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 Port Mellon hit with pollution fine  Canadian Forest Products mill was fined $25,000 by Provincial Court Judge J.S. Johnson, Wednesday, on a charge of  polluting local waters. The Port Mellon mill, the oldest  operating pulp mill in B.C., has been fined on two previous occasions on charges of polluting in the area.  Wednesday's charge, laid by the Federal Department of  Fisheries, arose from an accident that occurred at the mill on  May 28, 1980, when a damaged blow tank containing caustic  alkaline solution was emptied into the mill's sewer system and  into Thornbrough Channel.  Previously, the mill was fined $10,000 in 1978 following an accidental oil spill caused by rupturing of old lines and $120,000 in  October 1980, on six charges of allowing mill effluent to enter  Rainy River.  In passing sentence in Sechelt Provincial Court, September  23, Judge Johnson stated that the maximum fine for a repeated  pollution offence is $100,000. He said the Canfor mill has shown  ihat it is "reading to its previous charges and sentences" by its  ongoing pollution control spending program. Johnson said that  he felt the $25,000 fine on this occasion was "sufficient to deter  the corporation from depositing deleterious substances in the  future" without prior consultation with Fisheries officers and  Waste Management Branch officials.  Evidence was given in court ihat Fisheries officer Lawrence  Chambers laid the pollution charge against the mill following an  accident in which a steel portion of the cover of the blow tank  fell into the agitator at the bottom, causing a disruption of the  tank's action.  The mill management made a decision, following the accident  at 2 a.m. to empty the 20 by 80 foot tank through a manhole in  the bottom in order to repair it.  According to federal prosecutor Digby Kier, the 40,000  gallons of "black liquor" Ihat were in the tank, a mixture of a  caustic alkaline solution "the most toxic substance in the pulp  mill" and wood fibres that have been digested through cooking,  were released onto the asphalt around the tank.  The caustic liquid ran through the mill drainage system into  Thornbrough Channel. Samples of the "black liquor" taken by  Fisheries officers were tested and proven to be fatal to fish.  Defence lawyer Duncan Shaw of Vancouver, who pleaded  guilty to the Fisheries charge, argued that the accidental "black  liquor" spill composed only 2% of the 25 million gallons of effluent that the mill is permitted to discharge into Thornbrough  Channel daily, according to provincial Waste Management  Branch regulations.  He stated that tests performed by Beak Consultants showed  that effluent samples taken later on the day of the accident did  not exceed the acceptable levels of chemical concentration set  down by the Pollution Control Branch.  The effluent taken from the mill discharge system must allow  a 50% survival rate of fish placed in a 12.54b concentration of  solution over a 96 hour period.  Shaw stated that on May 28, 1980, the juvenile rainbow trout  survived in 18.5% concentrations of the effluent, showing that  the black liquor spill did not cause undue pollution  He stated that since the May 28th accident, the blow tank has  been repaired and modernized at a cost of $300,000 to ensure  that such an accident does not re-occur.  Judge Johnson ruled that the spill was caused by a mechanical  breakdown and that the mill has an obligation to update and  maintain its equipment to modern and safe standards.  He stated that the mill had been negligent in lhal it did not  have the right to make "a conscious decision" to dump such  toxic waste without proper consultation with provincial Pollution Control and Department of Fisheries authorities.  Johnson said that the Canfor mill had been guilty technically  according to Federal Department of Fisheries regulations but  had not been guilty under the bounds of the permit from the  provincial Pollution Control Branch.  Crown counsel Tony Rowley slated that it was unclear that  the mill had been operating under a proper provincial permit at  the time of the accident on May 28, 1980.  The original permit for the mill to operate while undertaking  pollution abatement measures was issued in May, 1977 and part  of the terms were that an outfall diffuser pipe combining acid  and alkaline effluent was to be in place by January 1,1979. This  time period was extended to January 1, 1980 and then amended  in December 1980 to allow completion of the $8 million diffuser  pipe by December 31, 1982.  Provincial Fish and Wildlife Conservation officer Jamie  Stephen said that since the black liquor spill, the mill has been  "most co-operative" in seeking the advice of Fisheries and Environment officials in handling unusual spills.  Canfor Vice-President Bill Hughes told the t'oail Newt that  the mill has undertaken a $50 million capital works program of  improvements to upgrade the old mill and about half of Ihii  amount is going into pollution abatement measures.  The mill is presently installing a $3 million Teller scrubber to  reduce the amount of H2S gas thai is released into the air  "which is what gives our mill that unpopular odour". New  systems are in place which recover organic chemicals from the  pulp-making process and burn them for energy requirements in  the mill.  "Our suspended solids are recovered and we dump only 10% of  the amount that was dumped 10 years ago. This mill was designed before pollution control was an objective and we are in the  process of changing over many of our systems, now. One thing  that makes it difficult is that the toxicity requirements sel down  by the Department of the Environment are changing all the  time," said Hughes.  Serving the Sunshine Coast since 194S  The Sunshine  Published at Gibsons, B.C.  25" per copy on news stands  Delivered to every address on the Coast  September 29,1981  Volume 35, Number 39  a\  �������*���-���'������������**���--���.  ��� Geoige Matthews Photo  Salish Lodge, Ihe beautiful new addition lo Ihe Boy Scouts of Canada's Camp Byng facility, was dedicated at a 2:00 p.m.  opening ceremony al the Roberis Creek camp on Saturday, September 26th.  Five per cent yearly growth on Coast  Census figures released  The Urban Transit Authority concept plan presentation to the  regional board recently has valuable information on a variety of  details about the Sunshine Coast.  Thanksgiving  Postal service  Postal facilities throughout British Columbia and the  Yukon will be closed on Monday, October 12, in observation of the Thanksgiving Day holiday.  There will be no mail deliveries on this holiday. Special  delivery service will be maintained where provided.  Street letter box collections will be made on a "Sunday  Service" basis.  Full postal service will resume Tuesday, October 13.  Wind-surfer charged  "Alright," said the man in the police boat, "drop your  sail!"  Doug Erickson of Keats Island was having his first try at  wind-surfing. He was wearing a wet suit and was windsurfing 20 yards off shore in Plumper Cove.  Erickson was told by the vigilant law-enforcer that it was  against the law to be sailing without a life-jacket.  "I'm going to write you a ticket," said the policeman.  And so he did. Erickson was charged with "Failure to  have a life-saving device aboard your surf-sail-vessel." Is it  a Canadian first?  Enhancement fish return  Some of the 18,000 fry released in Porpoise Bay two  years ago have returned to spawn; a sure sign of success for  the Sechelt Indian Band Salmonid Enhancement Program.  The total number of returned fish will be counted after  spawning season.  Giving nature a hand at replenishing the salmon stock in  coastal waters are the federal and provincial governments,  by providing funding. Indian Band members, Bob Baptiste, Tom Joe and Herb August, ha.ve provided the manpower.  Another helping hand is long-time Sechelt resident, Vic  Walters, who has donated his time and the use of the creek  on his land for what will eventually become a fish hatchery.  Along with plan maps and diagrams of residential land use,  major activity centres, major roadway networks, residential settlement patterns, and a conceptual plan for the transit system,  data included the latest population figures for the Sunshine  Coast. On the subject of population, the UTA study states:  "The population of the Sunshine Coast in 1976 was 12,525 persons of which approximately 95% were located within the  coastal area. This represented a 5.9% per annum increase from  1971. The two largest concentrations of population were the  Villages of Gibsons wilh 2,080 residents and Sechelt with 825  residents, with just under half the total population being located  between Langdale and Sechelt.  "In 1980, the Provincial Bureau of Statistics estimated the  region's population to be 14,752 persons, with Gibsons having  2,297 residents and Sechelt 1,004 residents. This results in a  4.4% per year increase since J976. Estimates based on building  permits, hydro connections and telephone mains put this  somewhat higher between 15,000 and 15,500 persons but still in  line with the previous figure. Current estimates for 1981 place  the population between 16,350 and 17,000 persons, yielding a  five year growth rate of between 5 and 6% per year with the Provincial Bureau of Statistics giving a mid-range figure of 16,769  persons."  Population by Community and Electoral Areas  1976 and 1981*  1976  1981  Population  %(1)  Population  %(2)  Villages:  Gibsons  2,080  16.6  2,599  15.5  Sechelt  825  6.8  1,325  7.9  Electorial  Areas:  A  1,810  14.4  2,331  13.9  B  1,430  11.4  2,566  15.3  C  2,200  17.5  2,247  13.4  D  1,355  10.8  1,928  11.5  E  1,380  11.0  2,046  12.2  F  1,445  11.5  1,727  10.2  Total  12,525  16,769  LEGISLATIVE LIBRARY  Parliament Buildings, ���  VICTORIA, B.C.  V8V 1X4  82.1  Local restructuring  Vander Zalm to arbitrate  by Fran Bourassa  ���Statistics Canada and Provincial Bureau of Statistics  The Honourable Bill Vander Zalm, Minister of Municipal Affairs and the Inspector of Municipal Affairs, Chris Woodward,  will be coming to the Sunshine Coast within the next thirty days  to call an information meeting with elected officials to lay out  the options for restructuring the local government.  At the Union of B.C. Municipalities convention held last week  at the Hyatt Regency Hotel in Vancouver, Vander Zalm consulted with all three governing bodies, the Villages of Sechelt  and Gibsons as well as the regional board.  Vander Zalm told the Coasl News that he had hoped that the  governing bodies would come to agreement on how best to deal  with (he issue of restructuring, but he said in discussions with the  clecletiofficials there seemed to be some confusion. The meeting  will clarify the options available, said Vander Zalm.  In a conversation with the Coast News, Vander Zalm briefly  outlined the options:  (l)The formation of one district municipality on the Sunshine  Coast, (not excluding the two villages). The position was  repeated to the villages which had expressed concerns of the  formation of a district municipality in the electoral areas,  hence inhibiting growth and development in the villages,  (2)Vander Zalm said the idea of two district municipalities  (Greater Gibsons and Greater Sechelt) would have to be looked at very carefully because of the possible exclusion of some  of the unorganized areas and the added levels of government.  (3)The third option is the county system approach on the Sunshine Coast. Here is a quote from Vander Zalm in a speech to  the delegates present at the Union of B.C. Municipalities in  which Vander Zalm outlined this approach as one of the  recommendations in the proposed new Municipal Act:  "On regional district reform...largely in the area of addressing the rural/urban conflicts on regional boards but at the  same time offering the alternative of a county-type system,  where the area would probably approximate the size of present school districts, and where the functions would be those  presently provided by regional districts for rural areas as well  as such overlapping jurisdictions as policing, recreational and  municipal through-roads, etc.  "This will allow for a more equitable sharing of cost between  taxpayers in the municipality and those who reside on the fringe. The county board would also be responsible for what  now are school board, hospital board, library board, or parks  function. The savings through elimination of what presently  are duplicate services alone would be substantial. All  members of the county board would be directly elected."  Socreds gaining  NDP starts to  fight back  Acknowledging that the Socreds were closing the gap between  themselves and the NDP, MLA Don Lockstead told an NDP  meeting, held in Gibsons last week, that the executive of his party had made a 'conscious decision' to adopt a higher profile in  the coming weeks and months.  "If an election was called today," said Lockstead, "we'd  have a difficult time winning it."  Lockstead pointed to leader Dave Barrett's fighting speech to  delegates at the Union of British Columbia Municipalities last  week in Vancouver as an example of the new approach.  "People in this province are being hurt by inflation, high interest rates and high mortgage rates," said the MLA. He also  said that as a result of cutbacks in social services to go into effect  on October 1st, action groups of outraged citizens were being  formed.  "Single parent mothers are forming action groups to protest  McCarthy's cutbacks," said Lockstead.  An NDP government would move swiftly to ease the strain on  property owners and on those seeking housing, said Lockstead.  "We would implement the McMann Report, which would see  the provincial government assuming 75% of educational costs  from the property owners and revitalize the B.C. Housing  Development Corporation, which exists in name only at the present time."  The Mackenzie MLA will be the party's candidate in the next  election, by acclamation.  (4)This option would see a smaller scale restructuring. Vander  Zalm said that it might include looking at Sechelt and surrounding areas changing to the county system. He felt concerned that the Village presently had little control over its  development, (i.e. The sewer system is presently owned and  operated by the regional board).  Vander Zalm told the Coast Newa that the option of maintaining the status quo was an impossibility. He felt that growth  cannot stop.  He f aid that he was a firm believer that development should  begin from a core centre and grow to the unorganized areas; that  he was against 'sprawl development' and the incurred high costs  in services.  The Coast News was told that there would be no voting at the  InfdrVhatlon meeting. ,.-���..-������..  ON THE INSIDE...  Reaganomks page 2  Star Wars page 5  Save the Creek page 6  Towards better schools page 8  South African Impasse page 10  Sports pages 14 & 15  Welfare cuts page 16  Classifieds pages 18-20  Carl is back! page 21  Seafood Platter page 22  Crossword Puzzle page 23  - Bradlty J Bctiaon Photo  Construction work on Teredo Sireet is actively underway. This  picture shows Ihe installation of the storm sewer connection  which will empty Inlo Trail Bay.  mt*  .tli***^***Mah*ik**4**alfc***ikii  1 i t ii .  M ! Coast News, September 29,1981  The  .Sunshine.  jws, oeuiemuei *;��, imi  Ctiftf Mil  A LOCALLY OWNED NEWSPAPER  Published al Gtbions, B.C. every   Tuesday, by Glauford Prtw LM.  Boi 460. Gibioni. VON 1V0     Pender Harbour enquiries, and all otheri. if  Phone 886-2622 or 886-7817    no antwtr from 886 numbers call 885-2770  Editorial Department  John Burnside  Fran Boura��sa  Vene Parnell  George Matthews  Accounts Department  MM Joe  Copyselling  Wendy-Lynne Joims  use Sheridan  Connie Hawhe  Advertising Department:  Fran Berger  Mark Hood  Jane McOuat  SUBSCRIPTION RATES:  Canada $24 00 per year, $15.00 lor six months  Uniled States S25.00 per year, Foreign $28.00 per year  Distributed tree to all addresses on the Sunshine Coast.  Second Class Mail Registration No 4702  Production Department:  Nancy Conway  Neville Conway  Sham fl Sohn  Sherra Picketls  Bradley j Benson  Circulation  Joan H Foster  Stephen Carroll  A double standard  We have editorialized before about Ihe  dichotomy between Ihe reaction of the  governments and media of the West  towards the freedom fighters in Ihe  Solidarity union movement in Poland and  their attitude towards iheir own trade  unionisls in North America.  The application of a double standard is  reaching new heights of absurdity at the  present time, however. The Reagan administration is piously supporting the  aims of Solidarity and decrying Russian  intervention in Polish affairs while at the  same time doing everything in its power to  discredit the Canadian government's  belated attempt to regain partial control  of its own resources.  If it is right and commendable for the  Poles to seek to regain control over their  own affairs it can surely be no less right  and commendable for Canada to attempt  the same thing. In seeking to control 50%  of the oil industry in Canada by 1990 the  Canadian government is being neither irresponsible nor radical and on this issue  deserves the support of the Canadian people.  What cost law and order?  A panel of top B.C. policemen told 500  delegates to the Union of B.C.  Municipalities convention last week thai  iruditional methods of law enforcement  are no longer enough to keep streets and  neighbourhoods safe.  Blaming everything from large apartment complexes to the declining influence  of home, school and church, what B.C's  top cops were really saying was, they can  no longer do ihe job without more  resources,  Wc know irom local experience that try  as ihey might, the police have been unable  io curb the rising tide of vandalism in the  community.  Their suggestions for improving the  now deteriorating situation include  educating people to police themselves,  and under certain well-controlled and  defined situations this may prove effective. Programs like Neighbourhood  Watch and Block Parents have not only  proven beneficial in preventing crime but  have often had the effect of bringing  neighbourhoods together.  What is disturbing, however, is the implicit suggestion that citizens begin spying  on one another, to watch for criminal ac-  titity around their neighbourhoods.  This draconian approach to law enforcement smacks of vigilantism and  opens the door to any number of potential  miscarriages of justice.  That policemen are hard pressed in  their efforts to curb crime is known. That  citizens should participate in protecting  their neighbourhoods is an assumed fact.  But that municipalities should attempt to  save money by encouraging ordinary  citizens to do the work of the police is  patently unwise.  Over the years, we have seen the disappearance of the cop on the beat, replaced  long since by cars and radios, presumably  in the effort to save money. Since that  time the crime rate has risen.  If, in an effort to further trim police  services, we turn to a vigilante force, even  more serious consequences are likely to  arise.  A few sour notes  No less a person than J. Doyle, Executive Director of Finance and Facilities  Service in the provincial Department of  Education assures us that we have the  fines! school board office in the province  ul British Columbia. The community  must be suitably grateful.  It is noted that the new building will  house 13 school board staff members for  ihe execution of school board affairs and  while we are pleased that they have such a  splendid building to perform in, there is  still the nagging feeling (hat this number  represents somewhere in the  neighbourhood of a Iwo or three hundred  percent increase in school board staff in  the   past   ten   years.   Meanwhile   the  numbers of teachers have gone up by  perhaps thirty or forty percent and the  students probably just less than that.  At a meeting with local government  representatives in May, Superintendent  John Denley defended the increase in  bureaucracy by saying it was just under  the provincial average. Is there anyone  content with the provincial average?  If notes taken at the time are to be  trusted, our Superintendent pointed to the  twenty-six new programs being offered  locally and volunteered the information  that studies indicated that no one could  effectively relate to more than eleven people at a tune. It's not something he mentions when class sizes are being discussed.  from the files of the COAST NEWS  FIVE YEARS AGO  The Party was still going strong at  M p.m. on Wednesday, as the Gibsons Senior Citizens opened their  new Harmony Hall bang on schedule.  The hall was constructed by Ihe  seniors themselves and is a tribute to  their   skills.  TEN YEARS AGO  From a government ad:  You know who a drug pusher is,  don't you? He's a peddler of misery  and death...a destroyer ol lives. When  a pusher's family got you hooked on  drugs, you're his slave lor life. The  more you're addicted the more he'll  profit. He isn't in business for your  health but for the money he can make  from you. So when he tries to push  you on to drugs, turn your back on  him. Turn him in. Don't become a  mark for the pusher. The risks you  take aren't worth the trip.  FIFTEEN YEARS AGO  Dated Nov. 1, 1966, the new  Canada Savings Bond Series will provide an average yield of 5.48% per  year if held to maturity in 13 years.  This is the highest average yield offered on Canada Savings Bonds in  Iheir   21-year   history.  TWENTY YEARS AGO  The event was a school board dinner to welcome new teachers. A prologue to a satire by teachers and  staff of Elphinstone High School in  school hall, Gibsons, on activities of  i     school board at an average meeting  contained the remark that whatever  would occur would be dreadful.  Hilarious might have been a better  description.  TWENTY-FIVE YEARS  Incorporation of the Sechelt Fire  Brigade under the Societies Act has  now been completed and the brigade  is at liberty to serve communities outside   the   Village  of  Sechelt.  THIRTY YEARS AQO  John Clare, managing editor of  Macleans Magazine, was taking a  picture of a girl on a street in  Jackson, Mississippi, to accompany  an article on the United States. The  girl called the police and she thought  Clare was a communist. He was arrested almost immediately, placed  under an armed guard and questioned by a relay of seven police officers  who later turned him over to the F.B.I.  He was told that his Canadian  passport and other credentials  "didn't mean a thing."  THIRTY-FIVE YEARS AGO  After a week of wear on mountains  tops, the hunting season has as yet  produced no great surplus of  mowitch around here. All bucks seem  to have adopted the Fabian policy. In  fact, almost the only casualties to  date have been two logging horses  on Gambier Island who thought it  was safe to venture out after dark.  Isn't it fortunate that human eyes  don't shine at night.    The Lee family brought this pholo along when, in 1917, Ihey moved from Albion Holm Road hid come inlo being, he drove along routes thai hid been buill wilh  lo Pender Harbour. Thomas Reilly, upon his retirement here, had I Cadillac of horses for Ihe use of horse ind waggon. After I few years, Thomas sequestered  aboul Ihe vintage or this one transported by steamer to the wharf al Gibson's his anomalous Cadillac���the only one of its kind in this vicinity���In his bun, and  Landing. Occasionally, from his home at Ihe fool of Pratt Road, before Gower  resorted to i more practical Model T Ford. Pholo courtesy Gilbert Lee collection.  L.R. Peterson'  Musings  John Burnside  "Reaganomics" they are  called and, according to the  Vancouver Sun of last  weekend, they are "the best  star of hope for the ship of the  Canadian economy". Where  do they find these obsequious  snivellers?  I am reminded of the sweet  little lady who wrote in after  one of my diatribes about the  state of affairs in local education and pointed out the importance of discipline. She was  remembering times past and  hoping they were again to  come. She did not know that  since she was a girl our headmasters are no longer the best  scholars in the school, holding  their position with easy  authority by example of personal excellence. Now the  discipline that lady craves is  going to be exercised, as like as  not, by a hired hit man provided at the outset with a list of  victims to be harassed and intimidated.  I find just such a quality of  pathos and unreality in the  Sun's editorial as I found in  the lady's hankering after the  days of dignified discipline  and gentlemen in control.  In the same issue of their  paper, on the front page, we  find the most recent  manifestation of this new star  of hope of ours is the refusal  to invite Canada to the regular  meetings of industrialized  countries. Canada was the  host at the last meeting in July, but now the Americans feel  that in seeking to control 50%  of ils own oil, Canada  somehow excludes itself from  the club of privileged nations.  Does our editorial writer  decry this boorish behaviour  on the part of our neighbour?  Does he point out that we are  only seeking by 1990 what  Mexico has had for decades?  He does not. He ignores the  whole matter and sees its  perpetrator as 'a star of hope'.  The standards of Canadian  editorializing, particularly  when America is involved,  have long been abysmal, but  never lower.  The fact of the matter is that  there is a disturbing and very  dangerous trend abroad in the  world of economics and those  of us who have a predilection  for sleeping quietly in our beds  at night had best take speedy  cognizance of the fact that our  ability to do so might be in the  process of being permanently  impaired, by the hide-bound  stupidity which is emanating  at the present time from London, Washington, and Victoria and masquerading as  economic policy.  In all three capitals we find  governments in power with an  obsession with balanced  budgets. I have nothing  against a balanced budget.  I've balanced several in my  lifetime and continue to do so.  But Reagan, Thatcher, and  Bennett, are inflicting  dangerous wounds on the  body of society, while holding  up the banner of balanced  budgets.  Margaret Thatcher has been  at it for a couple of years  longer than 'our star of hope'  south of the border. We saw  this summer where her  toughness can lead and will  undoubtedly lead again, until  a different direction is taken.  There are three million people  unemployed in the United  Kingdom at the present time,  more than at any time since  the 1930's.  Reagan's slashings at the  American budget have not had  time, yet, to explode in his  face, but that they will, is as  sure as anything else in a world  which daily grows more uncertain. His supply-side  economics program, whereupon, after tax cuts, people would rush with the newly-  available money and invest it  vigorously in job-producing  ways, has already fallen on its  face. When the bite into  American social services  begins to be felt, we may see  American cities burn.  Meanwhile in B.C., while  grandiose plans are being pursued to subsidize north-east  coal for giant coal companies  and the Japanese steel industry  and to build covered multi-  million dollar football  stadiums in Vancouver, we  find our Minister of Human  Welfare, (oh, George Orwell),  deciding that it is desirable  that mothers should be  separated from their six-  month-old infants as an  economy measure.  All three governments, in  London, Washington, and  Victoria, are living in a never-  never land. They have lost  touch with what is important.  The single largest cause of inflation in the western world  and the single biggest cause of  economic difficulty in the non-  western world is the enormous  portion of the world's goods  and energies which are  directed into the manufacture  of armaments. It is in vain for  Ronny Reagan to declare war  on food stamp programs,  while defending a defence  budget which is in trillions of  dollars annually.  The 'star of hope' the Vancouver Sun professes to find in  Ronald Reagan would, of  course, be worn over his heart,  as he loped into uphold justice  in a two-fisted kind of way. It  is to weep.  Memory short. Ideas are stow.  Decisions need making. Il's hard lo know.  Legs are aching and will nol go.  The eyes are watery. The nose needs a blow.  Hands are all swollen and shaking too.  Water pills ordered. Are Ihey ordered for you?  Cold weather makes your extremities blue.  Oh! How I wish for organs brand new!  It seems there's no help for rheumaticky hones.  They wouldn't want me for Ihe making of clones.  I'll end up my days as one of Ihe drones.  And try not to broadcast my miserable groans.  But still It Is here and I have to endure il.  And Hell! Damn! and blast il! I'll Iry lo ignore it  ��� Rosemary Medley  [Slings & Arrows^^  [George MatthewsB^-  In the newspaper business,  the first rule of good reporting  is supposed to be objectivity.  That is, a good reporter  should keep any personal prejudices out of the story he or  she is covering, in practice  however, this rule is often  broken and what tends to happen is that the biases of the  reporter, the editor or the  paper itself tend to show up in  the way a story is written.  To demonstrate how this  happens, observe how some of  the following newspapers  might have covered the  assassination of Julius Caesar  in 44 B.C. As you will recall,  Caesar was assassinated by a  group of Roman senators,  magistrates and other prominent citizents who feared he  was becoming too powerful.  Pnvda in Moscow may  have handled the story this  way.  Rome-Tass. March 15, 44  B.C. A bourgeois plot to overthrow the imperialist regime of  Julius Caesar succeeded today  in executing the ruler of  Rome. Elements of the left are  attempting to rally the people  to support a democaratic  Marxist-Leninist up-rising to  complete the final stages of the  revolution.  The Washington Post,  noted for its in-depth investigative approach might  have dealt with the story this  way:  Rome-UPI. March 15, 44  B.C. Documents and tape  recordings passed to our  reporter in Rome by undisclosed sources have revealed thai  graft, corruption and sex scandals were behind the murder  of Julius Caesar today in  Rome.  The Wall Sireet Journal of  course, nas its own particular  approach to news:  Rome-AP. March 15, 44  B.C. The stock market reacted  quickly today to the sudden  demise of Roman leader Julius  Caesar. Averages on the Rome  market were off sharply with  gold down 150 drachmas and  slaves off 25%.  Caesar, generally considered a stable force in  Roman money circles, had  been issuing strict economic  measures to stabilize an  economy weakened by the  prolonged war in Spain. The  prognosis for the market is  now considered poor.  Women's Wear Daily might  have given the story this twist:  Paris - March 15, 44 B.C.  The fashion world was shocked today by the news of the  death of Julius Caesar. The  news put a damper on the  opening of the spring showings in Paris and designers are .  now  attempting  to  analyse <'.  how Caesar's death will affect  the hemlines of this season's  togas.  When Calphurnia Caesar,  Caesar's wife, who is con. I  sidered one of the ten best  dressed women in the empife,  was contacted by our reporter,  all she could say was, "I told  him not to go to work today". I  "Ma" Murray of the Bridge  River-Lilloet News would have  written the story this way.  Lilloet - March 15, 44 B.C  I'll be darned if them no good  envious pole-cats over there in .  Rome, Italy didn't stab old  Julius Caesar. I've never had.  much truck with them Italians  and this just goes to show you  that you can't turn your back  on any of them foreign vara,  mints. -*  The generally conservative  and somewhat pompous  Globe and Mall might handle  the story this way:  Rome: CP. March 15, 44  B.C. All of Rome was in  mourning today for the late'  Roman statesman and general  Mr. Julius Caesar. Mr. Caesar  was struck down early this  morning in his senate offices  in Rome's capital building.  His alleged assassins, M.  Brutus, C. Cassius and a'  relatively unknown Roman  politician, a Mr. Casca, are  being sought by the  authorities.  Mr. Caesar, thought to have  been in firm control of the far-  flung empire will be difficult  to replace. His death comes as  a shock to all those who  respect law and order in the  empire.  Finally, how would the  Coasl News handle a story like  this.  Rome - March 15, 44 B.C.  In a collect call from our cor-. ;  respondent, who hitch-hiked"]:  to Rome early today, we have  learned that the Roman diO��* ���  tator, Julius Caesar died earlfc';  today from multiple stab.':  wounds inflicted by members'-:  of his own government. Those'':  involved in Mr. Caesar's :  death, are reported to have :  been protesting against the ex- j  cessive number of bureaucrats '���  that Caesar had brought into j  the government and were con- j  cerned about Caesar's plans to ;  push through a proposals to-*  restructure Roman govern-  ment. :'���  Our reporter, who has nd;:  money left for ferry fare, wilk;  remain in Rome indefinitely,'  and says she will report further,':  developments. >';  And that's the way ir.;  is���Friday, March 15,44 B.Q.',  ������������������ t^aat���i���I���M���1  team Letters to the Editor  A whimsical look at transportation  Coast News, September 29,1981  Editor:  The federal government announced recently Ihat 20% of  the CN passenger rail network, including ihe Edmonton-Vancouver service, will be  Jiscominued. This decision  *us reached, so citizens of  Canada are told, in the name  if economic and energy effi-  tiency and transportation  ���nhanccment. Here are some  ���I'ficicnt and enhancing news  eleases thai may predictably  tome to pass during future  'ears:  I985 - Calgary. The minister  if transport announced here  hat, in an effort to provide  mproved travel facilities, rail  ervice will be halted forthwith  leyond this point. Surplus  tcel will be shipped via  'bunder Bay to Jakarta, the  linistcr affirmed, in exchange  ir silicon chips.  1990 - East of Moose Jaw.  lasmuch as Alberta has  .���ceded from confederation,  n Ottawa statesman said,  askatchewan has become too  ing a word to be entirely  ���tanned by rail. In any case,  e noted, the name Moose Jaw  ; nol suitably enhancing for a  jrnilnus. Flooding along the  ouris River has severed all  onlact wilh territories to the  ���est.  1995*- Ottawa. As an energy  onscrvation measure, Fort  jarry has been abandoned,  iccording to a government  :ottimunique issued from a  ic-'adquarters located  iopiewhere in this vicinity.  SlfSps of cement found stretching for miles near the Red  Riyer remain, according lo  one archaeologist, as relics of  a space-age culture. A dome-  topped stone building near the  fori is said by local buffalo  hunters to have once been the  cenlre of a culture known as  the Winnibago People. Effete  rails will be slacked, the communique elaborated, al Fort  Frances, in the shape of a  giant pyramid, as an energy  conservation measure. No,  says, a loot note, the rails did.  not! reach Jakarta. Besides,  Oll'awa. can find no use lor  silicon chips.  2000 - Maison Neuve. An  official at this post has announced a new transportation  enhancement programme. To  replace the outmoded lock  syslem between the two big  lakes, a more efficient canal  route will be attempted between the first big lake and the  upper Ottawa River.  Travellers will be permitted to  skate this improved system  during winter months. Traders  located at Fort York, colloquially (aside) know as Taran-  ta, may rest assured, said the  official, reading from his  longhand prepared statement,  that Ihe canal-chutc-river complex will constitute a step forward into the 21st century.  Plans for a grist mill al  Niagara, he reminded his  candle-lit audience, have been  hindered by a dearth of grist.  The falls arc simply loo high,  anyway, he commented extempore.  2010 - Stadacona. The captain of Ihe stockade here hopes  ihat a company can be  organized to explore Ihe big  river upstream from here  (downstream, if a map is hung  on the log wall). The proposed  expedition would undertake to  silence once and for all such  persistent myths as holes  bored through mountains,  self-propelled wheeled  vehicles, giant metal bird  fetishes, and machines that  produce sparks of lightning.  Volunteers are expected to  provide their own paddles.  American plan. A verifiable  fluency in Mandarin is recommended, as it is believed that  the explorers may reach China  nol far above (or below) some  nearby rapids in the big river.  Canoes will set out about  dawn some lime in May or  June; hopefully, on a day that  might prove to be most efficacious for the transportation economy.  Yours truly,  L.R. Peterson  Keep Terry's dream alive  Dear Editor:  I'm sure you and your cartoonist have heard all you  want to hear about the Terry  Fox cartoon so if you do not  wish to prim this letter that's  okay, I just wanted to raise a  point.  I see the point that your cartoonist was trying to make (or  assume he was trying to make)  regarding the exploitation of  Terry Fox, but isn't that what  Terry Fox was trying to do.  Not necessarily 'exploit'  himself (I really don't know  what you would call it) but to  do something; to shake the  rest of us up a bit and show us  that we too can do something;  to show us that this world with  all its problems and wrongs is  still a world that needs and  deserves participation. Not  everyone can be on a personal  vendetta to right all the  wrongs but if everybody does  a small amount, il all adds up,  as Terry Fox proved when he  requested that every Canadian  donate $1 lo the Cancer Society and look at the total that  was received.  IJeel.thal.Tsrry Fox should  never be 'shelved'., forgotten  or even "left alone". 'Exploit'  or use his name in as many  ways as possible to promote  his cause, which is as 1 see it,  nol only to help find a cure for  cancer, but for people to participate, to do, to help in any  small way. Whenever I hear  anylhing about Terry Fox I  remember with admiration his  deeds  and  wise words  and  On Henderson Road  Editor:  Re: Henderson Road  upgrading  ,lt would appear that three  years after the fact, our illustrious Mr. Almond is finally waking up to the fact that  "navigable" roads are essential to the well-being of both  the people whose property  fronts the road/s, and to other  people who do, or must make  use of the road/s.  J recall very clearly Ihe  "fight" I had in getting Park  Avenue paved. How well I  recall idiots, living nowhere  near our vicinity, led by Mr.  AJmond, in demonstrations  against paving Park Avenue.  How well I recall a local  realtor and her assininc  remarks.... and I wonder if  she would say the same things  today - house prices being  what Ihey are (and commissions loo!)  So then, for awhile our nondescript, pseudo-politician  wafted one way - now he's  wafting the other way. Now  that's what 1 think about  politicians - they should be  made of rubber - easier lo  bend whichever way - and they  should be able to erase  themselves too.  As for Henderson Road, Mr.  Almond, you once sided with  those against road development, and this latest shift  shows a lack of principle. You  can't have it both ways  without somehow one way catching up to you.  Yours truly,  J.E. Bclanger  ;< Candles, Nuts and (Mhcr Trtals.  A Country  Candy Store  We have  "Sweet" Little Gifts,  too!  Open 7 days a week   ^  10 a.m. - 5 p.m.      J  M  T 886-7522 j)���  fi Gibsons Landing jrtj  mmss. --fl*-:,  Mdmrt.MrMMnllrjinrj.  A Country  Gift Store  Come & Browse!  Lots of New Gifts  have arrived!  Open 7 Days a Week  10 a.m. - 5 p.m.  886-8355  Gibsons Landing  realize how little I actually do  and strive to accomplish more  as this man has shown us we  all can.  So, never let Terry Fox or  his memory rest because as someone once said: "A man's  dreams do not die with the  man", and it is up lo all of us  to keep alive Terry's dreams  and hopes but most of all to  learn from this man to create,  develop and try to fulfill our  own dreams and hopes. I hope  that everybody keeps right on  "exploiting" Terry Fox  because I feel only good can  come of it.  Sincerely  Cindy Sheppard  Touched  Editor:  Your 'Testimony of Towels'  touched me greatly - as a wife,  mother and older lady. After  first reading it 1 thought how  so much time was wasted of a  very gifted wriier.  However I have, afler rereading it, concluded lhal it is  because of all that happened  you were able to write such a  moving article.  I'm happy you have in your  words found "brighter days".  Good Luck.  Jay Maxwell  Vandalism's  costs  Editor:  How much money has been  spent on repairing ihe acts of  vandalism in the communily,  past, present and probable  future? I imagine il Would be  in the thousands of dollars if  we knew the statistics.  Vandalism creates unnecessary, work for municipal  workers, citizens and  shopkeepers.  I have suggested to council  as others have done to provide  a structure (gymnasium with a  boxing ring, work out area,  showers) where young people  could vent their anger and  frustration within a controlled  situation. Maybe that gymnasium could have been built  by now - with all the money  Ihat has been spent on salaries  and materials in the past on  repairs.  Sincerely yours  June Boe  Educational confusion  Editor:  I am full of admiration for  your never-failing willingness  to print a wide variety of community activities.  You might think that  Capilano College courses  should be run by Continuing  Education, School District  No. 46, bul that idea is hardly  shared by many people in the  educational bureaucracy.  Last week's article "Cap  College Courses", written by  Karin Hoemberg (page 18) was  a sample of a few of the hundred courses offered by Con  fining Education in Ihe Fall.  Capilano College courses are  taught at the Sechelt Learning  Centre where April Struthers  is in charge of the daily activities.  However, those who had the  energy to read the half-meter  long   article   would   have  discovered the truth  at  the  forty-sixlh cm mark anyway!  Yours truly,  Karin Hoemberg  Co-ordinator  Continuing Education  School District No. 46  (Sunshine Coast)  Quality Meats  MCM Effective: Tuts. Sept. 29 to Sat. Oct. 3  CANADA GRADE A  BEEF SALE  chuck blade roasts ���   ,��� *1.28  chuck blade steaks.,..,.,,��M.88  ground beef ,��� ���1.88  standing rib steakB�����,   f s3.38  PREVIOUSLY FROZEN  sliced beef liver . M.08  Fresh Produce  More Letters on Page 22  OFFICE SUPPLIES  ��� Pholo Coplera 9} Typewriters  e Cash Registers m Calculator*  e Office Supplies 9) School Supplies  Furniture A Stationery  CLASSIFIED NOTE  i    Drop ofl your  Coast Ne  ���vs  Classified  al  Campbe  Is  Family Shoes  Sechelt.  Of  Madeira  Park  Pharmat  y.  Madeira Park  }  Covering  the Coverage  by Jim Ansell  The Tenant's Package  Policy, or TPP, is designed  for persons renting a house  or apartment. It provides  exactly the same coverage  as the Homeowner's Policy  except the house and outbuildings provisions are  deleted.  Under  the  TPP,   your  premium is based on the  amount of coverage you require for your personal  belongings. All the  coverage limits are based on  a percentage of that  amount.  Replacement Cost  Coverage is an available option under this form and I  strongly recommend that it  be included.  week:  Next  Construction Insurance.  SUNSHINE COAST INSURANCE AGENCIES LTD  Box 375. Cowrie Street  Credit Union Building  885-2291 Sechelt, B.C. VON 3AO ADVT  I  ���M  Mil Coast News, September 29,1981  The Mew From Limbo  Pan Ml  Obviously, no sort of  romance can survive long in  such a negative climate.  Shaunie is patient but it  becomes increasingly evident  to lier. that I am a man of  pretty bleak prospects. Fate  resolves the impasse in a  relatively bloodless fashion.  Shaunie's daughter becomes ill  and she is forced to lake a  leave ol absence irom her job  and lake care of her. She is  gone foi almost two weeks.  When she returns, she breaks  ii io me gently enough.  'I isien, honey, you know this  isn't going lo work out, I'm  seeing another eu\. He's got  money and he likes my little  girl, So I lmicsn iln> is lining to  have to be goodbye. I sure  hope yiui make ii with the  writing."  I wish hci luck loo. At least  we .iic parting friends. And  lhal docs n for dreams of cottages by i he sea.  Shaunie's brief tenancy at  the Prince Henry Hotel marks  a sort of aiming point. It cer-  i.iinly forces me to take a  good, hard look at myself.  Why am   I   living  this way?  Peter Trower  There is no sane purpose lo  any of it. My writing-block  stubbornly refuses to crumble.  I make a few more sporadic attempts to find work and again,  draw nothing but blanks. I  begin to feel an increasing  sense of hopeless entrapment.  1 continue to hang around  ihe pubs for lack of anything  better to do. One day, I run inlo Paul the Gambler. He is silling with a guant, craggy man  in his late forties. Paul introduces me. "This is Vince  Proctor" he says, "he's going  lo be your new neighbour."  The room across the hall has  been empty since Shaunie left  and this character is certainly  no fitting replacement. But I  don't own the place. "Hello"  I say indifferently.  "How yer doin'?" Proctor  grunts. We talk cursorily.  Irom whal little he divulges,  he appears to have done a lot  of time. Proctor is some sort  of card-sharp that Paul has  met   around  the  clubs.   He  ^'tEIjeV^nirCR  ^  Open 10 am - midnight  LIVE .  ENTERTAINMENT  JIM FOSTER  Thurs., Fri. & Sat.  Oct. 1, 2 & 3  8 pm - midnight  Snow, oi Uui (Sut/u/toiti/ (jortti lo the- tuk.it'  886-8171 Cedar haza, Gibsons  I/"-?  :iW-'-*':  seems impressed by the man  bul he strikes me as pretty  dour and forbidding.  Something aboul Vince Proctor gives me th definite willies.  He isn't anyone 1 particularly  want as a friend.  Fortunately, the feeling  seems to be mutual. Apart  from casual nods in the hall,  we don't associate. Bul he  seems to have taken Paul on as  some sort of protege. They  begin to work the clubs  together.  One night, I hear them coming home from a night of gaming. From the lone of their  voices, it has apparently gone  badly. They go into Proctor's  room and close Ihe door.  There is more muffled arguing. I loss and turn, wishing to  hell, they'd pack it up an go  to bed. Suddenly, there is a  scream of pain. It sounds like  Paul. Alarmed, I pile out of  bed and haul on my clothes.  My vague plan is to go get  Mohawk Jimmy but I don't  have to bother. He is already  coming down the hall with  Jessie and several other  roomers, behind him. "What  the hell's going on?" he  demands.  "In there" I say. "Paul  must be in trouble."  Some kind of gurgling gasp  comes from the room. As  previously indicated, Big Jimmy is a man of action. He  doesn't bother knocking. He  simply kicks the door open.  