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 \  Legislative Library  Parliament Buildings  Victoria, B.C. V8V 1X4  88.8  The Sunshine  Published on the Sunshine Coast        25'per copy on news stands      March 14,1988       Volume 42       Issue 11  Pollution control  upgrade on hold  and Ihe following day. Twelve hours after the fire began, firemen  were still hosing down the rubble to catch pockets of smouldering  debris. ���Penny Fuller pholo  Linda Mullcis inset  The raging blaze that engulfed Anderson Realty and three other  businesses lasl Friday morning in Sechelt was attended by three fire  departments, whose volunteers worked through the early morning  Offices gutted by fire  Firemen battle for hours  by Ken Collins  "Il looked like the whole  lown was burning!" said Rick  Dixon, owner of MacLeods in  Sechell.  He was speaking of the Friday morning lire thai left  realtor Stan Anderson's  building in the "Dock" on  Cowrie Slrcel reduced to a pile  of rubble. At around 4:(X) am  Dixon was awakened by a  phone call telling him that ihere  was a large lire on Cowrie  Slreet. Thai's when he looked  toward ihe lown centre one hall'  mile away and saw l he sky  glowing red.  "I knew there was no way we  could drive down the slrcel," he  said describing his arrival al the  scene. The heal was so intense  that painl blistered on Ihe opposite side of the street.  The fire broke oul in  Gourmet Mtincliie only days  before It's widely adverli/ed  opening. Owner Krislina Uoese  was jusi pulling Ihe finishing  touches on the newly renovated  establishment,  "There were only live ceiling  tiles to go," said one employee.  Linda Malloy who lives  across Ihe slrcel on ihe premises  of ihe Shadow Baux woke up io  ihe sound of crackling.  "The noise was so loud I  llioughl the trees were falling,"  she said. The flames were so  fierce she ihen llioughl her own  premises were on fire. She looked oul Ihe fronl and saw flames  inside Ihe Ciourmcl Mtincliie.  She quickly phoned Ihe lire  departmenl.  "1 don'l Ihink I was the first  one to lell ihem," she said.  "The line was busy (he firsl  time I dialed. By the lime I  finished phoning ihe flames  were coming oul al the from  and up Ihe back." Soon the en-  lire building housing Anderson  Really, Gourmet Mtincliie,  Lome Palon, and Ihe Garibaldi  Health Unil was engulfed.  "There were explosions and  windows started popping oul,"  said Malloy. "There were bright  red sparks all over Ihe place and  ashes all Ihe way lo the waterfront."  "I sure want lo commend the  fire department on iheir  response," said Dixon. "They  came very quickly."  When firemen arrived ihey  had lo slarl spraying from  across the street. According to  police spokesmen Ihere was a  lot of plywood and olher wood  comprising the internal structure which could account for  the intense heal. Dixon said he  saw flames shooting 12 lo 20  feel into the air.  By 9:30 the building was pretty well a burned oul shell and  Inspector Jim Yuile from ihe  provincial fire commissioner's  office was al ihe siie. Changing  from his suit lo rubber boots  and coveralls, he spent a good  pari of Ihe day silling through  Ihe soggy mess of charred  embers for clues lhat mighl help  explain the origins of Ihe blaze.  A large excavation shovel  cleared away precarious remains and turned over still  smoking remains lor firemen to  soak with waier. Healers and  olher barely recognizable electrical equipment were carefully  dismantled and checked lor any  signs of malfunction. The heat-  twisted remains of a clock  frozen in lime indicated ihe fire  could have started as early as  2:00 am.  Displaced tenants and Iheir  employees received spontaneous  hugs of support from a sympathetic and supportive business  community. Anderson Really  employee Bob Bull sel up a temporary office in a neighbouring  business and the telephone company was prompt in supplying a  line with his old number so lhal  clients calling in could be al  least informed of the circumstances.  "We have mosl of our properties multiple listed," said  Bull. He stated lhal ihis would  enable ihem lo reconstruct iheir  listings. Mosl if not all of iheir  files were losl bul Bull will still  be going through Ihe powdery  blackened contents of Ihe steel  drawers in the hopes that  something mighl be salvaged.  "Al one time or anolher we  have probably sold every house  on ihe coasl ai least once," said  Bull. "We even had ihe plans  on the septic fields for some  houses.  Owner Stan Anderson was  nol able lo be contacted. He  was on vacation in Ihe USA.  Upstairs tenants Garibaldi  Heallh Unil and lawyer Lome  Palon losl everything. Nol even  iheir floors remain .  Il was mil unlil later afternoon lhal ihe lire was considered dead and whatever remained ol' the walls were flattened into the ground. In a  statement released Saturday  evening ihe RCMP stated a conservative replacement cost for  Ihe building would be $250,000  excluding contents. The cause  of Ihe fire is so far being regarded as accidental.  The Sunshine Coasl Regional  Dislricl was petitioned last  Thursday by Canadian Foresl  Products to support Porl  Mellon in a bid to ask (he province for more lime lo come inlo line wilh pollution slandards.  According to Canfor  represenlalive Don Stuart, the  mill is planning on a complete  modernizalion which in ihree  years will exceed the mosl stringent pollution requirements,  bul Ihe mill is in a bil of a dilemma.  The planned modernizalion  will make the old leehnology  obsolete and will lake Ihree  years lo complete. The old  technology could be brought up  lo standards by spending 10  million dollars.  "Bul the 10 million would be  spent and then jusi bulldozed  away," said Stuarl.  In olher words, Canfor says  il is impossible lo meel standards wilhin ihree years bul al  lhai lime il will more lhan comply.  And the Canadian Pulp  Workers Union is in support of  Ihe mill. Vern Rollluff, local  CPU president, also spoke to  the Regional Board.  "We wanl lo mainlain our  jobs and we wanl a chance lo  work in an environmentally  sound environment," he said.  According lo Roltluff Ihe local  union has formed an environmental in-house commil-  lee and is keeping a close eye on  Ihe situation. In a previous interview he lold Ihe Coast News  lhal ihe workers are very concerned aboul pollution as they  are the ones who have to work  closest Io il and are allecled ihe  most.  But how bad is ihe presenl  pollution? Not lhat bad according to Stuart. Pollution controls are based on equipment  and not simply emissions he explained. You can be well within  emission standards depending  on your rate of production and  still violate the terms of your  permit.  "The pollution is quite heavy  at limes, in fact it is quite  unbearable at times," commented Director Shaske's alternate Tony Laver. "There are  some days you wonder if you  are going to choke on it."  Stuart conceded the mill  emissions still had a heavy impact on the community but not  on the environment as he explained that particle emissions  were low even though the odour  was still there.  "The odour emissions do not  change," he said and went on to  stale that air inversions did  change where they went.  Pari of Stuart's presentation  was a candid history of the long  struggle the mill has had to stay  in business in difficult times  coupled with the expense of the  race for technology. Al one  point they had been advised to  close or sell. This is where their  new Japanese partners come in  and Stuart forsees a bright  future ahead with a minimum  of pollution.  "Bul our Japanese partners  need assurance," Stuart said as  he asked for a strong statement  of support from the Regional  Board to counteract an anticipated vigorous lobby by  Terry Jacks and his West Vancouver supporters.  The Regional Board did pass  a motion of support thai also  will suggest to the Ministry of  Environment that it should  amend its regulations so that  they are viable and do not build  unrealistic expectations in the  public lhal lead them to believe  lhal ihey are being protected  when they may not be.  Zoning change?  Planner Rob Buchan informed Sechell Council ai last  Wednesday's meeting lhat an  applicalion has been received  from a developer for a sixty six  unit retirement village on  Browning Road, ncxi lo  Rockland Wynd.  The proposal is to invesl $5.5  million in a cluster development  complex. The developer is requested a change of /oning  from Rl to R2 as the plan calls  for double the density of  buildings provided for in Ihe  presenl Rl zoning. Buchan  pointed out however, thaj  because of Ihe nature of ihel  plan, ihere would be less people'  living in Ihe community than,  ihere would be wilh Rl zoning,';  which provides for multiple-";  members family dwellings.-;  Reliremeiil complexes usually*  have only iwo residents pet*  unil.  Council passed a molion to;  provide for first reading of the  plan, as well as a public hearing.  Wood Bay charged  The Sunshine Coast Regional District has agreed to bring  charges againsl Wood Bay Salmon Farm after continuing  complaints by residents in the area. Under Bylaw 264, Wood  Bay is not allowed to process fish that have not been on their  farm for a minimum of 90 days.  Upon investigation, Regional District representatives  found 'ample evidence of bylaw infraction'. The Board voted  unanimously last Thursday night to refer the matter to their  solicitor.  Indian District votes  The Sechelt Indian Band has now completed the second  phase of the legislative process implementing self-government  for the Band. On March 5, 173 of the eligible 232 voters turned out to vote on a referendum defining the powers of the  Sechelt Indian District. It was passed with 162 in favour and  10 opposed, with one spoiled ballot.  APC appointments  The following Area E Advisory Planning Commission  appointments have been approved by the Sunshine Coast  Regional Board. D. Derby, J. Mahlman, T. Neill, A  Hauka, G. Sluis, S. Jones, R. Moorcroft, and C.  Chamberlin.  AIDS forum held  A community forum on AIDS will be held at 7:30 pm,  Tuesday, March 22 at Greenecourt on Medusa Street in  Sechelt. Here is an opportunity to receive up-to-date information and to ask questions.  Bob Carpenter looks on as Roy Forbes (Bim) burets into song at a CBC recording session hut week held  on location at the Carpenter residence. See slory page 2. -Ken toiiim photo  Serving the Sunshine Coast since 1945  __h ��� II  Coast News, March 14,1988  c  Comment  ;V  Strength of spirit  shown by locals  Perhaps the neighbours we should be looking to for  leadership in any economic developmeni, are not the ones  talking bul instead are the ones who are doing.  Some of us lend to forge! thai we, the human race, have  evolved from a rugged stock that once roamed the land  with stone clubs and clothed wilh only Ihe skins of  animals. And if we had to, we could do il again!  Bin there are ihose of us who are confident of this and  demonstrate a strength of spirit such as was displayed by  Gourmet Munchie's owner, Katrina Boese, when faced  with the totally devastating destruction of her freshly  renovated and about-to-be-opened business.  "Whai setback?" she boldly stated and nol unlike the  majority of coastal residents Is forging stalwattly ahead to  build her business yet another time.  And righl beside her, Bob Bull, an employee of another  htiincd oul business sels up a temporary office amidst the  nibble in order to minimize inconvenience in case a  customer wants to call. Ihere are olher places in the world  where employees would go home and start packing for a  two week vacation.  Local songwriter/singer Bob Carpenter is being  featured on a national CBC FM program. A crew from  Winnipeg, Manitoba specifically Hew oul here with other  well-known Canadian and American entertainers for a  three-hour recording session overlooking Georgia Slrait.  A Canadian trade union takes responsibility for being  the watchdog of its employer so il will nol pollute and  make this an unsafe place lo live.  Some of the first people of North America, the Sechell  Indian Band, shake off the oppressive yoke of the Indian  Act and welfare and in the same breath Initiate a uiegapro-  jccl.  These are only five examples in our paper picked oul of  a long list of similar endeavours happening on a weekly  basis.  We are extremely lucky to live within the community of  the Sunshine Coast.  ���  v*  5 YEARS AGO  Offering a toilhrigltt assessment ol the financial position ol the Canadian Foresl Products pulp operation at  Poll Mellon, mill manager Harry Cargo and technical  superintendent Don Stuart soughl regional board support lasl week, for the mill's request for a ministerial  variance otder lor pollution control standards at Port  Mellon.  Having spent $21 million since 1977 on pollution con-  Itol, the mill is asking for a Iwo yeai delay in implementing two further pollution control projects, one a vent  stack scrubber and Ihe oilier, a recovety particulate con-  Itol.  Ihe opinion of Ihe union at Ihe mill was tepotled lo be  positive.  10 YEARS AGO  Police in Gibsons request thai the public lake Ihe time  to lock Iheir vehicles. In Ihe pasl week two cars were  reported stolen. This brings the tolal for this year up lo  twelve.  15 YEARS AGO  Open watfare has been declared on roaming dogs lhat  hunt and kill deer. An adverlisemenl to this eflect appeals on an inside page In which the director of Ihe lish  and wildlife branch ol Ihe Depatlmenl ol Recreation and  Cotisetvalion lays down the rule that any dog lound running at latge and harassing deer will be destroyed.  20 YEARS AGO  A letter Irom a cable TV organization seeking a permit  to explore the area lo see whal commercial aspect il had  for it drew the question Irom Sechelt councillor Morgan  Thompson as lo why it did nol come belote council. The  clerk assured the councillor that the matter was being  held in abeyance until Gibsons Council received legal  advice on Ihe matter.  25 YEARS AGO  Building peimils valued at $51,000 were issued at  Tuesday night's meeting ol Gibsons village council  covering lour new homes lor Gibsons. One was for  $16,000, two lor $12,000 and another lor $11,000.  30 YEARS AGO  The heavy snowfall on the hills last week ptovided  needed covering for the lasl deteriorating ski slope.  However, it also coveted ttie toad lo a low level and made  il necessaty lor club enthusiasts to ski four miles (torn  the cars lo the club cabin.  35 YEARS AGO  The Elphinstone Cougais, Ihe school's senior basketball team, have high hopes of bringing some glory lo the  team and school Ihis weekend when they play a lout  team round tobin seiies lo try to gain entry into the B.C.  High School Tournament al UBC on March 18 lo 21.  40 YEARS AGO  Residents ol Sechelt, Selma Park, and Davis Bay  thoroughly discussed Ihe proposed plan to incorporate  Sechell al a mass meeling at the legion hall last Friday  nighl.  The Sunshine  Published by GLASSFORD PRESS LTD.  Iflilmiiil    Penny I uller       Ken Collins  Adsertisint;  Fran Burnsicle  John Oilbert  Li* Tarabochla  Production  Jan Schuks  Dev C'ranslon  Bonnie Mctlelfcy  Mary Connor  The Sunshine COAST NEWS is a locally owned newspaper, published on the Sunshine Coast, B.C. every Monday by Glassford Pruss  Ltd., Box 460, Gibsons, B.C. VON 1V0. Gibsons Tel. 886-2622 or  886-7817; Sechell Tel. 885-3930. Second Class Mall Registration No.  4702.  The Sunshine COAST NEWS is protected by copyright and reproduction of any part of It by any means Is prohibited unless permission In  writing is first secured from Qlasslord Press Ltd., holders of the  copyright. SUBSCRIPTION RATES  Canada: 1 year M��; 6 monlha 120; Foreign; 1 year 140   |T'5 THE ONLY THING THAT CAN STOP  THE SOCRED LUNATIC FRINGE FROM  INVADING THE COUNTRY/  WHEN WAS SIMON REISMAN5  FIRST ATTEMPT ATA MAJOR  DEAL WITH THE 0.5.?.  i MAY, 1962.  HEWASSEEN  IN DETROIT  TRYING TO  EXCHANGE  HAIFOFTHE  GREAT LAKES  FOR A  BUICK/  HE PRAYS THAT  MULRONEY  HANGS-ON TIL  THE NEXT  ELECTION/  WHOISDALTONCAMP?  HE'S THE MAN WH0SWID  I20,000AYB\RT0TELL  BRIAN HE'S DOING  A GREAT JOB/  Gower Point Hootenany  Event of significance  by Peter Trower  On Wednesday nighl, an  event of considerable musical  significance, look place in the  living room of Boh Carpenter's  seaside home on Ocean Drive.  With the slow pound of the surf  providing n percussive  backdrop, five strong voices  joined in song and senl the  magic of Iheir music drilling  oul over the gulf.  They were a somewhat  disparale group on the surface  ���two fortyish folkies from Texas  and New York respectively; a  kid from Dawson Creek; a tall  farm girl from Kegina and long-'  lime local resident, Hob  Carpenter - bul they had a great  deal in common. All were professional singers and  songwriters of no mean ability.  All were totally dedicated to  their craft. They had gathered  here with a crew of radio-  technicians to pool iheir talents  for a segment of the Winnipeg-  based slereo show Simply Folk.  The idea for producing the  show hcie was the brainstorm  of the show's host. Milch  I'odolak, former labour activist, and a long time friend of  Carpenter and the oilier performers. An ardent folk-music.  fanatic, I'odolak has been  organizing folk festivals across  Canada for the pasl several  years. Two shows had been  laped on succeeding nights al  the East End Cultural Centre,  prior lo Ihis Sunshine Coasl session.  Reporter/photographer Ken  Collins and myself reach  Carpenter's house around 5:30,  ready lo cover the event for  local posterity, Our arrival coincides with that of Hob and the  two American performers, Tom  Paxlon and Jim Post.  Tom Paxton has been around  Ihe folk scene since Ihe early  60's. A native New Yorker, he  knew Phil Oehs and Bob Dylan  in the early Bleeker Street days.  Jim Post has been around Ihe  circuit almost as long. Texas-  born, he was originally a gospel  singer before branching oul inlo  more secular realms. We are introduced and dial brietly.  Soon Ihe radio crew shows  up, closely followed by Ihe  olher two performers. Roy  Forbes (formerly known as  Bim) is a talent I have long admired. Originally from Dawson  Creek, he first made an impacl  on the Vancouver music scene,  aboul 10 years back. I have  heard mosl of the cuts from his  excellent new album Love is  Like Ice, which lie produced  himself - and congratulate him  on it.  "Don't forget to give it a  plug," Roy laughs, "I need all  the help I can gel."  Tall, blonde Connie Calder  was working as a duo with Roy  Forbes until her recent move lo  Winnipeg. They recorded a  Christmas album logelher last  year. Connie, a friendly for-  llirighl lady is at present working on an album of lullabies.  "Almosl all my girlfriends seem  lo be having kids," she says.  Milch Podolak introduces the  show and Ihe performers -"Five  of the best songwriters in  America." As host, Bob  Carpenter gels to lead off on a  sel of love songs. He does  Nightfall, a haunling ballad  from his album. I knew Bob  was a line singer but had only  heard him performing cover  material before, most in the  noisy venues of various local  pubs. His original work is moving and impressive.  Roy Forbes is up next. He  enlisls Connie Caldcr's help on  a number called Sweet  Shameless Hours, from his current album. He wrote the tune  when a friend remarked thai  Ihey would like to hear a song  with thai title. It is a pleasantly  risque piece, done in Forbes'  one-of-a-kind high-tenor voice.  Connie Calder follows with  what she calls - "Not just a  'like' song bul a hardcore love  song." She doesn't give the tide. It's a pretty-enough piece,  excellently sung but not too  memorable.  Old pro, Tom Paxton takes  his turn with a radically different sort of love song, based  on the grim theme of wife battering. Entitled How Could I  l��uve Him, it is told from the  point of view of the hospitalized  woman. The stark tune draws  impressed comments from Ihe  other performers. Jim Post  remarks that not enough  songwriters have the nerve to  tackle such themes. Connie  Calder says il reminds her of  Jacques Brel.  Jim Post follows with  another sombre piece about ihe  love between his grandparents,  that only ends with his grandfather's death. Bul he has nol  performed the song for years, is  dissatified with his playing and  finally abandons it in favour of  an up-tempo number called  Light Hearted Lover.  There is some discussion over  whal direction the show should  lake next. Milch suggests that  each   player  do   his   or   her  favourite song. They kick this  around bul none of the playets  can decide on such a song.  Finally, Jim Post announces  that lie has remembered the  chord changes for the song  about his grandparents. It is a  very moving piece, well-worth  waiting for. Entitled Three Soft  Touches (in reference to a lifelong love code the two had), it  ends with the image of the  grandfather's soul "flying like a  hawk to the moon."  Roy Forbes now decides on a  song that is particularly important to him. During his early  career, he became extremely  depressed after bad dealings  with agents and was unable to  write for over a year. When the  drought eventually broke, it was  with a fine song called Looking  All Over The World. He performs a fine typical high-voiced  version of this wistful pretty  tune. "You're back all right,  Roy," remarks Tom Paxton.  