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Sunshine Coast News Oct 28, 1980

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 LEGISLATIVE LIBRARY      81.1  Parliament Buildings,  VICTORIA. B.C.  VBV 1X4 i  ie Coast since 1945  The Sunshine  Published at Gibsons, B.C.  25' per copy on news stands  Delivered to every address on the Coast  m  October 28. 1980  Volume 34, Number 43  %-w~.  Signed, scaled and delivered: thc Roberts Creek Official Settlement Plan returned intact to the Sunshine Coast last week, bearing  the approval of the Ministry of Municipal Affairs, to be immediately adopted by the regional board. Area I) Director Harry  Almond proudly displays the Plan, the result of more than Iwo years of work by regional planners and Roberts Creek residents.  Ihe plan is the first of its kind to be adopted in the Sunshine Coast Regional District.  Douglas votes no  Chatelech expansion approved  by Maryanne West  "Arc you ready for thc question?" and although Trustees in  speaking m the motion had made iheir intent clear, the large  audience, mainly concerned parents Irom the Sechell area, waited  in tense silence for the show of hands which would confirm their  hopes.  I he motion before the Hoard, presented by Trustee Clayton  read " I hat the Hoard of School Trustees of School District No. 46  take immediate steps to provide accommodation and services  needed to enroll Grade 11 students at Chatelech Junior Secondary  September I IXI, Grade 12 students by September 1982, and that  permission he obtained to change thc status of the school  accordingly to Chatelech Secondary"  An amendment proposed by frustec Douglas and seconded by  trustee Puchalski, "Students living in Robert's Creek Elementary  School boundary area presently attending Chatelech Junior  Secondary school in Grades X. 9 and III be allowed the choice of  attending either Chatelech ur Elphinstone Secondary schools  beginning September 1981. Hut must make litis determination  belore May 15. 19X1 so that necessary adjustmentscun be made in  stalling. Once the choice has been made by parents and  students any further transfer one way or another will be carried  out only under appropriate Hoard Policy for such transfers", was  accepted unanimously and Ihe vote was on the whole package.  Trustees voted 6 - I in favour ofthe motion to hearty applause  Irom the audience.  In registering a "no" vole Chairman Douglas spoke of his  concern for the financial costs of the change, agreeing with the  administration that the move is premature. This view was shared  hv Trustees Nygren and Puchalski, both, however, feeling ihe  pressure from Sechell parents couldn't he ignored.  I'rustccs Hodgins. who believes strongly that education  w hcrever possible should lake place in thc home community, fell  Ihe District has the resources to back up Ihe decision and also has  a record ol commitment to small schools.  Chairman Douglas warned parents that there are many  problems ahead which will take patience, support, cooperation  and probably creative ideas to work out. This first stage, Victoria  must next he asked for permission, is thc culmination of ten  months work by Chatelech Senate, thc parents group supporting  the school.  lt must he encouraging for Trustees and teachers alike to have  had the support of such an active group concerned with Iheir  children's education.  Reward offered  in Jamieson case  A $5,000 reward is being offered for information leading to the  arrest and conviction ofthe person and or persons responsible for  the death of M.O.. ri!en "Marnie" Jamieson.  Marnie was last seen hitch-hiking in Ihe Davis Bay area during  the late evening hours of Thursday August 7. 19X0. Her body was  found 9 days later off a logging road in the Sechelt area.  It is requested that any person having information should  contact their nearest police office, or the Sechelt Detachment of  the RCMP at 885-2266.  The disbursement of all or any part of the reward will he  decided by an official committee approved for this purpose. Only  those persons who come forward and volunteer information to  the police will he considered eligible for the reward.  This reward has been made possible through contributions ol  concerned groups, private citizens and businesses ofthe Sunshine  Coast.  Voters lists posted  Voters lists have been posted for municipal elections in  (iibsons and Sechelt and for three areas of ihe Sunshine Coast  Regional District.  I here are two aldermanic seals and one school board seal open  in each of the villages. SCRD Areas H. D and f will elect  directors.  I hose residents whose names do not appear on the lists as they  are prepared now can still have their name added by sworn  affidavit at the respective municipal offices.  Election day is November 15.  |   Joyce Edney - in memoriam   |  hi John Burnside  Death brought a merciful end lasl week lo the suffering of Mrs.  Joyce Edney. She was a lew weeks short of her fifty-ninth  birthday. Her life, though prematurely, abbreviated, was filled  with the love ol her lamily and the many friends she served  cheerfully over Ihe past ten vears in ihe family business.  Joyce was bom in I ondon. I ngland, in 1921. She became ill  and was informed lhal ii was a terminal illness sis months to the  day belore she died  Joyce met hei husband Hill while he was serving overseas  iliuing ihe Second World War. Ihcv were married in 1942 and  IWO children. Elizabeth and Gillian, were born there belore she  was evacuated in 1945,  In Canada, the lamily took up residence in Outlook, Sask..  where Bill was the managei ol a co-operative. Iheir third child.  Keith, was born in Outlook. It was a period ol post-war scarcities  and Ihe English war bride washed clothes for her family on a  scrubbourd and hung them oul to dry in below zero prairie  winters. A neighbour. Mr. Eraser off raser Hardware in Outlook,  felt thc suffering ofthe young immigrant lady keenly and sold her  thc first washing machine lo arrive in his store after Ihe war.  Hill Edney says that his wile's life was often hard, bul good. "Il  wasn'i until 1948 that she was able to have a sew ing machine with  which she made every stitch of clothing for herself and her  family."  1 he second son. Graham, was born in 19511 which Bill Edney  remembers as 'the first vear wc could keep ojr milk and  perishables in a refrigerator', Prim lo that the ice box was in  common use.  I he fillies were good lo the Edncys until January 1954. when it  was discovered that ten-year Old Gillian had a fatal brain tumour.  I or ten months before her death the little Gillian was blind and  during this period the Edncys developed an enduring appreciation  First on Coast  Roberts Creek Plan in place  bv John Moore  of the work of the Canadian National Institute for the Blind.  Gillian died later that vear. The last child. Julia Dawn, was born in  July. 1955.  Ihe immediate post-war period was the baby boom era wilh  returning service people establishing homes, families and careers  and ihere were many neighbourly times enjoyed in Saskatoon,  husband Bill's original home.  Ihe prairies, however, were never an easy place loi Ihe young  woman from London and when the family finally moved lo B.C.  her comment was: "Why hasn't somebody told me aboul Ihis  place before?" I he Edncys purchased a home in Coquitlam which  they kepi until Ihey moved lo Gibsons in 197(1.  Between 196(1 and 1965, however, thc family moved in Salmon  Ann where Bill was General Managei ofthe Salmon Ann Co-op.  a large inulli-dcparlincnl store In Salmon Arm the lamily lived  on three-quarters of an acre where Joyce was able to indulge in her  special feeling lor animals. She raised a call and an Arabian mare  which produced iwo fouls. While feeding ihe marc she lell and  broke her foot which injury resulted in the phlebitis which was to  plague her until hei death.  "She was ever trying to improve her know ledge and her skills."  remembers Bill. "She took Adult High School courses and was  active in Ihe Cub movement as a Cub Leader."  Until her final illness Joyce Edney was a very healthy and hardy  individual and hei moral code was ol ihe highest. Bill Edney  remembers her as the type of individual who would never leave  any lask uncompleted that was within her power lo complete  "One of the saddest aspects ol this characteristic was her  inability lo complete some knuting projects, Hei knitting was by  her bedside in hospital at ihe end until hei co-ordination tailed  hei."  Joyce was a gracious and a cheerful presence who will he missed  bv all who knew her.  Ihe firsl ol Ihe Sunshine Coast's community plans is now  officially in place. Regional board directors al last I hursdav  evening's meeting reconsidered and voied unanimously lo finally  adopt Ihe plan, which had been relumed from Victoria wilh Ihe  approval ol lite Minisiiy ol Municipal \ffairsearlier in ihe week.  Aiea 1) Director llany Almond told the Coast News that credit  for Ihe finished plan goes not only to the members ol Ihe Advisory  Planning committee who put in "more than Iwo years of very hard  work" on the plan, bul to all the residents nl Roberts Creek "who  devoted so much thought and effort" lo provide generous public  input to aid the committee and the Planners in their work.  Almond was ebullient al ihe approval of ihe Ministry, which set  thc official seal on two items in the plan thai had been particularly  controversial.  The first was the question of the road allowance on Beach  Avenue. Almond and Ihe Roberts Creek Advisory Planning  Commission had been advised by thc regional Planners that the  Highways Department would in all probability object lo the  plan's stipulation that the road allowance be maintained al thc  presenl 66 feel. However, thai stipulation remains intact.  I he Roberts Creek residents staled objection lo the location ol  Canadian Propane Ltd. storage tanks at the mouth of Robert  Creek itself, and their request lhal ihe company's lease not be  renewed, which was included in ihe plan, also passed without  comment from thc Minisiiy.  1 he inclusion of Ihe latter item may well have profound  ramifications should the Ministry's own recently-proposed new  Planning Act become law in ils presenl form nexl year. The  Seltlemenl Plan, called an "Official Plan" under ihe new Ael.  would, in effect, become a by-law with which the company would  have lo comply within a year. Canadian Propane still has  approximately three years io go before ils lease on the site comes  up for renewal.  Opposition to the location ofthe lanks is healing up again, (sec  Letter to the Editor on Page 3 land petitions requesting immediate  removal of ihe lanks are already posicil in the Roberts Creek  Posi Office and other prominent locations. Once circulated,  copies of the petition will he sen! lo Ihe Ministry ol ihe  Environment and ihe Minisiiy ol Municipal Affairs.  One telegram containing ihe same request and signed by several  Roberts Creek residents was dispatched Friday morning to  Environment Minister Stephen Rogers. A group ol residents is  also in the process ol arranging the showing of a film entitled  Gibsons marina  wins approval  The Gibsons marina project has won approval lor inclusion in  19X1-X2 budget estimates ol thc federal government.  In a letter lo council. Warren Parkinson, regional director ol  the Small Craft Harbours Branch, says his branch is satisfied ihe  municipal marina is an acceptable and desirable project lor Ihe  Marina Assistance Program.  He says il is his intention lo suhmil the project wilh the list for  Ihe I9XI-X2 budget estimates, bin adds Ihe qualification thai  whether or not thc project is included inanapproved program will  depend on thc level of funding provided.  I he letter asks if the village will be ina position lo commit ihe  necessary funds to its share ol the project,  Council's finance chairman Larry Trainor says that matter will  be deall wilh hy council at ils nexl meeting.  I he project could nol be included in ihis year's federal estimates  since funding tor recreational projects is limited and a priority has  been given lo commercial fishing harbour facilities in B.C.  I he v illage has already spent about $200,000 to acquire upland  properly in Ihe bay area for the project and will likely spend  another S120,000 lo acquire remaining lands.  Council wants about 59(111.(1(10 hum Ihe Canadian government  to pay for constructing a breakwater, dredging and foreshore  preparation. I olal cost of the entire project will he close lo S2-  Million.  "BI EVE" i Boiling Liquid and Expanding Vapour Explosion) in  thc Creek in thc near future,  I he possibility of acquiring ihe land al Ihe mouth ol Roberts  Creek loi a park also came under discussion while Ihe boaid was  in a eonimillee-ol-lhe-wholc. Director Almond pointed oul lhat  Ihe land is being offered lor sale and requested thai Ihe Regional  Planners contact Ihe owners ol the properly with a view lo  obtaining an option or interim agreement until Ihe details can be  worked oul.  Almond pointed oul lhal Ihere are a number ol Clown lols on  Crowe Road given Io the SCRD hy the Provincial government,  Buyers have expressed an interest in these lots and Almond  requested lhal ihe provincial govcrnmeni he contacted  concerning a "land swap" hy which ihe sale ol these lots could  finance the buying ol ihe lands at the Creek mouth.  Sechelt not  enthusiastic  by Kirk Brown  The scenario ol creaiinga greater metropolis ol Sechelt through  amalgamation wilh Area C gol little, if any, support from village  residents al a public meeling ihis week.  A suggestion that a straw vote be taken to indicate some  consensus of opinion of the amalgamation hypothesis was nol  acted upon at the close of the meeling.  More than 35 people heard the report of Alderman Charles Lee  and debated its propositions for more than two hours. I( was the  same report presented by l.ee. also director for Area C on the  SCRD board, at meetings in Selma Park and Wilson Creek earlier  ihis month.  Mayor Hud Koch says the Sechell council position is thai there  is no consensus ol opinion at ihe moment and the purpose of Ihe  meeling was to gather a point ol view. He says. "No decision has  been made, of any kind. This is a brand new game."  The Mayor say s the purpose of the meeting was for information  only and that "we are here to Imd oul whal ihe people feci."  Ihe Mayor also brought oul the possibility ol some form of  amalgamation wilh all or part of Area B of ihe SCRD.  Hul SCRD board director loi Area H. Peggy Conner, told the  meeting a survey she conducted with her constituents indicated  that residents did not wanl lo amalgamate with the village.  ON THE INSIDE...  Entertainment  page 4  Community News pages 6 & 7  Frances Fleming page 8  Maryanne on the Constitution ... page 9  Sports page 14  Dee Cee seduced  page 15  Classified Ads  Pages lb & 17  Business Directory page 16  v  Economic base  study presented  Directors at Iliursday evening's regional hoard meeling were  presented with copies ol thc Sunshine Coast Economic Base  Sludy. I he study, begun in July ol I97X. contains, according to \l  Wugnet who presented copies to ihe individual directors, "ihe  most up lo dale and accurate data on Ihe Sunshine Coast"  Wagnci lurned over ihe floor to John Jorgcnsol ihe Economic  Please turn lo Page Twenty  ..   .--;^~��l?r��  ��� ��� * -' ~* -��      :. -�������& ������ ^&^i  *T-���V  -a.        ��.-t��� ��� _-���   *__*���-" ~' -"^SJ��7*T,jn  imiji in    '��'"-   ->������,��� -,      �����^i     _^-    -jama..   .���>,  agfT'js  ���flSJWw*-  All that was left of Sechell historic Whltokcr House went up in smoke when Ihe bulldozer finished ils work last Monday.  For 35 years the most widely read Sunshine Coast newspaper! wmL\rwm  2. Coast News, October 28  The  Sunshine  1980  iillf fill  /  g|��A  BLUE  RIBBON  AWARD  1978  Second Class Mail Registration No. 4702  A LOCALLY OWNED NEWSPAPER  Published al Gibsons, B.C. every  Tuesday, by Glassford Press Ltd.  Box 460, Gibsons, VON 1V0  Phone 886-2622 or 886-7817  Pender Harbour enquiries, and all others, if  no answer from 886 numbers call 885-2770  Editorial Department:  John Burnside  Ian Corrance  John Moore  Kirk Brown  Accounts Department:  MM Joe  Copysetting:  Wendy-lynne Johns  Lise Sheridan  Advertising Department:  Bradley Benson  Fran Berger  SUBSCRIPTION RATES:  United States and Foreign $24.00 per year  Canada $20.00 per year, $12.00 for six months  Distributed free to all addresses on the Sunshine Coast.  Production Department:  Sonia Trudel  Nancy Conway  Don Levan  r  An ounce of prevention  The recent propane explosion in Spain  and the approval of the Roberts Creek  Settlement Plan by Victoria which,  among other things, calls for the removal  of the propane tanks from the mouth  of Roberts Creek have combined to  re-activate an issue which is never far  from thc surface of the consciousness  of Roberts Creek.  Provincial Emergency Program Coordinator Art McPhee has asserted  recently that the propane tanks are in the  best place possible for them. Creek  residents, however, seem largely unconvinced by McPhee.  hi more ways than one it is a potentially  volatile situation. Cool heads will have  io prevail if the situation is to be amicably  resolved. Nor should the propane tanks  at Roberts Creek be the only concern of  safety minded citizens.  There still arc throughout the Sunshine  Coast gasoline storage tanks in much too  close proximity to settled areas. In  Hopkins thc Esso tanks sit between  bolh roads to the ferry. An accident could  cut off both roads to the ferry and possibly incinerate much of Hopkins Landing. In Gibsons the venerabL- Shell tanks  sit right in the downtown core of Gibsons  Harbour area. There are Gulf tanks in  Pender Harbour located less than desirably.  A couple of years ago there was  suggestion made that a tank farm could  and should be brought into being where  all these storage facilities could be maintained far from settled areas with pipe  access to the sea. If memory serves well,  the Sechelt Indian Band offered such a  location. Somehow in the last couple of  years the idea has been allowed to  drop, largely because of a lack of interest  on the part of Gulf and Shell Oil evident-  ly.  It would seem that the construction  of a modern facility for the storage of  volatile materials in a safe location is  still a worthwhile goal. Perhaps the  people of Roberts Creek are reminding  the Sunshine Coast again of a worthy  idea which has been allowed to slip into  limbo while our elected representatives  chase butterflies of their own devising  of much less significance. Can we have  forgotten the terrible devastation  wreaked on the Nanaimo waterfront just  a year or two ago? Perhaps we should  all be bending our energies to effect a  timely ounce of prevention.  A great loss  The Coast News, in common with many  of Gibsons' residents, would like to  express our sympathy publicly, as we  have privately, with the Edney family at  this time of their bereavement.  The loss of Joyce  Edney,  wife and  mother of the family and fellow worker,  is an event that no words can assuage.  We who knew Mrs. Edney can only  attempt to express our compassion and  in some small way share their great  loss.  t  .from the files of the COAST NEWS  i��i).  mWm #  FIVE YEARS AGO  With the closure of municipal  nominations Monday, both Mayor  Larry Labonte of Gibsons and Sechelt  Mayor Harold Nelson were re-elected  by acclamation.  Sechelt Teacher's Association president George Matthews indicated  that the STA was still dissatisfied with  Ihe school board's failure to clarify in  writing the criteria for evaluating  teachers. Members of the STA are also  unhappy aboul the lack of access to  personnel files.  TEN YEARS AGO  The sixty-four year old Our Lady of  Lourdes church on the Sechelt Indian  Band lands burned to the ground in the  early hours of last Sunday morning.  The structure was built in 1906 by  about 100 Band members working  continuous shifts to complete the  building in 72 days.  Four weddings in one day kept Rev  Jim Williamson of Gibsons United  Church busy lasl Saturday Three ol  the weddings were at Gibsons United  Church and one at St. John's United  Church. Wilson Creek.  FIFTEEN YEARS AGO  Sechelt School Board passed a  S773.350 referendum to be put before  the public The lunds would be used to  make improvements to all schools in  Ihe district and to construct a school  board office on the present school hall  site  Illegal pickets appeared briefly at the  Sunnycrest Mall and spent three-  quarters ol an hour before the Super-  Valu store After being asked not to  block traffic, the pickets moved onto  the grass and disappeared a short time  later. Super-Valu was engaged in  contract negotiations with the Retail  Clerks Union and pickets are illegal  during such negotiations  TWENTY YEARS AGO  Work to cost up to S38.000 is planned  for   the   Sechelt-Gibsons   Municipal  Airport in Wilson Creek. A winter  works program for the airport has also  been prepared and waits federal and  provincial government approvals.  Members of the 1st Gibsons Scout  Troop paid their third visit of the year to  the Elphinstone Cemetery, where  close to 100 members of old-time local  families lie. The Scouts are endeavouring lo keep the area free of  weeds and brush and otherwise  beautify it.  TWENTY-FIVE YEARS AGO  More than 200 person attended the  opening of the Port Mellon Community  Centre when Canfor President J.S.  Prentice officially opened the beautiful new building.  The Coast News mourned the  passing of L.S. "Al" Jackson, long-time  resident ol the Sunshine Coast who  had been a major figure in the  establishment of innumerable community services and a frequent and  valued contributor to this paper.  THIRTY YEARS AGO  The village of Gibsons is no longer  the smallest in B.C.. according to a  proclamation received by the village  commission which records the amalgamation of the village and District  Lots 686 and 685.  The Sechelt Board of Trade announced lhat it would lead a concerted  fight for the establishment of better  telephone facilities for this area.  Sparked by an editorial in Ihe Coast  News, the Board denounced the  present system and struck a committee  to look into the whole situation and  report back to the board.  THIRTY-FIVE YEARS AGO  With a comfortable majority as soon  as the first few polls were counted,  Herbert Gargiave, CCF candidate, was  re-elecated lo Ihe Legislative Assembly for this riding.  Gerald McBean has been appointed  general manager of Union Steamships  Ltd.. succeeding Carl Halterman in the  active management of the company.  Wilt'        Jtmi-U   "-'VWidL*.-  Refuge Cove, early 1920's. When, in 1918. Robert Donley of Pender Harbour  acquired a piece of undeveloped property on West Redonda Island, he promptly  established the Donley Trading Company at this landlocked site. The enterprise  stocked groceries, hardware items, and other general merchandise. Thc moorage  float system seen here served as a depot for kerosene, gasoline, and oil, dispensed  from steel drums, and for the shipment of fish packed in ice. Daughter Ida recalls  that fish boxes, each of which had been loaded with two hundred pounds of ice.  sometimes had little left by the time they reached Toba Inlet. Addition of a Post  Office added to the significance of this port of call. Vear after year, travellers caught  by inclement weather on Desolation Sound were cheered by Robert Donley's sign  off the harbour mouth: "Refuge Cove". Captain Charles Strom recollects having  seen this sign as far back as 1925. It is now illuminated by a charted private light.  Photo courtesty Ida Donley Higgs. L.R. Peterson  Musings  John Burnside  Slings & Arrows  >*  George Matthews  The caller was irate, there  was no doubt about that.  "I don't want to read  another word about that man  in the Coast News. In the last  three years he has had enough  coverage for three lifetimes."  The man in question was  Alderman/Director Charles  Lee and I must say that I  sympathized with the caller's  point of view although the  ethics of the job require that  the privilege of editing be  judiciously exercised and ks  long as Lee continues to  occupy a prominent place on  the small stage of our municipal and regional affairs  it is our obligation to report  his doings and sayings, for  there is little doubt that what  he is proposing, if effected,  could change the nature of  local government in a decisive  manner.  It is, unfortunately, rarely  the issues under discussion  that Lee chooses to discuss  in his lengthy polemics to this  newspaper or that. Our experience in the field of municipal politics is confined to  this area but surely there can  be few politicians in the land  who, in the name of public  service, have heaped as much  abuse on fellow politicians and  the local news media as Lee  habitually indulges in. Scarcely a week goes by without  some lofty, rambling harangue from Lee detailing the  cretinous stupuidity of anyone  who happens to have a  differing opinion from his  eminent self.  Now the fact lhat the Coast  'Snooze' as Mr. Lee delights  in calling us, a witticism  originally coined by Jack Pope  of Chatelech in an enjoyable  exchange a couple of years  ago, has been the victim of  Lee's vindictive utterance of  late is not the cause of these  ruminations. We have, since  Lee's arrival on the local  political scene, fallen in and  out of his good graces. A few  months ago he was thanking  us for our community contributions and a few months  before that reviling us. It is a  fact that every local newspaper has been excessively  used and abused by the  cantankerous Mr. Lee.  I came back f rom a holiday  in the Yukon a couple of years  ago to find a classic of contumely gracing, if that is the  word, the Letters to the Editor  page of the Coast News. The  subject of that particular outburst was the man who is at  present Lee's fair-haired boy  in the world of newspapers,  Richard T. Proctor. The  occasion was a dinner for  municipal officials at the Casa  Martinez. As an example of  Lee's   style   of   debate   and  impartiality of targets I offer  these gems. The upper case  usage is Lee's own:  "THE GRATUITOUS  FLEERINGLY INSULTING  REMARKS IN THE PRESS  LAST ISSUE... FROM THE  POISON LOADED PEN OF  DICK PROCTOR MAKE ME  VOMIT FROM NAUSEA AND  DISGUST THAT SUCH A  CREEP IS AMONG US...  THIS POSING, POSTULATING, PRESS PANJANDRUM PROCTOR...  THE PEN TIMES AND  THE COAST NEWS ALSO  HAD, AS IS PREDICTABLE,  'THEIR NUTS IN A WRINGER' AS IT WERE BUT THE  VAST MAJORITY OF THEIR  WRITINGS HAVE BEEN  PLEASANT AND CONSTRUCTIVE."  There's a lot more I could  quote by illustration but my  point is we have had enough  of this type of thing. Lee,  for example, concludes that  particular masterpiece with  a laboriously vulgar Spoonerism on Proctor's name which  says as much as need be  said about the quality of  Lee's political debate.  It is generally agreed by  those who have worked with  him that Charles Lee is a man  of considerable experience  and real managerial skill.  It is his misfortune, and ours,  that he cannot brook any  opinion different from his  own. At the Regional Board he  has twice been infuriated  because the directors on two  separate boards have declined  to vote for him as Chairman.  The result has been unending  attacks of a vile nature on the  character of the two men who  did become Chairman, Ed  Nicholson and David Hunter.  In addition, those directors  who voted against him have  been likewise subjected to  public vilification from the  busy pen of Charles Lee. The  whole concept of Regional  government has met with his  Olympian contempt, mainly,  I am convinced, because  successive boards declined  Lee's leadership.  As far as the principal issue  exercising Lee today, the  amalgamation of Sechelt and  Area C, we are content to  let the people involved - and  this must surely include the  Sechelt Indian Band whose  land separates Sechelt and  Area C - and the elected  public officials decide the  matter. There are voices,  knowledgeable in municipal  finance who do not think the  idea to be the financial  godsend that Lee professes  that it is.  Our hope is that the issue  can be discussed at a level  higher than that of personal  abuse and wholesale insult for  all who do not automatically  agree    with    Charles    Lee.  For our part we would  assure Alderman/Director Lee  that the Coast 'Snooze' is  very much awake. Yawning,  perhaps, in the face of his  continuing outbursts, but  awake and unintimidated.  The American election campaign has run its predictable  course with both Presidential  candidates saying more and  more about less and less  until, during the closing days,  they both have a great deal  to say about nothing at all. As  in other recent Presidential  elections, it has come down  to a titanic struggle between  the Democratic advisors and  statisticians and their G.O.P.  counterparts.  The most fascinating aspect  ofthe campaign thus far is the  amusing possibility that Ronald Reagan may be actually  starring in a movie about  himself. Hollywood has always had problems portraying  the American presidency.  Richard Widmark has come as  close as anyone to a believable  President but he apparently  lost out to Mr. Reagan in the  casting competition because  he held out for a percentage  of the redistribution rights to  the movie. Actually Reagan  was a good choice; he handles  his lines well and, as a "B"  player, he has never been  able to afford to be temperamental.  The major problem Hollywood had in selecting Ronald  Reagan for the role of Presidential aspirant was his  lack of "blue movie" appeal.  He was a shoe-in for the five-  part TV series, initially titled  "Bonzo Goes to the White  House", and he even had an  edge in the pay-TV market,  but when it came to the sex  appeal needed for the porno  market, he lost his slim lead.  It seems Reagan, while tall,  dark and good looking, was a  bit stiff for the X-rated crowd.  Fortunately for Reagan, his  agent got the bright idea and  had some rushes shot of  Ronnie kissing his horse.  The results were immediate.  The filthy flick folks fell in  love with the Governor immediately in the bizarre belief  that anyone who was a potential bestialist couldn't be  all that bad.  That wrapped it up for Mr.  Reagan, and gave him a  definite edge in the campaign.  The only problems remaining  for him, in the early stages of  the campaign at least, were;  who would be his running  mate? (his horse was rejected  at the last minute); and would  Japanese TV pay residuals  on the series?  At this point, if you'll  remember back to July,  Carter was on the ropes. He  needed a gimmick. He pulled  his trump card. Back to the  land. The image began to  emerge; the peanut farmer in  the rose garden wearing  fertilized cowboy boots with a  running mate from the Mid-  West.  The stocks in Warner  Brothers shot up. The perfect  plot, the rancher against the  sod buster. Ronald Reagan  and his horse were about  to force the gentle farmer off  his land. Hollywood went  wild. The first rushes got rave  reviews.  Unfortunately, the Iranian  hostages turned up to ruin the  plot, complicating the story  line. What would John Wayne  Please turn tu Page Three.  &  ���ftganw^Mj   _S___2  Editors Note: The following in tribute lo Ihe late Joyce Edney was  dropped Ihrough the CoasI Ni-ws mail slot hy on anonymous  contribulot On Ihe envelope il said: "From one with tears in her  eyes"  In Gibsons fields, the flowers still grow,  Though the dear friend we used to know  Now rests in pence, whilst in the sky,  The birds si ill bravely singing, fly,  As though to cheer us down below.  She is now dead. Yesterday, she lived,  Felt dawn, saw sunset glow,  Loved and was loved,  Bul now she rests close by  To Gibsons (iclds.  She, to us, from failing hands did throw  The torch, be ours to hold it high.  To keep our faith with her we must forever try,  As blossoms do forever blow.  In Gibsons fields. ANON.  in loving memory of Mrs. Edney - from one uf those  she sewed so gallantly, so cheerfully, so bravely, so  r- a. "'''"' Letters to the Editor  Propane blast causes local concern  Coast News, October 28,1980  Ed. note: The following te a  copy of a letter addressed tot  Rt. Hon. Stephen Rogers,  Minister ofthe Environment,  Parliament Buildings,  Victoria, B.C.  Dear Sir:  The tragic propane explosion in Spain which killed  or maimed in excess of 100  children serves as a reminder  of the need to remove the  dangerous propane tanks in  the heart of Roberts Creek.  These two 25,000 gallon  tanks have been the concern of residents, local fire  department   and   most   par  ticularly the children and  teachers of nearby Roberts'  Creek Elementary School.  The very real potential  hazard of these tanks has to  be seen in terms of their  location. The centre of Roberts  Creek is a focal point for  sun bathers, Roberts Creek  Daze and is the retail centre  as well as the gathering  place for educational and  recreational activities which  centre in the main around the  elementary school, which has  an enrollment of over 200  students.  This potential hazard of  50,000   gallons   of   propane  exploding and burning is a  bomb which can be set off by  human failure, rusty pipes,  terrorism and a host of  seemingly impossible reasons-  until it happens I  Let us save our community.  Roberts Creek does not need  to make world headlines  because of another devastating propane explosion.  Let us have the Immediate  removal of these tanks 1  Sincerely,  June E. Mellis  for the  Concerned Citizens of  Roberts Creek  Hurrah Cor the Chairman of the Board  Editor:  Hurrah for Ihe Chairman ��l  Ihe School Board. Don  Douglas was thc only Area 'H'  elected Member who had the  intestinal fortitude to stand by  his convictions and vote fore-  mostly, with the kids besl  educational interests al heart,  at the meeting of the School  Hoard thursday. October 23rd.  Other Area 'H' members,  Nigren and Puchalski. bolh  stated they felt the motion to  have senior secondary classes  at Chatelech beginning September SI (Guide 111 and  September K2 (Grade II and  12) was premature and not a  good decision at this lime bul  obviously fell under the pressure of the Sechelt entourage.  The fourth Area 'B' representative, Hodgins, slated it is going  to be a difficult challenge for  the professional staff at both  Elphinstone and Chatelech to  maintain good educational  standards but voted with Area  'A' members anyway.  l-igures present by the Management Committee of thc  Hoard since the original presentation by the Sechell parents  showed that this move for  Chatelech to senior secondary  school status was not a sound  one until. 1983, when there  would be enough students  (between 25(1 - 300) to provide a  well rounded senior educational programme. This, I believe,  was always sound advice, but  pressure by the Sechelt parents senate brought ihis decision forward Iwo years belore il  should have.  This decision by the Board  means an increase in costs -  Keep Dee Cee writing  Editor:  Your columnist Dee Cee  worries me in his article  "Aging    brings    no    joy".  I'm living in a Senior  Citizen apartment in Squamish and I showed his article  to many people older then he.  One spry happy Scots  lady remarked that if that's all  there is to life, you had  better shoot me and get it  over with. She suggests he is  probably lonely.  Lots of these people have  found more joy in life than  sorrow, more kind loving  people than mean ugly ones.  1 don't know why his letter  upset me; I usually read all  his letters with relish.  Keep him writing, he keeps  us all thinking.  Yours truly,  Rosamund Simpkins  P.S. I'm passing the Coast  News around here as a lot of  the seniors (over 100 of us)  lived or visited the Coast in  the early days.  both capital and operating -  before ils lime. Chatelech has  to be expanded; additional  leachers have to be hired, to  provide those students with the  best educational opportunities.  