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Sunshine Coast News Feb 10, 1981

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 I  LEGISLATIVE LIBRARY      82.1  Parliament Buildings,  VICTORIA, B.C  V8V 1X4  owners rush to join Gibsons  by John Moore  "Lorraine's finger" is a finger no longer. The controversial  proposed Gibsons boundary extension, involving two properties  on Payne Road, had been so dubbed by regional Director Charles  Lee because of its projection out into electoral Area E. Last week,  however, in a kind of "land rush" in reverse, Gibsons' council  received requests from at least three more property owners in the  area bounded by Reed, Payne and Henry Roads and Highway I0I  to be included in any extension of Gibsons municipal boundaries.  Council received requests in writing from Mr. Ian J.  Mackenzie, who owns five acres in the area, and from Mr. and  Mrs. Marteddu, who own seventeen acres, at Tuesday night's  council meeting.  Municipal Clerk Jack Copland advised council at the meeting  that he had received a verbal request from Mr. M.A. Lemky, who  owns three-quarters of an acre, and expected it to be confirmed  before the end of the week.  Mr. I.emky's request has been confirmed in writing and the  Coast News has learned that yet another property owner, Mrs. F.  Allard of Vancouver, who owns approximately 1.6 acres, also  intends to petition council for inclusion in the municipality.  At Tuesday night's meeting, council also received copies of  letters from the owners of both properties involved in the original  "fingerlike" extension, Dave Mellor and Ann Robertson. Mellor  and Robertson have appealed separately to the Sunshine Coast  Regional District and to the Ministry of Municipal Affairs to  allow their applications for incorporation to proceed without  interference from the regional board.  Both Mellor and Robertson state in their letters that  competitive agriculture is practically impossible on the Sunshine  Coast, owing to the increasing cost of land-clearing, feed and  supplies, and transportation to and from markets.  Mellor and Robertson also call into question Area E Director  Jim Gurney's statement that their property is "some of the best  agricultural land on the Sunshine Coast", contending that a clay  belt running through both properties continuously leaches water  and nutrients out of the soil.  Both Mellor and Robertson also point to the difficulty of  obtaining water and sewer services from the SCRD. Mrs.  Robertson's submission includes a letter from SCRD Works  Superintendent Gordon Dixon offering to supply water to her  property if she will accept water at the present pressure the system  can supply or if she is prepared to install a pressure pump at her  own expense.  In her letter to the Minister of Municipal Affairs Mrs.  Robertson states that she has applied to the SCR D for four and a  half years for water and, though the SCRD water lines run past  her property, she has been advised by the board to seek water from  the Village of Gibsons because the pressure of the regional board  system is not adequate to serve her property.  The sudden spate of applications to join the municipality from  the area in question coincides with an impending application by  Gibsons council to the B.C. Agricultural Land Commission to  have the Agricultural Land Reserve Designation removed from  all land within the municipal boundaries.  The properties in question are designated ALR and fall under  jurisdiction of the SCRD, which has a stated policy of being  opposed in principle to the removal of any lands from the Land  Reserve. On Tuesday night Gibsons council also received copies  of two letters from the SCRD, one addressed to the Minister of  Municipal Affairs, requesting; that the original application of M r.  Mellor and Mrs. Robertson be deferred until the Area E  (Elphinstone) Settlement Plan has been completed, and the other  addressed to the Land Commission requesting that the  Commission "resist any attempt to have these lands removed from  the ALR "  The regional board's letter points out that there is no shortage  of developable land presently within the village. There are  approximately 300 acres of undeveloped land presently within the  village boundaries, an estimated 100 of which are designated  ALR.  Serving the Sunshine Coast since 1945  The Sunshine  Published at Gibsons, B.C.  25' per copy on news stands  Delivered to every address on tht Coast  February 10, 1981  Volume 35, Number 6  - John Burnside photo.  Hey, ho and up she rises! The combined efforts of two tow trucks pulls the capsized concrete truck belonging to Gibsons Ready  Mix right side up. The fully-loaded truck skidded and overturned on the bend of the hill on Highway 101 last Friday morning. The  driver was injured. (Another picture on Page 13)  Mayor recalls motion  Gibsons reconsiders access route  The regional board's delight at Gibsons choice of Payne Road  as the top-priority access route to the Village from the proposed  Gibsons by-pass may be short-lived. On the strength ofa five-page  memorandum from Municipal Planner Rob Buchan, Mayor  Lorraine Goddard exercised her right Tuesday evening to bring  the motion back to the table for reconsideration.  The Mayor has the right to recall a motion within thirty days if  no action has been taken on that motion. The whole question of  the access route will be re-debated at council's February 16  Planning Meeting.  Buchan's memorandum recommends that Sunnycrest Road be  appointed as the access to the Gibsons by-pass to be constructed  by the Ministry of Highways, and is supported by both the  Executive of the Gibsons Chamber of Commerce, who confirmed  their preference for Sunnycrest Road at their meeting January 28,  1981, and by the Gibsons Community Plan Committee.  Buchan points out that the choice of Payne Road as the "main  gate" to Gibsons will encourage commercial development in the  vicinity of the intersection with Highay 101, within and without  Craigan chief again  Chief Calvin Craigan of the Sechelt Indian Band was returned  by acclamation for a fourth term as chief.  This matches the record of four consecutive terms first set by  Chief Craigan's late father, Chief Charlie Craigan, more than  twenty years ago.  t "  ON THE INSIDE...  Trower's Doppelganger  page 4  Education top-heavy page 8  Against inflexibility page 9  Grass roots power page 16  Volunteer groups  page 19  Rocky meets his rep page 20  the village boundaries, "tri-secting" the already bisected village  and possibly administering a "coup de grace" to the lower village  in spite of the efforts of the Gibsons Harbour Business  Association through the Downtown Revitalization Program.  Buchan maintains that, aesthetically and economically, traffic  bound specifically for Gibsons should be routed through the  central business district and not to the extremities of the village.  Revitalization  Gibsons council passed resolutions Tuesday night to  request a start-up ol $5,000 from the Ministry of Municipal  Affairs under the Downtown Revitalization Program.  The purpose of the grant is to assist in the preliminary  studies relative to downtown improvement works,  specifically the preparation of a "streetscape plan" for  Gibsons lower village area.  Council also empowered its staff to negotiate with the  Ministry to set up a grant structure for merchants who wish  to obtain 20% Facade Improvement Grants through the  Program. The Municipal Inspector will administer the  grants in order to ensure that applications conform with the  "West Coast Design" theme approved by council and the  Gibsons Harbour Business Association.  A breakthrough  Gibsons' Mayor Lorraine Goddard hailed as "a real  breakthrough" the news that, beginning this year, the  amount of the unconditional grants to municipalities under  the Revenue Sharing Act will be determined on the basis of  yearly population estimates developed by the Central  Statistics Bureau.  Until now, the Ministry of Finance has used only Census  data, updated every five years as a basis to establish the  amount of such grants.  The new procedure, outlined in a letter from the Ministry  of Municipal Affairs received by council Tuesday evening,  will enable revenue sharing grants to respond more quickly  to municipal population changes.  Gibsons is already feeling the effects of the change, with  this year's grant of SI 71,734 (based partially on a population  of 2,297); an increase of $36,000 over last year.  Feels School Board gave commitment  Aquatic Society explains closure  by John Burnside  Parents of Pender Harbour school children crowded the library  of Madeira Park Elementary School last week to hear the pros  and cons of the dispute between the Pender Aquatic Society and  the School Board of School District No. 46 which led to the  closure by the Aquatic Society of the Pender Harbour swimming  pool and the cessation of all swimming programs.  At issue was the decision of the School Board to withdraw the  sum of $5,000 slated in its provisional budget to go towards  operational costs of the Pender pool. The $5,000, a drop in the  bucket of the School Board's $9.1 million budget, represents 25%  of the operating revenues of the pool.  . Addressing the meeting was Shirley Vader, President of the  Aquatic Society and Pender Harbour School Trustee, Al Lloyd.  Vader told the parents in Madeira Park that there were  educational and political ramifications of the controversy. As a  parent, she said that she was in favour of a comprehensive  swimming program for all children in the area. She argued that  the School Board's expressed concern that all children should be  treated equally in the matter of a swimming program made little  sense. Not only did the location of the Pender Harbour pool in the  ' basement of the Pender Harbour High School make it possible for  students of both the High School and Madeira Park Elementary  School to use the pool without loss of educational time while the  students of Halfmoon Bay and Egmont could use it with very little  loss of educational time, but that facilities in and around Pender  Harbour were much more limited than in other areas of the school  district.  "How can the School Board talk about equal treatment when  they propose to spend $18,000 on Elphinstone's tennis courts yet  withhold $5,000 for a very successful program in Pender  Harbour."  Vader said that teachers in Egmont and Halfmoon Bay told her  the weekly visit to the s wimming pool was one of the highlights of  their students' week. Under the School Board proposal only  students in Grades 3, 5 and 8 would be allowed to use the pool,  which made very little sense in one-room school situations such as  Egmont and Halfmoon Bay.  "There have been no complaints from anywhere in the school  district about the School Board's support of the Pender pool,"  said Vader.  According to the president of the Aquatic Society they had been  led to believe that the School Board had given them a  commitment to contribute $5,000 per annum towards the Pender  Pool. The School Board feels that the commitment was for one  year only as "seed money" and Trustee Lloyd acknowledged that  his search of School Board Minutes had revealed no mention of  an ongoing commitment.  The executives of the Aquatic Society were unanimous,  however, in their conviction that such a commitment had been  given. It was pointed out that the pool had been placed in the  basement of the high school at the suggestion of the School  Board's architect. When the Pender Harbour H igh School burned  down the concept of having the pool on the premises serving as a  reservoir for water to combat fire was approved by all concerned.  Secretary Treasurer Roy Mills had said that the Department of  Education looked favourably on the idea of the swimming pool  under the school.  When the accreditation committee visited the school last year,"  said Vader, "the first thing they were shown was the swimming  pool."  Vader pointed out that the executive of the Aquatic Society had  gone to enormous pains to make sure that their scheduling for the  pool was designed to ensure that school children got top priority.  Trustee Lloyd said that he spoke to the meeting as a school  trustee, as a taxpayer and as an admirer of the work done by the  Pender Aquatic Society. He said that whilst School Board  minutes revealed nothing more than a commitment of $5,000 for  1980, previous trustee for the area Peter Precesky had also been of  the opinion that School Board had given the Society an ongoing  commitment.  Lloyd said the principal concern of the School Board was that  the level of education should be equal in all schools but  acknowledged that it was difficult for students at the north end of  the school district to take trips to Vancouver as well as many other  opportunities open further down.  Vader indicated that she was ready to resign on the issue when  Lloyd suggested the Aquatic Society could raise tht money from  the Regional Board.  "This is a matter of principle," said Vader. "We are all  convinced that a commitment was given. Superintendent John  Denley told me at a meeting 'Get that pool built any way you  can'."  Vader pointed out that Pender Harbour contributes 20% of  local school taxes but has only 10% of the school children.  Trustee Lloyd said that the whole community owed a vote of  Please turn to Page Twenty.  Sechelt's 25th  An anniversary gives one a chance to look over the shoulder to  see how far one has come, gives a chance to re-examine, rediscover.  Sechelt's anniversary is Sunday, February 15th, 25 years since  its incorporation as a village and celebrations are being  undertaken.  Citizens who have been residing in the Village since 1956 and  past and present members of council have received invitations to  attend a Dinner-Dance on Saturday at the Parthenon Restaurant.  A gift of silver maples is to be planted along Teredo Street, as  silver is the symbol for a 25th anniversary.  The Sunshine Coast Arts Centre is celebrating this event with  an exhibit focusing on the first year of Sechelt's incorporation as a  Village���1956. The show opened January 27 and will continue  through to February IS.  The Coast News, along with Sechelt businesses and  organizations have sponsored a commemorative tribute to the  Village's anniversary in a historical and pictorial account of its  growth and development.  The 12-page Tribute will be a keepsake, become a memento and  will be delivered to the community on the day of the celebration'..;  - Jonn TOooiepfiot?  Super-Valu Manager, Blaine Hagedorn kicks off the Heart Fund's Sunshine Coast campaign by presenting a cheque to  Campaign Chairman Jack Mllburn. The campaign begins in earnest appropriately on February 14, Valentine's Day.  I  ���aaaaaa  \  MM ^t^msmms*ss*w%mmsmssMwsjssmssws3WsjsjmssMsmmsjsss��ssswssMsssMssmsm  Coast News, February 10,  /  The  Sunshine.  1981  ITi  GOUT 111  i  A LOCALLY OWNED NEWSPAPER  Published at Gibsons, B.C. every   Tuesday, by Glasslord Press Ltd.  Boi 460. Gibsons. 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R Sohn  Lyn Fabio  Circulation  Michael Nozinski  Less than her usual Corthrightness  It would almost appear as though  Mayor Lorraine Goddard spoke with less  than her usual forthrightness recently  when she said that the village of Gibsons  would apply to have land in the  agricultural land reserve within village  boundaries taken out because 'it restricts  development'.  Information we have been given  indicates that of the 300 acres of  undeveloped land within village boundaries only 100 acres is within the land  reserve. That leaves 200 acres undeveloped  and unrestricted within the village. With  such a cushion it is hard to see how the  village is being impeded in its development  by the land in the land reserve.  It is almost certainly more than  coincidence that the village's decision to  seek to free their land from the land reserve  has led to a mini-stampede of landowners  with land to sell trying to get into the  village to escape the land freeze.  There should be some investigation by  the Regional Board about complaints of  lack of service which most of the owners  give as reason for their wish to join the  village. These come on the heels of other  recent complaints about Regional Board  staff and questions should be asked.  As for the village, unfortunately the  impression is left that the village is trying to  grow quantitatively rather than qualitatively. With two hundred acres undeveloped inside its boundaries and a  gallant group of Gibsons Harbour  Merchant trying valiantly to revitalize the  Lower Village without much in the way of  aid from the village council, perhaps it is  time for the council to encourage the  village to recollect itself and somehow  utilize its marvellous natural setting to  better advantage. There are those who feel  that there is already more than enough  semi-planned sprawl along the flat at the  top of the hill.  Hydro threatens  This week we have the distinction of  being singled out by B.C. Hydro as being  possibly worthy of their legal attention.  Apparently B.C. Hydro is sensitive to the  suggestion that its highly-paid management personnel had a vested interest in a  continuing scries of giant engineering  projects but it is a simple fact that those  employed by an organization involved in a  steady stream of major projects have a  vested interest in the projects. They do get  paid for their work, don't they? And they  count on their paychequcs coming  regularly just like everyone else, don't  they'.'  Ihe people that work for B.C. Hydro do  their jobs to the best of their ability no  doubt and in the light of the best wisdom at  their command. The argument has been  that B.C. Hydro has in recent years had  little in the way of supervision of the  decision-making process that determines  its actions.  Further, they are led by a man who has  apparently much more enthusiasm for the  export of energy than does the federal  government of Canada. With a continen-  talist for a leader and a seemingly endless  appetite for giant projects regardless of the  long-term results of flooded farmlands and  destroyed Fish habitat, the organization  should come under public scrutiny. It is  simply true that the engineers of B.C.  Hydro have their own financial well-being,  their training, and their leadership  providing an impetus for actions not  adequately scrutinized by any outside  agency.  The government? When was the last  time it said 'no' to B.C. Hydro?  ...from the files of the COAST NEWS  FIVE YEARS AGO  The SCRD has come out in favour of  the Islands Trust after five Regional  Districts on the coast have indicated  they would like to see the Trust  abolished. The Island Trust was  established in 1974 to govern the Gulf  Islands in Georgia Strait and the  islands in and around Howe Sound.  The basic principle of the Trust is to  protect and preserve the islands and to  establish a community plan for each.  Both Hopkins and the Granthams  Landing areas do not have an adequate  water supply for major fire fighting  purposes according to a report by Fire  Chief Dick Ranninger.  TEN YEARS AGO  The new dining hall at Camp  Elphinstone is under construction. The  cost lor the addition to the YMCA  Camp at Langdale is $500,000. The  new building is designed to blend in  with the environment.  Smokes - cigarettes, cigars will cost  more within the extra tax collecting  range of the Bennett government. The  old 25 pack price was 57$ plus three  cents tax. The new price will be 65t  including the tax.  FIFTEEN YEARS AGO  An estimated 1100 people milled  around in the Gibsons Elementary  School gymnasium at the Science Fair.  Flash bulbs popped, cameras whirred,  telephones rang and music from stereo  equipment penetrated every corner.  The Fair was deemed a huge success.  Councillor Ben Lang detects affluence in Sechelt. He has asked at least  22 times for someone to do the job of  g ravel I i ng the areas between sidewalks  and roads to make things neat. He has  found casual labour hard to come by.  TWENTY YEARS AGO  During the Sechelt and District  Board ol Trade meeting, the board  went on the record to support local  fishermen in their efforts to restrict  herring fishing in Sechelt Inlet to allow  local boats to have a better opportunity  to make a profit. Larger herring seine  boats have been making enormous  catches and depriving locals of their  fair share.  TWENTY-FIVE YEARS AGO  Mr. J. Mayne states that the letters  patent have been Issued and are  effective February 1 for the incorporation of the Village of Sechelt. An  election of Commissioners will be held  April 21. Mr. J. Mayne has been  appointed Returning Officer for the  election.  THIRTY YEARS AGO  Cliff Gray, Harry Smith and John  Cattanach have formed the first  construction company on the Sunshine Coast, called Peninsula Construction. In the words of Mr. Gray,  "We think this area (Gibsons) is just on  the threshold of big things."  Captain Andrew Johnston was  installed as president of Sechelt's  Legion Branch and Eric Inglis, president of Branch 109 in Gibsons.  Cougar tracks have been noted  outside the Indian Residential School  in Sechelt.  THIRTY-FIVE YEARS AGO  Plans for a new High School in  Gibsons and a new Elementary School  at Roberts Creek, drawn by architect  H. Cullerne, were accepted for preliminary consideration.  The Gibsons and District Board of  Trade demanded an immediate survey  of all roads, including the essential link  from Port Mellon to Gibsons as stated  in the letter to the Minister of Public  Works. The letter outlined the hazards  of the road to human life.  Sechelt, about 1920. Properly attired players battle it out on Herbert Whitaker's  grass tennis courts, complete with trestled judges. Water tower and barns are  located on Cowrie Street near its junction with Porpoise Bay Road, along which  cows are grazing. What later became designated as Crucil Mountain rises in the  background. Members of the middle class took their families via steamer to resorts  such as Sechelt to enjoy natural surroundings, ocean water swimming, direct-from-  producer-to-consumer farm and dairy products, and a break from city life, already  then considered to be "hectic". Edric Clayton recorded this idyllic vignette from the  boulevard west of the wharf. Photo courtest Clayton collection and Elphinstone:  Pioneer Museum. L.R. Peterson'  Reflections  When Pierre Eliot Trudeau  ) says his prayers each night  these days surely he must give  thanks to the Lord for the High  Commissioner to Canada from  Great Britain.  The embattled Trudeau is  pressing on with his program to  repatriate the Canadian constitution amidst a storm of  protest and indignation on two  continents. Who could have  foreseen that he would be  rescued by the lubricated  remarks of a character who  appears to have stepped onto  the Canadian political stage  from the D'Oyly Carte Opera  Company.  Only Gilbert and Sullivan,  one would have imagined,  could have produced such a  creature bearing such a title.  Had Sir John Ford, High  Commissioner, been a figment  of the minds of Gilbert and  Sullivan he would have taken  an honourable place alongside  Koko the Lord High Executioner or the very model  Major General or the fellow  who polished up the brass to  ease his way to the top of the  British Navy.  But Sir John Ford is not a  creature of light opera. He is a  ranking representative of the  parliament of Great Britain to  this country and if his remarks  to a couple of NDP MP's at  Governor General Schrcyer's  skating party could not have  been better designed to outrage  Canadians and delight Trudeau, then his press conference  a day later put the icing on the  cake.  It has always amazed me  how completely the English can  provide caricatures of themselves but it has been a long  time since such a specimen! as  Sir John Ford came forward  for consideration. I cannot  remember when I last experienced the fresh and instant  anger caused by the tones of  vapid condescension and superiority that such as Sir  John habitually employ. But  the reaction is well-remembered and instantaneous yet  and apparently it is a reaction  shared by many who hear such  utterance as Sir John indulged  in last week. When he replied to  the question as to whether he  had been leaking information  of British opposition he said  that the document under  discussion could not have been  written by an Englishman. In  so doing he not only failed to  answer the question - it is not  necessary to write a document  before you can divulge its  contents   -   but   irritated  all  within media range of his  words.  That such a figure from  England's Imperial past should  appear at just this time in  Canada is better fortune than  the Prime Minister deserves.  Only such as Sir John Ford  could have united a sufficient  number of Canadians behind  Trudeau's repatriation package  to guarantee its success. Now  Trudeau's rhetoric about cutting the umbilical ties of empire  at long last have a flesh and  blood embodiment of all that  was arrogant and insufferable  about the Imperial English to  lend them credibility. The  Prime Minister could not have  asked for more. There he is  taking refuge from problems  that he can't solve in the late  20th Century by addressing  himself to a colonial remnant  of the 19th Century. After  thirteen years of ineptitude in  the management of the affairs  of the nation, Trudeau seeks to  find a place of honour in the  history books as the man who  ended the colonial connection  left over from the hey-day of  the empire.  In the days and weeks to  come, Trudeau will make great  public use of the intervention of  Sir John Ford. Great will be his  public indignation and great  !  rmvifitiiM&8tB��MriilCM&iMmtmm  mwmuat  Love Is More Thicker  Than Forget  love Is more thicker than forget  more thinner than recall  more seldom than a wave Is wet  more frequent than to fall  It Is most mad and moonly  and less it shall unbe  than all ihe sea which only  is deeper than the sea  love Is less always than to win  less never than alive  less bigger than the least begin  less littler than forgive  it Is most sane and sunly  and more It cannot die  than all the sky which only  is higher than the sky  E.E. Cummings  (1940)  aWffiVflMiyiiflWMMittamaW^  No longer  Green with envy*  his private delight. It is incredible good fortune for  Trudeau that just as he is trying  to persuade us to ignore the  dangers and woes of the 20th  Century in favour of a tag-end  left over from the 19th that this  living relic of the 19th Century  should be representing Great  Britain and venting his fatuous  and outdated arrogance in the  capital of Canada.  It may be the boost that the  repatriation program needs to  see it through. There will be a  long and passionate debate in  the House of Commons in  Ottawa. The only time the  Progressive Conservative Party ever manages a united and  passionate front is when they  are sternly debating the distant  past. It lends them a relevance  that otherwise misses them.  After said protracted debate,  with the country bored silly  with the whole business, Trudeau's package will be approved and be sent off to  London. It matters little what  the British parliament does. If  it doesn't pass the bill, Trudeau  will repatriate unilaterally to  great and undeserved applause  and Sir John Ford will deserve  the credit.  Only Gilbert and Sullivan  could do it justice.  by Vem Giesbrecht  Every Wednesday evening at  about 9:45, wheelchairs begin  to appear in the doorway of the  gym where I play volleyball.  The occupants, men in their  20s, 30s and 40s, watch us  crouch and leap and dive for  balls and when we're finished  they wheel out and practise  layups. As I watch them  watching us play, I wonder  what they're thinking and I  marvel at their apparent serenity. Surely they must be  envying our sound legs and  remembering a time when they  too were able to run and jump?  A Grade 12 student in one of  my classes today had full use of  his legs, which was fortunate,  for he lacked arms. He sat on  the floor and gripped his pen  with his toes to write a test on  The Mayor of Casterbridge.  His attitude indicated that his  struggles with self-pity had  basically been resolved and he  was determined to make the  best of his situation.  My excuses for being envious of others have never been  as dramatic as being paralyzed  or lacking some of my limbs  but my battles with envy are of  long standing. Only recently  have 1 achieved any sort of  victory over this deadly foe.  Envy was characterized as  one of the Seven Deadly Sins in  medieval times and today,  several centuries later, millions  of people harbour ill will  toward their apparently more  fortunate fellow men.  Speaking as someone who's  been "green with envy" too  many times, I have some idea of  the misery these envious individuals are experiencing.  There was a time when I  envied just about everyone.  I envied children whose  fathers were alive, I envied  classmates with more money  and nicer clothes, I envied  those who wee self-assured and  popular, I envied the muscular  athletes, the smooth talkers  who didn't blanch at the  prospect of giving a speech in  class...and most of all, I envied  Ed.  I was not alone in my  jealousy of my talented classmate because here was a guy  who had it all���brains, looks,  amazing athlete, ability, popularity, a large and gifted family.  During the 13 years we  attended school together we  were rivals, after a fashion,  particularly in the earlier  grades,  but the rivalry was  laughably one-sided. Only  twice did I get the upper hand;  in Grade 6 when an accident of  geography allowed me to walk  home with the cute girl we both  fancied, and in Grade 7 when I  edged him out for the too  academic award. %  Ironically, it was Ed who  helped me overcome my envy.  Like many of my high school  friends, I had ascribed to Ed  almost magical qualities, considering him gifted in a way the  rest of us could hardly imagine,  but as we grew older I began to  catch glimpses of his ordinariness.  Once when were both working as CN railway porters he  told me how disgusted he was  with certain aspects of his life.  On another occasion he confessed alarm at the quick  passage of time (he had jusf  turned 22). There were setbacks, even failures, in his life,  though for the most part he's  been as successful as we all  thought he would be.  I've gradually come to realize'  what I knew all along but was  too self-centred and immature  to acknowledge, namely that  even the people we envy the  most are beset by many of the  same doubts and fears that we  are.  Sometimes the objects of  envy are worse off than the  folks who envy them, as Edwin  Arlington Robinson illustrated  in his famous poem, "Richard  Cory". Another writer says,  "For every man who sincerely  pities our misfortunes, there  are a thousand who sincerely  hate our success".  I would not presume to say  that I have conquered envy, or,  as Trudeau once boasted abo\it  inflation, "wrestled (it) to the  ground."  Yet it seems that the more  experience I have, the more  people I meet, the less tendency  I have to long for the fortunes  of others or wish myself in their  place.  It's hard enough being one  person without wasting energy  trying to be two so I'm much  better off being myself. Besides  I've never had anyone offer to  change places with me. I'd  probably refuse anyway, knowing how long it's taken me (o  get acquainted with myself. So,  if you've been envious of my  charm and talent and good  forturn and have entertained  notions of being me, I'll have rp  disappoint you. As the song  says, 'Tve Got To Be Me." '���:  ' ��� -    ---" *^*w*pwmi��nmpp  MHWMW��*MVV9V*aVl  Well Captain. . . we may have gotten through the Greenpeace blockade, but  we'll never get through that crap coming out of Cape Lazo!  tetters to the Editor  Influx of the money makers  Editor:  There is an influx of a new  species in Gibsons and area.  They are the "money  makers". I like to see change  and progress, but when it gets  to the point of greed, I feel  angry.  Our house prices and land  costs are being raised to the  level of Vancouver prices. The  majority of people who live  here didn't make this change.  And now one of the oldest  Congratulations, Shirley  Editor:  ' I would like to thank Shirley  Vader for selflessly taking the  right course of action in the  Pender Pool dispute, instead  of taking the easy way out.  It is unfortunate that the  powers that be are in Sechelt  and Gibsons and the Upper  Peninsula is always expected  to take second place.  Yours sincerely,  Ian Vaughan,  Egmont, B.C.  and most interesting houses  the "Marine House" is being  sold for "a townhouse site".  Does anybody cue whether  this house stays here as a  reminder of the time when  care and love was poured into  the building of a house?  The money makers don't  care. They just want more and  more.  It's here now and everywhere in Canada. The rich get  richer and the poor get poorer.  June Boe  Box 1212  Gibsons  White Rock  remembers  Editor:  Hundreds of former students  of White Rock's Sem'iahmoo  Senior Secondary School will  return on the May I Sth weekend to share tales of their past  and to see who has gained most  weight, lost most hair and  raised most children.  The 40th anniversary of the  school will be marked by  classroom displays of photographs that will refresh fading  memories. Former students  and teachers will be able to  participate in a host of activities that are now being planned.  The staff and students would  appreciate help from graduates  in bringing current addresses  uptodate. If you are a graduate  or former student please send  the school your current address. The school's address is  1273 Fir Street, White Rock,  B.C. V4B 5A6.  Don't forget an old friend's  Birthday party!  Weight  watchers  object  Editor:  It has been brought to our  attention that proposed cutbacks of money allotted  to the upkeep of the Pender  Harbour and District Pool  could result in the cancellation  of certain programs.  As members of a weight  control and body fitness  organization we are especially  concerned. The exercise and  swim program is of vital  importance to our members.  It has been with great pride  that we have welcomed the  addition of the pool to our  community and it would be a  pity to see programs curtailed  rather than expanded.  Yours very truly,  The members of Branch #26  Western Weight Controllers  Madeira Park, B.C.  Coast News, February 10,1981  (D\ SUNSHINE  XJy KITCHENS  FINE CABINETS  866-9411 Gibsons  To arms, to arms  Editor:  To arms, man Ihe barricades! A rccenl news iiem  slated thai it is intended that  night lighting be installed for  tKe Sunshine Coast airport,  flits will mean that there will be  2f hour flying, not only by local  residents but by flying schools  and clubs using it as a practice  field for the night flying part of  the pilot training.  I favour keeping the airport  for day flying only. Could we  hear from others? Would you  consider an editorial comment?  Yours truly,  L.R. Pearson  Hydro says 'libel*  Editor:  'Your editorial of 13 January  "Our Provincial Frankenstein"  seems to infer condemnation of  B.C. Hydro for acting according to the law with respect to its  application of herbicides.  With respect to your com  ments on the engineers I point  out to you that the reference is  not justified and I suggest that  in your writings you have  regard for the law on libel.  Yours sincerely,  Charles W. Nash  St. Mary's windows  ' St. Mary's Hospital Board  gf Trustees awarded on 2nd of  February. 