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Sunshine Coast News Aug 18, 1981

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 Victoria  ��#g  Serving tht Sunshine Coast since 1945  The Sunshine  Published at Gibsons, B.C.  25' per copy on news stands  Delivered to every address on the Coast  1  August 18,1981  Volume 35, Number 33  .EGISLATIVE LIBRARY  parliament Buildings.  VICTORIA, B.C.  V8V 1X4  8J.I  Over proposed road     (  Frustration in Davis Bay  This Cessna 180 float plane, belonging to Keven Helenius, crashed Tuesday on Trident Avenue In Sechelt, with a lucky escape  for the pilot and two passengers aboard. ��� v��n�� Pmmii nwto  Lands on Trident Ave  Plane crash in Sechelt  by Vene Parnell  Forty people crowded the Sechelt Village Hall to attend the  regional board meeting last Thursday.  The meeting was tense with the frustration of the petitioners  strongly voiced.  The irate delegation came to ask the board to give its support  and use whatever pressure it could in opposing a collector road  that the Department of Highways has slated to cut through properties in the Wilson Creek, Davis Bay and Selma Park area.  "The road is unnecessary and only a duplication of the existing Highway 101," said one of the concerned citizens, Ron  Sim.  A spokesman for the petitioners, S.R. (Rocky) Mountain,  read a statement in which the citizens appealed to the elected  representatives to help them gather information on the road as  th* local officials from the Department of Highways has been  unco-operative and had been giving misleading information to  time who had asked. (See Mountain's letter to the editor).  ' A petition was given to the board, signed by 35 people, a portion of which read:  "We are neither sure of the purpose, status or timing of such a  proposal. In fact, it would appear that as much as possible is being done to keep the proposal from getting any publicity whatsoever. "As property owners we are rightfully concerned that a  mtsjor project affecting our properties has not been openly  dtycussed or debated in any public form.  .''While we are aware that regional highways are not within  your jurisdiction, we do feel that the regional board as our  representatives ought to play some part in at least reviewing the  Ministry of Transportation and Highways' plans and providing  a local input from both the planning and community point of  view."  The citizens' area representative on the board, Director  Charles Lee, was accused of being "a good listener" bul nol  answering the questions of the citizens when he was asked about  the road at the Settlement Plan meetings.  "We were disillusioned," said a member of the Settlement  Plan Committee. "We were told the road was inevitable and  nothing could be done about it."  A Cessna 180 float plane crashed on Trident Avenue in  Sechelt, minutes after take-off from Porpoise Bay, Tuesday,  August 11 at 9:30 a.m. The owner and pilot, Kevin Helenius, 29,  of Gibsons and two passengers were not seriously injured in the  crash.  The plane hit a concrete hydro pole, before falling upside  down in the front yard of Elmeda Whyte, owner of Big Mac  Superette in Sechelt. The $30,000 plane was totally destroyed in  laawndte accident-.. .Xbsaa.wa* no damage to Whyte's home or any  neighbouring homes in the area, and only partial damage to a  wooden fence in Whyte's front yard. No one on the ground was  injured in the accident, which caused a loss of power to area  homes for the remainder of the day.  Passengers Rose McLaren, 25, and Earl Carter, 47, both of  Gibsons, were able to climb out of the overturned plane immediately after the crash and Carter was later admitted to  hospital for treatment for neck injuries.  Helenius told The Coast News that he was unable to take off  properly from Porpoise Bay and decided to set down on Trident  Avenue, rather than take a chance on crashing in the busy  downtown section of Sechelt.  "I didn't even see the hydro pole. I was just heading for what  I thought was a clear area." Helenius said that the wires were  probably not active after the hydro pole was hit, which reduced  the risk of further injury, fire or an explosion.  The Sechelt Volunteer Fire Department arrived on the scene  moments after the crash and doused the plane with foam to prevent any possibility of fire. Trident Avenue was closed to traffic  for several hours while wires and plane wreckage were removed  from the street.  Helenius, who has had three years flying experience and has  owned the plane for two years, is a member of Greenpeace and  recently flew several members of the organization to Spatsizi  Wilderness Park near Dease Lake, B.C. Those members were 3>e most prestigious tournament ever hosted by the Sunshine  later physically attacked by people objecting to the Or<*npil*lce"**��st Golf Club was held this past weekend at the course in  campaign against trophy-hunting and a threat was made that Roberts Creek.  The citizens felt thai since they had had so much difficulty  gathering information from Highways and their representative!  that there seemed to be secrecy on the matter,  The board explained that (his was nol so. They had and have  been actively opposing for years this collector mad and others  on the plans (hey had seen Irom the Department ol' Highways.  "Highways," said board chairman. David Hunter, "is a  kingdom unto itself. We have no say in where ihe muds will go.  We don't work with highways, we fighi with ihem."  The newly appointed regional planner, Jim Johnstone told the  crowd lhal the clearest indication they could get as lo where a  proposed road was lo go was by the subdivision approvals  returned to the board after approval of the Technical Planning  Committee.  The board invited three of the residents, along wilh ihe area  director, to work with the planner on a committee io acquire us  much information as possible on the proposed collector road.  This committee will meet with officials of ihe Department of  Highways and again express their concerns over the location of  the road.  Planner Jim Johnstone told The Coasl News thai Highways  had asked the regional board for a plan map ol where the  regional district would like lo see roads built.  "There is a strong argument to be made," said Johnstone,  "in the example of West Vancouver."  The two parallel roads, the Upper Levels Highway and  Marine Drive, are the only through roads interconnecting. The  existing Highway 101, along with the proposed by-pass highway  above the Hydro right-of-way, could be compared lo Marine  Drive and the Upper Levels, Johnstone explained to The Coasl  News.  He also felt, as do the residents, thai three roads are not  necessary to take the traffic flow.  Johnstone, present al the Settlement Plan meetings, is held by  the petitioners as a "top-drawer" man and ihcy expressed their  wish to absolve him of any of the blame lhat was attributed to  the board and their representative.  First ever on Coast  Locals host provincial tournament  they would get the pilot, later.  Helenius told The Coast News that he "would hate to think  that his plane crash could be related to such a threat." He said  the Ministry of Transport Aviation Safety Branch is investigating the accident to determine the cause of the crash.  Helenius said that he feels he may have miscalculated the  weather conditions, and was not able to gain the altitude that he  required. "As far as I know, the engine and the controls were all  operating properly, but a full check is being made of the plane to  see if there was any malfunction."  Helenius said that because of his Greenpeace activities, he was  not able to insure the plane and as a result, his aircraft is a total  loss.  Directors caution against haste  Murky activity on restructuring  by Fran Bourassa  Further meetings were held last week to discuss restructuring  of local government. At the first meeting, Monday August 10,  both village councils met privately without invitation to local  newspapers.  One of the outcomes of the meeting was a questionnaire given  to the newspapers on the subject of restructuring. The Coast  News felt the questionnaire was premature, as no public information meetings have been held. It also lacked any pertinent information and some crucial options were omitted.  The second meeting at which restructuring was, an issue was  the August 13 regional board meeting.  A motion was made and tabled by the board until the full  board and councils meet on September 3. Apart from defining  the boundaries of a proposed district municipality, the most  controversial part of the motion, "... requests the Minister of  Municipal Affairs take action as required to form a District  Municipality within the Regional District".  The first speaker to the motion was Alderman/Director for  Area C, Charles Lee.  "I don't think we should vote blind," said Lee, "until we  know all the implications restructuring might mean."  Chairman of the board; David Hunter replied, "All we are  asking is that we form a committee to look into restructuring."  "1 think the motion means we are asking for a lot more than  that," said Director Lorraine Goddard, "The motion specifically states that the regional board requests the Minister of  Municipal Affairs to take action as required to form a district  municipality within the regional district. I believe this is  precipitous."  Director of Area A, Joe Harrison, felt as three other directors  did, that not enough information was available to vote on such a  motion.  , "The dust is beginning to settle. 1 believe my first reaction to  the idea of restructuring was the right one, (to stay with the  status quo). The time has come to pause and look at what we  have. Granted there may be a duplication of services and loose  ends in the existing system, but it is a bargain rate for local  government. My position is that we do nothing slowly and wait  until we have to restructure. I can not see the people wanting to  pay more taxes before they have to."  Director of Area E concurred with Harrison's position,  "There is much information and many questions, 1 and the peo  ple don't have the answers to. I don't want to make a decision  until the position is clear."  "I agree," said Director of Area D Harry Almond," with  Harrison and Gurney. I am in no hurry until we look into this  much more. Let us find out what will happen if we do change.  Until then, 1 am quite willing to stay with the status quo."  Peggy Connor, Director of Area B, agreed with the tabling of  the motion and with the comments made by Almond, Gurney,  and Harrison.  The motion was tabled with a vote from the directors. Sechelt  Alderman and representative on the board, Brian Stelck,  registered a negative vote.  The C.L.G.A. National Handicap Award Tournament saw 60  women golfers compete for seven team and individual prizes.  The two-day event, held in perfect weather conditions, involved a 36-hole team contest between representatives of golf clubs  from around the province.  The winners, Barb De Costa and Bonnie Shaw, were awarded  first prize in the team event with a combined 36-hole score of  270. The individual low net winner was Hazel Wright of the Sunshine Coast Club who collected the rose bowl trophy presented  by the B.C. branch of the C.L.G.A.  There was a tie for first, second and third runner-up positions,  with prizes awarded to Dorothy Grant, Joan Stevens and  another Sunshine Coast Golf Club member, Kay Budd.  Fourth, fifth and sixth runner-up positions were shared by  Doris Baker and the third and fourth local golfers to be  represented among the top nine finishers, Margaret Arbuckle  and Leila Comrie.  The C.L.G.A. National Handicap Award Tournament is a net  tournament held annually for ladies with handicaps of 23 to 40  and consists of a field of 60 ladies. There are nine district teams  with two ladies per team.  Teams are determined by District N.H. A. Championship - being the two low net winners of the championship. The tournament was started in 1976 and was won by District 3 (Okanagan),  1977 winners were District 7 (Cariboo-Peace River), 1978 winner  was District 9 (North West Coast), 1979 was District 6 (Upper  Vancouver Island) and 1980 was again District 3.  The tournament is scheduled in a different district each year  and the teams compete for two silver rose bowls donated by the  National Board of Canadian Ladies Golf Assouan i(i 'lly���,li,C'  branch presents the individual low net winner with a lose bowl.  The successful tournament establishes the Sunshine Coast  Golf Club as a major club on the C.L.G.A. circuit and lor the  Sunshine Coast, represents one of the mosl significant sporting  events to be held locally ever.  ON THE INSIDE...  Editorials page 2  Letters to the editor pages 3 A I.I  Entertainment page 4  Community News pages 6 & 7  Hospitality Directory :. page S  Back to the farm pane ti  Yates family feature page /-'  Sports page 14  Business Directory pages 14 & 15  Classifieds pages 16,17 & 18  Crossword ' page 19  Guess where nage 10  Salmon Inlet fire  Forestry service officials reported a potential major  forest fire in the Salmon Inlet area which began Saturday  at the Mid-point region, where a minor fire had been burning last week. The blaze, which was limited to a one acre  area on Saturday, exploded to engulf 60 acres by Sunday  morning.  An official stated at noon Sunday that the fire was "going to be a big one by the looks of it".  The area involved is steep and rocky and includes areas  now being logged both by helicopter and ground shows.  The topography of the area was making it difficult for the  four A-26 air tankers to fight the blaze and the smoke  made it difficult for the tanker pilots to pinpoint drop  zones, which include a new hydro right-of-way.  Accidents increase  Studies indicate that there is a significant increase in  motor vehicle accidents on the Sunshine Coast in the first  six months of 1981, as compared to the same period of  time in 1980. Statistics show an increase of 73.4% on the  number of accidents in which injuries to persons occurred.  Figures also show an increase of 75.5V. on the number  of persons injured in these accidents. An increase of 49.3%  is also seen in the numbers of accidents resulting in property damage. Overall, the Sunshine Coast experienced an increase of 53.7% on the total number of motor vehicle accidents.  ��� Getml" Maltliews Photo  Hazel Wright of the Sunshine Coast Golf Club receives Rose Bowl for her individual low net score in the National Handicap  Award tournament.  -AMMMfMMH V      ,<*J  ������ $&  h  ��'���<  ���  .        a. rr,  tscnt  ��.*' ���        y Gil    ���  Copy   III  entty  4 ���.  ��� -a,..  .HI 15.      lot  521     ' gnSJ:  id     iti  ipi  i  I  ii  it  ���1        o  ip.,i  *���  '��..��������������:  ���*  V  ' .'  tint ���.   n -.  j-j       liicciors,   ���������  lid ���' i  ii the  I Hi  ���i       no iWc  ������ jl  inv- was s,  izen    i place  ������. ol   he ha He,  e  im ie  ho\ . ���  .  it, ii  ��� 11  .    ii  .     ��� ttUt     .,  dec!  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I  II '  tOt  .Hi**  J*1A!'  1 '      I  thai  i Wi    .  ;-:    sill    all  ,   . i.  iled to men  from all  official lun  -. ,Rleld Mai  ',>' I a  i  '.   rlghtei  .������,���    ��� <? ��� ).       9  l ����� ���������*��.  ��� __��     i  "-**��� .....������J^>>.-;:^i'i  * "MB "..'.**" ���  ���'���:.��� 1 lie vessel approaching the wharl in this Helen comer Island's "est coast, she reappeared on her former route. In 1951 Ihe  Built In Glasgow for Ihe Union Steamships Union Steamships was obliged to sell the little ship. Still the LADY ROSE, from  , i. 10-fool dlesel-powered crafl was launched In 1937 her base al I'orl Albcrnl she sails Ihe Alberto Canal undBarkley Sound, calling at  vi)\ Unit year her name was changed and, having Delttelcl and Bamfield, and stopping al whatever spots of humanity along Ihe  crossed I     Aiiat . ��� ed iliroue.li lite Panama Canal, and travelled way thai may depend on the transportation services she can provide. Photo  eilli .meriea. she wjm put inlo service on Ihe Howe courtesy A.S, Trucman collection,  ��� 1945 slim for the government of Canada on Van-  '���  ������������  L.R. Peterson  ft    .��������.'. A: :������'..��� ������;.   n  :d. ������?!  si ��3*  1.        :   y     ':1B'���Mf  �����  ��� '   II        '. ���'     111  "Vujiti  i   -ly.  ���I   I     '      ������'....    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Id  i    i a thorn   id  Before al'    the   e-  id   World ���'        '      as  ." I by the Bi             Ie  i ,  h     i  ���:���  th si th ngi -  ������>'.  ,  ,.|,   his ind.   :  ' Ie  ntness, bul to attempt sonic  n itionary perspective.  ���We find his words and his  line pressed into service in an  lilorial in litsi week's Van-  ouver Province, for example,  l\ ihe way, lei ii be said that I  il .��� i lie  Province.  It's well  ��� ii-oiu.   well   written,   lis  ��� nioiial policy is remarkable,  nyever,   lor  its unswerving  approval ol the actions of the  American government, I don't  clieve 1 have ever seen the  Provihce editorialize critically  of our giant neighbour's ac-  ii >ns.  I urn convinced lhal not  von Ihe press agents of [he  carious American Presidents  who have held office since I  made the Province's acquaintance could he more unswervingly supportive of the Presi-  lent than has this Canadian  .lilorial voice.  Ii doesn't seem to mailer if  he President is urging death  ind destruction be rained  rom the skies on a far-off  \sian people, or announcing  the expenditure of billions of  dollars on yet another instru  menl of mass murder, the  Vancouver Province's editorial board never seems to lire  of turning oul servile flacker)  in praise of the decision.  Last week it was the restarting of the program to con  struct the neutron bomb. Wc  have to do it because Ihe Rus-  sians may be doing il. Yes, indeed, murmurs our Canadian  opinion simper. My, my, yes.  and Churchill's 'balance ol  terror' phrase is called up in  justification of the actions of  President Reagan.  ��� Is il hysterical cowardice lo  ask if the mass production of  this weapon, designed only lo  kill people and leave the  valuable buildings undesi roved, is not criminal insanity  against our own species living  and yet unborn. May we re  mind lhal Winston Churchill  was wrong at least as often as  lie was right, that his own peo-  Please turn to Page Three  ���jaw  =3t=  The Bear  3Bt=E3B,  CI    .  on the Delhi Road  Unreal   tall as a myth  hy the road the Himalayan bear  is heating Ihe brilliant air  with his crooked arms  About hint two men   bare  spindly as locusts   leap  One pulls on a ring  in the great soft nose   tils mate  flicks  flicks with a slick  up at Ihe rolling eyes  They have not led him here  down from the fabulous hills  to this bald alien plain  and lite clamorous world   to kill  but simply to teach him lo dance  They are peaceful both   these spare  men of Kashmir   and the bear  alive is their living   too  If far on Ihe Delhi way  around him galvanic they dance  il is merely lo wear   wear  from his shaggy body Ihe tranced  wish forever to stay  only an ambling bear  four-footed in berries  Il is no more joyous for them  In this hot dust to prance  out of reach of Ihe praying claws  sharpened lo paw for ants  in the shadows of deodars  It is not easy to free  myth from reality  or rear this fellow up  lo lurch   lurch wilh them  in the minced dancing of men  I'.arle llirney  3t=  idSb  Slings&ArrowsL^  [George MatthewsP**  Reprinted from IM77.  A couple of weeks ago me  anil "the kid" were selling  snares for Al and Rob; Wayne  ��as i iinniue Ihe lower and Hig  Red was chasing down in Ihe  landing. Alone about three  o'clock on a hoi dry afternoon  wc yvcrc maybe a turn or two  away front Ihe day's fourth  road when the foreman  phones up to the toyver to lell  Big Red thai Ihe Super is giv-  ing him a one-way ticket on  the lirsl bomber out of camp.  Il seems there was some  fellow down in camp who  didn'l see eye lo eye with Red  and so Red was sending instilling messages down to Ihe  beach ��� by painting unkind  remarks on each lop end bun  he loaded. Well, one thing led  in another as such things do  and ihe upshot of it all was  ihat Big Red got Ihe sack. Ihe  whole thing wasn't entirely  unexpected, especially after  Red had just finished spending  a little vacation in the slammer  loi lifting the Super's picH-up  and rolling it. Only the likes of  Rid. yunild have phoned up the  guy whose truck he stole as  soon as he was sprung and  asked him for a job and only  Ihe likes of Red would have  j".ii ihe job, considering the  circumstances.  The history of logging on  ihe coasl is filled wilh  characters like Big Red. These  characters eventually turn into  legends; the heroes and villains  of the mythology of ihe  woods, kept alive and made  bigger than life by bunkhouse  balladecrs and wags. If these  fellows live long enough and  stay oul of jail they can  become permanent deities ol  Olympian proportions, From  the gods of logging like Paul  Bunyan or "Panicky" Bell lo  the minor incipient heroes like  Big Red these woodsmen seem  lo have a number of things in  common. They are of loo  rough a cut lo work in a  civilized environ men I. They  are mostly free spirits, arrogant, disdainful of authority, disrespectful, iconoclastic,  bigger-than-life and above all  extremely hard workers.  The Big Reds of this world  belong in logging camps or in  mine shafts where things are  bigger, louder, dirtier, tougher  and meaner than in more urban locales. Fellows like him  enjoy wrecking mountainsides, standing below crashing  logs, jumping off high places  and generally being where  things are dangerous. They  generally, when motivated by  some special challenge, work  harder, faster and longer than  ordinary men. They don't  walk off if they can run and  tlon'l climb when they can  jump. Working with Big Red  means working fasua and  harder.and pulling u|*t with his  constant harangue of, "Today  you culls, Today!"  Don'! get the wrong impression - sure you have lo admire  his bigger-than-life living but  he's a special breed, an eccentric logger, a maverick, a kind  of misfit born one hundred  years too late for Ihe frontier,  a Billy the Kid in suspenders  and cork boots. You wouldn't  introduce him lo your mother,  let alone your sister. He has  lhal black and wide-eyed  charm that might endear him  to old women bul would  frighten young girls and would  make mosl other women nervous. He's the sort who would  be good friends and bad news  to his real or imagined  enemies.  logging, mining and maybe  fishing arc ihe last occupations  which tolerate even a hint of  maverickism. Other occupations frown on eccentrics to  the point of insisting on conformity. The possibility of a  maverick banker, a maverick  teacher or a maverick  bureaucrat is so outrageous as  to be beyond serious consideration.  Even in a logging camp someone like Big Red is an  anomaly. Most loggers pretty  well reflect the universal social  spectrum; you'll find intellectuals, serious students of any  number of esoteric subjects,  the shy, Ihe outgoing, the wise  and the haywire a'll working  together in Ihe common enterprise. Big Red, for all his  haywire stunts, is the sort that  people remember; they tell,  write or sing songs and stories  about them. It's not that you  like to be like Ihat youself, it's  more a vicarious thing; he actually does all of those things  ihat most people only secretly  speculate about.  Big Red will probably tap  out one of these years; get  caught in ihe bight or the  wrong bedroom, or maybe  just live himself lo death, who  knows. In ihe meantime, he  taught me a few things about  ihe human condition and I'm  grateful for that. There are  some other men, local boys  who some of you will know,  who were my teachers in first  yer logging and I'd like to  thank them, fellows like Jim  Scars, John Hindson, Wayne  Reader, Al Nickerson, Rob  llcrron, Don Robinson and  many others. :  We got closed down by Ihe  fire season last week, first tfine  I ever got "fire'd" from a Jpb.  I was actually a little disappointed when we had to quit,  despite the heat and the hard  going. As I got on the plane  out for the last time 1 thought  of what Big Red said when he  got the chop, "I was looking  for a job when I found this  one". I wish I'd have said  ihat. Good luck, Red and stay  out of the Bight.  Slings and Arrows resumes as  a regular up to date column  ne*<l*Vreek.  tm Coast News, August 18,1981  HE"*/! R��bT*Fafc.fW, "RKtfT?  ���^���RrOMC   CflPCOLL-e^-S-.  Tv-lE- 01.0 lAd**-} Took oP  HflCRflME.  v*  OJl^Mtv-  Letters to the Editor  A rocky road Mr. Lee  Kdilor's Note: This letter was  received by the Coast News  addressed to Charles Lee,  Area C Representative.  Dear Charles:  A short letter this time, Mr.  ;Lec,  lo  be expanded  upon  ifaier. Thursday's meeting of  "the S.C.R.D. was apparently  up to par. Our appearance was  an exercise in futility, but we  "did the correct thing. Now we  get down to brass tacks. Your  opinion of Ihe chairman Mr.  , Humer was correct. His performance was certainly as you  . described it. He will gel a  .chance to prove my letter was  /'full of untruths and  garbage". We went lo the  S.C.R.D. for help in fighting a  highway and received excrement and abuse from the  Chairman, a paternal lecture  from a school teacher, and a  sermon from the Mayor of  Gibsons. Our turn is coming!  . Mr. Lee, maybe we were a  little hard on you, but we want  no more secrecy in our area.  .After that meeling, 1 phoned a  neighbour of mine and he supplied me with two Highways  Depl. Engineers' letters and a  map showing finalization of  this highway through his property. He received these letters  .while he was working in  Ceylon. If the cenlreline of  this portion of our highway  was finalized in '74 il certainly  makes Tucker Forsythe a liar  in the context of his statement  thai there was no highway  planned. He could become as  famous as Geo. Washington  who said "Father I cannot tell  a lie". Our old Tuck could be  as famous for saying,  "Brother, I can tell a lie".  Mr. Lee, copies of these letters were sent to S.C.R.D. at  that time, so again I ask���why  the secrecy?  This centreline extends into  the A.L.R. so now 1 have  something to take lo the Land  Commission to force them lo  gel their ass in gear.  Mr. Lee - you cannot demand respect, il must be earned. We will listen lo you on  restructuring if you provide us  wilh facts and no more  rhetoric.  I admit Mr. Lee our A.L.R.  has been a source of embarrassment lo you, but it will be  even more so in the future  unless we get some action.  S.R. (Rocky) Mountain  Co-ordinator grateful  Editor:  In re-writing my thanks lo  those who helped make the  Sea Cavalcade a success, I left  out a paragraph. Please accept  my apologies, Blane���here is  what was missed.  "It was great having the  Dogfish Derby learn up with  Sea Cavalcade this year and  Super Valu's contribution of  $6,000 went a long, long way  toward the success of the Sea  Cavalcade as a whole, in addition to Ihe Dogfish Derby.  Blane Hagedorn, Manager  of Super Valu, assisted us in  various ways. One "very personal" assist was in carrying  lottery prizes to and from the  display in Sunnycrest Mall and  there were many others. I hear  too that Blane spent as many  sleepless pre-Cavalcade nights  as me. After his previous successes, he should sleep like a  baby. As Co-ordinator of  Dogfish Derby, Jon McRae  did, as one might expect, an  excellent job. Super Valu's  World Championship Dogfish  Derby is unique and, year-  after-year provides good,  competitive fun for all who  participate. It was good last  year, great this year." And we  look forward to nexl year.  Gwen Robertson  Cavalcade thanks  Editor:  The Gibsons' Volunteer Fire  Department would like, at this  time, to express ils thanks to  Bill Wong of W & L Enl���  Gerry Dixon of J's Unisex,  John Smith of the "Silver  Gale" and Gibsons' Building  Supplies for their help during  the Sea Cavalcade and Long  Distance Swim and War of  Hoses.  More Letters on  Blood  welcome  Editor:  Thank you, on behalf of the  six auxiliaries to St. Mary's  Hospital, Sechelt, for your cooperation in making the annual blood donor clinic a success. We depend on you to  assist us in making known our  needs and our activities to our  community, and thank you for  your encouragement.  Mrs. Charlotte Raines and  Mrs.   Billie   Steele,   who  organized the clinic, join us in  expressing our appreciation.  Yours truly,  Mrs. Joan B. Rigby,  Secretary  SCHOOL SUPPLIES  ARE COMING EC  Musings (cont'd.)  pie considered him dangerously warlike, and that the Second  World War was scarcely over  before he was urging confrontation with Russia in his  (amour 'iron curlin' speech al  Fulton, Missouri.  In the light of history, it is a  dereliction of duty for those  who would be opinion shapers  lo meekly acquiese in ihe decision to add still more dreadful  weapons lo the world's  stockpiles of destruction. Are  we to believe lhal Ihe decision  is being made not to Iced the  hungry bul lo kill them off? Is  ihis what Ihe Vancouver Pro-  vipec is acquiescing to whilst  hiding behind the words of a  dead warrior.  But ihe Russians are doing il  too, we are told, and so the  dreadful preparations for Armageddon go on and the  whole thing is so absurd, so  evil, so criminally dangerous.  What right have the rulers of  our countries and the editorial  writers of our newspapers lo  deplore the violence growing  in Ihe young, when they have  known no other world except  one wherein the preparations'  for and promise of violence  was the accepted means of  conducting affairs.  It may be that we have turned a terrible corner or arc  about to do so. Once round  Ihe corner there may be no  way back lo civilization.  Best we enjoy the August  days whilst wc can.  Windows  Ltt us give you our quote lor tht bett prlco and unlet  on tht Coast.  Intulattd  windows,  pallo  doori,  skylight  ft  soltr  ���ytttini, wood to aluminum convtralont ft ���tormi...  Qualified Installation crtwt available.  885-3538  Permaseal  NttMtrt.M*aMnlkiBti.  Bring your.Visitors  to a Country  Gift Store  NEW HOURS  Open 7 Days a Week  10 a.m. - 5 p.m.  886-8355  Gibsons Landing  KOKrT * *   8i*)jl  "^ Candies. Nul�� and oilier rreals. ^i  ? I  j   Bring your Visitors  |  * to a Country Candy *  Store  NEW HOURS  Open 7 days a week  10 a.m. - 5 p.m.  ��\ ���"���  886-7522  ') .Gibsons Landing  Replacement Cost  Coverage   versus   Actual  Cash Value  A hypothetical situation:  In 1976 you purchased a  Zenith 20" colour T.V. for  $600.00. Yesterday, upon  returning home, you  discover it has been stolen.  If you're insured under an  Actual Cash Value Form  your settlement would be as  follows: The replacement  cost of your T.V. is now  $1000.00. A depreciation  factor of say 40% is arrived at due lo age and condition of Ihe set. The settlement would therefore be the  new value of $1000.00, less  40% depreciation, equaling  $600.00. Although this is  fair, it still leaves you with  trying lo find a used T.V.  set for $600.00 or coming  up with $400.00 more to  buy a new one. If you are  on a Replacement Cost  Form, you would simply  buy the new one for a  $1000.00 and send your insurance company the invoice. A much better and  easier type of coverage to  have. If you do not have it  already, it might be worth  looking into.  Next Week: Optional Loss  Settlement Clause.  SUNSHINE (OAST INSl RANCH AGENCIES LTD.  Box .175, Cowrie Street  Credit Union Building  885-2291 Sechell. B.C. VON MO ADVI  SuperAfelu  SUNNYCREST CENTRE  Name  is our Promise  100��o Locally Owned & Operated  Quality Meats  In the Long Distance Swim  on Sunday the 2nd, there were  nine contestants with times  ranging from 32 minutes to 50  minutes. In 1st Place was Glen  lllingsworth at 32 minutes,  2nd Place was Rick Sutter at  34 minutes and in 3rd Place  Lolhar Hirschfelder.  Gibsons' Volunteer Fire Dept.  Page Thirteen  Prices Effective: Tues. Aug. 18 ��� Sat. Aug. 22  | REGULAR  ground beef, s1.18  FRESH ��� WHOLE  frying chickenu,,,,,,<���,,��.. ��98c  CANADA GRADE M BEEF  outside round &  rump roasts _��. >$2.28  NEW ZEALAND ��� Whole or Butt Portion  iamb legs >$2.19  WHOLE  pink salmon ��$2.29  Fresh Produce  Canada #1 ��� B.C. Bartlett  pears  BUI IIVII  . 39*,  New Zealand ��� Granny Smith  apples  .lb  49<  Oven Freah Bakery  5  Weston    Plain  Oven Fresh  english muffins  french bread  Oven-Fresh ��� 100% Whole Whea t  Oven-Fresh  muffins  1.49  -WVCII-IICOM f% 1 a****.  butter tarts    6s  1.69  Grocery Value  Minute Maid  Valu Plus - Standard Whole  tomatoes  70c orange juice  ���   ^^      I      From Concentrati  s1.09  From Concentrate    12.5 oz  Clover Leaf - Flaked  light tuna  184 gm  I Dole  pineapple juice   'I, It)  Kraft - Deluxe Processed  cheese slices      2.89  500 gm  Grantham's    Concentrated  fruit drinks  Duncan Hines ��� Deluxe II    ^   . ._  . ��1     n Q      Trend - All Purpose Grind   A.  cake mixes        1.09   co||ee ���b S2.77  powdered Giad  detergent    2kg   2.69   garbage bags20s   3.49 Coast News, August 18,1981  THE VIEW FROM LIMBO  rhere a nothing at all  princely aboul the Prince  Henry Hold. Il is a small,  shabby walk-up on upper  Granville Street, consisting of  thirty-odd rooms on the second floor of an old brick  building, I lie narrow en-  nance, crowned by a small, in-  operative neon sign, is jammed between .1 pawn-shop and a  scruff) cigai store thai fronts  ,i thriving bookie-Joint, The  Prince Henry is virtually Indistinguishable from do/ens ol  t-iihci low-rem establishments  thai doi Vancouver's  downtown area. Ihe accommodation in these places can  range from quite decent lo  decidedly horrific. The Prince  lleiuv ranks somewhere near  ihe middle in this  egard down al the heels as  .111 old pair of shoes but  reasonably clean. In the  kitlom-scraping days of early  l%.1, ii has become my sole  claim 10 a home.  I'ibli has come to shove in  ihe climate of my reality.  Whai began, ihree years  earlier, as a naive, Kerouac-  inspired urge lo experience the  raw mulls of Ihe sireel has  -kidded out of control. Objec-  1 iv ii> lias withered on the vine.  Ihe writing has stuttered into  gibberish. I have become a cer-  lificd tenderloin denizen, living and breathing perpetual  har-sniokc with the rest of  ihein.  And, like the rest of them, I  loslei various threadbare fan-  lasies to excuse my sorry  plight. In the throes of this ill-  I'avoured time, I imagine  uyself a ragged anti-hero,  bum-shuffled by cir-  cumslanecs  beyond  my con-  Pages  from a Life-Log  Peter Trower  irol. It is a vain and footless illusion bul it serves to sustain  me through a web of pointless,  unproductive days.  They all, 10 some degree, rely on similar artifices 10 survive. These usually consist of  casting the blame elsewhere. Il  falls   on   the   shoulders   of  recalcitrant wives; husbands;  lovers; business partners;  parents; teachers; preachers  and Clod. We are all victims  bucking inclement tides, each  nursing a small, unlikely candle of hope. Io face ihe inter,  dead-end Irulh of il all or  assume final responsibility  would be quite oul of the question.  Jessie lenbrailh is a case in  point. She manages the Prince  Henry Hotel for a pudgy slum-  landlord called Poller who  materializes once a month to  colled the rent money. Jessie  is a thin, edgy woman in her  early sixlies with lading good-  looks and an air of lost gentility thai clings 10 her face and  voice like clouds to a mountain. Jessie is all business when  she's sober bul she likes a  drink as well as ihe resl of us  and, in her cups, she  sometimes relates her story.  "I had a husband and three  kids once if you can believe it.  Big house up in Kerrisdale. My  old man came from a good  family and he had a lew  bucks. Hell, we even had a  maid. Bul he worked for his  father's company and he was  out of town a lol. 1 got bored  and staried seeing other men.  Ended up, I fell in love with a  Through  One I  Lonely? Not me!  In Bub Hunter  A while ago I read an article  tilled: Is writing really the  world's loneliest profession?  Thai kind of jarred me.  lice, the loneliness part is the  best pari of all. 1 jusl wish  ihere was more of it.  fhe article said: "There is a  lime-worn image of the vvriiei  .is a lonely person in a lonely  occupation, a solitary figure  condemned 10 live on ihe edge  nf life."  Golly, show me 10 ihe edgt  of life and I'll be delighted to  live Ihere. For one thing, the  view is belter. For  another���well, have you  checked oul Ihe main arena  lately?  Show me where the action is  and I'll go in the opposite  direction, thank you. I mean,  who wants to be In  Afghanistan in interesting  times?  Ii might very well be true  lhal writing is a lonely  business���ah yes, here in the  Gibsons Legion Branch "109  k  , Presents  "SUNRISE"  Fri. & Sat.  August 21st & 22nd      k  Members & Guests Only  no-good charmer called  Charlie Corclli. I left Don and  moved in with him. Abandoned my kids and everything.  Turned oul Charlie was into  the rackets pretty deep. Drugs.  Women. Things I didn'l even  know about. I was so dumb, I  actually thought he was j list a  lucky gambler. Anyhow, he  fell like a ton of bricks, one  day,  I ended up with my picture  in the papers In the middle of a  bad scandal. My ex-family  backed off so far. they just  aboul fell off ihe world. Suddenly, I was aboul as all-alone  as you can get, So I kepi alive.  What else can you do, Charlie  Corclli skipped bail. He's probably siill travelling, A lot he  cared aboul me, the no-good  bastard!"  And Jessie, having had her  say, lakes a well-earned drink.  Bul il would be totally unfair to dismiss her so easily for  Jessie is more than this. Under  Ihe lough-lady attitude is a  good deal of compassion and  even romance. Hell, Jessie's  got feelings jusl like the resl of  us. And she has a son of ritual  where she dons her happiest  glad-rags, painls over the furrows in her face and descends  in a ralhei regal way io ihe  familiar precincts of the nearby Royal Hold. (This scurvy  block is partial to high-falutln'  names.)  Down to the bar goes Jessie  humming tin old time song  lo her favourite corner table  the final place she belongs  Past my room in the creeping  dark  I hear her footsteps go  out of this mournful hive  above  to tipsy heaven below.  Jessie hears herself lo the pub  like your best delinquent aunt  building the most she can  muster  from Ihe ghosts of things she  can't  Maybe she'll die in the poor-  ward  maybe she'll die in ihe street  bin the vision lives in the heer  glass  and Ihe taste of il is sweel.  Ii is her last living-room  her refuge of lost content  the waiter's Iter gentleman  friend  he laughs her a compliment  The patrons are all her guests  drinking her special toast  they are her golden companions  their faces nod through Ihe  mist.  So that is more or less  Jessie, mother-hen of the  Prince Henry. We are either  sons or sons-of-bilehes to her,  depending on her mood. If  you screw up on the rent, you  arc apt to face fury unless you  have a damn good excuse. But  she can be damn kind on occasion loo. A couple of limes,  she actually invites me io supper. Pork chops baked in  mushroom soup on both occasions. She serves them with a  rusty Hair. "You goila eai  once in awhile" she says, with  bleary concern. "Too much  beer and wine on an empty  stomach it's liable to kill  you." lo he continued  shadows of history. But I bet  most writers would like lo  make il more lonely, nol less  so.  Now I don't consider myself  a recluse or anything like thai  just because nol one but two  Beware of Dug signs grace the  from lawn, I never did put my  name up on the mailbox, and  ihe automatic answering  system guards the phone implacably.  And jusl because 1 trim my  beard differently every few  months, sometimes shaving il  right off, and alter my hair  style and wear dark sunglasses  in order lo remain incognito at  all limes, doesn't mean I  necessarily have an aversion to  human beings per se.  Its just that I haven't actually figured people oul yet. They  strike me as improbable  creatures at best, downright  biological disaster-areas otherwise. All I know for sure is  that they are incredibly unpredictable, And il goes  vviihoui saying lhal they can  be dangerous beyond belief.  I'm not talking aboul being  afraid of people, you understand. Although I do get vaguely alarmed when one shows up.  on ihe horizon. I'm jusl saying  there are perfectly rational  reasons for avoiding excessive  contact with homo sapiens.  Quite apart from the fact that  ,lhey carry germs.  The irulh is, even in this  relatively uncluttered corner  of the planet, there are loo  many people. Thai's the main  problem, isn't ii?  Lonely? Boy, I should be so  lucky as lo have a chance lo  gel lonely. I mean, everywhere  you   I urn...people,   people,  people. Me, I'm an isolation  junkie. Born one quantum  leap of Ihe world's population  loo late.  Sometimes I think I only  write as an excuse lo be alone.  I'll bet a lot of other writers  are like ihat too. And other  people at lonely professions,  iike tax consultants and.  janitors and long-distrance  truckers.  The folks I feel sorry for are  the ones who are in the thick  of Ihe crowd, like the guys on  the floor at the stock exchange.  How the politicians and  royalty and superstars can put  up with ihe media and the fans  pressing in on them all the  time, I do not comprehend.  But there's a paradox here.  On the other hand, not loo  many people can handle  perfecl isolation, either. The  idea of solitary confinement is  exquisitely cruel. And while I  love my privacy, it turns oul  that after about a week completely on my own, I begin lo  go squirrely, and always come  roaring back into civilization  for a bil of people contact.  Let me spit out a Great  Truth here: loo many people  will drive you crazy, bui too  much isolation will make you  insane.  I like being alone, bul of  course only up lo a point.  Unless you're a monk, there's  got lo be a limit to how much  meditation you can handle.  Thai magazine article that  started me on the topic of  loneliness contained a nice  quote: "Loneliness is the pain  of being alone, and solitude is  the glory of being alone".  Exactly.  m  it*  i  a.iC'::r. yj    _        8 pm - midnight  Open 10 am ��� midnight w  &smi��  %&  S^James Foster  Wed., Thurs., Fri., Sat.  Aug. 19th - 22nd  '���Jifc'-*    ������ I    \'% l KHch��n Open:  I,/.���A.'.fcj^JL'V''*���'''      Mon. .Thurs.. 10 am - 3 pm  ���' 'jJtBF' ' i        Frl"& Sai������10 am ���,0 pm  Soonm n lata Suatlali/ ana to lit tukm'  886-8171 Cedar Fiaza, Gibsons  Roger Moore plays Agent 007 In the newest James Bond film  "For Your Kyes Only" running at Ihe Twilight Theatre from  Wednesday, August 19 In Tuesday, August 25.  At the Twilight  The newest in the James  Bond series, For Your Kyes  Only will play for one week ai  Ihe Twilight Theatre from  Wednesday, August 19 to  Tuesday, August 25.  Agent 007 is played by  Roger Moore for ihe fifth  lime, who has become as  familiar in the Bond role as his  predecessor Sean Connery.  For Your F;>cs Only contains the standard Bond formula, b r i 11 i a n I visuals,  gorgeous ladies, wicked  villains, fantastic technology  and hair raising chases.  Helicopters, submarines and  fabulous automobiles are  featured again in this film.  This is the eleventh in ihe  Bond series and producer  Albert Broccoli relies on Ihe  winning formula bul keeps ihe  characters fresh with a more  intelligent approach to  characters. Bond fans will enjoy in this latest edition both  the tried and true formula as  well as the subtle changes in  approach lo llieir hero.  For Your Eyes Only has a  mature rating with Ihe warning: some violence and suggestive language.  The following week, commencing Wednesday, August  26, the Twilight will present  The Dragon Slayers.  Llue Entertainment  Pender Harbour to Sechell  Lord Jim's Lodge Reg Dickson Sal, only  Hie Wakefield Live Lnlcrlainineni Thurs. Fri. Sal.  The Parthenon Helen Sinclair Fri & Sal  Jolly Roger Martin Gallo Fri. & Sal.  Roberts (reek to Gibsons  The Penn "The Vice Rays" I ri.& Sat.  Roberls Creek Legion... Hahle and Ihe Cosy Corner Cow Girls  Fri. only  Goorge Malthews Pholo  Novice artisl Gillian Johns received si prize fur her painting,  above, from Joan llucstis-Fosler, who gave an outdoor painting  workshop lasl week us purl of the second annual Arts I cslival in  Sechelt. A treasure jar h> local puller Philinda l.udwig was  Gillian's prize lor developing her brush sirlike and eoinposilion.  Elm Smith anil litest 1 autchkc also received prizes for enthusiasm, niini-iiiiiiilcil effort, originality and eoinposilion.  Ltwilig-htJ  1^ theatre ���'j  J^^/J Phone 886-2827 for Show Times ���^ttm\W  by Rae F.llingham  Week commencing August 17  General Notes:  Easy-going Venus enters  diplomatic Libra for four  weeks indicating a favourable  time to compromise and reach  agreeable partnership or  business decisions. Communications-planet Mercury moves  rapidly through Virgo resl of  ihe monlh suggesting an ideal  period to finish projects requiring attention to detail,  lion to detail.  Mars squares ruthless Pluto  mid-week filling newspapers  wilh more-than-the-usual  violence-related stories. Persons born around Jan. 12,  April 12, July 14 or Oct. 15  should protect their personal  safely at ihis lime.  