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 Serving the Sunshine Coast since 1945  ^���TSIATIVE UBBAR*    81.1  KJSt building  VICTORIA, B.C.  The Sunshine  25 pi- s.upy on news stands  Delivered to every address on the Coast  October 21, 1980  Volume 34, Number 42  Million dollar 'dowry'  Amalgamation not  shot-gun wedding  by John Moore  The metaphors of marriage were in the air again at the  amalgamation information meeting held at thc Selma Park  Community Hall last Tuesday evening, with Alderman/ Director  Charles Lee referring lo a possible million dollars plus in  1'rovincail "restructuring grants" as a "dowry" and "housekeeping  money" and promising that the proposed amalgamation of parts  of Area C with Ihe village of Sechelt would not be "a shotgun-  marriage".  Recent statements by representatives of the Ministry of  Municipal Affairs have indicated that neither barrel of the  shotgun, proposed "equalization taxes" for fringe areas using the  amenities of adjacent municipalities or the threat of a Ministry-  imposed amalgamation, may be loaded in the case of Area C.  Nevertheless, thc Area C Director and Sechelt Alderman, at  one point brandishing a copy ofthe Municipal Act, repeatedly  pointed out that thc Minister can. if he is so disposed, impose an  amalgamation on so-called "fringe areas" without recourse to  referendum, lee admitted that the instances of such Minister  intervention are "very rare." but said, "It is better that we do it at  our opting, while we can get a million bucks, that wait for the  Minister, if he feels disposed to do it."  Lee also admitted that thc Minister would "lean a little" on thc  question of equalization taxes for an area such as Area C, which is  independent of the adjacent municipality's essential services and  already contributes to such amenities as the municipality  provides.  lee pointed out that the population of Sechelt docs not  presently support its proportionately large commercial core.  "We already pay Sechelt's taxes by buying there," Lee said.  Only a dozen people attended thc meeting, though chairman  and Community Association president Karl Hart pointed out that  there had been a larger turnout the week before when confusion  over the dales resulted in Director I.ee's failure to appear.  In contrast to the audience at the Wilson Creek Community  Assocation meeting held al Davis Bay school the week before, the  Selma Park group appeared less concerned over thc projected  costs of road maintenance after the five-year "honeymoon" period  during which thc province would pick up thc tab.  Nor was thc question of policing costs, once the municipality  reaches a population of live thousand, raised, but residents.were  interested in thc possible extension of the regional board sewer  sysiem. presently serving Sechell only, through Area C to an  outfall off Wilson Creek.  As the meeling progressed, the noisy stove having been turned  off to permit conversation, the marginal insulation of the hall  became apparent and members of the audience demonstrated  considerable interest in Director I.ee's proposal that a portion of  the three years returned Area C taxes, plus provincial grants, be  used to prov ide "much needed community facilities at Selma Park  and Davis Hay."  At one point Community Association president Karl Hart  commented. "This is a selling job'for'. What aboul thc'against".'  "1 begin to feel like I'm Irying lo do a sales job on you."Lee said,  bul went on Ihe state "Here wc have a very simple issue. Do we  want lo be pari of Sechelt or not'.' It's up to you individually to  assess and decide."  "We can't he like King Canute and expect to hold back the sea."  Lee said, referring lo thc inevitability of further development. He  pointed oul lhal the "principal plus" in favour of amalgamation is  lhal as pari of a municipality the people would be "masters of our  own house al last" on planning issues in particular.  "If you will permit mc to express my feelings," Lee said in his  prepared statement, "My continuing opinion of regional boards  in general, is a form of 'push you pull me' under which no local  autonomy is possible, and thus no direct area say is attainable."  Lee went on to describe the concept ofthe regional district as "a  person lurching around on government crutches in a household  which can make no decisions wilhoui consulting wilh seven  neighbours."  Ihe nexl public informalion meeting on the amalgamation  question will be held al 7:1(1 pm. Ilus Wednesday. October 22. al  ihe Senior Citizens Hall in Sechelt.  On water leases  Lands Branch  says no to Sechelt  Sechelt council got an utmvci ihcv didn't like Irom ihe  province's Land Management Branch - no.  But ihcv'll lake another lack to attempt to gain conlrol of land  on all waterfronts within the village.  Alderman Brian Stelck told council lhat in a meeting wilh  1 arry Sorken. regional manager ol the lands branch, he got "an  outright no" when he asked it council could apply to gel  waterfront leases for the entire village.  "II we want total control and want lo put up no trespassing  signs, there's no way we'll get lhal wilh waterfronl leases." Stelck  said.  Stelck says he was told ihe pro\ ince won't entertain thai kind of  step wiih Sechelt hut there is another municipaliiv thai may he  given leases on an experimental basis.  Meanwhile, ihe only other option council could explore is an  application for recreational leases for land on ihe waterfront  which is under provincial jurisdiction and within Sechelt's  boundaries,  Stelck savs lhat ihe necessary recreational applications would  he sent lo council from ihe Vancouver lands office.  Mav or Bud Koch savs he wants council load on this option as  soon as possible and although there's no guarantee lhat the  applications would he granted, "we want to he first to do it."  *_*-T~- _J_^ ��� <T    --'--ii'-i sC  ���'       /.  ���</?*."' wV    ���*a"ffij-r-_'       l      '  ���''"      ���'  Clark Dougal of Boyle Road checks over a black hear which had been responsible for the loss of his livestock.  Wounded bear livestock culprit  by Ian Corrance  One of thc culprits in thc loss of livestock and feed at the Dougal  property on Boyle Road on the outskirts of Gibsons was a black  bear. Thc olher guilty party was thc human who shot il with a  small caliber gun and allowed it to escape wounded.  By Sunday October 11, the Dougals had lost several sacks of  feed, two piglets, two turkeys and several chickens. The  Conservation Officer sel a trap on Sunday evening and captured a  seven year old male black bear lhal night. The bear was  dispatched the following morning and the carcass was examined.  Mulligan seeks  to block lease  A former regional board director is drawing up a petition and  looking for public support to block an application for a foreshore  lease in the Soames area by a Vancouver firm.  Bernie Mulligan says he's seen an application by John  Mcintosh Bird and Gordon Bromley Holdings Lid., of  Vancouver, for foreshore rights to properly known to local  residents as the Soames Estate.  It's the property which by referendum lasl year was rejected for  use as a park, he says.  "I'm going to be putting a petition together to be presented to  the provinces' Land Management Branch and the SCRD hoard to  fight the application." he says.  Input urged on  foreshore leases  As a result of Ihe special meeting with Larry Sorken of the  Provincial Lands Branch lasl Wednesday. Joe Harrison,  chairman of thc regional board's Water Lot Lease Committee, is  requesting input from thc local public to be used lo establish  "guidelines and priorities" governing thc graining of water lot  leases on the Sunshine Coast.  Submissions should be in writing, addressed lo Joe Harrison,  Chairman, Waler Lol Lease Committee, c o Sunshine Coast  Regional District. Sechelt, B.C. VON 3A0, before October 31.  IWO.  Harrison stressed lhat the shon lime allowed lor written  submissions is not an attempt lo limit public input, bin is  necessitated by the number of water lol lease applications now  pending and Ihe need lo have guidelines in place as soon ;is  possible.  "We want lo get as much public input as possible." Harrison  told Ihe CoasI News. Harrison said lhal members of the public  who wish lo address ihe board in person on ihe subject ��l  foreshore leases would not be held snictlv io ihe October 31  deadline, but should contact the regional board off ice and arrange  lo be pul on the agenda of a board meeting as soon as possible.  Harrison and Area C Alternate Director Homer Glass will  condense Ihe results ol public input inlo a sel ot guidelines to he  presented io ihe regional board lor comment and approval, then  forwarded to the Lands Branch to be used as ihe basis on which  waler lol lease applications in ihis area will he considered.  Harrison told the Coast News lhal ihe overwhelming public  reaction he has observed is lhal "people don'l like lo see the  waterfronl alienated".  Harrison pointed out the importance ol preserving thc  waterfronl for public recreational use wherever possible and ol  retaining water space and access lo the waterfront lor people who  make their living on the water, fishermen and beachcombers and  iheir support services m particular.  At ihis time of year it is normal for a healthy bear lo have  between lour and five inches of fai. The captured bear had almost  no fal on ils body, l-'urthei examination showed thc reason for  this. Iwo .22 bullets were found lodged in thc shoulder. The  wounds had covered over, bul the Conservation Officer felt that  the shois were causing thc bear considerable discomfort. He said,  "Il was ilie most bad-tempered bear I have encountered."  i'lc Icli lhat an animal with this type of wound would experience  greal discomfort while foraging for ils normal food and would  therefore become opportunistic.  lack Bourne's band from Vancouver supplied the music during  Ihe happy hour al the Pender Harbour Lions Oktoberfest on  Saturday evening  Change in bars  One liquor premise bus changed ownership and another bus reopened on Ihe Sunshine Coast (his week.  Ihe Cedars Inn. operaled by Valcar Management Ltd., ol  Vancouver, lor jusi over a vear. has been houulii by While Star  l:nlerprises.  Ihe principals ol While Slar are Lou and Myrna Blair-  Stevensen. Bryan and Bonnie Tucker, all ol Calgary and John  Kavanaugh of Gibsons. It's [he second lime Kavanaugh has had  an interest in the neighbourhood public house.  I lie Calgary, people will be moving wilh Iheir families lo  (iibsons.  Ihe Lounge al ihe Peninsula Hold re-opened Fridav nighl  .liter hcinf! closed al the start of the beer strike in May  April Mm. I ee Brcyten and Arlene McCormack, all lormer  employees ol a marine pub. approached the Pen lounge operator,  \vu Kingu. with the idea to re-open aboul Iwo weeks ago.  Maximum level granted  Hospital gains  accreditation  I he Board ol Iriisiecsol Si Maiv's Hospital advises with great  pleasure ami satisfaction that the Canadian Council on Hospital  \ccrcditation has again awarded the hospital accreditation status  loi a further Ihree vcais. ihe longest period ol nine lhal any  hospital is allowed between inspections. I his status is delincd as  having met or surpassed all essential functions and that any  weaknesses are of a minor nature, and that ihe hospital is  operating in a consistent, progressive manner.  I he Canadian Council on Hospital Accreditation is sponsored  hy thc Canadian Hospital Association, Canadian Hospital  Medical Association, I he Royal Canadian College of Physicians  and Surgeons of Canada and Ihe Canadian Nurses Association.  Participation in the accreditation process is voluntary. The  thoroughness ofthe inspection and the detailed documentation  which must he submitted lor examination is the best measure of its  value. All aspects of the hospital operation are included.  Dr. Embcrt Van Tilhurg, Medical Director of Burnaby General  Hospital and Mrs. Catherine M. Nash. R.N.. H.O.M. of Vernon  carried oul the physical survey of St. Mary's Hospital.  Ihe summary of thc accreditation report stales. "All those  associated with St. Mary's Hospital arc to be commended for  what has been accomplished in a rather shorl period olTime. The  hospital is very successful in meeting thc needs of a growing  community. Ihe facility is first class. Ihe care given is of high  quality, although everyone should realize that improvements and  change are needed. Greal pride can be taken in this hospital but  complacency should be discouraged."  Ihe report also mentions lhal. "Although lasl fall's bad  publicity was most unfortunate and traumatic io all those who  take pride in Si. Mary's Hospital, the Board is commended for its  prudent decision to call in a consultant."  Ihe Board of Trustees extends ils sincere appreciation to every  member ol ihe staff of St. Mary's foi iheir splendid efforts.  professionalism and co-operation, and congratulates all  concerned. The Board also recognizes with gratitude thc  unstinting dedication, and generous support ol ihe Hospital  Auxiliaries and volunteers, as well as Ihe service clubs,  associations, and many private individuals, without whom much  would remain unaccomplished. Attaining the highest level of  accreditation, despite the lengthy disruption of the Phase I  expansion programme, has been a supreme lesl of ihe ability and  ingenuity of everyone involved.  The Board wishes to assure the community lhat every  endeavour will be made to maintain Ihe high standard achieved.  Improvements and changes lo enhance paiicni care will continue.  There is no room for complacency.  ON THE INSIDE...  Entertainment  page 4  Community News pages 6 & 7  Frances Fleming page 8  Sports page 14  Classified Ads  pages 16 & 17  Business Directory page 19  Planning Act   page 20  Chaos predicted  on Highway 101  The chairman of the Sunshine Coast Regional Hoard predicts  "absolute chaos" on Highway 101 between the Langdale ferry  terminal and (iibsons when jumbo-class jerries start service.  IDuvid Hunter told a public meeting of Area l; residents that  everyone agrees a highway by-pass has to get going and a way has  to he round to get the provincial highways department "off their  butt."  Hunter says there are engineering problems on the present  highway winch can only be resolved when a by-pass is put in.  "Then we'll have the road to ourselves." he says.  Hunter is the representative on the SCRD board lor Area H  which is comprised ol the Soames. (iranlhams, Hopkins, North  Road and Langdale settlements  Residents along the highway have long complained about lineups tor the lerrv and thcheavv traffic which disrupts local access  lo private propcrtv and streets running ofl thc highway.  W he I he I oi not thc bv-pass goes through, the present highwav  needs upgrading. Hunter savs  "Wc have a good relationship with thc highways department  and they've been doing a lot ol work lor us," he says, "but thev  have to understand that when thc 400-cat ferries arrive next year,  01 loi sure bv  IMK2. we'll have ahsolute chaos on this road."  Residents to  clear  Area F accesses  Area F residents will have to go it alone to clear and maintain  public access to the beach on Howe Sound.  Area I SCRD representative David Hunter told resident  public meeting this week that the province's highways depart  has no monev lor the project.  "it's going to be up to us. as residents here, to cleat and mai  the beach accesses." he savs.  Ihere are 42 paths designated on the official settlement  between (iranlhams and Langdale,  Hunter suggested that each ot the Waler Improvement Di  committees should decide on which paths could be signed  s at a  tnent  main  map  itrict  |For 35 years the most widely read Sunshine Coast newspaper!! /  Coast News, October 21, 1980  Sunshine Jk.'  Second Class Mail Registration No 4702  illff  ���CNA  BLUE  RIBBON  AWARD  1978  A LOCALLY OWNED NEWSPAPER  Published at Gibsons, B.C. every  Tuesday, by Glassford Press Ltd.  Box 460. Gibsons, VON 1V0  Phone 886-2622 or 886-7817  Pender Harbour enquiries, and all others, it  no answer trom 666 numbers call 865-2770  Editorial Department:  John Bi,rnside  Ian Corrance  John Moore  Kirk Brown  Accounts Department:  M M  Joe  Copyselting:  Wendy-Lynne Johns  Lise Sheridan  Advertising Department:  Bradley Benson  Fran Berger  SUBSCRIPTION RATES:  United States and Foreign $24.00 per year  Canada $20.00 per year, $12.00 for six months  Distributed tree to all addresses on the Sunshine Coast.  Justice Cor the West  It now seems almost certain lhal when,  at last, the liberal Government elected in  February brings down us hrsi budgci there  will be taxes announced on natural gas  exports from Alberta and British Columbia.  Ihe Prime Minister seems quite intent  on assessing such taxes regardless ol whal  un moil ihis raises in Ihe breasts of Premier  Lougheed of Alberta and Premier Bennett  ol British Columbia, lhat Ihe Prime  Minister is within his legal rights in  imposing such taxes seems quite clear and  his determination to do so is understandable in view of the horrendous deficit  position twelve years of the Greal  Dilettante's rule have brought lo Canada.  It must be apparent to us all whatever  our political leanings that something  should be done swiftly to reduce ihe federal  deficit and if ihe Liberals finally bring  down a budget which is not markedly  different than lhat on which they defeated  the Conservatives last February who  among us can truthfully be surprised.  Cynical   flip-flops  in  policy  have  been  commonplace throughout the reign of  King Pierre and hiscourl ofjaded Liberals.  li is possible, then, ihai the country can  survive the imposition ol a federal lax on  natural gas export though one or other of  the Western premiers mav dicol apoplexy  as a result. II. however, such a tax is  imposed on Alberta and Mulish Columbia  and nol matched bv a similar lax on the  exports of hydro-electric energy from  Quebec and Ontario every Canadian wesl  of Rainy River has every right lo rise and  bay al Ihe moon. If taxes on energy exports  must he imposed lo rectify Liberal  mismanagement of the economy they had  besl nol exempt thc Liberal strongholds in  the easl from such taxes.  It is by no means sure that the fabric of  the country could endure any further  blatant and cynical political expedience on  thc part ol this government nor should the  West be called upon lo endure an  intensification of the economic injustices  perpetrated against them on behalf of  Central Canada for ihe past several  generations.  Sunday shopping decision desirable  It is good to see both village councils  moving this fall to clear up any possible  confusion which may be caused when the  Holiday Shopping Act goes inlo effect in  January. I he prompt holding of referenda  in both villages should have the matter  clearly settled before the new law comes  inlo effect.  We have gone on record previously as  favouring thc Sunday openings for any  business on Sunday which wants to be  open thereby solving Ihe problem once and  for all. Whether or not to open for business  on a Sunday should be left to the discretion  of ihe individual merchants. It is quite  simply hypocrisy to deny the right to do  business lo thc small businessmen when  hockey players and football players can ply  their trade on any day of the week deemed  convenient lo them. It is also true thai  there are religious minorities within Ihe  province. Jews and Seventh Day Advcn-  lists for example, for whom Sunday is not  the Sabbath.  By supporting blanket referenda to  allow anyone who wishes lo do business lo  do so, we could be avoiding future hornets  nests of disquietude. The importance of thc  small business men lo thc health of his  community is considerable and most' of  them need as little as possible placed in  their way hy government legislation. Ihe  odds arc stacked against them as il is.  ...from the files of the COAST NEWS  FIVE YEARS AGO  A fire in the early hours of Thursday  morning this week totally destroyed  the Wilson Creek shake mill. The fire,  which caused an estimated $70,000  damage to the building, began in the  storage area at the front of the mill.  Sechelt RCMP are investigating and  the possibility of arson has not been  ruled out.  Gibsons council issued a public  statement saying it will not be involved  in public rebuttals through the news  media. The statement followed a letter  to the Editor of the Coast News, asking  that the council provide "more factual  reasons on the need for the village to  expand its boundaries."  TEN YEARS AGO  One thousand, three hundred and  forty visitors to the Sunshine Coast  were welcomed at the Tourist Booth at  the Sunnycrest Mall, open for its lirst  season The booth was open for 530  hours between June 19 and September  2 and by lar the greatest number ol  visitors were from points within the  province The international scene was  well represented, with visitors Irom the  Netherlands. West Indies. Italy. France  and Switzerland.  Teachers on the Sunshine Coast,  like teachers all over the province,  were considering strike action to back  demands for pension plan improvements John Burnside. president of the  Sechelt Teachers Association, said  teachers are absolutely determined to  win pension improvements this year.  FIFTEEN YEARS AGO  One hundred persons attended  the Sunshine Coast Indian Tribal  banquet, ending a day-long conference which attracted prepresen-  tatives from the Gulf of Georgia area  and Squamish-Capilano bands.  The search continued for traces of a  lost plane carrying four Vancouver  men, thought to have lost their lives  during a crash in bad weather somewhere between Gibsons and Sechelt.  TWENTY YEARS AGO  Approval was received from the B.C.  Hospital Insurance Service to conduct  a plebiscite to authorize the formation  of a Hospital Improvement District.  The formation of this district, which  would coincide generally with School  District 46, will provide the means for  raising the communities share of funds  necessary to build a new hospital.  TWENTY-FIVE YEARS AGO  A second ferry was announced for  the Horseshoe Bay-Gibsons Black Ball  Ferries' run this week. The steam  vehicle and passenger ferry "Scotian"  will join the MV Bainbridge. now  serving the route, as soon as it  completes its journey from Halifax to  the British Columbia coast via the  Panama Canal.  The Gibsons waterfront is to have an  additional 80 fl. float in the harbour for  docking small vessels  THIRTY YEARS AGO  Bonlire parties are scheduled to be  held at Pender Harbour. Hallmoon  Bay, Sechelt. Roberts Creek and  Gibsons as part ol the Kiwanis Shellout  program over Halloween this year The  parties will be supervised by local  Parent Teacher Associations.  Water "diviner Edward Cluse says  the School Board can expect to find  water easily at the twenty foot depth on  the Roberts Creek School site  THIRTY-FIVE YEARS AGO  Two thirty-passenger ferries are  expected to be in operation serving  Howe Sound in the near future. It has  been announced that the eastern  terminus of the ferry service will be  Fisherman's Cove in West Vancouver,  owing to the poor facilities at Horseshoe Bay  The battle lor the Mackenzie riding  MLA seat was shaping up between  CCF incumbent Herbert Gargrave and  Coalition candidate W.V "Pat" Thomson.  gj��^  f    ��  Gibson's Landing, IWs. The interior of St. Bartholomew Anglican Church. The  church had been built in 1S')2 on a piece of the William Manning preemption.  Service were arranged from St..lames, Vancouver, rebuilt after the 188ft fire. Karly  in this century, when local economic conditions forced many of Ihe first settlers to  abandon their plateau homes. St. Bartholomew fell into disuse. The building was  restored during the late 1920's. Clarice Clarkson, whose husband. Bob, volunteered  his labour for the project, recalls that the funds available consisted of an  archdiocese grant of fiftj dollars. Arch bishop Adam del'encicr officiated al the  consecration of the newlv added chancel. The original framework of this church is  now the oldest structure in Ihe \\ est Howe Sound community. Helen Mc( all photo  courtes) Ross Gibson Collection and Llphinstone Pioneer Museum.  IK. Peterson  Musings  John Burnside  Slings & Arrows  ��^  George Matthews  n  Let me make it plain that  I am now and have been for a  long time one of the most  devoted admirers of Nest  Lewis whose recipes and wit  grace our weekly advertisement for Ken's Lucky Dollar.  Nest and 1 have been teachers  and actors together before we  became in our varying ways  newspaper people and a  stauncher friend or a more  incisive intellect could be  sought for long and in vain.  With that said it needs  also saying that even old  friendships are often subjected to well-nigh insupportable strains. Take Sunday  morning, last Sunday morning  for example.  I was sitting in the office's  big armchair immersed in  copy which I was proof-reading when Nest breezed cheerily in with her contribution for  the week.  "Hello, male." I said affectionately as is mv wont.  "Helio." said Nest. "Oh,  by the way what date is  St. George's Day? You told mc  once before."  Gently I pointed out the  anomaly of the Welsh inquiring from thc Scots as to  the day in which the generally  despised English celebrate  iheir patron saint. At this  point it was the most affectionate and mildest of rebukes.  "Il's April 24th, I think."  I said. "Shakespeare's birthday."  "I thought you told mc it  was in November," said Ms.  Lew is.  "Vou mean Si. Andrew's  Day? Arc you confusing,  madam, the patron saints  of Scotland and England?"  Cheerfully, she admitted  lhat she was indeed confusing  Si. Andrew with St. George  and quite unabashed went on  in sav lhal she was going to  attempt to show the world that  Ihe Scots ate more than haggis  a Inn St. Andrew \ Day came  Mori' than haggis, ccr-  i.niilv. hm after potatoes and  oatmeal and bread and cheese  .mil strong tea and other  drink, vvhat?  Before I could properly  remonstrate with the woman  over her confusion of our  gentle humanitarian patron  s.iiiii wiih the militant sword-  wielding slayer of dragons, St.  George, or query her about  Siois looking, she was gone  .is breezily as she came,  pausing only lo loss over  iler shoulder as a parting shot  some muttered disparagement  about my beloved mince and  tallies. I was wounded deeply  .ii her flippant insensitiivity.  "Is it anv wonder." 1  mourned reflectively, "that  Ihe offensive English continue  lo hold swav over their moral  ami    spiritual    superiors    in  When it comes to finding  things to amuse themselves,  people can be cunningly  inventive. 1 suspect that most  of us spend the better part of  our productive time inventing  Wales and in Scotland. It is remain,    thumb   in    mouth,  evident from these thought- clutching firmly to the English  less injuries perpetrated upon apron strings,  myself  and   the   people   of      With    such    an    obvious  Scotland by an old and dear loss of their people's pride new'hobbics and a better part  friend that the work done by how long can it be till the 0f 0ur incomes paying for  the power-hungry, scheming hardy men of the Welsh them. Wc have progressed  Anglos in dividing the Celtic mining valleys eschew their from (hc electric train set in  folk of wit, imagination and national game of rugby and ihe basement, through tele-  eloquence that they may be begin simpering over their vision, beyond the home  ruled by their inferiors has afternoon tea in cricket  been well done." whites?  A lesser man than I at this How long can it be before  point might be tempted into thc voice of eloquence and  malevolent vituperation, song is stilled in that land of for the ultimate home amuse  "May." such a man might be ancient music and the con- men! will end up with reading  tempted to say, "the garden stipated, elongated and flat-  snails enjoy your leeks." tened  vowel  sounds  of  the  Sadly but with the calm and Home Counties are chirping  nduring   forbearance  which banalities through those an-  cienl hills?  movies, past electronic games  and into thc era of home  computers and video tape  recorders. Whether the search  larks my race, however. I will  eschew any such perhaps  justifiable tirade of resentment.  It is enough to note that  when, recently, the Welsh  were given the opportunity to  vote on some devolution of  powers from Westminster  Abbey where lie in state thc  Where will we find the  music and the passionate harp  of St. David, or was it St.  Patrick, now thai thc Welsh  grow confused about their  identities and about those of  iheir embattled Celtic  brothers.   Il  cannot  be   long  scheming politicians and half-  before Nesl's delightful lock  willed monarchs of thc English along with those poets  ihcv reviled in life, the Welsh,  lo Iheir everlasting shame.  voted   eighty   per   cent   to  soup follows the rest of her  heritage into thc historic-  dark. Ah. Cymru, thou art  ill-served in these ill-favoured  times.  Iron Duke Country -  keeping the fell back  I he stone eyes  of the \tiitit\  weep white  pigeonshit tears.  peer thwn on the hits-stop  where gaslit \ltudows  cloaked the cracks in the flags  l"Tlta tmissn't step un 'em"/  where the bogeyman lurked.  Ihe bus doesn't stop there any more.  I hey have blocked off the street  with yellow lines,  staccato down the cobbles.  illd the men with the black caved faces utitl billycaits  are gone now.  replaced by weekenders contemplating history.  Polite inquiries and appreciative gazes spill  over the black mills anil pits.  thc woof and warp.  the slate und sandstone weave  of Iron Duke country.  Ihcv have absorbed the history of this place.  these great green stones.  tt ars and infants' cries inform the lines  where the viaduct thrusts from the great wall  lhal keeps the fell back.  (Yer great-great-(i RIM -grandfather buill lhat one.  think on..."I  books, hooking rugs and  making love is far beyond my  humble imagination, but 1  heard from someone the other  day aboul the latest word in  home entertainment.  It seems my friend and his  wife were invited out to an  evening of home-made television shows. Thc host,  apparently a pudgy, balding,  flamboyant, peanut butter  salesman in his mid-fifties,  had been through it all, model  trains, pool tables, air hockey,  Atari TV games, a sauna bath  and iwo hoi tubs. His attic and  basemenl were treasure  troves of the anthropology of  late twentieth century man.  The way I heard il my friend  and his lady were greeted at  Ihe door by the balding smile  who, for this particular evening's entertainment, was  decked out in a tight, purple,  leather lounging suit. My  friend told me later that he  should have known this was  nol going lo be vour typical  evening with Ihe Baxters. No  bridge and wine here, no  coffee and sandwiches; this  vv as obv iously going lo be one  ul those evenings lo rival  Caligula and the ancient  Romans, The purple suit's  offer, "Mav 1 take your  clothes?" sailed right over my  friend's head. While naive al  ihe besl ol limes, he did recall  i In statement later as being  consistent with the rest of the  evening.  Prior io the arrival of the  bulging leather's wife, thc  hapless guests were offered  a choice between a Tequila  Sunrise, a Margarila that  could onlv he described as  Baroque in ils magnificence or  a Slow, Comfortable something or other that looked  au advertisement for the  productive capacity of Seagrams distillery.  trev, parahtdas. tangents,  blood, sweat und hunt times.  Stone.  Silent now. albeit,  and etched in rust.  \nd over the bus-stop thai was,  al Ihe fool of the brew.  the eyes of the saints  are blind as sand.  Hul in thc heart of the stone,  a rough-edged legacy...  Hark en.'  rumours of love...  rock of ages,  like these moors,  slone you can trust.  It endures.  John Angus  Any doubts the guests may  have had about what the next  couple of hours would bring  were not put at ease with  the arrival of the hostess.  "Marlene," was the host's  third wife. He had met her at  a peanut butter convention in  Augusta, Georgia and had  snuffed out a promising career  as a manicurist by marrying  her and bringing her back to  Vancouver. My friend commented later that it was  ironic that the only part of her  anatomy he didn't see that  evening was her fingernails.  Her entrance, as described to  mc, was impressive. She  swept down the spiral staircase decked out in a mink  apron that was obviously not  intended for the kitchen.  It didn't take a great deal of  time for my friend to detect  the fact that that was the  extent of her attire. The fact  was she was as naked as a  jay except for the apron which  only jusi managed to cover up  those parts of a person you  don't normally see on first  acquaintance.  "We certainly hope you  enjoy the little TV movies  we've made." the host leered.  "Conic on in lo thc television room and take a look."  As ingenuous as my friend  is, he was beginning to  become aware of thc fact that  these video tapes were not  likely to contain scenes of ihe  kids eating ice cream or the  old man polishing his new car.  I feel sure lhat the secondhand description of Ihe next  Iwo and a half hours of homemade television pales in  comparison to the reality.  My friend, who is of a literary  persuasion, attempted to summarize by suggesting that  while thin on plot, the 26 inch  screen revealed a lot of the  characters, and in living  colour. He did express some  apprehension about the wisdom of barbequing steaks  while stark naked but pointed  oul lhat he considered it  prudent thai the pair wore  running shoes while chasing  each olher around the house.  As far as production quality  was concerned, my narrator  was critical of the bedroom  scenes as being somewhal  contrived, if not bizarre,  bul thai the show stopper on  the living room floor was  really quite tastefully done.  The whole experience has  obviously shaken my poor  friend. He says he's been  afraid to turn on his TV for the  past two weeks and that his  wife has taken to hooking  rugs. He further hinted thai  he has taken up reading and  lhat the last time he and his  wife made love they checked  ihe bedroom first for hidden  cameras.  Please turn lo Page Three.  AMM Coast News, October 21, 1980  We'll just give it a little tap to see if the foundations are secure  Letters to the Editor  Buying back the things we paid for  Fdilor:  It is being driven home to me  how short people's memories  arc (mine included). 1 guess  that happens to 7.1 year olds. At  the moment 1 am watching  Webster and llelliwell and I  was stunned that through all  this Kaiser affair not one word  has been said at any time of the  millions of our tax dollars  spent for shipping facilities on  the B.C. Coast as an inducement for Kaiser to begin  operations.  Remember back in W.A.C.'s  time how people lost their  homes and land through expropriation so that Kaiser could  get going. Thc millions poured  into facilities, docks, rail,  dredging, lo help a poor little  multinational who could well  afford to do il on ils own. How  many thousands of us Brilish  Columbians hold shares that  arc of absolute!) no use to us  for we have no vole, no share  participation. Yet our money  was used lo gel Ihis whole filthy  deal on ils feel. Arc wc buying  hack all these Ihings wc paid  for'.'  This has turned oul to be a  long range theft of our lux  dollars. Who cares aboul the  little guy. as long as he  continues lo pay his lax money  inlo the bank accounts of the  Kaisers and officials of this  wonderful money wasting  corporation, lor less than is  and has been spent wc could  have our own coal fields in the  northeast paving dividends and  Slings  (continued)  As for the hosts, I have  since been informed that they  have sold their video tape  recorder, bought memberships in the P.T.L. Club and  are planning to go to Africa  to Christianize any natives  they might encounter. I somehow suspect that the search  for the ultimate home entertainment has finally got the  better of them and while they  were able to sell the TV rights  to their home video epic to  Channel 13, it seems likely  that when the next adult toy  comes on the market, Marlene  and her peanut butter ball will  respectfully decline.  warm, warmer, wormesl.   ��*  daniadown  providing many more jobs.  Why should wc worry aboul  digging Kaiser's parent corporation out of thc hole of its  ow n digging. Il's got nolhing lo  do wilh us. Let America look  after ils own. Our present  government is altogether loo  busy with give aways and  shouldn't tax its imbecilic mind  wilh buying. Princess Marguerite, poultry, woodland paper  products, all give aways be  cause ihcv don'l like Ihe people  thai made money for us by  buying in the first place.  