1981, a contract to  Great Northwest Insulation  Lj'd. of 10496 ��� 135th Street.  Surrey, for the provision and  installation of metal framed  storm windows to be installed  on   all   patient   care   ward  windows.  The Board of Trustees  wishes to advise the community that by installing these  storm windows the drafts  that arc occurring in the  wards will be eliminated.  Candies, Nuls and MhcrTitala.  Fine Selection of  Hand-Dipped  Chocolate*  for your  Valentine Sweetheart  Prices range from  504 to the Fantastic $119.95  Come in Early and Order Your  Old-Fashioned Lac* Boxes!  Hours:  - Sat., 11 am -  Gibsons Landing  886-7522  A SPECIAL GIFT  FOR YOUR     >-!  VALENTINE  *za*  aa&cv  r~  25% Off v  Lingerie  Helen's Fashion Shoppe  Lower Gibsons   886-9941  by Jim Ansell  More Optional Coverages  Specified Perils  This coverage is basically  the same as Comprehensive,  except the Glass Breakage  and Vandalism perils are  excluded. The main coverages provided are Fire &  Theft.  Loss of Use Endorsement  This endorsement provides coverage for a rental  vehicle in the event yours is  rendered inoperable in a  collision. The daily and  maximum limits of coverage  vary according to the premium paid.  Special Equipment Endorsement  Many items which you  consider to be part of your  vehicle are not automatically covered under Autoplan. The Special Equipment Endorsement is designed to insure these items  which can include winches,  some stereo systems, CB  radios, campers, canopies,  .and special paint jobs etc.  Owners of custom vans  should ensure that the  interiors of their vans are  covered adequately.  Next   Week:   Even   more  optional coverages.  SUNSHINE COAST INSURANCE AGENCIES LTD.  Box 375, Cowrie Street  Credit Union Building  885-2291 Sechelt, B.C. VON 3AO ADV.T  ^SF SuperAfolu  SUNNYCREST CENTRE  Better���You Bet  100% Locally Owned & Operated  Quality Meats  Prieos EtfacMva: Tum. - Sal Fab. 10th - 14th  FRESH WHOLE GRADE   f\  frying chicken.......................... *1.19  CANADA GRADE   A BEEF   rillTiP   Of  outside round roast...........12.89  NEW ZEALAND - FROZEN  lamb shoulder chops. $1.69  WILTSHIRE  beef sausage ���. $4.99  ground beef . $1.99  California  Fresh Produce  bunch spinach ������ 39  California 711, $4    VIO      ""*" ��|��i��.vh *��  v��F  navel oranges.. .1*1".w  BC Grown ��� ;" '' Mm^ 10-|iU CaHfotnta    w.   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Practically everyone has at  least one double or near-  double wandering the world  somewhere. I am not talking  of twins or siblings but of  quite unrelated people who  spring into being as though  struck from the same genetic  mould. Unless you are a  celebrity holding a look-alike  contest, you will probably  never gel to meet these echoes  of your own image. You will  pursue your separate lives  quite differently, each of you  oblivious to the other's existence. And this is likely  just as well. The too-close  proximity of someone who  looks like your reflection  can lead, at the very least, to  considerable confusion. (The  plot of many a melodrama and  slapstick comedy will bear  witness to this). In extreme  cases, it can land you in a lot  of downright trouble.  I am about eighteen when I  have the first inklings of my  doppclganger's existence. It is  in the Belle Bar Cafe, our newfound hangout on the skid-  road's fringe, where pop-  tunes blare constantly and  many of the street-gangs hold  court. We are new to the place  then and  not yet  accepted.  Some of the young hoods eyed  us with disdain or distrust.  Then, one day, a guy walks in,  comes right over to our booth  and starts talking to me as  though he knew me. Since I  have never seen him before in  my life, I am somewhat disconcerted. Is he some sort of  wiseguy trying to set us up for  a beef? You never know in this  place. I gaze at him blankly.  Suddenly, he stops, looks confused, mutters something  about "dead ringer" and  beetles embarrassedly out  of the cafe.  I wouldn't have given it  another thought (Hell, anyone  can make a mistake) but a few  weeks later, it happens again.  This time it is in a beer-  parlour in the same quarter of  town. And this time, it is a  woman - a hard-as-nails  lady of thirty-five or so, with  a lot of make-up and' a mean  look. She barges right into the  segregated Men's side before  the waiters can stop her  and assails me. "All right, yeu  little bastard!" she spits.  "What the hell have you done  with that money?"  Of course, I have never laid  eyes on her before either and  don't have the vaguest idea  what she is talking about.  The situation is more than  merely embarrassing. Neither  myself nor my friends are of  legal drinking age and the last  thing we want is any attention  directed to the fact. But now,  f��  i  <&  Friday  Dinner Special  Cabbage Rolls   u--  wlth Wild Rice  & Cheesecake  vTesecheilU3,e'        Beiervatlon* Advised  Gibsons Legion Branch "109  l Presents  ���U. "Different  Stokes" A  Fri. & Sat. *  February 13th & 14th  Members & Guests Only  EVENINGS  Wad. Ftb. 11th Show Sltrtt at 7:10 out at 9:00 '  Thurs Feb 12th Show Starts al 7 I0outat9:00  Fri. Fib. 13th Show Sum at 8:00 out it 7:50  Fn Feb. 13th 2nd Show Starts at 8 00 out at 10  Sit. Feb. 14th Mitlnee Only at 2 pm.  Note No Evening Performance ol the  "The Aristocats" Sat 14th  Sat. 14th Evenings at 8 pm.  (MATUtQ      *l>�� Sun. - Mon. - Tu.s. Feb. 15 ��� 16 ��� 17.18pm  ^^"���^^^       Warning: May duturb young children B C ClSllltiad  Please phone lor show times 886-?827.  all eyes are upon us. Whoever  the woman thinks I am,  she is patently angry enough  to commit mayhem. 1 swear I  am going to get my eyes  clawed out at the very least.  Thankfully, one of the waiters  collars her. "Okay, lady, just  calm down. We don't want  any trouble in here. You got  any problems with this guy,  you'd better go settle them  somewhere else."  He ushers her towards the  door, still mouthing imprecations against whomever she  supposes me to be. We take  advantage of the diversion to  hustle out the side exit.  Later, we ascribe it to the fact  that she must have been  drunk or on pills.  Two such incidents in a row  is a bit odd, but they could  easily have been coincidence.  I certainly don't lose any  sleep over them. The third  time, however, is a different  matter that really pulls me up  short.  Strides or draped pants  are the going teenage uniform  in these times. We generally  get them tailored at a place  called On Wo's on Pender  Street. I have just picked up a  new pair and am heading up  Hastings for the bus-stop with  the package under my arm. A  black, unmarked car slides up  to the curb beside me. "Hey  you," barks a voice, "Onion  over here I"  I look around to see if he is  talking to someone else but  there is nobody within range  except a wispy, oblivious old  Chinaman snuffling wanly  along. "You punkl I mean  you I Better get your keister  over here!" The voice means  business.  I walk numbly over to the  black sedan. What the hell do  they want with me? They are  obviously plainclothes cops  but I haven't broken any  laws that I can think of. I  haven't even been drinking.  There are two of them: one,  hawk-nosed and hulking; the  other, fleshy and blonde with  hard, blue eyes. "Get in the  back seat," orders hawk-nose.  "We're going to have a little  talk."  I climb in, knowing enough  not to try arguing with cops.  Blue-eyes throws the idling  oap in gear, roars up the  nearest alley and parks again.  "All right," says hawk-nose.  "What the hell you got in that  package?"  "Just some pants from the  tailors. They're paid for."  "I'll bloody bet!" sneers  blue-eyes. "We got reports  that you've been boosting  around this street for weeks.  Must be pretty strung-out.  How many caps a day you  cranking?"  I have knocked around the  skidroad long enough to get  his drift. "Hey, look, I don't  mess around with that stuff.  That'stheGod'struth."  "Bullshit!" declares hawk-  nose. "You're the same punk  we've been hearing about.  Let's shake him down, Max  and see if he's holding. Okay  you,out of the car."  Hawk-nose frisks me roughly and thoroughly, even  making me take off my shoes  and socks. He is obviously a  man who enjoys his work. I  am, quite frankly, scared  spitless. The corruption-riddled police-force of this period  is not known for kid-glove  treatment of suspects. But I  am also clean as a whistle  and he comes up empty-  handed. "Okay, punk," he  growls frustratedly, "let's see  those arms."  I roll up my sleeves and he  studies my virginal veins in  perplexity. "By Christ, he  don't seem to have any  tracks. Maybe he ain't the  same guy after all."  They confer briefly on the  other side of the car. "Okav,  you can take off," says  blue-eyed Max without apology. "And if I were you,  I'd stay the hell out of this  part of town from now on."  I take his advice quite  literally for a couple of  months. Who needs this sort  of embarrassing and unwarranted harassment?  It is becoming increasingly  apparent that someone who  looks enough like me to  change places is actively  stirring up heat around the  east end. I know nothing  about him beyond the fact that  he is evidently a junkie and a  thief, but he certainly must  exist. I can only hope that he  either cleans up his act or  leaves town. In the meantime,  I resolve to avoid his apparent  haunts as much as possible.  But my doppelganger throws a  long shadow.  To be continued,..  Fellini film at  Pender Harbour  Quality adult films have  come to the Harbour. The  Pender Harbour Film Series  meets every second Thursday  at Madeira Park Gym at 7:30  p.m.  February   19 brings the  Glbaona Public  library  Tuesday 2 - 4 pm  Wednesday 2 - 4 pm  Thursday 2-4 & 7-9 pm  Saturday 2 - 4 pm  886-2130  Peninsula Hotel  Restaurant  Saturday  Family  9?  rant    A  Feb. 14th,  4 pm. - 9 pm.  T-Bone Steak *7.����  Children's Meal ��3.M  (For those under 10)  Happy Birthday  Elizabeth!  Anthony Hopkins stars in the Victorian drama "The Elephant  Man".  At the Twilight  A Walt Disney classic for the  whole family and a poignant  period piece from Victorian  England are on display at the  Twilight Theatre this week.  Disney's Aristocats on view  Wednesday to Saturday.  February 11-14, has unusual  show times which should be  noted. So that you can take the  kids out to the movies and have  them home by bedtime The  Aristocats will be shown on  Wednesday and Thursday  starting at 7:10 p.m. with the  show over at 9:00 p.m. Friday  evening there are two  screenings: at 6:00 p.m. and at  8:00 p.m. Saturday matinee  showing will be at 2:00 p.m.  There is no Saturday evening  showing of the film.  Saturday through Tuesday,  the film on view will be The  Elephant Man. The story of the  sensitive and intelligent man in  the body of greatly distorted  sideshow freak has been made  with close attention to the  period details. The acting of  John Hurt as The Elephant  Man and Anthony Hopkins as  the doctor who rescues him  from the freak show is of the  highest order. The Elephant  Man will be shown Saturday  evening and each evening till  Tuesday, February 17, at the  same time.  opportunity to view I Vitel-  loni/The Layabouts, directed  by Frederico Fellini, Italy 1953.  Considered to be Fellini's  finest film, it presents in a  manner, at the same time  "bitter, sorrowful, thoughtful,  beneath a light-hearted surface", the struggle of young  men to choose to leave home  and accept risk, or to stay  where opportunities are limited.  The same series of films is  being shown Wednesday evenings at 1:00 p.m. at the  Sunshine Coast Arts Centre in  Sechelt.  Entertainment scene  Garden Bay Hotel  Art & Jim, Fri. & Sat.  Jolly Roger Inn Reg Dickson, Fri. & Sat.  Wakefield Inn Stephen Hubert  Cafe Pierrot Clarke Steabner, Fri. only  Parthenon   Helen Sinclair, Fri. only  Sechelt Legion  Mainstream, Fri. & Sat  Peninsula Hotel   Vise Rays, Fri. & Sat.  Gibsons Legion Different Strokes. Fri. & Sat.  ��� Courtesy Horizon Music  Channel Ten  CHANNEL TEN GIBSONS a swim meet with Pender  SFriE?&h!5S% t���        Harbour swim club last  SECHELT CHANNEL TEN Mond    Febr       2 Tom  Thursday, February 12 sh(.,don and chris Turner  6:00 pm. "Sechelt 1956" introduce the swim meet  Produced and hosted by wi,h  host  Donard  Mac  Vene Parnell. This pro- Kenzie. This is Coast Ten's  gram   features   Florence first swim meet- Produc-  Clayton, Morgan Thomp- tlon ,aPed on location at  son,  Faith Wallace and ,he Gibsons Aquatic Cen-  Ted   Osborne   and   was tre-  taped   at   the   Sunshine .,���          ������ .,    ���  Coast Arts Centre. 7;3�� P". "Hahle Gerow in  Concert  6:30 pm. "Volunteer Forum"  Taped at Chatelech Secon- Coasl  Ten  visi,ed  lne  dary School, featuring Sunshine Coast Arts Cen-  local community groups ,re's Coffee Concert Ja-  and displays of the local nuary 31> l981' This con-  clubs and organizations. cert featured Hahle Gerow  Hosted by Donard Mac and Carolyn Carlton. The  Kenzie and Betty Wilson. son8s   were   wri"en   ���*  Hahle and represent truly  7:00 pm. "Pender-Gibsons West Coast music. Join us  Swim Meet" for  one  hour of enter-  Gibsons Swim Club hosted tainment.  Family films  The third evening in this series face of 20th century influence.  is on Friday, February 13. The  feature is Bushmen of the Two shorts are on the pro-  Kalahari, a study of the Bere gramme as well. Showtime is  people in the Kalahari desert 7:30 p.m. in the Roberts Creek  who have maintained many of Elementary library. Children  their stone age traditions in the 30�� Adulti $1.50.   tlieCiirlWho  Ran Out oi>[i(jlit  ��� by Douglas Lloyd Mclntosfi  Lonely, misused, ashamed JA desperate runaway reached  ��� hv the Love of God  VLASSIFIEDADS  ���^sm  Ellinfsham 's  x   Astrology  t*��*******<***AJ  by Rae EUlngham  Week commencing February 9  General Notes: Astrological  conditions are similar to those  of last week. Mercury and  Mars remain in close contact  tempting more rash statements and decisions. Mercury  also turns retrograde (appears  to move backwards) which  often coincides with delays in  short-distance communications, including bus travel and  mail deliveries.  Rebellious Uranus spends  its last few days in Scorpio  (after a seven-year stay) and  prepares to enter Sagittarius.  A disruptive Full Moon  approaches and is likely to  have a strong impact on the  lives of persons born February  19, May 21. August 23 and  November 23.  ARIES (March 21-April  19)  There's vicious back-biting  gossip behind the scenes and  you're the topic of conversation. Seems lonely person  you've ignored now seeks  revenge. Visit this person and  offer explanation before more  rumours spread. Association  with local group continues to  bring contentment and chance  of lasting partnership. Your  concern over someone else's  finances ends soon.  TAURUS (April 20-May 20)  Anticipate an argument  with your best friend or  regular acquaintance. Looks  like your emotional viewpoints  are no longer welcome at  group meetings. Stay clear of  local officials with the power  to squelch your latest long-  range plans. Continued involvement with superior  brings best work-scene opportunities ever. At last loved one  is more reliable and seems  ready to settle down.  GEMINI  (May  21-June  21)  Your recent achievements  are now subject to unfair  criticism. Colleagues seem  envious of your slick style and  rapid rate of advancement.  Avoid confrontation with superior less intelligent than  yourself. Long-distance message confirms success of  speculative or artistic venture.  Unpredictable health upset  begins to fade. May 25  Geminis face further accusations.  CANCER (June 22-July 22)  Anticipate heated discussion over philosophical or  educational differences. You  are now ready to test theories  of instructor or self-proclaimed expert. Insolent Cancer students may be asked to  leave class. It's another  favourable time to request  funds for home improvement  project or risky real-estate  promotion. Child in your life  soon becomes less disruptive,  more manageable.  LEO(July23-Aug22)  Expect continued mix-ups  over other people's possessions or cash transactions.  There'll be a hasty letter or  phone call to person in charge  of your mortgage, insurance  or tax matters. Meanwhile  conversations with loved one  or business partner prove  optimistic and reassuring.  Prepare to enjoy a more stable  home-base during the next  few years.  VIRGO   (Aug   23-Sept   22)  Relations with close associates become temporarily strained. You'll quibble over  routines and arrangements  which repeatedly back-fire.  Realize work-scene can only  ���**������**���������* ali  become more agreeable as the;  month progresses. On-the-job  romance is also a link to much-  needed funds. Dealings with  neighbour soon become  more predictable. Aug. 23-24  Virgos should brace themselves for next week's disruptive Full Moon influence.  LIBRA (Sept 23-Oct 23)  Health or employment matters arc subject to annoyances  and delays. Refuse to be  blamed for co-worker's rushed  assignment. Avoid argument  with lippy nurse or doctor's  assistant. Continue to protect  hands and feet against burns,  sharp instruments. Social  scene is happiest yet; especially for Librans born  Sept. 29-Oct. 7. Financial  outlook appears more settled.  SCORPIO (Oct 24-Nov 22)  Social activities, pleasures  and pastimes are spoiled by  petty arguments and poor  timing. Looks like you'll blurt  out some intimate details  during group get-together.  Domestic contentment is restored thanks to quick-thinking  action of solitary acquaintance. Rebellious Uranus prepares lo leave your sign  promising stabler conditions  for   the   next  seven  years.  SAGITTARIUS   (Nov    23    -  Dec 21)  There are upsets and  disagreements where you live.  Household members have  more to complain about than  usual. Escape tension in the  home with prolonged local  trips and visits. Letters and  phone calls continue to announce arrival of new friends  or chance of romance. Chronic  ailment may now clear up  unexpectedly. Sagittarians  born Nov. 25-30 should avoid  commitments linked to real  estate or rental agreements.  CAPRICORN (Dec 22-Jan 19)  Short-distance communications become irritating. Prepare to receive abusive letters  or phone calls. Long-awaited  correspondence fails to arrive.  Delays may be linked to  poorly-maintained vehicles.  Accept gracefully boss's suri  prise gift or invitation to swish  night-spot. Looks like it's time  to say good-bye to rebellious  but well-meaning group of  acquaintances.  AQUARIUS (Jan 20-Feb 18)  Financial transactions bring  harsh words and misunderstandings. Have patience with  snappy bank tellers and other  assistants handling your cash.  Postpone purchase of small  machine or sharp instruments  till next week. Venus bestows  extra charm and better fortune on Aquarians bom  Jan. 29-31. Career-related  disruptions   become   fewer.  PISCES (Feb 19-Mar 20)  Mercury retrograde in your  sign coincides with poor  memory, false starts, forgotten appointments and misplaced correspondence. Pisces  persons born Feb. 22-24 lose  tickets, tools, keys and small  personal items. Recent secret  association now yields small  cash dividends. Your unusual  philosophical outlook now  becomes    more   traditional.  Chimney  Cleaning  & Maintenance  Phone 886-8187  CLOSED FOR  RENOVATIONS  "Sorry for the inconvenience  but you'll love the results!"  "Seem oi tela fymfodu mm to Ik Ctdw"  886-9815 Cedar Plaza, Gibsons    (  F afgg; gg 5*7. -        -"Ogly  ft  m  jL*.  ^  /  aa^A.  - - -  a(aM<aMatJ  MateakMaUaMIMli^    - -  - -^J mmmmm  ;A Book of the Dead  Off the  shelf  by John Moore  I was trying to think of a  book to review for Valentine's  Day, but to be honest, what I've  been dipping into Ihis week is a  light-hearted little tome called  the Twentieth Century Book of  the Dead, by Gil Elliott,  (Penguin Books. 1972).  Mosl "books of the dead",  like the Tibetan Book or the  Dead, arc designed lo prepare  the reader to face death and the  afterlife with equanimity and a  measure of joy. Not so the  twentieth Century Book of the  Dead.  ;' Elliot is specifically concerned with the phenomenon of  violent mass public death on a  scale only recently achieved by  our species. Violent public  death wasn't invented by  modern man, of course, but in  the 20th century, technology  developed solely for the purpose of inflicting mass death  has made Caesar's wholesale  slaughter of recalcitrant tribes,  ihe horrors of the Inquisition,  the excesses of the French  revolution and the whole of  several million years of human  violence look like a Sunday  outing.  . Elliot points out that in Ihe  past, mass public death was  incidental to vaguer concepts  such as "victory", "glory", even  "conquest". Weapons of war  were designed to achieve  strategic supremacy over other  weapons or armies and the  death of civilians was an  incidental, secondary consequence.  In the 20th century, ihe  murder of soldiers became the  murder of whole populations  and of nations, with technology  in, the van, changing the  equation so radically that now  "victory" as an idea has been  replaced by virtual extinction.  Elliot's book is an attempt lo  chart the change and to introduce some human perspective into mass violent  death, to examine the idea of  individual violent death and lo  analyze what happens to that  idea when it is suddenly  multiplied by a factor of  millions.  -The book is divided into  three parts: "Sketches: People  in Ihe Machines of Death".  "Analyses: Parts of the Machine", "Values: Negative and  Positive". It gets off to a bad  start. The "sketches" of individual deaths in particular  conflicts during this century  read like what they are, fictionalized obituaries meant to  be at once individual and  "typical" of a specific time and  place.  '.Unfortunately, by attempt-'  ing to be typical, to portray the  death of -an "Everyman" in  certain circumstances, the  sketches become a sequence of  somewhat over-written movie  death scenes, followed by  Elliot's attempt to relate the  individual death to the statistics of the overall conflict.  The attempt fails in part  because, as a script-writer,  Elliot is a hack, but even the  mass of statistics, which enumerate the varieties and circumstances of deaths, never,  become any more meaningful  "i-THE-  IpriU,  Jhoppe  m a ^ *  |Kf SPECIAL TO  WFOR YOUR g  5*'VALENTINE  Drop in  ;*5�� and see what we ��*j  fhave marked at xgl!  10% - 50% H  1.SAVINGS.1  WJan. 28 to Feb. 14 M  than "body counts" from the  war in Vietnam.  Elliot is a statistician who  has worked in business and  market research. His statistics  are impressive, but they no  more express the true horror of  mass violent death in this  century than a IS minute  documentary captures the  reality of the Na/i death-  camps.  The second part of the book,  the "analyses", is a more interesting and thought provoking philosophical look al  mass violence, at science, myth,  morality and religion. It is by  no means a complete and  thorough treatment of the  subject, but it is a significant  step down a path we arc all  obliged, to some extent, to  follow.  Elliot points out in his  introduction that the single  most significant characteristic  of the history of this century  will very likely be mass death,  public and violent, on an  unprecedented scale. He argues  simply that if we are to come to  any understanding of ourselves  and the times in which we live,  we can hardly ignore this single  largest variable in the equation.  You can pick up the Twentieth Century Book of the Dead  for $1.65. Don't read it when  you're depressed and if you're  looking for something to read  on Valentine's Day go for John  Donne. William Shakespeare,  Elizabeth Barrett Browning or  the Song of Solomon. All for  now.  Coast News, February 10,1981  At the Arts Centre  Jaqueline Murray's bronze sculpture "Warrior". Murray's work will be on display at the Sunshine  Coast Arts Centre, along with the watercolours of Galiano Island artist Shari Street, from February  17 to March 8.  Sculpture and watercolours  "A Gallery o/ Kitchen Gadgets & Accessories"  WTCHEM  GflRMVflL  Handmade  Wine Glaaaea  "Chateau  Reg. HO.98 ea.  Valentine Special  atoms."  Upcoming at the Sunshine  Coast Arts Centre in Sechelt,  Feb. 17 - March 8, will be a  showing of artwork by two  women, Jaqueline Murray and  Shari Street. Both are primarily dealing with form and  both manage to easily relate to  the viewer.  Jaqueline Murray presently  hails from Vancouver, though  she is familiar with the Sunshine Coast, having lived in our  area for some time. She now  works out of the Emily Carr  College of Art with its excellent  facilities for bronze and marble  sculpture, which has proved  most conducive to the ideas she  wishes to carry out.  Both bronze and marble arc  very heavy materials but Jaqueline endows them with  qualities and characatcr not  common to their consistency.  One of her most effecative  pieces is what looks to be a  slightly deflated vinyl inner-  tube. One has to actually touch  the piece lo be convinced that it  is not vinyl and not full of air.  that in fact it is a solid piece of  marble weighing close to five  hundred pounds. It is this play  of character with consistency,  plus an often surprising sense  of balance which gives much  appeal to her work.  Jaqueline studied art and  sculpture at a number of B.C.  schools and worked for two  years with sculptor, Prudence  Leach. She has been exhibiting  in Vancouver since 1976 including Presentation House,  Helen Pitt.Gallery and most  recently with the B.C. Society  of Sculptors exhibition at  Robson Square, where she was  singled out for her originality.  Shari Street has lived on  Galiano Island for ten years  working and exhibiting as a  colour photographer and fine  woodworker. In recent years,  energies have gone into her  sensitive watercolour paintings.  Composition and handling  of colour arc her most im-i  portant considerations. We are  presenled with flowing, somewhat abstract images, yet the  forms arc easily recognizable to  us, ones which are involved  with our everyday life on the  coast. Colours arc a delicate  and subdued blending of tones  selected from a palette of seven  colours.  Shari's education is extensive, having been received in  Canada, USA and Europe. In  the last year, she has exhibited  all across the province including the Paperworks Gallery  and Rembrandt Gallery in  Vancouver, Prince George Art  Gallery and Worthington Art  Gallery in Nelson.  Opening night is Monday  February 16, 8-10 pm. and  everyone is welcome to meet  the artists and join others  interested or just curious.  Refreshments are served. This  exhibit is usre to please and  continues to March 8.  Suncoast Players to  sponsor drama students  Subsequent to the recent  success of Suncoast Players'  presentation of "Arsenic &  Old Lace", the Society's  Executive decided unanimously to sponsor at least two  Coast students at the Capilano  College acting course being  conducted in Sechelt by Dana  Still.  Both Pender Secondary and  Elphinstone schools were canvassed. The sole candidate  from Pender, recommended  by teacher Joe Harrison, was  unable to find transportation  to and from the one-night-a-  week course.  Two students  from Elphinstone, Donard  MacKenzie and Brian Beard,  both recommended by drama  teacher Judith Wilson, accepted the honour. Both  live in the south end of the  Sunshine Coast.  The course will last 15  weeks, taking students  through a compressed curriculum from first basics to onstage presentation. It is being  held Wednesday evenings,  7:00 p.m. through 10:00 p.m.  at the Capilano, , College  Centre. 15 students have enrolled to date. The fee is  $60 per student.  John Lennon and  The Beatles Forever  - The Man, His Music, The Tragedy  Strawberry Fields Forever  John Lennon Remembered  Both in Paperback  Cowrie St.       Sechelt       08S ZSZ7  The  SECHELT DENTAL CENTRE  welcomes  DR. TED ESPLEY  in joining  DRS. LORNE BERMAN and DAN KINGSBURY  For the practice ol General Dentistry  Appointments: 885-3244  Bank ol Monlreal Bldy. - Upstairs  Hours: From 8 am., Mon. - Sat.  RBPBgohsrore  Fine Books  See our ad  on the Community  Page 6   BUILDERS!  If you're looking (or windows, patio doors or skylites-  Look No Further  Permaseal can provide you with locally manufactured window  products which are high in quality and low in price.  Direct factory dealing means big savings and excellent service.  ��� Wooden Windows  Available by  Special Order.  Permaseal  Aluminum Mfg. Ltd.  Field Rd., Wilson Crook  M5-3S38  PEOPLE GOME FIRST AT  PRICES EFFECTIVE: WED. FEB. 11 - SAT. FEB. 14  1ER  nannruT  M,M,U' ����     MM  CRABMEAT l*m $1.89  Sea Haul  CRAI  Hills Bros. .  COFFEE lib *2.99  Regular or Drip  Sun Hype - Blue Label  APPLE JUICE um 79'  H,r,,0,d *A    A A  CORNED BEEF u�� $2.29  COOKIES 4oo.m4.49  Coconut, Oatmeal, Shortcake, Granola  Kr,,t �����   A A  MAYONNAISE wom. $1.29  Martin's - Australian  SULTANA RAISINS .�� 4.49  Alpha - Unpasteurized  CREAMED HONEY 907,��� $2.49  Philadelphia  CREAMED CHEESE ��o,m 4.19  PEPSI COLA &  DIET PEPSI 750m. 6/$3.59  Plut Deposit  Hover /mm��  DOG FOOD 2550: 2/89*  Psmper /mm*  CAT FOOD eoz 2/69*  Gaines _  DOG MEAL 8**7.49  LIQUID BLEACH u��. $1.09  I.G.A.-Blue  POWDERED DETERGENTeutre $2.99  Gl,d ��.     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The Koyal Canadian Legion  Br. 112 Hall is where all  Ihe music and fun will be on  Valentine's Night, February  14th. The Dance is from  9 to I a.m. and Russ Clark and  his Sunshine Ramblers plan  to keep you on the floor.  Contests, prizes and a real  good time for admission price  of $3. There will also be  refreshments. Tickets on sale  at the Madeira Park Pharmacy, Legion, Bank of Montreal and from Committee  members.  Pender Harbour and Egmont  District Chamber of Commerce.  The Pender Harbour Chamber of Commerce is hoping  more people will sign up for  the Defensive Driving Course  they are willing to put on, but  still cannot go ahead on the  course until more folks are  interested in it. For those  newcomers who do not know  these roads around here, it  would be the ideal thing  and worth the $25 cost for  eight hours. If more information is needed please write  the Chamber or phone Roy  Mansfield 883-9069.  45th Wedding Anniversary.  Art and Millie Bishop celebrated their 45th wedding  anniversary January 25. They  were married in Vancouver,  B.C., spent six and a half  years on Nelson Island, have  become addicted to Pender  Harbour and love meeting  folks at the Friday night  sessions of the Sing-a-Long at  Garden Bay Pub. Jim Morris  couldn't find his voice a few  weeks ago but Art made up  for it by playing a Vibra Harp  and with the guitar music it  was lovely to listen to. Remember they are there every  Friday night.  ' St. Andrew's Church.  A basement sale will be  held in St. Andrew's Church  Hall on February 14th from 10  a.m. to 2 p.m. with proceeds  going to the church building  fund. Items, of which many  are new, include macrame  cord, stereo equipment, bedroom suite, clothing, books,  kitchen equipment et cetera.  You will nol be disappointed  so do have a look and support  your local groups.  Meat Draw.  The regular M'eat Draw  every Saturday afternoon at  the Royal Canadian Legion Br.  112 is, Early Bird 2 p.m.,  Regular at 3 p.m. If anyone  has questions about how the  draw is being run, please  contact Mickey Carlton 883-  9203. He is new at this and  aims   to   please   everyone.  Art Centre  Calendar  Please note that the evening with Peter Trower has been  postponed to Saturday March 7, 8:30 pm.  To February 15 - Sechelt 1956 - The 25th Anniversary Show  A fun and fascinating exhibit commemorating Sechelt's  25th Anniversary as a village. Focus is on events and  influences in its first year - 1956.  February 17 - March 8 - Jaqueline Murray - Bronze &  Marble Sculpture - Shari Street ��� Watercolours  From  Vancouver and Galiano Island come playful  sculptures and delicate watercolours. All are welcome to  attend the opening night Monday Feb. 16, 8 - 10 pm.  Wednesday February 18 ��� Film -1 Vitelloni - Italy 1953  Directed by Federico Fellini. A nostalgic, yet critical  evocation of Fellini's youth in a small provincial town.  Considered by many to be his finest film. Arts Centre, 8 pm.  $2.50/51.25 students and O.A.P.  PENDER HARBOUR  REALTY LTD.  883-2794  Your Autoplan  Agent  Halfmoon Bay  to Egmont  John Hrccii  N8.I-W8  ��� lot U I Icrmon  S8.1-27.1.',  To better meet the needs of our community, the  |�� ROYAL BANK  in Gibsons is pleased to announce  EXTENDED BANKING HOURS  EFFECTIVE FEBRUARY 16TH  -  Our New Hours of Business will be:  Monday to  Wednesday 10 am.  Thursday    10 am.  Friday        10 am.  i  to 4 pm.  to 5 pm.  to 6 pm,  ROYAL BAN K ��  Sunnycrest Mall,  Gibsons, B.C. Phone: 886-2201  Sechelt Council held their first meeting in their new, enlarged Council Chamber on Wedneiday,  February 4. The new building should be finished just in time for the observation of Sechelt's 25th  Anniversary.  Roberts (  Kraus steps down as Chief  by Jennie Norton 886-9609  Glen Kraus is stepping down  after twelve years as Chief of  the Roberts Creek Volunteer  Fire Department and Dennis  Mulligan is talcing over the  position. It'll be a tough act to  follow, particularly after a  year's reign as Mr. Roberts  Creek. How about it, Dennis?  In Memoriam  A painting of dogwoods by  Roberts Creek artist Kay Wells  was presented to St. Mary's  Hospital last Wednesday in  memory of Gwen Hicks by  members of New Horizons and  her friends on the Sunshine  Coast. Mrs. Hicks was a  longtime resident of Metcalfe  Road and an active member of  the community until sufferinga  stroke last summer and her  death in November.  Be My Valentine  Valentine's Day at the Legion this Saturday promises an  evening of "hearty" entertainment. A few unsuspecting  "volunteers" have been recruited for the kissing booth  but not doubt it will prove so  popular that everybody will  want to get in on the act. Cupid  is scheduled to make a gucsl  appearance and you might be  able to wangle a lace garter  from a sexy young lady (for a  small price, of course).  Steve Hubert and Lome  Jones will be providing live  music. Lome will also be there  on Friday night.  Lions Dance  Tickets for the Roberts  Creek Lions Valentine's dinner  and dance this Saturday at the  Community Hall are available  from Lions members. They're  $15 per couple, and $10 for  singles. Dinner's at 8.  Friday Film Night  This week's features at the  Friday film series at the School  are "Bushmen of the Kalahari",  "Sand Castle", and "180 is  Max", the last about model  airplaning. The show starts at  7:30 pm. in the library. Children are 50c, adults $1.50.  Meeting Next Week  A reminder that next Wednesday, February 18, is the  monthly Community Association meeting. The meeting  starts at 8 at the Community  Hall.  Fat Choy  Last Thursday marked the  beginning of the year of the  rooster and the year 4679 on  the Chinese calendar but it's  not too late to wish you a  Happy New Year���the Chinese  celebrate for a month. And  you're not supposed to wash  you hair all that time so you  don't wash away all the good  luck. Gung hay fat choy (good  luck!).  Meals on wheels  Can you spare a couple of  hours once a week as a  volunteer driver for Meals  on Wheels and help get this  new venture off the ground?  