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Sunshine Coast News Jun 27, 1978

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 MMNMM  Sechelt Council  hears concerns  Miss Helen I. Dawe appeared before the Sechell Council  for Ihe first lime al lhc regular meeting held on Wednesday.  June 21st. Among her concerns was a request Ihat agendas  he posted on the door of the municipal office in advance of  council meetings in order that members of thc public could take  an i.il'oii.ied interest in the proceedings. Miss Dawe also  askeit tl'i' it sidewalk be planned for Teredo Avenue and  expressed concern about drainage in the vicinity of Wharf  and Teredo and the beach and also pointed out Ihat the wooden  bulwark at the south end of Trail was in need of repair.  Miss Dawe also pointed out to the village council that the officially designated year of 1975 as the centenary of while settlement in Sechell was erroneous. She said that Provincial Archives. Vancouver City Archives, and the B.C. Department  of Lands records all indicated Ihat l%9 should have been  designated thc centennial year of white settlement since it  was in INh4 thai John Scales, an ex-Royal Engineer, had applied for land. Ihe IN75 date marked by council was merely  the year a hired surveyor plotted Scales' land.  In oilier council business, the new major highway, the  it  was  moved  by  Alderman    B.C.Hvdro   line,    anv' tele-  Morgan Thompson and  seconded by Alderman Frode  .lorgenson Ihat the village  formally apply lo Ihe Regional  District for financial assistance in thc operation of lhc  Sunshine Coasl Arena. The  niotion carried.  Alderman Jorgenson  was named to represent the  village council on ihe economic study committee being  formed lo study thc economic  conditions on the Sunshine  Coast.  A request from a Mrs.  McCormick for a business  licence in order to conduct  ceramic classes in her basement wits approved by a  vole of 3-2. Mrs. McCormick  indicated that although  green ware would be sold  it was nol her intention to  have a retail outlet. Council's  concern was about the parking facilities available for thc  enterprise.  Alderman Morgan Thompson reported ihat west Surf  Circle had been inumdated  in the recent rains and was  in need of curbs and rebuilding. He further reported that  the sewage project is going  well and that driveways on  Cowrie Street are being filled.  Il was moved by Alderman  Morgan    Thompson and  seconded by Alderman  Kolibas that derelict vehicles  should bc moved from the  vicinity of the library and that  the charge for thc one on  the library lot be billed to a  Mr. Landsbcrger. Other  derelicts are to be checked  simultaneously.  Alderman Thompson  also moved thai the Corporation of the Village of Seehelt  should endorse Ihe concept of  a single utility corridor to  accomodate the needs of all  utility users in thc future  Such a corridor would include  communications lines and any  other users who require  access through Ihe isthmus.  After Alderman Krode Jorgenson seconded Ihe motion  it was carried. Village Clerk  Tom Wood is to inform thc  Sechelt Indian Band of the  resolution.  Elphinstone graduates line up Saturday night for      is  their picture taking ceremony.  In the foreground      doi  Cecil  Abernathy  ng the honours.  of   Peninsula   Photographs  Appropriation  concerns Dawe  Most of those present applauded Helen Dawe after her  presentation to Sechelt Council last Wednesday. Her major  bone of contention was that she felt that there could be thc  spectre of land appropriation looming over the heads of some  Sechelt residents.  The area in question is District lot 1331, Block 5,h,7,8 and 14.  It is Miss Dawe's feeling that several of thc property owners  have been approached by .R.D.O'Brien. a representative of  the Housing Corporation of British Columbia. In conversation  with these people she has concluded that an undue amount of  secrecy is involved in thc Housing corporation's scheme to  amalgamate the blocks in question for a rcplotting  development.  A letter to Mis-Dawe from O'Brien denies this, staling that,  "there is indeed no secrecy involved in the rcplotting process,  however, it will be our policy not to supply plans until such  time as the design is completed and then we feel that it would  be most inappropriate of us to supply plans to anyone until  after the property owners, or their authorised agents, have  been formally approached and the plan discussed with them".  The letter goes on to say that since everyone will bc affected  differently some may be approached before others. It states  that "As a rcplotting scheme is a procedure which enables  a municipality lo eliminate thc existing legal boundaries  for the area within the bounds of the scheme and substitute  therefore a new layout more in keeping with the topography,  it will be appreciated that the giving and taking of private land  is involved."  From scrutinizing thc plans Miss Dawe has concluded that  those within the boundaries of the proposal cannot exist in  their present state and will cither have to move or adjust  to new restrictive boundaries.  One of her fears is thai in a project such as this the cost of the  preliminary studies are waived if the plan gets the green light  from Council. In the case of rejection, however, the Village  is liable for all expenses to date and she is worried that Council may gel themselves into a position where it would be too  expensive lo back out.  Elphinstone  graduates  AKINS, ELAINE  BANDI. CHARLOTTE  BEAUDOIN.MICHELE  BERTHELET.PIERRETTE  BOYD, LORNA  CAMERON, GEORGINA  CAMPBELL, LAURA  CAMPOSANO, LORETO  CLAYTON. JANET  CROSBY, MEGHAN  DUNCAN,HEATHER  DUNCAN, MARGARET  EBERLE, LEA  EBERI.E. LYNN  ERICKSON, WANDA  FORSYTH, CATHY  FOSS, SYBIL  FRANKI.AND, HELEN  GILLMORE, DEVONNA  GRAHAM. LISA  GREIG.ALANA  GURR, PATRICIA  HEAD, GAM.  HOOPS, COLLEEN  INGLIS, YVONNE  JACKSON, BEVERLY  JOHNSON, ROBERTA  KWASNYCIA, CHERYL  LEECH. MARIE  LOVRICH, MAGDA  MCCLYMONT, LEE  MACKAY, JANET  MCKINNON, REBECCA  MCKINNON, SALLY  MAHLMAN, MELANIE  MANTON. STARR  MURPHY,ANNETTE  NESTM AN, DEBORAH  NESTMAN.LAURA  NIELSEN, GAIL  PARSEY, NAOMI-ANN  PAUL, DEANNA  PEARSON. MAY  PETERSEN, INCRID  PETERSEN, SIGRID  PHILLIPS, MICHELLE  PIKE, MARIA  PLOWS.LAUREEN  POTTER. NANCY  REID. HEATHER  RIPPER, CARLA  ROBINSON, DONNA  ROBINSON, SABINE  RUSSELL. ELIZABETH  SCHARF, DOREEN  SPENCE, JUDITH  SPENCE, MICKI  THIBAULT, I OKI  VISSER. MARIA  WAJ.DIE, JENNIFER  WELLS, DIANE  WHEELER, l.YNNE  WHITE, CHARI.ENE  BEI.LERIVE, JOEL  BIRKIN.KEN  BORLEY. LAURENCE  BRACKETT.DALE  BRACKETT, DAVID  CARBY, CLAYTON  CAREY, STEVEN  CLAYTON, STEVEN  CONNOR, WILLIAM  CRAZE, DARREN  CROSBY, JACK  DEAN, RICHARD  DULYK, STEPHEN  DYBWAD, DOUG  ENEVOLDSON. JOHN  ENGLISH. MICHAEL  EVANS, PETER  FORSIINER, KEVIN  FRASER, NOEL  GIBB. BRUCE  GUELPH.GARY  HILL. CHRISTOPHER  HOLLAND, KEVIN  HOPKINS, ERIC  IIOVDEN, RONALD  IRVINE. AI.ASDAIR  JAMIESON, WILLIAM  JONES. PETER  KETTLE, JACK  KINGSTON, ERNEST  LAV. SON. NIGEL  LA WSON, RICHARD  LEE, EDMUND  LIZEE.GEDEON  MCCAUGIITKIE, TIMOTHY  MCDONALD, GARY  MCEWAN, JAMES  MCGINNIS, ANTHONY  Nl TZI AW, DOUG  PAGE, LEONARD  PARRELL, KEITH  PARTRIDGE, BRIAN  PETERS. ERIC  PETERSON, HAROLD  PETUI.A, GREGORY  PHILLIPS, SCOTT  QUARRY.BRADFORD  QUINN, TIM  RENOUF. SHANE  RINAI.IIIS, FI1.IPPO  SAM.IS, JAMES  SIMMONS. RICHARD  STEVENSON,BRUCE  STEWART, IAN  UNDERWOOD, RICHARD  WALKER, RORY  WONG, DERRICK  ZUEFF, TOM  Janowsky pub  gets go-ahead  Gibsons Council agreed lasl week ul iheir planning committee  meeting held un Monday, June W. and confirmed .n iheir  regular meeting held on June 20, io accept formally iln .latum--  sky application for a marine pub licence fin processing. Council authorized Interior Wesl Consultants lo work wiih lhc  Municipal Planner in ihe processing of the application.  The reasons given lor ihe decision in proceed mill iln processing ol lhc Janowsky application were lhal the public meeting  held in (iilisons recently had come oul clearly in favour ..| n  liquor nutlet in lhc Lower Village and since 'only one ol Iln  lifoplfcailons before lite village council had received ilid requisite pre-elcarance Irom lhc pnninei.il governmeni n was ihe  only application received by lhc village lhal concurs with lhc  law as sci mil in provincial legislation.  Above is lead lor Gibsons Council  In oilier council business lurilieriuurc. lhal milium ilu  il was Iv.mied linn ihe pro- capilal couirihulion from lhc  uncial governmeni has pie- School Hoard ilu projeel  vented llie .School Board ul would not have gone forward  School Distriel <Mh from con- til .ill. Sinn iln Gibsons  irihiiiing low arils-Ihe capilal pool was started before .on  cusis of ihe Gibsons Sunn- informal discussions comincn-  tiling Pool. In ,i Idler In ihe cctl mid u.is in fuel finished  village council elated June h. before lhc formal upplicalion  School Hoard Secretary- weni to iln Minisirv ol  Trciisur.T Hoy Mills reported l-duciilion tin projeel failed  ou a decision made recently by on both counjs.  the Dcparlmenl of Kducalion. \i iheir Jinn Jn meeting.  His letter lo Ihe village the village council also agreed  council said in pail: lo conlribulc  SI.5(111  lowanls  "Vou will recall ihat when I ilu ccoiiontii study being  discussed ihis with you some unilcrlakcn in conjunction  while ago I reported lhal the with lhc Gibsons ami Distriel  commcui ol ihe official who Chamber ol Commerce, iln  had siinlied lhc Board's Sechell anil District Chamhei  Capilal       Programme.        .i   ol Coinmerci    iln   Village ul  programnu   which  conlaiued   Sechell ainlxui scompanies  a conlrihiiiion inwards ihe in ilu area. Ilu princinal  swimming pool ol npprn.xi- reason given lot iln decision  maslily S.MI. 11(111. he s.ml that lo coiiirihulc was lhal the  in Ins experience such pay- plannei ol the village nl Gib  inciils were only approved suns lu,| heen lol sonic linn  by lhc Ministry when lhc urging the muuicipaliiv io  agreement hail been eouclu- punicipaii in having an  ded hy both Board and ccoiiomii study done, upon  Municipality,     and     agreed   which   in  give   guidance   in  In by tin Ministry, before snil   iln     .ill imp." i.no     html   wus broken ou I lie project anil,   nl   planning   lot   iln-   future  Police news  GIBSONS AREA "���'-  hit  hy       in   Madeira  There hits been n rush or thefts Park     Iln  local I the aai.  from boats reported in iln  pust deiil should huv<  read ul ihe ion  week.     Ki its   Island  .oul   lhc nl lite lull in Sclin.i Park  Government   Whnrl  in  Gibsons June Hi  have both heen hit.   flic thieves       \ low-flying plum wus reported  uiii  inusilv nflcr fishing luckle IM "  s.neiiii- Huy urea.    Ihe  except in one ense where an out. enntplii   was unable to get  board   niolnr   was   taken   rroin lhc registration number.  ii   boal   house.      I In   property June IN:  htisbcen recovered and juveniles       \ ������, ,,,,,,., ���.ls |���.���kl, ,  have heen apprehended. ,,i  |Vudci   Harbour,     rite  lock  Junel7: was  pried  oil   and   lhc  canvas  On Grnndvicw Kond vandalism was slushed    Nolhing appeared  in  a  cnl   and   ,i   buckhow   wus '"  he   missing       Iln   tin   hull  reported.     Ilu   luck  was sawn '"   Sechell   was   burgled        \  offthe tool box. die wiring in tin ll m "' beei "as taken limn  cat was ripped inn    Ihe hackbut Ihecliihroom  vi.ts extensively  iliunnged   with JuncWi  all   four   windows   broken,   Ihe       Willful duniagi   was reported  instrument   panel   und   buttery ���"    Sliilcnin    I mkmu    Hesori  were smashed, mill thc nil Inns then  wus daniugi  to iln   pm  cul,     Damage is eslimuted   ul l"'m '"' wuict w-ls found nut  S2.0IHI. uing through Ilu   building.     \  SECHELTTOEARLSCOVEt ""'"   Schick   parked   ou   Red  In lite police news lust week it muffs Road idici luvuking down  was reported lhal it  small  boy  s-.&Mta1.'...'v,       *���;������������������      i#txttm<miwmtmmt!mx*msmmiiisi-Krii:*.;-- ���>.- ���      ^-���������t^*<&mi4&aye��WKgim",ym<exne:'r<    ���smmaaaanmx.z-'-i.  Delivered to EVERY address on i: e  Vt,  't. r  !J!WKMWH��!W����l��BtaWBWMTW.M^^  .1    ���."><*, <��;.-n^m  aaaaawaaaaamaBaaamaaaawaaawaaaamaamamsmmammafmimasiBiai  oast every Tuesday]  IN Coast News, June 27,1978  A LOCALLY OWNED NEWSPAPER  Published at Gibsons, B.C. every Tuesday by Glassford Press Ltd.  Box 460, Gibsons, VON 1VO  Editor - John Burnside  Advertising - Penny Christian  Advertising ��� Karen Hallett  Production ��� Kathy Love  Circulation ��� Steve Carroll  Phone 886-2622 or 886-7817  Photographer - Ian Corrance  Advertising / Bookkeeper -M.M. Laplante  Veronica Plewman ��� Production  Typesetting-Cynthia Christensen  Typesetting Asst.-Beth Shaw  SUBSCRIPTION RATES:  Distributed Free to all addresses on the Sunshine Coast.  British Columbia: $12.00 per year; $8.00 for six months.  Canada except B.C. $15.00 per year.  United States and Foreign $20.00 per year.  ��  CNA  Reform a la Trudeau  The ( anadian Senate has been one of  the disgraces of parliamentary democracy  for years. Fur years il has been used  as a retirement chamber for tired party  hacks by whichever government was in  power. Appoinlmcnl lo lhc Senate  carries wiih it a virtual lifetime guarantee  nl S75.000 per year and was originally  intended as a place where meritorious  Canadians, removed from the heal of  partisan battle, would give a cool second  glance al the legislation brought forward  by ihe House of Commons. Cynical  politicians in the House of Commons  have brought the Senate into virtually  total disrepute by the sleazy appointments   lhal   have   become   the   norm.  No Canadian Prime Minister has been  more-guilty of misuse of the Senate  than tlie present Prime Minister. Some  ol Ins appointments have been breathtaking in iheir cynicism. Just recently  he did lhc unheard of - he appointed  Conservatives to the Senate. Here again  his reasons were as cynical as could be  imagined. When a summer election  was still being planned by the liberal  government he appointed Conservative  MP's from close ridings to the Senate  on the theory that his Liberal parly might  be able lo steal their scats in an election  against new lory candidates. It is entirely typical of how he has abused the  Senate during thc lasl ten years.  Now he has come forward with a bold  and sweeping call for its total reformation  Columnist George Matthews puts his  finger exactly on the spot when hc says,  this week, lhal if Trudeau had made  these suggestions ten years ago us a  rising political star he would have earned  greal credit. It is. of course, another  cynical attempt to persuade the Canadian  people to keep him in power. Nothing he  has dune deserves   it.  Rubber stamp  The village council of Gibsons has  agreed lo proceed with the Janowsky  application for a marine pub. Since, ihcy  shrew illy determine, it is the only one  wilh prc-clearance from Victoria it is  lhc only legal application.  On May 'lth we editorialized about the  speed with which the Janowsky application luul received pre-elearance from the  provincial governmeni. Wc pointed out  that lhc application had received pre-  clearancc, a government term meaning  il had been inspected and found to meet  the minimal standards required for the  sin ol :t marine pub. only four days  after ihe law had come into effect creating marine pubs. What made the speed  doubly interesting was the fact that  Rale Mair. Minister of Consumer Affairs,  slill hail his name on the letterhead of a  Kamloops law firm which had one of thc  .latum skys involved in the marine pub  application us a partner.  Our editorial was used in lhc Legislature  in Victoria In Consumer Affairs critic  Norm Levy In question the minister  aboul lhc rapidity of prc-clearance.  Ol course, lhc minister piously declared  lhal In knew nothing about it. Hc was  mil it partner of Janowsky,hc was an ex-  parlncr, and had been since being elected  lo ihe Legislature in lu75. Parenthetically,   is   there   anyone   naive   enough  lo believe that lie would not again be  a  part net   il   lie  should  lose  his  seat  in ilu in vl pi'uv iiuial election,  In anv case the facts speak for themselves. Four days after a law is passed  Victoria has inspected and found satisfactory premises in part owned by an  ex-partner of the minister of the concerned department. There were three  other applications made for a marine  pub licence in the interim. None of them  have yet achieved prc-clearance.  And now our admirable council has  rubber-stamped thc Janowky application  as being the only legal one since it is  the only that has pre-elearance. Wc have  seen our council before take refuge in  pious legalities when it lacked thc  courage or imagination to resolve a  difficult issue and perhaps it should  come as no surprise. We arc permitted,  however, to ask a lew questions.  For example, what is the rush? Why  couldn't council allow the other applicants to achieve pre-elearance and then  deal with the issue thoughtfully and  with attention paid lo thc relative merits  of the applications? Failing that, had  they withheld action long enough, il  would have been even more apparent  that the bureaucracy which had acted  so swiftly in the Janowsky application  was dragging its heels on the competitors.  Thc Gibsons Council could have ensured  that all applicants were being fairly  treated. Their failure to do so. it would  seem from here, casts them once again  in a very unflattering light.  .from the files of Coast News  a 8  5 YEARS AGO  Gibsons sewage treatment plant  was tested one day last week. Engineer Ivan Ralph Jones comes from  Golden. B.C,  The lot adjacent lo Sechell Public  Library has been obtained by Sechelt  Council lor extension ol the library  property.  Sechell Mayor Ben Lang has  suggested to developers of land in  Sechelt and area that they should  gel togethei lor a round table discussion looking al all aspects ol the development ol Sechelt.  10 YEARS AGO  Paul SI.Pierre handily wins election as lederal member of parliament.  Cable T.V. is reported on its way  to Ihe Sunshine Coast.  A killer whale, in captivity since  February 21. learns to respond to  human commands at its pool in Pender Harbour  15 YEARS AGO  Lord Elphinstone of Drumkilbo,  Scotland, paid a brief surprise visit  lo Elphinstone Secondary School.  The budget lor School District #46  is set al $788,693 for Ihe coming year.  The Howe Sound Trading Company  store, which had long served Gibsons as a country store is levelled  to make way lor a new shopping  area and a new bank.   20 YEARS AGO  Close to $600,000 worth of buildings are reported between May 1957-  58 from Port Mellon lo Jervis Inlet.  Angus Kerr and his brother Peter,  two hardy old Scotsmen aged 84 and  79 respectively, have set out from  Pender Harbour again this year for  another fishing season.  Members of the first graduation  class  at   the  new  high   school   at  Kleindale were guests of honour in  the school gymnasium on Tuesday.  25 YEARS AGO  Fourteen year old Allistair Edward  caught a 32-pound Spring salmon  while trolling off Port Mellon. Allistair was visiting his aunt and uncle,  the Frank Cardinells.  Driving into Sechelt from the  south one now sees concrete evidence of Ihe new Standard Motors  Garage and service station that is to  be.  Gower Point and Whitaker Beach  residents were thrilled to see the  bomber planes going over for a mock  attack on Vancouver on Saturday  morning.  30 YEARS AGO  Sechelt will soon have a bank of  its own. Notice has been posted in  the building formerly used by the  government telegraphs that the Bank  ol Montreal will occupy the premises  in the near future.  For Sale: $300 buys 9 acres.  Apply Anderson's Shoes in Gibsons.  we bring you a historic picture with a difference this week. This  Picture was taken on Sunday afternoon. June 25, I978, at the home  of Eric Inglis at the bottom of Shaw Road in Gibsons. What makes  it qualify as a historic picture is the nature of the gathering and in  particular the people seated in the front row. For many years the  Inglis family provided the Sunshine Coast with its only medical  service in the persons of Dr. Fred Inglis and later his son Dr. Hugh  Inglis. The large white house in the middle of the lower village  was for many years the Inglis family residence cum surgery. To  that house during the First World War came the family of J.S.  Woodsworth. who had left the church in Gibsons, where he was  pastor, as a result of his pacifist views. He was later to start the CCF  party in Canada. Reunited this weekend in a rare get together  spanning a time lapse of more than sixty years are eight of the children who were growing up in Doc Inglis' house during the firsl  World War. From left to right, seated in the front row. they are  Alan Inglis. Eric Inglis. Jack Inglis. Helen Shoebottomfnee Inglis).  Ralph Woodsworth. Belva Staplesfnee Woodsworth), Bruce Woods-  worth, and Grace Mclnneslnee Woodsworth). Regular contributor  to this space Lester R. Peterson is sealed on left of second row.  Musings  John Burnside  Slings & Arrows  George Matthews  Gary Francis Power died in  an accident in California last  week. Vou may remember  him. bul it is unlikely. Around  lu(i()' or thereabouts when  Summit Meetings were the  order of Ihe day and the Americans ami lhc Russians were  relying on personal diplomacy  In solve the vvnrld's prublenis.  Gary Francis Puwer bruughi  himself briefly, tragically.  and iuglnrintisly to lhc attention ofthc world.  The leaders in those far  nil days were Kisenhnwer anil  Khriischev. bnlh now gone  beynnd any concern with lhc  world's problems. We hadn't  beard of tin- word detente  in those days and iln- Cold  War. thai buttle of nerves  which gloried in ihe name  'brinkmanship', was something which we had learned  lo live wiih since lhal old  warhorse Winston Churchill  bad made his famous 'bun  Curtain' speech in I'Md  on a visit to Fulton, Missouri.  In lu00. however, as the  obedient headlines of our  newspapers told us huw high  hopes were running as the  two congenial, grandfather-  ly figures of Ike and Nikita  prepared In meet and be  friends and. like fairy godfathers, dissolve all our  troubles away. Like eager  children we devoured the  headlines and wailed for the  meeting of the two old men  to solve all our problems.  Ihe firsl chill wind from Ihe  summit conference blew when  Nikita Khriischev at lhc  very nittsel ul ihe meeting  accused Ilu- United Slates ul  Hying spy planes hundreds uf  miles inside Snviel airspace.  