Memory is a wonderful  thing, there are many things I  wish 1 could remember, bul one  thing lor sure, when something  kicks me in the face 1 remember  w ho did it and I kick back come  polling lime, fry and work il  out also federally come polling  time. Yours truly  Keith Comyn  Symbol not for stealing  Editor:  Ihere arc thieves in our  midst. Not purloincrs of simple  properly though they arc wilh  us. too - bul organized thieves  intent, in iheir thievery, to  further the interests of thc  Community.  They have designs on our  logo. They even admitted it.  Not one. hut two community  organisations have actually  expressed ambitions to assume  the symbol of the Suncoast  Players Dramatic Society as  Iheir own. "Il would make a  good umbrella symbol" they  said, "lor thc CoasI". What  presumption!  I hey cannot steal our symbol. Il is safeguarded by  legalities to preclude such  impertinence. Nor should they.  Stealing oui symbol could  prove an embarrassment.  Do they want to take credit  for our upcoming production  of "Arsenic & Old I ace"? For  our 140-plus paid-up Members'.' 1 oi our successful thrust  to involve young people? For  our workshops which bring  professionals here lo help our  budding I hespians'.' Do they  wanl to assume credit for the  Society's  soon-to-hc-an-  nounccd Theatre complex  which will present regular  public movies, regular seasons  of professional theatre, and  ultimately, thc annual Sunshine Coast Drama Festival  bringing patrons and performers here from around the  world - much like Ontario's  Stratford? Surely, nobody  wanl to steal the limelight for  all ihis?  Richard Tomkics.  Suncoast Players.  Advertising  objectionable  Editor:  In thc last issue ofthe Coast  News you ran not one but two  ads for a Sechelt firm which  appears to sell either stereo  components, bathings suits or  sun lan lotion. One is hard  pressed to tell by the graphics  of thc ad -just which one it is.  Wc object strongly to ihis  cheap sexist form of advertising. Please in the name of  good taste try to dissuade  anyone so ill-informed of  today's attitudes lowards business and women in particular  to stop trying to sell their  products in such an offensive  manner.  Joan Graham  & Ann Pinsonnault  More letters  on Page 18  f  ��/|frw  ./U\ra  %vm  SUPER SALE NOW Orf  This Week's Special  Dual Speed 0-60 ft.,  0-60 fathom  Flasher Sounder  $199.��e  NEW - RECONDITIONED   U IS  Gibsons Landing  886-7241       886-7918      886-7683  Pender Harbour Customers: 883-2521  r-  fl daniadown quilts ltd  ^B   coMSHiht iNTtfimes  SUNSHINE INTERIORS  MOUTH tD. I KIWANIS WAV  lemons   866-8187     4  Covering  the Coverage  bv Jim Ansoll  After Settlement  Question: Will my homeowners policv or premium  be affected due lo a claim.'  Answer: With Ihe exception  ol a lew companies which  oiler "claims-free" discounts, your policy or  premium will not be affected  because ol a claim.  True Storv:  While renewing a client'  Autoplan coverage a lew  vears back. I poi'ited oul  thai his vehicle was 52 lbs.  ovei Ihe weight cut-off and  he was therefore paving an  extra 5.9.IIO per year lor his  licence plalcs.  SUNSHINE (OAST INSURANCE AGENCIES LTD.  Box 375. Cowrie Street  Credit Union Building  885-2291       Sechelt, B.C. VON 3AO \t>\ i  I suggested thathcemplv his  car of all additional items,  such as baggage, fuel, tire  chains, etc.. and have his car  re-weighed in hopes of  eliminating (his extra S^OO  fee.  A lew days later he happily  explained he had lound a  solution to his problem.  As each of his tires contained 30 lbs. of air, all he  had lo do was deflate the  front two prior io driving  onlo thc scales, thereby  reducing his licence plate lee  with 8 lbs. to spare.  Nexl Week: Construction  Insurance.  ^ SuperAfolu  SUNNYCREST CENTRE  Better-You Bet  100% Locally Owned & Operated  GOV'T. 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That's where I've been staying. I want to change my  clothes and talk to her for  a minute. Also I'll pick up my  wedding ring. Make it easier  for us to register. Some of  those better class joints are  picky."  "You're married eh?" 1  say, trying to sound casual. I  should have guessed she was.  A lady of her obvious attributes was almost bound  to have strings attached.  1 have visions of apoplectic  husbands brandishing guns.  Carlotta reads my mind.  "Don't have to worry about  my old man. He's down in Las  Vegas. I took off on him a  few months back. Bastard  was too goddam possessive.  Wouldn't let me live my own  Pages from a Life-Log  Peter Trower  life. But he'll figure I've split  back to Mexico. He doesn't  know I have any relatives in  Vancouver."  "Are you from Mexico  then?"  "Yeah, I more or less grew  up clown there. My father's  Irish but my mother was  Spanish-Mcx. She died a few  years back and he's been  living in thc cantinas ever  since. They call him Senor  Tequila. I tried to help him  off the boo/c a couple ol  limes but it wasn't anv use  He's bound to drink his way  back lo her." She shakes her  bead with an odd, ironic  chuckle.  "Jesus, that's pretty sail"  1 say. Carlotta's background is  proving to be as exotic as her  appearance.  (SS POTTERVSALE  SAT. NOV 1      12 - 4 PM  To be held at the Craft Studio in Gibsons  at the corner of Noith Rd. and Hwy. 101  (at the light).  All pols hy  Cindy Kirk and Philinda Ludwig.  -M  Gibsons Legion Branch  Presents  Live  Entertainment   >  Fri. & Sat. jj  Oct. 24 & 25  Members & Guests Only  GARDEN BAY  HOTEL PUB  invites you to an  "EVENING'S SINGALONG"  _     of your Favourites with  ��� JIM ��� on Guitar  and ART - on Piano  mp_   FRIDAY NIGHTS  $8W 9"m,il?  ���*"**" Come and enjoy  the evening with us!  883-2674  iicnsHotoe  RMftfd br BUPH vtSIA [NStnBulHW CO   WC   �� I9B0 *��N D**, Pro  "Ah, life's sad, honey. Like  the cat says in the song:  You got to snatch and grab  it before it gets away."  She hums a couple of bars.  "Come on, let's blow this  place."  We grab a streetcar to the  suburbs and she leads me to  a shabby, two-storey frame  house beside a vacant lot.  I follow her inside somewhat  nervously. The aunt comes out  of the kitchen wearing a  peevish look. There is no  lamily resemblance. She is  stringy-haired) horse-faced  and generally resembles a  nasty Latin teacher I once  suffered under. "Where the  hell have you been?" she  demands of Carlotta and  fetches me a glare of open  rancour. I feel highly uncomfortable and wish 1 hadn't  come.  Carlotta doesn't bother to  introduce us. "Just grab a  seat, honey," she says "and  don'l pay any attention to her.  I won't be long." She heads  upstairs and shortly, the  woman follows her, without  giving me a second glance.  I can hear the sounds of a  heated argument. The words  "tramp" and "immoral slut"  are countered by things like  "frigid, dried-up old bitch."  I cringe with embarrassment.  Filially, I hear something that  sounds like a slap. The aunt  comes back down the stairs  again, stony-faced and disappears into the kitchen.  Carlotta follows shortly after,  wearing a red dress with a  white shorty-coat and carrying  a small, overnight bag.  "Sorry about that, sweets,"  she says. "It's all straightened out now. We'll get the  hell out of here." I'm only  too willing.  Wc head back towards the  siteetcar-loop. "That silly old  broad" she says. "Christ, I've  laid plenty of bucks on her  since I came and still she gives  me a hard time. She thinks  Ihis is still the Victoria age  or something. Figures I should  go back with my husband and  love, honour and obey the  sonofabitch. She was even  trying to blame me for her  brother being on the sauce.  Anyway, I pieced her off  with a few more dollars for her  mortgage-payment.  With this small trauma  behind us, things between  Carlotta and me shift back  towards the amorous. Back  downtown, an idea strikes me.  "Hey, I hocked my record-  player the last time I was  down. Maybe I should pick  it up?"  "Sure, baby. We can make  love to music." She gives  me that sexy look again. We  stop by the pawn-shop. I  redeem the portable and the  few albums I have left with  it. "Don't imagine you've  got any mambo there?"  "Afraid not" I admit.  "Mostly Kay Starr, Louis  Armstrong, Frankie Laine -  stuff like that."  "Well, what say we pick up  a Perez Prado disc.  We get the record  she wants, secure a bottle  of whisky and repair to the  Abbotsford Hotel, a more  respectable establishment.  The rather prissy desk-  clerk looks us over suspiciously but Carlotta's wedding ring  does the trick. I sign something original like Mr. and  Mrs. John Doc and we head  upstairs.  Upstairs we gradually drop  our respective masks. The  relentlessly hip; essentially  defensive overtones ease from  her voice as she tells me  about her childhood.  "I got to admit, I had it  pretty damn good when I was  a kid. My mother came from  a wealthy family and they set  my old man up in business.  Her name was Consuella  and she was really a class  lady. I look a lot like her. But  she was calm and always had  her game together. Not like  me. I guess I got her looks and  my father's Mick craziness.  I suppose I hurt her a bit  later on and I'm sorry about  that now for all the goddam  good it does. I'm just the way I  am and I have to live life on  my own terms. But I guess I  was cooler when I was a little  girl and I more-or-less did  what they wanted me to.  I didn't start cutting up till  I hit my teens and discovered  boys. My first lover was a cat  named Manuel, the same guy  who turned me on to grass. I  had his kid when I was sixteen. My folks were furious.  The kid was adopted out and  they shipped me up here to  get me away from Manuel.  That was the first time I was  in Vancouver. My aunt's  husband was alive then and  the old bastard wouldn't  keep his hands off me. I  packed up my gear one night  and split back across the line.  Hit L.A. for awhile; worked  as an extra on a few flicks;  lived with a couple of dudes.  I even hustled for awhile  when things got tight. Sometimes you'd run across some  real weirdos. There was  this Scandinavian dude - some  kind of sea captain. He used to  pay me fifty bucks just to sit  in a cafe booth and talk to  him. Never even touched  me. That was the easiest  trick I ever turned. But, wow,  I'm talking too goddam much.  "Christ no" I say quite  honestly. "It's really interesting. You're the first girl  I've met in years who's even  been outside B.C."  "Oh yeah. Well there isn't  too much more. I got word  from my father that Consuella  was dying of cancer so I went  back to Mexico. It was pretty  grim and she suffered quite a  lot. I really went through some  guilty changes. She was too  kind to say much but I know  she figured that I'd let her  _______m  ���9  Ellinfiham '$     :  ^   Astrology  *  Cloris Leachman and Harvey Korman star in "llcrbie Goes  Bananas" at the Twilight Theatre.  At the Twilight  Comedy is king this week at  the Twilight Theatre. Tuesday, October 21, the last  showing of Smokey and the  Bandit II will be screened and  it will be followed by Herble  goes Bananas and then by  Marshall Brickman's satiric  look at brainwashed genius,  Simon.  Herble goes Bananas is  the further adventures of  Herbie, the most extraordinary Volkswagen and features Hollywood's most  'a-peeling' new comedy team,  Harvey Korman and Cloris  Leachman. Korman plays an  eccentric ship's captain who  longs for the good old days  and Leachman a gay divorcee  searching for shipboard romance.  As the title would  Channel Ten  GIBSONS CHANNEL TEN  Wednesday October 22  SECHELT CHANNEL TEN  Thursday October 23  Sun. - Mon. - Tues.  Oct. 26 - 27 - 28  d.'.llill:!*  Warning: Some Coarse Language  B.C. Director  Please phone for show times 886-2827.  I  Sat. Nov. 1st  7:30 - Midnight  Games ,-  Chance  $200 Door Prize  Pre-Sell Admission: $2.00  Tickets available from Gibsons lions  NO TICKETS AT THE DOOR  indicate Herbie's latest adventure is set in the tropical  jungles. Herble goes Banana*  will be shown locally Wednesday through Saturday,  October 22-25, with a matinee  performance at 2:00 p.m.  Saturday.  In Simon writer Brickman  creates a pungent satire of  several aspects of modern life  from television and think  tanks to military narrow-  mindedness and cult devotion.  Alan Arkin is superb in the  title role and both Madeleine  Kahn and Judy Graubart are  impressive in supporting  roles.  Simon will be screened  locally Sunday through Tuesday, October 22-25.  6:00 pm. "Coastal Review"  An amateur news show of  events on thc Sunshine  Coast, this weekly news  show is produced by the  Community Broadcasting  students at Elphinstone  Secondary.  6:30 pm. "Behind the Scenes at  Beachcombers"  Kelly Henry talks with  Bert Skclton. the lighting  director for t he CBC scries  the "Beachcombers."  7:00 pin. "Veto Vandalism"  Anne Ciok, coordinator of  the  summer   Veto  Vandalism  program  for the  Gibsons RCMP delatch-  ment discusses the purpose of the summer work  program. Gordon Shead  hosts thc show.  7:30 pm. "Family Safety"  Gibsons RCMP Constable Chuck Clark discusses the methods the  police arc using to combat  vandalism and burglary in  residential and commercial areas on the Coast.  8:00   pm.  "Community   Perspectives"  Local businessman Bill  Edney joins us for an  examination of the Sunday Shopping issue. Gibsons Mayor Lorraine Goddard and Sechelt Alderman Charles Lee comment  on the upcoming referendum on Sunday Shopping.  down. After she went, I stayed  on with my pop for awhile but  he started hitting the juice  like I told you and I couldn't  deal with it. Anyway, I'd  inherited some bread so I just  knocked around Mexico for  awhile.  At first, I was sort of looking  for Manuel but I found out  he'd gone to South America.  I tied up with some strange  people who were into eating  peyote among other things  and I got pretty strange  myself. I had a black stallion  for a while. I used to get  dressed all in black like a  female Zorro or something  and ride around the countryside, stoned out of my gourd.  The Indians thought I was a  witch. They used to mutter  and cross themselves when I  rode by. Finally, I got fed up  with this sort of caper and  went back up to L.A.  Almost right off the bat, I  ran into this big handsome  Italian   dude   called   Mario  Carnelli. Suppose by this  time, I was looking for some  kind of security after all the  craziness. I figured I was in  love with him and we got  married. He owns part of a  casino in Vegas so we moved  there. Turned out to be a real  bad scene. Mario's a good  enough lover and he bought  me lots of clothes and expensive jewelry but he's got  a jealous streak a mile wide.  He treated me like property.  Christ, he'd flip out if I so  much as spoke to some other  dude. I stuck it for as long  as I could; then I ran. Which  just about brings us up to  right now, baby."  "Jesusl" I say, impressed  "Your life sounds just like  something out of a book."  The thought crosses my mind  that maybe she's making half  of it up but she certainly  sounds convincing and why  would she bother lying to me  anyhow? "What do you figure  to do now? "I ask her.  To be continued  by Hue Kllinjjluim  Week commencing October  21. General Notes: The Full  Moon in Taurus finds many of  us eating and spending too  much. Temptation this week is  to squander hard-earned cash  on comforts or lavish entertainment. It'sthewrongtimeto  start weight-reduction diet.  Local restaurants serve best  goodies yet.  Venus squares deceptive  Neptune warning against tricky  partnership or romantic matters. Mercury turns retrograde  indicating irritating communications mix-ups rest of  October, Oct all your important paper-work completed or  in the mail belore Thursday  October 23,  ARIES (March 21-April I'))  Where you work is scene of  deceptive manoeuvres. Female  associate plans to present your  view points inaccurately or in  poor light. Sec the boss before  she does. Advise loved one to  mail financial papers before  Thursday. Full Moon accents  completion of important personal money matters.  TAURUS (April 20-May 20)  Full Moon in your sign finds  you determined, conservative,  moody and sensuous. Powerful  lunar position affects mostly  those born April 20. Social  activities, romance or speculation are subject to trickery or  unrealistic schemes. Child in  your life becomes cautious and  crafty. Complete all contracts,  business or partnership agreements before Iliursday.  GEMINI (May 21 -Jun.. 21)  There's muddle and confusion on the home front. Person  sharing your living space  misunderstood recent domestic  rearrangement. Explain again  but more slowly. You've only  till Thursday to inform coworkers of revisions, new  methods and procedures. Full  Moon finds you alone contemplating fresh plan of action.  CANCER (June 22-July 22)  Accent is on deceptive short-  distance communications. Do  not accepi everything you hear  or read about. Seeing is not  believing at present time. Short  trip has you heading in wrong  direction. For best results  phone special person or mail  love note before Thursday. Full  Moon coincides with completion of your part in group  involvement.  LEO (July 23 - Aug. 22)  Focus is on mix-ups over  personal possessions or money  matters. Looks like you've  allowed your financial affairs  to become sloppy or disorganized. You'll lose your purse,  wallet, keys or I.D. at favourite  social haunt. Complete any real  estate paperwork before Thursday.  Full  Moon helps boost  career, position, local reputation.  VIRGO (Aug. 23 - Sept. 23)  There are weird goings-on!  behind the scenes. Have noth-'  ing to do with gossip, scandal,.  shady schemes, muck-rakers or  other people's spouses. Quiet ���  woman friend may be source of  upcoming   deception.    Have  crucial financial transactions  signed and sealed by Thursday.  Full Moon brings well- deserved cash bonus to your closest  associate.  SCORPIO (Oct. 24-Nov. 22)  Looks  like you'll be disap-'  pointed with actions of local,  group   ur   officials.   Friend,  acquaintance, committee member may have deceived you over.  real cost of recent proposal.  Put aside long-range plan until.  facts arc clarified. Write and  check off things-to-do list on  Thursday.   Full  Moon finds  loved on in sensuous, down-to-  earth mood.  SAGITTARIUS (Nov. 23 ���  Dee. 21)  Seems you've been fooling  yourself over anticipated pro-,  motion or easier assignment..  Boss, superior or person who,  promised may disappear conveniently for a few days. Small  item is lost at private, secluded .  place Thursday night. Full  Moon brings results of recent  medical examination or enquiry.  CAPRICORN (Dee. 22-Jan.  19)  Expect bewildering messages  from far away. Long-distance .  sob story is no reason to jump  on first available jet. Expensive  phone call helps unravel facts,  reduces worry and tension.  Thursday is best day to quit  time-wasting association with'  apathetic local group. Full  Moon spotlights that mysterious person who's always on  your mind.  AQUARIUS (Jan. 20 - Feb.  18)  Shared financial matters are  subject to muddle and deception. It's the wrong time to  open joint bank account or  allow so-called advisor to  juggle your investments. Avoid  ever-smiling insurance agent,  accountant or local sponger.  Mail career or promotional  papers before Thursday. Full  Moon accents final touches to  domestic project.  PISCES (Feb. I<) - Mar. 20)  Focus is on tricky partnership or relationship matters.  It's the wrong week to sign  important agreements or business contracts. Loved one now  has unrealistic expectations  concerning your career and  rate of advancement. Place  sound mental health before  fame and fortune. Have longdistance affairs finished by  Thursday. Full Moon brings  local letter that says yes.  Arts Centre plans first  music event  "TENDER TOOTSIES"  have arrived!  Unique  atik  Quilted  Jackets  The first music event of  many this season will take  place this Sunday October  26 at 7:30 p.m. at the Sunshine Coast Arts Centre in  Sechelt. Featured are top students from the highly-respected Nona Marl of Voice in  North Vancouver.  The acoustics of the Arts  Centre proved to be excellent  for voice without amplification  as was demonstrated this past  summer when Alice Horsman.  Nona Mart student, sang  accompanied by Clarke Steabner on guitar during our Arts  Festival.  Five singers will be featured  in this concert; Phyllis Eson,  Adele Clarks, Alice Horsman,  Herb Ray and Lynne Sterling  being accompanied by Bruce  Johnson on piano, Karen  Weisgarber on flute, and  Charles LePare on clarinet.  So do join us for an entertaining and social evening of  classical music. Admission is  by donation and refreshments  will be available.  Winner  of our  Sweater Draw  SHERI JAY  I  Helen's    oW,  Fashion   Shoppe Coast News, October 21, 1980  Off the  shelf  by John Moore  There is a minor character  in one of American humourist  Peter DeVries' novels who  must have been inspired by  John D. MacDonald. The  character is an author who  writes "good bad books" in  order to pay the rent and  enable him to write "bad  good books".  John D. MacDonald will  be familiar to most readers as  the author of the successful  "Travis McGee" series.  McGee is described in the  publishers' publicity as an  "amiable and incurable tilter  at conformity, boat-bum Quixote, hopeless sucker for  starving kittens, women in  distress, and large, loose  sums of money". With titles  like "The Deep Blue Good-  By", "The Dreadful Lemon  Sky", "The Turquoise Lament", "A Tan and Sandy  Silence", the chief element of  suspense in the series seems  to be how long MacDonald can  keep cranking them out before  he finally exhausts the colour-  wheel.  Don't get me wrong; I  wouldn't tangle with the  legion of Travis McGee fans  for any large, loose sum of  money. McGee addicts tend to  be rabid fanatics. 1 know of  husbands who've had to  endure having their firstborn  sons named after him and he's  a front-runner for the distinction of being the first  fictional character to be  named co-respondent in a  divorce case.  While the McGee series  are undeniably "formula"  books, they have an even  broader based appeal than  most entries in the mystery-  suspense genre, chiefly because MacDonald's writing,  both  narrative  and   in  dia  logue, is a considerable cut  above the bare competence  of most of his competitors  in the field. The McGee  series, though they'll never  get MacDonald nominated for  the Nobel Prize for literature,  are unquestionably "good bad  books".  Like DeVries' character,  when he isn't churning out  "good bad books" MacDonald  turns his talents to what  could, with some justification,  be called "bad good books";  novels whose basic concept,  structure and theme would  delight the most discriminating academic critic, but  whose author has spent so  many years as a drug-store  rack cowboy and become such  a notorious and highly paid  word-slinger, that he just  doesn't fit the image of the  Great Man of Letters wooing  the Muse in the austere  Temple of Art.  Condominium (Fawcett  Books, 1977, $2.25) is one of  MacDonald's better "bad  good books". Set in the  Florida Keys, where luxury  condos rise like mushrooms  out of the shimmering islets  off the tip of the state, Condominium is, on one level, a  thinly fictionalized expose of  all that people mean when  they speak of "developers"  with contempt.  Condominium lifts up the  rocks that hide the wheeler-  dealers, the dummy corporations that sprout up, make  a quick buck selling land  options to yet another dummy  corporation that builds a  development, peddles the  condos, then disappears without a trace before the lawsuits  hit the fan. The officers of  these outfits simply play  musical chairs in a single  board-room while lawyers  keep   the   dissatisfied   cus-  Book Look  by Murrie Redman  End Game in Paris by Ian Adams, Doubleday 1979  Foxfire 6. Doubleday 1980  There is an authenticity about Adams' work that makes even  ihe country's own security people nervous. His novel S: Portrait  of a Spy got into trouble of late. Certain members of thc  government were uncomfortable with marked similarities  between Adams' and real characters within that circle.  In this book, Ihe author Hogs the spy business once again. This  lime thc story is about mistaken identity. A post Vietnam  photographer comes home to find himself threatened, almost  bombed and certainly the object of curiosity amongsi certain  international organizations. Timothy Stern, the returned  newsman, bunks in with a female agent who can be trusted.  Baffled why he is being pursued bv those who arc confusing him  with someone else, he searches for informalion which will clear his  identity,  A series of close calls makes thc novel absorbing and recalls the  1970 October crisis. A surprise ending in Paris brings the mystery  a solution and the reader some relief. Cynicism remains, however,  as Adams casts doubts aboul Ihe elhics of thc secrets business.  Foxfire 6 is an irresistible look at the warm past, lt is not only an  instruction book about how to make dricd-applc-head dolls or  play mumbledy-peg. We meet the folks who keep these traditions  alive. They arc not the smoothies who have everything down to  plastic cralts-in-a-bag. They are ihe old and unschooled who  make no bones aboul quick and easy ways or kil-art. Along with  the method goes a lol of advice about how to live.  Says wood-vvhittler Willard Watson: "You're just a fizzle  sprout now, but you'll learn that one of the great satisfactions  comes from knowing lhal the ihings we're doing now is gonna  linger on," Foxfire keeps il lhat way.  Shocmaking. wooden toys and games do not come free in this  book. With every pattern comes a history, a philosophy and some  well earned advice. It is easy to imagine thc collector of these  wonderful crafts spending hours listening while the corn doll is  fashioned or thc wooden lock carved. While the tales come from  Ihe Appalachian Mountains, they could jusi as easily be ihe ones  heard at our own grandfather's knees.  The charm and honesty of thc near past come flooding in as wc  read ihe hesi from Foxfire Magazine.  c  7  n  RDPBoohstore  A  886-7744   rffife     Open  t_m  ^  Comer ol School &    _g__l        ' F" lil 7:30 <"  <>  >���  O  Gowor Point Roaae. ^(%y          sun.n-o  ii  Captive Splendors - Fern Michaels  The Victorian Parlour  A  (A Cut & Colour Book) - T. Menten  .,'N  \  Antique Paper Dolls   (The Edwaiuian Era)  p)  V  - Epinal  ^r  II  Floral Iron-on Transfer Patterns - Weiss  Rackham's Fairy Tale Colouring Book  Ed Sibbett, Jr.  ^  ^c  Ford, Chevy & Dodge  X  Pick-Up Repair Manuals  92  THE COVENANT  X  James A. Mitchener's newest  ���**-  0^  II  novel. (Hardcover)  *  i*4 a/3C\r^2U-=  rt  Second Juried Art Show at Centre  tomers at bay with a combination of corporation bafflegab and veiled threats of organized crime involvement in  the developments that could  make it unhealthy for anyone  to kick up too much of a stink.  Like Arthur Hailey, MacDonald makes good use of a  literary device as old as  Boccaccio's Decameron: the  condominium, like a hotel,  airport lounge, or a ship at  sea, is a perfect device for  uniting people of disparate  backgrounds and weaving  them into a plot. MacDonald's  people, however, are less  two dimensional than Hai-  ley's, more substantial and  better developed.  At its best, Condominium is  a bitter and ironic look at the  American dream. Most of the  occupants of the condos are  retired people who have paid  their dues in the great free-  enterprise society and enjoyed  a modicum of success, only to  become, in their "golden  years", its tragically helpless  victims, pigeons for younger  "entrepreneurs" to fleece in  the name ofthe same dream.  The foundations of the  dream are literally built on  sand, and just how literally  is devastatingly proved when  the biggest hurricane of the  season comes howling out of  the Atlantic straight at the  fragile condo-laden keys.  MacDonald may never be a  great critical success in  literary terms, but neither is  he your average pulp-writing  hack. He writes highly readable highly-paid fiction and  writes it by the hundredweight. His books are always  better'than you think they're  going to be and that's more  than I can say for a lot of  writers who claim to pack a lot  more literary weight. All for  now.  VIEW 2, the Sunshine Coast  Arts Centre's second Juried  Show opens at the Arts Centre  in Sechelt on October 28 and  runs through to November 16.  We cannot inform you of who  will be in the show yet as  jurying will take place this  Saturday.  All artists on the Sunshine  Coast are invited to submit up  to three works in either  painting, drawing, graphics,  photography, sculpture or  multi-media. Bring artwork to  St. Hilda's Anglican Church  Hall in Sechelt on Saturday,  October 25, 9-11 a.m. There is  an entry fee of $5.00 per  person. All works must be  framed or exhibition ready  and be labelled on back with  name, address, phone, title  and medium. Works chosen  by the juror may be for  sale; the Arts Centre takes a  30% commission.  Last year's juror, U.B.C.  Fine Arts Gallery curator,  Glenn Allison, selected pieces  from his point of view, and  this year a trained art historian and critic will express  her point of view. Juror  chosen for VIEW 2 is Avis  Rosenberg, a Vancouver  based lecturer specializing in  Canadian art. Avis also  writes art critiques and  articles for various publications, and she is looking  forward to seeing what our  artists are up to.  One purpose of a juried  show is to get an outside and  professional view of the  artwork being produced on  the Sunshine Coast. Last year  saw 60 participants submitting  160   works,   an   impressive  number for an area this size.  Mr. Allison remarked-on the  enthusiasm and interest  shown by the artists here, especially concerning those who  attended his critique the  following week.  Lastly, the public will be  given the opportunity to see  what will likely be some of  the  highest  quality  artwork  emerging on this coastline.  Everyone is invited to the  opening on Monday, October  27,8-10 p.m.  Please note the Arts Centre  will be closed this Sunday,  August 26 only, and Saturday  will be the last day for the  ambitious and fascinating  ceramics exhibit Everywhere*.  Gibsons Public  library  Tuesday  2-4p.m.  Wednesday  2-4p.m.  Thursday 2-4 & 7-9pm  Saturday 2-4 p.m.  886-2130  Sundries and Souvenirs  Come In for your  Murchies  Teas & Coffee &  Supplies  OPEN 7 DAYS A WEEK  Gibsons Landing   11 a.m. - 5 p.m.      886-  -2818  WATERBEDS  CUSTOM DRAPERIES  QUILTS  Down & Polyester  OPENING NOV. 1st  A Complete  DESIGNER'S  BOUTIQUE  ��� Window Dressings  ��� Wall Coverings  ��� Venetian Blinds  ��� Mylar Blinds  ��� Curtain Rods  No Obligation!  Dr. Wayne Dyer's  Newest Best Seller  THE SKY'S THE LIMIT  Author of Your Erroneou?  Zones  and  Pulling Your Own Strings.  ELECTROHOME   ;<^|\  Sales & Service  SUNSHINE COAST T.V  885-9816  FOOD  1  lor      S  THOUGHT $  by Yoshi Tanaka  t  I  CREAM, PERFUME and POWDER  - In the Chinese Cooking World, called "Chan"  According to Dr. Enbai, an 18th Century Chinese  poet, critic and author of culinary art. many kinds of  Chan (Bean. Shrimp, Plum & Sesame Pastes), plus  oil, wine, vinegar, salt, sugar, pepper and  ginger...are to good foods what costumes,  accessories and perfumes are to a beautiful woman  A woman with natural good looks and a good  knowledge ol make-up techniques can have the  beauty ol Cleopatra The same woman dressed in  rags and unadorned will not be recognized as  beautiful.  So it is with foods A good cook works hard to  select just the right seasonings and spices to  enhance the llavouis ol his foods so that his dishes  will be exceptionally delicious.  Since Adam and Eves downlall. the "au naturel  state has been unacceptable in beauty contests, and  at least a strip of clothing must be worn. Nowadays  Miss '" is the person who best know how to select  the most flattering costumes and accessories  particularly suited lo herself, and who applies makeup skillfully. In the world ol Chinese cooking. Chan  is like those costumes, accessories and make-up.  The Chinese philospher "Kanhi" once said,  "There is no advantage in speaking about the  beauty of Cleopatra or Miss America. By applying  lots of cream, powder and perfume to the lace, any  woman can enhance her beauty."  Similarly, to adorn one's food, we recommend the  use of good seasonings, and a variety of Chans  Come in & enjoy a dinner fit for a queen!  YOSHI'S RESTAURANT  886-8015        Sunnycrest Shopping Centre  Del Monte - Cream Style Corn ...  VEGETABLES u. 2/89  BEANS with PORK      ��. 2/89*  Armour    '  CORNED BEEF ����... $2-29  Tetley - Orange Pekoe  TEA BAGS i44-s.a. $3.49  Tang  ORANGE CRYSTALS 4/3/,ozea 4.49  Puritan  BEEF or IRISH STEW QQ*  RICEARONI  qqq  . 15 oz. ea.   %J\J  . Small ea.   \J*J  Kraft  SALAD DRESSING       SOOmlea. $1.29  Gravy Train  DOG MEAL 4k8ea   $4.49  Husky  DOG FOOD 255oz 2/4.00  DOG  FOOD Bkg.ea.   $8.95  No Nonsense   - One Size t\g\��  PANTYHOSE m. 99*  Javex - For Unbleachables  BLEACH 400gmea    $2.19  Javex  LIQUID BLEACH      mm*. 4.49  Cashmere  BATHROOM TISSUE        ,.�� 89*  No Nonsense  KNEE HIGHS tu, 4.49  TABLERITE MEATS  Canada Grade A    Short Cut ��/��/��/��  PRIME RIB ROAST .b. $2.99  Boneless Outside  BOTTOM ROUND STEAK..��,. $2.99  Small Side. Previously Frozen  PORK SPARE RIBS        ��,. 4.69  I.G.A. - Pure Pork of Breakfast  SAUSAGE ,b. 4.69  Tablerite - All Beef  WIENERS  . 1 lb. pkg. ea.  4.59  Minute Maid  ORANGE JUICE  Swanson  MEAT PIES  . 6.25 oz.  ea.   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There was only a handful of  the public present due to the  fact that the announcement of  the meeting had only been  published that same day, thus  eliminating the possibility  of a great turnout of concerned  citizens. This of course was  not deliberate on the part of  the Regional Board and it was  pointed out that they are  anxious to hear what we the  residents feel on matters  regarding waterfront leases.  However, it would appear  that if you wish to express  your opinions you should write  to this board stating same.  The reason that your input is  desired is that the Regional  Board are being inundated  with applications for foreshore  leases, some for marina  developments. some for  waterfront rights for apartment complexes etc. The list  goes on and on. It is a big  undertaking for this board of  people to make such decisions  and it is up to we members  of the public to assist them by  letting them know how we  feel.  Your correspondent took the  opportunity to express personal opinion, which is as  follows: It is high time that a  stop be made to allowing  either any person or company  the right of ownership of our  very precious beaches. As  things stand already the  situation is appalling. It seems  that we cannot take a walk  along our beaches without  being accused of trespassing.  It was understandable in the  days when people were  pioneering this area that they  could be free to build a ramp  or boat shed or whatever  they wished on the waterfront.  But those days arc gone  now, the area is becoming  more populated and there are  more of us who do not reside  on the actual waterfront  who are demanding our rights  to the use of all beaches and  accesses to same. If we do not  stand up for these rights and  demand them, we will find  that twenty years down the  line we will have a government who will be spending  fortunes to buy back waterfront rights for the people -  which is exactly what is  recently taking place in  Vancouver. So the obvious  solution is ��� don't permit any  more waterfront leases unless  they are for public usage.  Will get off the soap box  now and get down to other  matters. For the benefit of  those planning to come to  the Oktoberfest dinner at  Welcome Beach hall on  Saturday, October 25th, I have  been asked to let you know  that you should bring your  own dishes, cutlery and  glasses.  Everybody wants to have a  good time and not have to  spend half the evening in the  kitchen, so it is a good idea to  do it this way. By the way,  while most of the tickets  have gone, there are at the  present time still a few left.  But you will have to hurry up  for these. You could give  either Flo Hill or Eileen  Hansen a call for these.  Fireworks, Films and Bazaar  Couple of reminders of  events about to take place.  Film night at Welcome Beach  hall is this Thursday at  7:30 p.m. Some excellent films  of England - or I should say -  Britain, Russia and Germany.  It would be encouraging to see  a decent turnout for these film  nights. The firemen will be  having thc annual fireworks  display and Hallowe'en party  on the 31st at the government  wharf at 8 p.m., with party  and costume judging in the  firehall after the fireworks  show.  Don't forget the Halfmoon  Bay Hospital Auxiliary bazaar  on Saturday, November 1st  at 1 p.m. Everyone will be  made most welcome. The  auxiliary will hold their  regular monthly meeting on  Monday November 3rd. This  meeting will commence at  7:30 in order that the business  discussions can take place  before the arrival of a guest  speaker, Stella Morrow. Stella  will, for the benefit of many  of our new members, answer  any questions we may wish to  ask regarding the function of  the auxiliaries. Will remind  you of this again nearer the  time.  