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Sunshine Coast News Aug 1, 1978

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 LEGISLATIVE LIBRARY  1 PARLIAMENT BUILDINGS  VICTORIA. BRITISH COLUMBIA  rhe Sunshine  Published at Gibsons, B.C.  15�� per copy on newsstands  Serving the Sunshine Coast since 1945  August 1,1978  Volume 31, Number 31  Regional Board  Bank Wins Battle  Mr. John Jorgens petitioned the Regional Board to support  the Economic Development Study for the Sunshine Coast, at  last Thursday's meeting. This study will be locally and federally sponsored to establish economic growth guidelines for the  Canadian   Imperial   Bank  of  area. Commerce has finally ended,  He pointed out that the response in the community was very      On      Sunday      afternoon,  The long battle which  Eileen Quigley and Carol  Dulyk   have   had   with   thc  Office   and   Retail    Workers Thc news of this offer to  Union ol Canada (SORWUC) SORWUC   came   at   a   time  accepted   it   on    behalf   of when the union is in financial  Carol and Eileen.   The offer difficulty, and may have to  comes   one   day   before   the close   its  doors,   regroup   or  hearing   scheduled   In   Van- amalgamate   with   a   larger  couvcr   with    the    Canadian union.  Until  Police news  further   notice,   all   with the R.C.M.P. that while  The votes are in and Mike Poppell has the  Queen's trophy for presentation at the Queen's  Pageant. This year's Miss Sea Cavalcade is  Melanie Mahlman, Miss Gibsons Fire Department.    First Princess is Colleen Hoops, Miss  Gibsons Lions. Second Princess is Georgina  Gameron, Miss Wal-Ven. Miss Congeniality is  Lorrie Plows, Miss Gibsons Chamber of Commerce.  Sea Cavalcade Looks Good  By D.J.Hauka  at 9:15 a.m. from in front of the   play the many talents of our local  Beach Buoy in Davis Bay.   For   craftsmen.      Interested   parties  Labour Relations Board.  Thc   terms  of  the  settlement arc that the bank will  give  both  Eileen and  Carol  letters    of   recommendation.  Thc letters have a covenant:  heartening. The Chamber of Commerce in Gibsons had made a  Jul)   30,  the law vers repre-   thev cannot be used against  financial commitment, while in Sechelt they were going to their  senting the bank, offered a  the bank in an unfair labour  members asking for support. He had had a meeting with local   settlement, and the Service,   suit.  businesses, where he had been promised $1,000; this figure  grew lo $2,500 in a twenty-four hour period and more is presently being solicited.   Alderman Jorgenson of Sechelt also gave  his Council's support to the plan.  In asking that the Board support him. Jorgens pointed out  that, with the endorsement of the Board, the path would be  open to federal financial assistance.  The Board unanimously approved the program.  In By-law 96.29, the Quarry this would still give him time  Bay Land Use contract,  the to take it to the public.  Area    Planning    Committee      Several   letters   were   rc-  (APC)    recommended    that ceived concerning the beach burning and camp lire permits out still-fishing, his boat was  they would like to see nego- access through the Cooper's have been cancelled.  On the almost  swamped by  a  tug.  tiations  get   underway.      It property at Cooper's Green. 24th of this month, a fire was The complainant felt that the  was recommended that  two The  writers  asked  that  thc reported    burning    in    the operator of the tug knew they  members of the APC and the road be still available to be middle ol Thormanby Island, were there.  Planner look over the area, used as a beach access.   The The   Madeira    Park   Forest July 23: A wallet containing  The wishes of the APC were Board itself wished that the Service  was  called out  and $110 in cash, credit cards and  that the anchorage  be pre- right-of-way   be   placed    in brought    it    under   control, identification was stolen from  served   and   an   esplanade reserve, for a different reason. On   the   25th,   another  was a   boat   left   unattended   in  dedicated. The Board agreed One of thc plans for the area found   burning  on   Gambier Buchanecr Bay.  to this in principle. is to approach Mrs. Cooper Island close to Camp Latona. July 24: Two stallions  were  The APC also recommended once again with an oiler to The   local   fire   departments reported  running  loose   and  that the Regional Board take buy thc land for a park.    At with   the   help   of  a   water causing   a   disturbance   on  over jurisdiction of the Klein- this time Mrs. Cooper has no bomber,     extinguished     it. Mason Road in West Sechelt.  Acting on instructions from   dale  Cemetery.     This   was definite   plans   and   cannot Several small fires were also A home at Beach and Hen-  the Regional Board, the Plan-   given approval by the Board. give an answer.   II the road reported in the area. derson    was    broken    into.  ner Mr. Lindsay, investigated      Chairman    Almond    once allowance     was     waivered      Numerous complaints have Three  bottles of liquor  and  possible    solutions    to    the   again   brought   up   a   mis- and thc two properties split also been received concerning six   bottles   of   beer   (ouch)  boating and  camping  prob-   conception that the Depart- by it were joined,  it would drivers      crossing      double were taken.  ment of Highways is operating greatly  increase  the size of lines,   burning   rubber   and July 25:  A commercial  fish  boat    valued    at    $100,000.  tions which could be estab-   ment in Victoria still seem to put it out of reach financially. SECHELT TO EARLS COVE: stolen  in Vancouver on  the  A letter will bc sent to Mr. July 22: A visitor at the Coho 10th, was found in Halfmoon  It has been  returned  to the owner.  Ruby Lake  Suggestions  i   This   year's   Sea   Cavalcade information phone D.J.Hauka at can phone Sue Rhodes at 886-  faromises to be thc best ever held 886-2750. 7384 or 886-2522 (days),  bn the Sunshine Coast.     The Once you  arrive along with      The evening promises to be  annual   festivities   have   been the parade at  the park,  there just as lively with the Sea Caval-  expanded to provide  the  resi- will be  many  more  events  of cade Queen's Ball to be held at  dents of the Sunshine Coast with interest.    Activities include thc Elphinstone High School with the    ����" on Ruby Lake.                                 _.-���.-.                     -   .,              ,                              ,    ,                 , ������  a wide scope of entertainment. War of the Hoses at the tennis Penn Kings providing the music.     , He turned up many regula-   under. The^Highways Depart-   the w^rfrontproperty.and  dangerous dnving^  .   The Cavalcade Committee has courts, the dunk tank, pic throw- Admission will be $3.50 per per-  requested and has been given ing. darts ami much more in the son.   A bigger and better "Sea    hshed:      (a)   complete   pro-   feel that the Regional Board   ���,.,���..         ,���                             ,   ,                    ,.  permission to close the wharf park itself. Cavalcade   Reno   Night"   will   hibition of all vessels; (b) no   have given approval for the   Bawlf, the Minister of Recrea-  Campsite lodged a complaint   Bay.  to   all   vehicle   parking   from Manv prizes will be awarded provide    additional    entertain-   power-driven vessels permit-   grid system of highways and   tion and Conservation advis-  tridaynoon August 11 to Sunday at this time, with the winners of ment,   with   the   Gibsons   and   ted;    (c)    no    power-driven   are advising the local depart-   ing him that it is the wish ol      Alderman Marshall report-   July 27: Attempts were made  fioon, August 13.  This is imper- the ten-speed race, parade cate- Sechelt Kinsmen. A full evening   vessels    other    than    those   ment accordingly.   This was   the residents  that  thc  land   ed on the recent Health Unit   to break into several busines-  ative for the setting up of the gorics. and a prize for the best of   food,   gambling   and   live   driven   by   battery-powered   brought   to   his    attention,   be   acquired   for   a    park,   meeting   at   Whistler.      His   ses on Cowrie  Street.     All  many events  planned  on   the decorated business. music.  The outdoor Reno Night   electric   propulsion    motors;   What   brought   this   to   his   This would include thc road   feelings   were    that,    while   thc attempts appear to have  Other awards will be given for is slated for  Saturday evening  Iwharf.      Your   cooperation   in  complying   with   this   request  lavould   be   greatly   appreciated  by the Committee.  The first event on thc long  a number of contests.    There   at the wharf.  will be a pet show, with dogs,      The  third   day   of  festivities  cats, rabbits, and any other crea  tures on leashes being judged.  list of happenings is the arrival The winners of the poster con-  bf three ships of the Canadian test will also be honoured. Thc  ^lavy at the wharf at 4:30 p.m.    contest is open to ages six to   soring   the   swim   from   Keats  fourteen  and  should  have  the   " '  will start off with the Gibsons  Wildlife Fishing Derby, starting  early at the Government Wharf,  The Gibsons Firemen are spon-  that  (d) power-driven vessels attention was the recent allowance. those present had agreed been unsuccessful. A five  permitted in accordance with confrontation between the The Regional Board had that it would be sensible man, ten-foot inflatable  a maximum speed limit or Highways crew and the made enquiries to B.C.Hydro to move some of thc facilities ' raft was reported lost in  a    maximum    wash    level; residents   on   Flume   Road, asking if it was possible to from   Powell   River  to  Gib- Porpoise Bay.     It is yellow  (e) power-driven     vessels He pointed out that in the have    a    sub-easement    for sons.   Dr.   Lang   had   gone with a blue base,  permitted    but    no    skiing Roberts    Creek    Settlement water along the utility corridor ahead  with   his  own  ideas,  allowed;  (f) the   holding  of Plan it clearly stated that the through Sechelt.   Hydro had which   conflicted   with   this GIBSONSAREA:  *  ���;��   "�����   ���"��������   regattas or boat races may be only criterion for road alter- advised that they had not the point.    Thc  Regional  Board July 24: Jamie Dixon took a  Almost  all of Fridays   events   fourteen  and  should  have  the   Island to.Armour s Beach   and       ��hjbited            ,   wner> ati6n should be safety.  Under right to grant this.    As this went on record as supporting group of children on  a  day  are scheduled  for  the   wharf.    Cavalcade   heme.    Penny  Mc-   entry forms may be picked up a     F                         F h          .rf                '    B     h       rt ���     h        ,            ,     , ���   movc   from   ,w���   Rim       t,      ,    Viinc.ouveI,  in ,he  including  the   official   opening   Clymont will provide additional   J s  Umsex  at  the  Sunnycres    g���_�����            Prev,ousiv ���^JT_ slated for S customers   on   the   Regional to Gibsons. Wilson    Creek    Communitv  CSSr. tt^   atZFJLaTZaai  a%\ w^g^U^    >y ^r ,1 of these regula- ing and  straightening   and water and  could  present  a      Altg^^* bus.    $25.00 in cash which  'by the local dignitaries and the   made   for   a   soap-box   derby,   with more competitive activities   tions may be established  but Chairman Almond felt that if health hazard,  the Regional mg.   Director   Outa   ta had   been  collected   by   the  captains of the three naval ves-   which requires pre-registration.   to follow.    There will be log-   Mr.  L.ndsay was unable  to work was to begin on  this Board will again go to  the told the Board   ha   he took children,   plus   new    scuba  scls  thc traditional pirate ship   The  registration  will   be  held   rolling, the greased pole, tugboat   establish whether any of these there   would  be   an   uproar Sechelt Indian Band tor per- exception to a recent editorial gear bought by Jamie, were  twill'be blown up and an aquatic   Saturday,   August   5.   in   thc   event, and a dozer boat competi-   regulations had been tested from the community. mission. in the Press newspaper.   He stolen   while   the   bus   was  Urofthe hoses will begin in the   Sunnycrest Mall.  There will be   tion, to name but a few.   The   in court. It was decided that a letter       Director  Nicholson   put   a recommended   several   lines parked on the ferry. Entrance  ���.arbour.        The    "Wangdalc   no further registration, but for   best decorated boat will win its       The Regional Board would should be sent to the Minis- motion  forward  that  in  thc ol  action  he  felt  should be was  gained  by  thc  emerg-  ���ire Department" will take on   more  information  phone  Tony  crew a liquid prize; entrants are   be supplied with signs out- ter of Highways inviting him future no meetings should be taken   against    it.       Other encydoor.  my challengers as they ply the   Tyler at 886-9768.                    '    asked to stay within the Captain   lining   the   applicable   reg- tothearea. in   camera,   unless   it   was members  of  the   Board  felt July 26: Mischief was reported  arbour   with   their   hoses   on There will also be a Bike and Cook theme.   Entries are avail  ull blast. Costume  Parade sponsored  by able at Hyak Marine.  Teenagers    under    nineteen the Radio Club, at Dougal Park.       A new attraction will be the  ill be treated to a disco under There will be cash prizes for the Arm    Wrestling    Competition.  ihe stars with music provided by Best Comedy.   Best   Decorated There  will   be   four  categories  im  Mennear.     The   Kinsmen and Most Original. in  the event with cash prizes  ponsored event will get under- Other events will be Bingo, for thc winners.  Pre-registration  ay at the wharf at 9:30 p.m. and a demonstration of the ancient will bc held at Armour's Beach  hish at 12 midnight.    Student art  of cross-bow  shooting,   by Sunday   from   9:00   a.m.   until  ards will have to be shown at Robin Allen and Trevor Oram. 11:00   a.m.       Please   contact  legate, and a concession will foot races, and concession stands Paul   Klachan  at   883-2596  for  le held up the hill at thc curling to quench the thirst and fill the further information,  ���ink.   Thc Beer Gardens, which stomach.                                          We are  also requesting last  ill  operate  both   Friday   and year's winner of the intermediate  iaturday. will open their doors Two other  interesting facets poster contest to please return  at 7:00 p.m. and close at mid- of  ,hl'   afternoon   will   be   the the trophy for engraving.    Call  {light.     Thc  Penn   Kings   will ^Pcn ^'r Concert and the Cava!- Sue Rhodes. 886-7384.  provide   the   music  on   Fridav "Ode Crafts Fair.    Thc concert  With Whiskey Jack taking over ��'���" feature local singers, high-  ' land dancing, comedy skits and  more,    lhc Crafts Fair will dis-  Another highlight of thc festivities at the Sea Cavalcade this  year will bc thc attendance of  Captain Cook himself.  Rezoning Rescheduled  ulations.   Enforcement would      In correspondence, a letter   directly   concerned  be the responsibility of the   was received from the Pen-   personnel    matter.  local R.C.M.P.    It was felt   der  Harbour Health  Centre   motion was accepted  that the signs would act as   requesting that grant monies  a sufficient deterent to many  be made available to provide  of the boaters. for additional doctor services,  It was felt that if desig-   as the one doctor could not bc  nated   areas   for   campsites  there   twenty-four   hours   a  were    available    then    the   day.     The  Board  felt  that  majority    of   thc    campers   before a decision  could bc  would   tend   to   use   them,   made  on  this,  they  would  rather than make their own.       need a copy of the Health  T��    t_       _     /~i 1 Centre's budget.  KODertS Creek  Two let��*s ��' resignation  were received. One from J.R.  Whitaker wishing to resign  from his position as Alternate  Director   for   Area   C;   Ihe  second   from   Peter   Hoemberg   who   resigned   as   the  Area B Director.   Letters will  with   a   that no action should be taken   at thc Gibsons Winter Club.  This   until  they had a chance to  A   window   valued   at   over  talk with Mr. Proctor. $50.00 was broken.  Meeting  A special public meeting of thc  Roberts      Creek      Community  Association will bc held Wed.  Aug. 2 at 8 p.m. in thc community  hall to air  residents'views   be sent to both men thanking  on a proposed change in land   them for the service they have  use   of   DLI318,   Plan   16540,   given the community.  Block 2, Lot 1 on Flume Road      A letter was received from  luii Saturday.  j Saturday. August 12 opens  With the annual Sea Cavalcade  parade down thc highway to  Dougal Park. Thc parade will  leave Sunnycrest plaza at 10:00  a.m., but  all  participants  arc An informal meeting con- hc  pointed out,  a culmina  asked to assemble at thc mall cerning the Village of Gibsons tion of amendments to By-law    from mobile home park to strata   thc   Minister   of   Municipal  by 8:00 a.m. for judging.    For Zoning By-law 320 was held 241   accumulated   over   the    land development.   As residents   Affairs,    stating    that    the  further information contact Haig at tnc village offices on Wed- previous    five    years,    and   of the Creek have in the past   Recreational    Proposal    had  Maxwell at Western Drugs. nesday   evening,   July    26. basically was a housekeeping    expressed   oppostion   to   both   been    reviewed    and    was  There are numerous prizes to Thjs was (o be tne date of the measurc to bring everything    raobile home Parks and strata   ������generally    in    order    for  be awarded to the contestants in official          bHc      meeting, up to date in one large sweep.     ""  "         '    '  the parade.  Besides the awards unfortunatel      as    required  UStaZSf'lS b? ^ute, notice must be      As stated this is a massive  Ithere are  also  prizes for  the 8,ven    '"  utwo   consecutive By-law      which      concerns  Wst individual clown lssues of tne Press Prlor t0 many of the properties within  j   Immediately   preceding    the ,he  me����ng-     Through   an the Village'.   Some properties           spar.de.  however,  will be  the oversight on the part ot this ,n the Bay area which have   deve,         ,   |s based  on  in.  'second annual ten-speed race PaPer/ this did not happen, been   zoned   comprehensive   divjdua|                    dwelH   s  ifrom Davis Bay to Dougal park. The date for the official pub- development are to be rezoned   on individua| ,ots     The _ect.  As   the   competitors   will   be ''<���' meeting is  now  August residential. Other areas which   ing-ay a|so review the current  {following    the    parade    route 14 at 7:00 p.m. in the Gibsons were held in limbo as holding   problems   with   the   Highways   ,ne   Pender   Harbour   pool.  Ithrough   town,   onlookers   are Municipal offices. zones are now being opened   Department and try to determine   Mr- Darby, the Chairman of  'asked to stay off thc roads and For  the  benefit  of those up.     For  more  information   some C0Urse of action that will   ,ne   Recreation   Committee,  ��ars arc asked to pull over as present,      Alderman      Ted on the rezoning, a descriptive   improve the  roads  in  Roberts   felt that the earliest date pos-  they pass.  The race is for those Hume outlined the aims of chart on the inside pages of   Creek without altering thc rural   sible would be sometime in  sixteen and over and will start the proposed By-law.   lt was, this paper can be referred to.      characterof the area.                    the   middle   of   September;  title developments, the owner and the      intended      purpose",  developer of the property. Mr. u a,s0 sta(ed ,ha, ministeria|  Ron James, is anxious to hear approva| couid not be giv(.n  the opinions of those who may WJlhou, ��� da(c for ,      b|ic  be concerned about the develop- referendurn  It was felt that there was  some urgency that the referendum be as soon as possible; if it dragged on too  long    it    could    jcopardi/.c  ment. A strata land development, in contrast to a strata title  ent  This canine protestor got right into the spirit of the occasion during a recent altercation between the Highways Department and the residents of Flume Road.  At the present time the Department of Highways is marking oft Beach Avenue tor  upgrading. This is causing concern amongst area residents.  Happy Birthday to Ma Murray ���a Great Newspaperwoman 2.  Coast News, August 1,1978.  A LOCALLY OWNED NEWSPAPER  Published at Gibsons, B.C. every Tuesday by Glassford Press Ltd.  Box 460, Gibsons, VON 1VO Phone 886-2622 or 886-7817  Editor-John Burnside  Advertising - Penny Christian  Advertising ��� Karen Hallett  Production ��� Bruce Wilson  Circulation: Stephen Carroll  Photographer - Ian Corrance  Receptionist/Bookkeeper-M. M. Laplante  Veronica Plewman ��� Production  Typesetting-Cynthia Christensen  Typesetting Asst.-Beth Snaw  Guest Editor ��� George Matthews  SUBSCRIPTION RATES;  Distributed Free to all addresses on the Sunshine Coast.  British Columbia; $12.00 per year; $8.00 for six months.  Canada except B.C. $15.00 per year.  United States and Foreign $20.00 per year.  ��  CNA  Schools  Last week this newspaper contained a  story which dealt with changes in school  administration at Pender Harbour  High School. The story, on page one of  last week's Coast News, dealt with a  School. Board Management Committee  motion to transfer the Pender Harbour  Principal to a teaching assignment at  Secheit Elementary School as well as  a number of other motions meant to  facilitate this transfer.  In reaction to our story and a well  written item in another paper in Seehelt,  School Board Secretary-Treasurer  Roy Mills wrote critical letters (see letters  to Editor) to both papers condemning  us for what apparently amounted to  unsportsmanlike conduct.  Mr. Mills' comments, well taken we  might add, related to the fact that the  story was based on "quasi-privileged"  information contained in agenda material  mailed to the press prior to School Board  meetings. Normally, such information  does and should remain privileged, as  Mr. Mills pointed out.  In this case however, as in other matters pertaining especially to School  District information, the basic information had been kicked around the community for some time.  This creates a difficult problem for  the newsperson. The Sechelt School  Board is the second largest single  employer on the Sunshine Coast next to  Port Mellon. The schools of our district  serve 2,500 students, employ over 160  teachers, service people and staff, and  have an impact on virtually every home  on the Coast. Decisions made by the  Board are therefore important. The  nature of our community is such that  information, accurate or otherwise,  travels quickly. Any important decision  is, always has been, and always will be,  known to the students, teachers or  parents almost before the people directly  concerned.  In other words, a lot of people know  what is going on and if thc information  is accurate or not, the press often finds  itself in such a position that they are  obliged to filter through the rumours to  try to establish thc facts. Dangle a fact in  front of a newspaper man and he is  compelled to write about it, partly because a good newsperson is a gossip  monger and partly because he/she  works under the essential assumption  that the truth, no matter how unpleasant,  is better than rumour or lies.  Such was the situation last week.  The press has been aware of a number of  aspects of School Board business for  some time ��� the Pender Harbour  situation being one. The better part of  the Pender Harbour citizenry has known  about "Concerned Parents" and the  brief they submitted to the Board ��� all  basically public information. Was the  press briefed? Was the "Concerned  Parents" paper given to the press?  Were the press made aware of substantial educational issues and changes  through any specified public relations  officer? No!  Unfortunately, what we have is information through rumour and speculation.  We believe the time has come when  information ��� factual, informed, information ��� ought to be aired immediately.  We believe that since people know some  of the facts almost before the fact, we  should at least be told the facts after the  fact. That this is not happening is not  the fault of the press when they print  the meagre-knowns, but the fault of the  public officials, for not telling what the  people know anyway.  Hydro  A press clipping was passed around at  the Regional Board, lt told of the success  of the people of Princeton in their fight  against B.C.Hydro; they effectively  had Hydro's permit to apply Tordon  101 and Tordon 10K on the transmission  line right-of-way stopped.  We of this area have a similar battle  on our hands; similar, but with one  exception: we arc fighting on two  fronts. Firstly, to stop the spraying  programme; and secondly, for the right  to have a say in the route for thc new  powerline.  The most urgent fight at the moment  is the spraying programme. We have  effectively won ourselves some time,  until the 18th of August when two  complaints against Hydro's plans to seed  with pellets will be heard by thc Pesticide Control Branch. One complaint is  Irom the Regional Board and another  separate one, from a private citizen.  While calling a halt to the seeding of  pellets is of prime importance, we must  not lose sight of the second battle front,  the powerline.  Hydro is presently using a tack which  was completely predictable to anyone  at the open house meeting in Pender  Harbour. The six hour meeting on June  17 was the perfect setting for the divide  and conquer approach, as there was  never at any time a great concentration  of people present. This fact is now being  used by Hydro as an indication that local  hostility is negligible.  On or around August 21, Mr. J.  O'Riordan from the Environment and  Land Use Committee will be in this  area. Thc Regional Board will attempt to  set up a public meeting at that time, to  give him a true feeling of the opposition  to thc powerline.  Hydro, with the aid of our financial  support, can lobby when they feel it  necessary. Wc can't. This is an opportunity to do so; don't let it slip by.  from the files of Coast News  5 YEARS AGO  Four CF-101 Voodoos from 409  Squadron in Comox will fly over  Gibsons on August <1 in an aerial  salute lo Sea Cavalcade.  The retirement of the Clerk of  Gibsons, David Johnston, is marked  in a presentation for him at the  Cedars Hotel. Mayor Wally Peterson  was master of ceremonies.  10 YEARS AGO  Official opening of the Garden Bay  whale station of the Vancouver Public  Aquarium will take place on Thursday, August 1, Pender Harbour  Chamber of Commerce officials look  forward to this branch of the aquarium becoming as famous as the main  institution in Vancouver.  Redrooffs Water District has asked  the Regional Board to take over the  control of the District's supply,  Trout Lake.  Mr. R.R. Hanna is appointed Superintendent of School District #46.  15 YEARS AGO  Hon. Eric Martin, Health Minister,  has given approval to the calling of  tenders  for  the  construction  of  a  thirty-five bed hospital in Sechelt.  20 YEARS AGO  Bal's Block, Gibsons business landmark on Marine Drive, was completely destroyed by a fire of unknown  origin starting around Monday  morning.  One of the fastest turnovers of real  estate in the history of Sechelt took  place during the last ten days with  forty-two lots being sold in the  village.  Federal Parliament gives the go-  ahead to the new breakwater for  Gibsons harbour.  25 YEARS AGO  At ten o'clock Monday morning,  Korean time, July 27, an armistice  was signed in Korea. Fourteen  Canadians are among the 3500 prisoners of war to be exchanged.  The first taxi over the Port Mellon  road with passengers was that of John  Glassford of Gibsons. John's taxi  made the trip with no untoward  incident.  The paving of the highway from  Gibsons to Sechelt is now complete.  30 YEARS AGO  Not available.  Bowen Island. Western Explosives factory In Tunstall Bay. The  plant became operational in 1909. It produced four hundred cases of  dynamite and four hundred kegs of black powder dally. The scene  here, with four-master at dock, looks idyllic enough, but it was not  always so. Accidental blasts wrecked parts of the plant and killed  workers, some of whom, not understanding English, were unable to  read the posted safety rules. While mere puffs compared to the  detonations of more modern explosives designed to kill, these  powders, made to blast rock and tree stump were, nevertheless, as  Mercutio said of the fiery Tybalt's thrust, "enough". They sufficed,  for those within reach of their disruptions. The factory was moved to  James Island in 1913. As this photo goes to press, the James Island  operations are being phased out, leaving British Columbia without a  powder plant of any sort. Explosives Creek, which empties into  Tunstall Bay, commemorates the one-time existence of this rather  tragic enterprise. Photo courtesy of Fred Billington and Elphinstone  Pioneer Museum. L.R- Peterson  Continued   from   last   week  Next morning, many of the  passengers disembark at Lake  Louise and Banff and the train  runs down through the eastern  Rockies into the land of oil.  There is an ebullient Peruvian  Indian in the cafeteria car this  morning flanked by a sombre  and painfully shy Canadian  student of higher mathematics  and computers.  The Peruvian is a doctor  of architecture teaching at the  University of Pennsylvania.  He is flying home from Calgary after the train ride  through the mountains and  one is struck again by the  international flavour of the  journey.  Don't Canadians know  about the joys of their mountain railways? Is everyone in  Western Canada flying to  Las Vegas or chartering buses  to Reno?  Be that as it may the conversation in the cafeteria car  is good and the sales tax is  off the beer because this is  Alberta. Architecture, the  Habitat Conference, the world  situation, and the mountains  comprise our conversational  fare and it sustains us for a  few more in the Palliscr Hotel  in Calgary with my brother  before my Peruvian friend has  to go to catch his plane.  On the journey home the  train is an hour late. Delayed  in Winnipeg by air conditioning that refused to work in  the dining car. it has been  further delayed by thc discovery a half hour out of Winnipeg that thc hot water isn't  working in the replacement  car.  The quality of thc loudspeaker isn't good and the  dining car steward's voice  adds an edge of its own as  hc announces dinner. There is  some attempt to relay music  but the loudspeaker shrieks  and groans and finally it  fades away.  Meanwhile outside there is  a succession of storms in thc  mountains: great lashings of  rain so that from the front of  the observation car you can't  see the engine only two cars  ahead. The rain is interspersed with brilliant sunshine. The train is climbing  steadily and once suddenly  there is a rainbow below us in  the valley. The top of the arc  is level with the train and  both ends are visible down in  thc valley.  Towards evening we  emerge high on the mountain  side.     Two  more  levels  of  Musings  John Burnside  Slings & Arrows  George Matthews  track are below us and below  that is the Trans-Canada  Highway and below that is the  river. At last, in daylight,  I am seeing the Kicking Horse  Pass.  We enter a tunnel heading  west and come out of it head ���  ing back to the east at a lower  level. The cafeteria steward  is a veteran of eighteen years.  He says wistfully, "These  are the Spiral Tunnels.  There's two of them. They're  Doth 900 feet long. When 1  started on the road the passenger trains were long  enough you could see thc  front end going east out of  the tunnel down here while  the back end was still going  west into it. Not now."  After the eastbound strip,  the train turns and heads  north into the second tunnel  and does a three-quarters  of a circle turn to the righl  and comes out on the third  level heading west again.  The conductor is upstairs ir  the observation car giving  facts and figures.  "He's the only guy on the  run that still bothers to do  it," says the steward. "They  used to give them all a list  of the statistics and an outline  of thc story of its building.  Give to the passengers  as a keepsake. I mean it's  one of thc engineering marvels of the world, eh? Today  he's only got two copies to  give out amongst all those  people. You know what I  mean?"  Yes. I think I know what  you mean, my eighteen-year  veteran of "thc road".  The train plunges into the  five-mile long tunnel that  takes it through the mountain  at Roger's Pass. Behind me in  the observation car two men  talk with knowledge and nostalgia about trains. One is a  businessman from Toronto.  The other is a locomotive  engineer who drives freight  trains out of Swift Current,  Saskatchewan.  The seat I am sitting in is  settled into its springs in that  shiny silver car which will  probably not be replaced. It  is not only in the terminal in  Vancouver that historic ghosts  are being swept aside.  It is ironic that now, when a  new awareness of ourselves  as Canadians and of our  history seems to be astir in  the land, wc may be about to  lose our opportunity to ride  these storied rails.    It is an  old obsession of mine, this.  I am as ever baffled by  Canadians. I have found this  country to be stirring in its  magnificent vastness and  beauty. 1 have found the  history of its settlement by  two very differing peoples  to be fascinating. Canadian  history boring? What about  thc voyagcurs and the whole  centuries long drama of the  fur trade. Canadians dull?  Show me a more complex,  capable and entertaining  figure than John A. Mac-  donald.  From thc Arctic to the  America border, from Peggy's  Cove to Port Hardy this  immense land is both beautiful and storied. Why are its  people so seemingly indifferent. Why is it Hawaii and  California, Las Vegas and  Reno, Florida and New  York that draw us. Why do  we have idiotic disc jockeys  screaming the temperatures  of southern places at us?  Why don't we go north to  thc sun in our summertime?  No place on earth has more of  it.  Ah well, it is as 1 say an  old obsession.  Meanwhile back in thc train  thc cafeteria steward is staring gloomily out of thc window  as the train moves down in  growing darkness and rain  towards Vancouver. His  lace clears lor a moment and  he says, "God. you should see  this country under snow,"  I think I will. I think I'll  make another trip in winter  lo sec those mountains  under snow. That is, if the  trains still run.  In a couple of weeks it will  be Sea Cavalcade in Gibsons.  Sea Cavalcade is a festival  which celebrates Gibsons'  connection with thc sea ���  from the time when the first  white settler, George Gibsons,  took his produce to town,  rowing down in a longboat  on a Friday and returning  next day or Sunday with provisions, which sometimes  included a raft of lumber.  It all started here ��� the  entire coast experience ��� and  it was always connected to  the sea. Without the sea  coast Gibsons is nothing. It  brings our trade and commerce and takes away our  produce. In the early days  the sea provided fish ��� fish  in sueh profound abundance  as would boggle the mind of  today's patient angler. Talcs  arc told of monstrous salmon  being landed in days of yore,  on hand lines with a piece of  the angler's red Stanfields as  bait.  Nor could life continue in  those olden days without  timber ���- trees such as arc  beyond thc wildest fantasies  of today's voracious logger.  Lumber and produce went  down to town every week,  and whatever was needed  came back. Nowadays timber  is still what keeps Gibsons  going. Logging up at  Jacksons. or behind Elphinstone, or up Rainy River on  Gambier Island, or as far  away as McNab Creek, still  keeps Gibsons going. Timber  brought down the coast, from  Vancouver Island or even from  the Queen Charlottes, keeps  boom men going rain or shine  all year long. The wood chips  from the timber keep alive  one of the oldest pulp mills  WITH SHIPS THE SEA WAS  SPRINKLED FAR AND NIGH  With ships the sea was sprinkled far and nigh,  Like stars in heaven, and joyously it showed;  Some lying last at anchor in the road,  Some veering up and down, one knew not why.  A goodly vessel did I then espy  Come like a giant Irom a haven broad;  And lustily along the bay she strode,  Her tackling rich, and ol apparel high.  This ship was nought to me, nor I to her,  Yet I pursued her with a lover's look;  This ship to all the rest did I prefer:  When will she turn, and whither? She will brook  No tarrying; where she comes the winds must ~,tir:  On went she, and due north her journey took.  by William Wordsworth  on the coast and not only  does Port Mellon bring in  the materials by sea, but ships  out the product the same  way. If you want to discuss  the production of real wealth  on our beautiful coast then  you can't separate the discussion from thc sea; logging,  booming, pulp mills, fishing,  tourism, everything depends  on the grace and benevolence  of thc sea.  And so wc have the Sea  Cavalcade ��� the parade, the  spectacle, the princesses,  the kids' races, the competition among boom men and  pulp packers, the dances,  thc beer garden ��� everything  to celebrate the kindness and  benevolence shown to Gibsons  by the sea.  Don't think for a minute  cither, that all this is done for  thc tourists. Sure the tourists  arc welcome, sure there is the  element of contrived fantasy  about Sea Cavalcade ��� but  thc people who do it all for  you arc showing a pride in  thc way our community works.  The best, in my way of  thinking, of the Sea Cavalcade events are those which  involve thc various competitions among boom men.  On Sea Cavalcade weekend  there will be a lot to do for  children. teenagers and  adults, but these events arc  only secondary to that Sunday  show when the boom men  perform, Log barking, running boom sticks, driving  dozer boats and winders,  tugs of war ��� skills used  every day by boom men in  isolated coves, bays and inlets as they perform their  work. One day a year these  skills arc on display and a  largely unknown and little  understood industry gets  some recognition.  Early Sunday morning on  Sea Cavalcade weekend,  some of thc men will anchor  a string of boom sticks off  Armour's Beach, tugs, dozers  and winders from claims up  Howe Sound will begin to  arrive. After lunch the  events will begin and the  majority of Sea Cavalcade  spectators will converge on  the hill above the beach to  watch thc fun.  Sea Cavalcade is not grand  or elegant or particularly  polished, but it is a traditional  Gibsons festival, begun,  promoted and carried on by  a few citizens who think our  little town is worth it. All the  rest of us can only thank them  for their work and have a good  time at thc Sea Cavalcade. LETTERS  of the ' 'planned economy''. Despite the good intentions, a  planner may feel he has, the  results of his efforts are, in my  opinion, a detriment to the community as a whole by creating  regulations which restrict the  rights of individual property  owners, whilst the planner  pretends to possess superior  ability.  If 1 wish to build anything other  than a single family residence on  my property, I would first seek  the neighbours' points of view,  then formal permission. I am  quite within my rights to do so.  However, I would prefer to ask  my elected representatives,  rather than an appointed official  living off the fat of the land.  I do not wish this letter to be  construed as a personal attack on  thc village planner, whoever  that person may be. It is the idea  that governments have a right  to control and manipulate every  aspect of ur lives to which I take  exception. From my experience,  planning authorities tend to adopt  this notion, and I consider it to  be a timely reminder to your  readers that this was not always  so, nor is it a healthy attitude to  mortgage one's future in this  way. I trust that council will act  with thc rights of their elected  representatives in mind.  Robert Sharp  Coast News, August 1,1978  Angry  Fisheries  Telegram: Received July 26,1978  Editor:  An item in the June 13, 1978  edition of your newspaper  entitled "Fisheries Dispute"  has reached my attention, and I  would like to take issue with some  of the statements contained  therein. There can be no question  that I. as Minister of Fisheries,  have never(sic) "traded off"  the interests of West Coast  fishermen against those of East  Coast fishermen, nor would I  consider so doing. The present  dispute with the U.S.A. which  resulted in the suspension of  the interim Fisheries Agreement  in early June was a dispute  which affected all Canadian  fishermen and the action taken  by the government is indicative  of the fact that we are negotiating very hard on behalf of the  interests of the whole Canadian  coastal fisheries community.  Romeo Leblanc,  Minister of Fisheries  Rezoning  Open letter to Gibsons Council:  Gentlemen:  1 wish to register my displeasure re: your intention to rezone  to R-3 all properties presently  zoned R-4. It is my strong opinion  that such action is completely  premature.  I have been the owner of Lot  20, D.L. 684, Plan 4438, since  1967. It has been my desire to  build on this property for many  years but you have turned down  my application for road maintenance so Hydro could be obtained.  I have drilled for water at a cost of  $5,000 but I am completely  dependent on electricity supply.  My main reason for building is  to get away from suburbia with  which I presently have to live on  North Fletcher Road. By rezoning you instigate the possibility  of sporadic development in a  rural area which should be kept  as a buffer zone between the  Village core and the rest of the  peninsula.  No one has ever applied to be  included with the Village. I have  never asked for any favours but  please do not re-zone the Chaster-  Shaw Road area, with access from  Pratt Road, until you have to...  when no more space is available  and then only to a minimum of  half-acre lots. When the time is  ripe any developer will pay for  cost of services including your  precious sewer. Please remember that all progress is not necessarily good. With the quantity  of so many lots available (6,000  sq. ft. in size), (Cheekside Village) and the glaring lack of success of seventy-seven lots on  Veterans Road, I believe that  re-zoning an entire area to a  higher and better use will create  an unnecessary increase in value  of property through speculation  and the general greed of people  with the result of unoccupied and  thus not maintained lots.  Over the years I have shared  property with a black bear and a  considerable number of deer.  