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Array Pa^iSUT,VEL,BnA^      811  Parliament Buildim*  VICTORIA, BC    9 '-B.C.  V8V1X4 's stands  The Sunshine  B w^'-T,"'"1 DUI"3mgs,  I .^?.T0RIABC.  ftereUlUUiyiyiUUIHsonfflc Cwttt  1  December 23, 191  Volume 34, Number 51  Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer  retires on the Sunshine Coast  See Page Two for exclusive interview  J Coast News, December 23, 1980  The     mmitwmm *t.  .Sunshtee __M1   Second Class Mail Registration No. 4702  ���GNA  BLUE  RIBBON  AWARD  1978  A LOCALLY OWNED NEWSPAPER  Published il Glbions, B.C. every  Tuesday, by Glanlord Prett Lid.  Bon 460, Glbloni, VON 1V0  Phone 886-2622 or 886-7817  Pender Harbour enquiries, and all others, II  no answer Irom 886 numbers call 885-2770  Accounts Department'  MM Joe  Copysettlng:  Wendy-Lynne Johns  Lise Sheridan  Advertising Department:  Bradley Benson  Fran Berger  Editorial Department:  John Burnside  Ian Corrance  John Moore  Don Levan  SUBSCRIPTION RATES:  United States and Foreign $24.00 per year  Canada $20.00 per year, $12.00 for six months  Distributed free to all addresses on the Sunshine Coast.  Production Department:  Sonia Trudel  Nancy Conway  Pal Tripp  Christmas thoughts  The time of year that Christmas is and  the beginning of the New Year is once  again upon us. lt seems that on every  television channel and on several wavebands of the radio there is for our sometimes jaded consumption that classic of  Christmas time, diaries Dickens' A  Christmas Carol. How jaded we are in  these dark and troubled winter days.  We have heard it all before and we  know better than to allow ourselves the  outpouring of positive feeling and hope  that the season somehow demands of us.  How much of the preparatory time  do we spend feeling that we observe the  season for the wrong reasons. Well, it's  a lot of work but we must do it for the  children. Well, it's a lot of work but we  must do it for the cash register. Well, it's  a lot of work but we must do it.  Is it not true that a part of us approaches Christmas every year and we are  Scrooge? Christmas! Bah, Humbug!  But something creeps over us. Some  memory or some hope, some inner  warmth in a cold season.  After all is said and done this solstice  season as the declining sun. with all its  warmth and hope starts back towards us  is, for the people of the predominant  culture, regarded as the time of Christ's  birth. Jesus Christ, Son of God, son of  man. Let the doctrinal guardians dance  on the heads of their doctrinal pins. For  anyone whose charge it is not .to  interpret but to feel and whose background has given them awareness of the  Old and the New Testaments what is  to be felt is that some two thousand years  ago something historical happened. The  concept of the Creator and the Plan for  whom we all hunger somewhere within us  and towards which we all aspire was  drastically modified.  The concept of the Creator as vengeful  and demanding guardian was altered by  the historic presence of the man called  Jesus. He taught that in the great swirl of  man's days and ways the principle of  A personal note  If one may be allowed a tare and  personal note in these editorial columns,  it is time to acknowledge the departure  from the staff of the Sunshine Coast News  of one of the founders of this version of  our historic newspaper.  Ian Corrance leaves to pursue another  rainbow of personal freshness. We have  worked together through many long hard  hours. We have not always agreed. Who  could expect it of a couple of headstrong Scotsmen more prone to opinion  than conciliation?  The disagreements, however, are as  surely behind us as the over two hundred  manifestations of the Coast News and,  whatever divided us, we bent our best  energies together to make a newspaper  worthy of a stretch of coastline that we  both love.  Hovering over us both always was the  shadow ofthe lady who was our confidant  and our comfort. Whatever the future  holds, somewhere the spirit of Eileen  Glassford is smiling proudly over her two  headstrong boys.  John Burnside  ..from the files of the COAST NEWS  Love was predominant over the principle  of Fear. Let the doctrinaire decide  whether he was man or God. It is enough  in these frightened times that he spoke of  and with Love. That he urged us to think  of our neighbours no less than we thought  of ourselves.  The world we live in is seemingly an  increasingly divided world. Those organs  which exist to bring us news of the world  tell us constantly of the conflicts and the  failings of our troubled, energetic, and  embattled species. At. this time of the  year it is a man who became called Christ  who taught that Love was the way, that  forgiveness was the key, that hope was a  possibility.  So it is I think in the world of knowing  beyond knowing we address ourselves at  the darkest time of the year skeptically  and Scrooge-like towards, the onerous  business of caring and continuing to  hope. Scrooge-like also after the bleakness has been undergone we find ourselves, because it is the noblest alternative, being inclined towards a warmer  world of hospitality and hope than we  had dared to believe was possible.  And so it is, aspiring gratefully towards  the essential hopefulness of the season  that the staff of the Coast News through  the. often frail medium of its editor joins  forces with the forces of the season,  welcomes with gratitude the knowledge  of the returning sun, and the historic  message of Jesus Christ and wishes upon  our species a world of Love rather than a  world of Fear, wishes for all mankind  before the final night the opportunity to  sun. ourselves together in a world in  which our neighbour is as important as  ourselves, in a world in which the dark  night of Fear begins to recede as surely  as the winter darkness.  A Merry Christinas to all. Let the  present be the darkest hours just before  the dawn. May the message of Universal  Love first spoken by Jesus Christ live in  all our hearts.  wwim i  TEN YEARS AQO  The Regional District board is  considering a public relations move to  make itself better understood. Secretary Charles Gooding said it has  become obvious to him that that in  recent weeks, after four years of  operation and excellent coverage by  the press, many people are still not  aware of what the Regional District is,  what the board can do, what it cannot  do and what it has done.  In an effort to put Christ back into  Christmas a live nativity tableau will be  presented in the centre of Gibsons on  Christmas Eve. At 7 pm. Mary seated  on a donkey will be led by Joseph from  the wharf across to Pioneer Park next  to the Bank of Montreal. Mary and  Joseph will enter a stable in Pioneer  Park and carol singing will follow.  FIFTEEN YEARS AQO  Three choirs announced plans to  sing carols for the patients in St. Mary's  Hospital over the Christmas season.  The Gibsons United Church choir, and  two children's choirs, one from the  Reserve school and one from St.  Hilda's Anglican Church in Sechelt will  visit the hospital during the next week.  The 15-car ferry Cy Peck will be  brought into extra service on the  Langdale Horseshoe Bay run over the  Christmas season. The Jervis Inlet  Blackball ferry Qulllayute was to have  been used here, but Is currently in dry  dock having struck a rock while  fogbound last week.  TWENTY-FIVE YEARS AQO  There will be special services at all  Sunshine Coast churches on Christmas Day, with Christmas actually  falling on a Sunday this year.  Two performances of the Nativity  tableaux at Port Mellon Community  church were combined with special  music performed by the junior and  senior church choirs.  THIRTY YEARS AQO  Coast News Editor Bill Sutherland,  in the course of an editorial on the  meaning of Christmas, related that one  of his readers who had written a  scathing letter to tho editor this week,  phoned him at home and told him to  "tear it up, don't print it. This is  Christmas and we should be magnanimous to our enemies."  Alert Bay, about 1900. Far back into time, totem poles and mortuary posts lined the waterfront  walkways of this Kwakiutl native village, located on Cormorant Island. Kach family had its links  with a mystic mythological past. The figures on the pole did not actually "tell" a "story" in the sense  of a developing narrative plot. Some represented cosmic forces that had created and thai continued  to influence the world. Others symbolized in physical form the psychological checks and balances  that make up the total personality. Carving of the type seen here is now acknowledged as an art form  of high order. Hereditary carvers such as the late Mungo Martin finally attained recognition from  beyond as well as from within their own aboriginal culture. Hudson's Bay Company photo courtcst  Myrtle Collinson Collection. L.R. Peterson.  An exclusive interview  Coast welcomes Rudolph  the Red-Nosed Reindeer  by John Burnside  Coast News: Well, Mr. Reindeer...  Rudolpht Call me Rudolph,  son.  Coast Newsi Oh, thank you.  Well, Rudolph 1 understand  that you have decided to retire  on the Sunshine Coast. Now  you must have been around  the world many times. What  made you decide to settle in  this part ofthe world?  Rndolphi Well, you know, of  course, that I am a Canadian  citizen?  Coast News: No, I didn't  know that. The famous Rudolph the, pardon me, Red-  Nosed Reindeer a Canadian  citizen. Wowl You may be the  most famous Canadian  citizen in the world. More  famous than Pierre Eliot  Trudeau and Rocket Richard  and all those fellows.  Rudolph: Steady, son. All of  us fellows on the Christmas  brigade are actually Canadian  citizens. Even old Claus  himself. We were all born  near the North Pole on one of  the Canadian islands.  Coast News: Of course. It  never occurred to me. The  Christmas Brigade is Canadian. That's wonderful.  Rudolph: Oh, yes, Canadians  have been the masters of the  give-away from time immemorial. In any case, when  the time came to hang up my  harness and take my pension  what could be more natural  than that I should choose to  retire in Canada and since I've  seen more than my share of  ice and snow I decided to  choose what we call in the  north the Canadian Riviera.  Coaat News: Well, if I may  speak on behalf of all the  citizens of the Sunshine  Coast it certainly is an honour  to have you living among us,  er, Rudolph.  Rudolph: Thank you, my boy.  Coast News: It's rather  surprising in one way, sir.  I remember a few years ago  there was a rather unfortunate  incident here on the Sunshine  Coast involving yourself and  Santa Claus and the Bat-  mobile. Our cartoonist drew it  on the front page of the 1977  Christmas edition of our  paper. I thought perhaps  that might have soured you on  the Sunshine Coast.  Rudolph: Ah, yes, I remember  the incident well. It was near  the end of our 1977 run and  old Claus had got into a little  too much egg nog. It's always  a bit of a problem with him  near the end of the run. So  many people leave him a little  egg nog to drink as he goes  and unfortunately sometimes  there's more than egg nog in  it. He's usually alright but  sometimes the old fellow gets  tired and the little extra in  the egg nog goes to his head.  That year instead of getting in  the sleigh and letting us take  him home he insisted on  singing in the streets of  Davis Bay and some sour old  gaffer reported him. We've  had trouble with the same  fellow before. Made a big fuss  about airplane noise when we  went overhead. Understand  he's busy elsewhere now.  Coast News: Yes, well, but I  understood that the officers  insisted that you go down to  the station for checking on  that occasion. Had you been  sharing the egg nog with  Santa?  Rudolph: All we ever got was  cold water on the job. But the  police officers were misled by  the nose, you know. On that  occasion it was the same  colour as Claus's and naturally  they thought it was from the  same cause. But whea they  checked me out I was clean.  They were still going to hold  us but we pointed out that  the old fellow had done his  bit and all we had to do was  get him home safely and he'd  be all right.  Coast News: You mean you  -can get by without him on the  way home?  Rudolph: Heavens, yes. You  know the words of the song  don't you? (Sings) "Rudolph,  with your nose so bright,  won't you guide my sleigh  tonight?" We've been in  charge of the transportation  arrangements for years, actually I have, if I may risk  appearing immodest. When  we explained that Claus  was only s passenger in the  vehicle there was no further  trouble and we got him home  safely.  Coaat News: About your nose,  Rudolph. How did it happen?  Rudolph: Just good fortune,  I guess. I was bora with it and  it was a drawback at first.  Claus was anxious to have a  matching set of reindeer on  the team and I played in the  minor leagues of reindeer  transportation for a long time  before I got my big chance.  From then on I was always in  command of the actual transportation.  Coast News: That must have  been quite a responsibility.  Rudolph: It certainly was. I  mean we were always travelling without night lights  other than my nose in the  worst of winter weather. It  got. more and more nerve-  wracking in recent years with  the increase in the size and  speed of airplanes. It was  alright for Claus to sit back  there being the life of the  party Ho-ho-hoing at all and  sundry but for the navigator  it was pure hell.  Coast News: Doesn't your  retirement cause some problems then?  Rudolph: Well, a deer can  only take so much of that kind  of pressure so a few years  ago 1 talked him into getting  hooked up with the satellite  communication service and a  set of computers so now he  can ho-ho to his heart's  content and he can never get  off the track no matter how  much fog there is or how much  egg nog. Of course, these  systems are only man made  and I'm ready to help the old  fellow out if anything should  go wrong.  Coaat Newa: You mean you're,  sort of on reserve duty.  Rudolph: That's right. I'm  the head of the Reindeer  Reserve and should the need  ever arise I'll be ready.  Coast News: Well thank you  for your time, Rudolph, and  I hope that you are happy  here on the Sunshine Coast.  Rudolph: Thank you, my boy,  and a Merry Christmas to you  and your readers and watch  out for the egg nog.  Slings & Arrows  >*  George Matthews  $  Dear Santa,  Since it's that time of year  again, I thought I'd drop you a  note just to see how things are  going and to tell you that I've  been a good boy. Rumour has  It that things have not been  going well for you this year  and I thought it might cheer  you up a little to hear that it  hasn't been going too well  down our way either.  As you may have read,  the economic picture here is  terrible. Government monetary policy has been to maintain high interest rates and as  a consequence, new investment has been limited and  unemployment high, Further,  the inflation rate is right out of  hand and it seems that despite  the raises our workers are  getting, we are all about  five per cent poorer than we  were last year.  I mention this because  we've heard that your negotiations with your elves and  helpers had to go to arbitration this year. While you're  not alone in facing labour  disputes, I would like to  remind you that it was my  advice to you last year that  your old paternalistic labour  practices were probably the  best approach. I appreciate  that administrative duties  have not allowed you to get  down to the workshop as often  as you'd like but had you hired  a good management consultant, invested in a computer and reverted to zero  based budgeting, you would  have been able to continue  your human relations approach to personnel management.  Now that you've allowed the  elves to bargain for wages  instead of working on the old  piece rate system you're  going to have to face the fact  that a union is just around the  corner. You didn't listen to my  advice last year and while I  know it's hard to teach an old  dog like you new tricks I think  before the elves and helpers  apply to the Labour Relations  Board for certification, you  should try to introduce a profit  sharing scheme.  A couple of other hints  before I drop the subject;  you might try the old General  Motors trick and promote  the most militant elves and  helpers to management positions. We found at G.M. that  these guys often make your  best supervisors.. Finally,  don't let them talk you into  indexing their pensions; that's  the thih edge of the wedge.  Once you've done that you'll  be faced with the whole  efficiency and accountability  issue and you'll have time and  motion experts coming out of  your ears.  Then of course we've all  heard about you and Mrs.  Claus. The story broke first  in   the   National   Enquirer  but when People Magazine  picked it up, we had to believe  there was some truth to tliiS  rumour. I must say that ,1  sympathize with you. Just  because a guy stays out all  night once a year seems like  awfully thin grounds for  divorce. I also thought she was  just being spiteful when she  sued for custody of the elves  and getting that court order  to ground the reindeer was  just plain tacky. In any case, If  things aren't going well, I  know a nice lady who is a great  cook and loves children who  would just love to meet you.  I'll leave her phone number  on thc table by the fireplace,  right next to your milk and  cookies.  I'd also like you to know  that nobody down here believes a word about that  storv linking you with Wendy  King. I know that her new  book has implicated a number  of judges, prominent lawyers  and important businessmen  but we don't believe that her  description of a particular  old, portly gentleman who  favoured strange clothing  has anything to do with you.  I think the thing that really  saved your bacon was the fact  that you didn't seek an  injunction against the release  of Ms. King's book like  another prominent person  has. The fact that she didn.'t  reveal any of the names of the  customers oLber bawdy house  puts you in flM clear of course  but we knew that with all  those lawyers and judges  involved, no decent, honest  person was likely to be mixtd  up in the whole affair.  In a more serious vein, ;I  guess I'd better get down to  telling you what I want  for Christmas. It's not that I  don't like your taste in Christmas presents, but the Rolls  Royce you left me last year  proved a bit impractical.  First of all the chauffeur  ended up having an affair with  the neighbour's1 wife and be  hasn't spoken to me since  (except to borrow my .lawn  mower last June). Second,  I couldn't afford the gas and  I ended up selling the thing to  pay for the rent and the  groceries.  This year I'd like you io  keep it simple, maybe a pair of  socks or slippers or a nice  tie. I wouldn't mind a bottle of  decent Scotch; that Japanese  Scotch you left me last year  was awful and I ended up  using if for anti-freeze.  Anyway, have a . Merry  Christmas and I'll talk to you  nex'.jrear. \:  Yours truly,  George  P.S. You can find my house  easy this year. It's the only  one on the block with the  lights on. Everybody on the  street went to Hawaii for the  holidays.  The Magi  Now as at all times I can see In the mind's eye,  In their stiff, painted cbthes, the pale unsatisfied ones  Appear and disappear in the bate depth of the shy  With all their ancient faces like ram-beaten stones,  And all their helms of silver hovering side by side,  And all their eyes still fixed, hoping to find once more,  Being by Calvary's turbulence unsatisfied,  The uncontrollable mystery on the bestial floor.  William B. Yeats -^-*��***mm*A-m-^mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm9mmmmmmmmmmmmm  Letters to the Editor  Helicopter "high-grading" protested  Coast News, December 23, 1980  Editor's Note: A copy of the  following letter addressed to  the Honourable T.M. Water-  land, Office of The Minister,  Victoria was recently sent lo  the Coast News.  -Editor:  -. This letter is written by  Independent Loggers on the  Sechelt Peninsula; to express  our concerns and question your  Ministry's administration of  helicopter logging in our Forest  District. 2  We all realize and appreciate  the employment of helicopters  to recover timber that is  mechanically or economically  inaccessible to high lead or  skidder logging methods. We  realize that your Ministry has  made large local timber cut  commitments to a few integrated logging companies to  guarantee the "experiment" of  helicopter logging. Moreover,  to further guarantee the "experiment", only a nominal "token" stumpage rate is being  charged for the timber logged  by helicopters.  Mr. Waterland, helicopter 3.  logging is no longer an "experiment", and we suggest that you  regard the helicopter as a  conventional logging machine.  We also suggest that your  District's management and  appraisal of helicopter logging  be with the same intent as other  logging methods.  We have witnessed and 4.  inspected recent helicopter  logging in our Forest District  and consider your present  administration of helicopter  logging to be mismanaged in  the following ways:  1. To date, helicopter logging  has not been confined to  inaccessible areas. To the  contrary, some companies  employing helicopters are  thriving on the opportunity  of taking advantage of  Forest Service inexperience  and are thus acquiring large  commitments of our timber  resource that we have considered for our future logging -  by high lead and skidder  methods.  2. Our timber resource is being  "high graded" by helicopter  logging. Lesser quality fringe  timber is being left standing,  run away logs are abandoned  and utilization is rough with  little regard being paid to  smaller dimension timber.  Your Ministry does not  allow we "conventional loggers" to log by those mentioned standards. We do not  intend to log by those  standards. It is also very  convenient for those companies employing helicopters  to conduct their own waste  surveys.  The majority of helicopter  logged area is left in an  untreatable post-logging  state. Proper reforestation is  unattainable due to the large  amounts of residue waste left  abandoned on the sites.  Future stand treatment costs  would probably exceed the  benefit.  We consider your Ministry's  "token" stumpage rate being  charged for helicopter logged timber not to be In Ihe  besl interest ofthe people of  the Province. The seventy  one cents per cubic metre  Teachers supported  Editor's Note: The following is  a copy of a letter sent to Mr. D.  Lockstead, MLA.  Dear Mr. Lockstead:  ��� The Sunshine Coast Teachers Association wishes to  express our full support for  .the teachers demonstrating  .tor return of full pension  indexing on the fourth of this  -month. Although it seemed  inappropriate for us to send a  delegation to this demonstration at Ihis time, we maintain  a commitment to this  Thanks for tribute  Editor:  .Thank you for publishing  my verse and the memorial  tribute for Cece Huggins.  I wonder, did you ever meet  him? Years ago, ten perhaps,  he rescued a young glaucous  Pre inventory Sa e  starts Dec. 23rd  4  Children's  Shoes  Handbags  for both  Men & Women  Dress Shoes  SHPPOrST \        Men & Women  Substantial Sauings  Cam dde u s family shoes  AND LEATHER GOODS  "In the heart of Sechelt" mmlm  Cowrie St.    885-9345    mlmm  stumpage rate certainly does  not even cover the related  Forest Service administration costs.  Your Ministry is giving away  prime timber at an expense  to the public. Through  helicopter logging, some  companies are gaining timber that is almost virtually  stumpage free. It is no  wonder that these same  companies will not consider  Contracting some of this  timber to the local Loggers  as they would then be  required to pay "conventional stumpage".  We wish to emphasize that  helicopter logging costs are  comparable to high-lead  logging.  In summary, we object to  your Ministry presently short  selling our timber resource that  is essential to the viability of  our Companies, the community and the Province.  At this time, we ask you to  justify your Ministry's administration of the helicopter  method of logging. We ask that  you competently assess the  cost-benefit of helicopter logging. Who is paying the cost?  Who is reaping the benefit?  We suggest that your staff  competently evaluate all helicopter logging proposals. We  suggest that your stumpage  appraisals be unbiased and  based on the average efficient  >t��MMMAI  herring gull. The gull had  been banded after being  found up at Squamish. Somewhere, I have the certification  of banding from the States.  I also have a black and white  snap of the bird as it landed  on the bow of "Little Smokey". Whenever it heard  Cece's diesei it would appear  from the distance and alight  on the bow where it would  wait for Cece to dole out some  provender, It recognized Cece  for it would not take food from  another, not. even for me.  As far as I know the "Little  Smokey" is at False Creek  awaiting a buyer and I wonder  if a new owner would ever  know why a strange gull might  alight on .the boat? Does the  bird look snd listen, still?  Sincerely,  GabriellaFox  Winnipeg, Manitoba  P.S. I enjoy any mention of  Barrett. Politics here are dull.  method of logging any given  area. A fair stumpage rate  applicable to each area would  cause the logging company to  evaluate the economics of the  logging chance and then employ the best method. Morever,  the timber stumpage rightfully  due our Province, would again  be collected.  Our combined years of  practical logging experience,  and knowledge, could be used  to a tremendous advantage in  your Forest Land Planning.  We would welcome the opportunity to offer our input into  your Forest Land Management  schemes.  Yours truly,  T&TTrucking Company Ltd.,  Halfmoon Bay, B.C.  Hunaechin Logging Co. Ltd.,  Sechelt, B.C.  R.H. Doyle Logging Co. Ltd.,  Sechelt, B.C.  Sladey Timber Company,  Madeira Park, B.C.  Egmont Contracting Ltd.,  Egmont, B.C.  Stockwell and Sons Logging  Ltd., Sechelt, B.C.  McDermid Logging Ltd.,  Sechelt, B.C.  McNutt Logging Limited,  Sechelt, B.C.  Woodland Tree Farming,  Sechelt, B.C.  Paranoia Logging and Salvage,  Port Mellon, B.C.  cause and will indicate this  concern locally in upcoming  weeks.  We urge you, as member  for our area, to make every  effort to promote legislation  restoring full indexing to  teachers' pensions in this  coming legislative session.  Thank you for your continuing interest.  Sincerely,  David Smethurst,  President,  Sunshine Coast Teachers  Association  Gibsons  Green & Flowering Plants,  Cut  Flowers & Arrangements.  Dried Flowers, Gifts.  ft  Deliveries across Ihe Peninsula        \gw  and Around ihe World iwmpnogjn  ^OJjCMUSh^  SiuuliiM Jlowcu & Gtrjfi  886-2316  MACHINERY  Steam Cleaning ��� Painting  COAST POWER CLEANING  885-9316  Hopkins Landing  Store  Closed Christmas Day  I/8& bf Effective Jan. 2  V ysm.u (s*s Ncw Hours  Open 7 Days  Mon. - Sat. 9 am - 7 pm  Sunday 12 noon - 7 pm  Post Office & General Store  886-9524  Covering  ihe Coverage  bv Jim Ansell  Autoplan &  linpiiiml Driving  Mosl people, due lo a  substantial advertising campaign by the provincial  government, are aware of  the penalties involved wiih  drinking and driving.  Many people, however,  are nol aware of what an  accident, coupled with an  impaired charge, can do to  their Autoplan coverage.  Let's assume Harry, who  carries "full coverage" on his  car, is at fault in an accident.  He was also charged at the  scene with impaired driving.  The other car involved has  sustained $3,000 in damage  and his own will cost $2,500  to repair.  Because of the impaired  charge, his coverage is  worthless. Autoplan will  pay to have thc other car  repaired but, under the  Automobile Insurance Act.  they have the right of  subrogation againsl Harry.  In other words. Harry must  reimburse them for the  $3,000 in damages plus  expenses.  As far as the damage to  his own car is concerned.  Harry will simply have to  come up with the money to  repair it himself. On top of  the fine, penalty points,  possible incarceration, and  licence suspension, thc impaired charge has cosl Harry  another $5,500 in damages.  Consider ihe possibilities  had someone in the other car  been injured.  Have a safe, and sane  Holiday Season.  SUNSHINE COAST INSURANCE AGENCIES LTD.  Box 375, Cowrie Street  Credit Union Building  885-2291 Sechelt, B.C. VON 3AO ADVT Coast News, December 23, 1980  My earliest Christmasses  were quite marvellous occasions. Because of our  father's untimely death, my  brother Chris and myself,  along with our widowed  mother, spent the latter half  of the 1930's living with her  comfortably-off parents on  their sprawling estate at Islip,  near Oxford. The house was  equally sprawling - an enormous, magical, impractical  complex of rooms, staircases  and long, echoing passageways that still haunts my  dreams. Despite its size, the  great house was a friendly  and very comfortable place  and never more so than at  Christmastime. Then, the old  manor literally glowed with  festive ambience and goodwill.  Much of the Yuletide  activity revolved around Chris  and myself. As children of  iragedy, we were indulged  by our doting grandparents  lo a point of overkill. Each of  us received a small Everest of  Pages from a Life-Log  Peter Trower  presents. They were not put  under the great, festooned  tree in the dining-room  Canadian-fashion but simply  piled in a tantalizing heap at  the foots of our beds. We  woke to them ecstatically  like a couple of spoiled little  gods. Most of mine were  books (for I was an omnivorous reader, even then)  and there was a small library  of them. My tastes were not  exactly esoteric and they  ran mostly to boy's adventure  annuals such as Rover and  Hotspur. 1 received enough of  them to read myself ill.  My grandmother, Bessie  Gilman, was a firm believer  in good, wholesome food and  kept an excellent table all year  round. But at Christmas, she  truly outdid herself. My  grandparents employed  two  Teredo Square,  Sechelt  V  CLOSED  Dec. 24 thru  Dec. 28  Dinner Special  Fri. Jan. 2nd  r^  Chipped Beef  strooanoff  885-9962  /������������  Gibsons Legion Branch   \  *109  Presents  il "RAINTREE"  Fri. & Sat. Dec. 19th &XOth  * New Year's Tickets  tlaws"  NOW ON SALE!  "Sparkling Apple" &  "Kootenay Ou  Members & Guests Only  =  or three maids and could  certainly have afforded a Mrs.  Bridges-type to run the  kitchen, had they so desired.  Bessie however was an industrious woman and chose  to handle her own culinary  matters. Preparations for the  Yuletide feast took days.  Aided by my mother and the  maids, she turned out a truly  prodigious quanitity of mince  pies, tarts, cakes and other  festive goodies. Fragrant  smells drifted tantalizingly  through the halls. It all  culminated in the sumptuous  banquet itself where crackers  were pulled, paper hats  donned and my grandfather  presided like a surgeon  over the enormous turkey and  the huge, succulent leg of  ham.  One year (I think it was our  first in Islip) my grandfather,  a bookish, amiable man, was  cajoled into dressing up as  Father Christmas for the  specific delectation of my  brother and myself. Unfortunately for the poor man's  trouble, the sight of that  great, red-clad, alien figure  towering over us, threw me  into a state of absolute terror.  When he picked me up in a  vain attempt to set me at  ease, I burst into terrified  tears. But tears were seldom a  part of those warm and  lavish Islip Christmasses.  Our final Christmas in  Islip was darkened by actual  blackouts and the more  abstract shadow of the War,  growling alive and terrible  across Europe. Lord Haw  Haw's traitor voice minced  from the wireless. Once to  our amazement and horror,  he actually mentioned Islip  where a large oil-dump had  recently been constructed in  presumed secrecy. Our  mother decided things were  getting much too close for  comfort. Certain strings were  pulled and the wheels of  inconceivable change went  into motion. Suddenly we  were in Canada, reeling from  the awful strangeness of  transition. Christmas (along  with many other things)  would never be the same  again.  That first Canadian Yuletide  was an odd one indeed.  We spent it in the gaunt and  ghostly pulpmill town of  Port Mellon, surrounded by a  whole, gloomy universe of  snow-caked Christmas trees.  The place had been closed  down for years but was now  to reopen under the superin-  tendantship of our mother's  new husband, Trygg Iversen.  Iversen was a roughhewn,  free-spirited man, much in the  mould of Gordon Gibson  Senior. He had tried damn  near everything from logging  to fox-farming but unlike the  old Bull of the Woods, he  had never quite managed to  strike it lucky. Christmas,  in his eyes, was as much for  the adults as the children.  Chris and I were relegated  to lookers-on as strangers  arrived with bottles to give us  our first glimpse of West  Coast drinking habits. Our  mother and her family were  not exactly topers. Bessie  Gilman was a lifelong teetotaller and our grandfather  used little spirits beyond the  odd tot of brandy. We did own  one rather disreputable uncle  called Mervin who had contracted a considerable gin  habit while a planter in  Malaya, but because of his  unstable behaviour, he was  seldom invited to the Gilman  home. Thus, inebriated people  were a novel experience to us.  