SPCA Meeting  Have just been informed  that there will be a general  meeting of the SPCA on the  Sth November at 8 p.m. in  Elphinstone School, room 110.  This very hard working group  is irt dire need of your support  and encouragement, so if you  are concerned about the abuse  of animals that you see all  around you, and if you would  like to help get something  done about it, here is your  opportunity to get out there  and lend a hand.  pmjgcn  OFFICE  ELECTRONICS  Wharf Rd  Sechelt   885-3735  WE CARRY:  . Stationery  ��� Photocopiers   ��� Typewriters  ��� Cash Registers ��� Calculators  ��� Office Supplies & Furniture  If you enjoy competitive swimming or wish to improve your style, the (lihson Swim Club welcomes  ne�� members. Practices are front 5 pm. to 6 pm. weekdays and 9 am. to II am. Saturdays. Contacl  Ihe (iibsons S��iriimiii|> pool Tor further Information,  Pender Harbour news  by Doris Edwardson 883-2308  Hallowe'en Dance  The Annual Hallowe'en  Dance at the Royal Canadian  Legion Br. 112 will be held on  the evening of November 1  this year. There will be prizes  for the most comical, original  and funniest costumes, so get  your imaginations working  and win a biggie. Music will  be by the Harbour Lites,  and they have some new talent  this year.    Smorgasbord  The Ladies Auxiliary to Br.  112 are having a Smorgasbord  on November 8, music by Jack  Bourne from Vancouver. Tickets are on sale now at the  Legion, $15 per couple, no  minors admitted. Happy Hour  is 6:30 to 7:30 Door prizes  plus Spot Dances.  Slng-a-long with Art & Jim  The Friday Night Sing-a-  longs have started up again.  Jim & Art are waiting to play  and sing along with the  Garden Bay Hotel customers  every Friday night and will  play requests also.  Meat Draw  Everyone looks forward to  the Legion's Saturday afternoon Meat Draw ft om 2 to 4  p.m. and you can win bacon  and eggs, sausages, chicken  and roasts. The menu changes  from week to week and  everyone has fun.  Coast-Garibaldi Health Unit  INFLUENZA  IMMUNIZATION  Will be available to all persons over 65 and to  persons of any age who have any of the following  chronic conditions:���  Respiratory diseases  Heart disease  Diabetes and other metabolic disorders  Kidney disease  Chronic severe anemia  Clinics will be held as lollows:-  Tuesday, October 28: Menial Health Centre,  Sechelt: 10 -11:30 am.  Thursday, October 30: Health Unit,  1474 South Fletcher Rd., Gibsons, 9:30 -11:30 am.  Port Mellon News  by Paulette Collins  We welcome to our community the Mclntyre family  who have come from Nova  Scotia. We hope they will  enjoy being with us here in the  west.  Doug and Lyn Walker and  family have moved to make  their home in the Kootenays.  We wish them the best of luck.  Jim and Gwen Koftinoff and  family have moved to their  new home in Langdale. We  will miss them as they have  given a lot of time to the  community. Gwen served as  secretary on the executive  in past years and they have  helped at all functions.  Mr. Cliff Mahlman, training  officer for the Port Mellon  Fire Department, has asked if  any of the ladies would be  interested in a one evening  instruction on fire safety in the  home. There will be a slide  show and instruction on the  proper use of fire extinguishers. I hope everyone will  attend. It will be held on  October 23, Thursday evening  at 7 p.m. in the Port Mellon  Fire Hall.  Community Services  The public are most welcome to come and hear the  dynamic speaker, Marilyn  Fane, Executive Director of  Chilliwack Community Services speak on "Why Community Services?" on Tuesday, October 28, 7:30 p.m. in  the Science Room of Chatelech  Secondary School in Sechelt.  There will be a discussion  period, a chance to ask any  questions on what the Society  is   all   about.  Under the Community Services umbrella are the Minibus. Volunteer Bureau, a  Youth Volunteer Program,  Child Care Services, and the  Long Term Care Services,  including Homemaker Service  and Adult Day Care.  Roberts Creek Volunteer  Fire Department's  Annual  BINGO  Sat. Nov. 8th, 8:00 p.m.  Roberts Creek Community Hall  Doors open at 6 p.m.  Tickets: $5.00 ea.  includes 3 cards  Extra cards $1.00 ea.  "BONANZA"  ��� Sponsored by Elphinstone Recreation Group _  HALLIBAV MARKET  (Formerly Holiday Market) ^  * FREE *  DIXIE CUPS  FOR  THE KIDS  Blue Ribbon  Coffee  lb.  $3.99  Limit 2 per customer)  October 31 & November 1 Only  QUALITY MEAT ON SALE  Canada Grade A Smokehouse - Sliced  porterhouse steaks lb. $4��97   side bacon       500 gm pkg. $1 ���������  Canada GradeA Fletchers - Frozen  t-bone steaks lb. $4��49   pork sausages 500 gm pkg. $1.79  Canada GradeA Regular  sirloin steaks lb. $2.79   ground beef lb. ���!���*���  Canada GradeA - Bone-In Cut to Order  cross rib roast u>. $2*08   sides of beef Also pork sides  WE SPECIALIZE IN CUSTOM FREEZER PACKS  * FREE *  COFFEE AND DONUTS  PRODUCE  Fresh  mushrooms ib. *1.51  B.C. Grown, Canada n\  broccoli ib. 47^  Fresh  COm ears    6/$l.����  bananas 3ibs.*l.����  lettuce per head 47^  Celery per head 58*"  Parkay  Soft Margarine  1 lb. pkg. $1��*9  While You Are Shopping  Look For Other Unadvertized  !!   Bargains   !!  Armstrong  Bulk Cheese  Medium & Old  !b.  We Reserve Right To Limit Quantities    HALLIDAV  MARKET   Madeira ��  ark     883-2524 Coast News, October 21, 1980  Egmont News  While Ihe mothers kept a steady supply of hut dogs un the boil at the depot in the Sunnycrest parking lot, scouts and cubs brought  in an equally steady supply of buttles during their buttle drive.  Roberts Ocrk  by Jon Vu Arsdell  The Egmont Community  Club held an executive meeting on Wednesday night in  the school, it seems a pity,  but plans for a community  tennis court had to be temporarily shelved. The club is  left a bit short after the  Provincial Lottery grant dropped their funding from one  half to one third of the total  cost and the price of fill and  asphalt went up as well.  A general meeting of the  Community Club is soon to be  announced and all members  of the community are encouraged to attend. Any ideas  on the tennis court, or perhaps  another project that would  benefit the town would be  welcome.  There will be a tea and  rummage sale in the hall  on Wednesday, October 22 at  2 p.m. Come and join in idle  chatter over an inexpensive  lunch. Convener Betty Silvey  suggests the rummage to be  an excellent source for putting  together a creative Hallowe'en  costume.   Egmont   has   had  some famous ones in the past.  A work party will be held at  the hall the Sunday after  Hallowe'en, November  2nd at 1 p.m. Come and help  us wrap up a few loose ends in  and around the hall.  Greg Deacon has once  again volunteered to spearhead movie night in Egmont.  The first one will be shown  Saturday, October 25th at  7:30 p.m. sharp in the hall.  The feature is the Four Musketeers with Richard Chamberlin, of Shogun fame.  Faye Dunaway and Racquet  Welch. Accompanying shorts,  pop and popcorn are part of  the agenda. Greg is only  interested in breaking even  and this first showing at least  will be at last year's price of  $2 per head.  CHRISTMAS ESCAPE  December 23 - January 6  space available al   ,.  Kinei, maul. Hawaii    *w;  Irom $919 double occupancy \ ^ W"  * Rates tor families  Package includes airlare, 14 nights accommodation, transfers to and Irom airport, hotel  tax and tips on transfers. Optional U-drive.  BOOK NOW  TO AVOID DISAPPOINTMENT  AONES LABONTE  Northwest Travel Ltd.  1786 Lonsdale Ave. 980-8151  North Vancouver, B.C.  Future of Community Hall fiercely debated   ���      ,_.... u............ ��..  m.~m.i�� Hoht?       ten acres and includes the    be   a   French   restaurant,"  by Jeannle Norton 886-9609  "But who gets custody of  Roberts Creek Daze?"  seemed to be the main concern arising out of the vote at  last week's Community Association meeting to strike a  new committee to raise money  for the maintenance, improvement and repayment on the  mortgage of the old Community Hall.  The decision came after  heated discussion over the  question of whether future  funds raised by the Ways and  Means Committee should be  diverted from the joint facility  to be constructed at Roberts  Creek Elementary to the  preservation of the Hall  presently owned by the  Association. The meeting  dissolved into virtual bedlam  but out of the melee a rift  clearly appeared.  One faction is adverse to  raising funds for a building  owned by the Ministry of  Education and would rather  devote their energy to restoring and preserving the  building which is "part ofthe  heritage of our community."  Their arguments gained apparent support from Chairman  Chuck Barnes' concern about  the Association's loss of  autonomy and lack of control  in the joint venture.  Those committed to the new  facility, however, felt that it  was not desirable to change  the purpose of the Ways and  Means Committee. It was set  up specifically to raise funds  for a new Hall and people  who worked for it had presumably been dedicated to  that purpose.  Plus, as Dennis Fitzgerald  pointed out, more money will  be needed for the new hall/-  gymnasium. When the bids  come in, estimates will no  doubt be higher than expected  and the plans will have to be  cut down to the bare essentials. The frills could be  supplied by funds raised by  the Ways and Means Committee. In other words, we're  not through yet, folks.  So the motion to change the  purpose of the Ways and  Means Committee was narrowly defeated. A motion to  split the funds raised by the  Committee between the old  and the new halls was tabled  until next meeting. But then a  motion was passed to form  a new committee for the  preservation ofthe old Hall.  Concern was expressed  about the viability of having  two groups with the same  function, namely raising  money. It is feared that they  will be reduced to competing  for money-raising activities  such as dances.  It is certainly unfortunate  that there will be a splitting  of energy and initiative.  Roberts Creek has accomplished so much through  community co-operation. But  if there is no longer agreement  as to commitments or goals  then it seems best to let  each group go its own way.  That is not to say there  cannot be peaceful co-existence and even co-operation.  The old (Ways and Means)  committee may lie in abeyance  for a period until a particular  project arises while the new  (Hall Preservation) committee  is obviously eager to pursue  its activities now.  There's no reason why that1  cannot happen and when the  time comes, with Roberts  Creek Daze for instance, some  accommodation or even collaboration can surely be  worked out. After all, we are  all reasonable people, right?  Other business  Earlier in the meeting,  Dennis Fitzgerald reported  that the plans for the new  hall/gymnasium had gone to  the Treasury Board in Victoria  that day and approval to let  tenders was expected possibly  within the week.  And it was decided at the  Executive meeting to replace  the rotting posts around the  Post Office with cedar posts as  concrete is too expensive.  Anyone able to donate cedar  posts about four feet long and  eight to ten inches in diameter  is asked to contact Chuck  Barnes. He will be happy to  pick them up and store them  until a work party can be  organized.  Bazaar Saturday  St. Aidan's Ladies Auxiliary  is holding its bazaar this  Saturday, October 25. It starts  at 2 o'clock at the Community  Hall and there'll be tea,  raffles, baking and secondhand goods.  New at camp  Camp Douglas on Beach  Avenue has new caretakers as  of the first of this month.  They're Marcel and Freda  McNabb from Winnipeg with  their 16 and 17-year-old sons,  the last of nine children!  Camp Douglas, I just  learned, is owned by the  Presbyterian Church. It is  used mostly in the summer for  children's camps but may be  used for the occasional weekend in the winter. It occupies  ten acres and includes the  beautiful modern "rec hall"  and the old church across the  road as well as the cabins for  campers.  The McNabbs expect to be  here for the winter at least.  How long they'll be at Camp  Douglas depends upon whether the Presbyterian Church  decides to build a church at  the camp. Meanwhile, we  welcome the McNabbs and  hope that they enjoy living in  Roberts Creek.  Thanksgiving vandalism  A discarded beer bottle,  probably hurled from a passing car, smashed the window  of the ice cream parlour at  Seaview Market on the Saturday evening of the Thanksgiving week-end, sending a  shower of glass clear to thi-4  shelves at the back of the  store. The window has been  replaced but the incident is  still disturbing, especially  when the store has been  relatively free from vandalism  in past years.  Creek not Greek  "I thought it was going to  be a French restaurant,'  was the common comment  when the sign went up across  from the store announcing  that the "Greek House Restaurant (sic)" would be  opening soon. When I last  talked to the owners, the  menu hadn't been decided  but would probably include  both French and Italian  cooking and the name was  supposed to be "Creek  House". Sorry moussakafans.  Wakachoo Rlvyoo  The ever-popular Wakachoo  Rivyoo returns to the Roberts  Creek Legion this Friday  and Saturday evening at  9:30 p.m.  Chimney  Cleaning  & Maintenance  Phone 886-7411 or  886-8023  PUBLIC NOTICE  The Sunshine Coast  SPCA   ���....  will be holding a  m^  PUBLIC MEETING ^  Wednesday, Nov. Sth  at 8:00 pm.  Elphinstone Secondary School, Room 110  General Elections will be held at this meeting. We need your  help and support to continue serving on the Sunshine  Coast. We appeal to all those we have helped and all  interested persons no matter how much or how little time you  can give. Any help would be welcomed. If you cannot attend  the meeting but would like to help - eg. fund-raising - please  phone 886-7938 or 886-7839 for info.  The SPCA needs YOU!  If Undies. 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Vselected Karat Gold  Diamond Pendants & Earrings  30% OFF  Gent's  Karat Gold Rings  20% OFF  Decorator Wall Clocks  20% OFF /v  And Many Other  In-Store Specials!  886-2023 Coast News, October 21, 1980  Three seek election  to School Board  There are three School  Trustees up for election on  November 15th. For Area A  Al Lloyd, for Area B Brian  Hodgins and for the Village  of Sechelt, Maureen Clayton.  Trustees Lloyd and Hodgins  have filed their papers and  will run for re-election. Trustee Clayton does not intend  to seek re-election at this time.  In Sechelt Warren McKibbin has so far announced  his intention to run for the  vacant seat. He is concerned  about the future growth of  Chatelech to a full Senior  Secondary school and the  continued upgrading of the  quality of education available  to all children in the school  district.  Three people have taken out  papers for Area B - none of  which had been returned  before press time. The closing  date for nominations is Monday, October 27 and voting  will take place on November  15th.  THE  SECHELT DENTAL CENTRE  welcomes  Dr. Dan Kingsbury  for the practice of general dentistry  Dr. Kingsbury joins Dr. Lome Derman  Band ot Montreal Building - Upstairs  Appointments - 885-3244  Sechelt Council briefs  I here's sonii'lhinR wrung in this picture, h's Sunduj afternoon on u slrelcli of Hi(.h��;i\ nil near  traffic. I he four children jou sec in the picture were among about 30 running along thc road's edge  see Ihe traffic coming at him. and he had to turn around lo see it.  Nohi-Ms< reek. I here's Itits of  Of this group, onlj one could  Fleming on education  Labelling is for jelly jars  li\ I ranees I'leniing  Il has hccil s.iul that till men  arc hum equal hut sonic tire  born nunc su. Some ol the less  equal among nut child population are those horn vs ith  mental oi physical delects  which trom then birth set them  apart Irom ihe nrdintir)  Such a child cutties into ti  world which is ill prepared to  receive him. loi nine lone  months the mothei has looked  loiu.nd [o a normal child, a  child which will grow up  lollowinu a predictable growth  pattern to independence Sud-  denl. Ihe Itimil) is laced witlltl  iinkii" >n lactoi. . . hiid who  seems threaten then emotional. soei.il and linancial  stahilil)  How can one attempt to  cotillon a mother whose little  hab\ is an unknown litctor. a  stranger Irom a fur planet, as it  were, one the taniiK will ncvei  eel to know well' I me is the  hrs! need. \ poem h\ an  anon) inous wnier comes to  iiiind "Oh Please I inn mil  youi taee oi hide me in thc  d.n k Shed nol a quiet leal or  liiwei voiircyes in shame I am  llesh and blood with heait and  son! I need unit lose and  understanding too. Accept me  as lie put me here-- A child lo  lose. no more, no less " I his  lose and protection must he  otleied hs the whole eom-  HHItliH  I lie C'cldic Report (147(1)  and the Report on ( lassi-  lieation ol Exceptional Children aie m.loo documents  review ing current practices and  attitudes lo earl) intervention  hs the eomniunits lo help  parents bring up children with  speeial needs Hotli reports  stiess certain overriding pim-  ciples It is urgent to identils as  earls as possible ihe precise  nature ol ihe handicapping  condition, and to keep up lo  date with ihe medical treatments being des eloped lo  alleviate h li is important to  prepare ihe child to take his  plaee as much as possible in a  normal school setting It is  crucial  lo asoul  ihe negative  ellccts ol diagnosing in labelling which locus on the child's  handicap  in,   i in he  Icrnis moi on. imbecile.  Mongolian idiot, retard, have  .ill  been   used  in  ridicule,  in  angci oi in perverted humour.  \\ hat value the) once had lo  describe a specific lesel ol  intelligence is long gone. We  sidl encounter people who call  a hearing impaired child "deal  and dumb", utleil) disregarding the fact that the child has  s oeal chords and normal  a hi his lo speak which is not yet  developed, liver) teacher,  eseis adult in the eomniunil)  should object lo anv labelling  and work logethei toesplain to  oui children, who are thoughtless but hasicall\ sympathetic,  win thev should nol use these  leachers. through reading,  in-service and training must  base a lull understanding of  handicapping conditions, their  identification, and their management, leachers must bear  ihe burden ol presenting children with special needs to the  non-handicapped children,  enlisting their help and support  loi ihe less fortunate child.  Children will soon learn lo  think scis positively about  these classmates who depend  upon them lor so much.  Understanding handicaps may  be the most important social  lesson the school can teach.  Disease and accident are no  rcspectors of person. The aging  process is nol always kind.  When thc children can accept,  support and comfort thc handicapped children in a normal  was. the) are armed against  future personal shocks and  disasters in a way their elders  were nol.  11 is becoming more obvious  now that school, home, health  personnel and human resources persons must all work  together, each adding an  important dimension to the  constructive forces which our  affluent societ) can bring lo  heal in shapinglheehild. I here  is soil some buck-passing, a  disgraceful and degrading  game played hs bureaucrats.  knee and small. I he collective  task cannot be left lo ihe home  as il used lo he. loi a good  lanuls. will bleak under an  unbearable burden liisiiiu-  tiolls used Io be popular, bill  warehousing has become so  expensive, governments have  been forced to seek alternate  solutions, to ihe jov ol all  humanitarians Schools base a  limited value in the total care ol  file child wilh special needs, bul  must accept lull responsibility  lor educational needs.  No class should be disrupted  by the presence ol a child w hose  hchav iors are so bi/arre that he  demands   all   the   le  Management of pain  Dr. Morton Low, Professor  of Medicine at University  of British Columbia, will be  sharing his knowledge and  experience with us on "The  Nature, Control at, I Management of Pain." This will take  place in Elphinstone lunch  room. Monday. November 3,  Is Your Car  BEGGING For A  Second Chancei_  BEAUTIFUL BODIES.  ^ARE OUR BUSINESS/^  BRIANS AUTO BODYM  ft PAINTING LTD.  Fully equipped tor all body & paint icpairs''  BOX 605 SECHELT   885-9844  attention  natives galor  part-time in  placement,  Ihe  ���    aie   alter-  un tuloiine lo  lull special class  Ultlll assist, inee  must be pros ided toiheleacliei  as circumstances dictate. Hm  the handicapped children need  normal models and peer pies  sine lo he socially acceptable  flies must never be totally  isolated oi segregated  Miracles in education il<> nol  happen suddenly, bin can he  accomplished ovei the lone  haul. No work is nioie le  warding.  Next week - Discipline.  Sechelt council has decided  on the interior design of an  addition to the municipal hall  and will have final drawings  prepared.  The plans show an addition  to the ground floor plus a  second storey. Councillors  want the final drawings  completed by the end of the  month.  Statements  Talking finances, councillors agreed to push out the  statements for monies owing  the village.  They also decided to start  taking steps to get the villages  books into a total computer  system.  Shopping Act  The aldermen will consider  taking the issue of Sunday and  CARS AND TRUCKS  Rental���Leasing  ���Also-  Domestic & Industrial  Equipment  Sechelt next to the  liquor store  Gibsons at Pratt &  Hwy. 101  Seaside  Rentals  885-2848       886-2848  holiday   shopping  ferendum.  The move came in response  to a letter from the Union  of British Columbia Municipalities which points out that  municipalities may, with the  assent of thc electors, pass a  bylaw to allow certain businesses to remain open on  holidays and Sundays.  Gibsons council decided a  week ago to take thc same  issue to thc public.  Gibsons Ready Mix  886-8174  Drainrock "Washed Rock  !"Sand -Road Mulch  'Fill 'Concrete Anchors  Mon.���Friday 8a.m.���5p.m.  PERMASEAL  Aluminum Manufacturing Ltd.  WINTERIZE NOW!  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Instead, daylight tiptoes on tabby feet, silvery  light slowly vanquishing the  shadows and it's about an  hour after sunrise before  the treetops on the west  reflect the glow and warmth  of a sunny day to the still  waiting garden. A garden  already alive with robins  feeding on the rowan berries.  The juncos are back, black  cowls, brown habits waiting  with impatient voices for me to  bring their breakfast oats.  On Indian Summer mornings the grass is often  silvered with dew which also  clings to the leaves of the  acacia tree and the young firs,  where the geometric webs of  the gardencross spider, (she  has a big white cross on her  back) are outlined in dew-  drops, sparkling blue and gold  as the sun touches them.  An eagle is back too, stark  black and white against the  blue sky as he surveys the  beach from a familiar vantage  point. Along the beach winter  residents return and migrants  stop over briefly. Loons sit  deep in the water again and  hell divers surface like bobbing corks; two pairs of ruddy  ducks paddle in the shallows  and a flock of Aleutian Sandpipers rest at the water's  edge, feeding on the seaweed  covered rocks and keeping up  a continuous chatter among  themselves.  Returning from the beach  it's tempting to sit on the deck  soaking up those last warm  hours of sun, but there's too  much to do in the garden and  those autumn chores go so  much better with sunshine  which is not too hot and blue  skies to encourage frequent  times "to stand and stare."  And so much beauty to watch.  The cutleaf birch, 30 ft. of  straight white trunk stands  like a shimmering yellow  fountain against a background of dark fir, with flurries of tiny golden leaves  letting go to flutter to the  ground as the breeze passes  by. The breeze which persuades the horse chestnuts  to drop spilling those varnished, shiny nuts from their  prickly green cases. A flock of  evening grosbeaks look the  wild cherries over for any  remaining fruit among the  golden leaves; an acrobatic  performance is staged by four  Stellar's jays feasting on  acorns, a kaleidoscope of  brilliant colour, blue and black  birds among the gold, russet  and green leaves. The sea  shimmers in the midday sun  like  crinkled  foil  while  the  / ~~  sumac glows scarlet  the ivy covered stump.  Then, a whisper at first, but  gradually impinging on one's  consciousness comes that soft  murmuring from the sky,  and one's memory gives a leap  as the sound registers - geese.  You crane your neck searching  the blue and then there they  are right overhead, a loose  straggling line of Canadas  talking to themselves as they  keep that steady wingbeat,  homing in towards the Fraser  estuary to rest and feed. It's  a sight which never fails to  thrill and set one's blood  racing.  All summer they've been  silent but thc cool, moist  nights at this time of year  seem to activate thc tree  frogs and their joyous croaks  ring across the garden. I  don't know if the frogs are  happy but I'm always happy to  hear them, remembering one  special day when I came face  to face with one of the elfin  beside creatures, about the size of a  quarter, emerald green, clinging to the thimbleberry leaf  with tiny suckered toes.  We may not see the sunrise  over the mountains, but by  this time of year we can enjoy  the fiery red and orange,  delicate pink, gold, azure and  sometimes green of the  sunset; the brilliance of the  sky reflected in the calm  waters of Georgia Strait.  Long shafts of light penetrate the trees along the  western boundary of the  garden, spotlighting a clump  of goldcnrod here, the arbutus  tree there, or the last blooms  on a marigold. The trunks  of the fir trees are bathed  in a red light and wonderful things happen as the blue  smoke from the wood stove  lit for the evening drifts  gently across the garden and  down through the trees  intermingling with the sunbeams.  Oddfellows  On Wednesday, October IS,  the Sunshine Coast Lodge  welcomed the Grand Master  of British Columbia, Emest  Murton of Victoria on his  official visit to the Sunshine  Coast at a dinner held at  Fitzgeralds with visitors from  Royal City Lodge #3.  Noble Grand Jack Boundy  welcomed the Grand Master  and visitors after they were  introduced by George Leith.  With the Grand Master  was his District Deputy,  Grand Master George New-  sham and Past Grand Patriarch AlfZirk.  While the Grand Master  was at his meeting Sister Vi  Murton was entertained by  the Past Noble Grand Cub of  Sunshine Rebekah Lodge #82  at the home of their Noble  Grand Eileen Smith.  G & FINISHING  PATIOS ��� /i/.'/l KH.ll'.s'- t'LOORS  IllfMi \TIQSS ��� SIDEWALKS  Including Crlimml ur K/piwl  Call Any Time  885-2125  SERVING PENDER HARBOUR TO PORT MELLON  (iibsons village employee, Steve Farrell, demonstrates the use of a  human front end loader. Work crews are clearing and cleaning out  ditches in the village in preparation for seasonal water run-off.  /s7\ SUNSHINE  VQy KITCHENS  FINE CABINETS  886-9411  Gibsons  TAXI  ���*   886-8101    ���  V  TAXI  ,&  ^HEBEACHCO^  SERVING THE SUNSHINE COAST  Diabetes is a very common disease  ^  rS?  Diabetes is a condition  which affects nearly one in  every 20 persons, one of whom  could be you. Its complications - blindness, kidney  disease, gangrene, heart disease and stoke - make it the  third leading cause of death.  It is a condition in which the  pancreas, a large gland  located behind the stomach,  fails to secrete enough insulin  to supply the body with  energy.  The sugars and starches in  the foods we eat are converted  in the body to a form of sugar  called glucose. The blood  stream distributes this glucose  to the body cells where, with  the aid of insulin, it is converted to ready energy or  stored for future use. Insulin  is a natural hormone, one of  many chemical substances  produced by the pancreas.  When diabetes develops,  the body either does not  produce enough insulin or  may not be able to use what is  produced. Without insulin,  glucose accumulates in the  blood until some of the surplus  is eliminated by the kidneys  and passed off in the urine.  Hence, sugar in the urine and  too much sugar in the blood  are signs of diabetes.  No one knows exactly why  the pancreas becomes ineffective, but it is know that  there are several causes,  among which are heredity,  obesity and viruses.  Who   cut   get   Diabetes?  Nearly everyone, children and  adults alike, especially if  there is a family history of  diabetes, but even if there  isn't. Juvenile-onset type is  the more severe. Most cases  of diabetes occur in people  who are over forty and overweight. It may also surface  under severe emotional stress,  severe illness, surgery and  with pregnancy.  Is Insulin * cure for Diabetes? No. It is an aid ��� a  priceless aid that has restored  life to those who used to die  from diabetes, prolonged the  life-span of diabetics and  enabled them to lead nearly  normal lifestyles. Diabetes  is especially prevalent in  affluent countries such as  ours, because affluence encourages obesity. Even 20%  excess weight doable* the  chance of getting diabetes.  What is the Treatment for  Diabetes? Diagnosis is the  first step. After diagnosis, the  treatment consists of nutritional diet, an exercise program and medication or  insulin. Juvenile-onset diabetics always require insulin  for' medication. Many adult-  onset diabetics require  only proper diet and exercise;  others require oral medication  to stimulate the pancreas, or  insulin, in addition to diet  and exercise.  Does Diabetes lead to complications? White it is true that  the high sugar level in blood  directly causes the damage to  eyes, kidneys and nerves,  many of these complications  are the accustomed disabilities of old age. Having diabetes does hasten the onset  and progress of the complications, but early diagnosis  and proper treatment can  delay the complications or  prevent them altogether.  What an the signs of  Diabetes? Juvenile-onset diabetes is characterized by the  sudden appearance of: frequent urination, continuing  thirst, more or less hunger  than usual, rapid weight loss,  irritability, obvious weakness  and fatigue, nausea and  vomiting.  Mature-onset diabetes may  include any of the above signs,  or: drowsiness, itching.blur-  red vision, excessive weight,  tingling, numbness or pain in  the extremities, easy fatigue,  skin infections and slow  healing of cuts and scratches  and, of course, a family  history of diabetes.  Any of these signals can  mean diabetes. Children  usually exhibit dramatic and  sudden symptoms and must  receive prompt treatment.  Many adults have none of  these symptoms and the  disease is often discovered  during routine physical examinations.  Is   Diabetes   Preventable?  Very often, yes. Your best  defence against it is bringing  your weight down to normal  Used Furniture  and What Have You  AL'S USED  FURNITURE  (33  SECHELT  TIRE STORE  For your convenience  we have  extended our hours  during our Winter Rush  You will now be able  to take advantage of  our everday  low prices between  8:30 am. - 5:30 pm.  Snows Now in StocH  Corner of Wharf  & Dolphin Sts.  !BBj Phone: 885-3155  THE FIRE PLACE  WOOD HEATINQ CENTRE  Everything to Heat with wood  ��� Stoves  ��� Chimneys  ��� Fireplaces  Custom Screens  Glass and Mesh  ���Chimneys Cleaned  and keeping it there. Your  best defence against the  complications of diabetes is  early diagnosis of the condition and proper treatment.  The Canadian Diabetes  Association is dedicated not  only to discovering the causes  of the cures for diabetes, but  to the equally important role  of helping those who already  have diabetes lead a longer  and fuller life. For further  information contact Donna  Neuwirth at 886-7173.  !|c It:*** ****!*: ^  ^  .vO  $���  "Richmond  \ CMKTI .  TREVELLE  100% Nylon Sculptured Carpeting  Champagne White:       Barn Wood:  While Stock Lasts  xo��*sr��^  We also carry  (/^���m strong  12 ft. Linos  at $5.95 sq. yd.  & Stylistic Tile  at $1.15 sq. ft.  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Grown                  /����* Oftl*  BROCCOLI  i , 39��  ported Pink or White A ^    4b ft  RAPEFRUIT 5/S1.00  .49*  lifornia Canada #1  DMATOES  \r  <L7  3S  Freshly Baked  Raisin Bread   �����J1.09  Nature Plus & Honey Wholewheat  Bread ^79��  nUfWs ol tm nwrm  Grapefruit & Cucumber Salad  Chicken in Tomato Sauce  Broccoli a la Vinaigrette  Garlic Bread  Baked Apples    Ice Cream  GRAPEFRUIT & CUCUMBER SALAD  1 cucumber, peeled and diced  1 grapefruit, segmented  I teaspoon sugar  1 tablespoon white wine vinegar  white pepper to taste  2 tablespoons chopped parsley  lettuce  1. Shred lettuce and place in salad bowl.  2. Place remaining ingredients in a bowl and toss. Place on bed  of lettuce.  3. Chill before serving.  CHICKEN IN TOMATO SAUCE  TOMATO SAUCE  I large onion, chopped  3 stalks cetera, chopped  3 tablespoons oil  3 tablespoons tomato paste  3 cups chopped tomatoes  1 teaspoon sugar  2 cloves garlic, chopped  1 tablespoon parsley, chopped  I tablespoon butter  M  1. Gently saute the onion and celery in the oil in a large  saucepan until soft.  2. Add the tomato paste and sugar and stir for 5 minutes.  3. Add the chopped tomatoes, garlic and parsley and simmer  lor 1 hour.  4. Season with salt and pepper to taste and add the butter.  Simmer for another 15 minutes. Stir occasionally.  Cut the chicken into sewing pieces, fry in the usual way,  drain and place in a sewing dish. Pour tomato sauce on top,  sprinkle with Parmesan cheese and seme. Eat lots of garlic  bread to mop up the sauce!  BROCCOLI A LA VINAIGRETTE  Simply steam the broccoli until tender, then loss in a  teaspoon or so (depending on the quantity of broccoli) of  french dressing and serve immediately.  BAKED APPLES  These are so marvellously simple and are an eternal  favourite with kids.  To each apple you will need:���  2 chopped dates 1 teaspoon brown sugar  1 teaspoon raisins 1 clove  % teaspoon cinnamon        1 tablespoon maple syrup  % teaspoon nutmeg 1 teaspoon water  1. Wash the apples and core taking care to remove all seeds  etc. Place in an oven proof dish and stuff the cavity with the  dates, raisins, cinnamon, nutmeg and sugar. Put a clove on  top and pour over the maple syrup and water.  2. Put a slit through the skin of the apple 1/3 of the way down  and all the way round it so that Ihe cookedapple can expand.  3. Bake for 25-30 minules, depending on the size and type of  apple, at 350 degrees F. Serve with ice cream and see if the ice  cream has all melted by the time you've swallowed the apple!  Happy eating  Nest Lewis  (former Home Economics teacher)  Dap by day, He  i, we do more for you in  ^ Qygiity and friendly r rulce.  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Boy: "Two seats!"  r      FRESH  FROZEN  SQUID  3 Ib. Boxes  tf.39  Gibsons Fish  Market  SffMay'  *& G/ff\  New  GREEN  PLANTS  have arrived!  p-2715/  "ALL SPORTS]  MARINE  , |  SPECIALS/I  MARINER       / \   j  (Yacht)  &/        !  TERRAMAR/   /   j  (SaiMn9��C- f  BOOTS 866-9303  I  .%%%%\%%%%%%%%%%%%x%. Coast News, October 21, 1980  11  VALUES  PRICES EFFECTIUE  wed. - Sun.  Oct. 22nd-Oct. 26th  Open Fridays til 7 p.m.  Open Sundays & Holidays  10 a.m. - 5 p.m.  DOLLAR  Golden Harvest .  glace cherries ��p,*1.78  Red & Green  Lynn Valley Std. 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Not much  left, but with a tight budget and maintaining good credit relations  with my clothier, I managed to clothe myself.  I had no car, not even a bicycle, so I walked most everywhere,  which is probably why I've got good legs, and good lungs today. We  found all sorts of things to do that required little or no money. I  enjoyed cards and we played a lot of bridge with people of the  neighbourhood.  My work on the job was quite varied. The reason I got the job was  that I could do the office work required, such as invoicing, recordkeeping, letter writing,etc, but as an able-bodied young man, I  could also help to unload railway freight cars, and do general  warehouse duties which included shipping and receiving.  Later I became city salesman as well. So I had the total job of  soliciting orders, taking them back to the warehouse, filling them  myself, invoicing them and oft times to save 25<t delivery costs, carry  the package, if it wasn't too large to the store.  It was my close association with the wholesale and retail trade  that got me interested in the store business. As we closed Saturday  at noon, I augmented my income, as well as gaining valuable  experience, by working in various stores.  