It stands to reason. WAKE UP  PARENTS - Roberts Creek  Parents - you are given the  choice by the Hoard's motion to  send your student for G rades K-  12 to either Elphinstone or  Chatelech. Your request, in  writing, must be in before May  15th. Use intelligence in choosing thc school which can offer  the best education in your  child's chosen Held. THINK  ABOUT IT NOW. Gibsons -  Port Mellon - Langdale. We  have to protect what Elphinstone offers your child now -  that it not be reduced, not even  by one course or by one teacher  - which would reduce your  child's educational opportunity. Thc Board and the District  Superintendent responsible for  these decisions will have to be  watched carefully so that your  kids do not lose out. Watch for  notices soon of a meeting of  Elphinstone parents/senate. Be  alert, fight for your child's  educational opportunities, let  our students not come oul on  thc losing end by this premature decision made by the  Board.  Respectfully.  Shirley Macey  Come now. Jim Ansell  Editor:  Surely we arc not expected to  take seriously Jim Ansell's  "true story" in his "covering ihe  coverage" advertisement ol  Oct. 21st. Perhaps Jim's client  was pulling his leg Does he  really belie\ e lhat he can reduce  the weight of a car by HI lb. h\  letting the air out ol the front  two tires'.' 1 think Jim must be  confused aboul the difference  between weight and pressure. A  tired filled to 30 lb. docs not  contain 30 Ib. of air.  As wc all know, air is very  light. In fact, a cubic fool of air  Slings   (continued)  do in a situation like this?  What would Jimmy Carter  (now played by Ed Asner in  a brilliant piece of recasting)  do now? Reagan, playing a  brilliant John Wayne, stares  philosophically East and says  nothing. Carter (Asner) points  West. The plot thickens. The  producer recalls "Gone with  the Wind".  The last scene wilts. Mr.  Carter, an obvious winner  despite thc polls, almost  blows it in thc last act. In a  monumental miscalculation,  the President goes for a  release of the hostages, but  The Only Way To Gol  Our First  Anniversary;!  Lynn of Elite Travel would like  to thank the many people who  have helped make her first year  such a great success.  She invites you to stop by  anytime to talk over your travel  needs, and looks forward to  offering warm & courteous  service in making your future  holiday dreams come true.  In the Heart 886-815$  of Cedar Plaza 886-8156  Toll Free:  669*1521  Congratulate  trustees  Editor:  May I take this opportunity  to congratulate the Board of  School Trustees for voting in  favour of the expansion of  Chatelech High School next  year.  Brian Hodgins, when speaking to the motion, stated,  "It is incumbent on future  boards to provide top quality  education to all students in  the district, regardless of the  location or size of the school.''  If elected, 1 would join Mr.  Hodgins and the School Board  in working towards this  worthy goal.  I also want to thank all the  parents   who   attended   the  board   meeting   in   support  of Trustee Maureen Clayton.  Yours truly,  Warren McKibbin  Seminar  success  Editor:  Mr. David Hunter conducted a very successful  Garden Seminar at Harmony  Hall on Saturday, October  18th. His lecture and demonstration on pruning and  care of shrubs, planting of  bulbs and flowers, etc., was  not only interesting but a very  worthwhile experience for all  attending.  The G.K. Care Centre  Auxiliary is very grateful  indeed to Mr. Hunter for  donating his time as well as  the proceeds which will be  used in aid ofthe new Kiwanis  Care Home. Sincere appreciation is also extended to  Mr. Vic Eckstein and all  members of Harmony Hall for  providing use of their premises for this event.  Lenora Inglis,  Publicity Chairman,  The G.K. Care Centre Auxiliary 886-7750  weighs only a few ounces. A  normal automobile tire will  contain only 2 or 3 cubic feet of  air wilh a weight of much less  than a pound. This air is  compressed to about half its  normal volume so that it exerts  a pressure of 30 pounds per  square inch.  I regularly fill the tires on my  bicycle to 511 Ib. each. Ask Jim  if my bike will really weigh 100  Ib. less il I let the air oul ofthe  i ires.  Yours truly  Paul Smith  EDGEMONT DESIGN  is coming to   Glbions   i<Yniii<|)ti��i^|li��i^yi'i i^ftw tt)fim tf\f���*  $$$AVE$$$  SUPER SALE  NOW ON  the solid, thoughtful American  voter reacts negatively:  "I ain't gonna let no Arab  priest influence me."  The Chicago Tribune prints  a headline:  "Reagan Wins!"  The audience yawns. Jimmy  Carter wakes up in the morning and reads the morning  paper while strolling in the  Rose Garden.  "Jimmy Carter a Surprise  Winner."  This election will be everything the American voter ever  wanted, and we can watch it  for years on the late show.  Gibsons Landing   886-7241   886-7918    886-7683 ��  Pender Harbour Customers: 883-2521 f  Covering  ihe Coverage  by Jim Ansell  Construction Insurance The policy should become  Many people on the Coast effective as soon as conslruc-  act as general contractor in tion   starts  and   should   be  the construction of their own issued at the full replacement  homes. cost of thc completed home.  The best way to insure your The fact that you start with  home while under construction is with a Builders' Risk  Broad Form policy. It is an  "All Risk" form which, as well  as thc standard coverages,  includes  theft  of materials.  very little and gradually work  up to full \alue has already  been adjusted for in thc rate.  1'he policy term for this  type of coverage is quite  flexibleand can he adjusted to  vandalism and building col-  soil youi needs.  Pse Next week: Tenants Package  Policies.  SUNSHINE COAST INSURANCE AGENCIES LTD.  Box 375. Cowrie Street  Credit Union Building  885-2291        Sechelt. B.C. VON 3AO ADVI  Super\folu  SUNNYCREST CENTRE  Better ...You Bet  Quality Meats  100% Locally Owned & Operated  Price* Effective: Tuesday -Saturday,  October 28 - November 1  FRESH - WHOLE OR SHANK PORTION  pork picnic shoulder      ,b. 89  $  QUARTERED - CUT INTO CHOPS  pork loin ��,. $1.79  6 Centre, 2 Rib, 1 Tenderloin  CANADA GRADE   A BEEF  rump & outside  round roasts ,���. *2.69  PRODUCE BULK SALE  Canada #1 - Russet  potatoes... so tbs.  $6.99  B.C. Canada #1 - Medium  onions 25ibs.  *3.79  B.C. Canada #1  carrots 25 u��.  *4.49  B.C. Canada #1  beets   25 lbs  $5.69  B.C. Canada #1  turnips 25 ms.  *4.69  B.C. Canada #1  ts.u uanaaa in *_   f*/\ I  green cabbagesoibs. *7.b9l  Baked Goods  Oven Fresh - White or Chocolate  Oven Fresh - Econo Pak  bread        454 gm  Whole Wheat or White  *1.99  hallowe'en  layer cake  $3.59  Grocery Value  Shasta - All Flavours  anasia - ��n navours ^   .  Super-Valu C-l    ��Q SOft drinkS    2 litre        1.29  iCe Cream        2 litre I .0^ Plus Bottle Deposit  Aylmer  tomato juice 1.36mre  Five Roses - All Purpose  flOUr 10 kg  $5.59  Aylmer  SOUP 284 mil  Tomato or Vegetable  3/79'  Super-Valu  margarine    454gmea  Cashmere - 4 Roll Pack  bathroom tissue  Viva - 2 Roll Pack  viva - i. non i-dcn a   m     r\ (\  paper towels       *1.,0" Coast News, October 28  CARLOTTA PART IV  "I really haven't plotted  that out yet, honey. It's pretty  much up for grabs. I always  had this dream of becoming a  dancer - took lessons for  years when I was a kid. My  pop used to call me his little  ballerina. Hell, I'm only  twenty-four. Maybe I can get  back into it - not ballet - I'm a  bit too out of training for that -  but some kind of modern  interpretive stuff. I wouldn't  even mind doing chorus-line  work."  "I think you'd make a great  dancer, Carlorta. You're really  graceful. I always had this  secret ambition to be a writer.  Guess I should have finished  school instead of hitting the  bloody logging-camps."  "You don't have to be a  logger forever, love. Hell,  maybe we should team-up. I  know a place in Mexico called  San Miguel de Allende where  we could live real cheap. It's  sort of an art colony. You can  do your writing; I'll work at  my dancing and we won't  have a worry in the world.  What do you say, sugar?"  "Sure" I say excitedly,  catching her enthusiasm "lt'd  really be great." Then practicality rears its sobering head.  "But, hell, I've got no money  beyond a hundred bucks or so.  I'd have to go back to camp  and make another stake.  You'd never wait around."  "Course I will, honey. I'll  get a job myself and stay in  Vancouver until you come  back."  Even opting for miracles,  I find this damn hard to  believe. Hell, we've only  known each other for a couple  of days and girls like Carlotta  have trouble going lonely for  long, even if they should  wish lo. But it's a nice dream  and I find myself going along  with it against all odds or  logic. We kiss long and  rapturously with the distant  sound of traffic rumbling in  the guts of thc dyspeptic city.  ^j/l  x-  ,M..n.  (FORMERLY RAINBOWS END BOUTIQUE)  Still Original  Still Individual  Where All Items are Handmade  on The Sunshine Coast  Open S Days a Week During  November and December  Tues. thru Sat. 10:00 ��� 5:00  Cowrie St.    Sechelt       885-5075  h  Gibsons Legion Branch "109  Presents  "SEABREEZE"  Fri. Oct. 31 & Sat. Nov. 1  Prizes for Best Costumes  on Hallowe'en  Members & Guests Only  =V  P  We mostly hole up in the  room for the next two days,  warding off reality with  whisky; making love; weaving  the myth of our future.  Occasionally, hunger drives  us out briefly to eat but we  invariably return to our  hideaway before long, quite  content with each other's  company. Underneath it all, I  know damn well that I'm  running out of money and  we'll have to make other  arrangements before much  longer. But 1 try not to think  about it. I want our strange  idyll to last forever. In all my  street wanderings, I have  never met a girl remotely  like Carlotta. I am stupidly  falling in love and I can't  help myself.  On the morning of the third  day, we find ourselves both  out of cigarettes. I pull on my  clothes and head down to the  lobby to get some. They're  out of Carlotta's brand and I  have to hit the grocery-store  across the street. When I get  back to the room, Carlotta is  sitting on the edge of the bed,  naked except for her shorty-  coat, talking on the phone.  She gives me an odd look and  motions me not to say anything. I close the door quietly  and sit down. For awhile, she  mostly listens to the voice  on the other end. "Okay.  Okay." she says finally in a  voice of resignation "I'll see  you there in about an hour."  She hangs up the phone and  sits looking at it as though  it has just bitten her. "That  bitch I That meddling old  bitch!"  "Jesus! honey. What's  wrong?"  "Just about everything you  can goddamn imagine,  sweets. You know what that  aunt of mine did? She phoned  Vegas and told Mario I was in  Vancouver. I just called up  there to see if there was any  mail and he answers the  bloody phone. I couldn't  believe it. He flew in last  night and of course, he wants  to see me. That vindictive  old bitch! We don't get along  but I never thought she'd  stoop to this. She's got  about as much family loyalty  as a barracuda!"  "You!re going out to see  him, eh? Why don't you  just lie low till he splits?"  "I thought of that but he  was talking pretty reasonable.  1 guess the dude loves me in  his weird way and I'd really  like to cool things with him.  He's a bit heavier than I let  on. I think he's got Mafia  connections. I don't think he'd  go as far as to put a contract  out on me but you never  know. Anyhow, I think it  would be better if I meet him  and try to put things straight  between us."  Carlotta proceeds to get  dressed. I just sit there  numbly, trying to comprehend  this unexpected turn of  events. What happens now?  She finishes grooming herself  for the street and comes over  to me. "Don't look so sad,  honey. It isn't the end of the  world. I'm only going to have  a talk with him. We'll still  do all those things we planned  but I've got to get Mario off  my back first." We kiss with  a passion that has a sad edge  of desperation to it. "I'll  phone you later, sweets"  she says. "Don't get too  lonely." Then she is gone.  Of course I get lonely and  drunk as hell too. My mind is  such a welter of confused,  conflicting emotions, I want to  blot them all out. I keep the  room for another day but there  are no calls or messages from  Carlotta. Finally, I book out  and score a place more in  line with my vanishing finances. I leave a note with the  desk-clerk and check back a  couple   of   times.   Nothing.  I decide to phone her aunt's  place and find out what has  happened but I don't dare  make the call myself. By  chance, I run across a girl  from my earliest street-days  and manage to con her into  doing it for me. "Some snippy  old broad answered" she  reports. "Said Carlotta's gone  back to the States with her  husband."  So that's it, plain and  simple. A few days later, I'm  back in another logging-camp  with the whole perplexing  interlude behind me. I never  see or hear of Carlotta again.  I never learn whether she  went willingly with Mario or  under duress. I hope it was  the former since I wish her no  hurt. I will never forget her.  She has taught me much in  our brief time together. She  has passed through my life  like a warm, passionate wind;  a free spirit; a foretaste of  tomorrow.  At the welfare office (left to right), a drunk (John Steadman),  (lion;; (Thomas Chung) and a loudmouth (Michael Winslow)  hang oul together in "('beech and (hong's Nexl Movie".  At the Twilight  A satire on drugs and sex  and an adventure film set in  the High Arctic are the  offerings on display at the  Twilight Theatre this week.  The satire is Cheeeh ind  Chong's Neit Movie starring  Vancouver's own Cheeeh Marin and Tommy Chong. The  film is not unexpectedly a  repeat of Cheeeh and Chong's  box office smash Up In Smoke  with slicker production, fewer  dead spots and some new  characters. Included among  the new characters is  Cheech's marijuana farmer  cousin Red Mendoza, played  by Cheeeh himself. Tommy  Chong directed the script he  co-wrote with Chong and the  film is not recommended for  children.  Cheeeh and Chong's Neit  Movie will be featured at the  Women want.,.  "Women Want...", a NFB  film, will be shown at 7:30  p.m. on Thursday, 30 October  at the Roberts Creek Elementary School Library. Women  and men are invited to view  this half hour film and participate in the following discussion.  "Women Want..." is a  mixture ot drama, documentary and interview. Drawn  for the most part from Canadian examples, these brief  scenes poignantly illustrate  the absurdities inherent in  the   kind   of  situation   that  women   so   frequently   experience.  That the struggle for e-  quality of women is not a  struggle against men is a key  point in this informative film.  PIANO  TUNING  Estimates  Minor Repairs  886-2843  KEN  DALGLEISH  Hallowe'en   m  SPAGHETTI  SPECIAL!  ^^^^mmmmmm_____   n  ; _% \ ���  Spaghetti ��&��. I  Lunch or Dinner TJ)  for anyone /;�����"  IN COSTUME!     *  Friday, Oct. Jlst  <$  sm&  fSv  HftV-^fl  OPEN  Mon.   Sat.   ^WSn  cTWanne Inn f  G ibsons. B- C    886-8215  Twilight Theatre Wednesday   2-4.  through Saturday, October 29-  November 1.  The adventure film is  Bear Island from the novel by  Alistair MacLean. A United  Nations team has been sent  to investigate climatological  changes in the weather system  on Bear Island but even  before they begin their expedition there are ominous  signs. One of the advance  team is murdered and it turns  out that several members  have more than one reason for  being in the frozen wastes.  Bear Island, which was  filmed in extreme conditions  in British Columbia and  Alaska, stars Donald Sutherland, Richard Widmark, and  Vanessa Redgrave. It will be  featured locally Sunday  through Tuesday, November  Channel Ten  GIBSONS CHANNEL TKN  Wednesday October 29  SECHELT CHANNEL TKN  Thursday October 30  6:00 pm. "Coastal Review"  This week's amateur news  fealures a 'Hallowe'en  Special'. The program is  produced and directed by  the Community Broadcasting class at Elphinstone.  6:30 pm. "Yoga with Sara"  Sara    Gerring   demonstrates  yoga  exercises  in  this first of a 15-part series  produced for Coast Ten.  7:00 pm. "The Barb Bordelraii  Show"  Barb's guest in her first  slum is Betty Wilson.  Betty discusses her trip to  France with the Teen  Mission Society during  the Summer.  7:30 pin. "Family Safety"  Gibsons   Volunteer   lire-  men. Cliff Mahlman and  Karl Horner explain tire  prevention in the home.  8:00  pm.   "Community   Perspectives"  The topics this week are  thc recreation referendum  for Areas 1: and F with  David Hunter and .lint  Gurney and a feature story  wilh Art McPhee on the  Provincial Emergency  Program.  Arts Centre musie  Commencing this Saturday,  November I, will be the first  evening of the Sunshine Coast  Arts Centre's Saturday Night  Coffee Concerts. These concerts will provide a forum for  musicians and performers who  are needing a space conducive  to the type of performance  they wish to give.  The first evening features  local musicians Bob Gleason  and  Bonnie   Low  who  will  treat us to folk, country, and  goodtime music. Saturday,  November 8, a young singer/  songwriter from Vancouver,  Lois Rae, will be performing  and on Saturday, November  15, a resident string trio  with Katie Angermeyer, violin; Nancy Angermeyer, cello;  and Clarke Steabner, guitar,  will present us with a variety  of classical music. Evenings  begin at 8:30 p.m. and admission is $2.00.  hy line Ellingliain  Week commencing October  28ili. General Notes:  Venus, Jupiter and Saturn  bunch together in Libra, sign of  relationships, indicating a  favourable time to solve any  long-standing professional,  business or marital disputes.  Wisdom, understanding and  trust return to current diplomatic negotiations.  The Moon is in flamboyant  Leo on Hallowe'en producing  the most creative costumes and  extravagant rituals vet.  ARIES (March 21 -April 19)  Accent is on partnerships,  marriage, business agreements  and contracts. It's the right  time to bargain wth competitors or the enemy. Refuse to  shelve embarrassing or tricky  subjects. Insist that final  decisions or commitments be  made. End-of-wcek social  affair spotlights your talents as  mimic or stand-up comedian.  TAURUS (April 20-May20)  Focus is on improved job-  scene conditions. There's opportunity for advancement  where you worry, sweat and  toil. Polite attention to coworker's complaints pays off in  your favour. Prepare to try on  colleague's weary shoes. Health  upset is linked to rich, sticky  junk food. Home is best place  to be all next weekend.  GEMINI (May 21 -June 21)  Anticipate happier social  activities, more sensible pleasures and pastimes during the  next three weeks. Looks like  you'll become involved with  kindly, tolerant newcomer  alter chance introduction.  Child in your life experiences  incredible good luck. Next  weekend brings exhausting  shorl trips, demanding letters  and phone calls.  CANCER (June 22-July22)  Accent is on pleasanter  conditions where you live.  Person sharing your home is  now willing to discuss upcoming rearrangements. It's  the perfect time to negotiate  real estate or rental agreements. Handle wild decorating  or remodelling plans realistically. Urge to over-spend is  strong next weekend.  LEO (July 23 - Aug. 22)  Expect to be in a more  optimistic frame of mind for  many weeks. Seems impossible, bin nagging worry will  disappear overnight. Long-  awaited letter or phone call  announces bigger reward than  expected. Brother, sister or  neighbour wants you to share  and enjoy lucky streak. Moon  in your sign next Friday  spotlights important personal  appearance.  VIRGO (Aug. 215 - Sept. 22)  Expect sudden and favourable in your financial circumstances during thc next few  weeks. Charming and persistent negotiations will produce  much-needed cash backing.  Resist urge to squander easily-  acquired funds on celebration  Friday, Oct. 31st.  Hallowe'en  MASQUERADE  v>   Costumes  JL    Needed  "    for Entry!  Prizes ��� Dancing ��� Music  Entertainment:  "HOT AIR"  Doors open at 7:00 pm.  a  _^____&��*  Inn  feast or outing. Moon position  recommends   a   weekend   of  peace, quiet and privacy.  LIBRA (Sept. 23 - Oct. 23)  Venus. Jupiter, Saturn and  Pluto all in your sign place you  in the centre of attention and  controversy. Realize your life  path is about to lead off into  more fortunate and happier  areas. Venussays improve your  dress and image ready for  important meetings or interviews. Lunar position brings  your old friends together lor  the lasl lime next weekend.  SCORPIO (Oel. 21-Nov.22)  Looks like there'll be opportunities lor financial gain where  and when you leasl expect litem  during Ihe nexl lew weeks.  Private work behind the scenes  now produces greatest profit  Mercury moving 'backwards'  in your sign continues lo keep  you waiting for important  messages or phone calls. Moon  position finds you explaining  mistakes to the boss on Fridav.  SAGITTARIUS (Nov. 23 -  Dee. 21)  Friends and acquaintances  become valuable sources of  hope and opportunity for the  next few weeks. It's the right  time to present long-range  plans to local officials, committees or groups. Mars still in  your sign gives you Ihe energy  to try anything new or daring.  Moon position coincides wilh  news of relative or affairs far  away.  CAPRICORN (Dec.22-Jan.  19)  Accent is on spectacular  boost to your position, accomplishments or local reputation during the next three  weeks. It's the besl time ofthe  year to present proof of your  abilities and talents lo bosses,  superiors, those who decide  your fate. Anticipate greater  respect and more prestige.  Settle outstanding debts next  weekend.  AQUARIUS (Jan. 20 ��� Feb.  IK)  Your personal philosophy  becomes more hopeful, optimistic, less bitter. Be determined to abandon old prejudices or viewpoints which have  slowed down your rate of  advancement. Matters linked  to long-distance travel or  higher education are strongly  favoured. You'll be introduced  to person from afar with the  power to change your life  purpose. Moon position spotlights new partnership proposals on Fridav.  PISCES (Feb. Ml- Mar. 211)  Focus is on favourable  negotiations concerning joint-  financial efforts or shared  expenses. Loved one or close  associate can now expect  shared expenses. Loved one or  close associate can now expect  increased cash How, inhheri-  tanee or lucky lottery win. It's a  convenient time to approach  bank manager or mean old  relative who has too much  cash. Agree to pacify coworkers Friday afternoon.  Arts Centre film  On November 4, the Sunshine Coast Arts Council  presents The SUent Partner,  the third in the ten-part Fall  Film Series at the Arts Centre  in Sechelt. The Silent Partner  is a Canadian film made in  1977 by Daryl Duke. Time  Magazine describes it as "a  neat  and  suspenseful   little  ^Come to our  PARTY  Friday,  Oct. Jlst  film... An improbable crime  story becomes painfully plausible, thanks to the selective  realism with which the story is  told."  The screening will begin at  8 p.m. Admission is $2.50,  half price for seniors and  students.  &  &>    Best Couple  JP  Best Costume  &     COLD PLATE  SPECIAL  withLOX   $1.75  V withLox *%.�����     jh  Live Entertainment! f*��  PERIRSULa  IjQTEL        886-9334 Coast News, October 28, 1980  Off the  shelf  by John Moore  The Spike (Crown Publishers, New York, $12.95) is an  impressive first fictional outing by two professional journalists, Arnaud de Borch-  grave and Robert Moss.  What is "The Spike"?  "The Spike" is where news  stories wind up if an editor  decides he doesn't like its  politics. Presumably the expression originally referred to  thc spike on the editor's desk,  but in this tale of the post-  Cold War power politics of  detente, it also takes on the  ominous connotations of the  old military practise of "spiking" or sabotaging the enemy's guns.  In the days of set-piece  battles, when thc enemy was  clearly recognizable by his  different coloured uniform, artillery was spiked, usually by  damaging the breech-block,  when an enemy position was  over-run, in order to prevent  it from being re-used if it  was recaptured.  The basic premise of espionage is that by stealing  strategic secrets you can, in  effect, spike the other guy's  guns before the battle starts.  Espionage has always used  the spreading of rumours,  false information and inflammatory propaganda as  one of its tools, but with the  growing power of the mass  media in the latter half of  this century, the tactics of  "disinformation" have become refined into a science as  delicate as more conventional  clandestine operations.  The Spike follows the career  of a young liberal journalist,  Robert Hockney, who rises  rapidly in his profession  during the late Sixties and  early Seventies heyday of  investigative journalism that  climaxed in the Watergate  revelations and the toppling  of the Nixon administration.  A series of sensational  scoops, mostly involving re  velations of wrong-doing by  the Central Intelligence Agency, catapults Hockney to  minor celebrity status, a  coveted position on the New  York World and a carte  blanche to follow his own inclinations as far as stories are  concerned.  As a result of a long love-  affair with a Hollywood sex-  symbol turned terrorist who  becomes a tragic victim of  what Tom Wolfe called "radical chic", Hockney begins to  retrace the steps that led to  his "success". He discovers,  at every turn, reason to  suspect that his best pieces  were less the result of his own  "digging" than of a carefully  engineered form of "spoonfeeding" by people operating  consciously and unconsciously  under the direction of Directorate A, the "disinformation  bureau" of the Russian KGB.  In the course of re-investigating his own stories, a  humbling enough experience  for a reporter, Hockney gets a  further shock when the results  of his investigations, which  point to the systematic top-  level penetration of the  National Security Council and  the CIA by Soviet "moles"  (double agents) and the use of  the media to discredit politicians and bureaucrats who  take a hard line on detente  and Soviet aggression, get  repeatedly spiked.  The pace picks up toward  the end of the book, with a  high-level Russian defector,  high-speed car and train  chases, assassination attempts and a courtroom  finale before a Congressional  committee. The writing  throughout is competent,  without being scintillating,  but it is a tribute to the  professionalism of both authors that the collaboration  is unrecognizable as such.  Whether or not you agree  with the right-wing, rearmament politics of the  concluding   chapters,   senti-  Book Look  bv Murrie Redman  Perfect small club band  ments that appear to be  gaining ground in the U.S.  of late, if the Presidential  nomination of Ronald Reagan  is any indication, the book  does raise some serious  questions about the nature  of truth and the ethics of  those who claim to report  it.  Freedom of the press  and freedom of speech are  fundamental rights under a  democratic system. What is all  too easily forgotten is that  rights invariably entail obligations. A partial truth, or  truth out of context, can be  as damaging as a lie. Impartial objectivity, the goal of  most reporters is just that; a  goal, an ideal, that can only  be approximated in practise.  At its best The Spike is a  grim reminder that the apparently factual impersonal  reportage that graces the front  page of any newspaper is  produced by human beings;  reporters, editors and publishers, all of whom have  personal ethics and political  beliefs, as well as ambitions,  and who operate under external pressure from advertisers and political figures.  More than a mere "roman a  clef" of high-level political  gossip or a strategic storm-  warning for the Western  world, The Spike is a warning  to readers as well; the often  heard "They wouldn't put it  in the newspaper if it wasn't  true" is a cop-out. A healthy  critical intelligence and a  grain of salt is no more than  you owe yourself. AH for now.  A Civil Mar Courtship edited bv William Walton, Doubledav  1980, SI4.15.  Reading old letters and journals brings the real past right into  now. The letters of Edwin Weller to his friend Nettie Watkins not  only gives an intimate picture of a soldier's life in thc Civil Warof  the United Stes, but also demonstrates the courting mores of a  young swain of the times for his lady.  The couple grew up in the city of Havana, New York. Nettie's  lather n�� ned the drygoods store in which Edwin worked. The two  youngsters enjoyed a friendship that eventually lurned into love.  Edwin's letters, and only his remain, though faithfully written  to Nettie, are not grammatically perfect. This is part of their  charm. Sometimes the letters arc products of haste, sometimes  lonliness. often of yearning to be at home with everyone in  Havana. Always, they are witness to a budding romance that  begins with disguised casuulness and ends in open promises of  marriage. From their beginnings in ISd2 to the last in 1865, Edwin  courts his intended. He even proposes by letter.  Aside Irom thc romantic purposes of the letters, there is a  running account of Union forces entering the South and taking it.  Edwin's description ofthe honour review at the war's end relates:  "All seemed greatly disappointed in Oen'l Shermans Army, il did  so much better than they expected. We are even credited with  doing belter than the Army ofthe Potomac." In typical reticence.  Edwin's comment sums up some of the most painful years in  American history.  The hardships of bivouacking and the sad task of burying the  dead alter a battle are told by a young man who obviously sought  not to disturb his Nettie unduly. About Ihe baule of Gettysburg he  writes: "We succeeded in giving ihe Rehs a good sound  thrashing...it was a horrible sight to pass over thc Battlefield ihe  next day... I cannot give you any idea of the appearance ol the  Battlefield alter a fight."  As Sherman and his troops marched to the sea. they were often  greeted with typical Southern hospitality as they passed through  Edwin docs not hesitate to remind Nettie ofthe pretty ladies Ik  meets. Evidently she retaliates In describing Ihe parlies she  .mends in Havana and ihe young men who escort her. Iheir  leasing letters had to suffice lor they met very infrequently over  the three years.  Ihe book has photographs ol the battle sites, army  encampments and of Nettie and Edwin. As well, the editor adds a  commentary which tills in historical points and errors that Edwin  makes in some ol his accounts, William Walton also keeps us  informed aboul the progress of the romance in the love letters of  the Civ il War Courtship.  GARDEN BAY  HOTEL PUB  invites you to an  "EVENING'S SINGALONG"  _     of your Favourites with  ' "�� JIM - on Guitar  and A.RT - on Piano  ���vypu.   FRIDAY NIGHTS  ygLfc 'Pm- til?  AK8K^ Come and enjoy  TO^'W* the evening with us!  883-2674  Chimney  Cleaning  & Maintenance  Phone 886-8188 or  886-8023  D  by Terry Cowderoy  The new Dire Straits enthusiastically kicked off their  five week North American  tour last Wednesday at the  Commodore. The place was  packed with hard core Dire  Straits fans who knew that it  was going to be a great  evening no matter what  happened and a few unconfirmed sceptics who had  adopted a wait and see  attitude. Everybody there was  lucky to have acquired tickets  at all. The show was sold out  within hours of the tickets  going on sale.  Appropriately Dire Straits  opened with "Once upon a  time in the west" from their  second album. For most of the  audience these guys could do  no wrong. Laughing and  enthusiastic they played a  solid two hours of some of thc  best contemporary music a-  vailable.  I think I like Dire Straits  so much obviously because of  the way that Knopfler plays  his instrument, but also  because of how their music  offers a way of being creatively visual without actually  seeing anything. I concur with  drummer Pick Withers when  he says that "The interpretation of the song is up  to the listener... it's really  open".  The first album "Dire  Straits" went triple platinum  in Canada selling over 300,000  copies. "Communique" their  second effort seemed rushed  and was panned by most  critics as being more of the  same, which it was, but that  was partly because they had  already written most of the  material on it before the first  album came out. They probably didn't think it was expedient to put out a double  album as a first.  June Boe Photography  Opening Tuesday Nov. 18  Above the Hunter Art Gallery Lower Gibsons  For portraits, graduation pictures, on location  pictures  of fishing, logging,  commercial &  residential exhibits.  h.UVf.U Sepia (Colour)  (��5 POTTERY SALE  sat. hou i    12-arm.  To be held at the Cialt Studio in Gibsons  at the corner of North Rd. and Hwy. 1  (at the light).  All pots by  Cindy Kirk and Philinda Ludwig.  According to drummer  Withers they are more pleased  with their new album,  "Making Movies", than with  either of the other two.  He feels that it is a more  powerful and insistent recording overall. The music  on the new album bears this  out. Producer Jimmy Iovine  of Bruce Springsteen, Pattie  Smith and Tom Petty fame,  can be heard throughout the  album. The drums, bass and  keyboards all give the music a  consistently tense yet exciting  edge.  Contrary to what some  critics have to say, this band  is not tired nor are they  stagnating.   They   are   the  perfect small club band.  The excitement and commitment they had was contagious. I was tempted to  drive to Seattle for the next  show but they were sold out.  Their third album may not be  as immediately accessible  as the first, but it is definitely  worth the price of admission.  Glbions Public  library  Tuesday  2-4p.m.  Wednesday  2-4p.m.  Thursday 2-4 & 7-9pm.  Saturday 2-4 p.m.  __  FOOD  for  THOOGHT  by Yoshi Tanaka  s  THE ROAD TO SILK (Land)  - A Gold Mine  Once upon a lime there was a "Silk Road  connecting East and West���the route ol the silk  traders. The Chinese sold a great deal ol silk to  Rome, and the Fiench man Pansee calculated lhat  the price paid lor silk in the Roman Empire was 40  times the I860 value.  But Rome in all her glory could not produce silk  hersell In 050 AD. Emperor Justinian deteimined to  change thai and sent two Persian monks secretly to  China lo obtain eggs ol Ihe silk moth They walked  all the way from Constantinople to China, and  walked back with the precious eggs hidden in a  hollow bamboo A gold mine���a lillle nest ol eggs'II  would have cost them their lives had the purpose ol  their visit been known  The history ol silk encompasses so much  sacritice. so much hardship, so much risk taken-  and often so that a man could woo his lady with Ihe  precious material and win hei sweet and tender  words of love'  Nowadays, thanks to those brave monks, many  Italian, French and Swiss towns have also become  famous for their silks, and Westerners no longer  have to pay a king's ransom lor this spun gold  VOSHI'S RESTAURANT  GROCERY  CRISC0 OIL ni.ro $2.09  3/89'  10 oz.  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Concentrate  ORANGE or GRAPE DRINK ^99*  Peppeiidge Faim  LAYER CAKES not $1.39  Chiquita oi Dole  BANANAS  APPLES  3 lbs  .3 Ib Cello Bag  89*  99*  PUMPKINS, GOOD VARIETY AVAILABLE  Come to dWeiAa - uU' Qwii  PENDER HARBOUR  POOL SCHEDULE  For special classes and other  Information, telephone 883-2616  Eirly Bird Swim m   .,���  F  7 30 - 9 nm  Adull Noon Swim       | T ft Th    1? 