AKIKS (March 21 - April 19)  Venus helps resolve any  long-standing business or partnership problems rest of the  summer. Loved one, closer  associates will be eager to  compromise and reach fairer  decisions. Employment or  health matters require more  attention to detail next few  weeks. Co-workers begin to  scrutinize job-scene schedules.  Mars warns against mid-week  fire, explosion or upsel where  vou live.  TAURUS (April 20 - May 20)  Atmosphere where you  work improves next four  weeks. Those sharing your  daily assignments become  pleasanter. Jobsite is scene of  passing flirtation or romance.  Social life or love affair  demands more messages,  phone calls and short  journeys. Admirer may question prolonged outing. Mars  urges drive carefully around  your neighbourhood.  (il MINI (May 21 - June 21)  Social activities, children's  interests, creative pursuits bring increased happiness next  few weeks. This is the time to  put aside nagging worries or  responsibilities. Single or  adventurous Geminis have  several chances to enjoy summer romance or companionship. Artists, poets, writers  should complete and present  their efforts right away.  Domestic or real estate matter  becomes bogged down with  details. Mars says avoid midweek argument over money.  CANCER (June 22 - July 22)  Mars in your sign squaring  Pluto finds you resentful and  seeking revenge over recent  domestic upset. Advice is try  to maintain calm mood all  week. Realize household atmosphere is due to improve  month's end. Personal agenda  will soon include forgotten  correspondence and paperwork. Cancer persons born  July 14 should avoid confrontations.  LEO (July 23 - Aug. 22)  Short-distance communications are sources of contentment rest of the summer.  You'll be glad you visited  relative or neighbour unannounced. Chance of romance  will be wailing on bus, train,  plane or oilier end of the  phone. Newspaper ad produces more lhan expecied.  Nexi iwo weeks is best time to  sill through your financial  papers. Mars warns stay away  from secluded or fenced-off  areas Thursday.  VIRGO (Aug. 23 - Sept. 22)  Mercury in your sign for  two weeks puts to work your  finest analytical skills. Ignore  Ihose  who complain  you're  ROGER MOORE. JAMES BOND 007T  FOR YOUR EYES ONLY  Wed. ��� Thurs. ��� Fri. ��� Sat. ��� Sun. ��� Mon. ��� Tues.   August 19 ��� 20 ��� 21 ��� 22 ��� 23 ��� 24 ��� 25  flWim) Warning: Some violence and suggestive dialogue  Starting Wed. 26 DRAGON SLAYERS  merely restless, fussy and  fault-finding. Your insistence  on neatness and accuracy will  be appeciated later. Meanwhile desire for expensive luxury items increases end of the  month. Mars says avoid argument with local official or acquaintance over financial  obligations.  LIBRA (Sept. 23 - Oct. 23)  Sociable Venus, your ruling  planet, enters Libra promising  increased charm and popularity. Others find you more pleasant and attractive, It's the  right lime to improve your appearance with new clothes or  hair-style. Meanwhile Pluto in  your sign, squared by Mars,  warns refuse to fight wilh  bullying boss or administrator. Expect lo visit,  write or hear from confined  person within the next two  weeks.  SCORPIO (Oil. 24-Nov, 22)  Happiness will be linked to  quieter, more private activities  rest of ihe summer. Resist urge  lo become involved with other  people's confidential matters.  Secret association or love affair could siarl now. Community project or group venture may demand extra  journeys, paperwork or phone  calls nexl iwo weeks. Mars  says avoid discussions concerning religion, philosophy,  politics or economics. Stay  clear of argumentative  foreigners.  SAGITTARIUS   (Nov.   23  -Dec. 21)  Group gatherings introduce  new friends and acquaintances  remainder of the summer.  Contentmenl is found sharing  ideas with like-minded enthusiasts. Relationship wilh  casual companion becomes  more loving. Career interests  will require extra visits, longer  discussions next two weeks.  Local official will give OK to  long-range venture. Mars  finds financial advisor in foul  mood Friday.  CAPRICORN (Dec. 22 - Jan.  19)  Next four weeks is the best  lime lo promote your career,.  ambitions or rate of personal  advancement. You'll impress  superiors with your charm,  confidence and capabilities.  Much-envied position  becomes yours. Expect surprise long-distance phone-calls  or visitors resl of this month.  Partner or loved one displays  vicious mood Thursday.  Capricorns bo.n Jan. 12 are  picked on unnecessarily.  AQUARI-US (Jan. 20 - Feb.  18)  Activities involving well-  travelled expert or far-away  place produce much happiness  rest of the summer. It's a  favourable time to begin  lengthy journey or arrange upcoming educational courses.  You'll be strongly attracted to  lecturer, lawyer or pers*on  wiser than yourself. Partner's  financial records face close examination next two weeks.  Employment scene becomes  explosive mid-week.  PISCES (Keb. 19 - Mar. 20)  Negotiations over taxes,  loans, insurance or shared expenses are settled in your  favour nexl few weeks. Banker  or money lender will sympathize with your needs. Partner or mate can expect unusual  gill or small cash prize. Increased trips or phone calls*  will be linked lo soon-to-bc-  signed contract or agreement.  Partner's jealousy quickly  ends mid-week outing.  Helen's  Fashion Shoppe  Lower Gibsons  iMMMMMMII Coast News, August 18,1981  in recent exams  Coast dancers achievements noted  Gibsons dance students did  well in recent acrobatic and  tap exams held at the Twilight  Theatre in Gibsons in June..  The 28 students received the  results of their exams from  acrobatic dance teacher Marie  Oracle of Coquitlam last  week. Janine Kandborg, who  laughi senior lap students was  not able to attend Ihe  ceremony.  Silver Tap medal: Brigiile  Maneddu, 9\Vn Sue Francis,  86%.  Grade 3 Acrobatic: Colleen  Partridge, 98%; Karen  Boolhroyd, 98%; Rachel  Poirier, 95%; Mara Parnell,  95%; Jay Parnell, 91%; Claire  Bujan, 91%; Arlene  Mulcaster, 91%.  Grade 2 Acrobatic: Teri  Bossul, 94%; Laura Makieff,  94%; Michelyn Stevens, 96%;  Regan Stevens, 94%; Jodi  Eldred, 91%; Leah Venechuk,  90%; Jill Venechuk, 89%;  Meagan Sheridan, 86%;  Danielle Gray, 88%.  Grade 1 Acrobatic: Teri  Bossul, 94%; Laura Makeiff,  92%; Jodi Eldred, 93%; Corey Carniveau, 92%; Meagan  Sheridan, 92%; Farley  Graham, 91%; Danielle Gray,  86%; Margot Brennan, 86%. ter, 94%; Michelyn Stevens, Clymont,    83%;    Regan  Tap  Grade   2:   Kimberley 90%; Kimberley Bohn, 85%; Stevens, 85%; Jill Venechuk,  Bohn, 86%. Patsi McClackin, 85%; Kim 83%; Leah Venechuk, 80%;  Tap Grade 1: Jennifer Bax- Pearsell, 84%; Jennifer Mc- Danielle Gray, pass.  Exam results were happily given oul lo successful acrobatic and lap dancers last week by acrobatic  dance leaeher Marie Oracle, left, from Coquitlam. Standing from left wilh Iheir certificates are  Gibsons dancers Brigitle Marteddu, Mara Parnell, Karen Boolhroyd, Colleen Partridge, Rachel  Poirier, Teri Bossul and Jennifer Baxter. ��� "��"��� p��">" Ph��'��  Arts Centre shows  Indian baskets  The Coast Salish Indian  Bands are noted internationally for their mastery in the art  of basketry. Basket weaving  has been a tradition right here  on Ihe Sunshine Coast with the  work of the Sechelt Indian  Band.  Tuesday August 18 sees the  opening day of an exhibition  of baskets from the Sechelt Indian Band at the Sunshine  Coast Arts Centre which continues to September 5.  This exhibition will offer the  people of the Sunshine Coast  the largest, most comprehensive display of locally made  so well lhal you can thoroughly relax and enjoy yourself. Such  was the ease with "The Bear" produced by Suncoast Players.  ��� Bradley J Benson Photo  Gibsons Library  ADULT FICTION  The Clan of the  Cave Bear  by Jean M. Auel  The Spike  by Armand de Borchgrave  & Robert Moss  The Scorpion Sanction  by Gordon Pape  & Tony Aspler  The Traitors  by Wm. Stuart Long  The Sound of Thunder  by Taylor Caldwell  Fire Slarler  by Stephen King  the Book of Ehone/er  l,e Page  by G.B. Edwards  ADULT NON FICTION  Great Bear  by Frederick B. Wall  The Practical Handyman's  Encyclopedia  by Larry Eisinger ,  Paper Juggernaut  by Walter Stewart  Viaminek  < by Jean Selz  Rembrandt  F       by Trewin Coppleslone  I  Drawings of Rembrandt  by Seymour Slive  Lale Modern  by Edward Lucie-Smith  Sculpture in our Times  by Joseph H. Hirschhorn  100 Years of Music  by Gerald Abraham  Classic Aulralian Short  Stories  by Judah Water  & Stephen Murray-Smith  * ~~* fl  Gibsom Public  library  Tuesday 2 - I pm  Wednesday 2 - 4 pm  Thursday 2-4 & 7-9 pm  Saturday 2 - 4 pm  B86-2130  CANNING  FREEZING &  DRYING  includes Pickling and  and Smoking  A Sunset Book  Still a Good Selection of  Books up to  50% Off  WTCHEN  CARNIVAL  A Gallery ol Kitchen  Gadgets and Accessories  Squirtless  Grapefruit  Knife  Twin Blades separate  membranes in one easy  motion.  Dishwasher Safe  $9.98  885-3611  Cowrie Street, Sechelt  baskets to be seen here or  anywhere. Pieces have been  borrowed from a number of  collections resulting in more  than 70 baskets on view from  recent work to examples 100  years of age.  As a special treat, Mary  Jackson, who at present is the  only one on the Reserve still  actively making baskets, will  be giving two demonstrations  at the Arts Centre on Saturday  August 29 and Saturday  September 5 from 1:30 - 3:30  pm. All are welcome to come  and see an artist at work who  has skill and knowledge that  takes years to acquire.   basket weaving  August 18th lo September 5th.  Can  FBDB help  you?  Financial assistance  Management counselling  Management training  Information on government  programs for business  On Wednesday, August 26th,  one of our reapreaentativei  will be at the offices ol  McKibbin & Beecham, C.A.'s  Tel: 885-2254  If you require financing to start, modernize or  expand your business and are unable to  obtain il elsewhere on reasonable terms and  conditions or if you are interested in the  FBDB management services of counselling  and training or wish information on  government programs available for your  business, talk to our representative.  r  145 West 15th Street  North Vancouver, B.C. 980-6571  Opemrg new doors to small business.  Book Look  by Morrie Redman  Power! How To Get It, How To Use It by Michael Korda,  Ballantine Books.  This book is the perfect purchase for the Millionaire's Gub  aspiree. For the rising executive, it is touted as the way to "get  you a bigger raise, a better job and total control of yourself and  everyone around you". I hope author Michael Korda was joking, because it is one of the funniest books I have read in some  time.  It appears that executive bosses never sweat, wear watches,  muck up their desks, blink, or use the washroom. They never  sport gauche cars, suits, briefcases or dictaphones. They always  stand, not sit; wear Gucchis, not Florsheims and have elegant,  not extroverted manners. When in their corner offices in the  highest possible location in the building, they sit squarely with  both feet on the floor. They gaze steadily at the person squinting  to see them as they situate themselves in front of the window,  Those visiting them sit in higher seats so that they must appear  to bow slightly when addressing them.  In getting ahead on the job, an aspiring young executive must  ensure good salaries for the ever-increasing number of flunkies  beneath him or her. In this way, he has a lessening amount of  real work to do, and his salary naturally rises proportionately to  theirs. The clever executive creates disasters so that only he  knows how best to solve them. He listens with an impartial air to  gossip, but takes care to remember it if needed for future  manoeuvres. He does not forget to wear Gucchi loafers, ride up  front in the limousine, have dozens of phones all over his office  and nothing but first class air tickets. He works hard at his affectations, according to author Korda. ���  A glance through some of the glossier business magazines  seems to prove the book's recommendations. There are the tone  en tone photographs of members of the establishment. Pictures  of these demi-gods of the dollar world in their three-piece  Brooks Brothers suits, nostrils aflair behind massive, perfectly  appointed oak desks inspire confidence in the masses. Could it  be, however, that beneath the grey flannel there beats a human  heart? Says one high ranking exec after turning down a fabulous  position for a lesser one: "I couldn't help it...there was  something about the idea of a full-sized elevator all to yourself  with just one button in it that only goes to my office that I  couldn't resist. It was like being offered the chance to play  .God".  The Deep Sea Adventures  of Juniper Jones  and Huckleberry Hannah  RDP  Bookstore  GitMoiM Landing        886-7744  X  PEOPLE COME FIRST AT  PRICES EFFECTIVE: WED. AU8.19 - SAT. AUG. 22  ICR  I.Q.A.  | CORN Craam Style -14 oz or Karnal -12 oz   49  I SALAD DRESSING boom 99c  CHEESE SLICES a*'1.39  MARGARINE in, 53��  SOFT MARGARINE nb69(  Set Haul  CRAB MEAT u2gm$1.89  Carnation  SMOKED OYSTERS 3.5.Z 99e  King Oscar In Olive Oil or Tomato Saucs  SARDINES 3s.zM.09  Cinidi - White  VINEGAR 4,it-���$2.29  COCA COLA or  GINGER ALE tm.,1.99  Canada Diy Plus Deposit  Kleenex  FACIAL TISSUES 200. 79*  Sunlight  LAUNDRY DETERGENT 12kg $2.19  Olid  GARBAGE BAGS 20. $2.99  Qlad  KITCHEN CATCHERS    �����. M.49  Kleenex - Luncheon, Boutique  NAPKINS 78. 99p  Delsey  BATHROOM TISSUE      4. s1.49  Canada Brad. A Tabtorttt Beel  BOTTOM ROUND ROAST.... '2.59  Outside, Boneless  TOP ROUND ROAST        .b$2.89  Inside, Boneless  Gov't. 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I  Za\\\\\\\\a\\\\m\  Fraear Vato  FISH N CHIPS 20., $1.7  Bup.ft  FISHCAKES 12.199c|  Rupert ��� Flip n' Fry  sole to��$3.29  Come to JWeiAg - JK ctW  ���HflCfV HOLIDAVr  PENDER HARBOUR CENTRE  Madeira f*ark.��83-9100  We reserve the right  to limit quantities  Wmrnmm  m Coast News, August 18,1981  Halfmoon Bay Happenings  High tea elegant affair  b> Ruth Forrester 885-2418  An decant affair:  The Sunshine Coast Arts  Council certainly warrants  heany congratulations for the  verj enjoyable Sunday afternoon high tea and Celtic music  presentation, There was a  delightful air of relaxed  elegance and it was such a  pleasure to have tea poured  and goodies passed around by  ihree        well known  "characters" of the area,  resplendent in bow ties and  dinner suits. Ken Dalgleish,  Gary Kent and Denis Fitzgerald were charming and attentive "waiters" for the occasion, while the delicious food  had been provided by Judy  Gates and Joan Marshall. The  mouth-watering eclairs were  ihe creation of Christobel  Watson. Many members of  ihe Council lent helping hands  and ihese are too numerous to  mention. The musical group  known as "Under the Moss"  rendered many familiar and  nol so familiar melodies from  Scotland, Ireland and Wales.  To add to the variety there was  a little bit of Bach thrown in  for good measure. In all, it  was a most delightful and successful occasion.  An equally enjoyable evening's entertainment this week  was at the elementary school  where the plays "The Lunch  Hour" and "The Bear" were  presented. These have already  received much praise, and it is  certainly well deserved. How  very lucky we are to have so  many people willing to share  their talents with us for our  pleasure. It took the cooperation and skills of many  lo pui together such a professional show, and yet there is  absolutely no financial gain in  ihese endeavours for the individuals involved. They obviously do it all for the sheer  joy of it, and to share it with  their audience. There certainly  is a need for some kind of  theatre building in which to  house ihe shows of all descrip-  tions that take place  throughout this peninsula.  Maybe some day!  Anyone for cubs?  Parents of small boys and  prospective leaders or helpers  are invited to attend a meeting  at the Welcome Beach Community Hall on Tuesday,  August 25th at 8 p.m. This is  to find out if there is sufficient  interest in the area lo start up a  Cub group or Beaver group.  District Commissioner, David  Hartman, will be in attendance to answer your questions and to help get things going. There are probably many  residents who have had experience with such groups and  who would be willing lo lend a  hand. Il would be good to sec  a good lurnom of inicrested  parents and prospective  volunteers. It would help to  have some activity for the  young lads righi In their own  area.  RDP  Bookstore  For Young Readersl  ��� Leo the Lop  (Tall Three)  ��� Wheedle on  the Needle  ��� Adventures on  the Sunshine Coast  -M. Campone  ��� Son of the  Salmon People  ��� Hub��rl Fvans  ��� Harriet said...  ��� Raiders of the  Lost Ark  Open 'til 9 Friday  Open 'til 5 Sunday     ajm  ^Gibsons Landing JKJ  886-7744 _^A  Reunion of old friends:  Ron Mack of Redrooffs  Road has been entertaining  some delightful friends from  England for this past week.  Kay and Harry Lambert, who  hail from Crystal Palace area  in London, are renewing their  friendship which started well  over twenty years ago when  Ron and Harry were working  together in Japan. Have a happy trip home, Kay and Harry,  it was a delight to get to know  you and we wish that your stay  had been a longer one.  There was another great get-  together of old friends at the  George and Mary Murray  residence last week when three  of George's former  schoolmales of the Sir John  Stirling Maxwell School in  Glasgow visited the Murrays.  They had not been together  since they were about seventeen years of age, and tongues  were;wagging into the wee  small hours of the morning.  These friends had brought  some old photographs of  school days and days in the  "Boys Brigade", and George  produced his collection too. It  must have been great to  remember days spent with  friends of one's youth. I   Community Forum  The Variety Show:  This gets more exciting as  time moves along. Producer  Nicki Weber is promising even  more local talent at the next  presentation, which will be  towards the end of September.  Already the whole programme  is pretty well established and  regular rehearsals are under  way. Be sure to take this one  in.  Welcome Beach Tea:  A reminder to members of  Ihe Welcome Beach Community Association that you  are invited to tea at the Hall on  Wednesday, August 19th,  from two until four. See you  there!  All of us would like to express our heartfelt sympathy  to Jack and Dorothy Temple  of Redrooffs at the sudden  and tragic death of their  daughter, Leigh Stewart, who  was recently killed instantly in  a car accident at Cache Creek.  She is survived by her husband, Eddie, of Chetwynd,  two married daughters and  two sons, Brian and Bobbie.  The two boys were vacationing  with their grandparents at  Redroofs when the sad news  was received.  CLASSIC BUILDERS  Hire Professional Carpenters &.  Masons to Save Time and Money  ��� CUSTOM HOMES  ��� Additions  ��� Foundations  ��� Renovations  Inquire about our  franchisee!  CUSTOM LOG HOMES  886-9202  A touch of leisurely class, High Tea al Ihe Arts Centre Sunday, Vugiisl 9th, featured the lilting  Celtic music of Under the Moss, a foursome from Vancouver. Musicians from left, Pal Smith,  Catherine Tana, Victor Smith and Paul (iillit/. entertained a capacity crowd wilh lea and lasy lid-  hits, prepared by Judy Gales and Joan Marshall.  Support shown battered women  Indicating the local support  for developing a facility to  shelter battered women on the  Coast, 30 to 40 people mel at  the Sechell Village Hall last  Monday. Local RCMP also  sent word of their support for  the project.  The Ministry of Human  Resources has recently awarded the area $5,000 to set up a  facility and an additional  $5,000 for start-up cost, as  the area was deemed in need of  such.  A slide presentation was  shown on the subject of battered women outlining their  plight and the social and legal  services available for the  women and their families in  distress.  Channel Ten highlights  CHANNEL TEN GIBSONS  Tuesday Aug. 18  CHANNEL TEN SECHELT  Thursday Aug. 20  7:00 p.m. "Bicycle Safely"  Kenna Marshall produced and hosted this program on the RCMP summer projects for the safety of children on their  bikes. This program was  taped on location at the  Gibsons detachment of  the RCMP. Special Constable Herb Ono explains  the bike rodeos held this  summer in Gibsons and  Sechelt. Herb also gives  pointers on bike safety.  7:30 "Pressure Point"  Louise Hume introduces  this week's show produced for Vancouver Cable  10 by Rod Booth and the  Interchurch Agency.  8:00 "1981 Crafts Fair"  The Sunshine Coast Arts  Centre held a Crafts Fair  on Saturday August 8th.  Coast 10 TV was there  and our host July Wilson  talked with some of the  people. This half hour  show features only some  of the highlights of that  very successful fair.  8:30 p.m.  "Sunshine Coast  Golf Special"  Coast 10 TV coverage of  the B.C. National Handicap Association Tournament features the  awards ceremonies as  well as interviews with  some of the organizers of  this first time event for  the Sunshine Coast.  Mary Horn talks with  Connie Smith, president  or the BCCLGA;  Margaret Todd, Rules  and Handicap Chairman  and Wilma Sims, Vice  Captain and organizer of  this tournament for the  Coast. Taped on location at the Sunshine  Coast Golf Club, this  program was produced  for Coast 10 TV by Jean  Slock.  Note: The first of  September, Coast 10  would like to show summer re-runs. If you have  a request to see one of  our summer shows,  please phone us at  886-8565. We are in the  process of producing a  TV show on the recent  issue of political restructuring of the Coast. If  you wish to comment on  this topic, please phone  us at 886-8565 and we  will set up a time to video  tape or audio tape your  views.  The volunteer co-ordinator  for the Emily Murphy Transition House in North Vancouver, Wendy Mickclson,  answered questions from the  people present on the running  of the house and the services  made available to battered  women, as an example of what  could be started on the Coast.  Emily Murphy House is an  emergency shelter for women,  the first priority of which is to  serve battered women and  their children (Sunshine Coast  women and children are given  priority at Emily Murphy  House). The location of the  house is in central North Vancouver. The address is strictly  confidential for the clients'  protection.  The two-level bungalow  provides sleeping, eating, and  recreational facilities for up to  10 women and their children.  The services given to the  clients include a safe 'refuge',  counselling, emotional support, referrals to community  agencies and assistance in finding permanent accommodations.  Mickelson said that  volunteer help was the basis of  the operation for the transition house. Thirty-five  volunteers enhance the functioning capability of the  house. They assist in the areas  of child care, food purchasing  and preparation and house  maintenance.  Swanson's  Swanson's Concrete  Products Ltd.  Manufacture & Sale of  Septic Tanks  wan CiibMRD  curds. Pier Blocks, etc.  Box 172  Sechelt, B.C.   VON 3A0     885*5333  NOTICE TO:  Holders of Judgments and Orders for Alimony,  Maintenance (including maintenance provisions in an affiliation order),  Support, or Periodic Payments, which were registered  in a Land Title Office before October 31,1979.  Holders of judgments and orders  of the types mentioned above are  advised that the registration of such  ���udgments and orders will expire at the  last moment of October 30.1981, unless  before then you have renewed the  registration specifying real property  of the debtor against which you wish the  registration to take effect  The reason you are being given this  notice is because of changes which  have been made in the law. Up to now  the holder of a judgment such as yours  did not. when registering a judgment,  have to mention a specific property of  the debtor against which the judgment  was to take effect Difficulties which  arose over this procedure have necessi  tated a change in the law to the effect  that henceforth a person registering or  renewing the registration of a judgment must mention a specific property  For information as to the procedures  for renewing the registration of your  judgment it is suggested you contact  the Registrar of Title with whom the  ludgment is currently registered  If for  any reason you cannot contact the  Registrar of Title it is suggested that you  contact the Director of Land Titles,  201 - 1250 Quadra Street, Victoria, B C  V8W 2K7  Telephone: 387-3055  There will be no charge for the  renewal of registration of a judgment  of the type mentioned above  Province of  British Columbia  Ministry of  Attorney General  ANNOUNCING A NEW LOTTERY  FOR BRITISH COLUMBIANS  $i2<t9&&u w  PRIZES  20 chances to WIN  $2.00 each ticket $10/BOOK  Every ticket  is eligible for ALL twenty prizes  1st PRIZE  TAX-FREE'CASH  rs rj it I r> (V    14"-"P  r t   fj     14 all-expense  i       ___... _���__ _ Q|  two  In the Caribbean  *%. S��2 niTA'rj in earl'  * *y<U>-,iJiJiJ   BIRDS  $n9m�� "-s  ... "I urge people  of all ages to play)  the Seniors' Lottery  game, it's your once  a year chance to win  and help the senior  citizens tool"  TOM ALSBURY  President.  Pensioners "Action Now"  Former Mayor of Vancouver  SUPPORT  B.C. SENIOR CITIZENS  FREE COUPON  \     WITH EVERY BROCHURE     Jd  r  A list was passed among the  persons present lo sign and  state what they would like lo  volunteer for.  A committee and board has  to be struck before any of Ihe  funding can be turned over.  Anyone wishing to volunteer  his or her time is asked to contact Joan Cowderoy at the  Volunteer Services Bureau in  Sechelt.  Anyone wishing to have  more information on what services are presently available to  assist a battered woman is instructed to call Human  Resources or Donnie Patterson al 886-9194 or Emily Murphy House 987-3374.  Noted dancer  coining here  Evelyn Roth, the well-  known Vancouver artist and  dancer, will be coming to Gibsons at the end of August to  perform her famous  Northwest-coast Indian legend  dance, which utilizes not only  a team of dancers, but a  50-foot inflatable salmon. The  performance will be on the  lawn next to Ihe Elphinstone  Pioneer museum (across from  ihe Post Office) and there will  be no admission charge. Exact  time and date will be reported  next week.  THE SKY'S THE UMIT  ,w^���- .*��'  COAST VIDEO  Now provides Aerial Photography and Aerial  Video Taping Service  VIDEO ON 1 /2" VHS OR 1/2" BETA FORMAT  FULL COLOUR AND SOUND  PHOTOGRAPHY ��� 35 mm Format  Colour or Black & White  IDEAL FOR ��� Developers  Builders  Surveying  Beautiful Hornet  and other Lofty Projects  COAST VIDEO  PRODUCTIONS  885-9509 Wharf St. Sechelt 885-3666  Sponsored as a Public Service  886-2622     by the Coast News    886-7817  NOTE: Early announcement! will be run once, then must be  re-submitted to run again, no more than one monlh prior to  Coming Events  Sechelt Summer Fun Recreation Project lor children ages 6-12 June  29 - Aug, 31. Monday through Friday (10 - 12 and 2 - 4) at Sechelt  Elemen.ary School.  Holy Lend Tour November 16th tor 12 days. Deluxe & complete.  Phone 886-2660.  Regular Events  Monday  Roberts Creek Hospital Auxiliary Second Monday ot eoch month ��� 11  am  St Aidan s Hall.  Sunshine Pottery Guild meets every 2nd Monday of the month at the  "Studio" corner of North Road and Highway 101 at 7 pm TFN  Tuesday  Women's Aglow Fellowship Meels every third Tuesday ot Ihe monlh at  Harmony Hall, Gibsons Transportation and babysitting available 886-  7426  Sunshine Coast Arts Council Regular meeting 4th Tuesday o1 every  month al 7.30 pm at the Arts Cenlre in Sechelt  Al-Anon Meetings Al-Anon Meetings every Tuesday night Roherts  Creek For intoimation call 886-9059 01 886-9041  Sunshine Coast Navy League ot Canada Cadets and Wreneltes ages  10 to 13 will again meet Tuesday nights 7- 9 pm United Church Hall.  Gibsons  New recruits welcomed  Elphinstone Pioneer Museum in Gibsons is now open Monday  thiough Saturday between 9 am to 4 pm  Wednesday  Tops Club Gibsons Tops meets every Wod  evening at 6 45 in the  Armours Beach Athletic Hall   New members and leen members  welcome  Phone 886-9765 eves  Sunshine Lapidary A Cratt Club Meets 1st Wed every month at 7 30  pm  For information 886-2873 or 686-9204  Pender Harbour Hospital Auxiliary   Second Wednesday ot each  month. 1:30 pm St. Andrews Church-New members always welcome  Wilson Creek Community Reading Centre 7 30 ��� 8 30 p m  885-2709  Sechell Garden Club 7 30 pm. St  Hilda's Hall  First Wednesdays  except January, July, August  Sunshine  Coast  Sports  Club  will   be  having  a  track-and-field  organizational meeting at Elphinstone School, Wednesdays 5pm  Thursday  The Bargain Barn of the Pender Harbour Health Clinic Auxiliary is  open on Thursday afternoons from 1 00 unfil 3.30  Al-Anon Meeting Every Thursday in Gibsons at 6 pm. For information  call 886-9569 or 886-9037  Western Weight Controllers Every Thursday at 1 pm. in the United  Church   hall,   Gibsons  and  in  the  Sechelt  Elementary  School,  Thursdays at 7 pm. New members welcome. 885-3895 (Sechelt Only),  Rc-ierts Creek Legion Bingo every Thursday, beginning May 7, Early  Bird, Regular and Bonanza. T.F.N.  Friday  Gibsons Tot Lol Hi CANCELLED until mid-September.  Thrift Shop Every Friday. 1 - 3pm Thrift Shop, Gibsons United Church  basement  Wilson Creek Communlly Reading Centre Noon - 4 00 pm   885-2709  Saturday  Wilson Creek Community Reading Centre 11 30 - 1 p m 865-2709  The Bargain Barn of the Pender Harbour Health Clinic Auxiliary is  open on Saturday afternoons from 1 - 4 pm   M^��^M^M^, Coast News, August 18,1981  Mobile centre shows  Kinsmen's aid for the handicapped  by Vene Parnell  A large yellow and while  trailer, parked at Sunnycrest  Mall last Tuesday may have  attracted curious glances from  shoppers, bul unfortunately, it  did not attract nearly enough  interest in a noteworthy project.  The lirsl of ils kind in North  America, the mobile Disabled  I .King Resource Centre visited  Gibsons for one day on ils way  to Powell River and Van-  comer Island, a shorl slop on  its six month journey  throughout U.c.  Dale West and Linda  Frieke, employees of ttic  Kinsmen Rehabilitation Foundation of B.C., have been  travelling with the mobile centre since May, with the purpose of bringing a complete Information centre on aids to independent living for disabled  persons in as many communities as possible.  Open lo the physically  disabled, their families and  friends, professionals in Ihe  field and anyone else who may  be interested, the centre has  kitchen, bedroom, and  bathroom displays as well as  communication, educational,  and life enrichment materials,  all designed to alleviate the  special problems of disabled  persons.  "Unfortunately, the mail  strike prevented us from sending out the sort of advance  publicity lhal we would normally like io send," said Linda  Frieke, a physiotherapist who  is able to counsel disabled persons regarding the varieties of  equipment available to assist  them with their specific handicap.  Dale West, who has a  background in newspaper and  media work, displays the  various special designs that  have been developed in recent  years. Electronic marvels such  as a golf-can lype wheel-chair,  a stair glider operated by  remote control, a portable  shower-bath complex that can  be operated as any modern  . dishwasher, plus many simple  everyday Items such as  reaching devices and large rubberized handles on eating  utensils are all on display.  The 52 by 10 foot trailer is a  travelling resource centre and  equipment showroom. It is bringing Ihe newest designs and  products available on the  market to disabled persons in  far-flung communities who  might never be able to see  them otherwise.  Happily, the travelling team  reports ihat its visits have paid  off in making the Kinsmen  Rehabilitation Foundation in  Vancouver busier than ever  before in its 28 year history.  The Foundation operates a  Patient Care Department,  which loans expensive equipment and supplies disabled  persons with financial help to  get the equipment ihey need.  There is a permanent Disabled  living Resource Centre in  Vancouver which features  displays of aids lo daily living  for the disabled and a complete information centre and a  units have been distributed  throughout the province, more  than the total units available in  the rest of Canada.  The annual Kinsmen  Mothers' March contributes  82% of the total voluntary  donations received by the  Foundation for its many worthwhile  services.  Gibsons and Sechelt  Kinsmen raised $5,800 in 1980  through the Mothers' March  and 10Wo of this money is  returned lo the communities  for equipment and services.  An annual grant by the provincial government ($60,000 in  1980) also directly benefits  disabled persons, because the  Foundation's operating costs  are covered by lottery sales  and investment income.  The mobile Centre is a great  benefit   and   eye-opener  to  - Vene Parnell Pholo  Dale West, travelling with the Kinsmen Rehabilitation Foundation's Mobile Disabled Resource Centre, the first of its kind in  North America, visited Gibsons last week and gave his friend a  little ride while demonstrating a stair glider, part of the impressive collection of aids to independent living lor the disabled.  disabled persons who have  never before been able to find  all the information they need  in one place. It is also a most  interesting information source  for every Canadian.  It is gratifying to know thai  some of the marvellous  modern electronic advances of  our sophisticated civilization  are being developed and applied to help the handicapped  and even more gratifying to  know that there are concerned  individuals who are devoting  their efforts to make these  devices available to every person in need.  One disabled lady in a  wheelchair, who sells a  modern golf-cart type of  wheelchair design, which  dispenses with the bulky  awkward hand-propelled  models we have all become used to, says she elicits looks of  surprise, admiration and even  envy when she travels to Ihe  supermarket in her speedy gizmo.  Besides giving her the self-  satisfaction of being more  mobile and independent, she  has found this a welcome  reversal of the pitying glances  that disabled persons have  been subjected to for years, an  additional burden associated  with their handicap.  Gibsons Kinsman, Rick  Wray at 886-7838, is the person on the Sunshine Coast to  contact for more information  regarding rehabilitation information. Or call or visit the permanent centre in Vancouver at  2256 West 12th Avenue,  phone number 736-8841,  where the most up-to-date  displays and information for  the disabled are always  available.  The Kinsmen Rehabilitation  Foundation is the name to  remember.  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The graduates  were congratulated by Ihe Kiwanis Club and St. Mary's Hospital  : staff for Ihe excellent work the students performed in Ihe field.  jfl The  inslrttelors  were  Barb  Kslcy  and  Bcv  Weisscnborn.  :' Graduates; Suzanne Orieux, Cindy August, Lesly Bailey, Bon-  '���: nie Glover, Joyce Jackson (class valedictorian), Gloria Joe,  * Joan MacC'leiid, Gwen MeConnell, Donna Patrick, Debra Paul  and Victoria Paul. * ftsn Bounm ptioto  |  1               BUILD YOUR OWN HOME AND SAVE.                1  1        ORDER YOUR CATALOGUE-120 PLANS-TODAY.          |  HI  ^K!LM^��Jyftfcl  NATIONAL   ||  HOMES       V]  LIMITED     ']'  MS  local                          VALENCIA                I  mmrSmm    DEVELOPMENTS, LTD.  886-2417                  Toll Free From Vancouver 922-2017 |  pillage *rf jfeclf-eli  Notice of tht rtgular Council Meeting to be held at the Village  Office on Wednesday, August 19th, 1981 at 7:30 pm.  AGENDA  MINUTES:  Minutes of regular Council Meeling of August 5th, 1981.  BUSINESS ARISING FROM THE MINUTES:  CORRESPONDENCE:  COMMITTEE REPORTS:  Alderman Brown - Public Works, Arena  Alderman Kolibas ��� Planning, Health, Library  Alderman Stelck ��� SCRD., Finance and Parks & Recreation  Alderman Lee - Airport, Tourism and Management  BYLAWS:  By-Law No. 238 ���  Airport Advisory Commission ��� reconsideration and adoption Members ol Commis  sion appointed.  By-Law No, 228 -  Lot fO, District Lot 1331, Plan 6223, Lots B, C, L & H. D.L. 1331, Plan 16108 lo  Residential I. Highways approval subject to access on Municipal Streets  2nd 8 3rd  reading.  By-Law No. 232 ���  Lot 15, Plan 6223 to R-3 (reconsideration and final adoption) '(Planner's memo).  By-Law No. 240 ���    Development Cost Charge By-Law lor Storm Sewers  ANY OTHER BUSINESS:  Court ot Revision ��� Mayor and Iwo members  ADJOURNMENT:  J.M.A. Shanks  Clerk-Treasurer  CAMpbcU's shoe  oft*68  ON  ALL TYPES  OF SHOES!  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Without wishing to become  Involved too deeply on the  subject of predestination, I am  nevertheless firmly of the opinion lhal many events that oc  cur in a person's life seem lo  have their commencement in  some trivial, almost unnoticed  manner and it is not until  much later than one realizes  how important ii was in the  light of what was to transpire.  When Eddie was led away to  begin his sentence of ninety  days in Oakalla I made little or  no attempt to find a replacement for him. I knew il might  be a lifetime before I discovered another with his glib  persuasiveness and charm, nol  lo mention the devastating effect he appeared to have on  Ihe members of the opposite  sex. Now, without him, my  main concern was to find work  - any kind of work Ihat would  keep me going until such lime  as something belter might turn  up.  I was fortunate in the fact  that the Japanese owner of the  Madrona Rooms allowed me  to stay there for a week or two  without pressing me for the  rent. I sold the bag of tools we  had assembled, including the  emery-wheel, to a chap I met  in the Regent Hotel, for ten  dollars, after painting a rosy  picture of the future  possibilities of the sharpening  trade. Ihe fact lhal he was  presently employed by  Spencer's in their shoe department and knew absolutely  nothing about putting edges  on knives or scissors somehow  nevei entered the picture, I can  only surmise that the sale was  made possible by the fact that,  by the time it was completed,  both of us were viewing life  through rose-tinted glasses,  due to the number of beers we  had consumed.  Even although what passed  as a full-course meal could be  had at some of the "greasy  spoons" in the skidroad area  for IS or 20 cents, ten dollars  was not going to last forever  and so my search for work  went on. At that time the False  Creek area was a hive of activity. Not only were there  many fishing vessels moored  along its banks but several  small factories were based  there. One afternoon, in my  desperate quest for employment, I called at a nail and  wire factory on the north side  of the Granville Street Bridge.  I cannot recall the name under  which the firm was operating  but it was owned by a Dutchman by the name of Van de  Putte. I had managed to get  into the outer office where I  was  informed  rather  curtly  that "No" they were not hiring anyone at the present time.  I was just about to leave when  a door leading to an inner office opened and a small, wiry  figure with sharp penetrating  eyes emerged. Whether he had  heard the conversation at the  desk I don't know, but suddenly he turned abruptly to me  and in an authoritative voice  asked "Do you know how to  milk a cow?" I was to learn  later that this was the owner of  the factory himself who was  asking the question, bul 1 was  completely bewildered at the  time. I failed to comprehend  what in the hell my possible  knowledge of milking a cow  had to do with the manufacture of wire or nails, but I  managed to recover enough to  answer "Yes I can milk a cow  or possibly a half a dozen if  the need arises". The next  query being "Can you drive a  horse?" and the answer being  in the affirmative, he swung  around and, still with the voice  of authority, said to the man  at the desk "Send him out to  the farm right away!" With  that he was out the door and  into a waiting car before I  could recover from my surprise.  Whereas before the guy at  the desk had little time to  spend on me, now his whole  attitude had undergone a  change and he was courtesy  itself. He explained that Mr.  Van de Putte had a hobby  farm out at Aldergrove. There  were three or four men  employed there including a  foreman and an extra man was  needed. I would be paid a starting wage of $30 per month,  room and board included,  more if my work was satisfactory. "Could I leave that  afternoon?" Boy did I ever  move fast! Given a bus ticket  and a five dollar bill as an advance, Eddie had told me I  had an "honest" face, I  almost sprinted back to the  Madrona Rooms. I threw my  few things into my packsack  and was back up at the bus of  fice on Dunsmuir Street in  time to catch the 5:30 p.m. bus  to Abbotsford.  On the way out I could not  help but muse on the fact that  ironically, once again, my being able to milk a cow was the  decisive factor in my getting a  job. This line of thought led in  turn to the reviewing of my experiences out in Howick,  Quebec, where my teacher had  been the farmer's wife. That  she had taught me other  things, besides extracting milk  from a cow, was hardly relevant at the moment, but now I  began to wonder what lay  ahead in this new venture I  was embarking upon. Little  did I realize at the time that,  out there at Aldergrove, I was  to meet the woman whom I  later married and whom I was  to leave after less than a year  of what could hardly be  described as "wedded-bliss",  to don a uniform and go gaily  off to Europe, along with  thousands of others, to stop a  madman whose grandiose  dream was the conquest of the  world. But more on that at  some later date.  eoveair*  PLACING & FINISHING  PATIOS ��� DMVEIVAYS  FLOORS ��� FOUNDATIONS  SIDEWALKS       B  Call Any Time  885-2125 886-8511  SERVING PENDER HARBOUR TO PORT MELLON  Ml Types of Concrete  Finishes including  Coloured or Exposed  for tourists and residents.  YOUR SUNSHINE COAST HOSPITALITY DIRECTORY  HMMMMi Energy program declared sham  Coast News, August 18,1981  friTeslroyeTOiniome on {lower Point hold lasTlfloiiday Ybe residence belongs to Gibsons  mister. Us Vlrig ind his fimlly, who were not injured, bul lost ill their possessions in Ihe  Legislation at the core of the  Liberal government's National  Energy Program shows the  program is a sham and will  have no industrial benefits for  Canada, Ray Skelly, New  Democratic MP for Comox-  Powell River, said recently.  He said the public should  not be deceived into thinking  there is any effort being made  to protect Canadian long-term  interests in the development of  Arctic and offshore oil.  "The only "plan" is to  make Canadians more efficient hewers of wood and  drawers of water", Skelly  said "and the public relations  campaign now going on to  suggest this is not the case is a  Vans Parntll photo  Sphere does the problem lie?  by Frances Fleming  Occasionally, during the  ong, intimate summer vacation periods, a parent will  discover a child who is hard to  reach, who appears lacking in  respect, whose main theme is  "I-don't care", a very difficult  child to handle. Parents will  often, react by "cracking  j dawn" on such a child, once  | they are aware that they are  bringing up an individual who  has the capacity to disrupt  their family life and cause  them increasing anguish and  embarrassment as the years go  by,  The independent observer  of such children often see  them in a very different light  from the jaundiced view of  their parents. Such children  may be suspected of being very  insecure, very discouraged,  truly intimidated by both the  demands of home and those of  school, quite convinced that  No section of the population is subjected to failure as  art our children. When we exhort a child to do better, we  no further effort on their part  will please either parent or  teacher. These children have  developed the opinion that no  one in the world respects their  nr ~"   ~  views, their judgement, their  abilities.  Every growing thing needs  encouragement. Encouragement* implies appreciation of  the child just as is. Comparisons are odious in bringing  up children, yet it is the most  common device used by  parents and teachers. Children  are the only growing things to  suffer this treatment. After being weighed in the balance and  found wanting over a long  period of time, the child stops  trying to please. He feels that,  along the paths which have  been pointed out, success will  never be his.  are telling him he is not good  enough as he is. He honestly  cannot see how he can be any  better. Finally, to protect  himself from the feelings of inadequacy which crowd in on  him, he discovers the armour  of unconcern. "I don't care!"  he cries, displaying a facade of  courage in the face of total  disaster.  