We watched them in awe and  curiosity.  This and several subsequent Christmasses took on  a Norwegian tinge, due to  our new step-relatives. Items  such as goat cheese, pickled  herring and ulakaaka (a type  of cake) were added to the  menu and we were instructed  to open our presents on  Christmas Eve in the Scandinavian manner. It all seemed very foreign and askew.  We never really took to these  different ways and, following  the untimely death of Iverson  in a timber-cruising accident,  my mother resumed celebrating Christmas in the  English fashion.  I think often of my mother,  particularly as this season  approaches, for it was very  much she who held Christmas  together down the years.  Often the circumstances were  considerably less than ideal,  particularly during our poverty-ridden stump-ranching  days and the often-erratic  period of her fourth marriage.  A couple of these latter  occasions, actually verged on  the nightmarish but she  always prevailed. We drifted  far from our English roots  but she somehow contrived  to maintain the traditions  she had learned from her own  mother, so long ago.  Our final Christmas to-'  gether was overshadowed  by the illness that would  result in her death. She  sensed that something was  terribly wrong and so did we.  But even in this exigency,  my mother drew on her  deep resources and somehow  made this last celebration,  as pleasant as possible under  the circumstances. She was  a brave and remarkable  woman.  But Christmas is not only  a time for sombre reflections.  As I approach my fiftieth,  I find I have much to be  thankful for: literary acceptance, exciting new creative  directions and most of all,  the love of a good woman.  1981 promises to be a fruitful  year, despite the political  situation across the Border.  On this optimistic note, I  would like to wish the Best of  the Season to all my friends,  particularly my fellow scribes  and the hard-working staff of  the Coast News.  Z\n Cellar* 3nn  proudly presents  "SOFT ROCK"  Wed. - Sat.  Dec. 31st - Jan. 3rd  The Management & Staff  of the Cedars Inn  wish Everyone a  Merry Christmas and a  Happy New Year!  HOLIDAY HOURS  Dec. 24th       11 am -10 pm  Dec. 26th       5 pm - midnight  Jan. 1st  New Year's Day  noon - midnight  Cedar Plaza, Gibsons  byftMEUIngham seclude1d ** *__*}**_ t0-  * * entertain unexpected callers  Week commencing December later on Christmas Day. Looks.  22. General Notei There are like it's your turn to visit,  mixed astrological conditions lonely  relative   confined  to  during the upcoming holiday home or hospital. Postpones,  period. Mars squares Pluto start of speculative venture  on the 23rd indicating ruthless till next month,  power struggles, drastic decisions and activities. How-  LIBRA (Sept. 23-Oct. 23)  Local communications bring.  ever, on Christmas. Eve, contentment for the next few.  Venus fsvoursbly aspects Ju- days. Leave your home and.,  piter and Saturn bringing the enjoy round of surprise  peace, harmony and under- visits. You'll be welcome-  standing associated with this everywhere. Say yes to tl\,  (ioldie Hawn stars in the new year in "Private Benjamin" at the  Twilight Theatre.  At the Twilight  time ofthe year.  The Moon in Leo on Christ-  invitations.    Forgotten    aef  quaintance   makes   surprise'  The Twilight Theatre reopens Friday, December 26,  with ageless George Burns in  Oh, God! Book II. This sequel  to the highly successful Oh,  God! will be shown at the local  cinema Friday through Tuesday, December 26 - 30.  The theatre will be closed on  New Year's Eve.  Thursday, January 1,  through Tuesday, January 6,  the feature film will be Private  Benjamin, starring Goldie  Hawn.  Private Benjamin marks a  return ofthe old reliable service  comedy and all its stock  characters���the spoiled rich  kid, the street-wise Italian, the  farmer, the obnoxious ROTC  graduate and the tyrannical  commanding officer. But this  time the characters are all  women. And the army is the  "new Army", in which men  and women share side-by-side  the "glorious joys" of basic  training.  mas Day suggests that gold appearance Christmas night,  adornments will be popular Refuse to discuss rental or  gift   choices.    The    Moon real-estate   problems   until  squares Uranus later on this after the holidays,  special day promising shocks, SCORPIO (Oct. 24-Nov. 22) ....  surprises and last-minute re- Prepare to receive perfect,  arrangements. gifts, including mystery pick*  ARIES (March 21-April 19) age from a distant or secret  Accent is on happy, long- admirer. You won't have tt  distance messages, especially tetum or pretend to like syn  trom loved one's side of the presents  this  year.   Older,.;  family. Looks like you'll have busybody relative may chal-  to find an extra  chair for lenge your decisions Uter op.  someone  miles   away  from Christmas Day. Highway .dn,.  home.    Anticipate    sudden vmg  will  need  extra   coo*,  change in social or romantic centrrton all week. Looks like  activity  later on  Christmas you"  '��*  y��ur firs*  ��**  Day. Refuse to solve career "__!___._���,���_,     ���  dispute until after the holi- SAGITTARIUS (Nov. 23.  Community Forum  Channel Ten  days  TAURUS (April 20-May 20)  Partner's generosity over.  Dec. 21)  Favourably-aspected Venus ���  in your sign promises one of  6:00 p.m. "Coastal Review"  Will not be seen until  the first week of the new  year. For our column this  week, the staff of "Coastal Review" would like to  express our appreciation  to the many people who  participated in the production of our show. A  special thanks and Merry  Christmas to Brian Barnes, George Boyt, Tony  Brooks, The Boy Scouts,  The Elves Club, The  Figure Skating Club,  John Moore, Dr. Mark  Mountain, Naomie Nygren, Vene Parnell, Bee  Rankin, Bill Rayment,  The Wackachoo-Rivyoo,  Romane, Mike Smeaton,  Paulette Sheldon, Pat  Storey, Lyn Vernon and  all the other . helpful  people who worked with  us this year. Seasons  Greetings from Andy,  Anne, Barb, Betty, Cheryl, Donard, Heather,  Heidi, Linda, Leanna,  Kenna, Marta Mary,  Rhonda, Robyn and Sep-  po - the Cast and Crew  whelms you. Expect to receive the best Christmasses ever,-  lots of cash, lottery tickets, Your increased  charm  and  other people's treasures you popularity continue to attract,  have always coveted.'Don't romance or special attention.;  let minor domestic upset spoil Those born December 1 as*  of   "Coastal   Review",   one of your best Christmasses. stars  of any   social   event!  Big feast-of-the-year is subject Anticipate   weird,   long-di*  to   interruptions   and   false tance phone-call late Chrisg  starts. Persuade co-worker to m��s  Day.  Be  patient  wir  7:00 p.m. "Community Perspectives"  Will not be seen until the  first week of the new  year. We wish to thank  all the people who contributed to our shows;  Harry Almond, Elspeth  Armstrong, Peter Bandi,  Dave Barrett, Rev. Ted  Boodle, Const. Chuck  Clarke, Peggy Connor,  Doug Dixon, Bill Edney,  David Foxal, Jerry Giam-  pa, George Gibb, Lorraine Goddard, Jim Gurney, Henry Hall, Kelly  Henry, Carl Horner, David Hunter, Bud Koch, Al  Lazerte, Ben LePage,  Charles Lee, Don Lockstead, Cliff Mahlman,  Robert Maxwell, Brett  McGillvray, Shirley McLoughlin, Art McPhee,  Rev. John Paetkau, Sy  Peterson,- Ray Perrault,  Gary Puckett, Ray Skelly,  Peter Smitt, Diane Strom,  Vic Walters and all the  other people who worked  with us.  postpone   philosophical   discussion till next week.  GEMINI (May 21-June 21)  This holiday period will be  remembered for pleasant partnership  proposals   and  the  bank-tellers, store clerks, pei _  sons fumbling with your cash��<  CAPRICORN (Dec. 22-  Jan. 19)  Planetary positions recom  mend a quiet Christmas in  easing  of tension  amongst out-of-the-way place, far from  close associates or competit- the bustle. Mars in your sign;  ors. You'll be asked to make squaring Pluto finds you tired,;  sudden, short-distance trip or tense and ready for more rest!  visit   towards   the   end   of and   relaxation.    Anticipate!  Christmas Day. There'll be emotional mix;up, over whoj  gets which present at group  get-together Christmas night..'  an unusual phone call from  lonely co-worker. Tell loved  one to put aside details of Label gift-cards clearly. Janp  shared   expenses   till   next ary  15-16 birthdays  shotf  week. avoid arguments. ���.���_,  CANCER (June 22-July 22) AQUARIUS (Jan. 20-Feb. 18)] j!  Where you perform daily      Contentment is guarantor  tasks is scene of memorable at large-group gatherings \  festivities and goodwill. Office old   friends   and   acquain  or staff party helps reunite ances.   Plan   to   attend  disgruntled colleagues. Out- local  festivities,   community;  ing Christmas Day may be dinners and dances.  lgnor��  cancelled owing to unexpected loved one's strange behavioop  financial mix-up. Guard purse later   on    Christmas    Day;i  or wallet at favourite place Behind - the - scenes powerj  of   entertainment.    Dispute struggle continues next week1,!  with loved one is best settled Refuse to listen to any moffri  Canadian film  catalogue valuable  before visitors arrive.  LEO (July 23-Aug. 22)  Focus  is  on  happy  get-  togethers where children or  gossip until then.  PISCES (Feb. 19-Mar. 20)   jjj  Accept gracefully generodi:  gift from boss or superior wB$  by Michael J. Nozinski  Great Depression. Other films  focus on Feminism, forestry.  If your club or organization retirement,  nutrition,  homo-  occasionally shows films, then sexuality   and   vertebrate  the Canadian Filmmakers 1981 paleontology though not yet  Catalogue  will  surely  pique Masculinism.  your interest. A "must" for the  'film   buff   and   a   valuable       "Established to promote and  Canadian   cinematic   biblio- encourage the work of British  graphy,  the catalogue offers Columbia   filmmakers,"   the  nearly   2S0   16mm   works Canadian Filmmakers Distri-  including   a   wide   range  of button Centre is a registered  documentaries, short story and non-profit society. Well over  drama,   arts   and  crafts,  an half the films in the collection  animated collection, etc. were made in B.C., many have  The powerful "Rites of been variously graced with  Spring", an hour long awards and honours, and some  documentary dealing with the are suitable for the deaf and  east coast seal hunt con- non-English speaking peoples,  troversy, is available for rental For information about  or purchase. Likewise a programmes, visiting film-  potpourri of short works makers or a copy of the  exploring B.C.'s history: Clyde catalogue: Canadian Film-  Turner and his 75 year old makers Distribution Centre;  peanut butter machine; the 525 West Pender St.,  gold rush boom town of Vancouver, B.C. V6B IV5; Tel.  Barkerville;   B.C.  during the 684-3015. Repeat & fade.  -5-V-tK  musicians produce most appreciates your recent saW  laughs and surprises. Moon in rffice and hard work. Keep #  your sign Christmas Day touch with person willing  brings out your loyal, gener- to promote your latest effort**  ous, sunny disposition. Op- Looks like sudden health ups<S?,  portunity for worthwhile com- Christmas Day will be linkwf;  panionship or romance lasts to an overloaded digestivff;  only a few hours. Refuse to tract. On-going battle wftljs  argue with co-worker over who bureaucrats resumes  gives the orders.  VIRGO (Aug. 23-Sept. 22)  Venus helps create peaceful  domestic atmosphere. Your  place is the best place for  traditional over-indulgence,  balloons and burps. Those  planning   a   quiet   time   in  886-9815  4pwJ��BF^ Closed  mw*MVS-*"<��*j Christmas Day  Boxing Day ��� 4 -12 pm  New Years's Day ��� 4 -12 pm  '   Business Hours as usual during the rest  of Holiday Season  Wharf St., Sechelt     885-2511  R&rtauAoni.  C*3P55=  UJMUtMl-U-tUl-tU)- wwm���mmwmmtmmm  Off  the   shelf  *&-  by John Moore  'If you haven't been crafty  enough to con somebody else  into doing all your Christmas  shopping for you and you  fihd yourself once again on the  24th with a list as long as  your arm and absolutely no  idea what to get your impossible relatives and eccentric  friends, head down to your  local bookstore.  These days bookstores are  supermarkets of the mind; if  ybu can't find a book to  interest even your weirdest  friends you should probably  rctonsider your social circle  before you shop around. If  vou're wandering up and  down the aisles in a daze,  don't hesitate to ask for  assistance. 1 visited Rose  Nicholson of The Bookstore  id- Sechelt and Ken Barker of  the NDP Bookstore in Gibsons  and found them both very  helpful.  -Un children's books Timmy  the West Coast Tug by Jeremy  Moray still seems to be selling  extremely well on the Sunshine Coast and now comes  with colouring charts to give  kids a better visual sense of  the geography. Ken Barker  pointed out that The Lion's  Cavalcade, the third in a  series of books of marvellously  mad verse and magnificent  illustrations by Alan Aldridge  is .now available. (I'm afraid  I prefer this kind of thing to  . Gibtont Public  library  ''   Tuesday  2-4p.m.  Wednesday  2-4p.m.  Thursday 2-4 & 7-9pm.  Saturday 2-4 p.m.  1 886*2130  children's books that attempt  to be educational. If kids  develop a love of words and a  vivid imagination, they'll educate themselves). Ken also  showed me a great little  pull-out book, just made for  small hands, called The  Mouse House ABC; a great  way to introduce pre-school  kids to the alphabet. (You  can't start them too young.  John Stuart Mill was conjugating Latin verbs at four.)  Rose and Ken both recommended Hubert Evans' Son of  the Salmon People very highly  as a book for slightly older  readers (including adults)  and Rose showed me a new  book called Under Plum Lake,  by Lionel Davidson, a story  about a boy who returns to  a place in Cornwall where he  nearly drowned and discovers  and enchanted otherworld.  She says she's going to take  this one home and read it  herself and I notice it's  published by Jonathan Cape  Ltd. of London. (I think I've  mentioned this firm before; a  smaller outfit, but I've yet to  see a bad book come out under  their auspices.)  There are a number of new  novels on the shelves; fans of  the great Depression can take  another time-trip with the  good Doctorow (EX.) in Loon  Lake, and Clockwork Orange  author Anthony Burgess has a  new one called Earthly Powers, a study of power in which  the lives of a famous novelist  and a Pope are intertwined.  On the lighter side at Hie  Bookstore there's more of the  collected wit of Woody Allen  in Side Effects and, for that  special person, a great little  book called IV Journal of  the Abaurd by Jules.Siegel  and Bernard Garfinkel. A  random quote; "Philosophy is  the mind's chewing-gum."  Ken Barker tells me the two  books he wants for Christmas  are The Harrowamlth Reader  n and The Canadian Whole  Food Book (another Harrow-  smith production). He has a  book in stock called Mount St.  Helens: A Changing Landscape, that. is undoubtedly  the best book in terms of text  and photography on the recent  volcanic activity to the south.  Ken also recommends the  latest in the excellent Sound  Heritage series, The Magnificent Distances which focuses on the early years of  aviation in British Columbia.  For the angler try the late  Roderick Haig-Brown's book  Bright Waters, Bright Flsh.  Most people know Haig-  Brown as a short story writer  and don't realize he's still one  of the most respected experts  on the subject of fish and  sports fishing on the West  Coast. There, is also an  excellent book on the great  motor yachts of this coast  called Antiques Afloat by  Peter Vassilopoulos, among  whose subjects is the former  Boeing yacht "M.V. Taco-  nite" on whose deck I served  for a number of years. (This  one's on my list.)  If you don't have much to  spend, Ken suggests two new  paperbacks; Human Life Styling, "A Guide for Keeping  Whole in the Twentieth  Century", and, by E.F.  Shumacher, author of Small la  Beautiful, a new one called  A Guide for the Perplexed.  The way the world's going as  we're dragged kicking and  screaming into the 80's, I  think I may need them both.  That, or another rum and  eggnog. Have a very merry  Christmas. All for this year.  By Women's Program  Coast News, December 23, 1980  Richard of Richard's Men's Wear is seen here picking one ofthe  winning names in the Elves Club Draw. First prize consisted of a  seven piece patio set won by Gwen Mackenzie of Sechelt; second  prize of a $100 gift certificate was won by H. Steinbrunner of  Gibsons. Third and fourth prizes consisting of an Afghan and  umbrella stand went to S. Hutchings of Sechelt and John  Hancock of Madeira Park.  VfoC*a C*a C?ssC?sj 32^ S*aC3^ &-<_ C?;.^ C5>c. CS^CS^ C��^��sjC5?^CJ!si CPS&<  CHILDREN'S  CORNER  Our Feature Section  Timmy the Wsst Coast Tug  Timmy and thc Whales  Mazecraze 1, Z, _> & 4  Gnome* Colour & Story Album  The Real Mother Goose  Hag Head - Susan Mussrove & Carol Evans  'Bed Time1 Stories Omnibus  The Complete Chronicles of Narnla  ��� 7 Volume Gillpack - C.S. Lewis  The Complete Works of Louis Carroll  Gift Certificates  Now Available  THE BEST OF  OUR COAST  The Howe Sound Story 1886-1976  - Francis J. Van Den Wyngaert  NOW YOU're Logging ��� Bus Griffiths  Raincoast Chronicles First Five  ��� Collectors Edition  Raincoast Chronicles  ��� Volumes 1, 6, 7 & 8  BUSh Poems - Peter Trower & Bus Griffiths  Titles by Hubert Evans:  w-mmm---- ^  ��� Son of the Salmon People  ��� O Time In Your Flight  ��� Endings  ��� WhittUngs  ��� Mist on the River  From a Coastal Kitchen  - Food & Flavours from Lull Bay  A Free Bookmark ^^^^^^^^^  With all pUrChaSeS    The Gibsons Landing Story  ��� Lester R. Peterson  HIGH QUALITY  GIFT ITEMS  MOUnt St. Helen's - A Changing landscape  ��� Large format hardcover ��� Chuck Williams  Bull ot the Woods  - The Gordon Gibson Story  Robert Davidson Haida Prlntmaker  ��� Hilary Stewart /*t  Woods and River Tales  ��� Roderick Haig-Brown  The Sunday Times  Book of the Countryside  ��� Including 1.000 Days Out f  in Great Britain & Ireland  The Clans of the Scottish Highlands  - R.R. Mclan  RDP  Bookstore  Gibsons Landing  Remembering Roberts Creek 1889*1955  STOCKING STUFFERS  , ��� 60 Cookbooks  that would look good in any stocking!  (Penguin Classics)  ��� Human Life Styling  - John C. McCamy MD, ��� James Priestley  ��� A Guide for the Perplexed ���.i  ��� E.F. Schumacher _����, 5$  ii  YScz^zzo..g*><:?^sacftac*ac?:ac?s*cfocs?sacftacfocs^c^acjgs*sgfri ft  The Hours  Tues. Dec. 23 10-7U   __  Wed. Dec. 24 10-6:30  CLOSED FOR THE HOLIDAY  Sat. Dec. 27 10-5  Sun. Dec. 28 11-4  REGULAR HOURS FROM THIS POINT ON  886-7744  j  I  Personal goals course offered  Capilano College, in cooperation with the Sunshine  Coast Women's Program, is  offering a course for community women who want to  reassess their current life  style and personal goals.  Donnit Patterson, coordinator of the Sunshine  Coast Women's Program, met  to discuss the course plans  with Andrea Kiss. Andrea has  taught in the Career Alternatives Program since it  began in North Vancouver  in 1974 and was responsible  for teaching this program in  Squamish in the Fall of 1980.  Judging from the response  to the programs offered this  Fall through the Sunshine  Coast Women's Program,  women in this community  are keen to get involved and  are looking for direction.  The Career Alternatives  Program has provided information and direction during  the past six years for over  300 women who have used this  opportunity to explore returning to work, continuing  education and/or developing  other related interests.  The women taking the  Career Alternatives Program  range in age from early  twenties to late fifties and  include mothers of small  children looking for outside  interests; women whose children have grown and who  want to return to work or  school; and women whose  lifestyle has changed for  economic, personal or family  reasons.  This fifteen week course is  designed to help women  establish personal goals based  upon individual skills and  interests while taking into  account their responsibilities  and the resources available.  Course content includes reading assignments, oral and.  written communication skills,  vocational testing, job research skills and seminar  discussion of related subjects.  Classes will be held at the  Inlet Avenue Centre, Sechelt  on Thursdays from 9:00 a.m.  to 12:00 noon beginning  January 22. Registration is  taking place now - luition  $25.50.  pmNKtt  OFFICE   ELECTRONICS  ��� Photocopiers ��� Typewriters  ��� Cash Registers ��� Calculator*  ��� Office Supplies Furniture   &   Stationery  Wlurf W. 5l��|U!t 1853735  M������l����i����V��5*������>SVAV*����>������WA��kM��  'Mfc-  lets  m  m.M.  4  Bfmw  to those who have assisted us in  the N.D.P. Bookstore and with the  N.D.P. Party throughout 1980  Dot & Ken Barker Coast News, December 23, 1980  IVinlor Harbour news  Wedding in Pender Harbour  by Doris Edwardson 883-2308  Page-Marldn weddlog.  On Saturday, December 6,  1980, Kellei Loralene Page,  daughter of Mr. and Mrs.  Lawrence Page was married to  Peter Andrew Markin in  Sechelt Baptist Church, Sechelt. B.C. Kellei's besl  friend, Darlaine Snell, Sechelt  vas bridesmaid, best man was  loe Page, brother of the  i;ride. Flower girl was the  hride's niece, Julie Ann Page.  Usher was Kellei's brother  Sieve Page. Groom's parents,  Peter and Marie Markin were  Irom Port Coquitlam, B.C.  Markle Myers of Madeira  Park was Master of ceremonies at the reception. Those  attending this gala event  were: Peter's brothers and  .isters, Ron, Lori and Cheryl.  Bride's parents, Chic and  Myrtle Page, her brothers  and sisters, Mr. Larry Page,  Dave and Dale Senft, Surrey,  B.C., Sally Paul, Linda Paul,  Gene Paul, Port Alice, B.C.  and Lois and Carey Paul and  Rick Paul.  Aunt and Uncle, Art and  Hilda Page, Surrey, B.C.  Family, Merve and Trudy  Schiodel, Gil and Kathy  Yocklowitz, Langley, B.C.  Donald and Brenda Scoular  and daughter Gail, Madeira  Park, B.C. Archie and Audrey  Nichols, Surrey, B.C. Rhonda,  Charles and Linda Nichols,  Nieces Dalia, Bernardette  Danielle Senft, Surrey, B.C.  Dave and Muriel Stiglitz,  Christine and Karen Stiglitz.  Friends - Janis Forbes, Port  Alberni, B.C. Merv and Sunni  Charbonneau, Peggy Pockrant  Doris Edwardson, Glen and  Tanya, Yvonne Campbell,  Mr. Frank Derkson, Roy  Milner,    and    caterer    was  Marge Campbell with her  helpers, Mrs. Tom McCann  and Mrs. Beverly Divall.  Maternal grandmother was  given thc bride's bouquet,  sister Sally caught the other  bouquet and Rick got the  garter,  Madeira Park Elementary  School Concert.  The School Concert on  December 17, 1980, at the  Elementary School was a  talent-filled night thanks to  the perseverance of the  teachers who must have had  fun teaching the youngsters  their parts in the plays.  The plays were about the  Manger, The Friendly Beasts,  Santa's Toy Shop, Dancing  Ducks, called Disco Christmas  and a real comical one about  Rudolph's Embarrassment because of his shining red  nose, and Jingle Bell Rock.  If you missed this year's  plays, don't forget to go to  the one next year, it's better  than watching TV.  Whole Harbour In sympathy.  Residents in Pender Harbour have been all heart and  soul when they awoke to the  news that Viki Fenn's two  children, Christopher and  Leonard had died in a house  fire last week. These youngsters were born in Pender  Harbour and attended Madeira Park Elementary School,  ironically they were scheduled  to be in the School play and  because of the tragedy their  classmates had to go on  without them although they  felt their absence. A few  minutes of silence in respect  and sympathy was kept at the  school. Service was held at the  Madeira Park Community Hall  and anyone wishing to help in  any way there is a trust  fund at the P.H. Credit Union,  also drop off centre at the  Pentacostal Church in Madeira Park. A Benefit Dance  will be held on January 10,  1981.  Merry Christmas and a  Happy New Year.  Best wishes  from Egmont  by Jon Van Arsdell  Please be advised of an  error in last week's column  from Egmont. In case of an  emergency in Egmont, phone  calls should go first to the  ambulance service at 885-5191  NOT to the home of Ian  Vaughan.  One of the best babysitters  in Egmont has now retired  and has a new name. May  dhiss Gunny's  HAIR BOUTIQUE  Shopping Centre, Madeira Park, B.C. Telephone 883-2715  // You've Been Searching High and  Low for a Special Gift at a Special  r^   Price, Come   *   ^ WHf%A  ,^-��    iMTfth    m%___\  ,-<a\  "<a.u���.  I   "foi  Feather Jewelry $3.00 - $4.75  Christmas Coffee Mugs  Reg. $3.25 fJn%mr ��<* 2��  Kitchen Witches _      . .   _ IIwow '*���"*  Re, H50 NoW *3.* P��rCe,amfiSw $17.50 - $49.00  Toys for Stocking Stuffers  Incredible Hulk & Spiderman  98<P - $3.75 Soaps & Tissue  "Village" Soap Gift Sets       Res s^95 ea NOW *3.'s ea.  Reg $18.00   Nqw $15#00 Assorte(, Aprong  Pewter & Silver Jewelry        ^.00&$ii.oo  $6.50 - $40.00 Now *5.���� & *9.����  Athena Prints, Poster & Writing Paper  . $3.00 - $6.50 a  capilano  college  the Sechelt Learning Centre  Inlet Avenue will be closed  December 24th to January 4th  We will reopen Monday,   January 5th  The spirit of Christmas ��as captured by thc students of Sechell Klementar) at their Christmas  concert, which featured "the I'oinsettia Story."  Accessibility to services improved  Pender Clinic petitioned  Howitt is now Mrs. Robert  Silvey. Except for a couple of  mishaps, the wedding came  off beautifully in North Vancouver Saturday. The first  unfortunate incident involved  May's mother Edna. As she  was boarding the bus at Earl's  Cove, the overanxious bus  driver popped the clutch and  Edna twisted her knee quite  badly. She had to spend the  day in Lions Gate Hospital and  attended the wedding in a  wheelchair.  The other eye-opener happened during the ceremony.  After a beautiful opening  speech by the minister, the  best man, Arthur Jensen,  fainted dead away. He was  seen pointing wildly at his  neck region before hitting the  floor. It seems the collar on  the rented tuxedo was way too  tight. Arthur grew up in  Egmont and Pender Harbour  with the nickname Boo.  Those who don't know him so  well have been known to call  him "Boo who?" Colleen  Silvey was the bridesmaid and  was seen sporting a lovely  bouquet about town.  Egmont wants to wish the  whole coast and even the rest  of the world a very Merry  Christmas. This is just about  the friendliest town in the  world at Christmastime and I  can't think of anywhere I'd  rather be.  The Pender Harbour Health  Clinic Board has set up a  committee to publicize activities at the Pender Harbour  Health Clinic. This decision  was arrived at in response to a  petition submitted to the  Board of Trustees. Signators  to the petition apparently felt  that because certain "clinic  services" were no longer  functioning that perhaps these  services were not being  performed. For example,  when the clinic was first  opened, certain times of the  week were scheduled for the  Blood Pressure Clinic, the  Prenatal Clinic etc. Later it  was decided not to fragment  the week into a group of clinics  because patients expressed a  preference to be seen on an  individual basis, and at times  most convenient to themselves. In this fashion, accessibility to services improved.  Educational programs continue at the clinic. Currently  there are prenatal classes  being held on Tuesday nights.  Suggestions for future topics  to be presented at the clinic  are welcomed and can be  forwarded to the Secretary,  Pender Harbour Health Clinic.  A wider range of services  has been offered at the clinic  since    Katie     Angermeyer,  (Physiotherapist) has begun  providing services from the  clinic. She will also be presenting educational lectures. In  the near future she will  discuss "Minor aches, Pains  and Sprains and what you can  do about them".  New Years in  Roberts Creek  Hall  Join In on the  Coast1! twinging celebration...  a gala New Year'e Eve in the old hall  great music...  "The Big Band"  6 piece/swing, rock band with Bob Carpenter  good toed...  Ham/Turkey Buffet  fine company...  ���The' place to be New Years  ����.���� per ticket  (proceeds 30 to restore the Hall)  tickets at  Seaview Market    and   The Heron  Pender New Year's party  The Pender Harbour Community Centre is having a New  Year's Eve Party 9 p.m. -  2 a.m. Newcomers come and  join your neighbours for an  evening of fun and frolic.  Food and drinks will be on  sale. Party favours and prizes  included in the door price  of $5.00 per person. Tickets  available at Madeira Park  Pharmacy and Frances Takeout.  Get yours early I  will be closed from the  2A1t US.Ijff a,        Afternoon of  "**IU_W        Pecember24  until January S  Merry Christmas to you all  BC FERRIES  CHRISTMAS DAY  SAILINGS  Thursday, December 25, 1980  A revised schedule will be in effect. This  will allow as many B.C. Ferry employees  as possible to be home with their families.  Regular scheduled service resumes Friday, December 26, 1980.  SUNSHINE COAST  HORSESHOE BAY-LANGDALE  Lv Horseshoe Bay  lz:zo pm, *:4D, o:uo.  7:15 pm, 9:30,11:30.  morning 10:10 am  afternoon 12:25 pm, 2:45, 5:05.  EVENING:  Lv Langdale  morning: 9:00 am, 11:15.  afternoon: 1:35 pm, 3:55.  evening 6:10 pm, 8:25,10:30.  EARLS C0VE-SALTERY BAY  Lv Earls Cove  morning:     9:15 am, 11:15.  afternoon: 1:15 pm, 4:30.  evening      6:30 pm, 8:30,10:30.  Lv Saltery Bay  morning:     8:15 am, 10:15.  afternoon: 12:15 pm, 3:30, 5:30.  evening:      7:30 pm, 9:30.  From all ol us at B.C. Ferries, a very happy  Holiday Season.  CLIP AND SAVE!  Schedules subject lo change without notice.  ^^BCFGRRieS  10  0)  Economise  Last Minute  Suggestions  BLACK MA8IC  1 lb. Chocolates  sale *3.89  TURTLES  Everyone's Favourite 397 gm  sale *4."  NUTCHOS  Deluxe Nut Clusters  sale *3."  PLANTERS PEANUTS  Drv Roasted 325 gm Reg. ��1.85  sale *1.39  ��  Neilson's  CASHEWS  350 gm Tin Reg. $5.59  Sale $4.49 Gillette  BODY TENDER  saie*13.95  GLASSES  4 Per Pack $1 99  6 oz. Size Reg. "V S8IB *1.  8 oz. siz Reg. ��3.* sale $2.49  ah our Christmas cards and am wrap  win be Halt Price  SATURDAY DEC. 27TH ONLY  our Lights and other Decorations  will be 1/3 ON  Ronson  ELECTRIC KNIFE  sale *21.95  West Bend - Hot Air  CORN POPPER  sale *42.95  GIBSONS  WESTERN DRUG MART  Sunnycrest Mall 886-7213 Lands Branch lends  ���  jsupport to board  f The regional board received  iprong support for its Pro-  dosed Guidelines for Water  leases and Licences of Occupation from Lands Branch  District Manager Larry Sorken  When he met with S.C.R.D.  Directors last Wednesday afternoon.  Currently the communities  of Gibsons and Pender Harbour are under the most  intense pressure from developers to approve the  granting of foreshore leases  for private moorage, often in  conjunction with "cluster housing" developments, and Gibsons Mayor Lorraine Goddard  and Area A Director Joe  Harrison both pointed out that  many developers presume a  foreshore lease should automatically be granted with the  purchase of waterfront property.  "Developers are selling  water they don't own,"  Harrison said.  ! Mayor Goddard pointed out  that though there is a trend  toward multiple family dwellings combined with private  moorage, people in. Gibsons  are becoming "very conscious  of the visual impact of things  on the water", and the  community does not want to  see the waterfront dominated  by condominiums and private  moorage.   Mayor   Goddard  mentioned a recent letter  received by Gibsons Municipal Planner Rob Buchan  from Diamond J Properties of  Vancouver, complaining about  council's refusal to approve a  foreshore lease for waterfront  property near Armour's Beach  where the company plans a  cluster housing development.  "A foreshore lease is not a  right," Sorken told the board,  "It is a privilege. Buyers of  waterfront property often  think they're buying more  than they are."  Harrison stated that while  no objection can usually be  made to an application for  an upland owner to put in a  single float to moor his boat,  the problem becomes complicated when multiple-dwelling  developments seek waterfront  rights and moorage for large  numbers of "upland owners",  particularly in the narrow bays  and inlets of areas like Pender  Harbour.  "It might be economically  attractive to fill Pender Harbour wall to wall with boats",  Harrison said, but he went on  to point out that such use of  the public waterfront is not  only not in the public interest,  but is unsightly and an  impediment to navigation.  Mr. Sorken pointed, out  that the regional board could  use its own zoning restrictions  Settlement Plan  committee named  Coast News, December 23^1980^  The West Howe Sound  Settlement Plan Committee  has been named by Regional  Director David Hunter.  Alternate Director David  Fyles will chair the committee  assisted by a co-ordinating  committee of Laurella Hay,  Shirley Macey and Ruth  Hogberg.  Sara Bennett won third prize in the Provincial Christmas Card  contest. Her prize was a $100 scholarship and another $100 for  Cedar Grove Elementary.  to a large extent to control the  kind of waterfront development that will occur on the  coast. The knottiest problem  Harrison and his committee  will have to deal with is the  question of how many "upland owners" should reasonably be granted private  moorage rights in front of a  single waterfront parcel.  