My first experience, of course, even before my wholesale job was  to work after school and Saturdays in the Hudson's Bay Co.  Groceteria. I worked in several departments including Men's Wear,  where even as a youngster I could measure-up a man for a tailored-  to-measure suit. Later, being an employee of a wholesale footwear  business, I worked in exclusive shoe stores.  And so it seems, from one thing to another, all my life I was  grooming myself to do that which I wanted to do most of all, and that  was being a store-keeper���a merchant.  With six years out of my adult life in the army, and then the  responsibilities of raising a family, it wasn't until 1970, with 33 years  of business experience, that I was finally able to achieve my  'dream'��� but with the added advantage of having my wife and  family by my side, to enrich our enterprise with their particular drive  and skills.  It is indeed a 'Dream Come True' and an experience I trust that has  enriched our relationship and togetherness.  Grocery Draw Winner  Francis Wyngaert  TIMER WATCHES  25% Off  &  1. Cut oul ihis Coupon  SOa  16 lUll!  ���� i. i_ut oui mis uoupun "0/3  <4^V ._*        2. Attach to your Sales Slip \, h'r.,'��0  _P 3. Return to Ken's Lucky Dollar ' <*/������.  DRAW TO BE MADE SUNDAY AT 5 p.m.  NAME. TEL NO.  POSTAL ADDRESS  There will be a fresh draw each week Irom now until Ihe end ol  1980, commemorating our 10th Anniversary!  on these aduertisea items,  ng m sell to De satisfactory.  iPfllllll PL  16   8 it,. ii   V 12  Coast News, October 21, 1980  Dee Cee goes farming  Ramblings of a Rover  bv Dfi- Ci-i  Inevitably as one peers inlo  the dusts eliisels ill one's past  and, il brave enough, tries to  piece together some ul the  skeletons he finds there, in  most eases in trying tn reassenv  fed he appeared to be -with our  own miserable, dejected appearances. He was a winner,  there was no doubt about that  and we were all losers. At least I  presume he meant that and  truthfully 1 was at the time in  no mood to argue with him. All  blelhem he will find some parts I wanted was a bed lor the night  missing so that, tr; as he may ,uid the theological aspects ol  he cannot fit .ill the cumpu- the matter could, as far as I was  nents togethei and eventually concerned, wait till morning.  in Irustration gather up the       \nywaywc sang many ofthe  whole heap, flings them back old hymns. At least Mr. Scott  inlo the clipboard and. slam- itu] m a line baritone that was  ming Ihe door, vows ncvet lo ol such volume I am positive  open it again   So it has been they could hear it down on the  wnh me and that is win. no wjterliont.about aquarler ol a  matter how hard I try. I cannot mile away. Most oi his audi-  seem lo rcniembct lost when ot ence in the hall w ere elderly and  how long it took mc lo travel could only manage a quavering  in the Si   Jumes' Hotel in and dispirited accompaniment  open and "the missus" appeared.  (iod did I ever get a shock!  Willie M. was a man in his  sixties and this young woman,  judging from her fresh, youthful looks, could have been in  her late teens or at most her  early twenties. My first thought  Montreal to the ncighhoi g  i.iiiiiing community ul How-  ick. Quebec, oi how exactly I  came lo eel Ihe job on Hill M's  I.inn  I vividly recall awakening  lhal lasl morning up in mv  loom ,ii Ihe Si..lames'and how  hloodv awful I felt. Even the  gelling mil ol bed was an  unholy effort and thc search fot  while I never opened my  mouth. I certainly had nothing  to sing about and I detested  hymns and still do.  Al the conclusion ol the  service, il il could be called  that, steaming hot mugs of  cocoa were handed around the  thick slices of buttered, or it  could have been margarined.  ilisin bread were dispensed. A  a drink-anything to put uut the final prayer from Mr. Scotland  fire that was raging inside me- then we were led to a large-  was ihe ad ol a desperate man. dormitory with. I would ima-  llowever I did find that one ol gine. about 4(1 to 50 camp cots  ihe manv bottles scattered und so 1 passed Ihe night, nol  around Ihe room had a little left exactly happy bul at least warm  in it and. although it was only and without hunger pangs,  one ol the cheaper varieties of       As far as I can remember I  red wine, it had lo do lor thc  present nil I had lime to take  slock of my financial condition. Thai certainly didn't take  very long. I just couldn't helicv  spent three or lour nights there  and it is quite possible that it  was Irom there I learned that a  certain farmer named William  M. was in need of a hired man.  it. i turned out all the pockets one who could milk cows and  otiticcoulund punts I had been knew how to handle horses. I  wealing and then commenced a knew nothing about the former  diligent search not only ol Ihe nctivitv.   About   all   I   knew  loom hut into my paeksackand about cows was that thev gave  through   Ihe   pockels   ol   my milk and 1 had a vague idea as  almost   worn-out      working to what part of their anatomy  clothes and all I came up with this valuable commodity came  was 14 u-nts! I had discovered from,  mo  ol   litem   in   one   ol   the In all probability it was the  pockets, the other two on the same Mr. Scott who provided  floor and. believe il or nol, the ihe dollar train tare to get me  dime was in my tobacco pouch. Irom Craig Slrcel to ihe v illage  How the hell it got there I will ol Howick, but there I ended up  never know. and was met at thc station by  Now  I  really  was panicky Willie M. and driven by horse  and I had just started rolling up and cutter to his farm. I didn'l  the carpel of the room, hoping like   the   look  of either  thc  against hope lhat I had possibly farmer  or  the countryside  recalled   Jim   Ryan's   advice through which we drove. He  about   stashing   some   ol   the was  short, skinny and mean  loot, when there came a knock looking and. as it turned out  on ihe door. 1 almost jumped later, was surly and suspicious  out ot mv skin bin il was only and   perhaps   he   had   good  the maid to enquire if 1 wanted reason to he. It was April and.  ihe  room made up.  When I although   il   one  tried   hard  replied in the negalive she gav  me an arch and provocative  glance before asking il there  was anything else 1 required.  On being informed "no" she  took off and I was glad to see  her go. I was in no need ol any  service she mighl have provided. I had more pressing ihings  thai had lo be attended to.  I ended up that night in a  mission house about one block  avvav I rom the St..lames where,  il   one   was   sober   and   God  (lASSIHH)NOTK  Drnp  off  wiur  < o��sl   News  ( l.ssifieds      al      * ���mphcll's  I .mil-      ShiH-s     4     l<  t.oods  in  down l-'-n  Sfrhl'll  GIBSONS SHELL SERVICE  REQUIRES  CONTRACTOR  To do extenslue renouations  to serulco station.  For further details contact  lan Jacobs at Shell Canada Ltd..  vancouuer. B.c. 685-5155.  ��  Q  was that a mistake had been  made: I couldn't have heard  correctly; she must be his  daughter, but as it turned out  everything was in order, or was  it.' Dorothy was definitely Mrs.  M. and not only was she lo  teach me how to milk a cow bul  she laught mc many of the  subtleties of horizontal gymnastics I had never even  dreamed about! Although al  the time 1 didn't even know  what the word meant. I had met  my first nymphomaniac!  Junior Playday  for young riders  The Timber Trails Riding  Club is holding a Junior  Playday (18 yrs. and under)  on November 2/80 at their  new ring on Jackson Brothers  West Logging Road in Wilson  Creek.  There will be a lead line  class for kids six and under, as  well as ribbons to 5th place  in  the  games,  English and  Western classes.  The entry fee is only $5.00  for all day so come on out and  join the fun - it all starts  at 9:00 a.m. For more information call Andrea at  885-5709 or Pam at 885-  5236.  mough one could detect faint  signs ol spring, yet the roads  and fields were still blanketed  in snow. Ihe suit, sludgy kind  lhal hangs on and on until one  thinks it will never disappear  entirely but will still be there  when another winter is heralded in.  I don't think my future  employer said hall a dozen  words between the time he met  me at the station and our  arrival   at   the   farm,   which  1665 Seaview]  886-9551    Gib$on^  '-^aa___J:_rt:'*    '���+.!  In your time of  mourning...we care.  When grief strikes, friends who understand  can see you through. The way is never so  bleak, the time of pain never so long as it would  be were there no one to help and guide you.  You can call on us at any time ��� day or night.  A young rider lakes her horse through its paces at Sunday's B.C. Paint Club meet held at Brushwood I arms on Pratt Road.  Skelly from Ottawa  No control over multi-nationals  Ml  by Raj Skelly  Comox-Powell River  As more community-owned  businesses are being squeezed  out of the business by a  combination of government  policies and encroachment by  large foreign corporations,  nothing is being done to  control the growth of monopolies and price-fixing deals by  the multinationals.  Canada has no effective law  on corporate concentration.  I he government admitted as  much when it had to name a  special commission to look into  the recent newspaper mergers  because existing combines  legislation would be useless.  mffmmmmmmmmmm  knows I was and. provided they consisted ot a drab, unpaimed  were nol all taken, one could house, a barn also unpaimed  get a free bed. Il was known as and a lew scattered outbuild-  Seotts'Mission was was run by mgs.   Ihe  whole  picture was  a Mr. Scon, a tall, distinguish- grey and dreary and I wished  ed looking man with a mane of fervently I had never come. We  white hair and a neatly trim- drew up al the house and very  -tied  heard    He   was  always curtly I was ordered lo gel oul.  immaculately dressed in a dark unload my packsack and. as he  sun  and affected  spats ol  a pm jt. "the missus" will show  silvei  grey  colout    lusi what youyour room. I did us ordered  part  Ihe spats  played   in  his and was about lo mount the  exhortingusullioubundonoui su-pN leading up to the vcruti-  ���sinlul lives, repent and be duh when the door was thrown  saved. I was nevei able to  determine but I imagine thc  point he wished lo convey was  lhal we should compare his  s.uioiial splendout - how  impeccably groomed and well  I 1  Cr  In the newspapers' case, the  Liberal government simply  admitted it was ineffective. In  another case, involving allegations of price-fixing in the  petroleum industry, the government is hiding what evidence there may be.  In 1973 the Trudeau government, under pressure from a  group of concerned organizations, began an investigation  of the oil industry with particular attention to wholesale  and retail pricing.  In 1974, HerbGray, who was  then Minister of Consumer and  Corporate Affairs (and is back  in the "born again" Liberal  cabinet) informed the House of  Commons his department  m~mmmmmmmmmm^m'  would complete its investi-  ation "as expeditiously as  possible."  Six years later the report has  still nol been released. In June  of ihis year I asked the present  Consumer and Corporate Affairs Minister, Andre Oueletle.  what has happened lo the  report. He told me and other  members of the House the  report would be made public  "within weeks".  I hose weeks are now past.  Gas and oil prices have risen  again. Texaco's profits rose by  94 percent. Shell's rose hy 4?  percent. And still the report has  nol been made public. In my  view, this is an outrage, lt raises  the suspicion that there are  matters disclosed in the investigation that are embarrassing to  the government and oi the  Liberal Party.  ��� Wood & Aluminum Windows  ��� Auto & Marine Glass  ��� Glass & Mirrors  ��� Plant Care &.  Maintenance  ��� Indoor  Landscaping  ��� Flowers for  Special  Occasions  Weddings  Funerals  9 years experience  r:;MJ  A '   '-��   .t _^_j  ftnUniU  \>  Nl      -A"  ' ED6EMONT DESIGN V  is coming to  Gibsons  NOW  resident  on the Coast  Walter S. Palmer,  C.LU.  Walters Palmer. CLU. has been serving the needs of his  clients on the Sunshine Coast for the past 20 years  This dedication and service to his policyholders has  ranked him among the leading sales representatives ot  Metropolitan Life  Now Walter has taken up permanent residence on the  Sunshine Coast You may reach him at  885-9058  Walter has earned the Chartered Lite Underwriter (CLU)  designation, the hallmark ol professional competence of  the life insurance industry He is also a member of the Life  Underwriters Association ot Canada  Sound life-insurance counselling can be obtained by  calling Walter at 885-9058 or, in Vancouver. 687-5871  jjTs Metropolitan Life Coast News, October 21, 1980  13  In  Christ's  service  Why study  the Bible?  by Rev. George W. Inglis  The Bible is probably the  most controversial book in the  world, and the most abused by  quasi-experts who arc prepared  to read this ancient book with a  twentieth-century perspective,  filling in liberally with imagination when Ihe meaning is  found lo be obscure.  Many of those who "study"  the Bible in this fashion try to  gloss over their lack of conscientious study by quoting  Martin Luther, the spark-plug  of the sixteenth Protestant  Reformation, who said lhat  anyone could plumb ihe treasures of the Bible through  prayer, with Ihe aid of God's  Holy Spirit.  Those who quote Luther  forget that he was a graduate  lawyer, a graduate theologian  and professor in theology, and  a fully trained Roman Catholic  priest, and brought all of this  knowledge to bear on scripture,  when he approached the Bible.  Many people will argue thc  point, and cite dramatic instances where untutored people  with a strong faith and an  earnest desire to do God's will  have found it possible to  understand scripture-there are  too many inslances like this to  deny the possibility, and there-  is no doubt that Jesus said: "I  thank thee. Father, Lord of  heaven and earth, that thou  hast hidden these things from  the wise and understanding and  revealed them lo babes; yea.  Lather, for such was thy  gracious will." (Matthew II:  25.26.)  It would be wrong of us to  interpret this as meaning that  any babe or infant in fuith  could icad the Bible with full  tinders! nding and knowledge  of God. especially in view ofthe  verse that follows: "All ihings  have been delivered to me by  my lather; and no one knows  the Son except the Lather, and  no one knows the Lather  except the Son and anyone to  whom the Son chooses to  reveal him."  Many ofthe self-styled Bible  students of today find ihe King  .lames version of the Bible too  difficult to understand, because  it is written in early seven-  teen-centry English, and yet  they make radical claims to  know and understand the Bible  fully, forgetting that the Bible  contains writings about customs and practices that date  back literally thousands of  years and were written in  ancient Hebrew (a Canaanite  language). Aramaic, an ancient  dialect called Old Aramaic, and  Greek.  Because of the polyglot of  writings. Ihe stupendous task  of collecting and editing thc  writings, thc titanic task of  interpreting and translating thc  writings, the Bible remains as  thc single most precious document in existence today.  Even more astounding than  thc task of collecting the Bible  into one free-flowing volume is  thc fact that literally thousands  of hands took part in the job,  and yet recent finds of parchments, such as the most recent  Dead Sea Scrolls, have only  served to authenticate the  accuracy of this recording of  God's relationship with man.  There still remains the fact  that the twentielh-century  mind, whether of eastern or  western culture, must turn the  clock back in identify itself with  thc times and minds of the  authors of the various portions  of writing.  This task is called "exegesis,"  which means, in simple terms,  to place yourself back into the  times, culture, and practices of  the writer, in order to understand what is being described in  terms of the writer's understanding.  This task is also the act of  placing yourself inlo thc spirit  of the writer, so that such  Ihings as mass murders committed in God's name are seen  quite differently, and do not  have to be pushed to one side,  simply because they arc not  understood in today's context.  Along with this assimilating  of much of the spirit and times  of thc writer, should come the  faith that all of these writers,  through the early patriarchs,  judges, kings, wisdom writers,  prophets, evangelists, apostles  and ecclesiastics, had one thing  in common - they wrote with  the fervor and guidance of  God's Holy Spirit.  Here is where Luther's belief  that we all may understand  scripture if we approach its  reading with humility, and with  thc guidance of God's Holy  Spirit, comes in.  This exegisis docs not have  to be thc horrendous task that  thc word may imply, in spite of  thc fact it has caused many a  new seminarian to quake with  fear.  It may be achieved quite  painlessly by daily reading and  assimilating God's Word,  coupled with some reference  study on the side, to help place  the reader back in time.  lt is an almost tragic leap  from the twentieth-century  A.D. into the tenth-century  B.C. without any preparation  or attempt to penetrate the  tenth-century Semitic mind  and the cultures of a semi-  nomadic collection of tribes,  moving rapidly into an agrarian society.  It is as fruitless as it is for  today's reader trying to understand the manners and mores  of people just 50 years ago, in  the height ofthe Great Depression!  I have listened to so-called  experts on those days, through  which 1 lived, and found most  of its total interpretation to be  wide of the mark, because they  didn't understand our point of  view during those tough years.  By why study the Bible  anyway? Why not just read it  and enjoy it?  1 find it hard to answer that  question except to say that I  believe the Bible holds all ofthe  mysteries that exist between the  God whom 1 love, and myself.  Therefore, 1 find it impossible not to read and study  the Bible to know him whom I  love, more fully.  Chimney  Cleaning  & Maintenance  Phone 886-7411 or  886-8023      Pender Auxiliary  The regular meeting of the were turned in for the shop in  Pender Harbour Auxiliary to the Hospital.  St. Mary's Hospital was held  October 8 in the Church Hall.  The Mini-Thrift Shop is  again in need of saleable items.  Many lovely knitted items  THE KEY TO  ABUNDANT ENERGY  The one thing we all need in lite more than  anything else is ENERGY Without it. life  becomes dull, frustrated and uneventful To  make things happen we need ENERGY and lots  ot it. everyday  PRO-POWER was developed for the athlete, the  busy executive, the exhausted housewife, the  tired husband, and as a nutritional booster tor  active children PRO-POWER can be used by  anyone who would like to get more oul ot lite by  putting more into lite  THE ENERGY FOOD SUPPLEMENT  FOR THE WHOLE FAMILY  PRO-POWER  Available at:  Trail Bay Sports  Maxwells Pharmacy  Variety ol Foods  Western Drug Mart  Sechelt & Gibsons  Cedar Plaza        Gibsons  Health Foods    Gibsons  Sechelt  lt was decided to award a  Bursary to Sharon McKay to  help further her studies in  Medical Radiology.  The Auxiliary is having their  "Fall Tea & Bake Sale" on  Saturday, October 25, between  2 and 4 p.m. in the Church  Hall. Tea Tickets will be 75  cents and will include a chance  on the door prize which is a  "Wine & Cheese Basket" kindly  donated by the Tea Convenor,  Doreen Webb. There will also  be two raffles. The first raffle  will be for a child's Hostess  Chair, a set of Children's  Classic Books and a child's  cardigan, size 2. The second  raffle will be for a large afghan,  a small afghan and two cushions. Everyone is invited and it  is hoped that all the Auxiliary  Members will attend and bring  a friend along!  It was decided that the  Annual Meeting would be held  at the Jolly Roger on Novem-  a ber26.  ^7i#  i*  List Price on All  Jenn ��� Air  Unit^^l  Grill & Range Units  Including Accessories  Until October 31st only  15% OFF All Lighting Fixtures in Stock  Carpet - Cabinet -Ceramic  ew Hour.. U 6 R t T 6 886-276?  New Hours.  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Northern services cut  AbinORb  CEDRR  I1UIIIE3      product of British Columbia  QUALITY LIVING WITH CEDAR  Every detail in a Lindal Cedar Home radiates gracious, yet sensible  living  And  every  Lindal  door plan permits almost unlimited design  flexibility Over 60 original plans are available Each can be modified  to fit your particular needs and tastes Or we can help you design  your very own plan  Sales Office and Display Home in Horseshoe Bay  INDEPENDENTLY  DISTRIBUTED BV  CN-14-10  M.D. Mackenzie Limited  6342 Bay Street, Horseshoe Bay  West Vancouver, B.C. V7W 2G9  Phone (604) 921-8010   921-9268  by Don Lockstead  Between September 25 and ���  October 5, Dave Barrett and  NDP MLAs Frank Howard,  Graham Lea, Chris D'Arcy and  Bob Skelly toured the North  from Prince Rupert lo Prince  George with Skeena MP Jim  Fulton. The major purpose of  the trip was to examine the  proposed Kemano II project  but other issues came up as  well.  Rather than the behind  closed doors "public" meetings  recently organized by the  Socred cabinet, the NDP held  well attended open sessions in  which a wide variety of groups  were able to participate, lt  became clear that one of the  major concerns of Northeastern residents is the marked  decline in health and social  services.  Take one example. Prince  Rupert City Council drew  attention to thac lack of  funding for the local Transition  House Society. Such facilities  are badly needed in relatively  isolated communites where  marital breakdown is often  associated with intimidation  and violence.  In both Prince Rupert and  Kitimat, volunteer social service coordinators told the  M LAs how they had attempted  to provide badly needed emergency services without professional backup or realistic  funding. Support from Victoria is, at best, intermittent  and woefully inadequate.  The same story was told  across thc north. Services of all  kinds - street social workers,  detoxification centres, drug  counselling clinics - have been  cut to the bone while those that  have survived tend to be  organized on a volunteer basis.  Dave Barrett noled that the  situation is worse than it was  prior to I972, centralization of  power in Victoria has worked  lo the detriment of thc north.  The Community Resources  Boards created by thc NDP  government ensured that local  communities could themselves  determine which services were  most needed and most worthy  of  provincial   support.   Now  lhat they have been abolished,  the decisions are taken hy  Victoria and the community is  forced to provide many of the  necessary services on an ad hoc.  unfunded basis.  Excessive centralization and  lack of funding have resulted in  a continuing human tragedy.  Much of this is hidden but the  ultimate result is to he seen in  our overcrowded mental hospitals and prisons.  A first priority of an NDP  government will be to rebuild  our health and social services  and to give support to the  dedicated individuals and  groups who arc attempting lo  close thc gap at the local level.  fJGibsons Christian Books & Crafts  -**���  Open Daily 10 am. - 5 pm.  Except Sundays  A sampling of New Books in Stock  The Fight  John White-  Latest Word on the Last Days C.S. Lovell  Straight Talk lo Men & Their Wives Dt. James C. Dobson  The Vision David Wiikerson  Tell Them I'm Coming- Dr R. E. Eby  JL  IE '  Mathieson quits union  After three years of heavy  sailing through union infighting and labour relations,  Shirley Mathieson, president  of the B.C. Ferry and Marine  Workers Union, has quit her  job.  She resigned for personal  reasons and will apply to law  school   next   year   to   study  labour law.  She returns to work Ihis  week at the Tsawwassen ferry  terminal.  After breaking with the B.C.  Government Employees Union  in 1977, thc 2,600 union  members have fought among  themselves as much as against  the B.C. Ferry Corporation.  Job's daughters  lis Arlene Mlllnislir  On Ocl. 14th. Becky Sim,  Brandi Grcggain and Anne-  Marie Michaud were initiated.  There was a potluck dinner  before thc initiation which  everyone enjoyed. Mr. Graham  Foster   the   Deputy  Grand  Guardian. Past Associate  Guardian of Bethels 4(1.4K and  52 and Past Associate Grand  Guardian was up lor our  official visit.  Anyone interested in joining  Job's Daughters please phone  Mrs. Lynn Brandys al KX0-96 17  for further informalion.  ATTENTION  Reduced prices are oiuen for  vinyls a carpets when we quote  for complete installations.  Phone tor Free Estimates  sechelt Carpet corner  885-5315  (opposite the RCMP)  HUMAN Catholic  SERVICES  Rev. Angclo De Pompa,  Parish Priest  Times of Masses  Saturday, 5:00 p.m.  St. Marv's. Gibsons  Saturday 7:30 p.m.  Pender Harbour  June 28th to Sept 7th inclusive  Regular Sunday Masses  9:00 a.m. Our Lady of Lourdcs]  Church, Sechelt  Indian Reserve  10:00 a.m. Holy Family  Church. Sechell  12:00 noon Si. Mary's Church  Gibsons  Confessions before Mass  Phone: 885-9526 or 885-5201  SEVENTH-DAY ADVENTIS1  CHURCH  Sabbath School Sat.. 10 a.m.  Hour of Worship Sal.. II a.m.  Si. John's United Church  Davis Bay  Paslor C. Dncherg  Everyone Welcome  For information phone:  8K5-9750 or KK3-273(,  Calvary Baptist Church  Park Rd. Gibsons.  Pastor Harold Andrews  Res.   886-916.1   Church  Church 886-2611  Sunday School 9:30 am.  Morning Service 11 am.  Gospel Service 7 pm.  Prayer & Bible Study  Thursday 7 pm.  GLAD TIDINGS  TABERNACLE  Gower Point Road  Phone 886-2660  Sunday School - 9:45 a.m.  Worship Service - 11:111) a.m.  Evening fellowship 6 p.m.  Bible Study - Wed. 7:30 p.m  Pastor Nancy Dykes  UNITED CHURCH  OF CANADA  SUNDAY MORNING  WORSHIP SERVICES  ST. JOHNS  - at Davis Bay 9:30 a.m.  GIBSONS  - Glassford Rd, 11:15 a.m.  SUNDAY SCHOOL. 9:30a.m]  Pastor  Thc Rev. George W. Inglis,  B. Th.  PHONE 886-2333  GIBSONS  PF.NTECOSTAI,  CHURCH  Cedar Grove School  Chaster Rd, Gibsons  Senior Pastor Ted Boodle  Youth Pastor Jack Moch  Sunday School 9:45 a.m.  Morning Worship II a.m.  Evening Fellowship 7 p.m.  Home Bible Study  Phone 886-7268 or  886-9482  Affiliated with the  Pentecostal Assemblies  of Canada  ^ Church Services  Together we can  enjoy the best health care  in the world.  Hntish Columbia^ health ^are system  is second to none  It's a system of which we can al! he  proud, a system in which we all have an  interest,and one we should all he ton  tented aboul maintaining  In the years ahead, it will take two  things to keep our Province at ihe  Forefront ol medical tare It will take co  operation, anil cash  Cooperation between vou ami vour  doctor will make it easier lor you io  stay healthy at home   ami lessen -JJJjJjjjjJ'  the pressure on medu al pel SiECHcJl  sonnet and lat limes Overthe  association  next lew months, we'll he discussing  ways you can take better tare ol yourself  and your lamily  We'll also he pointing out some ol the  economic realities ol health care in  hntish Columbia and asking for youi sup  port and understanding as the dot tors  ol Uniish Columbia endeavour to come to  grips with the economic pressures ol too  little time ami too many expenses  We're convinced that  together, we tan maintain and  improve one ol the finest  health tare re ords anywhere  Help us help you  Help us help you. Coast News, October 21, 1980  Strikes and spares  by Bud Mulcaster  Our YBC Bowlers will be  around selling the chocolate  covered almonds this week.  The money derived from the  sale of these chocolates helps  pay for the YBC Four Steps to  Stardom Tournament which is  their main tournament and  includes all of Canada. Your  support is greatly appreciated.  Top bowlers last week were  Brian Butcher and Debbie  McDonald. Brian rolled games  of 341-350 and totalled 918  for ihree in the Ball & Chain  League and Debbie had a 380  single and an 894 triple in the  Legion League. Freeman Reynolds rolled a 305 in the  Classic League and a 311 in  the Ball & Chain League.  In the Phuntastique League  Lynda Olsen, who has switched from bowling with her  right hand to her left hand,  rolled a 319 single and was  tops with her 701 triple.  Don Slack rolled the high 4  game total in the Classic  League with 1009.  Other good scores:  Classic:  Gwen Edmonds 259-902  Andv Henderson 271-913  JeffMulcaster 274-953  Freeman Reynolds      305-944  Tues. Coffee:  Jovce Stubbly 266-679  Nora Solinsky 280-691  Swingers:  Margaret Fearn 202-532  Belle Wilson  Art Cupit  Len Hornett  Gibsons 'A':  Lise Sheridan  Sylvia Bingley  Pete Cavalier  Andy Spence  Terry Cormons  Wed. Coffee:  Bonnie McConnell  Marion Reeves  Nora Solinsky  Slough-Offs:  Carol Constable  Carol Tetzlaff  Ann Foley  Ball & Chain:  Esther Berry  Lional McCuaig  Freeman Reynolds  Phuntastique:  Dot Robinson  Don Slack  Legion:  Ruby Harman  Gerry Kirsch  YBC Peeweesi  Natasha Foley  Gary Tetzlaff  Bantams:  Leslie Constable  Nedeen Skinner  Shane Christiansen  Ian Gazley  George Williams  Juniors:  Arlene Mulcaster  Sean Tetzlaff  Seniors:  Michele Solinsky  Glen Hanchar  208-556  211-554  219-595  219-627  246-641  247-684  269-717  266-765  269-709  253-710  275-757  222-597  210-601  245-630  233-621  274-739  311-747  255-634  248-639  245-627  273-665  126-229  141-270  111-314  135-362  217-404  135-406  184-457  189-554  217-569  205-583  206-579  Before You Buy  Take a close look  attheEB2BBl245  Husqvarna�� |  An easy to use dependable vacuum cleaner  with these unbeatable features:  1. Powerful suction for deep cleaning 2. hoot controlled automatic cord rewind and  onoff switch 3. Triple-filtered air return 4. Quiel and light-weight wilh easy  nunocuvcrahihly 5. Easy, clean hag replacement 6. Rich huiwn colour jnd  contemporats Swedish Design 7. Cleaning head adjusts automatically for different  thicknesses of carpel and hard floors 8.1 inger lip suction conlrol on handle.  9. Swedish Quality Engineering and Design  The Coz) Court Bruins goalie (urns the puck aside in a goal-mouth skirmish against the Squamish Canadians. Final score in  Saturday night's game was 18 - H for the Bruins. Points accumulated in thc game are accredited in local league standings.  naments  this  summer.  The  From the Fairway  by Ernie Hume  The last big tournament of  the golf season ended Monday  with a keenly played four  person scramble. A total of  90 players turned out for this  annual Thanksgiving Tournament. The winning team of  Boris Meda, Fred McLean,  Ann Korluk and Alec Warner  had first choice on many  luscious turkeys, hams, bacon  and eggs and wine etc. for  their fine effort in taking 1st  place. The 2nd place team of  Greg Grant, Marg Arbuckle,  Jean McLean and Glenna  Salahub also had the pick of  the many prizes. Ed Laidlaw,  Logan  Wright,   Les   Cowley  and Ralph Woodsworth took  3rd place. In all, seven teams  received awards for their  efforts.  Please note this message  from the match committee to  all members who have won  golf chits redeemable at the  pro shop should take notice  and be aware that October  31st will be the last day that  they will be honoured. So get  down to the pro shop and start  your Xmas shopping early.  In the ladies two day  Eclectic that has been in progress this last two weeks,  Audrey McKenzie emerged  the winner, and received a  10 Ib. turkey for her excellent  ' effort. Betty Laidlaw took 2nd  place and won a roasting  chicken. One doz. eggs went  to Leila Comrie for having two  tough rounds of golf but good  fortune in the prize list.  In the nine hole competition  Barbra Bradshaw took home a  turkey. Jo Emerson will enjoy  roast chicken for 2nd place  and Nan McFarlane collected  a doz. eggs for you know  what I This is the ladies wind-  up event for the golfing year  and they wish to express their  appreciation and thanks to the  people responsible for a most  successful year.  Many thanks to Forda  Gallier for her dedication in  manning the refreshment wagon during the many tour-  Men's Hockey results  .    . .. IL _          A* O _   ���  Ihe Gibsons learn shot a second goal past the Anderson A's  goalie. It was a case of too little, too late. The A's took Saturday's  game ? - 2.  Relaxation through  massage workshops  After the first week of interlocking league action between  Squamish and Sunshine Coast  teams, hockey appears to be  booming once again.  The feature game Saturday  evening had to be the 8 p.m.  game, in which the Cozy Court  Bruins hosted the Squamish  Highlander Canadians in a  contest that saw a total of 26  goals. While the game was  still close after two periods of  play with the Bruins leading  8-5, in the third period the  Bruins stormed past the  visiting Canadians and went  on a goal scoring rampage that  ended in an 18-8 final.  In the earlier game at the  Sechelt Arena Saturday, the  Sechelt A's defeated the  Gibsons Hockey Club 5-2 in a  good solid game.  On   Saturday   evening   in  Squamish, the defending  champion Roberts Creek team  defeated Super-Valu 10-7.  In SCMHL action this  weekend, on Saturday, October 25 the Sechelt A's take  on the still powerful former  champs from Roberts Creek at  6p.m. At8p.m. Saturday, the  most pleasant spot on the golf  course during these events  was under the trees at #4 and  7 tee-off areas.  It will take a while to  catalogue and have prints developed of the many pictures  that were snapped during and  after the numerous tournaments played this summer  to those members who requested copies, please be  patient.  Russ McLeod was the lucky  winner of the golf clubs, bag  and stand that was offered to  the member who sponsored  a new application for membership during the year. Another  membership drive has been  successfully completed, with  the help of all our members  who found and sponsored  new social and golfing people  for our club.  The greenskeepers will be  placing the pin placement in  tough areas on the greens for  this last few weeks before  turning to winter greens. This  As low at  ]��l6.00P��rmo.  ��� O.A.C.  CREST  Sunnycrest Shopping Centre  Gibsons 886-2719  PENINSULA  MARKET  885-9721    Davis Bay, B.C.  tide tables  Reference:  Point Atkinson  Wed. Ocl. 22  0.155  0955  I GUS  ::.io  Thurs. Ocl. 2.1  0455  10.15  1630  Pacific  Standard Time  Fri. Ocl. 24  12 ,545  sn "30  '?     1705  ' 2350  4.(i  Sat. Ocl. 25  0640  ,     1220  6;l     1755  23(15  Sun. Oct. 26  0035  0730  1300  1825  Mon. Oct. 27  0120  0840  1410  1100  Tues. Ocl. 28  0205  0930  1505  1950  up.in. n.up.au, ��,��.��-;, *������-    muling iu ttim,*.�� B�����.....   Cozy Court  Bruins face off is to take advantage of parts of  against the Gibsons Hockey the greens that have not seen  Club  On Sunday, October 26  at 6:45 p.m., the Cozy Court  Bruins get a crack at the  Roberts Creek team.  much   service  summer play.  during   the  GROCERIES  SUNDRIES  Open 9���9  FISHING TACKLE  TIMEX WATCHES  7 Days a Week  Gibsons Scout news  Would all parents please  note that in future the Group  Committee of Gibsons Scouts  will meet on the 2nd Tuesday  of each month, not the 2nd  Wednesday at the Scout Hall.  Following the resignation of  Mr. L. Budde, the Group  Committee is looking for a  Chairman (or woman!). Any  interested persons are asked  to contact the outgoing chairman on 886-2931.  There will be a Scout House  Supplies Sale Day at the  Rotary Centennial Site at  Camp Byng on Saturday,  October 25, from 2 p.m. to  6 p.m. If you need uniforms,  equipment, books - or jost  want to see what is available -  don't miss this opportunity.  CLASSIFIED NOTE  Drop   off   your   Coast   News  Classifieds at Campbell's Family  Shoes & Leather Goods in downtown Sechelt.  885-9666    SWanSOD'S     885-5333  Dispatch    Swanson's Ready-Mix Ltd.    4       -  Ready-mix Concrete  Two Plants  sechelt 1  Pender Harbour  Accounts  Box 172,  Sechelt, B.C.  VON 3A0  Do you tense up under  stress? Do you find it hard to  relax in your spare time?  Do you need to find a way to  give yourself pleasure? Then  Relaxation Through Massage  is a workshop for you.  This fourth in a series,  "Women Talk About Health",  will show you how fatigue and  stress will be relived through  gentle massage. Patti Gray,  Registered Massage Therapist, will teach you simple  massage techniques for your  self and others. Wear loose  comfortable clothing and  bring a blanket to sit on.  Part of the Sunshine Coast  Women's Program. Thursday,  October 23. 7:30 - 9:30 p.m.  Roberts Creek Elementary  School Library. No Fee.  Tl18 Hunter Gallery  open: Mon.  Sat.  11 a.m.   I p.m.  EVERYONE SHOULD HAVE  THE WARMTH  AND SECURITY  OF A TEDDY BEAR.  Prepare for  WINTER  * FREE Brake Check  (Domestic Cars Only)  * FREE Anti-Freeze Check  ��� BY APPOINTMENT ONLY  This offer  good until Nov. 1st  Superior     Gibsons  BKAKG &TIIKB  S&MSHT 886'8213  The Teddy Bear is the newest Fisher  Stove. Its compact, distinctive styling, and  high heat output makes it ideal for _,  heating a larger room, or an entire L  smaller home Come see it and the fl  rest of our serious Fisher Stoves" \  today. '  ELECTRONICS  Trail Bay Centre. Sechelt.  