A characteristic of all  children is love and need of attention. Rebellion gets attention. Perhaps the child is  punished. He knows how to  'punish back. His punishment  of his parents is usually more  effective than their attempts to  ; Condomlniffs close to the fuel tanks in Secret Cove are  among other viollions of the Secret Cove Lind-use contract  that hive the lorfs up in arms. . f��� eowma photo  W CUT CLASS  ��� mm  ��� fltti  ��� Boat windows  top* ��� Picture glass  Window glass, etc.  Custom cut to size ft pattern  WWB8. HUt-t- a  101 & Pratt Rd., Gibsons 886-7359  punish him. They cannot ignore him. He will not permit  them to be indifferent to him.  Negative attention is still attention, and the family who  gets into this sort of confrontation is really in trouble. Girls  play this game as effectively as  boys.  When a family really  becomes involved in a power  struggle, discipline becomes  most difficult. Talking won't  help. Laying down rules won't  help. The child knows the  rules. Breaking them is the  name of the game. Often a  child who is being intolerably  hostile at home will exercise  good manners and utmost  condideration at a friend's  house. Some will behave well  at school, but revert to their  negative conduct at home.  How many children behave  well until mother appears, at  which point they stage an impressive tantrum?  Why can young parents do  to avoid the development of  such troublesome conduct?  Child psychologists have many  good ideas to help parents,  and many good books are'  available to help in child rearing. Here are some workable  ideas:   ���  1. When children are involved  in a family fight, hold them  both responsible. Often the  younger, weaker, provokes a  fight, to enlist the parent to act  on his behalf. Don't get too  excited; try to let them resolve  their own conflict.  2. Don't try to train a child in ���  public, or with company present. Step by step, in quiet  ways, bring the child to conform to your standards. Praise  his efforts.  3. Don't correct your child  because you are afraid of what  others may think. Your own  prestige must not determine  your relationship with your  growing, learning child.  4. Don't want your child to be  The Best in areas of your  choosing. Avoid saying "Do  better". Avoid saying "Try  harder". (Adults hate people  saying those things to them!)  5. Avoid establishing competition in the home. Girls are  tidier than boys. Some  children excell in reading,  others have difficulty. Appreciate each child for what he  or she is.  6. Avoid doing for a child  what he can do for himself.  Give them opportunities to  take on responsibility.  7. Don't overprotect a child. A  child has to learn to do things  on his own. If mother is  always there to remind him, to  do his tasks, he will let her do  them. No family needs slaves,  tyrants or martyrs. If you can  identify any of these in your.  family circle, take steps to  become a democracy, and  fast!  Gibsons Ready Mix  886-8174  forainrock "Washed Rock  -Sand        'Concrete Anchors  I'Fill  Mon.���Friday 8a.m.���5p.m.  deception on the part of the  government."  He said: "The Canada Oil  and Gas Act, now before Ihe  Commons National Resources  Committee, is the legislative  base of the National Energy  Program and the future industrial strategy. Any perusal  of that bill reveals it is riddled  with loopholes which assist the  multinational oil corporations. The vagueness of its  wording, the broad and ill-  defined discretionary powers it  gives to the energy minister  and the lack of any clear  guidelines all suggest the  act���and indeed the whole  energy strategy���will work  against the best interests of  Canada."  He said the industrial spinoffs which "could" create  jobs in Canada as a result of  the development of new oil  and gas will create more jobs  for Americans, Japanese and  Europeans than Canadians  when these new projects are  put in place."  Skelly said reports from the  special Cabinet meeting at  Meach Lake, "deceptively  described as a session to  plan a Canadian Industrial  strategy", show in fact the  plans laid out will try to solve  our economic problems by  making us more efficient  hewers of wood and drawers  of water.  AliinDRIi  CEDRR  IIIIIIICO      Product of British Columbia  QUALITY LIVING WITH CEDAR  Every detail in a Lindal Cedar Home radiates gracious, yet sensible  living.  And every Lindal floor plan permits almost unlimited design  flexibility. Over 60 original plans are available Each can be modified  to lit your particular needs and tastes Or we can help you design  your very own plan ������  Sales Office and Display Home in Horseshoe Bay  M.D. Mackenzie Limited  6342 Bay Street, Horseshoe Bay  West Vancouver, B.C. V7W 2G9  Phone (604) 921-8010   921-0268  INDEPENDENTLY  DISTRIBUTED BY  CN-8-18  FROM OUT*  OF THIS WORLD!  MM:  riwhil  See the Olympics  Buy 3  Get 1  V  August 17th to 31st  donthide keep OLD PAINT  UNDER COVER  FOR GOOD!  WOOD'S  NATURAL  BEAUTY  Now  You Can  Slain  Over Paint.  * Coast News, August 18,1981  LLCry DCLLAC fCC  OVERLOOKING BEAUTIFUL GIBSONS HARBOR  California Thompson . 1 jr     L  j�� Mr *-* ^*  SEEDLESS **���'���  GREEN GRAPES  KtHV m       29C  local ^P QQC  ZUCCHINI * U0  Local       *��� W CftC  GREEN BEANS . Og  National Bakeries'  WiTt HONEY WHOLEWHEAT  ^ NATURE PLUS ������ J5C  I was walking innocently into the Coast News office the other day when a remark directed at me made me screech to  a halt. "And what," said this charming lady, "is the normal housewife doing these days?" I think boondoggled might be  a word to express my feelings. I haven't met such an animal In years and I certainly have never made any claim to normalcy. I will, however, tell you what I've been doing���in the cooking line anyway!  Audrey's Dilly Beans  You'll need tender green bush beans about as long as  your longest finger. Top and tail them and wash them.  Blanch for two minutes then drain.  Pack into jars. Into each jar place: ���  1 small red chilli pepper  1 silver of garlic  1 head of dill  Boil up equal parts of cider vinegar and water. Add 1  tablespoon of coarse salt to each cup of liquid. Bring to the  boil then add two heads of dill. Boil for 5 minutes. Strain  and pour into the jars while hot. Seal and put aside for at  least two weeks.  m  7-      -k  i**--  1  Beet Relish  12 cups shredded beets  1 cup boiling water  1 pint white vinegar  1 lb. brown sugar  '4 cup flour  1 teaspoon salt  2 teaspoons hot mustard  1 teaspoon celery seed  Clean the beets, trim off the leaves, leaving an inch of  stem. Cover with cold water. Bring to the boil, then simmer  gently, covered, until tender, approximately 30 - 45 minutes  depending on the size of the beets. When cooked, plunge into cold water and remove skins. Shred.  Make a paste from the other ingredients and mix with the  beets. Place in a saucepan and bring to the boil stirring continuously until mixture has thickened. Remove from heat  and place in hot sterilized jars. Seal.  Perhaps, Fran, at this time of the year the "normal" housewile is simply getting pickledl  Have fun,  Nest Lewis, former Home Economics teacher  <t  Day by day, Item by Item, we do more for you in  providing variety, quality and friendly service.  'We reserve the right to limit quantities'  886-2257  Gower Point Rd.. Gibsons  e Delivery to the Wharf  ��� Phone today  for a  'trial tomorrow!  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Inspected Canada Grade fl Boneless  BARON OF BEEF SIRLOIN TIF ROAST  S2.78 or steak ?2.98  500 gm pkg  Meteor ��� Skinless  SAUSAGES  Medium  GROUND BEEF  Mild Random Cut  CHEDDAR CHEESE  ?1.19  '1.98  lb  '2.69  SHOP 1ALI\  by BUI Edney  Pop & Pop Bottle Returns  During this past hot-weather spell, many a thirst has  been quenched with cold pop. It's kept us busy  restocking pop shelves and the cold pop vending  machine. It brings to mind that all too soon, summer  homes will be closed, and with the general clean-up,  out come cart loads, and truck loads ot bottles. (  Apart from the bit of consumerlst humour that the  cartoon on bottle returns (borrowed from the June 1981  edition of Canadian Grocer) elicits, I would like to  make a special plea to the public, to please bring back  empties with each trip to the store and DO NOT wait  until you can't move for empties.  Here Is why you should get your empties back to  your favourite store now. We can only take In empties If  we have containers to put them In. They are bulky, take  a lot of storage space, so at this time of year are frequently sent back empty. When everyone wants to  return empties, there will be Insufficient crates to put  them In, and they will not be readlfy available.  That's Just one side of the story. The other, and I  know I speak for all merchants when I say this, Is that It  takes many costly man-hours for which there is absolutely no remuneration^ checking, crating, and In the  handling of large quantities of empties. This Is avoided  when empties are returned in packs of six, a dozen or  so.  It you have a bottle drive, for Instance, It is best to  make yqur bottle disposal arrangements with the two  local pop distributors. J. Clement, Gibsons and W. & L.  Enterprises, Sechelt. The former dietrlbutes Pspsi,  7-Up, Crush, Hires and Schweppe products; the latter  distributes Coke, Fresca, Tab and all the former  Canada Dry beverages. We handle them all. We also  distribute Pop Shoppe pop by the case only. I personally find no difference In the quality or flavour In Tonic or  Soda water, for Instance, and it Is little more than half  the price. Mind you, you have to buy it by the case, but  the saving Is substantial.  I've often thought that we ought to have a central  bottle exchange for all types of bottles. It would create  employment and it would aid in the recycling process  of the many other types of bottles that we now destroy.  I wonder what part of the cost of a $4.00 bottle of wine  is thrown on the garbage dump?  A real good thirst quencher I find is about 1/3 glass  (more or less to taete) of Unsweetened Grapefruit  Juice mixed with Soda water and ice cubes to the brim  ��& 1, Cut out this Coupon  .��*       -���**  2. Attach to your Sales Slip  3. Return to Ken's Lucky Dollar  ��k.  DRAW TO BE MADE SUNDAY AT 5 p.m.  NAME TEL NO.   Crispy  SALAD  SPECIALS  dally!  886-9021  i  POSTAL ADDRESS  Our popular $50.00 weekly grocery draw will continue each week into  1981 until further notice.  "REAL WIN"  $50.00 GROCERY DRAW!  55th  Grocery Draw Winner  Pant Goldman  GIBSONS  j        CLINIC  PHARMACY \  | Stanley  | VITAMIN E  I   400 I.U. 100'S  !       $4.29  )  886-8191  Ne>l to Medical Clinic, Gibsons  Shop with confidence. Our prices ore very competitive.  We will not be undersold on these udvertised items.  We fully guarantee everything we sell to be satisfactory.  Or money cheerfully refunded.  7 12  Coast News, August 18,1981  In Vene Parnell  Five generations  gather on Coast  In I849. ii ship's carpenter  Irom Linliihgow, Scoiland,  arriu'd on Ihe west coasl of  Canada in a Hudson's Bay  Company ship and stayed jusl  long enough lo establish a  lineage of his tamily (hat today numbers 25 persons living  on the Sunshine Coast and  many more elsewhere in  Canada and the United States.  James Vales became a  member of ihe first Assembly,  ihe government of the colony  lhal would later become B.C.  He helped 10 build ihe fort of  Victoria and as a good  carpenter huili his own house,  which ��as the first home in  Victoria thai was built outside  the fort,  He quickly became known  as a good tradesman and  astute businessman, as was  reported in an early issue of  The Colonist newspaper: "the  sudden influx of population in  1858 has enhanced the value of  real estate and made Mr. Yates  one of the wealthiest men in  the country".  The valuable real estate the  article referred to was the enure area from the Gorge in  Victoria to Burnside Road,  between Harriet Road and  Tillicum Road. Mr. Yates also  owned the downtown waterfront area immediately across  from ihe present Parliament  Buildings in Victoria and when  that land was developed, Yates  Street was named after him in  commemoration of a donation  of waterfront land Mr. Yates  made lo the rapidly-growing  city.  James Yales' successful  career in ihe colony was shortlived, however, because in  1864, he decided to return to  Scotland to educate his  children. His oldest son,  James Yates, who was eight  y.ars old al the time returned  19 years later to become the  first man lo practise law in the  new colony and would become  known as ihe Father of the Bar  Association of B.C., after 62  years of unbroken legal practise In Victoria.  A grand-daughter of his,  Beryl Blackstock of Davis Bay  has been studying the family  history in Ihe Archives of Victoria. She reports that there  are now five generations of  Yates lhal were born in B.C.,  firmly establishing the  family's historical stature.  Although Ihe newspaper article describing James Yales  and his family's departure for  Scotland states that he left  "this morning at 9 am. on the  Anderson for Port Townsend,  where he takes the bark Scran-  Ion to San Francisco, from  there, mail sleamers to  England", it seems he changed  his travel plans and decided lo  see Ihe counlry instead.  When the family arrived in  New York, Ihe senior James  Yales was leaning over a  balcony of his hotel, watching  Ihe wounded from the Civil  War being brought in. It seems  he leaned too far, fell over and  became a casually himself,  breaking his leg.  The family then stayed on in  New York for over a year,  before completing their  journey. When young James  Yates returned to the new  world, he had added Stuart to  ihe family name, which was  his mother's maiden name, a  descendant from the royal  Stuarts. His three sons, Robert  Henry, Joel and Austin and all  the direct descendants of Yates  since then have been chrislen-  ed wilh the double name of  Stuart Yales.  The Yates family in 1940, on the occasion of Annie and James  SOIh wedding anniversary. The three sons, standing from left  are: Robert, Henry Joel, husband of Lorene Yates, and Austin.  ��� Photo courtesy ot Beryl Blackstock  Five generations today, Lorene Yales, front right, and Grace  Blackstock, left, wilh Lorene Scruggs, Charles and Beryl  Blackstock, holding her great-grandson Mariah Lee Alexander  and Mariah's mother, Dolores, from North Dakota.  ��� Van. Parnell Pholo  When ihe senior James  Yates stood watching the sad  results of the Civil War, on  that faraway balcony in New  York, little did he know thai  Ihere was a little boy growing  up in Kentucky in Ihe South  and a little girl in Richmond  Virginia who would later  marry and whose youngest  daughter Lorene would  become his future grandson  Henry's wife.  Lorene Yates, now 85, lives  in Davis Bay and she became  the daughter-in-law of Victoria's first lawyer, James  Stuart Yales in Victoria in  1915.  Lorene and Henry had three  children, Franklin who lives in  West Sechelt, Beryl in Davis  Bay and Lola in California.  Frank's son Peter, who lives in  Sechelt   has   a   little   boy  Michael, aged 4, so that makes  him the fifth generation of  Yates to be born in B.C.  When Lorene O'Kelly was  born in Redlands, California  in 1896, she was the youngest  of six children. Her father  Herman Reed O'Kelly "had  pioneering blood in him" and  when the CPR railroad opened  up land in Alberta in the late  I800's, the O'Kelly family  followed. Despite the fact that  her mother Henrielta had  travelled in a covered wagon in  her life-lime, and was not as  keen on pioneering as her husband, the family travelled a  great deal during Lorene's  childhood.  "The worst thing anyone  could do was call my parents  Yankees,   because   of   their  Southern background and  Civil War history. Yet,  because my mother didn't like  the cold winters in Canada, we  would spend six months every  year in California.  "I ended up being called a  Yankee by the Canadians and  a Canuck by the Americans,"  Lorene laughs.  Lorene's early education  was divided by attending  schools in both countries for  many years. However, she did  complete her elementary  education at Craig Flower  School in Victoria "one of the  First schools in B.C." and  then, as did many young  women in those days, went on  to take a business course.  Her career was short-lived,  because she found that illness  in her family fo'reed her to stay  home "and then I got married  when I was 19".  Her husband Henry Joel  Stuart Yates, a machinist, had  (he same foot-loose nature  that had been inherited by his  wife, and the family moved  constantly between the  prairies, southern B.C.,  Washington and California.  One of their early experiences, cooking on a large  farming section in Saskatchewan in 1919, led years later  to a partnership in a restaurant  at Sky Forest, near Clairmont.  California, where Lorene and  her husband worked until his  death in 1955.  "The longest I have ever lived in one house was the 10  years I spent in my home at  Davis Bay, after my husband's  death. We moved around  often."  Lorene spent the Depression  years teaching sewing as an  employee of the Singer Sewing  Company in Victoria and  later, Vancouver.  "When I started working in  1929, I earned $18 a week and  the highest salary I ever earned  was $25 a week in 1939.  "I made all the girls' clothes  and although our meals were  sometimes very simple, we  never had to do without the  necessities of life."  In later years, Lorene and  Henry purchased 196 acres on  Nelson Island where they planned to build a summer resort,  but a tragic logging accident  killed their partner and son-in-  law Ronald Follett and the  Yates changed their plans.  "When we got to Nelson  Island, we thought we would  stay for awhile and I said that  the thing I wanted most was a  real bathtub in a room by  itself. I was tired of having to  heat water and wash in front  of the stove in the kitchen. I  got accused of being too fancy, but when the tub was installed in its own little room,  guess who were the first two  people to use it: the men."  After her husband's death,  Lorene decided she wanted to  settle in Canada. "All my life,  I was never asked to prove my  Canadian citizenship, because  although I was born in  California, it was a ruling in  the early 1900's that the wife  automatically assumed her  husband's citizenship.  "I had travelled and obtained two passports, so you can  imagine my surprise five years  ago when at the age of 801 was  refused a passport because I  could not prove my Canadian  citizenship.  "I had to go through the  procedure and apply to Ottawa, before I could take my  trip, so now I have a little card  showing 1 am a Canadian  citizen. The government must  have really wanted my $10."  Since her husband's death,  Lorene has travelled to  Hawaii, Mexico, Europe and  the Eastern United States and  only recently gave up owning  her own car. "With my large  family living around here,  each with two cars, I really  don't need a car of my own, I  can get anywhere I have to  go."  RENT���A-BAY  YOU fix it!  ��� We supply you with a bay area, floor Jacks, jack  stands, creepers.  ��� Bring your own tools.  $5������ /hour  Phone 9 am - 5 pm   886*2020  Crucil Rd.  Professional Repair & Service  to your Heating & Plumbing  Equipment  ��� General Sheet Metal  > Installation of Heat Pumps, Air Conditioners,  Wood-Oil, Wood-Electric, Wood, Electric and  Oil Furnaces  ��� Plumbing Service & Installations  THOMAS HEATING  Call Now   886-7111  17 Years Eiperlence  Serving Ihe Sunshine Coasl since 1967  She enjoys good health and  as a Christian Scientist, has  never been to a hospital in her  life. She has a beautiful flower  garden, enjoys her privacy and  lives by herself. She has 13  grandchildren, 24 great grandchildren and 2 great-great  grandchildren "so many I  can't keep track of them all",  she says joking.  "It's the children who have  trouble keeping track of all  their grandmothers.  "When my great grandson,  Michael Yates, who is four, is  asked if he wants to go visit  grandma, he says: which  one?"  At a recent reunion of the  Yates and Blackstock families,  there were five generations attending the event. They ranged  in age from Lorene Yates, 85,  and Mrs. Grace Blackstock,  94, of Davis Bay, both great-  great grandmothers to the  youngest member present,  Mariah Lee Alexander, VA  years old, from North Dakota.  Family members came from  Airdrie, Alberta, Salmon  Arm, B.C. and North Dakota.  Lorene Scruggs, who held  the reunion at her farm in Gibsons, estimated that the  number of Blackstock and  Yates family members living  on the Sunshine Coast "would  easily number over 100".  We all know people who  have travelled to our beautiful  west coast and liked it so much  they decided to stay. Meet the  descendants of Hudson's Bay  Company's ship's carpenter,  James Yates. They are all still  here and loving it.  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Clearly high interest rates  are not effective in controlling  inflation. The banks and those  people in our society who have  a lot of money to invest and to  lend are the only ones who  benefit. High interest rates  represent a massive transfer  from the have nots to the  haves in our society, a transfer  so huge that it threatens to  push to the brink of a depression.  The alternatives are not  easy. In order for Canada to  break from U.S.  "monetarist" policies, we will  have to put foreign exchange  controls in place to stop those  who would abandon Canada  for a buck from moving their  money elsewhere. We would  probably face a lower dollar,  something that would make  Canadian firms more competitive in the Canadian  market. We might have to  make fewer trips to the south  and abroad.  In the short run, New  Democrat MPs are asking for  more money on an emergency  basis for fishermen and  farmers. However, we must  seriously address the need to  manage our economy in a better way than simply pushing  up the cost of money. Otherwise, we will continue to see  our economy drift and  stagnate.  CARSANDTRUCKS  Rental ���Leasing  ���Also-  Domestic & Industrial  Equipment  Seaside   Rentals  885-2848       886-2848  O  We have a complete  Patient Record Plan  for your protection & convenience  For One stop Shopping  come to  Gibsons Western Drugs  Sunnycrest Mall 886-7213  is your car begging tor a  second chance?  Beautilul bodies are our business!  Brian's Auto Body &  Painting Ltd.  Fully equipped  for all body and  paint repairs  %    '  ov  Box 605      Sechelt  885-9844  Welcome Aboard,  Bobbie!  Jay and Elly  0I6S0NS  TMUEL*  WM255  are pleased to announce that  Bobbie Cramer  peninsula  travel  has joined their staff  as of August 15th  Bobble Invites all her friends and clients  to visit her In her new location in Sunnycrest Mall. Letters to the Editor  "We do it all for yon"  Editor's Note: The following  document was presented to the  Sunshine Coast Regional  District meeting of Thursday,  August 13, by Chairman  David Hunter. The document  was prepared by S.C.R.D.  staff and Mr. Hunter as a  result of inquiries stemming  from the July 30 meeting of  Ihe S.C.R.D.  Sunshine Coast  Regional District  Service to Residents  iThe Regional District was  incorporated on January 4,  ! 1967 with the statutory lunc-  ��� lions of:  1. Regional and Community  .* Planning  2. Contract Services  3. Local Works and Services  In addition,  the Regional  District assumed the responsibility for the function of  Refuse Disposal upon incorporation.  Regional and Community  Planning  The Regional Planning  .function may be best described  jpn two levels: the long range  planning approach which anticipates growth and provides  ���policy statements through  -which, current planning  regulations receive direction,  and the day to day planning of  current development which  calls for a variety of land use  regulations. For the purpose  of describing the manner in  which this Regional District  has carried out its statutory  obligations the function of  planning has been split into  two levels.  Long Range Approach  In carrying out its statutory  ibligaiion to Regional District  has prepared a number of  plans over the years including  the following:  1. Gibsons Vicinity Plan  2. Sechelt Vicinity Plan  3. Regional Plan  4. Regional Parks Study  5. Roberts Creek Official Settlement Plan  Currently several other settlement plans are in various  stages of formulation for the  Pender Harbour area. West  Howe Sound, Elphinstone  (Area E), and Halfmoon Bay  - West Sechelt. Work has commenced on a plan for Area 'C  and preliminary meetings have  been held with the residents of  Egmont.  Other projects of a long  range nature have included involvement in the regional  highway network and the  Pender Harbour foreshore  management planning team.  Future consideration will be  given to the drafting of an official Regional Parks Plan.  Day to Day Approach  The Regional District currently has several land use control by-laws in effect including:  1. By-Law No. 103 - Subdivision Regulation  2. By-Law No. 96 - Land Use  Regulation  3. By-Law No. 90 - Mobile  Home Park Regulation  Continual upgrading and  amendment work accompanies these by-laws with time  ipent in a variety of committ-  tee and public negotiation settings.  Ensuring compliance with  the existing regulations is a  major task carried out by  Regional District staff."  Through Regional District bylaws, planning staff comments  on most types of development-  in both an indirect and direct  manner. One example of  direct comment is the subdivision approval system where  each application is evaluated  in light of By-Law No. 103  and comments are forwarded  to the approving authority.  The following table indicates  the number of proposed lots  for the areas outside municipal  boundaries:  # THE UNITED CHURCH  CALVARY         \  M           OF CANADA  BAPTIST CHURCH    %  Sunday  Park Rd., Gibsons        *  Worship Services  Paitor: Harold Andrews  ST. JOHN'S  Ret: 886-9163,  Davis Bay - 9:30 am.  Church: 886-2611  GIBSONS  Sunday School 9:30 a.m.  Glassford Rd. - 11:15 am.  Morning Service 11:00 a.m.  Sunday School - 9:30 am.  Goipel Service 7 p.m. '  Rev. Ah��. G. Reid  Prayer A Bible Study  Church Telephone  886-2333  Thursday 7 p.m.  ST. BARTHOLOMEW k  GIBSONS  PENTECOSTAL CHURCH  ST. AIDAN  Cedar Grove School  ANGLICAN CHURCHES  Chatter Rd., Gibioni  Combined Service  Senior Paitor: Ted Boodle  Isl Sunday 11:15 A.M.  Youth Paitor: Jack Moch  in St. Bartholomew's  Sunday School 9:30 a.m.  Gibsons  Morning Worship 11 a.m.  AB other Sunday.  Roberts Creek 9:30 a.m.  Evening Fellowship 7 p.m.  Home Bible Study  Phone 886-7268 or 886-9482  Family Holy Eucharist  Affiliated with the  Gibioni 11:15 a.m.  Pentecostal   Assemblies   of  Rector:  Rev. John E. Robinson  Canada  ROMAN CATHOLIC  SERVICES  SEVENTH-DAY  ADVENT1ST CHURCH  Rev. Angelo De Pompa  Sabbath School Sat. 10 a.m.  Parish Priest  Hour of Worship Sat. 11 a.m.  Times of Maucs  Browning Rd. & Hwy. 101  Saturday 5:00 p.m.  Paitor: C. Drieberg  St. Mary'i, Gibioni  *       Everyone Welcome  7:30 pm. I'endcr Harbour  For information phone:  (July 4 to September 12 only)  885-9750 or 883-2736  Regular Sunday Masses  9:00 a.m. Our Lady  SECHELT  of Lourdei Church  NEW LIFE  Sechelt Indian Reserve  ASSEMBLY  10:00 a.m. Holy Family  SERVICES  Church, Sechelt  in  12:00 noon St. Mary'i Church  Senior Citizens Hall  Gibioni  1:00 pm Sunday  Confessions before Mail  Everyone Welcome  Reverend P. Brooks  Phone: 885-9526 or 885-5201  Pastor  GLAD TIDINGS  TABERNACLE  Gower Point Road  CHRISTIAN SCIENCE  SOCIETY  Phone 886-2660  SECHELT SERVICES:  Sunday School 9:45 a.m.  Worship Service 11:00 a.m.  Sundays 11:30 am.  Evening Fellowship 6 p.m.  Sunday School 11:30 am.  Bible Study Wed. 7:30 p.m.  Wednesdays 7:00 pm.  All in United Church edifice  on main highway in Davis  Paitor: Nancy Dykes  REFORMED  Bay.   Everyone   is   warmly  CHRISTIAN  invited to attend.  GATHERING  Phone 885-3157 or 886-7882  Sechelt 885-5635  h a Church Services \\  1977 577 lots  1978 431 lots  1979 633 lots  1980 849 lots  To July 28  1981 1037 lots  The   planning   function  serves the residents and property owners of the Sunshine  Coast in two basic ways:  1. To provide long range direction to the orderly development of the region and;  2. To provide regulations  under which the orderly  development will be ensured  on a day to day basis.  The Planning function is an  important part of the Regional  District day to day operation  and service to Sunshine Coast  residents.  Refuse Disposal  The Regional District is  responsible for the  maintenance of four refuse  disposal sites in our area. The  District has maintenance contracts with local contractors to  provide the required  maintenance of the refuse  sites. As our resident population grows, the coordination  of the use of these sites is important to ensure the best  utilization of our present  facilities, with the least impact  on the environment. In conjunction with this function the  Regional District by way of  specified, areas has accepted  the responsibility for the collection of refuse in all areas except Area 'A', and delivery of  this service to local residents is  accomplished by contracting  the work to the local'business  community.  Water Supply  The Regional District  assumed the function of Water  Supply and Distribution  January 21, 1969 and since  that time has worked steadily  to expand and improve the  water supply and distribution  to residents from Langdale to  Secret Cove on the coast and  to Sandy Hook and Tuwanek  on Sechelt Inlet. Service also is  provided within the Village of  Sechelt. Needless to say there  is still much work that needs to  be done on the water system to  try to keep up with a rapidly  growing population in our service area. Co-ordination of  this function is absolutely  essential as studies of water  supply on the Sunshine Coast  are summed up in a survey  done as early as 1968 which included "There is only one surface source remaining today  which is capable of satisfying  the water needs on the Sunshine Coast. This source is  Chapman Creek."  Fire Protection  The Regional District provides the administrative services for the Halfmoon Bay  and Roberts Creek Volunteer  Fire Departments. As an area  develops, fire protection  becomes an essential part of  the growing community. In  addition to providing the fun  ding for the above-mentioned  fire department by specified  area levies, the Regional  District funds jointly with the  Village of Gibsons on the basis  of assessed values, the West  Howe Sound Volunteer Fire  Department.  Street Lighting  The Regional District  assumed the responsibility of  Public Area Street Lighting on  May 6, 1971. All residents of  the Regional District help pay  for essential street lighting  along our highway. Lighting is  placed at intersections and in  areas where it is deemed to be  in the public interest and safety. In addition to the public  lighting, the Regional District  has eight street lighting  specified area, where this service is provided to residents of  particular streets or  neighbourhoods at the request  of the local residents.  Building Inspection  The Regional District has  adopted a building by-law to  ensure that new structures  built in the area comply to the  National Building Code. This  service is provided to all areas  of the regional district excepting the Village of Gibsons,  and over the years many "do it  yourself" builders have received practical advise in the construction of their homes. The  number of housing starts in  the electoral areas have been  as follows:  1977 233  1978 208  1979 251  1980 373  to June 30  1981 257  Fees for this service plus  housing incentive grants from  the Provinical government has  enabled the Regional District  to provide building inspection  services at little or no cost to  the local taxpayers.  Provincial Emergency  Program  The Regional District has a  P.E.P. co-ordinator who, with  volunteer groups, works in  conjunction with the  R.C.M.P. and the Coast  Guard in search and rescue  work on the Coast. The local  residents pay 10% of the cost  of maintenance of this  valuable program, while costs  of actual tasks are paid 100%  by the province. During the  summer months, summer  students employed by the  Regional District man the inflatable rescue boats located in  the region, providing a good  response capability to local  residents and visitors who may  find themselves in difficulty  on our coastal waters.  Cemetery  The function of cemetery  operations was assumed by the  Regional District on October  25, 1974, and the Seaview  Cemetery has been operated  and maintained by the  Regional District since then.  Last year a new maintenance  building was constructed at  the cemetery, and improvements are being made as  funds permit. The Board has  In the season of  grief...we care.  There is a time for all things, but grief like  joy must be shared. Let us provide the  consolation and assistance you need when  such a time of trial must be faced. We handle  everything, we pay attention to every detail.  886-9551  D. A. Devlin  Director  1665 Seaview  Gibsons  recently acquired the Kleindale  Cemetery which will be maintained as a closed facility.  Joint Use of  School Faculties  The Regional District has  worked with local parents'  groups in conjunction with the  School District to provide extra or non-educational  facilities in our schools, for  the use of residents in our local  communities. The costs of this  function are shared by all  residents of the region (except  the Village of Gibsons) and  has resulted in the provision of  activity rooms, kitchen  facilities, full size gyms and,  with some additional funding  from specified areas, a swimming pool at Pender Harbour,  and a soon to be constructed  community hall/gym at  Roberts Creek. Some funds  are also available for equipment under this function.  Parks and Recreation  The Regional District is able  to acquire and develop parks  and provide regional recreation programs, and through  this function, park areas such  as Soames Hill, Cliff Gilker  and Connor Park have been  acquired and some development taken place. Many small  parcels of parkland are also  acquired by the Regional  District through dedication on  subdivision of land, thus areas  of green space are being  preserved for the benefit of  future residents.  The Regional District has  also established benefit areas  to help defray the costs of  recreation facilities located in  the Villages. Areas 'B' and 'C  contribute, with the Village of  Sechelt towards the operation  of the Sechelt Arena which is  operated by the Sunshine  Coast Recreation Association.  Areas 'E' and 'F' may contribute up to two mills towards  the operation of the swimming  pool operated by the Village of  Gibsons. These benefit areas  are good examples of the cooperation that exists between  the residents of the electoral  areas and those of the  Villages.  Sewage Collection  awl Disposal  The Regional District owns  and operates a sewage collection system and treatment  plant as a benefit area basis  within the Village of Sechelt.  This system will become an integral part of an overall system  ultimately planned for the  Sechelt area in future years.  The Regional District has had  extensive studies done with  respect to the collection, treatment and disposal of sewage  over the whole region, and has  adopted a policy of strategy  which will ensure that the  residents on the coast received  the highest level of service  without duplication of costly  facilities over a long range  term.  Transportation  The Sunshine Coast  Regional District is currently  undertaking a study in cooperation with the Urban  Transit Authority to assess the  feasibility of a transit system  for the Sunshine Coast. It is  expected that the Regional  District will receive this study  in early autumn.  David Hunter,  Chairman  S.C.R.D.  Coast News, August 18,1981  13  Is your wife insured?  Your wife should have life insurance for pretty  well the same reasons you do. And for some  reasons that are all her own.  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I lie i t'sulls of the ladies  N.H.A, Bronze Trophy Tour'  nament, ihe first provincially  sanctioned event ol' this nature  to be held al [he Sunshine  Coasl Golf Club, are reported  elsewhere in this edition. TV  coverage can be seen on our  local Channel 10. Sec your TV  schedule for limes.  On the regular ladies Day,  isobel Cowley, playing in the  9-ltolc section, won the club  pin round with a low net 32. In  ihe 18-hole event, Doreen  Mathews' low gross 91 won  the C.L.G.A, pin round. The  low nel was taken by Adeline  Clarke.  On August 4th Mary Horn  had the satisfaction of breaking a personal goal of shooting  under MO. Mary shot a low  gioss of 87. Congratulations,  Mary. Nexl step is to gel under  Ihe 80's.  Next   Thursday,   Seymour  Cold Club will be visiting the  Sunshine Coast. A rclurn visit  is scheduled for August 27th.  Seniors who are nol playing in  the Inter-club match will tee  off 8 a.m. Seymour should arrive around 9 a.m. and tee off  at 9:30 a.m.  It appears lhal even with the  addition of a good efficient  sprinkler .system, the long-  awaited stretch of hot weather  is starling to take its toll on the  once lush green fairways.  Brian Murphy has managed lo  keep our greens in line condition. Remember io repair all  ball marks where and when  you make them.  An inter-club match with  the ladies from Oleneagles is  scheduled for Wednesday,  August 19th. The tec will be  closed from 9:15 a.m. lo 9:45  a.m.  Gibsons  Lanes  WILL be operating a  full  schedule of  Winter Leagues  starting September Bth,  Information  Phone 886-2086  Rp'IflRP  "~ "'S'V^P  �����N  1  w ���  ���fl  il     -*���  ��� George Matthews Pnolu  Burl) l)e Crista and Bonnie Shaw collect CLGA Shield and Kn.w Bonis lor team low net score of  27(1 in last weekend's N.H.A. iiiurnaineiil al Sunshine Coast Coif Chili.  On the Rocks **  In Helen Weinhandl  Ihe lit III  Orfjiini/ed  Irom lell.  Doubles w  Gibsons Annual Tennis Tournament was held last week al Brothers and Dmigla Parks and attracted 45 players,  by l.ee Brown and Krle Cardinall, winners received a trophy and $25 gift certificates from Trail Bay Sports. Above,  Men's Sinulcs winner Bryce Leigh and ladies Singles winner Chawn Cardinall accept trophies from Lee. Men's  nmis Bryce Leigh, lift, and Buss (rum won in a close match over Brian Bennett and Andrew Blair.  It's hard to believe curling is  jusl around ihe corner, when  we are all enjoying our long-  awaited summer.  I hope you have all noticed  the new look on the exterior  rink i.e. New roof and paint.  Our next project is to  brighten the interior with a  new coat of paint; curling area  for now. All hands welcome  lor this task. Phone Gus lor  information and dates:  886-9906.  A greenspicl is planned  before regular curling starts  September 28th. Watch this  column for dates. All you  future curlers who would like  to give it a try come oul for  lhis event.  The dale for the semiannual meeling has been set  for   Thursday,   September  24th. Keep this dale open. It's  your club, so come out and be  counted!  The executive wishes lo extend a big "Thank You" to all  members and non-members  alike for their assistance on  various summer projects.  Remember, participation is  the backbone of any club. See  you in September.  For all your Carpets  PENINSULA  MARKET  885-9721 Davis Bay, B.C.  tide tables  Reference:  Point Atkinson  Will. Aug. 19  0200  0740  1355  2015  Thurs. Vuii. 211  0255  0835  14.15  2055  Pacilic  Standard Time  Fri. Aug. 21  0340        5.7  0950  1525  2135  Sal. Alii;. 22  0435  1120  1620  2210  12.3  8.2  14.8  4.9  12.3  9.7  14.4  Sun. Auk. 23  0540  1305  1735  2301)  Mon. Aug. 24  0645  1430  I9III  Tues. Aug. 25  oooo  0750  1540  2030  COMMERCIAL ART  GROCERIES       FISHING TACKLE  TIMEX WATCHES    SUNDRIES  Open 9-9       7 Days a Week  iiiiiniiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiitiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiimiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii  CONTRACTING  Suncoast Custom  MURALS and SIGNS  Commercial Work Welcome  Joe Pires   Temporary Phone 886-80X1   * Trucks  ��� Cars  ��� Vans  ��� Boats  Sunshine Coast  Business Directory  DECKS  MSStfS  n Drafting  886-7442  ELECTRICAL  CONTRACTING  EXCAVATING  Mick Alvaro OT Cat & Hitachi Excavator  Contract Land Clearing  Road Building      Subdivisions  ALVARO LOG CO. LTD.  , Prall Rd    Day    886-8555      Eves. - 886-9803  Gibsons ,  J.F.UI. EHCAVATIHQ LTD.  ��� septic Fields ��� Excavations ��� Clearing ���  II.tiI im 88*8-8071 Gibsons  Bill's Holland Electric Ltd.  Bill Achterberg  886-9232  KRAFT  MMTWCTIM  .M.*i.ncimtB.c.  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Box 1280   SECHELT, B.C. VON 3AO J  h ft s cortTRACTine       N  ��� Hot Tubs ��� Swimming Pools  ��� Solar Installations ��� Framing ��� Foundations  DME HOUTOH 885-8828 ,  ' DAN'S CONTRACTING LTD N  CUSTOM HOMES & FRAMING  INTERIOR - EXTERIOR - FINISHING  FREE ESTIMATES  s 8S$-34iaorS85-S��Ot ,  LNMome INSULATION esSes  ��� Residential ��� Commercial ��� New and Existing Houses  i    Phone Les  Ba6BB15  (After 6 pm.)  PAINTING  SUNCOAST TRUSS LTD.   ""  (Gibsons)  Industrial Way, Seamount Industrial Park  Residential A Commercial Root Trusses  Estimates  886-7318  P.O. Box 748  Gibsons. B C.  TOMOR FORMS  .I/O FOUNDATIONS  ItPhsIt S8$*757$ Fnrm * Founda,'on Work ,  Ketaining  Walls  Free  Estimates  Guaranteed Work  Interior & Exterior  Decorating  Richard Clarke  Free Estimates  885-3842  J.B.EXCAVATING 886-9031  VVatp'   sewp', drainage installation  |JHt55>      'Fr,  Dump Truck    ��� Backhoe  ��� Cat   ��� Land Clearing  ree Estimates   ��� Septic Fields  H. WRAY CONTRACTING  ��� Water, Sewer & Septic. Systems  ��� Road Building. Sand. Gravel, F.xcavalions  Phone  886-9614  UIOODZIN CONSTRUCTION LTD.  FOUNDATIONS ��� FRAMING   ��� FINISHING  lo, Bruce Fraser 885-8888 Bon 1896, Sechell>  DALE'S CONTRACTING  PAINTING, STAINING ETC.  886-9788 Gibsons, B.C.  locally Minulactuied Govirnmtnl Approved  ��� concrete septic Tanks  �� Distribution Boies  ' Pump Tanks. Curbs. Patio Blocks  Bonniebrook Industries Ltd. 886-7064  Larry Slewan Alter 5 [i m  BOB CARPENTER   *  Painting Contractor  COMMERCIAL & RESIDENTIAL  gibsons eae-2Bie  PERMASEAL ALUMINUM  MANUFACTURING LTD.     vc- <*.��  COMPLETE ALUMINUM WINDOW PRODUCTS -O' r*"*  DOUBLE PANE WINDOWS FOR NEW CONSTRUCTION    \-�� *&  AND RENOVATION PURPOSES .^��  885-3538 +  Sunrise Ridge Industrial Park. Airport Rd  St.-choil BC  Professional Work At Reasonable Cost  Q JOE DAVIS  mk PAINTER & DECORATOR  t.-���/ Socializing In Wall Covering.  R ff> 2 Lower Rd., Gibsons  D & B EMcauating  UiK or Small   Wc Do It All  Art Dew Roh Hjnrnson  886-9053 or 886-7037  SPffi  Terry Connor  886-7040  PAINTING CONTRACfa   Box 540, Gibsons, B.C.  ROLAND'S >  HOME IMPROVEMENTS  Specializing In  CONTINUOUS ALUM. GUTTERS 885-3S62  BENS ROOFING  ��� DUROID ��� ASHPHALT ��� SHAKES  Ben Vanden Driessche  Repair all types ol roofing      aaooens  and small repairs ���rWrH  Gibsons  HARTLEY PAINTIN8  ft DECORATING  Brush, Roller & Spray  886-8310  MM818J unit  Around those strange corners  Travel is a learning experience  by Katherine I 'Her mi If  Many years ago, Horace  said that those who travel  'change their skies but not  their selves'. 1 beg to differ  with the poet, for I find that  one of my chief reasons for  travelling is thai I do change  my self, too.  Are you Interested in seeing  strange sights? In meeting  strange people? In eating  strange food? Some of these  experiences can be enjoyed  without going more than a few  miles from home. If one  craves to stay in a beautiful  hotel, among beautiful people,  one can always save up to slay  al a big hotel in Vancouver,  dress in one's finest, and pay  for the privileges enjoyed. But  to find out strange aspects of  one's own personality, there is  nothing quite like journeying  lo unfamiliar scenes and coping with unfamiliar stresses.  The turtle, when he journeys,  takes along his house upon his  back. Some tourists, journeying in groups, completely  'conducted', do much the  same thing. They meet only  their own kind, in the cruise-  ship or tour-coach, they have  little contact with the local inhabitants, or responsibility  other than appearing at the  right meeting place on time;  and often choose to eat Ihe  same familiar food as ihey do  at home. This, to me, is not  really travel.  I remember a companion on  one such trip who, on being  asked if she had seen a certain  town, answered, "I'll look in  my post-cards to see." The  new sights and experiences,  coming upon one unprepared,  create a mental haze, an indigestion of the mind, which  puts up a barrier to the reception of new ideas. If this is  your idea of travel, then we  are not talking about the same  thing.  For my last trip, I started  preparing and planning over a  year ahead. I spent some time  in a general survey of the  countries 1 wanted to visit.  Then I consulted brochures of  conducted tours, to see what  ihey usually visited, and how  long they took. From my sketchy knowledge of distances  and important sights, I soon  realized that many of the  places named were simply  glimpsed in the distance, as  one drove past. "How to see  Rome in hall' a day" is not my  idea of getting my money's  worth! It took me ITfty years  lo get back to see Cologne  Cathedral, although we had  spent a night in the city on a  tour. A useful source was a  book on Eurail, the Pass to  unlimited trips on European  trains. Try getting drunk on  train schedules to fabulous  places - it is the cheapest 'high'  I know, though dangerously  addictive! Can you get from  Copenhagen to Helsinki in a  reasonable time, or from  Helsinki to Narvik by train?  