In future, large development proposals requesting  foreshore leases will be  required to go to public  meetings before they are  approved.   All  water   lease  Opening next to Fitzgerald's just in time for Christmas shopping,  tier second-hand finery.  In downtown Gibsons  jfVew shop opening  Anna Gladwin displays some of  Chintney  Cleaning  & Maintenance  Phone 886-8187  S Anna Gladwin, Patrick Tri-  jjier and Rosemary Cariile  jdpened their shop this Tuesday, December 16. For Rosemary it is a continuation ofthe  :Tussie Mussie (which she has  tewned and operated for quite  ^ome time) with a new look and  !l fresh burst of energy. For  "f atrick and Anna it is a whole  "��ew enterprise, which they  ; hope will become an alternative  .home base for themselves and  ;lpr fri.-nds and neighbours the  ;Iength and breadth of the  Sunshine Coast.  I  ?'. The  have an intriguing  .^collection of antique and  ciecond hand clothing, hand-bags and knick-knacks. They  ���'.fn also a local wicker and  rattan supply depot, featuring  high quality pieces at prices  comparable to those in Chinatown. If you don't see the exact  piece you're looking for in'the  shop, Anna or Patrick will be  happy to order it for you from  their catalogue.  Backgammon enthusiasts  take note: Patrick will have the  board set up every Friday  afternoon. All players are  welcome. Anna would love to  trade hats anytime or you can  just wander in and chat with  Rosemary.  The Shop is located next  door to Fitzgerald's Restaurant  in Lower Gibsons and will be  open from 11:00 am to 5:00 pm,  Monday to Saturday. Stop by  and be delighted.  applications will also have  to be published in local papers  and in the B.C. Gazette.  Objections to the granting  of any water lease or licence of  occupation should be directed  in writing to the Sunshine  Coast Regional .District, and  to Larry Sorken, .District  Manager, Lands Branch.  Volunteers  appreciated  by Robi Peter*  Pender Harbour is blessed  in many ways, one of them,  being our Emergency Medical  Aid .Corp. They are a loyal  dedicated group of volunteers,1  according to Linda Curtiss,  the captain of the group.1  Seven of them have just;  completed an 80-hour emergency medical aid course,!  this entailed four weekend:  sessions and a lot of extra  study. Not bad when you.  consider it's on their own time!  and effort.  I personally would like to1  express my thanks to these  people, not only for volunteering time as ambulance'  personnel, but for upgrading1  their skill and abilities. Well  done - Volker Kaemling, John:  Logan (John is supposed to  be retired) .Roland Merkl,  Bill Lawrenuk, John and Pam  Hedderson. and Tim Sbap  cotte. Special thanks,. Linda  tells me, go to Dennis and  Diane Gamble for time and  effort spent in helping new  members. And thank you,  Linda, for being such a great  captain ofthe crew.  My condolences go to Vicky,'  Rodger and family. Pender  Harbour grieves with you ior  the loss of two very special!  little boys.  ?%?  ELECTROHOMB  Sales & Service  SUNSHINE COAST T.V.  885-9816  |[|l!J|]JIJI!Ellllllll!Ull![||l!lll!Nllilll IIIIIJIllllllilllllilllJilllllilJIIIIIIJH!^  After Christmas  CLEARANCE  SALE  BEST WISHES  FOR THE HOLIDAY SEASON  from the  Royal Bank Staff at Gibsons  Named to the committee  were Bert Norman (Granthams), Dorothy Fraser  (Soames), Ray Chamberlin  (Hopkins), Garry Gray (Langdale), Gordon Arthur (Park-  dale) and Trish Wray (North  Road). Each community will  meet over the winter months  and hope to have a preliminary report by April 1981.  Don't Forget  TAYLOR'S  CHRISTMAS SEAFOOD  Specials  Taylor's  Store  Garden  Bay  883-  2253  Pre-Inventory C4f Cf  continues until Dec. 31st  All  Fashion  Fabrics  - Including Velours,  Viyellas & Quilted  Fabrics  Gift Certificates  SUNNYCREST FABRICS  Opposite Super Valu  886-2231  FOOD  for  THOUGHT  ��� by Yoshi Tanaka  For extra flavour, marinate chicken quarters  overnight in richly herbed vinaigrette (oregano  or rosemary is great) before broiling.  ���������  Cook small new potatoes in covered pot with just  a little water; shake often. When fender, uncover  and let dry. Add lots of butter, sail and pepper  and minced chives or scallions. Dig in and enjoy.  ���������  Top casseroles with wheat germ and a little  melted butter. Adds a nice, nutty crunch.  ���������  Mix grated parmesan into cottage cheese, then  stir into hot noodles. Super and creamy with  simple broiled chicken.  ���**  Hope your holiday It simply super, too. Best  wishes from everyone al Yoshi's Restaurant,  Sunnycrest Centre, 886-8015.  *������  OPEN Dec. 23, 26, 27, 30, 31  ��� Jan. 1, 2, 3  CLOSED from Jan. 4 till Feb. 2  (Renovations)  OPEN Feb. 3 as usual  VLASSIFIFIJ ADS  YOUR LAST CHANCE  CPAIr F0R  Holidays  ^  Jan 5  COSTA  THIS WINTER  Dec. 22 - 24  Dec. 25 - 28  Dec. 29 - 31  Jan. 1  Jan. 2  HOLIDAY BANKING HOURS  10:00 a.m.  10:00 a.m.  10:00 a.m.  3:00 p.m.  CLOSED  3:00 p.m.  CLOSED  6:00 p.m.  CP Air Holidays are discontinuing their Costa Rica Charter  Packages. Our Jan. 5th departure is your last chance at this  excellent vacation value. The previously advertised Jan. 19th  departure has been cancelled, so if you want to go ��� Book Now.  For Jan. 5th  Join Our Escorted  GROUP TOUR  from the  SUNSHINE COAST  15 DAYS  $1,099  Canadian  (Based on Double Occupancy)  Mary Doray. Your Escort  Singles Wishing to Share Are Welcome  Price Includes:  ��� CP Air Super DC 8 Charter  from Vancouver to San Jose  ��� 6 Nights in San Jose  ��� 5 Nights in Jaco Beach  ��� 3 Nights in San Jose  ��� Transfers between Airports and Hotels  ��� V? Day Sightseeing Tour of San Jose!  ��� All Local Taxes  Not Included:  ��� Airport Tax  ��� Charter Bus Fare from Sechelt  to Vancouver and return.  ROYAL BANK  &  For Reservations and Information  Call Jan, or Mary, Now! Jan's been there.  tTT*    Gtf*   holkkNI/ 885-32( Coast News, December 23, 1980  I  jIKj h CB  W%_k_mtf^__  tn ^S*    j  / Wit-         W  w'������*>* '  ���7*  *  St. Hilda's Guides made up a ira> of surprises for the patients al  St. Mary's Hospital.  fl  L 4a  ^^H   H *' * M\_  ..y *^  I   *���  *'JH  Mr  *               ���  ���*                      fl  J,  j  L_a^W<  i  7 *  |g  ���rs*  mf^*'  =*,..:,  &   1  ^  -���*  rift,. t #  ^^  1  by Jeanie Norton 886-9609  Happy Holidays!  This will have to be short  but there are a few notes for  the holidays.  The Christmas Eve service  at St. Bartholomew's Anglican  Church in Gibsons starts at  11:30 p.m. and on Christmas  Day St. Aidan's will be  holding a Parish Family  Eucharist in Roberts Creek at  11:00a.m.  On the Sunday after Christmas, December 28, a combined Parish Family Eucharist  will be held at St. Bart's at  11:15 a.m. and St. Aidan's  will hold a service on nine  lessons and carols starting at  6:30 p.m.  You'd better make your  plans for New Year's Eve  now if you haven't already.  A gift  for one's self  or someone else  should be an  indulgence,  extravagantly  beautiful,  delightful  to wear.  Have you put offsetting that special gift for your  someone special? Come see us today, we're  sure you71 be pleased with our selection. Gift  Certificates are also available and we gift wrap  at no extra charge at MARIBELS  During the Holiday Season more than ever, my  thoughts turn gratefully to those who have made my  store's progress possible. And in ihis spiril / say  simply but sincerely: Thank You and Best Wishes  for the Holiday Season and a Happy New Year.  Marilyn  J|ariJ)els  Teredo Square Sechelt  Mon. - Thurs. & Sat. 9:30 - 5  Fri. 9:30 -8   885-2029  Ihe youngsters were busy al work lasl Friday decorating Ihe Fgmnnt Community Hall, assisted by  Teacher Hon I turn and Pal Vaughan.  Trustees support by-pass  The School Board at their  last meeting of the year acceded  to a request from Chairman  Hunter of the Regional Board  to support their letter to the  Ministry of Highways urging  the commencement of construction of the Gibson's bypass from Langdale. And to a  request from the B.C. Teachers'  But il came out OK in the end and wc hope everyone enjoys the  presents.  Roberts Creek  A few holiday notes  There are parties at both the  Roberts Creek Legion and Ihe  Community Hall but tickets  are limited so don't delay.  The dance at the Legion  costs $20 per couple and  includes a free drink each,  dinner and party favours.  Music is by George Page.  For information and tickets,  call the Legion at 886-9813  or Ernie Fossett at 886-9655.  "The Big Band" will be  playing at the Community  Hall. They're a six-piece,  band and promise good rock  and roll music for dancing.  Tickets are $12.50 each and  are available at Seaview  Market.  Merry Christmas and  Happy Holidays to you all  and we'll see you in the New  Year, God and Air Canada  willing.  Association for support for  their opposition to the proposed Financial Act, expected  to be introduced into the  Legislature in the spring.  Expansion is planned for  West Sechelt Elementary,  Chatelech, Roberts Creek  Elementary and Elphinstone.  As the expansion of the  woodworking and metal shops  would take over the present  Band room, it was suggested  that discussions be started with  the Regional Board with regard to sharing costs of a new  Band room which would include a theatre for Drama for  school and community use.  A delegation of parents of  Grade I students at Roberts  Creek concerned that the  Grade 1 class is too large for  one teacher, presently 28  children and two more expected in the New Year,  brought their problem to the  School Board.  (  Chimney  Cleaning  & Maintenance  Phone 886-8187  Pafclmorh.Pine  and olher Pleasures Candies, Nu* and ahcrTra*.  Both Stores  F    Well be  CLOStlbpec. 25, 26,27,  >,28,29&31. i/J  iifii  -     i i y  Season's Greetings!  Gibsons Ready  886-8174  "Drainrock 'Washed Rock  *Sand *R0ac| Mulch  'Fill 'Concrete Anchor:  Mon.���Friday 8a.m.���5p.m.  V.V.VAV.V.W  hce - 707  7-slide equalizer booster with  twin LED power level meters  hes - 362  hi-pertormance  6" x 9" 3-way  speaker system  A Sound Sensation!  ,���������  Audiovox Hi-Comp. *'<#��� *���  hes - 362 ..TOV  30% OFF    %.<_*.  Or!) PIONEER  WESTWURLD SOUND CENTRES   Next to Bank of Montreal, Sechelt    885-3313  Cap $ tho  Sunshine Coast  1981 Spring Program  Capilano College is oftring the following  Academic and Careerlfpcational courses on  the Sunshine Coast afjjte Sechelt-Learning  Centre tlf* term:  English 104 - fiction - 3 credits   Fee: $25.J��,  Tuesday Evenings 6-10 starting Jan. 13, *?���$;;?,  Instructor: Bob Sherrln _W$��  A study of selected 20th century short sW��tfortd novels, each oi Intrinsic literary  merit. The chief aim of the course, beyondjlltiadening and deepening the student's  understanding and appreciation of literaf^M|��is to encourage original responses to  literary expression, and to increase the sfo*i$��* ability to express those responses in  well-developed oral and written criticism. |R;"  Transferable to S.F.U., U.B.C. and U.Vic.  'f||  Geography 108 ��� Environmental OtugAt  ProMftWend Prospects -3 credits Fee $25.50  Thursday Evenings 6:30 to 10:30 pm starfit)l��jift, 8, 1981  Instructor: McOilllvray/Wilson :*���",  Environmental Geography: Problems and WjSpects Is designed to follow Geography  101 but Geography 101 is not a prerequisite In this course such important and interesting environmental issues as the foact yt#Mt. the use of land, water, and recycl-.  ing are discussed. These issues are eKomMjfcll through a comparison of human attitudes and perception, and noturai/blologleiUyslems. This course employs lectures/  seminars field trips, guest speakers, filmy,-||W;��, etc.  Transferable to S.F.U., U.B.C. and U.Vic. t*|ji determined.  Business Management 163 - Principal* of >Wpervlslon and Leadership ��� 3 credits  Fee: $25.50 if. ���''.;  Wednesday Evenings 6 -10 pm. starting Jon. 7, 1981  Instructor: To Pe Announced -A"  Study of human elements in organiration*,;:��H(�� emphasis on group behaviour. Concepts in persuasion, guidance and undersfjfipng of the Individual within the group.  Applications ot human relations managemwf(p#, leadership, power, authority, group  dynamics, formal ond informal organlia^hjl^communications, conflict and the introduction of change.  REGISTER NOW!  It:  Tho College alto offers in  B.T.S.D. ��� Bask Training for Skills DeveM^nent  Day and evening classes are being offerejtflpboth full ond part time programs. The  programs are designed to provide prevo��W^(��Bl upgrading In mathematics, science  and English equivalent to grade eight, ten ��j| twelve.  These programs also provide refresher untwltvany of the basic skill* - mathematics,  English, science. Manpower sponsorship istwHiable,  Learning Assistance ��� :,^,  learning Assistance tutorials will be held ifWp Spring Term in Spelling, English a* a  Second Language, Reading, learning and SfedjfSkills, Vocabulary Development, Essay  Writing and Time Management. Persons wttfcbtg to moke appointments for tutorials  can do so by calling 885-9310, the learningr^jenlre.  Counselling .   ���    ��� ; JS*��  The services ol trained counsellors are avattakte to ail students of the Sunshine Coast  to assist their educational planning and OK_#��, development.' Tuesdays, Jan. 13, 27,.  Feb. 10, 24, March 10, 24 and April 7. Phortif learning Centre for appointment.  Library/Media Centre - ' jSf'  A small collection is being developed for tWi^^rnlng Centre on Inlet Avenue. Access  to the book and media collection at the lyhliBtour campus Is provided through use of  the microfiche catalogue. This service is available to students and community  members alike. The Sechelt Media Centre is open from 12:30 to 7:00 pm., Monday  through Friday. A librarian will offer professional reference help between 11:00 am  and 3:30 pm on the following dates: Jan. Hj��3|L Feb. 10,24, March 9,23, April 7 * 22.  Credit-Free Education-  Watch For Our Winter Term Time t��Me  For InfgrijBKert en all of the above courses.  .. progren^Rmd services call or drop by the  CaDllanO Sechettjjj^lng Centre ��� 1360 Inlel Avenue  lt:S0 to 7:00 pm., Monday  through Friday  ���85-9310 or MS 3$14  ������  1 Thoughts for the New Year  ;arypnneJs  viewpoint  by Maryanne West  Most people who read a lot  probably keep their own  collections of quotations, the  nicely turned phrase, a statement of philosophy, thoughts  and ideas which are of  personal value. Last Christmas Hubert Evans went  through his collection, garnered during his long life and  chose a selection as an appropriate gift for his friends  and neighbours. It was a gift  lo be treasured.  In wondering what one  could say at this time of year  which hadn't already been  said, and which wouldn't  sound trite I thought of my  own collection of quotations.  It's modest in comparison,  but with the hope that everyone may find something  which, as the old Quakers put  it, "speaks to their condition"  this random sampling brings  my good wishes for Christmas  and the New Year to all.  . "Blessed my mirthfulness;  it is God's medicine - one of  the renovators of the world -  everybody ought to bathe in it.  Grim care, moroseness,  anxiety - all the rust of life,  ought to be scoured off by the  oil of mirth. Everyman ought  to rub himself with it. A man  without mirth is like a wagon  without springs, in which one  is caused disagreeably to jolt  by every pebble over which it  runs" Henry Ward Beecher.  "Human felicity is produced not so much by great  pieces of good fortune that  seldom happen, as by little advantages that occur every  day" Benjamin Franklin.  "Learn how to have a life  to enjoy, not merely an  existence to support" Andrew  Allan.  "People are the common  denominator of progress. So...  no improvement is possible  without improved people and  advance    is   certain   when  people are liberated and  educated. It would be wrong  to dismiss the importance of  roads, railroads, power plants  and the other familiar furniture of economic development. But we are coming to  realize that there is a certain  sterility in economic monuments that stand alone in a  sea of illiteracy". John Kenneth Galbraith.  "A civilized society is  exhibiting the five qualities  of truth, beauty, adventure,  art and peace" Alfred North  Whitehead.  "The ideal of independence  requires resistance to the herd  spirit now so widespread, to  our worship of quantity and  indifference to quality; in our  unthinking devotion to organization, standardization,  propaganda and advertising"  Daniel Gregory Mason.  "So long as all the increased wealth which modern  progress brings goes but to  build great fortunes, to  increase luxury and make  sharper the contrast between  the House of Have and the  House of Want, progress is  not real and cannot be permanent" Henry George.  "Land is not something you  inherit from your parents. It is  something you borrow from  your children" Elmer Mackay.  "A generation that .has  formed itself linguistically  around the primitivism of  'Like,' 'cool man' and above  all 'you know' will not be  difficult to enslave politically,  socially and culturally. Weaken, corrupt, dissolve the  authority of language in a  society and the rest follows  rather easily" Robert Nisbet.  "Language builds the house  of our consciousness" and  "The limits of my language  are the limits of my world."  "The highest possible stage  in moral culture is when we  recognize that we ought to  control our thoughts" Charles  Darwin.  "People are limited by what  they believe to be possible".  "The ultimate effect of  shielding men from the results  of their follies is to fill the  world with fools" Herbert  Spencer.  "Minds are like parachutes,  they only function when they  are open" Lord Thomas  Dewar.  "The man who cannot  wonder, who does not habitually wonder and worship is  but a pair of spectacles behind  which there is no eye" Thomas Carlyle.  "When the Children of  Israel reached the Red Sea  Moses struck his staff on the  shore the waters of the sea did  not part to let them through.  The Israelites stood there at  the edge of the water and  nothing happened. Until one  of the men plunged in. Then  the waters rolled back",  Talmudic story.  "People are like stained  glass windows, they sparkle  when the sun shines on them,  but their real beauty, is only  revealed when it's dark  outside and the window is  illuminated by a light from  within."  "There is no readier way  for a man to bring his own  worth into question, than  by endeavouring to detract  from the worth of the other  man"Tillotson.  "We are not all equal in  competence but we can and  should be equal in dignity."  Coast News, December 23, 1980  Cap College says thanks  Capilano College, at the.end  of the Fall Term, would like to  express the appreciation of the  Staff and Faculty at the  response and co-operation of  local residents, in the use of  the new facility (Sechelt  Learning Centre) on Inlet  Avenue.  We hope to meet even more  new enthusiastic students in  our new term, and meanwhile  wish everyone Seasons Greetings.  The Learning Centre will be  closed for the Christmas  break from December 24th,  to January 4th, inclusive. The  centre will re-open on Monday, January 5th. Most  classes will resume that week.  For information and registration please call 885-9310.  from  WM JANE,S  jto  Tub & Top  4g��     0       Shoppe  We will be CLOSED  iDec. 22nd until Jan. 6th  For Pick-ups & Inquiries  please call 886-7984  Where to find answers  to wood stove questions:  Our wood stoves can nuike heal bilK ;i  lol easier lo live with. And our experience in installing and maintaining  stoves eun be a big help to you.  So eall or come by soon. We'll  show you hem lo stay niee and  loasly tor very little bread.  JfiC  ELECTRICS  Trail Bay Centre, Sechell. 885-2568  CLASSIFIEDAZ7S  First prize in the Sechelt Minor Hockey draw was a side of beef  donated by Super Valu. It was won by the Killams of Sechelt.  Second prize of S200 went to Rob Jardine of Gibsons. The Jolly  Roger donated the third prize of dinner for two and a night at the  Inn. It was won by Bill Warner of Keremeos.  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JAN. 1   9:00-2:00 pip  LIQUIDATION  SALE  m  VVe ore Plc�� atxC\ Parts ** ,e(Jl,e you, our  1 We hoi" *�� remain m b",i,ost��"mak ,���,�� ask  We hau;.^. at comPcni    r good su��" _ . andin " on  Suncoa^ Chr^er   iiittuttffi  Plymouth  CHRYSLER  0 ocl go Trucks  SALES/SERVICE  Buy/Lease  885-5111  SUnCDHST CHRYSLER LTD  DL 2180 10  Coast News, December 23, 1980  LUCKY DOLLAR fCCDS  OVERLOOKING BEAUTIFtJl CfflSONS HARBODR  PCCDUCE  �� Florida- Pink & White E  /tfl    A A  GRAPEFRUIT, s 5/'1.00  Sunkist  5J1.00  Bunches  Washington Canada #1  POTATOES  Washington Medium  1 lb. bag  $1.09  lb. mesh bag  B4REEr  National Bakeries'  ^^, Fruit Bread ��,'1.25  #2_l_L VI   National Bakeries'  Floured scone Buns d. J1.25  S*?^*^  ET^S^l^  *>7^\  . s^isp "^^r.; "js>  t��^  Post-Christmas  Potpourri  After ihe greal Christinas Day Feast is over, it always seems that Ihere are little  bits of food left over too. No matter how much one picks al the bits it just doesn't all  disappear and one can't live on Turkey a la king and fried up vegetables until the  New Year begins. Here are a few ideas lhat you may find useful.  Turkey Salad  2 cups diced cooked turkey  1 cup diced celery  1/4 cup slivered almonds  2 mandarin oranges, peeled and segmented  1/3 cup salad dressing  2 tablespoons chopped parsley  1/4 cup grapes  lettuce  Use the lettuce lo line a salad bowl. Toss all ingredients  except grapes and place in bowl. Garnish with grapes and  serve immediately.  Sweet Potato Pudding  1/4 cup margarine  1/2 cup brown sugar  2 eggs  1 1/2 tablespoons flour  1/4 teaspoon salt  1/2 teaspoon nutmeg  1 cup mashed cooked sweet potato  1 cup milk  rind and juice of half an orange  1/4 cup sultana raisins  /. Cream Ihe margarine and sugar  2. Beat in the eggs  .3. Add the flour, salt, nutmeg, milk and juice. Beat in.  1 Add the orange rind and raisins. Slir in.  5. Place in a greased pie dish and bake for 40 minutes at 400*  F. Serve with whipped cream or ice cream.  r^J  Turkey Italiano  4 cups diced cooked turkey'  2 tablespoons oil  2 cloves garlic, crushed  1 medium onion, chopped coarsely  I small can tomato paste  1 19 oz. can tomatoes  1/2 cup red wine  2 tablespoons parsley, chopped  salt and pepper to taste  1/2 teaspoon oregano  1/2 teaspoon basil  I bay leaf  1. Fry the turkey pieces in the oil until crisp, then add garlic  and onion. Saute' till lender.  2. Stir in all olher ingredients. Simmer, covered for 30 minutes  al medium temperature.  3. Serve wilh spaghetti and sprinkle with grated parmesan.  Serves 4.  Happy Christmas to all of you.  Nest Lewis  (former Home Economics teacher)  Day by lay, item by item, we do more loi* you In  providing uariety, Quality and friendly ? rulce.  me reserue the right to limit Quantities'  Gower Point Rd., Gilbsons      Free Delivery to the Wharf     886*2257  NOTE: These specials are in effect NEXT  WEEK, from Wed. Dec. 31st until Sun. Jan.  4th.  luncheon meat .'1.39  Sunspun - Fancy Assorted A i_t_\____k  peas m.rt.Z/oO5  Campbell's Chicken Noodle A im__t% j  soup m* 2/59ql  Dutch Oven - All Purpose A��� AA  flour .k8ia.eo  Sunspun - Long Grain ��� ���   Jt Jfe  rice^'1.09  Brunswick A f-ph  sardines  ^1/W  Aylmer ��� Choice n*^  tomatoes ������,i,99'  Maxwell House *_ A_     ft  instant coffee '5.95 i  Quaker �����   __\\_m     ft  quick oats ^'1.19 i  Catelli - Ready Cut       Catelli-Long mi* ��  macaroni/spaghetti.��,. 79�� |  Lynn Valley-Standard Halves BAh &  peaches m*�� w* %  Diicy  Imperial  margarine  Palm  ice cream  Asst'd. Flavours  1.36 kg  . 2 litre paper  " W      wv^        " M v s*  '1.99  '2.25 |  Mrs. Smith  lvirs. annul ��� -    g____  mince pies      ���s���,'1.99  Cool Whip  dessert topping  ..Jl.49  Season's Greetings   |  to All  aBBBBBBBMBBBBBBBBl  ALL SPORTS-  MARINE  Gibsons Fish  Market  808-7168  t        Chri.tmu  Sp��clal  !  10% Off  Everything  la th. Stor.l  iooooaaaaK  ���MMMMIillttllllia  Mil  mmmmm  mi , Coast News, December 23, 1980  11  HAPPY  NEW VEAR  PRICES EFFECTIVE  I. Dec. 31SL  Sun. Jan. m  Open Fridays til 7 p.m.  Open Sundays & Holidays  10 a.m. - 5 p.m.  DOLLAR  HI  s  8  8  8  Sunrype-Pure .__h_m^  apple luice ,��,��91c  Orange Flavour ^_   __  19110 drink crystals 369gm * ������99  Wasa - Asst. 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Inspected Shoulder - Family Pak Aj    m ft  PORli STEAKS    , *1.49  __5_��7  Pure Pork  i  i  A  Gov't. Inspected Canada Grade H Boneless  Beef Outside Round ihtffc   Jfctffc  RUMP ROAST.....$2.69  Fresh Side Aj    m ft  SPARERIBS    , ������l.M  Lli Lacey -  Manager, most of the lime  Merry Christmas to all, mm  and to all,  A Happy New Year  All of us at Ken's wish you a happy and memorable time during this festive  season. We look back over the past 10 years with satisfaction at our  accomplishments and the good life we enjoy In Gibsons.  We look forward to 1981 with renewed trust In the future and faith in our ability to  be of ever greater service to the hundreds of families and Individuals that we  serve.  We leave the old year with some parting advice In a poem by Mabel May Wilson.  OLD YEAR, DON'T GO EMPTY-HANDED  Manager Meats Department  Julia McLell.it -  Cashier & General duties  Graham Edn.y -  Manager Produce & Dairy  Old year, don't go empty-handed, there's so  much I wish you would take,  Into the land of forgetting, ere the New  Year shall break.  Go to the couch of the sufferer, rob him of  sickness and pain,  Lift the load from the weary, bid them take  courage again.  Steal every sorrow and heartache, take  every sigh, every tear,  Into the land of forgetting, where you are  going, old year.  Old year, don't go empty-handed, take all  the greed, all the hate,  Into the land of forgetting, ere the New  Year shall break.        _._.,_.    ...��  Mabel May Wilson  ' *&* _M  ^ 1. Cut out this Coupon d��j^        j  ��_$*_#   **       2. Attach to your Sales Slip *% h<G0 \  <��� 3. Return to Ken's Lucky Dollar "  <<P  **  DRAW TO BE MADE SUNDAY AT 5 p.m.  NAME TEL NO.   POSTAL ADDRESS  There will be a (resh draw each week from now until the end of |  1980, commemorating our 10th Anniversary!  Shop with confidence. Our prices are uery competltlue.  we mill not be undersold on these aduertised items.  We fully puarantee euerythlng we sell to be satisfactory.  or money cheerfully refunded. 12  Coast News, December 23, 1980  i  "The Meaning of the Star of Bethlehem"  by Pastor Cliff Dricberg  Seventh-Day  Adventist Church  Down through the centuries  since the nativity, people have  elaborated on the Christmas  story. The wise men from the  East have been promoted to  kings; they have become 'holy',  and their number has been  proclaimed to be three. They  have even been given names.  The fact that the Biblical  narrative is brief has caused it  to become somewhat embellished. The wise men have  become three because they  brought three gifts. They have  been declared holy, because  they worshipped Jesus, and  finally, they have been presumed to be kings because only  kings could afford the costly  gifts of gold, incense and  myrrh.  Even though we ought to be  reluctant to beautify and  enlarge the sacred text, we must  admit that we can read a great  deal between the lines in the  story about the wise travellers  from a faraway land.  For instance, where was the  'east' from whence they came?  No one knows for sure. But  knowing the geography and  history of the Near East,  knowing the routes of trade  and travel, we can safely guess  that the homeland of the pious  stargazers must have been  somewhere in the area of the  famous Euphrates and Tigris  rivers, 600 to 800 miles northeast of Bethlehem.  Some have thought that the  wise men were descendants of  the Jews, who had stayed in  Babylon when their fellow  countrymen returned to Palestine after the Babylonian  captivity. Many of them adhered firmly to the faith of their  fathers. They worshipped in  their synagogues and studied  the sacred scrolls. The Pentecost story in Acts 2, states that  Jews from Mesopotamia witnessed the outpouring of the  of it on top of a million  Christmas trees. Its lustre gives  comfort to faithful and waiting  night, for stars are seen during  the dark hours. Through their  long journey of perhaps 20 to  30 nights or even longer, the  mystic star of unusual lustre  never failed to guide them, and  they followed it.  Finally the star "came and  stood over where the young  child was. When they saw the  star, they rejoiced with exceeding great joy" (Matt. 2:9,  10).  Since that time, through the  many hundreds of years, the  star has fascinated Bible readers, both believers and others.  Some say that the star was a  constellation of planets, others  say that it was a nova, a star  that shines brightly for a while  and then dies.  According to "The Desire of  Ages", "t he wise men had seen a  mysterious light in the heavens  upon that night when the glory  of God flooded the hills of  Bethlehem. As the light faded,  a luminous star appeared, and  lingered in the sky. lt was a  fixed star nor a planet...That  star was a distant company of  shining angels, but of this the  wise men were ignorant." (p.  60).  The star of Bethlehem still  shines. We find representations  Holy Spirit (verse 9). Some  have thought that one of the  wise men may have been  present on the day of Pentecost.  But while many of the  diaspora Jews must have been  eager students of the prophecies about the promised  Messiah, according to "The  Desire of Ages" by E.G. White,  the wise men were not Jews but  "Gentiles" (p. 60), "looked  upon by the Jews as heathen (p.  61). But they had studied the  Hebrew Scriptures and had  learned that the coming of the  Messiah was near.  The star that appeared was a  new and different star among  the radiant thousands. It was a  guiding star, for, according to  the Gospel travelogue, the star  "went before them" as the wise  men travelled from the east to  the stable in Bethlehem.  The wise men must have  been wealthy to finance the  long journey and to provide the  royal gifts. The wise men were  wise, to have examined the  Scriptures and to have understood the signs ofthe heavens.  They were willing to dare, to do  and to donate.  The eager taravellers must  have hastened along largely at  hearts. It has inspired poets,  song writers and thinkers. All  people need something to  illuminate their journey. In the  darkness of life people need a  star, to give direction, to give  assurances.  A star may also represent a  thought, an idea, a vision; like  that which spurred men to see  land beyond the western horizon or the peak of Everest, not  yet conquered, or books and  music yet to be written and  created. Best of all may it be a  vision of that better society of  the future, where God will wipe  away all tears from our eyes,  where there shall be no more  death, neither sorrow nor  crying, neither shall there be  any more pain, for the former  things are passed away. (Rev:  21:4)  The Child of Bethlehem is  such a star. The apostle Peter  says that He is the morning star  that shall arise in the hearts of  all believers (Peter 1:19). And  on the last page of the Bible,  Jesus makes this presentation  of Himself: "I am...the bright  and morning star" (Rev: 22:16)  In a world increasingly  shrouded in darkness, Jesus the  Son of God offers to be the  light, the guiding star. This Star  Gibsons Hospital Auxiliary  The Christmas luncheon  meeting of the Gibsons Hospital Auxiliary took place on  December 3, 1980, at the  Calvary Baptist Church at  12:30 p.m. with Joan Rigby  deputizing for President Jean  Longley. 24membersattended.  The weather was certainly  not conducive to a large turnout and the executive members  were pleased that so many had  braved the icy roads in order to  be with us. Betty Cochrane.  Helen Weinhandl and others  did an excellent job of 'gophering'.  It   was   a   very   informal  Al Wagner  Al Wagner  Invites you  to join  Big  Brothers  A service of friendship freely given by  men, to boys without  fathers.  For Information  886-2615  885-5664  luncheon and the church hall  looked particularly pretty with  Poinsettias, candles and other  Christmasy table decorations.  The menu was light and  attractive with quiche, jellied  salad, beets, mince pie and ice  cream, tea and coffee. At the  conclusion, Betty Cochrane  played 'Santa Claus' and small  gifts were exchanged.  With the New Year it is  necessary to install a new  president and vice-president.  Ida Leslie and Joan Rigby have  graciously accepted the posts in  the order. Joan Rigby moved  that the remainder of the  executive be retained. The  motion was seconded by Mar-  geret Jones. Therefore we have  a list of officers as follows:-  President, Ida Leslie; Vice-  President. Joan Rigby; 2nd  Vice-President, not yet appointed; Secretary, Pearl Dove;  Treasurer, Violet Harris; Publicity, Elizabeth Johnson.  The annual Christmas party  for the Extended Care Unit  residents at St. Mary's Hospital  will be held on December 14,  I980, from 2-4 p.m. 5 volunteer  Jidies from the Gibsons Hospital Auxiliary will each donate  a plate of 'goodies'. Wednesday, December tOth will be the  day for the decorations to go up  and several of our Gibsons  ladies will be helping out.  By way of a reminder,  'iibsons Auxiliary will require  a new head for our Extended  Care Unit, as Annie Metcalfe,  who has done such a splendid  job in this field for the past 5  years, will retire. Thank you  Annie, more sincerely for your  loyal and dedicated work, from  all of us.  