Ill those pre-satellilc days  living over ihe territory of  another nation anil Inking pictures and so forth was regarded as highly hostile behaviour.  Indignantly Eisenhower  denied the charges: piously  he declared the good faith in  which he had come tu negotiate; his old soldier's honour  had been impugned, he implied. How dare Ihe villainous Khriischev. who had a  wart on his nose and obviously  could nol bc trusted, how  dare he say such things.  Ike's performance as lhc  deeply wronged gentleman  soldier could mil have been  bettered. Of course, Khriischev did rob ii of much of its  impact by producing one Gary  Francis Power, alive anil in  the flesh. He had been shol  down in his high Hying U2  reconnaissance plane 1,200  miles inside Russian and the  wily old Mr. K. had lei lhc  American  President  thunder  Ins denials on (he world's  stage before producing  lhc inconirovcrlible evidence  ul the living pilot, flu- summit  meeting broke up in a shambles and Ihe world trembled  again.  Gary Francis Power had  dune ilu uulorgncable. Having heen slim down in ihe mid  die nl Russia nil a spy flight  nil Ihe eve nl a siininiii meeting be hail (ailed lo eal lhc  cyanide pill lie had been  issued. Al the crucial municnl  his pulrintisin failed him ami  the life which lie had decided  mil in furfcil was in become  hardly worth living.  Gary Francis Puwer was  an embarrassment in his  government. Since he was  alive and inside Russia Ihcy  could hardly tail lo acknowledge his existence. Ihcy  wen-deeply disappointed lhal  In- was slill alive. His failure In eal cyanide was somehow seriously anti-American  but ihcy had lo retrieve him.  Negotiations look place and  a major Russian spy held by  ihe Americans bail in be  traded fur Ihe hapless pilot.  Hc diil noi return lo a hero's  welcome.  His association with the  armed tunes, a career one  presumes fur which he  had prepared Ihruugh long,  patriotic. flag-saluting years,  was quickly and quietly  terminated. His wife, obviously an all-American girl,  wanted no part of the non-  hero and very shortly after  his rcliirn lo the Stales divorced him. Poor Gary-  Francis! Ihe life that, he had  iiupuirioiii'ully decided nol to  lorlcil had become scarcely  worth living and the poor  npulngclic fellow who had  embarrassed bis government  by failing in kill himself as  per instructions must often  have questioned the wisdom  of his decisions.  Eventually he found employment as a helicopter  pilot for a l.os Angeles radio  station where his function  was to. fly over the nation's  most crowded freeways al  rush hour and convey apologetic reports ol traffic tie-  ups. Lasl week Gary Francis  Power died, lie tried to fly  too far on loo linlc fuel ami  his hclieupier crashed and he  died au ironic and ignominious  death.  And yet it might jusl have  been lhal Gary Francis Power  was jusl a touch ahead nl  his lime. Within a decade a  marked reluctance for gelling  killed on Ihe word of command  became something of a hallmark of the American soldier  as lhc politicians ami the generals insisted on sending  young men in tin- grisly ami  inexcusable little war in  Vietnam. Reports filtering  back from the seine of lhal  decade-long crime told ol  soldiers blowing up their  officers it said officers showed  ion much /eal in pursuit of  questionable aims. Undoubtedly there are lliose who regard such behaviour as ilea-  sun nl the first wan i and  ileal evidence ul ilu- decadence "I ihe west. On Ihe  other hand ii may In- arguable  il is an earnest indication  ul progress. The history ol  warfare in ilu- 2()ih century  has in.neil from iln- dreadful slaughter ol ilu First  World War where loyal troops  nbedicntly rose from lhc mini  on the vvurd of command anil  rushed headlong ihruugh  barbed wire inlo machine  gun    fin-.  And so. perhaps, just a few  kind lluiuglils fur the star-  crossed Gary Francis Power.  I he American buy who failed  lo eal his cyanide and so  embarrassed Ins government  was just a shade ahead of  his time.  lei us hope lhal in the  years belweell tile uneaten  cyanide anil last week's  hclieupier crash Gary Francis  Powet lastetl some ot the  joys of living which would  have been denied him bad  bc been a mure obedient  soldier. "I failed lo die on  command." may not bc such  a bad epitaph.  .bulging by ihe nationalistic  euphoria and patriotic fervor amused by our government's constitutional trial  balloon, emperors slill have a  passion lor new clothes.  Dnn'l ilniibi fur a moment  that it is easier to criticize  lhan create but in this case  the emperor's new,republican  three piece, double knit has  about as much substance as  the fabric of fable.  Il would appear as though  the Liberal government has  decided thai the only way to  gel elected next lime around  is loconvince lhc common folk  thai whai ihis country really  needs is a good live cent eon  siiiuiiuu. Never mind NIK)  years ul lhc besl form of  parliamentary democratic  I radii inn ever devised by  civilized man. the answer lu  all of the problems of Ibis  country is to wrile it all down,  in bolh offuial languages, and  every one will live happily ever  after.  Now a constitution is a fine  thing, li delineates the powers of the government,  enumerates ihe rights of the  people and gives expression  lo the national will, bul when  one considers the circumstances under which some of  the great constitutions of the  world were written, we mighl  consider ourselves better off  without one. (Notwithstanding thc British North America  Act of course which was  written when nobody was here  anyway).  Our American brethren for  example are verv proud ol  Iheir consliniliiui. ami quite  lightly su; bin lhal il was  wriiien in blood by a naively  idealistic buurgents elite can '  nut be duilbted.  Iln   French  bad   llieii   go  back    m    PCM.       Thousands  ol heads,  tens nl  thousands  nl   casualties    a   handful   nl  dictators, and nearly two hun  tired years later they invited  ' buries DcGnitllc iu clean up.  the republican mess for them,  Germany      in     tin-      P)2()'s,  had nne. burn nl  the horror:  and  chaos  nl   World   War  I. .  No one needs in be reminded  whai happened.lo lhal one.  A consiiiulion is a complicated thing.   Rather than .in  attempt in verbali/e lhc tint-  iiuial    will,     a    conslitulion'  is   bum   oul   ol   a    luminal'  will    thai    already     cusis.  How   is   it   possible   In  write '  down  the  collective  national'  w ill ol  every   ( ati.uli.m  from  B.C. lu Newfoundland wtih-  nttt excluding su many people  as to make it meaningless?  Perhaps if Pierre  I rtidenu ���  hail   initialed   a   cuuslililtiuil  u u years ago it could have  succeeded.    On his way  out,  Ihe exercise has linlc cred  ihilily,     When   the  leader  is".  ou Ills way  up. any tiling he  says is an expression ol the  national    will    bul    uu    ihe.  way    down    his   words   art ���  hollow and witllnul influence.  Ihis   guvi���riiineul   has   in-,  vuked I be War Measures Act.  denied I be right ul habeas cur-  pus, stippurted wire lapping,  i-iiiiiit     'I mi Page .1  DRUNK WALK  bv I'eter Trower  Gibsons, June 17. IV7K  Like u inoliisscs-J'ootetl man in it itretnn  down u hill oj till my yours timl staggering!,  taking wrung minings  down tlctltl-t'litl rmltls on dead legs  humpiy-dumpiy drunk  pitching in ditches   tearing my coat  only lite moon mucking down  a sideways yellow smirk in I lie murky sky  past cop-simps anil gtinc-iti-betl houses  instinct pushing mc mi like a pilot-light  ilim glimmer somewhere under lhc suds and wine  no woman   unfriend   no sense  sing a song tifslewfnotcdslimtblehunts  I have tumid ihe enemy ami he is me  this bald span guzzler reeling homeward  all ihe evening \ aimless conversations  clltlllt'l'ilig like magpies in broken branches of memory  all lhc conversations nj till lhc pinired-away nighls  milling down ihe past in diminishing echoes  I guess I 'II never learn   never learn   never learn  there is nolhing ihis way bin lhc linlc death of oblivion  I seek front old habit years beynnd ihe need  drunk walk through a blurred snoring lawn  Iwo timeless hours pust meaningless midnight  in lurch al lasl ihruugh ihe door of my cage  and bed down blind in my chillies like an overdue corpse. LETTERS  Randall  Dear sir.  Allow me to thank you, your  John Burnside, and Don Cruik-  shank. and all at Andy's place'  who made such a fine farewell  to him���and who made him 'at  home' in the last years of his  chequered, and harrowing life.  He tasted and savoured many  gladsome moments, too; yet  1 reckon, as you also stated,  he had far from an easy life.  When he was at Yellowknife  in 'Wi il (hink)after a domestic  ���(please pardon interuption,  my ink pen ran dry there, so am  continuing with this new fangled  Bic type pen) upheaval, his heartfelt cry for mail to keep coming  regularly from me. because of  his isolation was a reminder of  how I moved Heaven Jk Hell at  Red Cross Association to contact  Andy when he was prisoner  of war. and I was in Royal Navy at  Alexandria, Egypt in 1939-45  war. Even just to get a stereotyped short nfessage (i.e. '1  am well') from him on those  P.O.W. cards. For all his ups  and downs he could���and did���  considerable good turns. On  visits to me he would dig down  and provide most, or all. expenses irrespective of any  protestations by my wife Mary  and I.  To cap the lol, when I wrote  to mention I was thinking of  selling my 1971 Volkswagen car,  which I bought second hand  in 1974/75 with hard wrought  savings from 4.1 years in coal  mining, and which was proving  too expensive to run from my  old age pension and injuries  income, what did he do?? I'll  tell you���he got me to give him  a run-down on expenses and sent  me $400 last year to help me  keep it!! What a brother! 1  really mean that. What kindness!  1 miss Mm...I never wept until  1 read of the high esteem he was  held in by you folks! You opened  thc floodgates of my brotherly  grief which I had held back���  stubbornly. Thank you, everyone. If you wish to acknowledge  my letter, please do so. I don't  know what happened to similar  grateful letters 1 sent to Gower  Point Post Office (for them to  thank the people), and to Royal  Canadian Legion (for their part  in Andy's farewell). Anyway,  I've had no reply; and they were  sent Air Mail about 3 weeks or  4 weeks previous to this one.  1 will finish with this quote:  "Are you in earnest? Seize this  very minute���What you can do,  or dream you can, begin it.  Boldness has genius, power, and  magic in it. Only engage, and  then the mind grows heated���  Begin it, and the work will be  completed!" (from Goethe's  "KAUSTUS, Prelude at the  theatre"). That was my brother.  Andy.  Tom Randall  10b. College Rd., Ashington,  Northumberland. NE639RR  England  Spraying  KD1TOR:  Are you aware uf thc fact that  various forest companies as well  as Hydro and C.P.R. are about  to spray herbicides such as  2.4-D?  On Vancouver Island alone,  there are around 83 permits  that have been granted to forestry. C.P.R. is planning to use  75 pounds per acre ��� an incredibly heavy application (Vietnam  sprays were from 3���10 pounds  per acre). Mr. Mullet of the  Provincial Fish and Wildlife  has compiled a list of spray  applications.  Mr. Bayne Vance (Cloverdalc)  is the Chief of lhc Interministcrial  Committee of Pcsi (sic). Hc has  the power to revoke any of thc  permits if he so desires. A  delegation from the Bowser  area met wilh Vance last Tuesday and hc has agreed to cancel  Hydro's permits. (I don't know  about C.P.R.) They will have to  reapply under the new Appeals  Board. The permits he cancelled  had been issued 17 days before  the Appeal Board was set up!  Enclosed please find a fact  sheet on Flea Collars. These arc  extremely dangerous to pets and  people. I have a letter signed by  R.Houghton. Plant Products  Division (Chief) of the Federal  Governmeni. admitting they have-  indeed found 17 p.p.b. of thc  deadly dioxin in the Hartz Mountain 2-in-l collars. The letter  goes on to say this amount is not  dangerous whereas research  done by Dr. James Allen. University of Wisconsin on dioxin  and primates (which are closest  to man) shows that five out of  eight died when  they were on a daily dosage of  500 p.p.trillion. They died due  to almost complete lack of both  red and white blood cells! It  is cumulative.  Page 5�� of the new Forest  Act covers thc possibility of  insect or disease on trees in  private lands. It will give thc  forester thc power to spray private lands if he deems it to be  a necessary measure ��� and bill  the unfortunate owner of thc land  as well!  Guess you arc well aw arc nf our  Provincial Highways spray programme. Am enclosing article  on same just in case it will interest you. (Grade and her "Super  Natural B.C.")  Mrs. T.MacAdam  Port Coquitlam. B.C.  P.S.���Minister of Agriculture  Hewitt has also offered municipalities grants of $15,000 to  $30.00 (Peace River region)  to control noxious weeds along  their roadways.  Thank you  Sir:  On behalf of the Timber Days  Committee for 1978 we would  like to thank you for the excellent  coverage of our festivities. Your  staff was most eager to assist thc  committee in every way, A  majority of our meetings were  with Ian Corrance and his expertise is much appreciated. We  look forward to dealing with Mr.  Corrance and the Coast News in  the future. Many thanks to one  and all.  Kathy Acton,  Chairman, Special Events  Slings and arrows (cont'd)  suggested opening private  mail, and encouraged increasing the power of the  K.( .M.P. Is there any hone  in Canada less qualified to  enumerate the rights of thc  people?  If the attempt to create a  constitution were anything  more than a sordid attempt  lo divert attention away from  weak leadership it would bc  an heroic endeavor. Under  other circumstances an  attempt lo gather up the  collective will and give it  dcfinilh": expression is what  this country needs. Bul where  is the struggle? Where is the  crisis? Where is the revolution? The only national  effort in Canada is the straining of the people trying hard  lo see the emperor's new  clothes.  VACATION  Bible School  ftffl l Elphinstone Secondary School Gym  MM*   July 11-15  'JFf.EflKs     9:30-12:00   s  .s  y  That's the last time I let you read the tide charts!  Coast News, June 27.1978  CLASSIFIED NOTK  Drop off tour Coasl News  Classifieds al Campbell's  Family Shoes & Leather  Goods In down-town Seidell.  SUMMER HOURS FOR  BS3 STORE  Monday 10a.m. -6p.m.  Tuesday-Sat. 9a.m.-6 p.m  Sunday & Holidays  12 p.m.-4 p.m.  Effective July 1st  Halfmoon Bay, B.C.      885 - 9435  Inqtia  Quality ��� Appliances  Sold & Serviced  J&C ELECTRONICS  Radio /haek  authorized Sales Centre  Cowrie St . Sechell. B C   Box 1208  885-2568 885-2568  The .Long-term  Care Program.  "Wliat makes it anew vim  to care about people ?"  I I've heard a  H lot about  this Long-Term  Care Program���  what I'd like to  know is exactly  how this  Program  differs from  what we've had  in the past.  What, specifically, is 'new'  about it?  I  In the past, those who required special  care due to health problems often had  to leave their homes to receive the  necessary care. Services were  scattered, difficult to locate and  too expensive for many people.  The purpose of the new Program is to  co-ordinate care services and make  them available to everyone who needs  them ���in the comfort of their own  homes, wherever possible ���at an  affordable cost.  We believe British Columbia residents  should be able to receive the care they  need, without financial hardship, while  maintaining as much dignity and  independence as possible.  ��� They say  Hi the Program  is not just for  the elderly���  is that  true?  f  i  f  Oh, so the emphasis is  on home care?  Yes. While the Program does provide  for residential care wherever needed,  home care, homemaker services and  home maintenance and repair are  of prime importance.  Very definitely.  The Long-Term  Care Program is  for any British  Columbia resident  ���young or old ���  who requires long-  term care for  health-related  reasons.  I You know,  ��� I think I  know of someone who could  benefit from  the Program.  Where should  she go  to apply? I  9  You can get complete information  and discuss your  particular needs at  the Long-Term  Care Office in the  local health unit.It's  as simple as that.  THE L0NGTERM CARE PROGRAM  A NEW WAY TO CARE ABOUT PEOPLE  Province of Ministry of  British Columbia     Health  Hon R H McClelland, Minister  ��� So far, so  B good. It  sounds like a  straightforward, logical  approach. But  now comes the  big question ���  how much will  this cost the  /  person receiving thef  care?  i n.i.i;  f  As far as care in the htiint! is  concerned, there is often no cost  involved at all. For example, there is  no charge for Home Care Services  where they are provided with referral  from your doctor, and no charge for  Homemaker Services where family  unit incomes fall below certain  guidelines ���ranging from $2(l(i for a  single person to $745 for five persons.  In a residential facility, the basic cost  is $6.50 per day. No extra or hidden  charges can be made. However, a  Room Differential may be charged  where the accommodation exceeds  the standards set by the Licensing  Board���for example, private or semi-  private rooms. These Room Differentials may run to a maximum of SSI.(II)  per day. The Long-Term Care  Administrator at the your local health  unit can provide complete details  regarding your particular circumstance. Coast News, June 27  nil.   ONLY   HULLS   LEFT  HERE      PACK       PISTOLS  lhc Belle-bar Belles  I have described elsewhere  him we discovered that  scruff} bistrti on Hastings  Street called thc Belle Bar  unci made ii our downtown  headquarters. The place  served several functions. For  one thing, il wus .1 cheap  place i" hang about in the  days before beer-parlours  were iv.ulik accessible,  Whcihei h\ chance or design,  lhc buck booths "I lhc cafe  wen invariablx occupied In  uavward young rounders and  vvoultl-bc rounders like our-  sclies. Older "straight"  people invariabK sal at the  cotintci "i the few smiill  booths in ihe Iriiui il they  tlcigucd in enter the premises  tu all. I suppose Ihe place  liiul acquired a reputation as  .1 baugotll for punks in the  /only dollies wc nil afleetc'l.  ihili ;, few ul us were actually  as lough or antisocial as wc  pretended In be but how  were Ihe squarcjohns lo  know'.' Our ow n initial visiis  there were nervous and sporadic Inn lhc regulars gradually  incepted us. Along with my  bi'olhei Chris Iwhen tie was  111 tow 11 from camp). Dapper.  IJeki . Bird and other kids  Iron our home district. I  soon became a habitue.  lhc Belle Bar was actually  pretty well-behaved as far  as such teen-age hangouts  went. Some menacing young  Imiiils dropped in there al  iinics. bringing a switchblade  ii iisiuii ii ill] iliem hill there  was seldom any outright  trouble. I he cafe served as  a rally ingpiiliil; a springboard  fi numerous downtown ex-  pliirnlious and adventures.  It i' as also a greal place to  [iii k up girls. They came in  all shapes anil sues and from  ah pans nl lowii. Some  uiu'kcil ,11 si,ties 111 ihe area;  ,aliiis ha,I simply heard  ahoui ilu place anil come to  iheck 0111 ihe action, liven  1; osi ui ilu waitresses were  [lining, iiiiallaihetl anil mil  lihou going "in with the  customers. Ihis "tlatiug-  I'lit'e.'iu" aspcel ol lite cafe  was certainly one of ils clliel  am.u nous.  I hail liaisons with several  Hi lie liar ladies during those  bricl years ol fumbling dis-  ciwcry. Soon- were of too  shun    durntion    lo    warrant  Pages from a Life-Log  Peter Trower  mention: a few were more  involved.    One of the  latter  was wilh a girl called Dot  Shannon  Dol was mv firsl "lough  broad". A nicdiuiii-si/.cd  brunette, iillnictivc without  being really pretty, she hail  grown up among the eastend  tenements anil was possessed  nl slrcel-cxperietice far beyond mine. Shi' worked as  a waitress in ihe Belle liar  lor a huh ami seemed lo  hi' personally -acquainted  with every second young  rounder who came in the  place, Shi- hail obviously  "been around Ihe block"  more than once hut she lacked  the hard edge some ul the  gang-girls feigned ami  seemed 10 like me. Eventually . I askeil her for a date  anil we went together lor  several weeks.  Din. among other things,  proceeded 10 give me a crash-  cottrse in skidroad lowlil'c that  made my head spin. Prior  to meeting her. I had never  ventured far beyond Main  Street. It was rumoured to  be Ihe lull of al leasl Iwo  belligerent street gangs,  younger versions of the notorious Home Apple Pie Gang,  whose /.oot-suitcd members  hail terrorized Ihe area  during ihe War years. Now,  wilh Dm as my guide and  (I hoped) guarantor of safe-  passage. I plunged deep into  those seamy slums. Dot's  father was a widowed longshoreman who occasionally  worked bin mostly habituated  the ranker pubs along Powell  Street. A lew times when  she was certain he was mil.  she look me home lo her room  in ihe cluttered tenement  suite where Ihcy lived. Once  he eahic home unexpectedly  and nearly caught us bin we  heard him staggering up the  slabs and managed lo escape  out Ihe back way. We risked  no inure trysts there as he  was evidently not a broad-  minded man.  Apart from her ramshackle  home. Dm introduced me 10  several clubs and cafes that  made the Belle Bar look like  lhc Rilz Carlton, lhc hoods  who habituated these places  (such  as  .limmv's  Cafe  and  the Port, along Hastings)  were exceedingly tough-  looking characters who must  have been practically bom  street-fighting. They greeted  Dol familiarly but eyed me  wiih considerable suspicion.  I tell uneasy lo say the least.  Without her protection, I  would have been outside in  the alley, counting my teeth.  Inevitably, a confrontation  occurred, An old lover of  Dot's called my bluff with  several stone-faced cronies  hacking him up. 1 chickened  0111 of ii somehow but it  broughl the whole crazy  relationship into perspective.  On lop of ihis. I found out  that Dol was several months  pregnant by another guy and,  thinking me rich, was trying  in eon me into marrying her.  II was all a bit loo much.  I look the route of least-  resistance and ran.  