What is the distance between  Boden and Bod?  Perhaps the most challenging situation, which brings out  one's unfamiliar self, is that of  arriving in a strange city on  what proves to be a holiday,  when the Tourist Bureau  (source of accommodation),  and all Banks are closed. As  the American Express commercial says, "What do you  do?" At least if one is in Scan  dinavia, where English is  taught in the schools, one can  always find someone who  understands your queries, and  eventually one finds where to  stay and where to eat. If one  cannot cash Travellers' Cheques, al least one cannot spend  money in the closed stores;  and usually there is a large  'posh' hotel which will  recognize other currency or  Credit cards. My point is thai  once one has coped with situations like this, one begins to  have more self-respect and  confidence in being able to  meet difficulties.  Another factor in enjoying  travel is sheer serendipity.  There may be some disappointments in the best-planned  schedules, but there arc also  the unforeseen 'bonuses'  along the way. You find time  to fit in a detour to a local  park -and discover several unfamiliar wild-flowers, or a  flowering shrub which you  never saw in your friends'  gardens. You lose the chance  of a long-planned canal trip -  and have instead a ride on a  steam paddle-wheeler from ihe  last century! You visit a city  where all the hotels you can  find cost at least three times  what you can afford and  discover a complete one-  roomed apartment at the price  of a bed in a private home!  My whole thesis is,  therefore, that until one  travels away from home one  never knows what one can do,  and what one may find around  some strange corner.  Guess who had a good time at the Masked Hall last Saturday  night, Ihe spectacular wind-up of Ihe second unnual Arts  Festival, It is rumoured lhal newspaper editors were deliheralel)  misinformed as lo the true identities of their dance partners, hut  that a good time was had hy all.  Police news  Neighbourhood Watch  This week ihe Neighbourhood Watch staff is planning  on visiting the following areas: Shaw Road, Fraser Road,  Mahan Park, Payne Road, Pralt Road, Rosamund Road.  Kearton Road, Hough Road and Meadow Lane.  (.IHSONS:  On the 8th: There was a single  motor vehicle accident on  Highway 101 near Solnik's  Garage, when a vehicle went  out of control and into a ditch  while passing another vehicle.  A passenger in the car received  minor injuries.  A quantity of explosives  consisting mainly of blasting  caps and primary cord was  discovered on the beach near  McNab. The explosive section  from Vancouver was called in  to dispose of the explosives. It  is believed that a small logging  operation left the explosives  on the site.  On the 9th: There was a break  and entry at the Sunshine  Coast Golf Club. Some rooms  of the building were ransacked. The safe was broken into  and $200 was stolen.  On the 10th: Nobody was hurt  in a fire which started in the  basement of a Gower Point  Road home belonging to Les  Virag.  On the 11th: Two youths  riding bicycles along the Port  Mellon Highway between Port  Mellon and Langdale collided  with each other. They were  taken to hospital by ambulance.  Four outboard motors were  stolen from a shed at a  residence on Lower Road in  Roberts Creek. There was a  complaint of willful damage  near Pebbles Beach on  Franklin Road. A man was  threatened by several youths  and the fence surrounding his  property was damaged. On the  12th in the same area a vehicle  was damaged by youths,  believed to be the same group  involved in the previous  night's vandalism and harassment. The vehicle did not  belong to the man who filed  the compaint.  A Gibsons man in his twenties kicked in the window of  the Seaview Gardens  restaurant in Lower Gibsons  and was charged with causing  mischief.  On the 12th: There was a  forest fire on the far side of  Keats Island.  On the 13th: At 11:30 p.m. the  driver of a southbound vehicle  lost control and went into the  ditch.   Charges  are  pending  against the driver.  Gibsons   RCMP   reports  8,000,000 noisy parties.  SECHELT:  On the 7th: A yellow 5-speed  Apollo bicycle with a rear  aluminum carrier was stolen  from the Big Scoop area. The  bike is valued at $100.  On Ihe 8th: Charges will be  laid against the suspects who  caused extensive damage to a  1977 Chev Jimmy they stole  from Egmont.  Two beer bottles were  thrown through the two windows of the Art Alexander  Realty Office in Madeira  Park.  On Ihe 9th: $6,000 worth of  B.C. Ferry money was stolen  while being transported from  Earl's Cove to Langdale by  Maverick Coach Lines.  On the 10th: Vandalism was  again perpetrated on the Art  Alexander Realty office  building in Madeira Park.  Vandals spray-painted  obscenities on the windows  and the exterior walls.  On Ihe 11th: The Century 21  office in Sechelt was broken  into and $50 worth of carpentry tools was stolen. Thieves  entered the building through a  wall undergoing alterations.  More checks, more seizures  and more charges are to be expected in relation to alcohol  consumption on public  beaches, due to the kind of  behaviour which generally accompanies this kind of drinking. Last week alone, Sechelt  RCMP seized 24 cases of beer  and five bottles of liquor from  people drinking on Sechelt and  Davis Bay beaches.  On Ihe 12th: The fence of the  Garden Bay Hotel was vandalized. Damage is estimated  at $100.  On Ihe 13th: As a result of  public co-operation in helping  the police in regard to drinking  drivers, three charges were laid  last week.  On the 14th: Vandals caused  $400 worth of damages to the  windows of the new Davis Bay  Elementary School.  Coast News, August 18,1981  15  RESTAURANTS   sfcAviCvtf...<��ftU>��Ns  Chinese & Western Food Licensed Premises  Tuesday to Sunday  Lunch: 11:30 - 3 pm Dinner. 4:30 - 9 pm  Sal. & Sun. 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Household Moving & Storage Complete Packing  Packing Materials for Sale  Phone 888-2664      Member Allied Van Lines      R H 1, Gibsons  mm  HUTMi  AmmkM If M'f lam diftl Mrmhtlmn  iBob Pall        .jmtvmmtaimt     MS-9038^/  Bee  Carpet Care  CUSTOM CRANE SERVICE  WE LIFT t0 68' H'6h * l8' Fli"l)|,|k * Concrete Bucket  Winders, Machinery, Beams, Power Poles.  PftWLTD.  886-2312  JOHN HIND-SMITH  REFRIGERATIONS MAJOR APPLIANCE SERVICE  Port Mellon to Pender Harbour  Res. 886-9949  Village Tile Co.  CERAMIC TILE SALES AND INSTALLATIONS  Box 65  Sechelt  Joe Jacques  Phone  885-3611 J Coast News, August 18,1981  COAST NEWS CLASSIFIED ADS  Obituaries     I Announcementsl  Garry. Annie Louise Garry died ���������Jd-  denl) aftei an automobile accident  Sunday, \ui 9. |L"*'- '" Edmonton,  \,|...- , She is Io\iiikI> reim-mhcrcd  h\ hei children Helen, Yvonne. Irvan  and lohn, Garry, Peter, Marlenc and  Steven Furhman tk her grandchildren  Guiwppe and \ngelo and her thirteen  broiheri and liiier*. Memorial service  was held in Si. John's Westvleui  i mud t hurch, Powell River, Hiurv  jav Vum  13th at 2:00 p.m. W3  . Schuta passed awa> In  ���     Rivcron July 28,1981. Survived in I.,  beloved wife Id. his lov-  niL> von lint,  irandchildren and  i grandchildren.  Family service ��.i. held hi Nanaimo. Cremation,  #33  Pearl. Passed away August B, 1981,  Olivei Wilbur Pearl, late oi Gibsons,  in his 79th year, Survived by his loving  Aile Stella, three sons, Lowell, Armstrong, B.C., Blair, Roberts Creek;  Gene, West view; nine grandchildren,  ,i vistei in-law Helen Pearl. Hamburg,  v a ^ oik; a brolher-in-law Dave McQueen, Houston, B.C., a cousin  Olivei Pearl, liiirnaby. Also nieces  and nephews. Funeral service was held  Wednesday, August 12th In the chapel  .-i Devlin Funeral Home, Gibsons.  Pastoi i red Napora officiated, Interment Seaview Cemetery, *33  MacKay, Passed away August 14th,  1481. Sarah Luretta MacKay, late of  (iibsons in her 77th year. Survived by  me daughter, Margaret Sullivan and  her husband Arthur, Gibsons; one son  Doug and his wife Edna, Gibsons;  three grandchildren; three greatgrandchildren; two brothers, Tracey  Harris and his wife Betty, Nanaimo,  and Norman MacKay, Gibsons; one  sister Pearl Feeney, Chilliwack.  Private cremation arrangements  through Devlin Funeral Home.  Remembrance donations appreciated  io St. Mary's Hospital. #33  Thanks  We would like io express our sincere  thanks to our friends and neighbours  for ihe cards, -flowers and well wishes  in Ihe loss of our beloved husband and  father. A special thanks lo the doctors  and nurses of St. Mary's Hospital and  for lite kindness of Ihe ambulance  crew, aKo special thanks to Tom  Parkei foi his constant support.  Stephania Wolansky and family.   #33  lo a very special lady, Mrs. Iris  lugden, who manages a very difficult  job so very well. Thank you again for  yout   help,  Sincerely,  Alice Cherry.  m  lo doctors, nurses and staff ai St.  Mary's and Si, Paul's Hospital. Also,  dear friends and neighbours and  relatives, with cards and gifts which  made my long stay bearable. Sincerely, Mice Cherry. #33  Announcements  Riding Clinic: Introduction to  dressage. August 22-23. Guest instruc-  lor Gail LentZ. No previous dressage  experience necessary. Ellingham  Stables. 885-9969. ��33  MEALS ON WHEELS  Av.iil.il*! Mon., Wed., Fri  Gibsons, Roberts Creels  Coll  886-7880   885-3351  A.A. Meetings  Phone  886-9208  885-3394  or  886-2993  lor Pender Harbour  883-9978   or   883-9238  -SIM'S  DRVIVALL  ��� No job too big  or small  ��� Machine taping  available  m  \     TVBi\T0P  A Full Line ol      ���***  Plumbing Supplies  Tues. ��� Fri.  9 am ��� 5 pm  Sat. 9 am ��� noon  Gibioni  Hwy 101 ft Pratt Rd.  ���*> ^i^Jij: ' ,  i   i ,  The Crown of GIopv  is now  OPEN MONDAYS  9:30 am. ��� 5 p m  886-9744  Cedar Plaza. Gibsons  Orange Killens io give awa> - 3 hall-  grown. Ihree-iiuarler dvsait Rabbits.  Ph: 886-2165. 133  Registered red Persian male Kittens, 8  weeks old 886 ''Ml 01 886 mis.  siwis S100each ����  SECHELT IOIKM CLUB BINGO  I vers Sundas. Place: Sechell Legion  Hall, limes: Doors open 3:30, Earl)  Birds 7:00, Bonanza 7:30. Regular  Bingo 8:00. loouo payout on Bonanza  end ol sj.Ii month. Everyone  Welcome.  TKN  It someone in your tamily has a drinking problem you can see sshal it's doing lo them. Can you see what ii is doing to you? Al Anon can help. Phone  6-90.17 or 6-8228. TFN  EAR PIERCING  Girl ii Guys  8862120 saion  3 mo, old Kitten. She has semi-long  grey and white hair and went missing  in the area of Martin Rd. during the  week of Aug. 3-10. Please call  886-2916.  #33  Older Siamese Cat, Sealpoint, in the  vicinity of Creekside Park. Answers to  name of Simon. Small reward offered.  Phone 886-8057. #33  Friday evening Aug. 7 Golden  Retriever, his name is Osfcar and he  has a broken bottom tooth, lost  around the mouth of Pender Harbour.  Reward. Phone 885-7549 or  883-9354. ��5  Reward. Anyone who knows the  whereabouts of my Alpine Goat  Matilda and her kid Cheki - I loaned  them to Dave Richardson at Halfmoon Bay. He gave my goats to  Quenten Dochertey. Call 885-5482.  #34  Tooled brown leather wallet in Sechelt  or craft fair in Hackett Park. Reward.  885-5439. #33  Black male fluffy Cat, white flea collar, snipped fur on hip. Vicinity of  Beach Ave. and Cedar Grove Rd.  Reward if returned. Phone 885-9516.  #35  Kitten multicolour in Harmony Lane  area, baldy spot on back. Medication  at home 886-7087. #35  3 junior-size U.S. Hfejackels, left on  picnic table at Porpoise Bay. August  9th. Yellow and orange. Reward.  Please return to 885-9858. #33  Found  Found near Roberts Creek Prov. Park  grey-striped male Cat. Yellow eyes,  white moustache. Smells a bit, but  very friendly. 885-9969. #33  I purebred Husky about 1 yr., male. I  cross Spaniel black, female, about 10  mo. Please phone 886-2274. #33  Digital Wristwatch in Sechelt  Mall.  883-2744. #33  Chain with 2 keys. Found Monday  August 10 at Gower Point by Bonniebrook Lodge. Can be claimed at  Coasl News office. #33  Snoopy Watch found near North Fletcher Road. Claim at Coast News Office. #33  Magus  Kennels  Dog Obedience Classes  Beginning Sept. 1st  886-8568  Magus  Kennels  ��� Dog Boarding & Training  ��� CKC Champion & Obedience  Great Danes  ��� All Breed Gtooming  "SCIENCE  DIET"  Dealer  886-8568  PROFESSIONAL DOB  BROOmiNB  TEETH ��� NAILS ��� EARS  CLEANED  MOM  Sharon        888-2084  fssa  SPCA  SPAY  Clinic  and information  886-7938  Bus III')  Gibsons, B.C.  CASTLEROCK  KENNELS  ��� Boarding      !|0rj  ��� Grooming *"***.  ��� Puppies occasionally  Roberts Creek,  opposite Golf Course  885-2505  Livestock  HORSK OWNERS  Hay Sale $2.00 pickup loud  Pratt Kiiad Mto-75.ll*  #33  For lease by monlh - Arabian gelding  needs experienced rider. Roberts  Creek area. 886-2877. #32  TTRC summer horse show - August  16, 9 am sharp - Wilson Creek - ring  judge - Liz Walker. 885-9551. #32  GOOD   HAY   $3.51)   PER   BALE.  MULCH $1.50.  PhoNe  eves.  8H5-9357. TFN  ELLINGHAM  STABLES  ��� Boarding  ��� Training  ��� Lessons  885-9969  Work Wanted  Chimney sweeping and moss sp  886-75411.  LO(, SKIDDING  Timber .lack Skidder  wilh operator 886-2459  #5111 N  Raincoast secretarial  Office Overload Seruice  .Hill  I'riili'ssiiin.il tint ol Office  TypliiH  I Pick-up .mil tlcllverj  iivtilliililc)  Pam: 866-6593  Eves. 865-5588  J. LEPORE TILE  Quality Installations  Ceramic. Mosaic or Quarry  All work guaranteed  Free estimates  Phone Anytime  886-8097       ,  ttincoAK  mmm  Complete  Photographic Service  ��� Promotion  ��� Commercial  ��� Portraits  ��� Custom Work  Wlnf- 886-2937  Work Wanted I Work Wanted  Design  Drafting  886-7442  M.irchvood Floors reminded and  lini-.li'.'d, work -guaranteed. FrtC tlt.  Phone 885-5072, TFN  rREE SERVICE  We make n oui business to provide  you wilh satisfaction. Oui special!)  ��� loppini  ��� i Imblnj  ��� Dangerous lYee Removal  Insured guaranteed services  Peerless free Service ltd.  (.ill   foi   tree  estimate:   885*2109,   TFN  I he Lionhead Development Corp.  general contractor nou serving the  Gibsons area. 685-5023. TI N  Experienced    Housework    ���    clean  everything Including windows  references-call 8860358. #34  Dependable   experienced   carpenter.  renovation1., cavc-str ought,  greenhouse, sundecks, finishing. No  |ob too small, until a pm 885-9285.  TFN  BackhOC   available.    Gibsons   area  preferred.  Phone HHfi-%14 anytime.  TFN  l limine** C leaning and maintenance.  Ph. 886-7411 or 886-8023. TFN  Commercial pilot seeking employ-  meni. 500 hrs, mulli-engine, land nr  sea. Class II Inslrumeni rating. Call  Rick(t 12)921-9646. UN  Qualified Painter. Reasonable rates,  Work guaranteed. 886-9749.        TFN  HARBOUR  CHIMNEY CLEANING  Serving lhe Sunshine Coast,  Fireplaces, furnaces, oil stoves,  883-9171. Customers rrom ihe 886 exchange call collect, tin  Carpenter new and renovations.  Reasonable rales and references. H86-  7280. 11 N  Rutdl'i  Blacksmith Shop  *^R  Welding 8r Fabricating  Rob.rt. Cr..k U5-37SS  Reliable i ad> win do house-cleaning,  gardening, painting. Reasonable rates.  References available. 88S-3383.    tliS  H()H( XKI'KMKK PAINTING  Commercial .m.i Residential  SSf. 2516 TI:N  Help Wanted  Fitzgerald's Restaurant requires pan-  nine Bartender and Waitresses. Please  contact Rieliard or Gerry. 886-2888.  #33  Nigh, Janitor required immediately.  Apply lo Jolly Roger Inn 885-5888.  ��3  TRAITOR FOR IIIRK ��� ^���. -���; ; ,  Rototiller -  I'lough . Loader with Re"*"red   '������i��i.ately,   experienced  backhoe. Ideal for water lines.  13"  width. For full details 886-2934.   TFN  Waitress. Apply to Jolly Roger inn.  885-5888. #33  THE MOPPETS  Housecleaning, springcleaning or  clean as you move out, a reliable team  of two cleaning and shining faster  than   you   ever   thought   possible.  886-4847,886-7013. #36  Building design consulting. Solar  receptive passive principal, Residential  and commercial site evaluation.  Retrofits General contracting. Solar  Situations Ltd. 886-9146, Box 612.  Gibsons, 11,C. #33  HERITAGE PAINTING SERVICES  ROI I i.R BRUSH SPRAY FREE  ESTIMATES IMMEDIATE SERVICE Only quality materials used.  Phone 886-9468. #33  Inr hxphisjvt- Requirements  Dynamite, electric or regular caps B  line E cord and safety fuse. Contact  Gwen Nimnm, Cemetery Road, Gih-  sons. Phone HH6-7778. Howe Sound  Farmer Institute. TFN  NEED TUNE-UP?  F\perieneed mechanic will come  lo  your cur - any make. Reus, rates call  Dominique   885-3317   anytime.  TFN  Electrician warned to wire small cabin  in Roberts Creek including hydro pole  -cash job - 886-8295 or (112) 731-  1847. #35  Your nurd en needs sprucing  up?Rotoiil1ing, pruning, make a lawn  or build a fence. 886-7540. TFN  I xpcrichccd reliable babysitting  ���Sechelt area preferred. Call Gillian at  885-3428. TFN  Contract house demolition and  removal, Mso. hourly chainsaw work,  slashing, bucking, etc. 885-3311) or  R85-54I7. -#33  Colin's  Screen Printing  and  Sign Works  886-9169  REPAIRS  8.  NEW  INSTALLATIONS  Heinz Plumbing  886-9238  88(5-2854  Between 9am8. 5 pm  LARRY'S  MASONRY  SERVICE  Specializing in:  ��� Foundations  ��� Block & Brickwork  ��� Stonework  ��� Fireplaces  Commercial or  Residential  20 yrs. experience  886-9202  Help Wanted  Building Supply Company requires individual (or yard and  delivery duties. Must  have valid driver's  licence. Send resume  only:  c/o Box 59,  Madeira Park  VON 2HO  Full-time Receptionist Typist, Pender  Harbour area. Bookkeeping an asscl.  but not essential. Call 883-2212 or  883-2491 tor imcrview. TFN  Waitresses and  Banenders required.  Apply in person at the Cedars Inn.  TFN  Bartender, Waitresses, Hostess, Prep  Cooks. Apply at the Driftwood Inn.  885-5811 after 3:30p.m. #34  Family who would care for my 9-year  old boy while I work after school till 8.  Night shift and occ. weekend approx.  12 days/mo. Must be close to Cedar  Grove School. Start end of Aug. Ph.  886-8641. #34  Help wanted in hand demolition of  900 ft. house. Some hand tools re-  quired. Payment in materials.  885-3310. #33  Two boys 7 &  10 years old require  "youth siller" Sechell or Porpoise  Bay   area.   Fine   wages.   885-3430.  #33  For Rent  3 bdrm. Home $600 p/m. Contact  owner at south end Shaw Rd., Gibsons. Available now. (Sorry, no  phone). ��3  4 bedroom farmhouse, Roberts Creek,  available Sept. I, $475. 885-25*81 evenings. #33  Modern house in lower Gibson1*. 1300  It. upstairs, 1300 IV down si. Good  water view, ex. garden. Contact phone  274-9574. Available Sept. lit.        #34  Attractive Office-Residence for Rent  -5 minutes from downtown Gibsons  ���Available mid-September. Phone  922-7818, #33  3 bdrm. view Home, Davis Bay. Only  2 blocks from beach. Appliances and  drapes included. Ref., deposit and  lease required. $700 per monlh.  K86-2659. #35  1 bedr. Cabin for rent Roberts Creek  on acreage. Bathroom, kitchen, long-  term only. $280. Phone  (112)462-7855. #34  2 bedroom Id basement home with  carport in Gibsons $510 per month.  Ref. required. Phone 886-8107 or  886-7264 after 7 p.m. #34  2 bdrm. House, lower Gibsons, view,  references required. Phone 886-2180.  #33  4 bedroom waterfront Home, Sechell,  $700 per month. References. No pets.  Call 885-2232 (Hans). #34  Irvine's Ldg., small older House, 3  bdrm., view, furnished, $325/mo plus  utilities. Available Sept. lo June.  986-4657. #33  At Davis Bay, near-new ex. type 4  bed. Home. Available app. Sept. 6th.  Rer. essential. Phone (112)859-1357.  #34  Gibsons area, very private two  2-bedroom suites, appliances, f/pl.,  deck, utility rm., parking, view $600  up, $700 down, Ind. mil. Ph. collect  (112)943-2469 eves, or 943-5026.    #34  19 in. Colour T.V. $25 per mo. 3 mo.  min. 26 in. consoles $30 per mo. J&C  Electronics. 885-2568. TFN  Room and Board for single working  girl. Phone 886-8510 evenings or reply  to Box 1676 Gibsons. #34  3 bdrm. deluxe home W. Sechelt, appliances & some drapes ind. No pets.  885-3951 after 6 p.m. #33  1 bedroom Suite for rent Sept. 1st.  $350. Granthams Lndg. 886-9058. #33  Wanted  Experienced  Breakfast  Grill Cook  1:  Phone  The  Heron  at  886-9021  AUTOMOTIVE  SALES  We are recruiting an applicant, male or female, for a  sales career selling new and  used automobiles. Applicant  must like people, be hard  working, self-confident, be  willing to work long hours  and have a desire to make  money. Base salary and  demonstrator. Medical-  Dental Plan. Training provided. No experience  necessary: only ambition &  desire. Please apply in person between 9:30 am and  noon. No phone calls  please.  SAI.KS i/re  1326 Wharf Rd. Sechelt  1200 Sq. Ft.  Commercial  Shop Space  For Lease  Hwy. 101, Gibsons  888M14  OFFICE SPACE  Very reasonable lease  requirements for 2nd  floor location.  Sizes available  from 880 sq. ft. to  4500 sq. ft.  Air conditioned, carpeted mall location.  SPACE  AVAILABLE  IMMEDIATELY  Phone: 886-2234  886-7454  For Rent  Mature business woman wanted to  share deluxe 3 bdrm. home in W.  Sechelt. References. 885-3951 after 6  p.m. #33  Gibsons waterfront, good beach, unfurnished house, 2 bedrooms, I P.  W/W, garage, quiet adults, no pels.  886-2781,886-2344. #33  New   two-bedroom,   full   basemeni  house in Roberts Greek $600 a month  immediate possession. 886-47U2 or  885-3842. #35  Duplex 2-bedntom $400 hydro includ  ed. Phone between 5 and 7 p.m  Roberts Greek area. Available Sept. I  885-2774. #33  Person lo share - or room and board,  large house Roberts Greek, 8850618.  #35  Small 3 bedroom house Gibsons.  921-9530 alter 5. #34  Property Management, including  house rentals, John Wilson,  Gordon Agencies. 885-9365     #35  COMMERCIAL  SPACE  FOR RENT  Cedar Plaza  Gibsons  Up to 1600 sq. ft. of  prime   Retail   floor  space for reasonable  lease rates.  Good location for  Men's Wear, Ladies'  Wear, Jewellry store,  etc.  Please contact  886-2234  886-7454  Wanted to Rent  SPECIAL WEEKLY RATES  Peninsula Hulel 886-9334 TFN  Room and board available for clean  workingmen.Phone886-2!37.    TFN  RENT-A-BAY!  YOU FIX IT!  We supply yopu with a bay area, floor  jacks, jack stands, creepers. Bring  your own tools. $5.00/hour. Phone 9  a.m. - 5 p.m. 886-2020. Crucll Rd.  TFN  Commercial space 2 separate locations  1500 sq. ft, located al Hwy. 101 &  Francis Peninsula Rd. in Pender Harbour. Day 883-2533, Nights 883-9933.  TFN   m  Community Hall for rent in Roberts  Greek.   Phone  Hill  Grose 885-9237.  IFN  COMMERCIAL SPACE  1600 sq. Ii. prime retail space  available June I, 885-2522, 885-3165  eves. TFN  Store or office space. Approx. 1500  sq. It. located al Hwy. 101 & Francis  Peninsula Rd. in Pender Harbour.  Day 883-2533, nights 883-9933.    TFN  Two women -visit to rent 2 bedroom  house or apartment within  Granthams-Gower Point vicinity.  Willing to pay up to $450 per month  including utilities. Excellent references  available. Please call Sherra at  886-2622 or 886-8354. TFN  Urgently required 2 BR house for  family with 2 children, quiet dog.  $300-5350. Excellent references.  886-2169. #35  Apt. or House, I Br. for single person,  Sechelt or Gibsons or Pender Harbour. $300 max. including Ivai &  light. Refs. available. 885-5424.     #35  Couple with baby urgently need a  year-round home by Sept. 1st. A 2 or 3  bdrm. house in Gibsons area preferred, but anything considered, Phone  Bruce or Lisa Doiron 886-8586.      #33  Single man wishing io rent, willing to  do renovations or similar type of work  to make suitable for living. 885-2783.  #33  Wanted 3 bedroom house Gibsons to  Halfmoon Bay by Sept. I. References.  885-5305. #33  For Sale  18" Shims (good quality) over 100 sq.  ft. per square $4 a bundle. Phone  885-3971. M4  TV 1 STEREO REPAIRS  Green Onion Stereo. Dunham Rd..  Port Mellon, 884-5240. TFN  Near-new   Goodyear   steel-belled  Radials on chrome 75RI5. 8H67924  #.14  *       AWNINGS       V  * Dress up your windows or  add a room to your home  ��� Stop furniture fading  FREE ESTIMATES  W.W. UpholMery  ft Boat Topi Lid  Gibsons 886-7310  For Sale  ATTENTION  BUILDERS  available In  bulk formal  For us*-? iti  Solai Collectors  and Radiant  Floor Heating  H&S  CONTRACTING  885-3825  Appliances, Furniture, 1V\, Stereos  Clc. DISCOUNT PRICES! Kerns  Home Furnishings, Seaview Place.  Gibsons. 886-9733. UN  rem s  UNIQUE RESTORATIONS  BRASS* ANTIQUES  Pedal stools. Sinks. Leaded glass.  French Doors. Demolition Brass  Taps. Chandeliers. Wall Sconces Red  Brick. Oak floors. Beautiful accessories 50 years & older. 36624lh  Ave.. Vancouver. I IN  Inglis multi-cycle auto washer. e\  cedent condition. Guaranteed -Ji  delivered. $250. Phone 883-2648. TFN  IK All IK lilt (HIS  Rees  e. Eaz-To\s and  CUSIOm hitches.  Call  Terry at Ccast  nduslrics  . Gili-  sons  886-9159.  ITN  . Powerful hor.c manure: you load SI5.  885-U961). TIN  26' 1969 Chris Cral'l wood hull. J?7  Chev til power winch CB hail lank,  sink, dineltc, stand-up head, alcohol  slose $8.t��X). Phone 88.1-9142 or  II 12126.1.7208. ��.I4  FOAM  54"x72"x2"  $22.98  Your One Stop  Foam Shop  W.W. Upholstery  & Boat Tops Ltd  Gibsons 886-7310  Good 15" VW lire, summer A winter.  $15 each. 886-2840. ��J4  12' Springbok aluminum Boat >V 6 hp  Johnson outboard $700. Dishw-asivej  $75. Small kitchen woodslovc & garbage burner 581). 885-2.149. ��,14  Buccaneer buck canopy lop. Asking  $200.886-2110. #34  Hrilisli India Rug 9' \ 12' good eondi  lion S.150. Dining room suite and sis.  swivel chairs $85. Reclincr easy chair  like new $911. Rug 8' �� I]' $30..J  novelty Lamps$35 886-8602.      ��34  The WOOD SHED  !s now taking orders for  FIREWOOD  Stock-up now lot naxt winter  Phone aafc-lOS-j  Two good walkers and commode,  reasonably  priced.   Phone 886-2727.   #33.  All new Canadian made lood lie-  hydralor ��� buy direct from facloftt  ���contact Ueriee Ness al S**4-I00l|  llerron Enterprises Ltd.. .159 24il��H  St., Langley. B.C. V.1A6H5. #JJ  3M Photocopier, older type in en  cellem condition foi $2110. I'liorlrJ  883-2745 evenings. ��j��'   ;5  Two cushion Sola $120. Pair wall pCK  tpres $25. Beautiful channelback clufm  $195. I'hone886 7164 til  TIRED OF SOARING  BUILDING COSTS?  (or Quality Floor Coverings  and Reasonable Prices  Come tit  SECHELT  CARPET  CORNER  Free Estimates  No Obligation  SECHELT  CARPET  CORNER  (Next to Benner's)  Hwy. 101 Sechelt  885-5315  WOOD HEATERS  and furnaces  Sales and Service  H. Himmel  Hwy. 101, W. Sechelt  .    885-2113  ELECTROHOME  SALES & SERVICE  3 Year Warranty  on Parts & Labour  * SUNSHINE  COAST T.V.  Alter the Sale  It's the Service  that Counts  Cowrie St. 8B5 9816 FOR SALE  TIBETAN CARPETS  Utfan  Umm tafim IM.  MS-S7M m MM  B/W console TV lady's bike CCM.  Stainless sink and faucets, medicine  cabinet, Dele car radio, coffee and end  tables. 885-2876. #33  Beat the wet wood winter bluet - have  your   firewood   delivered   today.  Truck for hire. Rubbish removal.  885-3605. TFN  THERMAX  WELD-ALL IND.  Beat the High Cost ol Heating  Custom Made Wood Stoves  PHONE 886-8466  Boston whaler Boat, SO hp outboard  $995. 10 hp Bolens tractor w.  lawnmower, rototiller, blade, trailer  $1,995. 15 x 30 x 4 swimming pool  S795. Craftsman power saw, 20" bar  $125. Call after 6 p.m. 886-8396.  #34  �� Ml PVPEK labulou. designs,  teredo Carper .V Home Centre.  .v.< :wn oi 88J-7520 UN  Jet black Carpel cut to your length.  SI5.9Ssq.yd.886.7112. MS  Blonde Butcher Block Type Dinette  Suite, 6 chairs, I yr. old. beautiful  shape, new price S500. Sell $3110.  886-8043 days. 886-7683 eves.        *3\  12 gauge pump Shotgun $250. Buck  105 buck knife, brand new $50. Call  885-9502. #33  Built-in Dishwasher 8 button 'Caloric'  2 yrs. old, good condition. S185.  S86R226. ��35  (,lavs-lined Pressure Tank 68 gal. New  S230. Asking $175. Wheelchair $25.  '���drawer Dresser $20. Glass shower  door $35. Truck canopy $50. Ph:  886-7350. #35  Do-it-yourself Storm Windows.  885-7300. #33  I Ised Woodstove with hot water coil.  K85-730O. #33  W.W. Upholstery  A Boat Tops Ltd.  All Supplies for the  DO-IT-YOURSELFER  Still torn* gnat  FABRIC  SPECIALSl  Qlbtons 886-7310  Contractors temp, power pole, ready  to go complete with grnd. rods etc.  885-5976. $150. #34  Concrete barbeque adjustable grill  $55.886-7267. #34  Antique stained glass Windows $50  ea. Pr. bevelled lead glass.cathedral-  siyle Windows, need cleaning up,  $200. Olde mangle from ship's laundry 5' high $350. Torchere floor lamp  $85. Oak china cab. or bookcase $350.  Pinball machine 1950's $500.  886-9470. #33  2x4\, ��'��� 16* 50c 51.00. Mill ends*  offculs ��� bring a chainsaw $10 a  pickup load. Also some lumber.  886-9470. #33  Bathtub white porcelain on steel, exc.  cond. $50. Glass tub enclosure $30.  Philishave cordless razor $25. Braun  elec. coffee grinder $12. Oil barrel  stand $15.886-2513. #35  -MWMMW  OCEANSIDE  POOLS  VINYL LINED SWIMMING POOLS  ALUMINUM  I STEEL WALLS  HOT TUBS I SPAS  Salta, Service, IneUllatlone  Fully Guarantied  Ten Years Experience  FREE ESTIMATES  Phone  Bob Green  Box 1184, Sechelt.  For Sale  TIRED OF SOAKING  BUILDING COSTS?  for Quality Floor Coverings  and Reasonable Prices  Come to  SECHELT  CARPET  CORNER  Free Estimates  No Obligation  SECHELT  CARPET  CORNER  (Next to Benner's)  Hwy. 101 Sacheh  885-5315  12 x IS British India Rug, oft-white  with floral corners. A good buy at  $2.MX) Current value new $5,500.  Phone 883-9978 after 5 p.m. In excellent condition. #33  Fiber mould fiberglass truck 8 fl.  canopy double rear doors, 4'/j ft. high  top condition, included 2 fold-down  padded seals, makes a double bed.  S500. Call 883-2263. #33  MACLEOD'S   SECHELT   for   hot  water tanks and Hotpoint appliances.  885-2171. TFN  BAIT TANKS  Special $79."  While Stock lasts  W.W. Upholstery  m Boat Tops Ltd  Gibsons 886-7310  Let US customize your kitchen coordinating drapery fabric and wall  covering. Teredo Carpet Centre.  885-2601 or 885-7520. TFN  John Deere Cat, blade & winch,  $5,000 firm. 886-2775. #34  Must sell 1980 Yamaha 650, 4000 mi.  '66 Ford Van needs bodywork, runs  well. 14 ft. fiberglass canoe. Radial  arm saw. 886-2462. #33  FRONT YARD SALE) Clothes,  jeans, children's toys, comics. Some  household items. Sunday Aug. 23, '()  a.m. corner Dougal & Headlands Rd.  #33  MOVING  16' Camaventurc twin 20 Mercs electric, bait tank, sounder, top, RR tailcr  etc. $6,500. '73 Cortina 2000, good  running condition, needs some body  work. $575. 13.6' Owens FC  Runabout wilh trailer $750. 12 cubic  foot freezer, good condition. $125.  9.8 LS Merc wilh tank, used less than  5 hrs. $750. 6'/j Avenger Dinghy with  oars $100. Lot: Fabulous water view  95' x 280' Madeira, power, water to  property, septic approved. Asking  $37,900. Phone 883-2221. #35  Foosball Table $300. 886-7877.      #35  I 650 Norton SS, recently rebuilt. I  Norton Matchless, recently rebuilt.  886-8088 after 6. TFN  Barn Sale: Clothes, household goods,  laying chickens, comet t pullets 10 wks  old. Sat. 22 ��� second driveway left side  from Hwy. Lockyer Road. #33  Garage Sale: 1579 Sargent Rd. Wed.  Aug. 19 10 a.m. - 3 p.m. Misc. items,  clothing, plants etc. #33  FREE KITCHEN DESIGN  SERVICE!  Carpels!   Vinyl!   Ceramics!   Appliances! Cabinets! Teredo Carpel &  Home   Centre   885-2601,   885-7520.  TFN  ���LUMBER FOR SALE���,  Rough sawn lumber, (trades for  fencing, construction and bout  Yellow cedar, red cedar, fir,  hemlock. Inquire weekdays, 9 - 4.  Co puck Industries Limited. Hillside Sawmill. Visit us beside  Avulon near Porl Mellon or phone  926*7318. TIN  WE BUT  SELL* TRADE  Books on Philosophy,  Music, Art, Poetry,  Theatre  BOOK SEARCH  available  Attic Antiques  Hwy. 101, on the hill,  Gibsons  COAST  POWER CLEANING  i Steam Cleaning  ��� Pressure Washing  ��� Sand Blasting  ��� Industrial Painting  885-9316  FARM FRESH VEGETABLES  Bullercrunch Lettuce, Chard, Zucchini, Carrots. Beets. Tony Archer  886-7046. #35  Garage Sale: Sun. Aug. 23,10 a.m. on  Hwy. 101 in Selma Park near Selma  Park Rd. Watch for signs. Plants and  misc. household items. #33  PLEXIGLAS  Full Shwlt ot Culi  W.W. Upholittry  * Boal Tops Ltd.  Glbiont 886-7310  Sale: Sat. Aug. 22 9 a.m. to 12 noon.  1744 Glen Rd., Gibsons. 8869832.  Brass fireplace screen SI 5, Briscoe 29"  chord organ as new SI25, B4W TV  console $35, old trunk SI0, framed  28'*x40*' seascape house by the sea,  mahog. planter 5 ft. $10, large deep  fry SIO, beginners guitar $10, 3 an-  chors, dishes & small misc. items,  camp furniture, I Cogswell rocker $35,  I old vitas settee I armchair $85.  #33  051 Slihl chainsaw $350. 1000 FBM  T&G select Cedar $375. 885-5395 after  5. #33  7x10 3-panel metal Garage Door $200  OBO. 886-8597. #33  i��� madeira���i  Appliances  have good guaranteed  rebuilt appliances.  Less than half  new price.  Call Collect  Anytime  Woman's wel suit, Vi" fits 5'2" to  5*3", up to 120 lbs. includes flippers,  mask ���& snorkel. Used only 3 limes.  $300 OBO. 886-2601. #35  Cute Guinea Pigs for sale, Peruvian,  $5 each. Phone 885-9516. #35-  TARPS  W.W. Upholittry  ft Boat Topa Ltd.  Gibson, 886-7310  centres  M PIONEER  Appliance*  DEALER  COST  pint 10%  Nexl lo Ihe  Bank of Montreal Building  Sechelt  885-3313  Automotive  1969 Austin 1100 automatic for parts  SI50OBO. 886-7702. #34  1979 Chev Malibu sin. wgn. 35,000  km, excellent cond. PS, PB, roof  rack, tilt strg. wheel, full instrumentation, small V-8, new tires $5,300. Ph.  886-9370. #34  Camper Top fits small 1/2 ton. $150  OBO. 886-9370. #34  1974 C65 Chev 5-ton Truck, 20*  aluminum Van 5-spccd trans., 2-specd  axle shift, 366 motor PB, PS, double  frame, excellent tires & running condition $5,700 or trade for pick-up Truck  or Boal. 8868628. #34  ���78 GMC 1/2 ton, step-side Sierra  Classic, deluxe inierior, Holley carb.,  headers, wide tires & chrome mags.  New matching canopy worth $600.  34.000 mi. $7,500. Ph. 886-8691.  #34  RENT-A-CAR  REMT-A TRUCK  1981 1-Ton Trucks  c/w 12' Vans  1981 F-250's  3/4 Ton Pickups  1981 Fairmont*  1981 Mustangs  5 Ton Truck. 22' Box  Hydraulic Tailgate  DAILY WEEKLY  MONTHLY  COMPETITIVE RATFK  ���ABBA���  \LEASE RENTALS  SOUTH COAST FORD  885-2131  Across trom Bennet s  Furnilure. Sechelt  Automotive  1969 Bronco 4x4, new battery, shocks,  tires, brakes, drive shaft, universal*  recent alignment, dual gas tanks,  mechanically good, some rust, can be  seen at Office, Sunshine Coast Trailer  Park, Hwy. 101. Gibsons. $1,875.   TFN  1977 Honda Civic MB 43.0011 km, steel  belled radials, 2 snows on rims.  $2,750. 1963 VW Bug runs well $500.  eves. 886-7216. ��33  1950 vintage Chev I ton on 18" duals  new flat deck, muffler, brakes. B.O.  885-9575. #33  1974 Triumph TR 6, 65,000 mi. Mint  condition in and out. Complete sound  system. $4.500OBO 885 3313.    TFN  1979 Dodge I ton, dual wheels,  ilatdeck. V-8 auto.. PS & PB, 20,000  km. Rebuilt. $5,500. 886-8414.    TFN  SMALL CAR  SERVICE  No problem for us - Ford  has been building and  importing cars and trucks  from Germany, Japan  and England as far back  as 1949.  So if you have a problem  with your small car we've  got the  Hours ot Service  8 am - 5 pm. 885-3281  SifTM CMKT  FxBM UUW LTB  Motorcycles  Marine  All fiberglass 12 ft. Runabout with  flotation tanks 10 hp O.B. motor,  casyload trailer, $1200 firm.  Firescreen, Copper trim $10.  886-7650. #35  24' aluminum log salvage Tug  440 Chrys. marine 2 station  hydraul. fully equipped with  VHF, CB, VHF scanner, charts,  dog lines, tow ropes. Ph. 886-  7834. $18,500. #33  bout limine  W.W. Upholstery  a Boat Topi Ltd.  Gibioni  886-7310  Marine  Ml'  LOIS III HOD?  Come in and see Herman  Vandeberg, 20 years Volkswagen Specialist ��� Factory  trained.  8MTI Ct-MT  FDKi ULBI LT��  Hours ot Service  8 sm - 5 pm    885-3281  VM.MD0MCN  Mny WK fim  1963 Mini Cooper, motor good. $350  OBO. 885-5395 after 5. #33  1970 MC Midget, good condition  $2000 OBO. Call 886-2753. #3$  '74 Maverick, adult driven. Excellent  condition inside and out. 27 thousand  miles. $2,500. 885-3579. #35  1972 Chevrolet flatdeck truck, 10,000  GVW, dual rears, overload springs.  Excellent shape, good rubber. Perfect  for builder etc. $3500. 886-2779.  #35  '73 Chrysler Newport, excellent running engine and body, new brakes.  $1900.886-2884. #33  1980 Jimmy, excellent condition  $8900.885-2505. #33  1970 Nova 6-cyl. autotrans., good  brakes & tires, good running cond.  Phone 885-9402. #33  1975 OMC Sierra Classic Vi Ion P/up.  New 454, balanced, high performance, new running gear, new brakes,  liner bed, mags, air cond., stereo.  $6500 OBO. 886-8301. #35  90 cc Hodaka Bush Bike A-l running  cond., spare parts. $275 OBO. Ph.  885-2907 5-7 p.m. #35  1975 Suzuki 500 cc, fairing. 12,000  miles,   new   chain,   sprockets   and  brakes. Phone 886-9245 after 3 p.m.  #35  BMW R60/5 motorcycle 600 cc, 8,500  original miles, almost showroom  cond. 883-2610 days. 885-5888 eves.  Ask for Steve. #35  1977 750 Triumph Bonneville, rebuilt  motor. 886-7570. #33  '71 Triumph Daytona 500 completely  restored, must be seen. 885-5906.   #33  21' Fibreform 250 Merc. I/O, trim  tabs, running lights $8,000. Will trade  for Ig. travel trailer or sm. mobile  home. 886-8420. #34  12' aluminum Boat 54" beam and 6  hp Evinrude; very good condition.  $700.885-2783. #33  17 ft Sangster 100 hp Johnson, new  top, upholstery, trailer $4,000.  885-5216 between 9-5. #33  41 ft. Strip Plank Centre Cockpit  Ketch. Diesel power and heat, h/'c  water & shower. New sails and equipl  Good family live-aboard. Will trade  real estate or can finance part. Phone  Rick at 883-2406, days only. See at  Madeira Park Gov't. Wharf. $79,000.  #33  Inter 505 17' fibreglass Hull, alum,  mast, rigging & new sails. $400 OBO.  885-5395 after 5. #33  9.8 Mercury recent overhaul, new  carb, tank & line $325. 886-8473.  #33  Wanted: Good 8' - 10' Row Boat.  885-3406,886-9427. #33  20 ft. Bayliner Liberty 2130. 165 Merc  I/O, lots of extras. Ready to go.  Moorage to Dec. 31. $6,000.  885-5230. #33  13' Sailboat $850. 886-8332. 1727  Martin Road. Good cond. #35  26 ft. "C" lie. West Banks Dory. V/i  yrs. old, new Volvo 145, VHF CB,  sounder, hydraulic gurdies, survival  suit. Phone6p.m. 885-5602.        #35  4'/: Mercury $300. 886-7877. ��5  Campers & RV;  Combicamp near new unique Danish  design lightweight tent trailer complete with add-a-room $850. Call Bent  at 886-8126. #35  TRAILER HITCHES  Reese, Eaz-Tow & custom hitches.  Call Terry at Coast Insutrles, Gibsons.  886-9159. TFN  1974 23-foot Titan Motorhome, lots  of extras $13,500. Phone 885-2403.  #33  1976 8' Security Camper 3-way fridge;  stove, heater, sink, overhead sleeper,  jacks; very good condition. $2,650.  885-2783. #33  15 ft. Home-made travel Trailer needs  some work $450. Also small utility  trailer $75. Madeira Park 883-2410.   #33  12x64 FLEETWOOD  2 BR - Fr. Kit. 2 Dr. Fridge  ���eye level oven - counter top  range. Carpet in L.R. and  M.B.R.-Patio door off L.R.  Very clean - one owner.  Delivered and set up in our  park. Full Price   >\J tfQQ  Can be viewed at  SUNSHINE COAST  TRAILER PARK  Hwy 101, Gibsons  T.F.N.  Mobile Homes  Coast Mobile  Homos Ltd.  GOOD  SELECTION OF  DOUBLE WIDES  we take trades  or  Consign your Mobile  Home to us for  Quick sale  Hwy. 101   (across Irom Benner's  _-_ Furniture)  885-9979       mdl 6393  Mobile Homes  ���73 Tolly 24* fly bridge 225 hp I/O,  exc. fishing boat fully equipped,  cabin, fish gear, CB, VHF, graph,  depth sdr., winch. HD easy load trl.  Sell separate or pan trade on good  bid. lot or smaller boat. $20,000.  885-3579. #34  Sabot Dinghy unsinkable fiberglass  $200 OBO. 886-9370. #34  Wide 12 ft.  fiberglass Boat. $225.  Good  condition.   Phone  886-7588.  #34  16' fibreglass Boat 40 hp Merc elec.  stan. Roadrunner trailer. $2450. 886-  9410. #34  AB Haddock Boat moving. Licensed  and fully insured. Hydraulic equip-  mem. Phone 883-2722 days. 883-  2682 eves. TFN  HIGGS MARINE  SURVEYS LTD  Insurance claims, condition and  valuation surveys. Serving the Sunshine Coasl and B.C. Coastal Waters.  Phone: 885-9425. 885-9747, 885-3643,  886-9546. TFN  17' Sangster 70 hp Mercury OB 5 hp  Volvo OB trailer low hours on motors.  Asking $4000. Phone 883-2228.     #35  MOBILE HOME  SALES ft SERVICE  Big Maple Motel  Davis Bay  885-9513  D.L. 6925  Wanted  CASH FOR LOOS  too rricoi  Froo Eitmutot  D & 0 LOG SORTING  LTD.  886-7896    886-7700  Freebies  Free - Iwo male fluffy Kittens, one  orange, one black. 886-8675. #33  GIBSONS POUND: For Adoption - 2  Shepherd & Husky Pups, 1 male, I  female, 7 weeks; 1 black female Setter,  I year. Ph: 886-2274. #33  Travel  The Silmar Experience. Now save  $400 per couple on Silmar's 14-day  Caribbean cruises plus fly free and get  Ihe Panama Canal loo. Getaway  Holidays 885-3265. #33  Opportunities  Economy got you down? Avon offers  good dollars, nice people, great pri/cs.  Call Sue Wiggins 886-9166.  Heler  Phillips 885-2183. TFN  <J  RqyalTrust  FOR SALE  BEAUTY SALON  Opportunity lo I* creative and  be your own boss at the sums  lime. Well established business  wilh 4 fully equipped slalions, :l  sinks with extra hookup for  fourth, 4 dryers, bin washer &  dryer, full bathroom plusslorage.  Located in modern plaza close to  shopping centre. Lois ol parking  available. Vendor is motivated.  All reasonal oilers will be con  sidered. Call Elizabeth Raines  324-4621 (24 hours).  669-3022 RT-8 (24 Hours)  ToRediet.       HD we can help you better.  Coast News, August 18.1981  Property  12 x 68' stove, frig., 12x12' insulated  storage shed, carport, 8x16 covered  deck. 'A block to Bonniebrook beach.  $22,000. Will consider large travel  trailer  as part  payment.   886-9163.  12' x 60* Leader, 2 bdrm., excellent  condition new 1980, 2 appliances. To  be moved. $20,500 OBO. 886-9708.           m  1973 12 x 64 3 bdrm., 4 appliances, to  be moved. $19,900. 885-5941.       133  1977 Kustom Koach 30' model 300D  lop of the line factory, deluxe  everything, c/w equalizer hitch and  mirrors, new brakes, city lest last year  $14,500 OBO. 885-5976. #34  1975 12 x 68 3-bedroom Mobile set up  in North Road Trailer Park, includes  four appliances, new carpeting and  sundeck. 886-9581. #34  1979 deluxe 30 ft. Terry Trailer, ideal  live in or travel - as new - loaded with  extras - inquire pad 38, Madeira  Marina. Asking $16,500. #33  14 x 56 new moduline mobile home set  up in Sundance Trailer Park, 4 appliances, l5Vi over 15 year financing  O.A.C. 885-9979, Coast Mobile  Homes, Dealer #6393. TFN  1975 Mobile Home 12 x 64 sundeck  and metal ihed 4 apl. and wood burning stove. S27.500.00. 886-9777 Pad  No. 63. Sunshine Cst. Tr. Prk.     TFN  Infant Car Seal, tub type. 886-9210.  #35  F & L Contractors. Standing timber.  Any amount. Fair prices. Good clean  up. Lou LePage 886-9872 or 886-7833.  TFN  Wanted: Free Fill - no rocks or sand.  886-8510. #33  Rolling Pins for adult daycare craft  classes. 886-7592 eves. #33  Older furniture, china etc. bought or  sold on consignment. Harbour Antiques, 1585 Marine Dr., Gibsons.  886-7800. TFN  View and brand new 3 bedroom 3  bath. Central Gibsons. Custom built  with basement. $162,500. 886-7087.  #35  Level Lol, few large irees, 5 min. from  Sechelt, near arena on quiel cul-de-sac  in growing subdivision. 7500 sq. ft.  Recent perc test approved. $35,500.  885-5226 or 885-9358. #35  VIEW  Watch the boats go by on Georgia  Strait from this 95x200 high-bluff  semi-water front lot on Gower Point.  Good building site, southern exposure, in rural area. Offered at  $67,900 wilh terms available.  886-9411. #33  Flal building lot with some ocean view  in Creekside Park, convenient to  shops At clinics, wilh all services including sewer. Owner will carry at low  interest rate, or cash offers to $37,900.  886-9411. #33  "SALMON SPAWNING CREEK"  Quality built home on quiet cul-de-  sac. .9 acre year-round salmon spawning creek borders west side of property. Magnificent unobstructed ocean  view of Trail Islands. Some landscaping, 8 fruit trees, rest in natural big  evergreens. Minutes to hospital, shopping eic. Easy access to best salmon  fishing in B.C. 885-3892. #33  73' x 130' building lot, services at property line, except sewer. Nicely treed,  quiet area on North King Rd. $42,000.  (112) 943-4393 Upper Gibsons area;  TFN  Half acre lot in Roberts Creek corner  of Joe and Lower. 886-7770. $49,500.  TFN  3 yr. old 1150 sq. ft. 3 bdrm. home, I  btk. to shopping and schools. .5'/i*Vt  open due 1983. Price $115.000. Phone  886-7854. #33  New 4 bedroom, 2100 sq. ft. 3-storey  cedar Home on large lot bordering  elementary school playground at end  of Poplar Lane, cul-de-sac. Has huge  kitchen and living room, master  bedroom with walk-in closet and  balcony, built-in intercom system,  finished basement and fully carpeted.  Asking $140,000. Call 872-8044 or  886-9623 TFN  Sandy Hook, gently sloping beautiful  ocean view, Lot no. 84 Skookum-  chuck Dr. $41,500. 274-5345 or  886-8442. #34  WATERFRONT HOI SE  Village of Sechelt. Private sale.  $179,000. Call 687-8212 or 885-2232  ask for Hans. #34  View Home, by owner. Gibsons  Large sundeck, 3 bedrooms. 2 up, I  down, basement with rec. room, double carport, walking distance to  schools, shopping, very low price.  886-9879. #35  Sechell. 1/2 acre, levelled, treed lot on  Redrooffs   Rd    $45,000.   845-2146.   #35_  PRIVACY ��� MOUNTAIN VIEW  Ne<*, well built, immaculate, 3 BR  cedar home - Langdale ridge, 2-level  with garage - large lot - quiet area  -landscaped for low maintenance  -phone 886-2429. #34  PRIVATE SALE ��� CLEARED LO I  Lot 81 Creekside Park Est. 50 x 124  lulls serviced $34,500. Call 886-9478  or 886-2945. #34  Irvines Landing, '/�� ac. view Lot,  treed, serviced, perc tested, near lakes  A marinas, good ocean fishing,  $43,300. 986-4637 or 883-9403 wknds.  #35  Sechell Village 3 bdrm. 1074 sq. ft.  Bungalow opposite park. Close lo  shops & schools. $80,000 firm. 885-  5530. #34  Wanted io Buy: Small cabin located  on Sunshine Coast. Box 8, c/o Coast  News, Box 460, Gibsons. VON IVO.  #34  3 BR, 2 bathroom Home, close to  ferry. 886-9240. #33  For sale by owner .4 acre waterview  lot in Secret Cove 100 yds. from sea  ���serviced   -   $45,000   firm.   (112)  922-7477. #34  2 bedroom cedar siding house to be  moved off property. Easy to move in  two sections. Offers. 886-9590.      #33  'Large level building lot. pot cm lul view  al Gower Point. $59,500. Phone  886-2137. #|JN  FOR SALE  COMMERCIAL PROPERTY  mi(h Gibson* Harbour view.  Extremely well-built. 2413 sq. fl. concrete block building.  Excellent financing terms available.  Inquire at: Port Mellon Industries Credit Union  886-8121  PRIVATE SALE  ROBERTS CREEK  WITH CLEARING - A SEA VIEW!  1/2 acre richly forested, gently sloping hillside just  off Beach Avenue. Halfway between store and picnic  site. Stroll to beach ��� golf club ��� community hall and  church. Judicious clearing will provide view - beams.  Firewood and your own 'privacy protective' tree  groves. All facilities, including cablevision.  885-5251  ROBERTS CREEK  4 Beautifully Treed Lots  on the Gorgeous South Slope  at Lower Road and Metcalfe  One  2/3  acre  lol  at   $49,000  Two V�� acre lots at $44,000 each  One V�� acre lot with 950 sq. foot  home fully landscaped with  swimming pool black topped  driveway $79,500  Just a Step to the Beach  From all Three  open to offers  To View call 885-2873 or 885-3470  & leave message  B.C. YUKON BLANKET  CLASSIFIEDS  25 WORDS FOR $99  FEDERATED COOP DOWNIE  STREET SAWMILLS has a position  available lor an EXPERIENCED  SAWMILL MILLWRIGHT. Please  forward resume of experience and"  qualifications lo Personnel Supervisor, Dovvnle Street Sawmills, Box  130(1. Kevclstoke, lie. VOL 2SO.  Phone 837-5175. ��M  GRAND FORKS BORDER BRUINS  members of 12 team Kootenay International Hockey League require:  GOACH, level 3 or achieving;  Manager; Players, age 16-20 years,  room and board, schooling, employ-  ment opportunities. Contact Mrs.  Rasmi'sscn, 442-8288 or 442-2431;  Davis 447.6139; Kohlman 442-2521 or  442-2883; or write Box 1433, Grand  Porks, B.C. VOH I HO. #33  EXCAVATING BUSINESS ON  SUNSHINE COAST. Grow revenue  lor I980SI4I.O0O.00. One man operation with late-model equipment in excellent condition. Selling for health  reasons. Also available or can he sold  separately 13-pluv acre Hobby Parm  with 2 homes. Phone evenings  487-9130. ��3J  HARDWARE STORE FOR SAlI.  Southern Vancouver Island. Prices in-  eludes Hock al cost plus fixtures.  Write Box 890, Lake Cowichan, B.C.  VOR 2GO. or phone 7493012 or  749-6178. #33  640 ACRES, approximately 450  cleared, beautiful view, water in each  quarter if cross fenced. Good investment, only $195,000.00. Phone  567-4846. Write Bin 358.  Vanderhoof, B.C. VOJ 3AO. #33  a\m 18  Coast News, August 18,1981  B.C. YUKON BLANKET  CLASSIFIEDS  25 WORDS FOR $99  IHRIl P\Rll ISLAND. 1-10 acre  piece. Approximate!) 3-4 acres In  meadow 1 32 acres subdividable.  1-5.82 acre piece' Well, veplic and  powei in Plume 395-3581 or  195-2674. #33  INCRI \sl GAS MILEAGE up to  tii^u wiih Vapor-Jet. Money back  guarantee Dealers warned 44.44  I t> It Box 122,108 Ranch, RRI. 101)  MilcHouvc Bt  vok 211)        #31  IK SIMM, SOW \\ MIAMI  11in si i i I'll Rl I) FINGERNAILS 1 arn extra income .11 homeoi  in ,i valon N'glii course available.  I imilvd seating Phone days 463*3025,  cvcnings462-7774 ��'J  w wil DGRADE I REGISTERED  RADIOI CXilC \l lit HNICIAN  general duty, 41 bed accredited  hospital \ppl) Mi Collins, Ad-  mtnistrutur, Box 1260, Golden  Hospital, Golden, B.C. Call collect  344-5271. #33  HEAVY EQUIPMENT WANTED:  950 Rubbet tired Cat Loader or  equivalent. 1972 or newer. Phone between 8 p.m. and 10 p.m. 743-2723.  Cobble Hill. B.C. #33  "999 SUCCESSFUL LITTLE-  KNOWN BUSINESSES";  "Gambler's Digest", world's greatest  gambling book Foi free information  and to order, contact J. Harvey.  #501, 223301 Mcintosh Avenue,  Haney, B.C. V2X3CI. ��33  CI-NIURY 21 PANORAMA RFAI  TY COMPANY. Smilheis. is pioud to  oiler '* I LIBBY'S"  A lavl food outlet  in a prime location and showing ex-  cellent returns, Phone 847-4351      #33  A.M. COMP SET 3510 wilh 504. 2'.  years old with 6 type discs plus 5404  keyboard lew than I I years old. Will  not sell separately, oilers to S24.ooo.  Call Driftwood Publishing lid.  537-2211 Ganges. B.C. #33  i.ll M llll I) SI R\111 MAN. Mum  have refrigeration, commercial and  .in conditionct experience. lop  u.iec,. Send resume to Box P,  Cnrihoo Observer 102-246 St. Laurent  Wiiiio, Qucsncl, B.C. V2J 2C9.  #33  MICTION SALE, Auguvl 26, 1981,  til a.in last Summit lake Road,  Houston, B.C. Farm machinery, vinall  engines Kerr's Auctions, Telkwa.  B.C. Phone 846-5392. #33  1972 AIRSIREAM 31 estale vale.  Real bath, double beds, A.C, awning, thermo windows. Used once since  completely refurbished. Otters lo  $15,000. Phone 494-1565 after 6:30  p.in, #33  Don't invite  the vandal  into your home  HARBEL HOLDINGS LTD. Mobile homes located in parks on  pads. Listings and Sales. We  welcome all enquiries. Listings  wanted. Wheel Estate. Phone  collect. Lower Mainland Division.  I.1M7-I00th Avenue. Surrey,  B.C. V.Vf IH9. 585-3622; Kamloops Division. sH)-I80 Seymour  Street, Kamloops, B.C. V2C  2E2. .372.5711. The Wheel Estate  People. (D.L. 6747). rTFN  "HOI IDAY RENT A CAR" - The  tiancliise wilh a future available now  lor Gibsiinv. 1 nr additional Information please phone Mr. Tom Light,  days, 591-8783 evenings.  #33  :-IX()K  1976 HONDA 64,000 kilometers  $2,700. 1974 PINTO wagon 92,000  miles, one owner, automatic, stereo,  air, deluxe interior $1,400. John Deere  tractor 3 cylinder, gas, Linderman  engine P.T.O. $900. Phone 4948874.  #33  EXCELLENTLY CONSTRUCTED  WATERFRONT CONDOMINIUMS  which are excellent retirement properties on sunny Shuswap Lakes ��� North  Shore. Maintenance free, private  development, will trade for your properly. Phonc955-62l2. #233  MOBILE HOME - BRAND NEW  14x60 2 bedroom musl be moved.  $29,500. Pads available. Phone  588-8818 or 585-7173. (P. 52461. #33 _..  WOOD WINDOWS AND  DOORS! Lowest prices anywhere  on double glazed wood windows.  Walker Door: Vancouver 266-  ��� 101. North Vancouver 985-9714.  Richmond 273-7030. Now open in  Kamloops 374-3566. TFN  Vene Pflrnell Pttol.i  The "Elusive Quest" brought home u sunken winch, chain unit  anchor Irom a recent fishing trip una* despite ohvjous rust from  mans years al Ihe sea bottom, its new owner, Mike l-'it/gerald.  reports il is still in working condition.  by Dawn Maddern and  Kenna Marshall  Vandalism is a crime and is  more than just a problem in  our community. It is the  willful destruction and  malicious damage of public  and private property. Vandalism has four main components: An Offence���An Op-  portunity���An Offender  and���A Victim.  72"'i> of vandals are between  the ages of 7 and 21. As a  parent, guide your children to  respect Ihe property of others.  Children who are taught the  right attitudes seldom vandalize. Remember vandalism  is a "beginner's crime"; the  offender may graduate lo  shoplifting, breaking and  entering, and more serious  crimes.  Avoid being a victim by  practising some anti-  vandalism techniques such as  having: more open areas, heller lighting, shatterproof  glass, and better locks. Lock  tools, machinery and lawn furniture safely away. Support  programs like Neighbourhood  Watch. If you see vandals at  work, call the R.C.M.P.  Report all damage to the  R.C.M.P.  Don't invite the vandal lo  an "Open House".  From the Attic  Identification of woods  by Helene Wallinder  It is important for collectors  lo be able to distinguish traditional furniture made in  Canada from European importations. Much of our furniture resembled that of  France, although it was rarely  an exact copy. It is often  through the materials used  that we are able to distinguish  and is easier to dent with the  fingernail, while sapwood has  a straight grain and is, much  Legal  NOTICE OF PUBLIC HEARING  Proposed Amendments to Village of Gibsons  Zoning By-Law No. 350,1979  Pursuant lo Section 703 of the Municipal Act, a Public Hearing  will be held in the Municipal Hall, 1490 South Fletcher Road,  Gibsons, B.C. on Monday. August 31, 1981 at 7:30 pm. to consider By-Law No. 407, 1981 (Zoning Amendment By-Law No.  407, 1981). Al the Hearing all persons who deem their interest  in property affected by the proposed by-law shall be afforded  an opportunity to be heard on matters contained in the by-law.  The intern of the by-law is lo amend the present zoning to the  following described properties as noted below:  1 That certain parcel or parcels of land in the Village ol  Gibsons more particularly known and legally described  as Block "A", D.L. 685, Plan 6406 and Amended Lot 1,  Ex. Plan 5480, Block 17, D.L. 685, Plan 7706, be rezoned  Irom Residential Zone 2, (R-2), to Residential Zone 3,  (R-3).  2 This by-law may be cited as "Zoning Amendment By-law  No. 407. 1981."  Take notice Ihat the above paragraph is deemed to be a synopsis ot By-law No. 407 and not deemed lo be an interpretation  thereof The By-law may be inspected at the Gibsons  Municipal Ollice, 1490 Soulh Fletcher Road, during office  hours, namely Monday to Wednesday, 8:30 am. to 4:30 pm. and  Thursday and Friday, 8:30 am. lo 5:00 pm.  J.W. Copland  ADMINISTRATOR  ,   A . -  '\v---s  L rH4.it U I  ���f^t-rrn  ���:  ��� '���:, *.r"V'f|;r  NOTICE  OF INTENTION  TO APPLY FOR A  DISPOSITION OF  CROWN LAND  In the recording  district of VANCOUVER and situated  in THEODOSIA INLET,  for the purpose of an  OYSTER LICENCE. By  Raymond D. Bradley,  Occupation: Writer,  File No. 2400639.  Description: Commencing at the NE  corner of the West  1320' of DL 2312,  Group 1, New  Westminster District;  thence 30 metres  360��; thence 79  metres, 270��; thence  95 metres, 298��;  thence 116 metres,  333��; thence 18  metres, 233��; thence  36 metres, 293��;  thence 67 metres,  233��; thence 80  metres, 163"; thence  eastward along  shoreline to point of  commencement.  Area: �� 2.32 hectares.  Dated: June 26th, 1981  Signed: R.D. Bradley  more difficult lo mark. When  paint or slain has been removed, butternut furniture has a  beautiful tone and resembles  ihe colour of straw. The butternut tree is not found in  Europe.  A writing from the I7th century tells of two types of  walnut trees, both of which  bear nuts, In one case the nuts  arc large and hard, but the  wood of the tree is very soli  and is only used to make clogs.  The other type of walnut tree  bears small round mils which  have a soft husk, the wood is  very hard and red inside.  Yellow Birch: Yellow birch  should nol be confused wilh  the mersier of France. It is  lighter in colour lhan the  cherry wood which has a reddish brown tinge. When ii is  finished wilh a stain, French  wild cherry has a golden tone  which resembles many other  fruitwoods. A number of tiny  deep-red knots arc sometimes  seen on the surface of a piece  of furniture made of French  wild cherry which arc never  found in Canadian birch.  Another characteristic of  Canadian birch is the faint  wavy grain in certain sections  of the wood when examined  under a strong light. Some  Canadian furniture was made  of birchwood chosen specially  for this undulating grain and  called wavy or curly birch.  Parasites: A scourge in  France, bul because of  Canada's cold winters, Ihe  wood is protected. Woodworms are not found in  Walnut or Butternut farther  north than the lower pari of  Vermont, Rare worm-holes  are sometimes found in bulier-  niit Imported from the U.S.,  bin never found in Mom teal  or Three Rivers district. Once  the wood has been made inlo  furniture, the worms are Inactive.   Inferior   quality  wood  showing channel marks from  large worms was often used  for   Ihe   hacks  of  Canadian  commodes or armolres. If a  piece of furniture has worm  holes, it is almosl certainly of  European ot possibly  American origin.  "Societies Act"  NOTICE OF ANNUAL MEETING  St. Mary's Hospital Society  To the members of St. Mary's Hospital Society:  Take notice that the Annual General Meeting of  the members of the St. Mary's Hospital Society  will be held in the Senior Citizens Hall, Mermaid  Street, Sechelt, B.C. on  Wednesday, the 30th day of September, 1981  at the hour of 7:30 p.m.  Dated in the village of Sechelt, in the province of  British Columbia this 10th day of August, 1981.  By order of the  Board of Trustees  Next week - further identification - dovetails, lathe  work, thickness of planks, etc.  one from another. Obviously,  it is easier to identify once the  painl or slain has been removed. Test-scrape in some unexposed spot to identify the  wood.  While Pine: Canadian white  pine has a texture which cannot be found in any of the  resinous woods of France. It is  less grained than ihe French  woods and ils surface is more  regular. Woodworkers of the  past had logs sawn in such a  way that the surface was  neither grained nor veined and  was called yellow pine. The  French coniferous wood which  most closely resembled Canadian pine is a type of balsam  which was used in Normandy.  The surface of this wood is  richly veined and almost identical wilh Canadian hemlock.  A few pieces of Canadian  hemlock have been mistakenly  identified as French. French  balsam has darker veins and  ihe wood between is much  lighter. The difference is so  obvious between French  balsam and Canadian white  pine.  Butternut: Canadian*butternut can easily be mistaken for  French or American walnut.  The only way to distinguish it  from others is by digging a  fingernail into the wood. If ihe  fingernail sinks inlo the wood  and leaves a mark, it's Canadian butternut. If it slides  across the surface without  penetrating it, it is French or  American walnut.  The sap-wood of butternut  is firmer lhan the core of the  tree and is sometimes mistaken  for walnut. The core of butternut has an undulating grain  t  i?:i:i*iii  Al Wagner  Al Wagner  Invites you  to join  Big  Brothers  A service of friendship freely given by  men, lo boys without  fathers.  For Information  886-2615  885-5664  SUNSHINE COAST  PEST CONTROL & HEALTH SERVICES LTD.  LOCALLY OPERATED GOVT. LICENCED  For Control of Carpenter Ants.  Rodents and Other Pests  OUR SPECIALTY:  Pre-Treatment of Houses Under Conduction  For Conlidential  Advice and 883-2531  Estimate Call      Pender Harbour  DROP OFF YOUR  ^CLASSIFIED ADS!'  In Sechelt at:  CAMpbElls  FAMILY SHOES &  LEATHER GOODS  "In the Heart of Downtown Sechelt"      885-9345  DEADLINE: 12 NOON SATURDAY  In Pender Harbour at:        school supplies now in!  MADEIRA PARK PHARMACY  Pender Harbour Centre       883-9414  DEADLINE: 12 NOON FRIDAY  Classifieds must be pre-paid at time of  drop-off  CLASSIF  Copyright and  Advertising  Regulations  The Sunshine Coast News  reserves the riuhl to classify  advertisements under appropriate headings and detetmine  pace location. The Sunshine  toast News also reserves Ihe  rich! to revise or reject any  advertising which in Ihe opinion  of the Publisher is in questionable taste. In the event that  any advertisement is rejected,  the sum paid for Ihe advertisement will be refunded.  ED ADVERTISING  Minimum $2.50 per 4 line insertion. Each  additional line 50C, or use our economical 3  weeks for the price of 2 rate. This offer is made  available for private individuals.  THE FOLLOWING CLASSIFICATIONS  ARE FREE  Birth Announcements, Lost and Found  No  billing or telephone orders are accepted  except from customers who have accounts with  us or who live outside the Sunshine Coast  Cash, cheques or money orders must accompany  all classified advertising.  [CLASSIFIED DEADLINE  NOON SATURDAY  ALL FEES PAYABLE  PRIOR TO INSERTION.  Please mall to Coast News, Classifieds,  Box 460, Gibsons, B.C. VON 1V0.  Or bring in person to  the Coast News Office in Gibsons.  CLASSIFICATION:  Eg. For Sale, For Rent, etc.  mrr         " "    -  mix......__  :   "  x _      "            _ _x "~n  x: : ._  :  "               x  n~Ej  NO. OF ISSUES ��� ��� ���  Crossword  Answers tm test wmi*i CroMwor-i  by Jo Melnyk  ACROSS  1. Separate  5. Equal  9. Strike  14. Dyeing Apparatus  15. Read (Fr.)  16. Clemenlins's Father  17. N. Americans  19. Flower  20. Musical Composition  21. Summer (Fr.)  23. Man (Spanish)  24. Debases  27. Glut  29. Roving  31. Layered  35. Pitch  37. Time Periods  39. Love  40. Writing (Irish)  42. Animals  44. Bird  45. Estimator  47. Nooses  49. Make Lace  50. Stadiums  52. Gait  54. Above  56. Everlasting  59. Masc. Name  62. Bush  64. Weird  65. Language  67. Good Occasion  70. Of Tin  71. Sesame  .72. Chilled  73. Proverb  74. Remain  75. Masc. Nickname (PI.)  DOWN  1. Measured  2. Stone  3. Re-Count  4. Batterer  5. Samuel's Teacher  6. Roman Highway  7. Bird ol Prey  8. Dens  9. Small (Scots)  10. Crimes  11. Preposition  12. Age  13. Faults  18.  English Endearment  22.  Devour  25. Weight  26. MoNusks  28.  Aunt (Spanish)  30.  Crowd  32. China's Fear?  33. Assam Silkworm  34. Liability  35. Law ol Moses  36. AgaHochWeod  38.   Sleep Sound  41. Threatening  43.  Quarrel  46.  Rodent  48.  Scoff  51.  Drunkard  53.  Thyroid Problem Person  55.  Pillars  57. Directed  58. English City  59. Province (Abbr.)  60. Put Down  61. Mountain  63.  Music lor Two  66.  Humorist  68. Vegetable  69. English City  I  I  1,  i     o,4  A    3 ti  1  e  it  7  1      ���      10  u   tt   d  i.  12  I  13  P  u  A  BAT  K  15  i  V  K     N    T  S  E  17  L  a    A*.  J  h  11  P  t  T    '  MS  _0.  a_jl!  at  T  u  It  ma  T !  v i  ���  H  ATE  |30  25  a  T  76    27   ���  K    "���  as  c m  H  t.  '  at  31  J  n  A     It   3  u  Bv  t.1  tl  17  N  n  A  H  j y  II  40  41  N  42  i  3  II  H  !',  K  43  R  K  j e  1  T  f.  ��� 4S  1   A  0  A  V  i  K  146  A  '.���  R  47   1*0   1  l  o to  41  ii  A  L  11   s  >    S3  -I  K  1"  L  \  EJ  T7  |  \9  n  u'  S  in 1  M  M  .  A  57  w  SI  ��*  i      (  M  ���  1   i-  K  .��  ���  M  M  I  L L  I  (t  N  ��!  a  .:  ���ll  J   |l A  T  C  ���4  N  SS  1  Ii  fs  A  w  A  I,  V  !   ��� ��� r;  K  N  ti  1  ���J 1  u  r.  I  M  J  el  L  .,���  .,  P  1  1  2  1  4    1  5  0  7  '  10  11  12  11  14  IS  ��  17  la|  s  20  21  1  23  14  25  20  27  1  M  r  J  11  12  37  ��  40  1  I  42  44  4S  *1  1  i  W  41  5*  *  1  L  S3  "_  ss  I  "  S7  St  1  02  ea  IWWWBjH  M  is  "  1  17  11  70  t  1  "  n  h  "  :stwuri I  SOUND  Qpioneeti  Wharl 4 Cowrip  The terrible termite  Nature Note  by Vicki deBoer  The termites are swarming  again so it seems a good time  to learn more about these insects. These rather ugly bugs  have a social system similar to  ants, however, they are more  closely related to cockroaches.  aKW\sTamXrJ~  f-f  SUMMER SCHEDULE  Mw/��\///PJ  TO NANAIMO  TOVANCOUVIR  FLIGHT NO.  TIME  FLIGHT NO.  TIME  201  07:30  101  was  203  11:45  103  0040  20S  15:15  100  11*41  207 (Frktiy Only  10*00  107  14:10  FROM NANAIMO  100  111  10:16  10.-00  FLIQHT NO.  TIME  202  01:00  FROM VANCOUVER  204  12:30  FLIGHT NO.  TIME  20��  11*00  102  00*00  201 Friday Only  10:30  104  10*30  TO POWELL RIVER  100  1*2:30  FLIGHT NO.  TIME  100  1440  903  00:30  110  10*00  90S  13:15  112  10:30  907  10:30  FROM POWELL RIVER   FOR INFORMATION  FLIQHT NO.  TIME  PHONE  904(103  MIS  SECHELT ��� 885-2214  soa/107  134S  VANCOUVER ��� 689-8651  801/111  1718  NANAIMO - 753-2041  POWELL RIVER ��� 485-9223  Further Schedules to Jervis Inlet, Salmon Inlet, Narrows Inlet,  Pender Hsrbour Now 3 Flights Daily Except Sunday.  Effective March 30th, 1901  Passengers ere  reqiMoted to eheeMn 30 nrimriee prior  to IHyhl MTnM  The ones wc see flying are the  breeding males and females.  These are the only members of  a termite colony with true  wings. The next caste in a colony are the supplementary  reproductives and these are  smaller, paler termites with  small eyes and fleshy bodies.  They stay in the colony just in  case the king and queen cannot produce eggs any more  and if this happens they take  over this job. Though they  cannot lay as many eggs and  will never become true kings  and queens, they can keep a  colony alive for many years.  The nexl order are the workers  and these are non-  reproductive males and  females (hat keep the colony  alive. They do the building,  cleaning and feeding and they  tend to the eggs and also mind  the king and queen who live in  a royal chamber. The last  group are the soldiers and they  are specially equipped to fight  their worst enemy, ants. Some  soldiers have enlarged mandibles for crushing their enemy  and others have a snout-like  projection from which they  discharge a sticky secretion  that immobilizes enemies.  The king and queen are the  nucleus of the colony and after  their mating flight- they shed  their wings and go about the  business of reproducing. As  ihe queen lays more and more  eggs, her abdomen swells to  sausage-like proportions and  she becomes immobile. She is  destined to do nothing but cal  and breed and lay eggs for the  rest of her life. Some termite  colonies are at least IS years  old and members number in  the millions!  Not all termites live in  wood. Some build huge towers  of mud and debris with intricate tunnels and caverns.  Within ihese towers they control the heat and humidity and  there is a very high concentration of carbon dioxide present.  Most termites do feed on plant  material including wood,  grasses and leaves and some  cultivate a fungus for food,  Our west coast termites prefer  to live and feed in a damp  wood environment so they are  not a serious threat to  buildings. There is one termite  that prefers a dry wood such  as buildings and they can do  serious damage lo a structure.  Fortunately only a small  percentage of the termites lhal  swarm ever make it to be kings  and queens. Instead they form  a feast for the many insectivorous creatures that prey on  them. Birds, small mammals,  lizards, toads and even some  people find them a delicacy.  - Used Furniture  and What Have You  lit  We buy Beer Bottles  886-2812   mm  EUCTROi  'RtWrnmihhd If dunk's /��������% Manufacturers"  IpH   A P    - Living Room of any size  fLO   7'    - Dinirxj Room  WW* "Bom." -1 Prepared Bedroom  Oder attim Sift. 5tV8l  UpmitMjf    9V T*    "��� f   ���to Ctiptt dunta) Sttttradftfi GurifftMf  Carpet*  Upholstery Cleaning  rTM CSfiMTfS  Bee Carpet Care ****  High school finishing  courses at College  Coast News, August 18( 1981  Did you know that you can  complete your high school at  Capilano College in Sechelt?  The Sechelt Learning Centre  offers day and evening classes  for adults over 17 years of age,  who have been out of school  for at least a year.  Many, people find the idea  of going back lo school an  unpleasant one, especially if  they have experienced educational problems in the past.  The adult upgrading course at  the College may be a pleasant  surprise. Most people's anxiety is dispelled after the first  few classes when they find ihat  other students have common  feelings and reasons for being  there.  With the College course,  students are encouraged to  realize that the goal of  finishing high school is a quite  realistic one. Instructors are  sensitive to adult needs, and  will co-operate fully to make  ithe educational setting work  for the student.  Subjects offered are  English, Math, Chemistry,  Physics and Biology. The  courses are organized to be  self-paced, so that a student  proceeds at his or her own  speed. Instructors are present  to aid with problems in any  section, and to administer  competency tests for each  component.  Most people who have been  out of school for some time  don't know where Ihey stand  in terms of Grade level, so  each person is given a level test  at the beginning. Students  then progress through subjects  and levels to Grade 8,10 or 12.  At the conclusion of these  levels students are given a  vocational certificate, at-  testing-taHheir upgrading.  A classroom and lab are  open to upgrading students  during the day and in the evening for the convenience of  shiftworkers and other who  need a flexible timetable. The  program is open to both full  and part-time students as well.  Fees are very reasonable,  and depend on the amount of  time spent in class. They can  be paid per class hour or by  the month.  The College support services  are open to the students in this  program too. Counsellors can  advise on educational and  vocational planning. Learning  Assistance personnel will aid  with any difficulties in reading  or writing skills, or problems  with spelling, vocabulary,  memory, or time management.  This course in Sechelt will  be starting again in the fall.  You can pre-register at  88S-93IO between 12:30 and  7:00 pm. Monday to Friday,  and an instructor will contact  you to discuss the program.  More information is available  on a drop-in basis at the Learning Centre, Inlet Avenue.  Remember, the College is here  to serve your educational  needs-why not come back to  school this year?  16x20  ENLARGEMENT  SPECIAL  Reg. s21.60  NOW ONLY  $14.95  "Offer expires August 31st"  :\ DAY FILM SFRVICF  on print <itt(l development  of C   41 film  Tri'Photo  Teredo Square. Sechelt      885-2882  lYIAKWEITS PHARMACY  YOUR COMPLETE HEALTH CARE CENTRE  * Fact Prescription Service  * Health Care Accessories  * Almay Hypoallergenic Cosmetics  * Patient Aids (Sales & Rentals) dfutcnesr  comodes, bed pans, canes, etc.  107 cedar nua.Mton 886-8158  OPEN SUNDAYS  Noon to a PM. 20  Coast News, August 18,1981  In Secret Cove  Development  draws ire  by Fran Bourassa  An example may be made of the Secret Cove development (31  strata title condominiums) as a respresentative case for the  whole area of what will happen to a developer who breaches a  land-use contract with the regional board.  The land-use contract between the developers, corporate  lawyers, Freeman and Easten, and the regional board is "...  Jing on all parties who initially agree to it as are their respective  heirs, executors, administrators, successors and assigns". The  development permll specifically limits the use of land in order to  protect the natural heauty of the area.  Secret Cove residents and regional board staff are concerned  over ihe apparent breach of this contract by the developers.  "The board has to make a firm stand on this issue," advised  SCRD Planner Jim Johnstone. A recommendation was made by  Ihe board to lake leital action against the developers.  Al the rhursday board meeting, Johnstone told the directors  ihat a "healed issue' was brewing with the residents of Secret  Cove because of this breach of contract.  The cutting of Irees in front of (he condominiums, construction debris along the side of the road leading from the units to  ihe Secret cove marina, a road loo narrow and units being built  loo close to the fuel tanks were some contraventions of the bylaw.  A representative of the Secret Cove property owners, Gerry  Harrington made an appearance at the board meeting to convey  the grave concerns of the residents.  "We are up in arms over this," said Harrington, "In 1977 all  the properly owners in Secret Cove signed a petition that urged  ihe regional board, in the interest of preserving the unique environmental beauty of the area, to withhold the granting of a  development permit or land-use contract involving the departure  Irom existing zoning regulations until an official Settlement  Plan lor Secret Cove was adopted. The petition was not taken  into consideration nor was our voiced opposition at the public  hearings. The development was approved and went ahead.  "Bui wc along with a lawyer, made our stipulations in the Ian-  use contract to try and keep as much naturalness to the area in  -.pile of the development, and a $35,000 performance bond was  placed on the developers.  "There are very strict vegetation restrictions on the plan map  attached to the land-use contract that goes even so far as to state  what trees would remain.  "They have limbed 125-foot trees and left only 20 feet of  vegetation at the top which has bared the units from Ihe natural  camouflage. Wc have heard that there is a formal application to  ihe Department of Highways lo cut more trees along the road  and Ihat real estate agents are telling prospective buyers thLt  irees can be removed to enhance the view."  Harrington, a fire inspector in West Vancouver, also told the  board that they had 'a big problem on their hands' as they had  allowed three of the units to be built directly above the bulk fuel  storage tanks of the marina.  In Gibsons  ��� Bradley J Benson Pholo  The usual prize of $5.00 will be awarded to Ihe first name drawn  from the barrel correctly locating the above. Send your entries to  the Coast News, Box 460, Gibsons in lime lo reach the  newspaper office by Saturday. Last week's $10.00 winner was  Billy Wray, Box 1372, Gibsons, who correctly identified the  location of the owl statue on Sinclair Bay Road in Garden Bay.  Harrington also mentioned the fact that the road leading from  the condos to the marina was too narrow as the regulations stale  the proper width to be 12 feet and the existing road is only eight  feet.  "The repair shop presently on the marina property is in contravention of the by-law. Not only that, but it is taking up four  of the 48 parking spaces that are stipulated in the contract,"  Harrison told the Coast News.  The regional board assured Mr. Harrington that as much action would be taken as possible. The regional board will dismiss  their present legal council, William Orobko, as they are unsatisfied with the quality of his advice and will ask municipal  lawyers, MacKenzie-Lidston to become their legal councellors  and help them deal with the infractions.  But this will take time and the residents of Secret Cove who  have a watchful eye on the red marker ribbons on the development site, fear that court action may be too late to save the trees  and the beauty of the Cove.  Harbour area redevelopment  by Vene Parnell  Architectural Services partners, Kevin Ryan and Jack Forbes  told Gibsons Harbour Businessmen's Association (GHBA) that  a proposed complete planning study to assess downtown  redevelopment in Gibsons could cost as much as $50,000 to  $75,000.  In a written presentation to GHBA members recently, Ryan  and Forbes said the study should include traffic, parking, urban  design, streetscape and building design, land use planning and  market analysis. Such a study would require a team of at least  lour persons: a planner, transportation engineer, architect and  landscape architect.  Since the Gibsons budget only allows $5,000 for professional  services plus planner Rob Buchan's fees, which are paid additionally by the village, Ryan told members their study would  focus on streetscape and building design guidelines.  "The final product of the study will be a 'concept plan' and a  preliminary cost estimate for proposed public improvements to  municipal property."  Under the terms proposed by Ryan and Forbes, the village  would be asked to provide necessary information such as the  location of present building lines, proposed future locations of  trees and services, surface grades of streets, photographs of existing street facades, plot plans and legal descriptions of the entire study area.  The two month limit allowed for the study would not be in effect until Architectural Services has received all the requested information, Ryan staled.  Ryan asked CillliA members for their "suggestions and  input" regarding street and building facade guidelines.  "Whal are your ideas regarding the materials and textures on  ihe streets, lor building designs, seals, signs, garbage disposal  containers and the development of the central park area?"  At the meeling attended by 20 lower Gibsons merchants, there  were no suggestions offered but several questions arose: what  >ort of taxation burden would Ihe local improvements create for  Suj��et Swm&i Sate  SEW-EASY SECHELT*  TRAIL BAY CENTRE   885-2725  Fakccd  merchants; would participation in the facade improvements be  compulsory for all merchants; and how could increased parking  space be obtained in the harbour business area?  Members were told that the downtown design would be made  first and assessed financially. After the amount of expenditures  is calculated and the size of loan determined, the proposal would  be presented to local merchants and they could vote on whether  to accept the plan and accompanying increase in taxation.  Kevin Ryan showed members a proposed design for buildings  in the downtown area, including natural cedar facades, painted  rather than lighted or neon signs and with street decorations  such as benches, hanging plants and trees.  Although such improvements would not be compulsory immediately, it would be the hope and the purpose of the  downtown improvement area to encourage merchants to adapt  natural cedar in their building design when they were at the stage  of considering improvements to their buildings.  At least one downtown businessman, George Giannakos, expressed his disapproval of the natural wood facade proposed for  all businesses in the harbour area.  GHBA members were asked to express their views to Ryan  and Forbes within the next several weeks.  On the  Seafood Platter  by Chak-Chak  It is the middle of August  and the weather is warm  -barbecue time! Outdoor  cooking is very popular these  days and the cooking of  seafood is quick and easy to  do if you just follow a few  simple rules.  First of all, the grill of the  barbecue must be clean and  free from any charred and  burnt-on pieces of food which  may cause the tender flesh of  fish to stick and become torn  in the cooking process. Soon  after using, the grill should be  soaked in hot soapy water and  then scrubbed with a brush  and rinsed in clean water.  The charcoal fire should be  started at least one half hour  before cooking time. I prefer  to use wood kindling to start  the briquets, too liberal use of  liquid fire starter can  sometimes be tasted in the  delicate flavour of seafood.  It is hard to set a definite  cooking time for seafood  because it can be affected by  the temperature of the food  when placed on the grill. Fire  temperature, atmospheric  temperature and the location  of the barbecue (windy or  sheltered spot).  I generally test the fish with  a fork or chopsticks; if it  flakes easily and has lost its  translucent appearance, it is  done. Do not try to cook fish  on a grill that is over 2 inches  thick; fillet it or cut into  steaks. Just by way of a guide,  here are some approximate  inch thick, 6-9  Wi inches, 8-12  2   inches,    10-18  times; 1  minutes;  minutes;  minutes.  A basic oil and lemon  coating prevents sticking  unless the fish is of an oily  variety. Marinades and sauces  add to the natural seafood  by making an aromatic smoke  from the hot coals by the addition of herbs like summer  savory, basil, thyme, bay  leaves, orange or lemon peel  or even garlic cloves. A variety  of different kinds of wood  chips that are used by  smokehouse owners, can be  used. (Soak the chips in water  for about Vi an hour before  using.  A simple marinade can be  made by using lemon or lime  flavour if you prefer. Different flavours can be created  juice and soaking pre-salted  fish for about 1 hour. Another  one is soya sauce, vegetable oil  and Sauterne wine (do not use  NDP  xOO1-"^  I.W.A.  MEMBERS  Local 1-71  A ballot on the proposed new contract will  be conducted at the following times and  places:  Thursday, August 20  9 am 'til Noon  Above Ken's Lucky Dollar, Gibsons  Thursday, August 20  1 pm 'til 5 pm  Sechelt Legion Hall  ��� Ed Gill  \K5*"-K  FIBERGLASS  AND  RIGID  salt for this one). Before cooking, let drain and blot dry with  paper towelling.  We have an excellent supply  of fresh seafood in this area  now, so do take advantage of  it and enjoy a delicious  seafood cook-out. Sea you.  R28 x 24" $22.40 per i��g  While present stock lasts  PENINSULA ROOFING  AND INSULATION LTD.  885-3744  Wh��rf St. Sechelt 8859585 ANCOUVER ISLAND  N.��n.uriH..Vn.1'iri. Sunshine Coast Realtor, August 21, 1981  W -Waterfront  H -Homes  A - Acreage  R - Recreational  F - Farms  Buo. 885-5171  Box 1188, Sechelt, B.C. VON 3A0  "Your Heal Estate Hosts  on the Sunshine Coast"  REDROOFFS RD. - HIDEAWAY  This 2 bed 24 x 36 modular home is tucked neatly In the  Irees Enjoy those summer evenings sitting on the 28 x 12  sundeck and those winter nights curled around the acorn  llreplace Park your car In the 24 x 17 garage and make use  ol this Vi acre lol F.P. $93,500. Call 885-5171 lor appointment to view  ���SEAVIEW APT. WEST SECHELT*  L244  Here is a 4 plex .ipartmenl sel in a very desirable area. Each  900 sq. ft. 2 bdrm suite has lots of storage as well as a  beautilul view of the Trail Islands. The landscaped property  also has a 1300 sq. ft. "A" Frame home with 1', balhs. lovely  cedar finish inside. Large living room, single car enclosed  garage all this on appiox. 1 acre ol land. Gentle slope,  southern exposure. Great potential. Call Pal Murphy to  arrange appointment to view. $275,000.  GOWER POINT - EXCELLENT VIEW I. 261  This esplanade waterfront is on the market. The l.ii is 101) x  217. with an excellent view and just an esplanade separates it  from the waterfront. Call now. F.P. 175,000.  GOWER POINT 1262  Cleared and ready to build This 100 x 132 lot is in an .in .i  that you're sure to like. Quiel, close lo beach .mil in lb.  Bonniebrook Lodge. F.P.159,500.Call 885 5171  COMMERCIAL ��� SECHELT L 249  Two (2) lots zoned commercial I. Ideal location for  professional . Lots' size frontage 100 x 132. At present there  are three residential units (all need repairs & renovations).  Can be income producing with just a little elbow grease and  paint. Good potential holding property. Owner will carry  balance at 14* FP 1165,000. Call Pat Dahle  885-5692 or Pat Murphy 885-5171  WATERFRONT  Follow Secret Road and it will lead you to this approx. 3M  acre waterfront lot. Quiet seclusion will be yours Services  are available. F.P  179.900 Call 885-5171  LARGE LOT-REDROOFFS L267  Lovely large lot 79' x 199' located on Redrooffs Road. Gentle slope and southern exposure, serviced with power and  waler. septic approved Close to Sargents Bay Vendor will  carry $25,001) at 18% F P $40,000 Call Pat Murphy  885-5171 anytime  COUNTRY CHARMER L 250  * 4.6 acres  * Gentle Sloped Land.  * Dogwood trees.  * Fruit trees.  * Well kept lawns.  * Vegetable garden.  * Flower garden.  * Blacktop Rd. & Patio.  * Storage shed (metal).  * Garage.  Plus 3 bdrm 1162 sq.ft. double wide home in  top condition. And all this is surrounded by  a white pickett fence. F.P. $140,000. For  appointment to view call Pat Murphy.  ���mmmm WmW\m"  LET THE SUN FIND YOU. L 264  Relaxing on this 54' x 10'sundeckwhich iip.ni of *.*. tovuly3  bedroom full basement, llMHsq. Il home Cuokinijouiisno  problem on the pjtio)ustsi'tu|)1liL'li.ii b-quulhenseluplhe  badminton net on the super level lawn. Guaranleed tun in  the sun. All this plus buili in oven, range, (ridge and  dishwasher. Don'i miss I his one. Call Pal Murphy for  appointment to view- FJ3. $110,000   SUMMER FUN.. EXCELLENT WATERFRONT   L 260  will be rewarding when you open your eyes and I ind yourself  in the best beach around. This Redrooffs Rd. waterfront  home is situated in a prime area. Gentle slope to a pebble  beach with good moorage, Approx, % acre. You like to  garden well there is great potential on this lot. The home is  approx. 1700 sq. ft. with 2 bedrooms, a spacious kitchenand  dining area, an airy utility, and a living room lhal opens onto  a beautiful sundeck. And for the one who likes lo gel away  from it all there is an 11' x 18'6" den. All this for $170,000.  Call 885 5171.  MEMBER SUNSHINE COAST REAL ESTATE ASSOCIATION "P.T." Dahle 885-5692 Deirdre 885-5971 Pat 885-5171  MEMBER ��� D  SUNSHINE COAST H.D  REAL ESTATE ASSOCIATION  LOTS  HALFMOON BAY - SANDY HOOK  We have several choice properties located in both of these  areas, priced from $39,500.  WEST SECHELT $64,900  Towering evergreens abound on this Vz acre lot. Excellent  private building site with easy access to beach. The future  could hold subdivision possibilities.  To view, call Wayne Salter.  SECRET COVE $39,900  Straight ahead water view from this large sloping lot. Servic  ed. On MLS. Call John Wilson.  PENDER HARBOUR From $50,000  1. 1.3 ACRES - with potential view, subdivision  650' x ap  prox.    90'.    Some   timber,   serviced.    ON   MLS  2. WATERFRONT - 2 adjoining lots on Francis Pen. Rd  All  offers      considered!      Call       Wayne       Salter  3. LARGE TREED LOT - 99' x 425', quiet area, serviced  Call Jack Noble or Wayne Salter.  EARLS COVE  SEMI-WATERFRONT - Fantabulous view -high bluff yre.it  building site & 15% financing for 3 years!  Call Wayne Salter. On MLS.  SUMMER HIDEAWAY  Build your vacation retreat on this well ireed lot   Located  500' from the peaceful waters of Ruby Lake Yours for only  $19,900. Ask Shelley Biddle for details  GORDON AGENCIES ltd.  31 Years At Cowrie St., Serhel!  - (.AHDI.N BAY ROAD ACREAGE -  3 T.iu,. a,ii.i,'. inounlain view urealgardeningpotential;  treed privacy, brook Listed al 164,000 Vendor anxious  so bring all otters!  - WEST SECHELT -  PHONE  885-5891  Box 123, Sechelt. BC  CHOICE WATERFRONT  Wa  ..illei  PRICE REDUCED  FOR FAST SALE ���  I nil basement quality Unit Itnme. with double carpnrl .mil  fully enclosed workshop which aould be convened Inlo a  ���jut'si cultaye Uninterrupted view overlooking Ti.nl Islands  Ji Georgia Strait l-'oi details call Wauie Sailer  ��� PRICE REDUCED BY 140,000 -     Nil reduced  by $40,000  . TWO HOUSES .  Make Ihlsyoui pnnic Invesl  merit! Supei ii bdrm house  on level pebble beach-plus  anothei small 2 bdrm house  to rem orV Just reduced  Irom 1265.000. Now offered al ��239.000!  Call Kellv Therlen  HALFMOON BAY WATERFRONT  F.ihuioits smooth locks superb views! Auniqui si iiIiimIoi  .i supi'l one k'vel t lixlioniu house with a masslw stone  lilepluce, stipilown living loom o|k'iiing lo Ihe suutii'i i  Southern view in M.-iu Island and Ivviind $255,000 linn  Shelley Biddle  WEST SECHELT WATERFRONT  War. h all Ihe action around the Tt.nl Islands Irom tills I  bdrm rancher Fabulous llshiny I I' $155,000  .John Wilson has details Sunshine Coast Realtor. August 21. 1981  Box 100  Madeira Park,  B.C.  883-2233  1    HOMES    [  MADEIRA PARK - 3 BR Gothic arch home  on Front Road. Separate garage, sauna, paved  driveway. Purchase price includes acorn  fireplace, 5 appliances and some furniture,  $84,500  W  GARDEN BAY - New 3 BR rancher, sill  under construction, on Hotel Lake Crescent  Contains 1159+ sq. It., plus carport. Can be  bought as is, or owners will finish it for the full  price of $95,000.  MADEIRA PARK - this 960 �� sq ft building  with room for expansion is awaiting your Ideas  8110,000  _  MADEIRA PARK - 3 BR rancher, approx.  1,28" sq. ft. wilh attached carport, ljj  bathrooms Located on '4 acre lot on Lagoon  Road. Just a short walk to shopping centre  school & post office. $120,000.  MADEIRA PARK ��� Small starter or retirement home with 1 bedroom on main floor and 1  in the basement. Close to public beach access.  $89.500  2 B.R. HOME -  149,500.     Carpenter's  special or starter home? This small home in  Madeira Park has been partially remodelled, but  there's still plenty to do. That't why the price is  an affordable $49.500.  j       MOBILE  HOMES  I  Toll Free From'  Vancouver:  689-7623  Mmttr of Multiple Listing Units  | WATERFRONT LOTS & ACREAGE\  PENDER HARBOUR  ADJOINING SUBDIVISION DEVELOPMENT ACREAGES  ��� 40+ acres overall  ��� 1.3201 ft. waterfront  ��� Zoned R3L (quarter acre lots)  ��� Preliminary roads & water mains installed for ||  first phase of 23 lots.  ��� 2 drilled wells  ��� Float & dock (need repairs)   $745,000'  ��� 35i acres overall  ��� 1,700+ ft. tidal waterfront  ��� Zoned R3L (quarter acre lots)  $380,000  LOT 2 ��� ST. VINCENT BAY - approx I  acres with 402+ ft. waterfront and south  westerly exposure. Water access only I  $55,000  I  LOTS  GARDEN BAY AREA:  1. LOTS 21 - Elliot Road, Garden Bay Lake.  Large recreational lot, treed, driveway & 2  campsites cleared. 300i ft. from good  swimming on Garden Bay Lake. $37,900  2. LOTS 66 & 67 - Garden Bay Estates.  These are the 2 best view lots left in Pender  Harbour's finest subdivision. Both have  good harbour views and south-westerly  exposure. Lot 66 has a driveway and a  cleared building site. Lot 67 has a septic tank  and drainfield already installed. $53,500  each.  3. LOT 16 ��� Pender Lake Properties - large  view lot with 148+ ft. frontage on Hotel Lake  Road.   Serviced   with   hydro   &   water.  Southerly exposure. $35,900.  4. LOT68 - Hotel Lake Road- thissteepand  rocky lot could be a real challenge, but it's  nice and large and the price is low. $22,000.  