30 ��� ' 30 pm  Public Noon Swim        M ft F   12 30 - 1 30 pm  Public Evening Swim    M  T.W. Th   6 30 - 8 30 pm  family Swim Su   2 - 4 pm  Adult Bvtnlng swim    >,<���,���>. e 30  Jt.n Only Swim  Gamti Nlghl  Mtn'l Nlghl  Ladlai Night  Patent ft Tol  Public Weekend Swim  F  8 - 10 pm  T. 8 30 ��� 10 p"'  Th   8 30 - 10 pm  T ft Th   l 30   2 30 pm  T ft Th    10-H ��5 am 6. Coast News, October 28, 1980  Commuiilt  Wt Mellon Mews  EWS  On fire safety  Halfmoon Bay Happenings  Ratepayers need support  by Rulh Forrester 885-2418  Ratepayers' meeting.  The board of the Area  "B" Ratepayers' Association  held their first meeting since  the election of new officers  on Monday, October 20.  Past President Ralph Mahar  was in attendance and thc  three new board members  were welcomed to the committee. These are Judy Gill.  Jean Scott and Heidi Goodman. Here is a rundown on  your new executive. President: George Murray. Vice  President: Judy Gill. Treasurer is Clarence French.  Secretary Ruth Forrester.  Other board members arc  Fred Greaves, Aubrey Shell-  shear, Bill Vorley, Jean Scott  and Heidi Goodman. Among  the questions discussed was  the foreshore lease problem  which is at the present time  being confronted by the  Regional Board. It was agreed  that letters be sent suggesting  that there be no more foreshore leases issued unless  these are in the public interest. Lot sizes in the area  were again a big topic for  discussion and the situation  was explained in full by Ralph  Mahar for the benefit of the  new directors who had questions regarding the details  involved in this very touchy  matter.  Among the correspondence  read   was  a  letter  from   a  resident    requesting    beach  access   signs.   It   should   be  pointed  out  that  these   requests for signs should be sent  to Mrs. Peggy Connor. Sunshine Coast Regional District,  Box 800, Sechelt and a copy to  Mr.    Tucker    Forsyth,    Department  of Highways,   Box  740, Gibsons. There was also  correspondence from a  resident   regarding  the  placing  of  personal   equipment   and  obstruction at the public beach  at Brooks Cove. There  have  been many complaints on this  subject and the secretary was  instructed   to   write   to   the  Regional   District  Office   requesting that this matter be  once   and   for   all   resolved.  It is on subjects like this that  your Ratepayers' Association  goes to bat for you. but your  participation and support  is  needed.   Therefore  everyone  who lives in this area should  certainly become a member of  this association - not only for  times of crisis but at all times.  They  are  more  or  less  the  "watch   dogs"   of  what   is  happening to your area and as  such, perform a very necessary function in the community.  If you have not yet taken out  your membership you may do  so by  sending  three  dollars  for a  couple  or two dollars  single to Treasurer Clarence  French, R.R.I. Halfmoon Bay.  The  organization  is  only  as  strong   as   its   membership.  so get in there and support  them. Particularly at this time  when   we    read   hints   and  suggestions   of   Area    "B"  possibly  amalgamating with  Sechelt. At the moment il is  only   a    vague   suggestions,  but  no doubt il will flourish  under   pressure   from   some  who think it would be a good  idea. For those of you who do  not - this would be a good time  to    join    your    Ratepayers'  Association in order lhat they  will know your feelings on this  matter when the time comes.  The same goes for those of  you who think it would be a  good idea.  If you have anything on your  mind which you would like to  bring lo the attention of thc  Ratepayers' Association you  may do so by writing to  Hie Secretary, Area "B"  Ratepayers' Association, R.R.  I. Halfmoon Hay.  Hope you have all got  costumes ready for you and  the kids lo join the fireworks  .mil party al thc Halfmoon  Hay Fire Hall on Hallowe'en  night. Also hope that wc will  sec manv of you at the Hospital Auxiliary Bazaar on  Saturday. November Ist at  I p.m.  Holland remembers.  The Patrick Murphy family  of Halfmoon Bay were delighted to receive a surprise  package in the mail the other  day. It had come from Holland  and contained tulip bulbs.  It seems that these are being  sent to locations throughout  Canada to commemorate the  liberation of Holland by  Canadian Forces during the  second world war. This  sending of tulips has been  going on lor quite a few years  now, bin Ihis is thc first I've  heard of any being received  in this part of the world.  Prior to the arrival of the  bulbs, Patrick had received a  certificate of gratitude to ur  local Legion branches. This is  a really nice gesture which,  come nexl spring, will give  a profusion of colour wherever  they are planted.  Firemens' nlghl out.  The Halfmoon Bay Fire  Department had their annual  dinner on Friday of the 24th.  The alternate Regional Board  Director Jack Mercer and wife  Jean were their guests at  Ihis most enjoyable evening at  the Jolly Roger Inn.  by Paulette Collins  A loud round of applause  to Mr. Cliff Mahlman for  giving up an evening of his  free time to give the ladies of  the community a lecture and  demonstration on fire safety  in the home. Those who  attended learned everything  from good housekeeping to  planning a safe exit from our  homes. We don't often think  about getting out safely or to  having a common place for  all lamily members to meet  once we are outside. This  was shown to us by a presentation of slides.  As well, we were shown  how gas fumes fall toward  floor level and how very easily  they can ignite. Mr. Mahlman  also showed us different types  of smoke alarms and thc  ways they operate. We also  were shown how to operate  a fire extinguisher properly.  That was a real revelation  for me. Before this demonstration 1 was of the  opinion that one simply  threw it! I hope everyone  got as much out of it as did  1. We may be able to do this  again at a later date if more  of you are interested.  The children's Hallowe'en  party is coming up on October  31st. at 7 p.m. at the Community Hall. We hope all the  parents will come and bring  their children for a good  time.  Well, everyone, the Xmas  bazaar is only about ten  days away. November the 8th  is the big day at the Sunnycrest Mall. I hope everyone  has their projects almost  complete and are thinking  of things to bake. Baking  seems to be really big this  time of year. Again, if you can  give a little of your time  between 10 a.m. and 4 p.m.  it would be greatly appreciated. Happy Hallows Eve  everyone!!!  Environment  Environment Canada uses a  variety of methods to collect  weather data including: weather stations manned around  the clock, unmanned stations  with automatic recorders,  reports from satellites in outer  space, from ships on the oceans  and international forecasts to  provide sophisticated, computerized  forecasts.  G&X���holiday  Announcement  Now Open Saturdays  11:00 to 3:00  For Winter Holidays  1212 Cowrie St.  Sechelt, B.C. 885-3265  4$ J Sewing  Cabinet  Helping celebrate Ihe Centre's second birthday from left to right are: I <titli Binii. Mark (Curly)  Martindalc and May Swanson. Thc party was held al the (iibsons Kinhut.  Centre celebrates anniversary  The Centre took time out  from the busy preparations for  their tea and craft sale to  celebrate their 2nd birthday  this past Thursday.  Honoured guests were the  volunteers who have helped  this past year. Hedi Winter-  burn, .luillette Henderson, Pat  Fromager, Clara Nygren,  Cclia Nutio, Sue Whiting,  Gerry Giampa and Mr. Sy-  monds, were thanked for the  various ways they have given  of their time and talents  from assisting with crafts,  playing and arranging bridge,  baking special  things.  Unable to attend but not  forgotten were Virginia Mc���  Clyniont. who had been  helping with driving, Joy  Graham and Nancy Strandt,  who help with our swim  program and Evelyn Blain  who helps in manv ways.  Ihe Centre is part of the  Provincial Government's Long  I'crm Care Program and is  sponsored by the Sunshine  CoasI Community Services  Society. The committee front  the Society responsible lor the  Centre was also acknowledged. Agnes Labonte. Nelson Moore. Grace Davis,  Frank Wesl. Ted Dlnsley and  Marie Montgomery.  Ihree of the original eight  who attended the firsl day of  program did thc honours  of culling the cake, Fdith  Bonn, Mark Martindalc and  May Swanson. There are now  approximately 40 participants  in thc three days of program.  Tuesdays and  Thursdays  in  the  Kin  Hut,   Gibsons,   and  Fridays in thc Senior Citizens  Hall, Sechelt.  ELECTROHOME   .C^  Sales & Service   ^<  SUNSHINE COAST T.V.  885-9816  Roberts Creek Vo  Fire Department's  Annual BINGO  Sat. Nov. 8th, 8 pm.  Roberts Creek Community Hall  Doors open at 6 pm  Tickets: $5.00 ea.  - includes 3 cards  Extra cards S1.00 ea.  "BONANZA"  ,  St. Bartholomew's Anglican  Church A.C.W.  ANNUAL BAZAAR  Nov. 1,1980 2  Church Hall  Hwy 101 & North Rd.  4 p.m.  Admission  & Tea 75<t  10% Off  Blouses, Suits  Slacks & Velour  "^SKS**^^.,  with the purchase of  ANY  SEWING  MACHINE  valued at '399  (  Pc  CI  Pf  CI  bt  Lt  Ni  at  w<  at  m  at  H  V  hi  Single Dial Stitch Selection �� Width  Control, with built-in straight stitch,  zigzag, blind hem, multi zigzag,  straight stretch, overcast, built-in  bottonholer.  25 Year Warranty  1 Year Free Service  ft   A  urn  VV  Morgan's Men's Wear  \mu\mst  - Me/ya/i'a  VI     ������-�������������������� [Pender Harbour news)  by Doris Edwvdson  Pender Harbour and Egmont  Chamber of Commerce.  A General Meeting of the  Pender Harbour and Egmont  Chamber of Commerce will  be held in the Royal Canadian  Legion Hall on Monday,  November 3 at 8 p.m. Full  attendance of all members  would be appreciated. Please  advise others in the community, as their presence  and interest is very welcome.  Hallowe'en Dance.  The Annual Hallowe'en  Masquerade Dance will be  held in the Royal Canadian  Legion Br. 112 hall on thc  evening of November 1.  There is no charge for admission, open dance, costumes will be judged for  prizes, comical, original, etc.  The Harbour Lights Band  will be playing and they have  some new talent this year.  Pender Harbour Community  Club.  There will be a Pender  Harbour Community Club  General meeting on Sunday,  October 26, which is late  news for this column, but if  they do not get enough  members to turn out for a  quorum, then things are going  to get drastic. Without a  meeting to discuss Club  business, they cannot possibly  operate and that can mean no  Bingo on Thursday evenings,  lack of interest may create  problems with the Fishermens  Homecoming Dance if the  same people have to run  things year after year, and  everyone has to admit that the  Community Hall is the only  building in the Pender Harbour area that can hold large  groups of people for functions  requiring seating accommodation for 200 or more.  Results will be known next  week.  Swap Meet.  November 1 is the next  Swap Meet in the P.H. Community Hall and the Community Club will have a  Bazaar table set up with gift  items for sale, crocheted and  knitted baby clothes, pillow  cases, and other handcrafted  articles.  Royal Canadian Legion Br.  112.  Darts start on October 30,  8 p.m., Horsecollar on October 28 at 8 p.m. and the Meat  Draw, Saturday afternoon 2 to  4p.m.  Fireworks Display.  The Pender Harbour Volunteer Firemen will be having  a Bigger and Better Fireworks  Display on Hallowe'en night.  The Bonfire starts at 7:30 p.m.  Roberts Creek  Pop and Hot Dogs for the  kiddies will be in the Community Hall. Folks are requested to take extra care  when backing cars out from  their parking spot as many  children have a tendency  to stand behind vehicles  while watching the Fireworks  display and after all this is  their night.  Smorgasbord.  The Ladies Auxiliary to  Br. 112 Royal Canadian  Legion are having their Fall  Smorgasbord in the Legion  Hall on November 8. Music  will be by Jack Bourne and  his group from Vancouver.  Tickets are $7.50 per person  (no minors) and are on sale at  the Legion and Madeira Park  Pharmacy. Get yours soon as  they are going fast.  Coast News, October 28, 1980  Exxxech  Whirl nd.  OFFICE  ��� Photocopiers  Cash Registers  Office Supplies  ELECTRONICS  ��� Typewriters  ��� Calculators  Furniture   Sc   Stationery  Sechelt 885-3735  fcjjsftgategj} Jigoftitoftiic Rij��fcisa*s��s tsjjs1  CHRISTMAS ESCAPE  December 23 - January 6  Space available al  Kinei. maul, Hawaii  from $919 double occupancy ^  i  N;  Avis Rosenberg, an art history teacher at SKI' and judge of the juried art show sponsored hy the Arts  Centre, has a preliminary look at sonieof thc entries. 42 artists submitted 112 pieces. Those chosen  will be displayed at the Art Centre in Sechelt in thc near future.  Propane tanks raise Roberts Creek's ire  WW  * Rates for families  Package includes airfare. 14 nights accommodation, transfers to and from airport, hotel  tax and tips on transfers. Optional U-drive  BOOK NOW  TO AVOID DISAPPOINTMENT  A0NES LABONTE  Northwest Travel Ltd.  1748 Lonsdale Ave. 987*8151  North Vancouver, B.C.  f  |  I  i  by Jeanle Norton 886-9609  The recent propane tank  explosion at a school in Spain  spurred renewed efforts locally to have the tanks at the  mouth of Roberts Creek  removed. Mary and June  Mellis got busy last week  making phone calls, writing  letters, sending telegrams,  and circulating petitions in an  effort to arouse awareness and  opposition   to   the   danger.  They have the support of a  large segment of the population. The subject has been  brought up repeatedly at the  Community Association meetings and the Settlement Plan  calls for removal when the  lease runs out in three years.  But the "concerned citizens  of Roberts Creek" want them  out sooner than that, There  arc 50,000 gallons of propane  sitting there and Fire Chief  Glen Kraus has said before  that an explosion would level  Roberts Creek. The incident in  Spain has given added impetus to the arguments, particularly with the proximity of  the school.  They're hoping to get a film  to show at the school, first to  .    .,.      ,.   ,     ,���,...   the   students   and   then   to  Auxiliaiydtsplayed all of their resjdents rf Roberts Creek  best at the Early Bird Christ. 0(her measures such as .  mas Boutique October 18th. ^   march   are   bej  It produced a reward.ng after- g Meanwhile, there's  noon for all. _ ..      _,_, ., _.  Prize winners on the main a copy of the petttton ava.lable  raffle were as follows: Set of for signing at Seaview Market.  Run Successful.  "I've never been so glad to  see a cemetery in my life,"  panted one Roberts Creek  student as she came in from  13 kilometre Terry Fox  Run a week ago Sunday. The  circuit started at the school,  went up Hall Road, then along  the highway to Cemetery  Corner, and back along Lower  Road to the school so Seaview  Cemetery was more than the  halfway point and hence a  welcome landmark.  About 50 runners participated in the Run, from  eight years old or younger  right up to some mothers  (and Mr. Bunting.) Everybody  finished the course, whether it  was the full 13 kilometres or  the shorter route cutting down  Joe Road.  But in addition to the ac-  Roberts  Creek  Auxiliary  Roberts    Creek    Hospital  luggage, Betty Walton, Gibsons; Sweater, Dorothy Roland, Vancouver; and the  hooked rug, Louise Davey of  Roberts Creek. A hamper of *'"'  groceries was won by Clara  Nygren of Gibsons, one  needlepoint picture by Peggy  Gallen and a large doll and  clothes by Anna Pike.  Prizes still to be claimed are  door prize ticket no. 290234.  Large grocery hamper no.  0025178 and picture no.  49728. The nearest guess of  weight on the squash was  made by Graham Webb.  Prizes may be claimed by  phoning Beverley Northway at  886-9252.  complishment for fitness, the  Run  was   highly   successful  financially. At last count there  was over $2000 in pledges I  Hallowe'en.  The public is invited to  come to the annual fireworks  display put on by the Roberts  Creek firemen for Hallowe'en  at the Golf Course starting  around 8 p.m. on Friday.  They ask that you refrain from  parking on the upper side of  the highway to avoid problems  when the ferry traffic comes  through.  Then there's a masquerade  party at the Legion. There'll  be prizes for costumes and  hopefully live entertainment.  On Saturday the men's  volleyball team from Gibsons  are putting on a masquerade  dance at the Hall. Tickets are  $5 each and are available from  Seaview Market.  Anon foiled.  Two arson attempts last  week were foiled by quick  response. The shed at Seaview  Cemetery burned down on  Monday, but that was deliberately set to give the  Roberts Creek Volunteer Fire  Department some practical  experience. The Regional District has- erected a new maintenance shed.  The fire set to mattresses  hauled out onto the porch on  one of the cabins at Camp  Douglas on Sunday, however,  was a real arson attempt.  Fortunately the caretakers  were out on the grounds and  were able to put it out without  the Department's help.  Plan approved.  Word came last week that  the Roberts Creek Settlement  Plan has finally been approved  by Victoria.  Sports support.  Parents of students involved  in sports at Roberts Creek  Elementary met last Tuesday  to discuss fund-raising  schemes and other support  activities. Expenses will be  higher this year because all  games will be "away" since  Roberts Creek is without a  gymnasium.  A bottle drive is planned for  Saturday, November 15. If you  have bottles for pickup prior  to that date phone the school  at 885-9229 or Marlene Longman at 886-8548.  A slave sale has tentatively  been set for Tuesday, November 18. Students will also be  available on an on-going  basis for anyone who needs  odd jobs done such as stacking  wood, raking leaves, or  gathering seaweed. Call Jack  Tiernan at the school.  Various other committees  were set up, including one to  organize luncheons for the  kids. Any parents interested  in helping with this should  phone Judy Fitzgerald at  885-5059.  Firemen's Bingo.  Tickets for the Roberts  Creek Firemen's Bingo on  Saturday, November 8, are  available from any fireman  and possibly Seaview Market.  Craft weekend.  The first weekend of December is shaping up to be  quite  festive   at   the   Hall.  The Roberts Creek Crafts  Fair will span two days  this year, Friday December  6 and Saturday December 7.  For information or to book  space phone Sue Shepherd at  885-2972.  Then on Sunday, December  8, the Wakachoo Rivyoo  are planning a Festival as a  farewell engagement before  they leave for Nova Scotia.  They hope to have crafts,  games, food booths and the  stage will be open for musicians. Anybody interested in  participating is asked to phone  885-5631.  Soccer wins.  The Roberts Creek Girls  Soccer Team played well in  their game at Langdale last  j  for  J7  TRANSPORTERS  A LOCAL BAND  playing a unique selection ranging from  sophisticated and mellow dance classics  to Rock 'n' Roll...  Now Taking Bookings  Phone 886-2843  Ken Dalgleish - Budge Schacte- Phil Knipe  Tuesday and dominated  long    periods  In an exciting game of great  effort and improving skills,  the Roberts Creek Tiger Tots  dominated and held the upper  hand for long spells against a  tough Davis Bay defence on  Thursday,  Happy 80th.  Congratulations  and   best  wishes to Bill Grose on his  80th     birthday    yesterday,  (Monday).  Tie up papers.  Chris Belcher is still glad  to pick up your old newspapers if you leave them by  the road but asks that you  bundle them with string, in a  box,or in a bag.  ]  |  Cedar Crest   A*  Golf Centre  jgL  Licensed Dining                      jljJHj  We will Cater a  SMORGASBORD or  COMPANY LUNCH  for you!  Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner  7 DAYS A WEEK!  Phone for Reservations  886-7761  Hwy. 101 & Sullivan Rd.  2 mi. north of Gibsons  VLMSSIFIEDADS  FRAMED  &  BEVELLED  MIRRORS  Treat your  home for  Christmas!  v.  Harmony Hall  Bingo!  Thursday Nov. 6,  7:45 pm.  Every Thursday,  Same lime, Same Place  Sponsored by  Gibsons O.A.P.O. #38  British Columbia  Hydro and Power  Authority, Sechelt  Electric Power will be Interrupted as follows:  Wednesday, 5 November 1980  POWer Off FrOm: (Weather permitting)  9:00 am. to 12:00 Noon and 1:00 pm. to 3:00 pm.  Times are approximate.  Note:  Outage time could vary and power may be restored earlier.  Area Affected:  Ocean Beach Esplanade from Bonniebrook to end of tap and all side roads.  Reason:  Upgrading distribution system.  E. Hensch,  District Manager  &.c  rtO*��  Oct. 27th - Nov. 1st  10% Off Every Item in the Store!  ^Selected Karat Gold  Diamond Pendants & Earrings  30% OFF  Gent's  Karat Gold Rings  20% OFF  Decorator Wall Clocks  20% OFF  And Many Other  In-Store Specials!  886-2023 Coast News, October 28, 1980  Deserted Bay Report  by Dlnos Gramea and  Chris White  i uuncillor Jack Pope (minus beard) rcics over tht1 (round rules with students at Chatelech during their 24-hour fast to raise  moncj for charity. Moncj pledged will reach Ihe 51,000 mark. The students are present!) sponsoring two children under the  I-iistcr Parents plan, one in Bolivia and the other in India. The excess will be added lo the S.MII) collected for Ihe Terry Fox I-und  during Ihe car push, ur it will go to Ihe crippled children.  Fleming on education  Judicious discipline - towards a better way  bv Frances Fleming  Discipline has to do with  mental or moral training, rules  lor conduct, law and order, and  includes chastisement. Chastisement, until ver) recently.  meant corporal punishment.  Western civilization moved  aua\ from the lash and paddle,  and m 1473 Hritish Columbia  abandoned the strap as an  instrument of chastisement in  the public schools.  No one in authority ever  described an official strap. Thc  schools were simply issued  lenuths ol belting, which  ingenious teachers adapted by  adding weights, slashing the  ends, and soon. No one ever set  down anj ruleslortheadministration ol the strap, except that  each strapping should be  witnessed. Children, especially  little boys between the ages of  si\ and twelve, were strapped  I'or fighting, stealing, lying,  defacing school property, talking baek to teacher, swearing  and sometimes for such academic misdemeanours as having  Chimney  Cleaning  & Maintenance  Phone 886-8188 or  886-8023  spelling mistakes. The number  of strokes was entirely discretionary. Children were  usually strapped until they  wept or were visibly shaken.  Iheir hands were often pulled  and stiff for some time after the  punishment. One principal  who ran a "tight ship" used to  save all his corporal punishments until Friday afternoon,  then have thc school listen on  the public address system while  he punished all the juvenile  offenders for thc week past.  Many teachers avoided thc  strap, as did some enlightened  schools. However, the abrupt  withdrawal of corporal punishment shook the teachers of this  province lo the point where a  task force was set up to review  the situation and to see what  alternatives could be found in  order that anarchy should not  revail. In I976 the B.C.  Teachers Federation adopted a  resolution to the effect that  then organization oppose the  use of any form of corporal  punishment in the public  schools of B.C.  As surrogate parents, teachers were (and are) legally bound  io be firm, kind and judicious.  Everyone conceded lhat teachers and principals should have  a right to carry out their vital  tasks without constant distrac-  (33  SECHELT  TIRE STORE  We Specialize In  mtfW'iriBGa  For Pickups  & Four Wheel Drives  Stock Is  Now Complete  Come In And See Dave  For Your Tire Needs  Corner of Wharf  & Dolphin Sis.  B Phone:885-3155  ting misbehavior or harrassment from their pupils. A lot of  nonsense was propagated by  certain individuals who hoped  for their own private ends that  the corporal punishment ban  would be lifted. A principal  phoned thc Minister of Education to ask how he should break  up a fight.  lt is just stupid to believe that  an adult in charge of active  children should not be able to  break up a light by thc use of as  much firm, judicious force as  necessary; remove by force  from any child a suspicious  looking or obviously dangerous object or weapon; restrain  any child, using as much force-  as necessary, from any act or  apparently intended act that  might injure the child himself  or other children; propel a child  gently but firmly to the office  for thc use of foul or abusive  language "The aftermath of  these incidents cannot be  corporal punishment; that is  what the Ministry was saying.  It was never intended to  prevent a spontaneous response by a caring and responsible adult to a situation where  management is required.  There always have been, and  always will be. degrees of  control and permissiveness  between home, between  schools, and between communities. Best results come from  school policies developed by  each school staff in consultation wilh parents, interested  community leaders, and with  thc children themselves. Where  poor facilities impede the  operation of thc school, there  will be problem children.  Where teachers arc weak,  insecure, or arrogant, problem  behavior will dominate. Where  children have to endure insurmountable home problems  of poverty, conflict and deprivation, even cruelty, their  conduct at school will reflect  these conditions. Corporal  punishment never did solve any  of these problems.  lt must be acknowledged  thai excessive permissiveness  can be as damaging as excessive  force, and schools appear more  permissive than they used to be.  yet most schools are under  good conlrol. Teachers,  through pre-semcc and in-  service, are professionally  trained along ihe lines ol child  development and have gained  commendable management  skills.   Hampered  only bv  a  PERMASEAL  Aluminum Manufacturing Ltd.  Manufacture & Supply of Aluminum  Double Glazed :  - Patio Doors - Conversions  - Skylite Stytems . prime Windows  - Wood to Aluminum Replacements  - Dome or Flat type Skylites  - Inside Storm Windows  Experienced Installation Crews  FOR A FREE  ESTIMATE  CALL  885-3538  PERMASEAL  rigid curriculum, they do a fine  job of keeping children interested and occupied gainfully.  Teachers are not being weak  when they exercise restraint  and patience. Children will  emulate their teachers' self  control, lt is unthinkable that  thc modern teacher would want  to rush the first little dissenter  he meets to the office for a  ritual beating.  For learning to occur, there  has to be harmony, law and  peak we found a 3000 foot  cliff - straight down. It scared  ������ ���    the   pants   off  of   us.   We  These past two weeks some   attempted to climb an ice face  of   the   students   hiked   up   of about  M  degree   an ,  Mount Perkes   a 7000 foot   but had to   ive      at ab50ut  peak just behind Tsoh-Nye.   25 feet from the top.  Also,  the last part of the      0n Wednesday, Bryan Al-  session was devoted to the   len, Department of Fisheries,  Salmon   Enhancement   Pro-   visited Tsoh.Nye. He taught  gram,    sponsored    by    the   us       ite   ,   bi,   abou,   ,he  Federal Department of Fisher-   saim���n  les' The students have put a lot  For the Mount Pearkes 0f work into the S.E.P.,  expedition we made a steep including building of two  ascent from the base of the incubation boxes capable of  mountain. After an eight hour holding 50,000 eggs each,  hike up a 15 degree grade One is for coho and the other  we reached a glacial lake for ehum eggs. We then  transported the boxes to the  site (carrying three miles by  hand). Next we screened  the gravel the eggs rest in  (done in pouring rain). Finally  painting, nailing, siliconing  and numerous other jobs  that this project entails.  One other enhancement  project we have proposed is to  catch salmon at the base of  a 35 foot waterfall on the  deserted river and transport  them above the falls, where  the salmon will have an  additional two miles of river  in which to spawn. We plan to  carry the salmon above the  falls in watertight packsacks  As one of our teachers put  it, "This is the first time  that I feel like I have personally contributed to nature... it feels pretty good!"  THE  SECHELT DENTAL CENTRE  welcomes  Dr. Dan Kingsbury  for the practice of general dentistry  Dr. Nngsburv joins Dr. Lome Darman  Banh ot Montreal Building - Upstairs  Appointments - 885-3244  situated about 2000 feet from  the summit. We were all  totally exhausted from the  climb. The next morning,  without packs, we scaled up  onto the glacier itself. It was  covered with deep crevasses  up to 100 feet deep. Glen  Dixon fell into a small one and  was luckily stopped before  falling too far. Nearing the  order in thc school. Rules must  he basic and simple, clearly  understood and enforced without prejudice. Principal, teachers, parents and children,  together can make thc school a  safe, pleasurable, cooperative  place. Aggression only breeds  aggression. Surely we have  enough of that in our troubled  world. leachers. through  schools, must point society to a  better way.  Next week: The Gifted  NEW ARRIVALS  "Shorty  Fun Furs"  >��  "Tender Tootsies"  now in stock  Hours: Mon. ��� Sat.  10 am. to 5 pm.  Helen's Fashion Shoppe  Lower Gibsons 886-9941  capilano  college  Requires  SPANISH  INSTRUCTOR  to teach Spanish  in Sechelt  Applications to:  Community Education  Capilano College  205S Purcell Way  North Vancouver, B.C.  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In fact,  basic to thc whole issue is that  very system which, relying on  per capita representation is  weighted heavily in favour of  the Central Provinces of Quebec and Ontario and no longer  serves thc growing economic  power in the West nor the  potential of thc Maritime  Provinces, in particular Newfoundland.  That the Liberal Party is not  prepared to face up to the  changes which arc necessary,  except in so far as they affect  their vision of what Quebec  wants is proven by the arrogant  assumption that Liberals speak  for all Canadians. Seemingly  they don't even speak for  Quebec - the Liberal party in  that province hasn't shown any  great enthusiasm for Trudeau's  Constitutional package either.  Liberals may have a mandate  by elected representatives to  speak for Quebec and Ontario,  but in a Parliamentary democracy its my understanding that  Parliament speaks for the  Nation, not a political party.  For the past twelve years  Trudeau has stood on Parliament Hill looking across the  Ottawa River to Quebec, his  telescope, in good Admiral  Lord Nelson fashion, to his  blind eye. and his back resolutely turned to thc rest of the  country, lt may be thc proper  stance for winning a battle, but  we really didn't think wc were  thc enemy.  "Who cares about the West?"  he says and shrugs his shoulders and that oh, so revealing  gesture, suggesting that if we're  not satisfied wc can take a leaf  out of Quebec's book and  blackmail thc federal government too. Then he's openly  contemptuous of our ability to  mount a real separation threat.  And this is statesmanship?  This is thc leader with such  great intelligence?  Far from an honoured place  in history I would think he'll be  remembered as the great manipulator who because of a  fanatical emotional response to  one segment of the community  contributed, if nol to thc  breakup of what could be a  great country, a unique federation of equality and interracial understanding and harmony, at least to a postponement of those aspirations,  increasing the devisive feelings  between people in different  parts of the country.  There have been several calls  for a Constituent Assembly,  the most recent I think from  J.V. Clyne, but though such  suggestions are reported en-  passant by the press, no-one  seems willing lo support or  research such a proposal.  Perhaps because it would be  too low-key and sensible, not  generating thc sort of political  mayhem upon which the media  flourishes.  How would wc put such an  assembly together? There are  probably several ways, from  the appointment of suitable  people to the election of such  people, representative of each  area, including of course the  North. Each Province would  presumably select their own  representatives, men and women of stature and respect.  This would result hopefully  in people with a wide range of  expertise, people whose concern was to formulate a constitution which would fairly  represent the aspirations of all  sections of this country, geographically, socially and ethnically, rather than politicians  whose watchword is always  expediency, who have axes to  grind and who are only responsible to those who have numerical clout at election time.  Such an assembly would  represent not only the geographical regions of the country but its ethnic and social  make-up, French and English  speaking, Indians. Inuit and  Metis, and those whose mother  tongue is not either of the  founding languages - a balanced group of men and women, a  cross section of society.  Does Tudeau really believe  that he alone is indispensable to  Quebec and that such a group  could not come up with a  Federation which would be  acceptable to the Quebecois  and which would ensure the  survival of their language and  culture as part of our joint  heritage? Does he really think  we couldn't strike a working  balance between Provincial  and the Federal governments?  Of particular concern to all  of us should be the great hoax  which is being offered us in the  name of democracy, that  constitutional changes will be  made by referendum. That  means al present anyway that  Ihe Wesl and Ihe Marilimes  continue in their colonial status  vis-a-vis Central Canada, because Ontario and Quebec can  outvote the rest of us. Remember Ihe elections which are over  and decided before thc polls  close in B.C. In the event that  there is a large shift in population, say ten years down the  road, that referendum clause  might well backfire, giving the  West the power to dictate its  will on the rest of the country.  But is that any way to run a  successful Federation? Surely a  group of ordinary citizens  could come up with a more  equitable and co-operative  system than that?  Having waited this long,  surely we can take another 2-3  years for the people to work out  the sort of changes we want in  Federation, rather than having  changes forced on us by a  political party whose leader  treats so many of us with such  arrogant contempt?  Coast News, October 28, 1980  It's a  matter of time  If you need temporary protection, term insurance is great. But il you're looking lor  protection you can never outlive, permanent  life insurance is your answer.  Call me today.  Geofl Hodgkinson  Box 957,  Gibsons, B.C.  886-8018  Mutual Life of Canada  Sometimes it just doesn't pay to gel oul of bed. Three hunters returning after�� fruitless deer hunt on  Friday swerved to miss a couple of deer on the highway near Middlepoint and ended up in the ditch.  There were no injuries to the occupants of the vehicle, or the deer.  Small business seminar  Have you always wanted to  run your own business?  Did you know that 80% of all  small businesses fail within  the first three years? Even  with the enormous amount of  time and energy invested in  starting a business it may not  be a success unless you have  taken into account practical  considerations and developed  useful mental attitudes.  Persons considering start  ing a business should be  equipped with skills, background knowledge and per-  sistance. Capilano College is  offering a one-day seminar  covering topics such as financing, record keeping, legal  aspects and administrative  skills necessary in setting up a  small business.  The seminar also covers  some of the advantages of  starting a small business such  as changing a job into a  business and of course, tax  breaks.  