I hid oul in thc suburbs  fur a while hut thc lure of  lhc downtown jungle was too  powerful to resist lor long.  I heard ihruugh thc grapevine  lhal Dol had latched on to a  rich benefactor and split the  city 10 have her random child.  Pretty soon. I was back in  lhc Belle Bar again, looking  for more trouble.  A lew months later, a girl  culled Kathy Sandwcll walked  into lhal shoddy establishment and every punk in the  place sal up and took notice.  She had long asll-blotidc hair,  a face like a Dresden shepherdess and a fabulous  body. I fell ill love with  her on sight. Astoundingly  enough, she headed right  for ihe booth where I was  ensconced with a couple of  buddies and another girl  and sal down. Apparently,  she anil lhc girl wc were with,  had gone lo ihe same school.  She was a marvellous creature  anil I was smitten beyond  hope I couldn't take my  eyes off her.  The hustle began to go  down fast and thick as wc  vied for her attention. Guys  in less-fortunate booths  looked on enviously. I was  so enamoured of her. I transcended shyness and turned on  a charm I hadn't realized 1  possessed.      My   pals   were  going their best lick but 1  was inspired. She began to  pay attention to me and I  kept coming on like Cary  Grant on benzedrine. Suddenly wc had a date and I  was locked in thc throes of  incipient romance. Luck  seemed to have struck mc  at last.  Our first date consisted of  going to thc Beacon Theatre  which was on the same block.  Vague memories of coming  here as a kid assailed mc  as wc sal down in thc balcony  back-row. But this wasn't'  kid-stuff anymore and thc  movie was just a background-  distraciion. The first kiss  was incredible, thc second  was atomic. Wc hugged  and cuddled. The sour-  smelling old theatre dissolved  around us. Kathy was love  and nothing else mattered.  The upshot was that we  rented a room together in  some scrofulous walk-up  joint. It took most of what  little money I had but I  purely didn't give a damn.  Jusl Kathy and mc and let  the world go hang. The room  stank of gas from a leaky  outlet and was sordidly  outfitted but it didn't matter.  Kathy shining in bed like a  buckstrccl angel, made up for  it all.  It was a funny paradise  for a few days but then the  bottom fell out. Kathy. who  was supposed to be staying  with a girl-friend (or so she  told me I had 10 check home  every so often. One day when  she was away, I was sitting  in the Belle Bar like a love-  struck doll when an older  friend of mine sal down.  "Hear you're hanging oul  wilh lhal Kiilhy Sandwcll".  "Sure." I said. "We're  in love."  "Listen, pal." said unfriend. "Don't you know about  thai broad? She's poison.  Her old man's a cop and she  goes home and tells him  everything she docs. She  put a buddy of mine in the  can last year on a statutory-  rape charge. She's only*  fifteen. Take thc blinders  off. partner, she's nuts in  the head!"  Al first. I got outraged but  he broughl over a couple of  other people who corroborated the story. It rather put  the kibosh on things. So much  for our love-nest. I pulled  mv  loothbrtish out  of there  QUICK CHANGE ARTIST...DA V1D NIVENplays a British butler,  Irish chauffeur. Scuts gardener und retired Colonial horse  soldier in   Walt Disney Productions' "Candleshoe." Helen Hayes,  Jodie Foster and Leo McKern also star in the suspense comedy, filmed  in color by Technicolor and directed by Norman Tukar under  Ron Miller's executive pruducership for Buena Vista release.  David Swift and Rusemary Anne Sisson wrote the screenplay from  a book by Michael lnnes.  Twilight Theatre  A heart-warming adventure film  from the Disney Studios and a  naughty English comedy arc  thc features at thc Twilight  Theatre this week. The Disney  film is Candleshoe starring David  Niven, Helen Hayes. Leo McKern  and fourteen year-old Judy Foster  This suspense comedy is about  a search for hidden treasure in  thc stately home called Candle-  shoe. As a street-wise fourteen  year-old called Casey Bruwn,  Jody Foster is persuaded by  two arch villains to win her way  into oandleshoe. a stately English mansion, lo locate the  treasure buried by famous privateer Capt. Joshua St. Edmund.  Once inside the house, however,  finds Lady Gwendolyn St.Edmund supported by her faithful  butler who has been reduced  to selling home made jam lo  support the place. The tough  little  street   girl   develops  torn  and disappeared for a hit.  I'd rat her bc disillusioned  than in jail. Turned oul later  that all he said was quite  true.  Sonic years later. I saw  Kathy on Granville Street  hustling sailors. The bloom  of youth was gone and she  really looked haggard and  jaded. I guess her lather hud  disowned her or something.  She didn't speak to inc. So  much for romance.  loyalties and the film moves towards an exciting and satisfying conclusion. Candleshoe  is definitely one for the whole  family. It will bc on view at  thc Twilight Wednesday through  Saturday, June 28-July I, with a  matinee performance scheduled  lor 2.00 p.m. on Saturday July 1.  The wholesome offering from  thc Disney Studios is followed  Sunday through Tuesday, July 2-  4. by one of the adult sex come  dies with thc naughty flavour  thc British seem to have specialized in lately. Anyone who has  enjoyed thc Carry On scries  will enjoy what's Up Nurse  in which a talented and eccentric  bunch of English character  actors romp through another  exercise in outrageous pratfall  and innuendo. What's Up  Nurse is reslrieted. being regarded as strictly for adult tastes.  Pender  graduate  Koniiialilo Raiis Talento of  the Madeira Park area was  among the 1.1~2 awarded degrees and diplomas at the 15th  annual Convocation of the  University of Victoria May 27.  Hc received the degree of  Master of Education in the area  of Science.  READ ANY GOOD  LABELS LATELY?  A basic guide to the Who, What, Where, When  and Why of Shopping Canadian.  Wilson Creek picnic  Are you longing to loll and  linger outdoors on these beautiful summer evenings? Would  you like to celebrate an important occasion wilh the rest of the  community? Have you been to  visit Brookman Park? You can  do all of these on June 29th.  Wilson Creek Community  Center is featuring an "End  of School" Potluek Picnic in the  park at (1 p.m. Create your  favorite summer dish, and bring  it along for us to share. We  will provide lea, coffee, and juice  Musicians and entertainers  are invited to produce their  specially alter dinner. Children  and parents may further entertain themselves on the play  equipment and trails in the park  area.  Why should you Shop Canadian?  Iwr, lime you bu> something made in  1 .in.ui.i you help keep a ( an,idi,in working  You help keept anadlan money Inside  ( .in.iil.i You help to expand and strengthen  (.iii.id.i s,.(onomy  When you think about it you help youisel  When should you Shop Canadian?  Whenever you're saiisiietl ihat ihe piodui 1  service you need is  I'M made 01 Krown in Canada ,mtl  1 Hi ni equal m better value and quality.  Il1.1t s not nisi good advice, .it'sgood  <TWIMGHT  THEATRE?  886-2827  GIBSONS  What is made in Canada?  |usl about evinthinu you need to hel|  you live the lilt-you w.m1  As lhc sayinu. noes, we have no b,in.i-  n.is hui we do have Apples, Bondages  t unes. Drills. Elevators Furniture.  Glassware, HolitLn rewiris, Insulation  lewellery. Kitchen appliances Lumbei  Mai hiner\ Newspapers,) Ifficeequip  men. Potatoes, Quilts, Rope, Steel lire;  Umbrellas, Vaccines, Wines, \ K,i\  equipment, Yams and Zipper  F.verythinR ,  thcr words,  -\ln/  Who should Shop Canadian?  ivcrv da\ moslol us have the choice  \A nether we're huyinR \\un cries tor the  home or supplies foi business, farm or  industrs  lien h ul us .tdcteif unt\ $IOaweekto  ( an.11l1.1n made pun liases ( anadd  would he over 10 billion dollars belter  oil m |usl one year.  Who ���mould Shop Canadian?  Ynu should,  Where does it say Made in Canada?  St midlines it doesn't Sometimes a sign says  ProduceirfP.E.I "Or"B.C Apples"or  I abrique .in (Juebei" or "Made in Manitoba"  in "New Bfiinswu k Sardines" ui "tiruwn by  s.isk.iu hewan Farmers" or "A product of  Alberta" or   Fresh Irom Ncwiuundland" or  "Manilla* lured in Ontario" or "Nova Scotia  lobster."  I lie point iv il you lake Ihe trouble to find  out, you can usually tell.  And, it it's nude ,mywhere in the len  Provinc es or the Territories, it is made in  { anada,  B a|L    Government  I ^r     of (.dryilii  Gouvernenienl  ilu (..mull  Induslry. trade       Industrie-  jiui Cowmen e    el Commi  Jaik Homer, J>t'L Morni  Minister mmistre  I    ���A^^^F ilor.) period ot lime) .in aridirei tor, an  ^H    ^^^^v < ouiitexei a media buyei    media  ^.^B a typesetter, an engraver, j piatemaker, a traiin  JH    ^^^^ operator, several swik hboard operators, various  ^^^*\\\\ mailmen, shippers and set retanes. public at ion  / reps, publication make-up people, not to mention  all their various suppliers  Shop Canadian Everyone ol these people lives and works in  Magantnonn a la canadienne      < .w.id.i  Loctd with kirct-ny.Jocidtd with laughter  0  WALTMSMCY  ..where ancient  secrets are hidden!  ...where mysterious  things happen!  NIVCN HAYCS FOSTCR McKCRN  Wed. June 28  Thur.        29  fr[-    , j  ,3��    Matinee   Sat. 2 p.m.  Sat.   July 1st   WHAT'S UP  NURSE ?  (A NAUGHTY ENGLISH COMEDY)  Sun.  Mon.Tue.  July   2,3,4  WARNING:  Sex Comedy  Bv Rae Ellingham  Week Commencing: June 29.  General Notes: Thc only major  astrological phenomenon is a  favourable Venus ��� Neptune  aspect which rcmids us that it is  often more heartwarming to give  rather than to take. Now's the  time to show real sympathy,  make amends and forgive and  forget. Babies born (his week  will be very idealistic in love.  Many will bc attracted to thc  arts, especially theatre, music  and poetrv.  AKILS (March 21-April 19)  Social activities, simple joys  and pleasures may feel just too  good to hc true. Don't bc misled by appearances and idealistic  promises. Continue to direct  extra energy into health and employment matters. Financial  squabbles are unexpected as the  week closes.  TAURUS (April 20-May 20)  Domestic conditions arc  dreamy, just what you've been  wailing for. Nevertheless, keep  your common sense in full view  whilst planning futhcr improvements to home environment.  Thc urge to speculate and take  unnecessary risks remains  strong. Those close lo you  won't appreciate your rebellious attitude toward the end of  this week.  GEMINI (May 21-June 21)  Short journeys and friendly  visits will put you in a happier  frame of mind. Messages received prove ihat you were  right after all. Be warned that  close associates may have devious schemes up their sleeves.  Refuse to be upset by being  left out of some weekend activities. Being alone should bring  unexpected rewards.  CANCER (June 22-July 22)  You're now lured and tempted  by beautiful objects and determined to acquire them whatever the cost. Wise and practical persons will leave cheques  and charge cards at home. What  you say to others and how you  drive on the highway still need  extra care. Friends and acquaintances arc disruptive and unreasonable as Ihe week closes.  110 (July 2VAug. 22)  Others may find you fascinating, imstei'ious and secretive  as upcoming social events place  you under thc spotlight. Increased charm and popularity  continue lo bring thc attention  you've longed for. Energy  should slill be directed into  building up material and cash  resources. Weekend domestic  upset is soon forgotten,  \1KGU(Aug.23^ePt.22)  You're now readv to enjov  thc bcticlits o| seclusion and  simpk   being  alone  for  awhile.  Insisting on solitude and privacy Z  brings fresh insights, ideas and *  hunches. Mars in your sign still -  urges you to activate fresh plans-  and schemes during the next"  six weeks. It's now or never so!  step on it. -  LIBRA (Sept. 23-Oet. 23) :  Your mind is now much more *  hopeful,   idealistic  and   sympa-"  thetic.   At last what you've been  longing   for   seems   closer   and  within     your   reach.      Friends  and   acquaintances    now    step  forward  lo offer honest   advice  and encouragement.   Remember  Ihat much work has to be done -  behind   thc   scenes   and   away'.  from thc public glare.  SCORPIO (Oct. 24-Nov .22)  Right now it's worth spending  a few dollars on promoting your  image and public standing.   Purchases bought at this time should  produce favourable results.   Arguments  with  old   friends   and '  acquaintances  will  force  delays '.  and should he avoided.    As thc '.  week  closes,   hived  ones  could  act   strangely   and   will    need  extra understanding.  SAGITTARIUS (Nov.23-Dec.21)   ;  At lasl you're in the right frame ���  of mind to enjoy some serious-  books and reading. Thoughts-  concerning philosophy, relig-.  ion, higher education and places!  far away encourage deeper in-;  vestigation. Long-distance nies-;  sages should restore your faith.  Be prepared for unexpected  health and employment hassles  as the week closes.  CAPRICORN (Dec. 22-Jan.l9)  You'll be in the mood to explore.  dig and probe into the, heart  of present problems where you'll  find the hidden solution. Being  alone makes you realize that thc  truth sometimes hurts. Dreams  will be prophetic and should be  noted down. Weekend social  activities hint of cancellations  and fresh arrangements.  AQUARIUS (Jan.20-Feb.18)  Sounds corny bul happiness  is simply sharing your most  treasured hopes and dreams with  those close to you. At last.  contentment is you and your male  looking in the same direction.  Accent is on all partnership  affairs continuing to run smoothly. Don't allow unexpected  visitors to spoil peaceful domestic  atmosphere as the week closes.  PISCES (Feb. 19-Mar.20>  Whether you like it or nol.  il's time to do much work for  very little or no reward. Accent  is on returning favours, sacrifice and remembering that it's  sometimes much belter to give  rather thaii to receive. You must  continue to avoid possible confrontations with close associates  who may still wish lo get even.  "CLASSIFIED ADS  ��aOK>/laaetiCS3nS23 ��s*aallaae* Bnlwniaa* BEEBIBlaTadW/lMWIi  Radio  /haek  authorized Sales Centn  SALE  $44-95  STEREO  8 TRACK  PLAYER  Reg. $69.95  INSTALLATION  SERVICES  PROVIDED  We also carry AM/FM Cassette decks Irom $109.00    \  J&C ELECTRONICS  Cowrie St..Sechelt, B.C. Box 1208  J   885-2568                                 885-2568 !  ����nn5I!EBB>��tlUta��tMlLUIUillinalMlu.^  \        Special Notice \  ��            to Readers \  %    The Sunshine Coast News is distributed 3  $ to every home on the Sunshine Coast *  every week.    We are endeavouring to \  produce a community newspaper which 5  will be worthy of this lovely and interes- \  ting area.   We hope that you enjoy our *  newspaper. *  Voluntary   subscriptions   from    our *  readers on the Sunshine Coast of $8 00 3  per year would be welcome to help offset ��  the rising costs of production and dis- 3  tribution.   Such a tangible expression of 3  appreciation would  be most gratefully 3  received by the staff of the Coast News. 5  Send along your voluntary subscription S  to the Coast News, Box 460, Gibsons it  B.C.VON1VO.                                     ' ?  {***���*****************************  Waaa\ From the Cab Stand  Between the past and the future  Coast News, June n. ia/0  GIFT  FLOWERS  88b-78l2  HORSE  RIDING  Supervised trail rides  by appointment  886-2887  or  alternative  886-9033  BOnniEBROOK  RESORT  Ars Contracting  Renovations,  Building  Painting,  Estimates  Gibsons.  Call AI-886-7424  After 5:00 p.m.  ��� Pet Supplies /HtSJl'  ��� Tropical Fish fk   yj^\  ��� Pool Fish  ��� House Plants  Cowrie St. Sechelt 885-5525 fS  As we move alu ,<  nuhtropc from tin \ms\ ,.uil  the future, we face a cimstani  challenge to simply maintain  our balance, to re-orient  ourselves again and again  with every step. Time passes,  the future becomes the  present, the present becomes  past, and, as change relentlessly forces us to relinquish  what we have been and discover who we are, we struggle  to develop a sense of direction and to retain some sense  of our own identity.  This   struggle  to  achieve  orientation   in   thc   face   of  change   takes   many   forms  and one of thc oldest and most  powerful    manifestations    is  religious  belief.     Belief  in  a supreme.etcrnal and   universal  deity  might  well  be  defined as "ultimate orientation." It can be argued that  even the gods change and  evolve.    The ancient Greeks  believed that the god Uranus  was overthrown by his son  Cronus  who,  in  turn,   was  overthrown by his son, Zeus,  and   modem   commentators  have  described thc  rise  of  Christianity  as  yet   another  ease   of   the   Fal1" '    being  nerseded and replaced i  Son   hc   has   create,.  i rew scholars have made a  mating study of the evol-  'i of Jchova from a tribal  of   nomadic   shepherds  through all his various man-  unions as a war god. god  prosperous and powerful  , le. a god of exiles, god of  Holocaust,  and  at   last  .lUain god of Israel.   Thc development of that same tribal  end into the cornerstone of  idem Christian churches  is      ii an interesting story,  bin  ihese observations  miss  the essential point. Since God  as God must remain incomprehensible to human beings,  at least in human terms, belief  in God is not belief in a "personality" but rather in a cosmic system, a Divine Order  according to which all things  and events have their place  and purpose defined in terms  of the single Ultimate  Fact  of His existence.  A\\\  Z?S=*  f(     NOTICE BOARD  WWlillfl  Phone 886-2622   or     886-7817  * Watch out for the Daze  *  PLAY PROGRAMME  Summer Play Programme for six to twelve year olds starts July  3 daily, 9 ��� 4 p.m. Register 7 p.m., June 28, at Wilson Creek  Community Hall or call 885-5422.  COMMUNITY ASTRONOMY PROGRAMME  Put on by the National Museum of Canada and the Planetarium,  this will be a star talk with a portable telescope on the spot. Free.  Wednesday, June 28 9:00 p.m. The beach at Porpoise Bay Provincial Park ��� cancelled if raining.  SOAP BOX DERBY (JULY 15)  The rules and entry forms to the Roberts Creek Daze Soap  Box Derby are available at the Seaview Market in Roberts Creek.  Further information by calling Allan at 885-5765. tfn  ELPHINSTONE PIONEER MUSEUM  Now open for the summer, 9 a.m.���4 p.m., Monday through  Saturday.  AL-ANON MEETING  Every Thursday in Gibsons at 8:00 p.m. For information call  886-9569 or 886-9037. t.f.n.  THRIFTSHOP  Every Friday: Gibsons United Church Thriftshop in basement.  1 p.m.���3p.m.  ETHEL EDWARDS EXHIBIT AT WHITAKER HOUSE  Dogwoods, florals, seascapes and miniatures will be on display  for the last solo show of the season. Gallery artists' works will be  on view for the rest of the summer.  NEW BOOKS  Many new books have been added to the Pender Harbour Library.  Come in and have a look. For a $2.00 yearly membership you may  take out four books at a time or for $3.00 you may take out six  books. The librlry is open Tuesdays & Thursdays, from 11:30-  3:30 and on Saturdays 1:30���4:30.  ROSE GARDEN 1.  July 8, 2 to 4 p.m., O.F.S. Rose Garden Tea at the Masonic Hall,  Roberts Creek, featuring home baking and other interesting  items. #27  SAVE THE CHILDREN  The Community Resource Society's Volunteer Bureau will have a  display of afghans created by volunteers, for the Save the Children Programme, In Trail Bay Mall on Thursday, June 29,     j  between 10 a.m. and 1 p.m. -*2  ���iZ\\\iiiii��iw///mvfiiii?//i  Philosophers, on the other  hand, want to have their cake  and eat it too. They too deal  in "ultimate realities",  in Truth, but a truth which  remains a mystery is not to  their taste. Truth must be  accessible to reason. The  ultimate realities must be  observable and subject to  analysis. If they accept  religion it is generally grudgingly and for purely practical reasons based on the  ethical concerns they share;  belief makes people, on the  whole. better behaved.  Socrates was convicted of  atheism and blasphemy for  teaching this same attitude  toward the gods of Athens. In  thc past, philosophers have  devoted a lot of time and  energy to propounding alternative cosmic systems of  their own which, if they are  more comprehensible than thc  mysterious Divine Plan (and  often they aren't), they're  also a lol less durable.  Western man has traded in  his major philosophical beliefs  at least once every century,  not counting the "fads"  which come and go as quickly  as skirt lengths and hairstyles. Philosophy's major  service lo mankind is that it  encourages us lo observe  our world and our fellow  human beings and. above all.  to ask questions.   If we have  been guilty of occasionally  inventing answers to some of  thc hard ones. well, it takes  a rare and peculiar courage to  ask a question to which there  may bc no satisfactory answer. Living with such questions isn't easy they have a  habit of turning into obsessions and driving us mad.  Because of change, we live  a life of unanswered questions. We can never bc absolutely sure what will happen  from one moment to the next.  We make plans, based on thc  assumption that we can  depend on certain circumstances, bul the reliability of  our assumptions diminishes  thc further into the future  we attempt to see. Our situation changes and wc change  often in ways we could not  have anlicipatcd, and we arc  forced to re-evaluate both in  order to re-orient ourselves.  An accelerating rate of change  sueh as we lace today, makes  this process just that much  more exhausting. Inevitably,  we get tired. We long for  permanence, stasis, a rest.  What we gct. if we're lucky,  is a brief respite to catch a  breath before wc have to deal  with sonic new change in our  situation.  Both religious belief and the  rational calm encouraged by  philosophy can help us maintain our balance in the lace  of change. It is unfortunate  that they also exert an appeal  to our weakness, to our  desire to resist change rather  than adjust t,o it. by offering  an illusory haven in abstraction and rejection of the world.  Knowledge of history and  science also helps to orient  us. locating us in time and  space and providing us with  a deeper understanding of the  universe and ourselves. But  even history and science can  mislead us. if the study of  the past becomes a glorification of it for its own sake,  or if our scientific achievements inspire a blind faith In  technology as a solution to all  our problems.  