It's not so long ago that  elderly people on the Sunshine  Coast who were no longer  able to look after themselves  satisfactorily were sent off to  institutions like Riverview,  but now thanks to the dedication of groups such as the  Kiwanis and the Resource  Society, we have a Home-  makers' service which allows  people to stay happily in their  own homes as long as possible  and when they'need a smaller  home, or more help, there is  Senior Citizens' housing and  the Kiwanis Intermediate  Care Home. Now another  volunteer group under'the  auspices of the Resource  Society is organizing a Meals  on Wheels service for those  for whom cooking for themselves has become a burden.  Both the Resource Society  and the Village of Gibsons  have made donations of $1,000  to help with start-up expenses, the cost of containers,  etc. and it is hoped to begin  the distribution of a hot midday meal on March 9.  The meals will be cooked by  the staff at the Intermediate  Care Home, an extension of  the service, served to residents and initially will be  offered three days per week,  Mondays, Wednesdays and  Fridays to those living in the  Gibsons' area between Langdale and the Roberts Creek  Post Office. Meals will consist  Remember  Your  Sweetheart  on  ��� Roses & Gifts  ��� Cut flowers  ��� Fresh flower arrangements  ��� Green & flowering plants  ���k A day's notice for Out-of-Town orders.  'Please ORDER EARLY to avoid disappointment]  Suni/me 7locum S Gifa  Cedar Plaza, Gibsons  886-2316  Clock Repairman  885-3163  J  of meat and two vegetables  with soup, salad or dessert  and will cost approximately  $2 - $2.50. It is hoped to be  able to subsidize the cost  eventually, but that will  depend on how successful  the venture is and how  much support and financial  backing is received from the  community.  Government grants are a-  vailable for this sort of project  after a community has shown  it can support the programme  successfully for a minimum  three month period.  Linda Reeves, co-ordinator  for the project, says she needs  25-30 drivers so that each one  need only work one day per  week and has so far ten  volunteers. Help will also be  needed in the Kiwanis Home  on those days to expedite  distribution.  If you can help this worthwhile service, phone Linda at  886-7880 or the Resource  Society at 885-5881.  If you just don't have any  spare time, please make a  donation, the postal address is  Box 1096, Sechelt and be sure  to note that it is for Meals on  Wheels. -rhete are some  25 people eagerly looking  forward to this service and if  you'd like to be one of them,  phone Linda at 886-7880 and  get your name on the list.  Get A  Cheque from  V,  Get a $40. rebate  on the single door  models  BABY BEAR  MAMA BEAR  PAPA BEAR  Black Door Only  Available at  AC  BUILDine SUPPLIES  Francis Peninsula Place - Hwy. 101  Pender Harbour 883-2S8S  /3^-  Notice Board  tz_ ��� ���  Sponsored as a Public bervice  886-2622      by the Coast News      886-78171  NOTE: Early announcement! will bt run once, then muit be  resubmitted to run again, no more than one month prior to  Ihe event.  Coming Events  Elphinstone Pioneer Museum. The Elphinslone Pioneer Museum in  Gibsons will be closed until further notice  Orginliattonil Meeting for Preschool - All interested parents are  invited to attend Feb. 11. 7:30 p.m. at Roberts Creek Elementary, Mrs  Page's room.  Jack A JIN Parent Participation Pre-School now taking enrollments (or  81 -82 school year tor children who will be 3 or 4 during 1981 Parent  participation required. Phone Susan Paul at 886-9420 between 9 am &  9 pm. #5  Sechelt Take-a-Break has moved from the Catholic Church Mall to the  Con. Ed. classroom at the Chatelech High School Thursday 9:30 ���  11 30 a.m. until April 2nd child care at St. Hilda's Hall. All women are  welcome to come for discussion, films, speakers, etc #8  Sechelt Garden Club. 7:30 p.m.. St Hilda's Hall. First Wednesdays  except January. July, August.  Organisational Meeting tor Preschool All interested parents are invited  10 attend Feb 11, 7:30 pm, al Roberts Creek Elementary, Mrs Page's  room  Women's Luncheons 12 - 1 pm Starting Thursday, Feb 5, at "The  Heron" in Gibsons Reservations recommended - 886-9924 Enjoy  good food and the company of other women who work Sponsored by  the Sunshine Coast Women's Program.  Women and Mental Wellness Donnie Patterson will examine traditional  therapies vs. feminist counselling as a way of healing emotional  damage and promoting personal change. Thursday, Feb 12,730 - 930  pm. in the Roberts Creek Elementary School. Mr Wetmore's room  Fee: $1 00 - Sponsored by the Sunshine Coast Women's Program  Massage Workshop - Monday February 16.7:30 ��� 9:30 at Roberts Creek  Elementary School Library. Fee: $2., Limited enrolment. To register  call 885-3512. Sunshine Coast Women's Program.  Family Film Series. Fri., Feb. 13th. 7:30 p.m.. "Busnmen of the  Kalahari". Roberts Creek Elem. library. Children 509; Adults $1.50.  Regular Events  Monday  Roberts Creek Hospital Auxiliary Second Monday of each month -11  am. St. Aidan's Hall.  O.A.P.O. #36 Regular Meeting. First Monday of each month ��� 2 pm.  Social Bingo, 2nd & 3rd Mondays 2 pm. at Harmony Hall. Gibsons.  Tuesday  Women's Aglow Fellowship Meets every third Tuesday of the month at  Harmony Hall. Gibsons. Transportation and babysitting available. 886-  7426.  Duplicate Bridge 7:30 sharp at Sunshine Coast Golf Club, 1st and 3rd  Tuesdays of each month. For further information contact Phyllis  Hoops, 885-2575.  Sunshine Coast Aria Council Regular meeting 4th Tuesday of every  month at 7:30 pm. at the Arts Centre in Sechelt.  Al-Anon Meetings Al-Anon Meetings every Tuesday night. Roberts  Creek. For Information call 886-9059 or 886-9041. ���  Sunshine Coast Navy League of Canada Cadets and Wrenettes, ages  10 to 13 will again meet Tuesday nights. 7- 9pm.. United Church Hall,  Gibsons. New recruits welcomed.  Wednesday  Tops Club Gibsons Tops meets every Wed evening at 6:45 In the  Armour's Beach Athletic Hall. New members and teen members  welcome Phone 886-9765 eves.  Sunshine Lapidary t Craft Club Meets 1st Wed. every month al 7:30  pm. For information 866-2873 or 686-9204.  Wilton Creek Community Reading Centre 7 30 - 8 30 pm. 885-2709  O.A.P.O. "34 Carpet Bowling Every Wednesday 1 pm. at Harmony Hall,  Qlbsons.  Thursday  Tne Bargain Bam of the Pender Harbour Health Clinic Auxiliary Is  open on Thursday afternoons from 1:00 until 3:30.  Al-Anon Meeting Every Thursday in Gibsons at 6pm. For information  call 8809569 or 886-9037,  Western Weight Controllere Every Thursday at 1 pm. In the Armours  Beach Athletic Hall, Gibsons and In the Sechelt Elementary School,  Thursdays at 7pm. New members welcome. 665-3795.  O.A.P.O. ��M Public Bingo Every Thursday 7:45 pm. sharp at Harmony  Hall Gibsons.  Friday  Square Dancing The country Stars Square Dancers: Gibsons United  Church every Friday 8 to 11 pm. Beginners Classes: lor more  inlormallon 886-8027 or 886-9540.  Gibsons Tot Lot Every Fri., 9:30 -11:30am. in Gibsons United Church  Hall. Parents with children 0 - 3 yrs. are welcome. For further info, call  Shawn 886-8036.  Thrift Shop Every Friday, 1 - 3pm. Thrift Shop. Gibsons United Church  basement.  Wllaon Creek Community Reeding Centre Noon - 4:00 pm. 885-2709  O.A.P.O. ��38 Fun Nile. Every Friday al 7:30 pm. Pol Luck Supper, last  Friday ol every month al 6 pm. at Harmony Hall. Gibsons.  Saturday  Wilson Creek Community Reeding Centre 11:30-1 p.m. 885-2709  The Bargain Barn of the Pender Harbour Health Clinic Auxiliary is  open on Saturday alternoons Irom 1 - 4 pm.  Sunday  Bingo Sechelt Reserve Hall every Sunday. Early birds 7 pm. $100 Prize.  Proceeds to assist under privileged families.  ^alaBaaaaaaMia  atfMMlMl  at^a^aTa^MtllllSIMMBIIIIIMiiMM  )  aaiMaaiaai humoiit News  Community meeting Thursday  byJohnVuAndell  A general notice concerning  the annual general meeting of  ..the Egmont Community Club  ��� was sent to everyone last week  and the meeting is set for  February 12 at 7:00 p.m. in  the Hall. The business to be  covered includes the election  of officers, satellite TV and  disposing    of    a    donation  received (towards life-saving  equipment). All members are  asked, cajoled or begged to  ; attend and everyone is wel-  B come.  j: Edna and Co.'s Mini-Thrift  : Store continues to offer ntaxi-  " quality goods for mini-  > amounts of money  to  mo-  - derately maxi-crowds. (II  a.m. to3 p.m. on Wednesdays  in the Hall.)  Egmont's fishing fleet has  been driving it pretty hard this  - week and prawns, rock cod  ��� and bait herring have been  '��� scrambling wildly to escape  capture.     Environmentalists  .   will be pleased to hear that  : ��� most of them were successful.  :'��� Bait herring is now closed.  '" The Egmont variety of  Katmandu Flu has been  going around town. It invaded  the body of one of our most  prominent citizens, the schoolteacher himself, Mr. R. Fearn.  After an extended and most  ; uncomfortable rest, Ron's face  will be good to see in town  ; next week.  I would like to thank the  "Kush" for substituting and  ' giving me a break last week.  It wasn't as though I needed  ���:<he break; 1 just didn't have  anything to say.  X   I  don't  usually   use   this  ;-ypace for commentary, but  Ron's writing style has made  :' me bold and I would like to  comment on the Friday night  movie Kent State on Channel  Six. It told the true story of the  killing of four and the wound'  ing of nine students at Kent  State University at Kent,  Ohio, about ten years ago.  The students were non-  violently protesting the Vietnam war and the National  Guard (U.S. Army dealing  with internal affairs) was  brought in to enforce an  anti-rioting act. I only caught  the last twenty minutes; I was  called to work Friday night,  but those were the heavy  minutes.  Here's the point! My older  sister attended Kent State  University. At the time of the  shooting I was settling into a  new country, Canada; you  know why. My younger  brother, Dave, was in the  National Guard because he  didn't want to serve in active  duty   in   Vietnam   and   was  involved in weapons dispatching at the Armory in  Akron, thirty miles from Kent.  Just imagine my parents'  dismay at an almost ironical  turn of events as my father  was initially in favour of the  Vietnam war. In fact, when I  opted for Canada he very  strongly, with love, urged me  against it. I might add that he  has since told me that I did  make the right decision in the  end, but that I didn't know  what 1 was doing when I did  it. I will also add that for the  most part he was right.  Movie Night in Egmont is  February 14th, Valentine's  Day and brings you Time  After Time, a Sherlock Holmes mystery with Malcolm  McDowell.  Coast News, February 10, 1981  Wve sot what it takes  to cooiaownheat bills.  ~JfiC  ELECTRONICS  885-2568  Trail Bay Centre, Sechelt.  ��� John Bupnudu pholo  Shirley Vader makes points at the blackboard as she explained the closure of the Pender pool by the  Aquatic Society last week at a meeting of a very concerned group of Madeira Park parents.  Life in the inter-tidal zones  Drafting course  for home redesign  With the soaring interest  rates of today, many people  are turning to renovations of  their existing home rather  than purchasing a new house.  Capilano College is offering a  practical introduction to the  drafting skills required in  redesigning your house space.  Whether you are planning a  new kitchen layout, or adding  a bathroom, this skill will  enable  you   to  provide   an  architect or contractor with a  concrete blueprint of your  ideas.  Participants should bring  pencils, paper, ruler, T-square  and lunch. The course is from  9 to 4 p.m, each day at the  Sechelt Learning Centre, Inlet  Avenue. The fee is $30.00.  Please preregister at the  Centre 12:30 to 7:00 p.m.,  Monday to Friday, or call  885-9310.  Ilallmoon  I5a\   llamit  Do you know the difference  between a Green Burrowing  Anenome and a Rockweed  Isopod? How many varieties  of Nudibranch can you identify? You'll get a chance to  brush up on the identity of  such local marine life at the  Seashore course on the Sechelt Peninsula, offered February 17 at Capilano College'.  The course is taught by a  local resident biologist, Marilyn Tentchoff. The course  emphasizes the diversity of  plant and animal life of the  Peninsula intertidal areas.  The concept of zonation  (high, medium and low tidal  zones), will be introduced,  with material on the interaction that takes place between the physical landscape  and the biological conditions  of the seashore.  There will be seven sessions, Tuesday evenings 7-9  p.m., including a field trip at  low tide and a live class  demonstration. The fee is  $35.00. Preregistration is necessary. Call 885-9310 or drop  into the Learning Centre, Inlet  Avenue in Sechelt.  FOOD  lor  TH0UQHT  Massage workshop  Registered Massage Therapist, Pattie Gray, will conduct  a workshop on Monday,  February 16, from 7:30 to 9:30  at the Roberts Creek Elementary School Library. Pattie  Gray, a frequent visitor to the  Sunshine Coast, works in  Vancouver and is a graduate  of the Canadian College of  Massage and Hydrotherapy in  Ottawa.  Due to the large turn-out at  previous workshops, pre-re-  gistration   is   recommended.  Hard times at Welcome Beach  f6M  Grocery  by Ruth Forrester 885-2418  Hard   Times   at   Welcome  Beach!  NO - things are not really  that   badl    "Hard   Times"  CGiftShop _  Canned Goods Kung-fu Shoes  Chinese Cookbooks Children's Toys  Fresh Fruit 4 Vegetables  LOTS OF VALENTINE GIFTS  8:00 a.m. to 11:00 p.m.  Gibsons Landing (beside Bus Depot)  Smiley's People Le Carre  Beyond the Blue Event  HOriZOn Frederick Pohl  The Deadly FrOSt Terrence Moan  Arena Norman Bogner  Build Your Own Hot Tub  Ed Miller & Steven Flamm  Country Woodcraft  Drew Langsner  |?  ��&%&  \ y^  HDP Bookstore  .Gibsons Landing 886-7744  will be the theme for the  dinner dance which is sponsored by the Welcome Beach  Community Association to be  held on Saturday, February  28th. This means that you  arrive wearing all your old  tattered clothing, which will  no doubt be a popular idea  with some of our men who  hate having to get out of their  old gardening togs and change  into the collar and tie thing.  Happy hour will be from 6:30  to 7:30 when dinner will be  served. Dancing will follow to  the music of Paul Hansen.  This will be one of those  nights when you bring your  own dishes and cutlery as well  as your own refreshments.  This will save a big wash-up  job having to be done later.  Tickets are now available to  members and guests at five  dollars each and may be  obtained by calling either Flo  Hill at 885-3187 or Ruth at  885-2418. It would be a good  idea to get your tickets now  as numbers are limited and  you will be sorry if you are left  out.  There had been an element  of doubt as to the future of  social functions at the hall  due to the lack of support of  members participating in the  planning and the work for  these evenings, but a meeting  of all lady members was called  for the Sunday afternoon of  February 1st and it was most  gratifying to see seventeen  women turn up, all of whom  were more than willing to lend  a hand. The enthusiasm was  great   and   lots   of   useful  suggestions  offered.  and  help were  >���)�� �� M ��� n MMMMMMMMMM MMMM**MMMM> �������������:�������� ���.MP4M**'**'  ���  Hi  n- h  !  ���  ���  -  SECHELT RENEGADES  FUND RAISING DANCE  for the  HawahanI>  E!E0W)lliESE33  ISH  Band: "Secret Service"  Saturday Feb. 14th at Chatelech Gym  9:00 pm. till 1:00 a.m.  Tickets: *5.00  Come and Support the best Soccer  Team on the Sunshine Coast  This means that as well as  the February dance there will  be one for St. Patrick's  Day which will be on March  21st. There will be more on  this later as well as on the  Plant and Bake Sale which is  scheduled for the Saturday of  April 18th. We were lucky to  obtain the services of Bob and  Jean Scott to convene the  Plant Sale and Eunice Keeler  with the help of Mary Murray  will take care of the bake sale  on that day.  I was asked to mention in  the column that the library at  the hall is going along well  and to remind residents that  they can avail themselves oi  use of the library at any time  the hall is open, which is on  Monday mornings from 10 to  11, Monday afternoon from  1 to 3, Tuesday, Wednesday  and Thursday evenings from  7:30 till 9:30.  ��� Also, if anyone is interested  in making use of the hall on a  Sunday afternoon for a game  of cards or shuffleboard or  whatever, you could give  Grace Rutherford a call and  she will be happy to discuss  it with you. The suggestion  was also submitted that the  hall should be open at all  times, so that people could  take their friends there for  an afternoon or evening. This  would be a great thing if it  were only possible, but the  sad truth is that vandalism  does exist.  Successful Dances.  The Halfmoon Bay Recreation Society held a very  successful dance en Saturday  of January 31st aad although  the hall was not filled to  capacity a really good time  was had by all. The always  popular Paul Hansen provided  the music, while the food was  delicious. An appeal is being  made for the young and old to  help clear up the rocks at the  Recreation Park to prepare it  for seeding. The more willing  hands, the better.  Rabble Burns Night at the  Legion also proved to be a  great success and the Legion  Pipe Band is to be commended  for putting on such a fine  show. Throughout the evening  they were joined by the Pipe  Band from Powell River as  well as some guest pipers  from Washington State. The  wee lasses who did the  Highland Dancing were great  too, as was the dinner,  complete with the haggis.  Heard a fellow on the radio  the other day explain just what  a haggis is. He said it was  really a set of dead bagpipes I  Winter Tans.  There are some enviable  suntans around the area right  now. Bill and Mary Ewan have  just returned from a very  sunny vacation in Mazatlan  looking great, likewise Al and  Eunice Keeler who got their  beautiful tans while cruising  in the Caribbean. I managed  to get to Gibsons last week 11  Film night for February.  Thursday, February 26th, is  the evening for films at the  Welcome Beach Hall when the  program will be a variety of  movies, one on Denmark and  several shorts on nature.  Will give you more details  later.  By the way - overheard a  remark that someone was not  "Old enough " to be a member  of the Welcome Beach Community Association I It must be  pointed out that this group  comprises people of all age  groups, families, from teenagers right up to senior  ages. It is true that the hall  actually belongs to and was  built by what are now seniors  of the area, but this does not  mean that membership is  confined to the seniors. Far  from it. The support and  membership of every family in  the area is necessary and is  welcomed.  NOP  xO��,w'^x  PLACING & FINISHING  PATIOS - DRIVEWAYS ��� HOOKS  nCStlATIOXS ��� SIDEWALKS  AlirillKln.tCm  lnh,.l.���ijC,J,,u,  . fmtiUi  ��� r,7/����/  Call Any Time  885-2125  SERVING PENDER HARBOUR TO PORT MELLON  The number to call is 885-3512  (Sunshine Coast Women's  Program). The fee is $2.00 and  interested participants are  asked to wear loose clothing,  bring a blanket to sit on and a  friend (female or male) to  practise your skills on.  Pafchworlt.PInc aiXomtrWusirts  We Will Be OPEN  Thurs., Fri. & Sat.  ONLY  For the  Month of Feb.  11 am - 4 pm  Gibsons  Landing  a^  - by Yoshi Tanaka  I am a simple eating place serving all  FRESH SEA80NAL FOOD.  ��� Fresh Lobster, Prawns, Scallops,  Snow Peas, Zucchini, etc., Stir-fried  in a Chinese wok.  ��� Hamburger Platter - mushrooms,  bacon, cheese, tender beef, french  fries, etc.  ��� Hlbachl A Beautiful blend of beef  tenderloin steak slices & gourmet  vegetables, teriyaki flavoured.  Veal Cutlets with  ��� Vely good ^^^^^  country gravy.  ��� Filet Mlgnon  ��� Gourmet Cheese Cakes.  ��� Homemade food is my bag. Il you  haven't tried it yet, do. Discover mel  A good thing doesn't last forever!  Open Tues. to Sat.  Serving from 5 pm.  Gibsons 886-8015  3 VOSHI'S RESTAURANT  k Sunnycrest Shopping Centre  EYIAHUrEITS PKARiHAS?  YOUR COMPLETE HEALTH CARE CENTRE  * Fast Prescription Service  * Health Care Accessories  * Almay Hypoallergenic Cosmetics  * Patient Aids (Sales & Rentals) crutches,  comodes, bed pans, canes, etc.  107 cedar naza. aibsons 886-8158  OPEN SUNDAYS  Noon to a Pm.  Your jyUO/ Your  Flag. Wiml Future.  Your Invitation to Attend  HERITAGE DAY  Celebrations!  Sunday, Feb. 15th, 2:00 pm  ^HBjSH^      Elphinstone Gym  'Wi^jj^^iiW        Emcee: Mr. John Barbush of Port Coquitlam  Song & Dance Featuring: Elphinstone School Band, Sechelt Indian Band  Local Students Essays, Poems  Posters, Local Dancers  Mark your Calendars and join ut this Sunday  to Renew or Discover our Herltagel  The Association of Kinsmen Clubs  Tne Kinsmen Club ol Gibsons * District  ���MMMMMMi  .tiliMMMB. 8 Coast News, February 10, 1981  Fleming on education  A system grown top-heavy"1  by Frances Fleming  If anyone asked a man (or a  woman) on the street who was  the most important educator  in his (her) life, the answer  would be, "The classroom  teacher". This is the person  H ho takes over al nine in the  morning and is the parent  surrogate for the most vital  hours of the school day.  I his is the person who helps a  I hild lo learn, to make de-  cislons, who sets the stage  lor the development of the  ��� hild's self-image as he moves  about among his peers and the  authority figures of the world  of school, nol excluding the  janitor and bus drivers.  Education, to me, is that thing  that goes on in the interaction  between pupil, teacher and  parents. Il should be essentially simple, rewarding and  self-fulfilling.  Yet under our system  which has developed over  many years, entirely without  public questioning, this very  important person is the  low man on a very tall totem  pole; indeed the totem pole  seems to have taken root and  is branching daily. Every year,  the classroom teacher is being  given more "assistance" and  supervision with the result  that he (or she) is being more  and more patronized, criticized, analyzed and demoralized. Society has forged chains  of command that assume that  (he classroom teacher is not  quite competent; that this  worker must be watched,  prompted,  inspected,  assist  ed, discussed, dominated in  many subtle ways and transferred when the powers that  confer decide the time has  come. Indeed, entire prospering industries are coining  money, based entirely on the  shortcomings (or imagined  shortcomings) of the classroom teachers. Kits are  offered for remediation; all  sorts of devices to test and  remedy the deficiencies of the  classroom teacher are on the  market and are displayed in  the inevitable plastic cases at  every workshop and convention.  When teachers deny that  they are merit rated, I always  remind them of their principals; super-persons, who  once were lowly classroom  teachers but who rose from  the ranks to make It to a  position of power over their  former colleagues. Principals  have to be personable and  Ihey have to conduct themselves in such a way as not to  offend Iheir Code of Ethics,  especially the clause that  reads: The teacher avoids  derogatory criticism of an  associate except when it is  made to the associate or to  appropriate officials and then  only after the associate has  been informed of the nature  of the criticsm. There is a  big gap between theory and  practice.  When a person accepts a  "teaching position" he (she)  knows full well that his (her)  philosophy and teaching methodology and classroom  management mast conform to  BONNIEBROOK  INDUSTRIES  LTD.  ��� Government approved, I  locally manufactured,  reinforced precast 650 & 750 Gal.  Concrete Septic Tanks  (Delivered to site)  ��� Concrete Distribution Boxes  ��� Pump Tanks  ��� Curbs, Patio Blocks  Call Larry Stewart  886-7064  HELP!  The Crew of the  "Beachcombers"  are once again looking for  Rental Accommodations  between  Feb. 1, 1981 to Sept. 30,1981  Please contact  Bob Frederick  665-6820 collect  capilano  college FILING:  SETTING UP A  SENSIBLE SYSTEM  BUSS46401  Thursday 6:30 - 9:30 pm.  February 26 only  1 session, Fee: $15.  Sechelt Learning Centre  Don't waste valuable office time searching  for that missing paper. The secret to tiling  to FINDING! Learn to set up a filing system  which will enable you to FIND that  document you need���alphabetic, numeric,  geographic, source and subject filing  will be discussed. By the end of the  workshop students will be able to set up  the most commonly used methods of filing  and be able to maintain a filing system  through systematic procedures.  This workship is appropriate for anyone  who must organize information.  The course will not deal with microfiche.  Instructor: Janet Morris  those of this powerful colleague, the principal of the  school, who will assign the  grade, the pupils, write  reports on his (her) work, edit  the reports to parents, confer  with superiors about the  teacher, speak for the "staff"  at parent conferences, call  staff meetings, instruct teachers in their duties, manage  supplies, assign supervision,  suggest in-service, et cetera  ad infinitum.  Some teacher-principal relationships are very good and  some are shockingly bad. Be  that as it may, the educational  system is top heavy with  hordes of other experts who  have risen from the ranks.  How strange! The better one  performs as a classroom  teacher, the sooner one will  not have to teach at all. One  becomes a consultant, a  director, a supervisor, or,  glory of glories, a superintendent of schools, who  oversees entire hierarchies  and travels off to confer with  fellow bureaucrats to exchange views and to garner  arguments in favour of expanding district "services".  Taj Mahals to house all these  non-teaching teachers are  rising all over the province.  They are all busy, busy,  busy overseeing, "supporting" their colleagues trapped  in the classrooms with kids,  poor devils!  Criticism of our school  system is too often taken to  be criticism of individuals,  which it is not. Administrators  are trapped in the same  system as the classroom  teachers and from inside the  vast maze it is impossible to  see the light. Many of them  feel the stress of the system.  The cost of education is  rising sharply. It is difficult  to see any improvement at  the classroom level in either  working or learning conditions. Class size is still an  issue - yet we have all these  master teachers relieved of  their classes and running  around applying programs  which are, at best, educational bandaids. Does it  make sense? Who is redundant? Is reform possible?  Or should we close down the  entire system for a period of  time and re-vamp it from the  kindergarten up? If we don't,  it may self-destruct under its  own weight I  PM  ��� , a o!'~"nn-   \'n^ss\ ���������.*>  '>""��WWmi> >i��mi/>"'>>H��H/l>"��W/nrr^  Convert your old  Wooden Windows to  3)  Double Glazed  Aluminum Windows  with ��' Airspace  886-7359  One-time Pender Principal Frances Fleming was invited to address the Madeira Park Parent's  Auxiliary last week.  Impressions of Tsoh-Nye  This will be the last Tsoh-  Nye report for our group as this  is the last week of the semester.  To wind up our session, the  whole class went on an overnight camping trip at Chatterbox Falls at the head of  Princess Louisa inlet. The place  hasn't changed much, but our  attitudes have undergone tremendous changes since the last  time we were there. For  example, Len Marchant, our  fantastic teacher, had no  disciplining or work of any  kind to do this time. The  students managed and prepared the whole operation!  Saturday, Phillip (Opie)  Oppenheim came and gave us  more instruction in Native Art.  He is really a master at his work  and we learned much from him.  All of us think he's the greatest.  It's really amazing how much  we've all grown from our  N.E.S. experience. During our  last dinner on Monday, we  realized we were saying goodbye to each other. After five  months of sharing everything  with each other, it was really an  emotional time. We would like  to share some of the thoughts  from students and staff:     ' '���'  Amber Wolansky, "I loved it  at Tsoh-Nye; it was a really  moving experience. The memories of everyone will stay in my  heart always."  Barbara Turley, "I've really  enjoyed myself up here and I  hope the next group has just as  much fun as I did."  Workshops as gifts  for Valentine's Day  What better to do than  inviting your sweetheart to one  of these workshops all given by  good competent people imported from Vancouver. Gloria  Lifton is the only local instructor, recently imported  from Merritt.  The workshops all take place  in Elphinstone on February 14,  Saturday and they all require  pre-registration.  John Rutherford from  CKVU's program "Tomorrow's Fortune" will talk on  Contemporary Astrology, covering theory and analysis of  the constellations. 9:00 a.m. -  4:00 p.m., Room 108. Fee is  $20.  "High As A Kite" is a fun  thing to do for the whole  family. It happens in room 114  (Art) and costs $15 per family  and S2.50 for a Kite-Kit.  Lee Price is famous for her  "Outrageous Dolls". Using  panty hose, fill, buttons, wool  and coloured threads, she  shows how dolls become alive.  This event takes place in the  Home He. Room, Saturday  9:00 a.m. - 4:00 p.m. and  Sunday morning 9:00 a.m. till  noon for those who want all the  finishing touches.  "Solar Energy for the Home"  is becoming increasingly popular as fuel prices go up. Tim  Kenyon will introduce a variety  of solar energy systems for  residential application. The  workshop takes place in Room  109, 9:00 a.m. - 4:00 p.m. and  the fee is SIS which includes  text.  The more you know about it  the better you cope says Gloria  Lifton about Stress. If you  want to know come to Room  110 at 10:00 a.m. - 4:00 p.m.  The fee is SIS.  The deadline for all workshops is February 6. Mail the  registration form on the back  of the Continuing Education  flyer or enclose with your fee a  slip with your name, phone  number, address and the name  of the workshop. Please make  cheques payable to School  District No. 46 and mail it to  Continuing Education, P.O.  Box 6, Sechelt. B.C. VON 3AO.  CLASSIFIED NOTE  Drop off your Coast News  Classified al Campbells  Family   Shoes,   Sechell.   or  Kinsman Club of Gibsons  Presents  country Breeze  Feb. 14th-9 pm.  At the Legion Hall, Gibsons  Dick Lansdell. "A few hard  things have happened in the  last five months, but mostly I'll  remember all the good times.  Everyone up here will always  be special to me."  Mark Boe, "Everybody was  kind hearted and loving."  Carol Williams, "I thought  that being with these people  was the best time 1 have ever  had. We had lots of togetherness and it was just the thing for  me. I love the school, the  camping and everything that  comes with it - especially the  people; they are very special to  me."  Michelle Harper: "I really  grew to love everyone here. It  was the best 100 days of my life.  I hope the next group gets as  close to one another as we are  now."  Glen Dixon, Counsellor,  "This was a very good group  and I love each one. Good luck  next semester."  Len Marchant, Teacher, "It  was a very special experience -  emotionally and physically  stimulating and resulted in  many new friendships. I learned more than I taught."  Jackie Verzyl, "I really  learned a lot at Tsoh-Nye. The  people were just great and their  memory will always be with  me."  DISCOUNT PRICES  ��� Furniture    ��� T.V.'s & Stereos  ��� Appliances ��� Auto Stereos, etc.  KERN'S HOME  FURNISHINGS  Gibsons  (Next lo Mr. Mike's)  886-9733  Mon. to Sat,  9 am. - 5 pm  Cupid's Caper  Sundae  Mounds of creamy marshmallow topping  and delicious vanilla ice cream with  Valentine Hearts  Offer Good .  Until Feb  SCOOP  Cowrie St  885-3628  Why stand  in A une-up  come to us  .  ���  SECHELT  INSURANCE  AGENCIES LTD.  CORNER OF WHARF & DOLPHIN  IN THE SUNSHINE MOTORS BUILDING  MONDAY TO SATURDAY  FROM 9:00 A.M. TO 5:00 P.M,  If you have not received your renewal form -  just bring in your present certificates and we  will prepare one for you  fop Those Wishing to  Postdate Their Cheques  Do ail the paperwork now and your decals and  forms will be ready on the date your cheque is good  885-3201  MM  i   l   IMMMM<ga^  ���alMtMAiaM  MM Coast News, February 10, 1981  A reprehenisible inflexibility  viaryanne ��� s  by Marianne West  School Board Secretary-  Treasurer Roy Mills suggested the comments in this  space would more correctly be  designated "mutterings", so  il he'll bear with me I'll indulge myself in some mutterings about the Pender Harbour Aquatic Society's decision lo close down the pool  because the School Board  contribution has been cut this  year.  I It may be that learning to  swim is nol considered by  some an educational exercise,  or at best not very important,  but I suspect the School  Board's stumbling block in  this debacle is policy. Policy  which, loosely translated,  ensures the students at all  schools in the District equal  opportunity, hence the decision to fund swimming instruction at Pender this year  for children in Grades 3-5-8  only, in line with the swimming programme offered  schools which use the Gibsons'pool.  : Now, no one thinks it's  wrong to formulate policy,  obviously without some system the Board is at the mercy  of every wind which blows.  A weak School Board with no  sense of direction is not in  the best interests of anyone  and of course when you have  all those neat policies in  place, then it's simpler to keep  them - or why have a policy at  all.  Similarly no one underestimates the difficulties of  balancing budgets, trying to  keep costs down and still  provide the schools with the  help they need to give our  children as good a start as  possible before they set out in  the world.  ' I have, though, been a little  disturbed by a feeling that  some members of the Board  resent pressure from parents.  "I won't vote for the motion  unless both schools benefit  because I don't think pressure  groups should be rewarded" a  trustee remarked recently on  another matter. Fair enough,  but it was equating of the  parents' legitimate and sincere concern for their child-  rens' welfare with a pressure  group which bothered me. I  fell those parents should have  been complimented; their  concern had brought help to  children in another school  whose parents apparently  didn't care enough to bring  the matter to the attention of  the Board. Just where do we  draw the line, if one should be  drawn, between expressed  concern or dissatisfaction and  a pressure group?  I can't help but wonder if  some sort of obstinacy, a  resistance to even appearing  to give in to pressure, has not  played a part in the School  Board's attitude.  There are always difficulties  with policy. You cannot  legislate for all eventualities  and the real world, particularly where children are  concerned, does not conform  to the neat and tidy arrangements so dear to the hearts of  bureaucrats and all those who  wield power.  The swimming policy for  Grades 3-5-8 which is satisfactory for the larger elementary schools will mean that  only 3-4 children in the  Egmont and Halfmoon Bay  schools are eligible, where the  whole school enjoyed swimming instruction last year.  So what do we have now?  As the result of a misunderstanding, a community up in  arms feeling they have been  double-crossed and no swimming instruction for the  Pender Harbour and area  children. A fine facility for  which the community not only  worked hard, but which has  operated in the black, due to  the loyalty and devotion of  many volunteers, is lying idle  and unused because the  School Board thinks it isn't  fair for all children at Pender  Harbour to have swimming  lessons which aren't available  to all children in Gibsons.  