885-2568  FISHER. NOW THAT YOU'RE  GETTING SERIOUS. Carl's  corner  In search of a career  On the  Seafood Platter  by Carl Chriamai  As the hot, dry summer  wore on, Jim and Peggy's  ove blossomed and bloomed,  lim responded to Peg's  attentions as a rose responds  to sunlight and water. Peg was  radiant and her spirits were  high. Her evening songs  changed from lullabvs to love,  most often her Wild Irish  Rose. Oh, they had their little  disagreements and lovers'  spats but patched them up in  a hurry as they grew closer  and closer.  Jim's health improved and  our old cat purred along day  after day with very few  problems as he nursed it over  rocks and bad ground.  Craike was satisfied with  our cleanup job but we were  rapidly running out of trees.  He was looking for other  timber in the immediate area  but to no avail. There were a  few strands of small timber a  few miles away but during  our looking we discovered we  had neighbours a mile down  the track from us.  The Williams family operated a tie mill at a siding  about a mile from us and  nearby, Jack Breighton and  Jim Coffee operated another.  They had been cutting ties  in the area for many years  and both remembered when  the big mill at Kinsol had been  going full bore.  Jack had known the mill  manager at the time and  though he had very little to say  about him we got the feeling  that all was not well between  them. It seems they had  shared a few cars of half  shipments and Jack had  received the short end of the  stick. We tried to draw him  out on that but we were  strangers to him and he was  being cautious.  They also told us of mysterious shipments of lumber  by truck over the Kinsol-  Cowichan road to other parts  of the Island. These could  have been a part of the clandestine sales going on at the  time and during the months  before the fire that wiped  out the mill.  We passed this information  on to Craike, but so much  time had elapsed since the  fire and the disappearance  of the ex-mill manager that  it was decided to forget the  whole affair. All a stump  scale would prove would be  that the timber was gone and  we already knew that.  It seemed the fire that  destroyed the mill was one of  convenience. When the timber  ran out, short of the original  cruise figures by approximately three million feet, the  easiest method of stalling an  investigation was to burn the  mill. As log and lumber prices  were at their lowest ebb at  the time, no one was much  interested in wasting money  on a check cruise for timber in  such an isolated location.  There may have been  insurance reasons for keeping  the whole thing quiet, so the  mill manager had done a good  OPEN 7 DAYS A WEEK  Mon -Sat   9am -6pm  Fridays until 9pm  Sundays: Noon til 4 p.m.  FREE  PRESCRIPTION  DELIVERY  within the boundaries ot  the Village ot Gibsons  to all Seniors  65 years or over  MAXWELL'S  PHARMACY  Cedar Plaza. Gibsons  i   Call Jim or Hai J (or info  L      886-8158  #  CLASSIFIED NOTE  Family   Shoe  Cenlre    Hard  f your Coast Ne  ed al Campbel  Shoes,   Sechelt,  cover-up job. In any case, it  was now past history as  far as we were concerned  so we had to look to other  things.  As our little camp was now  well established,  we would  have liked to have secured  more timber in the area, but to  do so, we would have been  encroaching on timber that  Williams and Breighton would  be bidding on as they required  it for their mills.  The season was getting  along into September so if we  were going to make a move,  we would have to do it before  the fall rains and bad weather  began.  Albin Johnson and his  partner had finished the  falling and were back in the  City. Within a week we would  have the last of the logs  cleaned up, the boom closed  off and a scale called. It was  time for Bert to go on a timber  hunt or line up a contract.  Bert had been away for  several days, our booming was  finished and I had called for  a scale, and our rigging and  equipment had been moved  into camp ready for loading  out. Si Dixon had caught the  bus to the City so there  was only Peg, Jim and I left  in camp.  We had finished a late  dinner, Jim and I had rolled  us up a 'makin's' smoke to  suck on with our coffee, while  Peg tidied up the few dishes.  We agreed that if Bert had  good news for us he would  have been back by now. The  nagging worry that our first  venture into gyppo logging  was about to collapse into a  shamble of tired iron and  broken dreams, was just  beginning.  "Tis such a shame,"  sighed Peggy. "Such a foin  lot o' hard workin' lads with  guts enough to git out and  make thimselves a job in these  tough toims, and to see it all  fade away loik a ghost in a  cimetaryl"  Tough times they were, and  if our little dream folded we  would be arriving back in the  City and onto the slave market  about the same time as the  other seasonal workers. The  chances of finding employment at that time would be  pretty slim.  To be continued.  by Chak-Chak  Some of the action in the closely contested game between the  Klphinstone Girl's Volleyball Team and Mew Westminster. New  West won the same 17 - 15.  Gibsons Harbour is plugged  to capacity with boats, both  pleasure craft and work  boats. Many of the fishermen  have tied up their boats for  the winter, which is usual  practice for salmon fishermen.  Others change the gear on  their boats and take a try at  a different type of fishery,  one of which is prawn and  shrimp trawling or trap  fishing.  I was talking to Doug of the  Elusive Quest who has been  trap fishing for prawns on a  regular basis over the last  couple of years. He has a  market for fresh frozen  prawns, boxed and delivered  to a freezer truck at Gibsons  wharf. So make a point of  looking for the Elusive Quest  and ask if they have small  sized prawns for sale.  I have a recipe that I have  originated which combines  both the Japanese and Chinese method of food preparation and which 'retains  the delicate flavour of shrimp  or prawns. I call it Shrimp and  Vegetable Donburi.  Donburi is the Japanese  name for bowl and they have  many types of Donburi each  with its own special use.  This recipe calls for one  donburi for each person, a  bowl that will hold 12 fluid  ounces. I prefer a thick handmade type, that holds the  heat, one with tapered sides  that is suitable for chopsticks;  of course if you use a fork then  this is not important.  Shrimp and Vegetable  Donburi  (for 2 or mon)  1 lb. shrimp tails (small side  strips or prawns with 2" tails)  1/4 cup cooking oil  1 clove garlic, peeled  12 oz. cauliflower, cut in small  pieces  2/3 cup water (hot)  1 tsp. salt  1   package   (12   oz.)   frozen  peas (unthawed)  1   tbsp.   cornstarch   mixed  with 2 tbsp. cold water  1 cup brown rice, cooked and  kept hot.  Methodi-  While rice is cooking (45  minutes) prepare the shrimp  and vegies etc. About fifteen  minutes before mealtime heat  oil in wok and cook garlic,  remove before it turns brown.  Add shrimp and stir-fry in  hot oil until colour changes  (about   one    minute)    then  remove to heated bowl and  keep warm. Stir-fry cauliflower about two minutes,  add water and salt, cover  and simmer for about five  minutes, turn to high heat and  add frozen peas, stir-fry until  peas thaw and separate.  Return shrimp to wok and  KERN'S HOME  FURNISHINGS  Stereos, Records, Furniture .  Appliances, T.V.'s  Find us in the Yellow Pages  SEAVIEW PLACE,  ���  GIBSONS  886-9733     886-7015  PERMASEAL  Aluminum Manufacturing Ltd.  /{iocduuim^kuftnijfmwi^lhdmmimjan^  o^thtSuAikmtoui.  %utu^adtmuj and mffu/uuj a wntfki uiutdow ww'iu.  filmimn - Tula deou - Ttute uiuidotui - ^mawju - dom o% jJM U/ft ikjlilu  "im wrwentwnd tn uatem hmu Sfu/ule u/ikm tuaddk jm dmit <uuf afpkatt/m.  Ivwmtd  3n touch wdh lAt laM tn  rum kontt pwducU on lit  ��t*M   225-3532  Province of Ministry of  British Columbia    Forests  Responsibilities in Controlling Wildfires  on Forest and Range Lands in British Columbia  The Ministry of Forests is currenily producing a series ol White Papers. The  purpose of these papers is to obtain all additional views ot the concerned  parties The current White Papei is entitled  Responsibilities in Controlling  Wildfires on Forest and Range Lands in British Columbia  Copies of this papei aie available Irom the following Ministry of Forests  Regional Offices  631   355 Burrard Slreel 540 Borland Street  Vancouver Williams LaKe  515 Columbia Street 1011 ��� 4th Avenue  Kamloops Prince George  5)8 Lake Street Marketplace  Nelson Prince Rupert  Replies and comments should be received by  November 30 1980, addressed to  Director Protection Branch. Ministry ot Forests.  1450 Government Streel. Victoria, B C   V8W 3E7  add cornstarch-water mixture  and cook 'til liquid thickens,  remove from heat. Serve over  1/4 - 1/3 bowl of hot rice in  each donburi. Goes well with  hot sake or medium white  wine. Sea you.  NEW STORE HOURS  Tuesday through Saturday  9 am. - 5 pm.  CLOSED: Sun. & Mon.  Ellective Immediately  Coast News, October 21, 1980  >11j> fojtr 1m  COMMERCIAL  TRAVELLERS  Please enquire about our  Special Rates.  Luxury Accommodation  Licensed Dining Lounge  Aesen  teservations flv^TM  ih\rt^ Mbu0^  885-5888     R.R. ��1. Halfmoc  Full Marina Facilities  Marine Pub  R.R. ��1. Haltmoon Bay  eggggggggggggg  ^c   Europe '80 Prices    jf  Guaranteed for '81!  Wardair will fly you to:  Amsterdam     ��� Glasgow  Frankfurt       ��� London  Anytime in 1981  ��� Manchester  ��� Dusseldorfi  \\  \&,  Book & Pay For Your Flight  Before November 15th, 1980  Reserve NOW & SAVE!  GIBSONS TRAVEL  886-9255 Sunnycrest Shopping Centre 886-8222  NOW OPEN  Thermax weld-All industries  Gibsons Industrial Park  '\  /  Fabrication  General Repairs  ��� Arc Welding  ��� Stainless Steel Welding  ��� Aluminum Welding  ��� Gas Welding  ��� Braising  ��� Cast Iron Welding  NO 10b TOO SMALL!  Custom wrought iron Railings  & Airtight stoues  * Certified Welder  FREE ESTIMATES REASONABLE RATES  OPEN TUESDAY - SATURDAY  8:30 a.m. - 5:00 o.m.  Off Shaw Rd.,  Behind thc Esso Station  886-8466 16  Coast News, October 21, 1980  COAST NEWS CLASSIFIED ADS  Births  DANCE students, teachers mid  others requiring information on  rap, Balli t, \iro, M.Hlcrn and  Spanisl Dance. Please phone  886-2989 TFN  1 \RD SALL  October 25th at Walt Nygren's  place bj the Post Office. Proceeds  towards trie Pioneer Girls trans-  portation to youth retreats.  Donations welcome.  The Canadian Diabetes Assn. will  have its first meeting Thursday.  Octobet 2.1/80 at 7:30 p.m. in  St. Mary's Hospital cafeteria,  guest speaker and refreshments.  Bring a friend. Everyone wel-  i omel Tor further info, call Donna  at 886-7173. *42  Come and enjoy tea and goodies  St. Aidan's Fall Bazaar. October  25. 2-4 p.m. Roberts Creek Community Hall. Home baking,  sewing, regal novelties, Pakistan  embroideries, ruffles etc. entrance Jl.00. #42  Dinner with  DAVE  BARRETT  Fri. Nov. 7th  Roberts Creek Hall  6.30- i 'io Happy Hour  7 30-900 Dinner  s15.00 Single  s25.00 Couple  Tickels available at  N.D.P. Bookstore  UiOs,jns  Sunshine Coast T.V.  - Sechelt  Seaview Market  Roberts Creek  SPCA  SPAY  Clinic  and information  886-7938  ooaooooooooooooaooo:  Cedar Crest  Golf Centre  SUNDAY  SPECIAL]  Oct. 26th,  5 - 9 pm.  SALMON  STEAK  !      i  I Salad  '���-���   etablt  I    m Chi iwdei. ! 'essi rl  $12.50  ' Reservations ii possible  886-7761  Open I     Breakl    I  . Dinnet  7 DAYS A WEEK  -.���  Rd  Announcements I     Personal  Louis and Roland are happy to  announce thc arrival of their new  sister Rose-Ellen, born October  6, unfiling b Ib. II1 jo/. Proud  parents are Louis and Rhonda  Nichols. Grandparents I��uis and  Ruby Nichols and Roland and  Gloria Frita  Obituaries  Bodt,    passed    away    suddenly  October 12,1980, Maria Hendrlka  Clara Uodt late ot Gibsons in her  "1st year, Survived by three sons.  Charles and his wife Lucoa, Van-  iouver; Richard and his wife  Norah Ol The Netherlands;  George and his wife Wendy of  Gibsons; five grandchildren,  Gibsons; five grandchildren, four  brothers and one sister in the  Netherlands.  funeral service was held Thursday, October |6Ul in Ihe Chapel  nl Devlin Funeral Home, Gibsons. Pastor Harold Andrews  officiated. Cremation.  Announcements  Sunshine Hangers are available  lor entering and kitchen help  Phone 885 5444 <M2  DANCERCIZE  A unique combination of modern  ballet Hi stretching exercises with  expertise of D. Pageau. Fridays  10-11 a.m. Twilight Theatre for  info re. details, cost, babysitting  etc. call 886-7574. Numbers  #44  Gibsons Judo flub will commence training on Thursday.  October 2.1 at Cedargrove School.  New members, both juniors and  seniors welcome. Adults: $10 per  month. Juniors: $5 per month.  I'or information please call  886-7754 #43  Alcoholics Anonymous Meetings  each Wednesday in St. Andrews  Church, Madeira Pk. 8:30 p.m.  883-W8 TFN  Alcoholics Anonymous 886-9208  T.F.N.  TUPPERWARE  1 hink'ng ot having ,i  TUPPERWARE PARTY?  Phono Louise Palmer  S86-9363  Helo wanted  Part-time dinir person required.  Apply in person, Gibsons Legion.  #42  Field Supervisors  Community-run Homemaker Services providing in-home care to  elderly clients requires the  st rvices of 1 full time supervisor  Training and. or experience in  home economics, nursing and/or  social work is desirable, plus  experience in working with  elderly people. .Apply in writing  enclosing resume to Box 1069  Sechelt. VON 3A0. Applications  will be received up to midnight  Friday, Oct. 31. #42  Mature, reliable babysitter for  two school-aged children in  Sechelt Village. For Saturdays  and school holidays. 885-5241  after 6 p.m. #42  Stained Glass Workers. Bull-  winkle. 885-5533 #42  Sitter   for   16 month  old   Boy.  Gibsons    area.    Call    521-6569  collect till Oct. Sth then 8S6-9579  #42  Driver for mini bus to transport  Seniors and Handicapped on the  Peninsula. Applicant must have  class four licence, good driving  record, pleasant manner and  sympathetic understanding for  elderly and handicapped. Application forms and particulars  available from Sunshine Coast  Community Services Society,  Box 1069.' Sechelt, B.C. Phone  885-5881. Applications will be  received until Nov. I, 1980.     #43  Babysitter Friday or Saturday  for 2 kids, 4 and 2. Call after  6, 886-9088. Rov Smith. #44  HELP WANTED  LIFEGUARD  Must hove a current  bronze cross.  Permanent Part- time.  A'H' I1) and over.  Apply  Pender Harbour  Aquatic Centre  Box 361,  Madeira Park  VON 2110   883-2667  Music  HORIZON  MUSIC  TRAIL BAY MALL  Guitars,    Amplifiers,  Music  Books,  Accessories  SHEET MUSIC  This week's Special  Peerless Beginners  Acoustic Guitar $79.95  885-3117  Opportunities  Interested in photography? Gain  experience doing team photos.  We'll train you. Good 35mm  single lens reflex camera, electronic flash and ear necessary.  Must he available about 20  minutes each morning and  afternoon, and about one hour  each evening for one week. Call  collect 521-9593 #42  J'ilU  JANE^  TUB & TOP  ,.-    SHOP  *' A Full Line of "*  Plumbing Supplies  Hours: Tues. - Sat.  9 am. - 5 pm.  Hwy 101 & Pratt Rd.  For Rent  SKILSAWS  Mail inquiries to M. Humphry,  Box 1855. Sechelt. #42  wanted to Rent  Weaver and her cal are in immediate need of an inexpensive  cottage or cabin OH Ihe Sunshine  Coasi. Please phone Loragene al  922-1333 eves. West Vancouver.  Small House or Suite for professional person through winter.  Sechelt to Gibsons, non smoker.  885-5842 (office) #42  Reliable semi retired couple  wishes to rent furnished 2 bedroom apt. or house for about 3  months beginning 1st of Dec.  Non smokers, references. 886-  8072 #4.1  Mother and twelve year old son  desperately need I or 2 BR house.  Sechelt io Gibsons. Phone 885-  5519 #44  25' to 30* Trailer for approx. 2  months to use while building a  house. 886-9192 #44  HOW RENTING  680 sq. n.  $300. a month  School Road k  Gower Pt. Ho;nl  581-0905  OFFICE  OR  RETAIL  SPACE  AVAILABLE  866-2417  886-2743  922-2017  (lean, quiet living, working man  would like small house, one  bedroom apt. or trailer in or near  Gibsons. Preferred furnished.  H86-9872 after 5:00 p.m. #44  CLASSIFIED NOTE  Drop oft your Coast Newi  Classified  at  Campbell ���  Family  Shorn.   Stchell,  or  Centre  Hardware,  Madeira  Wanted  All Channel TV Antenna. Phone  886-7142 #42  18" Cedar shake blocks. We pa)  the besl prices for good wood. Also  custom cut your bloeks. 886-9856.   TFN  Older furniture, china, etc.. boujilu  or sold on consignment. Harbour  Antiques, 1585 Marine Dr., Gibsons. 886-7800 T.lr.N.  Wanted to Buy: Logs or Timber.  Fir, Hemlock, Cedar ��� Porpoiss  Bay Logging Ltd., 885-94118 or  885-2032. T.F.N  To rent or to borrow for one  evening (for Hallowe'en Party)  a Crinoline. Please call Gwen  884-5252 ��42  CASH FOR LOOS  Tod Prices  Free Estimates  D & 0 LOG SORTING  LTD.  886-7896    886-7700  campers & RU's  Used Campers (for import pickups), excellent condition. Priced  for quick sale. La Caravanna,  7 days a week. 885-9626.       TFN  Motorcycles  '76 Honda Gold Wing $2500.  Also leather pants size 34 waist,  36 leg. Leather jacket size 44  $250.00.886-9977 #43  SPECIAL WEEKLY RATES  Peninsula Hotel 886-9334 TFN  630 sq. ft. of Commercial or  Office Space for lease. Will  renovate to suit tenant. Phone  886-7112 TFN  000 sq. ft. of prime Commercial  space available for immediate  lease. Ideal location for convenience store or ? Phone 886-  7112 TFN  Fully furnished 3 bedroom  House, fireplace in kitchen and  living room, on Hotel Lake,  Garden Bay, Pender Harbour  frum Nov. 1 to Mav 1. 883-2608  #42  One bedroom 8x40 mobile home  for rent or for sale, fully furnished, utilities included. For  rent - asking $270 per month. For  sale asking $4000. Pad rent  included in rent. Call 886-8310 or  886-9503 #42  4 bedroom house, waterfront  view. Porpoise Bay, Sechelt.  ShOO/ mo. Phone 885-2232       #42  1 bdrm. Trailer with large addition. Refs. required. $200 per  month. 886-9674. Avail. Nov. 1st.  #42  For sale  / \  LET'S TRADE  APPLIANCES  MACLEODS  Sechelt  We deliver Gibsons 8c  Port Mellon  884-5240  CAM PRENTIS Prop  DUNHAM RD    PORT MELLON  VON 2SO  For Sale  Duplex Bed with mattresses,  26" Zenith colour TV on swivel  stand 885-5467 #43  Inglis multi-cycle auto washer,  excellent condition. Guaranteed  k delivered. $225. Phone 883-  2648 TFN  CHRISTMAS  TOYS  Flsher-Prlce  Tonka  Models & Paint  Barbie & Friends  at  MACLEODS,  SECHELT  Double Macramc with long  hanging plants. Solid Maple  coffee table. Large shelf unit.  Mixmastcr, easy chair, doll  buggy with access. Lots of misc.  886-8370 #43  CREST SEWING CENTRE  SEWING MACHINE REPAIRS  SUNNYCREST SHOPPING CENTRE  Woods 30 gal. oil fired hot water  heater. Excellent condition. $100.  D. Gove, 4039 Victoria Dr. Tel.  874-4424 #44  Small Fridge 5.2 cu. ft. $150.  Pool Table 3' x 6' $145. Sunlamp  with stand $45.885-3484        #43  Wire fence. Old lengths $35.00  10x2x10 20 long. $125. 886-  2931 #42  Shot Rock for sale, located at  Madeira Park. Call Lee Christian  883-2419 TFN  HOTTUB?  Do it yourself. Fiberglass, redwood and vinyl. Solar collectors,  H&S Contracting. 885-3825  TFN  4 Fuel Tanks and Pumps 3,000  gal. capacity. Good condition.  Reasonable rate. Call Calvin at  885-2278,885-9215 eves.        #42  4 13x5 slot mags with hardware. Will fit Datsun 510/1300  or Dodge Colt. 4 BR 70x13  Goodrich radial steel, low mileage, $250 or will sell separately.  886-7307 #43  Coleman Oil Heater $50. Table  sewing machine. Works fine. $30.  Evenings 885-2971 #43  1 Appollo 10-speed man's bike;  1 Candle AM/FM radio cassette  tape recorder & 4 cassette tapes.  If interested, please attend  RCMP Sechelt detachment on  weekdays  between   9  a.m.   &  5 p.m. Any reasonable bid  accepted. #42  Round Fence Posts U-pick-up.  8' Cypress $2.00 ea. 8' Red Cedar  $1.50 ea. 12' Red Cedar $2.25 ea.  Phone 884-5355 7 a.m.-3t30 p.m.  #43  UACUUM CLEARER  REPAIRS  CREST 886-2719  Sunnycrest Shopping Centre  Good   quality   twin   bed   $75.  White love seat $125. 885-5252  #43  Propane range 30 in., 2 100 lb.  Pr. tanks, phone 886-7685      #42  1 Acorn Fireplace with pipes,  1 desk, 2 fridges, 2 JC 5 Jeeps, 3  motors. Jeep fiberglass canopy.  Pressers.   Phone  after  6  p.m.  886-9727 #43  Rifles and Pistols of various  calibres for sale by local gun  collector. All in excellent condition. Phone 88S-5029 eves    #43  SECHELT  CARPET  CORNER  Has recelued  another shipment ol Bedside  Rugs in various  colours at the  amazingly low  price ot $7.50  ea. First come  First served!  (opposite the  R.C.M.P.)  885-5315  For Sale  STARWATER CREATIONS  Unique Gifts; fine beadwork,  feathered: earrings, hat clips...  Trade beads, necklaces etc. Every  Saturday, Oct. through Nov.  Sunnycrest Mall. #44  Stewart Warner compression and  vacuum testing gauges $55.  BSA 22 cal. pellet pistol $89.  LED watch $25. Instamatic  camera $10. Spalding basketball  $20. Assorted toys etc. 885-9997  #42  I dining table, 4 chairs $80.  I roll away $30, 1 dble. bed,  spring and mattress $150. '74  Peugeot for parts. 885-9018    #42  Greeting Card Display Rack $80.  Phone 886-9567 after 6 p.m.    #42  Cedar Chest (drawer in bottom)  excellent cond. $175. Firm.  Ornate chess set $65. Trunk  like new $40. 886-2512 #42  mobile Homes  SUNSHINE COAST  TRAILER PARK  Hwy 101, Gibbons       886-9826  1977  12M68'  BERKSHIRE  2 bedroom with  H'x22' extension.  Professionally  built. Fridge k  stove, washer &  dryer.  $21,000.  DL 6619  coast Mobile  Homes Ltd.  GOOD *  SELECTION OF  DOUBLE WIDES  we tahe trades  or  Consign your Mobile  Home to us for  Quick Sale  WHARF ST.   SECHELT  885-9979       mdl 6393  HOT  WATER  TANKS  are sold and  installed by  MACLEODS  Sechelt  Wood Parlour Stove $100. Ph.  886-7843 #42  Firewood. Cedar and Alder.  $55 per cord. Will deliver. Phone  886-7713between6&7a.m.   #44  3 wheel, 3 speed ladies Bike with  shopping basket. $60. 885-5251  #44  Stereo combination Fleetwood.  Ex. condition, 6 years old. $185.  886-7993 #44  30 gal. Aquarium, complete,  $60 or trade for office desk.  886-2908 #44  Ordinary three-speed bike, near  new $50. Three-speed Raleigh  carrier, excellent condition. $75.  Ph. 886-2971 #44  Woodmaster automatic Airtight  Wood Heater $200. Black metal  Acorn wood heater $45. Phone  886-2613 #42  PROFESSIONAL  DOG GROOMING  "ALL BREEDS"  Call Sharon 886-2084  worn wanted  Dean's Chimney Sweep and  Moss-spraying. We also do landscaping, pruning, build fences or  ? YOU WANT IT DONE? WE'LL  DO IT! 886-7540 TFN  Electrical Contractor wants work  anywhere on the coast, own boat  for island work. 886-9316   ��TFN  WEST COAST CONTEMPORARY HOMES - BUILT OR  RENOVATED 883-9259.       TFN  NEED A HOUSE FRAMED?  Contract crew available. References on request. Call 886-  7197 after 6 p.m. #43  Tilkut Construction. Formwork,  framing & finishing. 885-3323  after 6 p.m. #43  23 yr. old male looking for  construction labour or maintenance job. Phone Lou at 886-  7295 #43  Harbour Chimney Cleaning. Serving the Sunshine Coast. Fireplaces, furnaces, oil stoves. 883-  9171. Customers from the 886 exchange call Collect. TFN  Yard & basement clean-up.  Rubbish removal. Light moving.  No jobs too small. 886-9503     #43  Carpet Installations, repairs, re-  stretching. 886-7054,886-2454#42  Chimney   Cleaning   and   maintenance. Ph. 886-7411 or 886-8023  T.F.N.  Natural & cultured stone lacings.  houscfronts, fireplaces and feature  walls. For free estimate call K8fi-  8456. #42  Typing in my Roberts Creek  home; fast, efficient, very experienced. $8.00 hr. 885-3847 #42  Renovations and Repairs, Framing and Foundations. Call Jim  or Brent at 885-5643 #TFN  '"%lost trees, like pets, need care and  attention  and  trees arc our  specialty.  �� Toppinc  ��� Limbing  * Danger tree removal  An insured guaranteed service.  Peerless Tree Service Ltd.  885-2109  T.F.N.  For Explosive Requirements  Dynamite, electric or regular caps,  B line E cord and safely fuse.  Contact Gwen Nintnio. Cemetery  Road. Gibsons. Phone 886-7778.  Howe Sound Farmer Institute.  T.F.N.  K.C.T. serving the Sunshine  Coast, light const., painting,  yardwork, clearing, ditching etc.  Very reliable. For more info. ph.  885-9997 #42  Kerry  Blue  Terriers  sechelt 886-2505  PENINSULA  KENNELS  Boarding for  Dogs and Cats  086-7713  Reed Rd., Gibsons  CHIMNEY SWEEPING  MADEIRA PARK SERVICE  883-2241 or 883-9173 ������  #43  uuestock  Box stall and pasture for rent,  North Road. 886-7880 #42  PENINSULA  R00FIHB ft  INSULATION LTD.  All Types of Roofing  & Re-Roofing  Henry Rodriguez  Sechelt     885-9585  Lost....Rosamund Road area.  Black male cat answers to the  name Shaky Legs (falls over a  lot). 886-2966or 886-7888       #42  Seal Point Siamese Cat lost in the  Creekside area, Gibsons, Thursday 9th. Male. Approx. 6 mos.  old. 886-7909 #42  5 mos. old female Kitten,  Himalayan. Lost vicinity Beach  Ave. and Seaview Rd. White  flea collar. Reward. 886-8520 #42  HALFMOON  WINDOW CLEANING \  Profasnonal Service  ventig thc Sunshine Co  Roofs, yullen cleans  "'       Ca"Zt\         WS-25W  .��� i Ieanln9      9 am -  865-3963  latter 6 p rn ) B  One red Rabbit - lost on Seaview  Rd. on Thanksgiving weekend.  Call 886-2790. Julie we miss you.  Pan, Taj and Zephyr. #42  J. LEPORE TILE  Quality Installations  Ceramic. Mosaic oi Quarry  All work guaranteed  Free estimates  Phone Anytime  M*-8097  Automotlue  1978 Chevy pickup H.D. equip.  Excellent condition. Ph. 886-9487  #42  '79 Ford Econoline Van E250!  PS/PB, 7500 Ib. gross wt., limited  slip dif. $7,900 OBO. 886-8583  TF��  '73 Chev 3/4 ton 350, 4-speed,  PS, PB. 885-5597 #42  1977 Ford Granada 4 door PS,  PB, 302 engine, 16,000 miles, 1  owner, 1 driver. $5000 firm.  Phone 886-8039 #42  '79 Dodge D-50 pickup, 4-cyl.,  4-speed, radio, radial tires.  25 mpg. Exc. cond. 14,000 mi.  $5800 firm. 885-3156 #42  Austin Cambridge. Tow it away.  Body wrecked, but good wheels  etc. 886-9151 #42  1959 GMC pickup, good shape  $1500 OBO. 886-2718 #42  1964 Pontiac Parisienne. Good  tires. Good body. $350. 886-8052  or 886-7834 #4$  1978 GMC 3/4 ton 4x4 PU.  350C.I.D. F.W. hubs, dual tanks  AM/FM radio, radial tires $5500  firm. 886-7091 #43  1978 GMC PU heavy duty '/i ton  350 cu. in. eng. radio, burglar  alarm, auto transmission, tinted  glass, undercoated, heavy duty  bumpers, BF Goodrich all terrain  Ta's, 21,000 miles, as new  condition. 886-9797 eves.       #43  '75 Ford F-100 Supercab, Ranger  XI.T. F.G. Canopy, new rebuilt  trans., new brakes, radial tires,  dual tanks. Priced for quick sale  at $4900. 886-8505 #44  1976 Dodge Monaco. Good  transportation. Asking $14001  Phone 886-8101 #42  1967 Malibu Chev. stn. wgit  $400.886-2458 #4J  1967 Bug, less than 51,000 -.ile��.  No rust, lady driver, good di-  pendable  transportation   $1500.  886-7204 #42  1978 Datsun B210, new pain^  radials and clutch $2500 OBO.  886-2653 or 886-9428 #42  1976 Dodge Reefer Van, gov;;  insp., good condition, set up for  delivery or peddling licences arid  permits. 886-2688 #42  1980 Chev Van on warranty, 1  cyl. automatic, PS & PB, heav}'  duty sus., radials, 3500 kmj  Ph. 886-8483 #45  '69 Dart swinger 340-4 bbl, 4  speed turbo charged, custom in��.  Craig stereo. Many other parts.  Asking $3000 firm. Car mint  Ph. 885-9564 #44  1970 Caddy Coupe de Ville-j  good condition. Suzanne 885-  329S #42  Winter comfort! 1974 Volvo SW  Michelins & snows, good shape'.  $3100.885-3881 #42  74 Dodge Charger PS/PB, V-8  automatic, good cond. $2100.  Ph. 885-9997 #42  RENT-A-CAR  RENT-A-TRUCK  1980 1-TON TRUCK  c/w 12' VAN  1960 F-250  3/4 TON PICK-UP  1980 FAIRMONTS  1980 MUSTANGS  New 5 ton truck. 22'  Box.   Hydraulic   tailgate.  DAILY WEEKLY  MONTHLY  COMPETITIVE RATES  ���ABBA���  SOUTH COAST FORD  885-3281  CLASSIFIED NOTE  Drop  oM yout CoasI Ne*  Classified   at   Campbell  Family   Shoes    Sechelt.   o  Centre   Hardware.   Madeir, Automotlue  Marine  iaEE33gEnaEa  ALL MAKE SERUICE  Brakes, Tune-ups  Major Repairs  Reasonable Prices  SOUTH CtAST  FORI) SAI.KS LT��  Houra ol Service  7:30 am. - 5 pm. 885-3281  i__________m  Marine  24' Sangster, everything but  radar, $14,500. Consider trade  14' Spring Bock 883-2410       #42  18' fiber form, 85 h. Johnson.  EZ load trailer. 885-9858 after  3:30. #42  Marine used eqpt: oil stoves,  12 V anchor drum, sptlgt.,  S. Sink, Pumps, Lights, Ballast,  Controls, Cable, S.S. Tubing.  886-7891 eves. #42  Daysailor, ISWi3W, Bolger  designed Chesapeake Sharpie  "Susanne", leeboard, spruce  mast, dacron sail. $950.00.  886-7891 eves. #42  Boat. 22' 1972 Fibreform Hard-  top - sport-yak ��� G.H. motor - 2  extra props - new 16S Merc motor  new leg - lots of extras. $7200. Ph  886-20% #42  14 ft. fibreglass runabout, 40  hp Evinrude, trailer. $1200.  885-3156 #42  ian Morrow & co. ltd.  Marine Surveyors, condition and  detail surveys for Evaluation.  Surveys for insurance claims.  Phone 886-2433, 886-9458.  T.F.N.'  .: : s-: : , a ���   Dock space for small boats,  Gibsons Harbour. Gordon Agencies 885-2013 #42  HIGGS MARINE  SURVEYS LTD.  Insurance claims, condition and  valuation surveys. Serving the  Sunshine Coast and B.C. Coastal  Waters. Phone: 885-9425, 885-.  9747, 885-3643, 886-9546. T.F.N.'  1974 Correct Craft fully equipped  for charter fishing. $20,000 or  best offer. Phone 885-2232     #42  14' fiberglass Boat, 1969, 35 hp  Evinrude outboard, 2 hp Spirit  outboard, trailer, various accessories. $1900.886-7052      #43  1975 -19 foot Glassply HT OMC  165 hp FWC IB/OB, new canvas.  Offers. Phone 462-9302 or 885-  3816 #43  32' "C" lie. Gillnetter. "Do-  Much" 55 chan. VHF. 23 chan.  CB. Flasher sounder. 170 HB  Ford gas eng. Sp. 100 fuel 40  gal. water drum, chain steering,  8 tr. stereo, head, skiff. Asking  $17,000. Gibsons. 886-2631    #43  14' Deep Vee Mirrocraft "Fish,  erman" 1978 20 hp Merc. Custom  canvas cover and trailer. All in  good condition. $2200. 885-3795  #44  16' Dory Canoe. Good condition.  A steal at $250 with paddles.  885-2672 #44  Buying  Selling  Moving  or  Just Dreaming  The Sunshine Coast  REALTOR  will help you do it.  Available at  Realty offices.  B.C. Vuhon  AUTO MECHANICS. Datsun  dealership requires two Journeymen Mechanics. Import and  domestic experience preferred.  Good wages, benefits, conditions.  Location Powell River, B.C. Call  Rob 483-3965 after 6 p.m.      #42  TRUCK MOUNTED LOADERS  AVAILABLE. Barko 140 BOC 32"  360 degree NCR Grapple. Husky  125 BOC 42" Grapple. 980 Cat  Weldco #35 Grapple ROPS 60%  tires, brakes, torque transmission  rebuilt. Dyco 166 on Skagit 2  axle carrier, 453 G.M. L.H. boom,  guarded cab. Two Drott 40's  Grapple machines on rubber.  Best offer. Jack MacLeod 254-  5411 or 524-6469 #42  90 TONS GRASS HAY $65 per ton  in field. Less for 10-plus ton  order. 3 trailer axles and hitch  $400. Weaner pigs. Phone 442-  2062 Grand Forks, B.C. #42  CUT SHOWER HOT WATER  COSTS 65%. Complete device,  installs easily in minutes. No decrease in flow or temperature.  Satisfaction guaranteed. $19.95  postpaid. Contact Alternatives  Unlimited, RR#1 Grand Forks,  B.C.V0H1H00 #42  MANAGER AND WIFE, 20 years  experience, available for Motor  Inn/Motel. Contact Johnson,  Tantalus Lodge, Whistler, B.C.  VON 1B0. Phone 932-4146 Monday-Friday. Mornings only.    #42  HEALTH FOOD STORE FOR  SALE. Doing $8,000.00 per  month, stock and equipment  $45,000.00. Will consider partial  trade of land or truck. Phone  567-2818 or 567-9467 evenings.  #43  GENERATORS: Lister 6.5 kw  11/220 v. 6-912 Deutz 60kw  Stamford Generator 40 kw 1  phase 120/280 v. 40 kw 3 phase  208/480 v. Compressors: Ingersol  Rand 315 CFM. Gardner Denver  36Scfm/Phone 847-3544        #42  B.C. vuhon  885-9345  CAMpbell's  FAMILY SHOES  and  LEATHER GOODS  "IN THE HEART OF  DOWNTOWN  SECHELT"  Deadline       _f     Deadline 12:00 Noon Fridays  12:00 Noon Saturday ^Classifieds should be prepaid and pre-wrltten  HARDWARE  & GIFTS  PENDER HARBOUR CENTER  MADEIRA PARK  883-9914  Your friendly neighbourhood drop-off  points for CQAf T MV I  Classified Ads  CLASSIFIED ADVERTISING  Copyright and  Advertising  Regulations  The Sunshine Coast News  reserves the right to classify  advertisements under appropriate headings and determine  page location. The Sunshine  Coast News also reserves the  right to revise or reject any  advertising which in the opinion  of the Publisher is in questionable taste. In the event that  any advertisement is rejected,  the sum paid for the advertisement will be refunded.  Minimum $2.50 per 4 line insertion. Each  additional line 50C, or use our economical 3  weeks for the price of 2 rate. This offer is made  available for private individuals.  THE FOLLOWING CLASSIFICATIONS  ARE FREE  Birth Announcements, Lost and Found  No billing or telephone orders are accepted  except from customers who have accounts with  us or who live outside the Sunshine Coast.  Cash, cheques or money orders must accompany  all classified advertising.  CLASSIFIED DEADLINE  NOON SATURDAY  ALL FEES PAYABLE  PRIOR TO INSERTION.  Please mail to Coast News, Classifieds,  Box 460, Gibsons, B.C. VON 1V0.  Or bring in person to  the Coast News Office in Gibsons.  CLASSIFICATION:  Eg. For Sale, For Rent, etc.  _i_  -  t  :         - :                 i  In  D  SERVICE MANAGER - Mike  Finneron Pontiac Buick, Courtenay, B.C. requires Service  Manager. This rapidly growing  dealership sells 3-400 new units  per year and requires a manager  with mechanical background.  Successful applicant will have  manager/foreman experience  with CM. Dealership; will be  familiar with their systems.  Salary negotiable. Courtenay is in  the Comox Valley, 140 miles  north of Victoria. Boating in  summer, skiing in winter, golf  year round are only a few benefits  of living in this community.  Replies will be held in strictest  confidence. Resumes to: Personnel, attention President, Mike  Finneron, Pontiac Buick Ltd., 250  North Island Highway, Courtenay, B.C. V9N3PI. #42  GMC DEALERSHIP in Drayton  Valley, Alberta requires H.D.  truck parts person or experienced  parts person. Wages depending  on experience. Good company  benefits. Cail Parts Manager  collect, 542-5443 #42  JUNIOR REPORTER for ex-  panding community newspaper In  choice Kootenay location. Typing  skills and basic experience  necessary. Intelligence and initiative more important than formal  training. Send resume to: Creston  Advance, Box 1279 Creston, B.C.  V0B1G0 #42  BUYING OR SELLING A MO-  BILE HOME? For information on  homes throughout B.C. call  Tom Smith collect 585-3622. "The'  Wheelestate People", 13647  100th Avenue, Surrey, B.C. V3T  1H9.DL6747 #42  VEGETABLES! GARDINER'S  FARM. Winter storing potatoes,  onions, carrots etc. ready now.  Everyone welcome, 7 days a  week. Farm located at 1697564th  Ave., Cloverdale, B.C. V3S 1Y2.  Phone 574-5980 .   #45  FOR SALE - MACHINE SHOP in  Port McNeil, North Vancouver  Island. Write File 67, c/o Box 458  Port Hardy, B.C. VON 2P0      #42  FLYING DUTCHMAN Mode 'a'  gold sluice boxes. Turns every  miner into a winner. 96% recovery of gold, silver and platinum. Mercury all stays in sluice  boxes. First time in history.  A sluice box that is more accurate  than a gold pan. Average 10 yards  per day. Industrial built, also can  be used as a gold concentrator.  Model 'B' 20-25 yards per day.  Phone Flying Dutchman Gold  Mining Equipment, Abbotsford,  B.C. 859-5490 #42  100 SEAT FULLY LICENSED res-  taurant in British Columbia's  most progressive city. Downtown  Revelstoke, B.C. next to Trave-  lodge. Priced right. Country  Kitchen, General Delivery, Revelstoke, B.C. #42  FOR SALE $25,000. Established  family Hobby-Art Supply business. Good location in sunny  Okanagan. Further information  D. McLeod, Box 795, Summer-  land, B.C. V0H1Z0.494-9432 #42  REGISTERED ENGLISH Sprin-  ger spaniels liver and white.  Sire Dam imported from U.K.  Excellent bird dogs and pets.  Many field trial champions in  pedigree. Phone 593-4387      #42  COMPUWRITER I typesetter  with 16 font strips, 5 width cards,  full set of gears and pulleys.  As new. $5,000. Phone Scriveners  687-0135 #42  REMBRANDT HOTEL.Down-  town Vancouver. Weekly and  monthly rates. Modern high-rise.  200 view rooms, kitchens, close  to everything. Phone toll free  800-663-9533. 1160 Davie Street,  Vancouver, B.C. V6E1N1.     #42  Experienced fourth reporter  wanted immediately for B.C.  interior bi-weekly. Car essential.  Salary negotiable. Send resume  and sample work to Editor,  Cariboo Observer, Box 4460,  Quesnel, B.C. V2J3J4. #42  TRAPPERS SUPPLIES - TRAPS  AND SNARES: Write for free  catalogue. Steel and galvanized  snares, lures, books. Prompt  service. Hoffman Trapping Supplies Ltd., Boi 805, Russell,  Manitoba. Phone (204) 773-2270  #42  WE REQUIRE CERTIFIED HAIR  dressers for expanding Unisex  Salon business in Castlegar, B.C.  