Next week: A paradox���  thc more we know, the more  ignorant we gct. Over and out.  Lockstead  Early this afternoon (Wednesday. June 21, 1978) Deputy  Premier and Provincial Secretary. Grace McCarthy, introduced  into the house legislations with  the accompanying documents on  electoral boundaries. Our riding  of Mackenzie remains essentially  "the same: Howe Sound to Dean  Channel wilh some minor  changes which we will not  necessarily oppose. Mr. Lockstead is happy that they have  left thc riding the same, as he  has come to know the people  very well and has enjoyed working with them. It would appear  at first glance that there has  been gerrymandering in the heavily populated area wiping out  Vancouvcr-Burrard. eliminating  two   N.D.P.   members.  FOR ALL YOUR   REAL ESTATE    NEEDS  885-3521        ���   Tremendous view from Gambler to Nanaimo!  .1 B.N.. lamily home. 2 brick I.p.. with ensuite tor mother-in  law.  Concrete drive double c port and huge sundeck for onb  $57,000.  CAMpbell's  FAMILY SHOES and LEATHER GOODS  NEXT TO BATHROOM ACCENT  IN THE   HEART OFSECHELT  Your friendly neighbourhood  drop-off point for Coast News   y 7*^  Classified Ads.  Many people journeyed to the Skookumchuck last week  of the year. Photo by Jo Hammond.  Auxiliary  Roberts Creek Hospital Auxiliary held their monthly meeting  on June 12 al St. Aidan's Hall  with twenty present. President.  Mrs. Wilma Rodgers. was in the  chair and after the reading and  approval of the Minutes, a letter  from a former member. Mrs.  Ruth Parker, was read. Madeline  Grose said on her recent visit to  England she and her familv spent  a delightful day with Ruth at  her bungalow in Essex. Ruth  cordially invites any of our  members to visit her and says  she has a spare room. Wc all  had a walk and found she lives  near a river and has open country  all around.  Thc question of the smock  now worn by volunteers in the  hospital was discussed. It was  felt that perhaps it should be  changed to a more tailored  style and maybe a different  colour. This will bc brought up  at the next meeting of the Co-  to see the highest tide  Church Services!  Roman Cat hoik- Services  Rev .T.Nicholson Pastor  Times of Sunday Mass:  8:00 p.m, Saturday and 12 Noon  Sunday al St.Mary's Gibsons  In Sechelt :8:30a.m. Our Lady of  Lourdes Church, Indian Reserve  10:00 a.m. Holy Family Church  885-4526  GIBSONS PENTECOSTAL  CHURCH  Highway & Martin  Sunday School 4:45  Morning Worship 11:00  Evening Fellowship 7:00  Bible    Study-Tuesday.    7:30  Pastor Ted Hoodie  886-7107 or 886-4482  Affiliated with the  Pentecostal Assemblies of  Canada  UNITED CHURCH  Rev. Annette M.Keinhardt  9:30a.m. -St.John's  Davis Bay  ||:15a.m,  Gibsons  886-2333  SEVENTH���DAY ADVENTIST  CHURCH  Sabbath School Sat.3:00p.m.  Hour of Worship Sat.. 4:00 p.m  St.John's United Church  Davis Ha>  Pastor C.Dreiberg  Everyone Welcome  For information phone:  885-9750 or  883-2736  CLAD TIDINGS TABERNACLE  Gower Point Road  Photic 886-2660  Sunday School -9:45 a.m.  Worship Service - 11:00a.m.  Revival   7:00 p.m.  Bible Study ��� Wed. ':30 p.m.  Pastor Nancy Dykes  nrdinating Council, to be considered by all auxiliaries.  The annual Area meeting is  to take place al the Van Dcusen  Gardens. Vancouver. October  II with Grace Hospital being  the hosts. A number of those  present put down their names to  attend. Any other members  interested should contact Mrs.  Clara Nixon as soon as possible.  She will be pleased to furnish  all particulars. Pauline Lamb.  Vice-President. handed out  copies of her excellenl report  on the rcct convention. A  thoughtful gesture. Pauline, we  can now study it at our leisure.  Catering Committee reported a  dinner for the Kinsmen and an  afternoon smor ..ishord for a  wedding: bolh .cry succt ml.  At the it i lusiou of bus ..ess  the Prcsitleitl wished all a happy  summer .md \\> then adjourned  for a hriel social get-together  and lunch. Next meeting will he  on Monday. September II at  II a.m. St. Aidan's Hall. Hope  lo see as mat!) as possible  SEAMLESS GUTTERS  BLOWN IN  utS and CEILINGS  ALUMINUM   5|DINQ    VINYL  aluminum pATIO CANOPIES  aluminum awn|NGS R0LL"UP  vnyl DECKING  Locally owned and operated  Province of British Columbia  Ministry of Health  PUBLIC NOTICE  ADVISORY COMMITTEE ON  MEDICAL MANPOWER  TO THE MINISTER OF HEALTH  REQUEST FOR WRITTEN BRIEFS  The Advisory Committee on Medical Manpower (composed of mem  bers from the College of Physicians and Surgeons of B C . Ihe B C  Medical Association, Ihe Ministry of Health, tho Health Education  Advisory Council, and two lay members) is currently examining  physician distribution in order to ensure the availability of high quality  care, and to study the most effective utilization of medical care  services in British Columbia  The Committee is reviewing the present and projected requirements  for physicians, by region and by speciality; the means of meeting  these requirements, and the various mechanisms which could be  employed to improve the distribution of physicians.  The Committee, therefore, respectfully requests the submission of  written briefs from all interested individuals, professional associations, and the public in general, on any matter pertinent lo this study  The time frame within which this Committee is working is comparatively short; therefore, it would be appreciated if all briets were submitted by August 14,1978 to:  Chairman,  Advisory Committee on Medical Manpower.  1515 Blanshard Street,  Victoria, B C V8W 3C8  W D BLACK  Chairman 6.  Coast News. June 27,1978.  ptFT  FLOWERS  ; 886-7812  Granny's Sunday  dinner  !        BAIT BARN  WORM FARMS  are pleased to announce the appointment of  Mr. Max Vandenberg  Green Hill Drive. R.R.#2, Ladysmilh, B.C.  Telephone: 245-7742  as their distributor for Vancouver Island  and the Sunshine Coast,  (AnnoaMCikf.  Hair Care Centre  New  Summer Hours  Tues.&Wed. 10a.m.���5 p.m.  Thurs.&Fri. 3p.m. -9p.m  Sat. 10a.m.���5p.m.  Please Note  our new "Evening Hours"  Starting June 15,1978  ^fyc Gpowii of GIopv  We're just under Andy's Drive-in  across  from High School. For appointment phone  Dale & Darlene 886-9744  SUNSHINE COAST REGIONAL DISTRICT  NOTICE OF PUBLIC HEARING  Land Use Regulation Amendment  By-law No. 96.27  Pursuant to sections 703 and 798A of the Municipal  Act.a Public Hearing will be held to consider the  following by-law of the Sunshine Coast Regional  District. All persons' who deem their interest  and property affected by the proposed by-law  shall be afforded an opportunity to be heard on  matters        contained        in       the        by-law.  By-law No. 96.27 will amend Land Use Regulation  By-law No. 96, I974 to replace the category of  DOMESTIC INDUSTRY with HOME OCCUPATION and to create a new category of HOME  INDUSTRY. The HOME OCCUPATION category will confine professional practise, homecraft  or other occupation to the interior of a dwelling  as did the category of DOMESTIC INDUSTRY.  The new provision for HOME INDUSTRY will  allow professional practise, homecraft or other  occupation to be carried out in two additional  buildings accessory to a dwelling unit and will  allow one employee. HOME INDUSTRY will be  allowed in rural and industrial zones only.  The Hearing will be held at 7:30 P.M. on Tuesday,  July 11. I978 in the Madeira Park Hall in Pender  Harbour, B.C.  The above is a synopsis of By-law 96.27 and is not  deemed to be a interpretation of the by-law. The  by-law may be inspected at the Regional District  Offices. 1248 Wharf Street, Sechelt! B.C., during  office hours, namely Monday to Wednesday  8:30 to 4:00 p.m. and Thursday and Friday, 8:30  to 5:45 p.m.  Sunshine Coast Regional District  Box 800,  Sechelt, B.C.VON3AO  885-2261  Mrs. A. G. Pressley  Secretary-Treasurer  MENU:  Glazed baked ham  Boiled unions  Broccoli      Isicamcd)  with  put marachino cherries for  garnish. Surround with boiled  onions to serve.  tomatoes  Potatoes au gratin  Platter of chilled fresh  Potatoes: slice potatoes and  put layer in a casserole, dot  with butter, salt, pepper and  cover   with   grated   cheddar  vegetables  Dessert  cheese. Continue until casserole is tilled. Bake for  one liniir. .125*oven.  Method.  Mix   honey,  brown  sugar  ami vinegar, Score ham diag-  iniall) in remove some of the  fat. Cover with the glaze  and bake in .125* oven for  one hour. Place on serving  planer  and  with   toothpicks  DESSERT: MELLON BALLS  Use honcvclew. cantaloupe  and papaya. Sprinkle with  fresh grated ginger. Chill  and serve with ice cream  balls.  Come cry with me  H> Ann Napier  Write Box 3, e/n Coast News  Dear Ann:  1 sometimes think our area is  a target for destruction. We just  have one crisis after another.  This beautiful vacation land is  always fighting off one plague  after another: spraying our  waler supply with weed killer;  putting garhage on the agenda  for Roberts Creek: then paving a  way for vandals lo make a quick  getaway (more roads to the beach  and right next to peoples'  homes): airplanes on thc roof.  Now a tank farm on the coast.  Our fishing has been downgraded  hy the mill, now the possibility  oi tanks of fuel and to blow up  or spill. I can't believe the  dangers that threaten this  piece of beautilul B.C. Where are  the clowns? Mlndblown  Dear Minclblown;  The   self  seekers   are   ever  among us. No vision of the future  or no concern.   Let's hope those  in   control   stop   these   abuses.  And logging right on the high-  Good news fashionable  By the Office of Church In Society  The  United Church of Canade  Something seems to be happening to North American society  that may be far more significant  than past revolutions such as  the "greening" of America, ot  the hippies, or thc protest  marches.  For the first time in many  years, we're in a mood for good  news again,  Star Wars becomes (he biggest  money making movie of all time.  Surprise! ��� the good guys win.  And they do it. not by some clever  trick that catches their opponents  off guard, but by trusting something bigger than themselves,  by something that used to be  called faith.  C lose Encounters of the Third  Kind presents alien creatures,  not as a malevolent enemy to  be beaten off. but as a sign of  hope.  Almost all the big national  magazines in Canada have now  carried feature articles on marriages that last, instead of jusl  those that break up. And on the  Merve Griffin Show, Ross Hunter  the director of Airport, says that  If vour heart  can't do the job  who fills in  for it?  people are getting tired of sex,  violence and pornography.  According to Hunter, they're  ready for love stories again.  Faith.. .hope.. .and love...  maybe it's true, as newscaster  Lloyd Robertson writes in thc  Presbyterian Record, quoting a  U.S. university president, that  "thc Christian experience has  become acceptable again".  If our obsession with bad news  is indeed waning, that in itself  is good news.      ^^  (S)fcWt@lti����fuif  Summer Business Hours  Mon.���Thurs.  Fri. 8130-9:00  8:30-5:30       Sat. 9:30-5:00  Cowrie St    885-3258  SEE  FAB SHOP sale  AD  Please Note  Arrange for your hair  appointments early as  T17C  Grown of GIopv  will be closed in  August from the 15  to the  28  886-9744  Cedar's Inn women's softball team toss their coach, Peter Fitchell, Into a swimming  pool after winning the women's softball tournament last week.  SUNSHINE COAST  PEST CONTROL  'Cook the Captain"  Wo offer a  Complete Pest  Control  Servic  way ��� such ugliness as you drive  through. They'll have to leave  thc 'beautiful' off our license  plates, if they keep this up.  I would like to hear of a proposal  for bridle and bicycle paths  along the highway. In this  vacation land it is worth your  life to try to walk for your health,  let alone cycle or ride a horse.  I think if we emphasi/c the recreation and keep at pollutants,  il will be a lasting and less  destructive husiness. Tourists  just take pictures, nol thc beauty,  away wiih them.  Dear Ann:  I am set on being brown as  a berry ��� not that I've ever seen  a brown berry. My husband  views my efforts as bad for my  skin. Is he right? Baking  Dear Baking:  Your husband is right. People  of all ages and sexes could benefit from a sunscreen lotion.  It lets you tan without the cell  damage or precancerous sun  spots. Skin cancer is a danger,  und prevention is easier lhan  thc cure.   Pigmentation and dry  ness arc ugly and often accompany heavy tanning. Vour druggist lias several to choose from,  particular!) for children's and  women's tender skin. It seems  to me a good investment. It  also contains moisturizers  if replaced even three or four  hours you omit many a long  hour of discomfort, peeling and  pain.  Dear Ann:  Since you often deal with  sex, ecology, recycling and such.  I thought you should know of a  friend ol mine's recycling. I  used his bathroom .md instead  ol finding a forest ol pantyhose  drying in the bathroom I saw his  sates drying on broom handles.  That's whai I tall heating inflation, Impressed  Dear Impressed:  Well, yes, thai does seem to  be the height ol something or  other. With ihe dollar worth  ,1()C the cosi ot making cuds  meet is going up, Vou have to  pa> atieniion to ihe important  things in life. He's doing his  bill'  The Wesl Coast Band Council  In cooperation with the United  Native Nations is sponsoring a  "Cook the Captain" day demonstration on the 24th and 25th of  June in Victoria, The main event  will be a march from the Song-  hees Indian reservation in Es-  tpiimalt at 9:00 a.m. on the 25th  of June, ending at the legislative  buildings at noon.  According to the native peoples' interpretation of the Captain Cook story, the man was no  more than a glorified pirate who  came to rape the land in the name  of British Imperialism. Since his  finding at Friendly Cove on Vancouver Island, the native people  have been plagued with untold  sufferings which were previously unknown lo them. Dis-1  eases such as typhoid, small  pox and cholera were foreign to  the West Coast tribes before they  made contact with Cook.  Chief George Walts of the  West Coasl Band Council emphasizes that thc June 25 Captain  Cook day is a day of sorrow for  Indian   people   because   it  represents the beginning of the  destruction of thc West Coast Indian culture.  883-2531  Gibsons Precast Concrete  ��� Formerly ���  (Dykstra's Concrete Precast-Langley)  Government Approved 650Gal.Double Baffle  Reinforced Precast Septic Tanks.  *"Na^       ��� Distribution Boxes  ^<s*��a,fc.. ��� Pump-Out Tanks  Subsidiary of^^la^  j b Excavating   Jf  Delivered to Site  ���^kWaaW   886-9031  Tue.Jun.27  0541) 7.4  1055 I I.I  l()2() 7.4  2330 15.7  Wed.Jun.28  0hJ0  1255  1730  tide tables  GIBSONS LANES  DO IT YOURSELF KITS inground or above  SWIMMING POOLS  INGROUND       INSTALLED BY  EXPERIENCED POOL BUILDERS  ABOVE  GROUND  ���Sold  'Serviced  'All Chemicals  Whirl Pools  Spa's  Hot Tubs  Jaccuzzi  Saunas  Richard Sasaratt  886-7411  Box 543  Gibsons  All our Prices GUARANTEED Comp:  to Vancouver & Department Stor  OR  Which would you rather pay  for home heating?  That's whai il takes in this area. Pay a lol lor  electric homehealing. Or buy oil. You get jusl  as much heat energy lor a lot less money'. And  you also get a clean, comfortable, more versatile healing system as well.  Oil is clean  Your Esso furnace burns oil completely and  safely, inside the warm furnace. That's why  the air that warms your home never comes in  contact with the flame. So the warm air that  comes Irom your furnace Is just as clean as the  cool air that goes into it. Cleaner in fact,  because it's filtered.  Oil is comfortable  Baseboard electric heating relies on convection currents to circulate the air. That s  slow and nol very efficient. But your forced air  system keeps the air in continual circulation,  distributing heat throughout your whole home.  More completely. More evenly.  Oil is efficient  Oil not only gives you more heal for your  dollar, but a well tuned furnace will make sure  you get every possible BTU out of every drop.  And a new Esso furnace is so efficient, it can  save up to 10% on fuel bills, depending on the  condition of the furnace il replaces.  If you add a central humidifier to your forced  air furnace, you'll save even more. Humidified  air feels warmer that dry air. So you can turn  down your thermostat, burn less oil and feel  just as comfortable as before. With never a  worry about dry, winter air.  Oil can be the basis  of a complete  home comfort system  Central humidifying is only the start. Once  your forced air system is installed, you can also  add an Esso Electronic Air Cleaner. Central Air  Conditioner ... jusl aboul anything you want  for complete home comfort control.  Add it up.  Add it up. Oil is still on* of the better values  ���round. Call you local Esso Home Comfort  Dealer.  * Comparison based on the local cost of a gallon of fuel  versus a KWh of electricity The average home requires  700 gallons of lurnace oil ��� each gallon producing  167.000 BTU's ol heat. At 60.4c per gallon. ta> incl..  this would come to $443 per year. The same amounf ol  heal would take 29.328 KW at 2V;c per kilowatt (plus  provincial taxi per KWh average, this amounts to $686  per year.  HOMt COMFORT  WE'LL KEEP YOU COMFORTABLE  Thomas Heating    Dan Wheeler  886-7111 886-9663  Lloyd Hanson  885-2145 Coast News, June 27,1978  COAST NEWS   CLASSIFIED ADS  Classified Ad Policy  All listings 51K per line per week.  or use the Economical 3 for 2 rate  3 weeks for the price of 2  Minimum  $2.00 per  Insertion.  AU fees payable prior to Insertion.  CLASSIFIED DEADLINE  NOON SATURDAY  * In the event of an error the  publisher shall be responsible for  one corrected Insertion only.  This offer Is made available for private uidlvldujuY  These Classifications  remain bee  - Coming Event*  -Lost  - Found  Print your ��d In the squares Including the price of the Item and your telephone number. Be sure to leave a blank space after each won).  No phone orders Please. Just mall In the coupon below accompanied by cash, cheque  or money order, to Coast News, Classifieds, Boi 460, Gibsons, B.C. VON IVO, or  bring In person to the Coaat News office, Gibsons  DROPOFF POINT : Campbell's Shoes & Leather Goods Store, Sechelt  COMING EVENTS      ANNOUNCEMENTS WORKWAJ   fC        WORK WANTED  HELPV Ai  WOMEN'S CENTRE  Roberts Creek. M.S-3711. Drop-in  library, information, Thursdays  11:00��-4:00. tfn  ANNOUNCEMENTS  GRANTHAMS LANDING  IMPROVEMENT DISTRICT  SPRINKLING REGULATIONS  EFFECTIVE IMMEDIATELY  NORTH SIDE���EVEN DAYS  SOUTH SIDI-:-ODD DAYS  TIMES:  9:00a.m. lo 12 :00noon  and  7:00p.m. lo 10:00 p.m.       #2h  Lila Bcllcrosc und Hun  > Johnston  arc proud lo announci  2 the birth  of ti bcaulitiil bab\  bov,  born  June 20 ;n 4:05 a.m.  weighing  H pounds.  *:<>  Most trees, like pets, need care  and attention and trees are our  speciality.  * Topping  * Limbing  * Danger tree removal  An insured guaranteed service.  Peerless Tree Services Ltd.  885-2109  Small engine repairs to outboard  motors, chain saws, lawnmowers,  garden tractors. Reasonable  rates. Home Service or Free Pick  Up and Delivery. I'hone 886-9037  or 885-3394. tfn  Coast News  Classifieds  Box 460, Gibsons, B.C.  VON 1VO  CLASSIFICATION:  Eg. For Sale, For Rent, etc.  _L  xrn  1111  _. : "     _      x           x  i           j  ���  DEADUNE SATURDAY NOON -  SUMMER PLAY PROGRAMME  Please note that due to over)  whelming response there are no  vacancies left und only those  parents with advance booking  may register June 2K 7 p.m.  at Wilson Creek Community Hall.  For info, please call 885-5422  ADU I DANCE CLASSES  Summer       (evening)       courses  commence Juh ti for beginners  in    Bullet    and or    .la//.    Mrs.  Milward. KKh.253l. ��2H  OPPORTUNITIES  Business Opportunity. Excavating business for sale. JD  450 Cat. Case Backhoe. Tandem  Dump. Single Axle Dump. Ramp  Truck. 88f)-9fi33:886-9365,      tfn  1  *  i  *  ��  *  BOB KELLY'S PICKUP  ��  sements.   garages,   yardij,  A load on our Truck      *  Is a load off your         *  Mind                 J  886-9433               *  WEST ERN CANADA SCHOOL  OF AUCTIONEERING LTD  Canada's first, and the only completely Canadian course offered  anywhere Licensed under the Trade  Schools Licensinf) Act, R S.A 1970.  C.366. For particulars of Ihe nent  course write Bo* 687. Lacombe.  Alberta, or Phone 782-6215 #26  WALLY'S DISCO:  Weddings, Dances, for everyone.  For information call Wally or  Calhy. HHM)700 tfn  ��� LEGAL*  I. Raphael Valentino Saul, have  changed my name to Raphael  Valentino George, Jr., effective  on the dale of publication of this  paper sturting June 20. it27  LEARN THE METHOD of personalizing clothes. Send $4.00  to IDEAS. BOX 14. Abbolsford.  B.C. "29  EXPECTING A SMALL  VISITOR?  Rem a crib or high chair: stroller  or whatever vou need.    886*2809  tin  PERSONAL  Mm Ing & Hauling  Gardening, Rubbish Removal.  Odd jobs of any kind. Ouality  work. 886-9503. Mb  I or L'.xplosKe Requirements):  dynamite, electric or regular  eaps. B line E curd and safety  fuse, contact Gwen Nlmmo.  Cemetery Road. Gibsons. Phone  886-7778. Howe Sound Farmers  Institute Note: Mrs. Nimmo  Hill lie on holiday Irom June 24���  July IS. Mn  ULTRA DECK  In  TROUAN  The Ultimate in  Kiherghi.ss Sundecks  886-2953 tfn  PENINSULA  ROOFING  & SHEET METAL  All Types ol Roofing  & Re-Rooling  Henry Rodriguez  Sechelt      885-9585  DISHWASHER  part time work for Jul;  ,V Aug.  Mill   age 15 vears old. 88b-98l5  #26  Applications arc being accepted:  position Secretary Treasurer  Elphinstone ( u-Opi ratiw Association: please submit resume ol  qualifications, salar> i tpectcd.  In Box 7(1. Gibsons It i 'OS  Wanted oiu    miik   A   two  waitresses wiili   <>i   without  experience Wi will train.  Denver Ficko. 45M 22II Smitties  I'ancaki   lions,    Bighorn.   B.(  jfc'*W"Mfc4f*Av  Need any  aluminum or steel  welding done?  ��������  Portable   welding    unit  available 24 hr   a day  including weekends  ��� ��� ���  886-9625  or  886-7704  I xperienci it cooks wauled.  Apply G.int, ii Bay Dining Lounge  orphoin sM-'wi'i ��:i,  FOR   AuE  RICH    BLACK DELTA    SOIL  16 yard    $190 Bud's Trucking  15805.     108th Ave .     Suirey  V3R6T9 tin  Alcoholics Anonymous meetings,  Gibsons Alhlclic Hall. ��:.!() p.m.  Every Monday. KH6-990-I or 88b-  9hMlifoi-inloinialion. "2o  .loiiriieyniaii Carpenter will  design and construct additions,  reninalions. all interior finishing.  