Are we really that small? I  doubt it.  So, now we have no one  swimming at Pender - it just  doesn't make sense!  As if to underline the  stupidity of adult inflexibility,  21 children from Pender came  lo Gibsons for their first joint  swim meet ten days ago.  There were 38 competitors  altogether between the ages of  seven and 16 and a great time  was had by all.  There were heats and finals  in three categories, front and  back crawl and breast stroke,  kids churning up a storm in  four lanes and their team  mates cheering them on from  Ihe edge. There was a lot of  good fellowship, good sportsmanship and just good fun for  everyone and Elphinstone's  Cable 10 TV crew was on hand  so you can see "for yourself  what a good time it was  tonight on Cable 10 in Gibsons  and Thursday night in Sechelt.  Whatever you may think  about competitive swimming  it does encourage all-out effort  to attain excellence and provides for a lot of children the  all-important rewards for that  effort.  This is something very  important in the teaching  process. Obviously we're not  going to deprive the Pender  Harbour children of such  opportunities and this whole  silly business will get sorted  out.  Unfortunately, I can't tell  you what the School Board's  deliberations were and what  soul searching led up to their  decision, I asked to attend the  meeting, but was refused permission. I was frankly surprised by their stand because  it had seemed at the previous  meeting that Trustee  Lloyd  - John Burnside photo.  The cameraman from BCTV films two youngsters peering  through the door of the Pender Harbour Pool last week. The  television crew were filming a news feature on the closing of the  Pender Pool because of a dispute between the Pender Aquatic  Society and the School Board.  Female role  Capilano College is offering  a course entitled The Role of  the Female In Representative  Animal Species. This course is  of interest to anyone with a  bent for biology, or anthropology. As well, anyone exploring Women's Studies  would find this course a good  basic resource.  One argument against women  seeking equality in our society,  is that women's role is determined by biology alone, so that  women taking on any role  outside of the maternal- nurturing one is impossible in any  case. This course explores this  question by completing a  survey of male/female roles in  several animal species (including humans), to see if there  is a specific biological role  indicated for females. Through  its survey of different species it  is revealed that roles are not  necessarily classified as male or  female.  The instructor for this course  is Marilyn Tentchoff, who has  a strong background in both  biological and anthropological  fields. The course will begin  Monday, February 2nd, at the  Sechelt Learning Centre, 7-9  p.m. The fee is $35 for six  sessions. Preregistration is  required. Please call 885-9310  to register or for more information.  had offered a solution which  would have avoided this  impasse and the understandable bitterness in Pender  Harbour and still left the  School Board with its self-  respect intact. It was that,  because there had been a  breakdown in communications  between the Board and the  Aquatic Society and, without  assessing blame to anyone,  the Board would agree to fund  the same school swimming  programme for 1981 with a  grant of $5,000, with the  proviso that this grant is for  this year only and the promise  that by October 1981 an  agreement satisfactory to both  sides would be worked out.  That the School Board saw  Th.l'.howb.laelBMlfled'  wanl ad work.! Clear oul  unwaated article, aad  make money loo!  fit to refuse this compromise  is another example of its  puzzling and reprehensible  inflexibility.  w-   Jtowgotisttit... >j  Jlmgottdonli  ���   ana m  G.H. JOHN B0RD0N ft GO.  Barristers and Solicitors  Notaries Pimuc  announce the opening of  a new office in masons  effective February 9th, 1981  located in Sunnycrest Mall  across from Super-Valu  Office Hours: 9:00 am. ��� 5:00 pm.  |P7Sct  W'- :'n  m  Si  North Road  "1W1  *  �����-�����  1  HOME CENTRE  Everything for Your Home  Central Switchboard  886-8187  Toll Free: 669-5383 From Van  *?*^%  SIDING Vinyl Aluminum GUTTERS  ufactured right  ��. 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Now I'm nol  sure whether it's the dentists who pray to her or the people who have  to visit the dentists, bul a little prayer from either side shouldn't hurl.  I'm sure that just once a year nol even a dentist would begi udge you  a box of chocolates from your lover even though they are "dentally  unacceptable" as long as immediately you've downed them you rush  ofl lo your nearest toothbrush and spool of floss and really zap your  teeth back to purity.  Perhaps in the interests of nol getting too cosy with your friendly  neighbourhood dentist you could celebrate Saint Appolonia's feast  with goodies that are acceptable dentally. That doesn't include iced  cakes or ice cream sodas or even raisins, but she winks an eye at  pretzels and popcorn. She'll shudder if you pack the baby off to bed  with a bottle if it's over a year old or if you plaster honey on its  pacifier. She will, however shine with a pearly glow if you eat meat  and muffins, salads and sunflower seeds, crackers and coleslaw. The  Canadian Dental Association says you can satiate yourself on white  milk, plain yogurt, plain whole grain or enriched breads, meat,  poultry, fish, eggs, cheese, peanut butter, hot dogs, hamburgers,  pizzas, raw fruits and vegetables, devilled eggs, peanuts, pistachios  and mixed nuts, pumpkin and sesame seeds. Not so bad, eh!  If you have a yen for chocolate milk, sweetened yogurt, sherbert,  or milk puddings, eat them along with your main meal. And if you just  have to snack and can't face fresh fruit, try french fries.potato chips  or sugarless gum.  Smile folks and show off your pearlies. Saint Appolonia will cast  her blessings upon you, and with a smile like the one you're going to  have, Saint Valentine will see that every heart in the neighbourhood  is fluttering.  Grin and get it on.  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There's nothing to whet  one's appetite like fresh  baking...and here's Cohleen  Moehllng, the lady with the  ever-present smile and her  relief Belle Wilson, likewise  a most pleasant lady.  Cohleen started as a cashier about 2Vi years ago. Most  _ -.,-  jj-jj-        of the girls have had a relief  Z^l'tZ vnuL     8tim in the bakery' but  Moaning wuaoii     cohleen has a special touch,  and took the job on f ul l-tlme when Rosina Hastings left to enter a  nursing career.  Our bakery Is known as a "bake-off" operation and, therefore,  reasonably simple. We finish and bake frozen products, including  bread, pies, strudels, turnovers, meat pies, sausage rolls, etc. We  also bake two kinds of muffins from scratch that are very yummy,  as well as our own pies.  Other products baked for us by National Bakeries, Vancouver,  and fresh-frozen on arrival are a variety of fancy cakes including  birthday cakes. 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In the Gibsons 'A' League,  Don Sleep had a 316 single  and an 808 triple and in the  Slough Off League Carol Tetzlaff was high roller for the  week with a 380 single and  an 862 triple.  Brian Butcher saved his  triple in the Ball and Chain  League with a 327 single,  Debbie Newman had a 335  single and a 783 triple in the  Legion League and Neil  Rcdshaw a 341 single and a  689 triple in the Y.B.C. Senior  League.  Other high scores:  win  Tues. Coffee:  Ruth Hogberg  241-622  Marg Iverson  277-692  Swingers:  Cathy Martin  246-597  Norm Lambert  231-646  Gibsons 'A':  Mary Braun  281-718  Terry Cormons  283-697  Lome Christie  282-710  Jim Gurney  268-776  Wed. Coffee:  Elinor Penfold  Nora Solinsky  June Frandsen  Wendy Watts  Slough-Offs:  Bev Drombolis  Elaine Middleton  Ball & Chain:  Gail Mulcaster  Ray Coates  Freeman Reynolds  240-658  289-672  267-698  268-707  243-682  259-710  255-642  228-647  266-755  Phuntastique:  Pat Prest  Mel Buckmaster  Don Slack  Bob Fletcher  Legion:  Gayle Montgomery  Gerry Kirsch  Y.B.C. Pecwees:  Christy Skinner  Cathy Kennett  Nadine Olsen  Karen Foley  Natasha Foley  Winston Robinson  Eddy Stubbley  Bantams:  Andrea Doran  Nicole Allen  Nedeen Skinner  Eric Miller  Scott Spain  242-714  267-731  290-747  269-756  231-617  233-667  132-198  119-227  126-233  128-234  142-248  146-270  163-286  175-363  150-368  152-437  140-369  167-426  On the Rocks^  Three power-play goals by  Mitten Flames' Defensemen  proved to be the difference in  a 4-3 game played Tuesday  night at the Sechelt Arena.  Rory Walker accounted  for two of these goals with  Terry Brackett picking up the  other. Chris Charleton (also a  defenseman) opened the scoring in the game in the first  period for the Flames.  Ranger tallies came from  Richard Lovelle, John Bluger  and Robbie Williams. Williams assisted on the other two  Ranger goals. Ranger goalie,  Lawrence Borley, was brilliant  in nets, making spectacular  saves throughout the game  with the southpaw's catching  hand doing most of the work.  Borley forced Flames' forwards to shoot wide or into  his big leg pads on several  occasions due to his fine  positioning.  YOUR AUTOPLAN  CENTRE  Taking care of  all your Real Estate Needs  Seaside Plaza Evenings Call  886-2000    Norm Peterson Dennis Suveges  886-9121    886-2607(Res.)or 866-7264 (Res  ��� Framing Packages  ��� Cedar Siding  ��� Timbers  Please call lor quotations  526-6744  738-4791  Collect  Res.  NORTHCOAST FOREST PRODUCTS LTD  2320 Rogers Avenue. Coquillam, BC. V3K5X7  Typical volleyball net action  Men play round  robin volleyball  For the pasl two weeks the  men's volleyball league has  begun a series of round robin  tournaments. Each of the 4  teams rotate on a game to game  basis creating at least 2 match  ups a night and possibly 3  depending on the length of  games. The offenses are all  show ing signs of improvement.  During the first Robin on the  26th of January, the Gibson's  Building Supply "Spikes" and  Macleod's Hawkeyes tied with  4 wins and I loss apiece while  the Cedars Sailors suffered  with only 2 wins and 3 losses  and Roberts Creek were stomped (I and 5.  In last week's action Cedar  Sailors improved by winning 4  and losing only I to the Spikes.  The Spikes, while short handed  managed 2 wins with 3 losses.  Macleods Hawkeyes remained  fairly steady by a 3 and 2 finish  and finally the great guest  appearance of the Elphi Girls  who won I and lost 4.  Plagued by a much higher  net. 8 ft. as opposed to their  regular 7 ft. the girls battled it  out in every match always  scoring very high in all of their  games.  Next Monday night at Elphi  Gym the Round Robins will  continue from 8:00 to 10:00.  Spectators are welcome.  January 26 Wins Losses  Cedars 2 3  Macleods 4 1  Gibsons 4 1  Creek 0 5  February 2  Cedars 4 1  Macleods 3 2  Gibsons 2 3  Girls 1 4  by Verda Schneider  Another bonspiel on this  week-end! The employees of  C.F.P., Port Mellon Division,  are busily vying for the  championship and this weekend will come up with a  winner to carry their banner  to Prince George.  Guests are always welcome  to visit the Gibsons Winter  Club to watch these interesting games and cheer on their  favourites.  Please mark your calendars  for April 1, 1981, for the  General Meeting. We have  been most successful these  past years and should be  proud of ourselves, but our  club is only as good as the  people involved, so please  remember to attend.  Our Club as a group, plus  many personal members, are  very saddened by the death of  our co-worker and friend,  Mr. John Gaw. Mr. Gaw  (and his wife) have donated  many, many pleasant hours to  our club. In the past few  months we have worried  about his health, but not  accepted the fact that it was  weakening. Worry and  accept are so far apart - even  the letters starting each word  are at different ends of the  alphabet - and now we must  learn to accept. He will be  sadly missed and our sympathy goes to his remaining  family.  Good Curling!  Cougars prepare  for playoffs  On Thursday at 6:30 this  year's Senior Boys' Basketball  team is challenging last year's  team. This is in preparation  for the play-offs coming up.  The game should prove to be  an exciting one with this  year's team in good shape and  playing basketball regularly.  On the other hand last  year's team is spread out from  Gold River and Vancouver to  Gibsons and haven't played  together for quite a while. Last  year's team is definitely  going to be the shorter  team but with that old Cougar  spirit will do their best to try  to defeat this year's team.  See you at the game and good  luck to both teams.  Stompers romp  by Stomperman  Suncoast Stompers romped  to a 7-3 victory over Sechelt  United in local soccer action at  Hackett Park Sunday. Scores  for Stompers were: Al Nicker-  son with a hat trick and Rory  Walker, Booboo Goeson,  Mark Lyden and Bill Allen  with one each.  United had goals from  Stuart Craigan, Brian Evans  and Hubert Joe.  The win leaves the Sechelt  Chiefs with only a slim  mathematical chance of  catching the Stompers for first  place in the Sunshine Coast  Senior Soccer League.  From the Fairway  by Emle Hume  An unusually busy time has  been enjoyed at the golf  course, due to the sunny and  warm days that blessed us in  the past few weeks. Most  unusual is the necessity of  having to cut the grass on the  fairways so early in the year.  Next week should produce  the teams that have earned  the right to participate in the  play-offs. Who the winning  team will be has aroused a  lot of conjecture and interest.  However, the first trophy  winners for 1981 should be  known and congratulated  shortly.  Great news was received  from our local RCMP detachment, who have been successful in recovering our wooden  flying eagle that graced the  entrance to the golf course and  disappeared some time ago. It  is to be repaired by our  talented Dick Marsh and once  again take its place at the  entrance way. The golf club  owes Dick Marsh a trenen-  dous vote of thanks for the  many projects he has :om-  pleted and donated to the  club over the years.  Last January 25th, a longtime and active member of the  golf club completed an extraordinary feat. Playing at the  eighth hole. Ed Laidlaw  canned his tee shot for his  third hole in one. What makes  this accomplishment so newsworthy is the fact that he has  now aced every par 3 hole on  the golf course. I would  venture to say that this  unusual   feat   has   not   been  duplicated too often, if ever,  on many golf courses.  Again, it has been noted  that a lot of ball marks are  being left unattended to on the  greens. Our greens have come  through the winter months in  good condition and according  to Art Park they are fast but  soft. So, golfers, repair your  ball marks and divots so we all  may enjoy pleasant and excellent playing conditions.  Miller  Thunderbolt  225 amp  *&�� $23100  (Accessories Optional)  COAST INDUSTRIES  Welders and Industrial Suppliers  * LIQUID CARBONIC DEALER  "If we don't have it today, we'll sure try for tomorrow!"  WE DELIVER  on the Sunshine Coast 886-9159  PENINSULA  MARKET  885-9721    Davis Bay. B.C.  tide tables  Sun. Feb. 15  Kefi'tcncc:                I'iU'ifiV                         ,)4()S  Point \iklnson        Standard rime           0905  1.150  Wed. Fell. II                Hi. M>. 1.1  11145                    S.li     11155                   I'll     Mull. Mi. Id  Hill)                 15 1     11(05                  II "    0455  17:5                    5:     1145                   14.1     llllll  192(1                     1.9     1455  144  II.  11-  1.0  14.9  lll.'l  1.1.5  llliirs. Mi. i:                Silt, 1 ih. 14                   --"  1   (1(1(15                   114     (Hill                   1.1.8     Tues. Mi. 17  0455                   I".1     0755                   II 4    I15.H1  11145                   14"      1:45                   1.1.9     III5II  IKI5                    4.5     :n|5                    14     1 sail  .-45  : h  15.1  1114  114  19  GROCERIES   FISHING TACKLE  f               SUNDRIES   TIMEX WATCHES  1           Open 9���9      7 Days a Week  Jim��iHnni��i��**��*iittfNtii��**iiiiiiiiiitiiiiiiiiiiiiitiiiiMfriitiniifiitititiiiHfii<tiinifiitiiiiMitif  STEREO  SALE  IS 4031-5  AM-FM  Stereo Integrated  Receiver with Automatic  Record Changer and built-in  Cassette Player/Recorder,  Including MC 500  Allegro Speakers  WO."  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Perhaps it was the common  bond of poverty that most of us  shared, or it could have been  that, during desperate times  such as we were undergoing in  those Hungry ION, the old  tribal instincts come to the fore  and we humans have a tendency to huddle closer together for  our own mutual protection.  However, whatever it was,  when the deadline for our  leaving, which had been set for  June 30th ,1931 came, both  Mogens and I had had several  offers of work and, in his case, a  deal had been made with  MacKinnon, the owner of the  sawmill, to clear some 20 acres  on a farm which he (MacKinnon) owned about four miles  north of the village. The  contract called for the small  second growth to be cut, the  stumps pulled and the whole  area burned off so that the land  would be ready for ploughing,  for which the Dane was to  receive a cash sum of $500. He  was also to become the possessor of the team of horses that he  had used in the process.  1 hadn't as yet committed  myself to anything on a long-  term basis, although I had  agreed to help our next door  neighbour, Archie MacRae,  with the haying and, in fact,  was staying with him and his  family injhc meantime. I knew  that they were, like many of the  other farmers around, as poor  as the proverbial church mice,  but they shared what they had  and at least I had a camp cot up  in the attic and three square  meals a day which, viewed in a  practical light, was far better  than being battered around on  the freight trains and in many  cases not only going hungry,'  but sleeping in haystacks and  barns or, if in hostile territory,  in the local hoosegow.  Archie's farmhouse was  situated on the main gravel  road that led to the village, but  t he actual farm was narrow and  ran all the way from concession  to concession. It was bisected  by a swamp that was impassable during the rainy season but  could be traversed after the  freeze up. The lower end  consisted of higher ground and  supported a magnificent stand  of hardwood, huge maples,  birch, beech and butternut  trees while in the western  corner was a grassy hillock that  was beautiful in all seasons, but  particularly so during the  autumn months when the  leaves were changing colour  preparatory to their fall.  We hadn't even started the  haying when one evening after  supper while we were playing  cards, Archie came up with a  proposition that literally took  my breath away, it was so  sudden and surprising. I am  certain that both he and his  good wife Rebecca were worried and deeply concerned over  my future and it probably  terrified them when I had quite  casually remarked that I was  going back to freight riding as  soon as the haying finished.  Anyway what he was now  proposing to me was that I  should stay on with them and,  come fall, he would put in a bid  for the contract to supply the  local cheese factory with wood  and I could help him, not only  with the farm work but share in  the dual work of clearing up the  swamp and cutting the mixed  softwoods that grew there ���  mostly spruce, tamarack, cedar  and balsam. In return for my  work, in lieu of cash, he would  deed me one acre in the corner I  had so much admired and we  would  select  and put aside  sufficient logs to build me a  cabin on it. I was so flabbergasted I couldn't believe it, but  when I came out of the daze I  readily agreed and we shook  hands on it to seal our bargain.  In my mind's eye I already had  the cabin up and had moved in,  but now unforeseen complications arose just as sudden and  unexpected as his generous  offer.  It was a blistering, hot July  day and I had been on an  errand for Mrs. MacRae,  delivering a home-baked pie to  Jim MacDonald, an old bachelor who lived alone at the  crossroads, about two miles  south of Dunvegan. On my  return, the afternoon being  swelteringly hot, I had stopped  to rest at the stone bridge which  spanned a small stream that  was marked on the maps as the  Little Castor River, but was  referred to by all the locals as  "The Creek". 1 doubt if at any  place it was 20 feet wide and no  more than four feet deep but it  was a beautiful little stretch of  water, clear as crystal and I was  watching a school of minnows  as they darted here and there  among the waving weeds.  Sitting on the wall of the bridge  I had just lit my pipe when a car  came along, stopped and I  heard someone call very peremptorily "Hey, you C, come  here! 1 want to talk to you!"  Surprised, not only at the tone  of voice but at the fact that he  knew my name, I looked and  recognized it was the agent for  Mrs. Sutherland, the same  arrogant pip-squeak who had  delivered the notice to Mogens  and me that we had to vacate  the farm. At that time I had had  a hard time controlling my  temper and now all the old  resentment flared back at the  way he was addressing me, just  as if I was some lackey or,  possibly, a well-disciplined dog  trained to obey his master's  commands. Even in the stifling  heat he was nattily attired in a  blue suit, white shirt, collar and  tie and he looked exactly what  he was, a pompous ass with an  overbearing manner and an  exaggerated opinion of himself.  I don't remember precisely  what 1 said but when he  ordered me, in a very curt  manner, to go over to the  farmhouse that Mogens and I  had so recently left, wash the  windows, take a broom and  sweep the floors, etc. inferring  that we had left the place filthy  (which was a damned lie), my  supressed rage got the better of  me. In a few well-chosen words  I not only told him what he  could do with the broom but I  designated the exact spot in his  *o��*Sr%  Used Furniture  and What Have You  AL'S USED  FUMIITUIIE  We buy Beer Battles  886-2812  lower anatomy where he could  stick it. At this, and again I am  not certain what his intensions  were, he said something to the  effect that I needed to be taught  a lesson and, fool that he was,  threw open the door of the car  in which he was a passenger,  ducked his head and made a  motion as if he was about to  climb out. That was all I  needed! While the driver of the  car looked on in frozen horror,  I seized him by the hair,  dragged him from the car and,  getting a firm hold on the seat  of his pants and using my knee  for leverage, with one tremendous heave I threw him over the  parapet into the creek!  I was extraordinarily pleased  with myself but I hadn't long to  rejoice. I took a short cut  through the bush back to the  MacRae place but, just as we  were about to sit down to  supper, the phone rang. It was  one of those party affairs, two  long and one short and when  Becky answered it it turned out  to be for me. The caller was  "Big Angus" Gray who operated the post office in the village  and, although he was usually a  rather phlegmatic individual,  now he was obviously excited.  The "gentleman" 1 had thrown  into the creek was a lawyer  from Cornwall and he had  come in dripping and leaving  puddles wherever he stood, not  requesting but demanding the  use of the phone. Granted  permission, he had put in a call  to the Ontario Provincial  Police in Cornwall, thirty miles  away and proferred a charge  against me of assault and  battery and even now "Big  Angus" in his agitated state was  sure the minions of the law  were on their way.  It was a rudely interrupted  meal I can assure you but we  did have time to agree on one  subject and that was that a  change of scenery might be the  best for me in the circumstances, even if only temporarily. Archie drove me to the  station at Greenfield and that  night when the 8:15 p.m. train  pulled out, I was on it heading  for Ottawa. All I had was a ten  dollar bill loaned me by my  friends, but 1 was really pleased  to think that, even if I hadn't  squared accounts with Mrs.  Sutherland for her shoddy  treatment of Mogens, at least I  had done a good job in cooling  off her bumptious, bastard ofa  lawyer!  1  , / ; M  If. '^1  1     h           l  Lafl   WWW*         fl   B                        T"^Rf>jaTaJ  f Jh i  B   ��� <  I 1  1 Li  1\   His  a M        - at ii  Coast News, February 10, 1981  13  Tired of sky-high heat bills?  Ask about the  WEATHERTRON   HEAT PUMP  BY GENERAL ELECTRIC  America's No. 1 selling heat pump  Wite  Bill RoDerts Refrigeration.  Box 271,  JVIadeira Park, B.C. 883-9461  or call:  - John Burnside phnlo  The concrete truck which overturned on Highway 101 hill in Gibsons list Friday morning blocked  the road for t couple of hours. The driver was taken to hospital with hip and head injuries which were  described as 'not too serious'.  BCRIC big loser in coal deal  by Dock Lockstead  MLA Mackenzie  Bill Bennett's baby, BCRIC,  is the big loser in the North East  coal deal. While Denison and  Teck wallow in government  largesse, BCRlCs coal arm -  BC Coal - will be cut out of the  action.  BCRIC, you will remember,  was created to make us owners  of the rock, and rich to boot.  Unfortunately, Edgar Kaiser  Jr. walked off with the biggest  cash box in the west and  BCRIC was left holding a  massive debt, a tarnished  reputation, and what was left of  Kaiser Resources after the  cream had been skimmed off.  Bennett's passion for BCRIC  skidded abruptly as the shares  slid and charges of mismanagement mounted. His affections  have now been transferred  wholesale to the mega coal  project in the North East.  The provincial government  will put up close to SI billion  towards getting Bill's new baby  off the ground. A minimum of  $400 million will be spent  building the Anzac spur line  into the coal fields. Interest  payments alone on this sum  would amount to $50 million  per year, or $7 for every ton of  coal leaving for Japan. On top  of that, the province must build  a new town, highways and  hydro lines to the tune of $300  million or more.  To recover his massive  public investment, the government will levy a surcharge - but  T   886-8101 M  TAXI  V  JF  >0,fTHE BEACHCO**"  SERVING THE SUNSHINE COAST  NEW STOCK  Has Just Arrived  Ages 4 - 6 yrs.  and7-14yrs.  ��  More Children's Clothes  Will Be Arriving  Shortly  OWORKWErXR   Cowrie St.  /IK WORLD r-P Sechelt  "WERE WORKING FOR YOU | | OOb'wODO  only $3 per ton. This grossly  inadequate surcharge will not  even escalate with inflation.  We do not have all the  figures as yet, but even Socred  MLA Jack Davis can see that  development of North East  coal will require a public  subsidy of between $ 10 and $20  per ton.  This means that BCRIC will  have to compete with rivals  whose costs have been artificially lowered at government  expense in order to obtain  contracts in Japan.  It is questionable whether  BCRIC will have to compete  with rivals whose costs have  been artificially lowered at  government expense in order to  obtain contracts in Japan.  It is questionable whether  BCRIC-BC Coal-will be able  to expand its coal operation in  the South-East, despite considerable potential. With new  mines opening up in the North  East, in Australia and Alberta,  the Japanese will be up to their  knees in coal.  It is no wonder the BCRIC  shares are not trading well. We  may well wonder why Bill  Bennett has left BCRIC out in  the coal.  But then... Bill's got a brand  new baby now.  CLASSIFIED NOTE  B^^W^W^^*%V��������  ��� * Inn  Presents for your  Entertainment  Reg Dickson  Friday & Saturday  February 13th & 14th  7:30 pm - 11:00 pm  Luxury Accommodation     Full Marina Facilities  Licensed Dining Lounge Marine Pub  Reservations Please    ISkvW a  (TUjKjtX Kjjj^ j  ��������� I Van. Direct  885-5888     R.R. #1, Halfmoon Bay      684-3541  Swanson's  L & H Swanson Ltd.  Sand, Bravel  DUMP TRUCKS  Box 172, Sechelt, B.C. V0N3A0  THESE  FACTS:  ��� We are In business to service your needs  ��� We feature Chrysler products  ��� We do sell all makes & models of vehicles  New & Used  ��� We also consign cars & trucks  WE WILL  We do not carry a large Inventory due  to high interest costs.  This saves you money  we can get most  makes l models  within 48 hours  ii  Q "QIUE US A TRY BEFORE V0U BUY  SUnCOHST tHRMSLER LTD  885-5111 DL2180 mm  14  Coast News, February 10, 1981  In  Christ's  service  The duty of the messenger  by Rev. George W. Inglis  The preacher who steps into  the pulpit every Sunday  morning does so effectively if  - Qradley J Benson pholo  Shrimps and prawns were on sale in the sunshine at Davis Bay last  week.  W  >���  ELECTROHOMB    :'��$^  14" COLOUR T.V.  *499.  SUNSHINE COAST T.V.  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AIDAN  Cedar Grove School  ANGLICAN CHURCHES  Chaster Rd., Gibsons  Combined Services  Senior Pastor: Ted Boodle  2nd A 4th Sundays ll:ISa.m.  Youth Pastor: Jack Much  in St. Bartholomew's  Sunday School 9:45 a.m.  Gibsons  Morning Worship 11 a.m.  All mher Sundays  Evening Fellowship 7 p.m.  Roberts Creek 9:30 a.m.  Home Bible Study  Family Holy Eucharist  Phone 886-7268 or 886-9482  Gibsons 11:15 a.m.  Affiliated with the  Family Holy Eucharist  Pentacoslal   Assemblies   of  Rector:  Rev. John E. Robinson  Canada  ROMAN CATHOLIC  SERVICES  SEVENTH-DAY  ADVENTIST CHURCH  Rev. Angelo De Pompa  Sabbath School Sat. 10 a.m.  Parish Priest  Hour of Worship Sat. 11 a.m.  Timet of Masses  St. John's United Church  Saturday 5:00 p.m.  Davis Bay  St. Mary's, Gibsons  Pastor: C. Drieberg  Regular Sunday Misses  Everyone Welcome  9:00 a.m. Our Lady  For information phone:  of Lourdes Church  885-9750 or 883-2736  Sechelt Indian Reserve  10:00 a.m. Holy Family  GLAD TIDINGS  TABERNACLE  Church, Sechelt  Gower Point Road  12:00 noon St. Mary's Church  Phone 886-2660  Gibsons  Sunday School 9:45 a.m.  Worship Service 11:00 a.m.  Evening Fellowship 6 p.m.  Confessions before Mass  Phone: 885-9526 or 885-5201  REFORMED  Bible Study Wed. 7:30 p.m.  CHRISTIAN GATHERING  Pastor: Nancy Dykes  Sechelt                   885-5635  ���j 11 Church Services!  he carries a large container full  of reassurance and distributes  the contents to each member of  his audience, dispensing it to  each one according to his or her  need.  The problem with this very  neat formula lies within three  areas: I) the redundancy and  harshness of the message; 2) the  fallibility of the messenger; 3)  the preoccupation of the  audience.  This is one of the main  reasons why today's "successful" preachers seem to be  focussing on glamorous backdrops, brilliantly showcased  musical presentations,  smoothly-paced and tightly-  produced performances, and a  message that contains no harsh  tones, but promise of instant  gratification at a modest price.  Gone are the men like Saul of  Tarsus, Peter of Galilee, Jesus  of Nazareth, Wesley of  England, etc. etc., who could  hold their audiences for two or  three hours with the simple,  spoken words in the most  unprepossessing of surroundings, and send them away  feeling challenged, and well-  nurtured.  In their place are those who  feel it necessary to tailor and  trim the message to meet the  needs of their audiences, and  seduce them with surroundings  and stage management and  glamorous props.  If, as we suggested earlier, we  feel the message taken from this  2,000-year-old book is  redundant, then surely it must  be the preacher as well as the  audience that believes it, since  the preacher is the one who  carries the message, and the  audience is the one who digests  it, or regurgitates it.  If we believe the message is  redundant, then surely we must  also believe that the supreme  messenger, Jesus of Nazareth,  is also redundant, having died  forever in the year 30-34 A.D.  and only living in the memories  of some who read about him,  and really believe he did live.  This form of belief has some  comfort to it, and some  reassurance, since it would also  mean he is not alive and in our  midst and seeing our every  thought and gesture - but few  preachers would be found  preaching such a message.  If, on the other hand, the  preacher and the audience  believe that the message is  dynamic and living today,  through God's Holy Spirit and  the living Christ, there is an  element of threat to it, because  the hearers are constantly being  reminded of how remiss they  are in propagating the message  and in dispensing to the  neighbours the love which God  first bore for them.  So, it would seem the  message is either boring in its  redundancy, or harsh in its  judgement.  What about the preacher  whose task it is to make this  message living and fresh and  vibrant every Sunday morning?  Unfortunately, many  preachers, in fact most of the  preachers, are so dreadfully  fallible.  They ache and they sweat;  they doubt and they fear; they  rationalize and they accommodate; they covet and they  err; they deviate and they  vacillate.  As the apostle Paul said  about preachers: "...we have  this treasure (the message) in  earthen vessels..." (II  Corinthians 4:7a).  And it is because of the  fallibility of the messenger that  the feeling of redundancy and  harshness may radiate from the  pulpit, instead of the vibrant  truth and promise that is  contained fully in the message  today, as it did in the 1st  century A.D. when Jesus  proclaimed it.  The messenger, just like  those listen to the message,  must be fully convinced that  the message is alive and  thriving today, just as it has  since creation, and that it is just  as new and vibrant each time it  is delivered, as it was in Jesus'  day.  And he (or she) must feel the  duty of the messenger is to  deliver the message, faithfully  and powerfully, doing full  justice to its content.  As the poet Ralph S.  Cushman said in his poem,  Kinette Club announces  draw winners  The Kinette Club of Gibsons  and District, Auxiliary to the  Kinsmen Club of Gibsons and  District, would like to announce the winners of their  second annual Christmas Turkey draw. Winners of a Twenty  pound Turkey are: Al Ferguson of Gibsons; Maureen  Maxwell of Langdale and Scott  Phillips of Gibsons.  Winners of $20.00 towards  the purchase of their turkey  are: M. Mullen of Gibsons;  Phil Grafton of Gibsons and  W.E. Proctor of Sechelt.  Special thanks to the staff of  Maxwell's Pharmacy, Saan  store and Richard's Mens Wear  for displaying our cards and  collecting the funds.  Extra Special thanks to Don  and the staff of Gibsons Meat  Market for supplying the  turkeys and supporting us all  the way.  We would also like to thank  all those who supported us this  year with their donations the  the draw. The funds will go  towards the purchase of kitchen supplies for the Kiwanis  senior home.  Job's Daughters install  new Honour Queen  by Arlene Mulcaster  On Sunday, January 25th  there was an open installation  of Job's Daughters. Debbie  Robinson was installed as the  new Honoured Queen and  Yvonne Valencious is now our  past Honoured Queen.  Attending the installation  was Mr. Foster, Deputy of our  Bethel.  It was a wonderful installation followed by a reception  which was enjoyed by everyone.  On Sunday, February 1st, we  were visited by Mrs. Green-  horne, our Grand Guardian.  Any girl aged II to 18  interested in joining Job's  Daughters, call Mrs. Brandys  at 886-9617 for information.  