5. LOT 61 -- panorama Drive, Garden Bay  Estates. One of the best lots in this choice  subdivision $47,500.  6. LOT 20-Deller Road, Garden Bay. Large  panoramic view lot with level access from  Deller Road. MLS $37,500.  7. GARDEN BAY LAKE AREA - one +  acre lot, (airly level, privacy, drilled well,  hydro. 132,500.  IRVINE'S LANDING AREA:  1. LOT 27 ��� Lee Bay Road, Irvine's Landing.  Nicely treed level lot in a new subdivision,  serviced with sewer, water & hydro. Good  soil and a possible view. MLS $47,000-  EARL COVE AREA:  1. LOT 23 - Cedar Ridge Race ��� enjoy the  view from this large, nearly level lot with very  little clearing required. $32,500.  2. LOT 27 ��� Jervis Inlet Road large semi  waterfront recreational lot, 400 ft. from  public beach, camping or building site  cleared. MLS $30,000.  1, Nicely treed lot adjoining the Elementary  School grounds and close to the shopping  centre and marinas. $36,500.  8. LOT 2 - CLAYDON ROAD partially  cleared, treed lot with view of Garden Bay.  Close to marinas & stores. $47,500.  9. LOT 30 - Large, treed view lot on Hotel  Lake Road. Southerly exposure, serviced  with water & hydro, driveway in. $48,000  ISLANDS  "WMtifiju ���****��� *��J*waJ*  ^^V.  JUNL11UN ISLAND ��� One third interest in  this beautiful 18 acre island located in St.  Vincent Bay, Jervis Inlet. Excellent sheltered  moorage, numerous choice building sites. Only  15 minutes by fast boat from Earls Cove or  Egmont. The price for this one third interest is  only j 139,500.  IIGGINS ISLAND - approx. 26 acre island  with sheltered moorage. Located In False Bay,  Lasqueti Island $600,000  MIMIK MOKM  EimmilMiiiiifiiiiH  PA(ii:|  Cowl to Coast  Real Km. te Service  ���fOFINO iNLEt - 4<k acres island in  shellercd Island Cove near Long Beach,  Vancouver Island. Many good building siles,  timber, nice cove with bench. An excellent buy  loi IMftOOO, ^^^^  GROUP PURCHASE - located on 4�� ten)  at beautiful Ruby Lake, this existing motel would  make an excellent recreational site (or a group.  Has 8 units, with a possibility of 4 more by con-  version  1290.000   PENDER HARBOUR - 3.5 �� acres, 152 ��  feet waterfrontage. 3 rental cabins, 1 small  house and a wharf with excellent sheltered  moorage. All this lor only 1279,500.  \    HOMES   j  * ��*L -J-^MU  - 4 BR view home,  ft., phis basement. Has ensuite  I plumbing & finished rec. room. Located on a  I very nice one halft acre lot. A good buy for  ACREAGE  MADEIRA PARK - 7�� acres overlooking J  Paq Lake.  Has view of straits and harbour. It  Rough driveway in and building sites cleared  $115,000   (LOT 35 ��� Ruby Lake - 6.8+ nicely treed acre*  with large year round creek. Priced to sell a|  MIDDLEPOINT -19�� acres with small cabin.  I This Is a beautiful property with some timber and ||  || an ocean view. $145,000.  ilLVER SANDS' 1S�� acres on  silver Sands Creek runs through property;.  Merchantable timber, building or camping siti  :leared, westerly exposure. $145,"  KLEINDALE ��� 2tacres of some of the nicest  and in the Pender Harbour area. This beautiful  property has lots of trees, lots of level ground  and several good building sites. Two homes are  permitted on this property and it could be yours!  lor $59,500.  BUSINESS AND ]  EQUIPMENT  Well established and busy hairdressing business  * the only one in Pender Harbour. Located in the  Pender Harbour Shopping Centre. Good  steady clientele and lots of extra customers with  the tourist trade in the summer months. Good  equipment and stock. Please call us for details.  MLS.   DAN WILEY, Res. 883-9149  OLLI or JEAN SLADEY,   883-2233 Sunshine Coast Realtor, August 21, 1981  1  AELBERS REAL ESTATE  Marine Dr., Granthams Landing  886-9238       922-7814  Peter Aelbers (Vancouver)  fgt  "       Sa-'VT^    R.KB.C.lF.R.I.     Don Logan  ^S'^l^cSSsfeK       Appraiser C.G.A. B.COMM  -JJ   ��� *yjgjgmW$fc. 885-3318  LARGE CORNER LOT  SANDY HOOK $39,500  Looking for a bargain? This corner lot must be sold. Excellent view serviced with power and water. Only 5 miles from Sechelt. Owner will carry  balance after down payment  TUWANEK ��� SANDY HOOK  We have an excellent choice of lots in each of these areas. Priced from  $29,500.  MAKE AN OFFER!!  Vendor will assist In financing: you be the winner. Water view and within  walking distance of Langdale ferry.  SOAMESROAD ' $86,500  Next best thing to waterfront - view property within walking distance of the  beach. Two side-by-side lots with an older home straddling them both.  Various possibilities. Buoy established at the water for your boat.  POWELL RIVER $65,000  Your own 2'/2 acre hobby farm with accommodations for the same price of  a single building lot situated In other areas.  FAIRMONT RD. ��� GIBSONS  8 year old Rancher on 110 ft. frontage. Underground services - good  view. Lot fully landscaped, paved driveway and carport. In attractive cul-  de-sac. All level on one floor. Ideal for retirement.  WEST BAY-GAMBIER ISLAND $19,500  '/a acre lot for recreational purposes. Daily service from Langdale by foot  passenger ferry. South-easterly exposure.  MARTIN ROAD $69,500  Price reduced - you save on this 2 bedroom older home now tastefully redecorated inside. Good water view and closeness to shops, schools, etc.  makes this ideal as starter, retirement, or revenue home.  aamsTmh  Jmmml        REALTY LTD.  "BLUEBERRY PLACE"  "~ A new quality Residential Subdivision  $45,000 per lot  Terms available with 25% down  Balance at 16%  Selectively cleared, Fully serviced toll,  Paved roid. Gentle southern slope with  good view, close to the beach at Davit Bay  and minutes to all facilities at Sechelt.  HM FULL DETAILS CONTACT  EITHER OF OUh OFFICES AT:  Gibsons Sechelt  886-8126 885-3295  Vine. Ton FrM 669-7120    Vim. Toll Fr* 611-7131  REDRROOFFS AREA ��� Extra Large, Level Treed Lota  Cooper Road Lot 78 146,000  Dogwood Road Lot 57 145,000  Southwood Road Lot 51 644,900  Ct-darwood Road Lot 42 644,900  Eureka Road Lot 46 645,000  SANDY HOOK  Deerhom Drive Lot 34 635,900 Sloping view lot. Assumable agreement (or sale approximately  $12,000 at 14% due November 1983. "718MLS  Call BRONIA ROBINS for more details it 885-9033.  '731 MLS  '690 MLS  MLS  MLS  Selectively clewed MLS  and dilveway In  Sechell Office  in IM Trail bmi snoeHng Centre  885-3295  van. Toil Free eei-7931  aibsons Office  886-8126  Box 566  Gibsons, B.C.  VON 1V0  REVENUE: Immaculate 4 plex in quiet residential area  Each suite features 2 bdrms. 3 piece bath, open plan living  rm . dining rm. and kitchen Sale includes fridge and stove in  each suite plus washer and dryer in shared laundry room  This is a well buill and maintained building A good buy at  the asking price of $185,000 Be sure to view it by giving us  a call for appointment.  INVESTMENT PROPERTY  GOWER POINT ROAD: Besl ocean view night or day on  the coast, investment properly. 4 acres consist ing ol four *.>  .ure waterfront lots plus 2 subdividable acres on Gower  Point Road This properly has to he seen to be appreciated.  Great investment potential ai $680,000  HAVE CLIENTS  Serving the Lower Sunshine Coast  Phone 886-2000 or 886-9121  Located in the Seaside Plaza,  Gower Point Road, Gibsons  HOMES  ROBERTS CREEK: Over 1 acre in beautiful natural  setting, easy to maintain as there is little formal landscaping.  A "green thumb" gardener could develop into a real show  place. The home consists of 3 bedrooms. Bright convenient  kitchen with adjoining dining area. 3 piece vanity bath, 12 x  24 living room. Rec. room, "wash up" room in lower level. A  musl to see at only $124,900. Assumable mtge at 10%%,  GEORGIA VIEW: Immaculate two bedroom home on  waterfront landscaped lot. % basement is finished Good  beach and view. Own boathouse, 3 car garage with  workshop and storage under. Very private. A must to see at  $230,000  K. BUTLER 886-2000  REAL ESTATE  GENERAL INSURANCE  AUTOPLAN  BUILDING LOTS  CAROL PLACE: Large irregular shaped lot on quite cul-de-  sac  638,000.  F1TCHETT ROAD: Level lot. easy clearing 71 x 110.  636.000.  BURNS ROAD - GIBSONS: Level lol with small stream.  Quiet residential area. Few large evergreen trees. 65 x 130.  Close lo beach. P.O. and shops. $49,500.  THOMPSON ROAD: 100 x 150* lot wilh unsurpassed view  ot terries. Howe Sound. Islands and North Shore Mountains.  Asking 675,000.  ACREAGE  Ideal Hobby Farm 2% acres with southern exposure. On  Hwy 101 Roberts Creek area. 3 bed. lull basement. Ideal  family home, mostly cleared. Sheds included. $176,000.  NEED LISTINGS ...~o ..--j--.-- w  Sunshine Coast Realtor, August 21, 1981  AAmwueh  AmmmmmmT        REALTY LTD.  HOMES  HOMES  TRYITFORSIZE $112,500  A beautiful family home close lo schools, stores  ale and in a quiei children oriented culdesac  2 bdrm, large tr dn and biy kitchen' Owner will  comldei all offers Syd & Frances Heal  885 5693 "205  GIBSONS $132,000  Lovely 4 bdrm in lower Gibsons, view of water  and mountains Large rec room with fireplace.  Very convenient kitchen, lots of storage and  work area Master bdrm with ensuite Living rm  open to the dining rm with fireplace Large  workshop with separate entrance Close to all  amenities Suzanne 886 H317 a589  REDUCED! NOW $99,500 ��� GIBSONS  Wow' New 1388 sq. ft Rancher, skylile in big  family kitchen. 3 bdrms. 2 x b framing, double  gla/ed. R-2H insulation Quiet culdesac with  southern exposure In rear garden For prompt  viewing call Bronia Robins 885-9033 or Peter  Davidson 88b 84(H). "522  HIGH INTEREST RATES?  Vendor will carry up to 5()'d at irj% on this lot  and new house design you want and pul it on  your own U acre lol PHone now and make it  happen Randy Wollen HH6-H126 or 885-5623  after 6 p m "223  LOW LOW PRICE - GIBSONS      $74,500  * Sunny central location  ���* Sunroom & utility rm.  * Large locking garage  * Two bdrms, large living rm  * Nice lol with fruit trees  * One ol the lower priced homes in Gibsons  Act now    phone Randy Wollen 885-5623 or  Gibsons Office *SHb*812h "238  REVENUE! $119,000  '.i bdrm home with heatilator fireplace on 50' x  20H' commercially zoned lot Includes small  revenue  cabin    Invest   now    For  details  call  Marilyn Strom 886-2307 '237  GIBSONS VILLAGE  Private 2 bdrm home in quiet area with good  garden area $95,500 Bryce Leigh 886 8229  or Barbara MacGregor XH(> 9741 "250  NEW EXEC. HOME-GIBSONS   $165,000  Vendor may carry a mortgage 16%. Wood-  creek Park is one of the most exclusive areas on  the coast and this home is surely one of ihe  finest Call Randy Wollen 885-5623 or Gibsons  Office 886-8126 ���        -244  INVESTMENT-  COMMERCIAL &  INDUSTRIAL  PRICE REDUCED $200,000  Anxious owner wants offers on this superb  duplex Modern side by side revenue $1270 per  month, some assumable finance. Wilson Creek  area. Frances or Syd Heal 885-5693. "211  NOW!!! $176,000 MLS  Financing available at 15% on substantial  amount!!  * 5.32 acres within the village of Gibsons.  * Presented zoned for two family dwellings.  * Minimum lot size 8000 sq. ft.  * Potential view.  * Level 3 blks Io village services.  Please call Marilyn at 886-2307. "222  FANTASTIC VIEW  is what you get from the sun porch of this older  two suite home. Thie revenue producing property also has excellent MURB development  potential. Don't delay, phone today Randy  Wollen 885-5623. *225  NORTH ROAD $119,000  Commercial lot 50' frontage x 208. Presently offers approx 1000 sq. ft. residence & revenue  cabin. Many possibilities. For details call Marilyn  al 886-2307 or Gibsons Office 886-8126.  ��237  ANTIQUES $85,000  A growing antique business In the heart ot Gibsons wilh a large slock of high quality. The  potential of this business has barely been tapped. Suzanne 886-8317. '248  PRIME COMMERCIAL SPACE  Lower Village ��� 1050 sq. ft main road loca  lion, Immediate possession, private parking.  Lower Village ��� Storage or workshop space,  convenient loading deck, private parking.!  Hwy 10! and Payne Road ��� 4000 sq ft retail  or office space. New building, strategic location,  excellent parking. Available In 1000 sq. fl. units  For terms and lease rates call Syd Heal  885-5693.    OLDERSHAW RANCH $ 160,000  This has everything Collage, big barn Fenced  fields, fruit trees, trout stream and great lodging  for horses A property with immense potential  Syd or Frances Heal 885 5693. "213  TWO OPENS AUG. 23 - 2-4 P.M.  VETERANS RD. & MARION PLACE  WEST GIBSONS, B.C.  16% financing Try $11,500 down + Gov't  2nd mortgage. Fully landscaped, paved drive &  enclosed garage with this smart 3 bdrm Rancher Sep laundry rm too! Asking $92,500  "214  MARION PLACE (RITE OFF VETERANS  RD) 14% financing - Lg. priv. sunny garden  with patio, 3 bdrms, sep. pantry-freezer rm. off  kitchen Asking $97,500. Try $14,500 down  Peler Davidson 886-8400 or Gibsons Office  986-8126 "220  wiwrnewmm  with attractive Gibsons home. Vendor may  carry up to $60,000 at 16%. This 2 bdrm immaculate rancher in Cedar Grove School area Is  offered al $139,900. Call Rita 886-7070.  *229  SECHELT VILLAGE $108,000  Charming ranch style and close lo everything. 3  bdrms and 6 years old. Cut stone fireplace in living rm. also dining rm and sunroom not to mention a garage and fully fenced garden. Suzanne  886-8317 -*242  MASSIVE PRICE REDUCTION  Ai $89,000 this is the best buy around if you  want four bedrooms and two bathrooms for that  big family this is for you. Frances or Syd Heal  885-5693. "210  YOU'LL WATCH $158,500  the ferries arrive and depart from the magnificent deck of this three bdrm full basement  home. Large lot is very private and just a few  steps to one of this areas finest beaches. To view  call Rita 886-8126 or home 886-7070.      "216  MODEST DOWN-PAYMENT        $35,000  The elderly owner cannot cope but says show  me a down payment and I will term on balance.  Two bedrooms on lease land and just a little  T.L.C. would help. Syd & Frances Heal  885-5693. *217  CLASSIC HOWE SOUND VIEW   $92,500  Granthams on Reed. Neat clean two bedroom  rancher with remodelling potential. Assumable  finance available and what a view! Syd or  Frances Heal 885-5693. *219  SALMON IN YOUR BACK YARD  lP-2% $40,000 assumablu^aage. 4 bdrm.  2   bathroom,'   Roberts CnskWiome    Large  fireplace. This  ��500. Phone Randy  ���oTGlbsons Office 886-8126  "234  LOTS  SUCH A DEAL $10,000  Thai's right only $10,000 clown, owner will  carry balance al 15% Full price is $39,900 and  lol lias underground services and private wharl.  Don't let this one get away Phone today!!! Ran  dy Wollen 885-5623 or 886-8126  INLET VIEW $43,500  Almost 12 acre of incredible view property ready  to build on Access from front or back of proper  ly This lol is in an area of fine homes. Act now.  Phone Randy Wollen HK6-8126 or Terry  Bracken 885-3295, ��243  THE BLUFF-SKYLINE DRIVE     $55,000  Naturally landscaped with arbutus and  Christmas trees. Fabulous itf^pf mountains  and sea. close to ali^iAltieweJprivate. Build  your dream bflVtwtnw^Vleworld sail by  Call Suzanr%Au|||||rorTto show this lol in  details 8864X7 or the Gibsons Office  886-8126. ��230  COCHRANE RD ��� GIBSONS  VILLAGE BUILDING LOT $43,800  See this level, serviced, sunny, nicely treed lot  Just a quick stroll to both the beach and the  village. Call Barbara MacGregor 886-9741 or  Terry Brackett 885-9865. '698  A DESIRABLE  >/t ACRE IN ROBERTS  CREEK AND OWNER  WILL CARRY $49,500  $20,000 at 16%. Get your start in Roberts  Creek for only $260 a month. This one won't  last. Call Barbara MacGregor today al  886-9741. ��241  VILLAGE VIEW $43,500  Fantastic view lot. close to wharf & village  center. Access through lane in back and road in  front Owner will look at all offers so try your  luck. Phone Randy 885-5623 or Gibsons Office  886-8126. ��240  THE BLUFF SKYLINE $50,000  Arbutus trees, moss, rocks and Christmas trees.  A fantastic view of sea and mountains. Suzanne  886.8317 ��231  WELCOME WOODS $48,000  Big level lot, park-like trees, superb building site  100' x 170'. Frances or Syd Heal 885-5693.  '228  SUPER DEAL!!!  Large level lol. Sechelt Village. On sewer with  beautiful trees and a deluxe view. Owner will  take back a $20,000 mortgage at 16%. A deal  you can't refuse. Phone Randy Wollen  885-5623or 886-8126. '235  CHEAPEST $38,000  residential building lot in Gibsons village advertised In this paper. Level 60 x 120 and address Is  Creekside Crescent. Priced to sell al $38,000.  Call Rila Hummel at 8868126 or at home  8867070. '215  CHERYL-ANNE ft LOWER  ROBERTS CREEK $47,500  Sunny central Roberts Creek potential view lot.  South slope has dogwood trees & is only a lew  minutes walk from a really fine beach. Check  the price & compare. For more Info, call Randy  Wollen 885-5623 or Gibsons Office 886-8126.  ���207  GIBSONS OFFICE  In tht Lowtr Vlllagt  886-8126  Van. Toll Free 669-7920  Sunnnt Dunhtrton $$$-$317  Pttir Davidson $$$-$400  Huilyn Strom $$$-2307  Syd $ Fnnctl Hut IIS-SS93  ��� ill HiMiral $$(-7070  Randy Wolltn 815 $623  Blrlun UlcGniOf 8M 9741  Bint Santo ����!9I!  WATERFRONT  SELMA PARK BY THE SEA        $105,000  High view with trail to beach, small but neat cottage. Value in land but could make super site (or  new home. Syd or Frances Heal 885-5693.  '212  RARE! LEVEL WATERFRONT $229,000  Hurry and buy this before someone else does.  Over an acre faces south in Roberts Creek and  double wide mobile home is amongst many first  growth timber. View today with Rita 886-7070.  '245  REDROOFFS SEASHQRE 1189,000  Brand new 3 bdrm home on 80 ft. of always in  demand waterfront. Large evergreens adorn  property for seclusion and scenery in natural  parklike setting. Pathway to beach almost complete. Home features post and beam construction. Large deck and skylight. Phone Rita today  at 886-7070. *247  ACREAGE  MOVE IN NOW 1179,000  Large 3 bdrm - full basement home on 4.58  acres of subdividable land. Presented zoned R-3  - two family dwelling. Level to amenities.  Located on Shaw Rd. * An investment as well  as a place to live * Call Marilyn 886-2307.  "218  ROBERTS CREEK $243,000  10 subdividable acres, 2 + acres cleared and In  pasture, some cross fencing, View of  Elphinstone Mt. Quality house of dutch barn  style using logs for the lower level. Unique  finishing are the features in this 3 bdrm home..  Brick heatilator fireplace, large open kit., built-in  oven, microwave & Jenn-Air range, lots of|  counter space & storage area. Hot tub set out on  a large sundeck overlooking the acreage.  Suzanne 886-8317. "221  HIGHWAY FRONTAGE  Interesting 1200 ft. on the highway at Pender  Harbour. Total area four acres plus, cleared  mostly level and close to the harbour. Call Syd  or Frances Heal 885-5693 or Gibsons Office  886-8126. *233  KING ROAD $95,000 MLS  Nearly 5 acres of privacy in rural setting. Level,  partially cleared with evergreens on perimeter of  property. Close to Cedar Grove School. Call  Marilyn 886-2307. '236  HOLDING ACREAGE $ 185,000  Over 5 acres with 3 bdrm home. Has existing  roads on 3 boundaries. Currently in land freeze,  this land is totally usable. Call Rita Hummel  ��?!',���,.,���������������    ��� 312,  iMSble.  iUMMABLEiW.Mo.tlM  Near new 3 bdrm huge split level. All the  amenities (or the perfect family home, large  family room, fireplace, 2 car garage, walk to the  shops. Quiet paved cul-de-sac. Located in Gib-  sons. Don't miss this deal. Only $129,000 Call  todav.BarbaraMacGreaor886.9741. ��2��  DOUGAL RD. GIBSONS $105,500  $50,000 financing available at 15%. Harbour In  your backyard, 3 bdrm split level, hardwood  floors. This one won't last. Call today, Barbara  MacGregor 886-9741. _ ��2��9  Contact Eicluilvn Aojnli  Syd & Franm Heal  885-5693  "MAPLE GROVE"  From $45,900 per lot  A totally serviced Residential Subdivision  Terms available with 25% down   Balance at 16%  Gibsons Office  886-8126  Vine. Toll Free 6M-7920  ��� :  Selectively cleared with all services underground setting a new high standard lor the area. Paved curbed  road, selectively cleared wilh beautiful trees remaining. Close lo slores. schools and Gibsons Harbour wilh  Its soon-to De-built marina.       No open ditches and no ugly Power-Poles  x  z  ���������!  JUL  * :  ��' Sunshine Coast Realtor, August 21,1981  yMyMITTEN  Ammat        REALTY LTD.  OCEANFRONT PARADISE $198,000  Cozy family home off Redrooffs Paklike setting,  beautiful views, access to beach, three  bedrooms, two fireplaces, full finished above  ground basement, lots of indoor and outdoor  storage! Call Bronia Robins at 885-9033    *72'2  storage!  CARLS  WATERFRONT  SON P5T7t $63,000  On Sechelt Inlet, only 4 miles from Sechelt, this  arbutus covered lot has cabin and solitude. Boat  access only ��� boat is included in sale. Property is  Provincial Government lease Your opportunity  to take part in a true recreational paradise Call  Don or Rene Sutherland 885-9362. "720  PRIVATE W/F ESTATE $189,000  Enjoy the peace and quiet of 400+ feet of  waterfront and a two bedroom home situated at  the head of Halfmoon Bay. Good potential for  subdividing the 1.88 acre lot. The bonus is a  vendor take back of $75,000 at 15%. Call Brent  Strad today at 883-9382. "673  AFFORDABLE WATERFRONT'  For only $69,500 you could own this waterfront  lot  on  popular Coracle  Drive.   Perfect  retreat or retirement home site. Klaus Roepke  885-2314. -659  REDROOFFS WATERFRONT     $ 105.000  1 56 acres south sloping waterfront with services. Upper portion of property has  unobstructed view, lower portion has 100 feel of  secluded waterfront Klaus Roepke 885-2314  "600  This spotless, spacious home has it! 92' easy access waterfront, quality craftmanshlp. outdoor  pool, too many features to mention. Tor appointment to view call Terry at 885-9865 or  Don & Rene Sutherland 885-9362 *716  BftOOKS COVE $275,000  Located in a quiel sheltered cove on three  quarters ol an acre with approximately 250 feel  of low bank waterfront. This lovely old house  with approximately 1512 square feel on main  floor and 630 square feel upstairs is loaded wilh  charm. This is a rare opportunity to buy  exceptional waterfront with development  potential, Call Corry Ross at 8859250 lur  appointment to view. ��549  LETS NEGOTIATE  Your terms on this rare find cozy all-season  cabin on Strata Title waterfront lot, natural landscaping, and owner will assist with financing.  Call Don & Rene Sutherland 885-9362. *682  SWALLOW ROAD $185,000  Level lot, landscaped, ready to build on. View  waterfront, easy access to lovely beach. Small  creek, good garden soil on lot. Don and Rene  Sutherland 885-9362. "574  TWO BEDROOM WATERFRONT HOME  Situated on  Vz acre of private waterfront in  Davis Bay.   111/2%  assumable financing plus  subdivision  zoning all for  $119,000.   Bryce  Leigh 886-8229. "586  Sheltered water, exciting log home, gentle path  to your own float - your dream come true in the  quiet of Tuwanek Call Don or Rene Sutherland  at 885 9362 for details. "642.  HOMES  ENJOY  This panoramic view of Pender Harbour 24  hours per day. New construclion, three large  bedrooms, three bathrooms, spacious living  room with cozy fireplace. Be the lucky buyer of  this fine home. Asking $139,900, For appointment to view call Gayle Adams at 883- '���'364.  CHECK THE COMPETITION  in the neighborhood. At $115,000 this one is  worth investigating. 1136 sq. ft. with over 400  sq. ft. of sundeck plus full basement and double  carport. Offers plenty of opportunity for expansion. On Samron Road, just a short drive to  downtown Sechelt. Why procrastinate? Let's  make a date. Dal Grauer 885-3808. "741  SECHELT VILLAGE $96,500  immaculate three bedroom home, 4 blocks to  shopping centre. This energy efficient home  features Airtight heater in basement, double seal  windows, 2x6 construction. Assumable  $50,000 mortgage. For details call Sylvia  Thirlwell 883-9963. *717  SPACIOUS COUNTRY LIVING $189,900  Sizzling BBQ's! Strolls on rolling lawns! Drinks  beneath majestic trees. This three bedroom rancher on almost one acre of subdividable land.  Also, has ample room for a future pool or tennis  court and is only minutes to shops and school.  Buy now! Owner started to build! Call Jenny  McCourt 885-2162. *709  FINISH YOUR OWN HOME  Who wouldn't appreciate the opportunity to  finish their home just as they wish? All the hard  work has been done. Conveniently located near  Gibsons. $65,000. Bryce Leigh at 886-8229.  '725  COUNTRY CHARM $ 148.900  This charming 1,000 sq ft older home plus  self-contained cabin, double carport and  workshop on one acre. '<���'�� acre zoning Is located  in beautiful Davis Bay. Vendor will carry up to  $40,000 at 15%. on terms. Klaus Roepke  885-2314 *701  WEST SECHELT $109,500  If it's room you're looking lor this Is the home for  you Two large bedrooms plus large walk-In  pantry off kitchen. Three quarter basement with  office and lots of room for expansion Large  combination kitchen and dining rbom Wood  stove in basement. View will increase with more  development in surrounding area. Good  neighbourhood. Call Terry Brackett 885-9865.  '588  I30.OO0PR1CE REDUCTION  DAVIS BAY $219,000  + Quality features throughout.  * Excellent view over Georgia Strait.  * Close to beautiful Davis Bay Beach.  * Area ol similar homes.  * 3 bedrooms,  3 baths, plus den or 4th  bedroom.  * Private decks off Master bedroom and  upstairs study.  * Separate dining room.  * Vaulted cedar ceiling, skylights,  * Electric doors to double garage.  * 2500 square feet finished.  Call Emilie Henderson at 885-5225. ��660  SECHELT VILLAGE HOME  Three year old three bedroom home with full  basement for only $64,900 all appliances Included. Also, assumable mortgage with  qualification of $42,500 at $640.00 per month.  Klaus Roepke 885-2314. '730  CEDARWOOD ROAD ��� NEW LISTING  Six month old, three bedroom rancher of 1236  sq. ft on quiet cul-de-sac. Features such as  heatilator fireplace, greenhouse, sundeck and  more. $108,000. Call Bronia Robin at  885-9033.  SELMA PARK $29,500  Cozy one bedroom home close to village. All  four appliances'included. Ideal starter or summer home. Owner will carry half at  10%!  Yes--10% Terry Brackett 885-9865  LOWER GIBSONS  New three bedroom home Vi block from beach  on a bright, sunny, level lot. Within easy walking  distance of all facilities. Excellent retirement or  starter home. $96,000. Bryce Leigh 886-8229.  *707  WEST SECHELT $199,500  Beautiful three bedroom home. Great ocean  view, creek, fish ponds and meticulous landscaping are just some of the features. Inside  there Is a fireplace, ensuite plumbing, wet bar  and games room Outside you'll find green  house, wishing well and double enclosed cat-  ports Must be seen Terry Brackett at  885-9865 *649  WEST SECHELT $110,000  Three bedroom home. Exciting design wilh  shake roof and twin dormers. Features include  heatilator fireplace, large dining area, extra large  bedrooms, one and one half hilhs. Also,  storage shed and workshop. Ideal family home.  Terry Brackett 885-9865. *713  k     :J$&   *s\maai^*mmr  WATERFRONT HOUSE  Low bank waterfront home is located on lease  land in Selma Park, Sechelt. Excellent boat  moorage right in front of home behind protective breakwater. Asking $39,900. Call Don  Lock at 885 3730 for all details. "542  SUBDIVIDABLE ACREAGE  This 18.7 acres in Middle Point with 600 feet of  waterfront has southerly exposure and is zoned  for l/2 acre lots. Priced at $785,000. Terms  available. Klaus Roepke 885-2314 or Henry  Hall 885-2520. "641  WEST SECHELT $315,000  Spacious two bedroom home located on 1 +  acre of park-like waterfront. Has privacy, view,  guest cabin, all within minutes of Sechelt  Details with Terry Bracket! 885-9865 or Don &  Rene Sutherland 885-9362. "692  YEAR ROUND VIEW $ 165.000  Watch the season's change from your living  room. This lovely thtee bedroom, full basement  West Sechell home offers outdoor living at its  finest. Plenty of room for the whole family on  the 55 acre lot An excellent value. Call Brent  Strad at 883-9382 "699  WITHIN YOUR MEANS $89,000  Perfect for the couple just starting out. This absolutely charming two bedroom home located in  Redrooffs Ranch was built to expand with your  family. Loads of outdoor space on the 47 acre  lot for the kids and for gardeners. Better hurry  and call Brent at 883 9382. *645  YOUR DREAM HOME  You choose your dream plan and the owner-  contractor will build it for you on this beautiful  view lot in Davis Bay. Buy as a package and you  can decide on the price Interested? Better call  Brent Strad right away 883-9382.  GIBSONS $165,000  Do you need a large home as well as large lot?  Here is the home you've been looking for Four  bedrooms, fireplace, wood stove, plus large  recreation room. Almost one acre of level land  fully fenced with two outbuildings. Good garden  area. Handy to all amenities. Call Terry Brackett  885-9865 or Marilyn Strom 886-2307 "634  SELMA PARK 182.500  Cozy two bedroom home with good ocean  view. Large corner lot. There is, also, a small  one bedroom cottage that needs work but could  possibly be fixed up as a rental unit. Owner will  carry mortgage of $40,000 at 17% two year  term. Terry Brackett 885-9865. "688  SECHELT $115,000  $55,000 first mortgage at 12% makes this large  home easy to finance. Three bedrooms, ensuite  off master, fireplace and large dining room. V*  basement has recreation room, bathroom plus  additional space to be developed. Large  sundeck lo enjoy view of Sechelt Inlet. Terry  Brackett 885-9865 "694  WEST SECHELT $75,000  Two bedroom home on large lot. Handy location. Plenty of room in basement (or third  bedroom and storage. Nicely landscaped. Terry  Bracket! 885 9865 "648  UUSKOPUTOtfNEVOU  SECHELT OFFICE  In the Trail Bay Shopping Ctntrt  885-3295  Van. Toll Free 681-7931  Ray Beimei  Heniy Hill  Oil Gnuer  Gayle Adams  Tarry Bracket!  Btyce leigh  Emilie Henderson  Klaus Roepke  Bronia Robins  Rene Sutherland  Cony Ross  Brent Sttad  Donald Sutherland  Don Lock  Enc Rudland  Sylvia Thirlwell  Jenny McCourt  Rosemary Young  Hamiet  88*2*70  8853801  883-9364  885 9865  8868229  8855225  88*2314  88*9033  885*9362  885-92*0  883-9382  885-9362  88*3730  8859857  813-9963  885-2162  8161359  Member Sunshine Cuusr  Real Estate Association  ACREAGE  BEAUTIFUL TREED ACREAGE  A 1 /6th share in approximately 30 acres of  beautiful property Includes clear title to 1.23  acres plus a 1,0th share in 22.5 acres of common property $69,500. Call Bryce Leigh to  discover this properties full potential at  886-8229. "723  ROBERTS CREEK $ 110,000  f> 18 gently sloping acres.  264' on Highway  11)1 This is a well treed, very attractive acreage  not often found on the market,  Call Emilie  Henderson .it R85-522R  PRICE REDUCTION $50,000  Driveway in and building site cleared Power at  property line and easement for water provided  Call Gayle Adams for details at 883 9364 *724  OPPORTUNITY FOR THE FUTURE  Invest in this 3.97 acre parcel in Sechelt Village.  0lX)' of road frontage, a good "holding ground"  Don or Rene Sutherland 885-9362 "640  WEST SECHELT  Rare opportunity to invest in one of the very few  forty acre -blocks left on the Coasl Cozy 1100  sq It home plus Iwo outbuildings Some limber  and some fencing Call Terry Brackett  88f>-9865 or Don & Rene Sutherland  885-9362 *665  AFFORDABLE ACREAGE $94,500  2 78 treed acres with 700 feet of highway frontage in Middle Poinl Charming two bedroorn  country home has Fisher Airtight. Good ex-  posuie. Good buy Call Brent 883-9382 *663  EXCELLENT OPPORTUNITY  to own almost 13 acres on Redrooffs Road.  Gentle slope, sunny exposure, short walk to  beach, clostto boal launching Vendor will consider financing this super property!! $69,500.  Call Bronia Robins at 885-9033. "684  MIDDLE POINT $78,500  Ideal for recreation or residence, this 4.4 acre  parcel is nicely treed, with ideal building site.  Call Don or Rene 885-9362 for details. *653  WALK TO THE BEACH $75,000  Over one acre on Redrooffs Road. Gorgeous  trees abound, potential view, water, hydro and  phone at road, Call Brent 883-9382 "695  THORMANBY ISLAND $105,000  11 acres of seclusion with high waterfront and  western exposure. Water access via Vancroft  Government Wharf only minutes from Secret  Cove. Klaus Roepke 885-2314. '671  BEAUTIFUL & PRACTICAL $ 105,000  2 23 acres of gorgeous woods and clearing on  desirable Redrooffs Road with some view from  the top, and more to come as the area develops.  This area is presently Honed for l/2 acre lots.  Vendor will grant registered easement for easy  access and consider terms to boot! There are  plenty of listings around but few that offer such  opportunities. Better look into this one right  away. Call Dal Grauer at 885-3808. MLS. '743  WEST SECHELT $ 150,000  Just over two level acres with subdivision potential. Present zoning would allow subdivision Into  quarter acre lots. There Is, also, a cozy two  bedroom home presently being completely  renovated Ideal holding property or hobby  farm Owner will carry Vi at 15% one year  term Terry Brackett 885-9865 *636  MOBILE HOMES  WEST SECHELT $85,000  Well maintained double wide in quiet area  Large landscaped lot Home features three  bedrooms, 2 full baths, patio, plus lafge kitchen  and dining areas Terry Brackett 885*9865,  '627  BUILDING IN THE FUTURE?       $69,900  Perfect for the couple who plan to build In the  future but need a place to live right away. The  lot is a beautiful 1/3 acre In Welcome Woods.  The bonus Is a three bedroom Bendlx Mobile  Home See it with Brent Strad 883-9382. *569  MONARCH MOBILE HOME $38,900  This 14' x 70' two bedroom near new mobile  home Is already set up in one of Gibsons finer  trailer park Appliances included and vendor will  carry terms Klaus Roepke 885-2314.        *697 Sunshine Coasl Realtor, August 21,1981  Mm  ITTEN  REALTY LTD.  HOMES  HOMES  ISUAL 2 HOUSES ON  1ACRELOT $179,500  This listing is over $7,000 below today's price so  don't let the price frighten you. House 'A' is just  12 years old and has been fully remodelled  recently. It has two bedrooms, living room with  fireplace, kitchen with modern cupboards, din  ng area, bathroom and 8' x 12' insulated  storage shed This house is rented House 'B' is  two year old energy efficient home, two  bedrooms, living room wilh airtight heater, dining room, kitchen with 'Citation' cabinets,  bathroom and ulility. A two car carport and a 8'  20' healed workshop is also included All this  is located in Selma Park and has a potential view  of Trail Bay. Possibility of subdividing off a lot  the future. For appointment to view call Don  iLock 885 3730 *735  SECHELT VILLAGE $ 104,000  Immaculate three bedroom ranch style home  only one year old Conveniently located on  quiet street in the heart of the village. Brick  heatilator fireplace, cement patio off dining  room, skylight in bathroom Total of 1310  square feel finished. This home will sell quickly,  so call today! Emilie Henderson at  885-5225 -685  REDROOFFS 1145,000  1500 sq ft, home in private park-like setting.  Three bedrooms, vaulted ceiling, cedar feature  walls plus large sundeck. 24' x 24' workshop as  well as fish pond outside Over-sized lot ensures  your privacy. Must be seen. Terry Brackett  8859865  UNDER $100,00011 $97,000  A one year old three bedroom home In a secluded area in West Sechelt. A real energy miser  design with thermopane windows, airtight  heater, 6 Inch wall Insulation, Owners must sell  because their offer for a house elsewhere has  been accepted. Modern kitchen with Merit  Cabinets and dining room. More details with  Don Lock at 885-3730. *714  WEST SECHELT $124,900  This house features 1759 sq. ft. of finished living  area on three levels plus an undeveloped basement. The top level contains the MB. with  private sundeck, 3 piece ensuite and walk-in  closet as well as two other bedrooms and main  bath. Other features include fresh air fireplace,  skylight, double garage. Also assumable mortgage at 13% Call Terry Brackett to view at  885-9865. #590  WESTSECHELT $149,500  Large family home In popular area. This Lindal  home features 2200 sq. ft. of extensive cedar  ceilings. Two and one half baths, large kitchen  and family room. Also free standing brick  fireplace dividing living and family room. The  four bedrooms feature wooden bi-folds and are  very spacious Must be seen! Call Terry Brackett  at 885-9865. *666  OWN HOME $159,500  Located in beautiful Selma Park this 1800 sq. ft.  three bedroom home on a landscaped lot has  many special features. Assumable mortgage of  $44,000 at 10'A% due January 1984 available.  Klaus Roepke 885-2314. " #736  EXECUTIVE HOME $1901000  Elegant and well designed home In prestigious  West Sechelt. Partial ocean view. Over 1900sq.  ft. of gracious living plus more rm for development. Custom built for owner so quality Is  prevelant throughout. Two bdrms plus huge  master with 3 piece ensuite and sliders to  covered deck. Elegant living and dining rooms,  deluxe kit. with 5 appliances included, cozy  family rm plus finished rec. rm with brick F.P.,  ideal for an office. Washer/dryer plus $6,000  drapes also included. Call Emilie Henderson  885-5225. #656  POTENTIAL VIEW ��� WELCOME WOODS  Newly constructed two bedroom home located  on V2 acre corner lot. Heatilator fireplace, two  bathrooms, large living room and dining area,  26' x 8' sundeck and carport. Appliances are  available if required. Asking $99,900 without  appliances. Don Lock 885-3730. #658  WILSON CREEK $107,000  Brand new three bedroom rancher, Dutch hip  shake roof, skylights, bay window and separate  utility room are just some of the fine features.  Now is the time to choose colours in carpets,  cabinets and colour schemes. Quiet area. Call  today for more details. Call Terry Brackett at  885-9865. "731  WEST SECHELT $235,000  Beautiful level waterfront. Pebble beach and  prime location. This large Medallion home is  over 1600 sq. ft. and features fireplace, family  rm, post and beam construction, two hot watei  heaters and 3 extra bdrms. Also carport and  outside storage area. This home must be seen!  Call Terry Brcckett 885-9865. *676  Four bedroom, living room with brick fireplace,  dining room, kitchen with 24Vz ft. of counter  over Merit Oak Cabinets, built-in Jenn-Air. built-  in oven, ensuite master bedroom and family  room with airtight heater, thermopane windows  throughout, garage in house plus 2 car garage  and workshop on grounds, sundeck. All this just  4 years old and this house has an attractive  l()'/4% 1st mortgage available on acceptable  credit rating. Asking % 115,600 but will consider  all offers. Don Lock 885-3730.   . *737  DELIGHTFUL GRANTHAMS VIEW HOME  A couple of hundred feet from the beach. This  cozy Grantham's home Is $75,000. Bryce  Leiqh 886-8229. "744  SELMA PARK $32,500  Smaller Iwo bdrm home. Outstanding view. Only one block to beach and short walk to village.  Lease land. Call Terry Brackett 885-9865. ��646  VILLAGE INVESTMENT $60,000  Cute one bedroom older home on R2 zoned lot.  Good starter or investment possibilities. Call  Don or Rene Sutherland at 885-9362.       *683  INVESTMENT-COMMERCIAL & INDUSTRIAL  SECHELT  Well established pet and plant business, no  competition. Excellent main street location.  Low rent. Ideal opportunity for someone  wishing lo be self employed. Call for more  information   Emilie   Henderson  at  885-5225.  LARGE COMMERCIAL LOT $49,000  108 feet of highway frontage In Halfmoon Bay.  C2L zoning allows for restaurant, tourist accommodation. Excellent holding property. Call  Brent Strad 883-9382. #621  MALL LOCATION  Thriving yjtl shop specializing in Stained glass  works and pottery  Location II second ii   n  in busy mall, Showing ex<>"  will train would be purchasers  tools ami slock   Owner may Lonsidu  l��l  Call Terry Brackelt at 885 9865 *732  SECHELT COMMERCIAL  JUST LISTED MLS. Large commercial  building located on two lots. Ideal holding  situation. Owner will consider carrying on targe  down payment. Call for all details on lease and  building. Terry Brackett at 885-9865.      N7U6  FINEST IN PENDER HARBOUR  This sought after business In Pender Harbour includes 3 lots, 2 houses. 40 seat dining room,  space for 17 trailers, some with sewer hook-up -  water lease - Marina - Gas sales, etc. Ideally  suited as Strata Title Resort on gentle sloping  ground to waterfront. More details with Listing  Salesman Don Lock at 885-3730. '703  MOTEL - DAVIS BAY $685,000  This 10 self-contained unit motel and 3 bedroom  home is located directly on the Sunshine Coast  Highway in beautiful Davis Bay. Please call us to  find oul the full potential of this outstanding 1.20  acre commercial site. For more information call  1 c .it 885-2314 or Henry Hall al 885-  708  GROCERY AND TAKE OUT FOODS  A most successful business In busy Garden Bay.  A one owner businessvwhich can be increased  easily. Sale price includes all fixtures, good living quarters. Stock at cost. Profit and loss state-  ment is In the possession of Don Lock at  885-3730. Call for appointment lo view.  #670  WESTSECHELT $219,500  Split level contemporary home. The ocean view  is outstanding overlooking Trail and Vancouver  Islands. Three levels wilh 2Vz baths, solarium,  recreation room and heatilator fireplace. Outside there is a bird aviary and 24' circular pool.  The property has been meticulously landscaped. Very private setting on almost one acre  lot. Call Terry Brackett 885-9865 or Don &  Rene Sutherland 885-9362 '563  SUMMERTIME  Was made for places like this. Take a two  minute walk to the beach for a swim before  breakfast and you won't have to move '111 you're  finished barbecuing supper. Try your offer to  $80,000 (or this cottage at Bronnlebrook. Vendor will carry half at 16%. Call Dal Grauer at  885-3808. #7U  ITS HALF PAST SUMMER  But the vendor will help you Into this nice two  bedroom family home in time for school if you  qualify. Well treed lot, close to beach, schools,  shopping. Call Don or Rene Sutherland at  885-9362. *679  SELMA PARK $189,000  Brand new three bedroom view home. Area of  expensive homes. This interesting home consists of three large bedrooms, family room,  skylights, greenhouse windows in kitchen and  dining room. Also, double garage with electric  opener, heatilator flreplac*e and heat pump with  reverse cycle for air conditioning. Interior has  been coordinated by professional interior  decorator. Up to $100,000 at 15% available to  assist in financing. Terry'Brackett at 885-9865  to view. #733  LOTS  w  TUWANEK  Two large lots at an affordable price. Call Don or  Rene Sutherland for details 885-9362. *633  REDROOFFS 162.500 each  Two prime view lots in exclusive new subdivision close to Sargeants Bay. Level and easy to  build on. Terry Brackett 885-9865.  HALFMOON BAY $41.000  Over one acre and look at the price! Gentle  slope to the back of the property. Some view of  the bay area. Won't last! Terry Brackett  885-9865. ��602  EXCELLENT BUILDING LOT  Nearly  lh  acre in  Halfmoon  Bay.   Sloping,  pleasantly treed, and close to school. $49,000.  Bryce Leigh 886-8229. "674  SANDY HOOK ��� VIEW $38,000  Watch the golden sunsets mirrored on the calm  sea from this sloped lot. Glorious unobstructed  view lots are getting rare, so buy now!. Call Jenny McCourt 885-2162. ��710  SECHELT VILLAGE $38,000 MLS  Well treed lot In quiet secluded area, yet only 2  minutes from the village center, 75' x 155'. Vendor has bought, bring your offer. Rosemary  Young 886-8359. '734  SANDY HOOK VIEW  Lots 32 & 33 on Deerhorn at $37,000 apiece.  Get past the alders at the roadside and look over  the building sites. Try an offer on both (or roomy  living. Lot 75 on Skookumchuck affords even  easier building and the same spectacular view  for $39,000. Owner will consider terms, and he  is not a banker by profession. Dal Grauer  885-3808. MLS. ��742  SANDY HOOK LOTS  Two excellent lots, one nicely sloping with  driveway in, one level with some large trees.  Call Don or Rene 8859362. '652 & 661  WESTSECHELT $41,900  Cheapest lot available in this fully serviced subdivision. Lot is nicely treed, located on high side  ol street. Call Emilie Henderson at 885-5225.  '60S  REDROOFFS $52,500  Large level lot in handy location. Owner is  presently clearing and leaving some nice trees.  Easy to build on. Services at road. Call Terry  Brackett at 885-9865. #638  KLAHANI DRIVE LOT 69 MLS  Beautiful view lot Sandy Hook. Hydro and  water available. Priced In the 30's. Owner will  consider al) reasonable offers. For details call  Sylvia Thirlwell at 8839963 or Valerie Baynlun  at 9218340. '643  PENDER HARBOUR $35,000 MLS  Large size lot within walking distance of stores  and marina. Nicely treed. Privacy and  convenience for only $35,000. Call Gayle  Adams at 883-9364. #576  HALFMOON BAY $39,900  Large lot over one half acre, well treed, septic  approved. Call Emilie Henderson at 885 5225.  1*606  LOOKING FOR VIEW PROPERTY?  Here is one of Ihe finest views on the Sunshine  Coasl. Approximately % acre overlooking  Halfmoon Bay. Come! See! then begin planning  the home ol your dreams. Call Eric Rudland  8859857 or Gayle Adams 883-9364 now. #687  CARE TO CHOOSE  YOUR OWN NEIGHBOUR??  Come and see these two extra large side by side,  lots. Magnificent cedars, privacy. All this and  convenient to stores and marina. All this for  $35,000 each. MLS. Call Gayle Adams al  . ����9t  TUWANEK LOTS $29,500 ft $32,900.  Two gentle sloping lots side by side on Tuwanek  Place. Buy one or both. Call Klaus Roepke al  885-2313. '726 ft 727  FABULOUS VIEW PROPERTY  Excellent view lot on low side of Gulfvlew Road.  Madeira Park. Owner will consider all offers.  Call   Don   Lock  at  885-3730  for   more  details, "667  DAVIS BAY $57,500  Perhaps Ihe best view lot available In Davis Bay.  