Brian. 88.5-5792. after 5 p.m.   #28  Female. 2-1, looking for apprenticeship with journey mail cabinetmaker in Gibsons area. Please  phone .till. 886-9448. ��2N  HELP WANTED  Boys, enls or retired people lo  delivei lhc Vaucoiivci Sun. re-  quires about ' hour to an hour  each day Call colled lo 7.12-  2.12" anil leave a message loi  Mr. K.Gce. #28  Gold. In ounces. S4U0.00.  Gold nuggets. SKItoSSO.  Also gold iiuggel jewelry.   Wrile  G.l'elrichenko. Homily. ii.( .   #27  awAw��WU^H0       aa^ inrl'WlaTP'aHTaF'Paj'     9^aawa^^W0  EXCAVATING ��� LAND CLEARING  ROAD BUILDING GRAVEL  >sified  aggregates  886-Q830     6n  ���'"-   CADRE CONSTRUCTION LTD.  ��� Exterior Painting  ���  ��� Professional Work ���  ��� Airless Spray Jobs*  Payne Rd., Gibsons 886-2311  Business Directory  T&T Plumbing & Heating  Service renovation  & contract plumbing  886-7838     Rick Wray, Manager  P. M. GORDON  EC. LAND SURVEYOR  P.O. Box 609  Sechelt, B.C.  V0N3A0  Bus. 8B5-2332  Res. 886-7701)  Holland Electronics  v/7 \y Bill Achterberg  IV    886 9033  "7 ' * oQtilJtnUaC B'ntttiiait  d\ol?      cHaqaX      * efitnovoHom.  �����  tstJMtloni  '      *  * i'Utlu:   cMutl   ���       886-9261  P.O. BDX107B   GIBSONS, B.C.  VON IVO  f  H&IB Boat Building and Repairs]  C%- ��� ���builds the HB27. the only properly  AIL" designed boat lor world cruising.  Vat ���retail in resin and fiberglass  Garden Bay, B.C. 883-9307  GIBSONS SAND & GRAVEL LTD  EXCAVATING ��� LAND CLEARING  ROAD BUILDING GRAVEL  Classified aggregates       883-9313  ' AUTOMOTIVE  COAST INSULATION COMPANY  Ph. 886-9297  "INSULATION-INSTALLATION"  'FIBERGLASS BATTS"  "BLOWN IN INSULATION'  Residential (New & Existing Houses) & Commercial  ,w Economy huto ports bid.  ��� tin lii.        Automobile. Induslnal  r\��jPll   mmaV    and Body Shop Supplies  Sechelt     88S-SI8I  ******* BUILDING SUPPLY ���  <l  nanTaawaaaru  m  m  EaVQ���an���  Delivery Phone 886-9221  Fancy Panels, Insulation, Doors, Bilolds,  Construction Plywood, and all Accessories.  Highway 101, Gibsons  Gibsons IjllVSI EUECTRjCbdj       886��7605  RESIDENTIAL-COMMERCIAL-INDUSTRIAL  Maintenance  Electronics     Pole Line  ���POWER   TO   THE   PEOPLE'  ********* PLUMBING *******  SEASIDE PLUMBING  PLUMBING -PIPEFITTING-STEAMFITTING  HOT WATER HEATING  886-7017  All Work Guaranteed  Kokls  SIGNS  ��� Sign Consulting ���Magnetic Signs  Service ���Sign Drafting  ���Custom Signs ���Plastic Signs  ��� Trucks, Boats, etc.  Dune Roberts 886-8024  No 88 Sunshine Coast Mobile   Home Pail-  Gibsons BC  ********** Cabinets **********  SUNSHINE KITCHENS  CABINETS - REMODELLING  Showroom in Twilight TheatreBldg. 886-9411  ANDREASSEN    ELECTRIC  IGI8SONS CO.I Servinq Ihe Sunshine Coasl  T \ liLliCTRICAL CONTRACTOR  ' Per Andreassen 886-9439  General Delivery Granthams Landing, B.C.  **********    EXCAVATING     *******  LH WELDING  ������OKTABLHSTKia AND ALUMINUM WELDING  I .ibriinlinii \ Repair  Ph. 886-9625 or 886-7704  CARPENTRY  Gutters Phone: Eaves Troughs  CUSTOM CRAFT PRODUCTS  Commercial 885-2992  Residential  Maintenance  Continuous  J.B. EXCAVATING  886-9031  Water, sewer, drainage installation   ,,��,  ��� Dump Truck ��� Backhoe ',  ��� Cat ��� Land Clearing V  ��� Free Estimates ��� Septic Fields  &3^  Free  Estimates  J & R CONSTRUCTION     swimming pools  house framing                     floors, sidewalks, patios  general contracting &            retaining walls  renovations                           foundations  Jim  888-7571 Ron   886-9262    ,  L & H Swanson Ltd  Readymlx Concrete  Sand (4 Gravel with!plants Backhoes  Sechvit and Pender Harbour  BB5-9666or Porpoise Bay Rd  885-5333 -Dump Trucks-      Bo> 172. Sechelt. B C  Cadre Construction Ltd. ^  Framing, remodelling, additions^ls  HOUSES BUILT TO COMPLETION  I Payne Road, Gibsons 886-2311^  CUSTOM BACKHOE WORK  SEPTIC TANKSINSTALLED  Government Approved  Free Estimates  Eacavations ��� Drainage walerimes etc  .Ph 885-2921 Roberts   Creett  PERMATRUSS FABRICATORS  (Gibsons) Ltd. 886-7318  Located next to Windsor Plywood P O. Box 748  l  Residential & Commercial Roof Trusses Gibsons B c)  GIBSONS LAWN MOWER & "  CHAIN SAW SERVICE 886-2912  Gibsons Industrial Park, #5, Shaw Rd.  "Repairs to all makes"       ��� ���   - -*  MOVING AND STORAGE  LEN WRAY'S TRANSFER Ltd.  Household Movmq & Storage Complete Packing  Packing Materials tor Sale  Phone aat-2664     Member Allied Van Lines      R fl   I   Gibsons  a   PACIFIC-O-FIBERGLASS  FIBREGLASS   LAMINATING - REPAIRS  BOATS - SUNDECKS. ETC.    12 years experience  , 885-2981  Eves  C & S Construction  Fiberglass Sundecks MSffiE  Duty II Suirbuck  KM, ipW  Donnls Collins  KKh "Illli  "Serving      ��0 n r  Langdale     OOff  to  Earls Cove  /^N TRANSWEST HELICOPTERS /"JS  ^ffaj (1965) LTD. [0��aA  ^���' Chattel Helicopter Service ^ '  Box 875 886-7511  Gibsons  JOHN HIND-SMITH  REF1IGERATION & MAJOR APPLIANCE SERVICE  Port Mellon to PenderHarbour  Res. 886-9949  Tom Flieger   Phone 886-7868  LECTRICAL  ONTRACTING  Box 214. Gibsons. B.C.  VON1VO  Quality Farm 6 Garden Supply Ltd.  886-7527  Pratt Rd.,  Gibsons  * Feed * Fencing  * Pet Food    * Fertilizer  ******* FLOOR COVERING ********  R.Ginn Electric  General Wiring &     #  ��� Qualified Workmanship  885-5379  CARPET-CABINET-CERAM'-" CENTRE  Open Thurs.. Fri.. Sal.  10a.m.��� fip.m.  Howe Sound Distributors Ltd.  North Road, Gibsons, B.C. 886-2765  CA^MI CRANE SERVICE  Industrial or Residential Lifting  to 46 feel.  18 It. Hat deck Pick-up  and Delivery  ^ P.Jackson 886-2401 or 886-2312  THOMAS HEATING  OILBURNERSERVICE  Complete Instrument OOD'/l  SUNSHINE COAST  DISPOSAL SERVICES  Po't Mellon loOie 5 Cove  886-9973 88629.18  Commercia1 Containers available  TREE TOPPING  VIEW DEVELOPMENTS LTD  Clean up your wooded areas  Remove lower limbs tor VIEW  Top tall trees ad|acacent to building  Marv Voler.  886-959/  MACK'S NURSERY  SUNSHINE COAST HIGHWAY  Shrubs, Fruit Trees. Plants  Landscaping, Pruning Trees, Peat Moss & Fertilizer  Licensed (or Pesticide Spraying  It Pays to Advertise in the 8.  Coast News, June 27,1978  FOR SALE  FOR SALE  HTu^ic Weavers  Ni'w & L'sed  Albums & Tapes  The Home ol People's Prices  GARDEN EQUIPMENT       FOR RENT  PROPERTY  PROPERTY  BOATS  BOATS  886-9737  *.  45   gallon  steel  drums.   Water  or  incinerator $4.05.   H86-2953.  tfn  Mining, must sell: sectional  chesterfield. 3 years old. Colour,  light green, as new, $450. 88b-  :816aftcrSp.m. #27  Too large capacity insulated  boxes, ideal fur ice packing,  fish, etc.  Dctccto neigh scale, good for  legal tender. S2MI. 886-7369   #27  Han- your sundeck waterproofed,  with I niplasi. A unique process  using linil and canvas, durable,  mum colours, 88h-8(llb for free  estimates. 5 >cars experience,  best rales. #27  LIMITED OFFER  FACTORY OVERSTOCKED  ALUMINUM SIDING  only 48�� sq.ft.  "Do It Yourself"  with all  orders. Write fur your requirements or call immediately  574-7421  Mustang Metal Products Ltd.  18565 ��� % Ave. KR-t  Surrev, B.C. V31 4W2  Deluxe Singer sewing machine,  with cabinet and stool, excellent  condition, $300. HKh-2816. after  5, "20  UOa��*%3Wa.Va��**%*VMa.VS  Macleods       Sechelt       have  ianother   free   service.      Ciet I  your    electrical,     plumbing j  Jur heating guides free.  3WBSS*%%XW8��WS3��*  LIVESTOCK  Ollills Sweaters  FARM   FRESH  SHEEP  WOOL  Black S1.50   per pound  While     75'  per pound  Carding Extra 886-9335  Dining room table���wood grain  finish   as   new.   $50.00   Regina  electric broom SI5.00. 2 Padded  Stadium Seats 2 for $5.(Ml  Mih-7940 #2(i  Hay for sale - $1.00 a bale.  Mulch 50cents. 885-9357.       tfn  HORSE SHOEING  Bob Hopklna  Call 886-9470 eves.        #41  Goal for sale. Gentle Toggenburg doe. IK months old. to good  home. $25.00 Phone 8Kb-7592 #29  LIVESTOCK HAULING  HORSESHOEING  Patrick Hon ath 886-9485 eves.tfn  COME IN AND BROWSE  AT BATHROOM ACCENT  NEXT TO CAMPBELL SHOES  IN THE HEART OF SECHELT  Fridge, works real good. $25.00  885-3771 after 5 p.m. #20  Short shag carpet. 12x2(1; leak  coffee table: trilile table lamp:  mirror: misc. items: bifold doors.  88(1-9029 #20  Hand carved ladies Western  saddle. High hack and horn with  covered stirrups. Excellent  condition. asking $175.  I sed Western saddle with white  suede seat. In good condition,  $75. 885-9285. #2b  Complete camping outfit. 1972  (ortinn Station wagon; tent  trailer sleeps 4���b people;  large rubber dinghy. $1,000  cash. 886-7457. ^      #28  Mick Hcnrv presents: Slug-Pottery's un annual SALE OF POTS,  II) a.m.. Saturday, July 8, Roberts (reck (behind P.O.).        #27  Wauled, self contained water  pump system or piping for gravity system. Please call 886-  2622 and ask for Kathy. #2b  FOUND  Brothers  #2li  Motorcycle     helmet.  Park. 88(i-252d.  k.**  iTFabrie  SALE  .1".  r  (Poly Cottons -  Reg. $3.99  Reg.$2.99  Border Prints-  Reg.$4.99  Knits -  Reg.$5.79  $J.99  $J.59  $2-99  $3.99  Beautiful sheers, semi-sheers in  Polyester &Cotton and  ;;  "���      jtr Cotton Gauzes  WfP ALL AT SALE PRICES  ft  . Sample skirts, dresses & tops at 1 / 3 OFF  Sale Ends 9 p.m.   Fri.June29th  Quantities limited.  SUNNYCRESTCENTRE  GIBSONS 886-2231  GREEN MACHINES  Gas powered weed-eater  Model 3000 $329.00  HOMELITE  CHAINSAWS  XK2-CC   $144.95 with case  Super 2    $168.90  XL 12       $254.00  922Homelltc   $434.00  HUSQVARNA  I only     380- $395.95  GASOLINE CANS  MOWER BLADES  MOWER    BLADES  & CHAIN   SAWS  SHARPENED  886-2912  Gibsons  Lawn Mower &  Chain Saw Service)  2 bedroom mobile home, unfurnished w. fridge & stove,  evenings 886-9728 #26  Housekeeping room. Clean,  quiet adult. Robertson's Boarding House 886-9833 #28  Modern 2 bedroom suite, w/w  carpels. Hreplace. ocean view,  2 private entrances. $250 per  month. Including utilities.  886-2767. 026  Three bedroom house. Close to  shopping and schools, on sewer  and water. Reasonable price.  886-7917. #28  A number to note:  885-3521  WHARF REALTY LTD.  Pratt Rd. Large lot 76' x 125',  cleared and in fruit trees $12,500  Phone 8862155 #26  MOBILE HOMES  Two year old 12x68 mobile  home on parklike acre by Camp  Byng. Stove, fridge, dishwasher  included. $37,500. 437-0740  eves: 88b-7297 davs. #27  Kevslonc Motor for small boat.  2 h.p.. $110. phone 885-9028. #26  1971 Reinell 19' hardtop, rebuilt  85 H.P.Johnson o.b.. Camper  type canvas, extra canvas top,  EEZEE Loader Trailer, sleeper  seats ��� anchor package, only  $3,750.886-3403 after 6.        #27  Partly furnished suite for rent,  $l25/month. Granthams. 886-  9904. #28  Small 2 bedroom cottage, waterfront. 883-9923. #26  Two bedroom waterfront suite.  Stove, fridge, w/w, central Gibsons. $275 per month. Phone  88(1-8035 eves. #26  Must Be Sold  A 5 year old home in a prime  family location, three bedrooms,  two full baths. 1.560 sq. ft.,  full basement, two fireplaces  with built-in B.B.Q-. large sundeck. paved and landscaped.  Reduced to sell at $57,500.  All offers will he considered.  886-7668 #26  Beautiful chestnut Thoroughbred gelding. Trained English,  ridden Western. Approx. 151 'i h.  h. Asking 57.50 with complete  tack. Phone 885-9285. #26  Twenty head of horses, tack etc.  for sale or rent, phone 886-  7967. #26  WANTED  Timber wanted: Fir, hemlock,  cedar and poles. Top prices.  Let us give you an estimate.  D&O Log Sorting Ltd. Phone  886-7896 or 886-7700. tfn  FOR RENT  Newly decorated 2 and 3 bdrm  apts. Stove, fridge, heat and  cablevision incl. in reasonable  rent. Sorry, no pets. Close to  schools and shopping. 886-  7836. tfn  LOGS WANTED  Top Prices Paid for  Fir-Hemlock-Cedar  l.&K LUMBER  (North Shore) Lid.  Phone 886-7033  Sorting grounds. Twin Creek  Sewing  machine  repairs.   Work  unconditionally guaranteed.  Parts for all models. Phone Steve  885-2691 tfn  TELEPHONE  ANSWERING  SERVJCE  886-7311  Roberts Creek. Two bedroom  wood heated; fire place. Box no.  I c/o Coast News. $150 per  month. #27  Eour bedroom home with view,  centrally located in Gibsons.  W.W.Carpeting. Large rec.  room with fireplace. Ref req.  No pels. Avail. July I. $375 per  month. 886-7963.    " #27  Two mobile home spaces available now. Sunshine ( .1st  Trailer Park. 886-9826. It'll  West Sechelt large unfurnished  one bedroom self-contained suite.  Single non-smoker preferred.  $160. Available July I. 885-  2451. #26  New ihree bedroom home, Vi  acre view lot, Gibsons. Call  563-8592. tfn  Retirement Home  for Couple  $165 mo.. 2 bdrm. utilities,  waterfront property, walking  distance to stores. Inc. in Pender  Harbour. Reply  Bos No. 8. this  HOUSE EOR SALE BY OWNER  (GLEN RD) Two bedroom home  with fireplace, auto oil furnace,  fabulous view and close to all  facilities. Phone 886-2075.       tfn  SUNSHINE COAST MOBILE  HOME PARK  RR #2, Gibsons, 886-9826  SPECIALLY PRICED  New 14 wides ��� fully furnished and set-up on your lot  or ours.  Good selection of used single  and double wide homes from  at low as $7,000.00.  SUNSHINE COAST MOBILE  HOME PARK  RR #2, Gibsons, 886-9826  14' Hourston Fiberglass. 50 h.p.  Mercury outboard with trailer.  GordonTod. 885-9056. #26  8' El Toro Sailboat complete with  sails. $250. 885-3771 weekdays  after 5 p.m. #2b  28' sloop "Wii's End"; sleeps  four, inboard auxiliary, moored at  Smitty's Marina. $5,500, Call  880-9428. #28  18' i ft. Fiberform deluxe model  140 HP Mere I.O. Motor, road  runner trailer: sounder; livebait  tank: C.B.; compass, anchor,  and winch; '$6,000 o.b.o. 885-  3742. #27  LOT EOR SALE  1.'  acre plus good  view.   1,000  feel from waterfront. Gower area.  886-2887  tfn  For Sale ��� View lot Davis Bay,  $13,900. Call owner. 885-3444.tfn  BY OWNER  Langdale, brand new home,  1322 sq.ft., 3 bedrooms, ensuite off master, large kitchen  and nook. Beautiful Cameo  marble fireplace, with heatilator up and downstairs. Also  roughed-in Iwo rooms and  bath downstairs. Beautiful  view on comer lot. This home  must be seen to be appreciated. $63,000. Please  call 886-2300. tfn  1976 12x68 mobile home three  bedroom. Must Sell Now. first  reasonable offer. Phone 885-  249b. #27  1976 Berkshire 12x68. three  bedrooms, carpets and drapes.  10x12 utility shed. Asking  $12,500,886-7737. #27  23' hull for pleasure or work  bout. Three coats of fiberglass.  tO'/i' beam. Offers close to  $2,500. 880-7423 eves. 886-2120  days. #26  17 ft. Sangster. 302 Ford. Hamilton .lei. 886-2124. #26  UN MORROW & CO.LTD.  Prompt attention to your marine  survey requirements for all transactions   and   Insurance   needs.  Phone 886-2433,886-9458.      #52  110 Mercury Outboard Motor.  used two seasons. Excellent  condition, $425. Call evenings.  883-2424 tfn  CARSANDTR   CKS  1974 Dodge Colt hard top coupe  only 20.1KK) miles. Automatic.  Beautiful shape $1995. Ph. eve.  886 9569 #26  V.W. Beetle . 1973 One owner,  excellent       condition        $1600.  Consider boat 111 irade.     88tr8.ll  #26  1964 V.W. Beetle. 885-3381  after 6.  "28  1972 Coll Wagon, new tiros,  cheap transportation. First  $50(1 takes II. 1406 (lower I'l.  Rd. ��*i  1970 Toyota Corolla, slill running  after |J4.(>IH> miles. Besl offer.  Phone 885-3621. #26  Two cabins, waterfront Gibsons.  Asking    price.    $35,000.     112-  922-4278. #28  TRADES WANTED!  Trade up to a new 14' wide or  Double-wide home! We have  customers wanting used 12'  wides in the $4,000 to $12,000  price range. Good selection  of new units in stock or on  order.  COAST    MOBILE    HOMES  LTD.  Seehelt, B.C. 885-9979  M.D.L. 00623A  Beautifully cleaned 1475 Chrysler  New Yorker Brougham, all  options. For further information  phone:   883-4443.   S5.500   firm.  #27  paper  #28  "WANTEDTO RENT  Or Rent lo Own. Gibsons or  Sechelt area. 2 or 3 bedroom  house, for couple with two children, for Sept. 1. Write B.Holmes  1153 Vidal St. Whiterock. B.C.  V4B3T4. #28  FOR RENT Urgently Required, two or three  Two   mobile   home   sites   near bedroom house or suite for single -  beach.   Free   vegetable   garden tenant and two boys.  In Gibsons  plols if desired. "Bonniebrook" area.    Call    collect    985-9877.  886.2887. ifn References available. #26  By owner. Port Coquitlam.  Beautifully kept 3 bdrm finished  basemeni. situated on a lovely  park like lot. fid'x128'. with  fruit trees and fish pond. etc.  $57,500 or besl offer. 441.6880#2b  Trade It) x 45 Mobile Home good  condition    for    best    backhoe  loader or in mil boat $4200 value  885-4245 eves.  HIGGS MARINE SURVEYS LTD.  Insurance claims, condition and  valuation surveys. Serving thc  Sunshine Coasl and B.C.Coastal  Waters. Phone:885-9425. 885-  9747. 885-3643. 886-9546.       tin.  21' Cabin Cruiser, sound cedar  hull, newly painted. 115 Volvo  |/B. head, galley, sleeps three,  interior needs paint. $4,200 firm.  885-2952. tfn  1975 16' modified hull. 90 HP  full canvas lop. $3,575. 885-  35 !()/�����, #27  1976 Ford crew cab 4x4. 17.800  miles. Excellent shape. 885-  3403. tin  1965 I ton GMC flat deck. $700  o.b.o. 885-3403. ifn  1970  Ford 3 4  ton   Crew  call,  big  six.  4 speed.   Positrac.   0'  bush   box. $1,200   o.b.o.   885-  3903. tin  1968   Ford   half-ton  SI.()()(). 885-5733.  pick  Condominium: Three bedrooms  plus family room, Wi baths,  carpets, $300 per mo. Call  886-7628. tfn  Chaster Rd.. Lot 67' x 123'  partly cleared, ready for building,  close to school. $10,000 Ph.  886-4984 #26  Cottage scmi-wutcrfronl has  workshop. F.P. Paid up lease 1994  F.P. $21,000 oilers 54 Mission  Rd. 886-9378 #20  1971   Fiat   124  Station   Wagon.  $400 o.b.o. 886-8001. #26  The Lion's Share of Personal  Sale Items can be Found Under  Close Scrutiny Only in the Coast  News Classifieds.  If It's a Tradesman or Professional  Service  that  you   require  be sure to look first in the Sunshine  Coast Business Directory.  ���f/A  '"'������%  a\ V-f%  LORRIE GIRARD  886-7760  JONMcRAE  885-3670  CHRIS KANKAINEN  885-3545  ARNEPETTERSEN  886-9793  GRANTHAMS LANDING  Well kepi three bedroom family  home Willi full basement New shake  roolanrl for healing economy tnermo-  pane windows Basement has rec  room, workshop and laundry room.  Grounds ate beautifully landscaped  Large sundeck lo enjoy a lovely  watervirw nl Keats Island and the  Gap (42,900  HILLCREST ROAD Low down payrnenl  of %2 Qb'S i.rjuld put you in one of Gibsons  first Strata Tille dupleies Two storey  homes with ihree bedrooms, two bathrooms and sundecks 1250 square  leel ol living spate Wall to wan carpeting Two blocks from schools, shopping  centre and medical clinic Own your  owri home loi only. $36.'jOO  SOUTH FLETCHER A beaulifui view  of Gibsons Harbour is only one of Ihe  many lealuret ol Ihis lour bedroom  homo Dlhers    include    a    fealure  wall h'eplace haidwood Moors, lovely  large kitchen Btld for the handyman ii  Ifi.tBworkshop $37,900  CHERYL ANN PARK ROAD Roberts  Creek Excellent Iwo bedroom slarter  or rotiremcnl homo m quiel subdivision  only 4 miles to Gibsons Home is on a  nicely landscaped lot and only one block  to level beach Some view Can be purchased lor under $2,000 down and with  such low paymenls there is no reason to  renl 139.900  OOUWOOD ROAD In the hearl of the  Bay area This full basemeni homo features wood panelling and fireplace upstairs Full In-Law suite sel up downstairs See this package ot comfortable  living and investment value   F P $49,900  FIRCREST PLACE; Three bedroom home  in quiet rural sub-division surrounded by  Al M properties on all sides One mile  from schools and shopping Large open  living room wilh fireplace. The lull  basemeni has a finished lireplace for your  roc room ideas Price includes brand new  fridge and stove. $52,900  COACH ROAD (olt Leek Rd.J Three  year old three bedroom home situated  m a quiet sub-division in Roberts Creek  only two miles from Gibsons Large Kil-  chen with an eating nook Yard Is nicely  landscaped, yours to onjoy Irom tho 300  sq. ft split level sundeck. Extras include  a wired and plumbed dark room and a  7��fl storage shed $44,900  HILLCREST ROAD: Three bedroom full  basement home only two years old Living room, dining room and the bedrooms  have wall to wall carpeting While preparing a meal or eating onjoy the view of  Keals island. Georgia Strait and Ihe Gibsons Bay area from this large well  planned kilchen Feeling tired alter  working all day, stack Ihe dishes m Ihe  built in dishwasher and relax The basemeni has a partially finished iourth  bedroom and a rec room The lol has been  nicely landscaped and you are close to  schools and shopping The ideal family  homo. $4��, 900  GIBSONS REVENUE, f-our-piex Positive cash flow wilh eleven thousand  dollars revenue per year111 Top units  contain five bedrooms with one and a  half baths Lower suites arc large two  bedroom units Low maintenance and good  return make this an excellenl investment va'ue Clnse tu all the amenities  Financing available $89,900  FAIRVIEW RD Lovely full basemeni  home on quiel stroel Two bedrooms up-  slairs and one not quite completed downstairs Wall lo wall car peting throughout  Heatilator fireplace and thormoglas  windows lor heating economy House is  situated on a W acre lol with some  waterview $49,500  STEWART RD Lovely Spanisn siy.e  home on t \ acres level land Fout  bedroms. separate dining room, sunken  living room with fireplacp Almost 1400  sq ft ol living space on one floor Del  initelyaoneof a kind $62,500  GLASSFORD & GOWER PT. RD.: Country Estate in fhe heart ol the Village,  You must see this fradilionally slyled  four bedroom, full basemeni home with  finished roc room Fireplaces up and  down, Large garage with workshop  under. AH this nestled privately on two  lots. Year round creek goes through  properly. Beautifully landscaped with  many fruit trees Plus a guesl cottage  presently rented for $165 per month.  Home oculd be an excellent revenue  property as the basement has complete  kitchen and washroom facilities, Alt  within a stone throw of shopping and  Post Office $67,500  SEAVIEW ROAD Gibsons Small bul  lovely starter or retirement home with a  truly magnificent panoramic view Easy  walking io shops, elc and only one block  to Ihe beach How can you lose when ihe  lull price is only $24,900  GRANDVIEW ROAD (OH Pine) Three  bedroom home on a beaulilully treed and  lully landscaped lot 1175x150) with an  excellenl view of Georgia Strait Kitchen  has eating nook and a binM-m oven and  range top Floor to ceiling cul rock f(replace 45x9 covered sundeck and a huge  doublecarport $63.500  LOTS  McCULLOUGH RD Wilson Creek  Close lo one acre treed property with  subdivision possibilities $22,500  WAKEFIELD RD Good building lot on  water and power overlooking Georgia  Strail and Ihe Trail island This is a corner lot in a newly built up area $12,500.  