Chlniney  Cleaning  O Maintenance  Phone 886-8187  Professional Repair & Service  to your  oil & electric heating equipment  -AUTHORIZED DEALER FOR-  fcssoj  Gulf  THOMAS HEATING  SUNSHINE COAST DISTRIBUTOR:  CALL NOW 886-7111  17 Years Experience Chargex ��� Mastercharge  Serving Ihe Coast Since 1967  "The Parson's Prayer,"  "I do not ask  That crowds may throng the  temple,  That standing room be priced;  1 only ask that as I voice the  message,  They may see Christ!"  And finally, there is the  audience, coming from all  walks of life and bearing into  the church all manner of  doubts, fears and insecurities,  seeking to find some kind of  reassurance in the church  which they have failed to find  by artificial means in the world  outside the walls of the church.  They have little or no  disposition to be challenged by  a message which requires faith  and understanding to accept;  they want reassurance, pat and  neat and easily digestible!  They do not come to hear a  message which causes them to  assess their daily livii.g in the  light of God's injunction to  them to love one another, they  want reassurance, cozy and  comfortable and without effort  on their part!  How, then, may the  discrepancy between the  message, the messenger, and  the hearer of the message be  solved?  Quickly and simplistically  put, it may be found by  discovering the common  denominator between the three  elements.  Equally simplistically put ���  the message was delivered and  recorded by men in the power  of God's Holy Spirit; it must be  preached and proclaimed by  messengers in the power of  God's Holy Spirit, and it must  be heard by listeners in the  power of God's Holy Spirit.  Anything less, and it is of  men. not of God!  Harmony Hall  Happenings  OAPO No. 38 met at Harmony Hall on February 2nd for  the second general meeting of  1981 with the usual number of  members in attendance.  Activities are back in full  swing after the Christmas  holidays. Monday afternoon  Social Bingos will be held on  February 9th and February  16th starting at 2 o'clock.  Carpet bowling is held every  Wednesday at I o'clock. Public  Bingo takes place every Thursday night starting at 7:45 p.m.  sharp. Every Friday night there  is a social where one can play  cards or games and on the last  Friday in each month there is a  Potluck Dinner at 6 o'clock,  followed by cards or games  with dancing afterwards. The  above activities are all held at  Harmony Hall and everyone is  welcome to attend. For more  information phone 886-7685.  Our Spring Tea and Bazaar  has been scheduled for May  2nd in Harmony Hall with sale  tables for Home Baking,  Plants, Crafts, White Elephant  and Regal Cards etc. We will  also have raffles; prizes being  one petitpoint picture donated  by J.Tolberg, a$50 Food Value  donated by Super-Valu, a  hairpin lace afghan donated by  our own craft club and a garden  planter donated by Norm  Lambert.  LOSE 5 -14 lbs. 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Sechelt  Commemorate  Sechelt's Z5th Anniversary  with a  1981 Sunshine Coast  Historical Calenda  Get them  while  they last!  *>  ��*.��$  The early history of the Sunshine Coast has been tastefully  captured in well reproduced photographs, complete with story  line by local historian Lester R. Peterson. The cover illustration  is a reproduction of a pen & wash drawing by well-known artist  Robert Jack.  Attractive!  Informative!  Available at:  Gibsons:  Fawkcs Books  Coast News  NDP Bookstore  Sechelt:  Th�� Bookstore  Books & Stuff  Western Drags  Pender  Madeira Pari  MM  mmMmmttmmm 5EAUTY  n Woods  Son Ltd.  Armstrong |  I floor fashion j  SEDIET  SENSE WAY.  nonsense meal replacement  to curb your appetite and to  :alone intake,  f people will break a diet  not have the energy they  tonsense meal replacement  nergy you need.  o nonsense diet replacement  i day with 8 ounces of skim  the nutrients for human  ;spoons in S ouncesof milkis  to one complete meal.  COMPLETE  RKS  s  The usual prize of SS.00 will be awarded to the first name drawn from the barrel which correctly  locates the above. Send your entries to the Coast News, Box 460, Gibsons. Please note your entry can  only be considered if it reaches the Coast News office by Saturday of the same week as it appears in  the paper. Don't delay! From last week's bumper crop of entries the winner picked was Tina  Haddock of R.H.KI, Madeira Park who correctly located the Launch Here sign as being at Harbour  Marina in Garden Bay.  On the  Seafood Platter  by Chak-Chak  Happy New Year to our  Chinese friendsl From the  first of February to the fifteenth the people of Chinese  origin are celebrating the New  Year of the Rooster with  parades, concerts, banquets  and special sale prices on  goods.  Many exotic foods are prepared at this time and fish, as  always, is a popular item on  the Chinese menu. It will be  popular on any menu if it can  be cooked so that its savoury  sea flavour is brought out.  The Chinese contend that in  breading fish, its genuine  flavour is sacrificed and that in  broiling it to an over-brownish  turn, its flavour is lost.  Fish must have the proper  seasoning, they believe, which  not only helps to bring out the  flavour but also lends a  delicious piquancy.  Chinese sauce adds zest  and delicacy when used on  The mighty shrew  any kind of fish. In baking or  frying fish, add a tablespoon  or so of light soy sauce while  cooking and baste frequently.  Slivered green ginger and  crushed cloves of garlic  combined with a little white  wine slightly sweetened with  honey or sugar.  Ming' or wet steaming is  probably the Chinese housewife's favourite method of  cooking because it is simple  and doesn't require constant  attention. We use bamboo  steamers called "jing loongs"  which stack on the wok. If  you don't have a steamer, put  your fish on a platter on a  "tic-tac-toh" made from placing four long cooking chopsticks placed across the top of  the wok and covered with the  wok lid. Caution! Do not let  the water boil dry.  Steamed Fish  1 medium sized red snapper,  rock cod or piece of ling cod  "Dau See" (preserved black  Nature Note  by Vicky deBoer  'The furry mite with a  mighty fury'. That is how E.  Laurence Palmer described  the little Shrew. There are at  least 170 species of Shrews  spread over the entire world,  34 of them live in North  America.  The smallest of Shrews is  the tiny Pygmy Shrew, which  is probably the world's smallest mammal. It is about  two to two-and-a-half inches  long plus a one inch tail and  weighs only two and a half  grams   (same   as   a   dime).  Twotm, warmer, warmest   <'  daniadown  Chj>;f Wmtei (Ail J*JY *iir> .> Dinudowi rontmenln  quiit inn dowi Ihe HMt in un enttfly Jnd it 'im o'  IMmu. bf.Mij.ing ifiif.'i    *sN ,<t>uul an  umqur  (jiuunlff nt (Mifflin Wt hjir j nnwijn|l> PlunnViQ  .err! Li" .'MP'.igi'- i' r.:r"i>.'i'liiM'tl(.llri,tni1fflLisim',  liif iirrm.tinio po%t>mtti Ut (MUM!  M,iliti.ii(j(tup( sfinff iMiUDfr ilnsi'm'tut us Mi  phi COW h'l'ihim  I daniodownquiKsltd.  *     SUNSHINE INTMIOItS  NOHTM HO. 1HIWANIJ WAY  output  MHII7  The largest of Shrews is the  unusual Short Tailed Shrew  who is three to four inches  long with a three-quarter inch  tail. This Shrew is unique  in that it is venomous.  Shrews are little mouse-like  creatures with small ears and  eyes, long and pointed snouts  and very dense, soft velvety  fur. Despite their small size,  they are very feisty and always  ready to use their teeth when  handled. They are always on  the move looking for food to  keep their high metabolism  going. Their metabolic rate  is twice that of man and some  species will starve in seven  hours if they cannot find food.  It is estimated they consume  over two thirds of their own  body weight in a day.  Most Shrews have a three  hour rhythm of alternately  feeding and resting so they  can be seen at all times of the  day or night. Their basic diet  is insects and they will eat  most anything small enough  for them to overpower. They  will also eat carrion and some  cereals and seeds. They often  suffer from cold starvation,  that is they cannot eat enough  during cold periods to keep  their body temperature up and  die from exposure or shock.  Thrift Shop contract awarded  St. Mary's Hospital Board  has approved the plans and  have awarded the contract to  Rowgon Construction of 1627  Ingleton, Burnaby, B.C. for  the accepted tender cost of  S194.000.00.  The proposed Building,  designed by Fjord Design &  Construction, consists of 3700  square feet of ground level  retail space. The design has  incorporated a "vintage" motif and should definitely add  character to the main street of  Sechelt.  Approximately 2200 square  feet of the proposed building  will be occupied by the St.  Mary's Thrift Shop and the  remaining space will be leased  to a yet unnamed tenant.  The Board of Trustees is  pleased to advise the community that following many  months of planning and  negotiating, the project will  commence construction immediately and will be completed satisfactorily with the  estimated time frame of four  to five months.  Gibsons Ready Mix  886-8174  Drainrock 'Washed Rock  "Sand *Road Mulch  'Fill "Concrete Anchors  Mon.���Friday 8a.m.���5p.m.  8  Coast New  a mm  CEDI  Hon  QUALI  Every detail in a Lin  living.  And every Lindal  flexibility Over 60 c  to tit your particula  your very own plan  Sales Office ar   Al  CN2-10 iNDt  6  Wi  Enclosed is  Name   Street   City   Prov   Phone    Location of  ���KrXwttSwXwww:^^  beans) or "Miso" paste (from  health food stores)  Vi cup slivered green ginger  1-3  garlic cloves   (crushed)  Soy sauce and  cooking oil  Method  Wash and scale fish, pat dry.  Wash black beans, drain and  crush to a paste with garlic  and ginger, add oil and soy  sauce to make a moist paste.  Place fish on heat-proof plate  or heavy foil turned up at  edge.  Spread bean mixture over  fish.  Steam for about ten minutes  or until fish flakes easily.  Remove, sprinkle with green  onions and serve immediately.  This dish should be accompanied by rice and steamed  Chinese greens.  You could finish the meal  with a Chinese New Year  pudding (recipe later) which  would foretell the luck of the  new year. Sea You.  Shrews are very short-lived,  usually staying active for a  year or less. Their enemies  include birds of prey especially owls plus foxes and  weasels. Domestic cats will  often hunt Shrews for sport  but seldom eat them because  most Shrews emit a foul  odour from a musk gland in  each flank which apparently  makes them unpalatable to  cats.  They have a very high  pitched squeak and it is  reported that when two  Shrews meet they will try to  out-squeak each other rather  than fight, kind of like two  people having a shouting  match I guess.  This column is to share  nature lore, so if you have  information to share or questions you would like answered,  please write or call 886-8029.  ���Jr. *+ * ;(��� -Jf. 1   I ���" +  NDP  *0o*s%  Sunnycre  JVU-WEATHEI  Water re|  polyester r  of coats a  two 30" pi  lined and  pockets,  shoulders.  Choose fr<  tone color  ^mmtmmmmmmmmmmmm  *m 16 Coast News, February 10, 1981  Democracy can work  Grass root power and land use  by Katie Angermeyer  j     Sechelt Marsh Society  "My experience in government has proved lo me that the  text books are right We Can  make democracy work. The  power is with the people,  provided that the people are  committed, informed and organized."  -Russell W. Peterson  President, National  Audubon Society  The small, local organisations such as our Marsh  Protective Society, the wildlife  clubs and the Sargeant's Bay  Society, are the basis for the  grass root power which does  exist, if we make use of it.  When it comes to the important land use decisions that  are facing our age, wc have a  responsibility to make our  concerns and attitudes known.  As individuals we can write to  our M.P. or M.L.A., alderman  or director; but as a grass roots  collective, we can combine our  efforts to produce more impact  than the sum of the individuals.  Aldo Leopold once said, "It  is the nature of roots to nose  into cracks." So it must be with  us as grass roots: to nose our  way into a solid basis of facts  upon which to base our opinions It is especially important  that we stay informed about the  facts, because it appears that  the provincial government has  abolished one of the most  credible groups of professional  civil servants with the disbanding of the E.L.U.C. Secretariat. The E.L.U.C. will  continue to function, perhaps  without bothering with the  facts, "except, that is, for those  facts which filter through the  newly-politicized Executive  Committees of the various  ministries." (Jim Bonfonti,  Vice Chairman of the Sierra  Club of Western Canada). I  don't believe the E.L.U.C. will  make important land use  decisions without facts, however 1 feel it is wise to keep an  eye on how decision-making  proceeds within E.L.U.C. and  from where they obtain their  information.  What is happening at the  Provincial level may eventually  affect the outcome of our local  land use battles. The Marsh  Society and other groups of  citizens are struggling with  settlement plans, establishing  parks and ecological reserves  and what to do about foreshore  leases. We have little insurance  that politicians will decide not  to throw out our settlement  plans or allow condominiums  to  be  built  on ecologically  EXCAVATING I  J.F.Uf. EXCAUATINQ LTD.  ��� septic Fields ��� Excauations ��� Clearing ���  H,.,.(l itii. BBB-8071 Gibsons  r   F & L CONTRACTORS  ^  Landcloaring, road building, logging, tree removal  excavations & gravel. ��.����.����   ___**  s 886-9872  '       PACIFIC GADCO CONSTRUCTION     '  Land Clearing, light or heavy  Road Construction ��� Excavation ��� Logging  Bulldozer ��� Backhoe ��� Grader ��� Front End Loader  Gravel Truck - Skidder 886-7287 886-7951 886-7142  ^       J.B.EXCAVATING 886-9031  Water, sewer, drainage installation  ��&.:  C5=  Dump Truck   ��� Backhoe  ��� Cat   ��� Land Clearing  Free Estimates   ��� Septic Fields  RUFUS BULLDOZING  ��� Land Clearing ��� Excavating  \   Daryll ��� Drain Fields      886-9739  I APPLIANCES |  HARRISON'S APPLIANCE SALES  Parts and Service  Tuesday ��� Saturday 9��� 5  886-9959 Pratt Rd.. Gibsons  JOHN HIND-SMITH  REFRIGERATIONS MAJOR APPLIANCE SERVICE  Port Mellon to Pender Harbour  Res. 886-9949  AUTOMOTIVE!  R. & J. SERVICES LTD.  Repair & Rebuilding of:  ALTERNATORS ��� STARTERS ��� GENERATORS  Paine Rd., Gibsons 886-9963  n Volksw.iqon Repair:  ^5^ Surapran DHotnrB  fl.irts   885-9466  *honda*  Superior  Mufllcr  Hwy. 101, Gibsons  Your Specialty Shop:  Mufflers, Brakes, Tune-lips  Gibsons BKME A TUNK  886-8213  NEED TIRES?  Come in to  COASTAL TIRES  at the S-BENDS on Highway 101  Phono 886-2700  Economy auto parts Ltd  Automobile. Industrial  and Body Shop Supplies  Sechelt    885-5181  CABINETS I  SUNSHINE    KITCHENS  CABINETS - REMODELLING  Showroom in Twilight Theatre Hldg.        g/iQ . oj / ,  K^OPENSAT. 10-5 OR BY APPOINTMENT  CARPET-CABINET-CERAMIC CENTRE  Open Thurs. ��� Sat. 10 a.m. - 5 p.m.  Howe Sound Distributors Ltd.  North Road. Gibsons, B.C. 886-2765  sensitive areas. You probably  remember the Cheekeye -  Dunsmuir hearings. Did you  know that the Energy Minister  now has the right to exempt  any energy project from hearings? Certainly not all local  desires can be provided by the  province, since they also consider broader concerns, but the  thought of no hearing for the  locals is frightening.  The only way we have to deal  with such matters is to contact  the politicians and raise a fuss,  demand an explanation and  ensure that our grass roots  voices will be heard. There is  power within each of us  individually and within our  organization. Let's use it.  The above two guests of the Gibsons Pound are looking for good homes. Both are registered German  Shepherds, both are four years old and both have had all their shots. Juno, the female on the left is  spayed. Ernie, is the male on the right. Both arc very affectionate.  Psychology  The "Psychology of Early  Childhood Education" is a  fundamental course for students working towards a Day  Care  Supervisor  Certificate.  This course will also help  parents and others working or  living with children to better  understand the physical, intellectual, emotional and social development a child goes  through. Participants will get  an overview of research and  theories related to child  growth and development,  particularly Learning and Personality Development.  Bonnie Low Glcdson will  teach this 52-hour course,  starting February 24th (Tuesday) at 7:00 p.m. in Chatelech  Junior Secondary School,  Room 115. The fee is $60.  For pre-rcgistration call  Continuing Education at 885-  3512.  I CONTRACTING I  Sunshine Coast  Business Directory  <<mn  ESTSANDS  HOME  CONSTRUCTION  Quality Construction ��� Retaining Walls  ��� Framing i Finishing  ��� Concrete Foundations  FREE ESTIMATES  Don 885-9630 Paul_  SEAVIEW CARPETS - CABINETS  SHOWROOM OPEN  Open 10-6, Tues. to Sat. Friday to 9  Phone 886-2743 and 886-2417  24 HR. SECURITY  IV:; *^i"^ 1>a,n,ll'"S - Commercial Sites, Industrial. Sili-s  8NBC    I & Private Residences  ���focu main 88��-ii22  I-704S  Fully Bonded  Box 1586, Sechelt ^  J&L Vu Xnlligan Construction Ltd.  I    I  Custom homes, commercial and renovations  P.O. Box 1280   SECHELT, B.C. VON 3AO   886-2012  KEN DE VRIES & SON LTD  , FLOOR COVERINGS  Carpets - Tiles- Linoleums - Drapes  Hwy. 101, Gibsons Cowrie St., Sechelt  886-7112 885-3424  PENINSULA TRANSPORT LTD.  LOW BED SERVICE    2" hrs  Reasonable Rates Per daV  886-2284 Days        Dispatch  Now Offers  Evenings 886-9470  STEVE HOFLEY  Natural & Cultured Stone Pacings  House Fronts, Fireplaces   and Feature Walls  AIXWOKKCONDITIONAI.LV GUARANTEE!!     M6-845*  B ft hi installations  17 Years Experience  Commercial And Residential  Floor Coverings  885-2923     865-8881  &  THERIMX WELD-ALL INDUSTRIES    "  Fabrication & General Repairs  Custom Wrought Iron Railings & Airtight Stoves  ^Gibsons Industrial Park   Oft Shaw Road. Gibsons     886-8466 J  KRAMAK CONSTRUCTION CO, LTD.  ���   Foundations   ���   Framing   ���   Custom  Homes   ���  On your lot or ours  Norb Kraft 885-3432 Sechelt  Carpet Steam Cleaning  885-5851  S 4  I MISC. SERVICES!  DIAL-A-BOTTLE  Bottles ��� Party Ice ��� Mixes  ��� pop 886-2775 ���<***  Quality Farm & Garden Supply Ltd.  M  * Feed  * Fencing  886-7527  * Pet Food     �� Fertilizer    Pra" Rtl  Gibsons  MOVING AND STORAGE  LEN WRAY'S TRANSFER LTD.  Household Moving & Storage Complete Packing  Packing Materials for Sale  Phone 886-2664      Member Allied Van Lines      R.R. 1, Gibsons  UAUOHAN CEDAR LIMITED  Post & Beam Construction - Fencing  Timber & Cedar Sales  Michael Vaughan - Owner Phone: 886-8203 J  (K  BOBCAT SERVICE  HISCOhTBflCTIIIB  ��� Hot Tubs ��� Swimming Pool!  ��� Solar Installations a Framing  DOVE HMTOH         885-38257  FREE ESTIMATES  LookVt* wy  tor ut In the Yellow Paget,  Village Tile Co.  CERAMIC TILE SALES AND INSTALLATIONS  Box 65  Sechelt  Joe Jacques  Phone  885-3611 J  SUNCOAST TRUSS LTD. gZaies  (Gibsons) 886-7318  Industrial Way, Seamount Industrial Park p q ���     , .���  Residential & Commercial Roof Trusses Gibsons BCj  ���3    Ml'SIC   LESSONS    YOU ENJOY  Piano & Organ ) PQQlP  HBIMBB    BeSin "' "Sc 4 "d older  I6I4 Marine Drive. Gibsons    886-9030  Harbour Chimney Cleaning  SERVING THE SUNSHINE COAST  Fireplaces       t    Furnaces OH Stoves  l Ww*8l71       Customers from the S66 exchange call colled       J  PERMASEAL ALUMINUM  MANUFACTURING LTD.     vcV��  COMPLETE ALUMINUM WINDOW PRODUCTS rtr/tr  DOUBLE PANE WINDOWS FOK NEW CONSTRUCTION   \V j.y'  AND RENOVATION PURPOSES jtk��  885-3538 **  Sunrise Ridge Industrial Park. Airport Hd  Sechelt B C _  UPHOLSTERY  ALL REUPHOLSTER1NG DONE  Boat Tops & Seats  1339 Wharl Road,   Sechelt, B.C 885-5216 J  ' SUNSHINE COAST >  DISPOSAL SERVICES  885-9973     Port Mellon to Ole's Cove     886-2938  Commercial Containers Available  886-2086G|BSONSLANESHwyi0, '  &,     OPEN BOWLING SUMMER HOURS  Saturday-7:00-11:00p.m.  Sunday - 2:00 - 5:00 p.m.  Mercury Sales & Service  Honda Sales & Service  <J|^MARII  _       MARINA  Sllverline, Campion & Lund boats RESORT  P.O. BOX 160, MADEIRA PARK, B.C. VON2HO  883-2248  ELECTRICAL I  It's Holland Electric Ltd.  Bill Achterberg  886-9232  TREE TOPPING  VIEW DEVELOPMENTS LTD.  Clean up your wooded areas.  Remove lower limbs for VIEW.      886-8225  Top tall trees adjacacent to building  WOODZIN CONSTRUCTION LTD.  FOUNDATIONS ��� FRAMING   ��� FINISHING  I p. Bruce Fraser 885-9068 bom 1896, sachen J  I PAINTING I  Tom Flieger   Phone 886-7868  LECTRICAL  ONTRACriNG  Box 2H. Gibsons. B C  VON 1VO  HARTLEY PAINTING  ft DECORATING  ^Residential   Commercial & Marine  PACIFIC-O-FIBERGLASS  FIBERGLASS LAMINATING - REPAIRS  BOATS-SUNDECKS, ETC.  14 years experience 885-2981  ^Upholsterers  Serving Sunshine  Coast and Vancouver  883-9901 All Furniture - Marine - Boat Tops  Need this space?  Call the COAST NEWS  886-2622 or 886-7817  HEATING  Professional Work At Reasonable Cost  JOE DAVIS  PAINTER & DECORATOR  R.R. 2 Lower Rd., Gibsons 886-8291  SECHELT METAL PRODUCTS LTD.  Forced Air Heating  Oil, Wood, Electric, Gas and Heat Pumps  Air Conditioning     885-2466   General Sheet Metal  YOU'LL NEVER RUN OUT!  Audrey's Coffee Seruice  Office & Restaurant Coffee  Supplies & Equipment  885-3716   Terry Connor  886-7040  PAINTING CONTRACta  Box 540, Gibsons, B.C.  I RESTAURANTS I  ( ICG CANADIAN PROPANE  LTD.  Hwy. 101   Sechelt between St. Mary's  Hospital and Forest Ranger's Hut. 885-2360  Mon.-Fri.   8 a.m. - 5 p.m. Sat.   9 a.m. - 5 p.m.  Chinese & Western Food Licensed Premises  Tuesday to Sunday  Lunch: 11:30 - 3 pm Dinner: 4:30 - 9 pm  Sat. & Sun. Lunch: 12 noon - 9 pm  Lower Gibsons 886-9219    Take Out Available  CD  ULt-tilLliLiiee  886-7359  Conversion  Windows,  Glass, Auto & Marine  Glass, Aluminum Windouis & Screens, Mirrors   Hwy 101 & Pratt Rd.  THOMAS HEATING  OIL BURNER SERVICE    g.....  Complete Instrument OO0"/lll  setup ot lurnace  PGIMDGR HARBOUR RESTAURANT  CANADIAN AND CHINESE FOOD  Madeira Park Shoppmq Cenlre  Eat In A Weekdays 11:30 a.m. ��� 9:00 p.m.  Take Out Fri. & Sat. 11:30 a.m. -10:00 p.m.  883-2413 Sunday      4:00 p.m.- 9:00 p.m.,  tu. wmm  wm  Coast News, February 10,1981  17  COAST NEWS CLASSIFIED ADS  Obituaries  Perry, Jane, late in her 94th  year silently passed away in St.  Paul's Hospital. Survived by two  children, Marg and Norm, countless grandchildren and greatgrandchildren and one great-  great-grandson. "A gcltlc woman  now will sleep - in the home of  (jod above. The memories we will  always keep; and that beautiful  woman we will always love."  She was pleasant and joyful in  every way; we arc sure you'd  think mi too. There is one last  tiling I would like to say; Nanny  Perry we'll all miss you - Marian  Julie MacFarlanc.  Gaw. Passed away February 2,  I'm I. John Gaw. late of Gibsons  in his 82nd year. Survived by his  loving wife Mary, 2 daughters,  Yvonne and her husband Larry  Boyd of Gibsons, Lorna and Jo  Dougherty, Manhattan Beach,  California, 6 grandchildren Lorna  and Shawn Boyd, Jim, Maureen,  Susan and Michael Dougherty.  Funeral service was held in the  chapel of Devlin Funeral Home.  Gibsons. Reverend E.J. Dinsley  officiated. Interment Seaview  Cemetery.  Williams. John Henry Williams.  Aged 75 years. A long-time  resident of Surrey and Irvines  Landing. Passed away January  I J. 1981, at the Royal Columbia  Hospital, New Westminster. Survived by his wife Mary, 2 sons ���  John jr., Delta, Donald of  Surrey. 4 daughters, Jeannetta  Bctker, Calgary, Ruth Gottschalk,  Port Coquillam, Lillian Parcels,  North Bend, Wash., Iris Peschke,  Surrey; 27 grandchildren and 17  great grandchildren; 4 brothers  and sisters. Cremation.  In Memoriam  It happened just today, a man I  know passed away, To the world  lie was known as Johnny Gaw, his  family they just called him  "Paw", always with a smiling  face, if he had troubles, there was  no trace, right until the very end,  I'm proud to say he was my  friend.  Personal  In a very special lady, Hennie  May. Thinking of you on Valentine's Day. Missing you. Love,  P.M.  k#6  Anyone knowing the whereabouts  of Mr. Fred Bennett, formerly of  1105 Franklin Road, Gibsons,  please contact Box 186, Gibsons.  Urgent personal matter. #6  As of January 15, 1981, I will no  longer be responsible for any  debts Incurred in my name other  than by myself. Earl John.       #6  For an attractive smile, use  Tariaroff to remove stains from  teeth. New formula, powder  form, leaves them shining white.  Also removes stains from den-  lures. New J oz. shaker-pack.  Available at Pacifica Pharmacy.  Sechelt. #6  BANISH CORNS, CALLOUSES  Carnation Corn Caps, a highly  effective, medicated pad. results  guaranteed. England's largest  selling remedy for over a century.  Now I Available in Canada! Why  suffer? One trial will convince  you I Corn Caps or Callous Caps  available al Pacifica Pharmacy,  Sechelt, #6  Moisturize dry, scaly scalp with  "Lanex". This lanolin-rich formula is beneficial as a hair and  scalp conditioner. Your scalp  feels better, your hair looks  better, Try "Lanex" today.  Satisfaction or money refunded.  Al Pacifica Pharmacy. 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Available  at Pacifica Pharmacy, Sechelt. #6  MEETINGS  MONDAY: 6 30 pm  Open Meeting  Gibsons Athletic Hall  Ph 886-2596 Don  886-9208 Dudley  TUESDAY: 8:30 pm  Young People  Rear of St. Mary's  Catholic Church Gibsons  Ph 886-9783 Lorna  WEDNESDAY: 8:00 pm  Closed Discussion  Meeting  Rear ol St. Mary's  Catholic Church   Gibsons  Ph. 885-3436 Catherine  885-3394 Herb  WEDNESDAY: 8:30 pm  Open Meeting  St. Andrew's Church  Madeira Park  Ph. 883-9978 John  THURSDAY: 8:30 pm  Open Meeting  Wilson Creek Community  Hall, Davis Bay  Ph. 885-2464 Tony  885-2896 Ed  SATURDAY: 8:00 pm  Al-Anon - A.A. Meeting  Rear ol St. Mary's  Church Gibsons  Ph. 886-7358 Linda  or Bob  Announcements  Kg*  janetTq  A Full Line ol      �������  Plumbing Supplies  NEW HOURS  Tu'?s. - 3at.  9 u.ifi. - 5 p.m.  Gibsons  Hwy 101 & Pratt Rd.  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Feb. 4  8 p.m. at the Twilight Theatre  studio. Phone Deborah Pageau at  886-8324 or 886-2989 #7  Black wallet Gibsons-Langdale  area. Driver's licence has wrong  address. Please contact Kris  Henderson at 884-5206 #8  There is a reward for anyone that  knows the whereabouts of the  Alpine Goat named Matilda and  her little nanny kid Cheki, that  1 loaned out to David Richardson  for milk. She is brownish and  white. Bergtiot Solberg, messages at 885-5482 #7  S.P.C.A.  For Adoptloni-  10 week Sheepdog cross pups  18 month white Shepherd female  12   month   black   Lab   female  spayed.  2 kittens orange 6 months  Peninsula Kennels viewing hours  9-1! a.m., 2-4 p.m. or phone  886-7713 #6  For Sale: P.B. Golden Retriever X  Labrador ret. pups. Born Feb. 1  Dam Exel. Retriever. Ready April  1st. $65 ea. 886-2108 1*9  Open  for Boarding  all types of  dogs & cats.  Excellent  care given.  Now  S.P.C.A. Shelter  Open  9-11 am & 2-4 pm  for viewing  adoptive animals  or drop-off  of unwanted  animals.  Phone  886-7713  Lluesloch  HAY ��� $2.00 a bale. Oats and  barley $7 - 100 lbs. Phone evenings 885-9357. TFN  HORSES  Your opportunity for a good  riding horsel Bonniebrook Stable  being phased out. 886-2887   TFN  Reg'd. Appaloosa Gelding, 2 yrs.  Well coloured. Good temperament. 483-4147 or 5434 Laburnum  Ave., Powell River, B.C. #7.  ���LLINOHAM  STABLES  ��� Boarding  ��� Training  ��� Lessons  885-9989  wanted  ty name is Tess. I am a ten  month old border collie cross. I  am spayed, have had full veterinary attention for a dog my age.  My master has gone away and I  need a new home. I am pretty,  intelligent and affectionate. 1 love  children and I am sure I could  learn to be a work dog if you have  a farm with some livestock.  Please call me at 885-3402        #6  Wanted  CASH FOR L08S  TODPrlGM  D & 0 LOG SORTING  LTD.  886-7896    886-7700  wanted to Rent  Couple wishes to tent 2 bdrm.  house or suite. Prefer Sechelt to  Pender Harbour. Will caretake  or do odd jobs etc. Call collect  929-7720. 16  Furnished one bedroom in Gibsons area for March lit. 886-8325  #6  Working man wants * room In  Gibsons-Sechelt are*. Ref. available. Call collect 922-5380       #7  Responsible quiet couple with  small baby wishes to rent 2 or  3 bedrm. house. Call 886-7475 #8  Maverick Coach lines has expanded its staff In Sechelt.  Bus driver needs 2 or 3 bdrm.  home imm. Call Depot or 886-  8484 or 464-4104. Good Reft.   #7  Responsible family requires  house or trailer to rent. Exc.  credit, rental & character references. Phone 378-6904 (collect) #9  Self-employed portable sawmiller  requires small house in rural  area. Willing to supply labour and  lumber for allowance on cost.  P.O. Box 1074, Gibsons, B.C.  #12  Help  The Crew of the  "Beachcombers"  are once again  looking for  rental  accommodations  Feb. 1,1981  till Sept. 30,1981  Please  contact  Bob Frederick  665-6820  Collect  Wanted to Buy: Logs or Timber.  Fir, Hemlock, Cedar - Porpoise  Bay Logging Ltd. 885-9408 or  885-2032 TFN  18" Cedar shake blocks. We pay  the best prices for good wood.  Also custom cut your blocks.  886-9856 TFN  Older furniture, china etc. bought  or sold on consignment. Harbour  Antiques,    1585   Marine   Dr.,  Gibsons. 886-7800 TFN.  Stroller, Crib, Potti-chair. 886-  9242 or 886-8313 #6  Rowboat 10-12 foot, wood or  metal. 886-9165 #6  Inexpensive Shelf approx. 38"  wide and carpet, call 886-7139 or  885-2687 #6  OFFICE OR  RETAIL  SPACE  AVAILABLE  888-2417  888-2748  822-2817  For Rent  Delivered sawdust, shavings, for  stable. 885-9969 TFN  Used stamps on envelopes prior  to 1940. Will pay $5 fee bundle of  thirty. Will also buy used stamps  not on envelopes. No torn or  mutilated stamps please. Phone  886-2678 #6  Canopy for short-box Toyota.  88S-2395 #7  The Coast News Is looking for  back copies to complete their  files. Issues missing ire from  June to December In 1976.  Anyone wishing to donate, please  phone 886-2622 and we will pick  up. Thank you! TFN  Wanted to Buy. Through private  sale, house on 2 to 5 acres,  between Gibsons and Halfmoon  Bay. For investment. Present  owners can remain in residence  Replies Box 10, Coast News, P.O.  Box 460, Gibsons #7  music  Piano* by  Mason ORiKh  Guitar* by  Clbfon, Sigma  and others  Peavsy and  Traynor Amps  Full Selection ol  Strings, Accessories  and Mm 1c Books  Professtooal Service  Trailer totr.     885-3117  MUSICIANS WANTED  for orchestra performing musical  end of May. Professional standards not required but welcome.  886-9409 #8  Male chorus singers wanted for  musical end of May. Beginners  welcome. 886-9409 #8  Appliances  ) OUR COST  plot 10%  Next to the  Bank of Montreal Building  Sechelt  885-3313  Opportunities  Wanted ��� Working partner for  expanding automotive repair  shop. Experience preferred. Investment required. For further  information and interview write  to: Box 44, c/o Coast News, Box  460, Gibsons, B.C. #8  For Rem  Room aria" Board available for  responsible person. 1400 per  month. 886-9232 TFN  Highest quality office space  available In new professional  building in Gibsons. 625 sq. ft.  Location is on Famham Road  behind Gibsons Medical Clinic.  For details call 886-7020 or  886-7574 TFN  Small 23 ft. furnished Trailer.  SI 65.00 per mo. elect, heat  included. Quiet, responsible adult  only. 885-5782 or contact #4 Pad,  Cedars Trailer Court. #6  H*g BLOCK  THE INCOME TAX SPECIALISTS  is looking for a  responsible  individual  to operate an  Income Tax Office  in Gibsons and/or  Sechelt  We provide  ' Training  ' Advertising  ' Supplies  * Management  Expertise  * National Image  and more  For further Information  write or call:  H. & R. Block,  2640 Cedar Park Place,  Clearbrook, B.C.  V2T 3S5  859-1870  worn wanted  For Sale  SPECIAL WEEKLY RATES  ��� Hotel 886-9334     TFN  Wanted: Person to share new  3 bdrm. home in West Sechelt.  Bsmi., fireplace, view. $225.  885-9535 or 885-5367 #8  Office space for rent. 885-3113 #8  Approx. 700 sq. ft. second floor  office space for rent in Sechelt.  885-2384 or 885-2515 #8  Apt. Adults only. Suit working  man. Central locations. Gibsons.  885-9553 or 922-5395 #6  SEWING MACHINE REPAIRS  Service and repairs to all makes  and models. Industrial and home  use. All repairs warranted by the  only qualified mechanic on the  Coast. 886-7872 ��8  ALTERATIONS,  REMODELLING,  CUSTOM DRESSMAKING  Specializing in leather, ultra-  suede, furs and garments.  Prompt service by European  trained tailor. 886-7872 #8  For Exploatve Requirement!  Dynamite, electric or regular caps  B line E cord and safety fuse.  Contact Gwaa Nlmmo, Cemetery  Road, Gibsons. Phone 886-7771.  Howe Sound Farmer Institute.  TFN  HAVE SAWMILL WILL TRAVEL  For portable sawmill service write  Porta-Mills, P.O. Box 1074  Gibsons, B.C. VON 1VO ��8  From the basement to the roof.  Satisfaction guaranteed. Cal'  8854946. #8  Experienced Carpenter. Renovations and new construction.  Reasonable rates 886-7280      #6  RAINBOW PAINTING  & DECORATING  Repairs & renovations, interior  &   exterior.    Free   estimates.  886-7873 #6  Deans flilimij sweep and moss  spraying, we also do landscaping,  pruning, build fences or YOU  WANT IT DONE? WE'LL DO III  886-7540 TFN  WESTSANDS  HOME CONSTRUCTION  Custom framing and finishing  885-9630 #6  Timberjack Skidder with opera-  tor. Wire splicer available. 886-  2459. TFN  Harbour Chimney Cleaning. Serving the Sunshine Coast. Fireplaces, furnaces, oil stoves. 883-  9171. Customers from the 886 exchange call Collect. TFN  Renovations and Repairs, laming aad FnirlaHnae. Call Jim  or Brent at 885-5643 TFN  Chimney Cleaning and maintenance. Ph. 886-7411 or 886-8023   TFN  Hardwood Floors resanded and  finished, work guaranteed. Free  est. Phone 885-5072 TFN  Gibsons-  Tax  Service  (Income Tax  Preparations)  A.JACK  * 886-7272 *  ANYTIME  1767 Martin Rd.,  Gibsons, B.C.  Yard and Basement clean-ups,  rubbish removal. Also young man  seeks steady employment. 886-  9503 #8  Ceramic Tile Setting $2 per sq. ft.  plus materials, basic carpentry  $8 per hr. Call Barry 886-8224  US  Will do  RENOVATIONS  ADDITIONS  No job too  large or small.  *Quaiitv worn.*  Free estimates.  806-9154  Help wanted  LORD JIM'S LODGE 1979 LTD  is offering full and part time employment for the 1981 summer  season, starting April 1st, for the  following positions. Breakfast  cook, second cook/cook's helper,  dishwashers, experienced waitresses, experienced bartender  (M/F) housekeepers, front desk  position, light maintenance  Please apply in writing to Lord  Jim's Lodge, Ole's Cove Rd.,  RR#1 Halfmoon Bay. VON 1YO 1*8  Cook required immed., minimum  4 yrs. exp. Apply Jolly Roger Inn,  RR#1, Halfmoon Bay, B.C.      1*8  Required mid March, babysitter  three days a week. Good wages  For more info, call 886-2904     #8  Exp. carpet layer required.  Regular work assured. Sechelt  Carpet Corner. 885-5315 #8  PENINSULA  ROOFING I  INSULATION LTD  All Types of Roofing  & Re-Roofing  Sechelt  Spinet Piano - Schubert. Excellent condition. $2000.886-8375  or 886-8369 #6  17 cubic foot frostfree fridge and  30" self-clean stove in good  condition. 885-5982 or 886-  9487 #6  17 ft. square stern canoe new  condition, 4 hp Evinrude outboard. Sears woodstove catalogue  page 580 no. 903 DL new condition totem boat carrier. 885-  2349 #6  HOUSECLEANTNG  Fast efficient reliable and very  reasonable. Call 886-2758 evenings please Hi  Hard-working 17-year-old girl  wants work as an apprentice  carpenter. Manpower aid. Phone  Barb 255-7805 Vancouver collect.    #8  Professional Typist. Bring your  office overload to my Roberts  Creek home. S8 per hr. 885-3847  #8  Trade Your  APPLIANCE  on a new  HOT POINT  at  MACLEODS  SECHELT  885-2171  J. LEPORE TILE  Quality Installations  Ceramic, Mosaic or Quarry  All work guaranteed  Free estimates  Phon* Anytime  HALFMOON  KMOmg  ! n/u.rmmn'*  j WINDOW CLEANING |  J Professional Service  8       covering ihe Sunshine CoasI.        I  Roofs, gutters cleaned. j  \$/l    Construction-        ��������������%���     !  iM       ,inal MM598  I*���V inside cleaning.     9 tm - 6 pm   |  *    K     .4. HS4H3    j  {���tier e p.m.) j  SSSSSsSSOBS  acssadi  540 John Deere Skidder and  operator available. Fall and yard.  Phone: 886-7490  . #7  Two experienced carpenters,  quality craftsmanship, no job too  small. References available. Rea-  sonable rates. 885-3319 TFN  Journeyman Meat Cutter available immed. for full or part time  employment. 886-2427 01  Painting and wallpapering. Reasonable rates. Qualified. 886-7362  #7  Most trees, like pets, need care  and attention and axes are our  specialty.  ���Topping  ���Lbnbfag  ���Danger tne removal  An insured guaranteed service  Peerless Tree Service Ltd  885-2109  TFN  I electric Chainsaw $60 obo.  I older steel desk $175 obo.  I piece of steel 4'x5' Offers.  886-7955 #6  Appliances, Furniture, TV's,  Stereos etc. DISCOUNT PRICES!  Kern's Home Furnishings, Seaview Place, Gibsons. 886-9733.   TFN  Wood cook stove, excellent  condition. Warming oven $200  OBO. 883-9361 #7  Wood windows and doors I B.C's  lowest prices! Huge selection.  Now stocking pine double glazed  windows. Walker Door: Vancouver (266-1101), 1366 S.W.  Marine Dr. V6P 5Z9 or N. Vancouver (985-9714) 1589 Garden  Ave.V7P3A5 TFN;  Cory comfort wood stove, and  Selkirk chimney. Also 16' boat &  trailer, glass over ply. 886-  2516. #7  ?WLEIITIIIE?  ON GIFTWARE  GOOD THRU  FN. 14  G-&  HARDWARE  Cowrie St. 885-9713  ' wants work  anywhere on the coast, own boat  for island work. 886-9316      TFN  Moffat double oven stove and  Viking twin door freezer/refrigerator and one complete  set of wooden kitchen cabinets;  886-9156 TFN  Qualified   painter.   Reasonable  rates. Work guaranteed 886-9749.  For sale  ���IISI   '.rWINC. C(M  1971 mobile home 12 by 68.  3 bedroom. Phone 885-3179 ft  Tow Bar $25. Green occasional  chair $25. Blue and white afghan  $50. Phone 885-9886 #7  '75 Firebird Esprit 350 auto.  55,000 ml. good cond. Radial  tires. $3700. 885-5416 after  6 p.m. #7  2 pair orange ft gold curtains,  each pair 100" wide x 5' long.  $15 a pair, Chandelier with 5  lights. $35.00.886-8087 M  Firewood for sale. One ton buck  for hire. 885-3605 #7  All Channel TV Aerial, 16ft. mast  rotor & controls. 886-7101        1*8  Miller Thunderbolt 225 amp.  Welder $231.00. Phone 886-9159    #6  Inglis multi-cycle auto washer,  excellent condition. Guaranteed  k delivered. $225. Phone 883-  2648 TFN  HOT TUB? j  Do it yourself. Fiberglass, redwood and vinyl. Solar collectors,  H&S Contracting. 885-3825  TFN  SKYBUSI  The cheapest flight to Calgary,  Winnipeg, Toronto & Montreal)  In Gibsons, only at Gibsons  Travel. 886-9255 #6  FREE: Garage to dismantle - do rt  yourself and take the lumber.  Phone 886-2369 H  RAILING?  Think  Wrought  Iron!  The Olde  Iron Shoppe  Hwy. 101, Gibsons  >?  Ml  20% Off  Red Billed Weavers,  Zebra, Spice  Golden Sparrow,  St. Helena and  Red Ear Waxbill.  And Bamboo  Cages  10* Off  surprise voir  Special Valentine  with a living gift  from  Unicorn Pots  n  Plants  CowrU8t.,S��ch��.t  ���SS-5S3S  km 18  Coast News, February 10, 1981  For Sale  automotlue  HOT  WATER  TANKS  All Sizes  Best Prices on  the Peninsula  MACLEODS  SECHELT  885-2171  Door 30x 78 with 21x 64 antique  leaded glas.s inset, crystal handles & double lock $125. Also  antique Franklin-type stove (Faw-  cett) excellent condition. S225.  886-2961 after 9 p.m. #7  Air Ticket to Halifax, stops in  Mil. loo. Feb. 24, 81. Message  K86-8325 or Vane. 873-0838      #7  Used Building Materials 2x4's 5��  aft., 2x6's 10�� a ft. 4"x 4" angle  iron $1.50 a ft. Good antique  bricks, cleaned and strapped on  pallets 120(1 for 1 pallet of 500 br.  688-7881. Rear of 1140 West  Pender St., Var-c , B.C. 08  .1 metal frame windows 60x72.  .1 wooden sliding doors 76.5x24,  10-speed Norco ladies Bike, like  new. Single speed childrens'  bike. Skates si/c VA. Ph. 885-  3754 after five. #8  I Diamond King with case, asking  J450.00obo. Call 886-9834 after 6   #6  Avocado Fridge & Stove. Ex. con.  $500. Phone 886-2046 after 5 *8  I new 2 burner camp stove,  never used. $20.00. Two 750x16  tires on rims $225.00. One 5-gal.  O/B tank $30.00. 2 trailer Mirrors  $10.00.886-9908 #8  Wood fired furnace and rads for  hot water heating system. Open  luufrcrv. 886-8274 #6  Wood-fired boiler & rads for hot  water heating system. Open to  offers. 886-8274 #6  Lazyboy recliner-rocker, good  condition. $100. Phone 886-7266  tfN  12' aluminum Boat with 9'/i hp  Johnson with 5-gal. tank. Asking   /  $450.886-9890 #6  1972 Kawasaki 350 triple, needs  work. $400.00obo. 886-7934     #8  Propane Stove $375 & airtight  wood heater $325. Both in exc.  cond. Ph. 885-3179 #8  Braided oval nylon Rug. brown  lones. 10x20; Singer sewing  machine, model 227 in cabinet.  Ph. 886-9376 #8  Matching double Bedspread and  Hour length Drapes. Fits 12 ft.  across. Yellow & brown floral  prim. $50. Hide-abed mattress  52" $25. Ph. 886-2797 #6  Sawmill. Sell complete or scp.  carriage. Carriage drive. Planer.  Forkllft. Cummins & blade.  Phone 885-3113 #8  884-5240  CAM PRENTIS Prop  DUNHAM RD , PORT MELLON  VON2SO  REMEMBER  VOUR SPECIAL  UALENTINE  With a  flowering plant  Cyclamen, Primrose  Hyacinth, African  Violets and a  large selection  of Tropical  House Plants  Unicorn Pets  ii  Plants  Cowrie St., Sechelt  885-5515  MeClary heavy duty Washer &  Dryer, almost new, quality dining  table & six uphol. chairs, dinette  set, chests of drawers, twin beds,  mirrors, love seats, elec. lawn  mower, crock pot, Toastmaster  oven 885-3602 #6  Man's org. (L) floater Coat,  $40, new gld. brocade rocker $45;  rnd. Arborite table $30; older  fridge, works well $25; fold down  rear car seat for small stn. wagon  $35. 886-2108 #8  Rough Cedar Lumber will cut to  order. 883-2318 #9  Clearing 60 in. Fabric, $1.99/m  to $4.99/m. Sunnycrest Fabrics,  opposite Super-Valu. 886-2231 #6  Old fridge, works well S25.  Wringer-washer, no motor $25.  886-7307 #6  Small Hide-a-bed, almost new  $ 175 firm. Phone 885-9390       #6  2 Trout Rods, lures etc.  Also  carving    set, new.    Emporer  stainless   steel fork   5   knives.  886-9165 #6  K-3 boards 4x8. $4.00 a sheet.  Panelling 4x8, $4.50 a sheet. New  aluminum windows with screens,  various sizes. Ph. 885-2232       #6  ass-DMS  CAMpbEli'<  I  FAMILY SHOES  and  LEATHER GOODS  "IN THE HEART OF  DOWNTOWN  SECHELT"  Deadline X       Deadline 12:00 Noon Fridays  12:00 Noon Saturday ^Classifieds should be prepaid and pre-wrltten  HARDWARE  & GIFTS  PENDER HARBOUR CENTER  MADEIRA PARK  883-9914  Your friendly neighbourhood drop-off  __:_._   i /7U /n, fli Ci mi    -��.ra t>i 11 n tat     _ .  points for (i  CLASSIFIED ADVERTISING  Copyright and  Advertising  Regulations  The Sunshine (oast Sens  reserves the rinhl to classlf)  advertisements under appropriate hradinp and determine  par^e location, Ihe Sunshine  ("oast News also reserves the  right In revise or reject am  adicrlisiiii: "huh in Ihe opinion  of Ihe Publisher is in questionable lasle. In Ihe event that  an\ allienisi'iiii'in is rejected,  Ihe sum paid for Ihe advertisement will he refunded.  Minimum $2.50 per 4 line Insertion. Each  additional line 50t, or use our economical 3  weeks for Ihe price of 2 rate. This offer is made  available for private individuals.  THE FOLLOWING CLASSIFICATIONS  ARE FREE  Birth Announcements, Lost and Found  No billing or telephone orders are accepted  except from customers who have accounts with  us or who live outside the Sunshine Coast.  Cash, cheques or money orders must accompany  all classified advertising.  CLASSIFIED DEADLINE  NOON SATURDAY  ALL FEES PAYABLE  PRIOR TO INSERTION.  Please mail to Coast News, Classifieds.  Box 460, Gibsons, B.C. VON 1V0.  Or bring in person to  the Coast News Office in Gibsons.  CLASSIFICATION:  r  Eg. For Sale, For Rent, etc.  , ,._ i   i   i  i   i  i  i   i   i  i   i   i   i  i i i i t  li=  urn  AUTOPLAN  1981 AUTOPLAN  RENEWALS ARE  NOW IN THE MAIL.  This year again ail rates  are up To ease Ihe  burden (particularly II  you have more than one  vehicle lo insure) you  may wish lo linance We  would suggest thai you  come in early to avoid  lineups and we can  complete all Ihe lorms  and have them ready for  you to pick up. We will  accept cheques post  dated as late as Feb 25,  1981. All early bird  customers will receive a  Complimentary Bankers  Pen.  WE  CAN  LOOK  AFTER  ALL YOUR INSURANCE  NEEDS AT  Drummond  Insurance  Cedar Plaza, Gibsons  886-7751  1975 Ford Courier PU Truck in  good condition four speed trans.  Radio, cassette. Asking $1800.  Phone Willy at 883-9019, 883-  9667 #6  '72 Dodge window van "tinted"  great running shape 318 A.T.  P.S. Recent f/end work & new  f/tires. Safety inspected etc.  L. mi. Ph. 885-9564 must sell fast.  Asking $2100 OBO. #6  2 68 MGB's. One runs really well  and one is for parts. 2 hd. tps, good  wheels���great deal at $2,500.  These are classics now! Jane 883-  9342 Sun. - Tues. or write R.R. Hi,  Garden Bay, VON ISO TFN  1969 Viva Vauxhall engine apart,  have extra parts to repair with.  Offers. Phone 885-5018 #6  1980 diesel pickup, low miles,  FG canopy lin-a-bed. Ask $10,800  OBO. Phone 883-2526. 1980 Chev  diesel p-up Cheyenne, low miles,  FG canopy lin-a-bed Racor fuel  filter. Asking $10,800 OBO. Ph.  883-2526 #6  SMALL GAR  SERUIGE  No problem for us - Ford  has been building and  importing cars and trucks  from Germany, Japan  and England as far back  as 1949.  So if you have a problem  with your small car we've  got the  EXPERIENCE  Hours ol Service  7:30 am.-5 pm. 885-3281  StlTN C��AST  FORK uu�� LTB  '64 Valiant $200. 885-9577  tn  HILLTOP SERVICE 886-8414  Complete automotive repairs.  Transmissions too! Located at  Hilltop Chevron in the Mall,  Gibsons TFN  1976 GMC Sierra Grande Vi ton  V-8 auto.. PS/PB, sliding window, deluxe interior. Very clean  $2850.00. Phone 886-8414        #6  One must go. '67 GMC '/�� ton  $800. '68 AMC Rebel $600 obo.  886-2523 after 6 #8  Soft   top   tent   trailer.   Asking  $375.00obo. Call 886-9834 after 6  #6  ���73 Olds CS, 2-dr. HT, loaded,  mags, rebuilt motor. $2795.  886-9200 #6  '74 Chev P.U. '/i ton 454 auto.,  PS/PB., A.C. elec.tr. brakes,  canopv. Dual tanks. H/D springs.  $3500.886-9085 #8  Dodge Dart "73" for sale as is.  Best offer, needs some work,  please phone after 6 p.m. 886-  2904 #8  '72 Gran Torino Squire wagon  for the home mechanic. Needs  brakes and other repairs. $500.  Phone 885-2362 #6  1978 Pinto 2-dr. hatchback,  green, mint condition. 5500 km.  $4700.886-7288after5p.m.     #8  '75 Pontiac automatic PS/PB,  good condition. $2500 or offer.  886-7937 #6  1970 Dart "Swinger" 340 cu. in.  V-8, 4-spd. One of the fastest  production cars built by Detroit.  Super fresh. "Offers". Phone  886-8414 #6  1964 Dodge Polara 2 dr. HT.  Professional bracket car (low  U's) Street legal. "Offers".  Phone 886-8414 #6  1964 Volvo 4-door sedan B18 new  brakes, exhaust, shocks, clutch;  spare parts car included $850.  1962 GMC 1 ton flatdeck $500  OBO. Leave message for Ed at  885-9285 #7  1970 Hornet auto 4-door,  good condition $500. 885-5982 or  886-9487 #6  1957 Pontiac 4 door, body and  mechanics Al. $2300. 886-8510  #7  78 T. Bird, PS/PB, clock, mats,  It. green white vin. top. 302 with  30,000 km. New rubber - studded  snows, ex. condition. $5,500  Tel: 885-5252 #7  1977 GMC 'A ton camper-van  raised roof, PS/PB, dual batteries, prop, stove, elect, frig.,  toilet etc. 15,000 mi. $7,600 firm.  Ph. 885-9349 i��7  1976 GMC Vi ton, 67,000 mi. V-8,  auto, PS/PB, tilt-wheel, sliding  rear window, dual tanks. $3650.  886-9154 TFN  mobile Homes  Wanted 8' or 10' x 30' to 50'  Mobile Home or Trailer. Good I  condition. 112-298-7698 #8 |  1966 - 10x52, 2 bdrm. Trailer.  Some furn. Carport, metal shed,  must be moved. 886-7290 after 2.  #81  1975 12x68, 3 bdrm. Bendix. All  appliances   included.   Excellent  condition. $21,500 obo. 883-9423  #6 I  Coast Mobile  Homes Ltd.  GOOD  SELECTION OF  DOUBLE WIDES  we tahe trades  or  Consign your Mobile  Home to us for  Quick sale  WHARF ST.   SECHELT  885-9979       mdl 6393  B.C. Vuhon  Bianhet Classifieds  25 words tor $99  YOUR TREES ARE WORTH  MONEYI  Do you want to receive some  return from the forest on your  property without destroying its  beauty? Do you know how much  timber there is on your property?  We are Forestry Consultants  and we will be pleased to help  you. Call Win at 980-5061. Hugh  & Hamilton Ltd. #6  HARBEL HOLDINGS LTD. Mobile homes located in parks on  pads. Listings and sales. We  welcome all enquiries concerning  Wheel Estate. Listings wanted.  Phone 585-3622 (collect). 13647-  100th Ave.. Surrey, B.C. V3T  1H9. The Wheel Estate People  TFN  DISCERNING ADULTS. Shop  discreetly at home. Illustrated  catalogues - over 500 exciting  items of lingerie and marital  aids. Discreetly and securely  packaged, shipped from Vancouver - no customs. $4.00 or  C.O.D. Direct Action Marketing,  Box 3268, Vancouver, B.C. V6B  3X9 #6  REGISTERED NORWEGIAN  ELKHOUND PUPPIES. Show  & pel quality. Shots, dewormed,  guaranteed. Ready to go. Phone  832-3242 #6  1969 544 John Deere Wheel  Loader wiih log grapple R.O.P.S.  Can. tires IdOOx 24, rebuilt motor  and transmission excellent condition. $25,000.00. Phone 832-  2876 #6  PROSPEROUS BUSINESS IN  THRIVING VANCOUVER ISLAND COMMUNITY. Started as  sideline, now too big for us to  handle. CR. Fireplace Centre  Ltd., 1393 Marwalk Crescent,  Campbell River, B.C. V9W 5B9.  Phone 287-4766 f  RESTAURANT BUILDING 12  feet x 60 feet completely equipped, fast food or specialty type  operation. Would complement a  motel or gas station anywhere in  B.C. Phone 854-1008 or 853-1840  #6  COMPUGRAPHIC COMP-  WRITER II JUNIOR. Excellent  condition. Offers to $4,000.00.  Driftwood Publishing Ltd., Box  250, Ganges, B.C. VOS IEO.  Phone 537-2211 ��6  marine  Trauel  Has voup Rabbit  Lots Its Hop?  Come in and see Herman  Vandeherg, 20 years Volkswagen Specialist - Factory  trained.  StiTH CMiT  POM HLB LTB  Hour* ot Satiric*  7:30 am.-5 pm. 885-3281  VSS. UM DO SUCH  many uw ram  1969 Olds Cutlass "442" black  455, auto., PS/PB, bucket seats &  console. Reliable & quick. $2900.  Phone 886-7469 #6  '71 Cadillac Coupe de Ville,  loaded, power supreme. Excellent condition. Ph. 886-8006 #6  motorcycles  1968 Triumph Tiger rebuilt motor  $1200.00.886-7839 #8  1977 Suzuki PE 250, 2500 km,  $900.886-2975 #6  '72  Yamaha  650,  good  cond. [  $750 obo. Phone 885-5643 after  6p.m. TFN  1976 Honda Goldwing GL1000.  6-cyl. water cooled touring bike.  Super buy. Immaculate with  11,000 miles. $2900.00 Phone  886-8414 #6 |  campers & RUs  1977 Frontier 11' camper. 3-way |  fridge, stove with oven, bathroom, furnace, hydraulic jacks. I  $3,950,886-9154. TFNl  11 ft. Caveman Camper. Sleeps  4. $2,300. Call 883-9145 #8 |  New 4 cu. ft. 3-way fridge for I  camper; 2 burner propane stove,  propane lamp; 8 ft. camper for I  ���A   ton   truck.   What   offers?  885-5047 #81  AB Haddock Boat moving.  Licensed and fully insured.  Hydraulic equipment. Phone 883-  2722 dags, 883-2682 eves      TFN  HIGGS MARINE  SURVEYSLTD  Insurance claims, condition and  valuation surveys. Serving the  Sunshine Coast and B.C. Coastal  Waters. Phone: 885-9425, 885-  9747,885-3643,886-9546      TFN  IAN MORROW * CO. LTD  Marine Surveyors, condition and  detail surveys for Evaluation.  Surveys for insurance claims.  Phone 886-2433,886-9458.  TFN  34' ex-troller, yellow cedar hull,  hauled in December, sound.  2 bunks, wood heater, head, 100  fathom sounder. 4-cyl. Ford  diesel engine needs extensive  overhaul or replacement. $4000.  883-9469 eves. #6  Starcraft, 16 ft. aluminum, 40 hp  12'   aluminum   boat   Johnston  motoMVi. $1200. 886-7877      #6  Automatic Pilots - Wood Freeman  Hunting Pilot $250. Also Bendix  Auto Pilot $150. Both in working  order - have manuals, will sell.  885-5998 TFN  Garden Bay boat storage. Save  indoor storage. 883-9315 or  883-9234 TFN  Wanted to Buy: Trailer suitable  for    17'   Runabout.    885-9535,  885-5367 #8  Sail Boat ��� about 14 ft. Home-  crafted plywood with flbreglassed  bottom. $50. Ph. 886-2956        #6  1972 Sangster 22 ft. Boat. Wood  & flbreglass hull. Volvo inboard-  outboard with 30 hrs. Great  Fishing Boat! $5900.00. Phone  886-7469 #6  197424'CORRECTCRAFT  Merc  elec.  start.   E-Z   loader  Fibreglass cruiser for sale with or  trailer. Boat 4 years old, motor &  without salmon charter contract.  (^E  "The Only Way  To Go!"  Bookings for all  your Travel Need*  at No Extra Coat  to Yon!  ��� Tickets ��� Hotels  ��� Tours ��� Charters  ��� Insurance  la th* Heart el  trailer as new. Boat cover controls, anchor etc. $3,800. 886-  8516 #6  Ocean view corner building lot on  Wakefield Road, nearly 'A acre,  $48,000. Phone 885-5046 after  6 p.m. #6  WANTED TO BUY PRIVATELY  House or Land, reasonably  priced. Phone 987-5570collect #6  Local businessman would like to  buy Vi acre or more for own  residence. (Gibsons/Roberts  Creek area). Phone 886-2137 TFN  For Sale by Owner, Vi acre view  Lot in Gower Point. 886-7403    #8  Write: Lord Jim's Lodge, Ole's  Cove Rd., RRlTI, Halfmoon Bay,  VON 1YO #6  Property  Very secluded, cozy 2 room  cottage with fireplace. Separate  guest cottage, completely fenced  & beautifully landscaped. Ofl  Redrooffs Rd. Vi acre lot. $45,000  firm. 926-1274 #8  Small 2 bed. house on 2.5 acres  also lot on Savary Island. Phone  886-8484 #6  Exclusive view lot 93x120, 5  min. from Gibsons. $45,000.  885-5067 #8  Level cleared lot near school off  Pratt Rd. $34,000.886-8370     #6  Property Wanted. Prefer larger  than average or multiple zone.  Anywhere on peninsula. No  agents. Phone 886-7030. Ray  Mahoney. #8  Would like to buy between 4 or  more acres with highway frontage  between Gibsons and Sechelt.  Phone 395-2641 #8  60 miles from Las Vegas, Nev.,  U.S.A. Nice 2 bed. home on 2Vi  acres. Sale or trade for coast or  B.C. Write H. Stonham, 5709  Idle Ave., Las Vegas, Nev.  89107 U.S.A. 702-878-0627       #8  BONNIEBROOK  HEIGHTS  View Lots at Gower Point  From $40,000  Selection of  choice lots  All services underground  Brynelsen Benzon  Realty  Vancouver 689-7556  la>a��aa>aaaaaaa��al B.C. Vuhon  Bianhet  Classifieds  25 words  lor $99  Coast News, February 10, 1981 19e  Volunteer groups |  RETAIL SPACES FOR LEASE in  well-established shopping centre,  in high growth area, in the  Shuswap. Suitable for Records  and Electronics Shop, Jewellery  or Drugstore. Approximately  1500 square feet and approximately 3000 square feet available  at excellent terms. Apply Box 363  c/o Salmon Arm Observer,  Box 550, Salmon Arm, B.C.  V0E 2TO. Phone 832-4825 or  832-7365 Evenings. 1*6  BUY BLOODLINES OF CHAM-  PIONS February 23,1981, 1 p.m.  at the 8th annual Summerset-  Lindsay Polled Hereford production sale. Selling 35 bulls, our  best 24 bred yearling heifers,  8 heifer calves, 6 cows bred to top  bulls. Sale at SRCL, II miles  west, I south, 3/4 west of Dids-  bury, Alia, on Highway 582.  Phone (4031 335-4235 or (403)  556-2335 #7  PACIFIC WESTERN POLLED  HEREFORD SALE. February 7,  I p.m. Dumont Farms, Vernon,  B.C. 70 Head purebred polled  herefords (69 bred and open  females, 1 long yearling bull)  from 13 B.C. herds. Cattle have  been preselected. Dumont Farms  are located 7 miles west of  Vernon on Highway 6. Phone Don  Needoba 379-2250, Jeanne Sumner 379-2389. #6  REKO LOG HOMES. Pre-cut  round logs for log buildings.  Free estimate from your plan or  order our brochure, floorplans.  RR#4, Box 21, Dahl Road,  Ouesnei. V2J 3H8. Phone 992-  8665 #6  INTERNATIONAL 1600 4-wheel  drive truck. Free wheeling hubs,  complete with Holmes 500 twin  boom power wrecker, equipped  for car and truck towing. Unit as  new. Priced well below replacement cost. Trade accepted. Phone  C&T Rentals Ltd. Phone 635-6174  #7  ACCOUNTANTS SENIOR AND  INTERMEDIATE LEVELS. We  have openings. Thompson Okanagan Personnel Services, 177  Victoria Street, Kamloops, B.C.  V2C IZ4. Betty Greening C.G.A.  Business phone 372-1244. Residence 579-8683 #6  HELL'S GATE. EXCELLENT  OPPORTUNITIES for Hosts, Hostesses. Waitresses, Cooks, Public Relations. Living accommodations available. Apply in  writing: Hell's Gate Airtram, Boi  129, Hope, B.C. VOX 1LO #6  WOOD WINDOWS AND  DOORSI B.C.'s lowest prices!  Huge selection. Now stocking  pine double glazed windows.  Walker door: Vancouver 112-  266-1101, 1366 S.W. Marine  Drive V6P 5Z9 or North Vancouver, (112-985-9714), 1589 Garden Ave. V7P 3A5 TFN  LOG HOMES AND CABINS.  Daybreak Construction Ltd. For  brochure or further information  contact George Donovan, Box  777, 100 Mile House, B.C. V0K  2E0. Phone 395-2867 (days)  397-2735 (evenings). #6  TRAVEL AGENCY FOR SALE all  or in part. Good volume in  growing southern interior border  town. Box 1480 Grand Forks,  B.C. V0H 1H0. Phone 442-2751.  #6  ITS NOT TOO LATEI Learn in-  come tax preparation at home.  Reduced prices. Free brochure.  No obligation. Write U&R Tax  Schools. 1148 Main Street,  Winnipeg, Manitoba. R3T 2B6  Hb  AGRICULTURE ORIENTED IN-  DIVIDUAL would like to purchase  related business or an intensive  livestock operation in your area.  I have both farming and Agri-  Business experience as an owner  and manager. Full purchase or  partnership will be considered.  All replies will be acknowledged  in confidence. Write to Boi E.T.  81, Lacombe Globe, Lacombe,  Alberta. TOC ISO #7  SUCCESSFUL PLUMBING HEA-  T1NG BATH BOUTIQUE BUSINESS in new mall. $25,000.00  plus stock. Phone 692-3595 or  write Box 867, Burns Lake,  B.C. VOJ 1E0 #��  75 SEAT LICENSED DINING  ROOM ON WATER-FRONT,  spectacular setting. Superbly  equipped. B.C.'s renowned fishing area. 4 bedroom, post and  beam home. Private sale $275,000  Phone 487-9225 or 883-9453     #6  FAMILY-OWNED GLASS BUSI-  NESS on a beautiful Gulf Island.  Five years old, growing fast.  Accurate books. Incomparable  reputation. Oceanside store in  busy mall. Almost heaven I  $35,000.00. Cash. Phone 537-  9298 **  200' Columbia River beach  frontage. 2000 square foot 3  bedroom home, 5 years old.  1100 square foot workshop.  $94,000.00. Phone Castlegar 365-  3267 #6  IF YOU ENJOY GARDENING,  do it year round, using an aluminum and glass greenhouse!  Write brochure to: B.C. Greenhouse Builders, 7425 Hedley  Avenue, Burnaby, B.C. V5E  2R1. Mail orders now available J6  2UNIT GOSS COMMUNITY with  Community Folder. Grease. Serial C-175. Good working condition. Phone 485-4255 Stan  Plisson. #6  AIRCRAFT CHEROKEE 160  Dual Nav-Comm, ADF, TRSP  marker beacon. Wing levellers.  Heated Pilot, 1927 TTSN E&A.  Phone 842-6269. $10,000.00 firm.  #6  DANCING AND SKATING SUP-  PLIES. Catalogues available for  mail order. S.S.T. Ice and Dance,  22446 Lougheed Highway, Maple  Ridge, B.C. V2X 2T6 or phone  467-6133 #6  AGGRESSIVE COMPETENT  MECHANIC by Progressive and  growing service centre. Experience in outboards and motorcycles an asset. Contact Trac and  Trail Equipment, Boi 3100,  Smithers, VOJ 2NO. Phone 847-  9405. #6  PRESSMAN. Experienced offset  Pressman required. Letterpress,  Darkroom experience an asset.  SERVICE TECHNICIAN. Experience with copiers and electronic  cash registers. SALES REPRESENTATIVE. We require an  aggressive well organized person. This person must be ambitious and self-motivated. Applicants for the above positions to  contact manager, See-Moore  Printing and Stationery, P.O.  Box 460, Smithers, B.C. VOJ  2NO. #6  CASH FOR SECLUDED LAKE-  FRONT or timbered acreage in  B.C. Interior. Phone 743-2838 or  write 1775 Sooke Lake Road,  RR#1, Shawnigan Lake, B.C.  V0R 2W0 #6  JIM REID BUYS MILITARY  MEDALS, Badges, uniforms, old  postcards, tins, bottles, attic  junk, anything old, interesting.  Pay cash. Write P.O. Bos 1525,  Victoria, B.C. Phone 385-9114 #6  CLASSIFIED SALES MANAGER  Can you work well under pressure? Motivate an established  sales team? Organize and supervise special sales projects? Take  instruction and learn quickly?  Get along with people? If the  answer is yes, read on: We offer  friendly, energetic work environment, on the job training  eitensive job holder benefits,  further career paths, an eicellent  starting salary, achievement  bonuses. This is an opportunity  to join the sales team of one of  B.C.'s fastest growing suburban  newspapers. High school graduation, post secondary education  and sales/business office experience will be an asset. Please  send complete resume to: Mrs.  Berni Hilliard, General Manager  Administration, North Shore  News, 1139 Lonsdale Ave., North  Vancouver, B.C.V7M2H4       #6  IMMEDIATE OPENING FOR  EXPERIENCED JOURNEYMAN  CAMERA PERSON and Offset  Web Pressman on beautiful  Vancouver Island. Modern shop,  excellent wage and benefits.  Applications for other newspaper  printing trades accepted for  future reference. Write: B.  Morris, c/o Box 3039, Courtenay,  B.C.V9N5N3 #8  HIGHFIELD STOCK FARMS  CHAROLAIS BULL SALE MARCH 5, 1 p.m. 50 Bulls sell on the  farm 17 miles south of Calgary.  Phone (403) 652-7717. Box  1080, Okotoks, Alberts. TOL 1TO  W  REGISTERED ENGLISH SPRIN-  GER SPANIELS Liver and white  Sire and Dam imported from U.K.  Eicellent bird dogs and pets  many field trial champions in  pedigree. Phone 593-4387       #6  YOUR NAME, ADDRESS, POST-  AL CODE. 300 gummed labels.  (Made by handicapped). $2.95.  Mail cheque to: Handicapped  Labels, Boi 1315, Station "A",  Surrey, B.C. V3S4Y5 Hi  FRUIT AND PRODUCE: Atten-  tion Fruit Sellers - Fancy grade  Mcintosh apples (packed) F.O.B.  Salmon Arm, B.C. Only $7.00 per  bushel can deliver large orders.  Davidson's Fruit, phone 832-  8868 Monday-Saturday 9 a.m. -  5:30 p.m. #6  LAND DISPOSITION NOTICE  In   the  Land  Recording  District  of  New  Westminster and, Situated In Storm Bay,  Sechelt Inlet, Take Notice that Glen A. Lewie,  Vancouver,  B.C., artist, File No. 2400177,  intends to apply for Lease of the following  described lands: (former S.U.P. 6361), a strip,  60M. wide, following the waterline on the east  side of Storm Bay adjoining the southern edge  of Lot 4285 and running to the end of the Bay,  extending 181M. inland from the waterline and  bounded on the west side by the creek,  excluding the parcel of land (former S.U.P.  8266) 70M. x 70M. x 81M. in the middle.  The purpose for which the disposition is  required is for a private summer cabin which is  already built.  Glenn Lewie  303 E. 8th Ave.  Vancouver, B.C. V5T1S1  VILLAGE OF GIBSONS  INVITATION TO TENDE  Tenders are invited for the installation of  drains and resurfacing of Brothers Park. The  work will involve approximately 1000 feet of  drains and the placing and grading of material  on the surface of the field. Dragging of the field  to produce a surface suitable for the planting  of grass.  Contact the undersigned for further information and on-site inspection.  Tenders  will   be  received  until  2:00 pm.  February 17,1981.  The lowest or any tender will not necessarily  be accepted.  R. Webber,  Work* Superintendent  Box 340,  Gibsons, B.C.  'NOTICE OF PUBLIC HEARING  Proposed Amendments to Village of Gibsons  Zoning By-Law No. 350,1979  Pursuant to Section 703 of the Municipal Act, a Public Hearing will be held in  the Municipal Hall, 1490 South Fletcher Road, Gibsons, B.C. on Thursday,  February 19, 1981 at 7:00 pm., to consider By-law No. 385, 386 and 387,  (Zoning Amendment By-law No. 385,386 and 387,1981). At the Hearing all  persons who deem their interest in property affected by the proposed by-law  shall be afforded an opportunity to be heard on matters contained in the bylaw.  The Intent of the by-laws It to amend the present zoning to the following  described properties as noted below:  1. That certain parcels of land in the Village of Gibsons, more particularly  known and described as Parcel B, Exp. Plan 3781 of Block 3, District Lot  684, Grp. 1, N.W.D. be rezoned from Comprehensive Development Area -  CDA to Multi-Family Zone 2, RM-2 for all that part of Lot B lying southerly  of a line drawn parallel to and perpendicular distant 185 feet from the  northerly boundary thereof and Commercial Zone 1, C-1 for all that part of  Lot B lying northerly of a line drawn parallel to and perpendicular distant  185 feet from the northerly boundary thereof.  2. That certain parcels of land in the Village of Gibsons, more particularly  known and described as Strata Lot 2, of Lot A, Blocks 1 and 2, D.L. 689, Gp.  1, N.W.D., Plan 13577 be rezoned from Industrial Zone 1, 1-1, to  Commercial Zone 1, C-1.  3. That certain parcels of land in the Village of Gibsons, more particularly  known and described as Lots 1, 2 and 3 of Lot 1, Block 2, D.L. 686, Plan  7684, Gp. 1, N.W.D., be rezoned from Multi-Family Zone 2, RM-2 to Single  Family Zone 3, R-3.  4. The above by-laws may be cited as "Zoning Amendment By-law No. 385,  1981", "Zoning Amendment By-law No. 386, 1981" and "Zoning  Amendment By-law No. 387,1981."  Take notice that the above paragraph is deemed to be a synopsis of By-law  385, By-law No. 386 and By-law No. 387, and not termed to bean interpretation  thereof. The by-laws may be inspected at the Gibsons Municipal Office, 1490  South Fletcher Road, during office hours namely Monday to Friday 8:30 am. to  5:00 pm.  J.W. Copland    Administrator  Province of  British Columbia  Ministry of  Forests  NOTICE  INVITING  APPLICATIONS  FOR TIMBER SALE  LICENCE A15194  Pursuant to section 16  (1) of the Forest Act,  sealed tenders will be  received by the Regional Manager, Vancouver, up to 1 pm. on  March 2, 1981 for a  Timber Sale Licence to  authorize the harvesting of 120 cubic metres  of dead and down cedar, located Rainy River, New Westminster  Land District.  Term: 2 years.  Bids can be accepted  only from small business enterprises, as  defined in the Regulations.  Applications for registration under the  small business program and details of the  proposed Timber Sale  Licence may be obtained from the Regional Manager, B.C.  Forest Service, 631-  355 Burrard St., Vancouver, B.C. V6C 2H1,  or the District Manager, B.C. Forest Service, Box 4000, Sechelt, B.C. VON SAO.  APPLICATION  FOR  FORESHORE  RIGHTS  An application is pending for foreshore  rights for that portion  of the sea lying immediately adjacent to the  south shore of Lot 2,  D.L. 3314, Gr. 1, New  Westminister District  Plan 13794 - comprising .65 hectares. (File  #2400225).  It includes the water  lying north of a line  running from south tip  of west end of lot (at  low tide) N.E. to i.p. at  junction of boundary  of Lot 2 and N. side of  road allowance.  This area required for  private dock and boat  moorage.  Dated:  February 4th, 1981  W. Donald Watt,  Physician  FOR SALE:  Classified ads that can cover  B.C. & the Yukon  ������������:.���:���&:���  classifieds  by Fran Bourusa  There is no reason for  anyone living on the Sunshine  Coast to have an unwanted  spare moment. There are at  least 21 different types of  volunteer groups to join and  they will help you And something to do.  On Sunday, January 23,  Chatelech Secondary School  was a market place, a chance to  browse through displays set up  by local volunteer groups. The  afternoon was a success according to Joan Cowderoy, the coordinator of the Volunteer  Services Bureau. She is the one  to contact if you decided to  participate and want more  information on the groups.  What's in it for you? Lots, a  worthwhile job, a feeling of  satisfaction, and a chance to  meet new people.  You can volunteer to do  almost anything. You can  volunteer to cook, sew, knit,  hammer, saw, drive, research,  watch, listen, teach, learn,  talk...  Teaching caught your eye?  The Volunteer Aide Program  is what you're looking for. You  will work in the classroom  under the supervision of the  teacher helping children learn  with the benefit of individual  attention. You can also become  part of the learning assistance  program. Phone your local  elementary school for more  information.  Your individual talents can  help the disabled people develop life skills and help them with  future employment opportunities. Donate your time and give  these people the confidence of  knowing they are productive  human beings. The Sunshine  Achievement Centre is looking for people who know how  23 WORDS IM  CLASSIFIEDAZ7S  The Sunshine  COAIT tflVI  a  Legal  Province of  British Columbia  ^Sr��/ Ministry of  Forests  FEDERAL  PROVINCIAL  PROJECTS,  - :  to be financed by  the  DEPARTMENT  OF REGIONAL  ECONOMIC  EXPANSION and  the BRITISH  COLUMBIA  MINISTRY OF  FORESTS  under the  Subsidiary  Agreement on  INTENSIVE FOREST  MANAGEMENT  Sealed Tenders for  the following Tree  Planting contract(s)  will be received by  the Regional Manager, Ministry of Forests, Sechelt, B.C.  on the dates shown  below:  Contract:  81PV04-03.  Located: Parkdale  Creek.  Forest District Sechelt  for 14,000 tree*.  Tender Due Date February 19, 1981, at 15:30  hrs.      Contract: 81PV04-07.  Located: Chapman  Creek.  Forest District Sechelt  for 32,000 trees.  Tender due date February 19,1981 at 15:30 hrs.  Tenders must be submitted on the form and  in the envelopes supplied which, with particulars, may be obtained  from the District Manager, Ministry of Forests,  Box 4000, Sechelt, B.C.  VON 3A0, Phone 885-  5174.  The lowest or any tender  will not necessarily be  accepted.  The work will be carried  out under the supervision of the British  Columbia Ministry of  Forests.  to do woodworking and would  like to teach arts and crafts.  Phone Lois Jackson at 886-  9325. If you'd like to be a  volunteer but don't have a lot  of time to spend, then maybe  the Canadian Cancer Society  is the right program for you.  Phone Reverend J. Godkin  883-2640 for more information.  You don't need to have been  in Guiding to become a District'  Commissioner. The Girl Gulden need somene to do a few"  hours of paperwork a week.''  Call 885-2I63  Love  animals?  Then  the  Sunshine Coast SPCA would  love you. They could use help '���  in the shelter or with their fund-  raising.  Phone  Donna  Mc-  Court, 886-7839.  If you like to keep busy in i  front of the TV, you could be ���:  making squares for afghans to '  help Save the Children Fund: :  Lauralee Spoilt is the one id"'  contact, phone her at 883-3510:"'  The Sunihlne Coast Wo-   ���  men's Program needs resource  persons to help develop talents  and skills in others. Bring them]''  all to the courses offered by the .  program.  Phone Continuing  Education (you're an imme-  diate volunteer when you take '  one of the courses) 88S-3S12.  If you're interested in getting],';  on the "Centre Team", a self-  fulfilling role as an assistant  serving the needs of others";  awaits you. Louise Hume is the'.' ���  one to contact at 885-3512 at  the Sunshine Coast Community Centre for adult day-care!''  You can learn to be a life  saver and join the search and  rescue team of the Provincial'1''  Emergency Program.  To find out how you can help,'''  phone Art McPhee 885-3540. -,  There are only a few of the  volunteer programs on the  coast. Again you are reminded  to contact the Volunteer  Bureau 885-5881.  m  PLANTING  CONTRACT(S)  Sealed Tenders for  the following tree  planting contracts  will be received by  the Regional Manager, Ministry of Forests, Sechelt, B.C.  by 3:30 p.m. on the  dates shown hereunder, except that  for specific reason f��  the Regional Manager may extend  such time.  1. Contract No. 81PV04-  01. Located Storm  Bay. District Sechelt.  