Bob Carpenter tells how he  has started writing poetry (as  opposed to song lyrics) again,  for the first time in many years.  He reads an odd evocative little  poem called Chinese Anchors.  Jim Post announces that he  has also written a poem but it's  loo erotic to read. Connie  joshes with him and the group  takes a break. Local musician,  Ken Dalgleish shows up with  keyboards and an amp that  Connie has requested.  To be continued...  Hi  Evening Song  On these evenings that sort of roll In  With the delicate curtain of a Georgia sunset.  The day walks away on quiet, light steps  Taking the events of history in its pockets.  Ron Black  Fish plant workers need protection  by Richard Hemingway  Regarding Ken Collins' slory  'NDP researches fish farming',  Coasl News, March 22.  Considering there are over  one dozen fish farms already  established on Ihe Sunshine  Coast this Investigation seems  long overdue. There is an obvious need for regulalions  covering Ihis new and rapidly  expanding industry. Not only  for the protection of our  enrivonment, however.  Locally we are in the  forefront of a new food producing industry. 1 adamantly support new local industry and Ihe  potential of increased local  employment it may offer.  The studies being done are  specifically aimed at protecting  our environment, which I cer-  lainly support. However, there  is only one paragraph that mentions the protection of this industry's employees and no mention of any regulations that will  guarantee consumers a safe,  high quality food product.  There are, at present, governmenl icgiilalions and standards  covering employee safely and  working conditions.  in most other food producing  industries there are government  inspectors and graders that ensure safe quality food products.  These farm raised fish have  been available for public consumption for more than a year  without any government standards or tests regarding quality.  1 am currently employed at a  processing plant that kills,  cleans, grades and packages  farm raised salmon. To the  dismay of myself and others  connected with this industry,  the government seems willing to  turn a blind eye to violations of  standards already in place. Unfortunately, the industry itself is  more concerned with profits  than it is with safely or quality.  It appears the only people concerned about safety or quality  are the managers and employees  of the processing plants.  Through the course of an  average day, employees are expected to perform some or all of  the following duties:  Fish arc pumped out of a  boat into large plastic containers, (totes) roughly the size  of a bath tub. These are live,  free swimming fish.  The surface of the water is  covered with two to four inches  of crushed ice. Employees are  required to submerge their  hands and forearms into this  frigid water and grab a two to  nine pound salmon.  This task is performed while  wearing rubber gloves, the kind  many people use to wash their  dishes, which offer little or no  protection from the icy water. I  have done this for up to three  hours without a break, at the  end of which, movement of  your fingers becomes difficult.  After you grab a fish you  pass it to a person that must  hold the fish down and lift the  gill plate with one hand and cut  through the gills with a sharp  knife with the other hand. Trying to hold a two to nine pound  lish down on a slippery plastic  surface while wielding a knife  within twelve inches of four  fellow employees will certainly  result in the injury of someone  sooner or later.  Once the gills have been cut  the fish are dropped into  another tote full of cold water,  where they bleed to death.  When the tote is full of bleeding  fish the blood-filled water is  drained off and replaced with  fresh water and six to eight inches of crushed ice.  These fish sit in this water  and ice for as long as ten hours  before their internal organs are  removed.  These fish are emptied onto a  large stainless steel table where  they are gutted and cleaned.  Once again employees are required to stand within inches of  a person using a knife.  The fish are cut open, passed  to the next person who removes  the internal organs, and passes  the fish to the next person that  removes all traces of blood.  Please turn lo page 18  MMI  mmammmmamm  ______  _____ Letters to the Editor  Illegal suite ban could raise rents  USED BUILDING SUPPUES  (Duality, used lumber bncks windows, lights plumbing, elc  P �� B USED BUILDING MATERIALS  Editor:  I would like lo say a few  words aboul hungry children, a  topic that seems to have surfaced with the dialogue aboul  abortion. The main reason lhat  children are hungry in Vancouver is the price of accommodation. I think we should be  thinking aboul ihis problem in  Gibsons because there has been  talk of following the lead of  other municipalities and gelling  rid of illegal suites.  While there are good reasons  to regulate rental accommodations, 1 think that we should  keep in mind the fact that  anything that reduces the  number   of   available   suites  makes for higher rents, and puts  a squeeze nol only on ihe poor,  bul on moderate income earners  who have not been fortunate  enough to be able to afford  iheir own homes yet.  I don't think lhal people here  realize ihe scenario in Vancouver. A single mother with  Iwo children is eligible for a rental allowance from welfare of  $429. This does not go far in the  city. A woman friend of mine  renls a balchelor suite in Vancouver for $500. This is not luxury accommodation. There is  no storage space. The kilehen is  the size of a large closet.  You can imagine, ihen, what  a single mother of two will get  for $429 (the Shelter Allowance  includes hydro). One family I  know (Iwo adults, two children)  bring in a working-poor salary  of aboul $1000 a month. Out of  this Ihey pay $600 for a not  especially nice main floor of a  house in a nol great part of  Vancouver. And they consider  themselves lucky.  Those being gouged more  callously can budget until  ihey're blue in the face. They,  and iheir kids, will of course  have an inadequate diet.  Minimum wage, I will remind  you, is only $4 per hour. A  friend recenlly reported that  he'd mcl a young woman in the  city who had a job as a pizza-  delivery person al $5 per hour.  She was expected to provide her  own vehicle. She was using her  bicycle.  The Sunshine Coasl is one  place where ihe poor can usually manage withoul seeing [heir  kids go hungry. I ihink lhat  Town Councel should give ihis  fact careful consideration  before Ihey gel rid of illegal  suites. The argument mighl be  made that folks can choose to  rem outside of city limits. This  poses another dilemma  -transportation - what is saved  in rent can easily be used up  maintaining a vehicle.  Anne Miles  11947 Tannery Rd., Surrey  MONOAV-SATURDAV  sV We also buy used building materials  ���311  ion to late French Immersion  Editor:  I would like lo commend the  School Board for their recent  decision not lo bow lo the  pressure broughl to bear by a  small minority of parenls lo implement a highly questionable  program called "Laic French  immersion". Under this program students in Grade 6,  whose entire previous school experience has been in English,  would be stuck into an immersion program and lose an entire  year of schooling while Ihey  tried to become proficient  enough in French lo learn the  material Iheir peers are learning  in English.  The entire concept of immersion is in question now as the  first graduates of immersion  programs are entering universities. A recent study released by  Carleton University has shown  lhal mosl graduates of immersion programs really do nol use  French extensively, even in  areas where a large concentration of French speaking population exists.  My main point is not to  debate the relative worth of immersion programs bul lo insist  that if immersion programs are  started, Ihey must nol become a  burden on Ihe existing financial  and administrative structure of  ihe public school system. Our  existing school system is being  starved of funds and with a  functional illiteracy rale of close  lo 30 per cent in Canada we  cannol afford lo diffuse our efforts to improve basic education  levels.  With estimates of 30 per cent  of students who enter Grade 9  MORTGAGE UPDATE  Mar. n  6 mo  1yr.  2 yr.  3yr.  4yr.  5 yr.  1st  9.50  10.00  10.50  11 00  11.25  11.50  2nd  11.25  1175  12.25  13.25  V.R.M.  975  Professional Real Estate Service  Stan and Diane Anderson  (till I 685-3211 (Res.) 685-2385 Vancouver Toll Free: 684-8016  Anderson Realty Ltd., Sechelt  never gradual ing from Grade  12, we have bigger problems to  address lhan the latest trendy  program that some parenls  wanl to see imposed.  Il is interesting to note thai in  lasl week's paper, along with a  letter pleading for support for  ihe Lale Immersion Program  Ihere was also a letter from a  local school group requesting  "donations" of money or old  books for their school library.  To me lhat indicates that we do  not have time or money lo  spend on frivolous programs  bul ralher we must concentrate  Desist  Editor:  We arc lold lhal ihe gladiatorial games of Roman limes  came lo an end when a gladiator  (yet!) arose in ihe arena and  cried "In Ihe name of Jesus  Chrisi, desist!"  In the same sacred name, will  you please desisl from ever  again publishing such moron,  idiot, foul smelling and tasting  material as appeared in ihe ear-  loon on page two of (he February 29, 1988 issue of The  Coast News. Politics is politics,  and often enough, dirly  enough. Il does nol have lo be  obscene.  Miss A.M. Marlin  "*BS.-  ���Hi  HI GBS  Clearance  ROOFING  Assorted Patterns & Colours  While stock lasts.  Bundle,  $795  Clearout Price  *  ZINC ROOF STRIP  For Moss  50' Coll.  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OPEN 9:30 - 6 pm    FRIDAY NITE   TIL 9    SUNDAYS & HOLIDAYS 11 - 4 pm    LOTS OF EASY PARKING Coast News, March 14,1988  The Roberts Creek Legion Branch 219 presented a $5000 cheque to the Roberts Creek Volunteer Fire  Department last week to help purchase a Jaws of Life rescue device. Fire Chief Denis Mulligan (left) and  volunteer fireman Ken Eidel (right) look over their new equipment. ���Vera Ellloit photo  Roberts    Creek  Food Bank Spring Fling at hall  by Jeanie Parker, 885-2163  The Gibsons Food Bank is  sponsoring a Iwo-day Spring  Fling this weekend, March 19  and 20, at the Roberts Creek  Community Hall. Roots Roundup, an international dance band  that plays everything from reggae to country, will be featured.  Spring Clean Vour  CARPET, UPHOLSTERY, DRAPES  Professional carpet, and  upholstery cleaning  utilizing both "DRY EXTRACTION and conventional high power  "STEAM EXTRACTION"  systems.  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But they're having trouble finding old cars to practise  on.  If you have an old clunker silling in your backyard lhat  you'd like to get rid of and  donate to this worthy cause, the  firemen will arrange to have il  towed away. Please phone  Denis Mulligan al 885-7085 or  Pat Parker at 885-2163 as soon  as possible.  MEETING POSTPONED  Please note lhal the annual  general meeting of the Roberts  Creek Community Association  has been postponed lo the end  of Ihe month because of the  theatrical events at [he Community Hall. This gives  everybody more time to gel  Iheir new memberships al Ihe  Library and decide who should  run for Executive.  All Executive positions plus  one directorship are open and  the long-standing members of  the Executive would love to see  somebody else come forward to  serve. Interest in the Association swells and dies with the  issues of concern but It's an important entity in the community  and deserves more support at all  times.  MARCH MUSIC  March came in with a flurry  of fine entertainment in Roberts  Creek. If you weren't "Seduced" by the Driftwood Players'  performance at the Community  Hall, you had to be swayed by  the musical talents of  Murgatroyd, Dalgleish and  Dunn at the Little Legion.  The beautiful strong voice of  Signi Murgatroyd was richly  combined with the versatility of  her partners. A few guesl  numbers by saxophonist Kerry  Fowler and her father were an  added treat. Il was good dancing and great listening.  If you missed it, don'l worry,  they'll be back in the near  future. This weekend tiddler  Dan Sheppard returns wilh  Elliott and Gustasson on guitar  and banjo. This is a real up-  and-coming combo so drop in  for a listen.  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A 10 foot  extension is being added to the  from for storage purposes. People using the hall are asked to  use the side door belwecn the  daycare and the hall. This is a  temporary measure and should  nltimalely make a more spacious interior.  ���Anyone in ihe community  association who would like lo  donate hours of labour, please  call Bill LeNeve at 885-7490.  SPRING TKA  The Library Spring Tea and  Book Sale will be held on April  10 from 2 until 4 pm. This annual event usually draws ;t  goodly number of people. Plan  on being ihere early.  STORY HOUR  Slory Hour lor Moms and  Tots al Ihe Wilson Creek Hall  Library  Easier  having  ihen will  will be on April 8 because of  Good Friday being a holiday.  Please mark this on your calendar.  PLEASE NOTE  The Wilson Creek  will be closed on  weekend. All those  books io be returned  please bring them in the following weekend.  GENERAL MEETING  The Annual General Meeting  of ihe Davis Bay/Wilson Creek  Community Association is  tonight, A very important  meeling as year end reports are  due and election of the officers  put forlli by the nominating  committee, Come and support  vour community.  CONGRATULATIONS  Welcome to Davis Bay's  newest resident. Rocky. A son  for Lennea and Greg La Val.  Rocky was born March i, 1988.  British Columbia Legislative Assembly  SELECT STANDING COMMITTEE  ON  LABOUR, JUSTICE AND INTERGOVERNMENTAL RELATIONS  BUILDERS LIEN ACT  CALL FOR BRILLS  The Select Standing Committee on Labour, Justice and Intergovernmental Relations invites individuals and organizations wishing to comment upon the Builders Lien Act to  forward written submissions by May 15, 1988 to the Clerk  of Committees.  The intent of the Committee is to examine and inquire  into the purposes and the continuing relevance of the  legislation in today's society; the policy considerations  behind the Act; the desirability of repeal or reform to any  or all of the provisions within the Act and Ihe policy directions which would guide any reform.  The Committee will be holding public hearings at a later  date.  All briefs, correspondence or inquiries should be  addressed to:  Mr. Craig H. James  Clerk of Committees  Room 236,  Parliament Buildings  Victoria, British Columbia  V8V1X4  Telephone: 356-2933 Fax: 387-2813  Ms. Kim Campbell, MLA  Chairman  X"_ . .   n    lit'  Sechelt Seniors  Spring tea and sale  by Larry Grafton  One of our main spring activities will be our Spring Tea  and Sale as mentioned in  previous columns. Each year  this event has started al 1:30 pm  bul please nole, ihis year the  doors will be opened at ! pm on  March 26.  On Thursday mornings  volunteers, under the guidance  of Virginia Ekdahl and Tillie  White, have been very busy producing a variety of Easter  novelties for the sale. There  will, of course, be the usual  bake table which has proven in  ihe pasl to be one of ihe items  of prime importance lo those  who attend. You simply can'l  overlook a chance ai all those  scrumptious goodies providing,  of course, lhal you are nol one  of the unfortunate individuals  who is counting calories.  The raffle draw will take  place al Ihe lea. If you do nol  have a ticket on Ihe Easier  Baskel and the stuffed Easier  Bunny, ihere are still tickets  available. Virginia Ekdahl or  Gladys McGregor will be able lo  help you in Ihis regard.  Although il is a littIc early to  tell al the moment, a number of  smaller raffles just could  develop, depending on a few intangibles, We tender our lhanks  lo Lillian Peterson who is looking afler production of the  posters and the usual announcement on Cable II.  MEMBERSHIP  As of March 1, our membership stood al 471. Of Ihese, 44  arc new members this year. We  particularly extend a warm  welcome lo Ihese new members  and we sincerely hope that they  will join in the many activities at  the presenl hall. The success of  our branch is certainly dependent upon a strong membership  and ihe participation of those  members.  The branch realizes thai il is  not always convenient lo make  contact with your membership  chairman al the hall. Conse-  quenlly Kay MacKenzie will be  pleased to receive your dues at  her home nexl lo the posi office  in Sechelt. The address is 5689  Dolphin Street and ihe phone  number 885-3184.  Roberts Creek Community Association  ANNUAL GENERAL  MEETING  I Wednesday, March 30,1988 8 p.m.  R.C. Community Hall  | TIME FOR MEMBERSHIP RENEWAL      New Members Welcome I  TRAIL BAY MALL  Birthday Sale  2 5 % oh  ^mm   *aW   a n   rs :��   I  All Denim Jeans, Skirts, and Jackets  Moratti  ���w  Wool And Cotton  jWfcATtKS Reg. up to $92.00  ;��*    $2499-  $3999  25%offii���i=��   W  Selected Dresses, Skirts and Blouses $&!$.  100% Cotton  iult/o cotton   + 0%   m aa  Shirts     *Z4"  Slower  SHOP+EASYr  Trail Bay Centre  Sechelt   r^r<1    885-2025  trail bay centre  sechelt  885-5323  OPEN TIL 9 PM  FRIDAYS  Prices effective:  nlflSJb Mar. 15-Mar. 19  .12  5.39  3.79  ABC  Laundry  Detergent   J  No Name  ice uream a i bucket  Nabob - Tradition/Summit  Ground Coffee   3oogm 2.39  Nabob - Deluxe  Tea Bags w�� 3.69  Old South - Frozen Concentrate  Orange Juice     3s5mi 1.39  Safflo  Sunflower Oil 2.39  Ingersol - Process  Cheese Spread 50ogm 2.99  Armstrong - Superthin  Cheese Slices    2509m 1.69  Eye Ot Round  Smoked Beef     100 gm 1.19  Sliced  Ham Sausage      �� .99  Hot Or Cold  Cabbage Rolls     m_, .69  .99  lb.  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Her  new location includes expanded studio facilities for music teachers.  ���Penny Fuller photo  by Peggy Connor, 885-9347  A slate of speakers will be  present at Roberls Creek Legion  Branch 140, Sechell on March  19, 1988 to conduct a formal  presentation between the hours  of 12:30 pm and 3 pm with individual questions til 4 pm.  All Branch Service Officers to  be in attendance.  Speakers and subject area include, Elgin Hodgins, Dislricl  Pensions advocate for disability  pensions, functions of the  Bureau of Pension Advocates.  Dianne Kilback, Area  Counsellor for War Veterans  and Treatment benefits.  Pam McLaren, Dislricl office  nurse will speak on the Veterans  Independence program.  Martin MacDonald, Supervisor of counselling Services,  for attendance allowance. Exceptional incapacity allowance,  clolhing allowance. Assistance  fund, benevolen! and Trust  fund, plus funeral burials and  gravemarkers.  Everyone is asked lo please  come with their questions. A  luncheon will be served al Ihe  Branch at 11:30 am.  Please call 885-9922 by  March 17 so the cook will know  how many lo prepare for.  For more information please  call Pensions and Welfare Officer  Royal  Canadian  Legion  Branch 140 al 885-3486.  ACTION PHOTOS  A photo contest is being held  by the Volunleer Action Cenlre  as part of National Volunleer  Recognition Week celebrations.  Entrj forms are available at  Tri-photo, Sechell, Weber's  one-hour photo in Ciibsons and  al Ihe Volunleer Action Cenlre  ihe Dock. Sechelt,  SCBPVVC  The Sunshine Coasl Business  and Professional Women's  Club will meel on March 15 al  ihe Homestead Restaurant at  Field Road and Hwy 101.  Cutest speaker will be a  member of ihe Toastmasters  Club.  There will be further discussion on tlte Fashion Show which  will be held April 12 and 13 in  The Sechell Indian Hand Com-  iniiiiiiy Hall where fashions by  local designers will be featured.  ST. MARY'S AUXILIARY  The Sechell Auxiliary to St.  Man \ 1 lospital are working on  Iheir spring luncheon lo be held  Maj 26 at ihe Sechell Indian  Band Hall.  Raffle tickets for the wedding  doll and full wardrobe arc ready  for sale; anyone wishing lo sell  Ihese tickets is asked to contact  Sheila Slewarl al 885-2415.  885-2415.  IK YOU'RE IRISH OR NOT  The Harbour Lights will be  playing their excellent dance  music lo celebrate Si. Patrick's  on Saturday March 19, 8 pm al  Ihe Sechell Indian Band Community Cenlre. Tickets $10.  This will be Ihe lirsl annual  Si. Patrick's dance and il is expected thai everyone will lake  pari in the 'wearing of the  green' your own bil of Irish elc.  All in aid of the Pender Harbour School of Music.  Coast News. March 14.1988  ANNUAL  CENEfiAL MEETING  Sunday, Mar. 27th  2 p.m.  Marine Room, Cibsons  Everyone Welcome  Egmont News  Calendar checklist  Clearance  Table  L/2-.Pdce]  ��� Ladies' Runners      ��� Men's Shoes  'Bobbie's  Shoes  Trail Bav Mall. Sechell  885-9838  by Ann Cook, 883-9253  Yoo hoo! Last call for  Wednesday's St. Patrick's Tea  on March 16. If dressup is fun  for you, wear a Si. Patrick's  costume and you may win a  prize.  This is the Plant and  Jewellery Sale. Robbing your  piggy bank could mean a fun  shopping spree, so leave your  charge card at home and arrive  at 1:30 with a friend.  