Neither these animals nor 1 arc-  in need of a duplex-zoned property, therefore, please keep the  zoning to R-4, which will keep development to a minimum and  speculation non-existent.  After all, you are elected to  govern the Village, which, in my  opinion, does not include creating  any more suburbia with all its  so-called amenities.  Try to practice your so often  meaningless statement uttered  by every politician, "I stand for  controlled growth".  C. A.PeterAelbers  More  Open letter to Council  Re: Lot 7, Block S, D.L. 686���  Residential Property at Seaview  Road, Gibsons  Council members:  I received notice last Friday  from Mr. Copland, clerk-treasurer for Gibsons, indicating that  council will be considering a possible change of zoning of my property from CDA (comprehensive  development area) to R-3 (residential zone).  My house is a single family  residence on a lot, characteristic  of the area on the slope above  Marine Drive. It is my understan-  ing that the development rights  for my property belong to me as  the private property owner, and  that it is council's responsibility  to protect those rights, as well as  those of other property owners. I  do not wish to have my property  rezoned to R-3, and ask council to  vote "no" to such a proposal.  Any council member voting otherwise will not receive my support  in the next municipal election.  I consider it to be an impertinence on the part of the local  planner to assume that he/she  knows best how to direct the development of private property. I  do not make such a statement  flippantly. Having studied the  development of private and public  planning from its early forms in  Mesopotamia and Egypt through  Greek, Roman, European and  finally North American civilizations up to our present day, and  having worked in both government and private practice myself  for the last twelve years, in England and in Canada, I have little  faith in the creative ability of  municipal planners and their  respective bureaucracies. (Senior  governments are even worse, in  this respect.)  My property was zoned CDA  because, according to the municipal authority, the planner did not  know what he/she wanted to do  with the area. The development  rights of private property owners  were put on "hold". I.e., frozen  until the colours and ciphers on  the zoning plan could be rearranged to match some vision of  the future.  Generally, the results of such  planning expertise is to increase  taxation through zoning manipulation, the market value of property, and hence taxation, being  reflected in the new zoning  rights. A planner may often  master the use of the electronic  calculator and lettering aids,  but seldom manages to make a  real contribution towards a better  living environment. This is understandable, simply because it  is impossible for such a person to  possess more vision and imagination than all the private property  owners put together. Also it is  impossible to predict changes in  ownership and what property  owners may wish to do with their  property. Such circumstances  are anathema to the protagonists  Editor's Note: The following  letter has been substantially'  edited due to Its extreme length.  Editor:  The gratuitous fleeringly  insulting remarks in The Press  last issue, aimed at the duly  elected members of our local  Governments, their appointed  Executive Officers and their  spouses, their long suffering  spouses, pigs presumably,  "EATING FROM THE PUBLIC  TROUGH" - "GOBBLED ITS  MEAL" ��� thieves and worse,  "PUBLIC COFFERS WOULD BE  LESS OFTEN ROBBED BY  THOSE VORACIOUS POLITICAL  APPETITIES" from the poison  loaded pen of one Dick Proctor,  make me vomit from nausea, and  disgust that such a creep is  among us. not the "BIT OF  INDIGESTION" he attributes  tome.  This is supposed to be responsible news coveragel No. it is a  bloody insult to the populace in  general, if we are to believe  that a people gets the government it deserves, and to those in  particular who had a feeling of  civic responsibility and worked  their butts to their navels to  encourage those persons of proven capability and good character to enter the election list,  to try, yes that's the word, to  try to do something in the public interest, frequently at serious  cost and some personal incon-  Please turn In Page 7  @c<Wl@lli��(e) sniff  Summer Business Hours  Mon.-Thurs.  Fri. 8:30���9:00  8:30���5:30       Sat. 9:30���5:00  Cowrie St   885-3258  Inqlfa  Quality raw Appliances  ���t  Sold & Serviced  !  J&C ELECTRONICS  Radio/haek  authorized Sales Centre  Cowrie St., Sechelt, B.C. 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Suddenly Chris spotted a  redhaired kid with a packsack  coming up the ramp from a  small-boat float. "Hey.  that's Billy Cramer, for  God's sake!" Turned out they  had worked on the same crew  together, the previous year.  When Billy informed us that  he had just quit as whistle-  punk at some camp, the same  thought hit all three of us  simultaneously. We lost no  time in accosting George  Craddock. his late boss.  "Just got the one job open,"  he said mournfully. We  decided the only fair way  was to flip a coin. To my  amazement, I won the toss.  That night we had a "parting  ot the ways" party, courtesy  of Billy. It ended in the  scrofulous room where I  woke this morning.  A stretch of rougher water  bounces me loose from my  reveries. I glance out the  streaked window. Gulls wheel  and complain through gray-  green ambiguities. The desolate low-lying coastline  untolds like a dull book. I  haven't a clue in hell where  we are and ask Craddock.  "May as well grab yourself  some sleep," he says vaguely,  glancing up from sagebrush  fantasies,  "she's a six-hour  B��ane/i��ei.EEaC3Sl �����n*i  Pages  from a Life-Log  Peter Trower  run.  But I can't sleep and it  seems more like six years  before we nose finally into  a small cove. Craddock tosses  over the anchor and they start  to unship the dinghy. I gaze  about confusedly. The bay is  quite empty ��� no sign of  human habitation whatsoever,  let alone a logging-camp.  What is this'.' I'm afraid to  ask. I help load the several  boxes of supplies into the  dinghy. Craddock    rows  ashore and stacks them on thc  rocky beach. I can't stand it  any longer. "Wh-rc in hell's  the camp?" f ask worriedly.  "Don't worry, son," says  Carver, "she's just over the  ridge there. Can't go in the  front way except at high  tide. We have to take the  trail."  Soon we're climbing the  steep path, each toting a  couple of boxes like pirates  off to bury treasure-chests.  The two I've grabbed seem  damn heavy. I'm puffing a  bit before reaching the  brow of the ridge. There's  Craddock's camp.  It slouches across the  marsh-grass at the head of a  short, shallow tidal slough  maybe quarter of a mile wide,  a frowsy clutch of battered  shacks huddled against the  many-green wall of the  rainforest.   No  one  building  naam flaM* ES3C3S3 RMhaa /hMHa  Radio /haek  authorized Sales Centre  J&C ELECTRONICS  Cowrie St . Sechelt. B C. Box 1208  J   885-2568 885-2568   [  ����������rBCTEgiii.w��iwaL,!^TLa^'MWa��a���aL^  matches another. It is as  though the sea herself has  assembled the float-camp  piece by piece in the crotch of  this tiny inlet. The shacks and  the small boom in front of  them are all high and dry at  the moment. Tide's dead out  and the slough, apart from a  creek on the farther side, is  a slimy morass, foul-smelling  even on this damp day and  empty of water. I experience  a definite sinking feeling.  Luke Carver, who's not far  ahead of me must be reading  my mind. "Welcome to the  a���hole of the earth I" he  says.  We dump the supplies off  at the shake-sided cookshack  where a small Chinaman  without much English excitedly chatters. Craddock ushers  me to his upholstered woodshed of an office and officially  signs me on.  I've heard Chris and Verne  talk about gyppo-camps  without ever quite realizing  what they meant by the term.  I'm about to find out. This is  the opposite side of the moon  from Sandspit ��� a make-it  or break-it shoestring show.  I find an empty bed in one of  the splintery-walled bunkhouses. The crew's still  out in the woods. I lie back on  the army-bunk and resign  myself to whatever comes  next. I reason, half-guiltily,  it's better than riding boxcars.  That night at a greasy  porkchop supper that bodes  ill for the future, I'm introduced brusquely by Craddock  to the rest of the crew.  There's Harry Stockton, the  hooktender, short, late-  twenties, cocky-looking;  Axel Johansen who's not long  from the fiords, speaks in a  heavy accent, is tall, shy,  does the chasing; the donkey-  puncher, Slim Brinks, human  beanpole, good-humoured  maybe because he's bunching  her at the end of the week;  Ted Jimmy the rigging-  slinger, an Indian kid with a  pock-marked, sullen face;  Clarence his younger brother  who's setting chokers and  looks a fraction more sociable.  Not a very prepossessing  bunch. I feel small empathy  with any of them.    This is  NOW RENTING  EXECUTIVE  HOUSE APARTMENTS  OVERLOOKING GIBSONS HARBOUR.  1 and  37 Deluxe  2 Bedroom Suites  FEATURING -  ���Controlled Front Entrance  ���Coloured Appliances  ���Cablevision  ���Panoramic View  ���Extra Sound-Proof Suites  ��� Drapes  ���Wall-to-Wall Carpet  RENTS from $230.00  TO INQUIRE PHONE    KoD*>>24Dw  not quite the total population  of Craddock's Slough. There  is apparently a cat-skinner  called Jean Dupree who lives  with Mary, his woman, in a  cabin up the creek. The  others speak of them disparagingly. They sound  jealous.  Next morning I'm standing  in the dripping brush with a  coil of rubber-coated wire  around my neck, trying to  blow whistles for the first  time. There's nothing to the  damn job actually but I'm  nervous. The ground is  flat and swampy with considerable underbrush; the  timber, small and scrubby  compared with Queen Charlotte wood. They're yarding  with a decrepit 10-10  Lawrence ��� the poor man's  donkey, lt isn't long on guts  and there are frequent  hangups. 1 fluff the signals  a few times. "Goddammit,  punk, get them bastards  right!" hollers the short-  fused Stockton. I seethe  inwardly. It's traditionally  part of this job to take guff  but I sure don't have to like it.  To minimize the verbal  abuse, I force myself to  get better, I listen intently  to each falsetto shout like an  eavesdropper; limber my  fingers to click the bug  more deftly. Despite my  efforts, I still make mistakes.  Stockton loses no opportunity  to harrangue me. "Jesus!  Clean them bloody ears out,  eh?" I begin to detest the  arrogant little bastard but I'm  in no position to talk back.  Broke in the middle of  nowhere, 1 suffer his insults  in silence. By the end of the  week, I begin to adjust to  the unpleasant environment  as a man adjusts to jail.  Slim Brinks, the long-  geared engineer, heads in  with the supply-boat, his  last paycheque like a parole  in his pocket. I'm sorry to see  him go. He seemed the only  man on the crew with any  sort of laughter in him. The  rest appear to be humourless ��� smouldering with dull  hostilities. Axel the chaser is  an exception and maybe Lee  Ching but neither speaks  English worth a damn and it's  hard to forgive the Chinaman's inept cooking. I give  up trying to communicate with  any of them and proceed to  scour the shacks for reading-  material. It's a sorry selection ��� old True Detective  magazines. Confession  books, ancient Reader's  Digests, endless westerns.  I devour them resignedly,  wishing I'd had the money  to buy some sciencefiction  magazines in Rupert. Working here is bad enough but  the nights and weekends  promise to be grimmer.  The brokendown radio pulls  in   one   bad   station   from  Bxaan  Twilight Theatre  What may be the finest film  of thc decade, Woody Allen's  Annie Hall, is showing at the  Twilight Theatre next week for an  all too brief three-day appearance  Sunday, August 6, Monday August 7. and Tuesday, August  8. Thc Academy Award winning  feature shown last October at  the Twilight was directed by  Woody Allen and written by  Allen in conjunction with Marshall Brickman.  The episode tale is fragmented  into various scenes of past and  present, some being very funny  and others, while not especially  hilarious, emerge as satirical  and potent comments on relationships in today's society. The production is also a love poem to  Woody Allen's favourite co-star  and former leading lady in real  life, Diane Keaton. The script  allows her to be endearing,  irritating, awkward, sophisticated, charming, funny and  beautiful at different times and  she handles two old favourites,  "It Had to be You" and "Seems  Like Old Times" well. Use of the  latter is the theme song and the  bittersweet ending make this the  most sentimental of Allen's  films.  Annie Hall should please those  who are not Allen enthusiasts  in addition to his fans because of  its romantic theme. A number of  names have cameo roles including composer-singer Paul Simon  and Colleen Dewhurst.  Since last seen in Gibsons  Annie Hall has won Academy  Awards for Diane Keaton as Best  Actress and for Allen himself as  Best Director.  The sex comedy, Mallbu  Beach, plays Wednesday, August 2. through Saturday, August  5. The film which carries the  B.C.Censor's Mature rating  warns of "some nude and suggestive scenes" relates the adventures of young California  beach types involved in various  escapades and sex adventures,  including drag racing, cruising,  wild parties, sex interludes and  the familiar confrontation  with  Ketchican which seems  dedicated to playing the  corniest music this side of  Guy Lombardo. The mudflats  sprawl dismally beyond  the window exuding the  odour of rotten fish. It's  better when the tide fills the  bay like a bottle, drowning  the smells, rocking the  patchwork camp afloat  with clean salt water.  (TWILIGHT  (THEATRE?  .      886-2827 GIBSONS      ,  m.  urs., Fri.,  Sat. Aug. 2,3,4,5  vVARNING:Some nude andsuggestlvescenes  Sun., Aug. 6at 11 p.m.    {^B^  DOUBLE FEATURE - HORROR SHOW  EMPIRE OF THE ANTS and SQUIRM   (out approx. 2 a.m.)   Special   Return   Engagement  of this Academy Award Winning Feature.  BEST ACTRESS  BEST DIRECTOR  Sun., Mon., Tues.  Aug. 6,7,8  8p.m.  WOODY  ALLEN  ... DIANE  ANNIE HALL ��  A nervous romance nUDCPi IO  the tough-guy bully.  Sunday, August 6, will see a  late night, 11:00 p.m. double  horror feature including Empire  of thc Ants and Squirm, the  latter bearing the B.C.Censor's  Mature warning. The double  feature will run until approximately 2:00 a.m. and is a one  night only presentation of the  Twilight Theatre.  Come cry l  with me  Dear Ann,  My work takes me away from  home for two weeks or ten days,  depending on weather and other  conditions. We have no children,  but 1 have a pretty wife. Whenever I come home unexpectedly,  she's usually away. If not away,  she has someone I don't know,  visiting. I feel something is going  on. I should say, I wonder if  she's loving another man in my  absense. What do you think?  Doubtful  Dear Doubtful:  Well, you certainly have little  to go on. When a partner is unfaithful. I think instinctively one  knows. There's a barrier where  there used to be ease and closeness. It isn't always another person; it can be a grudge for a  wrong, imagined or otherwise.  Are you attentive when you are  home? Do you give her your undivided attention for a few hours  when you return? Really look at  her, bring a little surprise,  flowers or a small gift, let her  know in some way your feelings.  If she responds, you'll see and  feel how it's going. We can trust  our feelings, more than our suspicions.  Dear Ann:  My man is a businessman. He  is always putting off sex. If hc  does get romantic, it's a flash in  the pan; I feel like I'm in a  dream. I can't tell for sure  what happens, but it doesn't  happen for me. Is this a usual  problem? Hanging  Dear Hanging,  Yes, very. It's also difficult to  do anything about. It's like the  sex drive has been altered into  a success drive. Money and  power take first place in some  people's lives, men particularly.  You'll.find this in tired mothers  too. Womenget so wrapped up in  their children that the husband  fades into the background.  After a day of varied chores, crying and problem-solving, little  energy or interest is left for sex.  The only solution I've found is to  leave children with a dependable  person and go off alone. In your  case I think it's imperative to get  away from familiar surroundings  and the telephone. Our society is  filled with interruptions. That  doesn't help; interruptions can  kill drive and desire! How many  times have you given up love-  making after thc phone rings? So  get away overnight for dinner and  EHhighum n  ��-   Astrology  By Rae Ellingham  Week Commencing: July 31.  General Notes: The Sun and New  Moon square Uranus warning us  to prepare for sudden, unexpected conditions as the week closes.  Because of the New Moon influence, these new conditions should  last a whole month. The curious  may wish to take note.  Babies born this week will have  four planets in Virgo indicating a  strong ability to sift and analyse  much     detailed      information.  However, they should be taught  not to criticize unnecessarily and,  instead,   view   matters   on   a  broader scale. Here's an astrological quotation  from  good old  William Shakespeare:  "There's some ill planet reigns,  I must be patient till thc heavens/  look  With an aspect more favorable.  ARIES (Much 21 - April 19)  Social activities, pleasures,  amusements, romance, and love  affairs arc subject to unusual or  weird conditions. Weekend arrangements should bc scrapped  In favour of spontaneous get-  togethers. Health and employment matters are under strong  focus.  TAURUS (April 20-May 20)  Domestic blow-ups seem inevitable as those close to you fail to  see your point of view. Partners  and loved ones are cranky and  should be left alone. You're in  too serious a mood to enjoy weekend fun and frivolity.  GEMINI (May 21-June 21)  Phone calls, letters, short  visits, local messages all require  sudden decisions. Avoid dust-  ups with brothers, sisters, and  neighbours. Domestic situation  needs extra information for  clearer analyses. Highway  driving requires much care on  Thursday.  CANCER (June 22-July 22)  Financial affairs are subject to  sudden losses or gains. Think  deeply before making commitment to new speculative venture.  Possessions must be guarded  against loss, theft, or breakdown  as week closes. Children are soon  thc source of added expenses.  Letter brings sombre news.  LEO (July 23 - Aug. 22)  Sudden events shake you up  emotionally. Unexpected domes-  a hotel. That's to gct into focus  on each other again. If you can't  afford a night away, go and camp  on the beach or in a park. Rent a  boat and go to an island for a  picnic. We are bombarded by so  many sights and sounds. 1 feel It's  thc only way to make thc world  stop and get off for a while. Businessmen get keyed up and competitive, and have a difficult  time slowing down.  tic upsets force you to change  image and outlook. Now's thc  time to abandon old ideas and  habits. Financial affairs still  need detailed investigation.  Those born around August 3  must expect twelve months of  changed conditions.  VIRGO (Aug.23-Sept.22)  With four planets and the  Moon in your sign, fresh activities  and personal transformation  should be well under way.  Mental ability and common sense  reach all-time high so stick to  decisions. Weekend messages or  journeys are linked to hospitals  and friends in seclusion.  LIBRA (Sept. 23 ��� Oct. 23)  Mars enters your sign bringing  a fresh burst of new personal activities for thc next six weeks.  Advice, however, is not to rush  into projects without thorough  planning. Meanwhile, old friends  and acquaintances arc linked to  financial disagreements as the  week closes.  SCORPIO (Oct. 24-Nov. 22)  Honour, position, reputation,  and reliability receive unexpected  jolt owing to your unconventional  approach. This is no time to  flaunt rebellious streak. Advice is  to apologize sincerely and make  swift amends. Meanwhile, focus  is still on group projects, community affairs, lending a helping  hand and assisting neighbours.  SAGITTARIUS (Nov.23 - Dee.21)  Long-distance communications  bring unexpected news regarding  forgotten friends or relatives.  A few of you will have to take  sudden journeys to far-away  places. Those involved with upcoming university or college  courses must prepare for changed  procedures. Paper work is still  connected to career interests and  promotions.  CAPRICORN (Dec. 22 ��� Jan. 19)  Other people's financial affairs  arc thc center of weekend disruptions. However, this is no time to  lend money or possessions to  mere outsiders. Be prepared for  sudden changes regarding personal insurance and lax matters.  AQUARIUS (Jan. 20-Feb. 18)  Partnerships and close associations could end suddenly now  owing to explosive conditions.  Many of you may be forced to  defend your position and reputation before peaceful activities  resume. Despite thc turmoil, it's  no time to sign agreements or  seek legal advice. Marriages face  ;i lesl period.  PISCES (Feb. 19-Mar. 21)  Employment scene is tense  and wise workers will consider  lakiin; a few days off. Misunder-  statulings regarding innovative  ideas arc thc source of these disruptions. Health problems occur  suddenly and. as usual, professional reassurance should bc  sought.  MM  Granny s   dinner  MENU:  Cold sliced ham  Potato salad  Stuffed tomatoes  Devilled eggs  Plate of pickles  Dessert  Arrange sliced ham on  platter and garnish with  spring onions.  