzantine, Romanesque, and Gothic  architecture, and most recently pieces have been  created that evoke the aura of  ancient India and Cambodia.  Exact reproductions of existing buildings are not really  Rennie's intent, as he is more  concerned with capturing the  spirit of an exotic and mysterious past. Some buildings  are presented as if in a state  of decay with purposely  cracked surfaces and crumbling columns. This is a romantic attitude and the effect is  akin to the discovery of an  ancient ruin with all its mysteries of a lost culture. There  is a dynamic relationship with  the past, ye( a delicate one in  respect to the future.  Several buildings have religious references taking the  form of a Gothic Cathedral or  a Buddhist Temple, further  heightening the sense of mystery and adding an ethereal  quality.  Detail and texture are of  great importance to the visual  impact. This is achieved by  the use of many different  press moulds Rennie has  developed which allow him to  produce scores of repeating  shapes and patterns, making  possible large structures with  an efficiency of process.  Surfaces are both glazed  .and painted; shimmering cop  per and gold is used extensively on the domes and roofs,  though he is careful not to  have colour dominate the rich  and complexly textured facades.  Rennie, born in New Westminster and raised in Surrey,  has maintained an interest  in buildings since high school  and studied pottery and sculpture at U.B.C. in the Art  Education Department continuing on to the Vancouver  School of Art, graduating  with honours in 1980.  His work has been exhibited  mainly   in   student   shows,  although he was the youngest  artist chosen for the 1977  Vancouver Art Gallery Juried  Show from Hili Point of View  and the B.C. Potters Guild  Retrospective (1980) included  his work. This spring he was  invited to exhibit with another  ceramic artist, Valerie Pugh,  at the Art Gallery of Greater  Victoria.  A reception will be held on  Monday, June IS, 8-10 p.m.  and the public is invited to  meet this talented artist, Bill  Rennie, and to share some  refreshment. The exhibit continues to July S.  ��� Janlc* Edmondi Pholo  Four Brownies from the 1st Gibsons Pack enjoying their  Explorers hike at Homesite Creek on Sunday May 31st.  McRae  urges action  Describing the Chamber of  Commerce as the 'free enterprise union' Past President  Jon McRae urged the twenty-  five members present at the  meeting of Gibsons* and  District Chamber of Commerce to support their directorate.  McRae, who announced  that he had been elected to the  executive ofthe B.C. Chamber  of Commerce recently, told  the chamber members:  "When Jim Kinnaird declares war on small businessmen everyone is in trouble,"  a reference to recent statements made during labour  trouble in the province.  McRae pointed out that  Canada had dropped from  2nd place to 12th in terms of  international productivity recently.  "We've got to go out and  work to attain the things we  want, "said McRae.  hllllllll JlllllllllhlillllillinW'  i)))i>""i��///w/j>��" '���iw��f/r",'��iw��i��"������'""*.  The Most Complete  around!  ��� Wood & Aluminum Windows  ��� Patio & Storm Doors  ��� Mirrors ��� Skylights  ��� Auto & Marine Glass  ��� Shower Doors & Cabinets  Hwy. 101 & Pratt Rd., Gibsons M6-73M  Kavanagh delights Chamber  Airport expansion imminent  "I feel we are on the brink  of a great expansion out  there," said Doug Dixon to  a meeting of the Gibsons and  District Chamber of Commerce recently.  Dixon was referring to the  possible expansion of the  Sunshine Coast Airport. He  told Chamber members that a  wheeled regular schedule for  the airport was likely In the  near future.  The expansion, according to  Dixon would call for a paved  runway 3,500 feet in length  complete with lights for nighttime operation.  Chamber member John  Kavanagh said that such an  expansion could bring in  charter flights from all over  the Pacific North West In  addition to regularly scheduled flights.  Kavanagh pointed to the  rapidly expanding scuba-  diving industry In Powell  River and Pender Harbour as  an example of how business  could benefit rapidly and  delighted the membership by  pointing out how little harm  was done to the environment  by the scuba divers.  "They are restricted to five  crustaceans and two orgasms  per dive," said Kavanagh.  "No wonder they are a  pleasant lot," commented an  anonymous chamber member.  YOUR AUTOPLAN  CENTRf  UTLER  REALTY  LTD.  aking care of  all your Real Estate Needs  Seaside Plaza Evenings Call  886-2000    Norm Peterson Dennis Suveges  886-9121    886-2607(Res.)or 886-7264 (Res.)  Professional Repair & Service  to your Heating & Plumbing  Equipment  ��� General Sheet Metal  ��� Installation of Heat Pumps, Air Conditioners,  Wood-Oil, Wood-Electric, Wood, Electric and  Oil Furnaces  ��� Plumbing Service & Installations  THOMAS HEATING  Call Now   886-7111  1 7 Years Experience  Serving Ihe Sunshine Cons!  since 1967  I would like a subscription to that  lively, Informative COAST NEWS.  Kindly print or type the name and address of the person to  receive this fine salty coastal epistle, and please enclose your  cheque for  $24 for one year or,  $1S per half  Mall to: ���e c������ News,  Circulation Dept.,  Box 460,  Gibsons, B.C.  von ivo.  NAME.  ADDRESS.  CITY   PROVINCE.  ��� CODE  FRONT 1/Vs  GRADE A BEEF  Aged to Perfection  '1.44 *.  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Send your entries to the Coast News, Box 460, Gibsons in time to reach  the newspaper office by Saturday of this week. Last week's winner was Deanna Martin of P.O. Box  1463, Gibsons who correctly located the pictured wall-hanging as being in the new school board  office in Gibsons.  Taxation inequities  The gap between rich and poor  preferential treatment.  A fair tax system should be  the first goals of a fair society.  Such a system should fund  government's expenditures on  the principle of ability to pay,  the proportion of income paid  increasing as income increases. This system is based  on the view that government  has an obligation to equalize  the distribution of wealth  through tax expenditure arrangements.  by Ray Skelly  MP Comox-Powell River  There are two welfare  systems in Canada today. The  first is the system income  assistance which allows many  poor people to eke out a  marginal existence. The other  transfers huge sums of money  to large corporations and  wealthy individuals through  exemptions and other tax  loopholes  which  give  them  By-pass survey start  Continued from Page One  The survey work is for the Langdale to Payne Road connector  portion of the by-pass project. The complete by-pass proposed for  Gibsons and Sechelt will be phased over a number of years.  Fraser wrote the letter in reply to a letter from the Sunshine  Coast Regional District and Mayor Goddard which was sent  April 24, requesting that the by-pass route be given highest  priority in the highways department's planning.  Local concerns were that with the stretch ferry service offered to  the Sunshine Coast in the coming summer months, the number of  cars travelling on local highways would increase, adding to the  congestion already suffered by coast residents in previous years.  Although Fraser stated that in predicting the time needed for  survey work, "an average figure would be about fourteen  months...because unforeseeable problems are only uncovered in  the design process itself, I cannot make a firm commitment".  Under a fair tax system the  marginal tax rates for each  income bracket should rise  steadily in direct proportion to  income. But if the system is  complicated with deductions,  preferential tax rates, exemptions from income, tax deferrals and other loopholes  which the wealthy can take  advantage of are considered,  the system works in reverse.  Since the Second World  War the distribution of family  income in Canada has remained virtually unchanged,  that is, so-called "tax reform"  initiated in the last 30 years  has done nothing to change  the division of wealth. There  are now 5.3 million poor  people, representing 14 per  cent of all families, living in a  country with one of the  highest levels of productivity  per capita in the world.  The tax expenditure system  works to the greatest benefit  of those with the greatest  income, 14 per cent of tax  filers receive 52 per cent of  the systems' advantages. The  average tax benefit for taxpayers with incomes over  $50,000 in 1978 was worth  $12,611, while those  with incomes between $5,000  and $10,000 accrued benefits  of only $306 on an average.  In fact there were 2,316  Canadians in the top income  group that did not pay a penny  in taxes in this year.  It is estimated that 10 per  cent of all Canadians own  60 per cent of the wealth in  this country. In the early 1970s  federal inheritance taxes and  succession duties in all provinces except Quebec were  eliminated. In 1971 the effect  of this change was to transfer  $4.5 billion to our wealthiest  citizens in that year alone.  Over the last decade the  marginal tax rates assessed  low income earners have  risen, while the basic tax for  high income people has fallen  off. Between 1971 and 1977  the marginal rate charged a  $3,000 income earner rose  37.4 per cent while the rate for  a person making $300,000  dropped 23.4 per cent.  More on this later.  GIBSONS:  On the 28tb: Two female  adults were apprehended for  shoplifting cigarettes in Ken's  Lucky Dollar store.  On the 30th. A man sustained  back injuries when the truck  ,he was attempting to fix  rolled onto him. The incident  occurred on Cemetery Road.  The man was taken to St.  Mary's.  Camp Fircom reported the  theft of a diving regulator  from its grounds.  On the 31sti Police responded  to a disturbance call from  Seaview Gardens. In the  course of a birthday celebration, two members of the  party engaged in a fight. They  later paid for the damage  incurred, apologized to the  owners, and departed peacefully.  The windows of a beach house  on Gower Point Road were  broken.  A house on Point Road in  Hopkins Landing was broken  into.  Police are investigating the  theft of a bag containing  $3,300 belonging to B.C.  Ferries Corporation. The  money was taken from the  Maverick Bus and the loss  was discovered on the ferry  dock at Langdale.  On the lati There was a motor  vehicle accident on Highway  101 and Lower Road, Minor  injuries were sustained.  A lime green 10-speed was  stolen from the Elphinstone  Secondary School Gym. It is  described as having a new  seat and foam handles.  The theft of a Union Jack flag  is reported from a residence  in the Marlene and Richards  Road area in Roberts Creek.  On the 2nd: The copper rods  from a transformer at L&K  Lumber were stolen. The theft  is believed to have occurred  any time within the last  month. Value of the rods is  estimated at $2,000.  Ladies panties were stolen  from a washing machine at the  Seaview   Plaza   laundromat.  This Week's Specials  Come on down & see!  LAND-SEA COMMUNICATIONS  & CHANDLERY LTD.  689 -9684 Sundays -io-3       886 -8043  Toll Free Across from the Bank of Montreal, Gibsons, B.C.  Nothing else was taken.  Another bicycle was stolen  from Elphinstone Secondary  School. It is a blue 10 speed  with tape on the handlebars  and it was locked by an orange  combination chain.  On the 3rd: A house on Smith  Road was broken into. A small  amount of liquor was taken.  On the 4thi Peninsula Travel  Agency, located in the Gibsons Dental Block, notified  police of a hit and run. The  culprit, who hit the building  with his vehicle early in the  afternoon, was later apprehended.  There was a break and entry  at Canadian Forest Products  in MacNab area. Investigation  is still continuing.  Two residences were searched  by police; a quantity of  marijuana was seized from  one of them and a fair amount  of cocaine was seized from the  other. One man was remanded  in custody for a forthcoming  court appearance.  On the 5thi There were two  reports of hit and run. One at  the Mall caused under $200  damage to a parked pickup  and one at Wyngaert Apartments damaged the fender of  a car.  There were five impaired  driving charges handed out in  the Gibsons-Sechelt area on  the same day.  There have been numerous  reports of bears being sighted.  Caution should be exercised  at all times, since the bears  are rather hungry at this time  of the year.  SECHELT:  On the 29thi Vehicles from the  Sunshine GM parking lot were  vandalized. Windshields were  smashed and wires pulled  out. There is no estimate on  the damage yet.  On the 30th: A mailbox on  Redrooffs Road was torn from  its spike and stolen.  Damage in excess of $600 was  done to a parked vehicle in  Sechelt and a car was vandalized on the Indian Band  property.  The theft of a dinghy from  Eureka Place in Halfmoon  Bay is reported.  Police advise that from time to  time small boats are found  along the shoreline. They are  immediately reported to the  Receiver of Wrecks. If you  have lost a boat, please  contact: The Receiver of  Wrecks, 25 Heron St., Victoria, B.C. V8V 4V9.  There was a motor vehicle  accident on Roundview Road  in Madeira Park. The driver  of the car went into the ditch  for no apparent reason. The  injured driver was taken to  hospital. The accident is still  under investigation.  On Ihe 31st: There was a report of a break and entry on  a summer cabin in the Sandy  Hook area. Stolen were some  camping equipment and some  liquor, value estimated at  $350. The break-in occurred  early in May.  The principal of the Madeira  Park Elementary School reported that several windows of  the school were smashed over  the week-end. Value of the  damage is estimated at $150.  Merchants of the Madeira  Park Shopping Centre filed  a similar report.  On the 4th: Damage in excess  of $300 was done to the  windows of a Sechelt residence. Police have no suspects.  RICHARD'S  mens wear  ^Sunnycrest Mall, Gibsons  886-2116  has  SPECIALS  Every Week  until Father's Day, June 21st  SHIRTS!  Every one REDUCED!  Some 10% Off  Some 30% Off  and many cut by  30%, 40% &  ��0%  Vou can't miss!  THINKOFUSASA MATCHMAKER  BUYlNCIIHSiUI��O.THI   C0AIT IIWI CUSSiFKOSWORK HMYOU!  Joe Lieber  The demise last week of Mr. Joe Lieber was felt deeply by  many in this community, especially the Staff and clients,  past and present, of the Sunshine Coast Achievement  Centre, where he worked as an instructor.  Moving here in 1976, from Prince George where he was  extensively involved in projects for the handicapped, he  enrolled as a voluntary worker in the Saturday morning  classes in Elphinstone, where the Achievement Centre had  its beginnings. i  His dedication and quiet competence soon made their  mark, and when full time operation commenced in October  1977, we were very happy to enlist his services. Pictured  above are Joe, with Ed Hauka and a group of "clients", all  very pleased to have a full time operation, in a home of their  own.  Joe had a way with young people, partly from his  experience working with them, but mainly from his  personality���he could instruct them, keep them working, he  never raised his voice. Clients and staff have written letters  to Dorothy Lieber, and in all of them the phrase "love and  patience" comes through strongly.  He will be hard to replace. When we erect our new  building some part of it will be in memory of Joe Lieber, a  permanent distinction well earned.  rc.        196-2023    ���,a  ,fSr MAIL. GIBS-*"  FOR  THAT  SPECIAL  GRADUATE  SPECIAL  GIFT  Very Special Prices on Karat Gold  FLOATING HEARTS  With Diamond: ���37��*��  With Ruby, Sapphire a\\amam CA  or Emerald: ���3S3S��*W  Bulova Watches  Karat Gold Rings  and Chains  6����@��0$  mm Grantham's  Landing  Pier  - Bradl��v J Btnton photo*  ^AN^OUVERISij^��  f li r ������ .1 ��� ma/VtC tort*' Sunshine Coast Realtor, June 12, 1981  REALTY LTD  *?���*���*���  CATALOGUE  ���"���  885-3211  ���m mm. von aw  GHEE*  GMtteCptt  anderson  REALTY LTD  fc�� 684-8018  HOMES  HOMES  HOMES  DAVIS BAY ��� WHITAKER BAY: Drive by this energy  efficient home behind the store and wharl presently under  construction. 3 bedrooms with heatilator fireplace, skylight,  fiberglas deck and garage. Great view and lots of backyard. Will  sell at present or any stage of completion. Vendor will take  terms. Contact Frank 885-5336 with all offers. nil  SPOTLESS HOME WITH ACREAGE:  9.5 almost level acres approximately % cleared and plenty of  water from two ponds. 4 bedrooms, 3 baths, central vacuum,  quality cabinets and fisher airtight. $45,000 mortgage at 13.5%  due Oct. 1985. Ideal for a gentlemen farmer or rancher. Offered  ay Bob Bull or Frank Ingham.    *80   TOTS   COOPER & CONNOR- LAND SALE:* Price drastically  reduced for immediate sale. Choose one of 3 choice % acre  properties. Were $45,000, now $39,000. Call now! Bob Bull  885-2503 or Frank Ingham 885-5336; #35, 36, 37.  LANGDALE ��� 2 VIEW LOTS: Super view and quiet area.  New private driveway. Both lots are well treed and gently  sloping. Asking $45,000. Frank Ingham. #1 & 2  VIEW! VIEW! VIEW! ��� DAVIS BAY: Spectacular view. 70' x  150'+. Cleared and ready to build on. Newest subdivision.  