Number of Trees  29,000. Tender Opening Date Feb. 19,  1981.  2. Contract No. 81PV04-  02. Located Carlton/  Wakefield. District  Sechelt. Number of  Trees 18,000. Tender  Opening Date Feb.  19,1981.  3. Contract No. 8.PV04-  04. Located Mt. Elphinstone. District  Sechelt. Number of  Trees 17,000. Tender  Opening Date Feb.  19,1981.  4Contract No. 81PV04-  05. Located North  Carlson Lake. District  Sechelt. Number of  Trees 39,000. Tender  Opening Date Feb.  19, 1981.  Tenders must be submitted on the form andj  in the envelopes supplied which, with particulars, may be obtained  from the District Mana-.  ger, Ministry of Forests,'  Box 4000, Sechelt, B.C. ���  The lowest or any tender ]  will not necessarily be;  accepted. ��� tmmm  S.K. "Rocky" Mountain and Ki'iiinnal Director Charles Let finally met head-on last Thursday  afternoon. The "Madman of Wilson (reek" has heeii a bitter critic of the regional board since last  summer, but there were smiles and handshakes last week.  Lee sheds some light  Rocky meets his rep  by John Moore  Ihe saga of "Rocky" Mountain took another turn last week  when Mr. S.R. Mountain, the self-styled "poor dumb slob" and  "Madman ol Wilson Creek" whose contributions have graced the  pages of this newspaper in recent months, met face to face with  Charles Lee, Regional Director for Area C.  Ihe two exchanged friendly greetings on this, their first meeting  in person, in spite of the fact that I.ee has been a favourite target of  Mr. Mountain's criticism of the regional board in the past.  However, neither could resist the opportunity to score a few  points.  Lee took the bull, or in this  case the Rocky Mountain  Ram, by the horns and gently  admonished him for his lengthy  and often somewhat barbed  "open letters", assuring him  that a simple phone call would  suffice to attract the attention  of his Area Director.  Unabashed, Mr. Mountain  replied that, as a result of his  long experience in dealing with  municipal politicians and  bureaucrats, he had learned "to  put everything in writing and  have it double-registered."  The exact nature of Mr.  Mountain's original complaint  has at times been obscured by  issues that have arisen prior  and subsequent to the incident  which sparked Mr. Mountain's  current run-in with the  Sunshine Coast Regional  District.  When Director Lee met Mr.  Mountain on Ihe site of the  incident, last Thursday  afternoon. Director Lee  produced a memo from  Conservation Officer Jamie  Stephen, addressed to regional  board Works Superintendent  Gordon Dixon, which sheds  some light on the sequence of  events.  The memo points out that on  February 20 of last year  Fishery Officer L.K. Chambers  and Conservation Officer  Jamie Stephen inspected the  Works Superintendent's  proposal to trench Wilson  Creek for a crossing of the  regional board water line. The  proposed crossing of Wilson  Creek was approved in early  March of 1980.  At the time of the inspection  of Wilson Creek the Works  Superintendent informed the  officers that it would not be  necessary to trench nearby  Husdon Creek, from which  Mr.   Mountain   has  a   valid  For Valentine's Wee  send our I'll)  i  il  Is^lil  I  II  Mil  Valentine's D.iy is  Saittjrcl.iv, February 14.  GlpUiri' the  I'litini'   I jl  _/4FfiM-sLyn��i  ~rtowtri&' Qi/ts  885-9455  In Sechelt's Trail Boy Mall  I I, I,  III | l|i II s 111 ll ll j|||  licence to take his household  water, since plans called for the  pipe to run across a bridge over  the creek.  "Sometime during the  summer your plans altered and  without consulting with or  advising the Department of  Fisheries and Oceans or this  office," the memo continues,  "the Regional District  excavated a trench across  Husdon Creek a few feet  upstream from the bridge  which we had been advised  would  be carrying the pipe.  "The excavation caused a  partial collapse of the old log  and earth bridge and. despite  immediate repair by the  Regional Board, it was left in a  weak and unstable condition."  According to Mr. Mountain,  the regional board's unauthorized trenching of  Husdon Creek took place  during Ihe first week of last  August, at which time he was  not informed that the work was  being undertaken. As a result  of the excavations, Mr.  Mountain's household water  was fouled by silt, damaging a  washing machine that was in  operation at the time.  Mr. Mountain subsequently  wrote to the regional board at  that time, requesting that the  board reimburse the sum of  $65 for repairs to the washing  machine, The board briefly  debated Mr. Mountain's  request and denied it, but  neglected to inform him  officially. According to Mr.  Mountain, he was never  informed by anyone of the  board's initial decision.  As a result of Mr. Mountain's persistent agitation, the  board reconsidered his request  at their first meeting Ihis year,  largely at the instigation of  Director lee. who urged Public  Utilities Chairman Jim (iurney  lo immediately address himself  to the problem.  Again the board debated Mr.  Mountain's request and once  again decided against paying  Sparks fly at  Gibsons Council  Sparks flew briefly at Gibsons council meeting last Tuesday  night over the issue ofa grant to permit work to continue on the  Gibsons Official Community Plan.  Work on the Community Plan is currently stalled over council's  policy decision regarding ALR land. Community Plan groups  have no mandate to recommend the removal of lands from the  ALR and council has still to receive public endorsement for its  application to the Land Commission.  As a result, Gibsons council has set aside the evening of  Thursday, February 19 at 7:30 pm in council chambers, for a  Public Hearing in order that all persons be afforded an  opportunity to be heard in regard to council's application to have  the AIR designation removed from all lands within the municipal  boundaries.  The temperature in council chambers soared however when  Alderman Larry Trainor and Bill Edney refused to support a  motion that council undertake to complete and adopt the Official  Community Plan in 1981.  Al issue was the municipality's one-third share, amounting to  $4,000. of a/i estimated $12,000 required to complete the  Community Plan, ($7,000 to complete the ongoing draft of the  plan and $4,500 for amendments of zoning and subdivision Bylaws to implement the provision of the Plan.  In spite of assurances that the planning expenditures were an  ongoing expense that could not be accurately determined until the  last minute, Alderman Edney expressed concern that the item was  being "slipped in" lo the provisional budget at the last moment.  Alderman Trainor stated that he was not prepared to support  the motion until he had figures to indicate how much time  Municipal Planner Rob Buchan had devoted to the Community  Plan project and demanded to know "who these people are and  what authority" the Community Plan committee has over council.  "The Province has stressed the importance of adopting Official  Community Plans," Mayor Goddard said, pointing out that  council is under no obligation to adopt thedraft plan as given that  the Plan, like a By-law, is subject to amendment. Mayor Goddard  said, pointing out that council is under no obligation to adopt the  draft plan as given and that the Plan, like a By-law, is subject to  amendment. Mayor Goddard voted with Alderman Labonte and  Strom in favour of the grant application and adoption of the plan.  Alderman Trainor questioned Mayor Goddard's right to cast  the tie-breaking vote, but the Mayor's decision was upheld by  provisions of the Municipal Act. Alderman Strom, who worked  on the Community Plan was a member of the committee before  her election to council, also took exception to Alderman Trainor's  implied criticism of the Plan committee.  "This Plan committee was made up of citizens from this  community at the invitation of council," Strom said, "We received  letters from council inviting us to sit on this committee and I still  have the letter."  Pender Pool closure  Continued from page one.  thanks to the Aquatic Society who were operating the pool in the  black at less than a third of the cost of the Gibsons Pool.  "The Aquatic Society fought this thing through from pie in the  sky to a hole in the ground and then made it work. The operation  has been as perfect as possible serving 2,000 people a month."  A joint meeting of the Regional and School Boards with the  Aquatic Society was scheduled for Monday night and will be  reported next week.  ^)����06��@9��@����6  the $65 repair bill, though al  Director Almond's recommendation, Mr. Mountain was  officially notified of the decision.  Thursday afternoon. Director Lee assured Mr. Mountain he would once again raise  the whole issue before the  board.  Much of the confusion  surrounding the "Husdon  Creek Incident", stems from an  incident involving the subsequent partial collapse of the  earth and log bridge on November 5. During repairs by the  regional board, silt deposited in  the stream disturbed spawning  salmon earmarked as a source  for an egg incubating project of  the Gibsons Wildlife Club. (See  Coast News, November II,  1980)  The issue has also been  complicated by a separate  incident, to which Mr. Mountain and the Regional District  are only indirectly related,  involving Wilson Creek.  Next week: the Coast News  looks at Joe Allan's Problem.  Indians lose  more salmon  The Sechelt Indian Salmon Enhancement program on Sechelt  Inlet received a further setback last week when 3,000 of their  young chinook salmon were believe stolen. A short time ago 5,000  of the young salmon went missing.  Chief Calvin Craigan told the Coast News that originally there  were 20,000 healthy young salmon in the program which was to be  expanded to include 20,000 coho salmon in the near future.  According to Chief Craigan a commercial fishing boat was  reported seen in the area where the fish went missing and the  RCMP investigation continues.  Chief Craigan said that he appreciated the many expressions  of public support that he had received throughout the community.  Sechelt hot  over tax arrears  Chairman of the Finance Committee, Brian Stelck, informed  the Village of Sechelt council on February 4, that because of the  $45,000 owing in unpaid taxes, the Village may be forced to  borrow money at the high interest rate of 17.5% to supplement the  loss and balance the budget.  Without listing names, Alderman Stelck said that the bulk of  the amount owing falls on two individuals in the community.  Alderman Joyce Kolibas noted that it was the "same ones all the  time".  The penalty for overdue taxes is a 10% interest charge added to  the amount commencing in August.  The reason for the delinquent behaviour of the two prominent  citizens is the 7.5% interest profit, explained council during  discussion.  Overdue taxes sit and collect interest at the bank in the interim  al the rate of 17.5% minus the 10% penalty.  "Some may call it smart business but I call it dirty pool," said  Mavor Koch.  Fantastic Savings!  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A panoramic view from 3150 sq. ft. of  architect designed home with many pleasant  extras including 2,000 ft. of sundecks  surrounding home, fireplaces, professionally  landscaped carports, community sewer system.  This lovely home has to be seen to properly  appreciate its many attractions. By appointment only and prices in 400's.  TAYLORS GARDEN BAY STORE &  MARINA: is a well known and long established  business located in Garden Bay. Store, Marina  Gas pumps, boat facilities and other extras.  A RARE 200' WATERFRONT HOME  WITH 2 BR IN BARGAIN HARBOUR:  Direct access from Francis Peninsula Road with  good moorage and a spectacular view of all of  Bargain Harbour. Approx. l2 acre. $220,000.  180 FOOT DEEP WATER MOORAGE  AND TWO BR HOME IN MADEIRA  PARK: This valuable property includes  foreshore lease, 1.5 acres, guest cottage and 35'  x 35' storage shed. Room for an additional  house. Located next to Coho Marina and  known as "WIDMAN PROPERTY."  213 ACRES WATERFRONT PROPERTY  AT GREEN BAY ��� NELSON ISLAND: This  prime property has 213 acres, several buildings,  private lagoon with unlimited potential.  SUNNY'S HAIR BOUTIQUE IN MADEIRA  PARK: conveniently located in the shopping  centre, a thriving business that has been rapidly  growing over the years, owner raising family and  would still work part time.  38.8 ACRES AT LANGDALE. PCL-1 OF  D.L 1396: With gentle slope and small stream  on property. Access off main highway.  THIS 1.2 ACRES WITH APPROX. ISO1  WATERFRONTAGE: has excellent moorage  with large floats, 2 homes including large  grocery store and ideally located near Imperial  Oil dock, good black top access from Francis  Peninsula Road adjoining full length of property.  15 UNIT MOTEL IN GARDEN BAY: with  attractive Caretaker's house. Short walking  distance to Marinas. A thriving business with  lucrative revenue potential. Call for further  information.  A LARGE LOVELY 3 BR VIEW HOME  OVERLOOKING BARGAIN HARBOUR.  LOCATED OFF CHRIS WAY: One of the  nicest homes in the area with panoramic view,  all appliances, carpets, drapes, fireplaces up &  down, full basement with rec. room.  A LOVELY 5 BR WATERFRONT HOME  IN GARDEN BAY: With a lovely view, ramp  and float with deep water moorage, carpets,  drapes, appliances, lovely fireplace, 2 levels  loaded with extras. Good access in a  convenient location $205,000.  Your exclusive "Panabode" dealers   883-2491   P.O. Box 10, Madeira Park, B.C. VON 2H0  svNslTcoAST      h.b. GORDON AGENCIES ltd.  I REAL ESTATE ASSOCIATION 31 Years At Cowrie St., Sechelt  WESTERLY TRAIL ISLAND  2,000 sq. ft. DECKS  SUPERB VIEWS  EVERY SUNSET!  ��� All Seasons Contemporary West  Coast 1700 sq. ft. two level home.  Meticulous construction.  ��� Guest house?  ��� Unique and very private.  PROTECTED MOORAGE  Mermaid Street, Sechelt.  Two 50' frontage by 132'  deep. Two small houses.  Details from John Wilson.  SAKINAW LAKEFRONT!  Rustic Retreat right at the water's edge!  Wonderful warm swimming ��� cabins  sleep 2-8. 150' on the water with docks.  1.7 acres Gov't Lease Land. Water  access only. Price includes boat, engine  & furnishings $29,500.  H.B. GORDON  885-2013  PHONE  885-2013  Box 123, Sechelt, B.C  HOMES  WEST SECHELT  Three bedroom home. F.P.  $99,500. John  Wilson has details  LOTS  LOT  Corner of Wescan and McKenzie Roads. View  of Ihe Cove. F.P. $19,900.  WESCAN ROAD  Cul-de-ufiilo/^jl l2Vll hea,ed  workshc|ilr\M5jl����*W-k has  details. W^^  RUBY LAKE LOT   ���  Non waterfront lot only $9,900. Hallowell Rd.  ���CARD AND GIFT SHOP--  Retail Business for a family or couple. Fully  slocked. Renewable 5 year lease. Excellent  location in the heart of Sechelt. Loads of  parking.  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Your Autoplan  Agent       JR  Halfmoon Bay m  to Egmont    Qp  WmM  ULHBB  ,  John Breen  883-9978  Jock Hermon  883-2745 Sunshine CoasI Realtor, February 6, 1981  SUNNYCREST  SHOPPING  CENTRE  886-2277  , JBSQNS       k^AND LAND DEVELOPMENT LTD.  VANCOUVER  TOLL FREE  682-1513  HOMES  R.R. #2, Gibsons, B.C. VON 1V0  HOMES  BONNIEBROOKE HEIGHTS: Take advan  tage of today's prices lor spring completion. This  designer built home will be nestled among the  trees to complement the cedar siding and shake  roof. Energy efficient with R28 roof insulation and  thermal windows. 15 foot master bedroom with  lull ensuite and oversize tub; create a private  garden atmosphere onto patio. Excellent 3  bedroom floor plan, family room with fireplace,  1516 square feet of comlortable living for  $10*500  CKEEKSIDE PARK: Urge ranch home on  corner bt in Creekside. Extra large living room  has floor to ceiling antique brick fireplace with  glass doors. Three bedrooms. Extra large  bathroom with Jacuzzi. Enclosed carport,  workshop and extra room for study, storage or  4th bedroom. $125,000.  MARINE DR: Waterfront triplex. Refurbished in  1976. 100 (eet of waterfront in Village. Good  holding property for future townhouse development. Income currently $945/month. Adjacent  property to be developed. $252,400.  MAPLEWOOD: Nicely kept three bedroom  home in convenient village location. Lush green  lawn surrounds expansive deck in backyard with  a keyhole view of the strait. An expanded deck  could easily be built to capture southern view of  Georgia Strait. Fully fenced rear yard and quiet  neighbourhood and with lane entry make this an1  ideal location for the young family or retired.  Sunken living room off of dining area with]  additional eating area in large kitchen. Phone to  view this quality built home. $82,900.  DUNHAM ROAD - PORT MELLON: Ideal  starter home for the family who can do some fix-  up work. Large landscaped 70 x 173 lot. Extra  large living room with fireplace and 2 generous  sized bedrooms. 1250 sq. ft. total. Appliances  included in the unusual price of $44,900.  NOR' WEST BAY ROAD: Newly listed. Over 4  acres cleared level land with three bedroom  home. Also barn, chicken and pig pen. Excellent  close in Sechelt location. $132,500,  GRANDVIEW RD: Olf Chaster. Tucked in the  trees, this cedar, basement home offers tiled  entry, stepdown living room with fireplace, cedar  feature wall, skylights and french doors. Three  bedrooms and separate dining room. Basement is  mostly completed with fireplace, workshopjand  large bedroom. Lot size is approximately""  115. $106.500.  SCHOOL RD: Executive home nearing  completion in excellent Gibsons location.  Features include sunken living room, 2%  bathrooms, double attached garage, paved  driveway, 2x6 construction, shake roof, master  bedroom with fireplace and ensuite,  SEACOT WAY: Quality built custom styled  home. Energy efficient design. Heatilator  fireplace with additional space at rear for wood  heater. Some additional features. Three  bedrooms, master ensuite with shower. Sunken  living room with old fashioned homestead brick  fireplace. Kitchen features dishwasher and all  major appliances. Fully insulated with thermo-  glass. Quality floor coverings and deluxe light  fixtures. Concrete driveway and lot terraced and  basic landscaping done. Lots of other great  leatures. $109300.  LANGDALE RIDGE: Quality built executive  home an private Davidson Road cul-de-sac has  just commenced construction. Excellent view in  area of new homes. This three bedroom home will  have 1736 square feet of finished living area plus  an unfinished basement. Extra features include 2  lull bathrooms, fireplace and wet bar in living  room, large study or 4th bedroom. Master  bedroom is 13 x 16 plus walk-in closet. Shake  roof, sundeck with southern exposure. Kitchen  eating area plus dining room. Post and beam  structure with vaulted wood ceilings. Come in  and view the plans for this exciting home.  $127,500.  ASSFORtTftD. Ideal thretTrJedroom familjj  home in convenient village location. Area of neu  construction. Partially finished basement with rec  room and 4th bedroom. Move in condition  $77,900  CREEKSIDE PARK ESTATES: Beautifully  finished 7 month old, custom built executive  home in prestige area, Features include 3  bathrooms with shower in ensuite, two car  garage, large family room w/fireplace, large  kitchen and nook, quality wall to wall carpeting  throughout, 3 bedrooms, sundecks, concrete  driveway with beautifully landscaped front yard  and Gibson Creek bordering back of property  with lots of trees for. privacy. Assumable 13J$%  mortgage in place for 4 more years. Fireplace to  be completed and lighting fixtures installed.  Phone lor appointment to view. $119,900.  LAUREL RD: Davis Bay. This custom home  features 2 fireplaces, sunken bathtub, master  ensuite, large finished rec room withbar and wine  cellar. Three bedrooms up, two bedrooms down.  Beautiful view of straits from dining room and  kitchen. Large lot with excellent garden area.  House is five years old and was custom built by  owner builder. $129,500.  GOWER PT & CLARK: View, subdividable lfc  acres. This new Big Big house has plenty of  potential, 3000 sq. ft. on 2 levels features  fireplaces, deluxe fixtures, garbage compactor,  dishwasher, ceramic tile kitchen floors and 8  bedrooms, 3 bathrooms. A 24* x 28' garage with  storage area and office also included. $193,000,  INVESTMENT - COMMERCIAL-REVENUE  GIBSONS: 2250 square feet commercial  building separate leases. Well constructed and  maintained single storey building in the heart of  Gibsons Harbour area. Excellent potential.  $119,000  INVESTMENT COMMERCIAL REVENUE  ELSON GLASS: Excellent business in growing  community. Year end statistics available to  qualified purchaser. Exciting business opportunity in expanding area. Excellent location  $180,000.  NORTH RD: Gentleman Farmer, 5 acres with  barn, chicken coop, etc. l2 cleared, partial view  with potential of panoramic view of Howe Sound.  Close to ferry on North Rd. yet very private.  Heatilator stone fireplace. Exterior needs minor  fix-up and stain. Adjacent to R2L zoning,  $139,500.   TKICKLbUROOK: Immaculate one year old  three bedroom home. Easy walking distance to all  amenities. Living room has floor lo ceiling brick  fireplace. $74,500.  LOTS  SARGENT RD: Building lot on Sargent Road  with clear view of Howe Sound and the Harbour.  Ready to build on. All services available including  sewer. $47,500.  EVERGREEN PARK: Two large lots on quiet  cul-de-sac in popular new sub-division only  minutes away from the centre of Gibsons.  $34,900 each.  GRANTHAMS LANDING: Near Soames  Point this fantastic view lot has an ideal setting  nestled in the trees. Lot is fairly steep up from the  road, but is just like a park. View of Keats Island  and North Shore Mountains is breathtaking. Lot  size is 66 x 132. $29,900.  BOULDER PL: Semi-watcrfront view bt on  quiet cul-de-sac in Halfmoon Bay. You own an  interest in the park lot that sits between you and  the water. This lot has all the aesthet ics you could  imagine. Year round creek follows one bt  boundary view, easy access beach that is ideal for  boat launch and storage, adjacent to park, nicely  treed, over % acre in private setting and less than  one mite to store, school and government wharf.  If you care about your surroundings you'll  appreciate the value! $49300.  HOMES  NORTH RD: At' Cemetary Road. Fou,  bedrooms, believe it or not. This cozy little cedat  home hasawood burning parlor stove in the livint  room. Ideal for the young family, close to schools  and shopping. $69,500   SCHOOL RD: 1065 sq. ft. 4 bedroom single  storey home on large triangular lot, S block to  schools, 1 block to shopping. Zoned RMl (Multi  family). Several mature fruit trees. Fully insulated  home with new roof. Excellent holding property  or starter home. F.P. $49,900.  'iwwimiHWKi.,*  SARGENT RD: Panoramic view from C  to Georgia Strait. Three bedroom home in top]  condition. Freshly painted, nicely landscaped!  yard. Workshop in basemenl. Walk to shopping!  schools and wharf. $103.500  MARION PL: Double "S" Cedar Home. Very I  well built 1344 square foot home on two floors. 21  bathrooms and two large bedrooms. This home is |  the Gambriel design. $67,500  ACREAGE  HWY 101 SOAMES POINT: 12tacresof prime I  view acreage on Highway 101 at Soames Point.  Zoned for subdivision, or use the two separate \  parcels lor exclusive residence. Lot Bhas678feet  of frontage and Lot C has 999 feet of frontage.  Adjacent to beautiful Soames Park. $325,000.  S AKIN AW LAKE: Here is 35 acres with 800 feet  on the lakefront, accessible from Garden Bay  Road or by water. Timber on, good moorage and  adjacent lots have cabins on. South-west [  exposure. $125,000.  HWY 101: Valuable C-2 zoned property. 1.7  acres on Highway 101, Gibsons. Zoned for  hotel/motel. Village will listen to other zoning  proposals. Ideal location. All ferry traffic passes  this land. $275,000.  MEMBER SUNSHINE COAST REAL ESTATE ASSOCIATION  STEVE        ANNE        JOHN TERRI        GREG  SAWYER    GURNEY   HANSON    HANSON    GRANT  GARY        DAVE JON LORRIE  PUCKETT ROBERTS     MCRAE       GIRARD  886-7678    886-2164    886-8295    886-8295   886-7204    886-9508    886-8040     885-3670      886-7760 Sunshine Coast Realtor, February 6, 1981  III Westinghouse  Heat  Pumps  The most energy efficient way  to heat your house today  Sale  Service  Engineering  Installation  Call Now   886-7111  Thomas Heating  Ltd.  Gibsons  Payne Roatf  ���MOBILE HOMES���  24' x 56'  (1248 sq. ft.)  IN STOCK NOW!  MANY MODELS AND FLOOR PLANS  TO CHOOSE FROM  COAST MOBILE HOMES LTD.  ���cms mm Beww's Furniture ki seciwit  885-9979 "DL,3M 885-9979  Box 566  Gibsons, B.C.  VON 1V0  HOMES  FIHCREST ROAD - GIBSONS: New 3 bedroom  basement home. Skylight in front entry. Sundeck off of  dining room. No steel chimney, but brick in this home for  that wood stove to help cut heating costs. 2' x 6' walls. R20  insulation. Finished basement will be ideal rec. room area for  the children. In good family area. $73(0OO.  EVERGREEN  PARKLAND ��� CAROLE PLACE ���  BRAND NEW RANCHER: 3 bedroom, 1350 square feet  on extra large lot. This would make someone a great family  home. But don't wait too long as this one will not last at  $85,900  NORM PETERSON 886-2607  Serving the Lower Sunshine Coast  Phone 886-2000 or 886-9121  Located in the Seaside Plaza,  Gower Point Road, Gibsons  i#**a' V-aV*   <  :~* ^%fcT%!-��-  TRICKLE COURT - YEAR OLD RANCHER: Beam  ceilings throughout this 3 bedroom rancher. Open kitchen  dining area, wall to wall carpeting ensuite plumbing, Large  partially landscaped lot in area of all new homes. Close to  schools and shopping. 10" x 10" tool shed for those extras.  Asking $76,000.  level design home. There are 3 bedrooms, large living room,  kitchen, dining area, three bathrooms plus finished family  room, utility and storage area. Features include sundeck,  patio, concrete driveway and a double carport. All this on a  large mostly landscaped cul-de-sac lot. Should be seen.  Listed to sell at $115,000.  POPLAR LANE: Three bedroom home in area of all new  houses, on large level lot, close to schools and shopping.  This house has 1500+ sq. f I, of living area and was fully rebuilt  6 months ago in mostly cedar T & G and all new floor  coverings. This homey house should be seen at $75,900.  VIEW LOT ��� PORPOISE DR: Urge uncleared lot,  panoramic view of Porpoise Bay. Short walk to water's edge  $22 500,  DENNIS SUVEGES 886-7264  REaAL ESTATE  GENERAL INSURANCE  AUTOPLAN  MALAVIEW ROAD OFF PRATT: Immaculate 3  bedroom ranch style home, double windows, walk-in closet  off master bedroom. Excellent family home on a nicely  landscaped level lot. This one should be seen at $95,000.  COMMERCIAL  NURSERY^ HWY 101 ROBERTS CREEK  Ideal investment for the future. Great potential for a growing  area. Business is well established on 2 acres plus. Home on  property is a 3 bedroom basement home for a ideal live-in  business. List of stock and equipment available through  agents.  JANES TUB AND TOP SHOP  If you are looking for your own business, you should have a  look at this one. This store sells a full line of bathroom items  and business has increased substantially since moving to  this new location at corner of the Highway and Pratt Road in  April of 1980. With over 1200 sq. ft. of floor area there is lots  of room to grow. Good tease available. For full details give us  a call.  ELSON GLASS LTD.  Located on Hwy 101 and Pratt Rd.  Stock and Trade only.  Lease available with 5 year terms.  Business is well established and growing.  Listing Sales person has financial details for qualified  purchasers.  HARRY HOWARD 886-7307 Sunshine Coast Realtor, February 6, 1981  ^,  Mitten Realty Ltd.  &  Vancouver Toll Free  681-7931  Trail Bay Mall  Box 979  Sechelt, B.C.  VON 3A0  885-3295  Conveniently located in Sechelt's Trail Bay Shopping Centre  WATERFRONT  FLYSPECK ISLAND  Located in Gunboat Bay, Pender Harbour. This  is a unique opportunity to own a genuine Island  in a land locked harbour. Tie up float plan or  boat or just fly the Jolly Roger. Call Syd or  Frances Heal at 886-7875.  A SOUND INVESTMENT  WATERFRONT - GOLD - SILVER  Gold & Silver we don't sell bul we offer you a  top investment. 1,000 lineal feel ocean  ���Waterfront property wiih 20 subdividable acres  of treed country hillside. For further details call  Henry Hall 885-2520. ��462  PENDER HARBOUR $80,000  Two lots that have almost 150' of tidal  waterfront in beautiful Gerrans Bay, Both lots  must be sold as a package. Driveway in and  health approvals and plans for development are  with listing salesperson. Vendor may carry. Call  Don Lock 885-3730 of Emilie Henderson at 885  5225. #447  SECRET COVE WATERFRONT $149,500  RECIPE FOR FUN:  3 - Creosote dolphin pilings.  3 ��� 6x12   Marine floats (nested).  1 ��� 3'x36' ��� Marine aluminum ramp.  1 12'x5' Piled Jetty.  2 ��� Ocean side aluminum storage sheds.  1 120'steep bank, waterfront lot 18,000+sq. ft.  50   Sturdy cedar railed cliffside steps,  2 Wood landing rests.  1   ���   56'xl2'   Mobile   home   on   permanent  reinforced foundations.  1 ��� 54'xlO' Marina view cedar sundeck.  1   Complete septic system on shared field.  Only $149,500 for this fun filled recipe that will  legally  service  two  full  families.   For  more  information call Henry Hall 885 2520 or Klaus  Roepke 885-2314, ��513  AFFORDABLE WATERFRONT  Two lovely lots on Trail Island, just under 1.5  acres each for the adventurous, innovative  purchaser. Call Don or Rene Sutherland at 885  9362. #495  ACREAGE  WANTED - ROBERTS CREEK  Five separate parties to purchase 13 acre  Hobby Farm. Subject to subdivision approval.  Call Henry Hall 885 2520 or Klaus Roepke 885-  2314. #455B  HALFMOON BAY $49,500  1.14 acres in popular Hallmoon Bay. This first  class view property has a rock bluff and also a  flat land building site. Zoning allows 2 homes or  duplex. In addition, purchaser shares in a  common waterfront lot for recreation and  moorage. For more information call Henry Hall  at 885 2520 or Klaus Roepke al 885 2314.0508  EXCELLENT HOBBY  FARM POTENTIAL  This Roberts Creek acreage 1ms., c. immanding  view (if Georgia Strait with 300 plus [rentage on  Highway 101. Roads, power and water already  in place. To view call Henry H..II 885 2520  Vancouver Toll Free 685 9828. "455  ROBERTS CREEK $42,000  Three level acres ideally suited lor Hobby Farm.  Regional water, hydro and telephone available.  Some nice standing timber. Call Terry Brackett  for more details at 885-9865. #506  Almost 40 acres of flai land located on Mason  Road. Ideal opportunity for a group to become  involved. The properly is agricultural, partly  cleared with home, barn, workshop and  chicken coop. Call Don or Rene to explore this  exciting idea. Asking $350,000.  PENDER HARBOUR $32,000  H.ird to find small acreage. This piece is 2.8  acres and already has a cleared building site,  culvert, septic tank, power and water installed.  Ideal for setting up iravel trailer on weekends or  building your dream home. Not far from  excellent fishing, Call Terry Bracken fur more  details at 885 9865. ��450  HOMES  SELMA PARK  Brand new family home. This well planned  home has four bedrooms and large bathroom  on top level. The main level has sunken family  and living room, kitchen with oak cabinets, large  stone fireplace and dining area. Also full  basement with 2 bedrooms and additional space  for suite, rec. room etc, Good assumable  mortgage. Call Terry Brackett at 885-9865.  1,507  GEODESIC DOMES $99,000  Brand new totally unique home in West Sechelt.  Two bedrooms plus study, private sundeck off  circular 24' living room. Ideally suited for adult  living. Located on large view lot with subdivision  potential. Call Emilie Henderson 885-5225 or  Terry Brackett 885 9865. 8368  DAVIS BAY $149,900  Immaculate view home. Panoramic view is truly  breathtaking. Upstairs there are three bright,  spacious bedrooms, ensuite ofl master, finished  fireplace plus large kitchen. In the basement  there are two additional bedrooms, another  ���" bathroom plus rec, room with wet bar and 4'/x  9' pool table to remain. Also another fireplace.  At the rear of the house there is an oil-heated 18'  x 32' swimming pool. Lot has been meticulously  landscaped and fenced. Call Terry Brackett  885 9865 to make an appointment to view this  charming family home A rare (ind. "520  WEST SECHELT $255,000  A Rare Find - a jewel set on I he edge ol a sylvan  sea. Here is 1.17 acres ol glorious forest. A  naturalists Delight with a trim 1,330 sq. ft. of  modern Ranch home. 2 bedrooms, spacious  open plan, all designed and built by a quality  conscious vendor. The kitchen is M'Lady's  Dream, with cabinets and storage galore. Large  deck, living room and bedrooms all share a  superb sea view fringed by Arbutus and laking  in an Island Panorama. For details call Syd or  Frances Heal at 886 7875.  PENDER HARBOUR  Beautiful, panoramic view, privacy and close to  the best fishing on the coast, plus three levels of  gracious living. Three bedrooms with master  having ensuite, large kitchen is spacious and  well planned, plenty of storage and work area,  sunken living room with a fireplace, large  bathroom with a sunken tub, original murals,  vaulted ceilings. Loads of room for the growing  family. To top all ihis off there is a circular patio  to take advantage of the incredible view. M.L.S.  Phone Suzanne or Terry lor viewing. #389  HARBOUR VIEW $65,000  This co2y two bedroom remodelled old timer  offers very comfortable living for retirement or  just starting out. Part basement, auto oil heat.  Central location near stores, school and ferry.  Please call Corry Ross 885 9250. #479  HOMES  Well built and attractive Spanish style, 4  bedroom, two level executive home, loaded  with everything including 2 heatilator fireplaces.  Double carport and super in-law facilities.  Accommodate yourselves, the kids and mom &  pop too. By appointment only through Frances  or Syd Heal at 886-7875. #349  SUPER ViEW,  SANDY HOOK $125,000  Quality is prominent through this architect  designed home. Excellent use of skylights and  decking give a contemporary touch. Spiral  staircase to loft and master suite with its own  dressing room, 5 pee bathroom and sundeck.  Many extras include sunken conversation pit in  ceramic tile, vaulted ceilings expertly crafted in  yellow cedar, large sauna and shower, See this  beautiful 2500 sq. ft. home by appointment only  with Emilie Henderson at 885-5225. #494  DAVIS BAY $159,900  View home - Contemporary large family home  in popular Davis Bay. Three bedrooms,  elevated living room, dining room, family room  and large kitchen with all modern appliances.  This home has three sundecks and a full  basement. For viewing call Henry Hall at 885  2520 or Klaus Roepke at 885 2314.  WEST SECHELT $135,000  Brand new four bedroom view home. Features  include three bedrooms up and one downstairs,  oak cabinets, fresh air fireplace and double  glazed windows. Superb view of Georgia Strait  and Trail Islands. Also family room and  sundeck. A must to view! Terry Brackett will  give you more information 885 9865. #484  BRAND NEW $149,000  Brand new Iwo deluxe view homes under  construction. Both are in exclusive Sechelt  areas. Plans are in our office. Please come in or  phone Emilie Henderson 8855225, #519  TRAIL AVENUE $95,000  Large four bedroom home in uptown Sechelt.  Kitchen is spacious and convenient with an  attractive nook. Dining room is separate, living  room with view of the mountains. Recreation  room is finished giving a cozy atmosphere with a  fireplace and a wet bar. Loads of storage in the  downstairs over 700 sq. ft. of sundeck. Close to  all amenities. Call Suzanne Dunkerton for more  information at 886-8317. #510  VIEW! VIEW! VIEW!  