The first thing we see is Proctor. He has a knife in his  hand that is much longer than  the legal limit. There appears  to be blood on it. He turns  towards Mohawk Jimmy with  a look that is purely bestial.  Paul is crouched against the  wall, clutching his arm. His  shirt is soaked with blood.  "Stop him" he pleads weakly,  "The bastard's nuts!"  The sudden intrusion does  not snap Proctor out of it. It  merely seems to add fuel to his  madness. "Keep out of this,  Indian!" he snarls and lunges  al Jimmy with the pig-stabber.  Mohawk Jimmy is battling  Nazis on the Dieppe beaches  again. He grabs Proctor's arm  in a lightning motion and  twists. The blade clatters to  the floor and he kicks it into a  corner. Then he spins the big  man around and throws a  hammerlock on him. "Call the  cops" he says to me, "and better get an ambulance too."  "Hey, don't get the bulls"  pleads Proctor (who seems to  have come to his senses again)  "It was all a misunderstanding."  "Dummy up, you!" says  Jimmy, tightening his grip. I  head for the phone and make  the necessary calls.  By the time I get back,  Jessie and one of the other  women have got a makeshift  tourniquet on Paul's badly cut  arm and stopped the worst of  ihe bleeding. "God!" he keeps  repeating weakly. "All I said  to him was that he called a  hand -wrong up in the Athen's  Club."  Soon the police arrive,  closely followed by a couple of  ambulance attendants. Paul  and Proctor are taken away to  their separate destinations.  The rest of us stand around  talking for a bit. Then we all  go back to bed.  Proctor, it turns out subsequently, has a lengthy record  for this sort of thing. He is  returned to jail on a parole-  violation.  Paul the Gambler comes  close to losing his arm. The  main tendon was severed by  Proctor's vicious thrust. But  they manage lo patch him up  in the Emergency Ward. He  survives to play poker again.  While the incident has not  harmed me personally it has  certainly shaken my already-  shaky composure. I become  more determined than ever to  somehow extricate myself  from this squirrel-cage.  lo be concluded next week  Enjoy European Cooking  in a quiet cozy atmosphere  Open for  DINNER WEDNESDAY THRU SATURDAY  and  SUNDAY BRUNCH  Hall Rd. & Beach Ave.  in Roberts Creek  RESERVATIONS PLEASE  Open 7 Dnyis a Week for Lunch & Dinner  ir Inquire about our Private Luncheon & Dinner facilities.  DAILY LUNCH SPECIAL!  Soup, Sandwich & Fries     $���%   95  We've got a  SPAGHETTI SPECIAL every THURSDAY!  ��� Our own homemade. Spaghetti with Meatballs or Chicken  ��� Help-yoursell Salad Bai ��� Freahly Baked Bread  (Children's portions available)  Seaview Place, Gibsons   886*  Mm    -  m *jL y  v --.,        ^B  ^mMSiMM  j ^              %��1^H  'igufmvtM  'm fr  riri9ai*uil  ^^ V  tswkuC ��'7mfuW       *gf    ��   uWmm  /  *            r:  ^"'   !'at\T    ^^  i ���-^.���2..--i"aSIy '���iW:*  , -?*.*��� ^M ^v  :^-������iZ ::-  .if.  Kite dollar prize offered for best caption for Ihis still shot from  "Stripes".  At the Twilight  Bill Murray stars in Stripes,  starting Wednesday, October  1 and running through Saturday, October 3 ai the Twilight  Theatre.  Stripes, in the tradition of  service comedy spoofs army  life with outrageous and  bawdy humour.  Stripes is rated mature and  carries a B.C. censor's warning: "some coarse language,  nudity and suggestive scenes".  Suspence, violence and terror are the operative descriptions of Wolfen a supernatural  thriller playing at the Twilight  Sunday, Monday and Tuesday, October 4 - 6.  Albert Finney stars as a  detective investigating a series  of grizzly killings. For affi-  cionados of blood and gore,  the B.C. censor's description  says it all: restricled; some  gory violence, an autopsy  scene.  Hue Entertainment  Pender Harbour lo Sechell  Jolly Roger Inn Reg Dickson, Thurs., Fri. & Sat.  Wakefield Inn Stephen Hubert, Thurs., Fri. & Sat.  Sechelt Legion Trapline, Fri. & Sat.  The Parthenon Helen Sinclair, Fri. & Sat.  Roberis Creek lo Gibsons  The Peninsula Hotel Rocky Craig, Fri. & Sat.  Gibsons Legion..' The Penn Kings, Fri. & Sat.  Cedars Inn Neil James, Thurs., Fri. & Sat.  Hungarian film showing  Angi Vera, the second film  from Pacific Cinematheque's  fall tour of international  cinema, comes to us from  Hungary. It has been termed  unusual, as a political film  that is simultaneously sensitive  to psychological nuance.  Set in 1948, when the Communist Party had begun to  consolidate ils power, the film  opens with Vera, a working  class girl, stepping out of her  Community Forum  Channel Ten  CHANNEL TEN GIBSONS  Tuesday Sept. 29  CHANNEL TEN SECHELT  Thursday Oct. 1  7:00 p.m. "Pressure Point"  Louise Hume introduces this  week's program produced by  the Interchurch Agency and  taped through the facilities of  Vancouver Cable Ten.  7:30 p.m. "Coastal Review"  Andy Maragos hosts this First  Fall show produced by the  Community Broadcasting  Class at Elphinstone Secondary. Stories this week include: "School Opens" by  Mim Hughes. Mim talks with  Mr. Barry Boulton, principal  of Elphi. "Student Teachers"  by Peter Goodwin. Peter interviews Angela Kronning.  "Grad Council" by Kenna  Marshall. "Gibsons Swimming Pool" by Lisa Fretwell.  "Elphi's automotive course"  by Bonnie Cole. "Native Environmental Studies" by Kate  Hume.  In addition, "Coastal  Review" features a special'  show from the Sunshine Coast  Arts Centre. Keith Wallace  and Donna Shugar discuss  their recent display of Sechell  Indian Band Basket making,  past and present.  Also this week, Karin  Hoemberg talks with Debra  Pageant. Debra is offering a  continuing education course in  dance. Debra demonstrates  the techniques of Belly Dancing.  Finally, on Coastal Review,  Andy  Maragos  interviews a  member of the Canadian National Institute of the Blind.  We hope you enjoy our first  news show of this season.  Be sure to watch next week for  the First Fall Production of  Suncoast Happenings, also a  production of the Community  Broadcasting Class.  Notice:  Coast 10 is preparing a television show aboul the Provincial  Government     Education  Television Network called The  Knowledge   Network.   This  program will be designed to introduce you lo know as well as  bring you up to date wilh efforts being made to bring Ihe  know network to Ihe Sunshine  Coast. If you have any comments or information on Ihis  subject, please phone us at:  Coast Ten Television,  Box 770  c/o Elphinstone Secondary  School  Gibsons, B.C. 886-8565.  anonymity at a meeting my  making nn outspoken critique  of a hospital's chief of staff.  Embraced by the Party for this  act, she is sent to a training  programme for aspiring party  functionaries.  The film's version of the  Party is reflected in the complex relationships that develop  between Vera and her coworkers. What is most distinctive about this minor masterpiece is Director Pal Gabor's  gift for subtly capturing the  vagaries of human behaviour  even in the most ideologically  charged situations.  "Subtle, daring and  humanely ironic... I'm still  boggled by the exquisite style  and rich intelligence of this  film." - Jack Kroll,  Newsweek.  See it! Angi Vera will be  screened twice on the Peninsula - Wednesday, September  30 at the Arts Centre in  Sechelt, 8:00 p.m. (Admission  $3.00, Students and Seniors  $1.50) and fin Thursday, October 1 at the Pender Harbour  Secondary School, 7:30 p.m.  (Admission $3.00, Students  andxSeniors $2.00). Pender  residents please note Ihe  change of place for this showing only.  BP Guild  A B.P. (Baden-Powell)  Guild of ex-scouts will be having an organizational meeting,  September 30th, at 7:30 p.m.  in the main lodge of Camp  llyng. Ex-scouts wishing to  participate in this senate  organization of the Hoy Scouts  are urged to attend.  \^^5bM  Ellingluim s  x   Astrology  cxzzxzxu  by Rae Ellingham  Week commencing Sepl. 28.  General Notes: The New  Moon close to no-nonsense  Saturn indicates a time of  serious thinking, hard-headed  decisions and practical fresh  starts. Success is guaranteed  for those who stick or switch  to traditional, well-tried  methods. This is the week to  seek the advice of older, wiser  persons living in your community.  Venus conjoins unpredictable Uranus this weekend  promising unusual social or  romantic encounters. Young  persons, especially Virgos,  should hot hitch-hike during  this period.  ARIES (March 21 - April 19)  New Moon recommends a  more responsible attitude  towards partnership issues.  Loved one, mate or business  associate is anxious to approve  practical plans or commitments. Now's the lime lo  sign contracts or agreements  based on realistic expectations. Increased paperwork  and short trips will concern  other people's money or  possessions nexl few weeks.  Best friend wins small cash  prize this weekend.  TAURUS (April 20 - May 20)  New Moon focuses on  employment or medical matters. Job-scene demands traditional, well-tried approach  next few days. Older colleague  may be asked to supervise  your assignments. It's a  favourable week to plan a  much-needed dietary or keep-  fit program. You'll win bet  that says you'll stay off the  cigs or starch. Take seriously  partner's unusual suggestion  this weekend.  GEMINI (May 21 - June 21)  New Moon asks whether  your social or romantic affairs  still yield maximum satisfaction. Prepare to assess the  depth of friendship offered by  regular companions. Energy is  best directed into practical  hobby or pastime. Younger  person in your life also needs  the wisdom of your years. Upcoming journeys are linked to  health and employment matters. Where you work is scene  of odd incidents and strange  proposals end of this week.  CANCER (June 22 - July 22)  New Moon favours well-  planned domestic changes. It's  time to re-organize household  routines, job-lists and  schedules. An extra clock in  the right place will reduce  early-morning upsets. Seek advice of older person concerning property or rental decisions. Romantic or social ac-  tivites are full of surprises this  weekend. Spontaneous  amusements produce the  loudest laughs.  LEO (July 23 - Aug. 22)  New Moon finds you in a  more serious frame of mind.  October requires several decisions concerning brother,  sister or neighbour. It's time  to deal with untouched mail or  never-returned phone calls.  More Lcos buy an old, used  vehicle next few weeks than  any other sign. Strong sense of  duty demands exlra local trips.  Your home is a persuasive setting for sudden romance this  weekend.  CNIB canvass this weekend  Canvassers for the CNIB  will be in Sunnycrest Mall on  Friday and Saturday, October  2 - 3. Roberts Creek residents  . will be able to make their contributions in Seaview Market.  Tillie Knowles can arrange  for contributions to be picked  up. Phone her at 886-2115.  Pitch-in and  Gibsons Legion Branch *109  Presents  n  "Penn Kings"  Fri & Sat  October 2nd & 3rd J J  Members & Guests Only  The story of a man who wanted to keep  the world safe tor democracy...  en, Mu���.y and meet girls.        (gjjiRg)  Warning: Soma coarse language, nudity and suggestive scenes.  MON - TUES 4-5-6 B.C.F.C.O.*  SnffTVfTrtk wa""g  V.L1"*."JV     Some g  limited admittance il under IB    B.C.F.C.O.  Some gory violence, an autopsy scene.  VIRGO (Aug. 23 - Sept. 22)  New Moon advises reorganize your personal  Finances at once. Deposit any  spare cash into long-term savings scheme. Waste no more  money on lottery tickets, raffles or bingo cards. Buy quality items guaranteed to last. Ignore spendthrifts who moan  you're stingier than usual.  Local journeys are subject to  slow starts or en-route turnarounds. Weekend ouling has  a peculiar ending.  LIBRA (Sepl. 23 - Oct. 23)  New Moon close to Saturn  in your sign says try to sec  yourself as others do. Anticipate a stronger sense of  personal responsibility. You  may soon prefer to dress more  conservatively. Looks like  you'll be influenced by  cautious, older woman. Unexpected gift or cash prize is  yours this weekend. Librans  born around Sept. 28 experience domestic and career  changes next twelve months.  SCORPIO (Oct. 24 - Nov. 22)  Venus and Uranus together  in your sign continue to  highlight your irresistible personal charm. Others will be  envious of your carefree, independent attitude. Some may  whisper you're just showing  off, craving attention but who  cares? Surprise busy-bodies by  changing your hairstyle or  donning daring outfit of  clothes. New Moon is a  reminder to visit lonely or confined acquaintance. Scorpios  born Nov. 19 enjoy a highly  romantic weekend.  SAGITTARIUS   (Nov.   23  ���Dec. 21)  New Moon suggests you  review proposed end-of-year  venture. Pile of snags means  you need guidance from experts who've done it all  before. Direct enquiries to officialdom in a sober manner.  Friend or acquaintance may  soon present excuses and  apologies. Prepare to escort  older, wiser companion  around your social circuits.  What should be kept secret is  suddenly revealed this  weekend.  CAPRICORN (Dec. 22 - Jan.  19)  New Moon highlights your  honour, prestige and rate of  advancement. Prepare to take  business or professional com*  mitmenls more seriously. Per-  son-in-charge has lined up  heavier responsibilities just for  you. Reliable colleague will  support your old-fashioned  approach and methods. Community events demand extra  trips and phone calls next few  weeks. Unpredictable acquaintance suggests something  naughty but nice for this  weekend.  AQUARIUS (Jan. 20 - Feb.  18)  New Moon favours a more  conservative lifestyle and  philosophy. Traditional viewpoints seem to make more  sense. Long discussion with  respected elder underlines  what you've always believed.  Passing delays or disappoint'  ments may be linked to per;  sons and events far away.  Cross-counlry journey could  face last-minute postponement. Unexpected encounter  with superior has tongues wagging end of this week.  PISCES (Feb. 19 - Mar. 20)  New Moon demands a more  responsible attitude towards  other people's money and  possessions. There'll be  pressure to repay loans or  return equipment next few  days. Arrange down-to-earth  chat with person who's aware  of your financial obligations.  Reassure loved one that cashflow blockage will soon be  removed. End-of-week  message from afar brings happy news you didn't expect.  Used Furniture  and What Have You  ALI USED  We buy Beer Bottles  886-2812 Star wars  by Bob Hunler  What with the successful  flight of the space shuttle,  you'll be interested to know  that here in Vancouver our  very own version of Star Wars  is taking place.  The battle swirls around an  otherwise innocuous little  organization called the L-S  society. Some of you may have  heard of it.  On the surface, it's an admirable enough outfit. It has  several prestigious people,  such as astrophysicist Freeman  Dyson, on its board of directors. It was formed in 1975  "with the purpose of promoting space development in  governmental, industrial and  private sectors".  "L-5" is an abbreviation  for something called  "Lagrange libration (sic) point  number five", a location partway between the earth and the  moon, where gravational  forces cancel each other out,  making it a perfect spot for a  permanent space station to be  established.  So far, so good.  The L-5ers are strong supporters of the idea of moving  as fast as possible to colonize  the "high frontier" of space.  There's a Utopian streak running through the L-5 society's  literature, but then, that's as it  should be, isn't it? I mean,  heck, I'm all in favour of exploring the universe, colonies  in other star systems, the  works.  Lately, however, something  rather unhappy has occurred.  The space-lovers find  themselves embroiled in a very  serious controversy over just  who, exactly, is going to explore space. Or, more to the  point: who is going to exploit  it?  You will have noticed that  the Reagan administration is  backing out of the Law of the  Sea Conference and has announced its intention to review  the Moon Treaty. The two  realms - the sea and space  -have become linked in ways  that no one anticipated.  At the root of the local  debate is the L-S Society's support for the U.S.  government's position in opposition lo the Moon Treaty,  which they see as having the  effect of hobbling the  American drive toward space.  Obviously, these chaps - or  somebody - is having some influence on the Republicans in  Washington. The argument  against the Moon Treaty is  simply that big business won't  get seriously involved in space  so long as it has to share its  profits with the United Nations, or submit to international control.  At a deeper level, however,  the reluctance to share the  treasures "up there" is tied to  the reluctance to share the  treasures down in the seabed.  Both the Moon Treaty and the  Law of the Sea Conference  uphold the "common heritage  principle", which states that  all resources in international  waters, or space, belong to all  the people of the world, not  just the company or nation  with the ability to exploit them  first.  According to the common  heritage principle, one four-  billionth of the moon belongs  to me, and one four-billionth  to you, etc. If the Reagan  backers have their way, you'd  have lo be a shareholder in Exxon to gel anything out of the  exploration of space, or the  drilling of the seabed.  In fact, the Moon Treaty  only asks for SO per cent of the  lake from space for the folks  left behind on earth, and if the  profits are going to be as  fabulous as space fans claim,  that's surely nothing to hold  any really big outfit back.  How does this have any  bearing whatsoever on Vancouver? Well, there are two  L-S Societies here, you see.  There's one out at the University of B.C., but there's also  another one, incorporated  earlier, which calls itself the  L-S Society of Canada.  The UBC group favours the  position taken by the  American head office in opposition to the Moon Treaty,  whereas the earlier L-S Society  of Canada favours the Moon  Treaty and the position taken  by the Canadian government  in support of it.  Rod Manning, president of  the original local L-S society,  says that if the Reagan line is  followed, development of the  moon "will be like going into  Stanley Park and ripping off  all the trees and if you can  make a profit out of it, great."  So he's fighting the other  L-S Society, which is trying to  get control of the name.  Star Wars, indeed.  Knowledge network  B.C's Knowledge Network  begins its third semester of  operation this September with  more than a hundred programs in the fall schedule,  n While Knowledge Network  programming is still not  available on the Sunshine  Coast, the fact that two out of  three B.C. homes can receive  this service will hopefully  speed the arrival of the Network to our area.  *' There are 30 college credit  courses offered through a  dozen B.C. community colleges, the Open Learning Institute and Pacific Vocational  Institute. As well, the University of British Columbia,  Simon Fraser University, and  the University of Victoria are  providing professional education and upper division  courses, while the RCMP,  provincial government  ministries and professional  organizations are using the  Knowledge Network to reach  iheir members throughout the  province.  In addition, there are 52  series for general interest viewing. They range from  children's programming to the  award-winning "The Body in  Question" and a look at  Canada "Between Two  Wars."  Gibsom Public  library  Tuesday  2-4p.m.  Wednesday  2-4p.m.  Thursday 2-4 & 7-9pm.  Saturday 2-4 p.m.  886-2130  :| Transport   ��� -   Transport  Canads   1��� Canada  1  Public Notice |  Public Notice Is hereby given that the ��  seaplane float attached to the Govern- |  ment Wharf, Gibsons, B.C. is restricted |  to the sole use of itinerent Sea Planes. 1  I  The R.C.M.P. has been requested to |  lay charges under the Aeronautics Act ��  against the owner or operator of any 1  unauthorized aircraft or vessel using |  this float. 1  Coast News, September 29,1981  One parent to another  Let's face it. we all have protective instincts.  About life. And security. And the future. That's  the reason for life insurance.  Get in touch and talk it over  I have a family too.  Gtoli Hodgkinson  Box 9S7,  Gibsons, B.C.  886-8018  Mutual Life of Canada  . Bradl,v J B#mon Photo  Brian Whiltingham displays one of a series of his partially completed paintings lhal ire being  prepared for viewing by Jack Pollock of Toronto's Pollock Gallery. Mr. Pollock will be visiting  Brian's Roberts Creek studio this October as part of his search for contemporary west coasl art.  New era dawns in bargaining  Editor's Note: The following  statement was read to trustees  at the school board meeting of  September 24, by the negotiating committee of the Sunshine Coast Teachers' Association.  We, the Sunshine Coast  Teachers' Association, see this  meeting as an extra-ordinary  occurrence. For the first time  we are opening our contract  bargaining by addressing you  as a complete board rather  than at committee level.  A new era is upon us. As  you are aware the provincial-  wide movement for Expanded  Scope of Bargaining is gaining  momentum and the overwhelming support that this  concept was given at our  general meeting of September  17, 1981 shows that the  teachers of School District No.  46 are aware, concerned, and  intend lo negotiate within this  new scope.  Previously the history of  negotiations has been to focus  primarily on money issues. It  is now our intention to claim  the rights which are the  perogative of working people  throughout this province.  These rights are to bargain collectively and to write in contract all terms and conditions  of our employment.  This year the expanded  scope of bargaining will include at least: a) personnel  "In short, the Knowledge  Network is offering something  of, interest to everyone this  fall," explains Kathleen Forsythe, the Network's Manager  of Learning Systems Development.  the Knowledge Network is  part of B.C's move to "open  learning". "That's where the  institution moulds to the needs  of the students rather than  making the students meet the  needs of the institution," says  Forsythe. "We're trying to  develop learning systems that  students can use anywhere,  anytime."  With people dispersed over  a huge area such as B.C., we  have to provide the learning  opportunities that suit the  students," Forsythe says.  "The Knowledge Network and  the various institutions with  whom we work, try to overcome both geographic barriers  and social ones. It's as  challenging to provide instruction for a shift worker in the  city as it is to provide it for a  fisherman in a remote  village."  Using the Anik-B satellite,  the Knowledge Network  already reaches more than  two-thirds of the homes in the  province and its reach is expanding. Throughout most of  B.C., the network is available  through local cableservice on  one of ihe regular VHF channels. On Ihe lower mainland  and in Victoria, the  Knowledge Network is on  mid-band channel 18. Viewers  need an inexpensive convenor,  costing less lhan ISO, to get the  Knowledge Network and  several other mid-band channels. Many newer televisions  have mid-band capability built  in.  Public Bodies  Financial Information  The information required to be published PURSUANT  TO THE PROVISIONS OF Sections S, T and U of the  Public Bodies Financial Information Act, covering the  1980 calendar year, is now available for inspection at  the School Board Office, 1538 South Fletcher Road,  Gibsons, B.C., by those interested.  R. Mills  Secretary-Treasurer  P.O. Box 220  Gibsons, B.C. VON 1V0  Notice of Final General Meeting  Under Section 316 of the Company Act  in the matter of  The Liquidation of  Elphinstone Co-operative  Association  Notice is hereby given that the final general  meeting of the members of Elphinstone Cooperative Assocation under Section 316 of the  Company Act will be held at the Royal Canadian Legion Hall #109, Sunshine Coast  Highway, Gibsons, British Columbia, on Thursday, the 8th day of October, 1981 at the hour of  11:00 o'clock in the forenoon. The purpose of  the meeting will be for the liquidator to present  an account of the winding up and give any ex-'  planatlon of it.  Dated at Vancouver, British Columbia, this 23rd  day of September, 1981.  ���    2-X?^/,   ,  ^HBP Bookstore'/  Corner of School &  Gower Point Roads  8*6-7744  Open Friday til 7  Sunday til 5  Current Best Sellers  The Clan of the Cave Bear ��� Jean m. Auei  Athabaaca - Alltlair MacUan  Three Rivera - Roberta uiow  The Fifth Horseman ��� Collins & upime  NO Love LOSt - Helen Van Styke  All for Love - Patricia Gallagher  The Third Wave - Aivtn tohui  Young Adults New Titles  The Sister Act - Blossom Elfman  Breaking UP - Norma Klein  Maudie & Me &  The Dirty Book - Betty mu��  Tuppenny - Julia Cunningham  practices; b) instructional  time; c) professional development; d) staffing formulae; e)  leaves of absence; 0 benefits;  g) salary and also to provide  the vehicle for the implementation of these objectives, a  contractual grievance procedure.  We are optimistic that  negotiations in these new  terms will result in even better  board-SCTA relations and the  continued improvement of the  quality of education in School  District No. 46.  Music teachers hired  Superintendent Denley  reported to the School Board  that every Elementary School,  except the one-room schools,  now had a teacher able and  willing to teach music at the  Intermediate level.  This was the direct result of  priorities asked for in the  Music Report and taken into  account when hiring new  teachers. Four extra teachers  had been hired to allow  elementary teachers preparation time.  PEOPLE COME FIRST AT  IER  I  PRICES EFFECTIVE: WED. SEPT. 30TH TO SAT. OCT. 3RD.  Brunswick  SARDINES 3.25 0Z 2/99c  In Oil or Tomato Sauce  Cloverleaf - Solid  WHITE TUNA t.z$1.89  Nabob - Tradition  COFFEE nb$2.49  Hereford  CORNED BEEF ���� $2.49  RICEARONI65oz 69c  Robin Hood  PIE CRUST MIX 19,Z$1.25  MACARONI & CHEESE  DINNER 70z 2/75��  Robin Hood  FLOUR iok��$5.99  CHEESE SLICES 25o���m$1.39  Kraft - Orated  PARMESAN CHEESE   2soBm$2.99  Kraft  VELVEETA CHEESE    5uo��n,$2.79  MARGARINE nn 55c  Kraft  CHEEZWHIZ SOOgm $2.59  ! Ivory ^      -  LIQUID DETERGENT     int-.$2.49  I CAT FOOD o.z37c  |R0V,r EEC  DOG FOOD 255ozOOv  B.C. Grown Gov't. Inspected Young  TURKEYS ib $1.29  Frozen Utility, 6 -16 lbs  Boneless - Outside Bottom  ROUND ROAST m $2.69  Blade or Chuck  SHORT RIB ROAST Bi.deout  ib $1.79  Tablerlte - Skinless  WIENERS Vac Pack 11b pkt each    1 .39  I.G.A. - Sliced  COOKED MEATS       mgn.pki.-ich 89c  Salami, Summer, Beer  Chiquita  BANANAS  CAULIFLOWER  California  AVOCADOS  each  Minute Maid  ORANGE JUICE  Sara Lee  CAKES  Pound, Banana, Orange  Rupert  FISHCAKES  16  7.z$1.59  $2.09  12 02  89c  Come to \Matkika - uU' ^Dcarf  PENDER HARBOUR CENTRE  Madeira Park.883-9100  Wt r-mrvt tht right  to limit quantities Coast News, September 29,1981  Roberts Creek  "Save the Creek" theme  by Jeanie Norton 886-9609  "Save the Creek" seemed to  be the common goal of those  present at last Wednesday's  Community Association  meeting, when the reorganization of local government was  discussed. Whatever the solution, Roberts Creekers want to  maintain their identity and  don't want to be swallowed up  by extensions of the Villages  of Gibsons and Sechelt.  Kevin Shepherd suggested  that Roberts Creek be incorporated and thereby become  autonomous. The present Settlement Plan and by-laws  would be sufficient and only a  bare minimum of legal and administrative structure would  be required. The concept was  certainly attractive, but obviously the feasibility would  have lo be closely examined.  Next month's meeting was  tentatively designated as a  special meeting to discuss the  issue of reorganization of the  Sunshine Coast. Regional  Director and possibly David  Hunter will be there to explain  the issues and answer questions.  The future of Cliff Gilker  Park was also left for discussion at that meeting, because it  is involved in the question of  local government. People are  concerned with not only the  golf club's desire for part of  Ihe Park, but the general state  of the Park as it is. The fear  was expressed that, if the Park  is allowed to continue lo  deteriorate, the Provincial  Government might see fit to  change it to some other use.  Bul, since Ihe Regional  Board is responsible for parks,  it was felt that the Association  should not become involved in  voluntary maintenance. It was  suggested that letters be written to Ihe Board, urging it to  fulfill its responsibilities and  implement the Parks Plan.  Other topics of discussion at  last week's meeting were complaints about speeding  motorists on Lower Road,  low-flying aircraft, and the  dangerous level of fumes on  the ferry's car deck. It was felt  that reports to the authorities  would be appropriate and effective: car licence numbers to  the RCMP, aircraft registration numbers to the Ministry  of Transport, and complaints  to the B.C. Ferry Corporation  aboul the ventilation.  The Women's Cenlre is still  available to anyone who wants  to haul it away. It's a sound  structure and could be quite  useful. If you're interested,  phone Gail Cromie or Dennis  Davison.  Principal Verne Wishlove  from Roberts Creek Elementary made a short speech to introduce himself to the community. He extended an invitation lo meet the teachers  on September 30 and asked for  volunteers to help in the  school. As for progress on Ihe  joint facility, he was able to  announce that they're finally  getting down 10 business - a  portable toilet has been moved  into the school grounds lor the  workmen.  And the old Community  Hall is certainly in good shape.  The mortgage has been paid  off, with the help of a $1,500  donation by the Hall Committee. The Hall Committee was  also responsible for refinishing  the Hall floor.  Il was a lot of hard work;  they were in there every 12  hours, putting on another coat  of varnish and even resorted to  a hairdryer to get the floor dry  in time. A big 'thanks' should  go to Montie's Janitorial Service for Ihe use of their commercial scrubber.  And casting a bright glow  on the whole thing are the new  and cleaned lights, provided at  the expense of the Elphinstone  Recreation Group. Well done,  folks.  Flea Market.  The Rainbow Pre-School  parents are holding a community garage sale and raffle  at the Roberts Creek Community Hail on Saturday, October 10th, from 10to 5. Stalls  are $7 each, plus 10% of the  gross sales and can be booked  through Alexis Davison at  885-2102.  The prize in the raffle is a  day of cruising or fishing on a  32 ft. power boat out of Secret  Cove. Tickets are 50t or 3 for  $1 and will be available from  Pre-school members, at  Seaview Market, or at the Hall  during October.  Steak a treat.  The Roberts Creek Legion  treated the bartenders and  other workers to a steak  barbecue on September 20th.  Under the master cookery of  Roy Milliner and John Bot-  tomley, the T-bones were  delicious and the salads  prepared by the Ladies Auxiliary rounded out a super  meal.  Overheard at the Legion  that day: "If I caught my old  lady in bed with another man,  she wouldn't have a brain left  in her head." "If I caught  another woman in bed with  my old man, I'd know she  didn't have a brain in her  head."  A reminder to Legion  members that elections are  coming up in November and  all those eligible to vote are  asked to attend the meeting  Wednesday Work Bees.  The Legion ladies have bei n  working the last two  Wednesdays, getting ready for  their Crafts Fair on October  25th. If you'd like to join iheir  work bees, come dowi. lo the  Legion at 11 o'clock Wednesday morning.  Fitness great.  It was wonderful to be back  at Fitness Class last week. The  refinished floor at the Hall  had a shine like the floor wax  commercials; there were a lot  of familiar faces and it was a  relief lo find out the old  muscles hadn't completely  given oul in the month (or  more) off.  One had to feel sorry for the  people jusl starting out. It is a  bit daunting al first, but you  can believe what you're told, it  does get better.  The first class at Roberts  Creek is full, but the second  The Pender Harbour Volunteer  rire Department  and the  Madeira Park Ambulance Service  wish to invite the general public to  OPEN HOUSE  at the  EMERGENCY SERVICES  CENTRE  Madeira Park  Saturday Oet. 3rd, 1981  1 pm - 8 pm  Demonstrations of fire and first aid  equipment will be given. Refreshments  will be served.  one at 10:30 is small, so if you  don'i like a crowd, it's a good  bet. And, there's room in the  evening classes al llphinstone,  especially for guys.  Rieia says It's a great place  lo meet people (is this the successor to the singles bar?) and  the lights are kept low lo make-  it seem like a social gathering.  Come on, fellas, this is your  chance to meet the ladies and  get rid of that beer gut all in  one easy motion. Please note  that the class has been changed  to 7 p.m.  Babysitters wanted.  The Fitness Class desperately needs babysitters Monday,  Wednesday and Friday mornings al St. Aidan's Hall. If  you're interested, contact Lil  Degnan at 886-9367 or  886-2875.  Bubble Houses.  It may not be the immediate  solution lo our housing problems, but it was certainly an  interesting experiment: bubble  houses. Given a 2,000 square  foot roll of plastic, the Grade  7 class at Roberts Creek  Elementary constructed a  variety of pods, connected by  air shafts and inflated by fans,  as part of their science studies  Teacher Don Van Kleek said  it worked much better than he  expected. The class  demonstrated the project to  the rest of the school on Friday afternoon and the younger  kids loved it when they were  invited into the structure.  Runaway heroics.  ' Heroism should not go unsung. Ether MacKay's rescue  of a driverless car rolling down  Flume Road will go down in  Roberts Creek history, along  with the other runaway  stories, namely George  Longman and the horse.  A star-sludded cast including, among others, Sophie Tucker, Marlene Dietrich, Fred Astaire,  Maria (alias, Al Jolson and The Manhattan Transfer enterlained a full house al Ihe Halfmoon  Bay Variety Show cast Saturday night. Here Archie and Kdilh Bunker sing Iheir hearts out, lo each  other and they'll be at it again on Sunday October 18th in the Sechelt Senior Citizen's Hall. Tickets  are available al Ihe Halfmoon Buy store and the Upstairs-Downstairs Shoppe, Sechell.  Pender Opinion  Fran Berger Pholo  Crafts night starts in Pender  by Robi Peters  Tonight, Sepiember 29th,  Joan Willcock and myself arc  starting a crafts night. The  idea is to set aside two hours  per week and do one of the  things we've been putting off  all year. It could be to finish  some knitting, refinish furniture, work with clay or  ceramics, even dressmaking.  Myself, 1 would like to  make a braided rug, but 1  never seem to get started. So,  if you would like to start a  project and have an expert like  Joan to help and advise you  once in a while, join us for  coffee and bring your ideas.  It's more fun to work in a  group.  The Harbour Seals Swim  Club is again looking forward  to a good year, starting with  registration 7:00 p.m. Friday,  October 2nd, al the pool. The  prerequisites to join the club  are minimal - to be able to  swim one length of the pool on  the front and one length of the  pool on the back, continuously. Being able to attend the  swim sessions each week is a  necessary requirement, also.  The Chamber of Commerce  will be holding its annual  meeting October 6th in the  Legion Hall at 8 p.m. New  members are welcome and old  members are reminded fees  will be accepted at this time.  It is certainly gratifying to  Pender Pool staff to see the  area turn out and support and  pool program this fall. The  evening fitness classes are full,  as are the morning Ladies  Swim and Trim. We have  room for maybe one or two  more ladies in the afternoon  sessions. Our pre-school  classes are full and the Red  Cross classes are filling up  rapidly. The Red Cross classes  start October 8th. The pool is  offering adult lessons and a  water baby session.  The Pender Harbour  restructuring meeting date has  been changed from October  6th lo October 5th. This is a  public meeting with a  representative from Municipal  Affairs to discuss the steps  leading to incorporation.  J INSURANCE  CORPORATION  Of BRITISH COUIvWA  m  NOTICE  TO MOTORISTS  Autoplan Claims  Sunshine Coast Area  A temporary claims office has been established in Sechelt for Sunshine Coast area residents  wishing to report autoplan claims.  The office will open on September 9, 1981.  Claims will be handled by appointment only.  Appointment cards are available Irom towing  yards, body shops, and autoplan agents.  The claims office is located upstairs in the  Credit Union building on Cowrie Street,  Sechelt.  Please forward the completed appointment  card to I.C.B.C. Claims Office, General  Delivery, Sechelt, B.C. VON 3A0. You will be  contacated regarding your appointment by  telephone.  The Dial-A-Claim service to Courtenay is  suspended until further notice.  British Columbia Hydro  and Power Authority  POWER OUTAGE  DATE: Oct. 6-7-8, 1981  TIME: 9 a.m. to 12 and 1 p.m. to 4 p.m.  Power may be restored sooner  AREA: Keats Island  The interruption to service is necessary to permit  maintenance, repairs, or additions to the system, to  be carried out speedily and safely.  E. Henoch .  District Manager -A.'W*  n, Xo^x��  i��>  **>  NOTICE  Pender Harbour Taxi  is now Dispatched from  ^���akaMHUMai Halfmoon Bay Happenings  Winter activities get underway  by Rulh Forrester 885-2411  Shuffleboard Anyone?  There will be a meeting on  Tuesday September 29 for  anyone who is interested in  becoming part of the shuffleboard group at the  Welcome Beach Community  Hall. The meeling is to arrange teams and to establish  times etc. An invitation is extended to all of you who have  played before and to any new  residents of the area who  would like to become part of  this good fun group.  Sorry for such short notice  of this event, but if you can  possibly manage to get to the  hall Ihis evening at 7:30 you  will be made most welcome  and will help get the teams going.  Carpet bowling is also going  on at Ihe hall on Monday  afternoons and you are also  invited lo pop along and join  in the fun there.  Keep fit classes have also  started up on Tuesday and  Thursday evenings from six to  seven under the leadership of  Carol Teenstra. These classes  are open to everyone, male  and female, child or adult.  The "Body Newness" sessions for women over 40 (if  you care to admit that) are being held at the hall on Monday  mornings at ten o'clock and  once again Verity Purdy will  he instructing. These are excellent sessions and we would  like to see lots of you ladies  come along and joining in.  Hospital Auxiliary  The October monthly  meeting of the auxiliary will  start half an hour earlier than  usual���namely at 7:30 pm. on  Monday October 5. This is in  order that the business part  can be accomplished quickly  so that work may commence  on preparing for the Fall  Bazaar.  Don't forget the date of this  bazaar - Saturday October 10  from 1 till 4 pm. Everyone will  be made welcome���there is no  admission charge and coffee  and goodies will be available.  There will be lots of home  baking, craft goods for  Christmas giving as well as a  really good white elephant  stall.  If you have anything that  you would like to donate for  the bazaar this would be more  than welcome.  Social Events Planned:  There was a very good turnout at a meeting at the  Welcome Beach Hall on  Thursday afternoon of  September 24 for the planning  of social aclitities. Eunice  Keeler, who is the liaison  member for social events explained the purpose of the gel-  together and was delighted to  get so many suggestions and  such great co-operation from  the members present.  There will be an Oktoberfest  again this year, as last year's  was such a great success. Connie Hobbs will convene this  one and the date is October 10  which doesn't leave too much  time for planning. Price has  not yet been established but  will let you know about this  next time.  For reservations you should  call Eunice Keeler at 885-9988  or Connie Hobbs at 885-5071.  Better do this right away as  space is limited and you will be  mad at yourself if you leave it  too late.  The annual Xmas dinner is  scheduled for the Saturday of  December 19 and there will be  more on this later. Likewise  plans are underway for the  new year bash.  There are also plans to have  the hall open on Sunday afternoons throughout the winter  months for those who are interested in playing bridge,  whist, cribbage and possibly  scrabble. Sounds like a very  Uf  good way to spend a dull  winter Sunday afternoon.  For information on this you  could call either Mary Shannon, Oliye Comyn or Thea  Leuchte.  For those of you who missed out on the Halfmoon Bay  Variety Show due to the  sellout of tickets, you can still  calch the show on October 18  at the Senior Citizen's Hall in  Sechelt. There are some tickets  available at the Halfmoon Bay  Store as well as at the  Upstairs-Downstairs Shoppe  in the mall. Price is $2.50 for  adults, $1.50 for under 14 and  the proceeds will go to the Intermediate Care Society.  The date of this show has  just been changed to the 18th  due to the fact that the original  date happened to fall on  Thanksgiving weekend. So  lake note���show date changed  lo October 18.  Pender Harbour News  Grand opening  # THE UNITED CHURCH  CALVARY        \  M            OF CANADA  BAPTIST CHURCH    %  ���                 Sunday  Park Rd., Gibsons        ��  Warship Services  Pastor: Harold Andrews  ST. JOHN'S  Res: 886-9163,  Davis Bay - 9:30 am.  Church: 886-2611  GIBSONS  Sunday School 9:30 a.m.  Glassford Rd. - 11:15 am.  Morning Service 11:00 a.m.  Sunday School - 9:30 am.  Gospel Service 7 p.m.  Rev. Alex. G. Reid  Prayer & Bible Study  Church Telephone  Thursday 7 p.m.  886-2333  GIBSONS  PENTECOSTAL CHURCH  ST. BARTHOLOMEW k  ST. AIDAN  Cedar Grove School  ANGLICAN CHURCHES  Chaster Rd., Gibsons  Combined Service  Senior Pastor: Ted Boodle  1st Sunday 11:15 A.M.  Youth Pastor: Jack Moth  in St. Bartholomew's  Gibsons  Sunday School 9:30 a.m.  Morning Worship 11 a.m.  Evening Fellowship 7 p.m.  Ail other Sundays  Home Bible Study  Roberts Creek 9:30 a.m.  Phone 886-7268 or 886-9482  Family Holy Eucharist  Affiliated wilh Ihe  Gibsons 11:15 a.m.  Pentecostal   Assemblies   of  Rector:  Rev. John E. Robinson  Canada  ROMAN CATHOLIC  SERVICES  SEVENTH-DAY  ADVENTIST CHURCH  Rev. Angelo De Pompa  Sabbath School Sal. 10 a.m.  Parish Priest  Hour of Worship Sal. 11 a.m.  Timet of Masses  Browning Rd. & Hwy. 101  Saturday 5:00 p.m.  Pastor: C. Drieberg  St. Mary's, Gibsons  Everyone Welcome  7:31) pm. Pender Harbour  For information phone:  (July 4 lo September 12 onlyl  885-9750 or 883-2736  Regular Sunday Masses  Q.fWI a  m    C\���r  1 .Av  SECHELT  y.uu a.m. uur may  of Lourdes Church  NEW LIFE  Sechelt Indian Reserve  ASSEMBLY  10:00 a.m. Holy Family  SERVICES  Church, Sechelt  in  12:00 noon St. Mary's Church  Senioi Citizens Hall  Gibsons  1:00 pm Sunday  Confessions before Mass  Everyone Welcome  Reverend P. Brooks  Phone: 885-9526 or 885-5201  Pastor  GLAD TIDINGS  TABERNACLE  CHRISTIAN SCIENCE  ,     Gower Point Road  SOCIETY  Phone 886-2660  SECHELT SERVICES:  Sunday School 9:45 a.m.  Worship Service 11:00 a.m.  Sundays 11:30 am.  Evening Fellowship 6 p.m.  Wednesday 1:00 pm.  Bible Study Wed. 7:30 p.m.  Sunday School 11:30 am.  All in United Church edifice  Pastor: Nancy Dykes  on main highway in Davis  REFORMED  Bay.   Everyone   is   warmly  CHRISTIAN  invited to attend.  GATHERING  Phone 885-3157 or 886-7882  Sechell                   885-5635  I j 11 Church Services j  by Doris Edwardson  Prize winners:  Kenmar Knit & Sew  (formerly Madeira Park Variety) had a Grand Opening on  September 5 and winners of  the prizes were: 1st - Sewing  Basket to Ethel Rowe of  Calgary who has been visiting  with Irene Crabb. 2nd - $10  Gift Certificate to Doris  Phillips, Madeira Park and  3rd - $5 Gift Certificate to  Merle Hately, Madeira Park.  Draws were made by Laurie  Nail.  Mary Richardson wishes to  thank everyone for participating and showing such an  interest in the new shop. Plans  for the future are to increase  stock for better selection of  sewing and knitting supplies.  Girl Guides of Canada.  Madeira Park Brownie and  Guide Groups need adult  leaders for the coming season  (September - June). If interested, please phone Alice  Fletcher (Brownies) 883-2289  or Pauline Pollock (Guides)  883-2597.  Congratulations.  Walter and Sherry Higgins  are the proud parents of a  baby boy, Bryce Stanley Higgins, 7 lb. 1 oz., born August  31st at St. Mary's Hospital.  Hospital news.  Duncan Sims is a patient in  St. Paul's Hospital. Ken Cole  is in Lions Gate Hospital. He  suffered serious injuries'to his'  arm when it was caught in a  conveyer at work. Vera Lowe  is home from St. Mary's  Hospital.  Peggy Pockrant is in  Kamloops Hospital. She had  two heart attacks and is now  paralyzed on one side. Her  sister said she has a cheerful  outlook on life and is coming  along fine and will be transferred to another hospital in Vancouver shortly.  Bazaar.  October 3rd is the date to  remember if you want lo get in  on lots of bargain's at the  Ladies Auxiliary to the Royal  Canadian Legion 112 Bazaar.  There is a super collection of  home sewing items, knitted  and crocheted goods, plus  plants, vegetables, home baking and a white elephant sale,  mystery parcels and.raffles.  Tea and goodies will be served. This takes place in the  Legion Hall.  Anniversary dinner.  Bob and Laura Sullivan,  Shilcolm Lookout in Madeira  Park, celebrated their 28th  wedding anniversary at the  Pender Harbour Hotel on  September 25th and enjoyed a  very delicious dinner served by  Marge Campbell. Their very  close friends, Marge Swigart  and Shelley Kattler were their  guest of honour. Laura said  they have never had rain on  their anniversary or on the day  they were married.  Big meal draw.  Saturday, October 10th, is  going to be the big Meat Draw  at the Legion. Hams and  Turkeys, Thanksgiving Special  Meat Draw, with extra prizes  and the Ladies Auxiliary to  Branch 112 Royal Canadian  Legion will be having an extra  special raffle. See you all  there.  Take-a-break  The Take-A-Break for  women is underway and some  of the exciting sessions being  planned are non-sexist parenting, foot massage, stress  management, information on  child abuse and improving  self-image.  Gibsons: Tuesday's 9:30  -11:30 am. Catholic Church  Hall, Highway 101, Child  Care $1.00 per family.  