Building scheme. Bob Bull or Frank Ingham. $66,000. #75  REDROOFFS RANCH - PHASE I: This original development area has seen much change over the years and still is in  great demand, New listing. Well treed and level. Contact Bob  Bull or Frank Ingham. Asking $49,000. #79  REDROOFFS RANCH ��� PHASE II: Our most recent  subdivision in this area. Selectively cleared and level. Great  southern exposure. \-2 acre lots only. Stan Anderson or Gordie  Hall. #34, 41 & 42  WEST SECHELT - 0.6 ACRE VIEW PROPERTY: One ol  the few remaining private estate type properties available. For  dream homes only. Call Bob or Frank for details. First class  property. #95  REDROOFFS AREA - FAWN ROAD: Potential view lot of  92' x 409'+ in size. It's near the end of the paved road with hydro,  phone and water. For sale at $49,900. Bob Bull 885-2503 or  Frank Ingham 885-5336. #87  WEST SECHELT - ISLAND VIEW ROAD: Panoramic view  lot in exclusive area of new homes. The driveway, culvert and .  building site are in. Vendor wants terms! Call Jack Anderson.  #84  SECRET COVE - PAINTER ROAD: Unusually large view lot  within walking distance to the Buccaneer Marina. Lot is 102'on  the road and 346' long. The only problem with this lot is carrying  your Salmon home! Bob Bull or Frank Ingham would like to  show it! Priced to sell at $49,900. #71  DAVIS BAY ��� ARBUTUS DRIVE: P & P Developments will  custom build your dream home on this huge property.  Unsurpassed view of Trail Islands. Call Bob Bull. #8  MT. RICHARDSON RD: Lot 115 is nearly level and easy to  build on. Hydro, phone & water are at the road, and it passed a-  perk test in April. It adjoins the Sechelt Forest. Full Price  $35,000. Call Don at 885-9504. #21  UPLANDS RD: Lot 19 is very private with some nice trees and  a small stream through it. It is located just a block from a public  beach. Good value at only $26,500 full price. Call Don at 885-  9504. #23  TRAIL ISLAND VIEW: Extra large view lot on Mason Road.  14000 sq.lt. Very good garden soil. Only 600 It. to a good beach.  One of the few view lots left in West Sechelt. Call Stan Anderson  at 886-2385. $65,000. #24  WATERFRONT - DAVIS BAY: Waterfront with fantastic  sunset views in Davis Bay. Very private and partly landscaped  lot is approximately % acre and is not level. Stairs could be built  to water. View with Bob Bull 885-2503. $90,000. 12  "FEATURED HOME  OF THE WEEK"  WANT A HOUSE WITH A VIEW? Only a couple minutes  walk to the beach. The lot faces south at the end of a quiet deadend road. A lovely creek cuts through the back corner of the  property. The house is about 870 sq. ft. with two bedrooms up  and a finished bedroom and rec. room downstairs. Brick  fireplace in living room and the rec. room. All this located in  Roberts Creek. To view call Gordie at 885-3211 or 885-9986.  Asking price $94,500. #77  NEW DAVIS BAY VIEW: 2050 sq. ft. 4 bedrooms, 3  bedrooms on main floor; rec. room & 4th bedroom, laundry and  work room below. Commanding view from living, dining and  kitchen. Real value $149,900. Call Jack 885-2053. #9  DAVIS BAY - ARBUTUS DRIVE: Executive home in new  subdivision. 1346 sq. ft. of 3 bedrooms, 2 baths, ensuite with  shower and including: vaulted ceilings, cedar feature walls, 2  brick fireplaces, skylights and dishwasher. Quality and luxury at  the right price. Offered by Bob Bull 885-2503. #10  SELMA PARK ��� PANORAMIC VIEW: 1600 sq. ft. 3  bedroom, full basement and garage. Fireplace, Jenn-aire range  and oven, two door fridge-freezer and dishwasher. Built-in  vacuum system. 134' x 200' landscaped treed property. Asking  $165,000 Call Jack. #91  REDROOFFS ROAD: Desirable 1186+ sq. ft., 2 bedroom  home on a park-like .97 of an acre. Bus transportation by the  door. Cablevision. Full basement with possible suite. Try your  offer to $149,900. See Doug. #100  SELMA PARK VIEW HOME: Nearly finished view home in  Selma Park. Very well constructed with all modern  conveniences including heat pump with reverse cycle air  conditioning, 3 bedrooms, den, dining room & kitchen with  eating nook. All new homes of good quality in this area. A must  to see if you enjoy quality. Full price $199,500, Call Stan  Anderson or Stan Hilstad for more information. #101  VILLAGE FAMILY HOME ��� SALMON DRIVE: Enjoy this  brand new Fjord Design home within walking distance to town.  3 bedrooms, 2 storey, 1636 sq. ft. with all bedrooms on the  second floor and a large study. Main floor has family room,  sunken living room and fireplace. 2 carports. F.P. $137,900.  Stan Anderson.  #16  COMMERCIAL  GOING CONCERN! UPTOWN LAUNDROMAT: Steady  year round business. Ideal for semi-retired couple. All  equipment in excellent condition. 5 year renewable lease on  building. Good location in upper Gibsons. F.P. $55,000,  $20,000 D.P., balance at $500 per month - 15% interest. For  info, call Jack at 885-3211. #92  ROBERTS CREEK ��� PRIME DEVELOPMENT PROPERTY: 4.875 acres zoned R2J. Lower Road frontage. Gentle  southern exposure and approximately half cleared. Favourably  situated one and a half storey deluxe home. Immediate  development potential. Terms. Contact Frank Ingham,    #99  INVESTMENT ��� COMPLETELY DEVELOPED CAMPGROUND: Excellent location on 6.9 acres and brand new.  Features: Creekside setting, sewer system, underground  wiring, heated pool, 2 bedroom manager's suite. Also, store  area, laundromat, change room and recreation. Highway  frontage and more. For further information contact Bob Bull or  Frank Ingham. #96  PRIME COMMERCIAL PROPERTY: with Highway 101  frontage in Gibsons. Approximately 4 subdividable acres in two  separate parcels. Ready to develop and priced to sell. Contact  Frank Ingham 885-5336 or Bob Bull 885-2503. Vancouver Toll  Free 684-8016. #S6  COMMERCIAL CORNER: Mason & Norwest Bay Rd.  18,000 sq. ft. of commercial land suitable for a mini supermarket  or combination country produce market located in a well settled  area. Busy crossroad area adjacent to an expanding school and  no competition. On site living quarters permitted. F.P.  $129,000. Call Stan Anderson 885-2385, 885-3211. #28  SECHELT VILLAGE ��� COMMERCIAL LOT: This 50' x  176' commercial lot is centrally located in the business district.  Great investment property. See Bob Bull for details. $89,000.  #17  SANDY HOOK ��� SEAVIEW ROAD: Do not just drive by.  This unique 3 level view home is a must to see. 3 bedrooms, 3  bath, massive front deck and fireplace. Call Stan Anderson.  $119,500. #20  ROBERTS CREEK ��� MANATEE STREET: 1208 sq. ft., 3  bedroom quality home nearing completion. Full basement.  Quiet area and paved roads. Offered at an affordable price -  $120,000. See Doug Joyce. #74  SECHELT VILLAGE ��� PRICE REDUCED: Well maintained  3 bedroom, 2 level home in quiet residential area. All new  carpets and paint. Large backyard for whatever! Lots of storage  space. Call Stan Anderson $79,900. #16  WEST  SECHELT  maintained 3 bedroom home of 1320+ sq. ft. Features include:  skylight, sundeck, rec, room family roorn & enclosed garage.  Fully landscaped. Excellent financing of $49,000 at 11'^% due in  4 years. Offered at $129,000 by Bob Bull or Frank Ingham,   #25  WATERFRONT  WATERFRONT CABIN ON RUBY LAKE: Now is the time  to buy this 2 bedroom cabin right next to the water so you can  dive or fish off the porch. Provincial Government Lease is only  $320 per year. Try your offers to $39,000. Call Don at 885-9504.  #67  SANDY HOOK ��� LAUNCHING LANE: The view from this  cottage is impossible to describe. Launch your boat here and  moor it out front. Let the kids play on the sandy beach; salmon  in the front yard. Have Bob Bull or Frank Ingham arrange a  viewing. #22  SELMA PARK ��� WATERFRONT HOME: Large lot with  attractive older home located on the best beach of the coast.  Nicely landscaped with plenty of shrubs & fruit trees. 3  bedrooms. Lease land. $49,900. Call Bob Bull or Frank Ingham  and arrange to view. #13  EARLS COVE WATERFRONT LOf: Level building site,  partly in garden. Approximate size 80' x 250'. Excellent well,  hydro and phone at road. Great view, easy path to water. Full  price $90,000. Call Don 885-9504. #69  SECRET COVE - LUXURY TOWNHOUSES: Located on  a naturally wooded hillside overlooking beautiful Secret Cove  Featuring 1600 sq. ft. of multi-level living area, 3 bedrooms, living  room with fireplace, 6 appliances, large sundecks, plus each  home is freestanding and offers a breathtaking view. Each  owner also has the option of up to 40 ft. of moorage at the  marina below. #44  BARGAIN HARBOUR: Waterfront lot, over half acre,  recently perked, driveway in, hydro, water and phone at road.  Full price $95,000. Call Don at 885-9504 or 885-3211.    #47  GOT-A-BE: One of the finest waterfront Ibts on the whole  coast. A beautiful southern view overlooking Halfmoon Bay out  to Merry Island; watch all the colourful marine traffic as it travels  through Welcome Pass. The property is covered with Arbutus  and stunted Pine. Several nice building sites on this large piece  of property. Easy access to the water. This lot is fully serviced.  To view and dream call Gordie at 885-9986. F.P. $114,900.  #85  , *nNBRi  HNttad  866-2923  lirAAaMa^aK  -2T91  Ingham  885-53911  WwmWm\armm\ammt\fw anderson  REALTY LTD  FREE  Sunshine Coast Realtor, June 12, 1981  Madeira Park  883-9525  BOX98.VON2HO  \  EiHSSa  REALTY LTD  *      IP  HOMES  ���tw*   ft.  BARGAIN HARBOUR: Discover and enjoy Bargain Harbour  with the view from this well-built and maintained home on Cris  Way. Features include 2 heatilator fireplaces, large covered  sundeck, and carport, rec. room with fireplace and wet bar, 3  bedrooms, living room, dining room and kitchen with nook.  Along with the view come all appliances, drapes and carpeting.  To view call Bill Hunsche 883-2637 or 883-9525 $144,000.  #49  LOTS AND ACREAGE  LOVELY RURAL 2 ACREi SETTING IN KLEINDALE:  Property has building site cleared, driveway in and the well has  been drilled, with power at the front lot line. A sound investment  lor $49,900. To view call Bill Hunsche 883-9525 - 883-2637.*93  A TOUCH OF COUNTRY LIVING: On 8 acrest ol gentle  sloping land in Kleindale with a 5 year old 700 sq. ft. Panabode  with full basement. The property is well treed and hasacreekon  it. To view call Bill Hunsche 8832637 or 8839525. F.P.  $118,500. #89  EXCELLENT BUILDING LOT: on Madeira Park Rd. Very  suitable for a small commjtrcial building or the hdmtfof your  choice. Price $44,500. Tr/view call Bill Hunsche 883-2637J88  PENDER HARBOUR ��� PAQ LAKE: Excellent strata title  potential. 7.1 acres and zoned R3L. Vendor to put road in.  Super views. Plenty of timber. Priced for quick sale. For further  information call Frank Ingham 885-5336 or 885-3211.  PENDER HARBOUR ��� SUBDIVIDABLE ACREAGE:  Excellent frontage on Hwy. 101. Create your own subdivision.  15.9 acres. Zoned R3L. POTENTIAL. Inquire with Frank  Ingham - Vancouver direct 684-8016.  WATERFRONT  A j! YEAR OLD MODULINE MOBILE HOME: 14' x 70' in  immaculate condition on a large lot in Madeira Park. This home  is located on Harbour View Rd. and is close to the shopping  centre and schools. It comes with 5 appliances. Price $63,900.  To view call Bill Hunsche 883-2637 or 883-9525. #94  YOUR DREAM HOME: is now under construction. The  location is Lee Bay,lot #25, which allows you toenjoy the view of  famous Lee Bay and the majestic Malaspina Strait. This 1531.2  sq. ft. home will be nestled amongst orchard trees and a small  creek. The home is a quality Jenish design two storey with  basement entry- Buy now and have your choice of the finishing  details, such as carpets, cabinets, etc. This home is situated in  an exclusive subdivision, with several restrictive covenants  which will protect one's personal and financial interests. Price  $190,000. For more information please call Bill Hunsche 883-  2637 or 883-9525. #97  EXCELLENT BUY: 900 sq. ft. home on a large level lot near  government dock on Beaver Island Francis Peninsula. The  home is in need of care and repair, however a good investment  at $69,900. With your 25% down, the vendor will carry the  balance. For further information call Bill Hunsche at 883-2637 or  883-9525. #81  RONDEVIEW RD: An ideal well-equipped and built family  home. 1232 sq. ft. located on Rondeview Rd. Features include  master bedroom with ensuite and 3 additional bedrooms,  modem kitchen with Jennaire and all appliances, 2 fireplaces,  living room, dining room and a large sundeck with carport.  Accompanying this fine home is a recently built enclosed 2 car  garage. This home is situated on a landscaped lot in a quiet  neighbourhood. To view, call Bill Hunsche 883-2637 - 883*9525.  $121,500. .#54  1-55. vm$n  ���*V  YOUR OWN MAJESTIC VIEW OF GARDEN BAY  LAKE: This is a large lot 100' x 163' with a gentle slope and  excellent building sites. The lot is 66' from the lake and is fully  serviced with power and water at road. Price $49,900. The  owner will car ry $24,900 by an agreement for sale at 13%% with a  2 year term. To view call Bill Hunsche 883-2637 or 883-  9525. #82  WATERFRONT: and your own majestic view of Lee Bay and  Malaspina Strait. This is an excellent waterfront building lot and  a Must See. Price $129,000. To view call Bill Hunsche 883-9525  or 883-2637. *57  WATERFRONT ACREAGE ��� REDROOFFS RD: 1.47  acres with 100* of waterfront. Unsurpassed views of Merry  Island lighthouse and Vancouver Island. Lawn, hydro, water  and driveway are in. Owner is currently installing the septic  system. Price $118,500. To view call Bill Hunsche 883-9525 or  883-2637. ��33  LOTS AND ACREAGE: Lot 30 on Lee Bay Rd. in Irvines  Landing. 1.85 acres of fantastic view property in new subdivision  priced at $79,000. To view call Bill Hunsche 883-9525 or 883-  2637. #64  LEE  BAY  WATERFRONT: Spectacular  easy access  waterfront shores of Lee Bay at the entrance to Pender Harbour  A quality subdivision with southwestern exposure and fabulous  view. A fisherman's delight, a relaxer's paradise. Lots are fully  serviced including sewer and nicely treed. All lots are covered  Iby a building scheme to ensure highest quality construction.  Lot 01 - 19,063 sq. ft. - $118,900  Lot 02 - 16,835 sq. ft. - $118,900  Lot 09 - 21,399 sq. ft. - $099,900  Lot 10 - 15,371 sq. It. - $097,900  Lot 12 - 16,566 sq. ft. - $097,900  Lot 13 - 25,629 sq. ft. - $097,900  1.8 ACRES: of westerly sloping view property Lot 29 in Lee Bay  subdivision has sewer and services at lot line. An exclusive  development with restrictions to protect and insure your  investment. Call Bob 885-3531. F.P. $79.000. jj��  1300 SQ. FT. RANCHER ON WILDWOOD RD: Quality  built home under construction includes enclosed garage, stone  and brick fireplace, skylights, 3 bedrooms on a level treed 95' x  200' lot. F.P. $125,000. Cad Bob Beaupre 885-3531.       ��83  ALL NEW  "PORPOISE  PROPERTIES"  - NOW SELLING  * Convenient location.  * Controlled subdivision.  * Southern exposure.  * Cleared and level.  * Good selection.  * Terms available.  An exclusive waterfront development  (Vane. Toll Free)  684-8016  885-3211  WELL BUILT AND MAINTAINED: 1025 sq.ft. home on a !4  acre! terraced bt with 115' of waterfront with its own dock and  sheltered deep water moorage^ There is power and water to the  dock. The home features a large sundeck and living room with a  Franklin fireplace, 2 bedrooms and IK bathrooms, cozy kitchen  and many appliances, with a self-contained suite downstairs.  Also carport, workshop, boat shed and paved driveway. F.P.  $220,000. To view call Bill Hunsche 883-2637 or 883-9525.151  dCF.ANFRON't ESTATE: 3 acres of subdividable]  Waterfront on desirable Redrooffs Rd. Optimum sunshine on  this steep south sloping terraced property. Perhaps the nicest'  porous concrete Tennis Court in B.C. 5 year old, 1150 sq. ft.  home includes thermopane doors and windows, sauna, 48 in.  heatilator fireplace, hardwood floors, teak counters and au|  Ashley airtight stove. There is a serviced log cabin lor guests.  200* on the Pacific Ocean just 30 miles from Vancouver. R-2  zoning permits second home to be built on deluxe site next to  tennis court. Beautiful views of merry Island Lighthouse and  Vancouver Island. Topography insures privacy. $50,000  assumable mortgage at 11%. Full price $305,000. Formerly lots  j& 7. Call Bob Beaupre 883-9525 ��� 885-3531. sjg  BUSINESS  OPPORTUNITIES  PENDER HARBOUR FISHING RESORT: Best moorage in  harbour for 70 boats. Deluxe caretaker's home, 5 cabins, store,  camper hookups, boat bunch. Call Bob Bull 6848016 - 885-  2503.  1 ACRE ON LAGOON RD: In Madeira Park. Zoning permit'/,  acre lots. Priced at $65,000. Contact Bill Hunsche 883-9525 or  883-2637. #52  PENDER HARBOUR: Boatworks with waterlront and 1800  sq. ft. contemporary home situated on 2% acres at the head of  Pender Harbour. This is an excellent business opportunity  along with a lovely home for the right individual. For more  information call Bill Hunsche 883-9525 or 883-2637. M0  FOR RENT: 2700 sq. fl. ol retail area in Madeira Park. For  more information, call Bill or Bob 883-9525.  k Sunshine Coast Realtor, June 12, 1981  -��M  nriB'.H  �� ^^vsTpe ck[s  ���iwa^  AELBERS REAL ESTATE  CAPA APPRAISALS INC.  Located at the Old Granthams Store  Marine Dr., Granthams Landing  886-9238 886-8640 922-7814  Peter Aelbers rkbc>fri  886-9238  Don Logan  885-3318  CG.A.  BCOMM  LOTS FOR SALE  "REVENUE PROPERTIES"  $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$  POWELL RIVER  PREMIUM REVENUE PROPERTIES  Two residences - live in one and let the other pay  the way. One four bedroom house, modernized,  one, one bedroom house. Large lot with fruit trees.  $68,000.  EXCELLENT STATE OF REPAIR DUPLEX  with in-law suite - $1,025 per month rentals makes  this most desirable. Tenants pay all utilities.  