MARCH 20, SUNDAY  Egmont Community Club  meeting at 7:30. This is our annual meeting. If you are interested in this little community  and what is happening or whal  we could make happen, come  along. You will be more lhan  welcome.  MARCH 15, FRIDAY  Is the Spring Smorgasbord al  6:30 at the hall. A list of dona  tions is al the lown pump. Add  your food donation, the convenors need all the help ihey can  gel and so much appreciate your  casserole, salad, dessert or  whatever your specially is. See  you Ihere.  Is there a dancing teacher oul  Ihere who would be interested in  passing their talent along lo  others, be il rumba, cha cha,  square, boogie or belly dancing.  We would like to hear from  you.  S������*5J  7(r?��  Casual  SPRING JACKETS  $19#50  OFF  Cord Dress Pants  Reg. 63.00   $42#00  McGregor TUBE SOX  Reg. 8.50        t.  ,.  3pack*5.b7  PLUS many other in-store Specials sale ends  MARCH 19  A  (tfoetWl  NO Interest  _ _ _ (on cipprovetl (.rpflth  NO Payment For 90 Days  Morgan's Man's Wear  ^Al I  <;ai fq riMAi nM cai cq MrcruAMnicr  'ALL SALES FINAL ON SALES MERCHANDISE  Vl��a t, Mastercard Accepted  Stchelt    Trail Bay Centre   885*0330  '���-, JaW*.   Jam*  1987 CUTLASS CALAIS SEDAN 7C60  Featuring reclining bucket seats, pulse wipers, electric rear  defrosters, sport console, cruise conlrol, till wheel, while wall  tires, auxiliary lighting, AM/FM stereo. ... COOOO  REG. ���16,570'"' NOW'13,523  1987 FIRENZA SPORT COUPE 7C40  Featuring reclining bucket seats, tinted glass, power hatch release,  pulse wipers, electric rear deltoster, center armrest, cruise conlrol,  2 litre engine, automatic transmission, tilt wheel, white wall tires,  auxiliary lighting. tungsten halogen headlights. AM/FM cassette  REG. ��15,36300 NOW $12,726����  1988 CHEVROLET BERETTA SPORT COUPE  8C33  Featuring leclining bucket seats, power trunk, pulse wipers, electric rear defroster, cruise control, 2 litre engine, automatic  transmission, tilt wheel, auxiliary lighting. AM/FM stereo.  REG. *15,80300  now$13,469oj  1987 FIRENZA SEDAN 7C101  Featuring reclining buckel seals, linled glass, powet halch telease.  pulse wipers, electric tear defrostet. center armrest, cruise control.  2 lilre engine, aulomatic transmission, till wheel, white wall tires,  auxiliary lights, tungsten halogen headlights. AM'FM cassette  REG. >K,.H�� NOW $1 2,504����  1988 CHEVROLET CORSICA 8C32  ".sj^GS    No Charge Automatic Transmission/  * Special Price Reduction  Fealuting reclining buckel seals, tinted glass, power trunk release,  pulse wipers. 2 lilre engine, while wall all season steel belled  REG. s14,510" N0W$11,938����  corner of Cowrie St. & Wharf Rd.  Sunshine  WHARF RD., SECHELT Toll Frpo ���  MIX 5792 885-5131 684-M24 Coast News, March 14, 1988  Sunshine Coast  Services Directory  ��� APPLIANCE SERVICES*  ��� ELECTRICAL COIMTR. .  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RENOVATIONS AND  GENERAL CONTRACTING  Marine Drive  Gtanlhams Ldg BC VON 1X0  886-7830  POMFRET  CONSTRUCTION  Fot all aspects ol  residential & commercial construction  885-9692  PO Box 623. Gibsons, B.C  ��� CLEANING SERVICES  CHIMNEY CLEANING  *  Top Hat Cleaning Systems  1' The Reliable Professionals''  886-8554  24 HOUR  SUNSHINE COAST  DISPOSAL SERVICES  Port Mellon to Oles Cove  Commercial Containers Available  885-9973  886-2938,/  ��� CONCRETE SERVICES*  Ready Mix Concrete  Sand & Gravel  E  N C    CONCRETI  v-Q  LTD  SECHELT PLANT  . 885-7180  1  SERVING wr SUNSHINr COAST  CIBSONS PLAN  886-8174  J  Concrete Septic Tank Sales  Septic Pumping ��� Crane Service  BONNIEBROOK INDUSTRIES  886-7064  can Swan son's  For: Ready Mix Concrete Sand & Gravel  Dump Truck Rental  Formed Conctete Products  Phone 885-9666 ��� 885-5333 J  Coast Concrete Pumping  ^fpPfp i Foundations  lJj'%*3>0^ FREE ESTIMATES  JohnParton    885-5537  fTurenne  Concrete Pumping Ltd  ��� Pumping  ��� Foundations ���Patios  ��� Placing     ���Sidewalks    ��� Floor  ��� Finishing  ���Driveways  886-7022  RR*4 Cibsons  Need this space?  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Outboard  t stern drive rebuilding  Located at  Smitty's Marina, Gibsons  ESTIMATES  ~ SHOP 8867711     RES. 885-5840 _  ��� MISC SERVICES  Contour Design  HOME PRODUCTS  Awnings ��� Railings * Vinyl Decks ��� Blinds ��� Flooring  673 Payne Rd.,  Gibsons  SHOWROOM BY APPOINTMENT 886-3191,  GIBSONS MOBILE SAW SERVICE  Custom Culling ��� Planing  Bevel Siding - Posts &  Chris Napper 886-3468  R.RJ4, S6, C78,  Qibsons, B.C. VON 1V0  aning .  !__wtt_9_w_W  ' ROLAND'S-  HOME IMPROVEMENTS LTD."  ��� 5" Continuous aluminum gutters  ��� Aluminum solfits & lascias  ��� Built-in vacuum systems  ��� Vinyl siding 885-3562  Fine Tree Works  Pruning - Topping      <ful|y Insured)  Danger Tree Removal  Landscaping (s. Maintenance  II.C. Munslt.lt ,j i.ii��,r,,  886-468* HutmrUfrasali. Ut' VON ��WO>  Need this space?  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May 20 thru Thurs., June 23  Lv. Earls Cove  8:20  2:30  Lv. Saltery Bay  7:35  1:30 pm  OMEGA  terminal  'Nnlrt Ihere will be no  "Firsl Ferry" run on Selurdays  No hub Service Sundays  ���6:02  7:45  9:45  11:45  1:40  3:45  5:45  Gibsons  Marine  '5:00    Sunnycrest  7:47    Mill  t:47  11:47  1:42  3:47  5:47  '5:55    Lower  5:00     Sua  10:00    Shelter  12:00  1:50  4:00  6:00  '6:03    Ferry  5:03    Termlnel  10:03  12:03  1:53  4:03  5:03  ���6:10  6:10  10:10  12:10  2:05  4:10  6:10  IMINI-BUS SCHEDULE |   Monday        Tuesday      Wednesday      Thursday Friday  Leaves Sechell           8 40am 8:40 a.m 8:40 a.m 8:40 a.m 840 a.m.  lot Gibsons             '10 00 am "10 00 a.m MO 00 am *10.00am 10.00 am  Ihe Dock, Cowtie Slreel                 I 00 p m 100 p.m. 100pm 1:00 p.m.   ��� 3 15 pm 2.30p.m. ' 3.15 p.m 2.30 p.m 3:15 p.m.  Leaves Gibsons  lot Sechell  Lower Gibsons  Municipal Parking Lol,  Gower PI. Rd.  9 15 a m  '10 45 a m  ' 1 35 p m  4 00 pm  LOWER ROAD   route  9 15 a.m  1145 a.m  1 50 p.m.  ' 4 00 p.m  9.15a m.  ���10 45 am  ��� 1.35 p.m  4 00 p m  9.15 a.m  11:45 a.m.  ' 1:35 p.m.  ' 4 00 p m.  9 15 a.m.  10 45 a.m  4 00pm  via Flume Road. Beach Avenue & Lowet Road  Suncoast Transportation Schedules Sponsored By  Glkim  T-KWfit  13 Years Travel Experience  = 886-9255 ���   Swcml  Agenda  Insurance, CMopkkn   Notary  ===== 886-2000 =  Red Carpet Service From Friendly Professionals In Sunnycrest Mall, Cibsons  Need this space?  Call the COAST NEWS  ���it 886 2622 or 885-3930  GIBSONS TAX SERVICE  Ave. Frtoa 118.00  Income Tax Preparation  All business strictly confidential  A. Jack  63B Martin Rd., Qlbsons 888-78711/  : "REWARD'  Have your REAL ESTATE needs handled professionally and  you will be rewarded by results Free evaluation,  consultations, and listings wanled  GIBSONS REALTY LTD.  Sunnycrest Mall  J.R. (Jim) Munro  Ollice: 886-2277  Res.: 886-7134  886-7359  Conversion   Windows,   Glass,  Auto  &  Marine   Glass, Aluminum Windows  & Screens,  ,, _ .      Mirrors   Hwy 101 & Pratt Rd.  SCHNYDER WELD & FAB.  Welding & Repairs  886-7303    885-4116  Pk  nCHAINSAWS  SALES & SERVICE  KELLY'S LAWNMOWER &  CHAINSAW LTD.  HWY. 1018. PRATT RD.   886-2912  BLACK RICHMOND PEAT SOIL 6.7' & 8' GOLDEN  8yds.d.���ve,edl���Seche���   $1f}0     HEDB|N0 EvfflBREEMS  BARK MULCH .������ ,000/..  15 vds. delivered In Sechell   $270 '"'  COASTS LARGCST NUHSERY  ��� 30 ACR.S OF PLANTS  MURRAY'S NURSERY 201.2151  Located 1 mile north ol Hwy 101 on Mason Rd.     885-2974_^  TIERNEY & WHITE  CHARTERED ACCOUNTANTS  BRYAN E. TIERNEY, C.A.  683-2167 (Residence 298-7713)  ^ 214-131 WATEH STREET. VANCOUVER, B.C V6B IMi     J  GREAT PACIFIC  MANAGEMENT  ��� Financial Planning Service  ��� Investment Fund  ��� RRSP's  ��� Retirement Income Funds  ��� Tax Shelters  CO.ITD. (EST. 1965)  Alasdair W. Irvine  Representative  (604)886-6600  Bon 127, GII��oW B.C. VON IVO   a  SUNSHINE KITCHEN?  ��� CABINETS -  886-9411  Showroom Kern's Plaza, Hwy 10}  ipan Tuesday to Saturday 10-4 pm Coast News, March 14,1988  9.  Pender Patter  Pender Lioness project abandoned  by Myrtle Winchester, 883-9302  The Pender Harbour Lioness  Club has been working diligently on restoration of (he old lr-  vines Landing schoolhouse,  built in 1931, to enhance Ihe  community as a heritage  building, museum, and Lioness  clubhouse.  The work has stopped, and  the following excerpts from a  letter dated March 4, which I  received from the Pender Harbour Lioness Club explains  why:  "We were in the process of  removing the old roof and  found extensive rot under the  three consecutive roofs which  had even crept down into (he  walls. The cost of repairing this  would be major and we could  not deal with il within our  budget. Needless lo say, we are  abandoning this project with  deep regret, we all have very  warm feelings toward the old  school - il has a lol of character  and for some people a lot of  memories."  DR. IIOII IN ABSENT  Dr. Boilen (Van Loon) has  gone to Toronto for treatmenl  of a serious medical condilion,  and Drs. Swan and Hobson will  provide medical care in her  absence at the Pender Harbour  and District Health Clinic.  On behalf of Dr. Boilen,  Clinic Chairman Bill Griffiths  explained thai her illness has  recently caused her severe head  and facial pain. The doctor feels  that her patients may have  noticed a change in her  behaviour and reassures them  lhat any shortness in her manner was due only to Ihe pain she  was suffering.  We wish her a complete and  speedy and recovery.  I III MAN DIGS FOR FISH  The Pender Harbour and  Dislricl Wildlife Sociely is having a very special guest of  honour al iheir Tuesday  meeling: he is "ihe man who  Halfmoon Bay Happenings  Redrooffs fire sad sight  by Rulh Forrester, 885-2418  It was a sad sight to behold  last Sunday morning as flames  engulfed the Dombrowski home  on Redrooffs Road, totally  destroying il.  Kay Dombrowski had left the  house to go lo church just after  9 am and by ten o'clock the  house was gone.  At the time Ihe fire broke out  the Halfmoon Bay Volunleer  Fire Department were assembled al Coopers Green for an exercise, a matter of about five  minutes away, and were on the  scene within minutes of receiving the alarm.  Unfortunately ihe call was  made lo the operator who in  turn called Ihe Sechelt Fire  Department. Nobody's fault  really, but an indication of the  importance of having local fire  departmenl numbers clearly on  your phone.  All Ihe firemen carry pagers  and are contacted immediately  so are at the scene in no time at  all.  Kay has asked if I, through  this column, would lei ihe  firemen and everyone know  how very grateful she was to all  Ihese fellows who gave up their  day off work to help al ihe  scene. She couldn't praise Ihem  highly enough for Iheir kindness  and dedication and for spending  almost ihe whole day in  amongst all the din and ashes.  Also thanks lo all her friends  who were so kind and concerned.  FRIEND DUFFY PASSES  Hugh Duff who was known  to all his friends as Duffy slipped peacefully away on  Wednesday in a Vancouver  hospital. Although his health  had been deteriorating for some  lime, Duffy had a kind and  friendly word for everyone right  to ihe end.  SCHOOL ACTIVITIES  There is always some exciting  project going on for the  children of ihe Halfmoon Bay  School as well as hard work and  reporl cards. For instance, last  Friday the parenls of Ihe Division 1 sludents were invited to  teacher Mrs. Amberg's home to  a Haida Pollach. The Grade  3-4 class have been studying the  KZ=  ar  31  ��� 17 ��"%  Tb the Peoples  of the World  A   BAM*  I   STATEMENT   ON  Peace  Is I in. BAHA'1 vii w nwrgmtlnn ill the  .irwiivs, ul mankind 'Vails fur nu ts'ss lhan the  rciirnslrus'lhin ansl the demilitirl/alliin nl His'  sshole us ili/isl ssurlll - ,r ssurlil iirij.imi sills uni  lied in .ill Ihe essential aspects nl Ils life, n%  piilllis.il machinery lis spiritual aspirjIMiii. its  lulls' mil llnancc, its ssripl and I.iiil'u.ilv and  vet inlinite in (tie itiscrsil) <>l the national  characteristics nl its ledcraicd units"  Elaburatintt ills' implications ol this pisiiwl  principle. Shoahi l-.lli'tiili. the Guardian ol Ihe  It.ili.n Faith, commented in IU.il thai. Far  Irian .limine ul the subversion of Ihe existing  Inundations ol society, a seeks lo broaden Its  husis. lo rensild lis institutions in a manner csin-  sonunl with the needs ol an eser ehunemc  vsorld It can conllicl svilh no lecilimate  nllcuianccs, nor ean 11 undermine essential  knultics Its purpose is neither si suite the ilamc  ol a sane and intelliaenl patriotism in men's  hearts, nor io abolish Ihe system ot national  autonomy so essential il ihe evils ol eseessive  eenliuli/alion ure lo he usoidcd II docs not i'  nore. nor does it ullempl to suppress, Ihcdiscr  sit> ol ethnical origins, ot climate, ol history  ol iancuaae am! tradition, o! thought and hatin.  thai diltea'nliale Ihe peoples and nations ol Itie  vs.irlil tl calls for a wider losally. lor a larger  aspiration lhan any lhal has .minuted ihe human  RlCC II insist* upon the subordination ol national impulses and intense* lo the Imperative  claims ot a unilicd vsorld II repudiates excessive ccnlrali/atmn on one hand, and  disclaims all attempts al untlonnity on the olher  Its watchword is units in diversity''  For a free ciipy ut the complete ilslcmenr  -Til nil: peoples or the wohlb" or  Informellon *twul thr Bsriii Eailh and lucal  activities, pksir write <ir cell) Bui 104.101.-  luni. BBb-2078.  kE  TC  _ZBt_Z.  33  natives of the Northwest coast  in Social Studies.  This Thursday, March 17 ihe  school choir will go to Gibsons  10 lake pan in the Sunshine  Coast Music Festival. They will  be performing at approximately  10:30 am and everyone is  welcome to attend. It would be  nice to see a good turnout of  parents and friends there to encourage our fledgling vocalists.  CONGRATULATIONS  Congratulations to Nikki  Weber on the opening of her  new   music   store.  digs for fish," Frank Jcnkcn-  son, a 92-year-old ex-logger  from Powell River.  "The Man Who Digs For  Fish" is also the title of the National Film Board production  that will be shown at the  meeting, the slory of Jenken-  son's discovery that newly-  hatched salmon often can't get  out of ihe gravel ihey were hatched in to make iheir way back  to open water.  Jenkenson, a true salmon  stream pioneer, dug trenches  for the liltle fish and eventually  became an environmental hero.  On March 15 at 7:30 pm in  the Madeira Park Elementary  School Ihe Wildlife Sociely will  hold ils regular monthly  meeting and at 5:00 pm some  members will dine with Frank  Jenkenson ai Ihe Ruby Lake  Reslauranl. You are Invited lo  Ruby Lake and lo the meeting.  EA.STER MEAT DRAW  The Ladies' Auxiliary of Ihe  Royal Canadian Legion,  Branch 112 will hold a special  Easter Meal Draw al 3:00 pm  on March 26.  Draw items include len  lurkeys and len hams, and raffle tickets will be sold on a  ceramic rabbil  plainer and a  w -���**'  2EZ  TT  SEE  handmade braided rug, to be  drawn on April 2.  LEGION DANCE  Branch 112 of the Royal  Canadian legion (Madeira  Park) will hold a dance on  March 26 for members and  guesls, featuring door prizes  and the music of Larrv Bransen.  FISH FARMERS BALL  The second annual Fish  Farmers' Ball will be held al the  Madeira Park Community Hall  on March 26 wilh door prizes  and music by Slim and ihe  Pickups.  A limited number of tickets  are for sale (proceeds lo benefit  Si. Mary's Hospital) al Ihe Sunshine Coast Aquaculture  Association and Scantech  Resources, both in Sechell.  HARBOUR CALENDAR  March 14 - Community Club  Meeling.  March   15  -  Wildlife  Sociely  Meeling.  March 17 - Community Bingo.  March 19 - Legion Meal Draw;  legion Aux. Smorg & Dance.  March  21   -  Legion  General  Meeling.  March 25 - Harbourside Poetry  & Jazz Evening.  March 26 - Legion Dance; Fish  Farmers' Ball.  BOB  ^^        (We Care About Your Wardrobe)  1 Day Only!! March 17  The "Leprachons" Are Celebrating  ^^   St. Patrick's Day  *l*     *^  3 DRAWS  I St Dinner for 2  at Andy's Restaurant. Gibso  2nd $50���� Free Drycleanlng  to be used within 6 mos.  (excluding leathers, repairs, laundry)  3rd $25���� Free Drycleanlng  to be used within 6 mos.  (excluding leathers, repairs, laundry)  f' 885-2278  DOLPHIN MINI MALL  CORNER Ol DOLPHIN 8, WHARF ST  DIRECTLY BEHIND PRONTO S  -JET  SMALL BUSINESS CENTRE  Capilano College  Free Guidance and Counselling  for  SMALL BUSINESSES AND ENTREPRENEURS  Business Plans, Loan Applications, Marketing Advice  Tuesdays and Thursdays Phone 885-9310  12:30 noon to 4:30 pm for appointments  jl     ���ate:  ______:  SEES  23X2  m. *���?"%>  20% off  Everything  with Green  k\Js��    New Arrivals  Dresses especially designed lor those  confined to a wheelchair.  10% off with Pharmacarc Card  Cowrie St., Sechelt  885-2916  nginis  Cedar Plaza. Gibsons  =* 886-8199  e WORK WEN?  /IK WORLD  f,f# *!# *^  1  1  *W     .^*<rii?;  Scrubbie Jeans  SALE  liPNTba  $21.s  Si/'cs 28-44  1005? Cotton Denim. 5 pocket style Scrubbie Jean.  Work Pants  Reg. 26.98  Work Shirts  Reg. 25.98  Available in brown, spinet;,  green & nav y  ' iJ   \ ��� ��� ��  ��   tOftr^-W'  **Ti. ���i___l^'^MM/'':: '"������'������ ���- *3  ��� **t X��*a_M_f/-   ���������,1'i    ���   ������$-- 'V-v  ��   ��� <W      r*^__l___f       j__>l  -   ^* *,f   -____^ig^s___a_W__fm'&M  ����**: "  e WORKWEN3  Ah WORLD = .  SALE ENDS:  MARCH 19th. 1988  100% LOCALLY OWNED it OPERATED  885-5858  Cowrie Street, Sechelt 10.  Coast News, March 14,1988  Harmony Hall  iatesexplains'Cosco'  by Gladys Coales  The March general meeting  *���opened with Past President Jim  Munro introducing Reg Gales,  first vice president of the provincial  OAPO.   Ernie   Hume,  president, welcomed Mr. Gales  s��;and invited him lo address ihe  ^"membership. He explained Ihe  ���function of 'COSCO', Council  *-of Senior  Citizens Organizalions, which is our watchdog  over the provincial governmenl.  .-   They are constantly on the  I watch for regulations which af-  ? feet seniors, and we owe a debl  I of lhanks to them for many of  J Ihe benefits we enjoy.  The provincial OAPO  I presents scholarships each year  * io four students of Gerontology  I - the sludy of aging and ils pro-  I blcms.  j Mr. Gales also reminded us  j of the convention in June, and  " the Canada-wide Moon Walk in  ^ May.  Ernie Hume opened the  I business portion of ihe meeling  ; lo 72 members and lour guests.  J Ernie mentioned the recent  i presentations lo Ernie Fosselt  ��� and Sieve While who have const tribuled much lo the communi-  l ly. Congratulations, fellows, we  ; are proud of you.  We have been asked lo allow  access lo the park which is being  developed behind our hall, and  hope it will be an assel to the  area.  The wheelchair parking area  finally has a sign, and we hope  this facility will be recognized  '. by users of the parking lot.  Lloyd  Hicks contributed a  manpower or womanpower (o  operate them. Thanks, Lloyd.  Tai Chi classes have changed  time and are now held Tuesdays  al 3:30 pm.  All activities are being enjoyed by the members. The pool  table has been moved and leveled, and will be In use as soon as  il is checked over, and in  suitable condition for play.  The carpet oowlers are inlo  ihe lasl lew weeks of keen competition, and will have Ihe wind-  up dinner on April 28 in Harmony Hall. Will ihose planning  to attend, and who have not  already made reservations,  please gel in touch wilh George  (.Sam) Chamberlin or Jov Maxwell.  Happy lo hear lhat Mary  Slrom is home from her slay in  hospital. And lo one and all  who arc or have been on the  sick list, a wish for good heallh  from all the folks at Harmony  Hall. Spring is on ihe way.  leoiia Gom (right) took some time for a quiet contemplation of  seashells with Eli Mae (left) lasl Friday before her reading al the  Arts Cenlre. -Penny Fuller pholo  George    in    Gibsons  Driftwood Players entertain  : polisher and buffer to do the  ;floor of the hall - now for the  by George Copper, 886-8520  "1 remembered Howard  Hughes staying al Ihe Bayshore  some years ago," said Jay Pomfrel about his production of ihe  Sam Sheppard play Seduced Ihe  other week in ihe Roberls Creek  hall, "and when I read this  play, I remembered the Hughes  mystique. His was a legend  nothing could destroy."  Jay Pomfrel has lhat special  quality as a director that attracts  ^m  "S/Mnf ?s%"  A DANCE at Roberts Creek Hall Sat. 19th  Sponsored by Food Bank  See posters for more info:  Proceeds aid Food Bank  THRIFTY'S  Tues.-Sat. 10-4        above Ken's Lucky Dollar  Sun. 11-3 886-2488 or Box 598  and inspires a company, bolh  actors and musicians and crew  and spurs ihem on lo a scintillating performance.  "Ken Salmond, who played  ihe lead with such vitality and  plausibility was one I gladly  deferred lo." said Jay. "An experienced actor and playwright,  too."  Ken Salmond is indeed a  theatre person. He has had  plays of his produced in Victoria and Vancouver. A book,  Two Plays is published by Gordon Soles and copies can be obtained through the Coasl Book  Store.  Ken is a UBC graduate, a  Master of Fine Arls in Creative  Wriling. Al presenl, he is  employed al ihe Cedars Inn in  Gibsons.  Now Ihis week (here's  anolher Driftwood play, ihe  Agaiha Christie The  Mousetrap. Thai's the thriller  lhal has been running continuously for well ovi-f thirty  years  in  London  with  man*.  