Write: Castlegar Hair Annex,  1241 3rd Street, Castlegar.  B.C. V1N 1Z6. Phone 365-3744  #42  PYM IS COMING. We need  smart, aware ladies to organize  and distribute exciting Pym  products. Excellent remuneration  Interviews in your area soon-  Apply to: Mr. Moore. Pym Perfumes Ltd., RR#4 Ladysmith.  B.C. V0R 2E0 #42  <���� siueMix . 'PH Mi4oN  B.C. Vuhon  SKIDDER: JD440C 700 hours.  $13,500 down and take over  payments (two years left). Phone  Jim 956-4978 evenings. #42  FIRE ENGINE TANK PUMPER.  850 GPM. Hoses l-l'/i-2>/i.  Good operating condition. La  France model. Complete ready  to go. $6,500. Call collect  498-3656 Oliver after 6 p.m. #42   1   HOUSEWIVES ARE RESPONSIBLE for 75% of our business.  If $8-510 hourly interests you,  write Fuller Brush, c/o T. Diamond, 5501-47A Ave., Delta,  B.C.V4K3P2 #42  1980 580C LOADER HOE; 1969  Chev S/A dump, 1975 3/4 ton  Ford. Phone 378-5203 Merritt,  B.C. #42  URINE-ERASE SAVES CAR-  PETSI Guarantees removal dog,  cat, human urine stains, odours  from carpets! Free brochure.  Dept. A, Reidell Chemicals  Ltd., Box 7500 London, Ont.  N5Y4X8 #42  MAKE MONEY IN YOUR spare  time. Learn Income Tax Preparation. For Free Brochure, no  obligation, write U&R Tax  School, 1245 Pembina Hwy.,  Winnipeg, Manitoba R3T 2B6 #42  THOMPSON VALLEY HERE-  FORD CLUB "Breed Improver  Sale" October 25 KXA Kamloops. Show 9 a.m. Sale 1 p.m.  80 select Herefords, bulls and  heifers, polled and homed, bred  heifers and calves. Your chance to  see some of the top Hereford  cattle. Further information contact M. Ruby 379-2329 or Carol  Hoover 835-4605 #42  SINGLE? HUMAN CONTACT  offers modern methods of dating  based on computer and personal  analysis. You choose where and  who you like to date. $2 exclusive  questionnaire or free info: B4  818-16 Ave. N.W., Calgary,  Alberta T2M OKI #42  MILLIONAIRE PEN. Send your  full name and complete address  along with $5.00 and we will  mail you a beautiful writing pen  that has the appearance of  "brushed gold". Guaranteed in  writing for 5 years. Pen is perfect for own use or very  excellent for Christmas presents  at 5 pens for $20.00. Money  returned if not completely satisfied. This offer open to December  20th, 1980. Write today to:  Outtrim Distributors, General  Delivery, 349 West Georgia St.,  Vancouver, B.C. V6B 3A0.     #42  Coast News, October 21, 1980  17  Legal  Legal  Legal  Property  Acreage or Building Lot required,  will consider Langdale to Redrooffs area, no agents. Please  telephone 886-7216 evenings #42  Gower Pt. Rd. Spacious 4 bdrm.,  masonry fireplace, patio, huge  sundeck, rec. room, workshop,  laundry rm., large kitchen, plenty  of cupboards, built-in dishwasher. $65,000.886-7113     #43  ROBERTS CREEK  New 1,100 sq. ft. house on large  lot, three bedrooms with ensuite  off master, fireplace, carport,  close to school, store & beach.  $63,900. By owner. 885-5489  #43  West Bay Gambier Island spa-  cious3bdrm., 1176 sq.ft. country  bungalow on 1 acre. Semi-waterfront $50,000.886-2027 #43  For Sale by Owner, 3 bedroom  view home in Davis Bay, full  basement, sauna, SW exposure,  close to school, beach and wharf.  F.P. $89,500.885-9403 #44  WANTED: 1-2 acres undeveloped  land, power available, accessible,  in Saltery Bay or Earl's Cove  area. Will be in area in November. A.H. Woolsey, 15714  89A Ave., Edmonton, Alberta.  T5R4T2 #43  SCHOOL DISTRICT  NO. 46  (SUNSHINE COAST)  The information required to be published  PURSUANT TO THE  PROVISIONS OF Sections S, T and U of the  Public Bodies Financial Information Act,  covering the 1979 calendar year, is now  available for inspection  at the School Board  office, 1490 South Fletcher Road, Gibsons,  B.C., by those interested.  R, Mills,  Secretary-  Treasurer,  P.O. Box 220,  Gibson, B.C.  VON 1V0  Property  "Roberts creak"  1/2 Acre level lot  Centrally Located  Between Store &  School & Picnic  Site  886-2970  No Agents Please  SUNSHINE COAST  REGIONAL DISTRICT  NOTICE OF  PUBLIC HEARING  Subdivision Regulation Amendment  By-Law No. 103.26  Pursuant to sections 720 and 814 of the Municipal  Act, R.S.B.C. 1979, a public hearing will be held to  consider the following proposed by-law of the  Sunshine Coast Regional District. All persons who  believe their interest in property is affected by the  proposed by-law shall be afforded an opportunity to  be heard on matters contained therein  By-law No. 103.26 will amend the provisions of the D  subdivision zone of Subdivision Regulation By-law  No. 103, 1975 by deleting the minimum parcel size  requirement of 2 ha (4.9 acres). All subdivision of  land within the D zone must henceforth conform to  the regulations established by the Provincial  Agricultural Land Commission  The public hearing will be held in the Regional  District Board Room at 7:30 pm. on Friday,  November 7, 1980  The above is a synopsis of proposed By-law 103.26  and is not deemed to be an interpretation thereof.  This proposed by-law may be inspected at the  Regional District office, 1248 Wharf Street, Sechelt.  B.C. during office hours; namely Monday to  Wednesday, 8:30 am. to 4:00 pm. and Thursday and  Friday, 8:30 am. to 5:45 pm.  Sunshine Coast Regional District  Box 800,  Sechelt, B.C. VON 3A0  (604) 885-2261  L. Jardine  Secretary-Treasurer  October 21,1980  VLASSIFIEB ADS  $75,000.  DOLLARS CASH  I am a widow searching for a  small well-cared for home in  the Gibsons area with a nice  garden, not too secluded  and with a glorious view.  The house I want is right  on the waterfrorit or within  hearing distance of the sea.  I would appreciate hearing  from anyone who thinks  they have the home I am  looking for.  Please write to me at Box  1215, Gibsons.  Mrs. H. Johnstone  For Sale by Owner  WATERFRONT  PROPERTY  66' x 940' in  Roberts Creek  2 bedroom house  plus  1 bedroom revenue  cottage.  ��� Electric heat  ��� Fireplaces  ��� City Water  To view by appointment  886-2S54  Owner: (112) 433-0192  OCEAN VIEW HOME  For Sale by Owner  Three bedroom on Chaster Road, on 90 foot by 180  loot lot in Gibsons. 1500 sq. feet custom built with  many extras, with two fireplaces. Two bedroom  800 sq. loot rental suite with fireplace in the  basement. Terms available. Phone 885-3869.  SUNSHINE COAST  REGIONAL DISTRICT  NOTICE OF  PUBLIC HEARING  Land Use Regulation Amendment  By-Law No. 96.60  Subdivision Regulation Amendment  By-Law No. 103.29  Pursuant to sections 720 and 814 of the Municipal  Act, R.S.B.C. 197S, a public hearing will be held to  consider the following proposed by-laws of the  Sunshine Coast Regional District. All persons who  believe their interest in property is affected by the  proposed by-laws shall be afforded an opportunity  to be heard on matters contained therein.  The property designated in the proposed by-laws is  legally described as Block A (Explanatory Plan  9589), D.L. 1473, Plan 3659 and it is located on the  west side of Porpoise Bay, north of the Village of  Sechelt boundary. A residential subdivision of 86  lots has been proposed for this 48.6 ha (120 acres)  site.  By-law No. 96.60 will amend the zoning map of Land  Use Regulation By-law No. 96, 1974 by designating  the subject property as a Residential 1 - R1 land use  zone. The use of land, buildings and structures will  be restricted to residence, excluding mobile homes:  home occupation; civic use and public service.  By-law No. 103.29 will amend the zoning map of  Subdivision Regulation By-law No 103, 1975 by  designating the subject property as a G subdivision  zone. The average size ol parcels created within a G  zone cannot be less than 0.5 ha (1 2 acres) and the  minimum parcel size is 0 2 ha (0 5 acres).  The public nearing will be held in Ihe Regional  District Board Room at 7:30 pm. on Friday.  November 7, 1980.  The above is a synopsis of proposed By-law Nos.  96.60 and 103.29 and is not deemed to be an  interpretation thereof These proposed by-laws may  be inspected at the Regional District office, 1248  Wharf Street, Sechelt, B.C during office hours:  namely Monday to Wednesday 8:30 am to 4:00 pm  and Thursday and Friday, 8:30 am. to 5:45 pm  Sunshine Coast Regional District  Box 800,  Sechelt. B.C. VON 3A0  (604) 885-2261  L. Jardine  Secretary-Treasurer  October 21, 1980 Coast News. October 21, 1980  Common cold is still incurable  bv John Shaske BSc (Pharm)  There is no cure for the  cold, only medication which  lessens the severity of the cold  while it runs its course.  Ingredients found in cold  products include antihistamines, decongestants, analgesics and cough syrups.  Anli-histaniines (diphenhydramine, brompheniramine,  chlorpheniramine) cause some  "drying" effect in people with  runny noses. Sedation is very  common and people driving or  operating machinery should  avoid ihis class of drugs.  If Ihe nose is congested  topical decongestants are used  (vlometazoline, otrlvan (R)  or phenylephrine, ncosvne-  phrinc). Kiev constrict the  hliHsl How lo Ihe nose allowing  shrinkage  of  Ihe   engorged  Help Wanted  waitress  wanted  Apply in person  lo Cedars Inn, Gibsons  between  11:30 am. & 1 pm.  Legal  Province ol  l British Columbia  NOTICE INVITING  APPLICATIONS  FOR TIMBER SALE  LICENCE A14557  '���   ���    .I ii ������ Foresl Act  : '��� i ders will be   .."l   h/   the   Re-  : i al Manager Van-  ivei up to 1 p m on  N /embei 10 1980 lor  i ' n bei Sale Licence  : ilhonze the harvesting of 80 cubic  n i Ires of dead and  d iwn cedar, locaied  Carlson Creek. New  Westminster Land District  Term 2 years  Bids can be accepted  only from small busi-  i e s enterprises, as  defined in the Regulations  Applications lor registration under the small  business program and  details of the proposed  Timber Sale Licence  may be obtained from  the Ri gional Manager,  B C Forest Service.  631-355 Burrard St.  Vancouver B C V6C  2HI. or the District  Manager. Box 4000  Sechelt. B.C VON3A0  Province ol  Bnlisti Columbia  Anyone knowing the  thereabouts of the next-  l-kii     ol    RICHARD  CHILDS who was born in  ���  Ion  England on Oc-  tobei   30   1894.  son ol  B!   Childs and  Eliza  Childs Inee Brown) kin-  : .      ��� lacl -  PUBLIC TRUSTEE.  File �� 531392  Attention: A.A. Bolvln  BOO Hornby Street  Vancouver. BC  V6Z 2E5  mucous membranes, promoting drainage and relieving  the stuffy feeling. They should  be used for no more than 3-4  days or congestion can occur  even though the cold has  gone.  Sprays are the easiest to  use. They should be administered with the patient in  the standing or sitting position. Squeeze the bottle  once in each nostril.  Nose drops are more convenient to administer to  children especially under six  years of age. The person  should be lying down with the  head lower than the shoulders. After the drops are  administered, the person  should breathe through the  mouth and remain lying down  for five minutes.  An alternative to topical  decongestants are oral decongestants (phenylephrine,  Dimetapp   (R)   or   pseudo-  ephedrine, Sudafed (R),  Eltor 120 (R)). Oral decongestants last longer than  topical decongestants but they  do not give as pronounced  an effect as the topical decongestants. Patients with  high blood pressure, overactive thyroid, diabetes or  heart disease should use these  products only on the advice  of a physician or pharmacist.  As the cold progresses a  cough can develop. Coughing  can help dispel the accumulation of phlegm (productive  cough). A cough can also be  an irritation to the throat  (non productive).  Expectorants (ammonium  chloride, Benylin (R), or  guaifenesin, Kobitussin (R))  are useful to facilitate the  removal of phlegm. Increased  fluid intake and a vaporizer  will also help.  The addition of codeine or  dextromethoraphen will make  the cough suppressant useful in dry nagging coughs.  Throat lozenges are used  primarily to relieve some of  the pain associated with sore  throats. They usually contain  an antibacterial agent in  combination with a local  anesthetic. There are many  brands on the market that are  equally effective. Gargling  with warm salt water or a  mouthwash will also decrease discomfort.  Cold Facta.  1) A cold will last  seven days in spite of medication used. If it continues  over seven days contact your  doctor.  2) Read the medication label  carefully to refresh your  memory as to what the pharmacist instructed you to do.  3) In addition to medication,  rest, drink plenty of fluids and  eat nutritional food.  '"'      ��� '.     �����:!: ..  V  '  1"-1  EDGEMONT DESIGN  is coming to  Gibsons  Need to recover the gift of wonder  1 illle  l)C  (  ������\pi  miblinp. about  .nit! aging arc eloquent!)  C~M.ll  In all likelihood, hisanieism  iv shared b\ inillmm nl others  who also \icw existence un a  slinking rubbish heap. Hut  there is such a thing .I'll .msloi niation.  I hi   instance,  in I in  Scotland, tlies grow 40-poun  cabbages. S-liuil delphinium  and roses thai liloom in il  snow!   Something  magical  miing en at this funnel uihbi*  in.  p! 1 here  s ,i manifestation  spiritual  light  and   powei  re  that  has astounded  esiigating  skeptics  lie's was  iiiuks cm lead us  Legal  Province of  British  Columbia  Ministry of  Forests  NOTICE INVITING  APPLICATIONS  FOR TIMBER SALE  LICENCE A13244  Pursuant to Section  16(1) ofthe Forest Act.  sealed tenders will be  received by the Regional Managerat Vancouver, up to 1:00 p.m  on November 10. 1980.  for a Timber Sale Licence lo authorize the  harvesting of 480 cubic  metres of dead and  down cedar, located  West of Steelhead PL.  Salmon Inlet. New  Westminster Land District  Term: 2 years  Bids can be accepted  only from small business enterprises, as  defined in the Regulations.  Applications for registration under the small  business program and  details of the proposed  Timber Sale Licence  may be obtained Irom  the Regional Manager.  B C Forest Service.  631-355 Burrard St.,  Vancouver. B C V6C  2H1 or the District  Manager, B C Forest  Service. Box 4000, Sechelt. BC  VON 3AO  Take note that application has been made to the  Motor Carrier Commission for an increase in tariff  rates Changes may be examined at the office of the  applicant Subject to the consent of the Motor  Carrier Commission, the proposed effective date is  Dec  1   1980  Any obiections may be filed with the Superintendent of Motor Carrier. 4240 Manor St.. Burnaby.  V5G 3X5. on or before Nov   15. 1980  VILLAGE TAXI LTD.  Box 1037  Gibsons, B.C.  VON 1V0  down a thornj garden path.  Painful baths do not make us  amenable lo poetic platitudes.  bin I .un reminded "I Robert  Browning's reference to "the  grand Perhaps." In concert  with hope eternal expressed.  Main Emerson l-'osdick opined "as long as you try to bean  agnostic, ib.it "grand Perhaps"  will haunt you!"  I hoinas V I dison once  remarked: "we don't know the  millionth pan el I', about  anything." I hat's not so long  age. Despite mil technological  acceleration, ami sophisticated  know-how. I doubt that anyone has assembled all those  millions nl missing parts in the  interim  Judgement is preina-  inii  I leeen  I,inn. ne  I leads le IL:  nd al lll.it'  William In  ���d b\  I lie eininleileit  surprise, surely, that  he almost seventy - knew  something about the so-called  "Golden Years." But he had an  experie.ncc that provided evidence about life's Golden  I bread: "I was in a slate of  quiet, all at once, without  warning of any kind. I found  myself wrapped in a flame-  coloured cloud." It resulted in a  sense of exultation, immense  ioyousness. an intellectual  illumination impossible to  describe! James would most  assuredK not he resigned lo  ain "eternity in the grave"  concept. His consciousness al  ihe lime was such that lie  k \ I \\ that he possessed  eternal life then!  We need In recover t he gift ol  wonder. Behind the counterfeit  isilklsl \l Were it not .so. thc  bogus balderdash could not  make ils spurious claim, Auni-  en  "I cc Bee"  New Westniinstei  Legal  Legal  L.620,3  IHWlLl  ���k  1_  1 PQoposEo  a i   zokie.  r?l394,;>  /  ,M  SUNSHINE COAST  REGIONAL DISTRICT  NOTICE OF  PUBLIC HEARING  Land Use Regulation Amendment  By-Law No. 96.62  Pursuant to sections 720 and 814 of the Municipal  Act. R.S.B.C. 1979, a public hearing will be held to  consider the following proposed by-law of the  Sunshine Coast Regional District. All persons who  believe their interest in property is affected by the  proposed by-law shall be afforded an opportunity to  be heard on matters contained therein.  By-law No 96 62 will amend the zoning map of Land  Use Regulation By-law No 96, 1974 by designating  the eastern portion of D.L. 2394 as a Residential 1 -  R1 land use zone. The sub|ect properties are within  the area locally referred to as Sunshine Bay Estates.  The use of land, buildings and structures will be  restricted to residence (excluding mobile homes),  home occupation, civic use and public service.  The public hearing will be held in the Regional  District Board Room at 7:30 pm. on Friday.  November 7, 1980.  The above is a synopsis of proposed By-law No.  96 62 and is not deemed to be an interpretation  thereof. This proposed by-law may be inspected at  the Regional District office, 1248 Wharf Street,  Sechelt, B.C. during office hours: namely Monday  to Wednesday, 8:30 am. to 4:00 pm. and Thursday  and Friday, 8:30 am. to 5:45 pm.  Sunshine Coast Regional District  Box 800.  Sechelt. B.C. VON 3A0  (604) 885-226,1  L. Jardine,  Secretary-Treasurer  October 21,1980  YOUR AUTOPLAN  CENTRE  Taking care of  all your Real Estate Needs  Seaside Plaza Evenings Call  886-2000    Norm Peterson Dennis Suveges  886-9121    886-2607(Res.)or 886-7264 (Res.)  Centre  in Sechelt  preventatives from the district  come to sec the new facilities  Ihe former Sechelt Ranger  Station at Wharf Road and  Highway I0I will now he used  as a warehouse for Sechelt  Forest District. Madeira Park  facility will continue as a base  for Forest Service marine  equipment.  Employees ofthe B.C. l-oresl Service have got fresh smiles about  working in new premises ofthe Sechelt lores! District in teredo  Square, Sechell. Irom left. Resource Assistant, l'eter lre��.  Draftsperson ( oro Dyanne and Resource Assistant, Richard  Karnshaw. The 111,000 square feel of office space was officiallv  opened this week.  New Forest  opens  The objective of moving  Forest Service activity, administration and decision making closer to the scene ol field  work look another step toward  actuality this week with the  opening of the new Sechelt  Forest District headquarters in  I credo Square. Sechelt. Staff  Irom former Ranger stations at  Madeira Park and Sechelt are  now centered here as are  I oiestrv Crew members. Scalers who were previously located al (iibsons arc also part  ol ihe new district group.  "Much has been said and  written about the re-organization of the corporate structure of our Ministry", said  District Manager Barrie Custance. but, Ihe assembling here  of all services connected with  our district activity is tangible  ev idence of ihe progress of that  program."  "Our objective is to have  decisions concerning the administering ol ihe Foresl Act be  made here or in a Field Office,  as much as possible", he  explained. "This should be  more efficient and effective,  since it will cut down on the  instances when we have lo pass  items up and down the management chain between the District, the Regional Office and  our Head Office."  The mayor of Sechelt, His  Worship, Bud Koch officiated  at the informal gathering  on Wednesday morning when  business and community re-  Chimney  Cleaning  & Maintenance  Phone 886-7411 or  886-8023  ALWAYS AVAILABLE /"I  Our Skill and ( _  Knowledge    v  [FOR ONE STOP SHOPPING]  Leave yuur prescnption  and do the rest of your  Shopping in the Mall or  Phone in Advance &  we will have it ready.  We hive a complete  PATIENT RECORD PUN  for your protection end  convenience.  -We will mail out  vour prescriptions  the same day il you  cannot call for them.  think you lor your patroniie  BOB GRANT   ED FOCKLER ,  I 886-7213 J  IBSQNS        SUWWYCRtST Wt  UlESTERn DRUG IT1HRT  ���winurrouuair'  Can  FBDB help  you?  Financial assistance  Management counselling  Management training  Information on government  programs for business  Wednesday, October 29th  one of our representatives will be at  BELLA BEACH MOTEL  Sechelt tel: 885-9561  It you require llnanclng to start, modernize or  expand your business and are unable to  obtain It elsewhere on reasonable terms and  conditions or If you are Interested In the  FBDB management services of counselling  and training or wish Information on  government programs available for your  usiness, talk to our representative.  c  FEDERAL  BUSINESS  DEVELOPMENT BANK  145 West 15th Street, 980-6571  North Vancouver, B.C.  Opening new doors to small business.  Haltmoon Bav  STOVES  Welded Steel Airtights  886-2906  Custom work done.  VLASSIFIED ADS  f^K-.  Sponsored as a Public Service by the Coast News  NOTE: Early announcements wilt be run once, (hen must be resubmitted to run again, no more lhan one month prior to the  event.  St. Aidan's Fall Bazaar  Saturday. October 25 2* 4 pm Admission Si OOCommunity Hall  . Hall Road  Gibsons Hospital Auxiliary - Aloha Luncheon  Gibsons United Chinch Hall, November 14, 19B0  11 30 am  la  t 30 pm Tickets $4 50  Working Women's Luncheon  Thursday, Oct  23 at The Heron  12-1 pm Reservations 886-  9924 Pari ot the Sunshine Coast Womens Program o-\2  Dinner wilh Dave Barrett  Friday. Nov 7th  Roberts Creek Hall. 6 30-7 00 pm Happy Hour.  7 30-900 pm  Dinner. $1500 Single. S25 00 Couple Tickets  available at NDP Bookstore - Gibsons. Sunshine Coast T V  Sechell Seaview Markel - Roberts Creek  Senior Citizen's Christmas Bazaar  Senior Citizen's Hall Sechelt Saturday Nov 1,1 30-4 pm Free  Admission  Soccer For Children  . Boys and Girls 6 - 9 yrs old are invited to turn out tor soccer every  Salurday al Gibsons Elementary School Irom 10 to 11 am No  special clothing or equipment is required  Rummage Sale  Western Weight Controllers' No 16 Rummage Sale. Catholic  Church Hall, Sechell. Thursday Oct 23rd. 10 a m - noon  Harmony Hall - O.A.P.O. Events  Geneial Meetings held tsl Mondays ol the monlh at 2 pm Carpet  Bowling - every Wednesday at 1 pm , Social & Bingo - 2nd & 3rd  Mondays at 2 pm . Public Bingo starts Nov 6lh every Thursday a!  7 45 pm. Pot Luck Suppers - lasl Saturdays at 6 pm For  information phone 886-7685 TFN  Duplicate Bridge  Starling  October   7.   1980  at   7 30 sharp at Sunshine Coast  Goll Club. 1st and 3rd Tuesdays ol each month   For further  information contact Phyllis Hoops. 886-2575  Gibsons Tot Lot  Tot lol every Fn ,9:30- 11 30am in Gibsons Uniled Church Hall  Parents with children 0 - 3 yrs are welcome For further inlo call  Eileen at 886-9411  Holy Land Tour  Leaving Nov 3rd lor 15 days For into phone 886-2660     TFN  "Body Newness" Workshop  Movement to music for older women Every Wednesday Irom 10  a.m. lo 11 am , beginning Ocl  1st at Harmony Hall Instructor  Verity Purdy  Western Weight Controllers  Now meet every Thursday at 1 pm in the Armours Beach Athletic  Hall. Gibsons and in the Sechell Elementary School, Thursdays  at 7 pm New members welcome 885-3795  Elphinstone Pioneer Museum  The new hours are Irom 2 - 4 pm on Saturdays or lor special  appointment phone 886-9981. or 886-9340 TFN  Bingo  Sechelt Reserve Hall   Sunday October 5lh.  1980   and every  Sunday following   Early birds 7 pm   S'OO Prize  Proceeds lo  assist under privileged families TFN  Piano Lessons  Intensive eight week Piano Course by Susan Elek for adult  beginners  Please call Art Centre 885-5412  Sechelt Garden Club  Sechelt Garden Club Meetings First Wednesdays 7.30 pm al St  Hildas Hall, Sechelt  Square Dancing  The Country Stars Square Dancers  Gibsons United Church  every Friday 8 to 11 pm  Round Dancing Elphinstone School  Wednesdays 8 lo 10 pm Beginners Classes lor more information  886-8027 or 886-9540  Roberts Creek Hospital Auxiliary  Second Monday ol each month    11 am St Aidan's Hall  Roberts Creek Legion ��� Ladles Auxiliary  The Legion Ladies Auxiliary Fall Bazaar i5lhol November, Irom  11 am til 3 pm  in ihe Legion Hall in Roberts Creek TFN  Sunshine Lapidary & Cralt Club  Club meets 1st Wednesday every monlh al 7 30 p m   Fo' information phone 885-2375 or 886-9204 tfn  Sunshine CoasI Arts Council  Regular meeling 4th Tuesday ol every month at 7 30 p m at Ihe  Arts Cenler in Sechelt ' f N  Thrift Shop  Every Friday, 1���3 p rn  Thrift Shop  Gibsons United Church hast-  meni  Al-Anon Meelings  Al-Anon Meetings every Tuesday night   Roberts Creek   For  information call 886-9059 or 88S-9041  Wilson Creek Community Association  Meeting 2nd Monday each monlh at Wilson Creek Hall, 8 00 p m  Al-Anon Meeling  Every Thursday m Gibsons at 8 00 p m   For informalion call 886-  95690'B86-9037  Bargain Barn  The Bargain Barn of the Pender Harbour Health Clinic Auxiliary  is open on Thursday and Saturday afternoons trom i 00 until  Sunshine Coast Navy League ot Canada  Cadets and Wrenettes ages 10 to 13 will again meet Tuesday  nights. 7 00 - 9 00 p.m. United Church Hall. Gibsons New  recruits welcomed  Wllion Creek Community Reading Centre  Open every Friday from 9 30 am - 4 30 p.m For enquiries call  885-9024 Hall rentals call Reg Robinson. 885-9024  Women's Aglow Fellowship  Meet every third Tuesday of the month at Harmony Hall Gibsons  Transportation and Sabysithng available Phone 886-7426 Wildlife  corner  Coast News, October 21, 1980  Anti-freeze dangerous  by Un Corrance  mational circulars from the  forestry, so I thought that I'd  give you a run down on it.  It's a department of the  forestry where you can write  for information.  Here are a couple of examples of the questions  people are asking.  'Is slashburning the only  way to reduce the fire hazard  and prepare logged areas for  reforestation'? and 'Why do  larch trees lose their needles  in the fall'?  If you have any questions,  send them to, Ask About  ForesU, c/o Canadian Forestry Association of B.C.,  #410-1200 West Pender  Street,     Vancouver,     B.C.  Anti-freeze warning  If you arc a skier and enjoy  the cold so much that you find  ways of going fast, just to V6E2S9.  build up thc chill factor, you Which hand to believe  are looking forward to winter. Out  of the  mountain  of  If you are a motorist, you are waste paper from government  out shopping for anti-freeze, sources, there is occasionally  windshield scrapers and frosty something interesting. Such a  quips to mutter at your car in piece came in a couple of  the morning.  Please remember to be  careful when you are filling  your radiator with anti-freeze.  It's good for your car, but it's  death on your pets. For some  weeks ago from the Canadian  tourist board, on ice-fishing in  B.C.  According to the experts  in that department, Kamloops  is the hot spot for eastern  reason animals are attracted' brook  and  Kamloops trout,  to the stuff and will clean up   Information on hotels, gear,  any that is spilled. It may be  tasty, but if you are careless  enough to let this happen,  you'll be in the market for  a new companion.  Ask about the forest  I've been receiving infor-  packed lunches and the best  lakes are noted.  Sounds great, except for a  short news item in the outdoor section of Friday's  Province. 'Provincial sports  fishing lakes are endangered  because of insufficient government funding, says a Kamloops fisheries biologist.'  Apparently one or two trout  lakes are lost each year to  sculpins and other non-game  fish. The cure for this has  been to treat the waters  with rotenone, kill All the fish  and then restock with trout.  Nasty as it sounds, this is  what has been going on.  The price of the poison has  jumped and there is no indication that the provincial  government is going to foot  the bill.  John Cartwright from the  fish and wildlife says that the  lakes will be valueless to the  tourist industry if they cannot  provide sport fishing and this  could happen in five years.  I guess the tourists better  get out on the ice while there  are still fish, or start looking  up some good recipes for  sculpin.  Dog salmon ran  The dog (chum) salmon are  now in the local creeks.  Anderson in Pender is full of  them, there are one or two in  the deeper water above the  bridge at Wilson Creek, I  couldn't see any in Roberts or  Chapman Creeks. Twin  Creeks are the same, although  I heard that they were finning  at the creek mouth. Les Brown  at the Porpoise Bay Campsite  reports that there is as good a  run there as he's ever seen.  Some of the pools have 50 to  60 fish in them. He feels that  the restoration work done by  the fisheries this fall was  successful and the fish are  getting up without too much  trouble.  If you go to have a look  at them, which is worthwhile,  remember that it is illegal to  harm them. Try to be careful  not to disturb them. You  would not like to be disturbed while you are propagating our species and considering they only do it once  in their lifetime, they deserve  to be allowed to get on with it.  Another fool shoots the  bullet  Elsewhere in the paper  I've written about the bear on  Boyle Road that had to be  shot as it was getting into  livestock. I have a photograph  of the dead bear. I would like  a photograph of the idiot that  shot it with a .22 then let it  escape to become a rogue.  I guess it's too much to  expect that a person foolish  enough to take pot shots at  a bear with a low calibre  firearm would feel responsible  enough to report his/her  foolishness to the conservation officer so that he  could act accordingly.  Their rationale for this is  that if the 'bar' is going after  livestock, it might go after a  kid too. In reality what they  want to do is kill something  (hum salmon spawning in Anderson Creck in Pender Harbour,  big to bolster a sagging ego.   animal. It was wounded by  There is no positive proof that  this is the case in this instance, but if it turned out to  be so, I would suggest that  this would be as far as we  have to go to get meat to  bait the next trap.  Bears are a problem, it  would be foolish to say they  are not. We are invading their  territory with our urban  spread and there is bound to  be conflict. Even though last  week's bear killed some livestock and stole feed, I can't  feel it in my heart to blame the  gun shots and left to fend for  itself in any way it could.  Where the flsh are  Up the creeks and that's  about the only place for the  time being. The Hole in the  Wall at Horseshoe Bay is  picking up a bit for winter  springs. There are fish being  taken early in the morning  and about four in the afternoon at the entrance to Secret  Cove and Merrill in Gibsons  says there are a few around  but they are scattered. The  odd coho is still around, but  it's pretty well the tail end  of them. This is also thc tail  end of the fishing reports. If  and when the winter spring  fishing picks up, I'll let you  know.  That's it, my numbers are  886-2622, 886-7817 and 886-  9151 if you want to contact  mc.Ta.  i.:���.���.���.���.���������������������.������������^������������-���.tm-.-_nnm���"'"'"  EXCAVATING I  $5*' Diamond  V Maintenance  Professional Household &��� Commercial (leaning  Floor Stripping Washing & Waxing  Carpet Vacuuming Window (leaning  Call for a tree estimate  886-8552  ��"������ ���-���-- ��������������������� ���������������������������.-������������������-���������-���������-*  J.B. 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Ihe Roberts Creek Settlement Plan,  lias been submitted to Victoria lor the upproval ol ihe Ministry ol  Municipal Allans Regional Planners .Inn Johnson and Hill  I iiidsas were working overtime last weekend lo expedite the  Pender llarboui and Halfmoon Has West Sechelt plans which  arc in then final draft stage  I lie "I Iphinstone Plan" from Aiea I , which until |usl out a  ^ear ago was a joint plan with Area I I Wesl Howe Sound I. is now  n Us lust drall stage and Aie.i I Dirccloi Duvid Hunlei slated  lhal work has been "speeded up" on the Wesl Howe Sound Plan.  line poinl lhal SCRD directors intend lo raise at thc  \ssociation ol Vancouver Island Municipalities meeting on  I iid.is and Saturdtl) ol tins week, iv ihe possibility lhal when  (mure by-laws are being prepared lor the regional district, only  .leeior.il area directors and not village representatives mav. he  pel muted to vote.  "I've always regarded the municipalities as electoral areas  having lull wiling rights on tins hoard." said Area I)  Dirccloi ll.ii iv Almond. SCRD delegates lo the AVIM intend to  object to the exclusion id the villages from voting on regional  board bv -laws  Ihe onlv voice raised in favour ol ihe exclusion ol ihe  municipalities Irom voiing on hv-l;iw\ was thai ol Area A  I Jiiecioi Joe Harrison. Harrison was also the most vocal critic of  ilic "streamlined" chain of command proposed by ihe new act.  I lie Secretarial ol ihe Environment and 1 and Use Committee  was recently disbanded by the provincial government and will he  icplaccd bv ihe Inter-ministry Planning Committee, composed of  deputy ministers and "other designates" ihe NIC "deems  ippropriale", twenty-eight technical Planning Committees now  existing across the province will be phased oul and replaced hv  .even   oi   eight  "Regional   Co-ordinating  Committees", each  piesenling a major geographic region, I oenl government will he  'ptesetiled on the Regional Co-ordinating Committees, hut the  ninnhei ol such representatives is nol specified.  I Ins streamlining nl the sysiem. including the establishment ot  ��� ( .i hi nel appointed "I and I se Appeal Hoard" drew thc most lire  un delegates lo the I nion ol B.C Municipalities convention in  Piinee (ieorge recently  and on   lluitsdav  night Joe Harrison  ho il those sentiments  Inici-ininisicii.il committees have tended lo he poliuc.il  coin tun lees." Harrison said, "made up ol hagtnen loi the paitv in  nowei     II.un.on observed that the new svstem seemed "icallv  open to abuses" and warned that "the rationale for thc whole  sysiem can be compromised".  Director Almond also felt that the question of who would be  appointed lo these bodies needed further clarification.  "II we're going to replace the leehnical Planning Committee  with something. I want to know exaetlv whal." Almond said.  1 he majority ol directors on ihe board appear to feel that in the  long run. the new Act will result in greater local conlrol over  planning matters, since thc local preparation of "Official Plans"  becomes mandatory. Once ihe plans aie adopted, all land use bylaws musi conlorm to the official plan within twelve months and  the amending ptoeess lor by-laws will he speeded up since there  will be no more I PC review oi iinnisteii.il approval.  "What they're saving is. once you've buill vou prison, you're  free to roum around in it," Harrison commented,  Mderman Stelck also pointed oul thai new stringent time limits  loi subdivision application approvals could result in the board  "losing bv default" on applications which aie nol given prompt  attention  I iuIci the new system.conditional upproval would have to he  granted oi refused within two months ol application, Conditional  approval would he valid lol a lull veil lathei than Ihe current ISO  days and when I ma I appioval is applied for. thc board would have  a further two months to rendet Us decision. II no decision is made  within the two monlh period, the applicant could applv to the  Appeal lloaid loi a healing oi go directly lo the Supreme Court  I he court could order the application reconsidered or could ordei  Ihe approval id ihe subdivision outright and direct lhat costs he  paid to the applicant.  Guess Where  I hr usual pri/o of S5.IM) will In- awarded to ihr firsl minie drawn  from llii' barrel which correct I j locates the above, Send >our  entries to the (oast News, Bo\ 460, (iibsons, Last week's winner  was David I lidding of l.anudale Heights u ho correct I) identified  the sign on the ice-cream cooler al the Hopkins Landing Store.  Have You got your long John's ready?  Have You got your boots by the door?  You're going to need them when you have  to  walk  to   work  one  cold   morning  because your car won't start.  Cold weather  is the worst time to  try and drive your un-tuned car.  LOW BATTERY,   HARD STARTING,  STALLS AT EVERY   CORNER,  HEATER   WONT  WORK,  WINDOW WASHER TURNED TO A  POPSICLE?  One of our tune-ups can cure all of these problem  See us now so that you won't be the one walking  to work.  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WHY DO NEW HOMES COST SO MUCH  That question is voiced by every potential home buyer, so the Real Estate Board  of Greater Vancouver provides the following answer.  The lot cost of any new home is becoming a larger percentage of the total cost  each year. Low cost parcels of developable land ��� particularly within the metropolitan  areasof most cities are virtually gone. The land component of any house transaction  is made up of the purchase price of this raw land that has become so precious and  hard to locate, the holding costs of the land until all local approvals for development  are received, and the cost of servicing the parcel of land lo the increasingly high  municipal standards imposed on Ihe developer.  