Sechelt: Thursdays 9:30 -11:30  am. Continuing Education  Portable, Child Care $1.00 per  family.  0  1  HOMELITE  LIGHT  AND  POWERFUL:  THE XL-76!  The XL-76 is a light,  powerful  and  easy to handle chain saw.  IEXTRON CANADA LIMITED REGISTERED USfR  Get your hands on Homelite power at  Coasl feel  ft Fewer  Rentals, Sales, Service  Formerly A.C. Rentals Ltd  883 9114  Coast News, September 29,1981  Peninsula Roofing  ft insulation Ltd.  Retail Sales  Sheet Metal Fabrication  1356 Wharf Rd.  Sechelt Across from Bus Depot  B85-37M  885-9585  ISUlULT  V&  fygren helps arrange food prepared by  high school students for Ihe official opening of Ihe new board  offices in Gibsons. Cakes decorated by students (Ihe fishing  boat, Pender Harbour; school bus, Elphinstone) centred Ihe  delicious display. ��� G<"oe m"'"" p*">i��  Library courses  Public Library Volunteer  Workshop: Participants will  learn how to use Capilano  College library collections and  services. Areas covered include use of the microfiche  and periodical indexes, inter-  library loan services, reference  and special services. The fee is  $35 for 4 sessions; the course is  taught by two librarians from  Capilano College.  Filing: A one session filing  course will enable you to set  up a system to And the  documents you need-in-a-  hurry. This workshop is appropriate for anyone who  must organize information. It  will cover alphabetic, numeric,  geographic and source/subject  filing. The fee is $16, the  course is on Tuesday, October  6, 6 to 9 pm at the Learning  Centre.  !,- Touch Typing: A two  day workshop to introduce  you to the keyboard of a  typewriter (IBM Selectric).  Also taught are correct finger  and other techniques. Held  October 3-4,9:30-4:30-$25.  Specialized Typing: An 8 session course designed for  students to brush up on topics  such as letters, manuscripts,  financial statements and speed  development. It will upgrade  persons who have been absent  from the workplace for some  period of time and help others  progress. October 8, Tuesdays  and Thursdays, 7 to 9; fee is  $48.  All above courses, unless  noted differently, are held at  the Learning Centre.  For information on these  and other courses, please call  the Sechelt Learning Centre,  885-9310, or drop in to see us  -at Inlet Avenue. "i  I.Plug In Video Tape Recorder In Wall  Outlet  2. Hook up short length of Coaxial Cable  between Video Recorder and your T.V.  set.  3.Turn your T.V. to Channel 3  4. Insert Video Cassette In Video Recorder  5. Enjoy your first Home Movie  (|ust stop the recorder for your trip to the fridge or whatever)  WEEKEND SPECIAL  Video Recorder and your choice of  Three Movies  $40.00  Pick Up Friday Night  Bring Back Monday Morning  | Simple to operate - We will show you how  Please phone for reservations  885-36661  Wharf Rd., Sechelt  mmmtmmtm  mmmwmwmmmmmmmm1m Coast News, September 29,1981  Fleming on Education  Better schools is the goal  by Frances Fleming  Why (in newspapers express  general horror when the president of the B.C. Teachers  gives notice that some of the  Associations in the Federation  may well decide to enforce  their demands for improved  working conditions by giving  strike notice? Where "work to  rule" is nothing but an embar-  i.issmcm lo many teachers, a  withdrawal of services completely is a proper technique in  our Western civilization to try  10 belter working conditions.  There is sacrifice involved, as  salaries slop; there is risk in-  CLASSIFIED NOTE  Drop oM your Coast Ne'  Classified   al   Campbell s  Family Shoes. Sechell. or  Madeira Park Pharmacy.  Madeira Park  volved, as jobs may be jeopardized. If the cause is just, the  fight must be fought. And the  strike, a concentrated work  stoppage by a group of  organized employees, is often  labour's most effective  weapon.  There was a time when  public employees, civil servants, postmen, teachers, had  been brain-washed into believing that their high calling was  such that to strike would be  disgraceful and subject to immediate dismissal. There was  no collective bargaining;  salaries were pitiful compared  to the business world, working  conditions were unbelievably  oppressive, pension benefits  almost negligible. We, the  people, their employers, kept  them down and looked down  upon them as we did so as  somewhat servile and inferior  TRANSPORTATION ASSISTANCE  ALLOWANCE  Parents of children living outside the walk limits of  either school or school bus route are entitled to apply  lor Transportation Assistance Allowance.  Application forms are available from the School  Hoard Office at 886-8811.  .=&%,  Notice Board  T  Sponsored as a Public Service  886-2622     by the Coast News    886-7817  NOTE: Early announcement! will be run one*, then muat bt  resubmitted lo run again, no more than on* month prior lo  the event.  Coming Events  Roberts Creek Ladltt Auxiliary Fall flaiair It Bake Silt. Sunday Oct 25 ��� 11 am  lo 7 at ine Legion Hall, Roberis Creek. #43  Owr tht Hill Hockey slarts Oct. 2nd wilh meeling at 7:30 pm. at Ihe arena.  It's Not Your Imagination! Film and discussion on sexual harassment at  Roberis Creek Elementary library, 7:30 ��� 9:30 pm, Tuesday, Sept. 29.  Ladies Auxiliary Baiaar - Oclober 3, 1981 in the Legion Hall Madeira Park.  Start:, 1 00 pm. rickets $2.00 Adults - $1.00 Children. Lunch and door prize.  Sunshine Coast Fitness Group ��� Co-Ed Classes to Music. Fall Classes  September 21 lo December 11. Roberts Creek Communlly Hall Class No. 1  9 10 10 15 am ��� Mon . Wed. & Fii. ��� Class No. 2 -10:30 ��� 11:30am. ��� Mon., Wed. &  Fn Elphinstone Gym Class No. 3 ��� 7;00 ��� BOO pm. ��� Mon., Tues. 4 Thurs. Hall-  moon Bay Community Hall Class No. 4 ��� 6.00 ��� 7:00 pm. ��� Tues. & Thurs. For In*  formation phone Reita Hanson at 886-2875  Western Winning Women Retreat A day ol fellowship and inspiration lor all  women For more inlormation watch Cab'e 10 T.V. Oct. 6 - 7 pm. Gibsons ��� Oct. 8  .r.m. *��.��. Regular Events  Elphinstone Pioneer Museum in Gibsons is now open. Monday  through Saturday between 9 am. to 4 om.  Monday  Roberts Creeh Hospital Aunlllarv Second Monday of each month -11  jm  St Aidan's Hall  Sumhlne Pottery Guild meets every 2nd Monday of the month at the  Studio  corner of North Road and Highway 101 at 7 pm. TFN  Monday * O.A.P.O. #38 Reguler Meeting - First Monday ot each month ��� 2 pm. at  Harmony Hall, Gibsons  Social Bingo - 2nd & 3rd Mondays 2 pm. at Harmony Hall, Gibsons.  Tuesday  Women's Aglow Fellowahlp Meets every third Tuesday of the month at  Harmony Hall Gibsons Transportation and babysitting available 886-  7426  Sunshine Coast Arts Council Regular meeting 4th Tuesday of every  month at 7 30 pm at the Arls Centre in Sechelt.  Al-Anon Meeting* Al-Anon Meetings every Tuesday night. Roberts  Creek For inlormation call 886-9059 or 886-9041.  Sunshine Coasl Navy League of Canada Cadets and Wrenettos, ages  10 to 13 will again meet Tuesday nights, 7 -9 pm., United Chu re I Han.  Gibsons New recruits welcomed  interested In Pioneer Girts? Grades 3 ��� 12 girls, please join us lor a tun night and  registration on Tuesday. Sepl 22 at 7 ��� 9 pm. at Calvary Baptist Church, Park  Ave, Gibsons. For further information contact Arlene Simpson 886-9048 or  Mary Madison 8867279 #38  Tuesday: Take-A-Break discussion group (or women. In GibsonB, Tues. 9:30  11 30 am al Catholic Chuich Hall Babysitting available, call 886-8036.  Duplicate Bridge slarts October 6 and every first and third Tuesday thereafter  al Ihe Gulf Club, 7 30 pm Call Phyllis Hoops al 886-2575 for Information.  Wednesday  Tops Club Gibsons Tops meets every Wed  evening at 6:45 in the  Armour'9 Reach Athletic Hall   New members and teen members  welcome Prions 886-9765 eves  Sunshine Lapidary A Craft Club Meets 1st Wed every monlh at 7 30  pm  For inlormallon 886-2873 or 886-9204  Pander Harbour Hospital Auxiliary   Second Wednesday of each  month 1 30 pm St Andrews Church-New members always welcoma.  Wilson Creek Communlly Reading Ctnlrt 7 30 - 8 30 p m  685-2709  Sechelt Garden Club   7 30 p m   St  Hildas Hall  First Wednesdays  Wednesday  OA P.O. ��38 Carpet Bowling Evoiy Wednesday 1 pm at Harmony  Hall. Gibsons  Sunshine   Coast   Sports  Club  will  be  having  a  track-and-field  organizational meelmg nt Elphinstone School, Wednesdays 5pm  Thursday  The Bargain Barn of (tie Pender Harbour Health Clinic Auxiliary is  OOOn oi   rhursday afternoons Irom I 00 until 3 30  Al-Anon Meeting Every Thursday in Gibsons at 8 pm For information  call H86-9%9or 886-9037  Dance Classes by Deborah Pageeu - 888-8324 Modern Ballet for Adulls, slar-  ling Thursday, Oct  I al the Twilight Theatre ��� 10:30 am  Thursday: Take-A-Breek discussion grijup tor women In Sechelt Thu'S 9:30  1130 am al Continuing Education portable unit, Chatelech Babysitting  available call 886-8036  Thursday < O.A.P.O. "38 Public Bingo - every Thursday starting Nov 5th at 7:45  pm  at Harmony Hall, Gibsons.  Western Weight Controllers Every Thursday at 1 pm. in the United  Church hall. Gibsons and in the Sechelt Elementary School,  Thursdays at 7 pm. New members welcome 885-3895 (Sechelt Only).  Reverts Creek Legion Bingo every Thursday, beginning May 7, Early  Bird. Regular and Bonanza TFN  Friday  Thrill Shop Every Friday 1-3pm Thrill Shop, Gibsons Uniled Church  basemenl  Wllaon Croak Communlly Reading Centre Noon - 4 00 pm   885-2709  Friday - O.A.P.O. ,38 Fun Nil, ��� Every Friday at 7:30 pm. Pol Luck Suppor last  Friday ot every month at 6 pm at Harmony Hall, Gibsons  Gibson, Tol Lol    Every Friday 9 30 to 11:30 am al Gibsons United Church  Stalls on Ihe 18th ol September 0 3 years old ,37  Country Stan Squar, Dancing, earn In day starling Sept it &KIMH Elementary School Gym ��� 8  I' pm Crt' e' Hany Robertson  Saturday  Wilson Creek Communlly Reeding Centre 11 30 - 1 p m 88.r. 2709  The Bargain Barn ol the Pender Harbour Health Clinic Auxiliary is  open on Saturday alternoons Irom I ��� 4 pm  Th, Sunshine Coast Figure Skating Club: Registration al Arena Saturday.  Sepl  19. 10am to 12.    citizens, useful, but you  wouldn't want your daughter  to marry one.  The 1960's and 70's witnessed an increasing number of  strikes by public employees,  municipal workers, policemen, firemen, and even teachers! For some, teachers striking was Ihe last straw. What  had happened to those professionals? The professional  argument no longer holds.  Even doctors have organized  to protect their salaries and  working conditions. It is, for  belter or worse, the only way  to impress on us, the public,  thai those who serve use will  no longer be pushed around  and put down.  What are some issues that  teachers are willing to bring  before us? There are many, a-  mong them unevenness of  class size and work loads. In  elementary schools, class size  is creeping up. Class size has  nothing to do with the district  pupil-teacher ratio. It refers to  the number of little bodies occupying desks in a given  teacher's classroom. In 1980  class size in Great Britain was  13.5, and great protest are being made to an increase impending which would bring that  figure up to over 15. In B.C.  we have never had it quite that  good.  Inequities occur and the  staff is helpless to do other  than sympathize. Take one  school where the senior Industrial Education teacher met  only 62 senior boys in Ihe cycle, and the English teacher  met 163, some of them in need  of remediation. Stress is very  visible both in staff rooms and  at staff meetings. Working  conditions create learning conditions. The best teacher may  become quite dysfunctional if.  the work load makes it impossible to do a good job in  the classroom. Teachers are  really protecting the children  when they want a voice in how  work is allocated and how  large a class should be. They  do not have any ulterior  motives.  For years, secondary  teachers have enjoyed  preparation periods, and how  useful they are! Time to go to  the library for needed  research, time to prepare a  quiz, time to preview a film,  time to order supplies, time to  observe a colleague's techniques and to learn new  strategies, time to counsel a  student, time to mark a set of  papers, time to walk around  the grounds and think, time to  chat with the principal about  some new approach...few  teachers waste a preparation  period.  For some reason, the same  privilege has been withheld  from the elementary teachers.  Many of them are on the  gallop from the time they  reach school about 8:15 to the  time they stagger home about  4:00. Some of them do not  stop for lunch. Some must  supervise during Ihe recess and  noon hour breaks. Elementary  teachers are entitled to  preparation time. They would  be better teachers for it. These  are only some of the issues  teachers feel strongly about.  Teachers do not want to  strike. It goes against their  feelings of responsibility and  Iheir dedication to duty. It the  rumbles start, school boards  had better consider very  carefully exactly whal their  positions are. If a strike occurs, we, the people, will be  responsible for not supporting  our teachers in their efforts to  make the schools a better place  for everybody in them.  Al Wagner  Al Wagner  Invites you  to join  Big  Brothers  A service of friendship freely given by  men, to boys without  fathers.  For Information  886-2615  885-5664  ��� Vene Parnell Photo  Construction of Royal Terraces on Ihe Sechelt waterfront is proceeding rapidly. Last week, the placement of a 40 ton concrete  slab marked ihe completion uf a major phase of Ihe project.  TMNKOFUSASA MATCHMAKER  BtmNtwsattwsTHi ctifT lit! cus��nMtmHMw  NEW  FALL DRESSES  For that  Special Occasion  or Every Day  Lovely itylai�� colour*  In Sizes 5 to 20  Helen's  Fashion  Shoppe  886-9941  = Gibsons Landing  We've Changed Our Name!  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Orange Chew. 100's 2.44  Breck Shampoo  bMORE  2.78  400 mL PLUS 25% MORE  PHARMASA VE PRICE  Q-Tips Cotton Swabs  400's  PHARMASAVE PRICE  1.83  Crest Toothpaste  150 mL. with BONUS TEK TOOTHBRUSH  '3  PHARMASA VE PRICE  1.69  PALMOLIVE  Dishwashing Liquid  New, longer lasting suds. 500 mL.  1.19  I  1  PHARMASAVE PRICE  Get it at the PHARMASAVE price  (formerly Gibsons Western Drugs)  Sunnycrest Mall, Gibsons     886-7213  .''���-*���- ���  - -��� - ���  ��� **-���*���  m   t t at <j,^a,fieat4^e��etaaieaaaateaTieaai  i   i   ��� e^^^aauuuusst Adult education  is important  by Vene Parnell  Meet Karin Hoemberg  -educator, social worker,  counsellor, co-ordinator,  world traveller.  As co-ordinator of Continuing Education programs, also  known as Adult Education, on  the Sunshine Coast, Karin is a  one woman dynamo, charming, sensitive and intelligent.  A glance through her new  1981 Fall brochure of Continuing   Education   programs  , .shows that she has thrown out  ��� ���Jne word "boring" in connec-  ".tjon with learning. The  100  bourses available to men and  'women, young and old include  a varied range from Chinese  cooking,  doll  making,  self-  defence,   gardening,   ballet,  v first-aid, managing stress to  fhe traditional math,  typing  and English upgrading.  Since 1974, when Karin initiated Continuing Education  courses on the Sunshine  Coast, with the financial backing of the School Board,  enrollment has grown to 3,500  participants annually.  Karin believes this  represents 20 - 2S1o of the  local adult population. And  she has done it all by herself,  with the help, only recently, of  a secretary and a larger office  on the Chatelech school  ground! in Sechelt.  Part   of  the   success   of  '      ���*!  ��� ;'  ��� 1  ^   A   0kjt:  w\  Cy<S  /���if**  r    am/KiJ���  m  Mt    ��� W��  wSBLmmV    '.'^K"*-  [HP'*"  Ti-  ���V    1  m..     .   i  fail tWr-MJBaJ  Karin Hoemberg is always expanding her ideas lo offer Ihe best  variety of courses in Ihe school district's Continuing Kducation  program. - Van, Parnell Pholo  Karin's programs is due to her   women on the coast to become  intuitive sensitivity of the Sun-   better wage earners and better  shine Coast community. She  loves this area, finds that there  are many people here with  very divergent interests and  talents and has succeeded in  bringing them all together, to  the benefit of everyone.  Women and the family in  particular, hold an important  place for Karin and she gladly  directs her efforts to improving   the   opportunities   of  Victor Cecchi  and Eric Peterson  B.C. Land Surveyors  Would like to announce the opening of a surveying  practice in Sechelt at Suite 204, 1326 Wharf Rd.  (Upstairs from South Coast Ford)  P.O. Box 1894 V0N3A0  Temporary Phone Number 485-6808  (Call Collect)  SUNCO PRINTING  SEAMOUNT INDUSTRIAL PARK  8H()-7(H4  BROCH  STATEMENTS ��� INVOICES  LETI'ERHEADS ��� ENVELOPES ��� ELVERS  BUSINESS CARDS ��� DANCE TICKETS  RAFFLE TICKETS ��� N.CR FORMS  Cuincru Ki-u<ly Copy - In by  10:00 ii.ui. Oul tin- suiiK* iluv  For All Your Printing Needs  parents, especially in single  parent situations.  Last year, she supported the  Women's Program, which offered courses designed  specifically to meet the special  needs of women in today's  world, and which attracted  350 participants.  That is not to imply that  Karin is a heavy-handed  feminist who belittles the value  of men. She is most of all concerned with the value of the  family and supports parenting  and family participation programs. As well, she tries to  provide as many interesting  courses as possible for,men.  The question of what is  educational and what is fun  does not bother Karin.  Valuable learning experiences  should be both, as far as she is  concerned.  "Adult education is very  different from childhood  education," says Karin "and  that does not mean that oip  present system of educating  children could not be improved.  "It is difficult to say what is  educational and what is not. If  people get in contact with a  program that is not educational in itself, it may give  them motivation for acquiring  further education or developing new interests that were not  discovered before.  "To me, continuing education programs are not just  designed to learn specific  skills. They fill an important  need for a social encounter  among people with similar interests."  Karin was born in Denmark, where she worfted for 8  years in the Danish. prison  system, after obtaining her  Bachelor of Social Work  degree. Her job included  counselling prisoners and  alcoholics and also training  probation officers.  In 1969, she set sail with  her husband and nine year  old son and spent the next five  years travelling and seeing the  world. The family lived in  Portugal and in the Caribbean, travelled through  Europe, the Canary Islands  and the West Indies.  In 1973, when they landed  in San Diego, Karin decided to  pursue her Masters degree.  She studied such diverse topics  as political science, management and psychology,  graduating with a degree in  technology.  "The course was one where  the students themselves decided what they wanted to learn  and who would teach them. It  was a very unique experience  and it made me see that there  are various ways to approach  adult education."  When the family settled on  the Sunshine Coast, in 1974,  Karin began to look around  for ways to apply her new  ideas and approached the  School Board with a plan to  begin Continuing Education  courses. Six years later, Af  flourishing program is a  tribute to Kiufit's common  sense and energy*.  Her achievement is particularly noteworthy in the  light of provincial figures for  adult education. In 1970, community colleges were taking  hold in B.C. and by 1974, they  had grown tremendously in  their role of offering alternate  education, while night school  class enrollment was dropping.  When Karin started the  local program in 1974, Continuing Education classes offered through the school  districts hit their all-time  enrollment low in B.C. with  137,000 students. Since then,  there has been an upward  climb, matched by growing  enrollments in Community  College courses, such as  Capilano College.  In 1980, there were 313,932  adults in B.C. receiving further education, and of these,  about half were in Continuing  Education classes.  Despite the fact that in this  school district, the number of  adults and the number of  children receiving education is  the same, only 1/4 of \V�� of  the school district budget is'  applied to Continuing Education,.  Ktein has a strong sense of  community and believes  strongly in community self-  help. "I believe that we have a  great ability to change things  and to look afw our own best  interests. If our community  has particular problems, then  we should work together to  solve them.  "The satisfaction of solving  problems in the community  creates a whole different attitude���a strong community  spirit and feeling of self-  reliance. We have to take  responsibility for. ou-selves  and not expect the govei nment  to do it."  "This area is wonderful in  that people are very generous  with the time they put in to  teach and help others."  Karin feels that the school  board is very supportive and is  strongly in favour of continuing education.  "Nothing makes me happier  than to see the school parking  lots full at night. I get a real  feeling of satisfaction knowing  that there is something worthwhile going on inside.  Coast News, September 29,1981  We will clean your  * Living Room Carpet  * Dining Room Carpet  * Hallway Carpet  * 2 Bedrooms  * Stairs & Front Entrance  That's an Entire Home  We also move the furniture, remove stains, give you proven service, a smile, a well-trained  person to handle "ANY" problem, and all this is included in our low, low price at no extra cost.  We are the only Professional Upholstery Cleaners on the coast so book your carpets and  we'll dc your furniture at the same time.  Couch any size (except velvet or velour) SSB.OO clean  Chair any size (except velvet or velour) S3S.OO clean  Love Seat any size (except velvet or velour) , SAO.OO clean  All our work is guaranteed so if you aren't satisfied don't pay us.  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This  foray by the while elite out of  ihe laager, and the rabid opposition which it aroused,  disguises, however, the fact  that while the Afrikaancr state  may be a pariah among the  cultural, sporling and UN set,  in real lerms, support for its  continued existence is still  strong among the governments  of Western and industrial  countries.  In the Security Council they  have consistently vetoed the  application of economic sanctions against South Africa.  The reason, of course, is  economic! While the British  and Ihe Uniled Slates governments may abhor the inhumanity and injustices of  apartheid and are willing to  make pious statements against  it, the economic connections  between them and South  Africa are too great. Companies like De Boers,  Rothmans, Ford, and others,  have nol only a great stake in  the resources of the Cape, but  also see ii as a valuable source  of trade and cheap labour.  This relatively passive support, however, may be changing. Certainly in Britain the  conservative government of  Margaret Thatcher, with its  members of the 1922 club, is  much more disposed to selling  arms to South Africans, but il  is recent changes in American  foreign policy that must give  real heart to Pieter Botha, the  South African Prime Minister.  The American government, in  line with its policy of international 'real polilik' and its  placing of human rights on the  back burner, seems io be seeing the South African problem  in a global content, not just as  a regional mailer. The need to  combat Russian and Cuban  penetration in Angola and  Mozambique, and Ihe necessity for having a strong pro-  American naval presence in  thai part of the South Atlantic/Indian Ocean, undoubtedly were some of ihe reasons for  President Reagan's unwillingness io withhold visas from  the South African rugby team.  Even at the risk of offendinR  blacks in the US and risking  the Los Angeles Olympic  Games in 1984.  The Reagan administration  is willing to do much more  than allow increased sporting  contacts between the two nations, and it is in Ihe present  situation in Namibia that this  change of policy is most apparent.  Namibia, or South West  Africa, is an old German colony which was given to South  Africa to administer after the  First  World  War,  under  a  Professional Repair & Service  to your Heating & Plumbing  Equipment  ��� General Sheet Metal  ��� Installation ol Heat Pumps, Air Conditioners,  Wood-Oil, Wood-Electric, Wood, Electric and  Oil Furnaces  ��� Plumbing Service & Installations  THOMAS HEATING  Call Now   886-7111  18 Years Experience.  Serving the Sunshine Coast since 1967  League of Nations mandate.  Since the expulsion of South  Africa from the League's successor, the Uniled Nations,  that mandate has been revoked, and in UN Resolution 435  free elections were called for,  supervised by a UN force called UNTAG. Five Western  countries, USA, Britain,  France, West Germany and  Canada, were nominated as a  so-called 'contact group' who  would enter into negotiations  with South Africa for the setting up of a constitutional  assembly and Ihe establishment of detailed guidelines for  the elections and their supervision. The success of this group  has been limited, partly by its  unwillingness to bring real  pressure to bear on South  Africa, and also because of the  desire by the South Africans to  destroy the military power of  the one strong Namibian independence group, known as  SWAPO (South West Africa  Peoples Organization).  The Americans have taken  the initiative of late and have  entered inlo bilateral negotiations with the South Africans  on the basis of a disinterested  third party, more concerned  with the geo-political realities  than with local wranglings. In  a recent speech, Chester  Croker, assistant secretary of  state for African affairs, said  that the US was seeking to  adopt a neutral position.  "We will not permit our  hand to align ourselves with  one side or another in these  disputes", he added.  The problem facing the US  and the contact group,  however, is still how to assure  South Africa that its security  will not be endangered if, after  free elections in Namibia,  SWAPO wins. South Africa,  once surrounded by buffers,  such as Angola, Rhodesia,  Mozambique and South West  Africa, would find itself finally on the front line. Faced,  perhaps, with Marxist governments hostile to its very existence, in the present form,  who would be willing to supply bases, training and arms for  Gibsons Ready Mix  886-8174  'Dra.nrock 'Washed Rock  'Sane -Fin  'Concrete Anchors  Mon.���Friday 8a.m.���5 p.m  South African guerrillas, the  Afrikaaners would Anally be  in a laager from which there  would be no retreat: enemies  to the North, sea to the South.  Whether there will be free  elections in Namibia and a settle to the problem is still  doubtful. Certainly Ihe recent  South African invasion of  Angola does not seem to show  that the Pretoria government  is in a very compromising  mood. This invasion, which  probably was connived at by  the Americans, is very similar  to the Israeli incursions into  Southern Lebanon. Perhaps  the South Africans have learned something from their mid-  East allies. The setting up of a  Christian Lebanese mini-state  on the northern border to  Israel deprived the PLO of a  haven from which to launch  attacks. Likewise the destruction of SWAPO bases in  Angola creates a power  vacuum, but who is to stop  them returning to thai area  once the South African army  has retreated? The answer lies  in the continued civil war in  Angola.  When Portugal withdrew  from Angola in 1975 two rival  groups battled for supreme  control. One was the MPLA  which, with Cuban, Soviet and  East German support,  defeated UNITA, which was  supported by the West. The  UNITA leader, Dr. Jonas  Savimbi, retreated into  Southern Angola and has continued a guerrilla war since-  then against the central  government in Luanda and its  Cuban allies. Part of the  reason for the South African  invasion seems to be to create  a buffer zone on the northern  border of Namibia, which,  even in the event of a free  Namibia, could be an effective  deterrent to the creation of a  military alliance against South  Africa. Ironically, while  Savimbi is willing to accept  South African help and support against the 14,000 Cuban  troops in Angola, he maintains that he is a nationalist  and that "SWAPO has the  support of the Namibian peo-  pie".  A second theory concerning  the invasion of Angola was  that the South African government, in a need to convince Ihe  'contact' nations that free  elections would be impossible  in Namibia, due to the fact  that SWAPO was Russian  controlled, needed evidence.  Evidence of Soviet advisors in  SWAPO bases in Angola, for  example. Apparently some  evidence was found, whether it  will be enough to convince the  Reagan administration to  change its position is another  matter.  Thus the situation in  Southern Africa is in a crucial  balance. The Americans  believe that with the carrot  and not the stick South Africa  will agree to some form of  Resolution 435, and elections  and independence will come to  the people of South West  Africa. Others are not as sure.  South African intransigence,  the laager mentality, the continued existence of Apartheid  and the geo-political designs  of the Americans and Russians  may jeopardize the whole process.  However, it is obvious that  whether Namibia achieves its  independence or not, the real  conflict is between the front  line nations of black Africa  and the white supremacist  government of Pretoria. It is  unlikely thai Apartheid will  ever be dismantled around a  UN conference table. The  Afrikaaners are a proud and  stubborn people who, as the  British found earlier this century, do not give in without a  fight. A fight made no more  difficult when you have  friends ' i Southern Angola  and in the White House.  ATLAS  OF  CANADA  N.B.  Thit Ntw Rtlai Ii on* of  tho boit wo'vo Mon jjot.  Sechelt Western Drugs  Trail Bay Centre 885-9833  is now I  PHARMASAVE  with the same friendly owners and staff  but new Pharmasave buying power.  See our Super  Pharmasave Flyer  September 29th  and see us at  Trail Bay Mall, Sechelt  Jack Northway and Staff  Charles Blackstock Cauleen McCuaig  Jean Clark Tom Wark  Lisa English Beverly Northway  Elenor Hatfield Diane Northway  Milynne Jager Jennifer Ovens  Geraldine Joe Sue Nestman  Rearrange these letters  correctlyto spell out  the new name that means  savingstoyou everyday!  ��  "PS!' We've made it easier for you by filling out the last 4 letters!  ������������������aaaa  Write your answers in the empty squares above.  Name   Address  Phone  Postal Code  See over for contest entry rules and regulations.  -------  ���^j^^mmm��� wmmmmm  wmmmm  Ducks and things  Coast News, September 29,1981  11  Maryanne���s  viewp  omt  by Marygnne West  Mergansers are not uncommon along the shores of  coastal waters. They are most  attractive, streamlined ducks;  the female buff and chestnut,  easily recognizable by the  brown feathers on the flattish  head which are lengthened to  form a sort of trailing crest;  Ihe male, white plumage contrasting with glossy green back  and head.  Unlike most ducks which  nest on the ground among  rushes and tall grass in a  marsh or beside a lake,  mergansers prefer a hole in a  tree, maybe thirty or more feet  above the ground. A day or  tw ) after hatching, the ducklings, with complete faith in  their mother, jump from the  nest. So light they come to no  harm and quickly follow  mother to the nearest water.  One day in early July we  missed the exodus from the  nest, but caught sight of a  female merganser on a rock at  ihe water's edge, surrounded  by her brood of tiny brown  and white fuzzy ducklings. We  didn't want to go too close and  disturb them, but from our ef-  I'orts to count the ducklings,  ihere were at least thirteen.  All the books mention  iwelve to thirteen as the maximum clutch for mergansers,  and one can't imagine her being able to successfully incubate many more eggs.  A month passed before we  saw them again. I had seen a  merganser with four young  ones, but they were already  loo big to be the survivors of  this big family. This time they  were   feeding   along   the  John Peal, Sales  Manager lor Mitten Realty  Ltd., Sechelt Branch is  pleased to announce that  Jenny McCourt has Joined  Ihe Mitten Team. Jenny, a  resident of West Sechelt  has a very good knowledge  ol the Sunshine Coast, having lived in the area for 9  years. Should you be thinking of selling or buying property, please give Jenny a  call at 885-2162. I know  you will be happy with her  service.  885-3295  r Toll Fr��  681-7931  shallows, one female and  twenty-four-or-so half-grown  ducklings, making little rushes  in every direction. I've never  seen such a large brood.  Returning along the beach,  they were again resting, this  time on several rocks, but no  way to make a certain count.  We speculated as to how she  came by so many ducklings,  presuming she must have  adopted some other  youngsters who had become  separated from their mother,  and wondering, as we passed  two female mergansers leisurely swimming in their direction,  whether they might not have  some baby-sitting arrangement.  However, that evening at  high tide, they had apparently  gone into the bush for the  night and were disturbed as  they streamed out over the  logs right in front of Janie, the  Boxer. She just stood, literally  with her mouth open,  mesmerized by wave after  wave of scrambling ducklings,  beating their wings in their  eagerness to reach the safety  of the water. Still only one  adult, so much for the babysitting theory - but a better opportunity to count them. The  agreed number was twenty-six  ducklings.  Last week they were back  one evening, almost full  grown, too big now to fall  prey to marauding crows or  seagulls, their company only  diminished by six. An amazing  feat for one lone mother duck.  * ��� . 4  Caterpillars are most efficient little machines for processing leaves, their mouths  chomp away rhythmically, the  nutrition is quickly absorbed  as the food passes along the  alimentary canal, and the  waste ejected in neat pellets  relative to the size of the caterpillar.  Some three weeks ago,  noticing caterpillar droppings  on the deck, 1 began to look  for whatever was feeding on  the silver birch trees which  lean gracefully over the rail.  My first thought was tent  caterpillars, but fortunately no  sign of them and I really had  little idea what I was looking  for, but as the days passed and  I'd have to sweep up the droppings each morning, I knew  there were several and that  they were growing fast.  I'd gaze up into the birch  branches and I couldn't see  even a half-chewed leaf lo  guide me, then I noticed a  branch with some leaves missing, but not a sign of a caterpillar.  Then, yesterday, looking up  casually as the twigs moving  gently in the breeze created  light and shadow patterns, the  sun briefly caught a glimpse of  a different green. And there it  was, a beautiful, two-and-a-  half-inch long caterpillar, as  fat as my little finger, smooth  as silk, apple green, lightly  striped along the sides with  white and yellow and with the  horn on the last segment,  characteristic of the Sphinx-  moth family.  So now I knew what I was  looking for and, yes, there was  another on the branch with the  missing leaves!  It's the caterpillar which  gives these moths their name  and there are several different  species, in fact I'm not quite  sure which one this is. The  caterpillar has the habit, when  disturbed, of rearing the front  part of its body with the head  tucked in, looking more or less  enigmatic   and   sphinx-like.  These caterpillars will pupate  in the soil, snug for the winter,  to emerge next summer as  handsome, brown and pink  moths with a wing span of  about two inches.  �� ��� ��  The squirrels around here  have had a successful summer;  a couple of youngsters were  chasing each other in the  cherry tree under the watchful  eye of Janie. One fell out  almost at her feet and she was  so surprised she didn't react  until it was safely back in the  branches!  We usually have to share  our hazel nuts with the blue-  jays, but this year the squirrels  beat us both to them!  Hike program starting  In the good old days���about  four years ago���the now  defunct Fitness Service arranged Easy.Hikes once weekly 10  am to 12 noon during the fall,  winter and spring.  These hikes were very  popular because the Lader  knew most of the trails an und  Sechelt, and many people love  walking in the woods, but eel  apprehensive about walking  alone.  We would like to see these  hikes happen again.  All that is needed is a couple  of people taking turns being  responsible for the hike, and  Continuing Education will  advertise the time and meeting  place.  If you are familiar with  some of the trails around  Sechelt and if you would like  to share a walk maybe once or  twice a month, please call  Continuing Education,  885-3512.  CLASSIFIED NOTE  Drop oil your  Coast News  Classified   al  Campbell s  Family Shoes  Sechell. or  Madeira  Park  Pharmacy  Madeira Park  1 ��\*mmmmZ *******         I  * t. 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V5K 4B6  Call Soiled:  ^04~04y4  tamammmmmkm^matmmmtm  mm  mmm  asm  mis  mmmi 12 Coast News, September 29,1981  ^ HJCKy  DCLLAC fCCDS ^  OVERLOOKING BEAUTIFUL GIBSONS HARBOUR  -P.BCDIJCE  MACINTOSH ,*  ft /ggc  APPLES  3  W lb. cello bag  TOMATOES  California Field  lb.  49��  BRUSSEL  SPROUTS  0  lb.  69  National Bakeries' AI0gfl     .#%.������  FLOURED SCORES 0/51.25  Our Own Freshly Baked  BUTTERHORNS  2/75c  r,  rhe Cdtriiidinn Chili Championship was held recently at the Bayshore Inn. It was apparently a very  mth his affair and the winner goes to Hollywood in November to participate in the world championship.  Until then his re< ipe remains an absolute secret. Wow! And I always thought chili was chili. Just goes to  -.Inas! I lere then- for your eyes only���is my "secret" chili recipe.  I  I Chili Con Cam*  1 l.ibli'spoons liauin l.it  1 Ihs. lean ground beef  I Spanish union, (hopped  4 (lines K.irli(, (hopped  I heel hnuillon cube  1 i i up hoilinK water  I (up beer  I - 19 oz (,in tomatoes  II (up regular rue  I - I tablespoons ihilli powder - ie. lo taste  l tablespoon flour  l lia\ leaves  1 ��� leaspoon powdered (ummin  I tablespoon parsley, (hopped  1 .> leaspoon ori'i'.inu  Vi teaspoon rosemary  Baited  sail & biack pepper  1 green pepper, (hopped  I. I'r\  n���   meat, onion and garlii   in the  bacon fat until the meal is brown.  I. Dissolve Ihe bouillon cube in the boiling  water.  I, Add tin' bouillon, beer, tomatoes and  nir lo tin- meat. Uring lo Ihe boil, i over  & simmer gently for I hour.  Blend Ihe chilli powder and flour wilh a  little of the hot |iik esfrom thepol .ind slii  in. Add all ihr ntliri ingredients, slir in  well .mil simmer for .it least .mother half  hr rm slirring occasionally, raste and adjust seasoning.  **x  %  Serve wilh red kidney beans���use canned  or the real thing.  Use 1 cup of dry red kidney beans, rinse  them in cold water. Put in a pot and cover  with plenty of cold water. Bring to the boil  and boil for 5 minutes, then allow to soak in  the same water for I hour. Cover and simmer in the same water for 2 hours. Do not  use salt. Drain & serve.  Try a salad made with aboul 6 medium  tomatoes chopped coarsely, about Vi an  English cucumber peeled and cubed, aboul  ���I stalks ol celery, sliced thinly, I clove  gallic, chopped, all lossed in salt, pepper  and a little oil ,incl unegar dressing.  Why not complete the meal with a   custard just like they do in Mexico.  Caramel Custard  y/i tup whippinn cream  Vt cup milk 1 t'KK yolks  '���"i nip sugar 1 teaspoon sherry  I   W.irm Ihe t ri'.im and m'lk ovei .1 t.ii'K  Huh   he,it   until   mm,ill   hubbies   .ippcir  round the rim. Komou  nifdi.it. -lv.  Irom  hr.il  nn  Pl.icc the -sugar on .1 pie plate and melt  under the broiler until golden brown.  Keep .in eye on it.  i, As Mitin ,is ii melts, pour ii inlo ihe cream  mixture, stirring < onlinually. (If,  howevei you are like me and doing ten  things .11 once, do nol panli il your  1 .ir.iinel goes into blobs or sti< ks on Ihe  pie plate. Just s( i.ipe it ott into the t ream,  plat e on ,i low heal and stir until it melts.)  ���1. Remove from heal and be.a in egg yolks  tS sherry. Il'ort will do too. I used some  iiithei too dry to be drinkable home  made wine so I guess anything goes!)  sir.nn the mixture through a tine sieve  and pour into *4 custard tups.  5, Place In .1 dike pan and pour water half  way up the sides of the custard cups.  Hake in .1 pre-heated J50oF oven for 40  -<4r> minutes until .1 knife inserted in cenlre ol (uslard comes out clean.  fi. Cool to room temperature and refrigerate  lor .1 1 ouple ot hours before serving.  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There were those present who could quickly  draw attention to muddled thinking, and the occasional  resolution would be referred back for clarification and rewording.  It made me think on how we frequently may feel outraged  and frustrated when we can't seem to get our point of view  accepted. All too frequently the problem and solution lie  within ourselves. If our thinking Is not clear; if we can't express our thoughts; we may fall to achieve the change that  we desire.  Laws, rules, regulations and precedents exist In  countless numbers. Experiences such as the convention  help In our training to be effective aldermen.  I'm happy to report that we had a good seminar on the  subject of crime prevention and policing. We also saw a very  good film and slide presentation on the effects of crime  prevention by environmental design of streets, blocks and  housing construction.  In a nutshell, I can tell you that there Is to be much greater  emphasis at all levels on crime prevention. The whole  scenario has to change and it will take time, they say, for It  to percolate throughout the civil and Judicial system. Like  the "stitch-in-time, saving nine" Idea, the high cost of policing, apprehension, trial, and incarceration, makes it an absolute necessity for us to start paying more attention to  crime prevention.  Speaker after speaker spoke of the need for swifter  justice, stricter penalties, but, above all, was the need for  total public involvement In crime prevention.  It starts with all of us caring for each other, caring In  many ways. Neighbourhood watch is but one example of  how we need to care and be concerned as to what appears  to be suspicious, unusual, downright acts of breaking,  entering and/or destruction of private or public property.  You don't have to get involved. Get on the phone and report  it when it happens.  The film about crime prevention through environmental  design was a study of real-life examples with story and picture of 'before' and 'after' situations In multiple housing  structures. The study, which took place in New York and  London, proved quite convincingly that when the right environment is built-in, the juvenile crime rate is negligible.  The narrator closed by saying that up to now architects  generally built structures with honours and awards from  their peer group in mind - whereas It is time they were built  with people In mind. He was a psychologist/architect.  It was said: "We can't go back to the Golden Age. Each  age must control Its own life style".  REAL WIN"  (50410 8R0CERV DRAW!  6lst Grocery  Draw Winner  Evelyn Neufeld  i0&:     5 - 11 pm  886-9021  Shop with confidence. Our prices ore very competitive.  We will not be undersold on these advertised items.  We fully guarantee everything we sell to be satisfactory.  Or money cheerfully refunded. 14  Coast News, September 29, 1981  [  SPORTS   j  On the Rocks^*  Vene Parnell Pholo  ('ibsons Wanderer challenges Metro player fur a high pass during Saturday's game at Langdale.  Uibsons won 3-2 on Iwo goals by Robbie Williams and a third1 by Niek Bergnach.  by Helen Weinhandl  Al (he time of this report,  one night of our Greenspiel  has passed and I am pleased to  report 16 rinks taking part.  Hope ihere aren't too many  sore muscles!  League curling gets underway September 28th with all  evening leagues Tilled, except  for Friday. Anyone interesled  in filling these spaces please  call Larry Boyd or Ron Baba.  A hearty welcome from all  our club members to ihe  Sechelt curlers and all new  curlers.  Junior curling gets underway October 6th under ihe  leadership of Tony Van Brabant. Tony hopes to have  Junior Curling Tuesday and  Sunday and reports much enthusiasm from these young  curlers.  More volunteers are needed  for ice maintenance and  anyone able to help is asked lo  call Dave Richardson or Gus.  "No experience necessary, on-  job training"!  October 24th has been sel  aside as fun night. Wilh  Hallowe'en just around the  corner we thought costumes  would be in order, so get your  thinking caps on and I'll keep  you posted.  Last chance to register for  Curl Canada Clinic October  3rd and 4th. The purpose of  this clinic is lo obtain future  instructors. Please call President Larry Boyd.  Carol Skytte reports openings are still available for  Ladies Monday curling, come  on out, babysitting available.  Phone Carol 886-7801.  The Senior Mens teams are  all ready to go, as Bernie  Parker's report tells us.  Good curling.  SENIOR CURLING  by Bernie Parker  It's getting close to curling  time and after our first  meeting we are looking forward to a lively and interesting  season.  With at least four new  members this year, we arc  again planning on an eight-  rink league, spares to fill in  when needed.  In past years we have curled  both at Sechelt and Gibsons,  but, with the change at  Sechell, our games will be  played on Tuesday and Friday  afternoons at 1:30 at Gibsons  Winter Club.  We would like anyone interested, whether experience  or beginner, to come to the  club and see what's going on.  Those interested can contact  Bert Slade in the Sechelt area  and Bernie Parker in Gibsons  or, of course, the curling club.  Bert Slade 885-2324  Bernie Parker 886-9664  Gibsons Winter Club 886-7512  Gibsons Lanes  Open Lane Times  Fri. ci Sat.  Sun.  7:00- 11:00 pm.  1:00-5:00 pm.  Closed Sunday Night  Beautify your  neighbourhood.  Get oul  on the street.  Take a walk.  Knon^a  mimVKmWuWt  ��A  ^ mn  111  Co-,a<*ce  ,td  *  Over the Hill  Hockey  at < -,  ��\- ���  The Annual General Meeting will be held Oct. 2nd  at 7:30 p.m. at the Arena. Games to follow at 9  p.m. New players are welcome. No experience  necessary. Preference will be given to those over  35 years of age. Join the fun and benefit from the  exercise!  ARE YOU READY  FOR THE NEXT  SOUTHEASTER?  Underwater inspection of  Docks. Mooring. Hulls, etc.  