The Gift Shop at St. Mary's  will be closed from December  22 - January 5 inclusive - never  the less the knitting members  arc requested to "keep on  knitting". Temporary quarters  fl  NOTICE TO HOME OWNERS  &  ELECTRICIANS  We are now stocking  a complete line of  wiring supplies,lighting fixtures  heating devices & appliances.  We also offer free information  and advice for those who wish  to do their own home wiring.  SUPERIOR ELECTRIC  _t&2fi>Complete Electrical Service  -^*^^      and Contracting  Across from  Casey's Gardens  on Wharf Rd.  Sechelt  885-2412  Mon. - Sat.  9 am. - 5 pm.  will be taken up by the Thrift  Shop for 6 months - will any  volunteers with questions  please contact Helen Weinhandl at 886-9819 - 886-7310.  Joan Rigby expressed appreciation on behalf of all members to Marion McConnell for  her excellent handling of the  'Aloha Luncheon'. Marion and  her family prepared most ofthe  dishes single-handed and we all  know that was quite an undertaking. Many thanks to the  McConnell family. Appreciation was also expressed to Mrs.  A. Gant of Don's Shoes,  Sunnycrest Mall, and to Mrs.  Kay Butler of Butler's Realty  Ltd., for their help in handling  ticket sales for the 'Aloha  Luncheon' and the Christmas  Lunch meeting.  The Lions Club dinner was  convened this month on Tuesday, November 25, by member  Isobel Leech, with  17 Lions  Club members attending.  Member Hilda Lee moved  that coat-hangers be collected  and donated to the Kiwanis  Intermediate Care Home. The  motion was seconded by member Marguerite Meyer. Please  contact Betty Cochrane for  collection, at 886-2565. Incidentally, Betty came up with a  wonderful idea for cleaning  'oven racks' - combine 1 cup  Ammonia with I cup of hot  water in a large outdoor garbie.  put racks inside overnight, and  keep in sink. Grease will swish  off. I'm going to try it!  I'm sure that the executive  will join me in wishing you all a  'Merry Christmas' - and a vote  of thanks to all you members  who have worked so hard'to  keep our auxiliary intact. We  will look forward to seeing you  all at the January meeting.  UNITED CHURCH  OF CANADA  SUNDAY MORNING  WORSHIP SERVICES  ST. JOHN'S  - at Davis Bay 9:30 a.m.  (ilBSONS  - Glassford Rd, 11:15 a.m.  SUNDAY SCHOOL. 9:30a.m  Pastor  Ihe Rev. George W. Inglis,  B. Th.  PHONE 886-2333  St. Bartholomew & SI. Aidan  Anglican Churches  (mnliitieil Services  2nd A 4ih Sumluys:  11:1 J .,m in  Si Bartholomew's, Gibsons  All uthiT Sundavs  Roberts Creek 9:30 am.  l-amilv Hoi) Eucharist  Ciibsons 11:15 am.  Imnih II,ik Eucharist  Rector: Rev. .lolin _. Robinson  Calvary Baptist Church  Park Rd. Gibsons.  Pastor Harold Andrews  Res.   886-9163   Church  Church 886-2611  Sunday School 9:30 am.  Morning Service 11 am.  Gospel Service 7 pm.  Prayer & Bible Study  Thursday 7 pm.  SEVENTH-DAY ADVENTIST  CHURCH  Sabbath School Sat.. 10 a.m.  Hour of Worship Sal.. II a.m.  St. John's United Church  Davis U.iv  Paslor C, Dricberg  I vcryone Welcome  1 or information phone:  885-9750 or 883-2736  GLAD TIDINGS  TABERNACLE  Gower Poml Roa>  Phone 886-2660  Sunday School -9:45 a.m.  Worship Service - 11:00 a.m.  Evening Fellowship 6 p.m.  Hiblc Stud) - Wed. 7:30 p.m.  Paslor Nancv Dykes  GIBSONS  PENTECOSTAL  CHURCH  Cedar Grove School  Chaster Rd, Gibsons  Senior Pastor Ted Boodle  Youth Pastor Jack Moch  Sunday School 9:45 a.m.  Morning Worship 11 a.m.  Evening Fellowship 7 p.m.  Home Bible Study  Phone 886-7268 or  886-9482  Affiliated with the  Pentecostal Assemblies  of Canada  ROMAN CATHOLIC  SERVICES  Rev. Angelo De Potnpa,  Parish Priest  Times of Masses  Saturday. 5:00 p.m.  Si. Mary's, Gibsons  Saturday 7:30 p.m.  Pender Harbour  June 28lh lo Sep! 7lh inclusive  Regular Sundav Masses  9(H) a.m. Our I.ady ofLourdes  Church. Sechell  Indian Reserve  10:00 a.m. Holv Family  Church. Sechell  12:00 noon St. Mary's Church.  Ciibsons  Confessions before Mass  Phone: 885-9526 or 885-5201  (I Church Services  leads to the crib and the cross,  to the throne of grace and the  kingdom of glory. The wise still  follow that Star.  At this joyous season of the  year, may deep and abiding joy  fill your hearts and bring you  every happiness; and may the  peace of God keep your hearts  and minds, through Christ  Jesus.  PLACING & FINISHING  1  rrriiis ��� DitlVKWA) s - floods  t'Ol'XII.VI'ltlXS ��� SHEW ALUS  Ml Tin*'"."''  l���rl,���l.u,ii;,l,��  Call Any Time  885-2125  SERVING PENDER HARBOUR TO PORT MELLON  The following people have donated  to the Kiwanis Christmas Fund  and wish their friends  A Very Merry Christmas  and Happy New Year  Used Furniture  and What Have You  AL'S USED  FURNITURE  886-2812  ***************  NDP  Gibsons Harbi.ui Ahm  Greal Canadian and  Bril'Sh Paperbacks  886 7744  Frank & Daisy Bailey  Ethel Bingley  Lome & Amy Blain  Ethel Bryant  Mrs. A. Burns  Jim & Helen Clark  Clem Cruickshank  Wynne & Ernie Davies  Bill & Nancy Douglas  & Family  L.H. & Vera Farr  Frank & Hilda Girard  Reg & Ruth Godfrey  Vi & Horry Harris  Mr. & Mrs. Ozzie Hinks  Hodgins Family  Fred & Marybell Holland  George & Gloria Hostland  Lee MacKay  Russell & Carol Macleod  Lome & Dooley Mason  John & Doreen Matthews  Rod & Linda Moorcroft & Family  Jean Moore  James & Vera Munro  Ron & Marney Qually & Girls  George & Vera Ruggles  Archie & Jean Russell  Vern, Jo, Wendi & Jeff Rottluff  Fred & Mary Stenner  Roy & Gretha Stenner  Roy & Gretha Taylor  The Weinhandl's, W.W. Upholstery  Mr. & Mrs. Bill Wright  Eunice Young  Sunshine Coast News  u  +Joyous Noel  .t*  Unchanging and ever cherished are the traditions of the  Christmas season, uniting all men of good will in harmonious  brotherhood.  We wish you a Merry Christinas!  From the Staff of  Gibsons Building  Supplies  We will be CLOSED  Dec. 25th, 26th, 27th  and Jan. 1st  ���M^i^l^MMMMMMII Christ's  service  by Rev. George W. Inglis  ��� One ofthe institutions ofthe  church which is slipping out of  existence in some of the  mainline churches is one which  dates back much farther than  written history records - tithing.  Some churches continue to  expect tithes of their members,  but many of the large denominations no longer demand  the pledges and tithes from  their people, depending on the  spirit of giving to be spontaneous, or at least voluntary.  This simple act of moving  from tithing is probably one of  the single most difficult for  churches to deal with, in a day  when maintaining even the  most humble of churches has  become a business, with taxes,  insurance, maintenance and  repair eating up a large amount  of money, even before the  minister's salary and housing is  considered.  ' The spirit of tithing came  into the Israelite race from  Semitic and Indo-Germanic  races, which had beentithingto  their gods for centuries, and the  underlying thought behind the  tithe was that it was an act of  propitiation to the gods.  Originally, the tithe was  offered to the Supreme Being,  one-tenth of all that was  produced from the land, since  the deity was the owner of the  land, and all that it gave forth,  and all that fed upon it.  In this belief was the superstition   that  failure to  tithe  More emphasis on  counting our blessings  would result in a failure of the  following years' crops, and the  removal of the blessing of the  deity.  When this institution was  brought into the lsraelitic  belief, at least as early as 1,000  B.C.the patriarchs had already  inculcated it into their semi-  nomadic existence, so that their  tithes were largely focused on  their flocks, fruits, possessions  of all kinds, as well as the spoils  of war.  As the Israelite tribes settled  down into an agrarian existence the superstition aspect  had left the spirit of tithing,  largely, but the establishment  of the Levite tribe as the  keepers of the ark of the  covenant and the tabernacle of  God, added a new dimension.  The Levitical priesthood, as  the keepers ofthe sanctuary of  God, began to claim the tithes  for their own, on behalf of God  - or at least a generous portion  of them.  This practice was given  validation by the Lord, who  decreed that the Levites would  have no inheritance in the land  given to the other 11 tribes, but  "To the Levites I have given  every tithe in Israel for an  inheritance, in return for the  service which they serve, their  service in the tent of meeting  (the tabernacle, later the  temple, and by extension, the  synagogues)." This passage is  found in Numbers 18:21.  The spirit of tithing changed  also, moving in the direction of  thanksgiving, rather than pro-  ���Best Vislies  ^  Remember the  true meaning of  Christmas.  Members & Staff of  Gibsons RCMP  to AM  In lieu of Christmas Cards,  *  the Jamieson family  s making a donation to  St. Mary's Hospital  pitiation, and the reckoning of  the tithes became more nebulous as givers recognized the  blessings they had received,  rather than the material gain  they had acquired through the  year.  This was the heritage which  the Christian church received  from Judaism, but it became  insufficient to maintain the  operation of the great plants  and acreage which the church  began to manage in the Middle  Ages, and the church became  somewhat oriented to business,  and eventually, to levying taxes  on the people.  In the days of Christendom,  and in the era of state churches,  when church membership was  a condition of citizenship, and  citizenship was vital to existence, church taxes and levies  were quite collectable.  It wasn't until the Protestant  Reformation, and Martin  Luther's objections to church  levies, such as the indulgences  paid for absolution, that the  voluntary tithes began to make  their appearance once again.  With their re-introduction,  however, there was stilt some  compulsion about them, since  it was still a mark of status to be  a recognized member of a  church, and the elders of the  churches used this fact to police  the non-givers, withdrawing  communion privileges, or suspending church membership  privileges.  Up until the first quarter of  the 20th century, there was still  some implicit compulsion in  the matter of tithing, and the  non-giver or the slack giver  could incur the displeasure of  thc neighbours who gave more  conscientiously.  The condition in the church  today, however, has slipped  into a much more relaxed  attitude over the very matter of  membership itself, and many  people attend the church of  their choice without committing themselves in any way,  morally or financially.  It does not always follow  today, then, that the giver is  either a member or a tither - he  or she may j\ist attend when  they feel like it, and give  generously or moderately,  according to their wishes.  In some way, this voluntary  giving appeals to today's  church attenders, and is a  return to the spirit of free and  voluntary giving as an act of  thanksgiving to the God from  whom all blessings flow.  But as harried church treasurers or stewardship committees will attest to ��� it is just no  way to run a business which can  run into a million-dollar operation in a very modest church  these days.  Maybe therein lies the rub! A  church which has become a  business may just have lost the  spirit of the founder, who  seemed to find his spiritual  food more sustaining than  material food.  True, offering of your substance to God, in thanksgiving  for blessings received is praiseworthy.  But maybe what is needed is  more emphasis on recognizing,  and counting our blessings.  Coast News, December 23, 1980  "A Gallery of Kitchen Gadgets & Accessories"  WTCHEN  GRRNIVflL  Merry  Christmas!  and  Happy  New Year  In recognition of her four years of service driving the school bus,  the Sechelt Indian Band presented Marilyn August with a plaque  of appreciation.  After Christmas  CLEARANCE SALE  Begins Sat. Dec. 27th  Up to      60% Off  ��  Early carol service  Rev. George Inglis and  members of St. John's United  Church at Davis Bay invite any  interested families to bring  their children and join in a  brief Christmas Eve Carol  Service, starting at 7:30 in the  church, located on Highway  101 at Davis Bay. Cardls will  include The First Nowell,  Silent Night, Away in a  Manger, O Come AH Ye  Faithful, Hark the Herald  Angels Sing, and Go Tell it on  the Mountain. The singing,  planned to last an hour, will  be accompanied by organ and  accordian. The candles of  Promise, Light, Love and  Hope will be lighted by the  pastor at the beginning of  the service, and the fifth  advent candle will be lighted  at the conclusion of the carol  singing. People of all denominations are welcome, the  intention being to provide a  pleasant and thoughtful interlude on Christmas Eve for  one and all in the community,  at an early hour so that the  children can participate.  Please save your  cancelled stamps  Many organizations ask that  cancelled stamps be torn off all  letters received during the year,  leaving at least 1/4 inch of  paper around the stamps so  that the edges will not be  damaged.  The Order of the Eastern  Star is one of these organizations and to let us know how  worthwhile the project is, they  report that $9,447.44 was  realized by this project last year  and this sum, together with  interest earnings, enabled its  Foster Secretary Association  to donate S9.7I2.06 to the B.C.  Cancer Institute for its cancer  projects.  The Dressing Station Fund  provides materials to the  various dressing stations  throughout the province. These  stations are manned by volunteer Eastern Star help and  many types of dressings are  made to be supplied to any  cancer patient, at no charge, on  a doctor's note. The local  Chapter meets monthly and  supplies dressings to non-  cancer patients as well.  Anyone collecting stamps  may contact any member or  Mrs. Bessie Shaw (886-9864)  for Gibsons, Mrs. Bea Rankin  (885-9787) for Sechelt, Mrs.  Syliva Woodsworth (883-9298)  for Halfmoon Bay and Mrs.  Caryl Cameron (883-2650) for  Pender Harbour. The members  will arrange to have your  stamps picked up.  TOWING  Hilltop Service  886-8414  886-8344  ������������74M  Drummond Insurance  will be  CLOSED  f&ym  FOR HOLIDAYS   ���$.:  Jg���� Dec. 22nd - Jan. 5th Jjjjtfef  For Service please call  Mrs. Sylvia MacLean: 886-2597  For Claims please call  Mr. John Parsons: 885-3519  Thank You  Season's Greefmgs to All!  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VON 3A0 Smfmmm      S*.*Hm m  TELEPHONE 885-3255 885*3255 ���������mw^w-l-*  ��� W *>  *>  1 ���  Coast News, December 23, 1980  A young athlete's view  What's a coach?  Bud Mulcaster at (iibsons l.anes assures us these ladies are bowling. Whatever they're up to, they were certainly having fun asthe  leagues wound up for Christmas last week.  Strikes and Spares  by Bud Mulcaster  A short report to finish off  >he year, as most leagues  were having Christmas fun  nights.  In the Classic League  Pat Prest rolled a 323 single  and a 996 four game total,  Bob McConnell a 345-954 and  Frank Redshaw a 361-946  total. Other good totals were  Dianne Fitchell 296-935; Bonnie McConnell 275-968 and  Mike Clements 250-904.  In a roll off for the Gibsons  A' League. Pat Prest had a  380 single and 891 for three  and in the Senior YBC League  Michele Solinsky rolled a 302  single and Glen Hanchar a  297 single and a 705 triple.  We would like to wish you  all   a   Merry   Christmas,   a  191-513  197-526  1-586  1-704  250-708  197-5  238-5  280-7  Happy New Year and a safe  holiday.  Other Scores:  Swingers:  Belle Wilson  Mary Lambert  Alice Smith  Len Hornett  George Langsford  Gibsons 'A':  Sylvia Bingley  Terry Cormons  Lome Christie  Wed. Coffee:  Hazel Skytte  Edna Bellerive  Y.B.C. Peewees:  Naomi Wolf  Bryan Fitchell  Gary Tetzlaff  Bantams:  Nicole Allen  Dennis Frandsen  George Williams  Craig Kincaid  {262-632  261-695  254-711  268-719  253-730  123-223  149-265  148-269  186-394  155-353  175-482  184-482  A coach is a person who  takes a group of young  individuals and tries to teach  them to shoot a basketball,  catch a pass, spike a volleyball, or run the hurdles.  A coach also tries to teach a  player self-discipline, co-ordination, sportsmanship and  a self-respect for the team and  himself.  A coach must put up with a  lot of problems - parents  complaining about why their  son or daughter isn't starting  on the Senior team as a  Junior, or questions from the  school board why he needs  longer practices, a few more  new game balls, a couple of  Saturday practices, or maybe  new uniforms.  A coach also may experience problems with the  players about practice hours, a  player who can shoot 100  per cent from the field but  can't play defense at all,  or having a running back who  can run a 4.3 40-yard dash but  cannot hold onto the football.  Having to coach kids with low  grades, or players who show  up for practice whenever they  feel like it are a few of the  other daily obstacles faced by  high school coaches.  But coaching can't be all  bad. Coaches must have some  "highlights" for all the time,  effort, and troubles that they  go through. An undefeated  season, having your team win  a very close game, sending in  the smallest player on the  team and watching him score  the winning touchdown, coaching a player from the first  time that he ever saw a  basketball, being asked by a  sports magazine to explain in  an article your team's full  court press, and having a  Provincial Championship victory would be the ultimate  goals in any coach's career.  Why would a person want  to devote his or her life to  helping young kids enjoy  playing sports? It must take a  special sort of person with a  great love for sports and  young people. Coaching, in  addition, must take a lot of  patience and a lot of knowledge about the sport. And  what does a coach ask in  return for his time, effort  and devotion? Only co-operation, the athlete's full  attention, 100 per cent effort  and maybe a little thanks.  Merry Christmas  arid  Happy New Year  to Everyone!  From Henry &  the Staff at  Henry'5 Bakery  (D\ SUNSHINE  Xjy KITCHENS  FINE CABINETS  886-9411 Gibsons.  Professional Repair & Service  to your  oil & electric heating equipment  -AUTHORIZED DEALER FOR-  viEssoj  Gulf  Jamie Brown draws the winning ticket in the Sunshine CoasI  Credit Union's rep team hockey draw. The Texas Mickey goes to  Pete Ray of Madeira Park.  THOMAS HEATING  SUNSHINE COAST DISTRIBUTOR:  CALL NOW 886-7111  17 Years Experience Chargex ��� Mastercharge  Serving the Coast Since 1967  Happ9 Holidays  The peace ot Christmas touches even  the most humble of His creatures.  Season's Greetings from  John, Eileen & Family  COAST INDUSTRIES  mmm  The youngsters hone up their hockey skills at the Sechelt Arena.  ARENA C^  CHRISTMAS  SCHEDULE  The Arena will  Close trom Monday  Dec. 22 - Jan. 1 Incl.  with the exception  of the following  Public Skating  Tuesday, Dec. 23  TEENSKATE  7 pm - 9 pm  Sunday, Dec. 28  FAMILY SKATE  2 pm - 4 pm  Tuesday Dec. 30  TEENSKATE  7 pm - 9 pm  The Arena Stalf joins  Management in  Wishing  One & All  A Very Merry  Holiday  Season  Motocross raffle winner  On Saturday the winner of   club raffle was drawn,  the 80 cc. Yamaha in the   .        .  Sunshine Coast Moto   Cross   's Philip Joe of Sechelt.  He  PENINSULA  MARKET  885-9721    Davis Bay, B.C.  tide tables  Reference:  Point Atkinson  Pacific  Standard Time.  Weil. II"  21  Kri. lire. >  (l  0035  1.6  0205  3.5  lis 15  15.9  0930  15.7  1350  I0.K  1550  10.(1  ISIS  411  2005  11.7  Tlmrn. Dr  , 25  Sui. Drr, 2  7  0I30  14  0250  4.X  0855  15')  102(1  15.5  I455  10.5  1700  9.3  I9I0  12.5  21115  11.11  033(1  1050  1X00  2240  Mini.  0420  1130  1X55  0045  0515  1210  1935  Sundries ��� Timex Watches  Special Holiday Hours  Dec. 24-  Dec. 25-  Dec. 26-  Jan. 1-  9:00  11:00  11:00  9:00 pm  Closed  4:30 pm  4:30 pm  I  I  lllHIIIIIItllllllllllllMllllKlllllllilllllllHIIIIIiHIIIIIiHillIJI  PRE INVENTORY SALE  Starting sat., Dec. 27th thru wed.. Dec. 31 st  fclnMiqi  Note:        The Sechell Store  will be closed all day  lo lake inventory on   WED., DEC. 31 ST  The Gibsons Store  will be closed all day  lo lake inventory on   FRI., JAR. ZI1D  UP TO 30% OFF  FISHING 1  Frozen Herring By the case  Dlwa Reels, im 2600 d & 1600 d  DOWnrlggerS Scotty Depthmaster  ZOO (Last chance for 10% Introductory Discount)  Johnson Motor imm hp.  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Carl's  corner  In search of a career  _  by Cul Chrltmu  "The cougar had been so  busy watching the dog he  hadn't noticed me watching  them. As I moved toward them  he looked my way, crouched as  though to jump, changed his  mind and went up a limb oi  two. I didn't take time to tie  Ted up���I just grabbed him by  the collar, locked my legs  around him, then fired off a  couple of quick shots without  aiming. We were both right  under that tree and if the cat  had jumped our way I wouldn't  have been telling this story. But  one shot went right through his  head and he was dead before he  hit the ground. But sure as I'm  sitting' here, if it hadn't been for  the bell on Ted's collar he  wouldn't be out there workin'  for us now!"  | Perse was a spell-binding  itory teller. Our smokes had  cooled and Ted's bell was  lading in the distance before we  continued on our way. A short  time later we were in the cabin,  frozen caulks thawing on the  tides of the camp stove, a hot  coffee being nursed out of tin  mugs, and Perse was giving me  directions to the deer meadow.  ��� Half an hour later I was  heading in the direction ofthe  meadow, Perse was headed for  'Haslam Creek Canyon with  Ted, and the ordeal of my first  hunt was about to begin.  ��� The meadow must have been  ��� wintering ground for deer,  judging by the abundance of  Jracks in the snow. I had only  ���rrived, was standing quietly  looking the situation over when  ji spike buck walked out from  behind a nearby tree. He was  looking for me and as I raised  the rifle to my shoulder his eyes  found mine. His big ears flicked  forward and hid his spikes. I  found myself wondering if I  could convince Perse that )  hadn't killed the deer because I  thought it was a doe. But then  his ears moved back and the  spikes were visible again. I had  no excuse not to fire. I'm sure I  ��� whispered "I'm sorry", as I  squeezed the trigger. He died  instantly.  I shook my head in disbelief.  This was the first living creature I had killed, outside of a  mouse or some other pest, and  even then I had felt some  remorse at the act. But here was  a beautiful, living animal, just  nicely beginning life in its own  environment, and I had killed it  in cold blood.  My new career as a bounty  hunter almost ended right  there. But the animal was dead,  it had to be properly taken care  of, must not be wasted. I had to  steel myself for the chore  ahead.  An hour later I was in the  cabin, the deer carcass strung  up to a nearby tree for cooling  out and retrieval tomorrow, all  evidence of my preoccupations  of the last hour washed away as  best I could. Perse would not  haul the deer in the car while  Ted was with us and didn't  want him to smell deer on me. I  was ready for him with hot  coffee and a warm cabin when  he returned a while later.  But during my wait, I had  time to probe and analyze my  inner feelings; to wonder at  what kind of hunter I was going  to make; what my reactions  were going to be the next time I  was faced with the necessity of  killing.  But hunger and the will to  survive is very strong in men  and he will go to great lengths  to overcome his dire needs of  the moment. The need was to  put meat on the table and this  became the balm which eased  the remorse of killing. I was to  learn more of this the following  day when we returned for our  deer.  Next morning dawned cold  and clear. That cold old bucket  of bolts of Perse's car was like  riding in a deep freeze���the  heater fan was burned out, the  floor boards and doors leaked  cold air, and steam from the  radiator kept fogging up the  windshield. I was glad to get to  the Haslam cabin trail.  Perse had brought Ted along  again this morning after having  some second thoughts on the  way home last night. His theory  was that the freshly killed deer  might attrack a cougar if there  were any in the area. It turned  out he had guessed right.  When we arrived at the cabin  we found that a cougar had  been trying to steal our animal.  He had climbed the tree,  climbed out on the limb I had  tossed 8 rope over the night  before, and had tried to reach  the deer from above. Apparently he had fallen but had  raked the hidi on his way  down. The ground below was  torn up with his great leaps as  he tried to reach the animal.  He must have pulled out  moments before we arrived.  Ted was working along behind  us when we reached the scene of  action but he appeared a  moment later. He was so  startled and enraged at the  audacity of the cougar for  invading the sanctified territory of the cabin that he  almost choked on his first  howl. But when he finally  settled down to that long  drawnout, mournful bay, it  raised the hair on the nape of  my neck and made my scalp  tingle!  I was to thrill many times  that winter to the clarion call of  Ted's bugle as he signalled the  suit of a thrilling, exciting, but  man killing chase through the  rough and timbered mountains  ofthe Island's interior. But that  burst of excitement on that first  morning of my first cougar  hunt will never be forgotten!  Perse had made a grab for  Ted to get his bell on the collar.  He whistled and shouted but to  no avail. We had been so cold  when we arrived at the trail that  we had decided to walk for  awhile to warm up before  getting down to business. Now  it was too late Ted was on his  red hot cat track and nothing  was going to detract him from  the job he had to do.  The chase was on!  To be continued.  Coast News, December 23, 1980  ml/'  Give Mom a Treat!  Boxing Day  Buffet  from 5 pm.  $15.00 per person  *7,$o children under 12  The kindergarten children entertained their parents at the Langdale Elementary School Concert last  Friday.  B.C. Tel rates  to be higher  t^? f ���   J ill xw\  J#11j> ffc*j>*r 1mtf  885-5888  R.R. #1,  Halfmoon Bay  Van. Direct fcj  ViViVtf*��iV*iV*��*VS  Sprouting on Shelter Island  Stand on your own feet  by Dorothy Nahanee  The ideal solution to satiate  the urges of a compulsive  gardener in the winter is to have  a greenhouse. If your greenhouse is still in the planning  stage like mine is then growing  sprouts will have to be a  substitute pastime. The most  common sprouts available are  the familiar mung beans that  are included in Chinese dinners  and alphalfa sprouts that are  found on sandwiches. It is  possible to sprout a variety of  seeds including lentils, radish,  fenugreek wheat and sunflowers.  Place seeds in a jar and soak  for several hours. Then drain  enough, that the seeds wiU still  be damp but not sit in a puddle.  Cover the top with a piece of  nylon or a plastic screen and  place in a warm spot for several  days depending on the variety  of seed. Rinse twice a day. Use  the rinsings in soups or gravies  as it is full of vitamins. Your  house plants will appreciate the  excess. A good place to sprout  is over the sink so that you will  remember to rinse them unless  you're like I am and occasionally leave the dishes until  the supply runs out before  washing them. My success in  sprouting has been limited to  alphalfa, wheat and sunflower  seeds mainly because they can  be sprouted in the light. Mung  beans require darkness so I  usually put them in a cupboard  for several weeks and never  think of them till the smell of  rotting beans reminds of what I  had been doing. If you have  half a memory they won't be  hard to grow.  Wheat sprouts are grown to  just the length of the seed and  are sweet. I usually throw them  in bread dough but a bread can  not be made entirely of wheat  sprout. The sprouts are ground  and then shaped into small  loaves and baked for two hours  at 250 degrees. This bread sells  in health food stores as Essene  bread. Slices of the bread  spread with cream cheese is  delicious.  Never use seeds that were  meant for planting as they have  usually been treated with  chemicals. Sunflowers may be  sprouted with the hulls on if  you wish as they rinse off after  without any trouble. I buy  sunflower seeds hulled and in  bulk as my attempts to grow  them have been less than  successful. Let the sunflower  sprouts get about a quarter of  an inch long���any longer and  they begin to taste bitter. The  taste is rather nutty and is great  in salads or just eating out of  hand. Sprouting seeds are more  nutritious because vitamin C  develops. Alphalfa sprouts are  good in sandwiches or to  replace lettuce when the cost of  a head jumps to a dollar in the  winter.  Christmas is only a few short  days away and at the time this  column is written I have yet to  hear the annual Gibsons Carol  ship concert. We have box  office seats next to the kitchen  stove and enjoy the event. True  they are not the Mormon  Tabernacle choir but they all  sound full of Christmas spirits.  Merry Christinas to everyone from the Shelter Island  Ledge Leapers.  B.C. Tel has applied to the  Canadian Radio-Television  and Telecommunications Co-  mission for permission to  transfer the Gibsons exchange  to a higher rate grouping.  Ralph Russell, Service Centre Manager for the area, said  the Company is required by  federal regulation to report to  the Commission in Ottawa  when an exchange area,  through growth and development, exceeds its current  rate grouping in the number of  telephones in service within its  free-calling area.  "The rate group for a  particular exchange varies  according to the number of  main telephones a customer  can call without a longdistance  charge," Russell explained.  "The greater number of main  telephones, the higher rate and  in turn the monthly rental."  Gibsons' customers now  have access to 6,287 main  telephones within their toll free  calling area, which includes  Port Mellon and Sechelt.  Russell pointed out that the  area has experienced a growth  of 536 in its number of main  telephones since October ',979.  He said that, in accordance  with CRTC requirements, B.C.  Tel reported to the Commission this month that the  Gibsons exchange had  outgrown its existing rate  grouping.  Tired of sky-high heat bills?  Ask about the  WEATHERTRON�� HEAT PUMP  BY GENERAL ELECTRIC  America's No. 1 selling heat pump  Wr"��  Ml Roberts Ketrigeration.  Box 271,  Madeira Park, B.C. 883-9461  or call;  Merry Christmas &  A Happy New Year  To All Our Customers  Thanks for supporting us all year  Walt's Automotive  [J 886-9500     amron  gteflpi  QgEttOift  Greetings ofthe Season  Th�� mow tht merrier, so, "Many Christmas" twice!  MACK'S NURSERY  Mr. & Mrs. K. Baba  The regrouping, from rate  group five to six, if approved by  the Commission, would mean  rate increases effective January  IS, 1981 for subscribers whose  telephone number begins with  the prefix 886.  The monthly exchange rate  for a private residential  subscriber would rise by $.40 to  $6.85 from the present $6.45,  while a two-party residential  subscriber would pay $5.20, up  $.30 from the present $4.90.  Multi-party rates would  increase from $3.85 to $4.10, up  $.25.  For business subscribers,  there would be an increase of  $1.65 to $16.05 from the  current $14.40, for a private  line. Multi-party rates would  increase from $8.15 to $8.95.  Swanson's  Swanson's Ready-Mix Ltd.  toady-nun Concrete  two Plants  sechelt I  Pender Harbour  Box 172, Sechelt, B.C.  VON 3A0  885-9666 885-5333  Chimney  Cleaning  & Maintenance  Phone 886-8187  SB & 9K dndathti<m6  CARPET, TILE ft SHEET VINYL  O. BOX 1092  SECHELT, B.C. 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Sechelt  NDP Bookstore        Gibsons Harbour  Fawkes Books &  Stationery Sunnycrest Centre, Gibsons  it .t v*Vt��t��tutvtift.ttr4tr*vt hhhhhmhh  I find it difficult, after so  many years have slipped by, to  describe with any degree of  accuracy just exactly what the  "Greenwood Inn" was. It was  not a hotel inasmuch that it  hadn't a bar nor for that matter  was it a licensed establishment  for  the  purveying of any  alcoholic beverages. Certainly  it had about eight or ten guest  rooms and during the short  periods  when  the salmon  fishing was on and later when  the hunting season for deer and  moose   commenced,   these  rooms    were   always   fully  occupied for the most part by  "well-heeled" American males.  In all probability a great many  of them used it as a retreat not  only from their nagging wives  but   from   the   cares   and  responsibilities of the various  businesses they were engaged  in. Also to be considered was  the fact that Prohibition was  still in effect in the States, so it  is logical to assume that many  of them crossed the Line not  only to  relax and enjoy a  holiday in a beautiful Canadian  province, but to escape the  drought in their own land and,  if only  for a  brief period,  partake of some of the good  whiskey that was obtainable  this side ofthe border.. Some of  it was legal while some of it  definitely was not. Such brands  as Johnny Walker's, Haig &  Haig, Dcwars and many more  were on display in the various  liquor   stores,   but   at   the  Greewood   Inn   the   most  popular  brand  was a fiery  poteen commonly referred to  as  "Newfie  Screech", which  later   I   discovered   had   no  connection  with   Newfoundland whatsoever, it being a  distillate of grain and potatoes  and it's place of origin was  Prince Edward Island.  