If you are considering  starting a business and want  to be a success this workshop  is for you. It will be held  Saturday, November 1st at the  Sechelt Learning Centre, end  of Inlet Avenue, down from  the Post Office from 9:30 to  4:30. Please pre-register by  calling 885-9310.  PIANO TUNING  ... A Tuned Piano  is a Pleasure to Play  Estimates...Minor Repairs  PHONE 886-2843  Ken Dalgleish  RfiTURE'S  OWR  NO NONSENSE  DIET  Ihe NO NONSLNSt Did lotmuii il i concentnled iouuc ol  nutnenli in i (jehooui bcvtijge bat lorm A'l nttesuf\ nulrilnnil  elemtrm ite '.uppiied m qmnliltci ��hich iituty bodiij  requnemenli the NO NONStNSf PLAN is loimjUled lo llpllCI *��  mejli in lti< d>tl It is quick. contentful jnO nm piw��nl listm|.  hiving a milkilijbt conti'tencr  THE SIMPLEST  MOST PLEASANT  LEAST COMPLICATED WAY  TO LOSE WEIGHT.  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The family accepts promises  and tries to believe that the  problem has gone away every  time there is a sober period.  They will even deny that there  is a problem. When faced again  with the problem they feel that  they arc at fault because they  cannot solve this for one they  love. These arc their feelings of  guilt.  If they turn to Al-Anon for  help they soon learn that their  own thinking has to change  before thev can successfully  approach the problems of  living. They learn to deal with  obsession, anxiety, anger,  denial and  feelings of guilt.  Emotional burdens are eased  by the group sharing and they  learn that much of their  discomfort comes from their  own attitudes. They try to  change those attitudes, discover feelings of self-worth and  grow spiritually. The emphasis  begins to be lifted from the  drinker and placed where they  have some power - over themselves.  Al-anon can be contacted at  883-9269. 885-3.136, 885-5444,  886-9037 or 886-9059.  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We appeal to all those we have helped and all  interested persons no matter how much or how little time you  can give. Any help would be welcomed. If you cannot attend  the meeting but would like to help - eg. fund-raising ��� please  phone 886-7938 or 886-7839 for info.  Donations & Memberships can be sent to Box 405  Gibsons B.C.  The SPCA needs YOU!  685-5333  Accounts  Back-Hoes  Excavator  &  More to  Choose From  SOUTH COASI  SMIS l/lll   sechelt  across irom Banners Furn.  MDL85936A  roitu  USED GAR DIVISION  885-9979 Coast News, October 28, 1980  Calavo  DATES  B.C. 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One ol the most longstanding controversies in the  Christian church has been  maintained ovei Ihe English  word "sanctincation", which  come basically Irom the Latin  word "sanctus", which mean'.  "holy".  I he debate which was waged  down through the centuries  und -.till lives loday, is whether  sanctification is a gift or a goal-  whcthci ii is instantly conferred  in God's Holy Spirit, or  whethei it is u goal toward  winch believers strive throughout theii lives.  I heic- are two problem  verses in the I pistlc according  to Si Matthew, in which the  belicvci is told to be "perfect",  which has been interpreted as a  state of sanctification, commanded b\ Jesus himself.  In Matthew 5:48, in the  discussion hy Jesus popularly  known as the Sermon on thc  Mount, Jesus says: "You,  therefore, must be perfect, as  you! I alher in heaven is  perfect."  In Matthew I9:2I, Jesus  spoke to thc young man, who  had obviously lived an upright  and worthy life, but was still  seeking eternal life: ..."If you  would he perfect, go, well what  you possess and give to the  poor and you will have treasure  in heaven; and come, follow  inc."  This sounds like a pretty tall  order, impossible lor man to  achieve, il we think of perfection as being completely without sin. without fault and  without error.  It follows that sanctification  - which is interpreted as beina  in the state ol a new life  imparted to the believer hy the  Holy Spirit, releasing the  converted person from the  compulsive power of sin and  guilt, and enabling him or her  lo love God and serve his or her  ncighboi - would be regarded  as equally difficult to attain.  If however, the Greek word  "leleios". which is translated as  "perfect", is studied, we find it  comes from the noun "telos",  which means an "end. purpose,  or goal", and therefore an  entirely different picture is  presented.  In Greek, the word teleios. or  perfect, means to have attained  <i state or condition in which a  thing or person fully realizes  the purpose lor which it, or he  (she) was planned, designed  and made.  I herclore. man may be said  to have reached the stage of  perfection when he realizes the  purpose for which he was  created and sent into this  world, to lie like (iod.  for justification of this  statement, we would only have  to turn to Genesis 1:26: "Let us  make man in our image, alter  our likeness..."  Ifwc accept this as truth, that  man (woman) attains a state of  awareness ol God and his  relationship to him which  brings him (her) into a stale ol  perfection (sanctification),  then the problem which remains is - how does this come  about'.'  Without citing denominational stances on this much-  discussed theological and doctrinal belief, il would appear  there are three main schools of  thought on sanctification: I)  Santitication enters the life of  the believer, and grows from  "grace to grace", throughout  his (her) life; 2) sanctification  enters the life of the believer,  "by faith through grace, "and  places a burden of response and  behavior on thc believer;  J) santitication is instant and  occurs in the believer as the  direct action of the Holy Spirit.  Probably the greatest point  ol controversy in these interpretations is over the manner of  sanctification occurring - slow  ly, through corporate worship  and sacramental life; slowly  through individual response,  encouraged by corporate and  sacramental nourishment; instantly, through spiritual resources.  It would be thc height of folly  to try to resolve this centuries-  old argument, but it truly seems  to have its roots in those to  mentions of being "perfect", in  Matthew's gosple, and in Paul's  writings.  Paul, of all the writers of thc  New Testament, seemed to lean  heavily toward the second ol  the three basic schools, especially in such passages as II  Corinthians 3:18: "And we all,  with unveiled face, beholding  the glory ofthe Lord, are being  changed into his likeness from  one degree of glory to another;  for this comes from the Lord  who is the Spirit."  Paul also held that this act of  changing came about through  the love (agape), the divine love  of which Christ is the incarnate  expression, and lhat love like  his. selflessly devoted to the will  of his heavenly Father, and  poured out in self-sacrificing  service toward men, is the  essence of Christian holiness,  or sanctification.  Another powerful advocate  of agape as the mark of  Christians' sanctification was  thc greal British evangelist of  the 18th century, John Wesley.  Wesley said pure love, ofthe  kind Paul talked about in the  love hymn, 1 Corinthians 13,  was something which reigned  "alone in the heart and life",  and was a very real possibility  for every Christian to achieve,  providing he had first been  saved by faith, which was a gift  of grace.  Wesley founded Methodist  societies all over the Hritish  Isles, aiming their activities at  following a life-style of sobriety, prayer, workship, hard  work, good stewardship and  service to others.  Some maintain Wesley's way  was "salvation by works", but it  it is difficult to maintain this  view if the critic knows anything about Wesley s life and  theology, about his courageous  evangelical work and his  tireless scholarship in helping  his societies grow in knowledge  of the Bible and its message of  love.  However, the question still  remains moot, and sanctification, the slate of being holy,  still remains in the stale of Mux  which it has lived in for  centuries.  Halfmoon Bav  STOVES  Welded Steel Airtights  866-2908  Custom work done.  OPEN 7 DAYS A WEEK  Man -Sat   9am -6pm  Fridays until 9 p in  Sundays: Noon til 4 p.m.  FREE  PRESCRIPTION  DELIVERY  within the boundaries ot  tho Village of Gibsons  to all Seniors  65 years or over  MAXWELL'S  PHARMACY  Cedar Plaza. Gibsons  ' EDGEMONT DESIGN V  is coming to  Gibsons  KERNS HOME  FURNISHINGS  Stereos, Records. Furniture  Appliances, T.V.'s  "Find us in the Yellow Pages  SEAVIEW PLACE,  ���  GIBSONS  886-9733     886-7015  NEW STORE HOURS  Tuesday through Saturday  9 am. - 5 pm.  CLOSED: Sun. & Mon.  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Sechell  Indian Reserve  in nu ,i in Holj I amil)  ( hurch, Sechell  12 00 noon St. Mary's Church,  t iibsons  Confessions before Mass  Phone 885-9526 or 885-5201  GLAD TIDINGS  TABERNACLE  Gower Point Road  Phone 886-2660  Sunday School - 9:45 a.m.  Worship Service - 11:00 a.m.  livening fellowship 6 p.m.  Bible Study - Wed. 7:30 p.m.  Pastor Nancy Dykes  SEVENTH-DAY ADVENTIST  CHURCH  Sabbath School Sal.. 10 a.m.  I bun ot Worship Sat., II a.m.  St. John's United Church  Davis Biiv  Paslor (   Drieberg  I veryone Welcome  I or information phone:  kss.TSti oi 883-2736  Calvary Baptist (hurch  Park Rd. (iibsons.  Pastor Harold Andrews  Res.    886-9163   Church  Church 886-2611  Sunday School 9:30 un  Morning Service 11 am.  Gospel Service 7 pm.  Prayer & Bible Sludy  Thursday 7 pm  GIBSONS  PENTECOSTAL  CHURCH  Cedar Grove School  Chaster Rd. 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Ontario    KIP OCX  Plensescnd me more informntion on thel nnstinition:  Explanation                                      *Ki D  Highlight                                         *I7 ���  Pleaw also add my name lo the mailing list  D  Ifthey are not available at your  post office please send this coupon.  Canada The way to Cecil Mountain  Carl's  corner  In search of a career  On the  Seafood Platter  Coast News, October 28, 1980  13.  by Chak-Chak  The prospect of applying for  City relief along with long  lines of others in the same fix  had lowered my spirits into  a deep pit of depression. My  wonderful dreams of early  spring as I lay in my sleeping  bag under a star-fired sky,  dreaming of following in the  footsteps of Rat Portage John,  were strong in my mind. And  his stern advice to "stay away  from the Gyppos - stick to  the big outfits I" echoed and  re-echoed in my ears.  As the eldest son in a family  of six with a mother, four  sisters and a brother to help  support, I didn't relish the  prospect of arriving home as a  failure at my first venture  away from home. I had given  up a job to take on this high-  risk adventure. The psychological effect on my self  esteem was going to be  harder to live with than the  financial one.  We were an unhappy lot  when Bert arrived in camp late  that night. He didn't look particularly happy but he did  have some news.  One of his stops in his  search had been to the Travelers Hotel in Ladysmith.  There he had talked to the  hotel manager who had told  him of some timber on the  peak of Cecil Mountain near  a little community of Cassidy,  between Ladysmith and Nanaimo.  l? 'Candles, NuK and oilier Trails.'  I  HALLOWE'EN  *      SPECIALS  JUJUBES  $1.65 per Ib.  JELLY BEANS  $1.75 per Ib.  CANDY  TREAT BAGS  30<t ea.  i        New  |      Hours:  ?<   Tues. ��� Sun.  V'.   llam.-5 pm.  "''*|        Gower Pt. Rd.,  Gibsons Landing  886-7522  The timber was owned by  the Giovandos, who also  owned the hotel. The contractor they had hired had  quit halfway through the last  setting on the mountain.  The yarder and the fully  rigged tree were sitting there  with half a setting to yard  and load out. They were  offering a good price to get it  cleaned up before the snow  flew. Bert had taken a look,  then told them he would let  them know in a couple of days.  After downing a late snack,  he explained the situation to  us as we joined him in a  coffee.  "The setting is on the park  ofthe mountain and at the end  of the road, which is steep  and crooked. It's a 'billy-goat'  show but if we can get it out in  time, it will put us in business  with a yarder and a bunch of  rigging. The Giovando's own  other timber and it could lead  to other jobs in the spring."  Bert paused and glanced  around the table to see what  our reaction was going to be.  We knew there was more so  we waited.  "There are two things  wrong with the deal. I'm the  only one with highlead experience, but I won't go up  that spar tree. Carl, you want  to be a high-rigger so now is  your chance. I can tell you  how but I can't go up the  tree."  "Jim, the cat' wouldn't  be any good to us there  without a blade. We can't  afford to carry the payments  and have it sitting around. It  will have to go back to the  dealer. But if you think you  can run the yarder and keep  and old bucket of bolts going,  the job is yours."  We all looked at Jim. He  was quiet for a moment, was  ab tit to speak, changed his  mind, then finally blurted,  "No way, Bert. I tried it once  and dropped a rigger in the  passline. Shook me up as  badly as it did him. I would  never try it again I"  We all knew what this  meant. Without Jim we would  lose Peggy. Our little family  group was breaking up. We  were sad about that and  our faces showed it. It took  Peggy to relieve the tensions  ofthe moment.  "Oh, don't be fretting about  it. I suppose this is as good  a time as any to let you all in  on our little secret." She  paused a bit for effect, then  NOW AN EASY  WAY IO RAISE  HONEY  For your club or organization.  We have a copyrighted project that  can easily raise up to $3,000.00 in  time for Christmas.  For more Information write:  Heneval Enterprises  Box 18SB  Bonnyville, Alberta  T0A 0L0  continued brightly. "Jim and I  are going to be married right  away. We are moving back to  the City and Jim is going back  to school. We have discovered  that he is good with figures  and because of his stomach  condition, would be eligible  for re-training in other employment. With his experience  in the woods, he could become  a timekeeper and bookkeeper  in the camps."  Then with a happy lilt to  her Irish brogue, she added,  "And I want me man in me  bedivvery night I"  This was heartwarming  news indeed. The fact that  both Jim and Peggy had  arrived in camp carrying the  burden of unhappy marriages  which had ended in failure,  only to find a new love and  new life to share, was nothing  short of miraculous as far as  we were concerned. Our  congratulations, hugs and  thumpings changed the atmosphere in that cookhouse  from gloom to gladness.  As I picked up the coffee pot  from the kitchen range to  propose a toast to the happy  couple, Bert called, "Hold the  fort. I can do better than  that!"  He disappeared for a  moment, then returned with a  new bottle of medicinal  brandy.  "The first aid kit will  have to wait. We're going to  have a real toast I" He poured  generous drinks all around,  we clinked our glasses to the  beaming pair, then tossed  them off with a relish.  It was as well that we saved  a few drinks for the planning  we still had to do and the  sadness that we all felt that  the last of our little group was  finally breaking up. Jim and  Peg were going to help us load  up and move our stuff to  Cassidy, then they would be  going on to their own destiny  and a new life together.  Two days later we had  wound up our affairs at Kinsol  Siding, took a last, lingering  look at the Koksilah River  and the camp that had been  our Garden of Eden for  awhile, then turned our backs  and headed down the now well  worn trail to Cowichan Station, the Island Highway and  points north.  The Kinsol Siding door was  closing. The Cecil Mountain  door was opening. The heavy  sense of gloom that had  completely absorbed me at the  thought of returning a failure  to the Big City was now  abolished by the challenge  of new things to come. My  last thoughts of Kinsol were  of the night I lay naked in  my sleeping bag; to think once  again of being the protege of  Rat Portage John; and with a  highlead show ahead of us I  might still become the exalted  'highrigger', kingpin of the  woods.  Cecil Mountain, we're on  our wayI"  To be continued  |     CLASSIFIED NOTE |  I   Drop off your Coast News ~  Classified  at  Campbell's |  I   Family  Shoes.  Sechelt, or I  I   Centre  Hardware,  Madeira '  Park. |  My recipe last week called  for 1 Ib. shrimp tails (small  side-stripes not side strips).  Side-stripes are a large type  of shrimp which are quite  often used in place of prawns.  A kind of seafood that is not  used by most people that live  on our coast, is seaweed.  Seaweed is a very valuable  source of nutrients and is an  important ingredient in Oriental cooking.  The Japanese food called  Sushi serves the same purpose  as a sandwich. It is a cold dish  (of slightly sweet-and-sour  rice) which can usually be  eaten with the fingers, can be  made ahead and is convenient  to carry in a lunch box.  There are three main kinds  of Sushi. Those called Nori-  maki Sushi consist of rice and  an assortment of colourful  ingredients such as fish or  shrimp rolled pinwheel fash-,  ion inside a wrapping of  'Nori'seaweed.  Nori is the Japanese name  for I.aver, an edible seaweed,  that can be purchased in dried  form from most health food  stores. It can be cut or torn  into small pieces and used as a  decorative and tasty garnish  for noodle dishes, soups and  entrees.  The Koreans also use  seaweed and their name for  Laver is Kim. They toast it  and eat it like crackers with  soup or crumbled over the  food.  Soup is the standard  Women's  Art Program  The Women's Program is  offering a one-day workshop  for women who've always  wondered if they could find a  way to express themselves  in an art form.  With pencil, felt pen and  clay, participants will experiment with non-self-  conscious art expression.  Bring a soft art pencil, a  felt pen and a contribution of  food for our cheese and  vegetable communal lunch.  This group will meet Saturday, November 1, from 9 a.m.  to 3 p.m. at Chatelech art  room. The $15 fee includes the  cost of clay and paper. As  supplies must be ordered,  pre-registration is required by  October 27 at 885-3512.  breakfast served in Korea, so  you might say soup 'n seaweed is like bacon and eggs to  Canadians.  After an autumn storm  many coast residents can be  seen gathering seaweed to use  as fertilizer for their gardens.  Kelp is one of the varieties  found on our shore and this  can also be used in soup.  It is quite simple; one  makes a good soup from the  usual garden vegetables to  which is added a number of  pieces of the long ribbon-like  leaves that are found branching out from the bulbous  top of the kelp plant. Do not  use too much to start with  until you become accustomed  to the distinctive flavour.  4m*m4mmmWmWm9mm\  The first time I had kelp  soup was about 1937 at Harry  Roberts' place on the south  end of Nelson Island. They  also used the large bulbs,  glazed in sugar, and cut up  like citron and oranges as  candied peel for fruit cakes.  A kind of ginger flavoured  preserve was also made from  the fleshy kelp pulp. The small  bulbs were put in pickles  like baby onions.  Seaweed is also used  commercially in the manufacture of various confections  like jellies, puddings and ice  cream. The variety that is  used for this purpose is known  asagaragar. Sea you.  Gibsons  Green & Flowering Plants,  Cut   Flowers & Arrangements.  Dried Flowers, Gifts  Deliveries across Ihe Peninsula %-W   I Around ih��- World            ^SfSSSE?1  SunduM yttxmi $ Gtfo  886-2316  The centra's  Tea and craft Sale  1-3  Thursday Nou. 3rd.  Gibsons United Church  75�� Admission includes Tee  Trevor W. Neate  &  Larry E. Lewis  Dental Mechanics  Office will be CLOSED Friday, Nov. 7th  Friday, Nov. 14th  Office,will re-open Fri. Nov. 21st  #207, Cedar Plaza, Gibsons  886-2712  Peninsula  Transport Ltd.  PROUIDES  HIAB  SERVICE  Radio Di'-pjuhed  886-2284  Gibsons  980-9937  Vancouver  When they're showing  you how good it looks,  ,__B*__zz__z_E_3%  ask about  their  service  policy.  DUCBZJn  Then ask them where it's  made; and ask them about  parts availability and prices.  If what you hear makes you  nervous, then ask us.  20 INCH COLOUR XL-100 FROM $549 =  ELECTRONS  Trail Bay Cenlre. Sechell 885-2568  Aiiinnni.  CEDRR  llUIIIEu     Product of British Columbia  QUALITY LIVING WITH CEDAR  Every detail in a Lindal Cedar Home radiates gracious, ye: sensible  living.  And every Lindal floor plan permits almost unlimited design  flexibility. Over 60 original plans are available Each can be modified  to fit your particular needs and tastes. Or we can help you design  your very own plan  Sales Office and Display Home in Horseshoe Bay  INDEPENDENTLY  DISTRIBUTED BY  CN 28-10  M.D. Mackenzie Limited  6342 Bay Street, Horseshoe Bay  West Vancouver, B.C. V7W 2G9  Phone (604) 921-8010   921-9268  Province of Ministry of  British Columbia    Forests  Responsibilities in Controlling Wildfires  on Forest and Range Lands in British Columbia  The Ministry ot Forests is currently producing a series ol White Papers The  purpose of these papers is to obtain all additional views ol the concerned  parties. The current White Paper is entitled Responsibilities in Controlling  Wildfires on Forest and Range Lands in British Columbia.  Copies of this paper are available trom the following Ministry of Forests  Regional Offices  631 - 355 Burrard Street 540 Borland Street  Vancouver Williams Lake  515 Columbia Street 1011-4th Avenue  Kamloops Prince George  518 Lake Street Market Place  Nelson Prince Rupen  Replies and comments should be received by  November 30,1980. addressed to:  Director. Protection Branch, Ministry ot Forests,  1450 Government Street, Victoria. B.C . V8W 3E7  Have gravel, will travel!  Whatever your need for gravel,  B.A. can deliver anywhere on the Sunshine Coast.  Five tons or five hundred tons,  your order will get prompt  delivery service. If you prefer  to use your own trucks, our  plant is open from 8 a.m. to  4:30 p.m. daily, Monday  through Friday.  PAVING OF  INDUSTRIAL SITES  ROADS  PARKING AREAS  TENNIS COURTS  Also grading, gravel sales,  soil cemsnt, drainage  fi curbs.  B.A. BLACKTOP  Porpoise Bay Road, Sechelt, B.C.  885-5151  0B  .��  Head Office: P.O. Box 86340, North Vancouver, B.C. 985 0611  "Quality service since 1956"  CRS AMALGAMATED  MEMBER     iH^fi  *UCKTOP!  CONSTfl  ASSN  NOTICE BOARD  886-2622  ���T     886-7817  Sponsored as a Public Service by the Coast News  NOTE: Early announcement* will bt run onct, than musl bt re-  ���ubmltttd lo run again, no mort than ont month prior lo Iht  ���wnt- (Film) "Woman Want.."  NFB Film followed by discussion, men are Invited, Thursday,  October 30, 7:30 pm Roberts Creek Elementary School Library  Sunshine Coast Women's Program  Sechelt Hospital Auxiliary Bazaar  Saturday. November 8th, 2 to 4 p m at the Senior Citizens' hall  Sechelt  Catholic Woman's League  Christmas Bazaar, Sat  nov 22. 1-3 p m Senior Citizens Hall.  Sechelt No admission charge.  Gibaona Legion ��� Branch "109  The D.V.A. Rep. will be at the Gibsons Branch *109 R.C Legion  on Thursday. October 30 trom 10 am. to 12 noon,  St. Bartholomew's Annual Bazaar  St, Bartholomew's Anglican Church, ACW, Annual Bazaar.  November 1,1980 (rom 2 to 4 pm. Church Hall Hwy 101 at North  Road, Admission & Tea 75C  Conttrtnct - "Access to Awareness; B.C."  In anticipation ot 1981 United Nations Yearot Disabled Persons a  conference is planned, to be held Thursday, November 13,1980  at the Robson Media Centre from 9 am. to S pm.  Tht Centre's Tea * Craft Salt  November 6th. 1-3 pm in the Gibsons United Church Hall - 75C  admission includes tea. #44  Working Women's Luncheon  Cafe Pierrot, Thursday, October 30. 12 ��� 1, Reservations 885-  9962. Part of the Sunshine Coast Women's Program.  Gibsone Hoapltal Auxiliary - Aloha Luncheon  Gibsons United Church Hall, November 14, 1960, 11.30 am to  1:30 pm. Tickets: $4 50  Dinner with Dave Barrett  Friday, Nov. 7th, Roberts Creek Hall. 6 30-7 00 pm Happy Hour;  7:30 - 9:00 pm. Dinner; $15 00 Single; $25 00 Couple Tickets  available at: NDP. Bookstore - Gibsons, Sunshine Coast TV -  Sechelt, Seaview Market - Roberts Creek  Senior Citizen's Christmas Bazaar  Senior Citizen's Hall. Sechelt. Saturday Nov 1,1 30 - 4 pm Free  Admission,  Soccer For Children  Boys and Girls 6 - 9 yrs. old are Invited to turn out for soccer every  Saturday at Gibsons Elementary School from 10 to 11 am No  special clothing or equipment is required.  Harmony Hall ��� O.A.P.O. Evenls  General Meetings held 1st Mondays of the month at 2 pm .Carpet  Bowling - every Wednesday at 1 pm.; Social & Bingo - 2nd & 3rd  Mondays at 2 pm.; Public Bingo starts Nov 6th every Thursday at  7:45 pm.; Pot Luck Suppers - last Saturdays at 6 pm For  information phone 886-7685 TFN  Duplicate Bridge  Starting October 7. 1980 at 7 30 sharp at Sunshine Coast  Goll Club, 1st and 3rd Tuesdays ot each month. For further  information contact Phyllis Hoops, 886-2575.  Gibsons Tot Lot  Tot lot every Fri., 9:30- 11:30am in Gibsons United Church Hall.  Parents with children 0 - 3 yrs. are welcome For further info call  Eileen at 886-9411.  Holy Land Tour  Leaving Nov. 3rd for 15 days. For info, phone B86-2680     TFN  "Body Newness" Workshop  Movement to music for older women. Every Wednesday (rom 10  a.m. to 11 a.m.. beginning Oct 1st at Harmony Hall Instructor  Verity Purdy.  Weatem Weight Controller!  Now meet every Thursday at 1 pm in the Armours Beach Athletic  Hall, Gibsons and in the Sechelt Elementary School, Thursdays  at 7 pm  New members welcome 885-3795  Elphlnstone Pioneer Museum  The new hours are from 2-4 pm. on Saturdays or for special  appointment phone 886-9981. or 886-9340 TFN  Bingo  Sechelt Reserve Hall   Sunday October 5th, 1980  and every  Sunday following   Early birds 7 pm  $100 Prize  Proceeds to  assist under privileged families TFN  Piano Lestont  Intensive eight week Piano Courso by Susan Elek (or adult  beginners  Please call Art Centre 685-5412  Sechelt Garden Club  Sochelt Garden Club Meetings: First Wednesdays 7 30 pm. at St  Hilda's Hall. Sechelt  Square Dancing  The Country Stars Square Dancers   Gibsons United Church  every Friday 8 lo 11 pm  Round Dancing  Elphinstone School  Wednesdays8to10pm Beginners Classes for more information  886-8027 or 886-9540  Roberts Creek Hospital Auxiliary  Second Monday o( each month ��� 11 am St Aidan s Hali  Roberts Creek Legion - Ladlea Auilllary  The Legion Ladies Auxiliary Fall Bazaar 15th of November (rom  1lam til 3 pm  in the Legion Hall In Roberts Creek TFN  Sunshine Lapidary * Cralt Club  Club meets 1st Wednesday every month it 7 30 p m   For information phone 885-2375 or 886-9204 tin  Sunshine Coast Arts Council  Regular meeting 41 h Tuesday of every monlh at 7 30 p m at the  Arts Center m Sechelt T F N  Thrift Shop  Every Friday   1-3 p m  Thnfi Shop  Gibsons United Owen base-  Al-Anon Meetings  Al-Anon Meetings evefy Tuesday night   Roberts Creek   For  information call 886-9059 or 886-9041  Wilton Creek Community Association  Meeting 2nd Monday each month at Wilson Creek Hali 8 00 p m  Al-Anon Meeting  Every Thursday m G'bsons al 8 00 p m   Fo' info'matio" ca'1 886  9569 or 886-9037  Bargain Barn  The Bargain Barn o' Ihe Pender Harbour Health Clinic Auxiliary  ts open on Thursday and Saturday afternoons from 1 00 until  3 30 TFN  Sunshine Coast Navy League ot Ceneda  Cadets and Wrenettes ages 10 to 13 will again meet Tuesday  nights, 7 00 - 9 00 pm United Church Han Gibsons Ne*  recruit* welcomed  Wilton Creek Community Reading Centre  Open every Friday from 9 30 a m  ��� 4 30 p m  Fot enquiries call  885-9024 Hall rentals call Reg RoblMon 885-9024  Women's Aglow Fellowship  Meel every third Tuesday c'lhe month at Harmony Han G'bsons  Transportation and Babysitting available Phone 886-7426 Coast News, October 28, 1980  Strikes and  b v Bud Mulcaster  Six of us went to Chilliwack  last Sunday to take in Park  Lanes' IS game marathon.  Enjoyed ihe busman's holiday  and we had a couple of  winners. Andy Henderson  came in 4th in the Handicap  and Bonnie McConnell came  in 6th and also had a high  single.  In league action lots of 300  games. In the Classic, Andy  Henderson rolled a 361  and 10.18 for 4, Freeman  Reynolds a 370 and 1106 for 4,  and Ralph Roth a 322. In the  Gibsons 'A', Sylvia Bingley  had a 306-785 score and Terry  Cormons a 307-785 score.  In the Wed. Coffee, Bonnie  McConnell rolled a 300 single  and an 809 triple and Nora  Solinsky a 348-784 triple. In  the Ball & Chain, Carol  Tetzlaff had a 301. Howard  Boyle a 317 and 770 for 3 and  Cauleen McCuiag was the big  Hun with a 313 and 798 score.  Classic  Gwen Edmonds  Henry Hinz  Tues. Coffee:  Sue Whiting  Susan Underwood  Lee Larsen  Ruby Harman  Swingers:  Alice Smith  292-986  275-941  291-673  265-676  273-708  265-743  240-597  spares  George Langsford  Gibaona 'A':  Mavis Stanley  Andy Spence  Lome Christie  Wed. Coffee:  Janet Flumerfelt  Ann Fitchett  Slough-Offst  Lisa Kincaid  Carol Tetzlaff  Ball & Chain:  Virginia Reynolds  Carol Tetzlaff  Freeman Reynolds  Brian Butcher  Lional McCuiag  Phuntastique:  Willie Buckmaster  Bob Fletcher  Don Slack  Henry Hinz  Legion:  Ruby Harman  Alan Ploi^le  Y.B.C. Peeweea:  Winston Robinson  Gary Tetzlaff  Bantams:  Lorri Frandsen  Nedeen Skinner  Dennis Frandsen  Trina Giesbrecht  Craig Kincaid  Juniors:  Chris Constable  Andy Solinsky  Seniors:  Michele Whiting  Glen Hanchar  283-639  282-684  261-722  297-766  248-657  251-701  279-630  229-635  262-661  301-693  246-711  260-728  268-761  247-689  272-752  267-741  298-782  231-633  256-676  150-229  237-356  162-393  155-398  140-411  180-411  158-432  206-545  236-552  244-593  289-758  Skate  Canada  Skate Canadal It's good for  you, is the theme this year for  National Figure Skating  Week, October 27 to November 2. This week is set aside  by figure skating clubs to  promote skating.  The Sunshine Coast Figure  Skating Club is celebrating  this week by offering its  members and their families  free skating Wednesday, October 29 from 6:15 to 7 p.m.  Chimney  Cleaning  & Maintenance  Phone 886-7411 or  886-8023  ATTENTION  Reduced prices are given tor  ulnvis ft carpets when we quote  lor complete installations.  Phone for Free Estimates  Sechelt Carpet Corner  885-5315  (opposite the RCMP)  Alan Donaldson's rink (rear) from Richmond and Shayne Davison's local rink in the front were thc  lop home and awa\ �� Inners in Saturday's junior spiel. This is the second set of games in a round  robin series between the two communities. The third playoff is tentatively scheduled for November  27th in Richmond.  From the Fairway  by Ernie Hume  Excellent  use  of  the   facilities of the golf course is  still being enjoyed by our local  ye!|r  members  and  a   surprising  number of green-fee golfers  are also taking advantage of  the good weather we are  experiencing for this time of  Marg and Art Park will be  returning from vacation in a  couple of days and will  catch up with any unfinished  business that may have not  been attended to for the last  couple of weeks.  The decision to allow  automotive golf carts on the  course this last year seemed to  be a wise choice. The fear of  tire tracks and ruts on the  fairways has not developed.  They have proven very useful  to those golfers who found  them necessary during the  summer.  It would appear the ladies'  paper back book exchange  program is in need of some  more books to keep the  program active. So, dig down  into your storage areas at  home and replenish the books  for the exchange system our  ladies have developed.  lour teams from the Old Orchard Lanes in Vancouver met four local teams for some friendly  competition al (iibsons Lanes on Sunday. Results will be in next week's Strikes and Spares. \ return  match in Vancouver is planned.  Sculpture experience  An    introductory    course,  Experience   with   Sculpture,  will be given by local artist,  Wanda Best, for people who  T"  WQtm.wormef, warmest   "?  daniadown  Cha'.e fl>-ter chilli July *ith j DamaQo-vn continental  quill tu'i oo*'1 llae i��*t", ',avt ewqy and tie"�� ol  lefliaos iKdrnamni) la-titi A^i jooul out unique  j inntti ifffiimth We haw a conyanily e'pmdmg  section d' des'ons m petmapres) ie'uiei and muslins  [hi ���:������.-. .jr^endiesi  Mil ���   . Irape servrce available f'ease contact us tor  ���   lochuie and crow Canada deale' iis.1 ��� Uuy  Canadian  nw��..��53t>  c- V'' H  daniadown quite ltd.  SUNSHINE INTERIORS  NORTH ��D  I KIWANIS WAY  OUSONS    886-8187  want to experiment with form  in space. The materials  chosen, wire, plaster of Paris,  and clay, were chosen to give  exposure to three methods of  handling form.  Wire allows one to deal with  line, while creating shape.  Plaster of Paris gives the  opportunity of starting with a  solid mass and creating  form by carving from the  block.  As materials must be  ordered, pre-registration is  required at Continuing Education, 885-3512, by Novembers.  This course will take place  at Chatelech Art Room, 9 a.m.  to 12 noon for five sessions  starting Saturday, November  YOUR AUTOPLAN  CENTRE  Taking care of  all your Real Estate Needs  Seaside Plaza Evenings Call  886-2000    Norm Peterson Dennis Suveges  886-9121     886-2607(Res.)or 886-7264 (Res.)  THE FIRE PLACE  WOOD HEATING CEHTREl  Everything to Heat with Wood  ��� Stoves  ��� Chimneys  ���Fireplaces  ��� Custom Screens  Glass and Mesh  ���Chimneys Cleaned  _ Chimney Cleaning   ~  Equipment FOR RENT  a  Frm Eillmjr*        No Obligation  P  1886-8187 669-5383   I  "     "J  from Vancouver I  WelfwUIIAII Out  North Rd. & Ki<  The new office built by Roy  Taylor with the help of Alec  Warner and Ken Gallier has  solved the problem of having  necessary space, for our busy  officers. The old office area  will be used by the match  committee and others for  storage and filing data for  tournaments. Forda Gallier's  house committee has completed its project and has the  "Putts and Pans" Selected  Recipes booklets available in  the clubhouse. For those who  like good food as well as good  golf, there are many novel and  unusual recipes.     Gibsons Ready Mix  886-8174  Drainrock "Washed Rock  'Sand -Road Mulch  'Fill 'Concrete Anchors  Mon.���Friday 8a.m.���5p.m.  wlwlw.'l.��������?/�����!.&  ��  SUNSHINE  KITCHENS  FINE CABINETS  886-9411 Gibsons  CARPET, TILE & SHEET VINYL  BOX 1092 SECHELT, B.C. VON 3AO  sell & install carpet, lino & hardwood.  17 YEARS EXPERIENCE  Phone  for appointment  Scott Brooks   \'_i'i  885-3661  Clark Miller  885-2923  There are so many ways  tohurt your eyes  It's agood thing  there are so many ways  to protect them.  Every year, thousands of British ^  Columbia workers suffer painful /*  eye injuries.  The real tragedy is tha  so many of these injuries  could have been avoided  by the use of proper  eye protection.  Don't be one of this year's  statistics���wear proper eye  protection whenever eye  hazards are  involved.  WORKERS  COmPENSATlON  board;:,?  Its a clear case of self defence.  i^^A^^M  ���A^teiMri 15.  Seduced in a silo  Ramblings  of a Rover  by Dee Cee  "I haven't set foot on a farm  for over 40 years and I don't  intend to if I can possibly help  itjjDuring the Depression years  und thc years preceding those  grim times, in my opinion, life  on the average farm was only  one step removed from being  chained to an oar and forced to  row a galley at thc whim of  some would-be conqueror, I  nm aware of course thai greal  changes have taken place in the  meantime with mechanization  ;i(id more modem methods of  wresting a living from the soil,  hut in the days of which I write  farming was no push-button  affair, li was a life of unremitting toil from daylight to  dark and even beyond that. In  many instances a great deal of  the work was performed by  lantern light.  