PENDER HARBOUR $139,900  This chalet type, new construction just needs  your own personal touch to make this home  warm and inviting. 3 large bedrooms, 2% baths,  spacious living room with fireplace. All this anda  panoramic view of Pender Harbour. Call Gayle  Adams 883 9364 for details. #478  WILSON CREEK $129,900  Exciting view home just started. This home has  three large bedrooms plus kitchen and dining  room on main level. The bottom level contains  the utility area plus entry level. One can finish  the rest of basement to suit their needs. Also 12'  x 44' deck at side and 6' x 50' deck at front.  Owner will consider finishing and selling at any  stage. Call Terry Brackett 885-9865.   "   #515  WEST SECHELT $104,900  6 month new home situated in exclusive Sechelt  West Subdivision. I340sq.lt. plus full basement  with roughed in plumbing. Three large  bedrooms, master ensuite, double garage.  Assumable mortgage at 13%. Call Emilie  Henderson 885-5225. #517  VIEW HOME IN GARDEN BAY   $74,200  MLS. This three bedroom home is located on  Sinclair Bay Road with a good view over the bay.  Family room and heated workshop, storage  shed are all included in the firm price of  $74,200. Please call Don Lock 885-3730 for  more details. #497  SECHELT $25,000  You can own a lovely Mobile Home on leased  land with a view, good garden area, large  sundeck and within walking distance to Sechelt  for only $25,000. Please call Bronia for more  details at 885-9033. #500  WEST SECHELT $145,000  West Coast contemporary home on large view  lot overlooking Sargeant's Bay. This dream  home has over 2500 sq. ft. of gracious living  area. Three bright bedrooms, two and one half  baths, family room as well as hot tub. Shake roof  and numerous skylights. Truly a well planned  and designed home, Call Terry Brackett 885-  9865. #493  PENDER HARBOUR $159,900  Ranch style home with carport and guesthouse  on property Many extra features give this  house that extra touch of quality that you have  been looking for. Come view the tasteful  furnishings and the fibreglass 18' boat which are  an added plus. Everything you need. Just move  in and start fishing. Call Gayle Adams at 883-  9364. #45?  $149,600  Executive home. Exceptional 5 B/R home  complete with 20 x 40 ft. pool and bordering on  creek. All appliances including Jenaire,  ,garburator, bull-in dishwasher are included in  price. The kitchen is modelled with teak  cupboards, stainless steel double sink etc.  Formal dining room and large tiled entrance hall  are all part of this home with over 3,000sq. ft. of  modern living area. There is much more, so  please call Don Lock at 885-3730 or Terry  Brackett 885-9865 for all details and appointment to view. #440  KLEINDALE $82,000  This property is truly beautiful - All 3.2 acres of  it! Lots of trees and sunshine, gently sloping  terrain, good garden area and a900sq. ft. house  plus guest cabin. All this for only $82,000. Call  Bronia for more information at 885-9033. #518  ROBERTS CREEK $112,000  Elegant, spacious design and fine workmanship  are just some of the many interesting aspects of  this newly constructed 3 bedroom cedar home.  Situated in a quiet neighbourhood, this home  offers privacy in a rural setting and it is only a  short distance to beach, general store and  school. For further details please contact  Bronia Robins at 885 9033 or Don or Rene  Sutherland 885 9362 #524  \lhr deutsch sprechender grundstueck - makler in Sechelt ist Klaus Roepke - privat tel. 885-2314.  r   POWELL RIVER RAY  WEST VANCOUVER      bernier  JORTH VANCOUVER SALES MGR  DAL  GAYLE  TERRY  CORRY  SYD & FRANCES     PETER  HENRY  GRAUER  ADAMS  BRACKETT  ROSS  HEAL         DAVIDSON  HALL  885-3808  883-9364  885-9865  885-9250  886-7875       886-8400  885-2520, Sunshine CoasI Realtor, February 6, 1981  Mitten Realty Ltd.  Vancouver Toll Free  885-3295 681-7931  MEMBER OF "RELOCATION SERVICES CANADA" REFERRAL SYSTEM.  WE HAVE A TRADE PLAN FOR HOMES. PLEASE CALL FOR DETAILS.  **aJ  o*  Be*  Conveniently located in Sechelt'sTrail Bay Shopping Centre  SUNRISE RIDGE INDUSTRIAL PARK  Partial & Fully Serviced Industrial & Commercial View Lots & Acreage. Next door to Sechelt-  Gibsons Airport. Amalgamation, the proposed marina and proposed new highway make these  excellent holding properties. Invest in Sechelt's future. Call Henry Hall at 885-2520, Toll Free 685-  9828.  LOTS  SKYLINE DRIVE $45,000  Fabulous view ol the water and the mountains  from this beautifully treed lot. Close to all  amenities. Call Suzanne for more information at  8868317. #473  ROBERTS CREEK $60,000  4.3 acres on upper LoAy<"��<?8fc| in Roberts  Creek. Smtafcegr^hjlurefciW a potential  view. The^^JLettm\ptmlwty Driveway  and buildii^3^nrady in. Two hydro poles are  in also. Call Suzanne for viewing 886- 8317.  H470  SECRET COVE  Just listed . Wescan Road, .94 acre ol Ireed lot  adjoining Smuggler's Cove Marine Park. For  details call Don or ReneSutherlandal 8859362.  SEAMOUNT LOT $30,000  Prime level lot. All services 52.5' x 150'. Call Syd  or Frances Heal 886-7875. DS14  SKYUNE DRIVE $55,000  Beautiful expansive view of the mountains and  the gap from this large lot on the Bluff. Covered  with Arbutus and Christmas trees. Call  Suzanne lor more information 886-8317. 8474  SANDY HOOK  Two lots off Skana Crescent must be sold as  one. Together these lots make up 2.11 acres of  view and woods. Your own little estate? Only  $32,500 for both. Dal Grauer 8853808. ��487  SECHELT VILLAGE $18,500  Only one lot left in Cedar Corners Subdivision.  For details call Don or Rene Sutherand at 885-  9362. 11299  ���BUSINESS���  OPPORTUNITIES  GOLD MINE AT SEA LEVEL       $20,000  If you really mined at sea level there would be  engineering problems. In this case, this  moneymaker has all sorts of potential without  any engineering problems. We can show you a  secondhand business capable of upgrading into  antiques and new product lines such as  ceramics and gift-ware in a million dollar  location fully protected by long-term lease. This  is where the tourists stop and congregate to  enjoy the view, the beach, soft ice cream, local  prawns and okanagan fruit and as part of the  action they come in to browse and buy in your  store. What beats us is why the vendors want to  sell but rumour has it that they are committed to  beef-ranching in Patagonia. Offers invited  through Syd or Frances Heal 866-7875.  #512  ATTENTION  WOODWORKERS $225,000  Don't bother to call unless you aim to be a  millionaire. This business includes a modem  concrete block building with heavy duty power,  office area, a full inventory of woodworking  machinery and an established product line  capable of extension or expansion into other  woodworking tines. There are many angles to  this business including some excellent  assumable finance. To us they all took good so  get together right away with Syd or Frances  Heal at 886-7875 and let's have a heart-to-heart  discussion.  Ihr deutsch sprechender grundstueck - makler in Sechelt ist Klaus Roepke ��� privat tel. 885-2314.  EMILIE        KLAUS     BRONIA RENE SUZANNE        DONALD        DON        ERIC     ROSEMARY  HENDERSON   ROEPKE    ROBINS    SUTHERLAND   DUNKERTON SUTHERLAND    LOCK    RUDLAND    YOUNG  885-5225    885-3295 885-9033     885-9362     886-8317      885-9362    885-3730 885-9857 886-8359  VANC/BURNABY  SURREY  LANGLEY Sunshine Coast Realtor, February 6, 1981  BOX 1490,  WHARF ROAD  SECHELT, B.C.  VON-3A0  GsrJUK*  JTTatl.  HOMES  im  CENTURY WEST REAL ESTATE  PHONE  885-2235  VANCOUVER  689-5838  (Toll Free)  HOMES  88' of prime waterfront. Older two bedroom home. Lots of deck and  unbeatable view. For your appointment to view call Larry or Ruth  Moore.  NEW ON MARKET  130 feet of Accessible Waterfront  Incredible View  The property is gently sloping to the south and all landscaped. Added  feature is the neat two bedroom home. By appointment only. Call Ruth  Moore.  ^gltf <%��r  FED UP WITH HIGH  INTEREST RATES No. 643  This desirable 3 bdrm view home has an existing  1st mortgage at 10%. Full basement is partially  finished allowing completion to suit your needs.  ��� Conveniently located in Gibsons within walking  distance to shopping facilities and schools.  Asking $107,000. Call Lynda 886-7352 or 886  8194.  IN THE HEART OF SECHELT       No. 631  2 bedroom 750 sq. ft. home with attached  carport. Neat and tidy inside and nicely  landscaped outside. Don't miss the chance to  Invest in uptown Sechelt. Asking price $79,500  .For details call Rita Percheson 885 5706.  VIEW SELMA PARK No. 667  Your own mini estate. Older home with view.  Two separate cottages on almost \- acre ol  beautifully landscaped property. For your  appointment to view call Leslie Filch al 885 9057.  OVER 5 ACRES -  ROBERTS CREEK No. 641  Over 5 acres of fantastic secluded view property  in lower Roberts Creek. Definitely rated TEN. on  which there is a 1180 sq, It 2 bedroom, neat and  tidy home. Several outbuildings, plenty of room  for horses. A real treat for sore eyes. $129,000.  Call Eva for more details at 886 8194 or 886-7126.  DYNAMIC VIEW OF  HOWE SOUND No. 578  Exclusive 1.5 acres of waterfront wiih year round  deep water moorage is ihe idea! setting for this  quality built rancher, swimming i*>��� >i and guest  cottage for your country estate. Asking  $275,000. For more details call Lynda Hickman  at 886 7352.  NEW ON MARKET  NEW ��� SECHELT VILLAGE No. 663  Fine two bedroom family home right in the heart  of Sechelt Village. Recreation room, bedroom  and bath finished in the full basement. Price  includes refrigerator, stove, washer, dryer and all  drapes. Reasonably sized lot is ready to  landscape. For your appointment to view call  Larry or Ruth Moore 885-9213.  CONVENIENCE OF LOCATION  AND POCKETBOOK! No. 629  3 bedroom home lor $49,500. These Slrata Title  Units are located on Hillcrest Road. Within  walking distance of schools, shopping and other  amenities. Only three left, Call for appointment to  view Eva or Lynda al 886 8194.  ONE ACRE VIEW No. 664  Ocean view on ihis quaint homestead properly  with two older, charming homes. A variety of fruit  trees and a large graceful willow add lo the  pastoral charm. Excellent revenue property  {rental from Iwo homes). $85,000. For further  details call Rita Percheson 885 5706.  GIBSONS EXECUTIVE HOME      No. 634  Four bedrooms 1375 sq. ft. post and beam home-  plus fully finished basement with a fantastic view  of the Gibsons harbour. Features are loo  numerous to list. Asking $139,000. For personal  showing call George Longman at 886 8548.  DUNHAM ROAD - $52,900 No. 628  This large 3 bedroom home is a good buy on  today's market. Family kitchen, heatilator  fireplace in living room, 2 piece ensuite, den.  Large landscaped lot. Call Eva Carsky for  appointment to view al 886 8194 or 886 7126.  18 KARAT QUALITY No. 644  Exciting contemporary home, over 2700 sq. ft. of sauna and hot lub, plus an attractive assumable  living space. Just off Gower Pt. Rd. overlooking mortgage ol $44,000.it ll1,"., due October 1982.  the Strait of Georgia. To mention some features. Asking price $180,000. For more details call  tinted skylitcs. Indirect & track lighting, area EvaCarskyat8868194or886-7126.0utonMLS.  controlled electric healing, double pane windows, Qualilied purchasers only please.  LOOKING FOR A MINI-FARM?     No. 635  Then have a look at this cleared, fenced five acres  complete with stream. To add to your fun, an  older home with plenty of space, five bedrooms.  Also outbuildings and storage. Located on  Highway 101 near Gibsons and priced al just  $145,000. Call Ruth Moore 885-9213.  WHISTLER  Downhill Skiing  Hiking  Skating  Golfing  Nordic Skiing  Boating  Own a part of one of  the fastest growing resort  communities in North  America.  Be the registered owner  (indefeasible title) of a  time share unit in a lake-  front condominium only  five minutes walk from the  Gondola.  For details call Pat Parker  at 885-5615 or 885-2235.  WHEN YOU CARE ENOUGH        No. 654  to have the best, then consider this fine family  home. Located on almost half an acre of  landscaped grounds with large garden plot. Large  workshop/carport and two storage sheds.  Spacious living room with rock fireplace, kitchen  with eating nook, formal dining room and three  bedrooms on the main floor. Extras include a  finished lower floor with one bedroom, den, bath  and super large recreational room. For your  appointment to view, call Larry or Ruth Moore  885 9213.  A VIEW WORTH VIEWING No. 615  From this tidy 3 bedroom home in Sandy Hook.  Cozy heatilator fireplace provides attractive focal  point for living room and energy saving dollars.  Spectacular view of blue/green inlet waters and  magnificent mountains beyond! Full basement is  ready for you to finish off to your requirements.  $89,000. Call Rita Percheson 885-5706.  QUALITY & QUANTITY No. 539  All the joys of rural living can be yours here in this  executive split level home of over 2800 sq. ft. of  finished area. Formal dining area, 12' floor to  ceiling fireplace, spiral staircase, spacious 23 x 14  kitchen, and 4 bedrooms add up to everything  you're looking for in a quality home for your  family. The pets are taken care of too with over 9  acres of selectively cleared romping room. What  more could you want lor the listed price of  $230,000. Lynda Hickman 886 7352.  MEMBER SUNSHINE COAST  CHUCK DOWMAN  885-9374  PHYLLIS  885-9462  "TWO OFFICES TO SERVE YOU"  BOB KENT    LARRY MOORE      RUTH MOORE        PETER SMITH  885-9461 885-9213 885-9213 885-9463  BERT WALKER PAT PARKER BILL WALKEY  885-3746 885-5615 885-5327  KEN WELLS  886-7223  LARRY REARDON  885-9320  1 Sunshine Coast Realtor, February 6,1981  PHONE  886-8194  VANCOUVER  689-5838  (Toll Free)  \��  JYT.21  ���CENTURY WEST REAL ESTATE  DENTAL CENTRE      *V^  GIBSONS ^Qj  \  HOMES  HORSE SENSE! No. 670  It's just good horse sense to fall in love with this 2  acre nature lover's hobby farm! A barn,  workshop and fenced pasture are just a small part  of this private estate. The household cook will  love the spacious sunny kitchen in this 1900 sq. ft.  ranch style home. Outdoor living at its best in  West Sechelt! $135,000. Call Rita Percheson  885 5706 or Lynn Wilson 885-5755.  WEST SECHELT No. 503  This beautiful Lindal cedar view home has  everything you could want. 4 bedrooms, 2 full  baths plus '�����> bath off utility room, formal dining  room, living room and family room with  connecting fireplace. The features go on and on.  This is the ultimate in family living. Call Leslie  Fitch 885-9057.  "MAKE NATURE YOUR NEIGHBOUR  THE CITY A CLOSE FRIEND"       No. 485'  9,43 acres in Koberts Creek. 1520 sq. ft., 3!  bedroom home with ocean view, a few extras to  mention are duck pond, barn, corral, drilled well  and wrap around sundeck. Asking price  $159,000. Call George Longman for more details  at 886 8548,  FOR THE GOOD LIFE No. 668  Enjoy the spectacular view of the Trail Islands  from this posh 3 bedroom home on quiet cul-de-  sac in West Sechelt. Beautifully landscaped low  maintenance garden on this southern exposure  property. A real showplace with vaulted ceilings,  automatic garage door opener, cedar accent  walls and much, much more. To view this  impressive home phone Lynn Wilson 885-5755.  LOTS  YEAR ROUND VACATION No. 461  Build your hideaway on this unique lot in  Tuwanek. To view call Leslie Fitch 885-9057.  ROBERTS CREEK No. 648  Beach Avenue building lot, centrally located to  school, store, library, post office and beach.  Regional water, hydro and cablevision at  properties edge. Development made easy as land  is presently landscaped with only fruit trees  remaining. Asking price $45,000. Bring all offers  to George Longman 886-8548 or 886-8194.  FEATURE YOUR ENTERPRISE     No. 636  On this "most - seen" corner location at turnoff  from Hwy 101 to Madeira Park's Mall and be the  centre of attraction on this high profile  commercial Light Industrial Etc. zoned Land.  Approx. 8/10 Acre. Nearly 200' on each road,  Elevation of land provides view too! Just $59,000  and terms may be considered. Don't regret your  delay. Phone "Tiny Bob" 885-9461.  ARBUTUS ACREAGE No. 649  Think of a warm, sunny isle, arbutus blowing in  the breeze, 1'.. acres of privacy on Trail Isle. Now  you've throught about it, buy it for $29,000. Bill  Walkey 885-5327.  WATERFRONT PARADISE No. 657  This waterfront has it all! Year round moorage in  sheltered waters of Pender Harbour, the Coast's  "Venice by the Sea". Level swimming beach,  treed privacy and excellent building site! Quaint  marina nearby and spectacular view of  happenings in harbour. $95,000. Call Rita  Percheson 885-5706.  SECHELT VIEW No. 176  Sechelt View! The view is over a creek which  meanders through a treed park-like setting to the  ocean which is less than 500 feet away! This  choice building lot in Sechelt Village is serviced by  water, hydro and paved road. An excellent  investment property at $24,900. Call Rita  Percheson 885-5706.  LOTS  HALFMOON BAY  BE YOUR OWN BEST FRIEND  Treat yourself to a quiet bt close to beach and  boating facilities. Sewer, water & hydro available.  Paved roads. Don't delay - buy today. Priced to  sell at $23,900. Phone Lynn Wilson 885-5755.  CAMEO ROAD ��� WILSON CREEK No. 6521  Level building bt in an area of new homes. Invest I  your money now or build your new home tol  capture the view. Priced to sell at $29,000. Calll  Leslie Fitch at 885-9057.  ACREAGE  HOLT IT! No. 660  This treed, sbping five acre parcel is not presently  serviced but close to Sechelt. Good investment  potential. So buy now and hold it! Call Larry  Moore for more information at 885-9213.  LAKEFRONT PROPERTY No. 653  Peace and quiet are yours when you purchase  this large lakefront property near Egmont. This  one acre bt features southern exposure, tall trees  and a small cabin in a beautiful setting overlooking  North Lake. The cabin will be finished to lockup,  stage by the vendor. For more details on this long  term Provincial lease property, please call Pat  Parker at 885-5615. M.L.S.  SMALL ACREAGE - YOU BET No. 618 &  619  These two choice parcels are located in West  Sechelt, good southern exposure, lotsof trees, all  services at the road and priced at only $40,000  and $45,000. Call Larry Moore 885-9213 or Ed  Baker 885-2641.  BUSINESS  OPPORTUNITIES  BUSINESS MAN'S DREAM No. 616  Sales $100,0001, 3 employees, excellent profit  ratio. Make money on both ends - cleaning  service-& supplies, one of a kind business,  product lines protected, rent $250.00/month,  expanding established business. High cash flow  with low overhead! $85,000. Call Leslie Fitch 885-  9057 or Rita Percheson 885-5706.  A GOING CONCERN! No. 662  Excellent land value and income stream on this  desirable highway location. This Mobile Home  Park has low overhead due to newly installed site  services. Room for expansion! For discussion on  the many different ways on maximizing land  potential on this versatile holding property call  Rita Percheson 885-5706.  NEW MONEY FOR OLD No. 575  Da you like antiques, curios, memorabilia? You  should be looking at this antique business.  Prestigious in position, lucrative in pursuit.  Introduce yourself to a secure business. Bring me  an offer to $15,000. Bill Walkey 885-5327.  AND THEN THERE WAS ONE    No. 3884  In this rural setting at Kleindale just one, two-acre  parcel left, located on paved access road just  minutes to all the recreation areas in Pender  Harbour. Priced at just $28,000 with some terms.  Itjjas to be a good buy in today's market. Call  Bert Walker 885-3746.  Let Us  Shelter You  Bobs Big  Protection  <i  i-gfn  2  *w\  I  I      For a Good Policy  | CENTURY INSURANCE  |   Dial "Tiny Bob" Kent Vj  ��� 885-2235 ^    I  ��� CENTURY 21       .  I SECHELT I  "��� m mm ma m aaa mm m aaal  REAL ESTATE ASSOCIATION  GIBSONS 886-8194        SECHELT 885-2235   ED BAKER        LESLIE FITCH       LYNN WILSON     RITA PERCHESON       ALINE HALL    JUDY KIRKBRIDE  885-2641 885-9057 885-5755 885-5706 885-2142 885-3622  BETTY CALLI      GIBSONS OFFICE        EVA CARSKY      LYNDA HICKMAN  GEORGE LONGMAN  885-2762 886-8194 886-7126 886-7352 886-8548 Sunshine Coast Realtor, February 6, 1981  FREE  CATALOGUE  [  AXLiPAGK,  Coast to Coast  Real Estate Service  anderson  REALTY LTD  Post Office Box 1219, Sechelt  885-3211  Vancouver Toll Free:  684-8016  HOMES  ������ifv    ^  5ECHELT VILLAGE: 1152 sq. ft. three bedroom home  tendy Binacle St. location. Full basement, could be a duplex  P. $65,500. Call Stan.   WILSON CREEK - GUN CLUB ROAD: Potential is the  word to describe this well built four bedroom home. Included in  the home are sauna room, laundry room, den, workshop,  carport and wraparound decks. An airtight stove and heatilator  fireplace supply the warmth. The property contains some  fenced pasture, two chicken coops and a storage shed. It is  described as 2.6+ acres of cleared and level, southern exposure  property. Asking price is $124,500. For further details contact  Frank Ingham at home 885-5336 or the office 885-3211. 1  m&  Wi  DAVIS BAY - VIEW, VIEW, VIEW: Do you want a new  house? Do you want a house with a unobstructed, panoramic  view of Davis Bay, Georgia Straight and Vancouver Island? Do  you want a large 1862 sq. ft. house with all the extra rooms and  features? Do you want a home in a new area with better class  homes that will increase the value of your investment? If you call  Bob at 885-2503 for a tour of this new house while under  construction you can still pick carpets and colours....or... drivt  ay top of Laurel Road off Chapman Road, DavjsBay.  WEST SECHELT: Large lot and large home in ixipular area ol  West Sechelt. Yard lully fenced and landscaped. Home has  finished ground level basement and double garage. Priced right  at $129,000. Call Bob 885-2503.  DAVIS BAY: One of the nicest View Homes on the market  today. Featuring 2688 sq. ft. of .kRfejjous living area. Four  bedrooms, 2 fireplaces,^^batY(Ans, extensive cedar  finishing. 400 sq. ft. ��Hujfdc*V^**"1a,,1,t'nil,uv V'irti P,us a  fabulous view from^ojT^tiobrs. Offered at $165,000. For  appointment to view Salt Vadim at 885-3156 or 8853211.  WEST SECHELT: A home at the right price. Single wide, 2  bedroom mobile home on a nice quiet lot in the Mason Road  area. F.P. $47,500. Call Bob Beaupre\  GIBSONS - HILLCREST ROAD: Looking for a revenue or  retirement property? Drive by this solid older two bedroom  bungalow with carport and consider the potential. The property  is 50 x 267 and contains some outbuildings. Call me for the  whole story. Contact Frank Ingham at 885 5336 or 885 3211 or  Vancouver Toll Free at 684-8016.  DAVIS BAY: Look what we found! Incredible find! Super  location. Super view. An immaculate two bedroom home on a  half acre of landscaped and fruit treed property. Could easily be  converted to a three b"edroom. Call Frank Ingham at 885 5336  or 885-2311 for complete details,  LOTS  DAVIS BAY - VIEW LOT: Level easy to build on with  westerly view. Selectively cleared. Area of $150,000+ homes.  Asking $55,000. For details call Vadim.  SECHELT: Create your own park estate on this level treed lot,  close to the water in Sechelt. All local services on paved road.  Size is 80' x 320'. The value is there at $40,000. Call Don.  DAVIS.BAY: View lot on new street. Level lot treed with  sweeping view cf Davis Bay to Vancouver Island. This area has  very expensive homes so your investment is protected. Call  Bob at 885-2503.  VILLAGE OF SECHELT: Level cleared village lot in area ol  new homes. View of mountains, Paved road and all services.  Owner has septic approval. Call Bob Bull 885-2503. $22,000.  ACREAGE  WOOD BAY (SECRET COVE): 159+ acres of mostly view  property with nice valley in the centre. Easy to subdivide into 5  acre parcels when highway alignment services property. This  property is a potential gold mine (or an investor looking to the  future. Large sand and gravel deposits and good bottom land on  the property. The bonus is J 2 million feet of timber. Call Bob for a  tour at 885-2505. $275,000.  LANGDALE: Private acreage close to Langdale Ferry. 38.8  acres of gently sloping land in the ALR. Stream for water supply.  $180,000. Call Stan.  WATERFRONT ACREAGE - REDROOFFS ROAD: 1.47  acres. Unsurpassed views of Merry Island lighthouse and  Vancouver Island. Lawn, hydro, water and driveway are in. An  18' trailer with deck is included in the F.P. of $94,000. Two  homes are permitted on this 100' wide property. Call Bob  Beaupre at 885-3531.  COMMERCIAL  i^ACRE~COMMERClAL: Home on the site, 3 bay garage  with hydraulic hoist plus professional spray booth. Small store,  excellent access. Located on the Pender Harbour Road. F.P.  $129,000, Call Stan 885 2385 for details.  WATERFRONT  WATERFRONT ��� SANDY HOOK: Level waterfront lot with  sandy beach. Moor your boat in protected bayandexplore the  inlets of Porpoise Bay. This older 1 bedroom cottage is solid and  comfortable. Great summer camp or investment property.  Tenant occupied so call Bob Bull for appointment to view. 885-  2503. F.P. $159,000.  SECRET COVE - LUXURY TOWNHOUSES: Located or  a naturally wooded hillside overlooking beautiful Secret Cove  Featuring 1600 sq. ft. of multilevel living area, 3 bedrooms, living  ���oom with fireplace, 6 appliances, large sundecks, plus each  tome is freestanding and offers a breathtaking view. Each  >wner also has the option of up to 40 ft. of moorage at the  narma below. To view call Vadim at 885-3211 or home 885-3156.  GIBSONS BEACH WATERFRONT: Just listed. Solid older  waterfront home almost adjacent to the new marina  development. Excellent investment potential. Contact Frank |  Ingham 8B5-5336 or 885 3211.  WATERFRONT WITH YOUR OWN DOCK: This quality  home has 1750 sq. ft. finished on main lloor, 1700 finished on  lower level and large sauna, shower in basement, sundecks and  privacy are a main feature of this home and is a real buy at  5239,000. Call Bob.   OCEAN BEACH ESPLANADE - GOWER POINT: 1/2  acre semi-waterfront lot. Excellent ocean view with westerly  exposure. Easy beach access. Asking $55,000. For more  information call Vadim at 885-3156.  FRANCIS PENINSULA ��� WATERFRONT: 70' x 170'  elevated waterfront lot. Treed with good soil. Paved street and I  water. This lot is a south exposure and looks directly to |  Welcome Pass and the islands. F.P. $87,900. Call Stan.  3ANDY HOOK: This is the view from one of the best built  tomes on the Sunshine Coast. 1/3 acre treed lot, 3 level home  Atith 3 bedrooms, large sunken living room and lots of deck  space. Exterior is cedar siding and roof is shake. 1400+ square  feot. F.P. $119,500 Call Stan Anderson.  I Gordon  Hall  Vadim  Kobasew  885-9986     885-3156  Bob  Bull  885-2503  Bob  Beaupre  885-3531  Jack Doug  Anderson     Joyce  885-2053    885-2761  Frank Stan Don  Ingham    Anderson   Hadden  885-5336   885-2385   885-9504 Sunshine Coast Realtor, February 6,1981  is on the  sunshine coast  A simple sewage treatment system that  can save you $250 yearly on  maintenance costs  Capacities from 500 I.G.P.D.*  to 50,000 I.G.P.D.*  (imperial gallons per day)  R0R2R" Treatment Plants require  2/3's less tile field  The lack of on/off power surges  makes R0R3R^> extremely economical  About 10$ per day  It's Aerobic, It's Odorless  It's Approved  For complete information can  Doug Bryant  005-5022  H BLOCK  NATIONAL REAL EST>  OCEAN VIEW OVERLOOKING  GIBSONS & HOWE SOUND  This panoramic view may be enjoyed from both  levels of Ihis new contemporary 1700 sq. It.  home. It is located on one ol 2 lots for added  privacy yet still easy walking distance to all local  facilities of Gibsons. Priced at $133,500  SEMI WATERFRONT  TILLICUM (SECHELT INLET)  This large treed corner lot overlooking the  Tillicum Marina offers moorage, launching and  all marine facilities at your doorstep. This  property is a park-like setting. You may choose  to retain the atmosphere of secludison or fall  some of the timber for an unobstructed ocean  view as well as providing lumber for your  building needs. Access is by paved road. Hydro,  phone and water at property. Priced at  $36,000.  BUSINESS OPPORTUNITY  Newly established floor covering business.  Located in a modem plaza with excellent lease.  Premises are well appointed and include some  amenities. Vendor will sell for cost of leasehold  improvements, fixtures and inventory. $6,500  is assumable.  the  bestsellers  TWWfP  SUBDIVIDABLE ACREAGES  for outright purchase or will also  ���consider participation.   NELSON ISLAND (WATERFRONTAGE)  ESTATE SALE  This .83 acre waterfront gov't lease lot is located  in Telescope Passage. It has a domestic water  lease & is close to wharfage. This property was  assessed at $12,800 (or 1979. Sale Price  $12,500. Call me and we will look at this one  ���together.  INVESTMENT  Would you like a yield in excess of 30% on your  investment? This business (a coin laundry)  showed a yield of 26% on gross income last year  for present owner after allowance for major  capital replacement expenditures^  The business is located in a steadily expanding  area on the main highway near ihe community  business intersection. This well run coin  laundromat is a self ���employment opportunity  requiring minimum time and effort to operate.  The equipment is in top condition and paved'  parking is available for a minimum of 20  vehicles. Expansion was contemplated by  present owner, and tentative approval has been  given to accommodate this and a long-term  tenant. The vendor (an equipment technician)  will provide regular preventive maintenance  inspection for a minimal retainer, if purchaser so  desires. For a minimal cost the vendor will make  available to the purchaser a highly profitable ice  making and sales business (located on the  property). Financial statements available to  bona fide purchaser. Price $38,000.  How much is your home worth TODAY?  To find out, call your  nearest Block Bros, office.  We'll do a market  evaluation at no charge or  obligation to you.  ED BLOCK BROS.  NATIONAL REAL ESTATE SERVICE  Harold Jacques Res. 885-9023    H-499-766  Bruce McKinnon Mobile Phone Sechelt  -pNi '*njr  13  REVENUE PROPERTY ��� POWELL RIVER  4675 Michigan Ave. $��7,500  Older, two-storey house with basement; three two-bedroom  suites on separate meters and three rooms with cooking  tacilities. Total gross monthly income $1,108 per month.  Close to all the services and amenities ol Powell River.  CHEKWELP INDIAN RESERVE $45,000  This property would be suitable for recreational use and  features 120 leet ol waterfront. There is a small  improvement on the property and the lease is payable yearly  and renegotiated every 5 years. At present there are ten  years remaining. This waterfront property is half the price ol  waterfront on lee simple land and for the price and ten years  of use ol your own waterfront retreat, this property is worth  your consideration.  RUBY LAKE ��M00  5 acres with 130 feel of frontage on Hallowell Road. Within  walking distance ol an excellent lake access. Privacy with a  view that is second to none.  AELBERS REAL ESTATE  CAPA APPRAISALS INC.  Located at the Old Grantham; Landing Store  Marine Drive, Box 1189, Gibsons  886-9238  Van.  Toll Free 922-7814  Peter Aelbers  886-9238  Don Logan  922-6269  ACREAGE & HOME ON ROBERTS ROAD -  POWELL RIVER $55,000  Older, one bedroom with loft home on 2.2 acres on Roberts  Road. Hydro, telephone and regional water and 228 feet of  frontage on the roadway. Fifteen minutes from the Saltery  Bay Ferry Terminal and 20 minutes from downtown Powell  River. This property was at one time a part of the 10 acre  parcel listed below ��� the properties are adjacent to one  another and could possibly be sold together as a package.  ACREAGE ON ROBERTS ROAD ���  POWELL RIVER $49,500  Approximately 10 acres ol level, partly treed property with  regional water, hydro and southerly exposure. Actual road  frontage on Roberts Road is 124 feet. The prices being asked  for real estate in this part of the Sechelt Peninsula are still  quite reasonable and this market place warrants your  attention.  Now a new freedom in vacation  planning   FAIRMONT HOT SPRINGS VILLA  VACATION LEASE OWNERSHIP  describes the idea: you own an interest -  a specific time period of your choice, in a  resort villa for a specific number of  years.  FAIRMONT HOT SPRINGS VILLAS offer a practical way to acquire a  one or two-bedroom luxurious vacation  villa located in a completely developed residential-resort community. Golfing, tennis, hiking, trail and hay rides,  fishing, winter skiing, cross country as  well as alpine and helicopter skiing, and,  best of all, the famous Fairmont Hot  Springs offer 10,000 sq. ft. of swimming,  diving, wading and relaxing in three  naturally heated odourless pools.  Call us for further details.  MEMBER SUNSHINE COAST REAL ESTATE ASSOCIATION Sunshine CoasI Realtor, February 6, 1981  Box 100  Madeira Park,  B.C.  883-2233  | Olli Sladey  % REAITY  LTD.  Toll Free From |  Vancouver:  689-7623  Member ol Multiple Lilting Service  I WATERFRONT j  HOMES  MOBILE  HOMES  | WATERFRONT LOTS & ACREAGE |  3��**l!'  ii  m  ���.  v", ���  .-.--. J  BH^  aiiss*-  *   aAaW  ���mi  f .'*'  FRAN  choice  and  d  appro*  home.  CIS PENINSULA      appr  low hank waterfront wiih ex<  aep, sheltered moorage. C<  .960sq.lt. 2 BR home plus.  $160,000.  "   103 m  client vjew  nlains an  n old 3 BR  EARL COVE The view is unsurpassed Iron  this beautifully treed and lanscaped lot with  approximately 103' iowbank waleriront aye.  The 4 bedroom cedar home with basement is  ideal lor vacations or year-round living,  $150,000  LAKEFRONT  PROPERTIES  I  EGMONT -Approx. 3.8 acres with approx. 550  It. low bank waleriront. Boat, launching ramp  & log dump. Drilled well & pump. Considerable  land development done by owner. $165,000  J  ST.   VINCENT  BAY Approx.   '100  It.  waterfront, 5.97 acres, access by boat or float  plane only. $29,500  PENDER HARBOUR 1.03 acres with 127  ft waterfront^ south-easterly exposure. Access  by 4 wheel drive ro.id .i short distance from Ihe  end of Claydon Road. Garden Bay. The road  :ould easily be improved. $55,000  |       LOTS        I      f COMMERCIAL f  2. MIDDLE POINT - approx. 19 acres on  Hwy 101. Nicely treed property with roads and  trails throughout. Furnished cabin. $89,000.  3. KLEINDALE: - approx. 2.2 acres with  building site cleared, good driveway, septic  permit approved $28,000.  4. MOUNTAIN VIEW ESTATES Several  Iwo acre parcels available. Priced from $28,000  to $29,500  1. Corner of SINCLAIR BAY ROAD and  HOTEL LAKE ROAD - approx 4 acre lot  Nicely treed and with some view of Hotel Lake.  $25,000  2. EARL COVE - Lol 22 on Cedar Ridge  Place. 91' x 199' treed, fairly level lot with view.  One ol the best lots in this area. $21,000.  3. SINCLAIR BAY ROAD - approx. 1.14  acres, treed and serviced with hydro and water.  $25,000  4. FRANCIS PENINSULA - Fairly level  cleared lot on Cochrane Road. Mobile Homes  permitted. $22,500.  Approx. 16 JcrJSTWrn gravel pit. One acre  leased lo ReaoyMix Company. 32' x 80' melal  clad building, divided into 3 units. 24' x 48'  Moduline home, ensuite. $175,000.  MOTrL LAKC  PENDER LAKES  PROPERTIES  A few lots still available in this  desirable location. Most have view  and sunny southerly exposure.  Paved road, water and hydro.  M.L.S. Priced from $16,500 to  $22,000.  MiMMH MOKEt  rsss  ������aVaS"liHiiii!iiiiMn '  Coast to Coast  Real Estate Service  pf] [mmvmnTrrtrrfrtr^ g|?  wr^rrniFR  HUO'W    MMfMjl  DAN WILEY, Res. 883-9149  OLLI or JEAN SLADEY,   883-2233


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