Potato salad: cube cooked  potatoes, add chopped  radishes and chopped spring  onions and gherkins, three or  four hard cooked eggs,  chopped. Spoon in salad  dressing with' a little pickle  juice. Garnish with sliced  hard eggs.  Stuffed tomatoes: scoop  out flesh of large tomatoes,  add chopped celery, apple and  avocado, fill cavities and  garnish with alfalfa sprouts.  Devilled eggs: Remove  yolks of hard cooked eggs and  mash with a fork. Add  chopped spring onions and  salad dressing and refill  eggs.  DESSERT: Ice Cream:  Make ice cream balls and  roll them in crumbled macaroons. Serve with any good  liqueur poured over them.  [""I Create your own home  ^ cooking center  *3S  i  tie  il  The powered  y ventilation system  is built wtihm the  range, capturing  smoke and odors  more efficiently  with JENNAIR GRILL-RANGE  Jenn-Air s incredibly vetsatile model  selection lets you create a fange to meet  your every need1 In cooktops. choose the  beauty ol smooth white glass-ceramic or  ^      the electric conventional-eiement Simply  lift out either cartridge lo convert your  range to a Chat-flavor grill m  seconds' Convected or Conventional radiant heat in your oven at  the flip o) a switch' The Conven-  . tional cooks your present  | recipes without change  -Convected. your Jenn-A.r  .cooks cooler and taster  (Turkeys roasts and hams cook  at 50  lower temperature  reducing cooking tune  as much as 30V|  CARPET-CABINET-CERAMIC CENTRE  ���  Highway 101  North Rd., Gibsons  cc.ee  4 vail our showroom or phone for the brochure  describing Jenn-Airs complete line  ol rengea end cooktops  Flaahlng  W'"' 886-2765  STORE HOURS  THURSDAY, FRIDAY. SATURDAY  10 a.m. - 5 p.m.  mmm From the Cab Stand  By John Moore         ' compared to many other creat-   ���  ures.   is   remarkably   short.  Politics is humankind's The period of our existence as  collective reaction to change, an intelligent species, during  Politics is therefore as change- which we have built civiliza-  able as humanity itself. In a tions. and destroyed them,  period of accelerated change, created innumerable works  humanity's ability to adjust of art and philosophy, ex-  and direct thc course of plorcd and mapped the globe,  change must accordingly observed much of the solar-  become more acute and re- system, galaxy and other  fined. With the advent of galaxies by telescope, walked  instant satellite communica- in space and on the surface  tions and longrange weapons of the moon, identified the  capable of rendering the basic chemical components  planet uninhabitable, our little of life, and recently con-  rock in space has truly ceived a member of our own  become. as Marshall species in an external scientif-  Mcl.uhan puts it. a "global ically controlled environment,  village". It is suddenly very has been shorter still. We  small, very crowded, and if are still an experimental  the manure hits thc fan model. It is fittingly ironic  there is no place to hide. Our that we have acquired the  political decisions have to power to destroy ourselves  be made quickly and correct- utterly just as we are on truly, since the time-lag between verge of being able, through  decision and action has developments in computeriza-  dwindled to virtually nil. tion, psychosurgery, and  Films like "Fail Sale" and genetic alteration, to partici-  "Dr, Strongelove" have pate actively and intelligently,  dramatized the dilemma of a perhaps even to control, our  society in which technological own evolution; a feat unique,  efficiency has intensified as tar as we know, to our  the destructiveness of human species,  error to a catastrophic degree. If we are to come through  In the 18th century, the Age this crucial period in the  ol Reason, the poet Alexander evolution of our species, our  Pope could write "To err is method of dealing collectively  human, to forgive divine," with these changes, our  but in our age of unreason, politics, must become a  to err may well prove suicidal science. Science, just now,  and forgiveness is a virtue is not a word which exacts a  that our unborn children and sympathetic response from  grandchildren may never get most ol us. At best, we regard  the option to exercise. it as a mixed blessing, a  II we are to survive as a source of anxiety, since its  species, wc can no longer ceaseless inquiry is an agent  afford such luxuries as ol change and even changes  nationalism, colonial or we are grudgingly prepared to  economic imperialism, and acknowledge as progress arc  militaristic       sabre-rattling, apt to make us ill at ease in  Proponents of the current  nuclear arms race justify it  in terms of the "balance of  power"; in short, the threat of  total   catastrophe   will   sup-  the unfamiliar world they  create. At worst, science  conjures up visions of dangerous research carried on by  amoral, irresponsible techno-  posedly prevent anyone from   crats,    Our popular myths,  actually starting the unthink-   from Mary Shelley's Franken-  able   war.      It's   the   same  argument that was trotted out  several    times    before    and  usually  resulted  in a  major  international  conflict,     Wc,  vvho seem to live from crisis  to crisis, as one   "hotspot"  alter   another   threatens   to  stein to the late show horror  double-bill, abound with variations on the "experiment  that went wrong" theme.  This image is not entirely  undeserved, but science, it  should be noted, is a Latin  word   for   knowledge,    and  precipitate      a      disastrous Knowledge,   whispered   the  confrontation of major powers, serpent, is neither good nor  know that the threat of com- evil in itself. It can, however,  plete     destruction     doesn't be used to promote cither.  prevent anyone from fighting,  and once the fighting starts,  escalation seems as Irresist-  able as the force of gravity.  Those   who   campaign   in  favour of nuclear disarmament  "Political Science" as it is  taught in our universities,  consists largely of the study  of politics and ideology as it  is and has been. This is valuable, vital information, since  are   currently   regarded,   as we have to learn from our  pacifists   have   always   been mistakes, but only gradually  regarded,   as   well-meaning are we  beginning  to  teach  idealisitic   dreamers.       The politics as it should be.    11  cynic in each of us says that that sounds like I'm about to  once   we   have   invented   a dish  out   my   own   political  weapon,  whether it  be  thc opinions,  well,  maybe  in  a  club, bow, gunpowder or the sense I am, but 1 have no  atomic bomb, it is inevitable ideological axe to grind nor  that we will use it against our do I have much patience with  fellow creatures and will not those who do.    In the late  voluntarily put it aside until 19th       century       Friedrich  we have invented something Nietzsche    predicted     that,  even   more   devastating   to while the  19th century  had  replace it.  History appears to fought   wars   of  economics,  bear out this view, yet it is the 20th century would fight  important to remember that wars of ideology.   Every day  humanity    is    an    evolving our news reports testify to  species.          We     invented his acuteness.    Now, as we  weapons as tools to help us approach  the   21st  century,  survive   and   tools   become political    ideologies,     those  obsolete. glorified  opinions  to  which  History   only   appears   to we are so prepared to offer  repeat itself because thc pace sacrifice, are fast becoming  of evolutionary change is so yet another luxury we cannot  agonizingly  slow.     In  fact, afford.    When the survival  the period of human existence of the  species  is  at  issue,  Plumbing  fixtures  for the  do-it-yourselfer  JANE'S  TUB & TOP SHOP  Hours:   Wed.���Sat.   10a.m.���5p.m.  Seaview Place  Gibsons    886-7621  Free delivery from Langdale to Roberts Creek.  Coast News, Auyus; 1, Hi9/'8.  Chamber Music Reviewed  By Allan J.Crane  It was Captain Ian Mackinnon's birthday on July 24. To celebrate the occasion.  Tom Richardson piped him into the dock at Langdale. He received another treat on  board when Chief Steward Janice Lloyd baked him a Birthday cake.  �� CBC Radio  Bv Maryanne West  Coverage of the Common-  wealth (James begins Thursday  wilh Ihe opening ceremonies live  from Edmonton at I p.m. CBC'.  TV coverage begins an hour  earlier.  'Ihere will he a special Games  Magazine on CBC Radio Saturday between 3:30 p.m. and o p.m.  and updates will be included  daily on thc hourly newsreports  with a summary each evening  from I0:20to II p.m.  Guest on Cross Country Checkup will bc Secretary General of  Ihe Commonwealth Games.  Shridath Kamphal of Sri Lanka.  The national open line phone-in  is heard at 2:10 p.m.  Extensive live coverage of Ihe  Games will be on CBC-TV.  Wednesday, August 2  Afternoon Theatre:  2:04 p.m.,  Nicholas   Nickleby-Part   V.   Mr.  Vincent Crummies.  Mostly Music: 10:20p.m.. Mostly  Musicals    ���   The    Veneration  Gap.  Nightcap:    11:20    p.m..    Allan  Ayckbourn, playwright.  Thursday, August 3  Commonwealth Games Opening  Ceremonies: 1:00 p.m.  Playhouse: 8:04 p.m.. The Bright  politics must borrow from  science its strict sytematie  rationality. Our decisions  have to be made knowledgc-  ably and reasonably with thc  future of the whole of humanity in mind. We've backed  ourselves into the ultimate  corner and forced ourselves,  whether we like it or not,  to become our brothers'  keeper.  At any time in history it  must always have appeared  that all the past was but a  rehearsal for that present  moment in time, but we live  in a time when this appearance is nothing more or less  than the unvarnished truth.  It's opening night and a star  is about to be born. If we  flop, if the evolutionary  experiment of an intelligent  species turns out to have been  a disastrous mistake, it's  cold comfort to think that at  least we won't bc around to  ery over the reviews.  Red Herring, by Laurence Gough-  Part V. Seeing is Bereaving.  Country Road: 8:30 p.m.. Alberta  Country singer Keith Hitchncr.  Rodney Dillard, Dick Damron.  Mostly Music: 10:20 p.m.. Mostly  Musicals ��� Put on a Happy Face.  Nlghtcnp: 11:20 p.m.. Poel  P.K.Page.  Friday, August 4  Panning for Gold: 8:04 p.m.,  critical discussion on Paperbacks  ami Children's TV.  Jazz Radio Canada: 8:30 p.m..  .la// from thc Wilflower Ottawa.  Commonwealth Games Summary: 10:20 p.m.  Mostly Music: 11:07 p.m.. Mostly  Musicals ��� Broadway openings.  Nightcap:    12:07    a.m..    Aldo  Ciccolinl,  interpreter of French  composer, Erik Satie.  Saturday, Augusts  Commonwealth    Games    Magazine: 3:30 p.m., until 6 p.m.  Between Ourselves: 6:15 p.m.,  A Guardian of the Frozen North,  biography   of   Murray    Walts,  mining engineer from Cobalt.  H.M. The   Queen's     Address:  8:30 p.m.. live from Edmonton.  Games Summary: 10:07p.m.  Anthology:    11:07    p.m.,    The  Poet's Voice-Part V, 18 writers,  Pope.  Grav.  Goldsmith.   Blake-  Part    II.    .1. R.R.Tolkien    talks  about his life and work.  Sunday, August 6  Cross Country Check-up: 2:10  p.m.. guest Shridath Pamphal,  Secretary General of thc Commonwealth Games.  The Entertainers: 4:35 p.m..  Stevie Wonder-Part X. Profile  of Phoebe Snow. Charlotte-  town Theatre.  Music de Chez Nous: 7:07 p.m..  Kenneth Gilbert, harpsichord;  Rameau, Frobcrger, Handel.  Bach.  My Music: 8:35 p.m., B.B.C.  quiz.  Folk Fair: 1:07 p.m.. The Farmer  in Folk Music.  Games Summary: 10:07 p.m.  Gold   Rush:  8:30  p.m..   Jessie  Winchester in concert, repeat.  Games Summary: 10:20 p.m.  Mostly Music: 11:07 p.m.. Mostly  Musicals ��� Ballct-who.  Nightcap:    12:07   a.m..    Actor  Jack Lemmon.  Tuesday, August 8  Games Summary: 10:20 p.m.  Mostly    Music:     11:07    p.m..  f Radio /haek  Mostly Musicals  American Opera.  Nightcap: 12:07  ol I orcl Joseph Duvecn  lhc  Ureal  i.m..   Career  CHOI M Radio 105.7  Thursday: 9:04 p.m.. Tribute to  La Scala's 200year anniversary.  Saturday Audience: ":04 p.m.,  Part I. The Stratford and Shaw  Festivals. Part II. Bernard Herman ��� Film Composer.  C.B.C..TV Highlights  Thursday: Commonwealth Games  12 noon to 4 p.m. Opening  ceremonies ai 1 p.m.  Friday: Live games coverage���  9:00 a.m.. 12:30 p.m. and 6:00  p.m.  Saturday: Live Games coveragc-  12:30 p.m. ��� 3 p.m.: b ��� 8:30  p.m.  Royal Visit 8:30 p.m.. her Majesty's .speech lo the Nation.  Games Summary: 4:1X1 p.m.  Sunday: Commonwealth Games,  9:00 'a.m.-I I a.m.; 12:30  ���4:30 p.m.; 0:00 p.m. ��� 8  p.m. Wrap up at 8:30 p.m.  Monday: Commonwealth Games,  '1:30 a.m. ���II a.m.; 12:30 p.m.���  2:30 p.m.: 3:00p.m.���5p.m.  Royal Visit '78: 8 p.m.. The  Queen's visit to Newfoundland,  Saskatchewan and Alberla.  Commonwealth Gaines 9���11  p.m.; wrapup at 11:40p.m.  Tuesday: Commonwealth Games,  4:30 a.m.���3:00 p.m.; 3:30  p.m.���4:30 p.m.: 4:00���11 p.m.  Wrapup 11:40 p.m.'  There does not seem to be  much interest in chamber music  on Ihe Sunshine Coasl. A concert  last Friday. July 28 at Elphinstone drew a sparse audience  barely exceeding thirty, but the  sniall audience enjoyed a variety  of good music performed by lhc  Trio Lieto (Joyful Three! ranging  from the classical slylings of  Mo/arl lo Ihe uniquely successful blending of Eastern and  Western styles, old and new.  of the contemporary American  composer Alan Hovahncss.  The trio consisted of Carol  Westdal. soprano, and Lisa  Challans (bolh third year students  in U.B.C.'s Faculty of MusUl  and clarinetist Robert Sheffield  who graduated this year and will  be leaving in Ihe fall for Cincinnati! where he will be involved  in post-graduate work. Ihe trio  has been concertizlng extensively  in Ihe greater Vancouver area  during (he summer and their  engagement here is the only one  outside (hat area.  There were a number of inaccuracies in Lisa's accompaniments, perhaps due to nervousness, but she generally maintained a good empathy with her  fellow performers and was  musically sound in giving her  parts the right degree of emphasis or subservience. Carol has  a pleasing voice somewhat nasal  in its production. She handled  with assurance the coloratura  in Mozart's "Parto. parte"  (Clemenza di Tito), and the range  of this aria, originally for male  alto (castrato). suited her voice  well. She is more a mezzo-  soprano repertoire.  Robert Sheffield is a fine  musician with a sure command of  his instrument enabling him to  produce the shades and nuances  of tone which characterized  his playing.  SUNSHINE COAST  PEST CONTROL  Space limitations preclude a  detailed analysis of the music  played, but the Sunshine Coast  Arts Council is to be commended  for bringing these promising  musicians to play for us. I  wish them all well with their  continuing studies.  CAMpbells  FAMILY SHOES and LEATHER GOODS  NEXT TO BATHROOM ACCENT  IN THE   HEART OFSECHELT  Your friendly neighbourhood      > ,-  drop-off point for Coast News  \7S>  Classified Ads. ~  'J*i M M.M.M.M M.M.M M M M M M M M M M M M M t  ~  POTTERY SALE  Saturday, August 5  Sechelt  St.    Hilda's     Hall,  9:30a.m. to 1:00p.m.  all    pots     hand-crafted  Elaine Futterman  by  885-2015  WbrfW^MW4b4b4k4^b.��W^b4rriWib4h4^4iV^bri  Wo offer o  Complete Pest  Control Servici  883-2531  INCOME TAX  FRANCHISE AVAILABLE  H&R BLOCK  THE INCOME TAX PEOPLE  We are looking for an individual to operate  an income tax office in Gibsons.  We furnish:     Training  Advertising  Supplies  For further information write or call:  H&R BLOCK,  243 6th Street,  New Westminster, B.C.  V3L3A5 PH: 524-4252  NOW AVAILABLE  MORTGAGE  MONEY  No penalty  for prepayment in part or in whole.  We Finance:  ��� Land  ��� Residential Homes  ��� Revenue Properties  Sunshine Coast Credit Union  Cowrie Street, Sechelt, B. C. 885-3255  serving the residents  of the Sunshine Coast since 1941 Coast News, August 1,1978.  CO-OP  MEAT  By the Piece  BOLOGNA  (Halves)  FRYING  CHICKEN  Schneiders  STEAKS eoM .29  98  93*  lb.  Ib.  Breakfast  SAUSAGE  ���1.39,  Skinless        1 lb. pkg. ��4      4 A  WIENERS " .19  Regular  GROUND $.1   AQ  less than I   a^J2V  30% fat "   " w w  GROCERY  lb.  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Prescesky  and Rottluff. Trustee Spieker-  mann was not present but was  expected to arrive for the in-  camera part of the meeting.  The meeting was called to  order at 7:33 p.m., and the  routine adoption of agenda and  so forth was completed. Mr.  Jorgenson felt that he had been  misquoted in attaching blame for  thc arena's financial difficulties  to the School Board, lt was  agreed that Mr. Jorgenson would  have to make a formal presentation to the Board if any further  action or consideration was  required.  "^md     YOUR AUTOPLAN  ^HB>.    CENTR]  Seaside Plaza  886-2000  886-9121  Taking care of  all your Real Estate Needs  Evenings Norm Peterson  886-2607  9 Crafts 6 Hobbies  Seaside Plaza, Gibsons  886-2811  Do you know wc have: Beads ���  Stamps ��� Paints ��� Brushes ���  Acrylics ���  All types of toys & games???  NOW YOU KNOW!  Local Dealer For...WINE ART SUPPLIED  ��  'L/fci'"  DOWN! CM  C  ��� New Hours:  k.. idav io Friday 6 a.m.���6 p.m  Saturday & Sunday 7 a.m.���6 p.m.  FOR A DELICIOUS LIGHT LUNCH,  GIVE THE  VEGIE-BURGER A TRY!  886-2888  Under Correspondence, a  letter from Langley School District concerning teacher probationary appointments, tabled at  the previous meeting, was discussed. Superintendent Denley  informed the Board that all  teachers, whether new to the profession or not, are presently  hired as continuing appointments  and that beginning teachers  could, by motion of the Board,  be placed on probation during the  first year of their appointment.  Probation can be instituted  for continuing teachers, but this  requires a different and more  complex procedure. He further  pointed out the fact that if probation is instituted in the case of a  beginning teacher, it must be  settled by the end of the year  either by termination of the  probation or by extending it for  a second year.  Trustee Frizzell felt that a kind  of internship for teachers new to  thc profession was important,  and that at present few teachers  were being removed for inability  to perform their duties properly.  He believed that thc institution  of an automatic one year probationary term for beginning  teachers would improve the  quality of the profession, and thc  Board voted unanimously to  support thc concept.  There was no discussion as  thc changes in administration  at Pender Harbour Secondary  School recommended by the  School District's Management  Committee and reported in last  week's Coast News were  approved. These changes involve  the re-assignation of present  Principal Frank Holmes to a  teaching position effective September 1 and the assignation of  Director of Instruction John  Nicholson to the position of  Acting Principal at that school  while the search for a principal  is conducted.  In response to a question.  Board Chairman Douglas disclaimed any connection between  these administrative changes and  the brief submitted by a group  calling   itself  the   "Concerned  VARIETY FOODS  SNACK BAR & DELI  886-29361  SNACKS IN THE SUN  ���' 'smb.' ��� ������-���r'l'txi.mmmmiimmmilmASi^r-  A\\\  c  NOTICE BOARD  -al  Victor Tataryn was taken to St. Mary's Hospital with leg injuries after his cat rolled  over, pinning him beneath it. Gibsons Fire Department managed to free him by  cutting through the cab of the machine.  Parents Committee", and said Capital Expense Programme 4 for  that the changes were made to  meet the needs of the school.  The spokesman for this group.  Al Lloyd, was quoted in another  newspaper as saying that Superintendent Denley had refused  to recognize thc group and that  Denley and School District Secretary-Treasurer Mills rather  than the Board were making the  decisions. This assertion drew  a strong reaction from the  Trustees, particularly Trustee  Clayton who strenuously disagreed with implications to thc  effect that thc Board was unduly  influenced by thc District Superintendent and asserted, "The  Board is its own boss". Thc  District Superintendent and the  Secretary-Treasurer arc the  Board's paid advisors, and the  District Superintendent will be  looking for a principal for Pender  Harbour Secondary School on  behalf of thc Board.  There wus considerable discussion on Item 2 of tho Management Committee's Report concerning the funds provided under  <3H&  The advertisers on this page  are members of:  GIBSONS HARBOUR  BUSINESS ASSOCIATION  CLEAN IT NOW!  Time Sets Stains  Before you Store it Away, Bring it  to Us for Cleaning.  Peninsula Cleaners  & Laundry  ALTERATIONS & REPAIRS  DRVtLEnninc  Semite  WHARF ROAD With 1521 GOWER PT. RD.  SECHELT 2 locations GIBSONS, B.C.  885-9554     to serve you best I 886-2200  the removal of the six classroom  units from Pender Harbour Secondary School site to a new site  as this may bc a determining  factor in thc location of a new  School Board Office. The lease  on the premises presently occupied expires this year. Thc  Regional Board's lease also expires this year, and a letter from  them proposing a joint-use facility on their property in Sechelt  was introduced into the discussion.  Most of the discussion, however, centered around thc possibility of moving the Pender  Harbour portables to one of the  School Board's sites and refurbishing them as School Board  Offices. It seems unlikely that  this could fit into the Regional  Board's concept of a facility for  joint use. Several Trustees  favoured thc idea of using (he  portables for offices. Trustee  Rottluff felt that the savings  which result from doing this  rather than constructing a new  building would result in more  money being available to meet  students'needs.  