JOIN THE FUN!  BURST A BALLOON  And Receive A Discount On  Balloon Tagged Items  Just for you^  Gibsons Landing  OPEN 7 DAYS A WEEK  886-2470  changes of cast, of course.  Try not to blurt out who  done it for the play runs this  week March 17 and 18, and  again March 24, 25, 26 in the  Roberts Creek hall.  Stage design for The  Mousetrap is by Alf Davies who  has come lo live here afler a  career in the federal service in  Onawa.  All' has had a long experience  in slagc design wilh Ollawa's  Orpheus Sociely.  Easter Gifts  for  People & Ptfs  455 Marine Dr. 886-3812   Gibsons Landing  Health Magazines  &G-OOD FOOD  ^Show Piece ^  L    Gallery   _j  CUSTOM  FRAMING  Sale  25%  'o off  280 Cower Pi. Rd..  Cibsons Landing 886-9213  Going Somewhere?  We have maps, atlases, travel  books, language dictionaries  and currency converters.  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Prices effective:  March 15 - March 20  Luck\  DOLLAR  FOODS  at.   9:30 am    6:00 pm  Sundays ��f Holidays 9:30 am - 5:00 pm  .227 gr  1 I.  2.39  1.73  Tetley - 72's  tea bags  Vivid - Liquid  bleach  Palmolive  liquid nn  detergent     u Z.99  MANY MORE  $ IN-STORE SPECIALS  <  DAIRY  Armstrong - Processed Cheddar  cheese  thins  250 gr  Armstrong - Spreadable  cream ^  cheese  I;,,,,..,.,..,  foods  250 gr  Bari Brand  mozzarella  cheese  No Name  340 gr  1.89  1.49  2.29  Fresh -  Canada Grade 'A'  In Family Pac  chicken  wings  lb.  Fresh ��� Canada Grade 'A'  Bone In  chicken breasts     ,b. 2.49  Fresh ��� Sliced  beef liver ,b. .99  Fresh  stewing beef ,b 2.29  Australian i^cU  lamb    **FB��SH  shoulder chops      ,b. 2.59  Burn's - Sliced  salami  ..375gmea.    1.09  Burn's  head cheese  cups  375 gm ea.  Burn's - Bulk  garlic coil ��,. 1.35  margarine j 36 fcs 1.93  Westvale  fruit  {  FROZEN  beverages   2*0 ml. 09  Swanson's  macaroni &  cheese dish  227gm.99  tortillas     si0sm1.29  Green Giant - Whole Kernel  corn 1 kgi  Green Giant ��� Fancy _m_r��_  green peas    ]tg2.59  1  BAKERY  2.59  Westons ��� Hot Dog & Hamburger.     _ _  buns ��s 1.38  1.09   8's  Sunbeam - White or Brown  oread      570 gm  IIILIFJIMJHI     IL   1PJL   ��P    I.     1.    11    ..  "Little woman does it all herself,"  the major said. She flinched. Prunes and custard was not her idea ot an  adequate dessert. And that strange young man, one of the other  guests, was actually helping out in the kitchen. What had he said?  "Red wine, any sort, will give it that Continental flavour." She tut-  tutted loudly. Heaven only knows whal they'd be eating tomorrow.  Of course, if you're in the middle of Agatha Christie's The Mousetrap  you can't ever be sure if there will be a tomorrow!  If you'd like to find out more about these mysterious people come to  Roberts Creek Hall on March 17,18, 24, 25 and 26 at 8 pm and find  out who done it!  Meanwhile, for a truly Continental flavoured after-the-show snack why  nol make some  SOUP A L'OIGNON GRATINEE  6 medium sized onions < tablespoons cognac  3 tablespoons unsalted butter Vt teaspoon dijon mustard  3 tablespoons olive oil salt & pepper to taste  1 teaspoon sugar 6 rounds trench bread, toasted  6 cups beel stock 1% cups grated gruyere cheese  1. Peel & slice onions. Heat the butter, oil and sugar and 'sweat' the  onions over a low, low heal until they become golden brown. Use a  large saucepan.  2. Add the beef stock. Stir well. Bring to the boil, then simmer on a low  heat, covered, for one hour.  3. Stir in cognac and mustard. Add salt & pepper to taste.  4. Pour into 6 individual heat proof serving bowls, place a round ot  toasted french bread in each. Sprinkle grated cheese over each and  bake at 450��F until cheese is golden brown. Serve immediately.  See you al the show.  NEST LEWIS  em by Item, We do more for you in providing Quality & Friendly Service 12.  Coast News, March 14,1988  LEISURE  Pages From A Lite-Locj  An actor's  commitment  by Peter Trower  Mrs. Boyle (Colleen Elson) and Major Metcalf (John Morris) chat  aboul the murder investigation al Monkwcll Manor Guest House in  Agatha Christie's Mousetrap which opens this Thurday at Roberts  Creek Community Hall. -Penny Fuller photo  Mousetrap opens  : "Three blind mice, sec how  ihey run,  They all ran after Ihe  farmer's wife,  She cul off their tails wilh a  carving knife..." was never as  sinister as in The Mousetrap,  Agatha Christie's iwo-aei  mystery play which opens this  Thursday, March 17, ai the  Community Hall in Robci.s  Creek.  Sel in ihe winlery English  counlrysidc of 1947, The  Mousetrap, in traditional  Christie style, brings logelher a  cast of characters from differenl  walks   of   life,   and   throws  REMEMBER:  If you're going to  gamble with your  SEPTIC TANK  a flush  ;   is better  j    than a  I lull house. iV      a��  BONNIEBROOK  INDUSTRIES ltd  lor Septic Tank Pumping  | Ask For Lucky Larry 886-7064  murder inlo iheir midst.  Whodunnit? Was it Molly  (Karen Bruce), or her husband  Giles (Ray Cooper); or perhaps  the mysterious Italian stranger  Paravicinl (John Diplock) or  Ihe no-nonsense Miss Casewell  (Inge Dahin): then there's the  very Pukka Sahib Major Mel-  calf (John Morris) and ihe in-  trepid policeman Trolter (John  Krusc); did young and any  Christopher Wren (Man  Beynon) do the dirty deed? And  how does ihe thoroughly  unpleasant Mrs. Boyle (Colleen  Elson) fil inlo Ihe picture?  If.you're an Agalha Christie  fan, ihis is a "niusi" for you.  Directed by Nest Lewis, and  presented by Driftwood  Players, The Mousetrap runs  March 17, 18, 24, 25 and 26;  show begins at S:(X) pm sharp;  tickets on sale at the door for  $5, and $3.50 for students.  Cable Eleven  Despite Nick Mancuso's  fluency in English, it was not his  firsl language. The magnetic actor came by his Latin good  looks naturally. Born in Mam-  mola, Italy in 1949, he spent his  first six years in the ancient  mountain town. Nick's mother  was a local woman but his  father's people were Sicilian.  "The Mancusos are a bit  mysterious. They were mostly  guitar makers; goldsmiths-  artisans of one son or another.  My father's a carpenter - a very  good one. His family fled Sicily  around 1850 afler tormenting  an unsuccessful revolution  againsl the Spaniards, who occupied part of the island then,  The Mancusos made iheir way  to Ihe southern mountains of  Italy which were a sort of no-  man's land at the lime. It's a  very ancient area that hasn't  changed much in 2,000 years."  At Nick's Baptism, a  fascinating incident occurred  thai turned out to be more than  a lillle prophetic.  "The old tradition of travelling mummers was still in existence and apparently, a troupe  of these performers were invited  to my Christening. There was a  very famous clown in the Com-  edie del Arte tradition, travelling with the group. He held me  in his arms and declared that I  was going to be an actor."  Although Mancuso loday is  very much the urbane man of  the world, he remains fiercely  proud of his simple peasant  roots.  "Where I came from, people  didn'l wear shoes and ale one  meal a day - usually cheese,  bread and a few olives. Meat  was a luxury. They got up at  5:00 o'clock in Ihe morning and  Ihey worked. They were hardy,  Tuesday, March IS  2:30 p.m.  The Throne Speech  'Live' via satellite from  Rogers Cable in Victoria we  present full coverage of the  Throne Speech in the Legislature in Victoria.  7:00 p.m.  The Heritage Society  Miss Gibsons  Pageant '88  "i  ENTRY FORM  ! a .,,,_  .Telephone  -dh  i  I  HfiKlit Weighi Hair Colour.  I Sch,  I  I  ��� lj.-tsvr.-s-n age 17 and 21 as "I August 20, I'JHU  ��� , J  PleattC forward to;  Miss Gibsons Pageani Committee. Box 1884, Gibsons, II.C. VON 1V0  Ur drop off .it Child's, Sunnycrest Mall, Gibsons.  Gibsons  Swimming Pool  Jan.11 -  June 30,1988  MONDAY & WEDNESDAY  Early Bird 6:30 a.m.- 8:30 a.m.  Aqua Fit 9:00 a.m.-10:00 a.m  Ease Me In 10:00 a.m.-11:00 a.m.  Lessons 11:00 a.m.-11:30 a.m.  Noon 11:30 a.m.-1:00 p.m.  Lessons 3:30 p.m.- 7:30 p.m.  Swim Fil 7:30 p.m.-8:30 p.m.  TUESDAY  Fit & 50+ 9:30 a.m.-10:30 a.m.  Senior Swim 10:30 a.m.-11:30 a.m.  Adapled Aquatics 2:30 p.m.- 3:30 p.m.  Lessons 3:30 p.m.- 6:00 p.m.  Public 6:00 p.m.-7:30 p.m.  Co-ed Fitness      7:30 p.m.- 8:30 p.m.  BRONZE CROSS  starts Monday, April 11  REGISTER NOW  THURSDAY  Patenl 8, tot 1 00 p m ��� 2:00 pm  Adapted Aquatics 2 30 p m ��� 3 30 p.m  Lessons 3:30 p.m.-6:00 p.m  Public 6:00pm ��� 7.30 p.m  Co-ed Fitness 7 30 p.m ��� 8:30 p.m.  FRIDAY  Early Bitd 6:30 a.m ��� 8:30 a.m.  Aqua Fil 9:00 a.m.-10:00 a.m.  Fit & 50+ 10:00 am.-10:30 a.m  Senior Swim 10:30 a.m.-11:30 a.m.  Noon Swim 11:30 am ��� 1:00 p.m.  Public Swim 5:00 p.m.- 6:30 p.m  Co-ed Filness 6:30 p m - 7:30 p.m.  Teen Swim 7:30 pm.-9:00 p.m.  SATURDAY  Public  Public  1:30 p.m ��� 4:00 p.m.  7:00 p.m.-8:30 p.m.  SUNDAY  Family 1:00 p.m-3:30 p.m.  Public 3:30pm- 5:00p.m.  Gibsons Swimming Pool  Publication of this schedule  sponsored by  886-9415  Super Valu  Efforts   to  create  a  parts*  around the Stoltz log flume and  old   sawmill  site  on   Mount  Elphinstone is one of the topics  of discussion.  7:45 p.m.  French Immersion Special  Stories, songs and interviews  from the French Immersion  students at Gibsons Elementary. This program is entirely in  French.  8:15 p.m.  Keepin the Beat  From the B.C. Heart Foundation.  8:30 p.m.  Early Child Development  Sandy Wrightman hosts the  first in a series on Early Child  Development.  Guests  include  Dr. Yaxley, Eloise Yaxley, Ruth  Hogberg and Matt Small.  Wednesday, March 16  7:00 p.m.  Pioneers of the Sunshine Coast  The ESP TV broadcasting  students present another in a  series on the Pioneers of the  Sunshine   Coast.   George  Cooper's  guest  this  week  is  Bruce Woodsworth who talks  about growing up on the Coast  and memories of his father MP  J.S. Woodsworth.  Thursday, March 17  7:00 p.m.  Health Care 4  Technical   Advances   in  Health Care - Jane Sorko hosts  another in the series of health  care programs with a panel of  local doctors.  8:00 p.m.  ESP TV News  From   the   broadcasting  students   at   Elphinstone,  another in the series of local  news   programs.  8:25 p.m.  Olde Time Favourites  The St. Patrick's Day special.  Steve and Jack's guest this  month is Ken Easterbrook in  this 'live' phone-in requests program.  Friday, March 18  1:30 p.m.  ESP TV News  Nicole Hagedorn and Mike  linger host this week's 'live'  newscast.  strong, sturdy, salt-of-lhe-  carlh people. Whatever  strengths I have, 1 got from  Ihem. They drank from the  clean well of life."  Romantic Italian poverty was  all very well bul there wasn't  much future in it. North  America was still the Land of  Opportunity to most Europeans  and Nick's father was no exception. He emigrated lo Canada in  Ihe carly 1950's lo establish a  domestic beachhead.  "I came over wilh my mother  and sister, when I was six years  old. Il was a huge cattle ship.  There were hundreds of Italian  women and their kids, travelling  with us in steerage. Half of  them were seasick and Ihe whole  place slank of vomit. The  husbands of the women had  come Io Canada several years  earlier and worked there until  their families were able lo join  Ihem."  Nick's early experiences in  Canada were confused and  unpleasant. He recalls ihem  vividly and not withoul some  bitterness.  "My first memory was of  kids wearing coonskin caps and  Ihe Davy Crockett song playing  On ihe radio. 1 came from a  totally alien culture. I couldn't  understand any of it. We moved  into an Irish/English  neighbourhood in Toronto.  There were very few other  Italians there and I used to get  beaten up all the time. Il wasn't  just the fact that I was a  foreigner - I also had a pretty  good mind. In a couple of  years, after I'd learned English,  I went to the lop of my class  and lhal didn'l make me loo  popular either. Ii wasn't  fashionable back then lo be  smart or differenl. The kids  were acting by herd instinct. I  was the odd bird in a group of  chickens and Ihey tried to peck  me to dealh."  To be continued...  9  ��_ GIBSONS LEGION " %aon9ch  MEMBFKS & GUESTS WELCOME ^P  FRIDAY, MAR. t��TH ��*#��� ^  * SAT. MAR. 19TH Th. Mtfc Band, ARAN  Wear something green J^��  And bting your colleen ^^  St. Patrick celebrates at the 109  So listen & dance & have a good lime  You may have heard them  al Ihe Unicorn during Expo  *    *  NATIONAL REAL  ESTATE SERVICE  GIBSONS REALTY LTD.  Laurel la Hay  .ind  Gibsons Realty  wish to welcome  and congratulate  Frank Laczo  on his purchase of  Neptune Ice Distributors  :��iij��i^ji^sMiite��aisi��iiU3����*i  MARCH 17, 18, 24, 25, 26  ROBERTS CREEK COMMUNITY HALL  8 pm - doors open 7:30 pm  TlCKBTS AT THE DOOR - Alill.ls $5.00 STUDENTS $3.50   Tliis Ail Courtesy of Super Valu   f IRE! FIRE*  Yes, We Are Still In Business  We Have Moved, So Watch For Our Sign  Our Phone Numbers Are Still The Same  Local 885-3211, Vancouver 684-8016  Our Sales People Are:  Diane Anderson  Stan Anderson  Beverly Bull  Bob Bull  Don Hadden  Stan Hilstad  George Longman  Renate Pohl  Bill Turner  Len Van Egmond  Lynn Wilson  Please Call Us At Home For  885-2385  885-2385  885-2503  885-2503  885-9504  886-2923  886-8548  885-9017  885-5510  885-7349  885-5755  Your Real Estate Needs  BUSINESS AS USUAL!  Our SINCERE THANKS to  those Real Estate professionals  who offered us support, space,  and assistance in maintaining service  to our customers:  KEN WELLS, Century West Really  DON SIEMENS, Century Wesl Realty  BILL HUNSCHE, Pender Harbour Realty  JOAN PETERSON, Pebbles Realty  CLAY CARBY, Gibsons Really  who saved some records.  SPECIAL THANKS to Bruce  Richmond, and Jake Friesen  Accountants, who provided us with  instant secretary space, and Barry  Fellows with crew who provided us  with immediate phone service.  OUR THANKS also to lohn Bolton  Signs, who created a new ANDERSON  REALTY SIGN within hours, the Bank  of Montreal, who offered desks, and to  our very dedicated secretary who  fielded all our phone calls.  We also offer our thanks to the RCMP,  regular and special, who spent a lot of  their time for us on Friday.  We thank the several groups who have  offered us emergency space.  We also thank the many supportive  friends who stopped by or called us on  Friday.  MS  And most of all, jfg,  A SPECIAL THANK YOU  to the large crew of the  SECHELT FIRE DEPARTMENT  (all voluntary)  who lost over 12 hours  each of income earning time to  help us in our day of need. a��3  ���Il  Management and Staff of  Anderson Realty Ltd.  L  mmmm Rhythms of Life  Coast News, March 14,1988  13.  Resolving contradictions within  ROBERTS CREEK LEGION i  by Penny Fuller  The wonderful thing about  living in Ihis modern world is  the wide range of choices we  have. You can turn on the news  at jupperlime or bedtime and,  depending on the kind of day  you've had, you can choose to  get upset about what's happening anywhere in the world you  like.  If it's been a hard day, you  may choose lo just relax and get  annoyed at what's happening  locally. After you've resled lor  a while and gel your second  wind, you might decide lo fly  into a rage aboul ihe situation  in a wide, ever-changing selection of exotic ports.  None of these choices are  restricted by your race, religion,  economic strata or political  orientation. Whether you're a  nazi or a commie, or any of Ihe  spectrum in between, I can just  aboul guarantee lhal during Ihe  lasl few months you've become  firmly convinced lhal we're all  going lo hell in a hanclbasket.  This 'season of discontent' is  reflected in a planetary tango  Arts Beat  Memorable film  lhal has been going on since the  New Year, and will continue  until December. 1 think it is interesting to note thai the extremes represented by Saturn  (restrictions) and Uranus  (revolution), the partners in Ihis  dance, seem lo be occurring on  an internal level for a lol of people as well as in the world al  large.  Since early January, Saturn  and Uranus have been aligned  in the heavens, like beads sharing a single thread. On an internal level, Ihis indicates a growing awareness of Ihe things in  our lives that are holding us  back, dragging us down.  It doesn't mailer whether it's  our children or parenls, our job  or lack of money, our spouse's  bullying or our own sense of inadequacy, many people are suddenly feeling like they're trapped by ihe conditions of Iheir  lives.  They're also, lo one degree or  anolher, plot ting their  breakout. A feeling of almost  unbearable tension sometimes  seems  to  hit,  as  individuals  wrestle with these two contradictory aspects of  themselves.  Withoul making any judgement aboul which end of Ihe  political spectrum is right or  wrong it is obvious lo me lhat  the same kind of conflict is  being acted oul in all areas of  our external world. Il really  doesn't matter whether you're  talking about our little province  or all of South East Asia, extreme restrictions are being imposed and extreme rebellion is  the response - Salurn vs Uranus  in Ihe second round.  The challenge al Ihis lime is  the same (whether you deal on a  family level or are in a position  (o affect international events) is  lo balance and use Ihe energies  of restriction and revolution  logelher for an effective constructive rebuilding of your life.  The new hypersensitivity that  you're feeling toward the things  lhal are holding you back can  be a catalyst to examine where  your needs are being met and al  whal cosl. These are limitations  thai you've chosen for  yourself, have you outgrown  your need for them? Are the  same needs still there? If so,  while you may nol like the reality you've created, the ball and  chain lhat you've chosen may  slil! be whal you need lo feel  safe.  This doesn't mean lhat you  can't change your conditions.  Bin you may try lo throw ihe  baby oul wiih ihe bathwater.  The Iwo opposing energies lhal  are reflected in Saturn and  Uranus can be resolved in  disciplined change. Simply reacting lo ihe conflict  withoul  thinking  il   through could  be  disastrous,  Try to analyze whai changes  and compromises are needed to  permit a fuller expression of  your individuality, Use practical, mundane methods to accommodate freedom. This  could include anything from a  new    budget    to   exchanging  babysitting; ii could email looking for a new job (before you  quil Ihe old) or physically  relocating to a new place.  Il may lake a while lo find  your cenlre long enough io consider your alternatives in a  creative lighl, bul ihis is going  on for ai least another ten  months, so you have lime.  There's your choice. You can  use this lime lo adjust your life  in a way lhal will give you the  freedom you need, or you can  end up a baskel case. Il will be  interesting to watch which  choices are made on the International scene.  6   I   N  Roberts Creek  Community Hall  00  TO 00  Tuesday, March 15th - 7:15 Start  Doors Open 5:30  B.C. Lottery  Promotion Nite  FREE TICKETS  FREE DRAWS  EVERYBODY WEICOME  Saint' Put t'S Al Door  Many thought that Malcolm  Lowry's novel, Under the  Volcano, could not successfully  be put onto film, but John  Huston, with the wisdom and  discipline of expression acquired over his half century's  work in the cinema, has done it.  Under the Volcano was made  in 1984 and will be presented at  the Arts Centre on March 16 at  8 pm.  Albert Finney puts forward a  I memorable performance as the  alcoholic Englishman abroad,  I retaining the trappings of his  dignity amid the steadily declining fortunes of his private life.  But Under the Volcano is not  entirely pessimistic - it is also a  celebration of humanness.  Admission is S3.50/S3 at the  door.  EINSTEIN  There is sure to be a rush for  Einstein tickets when they go on  sale March 15.  This one-man theatre production provides an intimate glimpse into the life and thoughts of  one of the great men of recent  time.  Albert Einstein is portrayed  by Christopher Britlen who has  been  breaking  house  records  and playing lo sell out crowds  ' everywhere.  The Twilight Theatre on  April 17 is lucky to be on the  last leg of Einstein's Cross-  Canada tour before it heads for  New York.  Dancing  for all  Roots Roundup is a parly  band wilh an International  dance sound. Their blend of  African, Reggae, Blues and  Country has a wide audience  appeal. If you can dance to it,  Roots Roundup will play it.  Their intention is to get to the  roots of various cultures, and lo  lei Ihe music be lhal powerful  medium to unite all people.  The Sunshine Coasl is fortunate lo have Ihis group for  Iwo gigs at the Roberls Creek  Hall, Saturday and Sunday,  March 19 and 20. The dance on  Saturday is being run by the  Gibsons Food Bank, bring  donalions if you wish.  Doors open al 8:30, $15 a  couple and $8 a head, no  minors.  On Sunday, there will be a  Coast Family Dinner, starling  at 3 in Ihe afternoon. Bring  your kids, favourite dish, dancing shoes and musical instruments, as Roots Roundup's  innovativencss lends itself  naturally to jamming.  Tickets are available at Books  n' Stuff in Sechell Mall,  Seaview Market in Roberts  Creek, Nifty Thrifty's and The  Landing Store in Gibsons.  Roots Roundup, a musical  mosaic, for all ages to bring in  Spring.  Gibsons  houp:w,cl'^v  Tuesday  Jhuradaj, ^'4pm  Saturday ,, ������ "4P"i  There will be one show only  and advance tickets will be sold  at Hunter Gallery, Talewind  Books and the Arts Centre. Call  Sandie at 885-3891 in the mornings for more information.  