However instead of dwelling  on the dreary aspects of farm  life, I will proceed with my  account of what went on on  lhat particular farm near  Ho wick, Quebec. Needless to  relate old Willie M. hit thc roof  when he found out that I had  never milked a cow in my life  and that my knowledge of  horses was rudimentary. Actually I didn't know a martingale from a whil'lletrce. We  exchanged some heated words  but Dorothy his wife or. as I  later learned to call her. Dot  soon simmered him down by  announcing that she could  handle the situation nicely and  that she was certain that she  WANTED  Used Furniture  and What Have You  AL'S USED  FURNITURE  886-2812  could teach me both occupations in no time at all. What  she didn't mention of course  was what other things she had  in mind as far as my curriculum  was concerned.  If ever there was an example  of the folly of a May/December marriage the affair of  the M's proved it beyond any  doubt. From what I learned  later from Dot, she had been  deprived of a mother's love at a  very early age and had been  raised on the adjoining farm by  a lather whom she had dearly  loved and hy an aunt whom she  equally detested. Sheltered and  sequestered from life (she had  never even been to the city of  Montreal) she was bewildered  and lost when her lather died  and when Willie M., who  undoubted!) had an acquisitive  nature, proposed to her and  offered to lake over the running  of her farm, she accepted. She-  was only IH at the time and had  given little if any thought ofthe  disparity in their ages or ofthe  far reaching effects that gap  would have on her at a later  date.  She was now 22 years of age,  one year older than mysell; not  beautiful by any stretch of the  imagination but possessed of a  fresh natural complexion,  shining shoulder length hair  and a nice compact little figure.  What is more, she had a radiant  manner and, in spite of all that  she had endured, a lively sense  of humour.  It is unfortunate that l am  unable to give a detailed  account of just what went on  between us when Willie was out  of sight and that was often as he  not only was responsible for  delivering the milk from his  own cows to a place called, I  think. Chateauguay near the  American border, but that of  several neighbourhood farmers. Alter all the Coast News  is. or s supposed to be, a family  newspaper and. although I  recognize the fact that it's  Editor   is   extremely   liberal  ^-"^���v*^"^-*^""^-^""--^"^  ^sk - Diamond  V Maintenance  Professional Household & Commercial Cleaning  Flour Stripping Washing & Waxing  Carpel Vacuuming Window Cleaning  Call for a free estimate  886-8552  r,.���..,..,,,...l..,..,.........ue.��-.llll  minded. I don't think my lurid  descriptions of these events  would be well received let alone  published.  I hadn't been there a week  when the "hanky-panky" started and it commenced in, of all  places, the silo! lt was late  afternoon and Dot and I had  the cows all fastened up in their  stalls ready for miling but first,  as was customary, we gave  them their ensilage which,  along with hay, comprised their  evening meal. She had followed  mc up the ladder into the silo as  she had done many times  before but on this occasion  seemed to be in a mischievous  mood, grabbing thc end ofthe  fork I was using to toss the corn  out and in general signifying  that she wanted to play. How it  all happened I am not too sure,  but suddenly she was in my  arms and the performance  began.  I am reminded of something  I read long ago by Aldous (or it  could have been Julian) Huxley  in describing the sex act. He  likened it to "one maniac  struggling in the musky darkness with another maniac." It  would have been an apt description of what went on in that  silo but in this ease the darkness  was redolent with the heady  aroma of fermenting cornstalks���not that that mattered���we were far too busy to  notice such trifles!  Once started, it soon was  apparent that Dorothy M. was  insatiable. Whether she was  trying to make up for all the  lost years or whether she was  trying to precipitate a situation  that would free her from her life  of drudgery on the farm with  old Willie was anybody's guess,  but l do know that although I  certainly enjoyed all the shenanigans l was having with  her, I had sense enough to  realize the dangers inherent in a  affair of this kind. Willie M.  kept a fully loaded double-  barrel, 12-guage shotgut hanging on the wall of the kitchen  and no jury in the land would  have convicted him had he used  it to blow my head off.  Came thc morning when he  and l got into a heated  argument as we were loading  the cans of milk on to the  wagon and this is when I quit.  Grudgingly he paid me the $40  he owed me and. in spite of all  Dot's tearful protests, I threw  my few belongings into my  packsack and headed for the  ��Ji��   '.'>'_<���     .-'���     i *     '���.'.���,_kr.  ���' <#.  Guess Where  The usual prize of $5.00 will be awarded lo the first name drawn from the barrel with Ihe correct  location ofthe above. Send your entries to the ( oast News, Box 460. (iibsons. last neck's winner  was Mrs. Vvette Kinsej who correct!) located Ihe I am sign on Hlghwa) 101 near the Solnik garage.  ^ _7o tp ^ *  is Ihe time lo  Coast News. October 28,1980  , i  organue lhal \j|S JJJ  CHRISTMAS VL g  GET-TOGETHER,   f%    g  STAFF PARTY etc. f\    K  fir i  8  .,,*, , ___.        8  Luxury \f-S _t*��J\i&     Full Marina >"  Accommodation    ,-��*    WWs Facilities     Q  Marine Pub p  8  3  Call our Chel  ..���, to plan your  /tyrf      Special Chrislma  ^v       /unction,  Licensed Dining Lounge  Reservations Please  _tm'^m9 IHSH..IA  I Van. Dire  885-5686  R.R. ��1. Halfmoon Hay    684-3541  'J  station and thc train to Montreal.  On arrival there, after having  been away only a scant two  months, things were entirely  different. This time I didn't  need any wine, women or song.  All I needed was a damned  good rest!  Counter  attack  A communication from R.T.  Boyle, the director of the  Counterattack Program for  the Attorney-General's office,  affirms that he feels the  objectives of the program are  being met.  "On a province-wide average, the Counterattack Program effected a 19.5% reduction in fatal crashes  when implemented in 1977.  This effect continued throughout 1978 and 1979 resulting  in a reduction of 120 deaths,  2,540 fewer injuries and 53.3  million dollars saved in  societal costs over the three  years.  Local RCMP wish to inform  the public that they can report  an impaired driver and keep  their anonymity. This is  possible, as the police can  collect their own evidence  during   their   investigation.  Chimney  Cleaning  & Maintenance  Phone 886-8188 or  886-8023  SUNSHINE COAST REGIONAL DISTRICT  REFERENDUM; NOVEMBER 15,1980  RECREATION FACILITIES ASSISTANCE FUNCTION REFERENDUM  BY-LAW NO. 215, 1980  A by-law to authorize a submission to the electors within Electoral Areas E and F. of the Sunshine Coast Regional District on the question  of participation in the function of "Recreational Facilities Assistance".  Whereas the Regional Board of the Sunshine Coast Regional District has been requested to undertake the "Recreation Facilities  Assistance' as a function of the Regional District for the Electoral Areas E and F;  And whereas the proposed function would provide an assistance for the operation and maintenance of recreation facilities in Electoral  Area E and F within the Village of Gibsons,  And whereas the apportionment of Ihe cost for the grant towards the operation and maintenance of the said facility shall be apportioned  among the Electoral Areas on the basis ol assessment which may be taxed for school purposes for the current year in the Electoral Areas:  Now, therelore the Regional Board of the Sunshine Coast Regional District in an open meeting assembled, enacts as follows  1.     A poll shall be taken ot the electors within Electoral Areas E and F In accordance with the provisions ol the Municipal  Act to determine whether or not the electors wish to participate in the function ot "Recreation Facilities Assistance".  Take notice that Ihe above is a synopsis of Ihe by-law authorizing the submission ot a question for the assent of the electors ol Electoral  Areas E and F. of the Sunshine CoasI Regional District The by-law may be inspected at the Regional District office during office hours,  namely Monday to Wednesday 8 30 am to 4 00 pm . Thursday and Friday, 8:30 am to 5:45 pm , and that the synopsis is not intended to be  and is not deemed to be an Interpretation ol the by-law.  The vote will be taken at:  a) Cedar Grove Elementary School  b) Langdale Elementary School  on the 15th day ol November, 1980 between the hours ol eight (8) o'clock in the lorenoon and eight (8) o'clock in the  afternoon and that M B Plielan has been appointed Returning Officer for the purpose of taking and recording the vote ol the electors  Subject to the exception hennalter slated, persons entitled to vote on this question are only those electors whose names appear on the  October 1980. List of Electors as prepared by the Regional District lor Electoral Areas "E" and "F"  A person whose name does not appear on the last certified list ol electors ol the Regional District is entitled to vote II:  a) he files with the Clerk or Returning Ofticer an application tor registration,  b) he is the owner ol real property in the area at the date he seeks registration as an elector,  c) he is otherwise qualified to have his name entered upon the list of electors.  The question on the ballot shall read:  "Are you In favour of the Sunshine Coast Regional District participating in the function of "Recreation Facilities  Assistance" for recreation facilities within the Village of Gibsons and Electoral Areas E and F; and the apportionment  of costs shall be on the assessment which may be taxed for school purposes tor the current year in the Electoral  Areas to a maximum ol two mills in any year?"  "YES" or "NO"  Also, take notice that an advance poll will be held in the office of the Sunshine Coast Regional District, Thursday.  November 13, 1980 between the hours of 11:00 am. and 6:00 pm.  Dated at Sechelt. BC . October 24. 1980  L. JARDINE  SECRETARY-TREASURER  Europe '80 Prices    ^  Guaranteed for '81!  C.P. Air or Wardair will fly you to:  ��� Amsterdam     ��� Glasgow      ��� Manchester  ��� Frankfurt       ��� London        ��� Dusseldorf  May to October, 1981  w  N^  Book & Pay For Your Flight  Before November 15th, 1980  Reserve NOW & SAVE up to $104. per person!  GIBSONS TRAVEL  886-9255 Sunnycrest Shopping Centre 886-8222  WAWAVWVrVWA  THAT'S  MY  CREDIT  UNION  We like the Credit Union  because we ean go there  after school.  Sunshine Coast Credit Union  j*\  BOX 375. COWRIE STREET, SECHELT, BC, VON 3A0  TELEPHONE 885-3255  885-3255 Coast News, October 28, 1980  Births  Tim and Jeannle Clements are  very happy to announce the  birth of their son. Jeremy Lee  on October 12. 1980.  Obituaries  Edney. Passed away October 24,  I'JKO. Joyce Peggy Edney, late of  liibsuns. in her 59th year. Survived by her loving husband  Hill, two sons. Keith and Graham.  two daughters Elizabeth Lacey  and Julia McLcllan. all of Gibsons, icn grandchildren, two  brothers, Peres and Rriiesl Giles  and one sister Joan Bennett.  London. England, Funeral service  *.is held Monday, October  27th in thc Chapel of Devlin  Funeral Home, Gibsons, Rev.  George Inglis officiated. Cre-  mation.  Lyden. Passed away October 19,  Nh(), Paula Anne Lyden of  Sechelt in her 37th year. Survived  by her loving husband Mark,  three children, Tommy, Nathan  and Robbie, her mother Anne  Henley, three sisters Nancy  Henley. Evelyn Fleming and  Judy Kowalachuk, one brother  Bob Henley and many close  friends. Funeral service was held  Wednesday, October 22 in the  Chapel of Devlin Funeral Home,  Gibsons. Rev. John Paetkau  officiated. Cremation.  St. Jean. William Robert (Bill)  of Gibsons, B.C. passed away  suddcnlv October 24, 1980. in  his 31 st year. Leaves to mourn his  parents, Mr. and Mrs. R.D. St.  Jean of Sechelt. sister Lynn and  nephew Robin of Sechelt, sister  Teresa at home, grandmother  Mrs. L. Strom of Haney,  numerous aunts, uncles and  cousins. Funeral Service will be  held al Devlin Funeral Home.  Dale and time not yet arranged.  Announcements  DAM I students, leachers and  others requiring information on  lap. Ballet. Vro. Modern and  Spanish I lance Please phone 886-  2989 I IN  CRAFTS PEOPLE  Only one month to go until the  Roberts Creek Craft Fair. Sell  your wares on Friday, December  5 and Saturday, December 6.  For reservations of tables and  further information call 885-5033,  885-2972.  We wish to thank all our friends  for their warm expressions of  sympathy, also a persona) thank  you to Bjorn and Jim of Gibsons  Ambulance. Dr. Mountain, St.  Mary's hospital staff, Pastor  Andrews and the Devlin Funeral  Home. Sincerely, the Bodt family.  #43  Sincere thanks to Drs. Paetkau,  Pace and Cavers, nurses in OR  and all who made my stay in St.  Mary's a happy success. Congrats on recent accreditations  status. R. Marsh. #43  Announcements  DANCERC1ZE  A unique combination of modern  ballet & stretching exercises with  expertise of D. Pageau. Fridays  10-11 a.m. Twilight Theatre for  info re. details, cost, babysitting  etc. call 886-7574. Numbers  #44  Gibsons Judo Club will commence training on Thursday,  October 23 at Cedargrovc School.  New members, both juniors and  seniors welcome. Adults: $10 per  month. Juniors' $5 per month.  For information please call  886-7759 #43  Help wanted  Babysitter Friday or Saturday  for 2 kids, 4 and 2. Call after  n. 886-9088. Roy Smith. #44  Driver for mini bus to transport  Seniors and Handicapped on the  Peninsula. Applicant must have  class four licence, good driving  record, pleasant manner and  sympathetic understanding for  elderly and handicapped. Application forms and particulars  available from Sunshine Coast  Community Services Society,  Box 1069, Sechelt, B.C. Phone  885-5881. Applications will be  received until Nov. 1,1980.     #43  wanted to Rent  Mother and twelve year old son  desperately need 1 or 2 BR house,  Sechelt to Gibsons. Phone 885-  5519 #44  25' to 30' Trailer for approx. 2  months to use while building a  house. 886-9192 #44  Clean, quiet living, working man  would like small house, one  bedroom apt. or trailer in or near  uibsons. Preferred furnished.  886-9872 after 5:00 p.m. #44  Garage needed for repairing car  over winter. Tel: 886-2922 eve.  886-9205 #45  Looking for a no-risk tenant?  Reliable, quiet working woman  seeks small house. No pets. Refs.  Call Penny 885-3718 #43  Want to rent or lease approx.  1500 sq. ft. warehouse or shop for  small woodworking shop. Phone  885-3597 days. Brian. #45  2 or 3 bdrm. home for transferred  in bank accountant. Phone  Henry 886-2201. No children  #45  Wanted to rent or rent to own,  rural acreage with house in  Gibsons, Sechelt. Phone 843-7235  collect or write Box 663, Dawson  Creek. B.C. V1G4H7 #45  Dr. Morton Low  UBC  presents  The Nature,  Control and  Management  of Pain  Monday, Nov. 3rd  7:30 pm.  Elphlnstone Lunch Room  Fee: S3.50  Continuing Education  885-3512  Dinner with  DAVE  BARRETT  Fri. Nov. 7th  Roberts Creek Hall  6.30- 7 30 Happy Hour  7 30 - 9 00 Dinner  M5.00 Single  s25.00 Couple  Ticxets available at.  N.D.P. Bookstore  Gibsons  Sunshine CoasI T.V.  - Srvhelt  Seaview Market  Personal  Alcoholics Anonymous Meetings  each Wednesday in St. Andrews  Church, Madeira Pk. 8:30 p.m.  883-9978 TFN.  ���\k  iholics Anonymous 886-92Q8  T.F.N.  MUSIC  ���fr  JANETK-  Tl'Ii d- TO I'     I  886-7821     '  A Full Line ol  %mS>  Plumbing Supplies  Hours: Tues. - Sat.  9 am. - 5 pm.  Hwy 101 & Pratt Rd.  For Rent  SPECIAL WEEKLY RATES  Peninsula Hotel 886-9334 TFN  630 sq. ft. of Commercial or  Office Space for lease. Will  renovate to suit tenant. Phone  886-7112 TFN  NOW RENTING  6N sq. n.  $300. a month  School Ktiiid   &  Gower Pi. Road  581-0995  OFFICE  OR  RETAIL  SPACE  AVAILABLE  086-2417  688-2743  922-2817  ROOM ft BOARD  available  Clean working man  886-2137  Brand new 2 bdrm. bungalow,  West Sechelt on waterfront.  New appliances. S400 per mo.  886-9890 TFN  Partially furnished semi-waterfront home in Bonniebrooke  area. 3 bedrooms, gorgeous view.  Available Nov. 1. $450 per mo.  Utilities extra. References required. Call 886-2207 #43  wanted  18" Cedar shake blocks. We pay  the besl prices lor good wood. Also  custom cut your blocks. 886-9856.  'I FN  TJfder furniture, china, etc., bought  or sold on consignment. Harbour  Antiques, 15H5 Marine Dr., Gib-'  sons. '886-7805J. T.F.N.   ;���: , ,  Wanted lo Buy: Logs or Timber.  Fir, Hemlock. Cedar��� Porpoise  Bay Lugging Ltd., 885-9408 or-  HH5-2032, _ . _ T.F.N.  CASH FOR LOGS  Too Prices  Free Estimates  D & 0 LOG SORTING  LTD.  886-7896    886-7700  HORIZON  MUSIC  TRAIL BAY MALL  Guitars,     Amplifiers,   Muiic  Books,  Accessories  SHEET MUSIC  THIS WEEK'S SPECIAL  NATIONAL STRAT. COPY  REC. $1499$  SALE SIM 95  8853H7  Opportunities  1976 Dodge Reefer Van. gov.  insp.. good condition, set up for  delivery or peddling licences and  permits. 886-2688  FISH WANTED  Rock Cod, Ling Cod, Red Snappers,    Silver   Perch,    Prawns,  Crabs etc. Call Rob Vancouver.  254-9241 or 874-2631 Sung Fish  Co. Ltd. #45  Wanted to trade. '77 Yamaha XT  500 single for good running  mid or small car. Large storage  batteries good for many uses -  when hydro fails etc. John Clyde  883-2328 #45  Pensioner has cash for 14 ft.  Fibreglass boat with up to 25  horse outboard. 886-7137 eve. #43  For Sale  LET'S TRADE  APPLIANCES  MACLEOD'S  Sechelt  We deliver Gibsons &  Port Mellon  For Sale  Duplex Bed with mattresses,  26" Zenith colour TV on swivel  stand 885-5467 #43  Inglis multi-cycle auto washer,  excellent condition. Guaranteed  & delivered. S225. Phone 883-  2648 TFN  4 13x5 slot mags with hardware. Will fit Datsun 510/1300  or Dodge Colt. 4 BR 70x1.1  Goodrich radial steel, low mileage, S250 or will sell separately.  886-7307 #43  Coleman Oil Heater $50. Table  sewing machine. Works fine. $30.  Evenings 885-2971 #43  CHRISTMAS  TOYS  Fisher-Price  Tonka  Models & Paint  Barbie & Friends  at  MACLEODS,  SECHELT  Double Macrame with long  hanging plants. Solid Maple  coffee table. Large shelf unit.  Mixmaster, easy chair, doll  buggy with access. Lots of misc.  886-8370 #43  Woods 30 gal. oil fired hot water  heater. Excellent condition. $100.  D. Gove, 4039 Victoria Dr. Tel.  874-4424 #44  Small Fridge 5.2 cu. ft. $150.  Pool Table 3' x 6' $145. Sunlamp  with stand $45. 885-3484 #43  CREST SEWING CENTRE  SEWING MACHINE REPAIRS  SUNNVCREST SHOPPING CENTRE  Good   quality   twin   bed    $75.  White love seat $125. 885-5252  #43  1 Acorn Fireplace with pipes,  1 desk. 2 fridges, 2 JC 5 Jeeps, 3  motors. Jeep fiberglass canopy.  Pressers. Phone after 6 p.m.  886-9727 #43  Rifles and Pistols of various  calibres for sale by local gun  collector. All in excellent condition. Phone 885-5029 eves   #43  VACUUM CLEARER  REPAIRS  CREST 886-2719  Sunnycrest Shopping Centre  Shot Rock for sale, located at  Madeira Park. Call Lee Christian  883-2419 TFN  HOT TUB?  Do it yourself. Fiberglass, redwood and vinyl. Solar collectors.  H&S Contracting. 885-3825   TFN  Round Fence Posts U-pick-up.  8' Cypress $2.00 ea. 8' Red Cedar  $1.50 ea. 12' Red Cedar $2.25 ea.  Phone 884-5355 7 a.m.-3:30 p.m.  #43  884-5240  CAM PRENTIS Prop  DUNHAM RO    PORT MELLON  VON2SO  For sale  For Sale  Chrome Bird Cage wilh stand in  excellent condition, wilh many  extras $.15. Girls near new 3 speed  ^ll inch bike, silver $95. Hoys If,  null I speed ice! hike, like new S75.  I'crfecl like new RCA 211 inch  colmn l\. $.'5li. obo, I'honc886-  7872. ��4\  Mobile Homes  STARWATER CREATIONS  Unique Gifts; fine beadwork,  feathered: earrings, hat clips...  Trade beads, necklaces etc. Every  Saturday, Oct. through Nov.  Sunnycrest Mall. #44  28-29-30. Garage Sale. Used  doors and windows, plumbing  and electrical, chime clock,  copper planter, boiler, extinguisher, dressers, chairs, coat  rack, chandelier, french doors,  boat $250. '67 Polara HT $300.  Many more items, .some antiques,  #43  Sears moto-cross Bike, deluxe  model, good shape $80: soccer  cleats, si/e 4 $10; hoy's skates,  Bauer, size 6 $10; and CCM size  4 $5; Judo uniform, med.. $15; tap  shoes, si/e 7 $5, 886-8069       #43  Pioneer Tape Deck, 4 channel  equalizer 25 watts per channel.  4 Jenson speakers with boxes  $450.00 OBO. Ph. 880-9279     #44  16 mm Keystone film projector,  federal darkroom enlarger. Both  $60 ea. 886-7955 #43  Mens size 9 Nordica ski boots  $100. 15 gal. aquarium & stand Wanted: Good home for Collie-  inci. filter & pump. $75. 886-7842 Coyote cross. 3 yr. old male. Good  #43 hunter. 885-5482 #43  coast Mobile  Homes Ltd.  GOOD  SELECTION OF  DOUBLE WIDES  We lahe trades  or  Consign your Mobile  Home to us for  Quick sale  WHARF ST.   SECHELT  885-9979       mdl 6393  Firewood. Cedar and Alder.  $55 per cord. Will deliver. Phone  886-7713 between 6 & 7 a.m.  #44  3 wheel, 3 speed ladies Bike with  shopping basket. $60. 885-5251  #44  Stereo combination Fleetwood.  Ex. condition, 6 years old. $185.  886-7993 #44  30 gal. Aquarium, complete,  $60 or trade for office desk.  886-2908 #44  Ordinary three-speed bike, near  new $50. Three-speed Raleigh  carrier, excellent condition. $75.  Ph. 886-2971 #44  12 foot trailer with 3-way fridge,  stove, furnace, lights, sink,  sleeps 4, wired for 110 v propane  tanks included. $1200. 886-7979  #45  225 amp Miller Welder as new.  cables, clamps etc. and 25 lb.  gen. purpose Rod $275. 885-3141  before Wed. aft. TFN  Ideal for Gifts  Everything you need for Chinese  cooking. Wok. recipe book,  utensils, spices and lots lots  more in one neat package.  $49.95 chargex and master-  charge accepted. 885-9241      #44  Exercise Bike $65. Trees. Juniper  Cvpress, Cedars $5 each. 885-  3334 #43  Deluxe white kitchen range $125.  15 cubic ft. 2-door white fridge.  Phone 886-7850 #45  "Broan" kitchen range hood,  coppertone, brand new, in carton.  $35.886-7098 #43  Two brand-new wood casement  windows, double glazed. One 3  feet x 4 feet $160. One 3 feet x  3 feet $100. Both with screens.  886-7098 #43  Two brand-new matte white  Arborite sheets 5 ft. x 12 ft.  886-7098. $45 each. #43  Ten multi-paned wood windows.  None broken. $5 each. 886-7098  #43  Child's cot with mattress. Very  good condition. $50 OBO. 886-  7098 #43  Soccer Table Game $1000 or  best offer between 1-6 p.m.  886-7877 #45  Nesco tuckaway portable washer  with wringer attachment.  Ideal  for apt. or campers. Ph. 886-7735  #43  Swingo-Matic - $15. Playlex  Nurser Kit, nol used S4. I ceding  Chaii $- Flowered Playpen with  foam 530. Car scats $30. and SI 5.3  waj Gendron Bah) Carriage,  converts lostroljci & cai bed SSO.  New $-^5 All items m wr\ clean  ami excellent condition, Phone  KKh-'ts"; S43  CLASSIFIED NOTE  Drop off your Coast News  Classified at Campbell's  Family Shoes, Sechelt, or  Centre   Hardware,   Madeira  I purebred male Golden Retriever  for sale $350. Eight weeks old.  886-8065 #43  PROFESSIONAL  DOG GROOMING  "ALL BREEDS"  Call Sharon 886-2084  Kerry  Blue  Terriers  886-2505  PENINSULA  KENNELS  will be open liom  2 pm. - 4 pm.  Tues., Wed., Thurs.  lor adoption of  SPCA animals  or to drop off  unwanted animals  Phone 886-7713  Lead - 69? per pound. 886-76I4  #45  Misc.  Hockey Gear.   Floor  polisher. Black Underwood Typewriter with case. $50. 886-7289  #43  HOT  WATER  TANKS  are sold and  installed by  MACLEODS  Sechelt  Fly fishing equip. Hardy Smuggler 4 pee. Rod and Hardy  Vicount Reel as new, also 3  other reels and lines, some still  boxed, all for $150. OBO. 885-  3141 before Wed. aft. TFN  1 green occasional chair $30.  1 Murcury carpet sweeper $4.  Ceramic Jardinicr $5 Table centre  $5. Large carving $40. Men's  dark suit size 40 wst. 36, leg 30.  $20.885-2356 #43  LluestocH  Saddle show quality lots of silver  it-Man adult size in top condition.  $650. 886-9797 eves. #45  Angus Bull 5 years old, very  good conformation. $1000. 883-  9432,883-2398 #43  Goat's milk wanted. Phone before  I la.m. 886-7871 #44  Found  PENINSULA  R00FIN0 ft  INSULATION LTD.  All Tvpes of Roofing  & Re-Roofing  Henry Rodriguez  Sochplt      885-9585  worn Wanted  Tilkut Construction. Formwork,  framing & finishing. 885-3323  after 6 p.m. #43  23  yr.   old  male   looking   for  construction  labour   or   main-  tenance job.  Phone Lou at 886-  7295  #43  Harbour Chimney Cleaning Serving the Sunshine Coast. Fireplaces, furnaces, oil stoves. 883-  9171. Customers from the 886 exchange call Collect. TFN  Yard \ basement clean-up.  Rubbish removal. Light moving.  No jobs too small. 886-9503     #43  Custom Painter: Will do murals  on cars, vans, boats etc. Commercial sign work welcome.  Phone 886-2689 #45  Woman looking for any kind of  work. Reliable and hard working,  lots of experience. 886-2593    #43  Hardwood Floors resanded and  finished, work guaranteed. Free  est. Phone 885-5072 TFN  Exp. Bookkeeper, to trial bal.  Part time or small contr. Your  home or  mine.   Kay  885-5072  #44  Experienced Carpenter: New and  renovations. Phone 886-7280 #45  Taping and Texturing houses,  basements, small jobs. Call  886-9291 anytime for a free  estimate. #45  Will babysit in my home. 886-  9740 #45  flmbeijack Slddder with operator. Wtae splicer available.  8864023 #16TFN  J. LEPORE TILE  Quality Installations  Ceramic, Mosaic or Quarry  All work guaranteed  Free estimates  Phone Anytime  886-8097      ,  Automotlue  1964 Pontiac Parisienne. Good  tires. Good body. $350. 886-8052  or 886-7834 #43  1978 GMC 3/4 ton 4x4 PU.  350 C.I.D. F.W. hubs, dual tanks  AM/FM radio, radial tires $5500  firm. 886-7091 #43  1978 GMC PU heavy duty Vi ton  350 cu. in. eng. radio, burglar  alarm, auto transmission, tinted  glass, undercoated, heavy duty  bumpers, BF Goodrich all terrain  Ta's, 21,000 miles, as new  condition. 886-9797 eves.        #43  '75 Ford F-100 Supcrcab, Ranger  XLT. F.G. Canopy, new rebuilt  trans., new brakes, radial tires,  dual tanks. Priced for quick sale  at $4900. 886-8505 #44  1980 Chev Van on warranty, 6  cyl. automatic, PS & PB. heavy  dutv sus., radials, 3500 kms.  Ph.886-8483 #44  '69 Dart swinger 340-4 bbl, 4  speed turbo charged, custom int.  Craig stereo. Many other parts.  Asking $3000 firm. Car mint.  Ph. 885-9564 #44  RENT-A-CAR  RENT-A-TRUCK  1980 1-TON TRUCK  C/w 12' VAN  1980 F-250  3/4 TON PICK-UP  1980 FAIRMONTS  1980 MUSTANGS  New 5 ton truck. 22'  Box.   Hydraulic   tail-  9DAILV WEEKLY  MONTHLY  COMPETITIVE RATES  ���ABBA���  Chimney   Cleaning   and   maintenance. Ph. 886-7411 or 886-8023  T.F.N.  Renovations and Repairs, Framing and Foundations. Call Jim  or Brent at 885-5643 #TFN.  IDEAL LAHDSCAPINQ  SERVICES  Lawns Soud or Sod  Raxing I Grading  Call anytime 886-8651  Between Halfmoon Bay and  Egmont, a one foot trenching  bucket for a backhoe. Please call  885-9796 #44  For Explosive Requirements  Dynamite, electric or regular caps,  B line E cord and safely fuse.  Contact Gwen Nimmo, Cemetery  Road, Gibsons. Phone 886-7778.  Howe Sound Farmer Institute.  T.F.N.  ���vwwsvwvxs*  HALFMOON  2 WINDOW CLEANING \  Professional Service  (���tiny Ihe Sunshine CoasI  Kools, gutters cleaned.  gffConstruc ,  _H mjn ,  Long haired ginger kitten, white  paws and chest. Found in the lane  behind Ken's Lucky Dollar.  Ph. 886-2919 #43  Worn Wanted  Dean's Chimney Sweep and  Moss-spraying. We also do landscaping, pruning, build fences or  ? YOU WANT IT DONE? WE'LL  DO IT! 886-7540 TFN  Electrical Contractor wants work  anywhere on the coast, own boat  lor island work. 886-9316   #TFN  WI-ST COAST CONTEMPORARY HOMES - BUILT OR  RENOVATED 883-9259.       TFN  NEED A HOUSE FRAMED?  Contract crew available. References on request. Call 886-  7197 after 6 p.m. #43  t^  v��**��kM.��k%Ms%SV%v4  Most trees, like pels, need care ami  attention and trees are our  specialty.  * Topping  * Limbing  * Danger tree removal  An insured guaranteed service.  Peerless Tree Service Ltd.  885-2109  T.F.N.  CHIMNEY SWEEPING  MADEIRA PARK SERVICE  883-2241 or 883-9173  motorcycles  '76 Honda Gold Wing $2500.  Also leather pants size 34 waist,  36 leg. Leather jacket size 44  $250.00.886-9977 #43  1969 TRIUMPH  Hard-tail; front-disc.  $1600 886-9261  #43  campers ft mi's  Used Campers (for import pickups), excellent condition. Priced  for quick sale. La Caravanna,  7 days a week. 885-9626.      TFN  SOUTH COAST FOJfo  885-3281  '68   Ford   Meteor,   runs,   new  battery, fuel pump, carb., good  shape $500. After 6 p.m. 886-7979  #45  4-off, 700x16, on 5 stud split  rims road tires. Like new $200  OBO. 2-snows, studded, 600x12  new $75 OBO. 1-600x12 on  Datsun rim $30.886-2373       #43  '77 GMC 1 ton PU 454 engine  AT. PS/PB, AM-FM, Sth wheel,  low miles, dual tanks. $6700  OBO. 885-3903 eves. #45  '74 Ford Courier Pickup. Recent  tires and brakes. $1995. 886-9177  #43  1955 Chev runs well, V-8 auto,  Needs work. 886-2492 #43  '57 Chev V-8 auto, money spent  on drive-train, needs body work  886-2942 #43  1965 Valiant, good cheap transportation $300. Everything works.  886-2942 #43  '79 Ford F-150 van (white)  lined and insulated. Captain's  chairs. Auto, trans., power  steering. 15,000 km. Asking  $7500.885-9513 #45  1979 Chev '/i ton with 1971  8 foot weekender camper $7200.  883-2524 #45  VW 1963 "they don't make  'em like they usta" window van.  It runs, jumps, cavorts and  transports all for $425.46 OBO.  886-7891 eves. #43  '76 Plymouth $1600. Good running order. 886-8101 #43  Cut Price  1959 GMC pickup, good shape  $1000OBO. 886-2718 #43  '72 Chev 6 S.W. good condition.  PS/PB $1100. 886-7570 #43  JJS_________l______USISm2  ALL mAKE SERVICE  Brakes, Tune-ups  Major Repairs  Reasonable Prices  SOUTH (MAST  FORI) SAI.KS l/IH  Hours of Service  7:30 am. - 5 pm.  885-3281  mCTESnSPEgE marine  Coast News, October 28, 1980  17.  marine  Prooertu  Property  IAN MORROW & CO. LTD.  Marine Surveyors, condition and'  detail   surveys   for   Evaluation.  Surveys   for   insurance   claims.  Phone 886-243.1, 8H6-9458.    T.F.N.'  IIIGGS MARINE  SURVEYS LTD.  Insurance claims, condition and  valuation surveys. Serving thc^  Sunshine CoasI and B.C'. Coastaf  Waters. Phone: 885-9425, 885-!  9747. 885-3643. 886-9546. T.F.N.1  14' fiberglass Boat, 1969, 35 hp  Evinrude outboard, 2 hp Spirit  outboard, trailer, various accessories. $1900.886-7052      #43  1975 ��� 19 foot Glassply HT OMC  165 hp FWC IB/OB, new canvas.  Offers. Phone 462-9302 or 885-  3816 #43  32' "C" lie. Gillnctter. "Do-  Much" 55 chan. VHF. 23 chan.  CB. Flasher sounder. 170 HB  Ford gas eng. Cap. 100 fuel 40  gal. water drum, chain steering,  8 tr. stereo, head, skiff. Asking  $17,000. Gibsons. 886-2631     #43  14' Deep Vee Mirrocraft "Fisherman" 1978 20 hp Merc. Custom  canvas cover and trailer. All in  good condition. $2200. 885-3795  #44  16' Dory Canoe. Good condition.  A steal at $250 with paddles.  885-2672 #44  1975 25' Fibcrform "Baja"  command bridge. 233 Mercruizer  stand-up head, stove, fridge etc.  Excellent condition. 885-9021 #43  8 foot Hydroplane, fast hull  design, black and yellow, new  marine paint, reinforced with  Fibreglass, very strong, no leaks!  S150OBO. Ph. 886-8258 #45  12 ft. Springbok 7'/i horse  Johnson day tank, oars, snap-on  canvas, tilt trailer. $1700 firm.  Phone 886-7413 #45  Cris Craft marine engine 327  Cu. 210 hp needs overhaul $500  6BO ph. 885-5067 #43  Property  ROBERTSCREEK  New 1,100 sq. ft. house on large  lot, three bedrooms with ensuite  off master, fireplace, carport,  close to school, store & beach.  $63,900. By owner. 885-5489 #43  West Bay Gambier Island spacious 3 bdrm., 1176 sq. ft. country  bungalow on 1 acre. Semi-waterfront $50,000.886-2027 #43  For Sale by Owner, 3 bedroom  view home in Davis Bay, full  basement, sauna, SW exposure,  close to school, beach and wharf.  F.P. $89,500.885-9403 #44  WANTED: 1-2 acres undeveloped  land, power available, accessible,  in Saltery Bay or Earl's Cove  area. Will be in area in November. A.H. Woolsey, 15714  89A Ave., Edmonton, Alberta.  T5R4T2 #43  New 3 bedroom house 1297 sq. ft.  Carport, to be completed around  January, large lot, lots of sun,  off Veterans Rd. $67,900. Call  885-3825 evenings. #45  A beautiful home or excellent  investment. 1080 sq. ft. 2 BR,  kitchen with lg. dining area, LR,  extra lg. 3rd BR or rec. rm. Lots  of storage, 4 app. Imm. poss.  Better than rent at only $26,500.  Phone 886-7668 #45  Gower Pt. Rd. Spacious 4 bdrm.,  masonry fireplace, patio, huge  sundeck, rec. room, workshop,  laundry rm., large kitchen, plenty  of cupboards, built-in dishwasher. $65,000.886-7113     #43  A number In mile:  885-5171  WHARI REALTY LTD.  HOUSE  FOR  SALE  3 bedrooms, full basement, double garage,  southern exposure of  Keats & Bowen Islands. 1700 sq. It. Master bedroom 16' x 30'  with Jacuzi tub.  Phone 886-2417, 886-  2743 or 922-2017  Toll Free  Si  p*t  For Sale by Owner  WATERFRONT  PROPERTY  66' x 940' in  Roberts Creek  2 bedroom house  plus  1 bedroom revenue  cottage.  ��� Electric heat  ��� Fireplaces  ��� City Water  To view by appointment  886-2554  Owner: (112) 433-0192  fllpE  /&!%  OCEAN VIEW HOME  For Sale by Owner  Three bedroom on Chaster Road, on 90 foot by 180  foot lot In Gibsons.' 1500 sq. feet custom built with  many extras, with two fireplaces. Two bedroom  800 sq. foot rental suite with fireplace in the  basement. Terms available. Phone 885-3869.  885-9345  CAMpbell'*  CENTRE  HARDWARE  & GIFTS  FAMILY SHOES  and  LEATHER GOODS  "IN THE HEART OF  DOWNTOWN  SECHELT"  Deadline        _f       Deadline 12:00 Noon Fridays  12:00 Noon Saturday XCIassifieds should be prepaid and pre-written  PENDER HARBOUR CENTER  MADEIRA PARK  883-9914  Your friendly neighbourhood drop-off  ���    .      . n*i it\. Ai cii mi    in tci Tin fi��i     -��, ...     ...  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CLASSIFIED DEADLINE  NOON SATURDAY  ALL FEES PAYABLE  PRIOR TO INSERTION.  I  I  I  I  iC  I  I  I  I  I  I  I  I  I  Please mail to Coast News, Classifieds,  Box 460, Gibsons, B.C. VON 1V0.  Or bring in person to  Ihe Coast News Office in Gibsons.  CLASSIFICATION:  Eg. For Sale, For Rent, etc.  J_L  I     I I 11 LJ    .  I   Iil I 1   1                       1     1 1  ur  J JIJ LJ J 1  nx : :_    _.                  i  m  B.C. Yukon  HEALTH FOOD STORE FOR  SALE. Doing $8,000.00 per  month, stock and equipment  $45,000.00. Will consider partial  trade of land or truck. Phone  567-2818 or 567-9467 evenings.  #43  VEGETABLES] GARDINER'S  FARM. Winter storing potatoes,  onions, carrots etc. ready now.  Everyone welcome, 7 days a  week. Farm located at 16975-64th  Ave., Cloverdale, B.C. V3S 1Y2.  Phone 574-5980 #45  TYPESETTER WANTED: Victoria weekly publication requires  experienced typesetter, paste-up  experience an asset. Good working conditions. Wage commensurate with experience. Apply to:  Victoria Pennysaver, 546 Dupplin  Road, Victoria, V8Z 1C1 or phone  Chuck Tippet, 381-6831 #43  NEEDLECRAFT OPPORTUNITY  Turn your talents into a well paid  hobby. Home demonstrations,  free hostess gifts, no deliveries!  Mrs. Camillia Thorogood, 513  Hallsor, Victoria, B.C. V9C 1K7  Phone 474-1986 #43  MID-VANCOUVER ISLAND  BUILDING Supply requires experienced Cabinet Sales Person.  Must be able to draw plans,  supervise installations and be  accurate with figures. Reply to  Box 287, c/o Campbell River  Courier, Box 310, Campbell  River, B.C. V9W 5B5. #43  EARN A SECOND INCOME.  Learn Income Tax Preparation  at home. For Free Brochure write  U&R Tax School. 1345 Pembina  Hwy., Winnipeg, Manitoba. R3T  2B6. No obligation. #43  IF YOU ENJOY GARDENING, do  it year round, using an aluminum  and glass greenhouse! Wrilc for  free brochure lo: B.C. Greenhouse Builders. 7425 Hedlev  Ave., Burnaby, B.C. V5E 2R1.  Mail orders now available.      #43  SELLING REGISTERED Snow-  lander Luing breeding stock.  