Assumable mortgage of $40,000 at 15%. Future  potential for townhouse. $89,000.  HOPKINS LANDING $48,000  One of the last view lots available in this area. Make  an offer with a third down and the vendor may  carry the rest.  SAVARY ISLAND $14,500  Two lots, one waterfront, to be sold together for  the price of one! Good swimming and fishing area.  TUWANEK $31,500  Nearly lA an acre in size with view and within  walking distance of beach and boat launching.  Perc. hole in place.  ROBERTS CREEK $48,000  A quiet and soothing creek with its.own waterfall  creates a unique setting for the true nature lover.  SANDY HOOK From $37,500  Two excellent view lots looking up the Inlet in this  popular area. Easy to build on lots make these  highly desirable.  54 ACRE WATERFRONT  with small cabin on public esplanade.    .  Gower Pt. Road $98,000  2V4 ACRE HOBBY FARM  2 Bedroom, older  home.  Roberts Road,  Stillwater,  Powell River $65,000  MEMBER SUNSHINE COAST REAL ESTATE ASSOCIATION  Box 566  Gibsons, B.C.  VON 1V0  ' ' *  f.  ���g*  f~-i:'Ms3a^lB  HOUSE ON THE HILL: One of the best views in Gibsons.  Set on a good sized lot is this 1% storey home. Rebuilt in  1975. A good 3 bedroom home, has a large 13' x 18' rec  room for entertaining with a 16' x 20' sundeck for those  summer barbeques. Kitchen includes Jennaire range, Fisher  wood stove in living room. Firm $139,000.  ROBERTS CREEK: 57 x 970 waterfront property, with six  year old 1344 sq. ft. mobile home with 200 sq. ft. addition on  front. Also small beach cabin. Front 300 ft. of bt is  landscaped to a good beach. This one of a kind should be  seen. Asking $239,000.  1574 ABB'S ROAD - GIBSONS: is the location of this 3  bedroom full basement home with prime view of Bay and.  Gulf. A great family home. Newly listed $155,000.  POPLAR LANE ��� GIBSONS: Well maintained V, year old  family home three bedroom split level well landscaped,quiet  setting, small assumable Ist mortgage. -Must be seen to be  appreciated $129,000- Vendor will assist lo finance  mortgage.  Serving the Lower Sunshine Coast  Phone 886-2000 or 886-9121  Located in the Seaside Plaza,  Gower Point Road, Gibsons  HOMES  RUCIL ROAD ��� GIBSONS ��� OCEAN VIEW: 1300 sq  ft. full basement 3 bedroom home on landscaped view lot.  Features include a large modern kitchen, 3-piece ensuite off  master bedroom. Heat-A Later brick fireplace, large deck.  The basement is mainly finished with brick fireplace in family  room, extra bedroom and large workshop. This would make  someone,a great family home and has an approximate  $60,000 assumable 1st mortgage at 13%. This is priced to sell  at only $128,000.  POPLAR LANE ��� GIBSONS: Well maintained tour year  old family home on quiet cul-de-sac close to all amenities.  Living room features California Sandstone Fireplace, among  the many extras is a kitchen garberator, ensuite plumbing off  of master bedroom. Rec. room is completely finished  including earth stove to help with heating cost. $55,000  assumable at 11'/,%. Asking $129,000. Vendor will carry  small second.  CREEKSIDE CRES? ��� GIBSONS. Well maintained 3  bedroom home. Completely finished basemenl including  extra 3 piece bathroom, new sundeck off dining room.  Convenient walking distance to all facilities. Must be seen al  $99,000.  REAL ESTATE  GENERAL INSURANCE  AUTOPLAN  BUILDING LOTS  DOGWOOD ROAD - GIBSONS: Well maintained two  bedroom home on landscaped fenced lol with greenhouse,  storage shed and many extras. $80,000.  EVERGREEN PARKLAND: We have several good size  building lots in this area of all new homes ranging from  $36,000 up.  JUDITH PLACE - EVERGREEN PARKLAND: Large  level building lot $40,000.  BONNIEBROOK HEIGHTS: Lot 4 on Grandview Road.  Great view out over the ocean to Vancouver Island. Nice  slope and partly cleared. $65,000.  CHASTER ROAD: .46 of an acre. Sloping southerly Gulf  view lot. Zoned R2, walking distance to beach. Close to  elementary school. $65,000.  ACREAGE  Ideal Hobby Farm 2% acres with southern exposure. On  Hwy 101 Roberts Creek area. 3 bed. full basement. Ideal  family home, mostly cleared. Sheds included. $176,000.  GAIL ROAD ��� ROBERTS CREEK: 114 acres of  subdividable land. Home was duplex up and down.  Assumable mortgage of $41,000 at 1014% has excellent  potential. Listed al $124,900.  HENRY ROAD - GIBSONS: Ideal lor horses or 7ft? 8.5  acres, year round creek, plus large 3 bedroom ranch style  home, wood stove to help with heating cost, Must be seen lo  be appreciated. Asking $260,000  INVESTMENT PROPERTY  GOWER POINT ROAD: Best ocean view night or day on  Ihe coast, investment property. 4 acres consisting of (our %  acre waterfronl lols plus 2 subdividable acres on Gower  Poinl Road. This properly has to be seen lo be appreciated.  Greal investment potential at $680,000.  NORM PETERSON     886-2607  DENNIS SUVEGES 886-7264 Sunshine Coast Realtor, June 12, 1981.  -LOTS  SECHELT $35,000  Large level lot close to the arena. All services  except sewer. Good location. Call Terry  Brackett at 885-9865 or Don or Rene  Sutherland at 885-9362. 1*629  HALFMOON BAY $45,000  One acre lot with some view overlookint  Halfmoon Bay. Water, cable, hydro and phone  available. Some timber. Call Terry Brackett at  885-9865. #602  SEAMOUNT  INDUSTRIAL PARK $110,900  3 side by side lots zoned commercial light  industry. Well located back from highway with  total frontage of 150 feet on Venture Way and  side access of 125 ft. Call Emilie Henderson at  885-5225. #609  BUILDING IN THE FUTURE?  1/3 acre in Welcome Woods. Perfect for the  couple who plan to build eventually, but need a  place to live now. The lot is a prime 1/3 acre,  selectively cleared, and has exceptional  southern exposure. The bonus is a three  bedroom, immaculately kept Bendix Mobile  with attached carport and tiered deck on two  sides. All services are in. The septic field has  been installed and the fridge and stove are  included. It's ready to move into and the price is  an affordable $74,900. To view call Brent Strad  at 883-9382. #569  GARDEN BAY $39,000  This won't last. Nearly % acre of level property  located on Snclair Bay Road, Garden Bay. Get  your permits and build your retirement home or  hold for investment. Call Don Lock at 885-3730  for alt details and lot sizes. Asking $39,000.  #668  PRIME DEVELOPMENT LOT $275,000  Only feet from the ocean in Sechelt. Excellent  opportunity for Cl zoning. Present zoning is  marine 1. The lease e xp ires June 1 at which time  the lot will be cleared and ready for  development. The commercial potential for this  property is almost endless. For details call Brent  Strad 883-9382. M47  EXCELLENT LOTS  Two excellent lots located in Sandy Hook. Both  view. Level lot $35,500. Lot with driveway in  $42,000. Call Don or Rene Sutherland at 885  9362 for details.     #652 ft 661  REDROOFFS $65,000  Extra large lot in popular area. Owner is  presently clearing to build on. Level with several  nice trees. All services except sewer. Call Terry  Brackett 885-9865. #638  SEAMOUNT INDUSTRIAL $40,000  Light industrial level lot close to highway and  ready for building, measuring 52.5' x 150'. Call  Syd or Frances Heal 885-5693 or Gibsons office  886-8126. #204  WEST SECHELT $75,000  One plus acre view lot directly across from one  of the best beaches on the coast. Owner has  septic field approval. There is some nice  standing timber. Lots like this are scarce so call  Terry Brackett today for all details at 885-9865.  #618  REDROOFFS $59,900  Exquisite view lot just under 14 acre.  Combination of Arbutus and rock create a  magnificent property! In area of fine homes.  Approved for Chromaglass. Call Bronia Robins  at 885-9033. ��� #622  EXCELLENT BUILDING LOT) $41,900  In exclusive West Sechelt subdivision, paved  roads, hydro, water and sewer available. Call  Emilie Henderson at 885-5225. #605  CHEBYLANNE ft LOWER  ROBERTS CREEK $47300  This 70* x 150'lot has a potential view and is only  minutes from a very fine beach. For details  contact Randy Wollen 885-5623 or Gibsons  office 886-8126. #207  GIBSONS $45,000  Lot meets requirements for two family dwelling.  This lot is facing south for maximum sunshine.  Located in Creekside Park. Bring your offer to  Rita Hummel 886-7070 or the Gibsons Office  886-8126,  #215  MARLENE ROAD $4TO00~  Roberts Creek : Marlene Road ��� centrally  located '/, acre. level treed lot close to beach  access! Partial and increasing view! Water,  electricity, just drive oh and build. For further .  details phone Don or Rene Sutherland at 885-  9362. #604  HALFMOON BAV $49,000  Good building lot. Nearly % acre in Halfmoon  Bay area. Sloping and nicely treed. Close to  school. Call Bryce Leigh at 886-8229.  VIEW PROPERTY  PORPOISE ROAD $50,000  Sandy Hook lot, partly cleared withsmall trailer.  Minutes to quiet beach. Call Valerie Bayntum  921-8340 or Sylvia Thirlwell 883-9963. #650  HALFMOON BAY $39,900  Large lot over one half acre, well treed, septic  approved. Call Emilie Henderson at 885-5225.  #606  VIEW PROPERTY FOR $40,000  Yes it's still possible to get approximately 14 acre  with trees and a view for $40,000 near  Redrooffs and water. Call Bryce Leigh before  it's too late at 889-8229. #571  TUWANEK $20,000  Lovely large lot with a peek-a-boo view. This lot  with its tiny creeks lends itself to a very  interestingly designed home. Call Suzanne to  view at 886-8126 or 886-8317. #614  PENDER HARBOUR $35,000  Large size lot within walking distance of stores  and marina. Nicely treed. Privacy and  convenience for only $35,000. Call Gayle  Adams at 883-9364. #576  . SANDY HOOK $43,000  Beautiful view lot, well treed. Located on  Porpoise Bay Drive. Great location within easy  reach of Sechelt. MLS. Call Gayle Adams at  883-9364 for more information.  FABULOUS VIEW PROPERTY  Excellent view lot on low side of Gulfview Road,  Madeira Park. Owner will consider all offers.  Call Don Lock at 885-3730 for more details.  #667  SECHELT $49,500 MLS  Level lot in the village. This fully serviced lot is  very easy to build on and handy to all amenities.  Call Terry Brackett at 885-9865. #639  NEWONMARKET MLS  Almost y, acre lot in quiet Welcome Woods.  Level, beautifully treed and only $45,000. CaH  Bronia Robins at 885-9033.  GOOD BUILDING LOT  Nearly Vt acre in Halfmoon Bay area. Sloping  and nicely treed, close to school. $49,000. Call  Bryce Leigh for more details at 886-9229.#674  WEST SECHELT $44,900  Level .fully serviced building bt in new  subdivision. There is some ocean view - easy to  build on. CaH Terry Brackett.  HOMES  WEST SECHELT $99,500  Ideal investment in West Sechelt. Cozy view  home on well landscaped 1 acre lot. Zoning  allows 2 dwellings plus future subdivision  potential. Call Emilie Henderson 885-5225 or toll  free 681-7931. #625  "r>��  Centrally located 2 storey home. Lots of living  space with 5 bedrooms, den, workshop, 11*4  baths. Level lot is ready for backyard garden.  $46,000 mortgage at 11% due July/84 may be  assumed without qualifications. Rosemary  Young at 886-8359. #202  WESTSECHELT $124,900  Exciting new split level home on quiet street.  This house features 1759 sq.ft. of finished living  area on three levels plus an undeveloped  basement. The top level contains the master  bedroom with private sundeck, three piece  ensuite and walk-in closet as well as two other  bedrooms and main bath. Other features  include fresh air fireplace, skylight, double  garage. Also assumable mortgage at 13%. Call  Terry Brackett to view at 885*9865.        #590  Use our Home  TRADE PLAN  6 other offices  to serve you  POWIII  HI Vt k  WISI VANCOUVI u  N0RIH VANCOUVI R  VANC  BURNABY  SURRIY  VENDOR WILL CARRY $65,0  Here is a great little project for a handyman.  Partly  finished cottage on a half-acre in  Welcome Woods. Offers to Syd or Frances  Heal 885-5693 or Gibsons Office 886-  8126. _ (592  WESTSECHELI $109,100  If it's room you're looking for, this is the home  for you. Two large bedrooms plus large walk-in  pantry off kitchen. Three quarter basement  with office and lots of room for expansion. Large  combination kitchen and dining room, wood  stove in basement. View will Increase with more  development in surrounding area. Good  neighbourhood. Call Terry Brackett at 885-  9865. #588  $175,000  Three bedroom cedar and glass contemporary.  Many features including vaulted ceilings, oak  floors, double garage. Situated on selectively  cleared .96 acre. Minutes to Henderson Beach.  For details call Rosemary Young at 886-8359.  ���203  ' POPLAR UNE  A delightful home situated on a quiet children'  oriented cul-de-sac. Close to stores, schools  and everything. 2 bedrooms (including master  ensuite) up with large LR/DR and extra large  kitchen. Daylight basement below could be an  exceptional inlaw suite. This functional house is  as neal as a pin and beautifully decorated. It is  well worth your consideration so call Syd or  Frances Heal 885-5693 or Gibsons Office 886  8126. #205  sV&CHELT $199,500  True gardeners paradise! Over one half acre of  meticulous landscaping. Numerous retaining  walls with flower and decorative trees and  shrubs everywhere. Also wishing well, two fish  pools, greenhouse and outside storage area  with large storage shed, The large home  features, three large bedrooms, family room,  rec. room with bar in basemenl, double  enclosed garage, and large sundeck. There is  also stone fireplace, wood heater to cut healing  costs and plenty of room in basement for  storage or further development, Property  borders small creek and has a fine ocean view.  This home is truly one of a kind. Call Terry  Brackett 885-9865 to view. #649  un rani ii  miw  sechelt Office  MtMTrMIWSM  ���MIOMK  885-3295  *M.TNFn*Mt-7ll1  ���ay Birnitr  Hanicor  Kiny HaH  115-2520  Oil Graoei  II53MI  Gayle Mams  ���13-9364     i  Terry Bracken  MS-M65  Bryte ln.h  1461229  Emilia Henderson  M5-5225  Klaus Dotpko  1152314  Bronia Robins  II5J033  Dim Suthetlond  115 9JH  Corry loss  115-9250  Brant Strad  M3-93I2  Donald Sutherland  M593S2  Dm lock  M537J0  trie Rutland  MS 9157  Sylvia ThirlMll  M39943  eibsons Office  HHUIV  INN  888-8128  Suunne Dunkerton  MH317  Rosemary Vonvj  ���M-1359  Peter Davidson  ���K-MOO  ���arilyn Strom  l�� 2307  Syd 1 Frances Heel  M5-5M3 ,  ���IU Hummel  114-7070  Rsndy Wollen  ���454423     '  Member Sunshine Coast -  Real Estate Association  HOMES  HOPKINS VIEW $158,500  A million dollar view is included with this warm  and attractive 3 bedroom home. Large bt, has  charming and secluded garden area. Easy  access to beach and close to ferry. Call Rita  Hummel at 886-7070 or Gibsons Office 886-  8126. ��� BJi  EXECUTIVE HOME $199,500  Elegant and well designed home in prestigious  West Sechelt. Partial ocean view. Over 900 sq.  ft. of gracious living plus more room for  development. Custom built for owner so quality  is prevelant throughout. Two bedrooms plus  huge master with 3 piece ensuite and sliders to  covered deck. Elegant Irving and dining rooms,  deluxe kitchen with five appliances included,  cozy family room plus finished rec. room with  brick fireplace, ideal for an office. Washer, dryer  plus $6,000 drapes also included. Call Emilie  Henderson at 885-5225. ��656  WESTSECHELT $149,500  Large family home in popular area. This Lindal  home features 2200 sq. ft. of extensive cedar  ceilings. Two and one half baths, large kitchen  and family room. Also free standing brick  fireplace dividing living and lamily room. The  four bedrooms feature wooden bi- folds and are  very spacious. Must be seen! Call Terry  Brackett at 885-9665. #666  WEST SECHELT $229,500  Split level contemporary home. The ocean view  is outstanding overlooking Trail and Vancouver  Islands. Three levels with two and a half baths,  solarium, rec. room and heatilator fireplace.  Outside there is a bird aviary and 24 foot  circular pool. The property has been meticulously landscaped. Very private setting on  almost one acre lot. Call Terry Brackett at 885-  9865 or Don and Rene Sutherland al 885-9362.  ���563  SELMA PARK $350,000  . Beautifully designed contemporary cedar home  situated on three gorgeous acres. Very good  holding property with possibility or future  subdivision potential. The view -is super. The  home is immaculate wiih many deluxe features.  Call Terry Bracken al 8851865 to Don ut Rene  Sutherland ,il 885 9362 lor .ill dehiils.      >568 Sunshine Coast Realtor, June 12, 1981  Mm  MMm  ITTEN  REALTY LTD.  WATERFRONT  IRVINGS LANDING  Fantastic waterfront in the heart of the best  Pishing and boating area on the Sunshine Coast.  Two small cottages and workshop on the  property. Mooring facilities nearby. For more  information call Sylvia Thirlwell at 883-9963.  #669  TUWANEK $223,000  Charming Log Home: Waterfront home in  Tuwanek, located on 89 feet of perfectly  sheltered deep water moorage. This immaculate home is set among the trees on a simple but  attractive landscaped lot. The sunsets from the  float are unbelievable. Call Don or Rene  Sutherland at 885-9362. #642  SELMA PARK  WATERFRONT $105,000  High view waterfront with small 3 bedroom  cottage. Value mostly in land, good weekender,  good investment or a good site for redevelopment. Call Frances or Syd Heal at 885-5693 or  Gibsons Office 886-8126. #212  MIDDLE POINT  WATERFRONT ACREAGE        $785,000  First class investment property suitable for a  future subdivision. This 18.7 acres with 600 feet  of waterfront has a southerly exposure and is  zoned for % acre lots. This acreage is priced at  only $785,000 and terms are available. For  more information and viewing call Henry Hall at  885-2520 or Klaus Roepke at 885 2314. #M1  **400+ WATERFRONT $189,000**  Idyllic setting in the heart of Halfmoon Bay, with  a quaint two bedroom home, a tiny cottage and  a 334 sq. ft. storage shed. Just steps across  picturesque foot bridge to the Halfmoon Bay  Store. The 1.88 acre lot has westerly exposure,  a spectacular view, and the tidal waterfront is  easily accessible from your front door. This one  of a kind property is just waiting for you. For an  appointment to view call Brent Strad at 883  9382.  