Perhaps it would be fitting to  describe the Inn as a hunting  cum fishing lodge and, for  many of it's guests, as an oasis  or watering hole where even the  most obdurate of thirsts could  be assuaged. There was also  another compelling reason why  many of them returned year  after year and that was "Ma"  Saunders' cooking. There is  only one word to describe that  and the word is fantastic.  I shall never, if I live to reach  the century mark, forget my  first breakfast at the  Greenwood Inn. Long before I  descended the stairs I could  smell the delicious odours of  frying bacon and sausages  intermingled with that of  brewing coffee. I had had a  wonderful night's rest and now  I was to tie into a compote of  fruit, a hot cereal, followed by  the piece de resistance���bacon  and sausages with fried eggs,  buckwheat cakes and maple  syrup. Even after so many years  the thought of that breakfast  still tingles my tastebuds. It  came out later on that Mrs.  Saunders, or as everyone  including the guests called her  "Ma", was German and had  been with "Big Jim" Rooney  for many years, in fact ever  since he became a widower,  while the children were still  very small. The sausages she  made herself while the bacon  was also smoked on the  premises by this good lady and  how she found time to prepare  all these marvellous meals and  still work outside on occasions  in the vegetable garden I will  never know, but we all loved  her and treated her with the  respect due to anyone with her  amazing proficiency in the  culinary arts.  It was at that breakfast the  deal was made. When "Big  Jim" queried if I could milk a  cow and drive a horse and the  answer being in the affirmative  I was hired, not only to perform  those duties but to split the  wood and assist as a general  factotum in and around the  place. I was to be paid $23 per  month until the guests started  to arrive and more later on  besides, as he told me, I could  keep all the tips I might receive  from these same guests. I was  later to learn that these freewheeling, hard-drinking Yanks  could on occasions be  remarkably generous, in fact  almost to the point of  absurdity, especially if they had  partaken over-freely of what  they persisted in calling  "Screech"!  Along with the Inn were  about 60 acres of land. The  lodge was on one side of the  road with about five acres of  bush as a background, while on  the other side were the neatly  fenced fields and pastures  sloping gently down to the  ' banks of the Peticodiac River.  The farm, if it could be called  that, supported two cows, one  milking and one dry, the odd  calf beyig raised for beef and  about a half a dozen or more  pigs. 1 have left Daisy the horse  to the last as a more recalcitrant  animal I have never encountered. Fat as a butterball  with a glossy, white coat, she  was beautiful to look at but I  still hold the opinion that in her  equinine past she was more  mule that horse as she did  exactly what she pleased at the  particular time and all the  coaxing, cursing and mild  thrashings she received had  absolutely no effect on her  whatsoever.  Having been a pet of the  Rooney children for so long she  had firm ideas as to just how  much she intended to do right  from the start and it didn't seem  to matter to her whether she  was hitched to a cultivator or  between the shafts of a one-  horse wagon, when she had  done what she thought was  enough she would simply lie  down and refuse to budge an  inch. At the start I used to get  os exasperated and infuriated  at her I called her by all the foul  names not usually associated  with a lady of her class and  which I had acquired in my  seafaring days. Eventually I  came to realize I was simply  wasting my energies so I simply  sat on a convenient stump or  squatted on the ground, lit my  pipe and idled away the time  until she was ready to get up  and resume operations, while  "Big Jim" concurred that it was  the only sensible thing to do.  One more thing I must not  forget to mention is that all  during that lovely summer I  never saw any of our guests  bring back a fish. Some of them  I doubt ever saw the river, or it  could be that the Peticodiac  was not a salmon stream as it  was and always has been noted  for it's "Bore". At the time of  thc spring tides and then again  in late fall thc river can rise with  astonishing rapidity to heights  of over 20 feet and one can hear  the rumble or  roar of this  rushing body of water miles  away. Any fish caught in this  boiling tide would have a rapid  journey to it's destination. It is  all caused, apparently, by the  compression of waters in the  Bay   of   Fundy  and   is  an  extremely rare phenomenon,  occurring in few parts of the  world. Had the guests been  really interested in fishing, we  were not too far distant from  the world renowned Miramichi  River, a wonderful salmon and  trout stream. However not one  of them ever returned to their  homes in the States without a  splendid salmon, provided by  "Big Jim" and I presume the  same was true when the deer  and moose hunts ended, they  had some choice cuts to take  home to show their suspicious  wives and associates. Whether  these fish and trophies of the  hunt were legal or not 1 never  bothered   to   find    out;   it  certainly   was   none   of  my  business and I intended to keep  it that way.  What 1 do know however is  that "Big Jim" for all his sizes,  6'2" and weighing 240 lbs. was  the most genial giant of an  employer 1 have ever worked  for. When word came from my  friend Mogens in the early fall  that he had bought a farm in  Glengarry County, Ontario  and needed help, 1 had to do  some deep soul searching  before I could make up my  mind to leave these kind,  generous people and once  again take up my packsack and  head westward.  I had had a beautiful  summer, I had actually saved  a little money and I had been as  sober and celibate as a  Trappist monk. Perhaps in this  last statement lies the true  reason why I decided to go. The  restlessness and yearnings of  impetuous youth had been  suppressed long enough, lt was  time to move on!  Band members from Roberts Creek Klementary School, Sechelt Klementary, and Chatelech  Secondary School combined, under the direction of Wcldon Kpp and played for visitors to the  Chatelech Open House last Wednesday night.  Carefree gardening  JO/EIJX  NOEL  \\ is/iintj id/ ii  /n i/ii/ili/ -.nisi in  lull nl li/cs'hfsl  from  R.Harding & Son  Ltd.  Sunshine Girl"  POTTERY  A Price & Selection  for Every Budge!  Available at:  . ���   886-2818 �����  Ciibsons Landing  886-2818  . Open 7 Days  by Sandy Loam  HeyII Merry Christmas and  high hopes for a splendid  growing year in 1981.  Don't forget the plant  shops when it comes to last  minute Christmas shopping.  What nicer gift than a lovely  plant or even better a shrub  to be plopped into the garden  as a continuing reminder ol  your thoughtfulness? You can  make a small ceremony of  planting it yourself on Christmas Day if this salubrious  weather continues.  Do feel free to amble in  your garden over the holidays  as it is always so encouraging  to find the first little clump of  January Snowdrops, Winter  Heather or an early Primrose  blooming its little heart out  through the mess. If it stays  warm, get some fresh air  cleaning up the mess.  If you are going away for a  couple of weeks go out and cut  some branches of Forsythia  and fill a large vase with them  (lots of water). You will  come home to a mass of yellow  bloom and everything will  seem very post-holiday  springy.  Start thinking about seeds  and new shrubs and planning  just how you will re-vamp  your garden so that it will be  lovelier than ever. Again,  many thanks to all those who  have assisted me throughout garage man who lost mine arid  the year and to my friends and d'dn', even have the Pace ��P  colleagues at the Coast apologize.  Snooze.  Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!  Post-script: Thanks to Bill  Foreman and Bill Van Weston for snow tire assistance  and a pox on the careless  captiano college  PUBLIC NOTICE  Holiday Garbage Pick-Ups  There will be no regular garbage pick-up on  Christmas Day or Boxing Day. There will be the  scheduled pick-up on New Year's Day.  Residents are advised that the dumps at Gibsons  and Halfmoon Bay will be open from December  24, 1980 to January 15, 1981 for the deposit of  burnable refuse.  L Jardine,  Secretary-Treasurer  Oops!  t  In the bustle of thc season a  couple of errors crept into our  pages last week. In the outline  which accompanied the front  page picture of the Kiwanis  presentation we identified the  ladies involved as being Amy  Blain and Marie Traynot when  thev should have been identified as Amy Blilin and (irethe  Taylor.  In the list which appeared in  the paper last week of those  making a donation to the  Pender Harbour Auxiliary to  St, Mary's Hospital ill lieu of  Christmas cards we unfortunately omitted the names of  Hill and Wilmtl Ihotupsonaml  family.  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It was noon  hour and the two little Indian  girls were making a snowman  in thc schoolyard when they  spied Mrs. Walter coming out  of thc mission house. They left  the big snowballs they were  rolling and ran up the hill with  gay scarves Hying.  They   were  quite  out   of  breath when they reached her.  "What's in the box. Teacher.'" Rebecca asked.  "This hig box? Oh it has the  costumes   in   it   -  for  our  Christmas play."  "May I cany il. Teacher'.1"  "Oh please let me. Teacher!"  "I asked first. Susan."  "Thank you hoth hut I think  I had better take it myself. You  .girls may carry these crooks lor  the  shepherds und  the little  box."  "Christmas concert coming  soon?" asked Rebecca as they  made their way down the  snowy path.  ',. "Well it's past the middle of  November  now.  We  haven't  loo much time."  ��� "We sing 'Away in a Manner".'"  . "Yes Rebecca, that's one ol  the songs in the play. I'll take  the crooks now. thanks. You  girls get the broom and brush  all lhal snow off your mocassins and leggings before you  come in to school. Your hacks  Sic covered with snow too."  > Rebecca found it hurd to  leep her mind on her lessons  >hat afternoon. She kept hoping there would be a part for  fcer in the play. Her cousin  [KUtll was to he Mary, and  Mommy Blackwater was Joseph. The Shepherds would he  boys of course ... Hut the angels  .were still to be chosen ...  Suddenly Mrs. Walter was  standing beside Rebecca's desk  5 "Why Rebecca you've only  done two lines in all this time!  You're usually such a good  little worker!"  Rebecca's hig brown eyes  were startled and ashamed. She  took her pencil in her plump  little hand and got lo work.  At two o'clock ihe sharp  sound ol the desk hell made  Rebecca look up.  "Attention, boys and girls."  she heard Mrs. Walter say.  "I'ut away books and pencils.  Tor ihe rest ofthe afternoon we  are going to practise thc  Christmas I'lay we started last  week. I have brought some of  Ihe costumes and we are going  right through it today. Simon  will you help me mine my desk  to the side'.' Moses please put  the manger in the centre."  i:\crybody was excited by  now. Rebecca could hardly sit  still when Mrs. Waller began  taking the costumes out ofthe  box.  "Ruth, you were chosen for  Mary. Here's your blue robe.  This is thc costume for Joseph.  Ihe shepherds will take Iheir  places at this side of the  Manager. You Wise Men on  the right... Now for the angels.  We still have lo decide who will  be Ihe angels.  ������'. Mrs. Walter took two white  costumes out of the box and  Rebecca's hopes leaped high...  but two big girls were chosen.  There seemed no part lor her.  Then, through her tears, Rebecca saw Mrst Walter take out  a third angel costume. This one  didn't look hig!  "How about thc little angel?  Whom shall wc choose?"  Rebecca heard her namcan.l  everybody looked her way.  "Rebecca." several children  shouted, "let's have Rebecca!  She's ihe littlest."  "Yes. Rebecca would he fine  but she goes oul on Ihe trapline  wilh hei family at this time of  year."  "Not go this year." Rebecca  stood up. "School every day!"  "She is going to stay with her  aunt Emily." explained one of  the older girls. "She doesn't  want to miss school."  "Good for you Rebecca! I'm  very glad you won't be away  from school. You'll make a fine  angel I'm sure. Come und try  on ihe costume."  The angel costume was just  right for Rebecca. Her eyes  were shining as she came to  lake her place.  "Kneel here. Rebecca -close  beside Ihe  Baby Jesus. Now  fold your hands - that's it.  Everybody ready! Sing."  Away in a manger.  No crib lor a bed.  No crib for a bed.  The Little Lord Jesus  I aid down His sweet head.  Rebecca tried to do her best  at every pia.lice. At first it was  very hard not to move. Bul  before long she was kneeling  with hands folded, as still as un  angel on a Christmas card.  Then one day a sad-eyed  Rebecca came to school with  her mother.  "Please excuse Rebecca. Wc  go on trapline tomorrow." her  mother said.  "Hut I thought she was to  stay with her aunt Emily!"  "Emily away at Kitinak. Her  sister very sick." Rebecca come  wilh us."  "Oh I'm so sorry! She was to  he a little angel in Ihe play."  "I want to be angel." sobbed  Rebecca.  "When will you be back.  Mrs. Crosby?"  "Oil we be only lew weeks.  We he back for Christmas."  "The concert is two days  before Christmas. Will you be  haek by then?"  "Oh yes wc he back then,  sine."  "Don'l cry Rebecca. You  know your part well. I'll keep  Ihe costume for you."  Next day Rebecca set out on  her little snowshoes with thc  family. There was Lather.  Mother. Grandfather, and  young brother Joshua. All of  them had pucks according to  their sue. Even the two big  dogs carried loads - one on each  side.  Thc sun  was  shining und  GREEIiKGS  S.V.  Our friendship with  you will  never melt!  Sunt/m  (UlltM  Gk0*A.  It  there was a well-broken trail so  they made ten miles thc first  day. They camped that night in  a jackpine flat beside a creek.  Krom their lent Rebecca saw  one bright star shining. "Like  the Star of Bethlehem." she  thought. "The star above the  Manger." She must not forget  her Manger Song. Snuggling in  her blankets, she imagined she  was with the children at school  and sang softly. "Away in a  Manger."  Nexl day they went on and  on over the snow. I hey saw  many marten tracks and quite  often a white rabbit hopped  across the trail ahead of them.  "Rabbits have snowshoes  too." grandfather told the  children.  That night they camped by a  lake and at night they heard  wolves howling on the other  side. In Ihe bright moonlight  they could make oul their dark  shapes on the ice.  On the third day towards  evening they reached their  cabin. Rebecca and Joshua had  been coming here ever since  they could remember so it was  'ike coming home. They kept  finding things they had left: - a  rag ball grandfather had made,  some marbles and a funny old  doll of Rebecca's wilh only one  arm. The children found plenty  to do and the days passed  quickly al first.  Every afternoon Rebecca  thought ofthe children practising and of the angel costume  waiting for her.  "We be back in time won't wc  mother?"  "Oh yes child we be back.  Starling hack soon now Grandfather says." So Rebecca went  out quite happily to make  .ingels in Ihe snow.  "I omorrow we start for  'tome." Father said one day  when they came in wilh a good  catch of fur. Good crust on  ���now and we make good time."  "Goody, goody." Rebecca  danced with joy. "I must be in  lime lor big practice."  Bul that night il snowed.  Rebecca looked oul on a world  of white in Ihe morning. Every  little cedar and spruce and  hazel hush was bent to the  ground with its weight of snow.  It was still snowing.  "Can we go. grandfather?"  she asked fearfully.  "We start out hut slow going.  Heavy trail to break."  I hey gol ready right alter  breakfast. The dogs were  loaded. Everyone put on their  snowshoes and packs and they  set out. Fatherand grandfather  took turns breaking trail.  Sometimes Mother took a  .turn. The snow was soli and  ��� Iheir snowshoes sank deep.  Each time they lifted a fool they  had to shake off thc snow.  Rebecca and Joshua were lasl  so the trail was a bit easier for  them but little balls of snow  kept   forming  under   their  Coast News, December 23, 1980 17  Merry Christmas  to all our  Friends & Customers  / Holiday Hours  Open        Closed  Dec. 23, 24    Dec. 25, 26, 27, 28  Dec. 29, 30, 31  Jan. 1 thru 12  Open Again Jan 13  _|��. The Good Food Store  fcfcfi     The Dock S��ch��ll  Sechelt Klementary students were treated to a fascinating hour of songs, dances and traditional  stories from Squamish Indian Band Chief Simon Baker last week, as a prelude to the Christmas  pageant dress rehearsal.  moccasins and they had to stop  and scrape them off. The dogs  had their troubles too. Often  they stopped to gnaw the snow  irom between their toes. By  three in thc afternoon they had  cone only five miles hut all were  mi lired they stopped for the  night in an empty cabin. Wilh  ihe heavy snow clouds il would  soon he dark and il would take  lime to gather enough wood for  ihe nighl. Rebecca curled up in  her blanket righl after supper.  She was too tired to sing and  was soon lasl asleep dreaming  of the concert.  It was still snowing in the  morning.  "How long belore we gel  home. Grandfather?"  "Maybe three, maybe four  days. Can't tell. Breaking trail  very hard."  "Hut ihe concert! Wc must  get haek!"  "We do besl we can. child."  And seeing a tear on the little  brow n lace he added. "Perhaps  snow stop tomorrow and we go  faster."  "I hope so." signed Rebecca.  But it snowed all that day  and the nexl. On the morning  of the concert they were still ten  miles from the village. Rebecca  knew now they would not be in  time for the last practice and  might he too late for the  concert as well. Mother had  said al breakfast: "Don't count  on il loo much. Little Angel.  Anyway wc buy you big  walking doll in trading post."  Even thai did not console  Reheeea. They must get there  somehow. As she trudged  along she went over the  concert in her mind. Firsl the  Welcome Song by the whole  school, then a recitation by one  of the big'girls. then the Hag  drill and alter that the Baby  Jesus I'lay. She could see them  all. Mary and thc shepherds,  thc Wise Men and ihe two big  angels but what if there was no  Rebecca to kneel by the  Manger!  Al noon they stopped only  long enough to eat some dried  salmon, then on and on they  went through the winter wilderness. The afternoon was  wearing away and Rebecca had  almost lost hope. It had  stopped snowing but she knew  they were still miles from the  village.  Suddenly they heard shouts  ahead, and looking up saw  four young men coming.  "Look, Mother. Uncle Joe!"  called Rebecca.  "Anything wrong in the  village, Joe?" Grandfather  asked.  "Everything fine in the  village. We came to break trail  lor you. Rebecca got to be at  the Christmas concert."  Rebecca hoped again. But  would she really be in time?  Down the hard-packed trail  they went, behind Uncle Joe  and his friends. At last through  the snowy evergreens. Rebecca  saw the lights ofthe village. The  brightest lights shone from the  hall.  As they came near Rebecca  heard the piano playing a  March - that was for the flag  drill. The play would be nexl.  She was so excited she couldn't  undo her snowshoes. Then she  h.eui'd thc music of Away in a  danger.  "Oh that's the play. I'm too  late." Rebecca was almost  crying.  "No you're not." said Father.  And picking up his little girl he  opened the door and carried  her in - snowshoes and all  Murray's Garden [  i Pet Supplies  HARTZ�� Mountain  Christmas & New Years  i���������������������������������������i  MjlHIMIHMHIIII^  5% Sal. (US) LONGLIFE  Aquariums  List $17."  \\iW    $1)66  Also Discount Prices on 10 -15 - 23 Gallon Sizes \  ��� Young Budgies ���Cockatiels ���  ��� Hamsters & Guinea Pigs ���  ��� Tropical & Goldfish ���  Sale Continues until Jan. 31  There was great excitement  in the hall and everyone  clapped and cheered.  "One moment, everybody."  called out Mrs. Walter. She  closed the curtains and came  down from the platform to gel  Rebecca.  And so il came lo pass lhal  when thc curtains opened ihe  second time the littlest angel  was kneeling with the others  beside the Baby Jesus just as if  she had never been away.  *+* fck * * * * * * * * * 4  NDP  Gibsons Harbour Akj.j  Greal Canadian and  British Paper backs  8H6 7/44  "Under New Management"  TOVS ft HOBBIES  FOR ALL ABES  * Toys     * Stocking Stutters  Tk Sunnycrest Mall 886-8412  "An  experience  in fun  Family Dining'  Wc wish you a  hi Merky    Christmas  :V>f & a H%>y   New Year  __i  u*  No. 101   Cedat Pl,iz  886-7454  MAXWELL'S PHARMACY  YOUR COMPLETE HEALTH CARE CENTRE  * Fast Prescription Service  * Health Care Accessories  * Almay Hypoallergenic Cosmetics  * Patient Aids (Sales & Rentals) crutches,  comodes, bed pans, canes, etc.  107 cedar Plaza, aiusons 886-8158  OPEN SUNDAYS  Noon to 4 PM.  Still Available  Treat your friends & family  to  The 1981 Sunshine Coast  Historical Calendar  The early hislory of the Sunshine Coast has  been tastefully captured in well reproduced  photographs, complete wilh slory line by local  historian Lester R. Peterson. The cover  illustration is ,i reproduction of a pen & wash  drawing by well known iirlist Rohett .lack.  Nt*  jug*  101  r<9/J  &*\  Available at:  Gibsons:  Gibsons Lanes  Fawkes Books  Coast News  NDP Bookstore  \m  Sechelt:  The Bookstore  Books & Stuff  Western Drugs  Only  $3.95  Mailing Envelope Included  Pender Harbour:  Madeira Park  Pharmacy 18  Coast News, December 23, 1980  Wildlife  corner  Killer whales in news again  by Un Corrince  Electric Christmas  Here's something that Hydro  should look into.  The Vancouver Aquarium  has set up a Christmas tree  beside the electric eel tank and,  you guessed it, it's powered by  the beasties in the tank.  I phoned Ray Lord at the  aquarium to find out how it  works. They have set up two  electrodes against the glass.  They pick up any discharges  from the eels and pass it on toa  capacitor which stores the  electricity and from there it's  passed on to the string of lights  on the tree.  Actually there were ulterior  motives for trie calling him: the  proposed Mac and Blo-boom-  ing ground at Robson Bight  and the present court hassles  that are threatened against the  purchase of a companion for  Hyak.  Killer Whales  The Vancouver Aquarium  has a representative over in  Iceland at the moment looking  into buying another killer  whale to replace Skana who  died recently.  Patrick Moore from Greenpeace is launching legal action  to try and stop the purchase.  He hopes to do this by taking  the Provincial Government  into court for issuing permits to  the aquarium.  Ray Lord at the aquarium  told me that barring any legal  nasties, they are going ahead in  their attempts to get another  whale. I asked him about the  ethics ofthe whole thing, here's  the answer.  There are four females and  one male presently in captivity  in Iceland, they are all in good  health and feeding. The aquarium did not solicit the capture,  this had already happened,  they are seriously considering  the purchase of a female about  Ave years old and they feel that  keeping the public informed by  actually being able to see these  mammals is very important if  we want to keep public awareness alive.  The Robson Bight thing  came as a press release from  Bryan Gates at the Ministry of  Environment in Victoria.  What's happening is that a  group calling themselves the  Top  Island  Econauts,  com  prised mostly of divers from  Port MacNeil, have been  putting pressure on the ministry to try and stop a proposed  Mac and Bio booming ground,  slated for Robson Bight at the  mouth of the Tsitika River in  Johnstone Straights. The Bight  is the summer residence for  about half the killer whale  population in B.C. (ISO) and  the group is worried that a  logging operation could be  detrimental.  Ray Lord turned me over to  John Ford who has been  studying that area for the past  three years as his thesis at  U.B.C. He has noted that the  mammals use the Bight during  the summer as a focal point for  foraging and as a place where  they rub themselves against the  rocks to get rid of parasites.  After his three years of study,  These two youngsters appear to be getting a charge out of the electric eel at the Vancouver  Aquarium. So is the Christmas tree on the left.  he says that it would be difficult  to accurately predict the effect  the booming would have on the  whale population, but feels that  as an alternative, it may be  possible for Mac and Bio to use  an existing ground a short  distance away. One of the  problems is that Mac and Bio  owns the Bight area outright.  Follow-up  I'm writing this column early  in the week to see if we can get  the paper finished in time for  Christmas holidays. There are  two important meetings concerning the last couple of  subjects. On Thursday afternoon, there is a meeting in  Nanaimo to look into the fate  of Robson Bight and, I phoned  Greenpeace and they will be in  court in Vancouver on Thursday morning on the Killer  Whale business in Iceland. If  any decisions come out of  either of these meetings, I'll  tack them on at the end of the  column.  Wildlife Executive  Here's the new executive for  the Gibsons Wildlife Club.  President, George Ruggles;  Vice President, Fred Holland;  Treasurer, Stan Jones; Secretary, Myrtle Wood; Membership, Andy Anderson; Building and Grounds, Dave  Mcintosh; Canteen, Mrs. Atlee  and Valdene Michaud; Shooting Co-ordinator, K. Haer-  the; Conservation, John Hind-  Smith and Entertainment,  Fred Holland.  It looks like a lot of the old  stalwarts are back in again.  Here il is  the Greenpeace case came  up on Friday. It was decided  that they did not have a valid  interest in the transportation of  the whales from Iceland and it  was thrown out of court.  I itad a talk with Ray Lord  Saturday afternoon. Two female whales were in transit and  were expected to land at the  Vancouver Airport any minute. It doesn't look as if there  will be any protests, but the  aquarium are playing everything quiet, so that it will go  smoothly.  Re the meeting at Nanaimo;  a committee comprising of  different governmental departments, Mac and Bio and  the public has been struck.  They will be looking into  alternatives to the Robson  Bight site. No log dumping will  be carried out until the committee's reports are complete.  I talked with Greenpeace,  they also want to have a voice  in the outcome.  Springtails  John Hind-Smith just called  in to say that the springtails are  back. They are wee beasties  that are found around puddles  as the snow retreats. It looks  like a purple mould. Don't  worry, they're harmless and  will take off after a while.  It's OK.  This  is  the  last  Wildlife  Corner column. It's been four  years of enjoyable writing for  me. When I started the column,  it was not because I knew a lot  about the subject, it was  because I was interested and"'  felt that there were enough of  you with a similar interest, for  us to be able to put words into"  print with our combined effort?'  This happened. All I had to do'  was make the space available ���  and it was you who filled it;"  Thanks. ,,!  I wish that 1 could say that'  everything that has appeared''  here has been happy. It hasn't.'  There have been oil spills;';  poisonous chemicals, stupidity;'1  the list can go on, but for everyone of the negative events;''  there have been people willing  to stand up and give time and"  effort to rectify them. 'to  I feel there is a positive'  something hovering over us.'  that is ready to help us when theO  crunch comes. I have my own;  personal something and except'  for a couple of short holidays, i('  has travelled with me for as.'  long as I can remember. May  yours too. ������'  Thank you for your con9a  tributions and a Merry You-']  mas to you all, ta.  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Port Mellon with brother  Bill on his holiday...and Jack  planned to hire a water-taxi  to return to Gambier from  Horseshoe Bay with his  important cargo. He was  loaded with errands, for he  had to buy groceries, find a  special live present for our  super-active four-year-old,  and finally, pick up the  monthly mail which was  witting down the bay at a  neighbour's.  Surely we must have cut the  Christmas tree already. I  could never have left the  children, then small, to hike  up the frosted mountain,  tumble the tree over the bluffs  and drag it over the snow to  the lodge. In my mind it is  set in its stand already in the  huge living room. I can see it  by the stairs, very tall, wide  and deep green as the wilderness. How would our frugal  collection of ornaments make  an impression on it?... for we  used a Delco for electricity  add possessed no tree lights.  II remember the tenor of that  cold white .Christmas Eve.  It was to keep busy doing  what I could to cheer the  season and warm it for Dad  and the children. We were  isolated, there being only the  caretakers at the church camp  and ourselves at our end  ofthe bay. Celebratioos were  important and the activities  must involve all of us. So the  children must have helped cut  the cookies and stick raisins  on them and in hanging them  with.the ornaments on the  branches of the tree which  they could reach. I do recall  the. sparseness of the tree  in comparison with the burgeoning fruit of the glittering  firs of my childhood. In.the  cold light of the reflected  snow it hinted it was only  half dressed for Christmas.  Then we played outdoors in  the snowy farmyard. We  towed the home-made sled  about, taking turns for the  children to be riders. .The  oldest, who was six, clutched  the bundled bay while I  pulled. We rolled and patted  snowballs and built a snowman.  In between, I fed the  furnace, fed the baby, and fed  the older children from the  stockpot, soup extended with  dumplings because the larder  was always low before grocery  boats. That day passed swiftly  enough, for there is .nothing  like a covey of small children  to engage attention, and now  and then in the afternoon I  would .check .the horizon for  a dark speck that might be  the boat appearing in the  mouth ofthe bay.  Long Bay was ever a dark  place in winter. Mount Ar-  taban lifts high above it to the  east and die sun rose late over  that hillside. In December,  when the light of day was  short anyway, twilight felt  early and this day had a  snowy, overcast sky with a  hint of loneliness in it fed by  my longing for those absent  still. The dark made the big  house colder and I had tg  bustle  a  bit  to  keep  the  wood-furnace pumping, heat  through the big grid in the  living-room floor.  From time to.time the little  boys would check for signs of  a boat while I started supper  preparations...something to  comfort us within so that  we didn't spend too much time  just hoping for Dad and  Grandpa. And gradually the  evening dimness darkened.  I could not easily overcome  a feeling of discouragement  about our travellers, for I'd  been told that taxis would not  travel at night around Howe  Sound and Gambler's bays.  Maybe a Squamish was  blowing...maybe the jobs had  taken longer than expected...  if the men could not come  there must be a good reason.  Supper over, I cuddled the  children around and promised  them, "If Dad and Ooompah  don't manage tonight, they'll  surely come tomorrow and  we'll still have, a lovely  Christmas".  Meanwhile we could make  the evening cosier. In this  bitter weather we had moved  the two little boys into beds on  the wide window-seats of the  living-room with curly-topped  Georgia in her crib nearby so  that they could all play in  the mornings without shivering. When dishes were done,  the children dressed over the  big warm register, climbing  into nightshirts and sleepers  to be ready for story-telling  time.  They hung their stockings  on their mattresses with safety  pins, using Dad's worksocks  for capacity and we clustered,  with the baby in my lap, on the  sofa next the window that  overlooked the bay, now fully  dark.  I began reading "The. Night  Before Christmas" which the  two boys now knew by heart  as well as from the picture,  book, and then 1 told the  Christmas story from Luke  and Matthew, adapting it for  little children: "and lo, the  star which they saw in the  east, went before them, till  it came and stood over where  the young child was..."  Croft was standing on the  couch. "Mother,. there's a  light", he said,.pointing down  through the blackness.  There was. And it. grew  larger in the dark, like the  twinkling, glistering star of  Bethlehem. And when we saw  our approaching star, we too  rejoiced with exceeding great  joy.  