Secretary-Treasurer Mills  pointed out the fact that the  Ministry of Education's Building  Manual provides for school  board offices of only 2,800  square feet as a shareable  expense. This is the approximate  area of the premises presently  leased, but three members of  the District Staff are located  outside of that area at Chatelech School. Any area constructed in excess of 2,800 square  feet would be a non-shareable  expense. Furthermore, school  board offices are a priority five  item with the Ministry, and as  such a new construction is  extremely unlikely to receive  approval, at least for the forthcoming year.  Trustee Prescesky expressed  apprehension over the idea of  using thc portables as a new  School Board Office and suggested that architect Killick be  involved in a consultative capac-  Phone 886-2622       or     886-7817  SEA CAVALCADE  Queen's Ball. Saturday, August 12, 9:00 p.m. ��� 1:00 a.m.  Elphinstone Gym.   Music by the Penn Kings.   Admission  $3.50 per person. Tickets available at local stores and from  Queen contestants.  SAILING RACES  After a three week pause, it is hoped to begin sailing races again  at the government campground in Porpoise Bay this July 30 at  1:30 p.m.  Previous races saw a turnout of six to eight boats and it is hoped  to have a larger entry this time. Would those interested in  participating please phone 885-9440 and leave their name and  number.  ELPHINSTONE PIONEER MUSEUM  Now open for the summer, 9 a.m.���4 p.m., Monday through  Saturday.  AL-ANON MEETING  Every Thursday in Gibsons at 8:00 p.m. For  886-9569 or 886-9037.  information call  t.f.n.  THRIFTSHOP  Every Friday: Gibsons United Church Thriftshop in basement.  1 p.m.���3p.m.  ETHEL EDWARDS EXHIBIT AT WHITAKER HOUSE  Dogwoods, florals, seascapes and miniatures will be on display  for the last solo show of the season. Gallery artists' works will be  on view for the rest of the summer.  NEW BOOKS  Many new books have been added to the Pender Harbour Library.  Come in and have a look. For a $2.00 yearly membership you may  take out four books at a time or for $3.00 you may take out six  books. The library is open Tuesdays & Thursdays, from 11:30���  3:30 and on Saturdays 1:30���4:30.  FLORON  AGENCIES LTD  REAL ESTATE  INSURANCE  1S89 Marine Drive Gibsons,  RON McSAVANEY  AGENT  885-3339  OFFICE: 886-2248  JOHN BLACK  886-7316  Church Services  Roman Catholic Services  Rev,T.Nicholson. Pastor  Times of Sunday Mass:  8:00 p.m. Saturday and 12 Noon  Sunday at St.Mary's Gibsons  In Scchclt:8:30a.m. Our Lady of  Lourdes Church, Indian Reserve  10:00 a.m. Holv Family Church  885-9526  GIBSONS PENTECOSTAL  CHURCH  Highway & Martin  Sunday School 9:45  Morning Worship 11:00  Evening Fellowship 7:00  Bible    Study-Tuesday,    7:30  Pastor Ted Boodle  886-7107 or 886-9482  Affiliated with the  Pentecostal Assemblies of  Canada  SEVENTH-DAY ADVENTIST  CHURCH  Sabbath School Sat.3:00 p.m.  Hour of Worship Sat.. 4:00 p.m.  St.John's United Church  Davis Bay  Pastor C.Drciberg  Everyone Welcome  For information phone:  885-9750 or  883-2736  ity. A meeting will bc arranged  between Trustee Prescesky.  Roy Mills and Maintenance  Superintendent Bob Rutter  at which Trustee Prescesky's  reservations can be further dis-  cussed.  The question of location,  regardless of just what eventually  comprises the School Board  Offices, was the subject of lively  discussion. Trustee Clayton  felt that thc offices should be  geographically central and that  Sechelt. therefore, should be  chosen as the location. It was  generally agreed, however, that it  was not dcsircablc to have thc  offices located on a school site  effectively eliminating the  Chatelech site from consideration. Trustee Rottluff reported  that Gibsons electors had  expressed quite strongly their  wishes that the offices should  remain in Gibsons. Chairman  Douglas expressed the opinion  that thc offices should bc in one  of the major population centres  whereupon Trustee Frizzell  suggested Davis Bay with a  population of 2.000 as opposed  to Sechelt's 900or so.  Trustee Clayton felt that the  Resource Centre should be included in the complex, Roy  Mills observed, however, that  delivery twice a week made an  end location more efficient and  the need for the Resource Centre  to be in a central location was not  critical.  Because of ihe many questions  to be resolved and the political  considerations involved. Superintendent John Denley suggested  that a matrix of the alternatives  be prepared and a Committee  struck to consider them, possibly  by a process of elimination. This  suggestion was adopted by the  Board.  In other School Board business,  thc matter of Policy concerning  Principal Administrative Time  and Relieving Teacher Time was  tabled until the business meeting  in September as was a questionnaire on the Atypical Child.  '���4,000 were approved as capital  funding for new equipment at  thc Native Environmental Studies  Programme premises at Tzoodnic  (Deserted Bay). Water for the  new Pender Harbour Secondary  School is to be provided from  Anderson Creek and the Regional Board is to be contacted to  request their participation  in construction of the water  line. A sprinkling system at  Langdale Elementary School  will be included in next year's  Capital Expense Programme  (S), and it is hoped that this  will satisfy thc requirements of  the Insurance Corporation of  British Columbia.  The meeting recessed at 9:15  p.m. to reconvene later as Committee of the Whole.  UNITED CHURCH  Rev. Annette M.Reinhardt  9:30a.m.   St.John's  Davis Bay  11:15a.m. -Gibsons  886-2333  GLAD TIDINGS TABERNACLE  Gower Point Road  Phone 886-2660  Sunday School -9:45 a.m.  Worship Service - 11:00 a.m.  Revival-7:00p.m.  Bible Study-Wed. 7:30 p.m.  Pastor Nancy Dykes  Ten  to a  Dozen?!  A dozen is a dozen.  The B.C.Metric Conversion  Office has learned that someone  is distributing a bogus 'Metric  Bulletin' which falsely states that  after September 1 a dozen will  contain ten items rather than  twelve and the gross will be  reduced to one hundred units  from one-hundred and forty-four.  It also indicates that beer and  eggs would have to bc sold in  packs of five and ten.  "This is a hoax." said Gene  Gosh, director of the B.C.Metric  Conversion office. "The size  of the dozen will in no way be  affected by metric conversion;  a dozen contains twelve by definition and nobody could change  that even if they wanted to."  The real 'Metric Bulletin'  is issued by the federal Metric  Commission. The bogus bulletin  shows Canada's metric symbol  leaning to the left rather than to  the right. Strokers  By Dennis Gray  In thc mountains behind Gold-  bridge there is a spot called  Taylor Basin. It is eight miles off  the road from Goldbridge to many  other pleasant places. The road/  trail follows the Cinnebar Creek  and was last used regularly in  Ihe thirties by the Lucky Strike  mine. The country is mostly low  heavy-timbered mountains; the  trail is a pleasant ride on a motorcycle and one sixin begins to  concentrate on riding; that is  why WC were there. Before long  wc were racing up thc mountain,  oblivious to everything except  the trail and each other. When  we suddenly burst out of the  heavy timber wc all stopped,  struck by thc stunning beauty of  thc mountains on cither side. Wc  had passed within five miles of  this place often. How could such  Banff-like beauty be so well hidden? We stopped many times  over the next few miles to enjoy a  small clear stream, an alpine  meadow, or colour gushing from  the earth and flowing down the  hillside in purple flowers. Each  hill,each corner in the trail gave  a new visual experience, scenes  that cannot bc compressed into  a camera image yet would always  remain clear in our memories.  When wc reached the high  basin it was as if we had suddenly  found Shangri-la. Thc mountains  stood high around us on three  sides, barren of trees except for  a few tenatious shrubs clinging to  thc crumbling rocks. The mountains looked old and worn with  their jagged edges long ago  rounded off by the severe weather. It was the first time I had  heard silence. I think it can only  bc heard in the high mountains:  everything is so distant and yet  so close and it surrounds you. the  occasional marmot whistle, millions of droplets of melting snow  joyously re-starting their cycle,  the faint sounds of the wind in  the distance as if the mountains  were breathing. There was no  noise, just Ihe sounds of the  mountains. Great slashes of snow  ran down the shadowed side of  thc mountain almost to where we  stood. They cleaned and cooled  the breeze and collected in a clear  stream that ran between three  old log cabins before it dashed,  laughing and splashing, down the  way we had come.  We spent several days there.  Wc watched the marmots and the  deer, we enjoyed thc sunshine  and the rain, we rolled in the  snow and bathed in the icy  streams and over lush green carpets sprinkled with flowers. We  hiked into thc clouds. We took  part of it with us and left part of  us behind, but we left happier  and younger and much more  humble. Keep on stroking!  I ���  | TED HUMEJ  j SERVICES !  Debbie Rhodes is shown here competing in the  DRESSAGE event, which is one of the three  phases of a recent Three Day Event,   B.C. Summer Games  The British Columbia Summer  Games will be held in Penticton,  British Columbia, August 17,  18. 19 and 20. The Opening  Ceremonies will be August 16,  7:00p.m.  The first ever British Columbia  Summer Games will begin  August 16 with the traditional  parade of the athletes and  torch-lighting ceremony. Premier  William R.Bennett, assisted by  Salmon Derby  the Minister of Recreation and  Conservation, Sam Bawlf, and  Penticton Mayor Al Kenyon,  will officially open the Games.  Some 3,460 athletes, ranging in  age from thirteen to eighty,  from all corners of British Columbia, will participate in thirty-one  sports.  The games will be telecast  throughout thc province.  Approximately eighty early  bird competitors dropped their  lines today in the eleventh annual  B.C. Salmon Derby. The Derby,  which is limited to five hundred  entries, will continue through  September 4.  The largest salmon caught will  earn thc Derby winner fifty percent of the entry money or a maximum of $25,000. Approximately  $5,000 in other prizes will go to  the top ten finishers, the mystery  weight, and thc biggest coho.  Daiwa and Mercury have supplied the prizes.  Early entrants expect the first  run of big fish to come at the  north end of Howe Sound or in the  Sooke area. The Egmont and  Campbell River areas will come  on in early August.  The entry fee is $100 and entitles the fisherman to weigh in  ten Derby salmon. Entries can be  obtained from B.C. Salmon  Derby. P.O. Box 730. New Westminster.  Boundaries for the event arc  the entrance to Seymour Narrows  in '-north and Sooke on Vancouver KLind in thc south.  PNE Extravaganza  AUTHORIZED  I   Home   !  : |  j Equipment!  I   Dealer   I  FURNACES  ; ;  ��� HOT WATER HEATERS\  HUMIDIFIERS  CUSTOMIZED  WARMAIR  HEATING SYSTEMS  CALL  886-2951  A colourful stage and water  show���the first-ever production  of its kind in British Columbia-  will open during Pacific National  Exhibition "Discovery Fair"  days, August 19 to September 4.  This special attraction���thc  Captain Cook Pageant���will run  twice each day in the Special Features Bowl at 3:00 and 9:00 p.m.  The pageant is a salute to Captain Cook, the British explorer  who sailed the Canadian west  coast in 1778.  This exciting concept in a combined water and stage production  will re-enact the adventures of  Captain Cook as he rounds thc  Cape and crosses the Pacific  Ocean in search of the Northwest Passage.  Kelven Andrew, British  Columbia's Bicentennial���������ftain  Cook, will narrate and star in  the production. Staging and direction of the forty-five minute  production is by Rai Purdy. The  specially composed music, all  original, will bc conducted by  Bobby Hales.  Thc show's cast of thirty-four  re-enacts Cook's discovery of the  Hawaiian Islands and his first  encounter with native west Coast  Indians. The native Indians, a  cast of ten, three from the Dan  George family, use pantomime,  song, and dance to welcome the  British sailors to the west coast.  Special sound, lighting, and  feature effects contribute to the  elaborate production.  When thc production moves  from thc stage to the sea, fifteen  14-foot replicas of sailing vessels,  scaled-down versions of the tall  ships, will perform sea man-  oevrcs in thc flooded features  Bowl.  Other free attractions at this  year's fair include the twice  nightly disco Dance Party, the  Nostalgia vintage film festival  and three outdoor variety theatres.  The demolition derby, timber  show, agriculture and horse show  competitions are also free.  The Star Spectacular line-up  features Tony Orlando, Helen  Reddy, Johnny Cash, Ronny  Milsap. the Miss PNE contest,  the Royal European Circus, and  a score of other top-notch entertainers.  Equus  Coast News, August 1,1978  7.  bv TrishCramer, B.H.A.I,  and Debbie Rhodes  Thc Three Day Event is three  days of hard work for both horse  and rider���not counting the endless days of preparation for such  competition.  The first day is dressage ( a  French word with no English  translation besides training). In  dressage, your turn-out is very  i in port .int. Hlack jacket and  hoots with white breeches and  cither a bowler or hunt cap. Your  horse must be spotless with its  mane braided. You ride in a  twenty-metre by sixty-metre ring  with marking letters at midway  points. You are supplied with a  dressage test which you memor  ize and are judged on way of  going, accuracy, rider position.  A test consists of various movements at walk. trot, and canter,  and is stiffly marked on the  horse's complete obedience and  suppleness.  The second day is the hardest.  It has two phases at training  level and three at preliminary and  intermediate levels. Training  Phase A is called Roads and  Tracks and it consists of four  miles or so Hat. averaging nine  miles per hour. Riders are penalized on time faults. Then there is  a five-mtnute compulsory halt and  vet check before Phase B. Phase  B is Cross-eiiunlry. consisting of  three to four miles of various  jumps, numbering twenty-one or  more through ponds, creeks,  logs, hay bales, and any kind of  solid tree fences. One averages  four hundred and fifty metres  per minute, which is a good hand  gallop, and is penalized on refusals, falls, and time faults.  Preliminary and intermediate  also have steeplechase on the  same day. making their courses  even harder. Steeplechase is held  in a field with lew jumps set far  apart, and it is time that counts.  Aftcrlhe second day's jumping  a lot of care is taken to ensure that  the horse ��ill he read) lor Day  I hree. I Ins is the time for a good  nib-diiv n itml for bandages to be  applied, although mosl horsemen  and women bandage for crosscountry, because no one wants to  hang his her horse's legs. These  are competition bandages with  lull boots. Stable bandages are  applied at night.  The third da\ starts with another vet check to ensure that there  is no damage or lameness from  the day before. Then the stadium  jumping takes place. Riders are  penalized on knock-downs, falls,  refusals, and time.  Iwo day Events combine crosscountry and stadium in the same  daj and shorten the courses.  After the third day. the horse is  left to resl, rubbed down, and not  taken home until the following  duj when he is well rested and  eager.  Most horses are only entered in  Events three or four times a year  and all the rest of the time is  preparation tor the next Event.  More schooling of dressage, low  jumping   to   keep   balance  little      cross-country  .irance trai  and  hi nt vi ���ja.'s-i.ajiiitii _i jumping  hut a lol of endurance training to  keep lhc hoi  I    l   1 111 II I .1 III V      uuilllllg    III  lorse fit for this type of  competition.       A   few    L  - ��   t      hunter  jumper shows won't hurt, but the  legs    are    watched    impeccably  by these riders.  The rider must also be in shape  by standing in stirrups tor many  miles and jogging or other athletic sports.  Thc Three-Day Event is one of  thc horse world's top competitions, as only winning and placing  well in recognized Events will  ever present one with an oppor  (t nitv to bean Olvmpic rider.  Gibsons Precast Concrete  ��� Formerly ���  (Dykstra's Concrete Precast-Langley)  Government Approved 650 Gal.Double Battle  Reinforced Precast Septic Tanks.       .--  ��� Distribution Boxes  ��� Pump-Out Tanks  Delivered to Site  886-9031  More letters  Continued from Page .1  venience. docs this Posing,  Postulating. Press, Panjandrum  Proctor think such as Harry  Almond. Jack Marshall. George  Gibb. Morgan Thompson to name  a few self-employed Directors  get paid when they give days  to the public cause. If he does  he is out of his tree, and a  damned sight more ill informed  than I thought. When 1 noted the  standard remuneration as about  IK an hour worked. 1 was in  error for after tax, remunerating  an alternate the rate works out  at the sum of 4'/i< per hour to  say nothing of having one's  home turned into a free public  office twenty-four hours a day.  High days and holidays included.  Incidentally the principal invader  of my privacy per phone is the  reporter from the self same  Press, who bends my ear with  monotonous regularity, but no  more.  I would also disclose that the  pittance paid, to what are described by the Prime Minister  (like him or not) as the front line  troops of Government facing  the troops day in day out in their  own small areas performing thc  toughest kind of Government  service, is for the most part  left in the Regional Bank Balance  and taken annually in order to  reduce the amount of interest  paid on thc Public Bank Loan, and  this at individual request    Opinions  have  frequently  been expressed to me that the  Press never yet initiated a progressive issue, never a constructive guideline, but rather concentrates on divisive destructive  matters in the name of FREEDOM OF THE PRESS, and with  this I agree, having been subjected to much gutter gathered  garbage gratuitously given me  by your rag a year ago, you finally  had to swallow your words. The  Pen Times and Coast News have  also, as is predictable, had their  "nuts in the wringer" as it were,  but the vast majority of their  writings have been pleasant  and constructive, and their  Editors with whom I have crossed  swords from time to time, and  hope to do so again, have replied  with some wit, humour and reason. Freedom of the Press, I  maintain is freedom to report and  gather informational facts, and to  comment as fairly and reasonably  as the matter warrants, saving  from harm those who for whatever reason arc unable to protect  themselves, and this I feci  Includes the spouses of Mayors  Nelson, and Blain, Chairman  Almond, our local First Citizens,  and those of thc other elected  officers against whom you level  vile and despicable charges of  eating and drinking at the public  trough, and gormandizing themselves on Public money. Your  shot at these ladies and their  spouses, should turn the stomachs of every woman on the  coast. In earlier and maybe  better days, you would have been  called out and had a sword or a  bullet in your guts, or latterly  "run out of town on a rail"  my personal preference would  have been to have stuck it up vour  back end first. FREEDOM' OF  THE PRESS does not give you  license to say what you like  true, or untrue, about anyone,  particularly where that person's  credit or wellbeing are concerned,  and if you read at all you will  bc well aware that very stiff  penalties are currently being  handed down to offenders    Your contention that  the  public was gypped is remarkable  for its stupidity, and despite  words being your trade you have  a damned poor knowledge of  them. You were doing better  with your Comic Supplement.  You think that the Regional  Board and Gibsons views being  divergent in several areas Is  wrong; what the hell do you want,  a bunch of moronic rubber  stampers    Your feeble  little joke at  the expense of our civil servants  looking out of windows, etc.,  causes me to recollect that you  don't have a window in your  office, and I guess probably  also in your mind, so how in hell  would you be able to understand very much of consequence  anyway, but let this sink in,  there arc things called Seminars  and/or Conferences, and instead  of thc little bit of business given  to a local business, perhaps thc  joint municipalities and Board  should have had a Seminar at  the Bayshorc Inn in Vancouver,  estimated cost (on thc low side)  $2,880.00 or 2M per person in  thc Region, against thc <K at  thc Martinez Restaurant. Then  you might have had some real  big    attack    of   gormandizing.  grunting,     guzzling,     groaning  Scroogltis   .....Finally. I publicly and  abjectly apologize for the quite  automatic and involuntary and  accidental production of a Spoonerism, a Freudian one or so I  am told, when 1 mentioned your  name to the Regional Board,  resulting from thc transposition  of the first sounds of words.  In this case Dick Proctor. As 1  am sure you know this is a quite  common occurrence. Thc quoted  classics are of course the Reverend Spooner of New College  Oxford (1844-1930): "I dealt  him a blushing crow" and.  "you will leave at once by thc  town drain". Sorry for that  one.  Charles Lee.  