Record trouble-free calving. Top  quality beef, high gain grading  excellent. Sample sale Luing  Round-up Calgary, November 1.  Charles Flick, Diamond Ranch,  EdgetvoodP.O..B.C. #43  HALLMARK REGISTERED  HEREFORDS for sale: 50 big  yearling heifers: bulls. Cows and  calves, top quality Britisher  breeding. T. Hopkins, 4218 King  George Highway. Surrev. B.C.  Phone 594-9568 ' #43  CONTACT DYNAMIC REALTY  LTD.. Box 249. Okanagan  Falls, B.C. V0H 1R0 for our  brochure on South Okanagan  properties. Residential. Commercial, Ranches. Acreages. #43  Property  Legal  Legal  Legal  "Roberts creek"  1/2 Acre level lot  Centrally Located  Between Store &  School & Picnic  Site  886-2979  No Agents Please  Buying  Selling  Moving  or  Just Dreaming  The Sunshine Coast  REALTOR  will help you do it.  Available at  Realty offices.  Legal  i a    Province of Ministry of  [jKyrM    British Columbia       Forests  White Paper No. 9  "Alternatives for Crown Timber Pricing"  Deadline for submissions has been extended to  January 16.1981.  The Ministry ol Forests is currently producing a series ol White Papers The  purpose ol these papers is to obtain all additional views ol Ihe concerned parties  The current White Paper is entitled Alternatives lor Crown Timber Pricing  Copies of this paper are available Irom the following Ministry ol Foresls Regional  Ollices  631 - 355 Burrard Street  540 Borland Street  Vancouver  Williams Lake  515 Columbia Street  1011   4th Avenue  Kamloops  Prince George  518 Lake Street  Markol Place  Nelson  Prince Rupert  Replies and comments should be received by  January 16. 19B1 addressed to  Director. Valuation Branch, Mimslry ol Foresls  1450 Government Slreel Victoria BC V8W3E7  Take note that application has been made to the  Motor Carrier Commission for an increase in tariff  rates. Changes may be examined at the office ofthe  applicant. Subject to the consent of the Motor  Carrier Commission, the proposed effective date is  Dec. 1, 1980.  Any objections may be filed with the Superintendent of Motor Carrier, 4240 Manor St., Burnaby,  V5G 3X5, on or before Nov. 15, 1980.  VILLAGE TAXI LTD.  Box 1037  Gibsons, B.C.  VON 1V0  tt  V  PCOPOSEO  'DIG'  ___ J    L:~i.   i V  ��� \  ��� \  !  .     .       ���     ..   L.I473   ...     '    .    '  I    ���  J     ""���"��    ij    '   ...    ���  Lmmi  it  -  mr  SUNSHINE COAST  REGIONAL DISTRICT  NOTICE OF  PUBLIC HEARING  Land Use Regulation Amendment  By-Law No. 96.60  Subdivision Regulation Amendment  By-Law No. 103.29  Pursuant to sections 720 and 814 of the Municipal  Act, R.S.B.C. 197S, a public hearing will be held to  consider the following proposed by-laws of the  Sunshine Coast Regional District. All persons who  believe their interest in property is affected by the  proposed by-laws shall be afforded an opportunity  to be heard on matters contained therein.  The property designated in the proposed by-laws is  legally described as Block A (Explanatory Plan  9589), D.L. 1473. Plan 3659 and it is located on the  west side of Porpoise Bay, north of the Village of  Sechelt boundary. A residential subdivision of 86  lots has been proposed lor this 48.6 ha (120 acres)  site.  By-law No 96.60 will amend the zoning map ol Land  Use Regulation By-law No. 96,1974 by designating  Ihe subject property as a Residential 1 - R1 land use  zone The use of land, buildings and structures will  be restricted to residence, excluding mobile homes;  home occupation; civic use and public service.  By-law No. 103.29 will amend the zoning map of  Subdivision Regulation By-law No. 103, 1975 by  designating the subject property as a G subdivision  zone. The average size ol parcels created within a G  zone cannot be less than 0.5 ha (1.2 acres) and the  minimum parcel size is 0.2 ha (0.5 acres).  The public hearing will be held in the Regional  District Board Room at 7:30 pm. on Friday,  November 7, 1980.  The above is a synopsis of proposed By-law Nos.  96.60 and 103.29 and is not deemed to be an  interpretation thereof. These proposed by-laws may  be inspected at the Regional District office. 1248  Wharf Street. Sechelt, B.C. during office hours:  namely Monday to Wednesday 8:30 am. to 4:00 pm.  and Thursday and Friday, 8:30 am. to 5:45 pm.  Sunshine Coast Regional District  Box 800.  Sechelt. B.C. VON 3A0  (604) 885-2261  L. Jardine  Secretary-Treasurer  October 21,1980  Notice to Creditors  "IN THE ESTATE OF CLIFFORD  DRUMMOND HANSEN, LATE OF  GIBSONS, BRITISH COLUMBIA'  "Notice is hereby given that Creditors and others  having claims against the estate of the above  decreased are hereby required to send the  particulars thereof to the Executrix named  hereunder, at P.O. Box 1280, Sechelt. British  Columbia, VON 3A0, on or before the 15th day of  November, A.D., 1980, after which date the estate's  assets will be distributed having regard only to  claims that have been received."  MARIE EVA HANSEN  EXECUTRIX  EASTWOOD & COMPANY  Solicitors  ATTENTION:  D.E. FAIRWEATHER  ���TJ  L  6203  twrvwimmmvmi*.  \.^ir'   -'mV'"**' PGOPOS&O     tt I     Z.OhJ��  c 2394-���������'"���  '������""      < .V I B "\     N ������."'���������.''  ���  T-- W ...     . - ;   ���  SUNSHINE COAST  REGIONAL DISTRICT  NOTICE OF  PUBLIC HEARING  Land Use Regulation Amendment  By-Law No. 96.62  Pursuant to sections 720 and 814 of the Municipal  Act, R.S.B.C. 1979, a public hearing will be held to  consider the following proposed by-law ol the  Sunshine Coast Regional District All persons who  believe their interest in property is allecled by the  proposed by-law shall be afforded an opportunity lo  be heard on matters contained therein  By-law No 96 62 will amend the zoning map ol Land  Use Regulation By-law No. 96. 1974 by designating  the eastern portion ol D L 2394 as a Residential 1  R1 land use zone The sub|ect properties are within  the area locally referred to as Sunshine Bay Estates  The use of land, buildings and structures will be  restricted to residence (excluding mobile homes)  home occupation, civic use and public service  The public hearing will be held in the Regional  District Board Room at 7 30 pm on Friday  November 7. 1980  The above is a synopsis of proposed By-law No  96.62 and is not deemed to be an interpretation  thereof. This proposed by-law may be inspected at  the Regional District office, 1248 Wharf Street.  Sechelt, B.C. during office hours; namely Monday  to Wednesday. 8 30 am to 4 00 pm and Thursday  and Friday. 8 30 am to 5 45 pm  Sunshine Coast Regional District  Box 800.  Sechelt. B.C. VON 3A0  (604) 885-2261  L. Jardine.  Secretary-Treasurer  October 21, 1980 18.  Coast News, October 28, 1980  Legal  Salmon enhancement  Province of  British Columbia  Ministry ol  Foresls  BURNING  PERMIT  Operators of log landings; millistes, road,  power and pipeline  rights of way; ana commercial land clearing  projects, please note:  Effective midnight. October 15. 1980. to midnight. April 14, 1981. a  Class "A" burning permit is required in the  Vancouver Forest Region for burning debris  resulting from any industrial operation This  included piled debris  and logging slash being broadcast or spot  burned.  Organized areas within  the Region are excluded.  hy John Mind-Smith  Over a period of a few weeks  past ihere has been quite a lot  of activity in the local creeks  and it looks as though the jobs  we set out to accomplish were  completed just in time, just  before the rains came.  (>nc of the creeks in question  is Wilson (reck and it's  beauliful little tributary llus-  don Creek, both of which have  been adopted by the Gibson's  Wildlife Club who have made  themselves responsible lor lite  welfare ol it's piscatorial  inhabitants  Ihis ycut the main project  has been lo icp.ui the lish  laddei down al the inoiitb ol  Wilson Creek, nexl to .lack-  son's old booming grounds  Ovei the years u had gol  battered around pretl) badlj  and Idled with rocks and sand  brought down bv the water.  I here has been a greal deal nl  controversj ovei lite years as to  whether the fish go up the  laddei or up the rocks alongside  We know they go up somewhere because there are fish in  thc creek above but we don't  know  how  well the ladder is  used and without keeping a  constant watch on a 24-hour  basis it is impossible to know  wilh any degree of accuracy. As  that is not too practical we will  have to wail and see what  happens now alter the repairs  have been carried out. It it does  not work this year then the  possibilities of using the bed  rock will have to be explored.  After we had applied for an  received a grant from the  Salmon Enhancement Program (SEP) people, which  believe me. is not the easiest  thing in Ihe world to gel, we  eventually got going in late  September and. wilh Ihe help  ol a group ol local commercial  fishermen, we diverted the  vvatei .may Irom ihe ladder by  means ol sand bags, cleaned  out all the rocks and gravel,  built forms and poured cement  lo repair ihe broken down  walls. Alter removal ol ihe  forms a considerable amount  ot rocks and gravel were  removed from the creek jusi  above Ihe fish ladder and a  channel dug lo put the waler  back w here il belonged. Even al  low water we are now maintaining a good flow of water  over the ladder and still have  some going over the rocks at  ihe side.  Ihree other jobs on Husdon  Creek involving ihe placement  of logs across the creek to form  pools in which the fish can rest  before going on to the next  section have been carried out  and the creek banks have been  reinforced with sand bags and  rocks at various places. All we  are looking for now are some  fish, coho preferably.  At long last wc have got the  blessing from those on high to  go ahead and use the Whitlock  Vibert boxes in Husdon Creek.  Wc feel that the creek has all  thc ingredients necessary for  Ihe rearing of coho salmon and  as soon as possible wc will he  laking the eggs Irom the fish,  fertilizing them, placing them  in the boxes and then burying  them in the gravel to lei nature  take its course. This will be in  thc nature ol an experiment as  it has not been done in Ihis part  ol ihe province before and we  are hoping for positive results.  Success would be the greatest reward lor those people  who have given so much of  their time to this project,  Although we did gel a granl  from SEP to cover cost of  materials, all thc labour was on  a voluntary basis and to this  date a total of 90 man hours has  been donated. Also donated  has been 120 Sand'cement  filled sandbags at $2.05 each  plus Federal and Provincial tax  from a company in Burnaby  Pursuant to Section 703 of the Municipal Act, a  Public Hearing will be held in the Municipal Hall,  1490 South Fletcher Road. Gibsons, B.C. on  Monday, November 10, 1980 at 7:30 pm. to  consider By-law No. 378 (Zoning Amendment  By-law No. 378, 1980). At the Hearing all persons  who deem their interest in property affected by  the proposed By-law shall be afforded an  opportunity to be heard on matters contained in  the By-law.  The intent of the By-law is to amend the present  zoning to following described properties as noted  below:  1. That certain parcel or parcels of  property more peculiarly known and  described as Block 2. D.L. 1328, Plan  4014 commencing at the southwesterly corner of said Block,  thence easterly following the southerly  boundary of said Block a distance of  100.7 metres more or less;  thence northerly a distance of 60.5  metres more or less to an intersection  with the southwesterly corner of a road  dedicated by said Plan 12401;  thence west a distance ol 9.5 metres;  then North a distance of 15.3 metres;  thence west a distance ol 29.2 metres;  thence westerly to an intersection with  a point on the westerly boundary of  said Block lying northerly of an 81.0  metres distant Irom the point of  commencement;  thence southerly following said westerly boundary a distance of 81.0  metres more or less to the point of  commencement and containing an  area of 7651 square metres more or  less, to be rezoned from CDA to RM-1.  2   This By-law may be cited as "Zoning  Amendment By-law No. 378. 1980."  Take notice that the above paragraph is  deemed to be a synopsis of By-law 378 and not  deemed to be an interpretation thereof. The Bylaw may be inspected at the Gibsons Municipal  Office. 1490 South Fletcher Road, during office  hours, namely Monday to Wednesday 8:30 am. to  4:30 pm. and Thursday and Friday 8:30 am. to 5 00  pm  J.W. Copland,  MUNICIPAL CLERK.  VILLAGE OF GIBSONS  PUBLIC NOTICE  PROPOSED EXTENSION OF BOUNDARIES  VILLAGE OF GIBSONS  Take Notice that under Section 22 of the  Municipal Act the Council of the Village of  Gibsons intends to request the Minister of  Municipal Affairs for an extension of the area of  the municipality to include the following  described lands:  All and singular that certain parcel ortract of  land and premises situate, lying and being  described as all those portions of Lots 1, 2  and 3. Block 3, D.L. 683, Group 1, N.W.D., as  the said lots are shown outlined in red on  Plan 17530 registered in the Land Title  Office at Vancouver, B.C.  And Further Take Notice That if a request of at  least one-tenth in number of the electors of the  municipality  is  received by the undersigned  within 30 days of the last publication of this notice  in a newspaper, the question of the extension of  the area of the  municipality to  include the  aforesaid lands will be submitted for the assent of  the electors.  And Further Take Notice That any residents  within the area herein described having objection  to the proposed extension of the boundaries of  the municipality should notify the Minister of  Municipal Affairs, Parliament Buildings, Victoria,  B.C., V8V 1X4, of his objections within 30 days of  the last publication of this notice in a newspaper.  And That this is the first of two publications of this  notice in a newspaper.  Village of Gibsons  P.O. Box 340,  Gibsons, B.C.  VON 1V0  J.W. Copland,  CLERK-TREASURER.  ,*�����'... v'���-���!<: '������  . �����':  .    ..�����., ItM  The flsh ladder above has recently been renovated by thc (iibsons Wildlife Club. It is hoped that Chum Salmon will he able to  negotiate it this year.  and transportation from there  to here was provided gratis by  Gibsons Building Supplies.  Wc would like to thank all  these people for their help and  also those two great guys who  arc developing thc campsite  adjoining Wilson Creek on the  North side of thc highway.  They gave us a couple of hours  of their valuable time and used  their backhoe to clean out the  creek at thc top of the fish  ladder. We really appreciate  their concern for the creek.  Thanks again to all those  fishermen and members ofthe  Gibsons Wildlife Club who  worked under adverse conditions without complaining  too much.  Interest in the SEP is growing by leaps and bound as  people come to realize that  unless something is done, and  done soon, we stand to lose a  very valuable resource in B.C.  It has been recognised at last  that the creeks can be put to  good use and that the people  are prepared to help if needed.  In exchange they would ap-  In Provincial Court  preeiale some cooperation  from their Federal Fisheries  personnel who could perhaps  make themselves a bit more  available when needed.  follow ing is a list of projects  al present planned for this year  on the Sunshine Coast:  Boy Scouts-Twin Creek  (Chum); BCIT Oulette Creek  (Chum); Elphinstone High-  Chaster Creek (Chum); Gibsons Wildlife Club Wilson &  Husdon Creek (Coho); Sechelt  Elementary School- Angus  Creek (Chum); Sechelt Rod &  Gun Club- Flume & Wakefield Creek (Chum & Coho);  Madeira Park Elementary  School Haslam Creek  (Chum); Pender Harbour  High- Klein Creek (Chum);  Deserted Bay (Tsoh Nye)���2  upwelling boxes (Chum &  Coho).  We would like to wish all the  participants in these projects  thc best of luck in their efforts  and advise them not to get too  discouraged by setbacks which  thev will inevitably encounter.  Athlete's foot  At Provincial Court on Wednesday, October 22nd, Ernie  Rietzc was charged as being a  minor in possession of alcohol.  He was fined $100. Raymond  Dixon was fined $100 for  failing to remain at the scene  of an accident.  Eakor Investment Services  received a $250 fine for being  the registered owner of a  vehicle driven without insurance.  Province of  British  Columbia  Ministry of  Forests  NOTICE INVITING  APPLICATIONS  FOR TIMBER SALE  LICENCE A14011  Pursuant to section 16  (1) of the Forest Act,  sealed tenders will be  received by the Regional Managers, Vancouver, up to 1 pm. on  November 17, 1980 for  a Timber Sale Licence  to authorize the harvesting of 2,570 cubic  metres of Cedar, Hemlock, Fir & Other Species, located east of  Agamemnon Channel,  New Westminster Land  District.  Term: 1 year.  Bids can be accepted  only from small business enterprises, as  defined in the Regulations.  Applications for registration under the small  business program and  details of the proposed  Timber Sale Licence  may be obtained from  the Regional Manager,  B.C. Forest Service,  631-355 Burrard St.,  Vancouver, B.C. V6C  2H1, or the District  Manager, Box 4000,  Sechelt, B.C. VON 3A0  Claude Charlton was fined  $500 for driving with a blood  alcohol reading of over .08.  A $250 fine was handed  down to Michael Vaughan for  driving with no insurance.  Jean Donley signed a six  months peace bond to ensure  that allegations against a  second party would cease.  Ian Brown was given three  fines under the Motor Vehicle  Act, $250 for speeding, $35  for speeding and $15 for  failing to produce a licence.  An impaired driving fine of  $500 was given to Kalvin  Bizzell. Emile Daniels received the same.  hy John Shaske ItSe (I'hurm)  One prevalent type of fungal  infection is athlete's fool. Two  classes of the infection are  acute and chronic. In the acute  class the tissue usually weeps.  In thc chronic class thc skin  appears dry and scaly. Symptoms common to both classes  are stinging, itching and burning.  Athlete's fool is contracted  by walking bcrefoot on infected  floors, such as in showers,  locker rooms and hotel rooms.  There are people who are more  susceptible to the infection  than others because of poor  nutrition or poor hygiene.  In regard to the treatment of  athlete's loot it is recommended to use tolnaftatc  (Tinaclin R). This product  comes in the form of a cream,  solution, and powder. When  thc cream or solution is used it  is applied directly to the  infected area to kill the fungus.  When thc powder is used it is  placed in shoes to absorb  moisture while wearing the  shoes.  In addition to medical treatment of Athlete's fool, there are  other measures of at least equal  importance in its treatment and  prevention.  a) Scrupulous foot hygiene is  necessary. Frequent bathing ol  feet is recommended with  careful drying between thc toes  after bathing. Vigorous rubbing with the towel is discouraged to lessen chance of  irritation.  b) Use wooden or rubber  sandals when using community  bathing facilities.  c) Frequent washing down of  personal bathing facilities to  remove infected desquamated  skin.  d) Light, airy footwear should  be worn when possible. Avoid  rubber footwear. Leather-soled  shoes arc preferred.  c) Socks should be changed  frequently. Cotton or woolen  socks arc better than nylon  because they more efficiently  absorb perspiration.  f) Small wads of cotton maybe  placed between the toes al night  to help maintain dryness.  g) Routine use of powder will  help keep feet dry. lise between  every change of socks. Shoes  not being worn should be  dusted with a drying powder.  Application of an antifungal  dusting powder containing  tolnafteate immediately after  using communal bathing facilities may help prevent the '  development of athlete's foot.  Cadet wins a  trip to Europe  A trip to Europe during the  1981 spring break is the  reward for a Sechelt boy who  placed first among 1,500  cadets at the Cadet Training  Camp in Vernon from July  14 to August 23,1980.  SUNSHINE COAST  REGIONAL DISTRICT  NOTICE OF  PUBLIC HEARING  Subdivision Regulation Amendment  By-Law No. 103.26  Pursuant to sections 720 and 814 of the Municipal  Act, R.S.B.C. 1979, a public hearing will be held to  consider the following proposed by-law of the  Sunshine Coast Regional District. All persons who  believe their interest in property is affected by the  proposed by-law shall be afforded an opportunity to  be heard on matters contained therein.  By-law No. 103.26 will amend the provisions of the D  subdivision zone of Subdivision Regulation By-law  No. 103, 1975 by deleting the minimum parcel size  requirement of 2 ha (4.9 acres). All subdivision of  land within the D zone must henceforth conform to  the regulations established by the Provincial  Agricultural Land Commission.  The public hearing will be held in the Regional  District Board Room at 7:30 pm. on Friday,  November 7, 1980.  The above is a synopsis of proposed By-law 103.26  and is not deemed to be an interpretation thereof.  This proposed by-law may be inspected at the  Regional District office, 1248 Wharf Street, Sechelt,  B.C. during office hours; namely Monday to  Wednesday, 8:30 am. to 4:00 pm. and Thursday and  Friday, 8:30 am. to 5:45 pm.  Sunshine Coast Regional District  Box 800.  Sechelt, B.C. VON 3A0  (604) 885-2261  L. Jardine  Secretary-Treasurer  October 21,1980  Winner of the trip is Sgt.  Tony Brooks, 16, who along  with cadets from 2963 Sunshine Coast Army CadeU  participated in the camp  where cadets were judged on  leadership, marksmanship, instructional techniques, field-  craft, map and compass,  attitude and deportment, first  aid and more.  Cadet W/O Murlies Guen-  ther, 16, of Egmont with an  "A" on her course report  was also a contender for  Europe, however only one  prize to Europe was awarded  to our Corps. A third Sunshine  Coast cadet, Sgt. Mindy  Peters, 15, of Pender Harbour  also received an "A".  The Sunshine Coast Corps  is particularly proud of the  three cadets as this Corps  has been in existence for less  than two years.  Captain Robert Sommerfield suggests any young  people from 13 to 18 years old  inclusive who would like to  take part in a well-organized  youth organization should  call the following: Capt.  Sommerfield 885-2180; Capt.  Fitzgerald 885-2970; 2 Lt.  Sommerfield 885-2180.  This year's training will  involve Search and Rescue,  first aid, mountaineering,  bush survival, marksmanship,  citizenship and swimming  instruction.  "We intend to have a  competitive swim team and we  have first-class instructors  for that," Capt. Sommerfield said.  Cadet parade nights are  from 7 to 9:30 p.m. Thursdays  at Chatelech Junior Secondary  School.  MM  aaanAAAaaMtfMMMAAaMaaaMAAartaai Wildlife  ���TIE  rw���  ��s ii n  k.L  iar  K  . "  y  '  W v  4��"SJ  !��������!  Wh?  ��^. -��,  v,  corner  Coast News, October 28, 1980  19.  Leave the fish alone  by Ian Corrance  Salmon an protected.  On Sunday, Mrs. Gordon  from Roberts Creek called me  to say that she had been  talking to some youngsters  who had seen some of the  older boys chasing the salmon  in the creek. The kids were  scared to say who the others  were and you can't blame  them for that, but at least they  were smart enough to know  that the older ones were doing  something wrong.  I must admit that it's an  awful temptation for the kids  to chase the salmon along the  creeks. It's the job of parents  to educate them into a hands -  off appreciation of the annual  marvel of spawning salmon,  rather than letting them learn  for themselves as they mature. The loser in the meantime is the fish.  If conscience is not enough  of a deterrent, then it might  be timely to point oui that it's  against the law to harass a  fish spawning in fresh water.  Sargent'. Bay Society.  From the look of their last  newsletter, the society is  increasing in membership and  is growing steadily.  The society was conceived  by residents in the proximity  of Sargent's Bay when they  began to fear that the marsh  area at the head of the bay  would be lost to development.  Since their inception, they  have gathered some pretty  hefty allies. Both the Second  Century Fund and the Vancouver Natural History Society, plus local concerned  groups have pledged their  support.  If you want more information, call 885-5698 or 263-  7666. Membership to the first  of April '81 is only $2.50.  If you want to join, the address  is: The Secretary, Sargent's  Bay Society, P.O. Box 1486,  Sechelt, B.C. VON 3A0.  Conservation Officer.  The job of the Conservation  Officer is not an easy one.  Even though the title has been  changed from Game Warden  to make it sound better it's  still a damned if you do and  damned if you don't type of  job.  One of the unpleasant  aspects of Jamie Stephen's  job has been covered (some  say too much), by me in the  past few weeks. I'm talking  about the bears that had to be  destroyed - another was  dispatched last week at' the  Copel Farm near Redroofs.  Unsavoury as it is, it has been  necessary under the present  set of circumstances and I'd  far rather see the situation  handled by an expert than  have the public running  around blasting anything that  moves.  Another example is when he  had to deal with a beaver  at Jim Tyner's place on Pac  Lake last week. Food in the  area had become so scarce  for the beaver that it was  eating carrots and potatoes  and a couple of apple trees  from Tyner's garden. This was  the first time that Jamie had  run into a situation like this.  A lot of the work done by  the Conservation Officer is  never seen. He had a call the  other day from a logging  company at Skwaka River at  the head of Jervis Inlet. They  had shot a grizzly that was  making a nuisance of itself.  It turned out that the bear was  in poor condition, covered in  boils or ulcers.  This area is where a mal  formed grizzly was found last  year. Coincidentally the area  was also sprayed with chemicals by the forestry, and they  are again applying to respray  it, this time with Kranite.  Without people like Conservation Officers and their  counterparts in the Fisheries,  there would be no central  collecting agencies for this  type of information.  Without any proof, it would  be irresponsible in the extreme to say that the spraying  ofthe area had had an adverse  effect on the grizzly population, but I will be interested  in the results of a November  census that Jamie will be  taking part in.  I wrote this piece to point  out that the job of the Conservation Officer is to be the  liaison between the wild life  and the human life in his area,  not a hunter, but a protector of  both.  The hunting season is open  at the moment. Can you  imagine the chaos if he wasn't  around?  Odds'n ends.  The eastern bluejay is still  hanging around Sechelt. This  time it was seen by Mr.  Wilson. It was at his feeder  iemember the swans that were born al Ihe S-bends beside Coastal Tire? A couple of Hum Dew off  last week and have not returned. They are almost full si/cd but still have juvenile plumage. If you see  them, give Gary Puckett a call at 886-9508, failing that, try him at (iibsons Realty. Ihe birds have  probably stayed in the vicinity.  on Saturday afternoon. The  Wilsons live across from the  Arts Centre, so people in that  area should keep their eyes  open.  Another great blue heron  was found dead. This time at  the wharf in Gibsons. This  brings the total to five that  have either died or been  obviously  sick  in  the  past  month. There are no results  from the autopsy of one of the  dead ones as yet.  It looks as if a marten was  the guilty party in the loss of  the chickens at Roberts  Creek. It was livetrapped and  the lady was planning to  release it up one of the logging  roads the following morning.  Sunshine Coast  EXCAVATING  J.B.EXCAVATING  886-9031  Water, sewer, drainage Installation  ��� Dump Truck ���  Backhoe  ��� Cat ���  Land Clearing  ��� Free Estimates ��� Septic Fields  '      PACIFIC GADCO CONSTRUCTION  Land Clearing, light or heavy  Road Construction ��� Excavation ��� Logging  Bulldozer ��� Backhoe ��� Grader ��� Front End Loader  Gravel Truck - Skidder 886-7287 886-7951 886-7142  Business Directory  Unfortunately it didn't make it  through the night.  A little aside here. If you do  come across unusual animals  that have passed on to another  plane, but have left their  corporal body in good condition, call the Conservation  Officer at 885-2004. He can  use them for identification  purposes in the various  courses he gives.  A temporary cure to ward  off the evils of civet cats is  mothballs.  If you want to contact me,  call 886-2622, 886-7817 or  886-9151, ta.  Police News  Police will have extra  manpower on patrol over  Hallowe'en. They ask that  youngsters co-operate by not  making malice a part of the  practical jokes.  October 19th: A vehicle  parked at the Peninsula Hotel  had its rear window smashed.  October 20th: Three commercial garbage containers  were vandalized in Gibsons.  The one at Andy's Restaurant  was tipped over. Another at  the Maple Crescent Apartments was rolled down the hill  and a third at the wharf was  dumped into the ocean. It  was reported that a company  car owned by Bud Pepper was  stolen from his place of  business in Sechelt. The car is  a 1975 Dodge Coronet, licence  number CKV 857. Approximately SI,000in cash was also  taken. Neither the vehicle  nor the money have been  recovered. At Elphinstone  School vandals broke windows  and desks and wrote grafitti  on the walls. Damage is  estimated at MOO.  October 21iti A single  vehicle accident on Highway  101 and Lower Road in  Roberts Creek demolished a  1968 Volkswagen van. The  driver, Davis Cargo of Wilson  Creek, missed the curve,  but hit a tree, He has been  charged with driving without  due care and attention. No  injuries were reported.  October 23rd: Three break-  ins were reported in the  Redrooffs area.  b ft m installations  17 Years Experience  Commercial And Residential  Floor Coverings  '    CUSTOM ART WORK    '  ��� Business Cards ��� Logos ��� Letterheads  ��� Brochures ��� Menus ��� Placemats, etc.  The COAST NEWS  886-2622 885-2770        886-7817  ICG CANADIAN PROPANE  LTD.  Hwy. 101   Sechelt between SI. Mary's  Hospital and Forest Ranger's Hut  8 a.m. - 5 p.m. Sat  ���n���  CANADIAN   II���  V^Mon.-Frl.  885-2360  9 a.m. - 5 p.m.  I CONTRACTING I  KEN DE VRIES & SON LTD  FLOOR COVERINGS  ! APPLIANCES I  HARRISON'S APPLIANCE SALES  Parts and Service  Tuesday ��� Saturday 9 ��� 5  886-9959 Pratt Rd., Gibsons  Carpets - Tiles- Linoleums - Drapea  Hwy. 101, Gibsons Cowrie St., Sechelt  886-7112 885-3424  I MISC. 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Coast News, October 28, 1980  Referred to Finance  Transit possibility studied  Directors of the Sunshine C'otist Regional District appear  ready, depending on thc approval of the hoard's Finance  Committee, to give the green light to an Urban Transit Authority  feasibility study for public transit on the Sunshine Coast.  I he $6000 price lag for Ihe Phase I "Concept Plan" study, to  identify transportation needs and outline thc type ol system and  estimate costs, would be split fifty-fifty between the board and the  U I A. the board's share coming to approximately $3000.  Ihe I I A's Director of Small Community Systems. Hob  lindwood. assured Ihe directors at Iliursday evening's hoard  meeting that the results of the Phase I study can be used as a basis  loi the board to make its decision whether or nol to commit itself  to a public transit system loi ihe coast.  II the board opis to assume public transportation as a function.  Phase 2 ol Ihe study, which provides the line detail such as bus-  stop locations and accurate scheduling, will be undertaken, ai an  .uldition.il S.Hiiin cost to ihe board  I ot.il cosl Im both parts ol the studs would amount lo some  SI '.linn, wnh the hoard payingnpproximutcl) 56500. I indwood  pointed oul lhal Ministrj ol Human Resources funding foi  transportation foi handicapped persons and senior citizens is  being phased out ovci thc nexl iwo years and suggested tluii.il the  hoard liesiles. a surve) "I "custom Uansil services" In serve these  groups can he included in Ihe study,  When the study is complete. I indwood told ihe board, the  municipality oi district has the option ol running the system ilscll    sir  or of pulling it to tender lor a private operator. Ihe UTA.  Lindwood said, has had "very good experience" with private  operators involved in community transit systems it has thus far set  up in fifteen communities and three regional districts in the  province.  Lindwood estimated tin approximate total timc-frome of one  year for implementation ol the sysiem. should ihe hoard give its  approval. Due to projects presently occupying ihe UTA, the  Phase I Concept Plan pan ol the study could begin in about three  months, early in the new year.  Phase I ol ihe study, once begun, would lake three months and,  should Ihe board give ils blessing. Phase 2 would lake a further  ihree months, with thc tendering and final implementation to take  a fun he i lour months. Hairing unforeseen complications, the  Sunshine Coast could have a lulls operational public transit  system curl) in 1982.  I indwood told the board that, though thc I I A is ncilhci a  laving agency nor an operator of transit systems, the Authority's  involvement in community transit systems does not end with the  implementation nl the system, I he Authority remains active us ,i  funding tigency and provides planning assistance on nn ongoing  husis io expanding sssiems.  I indwood also pointed oui lhat public transit brings with u  benefits lhat. while the) cannot he stricti) measured, arc  recogni/uhlc as trends, nol ihe least ol which is an estimated 511',  to 75', ineieuse in trade reported h\ businesses located near bus-  uid terminals.  Economic base study presented  Continued from I'urc One  \dvisor) Committee, who expressed the hope that ihe study.  copies nl which will be placed in libraries und municipal offices on  ihe en.ist. will prove useful both to local government bodies and  private individuals.  Ihe most important recommendation contained in thc sludy.  loigcns said, is thai the hoard follow through on the prc\ iousl)  discussed possibilit) ul hiring an I conomic Commissioner for thc  Sunshine Coast under the I cderal Provincial cost-sharing  program which would see90Ci ol the costs in the first year picked  up by senior levels ol government.  .loigcns suggested lhal ihe census figures lor ihe nrcu do nol  provide an accurate reflection ol ihe current growlh rale on the  Sunshine C'oasl and recommended lhal monitoring ol ihe lenv  traffic and the numbei ol building permits issued provides a  more accurate barometer ofthe pace of growth.  Foreshore lease denied  A campaign lo block the issuance of a foreshore lease in Ihe  Soames area bv a Vancouver firm won't have in he followed  through.  Ihe SCRD hoard was told Ihuisdav night lhat a phone call  hail been received from Larry Sorken, regional managei for thc  province's I and Management Branch to say the application  would he denied.  I.list week, former regional hoard director Bernie Mulligan  started a petil ion lo halt granting of a lease to. lohn Mcintosh Mud  and Gordon Hromlc) Moldings Ltd.. ol Vancouver, lor water  rights to land known lo local residents as the Soames Lstale.  I he petition was in circulation and hud nm vet been presented  to the regional board.  According lo Ihe study, based on factors present in thc  community today, ihe population ol ihe Sunshine Coast will  double in HI - 12 years, .loigcns pointed out thai il the rate ul  growth speeds up. thin projection could be shortened tons littleas  1 veins. I he B.C. lenv Corporation expects lo be carrying twice  Ihcii presenl load on ihe Langdale-Horseshoe Hav run in onlv S  years, .loigcns said.  .loigcns stuied thai according lo thc results of thc study even at  a slower rale of growlh the population of thc Sunshine CoasI  should double in 15 lo 211 years. He urged the directors to keep  those figures in mind when making iheir planning decisions in  particular.  Ihe Economic Base Stud) and the question ol whether or not  the board will proceed wiih the application in hire an Economic  Commissioner, were referred io the Finance Committee,  The Only Way To Go!  Bookings lor All your Travel Needs at No Extra Cost to You!  ��� Tickets      ��� Hotels      ��� Tours      ��� Charters      ���Insurance  Winter means SNOW!  We can take you to a  SKIER'S PARADISE  PLACING & FINISHING  /'If/us    IHIIVKW lis- f'UIOKS     III I.,,....�����'.,. ..'. ('���.../���..  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Since individual  lots differ in specific locations, size and other qualities, the ranges below should be  considered a general indication only. The prices quoted for 1979 refer to the last half  of that year.  Residential land values have, generally speaking, increased from fifteen to fifty  percent over the previous twelve months. Many areas, especially in Vancouver, are  fully developed, and very few land sales occur. Prices for land in some areas of the  Sunshine Coast have increased sharply since Spring.  Typical  Price of Typical Lot for  Sunshine Coast  Frontage  feet  50-100  Standard Depths  1979  1980  Gibsons-no view  9,000-12,000  9,000-14,000  -view  50-75  13,000-17,000  16,000-21,000  -view  75-100  18,000-22,000  22,000-26,000  Acreages  1-2.5 Acres  22,000-28,000  5 Acres  15,000-22,000  35,000-45,000  Waterfront-Beach  600 to 1200/ft  800 to 1200/ft  -Steep Bank  400 to 600/ft  500 to 700/ft  Sechelt & Davis Bav  -no view  50-100  9,000-12,000  10,000-15,000  -view  50-75  13,000-17,000  15,000-24,000  -view  75-100  18,000-22,000  25,000-29,000  Pender Harbour  -no view  50-100  10,000-12,000  11,000-13,000  -view  sa 100  12,500-16,000  16,000-25,000  Waterfront-Beach  550 to 800/ft  700 to 1000/ft  -Steep Bank  450 to 550/ft  500 to 700/ft  Some recreational lots  in various areas  available at:  7,000-9,500  7,000-9,500 Sunshine Coast Realtor, Oclober 10, 1980  FREE  CATALOGUE  [  A.E.UPAGE  Coast to Coast  Real Estate Service  iderson  REALTY LTD.  Post Office Box 1219, Sechelt  885-3211  Vancouver Toll Free:  684-8016  WATERFRONT  ACREAGE  LOTS  ONLY ONE LEFT  .SECRET COVE - BY THE SEA: Your last opportunity to  (acquire a luxury townhome in Secret Cove. This oustandinj  home features 1600 sq. ft. of multi-level living, 3 bedrooms, 2 ful  |bathrooms, a spacious living room with heatilator fireplace  hree sundecks, plus a full range of appliances, Superb ocean  'lew. Moorage available. Offered at $155,000. For  information call Vadim at 885-3156.  INVESTORS -  SECHELT VILLAGE - BUILDER:  Commercial land downtown for less than $6 per square foot.  buy this lot and watch it appreciate or build a money making  building. Move fast, this won't last long. Call Bob at 885-2503.  DORISTON: 660 ft. of waterfront. Near level beach. 17,2  acres, well timbered. Good solid 2 bedroom house.- Lovely  garden area, good year round creek on property. Located at  Doriston, Sechelt Inlet. To view call Gordie. Asking $120,000.  MADEIRA PARK: Lakefront 3 bedroom home, 1152 sq. ft.  bath, double windows, 2 car garage 22 x 24, and workshop 12 x  24 all new in the past 4 years, plus many extras included, on 4.27  acres. Level landscaped yard, a short mile to school, P.O. and  shopping centre. Full price $85,000. Call Don for an  appointment 885-5904.  WATERFRONT - NARROWS INLET: Quiet waterfront  retreat, situated 22 miles from Sechelt Village. 6.% acres plus  and over 330 feet of waterfront. F.P, $29,000. 25% down and  owner will carry balance. Call Vadim at 885-3156.  WATERFRONT - SQUARE BAY: 112 feet of superb  waterfronl, situated in an area of exclusive homes. Ideally suiled  for a multi-level home. Protected year round moorage. Plus- lots  of arbutus trees and southerly exposure. All this for 3nly  $77,500. To view this fine property call Vadim 885 3156.  SECLUDED WATERFRONT ACREAGE: Do you want a  quiet waterfront retreat with no roads or cars? We have a few  parcels of evergreen forest, 5 to 10 acres each. Minimum of 250  feet of waterfront and stream thru mosl lots. Located 22 miles  Irom Sechell by water or air only. Fly in with Tyee Airways Ltd  from Vancouver or Sechelt, or use your own boat. Call Don.  m  ROBERTS CREEK: This 4.6 acre Hobby Farm oilers  complete privacy, numerous fruit trees, a large fenced pasture  2 creeks, southern slope plus an older well kept home and a  1100 sq. ft. near new bam on a concrete foundation, fully wired  and easily converted into an attractive farm home. Both  buildings are protected by professional electronic security  system. Priced at $99,500. THIS BEAUTIFUL PROPERTY IS  A MUST TO SEE. To view anytime call Vadim 885-3156.  WOOD BAY: Waterfronl ��� 188 acre with approx. 1200' level  waterfront. This property is unique with approx. 31 level  walerfront below highway, approx. 2,000 ft. highway frontage  and 156 acres of parklike view property gently sloping tu south.  Priced to sell $1,200,000.  LANGDALE: This 38.8 acres has subidivision application in for  5 acre parcels. Lot 1, DL 1348, Plan 11244 is a genlle sloping  parcel with good S.W. exposure. Assumable financing of  $50,000 is available to assist purchase. Call Bob al 885 2503 for  information. Full price $155,000.  HIGHWAY ACREAGE: 5 acre parcels on Highway 101.  Excellent access and some value in timber. Lol C$27,900. lot D  $29,000. Call Stan 885-2385.  ACREAGE - GIBSONS: Approx. 12 acres on Highway 101 in  Soames Point. View property septic zoned R2L. A great  investment. F.P. $150,000. Call Bob (or details 885-2503.  WEST SECHELT: 21+ acres with approx. 12 acres cleared  and fenced in pasture. The remainder Is in tall trees with  Wakefield Creek flowing through. This is the ideal property for a  hobby farm. With acreage so scarce this is a very good  investment for only $90,000. Call Bob at 885-2503 to have a look  at this piece.  WOOD BAY (SECRET COVE): One hundred and fifly nine  acres mostly view property with nice valley in centre. Easy to  subdivide into 5 acre parcels when highway alignment services  property. District lot 6322 is a polenlial gold mine for an investor  looking to Ihe future. Large sand & gravel deposits and good  bottom land on properly. Bonus is',; million feel of limber. Call  Bob lor a lour al 885-2503.  SANDY HOOK INVESTMENT PROPERTY: 7 acres of flat  level land with subdivision potential. Some view, easy  development. No rock, partly cleared rough road on property.  Borders crown land on the south side. F.P. $65,900.  BUSINESS OPPORTUNITIES  LOHN ROAD: Redrooffs... 75' x 260' level building lot. Private  nicely Ireed. $19,500. For details call Vadim al 885 3156.  SECHELT VILLAGE: 2 excellenl building lots in the lower  Village. All are wilhin walking distance lo shopping etc. All I  services are available including sewers. Prices range from  $19,900 to $21,500.  BUSINESS OPPORTUNITY: Hotel for sale in Pender  Harboui. Ideally locaied at Hospital [lay on I acre of land wit ha  lovely view ol Pendei Harbour. Accommodations for 34 yuest  and fully licensed 5S seat restaurant. Sepal,ite duplex that is  rented out Foi complete information contact Gordie Hall  te level corner lot.  I $21,500. For more 1  WEST PORPOISE BAY: 75 x 150 treed serviced lot, close to  ice arena. Gently sloping land. Close to a small boat marina. F.P.  $12,000. Stan at 885-2385.  OCEAN BEACH ESPLANADE ��� GOWER POINT: 1/2  acre semiwaterfront lol. Excellent ocean view with westerly |  exposure. Easy beach access. Asking $55,000. For more  informalion call Vadim at 885-3156.  ROBERTS CREEK ��� JOE ROAD: Full half acre lots!! Easy lo  build on and serviced with water. Southern exposure, plenty of  PRIVACY. $23,000. For more informalion call Frank.  GRANTHAMS LANDING ��� VIEW LOT: 65 x 130 ft treed  view lot close to the beach with all available services. F.P.  $17,000. *  SECHELT: Easy building lol in the village. Upper side of a quiet  street. In an area of new homes. Close to shopping and the  arena. Call Frank at 886-8440.  REDROOFFS LOT: Large corner lot... corner ol Cooper and  Fawn roads. 80' x 250' Ireed lot. Easy to build on F.P.  $18,900. Call Slan al 885 2385.  SELMA PARK VIEW LOT: Wesl exposure from Ihis 1/3 acre  lot. Quiet paved street, all new homes. A very nice area. 88 ft.  frontage and a good south slope. This has to be one ol the better  lols in Ihe area. F.P. $28,500. Call Stan al 885 2385.  SEAVIEW LOT IN THE BEST AREA OF THE COAST:  This lot is well over V2 acre and has a truly fine view of Trail  Islands. This lot is naturally landscaped with moss & fir trees.  South exposure and only 100 yards to good beach. $32,900.  Call Jack at 885 2053.  SUNSHINE HEIGHTS  LOT HI: Nice corner lol on gently sloping land with some nice  trees. Power and water at property line. Located in the village of  Sechelt near Ihe Arena. Call Gordie. F.P. $13,500.  LOT H3: Extra large bu' Jug lot in area ol new homes. All |  services including paved roads. F.P. $12,000.  LOT "4: Gixid building sile lor your new home located in the  Village nl Sechelt near Ihe Arena. The property is nicely Ireed  and has water and power at property line. Call Gordie. F.P.  $12,500  LOT R7: Just up past ihe Arena. Lovely subdivision ��� large lots ���  new homes. All services are in. Call Slan. F.P. $12,000  Gordon  Hall  Vadim  Kobasew  Bob  Bull  885-9986     885-3156     885-2503  Jack  Anderson  885-2053  Doug  Joyce  885-2761  Frank  Ingham  886-8440  Stan  Anderson  885-2385  Don  Hadden  885-9504 Sunshine Coast Realtor, October 10, 1980  DISTRICT LOT 6280 IS 20 ACRES AND  LOCATED IN MIDDLE POINT AREA: on  upper side of Highway 101 with good view and a  new access just put in by owner. Asking  $87,500.  TAYLORS  GARDEN  BAY  STORE  &  MARINA: is a well known and long established  business located in Garden Bay. Store, Marina  Gas pumps, boat facilities and other extras.  EGMONT: over 10 acres of choice property  adjoining Skookumchuk trail just seconds away  from Gov't dock and other services, property  has legal access from trail. Asking $56,000.  GARDEN BAY WATERFRONTAGE: Lot  10, D.L. 2226 has 100' waterfrontage with 6 b/r  older home and excellent view of harbour. Deep  water moorage with piles, good blacktop  access. $165,000  EGMONT: 32 acres of choice land, with  foreshore lease, 23 in land and 9,5 in foreshore  lease, ideal for marina or private retreat, Ihe  best in the area, $370,000.  2.6 ACRES WITH 320' WATERFRONTAGE IN BLIND BAY: Govt Lease. Willi  furnished 2 h i home & 3 floats, 40' each. House  equipped with telephone and small generator.  Fresh waler and many olher extras all for  $43,500.  SUN NY'S HAIR BOUTIQUE IN MADEIRA  PARK: conveniently located in the shopping  centre, a thriving business that has been rapidly  growing over the years, owner raising family and  would still work part time.  LOT 12 IN GARDEN BAY: is approx.'. acre  located on Sinclair Bay Rd. between Whittakers  and Hotel Lake. Has good view with driveway  in, sign on property, good value for $18,000.  CENTRE HARDWARE IN MADEIRA  PARK: This modern store in fast growing  community located in main shopping centre in  Madeira Park... unlimited potential.  10 UNIT MOTEL IN GARDEN BAY: with  attractive Caretaker's house. Short walking  distance to Marinas. A thriving business with  lucrative revenue potential, Call for further  informalion.  38.8 ACRES AT LANGDALE: With gentle  slope, stream on property, zoned for 5 acre lots,  Reasonably priced at $155,000.  FRANCIS PENINSULA WATERFRONT-  AGE: has 9.3 acres with approx. 325  waterfrontage 66' dedicated undeveloped road  allowance alongside, has a small cottage for  privacy, as waterfronl is tidal some dredging  would be required on this beautiful property all  lor $175,000  883-2491  P.O. Box 10, Madeira Park, B.C. VON 2H0  IN  MUCH SOUGHT-AFTER VILLAGE  MM  MM Sunshine Coast Realtor, Oclober 10, 1980  SUNNYCREST  SHOPPING  CENTRE  886-2277  HOMES  AND LAND DEVELOPMENT LTD.  R.R. #2, Gibsons, B.C. VON 1V0  VANCOUVER  TOLL FREE  682-1513  HOMES  HOMES  GOWER PT. RD: Bonniebrook area. This is the  home that you have been looking for. The rock  work and landscaping alone on this 100 x 217 lot is  priceless. The home has three bedrooms, l1.  bathrooms, 2 fireplaces, deluxe wall to wall  carpeting. Southern exposure with breathtaking  view of Georgia Strait and Vancouver Island,  Downstairs bedroom features washroom and  fireplace. All appliances are included. Many many  more exciling features. This home must be seen.  Phone for appointment to view. $134,900.  SCHOOL RD: Executive home nearing  completion in excellent Gibsons location.  Features include sunken living room, 2'_  bathrooms, double attached garage, paved  driveway, 2x6 construction, shake roof, masler  bedroom wilh fireplace and ensuite.  MARINE DR: Two bedroom starter or  retirement home on Chekwelp Reserve.  Triangular shaped lot. Expansive view of harbour  area, could be greatly improved with just a few  modifications. $22,500.  SARGENT RD: Spanish styled home on a view  lot on Sargent Road in Gibsons. Two fully finished  floors, total 2300 square feet complete with many  extras, such as iwo fireplaces and an all nighler.  Triple plumbing, double garage, intercom,  workshop and within walking distance ol  shopping and schools. Make an appointmenl to  view. $125,000.  VETERANS RD: Exceptionally well built Ihree  bedroom home in quiet residential area. Fealures  beautiful large kitchen, sunroom, quality wall to  wall throughout, fireplace. Excellent construction  and much more. Tins home is priced lo sell  quickly. $59,900.  REED RD: Convenience jUM^Comfort in a  country atmosphere. One tffc aae surrounded  by larger pieces^faut&ous&jOTointed three  bedroom dMbll wicl yff^ular home on full  concrete. IwAM^workshop and carport,  storage anchprenhouse. Lots of patio and deck  'space. Privacy guaranteed. $66,500.  F1RCREST RD: Three bedroom family home.  Master bedroom with 2 piece ensuite. Concrete  sidewalk and stairs. Twin seal windows  throughout. R20 insulation in walls and ceiling and  Airtight heater in basement contribute to making  this a warm and economical home. $68,500.  MARINE DR. - HOPKINS: An ideal find for the  commuter, only a 5 minute walk to the ferry! Five  year old three bedroom home with easy access  onto Marine via dual cement driveways. Almostj  1800 square feet of IK ing space in plush wall to  wall and vinyl. Beam ceiling and brick heatilator  fireplace complement the decor and double  glazing keeps the billsdown. Much improved viewl  from the extra large deck if option exercised. The1  roses are blooming and the garden awaits your'  TLC. Try your offer. $78,900.  LANGDALE RIDGE: Executive home on  secluded lot on Pike Road. Top quality  construction with extra features such as:  1. heatilator fireplace  2. shake roof  3. 2 full bathrooms  4. double cart  5. 2 couwwdftun?  plus %0Bra|u|Riecfc  6. R 28 tspination in ceiling  7. R 20 insulation in walls  8. extra storage area  9. nearly 1300 sq. ft.  All this and a panoramic view from the 72' x 200'  lot in the prime area of top quality homes.  $99,500.  LOOKOUT AVE: West Porpoise Bay. The  perfect home to accommodate a large family,  Adjacent to arena, this three bedroom with  ensuile has 1200 square feel up and a self-  contained in-law suile down. Large landscaped lot  is the only developed piece in the area. No  comparisons at $68,000.  HOMES  ON  ACREAGE  MAPLEWOOD LANE: Split level superior  quality three bedroom home. Only a few months  old. Built by a building contrator as his personal  residence. Features include sunken living and  family rooms, formal dining and family eating  areas. Large walk-in closet, ensuite and sundeck  off master bedroom. Study or 4th bedroom and  carport. Close to all amenities in Gibsons Village.  Priced at $91,500.  GIBSONS VILLAGE: Bay area waterfront  older home. Very close to proposed marina and  existing boat launch. Very good future potential  in developing bay area. Home now vacant, use it  yourself or hold as revenue. $105,000.  NORTH RD: Over % acre of nicely landscaped  privacy, yet close to schools and shopping. Use it  as ahobby farm or just a place with room to move.  This gold medallion home uses cedar feature  walls and ceilings to give it that warm comfortable  feeling. The main house has 2 bedrooms while the  adjacent guest house provides the third bedroom.  Large carport could easily be converted into a  family room. Excellent value. $79,900.  LAWSON RD: West Sechelt. View with access  lo the water across the street. A little TLC and  this four bedroom home could be a winner. Silting  room with fireplace. Large 60 x 180 cleared lot.  $83,900.  GRANTHAMS LANDING: View. View, View.  Why not have your investrnepL^ring back 2  revenues? This older home^timGranthams  Area has been partiaiii^movat��igo two suites.  This building u^um befc^CfUtTinvestmenl for  Ihe handym^^Jwr^s a little work yet to do.  Tlie unobs'rurteJ view of the Gap, Keals and  Bluff is absolutely breathtaking. Priced to sell at.  $54,900  HALFMOON BAY: Walerfront home. Level  waterlront with good garden soil. Two year old  home of excellent quality. Laige family kitchen,  (living room has fireplace and hardwood floors.  Two large bedrooms, master with ensuite. Fully  finished ground level full basement is rented suite.  Total finished living area equals over 2700 square  feet. $135,000  GAMBIER ISLAND: Island Retreat or Year  Round. 1 acre on Gambier Harbour Road. 500  yards from the Isle Cultural Centre (Legion). This  work of love features cedar vaulled ceiling,  gourmel kitchen, centre fireplace, two bedrooms,  \\_ baths, wall to wall carpets and many other  features. Carport or boatport wilh workshop, 2  water systems, 220 volt power. 800 square feet of  decks. You have to see this. $75,000.  REED RD: Attractive in all seasons. 4.78 acres  mostly cleared. Stalls for 3 horses, chicken house  and run. Shake roof home has three bedrooms,  large antique brick fireplace. Extra large dining  room and a custom kitchen. $129,900.  HANBURY RD: Completely fenced 4.63 acre  parcel complemented by selective clearing and  landscaping. Approximately 3 acres in grass,  gardens, fruit Irees and meadows. The remaining  acreage in tall timber. Year round creek and pond  are spring fed. Fenced paslures aplenty for  livestock. Comfortable 1050 square feet, two  bedroom home is wood heated with electric  backup for low fuel bills. School bus stops on ihe  paved road out front. One of the nicest developed  pieces available, truly an idyllic spot for that  dream home, $94,900.  INVESMENT-COMMERCIAL-REVENUE  MARINE DR.: Bals Block. Commercial building  in Lower Gibsons. 5 rental units generatinga very  good return. Building has potential for further  development. For deiails contact us now.  $190,000  MEMBER SUNSHINE COAST REAL ESTATE ASSOCIATION  STEVE  SAWYER  886-7678  DAVE  ROBERTS  886-8040  JON  MCRAE  885-3670  LORRIE  GIRARD  886-7760  ARNE  PETTERSEN  886-9793 Sunshine Coast Realtor, October 10, 1980  SUNNYCREST  SHOPPING  CENTRE  886-2277  IBSONS  V*AND LAND DEVELOPMENT LTD.  R.R. #2, Gibsons, B.C. VON 1V0  LOTS LOTS LOTS  VANCOUVER  TOLL FREE  682-1513  ACREAGE  CREEKSIDE P,  all amenities!  All services  GOWER PT. RD  Strait. 69x2!  $28,500.  arge lot close to  \At)JFeady to build on.  ,900.  'oking Georgia  idy to build on.  CREEKSIDE PARK: 60 x 120 lol in Gibsons  Village. Ravine at rear (ur prfTfy, easy lo build  on, close to shuajifro^Mfulw^r^iced and some  view. Assumt%lAnjA<ffgemenl of approximately $13,500 *n0% interest with only $4,000  down.  HILLCREST RD: Ba  uitifuk  |HT*| view lot in  prestige .v.pit jfffa^kl  tvec  no wough street.  All servicetaktAgrowi  |^ic  fcjrKeals and ihe  Gap. $19,9^/^^  POPLAR LANE: 70 x^30*ai^andle lot on  sewer. ExcelietiHiej^n^HhoUXily one block  lo schools andS^Hjuir WBT'easy to build on lot  with private dri^Pway. $16,900.  ROBERTS CREEK ROAD: Over !. acre  beautiful treed parcel in Roberts Creek. Some  value in trees. Has been perc'd. These pieces do  not last. $27,000.  CARLSON PT T1LL1CUM BAY: Jf acre  waterfront. 112' of low bank Crown Lease  waterfront. Safe moorage. Water available. Try to  find any waler lots near Ihis price. $12,900.  CREEKSIDE CRES: Lot 14. tewiful60 x 120  building loi wifly��y^^W*itia��nlirea of new  preslige homes. ffpfc%^JIJw?lnacreek nearby.  $18,900 C/ "  MARINE DR: Lot on Marine Drive, Hopkins  Landing. 56 x 141. $16,900.  KEATS ISLAND: Ideal spot for summer retreat  in sheltered Eastbourn area. Don't miss this  opportunity to own your own piece of this Howe  Sound Island. Serviced by summer passenger  ferry or perhaps your own boat. Priced below  recent sales (or a quick sale. $7,350.  GRANDVIEW RD: Large *H^asures 81x141  with partial vifly. Jflfknfc bVrJpar^ed out with  driveway in afaMdj^P^tfurnome, Area of top  quality home3^8,900.  SANDY HOOK: Level corner lot with southwest exposure. Size 69 x 130 with paved road on  both sides. Power and water at site. Short  distance to beach and boat ramp. $10,500.  MOUNTAINVIEW DR: Lot 18^  dream home in the trees oythisl^  Estates lot. BoMfer^bT^bYreeJI  build behind f           easy to build a^HeJ/STand water hook-up fees  have been paid, $18,900.  GRANTHAMS HEIGHTS: Lot overlooking  Keats Island and some view of Georgia Strait. Lol  is 76 x 170, cleared and ready to build on.  Excellent residential area only one mile from  Gibsons. $19,900.  SEAVIEW RD: SandyH^k. E^ultil large 75 x  125 lots witlu^>ajBva|le��iewfcgponal water,  hydro, easy^jyBlonB^MJAniiay carry. Try  RUBY LAKE: 6'/_ acres on Ruby Creek. Just off  Ruby Lake. Paved road and power to the  property. Creek is a spawning ground (or trout.  Water permit has been obtained. Short distance  to boat ramp. A perfect place for your  recreational home. $37,000.  BOYLE RD:4.6acij  Regional  walei  building site or  Boyle Road."  >al secluded  tsfmeht. $35,000.  SAKINAW LAKE: Here is 35 acres with 800 feet  on the lakefront, accessible from Garden Bay,  Road or by water. Timber on, good moorage and  adjacent lots have cabins on. Southwest  exposure. $125,000.  LYNWOOD RD: Just off Hanbury Road, 5  acres. Land has been]��M��l oftf3fc ago and the  present tr?es ^^tIjllcivAjwceIu shaped.  Road down sid^j^wosback. A rare piece  these days. $47,500.  [  ANNE  GURNEY  886-2164  JOHN  HANSON  886-8295  TERRI  HANSON  886-8295  GARY  PUCKETT  886-9508  GREG  GRANT  886-7204 Sunshine Coast Realtor, October 10, 1980  BLOCK  BROS.  203 - 14th Street,  West Vancouver, B.C.V7T2P9I  INVESTMENT HOLDING  OPPORTUNITY  3 continguous building lots, 3 with potential I  view. They are across ihe road from and [  overlooking the prestigious new Gibsons future  Marina complex. You can purchase these lots  individually oi as a whole. Priced from* $22,500 !  lo $32,000. Call for more details and I  opportunity to view.  LIGHTS OF NANAIMO  This modest, immaculate ocean view home is  locaied on the West Sechelt Waterfronl  overlooking the Trail Islands and Straits of  Georgia. The property is surrounded by  beautiful gardens and terraced landscaping  extending towards the ocean. A gradual  winding path is your access to a level beach.  This rare and hard to (ind property would make  an ideal retirement or small family home. Priced  at $137,500. Please call lor more iniormation  and appointment to view.  "Vr-  ���n  INVESTMENT OPPORTUNITY  HALFMOON BAY - GENERAL STORE  AND POST OFFICE  Would you like a yield in excess o( 10"..on your  investment, which would also provide you with  Isi class living accommodatioi  fringe benefits, ownership  plus  numerous oppc  Present   owners   netttfcnW'-  yield  plus  or  Jliiu aiau | ii i is. mi   yi hi will  mmodatioqflfcpnsiderable  ship ofawphole property  ortlinflp  for  expansion.  presenl t  [or  depn  busine:  an 11".  unique and diver;  i, is well located in tht  Jar and well known sport!  fishing alW li is the one and only slore in an  j lhat is steadily expanding. The property  also contains large rental or storage facilities  Owners will carry some financing with  satisfactory covenant. Priced at $160,000  ISLAND IN THE SUN  This beautiful 5 acre island is located on the  Sunshine Coast in the middle of the protected  waters of Pender Harbour. The property is  naturally treed with numerous trails in a park  like setting. It has a 1 1/2 storey (1,860 sq. ft.)  renovated log home complete with attractive  furnishings, all appliances, sauna, pool room  and guesl cottage ��� PLUS, PLUS. There is a  large, new deep-water wharf that will acconv  odate a 50' vessel and two smaller craft.  The island has a steady water supply and is  equipped with hydro and telephone. Priced firm  at $400,000 ___  INVESTMENT  Would you like a yield in excess of 30".> on your  investment? This business (a coin laundry)  showed a yield of 26% on gross income last year  for present owner after allowance for major  capital replacement expenditures.  The business is located in a steadily expanding  area on the main highway near ihe community  business intersection. This well run coin  laundromal is a self employment opporlunily  requiring minimum time and ef'ort to operate.  The equipment is in top condition and paved  parking is available for a minimum of 20  vehicles. Expansion was contemplated by  present owner, and tentative approval has been  given to accommodate this and a long-term  tenant. The vendor (an equipmenl technician)  will provide regular preventative mainlenance  inspection for a minimal relainer, if purchaser so  desires. Financial statements available lo bona  fide purchaser. Price $38,000.  l-\_m  ilTSr  This well-constructed, partially built home is I  located in sundrenched Porpoise Bay with a I  potential view o( beautiful Sechelt Inlel with I  beach access close by. Present owner's plans I  have changed and he will not be able to I  complete ihis quality home. With sub-trades I  you could complete this house with some ol I  your own preferences in a relatively short time. I  This property is available to you for the owner's I  approximate cost of $49,900.  NELSON ISLAND (WATERFRONTAGE) |  ESTATE SALE  This .83 acre waterfront gov't lease lot is located I  in Telescope Passage. It has a domestic water I  lease & is close lo wharfage. This property was I  assessed at $12,800 for 1979. Sale Price I  $12,500. Call me and we will look at this one |  together.  1 jt^SeIHtS  FISHERMAN'S SPECIAL  How often when fishing your favourite waters I  have you thought, "It certainly would be nice to  have a place hei e!" Well, ihe present owners did I  just that at Egmont's bountiful fishing grounds. [  Fust, they acquired a government least' on an |  immediate waterfront lot, then transported over I  by boat the materials to construct tins modern I  two storey, six room A-frame home wiih al  majestic view of Egmonl and Jervis Inlet. There  is also a new private wharl with metal walkway  and deej) water moorage  Price $65,000.  Harold Jacques Res.885-902:  4&  *<&<&*  ��^c_  <5  A  i^Mitten  Realty Ltd.  Trail Bay Shopping Centre  HOMES  WILSON CREEK REVENUE  Uniquely designed 5 yr. old duplex, 1345 sq. It.  each side plus one bedroom in law suite under  one side. Spacious living room vaulted ceilings,  fireplaces. Mosl appliances included. Well  landscaped large lot. Assumable $61,000  morlgage at ll'A For into, call Emilie  Henderson at 885-5225. ��442  ROBERTS CREEK $79,500  'i of an acre with a creek and fruit tree;  desirable Roberts Creek, two bedroom family  home. Large living room with an airtight lor  cozy warmth. Kitchen is spacious and bright.  This property is two lots and one lot could be  sold retaining the other. Close to thebeachand  school and bus service outside the door. Ca  Suzanne Dunkerton for viewing. ��437  NEW HOMES - GIBSONS $66,900  We have six beautiful new homes just starting  on Fircrest Road. These are specially suitabli  for family living with 1086 sq. ft. on the main  floor, three bedrooms on main and a fourth in  ihe full daylight basement. For details contact  Emilie Henderson 885 5225 or Syd and Frances  Heal 886 7875. ��429/34  LOTS  WAKEFIELD ROAD $21,500  Privacy - creek - view. All in one package. This  lot is only (or thc creative. Call Don or Rene  Sutherland at 885-9362. ��297B  SECHELT $16,500  Over one half acre in the Village. Building silt'  has been cleared and driveway is in. Very  private and good possibility of future subdivision. Adjoining lots may also be purchased (also  one half acre each) totalling over one and a half  acres. Don't pass up this opportunity! Try your  offer today! Call Terry Bracket! 885 9865 or  Bronia Robins 885 9033. "398  IF YOU WANT PRIVACY,  and peace and quiet in a sunny, treed  environment, Ihis '.-, acre level lot in Welcome  Woods is a must to see! $18,900. Contact  Bronia at 885-9033. ��413  WEST PORPOISE BAY $12,900  Nice level lot located in the village. This lot is  selectively cleared and ready to build on. Waler  and hydro. Contacl Terry Brackett al 885 9865.  3287  BEAUTIFUL $35,000  One-acre piece off Roberts Creek Rd. I his one  is cleared, level, has an ocean view, and affords  complete privacy. It won't lasl long, so call Dal  Grauer at 885 3808 before it's too late.  ��393  BUY AT TODAYS PRICES $12,500  Don'l miss out on this view lol (jusi requires  secondary alder growlh removed). On paved  road wilh all services. If you buy ��375 & ��376,  this would make a good investment. For more  information Please call Syd or Frances Heal at  8867875. ��374  DON'T BE LIKE OTHERS  who wish Ihey had bought at lasl years prices.  Good view lot (a little alder needs clearing)  together with ��374 & f>375 this group of three  makes a real nice estate. For more information  please call Syd ot Frances Heal al 886 7875.  *376  SECHELT VILLAGE $14,500  Six nicely treed lots, garden soil, close to water.  Don & Rene Sutherland have details at 885  9362. *299  TARZAN & JANE  would be prpud to own this one acre jungle lot.  Magnificent Irees need a little clearing to open  up a technicolor view righl across the gulf to  Vancouver Island. Okay, there arc access  problems bul ihere is privacy and a unique  setting for a cottage close by the sea. Terms  available. Syd or Frances Heal al 886 7875.  8403  PRICES ARE ON THE UPSWING$12,500  but we have this lovely buildin'g lol wilh good  view polential - just clear away the alder brush.  Can be bought together wilh ��374 & f376 to  make nice estate. For more information please  call Syd of Frances Heal al 886-7875.      "375  SUPER LARGE LOTS $15,000 ea.  Sloping lots, large fir Irees, potential view, sewer  in near future make these village lots an  excellenl investment for future. Call Don or  Rene Sutherland at 885-9362. ?267  WILSON CREEK  Where the sun al'  with a soutjmtifxpt  Call Suzan"  lolly, level lot  Tential  3971. i��414  WEST SECHELT $23,500  Invest now in this hard-to-find view lot. Building  site has been cleared s.m6 levelled. Short walk to  Pebble Beach. Won't last. Call Terry Brackelt  at 885-9865. ��4I8  TUWANEK $10,500  Nicely wooded view loi near beach acces  Water and hydro available, look al this piic  Call Terry Btackeit 8859865. K358  PRICE REDUCED  on this very large treed lot in Madeira Park  Excellent value at $11,000! Vendor will carry  75".. of financing al 11%, Property has view and  is within walking distance to stores and  government wharf. Call Bronia al 885 9033.  ��335  MEMBER SUNSHINE COAST  REAL ESTATE ASSOCIATON  885-3295  Vancouver Toll Free  681-7931 Mitten Realty Ltd.  Sunshine Coast Realtor, October 10, 1980  Vancouver Toll Free  681-7931  fe  Ot  Trail Bay Mall  Box 979  Sechelt, B.C. 885-3295  VON 3A0        MEMBER OF "RELOCATION SERVICES CANADA" REFERRAL SYSTEM.   WE HAVE A TRADE PLAN FOR HOMES, PLEASE CALL FOR DETAILS.  Conveniently located in Sechelt's Trail Bay Shopping Centre  WATERFRONT  HOMES  A GUARANTEED INVESTMENT  Sundrenched 2800 sq. ft. rancher with a million  dollar view! 3 bedrooms (master with ensuite  and fireplace). Skylit living room with vaulted  ceiling, fully applianced Jenn Air Kitchen.  Lovely large dining room. Huge cedar sundeck.  All this located on 1.37 acres with approx. 170'  of PRIME WATERFRONT IN ROBERTS  CREEK. Plus a guest cottage as a bonus!  Asking $285,000 with terms. By appointment  only call Corry Ross 885-9250 MLS.        #321  MOBILE HOME  ON WATERFRONT $63,500  Want a summer home on tfrbtwftterfront in  beautiful Pender H^'* th* c��Don Lock  (or all detail^i��i^lM6^^* mobile on  concrete o.faLlmgtJ' Wflvconcrete patio &  covered sui^p< are yours for just $20,000  down and owner will carry on acceptable  credit. ��408  SAKINAW LAKE $130,000  Almost 'j mile of waterfront. 16 (more or less)  acres. Boat access only for total privacy. Two  dwellings on property plus boat house in private  sheltered bay. This is beauliful recreational  properly with subdivision possibilities. Ideal  group purchase vendor will carry up to $90,000.  Call Emilie Henderson. #340  COMMERCIAL WATERFRONT $150,000  1(10 feet ol prime waterfronl in downtown  Gibsons. Zoning is C4 and there is an income  producing building on the property. With  Gibsons growing as il is and a new Marina  proposed this piece has great potential. Phone  Suzanne Dunkerton at 8853971 foi more  information. ��400  NARROWS INLET $35,000  Gel your friends together and invest now in  seven acres ol remote Waterlroni. What a  hideaway! Tins heavily treed properly has a  year round stream to harness for your power  supply. Plus over seven hundred feet on the  shoreline with easy access. Use an Alaskan  sawmill to cut all your lumber for your dream  home from the heavy stand of limber. Don't  wait! Call Terry Brackett (or all deiails at 885  9865. ��332  AFFORDABLE  WATERFRONT $19,000 - $24,500  For the innovative & industrious. Trail Island  acreage lols, Sechelt Inlel lease lots with cabins.  Terms availably. Don & Rene have details at  8859362. "445  BE PREPARED...  for an exquisite piece of waterfront. Located in  Tuwanek, this property will really surprise you.  Fantastic view across Sechelt Inlet. A small  island shelters this 112 ft. of low bank  waterfront. The charming two bedroom home is  surrounded by fruit trees and simple but  effective landscaping. Private driveway.  $114,000. Call Don or Rene Sutherland at 885-  9362. #443  PENDER HARBOUR $80,000  Almost 150' total of (ideal waterfront on  Gerrans Bay. Beauliful view of harbour. Two  separate lots to be sold as package. Vendor may  carry. Call Emilie Henderson 885-5225 or Don  Lock 885-3730. ��447  GEODESIC DOMES $99,000  Brand new, totally unique home in West  Sechelt. Two bedrooms plus study, private  sundeck off circular 24' living room. Ideally  suited for adult living. Located on large view lot  with subdivision approval. Call Emilie Henderson at 885-5225. #368  SUNSHINE HEIGHTS $79,500  Energy efficient is the appropriate word to  describe this lovely home. Twofufuilaces as well  as good healer irjjasrfieni��ll��)uble glazed  windows. pu^enrgkwroonffS well ils rGC  room and^^woiwi.sfluie sundeck with a  hreathiakiggylwowrlookinq the inlet. Storage  shed and beautifully landscaped lot. Terry  Brackett has all deiails at 885-9865. ��438  REDROOFFS ROAD $79,500  A combination of waterlront and forest  makes this property of approximately 1.3  acres an ideal investment! Features include  a cozy summer cabin, (19' x 22') on just over  100 fl. of level beach; lovely sand bar at low  tide; terraced garden; large level building site  at the top of the lot with ecslatic view of  Merry and Vancouver Island; and magnificent sunsets. The setting is simply  breathtaking! Contact Bronia at 885-9033.     #439  ACREAGE  ROBERTS CREEK $77,600  Ten gorgeous acres near Crowe Road. Lovely.  