SKOOKUM SCUBA  (est    1971)  John     day 883-9946  Seabrook eve 883-2302  Oi  TO NANAIMO  FLIGHT NO.  201  203  20S  207 (Friday Only]  FROM NANAIMO  TIME  07:30  11:45  15:15  18:00  SUMMER SCHEDULE  TO VANCOUVER  FLIQHT NO.      TIME  101  103  10S  107  IM  111  07:28  09:45  11:45  14:15  15:15  11:00  FROM VANCOUVER  FLIGHT NO.  TIME  102  09:00  104  10:30  106  12:30  109  14:45  110  16:00  112  19:90  FLIGHT NO. TIME  202 09:00  204 12:30  206 19:00  209 Friday Only 19:30  TO POWELL RIVER  FLIGHT NO TIME  903 03:30  905 13:15  907 19:30  FROM POWELL RIVER   FOR INFORMATION  FLIGHT NO.     TIME PHONE  M4/103 0916     SECHELT ��� 885-2214  9067107 1346     VANCOUVER - 689-8651  908/m 1715     NANAIMO ��� 753-2041  POWELL RIVER - 485-9223  Further Schedules to Jervis Inlet. Salmon Inlet, Narrows Inlet,  Pender Harbour Now 3 Flights Daily Except Sunday.  Eltectlvn March 30lh, 1991  Pasaengari ars requested to check-In 30 mlnutM prior    lo (light tli-nti  "We have moved our Vancouver Terminal 50 ft. east of the old terminal  building to the Mallbu Dock and our Ticket Office is now in the Malibu Olfice  Building."  EVERYONE  NEEDS TREES  i CANADIAN FORESTRY ASSOCIATION  AND YOUR PROVINCIAL FORESTRY ASSOCIATION  From the Fairway  by Ernie Hume  The summer activities of the  golf club are slowly winding  down. An exceptionally busy  summer was an indication ol  the new homeowners, tourists  and holiday people who enjoy  golf and include a game or two  in their recreation plans. This  year our club has had a large  increase in outside inter-club  activities. Along with many requests from local business  people for reservation times to  sponsor golf tournaments for  Iheir employees. This, along  with the increase in membership has presented a problem  In the maintenance of the fairways and greens. However,  wilh a lew months rest this  winter and the excellent care  provided by our greens people  a good starl will be available in  the spring, for another golfing  season.  The Ladies 3rd team, winners of District 2 played  against Fort Langley winners  of District 8 and managed to  defeat their club 381/! - 33'/2.  The next play-off game is  scheduled against Ihe powerful  Peace Portal Club, winners of  Districi 5. This match will  establish the overall winner of  Districts 2-5-8.  The Tuesday nine hole competition was won by Jo Emerson with a low gross 58.  Runner-up was Edna Fisher.  The eighteen hole golfers  played a match vs par event.  In this game, using a full handicap, each hole is scored by  healing par for a plus, and a  minus for going over par.  Hazel Wright managed to  pick-up six plus points to lead  Ihe field. Second place went to  Rita Hincks with five points.  The Ladies Fall Luncheon  will be held at noon on October 20th. If you plan to attend please sign up at the club  house before October 13th.  A 1-2-3 match was enjoyed  by the s��nior men on Thursday  morning. In this event one  score is used by the three man  team, for the first hole, iwo  scores are used on the second  hole and three on the third.  This scoring system is then  repeated for nine holes. The  team of Bill Lawrence, Fred  McLean and John Knight look  top honours with a low net  58'/!.  Our club champions look  part in the Annual Provincial  Tournament last week. Sorry  to report that they were unable  to come home winners, but  put in a good effort to place in  Gibsons  swim club  by Kitly Clark  The Gibsons Aquatic Club,  members of the Canadian  Amateur Swimming Association (CASA), is off to an enthusiastic start with many of  last year's team-males back  again and a few new members.  The boys and girls, ranging  in age from nine to sixteen, are  gradually working back to  competitive racing condition  under the direction of their  new coach, Zeta Corlett.  New team members are  always welcome and needed.  Children interested, should be  able to swim four pool  lengths.  Inquiries should be directed  to: Paddy Richardson 886-  7452 or Kitty Clark 885-2620.  Watch for our raffle boards al  several local businesses.  the middle of the group of  clubs represented.'  Il is nice to note that our  wild ducks and geese are once  again using the golf course for  a rest stop in their journey  south, to pick up a good feed  of grass and gravel before proceeding on Ihis annual  journey.  The popular McKenzie low  aggregate tournament was  contested on September 20th.  Pat and Vic Vaughan proved  the best man and wife combination to take first place.  Vera and Jim Munro declared  a truce and picked up the runner up spot. Rita and Ozzie  Hincks who, having just  returned from holidays, were  in the right menial attitude for  a man and wife golf learn to  place 3rd. Sheila and Paul  Smiili received a special award  to bring Paul oul of ihe stale  of shock he had unfortunately  gone inlo around the 12th or  13th hole.  "Illl IHIIIIIIIIIIIIIIlHllllHlHlmilllllliilHlliilllll IIIIHlilllliiill illlliiiHllliii  PENINSULA  MARKET  885-9721 Davis Bay, B.C.  tide tables  Relerence:  Point Atkinson  Pacilic  Standard Time  Wed. 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Nora Solinsky  rolled a 323 single and a 764  triple and Sheila Enger just  missed a 300 with a 299 single  in the Tuesday Coffee League.  In the Ball and Chain, Esther  Berry rolled a 309 single to  raise her average and Gary  Tourigny put a teflon sliding  pad on his bowling shoe and  promptly rolled a 258 - 7I2  score. Lome Christie had a  good night in the Gibsons 'A'  League, with a 28I high single  and an 821 triple for Ihe first  .800 series of the year.  Other high scores:  Classic:  JuneFrandsen  Ciwen Edmonds  Ralph Roth  jLFonel McCuiag  Tues. Coffee:  Sue Whiting  Sheila Enger  .Swingers:  Alice Smith  298-848  294-867  260-890  260-895  233-632  299-655  222-569  Jean Wyngaert  Norm Lambert  Len Hornett  George Langsford  Gibsons 'A':  Sue Whiting  Pat Prest  George Langsford  Wed. Coffee:  Edna Bellerive  Wendy Walls  Slough-Offs:  Carol Tetzlaff  Bev Drombolis  Bill and Chain:  Cauleen McCuiag  Arman Wold  Lionel McCuiag  Phunlasliquc:  Sandra Hanchar  Mel Buckmaster  Legion:  Debbie McDonald  Melody Kirsch  Debbie Newman  Kim Gregory  Bob Rogers  YBC Peewees:  Janiell McHeffey  Robbie Knowles  Bantams:  Scott McCready  Gary Tetzlaff  Jimmy Miller  Juniors:  Chris Constable  Sean Tetzlaff  Seniors:  Arlene Mulcaster  Michele Whiting  Soccer registration  An informal survey in the  Langdale to Sechelt area last  week showed that an overwhelming number of  youngsters want to play soc-  :ce'r!  . The age groups indicating  '.ihe greatest interest are the 6 -7  'year olds and the 8 - 9 year  olds.  As a result of this interest,  ,ilie Sunshine Coast Youth  'Soccer Association is to be  established. The first aim of  this new association is to hold  jregistraWn.'TKTS' will be done  ���at' two locations. For all girls  and boys in the Langdale to  Roberts Creek area, registration will be at Sunnycrest  Mall, October 3rd, between  the hours of 10 and 12 noon.  For those in the Wilson  Creek to Sechelt areas,  registration will be in the Trail  Bay Mall, October 3rd, again  from 10 to 12 noon.  Registrants should be between the ages of 6 - 9 on the  day of registration. It may be  necessary to limit the number  of registrations accepted  depending bri ihrriiihiber of  coaches   available.   Each  Department of Fisheries  and Ocean*  -0mm��  ���wr.*,.".***.**'**, ro;-B���*w��;  T6"a's��"0,"��fu^-Sa��Ufd '**  28,  ea  Aroa  thori  ''���rc/ams  .*��� Inch  (Saxldi  !*��� "�����,  8antu.)  ^���CZ,1**?  '���or /,,���,._ "area,  'firth,  M^^mS**  1  .P'easi  *��*&������>** our)  ��� Hacks   n bats\M  Coaching approaches  232-587  216-576  208-589  263-698  240-679  254-690  256-673  263-659  282-690  235-626  231-631  215-605  241-676  269-684  257-612  295-666  234-589  232-590  284-697  234-608  232-606  116-214  128-227  140-395  161-406  182-445  223-501  232-671  197-559  264-652  by Bruce Robinson  Breaking coaches into two  very general categories, there  are the placid coaches on the  one hand, and the not so  placid on the other.  The first time I saw Garry  Gray, former coach of Ihe  senior Elphinstone boy's  basketball team, directing his  team, I thought that either he  had devised a way to sleep  with his eyes open or else the  opposing coach had cleverely  hypnotized him.  "Wait a minute...wait a  minute.. Gray moved an  arm...he looks like he's going  to say something...his lips are  starting to move...(the fans,  electrified, grip their seats)  Gray's opening his  mouth. ,:the tension's  unbearable...he's going  to...he's going to...yawn.  Now if Garry Gray's team  was either so far ahead in the  game that his players were asking the cheerleaders out during  time-outs, or so far behind  that the cheerleaders went  home after the second quarter,  then I'd understand Gray's approach. But the man is ev;n  more sedate in close games. In  fact, the closer Ihe game, the  more subdued is Gray.  Gray contends that Ihere is  nothing to be gained from losing one's cool, that coaching  decisions become less rational  as a result. Perhaps even more  importantly, Gray maintains  Ihat emotions are contagious,  that a player will tend to  become a little panicky if the  coach is screaming in his ear or  biting his ankle. And once a  player become too emotional,  he is not longer efficient.  This philosophy has certainly paid off for Gray, one of  the more highly respected  basketball coaches in the province, but what works for one  doesn't necessarily work for  another.  Dan Macisco, an old friend  and former basketball coach  aa**��aaaa��B��i,*�����  registrant will be asked to pay  $5.00 towards the. expenses of  equipment and team T-shirts.  The organizers of this new  Youth Soccer Association  wish to emphasise that this will  be a "fun" league. The purpose is to introduce the game  in a simplified form to those  youngsters who are interested.  When registrations have  been completed the second objective of the organizers is to  involve the parents and other  interested community  members. The first meeting of  the Sunshine Coast Youth  Soccer Association will be held  at Roberts Creek School on  Monday, October 5, at 7:30  pm. All interested persons are  warmly invited to attend.  For any further information  on this new soccer association,  you may contact Doug Elson  at 886-2534.  of North Van High, believes in  a different kind of motivational therapy. It's called terror. His face turns purple, he  throws benches in the  air���with players still sitting  on them���he berates referees,  swallow his tie and wins and  wins and wins.  Dan first started coaching at  St. Anthony's Catholic School  in West Vancouver. His grade  seven teams were frequently  Ihe best in the city, often  beating older teams from  neighbouring high schools.  And at North Van, Dan consistently extracted more from  his players than their talent  should have allowed.  So some coaches are successful with the laid-bacK approach and some are successful as ranters and ravers.  And then there are those who  should know better. I tried  coaching several limes, figuring that since my own life was  always in a shambles, it might  be easier to try and organize  other people.  If you lose your head while  all those around you are keeping theirs, then you have all  the necessary tools to coach in  my own inimitable style. The  first team 1 coached was a  senior girls' basketball team at  West Van High. I was only  seventeen at the time and had  visions of taking the girls to  the Olympics. Unfortunately,  it was necessary to win the odd  game against local competition before taking on the Russians.  I've often said that not being able to give the old, intimate locker room talk at  halftime hurt us gravely, but I  just couldn't convince the  school principal to permit my  entry into the women's change  room, despite my persuasive  arguments. My critic���most of  them members of the  team���complained that I was  too zealous, said that a 300  play offence was too complicated. Well.if you're going  to the Olympics, you've got to  be dedicated.  We won a couple of games  that season, but I could never  impart to the girls, especially  the ones on the bench, that the  guys in the stands were just  not as important as a lay-up or  a ten foot jumper.  I tried all the approaches in  coaching. I employed the laid-  back style and it was so laid-  back the entire team ignored  me- I tried ranting and raving at referees and I ended up  SKATE   SALE  CCM Super Tacks  Tacks  Jr. Super Tacks  Jr. Tacks  179.00  189. OO  9S.OO  79.00  OAOUST FIQURE SKATES  Children's Models      M19 39.99  *42o43.99  Adult Model i3?o49.99  COOPER, CCM, KOHO & JOFA EQUIPMENT  PLUS TITAN AND NORTHLAND STICKS  and now  Official NHL Created Jerseye Jackets and Hats  PRICES EFFECTIVE SEPT. 29 - OCT. 3  (No Credit Cards on Sale Prices)  TRAIL BAY SPORTS  Sunnycrosl Centre  GIBSONS  886 8020  Trail Ave. & Cowrie  SECHELT. 885-2512  with stomach pains, so finally  I gave up coaching in the gym  for coaching in the living  room���in front of the television. Finally made it to the  Olympics.  Sechelt  Arena  Opening  for  Public Skating  Oct. 4  Every Sunday  Family Skate  1 -4pm  '  Adults $2  Over 12 -S1.7S  Under 12   $1.15  Teen Skate  6i45 * 8t4S pm  Admission $1.75  Every Monday  8i30 - 10i30 pm  Adults Only  Keep Fit  Come & Skate Out  the Kinks!  We hope to have a  Pro in attendance to  give Instruction.  Admission $2.00  Every Thursday  Ii30- 3i30pm  mom 1 Tots  |(Pre-Schoolers  Only)  Moms $1.50  Tots SO<  Gibsons  loses  The Gibsons Rugby Club  lost a close game this weekend,  coming up on the short end ol  a 14-12 score against the Vancouver Trojans in Vancouver  on Saturday.  The first half ended with a  score of 6-0 in favour of Gibsons.  YOUR AUTOPLAN  CENTRE^  886-2000  Taking care of  ali your Real Estate  and Insurance Requirements  Seaside Plaza 886-9121  and now;  A WORD  FROM OUR  SHAREHOLDERS.  Each year, the 11,000  Canadians who own Labatt's are  invited to an outdoor  shareholder's meeting. There,  they can ask questions and  express their opinions about how the  company is run.  At Labatt's, we want to know  what our shareholders think. Their  feelings and concerns provide an  important basis for future policies  and decisions.  Canadians actively participating  in a Canadian company. We believe it  makes for a better future. We know  it makes for a better beer.  WHEN CANADA GET5 TOGETHER OVER A BEER.  ��� _^-.y_   v*--.-;ff "�����  THE HOME CENTRE  Everything For Your Home  RENOVATIONS  Our Specialty  OUTSIDE THE HOME  OlUinU   - Aluminum or Vinyl  vUrillu - Aluminum or Vinyl  EAVESTROUBHS   Seamless  - Manufactured at your home.  aSBSSB  WOOD HEATINO CENTRE  - JN*fy Conceivable Type  of Fireplace cVWcodHfittr  Insulated Chimneys  QtaNFiredoors  For Sundecks  Permanent  Sheet Vinyl  durodck  LIGHT FIXTURES  In Stock  Fpoemont design  Floor Covering Centre  Come in and see our fantastic  selection of  carpets & vinyl  floors  CUSTOM KITCHENS')  Cabinet! & Appliance!    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Where, lor example, are  these children going to stay?  This is a serious problem for  any working parent in British  Columbia which results from  years of neglect by Mrs. McCarthy's government. This  very serious aspect of the problem is not adequately dealt  with by the minister's recent  announcement.  The United Way Report on  Daycare (I98l) revealed that  there is only one licensed day  care space in B.C. for every  eighteen children under nine.  To make matters worse, there  is only one licensed infant day  care centre in B.C. for  children under 12 months.  The only possibility is that  these children will be cared for  in unlicensed facilities. These  include neighbours and family  who are usually considered  trustworthy by the mothers involved. But other private arrangements will have to accommodate Mrs. McCarthy's  policy. These are often  marginal in quality and have  proven to be impossible to  monitor.  There is also the problem of  shiftworkers for whom child  care is an extremely difficult  problem. There is also the lack  of after-school care to deal  with the needs of those  children of employed parents  when school is not in session.  Secondly, Mrs. McCarthy's  policy is completely arbitrary.  What evidence did the  ministry use to decide Ihat a  six month old baby no longer  needs its mother? What of  women who wish to breast  feed their babies for longer  than six months?  Worse yet, ihere is the  bureaucratic genius who has  decided that a second child  disqualifies a mother from  having to seek a job. Grace  McCarthy may eventually  cause a baby boom as mothers  of two children are allowed to  care for their children until the  youngest reaches the age of 12  years.  How does Mrs. McCarthy  plan to police this policy? The  answer is that she will presume  every single-mother with a  child over six months old' it  guilty of cheating the system  These people will bt  automatically cut off socia  assistance and forced to reapply every four months.  Thus an army of new financial aid workers will be required to fill out a new form  each time for each single-  parent.  The ministry has already admitted that to deal with the  colossal increase in paperwork  which will be generated by  these new policies there will  have to be a redeployment of  staff. In other words,  counsellors will no longer be  able   to   do   their   intended  COMMERCIAL ART  Design Drafting  886-7442  EXCAVATING  /���BV   GARY'S EXCAVATING  Ik) * CONTRACTING LTD.  \jj/   ��� excavations   . water i sewer    ��� drain tiles  ^^ ��� LANDSCAPING ��� BACKFILLING        ��� ROADS  1 DA ISA WEEK FULLY EXPERIENCED 1 RELIABLE        CALL FOP ESTIUATE \  .  GARY MARCINYSHYN PHONE: 980-9263 COLLECT  F & LCONTRACTORS  Landclearing, road building, logging, tree removal,  excavations & gravel      886-7833 886-9872  Wayne Ross  Excavacting Ltd.  For all your Backhoe Needs  Roberts Creek Eves. 885-561 7,  Qibsons Bulldozing  I Excavating  Land Clearing & Excavating  Gordie Plows       Gravel - Fill & Logging  ���\  886-9984  BLVH BCMMTIMI LAUD CliMIM LTD  3/4 and t Yard Banlami with allachmtnla  including Grapple, - Trucking  Call Glyn  WMMj 886-7587  PACIFIC GADCO CONSTRUCTION  Land Clearing, light or heavy  Road Construction ��� Excavation ��� Logging  Bulldoret - Backhoe - Gradei - Front End Loader  Gravel Truck - Skidder  886-7287 886-7951 886-7142  J.B.EXCAVATING  886-9031  Water, sewer, drainage installation  * Dump Truck   ��� Backhoe  ��� Cal   ��� Land Clearing  �� Free Estimates  ��� Septic Fields  H. WRAY CONTRACTING  ��� Water, Sewer & Septic Systems  ��� Road Building, Sand, Gravel, Excavations  Phone  886-9614  Mick Alvaro D7 Cat & Hitachi Excavator  Contract Land Clearing  Road Building     Subdivision*  ALVARO LOG CO. LTD.  Pratt Rd.   Day - 886-8555      Eves. ��� 886-9803 Gibsons J  J.F.W. EXCAUATINB LTD. "  ��� septic Fields ��� Excavations ��� Clearing ���  Heed Rd. 888-8071 Gibsons  jobs���help straighten out the  lives of people who And  themselves on welfare���and  will be reduced to filling oul  forms instead. Sound clever?  And how will the policy be  enforced? Well, the only way  that Mrs. McCarthy can hurt  the people she intends to get at  is by taking away money. This  is not an easy thing you may  suggest because people on  welfare are very, very poor.  Well, Mrs. McCarthy is  undeterred. Somehow, single-  parents with one child over six  months, if they can't And  jobs, will have their food  money reduced by about 19  percent. How a single-parent  could cope wilh this nightmare  is beyond me.  The background is that the  auditor general did a comprehensive audit of the  Ministry of Human Resources  income assistance program  last year. The audit revealed  sloppy money management, a  lack of formal quality control  systems, insufficient  documentation and limited  staff training and guidance.  In plain English, the audit  showed that Mrs. McCarthy  had lost control of her  ministry and that money was  going out in ways which were  not fully justified. Rumour is  about that a substantial overrun is coming in Mrs. McCarthy's budget this year.  It is easier to take a number  of people from one inden-  tifiable group (single-parents)  off welfare than to clean up  the whole system. It is unfortunate for the collective pride  of all British Columbians that  Mrs. McCarthy has opted not  for reform but for ritual  sacrifice.  Make an appointment by filling  out an APPOINTMENT REQUEST  CARD and mail or take it to the  nearest ICBC Claim Office. You'll be  contacted as soon as possible to  arrange an appointment convenient  for you.  The Appointment Request Card  system will speed all claim  settlements and is the only way to  get action on any claim���whether  the accident happened before,  during or after the strike, or was  reported during the strike.  We urge you to get  your Appointment Request  Card in promptly. Pick one  up from any Autoplan Agent,  Motor Vehicle Licence Office,  body shop or ICBC Claim Office.  ��� INSURANCE  CORPORATION  OF BRITISH COLUMBIA  Sunshine Coast  CONTRACTING  Business Directory  Cedar-West Properties Ltd.  Quality Custom Construction  Commercial ft KcHiclciitlal  4S8-6R08 (Collect)        N85-H702  CONTRACTING  CONTRACTING  H<�� Lo@tnifhK��ad] D)��w(��0@[poiM[it  ��OffpetratoQU 886-8070  DESIGN. 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The name beet comes from  the fact that when the seed-  pods swell, they are said to  resemble the Greek letter beta.  Beels are native to Southern  Europe and North Africa. The  earliest specific reference to  them appears to be around the  third century.  Not only are beets  nutritious, but also they are  considered to be beneficial to  the stomach and kidneys. The  main food constituent is carbohydrates, but beets are also  rich in vitamins.  When considering beets as a  healthful food, one can scarcely ignore the tops, which contain vitamins and minerals.  Beets like rich, well-drained  soil. They will not grow in acid  soil. Add lime as indicated.  Beets do not like extreme heat.  When planting, select a  shaded spot for best results.  Mulching and watering at this  time of year will assist in their  continued growth.  For storage, wring, don't  cut, the tops off���this  prevents bleeding. Store in  layers in bins, in a cool dark  place in peat or moist sand,  not touching.  Don't assume that beets  must be boiled, then drowned  in vinegar. Because of their  colour, taste and nutritional  value, they can be used to liven  up many an otherwise dull  meal, in a great variety of  recipes.  Beans:  The  Indians of the  Americas have cultivated  beans since prehistoric limes.  Often they would plant beans  and corn together, to allow the  beans to climb on the stout  corn stalks. Early French explorers took beans home to  France for cultivation. From  there they were taken to  England - hence the name  French beans. American Navy  personnel took the large podded beans from Peru to the  United States in the 1820's, the  forbears of our modern Lima  beans.  Beans are one of the best  vegetables for this area. They  require rich, non-acid soil and  plenty of waler. Where space  is limited, climbing beans are  the best. They will climb walls,  stumps, rocks and make many  an ugly corner quite attractive.  I especially like scarlet runners, not just for their  decorative properties, but also  for their rich robust flavour.  No doubt many of us have  suffered through a meal containing soggy green or yellow  beans, either frozen or home-  canned. In preference, try  salting your beans (Recipe  provided on request) I, personally, like to dry my own  beans, as to me there is  nothing more delicious than  homemade pork and beans'or  chili con came.  To dry beans, let them ripen  on the plant, then hang plants  upside down in a dry, well  aired place and shell when dry.  Store in airtight containers.  Because these two  vegetables are often abused by  the cook, to their detriment,  following are a few tips for  preparation of vegetables.  1. Prepare vegetables immediately before cooking.  2. Use little water for boiling,  add vegetables to boiling  water.  3. Cook for the shortest time  necessary to make vegetables  tender, not soggy or mushy.  4. Where possible, cook root  vegetables in their skins to retain nutrients.  5. Serve immediately they are  cooked.  6. Save the vegetable water for  soups, sauces and gravies.  7. Prepare salads just before  using.  Few home gardeners will  restrain the urge to boast to  company "All of these  vegetables came from our own  garden".  Coast News, September 29,1981  17  lllllllilllllllllllllllllll  & -m  *M^~*.��  ./,  *ii '!tw"-:  A group has been working  on developing emergency services for women on the Sunshine Coast.  The Ministry of Human  Resources has recognized the  need of services for women in  crises in this area, and has  allocataed $5000 this fiscal  year for such services.  One of the conditions that  must be met before funds can  be released, is that the planing group have space for an  emergency shelter. Plans at  present call for a 3 bedroom  house with office space.  Anyone who can suggest a  suitable facility can contact  the group by writing to: Sun  shine Coast Transition House,  Box 1413, Sechelt, VON 3A0.  The group must also either  become a non-profit society,  or join an already existing  society. Both options are being  explored presently.  After assuming society  status one way or another, the  group will present a proposal  for service and negotiate an  agreement with the Ministry of  Human Resources. Then actual delivery of services can  begin.  Plans for the development  and operation of a facility, are  well under way. Goals were  clarified and facilitated by the  group at a day long workshop  last week, under the direction  of Diana Ellis, consultant to  the Justice Institute of B.C.  The date ihat Ihe transition  house will open depends on  the length of time required to  complete the steps mentioned  above. Meanwhile there are  tasks on which volunteers can  begin work; please contact  Deborah Mcllrath al 885-2391  if you wish to help.  CLASSIFIED N  DTE  Drop oil your  "oas  News  Classified  at  Cam  pbell s  Family Shoes  Sect  ell. or  Madeira Park  Pha  macy.  Madeira Park  IIIIUIIIIIiWfWIHiHIe  WOOD   ���  WINDOWS  iiyiiiJiuiiiuiiiiiiiiiniiiiiiiNiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiJifiiiiiifiiiiiiiiiJiNiiii  ��� Bradlay J Etonaon Pholo  Despite a generally bad tomato crop Ihis year, Mr. and Mrs.  Nick Rinaldis of Gibsons were rewarded with this hefty  specimen. Its seeds will be sown for nexl year's crop.  Women's group needs home  PERMASEAL WINDOWS are pleased to announce that they  | are now the exclusive agency for WALKER WOOD WINDOWS  on the Sechelt Peninsula & Powell River.  The WALKER WINDOW is constructed to clear pine and are available in the following styles:  ��� Sliders ��� Both vertical & horizontal.  ��� Casement ��� Full side hung with crank type openers.  ��� Awnings ��� Both top and bottom.  ��� Patio Doors ��� Both sliding and pre-hung.  ��� Bow Windows with full casement openers.  ��� Bay Windows.  These windows are competitively priced with aluminum, and are an attractive alternative to any wood window product on the market today.  Give us a call or come in and browse our display at  PERMASEAL, the complete window and glass service on  the Coast.  i Sechelt, B.C.  885-3538  lllllllllllllllllll  RESTAURANTS  Chinese a Western Food Licensed Premises.  Tuesday to Sunday  Lunch: 11:30 - 3 pm Dinner: 4:30 - 9 pm  Sat. a Sun. 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Repair & Rebuilding of:  ALTERNATORS ��� STARTERS ��� GENERATORS  Paine Rd., Qibsons 886-9963  ORGAN AND PIANO LESSONS YOU ENJOY  . a Beginning at Age 3 & Older  JESSIE MORRISON  1614 Marine Drive, Gibsons     886-9030  Superior  Your Specialty Shop:  Mufflers, Brakes, Tune-Ups  ClbsoRi MAKE A TINE  Hwy. 101, Gibsons 886-8213  SUNSHINE KITCHENf\  ��� CABINETS ���  Showroom ebove Twilight  Theatre Open Sat. 10-B or  anytime by appt. 889-94 f fr  ELECTRICAL  COASTAL EXTERIORS  Renovations a specialty       Free Estimates  Vinyl 40 years guarantee Workmanship  Cedar & Aluminum Siding 884*78X9 Guaranteed  r I��M'S TomFlleger   Phone886-7868  *WLectrical  v3  Box 214. Gibsons, B.C  "ONTRACTING VON 1VO  STEVE HOFLEY  Natural & Cultured Stone Facings  House Fronts, Fireplaces  and Feature Walls  ALL WOHK CONDITIONALLY GUARANTEED      886-84S8  Bill's Holland Electric Ltd.  Bill Achterberg  886-9232  L  Quality Farm 6 Garden Supply Ltd.   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Gibsons  JOHN HIND-SMITH  REFRIGERATION & MAJOR APPLIANCE SERVICE  Port Mellon toPenderHarbour  Re��. 886-9949  MISC     SERVICES  SUNSHINE COAST  DISPOSAL SERVICES  885-9973     Port Mellon to Ole's Cove     886-2938  Commercial Containers Available  DIAL-A-BOTTLE  Bottles 8 Party Ice 8 Mixes  ��� fop 886-Z77S #CI����  TREE TOPPING  VIEW DEVELOPMENTS LTD  Clean up your wooded areas.  Remove lower limbs (or VIEW.  Top tall trees adjacacent to building  Mara Volen  886-9597  UPHOLSTERY  ALL REUPHOLSTER1NG DONE  Boat Tops & Seats  1339 Wharl Road.  Sechell. B C 885-5216  MADEIRA  7vUt4fitvtt LTD  Vana  powemvf �������� wrtvr  ���em mr���mani ���warn inlaw a ntrima, .mm  SCREENED TOP SOIL  Clean black soil from Surrey   Have a look before you buy  Call 885-7496 Also haul sand travel and fill  MARNOR HOLDINGS LTD.  ^  Upholsterers  Serving Sunshine  Coast  883-9901 All furniture - Marine - Boat Tops^  MOVING AND STORAGE '  LEN WRAY'S TRANSFER LTD.  Household Moving & Storage Complete Packing  Packing Materials lor Sale  Phone SSS-MS4     Member Allied Van Lines     R.R. 1, Qibsons  Village Tile Co.  CERAMIC TILE SALES AND INSTALLATIONS  Box 65  Sechelt  Joe Jacques  Phone  865-3611 Coast News, Septemner 29,1981  COAST NEWS CLASSIFIED ADS  ANNOUNCEMENT  This is to inform our Classified Advertising  customers that the Coast News classified  advertising rates are as follows:  Per Week: Minimum S3.00 per 4 line  insertion; 75c per each additional line  We continue to offer the 3 weeks for the price of  2 rate.  Fenced 8 hour daycare. 3 days per  week for Humphrey, friendly little  white Malti-Poo. Jumps 4 ft. Yard  with 5 It. fence preferred. He is  triendly with other pups If they are  female. Ph. 885-5251 or Coast  News Of lice 886-2622. TFN  PROFESSIONAL  DOO GROOMING  Phone Sharon. 886-2084 TFN  Obituaries      [Announcements  Prewei Passed away September  '8th. 1981 Anne E. Prewer. late ol  jiosons al the age of 66. Survived  by two daughters, Lois Baxter.  Gibsons and Anne Popplewell.  New Zealand, nine grandchildren  and 10 greatgrandchildren. One  sister Catherine Gilbert.  Hamilton. Ontario. Funeral service  was held Wednesday. September  23rd at 3 pm in the chapel of  Devlin Funeral Home. Gibsons.  ���'���*everend Dennis Morgan officiating. Crematici followed. In  llou of flowers, donation to the  Terry Fox Marathon of Hope.    #39  Poster Passed away suddenly on  September 6. 1981. a; his  residence, Thomas Gordon  Fr-stc in his 71st year, late of  ;-442 "2 Road. RR2 Sardis. B C. He  jvas a long-time bus driver for  Set hell Motor Transport, and a  , iui,Her Tcur Bus operator lo Reno  'rom B.C Survived by his wife.  Kathleen. 7 daughters. Mrs J  Lorraine: Bell: Mrs D. (Joan)  arden. Richmond; Mrs. W (Nan*  ,yl Tram. Vancouver, Mrs. J  Helen) Dei,ean and M>ss Fiona  Foster. ChilliwacV Miss Janet  F ?5,r��r. LanQie>. Carui PhtMips  Sardis, two sons. William Mur  dock. Halifax Michael MjrdocK  APbotslord. 16 grandchildren. 2  i'eat*granddaughters: 2 brothers.  Jack Foster. Salt spring Island:  Patrick Foster. West Vancouver.  f:unoral Service was held on Fri-  lay Sepl 11 at St. John's  Anglican Church. Sardis. Rev Ed  Wilkin officiated, followed by  cremation II Inends so desire.  donations may be n.ade to Canadian Cancer Society Hendersons  Funeral Home of Chilliwack, directors ��39  Jensen. Passed away September  24. 1981. Arthur Jensen, late of  Madeira Park in his 59th year. Sur-  /ived by lour children. Arthur, Murray Colsen and David; cne grand-  laughter. Georgia: one brother.  8|orne Jensen: his mother,  Borghiid. Funeral service was held  Monday. September 28 in Pender  Harbour Reverend J Paetkau officiated Cremation. Devlin  Funeral Home, directors. #39  ������'aimer Passed away September  .'4, 1981. BetsiS Minnie Palmer,  iate of Roberts Creek in her 79th  year Survived by one son, John  Bardon, in England; two stepsons.  George Pajmer. Burnaby and  Charles Palmer. Toronto: two  'jrandchildten. Private cremation  rtrrangemenls through Devlin  ' uneral Horn*-; #39  Announcements!!  SEXUAL HARASSMENT  A [jubnc lecture and discussion  /.nn Human Riqhls Branch's Ol  liner Janet Sprout A unique op  pottunity lor teenagers, men and  women, employers and  employees Oct 6, Tues 7:30 p.m  i iplnnslon'e Room 110 No Fee  �� 4 0  MEALS ON WHEELS  AiuiU* Mon  Wed . Fri  till.-.us. Roberis Creek  Call  886-7880   885-3351  GIBSONS MOBILE WELDING  To regular customers Jack  Thompson will be carrying on  business as usual at 886-7145 or  Answering Service885-7315.    #40  DANCE CLASSES  by Deborah Pageau 886-8324  Modern Ballet lor adults starling  Thurs.   Oct.   1.  Twilight  Theatre  10:30 a.m. #40  A.A. Meetings  Phone  886-9208      885-3394  or  886-2993  lor Pender Harbour  883-9978   or   883-9238  A Full Line ot  Plumbing Supplies  Tues. ��� Fri.  9 am - 5 pm  Sat. 9 am ��� noon  Glbtoni  Hwy 101 & Pratt Rd.  SECHELT TOTEM CLUB BINGO  Every Sunday. Place: Sechelt  Legion Hall. Times: Doors open  5:30. Early Birds 7:00. Bonanza  7:30. Regular Bingo 6:00. 100%  payout on Bonanza end of each  month Everyone Welcome. TFN  It someone in your family has a  drinking problem you can see  what it's doing to them. Can you  see what it is doing to you? Al  Anon can help. Phone 6-9037 or  6-8228. TFN  CLOSED FOR  HOLIDAYS  Sept  26th - Ocl   26tri  Gibsons Girl & Guys Salon  Widow, attractive, wishes to meet  gentleman, same age bracket mid  to late 60's. Please reply Box 1, c/o  Coast News. Box 460, Gibsons,  B.C.VON1VO. #40  Thanks  Tsoh-Nye Summer Camp 1981  The Sechelt Indian Band wojld  like to express our sinceie -iD-  preciation to all (host; ado  donated to the Tsoh-nye Summer  Camp this year. They a.-.- Big  Mac's. Gordon Andersen totem  Club, Shop Easy #5, Tteil Bay Centre. Trail Bay Siw.k Bar, The  Upstairs & Downsta'is Shoppe.  would also like to thank the  chelt Western Drugs and The  Book Store (or discounts on all  the suppnes purchased for the  Summer Camp You've helped  make Tsoh-nye Camp '81 a very  happy summer lor many children  on the Sunshine Coast W39  Lost in mid Auqust al Egmont 0 ft  Dawdson dinghy, light blue  Please contact Bathgate Store.  Egmont 883 2222 #39  Freebies  Free to good home Siamese Cat.  886 9387 #39  Wanted  CASH FOR LOGS  Top Prices  Free Estimates  D & 0 LOG SORTING  LTD.  886-7896    886-7700  CASTLEMCK  KENNELS  ��� Boarding       !|Pr)  ��� Grooming "*  ��� Puppies occasionally  Roberts Creek,  opposite Golt Course  885-2505  SPCA  SPAY  Clinic  and information  886-7938  Box 405  Gibsons, B.C.  >6oo6ooobooo6oeoo6tx  Magus  Kennels  ��� Dog Boarding & Training  ��� CKC Champion & Obedience  Great Danes  "SCIENCE  DIET"  Dealer  886-8568  Livestock  886-2120  Personal  DLB: Thanks for the opportunity  to reminisce with a little arCae-  nian trivia. Keep those cards 'n'  letters comin', y'hear?!       SP  ELUNGHAM  STABLES  ��� Boarding  ��� Training  ��� Lessons  885-9969  Work Wanted  Construction and Renovations  $10 par hour  8(5-3185  TFN  THE MOPPETS  Have your house cleaned for  Christmas, fall-cleaned or cleaned  as you move out. A reliable team  ol iwo to do cleaning and shining.  Excellent relerences. 886-7013,  886-9847. #40  Chimney Cleaning and maintenance. Phone 886-8187. TFN  BOB CARPENTER PAINTING  Commercial and Residential  886-2516 TFN  Your garden needs sprucing up?  Rototilling, pruning, make a lawn  or build a fence. 886-7540.     TFN  For Explosive Requirements  Dynamite, electric or regular caps  B line E cord and safety fuse. Contact Owen Nlmmo, Cemetery  Road, Qibsons. Phone (86-7778.  Howe Sound Farmer Institute.TFN  Ralncoast  Secretarial  I'roli'ssiiimil (lul nl Office  Typing  I I'irk-iip und delivery -  Hvailublv)  ram: 886-8583  EV88.885-5588  Sel ol used Boal seal'. R85-2349  #39  Older furniture, china etc. bought  or sold on consignment. Harbour  Antiques. 1585 Marine Dr., Gibsons 886-78U0. TFN  F & L Contractors. Standing  timber. Any amount. Fair prices.  Good clean up. Lou LePage  886 9872 or 886-7833. TFN  J. LEPORE TILE>  Quality Installations  Ceramic, Mosaic or Quarry  All work guaranteed  Free estimates  Phone Anytime  ,      88O8097      ,  BIIYI'S  DRYWALL  ��� No job too big  or small  ��� Machine taping  available  TFN  Work Wanted I Work Wanted II  Help Wanted I       For Rent  SIQNWRITINQ  You name It, I can do It  JOHN BOLTON 886-8494       #41  Falling, Topping & Limbing. Fully  insured. Free estimates. Call  Steve 885-7274. #39  Design  Drafting  886-7442  Hardwood Floors resanded and  finished, work guaranteed. Free  est. Phone 885-5072. TFN  Dependable experienced carpenter, renovations, eavestroughs,  greenhouses, sundecks, finishing.  No job too small, until 8 pm.  886-7355. TFN  Backhoe available. Gibsons area  preferred.   Phone   886-9614.  anytime. TFN  CUSTOM  FRAMING  MATTING  Orders Taken as of  October 6  886-9720  886-7955  Above Hunter Gallery  Qualified Homemaker without  transportation requires private  employment. Phone886-2329. #41  EXPERIENCED  FRAMING CREW  Available for residential and com  mercial contracts Fast, accurate  and reliable. 885-2986. #41  Day Sitter available. Plenty of  T.L.C, Gibsons. Reasonable  rates, 886-8797. #39  Qualified Carpenter requires full  time work in Gibsons area. $15.00  Have truck and tools. Can  886-7830 or write Box 36. Granthams Landing. #39  Lady will babysit for 1 or 2  children in her home. Fenced yard  Roberts Creek. Reasonable rates.  885-9577. #39  Loving daycare for infant under 6  mo., my home. 886-8478 Mon. to  Friday. #39  Will   do   housework   $7.00   hr.  Honest, reliable. 883-9469.       #39  RENOVATIONS  To Basements, Bathrooms,  Kitchens, etc.  Free Estimates  10 yrs. Experience  B.P. SMITH  CONSTRUCTION  886-8263 or 112-524-8581  Pager 7424  NEED TUNE-UP?  Experienced mechanic will com*  lo your car ��� any make. Reas. rates  call Dominique 885-3317 anytlmt.  TFN  Experienced reliable babysitting  Gibsons preferred. Call Gillian at  886-8781. TFN  TRACTOR FOR HIRE~"  Rototiller - Plough - Loader with  backhoe. Ideal lor water lines. 13"  width. For full details 888-2934.  I TFN  Colin's  Screen Printing  and  Sign Works  886-9169  Blacksmith Shop  ��� Welding & Fabricating  ��� Tools & Hardware lor  Log Building  Roberts Creek    885-3755  Housecleaner   5   hrs./week.  $6.00/hr. 885-3737. #39  Doorman   required  part-time  at  Gibsons Legion Branch 109. Apply  in person between 11 am. & 6 pm.  TFN  Waitresses & Bartenders required.  Apply in person at the Cedars Inn.  TFN  Randy Scott Construction Ltd.  Cuslom homes, repairs, renovations Phone8867625. #43  HARBOUR  CHIMNEY CLEANING  Serving the Sunshine Coast.  Fireplaces, furnaces, oil stoves,  883-9171. Customers from the 886  exchange call collect. TFN  Carpenter - new and renovations.  Reasonable rates and references.  886-7280. TFN  Chimney sweeping and moss  spraying. 886-7540. TFN  High School Math Tutors Needed.  885-3216. #40  Mother & son require now - Cabin  rural setting, seasonal rental OK.  2 bedrooms ideal, will do repairs.  Leave message 886-9866. Call col-  leet 738-0991 Deborah. #39  TREE SERVICE  We make it our business to provide you with satisfaction. Our  specialty:  ��� Topping  ��� Limbing  ��� Dangerous Tree Removal  Insured guaranteed services  Peerless Tree Service Ltd.  Call for free estimate: 885-2109.  TFN  Industrial First Aid Attendant with  "A" ticket and coastal camp exp.  seeks lull/part time temp, or relief  wk . tmk. & warehousing.  886-2108 #40  Fast and efficient lady will clean  your home, good rates. 885-5242.  Refs. avail. #40  LAUNDRY SERVICE  Pick up and Delivery  883-9043      #39  RUBBISHREMOVAL  Reasonable Rates. 886-9503    #39  LOG SKIDDING  Timber Jack Skidder  wilh operator 886-2459  #51 TFN  Commercial pilot seeking employment. 500 hrs. multi-engine, land  or sea. Class II instrument rating.  Call Rick (112)921-9646 TFN  Qualified   Painter.   Reasonable  rates. Work guaranteed. 886-9749.  TFN  FOR MIRE  1 ton flat deck  truck &  driver  Clean-ups -Deliveries -  Rubbish Removal - etc  Reasonable Rates  Phone 886-8466 8:30-5 p.m.  1 bedroom Apartment or bachelor.  485-5669 Powell River. #40  Urgently required lor Oct. 1, 3  bdrm. house for family of 4.  Roberts Creek area. Ref. 885-7265  after 3. #39  Wanted to rent by Oct. 1 or earlier,  self-contained studio suite by professional man, in a quiet area. Call  collect 266-2861 evenings.       #39  For Rent  Granthams Community Hall.  Refurbished, good kitchen  facilities. Available for meetings  etc. Call 886-2935. #40  Large 2 bedroom exer iive house  in quiet privacy near oil course.  $750 month. Phone 885-J642.   #41  Large central Gibsons Apts. for  rent, ocean view, one two  bedroom, one three bedroom. Call  886-2417. #41  Exec. 4 bdrm. W/W, F/P, wood  stoves, workshop, beaut, view,  sorry no pets. $650 month. Ph:  886-9862. #41  Help Wanted  Babysitter required for a 2-year-  old, prefer in Roberts Creek area.  Phone Cheryl 886-243B. #41  Child Care/Family Counsellor  wanted for community-run, family-  oriented residential treatment  centre tor children ages 6 to 16 inclusive. Must be able to work with  children and their families as well  as maintain close communication  with other agencies. Experience  and some educational  background in social services are  required. Send resume to Director,  Wilson Creek Family Centre, Box  770, Sechelt, B.C. Closing date:  October 7,1981. #39  For rent: 2 bedroom house Selma  Pk. View, close to beach $450 per  month. 886-7802. #41  Breathtaking view - 4 bedroom executive house. 2.500 sq. ft. Selma  Park $700/mo. No pets. 885-9630.  #39  1 or 2 adults with refs. Attractive 1  bedrm. 4 rm. suite in Gibsons.  Sorry, no pets. Available now.  885-2198. #39  Gibsons. 2 BR. house, no pets,  carport, room off carport. Avail.  Oct. 1. $375 plus utilities.  886-7498. Rosamund Rd. #39  Dog Sitter for 2 Maltese, in our  home, for 4 days, end October.  885-3484. #41  Couple required to work full time  on oyster farm in Jervis Inlet, no  experience necessary. Write Harmony Seafoods, Egmont.        #41  Lovely 6 room suite with sundeck.  $450 per month. 888-9352.        #39  In Garden Bay, new deluxe two  bedroom apartments, appliances  Included. Adults only. No pets.  References, deposit and lease required. $425 per mo. 883-9020 after  6 p.m. #39  Office and commercial spaces,  various sizes, 200 - 1200 sq. ft.  Centrally located in Garden Bay.  683-9020 after 6 p.m. #39  Babysitter required for 2 small Glbsons area* 2u��le* ?pt' 2 BR*  children up to 2 hrs. dally. Please aPP"ances, F/P, view. Tel:  call 885-7354. #39  886-8789.  #40  Babysitter for 2 children for occasional evenings and afternoons in  Welcome Woods area. In my home  preferred. 8852942. #40  Marina and store attendant required lor Secret Cove Marina,  semi-retired person perferred.  20-30 hours per week. Duties to in*  elude gas dock boat tie-up store  sales clean-up and maintenance.  Phone Donna 885-9368. 9-2  weekdays. #40  Adult Townhouse, 1600 sq. ft. on 2  floors, 3-4 bedrooms, large rec.  room, 1Vi baths, harbour view,  WW, $550/mo. includes cable.  Refs please. 886-2694. #41  The Peninsula Hotel requires Ihe  following: One housekeeper  -weekdays - full time. One  housekeeper - weekends ��� full  time. 4 teenagers, weekends, full  time, landscaping. Local musicians ��� weekends ��� full time - solo  and/or group. Contact Benolt  LePage at 886-9334 and leave  name for personal interview.    #40  1200 Sq. Ft.  commercial  Shop space  For Lease  Hwy. 101, Gibsons  Wanted  Experienced  Breakfast  Grill Cook  f:  Phone  The  Heron  at  886-90X1  OFFICE SPACE  Very reasonable lease  requirements lor 2nd  floor location.  Sizes available  from 880 sq. ft. to  4500 sq. ft.  Air conditioned, carpeted mall location.  SPACE  AVAILABLE  IMMEDIATELY  Phone: 886-2234  886-7454  Darkroom  Rental  $20.00 a day.  Chemicals & paper  provided   for   additional charge.  Above Hunter Gallery  886-9720     886-7955  For Sale  Dryer for sale $100 886-2523 after  6 p.m. ��39  For Watkins quality products ph:  885-3302. Harry Collins at Davis  Bay. #41  Wanted to Rent  3   bedroom   home   in   Sechell.  Please call 886-2884. #39  2   bedroom   home   in   Gibsons.  Close to town. $450/mo. 886-2884.  #39  2 bed. main fir., newly decorated,  waterfront. Mature couple.  References req'd. $500 plus, Oct.  1, Call 886-7830 or leave message  Box 36, Granthams Landing.    #39  OFFICE  SPACE  FOR LEASE  New Professional Building  SECHELT  Teredo at Inlet  Up to 2400 sq. ft.  2nd floor  Available end of October  Phone 885-2247  Eves. 885-5240  885-9539  COMMERCIAL  SPACE  FOR RENT  Cedar Plaza  Gibsons  Up to 1600 sq. It. ol  prime   Retail   door  space lor reasonable  lease rates.  Good location for  Men's Wear, Ladies'  Wear, Jewellry store,  etc.  Please contact  886-2234  886-7454  Craftsman heavy-duty tilting transit level. New. 886-9070. #39  1 Homart V. hp let pump 8, 30 gal.  lank $150. Sears vacuum cleaner  $60. Phone 8867357 alter 6 p.m  #41  Bsmt. Suite Gibsons, all utilities  inc. $300 per month. Avail, immed.  View alter 4.  1356 S. Fletcher.  #40  Community Hall for rent in  Roberts Creek. Phone Bill Grose  885-9237. TFN  COMMERCIAL SPACE  1600 sq. It. prime retail space now  available. 885-2522,885-3165 eves.  TFN  SPECIAL WEEKLY RATES  Peninsula Hotel 886-9334       TFN  2 bdrm. home for adult non-  smokers, no children, no pets.  Available Nov. 1st ��� April 1st. Centre ot Gibsons. 886-9879. #39  Close to Langdale Ferry 1 bdrm.  Suite, partially furnished $350 per  mth. plus utilities. References and  first/last mth. rent required. No  pets. Ph. after 4 p.m. 886-2479.  #40  2 high back VW bucket seats. 1  steel dump box. 1 Bostrom adjustable truck seat. Phone:  886-8466 8:30-5:00. TFN  Trailer axle 100 A power pole i.  service 110/220 power plant chain-'  saw 40 Ib. propane tank. 886-7589.  #39  New  Bauei  Skates cut  blades.,  moulded boots, size 5, used once .  $49. Boys three-speed bike $25.  fairly good condition. 886-9386.  #41*  Two coal and wood cook stoves.-  Taking olfers. 886-7637. #39  Speed-Oueen washer completely  overhauled $300.886-2110.      #41  Order Now  Freeh Cod  $1.00 Ib.  M.V.  Mies Egmont  at Gibsons Government  Wharf  Oct. 4th & Sth  Phone 886-9026  Graphanola (old-timer) conversation piece; recliner chair, mattress  60" x 80"; gas mower (Iron Horse)  36' chain. 883-2474. #39  Oil furnace burner unit $50. Oil  stove & tank $75. 