Regional Director. Area 'C  FOR SALE  15'6" "Sidewing" Hourston  Glascraft (new)-$3,000  42'   Sailboat   "Sea Falcon"  (unrigged ferro cement) ��� $35,000  18' Sabrecraft 140 Merc - $4,900  ��� 17'   K&C  Thermoglass  115   HP Evinrude-$3,000  ' 50 HP Merc Outboard - $600 ;  1 Detroit  Diesels   ��� Two  471 (in line)  ��� Rebuilt V671 (marine equipped)  twin disc gear 3:1  > 3-cylinder Nissin diesel  '���''"���"���'���''"'"j1"""' rr���-  2S  GARDEN  BAY MARINE  SERVICES LTD.  :���::���."'::'::::..;������'.' '���...- '   '������"...  Dealers for:  merCrui/er  VOLVO  PENTA  Marine  883-2722   or evenings 883-2602  7 Days a Week  IMMEDIATE REPAIR SERVICE  Sinclair Bay Rd. Garden Bay  m        GO TO EDMONTON    for the empire games        1  I ON A NEW XS500E or XS650 SPECIAL.  WE WILL PAY FOR THE GAS AND TWO  NIGHTS MOTEL ACCOMMODATIONS.  THIS WEEK ONLY!  I   A0T#  ^       We handle  N    I.C.B.C. claims.      fcj W I  *********************  I  Stop in for details at  C00IT CVCLC  D.LJ01485B  The Best Buy's and the Best Service  Made us #1 Dealer 1977  885-2030  a^aj       m     | m*M a*0        Gibsons       k  '**********************>.  I Coast News, August 1,1978.  Your HOSPITALITY  DIRECTORY  ���ACCOMMODATION"  tonniERROok  LODGE  Ocean Beach Esplanade  Gower Point Road  Gibsons, B.C.  Enjoj home-cooked meals in  cozy dining room overlitoking  the private bench.  Skm 4  LICENSED PREMISES  FULL FACILITIES-  -22 ROOMS  _    The  leach Comber  Motor Inn  Hwy 0101���  5 km N of Gibsons  Home-cooked Specials  available  II a.m.���1 a.m.  Skm It)  886-9334  *BLUE SKY MOTEL*  "On the waterfront at  Davis Bay"  Overlooking   Georgia   Strait  and the Islands  SLEEPING & HOUSEKEEPING UNITS  Colour Cablevision &  Complimentary Coffee  Skm 24 885-9987  BIG  MAPLE  MOTEL  4 km south of Sechelt  on Hwy #101  HOUSEKEEPING UNITS  Colour Cablevision  Sandy bench 400 metres  Landscaped Grounds  Golf course nearby  Skm 23 885-9513  Lozm      Court  WotJ  Inlet Avenue  Centre of Sechelt  17 modern units  Kitchen units      ColourT.V  ���   Wall to wall carpeting  Close to shopping & fishing  885-9314 Owner-Operator  Skni27        Cliff* LlzLindsey  ��� STYLING SALONS-  Gibsons  Girls  S Gu?s  Downtown Gibsons  h  Style Cuts* Perms  Bio-Drying ���Colouring  As you like it  SkmS,EarPicrcin8��  Closed Monday  886-2120  u/t  'f  Cowrie St.. Sechell  'Cuts, Perms, Styling  10 ���*'/( olouring, Blow-drying  |1] Retail all Beauty Products  ���J Open Tues.��� Sal.  Skm  885-2818  JMLWOON  I  SMORGASBORD  Fri.. Sat., Sun.  OPEN: 4-l()Tues. tnSun.  Clused Mondays  13 km north of Sechell <>"  Hw> mm  Please phone lor reservations  skm 4ii 885-5500  Ole's    Cove.  Sechelt, B.C.  i Excellent dining facilities  ��� Heated swimming pool  Sauna  ��� Cocktail lounge  Kl    IQ      Tel: 885-2232  Skm 48  i^/fiwei   Csaneft  4 km south of Madeira Park  it covered kitchens for tenters  -/.partial hook-ups  v.-bait, boat rentals, launching,  moorage -vsafe, sandy beach  -..showers and laundromat  -.-campsites on lawns  SORRY-NO PETTS  Skm 60 883-2630  ��� PARK*  mOTEl  Hwy #101���3'/: miles N.  Madeira Park Turn-off  ALL ELECTRIC  HOUSEKEEPING UNITS  ColourT.V.  Owner-Operator  Ed and Laurie Larson  iskmM 883-9040  Duncan j*  Cove **  Resort  "follow signs un "U?>v  Sinclair Bay Road"  Garden Bay, B.C.  Collages Molel Units Trailer  Sites Laundromat Boal and  Tackle Rentals Ramp Moorage  Propane  Skm 74 883-2424  <��unnuci��.i.t  JiiotoiJiotd  Hwy. #101,  Upper Gibsons  Sleeping & Housekeeping  Units  Individual tubs & showers  Colour Cablevision  Close to new Shopping Mall  Skm s 886-9920  CONTINENTAL  COIFFURES  has moved from the Mall in  Sechelt to below the Parthenon  Restaurant Men's llalnlyllng  LOWEST  PRICES  ON THE  COAST  r       KIR  IAPPOINTMEN1  PHONE  LIZA  885-5733  ���SUPPLIES'  V  ��   GIBSONS  FISH  MARKET  lower Gibsons  10:30 a.m. to 6t30p.ni.  Fresh fish in season  Shell fish  Smoked fish  Homcstyle fish & chips  Skm 5  GARDEN   BAY  MARINE  SERVICES LTD.  Sinclair Bav Rd..  Garden Bay, B.C.  DEALERS I OR:  Volvo Pcnta.HotirstonGlascrafl  Chrysler Marine. Mercruiscr,  EZ Load Boot Trailers  IMMEDIATE      883-2722  REPAIR 7 davs a week  rr  mm  THE COMPLETE FOOD  AuCM\ ST0RE  QOUMl. KEN-S  Gibsons. B C  Open 7 days a week  ��� Fresh bakery products  from our bakery  t Fresh and cooked meats  ��� Finest Ircsh produce  ��� Ice. pop. icecream,  and duiry products  KENS     Gibsons. B.C.  ��� Large selections  ot groceries  and Import foods  ��� Nnnlood section  includes camper items  STORE HOURS  '' a.m. In ft p.m.  I riday In 7 p.m.  Sunday III a.m. to 5 p.m.  "II will pay you to stop  skno  and shop with us.  ���RESTAURANTS ���  annya family  riGHtxionant  gibeons, B.C.  Uptown Pla.a'  Caleand  Dining Room  Breaklasts,  Luncties.  Dinners  "Spcciiili/ing In Greek Food  (idler 5:30 p.m. |"  open 7 days a week  * licensed premises *  Skin 5  886-7H2H  '/)  Ruby ��.\  Restaurant ���mi-iiniMri<  6.4 km soulh ol Earls Cove  on Hwy #101  Outdoor Patio Cotfee Shop  Fully air-conditioned  Open 7 days a week  ���LICENSED PREMISES'  8 a.m.-9 p.m. Sun. lo Thurs.  8 am.-11   p.oi,   Fri    &  Sun.  Skm 82 883-9453  THE HERON  GOOD  WHOLESOME  FOOD  7 a.m. to 6 p.m.  Sundays 9 a.m.  loo p.m.  OUR PIES ARE  DELICIOUS  Skm 5 Gower Pt. Road  Gibsons Harbour  THE TIDES  Lower Gibsons  Our Novelty:   TRY THE  "RELIC" Burger  Open 7 days a week  "Breakfast  "Lunch  "Dinner  Skm 5  Take out  886-9219  HOMESTEAD  DRIVE-INN  ���;. Specials every Day ���.'.-  SEAFOOD ��� PYROGIES  BARON OF BEEF  CABBAGE ROLLS  OPEN: 7 days a week  10 a.m.���10 p.m.  Hwy #101. Wilson Creek  Skm 17.6        885-2933  Q* Licensed *  OMEGA  PIZZA ��� STEAK &  lLOBSTER HOUSE  Dine in comfortable  surroundings overlooking  Gibsons Harbour  Hours:  7 Days o Week  Mon. to Sat. 12 Noon���II p.m  Sun. 4��� 10   Seaside Plaza, Gower Point Rd.  Skm 5  886-2268  ERNIE &GWENS  DRIVE-IN  Top of School Hill,  Gibsons  BURGERS. CHICKEN,  PRAWNS, FISH & CHIPS,  SOU ICECREAM  Sun.   Wed.  Thurs.   Sal.  Skin 5  III am    10:30 pm  11) am-11:30 pm  886-7813  P  YOSM'S -**  RESTAURANT  Sunnycrest Plaza   R  Gibsons, B.C.      ��  Chinese Cuisine \j  & Western Foods  Lunch & Dinner  FREE DELIVERY  (withmin. order)  -886-8015/  DOGWOOD CUE  ��� Breakfast  ��� LunchesL      ���  ��� DinnersLanj  Gibsons, B.C.  skm 5 886-2888  "GIFTS.  ^BOOKaSv  "MAPS  "POST  CARDS  ���TOURIST  INFORMATION  ���COMPLETE  SELECTION OF BOOKS  Gibsons Harbour ���- __..  k,��� 5 886-7744  to the scenic  and   friendly  SUNSHINE   COAST  MARINAS & RECREATION  The Pender Harbour  Fisherman's Resort  & Marina  Garden Bay, B.C.  BOAT RENTALS  9H.P.���40H.P.  Bait. Ramp. Moorage, Waterfront cabins, and H.V.Sites  Skm 72  883-2336  J Craltt 6 Hobbles  Complete line of  Craft Supplies  SOUVENIRS  Toys&  Games  Seaside Plaz:  Gibsons  Skm 5 886-2811  -��  jtiSUCUS  "SOUVENIRS^"**  ���POSTCARDS  "JEWELRY  "GIFTS  Men.���Sal.      10:00���5:00  Gower Point Road  Gibsons Harbour  Skm 5 886-9711  The Estuary  Ocean Beach Esplanade  Gower Point Skm 9  Paintings Drawings  and craft with a local flavour  (}\'utn  loan Jfio  lonihv  Follow Gower l*t. Rd. west  to the creek mouth   886-2681  ��� FIRST CLASS      t  CLOTHING       li  jaiitzen*-*/  ��� LADIES'WEAR  Gower Poinl Road.  Skm 5        Gibsons Harbour  CAMPING  65 C.S. ��� some on beach  Full Facilities  HORSE RIDING  By Reservation  Instruction St Supervised  Trail Rides  �� BONNIEBROOK*  CAMP & TRAILER  PARK  Skm"  Gower Point  886-2887    *  886-9033  Moorage���     irjosiips  ���Permanent & Transient  Block & Party Ice  Peaceful Quiet Setting  Skm 52 885-3529  Irvines Landing  Marina (1977) Ltd  Irvine's Landing,     .  B.C.       ,; V^fc-  Marine gas. bait,      \,.,- .--*]  tackle, moorage  boat rentals, launching ramp  ice. campground facilities  Waterfront Restaurant  'Licensed Premises*  open 7 davs a week  Skm 72      ' 883-2296  SlVHTTy's  Manna Lrd.  HENRY J. SMITH -OWNER  "Ice & Bait  Skm5 "Fishing Tackle  P.O. BOX 96 886 7711  GIBSONS, B.C. VON 1V0  <��ecxe.t     fi.  .. Lous.  cWaxina  Secret Cove. B.C."' %  MOORAGEiwith car parking  facilities directly alongside  'Marine fuel  'Laundry facilities  'General store  'Block & party ice  skm 52 885-3533  dono <J\l\a\ina  Madeira Park, B.C.  Sales & Service lor:  Mercury Outboards &  Silverline Boats  Modem Housekeeping Cabins  Camping. Boat Rentals. T.V.  Launching Kamp.  Moorage ���Bait* Ice  skn, 62 883-2248  ��unnucie.i.t  siwj2  * Breakfasts    * Lunches  Open: Mon.���Sat.  6 a.m.���6 p.m.  in Sunnycrest Motor Hotel  Skm 5 886-0020  -rSrtft'itfr^lHf.jj !" _1  ti  ���AUTOMOTIVE-  "��"  Helen s  Fashion  Shoppe  Gifts & Souvenirs  Everything for  *i  the Ladies        **:  Gibsons Sechell      '��, ';  886-0941        885-9222 ��g��:  I  Garden Bay  Dining Lounge  Adivol A Briaullaii  Cunltacliny Lid.  "ovcrliHiking  scenic Pender Harbour  ai lhc Garden Buy Hold"  Specializing in Steak and Pruvvns  open 7 days a week 9a.m.  -12 midnight  # Licensed Premises *  Skin 74 ^ 88.10910  GIBSONS SHELL  SERVICE  Downtown Gibsons  Monday thru Saturday  8a.m.���8p.m.  Sunday: 9a.m. to 7 p.m  General Service  skm 5 886-2572  GIBSONS MOTORS  LTD.  Shaw Road, across from  Sunnycrest Mall  TOTAL MECHANICAL  REPAIR  for all Model  Cars & Trucks  Open  Mon.���Fri. 8 a.m.���5 p.m.  skm 5 886-7611  Bu  uccaneer  Marina  Secret Cove, B.C  JERVIS INLET  PRINCESS LOUISA  DAY CRUISE Tues. and Thurs  2���4 hour scenic cruises  available oilier days in surrounding area.  Skm si 885-9563  Madeira  Marina  MARINE SALES  & SERVICE  OMC. Evinrude. Volvo,  Honda. Chrysler.  Mercruiscr  Housekeeping Units,  Campsites, Fishing Tackle,  Party   &   Block Ice.  Madeira Park. B.C.  Skm o2 883-2266  SECHELT  [ESSO) SERVICE  At the traffic light  in Sechelt  COMPLETE AUTOMOTIVE  SERVICE  7:00a.m.���9:00p.m.  7 days a week  Skm 27.2 885-2812  fEuropran  MatovB  Skm 24     ��� HONDA  IDarts  885-9466  SECHELT  SHELL  SERVICE  owrie St., Sechelt, B.C.  Complete Service:  7:30 a.ill.���9:00 p.m.  Gasoline. Electronic Tuiic-ups  Brakes, Wheel Balancing.  Slicllubrication. Tires,  Batteries,  and Accessories.  Skm 27.2  885-2128  Madeira Park, B.C.  Licensed Premises  RESTAURANT & CAFE  'Specializing In barhci|ued ribs'  Overlooking scenic Pender  Harbour ol the Pender Hotel  7:30 a.m.-9:00 p.m.  Skm lit 883-2617 Coast News, August 1,1978,  COAST NEWS   CLASSIFIED ADS  Classified Ad Policy  All listings SOe per line per week.  or use Ihe Economical 3 for 2 rale  3 weeks for Ihe price of 2  Minimum $2.00 per  Insertion.  All fees payable prior lo Insertion.  CLASSIFIED DEADLINE  NOON SATURDAY  ��� In the event of an error the  publisher shall be responsible for  one corrected Insertion only.  This offer Is made available for private Individual!.  These Classifications  remain bee  - Coming Events  -Lost  - Found  Print your ad In Ihe square* Including the price of the Item and your telephone number. Be ante to leave a blank space alter each word.  No phone order* Please. Jusl null In the coupon below accompanied by cash, cheque  or money older, to Coaat Newa, CUasUeds, Boi 460, Glbaona, B.C. VON IVO, or  bring In person to the Coaat New* office, Gibsons  DROP OFF POINT : Campbell's Shoes & Leather Goods Store, Sechelt  Coast News  Classifieds  Box 460, Gibsons, B.C.  VON 1VO  CLASSIFICATION:  Eg. For Sale, For Rent, etc.  L  nTrr  11111      _  LT  j_  DEADLINE SATURDAY NOON-  onnomKcmcnH/  BIG EYES: OWLS OWLS OWLS  A remarkable exhibit of stuffed  owls native to B.C. A must for  all bird fanciers. On loan from  the B.C. Provincial Museum.  Elphinstone Pioneer Museum  Monday���Saturday, 9 a.m.���  4 p.m., until August 22. #32  I would like to thank all oui  friends, my family, Father  Nicholson, the ladies of the  C.W.L., Gibsons R.C.M.P., and  the Royal Canadian Legion 109  for their kindness and assistance  at the time of our loss.  Shirley Herie and Family  Tom and Gloria Blain of Medicine  Hat are proud to announce the  arrival of their son. Carey Robert,  brother for Jenny, born July 28,  weighing 9 lbs. Proud grandparents are Bruce and Grace  Carey, and Lome and Amy Blain.  obituaries  work wonted        work wonted        work wonted  Do you Have  fresh vegetables, home baking or  preserves you'd like to sell?  We'd like to contribute our  outside area every Saturday for a  FOOD MARKET.  Please talk to Nancy or Patsy at  PENTANGLE, Sechelt 885-3818  #31  EXPECTING A SMALL-  VISITOR?  Rent a crib or high chair; stroller  or whatever you need.    886-2809      tfn  Find Out About  the BAHA'I FAITH  Phone 886-7355 or-2078  GRAHAM: Edith Florence  (Peggy), passed away in hospital  at Vernon, B.C.. July 28. 1978.  in her 74th year. Survived by  two sons, Reg and Walt Ffrench  and families; one brother Ernie;  four sisters. Ruby. Agnes, Jean  and Doris, and families: Joan  and Cliff Mahlman and familv, of  Gibsons, B.C. Private Funeral  held at Vernon, Monday, July  31, 1978. Wally and' Peggy  were longtime residents of Gibsons prior to moving to Vernon  in 1971. #31  HITCHON: Passed away suddenly at Sechelt on July 23, 1978.  Lawrence John Hitchon. aged  31 years. Survived by his parents, brothers, sisters and many  friends. Funeral service was held  Wednesday. July 26, at thc  Devlin Funeral Home. Mr.  Charles Blackstock and Mr.  Daniel Johnson officiated. Internment. Mount Elphinstone  Cemetery. #31  STONEWORK  Fireplace Repairs flAfi-  Chimncy Repairs 9091  Stone Facings  CALL   ANDY #36  HANDYMAN 884-5380  Carpenter ��� Shaker ��� Mechanic's  Helper* etc. #33  CLAPP  CONCRETE  ���Patios       'Foundations  ���Floors       'Driveways  ���Custom Work  'Free Estimates  885-2125  after 7:00 p.m.  Wayne  Clapp  GAMBIER & KEATS  Islanders please <iote  ELECTRICIAN  Has Boat   Will Travel  for all your electrical  and wiring needs  call Rob Hagar al  886-9261 or 886-2756  Need any  aluminum or steel  welding done?  ������ ���  Portable   welding  available 24 hr.  a  including weekends.  886-9625  or  886-7704  unit  day  per/onol  Most trees, like pets, need care  and attention and trees are our  speciality.  * Topping  * Limbing  * Danger tree removal  An insured guaranteed service.  Peerless Tree Services Ltd.  885-2109  Alcoholics Anonymous Meetings  for information call 886-9059  or 886-9904. tfn  opportunitie/  HHUMBI^IaU^lB^BHMai  Music Theory and all styles of  guitar taught, from beginners to  advanced, by Budge Schachtc.  886-9703 between 7���9 p.m., or  leave messages at 885-9285.   #31  PENINSULA  ROOFING  & SHEET METAL  All Types of Roofing  & Re-Roofing  Henry Rodriguez  Sechelt     885-9585  II !M!I I  III Hill II  Minimize your  home  main  tcnance wilh aluminum.  * Siding  * Soffits  ��� Fascia  * Eaveslroughs  New or Older Homes  ���Wide variety of colours  ���Quality workmanship  located at Confidential  Business  Services.   Sea-View|  Place. Gibsons  Doug   Goertzen  886-9636  Res: 885-2046  BRUSHWOOD FARM  TRAINING CENTRE  For you and your horse  The area's only fully accredit  ed riding instructors. Trainer  of many top winners  English & Wester lessons  School horses available  886-2160 after 6p.m.  CONFIDENTIAL  BUSINESS  SERVICES  ���Telephone Answering  'Book Keeping  'Stenographic Services  'Incorporations  886-9636  Res: 885-2046  Donna Goertzen  Coast Business Directory  ********* AUTOMOTIVE  *********  ECOnomy AUTO PHRTS Ltd.  Automobile, Industrial  and Body Shop Supplies  Sechelt    885-5181  Lj^S TomFlieger   Phone 886-7868  ^WLectrical  (tontracting  Box 214, Gibsons, B.C.  VON 1VO  need tires?  Come in to  COASTAL TIRES  at the S-BENDS on Highway 101  Phone S86-270O  ******* BUILDING SUPPLY ********  i"      mamaaaatm  Fancy Panels, Insulation, Doors, Bllolds,  Construction Plywood, and all Accessories.'  Delivery Phone 886-9221  Highway 101, Gibsons  Holland Electric  Bill Achterberg  886 9033  ANDREASSEN    ELECTRIC  IGIBSONS CO.I Serving the Sunshine Coast  ELECTRICAL CONTRACTOR  Per Andreassen 886-9439  General Delivery Granthams Landing, B.C.  v s  **********    EXCAVATING    *******  ********* PLUMBING **********  SEASIDE PLUMBING  PLUMBING-PIPEFITTING-STEAMFITTING  HOT WATER HEATING  886-7017  All Work Guaranteed  COAST INSULATION COMPANY  Ph. 886-9297  "INSULATION-INSTALLATION"  'FIBERGLASS BATTS"  "BLOWN IN INSULATION'  Residential (New & Existing Houses) & Commercial  T&T Plumbing & Heating  Service renovation  & contract plumbing  886-7838     Rick Wray, Manager  P. M. GORDON  B.C. LAND SURVEYOR  P.O. Box 609  Sechelt, B.C.  V0N3A0  Bus. 885-23321  Res. 886-7701J  'MISC. SERVICES i  (Til  ********** Cabinets **********  SUNSHINE KITCHENS  CABINETS��� REMODELLING  Showroom in Twilight Theatre Bldg. 886-9411  ********* CARPENTRY **********  C & S Construction  Fiberglass Sundecks 2enova,ions  J.B.EXCAVATING  886-9031  LH WELDING  Water, sewer, drainage installation   Ivs  ��� Dump Truck ��� Backhoe V>  i  ��� Cat ��� Land Clearing V.'Jj  ��� Free Estimates ��� Septic Fields   -V.  Daryll Starbuck  KHh-47.W  Finishing;  Dennis Collins  88h-7l00  JOHN ROBINSON CONTRACTING  ���... BACKHOE, DITCHING, DRAINS . _u  *** WATERLINES, ETC. ***  SEWER LINES  VON 1VO        PH .886-7983  Box 237,  Gibsons, B.C.  PORTABLE STEEL AND ALUMINUM WELDING  Fuhriciitinn it Repair   Ph. 886-9625 or 886-7704   PERMATRUSS FABRICATORS     Estimates  (Gibsons) Ltd. 886-7318  Located next to Windsor Plywood p O. Box 748  I Residential & Commercial Roof Trusses Gibsons B C.J  GIBSONS LAWN MOWER &     ~~  CHAIN SAW SERVICE 886-2912  Gibsons Industrial Park, #5, Shaw Rd.  "Repairs to all makes"  Roberts  SI6NS  ���Sign Consulting ���Magnetic Signs  Service ���Sign Dialling  ���Custom Signs ���Plastic Signs  ��� Trucks. Boats, etc.  Dune Roberls 886-8024  No. SB Sunshine Coaat Mobile  Home Park. Gibsons. B.C.  ���  PACIFIC-O-FIBERGLASS  FIBREGLASS  LAMINATING - REPAIRS  BOATS - SUNDECKS, ETC.   12 years experience   885-2981   Eves J  M&1B Boat Building and Repairs]  Garden Bay, B.C.  -builds the HB27, the only properly  designed boat for world cruising,  ���retail in resin and fiberglass  883-9307  " J & R CONSTRUCTION   .swimming pools  ���: house framing v.- floors, sidewalks, patios |  ���/general contracting & retaining walls  renovations v-foundations  Ron   886-9262  lassified  aggregates  iatW Deueb/kment 4td.  EXCAVATING ��� LAND CLEARING  ROAD BUILDING GRAVEL  886-2830  l Jim  886-7571  Cadre Construction ltd. ^  Framing, remodelling, additions  HOUSES BUILT TO COMPLETICN-  lPayne Road, Gibsons 886-2311  L&HSwansonLtd.  Readymix Concrete  with 2plants B  Sechell and Pender Harbour  Porpoise Bay Rd  Box 172, Sechelt. B.C.  AIM  General  Painting  Spray Brush or Roll               Efficient Service   886-2512   "Serving  Langdale  to  Earls Cove'  Sand & Gravel  ����5-9666 or  885-5333  Backhoes  -Dump Trucks-  CUSTOM BACKHOE WORK  SEPTIC TANKS INSTALLED  Government Approved  Free Estimates  Excavations ��� Drainage Walerhn.es etc  Ph 885-2921  flooerts   Creek  Gutters Phone: Eaves Troughs  CUSTOM CRAFT PRODUCTS  Commercial 885-2992       Maintenance  Residential JfcnHnuous_  Quolitu Farm 6 Garden Supply Ltd. -  * Feed * Fencing     886-7527  ~tv%  * Pet Food  Fertilizer  Pratt Rd.  Gibsons  ********* ELECTRIC  MOVING AND STORAGE  LEN WRAY'S TRANSFER Ltd.  Household Movmq & Storage Complete Packing  Packing Materials lor Sale  Phone dHb-2664     Member Allied Van Lines     RR   I.Gibsons  JOHN HIND-SMITH  REF1IGERATION & MAJOR APPLIANCE SERVICE  Port Mellon to Pender Harbour  Res. 886-9949  Cadre Construction Ltd.  Replacements and Storm Windows  Expertly Installed  Payne Road, Gibsons 886-2311  r���   1  /T\  TRANSWEST HELICOPTERS  l^\  (��>  (1965) LTD.  Charter Helicopter Service  (��)  Box 875              886-7511  Gibsons  SUNSHINE COAST  DISPOSAL SERVICES  Pon Mellon toOie sCove  885-9973 886-2938  Commercial Containers available  TREE TOPPING  VIEW DEVELOPMENTS LTD.  Clean up your wooded areas.  Remove lower limbs lor VIEW  Top tall trees adjacacent to building  Marv Volen  886-959/  -^___^__M *   Residential���Commercial  <zf\OV     C^tO.qo.% * e/?tnovaUeni & ^fJJlttoni  '          J**^�� * ��feetiia  cMcul  t-&^ 886-9261   886-2756  P.d.BOXlOIB GIBSONS, B.C.     VDNIVD  GIBSONS SAND & GRAVEL LTD  EXCAVATING ��� LAND CLEARING  ROAD BUILDING GRAVEL  Classified aggregates       883-9313  CARMI CRANE SERVICE  Industrial or Residential Lifting  to46leet. 18 ft. flat deck Pick-up  and Delivery  w   P.Jackson 886-2401 or 886-2312  R.GInn Electric  General Wiring &  Qualified Workmanship  I    RRH2 MARLENE RD.,  ROBERTS CREEK_  885-5379  ******* FLOOR ZQN\\?i\m"���""  CARPET-CABINET-CERAMIC CENTRE  Open Thurs.. Fri.. Sat.  10a.m.���5p.m.  Howe Sound Distributors Ltd.  . North Road, Gibsons, B.C.              886-2765,  MACK'S NURSERY  SUNSHINE CO AST HIGHWAY  Shrubs, Fruit Trees, Plants  Landscaping, Pruning Trees, Peat Moss & Fertilizer  Licensed tor Pesticide Spraying  THOMAS HEATING  OIL BURNER SERVICE    .......  Complete Instrument OOU'/lll  implete Instrument  set-up ol furnace  ���"-  Cadre Construction Ltd.  ��� Exterior Painting ���  ��� Professional Work ���  ��� Airless Spray Jobs*  Payne Rd,, Gibsons 886-2311 10.  oppoitunitic;  Clothing store, lower Gibsons.  Because of other interests this  business must be sold. Make  offers. Floron Agencies 886-  2248 #31  Business Opportunity. Excavating business for sale. JD  450 Cat, Case Backhoe. Tandem  Dump. Single Axle Dump. Ramp  Truck. 886-9633; 886-9.165.      tfn  Coast News, August 1,1978.  oppoftunilie/  found  W ALLY'S DISCO:  Weddings. Dances, for everyone.  For information call Wally or  Cathy. 886-9700 tfn  Found at Pebbles Beach, ladies'  ring.     Claim    by     describing.  886-7938.  #31  lo/t  Black leather key case. Between  Gibsons and Granthams; $5.00  reward to finder. 886-7375      #31  A pair of glasses, in front of  Ann's Coiffures, two weeks  ago. Coast News Office. #31  'Ford' key, Friday the 28th, in  front of the Bank of Montreal.  