For it did bring my Dad and  the children's Dad, and it  really brought a blessed  Christmas. After all the hugs  which meant comfort and  companionship, the children  settled dawn. peacefully. to  sleep. Jack and Grandad unpacked the gear they had  brought with them from the  wharf, though they had to  go for a second trip. In addition to groceries,.there were  three whole sacks of mail  including late-arriving library  books from Victoria for a  month of reading. There was  another monster-size box from  friends who must have been  nudged by an angel... a box  full of light toys and ornaments and foil-wrapped candies that made the tall tree  stand up and cheer. And later,  fetched from where he.had  been cached at the caretaker's home, there was a  toffee coloured spaniel puppy,  who spent the night in the  kitchen and the next day  tumbling about in the snow  with the children, making  everybody laugh.  Mingled, in thoughts of  nativity scenes with stellar  beacons, of tinsel stars on  tops of many family trees, of  brilliant planets pulsating in  clear December skies, that  water-taxi light gleaming  down the bay on a Christinas  Eve is a special star in our  memory.  Vandalism ongoing  Coast News, December 23, 1980  19  Holiday Hours:  Closed Christmas Day  Dec. 26, 27, 28 & 29  Open Dec. 30 & 31  Closed New Year's Day  The Management & Staff  Wish You and Yours a  Very Merry Christmas  and a  Prosperous New Year  s��Avi��u/ aAan��rts  Guess Where  mTt.        ^r^&$*7!_i^_____^���*���r *��� *t*  ���wraKiiv. - ����* �����  Rw^'i^lS  &/&��?. ___WJ__W_\   ^F  m-mim               Wf'-  W&'\_m  arm                   mm ^m_^  ^^_j^_______stVT1r     *^  __.   j_wm&��?*-:, v  K.l-'tt>;i    ��� V>.  "������  ijSjff .'    "   ��              "'"-. \  _%\                                              r  ]mmmmmn,mmmmmnB������'m'm'mm'J*'jn<:  Turenne concrete Co. Ltd.  A Very Merry Christmas  & a Happy New Year  w*  Gibsons police are still  receiving reports of minor  vandalism. They request anyone witnessing any, to inform  them with details.  December 13tht A motor  vehicle was stolen from the  Chevron garage in Gibsons. It  was recovered the next day in  the Creekside area.  December Mthi The Sechelt  Indian Band reported that  5,000 young spr&ig salmon  had been stolen from the  rearing pond in Porpoise Bay.  December ISthi An aluminum  ramp was stolen from a  cottage on Gambier Island.  The ramp is three feet by  36 feet.  A propane heater valued at  $600 was stolen from the  Canfor mill at Port Mellon.  It was still in the packing  crate.  December 17th: A wallet was  lost at Books and Stuff in  Sechelt. It contained an undetermined amount of money  and personal papers.  December 1Mb: The Gibsons  Medical Clinic was entered  through a rear window.  Nothing was reported missing.  A vehicle parked, at Suncoast Chrysler in .Sechelt was  vandalized. A rock was thrown  through a window and the  hood was dented.  That's Life  When you're looking for ways to protect your  family, think of permanent life insurance. It's  one of the most unselfish things you'll  ever buy. You don't buy it just for yourself.  You buy it because there are others who need  you as much as you need them. That's life.  So when you're looking for  life insurance . . think of me.  Geott HoctgKlnson,  Box 9S7,  Gibsons, B.C.  686-8018  Mutual Life of Canada  we will be  CLOSED  noon  Doc. 24th  until  Jan. 5th  Merry  Christmas!  In Lieu of  Christinas Cards  Donations have been received by  the Gibsons Hospital Auxiliary  Chistmas Card Fund  Margaret Jones, Waratah House  Jo & John Knight  Lome & Amy Blain  Isabel Fraser  Mr. & Mrs. Steinbrunner  B. Van Oort  Eunice Young  Mel & Irene Carey  Bob & Joy Maxwell  Dorothy & Harry Purdy  Marion Lineker  Mae & Guy Winning  I I. Lowther  The Weinhandls, W.W. Upholstery  Bill & Glady Davis  Mrs. A. Burns  Doreene & Carl Gust  F. Craven  Mrs. M. Hercus  Clem Cruickshank  Oney DeCamp  Jean Calder  The Sullivans  Grove & Marion Proulx  George & Vera Ruggles  ��� Alex & Flo Robertson  Margaret & Hugh Inglis  Dorothy & Vince Bracewell  Peter & Carolyn McCombie  & Family  Vi & Horry Harris  The Vedoy Family  Graham, Theresa & Blair Chapman  Senja & Roy Boutilier  Don & Ester Andow  Mr. & Mrs. R. Muehlenkamp  Ralph & Gail Roth  Dorothy & Tom Fraser  Kay & Ed Butler  Evelyn Blain  E. Graham  Mr. & Mrs. H. Cochrane  Tom & Elinor Penfold  Mr. & Mrs. Obert Fosdal  Roy & Gretha Taylor  Jim & Verla Hobson & Family  Margaret & Ken Barton  Ray, Sue, Kathy, Dana &  Michele Whiting  Almeada Whiting  Chum & Olive Metcalfe & Family  Joe & Edna Bellerive  David & Elizabeth Johnston  Jean & Fred Lord  Ron, Trudy Baba & Girls  Rose-Mary Medley //  II  The usual prize of $5.00 will be swarded to the first name drawn  from the barrel which correctly locates the above. Send your  entries to the Coast News, Box 460, Gibsons. Last week's winner  was Kirt Clarke of the Sunshine Coast Highway in Gibsons who  correctly located the pictured tarantula spider in the Unicom Pet  Shop on Cowrie Street in Sechelt.  Sechelt council  "Tourists welcome"  d\ristn\as greetings  to our Customers  CARPET, TILE & SHEET VINYL  Scott SEU& &(^l$\htiU  We will be CLOSED  Noon, Dec. 24th until Jan. 5th  At its scheduled meeting,  Sechelt Municipal Council  agreed last week to increase  its contribution toward the  operation ofthe village tourist  booth following a request  made by Mr. Bandi of the  tourist committee.  The shortage of operating  funds for next summer resulted when the provincial  government withdrew its annual contribution.  In approving the increased  contribution by the municipality, Mayor Bud Koch  said "It is out responsibility  as elected officials to assist  visitors to the area. We are  a friendly people and want it  known that we welcome  tourists."  Mr. Bandi told the council  most   visitors   reported  en  joying themselves in the area,  the only complaints centering  on the lack of boat launching  facilities and limited choice of  restaurants.  The increase brings the  municipal contribution to  $2,000, one third of the cost of  operating the booth from mid  May to mid September.  Mayor Bud Koch reported  to council that construction  work on city hall is progressing normally and confirmed  completion by February 14.  886-7888  Ann  from the  Gibsons  FISH MARKET  Wish all.  a Very Happi  Holiday Season  Gibsons Flsh Mantel  1 /���   1  ijjq  L     W  m  I   - j         [Hi "^_\___v  i The staff of Eagle Security wish you a Merry Christmas from their location on the  ,�� site at L. & K Lumber. Best wishes Howard Blondeau, Arne Schulherg. Jtmes  '     Gray Jr. and Reg Robinson.  We've received our new look  Just in Time  for Christmas  "Security with Class"  season's Greetings  from  Box 1586, Sechelt  /!  mm 20  Coast News, December 23, 1980  COAST NEWS CLASSIFIED ADS  Births  For Rent  Wanted  For Sale  For Sale  Automotlue  motorcycles      worh wanted  John & Kathy Hall are pleased to  announce the birth of their son  Gavin Michael 7 lbs. 8 oz. on  November 13 at 12:07 p.m. at  St. Mary's Hospital in Sechelt.  Grandparents are Mr. & Mrs.  J.Z. Hall of Vancouver and Mr.  & Mrs. H .F. Clarke of Victoria#51  Obituaries  Hanney. Lcta Hanney pioneer  and long-time resident of Halfmoon Bay, slept peacefully away  in Surrey, B.C. on December  12th, 1980 in her 89th year.  Pre-deceased by her daughter  Valery in 1961 and her husband  Alec in 1964. Survived by her  loving sons Collin of Madeira  Park, and Bryon of Surrey, B.C.,  grand-daughter Corlynn, grandsons Grant and Gary, seven  great-grandchildren, many nieces  and nephews. A private family  service has been held.  Fenn. Passed away suddenly on  December 15th, Leonard Richard  Fenn, age 9, and Christopher  Wayne Fenn, age 8, late of  Madeira Park, B.C. Survived  by their loving mother, Victoria  Ann Fenn and Step-father, Roger  Northrup; one brother, Charles;  Grandfather, Rei Gibson; grandmothers Olga Campbell, Mary  Cameron and Agnes Fenn;  step-grandparents Ken Northrup  and Dorothy McKee; aunts,  uncles and cousins; and their  father, Ronald Fenn. Memorial  service was held Friday, December 19, at the Pender Harbour  Community Hall, Rev. Tim Shap-  cotte officiated. Cremation. Devlin   Funeral   Home,   directors.  Announcements  See what Mary Kay Cosmetics  can do for youi  Call: Margaret Froese  886-2743  GIFT CERTIFICATES  AVAILABLE! TFN  DANCE students, teachers and  others requiring information on  lap. Ballet. Aero. Modern and  Spanish Dunce. Please phone 886-  2989   I II \  If someone in your family has a  drinking problem you can see  what it's doing to them. Can you  see what it is doing to you?  Al Anon can help. Phone 6-9037  or 6-8228 TFN  3 bedroom or 6 bedroom ex-  ecutive homes for rent in West  Sechelt. Appliances incl. Call Bill  885-5111 for further info.        #51  SPECIAL WEEKLY RATES  Penlneula Hotel 886-9334      TFN  630 sq. ft. of Commercial or  Office Space for lease. Will  renovate to suit tenant. Phone  886-7112 TFN  In lieu of Christmas cards a  donation has been sent to the  B.C. Save the Children Fund  J. Hind-Smith #51  n [elL  > JANE'S"/^  . VB ct- TOP     /      "  v.   saoj'   w  /_)    886-7621    {r\       /���  If ujbjeni _^W       ^-.  *A Full Line of      _Q_\  Plumbing Supplies  NEW  WINTER HOURS  Tues. - Sat.  9 a.m. - 3:30 p.m.  Hwy 101 8, Pratt Rd.  For Rent  2   I.R  house Gower Pt.  waterfront  Very private. Ph. 886-8589  #51  2 bdrm. furnished Cottage,  Francis Peninsula Rd. $325/mo.  Avail. Dec. 15 or Jan. 1, year  round. Phone collect 941-3794  after 6 p.m. #51  OFFICE SPACE AVAILABLE  Highest quality 580 sq. ft. office  space to be available in new  professional building in Gibsons.  Conveniently located but private.  For inquiries call: 886-7020 or  886-7574 evenings #1  OFFICE  OR  RETAIL  SPACE  AVAILABLE  886-2417  886-2743  822-2017  Personal  Thanks to the Gibsons Volunteer  Fire Dept.  B. Bennett and family      #51  MEETINGS  MONDAY: 8:30 pm  Open Meeting  Gibsons Athletic Hall  Ph. 886-2596 Don  886-9208 Dudley  TUESDAY: 8:30 pm  Young People  Rear of St. Mary's  Catholic Church Gibsons  Ph. 886-9783 Lorna  WEDNESDAY: 8:00 pm  Closed Discussion  Meeting  Rear of St. Mary's  Catholic Church   Gibsons  Ph. 885-3436 Catherine  885-3394 Herb  WEDNESDAY: 8:30 pm  Open Meeting  St. Andrew's Church  Madeira Park  Ph. 883-9978 John  THURSDAY: 8:30 pm  Open Meeting  Wilson Creek Community  Hall, Davis Bay  Ph. 885-2464 Tony  885-2896 Ed  SATURDAY: 8:00 pm  Al-Anon - A.A. Meeting  Rear of St. Mary's  Church Gibsons  Ph. 886-7358 Linda  or Bob  Delivered sawdust, shavings, for  stable. 885-9969 TFN  <   Wicker Sofa or rocking chair.  If you have one for sale please  call 885-2928 #51  Day Care for three children  (5'/i, 3'/i, 2 years)��� in the  Hanbury Road or Roberts Creek  area. 886-8036 #51  Wanted on the Sunshine Peninsula a used mobile home on a lot.  One, two, or three bedrooms  Phone Mrs. D. Bennett 112-929-  1319, North Vancouver, B.C.    #2  Uuestock  HAY  $2.00 each bale  Phone evenings 5-9357 TFN  For Sale: Registered purebred  young Jersey milk cow. Very  quiet, hand-milked, 5 gal. daily.  Also winter hay supply. 885-9294  after 6 p.m. #51  Weiner Pigs, 6 weeks. $40 each  886-9257 _#51  S.P.C.A.  The Sunshine Coast S.P.C.A. will  not be at Peninsula Kennels until  further notice. In an emergency,  please phone 886-7938 or 886-  7839. We would like to wish all  members and all those that have  given so much in 1980 a Merry  Christmas and a Happy New Year.  Help wanted  wanted  CASH FOR LOGS  top prices  Free Estimates  D & 0 LOG SORTING  LTD.  886-7896    886-7700  HOTTUB?  Do it yourself. Fiberglass, redwood and vinyl. Solar collectors,  H&S Contracting. 885-3825  TFN  Inglis multi-cycle auto washer,  excellent condition. Guaranteed  & delivered. $225. Phone 883-  2648 TFN  Quality horse manure. You pick  up. 885-9969 TFN  PLYWOOD AND LUMBER  WHOLESALE  5/8" Fir plywood T&G $12.75.  3/8" Fir plywood (std) $7.55.  1/2" Fir plywood (std) $10.95.  2x4 pre-cut studs, 2 & better  $1.40 ea. or $245/M. Alt other  lumber available. Evenings 885-  5356 #51  Full time bookkeeper-receptionist  required for small office in  Pender Harbour area. Send  resume stating experience &  salary expected to Box 1401,  Sechelt. #51  Chimney Cleaning Person. Training provided. Part-time. Work on  percentage basis. Send resume  to: Harbour Chimney Cleaning,  Box 242, Madeira Park. VON 2H0  TFN  Rentals & Salesperson needed at  A.C. Rentals Ltd. Must be  mechanically inclined & able to  deal with the public. 4 days on,  4 days off. Training provided.  Send resume to: Personnel  Dept., Box 59, Madeira Park,  VON 2H0 TFN  Required immediately full time  desk clerk & full time dishwasher.  Apply Jolly Roger Inn, RR#1  Halfmoon Bay #51  UNICORN PETS 'N PLANTS  We   board  small  animals  and  birds during your holidays.     #51  Pets Wanted. 1-3 yr. old female  German Shepherd. 883-2666  #51  Husky Cross Pups. Free to good  homes. 886-8210 #1  PROFESSIONAL  DOG GROOMING  "ALL BREEDS"  Call Sharon 886-2084  Kerry  Blue  Terriers  sechelt 886-2505  SPCA  SPAY  Clinic  and information  886-7938  Box 405  Gibsons, B.C.  ooadboooooeeoeeeeow.  Wanted to Buy: Logs or Timber.  Fir, Hemlock, Cedar - Porpoise  Bay Logging Ltd. 885-9408 or  885-2032 TFN  18" Cedar shake blocks. We pay  the best prices for good wood.  Also custom cut your blocks.  886-9856 TFN  Older furniture, china etc. bought  or sold on consignment. Harbour  Antiques, 1585 Marine Dr.,  Gibsons. 886-7800 TFN  HARBEL HOLDINGS LTD. Mobile homes located in parks on  pads. Listings and sales. We  welcome all enquiries concerning  Wheel Estate. Listings wanted.  Phone 585-3622 (collect). 13647-  100th Ave., Surrey, B.C. V3T  1H9. The Wheel Estate People  TFN  Magus  Kennels  ��� Dog Boarding &  Training  ��� Great Dane  Pups available  occasionally.  886-8568  Hwy 101, Roberts Creek  MUSIC  lender Rhodes Electric Piano.  Suilcusc model w ;imp. SI2IMI. Ph.  8K6-8583. I FN  Guitars, Amplifiers, Music Books,  Accessories  SHEET MUSIC  885-3117  HORIZON  MUSIC  Tnil lg Centre  For sale  Merry  Christmas  and Happy  New Year  To All Our  Friends &  Customers  from  MACLEODS  Tappan built-in dishwasher $200  OBO. Phone 886-2084 #51  Used 25" colour TV $279. Phone  Walter 886-9733 #51  Reloading Equip. RCBS rock  chucker press, dies and shell  holders for 7mm Rem. Mag.  30/06. RCBS 10/10 powder scale  and trickier, all access, too  numerous to mention. All new in  boxes. $300 OBO. Also 25 lbs.  black powder both 2F & 3F  $7.00 alb. 885-5998 #2  Foozeball Table $500 OBO.  886-7877 #2  Need   Railing   wrought   iron.  886-2708. The Olde Iron Shoppe.  TFN  4 pee. brown plaid sofa set $899.  Phone Walter 886-9733 #51  Clean firm single bed, good  condition $50. 886-8509 mornings  #51  23' Winnebago motor home  Enterprise 30" electric range  S.S. New top elements. TRS1180  micro computer level II radial arm  saw Dewalt new 885-5624       #51  1979 Mercury Marquis eicellent j 1979 Honda 650 ,;ood cond.'  condition, 25,000 km. All season I low mlg. backrest & luggage rack  radial tires, good gas mileage | $1950 OBO. 885-2391 #51  plus other extras. Ph. 886-9564 I,  #51  Recent Trade Ins on new Hitachi  Eicavators Case 880 Deere 690  Bantam C266 American 35 Lorain  L48H Washington TL5C. Call us  for full details. Chapman Industries Ltd., Van. B.C. Phone  736-6761 #51  Wood windows and doors! B.C's  lowest prices I Huge selection.  Now stocking pine double glazed  windows. Walker Door: Vancouver (266-1101), 1366 S.W.  Marine Dr. V6P 5Z9 or N. Vancouver (985-9714) 1589 Garden  Ave.V7P3A5 TFN  UNICORN PETS "N PLANTS  has a good selection of birds and  small animals to please every age  yes, we will hold 'til Christmas  Eve #51  UNICORN PETS "N PLANTS  has lots of Tropical House Plants  to please the plant lover on your  shopping list -  we will  hold  'til Christmas Eve #51  GREAT XMAS GIFT  Bell & Howell Super 8 - low light  movie camera. Takes movies in  existing light - even candlelight. Still in box - never used.  Camera plus six rolls movie  film. Cost $214. Sell for $180.  Start a family record this Xmas  885-5525 day or 886-8029 eve #51  Please her this Xmas with a ladies  5-speed bike. New, powder blue  Norco bike for ladies or girls  5' and over. 885-5525, 886-8029  51  1967 Cougar GT 390 C.I. four  barrel dual exhaust TA's, new  paint, nice car $2500. 886-9826  #51  Macrame Gift items: Poodles,  owls, teddy bears, plant hangers  etc. $5 up. Custom orders also  accepted. 886-2870 #51  HOT  WATER  TANKS  are sold and  installed by  MACLEODS  Sechelt  Used 19" colour TV new picture  tube $325. Phone Walter 886-  9733 #51  Homemade Quilt approx. 70x85.  Afghan approx. 78x80. Baby Quilt  & Pillow 37x52. Phone 885-3134  #51  Heavy duty front truck bumper.  Will fit 3/4 ton Ford 4x4 has tire  mount and lights. Winch could be  mounted $350. 885-5764 or 885-  3336. #51  1 youth bed, boys & girls bicycle,  G.E. washing machine for parts.  Fireplace screen. Phone 886-7855  after 6 #1  MACS  APPLIANCE CENTRE  (Next to AC Rentals)  tttaiia saies&  m-rwmjwmm,  Service  Mac's Appliance Service  Repairs to all makes and  models of major  appliances  Madeira Park 883-9458  884-5240  CAM PRENTIS Prop.  IDUNHAM RD., PORT MELLON  J VON2SO  LET'S TRADE  APPLIANCES  MACLEOD'S  Sechelt  We deliver Gibsons &  Port Mellon  westwurld  Sound  Centres  Pioneer  Audio von  Hi comp  Fender marshaii  vamaha  "GE Appliances  By Order  COSt PIUS 10%!  Next to Ihe  Hank of Montreal Building  Sechelt  885-3:113  Automotlue  mobile Homes  1975 Pacer X good condition  excellent visability, super in  snow. $2500.886-7961 #51  1973 Vega, no rust, new clutch,  66,000 mi., nice interior, new  radial snow tires. Asking $1300.  Phone 886-9826 TFN  1968 Ford LTD Brougham,  V-8 auto., PS & PB, 1 owner,  excellent car. $1150. DL#6606.  Phone 886-8344 #51  '78 Honda CVCC 1500 cc, sunroof  5-speed, new winter radials, new  diamond tuff interior, new paint  job, new brakes, new exhaust,  rebuilt motor & transmission.  Must sell, phone 885-5034 after  3:00 #1  PINTO BOBCAT GRANADA  ALL MAKE SERVICE  Brakes, Tune-ups  Major Repairs  Reasonable Prices  SOUTH CMIT  FORI) SAI.KS I.TB  Hours ol Service  7:30 am. - S pm. 885-3281  VANS BRONCO MUSTANG  1972 Ford F-100, 302 V-8 auto,  radial tires, no rust, 70,000 mi.  First $1500. DL#6606. Phone  886-8344 #51  1976 Plymouth Volare station  wagon. 78,000 mi. $2650. 884-  5294 #1  '72 Ford Courier 79,000 mi.  Good condition, new tires $1500  OBO. 886-2696 anytime. #1  1971 Renault excellent car, needs  loving care $500.886-2922    TFN  1977 Olds Cutlass salon red with  black interior V-6, PS/PB auto,  stereo cassette deck $6500.  885-9882 #2  1980 Honda Oddesy Dune Buggy  3 months old. Rarely driven.  Extras $1500. Ph. 885-5407    #51  1963 Valiant convertible, 6-cyl.  auto., PS, radials, new top &  paint. Pretty little car. $1500  DU6606. Phone 886-8344      #51  For Explosive Requirement!,'  Dynamite, electric or regular caps  B line E cord and safety fuse.  Contact Gwen Nlmmo, Cemetejy  Road, Gibsons. Phone 886-7778.  Howe Sound Farmer Institute.  TI*N  1976 Berkshire 12x68 mobile  home 2 bdrm with 11x22 addition  and porch. 4 appliances on pad at  SCTP. $26,500.886-7668       #52  coast Mobile  Homes Ltd.  GOOD  SELECTION OF  DOUBLE WIDES  We take trades  or  Consign your Mobile  Home to us for  quick sale  WHARF ST.   SECHELT  885-9979       mol 6393  J. LEPORE TILE  Quality Installations  Ceramic, Mosaic or Quarry -  All work guaranteed  Free estimates  Phone Anytime  886-8097      j  Marine  wanted to Rent  I am a student and a single  mother with 3 children in desperate need of a 2 or 3 bedr.  house of apt. References avail.  Please phone Nicole at 886-8285  #2  Self-employed portable Sawmiller  requires small house or cottage in  rural atmosphere and may consider providing labour and  lumber for maintenance or  construction in the right situation,  for allowances on cost. #2  IM wanted  1975 MGB, good condition.  $4,200 OBO. 886-8064 #51  '73 Datsun PU, 65,000 mi. New  alternator, 6 tires, tuned-up.  $1000.885-5304 #2  1979 Ford Van, four captains  chairs, deluxe interior with carpet  throughout, exc. cond. & low  mileage. $9500.885-3923       #51  Deluxe '78 Mercury Zephyr, eic.  cond. all options, mag wheels,  4 new tires. $5600. Must sell.,  885-3417or885-3310 #51  RENT-A-CAR  RENT-A-TRUCK  1980 1-TON TRUCK  c/w 12' VAN  1980 F-250  3/4 TON PICK-UP  1980 FAIRMONTS  1980 MUSTANGS  New S ton truck. 22'  Box.    Hydraulic   tail-  9 DAILY WEEKLY  MONTHLY  COMPETITIVE RATES  ���ABBA���  \LEASE RENTALS\  at  SOUTH COAST FORD  665-3281  Campers ft RU's  Used Campers (for import pickups) excellent condition. Priced  for quick sale. La Csravanna,  7 days a week. 885-962..       TFN  23 ft. self contained Sth wheel  Trailer, air conditioner, auto,  awnings w/or w/o Ford 250 auto  truck. Can be seen at Bob St.  Denis', Park, Ave., Roberts  Creek. Phone 885-3350 #1  14' Travel Trailer, toilet, stove,  furnace, 3-way fridge, sleeps  6.885-3325 #1  Hardwood Floors resanded and  finished, work guaranteed. Free  est. Phone 885-5072 TFN  Timberjack Skidder with operator. Wire splicer available. 886-  2459. TKN  Experienced Bookkeeper looking  for work to do at home. 886-7819  #51  Taping and Texturing. Repairs.  Renovations. Basements. Houses  Free estimates 886-9291        #51  Free lance carpenter for hire,  renovations, additions, repairs  or yard work & tree removal.  Phone 886-9659 #51  Harbour Chimney Cleaning. Serving the Sunshine Coast. Fireplaces, furnaces, oil stoves. 883-  9171. Customers from the 886 exchange call Collect. TFN  Most trees, like pets, need care  and attention and trees are our  specialty.  ��� Topping  'Limbing  ��� Danger tree removal  An insured guaranteed service  Peerieu Tree Service Ltd  885-2109  TFN  Electrical Contractor wants work  anywhere on the coast, own boat  for is!��nd work. 886-9316      TFN  OMC LEG  Rebuilt bottom end leg tilt motor  new clutch assembly, prop. $800  OBO. 886-7652 #52  20' Skagit fibreglass Cruiser with  115 h.p. Evinrude outboard,  sink, head, V-berths hatch $3,800  Phone 886-2401 j#l  IAN MORROW 4 CO. LTD  Marine Surveyors, condition and  detail   surveys   for   Evaluation.  Surveys   for  insurance   claims.  Phone 886-2433,886-9458.      ;  TFN  HIGGS MARINE  SURVEYSLTD  Insurance claims, condition and  valuation surveys. Serving the  Sunshine Coast and B.C. Coastal  Waters. Phone: 885-9425, 885-  9747,885-3643,886-9546      Tt^  32' "C" lie. Gillnetter, 23 ch^n.  CB. Flasher sounder, 170.HP  Ford drum, chain steering,  head, skiff. Gibsons. $13,000.  886-2631 :#1  HALFMOON j  WINDOW CLEANING j  Professional Service (  covering Ihe Sunshine Coasl        I  . Rood, gultert cleaned.  ^Construction        ������,���    j  Inside denning      9 am ��� 6 pm   j  K  B.C. Vuhon  Dean's Chimney Sweep - or you  want it done? We'll do it. 886-  7540 TFN  Farmer experienced in tow truck  services station, hardware store.  Bondable. Phone 886-7075. Ask  for John #1  Renovations and Repairs, Framing and Foundation!. Call Jim  or Brent at 885-3185 TFN  Chimney   Cleaning   and   maintenance. Ph. 886-7411 or 886-8023  TFN  Dirt Bike, 1979 Yamaha MX100  $850 OBO. Phone 883-2622 after  5:00 p.m. #51  Just in time for Christmas 1  1976 Honda Gold Wing GL1000.  The ultimate touring bike. 10.000  mi., very nice. $2900. DL#6606.  Phone 886-8344 #51  PENINSULA  ROOFINB ft  INSULATION LTD.  All Types of Roofing  & Re-Roofing  Henry Rodriguez  Sechelt  EXPERIENCED WORKING  FOREMAN REQUIRED for lumber re-man. Cut up, pallet and  manufacturing plant. Able to  operate planner mill, hand  re-saw and sticker. Lumber  grading ticket and mill wbrk  knowledge an asset. Supervised  shop. Receiving and shipping.:To  start January 1981, state salary  required and apply in writing in  confidence with resume and  previous employment, references. Our employees aware of this  position. Reply Box 517, Onowav.  Alberta. TOE IVO #51  UNIQUE BUSINESS. BE YOUR  OWN BOSS in the most exciting  and profitable business today - be  a food broker. Customers phone  you, low overhead, yearly earnings of $80,000 - $120,000, are  only three of the many advantages in this booming business.  Only $14,200 for a protected  territory gets you started. We pay  you during training. For more  detailed information write to:  Vice President of Franchising.  Westland Food Packers of Caha-  da Ltd., 385 Boundary Road  South, Vancouver, B.C. VSK  4S lor phone 294-9667 #51  College courses at home. Speed-  writing, shorthand, bookkeeping,  business math. Full time courses  also available. Contact Duffus  College, 543 Seymour Street.  Vancouver, B.C. V6B 3H6.  Phone 681-7567 TFN  TIRED OF THE SAME OLD  ROUTINE? Try the good life in  the beautiful Cariboo. Expanding  Ford dealer requires Parts Sales  Persons. Experience with truck  parts preferred but not essential.  Excellent wages and benefits.  Contact Terry McPhail, Lake City  Ford, 715 Oliver Street, Williams  Uke, B.C. V2G 1M9. Phone  392-4455 #51  SAVE TAX DOLLARS  INCORPORATE  LOW COST, FAST  for further info, phone THE LAW  SHOPPE TOLL FREE 112-800-  663-3035 (in Vancouver areai call  687-2442) Chargei and Master-  charge welcome.   "Legal flelp  You Can Afford". '_'m  DIVORCE  LOW COST, FAST  for further info, phone THE LAW  SHOPPE TOLL FREE 112-800-  663-3035 (in Vancouver area call  687-2442) Chargei and Master-  charge welcome. "Legal Help  You Can Afford" -^  LOG HOMES AND CABINS.  Daybreak Construction Ltd. For  brochure or further information  contact George Donovan, Box 777  100 Mile House, B.C. VOK 2E0.  Phone 395-2867 (days) 397-2735  (evenings) TFN Legal  Legal  Legal  Legal  Legal  Property  Coast News, December 23, 1980  Property  21  Property  Province of  British  Columbia  Ministry ol Lands,  Parks & Homing  NOTICE OF  INTENTION TO  APPLY FOR A  DISPOSITION OF  CROWN LAND  In Land Recording District of Pender Harbour  and situated Lot 43 -  Plan 7238 beside Pender Harbour Hotel.  Take notice lhat Norman Turner Smith of  5960 Coluillo Dr., Richmond, B.C., occupation Bus. Agent intends  to apply for a Fore-  ,'shore Lot of the fol-  Iowing described  lands: Lot 43 - Plan  7238-District 1023 Lot  37 New West Group 1  Land District. Commencing at a post  planted Lot as above at  iron post situated at  N.W. corner ot above  lot; thence 150 It. N.W.  340 �� (M); thence 80 tt.  N.E. 75�� (M); thence  150 It. S.E. 170�� (M);  thence 80 tt. S.W. 250��  (M).  The purpose for which  the disposition is required is to facilitate  float for private use.  Norman Turner Smith  Dated:  December 17,1980  f�� fe   |    Province ol  K��{)    British Columbia  V$kj��/ Ministry of Lands  Parks & Housing  NOTICE OF  INTENTION TO  APPLY FOR A  DISPOSITION OF  :   CROWN LAND  , In... Land Recording  . District of New West-  i minster and situated  ��� Pender Harbour  Group 1. Take notice  . Group 1.  Take notice that Julius G. Bekei of #10-  6600 Lucas Rd., Richmond, B.C., occupa-  . tion Businessman intends to apply for a  i licence  of   Occupa-  ��� tion of the following  : described lands: All  : that  foreshore  land  ��� covered by water sl-  ��� tuated within Pender  ' Harbour, group  1,  New Westminster district commencing at a  I post planted on the  North West comer of  Lot 8 of  Lot 2226,  . Group 1, New Westminster District Plan  7889 thence; S.W.  corner of said lot;  thence; 60 feet along  an extension ol property line in S.W.  direction from N.W.  corner ot said lot;  thence 60 feet along  an extension of; property line In S.W.  direction from S.W.  corner of said lot.  The purpose of which  the disposition is required is Moorage  and Boathouse.  Julius G. Bekel  Dated:  ��� December 17th, 1980  B.C. Vuhon  "TRY CHESS a new and distinctive game of chess for either  2 or 3 players. Excellent for  ��� both novice and expert chess  . player. For complete rules and  board design send $10.00 to  THY CHESS, Box 66, Winlaw,  ,B.C, VOG 2J0 __#1  . EXCELLENT BUSINESS OPPORTUNITY. Deluxe three bedroom  ���Suite, grocery and two bay  nservice station. Great potential,  .corner lot. Sales 1980 near one,  .million - $350,000.00. Includes  -extensive equipment. List stock  ���extra, some terms available.  ���8845 Young Road, South Chilliwack,   B.C.   V2P   4P6.795-5551  INVITATION TO TENDER  ST. MARY'S HOSPITAL  SECHELT, B.C.  Sealed tenders are invited for the provision  of fixed, exterior mounted, metal framed  storm windows at the St. Mary's Hospital,  Sechelt, B.C.  Bids shall be on a lump-sum basis.  The Administrator, St. Mary's Hospital,  Sechelt, B.C. will receive Tenders until 11:00  a.m. Pacific Standard Time, Tuesday,  January 6.1981. Tenders received alter this  time will nol be accepted.  General and Trade Contractors may obtain  documents after 1:00 p.m. Tuesday,  December 9, 1980 from the Administrator,  St. Mary's Hospital, Sechelt, B.C. on deposit  of $50.00 certified cheque per set payable to  St. Mary's Hospital. The deposit will be  refunded upon return of the Documents in  good condition within ten (10) days after the  date of Tender opening.  Documents may be viewed at St. Mary's  Hospital, by prior arrangement with the  Administrator.  A Bid Bond in the amount of Ten Percent  (10%) of the Tender must accompany each  Tender as defined on the Tender Form.  The successful contractor shall provide a  fifty percent (50%) Performance Bond and a  fifty percent (50%) Labour and Materials  Bond.  The lowest or any Tender will not necessarily be accepted.  Mr. N. Vucurevich  Administrator  St. Mary's Hospital  P.O. Box 7777  Sechelt, B.C.  VON 3AO  Province ot  British Columbia  *!**_! Ministry ot Lands,  Parks & Housing  NOTICE OF  INTENTION TO  APPLY FOR A  DISPOSITION OF  CROWN LAND  In Land Recording  District of Vancouver,  and situated within  Thornbrough Channel.  Take notice that Mark  Edwin Jewitt of Box  1008, Gibsons, B.C.  VON 1V0, occupation  Boat Operator intends to apply for a  Lease of the following  described lands:  Commencing at a  post planted at the  S.W. Corner ol Block  (B) Lot 6 ot D.L. 847,  Group 1 New Westminster District out  thence out Irom  beach 160 metres  North West; thence  along beach 60.96  metres South-West;  thence following  shoreline to point of  commencement and  containing .9 ha more  or less.  The purpose for  which the disposition  is required is Log  Booming & Log  Storage & Berthing of  Scows.  Mark Edwin Jewitt  Dated:  December 16th, 1980  INVITATION TO TENDER  C0NTRUCTI0N OF  ST. MARY'S HOSPITAL  SOCIETY THRIFT SHOP, SECHELT, B.C.  Sealed tenders are invited for construction of the St.  Mary's Hospital Society Thrift Shop, Sechelt, B.C.  The project comprises demolition and removal of  the existing Thrift Shop and construction of a new  Thrift Shop with adjoining Retail Spaceon the same  site.  The Administrator, St. Mary's Hospital, Sechelt.  B.C. will receive tenders until 1200 hours Monday.  12 January 1981. Tenders received after this time  will not be accepted.  General, Mechanical and Electrical contractors may  obtain documents after 1300 hours Monday, 15  December 1980 from the Administrator, St. Mary's  Hospital, Sechelt, B.C. on deposit of $25.00 certified  cheque per set payable to the Administrator, St.  Mary's Hospital. The deposit will be refunded upon  return of the Documents in good condition within  ten (10) days after date of Tender opening.  Documents may also be viewed at St. Mary's  Hospital, by prior arrangement with the Administrator.  A deposit in the amount of Ten (10%) Percent of the  Tender must accompany each Tender as defined on  the Tender form.  The lowest or any Tender will not necessarily be  accepted.  N. Vucurevich  Administrator  St. Mary's Hospital  P.O. Box 7777  Sechelt, B.C.  VON 3A0  885-9305  CAMpbell's  HARDWARE  & GIFTS  PENDER HARBOUR CENTER  MADEIRA PARK  883-9914  FAMILY SHOES  and  LEATHER GOODS  "IN THE HEART OF  DOWNTOWN  SECHELT"  Deadline X       Deadline 12:00 Noon Fridays  12:00 Noon Saturday ./classified* should be prepaid and pre-written  Your friendly neighbourhood drop-off  points for (LjliJj  B.C. Vuhon  LABORATORY CHIEF TECHNOLOGIST Grade Dl responsible  to the administrator for all  activities of the laboratory In  this 56 bed acute-care hospital in  west central B.C. Applicants  must be registered with the  C.S.L.T. and have a minimum of  3 years post r.t. experience.  Interested persons apply to T.  Smith, Administrator, Burns Lake  and District Hospital, Boi 479,  Burns Lake, B.C. VOJ 1E0. Phone  692-3181 #51  OFFICE MANAGER/ACCOUN-  TANT required for a 41-bed  acute and extended care hospital  in Ashcroft B.C. Must be familiar with all phases of BCHA  accounting and reporting requirements. Board reports, equipment  claims etc. Preferences will be  given to someone presently at the  intermediate level or higher.  Experience in B.C.H.A., H.P..  M.S. and other B.C.H.A. Computer Systems an asset. Apply  to: Administrator, Ashcroft and  District General Hospital, Boi  488, Ashcroft B.C. VOK 1A0   #51  CLASSIF  Copyright and  Advertising  Regulations  The Sunshine Coast News  reserves the right to classify  advertisements under appropriate headings and determine  page location. The Sunshine  Coast News also reserves the  right to revise or reject any  advertising which in the opinion  of the Publisher is in questionable taste. In the event that  any advertisement is rejected,  the sum paid for the advertisement will be refunded.  ED ADVERTISING  Minimum $2.50 per 4 line Insertion. Each  additional line 50C, or use our economical 3  weeks for the price of 2 rate. This offer is made  available for private individuals.  THE FOLLOWING CLASSIFICATIONS  ARE FREE  Birth Announcements, Lost and Found  No billing or telephone orders are accepted  except from customers who have accounts with  us or who live outside the Sunshine Coast.  Cash, cheques or money orders must accompany  all classified advertising.  CLASSIFIED DEADLINE  NOON SATURDAY  ALL FEES PAYABLE  PRIOR TO INSERTION.  