EXHIBIT  The exhibition at the Arts  Centre by Ursula Fritsch and  Donna Balma can be viewed for  one more week between 11 am  and 4 pm. This show of paintings by two local women artists  is a study of contrast - Balma's  work is introspective,  metaphorical and concerned  with ritual while Fritsch explodes with oranges and vibrant  blues.  The next exhibition starting  on March 23 is the Young People's Art Show by children and  youth and submissions are invited from the community.  Work may be brought to the  Arts Centre on March 18 and 19  between 11 am and 4 pm.  CRAFT FAIRE  Allenlion craftspeople! The  First Annual Sunshine Coast  Craft Faire is receiving submissions for consideration for Ihe  event lo lake place August 6 and  7 at Hackell Park. The Faire.  will feature crafts from the  Pacific North-wesl, a food fair,  entertainment, overnight security, etc. Submission information  sheets available al The Arts  Cenlre, Sechell and The Hunter  Gallery, Gibsons. Deadline is  April 25, 1988.  Aroberts creek legion  Fri., March 18 & Sat., March 19  Dance To The Fiddle Oi  DAN SHEPPARD  accompanied by  Elliott & Custasson  "IRISH  Members & Guests Welt  H0�� **  " "     .Ail"  thli  rsdav  <.^,'S NICHT  POOR'S  ���"�����*"     for Seniors  PHce   on Thursdays!  What better day to start  than the  17th of Ireland  LIKE'  SENIOR'  K(so>t  7fe  ��� Ribs from Paddy's Pig  ��� Green Grasshopper Pie  ��� Irish Coffee  RESERVATIONS   883-2269���1  CO'  SW��*  CASUALTIES  March 31 to April 2  WED. NITE  Pool Tourney  Drink Specials  LOTS OF PRIZES  Trivia Prizes  FREE Shirt Draw  ��������������������������  Gibsons Landing  Your guide to  the finest in  area dining  A listing of  restaurants  and pubs  TiMWi oi  fteCwwt  It is always a pleasure to drive to the Ruby Lake Resort and  share the beauty and tranquility of the little lake with the swans  and ducks gently swimming by the quaint little bridge. Better  still, if you feel the pangs of hunger you can be sure that your  appetite will be well satisfied by a visit to the restaurant.  The Friday night special is prime rib with baked potato and a  nice selection of vegetables. I decided to try this fare as I had  noticed several local work crews enjoying their hearty meals. It  was served with green peppers, carrots and onions, all piping hot  and a serving of beef sufficient to satisfy someone twice my  weight.  My husband chose the New York steak with prawns, rather  than fish and chips which are always excellent at Ruby Lake.  Although neither of us desired a dessert, the selection  available was most tempting. Chocolate cheesecake, jumbo cinnamon buns, fresh homemade pies offering apple, raisin, cherry  and blueberry, and butter tarts.  This coming Thursday, March 17 will be the start of a new  and welcome innovation at Ruby Lake. Thursdays will be  Senior's Night and dinners will be on for half price. This should  prove to be a popular evening at the restaurant since there are  many seniors who live alone and don't always go to the trouble  of making a decent meal just for one. The menu has an excellent  selection of choices, something to suit all tastes.  Average meal prices quoted do not include liquor.  Creek House - Intimate dining unci  European cuisine in a sophisticated yet  casual atmosphere. We serve rack of  lamb, duck, crab, clams, scallops, steaks,  also daily specials. Resersations recommended. Roberts Creek Road ami Beach  Avenue - 885-9321. Open 6 pill. Closed  Mondays & Tuesdays. V. MC. <M seals.  Jolly   Roger   Inn   -  Overlooklni  beautiful Secret Cose, Friday and Sana-  slay evening specials from 5 until S pm.  Ihis week, Wlenenchnitzel, Including  choice of Caesar Salad or French (hilon  Soup, Coffee sir Tea, $8.95. per person.  Sunday Drcakl'ast and Lunch, 10 am ��� 2  pill. H.I seats and lounge. V.. MC. Ussy  101, Secret Cove. For reservations please  call 885-7184.  I he Omega Pizza, Steak And  I obiter Utilise . With a perfect view  of Gibsons marina, and a good lime at-  NIGHT ON THE TOWN  mosphere, the Omega is ;i people-  watcher's paradise. Casi members of Die  Beachcombers can usually be found dining here. Menu Includes pizza, past;,,  steaks and seafood. Sicnks and seafood  are Iheir specialties. Banquet facilities  available. Very special children's menu.  Average dinner for two: $20. Reservations recommended. Located in Gibsons  Landing a) 1338 Oower Point Rd.  HS6-2268. Open Sun-Thurs, 4-10 pm, Fri  and Silt 4-11 pm. Seals 145.  Pronto's Restaurants Two locations  to serve you. Both serve an extensive  variety of pizza, steak, pasta, lasagne,  ribs, souvlaki In a delightful family at-  mosphere. Children's menu available. All  dinner entrees include garlic bread and a  choice of soup or salad. Average family  meal for four about $13-520. Located ai  Wharf Rd., Sechelt, B85-19I9; and in  Cedar Plaza, Hwy. 101, Gibsons.  886-8138.  FAMILY DINING  The Homestead - Daily lunch and  dinner specials as well as regular entrees.  Lunches include sandwiches, hamburgers, pyrogies and salads. Dinner  selections include steaks, chicken and  seafood. Prime Rib and 15 item salad  bar are the house specialty on Friday,  Saturday and Sunday nights. Average  family meal for four $25-530. Hwy 101,  Wilson Creek, 885-2933. Open 8 am - 9  pm daily. 40 seals inside, 30 seat patio.  Open for breakfast, lunch and dinner.  The Raven Cafe  ft  Ruby lake Resort - Lovely view of  lake from Ruby Lake's post and beam  dining room and good highway access for  vehicles of ai! sizes. Breakfast served all  day. Lunch prices begin at $2.50, dinners  from $5.50 including salad bar. Smorgasbord Sunday nights includes 12 salads,  three hot meat dishes and two desserts,  $10.95 for adults, $5.50 for children  under 12. Tiny tots free. A great family  outing destination. Absolutely superb  prime rib every Friday night. Average  family dinner for four $20-25. Sunshine  Coast Hwy, Pender Harbour -883-2269.  Open 7 days a week, 7 am - 9 pm. 54  seats. V., MC. Breakfast, lunch and din-  FOR SALE  by Owner  The Wharf Restaurant - spectacular sunsets and intimate evening dining with a breath-taking view from every  table. We serve superb North American  and International Cuisine, and offer a  fine wine .selection. Relax and enjoy our  many gourmet delights in the comfortable  ambiance created hy our tasteful, cosy  decor and unbeatable setting. Dinner is  served 7 days a week, from 5 pm. Join us  for our fantastic Sunday Brunch from 8  am to 2 pm. We also cater to conventions  and private functions in our glassed-in  atrium style Bayside Room, Open Mon.  -Sat. 7 am - 2 pm and 5 - 10 pm; Sun. 8  am - 2 pm and 5 - 9 pm. 56 seats. Reservations recommended. All major cards  accepted. Hwy. 101, Davis Bay,  885-7285.  FAT IN - TAKF OUT  Ye Olde English Doughnut  Shoppe - Super lunch bar for eat in or  take-out. Two soups daily, numerous  sandwich selections, 18-choice salad bar.  Hot selections include Shephard's pie,  zucchini strips, stuffed crepes, beef dip  and hot turkey sandwich. There's always  a Daily Special - plas, of course, our  famous doughnuts, muffins, Cornish  pasties, sausage rolls, scones...and more!  Murehie's coffee and teas, Cappuccino  and Espresso. Open Mon.-Sat., 6 am  -5:30 pm, 24 seats. V., MC. Cowrie St.,  Sechelt, 885-2616.  Cedar's Inn - Appetizers all day till 11  pm. Darts every Sun. Everyone welcome.  Cedar Plaza, Gibsons -886-8171. Open 11  am - midnight, Sun-Thurs; 11 am -1 am,  Fri-Sat. 100seats. V..MC. Regular menu  II am to 8:30 pm. 14.  Coast News, March 14,1988  SPORTS  ~^  Chatelech Grade 12 student Matt Chamberlin takes a practice run  at the Hurdles and Relay sports clinic last Saturday. The final clinic  in the series is for Ihe Long Jump which will happen this week.  Anyone interested should call Joan Fox at 886-3846.    ���Penny Fuller  For  3fJ More Comfort  and  LOWER  HEATING  BILLS  Consider    Energy Saving Double Glazed Windows  Call  New Extended Warranty  M  ffi  ?:il  Hwy. 101 & Prall Rd. Gibsons 8867359    ^  OPEN: Mon. - Fri. 8:00 - 4:30: Sal. 8:30 -12:30 I V_J^_  Notice Board  The Sunshine Coasl Cancer Society's monthly meeting will be held in Ihe Bojrd  Room ol trie Regional Board, on Monday, March 21, al 1:00pm.  VolunHBts required lor various groups with an assorlment ol volunleer opportunities  Pul to use your special skills or learn new ones Get involved1 For mote inlo call  Volunteer Action Cenlre al 885-5881.  Women Who Love Too Much ��� Confidential and anonyn DIIS. Support group meeting  Tuesdays 7:30 pm. 886-2008, 886-9539 or 886-8788. All women welcome.  Adult Childten ol Alcoholics Meelings on Monday evenings at 7:30 pm in SI, Mary's  Church Hall, Gibsons; Thursdays at 7:30 pm at the Menial Heallh Centre in Sechell.  For more inlormalion. call Anna 885-5281.  Volunleer Nurses required lo assist Red Cross nurses wilh minor nursing duties at  Red Cross Blood Donor Clinics in Sechell, March 28 or Gibsons, Match 31. Contacl  Bev Miller at 885-3648.  Shornclifle Auxilliary Monthly Meeting, Tuesday. March 15 at 1:30 pm, 2nd floor  conference room al Shornclitfe. Speaker Vicki Wynne, Director ol Activities. Please  join us.  Sunshine Coast Peace Committee and Continuing Education present second Seeking  Alternatives' video, Monday, March 14, 7:30 pm al Roberts Creek School library.  Michael Pentz, Br. scientist discusses role of the peace movement in the disarmament process. Discussion and refreshments lollow. All welcome.  Sunshine Coasl Branch of the Canadian Diabetes Association Meeling Tuesday,  March 15,7 lo 9 pm al St. Mary's Hospilal Board Room. Speaker is Mr. Ted Wright,  Hospilal Administrator.  Gibsons Branch ol St. Mary's Hospital Auxilliary Bake Sale. Books & Plants. March  31 al 9.30, Sunnycrest Mall in Gibsons.  Blood Donor CLInic in Gibsons, Thursday, Match 31.1:30 to 6:30 pm, Royal Canadian Legion 109, Gibsons.  Strikes & Spares  The zone round of the National Classified Tournament  was held al Garibaldi Lanes in  Squamish lasl Sunday and we  had six ladies' and two men's  learns taking part.  The ladies' teams didn't fare  too well with a leam from  Norlh Shore Bowl winning.  Our number two men's team  consisting Of Bill Wilson, Larry  Wanrtamaker, Jim Gilchrist,  Lome Christie and Ray  Mahoney won the Men's Zone  by one poinl (pick up those corner pins) and will bowl in the  Regional Round at Old Orchard  Lanes on Sunday, March 27.  Also last Sunday, Petra  Nelson was bowling al Bowler-  lime Bowl in Kamloops in the  finals of the League Executive  Tournament and look first  place bowling 2I4 pins over her  average. She won a one week  holiday for two in Hawaii. Congratulations lo our winners.  In league action, Hazel Skytte  rolled a .156 single and Linda  Voll a 300 single and a 702 triple  in the Wednesday Coffee  league and in the Ball & Chain  1 eague Pain Lumsden a 347  single and a 744 triple.  Other good totals:  CLASSIC  Marion Reeves 270-909  lutilmi McCimiii 282-96D  Ku> Comes 288-935  Freeman Reynolds 292-978  TUESDAY COFFEE!  Dolores O'Donaghey 24ii-mi>  Lisa Williams 245-651  SWINGERS:  Minus' Nicholson 261-606  I mi Armstrong 268-614  Len Homed 291-642  Jim Gilchrist 286-726  GIBSONS 'A':  Kalhy Clark  Bruce ( amplH'll  Tom Penfold  248-665  Date Wells  2.58-672  SLOUGH-OFFSl  Irene Harses  286-647  Marie Fox  253-687  BALI. 4 CHAIN:  Phyllis 1 ram-is  247-664  Ralph Rolh  284466  PHUNTASTIQI'K:  Bev V mini:  263-640  Jim (.ikhrist  213-620  NIGHT OWLS:  1 lilu Ftnlas  261-651  Pal Winn  262-670  Bill Wlhon  250-706  SECHELT G.A.'S:  1 nu Armstrong  289-634  Merle Hulel.v  258-658  Cac Byers  240-605  YBC BANTAMS:  Jodi McU'llan  161-416  Boohs Hood  1'XNKl  YBC JUNIORS:  Andrea 1 nrst-n  226-574  Neil Clark  214-523  Mike McU'llan  184-535  YBC SENIORS:  Erin l-urscn  180-513  Tanya Clark  290-660  Dun RiKl>>  186-509  Chris Lumsden  269-594  Reference: Point Atkinson f> ssooKumcnuk Narrows _w t m.�� mm..  n_   ...     ��.       _,.-*-. plus 5 mm tor each tt ol rise,  Pacific Standard Time        .���a: mm tor a��cn n ot tan  The Only  Authorized  H    TRADES WELCOME  HONDA  Equipment  Dealer from  Port Mellon  To Egmont  ���UrU-.i'i  _      whs^fhETt     885-4141J  \  LOCOING & MARINE LTD.        I  255-679  244-660  Pender  Golf   by Terry Dougun  We have had some good golfing weather lately. We have also  had some terrible days when  even the hard-core golfers  wouldn't go oul. So ihere isn't  loo much golf news, bul spring  is coming and hopefully the  course will be busy soon.  The Senior Men had good  weal her March l and 14 men  lurned oul for Iheir first  Senior's Day. Low net was  Dave Dakin 43 and Wilf Crowe  45. Low gross was Ernie  Holloway 30 and Bruce  Hamilton 31. Closest lo the pin  #3 Ban Dillabough, #6 Dutch  Hacldon. Mosl honest golfer  was Jack McFarlane. Seniors  day will continue every Tuesday  with lee off between 9 am and  10 am. All men 55 and over  welcome.  Ladies' Day will start Thursday, March 17 at 10 am. Men's  Day is Saturday March 19 al 10  am. Fveryone is welcome,  members and non-members,  beginners and pros.  Anyone who has gained a few  pounds this winter, a game of  golf is a fun way to burn off  calorics. So come lo Pender  Harbour Golf Club and play a  round.  The FMC 5<  4 Wheel Alignment System  THE MOST ACCURATE WHEEL ALIGNMENT POSSIBLE -  ALIGNMENT  Irom  $0095  The latest Computer Technology from FMC  and OK TIRE can now provide the Sunshine  Coast with the most accurate 2 or 4 wheel  alignment available.  Computer-accurate alignment on all foreign  and domestic vehicles.  caii 885-3155  for an appointment      [  OOOOOOOO Don't forget to call for our FREE BRAKE INSPECTION (most vehicles) OOOOOOOO  QK^SERVICE CENTRE  29  5640 Dolphin St., Sechelt  Across from RCMP station  please call  for an appointment  TOURIST AND RECREATION GUIDE  7fa*tf4 % V*  fyrtim Heittij'j l/Hwum 0w,=  LAST STOP SHOPPING FOR PRINCESS LOUISA!  ��� Groceries ��� fresh Me.it ��� Produce ��� Ice ��� Post Office  ��� Full Line ol Marine jnd FishinR Gear ��� Fuel/Propane  Box 40 Garden Bay     Charters Available 883-2253  A.  CANOE  RENTALS  . ��� Row Boal Rentals  Wke Rgoit  883-2269  "READ AND RELAX"  ��� Craft Books ��� Woodworking ��� Cookbooks  ��� Gift Wrap   ��� Cards  TALEWIND BOOKS^^I  1693 Cowrie Street  Sechell  Fine Art - Art Supplies - Gifts  $��GALLERY  Come  Down  &  Browse i_         281) Gower Point Rd.. Gibsons Landing  886-9213  ��� HELLY HANSEN & MUSTANG  OUTDOOR WEAR  D MARINE BATTERIES  ��� CHARTS & BOOKS  Waterfront, Gibsons  GIBSONS marina  k  BOAT RENTALS  ��� Fishing Gear Rentals  ��� Air Tanks  FISHING & DIVING CHARTERS  FISHING GUIDE  cLowes Rgsort^Motel  Camping &R.V. Sites      * Pender Harbour   883-2456  i  Leisure Time???  = Come to the Shadow Bauxl =  ��� PAINTINGS ��� POTTERY ��� WEARABLE ART  limited edition prints by =  ��� Robert Bateman   ��� Ron Parker  ��� |. Serry-Llster       ��� Paul Ugarta    & many morel  ��� CUSTOM FRAMING ��� ART SUPPLIES  Cowrie St., Sechelt  085-7606 Krangle elected provincial coach  Boxers off to Olympic trials  Coast News, March 14,1988  15.  Sunshine Coast Boxing Club  coach Barry Krangle was recently elected Provincial Coach for  the 1988 Senior Boxing Championships slated as the Olympic  Trials in Edmonton, Alberta  March 17, 18, 19 and 20.  "This year's national championships will be extremely  tough" said Krangle. "Boxers  who show well at the Nationals  may earn a berth to challenge  national team members for an  Olympic position."  The final decision, however,  rests with the Canadian Olympic Committee who reserve the  authority to select competitors  based on experience and world  ranking.  Mr. Krangle and the BCABA  do not feel it is advantageous  for the BC team to send competitors jusi for the experience  or for the chance of an easy  draw into the medals.  "No weight class or any draw  will be easy this year," Krangle  added.  Canada has achieved, for the  firsl time in boxing history, a #5  world ranking behind East Germany, USSR, USA and Cuba.  This calibre will be reflected in  Edmonton.  B.C.'s medal hopefuls begin  with Geronimo Bie, 119 lbs,  Astoria Boxing Club; Tony  Duffy, 147 lbs, Sunshine Coast;  Ron Paskie 156 lbs, Astoria;  Jim Worril, 132 lbs, Astoria;  Tony Francis, 125 lbs, Maple  Ridge and John Hilleck, 139  lbs, Vancouver Boxing Centre.  Manny Sobrei, 147 lbs, from  Astoria will be representing the  National Team, which enters  the tournament as its own entity, competing for points against  the provinces.  Aside from Sobrei, Duffy  will be on the alert for Nick  Rupa from Ontario. Rupa, won  a controversial decision over  Sobrei last spring and earned a  spot on Canada's Pan Am  team.  Shane Vilatel, also from Ontario,   and   Quebec's   Mario  Bergerion will also provide stiff  competition.  Following the Nationals next  weekend, which are also slated  as the Olympic Trials, top competitors will box off next month  in Quebec where the final  Olympic selection will hopefully  be made.  Youth Soccer notes  By the time you read this the  year end tournament will be just  a few days away. Only one  more weekend of soccer left and  then your time is your own, that  is until Softball starts up. Back  to the soccer scene, your son or  daughter's coach will have the  schedule for the tournament by  now. Please have a look at it.  Last year one age group's  standings al the end of the day  were close and depending on  how you interpreted the tournament rules you could have had  two differenl teams winning the  lournament.  So parents, if you have any  questions about the rules of the  tournament please ask one of  the three area representatives to  clarify the rules for you. The  area representatives are Graham  Chapman, Jim Brown and Leif  Mjanes.  Parents and coaches, we  would like all the uniforms collected as soon as possible after  the tournament ends. Usually if  the uniforms aren't collected  within the first two weeks we  seem to lose track of them, so  please make an effort to get  them to the coach quickly and  then he can give them to the  equipment manager to store for  next year.  I have to mention one game  this time and if you look at the  team scores for the 10 and 11  year olds you will notice one  team has seventeen losses, no  ties, no wins.  Well, on Saturday, they lost  again bul parents from both  teams told the coach thai the  game they played on Saturday  was the besl game they played  this year. I would like to con-  gratulale Ihem and tell them  lhal they can still win the tournament.  H AND o YKAR OLDS  W L T P  Shop Easy 8 4 4 20  Sechell Lions 3 10 3 1  Nicks Shell 13 1 2 28  Phantiasave 2 9 5 9  10 AND II YEAR OLDS  Sechell I IF. Hoehnel        15 I 0 30  Sechelt 2 U. Brown) 0 17 0 0  Gibsons 3 ID. Young 10 6 0 20  Gibsons 4 (L O'Donauhyl   7 8 0 14  12 AND 13 YEAR OLDS  ��  FAMILY BULK FOODS &  DELICATESSEN  UNDER THE YELLOW AWNING. Cossne St.. 885-7767    _gn��  ^D ANNIVERSARY    U  and we're celebrating with  SPECIAL PRICmES FOR YOU!  Freybe  Black Forest Ham 96100 gm 4.29 ib  Freybe  Beer Sausage 78 loogm 3.49 lb  Sultana Raisins 22100 gm .99 lb  Bulk Granola  27 lOOgm 1.19 lb  Apple Blueberry or Apple Cinnamon  ��� Also many other in store specials  (limited quantifies available)  PIPING HOT SOUP, HEARTY SANDWICHES  and TASTY MUFFINS (fresh daily).  Inquire about our Sandwich Club  10% OFF Reg  Prices  For Seniors Fvery Thursday  Club and Group discounts  Elphi Ret  GBS  4 7 2 10  8 3 2 18  Minor hockey standings  LADIES'  SERIOUS SOFTBALL  The Cedars Ladies' Softball  Team has several openings for  players for the coming season.  If you want a great time on a  really good team, call and give  ^rb��i\ ?.':, us your name  " "^ 'v and phone  number.  We will call  you real  soon.  , ^Cedars Pub  886-8171  On Thursday, February 25,  Michael Yates stored all 4 goals  for the Lions winning over the  Wings 4-2.  There was no minor hockey  he weekend of the 27,28, as the  Tien's teams had a tournament.  The bantams did go to town on  he Sunday to play West Van-  :ouver and had a real good  ;ame which ended in a 4-4 tie.  March 5 in (he Pups and  Peanut division the Dolphins  lad a high scoring win against  he Toppers. 124 was the end  icore. James Rickbiel was im-  3ressive with 7 goals, Silas  White had 2 as did Chad Sach,  and Buddy Peers had I. For the  Toppers Brad Wing and Mark  Mcquiddy had 2.  March 5, the Pee Wee division were on the ice several  limes as Ihey had a leam from  Chemainus in lo play. Trail  Islanders were on Ihe ice firsl  M IMPORTANT NOTICE 9  Owing to the fact that the COAST GARIBALDI HEALTH UNIT office in Sechelt was destroyed by fire on March 11,1988, all enquiries formerly dealt with at that office should now be directed  to THE COAST GARIBALDI HEALTH UNIT, 494 South Fletcher  Rd., Box 78, Gibsons, Phone 886-8131,  Sunshlna Coast  PEST CONTROL LTD  Greases Rd.     Pender Harbour, BC   VON 2H0  LOCALLY OPERATED  GOVERNMENT LICENSED  UNMARKED VEHICLES  For control of carpenter ants, rodents & other pests  Our Perimeter Treatment  Cuts down on Ihe invasion  of crawling insects  For Confidential  Advice & Estimates   883-2531  I'SPECIALTY ��� Pretreatment of houses under construction!  trillion!     >l        I  WHATEVER YOUR PERSONAL FINANCIAL GOALS.  