Building materials have continually risen in price over the past decade. All  building products which use some form of oil base have doubled or tripled since 1975  as the prices of petroleum products have skyrocketed due to threatened shortages  and producer-imposed price rises. Other building products have become more  expensive as manufacturing costs rise. The many trades and sub-trades needed lo  build houses have raised and will continue to raise Iheir prices as these people, like  ceryone else, try to stay even with the present rate of inflation.  The buyer himself is nol entirely free of some blame in the increasing cosl of new  homes. Today, home buyers demand more and more features in a home before they  will buy. A few decades ago, purchasers were happy with a basic shell house with one  bathroom, no built-in appliances, carpets or landscaping and only roughed in  plumbing and features on other levels. Today the purchaser demands a finished two  or three bathroom home with fitted carpets, fireplaces, built-in appliances and even  such luxury additions as landscaping and shrubbery. Any increase in features above  the basic shelter of a quarter century ago helps Ihe total end price of housing rise ever  higher.  As fuel costs increase yearly, insulation requirements of purchasers are rising  and Ihis will add to the cost of housing. Double paned glass, exlra thick insulation  batting and installed storm windows and doors will be added to the end price of Ihe  new housing. Purchasers will, however, see a saving in years to come by living in  energy conserving houses.  The cosl of any new home is complex, and as can be seen by the facts, no single  component is entirely at fault. Each factor changes with the available disposable  income of buyers, with the demands of the public and with the economic and  inflationary conditions of the country.  COAST  //    1N1 '��� R ISI ANI Sunshine Coast Realtor, October 17. 1980  W -Waterfront  H -Homes  A - Acreage  R -Recreational  F - Farms  HOMES  Bus. 885-5171  Box 1188. Sechelt.  B.C. VON 3A0  "Vour Real Estate Hosts  on the Sunshine Coast"  3tf UNFORGETABLE.. L 225  ���Thai **> what you'll say after you've viewed  this country home. This lovely conlempo  lary two storey ?300 sq. ft. home 1150Up  land 1150 down \jM 2wanptYl5, large  living rOfln'i^flfctMcr Ivlw, enhance  by ^Ufi^lMhi.'iBi^irfVr.ili'w^. giant  brick (^gyj(^WHivin;j room. This quality  home has many other fealures. Close to  good beach and recreation. F.P. $93,500.  Call Pal 885-5171 to make appointment to  view.  // it's your house you're  Wanting sold  Well then now is the  Time to be told  Just list with WHARF REALTY  As setting's our specialty  List with us and your  House will be SOLD.  YOU HOO ITS A VIEW... 1- 223  This '. acre lot would make a nice retreat. F.P.  $12,000.  EVERYTHING'S GOING  YOUR WAY L214  Especially with this '. acre lot. The road has been  put in to Ihe back ol the property. This terraced  lot has a view up the inlel that could take your  breath away. Come and build your future home  on this choice property. F.P. $12,000.  YOU LL FIND YOUR THRILL L 229  on Mintie Road. This quality 3 bedroom - full  basement - including enclosed <_*89^1549 sq.ft.  panabode home ijAe ffcplMes. Large  sundeck with^^r��irp��t��njj^B|wd, plus fruit  Irees, All this%dH^[^Wrviced with regional  water, hydro,*fiawevision. Short walk lo store,  post office and government wharf. F.P. $87,500.  Call Pat Murphy for more details and to make  appointmenl to view at 885-5171.  ACREAGE  SUNRISE, SUNSET... L 228  105' w/panoramic view of Howe Sound from all  rooms; w/w dlb. glazed; w/w carpets; 16' brick  f/pl; 3 BR; 2 full baths with potential for extra '2  bath; den 16'xll' w/2 glass walls; garage;  workshop; patio; BBQ terrace; courtyard  w/fountain; much wrought iron. $194,000. Call  Trev 886-9077.  HOME, HOME ON THE RANGE  This 5 acre parcel of land is calling to you. Close to  the arena. Privacy plus a large acreage is hard to  come by this close to Sechelt. Call now 885 5171.  F.P. $45,000.  LOT 583f1  GtORQlA STRAIT  ROBERTS CREEK, BLOCK 10 L 234  What you thought you'd never find. WATER  -RONT ACREAGE. Approx. 1 acre with creek  mining through property. Already approved for  juilding & septic. Close to school, store and hall.  Won't last long. F.P. $75,000. Call 885 5171.  MEMBER SUNSHINE COAST REAL ESTATE ASSOCIATION  "P.T." Dahle 883-9285 Deirdre 885-9487 Pat 885-5171 Sunshine CoasI Realtor, October 17, 1980  Box 100  Madeira Park,  B.C.  883-2233  Olli Sladey  REALTY  LTD.  Toll Free From |  Vancouver:  689-7623  Member oi Multiple Lilting Service  HOMES  1  | WATERFRONT LOTS & ACREAGE |  CLAYDON ROAD - GARDEN BAY  semiwaterfront 2 BR home, approx. 1242 sq.  partial basement. Needs some finishing.  Adjoins private marina. $70,000.  SINCLAIR ROAD BAY 3 BR home, buill  1973, on large Ireed lot. Has separate garage  and storage shed. Good retirement home - no  slairs lo climb. Hall a block to Marina. $59,500.  LOTS  1. MADEIRA  PARK  - steep view lols,  serviced   $11,000 & $14,000.  2. EARL COVE - Several lots tochoose from.  Priced Irom $13,000 to $21,000.  3. KENT ROAD - 1.5 acre treed parcel in  Bargain Harbour area. Hydro pole and power  on property. Existing septic tank and drainfield  could possibly be used. Only 600 ft. to public  waterfront access on Bargain Harbour.  $25,000 ��� open to offers.  4. GARDEN BAY AREA ��� building lots, some  wilh view. $11,000 - $22,000.  ACREAGE  1. KLEINDALE ��� Approx. 5 treed acres on  Highway 101. $21,000.  2. Near MADEIRA PARK - 15 acres,  approx. 2150 ft. on Hwy. 101. $44,000.  3. RUBY LAKE nice 2 acre recreational  properly, driveway In from Hallowell Road,  view  $24,000.  |5. MIDDLE POINT - approx. 19 acres on  Hwy 101. Nicely treed properly with roads and  trails throughout. Furnished cabin. $89,000.  6. HOTEL LAKE - 9.86 treed acres, semi  waterfront, southern exposure, good view. 314  It. road frontage. $39,500.  7. KLEINDALE: approx. 13.5 acres with 12'  x 68' mobile home, old house and view. An  excellent property for $79,500  8. KLEINDALE approx. 2.2 acres with  building site cleared, good driveway, septic  permit approved $28,000  MADEIRA PARK 3 BR view home  Dogwood Drive, buill 1972. Master bedroom  ensuile, basement with 4th bedroom. Covered  sundeck, carport. $79,000.  EGMONT - 7 acres with 540 ft. low bank  waterfront. Site has been prepared for possible  use as a large WF trailer-camper park and  'ishing resort. This is an excellent property  adjoining the Egmont Marina. $160,000  Owner will finance al bank interest rate.  GERALD ISLAND - approx. 28 acre island  with 2 beaches. Locaied just off Vancouver  Island between Nanoose Harbour and Northwest Bay. $185,000.  GARDEN BAY ESTATES approx. 1,440 sq.  ft. deluxe modular home. 2 BR, master BR  ensuite. Fireplace, double windows, 5 appliances & drapes. On landscaped & naturally  treed lot, close to marinas, stores and post  office. Price reduced to $64,000  EGMONT-Approx. 3.8acres with approx. 550  ft low bank waterfront, Float, launching ramp  & log dump. Drilled well & pump. Considerable  land development done by owner. $165,000.  ST.  VINCENT BAY - Approx.  400 ft.  waterfront, 5.97 acres, water access. $29,500.  COMMERCIAL!  LAKEFRONT PROPERTIES^  HOTEL LAKE - Approx. 2,200fl. lakefront ���  87 acres (more or less), merchantable timber.  $292,000  MIXAL LAKE ��� near Garden Bay - approx.  113 acres with 1,200 ft. (more or less) lakefront.  Merchantable timber. $264,000.  SAKINAW LAKE - 165 acres (more or less),  with approx. 4,840 ft. choice lakefront. Road  access from Garden Bay Road & jeep roads  throughout property. Owners would carry a  large amounl by agreement for sale. $305,000  GARDEN BAY LAKE 46.9 acres with  SAKINAW LAKE - approx. 165ft. lakefront, approx. 2,200 ft. lakefront, situated on Garden  7 (more or less) acres, small cabin. Waler Bay Road and Claydon Road. Merchantable  access only. $41,000. timber. $285,000.  INDUSTRIAL LAND  AND  GRAVEL PIT  jprox.   16 acres with gravel pit. One acre  ised to Ready Mix Company. 32' x 80' metal  id building, divided into 3 units. 24' x 48'  IModuline home, ensuile, $175,000.  hoti-l       LAKC  PENDER LAKES  PROPERTIES  Choice lots still available in this  desirable location. Most have view  and sunny southerly exposure.  Paved road, water and hydro.  M.L.S. Priced from $11,000 to  $29,700.  MIMlllt MOKEI  IaIkTiPackj  Coast to Coast  Real Kstatc Service  prfl Itl+l^lW^W! . rrrj l^JJ,L|  -| | . | . |J.,| .    .  DAN WILEY, Res. 883-9149 OLLI or JEAN SLADEY,   8832233 Sunshine CoasI Realtor, October 17. 1980  Post Office Box 1219, Sechelt  885-3211  Vancouver Toll Free:  684-8016  iderson  REALTY LTD  FREE  CATALOGUE  L  VK.l.tl'MiK  Coast to Coast  Real Estate Service  SELMA PARK:^^AljvAAt!fesfige area ol lovely homes  and beauliful gardSJuyiRs 1976 sq. ft. family home all on one  level. Large .6 acreslandscaped yard with many fruit trees and  great garden area. Sit in your front yard and watch the lovely  sunsets. The house is designed lor separation of adull and  children living. This house is of modern design. To view these  unique leatures call Gordie al 885-9986 or 885 3211. F.P.  $160,000.   REDROOFFS AREA - ALDERWOOD ROAD: New home  under construction. 1344 sq. ft. on one level. Carport, 'itacre of  flat level land. F.P. $82,900. Call Stan to view 885 2385.  DAVIS BAY: One ol a kind view home on large level lol in  pul.n area. House is immaculate with landst aped yard Many  lamenlal trees and fruit tiers. Two bedroom home with  rage and workshop attached. Fantasia' view, Call Bob loi  nc informalion 885-2503.  WEST SECHELT - NEW HOME UNDER CONSTRUCTION: Situated in quality_arefr Paij_^_w on level lot with  good garden suil'MaipllSoTOSB sq*. ffl basement. Double  garage with sunrifcikwi {fl^jtfjv^undcck al real All  sundecks fcature^^iafefe floors for low maintenance.  Completion approx. Dec. 30/80. $99,500 Call Bob 885 2503.  SECHELT VILLAGE: Tins ideal starter or retirement home  features 988 sq. ft. of living area, 2 bedrooms, heatilator  fireplace, full basemenl as well as a quiet cut de sac setting.  Presently under construction and ready lor your input. Asking  $62,500. To review thc plans call Vadim 885 3156.  COOPER ROAD - NEW HOME: Siluated in Redroolls. 1040  sq. ft. 2 bedroom home. Fisher fireplace, double pain windows...  energy efficient. Two bathrooms, wall to Willi carpets. Guest  cottage 16' x 28' is also on property. Priced right at $64,500. Call  Vadim 885 3156.  Gordon  Hall  Vadim  Kobasew  885-9986     885-3156  Bob  Jack  Doug  Frank  Bull  Anderson  Joyce  Ingham  885-2503  885-2053  885-2761  886-8440  Stan  Anderson  885-2385  Don  Hadden  885-9504  AELBERS  REAL ESTATE  886-9238  Van. Toll Free  922-7814  Harry M. Howard  Res. 886-7307  Located at the Old Granthams Landing Store  Marine Drive, Box 1189,  Gibsons  CAPA  APPRAISALS  INC.  GIBSONS - HIGHWAY 101 $135,000  2.02 acres of potentially commercial property in a prime location. Treed, level with 140 ft.  frontage on Highway 101 and 627 ft. on Mahan Road. The properly has an excellent exposure lo  traffic on both sides of the main thoroughfare on the Coast.  GRANTHAMS LANDING - WATERFRONT $45,000  Two cabins on 67' x 117' waterfront lease lot. Upper cabin has fantastic view of the water. Lower  cabin is right at the water's edge. Vendor will assist in financing.  BUSINESS OPPORTUNITY  EARL'S COVE FERRY TERMINAL  Same owner since its creation in 1973. Fully licensed restaurant and store. Good owner's  accommodation. Completely self contained except for electricity and telephone. The operation  has always been and shall remain a money maker to an enterprising individual. Owner prepared  to carry good firsl mortgage. If and when you want to become independent, you can not forego  this opportunity.  BARGAIN HARBOUR  11.6 ACRE ISLAND WITH ALL SERVICES & HOUSE $265,000.  At thc entrance of Pender Harbour. Privacy ��� Good access from thr mainland. Al low tide, one  could almost walk to il. Protected moorage. All services, including Regional Water. Complete  natural surroundings. A four wheel drive included to take you Irom the landing to a Panabode  house which is located on the top of the island overlooking the Strail of Georgia. South westerly  exposure  HILLCREST ROAD - OCEAN VIEW $75,000  Situaied on a big 60 x 130 ft. lot this near new Gibsons home lakes full advantage of its south  westerly exposure. 1178 sq, ft. on the main floor affords plenty of room lot a lairuly. 3 bedrooms,  master with ensuite, huge kitchen, dining area and comfortable living room Downstairs has  been parlially finished Good assumable morlgage.  COMMERCIAL RENTAL SPACE ON HIGHWAY 101  675 sq ft. corner location, fully finished well suited for after hours convenience store. Lease  includes heat. Share ol taxes and utilities on top of monthly rent of $365.00.  OFFICE SPACE AVAILABLE IN SAME COMMERCIAL BLOCK  625 sq. fl. at $235.00 per month which includes heating. Share of taxes on sq. ft. basis and  utilities are separate. ________   HOPKINS - VIEW $62,500  Large house on large lot with a super view of Howe Sound. Huge lirs in the back give this  property a country atmosphere. Main floor feature 17 x 16 living room wilh adjacent sundeck,  kitchen, dining area, 3 bedrooms and bathroom. Downsiairshas 1 bedroom and large unfinished  area. Sale includes the fridge and stove. This house is just right for lamily living.  SANDY HOOK - VIEW $49,500  From the living room and deck you can look down at beautiful Porpoise Bay. This well built  house has 1054 sq. It. of living space featuring 2 bedrooms, living room, kitchen, dining area and  bathroom. Lot size is approximately 100 x 100 bordering on Crown Land. Carporl, tool shed  and all appliances are included in the sale. St in front ol your Franklin fireplace and relax in these  peaceful surroundings.  CARMEL PLACE - TUWANEK - 2 LOTS $13,000 & $16,500  Westerly exposure ��� View over Sechelt Inlet. Large in size, allowing two residences. Services  available ��� One lot (0.6 acres} has small creek. Well treed& driveway in. Within walking distance  of good beach and boat launching. 12 min. drive from Sechelt.  COCHRANE ROAD $56,000  Large, bright 3 year old Gibsons Home. 1066 sq. ft. on ihe main floor leatures kitchen with  sundeck, living room, 3 bedrooms and a bathroom. Downstairs has large entrance hall, rec.  room, bedroom and laundry area. Lot size is 66 x 109. Needs a bil of T.L.C.  WILSON CREEK ��� TSAWCOME PROPERTIES $48,000  '? block to one of the nicest beaches on the CoasI. 1320 sq. fl. home. 3 bedrooms, den living  room wilh Franklin fireplace. Dining room, 2 lull bathrooms, paved road, underground services  75 x 100 ft. fenced and landscaped lot. Vendor will prepay lease for 36 years Assumable  mortgage.  ACREAGE SAKINAW LAKE  37.5 ACRES ��� 2400 FT. WATERFRONT $282,000  The ideal combination of over 1000 ft. of level waterfront with Westerly exposure A 1400 sq II  older house, the plumbingand airing are brand new. Interior to be finished with gyproc. Over 8  acres cleared, creek through properly with water rights. Also on properly is an older cabin The  four legal entities making up the 37.5 acres are allowed to develop as a campground. Hydi. i and  telephone are on site. Subject is short distance via gravel road from Hwy 101. Location is second  to none.  MEMBER SUNSHINE COAST REAL ESTATE ASSOCIATION Sunshine CoasI Realtor, October 17, 1980  FREE  CATALOGUE  anderson  [vr.l.il'.MIK  Coast to (oast  Real Estate Service  REALTY LTD  Post Office Box 1219, Sechelt  885-3211  Vancouver Toll Free:  684-8016  WATERFRONT  ym  ;>��� r*  DORISTON: 660 It. ol waterlront. Near level beach. 17.21  acres, well limbered. Good solid 2 bedroom house��� Lovely  garden area, good year round creek on proiierty. Locaied at'  Doriston, Sechell Inlel. To viewcall Gordie Asking$120,000  ACREAGE  ik  P  m- -  !/��  J&WBflK ���   ROBERTS CREEK: This 4.6 acre Hobby Farm olferi  complete privacy, numerous fruit trees, a large fenced pasture  2 creeks, southern slope plus an older well kept home and a  1100 sq. ft. near new barn on a concrete foundation, fully wirec  and easily converted into an attractive farm home. Bolh  buildings are protected by professional electronic security  system. Priced at $99,500. THIS BEAUTIFUL PROPERTY IS  A MUST TO SEE. To view anytime call Vadim 885-3156.  LOHN ROAD: I  nicely treed. $19,1  LOTS  |evflbuilding lot. Private |  Rmal 885-3156.  SECHELT VILLAGE: 2 excellenl building lots in the lower j  Village. All are within walking distance lo shopping etc. AH I  services are available including sewers, F.P. $25,000.  WEST PORPOISE BAY: 75 x 150 Ireed serviced lot, close to |  ice arena. Gently sloping land. Close to a small boat marina. F.P.  $12,000. Stan at 885-2385.  OCEAN BEACH ESPLANADE ��� GOWER POINT: 1,2 I  acre semiwaterfront lot. Excellent ocean view with westerly  exposure. Easy beach access. Asking $55,000. For more  informalion call Vadim at 885 3156.  _ , mm-  [[MADEIRA PARK: Lakefront 3 bedroom horn", 1152sq. ft., 1  Hbath, double windows, 2 car garage 22 x 24, and workshop 12 x  |24all new in ihe past 4 years, plus many extras included, on 4.27  Nacres. Level landscaped yard, a short mile lo school, P.O. and  [[shopping centre, Full price $85,000. Call Don for an  ipointmeni 885 5904.   J WATERFRONT - NARROWS INLET: Quiet waterfront  I retreat, situated 22 miles from Sechelt Village. 6.96 acres plus  I and over 330 feet of walerfront. F.P. $29,000. 25",, down and  I owner will carry balance. Call Vadim at 885-3156.  WATERFRONT - SQUARE BAY:   112 feet of superb  [ waterfront, situated in an area of exclusive homes. Ideally suited  I for a multi-level home. Protected year round moorage. Plus- lols  of arbulus trees and southerly exposure. All this for only  $77,500. To view this line property call Vadim 885-3156.  SECLUDED WATERFRONT ACREAGE: Do you want a  I quiet waterfront retreat wilh no roads or cars? We have a few  [ parcels of evergreen forest, 5 to 10 acres each, Minimum of 250  feet of walerfront and stream thru most lots. Located 22 miles  from Sechelt by water or air only. Fly in with Tyee Airways Ltd  from Vancouver or Sechell, or use your own boat. Call Don.  SUNSHINE HEIGHTS  LOT ��l: Nice com  trees. Power and|^  Sechelt near \h  \ land with some nice  Seated in the village of  ���P. $13,500.  LOT ��3: Exlra large building lot tn area of new homes. All  services including paved roads. F.P. $12,000.  I LOT M: Good building site for your new home locaied in the  | Village ol Sechelt near the Arena. The property is nicely treed  and has watei and power at property line. Call Gordie  F.P.  $12,500  ! LOT ��7: Just up pasi the Arena. Lovely subdivision ��� large lols ���  I new homes. AH services are in. Call Slan. P.P. $12,000.  WOOD BAY: Walerfront - 188 acre with approx. 1200' level  waterfront. This property is unique with approx. 31 level  waterfront below highway, approx. 2,000 ft. highway frontage  and 156 acres of parklike view property gently sloping to south.  Priced to sell $1,200,000.  LANGDALE: This 38.8acres has subidivision application in for  5 acre parcels. Lol 1, DL 1348, Plan 11244 is a gentle sloping  parcel with good S.W. exposure. Assumable financing of  $50,000 is available to assist purchase. Call Bob at 885-2503 for  information. Full price $155,000.  HIGHWAY ACREAGE: 5 acre parcels on Highway 101.  Excellenl access and some value in timber. Lot C $27,900, lol D-  $29,000. Call Stan 885-2385.  ACREAGE - GIBSONS: Approx. 12 acres on Highway 101 in  Soames Point. View property septic zoned R2L. A great  investment, F.P. $150,000, Call Bob for details 885-2503.  WEST SECHELT: 21+ acres with approx. 12 acres cleared  and fenced in pasture. The remainder is in tall trees with  Wakefield Creek Sowing through. This is the ideal property for a  hobby form. With acreage so scarce this is a very good  investment for only $90,000. Call Bob at 885-2503 to have a look  at this piece.  SANDY HOOK INVESTMENT PROPERTY: 7 acres of fiat  level land with subdivision potential, Some view, easy  development. No rock, partly cleared rough road on property.  Borders crown land on the south side. F.P. $65,900.  INVESTORS - SECHELT VILLAGE - BUILDER:  Commercial land downtown for less than $6 per square foot,  buy this lot and watch it appreciate or build a money making  building. Move fast, this won't last long. Call Bob at 885-2503.  BUSINESS OPPORTUNITIES  ROBERTS CREE  build on and servft  PRIVACY. $23,00  siir  BUSINESS OPPORTUNITY: Hotel lor sale in Pender  Harbour. Ideally locaied at Hospital Bay on 1 acreol land with a  lovely view ol Pendet Unburn Accommodations lot 34 guest  and fully licensed 58 seal restaurant Separate duplex lhal is  reined nut For complete information i onlacl Gordie Hall  lull ��f acre lots!! Easy lo  ii exposure, plenty ol  iformation call Frank.  GRANTHAMS  view lol close lo'  $17,000.  uwgffl\fiE\V*  &5x 130 fl. treed  ilable services. F.P.  SECHELT: Easy b  street. In an area%  arena. Call Frank t  REDROOFFS LC  Fawn roads. 80'  $18,900. Call Staik  te vi^gejlpper side of <i quiet  ) Shopping and the  . cSner of Cooper and |  > build on F.P.  SELMA PARK VIFA^LOh���� exSsumfrorn this 1/3 acre  lot. Quiet paved stf^^afnevAiSnes.^jFy nice area. 88 It.  frontage and a guodjp^il^r 1%gfas to be one ol the better  lols in the area. F.fvJ!8,500. Call Stan at 885-2385.  SEAVIEW LOT IN THE BEST AREA OF THE COAST:  This lot is well over \'2 acre and has a truly fine view of Trail  Islands. This lot is naturally landscaped with moss & fir trees.  South exposure and only 100 yards to good beach. $32,900.  Call Jack at 885-2053.  HOMES  WEST SECHELT: Almost new home only one year old. Eight  room home on large level landscaped lot in popular West  Sechelt. Total 2248 sq. It. finished area. 1320' up and 928' or  ground level comprised of 3 bedrooms, large kitchen, dininc  room, living room, spacious main bath with skylight on seconc  floor. Family room, pool room, den, large laundryroom and  piece bath on main floor. Garage has cedar door and driveway  Concrete. There is a lot of home here lor $89,000. Call Bob for|  details 885 2503.  BROWNING ROAD: New, just being buill   owner could pick  interior colors and carpets, 1650 sq ft. of three bedroom quality  construction. Cedar siding, shake rool and double garag  Kitchen, dining room and living room open  plan   Masti  bedroom has ensuite. Asking $87,500 See Doug 885 2761  Gordon  Hall  Vadim  Kobasew  Bob  Bull  885-9986     885-3156     885-2503  Jack  Anderson  885-2053  Doug  Joyce  885-2761  Frank  Ingham  886-8440  Stan  Anderson  885-2385  Don  Hadden  885-9504 Sunshine Coast Realtor, Octohri 17. 1'iWi  SUNNYCREST  SHOPPING  CENTRE  886-2277  ifl  IBSONS  KEALTY  V/and land development ltd  R.R. #2, Gibsons, B.C. VON 1V0  HOMES HOMES HOMES  VANCOUVER  TOLL FREE  682-1513  gjifrtrfirju!;  GOWER PT. RD: Bonniebrook area. This is ihe view ol Georgia Strait and Vancouvet lslai  home that you have been looking for The rock Downstairs  bedroom leatures washroom and  work and landscaping alone on this 100 x 217 lot is fireplace. All appliances are included. Many many  priceless. The home has three bedrooms, l'_ more exciting features. This home musi be seen,  bathrooms,  2 fireplaces,  deluxe wall to wall  carpeting. Southern exposure wilh breathtaking Phone for appointmenl to view, $134,900  NORTHRD:Ovei     acre ul nicely landscape*  privacy, yet close to schools and shopping Useii  ��� .bbyldrmorjuslaplacewilhroumtomove  iva .and  i   ngsiugiveillhatwaimcomfurtabk  krling I'lieniaiii house has 2 bedrooms while tin  ,ictj>ii em guest house provides Ihe lliirdbedrooi  Largi carport could easily be converted into  lamiK mom Excellenl value. $79.90(1  LAWSON RD: West Se< helt, View with access  to ihe waiei ai ross the streel. A little TLC and  this (oui bedroom home could bea winner. Sitting  room with lireplace. Large 611 x 180 cleared lot.  $83,900  SARGENT RD: Spanish styled home on a view  lot on S.u gem Road in Gibsons. Two fully finished  floors, lotal 2300 square feel complete with many  extras, such as two fireplaces and an all nighter.  Triple plumbing, double garage, intercom,  workshop and within walking distance of  shopping and schools. Make an appointmenl to  Mew  $125,000  MARINE DR.  il find for the  commuter, (rfflSamniJte walk to the ferry! Fi\  year old thrCT^OTroom home with easy accc  onto Marine iJflRual cement driveways. Almo  ays. Almost  1800 square feel ol living space in plush wall lo  wall and vinyl. Beam ceiling and brick heatilator  fireplace complement the decor and double  glazing keeps the bills down. Much improved view  from the extra large deck if option exercised. The  blooming and the garden awaits your  TLC. Try your offer. $78,900  FIRCREST RD: Three bedroom family home.  Master bedroom with 2 piece ensuile. Concrete  sidewalk and stairs. Twin seal windows  throughout. R20 insulation in walls .ind ceiling and  Airtight heater in basemenl contribute to making  this a warm and economical home, $68,500.  MARINE DR: Two bedroom starter or  retirement home on Chekwelp Reserve.  Triangular shaped lot. Expansive view of harbour  area, could be greatly improved with just a tew  modilicalions. $22,500  MAPLEWOOD LANE: Split level superior  quality three bedroom home. Only a lew months  old. Built by a building contrator as his personal  residence. Features include sunken living and  family rooms, formal dining and family eating  areas. Large walk-in close), ensuile and sundeck  off master bedroom. Sludy or 4th bedroom and  carporl. Close to all amenities in Gibsons Village.  Priced al $91,500.  GIBSONS VILLAGE: Bay area waterfront  older home. Very close to proposed marina and  existing boat launch. Very good future potential  in developing bay area. Home now vacant, use it  yourself or hold as revenue. $105,000.  HALFMOON BAY: Waterfront home. Level  waterfronl with good garden soil Two year old  home of excellent quality. Large lamily kitchen,  living room has fireplace and hardwood floors.  Two large bedrooms, master wilh ensuite. Fully  finished ground level full basement is rented suite.  Total finished living area equals over 2700 square  feet   $135,000  VETERANS RD  tdroom hi  beautiful largi  Ty well built three  iidenlial area. Features  iroom, quality wall lo  wall throughouflflreplace. Excellent construction  and much more. This home is priced lo sell  quickly. $59,900.  SCHOOL RD: Executive home nearing  completion in excellent Gibsons location.  Features include sunken living room. 2'.>  bathrooms, double attached garage, paved  driveway, 2 x 6 construction, shake roof, masler  bedroom with fireplace and ensuite.  LOTS  CARLSON   PT  T1LL1CUM  BAY:   '_  acre  walerfront. 112' of low bank Crown Lease  walerfront. Sale moorage. Waler available. Try to  find any water lols near this price. $12,900.  MARINE l  Landing. 56^1  Dim'. Hopkins  ROBERTS CREEK ROAD: Over fc acre  beauliful treed parcel m Roberts Creek. Some  value in Irees. Has been pere'd. These pieces do  not last $27,000.  KEATS ISLAND: Idea! spot tor summer retreat  in sheltered East bourn area Don't miss this  opportunity to own your own piece of this Howe  Sound Island. Serviced by summer passenger  ierry or perhaps your own boat. Priced below  recent sales for a quick sale. $7,350.  SANDY HOOK: Level corner lot with southwest exposure. Size 69 x 130 with paved road on  both sides. Power and water at site. Short  distance to beach and boal ramp. $10,500.  GRANTHAMS HEIGHTS: Lol overlooking  Keats Island and some view of Georgia Strait. Lol  is 76 x 170, cleared and ready to build on.  Excellent residential area only one mile from  Gibsons. $19,900.  ACREAGE  RUBY LAKE: 6' _ acres on Ruby Creek. Just olf  Ruby Lake. Paved road and power to the  property. Creek is a spawning ground (or trout.  Water permit has been obtained Short distance  to boat ramp. A perfect place for your  recreational home. $37,000.  SAKINAW LAKE: Here is 35 acres with 800 feet  on the lakelronl, accessible from Garden Bay  Road or by water. Timber on, good moorage and  adjacent lots have cabins on South-west  exposure. $125,000.  LOOKOUT AVE: West Porpoise Bay. The  perfect home to accommodate a large family.  Adjacent to arena, this three bedroom with  ensuite has 1200 square feet up and a self  contained in-law suite down. Large landscaped lot  is the only developed piece in the area. No  comparisons at $68,000.  HOMES  ON  ACREAGE  GAMBIER ISLAND: Island Retreat or Year  Round. 1 acre on Gambier Harbour Road. 500  yards from the Isle Cultural Centre (Legion). This  work of love features cedar vaulted ceiling,  gourmet kitchen, centre fireplace, two bedrooms,  l1; baths, wall to wall carpets and many other  (ealures. Carporl or boalport with workshop, 2  water systems, 220 volt power. 800 square feel ol  decks. You have to see this  $75,000  REED RD: Attractive in all seasons. 4.78 acres  mostly cleared. Stalls (or 3 horses, chicken house  and run. Shake roof home has three bedrooms,  large antique brick fireplace. Extra large dining  room and a custom kitchen. $129,900.  HANBURY RD: Completely fenced 4.63 acre  parcel complemented by selective clearing and  landscaping. Approximately 3 acres in grass,  gardens, fruil Irees and meadows. The remaining  acreage in tall timber. Year round creek and pond  are spring fed. Fenced pastures aplenty for  livestock. Comfortable 1050 square feet, two  bedroom home is wood healed with electric  backup foi low luel bills. School bus stops on the  paved road out front. One of Ihe nicest developed  pieces available, truly an idyllic spot for lhat  dream home $94,900  INVESMENT-COMMERCIAL-REVENUE  MARINE DR.: Bals Block. Commercial building  in Lower Gibsons. 5 rental units generating a very  good return. Building has potential lor further  development. For details contact us now.  $190,000  MEMBER SUNSHINE COAST REAL ESTATE ASSOCIATION  STEVE      ANNE  SAWYER GURNEY  886-7678 886-2164  JOHN  HANSON  886-8295  TERRI      GREG  HANSON  GRANT  886-8295 886-7204  GARY DAVE JON     LORRIE       ARNE  PUCKETT ROBERTS MCRAE GIRARD PETTERSEN  886-9508    886-8040  885-3670886-7760 ' 886-9793 Sunshine Coast Realtor, October 17, 1980  RoyalTrust  ELIZABETH RAINES  Sales Representative  BUSINESS OPPORTUNITY  $16,900 will get you your own carpet business.  Centrally located in Gibsons in modern building.  Lease has approx. 3 years remaining on a 5 year  lease at $400 per month. Listing salesperson has  financial details. Stock separate. Call Elizabeth  Raines 324-4621 (messages) or 886-7061.  EMERGENCY SALE  Must sell. Owner must retire due to ill health.  Ideally situated in good traffic area of Gibsons.  Excellent potential for the right person. Call  Elizabeth Raines 324-4621 (24 hours) - 886-7061.  lexander Realty Ltd.  DISTRICT LOT 6280 IS 20 ACRES AND  LOCATED IN MIDDLE POINT AREA: on  upper side of Highway 101 with good view and a  new access just put in by owner. Asking  $87,500.  TAYLORS GARDEN BAY STORE &  MARINA: is a well known and long established  business located in Garden Bay. Store. Marina  Gas pumps, boat facilities and other extras.  EGMONT: over 10 acres of choice property  adjoining Skookumchuk trail just seconds away  from Gov') dock and other services, property  has legal access Irom trail. Asking $56,000.  GARDEN BAY WATERFRONTAGE: Lot  10, D.L. 2226 has 100' waterfrontage with 6 b r  older home and excellent view of harbour. Deep  water moorage with piles, good blacktop  access. $165,000  EGMONT: 32 acres of choice land, with  foreshore lease, 23 In land and 9.5 in foreshore  lease, ideal lor marina or private retreat, the  best in the area. $370,000.  2.6 ACRES WITH 320' WATERFRONTAGE IN BLIND BAY: Govt Lease With  fui rushed 2 b r home & 3 floats, 40' each. House  equipped with telephone and small generalor.  Ftesh watei and many other exlras all for  $43,500  SUNNY'S HAIR BOUTIQUE IN MADEIRA  PARK: conveniently located in the shopping  centre, a thriving business that has been rapidly  growing over the years, owner raising family and  would still work part time.  LOT 12 IN GARDEN BAY: is approx. % acre  located on Sinclair Bay Rd. between Whittakers  and Hotel Lake. Has good view with driveway  in, sign on property, good value for $18,000.  CENTRE HARDWARE IN MADEIRA  PARK: This modern store in fast growing  community located in main shopping centre in  Madeira Park.. unlimited potential.  10 UNIT MOTEL IN GARDEN BAY: with  attractive Caretaker's house. Short walking  distance to Marinas. A thriving business with  lucrative revenue potential. Call for further  information.  38.8 ACRES AT LANGDALE: With gentle  slope, stream on property, zoned for 5 acre lols.  Reasonably priced at $155,000  FRANCIS PENINSULA WATERFRONTAGE: has 9.3 acres with approx. 325  waterfrontage 66' dedicated undeveloped road  allowance alongside, has a small cotlage (or  privacy, as waterfront is tidal some dredging  would be required on this beauliful property all  for $175,000  883-2491  P.O. Box 10, Madeira Park, B.C. VON 2H0  m BLOCK  {{mi   nnAC 203 - 14th Street,  BROS.  West Vancouver, B.C.V7T2P9  WEST SECHELT WATERFRONT  j This modesl. immaculate ocean view home is  j located on the Wesl Sechelt Waterfront  I overlooking the Trail Islands and Straits of  1 Georgia. The property is surrounded by  I beautiful gardens and terraced landscaping  I extending towards the ocean. A gradual  I winding path is your access to a level beach.  1 This rare and hard to find property would make  I an ideal retirement or small family home. Priced  I at $137,500. Please call for more information  I and appointment to view.  _tmm__JmT  #% %~  INVESTMENT  Would you like a yield in excess of 30"-. on your  investment? This business (a coin laundry)  showed a yield of 26".. on gross income last year  for present owner after allowance for major  capital replacement expenditures.  The business is located in a steadily expanding  area on the main highway near ihe community  business intersection. This well run coin  laundromat is a self-employment opportunity  requiring minimum time and effort to operate.  The equipment is in top condition and paved  parking is available for a minimum of 20  vehicles. Expansion was contemplated by  present owner, and tentative approval has been  given to accommodate this and a long-term  tenant. The vendor (an equipment technician)  will provide regular preventive maintenance  inspection for a minimal retainer, if purchaser so  desires. For a minimal cost the vendor will make  available lo the purchaser a highly profitable ice  making and sales business (located on the  property). Financial statements available to  bona fide purchaser. Price $38,000.  v<^fl.  *P*l  rft  MADEIRA PARK - STARTER OR SMALI  RETIREMENT HOME  Tin-) cozy (near new) home is locaied on a largell  :ornei lot. within easy walking distance to alll  amenities. The home is of jxjsI and beam I  :onstructlon with 3 bedrooms, open kitchen I  and living area and wall to wall carpeting!!  Ihroughout. Priced at $49,500. For morel  information or an opportunity to view call Bruce||  McKinnon 885 9023.   WANTED  SUBDIVIDABLE ACREAGES  :or outright  purchase  or will alsd  consider participation.  INVESTMENT HOLDING  OPPORTUNITY  Building lot wilh potential view across the road I  from and overlooking Ihe prestigious newl  Gibsons future Marina complex. You can I  purchase this lot for only $25,000. Call formoa f  deiails and opporiunily lo view.  ���,-~^*li-  ISLAND IN THE SUN  This beautiful 5 acre island is located on the  Sunshine Coast in the middle of the protected  waters of Pender Harbour. The property is  naturally treed with numerous trails in a parklike setting. It has a 1 1/2 storey (1,860 sq. ft.)  renovated log home complete with attractive  lurnishings, all appliances, sauna, pool room  and guest cottage ��� PLUS, PLUS. There is a  large, new deep-water wharf thai will accomodate a 50' vessel and Iwo smaller craft.  The island has a steady water supply and is  equipped with hydro and telephone. Priced firm  at $400,000    WATERFRONT -  INVESTMENT OPPORTUNITY -  HALFMOON BAY - GENERAL STORE  AND POST OFFICE  Would you like a yield in excess of 10".. on your  investment, which would also provide you wilh  1st class living accommodation, considerable  fringe benefits, ownership ol a valuable properly  plus numerous opportunities lor expansion  This unique and diversified business uppurtu  nity is well located In Ihecentreofapopulai s\w\  well known sports fishing area. It is the one and  only store in .in area thai is steadily expanding.  The property also contains large rental or  storage   facilities.   Owneis   will   carry   some  financing with satisfactory covenant Priced at  $160,000  NELSON ISLAND (WATERFRONTAGE)  ESTATE SALE  This .83 acre walerfront gov'l lease lol is located  in Telescope Passage. It has a domestic water  lease & is close to wharfage. This property was  assessed at $12,800 for 1979. Sale Price  $12,500. Call me and we will look at this one  together.  