Please mail to Coast News, Classifieds,  Box 460, Gibsons, B.C. VON 1V0.  |   Or bring in person to  I   the Coast News Office in Gibsons.  I  I  I  I  I  I  I  I  CLASSIFICATION:  Eg. For Sale, For Rent, etc  nun   ...  JL  x::::::::::::::::::::::: zzzi  YOUR AUTOPLAN  CENTRE  Taking care of  all your Real Estate Needs  Seaside Plaza Evenings Call  886-2000    Norm Peterson Dennis Suveges  886-9121     886-2607(Res.)or 886-7264 (Res )  For Sale: Older style stucco house  with a grand old stone fireplace,  fruit trees, carport and garage,  on two magnificent view lots right  in the centre of Gibsons. 886-7961  #51  RfHHStBf nM  ��  capilano COM*  BONNIEBROOK  HEIGHTS  View Lots at Gower Point  From $28,000  Selection of  choice lots  All services underground  Brynelsen Benzon  Realty  Vancouver 689-7556  Id  FAIRWAY  ESTATES  Residential Acreages at  Roberts Creek adjacent to  the Golf Course.  2Va Acres $50,000  5 Acres $65,000  2 LEFT  Water and Electric Power  Brynelsen Benzon  Realty  Vancouver 689-7556 22  Coast News, December 23, 1980  1981, named Year of Disabled Persons  by Don Ixickneail  As the Christmas *|#son  approaches we are continually  reminded by appeals for donations to charitable organizations and empty stocking funds  of those who need some special  thought and consideration  from the rest of society.  Thought and consideration  is also part of the message  behind the United Nations  proclamation of 1981 as the  International Year of Disabled  Persons. This year-long designation is aimed at giving us  an opportunity lo belter understand the problems facing  disabled persons and to lake  sii'ps to solve some of them.  More than 2.2 million Canadians have some kind of  disability. In B.C. Ihere are 12,  9.15 recipients of handicapped  benefits. Disabled persons need  much better access to education, public transit, shopping  and entertainment, health and  social services, employment,  community facilities and housing.  In its preparation for this  year of disabled persons, the  A new course needed  federal government established  in May 1980, an all-party  committee "to evaluate the  scope and effectiveness of  existing government programs  for the disabled and handicapped". This task force has held  hearings in 18 Canadian cities  and is to complete its report by  December, 1980. An organizing committee made up of  representatives of disabled  persons, service organizations,  labour, business and government has also been established.  The government of Saskatchewan has established a  committee of representatives  from government, from disabled and handicapped organizations, and from agencies  serving the disabled and handicapped to promote positive  public awareness of the needs  and aspirations of disabled  persons. Disabled persons will  play a full role in this committee throughout the year.  By contrast, the Ministry of  Human Resources in the Social  Credit government has rejected  funding for the Social Planning  and Research Council's project  for the International Year of  Disabled Persons. This project  was to co-ordinate the volunteer sector by conducting  seminars and workshops to  examine services for the handicapped and disabled, and to  strengthen and educate the  voluntary sector so they can  better serve the disabled. And  then came the announcement  by Grace McCarthy that Brian  Smith, Minister of Education,  would head the planning for  B.C.'s participation in the year.  We sincerely hope that the  1980; It was the  year of cynicism  by Ray Skelly  MP Comoi-Powell River  It has been a busy year.  When 1 wrote my last year-end  message we were facing yet  another federal election the  outcome of which was not easy  to predict as we finished our  Christmas shopping and, at  the same time, prepared for  the campaign.  On February 18 what  seemed impossible had happened: Pierre Trudeau was  once again the prime minister  and the government of Joe  Clark had destroyed itself in  only seven months.  This was also the year  the people of Quebec decided  to give the Canadian confederation another, chance.  Within a few weeks of the  May 22 referendum, constitutional conferences were  back in swing and bound for  failure. As a result, in September the Federal Liberals  set in motion a game plan  to patriate the constitution  on their terms - pitting themselves against the ire of the  premiers and drawing an  angry response from Westerners who have for too long  been neglected by the power  brokers of Central Canada.  There are other important  events in 1980 that cannot be  marked by exact dates. Their  effects have been serious for  the people of Canada and  particularly for my constituents on the coast of British  Columbia. Sometime this  year, people in high places -  people who draw up government budgets and have first-  5o*sr0/*  Our  2ioMaij(Wish  "If Christmas means anything,  it should mean that, like the  Shepherds of old, we catch a vision of  the world as it ought to be and not as it  is. In our finer moments all of us feel  the thing we ought to be, beating  A beneath the thing we are."  Tommy Douglas  Christmas, 1975  The N.D.P.   Bookstore wishes its  ^many friends a very happy Holiday^  Season, and  a New Year  filled with Hope and  Prosperity for all.  Socred government takes the  International Year of Disabled  Persons more seriously than it  did the International Year of  the Child. Scrolls, songbooks,  posters and a public relations  campaign are not needed; what  is needed is a genuine commitment to assist in the realization  of full participation and equality for disabled people in this  province.  -e WORKWEN? WORLD'S  ^ AFTER CHRISTMAS  SALE DAYS!  name relationships with the  bank owners - decided it is  good for the economy for  unemployment to rise. We  had to accept it, we were told.  At the same time, someone  up there also decided the high  interest rate policy, that was  already hurting, should be  accelerated. As a result, the  aspirations of a generation of  young families who want to  own their own homes were  threatened.  Like the decision to accept a  high level of unemployment,  the interest rate policy was  pursued with little or no  consideration of its effect  on the quality of human life.  Figures alone seemed to be  important.  Thus, in many ways it  was the year of cynicism.  Against that approach to  public responsibility, I believe  we must set another course.  Our new year's resolutions - to  be made by constituents and  politicians alike - must be to  return to policies and practises  which make families strong  and to reject policies and  practises that tear families  apart through financial hardship and the social ills that  accompany it. With confidence such a resolution can  succeed, I wish you and your  family a happy holiday.  ' >��(: * t- :���:��� * * * *:  NDP  CLASSIFIED NOTE  Drop   off  your  CoasI  News  Classified   at  Campbell s  Family   Shoes.  Sechelt,   or  Cenlre   Hardw  ate.   Madeira  Park  RENT ME  is ft. Van  *39.����/day  No mileage charge  886-8414        886-7469  after 6 pm.  Local Only  Wmm  tt:  ���^u-  jf==t>  v..  fOHMERLY RAINBOWS END BOUTHJUQ    ��� j     ,, *)\ )  Still Original  - Still Individual  Where All Items are Handmade  on The Sunshine Coast  Open 5 Da  s a Week During  Novembe   and December  Featuring  Women's  Western Hats  ^Cowrie St.    Sechelt     885-5075  LE CUL0TTIER  $9.99  Jeans ft Cords  Clearance on  CORDS & JEANS  WRANGLER  JEANS $18.99  Just arrived  - Various  Prices  Holiday Hours:  Thurs. Dec. 25 - Closed  Fri. Dec. 26 - Closed  Sat. Dec. 27  thru  Wed. Dec. 31 - OPEN  Thurs. Jan. 1 - Closed  Than Bark la Bagular Mouw  Exchanges -  II Santa brought you the wrong  sizes, bring it in for exchange  while we still have stocks to  choose from.  QUANTITIES  LIMITED -     HURRY IN.  FLOATER  JACKETS  e WORKWEN?    I  /IK WORLD      %��_?���Seche"  WF Rl WORKING (OR *i  J. Brad Hunt/June '80  Beaver - Salmon Whorl  Best Wishes  for the Holiday Season  from the  Sechelt indian Band (hmtmas Greetings  jftom all tk %altM Sta^  ^VANCOUVER ISLAND Sunshine Coast Realtor. December 19, 1980  Box 100  Madeira Park,  B.C.  883-2233  | Olli Sladey  W REALTY  ITD.  Toll Free From|  Vancouver:  689-7623  Mwnber ol Multiple lilting Service  j   WATERFRONT HOMES      | \ WATERFRONT LOTS & ACREAGE |  FRANCIS PENINSULA - approx  103 \\\  choice low bank waterfront with excellent vie  and deep, sheltered moorage. Contains ani  approx. 960 sq. ft. 2 BR home plus an old 3 BR]  home. $140.000.  EGMONT ��� 7 acres with 540 (t. low bank  >aterfront. Site has been prepared for possible  jse as a large WF trailer-camper park and  lishing resort. This is an excellent property  idjoining the Egmont Marina. $180,000  Dwner will finance at bank interest rate.  " 1  EGMONT -Approx. 3.8acres wilh approx. 550  II. low bank waterfronl. Float, launching ramp  & log dump. Drilled well & pump. Considerable  land development done by owner. $165,000.  I  ACREAGE  J \       LOTS    ~\  LAKEFRONT  PROPERTIES  IRVINE'S LANDING - Seclusion is what you  will find in this approx. 17.5 acres with a  comfortable 3 BR home and several outbuildings. $110,000.  \  2. RUBY LAKE - nice 2 acre recreational  property, driveway in from Hallowell Road,  view. $24,000.  MIXAL LAKE - near Garden Bay ��� approx.  113 acres with 1,200 ft. (more or less) lakefront.  Merchantable timber.  GARDEN BAY LAKE 46.9 acres with  approx. 2,200 ft. lakefront, situaied on Garden  Bay Road and Claydon Road. Merchantable  timber.  HOTEL LAKE - Approx. 2,200 ft. lakefront ���  87 acres (more or less), merchantable timber.  3.1tllDl)LETOlNT - approx. 19 acres on  Hwy 101. Nicely treed property with roads and  trails throughout. Furnished cabin. $89,000.  4. KLEINDALE: - approx. 2.2 acres with  building site cleared, good driveway, septic  permit approved $28,000.  5. MOUNTAIN VIEW ESTATES - Several  two acre parcels available. Priced from $24,500  to $28,000  1. Corner of SINCLAIR BAY ROAD and  HOTEL LAKE ROAD - approx. .4 acre lot.  Nicely treed and with some view of Hotel Lake.  $20,000.  2. EARL COVE - Lol 22 on Cedar Ridge  Place. 91' x 199' Ireed, fairly level lot with view.  One of the best lots in Ihis area. $21,000.  3. SINCLAIR BAY ROAD - approx. .4 acre  lot, nicely treed, serviced with water & hydro.  $15,000.  4. GARDEN BAY ESTATES - Lot 58 has  some view and the lowest price in the area at  $9,000.  5. SINCLAIR BAY ROAD - approx. 1.14  acres, treed and serviced with hydro and water.  $20,000.  6. GARDEN BAY AREA - Lols 6 and 7 on  Sinclair Bay Road, each are 80' x 188'. Front is  level, sloping up at the back. Southerly  exposure with view of Pender Harbour. Bolh  lots are easy to build on, serviced with water &  hydro, and only one block from marina.  $16,500 each (firm).  ST. VINCENT BAY - Approx. 400 It,  walerfront, 5.97 acres, access by boat or float  plane only. $29,500.  PENDER HARBOUR - 1.03 acres with 127  walerfront, southeasterly exposure. Access  by 4 wheel drive road - a short distance from the  end of Claydon Road, Garden Bay. The road  could easily be improved. $75,000.  1 COMMERCIAL j  INDUSTRIAL LAND  AND  GRAVEL PIT  Approx. 16 acres wilh gr.ivel pit. One acre  leased lo Ready-Mix Company. 32' x 80' metal  clad building, divided into 3 units. 24' x 48'  Modulinc home, ensuile. $175,000.  PENDER LAKES  PROPERTIES  A few lots still available in this  desirable location. Most have view  and sunny southerly exposure.  Paved road, water and hydro.  M.L.S. Priced from $16,500 to  $22,000.  LA.'C.Li.PAGK  Coast to Coast  Real Estate Service  rf] mW:\m'r^^^r^ i^jjlU.,; I  PSWDFf     Hflftftouff  DAN WILEY, Res. 883-9149 OLLI or JEAN SLADEY,   883-2233 Sunshine Coast Realtor, December 19, 1980  BBLOCKI  NATIONAL REAL ESTi  the  bestsellers  TUWANEK  Large view lot located on Carmel PI. within easy  walking distance to sandy beaches with hydro &  water at property. Affordably priced at  $16,000.  TUWANEK  View lot with creek running through front.  Close to beach & mooring facilities. Lot size  approx. 80 x 145. Priced at only $12,000.  INVESTMENT HOLDING  OPPORTUNITY  Building lot with potential view across the road  from and overlooking the prestigious  new  Gibsons future  Marina complex.  You can  purchase this lot for only $25,000 Call for mon  details and opportunity lo view.  NELSON ISLAND (WATERFRONTAGE)  ESTATE SALE  This .83 acre waterfront gov't lease lot is located  in Telescope Passage. It has a domestic water  lease & is close to wharfage. This property was  assessed  at   $12,800 for   1979.  Sale  Price  $12,500. Call me and we will look at this one  ���together.  RECREATIONAL PROPERTY  100 ft. of lakefrontage on North Lake with  southern exposure. Lot is 145" in wooded depth  for privacy & seclusion. This is a long term  renewable lease' lot and purchaser may enjoy  this rare possession with a modest cabin for  only $35,000.  BUSINESS OPPORTUNITY  Newly established floor covering business.  Located in a modem plaza with excellent lease.  Premises are well appointed and include some  amenities. Vendor will sell for cost of leasehold  improvements, fixtures and inventory. $6,500  is assumable.  INVESTMENT  Would you like a yield in excess of 30% on your  investment? This business (a coin laundry)  showed a yield of 26% on gross income last year  for present owner after allowance for major  capital replacement expenditures.  The business is located in a steadily expanding,  area on the main highway near ihe community  business intersection. This well run coin;  laundromat is a self-employment opportunity  requiring minimum time and effort to operate.  The equipment is in top condition and paved'  parking is available for a minimum of 20  vehicles. Expansion was contemplated by  present owner, and tentative approval has been  given to accommodate this and a long-term'  tenant. The vendor (an equipment technician)'  will provide regular preventive maintenance  inspection for a minimal retainer, if purchaser so  desires. For a minimal cost the vendor will make!  available to thc purchaser a highly profitable ice  making and sales business (located on the  property). Financial statements available to  bona fide purchaser. Price $38,000.*  How much is your home worth TODAY?  ���v����.  To find out, call your  nearest Block Bros, office.  We'll do a market  evaluation at no charge or  obligation to you.  ED BLOCK BROS.  NATIONAL REAL ESTATE SERVICE  Harold Jacques Res. 885-9023  Bruce McKinnon  rnyfm^imf^rfi  *3u!,  Vjy_  Notice  to our Readers  and Advertisers:  The REALTOR will not be  published on Christmas Day  and New Year's Day. Therefore, the last publication date  this year will be December 19  and we will resume on Friday,  January 9.  Merry Christmas and  Happy New Year  from all the Realtor Staff  fc^f  AELBERS  REAL ESTATE  Peter Aelbers  886-9238  Don Logan  922-6269  886-9238  Van. Toll Free  922-7814  Located at the Old Granthams Landing Store  Marine Drive, Box 1189,  Gibsons  CAPA  APPRAISALS  INC.  SANDY HOOK  Lot 115-60'x 150'   $16,000  Lot 113 - 64' x 208' ��� $16,500  Both of these properties are level and  excellent for building. These lots  represent tremendous value for your  money in today's market.  TUWANEK ��� CARMEL PLACE  Lots 24 and 25 - $27,000  Owner wants to sell these two lots,  totalling over one acre in size and with a  view, quickly so he is offering them  together as a package.  MARTIN ROAD,  GIBSONS $49,500  Older home that has been well  maintained and recently renovated.  Level lot ��� size 50' x 131'. An excellent  view and an excellent price.  RUBY LAKE $39,500  5 acres with 130 feet of frontage on  Hallowell Road. Within walking distance  of an excellent lake access. Privacy with  a view that is second to none.  TUWANEK - CARMEL PLACE  Lot 36   $16,500  Lot 37   $16,500  These lots are within walking distance of  a good beach and boat launching and  are larger than your average sized city  lot - approximately one-half acre in size  each.  GRANTHAMS LANDING LEASE  PROPERTY  We have two properties for sale located  on the Chekwelp Indian Reserve and  both are waterfront. One has two cabins  located on it.both of which are rented  out at present, and has an asking price  of $45,000. The lease is payable yearly  and is renegotiated every 5 years. At  present there are ten years remaining.  The other property available would be  great for recreational use and features  120 feet of waterfront. There is only one  improvement on this property and the  lease is on the same terms as above.  Listing price of $45,000.  MEMBER SUNSHINE COAST REAL ESTATE ASSOCIATION Sunshine Coast Realtor, December 19, 1980  SUNNYCREST  SHOPPING  CENTRE  886-2277  IBSQNS  AND LAND DEVELOPMENT LTD.  VANCOUVER  TOLL FREE  682-15131  HOMES  LANGDALE RIDGE: Quality built executive  home on private Davidson Road cul-de-sac has  just commenced construction. Excellenl view in  area of new homes. This three bedroom home will  have 1736 square feet of finished living area plus  an unfinished basement. Extra features include 2  full bathrooms, fireplace and wet bar in living  room, large study or 4th bedroom. Master  bedroom is 13 x 16 plus walk-in closet. Shake  roof, sundeck with southern exposure. Kitchen  eating area plus dining room. Post and beam  structure with vaulted wood ceilings. Come in  and view the plans for this exciting home.  $127,500.  R.R. #2, Gibsons, B.C. VON 1V0  HOMES  HOMES  FIRCREST RDVIflfcWdrj^^Ut.l.. hom<  Master bed^Sftj.fcithjJrce ensuite. Concrete  sidewalk amPKw(f Twin seal windows  throughout: flWinsulation in walls and ceiling and  Airtight heater in basement contribute to makinc  this a warm and economical home. $68,500.  LAWSON RD: West Sechelt, View with access  to the water across the street. A little TLC and  this four bedroom home could be a winner. Sitting  room with fireplace. Large 60 x 180 cleared lot.  $83,900.  NORTH RD: Four bedrooms in this cedar clad  home. Keep cozy with a parlor stove fireplace.  Location offers schools and shopping close by.  This won't last long at the asking price of $69,500.  "CHRISTMAS-  SPECIAL"  MASON ROAD  Newly listed 1200sq. ft., full basement home by  Westsands Homes Ltd. Construction is  underway and will be finished soon. Two piece  ensuite, fireplace, sundeck, carport. Close to  elementary school in desirable West Sechelt  area. View from sundeck overlooking Georgia  Strait. $79,900.  MARINE DR: Two bedroom starter or  retirement home on Chekwelp Reserve  Triangular shaped lot, Expansive view of harbour  area, could be greatly improved with just a feu  modifications. $22,500.  DUNHAM ROAD: Ideal starter home (or the  family who can do some fix-up work. Large  landscaped 70 x 173 lot. Extra large living room  with fireplace and 2 generous sized bedrooms.  1250 square feet total. Appliances included in the  unusual price of $44,900,  MISSION RD: Semi-waterfront, Wilson Creek.  Cozy, warm little home in the beautiful Wilson  Creek, Davis Bay area. Just a few steps from the  ocean and adjacent to Chapman Creek and  probably the nicest beach on the coast in Davis  Bay. The cabin is in excellent shape with fireplace,  oil stove, electric heat, good insulation. Outside  large trees for privacy, most landscaping done  and good outbuilding. This is your perfect  hideaway with the paid lease to 1994. Vendor will  consider terms. $35,900.  INVESMENT-COMMERCIAL-REVENUE  MARINE DR.: Bals Block. Commercial building  in Lower Gibsons. S rental units generating a very  good return. Building has potential for further  development. For details contact us now.  $190,000.  INVESTMENT COMMERCIAL REVENUE  ELSON GLASS: Excellent business in growing  community. Year end statistics available to  qualified purchaser. Exciting business opportunity in expanding area. Excellent location  $180,000.  LOTS  CREEKSIDE PARK: Lot 120 Panhandle lot on  Creekside Crescent. Paved street and all services  underground. Close to schools, shopping centre  and recreation. $23,000.  MAHON RD: Cleared and ready to build on. SCHOOL  RD:  View lot close to every  Some water view with more later when lot in front convenience of Gibsons Village. Partially  cleared.   Great  area  with attractive homes, landscaped. Some very nice ornamental trees.  $29,900. $35,500.  GLASSFORD & DOGWOOD: Centrally  located three bedroom home with lots of room for  lurtliL'r development. Features include targe  master bedroom wilh ensuite, skyliyhls in living  room and kitchen, large over carporl deck with  southerly exposure, brick fireplace, .ind 2 years  remain at IO1;..! This home is priced well at  $75,000,  MAPLEWOOD: Nicely kept three bedroom  home in convenient village location. Lush green  lawn surrounds expansive deck in backyard with  a keyhole view of the strait. An expanded deck  could easily be built to capture southern view of  Georgia Strait. Fully fenced rear yard and quiet  neighbourhood and with lane entry make this an  ideal location for the young family or retired.  Sunken living room off of dining area with  additional eating area in large kitchen. Phone to  view this quality built home. $82,900.  CREEKSIDE PK: Nearing completion in  Creekside. 1386 square feet cedar home featuring  large sunken living room with fireplace. Three  bedrooms, master ensuite with shower. Large  kitchen with built-in range and space for wood  burner in brick feature wall. Attached carporl  wilh paved driveway. This energy efficient home  has been built with love and care. Lots of extras.  Still time to pick your own floor coverings. Priced  in the low $90's.  FRONTAGE RD - LANGDALE: Spacious  name in excellent condition on Frontage Road in  beautiful uptown Langdale. Situated on large view  lot with a fantastic view of Howe Sound and the  mountains. Massive fireplace in large living room.  Dining room. Compact kitchen with built in range'  and self-cleaning wall oven. Four bedrooms  upstairs plus two full bathrooms. Developed  basement with recreation room, kitchen, two  bedrooms and a deluxe sauna and bathroom.  Double carport plus workshop. A great home for  a large family. Transferred owners are reluctantly  placing this fine home on the market. Call now for  an appointment to view. $117,000.  BONNIEBROOKE HEIGHTS: Take advan  tage of today's prices for spring completion. This  designer built home will be nestled among the  trees lo complement the cedar siding and shake  roof. Energy efficient with R28 roof insulation and  thermal windows. 15 foot master bedroom with  full ensuite and oversize tub; create a private  garden atmosphere onto patb. Excellent 3  bedroom floor plan, family room with fireplace,  1516 square feet of comfortable living for  $102,500.  NORTH RD: Over % acre of nicely landscapec  privacy, yet close to schools and shopping. Use it  as a hobby farm or just a place wit h room to move.  This gold medallion home uses cedar feature  walls and ceilings to give it that warm comfortable  feeling. The main house has 2 bedrooms while the  adjacent guest house provides the third bedroom  Large carport could easily be converted into a  family room. Excellent value. $79,900.  CHERYL ANNEPAJ* R&RAerts Creek  Gorgeous ajji^le��%xa3��f1ve home in  prestigious QgJ^AnjP Rrk in Roberts Creek.  Features fulti^laJdscaped grounds on private no  through road, 2 car carport, concrete drive and  lots of trees for more privacy. This custom built  quality built home also features double windows  with screens, heatilator fireplace, earth stove,  heated crawl space, 2 ensuite bathrooms plus  large 4 piece. Teak panelling, (op quality wall to  wall carpets throughout, 3 large bedrooms, den,  large kitchen, rec room, sundeck, patio, outside  workshop and much much more. Phone for  appointment to view anytime. $104,500.  SCHOOL RD: Executive home nearing  completion in excellent Gibsons location.  Features include sunken living room, 2%  bathrooms, double attached garage, paved  driveway, 2x6 construction, shake roof, master  bedroom with fireplace and ensuite.  HOMES ON ACREAGE  md  J*N  REED RD: At'ractive in all seasons. 4.78 acret  most!, cleared. Stalls for 3 horses, chicken house  ind run. Shake roof home has three bedrooms  arge antique brick fireplace. Extra large dinin.  ���oom and a custom kitchen. $129,900.  GAMBIER ISLAND: Island Retreat or Year  Round. 1 acre on Gambier Harbour Road. 500  yards from the Isle Cultural Centre (Legion). This  work of love features cedar vaulted ceiling,  gourmet kitchen, centre fireplace, two bedrooms,  ll/s baths, wall to wall carpets and many other  features. Carport or boatport with workshop, 2  water systems, 220 volt power. 800square feet of  decks. You have to see this. $75,000.  ACREAGE  PRATT RD: 10 acres flat land. Some clearing has  been done. Size 330 x 1230. House on land is an  old timer but sound. $125,000.  SAKINAW LAKE: Here is35acreswith WOfeel  on the lakefront, accessible from Garden Bay  Road or by water. Timber on, good moorage and  adjacent lots have cabins on. South-west  exposure. $125,000.  MEMBER SUNSHINE COAST REAL ESTATE ASSOCIATION  STEVE      ANNE       JOHN       TERRI      GREG       GARY DAVE        JON    LORRIE      ARNE  SAWYER GURNEY HANSON HANSON GRANT PUCKETT ROBERTS MCRAE GIRARD PETTERSEN  886-7678 886-2164 886-8295  886-8295 886-7204 886-9508    886-8040 885-3670886-7760   886-9793   _ Sunshine Coast Realtor, December 19, 1980  [exander Realty Ltd.  IMMACULATE 24 x 60 3BR MODULAR  HOME ON CORNER GARDEN BAY RD.  AND CLAYDON RD: Close to oil amenities,  carpets, drapes, appliances, 2 full size  bathrooms, -ill large rooms. Lot has subdivision  potential  TAYLORS GARDEN BAY STORE &  MARINA: is a well known and long established  business located in Garden Bay. Store, Marina  Gas pumps, boat facilities and other extras.  EGMONT: over 10 acres of choice property  adjoining Skookumchuk trail just seconds away  from Gov't dock and other services, property  has legal access from trail. Asking $56,000.  MAGNIFICENT WATERFRONT LOT ON  GILDEN RD. IN MADEIRA PARK. OVER  180' WATERFRONTAGE: Fully treed and in  natural state. Has exceptionally targe L shaped  float with piles. All ready to build on. The best  there is! Firm at $160,000.  180 FOOT DEEP WATER MOORAGE  AND TWO BR HOME IN MADEIRA  PARK: This valuable property includes  foreshore lease, 1.5 acres, guest cottage and 35'  x 35' storage shed. Room for an additional  house. Located next to Coho Marina and  known as "W1DMAN PROPERTY."  213 ACRES WATERFRONT PROPERTY  AT GREEN BAY ��� NELSON ISLAND: This  prime property has 213 acres, several buildings,  private lagoon with unlimited potential.  SUNN YS HAIR BOUTIQUE IN MADEIRA  PARK: conveniently located in the shopping  centre, a thriving business that has been rapidly  growing over the years, owner raising family and  would still work part time.  38.8 ACRES AT LANGDALE. PCL-1 OF  D.L 1398: With gentle slope and small stream  on property. Access off main highway.  CENTRE HARDWARE IN MADEIRA  PARK: This modern store in fast growing  community located in main shopping centre in  Madeira Park... unlimited potential.  15 UNIT MOTEL IN GARDEN BAY: with  attractive Caretaker's house. Short walking  distance to Marinas. A thriving business with  lucrative revenue potential. Call for further  information.  A LARGE LOVELY 3 BR VIEW HOME  OVERLOOKING BARGAIN HARBOUR  LOCATED OFF CHRIS WAY: One of the  nicest homes in the area with panoramic view,  all appliances, carpets, drapes, fireplaces up &  down, full basement with rec. room.  LOT 27 LOCATED JUST ABOVE MA-  DEIRA PARK TURNOFF ON HWY 101:  Goes right through to Madeira Park Rd. Choice  view, possibly 2 separate lots $26,500,  $83-2491-  P.O. Box 10, Madeira Park, B.C. VON 2H0  ���MOBILE  24' x 56'  (1248 sq. ft.)  IN STOCK HOW!  MANY MODELS AND FLOOR PLANS  TO CHOOSE EROM      ���  COAST MOBILE HOMES LTD.  Across iron Umwr's Furniture in seclwn  885-9979 musm 885-9979  W -Waterfront  H -Homes  A - Acreage  R -Recreational  F - Farms  Bus. 885-5171  Box 1188, Sechelt,  B.C. VON 3A0  "Vour Real Estate Hosts  on the Sunshine Coast"  Never a Christmas morning  Never a New Years end  but someone thinks  of someone  old days, old times  old friends.  WHY PAY RENT?  Especially when you can buy this 3 bdrm mobile.  You have nothing to furnish it with, no problem; it  comes fully furnished with fridge & slove. Now  this would be ideal (or you bachelor types. You  can't afford to buy? Buy with a friend and you  can't alford not to. Situated in West Sechelt. Call  885 5171. Firm at $13,500.  SILENT NIGHT L 239  You'll enjoy many a silent night gazing over the  calm waterfront. Here is a 1120sq. ft. 2bedroom  rancher. Situated on a quiet residential Redrooffs  Rd. (Eureka Place). Stairwell brings you to Ihe  beach. Westerly exposure. Call Pal for more  informalion. F P. $137,500.  BUSINESS OPPORTUNITY L Id - 5  Well established small marina with high cash flow  and unlimited growth potential. Long term lease  provides loi" expansion. Year round moorage.  Fully houked with waiting list. Excellent gas, oil,  engine sales & repairs and coffee shop sales all  very profitable. Some long term, low interest  financing assumable. The business currently  supports a staff of 8 persons (4 full lime) and earns  a substantial net profit. Offered at the low low  price of $150,000 including inventory and fixed  assets because the owner has other urgent  interests. In my opinion this is the best buy of the  year. Call now for further information ��� call P.T.  Dahle 8855692.  ��.�����������     \:fk%_. ���  ����^\M . >  Em  ���yffi'-vzr  ��^W -$^^"'  Merry Christmas  To Yon and Yours  from Wharf Realty Ltd.  \u  MEMBER SUNSHINE COAST REAL ESTATE ASSOCIATION  "P.T." Dahle 883-9285 Deirdre 885-5971 Pat 885-5171 Sunshine Coast Realtor, December 19, 1980'  M  BOX 1490,  WHARF ROAD  SECHELT, B.C.  VON-3A0  rrrZI,  CENTURY WEST REAL ESTATE  HOMES  PHONE  .885-2235  ^VANCOUVER  689-5838  (Toll Free)  TAKE A HIKE No. 457  To Selma Park and see this cozy 3 bedroom, 1200  sq. ft. home. The view is priceless and the lease is  only $1,160 a year from Jan. 1, 1981. This  extremely well maintained older home is a bargain  by anyone's measure. Take the title for $35,000.  Call Bill Walkey at 885-5327.  "MAKE NATURE YOUR NEIGHBOUR  THE CITY A CLOSE FRIEND"      No. 485  9.43 acres in Roberts Creek. 1520 sq. ft., 3  bedroom home with ocean view, a few extras to  mention are duck pond, barn, corral, drilled well  and wrap around sundeck. Asking price  $ 159,000. Call George Longman for more details  at 886-8548.  ROSE COVERED COTTAGE No. 511  Almost Iwo acres of prime garden soil and fruit  trees surround this pioneer home that features 3  large bedrooms on the main floor with a fireplace.  Large family kitchen with oil stove. Part basement  has cool storage and the house is heated with oil  hot water only. $57,500. Lynn Wilson 885 5755.  CONVENIENCE OF LOCATION  AND POCKET BOOK! No. 629  Rare find in local market 3 bedroom home for  $49,500. These Strata Title units are located  within walking distance of schools, shopping and  other amenities. Only 4 left, Call for appointment.  Lynda or Eva at 886-8194.  IN THE HEART OF SECHELT      No. 631  2 bedroom ��� 750 sq. ft. home with attached  carport. Neat and tidy inside and nicely  landscaped outside. Don't miss the chance to  invest in uptown Sechelt. Asking price $79,500.  For details call George Longman 8868548.  ROBERTS CREEK -  BEACH AVENUE No. 610  This 1263 sq, ft. home offers complete privacy on  nicely landscaped lot with ocean view. Acorn  fireplace and stone patk) add to the warmth of this  home. Completely remodelled and priced to sel]  , at $69,000. Call George Longman 886-8548 for  more details.  SPECTACULAR VIEW! No. 615  Of lush green snowcapped mountains mirrored  in blue waters of Porpoise Bay! Enjoy this  stunning view from cozy living room or from  expansive sundeck. This 3 bedroom well kept  home has heatilator fireplace, spectacular view  from living room, dining room and kitchen,  landscaping, roomy modern kitchen and large  basement. $89,000. For more details call Rita  Percheson 885-5706.  GIBSONS EXECUTIVE HOME      No. 634  Four bedrooms -1375 sq. ft. post and beam home  plus fully finished basement with a fantaufic view  of the Gibsons harbour. Features are too  numerous to list. Asking $139,000. For persona!  showing call George Longman at 886-8548.  SECHELT TOWNHOUSE  PANORAMIC VIEW  Luxurious 2 level townhouses on the upper level  are large living ��� dining room with vaulted ceiling  and heatilator fireplace, also den and powder  room. Kitchen has stove, fridge, dishwasher &  garburator. The lower level has 3 bedrooms,  bathroom & laundry room with washer & dryer.  Balconies on both levels where you can relax and  enjoy the spectacular view. Many other features.  Priced at $83,500. Inspect this unit to-day with  Lynn Wilson at 885-5755.  UNIQUE HOME  WEST SECHELT No. 503  If you want a unique home with quality  throughout this is it. Lots of room, cozy  atmosphere, gourmet kitchen, 4 bedrooms, 2V_  baths are just a few features. To view call Leslie  Fitch 885-9057.  WATERFRONT  SAKINAW RETREAT  No. 595  You can be as quiet as you wish at this attractive and comfortable  lakeside home just 5 minutes by boat from the launching area. Big 6  acre parcel in it's natural state, ample sleeping room (up to 9)  furnished home with boathouse under, dock and big sundeck. For  more information on this rare property going at just $74,900 call  Chuck at 885-9374 or Bert 885-3746.  