Egmont waterfront      $139,900  380 feet of waterfront on 6.0 acres with older  home. This walk-on property located on Secret  Bay is the perfect retreat for the one seeking  peace and relaxation. Excellent holding  property. For more information call Klaus  Roepke at 885-2314 or Henry Hall at 885-2520.  #541  200 FT. WATERFRONT $264,000  Spacious and gracious new view home in  Sunshine Heights. Beautiful deluxe kitchen,  sunken conversation pit off large living room.  Master bedroom features fireplace, Roman tub  and a sunny deck. Quality features galore!  Located on 2.9 acres with excellent subdivision  potential. Call Emilie Henderson at 885-5225.  #620  SANDY HOOK ^    $159,000  131 feet of watertaw**ol*g%.to Sechelt.  Sound and a^|Liv<^|B*Waeal weekend  retreat. Call DsjpoTKene Sutherland at 885  9362. #651  Use our Home  TRADE PLAN  6 other offices  fo serve you  I'OWIII HIVIH  WISI VANCOUVER  N0RIH VANCOUVER  VANC BURNABY  SURREY  LANGIIY  m  MmWKM  WATERFRONT  GOWER POINT  WATERFRONT $185,000  l-i acre level lot with view of Gulf. Easy  access to beach - good building site. This is a top  quality property and will stand the inspection.  Call Don or Rene Sutherland for details at 885-  9362. #574  "REDROOFFS WATERFRONT $105,000  1.56 acres south sloping waterfront on popular  Redrooffs Road. All services available. Upper  portion of property has perfect building site with  unobstructed view. Lower portion has 100 feet  of secluded Waterfront. For more information  call Klaus Roepke at 885-2314. #600  BROOKS COVE $125,  This is the property for you if you desire an  exquisite piece of waterfront of approximately  120 feet overlooking beautiful Brooks Cove.  The building site is ideal: level, dotted with  Arbutus, very private and located in a park-like  setting only minutes to Smuggler's Cove Marine  Park. Approval pending on sanitation system.  Call Bronia Robins at 885-9033.  GORGEOUS SUNSETS  Are what you'll see from this sloping x2 acre of  private waterfront property. Located conveniently near Sechelt. This older two bedroom  home could be a solution to your waterfront  desires. Vendor financing possible. Call Bryce  Leigh at 886-8229 for details. #586  EUREKA PLACE $135,000  Waterfront - View ��� Privacy ��� well-built cabin. All  yours for weekends or to live in while you build  on this strata lot. A rare opportunity for the  discerning buyer. Call Don or Rene Sutherland  at 885-9362.  WATERFRONT HOUSE No. 542  Low bank waterfront home is located on lease  land in Selma Park, Sechelt. Excellent boat  moorage right in front of home behind  protective breakwater. Asking $39,900. Call  Don LoCk at 885-3730 for more details.  #542  SANDY HOOK WATERFRONT  This very affordable waterfront lot on popular  Coracle Drive could be the perfect setting for  your week-end retreat or to build your  - retirement home on. Drive by and have a look.  For more information call Klaus Roepke at 885*  2314.   $69,500. #659  YOUR BOAT IN FRONT ��� $223,000  Located in perfectly sheltered water. This  executive log home is your dream come true.  The treedlandscaped lot blends naturally with  this charming log home. A gentle path leads to  your own float. Enjoy the quiet of Tuwanek and  the charm of Sechelt Inlet. If you are looking for  waterfront, you must include this exquisite  property. Call Don or Rene Sutherland at 885-  9362. #541  ACREAGE  SHAW ROAD ��� GIBSONS $210,000  4.58 acres in the village of Gibsons. Super family  home of approx. 1500 sq. ft. This house has  many possibilities but perhaps the best aspect is  the land could be subdivided into several lots.  For details call Marilyn 886-2307 or Gibsons  Office 886-8126.  #218,  40 ACKfcb  Level, good soil, will make ideal hobby farm with  fantastic potential future value. Asking  $295,000. Call Don or Rene Sutherland at 885  9362. _ __ #665  REDROOFFS WATERFRONT $105,000  1.56 acres of south sloping waterfront on  popular Redrooffs Road. All services available.  Upper portion of property has perfect building  site with unobstructed view. Lower portion has  100 feet of secluded Waterfront. For more  information call Klaus Roepke at 885-2314.  #600  WEST SECHELT $175,000  Just over two level acres with subdivision  potential, Present zoning would allow subdivision into quarter acre lots. There is also a cozy  two bedroom home presently being renovated.  Ideal holding property or hobby farm. Call Terry  Brackett at 885-9865 for all details. #636  1.15 ACRES IN  REDROOFFS $75,000  Do you appreciate trees, level land, privacy, and  a good location? Then this is the spot for you.  This lot is 100 x 500 feet deep, so bring your  imagination and explore this property's  potential. Call Bryce Leigh at 886-8229 for  details.^ #630  HALFMOON BAY $179,500  19.7 acres with subdivision potential into 5  acre blocks. Small cottage plus two small  creeks. There is some good standing timber.  Good holding property. Call Terry Brackett at  885-9865 for all details. #626  RARE OFFERING $78,500  4.4 acres of view property in Middlepoint, nicely  treed - good slope - ideal building site ��� road  roughed in. Call Don or Rene Sutherland at 885  9362. #653  COUNTRY ESTATE ��� ROBERTS CREEK  A very private 5 acres on a gentle slope with  excellent exposure and Joe Smith Creek  flowing through property. It is selectively  cleared but has some merchantable timber, the  home is a very spacious 3 bedroom panabode.  Features include quality cabinetry, sunlight,  tiered decks and wood stove. Price $182,500.  To view this quality acreage call Brent Strad at  8839382.  ROBERTS CREEK ACREAGE    $234,000  10 acres of beautifully secluded acreage in  upper Roberts Creek. Partially cleared, grassed  and fenced. Can be subdivided into two 5 acre  pieces. Lovely 3 bedroom dutch barn-style  home. This home is quality finishing throughout. Kitchen is spacious and very convenient,  includes a hot tub with a large deck also a one  bedroom guest cottage. Must be seen. Phone  Suzanne Dunkerton to view 886-8317 or  Gibsons Office at 886-8126. #221  AFFORDABLE ACREAGE $94,500  2.78 well treed acres, with approx. 700 feet of  highway frontage. A charming 2 bedroom  country home has a fisher airtight. Excellent  southern exposure and there is a possible view.  For more info, call Brent Strad at 883-9382.  THORMANBY ISLAND  ACREAGE $105,000  Secluded acreage with high waterfront and  western exposure. Water access via Vancroft  Government wharf. Good holding property and  perfect hideaway. Only minutes from Secret  Cove. Call Klaus Roepke at 885-2314.  ACREAGE PIECES  Two seven acre parcels in Tuwanek. Prices at  $87,500 and $169,000. Good possibilities for  development. Call Don or Rene Sutherland at  885*9362.  HOLDING GROUND $99,000  Exciting 3.9 acres in the heart of the village. 600  feet of. road frontage. Call Don or Rene  Sutherland at 885-9362. #640  JUSTlTSTEDIN"  ROBERTS CREEK $85,900  .7 acres of level land with good southern  exposure. Ready to build on. Centrally located.  Close to school, general store and beach.  Property comes with brand new one bedroom  studio cottage with custom cabinets, vaulted  ceilings, three piece bath, stove, fridge, wood  heater and more. The ideal place to live in while  you build! Call Bronia Robins at 885-9033.#672  HOMES  CLOSE TO BEACH -  MADEIRA PARK $89,900  Cozy home with basement on Bargain Harbour  Road, approximately one block lo beach.  Airtight heater in basement, greenhouse,  - garden in, good supply ol winter wood. Located  within % mile ol shopping centre. Moorage  handy in Bargain Harbour lot your boat. Don't  wait! See Ihis one. Call Sylvia Thirlwell al 883  WM. ,678  IttBIWlfTO  rau  Ihr deutschsprechender grundstuecksmakler  in Sechelt ist Klaus Roepke - privat tel. 885-2314.  sechelt Office  UtMTrMBW  005-3295  via ton i  Ray Birnitr  Henry Hill  Oil Griuer  Gayle Adams  Terry Brackett  Bryce Leigh  Emilie Henderson  Klaus Roepke  Bronia Robins  Rene Sutherland  Corry Ross  Brent Strad  Donald Sutherland  Don Lock  Eric Rudland  Sylvia Thirlwell  IM1-7M1  Marnier  885-2520  885-3808  883-9364  885-9805  886-8229  885-5225  885-2314  885-9033  885-9362  885-9250  883-9382  885-9362  885-3730  885-9857  883-9963  Gibsons Office  inthBLOMrwItM  886-8126  Suzanne Dunkerton  Syd & Frances Heal  Rosemary Young  Peter Davidson  Rita Hummel  Marilyn Strom  Randy Wollen  886-8317  885-5693  886-8359  886-8400  886-7070  886-2307  885-5623  Member Sunshine Coast  Real Estate Association  HOMES  GIBSONS AND WHATAVIEW!  Yes - sit on the huge sundeck overlooking Keats  Island or it's a short walk down the hill to the  marina. 3 bdrms, 1% baths, full basement with  rec. room, wood stove heater, workshop, E-Z  care alum, siding ��� see it now before it's gone -  $104,800. Peter Davidson 886-8400 or 886  8126.        #208  miw,iT  OLDERSHAW ROAD  MINI RANCH $160,000  Miniature farm with small cottage, large barn,  pasture, fruit trees and year-round creek  through property. Nice (or horses, sheep,  poultry. See this with Frances or Syd Heal 885-  5693 or Gibsons Office 8868126. * #213  SECHELI VILLAGE  Affordable home in Sechelt Village. This home  is within walking distance of village centre.  Good lot with gardening soil. Call Donor Rene  Sutherland at 885 9362. Asking $60,000.  FREE  CATALOGUE  AVAILABLE Sunshine Coast Realtor, June 12,1981  ITTEN  REALTY LTD.  HOMES  HOMES  ^^^^^HL      Jfik                        J  i-^is^i^*-*���!  ���JUhs  afitJLk   -  P l> n��-.-  ���m   -^^j^^gS  WsTGIBsSfl  S CHARMER          ^^  Holy Smoke! Assumable 14.5% first mortgage  on this 3 bdrm Rancher with pantry/freezer  room off kitchen. Patio in sunny yard, big paved  drive for your R.V., landscaped too! Asking  $102,600. Try offers or terms with Peter  Davidson 886-8400 or 886-8126. #220  PRATT ROAD $225,000  4.75 beautiful acres most of which is in pasture  grass. Charming 3 bedroom farm house with a  large living room. Kitchen has been recently  renovated in character of the house. Outbuildings include a barn and luffing shed, 16 fruit  trees and a large vegetable garden. A dream  come true for a hobby farmer. Call Suzanne  Dunkerton for more information at 885-3971 or  Emilie Henderson at 885-5225. #657  GIBSONS $27,500  Immaculate three bedroom mobile set up in  quiet trailer park. This home is fully skirted and  includes all appliances in sale plus outside  storage shed. Yard is fully fenced and nicely  /OOPS  BRAND NEW HOME $115,900  Three bedroom quality built family home on  Cedarwood Road. Featuring a beautiful setting  on approximately l, acre, double carport,  Yukon type fireplace faced in natural stone,  solid wood kitchen cabinets, and ceramic tile in  both bathrooms. Hurry and you can still choose  your own carpets. For viewing call Klaus  Roepke at 885-2314. #624  REDROOFFS $108,900  Brand new affordable ranch style home on  Cooper Road. 1400 sq. ft. feat-ires three  bedrooms, 2 washrooms and large separate  utility room. Beautifully treed level % acre lot.  This won't last! So see it today! Call Emilie  Henderson at 885-5225. #607  DAVIS BAY $249,000  Davis Bay Contemporary $249,000  * Quality features throughout.  * Excellent view over Georgia Strait.  * Close to beautiful Davis Bay Beach.  * Area of similar homes.  * 3 bedrooms, 3 baths plus den or 4th  bedroom.  * Private decks off Master bedroom and  upstairs study.  * -Separate dining room.  * Vaulted cedar ceilings, skylights.  * Electric doors to double garage.  * 2500 sq. ft. finished.  Call Emilie Henderson at 885-5225. #660  ROBERTS CREEK  PRICE REDUCED TO $165,900  Here is the property you have been waiting for!  Approx. two subdividable acres, partly cleared  with excellent vegetable garden and fruit trees  and partly beautifully woodsy. Only a short walk  to popular swimming beach. The comfortable  secluded house with two bedrooms (could be  three) double plumbing, Frontier all-night wood  stove and double windows is geared for low cost  living and easy maintenance. Vendor has  bought so please call Corry Ross at 885-9250 for  your appt. to view this exciting listing MLS or  Klaus Roepke at 885-2314. #582  WEST SECHELT $79,500  Smaller two bedroom in popular West Sechelt.  Plenty ol room in basement lor further  expansion. Sunken living room, enclosed  carport and sundeck are some of the leatures of  this cozy home, Close toelementary school and  handy to village. Won't last. Terry Brackett 885-  9865. 0648  FREE  CATALOGUE  AVAILABLE  CAROL PLACE - GIBSONS  New 1388 sq, ft. 3 bedroom Rancher on quiet  cul-de-sac. Handy to village & school. Big family  kitchen with brite skylite. Heatilator fireplace,  carport, w/w thru-out. Good value at $104,500.  Peter Davidson 886-8400 or Bronia Robins 885-  9033. #522  SELMA PARK $209,000  Well planned family home. The view is  breathtaking overlooking Trail Bay and Islands.  Four bedrooms on top level with ensuite and  walk-in closet off master. Main level has sunken  living room and family room. Parquet floors and  vaulted ceilings in living room. Also oak cabinets  and wood windows. There is also a full  basement with two additional bedrooms and  bath. Good assumable mortgage. Call Terry  Brackett at 885-9865. #507.  SUPER VIEW - MADEIRA PARK$150,000  From this warm and cosy all cedar Gothic arch  design home in Madeira Park. Kitchen nook,  combined dining and living room on main floor,  two bedrooms upper level, one and a half baths,  approximately 1300 sq. ft. of living area. Plus  completely finished basement with rec. room,  self-cleaning stove, fridge, washer & dryer  included. Separate 19' x 13' workshop with  cement floor. This could be your dream home,  Call Sylvia Thirlwell at 885-9963 or 885-3295.  #596  POTENTIAL VIEW ���  WELCOME WOODS  Newly constructed two bedroom home located  on % acre comer lot. Heatilator fireplace, two  bathrooms, large living room and dining area, 26  x 8 sundeck and carport. Appliances are  available if required. Asking $102*900 without  appliances. Call Don Lock at 885-3730 for more  information. #658  GIBSONS $165,000  Four bedroom home on almost one acre. Some  features include fireplace in living room, wood  stove in family room, shake roof, large  workshop plus double enclosed garage. Also  large games room. Property is fully fenced and  level. There are also two outbuildings. Private  location yet minutes to the village. Ideal hobby  farm. For more information call Terry Brackett  at 885-9865 or Marilyn "Strom at 886-2307.#634  A MILLION BUCKS  worth of location in this trim three bedroom  house. All on one level, well-kept, with nicely  landscaped lot, you can find this one in the heart  of Sechelt Village, across the street from a  lovely park. Easy walk to all amenities. A great  buy at $854)00. Call Dal Grauer at 885-3808 (or  details. #584  SELMA PARK LEASE $37,500  Here's a nifty 2 bdrm home of fairly modem  design. It needs a clean-up and some T.L.C.  This represents economical living for some  lucky retirees. Call Frances or Syd Heal 885-  5693 or Gibsons Office 886-8126. #217  MOBILE HOME  Two bedroom Chancellor home ��� 14' x 56'. Only  one year old. $25,000. For more information  call Bronia Robins at 885-9033. #677  This panoramic view of Pender Harbour 24  hours per day. New construction, three large  bedrooms, three bathrooms, spacious living  room with cozy fireplace. Be the lucky buyer ol  this fine home. Asking $139,900. For appointment to view call Gayle Adams at 883*  9364. ��478  $155,000  Brand new home in area of prestige homes.  Superb view Irom this tri-level design, All  bedrooms are on top level with ensuite off  master bedroom and sundeck. Good sized  kitchen and dining area on main level Also  utility area in basement which may be finished to  suit your needs. Call Terry Brackett at 885  9865. *526  FIRCREST FAMILY HOME $97,500  Newly-built 3 bedroom family home, 1086sq. ft.  on main, % daylight basement includes fourth  bedroom and second bathroom. Located in  woodland setting at end of quiet cul-de-sac. Call  Syd or Frances Heal 885-5693 or Gibsons Office  886-8126. #210  WELCOME WOODS $74,900  Welcome Woods ��� Fantastic Southerly  Exposure from this three bedroom Mobile  Home! Features include an attached carport,  patio, decks, and a nicely cleared lot with an  enclosed garden area. For more details call  Brent Strad at 883-9382. #569  SECHELT VILLAGE $94,500  Three bedrooms, full basement home on quiet  cul-de-sac. Easy walk to village centre.  