FISHERMAN'S SPECIAL  How often when fishing your favourite waters  have you thought, "It certainly would be nice to  have a place here'" Well, the presenl owners did  jus) lhat at Egmonl's bountiful fishing grounds  Firsl, they acquired a governmenl lease on an  immediate waterfront lot, then transported over  by boat the materials lo < (instruct this modem  two slorey, six  room A 'frame  home with a  majestic viewof Egmont and Jervis Inlei There  is also a new private wharl wilh metal walkway  and deep water moorage  Pin e $65,000  Bruce McKinnon  kHarold Jacques Res.885-902' Sunshine CoasI Realtor, October 17, 1980  COAST  MOBILE  Dealers for  GLEN RIVER ��� MODULINE ��� MANCO  SEE US TO BUY - SEE US TO TRADE  CONSIGN YOUR MOBILE HOME FOR  QUICK SALE.  IN STOCK NOW!  FOR IMMEDIATE DELIVERY  GLEN RIVER Front Entry 3 bdrm. 1008 sq. ft.  Complete  with  fridge, stove,  dishwasher,  carpets, drapes  IN STOCK NOW!  FOR IMMEDIATE DELIVERY  MODULINE CHANCELLOR - 1152 sq. ft.  2 bathrooms, 3 bedrooms, fridge, stove,  carpets, drapes, dishwasher  MASTER  BEDROOM  13-0'  ft  STORAGE  10'G"  r      j LIVING   ROOM  iTTT n:��"  !  I    1---  ORDER YOUR 14' WIDE OR DOUBLE  WIDE HOMES  MANY MODELS AND FLOOR PLANS  TO CHOOSE FROM  COAST MOBILE HOMES LTD.  Across irom Banner's Furniture hi sechelt  885-9979 ">L6393 885-9979  OT  <5  &.  ^Mitten  Realty Ltd.  Trail Bay Shopping Centre  HOMES  ���-irrU  ;.ffl  FIRCREST ROAD, GIBSONS       $68,900  These six delightful family homes are now under  construction. 1086 sq. ft. on the mam floor with  three bedrooms and a fourth in the daylight  basement. The plan is standard to all six but  there are three choices of external finish and  you will have the usual decorating and carpet  options, For details contact Emilie Henderson  885 5225 or Syd & Frances Heal 886-  7875. K429/34  DAVIS BAY $89,500  Immaculate (our bedt oom in popular Davis Bay.  Spectacular view. Three bright bedrooms on  main and one down. Fireplace on main with  Fisher stove hooked into heating system in  basement. All windows are thermopane.  Expensive rosewood cabinets and feature walls  in living room. Also Sauna. Close to School and  Wharf. Contact Terry Brackett to view this fine  home at 885 9865. =409  PENDER HARBOUR  Aie you looking for privacy? An unbeatable  view? Qmei surroundings? This fine home  offers all this and more. Look at the features, a  sunken living room, sunken tub, handpainted  murals, vaulted ceilings, ensuite off master  bedroom. Three levels of gracious living plus  large patio a top for viewing the Harbour. Tin  ultimate in fine living. Call Terry Brackett for all  details on this line home al 885 9865.      ��389  LOTS  WAKEFIELD ROAD $21,500  Privacy - creek - view. All in one package. This  lot is only for the creative. Call Don or Rene  Sutherland at 885-9362. ��297B  SECHELT $16,5U0  Over one half acre in the Village. Building site  has been cleared and driveway is in. Very  private and good possibility of future subdivision. Adjoining lots may also be purchased (also  one half acre each) totalling over one and a half  acres. Don't pass up this opportunity! Try your  offer today! Call Terry Brackett 885 9865 or  Bronia Robins 885-9033. ��398  SECHELT VILLAGE $14,500  Six nicely treed lots, garden soil, close to water.  Don & Rene Sutherland have details at 885  9362. R299  TARZAN & JANE  would be proud to own this one acre jungle lot  Magnificent trees need a little clearing to open  up a technicolor view right across the gulf to  Vancouver Island. Okay, there are access  problems but there is privacy and a unique  setting for a cottage close by the sea. Terms  available. Syd or Frances Heal, at 886-7875.  ��403  IF YOU WANT PRIVACY, TUWANEK                                    $10,500  and   peace   and   quiet   in   a   sunny,   treed Nicely wooded view lot near beach access,  environment, this % acre level lot in Welcome Water and hydro available, look at this price.  Woods is a must to see! $18,900. Contact Call Terry Brackett 885 9865.                   s358  Bronia at 885-9033.                                   ��413  WEST PORPOISE BAY $12,900  Nice level lot located in the village. This lot is  selectively cleared and ready to build on. Water  and hydro. Contact Terry Brackett at 885-9865.  S287  ONLY $11,000  and vendor will carry 75".. ol the financing at  11"..! This lol in Madeira Park is very large and  has a view t<x>! Interesting building possibilities... Call Bronia at 885-9033. 11335  BEAUTIFUL $35,000  One acre piece off Roberts Creek Rd. I his one  is cleared, level, has an ocean view, and affords  complete privacy. It won't last long, so call Dal  Grauer at 885 3808 before it's too late.  ��393  DON'T BE LIKE OTHERS  who wish they had bought Bt last years prices.  Good view lol (a little alder needs clearing)  together with "374 & ��375 this group of Ihree  makes a real nice estate For more Information  please call Syd or Fiances Heal at 886 7875  SUPER LARGE LOTS $ 15,000 ea.  Sloping lots, large fir trees, potential view, sewer  in near future make these village lots an  excellent investment for future. Call Don or  Rene Sutherland at 885-9362. ��267  WEST SECHELT $23,500  Invest now in this hard-to-find view lot. Building  site has been cleared and levelled. Short walk to  Pebble Beach. Won't last. Call Terry Brackett  at 885 9865. #418  PRICES ARE ON THE UPSWING$12,500  but we have this lovely building lot with g  view potential - just clear away the alder brush.  Can be bought togcthei wilh ��374 & #376  make nice estate. Fur more information please  call Syd of Fiances Heal at 886 7875.      #375  BUY AT TODAYS PRICES $12,500  Don'l miss out on this view lot (just requires  secondary alder growlh removed). On paved  road with all services. II you buy ��375 & #376,  this would make a good investment. For more  Information Please call Syd ot Fiances Heal al  "376     88b 7875  ��374  MEMBER SUNSHINE COAST  REAL ESTATE ASSOCIATON  885-3295  Vancouver Toll Free  681-7931 Sunshine CoasI Realtor, October 17, 1980  Trail Bay Mall  Box 979  Sechelt, B.C.  VON 3A0  Mitten Realty Ltd.  &?*&>,  //V  Vancouver Toll Free  885-3295      681-7931  MEMBER OF "RELOCATION SERVICES CANADA" REFERRAL SYSTEM.  WE HAVE A TRADE PLAN FOR HOMES, PLEASE CALL FOR DETAILS.  Bfcfr  Conveniently located in Sechelt's Trail Bay Shopping Centre  WATERFRONT  HOMES  A GUARANTEED INVESTMENT  Sundrenched 2800 sq. fl. rancher with a million  dollar view! 3 bedrooms (master with ensuite  and fireplace). Skylit living room with vaulted  ceiling, fully applianced Jenn Air Kitchen.  Lovely large dining room. Huge cedar sundeck.  All this located on 1.37 acres with approx. 170'  of PRIME WATERFRONT IN ROBERTS  CREEK. Plus a guest cottage as a bonus!  Asking $285,000 with terms. By appointment  only call Corry Ross 885 9250 MLS.       #321  PENDER HARBOUR $80,000  Almost 150' total of tideal waterfront on  Gerrans Bay. Beautiful view of harbour. Two  separate lots to be sold as package. Vendor may  carry. Call Emilie Henderson 885-5225 or Don  Lock 885-3730. #447  SANDY HOOK  140 ft. of exquisite waterfront. This very privale  point of land features a home with walls ol glass,  sauna with a view, boat dock, and second  building that has all sorts of potential. A rare  op|Kirlunity for ihe discriminating buyer. Call  Don or Rene for details. Offered al $149,500  ��448  SAKINAW LAKE $130,000  Almost 4 mile of waterfront. 16 (more or less)  acres. Boat access only for total privacy. Two  dwellings on property plus boat house in private  sheltered bay. This is beautiful recreational  property with subdivision possibilities. Ideal  group purchase vendor will carry up to $90,000.  Call Emilie Henderson. *340  COMMERCIAL WATERFRONT $150,000  100 feet of prime waterlroni in downtown  Gibsons. Zoning is C4 and there is an income  producing building on the property, With  Gibsons growing as il is and a new Marina  proposed this piece has great potential. Phone  Suzanne Dunkerton at 885-3971 (or more  informalion. #400  NARROWS INLET $35,000  Get your friends together and invest now in  seven acres o( rcmoie Waterlroni. Whal a  hideaway! This heavily treed properly has a  year round stream lo harness for your power  supply. Plus over seven hundred feet on the  shoreline with easy access. Use an Alaskan  sawmill to cut all your lumber lor your dream  home from the heavy stand of timber. Don't  wait! Call Terry Brackett for all details al 885  9865. s332  AFFORDABLE  WATERFRONT $19,000 ��� $24,500  For the innovative & mduslrious. Trail Island  acreage lots, Sechelt Inlel lease lots with cabins.  Terms available. Don & Rene have details al  8859362. ��445  TUWANEK WATERFRONT       $114,000  Splendid sunsets across the calm water of  Sechelt Inlet. This enchanting home is situated  on a low rocky point, with easy water access  and protected moorage. A rare offering for the  discriminating buyer. For details call Don or  Rene at 885-9362. *443  mmspmsm mm  A combination of waterfront and forest  makes this property of approximately 1.3  acres an ideal investment! Features include  a cozy summer cabin, (19'x22'}on just over  100 ft. of level beach; lovely sand bar at low  tide; terraced garden; large level building site  at the top of the lot with ecstatic view of  Merry and Vancouver Island; and magnificent sunsets. The setting is simply  breathtaking! Contact Bronia at 885-9033.   #439  GEODESIC DOMES $99,000  Brand new, totally unique home in West  Sechelt. Two bedrooms plus study, private  sundeck off circular 24' living room. Ideally  suited for adult living. Located on large view lot  with subdivision approval. Call Emilie Henderson at 885-5225. #368  SELMA PARK $18,000  Just listed MLS Investment for someone  looking for a summer home. Small cottage on  lease land with acorn fireplace. Private setting.  Purchase price includes (our appliances.  Presently rented for $300 per month. Owner will  talk terms. Invest now! Call Terry Brackett at  885-9865. #354  RECREATIONAL  PROPERTY  RECREATIONAL WATERFRONT  The besl for less waterfront recreational lots  with rustic cabins for only $368.00 per year  Provincial Land Lease. The cabins are offered at  $25,500 and $23,500. Small annual payments  give you access to the waterfront we all dream  of. Rene or Don Sutherland will provide all  details. Give us a call at 885 9362. #382  Two bedroom semiwaterfront home in prime  location. The lot has been fully fenced. Outside  you'll find two storage sheds, a double carport  and large sundeck. This home features a den,  large utility area, heatilator fireplace, as well as  ensuile plumbing. One block to school,  daycare, store and wharf. Enjoy the beautiful  sunsets (rom your living room and dining area.  The view is unbelievable!! Terry Brackett will  give you details 885-9865. #441  WEST SECHELT $139,500  This desirable West Sechelt view home has  everything ��� five bedrooms, formal dining room,  two and half baths, modern kitchen including  Jennaire range, eye level oven, garburator all  teak cupboards in kitchen. Outside pool (20 x  40) sundecks and patio together with double  carport complete this deluxe home located on  half acre lot bordered by a year round creek.  Please call Don Lock 885-3730 or Terry  Brackett 885-9865 for more details on this  beautiful home and also appointment to  view. #440  ROBERTS CREEK $79,500  A creek, fruit trees and two lots totalling % of an  acre. One lot could be sold retaining house and  creek. Two bedrooms in this renovated 1200 sq.  ft. home. Large living room with an airtight.  Kitchen is spacious with lots of storage. Extra  room for a rec. room or hoi tub? Close to the  beach and school. Must be seen. Phone  Suzanne Dunkerton for viewing. #437  POINT ROAD - HOPKINS $79,500  An ideal find for the commuter or for  recrealional use. Just walking distance to the  ferry and slore. The 3 b/r home has been  complelely and tastefully remodelled and is now  offered complete with all furnilure as a package  purchase, Price includes all appliances, built-in  dishwasher -freestandingfireplace,etc.Toview  #435  call Don Lock 885-3730.  ACREAGE  ROBERTS CREEK $77,600  Ten gorgeous acres near Crowe Road. Lovely  orchard in small meadow with year-round  creek. There is no legal access construcied to  this tasty find, but road allowance from 101 is  surveyed. Vendor will take cosl of road inlo  consideration when looking at offers. Road may  be constructed to any standard satisfactory to  purchaser and Highways will give all timber  from road allowance to help defray costs. Here  is a chance to live in a secluded rural setting  second to none. Dal Grauer at 885-3808. #347  WEST SECHELT  1900 sq. ft, home ��� 2 stall barn, recreational  vehicle garage and workshop. All fenced and  cleared. The ideal hobby farm. $130,000. Call  Don or Rene. ��449  PRATT ROAD $157,000  4.75 beauliful acres most ol which is in pasture  grass charming 3 bedroom farm house wilh  large living room. Kilchen has been recently  renovated in character of the house. Outbuild  ings include a barn and luffing shed, 16 fruil  trees and <i large vegetable garden. A dream  come true for a hobby farmer Call Suzanne  Dunkerton lor more informalion 885 3971.  "401  REED ROAD, GIBSONS  4.6 acres of cleared fenced land. Two dwelling  units each wilh ils own access. Horse barn and  paddock. Ideal place to raise children and  animals. Asking $135,000. Call Don or Rene  Sutherland. #446  17.3 ACRES AND HOME $95,500  All ready lo move into. This 3 bedroom home is  just 8 years old owing to ill health the owner  cannol clear this land, Require energetic owner  who is willing lo clear the land and remove  stumps. Owner will consider offers. Call Don  Lock 885-3730 loi details. #302  BUSINESS  OPPORTUNITIES  DAWSON CREEK;  Opportunity and adventure awaits purchasers  of this property which includes:  The Trading Post: retailing native art, furs,  leathers and imported goods. 12 monlh  operations with modern 2 b/r home attached.  Funseekers: Sales and service outlet lor  Motorski and Kawasaki snowmobiles Canam  and Kawasaki bikes. Registered Briggs &  St rat ton repair depot.  Neighbourhood Pub: Zoning and preliminary  approval granted for 65 seat pub (polenlial later  lor 130). All businesses on 3.1 acres of  commercially zoned land giving unlimited  potential. All deiails wilh Frances or Syd Heal  886 7875.  COMMERCIAL  PROPERTY  1 ACRE LOT $17,500  Excellent building lol in commercial section of  Madeira Park. All services are at roadside. Call  Don Lock 885-3730 for details. ��444  INDUSTRIAL PROPERTY  $32,900  I acre situated in Wilson Creek off Field Rood.  Light industrial zoning. Good investment  property. Emilie Henderson 885 522:,     B338  MEMBER SUNSHINE COAST REAL ESTATE ASSOCIATION  POWELL RIVER  WEST VANCOUVER  NORTH VANCOUVER  RAY  BERNIER  SALES MGR  EMILIE  HENDERSON  885-5225  JOHN  BLACK  886-7316  KLAUS  ROEPKE  885-3295  DAL  GRAUER  885-3808  BRONIA  ROBINS  885-9033  GAYLE  ADAMS  883-9364  RENE  SUTHERLAND  8859362  TERRY  BRACKETT  885-9865  SUZANNE  DUNKERTON  885-3971  CORRY  ROSS  885-9250  DONALD  SUTHERLAND  885-9362  SYD & FRANCES     HENRY  HEAL HALL KINGSWAY  886-7875 885-2520     SURREY  DON ERIC . AKlrM bv  LOCK RUDLAND ��-H[MULeT  885-3730 885-98^7 10  Sunshine Coast Realtor, October 17, 1980  JL?  .&  BOX 1490,  WHARF ROAD  SECHELT, B.C.  VON-3A0  W,  Tl  M  21  PHONE  885-2235  VANCOUVER  689-5838  (Toll Free)  CENTURY WEST REAL ESTATE  HOMES  M_tM j��j  BEAUTIFUL HOME FOR  BEAUTIFUL PEOPLE No. 558  This fine home is extremely well finished and well  built. Some of the quality features include Arizona  Sandstone fireplace, 2x6 walls with heavy  insulation, wood heater, separate garage, plenty  of storage & work areas, low maintenance  landscaping. Sundecks all covered, some good  West Sechelt VIEW, large bathroom with sunken  tub, separate shower. All tastefully decorated.  For an appointment to view cal! Larry or Ruth  Moore 885-9213 or George Longman 8868548,  CONSERVE ENERGY No. 468  This 6 bedroom home has Iwo kitchens, 3  bathrooms, family room, large sundeck all on a  large lot. Only 5 years old and $89,500. C.  Dowman 885-9374.  VIEW-  WILSON CREEK No. 386  For just $78,000 you can own this 3 bedroom  family home with spectacular view in Wilson  Creek. For more details call Leslie Fitch 885-9057  or Ruth Moore 885-9213.  VIEW HOME IN  ROBERTS CREEK No. 576  New 1200 sq. ft. 2 bedroom Lynwood Home on 5  acres in desirable Roberts Creek. Beautiful view  of Gabriola Island from deck. This rare 5 acre  parcel adjacent to Cheryl-Anne Subdivision on  south side. Possible subdivision potential at later  date. Warm, cozy home, nicly finished, Parquet  floor in living room, all double windows. Don't  miss the chance of (his lovely cedar home and  acreage. Can be yours for $120,000. Bill Walkey  885 5327.  M!,.  ''<���,  r *  1   "    '    '     ,' '  Oc  ��� >���-.-  - ;..-..  ,\*i -  ���35  " "^.':'#'  .l':'-'.-'-%  f,\  >.  i_iS!  ,  i>:  '    W  \  *.  vithr-  ,  '-  fite!  LOCK UP YOUR DAUGHTERS!    No. 502  But first lake a look at this quality lock-up  construction in Sandy Hook. Almost 1500sq. ft.  of modern design vaulted ceiling, 3 bedrooms,  fantastic view, huge lot, the list is endless. This  package is well priced at $93,000 Call Bill  Walkey at 885 5327 for further details.  "MAKE NATURE YOUR NEIGHBOR,  THE CITY A CLOSE FRIEND" No. 485  9.43 acres in Roberts Creek. 1520 sq. It. 3  bedroom home with ocean view, a lew.1 extras lo  mention are du( k pond, barn, corral, drilled well  and wrap around sundeck. Asking price  $139,000. George Longman at 886-8548  HOMES  ;3smmaMm>m:  GIBSONS No. 541  Looking for small acreage. Privacy plus custom  built home! Curved driveway leads to 3 bedroom  post and beam home with attached carport.  Quality ash cabinets in kitchen, skylight, L  shaped dining and living room, heatilator brick  fireplace, laundry off the kitchen 2-pc ensuite.  Cedar ceiling throughout the house. Patio,  vegefable garden, fruit trees $105,000. Call Eva  Carsky lo view this lovely property at 886 8194 or  886-7126.  THE HUSH OF  COUNTRY LIVING No. 569  This well built small home is situated on a great  one acre plus! Wonderful garden area, cleared  areas, some large trees and privacy abound. Just  $40,000 - by appointment only call Larry or Ruth  Moore 885-9213.  SELMA PARK ROAD No. 574  Small old timer, needs lots of T.LC. Partial view  in Selma Park. Priced right at $20,900. Call Leslie  Fitch 885-9057 or Larry Reardon 885-9320.  "HANDYMAN SPECIAL  IN GIBSONS" No. 525  768 sq. ft, single side, 2 bedroom mobile home, an  addition of 768 sq. ft. has been completed to floor  joists and could be completed by someone handy  with a hammer and saw. Located on a large 70 x  220 lot. Asking $37,000. George Longman gg6  8548  VIEW WEST SECHELT No. 503  2100 SQUARE FOOT LINDAL CEDAR  HOME. 4 spacious bedrooms with ample  storage. Gourmet kitchen, family room with see-  through fireplace. Features too numerous to  mention. For the ultimate in family living call  Leslie Fitch at 885-9057.  QUALITY NEW HOME No. 582  $72,500 You still have time to pick your colors  with t his 3 bedroom rancher on nearly half an acre  in beautiful Redrooffs. Double garage, heatilator  fireplace and dining area with sliding glass doors  to a very private patio area. Chuck Dowman 885-  9374.  SECHELT CENTRAL  '..ACHE No. 564  Good 2 bedroom lull basemenl modern home.  Over' _ acre of duplex zoned land close to wharf  and easy launching yet near shops, schools and  hospital. $95,000 F P "Tiny Bob" 885 9461.  REDROOFFS HOME No. 455  1325 sq. ft,, 3 bedroom home, 3 levels modern  features galore, situated on an extra largo lot  complete with large well built barn. Some  landscaping needed to create an absolutely  beautiful home. Asking price $89,900. George  Longman 886 8548 or Larry Reardon 885-9320.  ONLY 5 ACRES BETWEEN  LANGDALE AND GIBSONS No. 480  Beautiful land only 1 mile from Gibsons, l',mile  Irom Langdale, 300 feel road frontage! Plus 2  bedrooms, 24 x 60 Esta Villa home wilh  conventional roof. Spacious living, dining room  with Imilt in china cabinet. Family room, all  carpeted, 2 baths. Large sundeck, chicken house  and 2 stall horse barn. Two dwellings permitled  on property, ideal for 2 families or build your  dream home. Asking $ 110,000. For appointmenl  to view call Eva Carsky at 885-2235or 886-7126.it  any 'ime-  QUALITY & QUANTITY No. 539  All the joys of rural living can be yours here In this  executive split level home ol mei 2800 sq. fl. of  finished area. Formal dining area, 12' floor to  ceiling fireplace, spiral staircase, spacious 23 x 14  kitchen, and 4 bedrooms add up to everything  you're looking foi in a quality home lor youi  family. The pels are taken care of too with over 9  acres of selectively cleared romping room Whal  more could you want lor thc listed price til  $230,000. Lynda Hickman 886 7352.  SECHELT TOWNHOUSE   PANORAMIC VIEW _  Luxurious 2 level townhouses on the upper level are large living -  dining room with vaulted ceiling and heatilator fireplace, also den  and powder room. Kitchen has stove, fridge, dishwasher &  garburator. The lower level has 3 bedrooms, bathroom & laundry  room with washer & dryer. Balconies on both levels where you can  relax and enjoy the spectacular view. Many other features. Priced  at $83,500. Inspect this unit to-day with Lynn Wilson at 885-5755.  MAKE THE  WORLD YOUR  VACATION SPOT  You can open up a whole new world of vacation flexibility with your  purchase of a time share, strata lot condominium at Whistler Mountain.  With a registered title for your condominium time at Whistler you not only  have the security of a permanent vacation home but you also become  eligible to join an international exchange network. This network will  permit you to exchange your time at Whistler for equal time in  HAWAII, THE SOUTH PACIFIC,  THE CARIBBEAN, MEXICO  or many other vacation destinations.  To find out jusi how simple and inexpensive this can be please call Pat  Parker 8852235 (days) or 885-5615 (evenings).  INVESTMENT ���  REVENUE PRODUCER No. 510  Assumable Hl'V' mortgage on this 3 bedroom  village home, stove & (ridge, also Fisher type  slove included. Potential VIEW from ihis ',  basement family home in area of high rental  demand. Compare your investment opportunity  at this low price ol $54,900. Call Lynn Wilson 885  5755,  SPREAD YOUR WINGS No. 410  And move into this extra large home - plenty of  room lor family and friends. Five bedrooms, large  counlry kilchen, fottnal dining room, recreation  room, plenty of plumbing, All this for only  $82,500 wilh a very good assumable mortgage  and located in a quiet cul de sac local ion in Wesl  Sechell. Ruth Moore 8859213 or George  Longman 8868548.  DYNAMIC VIEW Ol  HOWE SOUND No. 528  Exclusive 1.5 acres of waterlroni wilh year round  deep water moorage is the ideal selling lor Ihis  quality buill rancher, swimming pool and guest  collage lor your country estale. Priced at only  $262,000. Lynda Hickman 886 7352.  MEMBER SUNSHINE COAST  "TWO OFFICES TO SERVE YOU"  LYNDA HICKMAN  RITA PERCHESON  PETER SMITH  PAT PARKER  GEORGE LONGMAN  LESLIE FITCH  LARRY REARDON PHONE  886-8194  VANCOUVER  689-5838  (Toll Free)  Qmuifc  Sunshine CoasI Realtor, October 17, 1980  DENTAL CENTRE  GIBSONS  \%  1&  HOMES  -CENTURY WEST REAL ESTATE  LOTS  LAKESIDE RETREAT                       No. 554 mobile home, nearly new 512 sq. It. cement floor  Enioylhisallriiclivepackagenoworlalerasyour workshop wilh equipment, 444 sq. fl. "guest  retirement retreat. Ideally locaied facing south collage" and four other buildings to round out  west overlooking Garden Bay Lake and your this desirable package. More informalion. loview  shared boal moorage directly in Irani; you can or ofler on the $80,000 asking price. Berl 885-  catch your share of trout anytime, Neal 916 sq. ft. 3746.  PERFECTION IN  RURAL LIVING No. 568  Everything you possibly want is here. 0.97 acre,  view and quality built home with sunken living  room, lamily room, den plus 3 good size  bedrooms. Quality carpels throughout, parquet  lloor in dining room and kitchen. Sunny south  exposure with large sundeck to enjoy the  summer. Must be seen! To view or more  informalion call Eva at 886-8194 or 8867126.  $120,000  ACREAGE  5 ACRES - RUBY U\KE No. 241  Bt' a land baron on Ihis nicely treed 5 acre parcel  near Ruby Lake. Excellenl boaling and fishing  nearby. To view call Leslie Filch 885 9057 or Eva  Carsky 886-7126.  NEW ON MARKET  12 ACRES - WEST SECHELT No. 583  This fine acreage is located in ever popular rapid  developing Wesl Sechelt, Only two miles from  Village facilities. For more information on this fine  properly call Larry Moore 885-9213.  KLEINDALE ACREAGE No. 3884  Residential sub division offering a number of line  2 acre parcels, each in ils own natural selling,  virtually undisturbed except for paved access  roads. Close to good fishing and boaling areas  attractively priced Irom $18,500. You should See  these acreages, available wilh terms loo, Berl  Walker 8853746.  TIMBERED ACREAGE No. 315  Take advantage of the possibilities going with this  6 acre parcel on the Irvines Landing Road. Sell off  some of the umber, locale your home on the fairly  level area and be just minutes to pi ime fishing and  boating areas in Pender Harbour. Asking jusi  $28,500 with some terms. Berl Walker 885 3746.  HIGHWAY ACREAGE No. 580  3.3 acres of level Ireed land situated between  Gibsons and Roberts Creek. Buy as <.\u  investment for the future or build now and create  your own private estate. For details call Pat  Parker al 885 5615 or George Longman 886 8548.  $42,500. F.P.  BEFORE YOU RENEW  PHONE "TINY BOB"  REVIEW!  CENTURY'S  LOW GROUP  RATES  MAKE ME AN OFFER... No. 457  Thc owner can't refuse, and you might be  surprised at the answer. Ask about the beautiful  ocean view from this 1100 sq. ft. Selma Park 3  bedroom home. You can have the view for 600 a  year lease plus $35,000for the home. Call me and  ask about this rare opportunity. Bill Walkey 885-  5327.  WEST SECHELT HOME No. 534  ��� All walls 2" x 6"  ��� Insulation R20 - R28  ��� Whirlpool Dishwasher included  ��� Large Vanity and Mirror  ��� One Piece Fibreglass Bathtub  ��� Lols of Closets  ��� Large Pantry in Kitchen  ��� Close to Primary School  ��� Pried al only $59,500.  Larry or Rulh Moore at 8859213.  BUSINESS  OPPORTUNITIES  PENDER HARBOUR $98,900 No. 350  This 8 acres zoned light industrial and/or other  uses, has great potential. It lies almost opposite  Francis Peninsula turnoff on both sides of  Highway 101 next to the building supply and  laundromat. It has good water access and is a  (airly flat piece easily developed. Larry Reardon.  885-9320.  STOP MESSING AROUND No. 495  And get down to serious thoughts of your future.  The only Grocery/Hot Food outlet of its kind in  the whole area. Year round business from this  unique combination assured. Add to this a 1200  sq. ft. cozy home and you're all set. Asking  $175,000 for this chance In a million. Bill Walkey  885-5327.  UNIQUE ANTIQUE  BOUTIQUE No. 575  This is a great opporiunity to break inlo the high  demand antique business. The fabric business  lhal goes with il is a gold mine in disguise. Owner  has private access to fabric importers that gives  tremendous price advantages over competitors,  With correctly applied capitalization this business  offers untold opportunities. Owner will give 3-5  year lease for $250, all inclusive, for 450 sq. ft.  store. Price of $15,000 includes everything -  antiques, clothing, equipment, fabric and the  names of the importers who are willing to work  closely with new business owner. Don't miss this  steal, call Bill Walkey at 885-5327.  WRENCH YOURSELF No. 509  Into a fantastic Auto Repair Business. You  deserve the superb returns this investment will  give you. There is a parts dealership with this  business that will give you a tremendous  advantage over competitors. Don't wait for  someone to beat you to it. A1 $45,000, it's a  chance you daren't miss. Bill Walkey 885-5327.  LET'S GET A BUSINESS! No. 501  You're ofl to a good start with this growing fabric-  store al an affordable price For further details call  Lynda 886 7352.  rSANDY HOOK���OCEAN VIEW���SANDY HOOK���|  EN?ANGERED   $12,500 BILLWALKEY  NOW  1 OCEAN VIEW 885-5327 OCEAN VIEW-  LARGE TREED LOT No. 560  This fine building lot has slight bank at the road  and large level building site. This fine lot is in an  area restricted to homes only. Well priced at just  $16,900. Larry or Ruth Moore 885-9213.  RECREATION LOT No. 184  Close to boat launchingramp& beach. In relaxed  area away from all hustle and bustle. Sewer  available also water, hydro and phone. Be sure to  see this lol, priced tosell at $16,900. Lynn Wilson  885-5755.  TUWANEK No. 461  This nicely treed lot is only minutes from Sechelt.  Lovely creek flowing through the property.  Please call Leslie Fitch 885-9057 or Larry Reardon  885-9320.  WEST SECHELT No. 549  Great building site on Norwest Bay Road. All  services   available   except   sewer.   Close   to  shopping and schools. Asking only $13,500. Pat  Parker 885-5615  LARGE SCENIC LOT  SKANA CRESCENT No. 579  One-third acre lot in popular Sandy Hook. This  property affords the purchaser an unobstructed  view of Sechelt Inlet. Work performed by the  Vendor includes establishment of driveway and  building site and obtaining septic field approval  from ihe Health Unil. This lot is offered for only  $10,500. Call Pal Parker at 885-5615 or Bill  Walkey at 885-5327 for more details.  PRICE - YOU BET!!  Several Sandy Hook and Tuwanek lots are still  available, some with view some without. All  available on terms and top price is only $12,500.  For investment or recreation. Call Larry or Ruth  Moore 885-9213.  HARD TO FIND HALF ACRE No. 508  $30,900 - Selma Park, the area of least rain and  maximum sunshine. Semi cleared half acre with a  good fringe of trees and woods for privacy. Septic  approval on record ready for your dream home.  Chuck Dowman 885-9374.  PRESTIGE No. 563  Lot in West Sechelt on quiet, safe, cul-de-sac.  This choice treed property is serviced by sewer,  water, hydro and paved road. Level building site.  Rita Percheson 885-5706.  GREAT LOT ���  WITH OCEAN VIEW No. 181  Locaied in area of betler homes, all services  available. Close lo beach and boat launching  ramp. Only $15,900 call Lynn Wilson 885-5755.  OCEAN VIEW No. 584  In West Sechelt's linesl area. Adjoining park  grounds insure the degree ol privacy you'd  expect in this prestige selling. Southerly  exposure with ocean view of Trail Islands. Lot  provides excellenl building site for lhal dream  home. Assessment: SUPERLATIVE - $35,000  FIRM. Lynn Wilson 885-5755.  QUIET COUNTRY LANE No. 572  Off Uplands Road, corner 75 x 110 fl. at year  round recreational Tuwanek. Piped waler at  roadside. B.C. hydro. Very easy access for boats,  public sandy beach. Great buy $9,450. "Tiny  Bob" 885-9461.  COCHRANE ROAD ��� GIBSONS    No. 581  Level building lot 65 x 130, close lo beaches and  shopping facilities. Priced at $18,000. For more  informalion call Lynda Hickman 886 7352.  ONLY YOU CAN TELL No. 257  If it's lhal spot you want, I'll give direclions. 85 x  148 II on Norvan Road, will be corner when road  extended, Il's only a block or 2 to ocean access  and local pub wilh country atmosphere ��� couple of  miles ouiside Se< hell $26,500. Take you there?  'Tiny Bob" 885-9461.  REAL ESTATE ASSOCIATION  GIBSONS 886-8194        SECHELT 885-2235  BILL WALKEY RUTH MOORE ED BAKER  R.B. "TINY BOB" KENT   LYNN WILSON        LARRY MOORE  FOR THE GOOD LIFE No. 566  Buy this beautiful treed lot in prestigious. West  Sechelt. Near level (future ocean view?) with  attractive Japanese garden rock out ��� cropping.  Serviced by paved road, hydro, water and ready  to build that dream home. $19,900. Rita  Percheson 885-5706.  ROBERTS CREEK LOT No. 577  Beautifully treed lot on Richards Road in Roberts  Creek. Reasonably priced at just $15,900 Call  Leslie Fitch 885-9057.  A PRIVATE SPOT No. 383  A perfect lot (or someone who wants to be right in  the Village of Sechelt and close to all  conveniences. Just blocks to shops, schools &  beaches. Extra large lots of trees and rocks and  priced at just $15,900. Larry or Ruth Moore 885-  9213.  SUNNY SANDY HOOK No. 2%  Attain privacy on this long 276' lot on quiet cul-de-  sac off Seaview Lane. Many trees, view to southwest when clearing for your home. Sure it's a bit  steep, but see the possibilities with me ��� asking  $12,500. Peter Smith 885-9463.  -__S    nniZL  CENTURY WEST REAL ESTATE  AGENTS FOB  M.D. MACKENZIE LIMITED  Plans and Brochures available  FREE ESTIMATES  Call Larry Moore SS5-2235  FOR THE GOOD LIFE No. 499/500  Two fine lots within the Village of Sechelt  boundaries ready for building now and priced at  just $12,900 each. Larry or Ruth Moore 88>  9213.  VILLAGE LOTS No. 292/293  New area developing ��� worth looking into. Priced  reasonably $12,500. Call Lynn Wilson 885 5755.  NEW AREA ON THE MOVE No. 570 I  Yes these are great building lots in Ihe Village ol  Sechelt on paved road, waler, hydro and phone  available. Good VALUEat $12,500. Lynn Wilson  8855755.  VIEW, ACCESS, SERVICES No. 571  See this lol on Deerhorn Drive, 75' x 110',  excellent drainage & VIEW. Good homes on  either side. Asking price $12,500. Peter Smith  8859463.  PRESTIGE VIEW  SPECTACULAR OCEAN VIEW      No. 585  Property in Wesl Sechelt's most prestigious area.  Located on quiet paved road with water, hydro,  sewer and cablevision. Lot backs on the  Wakefield Creek Park. Convenient to schools,  beach shopping $15,000 FIRM. Lynn Wilson  8855755.  EVA CARSKY  BERT WALKER Sunshine Co.isi Realtor, Oclobei 17, WW  THE BROOKFIELD, one of the beauli/u/ new Viceroy superhomes.  WE PROUDLY OFFER YOU THE MOST  ENERGY EFFICIENT HOMES IN AMERICA  When we call these new Viceroy superhomes "the most energy-  efficient homes in America" we do not choose these words lightly. For  all practical purposes, the energy consumption problem in new house  construction has been solved. If you build the Viceroy way, il will help  protect you against exorbitant heating bills for a generation to come.  And these homes are not expensive. Call us or visit us today for more  information on these outstanding homes.  PLEASE SEND ME:  Viceroy Suburban Homes Catalogue ���  Viceroy Country Homes Catalogue ���  (Enclose $3.00 each)  Name  Address  Town Postal Code  BUTTERWICH HOLDINGS LTD.  r.r. #1 madeira Pam, B.c. von 2H0  VICEROY ��� The most en��rav_efficjentJiomesjnJ^nierica_ _ j  PENDER HARBOUR  REALTY LTD.  Highway 101 at Francis Peninsula Rd.  883-2794  New Low Rates on House Insurance  SOJSD  lilding lot at the right  FRANCIS PENH  price... $11,500 cai  WARNOCK RD: Here's a lot most people want. It's level,  nicely treed and has perfect soil for gardening and septics.  It's 70' x 208' and priced at $16,500.  WATERFRONT: 2 adjacent 4 acre parcels with deep  water and quiet moorage. Each $50,000.  WATERFRONT: Approximately A acres with  protected, deep moorage and 850 sq. ft. house. Some  outbuildings. F.P. $92,000. (Can be bought with two  adjacent waterfront parcels giving 12 acres in all.  Excellent investment.)  HWY 101: 11 acres plus with old house. Mostly level with  some clearing and some trees. $45,000.  HIGHWAY ACREAGE: Here's a good investment  property ��� 6.7 acres on Highway 101 close to Madeira Park.  $35,000 (try offers).  SMALL ACREAGES: Several excellent parcels with  good soil and privacy. Priced from $19,000 to $27,000,  with good terms.  John Breen  883-9978  Jock Hermon  883-2745  REAL  ESTATE  hb GORDON AGENCIES ltd  31 Years At Cowrie St., Sechelt  PHONE  885-2013  Box 123, Sechell, B.C.  WESTERLY TRAIL ISLAND  WEST SECHELT \ MILE  PROTECTED MOORAGE  'ifiltiaHa  "wharf road -iwowiWswSi  REPAIR)  House & shop. Large lot.  2,000 sq. ft. DECKS  SUPERB VIEWS  EVERY SUNSET!  ��� Contemporary West Coast 1700  sq. ft. two level home. Meticulous construction.  ��� Guest house.  ��� Unique and very private.  ���  -.,��,!  YES! WE DO HAVE THREE  LOTS FOR SALE  WEST SECHELT: Carefree living in this easy to maintain  house and grounds. 1280 sq. ft., 3 bedrooms, full basement  home. Jenn Air kitchen. Two baths. Fruit trees Japanese  garden   large rec. vehicle's parking.  SAKINAW LAKE -  RUGGLES BAY  Attention sun lovers. Two homes on  this prime lake acreage facing west.  Both homes are cedar, vaulted  ceilings, fireplace, large decks at the  water's edge, and much much more  on 7 acres of lease land.  SAKINAW  LAKE  PRIVATE RUSTIC RETREAT  RIGHT AT THE WATER EDGE!  Wonderful warm swimming, fishing.  Sleeps 2 or 8. 150' waterfront, with  docks. 1.7 acres of Govt. Lease Land,  water access only. Offered at $26,500.  MEMBER SUNSHINE COAST REAL ESTATE ASSOCIATION  JACK NOBLE 883-2701    H.B. GORDON     PATRICIA LINDSAY 885-2591    JOHN WILSON 885-9365


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