30-gal. hot water  tank $30.886-8622. #39  BONNIE BALLADS  Second edition just out at Hunter  Gallery & bookstore, lower Gibsons & Sechelt bookstore, Cowrie  Street $3.00 or phone Margaret'  Jones 886-9843. .        #39  New Sears B&W TV $100.  886-7442. #39  90,000 BTU oil furn. 250 gal. tank  and Ig. qty. air ducts $250. 4 bar  stools $20 ea. 2 pr. ski boots sz. 9.  886-7668. #39  THERMAX  WELD-ALL IND.  Beat the High Cost of Heating  Custom Made Wood Stoves  PHONE 886-8466  ENERGY  WOOD HEATERS  AND  WOOD ELECTRIC  FURNACES  Sales and Service  H. Himmel  Hwy. 101, W. Sechelt  885-2113  G.'irage    Sale  Rainbow Preschool community  Garage Sale and Raffle (Prize day  cruise/fishing trip 32 ft. power  boat out of Secret Cove), Saturday  Oct. 10, R.C. Community Hall 10'  a.m. - 5 p.m. Stall rental $7.00 plus  10% gross sales. 885-2102.      #40  QARAQE SALE: Sat. Oct. 3rd.,  North Road near Cemetery Road.  Watch lor signs. Living room furniture, household goods, misc.  items. #39  GARAQE SALE: Saturday, Oct.  3rd. Rosamund Rd. off Pratt Rd. 10  a.m. till? Kitchen table & 4 chairs,  platform rocker, swivel rocker,  baby crib, bicycle (as new), ping  pong table & more. 886-2557.   #39  QARAQE SALE: Sat. Oct. 3  11:00-2:00. Records, Torcan fan,  paint tinting machine, fridge, plus  small items clothing, china, etc.  No early birds. Maskell & Lower  Rd., Roberts Creek. #39  FALL  BULBS  * Fall Rye  * Perennials  * Lawn Seed  a Shrubs  * Fruit Trees  Alfalfa  GARDEN  MULCH  Approx.  100 Ib. bales  5.00 bale  While they last!  Quality  Farm & Garden  Supply Ltd.  tmmmMmmtVmmmmtmm%1m1ttmMtmmmmM  aaBat-M Coast News. September 29,1981  19  For Sale  Automotive  Mobile HomeslCampers & RV's  MacLeods Wood Air Tight  Heaters from $279.94.  Some models for trailers or  modular homes.  Drapes for large windows 1 pr.  72"x 62", 1 pr. 15V.' x 92". Pale  green.  Asking  $75.  Please call  | 886-2508. #40  Firewood - Alder seasoned split  and dry, call 885-2454 for del.  ���39  Tappan Gas Range & Stove  w/broller, excellent shape 8, two  large 240 gas tanks $225.888-7062  or 327-0612. #39  2 Marantz stereo power amps, 1  elec. range $150. 1 wood  cookstove w/water jacket $100.  886-9169. #39  Appliances, Furniture, TV's,  Stereos etc. DISCOUNT PRICES!  Kern's Home Furnishings,  Seaview Place. Gibsons. 886-9733.  TFN  TONY'S  UNIQUE RESTORATIONS  BRASS a ANTIQUES  Pedal stools. Sinks. Leaded glass.  French Doors. Demolition. Brass  Taps. Chandeliers. Wall Sconces.  Red Brick. Oak Floors. Beautiful  accessories 50 years & older.  3662-4th Ave., Vancouver.      TFN  14 hp Volvo outboard motor hardly  used, good condition. Phone  885-5482. #40  The WOOD SHED  Is now taking orders for  FIREWOOD  Stock-up now (or next winte-  Phone 886-1084  LUMBER  Rough sawn lumber for  sale. Yellow cedar, red  cedar, hemlock, fir. Grades  for boats, construction,  fencing, firewood.  Call Copac Industries Ltd.  at 926-7318 Vancouver or  visit our millslte, 9 ��� 5  weekdays, beside Avalon  Log Sort near Port Mellon.  OCEANSIDE  POOLS  WNYL LINED SWIMMING POOLS  '   ALUMINUM  �� STEEL WALLS  HOT TUBS! SPAS  '.   Sites, Service, Imlallatlom  Jl        Fully Guaranteed  j       Ten Y����n Experience  FREE ESTIMATES  Phone  6  Bob Green  Box 1184, Sechelt.  Inglis multi-cyle auto washer, excellent condition. Guaranteed &  delivered. $250. Phone 883-2648  TFN  Let US customize your kitchen coordinating drapery fabric and wall  covering. Teredo Carpet Centre.  885-2601 or 885-7520 TFN  TV & STEREO REPAIRS  Green Onion Stereo, Dunham Rd..  Port Mellon, 884-5240. TFN  DRAPERIESP  BLINDS!  WOVEN WOODS!  FREE ESTIMATES!  WKM  885-2601   885-7520  Kenmore Dryer $150 OBO, good  cond. 885-5242. #40  Microcimball espresso coffee  machine, new, $250 OBO.  885-5242. #40  As new Sallboard High Fly 333  plus wet suit, sz. M $1,000 OBO.  885-5242. #40  WALLPAPER fabulous designs.  Teredo Carpet & Home Centre.  885:2601 or 885-7520. TFN  MACLEOD'S SECHELT lor hot  water tanks and Hotpoint ap-  pliances.885-2171. TFN  FOR SALE OR TRADE - WHAT  HAVE YOU?  Hunters special 8 ft. camper, Ice  box, stove & oven, furnace, over  cab sleeper. 886-8345. #39  EVERYONE NEEDS MORE TUP-  PERWARE PRODUCTSI DATE A  PARTY AND EARN LOVEIY  GIFTS. PHONE LOUISE PALMER  888-9363. #40  TRAILER HITCHES  Reese, Eaz-Tow and custom hitches. Call Terry at Coast Industries, Gibsons. 886-9159.   TFN  Order Now  Salmon  Frozen at Sea  Pink Salmon - Heads off  $1.50 Ib.  M.V. Aqua Prince  at Gibsons Gov't Wharl  Oct. 4th - 5th  Weather Permitting  * Phone 886-9026  Piano.  Small   upright,  Sherlock  Manning $1,800 OBO. 886-7727.  #40  Powerful horse manure: you load  $15,885-9969. TFN  Westinghouse self-cleaning oven,  like new, only 3 years old. $400 or  best offer. Phone 886-2508 after  5:00 p.m. #39  Lazy-Boy Chair, good cond., but  needs cleaning. $40.886-9411. #39  . FARM FRESH VEGETABLES  Buttercrunch Lettuce, Chard, Zucchini, Carrots, Beets etc. Open  Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday. Tony Archer 886-7046.     TFN  Stihl 075 AV Chainsaw used only a  fej�� hrs. 36" bar w'ripplng chain or  33" bar w/skip tooth chain $600.  Mike. 886-8371. #39  Atari TV game with asteroids,  space invaders - break out ��� $350  OBO. 886-2462 or 886-9102.       #41  Black leatherette recllner $50.  Flip-flop sofa & chair (beige 8,  brown) as new $65 & $125. Sanyo  8-track car stereo (like new) $35.  Call 8869519. #39  Queen size Sealy luxury sleep  mattress, box spring & roller  frame, like new $350. Phone  885-2105. #39  10' sliding glass door $150. 6 +  squares 24" shakes $250. 6'  canopy $250.886-7173. #41  Selling out, everything must go Vi  price at Hassan's Store on Francis Peninsula, Pender Harbour.  883-2415. #39  Any offers. Peerless NV22 heater  complete with regular, fan and full  instructions. 886-2787. #39  Cast aluminum barbeque & charcoal, pick-up canopy, portable  sew. mach., as new. Beer fridge,  art. flower arrgmnts., plants, golf  clubs & bag, adjble. dressmaker  form, Sony tape recorder, cards,  gifts, 4800 w, 240 v heater,'propane htr., many more items. West  corner Wharf S'Thompson Roads.  886-2791. #40  Another Load  of  CANDY  STRIPE  Rubber Hacked  Carpet Has  Arrived  at the  Amazing  Price  5.95 yd.  (But Hurry)  SECHELT  CARPET  CORNER  Hury. 101 Sechelt  885-5315  Beat the wet wood winter blues  ���have your firewood delivered today. Truck lor hire. Rubbish  removal. 885-3605. TFN  FREE KITCHEN DESIGN  SERVICE!  Carpets! Vinyl! Ceramics! Appliances! Cabinets! Teredo  Carpet & Home Centre 885-2601,  885-7520. TFN  Due to showroom renovations, we  are selling many individual  cabinets, countertops, hood fans  etc, at 40% off. Call Sunshine Kitchens at 886-9411 for more Information. TFN  Repeat  SPECIAL  on  KITCHEN  CHAIRS  Vinyl Specials  Full Stock  of  TfiRPS  FOflm  PLEXIGLAS  W.W.  UPHOLSTERY  886-7310  New * Used Equip. Salt  1 - 100,000 BTU space heater  kerosene $75. 1 ��� 75,000 BTU  space heater kerosene $125. 1  -051 Stihl 30" Bar $495. 1 ��� XLI  Homellte 16" Bar $125. 1 - Remington 12" Bar $65. 1 ��� Hotlco  Brush Cutter (gas) $295. 1 ��� 4 hp  B&S engine horiz. shall $125.1 ��� 5  HP B&S a'ngine horiz. shaft $150.1  . 5 hp New I.C. series B&S $360.1  ���8hp New B&S $340. Hoffco  Trimette grass trimmer attachment. Reg. $99. Reduced to clear  $59.95. 883-9114 #40  The amazing New Pol combined  washer-dryer, available exclusively at Teredo Carpet and Home  Cenlre. Special $1,049.885-2601 or  885-7520. TFN  COAST  POWER CLEANING  ��� Steam Cleaning  ��� Pressure WashmR  ��� Sand Blasting  ��� Industrial Painting  885-9316  20% .n  Garden, Camping &  Summer Supplies  Trimette Chainsaw  attachment  reg. S99.95  Weed Eater #807  reg. $55.95  MBUILDine SUPPLIES  Francis Peninsula Place  Hwy. 101  Pender Harbour  113-9551  Month of September  Only  ELECTROHOME  SALES 8, SERVICE  3 Year Warranly  \ SUNSHINE  COAST T.U.  Alter the Sale  It's the Service  75 Pinto, auto, body good, new  tires, ask. $1,000. After 6 p.m.  885-3542. #39  1977 Dodge Van ��� 318,3-spd. overdrive, party camperized, 75,635  km. Radio, swivel chairs, $5,200.  Ph. 886-9862. #41  1974 Datsun pick-up, excellent  mechanical shape, rust on front  fenders and doors. $1400. OBO  Phone 886-9767 #39  '76 VW Rabbit, good condition,  4-door, radio, lun to drive. $2,900.  886-2543 #41  Utility Trailer 4' x 8' Va ton torsion  axle, 15" wheels, steel const.  $175.100 amp Circuit Breaker with  master switch $45. 100 hp Merc,  outboard for parts $100. Giant TV  4' x 3' screen remote control  $1,450. Two heavy aluminum win-  dows with sun screens. 14' x 4'  $125 ea. Wahl el. hair clippers $35.  Tappan wall oven $40. Ford and  GM alternators $35 ea. Fineness  of grind gauge $250. Small deep  freeze like new $250. 885-9509.  #39  Minolta underwater Camera $110.  Assorted garden equip. $150. in-  eluding wheelbarrow & 200'  hoses. Call Friday & Monday night  7-9 p.m. 885-7272. #41  Bedstead, nice wood finish $25.  Chest of 9 drawers $35. 886-2543.  #39  Pool Table 4 x 8 like new eight ball  | set snooker-ball set, 7 real good  queues, queue rack, table cover, 2  game counters, brush, chalk, etc.  $375 OBO. 886-9879. #40  FARMER'S MARKET  Fresh corn, seafood, fruit. All day  Thursday, Sechelt Reservation.  Also Fri., Sat. & Sun. at Davis Bay  (Beach Buoy). #40  r-Madeiro���i  Appliances  have good guaranteed  rebuilt appliances.  ,        Less than half  new price.  Call Collect Anytime  U 883-2648-  Large Franklin stove, good condition, 37 Inch face, takes 8 In.  chimney. Price negotiable.  886-9555. #40  2x6 Select T&G spruce decking,  2160 ft. Phone:885-5232. #41  GIBSONS KITCHEN CENTRE  Kitchen cabinets and vanities  WE   RE-ARBORITE   COUNTER-  TOPS  Seaview Place, Gibsons. 886-8611  or(Tollfree|922-2017. #39  Cute Guinea Pigs $5 ea. Phone:  885-9516. #40  Compare our photo finishing  prices. Maximum $4.99 - 12. $6.99  ���20. $7 79 ��� 24. $10.99 ��� 36. At  Pacifica Pharmacy. TFN  GOOD HAY $3.50 PER BALE. SO  OR MORE $3.00. PHONE EVES.  885-9357. TFN  Piano stool with drawers $25.  Black & chrome office chair  w/arms $18. Carpet sweeper $10.  886-2513. #41  BLANCHE  EQUIPMENT SALES  Langley, B.C. 530-3166  '73 J.D. 350B, G.P., ROPS. '75 J.D.  350C, G.P., ROPS. '75 J.D. 350C,  G.P., B/H ROPS. 74-931 M.P.  ROPS. 71 D5, 5A, ROPS. '63 D6C  6A ROPS. 76 D6, LGP.A dozer,  ROPS. '66 TD25B, A dozer, Ripper.  73 Hydra unit 202C, 36 In. Bkt. 74  Liebherr, 925, 2 bkts. 78 225 long  U/C & stick. 74 Thomas 2250,  loader, BfH. 74 Case 580B, loader,  B/H. 75 J.D. 410, 2 bkts. 77 Case  OBOE, loader B/H. 75 AC 940, G.P.  ROPS. New & Used Beales attach.  Clearing blades & buckets. Eves.  Jim 530-3166. Bill 888-1735.      #39  SUNNYCREST FABRICS  SEWING MACHINE  REPAIRS  ATTENTION  BUILDERS  available in  bulk format  Foj use in  <���.  ��� SblSifColleCWrs  arid Radiant  Floor Heating  H&S  CONTRACTING  885-3825  Music  Stereo: Duel turntable Phillips  amp pair of speakers $100 or best  offer. 883-9450. #39  Electric Guitar Iblnez Musician  with hardshell case, excellent  condition $1,000. Leave message  for Budge at 885-7397. #39  Automotive  VANS BRONCO MUSTANC  Has Your Rabbit  Lost Its Hop?  Come in and see Herman  Vandeberg, 20 years Volkswagen Specialist - Factory  trained.  SMTH CMIT  PSRb MI.BK LTB  Hours of Service  8 am - 5 pm    885-3281  vu. we do stock  many vw rails  iLUIil LYNX GRANADA  SMALL CAR  SERVICE  is  No problem for us - Ford  has been building and  importing cars and trucks  from Germany, Japan  and England as far back  as 1949.  So if you have a problem  with your small car we've  got ihe  EXPERIENCE  Hours ol Service  8 am - 5 pm. 885-3281  SOUTH CtAST  I'DRb UUI LTB  1972 V. ton Iruck camper SP, PB,  PS, radio, sliding rear window,  wired for twin batteries, 4 new  tires, 2 spares mounted. Must be  seen. A-1 condition. Call 885-2497.  #39  1973 Ford Courier for parts, In running condition, but has a burnt  valve. Best offer. 883-9139.      #41  1977  Honda Civic 2-dr.  sedan,  radial tires and snow tires, AM/FM  cassette $3,000 OBO. 885-5657.  #41  1974 Pontiac Astre S.W. new paint  and tires, 23 ch. CB, snow tires,  AM radio, 4-cyl. stnd., econo. to  operate. Only $1,850. Datsun 1600  P.U. with completely furnished OK  camper. 23 ch. CB, sunroof, good  running order. $3,450. Small Fargo  motor home, 23 ch. CB, tape deck,  AM radio, porta-pot, slant 6 auto.,  furnished and ready to go. $1,850.  885-9509. #39  1976 >/. Chev Van 350 V-8, auto  trans., PS, PB, tilt wheel, 66,000  ml. $4,000 OBO. 885-3400.        #39  '68 Dodge power wagon crew cab  4x4 with PTO winch. Must sell,  best offer. 886-7442. #39  1969 Bronco 4x4 new brakes,  shocks, starter, battery, tires,  driveshaft and universals, recently  spent over $900 on repairs.  Sacrifice $1,700. Can be seen at  office, Sunshine Coast Trailer  Park. Ph: 886-9826. TFN  77 V< ton Ford, less than 38,000  miles. A.T., P.S., P.B., radio,  8-track, dual tanks, heavy-duty  suspension. Good condition, no  rot. $3,750 firm. 883-9020 after 6:00  p.m. #40  1974 Corvette, 454, 4-speed. Offers. Ph: 886-8784 after 4. Excellent condition. #40  1980 Camaro Berlinetta ex. cond.  36,000 km. Ext. warranty, lady  driver. $8,500 OBO. 885-5242.   #40  '68 Ford Vi ion In solid running  order, new brakes & tires last spring, tape deck, $1,200. 886-8052  after 5 p.m. '-   ' #40  1980 Caprice Classic completely  loaded with almost every GM option, air, tilt wheel cruise, PW, PB,  AM/FM cassette, two-tone paint,  vinyl roof, cloth seats, plus more.  Only 15,000 km. Asking $9,500.  886-8450. #40  74 Chev wagon, 9-passenger, no  rust, reliable, clean. $1,600. Alter 5  p.m. 686-7889. #40  1977 Ford 350 P.U. super cab. Excellent for large camper, body and  motor in good shape. $6,000.  886-9192. #40  1974 Dodge 1-ton cab & chassis,  good condition, automatic, heavy  duty, $1,500.886-9411 TFN  1979 Dodge 1 ton, dual wheels,  flatdeck. V-8 auto., PS & PB,  20,000 km. Rebuilt. $5,500.  886-8414. TFN  76 Camaro LT loaded, low  mileage. $4,500.886-9902.       #39  '69 Ford Pickup, body Is * bit  rough but In good running order  $425.886-7748 alter 6 p.m.       139  71 Ford Torino, body rust, naeds  some work, motor and Interior In  good cond. $600 OBO. 885-5721.  #39  1970 Chev Station Wagon, fast  sale for $300. Get It out of my yard,  runs well. 883-2456. #39  1979 Capri Ghla, V-8 auto, PS, PB,  8,000 miles, loads ol options Incl.  tilt wheel, AM/FM cassette with  amp, etc. Plus 2 new mows on  rims $7,500.886-7927. #39  1972 Pontiac Ventura PS & PB, excellent running condition. $1,000  OBO. 886-9145. #40  Motorcycles  1980 Yamaha $1,800 - best ofler.  886-9102 or 886-2462. #41  Can-Am 175 TNT, street & trail,  good condition & last, only 2700  miles. 885-3185. TFN  1980 RM 100N, new back tires,  rings, fork seals, dehandlers, two  new fenders, $1,000 OBO. Call  886-9872 alter 5 p.m. #40  1981 MX80 Yamaha with helmet  $625 OBO. 885-5242 new. #40  1650 Norton SS, recently rebuilt. 1  Norton Matchless, recently  rebuilt. 8864088 alter 6. TFN  1977 Aquarius Motorhome, 454  eng., 22' fully loaded, 32,000 km.  $25,000 firm. 883-9392. #41  14 x 56 new modullne Mobile  Home set up in Sundance Trailer  Park, 4 appliances, 15% financing  over 15 years O.A.C. 12 x 60 used  Mobile Home, also In Sundance  Trailer Park. 885-9979. Coast  Mobile Homes, dealer #6393.   #39  1975 Mobile Home 12 x 64  sundeck and metal shed 4 apl. and  wood burning stove. $27,500.00  886-9777 Pad No. 63 Sunshine Cst.  Tr. Prk. TFN  TRAILER HITCHES  Reese, Eaz-Tow & custom hitches.  Call Terry at Coast Industries, Gibsons. 886-9159. TFN  ' nNUkw��lff N  I N.ftMttM-1 Um. Up/h  tfcfWfM**!. atnj ckM kent.  Hl.fJW hcMw fcOwti mt  nf lilr set Wf h m ftp*.  Trafcrfari  Marine  73 Nova HB, 1 owner, 360, auto,    22 ft. Lynwood 170/270 Volvo 110  mag wheels, PS, PB, $2,500 OBO.    VHF radio sounder.  886-9810alter5p.m. #39 Phone 886-9641. #39  1971 Dodge Van 6, auto, radio, low  miles, good cond., camperized in-  terior, easily removed for cargo  hauling $2,000.885-3337. #40  Property  WANTED TO BUY  Cabin on Keats or Gambler  '66 Ford Vi ton P.U. V-8 eng., dual Islands. Write Box 99, c/o Coast  tanks, good shape, runs great. News, Box 460, Gibsons, B.C.  $700. 886-7527. After 5:30 call #46  886-9728. #40   to acre serviced semi waterfront  lot Wescan Road, Secret Cove.  $39,500. B/owner. 9227477.    #40  RENT-A-CAR  RENT A-TRUCK  Roomy trailer, 16' with 3 burner ,  stove, oven, 3-way fridge, turn., I  elec.   brakes.   $2,600.  885-5598. I  ��� 4 1  Camper, like new, sleeps 4, completely outfitted $1,700 OBO.  886-9256. #39     y^  16 It. travel trailer, furnace, stove  & oven, ice box, twin tanks, new  brake shoes & bearings, new wiring. $1,500 OBO. 886-9682.       #41  4%VS  MOBILE HOME  SALES ft SERVICE  Big Maple Motel  Davis Bay  885-9513  D.L. 6925  1978 30' Travel Trailer. Immaculate cond. Many extras.  $11,500,883-9230. #39  1977 8*9" Frontier Camper, rear  toilet model, 3-way fridge, stove,  furnace, elec. water system, 4  jacks, sleeps 4. $3300.00.886-8450  or nearest oiler. #40  1978 Edson 16 It. Trailer, seldom  used, propane furnace, stove,  oven, fridge, 3 power, power converter, hitch & sway bars. $3,750.  886-9970. #40 l  28' Trailer, fridge, stove, furnace. .  $6,900 OBO. 885-5623 after 6 p.m. 9   MO-*  1973 Intruder 25 It. Travel Trailer,  very lew road miles $7,295. Can be  seen at olfice, Sunshine Coast  Trailer Park. 886-9826. TFN  Tent Trailer, lightweight, hardtop,  sleeps four. Good condition $550  OBO. 886-8647 or 886-9409.      #39  1974 2 bedroom - lip out oh living  room - loaded with extras. Offers  to$22,500.Ph.(112)576-1465. TFN  18' Cal-glass 120 hp I/O & 9.8  Merc. aux. c/w dinghy & trailer.  886-7589. #39  Boat for sale: 15Va It. Sangster, 50  hp Merc O/B., elec. start, canvas  top, 2 day tanks. $2,000. 886-7747.  #41  14% ft. Boat, motor, trailer, full  canopy, best offer to $1,600.  885-5588. #41  14 ft. fibreglass boat, 33 hp  Johnson, oanvas top, trailer converts to utility, all in top cond.  $1,500,885-3337. #40  16' K&C fibreglass Boat, 60 hp  motor, full canvas top. $2,500.  886-7013. #40  42' Boat "C" licence Includes gear  lor prawns and live bait, 885-5358.  ;        ���'"���'"'���'* m  AB Haddock Boat moving. Licensed and fully insured. Hydraulic  equipment. Phone 883-2722 days.  883-2682 eves. TFN  HIQGS MARINE  SURVEYS LTD.  Insurance claims, condition and  valuation surveys. Serving the  Sunshine Coast and B.C. Coastal  Waters. Phone: 885-9425,  885-9747,885-3643,886-9546. TFN  35' Ex-Trollcr completely rebuilt Ford  diesel   sounder   $12,000   OBO.  885-5588. #39  15'6" Riviera with trailer 140 hp  Evinrude approx. 40 hrs. First  $3,500 takes. Rob, evenings or  weekends 886-7781. #39  14' Alum. 9.8 Merc 188 Merc prop,  VHF & antenna. 883-2474.       #39  13' Sailboat. View Martin Rd. $850.  Offers. 90 sq. ft. sail, fiberglass  wfwood deck. Ready to go.  886-8332 eves. #40  coast mobile  Homes Ltd.  GOOD  SELECTION OF  DOUBLE WIDES  we take trades  or  Consign your Mobile  Home to us for  QUICK  HWV. 101   l,cross 'f0rT* Benner's  Furniture)  885-9979        mdl 6393  Opportunities  Economy got you down? Avon of-  fers good dollars, nice people,  great prizes. Call Sua Wiggins  886-9166, Helen Phillips 885-2183.  TFN  AUCTION: GOVERNMENT  VEHICLES, equipment. October 3,  1981. 10:00 a.m. Highways compound, 18th Avenue, Prince  George. Cash, certified cheque.  No warranty or guarantee basis.  Joe Wark Auctions. Phone:  747-1894,992-2633. #39  KAMLOOPS: 17 PAD two house  trailer park, 2Vi acres. $290,000.  $150,000 down, balance 10 years,  7% Interest. Open to oilers. Write  485 McGowan Ave., Kamloops,  B.C.V2B2P4. #39  DON'T BUY EXPENSIVE BRUSH.  Clean your own chimney this Fall  with chimney cone. Fits most  chimneys, only $8.95. Blacksand  Industries, Box 3344, Kamloops.  V2C6B9. #39  PEPPER ISLAND. A rich and vivid  story by John Healey. Send $7.50  to: Pensford Press, Fort St., RR1  Ganges, B.C. VOS 1EO. Supplies  limited. #39  TRAVEL AGENT with minimum  two years IATA experience lor  new agency. Excellent salary and  benefita. Managerial position.  Send resume to: Golden Travel  Service, Box 719, Golden, B.C.  VOA1HO. #39  Property  Roberts Creek building lot, treed,  close to beach $35,000. Ph:  885-3470. TFN  WOODED LOT FOR SALE, PARKLIKE SETTING, BEACH ACCESS,  ALL SERVICES. MANATEE RD.,  ROBERTS CREEK. 72Va x 105.  $43,500. SOME FINANCING  AVAILABLE AT 15%.  888-2637. TFN  Beautiful V. acre view lot in Selma  Park. This lot is landscaped ready  to build on and located in one ot  the finest areas on the Coast.  $57,500. Phone 8857354 or  885-9368. #41  VJEW  Watch the boats go by on Georgia  Strait from this lot on Gower  Point. Almost half-an-acre of  seml-waterfront and the view can'l  be disturbed if anyone builds in  front. Ready to build on, perc approved. $67,900 with attractive  terms. 886-9411. #39  Large level building lot, potential  view at Gower Point. $59,500.  Phone 886-2137. TFN  Deluxe 2 year old 3 bedroom  bungalow-style home. Living  space 1450 sq. ft. Fealures are:  Sunken living room, heatilator  fireplace, modern kitchen, built-in  Jenn-air, washer & dryer, closets,  dishwasher, fridge, a huge  bathroom, beautifully landscaped  front which is the widest lot on  that side ol Creekside Estate.  Fenced-in vegetable garden, wood  shack etc. It has a 12% mortgage  of $50,000 for another 3 years. By  eliminating real estate, this '}  $149,000 home can be yours for J  $139,000. Ph. 886-7981 after 6 p.m. ***  #40  For removal, 1000 sq. ft. house in  good condition. Make an offer.  8866239. #41  Owner anxious to sell this lot in  Creekside with ocean view. Offers  to $36,900 with possible financing.  886.9411. #39  Langdale... large lot 100 11/130 It  semi-waterfront view lot, beach  access, walking distance to ferry.  Phone (112)283-2388. #40  PRIVATE SALE  Gibsons area, fully serviced lot,  walking distance to school and  shopping   $34,500   lirm.   Ph:  8862945 or 886-9478. #41  House for sale by owner, Selma  Park, one bedroom retirement or  starter home on small lot with ex-  cellent view. $65,000. Phone:  B86-8453 TFN  1981 1-Ton Trucks  c/w 12' Vans  1981 F-2S0'8  3/4 Ton Pickups  1981 Fairmonts  1981 Mustangs  5 Ton Truck. 22' Box  Hydraulic Tailgate  DAILY WEEKLY  M0HTHLV  COMPETITIVE RATES  ���ABBA���  \LEASE RENTALS  SOUTH COAST FORD  885-2131  Across Irom Benner's  Furniture. Sechelt  Level   Lot,   tew   large  trees,  5 Lovely 3-year-old 3 bdrm. home,  minutes from Sechelt, near Arena 1150 sq. ft. Lg. rec. rm., work shop  on quiet cul-de-sac.   7,500 sq. ft. in bsmt., 1 blk. to schools, sliopp-  Recent   perc   test   approved. Ing. 15'/i% open mortgage. F.P.  $34,500.8855226 or 885-9358. #39 $98,500. Ph: 886-7854. #41  73 ft. x.127 ft. lot, nicely treed,  quiet area, perc tested, King Road  off Hwy. 101. Gibsons. $35,000  firm. 885-7463.. TFN  I    ���������#,.'."  ���*t.*mar.~.r   -- ���*���  2 For 1 Sale!  Level low bank waterfront on Porpoise Bay - walking distance to village, plus a  splendiferous 4 bed, 2 bath home with revenue potential downstairs. Owner  doesn't know interest rates are in orbit - he'll finance at 3% below rate. Start packing, the salmon are coming in!  $169,000  Brian R. Mellis Century 21 Slinger Realty 886-8000  ���� 20  Coast News, September 29,1981  B.C.   Yukon  Blanket   Classifieds  1976 FORD IN 8000. 225 Cat  motor, 5 speed transmission, 2  speed rear axle. 2400 gallon  aluminum tank. Asking $24,000  Phone 567-2564 Vanderhoof.    #39  USED FORKLIFTS. Over 50 units  in stock. Priced from $2,995. All  types. Speedy Forklift, 1415  Rupert St., North Vancouver, V7J  tG1.Phone980-2434. #39  HAWAII. Furnished walerfronl  condominium in a relaxing rural  area 35 miles west of Waikiki.  Golfing, deep sea fishing, surfing,  minutes away. 10% assumable  mortgage. Full price $85,000  Canadian funds. Phone 468-9848.   #39  OUR EXPANDING NETWORK is  enjoying phenomenal success  and additional locations are needed to fill this increasing demand.  Good lucrative areas still  available. We supply a protected  territory, comprehensive training  and on-going support for your  business, with an immediate cash  How, No inventory, no large  facilities or confusing start up.  You supply the willingness to succeed, positive attitude and a  minimum investment, that  secures your future. For more Information call or write: Director of  Franchising, Westland Food  Packers (B.C.) Ltd., 385 Boundary  Road, South, Vancouver, B.C. V5K  4S1. Phone 294-9668. #39  1980 ARABIAN COLT bay, great  action, Egyptian breeding, double  registered. For more information  phone 398-7382. Terms can be arranged. #39  FUND RAISING? Is your club or  group looking for unique and exclusive wa ys to raise money ?  Write to Fred Jost, 228B, 3631 #3  Road, Richmond, B.C, V6X 2B9 for  free information. #39  3USINESS OPPORTUNITY. A  business opportunity in the food  and restaurant field. We are an  established national chain of food  outlets. No experience necessary.  Our program is geared to train  successful managers. Minimum  cash requirement $26,900. to approved credit to own and operate  your own business. Phone Charles  White (403)434-8486. Write 5620  ���104th St., Edmonton, Alta. T6H  2K2. #39  TRADES! TERMS! Fraser Valley  Kennels, over eight acres, Boarding, grooming, training. Near  freeway. Many business opportunities. Newco Realty, 689-1211  -815 West Hastings St., Vancouver  V6C 1B4. Roy Finlay. Residential  phone 298-5844. #39  LIVESTOCK. CUSTOmTeEDING.  Quality service at competitive  rates. Added advantage of being  near to markets. Haney Farms,  Picture Butte, Alberta. Phone  (403)738-4410 or (403)738-4344. #42  WANTED: COMPANION  HOUSEKEEPER between 60 and  70 years of age. Must be a capable  driver, non-drinker. References required. If found to be compatible  after one month, this position  would be like home. I am over 75,  Canadian, Caucasian, male. Apply  Box 83, c/o The Tribune, 188 North  First Ave., Williams Lake, B.C.  V2G1Y8. #39  VIEW LOTS SOLD BY~AUCTION,  Saturday. October 17th, 1981.  10:00 a.m. Village Office, 847 Main  Street, Box 610, Lillooet, B.C. VOK  1VO. For more information phone  256-4289. #39  LIVESTOCK. 5 year old Q.K  Stallion. Well-broke - 60 days cutting training. Sire - Wildwind Tivio  X Old Tivio, Dam - daughter of  King Leo Bar; young stock and  bred mares for sale. Phone  832-2784 Salmon Arm. #39  7 yard Concrete Mixer on skid,  good working order, rebuilt  ongine, hydraulic drive, for quick  sale $7,000. International  Haybaler $2,000. Phone Salmon  Arm 832-7697 or 832-7088. #39  LOG HOMES!! Rustic or contemporary designs available. "Kit" or  cuslom built. Choose cedar or  lodgepole pine. Write or phone:  Western Contemporary Log  Homes, 1272 ��� 56th Street, Delta,  BC   V4L   2A4.   Phone  943-4714.   #39  HARBEL HOLDINGS LTD. Mobile  homes located in parks on pads.  Listings and Sales. We welcome  all enquiries. Listings wanted.  Wheel Estate. Phone collect.  Lower Mainland Divsion  13647-100th Avenue, Surrey, B.C.  V3T 1H9, 585-3622: Kamloops Division, 90-180 Seymour Street,  Kamloops, B.C. V2C 2E2.  372-5711. The Wheel Estate People, (D.L.6747). TFN  WOOD WINDOWS~AND DOORS!"  Guaranteed lowest orices. Walker  Door Ltd. Vancouver 266-1101,  North Vancouver 985-9714, Richmond 273-7030, Kamloops  374-3566. Nanaimo 758-7375.  TFN  HOCKEY   PLAYERS   needed   for  Junior   'A'   team.   Phone   Doug  Beaman 392-5632, Williams Lake.  #39  URINE-ERASE Saves Carpets!  Guarantees removal (dog, cat,  human) urine stains, odours, from  carpets. Free brochure! Dept. A,  Reidell Chemicals Ltd., Box 7500,  London, Ontario. N5Y 4X8.       #40  Province of  British Columbia  Ministry ot Transportation and Highways  NOTICE  SALT HAUL  Bids will be accepted by the Ministry ot Transportation and  Highways for hauling salt from Canadian Occidental  Petroleum Lid's stockpile site, North Vancouver, to Gibsons,  Madeira Park. Powell River and Texada Island yards lor the  fiscal year 1981/82 Prices quoted are lo be all inclusive, per  metric tonne, F.OB, the above destinations Quantities involved are: Gibsons, 600 tonnes more or less, as and when;  Madeira Park, 400 tonnes more or less, as and when; Powell  River, 600 tonnes more or less, as and when; Texada Island,  60 tonnes more or less, as and when. Bids should quote  separate price for each area and include all lour areas. Bids to  be submitted to the District Highways Manager, Ministry of  Transportation and Highways, P.O. Box 740, Gibsons. B.C.  VON IVO, on or before October 15,1981. The successful bidder will be required to confirm that he is capable of supplying  the required quantities as and when required. The lowest or  only bid will not necessarily be accepted.  T.M. Forsyth  District Highways Manager  CLASSIFIEDADS  SUNSHINE COAST REGIONAL DISTRICT  NOTICE OF  PUBLIC HEARING  COVE  pi 6* tSSos  Proposed zone boundary mm mmm  Present zoning - R2  Proposed zoning - C2  Appendix 1 to by-laws no. 96.69 & 96.70  Land Use Regulation Amendment By-law No. 96,70  Land Use Regulation Amendment By-law  No. 96.69  Pursuant to sections 720 and 814 of the  Municipal Act, R.S.B.C. 1979 a public hearing  will be held to consider the following proposed by-laws of the Sunshine Coast Regional  District. All person who believe their interest  in property to be affected by the proposed  by-laws shall be afforded an opportunity to  be heard on matters contained therein.  By-law No. 96.70 will amend the zoning map  of Land Use Regulation By-law No. 96, 1974  by designating a portion of Lot A (except the  part in Explanatory Plan 13892), District Lot  4546, Group 1, New Westminster District,  Plan 9892 as a Commercial 2-C2 land use  zone. This property is located on the north  shore of Secret Cove and is currently zoned  R2-residential.  By-law No. 96.69 will amend the zoning map  of Land Use Regulation By-law No. 96, 1974  by designating Lot C, District Lot 4545, Plan  12916 as a Commercial 2-C2 land use zone.  This property is located on the north shore of  Secret Cove and is currently zoned  R2-residential.  The hearing will be held at the Welcome  Beach Community Hall, Redrooffs Road,  Halfmoon Bay, B.C. at 2:00 p.m. on Sunday,  October 4, 1981.  The above is a synopsis of By-law Nos. 96.70  and 96.69 and is not deemed to be an interpretation of the by-laws. These by-laws may  be inspected at the Regional District office,  1248 Wharf Avenue, Sechelt, B.C. during office hours, namely Monday to Wednesday,  8:30 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. and Thursday and Friday, 8:30 a.m. to 5:45 p.m.  Sunshine Coast Regional District  Box 800  Sechelt, B.C. VON 3AO  885-2261  L. Jardine  Secretary Treasurer  SUNSHINE COAST REGIONAL DISTRICT  NOTICE OF  PUBLIC HEARING  Subdivision Regulation Amendment  By-Law No. 103.42  Pursuant to Sections 720 and 814 of the Municipal Act,  R.S.B.C. 1979, a public hearing will be held to consider the following proposed by-law of the Sunshine  Coast Regional District. All persons who believe their  interest in property to be alfected by the proposed bylaw shall be afforded an opportunity to be heard on matters contained therein.  By-Law No. 103.42 will amend Subdivision Regulation  By-Law No. 103. 1975 by permitting park land to be  dedicated on land subdivision consisting of more than  two lots. This amendment will result in Regional District  By-Law No. 103, 1975 conforming to Provincial  Government law.  The hearing will be held al Ihe Welcome Beach Community Hall, Redrooffs Road, Halfmoon Bay, B.C. at  2:00 pm. on Sunday, October 4, 1981.  The above is a synopsis ol proposed By-Law No.  103.42 and is not deemed to be an intrpretation of the  by-law. This by-law may be inspected at the Regional  District office, 1248 Wharf Avenue, Sechelt, B.C. during office hours namely Monday to Wednesday, 8:30  am. to 4:30 pm. and Thursday and Friday, 8:30 am. to  5:45 pm.  Sunshine Coast Regional District  Box 800, Sechelt, B.C.  885-2261  L. Jardine  Secretary-Treasurer  SUNSHINE COAST REGIONAL DISTRICT  NOTICE OF  PUBLIC HEARING  Proposed zone boundary mmm  Present zoning- "R2"  Proposed zoning - "R6"  Appendix 1 to By-Law No. 96.72  Land Use Regulation Amendment By-Law No. 96.72  Pursuant to Sections 720 and 814 ol the Municipal Act,  R.S.B.C. 1979 a public hearing will be held to consider  the following proposed by-laws ol the Sunshine Coast  Regional Districi All persons who believe Iheir interest  in property to be affected by Ihe proposed by-law shall  be afforded an opportunity lo be heard on matters contained therein.  By-Law 96.72 will amend Land Use Regulation By-Law  No. 96, 1974 by creating a new land use zone, namely  Residential 6 - R6, which will restrict the use of land,  buildings and structures within this zone to single family dwellings, duplexes, townhouses or condominiums,  apartments and civic use or public service. By-Law  96.72 will also amend the zoning map by designating  District Lol 4546 (except parts Included in Plans 9892  and 11990), Group 1, New Westminster District, as a  Residential 6 ��� R6 land use zone. This properly is  locaied on the north shore ol Secret Cove and is currently zoned Residential 2 ��� R2.  The hearing will be held at the Welcome Beach Community Hall, Redrooffs Road, Halfmoon Bay, B.C. at  2:00 pm. on Sunday, October 4, 1981.  The above is a synopsis of By-Law No. 96.72 and is nol  deemed lo be an interpretation ol the by-law. This bylaw may be inspected at Ihe Regional District office,  1248 Wharf Avenue, Sechelt, B.C. during office hours,  namely Monday to Wednesday, 8:30 am. lo 4:30 pm.  and Thursday and Friday, 8:30 am. to 5:45 pm.  Sunshine Coast Regional District L. Jardine  Box 800, Sechelt, B.C. Secretary-Treasurer  885-2261  Village of Sechelt  Tenders for Purchase for Demolition  and/or Removal  Tenders will be received for the demolition and  removal or removal of the pre-fab house located at the  Gibsons/Sechelt Airport at the end of Field Road. Permits for demolition and/or removal will be the responsibility of the tenderer. The job must be completed by  Sunday, October 18th, 1981.  Please send tenders c/o the undersigned by 12:0*0 noon  Friday, October 2nd, 1981.  J.M.A. Shanks  Clerk-Treasurer  NOTICE OF  PUBLIC HEARING  PROPOSED AMENDMENTS TO VILLAGE OF QIBSONS ZONING  BY-LAW NO. 350,1979  Pursuant to Section 703 of the Municipal Act, a Public Hearing will be held In the Municipal Hall, 1490 South Fletcher  Road, Gibsons, B.C., on Tuesday, October 13th, 1981 at  7:30 p.m. to consider Bylaw No. 406,1981 (Zoning Amendment Bylaw No. 406,1981). At the Hearing all persons who  deem their interest in property affected by the proposed bylaw  shall be afforded an opportunity to be heard on matters contained in the bylaw.  The intent of the bylaw is to amend the present zoning to the  following described properties as noted below:  1. That certain parcel or parcels of land In the Village of  Gibsons more particularly known and legally described as the northerly 466 feet (142.03 meters) of Lot  1, Blocks 4-6, District Lot 689, Plan 13703 be rezoned from Residential Zone 3 to Light Industrial Zone 1.  2. This bylaw may be cited as "Zoning Amendment  Bylaw No. 406, 1981."  Take notice that the above paragraph is deemed to be a  synopsis of Bylaw No. 406 and not deemed to be an Interpretation thereof. The Bylaw may be inspected at the Gibsons  Municipal Office, 1490 South Fletcher Road, during office  hours, namely Monday to Wednesday, 8:30 a.m. to 4:30  p.m. and Thursday and Friday 8:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.  J.W. Copland  ADMINISTRATOR  INVITATION TO TENDER  THE CORPORATION OF  THE VILLAGE OF SECHELT  AIRPORT CLEARING AND  GRUBBING CONTRACT #1  Sealed tenders addressed to the attention of  Mr. J.M.A. Shanks, Clerk-Treasurer, Village of  Sechelt and marked "Gibsons/Sechelt Airport  Clearing Contracts" will be received at the  Sechelt Village Office in Sechelt, B.C. until 2:00  P.M. local time on Wednesday, October 14,  1981.  Tender forms and specifications may be obtained from the Sechelt Village Office and from the  North Vancouver office of Stanley Associates  Engineering Ltd.  The work required is the clearing and grubbing  of regrowth to 250' on both sides of the runway  centreline, and the clearing and grubbing of  other designated areas within the airport boundary, comprising at total area of approximately  10 hectares.  Each tender must be accompanied by a Bid  Bond in the amount of ten percent (10%) of the  tender amount, or a Certified Cheque for 10%  of the tender amount plus a Consent of Surety.  The Owner reserves the right to reject any or all  tenders or to accept the Tender deemed most  favourable in the interest of the owner.  Mr. J.M.A. Shanks  Clerk-Treasurer  The Corporation ol the Village of Sechelt  P.O. Box 129  Sechelt, B.C.  VON 3A0  Telephone: 885-2043  Stanley Associates Engineering Ltd.  #316 - 255 West 1st Street  North Vancouver, B.C.  V7M 3G8  Telephone: 986-9131     aTKM    Ministry of  ForaM  APPLICATION FOR  GRAZING PERMIT  SECTION 9(3)  RANGE ACT  The Ministry of Forests has  under consideration the  renewal of established  grazing rights in the form of  a one year grazing permit to  the listed operator within  the following Crown range  area, after September 23,  1981:  GARDEN   BAY   STOCK  RANGE:  P. Banbash.  Other areas or tenures may  be found advertised  separately. Particulars  available   from,   and  representations may  made until October  1981 to:  Ministry of Forests  Sechelt Forest District  C/0 Box 4000  Sechelt, B.C.  VON 3A0  be  30,  Province of  British Columbia  ���QBI    Ministry ol  Forest!  NOTICE INVITING  APPLICATIONS  FOR TIMBER SALE  LICENCE A13308  Pursuant to section 16(1) of  the Forest Act, sealed  tenders will be received by  the Regional Manager,  Vancouver, up to 1:30 p.m.  on October 19, 1981 tor a  Timber Sale Licence to  authorize the harvesting of  150 cubic metres of dead  and down cedar, located  Parkdale, Thornbrough  Channel, New Westminster  Land District.  Term: 2 years.  Bids can be accepted only  Irom those who are,  registered as small  business enterprises, as  defined In the Regulations.  Details of the proposed  Timber Sale Licence may  be obtained from the  Regional Manager, B.C.  Forest Service, 631-355  Burrard St., Vancouver,  B.C. V6C 2H1, or the  District Manager, B.C.  Forest Service, Box 4000,  Sechelt, B.C. VON 3A0.  Province of  Brltlih ColumMi  Ministry of  Forests  NOTICE INVITING  APPLICATIONS  FOR TIMBER SALE  LICENCE A15220  Pursuant to section 16(1) of  the Forest Act, sealed  tenders will be received by  the Regional Manager,  Vancouver, up to 1:30 p.m.*  on October 19, 1981 for a  Timber Sale Licence to  authorize the harvesting of  70 cubic metres of dead,  and down cedar, located  Halfmoon Creek, New  Westminster Land District..  Term: 2 years.  Bids can be accepted only:  from those who are-  registered as small,  business enterprises, as.  defined In the Regulations  Details of the proposed-  Timber Sale Licence may;  be obtained from the:  Regional Manager, B.C.:  Forest Service, 631-355'  Burrard St., Vancouver,1  B.C. V6C 2H1, or thffl  District Manager, B.C.;  Forest Service, Box 4000,*  Sechelt, B.C. VON 3A0. Carl's  c(  -i    I Retirement - the hard way!  by Carl Chrismas  Once upon a time I used to  believe that the grass was  always greener on the other  side of the fence. Then, when  we moved to Sechelt, I  thought that I had buried that  myth and that Sechelt wis the  other side of that fence.  For four years we drifted  along happily in this belief,  becoming involved in community affairs such as Timber  Days and Loggers Sports;  handy-manning for  Weldwood al Clowhom; col-  that are zoned for mobiles and  they are not always where you  want to live. Besides, who  wants to get into the development business at this stage in  life? Certainly not senior  citizens!  Our munificent provincial  government is encouraging the  development of mobile home  parks under its Mobile Home  Incentive Program by paying  the developer $500 to $750 per  developed site. This is all very  well, bul who is going to be  allowed to move into these  parks? Only the folks who buy  their   mobile   from   the  umn writing for the Coast  News; and enjoying a bit of developer whp in most cases,  work in the garden. is a mobile home dealer.  Then along came a red hot I don't like the idea of my  real estate market and we suddenly discovered, along with  many others that we were sitting on top of a pile of equity  that if capitalized on, could  keep us basking in the sun's of  Hawaii, Mexico, or other sun  spots of the world during the  cold and dreary months of  West Coast winters. Taking  the bull by the horns, we sold.  Suddenly, ihe grasses (you  guessed ill) were greener, but  on the other side of the worldl  Now we were going to be  smart. We decided mobile  home living was the ticket for  us. Something we could put into a nice quiet park  somewhere, then when the  first big old cloud loomed over  the horizon that looked like an  empty heading for the ocean  for a refill to dump on us,  we'd just turn the key in the  front door and climb on a bird  for���'Utopia'!  Well, folks, I have news for  you! It just isn't quite that  simple. Sure, we found a  brand new park, two miles  East of little Deroche,  publicized in the Vancouver  Sun as the 'Ghost Town of the  Fraser Valley', where a local  merchant says "pay yer bil  before ya* die���we don't want  la' be lookin' all over hell fer  ya'!"  The pastoral scenery from  the front porch of the Post Office can start the roots heading  into the ground if you stand  for more than five minutes in  one place.  This was it! And two miles  down thcroad was the Park.  Twenty odd miles further  along the srJme highway at  : Agassiz was the mobile home  factory, building what they  call the Cadillac of mobile  homes!  The park owners were  dealers and they took us for a  tour of the plant. We picked  our floor plan with many options, paid a deposit, and  began our wait. And wait.  And wait! We were signed up  in April for the June run. In  July we were just moving in.  The park wasn't ready by a  long shot as fifty other  dreamers such as we had  decided to do the same thing at  the same time. The nicely treed  lol we had picked out was suddenly denuded as septic fields  were dug up and tanks put in.  Our visions of a loaf of bread,  a jug of wine, and the two of  us alone in our little wilderness  suddenly turned into a dust  bowl in a gravel pit. Our lovely  mobile was so hot we couldn't  live in it. Friends, neighbours  and relations have seen more  of us this summer than they  have for years. Especially  those with shade trees and a  cool and comfortable bed!  For two months we have  been looking for another  mobile home park, but  brother, once you purchase  and set up, you are no longer  mobile. There is just no other  space available. Every dealer  in the country is on the prowl  for vacant space because they  cannot sell a mobile unless  they have a spot to set it up.  There are only certain areas  tax dollars going to a  developer to subsidize a pad  that I am not going to be able  to move my mobile onto. I  would rather the government  look to me for its taxes so I  may take advantage of the  home owner grant, especially  as a senior citizen. And in  most cases, these are the people who are trying to retire in a  park of their choice. There are  many in this park who would  pay a premium to relocate.  Some have just locked their  doors and gone on extended  vacations, hoping that a bit of  greenery may have settled the  dust, the telephone and television service may be in by the  year end, and our local radio  station   will   be   playing  something other than bippily-  beep-bop-bop!  Mobile home living is now a  way of life. It makes a home-  of-their-own possible for  many young families; it brings  seniors together in a life style  particularily suited to their  reclining years; and a mobile  home owner is no longer considered a second class citizen.  For this reason Victoria  should exercise the un-  proclaimed sections of the  mobile home act, especially  the section requiring dealers  and salesmen to be licensed  under the real estate act. There  are still many salesmen around  who think they are selling used  cars but even a used car  salesman is regulated. The prepensing course of a real estate  salesman has a full section  devoted to the mobile home  act. He is regulated by it. The  same terms should apply to a  mobile home salesman or  dealer.  It is now mid-September  and we are still without  telephone, T.V., landscaping  or blacktop. Sure it will come  eventually, but a mobile home  owner should have a choice of  moving his considerable investment if he is not happy  with his environment. After  all, that is why they are classed  as 'mobiles'!  As the Greek phrase goes:  'Caveat emptor': "Let the  buyer beware"!  Status quo for now  Letter grades  in dispute  by Maryanne West  Letter grades for children's report cards are back in the news.  Minister of Education, Hon. Brian Smith, heard a lot of complaints about report cards on his safari around the province last  year. Parents find it difficult to evaluate their child's progress  without those familiar A's, B's and C's.  Consequently a directive from Victoria has informed all  School Boards that students in Grades 7 12 must receive letter  grades, while, for the time being, more latitude is allowed for  younger children:1 ��������� ������,,      ,   ,,,  Responding to this situation a delegation from Bowen Island  Community School appeared before the school trustees on  Thursday to speak to their brief asking that the present system  of reporting, be continued for at least another year.  Rob Karr and Hans Behm explained the process undertaken  by the Community School. A public meeting, which attracted 55  parents, came to three conclusions: That they had no wish to  have letter grades imposed at this time; that before any decision  is made on letter grades, a goals/objectives statement be agreed  upon in each school; that programmes, teaching styles and  evaluation systems be examined to see how they mesh with each  school's objectives; and th.it all reporting procedures, including  letter grades, be examined to see which is most appropriate. The  Board's permission to retain the present system until this has  been done is requested.  Former trustee, Claus Spiekermann, a longtime opponent of  letter grades, spoke emotionally of his concern that report cards  should be for growth, stressing what the student can do, not  what he can't, referring to an article by Frances Fleming (Coast  News, September, 1981). "Letter grades produce failures," he  said. "We must recognize the worth of every child, and letter  grades are punishment for a lot of kids."  In response to a comment from Trustee Puchalski that many  parents want to know how their child stands in relation to his  peers, Spiekermann replied, "I think it's wrong to compare  kids, but province-wide tests are given in Grades 3,5 and 7, optional at other levels, and it is possible to report a student's progress relative to the grade norm."  "What is the norm?" Behm asked. Reminding the Board that  countries which have competitive educational systems, such as  Japan and West Germany, also have the highese suicide rates for  teenagers, "Is that what we want for our children?" he asked.  Mrs. Anne Quinn, of the Sechelt Indian Band, told the Board  the Indian Community is also preparing a brief on the subject  for presentation to the Board.  Later in the meeting, trustees unanimously approved a motion  proposed by Trustee Hodgins which read: "Whereas the issue of  letter grades is interwoven with several other, broader and, in  some schools, unexamined issues and, whereas the School  Board, having just completed its District goal statement, has  asked that each school develop its own objectives statement  (consistent with the School Board's statement) and whereas  reporting procedures (one aspect of which could be letter grades)  must be consistent with the as-yet-undeveloped objectives in  each school, be it resolved that the School Board maintain the  current report cards from Kindergarten to Grade 6, until such  time as schools, in consultation with their communities, have  specified their schools objectives and, subsequently, the schools  reporting procedures".  Coast News, September 29,1981  21  Swanson's  Swanson's Concrete  Products Ltd.  Manufacture & Sale of  cutm, rur Ducm. nc  Box 172 Sechelt, B.C.  V0N3A0  I he usual prize of $5.00 will be awarded to the owner of the first  name drawn from the barrel who correctly locates the above.  Send your entries to the Coast News, Box 460, Gibsons, in time  lo reach the newspaper office by Saturday of this week. Last  week's winner was Mary Anne Phelan of Box 1446, Sechell, who  correctly located the bench in the backyard of Jack Mayne's  home on the corner of Cowrie Sireet and Inlet Avenue in  Sechell. 'Vwi p,rnBM p*10'0  Sechelt gets its park  In 1966 the Village of Sechelt expanded its boundaries to  include District Lot 1472, 160 acres of crown land on the  northwest side of the present village boundaries.  In 1966 Sechelt's council petitioned the provincial  government in efforts to acquire District Lot 1472 for the  village for park purposes.  Almost 17 years later and after the work of past councils  and the dogged efforts of the present one, the crown land  belongs to the Village of Sechelt.  Sechelt Mayor Bud Koch, told the Coast News he had  received the 'official' approval for the application from  the Ministry of Lands, Parks and Housing at the Union of  B.C. Municipalities convention held this week in Vancouver.  "They didn't promise us any funding," said Koch, "but  they gave us the land. The rest is up to us. We are looking  to the public for help in any way they can���manpower or  equipment.  "Sechelt's long time resident Ted Osborne, who is  familiar with the plot will be giving us a layout of the property as well as doing any selective logging necessary. We  do intend on leaving the park mostly in its natural state,"  said Koch.'  Sechelt's historian Helen Dawe, a long-time advocate  for the acquisition of District Lot 1472, applauded the  council's diligence and success.  DROP OFF YOUR  ^CLASSIFIED ADSh  New school board  office opens  On Friday, September 25, at 2:00 pm., school board chairman  Don Douglas presided at ihe official opening of the new quarter-  million dollar school board building in Gibsons.  The ceremony, attended by approximately 50 citizens and officials, was highlighted by the cutting of the ribbon by Ministry  of Education representative, Mr, J. Doyle, Executive Director  of Finance and Facilities Services.  Mr. Doyle, in a brief address, remarked on the quality of the  new facility, saying it was the Finest school board building in the  province. He went on to say that the size and quality of the new  building was a result of the initiative of local trustees and officials, in that the original plans called for four portable trailer  units, but that district administrators had managed to develop a  proposal which allowed the maximum space to be accomplished.  The ceremonies concluded with a tour of the new building,  located on Fletcher Road, and a luncheon provided by the home  economics students of Chatelech, Elphinstone and Pender Harbour High School.  The new building will house the 13 school board staff  members, including seven educational staff and six business  staff members.  In Sechelt at:  CAMpbcll's  FAMILY SHOES & LEATHER GOODS  "In the Heart of Downtown Sechelt"     885-9345  DEADLINE: 12 NOON SATURDAY  In Pender Harbour at:  School Supplies Now In!  MADEIRA PARK PHARMACY  Pender Harbour Centre      883-9414  DEADLINE: 12 NOON FRIDAY  Classifieds must be pre-paid at time of   drop-off  NES report  Present at the School Board meeting last week was a delegation from the Sechelt Indian Band in support of the evaluation  report on the Native Educational Studies given to the Board for  further study by Superintendent Denley.  "There is no doubt it is a successful programme, which is  achieving results of great merit," said Denley, "and il can be  enhanced if the Sechelt Band and the Board of Trustees can meet  and work out together where improvements can be made."  Mrs. Anne Quinn added that after spending three days at  Tsoh-nye she was impressed by how good the students felt about  themselves and the benefits of mixing children of different  backgrounds. Trustees agreed to meet with the Band at their  earliest convenience.  CLASSIFIED ADVERTISING  Copyright and  Advertising  Regulations  The Sunshine Coast News  reserves the right to classify  advertisements under appropriate headings and determine  page location. The Sunshine  Coast News also reserves the  right to revise or reject any  advertising which in the opinion  of Ihe Publisher is in questionable taste. In the event that  any advertisement is rejected,  Lthe sum paid for the advertisement will be refunded.  Minimum $3.00 per 4 line Insertion. 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There is no doubt that this is a  prime vantage point for observing things maritime in this  area.  However there are some  disadvantages. Close to the  eagle tree there are some  smaller trees which are used by  ihe big blue herons as resting  perches. Herons are the long  necked birds that wade about  on their long legs in the  shallows looking for small fish  on which they feed.  Many years ago, when we  lived at Comox, there was a  large maple tree close to the  house that was used by the  herons as a perching tree. It  was at that time that I found  oui about their owly habits.  On bright moonlight nights  when the tide is out they will  wake up and decide to do a little night fishing. They launch  themselves into the air with a  noisy flapping of wings and  loud squawks as they head for  their favourite fishing spot.  All this noise wakes up the  killdeers (a type of plover)  who proceed to race across the  beach in search of their special  morsels announcing each find  with a number of high-pitched  calls. All this activity disturbs  the seagulls, who have been  perched on some rock or  floating log, and they complain with cackles and  squawks of their own.  Before you know it, dawn  has arrived and the seagulls  are out in full force to be joined by the crows. Next comes  the rumble and bump as the  human fishermen launch their  boats al the creek mouth and  roar off to catch the northern  coho. Time to get up and take  the dogs for their morning  walk!  Here is a Norwegian recipe  for preparing salmon lo be  served   in   the   traditional  "koldtbords".  Norwegian Marinated Salman  1 fillet salmon with skin  (about 2 lbs., taken from Ihe  center of a 3 Ib. salmon fillet)  1 cup chopped fresh dill  'A cup salt  10 peppercorns (crushed)  '/�� cup sugar  2 tbsp. dry white wine  2 tbsp. Cognac (brandy)  Mayonnaise Mustard Sauce  Method  1. Remove bones from fish  using knife and needlenose  pliers or tweezers. Rinse well  and pal dry.  2. Sprinkle half dill in boltom  of glass or ceramic baking dish  that will hold salmon snugly.  Place salmon on dill, skin side  down. Mix salt, sugar and  peppercorns in small bowl  then sprinkle evenly over  salmon. Cover salmon with remaining dill. Sprinkle with  wine and Cognac. Cover dish  tightly with plastic wrap.  Refrigerate 24 hrs.  3. Turn salmon skin side up.  Refrigerate, covered 2 or 3  days longer before slicing.  4. Make Mayonnaise Mustard  Sauce.  5. To slice, remove all herbs  and wipe dry. Cut salmon  diagonally into very thin  slices. Arrange slices overlapping on large platter. Serve with  Mayonnaise Mustard Sauce,  recipe for which will be in next  week's column. Sea you.  Police news  GIBSONS:  On Ihe 18th: As a result of  police attendance, a noisy party on Shoal Lookout was  dispersed. Many charges were  laid. One person received a  24-hour driving licence  suspension, one other person  was charged'with possession  of cannabis sativa and some  amount of liquor was seized.  Two persons were also detained overnight for being drunk  in a public place. There are  still other charges pending  from the incident.  On Ihe 20th: A 10 ft. row  boat, a Frontiersman, was  found. Would owner please  contact police for identification.  On the 21st: A VW van was  struck by a falling tree while  travelling on Highway 101  near Soames Hill. There were  no injuries to the passengers of  the van. Damage to the roof of  the VW was estimated at  $2,000.  On the 24th: A residence in  Roberts Creek was broken into. A window was broken, but  *  AM @��fe.  Gikiw   ^  Cotfee, Tea  & Sptcexij  'A   JTJ8T ARRIVED!   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From the 50 youths  present at the party, a few  were arrested for being intoxicated in a public roadway.  On the 20th: There was a  single vehicle accident on  Highway 101, north of  Redrooffs Road. While  speeding on his way to the  ferry terminal, Peter Godav  flipped his car into the ditch.  He was taken to St. Mary's  with minor injuries and held  briefly for observation.  On Ihe 22nd: As a result of the  investigation of two runaway  juveniles from Burnaby, a  number of minor thefts and  break-ins in the Garden Bay  area were successfully solved.  On the 23rd: A person received serious bodily burns while  using fuel to accelerate a fire  in a camp near Misery Creek  in Salmon Inlet.  Police have in their possession two bicycles found at the  Sechelt Elementary School.  Would the owners of the  bicycles please contact the  RCMP.  Police are receiving  numerous reports from school  bus drivers that there are still'  many motorists who do not  stop when the school bus red  lights are flashing. Police warn  those motorists that the bus  drivers will not hesitate to contact the RCMP with their  licence numbers, and that appropriate action will be taken.  Sechelt RCMP Detachment  welcomes a new member,  Constable William Mueller,  from Bolton, Ontario. He  thinks it's no fun being single.  Basketball  For fun, excitement, participation, healthy exercise  and competition; ladies are invited to join the Friday night  Ladies Basketball activities in  the Elphinstone Gym in Gibsons.  Practices are held every Friday from 7-9 pm. and any  women interested in joining  are invited to turn out.  3 DAYS ONLY'.  Thurs., Fri., Sa<-  Oct. 1,2.3  d������  Sunnycrest Mall  886-9413  THE   REGULAR  YOUR   M��J*VreaT  SAVINGS ARE GREA1  AT SAAN.  ' 100%  in a large as  and checks. 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N lv  Ul   N  R     R *fl UB"      V   A  0     UK     S  R H   A  !3     ij R H A      1      K  q  m   it o    T*I   'k\6 TH"   "   3    I    K JS  I"       nHsIab   rk|  u  m  sj                TMn                 WWW  1    Hi)    I m I    �� �� *    LA    T    i. 3  "     0   I    n(j    N "     OL    EH    A    NT  j*.   j t   tMc   Or..; t||m        n  REE    !)��� EDGE SHT    E    3 T  River  Den  Owns  Split  Fam. Name  1  r"  "T"  J-  '  T"  i-  a  |  ���  w  ���ff-  ���a-  14  !  *  1*  *  *  fe  1  w  *  ���  I  ���  *  I  *  1*1  -  _  I  f  _  ���  M  ���  '  I  *  It  ���  W  _  ���  V  JT  *  *  .,  I  I  4  1  04  r  n  m  1  M  ���  J  it  ea  ���  Legal Notes  Coast News, September 29,1981  23  .yne Ro\  Unsatisfied judgements  by Wayne Rowe  From the Attic  The collecting of beer bottles  by Helene Wallinder  .The first beer in America  Wits brewed in Virginia in  I $87. The oldest brewery still  operating   in   the   U.S.   in  PJjna(KrrJrtla",1s  the  PeratV and l*hteitteneath'*Ting of  Sons   Malting   Company,   glass on the neck.  about 6 inches around, slightly  sloping shoulders and a  tapered neck. The lip about 4  inches in circumference. They  utilized a cork closure that was  held in by a wire over the cork  Which was started in 1687 and  has descended from father to  son for eight generations.  ��� Bottles that were used to  certain beer in Colonial days  wire few as mosl of the  beverage was dispensed from  barrels. The bottles that were  used were the plain and unmarked black glass until the  Civil War period. Also produced were the heavy blob-top  sgda waler type in aqua, light  g[een, cobalt blue and amber.  Stoneware beer bottles im-  pprted from England during  the 1860-1890 period were  reused by American bottlers as  tile containers seldom were  bloken between consumer and  back.  <ln glass, a standard beer  bottle shape was adopted by  tfic 1870s. They were free of  embossment, quart size and  approximately 10 inches high.  They had a cylindrical body  With the invention of the  Lightning stopper in New  York in I87S, the beer industry had a new practical  clusure. The device can be  described as a toggle or  linkage type lever-operating  seal for jars or bottles. These  were utilized extensively on  beer bottles until around 1915  and can still be found in  Europe.  Aboul 1887, the Baltimore  loop seal was a favored  closure. This was probably the  first multipe use closure, -*x-  cluding corks of course. It was  inexpensive and easy lo use  and consisted of an inieral  rubber gasket that when pushed into a ring-shape.i groove  just inside the mouth of the  bottle formed the seal added  by internal pressure.  The period of particular interest to the collector is between 1870 and 1920. It was  during these years most interesting specimens were produced. After Prohibition, bottles with crown corks and  paper labels and eventually  cans, were the common containers. - ��� .  A group of beer bottles  unusual because of their colour are the ruby examples produced mainly for the Schlilz  Company by the Anchor  Hocking Glass Company, during the SOs and 60s. These bottles are brilliant red and were  made in large quanitities  (34,000,000) but only a small  percentage have survived.  Another unusual container is  one produced in milk glass for  the Carling Brewing Company. This 12-ounce stubby  bottle was made in 1964 by the  Owens-Illinois Glass Company of Toledo, Ohio.  Embossments could be considered the most interesting  aspect of collecting beer bot-   _���     .r    r    ties. In addition to the great"tand5rimtier\��ords, iris tto��  number of. firm names, em-  necessary to know precisely  There recently appeared in this  and other local newspapers a  notice to persons holding  judgements and maintenance  orders which were registered in  a Land Title Office prior to  October 31, 1979 advising  those persons that their  registration of those  judgements and orders would  expire on October 31, 1981 if  they did not lake steps io have  them renewed.  These notices are the end  result of a comprehensive  overhaul of the provincial land  law which was implemented  on October 31, 1979. Prior to  thai date the holder of a judgement or maintenance order  could simply register il in an  alphabetical index in a Land  Title Office and it would then  be effective against any land  registered in that Land Title  Office in the name of the  judgement debtor.  Unfortunately, this procedure produced some rather  cumbersome side-effects.  Whenever properly was being  conveyed it was necessary for  the purchaser's solicitor to  check the judgement index to  determine if there were any  judgements registered against  the vendor of the property.  Otherwise, the purchaser  could be stuck with the judgement.  If a judgement was found to  be registered in a name Ihe  same as or similar to that of  the vendor it was necessary to  obtain confirmation from the  judgement holder that the vendor was not the person who  owed the debt, if indeed that  was the case.  One of the changes to Ihe  law brought about by the 1979  amendments was to eliminate  the alphabetical index of  judgements and to require  judgements to be registered  against  .specific   parcels   of  in his name. The only difficulty with ihis procedure is that  the name index is not lOWo  reliable and your debtor may  in fact own property although  Ihe results of your search are  negative.  A further problem is that  you may now find that there  are several properties  registered in a name identical  lo that of your debtor. You  will have to determine which is  your debtor because if you  register your judgement  against the wrong party you  could be liable for his costs of  removing the judgement.  If you are a person lo whom  the previously mentioned  notices apply you should act  now to preserve your judgement by contacting your  solicitor or by contacting the  Registrar of Title in the Land  Title Office where your judgement is registered. The latter  will advise you as to the procedure that you must follow.  EVERARD   INSURANCE  SERVICES LTD  Specialists In term life insurance  ��� Low-cpst ��� Mortgage Insurance  ��� Non-Smoker Rates  CALL US AT 885-5726  Coma & Saa the���-���  VERSA-TOP  Stove ��� by Leonard  ��� Brushed chroma surface  with a Burners and Charcoal  Grill for Indoor Barbecuet.  ��� Griddle, HotlMorlo and Additional Burners optional.  [   e   Self-cleaning  black glass door.  Reg. $1290.**  oven   with  1  SALE: $1089.00l3  X / Bill's Holland Electric Ltd.  *   886-9132     Hwy. 101, Gibsons  -aSk next to Ken Devrles & Son  bossments of animals, symbols, and the like; these bottles  are very much in demand.  As ambivalent as it may  seem, many of the related  items Ihat would go with a  beer bottle collection have  been of interest to collectors  longer than the bottles  themselves. Items such as serving trays, mugs, advertising  posters, etc., are now very  much in demand and bring  very high prices.  Auxiliary needs meeting place  what land is owned by the person who owes the debt.  Thus, you will only be able  to renew your judgement or  order if you can identify a  specific properly owned by  your debtor. If you are not  aware of any specific property  in the name of your debtor but  you have a strong suspicion  thai he owns some land then  you can have a name search  done in the Land Title Office  to see if anything is registered  The Gibsons Hospital Auxiliary to St. Mary's Hospital,  Sechelt, is in urgent need of a  suitable location for monthly  meetings. Usual attendance is  from 23 - 35 members, and  meetings are held on the first  Wednesday in each month,  unless otherwise advised.  Kitchen facilities are a  necessity, plus a certain  amount of storage space for a  small kitchen cabinet containing cups, saucers and etc.  Space is also required for storing chairs.  It will be appreciated  that all Peninsula Auxiliaries  render a substantial service to  their communities, and  therefore it would be appreciated if anybody aware of  such accommodation please  contact Mrs. Pearl Dove  (Secretary) at 886-9684.  -GPsn^  Sunshine  Interiors  Home Decorating Centre  We carry a complete line of  ��� Drapes ��� Blinds ��� Sunshades  * Skylight Blinds ��� Wallpaper  dI daniodown ,4$?  HsAfll  iTwin     ���149."    Q����" ���199.����  Double '189."     King    ���229-00  Guaranteed 10 Years  CLEARANCE SALE  On Floor Model   Waterbed Suttee   iff*      Regular Priced Items  & All Orders Placed  Between Sept. 23 & Oct. 8  FrauEMIaUM NoObUfaUoM  North Rd. & Kiwanii Way, Gibioni        886-8187  Let us pave your  driveway or play area!  B.A. Blacktop have been paving  driveways and home recreational areas  for twenty-three years. It is quite likely  that some of the better paving around  homes that you have seen was done by  us. If you have a paving job in mind, let us  quote on it. You'll discover, as many have  before that B.A. Quality costs no more.  Sometimes it even costs a little less.  B.A. can "JET SEAL" your new or  existing blacktop driveway to protect it  from oil or gas spills.  PAVING OF  INDUSTRIAL SITES  ROADS  PARKING AREAS  TENNIS COURTS  Also grading, gravel sales,  soil cement, drainage  & curbs.  B.A. BLACKTOP  ?��  Porpoise Bay Road, Sechelt, B.C.  885-5151  Head Office: P.O. Bw 16340, North Vancouver, B.C. 98S4K11  "Quality service since 1956"  t-MALOA  ATA  AMALGAMATED  1     *UCKTOP  CONSTR. ASSN.  SFGoodrich  RadMMtri-TknximT/A  The<MyRadkdMud'Iire.  ��� Radial construction oilers quicker steering response and better ride  qualities than bias-ply mud tires.  ��� Large center groove channels water away from tread surface and helps  reduce hydrop/aning.  Size  List Price  Sale Price  9Rx15  257.20  192.13  10Rx15  272.65  203.67  12Rx15  356.25  266.12  10R x 16.5  331.35  247.51  12R x 16.5  382.50  285.73  ,-,.,,   ,          litM    ������������   .  ���, ii -. . ,.,    i  '��  V  RadialAIl-TeiramT/A-  Mr&RxVflienTheGorngGetsBaiah.  ��� An excellent off-the-road radial achieved by maximizing ruggedness,  while maintaining the advantages of a radial street tire  ��� Deep, sell-cleaning grooves for excellent traction.  ��� Dual compound tread to resist heat buildup and provide long wear.  Size  List Price  Sale Price  9Rx 15  242.30  180.99  10Rx 15  256.85  191.87  12Rx15  335.60  250.70  10R x 16.5  312.15  233.17  12R x 16.5  364.30  272.13  HFGoodrich  Made For Mileage and  Light Truck Performance  For Pickups, Panels,Vans or  Campers  Extra Miler XL  $70.82  toe si/t  Hshaped  traction tread  ii t>'��cl<s lot  150 x II excellent wei  oi dry gup  Rugged nylon  cord construction for strength  and durability  IFGoodrich  Sure-Footed Traction  in Mud and Snow  For Pickups, Panels,Vans or  Campers  Extra Traction  ��tow as ��� Deep biting.  $76.46  Sl/l   sell cleaning  tread tor excep-  * '��� honal traction  ��� Rugged nylon  cord construe ���  lion lor strength  and durability  Tube Type       +8-Pty Tire Body  \u  ~->*  List  Sale  ���      Size  Price  Price  ��� 700x 15  108.70  79.24  ��� 650x 16  104.90  76.46  1 700 x 16  117.80  85.88  I 750 x 16  138.85  97.47  ��� 875x 16.5  153.10  107.48  Q 950 x 16.5  176.15  123.66  ��� 'lubeiess      "tube typo       + 8- Ply Ti re Body  Coastal Tires  TIRE, BRAKE & SUSPENSION CENTRE  886*2700 Nffioi.igiiwBiiiffliD--.oni 886*8167 Coast News, September 29,1981  J.T*  . ���  I  ?  ���*.  fl  20��/(  OOff  ALL  ������jaflT  *" DRAPERY & LINING  MATERIALS  ���<" ^ A *  38*  Let us give you a FREE ESTIMATE  on your Custom Drapery requirements  and SAVE  with our Super Fall Fabric Sale.  SALE ENDS SATURDAY, OCT. 3rd  We offer the finest Quality  and Workmanship available  ��� our seamstress is second to none!  20% Off  ALL  SUPERIOR  WINDOW BLINDS & SHADES  ��� Vertical and Horizontal Venetian Blinds in metal, wood and designer styles to  match any decor and create any mood.  ��� Decorator Roll-Up Window Shades  ��� Transparent shades that let in the view but keep out fading light.  mum)  30% Off  ALL No! That it neither a Rhino nor a Seacow wallowing ovar the pebblee but you can allow your imagination tree reign  while wandering on the beach at Selma Park. Wsna�� L��n��� J��h���� r*oi��  INSIDE...  Anderson Realty Ltd pages 2 & 3  Aelbers Real Estate page 4  K. Butler Realty Ltd page 4  Mitten Realty Ltd page 4, 5, 6 & 7  Century 21 Century West Real Estate pages 8 & 9  Art Alexander Realty Ltd page 10  OUI Sladey Realty Ltd page 11  Solar Realty Ltd page 12  Wharf Realty Ltd page 12  Block Bros. Realty Ltd page 13  H.B. Gordon Agencies Ltd page 13  Gibsons Realty     page 14 & 15  Pebbles Realty page 16  /   ^VANCOUVER ISLAND Sunshine Coast Realtor, October 2,1981  FREE CATALOGUE  Sechelt  885-3211  Box 1219, VON 3AO  aaxnm  Coast to Cms!  Real Estate Service  anderson  REALTY LTD  Vancouver Toll Ptea  684-8016  LOTS  PORPOISE PROPERTIES  Our newest waterfront development  Adjacent to Provincial Park,  minutes to town  Excellent swimming, boating, fishing  20% down 15% financing  Sandy Hook Rd  Uplands Fd.  Tllllcum Rd.  - LANGDALE -  End of Grady Rd. - water, power & close to ferry. $45,900  Doug. a,isj  - GRANTHAMS -  Central Rd - Easy building. 50' x 103' ��� 125,000 - Stan Hilstad.  ���115  Woodland Rd. - 2 view lots, private road, southern exposure.  Price U right - 2 fori Sale Frank ��142  - ROBERTS CREEK -  Richards Rd. - Choice 70' x 140' lot, cleared St level - Doug.  ���127  WILSON CREEK: Just Listed! 2 choice building lots in quiet  residential area. Browning Road is a dead end street and these  lots are approximately Vz acre. Contact Bob Bull and Frank Ingham. "167 & 168  -DAVIS BAY-  Top of Laurel Rd., on Arbutus Drive. Exclusive subdivision, incredible views, building protection. Owner* null tell  ���Drastic Price Reductlonl From 157,000 Talk to Bob or  Frank now. ��72,123*159  - GIBSONS VILLAGE -  Good building lot in central lower Gibsons   $49,000 - Stan  Hilstad. '144  GRAND VIEW ROAD  Bonniebrook Heights ��� Best lot in the subdivision 66' x 164'  $54,000  Cleared and ready to build  Call Bob Bull or Stan  Hilstad. "160  -SECHELT VILLAGE-  Best view lot buy in town by a mile. End of road. Compare with  anything at $44,500. Frank has details. "157  - SANDV HOOK -  Mt. Richardson - Lot 115 ��� Dead-end road, borders Pro  vincial Forest Our best buy $30,000  Call Don "21  ��� Lot 48 - Excellent view, lake all offers  Frank. "113  Lot 19 ��� A bargain at $22,900. - Call  Don   "23  ��� .4 acre property ��� tall trees, quiet area,  try your deal at $39,000 Stan Hilstad.  ���150  -WEST SECHELT -  Jasper Rd. Potential view & priced to sell. Reduced to  $44,900. Call Gordie. "107  Mason Rd. - 72'x 200'x 6S'- Greal view & area  ���easy building ��� Make an offer ��� Stan A.  "$54,000 "24  Island View Dr.        - Exclusive area - top of hill - driveway &  building site ready ��� Call Jack. "84  - REDROOFFS-  Prices have fallen - $42,900 now buys you Redrooffs Ranch  Phase I 82' x 208, level, treed, no mobiles. Call Bob or Frank.  "79  -FAWNRD-  Another decrease. Potential Sargeant Bay view. Plenty of  timber, lovely setting. 92' x 408' large enough? $42,900 cheap  enough? Call us. Frank or Bob. "87  -COOPER RD.-  Small mobile, power in. water paid, building site. Call Don.  "110  -REDROOFFS RANCH PHASE II-  Lols 69 & 70. Vi acre level. $10,000 down & balance al 15%.  Call Gordie. "41*42  -REDROOFFS RANCH PHASE 11-  Selectively cleared. Southern exposure, building codes, park-  land. Call Slan Hilstad. Bob or Frank.  -BARGAIN HARBOUR WATERFRONT LOT-  $80,000. Some terms Call Don. "47  -SECRET COVE-  Painter Rd. Top of hill, deadend road. 102' x 320'. Walk to  moorage Vendor anxious ��� offers?? Bob or Frank. "71  COMMERCIAL  GIBSONS ��� DEVELOP NOW 4 �� ACRES: Here's the one  you have been looking for Two separate subdividable parcels  Will sell as a whole or take on investors Ready to develop  Perhaps you have missed this one Contact Bob Bull or Frank  Ingham. Vancouver Toll Free 684-8016 *86  WEST SECHELT: Commercial Corner Mason & NorWest  Bay Rd ��� 18.000 sq ft suitable (or supermarket or corner slore  Busy crossroad area adjacent to expanding school and no competition. On site living quarters permitted  Call Stan Anderson  ���28  WATERFRONT  BARGAIN HARBOUR: Waterfront lot. over half acre, recently  perked, driveway In. hydro, water and phone at road. Full price  185,000 Call Don at 885-9504 or 885-3211. *47  DAVIS BAY: One of a kind! Sunsets galore. Very private and  partly landscaped lot is approximately l/i acre. View with Bob  Bull. "12  REDROOFFS WATERFRONT -  1.47 acres with hydro, phone, water and cable at the road. Excellent exposure. Call Don. "39  103' OF WATERFRONT AT HALF PRICE: Here Is water  front property at an unheard of dollar. Salmon on your  doorstep Try 150,000 or whatever! Such a deal Call Frank 114  SECRET COVE: 3/* acre plus 91 ft. of waterfront. Lots of  potential. Last year's price of 179,900. Stan Hilstad. 109  WATERFRONT ACREAGE: 16 acres with approximately  600' of low bank beach. Brand new road access. Approval for  subdivision to 3 parcels. Vendor will carry half. Contact Bob Bull  or Frank Ingham. *126  COCHRANE ROAD ��� VILLAGE OF GIBSONS: Approx  imately 60' of beach plus a beautifully landscaped yard. Over  1700 sq. ft. of comfortable living with 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms  and stone fireplace. Appliances and drapes Included, Plenty of  storage. Offered by Frank Inqham at $189,000.                *116  HOMES  SECHELT VILLAGE: 1152+ sq. ft. 3 bedroom home within  walking distance to shopping. On sewer, some view and full  basement. Asking 191,900. Call Doug, *133  SECHELT VILLAGE: Move right in. Like new 3 bedroom  home features 2x6 walls, airtight heater, basement substantially  developed and $50,000 assumable mortgage Call Bob Bull or  Frank Inqham 195,500. "155  REDROOFFS: 3 bedroom home, 153M sq ft on large lot in  popular Redrooffs area. Asking 1107,000 Call Bob Bull for  more info ff158  WEST SECHELT: Prestige home in an exclusive area. Presently under construction and should be finished by November. 3  bedrooms, 3 bathrooms, 3 fireplaces, with Jenn-Air and built-in  oven. Asking $225,000 Call Doug for other details "117  SECHELT VILLAGE ��� 3 BDRM HOME: on a large fenced lot  close enough to walk to shopping. Drapes, stove, fridge, washer  & dryer to stay. Early possession. Asking $99,000. See Doug.  "161  SECHELT VILLAGE: Uniquely designed 2 storey. 3 bedroom  home featuring sunken living room, family room and more in  1636 sq ft. Call Stan Anderson. "18  9M.NA fAHK: Well buill 3 bedroom home on view lot.  Sundeck and rec room Owner is leaving the area so bring offers to $139,900 Ask for Doug. "141  SOMETHING SPECIAL - VILLAGE HOME: What better  time to buy a revenue home at a very special price! Recently  redecorated home consisting of 3 bedrooms, 2 levels and  spacious basement. Plenty of room for a suite. Large backyard  and lots of storage space for just $79,900. This is a real buy. Call  Stan Anderson, ��16  COMMERCIAL  WILSON CREEK: Over 1 acre of industrial property in the  new park. End of cul-de-sac Asking 166,000 Contact Bob or  Frank. '164  LAUNDROMAT: Steady business Ideal lor semi retired couple All equipment in excellent condition Greal location Call  Jack Vendors want to sell "92  SECHELT VILLAGE - COMMERCIAL LOT: 60' �� 176'  Central location Great investment Will lake terms $77,000  Bob Bull M7  HOMES  DAVIS BAY: Enjoy the panoramic view over Davis Bay or a  refreshing dip in the 16' x 32' pool while the beautiful minimal  care landscaping looks after itself. This well built home has 3  bedrooms up, 2 down and a slate pool table included In the 28' x  17' rec. room, To view call Bob Bull or Stan Hilstad. Askinq  ���165.000 "1U  WEST SECHELT ��� PRICE REDUCTION: You may still  assume a mortgage of approximately $49,000 at HVz%.  $66,000 more buys you a near new 3 bedroom home of over  2000 sq. ft. Huge deck, airtight stove and skylight. Contact Bob  Bull or Frank Ingham. *25  NORVAN ROAD ��� IMMACULATE HOME: 2 year new home  in immaculate condition. Massive sundeck with southern exposure. Double carport and separate garage. The asking price Is  $115,000 and there Is a $40,000 mortgage at 10Vi% due  November 1983. Call Frank Ingham or Bob Bull for details.  '112  MOORAGE GUARANTEED. Up to 40 ft of moorag  available with purchase ol this 2060 sq Ii quality built view  home iti Selma Park Oilier features include heat pump with  reverse cycle air conditioning, skylights, built-in vacuum and  Wood sash windows Asking $189,000. For more Info call Slan  Hilstad or Stan Anderson ��� 101  SECHELT: Room to roam in 3400 sq ft of comfort with a  beautiful view to enjoy from the large living room or wraparound sundeck Stone fireplace uo ami airtight down keep the  chill off during the cool evenings Call Cordis for mote information. "122  WILSON CREEK: Trade or lol as down payment? New house  sunny location 1600 sq it. with lots ol cedar, vinyl siding, bay  window, heatilator fireplace and double carport Bob Bull or  Frank Ingham                                         " "106  DAVIS BAY: Energy efficient - $32-'month. Beautiful view  home. 3 bedroom split level with many great features Asking  $175,000. Call Doug. '143  NEW SEA VIEW ��� LOT 54 ��� DAVIS BAY: Close to public  beach Two level home Ideal for In-law suite with separate entrance. Good view jjom both levels. 2 sets plumbing plus ensuite  In master bedroom. Over 2000 sq. ft, with w/w carpets. 3  bedrooms up Workroom, laundry room. Carport & sundeck.  Cement drive Good value $149,500. F.P. Call Jack  885-2053. #9  WEST SECHELT: The price is right on this single wide mobile  Iiuttu** situated on a maintenance-free nicely landscaped lot on  irMasonRd Ask Frank oi Bob *132  DRASTIC REDUCTION: Here is 1346 sq ft of quality home  on a beautiful view lot. This home has everything. 3 bdrms. ensuite. skylights, 2 fireplaces and vaulted ceilings The concrete  driveway leads to a double carport and the lawn is already up1 At  $150,000 this is truly excellent value for your dollar Contact  Bob Bull or Frank Ingham "10  DAVIS BAY - PRICED TO SELL $110,000: Brand new  home awaiting completion by owner/contractor or yourself The  basics are already in 1120 sq ft,. 3 bdrms. 2 baths, fireplace  and garage Still time to choose your interior. Drive by Whitaker  Rd or call Frank Ingham Ml  Let's Talk Creative Financing  Gordon  Hall  885-9986  Stan  Hilstad  886-2923  Doug  Joyce  885-2761  Frank  Ingham  885-5336  Don  Hadden  885-9504 Sunshine Coast Realtor, October 2, 1981  The Sunshine Coast Realtor  announces its new  "OPEN DOOR  POLICY"  The established and reputable guide to Real Estate on the Sunshine  Coast is now accepting PRIVATE    LISTINGS  OF   HOMES FOR SALE  Please phone 086-2622 or 866-7617 for details  (B�� tur* to Inquire about our "3 for 2" rotol)  Builders, Associated Trades and Mobile Home  Vendors are welcome to apply for limited space  available.  A "Do-It-Yourself"  opportunity for the  Sunshine Coast!  i anderson;  REALTY LTD  FREE CATALOGUE  HOMES  CMS WAY - BARGAIN HARBOUR: Enjoy the soullwrly n-  posure and excellent view ol Bargain Harbour from this well-  built and maintained home. For further information call Bill at  883-2637 '49  DONNELY DRIVE - MIDDLEPOINT: A l/5th share In 1  acre of land, with your own 1 bedroom A-Frame. Close to  ocean and public access. Bill Hunsche 883-2637. '151  STARTER HOME OR SUMMER RETREAT: Madeira Park,  Front Rd. $59,900. Vendor will consider carrying up to  $40,000. Doug 885-2761 or Bill 883-2637. '101  WELCOME WOODS (REDROOFFS): 9 month new 3 bdrm'  contemporary home on 5/8 ol an acre on Wlldwood Rd. The  price of 1119,500 Includes 5 new appliances. Bill Hunsche  883-2637. '140  GARDEN BAY RD. ��� GARDEN BAY: Comfortable older 950  sq. ft. home close to stores and government float. There is an  I assumable mortgage of $33,500 at 16%. F.P. 182.000 To  ' view call Bill 883-2637. '147  NARROWS RD. MADEIRA PARK: Small, comfortable one  bedroom home on a large lot. For further information call Bill  883-2637. '124  GARDEN BAY ESTATES'. 4 month old Astro quality home In  a most prestigious area - 2 blocks to a'marina. 1196 sq. ft. 2  bdrms, on 4/10 of an acre. F.P. 1119,500. View with Bob  885-3531. '115  NEW EXECUTIVE HOME IN LEE BAY: 250* from ocean,  lovely views. F P. (195,000. '163  DREAM HOME: 1531.2 iq. tt. nestled amongst orchard trees  and a small creek. Lot 25, Lee Bay where you will en)oy the  view ol famous Lee Bay and the majestic Malaspina Strait. For  more Information call Bill 883-2637. "97  ACREAGE  LOTS  . m  ,   (oasl to Coasl  fltolbteteStfyici  WATERFRONT  lVt STOREY ��� 3 BDRM HOME - EXCELLENT DOCK:  150* frontage, F.P. 1235,000 - $100,000 down or will accept  Lower Mainland home and carry balance. John Breen  883-9978. '153  EXQUISITE WATERFRONT: 2325 sq. ft. of excellence less  than 2 yean old. This 4 bdrm home belongs to the premier  builder In Pender Harbour. Finishing and materials are the very  best and there is a view from every window. Two fingered 40'  float in very calm deep water. I haven't seen anything nicer on  the coast. Executive furniture Included In F.P. 1475,000. Bob  885-3531. '162  EXCLUSIVE WATERFRONT: A 2 year old 60' float Is Indicative of the millionaire features of this home in Garden Bay  Estates. View the unsurpassed view with Bob Beaupre  885-3531. '129  RUBY LAKE: Waterfront lease cabin, reduced to $30,000.  Don. ��67  BARGAIN HARBOUR CHARM: Here's a great combination  of sandy beach and deep, protected moorage. Enjoy the  southerly view from the sunroom in an 1100 sq. ft. modem  home set just above the beach. $250,000. Jock Hermon  883-2745 or Bill Hunsche 883-2637. '137  WATERFRONT PRIVACY: Looking for a good deal? Price  has been reduced $40,000. This 3 acre't estate Is located on  desirable Redrooffs Rd. Formerly 2 tots - R2 zoning permits a  2nd house on deluxe site next to the finest porous concrete tennis court on the coast. The 1150sq. ft. home is cedar and glass  to take advantage of views of Merry Island lighthouse and  beyond. $52,000 at 11%. Owner will accept trades ot lake back  mortgage F.P. $265,000. Call Bob 8833531. 'SB  MAGNIFICENT WATERFRONT HOME: Nearlng completion 2600 sq. ft. architect-designed home Is situated on 130 ft.  of spectacular waterfront. This superb dwelling will highlight the  leatures contained in a west coast contemporary design World-  renowned sport fishing and scenic cruising Is al your front door.  $475.000. Bill Hunsche 883-2637. ��154  LEE BAY PROPERTIES  Waterfront View  Lot 01 $118,900  Ut 02 $110,900  Lot 07 $129,000  Lot 10 $ 97,900  Lot 12 $ 97,900  Lot 13 $ 97,900  Lot 15 $ 32,500  Lot 21 $ 60,000  Lot 30 $ 66,000  Let Bay: Lot 18 $39,000.  REDROOFFS: 1.47 acres - Waterfront. $105,000. Bill I  883-2637. '33  KLEINDALE: 5 easy acres on highway. $59,000. Terms. Call!  Don. '1301  EARLS COVE: 1.49 acres. View. $65,000. Terms. Jock!  883-2745. '1391  PENDER LAKE ESTATES: Ut 43 $39,000. Bob 8853531.  ���1331  MADEIRA PARK: Commercial or residential.  Bill 883-2637. 1  2 ACRES ��� KLEINDALE: 2 acres site In Kleindale. The power j  is at the property line and the well has been drilled. Price I  $55,000. Bill Hunsche 883-2637. '104 f  COMMERCIAL  PENDER HARBOUR: Boatworks with waterfront and 1800 J  sq. ft. contemporary home situated on 2Vi acres at the head ol [  Pender Harbour. For more Information call Bill Hunsche j  883-2637.  LAGOON RD. ��� MADEIRA PARK: Zoning permits Vt acre jj  lots on this 1 acre piece $65,000. Bill Hunsche 883-9525.  MADEIRA PARK: 4>/r acrei. Zoning permits >/t acre lots Excellent holding property. Owner will carry some financing, Bob [  or Bill 883 9525  Jack Bill Bob Bob Stan Jock  Anderson       Hunsche Bull Beaupre        Anderson      Hermon  8852053 883-2637 885-2503       885-3531 885-2385       883-2745  John  Breen Sunshine Coast Realtor, October 2,1981  AELBERS REAL ESTATE  Marine Drive  Granthams Landing, B.C.  AFFORDABLE PRICES  FOR ACREAGE AND HOUSING  WATERFALL & PRIVACY 143.000  This unique lot is located in the popular Roberts Creek area and is ready to  build on as a health permit has been Issued.  WALKING DISTANCE TO FERRY f 42.000  One of the last view lots available at Hopkins Landing. Access from Marine  Dr. and or North Road, is added value. Owner will finance.  A GREAT STARTER HOUSE 169,500  Two bedroom older home, attractively redecorated inside with good water  view. Located on Martin Road, Gibsons. Walking distance to everything.  Owner will assist financing.  SOAMESROAD 186.500  Next best thing to waterfront - view property within walking distance of the  beach. Two side by side lots with an older home straddling them both.  Buoy established at the water for your boat.  HOBBY FARM 165.000  Your very own 2>/2 acres + estate - includes older farm style house, trailer  pad, fruit trees. Located on Roberts Road, Powell River.  SANDY HOOK AND TUWANEK LOTS From 529.500  Only five miles from Sechelt with incomparable views of the Inlet. Excellent access to the water & boat launching and the privacy everyone  seeks makes these lots just that much more desirable.  WATERFRONT 598,000  '/2 acre of waterfront, Gower Point Road/9th Sireet. Small cabin on beach  esplanade for immediate use.  DON LOGAN    886-9238  Van. Toll Free 922-7814  REVENUE: Immaculate 4 plex in quiet residential area. Each suite, features 2 bdrms, 3 piece  bath, open plan living rm., dining rm. and kitchen. Sale includes fridge and stove in each  suite plus washer and dryer in shared laundry  room. This is a well built and maintained  building. A good buy at the asking price of  1185,000. Be sure ������. sfiew it by giving us a call  for appointment.  INVESTMENT: Best buy on the Coast! 4 acres.  400' waterfront, unparalleled view over Georgia  Strait. Gentle slope. All facilities available except  sewer Small house on one corner Select  cleared with lots of large evergreens to afford  privacy. Presently subdivided Into 6 parcels  Area of new executive homes Priced right for  the knowledgeable Investor at $680,000  CAROL PLACE: Large irregular shaped lot on  quiet cul-de-sac. 138,000.  BURNS ROAD ��� GIBSONS: Level lot with  small stream. Quiet residential area. Few large  evergreen trees. 65 x 130. Close to beach, P.O.  and shops. 149,800.  THOMPSON ROAD: 100 x 150' lot with unsurpassed view of ferries, Howe Sound, Islands  and North Shore Mountains. Asking $75,000.  HWY 101: 2>/z acres south slope. Beautiful  landscaping around the desirable 3 bdrm home  with full unfinished basement. Attractive living  room with fireplace. Convenient kitchen with  built-in oven, etc. Forced air heat. Greenhouse  plus other outbuildings Real value at  1176,000  JAArstmN  Ammml REALTY LTD.  "BLUEBERRY PLACE"  A new quality Residential Subdivision  $45,000 per lot  Terms available with 25% down  Balance at 16%  Selectively cleared, Fully serviced lots,  Pived road, Gentle southern slope with  good view, close to the beach at Davis Bay  and minutes to all facilities at Sechelt.  FOR FULL DETAILS CONTACT  EITHER OF OUR OFFICES AT:  Gibsons Sechelt  886-8126 885-3295  Vane. Toll Frn 669-7920    Vane. Toll Ftm 681-7931  MOBILE HOMES  WESTSECHELT $85,000  Immaculate double wide home located on large  lot. Some features include built-in drawers in all  three bedrooms, large closets plus full ensuite  bathroom off master bedroom. Large combination kitchen and dining room. Also, large  sundeck.  Very popular  location.   Call  Terry  Brackett 885-9865.  MONARCH MOBILE HOME $38,900  This 14' x 70' two bedroom near new mobile  home is already set up in one of Gibsons finer  trailer park. Appliances included and vendor will  /terms Klaus Roepke 885-2314        "697  '617  BUILDING IN THE FUTURE?       $69,900  Perfect for the couple who plan to build in the  future but need a place to live right away. The  lot is a beautiful 1/3 acre in Welcome Woods,  The bonus is a three bedroom Bendlx Mobile  Home. See it with Brent Strad 883-9382. *569  ice  amrmtmmmausmt  BOR 979        885*3295  ^(���"������^gfiSejiijH^���-  \  GENERAL INSURANCE  REAL ESTATE AUTOPLAN  r  MISTAKES COST MONEY!  Why should it be yours?  "To err is human.,  One or two mistakes  are bound to happen.  But not three!  If you catch us on  a third mistake  in your ads  you get a free ad  of matching size.  The  Sunshine Coast Realtor  means  quality  and  service  and to guarantee it  we'll put our money  where our mouth is. Sunshine Coast Realtor. October 2, 1981  QIBSONS OFFICE  In tht Lower Village  80X1700    008-8126  AAAVTRM  MMM REALTY LTD.  Van. Toll Free  669-7920  PICK YOI  Carpets & cabinets tor your new 'S bdrm house  Heatilator fireplace & skylights plus a mortgage  at 16% make this one of the most attractive  buys on the market. Terry 885-9865 or Randy  885-5623. "257  ROBERTS CREEK 195,000  Cozy one bdrm home with a small guest cottage. Almosl V> an acre Close to beach, school  and trans. AD appliances Included. Vendor Is  willing to carry approx $40,000 at 14%.  Suzanne 8868317. "254  QUALITY* GOOD PRICE 1129.000  Owner will take back a $60,000 mortgage at  15%. 3 bdrms. 2 baths. Vi acre lot. Centrally  Located in Roberts Creek. This home will not  last! Phone Randy 885-5623 or 8868126. MLS  ���258  PRIVACY AND SECLUSION S 140.000  4 6 acres of paddocks and fruit trees embraced  by the two arms of year-round creek. Small  older cottage and large barn. You could be self-  sufficient here  Frances or Syd Heal 885-5693  '213  LOOKI 14% FINANCING  Both Home* Open All Weekend  2 - 4 p.m.   **�������� {  &  Sg-f ,.  "^���^ta^r  ���  --  VETERANS RD & MARION PLACE  Owner will Carry the (tnanciny Inr you on this  near new 3 bdrm home Try your offer and  terms now! Peter Davidson1885-8400.       "214  MARION PLACE (off Veterans Rd.)  Reduced to 187,000 near new 3 bdrm Rancher. L scaped, patin. pantry, paved drive  Assumable first mortgage, Bal arranged to suit;  Let's talk It over now! Peter Davidson at  886-8400. *      '220  A FAMILY HOME $89,000  Almost new 4 hdrm home Two baths, F'P.  modern kitchen and the price of $89,000  makes this home the besl buy in Gibsons To  view please call Frances or Svd Heal 885-5693.  "210  INVESTMENT-  COMMERCIAL &  INDUSTRIAL  REVENUE DUPLEX $150,000  * Super Ocean View  * Upstairs & Downstairs Suites.  * Sunny Level Lot.  * Central Location.  * All Offers Considered.  Phone Randy Wollen 885-5623 *225  SEAMOUNT INDUSTRIAL  Tun fully serviced lots 62.fi x 150, Syd or  Prances Heal 885 6fo93 '252 & 253  ANTIQUES $85,000  A growing antique business in the heart of Gibsons with a large stock of high quality. The  potential ol this business has barely been tapped Su/Anne 886 8317 "248  PRIME COMMERCIAL SPACE  Lower Village ��� 1050 iq. ft. main road loca  tlon. immediate possession, private parking  Lower Village -' Storage or workshop space  convenient loading deck, private parking  Hwy 101 and Payne Road ��� 4000 iq, ft retai  or office space. New building, strategic location,  excellent parking. Available in 1000 sq. It units  For terms and lease rates call Syd Heal  885-5693  /HOME  A quality built home with large elegant rooms  for entertaining. 2 f /places, huge rec. room with  bar and dance floor Sundeck and patio fully tiled, easy care garden. To view please call  Frances or Syd Heal 8855693. 160  HOPKINS LANDING 1139,000  Large 3 bdrm home with view & close to ferry  plus 3 bdrm self-contained in-law suite on  ground level. Price includes above ground pool  with cedar deck. Some financing available.  Marilyn Strom 886-2307. '245  HOBBY FARM GIBSONS $150,000  it Super location In Gibsons.  * Over \w2 acres of.flat treed property.  * Large remodelled home. '  * Includes barn & greenhouse.  * Owner will take back mortgage al 16%.  Randy Wollen 885-5623 '262  GIBSONS $132,000  Lovely 4 bdrm in lower Gibsons, view of water  and mountains. Large rec. room with fireplace  Very convenient kitchen, lots of storage and  work area Master bdrm with ensuite. Living rm  open to the dining rm with fireplace. Large  workshop with separate entrance Close to all  amenities. Suzanne 886-8317. "589  WILSON CREEK DUPLEX PLUS  Well-built modern duplex with in-law suite  (presently rented) Airtight stoves, super kitchens, plus much more. To view or for additional Info, call Syd or Frances Heal 885*5693  "211  OPEN  Sun. October 4th - 2-4 p.m.  All offers will be considered. Owner says sell to  come on in and make your offer on this deluxe 4  bdrm view home In beautiful Woodcreek Park  Phone Randy Wollen 885-5623 *244  sales r-torii to uMf you  Syd HmI Manager  885-SM3  Suzaniw Dunkarton  MM317  Patar Davidson  8664400  Marilyn Strom  666-2307  Francaa Haal  666-6663  mtaHummal  866-7070  Handy Wollan  6664623  Barbara MacQrogor  6864128  BantSogato  686-3616  NORTH ROAD 1111.000  3 bdrm home with heatilator fireplace and partial basement Price include, small revenue  cabin. Situated on large 50' k 208' commercially  zoned lot. Call Marilyn Strom 886-2307   137  CLOSE TO EVERYTHING 135.000  3bdrm 10 year old home. Vendor will look at all  offers and will carry Lease Property. Frances or  Syd Heal 885-5693. 117  AFFORDABLE HONE 174.500  2 bdrm older home in Gibsons. Newer garage &  garden shed go with price. Sunny lot has lots ol  room and 2 fruit trees. This home Is a good  starter or ideal for a small family. Randy  885.5623orofflce886-8126, "238  ATTRACTIVE GIBSONS HOME  Attractive financing too Vendor may carry up  to $60,000 at 16% for 1 or 2 years on this  1139.900 2 bdrm rancher. Not far from Cedar  Grove School this home is In nicely established  surrounding neighbourhood. See this home today and take advantage of greal financing. Call  Rita at 886-7070. ��229  DESIRABLE HOME  Price reduced'lo $107,500. Close to schools,  shopping, etc. Large living and dining rooms,  ground level basement fully finished. Drapes,  itove. frig, included Frances or Syd Heal  ,85.8693 "205  WATERFRONT  WATERFRONT ��� ROBERTS CREEK  Now is your chance to buy a piece of the most  desirable property on the coast This level acre  plus faces south for ideal solar home conditions.  Many stately evergreens line the drive to the  double wide Chancelor mobile home and second building site. (By-law allows two  dwellings.) Call Rita at 886-7070 for all the  details on this fifte property offered at  1229,000 *245  WATERFRONT ��� REDUCED 1169.000  Popular Redrooffs can be your new address  when you move Into this brand new 3 bdrm  Nome. High bank but accessible waterfront is  over ���'/4 acre. Very attractive financing assures  Ihat this won't last. Call Rita today at  B86-7070. '247  I  LOTS  '��� - v- '- ��� ���:-.'������.*- ^-������r-  MALAV1EW ROAD GIBSONS  * Nice level lot in Gibsons  * Very quiet sireet  * Area of quality homes.  * Sunny exposure.  * Just move on and build.  Randy Wollen 885-5623;  $45,000  "261  TRAILER SPACE  Large sunny lot on Rosamund Road. Quiet  street in area of good homes. Zoning will allow  for trailers. Lot has deluxe view of Mt.  Elphinstone. Phone Randy 885-5623.       "263  SUCH A DEAL $10,000  Thai's righl only $10,000 down, owner will  carry balance at 15% Full price Is $39,900 and  lot.has underground services and private wharf  Don't let this one get away. Phone today!!! Randy Wollen 885 5623 or 886-8126.  THE BLUFF SKYLINE $50,000  Arbutus trees, moss. rocks.and Christmas trees.' '  A fantastic view of sea and mountains. Suzanne  886-8317 "231  REDUCED TO SELL $43,000  Choice level building lol In desirable Welcome  Woods. Beautifully treed In area of good  homes. Frances or Syd Heal 885-5693.    "228  TRANQUILITY & TREES -  ROBERTS CREEK  That's what you get on this level -V* acre proper  ty. A 200 foot private lane insures privacy.  Owner will take back $20,000 mortgage at  (6%, Phone Randy at 885-5623. *259  SUNNY ROBERTS CREEK  Large lot in central Roberts Creek Ready io  build on and could provide a good view. Owner  will look at builders terms Ik financing. Kandy  885-562H "207  THINKING OF BUILDING  Keep costs down with this 60' x 120' level lot  Location is sunny and just a short walk to all  amenities. $38,000. Call Rita Hummel for  more details at 886-7070. MLS "215  SEE THE SEA  FjTom this view lot in Gibsons village. This lot is  bin sewer and has access front & back. Owner  will take $25,000 down and carry the balance at  16%-' Full price $43,500 Phone Randy  885-5623 '240  LOOKOUT DRIVE $40,000  Excellent easterly view of Sechelt inlet and  mountains from this easy-to-build lot. Frances or  Syd Heal 885 5693 *266  ACREAGE  SHAW ROAD $155,000  This 5.32 acres within the village of Gibsons is  presently zoned to allow duplexes. Required  minimum lot size 8000 sq. ft. Located only 3  blocks to village services yet in a quiet area. As a  bonus a substantial amount can be financed at  15%. Marilyn886-2307. *222  tu subdlvlHable acres. 2 + _acres cleared ana in  pasture, some cross fencing. View of  Elphinstone Mt Quality house of dutch barn  style using togs for the lower level. Unique  finishing are the features in this 3 bdrm home.  Brick heatilator fireplace, large open kit.. built Inl  oven, microwave & .Jenn-Air range, -lots of:  counter space & storage area. Hot tub set out on  a large sundeck overlooking the acreage.  Suzanne 886-8317 "221  HIGHWAY FRONTAGE  Interesting 1200 ft  on ihe highway at Petjder'.;  Harbour   Total area lour acres plus. cleafeVM  mostly level and close to the harbour. Call Syd  or Frances Heal 885-5693 "233  REAP THE BENEFITS  Of owning this level 5+ acres with Iwo bdrm  home Horses are welcome in this convenient  location. 1 mile to Gibsons, schools and shopping $165,000. Rita Hummel 886-7070. '249  ROBERTS CREEK $123,000  Beautiful wooded 9.5 subdividable acreage. ���  Property bounded by roads on both sides.'  Suzanne 886*8317 "255  REDROOFFS  A rare find al $58,000 for 131 acres. Road  .allowance at back for future subdivision. Gentle  slope southern exposure. Close to beach and  boat launch. Well treed. Suzanne Dunkerton  886-8317 "256  "MAPLE GROVE"  $40,900  From^45��00.per lot  A totally serviced Residential Subdivision  Contact Eicluilvii Agents  Syd & Frincti Heal  885-5693  Terms available with 25% down Bilanca at 16%  ���   ,   h���  Selectively cleared with all services underground selling a new nigh standard tor me area Paved curbed  road, selectively cleared with beautiful Irees remaining. Close to stores, schools and Gibsons Harbour with  ils soon-to-be rjuill marina.  ,    NO OPEN DITCHES AND NO UGLY POWER-POLES  Gibioni Office  886-8126  Vane. Ten Frn 6(9-7920  I  I-  i  '/Tt.  3    i  Hit  o'sns*  HOMO  *I��N  ...  >,H  ...  ���"  l��H  .�����*  .* K  " "  " "  " '*  " "  ��� H ,\  S"  r  111  ,  I  ,  1  1  ,  q  1  ,  !��!  M ;  SS   ;  m ;  33 :  **>!  II)  10 '  ����� ���  If  If  ft '  IS ���  O  k  la* :  40  . *l  ��� ti  1  ....  ���aw  Ha*  \  IM  ,.,.  '. N  ,,,.,  _��������  ,.,.  ...  ���-  '���"  ....  _md  _^LiJ  ,,..  -JLiJ  t -ft-ff 1  L_��M.  LloJ  L_^ilJ Sunshine Coast Realtor. October 2. 1981  SECHELT OFFICE  In the Trail Bay Shopping Centre  BOM 979     885-3295  MMm        REALTY LTD.  Van. Toll Free  681-7931  HOMES  LOTS  INVESTIGATE THIS ��� 1159.500  Two modern houses on over 1 acre lot close In  to Sechelt. One house is rented after being  remodelled recently, the other house was built  just two years ago and has two bedrooms, living  room with airtight heater, dining area, kitchen  with Citation cabinets, bathroom and utility. A  two car carport and a 8 x 20 heated workshop  Is, also, included. Possibility of subdividing off a  lot in the future. Located In Selma Park. Owner  will possibly carry financing to your down payment. So call Don Lock 885-3730. *735  m^tsecwelt mm  Smaller two bedroom In popular West Sechelt.  Plenty of room in basement for further expansion. Sunken living room, enclosed carport and  sundeck are some of the features of this cozy  home. Close to elementary school and handy to  village, Won't last! Terry Brackett 885-9865.  VIEW? *648  This large, well-kept three bedroom home has to  have one of the best views In West Sechelt. Lots  of room for the gardener on over Vt acre of property. The features are too numerous to mention. 1165*000. To get all the details call Brent  883-9382. ��699  WESTSECHELT $119,500  Almost brand new split level family home. Three  large bedrooms and main bathroom on top  level. Living room, dining room and kitchen on  'main level. Also, large family room and double  enclosed carport. Part basement for storage.  Call Terry Brackett 885-9865 to view. '590  WEST SECHELT 1149,500  Large Lindal home on corner lot. Good ocean  view. This large home features four bedrooms,  full ensuite off master bedroom, vaulted ceilings,  double fireplace and more. All on one level. Call  for all details. Sylvia Thirlwell 883-9963 or Terry  Brackett 885-9865 *666  WEST SECHELT STARTER  Excellent location close to elementary school.  Brand new three bedroom rancher located on  Mason Road. Ideal for the young family. Priced  at 198.000. Brent Strad 883-9382. "781  SELMA PARK 1189,000  Brand new three bedroom view home. Area of  expensive homes. This Interesting home consists of three large bedrooms, family room,  skylights, greenhouse windows In kitchen and  dining room. Also, double garage with electric  opener, heatilator fireplace and heat pump with  reverse cycle for air conditioning. Interior has  been coordinated by professional Interior  decorator. Up to (100,000 at 15% available to  assist In financing. Terry Brackett at 885-9865  to view. "733  i HOME $159,500  Located in beautiful Selma Park this 1800 sq. ft.  three bedroom home on a landscaped lot has  many special features. Assumable mortgage of  $44,000 at 10>/4% due January 1984 available.  Klaus Roepke 885-2314. *736  DAVISBAY 1127.500  Four bedroom view home on large landscaped  corner lot. Ideal for the growing family. Close to  beach, brand new school, stores and wharf. Inside you'll find built-in dishwasher, large pantry,  fireplace as well as wood stove in basement.  Outside, there Is a large storage shed and low  maintenance landscaping. Owner has been  transferred and says "sell now"! Terry Brackett  885-9865. '774  SELMA PARK $79,500  Cozy two bedroom view home. Owner will carry  a $40,000 first mortgage at 17% two year term  to make financing easy. Large sundeck and  large level lot. Also, small one bedroom cottage  on same lot. Call Terry Brackett 885-9865.  VIEWPLUS! $149,500  The plus Is In the 11% assumable mortgage.  This three bedroom one level home in West  Sechelt is an excellent buy for the young family,  close to schools and shops and away from the  main highway, There Is more. Phone now to  hear about It, Jennu McCourt 885-2162.  *755  With a reasonable down payment and the  balance at 10V��% P.A. interest, 'his four  . bedroom home, beautiful living and. dining  room with fireplace can be yours. Other features  are built-in Jenn-Air and wall oven, airtight  heater In family room. Home is only four years  old and waiting for a discerning buyer. Don  Lock 885-3730. *737  SELMA PARK $32,500  Cozy two bedroom home. Close to village and  all amenities. Excellent view of Trail Islands.  Fridge and stove are Included In sale. Lease  land. Terry Brackett 885-9865. *646  WLSON CREEK $107,000  Brand new three bedroom rancher. Dutch hip  shake roof, skylights, bay window and separate  utility room are just some of the fine features.  Now is the time to choose colours in carpets,  cabinets and colour schemes. Quiet area. Call  today for more details. Call Terry Brackett at  885-9865. "731  FAMILY HOME $97,500  Near new three bedroom home only three months old. This 1200 sq. ft, ideal, family home Is  located In Wilson Creek and is priced to sell  now. Call Brent Strad at 885-9382 or Klaus  Roepke at 885-2314. *763  INVESTMENT COMMERCIAL & INDUSTRIAL  -^ SECHELT $79,500  Almost three quarter acre commercial lot in the  village. Interesting holding property. Commercial building on adjacent lot is, also, available.  Could make an ideal joint investment. Terry  Brackett 885-9865. *585  MALL LOCATION  Thriving gift shop specializing In stained glass  works and pottery. Location Is second to none  In busy mall. Showing excellent return. Qwner  will train would-be purchasers. Price includes all  tools and stock. Owner may consider terms.  Call Terry Brackett at 885-9865. "732  SECHELT  Large commercial building presently leased on  two lots. Adjacent lot may, also, be purchased.  Owner will carry with a good down payment. Interesting future potential. Terry Brackett  885-9865. *706  IT USED TO BE A GAS STATION  Large C2L zoned lot with 108' on Highway 101  in Halfmoon Bay. The building is still standing  but needs lots of work. This property would  make an exceptional holding situation. Priced to  sell at $49,000. Brent Strad 883-9382     "621  SEAMOUNT INDUSTRIAL PARK  Three side by side lots zoned commercial light  industry. Welt located back from highway with  total frontage of 150 feet on Venture Way and  side access of 125 ft. Asking $37,000 each or  $110,900 for package. Call Emilie Henderson  at 885-5225. "609  A marina, dining room, campground, and gas  sales are all included with the three lots which  are Ideally suited to condominium development. Two houses are available for owners.  Financial details for past three years are with  listing salesman. Call Don Lock ai 885-3730.  CHATEAU VISTA APARTMENTS      *703  This exceptionally well maintained triplex  located on the Port Mellon Highway contains  three large 6 room suites. Annual income  scheduled at over $16,000 Vendor will take  $7rj.000 down and finance the balance at 12%  for 3 years (P.I. costs amortized over 20 years  ��� $11.739.66/yr) This property Is an excellent value (or revenue Could also be converted to a cooperative Brent Strad 883-9382.'  ���749  MOTEL ��� DAVIS BAY $685,000  This 10 self-contained unit motel and 3 bedroom  home is located directly on the Sunshine Coasl  Highway in beautiful Davis Bay. Please call us to  find out the full potential of this outstanding 1.20  acre commercial site. For more information call  Klaus Roepke at 885-2314 or Henry Hall at 885*  2520. ��708  SANDY HOOK $37,500  Drive by Lot 26, Deerhorn Drive and begin  planning your new home. Minutes from  Sechelt. Where will you find a better view for  this price? Gayle Adams 883-9364. *675  GIBSONS $59,000  Large view lot. Private setting, quiet area. Level  and easy to build on. Owner has approval for  drain field. Terry Brackett 885-9865. "770  HALFMOON BAY $49,000  Over xh acre of trees and view. Very private lot  with water and power at property edge. This lot.  also, Includes a part interest in a waterfront property. MLS. Call Gayle Adams for details  883-9364. "70S  HALFMOON BAY $41,000  One acre lot with some view overlooking Halfmoon Bay. Water, cable, hydro and phone  available. Some timber. Call Terry Brackett at  885-9865. *602  WESTSECHELT $43,500  On sewer in a quiet cul-de-sac this lot would be  easy to build on Bryce Leigh 886-8229 *780  EASY FINANCING TERMS  are available on 20% down for this large treed  lot near the school In Halfmoon Bay. $49,000.  For a tour of lot call Bryce Leigh 886-8229.  ���674  BUILDING LOT $39,000  A level lot on Sinclair Bay Road, Garden Bay  cleared and ready to build on. Asking $39,000  for this excellent lot. Call Don Lock 885-3730  for more details. *668  'A ACRE TUWANEK LOT $28,500  You could have your own creek right on the  property. Excellent value. Klaus Roepke at  ' 885-2314. *771  WEST SECHELT $41,900  Cheapest lot available In this fully serviced subdivision, Lot is nicely treed, located on high side  of street. Call Emilie Henderson at 885-5225 or  Bronia Robins 885-9033. "605  KLAHANI DRIVE LOT 69 MLS  Beautiful view lot Sandy Hook. Hydro and  water available. Priced in the 30's. Owner will  consider all reasonable offers. For details call  Sylvia Thirlwell at 883-9963 or Valerie Bayntun  at 921-8340. '643  WATCH THE SHIPS  SAIL BY $67,500 MLS  Over >/2 acre with a panoramic view of beautiful  Halfmoon Bay. Plan the home of your dreams  amid the trees. Begin now! Call Gayle Adams at  883-9364. ^687  GARDEN BAY $30,000  Build your home amid all the privacy you require, yet within walking distance to stores and  marina. Price adjustment to $30,000. Call  nowl Gayle Adams 883-9364. ��691  TUWANEK SUPER VIEW $35,500  Exceptional view lot, Ideal spot for your summer  cottage. It's close to the water, has recently passed perc. and all services except sewer are  available. Brent Strad 883-9382. *776  WEST SECHELT VIEW LOT  Located on the Sunshine Coast Highway. This  nearly one acre lot is facing the Strait of Georgia  and the sun. Call Klaus Roepke at 885-2314.  ���64,900. ��725  A DESIRABLE * ACRE IN ROBERTS  CREEK AND OWNER  WILL CARRY $49,500  $20,000 at 16%. Get your start In Roberts  Creek for only $260 a month. This one won't  last. Call Bryce Leigh 886-8229.  SECHELT $38,000  Building lot on Lookout Avenue. Nicely treed  with some maples and evergreens, plus lane in  the back for easy building. All services except  sewer. Excellent price for a village lot! Call  Rosemary Young at 885-7465. *734  WILSON CREEK BUILDING LOT $36,900  Excellent level building lot. Located on Wilson  & Field Road. Part of small Sub-Division. Call  Klaus Roepke at 885-2314. "728  STEEP BUT FABULOUS VIEW  Located on Gulfvlew Road. Madeira Park. This  half acre lot has subdivision possibilities  Ali offers presented to owners   Call Don Lock at  885-3730. *667  DAVISBAY $57,500  Perhaps the best view lot available in Davis Bay.  Close to stores and school. Expensive homes in  area protect your Investment. Terry Bracket  885   986 5 *757  VIEW LOT ��� IRVINGS LANDING, KAM-  MERLE ROAD  Nicely treed view lot Septic approved. Approximately '����� acre. For details call Sylvia Thirlwell  883 9963   or   Brent   Strad   883-9382.  ���765  * ACRE ON REDROOFFS ROAD $42,500  Picture your home on this level bt beautifully  surrounded by stately evergreens. Call Bryce  Leigh 886-8229 or Bronia Robins 885-9033 to  arrange your visit to this property. #777  EGMONT BUILDING LOT $37,500  Large .45 acre lot on Egmont Road. Close to  great salmon fishing. Hydro and telephone at  road Call Brent Strad at 883-9382. '696  SANDY HOOK VIEW  Lots 32 & 33 on Deerhorn at $37,000 apiece.  Get past the alders at the roadside and look over  the building sites. Try an offer on both for roomy  living. Lot 75 on Skookumchuck affords even  easier building and the same spectacular view  for $39,000. Owner will consider terms, and he  Is not a banker by profession. Dal Grauer  885-3808. MLS. "742  BRING YOUR TRAILER  The driveway is in and a site has been cleared  for your recreational trailer on this 6/10ths of  acre on Southwood Road. Excellent building  site and water is on property. An exceptional  value at  $45,500.  Brent  Strad 883-9382.  "686  $10,000 PRICE REDUCTION!!  Treed V2 acre lot In lower Roberts Creek. Very  close to beach, general store and elementary  school. Try your offer. Vendor will carry some  financing. $48,500. Call Bronia at 885-9033 or  Terry at 885-9865. *775  CEDAR CORNERS $38,900  Attractive treed lot in pleasant small subdivision.  Close to arena and beach. Call Don or Rene  885-9362 or Brent Strad 883-9382. *754  TILLICUMBAY $24,900  Lot is only 300 yards from Tillicum Bay Marina  Has a 14 foot trailer and two 15 x 8 feet cabins.  Perc. test approved. Klaus Roepke at  885-2314. ��773  .6 OF AN ACRE $45,000  Exceptional value on this private well treed lot  just off Redrooffs Road. All services except  sewer available. Brent Strad 883-9382.    *700  SANDY HOOK VIEW LOTS  Don and Rene Sutherland have listed several  nice   view   lots   priced   from   $35,000  to  $42,000. Call 885-9362 for details. "652  ft 661  SECHELT VILLAGE  Located near arena - large level lot. Well priced  at $23,000. Call Don or Rene at 885-9362.  ���629  ROBERTS CREEK $44,000  Centrally located, level, drive on and build! A  pleasant, uncomplicated lot. Call Don or Rene  at 885-9362 for details. '604  REDROOFFS $62,500 each  Side by side view tots overlooking Sargeants  Bay. Level and cleared. Owner will, also, build  to suit! All services except sewer. Terry Brackett  885-9865. *753  TUWANEK LOTS       $29,500 ft $32,900.  Two gentle sloping lots side by side on Tuwanek  Place. Buy one or both. Call Klaus Roepke at  885-2314. *726ft727  SECHELT  Village lots are hard to find these days. Why not  invest In this fully serviced lot. Easy walk to all  amenities. Terry Brackett 885-9865. *639  HALFMOON BAY $39,900  Large lot over'Vz acre, well treed, septic approved Emilie Henderson 885-5225 or Bronia  Robins 885-9033 -606  REDROOFFS AREA - Extra Large, Level Treed Lots  Dogwood Road  Dogwood Road  Southwood Road  Cedarwood Road  Eureka Road  Lohn Road  Redrooffs Road  Lot 57 143,900 Agreement for sale, 14%. 1 yr. term.  Lot 58 142,900  Lot 51 I44.900\ - Vendor will look al all offers and will consider  Lot 42    -    I44.900--'" financing.  Lot 46 ,45,000 - Selectively cleared, driveway In.  Lol 64 143,900  Lol 36 142,500 - Partial view.  SANDY HOOK  Deerhorn Drive Lot 34       135,900  Sluplng view lot. Agreement for sale, approx  $12,000. 141) due November 1983.        '718  Call BRONIA ROBINS for more details at 885-9033. Sunshine Coasl Realtor, October 2, 1981  SECHELT OFFICE  In tht Trail Bay Shopping Centre  bu 979   885-3295  yU/MITTEN  MmLmW       REALTY LTD.  Van. Toll Free  681-7931  DO YOU WANT A CORNER  OF PARADISE? $198,000  Impressive, spacious home on Va acre of estatelike grounds. Fabulous sunny views, 2  fireplaces, full basement, stairs to beach and  many more terrific features. Located on Eureka  Place, only a short drive from Sechelt. Try your  offer. Call Bronia Robins at 885-9033.      ��722  WESTSECHELT $300,000  Rare waterfront acreage. Just over one park-like  acre with spacious two bedroom home.  Fabulous southerly outlook. Also, small guest  cottage. Very private setting. Invest now! Make  your appointment with Don or Rene Sutherland  885-9362 or Terry Brackett 8H5-9865.     '692  WATERFRONT $75,000  Beautiful waterfront lot on Porpoise Drive, Sandy Hook. For details call Sylvia Thirlwell  883-9963. *772  This panoramic view of Pender Harbour 24  hours per day. New construction, three large  bedrooms, three bathrooms, spacious living  room with cozy fireplace. Be the lucky buyer of  this fine home. Asking $139,900. For appointment to view call Gayle Adams at 883- 9364  SECHELT VILLAGE $104,000  This immaculate three bedroom ranch style  home is ideal for the retirement couple. It's  within easy walking distance to shopping and  the 1310 feet of living space is all on onefloor.  Features include heatilator fireplace, cement  patio and skylight in bathroom. Vendor may  assist in financing. Brent Strad 883-9382 or  Emilie Henderson at 885-5225. '685  WELCOME WOODS $59,900  New two bedroom home with large living room.  On large lot with heatilator fireplace faced in  white marble, two bathrooms, good kitchen,  sundeck across the front of the house. Owner  has bought in the Interior and must sell. Asking  $99,900 which is under list price. Call Don  Lock 885-3730. *65S  ONE OF A FEW $189,900  This three bedroom rancher on almost one acre  of treed beauty will provide you with the ease  and comfort of privacy and space. The added  bonus is the convenience of location In West  Sechelt. To hear about the extras Included in  this excellent buy. call now. Jenny McCourt at  885-2162. *709  WILSON CREEK $89,500  Looking for a three bedroom home on a large  private lot? Here It is! Ideal starter or retirement  home. Features include sunken living room,  sunken master bedroom and utility area Also,  some landscaping and workshop at rear of car-  oort. Terry Bracket! 885-9865 or Jenny McCourt at 885-2162. *778  REDROOFFS $145,000  Quality throughout in this builder's own home.  Vaulted ceilings, extensive cedar, fireplace and  large sundeck are jusl some of the features.  Also, fish pond and large separate workshop  Oversized lot ensures privacy. Terry 885-9865  or Randy 885-5623. *760  UNFINISHED TWO BDRM HOME$65,000  Complete this home lo suit your own taste.  Good level lot, easy to landscape, close to Gibsons. Call me to find out how easy It would be to  complete this home. Bryce Leigh 886-8229.  SELMA PARK $29,500  Owner offers excellent terms on this one  bedroom home. Half down and owner will carry  balance at 10%, Sound good? Sale also includes four appliances Terry Brackett  H85-9865  '751  WATERFRONT  WEST SECHELT $235,000  Beautiful level waterfront. Pebble beach and  prime location. The large medallion home is  over 1600 sq. ft and features fireplace, family  room, post and beam construction, two hot  water heaters and three extra large bedrooms.  Also, carport and outside storage area. This  home must be seen! Terry Brackett 885-9865.  *676  AFFORDABLE WATERFRONT  For only $69,500 you could own this waterfront lot on popular Coracle Drive. Perfect  retreat or retirement home site. Klaus Roepke  8852314 *6S9  BEAUTIFUL SARGEANT BAY $87,000  A fisherman's heaven - catch your fish out in the  bay, moor your boat 200 feet from the cottage,  walk across the beach to the cottage, then, sit on  the porch eating your fresh fish as you look out  to the Trail Islands. Call Bryce Leigh and arrange for vour trip to heaven. 886-8229. "769  A SHORE WINNER $ 110,000  Rare opportunity for discerning buyer - all  season cabin, good building site, lovely waterfront in Redrooffs area, and vendor will assist  qualified buyers. Call Don or Rene 885-9362.  "682  THE GREAT ESCAPE  Carlson Point - Sechelt Inlet. The $63,000  price Includes Provincial Lease lot, cabin, boat.  See It with Don or Rene 885-9362. "720  GET AWAY FROM I  on Sechelt Inlet. 89' protected waterfront with  deep moorage, two bedroom log home, westerly exposure, simple, effective landscaping. Don  & Rene have the details at 885-9362. "642  PRICE REDUCTION  WATERFRONT $170,000  Below appraised value. Over an acre and a half  of subdividable ocean and creek frontage with  an older two bedroom home and two other  buildings. Needs some work but Is an excellent  value for the right buyer. Vendor will take back  $75,000 at 15%. Brent Strad 883-9382. *673  VACATION PARADISE $119,000  Swim In beautiful Davis Bjv. tj>n^alk up to  your 2 rxfrm J^Mffllkv^ii^eanstt over  the Trail .Isli-^E 1 y-ol^^llflner. If you  would enjoy ^^MMlIl me before everyone  else does. BryVfeigh 886-8229. *586  HQME$  A PARADE OF FINE  QUALITY BUILT  DELUXE VIEW  HOMES  DAVIS BAY & WEST  SECHELT  Sizes Range: 1950; 2500;  3S00 sq. ft.  Plim from: $190,000 &  up  ���k All homes open to offers  * All appliances Included  * Exposed aggregate driveway  * AM/FM   Intercom   &   built-in  vacuum  * Deluxe carpeting  ���k Master bedroom & Ensuite  * 2 & 3 Fireplaces  * Landscaped  ���k Many more features  For viewing & Information  Klaus Roepke 885-2314  DAVISBAY 1165,000  Almost brand new three bedroom basement  home. The ocean view Is superb (or the large  sundeck. Dutch Hip Design shake roof, two  fireplaces, ensuite and much, much more. Fully  landscaped. Prime area. Truly an elegant home.  Terry Brackett 885-9865. *<762  SECHELT VILLAGE HOME  Three year old three bedroom home with full  basement for only 164,900 all appliances Included. Also, assumable mortgage with  qualification of $42,500 at $640.00 per month.  Klaus Roepke 885-2314. ��730  BONNIEBROOK 180.000  Small cottage a short walk from Gower Point  Beach. The location alone is worth the price for  that Inexpensive summer hideaway. Vendor will  carry $40,000 al 16%, so don't wait. Dal  Grauer 885-3808. '711  WESTSECHELT 195.000  Three bedroom home. Exciting design with  shake roof and twin dormers. Features Include  heatilator fireplace, large dining area, extra large  bedrooms, one and one half baths. Also,  storage shed and workshop, [deal family home.  Terry Brackett 885-9865. '713  DAVIS BAY ���  OWNER WILL CARRY $95,000  Have the high Interest rates put you in a corner?  This two bedroom home on a good sized lot Is  only 2 blocks from Ihe beach, close lo transportation and local store The owner advises lhal  terms are available lo a qualified buyer. Ask Don  or Rene Sutherland about this opportunity.  885-9362 *679  J BDRM HOME $93,000  Walk Vi block to Ihe beach irom Ihis new home  in lower Gibsons. Bright, sunny, level property  within easy walking distance of all facilities. Call  Bryce Leigh before It's loo late. 886-8229  ���707  LARGE4 BDRM HOME $ 128,000  Centrally located in Gibsons, this home provides  views of Keats and Vancouver Islands. Excellent  assumable 13% mortgage 'til 1985. To see this  'clean home call Bryce Leigh 886-8229. Vendor  has moved and wants to sell. '747  2 BEDROOM GIBSONS HOME    $95,500  Well kept home on a sunny easy care lot. Conveniently located on North Fletcher. Come and  view this home with Bryce Leigh 886-8229.  SECHELT VILLAGE $60,000  R2 zoned lot close to all village amenities and  Porpoise Bay with remodelled one bedroom  home. Call Don or Rene for details at  885-9362. '683  AFFORDABLE FAMILY HOME  Nearly new three bedroom cedar rancher on  quiet cul-de-sac In Welcome Woods Cedar  leature walls, greenhouse, carport and lots  more! $108,000. Call Bronia at 885-9033.  '746  YOU MUST SEE THISII $97,000  An almost new three bedroom home built on a  reasonable size Iqt in a secluded area of good  homes. This home has dining room, large living  room, three bedrooms, kitchen, bathroom and  utility. All designed Into 1300 sq. fl. Thermopane windows, airtight heater, above  average insulation keep heating costs to a  minimum. Carport and patio and fully fenced lot  complete this listing Call Don Lock 8853730.  '714  PERFECT $115,000  For the growing family. This one has room lo  grow In with full basement, plumbed for extra  suite, sauna, sundecks, double carport and large  sunny kitchen. Minutes from beautiful  downtown Sechelt. 16% financing available  Dal Grauer 885-3808.    . '741  mles nam to kwe you  John Peat Manager  Henry Hall 866-2520  Del Grauer 885-3808  Gayle Adams 883-9384  Tarry Brackett 885-9885  Bryce Leigh 8864229  Emilia Henderson 885-8225  Klaus Roepke 885-2314  Bronia Robins 885-9033  Rene Sutherland 885-9362  Corry Roaa 885-9250  Brant Slrad 883-9382  Donald Sutherland 865-9362  Don Lock 885-3730  Sylvia Thirlwell 883-9963  Jenny McCourt 885-2162  Rosemary Young 885-7465  Member Sunshine Coast  Real Estate Association  ACREAGE  PRICE ADJUSTMENT  Now $64,900 for approximately 1.3 acres on  Redrooffs Road. Easy to build on, well treed,  short walk to beach and close to boat launching.  Vendor will take back' small 1st mortgage at  15%, 1 year term. Call Bronia at  885-9033. '684  CRAMMED ON A LOT? 172,500  For only $72,500 grab yourself close to 5 acres  of treed paradise and break away from the tight  squeeze of elbow to elbow living. Located conveniently. Close In West Sechelt, this Is one of  the few acreages left where you can still build  your dream home. So call now. Jenny McCourt  885-2162. #756  ROBERTS CREW $110,000  5.18 gently sloping acres. 264' on Highway  101, This Is a well treed, very-attractive acreage  not often found on the market. CaU Emilie  Henderson -at 885-5225 or Klaus Roepke at  S85-2314. v ������������*  -���-   0 ���     - *73$  KLEINDALE  2 acre parcel, well treed, rural setting. Hydro at  property line, driveway In, building lite cleared.  All at the reasonable price of $50,000. Gayle  Adams 883-9364. *7M  WALK TO THE BEACH $75,000  Over one acre on Redrooffs Road. Gorgeous  trees abound, potential view, water, hydro and  phone at road. Call Brent 883-9382.        '695  STRATA TITLE  You own 1.23 acres outright. A lease of 1.23  acres is attached at $1.00 P.A., and In common  you own 15 acres of forest parkland, All for  $55,000. Some financing possible. Call Bryce  Leigh to discover this property's full potential.  886-8229. #723  SECLUDED  CREEKBANK PROPERTY $260,000  Enjoy the lush surroundings of this 1.25+ acres  bordering Roberts Creek. House, 2 small  cabins, studio and bam all go to make this a  special buy for someone with an eye for the unique! Call Dal at 885-3808 or Bronia at  885-9033. #752  REDROOFFS ROAD $105,000  Zoned for xh acre lots, this 2.23 acre piece may  be the one you've been looking for. Roomy living or good Investment. Vendor will consider  terms to reasonable offers. Dal Grauer  885-3808. #743  VIEW AND SECLUSION!      $69,500 MLS  Who could ask for more? But more there is! 1.3  acres of magnificent trees, some marketable.  Driveway in already for your future dream home  [n Halfmoon Bay. Call now! Gayle Adams  883-9364. #782  2.78 ACRES MIDDLEPOINT  This charming 2 bedroom country home  situated on well treed acreage has southern exposure and a possible view. Ideal for the young  family or for a retirement home. Offered at  $94,500 Brent Strad at 883-9382. "663  MIDDLEPOINT ACREAGE $78,500  The road Is roughed in, building site looks at  Texada Island. See this lovely sloping 4.4 acres  with Don or Rene 885-9362 *653  ITS YOUR MONEY  and you could invest it In the future of Sechelt  Village 3.9 acres with 600' road frontage zoned  Rl for $74,000. Call Don or Rene Sutherland  at HH5-9362. *640 8 Sunshine Coast Realtor, October 2,1981  GrtuK  f-h    nn Zl  X U80 ��� WMRF ROAD ��� SE  -CENTURY WEST REAL  SECHELT  VANCOUVER  "TWO OFFICES       T  BOX UN ��� WHARF ROAD ��� SICHIIT (TOLL FREE)  ESTATE V   ^"-*- r-nccj    MEMBER SUNSHINE COAST ��  GO WITH THE  SERVING  THE SECHELT AREA  LESLIE FITCH  LYNN WILSON  I BERT WALKER  ED BAKER  I RAY FITCH  IVI GIBBONS  *  TOP  SELLING  SALESMAN  GEORGE  LONGMAN  LARRY  REARDON  BILL WALKEY  I PAT PARKER  ELMER EKDAHL  AWAF  FOR LOWER MA  ��� TOP SELLING OFFICE  ��� TOP PRODUCING  _ Sunshine Coast Realtor, October 2, 1981 10  Sunshine Coast Realtor, October 2, 1981  kxander Realty Ltd.   P.O. Box 153, Madeira Park, B.C.V0N2H0  883-2491  or  883-2212  LUXURY TOWNHOUSES - OVERLOOK^  ING BEAUTIFUL SECRET COVE: Featuring 1600 sc]. ft. oj llvingarea, 3 bcdmu,ipackiu��  living num. with fireplace, lull range of  appliances, large sundecks. Plus each home  offers breathtaking views, full privacy and the  option of reserved moorage ,il the marina  below. Hurry and lie among ihe lucky few lo  enjoy the fabulous fishing and to relax in this  unspoiled sportsman's paradise.  14% FINANCING NOW AVAILABLE  BARGAIN HARBOUR: The view Is  unbeatable. The house is ready to move into...  Everything Is there. Perfect home for retired  couple or weekend retreat. Lots of living space,  two bdrms. large living room & spacious kitchen. Moor your boat in front & enjoy Ihe view  from the balcony, 1147,500   DL 6989 NELSON ISLAND: 2.6 acres,  furnished house near Telescope Pass. Over 300'  waterfront. Gov't lease. Excellent fishing. Full  Price $45,000.  MADEIRA PARK - ONE ACRE LOT WITH  VIEW: Gentle slope, fronlage on 2 roads,  subdivision potential. Priced at $59,900.  sechelt vILlage - fi-USER BHffBE  TY: Rockledge is the name of this stalely home  situated on low bank Waterfront with a private  cove and pebble beach. Less than 5 minute walk  to schools and shopping. Enjoy the things only a  vintage home can offer, Large rooms with hi-  ceilings, rich solid wood finishings, huge rock  " fireplace and a veranda overlooking the sea.  ������*% Anyone requiring a unique property should  view. BY APPOINTMENT ONLY.  GARDEN BAY: 2000 ��  waterfront plus 19 ARBUTUS DRIVE - VIEW LOT: 72 x 124.  acres. Ideal for hotel or townhouse develop- in one of the nicer areas of Davis Bay. Selective-  ment. Sewer permit in place, Existing marina, ly  cleared  and  ready  to  build  on.   Asking  Current zoning R3L (.25 ac.) S.W. exposure. $59,900. 1/2 down and balance at 15%.  40% down balance at 15%.  KENT ROAD: Cozy comfortable 950+ sq. ft.  home with plenty of room for expansion.  Located on a corner lot. Assumable mortgage  of $18,000 at 9'/,%. Appliances included. Priced  in the 90's.  GABRIOLA ISLAND - SILVA BAY: 1100+  ft. level waterfront with protected moorage,  plus 23 beautiful acres all in its natural state.  Road access, power & water on the property.  Ideal setting for a very private retreat.  MADEIRA PARK: Next to Coho Marina. 180'  deep water moorage. Two bedroom home with  guest cottage. Large storage building - 35' x 35'.  1.5 acres...Foreshore Lease.  WHAT A VIEW!! A rare 200' waterfront home  with 2 BR in Bargain Harbour. Direct access  from Francis Peninsula Road with good  moorage and a spectacular view of all of Bargain  Harbour. Approx. l2 acre. $220,000.  WILSON CREEK - FIELD ROAD: Level  building lot, 65 ft. x 130 ft., in a popular area.  Price reduced to $34,900.  GARDEN BAY: Excellent building lot. One ol  the finest views in this area. Subdivision  potential.  *���-!".  H   ����& ~Xr "*S 25 ACRES & 3,000 SQ. FT. LOG HOME?  ;.      4*rW*   **      *.;* Pemberton.   ',j  mile  river   frontage.   Superb  ���^���H^pjIFP  \mmmm  mountain views. Property cleared and in  pasture. Ideal for landing strip. Home is 1st class  throughout. Very private.  LAGOON ROAD: Madeira Park 1.10 acres  tidal waterfront. Close to school & shopping.  Well kepi three bedroom home. Beautifully  landscaped, a gardener's dream.  i&4m\*��t. -  Art Alexander  883-2491  REDROOFFS - LOHN ROAD: Cule 741) -q  ft . 2 bedroom home on large to acre lot r'.x  eellent recreation or retirement home Asking  I79.W9 Vendor will finance up lo $5().(HI0 at  15%  SECHELT VILLAGE DEVELOPMENT  SITE: 2 commercial zoned lots with 6b ft of  road frontage in prime shopping & office area  Lane access at rear Vendor may carry some  financing.  CORTEZ ISLAND ��� LOT 1, DL 861: 14,8  acres, 1800 feel level W/F with pebble beach.  Lots of gravel on properly. Locaied in Squirrel  Cove adjoining the government dock. $180,000  '���~ -355L- , ,  WEST SECHELT - VIEW HOME: Featuring  1800+ sq  ft. of contemporary living, with 3  bdrm, 2'/l bath, solarium, plus your own pool,  all on just under 1 acre. Beautifully landscaped,  low maintenance yard. Very private. Adjacent  lol also available. Vendor will carry 15% mortgage. Asking 1219,000.  V-******"  J  LEWIS PROPERTY ��� I  1 .4 6   ACRES:  Approx. 300 ft of sloping waterfront. Zoned for  V* acres. One of the finest development properties on the Sunshine Coast.  WEST SECHELT: View Lot. 9/10 of an acre.  Driveway in. Approved for septic system.  Westerly view over the Trail Islands. Close to  beach access. Asking $65,000.  TAYLORS GARDEN BAY STORE &  MARINA: is a well known and long established  Ibusiness located in Garden Bay. Store, Marina  ���Gas pumps, boat facilities and other extras.  GARDEN BAY AREA: Indian Reserve ��19 -  Lot 19 & 20. Approximately % acre of land.  Large foreshore lease. Excellent moorage ramp  & docks in. Property approved for building,  $90,000  PENDER HARBOUR WATERFRONT  ACREAGE: 2 4 acre parcels side by side. 300  ft. on the waterfront stretches from Hwy 101 to  waterfront. What a perfect setting for a country  estate.  180 FT. WATERFRONT - DEEP WATER  MOORAGE ��� FRANCIS PENINSULA: 1.2  acres - zone commercial. Frontage on Iwo  roads. Excellent potential. $270,000.  BEAUTIFUL FISHER ISLAND AT ENTRANCE TO LEE BAY, (District Lot 4064):  has spectacular exposure and excellent deep  water moorage with dock and small building.  Salmon in your back yard. $160,000.  ROBERTS CREEK ��� DEVELOPMENT  ACREAGE: 27 acres in desirable area. Potential for approx. 43 lots (some with view). Easy to  develop. Close to store, beach and golfing.  Vendor will finance at 15%.  ROBERTS CREEK  ACREAGES  3 ��� 7 �� acre parcels  * Considerable quantities  of timber on all parcels.  * Some with possible view.  * Priced from $133,200  to $141,500.  3 ��� 9.5 �� acre parcels  * Subdivision potential.  * Very private.  * Adjacent to Provincial Forest  * Priced from $135,300  to $168,300.  Vadim Kobasew  885-3156  7^  J Sunshine Coast Realtor. October 2. 1981  GARDEN BAY AREA:  LOTS 21 - Elliot Road, Garden Bay Lake.  Large recreational lot, treed, driveway & 2  campsites cleared. 300�� ft. from good  swimming on Garden Bay Lake. $37,900.  2. LOTS 66 & 67 - Garden Bay Estates.  These are the 2 best view lots left in Pender  Harbour's finest subdivision. Both have  good harbour views and south-westerly  exposure. Lot 66 has a driveway and a  cleared building site. Lot 67 has a septic tank  and drainfield already installed. $53,500  each.  3. LOT 16 ��� Pender Lake Properties ��� targe  view lot with 148+ ft. frontage on Hotel Lake  Road.   Serviced  with  hydro  &  water.  Southerly exposure. $35,900.  4. LOT 68-Hotel Lake Road-this steep and  rocky lot could be a real challenge, but it's  nice and large and the price is low $20,000  5. LOT 61 ��� Panorama Drive, Garden Bay  Estates. One of the best bts in this choice  subdivision $47,500.  6. LOT 25 ��� large view lot on Hotel Lake  Rd $39,900  .7. GARDEN BAY LAKE AREA - one +  acre lot, fairly level, privacy, drilled well,  hydro. 132,500  8. LOT 2 - CLAYDON ROAD partially  cleared, treed lot wilh view of Garden Bay.  Close to marinas & stores. $47,500.  9. LOT 30 -i- Large, treed view lot on Hotel  Lake Road. Southerly exposure, serviced  with water & hydro, driveway in. 148,000  MADEIRA PARK AREA:  1. Nicely treed lot adjoining the Elementary  School grounds and close to the shopping  centre and marinas  $.36,500.  FRANCIS PENINSULA AREA:  LOT 9 ��� Cochrane Road ��� very nice partially  cleared tot. Excellent for building or mobile  home. 132,000.  COCHRANE ROAD - .48 �� acres with  ocean view. This excellent lot Is fairly level,  mostly cleared and has several fruit trees.  ���45.000.  LOT IS ��� Rondeview Road. Nicely treed, fairly level lot with partial view of Oerrans Bay.  139.900.  IRVINE'S LANDING AREA:    .  1. LOT 27 ��� Lee Bay Road, Irvine's Landing.  Nicely treed level lot In a new subdivision  serviced with sewer, water & hydro. Gooc  soil and a possible view. MLS $47,000.  EARL COVE AREA:  1. LOT 23 - Cedar Ridge Place - enjoy the  view from this large, nearly level lot with very  little clearing required. $32,500.  2. LOT 27 ��� Jervis Inlet Road ��� large semi-  waterfront recreational lot, 400 ft. from  public beach, camping or building site  cleared. MLS $30,000.  EGMONT .AREA:  1. LOT A ��� Large, choice lot. over Vz  acre. Small cottage {needs repairs).  Close to Govt, wharf, school, store &  P.O.. serviced with water & hydro.  $36,500.  2 LOT B ��� Large lol. over V; acre, with  excellent vegetable garden & small  cabin. Adjoins above lot. $36,500.  GARDEN BAY - new 3 BR rancher on Harbour Peak Drive with 1159�� sq. ft., carport &  ensuite plumbing. Situated on a nice near-level  tot, cbse to Hotel Lake & marinas. Make an offer to the asking price of $89,900.   MADEIRA PARK - 3 BR rancher, approx.  1,28" sq. ft. with attached carport. 1'*?  bathrooms. Located on \ acre lot on Lagoon  Road. Just a short walk to shopping centre  school & post office. $120,000.  - ^.i LrUIMUi  - 4 BR view home.  l,350f sq. ft., plus basement. Has ensuite  Ipiumbing & finished rec. room. Located on a  very nice one half! acre lot. A good buy for  IflOMOO.   t B.B. HOME - 149.500. Carpenters  special or starter home? This small home In  Madeira Park has been partially remodelled, but  there's still plenty lo do. That's why (he price Is  an affordable 149,500.  j    ACREAGE   |  LOT 35 ��� Ruby Lake ��� 6.8* nicely treed acres  with large year round creek. MLS. Priced to sell  at $45,000  KLEINDALE 2*acrfl��ofwmeofthenicest  land in the Pender Harbour area. This beautiful  property has lots of tree-,, lots of level ground  and several gixxl building sites,. Two homes are  permitted on this property and it could lv yours  '..1 $59,500  SILVER SANDS 15i acres on Hwy. 101  Silver Sands Creek runs through property.  Merchantable timber, building or camping site  cleared, westerly exposure. $145,000.  MADEIRA PARK - 7�� acres overlooking  Paq Lake, Has view of straits and harbour.  Rough driveway in and building sites cleared  $115,000  rjtafe-J  MADEIRA PARK ' ��� Small starter (  ment home with 1 bedroom on main floor and 1  In the basement. Close lo public beach access II  $59,500  IRVINE'S LANDING Seclusion is whal you  will find in this approx. 17.5 acres with a  <iiiifori,il.lt' 3 BR home and several outbuild  ngs $110,000  DAN WILEY, Res. 8839149 OLLI or JEAN SLADEY,  883-2233 Sunshine Coasl Realtor. October 2. 19K1  REDROOFFS WATERFRONT L260  All seasons will be lun when you buy this waterfront home.  Gentle slope to a pebble beach with good moorage Approx  11 acre. You like to garden well there is great potential on  this lot. The home is approx 17(H) sq ft. with 2 bedrooms, a  spacious kitchen and dining area, an airy utility, and a living  room that opens onto a beauliful sundeck. And for the one  who likes to get away from it all there is an 11* x 18*6" den.  All this for 1170.000 Call 885-5171.  EXCLUSIVE REDROOFFS RD. L 266  This 2 bdrm home is situated In Ihe most sought after area on  Ihe coasl. Beautifully treed. Ihis Vi acre lot also entitles you  to part ownership in a waterfront access lot. After fishing  come home and relax on the large cedar sundeck and on  those winter nights around the acorn fireplace. The  roomy garage will add years to your car. This home will also  add years of enjoyment to the buyer. F.P. 193,500 Call  885-5171 Now  "SEAVIEW APT. WEST SECHELT* L 244  Here is a 4 plex apartment set in a very desirable area. Each  900 sq. It. 2 bdrm suite h,is lots of storage as well as ,i  beautiful view of the Trail Islands. The landscaped property  also has a 1300 sq. ft. "A" Frame home with 1; - baths, lovely  cedar linish inside. Large living room, single car enclosed  garage all Ihis on approx. 1 acre of land. Gentle slope,  southern exposure. Great potential. Call Pat Murphy lo  arrange appointment to view. $275,0QQ.  W -Waterfront  H -Homes  A - Acreage  R - Recreational  F - Farms  Bus. 885-5171  Vane. Toll Free  682-3518  Box 1188. Sechell, B.C. VON 3A0  "Vour Real Estate Hosts  on the Sunshine Coast"  COMMERCIAL/BUSINESS PROPERTY  * * * PRIME SECHELT LOCATION * * *  2300 sq. ft. modern concrete block commercial building with  above average appearance and finishing  Prime high traffic location with large paved parking area, lots  of room to expand, and all unaffected by local by-laws  Beneficial long term land lease provides a substantial  cash/cost advantage (Interest or earnings saved) leaving  capital free for business development. Maximum tax expense  and CCA deductions further add to the viability of this unique property.  The building and location will be of genuine Interest to many  business Interests - ranging from retail, to service, to office,  or even light Industrial usage -- To any business where  economy, parking, traffic, and high vlsability are important.  