Approximately $43,000 assumable mortgage at  14!4% due November. Approximately six  months old. To view call Sylvia Thirlwell at 883-  9963. #644  VIEW CORNER LOT,  LANDSCAPED $89,000  Charming three bedroom home situated in  excellent family area. This subdivision has  underground wiring to allow your unrestricted  view of Sechelt Inlet. This home has large living  room, dining room, good working kitchen, lots  of deck and other features. Call Don or Rene  Sutherland at 885-9362. #575  RETIREMENT CHARMER $89,900  Here's almost !4 acre of level cleared property in  quiet Redrooffs Ranch just waiting for a little  T.L.C. The cozy 2 bedroom home is almost  brand new, has a nice floor plan, and is roughed  in for a woodstove. To view this home call Brent  Strad 883-9382. #645  WESTSECHELT $240,000  Beautiful level waterfront. Pebble beach and  prime location. This large Medallion home is  over 1600 sq. ft. and features fireplace, family  room, post and beam construction, two hot  water heaters and three extra bedrooms. Abo  carport and outside storage area. This home  must be seen! Caj Terry Brackett at 885-9866.  MARION PLACE & VETERANS RD.  Sorry Folks! Only have one of these 3 bdrm  Rancher with large living room, heatilator  fireplace, sep. laundry off kitchen - enclosed  garage, landscaped & paved drive. Asking  $102,500. Terms to suit. Peter Davidson 886-  8400 or 886-8126. #214  SELMA PARK  Charming small home on lease land, handy to  village, level Waterfront with protected  moorage behind the breakwater. Well maintained with a shake roof. Call Terry Brackett for all  details at 885-9865. #601  SELMA PARK $32,500  Smaller two bedroom home. Oustanding view.  Only one block to beach and short walk to  village. Lease land. Call Terry Brackett at 885-  9865 for all details. #646  HOPKINS $158,500  Panoramic vista from this post and beam home.  Easy access to beach. Loft is ideal artists retreat  or large bdrm. Large lot is very private. Call Rita  Hummel 886-7070 or Gibsons Office 886-8126  for more details. #216  DAVIS BAY $112,000  Family home on good size lot. This home is  available at end of June. Features good family  area, deck, workshop. Call Don or Rene  Sutherland at 885-9362.  INVESTMENT  PROPERTY  REVENUE DUPLEX $225,000  Superb investment, modern home style side by  side each with two bedrooms plus an in-law  suite. Rental revenue $1,270 per month.  Located at Wilson Creek. See it with Frances &  Syd Heal 885-5693 or Gibsons Office 886-8126.  commercial"  property  GROCERY AND TAKE-OUT FOODS  A most successful business in busy Garden Bay  A one owner business which can be increased  easily. Sale price includes all fixtures. Good  living quarters, stock at cost, profit and loss  statement Is in possession of Don Lock at 885  3730. Call for appointment to view. H670  INVESTMENT OPPORTUNITY $52,500  There's lots of potential for this large  commercial lot on the highway in Halfmoon  Bay. All services except sewer are in. If you have  some creative ideas and don't mind a little hard  work. This is the property for you. Call Brent  Strad for more information al 883-9382. #621  BUSINESS  OPPORTUNITIES  SECHELT $32,500  Well established pet and plant business, no  competition. Excellent main street location.  Low rent. Ideal opportunity for someone  wishing to be sell-employed. Call for more  information Emilie Henderson at 885-5225.  ���603  Use our Home  TRADE PLAN  6 other offices  to serve you  Ihrdeutschsprechendergrundstuecksmakler  in Sechelt ist Klaus Roepke - privat tel. 885-2314.  \UC  BURNABY Sunshine Coast Realtor, June 12, 1981  SUNNYCREST  SHOPPING  CENTRE  886-2277  BSONS  VANCOUVER  TOLL FREE  682-1513  LAND DEVELOPMENT LTD.  Member Sunshine Coast     R.R. #2, Gibsons, B.C. VON 1V0      Real Estate Association  NOW  AVAILABLE  10 TOWNHOUSES  Panoramic view of Howe Sound and Georgia Strait  The location is a bonus - only steps from shopping, swimming and  moorage. Enjoy the benefits of carefree, maintenance free  townhouse living. These two and three bedroom units are ideal for  full time or weekend use. Fully landscaped and maintained  grounds. Covered individual parking. All units feature fireplaces,  balconies, twin seal windows and major appliances.  INVESTMENT - COMMERCIAL- REVENUE  Anticipated Occupancy Date is July 1st, 1981  Excellent Value at $97,500 to $113,000  LOTS  GIBSONS VILLAGE1: This is the only excellent potential to expand into food market  independent bakery in the area. 10 years in the etc. Owner may carry 1st at competitive interest  same location, Business is increasing steadily with   rates. Call for more details.  MARINE DR: Waterfront Revenue. 100" ol  prime low bank waterlront in Village ol Gibsons.  Unexcelled view of sheltered Howe Sound. Solid  tenants in all three suites. Building remodelled  and upgraded. Very attractive property consisting of 4 bedrooms, 3 bedroom and 2 bedroom  suites with fireplaces. Don't miss your chance to  own this waterlront triplex. $252,400.  HIGHWAY 101: This industrial building has a  total of 5,000 square feet. It has three tenants,  leased out on two five year leases and one three  year lease. It's located on Highway 101, on  industrial zoned lot. size 167' on the Highway by  124' deep. There is room for another building on  this lot. Present building has plans for suites on a  second floor (see Listing Broker for plans).  Present annual income is $29,400. $290,000.  WATERFRONT  HOMES  AN BEACH ESPLAI  PT RD: Semi-waterfront. Million dollar view anc  even better sunsets from this completely  renovated and enlarged 1120 square feet, three  bedroom home. Abundance of cedar compliments the 'antique' brick fireplace and the  spacious living room. French doors open to a very  private patio. Sauna adjoining bath. Sliding doors  lo a lull length sundeck and across the quiet  deadend street: swimming, boating and fishing.  Enjoy the waterfront but avoid its high price taj  md taxes with this 'one ol a kind' home.  Reduced foi quick sale $I49J9001  GIBSONS VILLAGE: Extremely well built  concrete block building with bend beams and  rebar. Two areas easily separated 1304 square  feet and 1109square feet. 360square feet covered  carport area. Heating is forced hot water (oil  fired). Established commercial area. Gorgeous  view of Howe Sound and Gibsons Harbour.  $209,-500.  STEWART ROAD: Fifteen acres of industrial  land, zoned Industrial 1, which takes light and  heavy industry. Three phase power available if  necessary, located on Stewart Road just off North  Road. This is in three five acre parcels and can be  divided or resold if purchaser does not want that  much property. $325,000.  WATERFRONT  ACREAGE  LOWER ROAD: Waterlront, Being the only  subdividable waterfront acreage on the market in  Roberts Creek makes this a rare find. As it is, it's a  beauty: 2.10 acres of undisturbed, gently sloping  terrain complimented with tall firs and huge  cedars; roads dedicated on two sides; out front,  one of the few sandy beaches on the coast. As a  private estate or for investment, this isamust see.  Priced to sell at $195,000.  WATERFRONT ACREAGE.,.$49,500: Un  believable! It's not a misprint, lhat is the full price.  Total 2.46 acres with approximately 275 feet  sandy beach. The property is fairly level, with a  small rock bluff but good building sites, situated in  Howe Sound across from Britannia Beach. Of  course there's a catch - access by boat only, no  water and no power, but slill great for summer  cabin or weekend getaway.  LOT 81 REDROOFF ESTATES: 49 acre on  Southwood Road. Well off the beaten path  guaranteeing privacy. Potential view. Vendor will  take $20,000 down and balance at 15%, 2 year  term. Priced to sell fast at $37,500.  CREEKSIDE PARK: Lot 70. Nice level building  lot. Fully serviced including sewer. Close to  shopping, schools, etc. One of the last chances to  buy a good lot in this area lor this price. $39,900.  SUNNYSIDE DRIVE: Urge lot 100 x 150,  already cleared, ready to build on. On septic tank  but no field required. Disposal system hook-up  available. $51,500.  CREEKSIDE PARK: Lot 9. Excellent building  lot in popular Creekside Park Estates. Good view  potential along with paved streets, city sewer,  cablevision, hydro and water. Gibsons Creek  runs down rear of lot making this an ideal  purchase. $39,500.  CHAMBERLIN ROAD: Lovely view lot looking  south into Howe Sound and Georgia Strait.  Cleared and ready to build on. 76 x 170. Well  priced at $54,900.  HOMES ON  ACREAGE  MALAVIEW ROAD: Lot 9 on Malaview Road.  Cleared ready to build on. All services. 1 block to  school and a very nice area. $39,500.  MARINE VIEW WAY: Sechell. This 60' x 131.9'  lot is easy to build on and has already been  cleared and is ready for construction ol your  reverse plan home. Located only one mile from  downtown Sechelt, close to the water, marina,  staking rink and other amenities. Yes, you may  even get a view. $35,900.  SUNNYSIDE DRIVE: This 100 x 150 lot is  ideally situated at the end of a no thru road. Area  is fast building up with new quality homes. A 2  storey home on this lot would have a view of  Georgia Strait. This tot must be seen to  appreciate the value of the 100 foot widths of the  surrounding lots. $52,500.  CREEKSIDE PARK ESTATES. Lot 1.  Absolutely gorgeous 60 x 120 lot. View of Georgia  Strait, The Gap and Bluff. Paved streets, hydro,  city sewer, city water. Close to schools, shopping  and transportation. Gibsons Creek ravine  borders back ol property. Perfect building lot.  $39,900  HOMES  ACREAGE  SAKINAW LAKE: Sunny exposure and privacy  are the key leatures lor your recreational  enjoyment. Secure government lease on 1.24  acres of waterfront with one bedroom cottage.  Boat access. $35,000.  ESPLANADE: Be.iutiful, landscaped, "water  front" properly on quiel dead-end street.  Camellias and roses alxiund on ihis very private  piece measuring .44 of an acre with 90 leet ol  frontage. With a few minor changes the dwelling  could be greally improved and very comlortable,  Asking $100,000  LOWER ROBERTS CREEK RD: Over one  acre of treed privacy and seclusion in Roberts  Creek. Potentially 2 half acres with construction  of road access etc. at rear of property. Priced to  sell last at $65,000. Try your offer now, before it's  too late.  CHAMBERLIN ROAD: Nearly 5 acres of  beautiful timbered acreage. Water, hydro, cable  and paved streets close by. Ideal hobby farm or  holding acreage. Priced to sell. $99,500.  MOUNTAIN VIEW ESTATES: 2 acres in  Mountain View Estates, Kleindale. Access front  and back. 7 minutes from shopping and school in  Madeira Park. Some marketable timber or build a  log house! Surrounding properties all have wells.  $64,900,  PORT MELLON HIGHWAY: 4.54 acres  1095 leet of highway frontage. Zoned A3D, car  take another dwelling. House is situated at one  end of property and nicely landscaped. Home is  li5 storey with open vaulted ceiling in living room:  Three bedrooms up and 4 piece bath. Extra large  family room and living room downstairs. Twin  seal windows. Appliances included. Good  workshop al rear of double carport $178,000.  HENRY RD: A rare find, Duplex with acreage.  1250 square feet per unit with 2 bedrooms each.  Large rooms, storage and laundry rooms in each.  Includes appliances. Don't hesitate, call now.  $179,500.  NORTH ROAD: at Cemetary Road. 5 acres of  secluded timbered property. Great hobby farm  with barn, chicken coop and corrals. On good  well but regional water available. Owner has  permission for second dwelling on property. 300  feet of highway frontage. 1460 square feet home  only 7 years old. Built-in china cabinet, 2 lull  baths, huge sundeck. Owner says Sell! Make an  appointment to view today. $165,000.  1135 FRANKLIN ROAD: Do you want to live  right across the street from the beach? Are you  looking for an affordable family home in probably  Ihe finest area in the Village of Gibsons? This  beautiful three bedroom rancher fealures fully  landscaped grounds, southern exposure, paved  drive, patio, private backyard, fireplace, wall to  wall carpeting, huge kitchen and much more.  Phone to view anytime. $99,500.  LAUREL RD: Davis Bay. Custom built ocean  view home in the most beautiful area of the  Sunshine Coast. 2 blocks to sandy beach, Davis  Bay dock, fishing, store, church, day care centre  and school. This beautiful home features custom  designed interior, 2 fireplaces, huge sundeck,  ensuite, linished basement, huge rec. room,  landscaping and much more. Phone to view  anytime. $124,900  STEVE       ANNE        JOHN        TERRI       GREG  SAWYER    GURNEY   HANSON    HANSON    GRANT  L886-7678    886-2164    886-8295     886-8295   886-7204  GARY        DAVE JON LORRIE  PUCKETT ROBERTS     MCRAE       GIRARD  886-9508    886-8040      885-3670      886-7760 Sunshine Coast Realtor, June 12, 1981  SUNNYCREST  SHOPPING  CENTRE  886-2277  IBSONS  AND LAND DEVELOPMENT LTD.  R.R. #2, Gibsons, B.C. VON 1V0  HOMES HOMES HOMES  VANCOUVER  TOLL FREE  682-15131  GRADY RD: 2 storey Alpine house with 2  fireplaces, three bedrooms, 3 bathrooms and an  entertaining sized recreation room. Hardwood  floors in most rooms, Lot is 70 x 157 fully  landscaped with particularly nice rock work in  front. View of water, Keats Island and Soames  Hill. No wires because this area is all underground  wiring. $159.000.  CREEKSIDE PARK: Brand new 1672 square]  feet \% storey home in Creekside Park Estates  This home is on city sewer, city water and|  cablevision and features fireplace, large rec.  room, laundry room and workshop. Two car  carport and is on a quiet cul-de-sac close to  shopping and transportation. Ready to move into.  mm  ARGENT RD: Terrific Spanish homeon one  our best view lots. Two fully finished floors, tota  2300 sq. ft. Four bedrooms, 2% bathrooms, rec  room, utility room and workshop. Two fireplaces,  double carport, intercom and wet bar. Withir  walking distance of shopping and schools. Maki  an appointment to view. $159,900.  '.: Assume 13% mortgage  Exceptionally well built three bedroom 1260  square foot rancher on huge 100 x 150 lot makes  the ideal family home at an affordable price.  Features include shake roof, huge stone fireplace,  extra high quality carpeting, concrete driveway,  :arport, double windows throughout, bay  window, extra large rooms and much more.  *hone to view anytime. $107.900.  SELMA PARK ��� $54,900: Can you believe this?  A 900 square foot house with two bedrooms,  including all appliances, brick heatilator fireplace,  walking distance to Sechelt and a fantastic view.  Call to view anytime. This is not a leased  property.  DUNHAM RD: Port Mellon. Ideal starter home  for the lamily who can do some fix-up work. Large  landscaped 70 x 173 lot. Extra large living room  with fireplace and 2 generous sized bedrooms.  1250 sq. ft. Appliances included in the unusual  price of $44,900.  MARION PL: Ideal family floor plan with those  extra features you would ask for in a custom  home. Vaulted ceilings in living room, dining room  and kitchen. Fireplace with feature wall, bay  window and a bright bit of sunshine through the  ensuite skylight. Master features large walk-in  closet and full size washroom. Kitchen is very  conveniently set up with utility room and washer  and dryer steps away. Nicely located in quiet cul-  de-sac of new homes. Take advantage of today's  prices with planned occupancy. $106,900.  CHASTER RD: A-frame, two bedroom home on  cleared level lot. Ideal for starter, recreational or  revenue. Developing area on no through gravel  road. Close to shopping and transportation.  $59,900  KSIDE PARK: Perfect 2 storey family  home at an affordable price in beautiful Creekside  Park Estates. This 1700 sq. ft. four bedroom  home features finished basement, rec. room,  large workshop, laundry room, IVi baths. All  appliances including fridge, stove, dishwasher,  washer, dryer and freezer. Fully landscaped  grounds with concrete drive, pet run and wood  shed. Owner has done high quality work to make  this a warm comfortable family home. Phone to  lew anytime. S109.500.  CREEKSIDE: New construction. Two storey  unique designed home, over 2000 square feet of  living area. Main floor has living room with  fireplace, dining room, family room, bedroom,  utility room and bathroom. Upstairs has three  bedrooms and bathroom. All bedrooms have  walk-in closets. /Ml this on a good lot in Creekside  Park Estates, close to schools, shopping centre  and recreation. $119,500.   O'SHEA RD: Tidy little home with Finnish  sauna. This immaculate house has 2 bedrooms,  fireplace, kitchen area includes 4 appliances  Sauna and tiled shower at rear. Garage has  workshop and small office. Garden is in fruit tree:  and flowering shrubs. $79,900.  SOUtTuTItCHER: A great view and closem  ocation make this newly listed three bedroom full  sasement home worthy of your consideration.  Tile mansard roof and brick work in front give this  iome that Spanish flavour. Year round creek  Hows by the green house and through the fish  pond. If you're a keen gardener youll not likely  find better soil for growing. Ensuite plumbing in  naster bedroom, huge rec. room, 440 wiring for;  Ihe workshop and two water heaters. Why waitt"  Call to view this home. $139.500.  SCHOOL RD: Executive home in excellent  Gibsons location. Features include sunken living  room, 1% bathrooms, double attached garage, 2 x  6 construction, shake roof, master bedroom with  fireplace and ensuite. $149,500  SUNSHINE COAST HIGHWAY: Selma Park.  View and Revenue. Older home and separate self-  contained one bedroom cottage on large parcel in  Selma Park. Centrally located, this piece is within  easy walking distance from Sechelt. Comfortable  redecorated main home features two bedrooms,  a targe sundeck and a dark room for the  photographer. Nicely landscaped but still very  private. Starter, investment or retirement, this'  one qualifies. $99,500.  