tildMy  VVfealth  Less^dablel��come  A Planned, Organized Strategy Will Help You Achieve Them  The array of investment options  available today is huge. H can be  bewildering, Fbr inure mid more  Canadians, the six mutual funds  managed by Bolton Tremblay  provide the simple, carefree means  to help you achieve specific  financial goals ��� whether it's a  low-risk route to major capital  gains, a more productive fiNSF or  reliable income with bin tax benefits.  Hut even to choose ihe rinht  investment fund, you're wise to  seek good advice. In addition to  representing Bolton Tremblay in  your area, we're also financial  planning professionals. We can help  you fit sound investment strategies  into an organized structure to meet  your overall financial goals. Your  custom-designed plan can help you  achieve everything you want in life.  Mail the coupon or phone today for more information.  GREAT PACIFIC  MANAGEMENT CO. LTD.  Financial Planners Since 1965  Box 127, Gibsons, B.C. VON IVO  (604)886-6600  Bott��n,  Trembloyj  S��Ji��E  Any offer made by  prnsiH'clusiHtly.  YES: Rush me, withoul nbliKatlon, informationim your ���  personal financial pbnnitiK service. I  i   I'd also like data on tl��- performance of Itolion Tremblay I  Rinds. _  Name _ |  Address   City/Prov _  i'n,..,ir���,.,l   M   II    I    I    I  PhoneNu   against the Blackhawks in their  own division. The score was 4-2  for the Trail Islanders with  Mike Lewis getting 2 of his  teams 4 goals.  They were on the ice again  later on in the day against Chemainus. This game they were  defeated. Chemainus had 7 and  Trail Islanders had 4. Murray  Howse scored 3 of his teams 4  goals.  The Thunderbirds had an  easier time wilh Chemainus  later in the day. They managed  a 7-3 win. Kurtis Francis and  Darren Boodle each had 2  goals.  The final Pee Wee Team mel  Chemainus on Sunday March 6.  The Blackhawks had a close  game Dealing Chemainus by 2  goals. The score al Ihe end of  Ihe game was 3-1.  Don'l forgel ihis Tuesday  March 15 al 7:30 in the arena  there will be our annual general  meeting. There will be an election of new officers so please attend, your input is important!  April 7 at 7:00 in the Legion al  Sechell we will be holding Ihe  Awards nighl. See you ihere!  Minor softball  annual meeting  Sechelt Minor Softball will be  holding its annual organizational meeting this Thursday  night at 7:00 pm in the Native  Studies room of Sechelt  Elementary School. Anyone  who is interested in helping out  this year is invited lo come oul,  the more people ihere are the  less is required of each individual.  The season will slarl in the second or third week of April and  run through to the second week  of June, with games scheduled  for Monday, Wednesday or Friday nights, usually only two  games a week.  T-ball is mixed for boys and  girls of 6 to 8 years, next is mixed softball for 8 to 12 year olds,  finally there are separate divisions for 13 lo 15 year olds.  A few ideals lo be discussed  are: having a mixed group for  ihe 13 to 15 year olds; having a  rep team for the older (14 to 15  year olds) boys and girls; having  a coaching clinic for those who  would like lo help but feel they  don't understand the game well  enough; having an umpires  clinic to get more people  familiar wilh the rules of the  game; and finally the possibility  of having a mini-spring training  program over the spring break.  Please come oul and support  your sons' or daughters' involvement in this season's program, if you can'i make il ihis  Thursday please contacl John  Denham al eilher 885-5392 or  885-2512.  ATTENTION  Land Owners and Loggers  Please  call for a  price list.  LOG BUYING STATION  JACKSON BROTHERS LOGGING co. ltd.  R.RJ1 Gray Creak Tuwanek  885-2228 885-3287  CREMATION  On The Sunshine Coast  The Sunshine Coast  Gematorium, operated by  Devlin Funeral Home, is  now open and servicing the  needs of local residents.  Inconvenient delays  resulting from out of town  services have now been  eliminated.  All types of cremation  funerals, from simple  Direct Cremations to full  Traditional Funerals or  Memorial Services, followed by cremation are  available.  Ik  Feel free (o call  anytime for more  information  Ai'iocTatlon  SUNSHINE COAST  CREMATORIUM  bill Seaview Road  Box 648  Gibsons. B.C.  TELEPHONE 886-9551  Child Care:  Opening New Doors  The availability of quality,  affordable and flexible child care  is a key to opening up the future  for many women in Canada.  The Government of  Canada has recognized the  importance of accessible child  care in assuring women's economic equality by introducing  The National Child Care  Strategy- a balanced mix of  program initiatives, offering a  wide range? of choices to  women who work inside or  outside the home.  Highlights of the program  include:  ��� the addition of 200,000 new  child care spaces;  ��� the creation of a $100 million  Child Care Initiatives Fund  lor developmental projects  for child care and special  needs groups;  ��� the increase of the Child  i  1 are i <pense Deduction  Irom $2,000 to $4,000 for  1  children six and under or with  s.  special needs;  ��� the phase in of a $200 supple  ment to the Child Tax Credit  for children six and under.  1  As Minister Responsible  for the Status of Women, 1  1  invite you to learn how you  S  -  and your family can benefit  from the National Child Care  Strategy.  Please write to me:  Barbara McDougall,  Minister Responsible for  ���  the Status of Women,  House of Commons  Ottawa, Ontario KIA 0A6  ���+i  Status of Women  Canada  Condition feminine  Canada  Canada 16.  Coast News, March 14,1988  Rescue volunteers trained  State Of The Art  MARINE ELECTRONICS L  "Canada has the world's  longest coastline! Lives are at  stake! Five percent of cases are  lost forever!" These were only-  some of the multitude of details  given out by FCAF Captain  Harvey May al PEP presentation iwo weekends ago.  The Provincial Emergency  Program has an air rescue program lhat is supported by ihe  cooperative participation of  both federal and provincial  governments, It is staffed by  volunteers and has the technical  support of Ihe RCAF.  The people gathered al  Sechell Alport ihis weekend are  lo learn how lo become spotters.  "I'm here lo assist. My job is  liaison officer," says Captain  May as he starts his presentation.  "A spotter's role is vital," he  continues, "You are io act as  ihe main eyes of the aircraft."  He wenl on lo explain lhal the  pilol is busy piloting and ihe  navigator is busy navigating so  it is up lo you lo spol Ihe litlle  scratch in the snow speeding  along 500 io 5000 feel away.  Thai liltle scratch is ihe one lhal  mighl indicate a missing aircraft.  And driving home the  seriousness of Ihe exercise, he  graphically describes Irue life  examples of the fate of people  thai befall ihem when the search  planes fly over Ihem without  nolicing them.  A Buffalo aircraft from CFB  Comox is scheduled lo land ai  Sechell and lake ihe volunteers  for a training run. There will be  actual people placed on the  ground lhal musl be found.  Bui the winds are high and  gusty. The weather is nol good.  Anolher lesson from Ihe RCAF  is demons! raled.  "We do nol lake chances,"  says Captain May, "bin we will  lake calculated risks. "The Buffalo does nol come bul if we  were a downed aircraft it probably would.  Instead of the flight, instructional videos are shown. How  searches are conducted, whal  spotters have lo do and whal is  expected  of  ihem,  and  also  some of the reasons airplanes  crash. Il is demonstrated that  lighting can cause even mountain peaks to be camouflaged in  from of ones higher bul much  farther away. It is demonstrated  that flying in some situations  can be dangerous.  But Hying is also a necessary  means of transportation in  Canada, points out Captain  May, and there are large expanses of unpopulated  wilderness to traverse.  Captain May slates a simple  reality lhal ihe airforce jusi can  no longer do il all.  "There is a search portion  and a rescue portion," says  May. "We are relying more and  more     every     dav     on  volunteers,"he said speaking of  the search portion.  PEP (Air) as it is presently  called is looking for a new  name. Il is a member of Civil  Air Search and Rescue  (CASAR) which is paid half for  by DND and half for by  Transport Canada. As well as a  new name il is looking for  volunteers and you don'l have  to be a pilol. Colourblindness  would be a liability and self-  discipline is important said  May. A sign of irresponsibiliiy  and you simply won't be asked  back, he pointed out.  Locally, ihe coasl will be having a committee formed and  whose Area Deputy is Ernie  Montgomery, He will be guided  by Deputy Area Chief of the  Lower Mainland Region, Mur  ray Lundburg who in turn is  guided by Provincial Air Chief  Bob Goldie. There are a total of  six regions. All positions are unpaid volunteer ones.  I!  886-8686  Coming To  GIBSONS Marina  Detail* Nut Utile  School board notes  Last week's School Board  meeling was held al Cedar  Grove School and trustees and  parenls were treated to a  delightful demonstration by  students and teachers of the  school's 'whole language' approach lo learning lo read.  In other School Board news,  Ihe Board, in response lo a petition from Sandy Hook parents,  decided to reconsider an earlier  decision against extending the  afternoon school bus run in Ihe  area. Parents were promised  lhal a decision would be made  at ihe nexl meeting.  A letter from Therese Egan,  President of the Arts Council,  clarified thai group's position  on Ihe ownership of the  Yamaha grand piano which is  presently used by schools and  other community groups. The  Board decided thai the piano  should become the property of  the District but remain available  for community use.  The matter of vending  machines at Chatelech Secondary School received a mixed  response from Board members.  Trustee Lynn Chapman was opposed lo ihe idea on the grounds  thai il would contribute lo ihe  junk food habit, and Trustee Al  Lloyd staled, "This could be  opening the door lo a pack of  troubles we really don'l need.  ANGLICAN CATHOLIC  CHURCH OF CANADA  ST. COLUMBA Of IONA PARISH  8835 Redrooffs Road  2nd Sunday 10:00 Morning Prayer  11:00 Communion  4lh Sunday   11:00 Morning Prayer  5th Sunday    3:30 Communion  The Reverend E.S. Gale  885-7086 or 1-525-6760  Prayer Book Anglican  -J*.s��.SJl_  THE UNITED CHURCH  OF CANADA  Sunday Worship Services  CIBSONS  Glassford Road 11:15 am  SundaySchool 10:00 am  ST. JOHN'S  Davis Bay 9:30 am  SundaySchool 9:30 am  Rev. Alex G. Reid  Church Telephone 886-2333  GRACE REFORMED  PRESBYTERIAN CHURCH  Morning Worship 11:15 am,  Si. Hilda's Anglican Church  Evening Worship    7 pm in homes  Wednesday Bible  Sludy 7:30 pm in homes  j, Cameton Fraser, Pastor  885-7488  ALL WELCOME   u.sn ��   ST. BARTHOLOMEW'S  & ST. AIDAN'S  ANGLICAN CHURCHES  Parish Family Eucharist  Church School 10 am  Rev. I.E. Robinson, 886-8436  THE SECHELT PARISH  of the ANGLICAN CHURCH'  t    ST. HILDA'S (Sechelt)  ***_!     8 am      Holy Communion  ssiss***    9:30 am       Family Service  ST. ANDREW'S (Madeira Park)  11:30 am 885-5019  Rev. June Maffin   srt.srt.s*   -������-  CALVARY  BAPTIST CHURCH  711 Park Road, Gibsons>  SundaySchool 9:30 AM  Morning Worship Service 11 AM  Interim Pastor  Arthur Willis  Arlys Peters, Minister of Music  Church Office: 886-2611  GIBSONS COMMUNITY  FELLOWSHIP  Welcomes you to join us  in Worship  Prayer Sun.  9:30 AM  Morning Worship Sun. 10:00 AM  Wednesday 7:00 PM  599 Gower Point Road  Pastor Monty McLean  886-7049  NEW LIFE FELLOWSHIP  NEW TESTAMENT  CHURCH  Services Times       Sun., 10:30am  Midweek Wed., 7:30 pm  Youth Group Fri., 7:30 pm  Women's Prayer       Thurs., 10am  Pastor Ivan Fox  885-4775 or 885-2672   .���� �� ._  PENDER HARBOUR  PENTECOSTAL  CHURCH  Lagoon Road, Madeira Park  SundaySchool 9:45 am  Morning Worship 11:00 am  Prayer & Bible Sludy  Wednesday, 7:30 pm  883-2174 8,883-9441  Pastor Mike Klasssn  Affiliated With The Pentecoslal  Assemblies of Canada  ^rt.s��*  GIBSONS  PENTECOSTAL CHURCH  New Church building on  School Road ��� opp. RCMP  Paslor Ted Boodle  SundaySchool 9:45 am  Morning Worship 11:00 am  Evening Fellowship 7:00 pm  Bible Sludy  Weds, at 7:30 pm  Phone  8B6-9482 or 886-7107  Affiliated with the  Pentecoslal Assemblies  of Canada  THE SALVATION ARMY  Next to Langdale Ferry  Sunday School 9:45 am  Morning Worship 11:00 am  Free Pickup For Sunday School  In Gibsons Area  Phone 886-7232 or 886-9759  lohn & Bev Studiman  We Extend A  Warm Welcome To All  Nexl thing, they're going to  have a vending machine for  cigarettes."  Other Trustees fell lhat Ihe  students' initiative in ihe matter  should be encouraged and that  denying them Ihe use of a vending machine would nol slop  them from drinking pop. The  Board decided lo seek input  from parenls.  In response to a request from  Chatelech parents io include a  cafeteria and a mechanics shop  in expansion plans for Ihe  school, Secretary Treasurer Roy  Mills pointed out that under  Ministry of Education  guidelines, the school was nol  eligible for such facilities.  However, it would be possible  lo have a multi-purpose room  lhal would satisfy some of the  expressed needs.  NORTH SHORE NISSAN EXTENDS A  WELCOME TO ALL COAST RESIDENTS  Cut Yourself A Good Deal  All you have to do is come in and start  hacking.  So get over to North Shore Nissan while the  selection is still good. And slice yourself a piece of  automotive history.  Right now, North Shore Nissan is ready to cut  you the deal of the year on a new Nissan car or  truck.  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VON 3A0  885-2261  ���UPCOMING MEETINGS^  Monday, March 14th  Foreshore Advisory Task Force Meeting -  1:00 p.m.  Monday, March 14th  Sechelt Inlet Study Open House ���  4:00 p.m. to 9:30 p.m.  Thursday, March 17th  Sunshine Coast Emergency Program Executive  Meeting - 2:00 p.m.  Thursday, March 17th  Parks Committee - 4:00 p.m.  Thursday, March 17th  Public Utilities Committee and Planning  Committee ��� 7:00 p.m.  FOR SALE BY TENDER  One 1981 G.M.C. Cab and Chassis and a 1981 Datsun  King Cab on an "as is, where is" basis. The vehicles  may be inspected at the Regional District Treatment  Plant (Trail & Ebb Tide) In Sechelt during regular  business hours. Sealed tenders will be received by Ihe  undersigned up to 2:00 p.m. on Friday March 25, 1988,  and shall be opened at that time. The highest or any  tender will not necessarily be accepted. Payment shall  be by cash or certified cheque.  L. Jardine  Administrator  Notice of  Public Open House And Meeting  SECHELT INLET COASTAL STRATEGY PILOT PROJECT  This project was undertaken as the first stage of a process  which will establish a plan and policies for managing uses  in the Sechelt Inlet system. User and agency interests as  expressed in the Coastal Resource Identification Study  (CRIS) (Ministry of Forests and Lands) and existing uses  have been mapped to illustrate areas ol specific interests  and multiple interests.  The next stage ol Ihe planning study will be to identify Ihe  desired role of Sechelt Inlet, and to dralt a plan which will  include policies for management of the area so that those  goals can be accomplished.  Your attendance is requested to:  1. review maps and make comments on their content  2. provide your input on future directions tor the Sechelt  Inlet system.  Maps will be available for viewing at the Regional District  offices from March 7 to March 21, 198b. They will alst be  on display at the Trail Bay Mall in Sechelt on March 12,  1988. Written comments will be accepted within those  dates.  The jpen house and meeting will take place:  Monday, March 14,1988  Sunshine Coast Regional District Offices  The schedule will be as follows:  4:00 pm - Maps on Display  7:30 pm ��� Presentation  8:00 pm ��� Public Comments and Discussion  This project has been coordinated by the Foreshore Advisory Task Force of the Sunshine Coast Regional Dislrict,  a group which Includes representatives from resident  groups, the District of Sechell, industry, and provincial and  federal agencies.  MON.  m MINIBUS TIMETABLE:!"  TUES. WED. THURS. FRI.  Leaves  Sechelt  for  Gibsons  8:40 am  10:00 am  (Lower Road)  1:00 pm  3:15 pm  (Lower Road)  8:40 am  10:00 am  (Lower Road)  1:00 pm  2:30 pm  8:40 am  10:00 am  (Lower Road)  1:00 pm  3:15 pm  (Lower Road)  8:40 am  10:00 am  (Lower Road)  1:00 pm  2:30 pm  8:40 am  10:00 am  3:15 pm  Leaves  Gibsons  for  Sechelt  9:15 am  10:45 am  (Lower Road)  1:35 pm  (Lower Road)  4:00 pm  9:15 am  11:45 am  1:50 pm  4:00 pm  (Lower Road)  9:15 am  10:45 am  (Lower Road)  1:35 pm  (Lower Road)  4:00 pm  9:15 am  11:45 am  1:35 pm  (Lower Road)  4:00 pm  (Lower Road)  9:15 am  10:45 am  4:00 pm  FARES: One Zone - .75; each additional zone .25  Zone #1: Gibsons to Roberts Creek (Flume Road)  Zone #2: Roberts Creek to Sechelt  THIS SERVICE IS FOR  PUBLIC USE  Door-to-Door Service Is  available for the disabled  and handicapped, and  can be booked by phoning  the dispatcher at  885-5881  NO SERVICE ON  WEEKENDS OR  PUBLIC  HOLIDAYS  "Lower Road" route ��� via Flume Road, Beach Avenue and Lower Road.  Regular stops at Sechelt and Qibsons Medical Clinics.  Sechelt Bus Stop: The Dock, Cowrie Street  Gibsons Bus Stop: Lower Gibsons, Municipal Parking Lot,  Gower Point Road. Coast News, March 14,1988  17.  *t3*  COAST NEWS CLASSIFIEDS  ^=f  Homes  & Property  e  Voung lamily looking lor older  home or cottage to restore, on  property wilh private financing  Ph. 886-3313 #11  7 yr. old, 3 bdim house on 5  actes. Lockyer Rd . wood & elec  heal, large workshop 886-9648.  #11  4 5 acres Norwesl Bay Rd., sub  dividable. $40,000 885-9312  #12  1 acre, view. Arbultis Rd.. Davis  Bay. Ready lot subdivision.  $65,000 litm 8859312 or  885-2659 #12  Quality built view home on Abbs  Rd . Gibsons, well landscaped.  2-level. Ige lenced lot, all  garage, 2 concrete drwys , open  deck & solarium. S exposure  Irom kitcli . liv rm . din rm.,  1100 sg. ft. pet floor. 3 bdrms.,  den, rec. rm., 2 baths, close lo  all amenihes Phone 8867260.  #12  1900 sq II. ol living space, 4  bdrm, 2 baths, tec rm  workshop, Ige deck, end ol cul-  de-sac, Fitcresl Rd . Gibsons.  $49,500 Owner 886-7021.   #12  2 plus acres, prime prop., W.  Sechell Very private, ready lo  build on 885-5960 #11  Wanled, waletlront acreage wilh  protected deep walet moorage,  road access, privacy Motivated  cash buyer, please reply No  112. 2619 Alma St., Van . B.C  V6R3SI  980-4547 #14  Hi. my name is Rocky John  Lavale My Mom and Dad Lennea  and Gteg thought I'd nevet arrive I was just waiting lor 6 47  am March 8th I weighed 6  lbs. 14 ozs Mommy and I ate  lust line and Oaddy is so excited  I caused a lew gtey halts tot  Gramma .Shirley and Gtampa Ed  though I'm the lirsl great grandchild lot Paul and Evelyn Moline  ol Vancouvet and Rocky and  Agnes tavale ol Prince Georgt  Dr Cairns, thank you tor taking  such good cate ol my Mommy Hi  Uncle Terry and Aunlre Michelle  #11  Obituaries  HAMILTON: Passed away Match  6, 1988, James Hamilton, late of  Sechell, age 92 years. Predeceased by his wile Agnes in  1982 Remembeted by Iriends in  Ihis area Veteran ol WWi and a  member ol Royal Canadian Legion  Branch 140, Sechelt. Funeral  service was held Thursday.  March 10 in Ihe Sechell Legion  Hall, Reverend Alex Reid ol-  licialed. Cremation followed.  Devlin Funeral Home. Directors  #11  1. Homes 8s Property  2. Births  3. Obituaries  4. In Memorlam  5. Think Vou  6. Personal  7. Announcements  t. Weddings ��.  Engagements  9. Lost  10. found  11. Pets Is Livestock  II. Music  15. Travel  14. Wanted  'IV free  16. Garage Sales  17. Baiter 1 Trade  IS. For Sale  19. Autos  20. Campers  21. Marine  22. Mobile Hones  23. Motorcycles  24. Wanted to Rent  25. Bed ��. Breakfast  26. For Rent  27. Help Wanted  28. Work Wanted  29. Child Care  30. Business  Opportunities  31. legal  32. B.C. I. Yukon  Obituaries  TODD' Passed away March It,  1988, Joseph ClatenceTodd. lale  ol Roberts Creek, age 88 years  Survived by his loving wile Veta,  two sons. Vernon ol Seattle.  Clarence and wile Rena ol Notth  Vancouver; lour grandchildren  Gordon and wile Martha. Shelly.  Jan and Barbara Funeral service  Wednesday. March 16 al It am  in the Chapel ol Devlin Funeral  Home in Gibsons Revetend Alex  Reid officiating. Interment in  Seaview Cemetery, #11  Announcements  Minor baseball registration. Sunnycrest Mall. Match 18-19.  25-26. Boys & girls, ages 5-16  welcome, $15 per player.  885-2429 lor inlo #11  Focusing country lhanks on Suncoast Agencies lor display window. Mr. V. lor exceptional Iram-  mg. Joke lor line prints, and lor  hersell, Tripholo. IheRN's, Guilie  lor the doll. Cloe Day lor the sign  Ftiends ol all ages lor Iheir enthusiasm and support and mostly  lo Anna lot making il work.  Mary Christmas  #12  Sunshine Coast Transition  House: a sale place lor women  who are emotionally or physically  abused. Counselling and legal info . 24 hr. crisis line. 885-2944.  TFN  INDIVIDUAL THERAPY  COUPLES COUNSELLING  Call Eleanor Mae 885-9018  Neutered male pt. Persian cat.  black/brown mix with white on  neck & lace Langdale. YMCA,  ChadwickRd, 886-7788.      #11  Memo calendar. Hall Rd,, Rbls.  