orchard in small meadow with year-round  creek. There is no legal access constructed to  this tasty find, but road allowance from 101 is  surveyed. Vendor will take cost of road into  consideration when looking at offers. Road may  be constructed to any standard satisfactory to  purchaser and Highways will give all timber  from road allowance to help defray costs. Here  is a chance to live in a secluded rural setting  second to none. Dal Grauer at 885-3808. #347  JUST LISTED  4.6 acres ��� Reid Road. Two dwellings on this  nicely cleared parcel plus barn and chicken  house. For more information call Don or Rene  Sutherland 885-9362. #446  RECREATIONAL  PROPERTY  RECREATIONAL WATERFRONT  The best (or less waterfront recreational lots  with rustic cabins for only $368.00 per year  Provincial Land Lease. The cabins are offered at  $25,500 and $23,500. Small annual payments  give you access to the waterfront we all dream  ol. Rene or Don Sutherland will provide all  details. Give us a call al 885-9362. "382  DAVIS BAY  Two bedroom semi-walerfronl home in prime  location. Thc lot lias been fully fenced. Oulside  you'll find two storage sheds, a double carport  and large sundeck. This home features a den,  large utility area, heatilator fireplace, as well as  ensuite plumbing. One block to school,  daycare, store and wharf. Enjoy the beautiful  sunsets from your living room and dining area.  The view is unbelievable!! Terry Brackett will  give you details 885 9865. #441  SELMA PARK $18,000  Just listed MLS Investment (or someone  looking (or a summer home. Small cottage on  lease land with acorn (ireplace. Private setting.  Purchase price includes four appliances.  Presently rented for $300 per month. Owner will  talk terms. Invest now! Call Terry Brackett at  885-9865. *354  COMMERCIAL  PROPERTY  INDUSTRIAL PROPERTY $32,900  1 acre situated in Wilson Creek off Field Road.  Light industrial zoning. Good investment  properly. Emilie Henderson 885 5225.      =338  1 ACRE LOT $17,500  Excellent building lot in commercial section of  Madeira Park. All services are at roadside. Call  Don Lock 885 3730 (or details "444  WEST SECHELT $139,5001  Well appointed view home in desirable West I  Sechelt. This large home features five I  bedrooms, formal dining area, two fireplaces I  plus two and one half baths. The modern I  kitchen includes a Jenn Air Range, eye level I  oven, garborator as well as teak cabinets. [  Outside you'll find a 20' x 40' swimming pool as I  well as sundecks and a double carport. The I  property is almost one half acre bordered by a I  creek. On sewer. Many more deluxe features I  too numerous to list. Terry Brackett 885-9865 I  or Don Lock 885-3730 will be more than pleased I  to show you this fine home. #4401  VIEW, VIEW, VIEW! $79,5001  Located on Point Road, Hopkins Landing this 3 |  b/r remodelled home has everything: - Free  standing fireplace, built-in dishwasher - sun 1  deck ��� half basement ��� electric heat and I  exceptional view. Designed for year round I  occupation or recreational use. Walking I  distance (rom lerry terminal and store. Price I  includes all furniture and appliances. Call Don I  Lock 885-3730 for all deiails. #435 I  WEST SECHELT  >/_ ACRE ON CREEK $115,9001  Casual elegance is prominenl in this 1620 sq. ft, [  one level home. Fireplaces in both living room I  and bedroom. Kitchen designed wilh chef in I  mind. Fish (rom your sundeck. Private treed I  setting. Call Emilie Henderson for more details I  at 885-5225. ��394 I  DAVIS BAY $100,0001  The location of ihis unfinished hoo^is second I  to none in sunny DavisBitf'It i*(^fcl C2and|  would be ifieaUwd^JQwt coAigPai outlet I  with living qulBfcfeeJe *#^orry Ross 885- \  9250 or Don W 8855730 for further details. I  93961  PENDER HARBOUR  Are you looking for privacy? An unbeatable1  view? Quiet surroundings? This line home|  offers all this and more. Look al the leatures,  sunken living room, sunken tub, handpaintedl  murals, vaulted ceilings, ensuile off master |  bedroom. Three levels of gracious living plus  large patio atop for viewing the Harbour. Thel  ultimate in line living. Call Terry Brackelt (or all I  deiails on ihis fine home at 885-9865       *3891  DAVIS BAY $89,500 I  Immaculate four bedroom in popular Davis Bay. I  Spectacular view. Three bright bedrooms on I  main and one down. Fireplace on main with I  Fisher stove hooked into heating system in I  basement. All windows are thermopane. [  Expensive rosewood cabinets and fealure walls I  in living room. Also Sauna. Close to School and I  Wharf. Contact Terry Brackett to view this fine [  home at 885 9865 #409 |  MEMBER SUNSHINE COAST REAL ESTATE ASSOCIATION  POWELL RIVER  WEST VANCOUVER  NORTH VANCOUVER  RAY  BERNIER  SALES MGR.  EMILIE  HENDERSON  DAL  GRAUER  885-3808  BRONIA  ROBINS  885-9033  GAYLE  ADAMS  883-9364  RENE  SUTHERLAND  885-9362  TERRY  BRACKETT  885-9865  SUZANNE  DUNKERTON  CORRY  ROSS  885-9250  DONALD  SUTHERLAND  SYD & FRANCES  HEAL  886-7875  DON  LOCK  HtNRY  HALL  885-2520  ERIC  RUDLAND  KINGSWAYl  SURREY  LANGLEY Sunshine CoasI Realtor, October 10, 1980  BOX 1490,  WHARF ROAD  SECHELT, B.C.  VON-3A0  OnluiK  (TT  21  PHONE  885-2235  VANCOUVER  689-5838  (Toll Free)  CENTURY WEST REAL ESTATE  HOMES  HOMES  BEAUTIFUL HOME FOR  BEAUTIFUL PEOPLE No. 558  This fine home is extremely well finished and well  buill. Some ol the quality features include Arizona  Sandstone fireplace, 2x6 walls with heavy  insulation, wood heater, separate garage, plenty  ol storage & work areas, low maintenance  landscaping. Sundecks all covered, some good  Wesl Sechelt VIEW, large bathroom with sunken  tub, separate shower. Ail tastefully decorated.  For an appointment to view call Larry or Ruth  Moore 885-9213 or George Longman 886 8548.  CONSERVE ENERGY No. 468  This 6 bedroom home has two kitchens, 3  bathrooms, family room, large sundeck all on a  large lot. Only 5 years old and $89,500 C.  Dowman 885-9374.  VIEW-  WILSON CREEK No. 386  For just $78,000 you can own this 3 bedroom  family home with spectacular view in Wilson  Creek, For more details call Leslie Filch 885 9057  or Ruth Moore 885-9213.  NEW ON MARKET  VIEW HOME IN  ROBERTS CREEK No. 576  New 1200 sq. ft. 2 bedroom Lynwood Home on 5  acres in desirable Roberts Creek. Beautiful view  of Gabriola Island from deck. This rare 5 acre  parcel adjacent to Cheryl-Anne Subdivision on  south side. Possible subdivision potential at later  date. Warm, cozy home, nicly finished, Parquel  floor in living room, all double windows. Don't  miss the chance of ihis lovely cedar home and  acreage. Can be yours for $120,000 Bill Walkey  885 5327.  GIBSONS No. 541  Looking for small acreage. Privacy plus custom  buiit home! Curved driveway leads to 3-bedroom  post and beam home with attached carport.  Quality ash cabinets in kitchen, skylight, L-  shaped dining and living room, heatilator brick  fireplace, laundry off the kitchen 2-pc ensuite.  Cedar ceiling throughout the house. Patio,  vegetable garden, fruit trees $105,000. Call Eva  Carsky to view this lovely property at 886-8194 or  886-7126.  THE HUSH OF  COUNTRY LIVING No. 569  This well built small home is situated on a great  one acre plus! Wonderful garden area, cleared  areas, some large trees and privacy abound. Just  $40,000 - by appointment only cali Larry or Rulh  Moore 885-9213.  MAKE ME AN OFFER... No. 457  The owner can't refuse, and you might be  surprised at the answer. Ask about the beautiful  ocean view from this 1100 sq. fl. Selma Park 3  bedroom home. You can have the view for 600 a  year lease plus $35,000 for the home. Call me and  ask about this rare opportunity. Bill Walkey 885-  5327.  ONLY 5 ACRES BETWEEN  LANGDALE AND GIBSONS No. 480  Beautiful land only 1 mile from Gibsons, l_ii mile  from Langdale, 300 (eet road froniage! Plus 2  bedrooms, 24 x 60 Esia Villa home with  conventional roof. Spacious living, dining room  with built-in china cabinet. Family room, all  carpeted, 2 baths. Large sundeck, chicken house  and 2 stall horse barn. Two dwellings permilted  on property, ideal for 2 families or build your  dream home, Asking $110,000. For appointment  lo view call Eva Carsky al 885-2235or 886-7126at  any time.  SECHELT STARTER No. 540  Desirable 3 bedroom family home with basement  - finish basement losuit yourneedslHomeboasts  Spacious kitchen and has potential ocean view.  Ideal family home! Priced very reasonably at  $64,900 with assumable 10J_% morlgage Call  Lynn Wilson at 885-5755 or Rita Percheson at  885 5706.  r��V  '^-���'.     -'";-   -,'  i ;  -"^. '*        '"^'V  ^        '-  -^-'^iuX-rt!1-  -������M   tffe-   ���.,.lli <"'���:'",i r  itti'i ���  ,"^'::' ������'.���i'.'-i   : '. :''i-'7>  VIEW WEST SECHELT No. 503  2100 SQUARE FOOT LINDAL CEDAR  HOME. 4 spacious bedrooms with ample  slorage. Gourmet kitchen, family room wilh see-  through (ireplace. Features too numerous to  mention. For the ultimate in family living call  Leslie Filch al 885 9057.  LOCK UP YOUR DAUGHTERS!    No. 502  But first take a look at this quality lock-up  construction in Sandy Hook. Almost 1500 sq. ft.  of modem design vaulted ceiling, 3 bedrooms,  fantastic view, huge lot, the list is endless. This  package is well priced at $93,000. Call Bill  Walkey at 885-5327 for further details.  "MAKE NATURE YOUR NEIGHBOR,  THE CITY A CLOSE FRIEND"       No. 485  9.43 acres in Roberts Creek. 1520 sq It. 3  bedroom home with ocean view, a few extras to  mention are duck pond, barn, corral, drilled well  and wrap around sundeck. Asking price  $139,000. George Longman at 8868548  LANGDALE No. 555  Large family - looking (or value and a view. Four  bedroom full basement home with over 1700 sq.  (t. of finished floor area on each level. Basement  suite is furnished, ready for in-laws or whatever.  Heating bills are no problem here, Franklin  (ireplace in basemenl area does the trick.  Vegetable garden in rear helps with the food bill.  Don't miss this one at $110,000. Call Lynda 886-  7552 or 886-8194.  SECHELT TOWNHOUSES  PANORAMIC VIEW  Luxurious 2 level townhouses on the upper level are large living ���  dining room with vaulted ceiling and heatilator fireplace, also den  and powder room. Kitchen has stove, fridge, dishwasher &  garburator. The lower level has 3 bedrooms, bathroom & laundry  room with washer & dryer. Balconies on both levels where you can  relax and enjoy the spectacular view. Many other features. Priced  from $83,500 to $88,500. Inspect these units to-day with Lynn  Wilson at 885-5755.  1  ���*.~ mkf*'imut.M  L f*HH  m_p  ���    ~'_j   ..  "HANDYMAN SPECIAL  IN GIBSONS" No. 525  768 sq. f I. single side, 2 bedroom mobile home, an  addition of 768 sq. ft. has been completed to floor  joists and could be completed by someone handy  with a hammer and saw. Located on a large 70 x  220 lot. Asking $37,000. George Longman 886-  8548  REDROOFFS HOME No. 455  1325 sq. ft., 3 bedroom home, 3 levels modern  fealures galore, situated on an extra large lol  complete with large well built barn. Some  landscaping needed to create an absolutely  beautiful home. Asking price $89,900 George  Longman 886-8548 Or Lany Reardon 885 9320  CREATE YOUR ESTATE NOW! No. 564  Lucky you! Modern 2 bedroom full basement  home. Elec. heat. Sewered. Over'_ acre central  Sechelt locale. Near dock & park. Zoned duplex.  Great place to watch Sechelt grow and think o(  your own future. $95,000only a bit more than the  average home. Tiny Bob - a lot more than the  average salesman 885 9461.  QUALITY & QUANTITY No. 539  All the joys ol rural living can be yours here in this  executive split level home of over 2800 sq. It. of  finished area. Formal dining area, 12' floor to  ceiling fireplace, spiral staircase, spacious 23 x 14  kitchen, and 4 bedrooms acH up to everything  you're looking for in a quality home for your  family. The pets are taken care of too wit h over 9  acres of selectively cleared romping room. What  more could you want for the listed price of  $230,000. Lynda Hickman 886-7352.  REAL BARGAIN! No. 547  Comfortable 2 bedroom maintenance free home  on nicely landscaped lol within walking distance  of all amenities. Large cement patio and  workshop are just a few of the extras that can be  yours lor only $52,500 firm. Call Lynda 886 8194  or 885 7352.  WHISTLER  ��� Downhill Skiing  ��� Hiking  ��� Skating  ��� Golfing  ��� Nordic Skiing  ��� Boating  Become a part of one of  the fastest growing resort  communities in North  America.  Be the registered owner  (indefeasible title) of a  time share unit in a lake-  front condominium only  five minutes walk from the  Gondola.  Prices start at only $3,600  (summer) and $4,300 (winter).  For details call Pat Parker  at 885-5615 or 885-2235.  LYNDA HICKMAN  RITA PERCHESON  MEMBER SUNSHINE COAST     "TWO OFFICES TO SERVE YOU"  PAT PARKER LESLIE FITCH  PETER SMITH GEORGE LONGMAN    LARRY REARDON PHONE  886-8194  VANCOUVER  689-5838  (Toll Free)  Qnluw.  HOMES  CENTURY WEST REAL ESTATE  Sunshine CoasI Realtor, October 10, 1980  DENTAL CENTRE       *V^  GIBSONS %QJ  %  ^.rf^v   "  HOME AT THE LAKE No. 554 almost new workshop full of equipment, a "guest  Rarelydoessuchanatlracliveparcelcomeonlhe cottage" and several olher buildings. Shared  markel so be sure you check this one. Very neat moorage at the float directly in Iront and lols of  916 sq. ft. mobile home on just over eight tenths of fish in the lake. Oh yes! Il's just $80,000. Berl 885-  an  acre  overlooking  Garden  Bay  Lake wilh 3746.  PERFECTION IN  RURAL LIVING No. 568  Everything you possibly want is here. 0.97 acre,  view and quality built home with sunken living  room, family room, den plus 3 good size  bedrooms, Quality carpets throughout, parquet  floor in dining room and kitchen. Sunny south  exposure with large sundeck to enjoy the  summer. Must be seen! To view or more  information call Eva at 886-8194 or 886-7126.  $120,000.  IS THIS A BUY? No. 552  You bet!!! Only $49,900 fur this two bedroom  1152 square foot home. A choice West Sechelt  location, close to schools, level lot, plenty of living  areas, some trees for privacy and less than  $50,000. To view call Larry or Ruth Moore 885-  9213.  SPREAD YOUR WINGS No. 410  And move into this extra large home - plenty of  room for family and friends. Five bedrooms, large  country kitchen, formal dining room, recreation  room, plenty of plumbing. All this for only  $82,500 with a very good assumable mortgage  and located in a quiet cul-de-sac location in West  Sechelt. Ruth Moore 885-9213 or George  Longman 886-8548.  ACREAGE  TALL TIMBERS -  QUIET LAKE No. 315  Where? Right on the Irvines Landing Road and  this 6 acre parcel has a small level area for building  purposes just as the bend of the road across from  Hotel Lake. You'll have the best of two locations  too as it's just minutes to all the action at Pender  Harbour. Nict stand of timber on the sloping  back of the property. Ask for just $28,500 with  some terms. Bert 885-3746.  5 ACRES - RUBY LAKE No. 241  Be a land baron on this nicely treed 5 acre parcel  near Ruby Lake. Excellenl boating and fishing  nearby. To view call Leslie Fitch 885-9057 or Eva  Carsky 886-7126.  V_ ACRE No. 533  CHOICE 80' x 250' lot in desirable Redrooffs  area. Ample room for large vegetable garden and  landscaped privacy. Excellent holding property,  Only $14,000. Compare. This one won't last  long! Call Rita Percheson 885-2235.  KELINDALE ACREAGE No. 3884  This residential subdivision offers a number of  fine 2 acre parcels, each in its'own natural setting,  virtually undisturbed save for paved road access.  Located at Kleindale and good fishing/boating  areas and attractively priced from $18,500. You  should see these acreages, available with terms  too. Bert Walker at 885-3746.  BUSINESS  OPPORTUNITIES  STOP MESSING AROUND No. 495  And get down to serious thoughts of your future.  The only Grocery Hot Food outlet of its kind in  the whole area. Year round business (rom this  unique combination assured. Add to this a 1200  sq. ft. cozy home and you're all sel. Asking  $175,000 (or this chance in a million. Bill Walkey  885-5327.  PENDER HARBOUR $98,900 No. 350  This 8 acres zoned light industrial and/or othei  uses, has great potential. It lies almost opposite  Francis Peninsula turnoff on both sides ot  Highway 101 next to the building supply and  laundromat. It has good water access and is a  fairly flat piece easily developed. Larry Reardon.  885 9320.  UNIQUE ANTIQUE  BOUTIQUE No. 575  This is a great opportunity to break into the high  demand antique business. The fabric business  that goes with it is agold mine in disguise. Owner  has private access to fabric importers that gives  tremendous price advantages over competitors.  With correctly applied capitalization this business  offers untold opportunities. Owner will give 3-5  year lease for $250, all inclusive, for 450 sq. ft.  store. Price of $15,000 includes everything -  antiques, clothing, equipment, fabric and the  names of the importers who are willing lo work  closely with new business owner. Don't miss this  steal, call Bill Walkey at 885-5327.  WRENCH YOURSELF No. 509  Into a fantastic Auto Repair Business. You  deserve thc superb returns this investment will  give you. There is a parts dealership with this  business that will give you a tremendous  advantage over competitors. Don'l wait for  someone to beat you to it. At $45,000, it's a  chance you daren't miss. Bill Walkey 885 5327.  LET'S GET A BUSINESS! No. 501  You're off to a good start with this growing fabric-  store at an affordable price. For furlher details call  Lynda 886-7352.  REAL ESTATE ASSOCIATION  GIBSONS 886-8194  LOTS  i��� SANDY HOOK���OCEAN VIEW���SANDY HOOK-  EN��ANGERED   $12,500 BILL^KEY  I OCEAN VIEW 885-5327 OCEAN VIEW-  LARGE TREED LOT No. 560  This fine building lol has slighl bank at Ihe road  and large level building site. This fine lot is in an  area restricted to homes only. Well priced at jusi  $16,900. Larry or Rulh Moore 885 9213.  RECREATION LOT No. 184  Close to boat launching ramp& beach. In relaxed  area away from all hustle and bustle. Sewer  available also water, hydro and phone. Be sure to  see this lot, priced to sell at $16,900. Lynn Wilson  885-5755.  TUWANEK No. 461  This nicely treed lot is only minutes from Sechelt.  Lovely creek flowing through the property.  Please call Leslie Filch 885-9057 or Larry Reardon  885-9320.  WEST SECHELT No. 549  Great building site on Norwest Bay Road. All  services available except sewer. Close to  shopping and schools. Asking only $13,500. Pat  Parker 885-5615  "BODY & SOIL" No. 257  YOU CAN OWN ME! MY AGENT ONCELAID  MY OUTLOOK BARE ��� BUT I QUICKLY  GREW A SCREEN OF GREEN. I'M A SVELTE  85 x 148 FT. POISED HIGH UPON MASON  HILL, READILY ACCESSIBLE TO THE SEAS.  YOU CAN COVER ME FOR $26,500 F.P.  TINKLE TINY AT 885-9461!  FOR THE GOOD LIFE No. 566  Buy this beautiful treed lot in prestigious. West  Sechelt. Near level (future ocean view?) wilh  attractive Japanese garden rock out - cropping.  Serviced by paved road, hydro, water and ready  to build that dream home. $19,900. Rita  Percheson 885-5706.  PRICE ��� YOU BET!!  Several Sandy Hook and Tuwanek lots are still  available, some with view some without. All  available on terms and top price is only $12,500.  For investment or recreation. Call Larry or Ruth  Moore 885-9213.  A PRIVATE SPOT No. 383  A perfect lot for someone who wants lo be right in  the Village of Sechelt and close to all  conveniences. Just blocks to shops, schools &  beaches. Extra large lots of trees and rocks and  priced at just $15,900. Larry or Ruth Moore 885-  9213.  BUILD THAT CABIN! No. 572  One you can enjoy year round wilh variety. Fish -  swim ��� boat. Trails to explore. Rich earth, fairly  level & mostly cleared 75 x 110ft., central to many  leisure endeavours. Special $9,450, call Tiny Bob  885-9461.  ENJOY SUN & VIEW No. 571  A good lot in  Sandy Hook, upper side of  Deerhorn Drive. 75xll0,ahomeoneach side, a  backhoe will put your driveway in jig time. Asking  $12,500. Your offer? Peler Smith 885-9463.  HERE IS YOUR PRIVACY No. 296  Big lot, big view - yes it is a bit steep, but great  potential with south west exposure in Sandy  Hook cul-de-sac.  276' long,  132' at bottom.  Asking $12,500. Peter 885-9463.  PRESTIGE No. 563  Lot in West Sechelt on quiet, safe, cul-de-sac.  This choice treed property is serviced by sewer,  water, hydro and paved road. Level building site.  Rita Percheson 885-5706.  GREAT LOT ���  WITH OCEAN VIEW No. 181  Located in area of better homes, all services  available. Close to beach and boat launching  ramp. Only $15,900 ��� call Lynn Wilson 885 5755.  tb5    nniZL  CENTURY WEST REAL ESTATE  AGENTS FOR  M.D. MACKENZIE LIMITED  lilMMb  Plans and Brochures available  FREE ESTIMATES  Call Lorry Moore 885-2235  FOR THE GOOD LIFE No. 499/500  Two fine lots within the Village of Sechelt  boundaries ready for building now and priced at  jusi $12,900 each. Larry or Ruth Moore 885-  9213.  VILLAGE LOTS No. 292/293  New area developing - worth looking into. Priced  reasonably $12,500. Call Lynn Wilson 885-5755.  nur.il.r.v.mr.,.mi:n,.,.i  ______z________  Do you drive a Truck or Auto?  More than usual - Logging  Truck ��� Dump Truck - Taxi  or just plain drive many miles  a year? We can cover you on the Job  or just  for  pleasure  in  case  of  accidental death for as little as $15  annual.  ASK US FOR FULL DETAILS  YOUR  PROTECTION  NUMBER  885-2235  TINY BOB  SECHELT 885-2235  BILL WALKEY RUTH MOORE  R.B. "TINY BOB" KENT   LYNN WILSON  ED BAKER  LARRY MOORE  EVA CARSKY  BERT WALKER Sunshine Coast Realtor, October 10, 1980  Box 100  Madeira Park,  B.C.  883-2233  | Olli Sladey  % REALTY   LTD.  Toll Free From  Vancouver:  689-7623  \     HOMES     [  Member of Multiple Lilting Service  | WATERFRONT LOTS & ACREAGE |  mr m  MADEIRA PARK  Dogwood Drive, built  ensuite, basemenl with  sundeck, carport. $79.  3 BR view home on  1972. Masler bedroom  i 4lh bedroom. Covered  000  . - a a.  CLAYDON ROAD ��� GARDEN BAY  semi waterlront 2 BR home, approx. 1242 sq.  It., partial basement. Needs some finishing.  Adjoins private marina. $70,000.   1.  MADEIRA PARK - steep view lols,  serviced   $11,000 & $14,000.  2. EARL COVE ��� Several lols to choose Irom.  Priced from $13,000 lo $21,000.  ACREAGE  1, KLEINDALE ��� Approx. 5 'reed acres on  Highway 101. $21,000.  2.   Near  MADEIRA  PARK  -   15 acres,  approx. 2150 It. on Hwy. 101. $44,000.  3. RUBY LAKE - nice 2 acre recreational  property, driveway in from Hallowell Road,  view. $24,000.  4. FRANCIS PENINSULA (Beaver Island) -  approx. .9 acre lot, partially cleared, driveway  in, seplic tank & drainfield installed. $19,000.  5. MIDDLE POINT - approx. 19 acres on  Hwy 101. Nicely treed property with roads and  trails throughout. Furnished cabin. $89,000.  6. HOTEL LAKE - 9.86 Ireed acres, semiwaterfront, southern exposure, good view. 314  It. road froniage. $39,500.  7. KLEINDALE: approx. 13.5acreswith 12'  x 68' mobile home, old house and view. An  excellenl property lor $79,500,  8. KLEINDALE approx. 2.2 acres with  building sile cleared, good driveway, septic  permil approved $28,000.  MtMIW MOKER  IVKTiPAfiol  Coast to Coast  Real Estate Service  m  3  GARDEN BAY ���! BR home, lol al of approx.  1728 sq. fl. on 2 levels. Urge sundeck. double  Carporl and nicely landscaped lol  $67,500.  ���X S  GARDEN BAY ESTATES approx. l,440sq.  fl. deluxe modular home. 2 BR, master BR  nsuite, Fireplace, double windows, 5 appliances & drapes. On landscaped & naturally  treed lot, close to marinas, stores and post  office. Price reduced lo $64,000  EGMONT - 7 acres with 540 ft. low bank  waterfront. Site has been prepared for possible  jse as a large WF trailer-camper park and  ishing resort, This is an excellent property  adjoining the Egmont Marina. $180,000-  Owner will finance at hank interest rate.  '*2$^��i^r  GERALD ISLAND approx. 28 acre island  with 2 beaches. Locaied jusi off Vancouver  Island between Nanoose Harbour and North  west Bay. $185,000.  EGMONT -Approx. 3.8 acres with approx. 550  ft. low bank waterfront. Float, launching ramp  & log dump. Drilled well & pump. Considerable  land development done by owner. $165,000.  ST. VINCENT BAY   -  Approx.  400 ft.  waterfronl, 5.97 acres, waler access. $29,500.  SALTERY BAY - 200 ft. fairly level  /aterfront, approx. 'j acre lot, southerly  xposure. 4 BR, 1350 sq. ft. home, built 1970,  with 2 bathrooms, finished basemenl area. 3  appliances. Ramp & float. $110,000.  LOTS  | commercial|  3. KENT ROAD - 1.5 acre Ireed parcel in  Bargain Harbour area. Hydro pole and power  on property. Existing septic tank and drainfield  could possibly be used. Only 600 It. to public  waterlroni access on Bargain Harbour.  $25,000 ��� open to olfers.  4.GARDEN BAY AREA ��� building lots, some  with view. $11,000 - $22,000.  5. FRANCIS PENINSULA (Beaver Island)  ��� partially landscaped lot wilh 23' travel trailer,  septic tank & drainfield. $25,000.  LAKEFRONT PROPERTlEsf  HOTEL LAKE - Approx. 2,200ft. lakefront ���  87 acres (more or less), merchantable timber.  $292,000.  MIXAL LAKE ��� near Garden Bay ��� approx.  113 acres with 1,200 ft. (more or less) lakelront.  Merchantable timber. $264,000.  SAKINAW LAKE - approx. 165ft. lakefront,  7 (more or less) acres, small cabin. Water  access only. $41,000.  SAKINAW LAKE - 165 acres (more or less),  with approx. 4,840 ft. choice lakefront. Road  access from Garden Bay Road & jeep roads  throughout property. Owners would carry a  large amount by agreement for sale. $305,000.  GARDEN BAY LAKE ��� 46.9 acres with  approx. 2,200 ft. lakefront, situated on Garden  Bay Road and Claydon Road. Merchantable  timber. $285,000.  CONTRUCTION COMPANY  FOR SALE  in one complete unit  Situaied in Pender Harbour. Approx. 16acres  of hard lo find industrial land containing the  following:  One acre leased to Readi-Mix Company,  A Gravel Pit,  32' x 80' metal clad building, divided into 3  units,  Owner's residence - 24' x 48' Moduline home,  ensuite,  The   following   construction   equipment   is  included in the sale:  1970 Mack dump truck,  1975 Mack dump truck,  1980 450c John Deere Track Loader.  1979 Case Backhoe with 4 in 1 bucket.  1961 Champion Grader.  1979 John Deere 544B Wheel Loader Welder,  tools, spare parts & stock.  FULL PRICE: $450,000  Qualified purchaser could possibly assume  existing financing.  HOTTi. LAKE  J   '  S0V.0  '*/ <?/  ra,  PENDER LAKES  PROPERTIES  Choice lots still available in this  desirable location. Most have view  and sunny southerly exposure.  Paved road, water and hydro.  M.L.S. Priced from $11,000 to  $29,700.  ��.^v  &6*-0  ��o'  &  _|   III   I   I  H g    hv  |��JjLi^"-tf   \*~ I | jav y>"   * \     \\   /s��i67  rf\ N.|.N:W:i-rrrrv^^r7T| i^jlu-l I l-UU-l-l  PEMDFP      HflJHIQUP  DAN WILEY, Res. 883-9149 OLLI or JEAN SLADEY,   883-2233 Sunshine Coast Realtor, October 10, 1980  FALL SCHEDULE  HORSESHOE BAY-LANG DALE  Ellective Monday, September 15-Tuesday,  October 14,1980, inclusive:  Lv Horseshoe Bay  moaning 6:35 am, 7:40,10:10,11:30  afternoon 12:25 pm, 2:45,5:05,5:30  evening     7:15 pm, 9:30,11:30  Lv Langdale  morning     6:20 am, 7:40,9:00,11:15  afternoon 12:35 pm, 1:35,3:55  evening     6:10 pm, 6:35,8:25,10:30  Ellective Wednesday, October 15-Tuesday,  December 16,1980, inclusive:  Lv Horseshoe Bay  morning 7:40 am, 8:30,10:10  afternoon 12:25 pm, 2:45,5:05  evening      6:45 pm, 7:15,9:30,11:30  Lv Langdale  morning     6:20 am, 9:00,9:30,11:15  afternoon 1:35 pm, 3:55  evening     6:10 pm, 7:50,8:25,10:30  BRITISH COLUMBIA  FERRY CORPORATION  For information phone:  VANCOUVER 669-1211 NANAIMO 753-1261  LANGDALE   886-2242 SALTERY BAY 487-9333  . Schedules subject to change without notice.  PENDER HARBOUR  REALTY LTD.  Highway 101 at Francis Peninsula Rd.  883-2794  New Low Rales on House Insurance  FRANCIS PENINSULA: Fine building lot at the right  price... $11,500 cash will do it!  WARNOCK RD: Here's a lot most people want. It's level,  nicely treed and has perfect soil for gardening and septics.  It's 70' x 208' and priced at $16,500.  WATERFRONT: 2 adjacent 4 acre parcels with deep  water and quiet moorage. Each $50,000.  WATERFRONT: Approximately 4 acres with  protected, deep moorage and 850 sq. ft. house. Some  outbuildings. F.P. $92,000. (Can be bought with two  adjacent waterfront parcels giving 12 acres in all.  Excellent investment.)  LOT - Level cleared apd tf adjrto build on. Water and  power - paved rofifc��|a{|jJ:ation - just $15,000  HIGHWAY ACREAGE: Here's a good investment  property - 6.7 acres on Highway 101 close to Madeira Park.  $35,000 (try offers).  SMALL ACREAGES: Several excellent parcels with  good soil and privacy. Priced from $19,000 to $27,000,  with good terms.  John Breen  883-9978  Jock Hermon  883-2745  AELBERS  REAL ESTATE  886-9238  Van. Toll Free  922-7814  Harry M. Howard  Res.886-7307  Located at the Old Granthams Landing Store  Marine Drive, Box 1189,  Gibsons  CAPA  APPRAISALS  INC.  GIBSONS ��� HIGHWAY 101 $135,000  2,02 acres of potentially commercial property in a prime location. Treed, level with 140 ft.  frontage on Highway 101 and 627 ft. on Mahan Road, The property has an excellent exposure to  traffic on both sides of the main thoroughfare on the Coast.  GRANTHAMS LANDING - WATERFRONT $45,000  Two cabins on 67' x 117' waterfront lease lot. Upper cabin has fantastic view of the water. Lower  cabin is right at the water's edge. Vendor will assist in financing.  BUSINESS OPPORTUNITY  EARL'S COVE FERRY TERMINAL  Same owner since its creation in 1973. Fully licensed restaurant and store. Good owner's  accommodation. Completely self contained except for electricity and telephone. The operation  has always been and shall remain a money maker to an enterprising individual. Owner prepared  to carry good first mortgage. If and when you want to become independent, you can not forego  this opportunity.  BARGAIN HARBOUR  11.6 ACRE ISLAND WITH ALL SERVICES & HOUSE $265,000.  At the entrance of Pender Harbour. Privacy ��� Good access from the mainland. At low tide, one  could almost walk to it. Protected moorage. All services, including Regional Water. Complete  natural surroundings. A four wheel drive included to take you from the landing to a Panabode  house which is locaied on the top of the island overlooking the Strait of Georgia. South westerly  exposure.  HILLCREST ROAD - OCEAN VIEW $75,000  Situated on a big 60 x 130 It. lot this near new Gibsons home takes full advantage of its south  westerly exposure. 1178 sq. It. on the main floor alfords plenty of room for a lamily. 3 bedrooms,  master with ensuite, huge kilchen, dining area and comfortable living room Downslairs has  been partially finished. Good assumable mortgage.  COMMERCIAL RENTAL SPACE ON HIGHWAY 101  675 sq. ft. corner location, fully finished well suited for after hours convenience store. Lease  includes heat. Share of taxes and utilities on top of monthly rent of $365.00.  OFFICE SPACE AVAILABLE IN SAME COMMERCIAL BLOCK  625 sq. ft. al $235.00 per month which includes heating. Share of taxes on sq. ft. basis and  utilities aie separalo. ^^^  HOPKINS - VIEW $62,500  Large house on large lot with a super view of Howe Sound. Huge firs in the back give this  property a country atmosphere. Main floor feature 17 x 16 living room with adjacent sundeck,  kitchen, dining area, 3 bedrooms and bathroom. Downstairs has 1 bedroom and large unfinished  area. Sale includes the fridge and stove. This house is just right for family living.  SANDY HOOK - VIEW $49,500  From the living room and deck you can look down of beautiful Porpoise Bay. This well built  house has 1054 sq. ft. of living space featuring 2 bedrooms, livingroom, kitchen, dining area and  bathroom. Lot size is approximately 100 x 100 bordering on Crown Land. Carport, tool shed  and all appliances are included in the sale. Sit in front of your Franklin fireplace and relax in these  peaceful surroundings.  CARMEL PLACE - TUWANEK - 2 LOTS $13,000 & $16,500  Westerly exposure - View over Sechelt Inlet. Large in size, allowing two residences. Services  available - One lot (0.6 acres) has small creek. Well treed & driveway in. Within walking distance  of good beach and boat launching. 12 min. drive from Sechelt.  COCHRANE ROAD $56,000  Large, bright 3 year old Gibsons Home. 1066 sq. ft. on Ihe main floor features kitchen with  sundeck, living room, 3 bedrooms and a bathroom. Downstairs has large entrance hall, rec.  room, bedroom and laundry area. Lot size is 66 x 109. Needs a bit of T.L.C.  WILSON CREEK - TSAWCOME PROPERTIES $48,000  \4 block to one of thc nicest beaches On the Coast. 1320 sq. fl. home. 3 bedrooms, den, living  room with Franklin fireplace. Dining room, 2 lull bathrooms, paved mad, underground services.  75 x 100 ft. fenced and landscaped lol. Vendor will prepay lease lor 3b years. Assumable  mortgage  ACREAGE SAKINAW LAKE  37.5 ACRES - 2400 FT. WATERFRONT $282,000  The ideal combination of over 1000 ft. of level walerfront with Wesierly exposure A 1400 sq fi  older house, the plumbing and wiring are brand new. Inlenoi to be finished with gyproi. Over X  acres cleared, creek through properly wiih water rights Also on property is an older cabin. The  four legal entities making up the 37.5 acres are allowed lo develop as a campground. Hydro and  telephone are on site. Subject is short distance via gravel road from Hwy 101 Location is second  to none.  MEMBER SUNSHINE COAST REAL ESTATE ASSOCIATION 12  Sunshine Coast Realtor, October 10,  W -Waterfront  H -Homes  A - Acreage  R -Recreational  F - Farms  HOMES  Bus. 885-5171  Box 1188, Sechelt,  B.C. VON 3A0  "Vour Real Estate Hosts  on the Sunshine Coasf"  UNFORGETABLE... L 225  IThat'swhat you'll say after you've viewed  this country home. This lovely contemporary Iwo storev 2300 sq. ft. home 1150up  (and 1150 down 1^. 2w>dnpms, large  Jiving roomJ0ffifes%er llrlw, enhance  by sk^ml Mheiw��jM6^widows, giant  'brick fj^OTCT^nivina room. This quality  home has many other features. Close to  good beach and recreation. F.P. $93,500.  Call Pat 885 5171 to make appointmenl to  view.  MARBLE ROAU  This could bfi il  choice.  129 q  $15,000  EVERYTHING'S GOING  YOUR WAY L214  Especially with ihis ',> acre lot. The road has been  put in to the back of the property. This terraced  lot has a view up the inlet lhat could lake your  brealh away. Come and build your future home  on this choice property  F.P. $12,000.  COME ON ALONG       ^"V       L ���- A  Let us tak<^puJ*9mWianAnyhow you this  corner lot^^ft 1 lMjj^nmd, There's a lot  of potenti^jrWfcwhy not be part of it. F.P.  $13,500.  // it's the land that you're  after today  Well now do come and well  show the way  To the house of your dreams  Or the land with a stream  First give WHARF a call  right away.  -*���'' *.  i<t. *��"' -  ?-M  ; YOU LL FIND YOUR THRILL L 229  I on Mintie Road. This quality 3 bedroom full  basement - including enclosed y*fl9^1549 sq. ft.  panabode home ���Jk^fie wplMes. Large  sundei k with3*��r��t]iMl��mj^Hfred, plus fruil  1 Irees. All this^Mwy^ Srviced with regional  vater, hydro,^Silievlslon, Short walk to store,  I post office and government wharf. F.P. $87,500.  Call Pal Murphy for more deiails and to make  I appointmenl to view al 885-5171.  YOU HOO ITS A VIEW... I 223 |  This '; acre lol would make a nice retreat, F.P  SUNRISE, SUNSET... L 228  105' w/panoramic view ol Howe Sound from all  rooms; w/w dlb. glazed; w/w carpels; 16' brick  f/pl; 3-BR; 2 full baths with potential for extra \7  bath; den 16'xll' w/2 glass walls; garage;  workshop; patio; BBQ terrace; courtyard  w/fountain; much wrought iron. $194,000. Call  Trev 886-9077.  ROBERTS CREEK L 234  What you thought you'd never find. WATERFRONT ACREAGE. Approx. 1 acre with creek  running through property. Already approved for  building & septic. Close lo school, slore and hall.  Won't last long. F.P. $75,000. Call 8855171.  ACREAGE  HOME, HOME ON THE RANGE  This 5 acre parcel of land is calling to you. Close to  Ihe arena. Privacy plus a large acreage is hard to  come by this close lo Sechell. Call now 885-5171.  F.P $45,000  MEMBER SUNSHINE COAST REAL ESTATE ASSOCIATION  "P.T." Dahle 883-9285 Deirdre 885-9487 Pat 885-5171


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