Close to stores and school. Expensive homes in  area protect your Investment. Terry Brackett  885-9865  ROBERTS CREEK $58,500  Treed half acre lot In popular Roberts Creek.  Close to beach, store and school. All services  except   sewer,   Bronia   885-9033   or   Terry  885-9865 for more details.  VILLAGE BUILDING LOT $38,900  Excellent building lot on Shoal Road. Some nice  trees, close to water. Hydro and phone at road.  Call Brent Strad at 883-9382.  EGMONT BUILDING LOT $37,500  Large .45 acre lot on Egmont Road. Close to  great salmon fishing. Hydro and telephone at  road. Call Brent Strad at 883-9382. '696  BRING YOUR TRAILER  The driveway is in and a site has been cleared  for your recreational trailer on this 6/ lOths of  acre on Southwood Road. Excellent building  site and water is on property. An exceptional  value  at   $48,500.   Brent  Strad  883-9382.  '686  .6 ACRES $45,000  Extra large building lot loca'ted on Southwood  Road, offers both privacy and an excellent  building site. An excellent value for a discerning  buyer. Call Brent Strad 883-9382. '700  RESIDENTIAL BUILDING LOT  Nice lot on Gower Point Road with potential  view. Village sewer and hydro and old cabin.  Make an offer. Klaus Roepke 8852314.   '681  MARLENEROAD $44,000  Close to beach, golf, centrally located, ready for  building. For more information call Don or Rene  Sutherland 885-9362. '604  TRAIL ISLAND LOT $24,900  The rare occasion Trail Island Lot *9 facing  Strait of Georgia. Klaus Roepke 885-2314.  ���739  EXCELLENT GIBSONS VIEW LOT  Gently sloping. This lot would be easy to build  on. $48,000. Bryce Leigh 886-8229       '693  LEVEL LOT MLS  Just under Vi acre of level lot in Garden Bay,  ready to build on - this hard to find commodity Is  priced right at $39,000. Please call Don Lock at  8853730 lor more details. '668  SANDY HOOK $43,000  Beautiful view lot, well treed. Located on  Porpoise Bay Drive. Great location within easy  reach of Sechelt. MLS. Call Gayle Adams at  8839364 lor more information. #675  WILSON CREEK BUILDING LOT $36,900  Excellent level building lot. Located on Wilson  & Field Road. Part of small Sub-Division. Call  Klaus Roepke at 885-2314. '728  SECHELT $44,500  Level lot in Ihe village. This fully serviced lot is  very easy to build on and handy to all amenities.  Call Terry Brackelt al 885-9865. #639  SECHELT $79,500  Large lol in village. Zoned public assembly. Call  Terry Bracket! al 885-9865. #585  TUWANEK $27,500  One of the cheapest lots on the Peninsula today.  Large lot at the top of Uplands Road. Backs on-  to vacant crown land. Rosemary Young at  886-8359, '715  WEST SECHELT VIEW LOT  Located on the Sunshine Coast Highway. This  nearly one acre lot Is facing the Strait of Georgia  and the sun. Call Klaus Roepke at 885-2314.  $64,900. ��729  WEST SECHELT $49,500 MLS  Half acre lot with view potential. Owner has  htalned health permit. Ready to build on. All  seivices except sewer. Call Terry brackelt at  8859865. 712  SEAMOUNT INDUSTRIAL PARK  Three side by side bis zoned commercial light  industry. Well located back from highway with  total Irontage of 150 feet on Venture Way and  side access of 125 ft. Asking $37,000 each or  $110,900for package. Call Emilie Henderson at  885-5225. #609 Sunshine Coast Realtor, August 21,1981  SUNNYCREST  SHOPPING  CENTRE  886-2277  BSQNS  \ND LAND DEVELOPMENT LTD.  R.R. #2, Gibsons, B.C. VON 1V0  HOMES HOMES HOMES  VANCOUVER  TOLL FREE  682-1513  GRADY ROAD: Why buy new when you can  have this immaculate seven year old executive  home with a manicured garden? This home Is  tastefully decorated with hardwood floors, real antique brick fireplace and dramatic entrance foyer,  On top of all this there is the view! Too much to  tell you. so come and see. $159,000.  SELMA PARK: Well maintained two bedroom  home and self-contained one bedroom cottage on  almost half an acre view property in Selma Park.  Features include: private landscaped setting,  large sundeck, dark room and fresh paint and  paper. Call for an appointment to view.  CHASTER RD: This 2 bdrm 'A' Frame is the  ideal hedge against inflation! The home is presently rented to help with any mortgage payments.  The property itself is cleared and level and  situated east of Pratt on a quiet no through road  Excellent starter or revenue property  159,900  REID   ROAD: Absolutely  gorgeous quality home on huge lot, Three  bedrooms, 1'/-* baths, carport, garage, storage  shed. Home is only 1 year old, ceramic tile kitchen  floor, oak cabinets, brick fireplace, Jenn-Aire  range  and  microwave.   All  this  on  a level  numerous to mention. This home represents  excellent value at the asking price of $119,000.  Vendor wiH carry full mortgage at 16%%.  FIRCREST ROAD: ASSUMABLE MORTGAGE OF 12%% on this well built and maintained three bedroom home. Features a large llv-  ingroom with a beautiful stone fireplace and dining area. Bright and sunny kitchen with nook. The1  landscaped   fenced   lot.   Other   features   too   all nlghter in the basement makes it economical to  heat. This 1160 square foot house is on a well  andscaped 61 x 131 lot. 1107  pftEEKSIDE PARK: Perfect 2 storey family  home at an affordable price in beautiful Creekside  ��ark Estates. This 1700 sq. ft. four bedroom  home leatures finished basement, rec. room  large workshop, laundry room, 1*}*$ baths. Al  appliances including fridge, stove, dishwasher,  washer, dryer and freezer. Fully landscapec  grounds with concrete drive, pet run and wood  shed. Owner has done high quality work to make  this a warm comfortable family home. Phone to  uipu, anytime. S109.500  COMEAU TRAILER PK: $10,000 down, owner  will carry 1st mortgage and beat the bank % by a  long shot. Qualifies for the Government 2nd of  $5,000 or First Home Grant of $2,500, You could  own this beautifully constructed 12 x 68 Glen  River Mobile Home all set up on pad and hooked  up to all services for as little as $5,000 (plus  Government 2nd). Why pay rent when you could  live in your own home? Phone to view anytime.  Owner says sell!! $33,500.  SOUTH FLETCHER & CHARMAN: Custom  view home. Located across the street from the  tennis courls in the Bay area, this brand new  home features three bedrooms, two bathrooms,  plus a lull basement. Priced at $149,500.  SARGENT RD: Terrific Spanish home on one ol  our best view lots. Two fully finished floors, total  2300 sq. ft. Four bedrooms, 2j*fj bathrooms, rec.  room, utility room and workshop. Two fireplaces,  double carport, intercom and wet bar. Within  walking distance of'shopping and schools. Make  an appointment to view. $ IV*,900  RADCLIFFE ROAD: Selma Park. Three  bedroom view home. Two bedroom upstairs and  one down. Large rec, room with fireplace  roughed in. An efficient floor plan and the yard  offers view and privacy. $120,000.  MARLENE RD: Brand new 3 bedroom home on  U acre in Roberts Creek. Master bedroom has  ensuite plumbing, custom kitchen cabinets, large  sundeck. Beautiful and private, easy to landscape  lot. And more. This home has all permits in place  to make the full basement into M.U.R.B. duplex.  The house design easily facilitates either single or  duplex use. Truly the home withgreat investment  potential. $119,500.   IRCREST RD: Beautiful ranch style family  home with large rooms and bay window. Stone  fireplace with energy grate and fan. Sundeck,  double windows and R28 insulation. Assumable  11',*���"> mortgage. Phone to view anytime  $98,600.   CREEKSIDE PARK: Brand new 1672 square  feet 1!4 storey home in Creekside Park Estates  This home is on city sewer, city water and  cablevision and features fireplace, large rec.  room, laundry room and workshop. Two car  carport and is on a quiet cul-de-sac close to  shopping and transportation. Ready to move into.  ���107,900.  WOODCREEK PARK: Executive home on .39  acre treed lot backing onto the ravine park. This  lovely new home features 4 bedroms, 3  washrooms, den family room plus living and  dining room. This quality constructed home is  ideal for the family thai likes room lo move wilh  2040 square feel of finished floor area. The two  car garage and full brick fireplace are just some of  ihe exlra touches thai set this home aparl from  the rest  $149,500.  ROSAMUND RD: Completely renovated and  ilorged duplex on extra large [65 k 230| lot,  (.'heck Ihe features, new kitchens with appliances,  lullv carpeted, ikyllghi in bathrooms, masonry  < hlmneyi  perfecl (or lhal Franklin h ���  wtlenl       . ..i |jui��iii*tii   ai< iuwui miu-  inyesl merit    WHAT YOU SEE ��� IS WHAT YOU GET1:  Three bedroom bungalow on a quiet dead end  street only 2 blocks from shopping and schools.  Vendor will help make this affordable with a small  2nd. 1st mortgage of $35,000 at 11% is  assumable. Situated on Poplar Lane, offers to  $99,500  ABBS ROAD: View! View! View! Are you  looking for a view home high on the hill with a view  forever! This is it! The view is spectacular! It goes  from the north tip of Keats island through  Gibsons Harbour, The Gap, The Bluff, Georgia  Strait and of course the coast mountains. The  home is three levels with 4 bedrooms, huge  recreation room, office or den, and balconies  along the front. The landscaping is already in  place. Additional features include full ensuite off  master bedroom plus another full bath and a half  bath. This home must be seen to be believed.  $149,900  SOUTH FLETCHER: 4-plex on beautiful view  site, across from Holland Park and the municipal  complex. Upper 2 suites are approximately 1380  sq. ft. each; spread out over 2 floors with 3  bedrooms, l'/2 bathrooms, large living room for  view, sundecks and storage area. Lower 2 suites  are approximately 790 sq. ft each; containing 2  bedrooms and large living areas The property is  nicely landscaped and well kept. Ideal location for  a revenue property situated between the government wharf and the new marina site, f 195,000  MALAVIEW RD: Here Ie a 153.400 mortgage at I3l/i% until June 1985! Immaculate  3 bedroom rancher. Large living room and ampie  room for large dining suite. Master bedroom has  ,,a no signs oi going uuwn  golden opportunity. $97,500  s II youi  HAPPINESS IS A LARGE MASTER BDRM:  This one is huge with plenty of closets. There  are 4 bedrooms actually, all with walk-in closets.  The house is 2 stories with 2000 square feet of  living area. Fireplace in living room and a family  room off the kitchen. Close to schools, shopping  and all conveniences. Creekside Park Estates.  offers to $119,500  HILLCREST ROAD: Corner lot, landscaped  with ocean view Close to schools and shopping  centre in Gibsons Village. House is ideal for large  family as downstairs is completely finished giving  2200 sq. ft. of living area. Double garage wilh  sundeck over, two fireplaces and 4 appliances are  some of the extras Included in this sale.  1165,000  CREEKSIDE: New construction. Two storey  unique designed home, over 2000 square feet of  living area. Main floor has living room with  lireplace, dining room, family room, bedroom,  utility room and bathroom. Upstairs has three  bedrooms and bathroom. All bedrooms have  walk-in closets. All this on a good lot in Creekside  Park Estates, close to schools, shopping centre  and recreation. $119,500.   CREEKSIDE CRESCENT: Here is a unique  designed 1') storey home made for spacious living  by a family thai needs lots of room. Main floor has  1103 square feet. Living room has vaulted ceiling,  family room for privacy, bathrooms down and up.  674 square feet upstairs with three bedruoms. On  a good lot in Creekside which is three blocks to  shopping centre, schools, medical clinic and all  for the price of $115,500.  FIRCREST RD: Near new 3 bedroom home on  beautifully landscaped lot In prime residential  area. Southern exposure and close proximity to  schools and shopping represent only a few of the  special features of this home. This 1200 sq. ft.  home Is extremely well appointed with Schrader  fireplace, large utility and spacious eating & family  room area. Excellent family home. $85,000.  NORTH FLETCHER: at School Road. The most  beautiful view in Gibsons. Views of Howe Sound,  Gibsons Harbour & Georgia Strait more than  180�� of ocean view. Older home, presently  rented, on this approximately 10,000 sq. ft. lot.  Property has many potential uses. Come & talk to  us about this combination home and Investment.  $89,500.  MALAVIEW RD: Cedar Grove School sits at the  end of the no thru road where this three bedroom  rancher Is situated. All large room sizes in this  Ideal family home. Some of the features include  fireplace, sundeck, landscaping, heated storage,  extra length carport and double windows. This is a  must see for home buyers. $89,500.  WATERFRONT  HOMES  SAKINAW LAKE: Sunny exposure and privacy  are the key features for your recreational  enjoyment. Secure government lease on 1.24  acres of waterfront with one bedroom collage.  Boal access. $35,000.  FRANKLIN RD. WATERFRONT: Small but  very liveable two bedroom home with high dry  basemen! on tins extra large waterfront lor 160 -  ���in.      "win.  207 50] In tl  bunny exposure fit privacy   Slbu.uuu.  HIGHWAY 101 - SELMA PARK: Beautiful  remodelled little house across the street from  perfect beach Unbelievable view south and west  to Trail Islands and Vancouver Island from this  completely renovated 2 bedroom starter, retirement or recreational home The owner/contractor has installed new wiring and service, new electric heat, new stove, new wall to wall carpeting.  Landscaping and much more. All appliances included and owner may help with financing at  13%. Call to view anytime. $84,500.  FIRCREST ROAD: Brand new three bedroom  rancher. An attractive different arrangement of  the interior makes this a one of a kind. Fireplace  and carport. Builder does excellent work and his  finishing Is something to see. $94,500.  HIGHWAY 101: just north of Crucil Rd. in the  village of Gibsons, Small home presently rented  at $300 per month, Lot is zoned lo allow aduplex.  Existing home is-set lo the Iront. however the  maximum view potential would be closer to the  rear of this lot. This is truly a house with  investment potential. $79,500.  ACREAGE  LOCKYER ROAD: Secluded 5 acre parcel in  Roberts Creek Privacy guaranteed by forest on  two sides and long panhandle dedicated as access. Perc. approval granted and water available.  Well priced on today's market at $90,000. This  gem awaits your inspection.  A WOODSY SETTING: Perfect for a cedar or  log home this 2\>i acre ravine lot is already landscaped with lush grass and plenty of plants. Serviced by a private water system from an all year  round creek. Can be purchased with adjoining  property separately listed. Located on Burton  Road, priced at 155,000  BURTON RD: Ideal site for a log home. Ravine  lot on quiet* side road just outside village. 2'/a  acres with lawns and plants. Private water system  in place. Paved road to your front yard. Can be  purchased with adjoining property, listed  separately  155,000  CHAMBERLIN ROAD: Nearly 5 acres of  beautiful limbered acreage. Water, hydro, cable  and paved streets close by. Ideal hobby farm or  holding acreage Priced to sell. $99,500.  IDUBOIS STREET: 2 acres In Mountain View  Estates,   Kleindale   Access front  and  back   7  ' wnlng and school in Madeira  ���imber or build a log  pgrtles all have wells  STEVE       ANNE        JOHN        TERRI       GREG  SAWYER    GURNEY   HANSON   HANSON    GRANT  886-7678    886-2164    886-8295    886-8295   886-7204  GARY DAVE JON LORRIE  PUCKETT ROBERTS     MCRAE       GIRARD  886-9508    886-8040      885-3670      886-7760 Sunshine Coast Realtor. August 21,1981  SUNNYCREST  SHOPPING  CENTRE  886-2277  BSQNS  Member Sunshine Coasr  HOMES  VANCOUVER  TOLL FREE  ) LAND DEVELOPMENT LTD.  682"1513  R.R. #2, Gibsons, B.C. VON 1V0     Real Estate Association  LOTS  ROSAMUND ROAD: Would you like to buy a  home and have someone else help you pay for It?  This duplex on Rosamund Road on an extra large  lot may be the answer. Consider It's assets: Two  kitchens with appliances, two 4 piece skylit  bathrooms, two chimneys, separate meters, just  recently updated and refurbished. Very good rent  potential on either or both sides. Also, vendor will  assist with financing! Try your offer. Asking  $99,600.   MOUNTAIN VIEW ROAD: Nearly brand new  1200 sq. ft. three bedroom rancher on quiet no  thru street in beautiful Creekside Park Estates.  This beautifully designed home, features separate  dining and living room, good size master  bedroom, fridge, stove and dishwasher. Large  backyard for privacy, and Is on city sewer and  water, hydro and cable, and is within walking  distance of mall, schools, and transportation. The  MALAVIEW ROAD: Extra special rancher  situated to get the most of the sun on a nice partially landscaped lot. Finished with the best of  materials. Solid oak cabinets, lush run and extra  special light fixtures. Free standing heatilator  fireplace blows heat front and back. Carved bear  in front garden. Mud room and all sorts of extras.  $115,000.  8 BEDROOMS?: That's right, on two levels.  This could be for a big family or as is a rooming  house with over $3,000 per month Income.  Duplex potential too. Includes 5 appliances and  some furniture. $50,000 assumable mortgage at  13Vj%. This view lot of Georgia Straits is Vi acre  in size. Located on Clark Road off Gower Point.  Phone for further details.  fvf iff  COMEAU TRAILER PARK: Affordable, luxurious, private accommodation in a marvelous  treed setting, This immaculate 12 x 64 mobile  home has been babied all Its life and now sits in  beautifully landscaped grounds with storage shed,  porch and covered entrance, all fencing In place  for  small  pets and  inside,  new wall to wall  carpeting, and unique open spacious floor Dlan.  Other features included In the price (see below),  three bedrooms, large bathroom & laundry,  skirting and landscaping. Owner says sell now!  $29,900 _____  HOMES ON ACREAGE  A PRIVATE WORLD: Set against the trees this  garden-like V/i acres has a 900 sq. ft. quaint  cedar home with 2 bedrooms and a self-contained  one bedroom guest house joined by a deck and  hot tub. Special features include new kitchen,  parlor stove, outdoor barbeque pit, wood sheds,  fountain, even a flag pole. It's priced to sell. Can  be purchased with adjoining 2'/2 acres separately  listed. Located on Burton Road, priced at  $129,500.  FLUME ROAD: Charming home on 4.57 acres  zoned R2J. This means you can live in this cozy  modernized two-bedroom home, enjoy the  parktlke grounds with a babbling creek and now or  later subdivide Into smaller parcels. Located half a  block from the Roberts Creek Provincial Park  which has one of the nicest beaches on the coast.  Buy this property and make your dream come  true - be It an escape, a country estate, an investment, a home or all combined. $165,000.  LOWER ROAD: 1.02 acres in Roberts Creek.  125.4' x 357.72' of cedar and other evergreens  provides a perfect settirn fn' the two bedroom  approximately 6 year old mobile home. Large  storage shed and chicken coop and run round off  the package, Priced at $97,500.  LOOK ��� A DUPLEX ON ACREAGE: Each side  is 1250 sq. ft. with 2 bedrooms, large living room  and kitchen with laundry room and storage area.  Live in one half and rent the other. Lots offers  plenty of room to garden or hobbies. Vendor will  help with financing or assume $42,000 1st mortgage at lOV-4%.  CEMETERY ROAD: Over 2 acres hobby farm  with view of Georgia Strait less than one mile to  schools and shopping with bts of country charm.  Nearly 1200 square foot log home with shake  roof. Three bedrooms, 1�� bathrooms. Floor to  ceiling cut rock fireplace in living room. Built-in  dishwasher, oven and range in large kitchen. An  ideal family home. On the terraced hillside are 4  corrals, large pasture area, riding ring plus 30 x 50  solid 2x4 barn with 6 self watering tie stalls. 4 -10  x 10 box stalls and 10 x 10 tack room. Many  extras. $156,000.  PORT MELLON HIGHWAY: 4.54 acres with  1095 feet of highway frontage. Zoned A3D, can  take apother dwelling. House is situated at one  end of property and nicely landscaped. Home \k  1% storey with open vaulted ceiling in living room.  Three bedrooms up and 4 piece -bath. Extra large  family room and living room downstairs. Twin  seal windows. Appliances included. Good  workshop at rear of double carport. $178,000.  NORTH ROAD, GIBSONS  2 & 3 BEDROOM TOWNHOUSES  All Suile* Future:  * I'ndqe  * Stow!  * limit in dishwasher  * Washer & Dryer  * GiiMieuus Brick Fireplaces  * W-.ll! tt> wall deluxe carpel  * I1; Baths  * Skylighis  * Huge Master Bedroom  * Close to shopping  * Cbse to schools  * Close to transportation  * All services  * Builders Home Warranty  * Fully landscaped grounds  * F.xtra storage room  * Parking lor 2 cars  * Concrete Driveway  * Fully fenced  * Energy efficient  HOW ABOUT A 15%% MORTGAGE?  These beautifully finished suites make a perfect affordable first home and/or investment and holding property. All units qualify for the Federal Government  M.U.R.B. Tax Shelter Programme and for C.M.H.C. Insured mortgaging which  insures the best possible mortgage rate quickly or the owner may arrange the  banking for you at 15Va% to qualified purchasers. By the way, note the  Builder's Home Warranty Programme. Cablevision, beauflful brick fireplaces, 5  appliances, these properties are brand new and ready to move Into. Priced to  sell at $84,900 to $94,900. _______  CREEKSIDE PARK: Lol 70. Nice level building  lot. Fully serviced including sewer. Close to  shopping, schools, etc. One of the last chances to  buy a good lot in this area for this price. $39,900.  CREEKSIDE PARK: Lot 9. Excellent building  lot in popular Creekside Park Estates. Good view  potential along with paved streets, city sewer,  cablevision, hydro and water. Gibsons Creek  runs down rear of lot making this an ideal  purchase. $39,500.  SUNNYSIDE DRIVE: This 100 x 150 bt is  ideally situated at the end of a no thru road. Area  is fast building up with new quality homes. A 2  storey home on this lot would have a view of  Georgia Strait. This lot must be seen to  appreciate the value of the 100 foot widths of the  surrounding lots. $52,500.  SYLVAN PLACE: In Cheryl Anne Park on the  Gibsons side of Roberts Creek. This '/��acre lot  has a partial view and is situated on a quiet cul-de-  sac only 3 blocks from the beach. The property is  nicely treed and in an area of new homes. Lot  dimensions are 48 feet on the road, 109' at the  back with side measurements of 150* and 162'. An  ideal building lot. $55,000.  ARGENT ROAD & HIGHWAY 101: Beautifully treed lot in Roberts Creek, approximately  100 x 265. Fully serviced 6/10ths of an acre, this  lot could accommodate duplex, domestic  industry, hoby farm, single family residential or  mobile home. The perfect natural setting.  $49,000.  GOWER PT: 62 x 133 level lots with super view  of Georgia Strait. One block to Bonniebrook and  good beach. Priced from $59,500.  FIRCREST ROAD: Partially cleared building lot  with nice trees in a fast developing area. Excellent  school nearby. Dead-end street so safe for  children. Don't be put off by trailer three lots down  as It Is only temporary. Excellent value at this  price. $31,500.  WHARF RD: Langdale, One of the very few lots  left in this popular area. Large size, corner location and view make this a must see. CaM now for  more details.  CREEKSIDE PARK: Lot 64. Good building lot  In popular Village of Gibsons subdivision. Hydro,  cable, phone, city water, paved streets and  CMHC approved. Vendor will consider low down  payment and 15% financing. $37,900.  CREEKSIDE PARK: Lot 109. Good building lot  In popular Village of Gibsons subdivision. Hydro,  cable, phone, city water, paved streets and  CMHC approved. Vendor will consider low down  payment and 15% financing. $39,900.  GRANDVIEW ROAD: Enjoy the great view  from this .44 acre lot with a gentle southern slope.  Located on Grandview Road just off Chaster  before you get to Bonniebrook. $61,500.  MARINE VIEW WAY: Sechelt. This 60* x 131.9*  lot is easy to build on and has already been  cleared and is ready for construction of your  reverse plan home. Located only one mile from  downtown Sechelt, close to the water, marina,  staking rink and other amenities. Yes, you may  even get a view. $35,900.  CHAMBERLIN ROAD: Lovely view lot looking  south into Howe Sound and Georgia Strait.  Cleared and ready to build on. 76 x 170, Well  priced at $54,900.  BONNIEBROOK HEIGHTS:" Spectacular  unobstructed comer lot offering a sweeping view  of water clear to Nanaimo. All services  underground. Truly a spectacular site for your  retirement home. Owner will carry some financing  at reasonable rate. $67,000.  CHASTER RD 4 7TH: Approximately Va acre  lot with terrific view of Georgia Strait and Vancouver Island. The large lot Is close to Bonniebrook, Chaster Creek and ocean front beach  and Is on regional water, hydro and cablevision.  Owner says sell and that he may assist your financing at 15%. $59,900.  SEAMOUNT INDUSTRIAL PARK: This key  corner lot has the best access and exposure of any  available lot In the area. Needs no fill or excavating. Ready to build on. Can be purchased  with existing development plan and approved access. Lot has 143 feet of highway frontage.  $165,000.  HWY 101: 50 x 150 industrial lot in Seamount  Park. All services. $40,000.  MARINE DR: Hopkins view lot. Beautifully treed  lot within walking distance of Langdale ferry. Size  50 x 141 serviced by hydro, water, phone and  cablevision. Priced to sell at $44,500  MALAVIEW ROAD:'Lot 9 on Malaview Road.  Cleared ready to build on. All services. 1 block to  school and a very nice area. $39,500.  SEAVIEW   RD:  View lot  in  Sandy  Hook  overlooking Porpoise Bay. Existing assumable  financing in place. Owners plans have changed.  Market value $39,500. .*  OLE'S PL: Roberts Creek. Large lot in quiet cul-  de-sac. Close to beach access. Zoning allows for  mobile home. Some attractive financing in place.  $44,900.  EVERGREEN PARKLAND: Large corner lot  on Marion Place cul-de-sac. A nice neighbourhood with attractive homes. Owner/builder wiP  build home of your choice or sell lot. Offers to  $37,900  WYNGAERT ROAD: 50 x 120 lot. Build your  home in a beautiful park-like setting of fruit trees,  flowering trees and shrubs and a view to Keats  Island. This park-like setting is truly one of a kind.  $55,000.  SCHOOL RD: 13 Viewlots in Gibsons Village.  Servicing nearing completion. Priced from  $57,500.  INVESTMENT - COMMERCIAL - REVENUE  STEWART ROAD: Fifteen acres locaied on  Stewart Road just off North Road. This is in three  five acre parcels and can be divided or resold if  purchaser does not want that much property.  Zoned Industrial I, which takes light and heavy  industry. Three phase power available if  necessary. $325,000.  HIGHWAY 101: This industrial building has a  total of 5,000 square feet. It has three tenants,  leased out on two five year leases and one three  year lease. Lot size is 167* on the highway by 124'  deep. Present building has plans for suites on a  second floor and there is room for another  building on this lot. Present annual income is  $29.400. $290,  MARINE DRIVE: Waterfront Revenue. 100' of  prime low bank waterfront in Village of Gibsons.  Unexcelled view of sheltered Howe Sound. Solid  tenants in all three suites. Building remodelled  and upgraded. Very attractive property consisting ol 4 bedrooms, 3 bedrooms and 2 bedrooms  suites with fireplaces. Don't miss your chance to  own this waterfront triplex. $285500.  GIBSONS VILLAGE: This is the only  indepedent bakery in the area. 10 years in the  same location. Business i, increasing steadily with  excellent potential to expand. Owner may carry  1st. All equipment included. Call for more details.  NOW AVAILABLE   10 TOWNHOUSES  Panoramic view of Howe Sound and Georgia Strait  The location is a bonus ��� only steps from shopping, swimming and moorage.  Enjoy the benefits of carefree, maintenance free townhouse living. These two  and three bedroom units are ideal for full time or weekend use. Fully landscaped  and maintained grounds. Covered individual parking. All units feature  fireplaces, balconies, twin seal windows and major appliances.  Excellent Value at $97,500 to $113,000  STEVE        ANNE        JOHN        TERRI       GREG        GARY        DAVE JON LORRIE  SAWYER    GURNEY   HANSON   HANSON    GRANT   PUCKETT ROBERTS     MCRAE       GIRARD  L886-7678    886-2164    886-8295    886-8295   886-7204    886-9508    886-8040      885-3670      886-7760 Sunshine Coast Realtor. August 21,1981  BOX 1490,  WHARF ROAD  SECHELT, B.C.  VON-3A0  PHONE  885-2235  VANCOUVER  689-5838  (Toll Free)  CENTURY WEST REAL ESTATE  "TWO OFFICES  FF JOHNSTONE ROAD No. 770  bedroom. Easy care kitchen. Thru halls. High  sement. Rec. room. Huge deck.  133,500 Bob Kent 885-9461  MILLS ROAD No. 798  Brand new, spacious 3 bedroom home, plenty of  storage and large family room.  1124,900       Uny & Ruth Moore 885-9213  NORVAN ROAD No. 851  Beautiful brick and some view. 3 bedroom with  many extras, intercom, thermopane, heatilator  fireplace.  $139,500       Uny ft Ruth Moore 8859213  WILSON CREEK ��� TYSON ROAD    No. 776  2 bedrooms. Mini farmer or horse lovers with two  acres.  1125,000 Bob Kent 885-9461  >ERBY ROAD ��� NEW ON MARKET MLS883 SANDY HOOK                                 No.768  bedroom family home.  U basement partially An acre of privacy & quiet with a cozy, one  nished, carport, landscaped lot with plenty of bedroom home. Well built and waiting for the  3ses, 4 appliances included. starter family, let it grow with you.  92,000         Larry & Ruth Moore 885-9213 179,500                       Pat Parker 885-5615  MASON ROAD No. 687  Close to school, landscaped, double garage, well  built 3 bedroom home with den and family room.  $124,500       Larry & Ruth Moore 885-9213  CARNABY PLACE No.787  Secluded   new   home,   2  bedrooms,   ensuite,  spacious living areas, carport and V* basement.  Ready for occupancy.  $ 112,000        Ray or Leslie Fitch 885-9057  NDY HOOK No.867  racle Drive passes proudly by this newly  lodelled home. One, maybe two bedrooms  s a million dollar view. Attractively finished in-  or guaranteed to please. See this smart, cozy  til- before someone else does, you won't find  many homes In this price range any more.  idor will assist financing.  6,000 Pat Parker 885-5615  WEST SECHELT, BLIGH ROAD      No. 747  New 3 bedroom rancher situated on quiet cul-de-  sac is ideal for small family. Features natural  fireplace in living room plus formal dining room.  Luxurious master bedroom has walk-In closet and  full ensuite. Mother will love sunny family room  with skylight plus wood heater for comfort.  $124,900 VI Gibbons 885-3944  r*'  ^1  ||l   By1'  iJI B  SELMA PARK-YOUR NEW HOME No. 858  is waiting for you and your family to move into in  Selma Park! There's lots of living space with the  sunken living room, dining room, kitchen and  bathroom on the main floor, 3 bedrooms upstairs  and full unfinished basement! The view is  breathtaking, the home is charming and the price  is right al  $139,000       George Longman 886-8548 or  Rita Percheson 885-5706  "WEST SECHELT RANCHER" No. 796  Reduced over $10,000 from original price.  Under construction 1120 sq. ft.. 2 bedroom ranch  style home with attached carport located in one of  the finer areas of West Sechelt, just minutes from  beach, schools and shopping.  $87,500 George Longman 886-8548  WEST SECHELT No. 829  Wakefield Road is proud io serve this 3 bedroom.  2000 sq ft craftsman's home Set in almost an  acre of cathedral grove cedars leading to rockeries, pond, garden shrubs wilh pavement and  carport at rear of house  $ 179 900 Bill Walkey 885-5327  VI Gibbons 885-3944  BEACH AVE. OFFERS MORE  THAN LOCATION No. 837  New 3 bedroom home with 2550 sq. ft. of living  space situated on over Va acre of land. This home  has it all ��� features are too numerous to mention. It  must be seen to be appreciated. If you're in the  market for a fine quality built home. Owner will  carry $100,000 at W/t%.  $ 175,000 George Longman 886-8548  WATERFRONT  lOPERROAD No. 861  -naculate 3 bedroom rancher. IV2 baths, dou-  carport and large lot.  14,900       Larry ft Ruth Moore 885-9213  ELCOME WOODS No. 884  n Alderwood Road, attractive new 3 bedroom  imeof over 1190sq ft on approx half an acre,  ���leclively cleared with some nice evergreens  /W throughout, fireplace, ensuite, sundeck and  rport.  124,500 Bert 885-3746  Ray or Leslie Fitch 885-9057  WILSON CREEK No. 863  3 bedrooms, spacious living area, double carport.  southern exposure, partial ocean view and brick  fireplace are some of the features of this home on  Cameo Road.  $115,000 Leslie Fitch 885-9057  ROBERTS CREEK HOME No. 801  3 bedroom 1216 sq  ft. home located on over '/z  acre of land In lower Roberts Creek   The full base  ment is presently rented but could make a good  in-law suite or recreation room. Asking  $ 102,000 George Longman 886-8548  WESTSECHELT No. 895  On Mills Road, over 1200 sq. ft., new 3 bedroom  home, basement, carport, sundeck and some  view.  $ 135.000 Bert 885-3746 or Ed 885-2641  REDROOFFS RANCHER No. 844  This attraclive 3 bedroom cedar rancher is locaied  on Cooper Road in park like Welcome Woods  Large lol (appro* 107 x 265) has concrete drive,  rarport.    rockery    and    privale    lawn    area  Assumable financing at 12%'  SELMA PARK No. 737  Watch the cruise ships pass by and the sunset over  the Trail Islands from this family sized home. In  excess of 2500 sq. ft. of living space on three  levels featuring four spacious bedrooms, cozy den  and large formal living room with custom designed brick fireplace and feature wall. As a bonus this  property offers a small cottage at water's edgethat  provides a small revenue.  $295,000 Pat Parker 885-5615 or  Leslie Fitch 885-9057  REDROOFFS MLS No. 795  Bordered   by   Redrooffs   Road   and   Welcome  Passage this 6 acre landscaped lot oilers a superb  view of Merrv And Thormanhv Islands, across to  Vancouver   Island   and   Mount   Arrowsmilh.   2  bedrooms up plus additional large finished view  room in basement for extra bedroom, shop or rec.  room Electric heal Rockfaced heatilator  fireplace. Owners relocating must sell and will  assist financing.  $195,000 Pat Parker 885-5615  MEMBER SUNSHINE COAST  193.900  Rita Percheton 885 5706  SECHELT 885-2235  ED BAKER  885-2641  ELMER EKDAHL  885-3584  LESLIE FITCH  885-9057  VI GIBBONS  885-3944  BOB KENT  885-9461  GEORGE LONGMAN  886-8548  LARRY MOORE  885-9213  RAY FITCH  885-9057 Sunshine Coast Realtor, August 21.1981  11  PHONE  885-2235  VANCOUVER  689-5838  BOX 1490,  WHARF ROAD  SECHELT, B.C.  VON-3A0  TO SERVE YOU"  HOMES  PANORAMIC VIEW No. 855  Spacious 3 bedroom house with large living room  [fireplace), dining area and kitchen overlooking  the spectacular view of Porpoise Bay This lovely  Spanish style white stucco home has many special  features Handy utility room. Including washer &  dryer ofl well appointed kitchen Dining area has  glass doors onto large deck Knsuile off master  bedroom George Longman 886-8548  S225.000 VI Gibbons 885-3594  DAVIS BAY No. 875  Privacy and spacious setting are yours in this 2  bedroom rancher on Havies Road. Almost 1400  sq. ft. of living space with: cedar siding, shake  roof, bay window, feature fireplace. 30 x 12  sundeck and 152 ft road frontage, on partial view  lot  Excellent Value!  $95,900 Rita Percheaon 885-5706  REDROOFFS No.742  This charming two bedroom home Is located on  level xh acre fenced property. Cozy kitchen has  double wall oven, Jennaire countertop range, and  custom cabinets. Vegetable garden, barn and fishpond are just some of the features you'll find on  this country charmer.  $91,500 R��y or Lealle Fitch 885-9057  PEBBLE CRESCENT No.887  You will love gazing at the mountains from this  charming cedar split level home situated In the  village. Immaculate, 2 bedrooms, large livingroom with fireplace and beautiful rosewood  panelling. Landscaped grounds plus handy  workshop off carport.  $104,000 VI Glbboni 885-3944  SELMA PARK  Spectacular ocean view  new 4 bedroom quality  home Numerous benefit  No. 859  if Trail Islands from this  ionitructed Selma Park  (In this home include  2  x o construction. Squamish rock fireplace, wood  framed windows, cuslom kitchen cabinets, and  vanities, parquet flooring, sunken bathtub, enclosed garage, private deck and landscaped yard! Ex-  cellenl assumable financing al 14.25% interest.  $ 195.000 George 886-8548 or  Rita Percheson 885-5706  ROBERTS CREEK No. 841  Two thirds acre on Lower Road near Cheryl Ann  Park. Older two bedroom sits in a beautiful parklike setting of gardens, fruit trees and lawns.  $112,500 Pat Parker 885-5615  SELMA PARK No. 890  Spectacular View! Home at spectacularly low  price! 4 year new, 2 bedroom, mobile with sweeping view of Trail Islands and Bay. Has lawn In.  vegetable garden, garden shed, single carport and  covered "Sunshine" patio. Very well maintained.  Fisher stove, washer/dryer, fridge, stove and furniture all Included in low immediate sale price of  $39,900 Rita Percheson 885-5706  HANDIMAN SPECIAL No. 874  1040 sq ft . 3 bedroom home located In nice area  of Lower Roberts Creek, within 2 cily blocks of  beach access. Home has new electric service and  heating, new foundations and spelic. The repairs  remaining can be done by anyone handy with  hammer and paint brush  Buy now and save.  George Longman 886-8548  FEATURE!  "SELMA PARK BEAUTY" Wo. 797  Reduced over 919,900 from original price.  Itranil new 1320 sq. ft. 2 bedroom full basement home with 160  degree view of Georgia Str. und et. ul from living room, kitchen,  dining room und muster bedroom. Fcutures:-  * ()uk cabinets,  * 1'uved Driveway und Sidcwulks.  * Shake Koof*& Stained Ccdur Siding.  * Double Sink in Muln Bathroom & Ensuite.  * Double Flue Chimney.  * Two Cur Enclosed Carport.  with quality construction throughout. Asking  81S7.BOO' George Longman 8S6-S548  CENTURY WEST REAL ESTATE  HOMES HOMES  SANDY HOOK  SECHELT VILLAGE No. 862  :*. bedroom. 110() sq   It  home on Pebble Crescent Featuring stpne faced fireplace, electric heat.  and landscaped lol with lots of play area for Ihe  children   Great location, close lo schools, park  and shopping.  197.900 Pat Parker 885-5615  LOTS  ROBERTS CREEK No. 878  Large % of an acre building lot, close to beach,  school and store Water, h^dro and cablevision at  properties edge  145,500 George Longman 886-8548  SECRET COVE No. 804  Semi-waterfront, wooded lot. Public laneway to  cove 1 block away! $45,000. Rita Percheson 885-  5706.  SANDY HOOK No. 838  Lot 2 and Lot 48 on Sandy Hook Road &  Skookumchuck Road. Breathtaking view! Price  for both lots $65,000!  Ray oi Lealle Rich 885-9057  SHOAL WAY No. 810  West Porpoise Bay, near arena. Water, hydro,  paved road. 60 x 105. $40,000.  Ray or Lealle Fitch 885-9057  WELCOME WOODS No. 869  Well treed lot on quiet street, close to park and  fishing. 100 x 200 approx.  454,900, will look at odera.  Lynn Wllaon 885-5755  SECHELT No.868  Marine View on Marine View Way 60 x 132. Services available. Paved road.  139,900 Lynn Wllaon 885-5755  CEDARIDGEROAD No. 775  Fine 133 x 140 comer lot, nicely treed, hydro and  water lines at the road.  127,500 Bert 885-3746  No. 891  550�� sq. ft, cabin on Coracle Drive, This ideal  summer home needs T.L.C,  163,900 Pal Parker 8855615  NORTH ROAD No.881  2 bedroom, ranch style home located on Va acre  lot in Upper Gibsons. Super starter or retirement.  482,500. George Longman 885-8548  LOTS  REDROOFFS No. 820  85 x 265 selectively cleared lot in prestige subdivision. Water & hydro. Evans Road.  143.500 Rita Percheaon 885-5706  MILLS ROAD No. 790  3 building lots.on paved road, sewer, nicely  cleared with culverts in.  149,500 each Bert 885-3746  NORWEST BAY ROAD No. 786  75 x 150 of towering timbers, near level, close to  schools.  ���39,900 Ray or Lealle Fitch 885-9057  WELCOMfc ."GODS No,824  Wooded privacy. Lot 102 xl66. Area of new  homes on spacious grounds.  149,900 Lynn Wllaon 885-5755  WESCANROAD . No.882  Large lot on Wescan Road near beautiful Si-ret  Cove.  139,900 Ray or Lealle Fitch 885-9057  REDROOFFS No. 888  Large lot 80 x 250 on sunny Southwood Road in  Welcome Woods.  ���42,900 Uny Reardon 885-9320  SECHELT VILLAGE No. 900  60 x 132 cleared building lot In Sechelt Village.  Water, hydro, paved road end look at the price!  ���32,500 Rita Percheaon 885-5706  ROBERTS CREEK No 826  All services available except sewer. Close to beach  and golf course.  WATERFRONT  HWY 101-RUBY LAKE No. 870  Choice wooded parcel of over 4 acres. 300 ft. of  lakefront with highway access.  1135.000 Bert 885-3746  SECRET COVE No.730  Deep water moorage possible with dredging. Vs  acret. Paved road. Services available. Good  terms.  ���79.900 Lynn Wllaon 885-5755  GOWER POINT ROAD No759  Esplanade lot - WATERFRONT - Beautiful  unobstructed view. Large 100 x 217. Septic Installed.  ��� 120,000 Lany* Ruth Moore 885-9213  SEACREST WATERFRONT MLS No.806  Gorgeous view from this well treed lot. Steep but  beautiful and only J77.500. 82 x 341 Lot.  Uny (ft Ruth Moore 885-9213  NARROWS INLET No. 744  5 acres of remote waterfront with over 200 ft. of  beach frontage and your own creek. 453,500  Rita Percheson 8855706.  ROBERTS CREEK  WATERFRONT No.872  This charming older home is situated on large  landscaped waterfront property off Geddes  Road. Well maintained home has rock fireplace in  living room, one bedroom on main floor and two  smaller bedrooms upstairs. Easy access to good  beach & privacy from neighbours makes this a  choice property! $198,000. Rila Percheson 885-  5706.  ACREAGE  GOLF COURSE ACREAGE No. 860  255 feel alongside the ninth fairway gives way for  the finest relaxed view to be had. in addition the  property is located within one mile of school,  general store and beaches. This property with Its  eagles, and birdies is much above par at  ��� 135.000 George Longman 886-8548  ATTRACTIVE ACRES No. 719  Level 2Va acres bordering golf course,  nice  building sites and well treed for privacy.  (125,000 Bert 885-3746  ROBERTS CREEK No864  3 plus acres with water, hydro & cablevision at  property's edge.  ���57,500 George Ungman 885-8548  CHOICE ACREAGE No. 719  Highway location bordering golf course, level and  nicely treed 2Va acres.  ���125,000 Bert 885-3746  SCENIC ACREAGE No. 799  At Middlepolnt with some view 17.5 acres and  power at the highway.  ���118.000 Leelle 885-9057 of Bert 885-3746  TRAIL ISLAND No. 649  Lucky lot number seven, lft acres of recreation,  300 feel of frontage. $29,000.  VI Glbbone 885-3944  Bill Walkey 885-5327  ���49,900 George Longman 886-8548  WANT TO BUILD IN WEST SECHELT?  LOOK AT THESE BUYS!  No.893-SamronRoad,75xl50cleared ��S9.900  No. 889 - Norvan Road, cul-de-sac, sewered *S9,90��  No. 785 ��� Mills Road, cleared and sewered ��S9,900  No. 853 ��� Norvan Road, partially cleared, some view ��54,000  No. 865 ��� Jasper Road, Incredlview & sewer ��61,000  No. 756 - Norvan Road, View & Lots of trees ���62,000  Uny ft Ruth Moore 885-9213  WESTSECHELT No.7671  Large subdividable lot In West Sechelt. V. acres |  facing on two roads.  165,000 VI Glbbone 885-3944 i  BiliWaIkeyS85-5327  REDROOFFS No. 733  4/10 acre lot with 98 ft. road frontage on '  Eastwood Road. Culvert in and cleared bldg. site.  $45,000. Rita Percheson 8855706.  REDROOFFS No. 761  90 x 181 targe lot on Alderwood in Welcome  Woods.  Beautifully treed! $45,000.  Rita  Percheson 8855706.  SECHELT VILLAGE MLS No. 866  Level lot. 62.5 x 125, Binnacle Street. Vendor  will finance at less than bank rate.  ���36.000 Pat Parker 885-5615  ROBERTS CREEK No. 877  2 good size building lots, both have hydro,  cablevision and regional water at property's edge.  Located within walking distance of beach, store &  school.  ���41,500 each   George Ungman 886-8548  ROBERTS CREEK No.880  Magnificent treed Vs acre lot In best rural location,  off Beach Avenue. Minutes to beach, store and  school.  ���58,000 George Ungman 886-8548  WESTSECHELT No. 879  Sun and prestigious Bligh Road location are yours  on this ocean view lot. Rough drive, culverts,  clearing, excavation for home, private sewer, paved cul-de-sac and more!  ���44,900 Rita Percheaon 885-5706  BUSINESS  OPPORTUNITIES  BUSINESS FOR SALE No. 856  This business is being sold (or Ihe price of the  Chattels & the prestigious name of 'Tyee  Products Ltd.'. It is located in the heart of uptown  Sechelt with an excellent five year lease beginning  July 31/81. With the Chattels, location and name  this business could be carried on or changed to  cold storage, warehouse, ice whole sale or retail  outlet or retail fish store plus many other options.  Here's an excellent opportunity to begin working  for yourself with a minimum of investment.  Asking $47,500. Call George 886-8548 or Lynn  885-5755.  REAL ESTATE ASSOCIATION  GIBSONS OFFICE      886-8194  SANDY HOOK  - SEAVIEW ROAD-  Ut 107-438,000  - SANDY HOOK ROAD -  Ut C- $40,000  Ut 30-$39,900  Lot 49-$38,000  -DEERHORN DRIVE -  Ul 44-$39,900  Lot 52 ��� $39,000  Fat Anker 885-5615  - DEERHORN DRIVE -  Lot 35 ��� $38,500  George Ungman 086-8548  ��� PORPOISE DRIVE ���  Ut 35  ���39.900  Rita Percheaon 885-5706  VIEW LOTS  RUTH MOORE PAT PARKER RITA PERCHESON  885-9213 885-5615 885-5706  LARRY REARDON  885-9320  BERT WALKER  885-3746  BILL WALKEY  885-5327  LYNN WILSON  885-5755 12  Sunshine Coasl Realtor. August 21.1981  DENTAL CENTRE  GIBSONS  Gmu-gc,  , tb��   nn iX  ���CENTURY WEST REAL ESTATE  HOMES  PHONE  886-8194  VANCOUVER  689-5838  (Toll Free)  GIBSONS No.789  Woodcreek Park's only full basement home to  date 3 bedrooms, well designed living area, huge  wrap-around-deck plus lull basement for your  custom touch  This house is near completion, so  hurry.  ��� 145.000 BUI Walkey 885-2235  PRATT RD No. 896  Two levels of lamily living on a large landscaped  lot   Four bdrms. rec. room, plenty of storage  space, large sundeck and more.  I 5119,000 George Longman 886-8548  Judy Eldred 885-9226  HWY 101 No. 848  Then' is * Harbour View from this two possible 3  bedroom home. Covered sundeck to enjoy the  outdoor living on this large lot.  $139,000 Lynda 8867352  Judy 885-9226  DUNHAM ROAD - PORT MELLONNo. 628  3 bedroom home, [ireplace, dining room, 100 x  173 lot. Needs some work.  $54,900 Eva 886-7126  12' x 68' FLEETWOOD  MOBILE HOME No. 897  Sel in Bonniebrook Trailer Park, view, minutes to  beach Excellent condition, some furniture included  ��� 26.500 Eva 886-7126  VI 885-3944  JUDITH PLACE No. 814  3 bedmom quality built rancher A spacious kitchen with separate eating area A distinctive use  of wood ��� a lovely home.  ��� 107.500 Lynda 886-7352  Wendy 886-8076  LOTS  I GIBSONS HARBOUR VIEW! No. 827  Lower Gibsons, Super view, ready to build, all  services.  $52,500 Eva Carsky 886-7126  SEAMOUNT  INDUSTRIAL PARK No. 766 & 765  I Prime localion with 124 It. hiyhway frontage. The  I opportunity lo acquire industrial property with  I good public visibility is rare so call Lynda now 886  7352. $120,000  GIBSONS - WOODCREEK PARK No. 828  Quality  controlled  prestige subdivision.  Fully  I serviced lots, some view.  $39,500 - $46,000 Bill Walkey 885-5327  Linda Hickman 8867352  CEDAR GROVE AREA No. 769  Level lot. 74' frontage, zoned for mobile.  $42,000 Eva Carsky 8867126  SEAMOUNT INDUSTRIAL PARK No. 764  74 x 150 - excellent warehouse location.  $60,000 Lynda Hickman 886-7352  MAPLEWOOD LANE - GIBSONS No. 736  Fully serrviced building lot with workshop. Short  | walk to beach.  $42,500 Lynda Hickman 886-7352  FIRCREST ROAD No. 808  Good level lot (or building. Excellent location in  area of new homes.  $35,000 Carol Sklnmr 886-9154 or  Pat Parker 885-5615  FIRCREST ROAD - GIBSONS        No. 807  Almost new. 3 bedroom home wilh basement,  fireplace, shake roof.  $105,000 Eva 886-7126  Leslie 885-9057  GIBSONS - WOODCREEK PARK No774  Four bedrooms plus large games room and  spacious family room. Energy efficiently insulated  (floor, walls, ceiling), oak cabinetry, huge lot  landscaped in turf. Owner will carry at 13'j'uon  this large family home.  $159,000 Bill Walkey 885-5327  DAVIS ROAD - GIBSONS No. 751  ���4 bedroom split level, fireplace, lamily room, close  to shoppiny and all schools. Assumable  mortgage.  $119,500 Eva 886-7126  WOODCREEK PARK - GIBSONS No772  This attractive split level three bedroom home  has a masonary fireplace, wood windows, hidden  gutters and enclosed garage,  $139,000 Lynda 886-7352  CHASTER ROAD  3 bedroom home on large fenced and landsca-jied  lot. Over 2 yrs left on 10;4".. assumable morlgage  S 124.500 Lynda 886-7352  WOODCREEK PARK ��� GIBSONS No773  This three bedroom house is perfeclly co  ordmated to take fulfadvantage of ihe large view  lot. Features include, pantry off kitchen, Iwo  masonary fireplaces and wood windows.  S149.000 Lynda 886-7352  GIBSONS No.762  3 bedroom 1920 sq. ft. executive, energy efficient  quality home, stands on one of the largest lots in  the subdivision Fenced backyard landscaped  front yard in turf. Enjoy the wealth of oak cabinets  and many other features too numerous to list.  Vendor will carry at 15%.  $159,000 Bill Walkey 885-5327  or 885-2235  No. 818  SKYLINE DRIVE  "The Blufl" No. 846  2 bdrm post and beam bungalow. Privacy  abounds with a treed setting and decks facilitate  outdoor living. A spectacular;  $119,500 Wendy 886-8076  PRATT ROAD No. 896  Affordable home for a large family offering 4  bedrooms, rec. room. 2 bathrooms This attractive home is on a sunny landscaped lot and  features a heatilator fireplace and large sundeck  $ 119.000            George Longman 886-8548  Judy Eldred 885-9226  CONVENIENCE OF LOCATION  AND POCKETBOOK! No, 629  3 bedroom home im $59,000.These Strata Title  unils are located on Hilkiest Road. Within  w.ilking distance ol schools, shopping and oilier  amenities. Only one led. Call tot appointment lo  view Eva or Lynda at 886 8194.  LOTS  CREEKSIDE SUBDIVISION LOT -  GIBSONS No.886  60 x 120 fully serviced lot, within walking distance  lo all amenities.  ���39,900 Eva Caraky 886-7126  WATERFRONT  GOWER POINT AND 15TH ST.     '   No.759  Spectacular view from this espanade waterfront  lot. Build your dream home on this 100* x 217'  property.  ��� 120,000 Carol Skinner 886-9154 or  Ruth Moore 885-9213  ACREAGE  BRIDGF.MAN ROAD ��� GIBSONS   No. 857  4.54 secluded treed acres.  $69,500 Lynda Hickman 886-7352  5 ACRES NORTH ROAD No. 898  300 ft. Hwy frontage, double wide home partially  fenced and coralled for the hobby farmer  ��� 165,000 Eva 886-7126  LOCKVER ROAD -  ROBERTS CREEK No.885  3 bedroom with 2 Bathrooms and workshop  located on 5 mostly cleared acres with barn.  ��� 129,000 Carol Skinner 8869154  ROBERTS CREEK -  CONRAD RD No. 813  1.75 acres with 3 bedroom home. 24 x 24 garage,  landscaping needed to make this one a beauty.  $129300 Eva Carsky 8867126  Judy Eldred 885-9226  SHAW ROAD - GIBSONS No. 825  Invest in your future! 2.8 acres on Shaw Rd.,  subdivision potential, bonus, 3 bedroom 1645 sq.  It. home.  Eva 886-7126  Leslie 885-9057  TWO offices tO serve you Member Sunshine Coast Real Estate Association   GIBSONS 886-8194    SECHELT 885-2235  .WENDY BODT  886-8076  EVA CARSKY  886-7126  JUDY ELDRED  885-9226  LYNDA HICKMAN  886-7352  CAROL SKINNER  886-9154  BILL WALKEY  885-5327 Sunshine Coast Realtor, August 21,1981  13  anderson  REALTY LTD  FREE CATALOGUE  Sechelt  885-3211  Box 1219, VON 3AO  GH5Z��  to Coast  Service  anderson  REALTY LTD  684-8016  WATERFRONT  REDROOFFS WATERFRONT: 1 47 acres with hydro,  phone, water and cable T.V at the toad. Excellent enposure  Full price ltf.900. Call Don S8S-9S04. -S9  HUME BEACHFRONT HOME ��� GIBSONS: - Enjoy the  pawing cruise ��hlps from the front lawn and sundeck of this Immaculate 3 badroom home off Franklin Road. A tnaulvt done  fireplace highlights ihe pott and beam ttyte cedar livingroom.  There it plenty of storage space and a lovely garden ana.  Village shopping Is but a short distance away. Arrange a viewing  wtth Frank Ingham. "US  DAVIS BAY - SUNSETS GALORE: Beautiful waterfront  property on the beat beach of the coast. Very private and partly  landscaped lot is approximately -ft acre. Stairs could be built to  the water. View with Bob Bull 88S-2S03 190,000 but owner  looking for oilers. *12  HALFMOON BAY - TAYLOR CRESCENT: Fully serviced  waterfront lot in exclusive area of deluxe homes. Full southern  exposure. Excellent budding sites. Reduced from $114,900 to  109,000. Call Gordie. *U  SANDY HOOK ��� 103* OF WATERFRONT: - It will not be  easy to build on this lot. but a little imagination will do wonders.  Come In and talk It over. Name your price and make a deal, I'm  Franklngham. '114  COMMERCIAL  PRIME COMMERCIAL PROPERTY: with Highway 101  frontage in Gibsons. Approximately 4 subdividable acresmtwo  separate parcels. Ready to develop and priced to sell. Contact  Frank Ingham BBS 5336 or Bob Bull 885 2503, Vancouver Toll  Free 584 8016 ��M  SECHELT VILLAGE ��� COMMERCIAL LOT: This SO' x  176' commercial lot is centrally located in the business district.  Great investment property. See Bob Bull for details. 177,000  #17  COMMERCIAL CORNER: Mason & Norwest Bay Rd.  18,000sq ft. of commercial land suitable for a mini supermarket'  or combination country produce market located ina well settled,  area. Busy crossroad area adjacent to an expanding school and  no competition. On site living quarters permitted. F,P.  $129,000. Call Stan Anderson 885-2385. 885-3211. "28  GOING CONCERN! UPTOWN LAUNDROMAT: Steady  year round business. Ideal (or semi-retired couple. All  equipment in excellent condition. Renewable lease on building.  Good location in upper Gibsons. Just reduced irom $55,000 to  $45,000. (20.000 DP., balance at $500 per month at IS"-  interest. For information call Jack at 885-3211. ��92  ROBERTS CREEK ��� PRIME DEVELOPMENT PROPERTY: 4.875 acres wned R2J. Lower Road frontage. Gentle  southern exposure and approximately hall cleared. Favourably  situated one and a half storey deluxe home. Immediate  development potential Terms. Contact Frank Ingham.    #99  ������} i "'j .. i ..'��� .. >������ ���} . ���|!....i....'....fj    ...    1��v��u  V   ������-���?'���;;���'           ',  ""*"    i' *    ���-���irt**-**** .'.. ������*���.*''������;.. ir**    w *\      \  -  r i I    iX'iMf Av.V w-jViSW-  "^PORPOISEBAVm;/�� W*H \  -NowSeUing-     'iB/^Tpiv \*i  An exclusive waterfront developments    ��'-������&��� A"    ..������.-- I'-."-".. |  "TERMS NOW AVAILABLE"  20% down balance at 15%  ��� View Property ���  from $42,900  - Waterfront Property ���  Irom $95,000  * S minutes from Stthelt        * Paved roads  * Southern exposure * Cleared and level  t-PTjc'X     .--I-"'  ; ;��������������� % \. *"���:.,... fu  "Jr\i > i^S*--" r*'  ��� Cleared and level ''<M    . *\i M    <*C?'7t'S<8   j,  -i   ���*zZs  jrv\.    V i'/!?**^!    "���?���*���*  ,^^/H r  y   '      iH%i 'iV't'i.'   *r    ..j*?*        "V    **'*  |j .^-i-....r^'!Y^l[,, *sf'   f**\ *  -*>���     ������;-*' ...       ������"~   ���aria".. "*����� >.T7****T!     ^" ' ������  lVa.K TnllFree)    684-8016       885-3211  Gordon  Hall  885*0986  Stan  Hilstad  888-2923  Doug  Joyce  885-2761  Frank  Ingham  885-5336  Hadden  885-9504  886-2417  SMutov Place  HRV 101.  Harry Howard 886-7307  fojjjfen  922-2017  (Vancouuer Toll Free)  Treu Boddard 886-2417  This super family home has lour bedrooms, af  large open living room with a sundeck that looks  out over Howe Sound. The house is situated on a  gently sloping well treed lot. The proximity to the  ferry makes this an ideal set up for the commuter.  Asking $98,500.  LANGDALE  Close to the ferry on a treed, private street. A  terraced lot with its beautiful stonework is the  setting lor this 5 yr. old 3 bedroom home. The  recently enlarged kitchen, with its sliding glass  doors opening lo the patio, has solid oak cabinets.  Some other features are a warm living room with  a cedar accent wall and brick fireplace. Utility  workshop area, lamily room, new carpeting  throughout. All ol this plus a $58,000 ��� first at  12%% make this property a must to see. Asking  $119,500  HOMES  GIBSONS ��� VIEW ��� VIEW ��� VIEW  Over 3,000 sq. ft. of living space featuring a large  open main floor. The first class view of Gibsons  Harbour can be appreciated from either the  sundeck off the living room or the large third floor  master bedroom with its ensuite and Jacuzzi. The  home has two more bedrooms on the main. Alt  this on a half acre of guaranteed privacy. Asking  $135,000.  MAGNIFICENT VIEW  The view from this unique Grantham's home is  perfect. The house has been painstakingly and  tastefully remodelled and the craftsmanship is  reflected throughout. The ground level features a  self contained garden bachelor suite. The middle  level takes full advantage of the view with Its three  targe bedrooms, master with ensuite facing one of  two sundecks. Lots of closet space. The top level  has an exterior entrance via footbridge. The view  wall Is almost entirely sliding glass opening onto  the top sundeck. It's up here that you'll And the  living room with Its celling fan, tiled kitchen and  dining area. Asking 1151,500  FAT"i3%  The vendor will carry $75,000 at 13% on this  quality Gibsons home. The house is a brand new  1840 sq. ft. Rancher with four bedrooms, master*  with ensuite, large family room off kitchen with  wood stove. Sliding glass door, patios. Huge 100 x.  237 ft. bt. This home is a must to see! Asking  $137,500.  LANGDALE ��� YMCA ROAD  A beautiful setting for a solid family home. The  house is a  1440 sq. ft. Rancher with four  bedrooms,   large  kitchen,   living  room with  fireplace and a lot more. The lot is 82 x 162 feet  welt   landscaped   and   very   private.   Asking  $115,000.  UNDER CONSTRUCTION ��� GIBSONS  Come in and see the plans for this 1416sq. ft. new  home.  HOUSE ON ACREAGE  This cozy two bedroom Roberts Creek home is  on 2.5 acres of land. Just minutes from the beach  and stores this property is the perfect small  country estate. Asking only $96,500!  LOTS  WATERFRONT  Gibsons Bluff. A perfect level building site with a  fabulous view of Gibsons Harbour from one of the  largest waterfront lots on the bluff. Asking  199,000.  HIGH ON A HILL  You get a panoramic view of Howe Sound from  this Grantham's view lot. Privacy and level terrain  make this an ideal buildinq site. Asking $56,900.  ROBERTS CREEK ��� COACH KOAD  A half acre of gently sloping view property in quiet  rural surroundings. Asking 149.500.  CHERYL ANN PARK ROAD  Large building lot in an area of quality homes.  Asking $48,000.  ACREAGE  SUBDIVIDABLE ACREAGE  1.25 level acres zoned R2L. Application has been  made with the Highways Dept. for a 4 bt  subdivision on this Pratt Rd. acreage. Lot sizes  are 61.8' x 195.5'. One lot has a well maintained 2  bedroom, 1540+ sq. ft. house on it. This whole  package is a beauty and the asking price is only  $185,000  SECHELT PARKLAND  l1/. acres of semi-waterfront inlet view property.  This beautiful piece of land borders a natural bird  sanctuary and park only seconds from the  government dock. The real bonus is that the  zoning is mutti-family and the package comes with  plans and permits for a 33 unit condominium  complex. Asking $550,000.  GULF ISLAND WATERFRONT  6* acres with 450 ft. of level waterfront on  beautiful Reid Island situated between Pender  and Gabriola Islands. This secluded retreat would  make an ideal group purchase. Asking $100,000. 14  Sunshine Coast Realtor, August 21, 1981  [aijdersoin  REALTY LTD  FREE CATALOGUE  Sechelt  885-3211  Box 1219, VON 3AO  asms  Coast to Coast  Real Estate Service  anderson  REALTY LTD  Vanootntr ToH Pim  684-8016  "FEATURED HOME  OF THE WEEK"  SELMA PARK: 3 bdrm full basement home on dead end street.  Very low maintenance with aluminum siding. Large sundeck  facing excellent view. Owner has been transferred and will con-  side all offers. Asking $139,900. Doug has the key.      #141  HOMES ��� TALK TO US ABOUT VENDOR FINANCING  DAVIS BAY ��� NEAR THE BEACH: - Enjoy the beach, store  and fine restaurant within walking distance of this new home  nearing completion. 1120 sq. ft. 3 bedroom home with large  deck to view the sunsets. Builder will sell at any stage of completion and take terms. Contact Frank Ingham to view. #11  SELMA PARK - PANORAMIC VIEW: 1600 sq. ft. 3  bedroom, full basement and garage. Fireplace, Jennaire range  and oven, two duor fridge-freezer and dishwasher. Built-in  vacuum system. 134' x 200' landscaped treed property. Asking  $165,000. CillJ.uk. #91  MOORAGE GUARANTEED. Up to 40 ft. of moorage  available with Purchase of ,h|s 2060 sq. ft quality built view R0BERTS CRE��K . HOUSE QN SAU. Owner/Builder is  home in Selma Park Other lealures include neat pump with , -. ... . ,., . ,. , . . , , ,. ,  . . i.. , > i . . ,i , j going away and this house will be sold before he returns! It Is  reverse evele air conditioning. sMights. built-in vacuum and       ,          ��� ,           . ,              _,.      ..i_l      utuu        u  ,     I.,        ...     ���.A���  r , -t      ii c located in a quiet area and close to the beach. The home has a  wood sash windows. Asking 1189,000. For more info call Stan       . .    . j   i       j . it       f jt   ,l  ,,..     .     c      *   , ,��,       large private sundeck and separate workshop. Covered by the  Hilstad or Stan Anderson. "101      ,lKI     u        ...       .   ��� . n���� J�� �� #\      t  New Home Warranty Program of BC   . Call Doug for appointment to view. *74  SECHELT VILLAGE- SALMON DRIVE:  * Unique architectural design  * 1636 sq  fl , 2 slorey. 3 bedrooms.  * frimily room, sunken livingroom, fireplace.  * walk to schools and shopping  * another quality -built Fjord Design home  * Call Stan Anderson "18  VILLAGE OF SECHELT: Buy a lovely large family home with  a relaxing view ol Porpoise Bay and the mountains. This home  has 4 bedrooms, 3 sels plumbing. Large living room and dining  room with an attractive stone heatilator fireplace. Large rec.  room and pool room with a wood heater set on a brick  background. This comfortable home has many other features  too numerous to write about. For complete information on this  3400 sq. ft. of family living call Gordie at 885*9986 or 885-3211.  Asking price $219,900. #122  REDROOFFS ROAD: Owner has bought1 2 bedroom full  basement quality built home on one acre $40.0110 assumable  mortgage al \\U% till Sepl '84 Price reduced for quick sale to  $139,900 Immediate possession Call Doug "100  Arbutus Drive ��� Lot 55 .isking $66,000 Frank Ingham  DAVIS BAY: Enjoy the panoramic view over Davis Bay or a  refreshing dip in the 16' x 32' pool while the beautiful minimal  care landscaping looks after Itself. This well built home has 3  bedrooms up. 2 down and a slate pool table included in the 28' x  17' rec room. To view call Bob Bull or Stan Hilstad. Asklnq  $165,000 "135  WEST SECHELT - NORVAN CUL-DE-SAC  * 1320 sq. ft. 3 bedroom, 2 bathrooms  ' rec. room, family room, enclosed garage  ' fireplace, cedar feature wall and skylight  ' 49,000 mortgage at ll��/2% due in 4 years  ' Contact Bob Bull or Frank Ingham  *25  WEST SECHELT: Prestige home in an exclusive area.  Presently under construction & should be finished by  November. 3 bedrooms ��� 3 bathrooms - 3 fireplaces - Jennaire &  built-in oven. Many more features, For the discriminating  purchaser. F.P. $225,000. Call Doug. #117  NEW SEA VIEW ��� LOT 54 ��� DAVIS BAY: Close to public  beach. Two level home ideal for in-law suite with separate entrance. Good viewjjom both levels. 2 sets plumbing plus ensuite  in master bedroom. Over 2000 sq ft. with w/w carpets. 3  bedrooms up. Workroom, laundry room. Carport & sundeck.  Cement drive. Good value $149,500. F.P. Call Jack  885-2053. "9  WEST SECHELT: Mason Rd. One bedroom single-wide  mobile on landscaped lot. Attractive area makes this a good Investment priced at $54,900. Call Frank or Bob. "132  EXECUTIVE HOME - JASPER ROAD: One of the finest ex  amples of West Coast living on the Sunshine Coast. Top quality  craftsmanship and design. Only the besi of materials in this con  tractors' privale residence. 3000 plus sq. ft. making exlensivt  use of beams ami sundecks. Secluded setting on year rounc  creek Features include: sauna in ensuite. livingroom done in  cedar and cuslom solid mahogany cabinets. View by appoint  menl only Offered exclusively by Bob Bull and Frank Ingham   M05  SECHELT VILLAGE: 1152 + sq. ft. 3 bedroom home within  walking distance to shopping. On sewer, some view and full  basement. Asking $91,900. Call Doug. "133  LOTS - FINANCING AVAILABLE AT REDUCED RATES  - SANDY HOOK -  Mt. Richardson        Lot 115 $35,000            Don Hadden    #21  Sandy Hook            Lot 48   asking $39,900 Frank   Ingham #113  Uplands Road           Lot 19   $26,500             Don Hadden     #23  Porpoise Properties Lot 30   asking $54,900 Bob Bull           #90  - DAVIS BAY -             ��123  Arbutus Drive ��� Lot 55 Asking $66,000 Frank Inqham  Arbutus Drive Lot 47 asking $66,000 Boh Bull or  Frank Inqham #75  LANGDALE: Lot 2 - End of Grady Rd. Water, power 8.  close to ferry terminal. Asking 145,900. Call Doug. '136  WEST SKCHELT  Mason Road         Lot A  asking $65,000 Slan Anderson #24  Jasper Road         Lot 22 asking $49,900 Gordie Hall      #107  Highway 101         Lot 1   asking $80,000 Bob Bull           #95  Island View Drive   Lot 7   asking $69,500 Jack Anderson #84  - GRANTHAMS -  Woodland Road   Lot 5 & 6 asking   $45,000  Frank Ingham #1 & 2  Central Road      Lot 22       asking $25,000  Stan Hilstad- #115  DAVIS BAY: It would be difficult to find a prettier setting than  this 3 bedroom split level home. Beautifully built, decorated &  landscaped. Energy efficient, hydro averages $32/month. Too  many features to list here. For the discriminating purchaser! The  price is $175,000 Call Doug -M43  ROBERTS CREEK: - Excellent building lot on paved dead end  road. 75' x 140'. Mobile homes accepted. Asking $42,500. Call  Doug. *127  SOMETHING SPECIAL ��� VILLAGE HOME: What better  time to buy a revenue home at a very special price! Recently  redecorated home consisting of 3 bedrooms, 2 levels and  spacious basement. Plenty ol room for a suite. Large backyard  and lots of storage space lor just $79,900. This is a real buy. Call  Stan Anderson. ttl6  $40,000 AT lO'/fcX DUE NOV. '83: - Attractive 3 bedroom  home in popular West Sechelt Large sundeck. carport, separate  12' x 20' garage. Basement nicely furnished and large fenced  year. Call Frank Ingham or Bob Bull.  Asking $115,000/112  ARBUTUS DRIVE: The view is unparalleled Irom Ihis  executive home in ihe newest area of Davis Bay. This 1346 sq. ft.  home is designed for lamily living at its finest, A massive front  deck highlights the cedar siding and shake roof. The 2 car carport garage and driveway are cement and the front lawn is in  This home features 3 bedrooms. 2 bathrooms, ensuite with  shower, vaulted ceilings, cedar feature walls, as well as, 2 brick  fireplaces both with heatilators. Skylights and dishwasher are  also included. This home Is truly luxury and In the right area to  protect your investment. Offered by Bob Bull and Frank Ingham. *10  WILSON CREEK: Brand spanking new home in quiet sunny  area. 1600 sq ft. done with a beautiful cedar ceiling throughout  the kitchen, dining and living rooms. Maintenance free siding.  "Master with shower in extra large ensuite. Heatilator fireplace  with wood box. Bay window. Double carport and much more  Vendor will take other property or trade. For viewing contact  Bob Bull or Frank Ingham. "106  MARON RD IN WEST SECHELT: Single wide mobile home  on sale. Maintenance free, fully landscaped yard, Includes,  fridge, stove & misc. furniture. Corner lot on sewer system. Asking $54,900. Call Bob Bull or Frank Ingham. '132  WATERFRONT  SECRET COVE: %ien plus 91 ft. of waterfront property. This  land is treed and has tremendous potential. The waterfront is  tidal but not rocky so deep water access is possible with  dredging. Last year's price $79,900. Stan Hilstad. #109  Redrooffs Ranch ��� Phase 1  Lot 34 asking $49,000 Bob Bull or Frank Ingham  Lot 36 asking $47,500 Don Hadden  Redrooffs Ranch ��� Phase II  Lots 63 & 65 asking $45,000 Stan Hilstad  Lots 69 & 70 asking $45,000 Gordie Hall  - REDROOFFS -         Kleindale ��� 6 easy acres on highway ��� 159.000  #79                            Terms Don 885-9504.  #103  Lot 101 with trailer $45,000 Don Hadden                       #110  Fawn Road  "120 & 121      Lot 82 asking $49,900 Bob Bull or Frank Ingham             #87  -SECRET COVE -  Painter Road Lot 5 $44,000 Frank Ingham or Bob Bull    #71  Welcome Woods Subdivision  Lots from $54,500  RUBY LAKE: Lease cabin reduced to $35,000.  ��67  BARGAIN HARBOUR: Waterlront lot, over half acre,  recently perked, driveway in. hydro, water and phone at road.  Full price $85,000. Call Don al 885 9504 or 885 3211.       ��47   Gordon  Hall  885-9WB  IJU,W  Hilstad  886-2923  Doug  Joyce  885-2761  Prank  Ingham  885-5336  Hadden  885-8504 Sunshine Coast Realtor, August 21,1981  15  anderson  REALTY LTD  FREE CATALOGUE  Madeira Park  883-9525  Box98,VON2HO  anderson  REALTY LTD  684-8016  HOMES  WATERFRONT       LOTS AND ACREAGE  BARGAIN HARBOUR CHARM: A fresh listinq in a desirable  area Here's a great combination of sandy beach and deep.  protected moorage. Enjoy the southerly view from the sunroom  in an 1100 sq. ft. modern (remodelled) home set just above the  beach amongst landscaped surroundings. A real find at  1250.000. Jock Hermon 883-2745 or Bill Hunsche 883-2637.  ���137  A 2 YEAR OLD MODUUNE MOBILE HOME: 14' x 70 in  immaculate condition on a large lot in Madeira Park. This home  is located on Harbour View Rd. and is close to the shopping  centre and schools. It comes with 5 appliances. Price $63,900.  To view call Bill Hunsche 883-2637 or 883-9525. 394  STARTER HOME OR SUMMER RETREAT: with fireplace  on large lot on Front Roid. Madeira Park Priced to sell at  $59,900. Vendor will consider carrying up to $40,000. Call  Doug 885-2761 or Bill Hunsche 883-2637. '108  GARDEN BAY ESTATES: 4 mnnth old Asiro quality l""-' "'  a most prestigious area   2l>linl\- in .1 marina   this 11% m.) Ii  J Ivilrimm home Im- fireplace   laundry, ensuite and nn ex  ceilenl Hoot plan uti 4. 10 of an acre. I  I' $129,500. View with  I Bob 885-3531. *125  BARGAIN HARBOUR: Discover and enjoy Bargain Harboui  wilh the view from ihis well built and maintained home on Cos  Way. Features include 2 heatilator fireplaces, large covered  sundeck, and carport, rec. room with fireplace and wei bar, 3  be/irooms, living room, dinin-Q room and kitchen with nook.  Along wilh the view come all appliances, drapes and carpeting.  To view call Bill Hunsche 883 2637 01 883 952r-- $144,000 ��49  A  b-*;-i|  WELCOME WOODS (REDROOFFS): 9 months new 3  bedroom contemporary home on 5/8 of an acre on Wildwood  Rd. The home highlights an interior cedar finish, large sundeck.  and a practical layout. The price of 1119,500 includes 5 new  appliances For more information please contact Bill Hunsche  883-2637 or 883-9525 "HO  GARDEN BAY ROAD ��� GARDEN BAY: Comfortable older  950 sq ft home close to stores and government float. The .44  acres and present zoning permits 2 dwellings. There is an  assumable mortgage of $33,500 at 16% due in 1983. The property and home at $82,000 is a sound buy and investment. To  view call Bill Hunsche 883-2637 or 883-9525. __  RONDEVIEW RD: An ideal well-equipped and built family  home. 1232 sq. ft. located on Rondeview Rd. Features include  master bedroom with ensuite and 3 additional bedrooms,  modern kitchen with Jennaire and all appliances, 2 fireplaces.  living room, dining room and a large sundeck with carport.  Accompanying this fine home is a recently built enclosed 2 car  garage. Thib home is situated on a landscappH Int ir* t nuii  neighbourhood To view, call bill Hunsche 883-2637 - 883-9525.  $121,500 *54  1300 SQ. FT. RANCHER ON WILDWOOD RD: Quality  built home under construction includes enclosed garage, stone  and brick fireplace, skylights, 3 bedroom:, on a level treed 95' x  200' lot  F.P. $125,000. Call Boh Beaupre 885 3531. #83  SMAl I.. COMFORTABLE ONE BEDROOM HOME:. in .1  lanir lul nn Narrows Rd. 111 Madeira Park. +"'�� luillu-r  mini,ilrttuul please call Kill Hunsche 483 2637 or 883-9525.  #124  RONDEVIEW ROAD: 1086 sq. ft. of real value. Here's a 3  bedroom home that's just 5 years old. It's well built, well maintained and has a high "on grade" basement roughed in for  finishing, carport and sundeck. Price is $94,000 f>*l John  Brern 883-9978. "142  WATERFRONT SECLUSION FOR SALE: If you are ready  to pay the price for waterfront, you can also have privacy. Tht  s aund of waves on a deserted beach, not traffic or neighbours is  what you will hear from I his 5 year old energy efficient home of  1150 sq. ft. On the upper bench of this steep south sloping  property is perhaps the nicest porous concrete tennis court in  B.C. $52,000 assumable mortgage al 11".. and owner  understands creative financing. F.P. $305,000 for 3 acres with  200' ol waterfront. 2nd home permiiied wilh R-2 zoning. View  wilh Bub 885 3531 �����38  2 DWELLINGS ARE PERMITTED ON THIS 1.47 ACRES:  100' of waterfront in Redrooffs. From your 18'trailer wit ha large  sundeck you will witness unsurpassed views ol the Merry Island  lighthouse. Georgia Straight and Vancouver Island. Lawn,  hydro, water and driveway are in. Pnce$ 105.000.To view call  Bill Hunsche 883-2637 or 883 9525. *33  EXCLUSIVE WATERFRONT: We are proud to offer for sale  '���ne of the finest homes on the Sunshine Coast. The 2 year old  superbly constructed 60' dock has water and electricity. The  main residence takes full advantage of perhaps the finest view of  Pender Harbour. The basement contains a 2 bedroom self-  contained in-law suite finished to high standards. A Sauna and  Iacu��i equipped bathroom are next to the Master Bedroom A  separate guest cottage contains a Jacuzzi bath and delu:  finishing View this extraordinary property in Garden Bay  Estates with Bob Beiupre - 885-3531.  Full Price $500,000. "125  ^rpr~ p      -?   -  ?>���������-  HK.'i    **?&$$  "'.;���������'  S&& .  (JHts  WELL BUILT AND MAINTAINED: 11)25 sq. ft. home on a  acrei terraced lot wilh 115'of waterfront with lis own dockanc  shell.led deep water moorage, There is ixiwer and water lo the  dock. The home features a large sundeck and living room with ��  (���Viinklin fireplace. 2 bedrooms atidlvhalhn turns, cozy klteher  and mans appliances, with a sell contained suite downstairs  Also carport; workshop, boal shed and paved driveway. F.P.  $220,000. To view call Bill Hunsche 883 2637 or 883*9525.��51  BUSINESS  OPPORTUNITIES  PENDER HARBOUR: Boalwnrks will] waterfront and l��*l  sq. Il ntnleniniir,vry home sillirited un 2 .icics.il lite hr.ltltll  Fender Harbour. This is an excellent business iipimrltinity  along with a lovely home for the i . ��� mdivicfu.il Km nn.ru  Inlormallon call Bill Hunsch,' HKi '��Zri nr 883-2637 "60  414 ACRES IN MADEIRA PARK: Nexl lo shopping centre.  R3L zoning permits , ,rcrf bis Ex, client holding properly as  there are 2 stores & 2 Inurves im property with a potential  ivvriilicnl $1.-170 per niittllll, Owner will carry some financing.  For mine mlorniation call Bob in Hill 883 9525. *46  I ACRE ON LAGOON RD: In Madeira Park. Zoningpermil' i  acre iuls. Priced at $65,000 (.'< intact Bill Hunsche 883 9525 or  8832637. ��52  FOR RENT: 27IW H|. II. ������! ii'iail area in Madeira Park. For  mult. ;ui,,im.,iKin. call Bill or B��b 8839525.     .  LOVELY RURAL 2 ACREl SETTING: In Mountain View  Estates in KleinHale Properly lias building site cleared, driveway  in. well has been drilled. with power at tbe front lot line. A sound.  investment for 141.000. To view call Bill Hunsche 883-9525 or  883-2637. ����S  LOCATION PLUS OCEAN VIEW: 1 49 acres adjacent to Ihe  Earl's Cove Ferry terminal. Some old buildings, but value is in  semi-waterfront land and it's Inspiring view towards Jervis Inlet.  165,000 is the price and terms can be arranged. Jock Hermon  883-2745 "IM  LOT 43 ��� PENDER LAKE ESTATES: All ready to start con.  struction. This affordable lot is cleared and septic approved.  Possible view. Call Bob 8853531. ��1S8  EXCELLENT BUILDING LOT: on Madeira Park Rd. Very  suitable for a small commercial building or the home of your  choice. Price $44,500. To view call Bill Hunsche 883 2637.#88  A TOUCH OF COUNTRY LIVING: On 8 acres* of gentle  sloping land in Kleindale with a 5 year old 700 sq. ft. Panabode  with full basement. Thepropertyiswelltreedandhasacreekon  il. To view call Bill Hunsche 8832637 or 883-9525. F.P.  $118,500. #89  2 ACRES ��� KLEINDALE: An exceptional 2 acre site in  KleilKliile. The |x>wer is ,il ihe property line and the well has  been drilled. This property offers trees and a gentle slope with a  gund exposure. Price $55,000. To view call Bill Hunsche 883-  2637 in tot) 9525. ��104  YOUR OWN MAJESTIC VIEW OF GARDEN BAY  LAKE: This is ,i large lol 100' x 163' wilh a genlle slope and  uxct'lluitl building sites. The Inl is 66' Irom Ihe lake and is fully  serviced wilh pnwer. ind water at road. Priced $39,000. Tn view  call Hill Hunsche 883 2637 nr 883 9525. "82  MIDDLEPOINT: 1 acre of recreational land wilb small  A Frame close to ocean. Price $54,000 To view call Bill  Hunsche 883-2637 or 883-9525.  CAMERON ROAD ��� FRANCIS PENINSULA: 2 view lots.  ���45.000 each. To view call Bill Hunsche 883-2637 or  8839525.  LEE BAY PROPERTIES  Lit   BAY   WATERFRONT:   Spectaeitlar  easy  access  waterfront shores of Lee Bay at the entrance to Pender Harbour  \ i|uality snlkIivishhi with southwestern lixposureand Fabulous.  .���ieu A hshernian's delight, a relaxer's paradise. Lois are lulU  serviced including sewui and nicely need. All lots are covered  I��. a I'uildui'j scheme iu ensure highest quality construction.  I ot 01      19,063 sq. It      $118,900      Lot 18 - $39,000  I...I 02      16,835*1. fl.     $118,900      Lot 21 $65,000  I.nt 09 , -21,399 sq.ft.     $099,900  Im 10      15.371 sq.ft.      $097,900  Lot 12      l(i,566 sq.ft.      $097,900  Lol U      25.629 sq.ft.      $097,900  LOTS AND ACREAGE: Lol 30 on Lee Bay Rd. in lrv.net  Landnvj. ).85aeresiif fantastic view property in new subdivision  priced at $79,000. Tci view call Bill Hunsche 883 9525 nr 883  2637. "64  WATERFRONT: and your own majestic view ol Lee Bay and  Malaspina Strait. Tins is at) excellent waterfront building lot and  a Musi See. Price $129,000. To view call Bill Hunsche 883 9525  nr 883 2637. *57  MAGNIFICENT WATERFRONT HOME: Under construe  lion, a 2600 sq. ft. architect designed west coast contemporary  home which drapes over a 4/10 of an acre site, with 130**- of  waterfront. The home layout and plan takes optimum  advantage of a south westerly exposure and one of the most  picturesque locations on the B.C. coast, namely Lee Bay and  the Malaspina Strait. The tinted double paned windows will  totally excise several incredible views, for a proud owner to  enjoy and discover each day. The home will feature a unique  design with optimum space utilization and an abundance of  sundecks with a courtyard entrance, highlighted by cedar siding  lo express the West Coast theme. This home is situated in the  Lee Bay subdivision which has several restrictive covenants to  protect one's personal as well as financial interests. There are  many more features and facets to this exciting home and  property too numerous to list, so for further information, please  call Bill Hunsche 883-2637 or 883 9525.  YOUR DREAM HOME: is now under construction. The  local H >n Is Lee Bay. lol #25, which allows you lo enjoy ihe view of  famous Lee Bay and the majestic Malaspina Strait. This 1531.2  sq. ft. home will be nestled amongst orchard lives and a small  creek. The home is a quality Jenish design two storey with  basement entry. Buy now and have your choice of the finishing  details, such as carpets, cabinets, etc. This home ts situated in  an exclusive subdivision, with several restrictive covenants  which will protect one's personal and financial interests  For more information please carl Bill Hunsche 883 2637 or  883-9525. *97  Jack  Anderson  885-2053  Bill  Hunsche  883-2637  Bob  Bull  885-2503  Bob  Beaupre  885-3531  Stan  Anderson  'i-B-2385  Jock  Hermon  883-2745  John  Breen  883-9978 16  Sunshine Coast Realtor, August 21,1981  E3BLOCKI  NATIONAL REAL EST/  the  bestsellers  Block Bros. Realty Ltd.  203 - 14th Street, West Vancouver, B.C. V7T 2P9  922-3911  REDROOFFS RD  Gothic style 2 storey home located on a well  timbered one acre + lot. This lovely home is  located across the road from easy beach access  and features Jenn-Alr range, buih-ln oven and  dishwasher. There is also a large workshop or  guest cottage. Owner has transferred employment and therefore has realistically priced this  beautiful property at $125,000.  WEST SECHELT  Large level building lot located on Norwest Bay  Rd. near Mason Rd. Priced to sell at $39,500.  $97,500. ��� POINT ROAD  Enjoy the panoramic view of Howe Sound from  this completely renovated 3 bedroom home.  Located in Hopkins Landing, this property  would be ideal for the commuter. All appliances  are included In the sale.  LIGHT INDUSTRIAL ��� GIBSONS  Located alongside of the main highway through  Gibsons, this light industrial zoned property is in  a prime location. The property consists of a 95 x  150 ft. lot with 808 sq. ft. of office area and an  2600 sq. ft. adjoining quonset hut. The property  is currently being rented. Listed at $150,000.  NEAR NEW - 1 YEAR OLD HOME  Centrally located in Gibsons, within easy  walking distance to all local amenities. Situated  on a quiet cul-de-sac in a new subdivision, this*  affordable three bedroom 1240 sq. ft. home  features energy efficient thermopane windows,  wall to wall carpets and built-in dishwasher.  Priced at only $96,500.  3 BEDROOMS AND A VIEW ���  WILSON CREEK  Enjoy the view of Georgia Straight from the  living room or the large sundeck in this 3  bedroom split level home. This home is  complimented with wall to wall carpeting, a  finished basement which may be used as a  family or party room. For the energy conscious,  the electric heat is supplemented by an energy  efficient wood burning stove. Priced at  $119,500.  SANDY HOOK VIEW PROPERTY  This ocean and mountain view building lot is  located in sun drenched Sechelt Inlet Estates  overlooking beautiful Porpoise Bay. It is within  easy walking distance to sandy beaches with  moorage & marina facilities also close by. The  property is serviced with paved roads, hydro,  water and telephone. Asking $37,50(1.  AKE FRONTAGE  -This large (o.77Ac) lot has 102 ft. of southerly  exposure on tranquil North Lake. This is a lease  lot with 11 years remaining on a 20 to 30 year  renewable basis, The property adjoins a natural  park and is also only minutes away from Egmont "s  famous salmon fishing. Priced at only $20,000.  Vendor open to offers.  WILSON CREEK  Large subdividable comer lot with sewage  disposal permit. This property is duplex zoned  and cbse to beach.  HOBBY FARM ��� ROBERTS CREEK  Situated on 4.92 acres, this property affords  total privacy, a 800 sq. ft. home as well as a  quaint guest cottage. The entire property is  fenced and has numerous fruit bearing trees.  Approxmately half ol the property is developed  and draws its water from the new irrigation  system and creek which flows through the  property. Also included in the sale price is a near  new Sears 19.9 hp tractor with all accessories.  Priced at $187,500.  NEPTUNE STREET $112,500  This attractive 1!? years old 3 bedroom home is  situated on a large 93 x 120' lot and is within  minutes of all the amenities of Sechelt Village.  This home features a double carport, wall to  wall carpeting and full ensuite. The full  basement has been set up as a workshop and  would be ideal for the home craftsman. The  electric heat is supplemented with an Acorn  wood burning stove, and all the windows are  energy conserving thermopane. Appliances  included in the sale are the washer/dryer and  dishwasher.  RECREATIONAL PROPERTY  In a park'like setting on beautiful Garden Bay  Lake approx. l4 acre with 190ft. of lakefrontage.  Hydro & water on property. Asking $25,000  i*'v  rg  %  ijji*  Pr  U  MOTEL POWELL RIVER  This well known and established operation is  highly visible and strategically located on the  main highway at the entrance to Powell River.  The location is in a quiet area with each unit  enjoying an ocean view. The property consists  of 12 well kept kitchenette units, a self contained  laundry, 10 trailer pads which are fully serviced  including public washrooms and coin laundry.  Owner's office and residence are contained in a  1981 3 bedroom modular home. Also on the  property is a 900 sq. ft. mobile which is currently  rented. There is ample parking and plenty of  room for expansion. Here is an opportunity to  receive a return in excess of 17% on your  investment, Financial Statements are available  to qualified purchaser. List Price $427,500  DAVIS BAY  Ideal starler or retirement home. This  renovated 1141 sq. ft. 2 bedroom home is  located on a large corner lot. The property may  be subdivided into two separate lots, one with a  beautiful ocean view. The home is situated  amongst a small but prolific fruil orchard. The  home features; Ground level entrance, wall to  wall carpets, thermopane windows, all  appliances, plus a new 28 x 18 wired workshop.  Owner must sell this beautiful properly and will  consider all reasonable cash offers. Priced to  sell at only $137,500.  RARE WATERFRONT PROPERTY --  PENDER HARBOUR  This beautiful property includes 168' of prime  waterfront, an acre of landscape gardening and  a 3 bedroom 2500 sq. ft. home overlooking the  entrance to Pender Harbour. On the property  there is also a 60' float with deep water moorage  and a private boat house equipped with a power  winch and tracks for easy launching. Some of  the features in this fine home include: a large  ensuite with private sauna & walk-in his & her  closets. The kitchen is equipped with numerous  extras which include a Jennaire range and  Radar oven. Downstairs, entertain your guests  in the family room with fireplace and wetbar.  This property must be seen to be truly  appreciated, Priced in the Mid 500's.  Harold Jacques  Bruce McKinnon  885-9023  H-499-766  Mobile Phone Sechelt  [exander Realty Ltd.  P.O. Box 153, Madeira Park,  883-2491or 883-2212 B.C. V0N2H0  Luxury Townhomes in Secret Cove  f  ��� Fully Detached  ��� 1600 sq. ft. of living apace  ��� 3 Bedrooms  ��� Fireplaces  Open House  Friday August 14  7 ��� 9 p.m.  Saturday August 15  7 - 9 p.m.  ��� Sundecks  ��� Panoramic Views  ��� Boat moorage available.  ���Priced froai 1175,000.  WEST SECHELT ��� VIEW HOME: Featuring  1800+ sq. ft. of contemporary living, with 3  bdrm, 2Vz bath, solarium, plus your own pool,  all on just under 1 acre. Beautifully landscaped,  low maintenance yard. Very private. Adjacent  lot also available. Vendor will carry 15% mortgage. Asking $219,000.  CORTEZ ISLAND ��� LOT 1, DL 861: 14.3 WILSON CREEK - FIELD ROAD: Level  acres, 1800 feet level W/F with pebble beach, building bt, 65 ft. x 130 ft., in a popular area.  Lots of gravel on property. Located in Squirrel Price reduced to 134,900  Cove adjoining the government dock. $180,000  TAYLORS GARDEN BAY STORE & 180 FT. WATERFRONT - DEEP WATER  MARINA: is a well known and long established MOORAGE - FRANCIS PENINSULA: 1.2  (business located in Garden Bay. Store, Marina acres zone commercial. Frontage on two  'Gas pumps, boat facilities and other extras,    roads. Excellent potential. $270,000.  FRANCIS PENINSULA - RONDEVIEW1  RD: A picture book setting of flower beds,  shrubs, fruit trees and vegetable gardens, Enjoy  2160 sq. ft. of living area on 2 floors, 3bedrms, 2  bathrooms, wraparound sundecks, and top  quality finishing touches throughout. This  immaculate home is a pleasure to view and to  MADEIRA PARK ��� ONE ACRE LOT WITH GARDEN BAY: Excellent building lot. One of  VIEW: Gentle slope, frontage on 2 roads, the finest views in this area. Subdivision  subdivision potential. Priced at $59,900. potential.  DL 6989 NELSON ISLAND: 2.6 acres! PENDER HARBOUR WATERFRONT  furnished house near Telescope Pass. Over 300' ACREAGE: 2 ��� 4 acre parcels side by side. 300  waterfront. Gov't lease. Excellent fishing. Full ft. on the waterfront stretches from Hwy 101 to  Price $45,000. waterfront. What a perfect setting for a country  KENT ROAD: Cozy comfortable 950+ sq. ft.   esla|e.  home with plenty of room lor expansion. LAGOON ROAD: Madeira Park 1.10 acres  Located on a corner lot. Assumable mortgage tidal waterfront. Cbse to school & shopping  of $18,000 at 9'/-,%. Appliances included. Priced   We|] kep,  thrt>e ^droom home. Beautifully  Jandscaped, a *^dener]s dream.  SECHELT VILLAGE - FRASER PROPER-  in the 90's.  TY: Rockledge is the name ol this stately home  situated on low bank Waterfront with a private  cove and pebble beach. Less than 5 minute walk  to schools and shopping, Enjoy the things only a  vintage home can offer. Large rooms with hi  ceilings, rich solid wood finishings, huge rock  fireplace and a veranda overlooking the sea.  Anyone requiring a unique property should  view. BY APPOINTMENT ONLY.  MADEIRA PARK: Next to Coho Marina. 180'  deep water moorage. Two bedroom home with  guest cottage, Large storage building - 35' x 35'.  1.5 acres...Foreshore Lease.  GARDEN BAY AREA: Indian Reserve #19 -  Lot 19 & 20. Approximately % acre of land.  Large foreshore lease. Excellent moorage ramp  & docks in. Property approved for building.  $90,000.  WHAT -TVlEWHArare SSTwaleTfrontlibrne  with 2 BR in Bargain Harbour. Direct access  from Francis Peninsula Road with good  moorage and a spectacular view of all of Bargain  Harbour. Approx. ]2 acre. $220,000.  BEAUTIFUL FISHER ISLAND AT ENTRANCE TO LEE BAY, (District Lot 4064):  has spectacular exposure and excellent deep  water moorage with dock and small building.  Salmon in your back yard. $160,000.  BARGAIN HARBOUR: The view Is  unbeatable. The house Is ready to move into...  Everything is there. Perfect home for retired  couple or weekend retreat. Lots of living space,  two bdrms, large living room & spacious kitchen. Moor your boat in front & enjoy the view  from the balcony. $147,500.   INVESTMENT PROPERTIES  GARDEN BAY: 2000��  waterfront plus 19 ROBERTS   CREEK   ���   DEVELOPMENT  acres. Ideal for hotel or townhouse develop. ACREAGE: 27 acres in desirable area. Poten-  menl. Sewer permit In place. Existing marina, tlal for approx. 43 lots (some wilh vlewl Easy to  Current zoning R3L 1.25 ac.) S.W. exposure, develop. Close to store, beach and golfing.  40% down balance at 15%. Vendor will finance at 15%.  Art Alexander  883-2491  Vadim Kobasew  885-3156


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