This One-of-a-kind building Is offered for immediate sale at  well be low replacement cost.  Price 165.000.  Call Patrick T. Dahle for details.  ***#*#*******���***********  WATERFRONT-SECRET COVE L268  Follow Secret Road and It will lead you to this approx. V,  acre waterfront lot. Quiet seclusion will be yours Services  are available Vendor will take 30% down and balance al  15% over Ihree years  F P. 179,900. Call 885-5171.  LARGE LOT-REDROOFFS L267  Lovely large lot 79' x 199' located on Redrooffs Road Gentle slope and southern exposure, serviced with power and  water, septic approved. Close to Sargents Bay Vendor will  carry tef. 11(1(1 al 18% F P J40.000 Call Pal Murplw  885-5171 anyiime  GOWER POINT L262  You've got the plans now all you need is the land? Great  we've got the lot for you 100 x 132 In an area Ihat Is quiel  ami close to Ihe beach. Plus - it's ready to build on ��� cleared  and wailing. Call 8855171. F P  159.500  WHITAKER ROAD  DAVIS BAY L270  Looking for a home in a quiet area? Like the beach? Want to  be able to walk to the stores? Then this 1 bdrm bungalow in  Davis Bay will Interest you. Situated on a 50' x 150' lot on  Whtlaker Road. 2 blocks from beach and stores and affordable. F.P. 172.500 Give us a call 885.5171.  THIS VIEWS FOR YOU GOWER POINT L261  From this 100' x 217' lol on Gower Point Road you can capture a beautiful view and lust an esplanade separates you  from Ihe waterfront. The market Is right and so is the price.  F.P. ���75,000. Call now.  SECHELT WATERFRONT L269  Level lot to waterfront with a 3 bdrm. full basement unfinished home. Electric and plumbing are In. Home is on sewer.  This home awaits your personnal touch. Finally a house you  can finish lo your liking. Call now. F.P. 1145,000.  "Special Bay"  1977 30 ft. Kustom Koach fully equipped with  air conditioning, AM-FM 8 track stereo, eye  level oven, fridge, range, 4 piece bathroom,  twin battery power pack, twin propane tanks,  retractable T.V., rotating antenna and an 8' x  20' awning. Live in comfort while you build  then travel in style on those country miles. In  excellent condition. F.P. $16,500. Call Pat  Murphy anytime.    mmkiiwnwiatmimswemmmmmmmmmumamtMsm  MEMBER SUNSHINE COAST REAL ESTATE ASSOCIATION "P.T." Dahle 885-5692 Deirdre 885-5971 Pat 885-5171  886-2417  seaulew Place  Hwy 101. Gibsons  Happy Howard 886-7307  922-2017  (Uancouuer Toil Free)  TP8U GOddard 888-2417  LANGDALE  Close to ihe ferry on a treed, private street. A  terraced lot with its beautiful stonework is the  selling for ihis 5 yr. old 3 bedroom home. The  recently enlarged kitchen, with its sliding glass  doors opening to the patio, has solid oak cabinets.  Some other features are a warm living roi im wilh  a cedar accent wall and brick fireplace Utility  workshop area, family room, new carpeting  throughout. All ol this plus a $5H,000 * drsi at  12V" make 'his property a must to see Asking  $119,500  HOMES  ���GIBSONS ��� VIEW ��� VIEW ��� VIEW  Over 3,000 sq. ft. ol living space featuring a large  open main floor. The lirsl class view ol Gibsons  Harbour can be appreciated from either Ihe  sundeck off the living room or Ihe large third floor  master be.!, oom wilh ils ensuite and Jacuzzi. The  home has two more bedrooms on the main. All  this on a half acre of guaranteed privacy. Asking  $135,000.  This super family home has four bedrooms, a  large open living room with a sundeck that looks  out over Howe Sound, The house is situated on a  gently sloping well treed lot, The proximity to the  ferry makes this an ideal set up for the commuter,  $40,000 assumable 10%% Asking 198,500.  MAGNIFICENT VIEW  The view from this unique Grantham's home is  perfect. The house has been painstakingly and  tastefully remodelled and the craftsmanship is  reflected throughout. The ground level features a  self contained garden bachelor suite. The middle  level takes full advantage of the view with its three  large bedrooms, master with ensuite facing one of  Iwo sundecks. Lots of closet space. The top level  has an exterior entrance via footbridge. The view  wall is almost entirely sliding glass opening onto  the top sundeck It's up here that you'll find the  living room with ils ceiling fan. tiled kitchen and  dining area. Asking $151,500  COUNTRY LIVING  Rose covered home on U acre of land The  house is a well kept 2 bdrm. 13001 sq ft beau  ty Country living, close to ihe amenities of Gib  sons A-k��t,.| $79,500  DRIVE  Vendor is open to some financing on this quality  Gibsons home The house is a brand new 1840  sq ft. Rancher with four bedrooms, masler with  ensuite. large family room off kitchen with wood  stove Sliding glass door, patios. Huge KM) x 237  ft lot This home is a must lo see! Asking  $129,900  PRATT ROAD  Country feeling at affordable price This cottage  style home has had extensive updating. New  carpeting, appliances and the plumbing and wiring have been redone. House features 2  bedrooms, living room, kitchen, mud/storage  room and is situated on a deep, well treed lot  Asking $72,500.  UNDER CONSTRUCTION ��� GIBSONS  Come in and see the plans for this 1416sq. ft new  home,  LOTS  PRIVACY, CONVENIENCE AND VIEW  This large central Gibsons lot provides a hilltop  view (it Howe Sound and Georgia Strait Would  make a wonderful building site Asking $55,000  HIGH ON A HILL  You get ,i panoramic view of Howe Sound from  ihis Grantham's view lot, Privacy and level terrain  make this an ideal building sue. Asking 151,500  LOTS  CHERYL ANN PARK ROAD  Large building lot in an area of quality homes.  Asking $48,000.  ROBERTS CREEK ��� COACH ROAD  A half acre of gently sloping view property in quiet  rural surroundings. Asking $49,500.  WATERFRONT  Gibsons Bluff. A perfect level building site with a  fabulous view of Gibsons Harbour from one of the  largest waterfront lots on the bluff. Asking  $99,000.  ACREAGE  SUBDIVIDABLE ACREAGE  1.25 level acres zoned R2L. Application has been  made with the Highways Dept. for a 4 lot  subdivision on this Pratt Rd. acreage. Lot sizes  are 61.8' x 195.5'. One.lot has a well mainlained 2  bedroom, 1540+ sq. ft: house on it. This whole  package is a beauty and the asking price is only  $150,000  1 �� ACRE - GIBSONS  Zoned R2L. level, private, nicely treed. Asking  $65,000  SECHELT PARKLAND  I'i acres of semi waterfront inlei view property,  Tills beiiutilul piece of Kind borders a natural bird  sanctuary  and  park   only  seconds  Irom   ihe  govrmmeni dock   The real bonus is ih.ii the  zoning Ik mult i family and the package comes with  plans and permits for 'i 3:t unit condominium  complex Asking $590,000  GULF ISLAND WATERFRONT  fr  ,ures wilh 450 It   of level waterfront on  beautiful Reid Island sitiwled between IVnder  andGahriolaIslands Thissedudetlrclreniw-mld  make .in ideal gtoup purchase, Asking $100, Sunshine Coast Realtor. October 2. 1981  B  B BLOCK  NATIONAL REALESTAlttt!  HOTEL AND DINING LOUNGI  GARDEN BAY  This strategically located business Is situated In  Hospital Bay on a 1 acre corner lot with extensive marina traffic and facilities at its front door  The character of the buildings and property is  unique and affords a challenge for Ihe Imaginative The present owners are operating this  business on a seasonal basis   The operation  could be run year round with an increased staff  The property also has potential for fulure strata  development   For an opportunity to view call  Bruce McKinnon or Harold Jacques 885-9023  -Priced at $375,000.  $97,500 ��� POINT ROAD  Enjoy the panoramic view of Howe Sound from  ihis   completely   renovated   3   bdrm   home  Located  in   Hopkins  Landing',  this property  would be ideal tor Ihe commuter All appliances  *,�� mrliiHod in the sale  LIGHT INDUSTRIAL ��� GIBSONS  Located alongside of the main highway through  Gibsons, this light industrial zoned property is in  a prime location The property consists of a 95 x  150 ft. lot with 808 sq ft of office area and an  2600 Sq ft. adjoining quonset hut The property  is currently being rented. Listed at $150,000.  SANDY HOOK VIEW PROPERTY  This ocean and mountain view building lot is  located in sun drenched Sechelt Inlet Estates  overlooking beautiful Porpoise Bay. It is within  easy walking distance to sandy beaches with  moorage & marina facilities also close by. The  property is serviced with paved roads, hydro,  waler and telephone. Asking $37,500.  WILSON CREEK  Large subdividable comer tot with sewage  disposal permit. This property Is duplex zoned  and close to beach. $60,000.  SUBDIVIDABLE ACREAGE ���  SANDY HOOK  This 4.8 acres Is zoned R2 and has 330' of road  frontage. The property offers an ocean view of  beautiful Sechelt Inlet and Is serviced by hydro,  water, telephone and paved road. There is approximately $10,000 of marketable timber  which could be selectively logged. Priced at  $130,000. For further Information call Bruce  McKinnon or Harold Jacques 885-9023.  Harold Jacques   fiQ-  ^Bruc^ld^innQi^j^  the  bestsellers  W00 FT RANCHER ��� CREEKSIDE PARK  3 bdrm Rancher with built-in garage and  workshop This fine home Is located on a large  bt and offers a potential view of Gibsons Har  bour The home features wall to-wall carpets,  thermopane windows and all appliances Listed  ai $116,500 Call Bruce McKinnon or Harold  Jacques 885-9083  REDROOFFS RD  Gothic style 2 storey home located on a well  timbered one acre + lot This lovely home is  located across the road from easy beach access  and features Jenn-Air range, built-in oven and  dishwasher There is also a large workshop or  guesi cottage Owner has transferred employ  ment and therefore has realistically priced this  beautiful property at $125,000.  NEPTUNE STREETI112,500  This attractive ll/z years old 3 bdrm home is  situated on a large 93 x 120' lot and is within  minutes of all the amenities of Sechelt Village.  This home features a double carport, wall to wall  carpeting and full ensuite The full basement has  been set up as a workshop and would be Ideal  for the home craftsman The electric heat is supplemented with an Acorn wood burning stove,  and all the windows are energy conserving thermopane. Appliances included in the sale are the  washer/dryer and dishwasher.  WEST SECHELT  Large level building lot located on Norwest Bay  Rd. near Mason Rd, Priced to sell at $39,500.  RARE WATERFRONT PROPERTY ���  PENDER HARBOUR  This beautiful property includes 168' of prime  waterfront, an acre of landscape gardening and  a 3 bedroom 2500 sq. ft. home overlooking the  entrance to Pender Harbour. On the property  there is also a 60' float with deep water moorage  and a private boat house equipped with a power  winch and tracks for easy launching. Some of  the features In this fine home include: a large ensuite with private sauna & walk-In his & her  closets. The kitchen Is equipped with numerous  extras which include a Jenn-Air range and  Radar oven. Downstairs, entertain your  guests in the family room with fireplace and wet-  bar. This property must be seen to be truly appreciated. Priced In the Mid 500's.  H-499-766  Mobile Phone Sechelt  9023  colli  Published at Gibsons. B.C. every Friday  by Glassford Press Ltd.  Phone 886-2622 or 886-781 7  COrVSETTINC:  Use Sheridan  ADVERTISING!  Mark Hood  PRODUCTION DEPARTMENT)  Shan, R  Sohn   '  Sherra Picketts  CIRCULATION:  loan H  Foster  Keep In touch with the Real Estate  market In one of B.C.'* most rapidly  developing regions.  Have the  Sunshine Coast  Realtor  delivered to your home.  Subscription Rates  D 3 months $10.00  6 months $18.00  ��� 12 months $30.00  (Please enclose your cheque)  NAME    ADDRESS^.  CITY   PROVINCE  _CODE  Mail tos  Sunshine Coast Realtor  Circulation Dept.  Box 460,  Gibsons, B.C.  VON IVO  It COAST  EASSOCIATi  LOTS  Roberts Creek, on quiet cul-de-sac. Level Asking 144,900  Sandy Hook, level with southern exposure. 139,900  Pender Harbour. 13 acres �� . Some timber 469,000  Pender Harbour. 99x425 �� . Level. Asking 150,000  Redrooffs Road, 136xl38x78.08�� frontage.  Asking M5.S00  FOR DETAILS ��� JACK NOBLE - 8832701  Tuwanek, 2 big lots, side x side-some view.  131,000 each  Sandy Hook. Ml. Richardson. Level. Huge view. 64x2091  148.500  Sandy Hook. Adjoining Lots. One is waterfront.  148.500 a 497,500  Sandy Hook. Porpoise Dr. Huge view. 62x200��   142,500  FOR DETAILS -  PATRICIA LINDSAY OR WAYNE SALTER  WESTSECHELT 464,900  Towering evergreens '/�� acre lot. Excellent private building  site with easy access to beach. Subdivision possibilities.  To view, call Wayne Salter.  SECRE1 LOVE 139,900  Straight ahead water view from this large sloping lot. Serviced. On MLS. Call John Wilson.  ESCAPE  Build your vacation retreat on this well treed lol. Located  500' from the peaceful waters of Ruby Lake. 127,900.  Shelley Biddle for details.  - WEST SECHELT -  ' Micro weather area ' Ranch house St outbuildings  ' 5 acre farm, level, excellent soil ' Details from John Wilson  - GARDEN BAY ROAD ACREAGE -  3.7 acres, water & mountain view; great gardening potential;  Ireed privacy, brook. Listed at 164,000 V��t.dor anxlou,  .o bring all offer.! Wayne Salle,  PENDER HARBOUR  2 adjoining waterfront lots on Francis Pen. Rd  ���79,900 each. Vendor will assist with financing.  Call Wayne Salter for details.  ���WHITE ROCK TRADE-  BUILDER  IN WHITE ROCK AREA WISHES TO  TRADE FOR PROPERTY IN  SUNSHINE COAST  AREA, RESIDENTIAL OR RECREATIONAL. CONTACT WAYNE SALTER, 885-5986.  WAYNE '    PAT  SALTER LINDSAY  n.b. GORDON  LTD.  Asking  31 Years At Cowrie St., Sechelt  m  885-5986  ,H490-994  4  YEAR ROUND RETREAT!  Super 2 bedroom house with a fireplace and a furnace! Right  on Ihe beach! Also, there's an older 2 bedroom cottage on  the property with a gorgeous view. Perfect for a tenant or a  partner. This Is a prime Investment. Asking 4239,000.  Patricia Lindsay 1)85-2591.  ��� CIom to Everything ���  ��� .33 acre with partial view  ��� Treed with level building site.  ��� In good area on Havles St.  View with Wayne Salter  - WEST SECHELT ��� MASON RD -  Full basement quality-built home, with double carport and  fully enclosed workshop which <ould be converted Into a  guest cottage. Uninterrupted view overlooking Trail Islands  & Georgia Strait. For details call Wayne Salter.  - DAVIS BAY BEAUTY -   Three   bedroom   rancher    Provision   for   second   bath  Fireplace, attached garage and 3 rm suite above  (Could he  part of house)  View. F P 4135,000  John Wilson has the key  885-5891  Box 123  Sechelt, B.C.  PHONE  Toll free from V.'  689-2057  PRICE REDUCTION CHOICE WATERFR'  Taylor Creecent ������ Bfoolu Cora  Panoramic S.W. view to Merry Island and beyond!! A unique  one level, almost new house ��� massive stone fireplace, step-  down living room, 3 bedrooms, 2 baths. Low maintenance  setting - low heating cods and on sewer! At the new price of  1225,000. It's a buy and the vendor will carry below current  mortgage rates.  Patricia Lindsay 885-2591.  100' WATERFRONT  1.65 acres with 100' pebbly beach. Nice well built 2 bdrm.  stucco home with suite in basement. 2 fireplaces. Gorgeous  view. Asking only 4165,000.  Jack Noble 883-2701.  - AFFORDABLE WATERFRONT -  Cozy   2  bedroom   house   on   level   lot.   Low   taxes.  Unobstructed view. Only 4130,000. Some terms. To view  phone Jack Noble 883-2701.  - DEEP MOORAGE -  Extra-large waterfront lot - 120' frontage. Arbutus trees &  view Perc lest ok. Vendor will carry 50<?) al 14% for 1 year  underprlced lo sell al 499,900  Wayne Salter lias details  SURROUND YOURSELF WITH WATERFRONTI  Your own 16 acre island of arbutus and towering evergreens  Large contemporary  home  plus guest house   Sheltered  natural moorage  Call John Wilson or Wayne Sailer On MIS  JOLLY ROGER INN CONDOMINIUMS AVAILABLE  DETAILS ft INCOME PROJECTION FROM  JOHN WILSON - MIKE BALDIGARA  885-2591  BERNEL  GORDON  885-5891  JACK  NOBLE  883-2701  JOHN  WILSON  885-9365  MIKE  BALDIGARA  885-5645  SHELLEY  BIDDLE  885-3505  KELLY  THERIEN  885-5516 14  Sunshine Coast Realtor, October 2,1981  SUNNYCREST  SHOPPING  CENTRE  886-2277  IBSONS  AND LAND DEVELOPMENT LTD.  VANCOUVER  TOLL FREE  682-15131  HOMES  R.R. #2, Gibsons, B.C. VON 1V0  HOMES  HOMES  I YMCA ROAD: Like new rancher with 4  I bedrooms and family room. Fireplace, workshop  1 area, large kitchen with 3 appliances, lots of  ��� closets all on 1/3 acre of landscaped lot  1 assumable 1st at 11 %. Will coostdw trade for  I mobile bom on pod. 1112,500.  I SUNNYSIDE DRIVE: Here's value) This 1350  I sq. ft. near new home has everything you could  I possibly want for comfortable family living and  I more. Large master bedroonuaqk 3 pee. ensuite.  I Living room has vsseeWftijfcaJed celling with  I large heatilatodJ^U^yMrmg room plus kit  I chen eating ntejef wood trim troughout this 3  I bedroom home. Finished Rec Room in the full  I basement. Double carport, shake roof, brick fac-  I ing on the exterior and all this Is situated on a 95' x  1 150 lot $112,000.  COMEAU TRAILER PARK: Affordable, lux-  J urfous, private accommodation In a marvelous  treed setting. This immaculate 12 x 64 mobile  home has been babied all its life and now sits In  beautifully landscaped grounds with storage shed,  1 porch and covered entrance, all fencing In place  I for small pets and Inside, new wall to wall  I carpeting, and unique open spacious floor plan  I Other features included in the price (see below),  I three bedrooms, large bathroom & laundry,  1 skirting and landscaping. Owner says sell now!  ���23,900  -PRICE REDUCTION-  CHASTER ROAD: This 2 bdrm 'A' Frame II  the Ideal hedge against inflation! The home has  been totally renovated with T.L.C. and looks just  like new. The property Itself Is cleared and level  and situated east of Pratt on a quiet no through  road. Excellent starter or revenue property.  149,500  WHAT YOU SEE - IS WHAT YOU GETI:  Three bedroom bungalow on a quiet dead end  street only 2 blocks from shopping and schools.  Vendor will help make this affordable with a small  2nd. 1st mortgage of $35,000 at 11% Is  assumable. Situated on Poplar Lane, offers to  195,000.    I HILLCREST ROAD: Three bedroom rancher  I design home on extra large lot, 50* x 268', and  has future sub-dividing potential.  Fireplace.  I sundeck   and   conveniently   located   close   to  j schools, shopping and recreation. $105,500  RADCLIFFE ROAD: Selma Park. Three  bedroom view home. Two bedroom upstairs and  | one down. Large rec. room with fireplace  roughed in. An efficient floor plan and the yard  j offers view and privacy. $120,000.  DOGWOOD ST. ��� VILLAGE OF GIBSONS:  I Beautifully finished 2 storey home, close to shopping, parks, tennis courts and beach. The basement Is fully renovated into a separate suite and  i currently rented. Upstairs features huge, brick  fireplace, large kitchen and dining. Call to view  anytime. $98,600.  | FIRCREST ROAD: Brand new three bedroom  rancher. An attractive different arrangement of  I the interior makes this a one of a kind. Fireplace  1 and carport. Builder does excellent work and his  I finishing is something to see. $94,500.  I CREEKSIDE PARK: Brand new 1672 square  I feet 1 >/**. storey home in Creekside Park Estates  I This home is on city sewer, city water and  I cablevision and features fireplace, large rec.  I room, laundry room and workshop. Two car  I carport and is on a quiet cul-de-sac close to  I shopping and transportation. Ready to move into.  I��107,900  I HIGHWAY 101: just north of Crucil Rd. in the  I village ol Gibsons. Small home presently rented  I at $300 per month. Lot is zoned to allow a duplex.  I Existing home is set to Ihe front, however the  I maximum view potential would be closer to the  ��� rear of this lot. This is truly a house with  I investment potential. $79,500.  I NORTH FLETCHER: at School Road. The most  I beautiful view In Gibsons. Views of Howe Sound,  ��� Gibsons Harbour & Georgia Strait more than  1180�� of ocean view. Older home, presently  I rented. on this approximately 10,000 sq. ft. lot.  I Property has many potential uses. Come & talk to  I us about this combination home and investment.  |$89.500.  FIRCREST RD: Beautiful ranch style family  home with targe rooms and bay window. Stone  fireplace with energy grate and fan. Sundeck,  double windows and R28 insulation. Assumable  ll'/A mortgage. Phone to view anytime.  $98,600  MALAVIEW RD: Cedar Grove School sits at the  end of the no thru road where this three bedroom  rancher Is situated. All targe room sizes In this  Ideal family home. Some of the features Include  fireplace, sundeck, landscaping, heated storage,  extra length carport and double windows. This Is a  must see for home buyers. $89,500.  GRADY ROAD: Why buy new when you can  have this Immaculate seven year old executive  home with a manicured garden? This home Is  tastefully decorated with hardwood floors, real antique brick fireplace and dramatic entrance foyer.  On lop of all this there is the view! Too much to  tell vou, so come and see. $159,000.  SUNNYSIDE DRIVE: Gibsons. Brand new  1840 sq. ft. four bdrm executive home with en  Hiite, family room, huge kitchen, custom  :ablnets. Huge lot, double carport and you can  Jick your own carpets. Vendor may assist with  Inanclng. $129,900.  68 CREEKSIDE PARK ESTATES  Unique l'/a storey with vaulted ceilings, 2Va  bathrooms, family room, 3 bedrooms, utility and  mud room. 1777 sq, ft. of living space can be purchased now at lock-up or finished at $115,500  MOUNTAIN VIEW ROAD: Nearly brand new  1200 sq. ft. three bedroom rancher on quiet no  thru street In beautiful Creekside Park Estates.  This beautifully designed home, features separate  dining and living room, good size master  bedroom, fridge, stove and dishwasher. Large  backyard for privacy, and is on city sewer and  water, hydro and cable, and Is within walking  distance of mall, schools, and transportation. The  owner says sell now! $84,900.  REED ROAD: Super view lot 84.78 x 152.91  right at the top of Granthams. 1215 sq. ft. rancher  with stone fireplace. Lots of potential. $92,000.  HILLCREST ROAD: Corner lot,, landscapec  with ocean view. Close to schools and shopplnc  :entre In Gibsons Village. House is ideal for large  family as downstairs Is completely finished glvlnc  2200 sq. ft. of living area. Double garage wit!  sundeck over, two fireplaces and 4 appliances art  jome of the extras included in this sale  $165.000  WOODCREEK PARK: Executive home on .39  acre treed lot backing onto the ravine park. This  lovely new home features 4 bedroms, 3  washrooms, den family room plus living and  dining room. This quality constructed home is  ideal for the family that likes room to move with  2040 square feet of finished floor area. The two  car garage and full brick fireplace are just some of  the extra touches that set this home apart from  the rest. $149,500.  FIRCREST RD: Near new 3 oedroom home on  beautifully landscaped lot In prime residential  area. Southern exposure and close proximity to  schools and shopping represent only a few of the  special features of this home. This 1200 sq. ft.  home is extremely well appointed with Schrader  fireplace, large utility and spacious eating & family  room area. Excellent family home. $85,000.  CREEKSIDE PARK: Perfect 2 storey lamily  home at an affordable price in beautiful Creekside  Park Estates. This 1700 sq. ft. four bedroom  home features finished basement, rec. room,  large workshop, laundry room, Vh baths. Al  appliances including fridge, stove, dishwasher  washer, dryer and freezer. Fully landscapec  grounds wilh concrete drive, pet run and wood  shed. Owner has done high quality work to make  this a warm comfortable family home. Phunc to  uiPU/anutime.MnOJOO.  CEDAR GROVE: Large private lot in quiet  Roberts Creek area close to stores, beach, and  golf course. This 3 bedroom home with fireplace  and partially completed rec room needs some  T.L.C. and yard work. Well worth a look If you  like this popular area. Offers to $97,500.  MALAVIEW ROAD: Extra special rancher  situated to get the most of the sun on a nice partially landscaped lot. Finished with the best of  materials. Solid oak cabinets, lush rug and extra  special light fixtures. Free standing heatilator  fireplace blows heat front and back. Carved bear  In front garden. Mud room and all sorts of extras.  $115,000  MAHLtINt KD: Brand new 3 bedroom nomeon  % acre in Roberts Creek. Master bedroom has  ensuite plumbing, custom kitchen cabinets, largt  sundeck. Beautiful and private, easy to landscape  lot. And more. This home has all permits in place  to make the full basement into M.U.R.B. duplex.  The house design easily facilitates either single or  duplex use. Truly the home with great investment  potential. $119,500  1169 BURNS ROAD: Do you want to live a Vt  block from Gibsons' best beach? If you are looking  for a good home priced to sell, read on. This Is a 2  storey older home exceptionally well built and  features new insulation, thermopane windows  and storm doors, Fisher stove in full basement.  The grounds are fully landscaped with lawns,  gardens, rock fish pond with circulating pump and  fully fenced. Additional features include new roof  and gutters, double carport, blacktop drive,  workshop, rec. room, dining room, large living  room with fireplace and much more. The owner  must sell now and has reduced the price to  $96,500.  HIGHWAY 101 ��� SELMA PARK: Beautiful  remodelled little house across the street from [  perfect beach. Unbelievable view south and west  to Trail Islands and Vancouver Island from this |  completely renovated 2 bedroom starter, retirement or recreational home. The owner/contractor has Installed new wiring and service, new electric heal, new stove, new wall to wall carpeting.  Landscaping and much more. Al) appliances included   169,900 Call to view anytime.  SARGENT RD: Terrific Spanish home on one ol I  our best view lots. Two fully finished floors, total j  2300 sq. ft. Four bedrooms, 2'4 bathrooms, rec.  room, utility room and workshop. Two fireplaces,  double carport, intercom and wet bar. Within I  walking distance of shopping and schools. Make |  an appointment to view. $145,000.  75% FINANCING AVAILABLE  AT 16%  71 CREEKSIDE PARK ESTATES  Spacious 4 bedroom home with walk-In closets,  ensuite, family room, fireplace, 2,000 sq. ft. of living. Landscaping done. Ready to be lived in. Asking $119,500.  MALAVIEW RD: Hon Is a $58,400 mortgage at 13^X until June 19851 Immaculate I  3 bedroom rancher. Large living room and ample  room for large dining suite. Master bedroorjihas  walk-in closet and ensuite. With current interest |  rates showing no signs of going down this Is your ,  golden opportunity. $89,900  REID ROAD: Absolutely  gorgeous quality home on huge lot. Three  bedrooms, IVi baths, carport, garage, storage  shed. Home is only 1 year old, ceramic tile kitchen  floor, oak cabinets, brick fireplace, Jenn Aire  range and microwave. All this on a level  landscaped fenced lot. Other features too  numerous to mention. This home represents  excellent value at the asking price of $119,000.  Vendor will carry lull mortgage at 16V4%.  8 BEDROOMS?: That's right, on two levels.  This could be tor a big family or as is a rooming I  house with over $3,000 per month income.  Duplex potential too. Includes 5 appliances and  some furniture. $50,000 assumable mortgage at  13V2%. This view lot of Georgia Straits Is V* acre [  In size. Located on Clark Road off Gower Point.  Phone for further details.  HOMES ON ACREAGE  REED ROAD: New rancher on 1.8 acre property  close to schools, parks and shopping. Three  bedrooms with Va ensuite. Airtight fireplace to  keep heating bill down. House is well built with 2 x  6 framing, R30 and R20 insulation, Vi" thermo  windows. Attached double garage. $139,500.  LOWER ROAD: 1.02 acres in Roberts Creek.  125.4' x 357.72' of cedar and other evergreens  provides a perfect setting for the two bedroom  approximately 6 year old mobile home. Large  storage shed and chicken coop and run round off  the package. Priced at $97,500  RUSSELL ROAD: Very private 4.32 acres with  large duck pond and year round stream. Ranch  type home has sunken living room and other attractive features. Designed for minimal  maintenance. Double garage that could be  developed for extra living space. Good outbuildings that could be adapted for many uses  $225,000.  CEMETERY ROAD: Over 2 acres hobby farm  with view of Georgia Strait less than one mile to  schools and shopping with lots of country charm.  Nearly 1200 square foot tog home with shake  roof. Three bedrooms, lft bathrooms. Floor to  ceiling cut rock fireplace in living room. Built-in  dishwasher, oven and range in large kitchen. An  ideal family home. On the terraced hillside are 4  corrals, large pasture area, riding ring pi�� is 30 x 50  solid 2x4 barn with 6 self-watering tie stalls. 4 -10  x 10 box stalls and 10 x 10 tack room. Many  extras, $156,000.  TYSON ROAD: Wilson Creek. 2 acres, size 300'  x 300'. All cleared with good two bedroom home  and sleeping cottage. Nicely situated just off the  highway.       $99,500.  FLUME ROAD: Charming home on 4.57 acres  zoned R2J. This means you can live in this cozy  modernized two-bedroom home, enjoy the  parklike grounds with a babbling creek and now or  later subdivide Into smaller parcels. Located half a  block from the Roberts Creek Provincial Park  which has one of the nicest beaches on the coast.  Buy this property and make your dream come  true - be it an escape, a country estate, an Investment, a home or all combined. $165,000.  ~'&Z*a^*  A PRIVATE WORLD: Set against a treed ravine  with creek, this garden-like 4 acres of flowers,  shrubs and lawns Is In 2 parcels. Some of the  features Include 900 sq. ft. 2 bdrm home, 1 bdrm  guest house joined by deck and hot tub. New kitchen, new roof, parlor stove, brick barbeque pit,  wood sheds, garden shed, fountain and much  more Must be seen and walked to be appreciated Burton Rd. $165,000,  STEVE        ANNE        JOHN TERRI        GREG GARY DAVE JON LORRIE  SAWYER    GURNEY   HANSON    HANSON    GRANT    PUCKETT ROBERTS      MCRAE        GIRARD  .886-7678    886-2164    886-8295    886-8295   886-7204    886-9508    886-8040      885-3670      886-7760 Sunshine Coast Realtor, October 2,1981  15  SUNNYCREST  SHOPPING  CENTRE  886-2277  IBSONS  AND LAND DEVELOPMENT LTD.  VANCOUVER  TOLL FREE  682-15131  Member Sunshine Coast  OPEN HOUSE  R.R. #2, Gibsons, B.C. VON 1V0     Real Estate Association  LOTS  Saturday. October 3, 1981 - 10 a.m. to 4 p.m.  8 TOWNHOUSES  Panoramic view of Howe Sound and Georgia Strait  Tht* location is a bonus ��� only steps from shopping, swimming and moorage Enjoy the benefits ol  carefree, maintenance free townhouse living. These two and three bedroom units are Ideal for lull  time or weekend use. Fully landscaped and maintained grounds. Covered individual parking. All  units feature fireplaces, balconies, cedar feature walls, twin seal windows and major appliances.  Excellent Value at $97,500 to 1113,000  OWNER WILL ASSIST WITH FINANCING AT M'/iX  WATERFRONT  HOMES  SAKIN AW LAKE: Sunny exposure and privacy  nre the key features for your recreational  enjoyment. Secure government lease on 1.24  acres of waterfront with one bedroom cottage.  Boat access. $35,000.  PRICE REDUCTION!!: Sandy Hook low bank  waterfront with gorgeous view and sandy beach  only a few steps from your front door. Good  moorage and close to Sandy Hook boat launch.  The 720 sq ft home sits on a full concrete foun  dation for easy addition or renovation. Stone far  ed brick fireplace and large front sundeck. Serious  waterfront purchasers will appreciate that this Is  iUi.it living on the beach is all about. $119,000  50% down and vendor wit! carry at 15%.  COMMERCIAL-  BUILDINGS-  BUSINESSES  GIBSONS VILLAGE: This is the only  indepedent bakery in the area. 10 years in the  same iocation. Business is increasing steadily with  excellent potential to expand. Owner may carry  1st. All equipment included. Call for more details.  HIGHWAY 101: This industrial building has a  total of 5,000 square leet. It has three tenants,  leased out on two five year leases and one three  year lease. Lot size is 167' on the highway by 124'  deep. Present building has plans for suites on a  second floor and there is room for another  building on this lot. Present annual income is  $29,400. $290,000  INVESTMENT  COMMERCIAL-LAND  HIGHWAY 101 AT MAHAN ROAD: Prime  development property presently zoned R3. The  property has 140' frontage on Hwy 101 with 627'  on Mahan Roa'd, Vendor will build to suit or provide terms on this 2 acre parcel. $249,000.  SEAMOUNT INDUSTRIAL PARK: This key  corner lot has the best access and exposure of any  available lot in the area. Needs no fill excavating.  Ready to build on. Can be purchased with existing  development plan and approved access. Lot has  143 feet of highway frontage. $165,000.  SCHOOL ROAD: Prime RM-2 zoned lots  20.700 sq. ft., approved for 14 suites. This is the  only RM-2 currently available in the village. Vendor has archltectua! rendering This scarce commodity is priced at only $15,000 per suite.  HIGHWAY 101: 2.49 acres In Village with 173'  frontage on Hwy. 101 ideally located next to  village swimming pool and curling rink. Prime  development potential or subdividable for duplex  lots $259,000.  STEWART ROAD: Fifteen acres located on  Stewart Road just off North Road. This is in three  live acre parcels and can be divided or resold if  purchaser does not want that much property.  Zoned Industrial I. which takes light and heavy  industry. Three phase power available if  necessary. $350,000  HIGHWAY 101 AT SCHOOL ROAD: 1.03  acres zoned multl family just across the sireet from  Gibsons Elementary School. Excellent view  potential. This triangular shaped tot has 359' on  School Road, 350' on Hwy 101 and Is 279' on the  back. Vendor may carry 1st mortgage for qualified  purchaser. $119,000.  ACREAGE  BROWNING ROAD: This 1.2 acre lot may be  approved for 'A acre minimum lots and affords a  natural 4 lot subdivision. Road at rear already  started, Huny ��� for details call now.  LOCKYER ROAD: Secluded o acre parcel In  Roberts Creek, Privacy guaranteed by forest on  two sides and long panhandle dedicated as access. Perc. approval granted and water available.  Well priced on today's market at $90,000. This  gem awaits your inspection.  CHAMBERLIN ROAD: Nearly 5 acres of  beauliful timbered acreage. Water, hydro, cable  and paved streets close by. Ideal hobby farm or  holding acreage. Priced to sell. $99,500.  CHAMBERLIN ROAD: Lovely view lol looking  Miuih into Howe Sound and Georgia Strait.  Cleared and ready to build on. 76 x 170. Well  priced at $54,900.  CREEKSIDE PARK: Lot 64. Good building lot  In popular Village of Gibsons subdivision. Hydro,  cable, phone, city water, paved streets and  CMHC approved. Vendor will consider low down  payment and 15% financing. $37,900.  CREEKSIDE PARK: Ut 9. Excellent building  lot in popular Creekside Park Estates. Good view  potential along with paved streets, city sewer,  cablevision, hydro and water. Gibsons Creek  runs down rear of lot making this an ideal  purchase. $39,500. ,  SUNNYSIDE DRIVE: This 100 x 150 lot is  ideally situated at the end of a no thru road. Area  is fast building up with new quality homes. A 2  storey home on this lot would have a view of  Georgia Strait. This lot must be seen to  appreciate the value of the 100 foot widths of the  surrounding lots. $52,500  GAMBIER ISLAND: Own a piece of Gambler  Island. This V* acre lot is only a stones throw from  the New Brighton Wharf. Good water, tall trees,  16 foot trailer and shed already for you to build.  $26,000.  REED RD: Granthams Landing. Beautiful view \  lots with southerly exposure and a nice stand of  trees. Level access from street and easy to build  on. Size 48' x 168'. Buy one of these side by side  lots for $39,500. Or buy both for privacy and as  an Investment.  FIRCREST ROAD: Partially cleared building lot  with nice trees in a fast developing area. Excellent  school nearby. Dead-end street so safe for  children. Don't be put off by trailer three lots down  as It is only temporary. Excellent value at this  price. $31,500  WHARF RD: Langdale, One of the very few lots  left In this popular area. Large size, corner location and view make this a must see. Call now for  more details.  GRADY ROAD: Beautifully treed lot in  Langdale, 50 x 179,38, 93 x 213.05. Has  underground wiring, $49,000,  COCHRANE ROAD:65 x 130 dry Ideal building  site. Close to new marina. All services available.  $48,000.  GOWER PT: 82 x 133 level lot with super view  of Georgia Strait. One block to Bonniebrook and  good beach. $64,500.  MARINE VIEW WAY: Sechelt. This 60 x 131.9  foot lot Is easy to build on and has already been  cleared. Located only one mile from village  amenities. You may even get a view. $35,900.  SYLVAN PLACE: This V* acre lot has a partial  view and Is situated on a quiet cul-de-sac only 3  blocks from beach. The property is nicely treed  and In an area of new homes. Located off Cheryl  Anne Park Road In Roberts Creek. $55,000.  WYNGAERT ROAD - OWNER SAYS SELL! |  50' x 120' view lot with parklike landscaping.  Perfect spot for a home without disturbing plants. I  Price reduced from $55,000. $50,000.  MARION PLACE: Evergreen Parkland. Large I  corner tot on cul-de-sac. A nice neighbourhood I  with attractive homes. Owner/builder will build I  home of your choice or sell lot. Offers to I  $37,900.  CREEKSIDE PARK: Lot 109. Good building lot |  in popular Village of Gibsons subdivision. Hydro,  ���cable,  phone, city water, paved streets and I  CMHC approved. Vendor will consider low down |  payment and 15% financing. $39,900.  SCHOOL RD: 13 Viewlots in Gibsons Village.  Servicing   nearing   completion.   Priced   from |  $57,500.  YMCA ROAD: This extra large lot in Langdale I  has underground wiring. It Is 87 x  163.25. "  $25,000.  GRANDVIEW ROAD: Enjoy the great view I  from this 44 acre lot with a gentle southern slope. I  Located on Granvlew Road just off Chaster before |  you get to Bonniebrook. $61,500.  MARINE DR: Hopkins viewlot. Beautifully treed I  lot within walking distance of Langdale ferry. Size I  50 x 141 serviced by hydro, water, phone and I  cablevision. Priced to sell at $44,500.  SOUTH FLETCHER: Large building lot (841  frontage) with unbelievable view of Gibsons HarT  ' bour, Bluff and Keats [stand. 1 block to post office!  and shopping. Hydro, cable, city sewer. This is al  choice view lot ��� one of a kind. $64,900.  REED & CHAMBERLIN: Granthams Heights.!  Large 75 x 170 building lot In quiet wooded area!  in upper Granthams. This lot will have a terrific I  view as the area develops and now has all services I  including cablevision. $54,900. ... .. ���.,.  WOODCREEK PARK: Huge building tot in area  of prestige homes in brand new modern subdivision. This lot features wooded ravine at back for  complete privacy and Is on all services. $47,500.  BONNIEBROOK HEIGHTS: Unobstructed  corner lot offering a sweeping view of water clear  to Nanaimo. All services underground. Owner will  carry some financing at reasonable rate  $67,000  ARGENT RD ft HWY 101: Beautifully treed lot  in Roberts Creek, approximately 100 x 265. Lot Is  fully serviced, could accommodate duplex,  domestic Industry, hobby farm, single family  residence or mobile home, The perfect natural  setting. $49,000.  BEACH AVE: Prime Roberts Creek. .73 acres  with 191 feet on Beach Avenue. Only 2 lots from  lovely level beach access In quiet treed area. Offers to $65,000  REVENUE PROPERTIES-  ROSAMUND ROAD: Would you like to buy a  home and have someone else help you pay for it?  This duplex on Rosamund Road on an extra large  lot may be the answer. Consider it's assets: Two  kitchens with appliances, two 4 piece skylit  bathrooms, two chimneys, separate meters, just  recently updated and refurbished. Very good rent  potential on either or both sides. Also, vendor will  assist with financing! Try your offer, Asking  $99,600  MARINE DRIVE: Waterfront Revenue. 100' of  prime low bank waterfront in Village of Gibsons.  Unexcelled view of sheltered Howe Sound. Solid  lenants in all three suites. Building remodelled  and ungraded. Very attractive property consisting of 4 bedrooms, 3 bedrooms and 2 bedrooms  suites with fireplaces. Don't miss your chance to  own this waterfront triplex. $285,500,  NORTH ROAD, GIBSONS  2 & 3 BEDROOM TOWNHOUSES  Now Available  All Suites Feature:  * Fridge  * Stove  * Buili in dishwasher  * Washer & Dryer  * (;��� it.*.*,".mi Hnrk Fireplace*  * W.iii td w.ill deluxe carpel  * 1'. Bains  * Skylights  * Huge Master Bedroom  * Close to shopping  * Close la schools  * Close lo I rai asportation  * All services  * Builders Hume Warranty  * Fully landscaped grounds  * Extra storage room  * Parking lor % cars  * Concrele Driveway  * hilly fenced  * Energy efficient  These beautiful finished suites make a perfect affordable first home and/or Investment and holding property. All units qualify for the Federal Government  M.U.R.B. Tax Shelter Programme and for C.M.H.C. insured mortgaging which  insures the best possible mortgage rate quickly. By the way, note the Builder's  Home Warranty Programme. Cablevision, beautiful brick fireplaces, 5 appliances, these properties are brand new and ready to move Into. Price reduced  to sell at 169,900 to 179,900  HENRY ROAD: Duplex with acreage Live on  one half, rent the other. Room for gardens or  other hobbies. 1230 sq. ft. per side. Only 2 years  old. Assumable 1st of $42,000 at 10V*% due  1983. Vendor will carry 2nd. Asking 1174.500.  SOUTH FLETCHER: 4 plex on beautiful view  site, across from Holland Park and municipal  complex. Upper 2 suites are approximately 13H0  sq. ft. each; spread out over 2 floors with 3  bedrooms. Yli bathrooms, large living room for  view, sundecks and storage area. Lower 2 suites  are approximately 790 sq. ft. each; containing 2  bedrooms and large living areas. The property Is  nicely landscaped and well kept. Ideal location for  a revenue property situated between the government wharf and the new marina site 1195.000.  STEVE        ANNE        JOHN TERRI        GREG  SAWYER    GURNEY   HANSON   HANSON    GRANT  k886-7678    886-2164    886-8295    886-8295   886-7204  GARY        DAVE JON LORRIE  PUCKETT ROBERTS     MCRAE       GIRARD  886-9508    886-8040      885-3670      886-7760 16  Sunshine Coast Realtor. October 2, 1981  Located on School Road - Lower Village  886-8107  REALTY LTD.       Box 335f 1369 School Road, Gibsons, B.C.   VON 1V0  MEMBER SUNSHINE COAST REAL ESTATE ASSOCIATION  4��A ACRES OF PRIVACY WITH CREEK  Location ��� Oldershaw Road ��� Roberts Creek  Acreage is partially cleared with a 24' x 52' 1978  Moduline Chancellor set up on lower portion of  property. This acreage has great potential for the  imaginative purchaser, 1149,000.  VETERANS ROAD ��� GIBSONS  A nice ileal 2 bedroom starter wilh large utility  room (maybe 3rd b.r.) on large 105' x 141' level  lot  Should be seen. Priced to sell $75,000.  WOODCREEK PARK  Two top of the line homes in this prestigious subdivision to pick from. Both over 2.000 sq. ft. and  owner will help in financing al 13Vz% Bring your  offers tu S 149,000.  GIBSONS  Mobile Home set in Trailer Court. 1975  Statesman. 12'x62', 2bedroom, sundeck is 10'x  19', metal shed size 7' x 7'6" all included in price.  Also vendors will leave stove, fridge, washer,  dryer, air conditioner, and wood stove. $26,500.  ACREAGE  INVESTMENT PROPERTY -  ROBERTS CREEK  At the top of Margaret Road This 5 acre (501' x  420') could make a great 8 lot subdivision. Mostly  level, and may have some view. Asking  $210,000.  LOTS  BONNIEBROOK HEIGHTS  Large view lot  Try ymir offers to $65,000.  LOT 32 - CREEKSIDE PARK ESTATES -  GIBSONS, B.C.  Level building lot close to schools and shopping.  Terms available at 12%. $38,500  SOUTH FLETCHER ROAD ��� GIBSONS  Good view lot close to everything Great view and  has been landscaped ,it one lime Also may be  able to rezone to higher use Priced al $60,000  firm  GIBSONS ��� CREEKSIDE PARK -  CREEKSIDE CRESCENT  In area of new homes is this 3 bedroom, basement  home. A level 60 x 120 lol for easy maintenance  Basement has a self-contained suile for inlaws or  ??? Vendor has jusl installed a 12' x 16' sundeck  wilh access off of dining room for those outdoor  activities. Listed for $98,500.  GIBSONS  Grandview & Prall Road is the location of this  owner built quality home. Features are many including hot water heating, deluxe carpeting, living  room size of 14' x 22'. etc To view this three  bedroom, 1472 sq. ft home, contact Dennis or  Norm  $119,500  SOUTH FLETCHER ROAD ��� GIBSONS  Looking for a great view over Gibsons Harbour?  Then you should see this new 3 b.r. basement  home 1300 sq ft on main and over 1,000 sq. ft  in partially finished basement. Many extras Ind. 2  x 6 construction, giving you R20 in ex. walls, R28  in ceiling. B.R. walls are insulated with R12. 3pc.  ensuite in master, stone faced heatilator f.p..  room for wood stove in basement. Double c/p  sundeck and breeze-way. Plus much more. This is  a top line home throughout, priced at $175,000  and worth it.  VIEW OF HARBOUR & GULF  FROM 1574 ABBS ROAD  From kitchen, dining room and living room, enjoy  Ihe waler and mountains in full view. This large  home also has a fireplace in the basement for lhal  ideal rec. room or ??? Tolal bedrooms are 3  upstairs and 2 downstairs for that extra large family or in law suite Home is well constructed, looking for a ImIt* lender loving care   $145,000.  IVM% MORTGAGE - $55,000 APPROX.  BAL. ��� POPLAR LANE GIBSONS  A large 3 bedroom, full basement home located  on cul-de-sac, near all amenities This 4 year old  home is well maintained, rec room In basement Is  finished Alsso a wood slove has been installed to  assisl in lower heating costs Vendor will assist In  financing. $119,500.  :>-"  UNDER CONSTRUCTION  MAPLEWOOP IANE - GIBSONS  Splil level 3 bedioum home with den and family  room for that growing family Situated 2 blocks  from beach acce .s wilh a southern view of the gulf  from the Master Bedroom or Sundeck In area of  quality homes Vendor will sell as is or at any  stage of finish Call for complete plans and details  of this new home  Asking $150.000, j  . ���*.*���  MARINE DRIVE ��� GRANTHAMS LANDING  Full basement home with 3 bdrms on the main  floor and 2 finished bdrms in basement.  Assumable mortgage at ll3/4%. One of the best  view home anywhere. $145,000.  LOTS  LOT 88 ��� KING ROAD - GIBSONS B.C.  Cleared, level building lot in quiet area.  $38,000  EVERGREEN PARKLAND  We have a few nice building lots priced in the  $35,000 - $40,000 range Phone us for more  details  DUPLEX LOT  Hlllcrest Road Gibsons, zoned R3, level duplex  lot with view of Shoal Channel and Gulf. Terms  available  $62,500.  For more information call  Norm Peterson       or       Dennis Suveges  886-2607 886-7264


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