Coast News Office.     /"j\     #31  { BOB KELLY'S PICK-UP ��  Basements, garages, yardsjj  J       A load on our Truck      ���*  * Is a load off vour j  * Mind J  886-9433 *  found  A lovely female calico Siamese cat  found along Pratt Rd. near  Kearton Rd. Phone 886-2433   #31  One young budgie found at Langdale terminal. Owner may identify by calling 886-2778. #31  I  I  r  i  LORC  NCIES  FLORON  AGENCIES LTD  REAL ESTATE * INSURANCE  1 5���� Marin* Drive, Gibsons  Ron McSavaney John Black  885-3339  886  OFFICE 886-2248  7316  DAVIS BAY: On Whittaker Road close to  Buy Road, immaculate two level view home,  could be revenue; two full sets plumbing,  Iwo kitchens, two fireplaces, hardwood floors,  loads ol bright airy space, patio and lovely  garden, carport, etc. Some good quality in  in lower suite. Call for inspection or appointment Good buy at $64,500.  I WATERFRONT If you have been looking for  waterlront at Roberts Creek, we have a choice  2 8 acres with easy access to beach. Property  includes a sunny beach cottage; main home  has lour bedrooms with two baths, house in  excellent condition. Property features large  parklike grounds: good flower and vegetable  gardens, greenhouse and two car garage.  Price is reasonable; vendor will give terms.  CHERYL ANN PARK: Modern two bedroom  cedar home recently completed with all fixtures, tugs, etc. Design is out-of-ordinary  and includes a well designed kitchen also  linisrisjd in cedar, situated on semi-water-  Iront lot with some view. Ideal for starter  home or business couple. F.P. $42,000  CHERYL ANN PARK: Newly renovated and  redecorated with new wiring, roofing, carpet,  etc. Quiet area on dead-end street and easy  access to beach. Starter or retirement home  and only $37,500.  VETERANS ROAD: Three bedroom post and  beam with carport; this is close in but still in  rural setting. Features are open-area living  and dining area, three bedrooms, beautiful  well-planned kitchen and two rec rooms in  lower level. Large level lot, 127x225 with good  garden soil. Asking $69,000.  GIBSONS: Attractive three bedroom lamily  home with large lot, garage, centrally located.  Inquire for further details of this attractive  property.  I  I  I  I  I  I  I  I  I  I  I  I  I  I  I  I  I  I  I  I  *******  SPECIAL!!!  SELMA PARK: Corner Snodgrass and Rad-  cliffe; lovely two bedroom open view home;  features are 17 x 21 living room with freestanding acorn fireplace, 1 Vt baths, open  kitchen with modern appliances, laundry  room, roofed patio at rear overlooking lovely  flower gardens; also a large workshop and  wood storage. By appointment only. Full  Price $44,900.  LOTS   ******  Semi-waterfront, easy beach access, Vt acre  with view. $16,500.  Nice building lot with 75' facing on Lower  Road, Cheryl Ann Park area. Cleared ready to  build and only $11,500.  THREE   LOTS:   Rosamund   Road,   cleared  ready to build, only $10,500each.  HALF ACRE: On Lower Road, some timber,  creek at side; asking $16,500.   Can be had  with half cash.  Nice secluded lot on side road in Roberts  Creek, close to store, schools, etc. Reduced  to $10,000.  TWO LOTS: 72'x105', no rock, easy to build  on, all services, septic approved and beach  access. $1,500 down, balance at $125 per  month at 10%. Terrific investment. Signs on  Lower Cheryl Ann Park Road towards beach.  BUSINESS OPPORTUNITIES: Clothing  store, jeans, casuals, etc. Good steady  business, good revenue. $7,000 plus stock,  all offers considered.  Ask for details on commercial property  suitable for development.  morh wanted  Communications Technician,  ten years experience. Install and  maintain VHF, L'HF, Microwave.  Telephone & Teletype. References. Phone C.Hall, 885-  5377. #31  ULTRA DECK  by  TRODAN  The Ultimate in  Fiberglass Sundecks  886-29S3 tfn  Moving & Hauling  Gardening, Rubbish Removal.  Odd jobs of any kind. Quality  work. 886-9503. #36  For Explosive Requirements:  dynamite, electric or regular  caps. B line E cord and safety  fuse, contact Gwen Nlmmo.  Cemetery Road, Gibsons. Phone  886-7778. Howe Sound Farmers  Institute #tfn  Small engine repairs to outboard  motors, chain saws, lawnmowcrs.  garden tractors. Reasonable  rates. Home Service or Free Pick  Up and Delivery. Phone 886-9037  or 885-3394.  tfn  TELEPHONE  ANSWERING  SERVICE  886-7311  One upright freezer!  12.4 cu.ft. $489.95  J��^  ELECTRONICS  lln  Radio/haek  authorized Sales Centre  Cowrie St., Sechelt, B.C.  Bok120B  88c-95��",   885-2568  LORRIE GIRARD  886-7760  JONMcRAE  885-3670  CHRIS KANKAINEN  885-3545  ARNEPETTERSEN  886-9793  POIN7 ROAD Hopkins Landing. Lovely,  .Veil fiuill homr? on approximately 75' ol  level .valerfrontage in this very exclusive  area Safe public beach wilh protected  botti m oorage This home has three bedroom? plus upstairs dormatory or studio  Large bright rooms with many built-in  features such as bunk beds elc The large  atone fireplace is a very unique (ealure of  Ihis one ol a kind home All furnishings  ai; lifted are included II you have been  looking foi ;i nicely landscaped year  : .-. itcrlronl home Ihen this is for  . $110,000  ROSAMUND RD fully finished 4 bed-  room home situated jusl outside Gibsons  v"ji ige boundary This ideal family home  le '��������� ��� 15'x27* rec room, large car-  : ndeck. 4 fruil Ireea ft garden  P    icy 8 inly 2 blocks Irom Cedar Grove  r P W7.90Q  fh   RES!  PL   New targe ranch siyie  ' ii .   .Mtii  tongue  and  groove cedar  leature walls In Ihe living room and ihe  ', room  vou can eliminate healing  II   I hi    i rl ���;��� il   #OOd '.rater and  rji ii ���  ,��� <:��� i windowi   rtiree bedroomi  wi"1 room fo n��pand by putting walls on  IhD   BrpOrt $42,900  TAYLOR i ANE Lovely new three bed-  rooe. home overlooking Gibsons Hiir-  bouf ">'ifJ s ndeck Large ealmg  an b in I - Ichen combo Two fireplaces.  Master bedroom has ensuite and his and  tu'' full double closets Full basement.  $67,500  HANBURY ROAD Panabode home  featuring stained glass windows, sky-  ghts. and shake roof situated on 12  acres In Roberts Creek. Flume Creek runs  ugh middle of property which  includes A-frame guest collage, and  16x16 workshop with 220 wiring. Partially  clearod and fenced wilh vegetable garden $67,500  HILLCREST ROAD Excellent three  bedroom family home close to schools  and shopping Partial basement, separate utility room. Landscaping is in with  many large trees in ihe back yard. Nice  neat home priced to sell. 142,700  LOOKOUT  AVENUE   Near-new  three  bedroom home in good condition on large  ���w lol in new subdivision, jusl past the  Sunshine Coasl Arena In Sechelt Boating facilities close by Owner is transferred and you can have immediale  30SSesslon  Asking price $52,500  GRANDVIEW ROAD: (off Pine) Three  bedroom home on a beautifully treed and  lully landscaped lol withan excellent view  ol Georgia Strail. Kitchen has eating  nook and a buill-m oven and range top.  Floor lo ceiling cul rock fireplace. 45x9  covered sundeck and a huge double  carport. 163,500  LOTS  DAVIDSON ROAD 2/6 ol an acre wilh  a lanlastic view Irom Langdale Ridge.  This lot has a small creek on Ihe very back  of the property All now homes in this  area. $14,900  TUWANEK BO* 140 lol only one block to  beach Full view ol the Iniel Piped community waler available 19,900  SKYLINE DRIVE Overlooking Ihe Bay  and Village of Gibson* Build your home  on this quiel and pnvale lol on the  Blull $13,500  UPLANDS ROAD Tuwanek Ideal  recreation lot in beaulilully wooded  park liko setting Zoned lor trailers  This lot overlooks Sechelt Inlet and Ihe  Lamb island, $0,900  FAIRVIEW RD. Large cedar trees on  this nearly W acre ol Hat easy to build on  land provide selling for your home.  Mobile homes are allowed. Close to  Cedar Grove School $11,900  FAIRVIEW RD: Nearly W acre 63'x  169' flat and easy to build on. Many  large cedar trees enhance the privacy of  this lot Located only 3 blocks from Cedar  Grove School Ready for your building or  mobile home. F.P. $11,900  SARGENT ROAD Build your dream  home on this outstanding property in  Gibsons' most popular residential area.  Fabulous view ol the harbour and Georgia Strait Over 65' street frontage.  Easy walking distance to schools and  shops $17,900  POPLAR LANE: Cleared and level building lot conveniently located on a quiet  cul de sac only one block away Irom  Sunnycrest Shopping Centre The site is  ready to be buill on and is suitable  for a conventional or contemporary  style home $12,900  CHADWICK   ROAD:   80x220   lot   with  good ocean view. Slopes slightly to the  south and has a good  building  site.  $14,500  SMITH ROAD: Good view lot 125x  165 with a good building site and an  unobstructed ocean view. $14,600  CHADWICK ROAD: Irregular shaped  lot with view ol Howe Sound. A good  building site. $12,000  SMITH ROAD: 170x127 lot with terrific  view ol Ihe ocean Good building site on  Slightly sloping land $14,500  GRANDVIEW * PRATT Building lot in  a fast growing area Approximate size  is 146x141x74x125 Present all oilers on  the asking price ol $11,500  SECHELT INLET ESTATES: Three  building lots on Sandy Hook Road  Water, hydro and tolephone to oach lot  These lots have u speclacular view of  Porpoise Bay and are only 4'/; miles Irorn  Sochelt $10,000 each  SKYLINE DRIVE This 70x59x131x122  fool lol with expansive view of the Bay  area and Gibsons Village is very wen  priced $11,500  O'SHEA & ABBSRD: This prime, view  property has been approved for a ten  lot subdivision by the Village ol Gibsons.  Included is a complete set ol engineering  drawings outlining size of lots and  services required. $59,500  .ACREAGE  GIBSONS: 4.6 acres ol excellent holding  property close lo Soames Poini Park,  Partially cleared. Try your offers. Price  now reduced to $27,600  LANGDALE: 4.31 acres. Excellent  holding property right across from the  ferry terminal. Langdale Creek is the  eastern boundary ol this property.  $39,500  HWY 101: Oil Hall Road. 5 subdlvldable  acres. Land Is very dry with good percolation. Southern exposure in the heart ol  Roberls Creek. On regional waler. Approximately 1 acre is cleared. Has older  home presently being rented for $135  per month. Includes small barn. Vendor  has subdivision plan lor 9 lots.      $42,900  SEAVIEW LANE: Approximately 2  acres ol foresled WATERFRONT property in West Sechell, 1758 sq.lt. three  bedroom home. Sauna and beach house  combo on beach. Enjoy the view from the  glass enclosed patio ol ihe Trail Islands.  $146,500  SUNSHINE COAST HIGHWAY: Triplex  located in Gibsons Village. One two  bedroom suite and two Ihree bedroom  suites. Good holding property lor future  development Close to schools and shopping mall $52,500  GOWER PT ROAD In the heart ot  Gibsons one block from shopping and the  Post Office Three bedroom home on  concrete block foundation Posl and  beam construction Acorn fireplace  gives a co;y atmosphere to the living-  room. Nice and bright with many large  windows $33,000  GIBSONS Park Road Excellent prospects lor Ihe one who holds ihis potentially commercially zoned 5 acres Lightly  cleared, close lo shopping cenlre and  schools. $59,000  COACH ROAD Three year old three  bedroom home situated in a quiet subdivision in Roberls Creek only 2 miles  from Gibsons Large kitchen wilh eating  nook. Yard is nicely landscaped, yours to  enjoy Irom the 300 sq loot split level  sundeck. Exlras include a wired and  plumbed dark room and a 7x8 storage  shed. $44,900  COMMERCIAL  GROCERY STORE & PROPERTY: The  only store in Ihe area wilh a good volume  of business and growing steadily. An  ideal set-up for a family operation. The  store hours are 10 a.m. to 6:30 p.m.,  seven days a week. II you like lo be  independent and run your own business  this could be your opportunity. The  price without stock is $89,000  APARTMENT BLOCK Nine suite  apartment block centrally located in the  Village ol Gibsons The block shows a  good return and Ihe vacancy rate has  been ml during the last year Ideal  investment lor owner manager. Ask us  lor more Information aboul this project,  ^___ $160,000  fof /ok  for /ale  HOI POINT APPLIANCES  are cheaper at  Macleods in Sechelt  885-2171  RICH    BLACK DELTA    SOIL  16 yard.  $190. Bud's Trucking.  15805,    108th Ave.,    Surrey.  V3R 6T9 tfn  Elna Freearm sewing machine,  Supermatic. $150 o.b.o. #32  FRESH VEGETABLES  886-7046 tfn  POTTERY SALE: Saturday,  August 5, St.Hilda's Hall,  Sechelt; 9:30���1 p.m.; all pots  by Elaine Futterman. #31  Sewing Machine  Repairs  ��� Overhaul  ��� Tune-ups  ��� Chemical Wash  ��� Paris for all nukes  All Work Guaranteed  21 years experience  Phone Steve 885-2691  help wonted  Part-time work. Free room and  hoard and waives for lady in her  ���Ill's or early fillies. All evenings  oil'. 88.1-9ir'h tfn  appliance/  (IT) eckefit  cfti/ice  NOW SPECIALIZING IN  CHILDREN & TEENAGE  BOOKS  Children:  ���Mcreer Mayer  ���The Magook Series  ���Veroniea & Petunia Series:  Roger Duvoisin  ���Harry the Dog Series: Gene  Zion  ���Frog & Toad Scries: Arnold  Hoban  ���Frances     Series:     Russell  Hoban  ���Babar's   Series:    Laurcnte  de Brunholf  Teenage:  Judy Blume  Norma Klein  Alfred Hitchcock  Farley Mowatl  Tolkien: Thc Hobbitt. Trilogy  Walter   Farley:   The   Black  Stallion Scries  AND MANY MORE  Requests Welcome  885-3258 Cowrie St.,  Box 883. Sechelt  I will be out of town  until Labour Day.  Sorry for any inconvenience.   Please call then.   PEACH TREE  FASHION JEWELRY AND  COSMETIC SKIN CARE  PRODUCTS 885-3813      tfn  Freezer: Viking, 7 cubic feet.  Excellent operating condition.  $150. Phonc885-5306 #31  Four burner electric stove. $70.  Fridge. $40. 884-5351. Ml  Box stove. 24"xlJ". Takes wood  24" long. I'hone 88(1-2670.       #31  Uuilts  Sweaters  FARM   FRESH  SHEEP  WOOL  Black $1.50  per pound  While     75^  per pound  Carding F.xtra 886-9335  One  45 gal.  oil  barrel,  good  condition: $8.00  One 45 Gal. steel oil barrel:    $25  One barrel stand: $5.00  One 23' fiberglass hull:     $2,000  o.b.o.  Evenings after 5:30 p.m.  886-  7423 #32  Have your sundeck waterproofed  with Uniplast, a unique process  ��� involving canvas and  vinyl, for  free estimate call 886-80I6     #31  Heatilator steel fireplace c/w  13 ft. stainless steel chimney  'A new price $495. firm 883-  9959. #32  Moving, must sell cheap: two  chesterfields, three sets table and  chairs. 23" RCA colour TV.  mattress. Phone 886-9314. Aug.  I Ji 2 only. #30  music Weavers  New & Used  Albums & Tapes  Thc Home of People's Prices  [p        886-9737       *  Missing important calls? Inquire  aboul our telephone answering  system's easy installation.  24 hour a day service 885-3258 #44  Two inflatable dinghies, complete  with oars. $30 each. 886-2580 #31  Hav for sale. $1.00 a bale.  885-9357. tin  Bcebe hand winch up to five tons.  885-9451. #33  Rotary Paint Strippers  are in stock at Macleods  store, Sechelt (as seen on  T.V.) 885-2171  LIMITED OFFER  FACTORY OVERSTOCKED  ALUMINUM SIDING  only 48* sq.ft.  "Do II Yourself"  Willi all  orders Write foryour re-  quirt nieiusorcall immediately  574-7421  Muslang Metal Products Ltd.  IKidS     96Ave  HIM  Sinrey lt.( . V3T4W2  Kiddles' Swimming Pools  $11.95 at Macleods  Sechelt. 885-2171  mobile home/  MODULAR HOMES  AND  MOBILE HOMES  Also good selection of new & used single  and double wide mobile homes  MODULAR HOME -  C.M.H.C. APPROVED    FVJ  , i,.   Other Plans Available  MOBILE HOME  p  S12M  �����   W��   ?l  Other Plans Available  TRADES WELCOME  SUNSHINE COAST MOBILE HOME PARK  1 mile west of Gibsons on Hwy. 101        PH 886-9826  foi /ole  Wringer washer with pump and  timer. $35.00. 886-7290 evenings.  #33  Bear Skin rug ��� like new.  $375 or best offer. 885-5484.   #33  Freezer ��� Viking ��� 7 cu. ft.,  excellent operating condition.  $150.885-5306 #31  Four-burner electric stove,  $70.00: fridge. $40.00; stand-up  freezer also. 884-5351 #31  Hue/lock  LIVESTOCK HAULING  HORSESHOEING  Patrick llorvalh 886-9485 eves.tfn  HORSESHOEING  Bob Hopkins  Call 886-9470 eves.        #41,  pet/  wonted  Timber wanted: Fir, hemlock,  cedar and poles. Top prices.  Let us give you an estimate.  DM) log Sorting Ltd. Phone  886-7896 or 886-7700. tfn  Purebred and registered Persian  kittens.     One blue   male,  one'  blue cream  female,   one  black,,  male, one tortoiseshell  female. ,  Eight   weeks  old.      All   shots.  $75.00 firm.   886-7732. Himalay- ,  Kittens   also J^$I25.00.  #33  LOGS WANTED  Top Prices Paid for  Fir-Hemlock-Cedar  I.&K LUMBER  (North Shore) Ltd.  Phone 886-7033  Sorting grounds. Twin Creek  WANTED: USED GUITAR  Good condition please. Phone  886-2894 evenings. tfn  Bathtub, toilet, vanity with sink  (three doors: two outside, one inside), high chair, baby gate, pink  potty, fridge, stove, medicine  cabinet, bamboo curtains,  indoor/outdoor carpets. Phone  886-7848 #31  Demolishing cottage. Bathroom  plumbing. '/;" copper pipe, electric pushmatic box stove, hot  waler tank, windows, etc. Phone  886-2487 #33  Two sets oil and propane cooking  and heating ranges with water  coil. Water tanks. 110 gallon  oil drums and stands, some pipe.  $100 each set, o.n.o. 886-9747 #33  Collection of a lifetime. You  name it. 886-7731 #31  WE ARE NOT  LOOKING  FOR ANTIQUES!!  Any items manufactured  before   the   '50's,    IN  QUANTITY, that might  be in a factory,  warehouse, or barn, can be of  interest to us for cash.  PIN BALL  DOLLS  CLOTHING  RECORDS  FURNITURE  CARNIVAL ITEMS  We've bought them all!  If you think you have  anything of interest to  us, call or write immediately to:  ZOLTZZ  366 ADELAIDE   EAST,  COURTYARD,  TORONTO,    CANADA,  M5A 3X9  PH: (416)368-0668  Purebred poodle puppy for sale.  Eight weeks old. Phone 886-7855  alter 8:00 p.m. #33'  German Shepherd pups  Mother excellenl guard dog  $40.00 Phone 886-7785     #31  Free lo a good home, registered  male Golden Retriever. Very  friendly. 886-9485. #31  Baby domestic brown ferrets,  excellent and unusual house  pets. $100. Phone 886-2588.    #33  for <cnt  TRUCKS  Rental���Leasing  ���Also-  Domestic and  Industrial  Equipment.  next to the liquor store  in Sechelt.  Seaside Rentals  885-2848  One deluxe bedroom apartment,,  ���.vail   10   wall    carpel,    ili'apcs  fridge,   stove,   heat   ilu I    HK6- '  'll2,or8H6-9038cvc-.. Ifiil  gorden equipment  GREEN MACHINES  Gas powered weed-eater  Model 30110  S329.00  SHEFFIELD  LAWNMOWERS  18 in. Steel Deck  2 H.P. BriggstV Stratum  $126.00  19 in.Steel Deck  3.5 H.P. Brlggs & Stratum  SI59.00  HOMELITE  XL PUMP  $366.00  GASOLINE CANS  MOWER BLADES  MOWER BLADES  & CHAIN   SAWS  SHARPENED  886-2912**  Gibsons  Lawn Mower <  Chain Saw Service)  Waterfront house for rent, j  Phone eves 886-2566. tfn i  Newly decorated 2 and 3 lidrm !  apts. Stove, fridge, heat and j  cablevision incl. in reasonable [  rent. Sorry, no pets. Close to-!  schools    and    shopping.    S86-t-!  7836. tfn"  Apartment for rem. call 886-'"  96.10 or 886-2417 Ifn"  Condominium:   Three bedrooms  plus   family   room.   I1/:   baths,  carpets.   5300   per   mo.      Callj,  886-7628. tfn \  FOR RENT  Two mobile home sites near J  beach. Free vegetable garden ;  plots if desired. "Bonniebrook" J  88(1-2887, ifn !  New   Ihree   bedroom   house   in j  Wilson Creek area with fridge  and stove. S300 per mo. 885-  3773. #32 ]  Executive  style  view  home  in |  Davis    Bay,    three    bedrooms,  full basement, fridge and stove, ',  dishwasher incl. 5.150 per month. ',  885-3773. #32 \  Brand new three bedroom  duplexes, 1,316 sq.ft. Wall to  wall carpeting. Very plush  units. Appliances if required.  Two blacks In scltuul and shop  ping mall. $300 per month.  Phone    Manager    886-9890.  Housekeeping room. Clean, quiet!  adult. Robertson's Boarding!  House. 886-9833. M2I  Two mobile hoiuc spaces to  able now. Sunshin < i  Trailer Park. 886-9826.  iil-  REAL  ESTATE  NEEDS  885-5171  GRANTHAMS WATERFRONT:  Two bedroom,  older home,  beautifully maintained beach at your doorstep. $89,900  CREATIVE SPECIAL!  3 B.R. house, solid foundation with two large lols: So.-mes  Ideal lor remodelling. Top your own trees lor marvellous  view- $34,900  TREMENDOUS VIEW FROM GAMBIER TO NANAIMO'  3 B.R. lamily home, 2 brick f.p., wilh ensuite lor mother-in-  law. Concrete drive, double c/port and huge deck $57,000  BY PEBBLE BEACH ACCESS: Large lamily home with new  everything. Has many rooms, a stone fireplace, workshop and  greenhouse for only j5() g00  LOWER RD. & CHERYL ANN PARK: New three bedroom  rancher on corner lol close lo beach access. Extremely good  valueat $46,900  LANGDALE CHINES: New three bedroom, full basement  house on quiet road. Your choice of fireplace - zero clearance  or freestanding ��� many trees and permanent view to Keats  $53,900  Vt ACRE WITH KEATS VIEW:   Immaculate two bedroom  home with fireplace. Well treed, good landscaping and many  other desirable features. -,,    '  And LOTS everywhere '  ���M lot lent  Available September 1, Gibsons.  Franklin Road, waterfront, two  bedroom, automatic oil furnace,  appliances, carpets. $315. 886-  9849. #33  One bedroom, self-contained  cottage. Fully furnished, appliances, dishes, etc. Available  immediately $165/month. 886-  7938. #31  Point Rd., Hopkins Landing.  Three bedroom house with fireplace, stove, and fridge. Available for two years. $240 per  month. Phone evenings, 886-7005  #33  Modern, one bedroom furnished  cottage for mature single man.  Cablevision. phone, Roberts  Creek waterfront. $150. 886-9885  #32  tot lent  New house for rent, Redrooffs  area, available September 1.  $325/month. Phone 591-6287  Vancouver. #31  Five bedroom house in Langdale,  with excellent view. W/W carpet.  Located on Frontage Road.  $450 per month. 682-6863.      #31  Gibsons���suite for rent. Three  bedrooms, available Aug. 1.  581-0024. #33  Waterfront house at Roberts  Creek, available September 1  to June 30. $240/month. 886-  9792. #31  Duplex, two bedroom, Roberts  Creek. 886-7073 #33  Four bedroom house, Hopkins  Landing. September 1. Phone  886-9246 #31  travel  mobile home/  Jotrent  Brand new three bedroorrt duplexes,  1,316 sq.ft. Wall to wall carpeting,  t/ery plush units. Appliances if required.  Two blocks to school and shopping mall.  $300 per month. Phone Manager  886-9890.  For All  Your  Travel  Needs  peninsula  travel  886-9755  1 Im d r>atu>'da; j  ulv i /.uyL,,.  Registered Travel Agent  outomotive  outomotlvc _____���__��  1966 Isuzu Bellet 4-door sedan 1971   Landrover with  8000  lb.  near new tires, brakes, complete winch. Low mileage. Good condi-  new muffler system dependable tion.  Asking  $2250.  Call  lain,  trans., $395o.b.o. 883-9959.   #32 883-2332days, 885-2555eve.  #31  ������.'' Deluxe Toyota. 4-door sedan. 1965 1 ton GMC flat deck. $700  client      condition.      radials o.b.o. 885-3903. tfn  inter radials incl.).  pullman-  ���d   seals,   standard   4-spced.  86-9038 tfn  motoicycle/  1976 Kawi KH 400. Full Ferring,  Prime Condition. $1,100 o.b.o.  886-7963. #31  wonted to icnt  September I. house for family  of three. Will take excellent  care. Phone 886-7411 or Vancouver. 434-0694. #33  mobile home/  1969   Camper-Trailer.    15   ft.,  sleeps six, propane htr & stove,  First class condition. 886-7855.  #32  HOMES  VOLUME SPECIAL!  24x40Higlwood2BR  Doublewide. Duroid Roof.  Ensuite bath, Dlx carpets  and drapes. Dlx 2 BR F.F.  Fridge filectric Range.  Delivered A- set up to  your silc or wc have park  space availab.e  $23,900 F.P.  "Incl all taxes, oil tank  it set of wooden steps"  PREOWNED SPECIAL  12x68 3 BR Leader fully  furnished incl W'\D  All setup* skirled wilh  porch in nice park.  $13,800 F.P.  ON THE SPOT  BANK FINANCE!  -I5%D.P.  ��� Use your  home  owner  grant.  COAST MOBILE HOMES  LTD.  Box 966. Sechell. B.C.  8854979  "Doublewide Specialists"  "Over 160 satisfied  customers"  WE TAKE TRADES!  M.D.L.00623A  1973 Dodge 4x4 J/a ton, Warren  hubs, extra tires. Good condition. $2,700 or nearest offer.  884-5370 #31  Champion Spark Plugs  Standards: $1.00  Resistor: $1.20  Good until August 1 at your  Macleods Store  Sechelt 885-2171  1967 Dodge Monaco automatic  four-door, good running condition, new brakes, two new snow  tires. $350 o.b.o. 886-2079.     #31  Four five-holed 14" brushed  aluminum mags with two radials.  $300 o.b.o. Call 886-8005        #31  1969   MGB.  886-2790  Must   bc  seen.  #31  1974 Chevelle Malibu Classic,  4 dr. P.S.. P.B. 350, Excellent  condition $2800.    8869370    #33  1975 Ford F250 4 sp. P.S.  1954 Lincoln Capri Conpet PB, 27,500 mi. c-w 32" Winne-  P.S., P.B. P.W. and A.T. Your bag0 canopV| 2 mtd. std. snow  chance lo own a classic. $1,200 tires and camper tie downs  o.b.o. 885-9405. #31  Exc. shape. 885 9440 #31  help ujojted  CLERK WANTED  is required by the B. C. Assessment Authority  for Its Sunshine Coast Area Assessment Office  located in Sechelt.   Duties include:   processes  sales analysis record forms in conjunction with  Data Centre; operates sycor data input device;  adjudicates on the validity of documents following  well defined procedures and regulations; assists  appraisal staff with preparation and organization  of field work; checks completed field cards for  essential data; processes building permits; maintains a filing system; processes title changes and  subdivisions;   handles   telephone   and   counter  enquiries;   performs   other   related   duties   as  assigned.    Applicants will possess Grade 12  education and a minimum of three years related  clerical experience; good knowledge of modern  office practices and'procedures; ability to type  with reasonable speed and accuracy; experience in  use of modern office equipment.   A lesser qualified applicant may be appointed at a lower level  with corresponding salary.  Monthly Salary: $1001.90 - $1100.15 (1977 Rate)  Competition No. 78-69  Closing Date: August 4,1978  Application forms may be obtained from  the  various assessment offices  located  throughout  the province. Please direct completed application  forms to:  Director-Personnel  B. C. Assessment Authority  1537 Hillside Avenue  VICTORIA, B. C.  V8T4Y2  SUNSHINE COAST REGIONAL DISTRICT  Public Workshops to Discuss Development  Permits  The Sunshine Coast Regional District is holding  two public workshops to explain the new provisions of the Municipal Act'for development permits, development permit areas, and public dedication of land. The Intent of the legislation is to  replace land use contracts with a system that does  not allow modification of density or use as regulated by existing by-laws. Any member of the public  interested in learning more about the changes is  invited to attend one of two workshops to be held  by the Planning staff of the Regional District The  first workshop wil be held on August 9, 1978 at  7:30 p.m. in the Regional District offices in  Sechelt, and the second will be held on Thursday,  August 10,1978 at 7:30 p.m. in Pender Harbour at  the elementary school library.  The by-laws to allow the application of this new  legislation will have to go to public hearing.  However, the Board feels it is desirable to hold  some Informal discussions of the changes.  For further information, please contact the Sunshine Coast Regional District office at 885-2261.  SERVING THE SUNSHINE COAST  MODERATE COST LOCAL OR DISTANT BURIALS  CREMATIONS - MEMORIALS- PRE ARRANGEMENTS  886-9551 "SS-  D. A. Devlin  Director  For Private Use or Business  AUTOVEST  Before you buy, investigate the advantages of this rent-to-  own plan.  All monies paid apply to purchase.  Why tie  up your cash or borrowing power?   1st and last months  rent and drive away.  .u..... __  EXAMPLES  Based on 36 month lease  78 F250 pickup  $148 per mo.  Total $5328.  Lease end Price  $2175.  or simply return  78 Camero HT  $139 per mo.  Total $5004.  Lease end Price  $2025.  or simply return  78 Fiesta 3 DR  $99 per mo.  Total $3564.  Lease end Price  $1400.  or simply return  77 Econoline Van  $136 per mo.  Total $4896.  Lease end Price  $1975.  or simply return  76 Zephyr Sedan  $124 per mo.  Total $4464.  Lease end Price  $1825.  or simply return  78F1504X4  $155 per mo.  Total $5580.  Lease end Price  $2275.  or simply return  78C100ChevPU  $129 per mo.  Total $4644.  Lease end Pt ice  $1875.  or simply return  78 Dodge Van  $129 per mo.  Total $4644.  Lease end Price  /     $1875.  or simply return  78 Olds Cutlass  $139 per mo.  Total $5004.  Lease end Price  $2025.  or simply return  For further information CALL COLLECT  GILLE   CHAMPAGNE    987-7111  EXCLUSIVE!!  $120,000  . KHRL-���- ���" *?"*��� % -,'.\ <���!$��� ,,  ||pgf: SB^SIBiSS i | [?��� 11|  This commercial building is  for sale by its corporate  owner. Approximately 3,600  sq. ft. with modern shoe store  on ground floor and five  professional offices upstairs,  with storage shed out back.  Present Income:  $1,140 per Month  Potential Income:  $1,515 per Month or More  If interested contact company's solicitor  ROBERT C. REID at 886-2207 or 886-7995  Coast News, August 1,1978  NOTICE OF PUBLIC HEARING   mam�������"���������  11.  PROPOSED AMENDMENTS TO VILLAGE OF GIBSONS  ZONING BY-LAW NO. 241.1973  Pursuant to Section 703 of the Municipal Act, a Public Hearing will be held in the  Municipal Hall, 1490 South Fletcher Road, Gibsons, B.C. on Monday, August 14,  1978 at 7:00 p.m. to consider By-Law No. 320 (Zoning Amendment By-Law No.  320,1978). At the Hearing all persons who deem their interest in property affected  by the proposed By-Law shall be afforded an opportunity to be heard on matters  contained in the By-Law.  The intent of the By-Law is to amend the present zoning to the following described  properties as noted below:  1. (a) Lots 15���28 inclusive, Block 3, District Lot 686; Lots 1���8 inclusive, and 12���23  inclusive, Block 5, District Lot 686 be rezoned from Comprehensive Development  Area, CDA, to Residential Zone 3, R-3.  (b) Lots 5���12 Inclusive, Lot "B", Lots 15���24 Inclusive, and lots 34���40 Including all  of Blocks 22/27, District Lot 685, Plan 4856 and Lots 1 to 8 of Block A, District Lot  685, Plan 5579 be rezoned from Comprehensive Development Area, CDA, to  Residential Zone 2, R-2.  (c) Lots 7���13 inclusive, Block "F", District Lot 685, Plan 10362 be rezoned from  Comprehensive Development Area, CDA, to Residential Zone 1, R-1.  (d) Lots "A" and "B", and Lots 6���12 inclusive, of the South V. of the South Vi of  District Lot 685-A, Plan 7495 be rezoned from Residential 4, R-4 to Residential  2, R-2.  (e) 1���Lot 1 of South Vi of South Vi, District Lot 685A, Plan 7495,  2���North Vi of South Vi, District Lot 685A, explanatory Plan 10*60  3-Block 1 of North Vi of South Vi, District Lot 685A, Plan 10460,  4-Blocks 8,9 and 10, District Lot 684, Plan 4438,  5-South 130 feet of Block 10, District Lot 684, Plan 4438,  6���Blocks 11 and 12, District Lot 684, Plan 4438,  7-Blocks 17���22 inclusive, District Lot 684, Plan 4438,  8-Blocks 29-31 inclusive, District Lot 684, Plan 4438,  9-Lots 31 and 32 of Blocks 1 -4, District Lot 689, Plan 17211,  10���Lot 3, Plan 11545 except Plan 13789and 14517, District Lot 688,  11 -North 150 feet of amended lot N see 283223L, Plan 7945, District Lot 688,  12���Lot 1, Plan 7945 Port-except Plan 14628, District Lot 688,  13���Parcel H. Reference Plan 1416, District Lot 688,  14-Plan 1311R, District Lot 688,  15���Lot B, Plan 9824, District Lot 689,  16���Block C except Plan 6558, Plan 2987 except Plan 10767, District Lot G89,  17���Block 9 except Plans 10922 and 11571, District Lot 689,  18-Plan 2987, except Plans 10922 and 11571, District Lot 689,  19���Lot 5, Block 7, District Lot 689,  20-Lot 4, Block 7, Plan 14191, District Lot 689,  21-Block 7 except Plans 10922 and 11586 and Plan 14191, District Lot 689,  Plan 2987,  22���Lot 3, Block 7, Plan 11586, District Lot 689,  23���Lot 1, Block 5 and 6, Plan 15266, District Lot 689,  24-Lot 2, Block 5 and 6, Plan 15266, District Lot 689,  25���Lot 3, Block 5 and 6, Plan 15266, District Lot 689,  26���Lot 4, Block 5 and 6, Plan 15266, District Lot 689,  27-Lot B, Block 5 and 6, Plan 12188, District Lot 689,  28-Owner #02 for Folio #00948.00, Plan 3678, District Lot 689,  29���Parcel A explanatory Plan 6395 of Lot 1, Blocks 5 and 6 and the E Part of Block  4, District Lot 689, Plan 3678,  30-Lot 3, Blocks 4 to 6, Plan 3678, District Lot 689,  31 ���Lot 4 of Blocks 5 and 6 and East Part of Block 4, Plan 3678, District Lot 689,  32���Lot 5 of Blocks 5 and 6 and East Part of Block 4, Plan 3678, District Lot 689,  33���Lot A of 6, Port -Blocks 4 to 6, Plan 11588, District Lot 689,  34-West Vi Lot 6 of Blocks 4 to 6, Plan 3678, District Lot 689,  35���Lot B of Lot 7, Blocks 4 and 6, Plan 7700except Plan 13703, District Lot 689.  36-Owner #02 for Folio #00958.010, Lot 1, Block 4���6, Plan 13703, District Lot 689,  37���Reference Plan 59, Block 1, District Lot 688,  be rezoned from Residential 4, R-4 to Residential 3, R-3.  (f) Lot 11, Block 6 of Blocks K and L, District 686, Plan 4028 be rezoned from  Residential Zone 3, R-3, to Public Assembly, P.A.  (9) Lot 14, Block 6 of Blocks K and L, District Lot 686, Plan 4028 be rezoned from Public  Assembly, P.A. to Residential 3, R-3.  2. That Part II of the Village ol Gibsons Zoning By-Law No. 241, 1973 be amended  by deleting the word "average" where it precedes "finished ground level at the..."  in the third line of paragraph two on page three.  Take notice that the above paragraph is deemed to be a synopsis of By-Law No. 320  and not deemed to be an interpretation thereof. The By-Law may be inspected  at the Gibsons Municipal Offices, 1490 South Fletcher Road, during office hours,  namely Monday to Wednesday 8:30 a.m. to 4.30 p.m. and Thursday and Friday  8:30a.m. to 5:00 p.m.  J.W.Copland,   Municipal Clerk 12.  Coast News, August 1,1978.  properly  marine  Two year old l2xhS mobile home  on parklike acre by Camp Byng.  Stove, fridge, dishwasher included. $37,500. 43"-0"4O eves;  886-7297 days, #3?  r************^  \     For Quick Sale     ^  \ View Lot, Davis Bay. ^  ^   Reduced from SI 3,900 to    fc  N       sii,9oo       a  5 (ail Owner 885-3444 S  **************  RFDUCEDSIO.000  A lino family home on Shaw Road  veai's old.  lull  basement  and  ma     hixur\ features.  I his house  -; . ���  sold  88h ' 168 *.'il  Four  room  house  on  view  lot.  Fruit  ami  holly  irees  S31  500.  8ho "5".  HI  Palm Springs ar  -a  bui  ding  lol.  JI5.000. Hawaii I  uilding acreage  S5.000.  I'rade fi  r loea  . remote  waterfront''   Box  I0I5  Sechelt.  HI  I'ratl Road, large lol 76'xl25\  cleared and in fruit trees. SI2.500  Phone 886-2I55 iln  BY OWNER  Langdale, brand new home,  1322 sq.ft., 3 bedrooms, ensuile off master, large kitchen  and nook. Beautiful Cameo  marble fireplace, with heatilator up and downstairs. Also  roughed-in two rooms and  bulb downstairs. Beautiful  view on comer lot. This home  musl be seen to be appreciated. $63,000. Please  call 886-2300. tfn  HIGGS MARINE SURVEYS LTD.  Insurance claims, condition and  valuation surveys. Serving Ihe  Sunshine Coasl and B.C.Coastal  Waters. Phone:885-9425. 885-  9747.885-3643.886-0546.        ifn.  BOAT DELIVERY  All B.C.. some foreign. Areturus  Navigation.   Box    I015   Sechelt.  Navigation author and mechanic.  #35  16' Cabin Cruiser, two motors.  10 and 65. both controls, trailer  top condition, cheap.  885-2833.  #32  110 Mercury Outboard Motor,  used two seasons. Excellenl  condition, $425. Call evenings.  883-2424 ifn  21' Cabin Cruiser, sound cedar  hull, newly painted. 115 Volvo  l/B, head, galley, sleeps three,  interior needs paint. $4,000 o.b.o.  885-2952. tfn  IAN   MORROW   &   CO.   LTD.  Marine Surveyors. Condition and  detail surveys for Evaluation.  Surveys for insurance claims.  Phone 886-2433. 886-9458  29':' Dragon, racing sloop.  1950's Classic. 886-7795 alter  5 p.m. or sec Gary at the Gibsons  Wharf. P.\]  b.c.ft ijuhon  HELP WANTED: Housewives,  students. Earn extra money  putting out catalogues, taking  orders and delivering. Write  Fuller Brush Co.. Box 108,  c/o #808. 207 W.Hastings St.,  Vancouver. B.C. or write Mr.  T.Diamond. 585 Balmoral Rd..  Kelowna, B.C. #33  BUSINESS      OPPORTUNITIES:  Good financial returns! Canadian  marketing firm needs local  agents for Stereo. Cassettes.  Hrassware. Tools. Garbage  Bags. Cosmetics. Full or part  time, no experience or store  needed. OTRON sales. 8155  43rd St.. Edmonton Alia.        "32  HELP WANTED: Home Care  Co-ordinator. Nursing degree or  RN with CHN Administrative  skills: Home Care experience  preferred. Athabasca Health  Unit. Box 1140. Athabasca. Alberta. #31  Gibsons waterfront, two cabins.  535.1100. Phone 922-4278        H33  Chaster Road, lol 67'xl23'.  partlv cleared. Ready for building. Close to school. SKI.000.  I'hone 88h 9984 tfn  Complete marine power Chrysler  440 engine. 2'/i:l Marine gear,  heat exchanger, plug-in guages.  SI200 firm. One 24"x24" stainless RH propeller. $200. 886-9309  #33  HOUSE FOR SALE BY OWNER  (GLEN RD) Two bedroom home  wilh fireplace, auto oil furh.u..  fabulous view and closi lo all  facilities. Phone 886-2075 (fa  ���' owner, 3 bedroom home with  h venue suite, real unique,  carved beams, brick wrought  iron vi u large liv. rec. M.bdrni.  o|. ii lo paiio. garden, comb,  mil sew workshop, landscaped,  witli ocean view, three maj.  appliances, near P.O.. beach.  ���.hops. park. Asking $57,000.  or prop, as part trade. 886-  "054 allelic #30  'Iwo bedroom house. 1.000  sq, fl. View of Horseshoe Bay.  Gibsons Harbour and Georgia  Strait. Nonh Fletcher and Wyn-  gciri. I'hone 88h-9259 or write  Box 151. Port Mellon. #30  For sale in Wilson Creek, new  three bedroom 1.100 sq ft house  with full basement, double  plumbing, standing fireplace,  sundeck. carport, beautiful  view. Asking $53,500. bv owner.  885-377.l. #33  25' Mariner Sportsfishcrman,  165' IO. enclosed head, compass,  depth sounder. At Skyline Marina. Richmond. $6,995. Phone  886-9246 #33  Ten-foot Hydroplane with 50  Merc. $1,000 o.b.o. Must see.  Call eves, after 6:30. 885-3185 #33  Brand new 4 Horse Johnson  O.B. and tank ��� Sun Derby  prize. $450. 886-9370 1133  Catalina 22. three sails, 7.5  Merc. Head, g��ttT, manv extras.  $7,500 o.b.o. 886-7233    '        #31  16' Runabout, 404B outboard.  Full camper top. depth sounder,  anchor. 886-9408 #33  Old Evinrude outboard motor.  Starts easily, runs well. $100.  Phone 886-7005 #31  HELP WANTED: Senior Community Health Nurse: Degree  in Nursing and experience in  Community Health Nursing  preferred. Send programmes and  administrative skills to: Athabasca Health Unit. Box 1140.  Athabasca, Alberta. #31  MACHINERY: Coast Tractor  and Island Equipment offer special prices on Bcrco Undercarriage JD 350 Track groups  $650. JD 450C Track groups  $880. Pengo teeth for most  makes of utility tractors. #33  BUSINESS FOR SALE: Lighting  fixture store in expanding shopping centre Port McNeill, north  Vancouver Island. Excellent  opportunity for iimncdiate  growth. $25,000 firm. Phone 956-  4437 or write B.Kinlev. Box 336,  Port McNeill, B.C. #31  REAL ESTATE: '/; share - 25  acres riverfront. 15 minutes south  of Duncan. Treed, water, two  A-frames and cabin. $35,000.  Phone 749-6601 or write Box 907.  Duncan, B.C. #31  BUSINESS OPPORTUNITIES:  Motel and Mobile Home Park.  22 pad. 8 unit motel. New 3  bedroom full basement home on  Trans Canada Highwav. Salmon  Arm. B.C. $235,000. 832-2075 #31  FARM: 5 bedroom 3 year old  modern basement home. 160  acres ten miles from town, 80  acres cleared; year round creek,  30x40 woiksiiop. Will sell at  appraised value. B.Berge, 163  Barlow, Quesnel. B.C. 922-5335  or 249-5576 #31  A number to note:  885-5171  WHARF REALTY LTD.  DATSUN  COQUITMMCENrRE  DNSUNLTD.  27h0-  COqU  E.E. (Mickey Coe  RES: 271-0'  j  : 86 3ai let Highway Tc >p   'n  :.arr.,B C.V3B1B9 46.-9611/12  MUNICIPAL BEACH  SUNDAY, AUG. 13  Starting at 11 a.m.  CHILDREN'S WATER RACES   -Competition Races  4 yr ��� 14 yr at Float Area    ���Novelty Races  ���Fun Races  Register now  for Long Distance Swim  (Keats Wharf to Municipal Beach ��� Starting time 11 a.m.)  at J's Unisex in the Sunnycrest Mall.  Swimmers must have adult in escort vessel.  FOOD CONCESSION - CANDY FLOSS - REFRESHMENTS  Guess Where  All the answers to last week's Guess Where were  wrong, so we'll run it again. The prize goes up  to $10.00 for the first correct answer drawn. For  more information on the location, note the spelling of "Elphinstone".  In court  At Provincial Court in  Sechelt on Wednesday,  July 26, Stephen Doyle  pleaded guilty to impaired  driving and received a fourteen day sentence, to be  served intermittently at  Sechelt.  For driving while under  disqualification, John Woods  was fined $250. Theodore  Paul was given a $500 fine and  six months probation for  impaired driving.  Found guilty of driving with  a blood alcohol count of  over .08, Robert Kerr was  fined $500. On a similar  charge, Kenneth Higdon  also received a $500 fine.  Rodger Wilcox was also  guilty of driving with a  .08 blood count, He was given  a $100 fine and his driver's  license was suspended for  six months.  "CLASSIFIEDABS  b.c.fl ijuhon  HELP WANTED: Experienced  reporter-photographers eager  to settle in desirable Vancouver  Island area wanted by two ot  Canada's award winning twice  weekly newspapers; thc Campbell River Courier/Islander and  the Comox District Free Press.  Send resume, clippings and  reeenl photo to: Editor, Box  3039, Courtenay. B.C. Applications close August 18. #32  BUSINESS OPPORTUNITIES:  B.C.Importer and manufacturer  of Press washers. Steam cleaners  and chemicals is looking for  representation in selected areas  of B.C.Low investment. Start  small, grow big. 374-1612 or write  667 Victoria St.. Kamloops,  B.C. #31  FOR SALE: Shoe repairman!  American finisher. 4 polishing  brushes. 5 sandcrs. 2 trimmers.  Good running condition. $400.  or best offer. Phone 265-3213 or  write c/o Box 62, Burton, B.C.   #31  TRADE: Would like to trade just  repaired Fridcn typesetting  and VariTvper headliner for more  up to date equipment. Reasonable. Thc Pioneer, Box 610,  Cache Creek. B.C.457-6626     #31  :-^\  \ 9     ?r M.  3   Come in and see       ���/<  ,��Vt3 f    our complete line of ,  ��^r"Marvin" cosmetics and skin care   y��  L products including sun car,: products T  and deodorants. All hypo-al.ei ,jn\c.*r  A^See our selection of Fashion JewelryJL  Open  Mon.���Sat.  10a.m.���5p.m.  Fri.  10a.m.���9p.m.  Across from the Dock,'  Cowrie St., Sechelt  Phone 885-3813 .  BUSINESS OPPORTUNITIES:  OK Tire Store, land, buildings,  stocks, equipment, franchise,  165 feet on Trans Canada Hwy.  MLS Dirks Realty. Box 1700,  Salmon Arm. phone 832-7111 #31  BUSINESS OPPORTUNITIES:  TRUSS Mfg. business, land,  buildings, equipment. Industrial  zoned or buy business, and lease  buildings. Exclusive listing. Dirks  Realty. Box 1700. Salmon Arm,  B.C. phone 832-7111. #31  tt  Operation  Ltfe/tuje  Did you know that you  must ride your bicycle for  45 minutes to burn the  calories contained in a  simple piece of apple pie?  1278 sq. ft. three bedroom home in Cheryl Ann Park, Roberts Cr.  FOR SALE ��� ��*.**"��� /.V*. ifflsi*     '-.:... ~.JA'}LJT.-*j*vr*%  $59,500.  Features:  thermo-pane  windows  shake roof  2 heatilator  fireplaces  2-piece ensuite  concrete  driveway  enclosed  carport  ��� front yard now completely landscaped  ��� completed rec room  ��� two sundecks  PHONE 886-2207 or 886-7995 after 5:00 p.m.  MM  ���MM  Ml  mm


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