HOMES  QUALITY, QUALITY, QUALITY   No. 502  Unless you're prepared lor the high standard of  quality this builder offers save yourself the trip to  Sandy Hook. This is a high quality home  throughout, with no skimping anywhere. The  three bedroom, 1450 sq. ft. home with vaulted  ceilings brings back memories of the way houses  used to be built when craftsmen took time and  care. The final touch is the spectacular view up  Sechelt Inlet. Give yourself a treat, see it for  yourself - better still buy it for $119,000. Call Bill  Walkey at 885-5327.  QUALITY & QUANTITY No. 539  All the joys of rural living can be yours here in this  executive split level home of over 2800 sq. ft. of  finished area. Formal dining area, 12' floor to  ceiling fireplace, spiral staircase, spacious 23 x 14  kitchen, and 4 bedrooms add up to everything  you're looking (or in a quality home (or your  family. The pets are taken care of too with over 9  acres of selectively cleared romping room. What  -more could you want for the listed price of  $230,000. Lynda Hickman 8867352.  THIS WILL REALLY FROST YOU...  This is a real Gingerbread type home. Brand new house on a well  known local baker's subdivision. See for yourself this special fondant  icing siding and leak-proof simulated snow roof. The name over the  door speaks for itself. The tenant will vacate once Christmas is over  and take his smarties and Reindeer with him. Very tastefully  decorated to make your mouth water. For viewing and early  possession call Bill Walkey 885-5327 or Pat Parket 885-5615, all  offers to $20.00 considered until noon on December 23, 1980.  - INTERVAL OWNERSHIP -  ��� Ownership lo lee simple  ��� Freeze your vacation com  ��� Exchange your vacation location  ��� Ownership In lee simple  ��� Registered title  - WHISTLER RESORT & CLUB -  ��� A year round destination resort. Coif, tennis,  hiking, canoeing, skiing, skating, Ice fishing.  ��� A dream vacation home.  - Luxurious Accommodation  ��� Heated Pool, Sauna, Jacuisl  Own tomorrow's vacation at today's prices.  Call Pat Parker at 885-5615  DYNAMIC VIEW OF  HOWE SOUND No. 578  Exclusive 1.5 acres ol waterfront with year round  deep water moorage is the ideal setting (or this  quality built rancher, swimming pool and guest  cottage for your country estate. Asking  $275,000. For more deiails call Lynda Hickman  al 8867352.  ANOTHER QUALITY HOME  BY KRAMAC CONSTRUCTION   No. 621  This rancher features a heatilator brick fireplace.  Brick and siding exterior. Extra large living room  window and sliding door off dining room. Very  good quality throughout on a partially treed lot in  quiet area, great for outdoor living and children.  $76,900. C. Dowman 8859374.  NEW ON MARKET  HARD TO FIND No. 635  Acreage plus large older home, 5 bedrooms, is  nicely situated on 5 acres of near level land.  Mostly cleared, all fenced and a nice creek.  Complete with carport and two storage buildings.  For your personal viewing call Larry or Ruth  Moore 885-9213.  CHEAPER THAN RENT  DUNHAM RD. PORT MELLON     No. 628  This large older 3 bedroom home is a good buy on  today's market. Large kilchen, dining room,  utilities. Heatilator lireplace in living room, 2  piece ensuite, den. Next week may be loo late!  For appointment call Eva Carsky at 886 8194 or  886 7126   F.P $52,900 FIRM   Hurry!  MEMBER SUNSHINE COAST  "TWO OFFICES TO SERVE YOU"  LYNDA HICKMAN        RUTH MOORE  RITA PERCHESON   PETER SMITH  PAT PARKER LESLIE FITCH  GEORGE LONGMAN    LARRY REARDON Sunshine Coast Realtor, December 19, 1980  PHONE  886-8194  VANCOUVER  689-5838  (Toll Free)  We  Im  fin  21  ���CENTURY WEST REAL ESTATE  DENTAL CENTRE       1*%>  GIBSONS 02:  %  BUSINESS OPPORTUNITIES  LOTS  PENDER HARBOUR $98,900 No. 3S0  This 8 acres zoned light industrial and/or othei  uses, has great potential. It lies almost opposite  Francis Peninsula turnoff on both sides ol  Highway 101 next to the building supply and  lailndromat. It has good water access and is a  (airly flat piece easily developed. Larry Reardon,  8859320  GOLD MINE! No. 616  A GOLDMINE! Established business with 1st  rate reputation and terrific income stream. New  owner would assume lucrative accounts, Only  business of its kind on the Sunshine Coast!  $85,000. For more details call Leslie Fitch 885-  9057 or Rita Percheson 885-5706.  GET YOURSELF UP... No. 575  In the antique business in the heart of Gibsons. A  thriving business in old world memorabilia. An  added feature of this business is the fabric retail  outlet. The buyer of this business would have a  distinct advantage over other fabric stores in the  area through exclusive trade connections. Cash  in on this unique, antique opportunity for  $15,000. Call Bill Walkey 885-5327.  LETS GET A BUSINESS! No. 501  You're off to a good start with this growing fabric  store at an affordable price. For further details call  Lynda 886-7352.  RETAIL IN SECHELT No. 633  Positive  cash  flow  retail  business  in Sechelt  commercial core. Sale price includes exclusive  distributorships (best in the trade) for product  line. For more information call Rita Percheson  885 5706   $20,000.  MIRROR, MIRROR  ON THE WALL --  Who has the finest of them all?  Around the harbour, on the coast,  Who has the business with the most,  Colonel Flounders is the name,  Cooking hot food is the game,  Add to this a store that's good,  With different types of grocery food,  Aco2y home, 1200 feet,  Two bedrooms down, kind of neat,  Give me a call, and I'll tell you more;  About the Penderosa store.  Bill Walkey 885-5327.  ROBERTS CREEK  BUILDING SITE No. 597  .80 of an acre on lovely Roberts Creek, driveway  installed, beautiful evergreen trees provide  privacy between road and cleared building site  offered for sale at $39,000. For details phone  George Longman 886 8548 or 886-8194.  No. 495  ACREAGE  WEST SECHELT ACREAGE No. 583  12'/_ acres of southern exposure in West Sechelt.  Hobby farm or market garden a possibility. Just  $60,000. Call Larry Moore at 885-9213.   CEHTURY WEST REAL ESTATE  AGENTS FOR  MO. MACKENZIE LIMITED  lSJSE  Plans and Brochures available  FREE ESTIMATES  Calf tarry Moore 88S-223S  MAIN PENDER  HARBOUR CORNER No. 250  Here's your chance to purchase the most high-  profile, commercial/light industrial, highway  location with over 8/10th acre site 1 know to be on  the market today. Some terms considered on full  price of $39,000. Bob Kent 885-9461.  BE A WEST ENDER! No. 596  The Nob Hill of West Sechelt. The see forever  heights where you get the most of the sun and the  better views while close to easy ocean access.  Priced this week at $35,000 F.P. One of the last  available lot 87' x 148'. Tiny Bob 885-9461.  MOSTLY LEVEL No. 572  Another corner site. Recreational area of  Tuwanek. 75' x 110'. Close to sandy beach access  for public. Best of all just $12,000. Details "Tiny  Bob" 885-9461.  ENDANGERED SPECIES No. 591  Panoramic view of Howe Sound. Selectively  *HHHHMHMWHHHHHHHH****# located in scenic Hopkins Landing $25,900. Call  Lynda 886-7352 or 886-8194.  J EXCELLENT VALUE No. 632  >' At low price! This Sechelt Village lot has water  ��� ' and hydro available at lot line and is situated in  ' area of new homes. Creek on adjoining property  ��� , provides additional privacy. Contractors and  I. home builders take note - excellent building site.  ]+CALL BILL WALKEY 885-5327   4 $21,900. Rita Percheson at 885-5706.  ���*������**������������������������������*������*��� W9.000 MIX AT MADEIRA No. 636  Ught   Industrial/Commercial   and   Residential  WANTED  2 OR 3 ACRES NEAR  SEAVIEW CEMETERY  PURCHASER WAITING  WEST SECHELT  ACREAGE  No. 617,618 & 619  3 prime pieces ol small acreage, all well Ireed,  oenlle southern slope. Services at road and only  ten minutes Irom Sechelt Village. For more  information call Ed Baker at 8852641 or Larry  Moore al 885-9213.   5 ACRES - RUBY LAKE No: 241  Be a land baron on this nicely treed 5 acre parcel  near Ruby Lake. Excellent boating and fishing  nearby. To view call Leslie Fitch 885-9057 or Eva  Carsky 886-7126.  SUBDIVIDE? No. 604  Over 1 acre of beautifully treed property in  Redrooffs, Excellent investment potential. For  more details call Rita Percheson 885-5706.  KLEINDALE ACREAGE No. 3884  This residential subdivision offers a number of  fine 2 acre parcels, each in its own natural setting,  virtually undisturbed save lor paved road access.  Located at Kleindale and good fishing/boating  areas and attractively priced from $24,500. You  should see these acreages, available with terms  too. Berl Walker 885-3746.  ROBERTS CREEK ACREAGE       No. 620  5.65 acres, hydro pole into building site on  property. Zoned A3D. Hydro easement through  property could make excellent grazing area.  Excellent holding property. Asking $52,000. For  details call George Longman 886-8548.  Zone mixture ol R3L. Roughly 199 ft. on Hwy 101  and 198 ft. on Madeira Park or 8/10 acre more or  less. Available services included 'City' water,  hydro and phone. If you want a HARD TO MISS  commercial site on Hwy 101 at Madeira Park  'THIS IS IT!!'. Couple ol blocks to easy public  launching access to famous Pender Harbour  sports fishing. Close to stores, banks, public  school, auto courts, thriving community. Terms  on lull price. Tiny Bob 885-9561.  MERRY CHRISTMAS  from oar doors to yourt!  AU th* staff at Century  West Real Estate would  like to with you and  yourt a Very  Merry Christmas  REAL ESTATE ASSOCIATION  GIBSONS 886-8194  SECHELT 885-2235  BILL WALKEY  LYNN WILSON  R.B. "TINY BOB" KENT    ED BAKER  LARRY MOORE  SANDY HOOK  c>a  i��  5Ce  sanbv Viook   eo*a  Lol 46 Sandy Hook Road  (.1  6-4  -tviVy   Hot-i. fco-iO  Lot 50 Sandy Hook Road  Lot 76 Sandy Hook Road  This is your opportunity to own  property in popular Sandy Hook.  These line properties are only four  miles from Sechell and offer the  purchaser sloping building sites,  large evergreen Irees and beautiful  Inlet views. For more information on  these properties call Pal Parker at  885-5615 or Bill Walkey at 885-5327.  Vendor is FIRM with price of  $23,000 each.  SANDY HOOK  EVA CARSKY  BERT WALKER Sunshine Coast Realtor, December 19, 1980  <?  <&  Mitten Realty Ltd.  Vancouver Toll Free  681-7931  Trail Bay Mall  Box 979  Sechelt, B.C.  VON 3A0  885-3295  Conveniently located in Sechelt's Trail Bay Shopping Centre  WATERFRONT  HOMES  SOMETHING REALLY  SPECIAL $285,000  This magnificent low bank subdividable  waterfront acreage with 168' of beach frontage  is located in popular Roberts Creek. Near  schools and golf course and only a short drive to  Langdale terminal. The architect designed 3  bedroom home with 2\_ bathrooms (master  ensuite) has the most fantastic view from both  living and dining rooms. Plus fully applianced  Jenn Air kitchen, wrap around sundeck. Guest  Cottage. By appointment only. Corry Ross 885-  9250. #321  FLYSPECK ISLAND $30,000  For those who want waterfront in a sheltered  harbour suitble for tying up a boat or floatplane  this is it. Piles are in place for your float. Enjoy  total independence. Details with Syd or Frances  Heal at 886-7875.  PENDER HARBOUR $80,000  Almost 150' total of tideal waterfront on  Gerrans Bay. Beautiful view of harbour. Two  separate lots to be sold as package. Vendor may  carry. Call Emilie Henderson 885-5225 or Don  Lock 885-3730. #447  SEABREEZE CAMPSITE  Located near Lang Bay this lovely waterfront  campsite with seven cabins and 20 campsites  shows a good return. For details call Don or  Rene Sutherland at 885-9362.  A SOUND INVESTMENT  WATERFRONT - GOLD - SILVER  Gold & Silver we don't sell but we offer you a  top investment. 1,000 lineal feet ocean  ���waterfront property wilh 20 subdividable acres  of treed country hillside. For further details call  Henry Hall 885-2520. #462  ACREAGE  REED ROAD $135,000  4.6 acres on outskirts of Gibsons village. 2  bedroom house with full basement 64 x 12  mobile, each with own driveway. Horse barn.  Cleared, fenced. An opportunity for rural living.  Don or Rene Sutherland have details at 885-  9362. #446  PENDER HARBOUR $32,000  Hard to find small acreage. This piece is 2.8  acres and already has a cleared building site,  culvert, septic tank, power and water installed.  Ideal for setting up travel trailer on weekends or  building your dream home. Not far from  excellent fishing. Call Terry Brackett for more  details at 885-9865. #450  EXCELLENT HOBBY  FARM POTENTIAL  This Roberts Creek acreage has a commanding  view of Georgia Strait with 300 plus Irontage on  Highway 101. Roads, power and waler already  in place. To view call Henry Hall 8852520  Vancouver Toll Free 685-9828, ��455  BROOKS ROAD $97,500  39.3 acres '/_ mile from Halfmoon Bay. Zoning  AlC. Some timber value. Call Emilie Henderson for details at 885-5225. #457  5 SOLD   1 TO GO $69,500  Fircrest Road, Gibsons is where these six  delightful homes are being built. Five are now  sold and the other will not last. They have a  common floor plan with 1086 sq. ft. on the main  floor with three bedrooms and a fourth in the  daylight basement. There are three external  finishes to choose from with usual decorating  and carpet options. These are hot, act now and  contact Syd or Frances Heal at 886-7875 or  Emilie Henderson at 885-5225. #429/34  HOMES  WEST SECHELT $99,000  Unique Geodesically designed home in private  setting in popular West Sechelt. This home  features two bedroom area as well as storage  and utility area. Over one and one quarter acre  lot. Large sundeck to view Georgia Strait. Call  Terry Brackett 885-9865 or Emilie Henderson  885-5225. #368  WEST SECHELT $145,000  West Coast contemporary home on large view  lot overlooking Sargeant's Bay. This dream  home has over 2500 sq. ft. of gracious living  area. Three bright bedrooms, two and one half  baths, family room as well as hot tub. Shake roof  and numerous skylights. Truly a well planned  and designed home. Call Terry Brackett 885-  9865. #493  WEST SECHELT $129,500  Brand new four bedroom view home. Three 1  bedrooms, family room, living room on upper I  level. Fourth bedroom, entry area and utility I  plus much more room for one to finish to their I  own liking on lower level. This home is on sewer I  and next Io Wakefield Creek. Great ocean  view. Call Terry Brackett 885-9865.        #484 |  SUPER VIEW,  SANDY HOOK $125,000 I  Quality is prominent through this architect [  designed home. Excellent use of skylights and  decking give a contemporary touch. Spiral  staircase lo loft and master suite with its own |  dressing room, 5 pee bathroom and sundeck.  Many extras include sunken conversation pit in I  ceramic tile, vaulted ceilings expertly crafted in  yellow cedar, large sauna and shower. See this  beautiful 2500 sq. ft. home by appointment only  with Emilie Henderson at 885-5225.        #494  PANORAMIC VIEW OF  PENDER HARBOUR  This chalet type new construction needs your I  own personal touch to the finishing. 3 large I  bedrooms & 2\ baths, spacious living room I  with fireplace all combine to ensure gracious I  living. Call Gayle Adams 883-9364 for details. [  #478 I  WEST SECHELT  Just reduced $10,000!!! This deluxe six  bedroom vi<>w home must be sold! Over 3100  square feet of living area includes two and one  half baths, Jennaire Range, Garborator,  dishwasher and all appliances in dream kitchen  plus formal dining area and entry. Outside ihere  is a 20' x 40' pool, double carport, gazebo and  interesting landscaping. Property abuls creek  and has a sensational view. Call Terry Bracket!  885 9865 or Don Lock 8853730. ��440  GIBSONS $45,000  A small one bedroom starter home. This could  be added onto and improved by the handy  person. Close to all amenities. Call Suzanne  Dunkerton at 886-8317. #4%  PENDER HARBOUR $134,000  Beautiful, panoramic view, privacy and close to  the best fishing on the coast, plus three levels ol  gracious living. Three bedrooms with master  having ensuite. Large kitchen is spacious and  well planned, plenty o( storage and work area.  Sunken living room with a fireplace, large  bathroom wilh a sunken tub. Original murals,  vaulted ceilings. Loads of room (or a growing  family. To top all this oil ihere is a circular patio  lo take advantage of thc view. Phone Suzanne  or Terry for viewing. a389  SPRUCE ROAD  Sparkling  clean,  surrounded  drive,  R  Sutherland  $69,500  'vel home  Concrete  Sfl Don or Rene  #475  ROBERTS CREEK $79,500  Beautiful l. of an acre of country property with a  creek and fruit trees. 1200 sq. ft. 2 b/r home.  Living room is large and cozy with an airtight for  those winter nights. Spacious bright kitchen  with lots of storage here. Extra room ready for  your imagination. Close to beach and schools  and 10 min. to Gibsons. Phone Suzanne for  viewing at 886-8317. #437  REDROOFFS $90,000  Cozy three bedroom home on very steep  waterfront. The view is superb. Property has  nice Japanese garden. Ihe home inside features  extensive cedar and daylight lighting in kitchen,  Franklin stove and large sundeck. Call Terry  Brackett 8859865 or Emilie Henderson 885.  5225. #498  WEST SECHELT  4 b.r. two level executive home, sunken living  room. 2 feature heatilator fireplaces, plus much  more, By appointment only through Frances or  Syd Heal at 886-7875. ��349  ROBERTS CREEK $69,500  New 3 bedroom family home on a large private  lot in popular Roberts Creek. Large cozy living  room with a fireplace. Two bathrooms, wrap  around sundeck, close to the beach and school.  Call Suzanne Dunkerton for more information  at 886-8317. #477  PENDER HARBOUR  Gracious rancher; with carport, guest home.  Many extras including fisher insert, concealed  lighting in living room and sunlight ceiling in |  kitchen. F.P. includes 18' boat and trailer.  Phone Gayle Adams at 883 9364 for appointment to view. Pack your bags and move right in.  ��459|  HARBOUR VIEW $65,000 I  Attractively   remodelled   2   b r   older   home |  centrally  located  5 minules Irom Langdale.  Good holding properly. Please call Corry Ross I  885-9250 for appointment to view. ��479 I  SANDY HOOK $110,0001  Architecturally designed home on private lot in [  Sandy Hook. Three levels afford privacy as well I  as openness with vaulted ceilings and heavy  beam construction. Extensive cedar.  Large 1  workshop A must to view. Call Terry Brackett  885-9865  MEMBER SUNSHINE COAST REAL ESTATE ASSOCIATION  POWELL RIVER  WEST VANCOUVER  .NORTH VANCOUVER  RAY  DAL  GAYLE  TERRY  CORRY  SYD & FRANCES  HENRY  BERNIER  GRAUER  ADAMS  BRACKETT  ROSS  HEAL  HALL  SALES MGR.  885-3808  883-9364  885-9865  885-9250  886-7875  885-2520 Sunshine Coast Realtor, December 19, 1980  Mitten Realty Ltd?  Vancouver Toll Free  885-3295 681-7931  MEMBER OF "RELOCATION SERVICES CANADA" REFERRAL SYSTEM.  WE HAVE A TRADE PLAN FOR HOMES. PLEASE CALL FOR DETAILS.  ���*bJkQbr.  S&P  **%��  Conveniently located in Sechelt'sTrail Bay Shopping Centre  SUNRISE RIDGE INDUSTRIAL PARK  Partial & Fully Serviced Industrial & Commercial View Lots & Acreage. Next door to Sechelt-  Gibsons Airport. Amalgamation, the proposed marina and proposed new highway make these  excellent holding properties. Invest in Sechelt's future. Call Henry Hall at 885-2520, Toll Free 685-  9828.  PARTIALLY SERVICED  INDUSTRIAL ACREAGE  fob limine luioimion  IKtUMT H01HM FOTERTUl  MAKE AN OFFER OVER $295,000  UTI1  'pmtimu iimiciD /  VllDUIIMM. tCDEHE  \   f OR FUTUHE x  \ SUIDIWSIOB  \   -  '-  ���'  \10I11 (  s    ," Ml ic.'  $199,000r''  I  I  $232,000  FUL0 MM)   TO IECHEIT ��� CltSOKS AIHP0HT  MNIMLV IEMMCED IMMTMM  MMME  Eon EUTIIK MIIMVIII0X  UlM.  TO SECHELT ��� GIBSONS AIRPORT  LOTS  FRANCIS PENINSULA  Side by side view lots.  crosses Lot  Building siti  8855225 for  $21,000  tm Lot T  package.  \e Henderson at  ���471 & 472  TUWANEK  This level, corner lot on Uplands Rd. makes a  perfect   building site. Hydro and water at  roadside. MLS $12,900. Dal Grauer 885 3808.  ���489  SKYLINE DRIVE $45,000  Fabulous view of the water and the mountains  from this beautifully treed lot. Close to all  amenities. Call Suzanne for more information at  886-8317. ��473  ROBERTS CREEK $29,500  Large lot in this popular area. Septic field has  been installed as well as fcwdaltfuna house.  Owner has a se|^>fdRfflh��>mnt^e house.  Close to sto��vilLrhlb^jt#'1ot is three  quarters of a^J^rall Terry Brackett for  details at 885 9865.' ��454  SECHELT VILLAGE $20,000  100 x 248 well treed lot, an ideal investment for  the future. Call Don or Rene Sutherland for  details 8859362. ��267  HALFMOON BAV $24,500  1.5 acres at an affordable price. Corner of Trout  Lake Road and Hwy 101. Call Don or Rene  Sutherland at 885-9362.  SKYLINE DRIVE $55,000  Beautiful expansive view of the mountains and  the gap from this large lot on the Bluff. Covered  with Arbutus and Christmas trees. Call  Suzanne for more information 886-8317. M74  SANDY HOOK  Two lots off Skana Crescent must be sold as  one. Together these lots make up 2.11 acres of  view and woods. Your own little estate? Only  $32,500 for both. Dal Grauer 885-3808. #487  WEST PORPOISE BAY rf"^     $12,900  Nice level lot I^OI^S IhwilA' This lol is  selectivel^^iKd. in aadylMCiid on. Water  and hydrcjW*B��efl?Br.ic.kell ai 885 9865.  *"' ��287  ROBERTS CREEK $60,000  4.3 acres in upper Roberts Creek with a  southern exposure. Driveway and building site  are in. There is a well on Ihe property and two  hydro poles are in. Some very large trees on the  property. Call Suzanne for viewing at 886 8317.  ��470  PENDER HARBOUR-   O   $14,500  Treed and kvel^fflWA Inl%nw5 minutes  walking di^ScIp':i��ifcj��l,Bconia at 885  9033 or GaPjdlli^W9364. K469  SECHELT VILLAGE $18,500  Only a few lots left in this nicely treed  subdivision, close to beach and arena. Call Don  or Ren�� Sutherland at 8859362. K299  EMILIE  HENDERSON  885-5225  KLAUS  ROEPKE  885-3295  BRONIA  ROBINS  885-9033  RENE  SUTHERLAND  885-9362  SUZANNE  DUNKERTON  886-8317  DONALD  SUTHERLAND  885-9362  DON  LOCK  885-3730  ERIC  RUDLAND  885-9857  KINGSWAY  SURREY  LANGLEY _. 10  Sunshine Coast Realtor, December 19,  FREE  CATALOGUE  iuhhmi  HHim ii l||  Coast to Coast  Real Estate Service  anderson  REALTY LTD  Post Office Box 1219, Sechelt  885-3211  Vancouver Toll Free:  684-8016  HOMES  SELMA PARK; Look at these features. 52" heatilator fireplace,  with lowly rock finish and outside wood loading. 4x4 skylight  over kitchen, 4x10 eating bar dividing kitchen and family room.  Two large bathrooms. 1976 sq. ft. of lovely home on a large level  lot of about 6/10 of an acre, beautifully landscaped with shrubs  and fruit trees. Good garden area. For the opportunity to view  this fine home and properly call Gordie at 885-9966.  REDROOFFS - LOHN ROAD: New 2 bedroom home in area  of quality hoLises. Large '_ acre lot selectively cleared. Ideal  vacation or relirement home. Offered at $68,500. For details  call Vadim at 885 3211 or 885 3156.  WEST SECHELT - $110,000:  Tliis home  is new and  completely landscaped. You will be pleasantly surprised when  you see the fine finishing and extra features of ihis immaculale  home. SilLiatcdona large lol with room for pool, exlra garage,  boat or molor home storage. Neighborhood is all new homes  wnh schogjcjoy by. Call Bob for tour al 885-2503.   GIBSONS ��� HILLCREST ROAD: Older secluded two-  bedroom bungalow with carport. Excellent revenue potential in  today's marketplace. Combination living room, semi modern  bathroom, fruil trees and garden area. Walk lo schools,  shopping and transportation. Name your price - I'll take any  reasonable offer. Give Frank a call at 885-5336 or 885-3211.  SELMA PARK: Starter or retirement home. Two bedrooms,  fireplace, excellent ocean view, with easy beach access across  the road. Good investmenl (or someone that can offer this cute  little home some TLC. Only $35,000 For appointment to view  iall Vadim at 885-3211 or 8853156.  WILSON CREEK-HOME WITH ACREAGE: Looking fi  quiel setting yel < lose to all amenities? You won't find many ol  ihesu Howabouiasolid4bedroomhomewithapo8siblefi(thor  Hen''' Add a laundry room, workshop, carport and potential  sauna. Perhaps a healilatoi fireplace & an airtight? And a huge  wrap around deck? Now that's only the home! ..On thi  properly you'll find 21 hicken coops and a storage shed, somi  fenced pasture and landscaping thai .��!! combine to form 2.6  acres of cleared and level, southern exposure properly. Zoned  R2L. Call Frank Ingham at H85 5336 oi 885 3211 for complete  information  DAVIS BAY - VIEW, VIEW, VIEW: Do you want a new  house? Do you want a house with a unobstructed, panoramic  view of Davis Bay, Georgia Straight and Vancouver Island? Do  you want a large 1862 sq. ft. house with all the extra rooms and  features? Do you wanl a home in a new area wilh better class  homes lhat will increase the value of your investment? If you call  Bob at 8852503 for a tour ol this new house while under  construction you can still pick carpels and colours.... or. ..drivt  by lop ol Laurel Road off Chapman Road, Davis Bay.  REDROOFFS AREA - ALDERWOOD ROAD: New home  under construction. 1344 sq. fl. on one level. Carport,'_ acre of  flat level land. F.P. $82,900. Call Stan to view 885 2385.  COMMERCIAL  . ACRE COMMERCIAL: Home on the site, 3 bay garage  wilh hydr;.'.:lic hoist phs professional spray booih. Small slore,  excellent access. Lotaled on the Pender Harbour Road. F.P.  $129,000. Call Stan 885 2385 (or deiails.    LOTS  LARGE VILLAGE LOT: Vuy a"->d location, top ol Salmon  Drive cul-de-sac, Fully serviced, some "lew. all new homes in  this area. F.P. $28,900. Call Slan 885 :|J11 ot 885 2.185.  ROBERTS CREEK ��� RICHARDS ROAD: Grab ihis one  quick. 75' x 140' on quiet residential area. The property is level,  cleared and ready lo build on. Now is Ihe I'me lo buy lor your  residence or investment, Call Frank 885 5336 or 885 3211  DAVIS BAY: View lot in area ol prestige homes. All services. A  must lo see. For further information call Don 885 9504 oi 885  3211.  WATERFRONT  NARROWS INLET  SECLUDED WATERFRONT ACREAGE: Do you want a  quiet walerfront retreat with no roads or cars? Wc have a few  parcels of evergreen forest, 5 lo 10 acres each. Minimum of 250  feet of waterfront and stream thru most lots. Locaied 22 miles  (rom Sechell by water or air only. Fly in with Tyee Airways Ltd  from Vancouver or Sechell, or use your own boat. Call Don.  WATERFRONT   ACREAGE   ���   REDROOFFS   ROAD:  Where else can you find 100' of prime beach waterfronl? Deluxe  view properly wilh soiilhern exposure? Lush vegelalion and tall  trees? Hydro, water and telephone to ihe property? ... all  combined in 1.4 acres? Contact Frank Ingham at 885 5336 and  check il out!  OCEAN BEACH ESPLANADE - GOWER POINT: 1/2  acre semi waterfront bt. Excellent ocean view with westerly  exposure. Easy beach access. Asking $55,000. For more  information call Vadim at 885-3156.  SUPERB WATERFRONT ��� SOUTH FACE OF HALFMOON BAY: This is it. There is no finer waterfront on the  market today. Hydro, water and sewer are all in place. The view  is second to none. Launch and beach a boat practically on your  front door step. What else can I say? Have a good look at this  one. Arrange a viewing with Frank at 885-5336.  FRANCIS PENINSULA - WATERFRONT: 70' x 170'  elevated waterfront lot. Treed with good soil. Paved street and  water. This lot is a south exposure and looks directly to  Welcome Pass and the islands. F.P. $85,900 Call Stan.  ACREAGE  WOOD BAY (SECRET COVE): 159+ acres of mostly view  properly with nice valley in the cenlre Easy to subdivide into 5  acre parcels when highway alignment services property. This  property is a potential gold mine lor an investor looking to the  future. Large sand and gravel deposits and good hotlom land on  Ihe property. The bonus is '.. million feet ol timber. Call Bob lor a  tour al 885-2505. $275,000.  Gordon  Hall  The limited edition  leisure home  /\,~���.  A rare opportunity  on B.C.'s Sunshine  Luxury townhome:  breathtaking views  and guaranteed  moorage  z^m&  w  The Estates are set on a naturally  wooded. 5 acre hillside overlooking  Secret Cove, un the beautiful Sunshine  Coast (40 miles from'Vancouver) Kach  ���and everv home has an ocean panorama  spread oui before it. It's naturally beautiful,  Tiie Il1��klc i\S well as \\\V uUtSide is  spci ;ai ular.  Tht\ teaiure .1 bedrooms, spacious  large sundecks. natural cedar siding and  they're free standing for privacy.  Kach owner is assured of a reserved  berth up to 40 feet, in the marina in the  envc hcluw  The Kstates have al! the ranh and  value of a limited edition Koi complete  detail-, and opening dates call: Vadim 885 3156.  Anderson RcaHy (604)H85*3211 Sechell. H.C.  ii;>: r.  nms with fireplace  6appliances.      Vancouver direct 684-HIU6  mz.  Tk  Kttluum An.-ni.v  VOTES  itStxiftCotf  Vadim  Kobasew  Bob  Bull  885-9986     885-3156     885-2503  Jack  Anderson  885-2053  Doug  Joyce  885-2761  Frank  Ingham  885-5336  Stan  Anderson  885-2385  Don  Hadden  885-9504 RqyalTrust  Sunshine Coast Realtor, December 19,'l'9&0  11  ELIZABETH RAINES  Sales Representative  MUST SELL  Excellent opportunity to build a successful and profitable  business for a person with know how and time to invest.  Business located in the heart of Gibsons in modern building.  L.S. has P & L Statements. Excellent lease. Call Elizabeth  Raines 324-4621 (24 hours).  FANTASTIC OPPORTUNITY  For person who wishes to be independent. Well established  Taxi Business in prime location of Pender Harbour. Good  potential for territorial expansion and current services. Priced  to sell at $39,500. For complete information call Elizabeth  Raines 324-4621 (24 hours).  BEAUTY SALON FOR SALE  Opportunity to be creative and be your own boss at the same  time. Well established business with 4 fully equipped stations, 3  sinks with extra hook-up for fourth, 4 dryers, bin washer &  dryer, full bathroom plus storage. Located in modern plaza  close to shopping centre. Lots of parking available. Vendor is  motivated. All reasonable offers will be considered. Call  Elizabeth Raines 324-4621 (24 hours).  PENDER HARBOUR  REALTY LTD.  Highway 101 at Francis Peninsula Rd.   883-2794  \ru   I nu   K,  lllslir.im c  EGMONT LOTS  .05 acre! with water, power & paved road. Possible view.  F.P. $35,000.  .05 acret with small livable cabin. Water & power etc. F.P.  $35,000.  .75 acre�� has small house which needs repairs. Could be  livable. Water & power to house. F.P. $40,000.  WATERFRONT: Approximately 4 acres with  protected, deep moorage and 850 sq. ft. house. Some  outbuildings. F.P. $92,000. (Can be bought with two  adjacent waterfront parcels giving 12 acres in all.  Excellent investment.)  HIGHWAY ACREAGE: Here's a good investment  property - 6.7 acres on Highway 101 close to Madeira Park.  $45,000 (try offers).  SMALL ACREAGES: Several excellent parcels with  good soil and privacy. Priced at $24,500 with good  terms.  John Breen  883-9978  Jock Hermon  883-2745  Box 566  Gibsons, B.C.  VON 1V0  HOMES  -%  .���>  ___ ____%  FIRCREST ROAD ��� GIBSONS: New 3 bedioom  basemenl home. Skylight In front entry. Sundeck off of  dining room. No steel chimney, bul brick in this home for  that wood slove to help cut heating costs. 2' x 6'walls. R20  insulation. Finished basement will be ideal rec. room area for  the children. In good family area. $73,000  POPLAR LANE: Three bedroom home in area ol all new  houses, on large level lol, close to schools and shopping.  This house has 1500* sq. II. ol living area and was lully rebuill  6 months ago in mostly cedar T & G and all new floor  coverings. Thi? homey house should be seen al $75,900  THINKING OF SELUN6  PRICES NEVER HIGHER  If yon are thinking of tailing any  type of Real Estate, prices have  never been higher. We will gladly  give our evaluation of It's value.  Give us a call anytime.   Serving the Lower Sunshine Coast  Phone 886-2000 or 886-9121  Located in the Seaside Plaza,  Gower Point Road, Gibsons  REAL ESTATE  GENERAL INSURANCE  AUTOPLAN  COMMERCIAL  JANES TUB AND TOP SHOP  If you are looking for your own business,  you should have a look at this one.  This store sells a full line of bathroom  items and business has increased  substantially since moving to this new  location at corner of the Highway and  Pratt Road in April of 1980. With over  1200 sq. ft. of floor area there is lots of  room to grow. Good lease available. For  full details give us a call.  COMMERCIAL  INVEST IN THE FUTURE  OF THE PENINSULA  ELSON GLASS LTD.  Located on Hwy 101 and Pratt Rd.  Stock and Trade only.  Lease available with 5 year terms.  Business  is  well  established  and  growing.  Listing  Sales  person has  financial  details for qualified purchasers.  GREEN THUMB PARADISE  rNUHSEftrHWViaiRBB  Ideal investment for the future. Great potential for a growing  area. Business is well established on 2 acres plus. Home on  property is a 3 bedroom basement home for a ideal live-in  business. List of stock and equipment available through  agents.  ACREAGE  il  ____  NORM PETERSON 886-2607  1.6 ACRES OF I  Subdivision poten%fhAw��' "Road off of Reed Road.  Vendor say's sell tMMj|**Kt�� acreage just outside ol Village  of Gibsons. Home s a comfortable 1 bedroom with large  kitchen. Asking $79,000.  DENNIS SUVEGES 886-7264 Sunshine Coast Realtor, December 19, 1980  BONNIEBROOK  HEIGHTS  View Lots at Gower Point  From $28,000  Selection of  choice lots  All services underground  Brynelsen Benzon  Realty  Vancouver 689-7556  FAIRWAY  ESTATES  Residential Acreages at  Roberts Creek adjacent to  the Golf Course.  2Va Acres $$0,000  5 Acres $65,000  2 LEFT  Water and Electric Power  Brynelsen Benzon  Realty  Vancouver 689-7556


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