Ck. 885-7228, #11  Young male Getman Shephetd on  Getty's Rd. in Rbts. Ck.,  885-5734 #11  '��� Pets  & Livestock  Announcements  Drop off your  COAST NEWS  Classifieds  at any of our convenient  Friendly People  Places  IN PENDER HARBOUR   Marina Pharmacy     assess  AC Building Supplies 3339551  IN HALFMOON BAY   B & J Store 8359435  IN SECHELT-   Books & Stuff  (Trail Bay Centre) 885-2625  The Coast News  (Cowrie SI reel) 885-3930  IN DAVIS BAY  Peninsula Market 3359721  IN WILSON CREEK  Wilson Creek  Campground 3355937  IN ROBERTS CREEK  Seaview Market 8353400  IN GIBSONS  B & D Sports  (Sunnycrest Mall) 886-4635  The Coast News  (behind Dockslde Pharmacy) 886-2622  DEADLINE IS NOON SATURDAY  FOR MONDAY PUBLICATION  ALCOHOLICS ANONYMOUS  885-2896. 886-7272. 886-2954.  TFN  II someone in your lamily has a  drinking problem you can see  whal it's doing lo Ihem Can you  see what it's doing to you? Al-  Anon can help. Phone 886-9903  Of 886-9826,  Altenlion Teens  Al-Aleen   Can   Help.   Phone  886-7103. TFN  VOLUNTEERS NEEDED  Can you help?  Gibsons Landing Thealte Project  886-8778  TFN  Phone us loday about our beauli-  lul selection of personalized wedding invitations, napkins, matches, stationery, and more,  Jeannie's Gifts & Gems  886-2023  TFN  mmnnn]  MAGUS KENNELS  ��� Bright clean dog  & cat boarding  ��� Dog grooming  Lowest Prices On  "SCIENCE DIET"  OPEN 8 am - 6:30 pm  everyday. 886-8568  SPCA  885-4771  SCIENCE DIET & IAMS  Pel Food  Duality Farm & Garden  Supply Lid  Prall Rd. 886-7527  TFN  Horses For Rent  Western lessons, hotseshoeing.  manure 886-7243. #11  Reg hall Arab gelding, liver  chestnut. 4 yrs old. can be reg  asMorab. $1500 886-8268 #11  Cule pony. 13 HH. 12 yts. old.  suil 8-12 yr. old child, $350  885-5992, #11  Cule. cuddly Mallipoo puppy lor  sale lo good home 883-9665  #11  Wanled, retirement home lor  elderly lame pony lhal can'l eal  grass. 886-7645, #13  Wanled. Golden Retriever tor slud  service, prel. II, coloured dog,  886-7304 #11  Match 13th  HAPPY BIRTHDAY  BEV  IValeome To  Your N��w Home  WE LOVE YOU  umiinmu  Girl Guides - Gibsons and Dislricl  60th annivetsaty celebration dinner & lun evening April 9  Register by March 18th Fot inlo  Agnes Labonle 886-7415 or Meg  Dickson 886-2429 #11  New Democrats  To renew your membership send  to A   Stewatt. Box 1374, Gibsons, ot  phone 886-3242 lor  pickup. #12  7th Annual S.C.B.P.W.C.  Fashion Show  'Total Women' tickets in Gibsons  al Just Fot You, Silks 8 Lace,  Rbls, Ck. ��� Seaview MM..  Sechell ��� Family Bulk Foods, Cactus Flower, Shadow Baux Gallery  Hallmoon Bay ��� BSJ Slore.  Madeira Park - Marina Pharmacy.  Price $12.00 includes entertainment, door prizes and refreshments, Tues. Apr. 12. Wed. Apr,  13. starting at 7:30pm at Indian  Band Hall. #12  Income Tax Service  Complete return - $10.00 (incl.  dupl.)   Douglas   Baird.   1255  Catmen Rd. 886-3955.        #13  Celebration  March 20. 2-7pm, speakers,  entertainment, deomonstralions  ol holistic alternatives, dance to  Emerald, 7-11pm, Wilson Creek  Comm. Centre Proceeds to Sunshine Coasl Integrated Lile Society. #11  Strings n Things  Has   moved   lo   Teredo   Sq  Sechell  Tues, lo Sal . 10-5:30  885-7781 #13  PIANO  TUNING  repairs 8. appraisals  Ken Dalglelsh  886-2843  W$&  LOG BUYING STATION  Cedar, Fit, Hemlock  886-7033  Terminal Forest Products.   #TFN  Non-working major appliances.  885-7897. #12  Chainsaw 20" Stihl or Husgvar-  na. Phone 886-9377 #11  Small  aquarium   wilh   acces.  886-2429. #11  Hall  sel   Ladies'   goll  clubs.  886-8558 eves, #11  Garage Sales  Student desks, dressers, nile  tbls.. unique occas. pieces,  doillies. 14k gold-15% oil. great  greeting catds ��� <k price, books,  tecords. funky hats & clothes.  For Olde Times Sake, Hwy. 101  & Prall Rd.. beside Elson Glass  ���M.WTh,Ft,Sal., 10-4:30.   #11  Moving sale, Sal Mar 19 594  Shaw Rd , 10-4pm. #11  Cornerstone Tea House, 529  Hwy 101, Sun., Mar. 20. 10  am  #11  Bathlub. sink & toilet, pink sel  -excellent condilion. $230.  886-2558 #11  Motel clearance ��� blhrm sinks,  toilets, shower stalls, kitchen  cabinets, sinks, elec, lixlures, 1  hideabed. 3 sgl, beds.  886-2401, #11  Akai APL45 stereo syslem. complete with numerous records,  near new 886-2927 #11  On sale seal chests _ tri vacs lor  $99. Phone Stella Mulch  886-7370, #11  Fibetmold F/G insulated canopy  for 8' truck box, 34" high, boat  rack. $450. Ph 886-3940    #11  1987 Toro lawnmower, 4 HP,  $425: 5 HP rololiller. $325: 051  Stihl ch/sw, 885-5772.       #12  '51 Ford 1 T truck. $200: original  Franklin slove, made in N.B.,  $200 885-3835. #12  Pecan Dining Suite  tound  exl.   table,   caneback  chairs, bullel, gd. cond,, $650.  885-7066 #12  Green Onion     .  Earth Station     ���  COMPUTERS J  IBM Compatibles .--_ I  Irom '895 |  885-5644      I  Multicycle Inglis aulo washet.  $295. Guaranleed & delivered  883-2648 TFN  Firewood, bucked & split, $25  load, you pick up 886-3540 all.  5:30 pm. TFN  T st S SOIL  Mushtoom Manure  Topsoil Mixed  Bark Mulch  By the yard or 14 yard Diesel  Dumplruck-lull Top quality products at reasonable prices. You  pickup or  we  deliver.   Phone  anytime 885-5669 TFN  8 piece bdrm. suite, matttess not  incl., gd, cond 886-3167    #11  30" GECordiale stove, avocado,  clean, gd. cond.. $175  886-4586 #11  Wood based mushroom compost.  Roberts Creek We load. Call  885-2308, leave name and  number, #n  Drafting table, 3x5'. $200 or  Irade small table _ cash: opaque  projector, cost $1000 will sell lor  $650,886-2558 #11  120 gal glass-lined pres tank. 2  yrs.: 1/3 HP shallow well |acu��i  pump. $250 lor bolh 883-9991  #12  t"x8" cedar siding. 36'a In. II,,  Gibsons Mobile Saw Service  886-3468 #12  Evo's  Last Exposure  1 ��ayS 1  ���    Sale ends Mar. 31,  or while supplies lasl  I   Tri-Photo  |  ��� Teredo Sq     885-2882 |  SEASONED  FIREWOOD  $80/cord  10% Seniors Discount  886-2489  Tables,   chairs   8.   china  886-9261 #13  84 Nissan King Cab, boat & 9 9  molor. Bauhaus sectional, oak  table: Simmons single bed, sewing machine: pressure canner,  1 I 994A home computet, solid  wood dressers. 15 gal aquarium  & access Many more misc  Hems 885-3149 all 6pm.  #13  I    4x8 pool table wilh acces  $500 OBO. base station Realistic.  Navaho  with   antenna.   $150:  TRC-432 CB base station, $100  886-2212, *13  Company & equipment; buck S  climbing gear lot sale See  Business Opportumhes        #11  Cross country skis with mohair  strips, 195 cm , c/w poles & bindings, $50: Men's 10 sp bike.  $40,886-3468. #12  Recently serviced 12 cu. II. Mc-  Clary cuisine 220 Iridge. harvest  gold, exc. cond , $350 OBO  886-3239. #12  Fteeslanding fireplace, boal  trailer, 885-4675. #12  Fir decking, 3x6 T8G, 2000 It.,  8. 12. & 14 II. lengths. 50' per  ft.; melal garden shed, 7x8', will  set up comp. with lloor. $150;  WD/FRMD, mullipaned windows,  var. szs., $5ea,: used oil lurn &  300 gal. lank, comp.. $300.  885-9553 #12  Propane range, $150; propane  furnace, $150; airtight  woodslove, L24 x W22 x H18.  $300; 76 Chrysler Newport  (needs work), $650; '73 Honda  500 twin. $300. All above OBO,  886-9330 #11  Oil lurnace (or sale, 886-8074.  #11  4 HP rololiller. gd. cond., $150  OBO 885-4493. #11  30" range & 16 cu. It, Iridge,  copperlone in exc, cond., $500  lor pait; 23" colour TV, gd  cond. $125 886-7487 all, 4pm  #11  White bath shell bowl. taps,  toilet. $200: dbl. shell bowl vanity lop, laps. $601 dbl. glz. window _ screen, 5x4'. $70; window (dbl. glz.) 2x4', $30: 2  -24" bilold doors, $12 ea.: new  gray loll, seal. $25. 885-9270  #13  Apple Irees, 12 very rare  varieties. $15 ea. 885-7311.  #11  Reconditioned appli's lor sale  wilh warranly. 886-9959  #13  1971, 404 Tlmberjack skidder.  $4000 - spent on parts, gd run  cond 885--3306. #11  You can enjoy the  convenience of  Phone-in Classifieds by  calling our Sechelt Office  885-3930  CASH PAID  For Some Cats and Trucks  Dead Car Removal  886-2020  TFN  1981 Ford Ranger ft T., 302  auto 886-2124. #12  1970 Dodge Swinger slant 6. 2  dr , auto, PS. radio one owner.  $600 OBO 40 HSP Johnson OB,  $200 886-8093 #12  '81 Toyola 4X4 pickup, 63.000  km, exc cond , no rust 74 Ply  Duslet   restored,   exc cond.  885-3455 #12  Coast  Auto  Rental  Sales i   885-2030  Bentels Di.7711  '69 Chev PU. 'It T . gd mech  tun. cond., $450 885-5690  #11  '80 Chev _ Ton. 72 Chev >u  Ton. 7% HP Mete outboard. '66  Cadillac Convertible. 886-2565  #13  Canopy lot sm truck, insulated,  screened windows, lights. $225  OBO; 75 Ford LTD, 2 dr., gd  cond.. runs great, no rust. $600  OBO 886-8933 #13  73 Ford Pickup, new molor &  transmission 886-8074       #11  1980 Muslang, silver, lady owned. 2 dr.. 2 spd.. exc cond.,  $3200 886-7955 #11  '69 Chev PU. gd shape in & out,  $900: '82 Yamaha 400. Maxim,  gd shape, $900; '83 Suzuki 250  RM. $350; 72 Ford 4X4 parts ot  whole. $375, Leave mess. all.  6pm 883-9334 #13  20.  Campers  Motorhomes  8' Husky camper, exc   cond.  clean. $1200 OBO 885-5098,  #12  Sportsman F/G camper, poplop.  F/S, heater, sleeps 4, compact &  light, weighs 880 lbs, $2000,  886-7637 #12  76 - 29'A' Trophy 5lh Wheel  R.V . lull bath. Iridge. hoi water,  etc., $6500 OBO, Truck also  avail 886-2553 alt 5 pm  #12  1984 Prowler 24' Iravel trailer.  bunk beds etc.. lull bath, awning, like new 883-9174       #13  77 - 17V?" Wilderness trailer.  sleeps 6. lull balh, lully loaded,  exc. cond., $3000 885-5948  #12  OUTBOARDS FOR SALE  9 9-25-70 HP 1982-1986, exc,  cond, exc price Lowes Resort  883-2456 TFN  80' dock w/40' iron stairs,  comes with 2'h yr walet lease in  Gibsons Harbour, $12,000 OBO  Tarry 886-3595 or 886-2268  TFN  14'Cobra 40 HP elec start hydr.  steering trailer, $2150 OBO.  Tarry 886-3595 or 886-2268  TFN  23' F/G ' C" lie. boat, cruise 20  knots, all hydr., ready lo lish  rigged lor crab-prawn longline,  ask $18,500 OBO 883-9078 #11  14' F/G IB boat, BSS motor  trailer, oxc sea boal in gd work  order,oilers 886-2738       #12  Two M3I8 Chrysler marine  engines, 1V? 1 paragon V-dnves,  one led hand S one right, F W C  gd shape. $1995 ea 883-2200  #12  lumwyaamwi  BROOKS & MILLER  FLOOR COVERINGS ltd.  Beniamm Moore 4 International  Paints  Marine  Finishes  Commercial  Pricing   III <2*>  11  Bill Wood  SECHELT  Bus 885-2923  _ Res 885-5058  A!  21x35 boal house al Pender Harbour, lakes 11x28' boal.  883-9939 #12  25' K4C 10' beam twin OMC 190  command bridge VHF CO/DR  sounder, exc. cond , $16,000.  Van 228-0527. Pendet  883-2885. #12  17V K&C l/OB Volvo. 130 HP.  deep V., $3500 886-3291.  #12  Crab bap frame's, taped, teady  lor net 886-3228 all 6 pm.  #12  20' sailboat & trailer, gd. cond,,  nr new OB, $3000 886-9056  #13  CAPTAIN BILL MURRAY  Master Mariner  In Sail and Steam  Formerly ol Higgs Marine  Marine Surveyors  and Consultants     885-3643  25' wooden sloop, gd cond .  eng needs repair, $4500 complete 883-2745. #13  Silverlme 19 6'  depth sounder.  470 Moten. brand new leg, alu  minum lop. exc  cond . oilers.  885-3306  #11  Moorage (up lo  32) Gibsons.  May - Sept. S2/II 886-7714  #13  20' FG Apollo weekender, sleeps  4, slandup head.  galley. 233 HP  Merc 883-2632  #13  Fiteplace insert.  $400;  slove.  $250; 26" TV. $350 886-8696  #13  Used 4 butnets with gull elect  slove, Itidge. 8-9 cu. II. Phone  886-2958 #11  Rhodes * Azaleas  Latge selection $3-$14. Roberts  Creek Nursery. 2569 Lower Rd  886-2062 #13  HAY FOR SALE  Now Hay $3 50    Old Hay $2 50  Can deliver. 885-9357  TFN  Color VCR camera wilh portable  VCR, $825 OBO, Tarry 886-3595,  886-2268. TFN  ADVERTISING  Copyright and  Advertising  Regulations  The Sunshine Coast  News reserves ihe right to  classify advertisements  under appropriate headings  and determine page location. The Sunshine Coast  News also reserves the right  to revise or reject any adver  Using which in the opinion  of Ihe Publisher is in questionable taste. In the event  that any advertisement is rejected the sum paid for the  advertisement will be  refunded.  For PHONE-IN Classifieds 885-3930  Minimum '5" per 3 line insertion  Each addiliortai line 'I03  Use our economical last  week free rale Pre-pay your ad lor 2 weeks & get Ihe  third week FREE  THE FOLLOWING CLASSIFICATIONS ARE FREE  Birth Announcement. Losl and Found  PAYMENT must De received  by NOON SATURDAY  for Monday publication   mJ9v  MASTERCARD and VISA ACCEPTED        ���������  NOON SATURDAY  ALL FEES PAYABLE  PRIOR TO INSERTION  Please mail to:  COAST NEWS Classified, Box 460, Qlbsons, BC VON IVO  I   or bring in person to one of our  I  Friendly People Places  1       Minimum *5 ptr 3 lint Insertion  1 1 M 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 II  1 1   ! 111111 il11111111111111 ii i  \*\ 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 M 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1  1    1 II II 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 | | | | | |  ! M 1111111 ii 1111111   j-lT 1 1 IN MM II 1 1 1   IT 1 1 1!  I*. 1 1 1 1 II II 1 1 II 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 I 1 ! I 1  I        !***������     CLASSIFICATION: e.g. For Sale, For Rent, etc.  ��� SSff                      | 1 Mobile Homes  Mobile home space available.  Sunshine Coasl Mobile Home  Park 886-9826 TFN  MOBILE HOME SALES  We will match or belter any price  in BC  Chapman Cteek Homes.  OL 7283 885-5965 #13  NEW HOMES  Irom $19,900  FOB including tugs drapes appliances As low as S2000 down  QAC Call collect 580-4321.  IFN  Lol #58  2 II II    rr   Slv  Ni',-. carpets and lino thru-out  A very clean home  Connected lo all services and  reads. Id move into at a  Low Price ul S1Z.900  SUNSHINE COAST MOBILE  HOME PARK  I m, West ol Gibsons on Hwy 101  Phone 886-9826  Help Wanted  Help yoursell! Update your  resume, call Arbutus Office Services, 885-5212. TFN  Motorcycles  '82Kaw 250LTD. 25.000kms.,  used as umv commuter, black  with tack, helmets, rainsuil,  $600. '82 Yam 750 Vetago.  25,000 kms .black. adj.-bk. rest  & rack, custom pipes, helmet.  $1500.885-9553 #12  Wanted to Rent  Accom reguired foi Beach-  ccmber crew Prefer lurnished.  April tc end ol Sept Conlact  Helen Wong, CBC-TV. call collect  662-6246  TFN  Preschool teacher with E C.E  cert reqd tot Sechelt preschool,  88/89 school year. Send resume  lo Box 1568. Sechell. #11  Seamsltess able to alter patlerns,  basic dress design, commercial  sewing machine experience,  wages negotiable. 885-7413.  #12  Request For Proposals Waterworks Ptoposals ate invited lot  the maintenance ol approximately  5 miles ol water mains and the  operation ot a chlorutalor in  Quarry Bay, Nelson Is. For further intotmation and submission  ot ptoposals contact, before Mar.  ?3. 1988. Bayside Property Services. 3701 E Hastings St.. Burnaby. B.C. V5C 2H6 #12  tJJIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIK  i FULL & PART TIME!  HELP  I Peninsula Motor Hotel |  Z       886-2804  iniiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiitiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiMp  Professional reguires mature person tor near lulltrme gen ollice  duties, must have extremely good  error-ltee typing skills and a  logical atithematical aptitude  Send lesume A S A P lo Box  1249 Gibsons All lesumes will  be answered #12  Carpenter lot home renovations,  remodelling & odd jobs. Brad  Benson 886-2558. #11  Gibsons - Maintenance  Carpel installations, restretches  & repairs, small house repairs,  odd jobs. elc. John 886-7806.  #12  Garden maintenance & landscaping, Iruil trees ptuned & sprayed,  hedges & ornamental ttees Inm-  med & shaped Phone alter 6.  886-9294 #12  PEERLESS TREE  SERVICE LTD.  Topping - Limbing - Danger Tree  Removal.   Insured,   Guaranteed  Woik Free estimates. 885-2109  TFN  Applications are being accepted  loi wailiesses & part-time Kitchen  help 886-8215 #11  Wanted - petson with sales &  boalmg exp. lo fill a commission  sales position on the Sunshine  Coasl Please send resume lo  203-1345 Wesl 15lh Avenue.  Vancouver. BC V6H 3R3.    #12  Licenced motorcycle mechanic,  evenings 885-3448 #12  Work Wanted  Single piolessional seeks perm  rental 883 2858, eves  B85-2224-26 #11  Resp working cple req small. 2  bdrm. home. Sechelt to Pender  Harbour. Monika. 885-2999. #11  N/S man & child need 2-3 bdrm.  home, uppet Gibsons ot gen.  atea ptet. 886-3909.  PROFESSIONAL  STEAM  CLEANING  Powerlul Truck  Mounted Unit  CHERISHED  CAHPET  CARE  886-3823  Cleaning,  gardening.  Janitorial,  res/conim .   grass,   windows,  gutters, split woou 886-3580  IFN  Exp  Itainmg ciew available, ait  eguip 886-7830 TFN  Orywall   ciew    available,  teasonable rales 886-7223.  IFN  Work Wanted  Gatdening. landscaping, litewood  bucking & splitting  886-8225. #12  Child Care  *��  Gteenthumb Garden Service  Soil Prepatalion  Weeding S Planting 886-2512  #11  Econo Hoe. custom backhoe service, Langdale lo Davis Bay  886-8290. #11  Pacilic Coasl Buildets, custom  homes, renovations, lormtng and  Itaming, Itee estimates  886-8467. #11  Electtical contractor wants work  Call Tom 886-3344 ot 886-3364  TFN  Reliable lawn & yard main., reas.  rales , disc lor Seniors  885-2137, #12  Exp gaiden wotker avail. $10  per hout. John at 885-5937  #13  #11  App. 300 sg It shop aiea with  walet & power lor small new  business can renovate, teas  886-4584 eves ��I1  2 bdtm lutn house Irom Apr 1  lo Sept I, tor 2 employed men.  865-9583 #12  Working couple with 1 child requite 2 ot 3 bdim house loi long  tetm rental. Call 886-8680.  #13  Urgently need 3 bdrm house.  Rbls Ck -Gibsons. 885-4116 or  886-7303 #13  Roberts Cieek Hall avail .  dances parlies, weddings,  equipment lental Jacob,  886-8541. 6-8 pm. TFN  1 bdtm apartment located al  Sectet Cove. $450 pet mo. Call  885-3533 #12  Avail, Mat 28. 1700 sq II  Panabode. ocean view rancher  Cheiyl Ann Park Rd.. Rbts. Ck..  5 appl,, seniiTurn, $700 1110.  886-2694 eves. #12  Coinlorlable central localion  ocean view home, oldet tenants  piel. pets ok, $450 B86-3657  days #12  aii Sizes  MINI S10RAGF  B86-8628 #\?_  :t bdim   2 bath side by side  duplex. 4 appls, oak kilchcn &  view.  Selma Park   $525/mo  avail.   Apr    15   885 7655  01  980-4969 ��||  Help Wanted  Babysitter required for 6 mo old  boy, from mid April. Full time,  Gibsons area 886-8797 eves  #11  Lord Jim's Resort  Qualified chef & breaklast cook,  as soon as possible 885-7038.  #12  10am lo 4pm daily  Take Home $5/hour plus  Downlown   Gibsons   ollice   &  telephone   work,   no   exp.  necessary, perm, position. Phone  886-8554 9-IOam only.       #11  Experienced waiters & store help.  See Moi Ten al the Village Store.  #13  Doug  Pressure Washing  and  Gardening  186-2270 #12  Yard cleanup, hauling S moving,  lighl & heavy, veiy reasonable.  Rob 885-5516. #13  Traclor with rololiller plow plus  small backhoe, $30 per hr.. $55  min. charge. 886-9959 alt. 5:30  pm. #13  Bushwacking & yard work. Iree  ttimming etc 886-7047 or  886-8371. #11  Loving mom will give day care in  my home weekdays. Full time  please Rets. 886-2638.       #12  30-      Business  Opportunities  FISH FARMS  Investigative permils available,  Port McNeil atea. 536-0393 alter  6 pm. #11  Esl. Business For Sale  Exc. loc. Cowrie St., lot inlo. call  885-7771 days. 885-9541 eves.  #12  FOR SALE  View Developments Ltd. plus  equipment incl. 19721 ton iruck.  6 chainsaws ol various sizes,  blocks, sttaps. topes. I will assisl  buyer by leaching and  demonstrating ttee climbing. Also  main! instructions. 886-9597  #11  Province ot  British Columbia  Ministry ot  Foiesls and Lands  NOTICE  RE: TIMBER MARKING  Section 65(1)ol Ihe Forest Act  states that no petson shall  remove timber from Crown or  Private lands unless il is conspicuously marked In the  prescribed manner. Section  143| 1)|b)ol the Acl slates that  Ihe Disltict Manager or a  Fotest Olficet authorized by  him may seize timber removed  from land in contravention ot  Seclion 65(11.  Seclion 65(1) ol the Act is interpreted to mean lhal all logs  being removed Irom Crown or  Private lands must be individually matketl with the approved timber mark belore  leaving Ihe authorized atea of  cutting. Special Foresl Products must be matked so that  the load is easily identifiable.  Any load ol logs or special  ton's! products being hauled  without being matked as reguired is subject 10 seizure.  Further information or  clarification available from the  Sechelt Forest Dislricl Ollice  al:  1975 Field Road,  Sechell, B.C  VON 3A0  Phone 885-5174  B.L Cuslance. A Sc T,  Dislricl Manager  Sechelt Fotest District  LAND ACT  NOTICE OF INTENTION TO APPLY FOR A  DISPOSITION OF CROWN LAND  In the Land Recording Dislricl ol Group 1, N.W.O. Vancouver.  Take nolice lhal Bob Jepson and Dave Welde ol Powell River and  Gibsons, occupation, Boom Contractors, intend to apply lot a  Foreshore Lease of the following described lands.  Lol 6094. Plan 43 TL, File 2403751, East of Defence Islands.  The purpose lot which Ihe disposition is required is lor log sorting  and log slotage.  Comments concerning this applicalion may be made to the Ollice  ol Ihe Senior Land Ollicer. 210-4240 Manor Street, Burnaby.  BC V5G 1B2  Dated Match 1. 1988  I  ��     Province ol  British Columbia  Ministry of  Forests and Lands  TIMBER SALE LICENCE  A29542  Pursuant to Seclion 16(1) ot  the Forest Acl, Ihere will be ol-  fered tor sale at public auction  by Ihe District Manager at  1975 Field Road, Sechelt at  1:30 on Aptil 7, 1988. a  Timbet Sale Licence to  authorize the harvesting ol  2,912 cubic Metres, mote or  less, of fir, hemlock, cedar  and other species, located in  Ihe vicinity ol Granville Bay.  