ABBS ROAD: View! View! View! Are yoi  looking for a view home high on the hill with a view  forever! This is it! The view is spectacular! It goes  Irom the north tip of Keats Island througl  Gibsons Harbour, The Gap, The Bluff, Georgii  Strait and of course the coast mountains. Tht  home is three levels with 4 bedrooms, hug*  recreation room, office or den, and balconies  along the front. The landscaping is already ir  place. Additional features include full ensuite of  master bedroom plus another full bath and a hal  bath. This home must be seen to be believed  $149,900. '    OWER POINT: Beautiful executive view  iome in prestigious Gower Point area built by  Dwner/contractor. Features include balconies off  Bach bedroom, ensuite with shower off master,  lunken living room and conversation pit with  Fireplace. For the economy minded an energy  laving warm air circulator and thermopane  windows. Also, double garage, fencing and lots of  andscaping already in. Extras include sauna with  shower, huge kitchen with fridge, stove and  dishwasher. Plus washer and dryer, family room,  vaulted ceilings, skylights. Phone anytime to view  this beautiful home. $189,  autiful ranch style familj  iome with large rooms and bay window. Stone  Fireplace with energy grate and fan. Sundeck,  double windows and R28 insulation. Assumable  ll1/4% mortgage. Phone to view anytime,  198,600  MARLENE RD: Brand new 3 bedroom home on  % acre in Roberts Creek. Master bedroom has  ensuite plumbing, custom kitchen cabinets, large  sundeck. Beautiful and private, easy to landscape  lot, And more. This home has all permits in place  to make the full basement into M.U.R.B. duplex.  The house design easily facilitates either single or  duplex use. Truly the home with great investment  potential. $119,500.   WOODCREEK PARK: Executive home on .3  acre treed lot backing onto the ravine park. This  lovely new home features 4 bedroms, 3  washrooms, den family room plus living anc  dining room. This quality constructed home is  deal for the family that likes room to move with  2040 square feet of finished floor area. The two  car garage and full brick fireplace are just some of  the extra touches that set this home apart from  the rest. $149300.  ROBERTS CREEK: Always in demand  centrally located, yet very rural. This comfortable*  1365 sq. ft., 3 bedroom home is well situated or  Ihis landscaped .47 acre to enjoy a full day ol  unshine, and the year round creek. Inside  SOUTH FLETCHER & CHARMAN: Custom  view home. Located across the street from the  tennis courts in the Bay area, this brand new  home features three bedrooms, two bathrooms,  a full basement. Priced at $149,500.  GUNCLUB RD: Wilson Creek.   15% -  lsl  mortgage available by vendor to qualifiec  purchaser. Roomy three bedroom home has loti  of extras. Skylights, fireplace, family room ofl  kitchen; unfinished rec. room, ensuite and walk-ir  closets. Double attached garage. All for only  $119,500.   a\)f pay rent? Nicely set up  1974 Chancellor trailer with large  Features include an airtight stove and fireplace for sundeck. Also foundation for extending. Lot is 70  ow hydro bills, a large family room and ensuite off x 220, duplex zoned. Lots this size are rare and  raster bedroom. Priced to sell. $119.000. due to higher costs to develop new subdivisions  I   TIT YfWVWIH " ������ ��� |o|s ^ thj| 8iM wjn ^ ^ crMted ^^  CREEKSIDE CRESCENT: Here is a unique  designed 1 Vi storey home made (or spacious living  by a family that needs lots of room. Main floor has  1103 square feet. Living room has vaulted ceiling,  family room for privacy, bathrooms down and up,  674 square feet upstairs with three bedrooms. On  a good bt in Creekside which is three blocks to  shopping centre, schools, medical clinic and all  for the price of $115,500.  FIRCREST ROAD:  three bedroom home, Features a large living  room with a beautiful stone fireplace and dining  area. Bright and sunny kitchen with nook. The al  nighter in the basement makes it economical to  heat. This 1160 square foot house is on a well  landscaped 61 x 131 lot and has an assumable  mortgage of 12%% for eighteen months  112,000.   STEVE        ANNE        JOHN        TERM       GREG  SAWYER    GURNEY   HANSON   HANSON    GRANT  JS86-7678    886-2164    886-8295    886-8295   886-7204  GARY        DAVE JON LORRIE  PUCKETT ROBERTS     MCRAE       GIRARD  886-9508   886-8040     885-3670      886-7760 10  Sunshine Coast Realtor, June 12,1981  \��  Weil,  BOX 1490,  WHARF ROAD  SECHELT, B.C.  VON-3A0  PHONE  885-2235  VANCOUVER  689-5838  (Toll Free)  CENTURY WEST REAL ESTATE  "TWO OFFICES  %-mW. i^^     No. 782 FIELD ROAD  No. 746 SANDY HOOK $68,500      3 BEDRM  CUTE & COMFY LARRY & RUTH  No. 809 PORPOISE BAY $69,900  END OF THE RAINBOW LARRY & RUTH  IPrlK  No. 737 SELMA PARK  W/F ��� 2 HOMES  PAT PARKER  LESLIE FITCH  No. 742 COOPER ROAD  COUNTRY CHARMER  No. 693 DALE ROAD $265,000  WATERFRONT ��� 3 BEDRM PAT PARKER  No. 732 PENDER HARBOURMLS $115,000  VIEW/2 FINISHED  FLOORS BILL WALKEY  No. 787 CARNABY PLACE $119,500  FAMILY HOME LESLIE FITCH  No. 687 MASON ROAD       MLS $124,500  SPACIOUS FLEX1BIUTYLARRY & RUTH  ���JaJ-J- -VS  No. 679 SELMA PARK ROAD $119,500  VIEW! ��� 3 BEDRM LYNN WILSON  "SELMA PARK BEAUTY" NoT*797  Brand new 1320 sq. II. 2 bedroom lull basement  home with loOdegree wewol Georgia Sir and et.  al from living room, kitchen, dining room and  master bedroom. Features:-  * Paved Driveway and Sidewalks.  * Shake Rool & Stained Cedar Siding.  * Double Sink in Main Bathroom & Ensuite.  * Oak Cabinets.  * Double Rue    Chimney.  ' # Two Car Enclosed Carport.  with quality construction Ihroughout. Asking  ' $149,500 To view this fine home call George  Longman 8868548.  No. 752 WILDWOOD ROAD $149,900  4 BEDRM ��� HALF ACRE      PAT PARKER  7 ACRES Rl *  FINE HOME No. 836  The inside ol this well appointed home with  sunken living room, sliding glass door in an 11 ft.  windows, excellent fireplace and a lamily room up  two feet with flowing broadloom to 6 ft. sliding  doors unto a large sundeck lends a warm charm  to this very desirable home. The large dining  room with a full mirrored wall background  overlooks the living area. There are two  bedrooms, a family needing more can develop the  large 28 x 44 basement which has a door leading  under the sundeck. The yard has a curving paved  turn around and a night yard light. Enough you  say? There is also 7 acres in this parcel of gently  sloping land zoned Rl for'/, acre lots. And the  asking price of $204,500 makes this as fine a buy  as the Sunshine Coast can provide. Elmer Ekdahl  885-3584.  WEST PORPOISE BAY  VIEW HOME No. 704  1248. sq. It., 3 bedroom lull basement home,  located in West Porpoise Bay, just minutes past  Ihe ice-arena. Some features to mention, besides  the spectacular view, area Squamish rock feature  wall, ensuite off master bedroom, wrap around  sundeck and double pane windows. This home  must be seen if you're in the market for a fine  home. Asking $115,000. Call George Longman  886-8548 for all the details.  -M  -���Sfflld.    iafcA.  No. 798 MILLS ROAD  AMAZING SPACE  $127,500  LARRY & RUTH  No. 700 SAMRON ROAD  SOMETHING  SPECTACULAR  LARRY & RUTH  No. 770 CENTRAL MADEIRA       $134,900  SUN - SKY - OUTLOOK BOB KENT  No. 795 REDROOFFS  W/F - 2 BEDRM  EASY ACCESS  WATERFRONT MLS No. 795  Sue tenths of an acre of excellent waterfront  property in Redrooffs. Located opposite the  northern end of Merry Island, this property has a  view second to none. The approximately HOOsq.  ft. home features two bedrooms, landscaped yard  and a partial basement with third bedroom or  den. Priced right in today's market at $215,000.  Don't miss this opportunity to live by the ocean,  call Pat Parker at 885-5615 or 885-2235.  TYSON TWOSOME No. 776  2 acres, a home and a cabin for guests. Flat, level  about half cleared. Country atmosphere (keep a  horse?). $125,000. Bob Kent 885-9461.  STANLEY PARK No. 722  World famous for its magnificent, quiet, ocean  setting! Now Century 21 is offering you an ocean  park estate in prestigious West Sechelt - 1.17  acres of private wooded ocean front property.  The spacious 2 bedroom home, nestled amongst  arbutus and bush evergreens, commands a  southerly view of Trail Islands and the Gulf-  Discover Ihis unique setting with George  Longman 886-8548 or Rita Percht>son 885-5706.  $315,000  "CEDAR GROVE" No. 829  There is only one Kingdom of Wakefield Road.  There will never be another. We invite your  inspection of this fine 3 bedroom, 1900 sq. ft.  home. "Cedar Grove" is set in a beautifully  landscaped, cathedral forest of cedars through  which a winding trail ultimately leads you to  rockeries, pond, gardens, shrubs, pavement and  carport at rear. On almost an acre of paradise you  will enjoy a lifetime of happiness. Inside this home  you will be surrounded by rosewood walls, a solid  birds-eye maple mantle - it took 3 men to put in  place, and so much handcrafting - yes, there is  only one of these. At $179,900 it has to be the  finest you can buy. By appointment only - Elmer  Ekdahl 885-3584.  SPECTACULAR VIEW No. 777  Sparkling blue waters of Gulf & Trail Islands is  yours to enjoy! Discover this cozy 2 bedroom  Selma Park home in its landscaped setting. This  large property is bordered in evergreen privacy  hedge and the grounds are bountifully planted in  blossoming Iruil trees and ornamenlal shrubs.  The real show stopper is ihe price, $92,500! Call  Rita Percheson 885 5706.  MEMBER SUNSHINE COAST  SECHELT 885-2235  ED BAKER  ELMER EKDAHL LESLIE FITCH  BOB KENT  885-2641 885-3584 885-9057 885-9461  GEORGE LONGMAN  886-8548  LARRY MOORE  885-9213  RUTH MOORE  885-9213 Sunshine Coast Realtor, June 12, 1981  PHONE  885-2235  VANCOUVER  689-5838  BOX 1490,  WHARF ROAD  SECHELT, B.C.  VON-3A0  We  JTT  21  %&  Vb  Q  TO SERVE YOU"  HOMES  ���CENTURY WEST REAL ESTATE-  LOTS  %  WEST SECHELT No. 747  1600 feet of plush carpeted newness with 3  bedrooms, large master ensuite. Interested? Let  me tell you more. There is a fireplace, vaulted  ceiling living room, formal dining room, beautifully  finished kitchen with large carpeted family room  off. Double glazed windows and a large double  garage. All this on a good-sized, rough  landscaped lot. Just move in and plan your own  yard. $127,500 is the nicest part. Elmer Ekdahl  885-3584.      *  IN THE HEART OF SECHELT      No. 631  2 bedroom - 750 sq. ft. home with attached  carport. Neat and tidy inside and nicely  landscaped outside. Ideal retirement home. Don't  miss the chance to invest in uptown Sechelt.  Asking price $79,500. For details call George  Longman 886-8548.  "WEST SECHELT RANCHER"       No. 796  Underconstruction 1120 sq. ft., 2 bedroom ranch  style home with attached carport located in one of  the finer areas of West Sechelt, just minutes from  beach, schools and shopping, Asking $94,500  so if you're in the market for a quality built starter  or retirement home call George Longman 886  8548.  BEACH AVE. OFFERS MORE  THAN LOCATION No. 837  New 3 bedroom home with 2550 sq. ft. of living  space situated on over ������.> acre of land. This home  has it all - features are too numerous to mention. If  you're in the market for a fine quality built home  call George Longman for a personal tour at 886-  8548. Asking price $175,000.  "AS IT USED TO BE"  A charming 2 room Summer Cottage on a large  lot almost an acre in size. Treed and cleared to  give a pleasant, bright appearance. Two homes  can be built on this site at the corner of Francis  and Westwood in the Redrooffs area. Call Larry  Reardon at 885*2235 or 885 9320.  WATERFRONT RESORT No. 833  Rare waterfront parcel showing good return from  3 cabin rentals has renovated home for owner or  as additional revenue source. This property of  over 3!-*i acres has good sized float with quiet,  deep moorage on over 150 feet of frontage.  Owner has plans showing further development  potential. Asking $315,000 but vendor will  consider some ferms. For appointment or more  information call Bert Walker 885-3746.  INVEST IN YOUR FUTURE No. 825  2.8 acres of property with subdivision potential on  Shaw Road, Gibsons. A beautiful 7 year old 1645  sq. ft. home is attractively located on,the site.  Property is level and partially cleared to keep  development costs down. For all the information  on this property call Leslie Fitch at 885-9057.  WATERFRONT No. 726  1 sat on the sundeck of this many wfrttfdwed 3  bedroom, new Lindal Home and watched a  salmon break the still water. With the evening  sunset pouring through the gap and the treed  islands I thought of what was meant when they  wrote 'Beautiful Water, Beautiful Sea*. Does it  sound like some enchanted far-away place? No, it  is on the Selma Park waterfront on lease land and  priced at $69,250 or would you rather tie up  $125,000 to have a lot tike this, if you could find  one, and then build? Elmer Ekdahl 885-3584. Your  message on my code-a-phone will be transferred  to me anywhere in North America.  2 ACRES & HOME No. 776  Hay! Got a coyoose? A country lane leading to  trails galore from 2 bedroom home plus a guest  storage cabin. Large cleared area for the animals.  A private spot. All for $125,000. Call Bob Kent at  885-9461 or Century 21 days for appointment.  ROBERTS CREEK HOME No. 801  3 bedroom 1216 sq. ft. home located on over %  acre of land in lower Roberts Creek. The full  basement is presently rented but could make a  good inlaw suite or recreation room. Asking  $102,000. Call George Longman 886-8548.  ACREAGE  FAR FROM THE  MADDENING CROWD! MLS No. 744  * Five acres - low bank waterfront.  * 200 feet beachfront for swimming.  * Your own creek.  * Sheltered coastal waters.  * This property only $73,500  * Call Rita Percheson 885-5706.  ROBERTS CREEK No. 822  As you enter 2% acres of wonderland you are  quietly surrounded by a cathedral forest of 60  grand cedars and 10 stately old Douglas Fir. You  meander into a sunlit glade inthe centre of which  is an old, old cottage, not liveable. You journey on  through another shady world of cedars and come  to the end of more than 550 feet of dreamland.  This level acreage is fantastic at $86,000. Elmer  Ekdahl 885-3584.  LAND BARON No. 788  * West Sechelt location.  * 24.7 acres.  * Near level topography.  * Southerly exposure.  * Developing area.  * Gazetted road on 4 sides,  * For additional information call Rita Percheson  at 885 5706.  10.87 ACRES ��� ROBERTS CREEK No. 780  10.87 acres zoned ALR in Roberts Creek.  Property has southern exposure, with a view of  Georgia Strait from the top half. Water is supplied  from a natural spring fed reservoir. Owner says  some merchantable cedar trees. All this complete  with 3 bedroom Mobile Home, barn and storage  shed. Asking price $189,000. Bring your offers to  George Longman 886*8548.  SUBDIVISION POTENTIAL No. 835  * 8.5 acres (approx.)  * Zoned R2L.  * 1000 ft. highway frontage (approx.).  * Mostly level.  * Second growth timber.  * Browning Road area.  * $330,000.  * Pat Parker 885-5615.  ACREAGE ZONED R2J' No. 799  Zoning'J'allowsfor % acre lots approx. 17.5 acres  in Middlepoint can be yours for the low price of  $118,000. For all the details call Leslie Fitch at  885-9057 or Bert Walker at 885-3764.  -this is rr  Our most popular request is about an acre of  Waterfront older building and not easy to reach.  This is it! On the west side of Sargeants Bay, 100*  of good waterfront, with older home and is quite  private. Call Larry Reardon al 885 9320 $99,500.  REAL ESTATE ASSOCIATION  Sandy Hook  - SEAVIEW ROAD -  Lot 107 -$34,000  - SANDY HOOK ROAD -  Lot 14 ��� $41,000  Lot 30 ��� $43,000  Lot 49 ��� $38,000  - DEERHORN DRIVE -  Lot 44 - $39,900  Lot 52 ��� $39,000  Bill Walkey 885-5327  Pat Parker 885-5615  - DEERHORN DRIVE -  Lot 35 - $38,500  George Longman 886-8548  - PORPOISE DRIVE -  Lot 35 - $54,900  Rita Percheson 885-5706  WEST PORPOISE BAY No. 705  ft acre, spectaculai view lot just minutes pass ice  arena. The perfect setting for your dream home.  ' May have subdivision possibilities in the future.  Asking $59,000. Call George Longman 886-8548.  SECRET COVE No. 804  * Semi-waterfront wooded lot wjth 151 feet road  frontage!  * Public lane to protected waters of Secret  Cove only 1 block from property!  * Priced to sell fast $45,000.  * Call Rita Percheson 885-5706.  ROBERTS CREEK  BUILDING LOT No. 826  Half acre bldg lot - all services available except  sewer. Located in the quiet and desirable area of  Roberts Creek. Close tobeach and golf course. A  thousand stars and no thumbs down to the  purchaser of this fine lot. Asking $49,900. Call  George Longman 886-8548.  NO. 1 No. 761 & 733  Question: Why has Redrooffs become one of  our most desirable residential areas  on the coast?  Answer: The average lot size is almost twice  that found inmost other residential  areas! This means you enjoy a  spacious park-like setting at dollar  value prices. Nearby Sargeant's  Bay is a marine wonderland for  swimming, boating & fishing!  Century 21 is offering 2 beautiful  treed building lots in Welcome  Woods for $47,500 each. This is  your opportunity to capture a  country setting in our fast developing coastal paradise! Call Rita  Percheson 885-5706.  BIG LOT - GOOD.LOCATION      No. 775  This nicely treed corner lot (133 x 142) is just  minutes from the ferry terminal at Earl's Cove.  