GOWER PT RD Al the corner ot 14th  This properly has. levels cleared lor the  building site of your choice Excellent  view of Georgia Strait Approximately  H0x250 $16,500  SKYLINE DRIVE Overlooking tho Bay  and Village of Gibsons hum this quiel  and private lot on the Blull Slarl building your dream home right away on the  expanse of this 207x115m 181x66 uniquely  shaped lol Low down payment, easy  terms' S'3.500  SKYLINE DRIVE     This 70x59x131x122  foot lot with expansive view ol ihe Bay  area and Gibsons Village is very well  priced $11,500  SCHOOL ROAD: Threeviewlots 73x110.  On sewer. Three blocks from schools and  shopping centre   Cleared for building  $16,000  TUWANEK Only one block lo beach,  full view of Inlet Piped community  water available  80x140 $9,900  DAVIDSON ROAD Fantastic view from  Langdale Ridge Tins lol has a small  creek on thc very back ol Ihe property.  All new homes in this area This lol is  a full 2'5ofanacre $14,900  WHARF RD: Al ihe corner of Davidson, Witb a little easy clearing this lot  will be ready to build on Walking distance to the lerry Lot size is 80x110.  $12,900.  PRATT RD: Near new school site. This  lot is cleared and ready lo build on.  Mature fruit trees dot this 76x125 lot,  $13,500.  COCHRANE RD: Good building lot 65x  130. Close to shopping and the ocean.  Sewer easement of 10' ons.e side of the  lot.  SI 2,500.  VELVET RD: Beautiful view lot in desirable area Road in and hydro and  phone to property Priced well below  assessed va'ue $11,000.  GOWER PT RD: 100' of walerlrontage,  steep but manageable slope Hydro and  water on the Esplanade Road 217 deep  with a completely unimpeded view lo  Vancouver Island Faces soulh west lor  lols of sunshine. $15,900.  SOUTH FLETCHER Al School Road  Two lots of 40x150 each One lol has a  cottage which could be rented These  lols are mostly cleared and ready for  building A spectacular viewol the entire  Bay area and Keals Island is included  m the price ol $27 500  WAKEHEU) RD Good building lot  in Wesl Sechell This is a corner lol  with view overlooking Trail Islands in a  newly built-up area will' waler. puwer  anil paved road Must be BOld Priced  at $12 500  ACREAGE  LANGDALE 4 31 acres Excellenl  holding property fight across Irom the  ferry terminal Langdale Creek is the  easlern   boundary   ol    this   property  $39,500.  HWY 101 ofl Hall Rd 5 Subdividable  acres. Land is very dry with good percolation. Southern exposure in the heart  of Roberts Creek, on regional water.  Approximately 1 acre is cleared. Has  older home presently being rented for  $135 per month Includes small barn  Vendor has subdivision plan for 9 lots.  $42,900.  COMMERCIAL  GROCERY STORE & PROPERTY:  The only store in ihe area with a good  volume ol business and growing steadily  An ideal set-up for a family operation.  The store hours-, are 10 a.m. to 6:30 p.m  seven days a week. It you like to be  independent and run your own business  this could be your opportunity. The  price without stock is $89,000.  COMMERCIAL WATERFRONT Wilh  waterlront as scarce as it is this double  use lot represents real value $33,000  APARTMENT BLOCKS  APARTMENT BLOCK. Nine suite  apartment block centrally located in the  Village of Gibsons The block shows a  good return and the vacancy rale has  been ml during the last year. Ideal  investment for owner-manager. Ask us  for more information about this protect.  $160,000  Gibsons  Industrial Pari:  SPACE FOR RENT  Suitable for warehousing, small  industry etc. Land for developing  will build to suit tenant.  PHONE    886-7611    -    886-2139  PAINT YOUR  HOUSE  BY NUMBERS  ...OURS!  eves 886-2821  For Private Use or Bus  AUTOVEST  Belore you buy, investigate the advantage  own plan.   All monies paid apply to pur  up your cash or borrowing power?   1st  renlanddriveaway.   EXAMpLES  Based on 36 month lease  iness  s of this rent-to-  chase.   Why tie  and last months  78 F250 pickup  $148 per mo.  Total $5328.  Lease end Price  $2175.  or simply return  77 Econoline Van  $136 per mo.  Total $4896.  Lease end Price  $1975.  or simply return  78C100ChevPU  $129 per mo.  Total $4644.  Lease end Pi ice  $1875.  or simply return  78 Camero HT  $139 per mo.  Total $5004.  Lease end Price  $2025.  or simply return  78 Zephyr Sedan  $124 per mo.  Total $4464.  Lease end Price  $1825.  or simply return  78 Dodge Van  $129 per mo.  Total $4644.  Lease end Price  /     $1875.  or simply return  78 Fiesta 3 OR  $99 per mo.  Total $3564.  Lease end Price  $1400.  or simply return  78F150 4X4  $155 per mo.  Total $5580.  Lease end Price  $2275.  or simply return  78 Olds Cutlass  $139 per mo.  Total $5004.  Lease end Price  $2025.  or simply return  I                    For further information CALL COLLECT  1          GILLE   CHAMPAGNE    987-7111  1                                  Belmont Leasing Ltd.  I                                    1160 Marine Drive  |                           North Vancouver, B.C. DO0479A opportumti.es  TRAVEL  lull    piCttS     kll  2551.  88b-  #2(i  liodan:  Reduce gasoline costs!!  Satisfaction guaranteed.  886-2953 tin  LOST  *!�������  WW  Lost, set of keys on a round ring���  aboul ten keys in all. Small  reward. Please turn in at the  t oast News office, Gibsons,     tfn  Near Oldorshow Road, Roberts  Creek. Fairly timid female eat.  One vear old: white, with small  black marking on head: bobbed  tail. Missed dearly REWARD.  I'hone 886-9771. #tfn  NvMuueU  Registered Agency  We offer a complete  Travel Service at no  ex Ira cost.  Plan now for  your  Eastern   Canada  Vacation.  30 days advance  booking lor charter fares  AGNESLABONTE  886-7710  BLANKET BRITOH COLUMBIA  a YUKON CLASSIFIED APS  DIVORCE! $10(1 plus filing fees  Obtain your lawyer supervised  divorce over the phone ��� fost!  Call Self-Counsel Services toll  free 112-800-663-3007, Chargex  and Mastercharge accepted.   #27  FURNITURE: We sell new and  used office furniture, filing cabinets, desks, tables, chairs etc.  Wc also purchase good used  furnishings. Phillips Capital  Leasing. I0h73 King George  Highway, Surrey., B.C. Phone  .588-0411. #27  ATTENTION: Your carpets  come clean wilh the "machine of  Esteani". For equipment sales  a nil service or dealer enquiries  contact: Harmony Floors Ltd..  Box 1504. Fort Nelson. B.C.  I'hone IWI41 774-2747. #26  large spayed female - ul, part  Persian. Illnel, Yalltl while murk  ings. l.osi \icintiy nl \ Porpoise  Hay ltd. REWARD. Call 885-  2547 nr 886-741(1 Ifn  Mille Gmy coloured Siamese  lost at Killarney l.ane. may have  wandered to the Gower Ft.  area.      Contact   Gibsons   Fish  NMh-TMiS d2t)  BLANKET BRITISH COLUMBIA  & YUKON CLASSIFIED ADS  HiaPWANTi;!):  Ad Manager required hy progressive morning weekh averaging 28 metro pages. Must lie  hright. alert and eager lo work  hard along with verj eapable act  sales rep. Bask* salur\, commission on dept.'s gross sales,  and added incentives. Compensation range $15,IHMI ��� $18,000  We have concrete growth plans.  Help make them happen and lie  rewarded accordingly. Uicalcd  on Columbia River. Mvcellenl  working conditions, ilrst rule  staff, booming elly. Good recreational facilities und regional  college. Send samples, resume  and remuneration history to:  Burt Campbell, Publisher, las-  tlegar News, Box 3007, Castlegar,  B.C. Phone - office 365.7266  or home 365-5834. #26  For All  Your  Travel  Needs  peninsula  travel  886-9755  Closed Saturdays  July R August  Registered Travel Agent  HELP WANTED:  DISTRIBUTORSHIPS available  loi solid brass products. Sell  retail m wholesale. $500.00 Investment seetiretl by inventory.  Starts you making hie. $$$$.  Eor informal ion phone Duncan  748-24,17 eves. #26  PETSi  Registered standard Seliau/urs,  Sail and pepper, Show quality,  excellent family pets. Phone 832-  777(1 or write J.Cummins, Box  1459, Salmon Aim, B.C. #26  INCORPORATE! S70 plus filing fees. Obtain your lawyer  supervised incorporation over thc  phone ��� fasti Call Self-Counsel  Services toll free. 112-800-663-  3007. Chargex & Mastercharge  accepted. 1121  are you  Ready  NOW THAT SUMMER IS HERE  a Decorative Fir Bark Mulch  * Top Soil  * Hydro Poles  * Shot Rocks  * Rock Dust for Driveways  A Landscaping  ���350 & 450 Crawler  ���Extenda-Hoe  ���Dump Trucks  We also install & repair septic fields  Building a new house?  Need an excavation?  I  For free estimates call  J. B. EXCAVATING  886-9031.  it printed envelopes  it business cards  it letterheads  it brochures  it booklets        <  88  6-2622  6-7817  it raffle tickets  it admission & membership cards  NO JOB TOO LARGE OR SMALL  Call us on your next printing job and  t join the fMlf Hfl  list of satisfied customers.  BUILDING SUPPLIES:  PRE���KAB Buildings. Barns,  storage. playhouses, greenhouses, guest rooms, garages.  Anything and Everything!  (Assemble in minutes).NUFAB  Construction Services & Supply.  22470 Fraser Hwy. Langley.  Phone 530-6201 #26  BUILDING SUPPLIES:  CHINABOAKD. tough, hygienic,  waterproof wall-liner for milking  parlors, food plants, sanitary  areas, truck lining etc. NUFAB  Construction Services it Supply,  22470 Eraser Highway, Langlev  530-6201 #26  FOR SALE:  1973 Trojan 25(10. new Torque,  new brakes with log graple, in  good working condition. Phone  567-4346 or 567-4375 #26  BUSINESS OPPORTUNITIES:  Link Hardware in Oliver. Annual  gross approx. $20(1,000. Approx.  stock $65.OIK). Eor more Info,  phone collect 498-2535 or write  Box 730. Oliver, B.C. #26  LOTS FOR SALE:  RESIDENTIAL BUILDING LOTS.  FULLY SERVICED. Close to  town. Lowest priced lots in the  area. Phone collect 498-2535 (Jays'  or write  Box  730. Oliver.  B.C.  #26   LIVESTOCK:  TEAM PERCHERON GELDINGS  Well broke to farming, logging,  with harnes $I675.(KI Norwegian  Fjord horse geldings; 9 years  S495. Registered Nubian Spring  bucks $75.00     447-6682  Chris-  Una Lake, B.C. #26  HELP WANTRD;  RAISE EARTHWORMS Growers  needed. Buy-back contract  provides year-round market.  High profit potential. Full or  part-time. Write Bail Burn  Worm Farms. 25.1 Arbour Ave..  North Vancouver, B.C. 987-1033  #26  PROPERTY FOR SALE:  Five 10-acrc lots and one 30 acre  lot at Clearwater: $19,000 to  $30,000. 20"/,, down ou approved  credit. Contact Time Really  Corporation. Kamloops. 374-0815  #26  COHmERdaLl  PrWTlNq  You can be certain you can't buy better  printing...you can only pay more money.  FOR ALL  YOUR  ELECTRONIC  SERVICE  NEEDS-  TWO  TECHNICIANS  TO SERVE  YOU  Peter Harwood  &  Chuck Stephens  TV, HI-FI &  TAPE RECORDERS  J&C ELECTRONICS  Y   Radio/haek  fl  authorized Sain Cenlre  |3   Cowrie St..Sechelt, R c  Bn> 1208  885-2568   885-2568 [  BLANKET B.C. & YUKON  CLASSIFIED ADS  HELP WANTED  FIELD STAFF  Katimavik.an "action learning"  programme, seeks committed  group leaders to organize, supervise and participate in community  projects throughout Canada.  These projects involve environmental-protection work, community services, cultural and educational activities. Group  leaders will be responsible  in a group living context, for the  total working, living, and learning experience of the 17-22  year old volunteer participants.  The position requires ability to  communicate or to learn to communicate in English and French,  and al least one programme  related skill sueh as alternative  technology. construction,  orienteering, music, nutrition,  crafts, etc.  Qualifications:  ���excellent group and interpersonal skills  -experienced in crisis intervention  -demonstrated capacity to  animate and teach comparable  age groups  $8,000 for 10 month contract  -will relocate three times  -.. Applicants should be ready to  start immediately. Transportation, room and board are provided. Please send a resume with a  letter explaining what you have  to offer lo sueh a programme to:  Katimuvik  #101-1956 W. Broadway.  Vancouver, B.C.  MOBILE HOME PARKS:  Beautiful ocean view sites in  Lannon Creek Mobile Home Park.  20 miles from Victoria. Write D.  McCliinon. 2395 Dixon Rd..  RRI Sookc, B.C. Phone 642-5486   #26  COMING EVENTS:  CATTLEMEN! No matter what  your breed preference be sure  and conic io thc 4th International  Pinzganer Congress. Calgary,  July 12 to 16. An international  panel of speakers will bc featured  along with a show and sale.  Wrile or call for breed information and congress activities  and tours. Canadian Pin/guucr  Association. #401. 604 -Isl  St..S.W.CalgarvAlta. 265-7236  #26  COMING EVENTS:  Plan lo attend Princeton Racing  Days. .Inly 7th and 8th. Par-  nmtticl belling. TWO big days  of Horse Racing at Princeton's  Sunflnss'cr Downs Race Track. 02b  FOR SALE:  D-7 3-T Caterpillar, S8500.(W  TD 9 I.H.C. $3500.00. 66"  Clark Grapple line comb. $55.ODD.  1971 GMC Asiro 95. 13 speed  Road Ranger 38 Bogies 1000 -  20 rubber. SI0.000. 1977 Ford  4x4 $5,000. 1973 Chev 35(1  automatic 41500. 45 ft. HiBoy  $2,000. B 61 Mack parts only.  Some Crawler parts. Phone Bill  Smith 992-8201 #26  BUSINESS OPPORTUNITIES:  Weekly newspaper circulating  in farming perimeter of Prairie  city. Grossing $85,000 with  potential for doubling. Ideal for  couple. For sale or for lease.  For further information write  E. Neufcld. Wcyburn Review,  P.O. Box 400. Wcyburn. Susk.  #26  PROPER! Y FOR SALE:  7300 Square foot factory building,  three houses, assorted buildings on 17 lots. 2.24 acres on  Canadian Pacific tracks in the  Kootenays. $65.UOO. Will trade.  Time Realty, Kamloops. 374-0815  #26  '���   ' '  BUSINESS OPPORTUNITIES:  Thriving motel business on Highway 99, jusl one hour from Van.  Excellent Investment or familv  business. $125,000 lull price  Phone 892 - 37.17 nr write Box  812, Squamish, B.C. #26  BUILDING SUPPLIES:  DOORS! B.C.'s Lowest Prices!  Prc-hung Interior $14.90; prc-  hung Extcrio $32.(H): fancy doors  $39.00. Huge slock! Walker's.  266-7211. 1366 S.W. Marine  Drive. Vancouver #26  ^^<%Z*M&SL,  SERVING THE SUNSHINE COAST  MODERATE,COST LOCAL OR DISTANT BURIALS  CREMATIONS - MEMORIALS- PRE ARRANGEMENTS  D. A. Devlin  Director  886-9551  1665 Seaview  Gibsons  Hiking the West Coast Trail  By John Hind Smith  I was reminded by Ian Corrance  lhc  other day  thai   last   year  al  this lime Ihe Coast News had had  a little story about lhc saga of thc  mud ol the Cape Scott Trail and  lhc trials and tribulations of the  Pender  Harbour Outdoors Club  and it's highly successful trip to  that remote ana     Whai  was I  going   lo do aboul   it   llus   year.  Ian   wauled   lo   know.        Well.  here's your answer. Ian.  Alter   a   nip   like   lasl   year  one would havi thought thai lhc  youngsters    would    have     had  enough punishment to last them  lor quilt a long lime but appar  cntly   such  was   nol   the  case.  I was asked to go along wilh Rott  Breadner and eighteen  ol   the  students  from  the  High   School  in Pender Harbour to the Wesl  (. oast I rail on Vancouver Island.  As we only had sis deal days  on   ihe   nail   it   was   deeided   to   ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^  spend   tl   all  he   North   end       ,lc      i;,,M,u  n|���n(J  ,|u.  m,j|   ���,.     ,   M|s|���.,,   y,,    Knlf,   ,|���|   l|ul|,    , |,,   ,,        .   i,k,    |���u|,|  rather  than  going  all   the   way       .,,h,,i  .,  ,-,,-.,!  deal ol  up and     a good business mil ols cof the su "it rail   t i I,, on  down lo Port Renfrew.    We had      down and id ucoupli   i.l lisvis     ,,'���,���, icmbcrs ol   lhc  parts   a   In- lul   suuds    -.ah.       \  perfect  svcnlhcr ami  never  saw       ulir,   ���,.,,   u,,,s ,,,,oss ;,,���|  ���,,     illM| ,,u,,��� |u kes which ssoulil   wild and wood, villi un uls      a mosquito ihe whole time. There      aerial lens thai one pulled one's    nnrmallv finish up in the garbage slur,    ihcni   milt     ,    ���  were not loo many people cither      sell across.   Those would he very     ean were enns ciluilh apparent  don't    dan     I tin.,        and everything worked out beau-      necessary at limes nl high waler     mixed leelings ciilinurs  si,'1     in    ...  tll'llllv. bin we. oi  ai leasi mosl ol  us.        ()m   resident   expert  on   h lied  upon  m  ,|.,  th   logical murine lit.   took us along   nest thin '  ou studs  nips "I ihe tidal pools       \ h v  Im     a shod   ,|  and las. d out utit's eeptisc brains   a big In,   lo li, .0 llli   ���     ��� , all    u  wilh  lone  latin  nana s,  mosl  ol   hillscan ol       '���      ind    oil  lias  which went in on,- eat  and out   lioiiH'iii.uli    sauna        Ml   tins,  lit,   olhei       Hi,   seaweeds  and   llling' !  man .shi'li   1  fauna  in  iltesi   pools  wet,   dil-   mis sun  atll     tu   ���    n iln   ineiii  hient to iIiom   in our relutiscls   ories ol i    ��� go to tn.iki  warm   ititiei   waters  bul   iiuloi'.   upnieis nn in-'  ib!       ���   tune,  Innately Ron and I were not scry   Disapponuni ui ill  pan "I  good   slmlriits        Ihere   was   a   the   gallli     hki    I asl   da     "I  lisheiies  ban  ,u   ih.   taking  ol   rain is hen s 1    imbn'ii-  shell llsh so wi    I  no, li.oh.s   nalc olns gol     ,-l    I.    pu   ��� Ii.il'n.  eating any ol iln ,., Iim|   |,|,    i;���   ,      ��� .,,,,.: .,1  Urn  ol out , amp sins. Mlchi    roll ,,| him  I  ] ,  lh,   ��� on. 1.,  gat: ( lei I   11 -in. i| all, 1 011,  ot III,     ,|j,  ,������ ���  mans   sli.p,-    . ks .,11  the  coasl.        lhal''   all   |>a"   -*!   ill'    eatm  hail sum 11el.1l pools whcie   how, .. .     ".     I       ���   .no   - .  on,   ,,   ...    ���    down    I   iclas.   hod,   |. alia  Ihere   wen     also    soilli     lo.ks   al 1    1     11  wile 1    Id   sil   anil  gel    a o   ������ .   !   0  insigolalinu    shossel    In,111    iln    nol   I"     01-"!  spin;   o|  th,   ��� ,  |���, akm.j mn    by   tin        lh, ie      Mus In   tin morubli     would Ilk'  litmus .10   simpli  ones like Ihcsi     pi-   v In   11  but  tin 11  I  gm ss  1I1.11   is what  .,    am!    .its.     1,  holiday lik.  ihis is .,11 aboul.   Its   I- tin    un I  Ihe young people  ranged  in waded across tin   rivet  and gol  age Iriini fifteen In eighteen and cooled oil at Ihe same titin  had worked hard both in school        |hc   ocean   waici    is   pn in  and 0111. earning enough money chills   and  ma  too mam   hardy  lo pay lor the trip.   We travelled ones   look   tin 11   chances   on   a  in a school bus driven  bs   thai swim.     Paebeua   lias   was   ilu  doseii   of   school   bus   drivers, exception to thai     It  is a hme  Mark   Myers of Madeira   Park, shallow beach and the svalcr has  We had ,1 diflcrcnl lady diaper- ,, chance lo warm up somewhat  one along this lime ill thc person hut Im tin  mosl pari swimming  ol l-.laine liiiierinau.    She ���vol- in ihe ocean ssas mil    We bad a  iintcctcd'10 go but ii is haul to |lt(li   il(1���m,i   ||K.   Hulithcnisi'   at  know  wheiher she enjoyed her- Pachena Poini ami had 0111  lirsl  sell or nol.     I  don't   think   she |1|m| I,,    ,,,,1      11,,   ,���.���.,  ever quite figured Ron .md lm. i"" llu   'rail were really  spec-  sell out and looking ha, 1  I en, ss lu.uliir tu placi s and 11 was here  isc did gisi  hci a hard linic. ill al" uls   lhal   we   saw       lust  al'rlcndly sort ol way! wildlile  in  tin   lorin "I  a  seal.  S v    skns   and    light    sea Al  dill, run   limes wi   saw   so.t-  hrec/es  made Inking along iln- linns   and   whales   and   Scuinp  bench   a   ical  pleasure.        Ihe 'i'"'"   ''"Ml   disgraced   hiinscll  lust day is always lough.  is mg  In  ' all, 1   a  mink     llolh he  heavy pa, ks and using 10 figure    ���"' Oypsy liny dogl had In sleep  ail   sshele   everything   is    and  iiitsitb     that    Hi  iii'Iii.    one  Firemen co-operate  lint one has lorgolten     Some  In  he   s'llllk <  11 si,ink.  inslittit   Inns   wen    developed, ���"' ''"   "lh"  '"'"|s'   sl"   "���'s  much lo the discomlorl ol iluise snaking ml nllci  . 'i.isiuu sinks  who had lingiillen to hung sun      tin".11,1  Ian cream but apart Irom one 01  two yowls ol discomfort and some I'ood was hauled up mi" the  By (uses llrciiiuiu  Assl. t hi, I  ebanci    I, .on.  11 nis un,1,1  pi..1.   1. ,1     II,   die  I    l'l"|" I dlspla   ' I ' "I M  II >ou  wit,   out   Iii   mad     mi, 111   as.iilnhli     0   �����  hoped  In  lasl    Wednesday    escniug    sou     not .,   tin    area  ..|   poieiili.il  may base nollccd a lire truck "i     ink  whih    11 ��� mm allow    . ,       ...    .     ., ,.     Iwo   inuring   up   and   down   lh,       me    II"       Im. 1.     ins    to    lend  rnlher awkward   waking   gaits,     rccsat inglil    s^ had been mid n, ,    u   ,ia  ���      , , , , , ,    .     coast.        Hie   ,aiis,     ol    all    llus      asslsl.in,,    -       I  how  lone II  everyone .survived.   Some ol ihe    that Ihere wen bears uiuuiid bill  sufferers    looked     mon-     like    acliudiy   svi   nc  aclisilv  saw    .'tis    sic  us   ol    Ihclll  ' lake alls  eis   llu    Inst   lull '  id lu,   practice hi  ol Iht departments on the penin      llallmoon    Ha  is   ia, .Id        In    Wednesday's  prat tin ,  a  pump 1   inn k  Irom  1 ink, 1     llink  lobsters but a das  or iwo later    est  some pretty health., tans devel-    hut wc ,������ ��� ,    su|(|   Unilsfrom p, lltlel |, ������,     ,,,������ ,(���,���,,, , ,,,,  lu.c,  llt  oped and all Ibe discomlorl was    cbailees.     I here is nowhere on    Hl.llnioon Has. Sechell. Roberts     u, Sechell      Villi    same lime.  lc.rKoltcn. ihe nail where rood  nyihiiig   erc-ckitiulOil.sa.n .impaled,, iis Iron, (.ibsons and Made,,.,  llus seiious game ol musical Park uiosed mt" Roberts Creek  lire trucks. and llallmoon Ha. In eoscl loi lhc  i Isc   lot   ihat   mailer,   can   he  We were  able  lo walk  along     |���,u((|,| .,,, csciylluug has 1,. lu  the beach a lol ol lhc way but ul    curried   in.     loot I   was  a   vers        ,     , ,        , ,  limes sve had lo lake to Ihe trail    popular subject of eonvcrsalioii       In lhc past there have been    equipment    sent     m    Sechell.  because ol dills and high lides.    ,ls ���M,.,| ������ ,, ���,., ���, lhis ������,     numerous   ,..c.,si������s   when   de      Ihere .sen  loul ups , use.  pnrlments   on   ihe   coasl   have     bin iln  espeiicnei   gained Irom  helped each oilier. Inn oftentimes     this praclict   ivill  iiupmsc  nun  in  doing  so  the.   base  had  to     fire departments ability  lu pm  |�����������������������������������������*������������a^  __  .       _    *^m*     ^aa.1   ��� ����� a*%   m   ak ��� ^a" *%        I I here    will    be    mole    llllllliul  BLACKCURRANTS '  Gibsons Public  Library  tTuesday2-4p.m.  ]Wednesday2-4p.m  Thursday 2-4 &  7-9 pm.  Saturday 2-4 p.m.  886-2130  Pick Your Own   65* lb  |  Ready Picked     95   ib  also ^^^^  Fresh Vegetables  Tony Archer       886-7046  wilh   tin   w,   kls    piaclices   that  each  el   tin    iiidis al   depart,  nienls hold. Il .���'" warn lu do  something tm soui coniinuiiity,  ami   prnhuhls   bass    some   lun.  tome    to    tout     lo. al    lilt     hall.  Moth Roberls Creek .md Hall  moon Has soil net .I people lo  till out llu li I'oici s. We .lie  serious about : i. | rcselllion ami  protection.  \    sou ' 10.  Coast News, June 27,1978.  .^n army's family  gibsons) B.C.  /(()   ^V? CAFE AND DINING ROOM  >XST ;^#��>" OPEN   7  DAYS  A WEEK  Specializing in  Greek Food  (after 5.30 p.m.)  ��� LICENSED  ^^^^^^^^^i   PREMISES*  Breakfasts, Lunches, Dinners    886-7828  Money Back Life  Insurance. Income  Protection. Mortgage  Payment. Retirement  Funds. Education  of Children.  Business Insurance.  Let me show you  how you can benefit.  MIKEDANROTH  Box 1220  Gibsons, B.C.  886-9408  Get your life in shape.  OfCAWSDS  SUNSHINE COAST REGIONAL DISTRICT  NOTICE OF PUBLIC HEARING  By-law No. 134,  Official Settlement P'an for Roberts Creek  Land   Use   Regulation   Amendment  By-law   No.96.27  Pursuant to Sections 796A, 703, and798A of the  Municipal Act, a Public Hearing will be held in  the Community Hall, Roberts Creek, B.C., to  consider the following by-laws of the Sunshine  Coasl Regional District. All persons who deem  their interest and property affected by the proposed  by-laws shall be afforded an opportunity to'be  heard on matters contained in the by-laws.  By-law No. 134 is the Official Settlement Plan for  all of Regional District Electoral Area D, extending  from Hunter Road on the west to the junction  of the Highway and Lower Road at the cemetery  on the east; from the water on the south to the  Crown Land north of the Hydro right-of-way  on the north. This by-law sets goals to:  1. Maintain the existing rural atmosphere of the  community.  2. Develop a recognizable central area for a social  focus and as a service centre for the community,  3. Protect and develop waters and banks of Roberts  Creek itself for its historical, social and environmental values to the community,  4. Minimize visual, air, water and sound pollution  in the Roberts Creek planning area, and  5. Insure sufficient  community services  are  a-  vailable to satisfy the needs of all members of  Ihe community.  The by-law presents objectives and policies designed to assist in achieving the goals of the Plan.  All future development in the area under this Plan  musl comply with the stated objectives and policies.  Sections and of the By-law have  been changed since the last Public Hearing.  By-law No. 96.27 will amend Land Use Regulation.  By-law No. 96, I974 to replace the category  of DOMESTIC INDUSTRY with HOME OCCUPATION and to create a new category of HOME  INDUSTRY The HOME OCCUPATION category  will confine professional practice, homecraft or  other occupation to the interior of a dwelling as  did the category of DOMESTIC INDUSTRY. The  new provision lor HOME INDUSTRY will allow  professional practice, homecraft or other occupation  to be carried out in two additional buildings  accessory lo a dwelling unit and will allow one  employee. HOME INDUSTRY will be allowed in  rural and industrial zones only.  The Hearing will be held at 7:30 p.m. on Wednesday.July 12. I978 in the Roberts Creek Community Hall.  The above is a synopsis of by-laws No. 134 and  96.27 and is not deemed to be an interpretation  of the by-laws. The by-laws may be inspected at  Ihe Regional District Offices, 1248 Wharf Street,  Sechelt. B.C., during office hours, namely Monday  to Wednesday 8:30 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. and Thursday  and Friday. 8:30a.m. -5:45 p.m.  Sunshine Coast Regional District  Box 800  Sechelt, B.C. VON3AO  Mrs. A.G.Pressley  885-226I Secretary-Treasurer  CBC Radio  Wednesday, June 28  British Theatre: 2:04 p.m.  Little Evenings by Diana Morgan.  Mostly Music: 10:20 p.m., I  can Hear the Music with Gene  Di Novi ��� continued Thursday  and Friday.  Nightcap: 11:20 p.m., Ann Edwards biographer of Vivien Leigh.  Thursday, June 29  British theatre: 2:04 p.m.. The  Toff and  the   Runaway   Bride,  PartV.  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This happy group ol youngsters are the trophy  winners al Langdale School this year.  Tuesday, July 4  Crime   Serial:   2:04   p.m..   The  Dark   Island   by   Robert   Barr.  Part VI.  Nightcap:  11:20 p.m.  Bauhaus,  Part II.  C.B.C.FM Radio 105.7  Ideas: 8:04 p.m. Wednesday ���  Aging. Thursday. Friday ��� New  Archaeology   and   Ancient   Settlers.  Audience: Saturday. 9:05 p.m..  Pianist Henri Brassard. Schumann. Beethoven. Schubert  Prokolieli.  Highlights CBC-TV  Thursday: 4:30 p.m.  live  from  Montreal's    Olympic    Stadium.  Ihe first annual game. Bluejays  for the Pearson Cup.  Saturday: The Canada Show ���  live 5:00 p.m.  Sunday: 9:00 p.m.. repeat oi  Award Winning Documentary  on lite of Emily Can. Part I  Growing Pains, starring Caroline  Barclay as the child Emily and  Deirdre Travis pluvs Emilv as a  young woman.  This Half Hour: 10:30 p.m..  Hon. John Roberts, Secretary of  State responds to questions  aboul the allocation ol' an annual  31 million dollars to the performing arts.  Tuesday, Cry of the Wild: 8:00  p.m. NFB film on the wolf ���  a sequel to the award winning  document an. Death ol' a Legend  by naturalist and film maker  Bill Mason.  Guess where  The usual $5.00 prize will be awarded for the  first name drawn from the barrel with the correct  location of the above. Send your entries to the  Coast News, Box 460, Gibsons. Last week's  winner was F. Wilson of Box 5, RRI, West Sechelt who correctly the pictured as being from  a residence in West Sechelt on the waterfront  side between Derby Road and McCourt Road.  & *5>.��    They are having a trip in the Creek  which will provide all the laughter you seek  There's the Higgledy Piggledy Parade  Of which not enough can be said  There's the kids racing in little Soap Boxes  And the Creek girls, those cute little toxes  There's a dunk tank, a disco, and Bingo  And music, so anyone who can go  Should be sure to join in the craze  When Roberts Creek has its Daze.  CRAFTSMEN  ���for information on  setting up a booth call  ED    885-9285  885-3400  For information on parade and events in general call:  Sharon or Herb        885-3182  Sue 886-7765  Andrea 885-3597  CLASSIFIED MOTE  Drop off your Coasl News  Classifieds al Campbell's  Family Shoes & Leather  Coods in down-town Sechelt.  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SUN., JULY 2nd, 1978  David Wilson displays the octopus  caught  last year. This year David's catch might win him  a trophy for the strangest catch.  'NO ADMISSION CHARGE'  SIMPLY PICK UP YOUR ENTRY IDENTIFICATION  BUTTON FROM YOUR SUPER VALU CASHIER  It all begins Sunday morning with a good tasting 'pancake breakfast' at Gibsons' Landing,  it's only a $1.00 per person so come on, join  the fun!  TV star Bruno Gerussi officiated at the Dogfish  Barbecue at last year's Dogfish Derby.   Gerussi  will be Master of Ceremonies for this year's  event.  THERE ARE PRIZES & TROPHIES GALORE  TO BE WON!. . .YOU COULD BE A LUCKY  WINNER  ��� 1st prize  for largest  dogfish caught  1,000  ��� 2nd prize  lor second largest  dogflah caught  5300  ��� 3rd prize  for third largest  dogtlah caught  PLUS MANY MORE HIDDEN PRIZES  ��� TEN HIDDEN WEIGHT PRIZES Ol $50 00  SUPERVALU GIFT CERTIFICATES  TOTALING $500.00  ��� HIDDEN WEIGHI PRIZES OF $50 00  SUPER VALUE GIFT CERTIFICATES, EVERY  HOUR FROM 9:00 A.M. TO 4:00 P.M.  TOTALING $350.00  ��� TROPHY PRESENTATIONS  -FOR LARGEST DOGFISH CAUGHT,  -LARGEST DOGFISH CAUGHT BY A CHILD  6 YRS. OF AGE OR UNDER  -LARGEST DOGFISH CAUGHT BY A CHILD  7 TO 12 YEARS OF AGE  - MOST DOGFISH CAUGHT BY ANY ONE BOAT  ��� SPECIAL KIDS DRAW  FIVE NORCO SAFARI 5 SPEED BIKES WILL BE  OFFERED TO DERBY PARTICIPANTS 12 YRS. OF  AGE OR UNDER. EACH CHILD WILL RECEIVE A  TICKET FOR EVERY DOGFISH TURNED IN AT  GIBSONS WEIGH STATION BEFORE 4:00 P.M.  JULY 2ND, 1978  TICKETS WILL BE DRAWN AT 4:00 P.M. SAME  DAY BY TED PECK  I0GFISH DERBY  :ISHING ZONES  iFish must be caught by methods  lof sport fishing only to qualify  |> FISHING BOUNDARIES -  I(Roberts Creek to Point Grey  Ito Point Atkinson)  |�� WEIGH IN STATION  ���THE GIBSONS' GOVERNMENT WHARF  ItED PECK ALONG WITH THE STARS OF  ITHE BEACHCOMBERS WILL BE AT THE  I WHARF FROM 3:30 P.M,  | Bring your family or group for a day ot  I lishlng funl  I TOR SPECIAL TIPS ON FISHING PKK  I UP YOUR FREE COPY OP 'IALT CHUCKER'  I AT YOUR SUPER VALU STORE  V    tuwuuwIiNUt  1 SuperValu  right for you  %\l \LLmm'lLl iJ  at the  BAVARIAN BEER GARDENS  GIBSONS CURLING RINK  12:00 noon till 10:00 p.m. Sunday  COMPLETE FLOOR SHOW  STARTING AT6:00p.m. TILL 10:00 p.m.  DANCE TO THE GREAT SOUNDS OF  "GORDON BELL & THE ALPINERS" 12.  Coast News, June 27,1978  The Second Annual Gibsons World  Championship Dogfish Derby  ^&v  Quality  Value...  INTERIOR  �� Interior Undercoat �� Primer  Sealer ��� Alkyd Semi-Gloss  ��� Alkyd Eggshell ��� Velvet Alkyd  Flat ��� Latex Semi-Gloss ��� l.alex  Eggshe  EXTERIOR  ��� Primer ��� Porch & Floor  �� House & Trim Gloss ��� Latex  Flal ��� Latex Gloss ��� Woodcraft  Slams ��� Latex Solid Color Stain  PAY NO MORE THAN PRICE  SHOWN BELOW FOR  PRODUCTS ABOVE.  GAL.  or less  Quart $4.49 or less  DEEP AND ACCENT COLORS SLIGHTLY HIGHER PRICED.  Look to  GIBSONS  Building Supplies Ltd.  Sunshine Coast Hwy.,    .......  Gibsons, B.C. 000-8141  FOR ALL YOUR PAINTING NEEDS!  The Second Annual Gibsons World Championship Dogfish  Derby is scheduled for this Sunday, July 2nd, and the good  people of the Sunshine Coast may be in for a considerable  surprise. Thc success of last year's initial Dogfish Derby  took many people including thc organizers by surprise. A  total of 1.200 dogfish were caught for a total catch of approximately two and a half tons. This year the chairman of the  Dogfish Derby Committee lor the Gibsons and District Chamber  of Commerce. John Smith, is predicting a catch of five tons  of dogfish with a possible 6,000 participants.  The idea of a Dogfish Derby always did have great merit. In  these days of declining salmon stocks another fishing derby  was nol a particularly attractive proposition until someone hit  on Ihe idea of having a derby for the long despised dogfish.  Although treated as a desirable foodfish in many parts of the  world, the lowly dogfish has received little respect in this fish-  rich part of the world.  Suddenly there was a fish derby which could win the approval  of jusl everyone. The pest, the scourge of the sport fisherman's  life was suddenly the object of a concerted attempt at catching  him. Catching dogfish had heretofore just been an unavoidable  concomitant to the fishing of more desirable fish. Anyone could  catch a dogfish but no one wanted to. The Gibsons Dogfish  Derby last year began to change all that.  This year entry into the Dogfish Derby is absolutely free.  The only thing you have to do to enter the derby is bring your  own dogfish. A supply of 6.000 buttons made up by Super Vaiu.  along with Molson's Brewery, one of the supporters of the  event ihis year, was snapped up in its entirety with remarkable  speed, indicating thc interest that the second running of thc  event was generating. This Sunday the Derby will start at daylight with weigh-ins starting at 9:00a.m. and continuing until  4:00 p.m. Any boat arriving at the weigh-in centre on thc  Gibsons Wharf will have its fish weighed. Arrival after 4:00  p.m. will disqualify the fishermen.  Star of the C.B.C. scries The Beachcombers. Bruno Gerussi.  will be Master of Ceremonies at Sunday's gala event, with co-  star Robert Clothier repeating this year thc function of Weigh-  master which he filled with such distinction last year. Well  known fishing guide Ted Peck will bc one of the guest celebrities on hand for the occasion and Russ Mohncy, the pioneering appreciator of thc dogfish as a source of culinary pleasure  will also be on hand. Author Mohney's book The Dnglish Cook-  hook is a delightfully cheerful introduction for the skeptical to  the possibilities of the dogfish as a highly edible and enjoyable  food fish. Local reports from those who were introduced to  it last year and who, again skeptically, began to experiment  with ihe dogfish as a table fish are unanimously enthusiastic  about the possibilities of the fish as a highly palatable delight.  Mohney. with a career in television also a part of his repertoire,  is described as a most entertaining fellow in his right, as one  could glean from reading his book, and will personally be on  hand to .help the Boy Scouts with their Dogfish Cookoui. autograph copies of his:bi)ok and generally lend a hand in thc  hijinks.  The Gibsons Lions Club will ensure that fishermen get off to  a well-fortified start to the derby with thc Pancake Breakfast  for only $1.00 being served on the wharf from virtually dawn  onwards. As an example of thc organizing foresight which has  gone into this occasion. Thc Gibsons World Championship  Dogfish Derby will succeed in having a Bavarian Beer Garden  complete with 500 dozen cases of cooled beer in thc midst of  a province wide beer strike. In addition, for wine-drinkers,  fourteen cases of wine will bc available in thc beergarden.  A most successful feature of last year's Dogfish Derby, Roltcn  Ralph's Baron of Beef will also be in the Bavarian Beergarden.  located in the Gibsons Winter Club, and participants in the  Derby will be able to ride up the hill in one of the two shuttle  buses provided on a continuous basis from thc wharf to thc  Winter Club, where for $3.50 they can enjoy a baron of beef  and the rare treat, these days, of a bottle of cold beer. Gordon  Bell's Alpincrs Bavarian Band will also be on hand to lend  an air of authenticity to thc Beergarden complete with a Bavarian floorshow which will delight the assembled. Organizer  of the Beergarden. John Cavanaugh, has seen the Alpincrs  at work before, has no hesitation in asserting the quality of  their contribution to what hc describes as "this gala affair".  Thc Beergarden is sponsored by the Gibsons and District  Chamber of Commerce and thc shuttle buses will run throughout thc day between the Winter Club and the Wharf.  Back on thc Wharf, in addition to the early morning Lions  Club Pancake Breakfast and thc day-long Boy Scouts Dogfish  Cookoui, organizer John Smith reports that thc Navy League  will bc sponsoring a hot dog stand and Dogfish Derby T-Shirts  will be on sale as long as they last. Smith also reports that  this year there will be four weighing scales rather than the one  only that was used last year. Another refinement this year  will be the fact that Norpac will have a truck on hand to pack  thc dogfish in ice and ship them to Vancouver for processing.  To cap the affair there will be attractive and imaginative  prizes given. $1,000 will go to the person who catches the  largest dogfish: second largest dogfish will win $.100: and the  third largest will earn a $200 prize. In addition to thc cash  prizes, seven trophies will be awarded. The largest dogfish  caught will earn ihe fisherman a trophy in addition to his  $1,000, Emphasizing the family nature of the Derby, there  will he a trophy for kids under seven; another trophy for youngsters between the ages of seven and twelve: and yet another  for those in the thirteen to sixteen age bracket. There will  also he a trophy lor the most dogfish caught by any one boal  and a booby prize trophy for thc strangest fish caught during  thc day. Marine Biologist Mike Smith from Nanaimo will be  on hand to age thc fish caught and this will lead to another innovative trophy - that lor the oldest dogfish caught during the day.  In addition to all these cash prizes and trophies there will  bc Hidden Weight prizes given hourly during the day. Super  Vaiu will contribute eighteen gift certificates for use in their  store worth $50 each and there will also bc five 10-spccd bikes  to be won during thc day in thc Hidden Weight category.  All in all. Gibsons World Championship Dogfish Derby shapes  up as a day of great fun for every member of the family. You  are reminded that to enter this fun-filled event costs you nol  a penny. All you have to do to have a shot at the prizes and thc  fun is to bring your own dogfish lo thc weigh scales between  9.00 a.m. and 4.00 p.m. on Sunday July 2nd.   See you there.  ERNIE & GWEN'S DRIVE-IN  Top of School Hill, Gibsons  BURGERS, CHICKEN, PRAWNS,  FISH   &   CHIPS,  SOFT   ICE  CREAM  A weighmaster at work. Robert Clothier will again play the role at this year's Derby  0?<zcv*4e6  BOOKS ANDSTATIONERY  LTD.  Sunnycrest Mall  Gibsons, B.C.  886-8013  BEAUTIFUL   \  SELECTION  OF LOCAL  HANDCRAFTED  . -"4 ITEMS   AVAILABLE.  We have the offical Dogfish Cookbook        $1.95  LARGEST SELCTION OF PAPERBACK BOOKS ON THE  SUNSHINE    COAST  dOHtteftOH  ^^^^      A ��� atntMftliian     Dnvin Cnlnn      O.     CnruiAB  Automotive Parts, Sales & Service  886-7919  At the corner of Payne Road & Hwy 101  Gibsons  Call Dean Clapp,  Sales Manager  DL01342A DOGWOOD  Coast'News, June 27,1978  13  \  6to6  Mon. to Friday  7 to 6  Sat. & Sunday  886-2888  JI K  T^Zlc:3LJ^^rz=)Cr),  'A  fa  <vS; ���x  V,  STv.  entasulaS  Cleaners  set����B  . Rff W<S  ^HABF��OAD2\oca��ons        ol��    R86  886-W5��  ^**&f?i'  w��  ?iZ��S$Z^ .....  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PQ-  #-  :*  ���  -a��  k  iS^M^rwTv  bv-^-#��o��0''��. �� Ml0   ��  HP;  to/  io  io  0  \m  o  NDP  BOOKS  Ivo i o  KENS LUCKY DOLLAR  hoi  I     THE  HERON  o  ' ^1  THE JEAN SHOP  MS  'ARBUTUS3  TREE  1/  t^Ma^HBMMM " CH ARBROI LED  STEAKS  Com* Got  A gtgl Meal!  Sea-View Place  Hwy. 101    Gibsons, B.C.  ty  886-7420  HAS  CUTTING  IDEAS  FOR  DOGFISH  DERBY  DAY!  SPINY DOGFISH  Squalus acanthias Linnaeus  Sunnycrest Mall,  Gibsons, B.C.  886-76I6  For great fun  Come to the  GIBSONS DOGFISH DERBY  For the best  boat tops  come  ff&S*  W. W. UPHOLSTERY & BOAT TOPS LTD.  Gibsons, B.C. 886-7310  Scientific names from the Latin squalus  (shark); and the Greek akanlhias (an old  name for the species referring to the spines).  The French name is aiguiltat commun.  Clemens and Wilby 1946 and 1961  refer to this species as Pacific dogfish, Squalus suckleyi (Girard 1854). Significant morphological characters have not been found  to separate Squalus suckleyi from Squalus  acanthias of thc Atlantic or from Squalus  lebruni from off the southern coast of Chile.  Stocks from these two areas can be separated  on thc basis of vertebral number and it  seems probable that they could be regarded  as distinct at the subspecies level." However,  pending a critical study this account considers all under thc oldest name.6  Description Body slender, its greatest depth at front of first dorsal, about 7 in  length to origin of caudal. Head about 4  into length to base of caudal, moderately  flattened above. Mouth inferior, rather small  and straight, directed forward and down.  Snout rounded. Teeth moderate in size with  single cusps directed outward so that their  inner edges form a continuous cutting edge  across the mouth, in 1 or 2 (or 3) functional  scries. Interorbital space wide. Eyes, oval  moderate in size. Five short gill slits, low  on body, ahead of pectoral fin, the last may  bc longest. Spiracle close behind eye and a  little above. The nostril is approximately  transverse with its anterior margin a simple  subtriangular lobe (unlike related species  with complicated margins). Caudal peduncle  rather slender, flattened below but rounded  above. There is a low rounded longitudinal  dermal ridge below midlevel of the caudal  peduncle, extending from below second  dorsal to anterior part of caudal. Subcaudal  pit of irregular occurrence.6  Fins Dorsal (2), each preceded by a stout  spine. First dorsal rather small, wilh a straight  leading edge curving into a concave free edge,  which in mm concludes in a moderate free tip.  The second dorsal has nearly, but not quite, as  large outside dimensions as the first but ils area  is cut down by the greater concavity of the free  edge. Caudal about 5 into total length with the  axis only a little lumed up and no subterminal  notch. No anal. Pectorals moderate in size, leading  edge gently convex, free edge concave, and inner  corner broadly rounded. Pelvics small with almost  straight margins.'  Vertebrae       105 (96-118)."  Scales Placoid, small, usually with.three  ridges, but variable, and irregularly spaced on  body.  Colour Slate gray or brown above,  shading into white or dirty white below. A row or  two of light spots on backs of young, disappearing  wilh age.  Size Length to 5 feet 3 inches (160  cm)," not confirmed, or 4 feet 3 inches (130  cm)ti9.:t weight to 20 pounds (9.1 kg).6  Recognition Recognizable by the  spines at thc origins of the first and second  dorsal fins and the absence of an anal fin.  Life History Females mature between 78.5 and 105.5 centimeters7 or 76 and  112 centimeters with 50 percent mature at  about 93.5 cm.20 In the Atlantic maturity is  reported to occur between 70 and 100  centimeters.6 The 50 percent maturity length  for males is about 72 centimeters.7 The  gestation period appears to be between  22 and 24 months,714" although somewhat shorter periods have been proposed.21"2   The   number   of   developing  young carried by a female is trom 2  to 20.2 M 21 There is evidence that thc lower  figure is thc result of abortion or miscarriage, and that the "natural" average minimum is four." The number of developing  young is related quite regularly to the size  of the female, with eight or nine the common  size of a litter. The large ovarian eggs pass  from the ovary into the shell gland where  they arc fertilized before receiving a covering membrane or 'candle' in which they  develop in thc uterus until the membrane  breaks, leaving the young dogfish free in  thc uterus. There is nothing corresponding  to a placenta and chemical exchanges to the  foetus must be through folds in the uterine  wall.26 At birth young are between 24 and  30 centimeters in length." Growth may be  fairly rapid at first but is relatively slow  later, of the order of an inch or less a  year.'716" Many dogfish encountered in  fishing operations are old (up to 40 years)  and thc population structure is correspondingly unusual." An intensive fishery with  gillnets and other methods for mature females cut down their abundance drastically  between 1943 or before, and 1946.