Term: one (l)year.  Anyone who is unable lo attend the auction in person may  either submil a sealed tender.  to be opened at the how ol  auction and be treated as one  bid ot have an agent acl on his  behall at the auction. Note lhal  the agent must have a notorized or witnessed document that  states all functions he is permitted to catty out as an  agenl.  Particulars ol Ihe proposed  licence may be obtained al Ihe  addtess staled above  NOTICE OF INTENTION  TO APPLY FOR A  DISPOSITION OF CROWN LAND  In Land Recording Dislnct ol  New Westminster, and situated 0.50 kilomelres northeast  ol Ihe District ol Sechelt  Take nolice that Ihe Sunshine  Coasl   Regional   Districl.  Sechell. B.C inlends lo apply  tor a lease ol the following 1111  surveyed lands:  Commencing at a post planted  at a point 300 meltes distance  and  soulh   59'06'00"  easl  from the second mosl southerly IP. on Ihe east boundaty ol  BLock B, Plan  18063. D.L.  2725, GP 1, N.W.D.; Ihence  north 30'54'00" east lot 50  metres:  59��06'00"  meltes;  30��54'00"  mettes:  59��06'00"  ihence    soulh  east   lot   100  thence    south  wesl   lot   50  thence north  west lor 100  metres to the point ot commencement, and containing  0 50 hectares, more or less  The purpose lor which the  disposition is reguired is a  solids ptocessing site.  Comments concerning this application can be made lo the  Olfice of the Dislricl Land  Manager. 4240 Manor Stteel,  Butnaby, BC V5G IB2. File  2403723.  *9&  BLANKET CLASSIFIED ADVERTISING  These Ads appear in Ihe more than 70 Newspapers ol the BX. and Yukon Community  Newspapers Association and reach more than 900,000 homes and a potential two million readers.  $129. for 25 words ($3. per each additional word) Call the COAST NEWS at 885-3930 to place one.  AUTOMOTIVE  All makes truck/auto lease.  Ford, GMC and Dodge. The  vehicle you want for the  price you want delivered to  your door. For Information  Bob Langstalf. Collect 327-  0431   D#5662.   Lease. Lease. Lease. Low,  Low. Low Monthly Payments  on your Chrysler Plymouth  Dodge Cars and Trucks Ask  for Harvey 1-792-2754 or  Vancouver 534-8232.  DL*3284.   Buy/Lease any gas, diesel  car or truck, new or used.  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The shamrock pea (known here as Oxalis) with  cobalt blue or white flowers, is useful as a potted  plant, or in hanging baskets, blooming nearly year-  round under ideal conditions.  The Gibsons Garden Club meeting will be held on  Thursday, March 17 in the Marine room at 7:30. Old  and new members and guests welcome. The guest  speaker will be Mr. John Ostendorf of Sunshine  Coast Highway Nursery. The subject being propagation and cultivation. He grows everything himself on  ihis coast.  Happy St. Patrick's Day.  Police news  GIBSONS RCMP  A break-in and theft on February 27 at a Gower  Point residence has been solved. A young male offender will be charged with possession of stolen property and a female young offender has charges of  break-and-enter pending.  A 16 year old Bonniebrook resident has charges  pending for break, enter and theft. Household goods  were taken from a cabin in Bonniebrook during  February.  Following an investigation on March 2, a 24 year  old Gibsons male is being charged with narcotic trafficking.  About 2:30 am on March 5 when police answered  a call aboul a break-in at the Village Store on Marine  Drive, they were directed by a citizen to the government wharf.  They arrested two adult males who were trying to  escape by boat. The two males have been charged  with the break-in and theft and will appear in Provincial Court in Sechelt on April 5.  Fishplant workers  need protection  Continued from page 2  This is done at a rate of three fish per minute with  cold water running over your hands at all times.  Added to the risk of being cut with a knife or  damaging the joints of your fingers due to the continual exposure to the cold water is the risk of  bacterial infection entering your body through small  cuts caused by fish teeth.  There is also the risk of tendon damage of your  forearms. This is due to the repetitious use of  specific tendons causing stretching and eventually  tearing of the tendon. 1 have heard of cases that required surgical repair of tendons in the fore-arms of  some employees.  Once the fish have been cleaned thoroughly, they  slide down a trough to the grading station. Quality is  determined by fish "graders" employed by the processing plant. These "graders" were "trained" at a  one day seminar attended on a voluntary basis on  March 4, 1988.  There are at present, no government standards  that these fish must meet. Our present government  feels il lakes five years to train a plumber to properly  install Ihe plumbing in your home. Yet it feels secure  thai Ihe quality of the food we eat can be determined  by people lhat attended a voluntary one day  seminar.  The processing plant 1 work in is one of the newest  and cleanest plants in our province. The people 1  work with are supportive and responsible. Most of  us are prepared to work long, hard hours to produce  a high quality product.  However, the conditions we work in are certainly  in need of improvement. Without government  regulations to improve working conditions and  guaranteed quality standards, there is very little hope  the industry will sacrifice its profits to improve a  system that has operated as it is for over a year.  If our government is willing to sacrifice safety and  quality in new industries, it is our children's futures  that are at risk. It is time our government and industries realized that people and the quality of our  lives are of far greater importance then profits.  In the long term, better working conditions and  properly trained employees lead to higher production and better quality.  We need to protect our environment and the  workers in our province. Without protection now,  long term economic growth is impossible. Our  children will be left without jobs and environmental  problems greater than the ones we face today.  mm Writers' Festival talks  to Sechelt Council  The sixth annual Festival of  the Written Arls is well underway. In a recent letter to Sechelt  Council, Festival producer Betty Keller disclosed thai writers  featured Ihis year will be  Knowlton Nash, David Suzuki,  Nicole Parlon, Dr. Morris Gibson', W.P. Kinsella, Lynne  Bowen, Christie Harris and  Barry Broadfoot. VVriters-in-  Residence instructors will be Ian  Slater, Patrick Lane, Lorna  Crozier, Sandy Duncan and  Jurgen Hesse. This represents  an increase of four speakers and  one instructor over last year's  slate. In addition, bolh the  Festival and Ihe Writers-in-  Residence program will run  longer than in the past. Four  hundred press releases have  gone out to newspapers and  periodicals across Canada and  in Washington and a Mood of  applications has already started  to come in.  Keller pointed out lo Council  that because of spin-off benefits  to the local community, the  Festival has 'in fact, become an  arm of the lourisl industry.  Nearly 49 per ccul of last year's  budget, or SI3.385.56, was  spent for goods and services on  the Sunshine Coasl.' "Festival-  goers," said Keller, "spend  dollars here for food, accommodation and souvenirs, and  stay on afler the Festival lo  spend more dollars al many  local businesses."  The budget for this year has  been increased by $18,000 for a  total amount of $35,260. This  aniounl represents grams from  the Cultural Services Branch in  Victoria, Canada Council, Sunshine Coasi Community Arts  Council and the Arls Liaison  Board, as well as income  generated by participants' fees  and food events, and  miscellaneous donations.  Lasl year's Festival showed a  deficit of $1,200. A phone call  to Keller disclosed lhal Ihis  amount represented the cost of  umbrellas thai the committee  was able to purchase al the  bargain price of $70 each, instead of $125 each. This is a  capital expense and means a  saving in the long run. Tables  for the umbrellas are being  made at the Sunshine Achievement Centre, in line wilh  Festival policy of keeping  money in the community.  Keller reminded Council that  Ihe Fesiival operates almost entirely on volunleer labour,  though this year's expanded  program has forced hiring of a  pari-lime secretary and rental of  office space.  The Fesiival Committee is  asking Council for a grant of  $1500. Council members were  unanimous in Iheir support of  the Festival and referred the re;  quest to the Finance Committee.  Gibsons  firefighters  March 10, 7:05 pm.  Firefighters responded lo a  report of a chimney fire on  Wharf Road in Langdale.  March II, 4:15 am. Gibsons  Volunleer Fire Department  responded to a mutual aid call  from Roberts Creek Volunteer  Fire Department who were called to assist the Sechell  Volunleer Fire Department during Ihe fire al the Dock Mall.  The Halfmoon Bay Volunteer  Fire Department was also  alerted to stand by for the  Sechell Volunleer Fire Department during Ihe lire.  Under the mutual aid agreement, Fire Departments on the  Coasl can call on a neighbouring department io assist as a  back-up team when all Iheir  equipment and firelighters arc  involved in lighting a major  fire.  Gibsons Volunleer Fire  Department members on standby al the Roberls Creek hall on  Friday would like lo lliank the  Roberls Creek Volunteer Fire  Departmenl for providing Ihem  with breakfast after the lire.  If you have one-quarter of an  inch of sool built-up in your  chimney it's time to have it  cleaned. One-third of all fires in  the Gibsons Fire Protection  Dislricl are chimney fires,  Richardson heads  for New Zealand  When the 1989 World Summer Games for the Deaf open in  New Zealand nexl January, Iwo  young athletes from the Sunshine Coasl will be there, Nyle  Richmond, of Gibsons and  Rae-Mairi Richardson who was  born in Sechell, have been training together in Vancouver with  the Canadian Dolphins Club in  Vancouver.  Twelve year old Rae-Mairi  has been swimming since she  was 18 months old, and Corin-  na Gyorli, her coach al the  Jericho Hill School for the Deaf  says that she shows potential as  an Olympic class swimmer as  well.  A rigorous training program  and her own dedication were  recognized Ihis year when she  won a training grain of $1000  from the BC Deaf Federation  through the governmenl sponsored Excellence Program.  During ihe week, Rae slays in  a dormitory al Jericho, training  three mornings and two evenings a week. Friday nighl she  flies back to Nanaimo, where  her parents now live, in lime lo  make an evening swim practice  with the Nanaimo Riptides  leam, followed by anolher the  following morning.  RAE-MAIRI RICHARDSON  Although she has oilier in-  lercsls, Rae says lhal right now  she jusi wants to swim and have  the opportunity 10 bring home a  medal from New Zealand nexl  year.  365 DAY  TERM  DEPOSIT  S 10.000 min. deposit  Limited Time Offer  All deposits fully guaranteed  Quotations available on deposits  over $100,000  BUSINESS HOURS:  Tuesday thru Thursday  10-5  Friday  10-6  Saturday  10-2  Cloaad Monday  SUNSHINE COAST  CREDIT UNION  Coast News, March 14,1988  19.  Member of  ALLIED...  The Careful Movers  ��� 10,000 sq. ft. of heated, gov't approved storage.  ��� Dust-free storage in closed wooden pallets.  LEN WMY'S TRANSFER LTD.  Custom Packing, Storage, Local & Long Distance Moving  HWV 101.0WS0NS  Pender Harrjour customers _ nee*  please CALL COLLECT MO'ZOM  Graduate of the Adult Basic Education program at Capilano Col-  lege (Sechelt Campus) Diane Starbuck (righl) chats with her former  science teacher Elaine Kutterman (left) at a conference held by the  Adult Basic Education Association of B.C. last week in Sechelt. See  Story this page. -Penny Fuller pin.I"  College hosts  first conference  Over 120 delegates filled the  halls of Capilano College last  week, al the first conference to  be held on the new campus. 11  was the Tenth Annual Conference of the Adult Basic  Education Association of BC.  II was also the tenth anniversary of Capilano College  - Sechelt Campus' introduction  of its first Adult Basic Education program.  People from all over the province gathered to discuss the  problems facing under educated  adults and lo explore some of  the   ever-increasing   oppor  tunities for alleviating those  problems.  Topics covered everything  from 'testing' to 'math anxiety'  and 'critical thinking'.  A local 'success story' was  there, loo! When Diana Slar-  buck enrolled in the Adult Basic  Education program al the  Sechell campus two years ago,  she had a grade nine education.  Now she is well on her way to  becoming a Chartered General  Accountant, having completed  two years in the Financial  Managemeni Program al the  Niirlh Vancouver campus.  ��Contour Design  THE PERMANENT  SUNDECK SYSTEM i  ��� ALUMINUM RAILING  With Exclusive "Powder Coating"  ��� LIFETIME VINYL     r-,-r ,_,-.,.  DECKING 7/   /Tfp  The Proven Waterproof Solution   .' ///     /  ��� We Build Custom Decks      ** y\^^  ��� We Install And ' ',-<  Guarantee All Our Products  ��� Free Estimates  ^ s=Coiitac( Sieve at ������  \ 886-3191 /  Kids and drugs workshop  Continuing Education* is  presenting a workshop entitled  Kids and Drugs which will cover  such topics as Drug Use Inlormalion, Physical Effects of  Drugs, Communicating with  Your Child, Developing Personal  Responsibility: An Ap-  ' firoach to Discipline.  The workshop is Friday,  March 18, 7:00 lo 9:00 pm and  Saturday, March 19, 9:00 lo  4:00 at Dislricl Resource Cenlre, Gibsons. Cost is $35 for two  days. Enrollment is limited.  Please call 886-8841 to register.  PENDER HARBOUR  DIESEL CO. LTD.  Diesel Engine Rebuilding  Industrial Parts  Hwy 101, a*��*  AA4A  Madeira Park OOd-ZOlD  We take the worry out of driving  r  We're the-  EXHAUST     ^  SYSTEM   CJS^L  EXPERTS      S**:  INLTTE s J V  UFFLER     l\     |pp"ff:  <_rl  etime Guarantee on Mufflers  ��� Free Estimates  Certified Mechanics On Duty  6 Days A Week  SUNCOAST  MOTORS  886-8213  ^rj'r)       1H7 Sunshine Coasl Hwy 101. Gibsons (near Prall Rd.)  Moor Wood  vinyl acrylic  latex stain  ��� latex base  ��� masks wood grain,  enhances texture  ��� for smooth or rough  siding, shakes, shingles,  trim _ fencing  Reg. $30.65  NOW  !24  50  4 LITRES  ��� masks wood grain,  enhances lexluie  ��� lesists cracking,  peeling, blistering  ��� lor shakes, smooth  siding, saw-texlured  lumber fencing  ��=1iv����SH  ��� Moore's           maritime  marine finish  Antr-louling Red Copper Bottom Painl  71  50  4 LITRES  - Moor Glo   latex house  & trim paint  ��� Distinctive soil-gloss 'inish  ��� Fade-resistant colors  ��� Soap and water clean-up  SttdU & TtUttvi  Cowrie St.. Sechell  FLOOR COVERINGS LTD  885-2923  %  twm Coast News, March 14,1968  Chatelech students scrubbed cars last Saturday to help raise the  funds necessary to travel lo Quebec. ��� Fanny Fuller photo  Foster homes needed  Three thousand foster homes  in BC, seventeen of which are  on the Sunshine Coasl, are nol  enough according to the provincial governmenl and the BC  Foster Parents Association, so a  recruitment drive is underway,  io encourage new people lo  open iheir homes lo children in  need.  "There's a real need for  foster homes righl now,"  Carmen Peters of the Sunshine  Coasl Foster Parents Association lold Ihe Coast News last  week, "especially in the areas of  handicapped children and  teenagers.  "We find ourselves really  pushed 10 ihe limits sometimes.  I've talked lo olher foster  parents and al limes they'd really like lo lake a break, bul Ihey  can't because ihere are children  who need a home."  Anyone interested in finding  oul more aboul foster parenting  should contact Ihe Sechell office  of ihe Minister of Social Services and Housing.  Sechelt Council  Sechell Council has agreed lo  send a lelegram lo Pal Carney  and Joe Clark urging them lo  lake a strong position in opposition lo the GATT ruling,  thereby defending jobs in Ihe  BC fishing Industry.  Oilier mailers dealt with al  Ihe March 9 meeting included  Ihe sharing of expenses with the  Town of Gibsons for ihe  Building Inspector's attendance  at a conference of ihe Building  Inspectors' Association in Vancouver.  Ii was decided, in response  from a query from ihe Liquor  Distribution Branch, that the  lasting area and off sales activities of Sunshine Coast  Breweries was nol a problem.  Alderman Graham Craig  look violent exception lo a re-  cenl ediiorial in ihe Coasl News  lhal was critical of library funding. Craig claimed lhal ihe  Library lias a considerable sum  in surplus funds, lhal Sechell  donated ihe land for the library  building, contributed lo the re-  cenl expansion and provides an  annual granl of $I(XX). Said  Mayor Koch, "The gram will be  increased ihis year. If ihey want  more, ihey musi ask."  Alderman Len Herder  reporled thai Iwo street lights  will be installed in ihe new subdivision in Porpoise Bay.  Il was suggesied thai students  from Chatelech form a  'Shadow Council' as a projeel  for Awareness Week. Rob  Buchan ciled previous experience wilh a similar projeel  and strongly urged Council lo  follow through.  Alderman Nancy MacLarty  requested Council's permission  886-2425    Tues.-Fri.. It) 4  lo propose lo local merchants  thai they refrain from selling  milk in plastic jugs for Enrivon-  nienl Week, and lhal some  means be found whereby  residents could safely dispose of  old pesticides,  Alderman Herder reporled  lhal ihe District has been ihe  recipient of a considerable  quantity of free fill from Ihe expansion al Greene Court which  will resull in a large saving.  Herder also reporled lhal an  amicable agreement had been  reached wilh ihe Marsh Sociely.  Willi ihe exception of a possible  emergency flood situation,  Sechell will have prior consultation wilh ihe Sociely before  undertaking any work at ihe  Marsh.  Jackson Brothers Logging  proposes io move iheir works  yard back from the beach in  order lo leave lhal area free for  recreational purposes. This will  necessitate a change in zoning.  Bursary fund  boosted  Al Lloyd presented a cheque  for $2,093 lo ihe Pender Harbour and Egmonl Bursary Fund  on March 7 al the Pender Harbour High School.  The cheque was issued from  Continental Carlisle Douglas, a  Vancouver brokerage firm, in  consideration of orders laken  for Canada Savings Bonds by  Mr. Lloyd last fall al Pender  Harbour Realty.  Shelly Kattler, bursary fund  chairman, accepted the cheque  in the presence of Pender Harbour High School principal  Norm Gleadow and student  council president .lodee Lowing.  The bursary fund was  established lo enable deserving  Pender Harbour and Egmonl  Students to pursue a posl-  seeondary education.  We Will MATCH Or BETTER  ANY PRICE in B.C.  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REDUCED .��, PRICES  and wre PASSING the SAVINGS  gf ON   TO   YOU    Hurry.' limited Time Only  CHILTERN  'Richmond carpet of  ��� 17 Colours lo Choose From  ��� 5 Year Slain Resistance Warranly  Certified by Duponl  ��� Unsurpassed Soil Resistance  ��� Lrletime Anti-Stalic Warranly  ��� ������ Year Waar Outran!**  fibre  LONG ISLAND  ��� 100% Solulion Dyed BCF 'Naturalon'  ��� 5 Exciting Colours to Choose From  CANDIDE Cushioned Vinyl  No Wax Floor That Offers  ��� Underlool Comlorl  ��� Easy Care  ��� Contemporary Styling  ��� Wear Resistance & Durability  ��� Exceptional Design Realism  ��� Value  $lg95  tam   ^t_W sq yd.  SUNDIAL SOLARIAN  ft PROMO SOLARIAN  ��� Mirabond Scull-resislanl No Wax Surlace  ��� Blend 01 Fashion & Funclion Wilh The  Long Lasting 'Sunny' Solarian Shine  al a Remarkably Moderate Price  ��� An Array ol Today's Colours.. A Special  Designer's Touch  In Meek Only  sq yd  rOXFIRE  Exciting Cut & Loop At  Affordable Prices  In Stock Only  $1 ��95  ������ %-W sq. yd.  With Any Lower Mainland Dealer!  ��$$ Quality ft Price  o�� LINO starts alftPQI our CARPETS start at �� 1  ^ ���%**** Level Loops, Prints, 9 <Nfc <7 %PI  i.e. %_W sq.yd. Hard On Wear. Easy On Budget    ,%_w sq. yd. I  our LINO starts at  66c sq. ft.  ���J^ichmond  ROLL ENDS  (some up fo 50 sq. yds.)  SjlO  sq. ft. i.e  sq. yd.  ARTIFICIAL GRASS  for your patio  only  I  sq. IT  A DeVRIES First  The Best Carpet Selection In B.C.  ...ELECTRONICALLY  If you can't find the exact carpet you want In  our huge inventory we can search Canada-  wide to satisfy your needs...and it takes only a  fraction of a minute.  Come in and see how our new computer accesses all major carpet suppliers inventories to instantly advise stock availability  -even on weekends and after business  hours. See your floor covering for yourself  on our computer screen:  ��� Colour, Style, Quantity, Location  ��� Search for best roll size to minimize  riste of excess material  DeVRIES - A FAMILY BUSINESS  FOR OVER 30 YEARS  Is Still Working Hard To Serve You Better  Now, More Than Ever  WE HAVE A FLOOR FOR YOU  STEAM CLEA1  Your Carpets & Upholster]  The Most  Powerful Equipment  On The Coast  Our Reputation  of Dependability and  Thorough Results  Is Well Known!  'Just Ask Around"  OVER 30 YEARS OF EXPERIENCE   In The Carpet Industry  MON - SAT  9-5  pvrTTT��� "<���"INC am-  12  709 Hwy 101, Gibsons  _____


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