Usual services of hydro, water and phone are  installed to the side of the road. Asking just  $27,500. Bert 885-3746.  INCREDIVIEW No. 756  From this large 77 x 178 beautiful bt located on  Norvan Road in West Sechelt. Don't let the alder  fool you ��� use it for fuel and have an incrediview!  Asking only $62,000. Call Larry or Ruth Moore  8859213.  MY TEA LEAVES TELL ME No. 806  You will find an absolutejy gorgeous view from  this 82 x 341 waterfront lot. The leaves say it's  steep but only $77,500 will put this great lot into  your future! Call Larry or Ruth Moore 885 9213.  PRICE REDUCTION!! No. 786  Now only $44,900 can buy this large West  Sechelt lot on popular NorWest Bay Road. Hurry  to see it with Leslie Fitch or call 885-9057 for more  details.  >5T  HlOt""  2 UNIQUE VIEW LOTS       No. 740 & 741  A rare opportunity to acquire a spectacular  western view df the Georgia Strait ��� over the Trail  Islands, ihto the sunsets. Super view lots for  perpetuity for people with vision and foresight.  One approximately ft acre' $64,900  One approximately % acre $46,200  Or buy the two for $109,000  Each lot has passed perc test and zoned for  duplex construction. Call Lynn Wilson at 885-  5755  View! View! View!  VIEW! VIEW! VIEW! No. 749  Build your dream home on this spectacular  view lot. Terrific dimensions 135 x 102  approx. Good bulding site. Hydro, water St  phone at property line. Call Lynn Wilson to  view this lot priced at $59,900.  SECHELT VILLAGE No. 778  Excellent building lot in heart of Sechelt. This 60 x  120 property on Ebbtide Street is a good buy at  $49,500. Pat Parker 885-5615.  WEST SECHELT  BUILDING LOTS No. 790  Your choice of 3 bts on sewer, paved road,  selectively cleared, culverts in. All new homes in  area. Save yourselves problems and money by  not having septic fields and clearing to contend  with. Asking $49,500. Call Ed Baker 885-2641.  A LOT FOR YOUR MONEY No. 753  If you're in the market for a huge lot with 209 ft. on  the road, take a look at this one. Over % acre in an  excellent area of W. Sechelt for $60,000. Call Bill  Walkey 885*5327.  COUNTRY QUIET IN  WOODED REDROOFFS No. 824  Nestle your new home for wooded privacy on this  building lot in Redrooffs. Lot is situated on paved  road and has over 100 ft. of road frontage. Area of  newer homes on spacious grounds. Swimming  and fishing at nearby Sargeants Bay. Priced at  $54,900. For more details call Lynn Wilson at  885*5755.  OPPOSITE THE BEACH No. 823  Smart building lot across from beach access.  Walk across the road and enjoy a cool dip after  supper. This lot in Tuwanek is priced to go at  $35,000. Bill Walkey 885-5327.  ON THE LEVEL No. 785  This lot .has been selectively cleared and is nice  and level. All services including sewer and priced  at a low, low price of $44,900. Call Larry or Ruth  Moore 885-9213.  LOT 60' k 105' No. 810  Level building lot with all services just waiting for  your new home. For all the information call Leslie  Fitch at 885-9057.  SECRET COVE WATERFRONT  $79,900 No. 730  This beautiful treed recreational lot is selectively  cleared and is an excellent building site. Lots of  sunshine. Driveway is in. Located on paved road.  Hydro, water & telephone available. Approved  for septic installation. For more information call  Lynn Wilson 885-5755.  GIBSONS OFFICE      886-8194  PAT PARKER  885-5615  RITA PERCHESON    LARRY REARDON  885-5706 885-9320 12  Sunshine Coast Realtor, June 12, 1981  */  V  DENTAL CENTRE  GIBSONS  GnMKy.  ���CENTURY WEST REAL ESTATE'  PHONE  886-8194  VANCOUVER  689-5838  (Toll Free)  n?r-t  A PANORAMIC VIEW No. 816  Enjoy the everchanging view of Gibsons Harbour  and Keats Island from the wrap-around deck of  this cozy home, situated in an excellent  residential area close to schools and shopping.  This 2 bdrm up, 1 bdrm down, full basement  home features oak parquet floors {in main living  area), a new cedar shake roof, and cedar siding,  plus, a protected playground area for the children  and great garden potential. Want an investment  for only $94,0001 To view, please call Wendy  Bodt at 886-8076.  LOT 74 x 105 No. 769  Level building lot, cleared ready to buld. All  services at the road except sewer. Close to Cedar  Grove School. Asking $47,000. Call Eva Carsky  at 886-8194 or 886-7126.  SEAMOUNT  INDUSTRIAL PARK No. 766 & 765  ALMOST NEWI No. 807  Ideal 3 bedroom family home located in delightful  country setting. Extras include shake roof, full  sundeck, sliding door from Master bedroom,  recess wall for China cabinet, heatilator fireplace  with brick facing in living room. Level cleared lot  waiting your personal landscaping. Asking  $105,000. To view call Eva Carskyor Leslie Fitch  886-7126 or 886-9057.  WOWI WHAT A HOUSE No. 773  This 3 bdrm house is going to be the ultimate in a  one level home. The floor plan is perfectly  matched to the lot to take fuU advantage of the  view and privacy. Handcrafted kitchen cabinets,  pantry, 2 masonary fireplaces, family room, are all  here. Vendor to assist with financing on asking  price of $169,000. Make your dream come true  by calling Lynda at 886-7352 or. 886-8194.  CONVENIENCE OF LOCATION  AND POCKETBOOK! No. 629  3 bedroom home for $55,000. These Strata Title  units are located on Hillcrest Road. Within  Prime location with 124 ft. highway frontage. The   walking distance of schools, shopping and other  opportunity to acquire industrial property with  good public visibility is rare so call Lynda now 886-  7352. $120,000.  SEAMOUNT INDUSTRIAL PARK No. 764  Over 11,000 sq. ft. on this larger than average  industrial lot. Excellent warehousing location.  Call Lynda 886-7352. $60,000.  PRIVACY AND BEACH  AT HOME No. 763  This property has it all, spectacular ocean view,  and steps to pebble beach are an added bonus  with this spacious 3 bdrm full basement  beautifully maintained home. Featuring, large  brick fireplace, sundeck, roomy kitchen with  nook, utility room and entrance foyer. This  property offers all the benefits of prestige living lor  a reasonable price of $159,900. For your  appointment to view call Lynda at 886-8194 or  886-7352.  amenities. Only one left. Call for appointment to  view Eva or Lynda at 886-8194.  HANDS UP No. 779  All those who don't know how to read a balance  sheet. Don't feel bad, you are not alone, there are  thousands who can't so let me help you. There's a  local fabric shop situated in a busy mall for ideal  customer volume, in a high traffic area, with lots  of untapped market potential. Such an  opportunity in life is worth a lot more than the'  asking price. Call Lynda at 886-7352.  PLEASED AS PUNCH $107,500     No. 814  Is what you'll be when you take possession of this  7 month old 3 bdrm, quality built rancher. See the  many special leatures such as wood stove,  separate shower, shake roof and screened wood  windows that the owner-builder provides in over  1600 sq. ft. of living space. For your appt. to view  call Lynda at 886-7352.  GIBSONS HARBOUR VIEW! No. 827  Build your dream home on this spectacular view  lot. Walking distance to shopping, boat launch,  tennis! Hydro & water, sewer and phone at  property line. Call Eva Carsky to view this lot  priced at $52,500 at 886 7126.  YOUR KIND OF LIFE STYLE        No. 725  If you like a bright and spacious home, this is the  one for you. 1249 sq. ft. home with a full  basement. Three bathrooms and in the basement  are three additional almost finished bedrooms  and a 17 x 23 family room. Stove, fridge, wall oven  and dishwasher included. Large fiberglassed  sundeck for those summer barbecues. This home  is in a quiet area on Wilson Road, Wilson Creek.  $105,000. For viewing call Carol Skinner 886  9154  ROBERTS CREEK - CONRAD RD.No. 813  This 1344 sq. ft. 3 bdrm double wide located on  1.75 of an acre, features ensuite 3piece plumbing,  family room complete with bar, built-in china  cabinet, lots of storage and cupboard space.  Attached 24 x 24 garage. Land already cleared,  landscaping needed to make this one a beauty.  Call for appointment to view Eva Carsky 886-  7126.  DUNHAM ROAD -$54,900 No. 628  Immediate possession in this 1500 sq. ft. older 3  bedroom home on 100 x 173 lot. Large family  kitchen, separate dining room, heatilator  fireplace, 2-pc ensuite. All appliances included.  To view call Eva Carsky at 8868194 or 8867126  READY TO BUILD No. 736  Then this 60 x 120 fully serviced lot is for you.  Located one block from beach on quiet cul-de-  sac. Added bonus of view and garage or  workshop for the asking price of $47,500. Call  Lynda 886-7352.  LEVEL LOT No. 808  Good building lot on Fircrest Road. Excellent  location in area of new homes. Asking $48,500.  Call Carol Skinner 886-9154.  CHECK IT OUT 10'/,%  MORTGAGE No. 818  On this 3 or 4 bdrm family home offering almost  1800 sq. ft. of living space. Penthouse master  bedroom with full bathroom and sitting room  gives busy parents the privacy and quietness  desired. Many other extras including unique  freestanding fireplace, heated workshop, paved  driveway ��� parking area, large kitchen, fully  fenced and landscaped front yard. To view call  Lynda 886-7352.  " -*'**"^if- *���>*  $m3S&  AN EXCLUSIVE VIEW HOME  NEWLY USTED No. 812  Situated in a prime residential area of  Gibsons overlooking id harbour and Keats  bland. This immaculate home features:  * 2 tarse bdrms and cozy den iposs. 3rd  bdrm).  * Bright kitchen with eating area.  * Large family room down with a princess  /ireplace insert.  * For your guests: a sel/-conlained suite.  * Roomy workshop with access to the  backyard, its beauti/ul landscaping, 2  carports, ample parking and a large  sundeck to view Howe Sound.  PLUS an assumable mortgage of approx.  $49,000 at lO'/A  PLUS REVENUE ��� a separate small  apartment presently rented!  This fine home comes complete with all  drapes, 3 stoves & fridges. To view this  unique home call Wendy Bodt 88��8076. An  excellent tialue al $175,000.  Two offices to serve you  BUY A LOCK-UP + FINISH IT YOURSELF  Have you any idea how much you can save by buying a lock-up home  and customizing the finishing? You'd be amazed, up to 50% on the  house structure in many cases. Call me for further information. Bill at  885-5327. ^'Lock-up' describes a home that has been framed, roof on,  doors and windows in, sub-floors, roughed-in plumbing, exterior siding,  water connection, sewer-connection, hydro connection, and an all-  weather driveway with culvert.  LOTS IN WOODCREEK PARK No. 828  A quality controlled subdivision, the 'British Properties' of Gibsons.  Paved, sewered, fully serviced lots in a park setting. Priced from  $39,500 to $46,000 to sell now. Bill Walkey 885-5327, Lynda Hickman  886-7352.  WOODCREEK PARK  Choice executive quality homes in a fine park-like setting. The  prospectus protects your life style and comfort zone. Contact me today  and let me show you the way you would like to become accustomed.  Priced range from $145,000 ��� $165,000, with a variety of styles and sizes.  Bill Walkey 885-5327.  Member Sunshine Coast Real Estate Association  LWENDY BODT  886-8076  GIBSONS 886-8194    SECHELT 885-2235  A VIEW YOU'LL  WANT TO FRAME No. 759  From this beautiful esplanade water front bt at  Gower Pt. Large size of 100'x 21Tallows a choice  of building sites. So make it yours for only  $120,000. Call Carol Skinner at 886-9154or Ruth  Moore at 885-9213.  COUNTRY ESTATE  WITH STABLES No. 588  4.5 acres of cleared level land fenced and  landscaped with a 1500 sq. ft. executive style  home centrally located just outside of Gibsons  Village. The home features beamed cathedral  ceiling and cut stone fireplace in living room,  gourmet kitchen with Jenn-Aire range and all  buillins. Large master bedroom on ground floor  and two* bedrooms on lower floor. Hand split  shake roof, double glazed windows and attached  double carport. For the horsey set a three stall  stable with adjoining tack room, automatic water  and tight system. A large riding and training ring  with training jumps and hurdles. Small feed bam  and tool and tractor sheds. This is truly one of the  finest properties in the area and is priced at only  $287,500- Shown by appointment only. Please  call either Eva Carsky or Lynda Hickman at 886-  8194.  IDEAL FAMILY HOME ���  DAVIS ROAD No. 751  4 bedroom home in heart of Gibsons, close to  schools and shopping facilities. Three levels,  family room, formal dining room, brick fireplace in  sunny living room. Landscaped grounds, plus ass.  mortgage offered at $119300. Call Eva 886-7126  or 886-8194.  QUICK, COME AND  TAKE A LOOK No. 762  Within a few days, the first ofGeorge Skea's  prestigious homes will be ready. The carpet  is just beins laid in this bounteous 1920 sq.ft.  three bedroom home on a huge lot. Convert  the den into a study or sewing room, while  the kids enjoy their freedom in the spacious  family room. Super energy efficient insulation, oak cabinetry, raised panel doors, to  name but a few of the standard features in  this family home. Asking $149,000. Call Bill  Walkey for details 885-5327 or Carol  Skinner 886-9154.  WOODCREEK No. 772  This attractive split level three bedroom  home with masonary fireplace, wood  windows, hidden gutters, and enclosed  garage can be yours for $139,000. Call  Lynda 886-7352  ELEGANCE EXTRAORDINAIRE No. 750  A fine, fine example of a west coast home  built with care and diligence. Four bedrooms, 2000+ sq.ft. overlooking a view that  is protected by covenant. The sunken family  room with fireplace complements the  spacious, vaulted living room with open  stairway. See for yourself, call BUI Walkey  for more details at 885-5327 on this  executive $165,000 home.  A LARGE STUDIO  FACING SOUTH No. 774  Is just one of the deluxe features of this  2300* sq. ft., 3*/t bedroom home. The brick  facing on the front of this home sets the  mood for your timely entrance. Qualify oak  cabinetry lie behind the insulated front door,  that opens to reveal features such as raised  panel interior doors, family room with patio  doors and provision for airtight heater. Or  maybe you would prefer to enter via the  workshop and utility room asyou pass thru'  the double insulated garage. Whichever way  you choose to come upon this home, the  quality will meet you in the hall. You can be  the proud owner for $159,000. Call BUI  Walkey 885-5327 or Carol Skinner 886-9154.  EVA CARSKY  886-7126  JUDY ELDRED  885-9226  LYNDA HICKMAN  886-7352  CAROL SKINNER  886-9154  BILL WALKEY  885-5327 Sunshine Coast Realtor, June 12,1981  13  fhe  bestsellers  Block Bros. Realty Ltd.  203 - 14th Street, West Vancouver, B.C. V7T 2P9  922-3911  GRACIOUS COUNTRY UVING  This beautiful split level 3 bedroom post and  beam home is located on 4% acres that truly  deserves to be in the A.L.R. The rich black bam  soil with unlimited spring water is waiting for the  productive touch, some cherry and apple trees  are already in and bearing. Some ol the  home's features are: 3 fireplaces (2 enclosed  heatilator & 1 insert) with custom rock facing, a  combination rustic, but fully modem dream  kitchen and dining area which includes: built-in  stainless steel range, oven, dishwasher & china  cabinet, two full bathrooms, completely finished  family or recreation room, wall to wall carpets,  extensive patios, & sundecks with outdoor  barbecue, double carport with extra parking,  lighted driveway, landscaping & close to ferry.  Priced at $217,500. For more information and  ortunity to view please call.  FAMILY HOME IN DESIRABLE  REDROOFFS AREA  This large 3 bedroom Rancher (1500 sq. ft.) is  located on a large lot in a secluded park-like  setting, not visible from the road but as you  enter the winding driveway, the natural,  landscaping blends in with this beautiful  {custom designed) family home. The home  leatures a custom teak -wood kitchen and  the use ol natural cedar is predominate -  throughout. Extensive patios take full  advantage of its southerly exposure. There is  also a large independent and well constructed  workshop (24' x 24') which could be converted  into a guest cottage. This fine home must be  seen to be truly appreciated. Priced at  $179,900. Owner will assist in financing.  NEW-1 YEAR OLD HOME  Centrally located in Gibsons, within easy  walking distance to aH local amenities. Situated  on a quiet cul-de-sac in a new subdivision, this*  affordable three bedroom 1240 sq. ft. home  features energy efficient thermopane windows,  wall to wall carpets and built-in dishwasher.  Priced at only $96,500.  3 BEDROOMS AND A VIEW ���  WILSON CREEK  Enjoy the view of Georgia Straight from the  living room or the large sundeck in this 3  bedroom split level home. This home is  complimented with wajl to wall carpeting, a  finished basement which may be used as a  * family or party room. For the energy conscious,  the electric heat is supplemented by an energy  efficient wood burning stove. Priced at  $119,500.  SANDY HOOK VIEW PROPERTY  This ocean and mountain view building lot is  located in sun drenched Sechelt Inlet Estates  overlooking beautiful Porpoise Bay. It is within  easy walking distance to sandy beaches with  moorage & marina facilities also close by. The  property is serviced with paved roads, hydro,  water and telephone. Asking $37,500.  3 BEDROOM RANCHER - GIBSONS  This charming near new home is ideally located  for the young family, % block from school, on a  cul-de-sac and with a $50,00013%% assumable  1st mortgage due 1985. Features Include: wall  to wall carpets, double pane storm windows,  ensuite plumbing with walk-in closet, carport  with attached workshop, landscaping, centrally  -located with shopping and transportation  nearby. Priced at $97,500.  ~w  r7 'WfmmmmmmMff  a*  it  Irvjj  ��js JJLJi *sjjj  " '���  J*YT v%fp~^'mjjBi ���  :FRONTAGE  This large (o.77Ac) lot has 102 ft. of southerly  exposure on tranquil North Lake. This is a lease  lot with 11 years remaining on a 20 to 30 year  renewable basts. The property adjoins a natural  park and is also only minutes away from Egmont's  famous salmon fishing. Priced at only $20,000.  NELSON ISLAND (WATERFRONTAGE)  ESTATE SALE  This .83 acre waterfront gov't lease lot is located  in Telescope Passage. It has a domestic water  tease & is close to wharfage. This property was  assessed at $16,000 for 1979. Sale Price  $15,000.  DAVIS BAY  Ideal starter or retirement home. This  renovated 1141 sq. ft. 2 bedroom home is  located on a large corner lot. The property may  be subdivided into two separate lots, one with a  beautiful ocean view. The home is situated  amongst a small but prolific fruit orchard. The  home features: Ground level entrance, wall to  wall carpets, thermopane windows, all  appliances, plus a new 28 x 16 wired workshop.  Owner must sell this beautiful property and will  consider all reasonable cash offers. Priced to  sell at only $137,500.   vTSNTEB   SUBDIVIDABLE ACREAGES  for outright purchase or will also  consider participation.  BUSINESS OPPORTUNITY  Coin Laundromat. This self employment  opportunity will give you a return in excess of*  30%. Property offers ample parking &  expansion potential. Purchase price includes all  equipment & bldgs with a long term land lease.  Priced at only $38,000.  How much is your home worth TODAY?  To find out, call your  nearest Block Bros, office.  Well do a market  evaluation at no charge or  obligation to you.  II BLOCK BROS.  NATIONAL REAL ESTATE SERVICE  Harold Jacaues  n        m * " 885-9023  Bruce McKinnon  H-499-766  Mobile Phone. Sechelt  ���mimmimMW  Jk  X X^lexander Realty Ltd.  P.O. Box 153, Madeira Park,  883-2491 or 883-2212        B.C.V0N2H0  DL 6989 NELSON ISLAND: 2.6 acres. TAYLORS GARDEN BAV STORE It  furnished house near Telescope Pass. Over 300* MARINA: is a well known and long established  waterfront. Gov't lease. Excellent fishing. Full business located in Garden Bay. Store, Marina  Price $45,000. Gas pumps, boat facilities and other extras.  FRANCIS PENINSULA - RONDEVIEW  RD: A picture book setting of flower beds,  shrubs, fruit trees and vegetable gardens. Enjoy  2160 sq. ft. of living area on 2 floors, 3bedrms, 2  bathrooms, wrap-around sundecks, and top  quality finishing touches throughout. This  immaculate home is a pleasure to view and to  own.  BEAUTIFUL FISHER ISLAND AT ENTRANCE TO LEE BAY, (District Lot 4064):  has spectacular exposure and excellent deep  water moorage with dock and small building.  Salmon in your back yard. $160,000.  4fcW  LUXURY TOWNHOUSES ��� OVERLOOK^  ING BEAUTIFUL SECRET COVE: Featuring 1600 sq. ft. of living area, 3 bedrms, spacious  living room with fireplace, full range of  appliances, large sundecks. Plus each home  offers breathtaking views, full privacy and the  option of reserved moorage at the marina  below. Hurry and be among the lucky few to  enjoy the fabulous fishing and to relax in this  unspoiled sportsman's paradise.  INDIAN RESERVE #19 ��� Lot 19 & 20:  Approximately !�� acre of land. Large foreshore  lease. Excellent moorage ramp & docks in.  Property approved for building. $90,000.  WHAT A VIEW!! A rare 200' waterfront home  with 2 BR in Bargain Harbour. Direct access  from Francis Peninsula Road with good  moorage and a spectacular view of all of Bargain  Harbour. Approx. !4 acre. $220,000.  MADEIRA PARK - ONE ACRE LOT WITH GARDEN BAY: Excellent building lot. One of  VIEW:* Gentle slope, frontage on 2 roads, the finest views in this area. Subdivision  subdivision potential. Priced at $59,900. potential.  180 FT. WATERFRONT - DEEP WATER  MOORAGE - FRANCIS PENINSULA: 1.2  acres - zone commercial. Frontage on two  roads. Excellent potential. $270,000.  OTHER AREAS  25 ACRES & 3,000 SQ. FT. LOG HOME:   57 ACRES ��� BEAUTIB����yjOWEN IS-  Pemberton. % mile river frontage. Superb LAND: Unlknit^A offcinBtkinson and  mountain views. Property cleared and in VancouvastsQjy 5Sjwte>Stffiterry terminal,  pasture. Ideal tor landing strip. Home is 1st class Good sJ^MM^^temtal. Explore the many  throughout. Very private. possibilities rare property has to offer.  Priced at 1600,000.  c  Art Alexander  883-2491  Vadim Kobasew  885-3156  ) Sunshine Coast Realtor, June 12, 1981  MEMBER  SUNSHINE COAST  | REAL ESTATE ASSOCIATION  NEW LISTINGS  hb GORDON AGENCIES ltd.  - ROBERTS CREEK RETREAT -  Large treed lot, 110' frontage. Cozy post and beam non  bsmt home with 2 bedrooms, Franklin stove. Beach access  is just across the road. F.P. $79,000.  John Wilson 885-9365.  - SANDY HOOK ROAD -  Lot 17 ��� The view is fantastic and the price is right! Just  $41,000. MLS.  Pat Lindsay 885-2591.  Ur  ��$  ��� Only 2 km from Hwy 101.  ��� 16 acres of privacy.  ��� Protected moorage.  ��� Western Contemporary House.  ��� Year round living in solid comfort.  ��� Huge sundecks.  ��� $730000.  John Wilson 885-9365 or  Wayne Salter 885*5986  31 Years At Cowrie St., Sechelt  iA M  - HALFMOON BAY -  Fabulous smooth rocks ��� superb views! A unique setting for  a super one level 3 bedroom house with a massive stone  fireplace, step-down living room opening to the sundeck.  Southern view of Merry Island and beyond. $255,000 firm  Pat Lindsay 885-2591. ���  - RETIREMENT ACREAGE -  Estate-like property - 9.4 acres of sunny privacy with a  meticulously constructed 1 level house opening to the huge  patioand grounds. It is the perfect answer to the move from  a large family home - big rooms, separate dining room, 2  bedrooms', both ensuite, oak parquet floors, 2 fireplaces, a  built-in vacuum. It's very, very nice! $265,000.  Pat Lindsay 885-2591.  - TWO SUPER WATERFRONTS -  Each property with 2 houses. Level pebbly beach. Great  family investment -or rent one and weekend inthe other. On  MLS   $200,000 - each property.  Pat Lindsay 885-5291.  - SUPER SMALL SHOP -  Must be Sold!  Illness (orces sale of this well-located card & gift  shop. Prime location. Fully stocked & 3 years to  90 on a renewable 5 year lease. Drastic price  reduction to $48,500. MLS  Pat Lindsay at 885-2591.  WAYNE SALTER  885-5986  kH49-0994 - Mobile  PATRICIA LINDSAY  885-2591  H.B. GORDON  885-2013  JACK NOBLE  883-2701  LOTS  PHONE  885-5891  Box 123, Sechelt, B.C.  - RUBY LAKE -  Located 500' from lake. Asking only $19,900.  Wayne Salter 885-5986.  - EARLS COVE -  Semi waterfront. Level access. High bluff. Beautiful view!!  133 ft. frontage. .40 acres $55,000 on MLS. Vendor will  carry at 15%!  Pat Lindsay 885 2591.  - SECRET COVE -  Straight ahead water view from this large, sloping lot.  Serviced. F.P. $39,500.  John Wilson 885-9365.  - GARDEN BAY -  3+ acres, excellent building sites. Stream and possible view.  Wayne Salter 885-5986.  - WELCOME WOODS -  Super large lot. Well timbered. Possible view. $48,500.  Wayne Salter 885-5986.  - PORPOISE BAY ROAD -  High side of the road, across from the waterfront. Super  view. Big deep lot. $42,500.  Wayne Salter 885-5986.  - SANDY HOOK -  Mount Richardson. Huge view. Level large lot. No building  problems - it's a beauty. $48,500.  Pat Lindsay 885-2591.  - FRANCIS PENINSULA -  Madeira Park  1.30 acres with potential view & subdivision. Some timber.  Dead end road. Serviced.  Jack Noble 883-2701.  LARGE treed lot. 99' x 425'. Dead end road. Serviced.  Jack Noble 883-2701.  2 BR rancher. Level lot - 268 ft. deep. Large garage/work  shop. F.P. $78,500.  John Wilson 885-9365.  - SAKINAW LAKE -  On Ruggles Bay facing S.W. Beamed cedar retreat with 3  BR, fireplace, deck, fully furnished 7.4 acres. Gov't Lease  Land - but, so what?! It's years ol summer fun, warm  swimming & sunshine. Water access only $38,000.  Pat Lindsay 885-2591.  JOHN WILSON  885-9365  MIKE BALDIGARA |  885-5645  886-2417  seauiew Place  Hwy ioi. aibsons  Harry Howard 886-7307  HOUSE 6N SU&MVlbABLH Lot  The indications are that this large 97 x 187 lot may  be divided into two excellent properties. The  house has 1340sq. ft. on the main floor featuring 3  bedrooms, kitchen-dining area, living room with  large fireplace. Downstairs has a finished family  room, workshop and root cellar. All of this and  the central Gibsons location make this property  well worth an inspection. Asking $135,000.  822-2817  (Vancouver Toil Free)  Treu Goddard 886-2417  -Over 3,000 sq. ft. of living space featuring a large  open main floor. The first class view of Gibsons  Harbour can be appreciated from either the  sundeck off the living room or the large third floor  master bedroom with its ensuite and Jacuzzi. The  home has two more bedrooms on the main. All  this on a half acre of guaranteed privacy. Asking  $135,000.  HOMES  This super family home has four bedrooms, a  large open living room with a sundeck that looks  out over Howe Sound. The house is situated on a  gently sloping well treed tot. The proximity lo the  feny makes this an ideal set up for the commuter.  Asking $105,000.  HOUSE ON ACREAGE  This cozy two bedroom Roberts Creek home is  on 2.5 acres of land. Just minutes from the beach  and stores this property is the perfect small '  country estate. Asking only $96,500.  JK.Oud AT 13%  The vendor will carry $75,000 at 13% on this  quality Gibsons home. The house is a brand new  1840 sq. fl. Rancher with four bedrooms, master  with ensuite, large lamily room off kitchen with  wood stove. Sliding glass door, patios. Huge 100 x  237 ft. lot. This home is a must to see! Asking  $137,500  NEW LISTING  UNDER CONSTRUCTION ��� GIBSONS  Come in and see the plans for this 1416sq. ft. new  home.  NEW LISTING  LANGDALE ��� YMCA ROAD  A beautiful setting for a solid family home. The  house is a 1440 sq. ft. Rancher with four  bedrooms, large kitchen, living room with  fireplace and a lot more. The lot is 82 x 162 feet  well landscaped and very private. Asking  $115,000.  LOTS  ROBERTS CREEK ��� COACH ROAD  A half acre of gently sloping view property in quiet  rural surroundings. Asking $55,000.  CHERYL ANN PARK ROAD  Large building lot in an area of quality homes.  Asking $48,000.  GRANTHAMS LOT  Potential view from this building lot hidden  amongst the trees. Asking $35,500.  ACREAGE  SECHELT PARKLAND  VA acres of semi-waterfront inlet view property.  This beautiful piece of land borders a natural bird  sanctuary and park only seconds from the  government dock. The real bonus is that the  zoning is multi-family and the package comes with  plans and permits for a 33 unit condominium  complex. Asking $550,000.  GULF ISLAND WATERFRONT  6+ acres with 450 ft. of level waterfront on  beautiful Reid Island situated between Pender  and Gabriola Islands. This secluded retreat would  make an ideal group purchase. Asking $100,000- Ulayfair by Hanco  JjjfaBK               f*   A     immmt    '                       ���  ���������n                '   MmmmW^^^S^aWST  m  Fl, ���  ���**  ,     I  !v  Thta Manco unit was |uit recently Installed In Wtst Sechelt.  56' x 24'  (1296 sq. ft.)  STANDARD FEATURES  - B-loot ctwngi throughout.                                       - ��0fltf. (Imp.) water Mater.  - Quality carpeting In living rcwn, dining room                ��� HOOO BTU oil furnace.  and mailer bedroom.                                                   - Low slope shingle root - 239 Ib.  - Slider window! e/w itormi and ���creeni.                      ��� ThrM count aluminum tiding, vortical tlumlnum above:  CSA 1240-2 1 approved                                                    0����� *7ld *n"*** *hl,e and whl,*> brown and "m.  - LtcZ^oisr """��� ""���   - ��wC^  " iTttSM!? !.Sr^'                               - o��'����" 1"il����'����" charHMtwr.  - I  I S star taut �����"**"���                                           - Eniull. baMroom oil mul.l DMtoom ��llh g.M.o tub.  - 2 door Iroil In. f��ing��Mor.                                   _ m^iMi,,, spKlllclloiu: R-1�� Willi  - Houm lyp. doom - (rent Ind rMr c/w KrMfi door.                                           n,.2��7 Floor  TsMltoof  - Wood louvOTd Wfold door it witrmct cIomi.  OPTIONS AVAILABLE  Conventional Bank Mortgage Available  15% Down & 15 Years Bank Financing O.A.C.*  COAST MOBILE HOMES LTD.  ���cross iron Bemr's Furnitun in Mchett  885-9979 MDL6M3 885-9979  Sunshine Coast Realtor, June 12, 1981  PENDER HARBOUR REALTY LTD.  PRICED TO SELL  Appealing 3 bedroom home on Francis Peninsula. Features include ensuite plumbing, 2 fireplaces  and sundeck with carport under. Full high basement is roughed-in for finishing and includes sub-  floor & wiring. 1066 sq. ft. of good value at $94,500.  GOOD INVESTMENT AT EARLS COVE  1.49 acres of ocean view property adjacent to ferry terminal. There's an old homestead plus a 42' x  10' mobile home. ..both in need of attention. Property is zoned R3L and is a safe place to put your  money at the asking price of $65,000.  ARE YOU CONSIDERING A SALE  OF YOUR PROPERTY?  We would be pleased to offer  our opinion as to its current market value  and  We have prospects for all types of property  New Low Rates On  HOUSE INSURANCEl  John Breen  883-9978  Highway 101 at Francis Peninsula Rd.  Jock Hermon  883-2745  W -Waterfront  H -Homes  A - Acreage  R - Recreational  F - Farms  Bus. 885-5171  Box 1188, Sechelt, B.C. VON 3A0  "Your Real Estate Hosts  on the Sunshine Coast"  :V   J  WEST SECHELT VIEW HOME L 243  Do you want to relax in a quiet area ��� if you do this 3 bedroom  full basemenl home on Norvan Road could be what you are  looking for. Fealures: large lot 75' x 150', two fireplaces, 1 full  bathroom and master bedroom has 2 piece ensuile, roughed  plumbing in basement, carport. House has lovely  brickwork to enhance the appearance. Also enjoy the view  of Trail Islands from your living room. $107,000. Call Pat  Murphy 865 5171 or Deirdre 885 5971. MLS.  GOWER POINT L 262  Cleared and ready to build. This 100 x 132 lol is in an area  that you're sure lo like. Quiel, close lo beach and to the  Bonniebrook Lodge. F.P. $75,000. Call 885-5171.  TRY THIS ON FOR SIZE  2 bdrm, 60' x 12' spacious mobile home. This home has a  very spacious layout with a bright living room ��� highlighted by  the beautiful black leather wet bar with leather swag accent  light. For further information call Deirdre 885-5171. F.P.  $22,000. Act now.  WESTSECHELT L-264-81  Ji acre lot with concrete foundation already in. If you're  looking for a building lol close lo Sechelt with a view that can  only get better, here is your wish. Close to beach access that  leads to a very quiet pebble beach. F.P. $75,000.  VIEW OF PARKSVILLE L 464-81  Here is a 3 bedroom, full basement, 1248 sq. ft. home. Enjoy  the view and the 54' x 10' sundeck. Have a bar-b-que on the  patio and play badminton on the lovely level lawn. This Attco  double wide sits on a level 65' x 117' lot. Added features are  the built-in oven, the range, fridge and dishwasher that are  included with the sale. F.P. $110,000. Call 885-5171. Ask for  Pat Murphy for appointment to view.  AFFORDABLE WATERFRONTI L 260  This Redrooffs Rd. waterfront home is situated in a prime  area. Gentle slope to a pebble beach with good moorage.  Approx. "/j acre. You like to garden - well there is great  potential on this lot. The home is approx. 1700 sq. ft. with 2  bedrooms, a spacious kitchen and dining area, an airy utility,  and a living room that opens onto a beautiful sundeck. And  for the one who likes to get away from it all there is an 11' x  18'6" den. All this for $170,000. Call 885-5171.  COMMERCIAL - SECHELT L249  Two (2) lots zoned commercial I. Ideal location for  professional . Lots' size frontage 100 x 132. At present there  are three residential units (all need repairs & renovations).  Can be income producing with just a little elbow grease and  paint. Good potential holding property. F.P. $165,000. Call  Pat Dahle 885-5692 or Pat Murphy 885-5171.  SEAVIEW APT. WEST SECHELT  Here is a 4 plex apartment set in a very desirable area. Each  900 sq. ft. 2 bdrm suite has lots of storage as well as a  beautiful view of the Trail Islands. The landscaped property  also has a 1300. sq. ft. "A" Frame home with 1!4 baths, lovely  cedar finish inside. Large living room; single car enclosed  garage all this on approx. 1 acre of land. Gentle slope,  southern exposure. Great potential. Call Pat Murphy to  arrange appointment to view. $275,000.  GOWER POINT-EXCELLENT VIEW L261  This esplanade waterfront is on the market. The lot is 100 x  217, with an excellent view and just an esplanade separates it  from the waterfront. Call now. F.P. $90,000.  MAJOR MARINA COMPLEX  Sheltered deep water location in busy harbour center. Rare,  large water lot lease plus 2.5 acres view waterfront property  with development potential. 3 BR house, 2 rental mobiles, a  beautifully equipped shop, and laundromat service building.  Aircraft facilities, dock side phone, water, electric service.  Optional lease back of all or part of the operations. This is an  excellent terms investment. Fairly priced with good terms.  $580,000.  MEMBER SUNSHINE COAST REAL ESTATE ASSOCIATION "P.T." Dahle 885-5692 Deirdre 885-5971 Pat 885-5171 Sunshine Coast Realtor, June 12, 1981


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