*  Dogfish are adaptable in their feeding  habits. Young have been observed living  planktonically5 and adults have been observed at the surface eating euphausiids.  Stressed dogfish may bc able to adjust buoyancy by quickly changing the ratios in the  liver of the lipoids diacyl glyceryl ethers  to higher density triglycerides.23 They congregate in packs where fishing is good as determined by smell.36 They bite their prey,  sometimes in two27 or cut chunks out of  larger fish or invertebrates. The diet covers  a wide range of species and varies geographically, seasonally, and with depth. The  principal food items appear to be herring,  hake, sand lance, smelts, and euphausiids.  However, dogfish are known to cat at least  27 other species of fish (eight at least of  commercial value), and 13 varieties of invertebrates (including commercial crabs and  shrimps, and octopus).' At the mouth of  thc Fraser River they concentrate to prey  on eulachon and their eggs and thus provided a recognizable fishery when the market  was favourable.' They also appear to concentrate among the southern Gulf of Georgia  islands in the autumn when herring are  moving into the Strait of Georgia, i nd they  prey heavily on runs of spawning capelin  such as in Departure Bay and Hammond  Bay near Nanaimo. In western Hecate Strait  they feed heavily on commercial crabs  during their soft-shell stage. There is little  evidence from numerous sampling expeditions to indicate that dogfish arc serious  predators of salmon although it is possible  that salmon injured by fishing operations  would bc ready prey for the opportunistic  activities of dogfish."  Thc movements and migrations of spiny  dogfish present a confusing pattern. General  congregations of dogfish come and go on  individual fishing grounds. In Dixon Entrance and Hecate Strait old mature dogfish  are available only during thc summer  months but it is uncertain whether their  movements are mainly horizontal or in  depth. However, immature dogfish arc available throughout the year in British Columbia  waters and at least part of thc adult population remains over winter. In Puget Sound  and Strait of Georgia about three-quarters of  thc tags recovered from dogfish came from  thc area of release and suggested an indigenous population in Puget Sound.16 Similar conclusions arc to be reached from  tagging conducted in Canadian waters of  the Strait of Georgia. There seems to bc  little movement outside the Strait or mixing  with dogfish in Puget Sound." However,  tagging also makes it clear that local move-  CoastNews, June 27,1978  ments take place; in six months from Ga  briola Bluffs to While Rock.10 and Cherry  Point to Scotch Fir Point in 10 year" 17  Washington tagging experiment1, suggested  indigenous inshore populations and offshore  migrating ones.16 A California tagging experiment indicated general moving around,  a resident population, and extensive seasonal  migrations.15 Some quiie spectacular movements have been demonstrated: Fife Point,  Ouccn  Charlotte  Islands,   to  Santa  Cruz,  California,1' from Washington waters io  Uosc Spit, Queen Charlotte Islands, and to  San Martin Island, liaja California," and  from Willapa Hay, Washington, to the northeast end of Honshu Island, Japan, 4000  miles (6500 km) in 7 years.18  Distribution In the eastern north  Pacific Squalus acantliias occurs from liaja  California to thc Bering Sea'01 but is most  abundant between northern California and  northern British Columbia. It also occurs  off Chile. The same and/or related species  arc found in the western Pacific from the  coast of China northward lo Korea1"' and  Hawaii. Spiny dogfish are found at depths  from thc surface to 400 fathoms (730 m).  In thc Atlantic Ocean and Mediterranean  and Black seas; from Florida and Cuba  rarely, more commonly from Soulh Carolina  to southern Labrador and southwest Greenland. On the European side from Senegal  to Norway and the Murman Coast. Very  similar species occur in thc southern hemisphere and may be identical. They arc recorded from Australia, New Zealand, South  Africa. Ihe south Indian Ocean, Magellan  Strait, Uruguay, and northern Argentina/'21  Utilization The economic status of  dogfish has shown wide fluctuations. Its use  started with a small longline fishery to take  fish whose livers were rendered to produce  oil for mine lamps in the Nanaimo area, for   Plcasr tum to Page Sixteen  15.  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This was followed by the  establishment of several reduction plants, but  for technical reasons dogfish had to bc dealt  with in a batch system less efficient than the  continuous process used for other fishes,  with thc result that reduction operations  proved marginal or unprofitable. The vitamin A content of dogfish liver oil was reported in 1927 but it was not until the late  1930's that thc commercial potential of  exploiting the vitamin A potency of dogfish  liver oils was appreciated. This was followed  by an expanded fishery and the fitting out  of many small vessels that marketed livers  only and discarded carcasses. An intense  and profitable fishery grew, complicated by  the facts that (old) large dogfish livers ate  richer in vitamin A than smaller ones,2-2'  that fishermen had major control over the  sizes of fish Ihcy captured, and that some  buyers purchased livers by the pound whereas others kept deliveries separate for assay  and paid by vitamin A units. Around 1945  declining abundance of dogfish, especially  older ones,4 and markets weakened by renewed competition from Atlantic sources of  vitamin A oils, led to a decline in the fishery,  which about 1950 approached collapse with  the importation of vitamin A oils from  Japan and thc introduction of synthetic  products. Later, as dogfish stocks recovered  they again became a serious nuisance on  fishing grounds, eating captured fish and  destroying gear, and they were sjspected of  competing successfully with food species.  Government subsidies for dogfish fishing at  various intervals between 1959 and 1962  increased captures to some extent but not  nearly to 1940-45 levels. The recent production from the fishery is given in thc following tabulation showing catches in thousands of pounds (454 kg). The production  figures differ significantly from those previously published,20 presumably mainly because of a higher (9:1) liver-to-whole-fish  conversion factor used in calculating the  catches given here.  Production reached a sharp peak in  1944 with a coastwise total of 123,540  thousand pounds (56,000 metric tons), and  after 1949 never reached a seventh of that  amount. In all years but 1946 Canadian  productioivwas more than half of the coastwise production. In 1946 it was 47 percent.  In Europe fresh dogfish is sold for food  and is found acceptable on some markets,  but Ihe practice has not found favour in  North America.  Small Shark:  ��� MOTTLED CATSHARK        Chiioityllium planum  Average length 20 inches; largest on record 28  inches; no food value.  Can be identified by peculiar mottled coloring  and a ridge along middle of back. Color variable.  Spots sometimes blue. A rare Shark found in the  waters of Indo-Pacific.  ��� MILKSHARK CwrrWfcniti wlktthmi  Average length 3 feet; largest 4 feet: food  value good. Grey to brownish above.  A harmless Shark fairly common in all warm  seas. Mas a rather sharply pointed snout and depressed head.  ��� SKAAMOOG SHARK HaplobUprum, nfomfii  Also called Puffadder Shark, Dogfish. Average  size 30 inches; largest 40 inches; food value fair.  Head rather wide and bluntly pointed snout.  Reddish-brown.  A shallow water Shark,  feeding on  shellfish.  Found mostly on African Coast.  ��� SHARK EGLANT1NA Drama rgiMliM  Average size 30 inches; largest 4 feet; food  value unknown. Easily identified by elongated  snout, and big eye.  Found mostly in water up to ISO fathoms. Seen  off the coast of Japan and the Philippines.  ��� SMOOTH DOGFISH MuilWiu emit  Average size 3 pounds; largest not known, records solicited. U. S. Fish and Wildlife says they  grow to five feet in length.  Gray to brown above and grayish white below.  Range throughout the Atlantic from Cape Cod to  South America. A most abundant shark. Feeds  on crabs, lobsters and small fishes.  A fairly abundant Shark on the Atlantic Coast,  but rare on the Gulf Coast. Like other Sharks, it is  viviparous and gives birth to a dozen young at a  time. Will pick up any kind of bait, preferably dead.  ���  SWELL SHARK Ctphdoicyllium ttttr  Also called Balloon Shark. Average size 24  inches; largest 36 inches; no food value.  Snout rather pointed, head broad. Able to inflate so as to become almost spherical. Found  mostly on African Coast and Red Sea. A rare  specimen.  ���   SPINY  DOGFISH SeiMiM acanlhia,  Average size, 5 pounds; largest not known,  records solicited. U. S. Fish and Wildlife says they  attain a length of four feet.  Slate gray above, pale gray to white below.  Young specimens have white spots. World wide  in range. A common shark, found inshore and to  depths of 10 fathoms. Feeds on fish, squid, shrimp  and jellyfish.   The spines are poisonous.  ��� SCHOOL SHARK Galeorhitm Salcus  Also called Liver-oil Shark, Tope. Average size  4 feet; largest 6 feet; food value fair.  Brownish above; lighter below; eyes rounded.  Harmless to man, but likes to hang around fishing boats.   Often takes the fish from the lines.  Will bite well on bait.   Sought after for the valuable liver oil which is rich in Vitamin A.  Information on Dogfish courtesy of  Vancouver Aquarium .  .   cone up  Dorf�� Shoes^  Sunnycrest Mall, Gibsons, B.C.      \ft��?%-  Phone 888-2624  Craft Supplies  and  Souvenirs  Gibsons Charms, Coffee Spoons,  Post Cards, Pennants, Cushion Covers  and more II!  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Henry's  Bakeru  AnniiT /iK'i       i*'     rT-���    '  ASK   ABOUT  OUR    <T  FREEZER  ORDERS  We carry  a large  variety  of pastries  Products  also available  at  thc Co-op Store  Gibsons  886-7441  ^     Sunnycrest Shopping Centre, Gibsons, B.C.  +���***'���  Harbour will be the scene of hectic  action on Sunday when the 2nd Annual Gibsons  World Championship Dogfish Derby gets underway.  you mean uou con  eat tfto/e thing/?  THE sea yields many different kinds of food, not all of  which are accepted by every culture. North Americans pay  premium prices for such popular Pishes as tuna, trout, and  swordfish, but do not utilize many of the other excellent  food sources available. In fact, fully two-thirds of a typical  bottom fisherman's net load will be thrown overboard as  unsalable. This groundless "food prejudice" is costing us all  a great deal of money.  Less affluent societies are more than willing to eat such  castoffs as skate, shark, sea cucumbers, and dogfish. They  have proved that these oddballs are both edible and  delicious. When they can have such delicacies for a fraction  of the cost, why should they buy salmon or cod? They  usually don't.  The dogfish has been the victim of much unfounded  criticism and skepticism, more because it is related to the  larger sharks than for any misdeeds of its own. Why it has  not been accepted widely as a North American food is  rather puzzling. Its lack of popularity can't be due to its  appearance���the dogfish is infinitely more appealing to  look at than a lingcod, turbot, or bucket-mouthed rockfish.  There ran be no objection to the appearance of the dressed  dogfish fillets since they are firmer and more attractive than  most other bottom fish on the fishmonger's tray. In the  words of an old-time British cook, "good quality huss (dogfish] is certainly a wiser buy than a tired white fillet of  nothing-in-particular. It repays attention."  Nor can the prejudice against dogfish be attributed to  the flavor of the dressed and processed fillet. It compares  favorably with thc very finest of IceLndir rod fillets and is  considerably better than the i datively softer flesh of sole or  snapper There arc no limits to the variety of attractive and  delicious dishes that can be prepared with dogfish.  The objection, then, must be that we are collectively  unfamiliar with the dogfish as standard fare. After the first  experience with a plate of golden-brown dogfish fillets, most  of us will forget that there ever was any reason not to eat it.  As the chance of finding dogfish in the local fish market is pretty slim, the curious soul who really wants to try it  probably will have to catch it himself. There are detailed instructions for catching and dressing dogfish in later chapters���for now, let's look at what you have when you get  those fresh fillets home.  Dogfish provide one of the ocean's better sources of  protein. Although the food value of dogfish is high, it would  be difficult to compare the dogfish with other seafood  sources on a cost-per-value ratio, since it is so seldom  available commercially. However, you can catch it yourself, and the equipment needed by the family angler is  neither complicated nor expensive. Any way you reckon it,  the dogfish is a low-cost source of good protein. At present it  is possible lo supply dogfish as a complete animal protein at  less than the cost of most vegetable proteins.  Perhaps the best illustration can be made by comparing the nutritional analysis of dogfish with several other  popular seafoods. The U.S. Department of Agriculture has  long recognized the value of dogfish as a human food source  and has provided the following nutritional data, based on a  100-gram sample of raw fish.  FOOD  CARBO  FISH  ENERGY  PROTEIN  FAT  HYDRATES  (lilflgrams)  (calories)  (grams)  (grams!  (grams)  Dogfish  156  17.6  90  0.0  Cod  78  17.6  3  0.0  Salmon (Chinook, King)  222  19.1  15.6  0.0  Shrimp  91  18 1  .8  1.5  Red Snapper  93  19.8  9  0.0  Ocean Perth (Pacific)  95  19.0  1.5  0.0  Octopus  73  15.3  8  0.0  Halibut  too  20.9  1.2  0.0  There is one basic difference between the dogfish and  most other food fishes, and it is an important one: the flesh  of the dogfish contains a small amount of urea as a byproduct of protein metabolism. The urea causes the release  of ammonia as the fish ages or cooks. This single factor  probably accounts for the low level of commercial acceptance of dogfish in the past. However, it need not worry  anyone: the solution to the problem is quirk and easy���thc  fish is soaked in a simple marinade (sec the chapter, "And  Now to Cook").  The final test when comparing thc dogfish with other  seafoods is ils taste���an arbitrary measurement at best. In a  series of rigidly controlled experiments at the University of  Washington a panel uf randomly selected victims were asked  to sample three unidentified fish sticks. All were rooked in  thc same manner and served in identical fashion. One was  dogfish; the others, the two top-selling commercial fish  Sechell    ff      886-3818  sticks. The dogfish was judged either first or second by  every member of the panel!  Various books have described the flavor of dogfish  similar to veal, cod, haddock, and any number of other  familiar foods. In point of fact, it tastes like dogfish and  nothing else. True, there is a similarity to other fishes, but  it depends largely on the recipe used, the freshness of the  fish, and the marinating process employed. In the final  analysis, dogfish is less to be relished for the similarities it  may have to other foods than for the differences that make it  unique and delicious.         y   THIS ISN'T JUST.  A SAIL!  IT'S  See our  DERBY BOAT SHOW  in the Sunnycrest Mall, Gibsons  Trail Eay  SPORTS  886-8020  '"���'"flfTu.^  TC 118 SD -    TOP LOADING CASSETTE DECK WITH DOLBY   Reg. $249.95  ] SALE $l99-95  TC 136 SD-TOP LOADING' CASSETTE DECK WITH  FERRITE HEADS  Reg. $389.95     SALE^|299,9S  /  TC 755-10V2"OPEN REEL DECK WITH 3 MOTORS AND 3 HEADS  / SALE   *995����  EL5- ELCASET DECK. COMBINES THE CONVENIENCE OF THE Coast News June 27,1978  LONDON-STYLE FISH AND CHIPS  When most people think of classic fish V chips, they  immediately conjure up an image of an old English  shop with the fare wrapped in waxed paper and a  clean newspaper. Even though there are national  equivalents in practically every civilized country, that  image is not far from wrong. Interestingly, a sizable  percentage of all traditional English fish 'n' chips are  made of dogfish . .. and have been for nearly a century.  The English have developed a particularly innovative technique for cooking their fish V chips: both  the fish and potatoes are fried two times during the  process. The first cooking allows the breading on the  fish to congeai slightly, locking in the flavor. The second time around for fish is fried without a loss of  moisture or flavor.  And here it is, fish fans! The real secret to the  classic diih of Ihis genre:  The Bailer  SALT     1 teaspoon  BEER     I cup  FLOUR     1 cup  PEPPER     Vt teaspoon  PAPRIKA     1 teaspoon  DOGFISH     I Vi pounds  LEMON JUICE     1 tablespoon  LARGE POTATOES    3  ICE WATER  VEGETABLE OIL     for frying  FLOUR     VJcup  COARSE SALT     1 teaspoon  Courtesy  of Dogfish Cookbook  by Rum Mohney  One oj the most charming recipes thai ever crossed my desk  was taken from a popular cookbook that appeared over fifty  years ago. It is anything but simple. Although Ihe occasion  probably won 'I arise often, I'd like to pass along this recipe  as li was presented:  WEDDING SHARK SALAD  (Suggested by Mrs. Spencer)  10 pounds filleted shark meat  10 bunches celery  6 to 12 hard-boiled eggs, as preferred  1 pint of olives  Vz cup capers  Mayonnaise to mix (it will take 3 to 4 pints of oil for the same)  Lemons, salt, paprika  VS pint cream to whip for mixing mayonnaise for top dressing  "Purchase the shark and boil or steam the day before  using, that it may be very firm. The meat from a small  shark is also suggested as being more tender. Carefully pick  out any tough or stringy portions, saving only the best,  finest grained and whitest meat for the salad. The other  portions may be minced finely and used in any of the other  shark dishes, such as chops, souffles, etc. If this is done, the  shark for salad will be as firm and stand up as well as the  meat from chicken breast, when it is carefully cut into uniform little cubes. Prepare the celery, using only the crisp  stalks^aving the rest for stews and soups. Allow three cups  of shark cubes to four cups of minced celery .... Boil the  eggs twenty minutes, drain and allow the cold water to run  on them until they are cold, to prevent them from turning  dark. Stone and cut up the olives. If the mayonnaise has not  been prepared ahead, do it now. Put the celery and the  shark into largest mixing or punch bowl, season with salt.  Add the hard-boiled eggs, which have been coarsely chopped, the olives, the capers. Mix all together with the  mayonnaise. Taste to see if more salt is needed, now add  lemon juice (it will take at least three lemons). Taste again  and if satisfactory dust over the top with paprika and set  aside in cool place until serving time. It may be prepared  ahead several hours. When ready to serve, have a bowl of  mayonnaise, to which the whipped cream has been added  for the top dressing, in readiness."  Not only was the dogfish an accepted food in her day, but  Mrs. Spencer gave us a lot of insight into the preparations  that went on in many hot kitchens, hours before such a  great event. Pity Mrs. Spencer didn't mention how many  people this gigantic salad was intended to serve!  Cut the fish into 4-inch pieces, allowing 2 pieces per serving. Sprinkle with lemon juice and set aside. Cut the  potatoes into thick slices, then into strips. Soak the chips in  ice water for 5 minutes, drain and dry on a paper towel.  Heat the oil to 375�� and fry the potatoes until almost done  but not brown. Drain on paper towels. Dredge the dogfish  in flour, then dip in batter. Fry the dogfish for 5 minutes in  the same oil used to cook the potatoes. Remove the fish and  allow the oil to reheat to 375��. Return the dogfish to the fat  and cook for 3 or 4 minutes until golden brown. Drain the  fish and keep warm in a 300�� oven. Meanwhile, return the  chips to the oil and fry until golden brown (about 4  minutes). Drain the chips and sprinkle with coarse salt.  Serve the fish V chips wrapped in waxed paper and then in  clean newspaper. (Oh, sure, you could just put it on a plate,  but it just ain't thc same!)  British and Canadian connoisseurs disdain the use of  such niceties as tartar or cocktail sauces, preferring only salt  and malt vinegar as condiments. In the spirit of tradition,  why not try it the same way? Serves 4.  Courtesy  of Dogfish Cookbook  by Ruts Mohney  Courtesy  of Dogfish Cookbook  by Russ Mohney  CFUN Newscruiser was part of the festivities  at the Dogfish Derby last year.  IRISH CULLENSKINK  Despite the odd name, this contribution from coastal  Ireland makes a mellow and tasty first course for a  seafood dinner. For a change, use smoked dogfish: it  completely alters the flavor of thu dish.  DOGFISH     1 pound, in chunks  WATER     214 cups  SALT     Vi teaspoon  POTATOES     3 cups quartered  ONION      Vi cup chopped  MILK-    4 cups, hot  NUTMEG     '/�� teaspoon  PEPPER     '/* teaspoon  PARSLEY SPRIGS     to garnish  Place dogfish and water in a saucepan; bring to a boil, and  immediately reduce to simmer. Add salt, potatoes, and  onion; cover and simmer for 30 minutes. Remove fish and  potatoes from saucepan; drain and place in a blender, adding 1 cup of milk. Blend until smooth. Return to saucepan  and add remaining milk. Season with nutmeg and pepper.  Simmer 5 minutes more. Garnish with parsley and serve  with hot toast. Serves 6.  Courtesy  of Dogfish  Cookbook  by Russ Mohney  PLEASE NOTE: IN THE FOLLOWING RECIPES  THE DOGFISH STEAKS OR FILLETS MUST BE  SOAKED OVERNIGHT IN A NEUTRALIZING SOLUTION OF LEMON OR VINEGAR!  Russ Mohney, author of "The Dogfish Cookbook"  hoists a spiny dogfish, one of the most familiar  residents of B.C. saltwater.  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