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Sunshine Coast News Nov 28, 1978

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 VlCl����1*' "  The Sunshine  Published at Gibsons, B.C.  15�� per copy on newsstands  Serving the Sunshine Coast since 1945  November 28.1978  Volume 31. Number 48  Marj Leslie, pictured in the background with Postmaster Les Virag, is retiring from the Gibsons Post  Office. She started working there June 1, 1950. The  occasion was the retirement dinner given in her  honour at Mr. Mike's by her co-workers.  School District disagrees with Victoria  Is Sechelt Elementary crowded ?  According to thc Ministry of Education, i�� �� hum lhc Board nl  School Trustees is beholden lor funding, the capacity of Sechell  Elementary School is 422. The present enrollment of the school  is .378, and wilh tin anticipated increase of four students. District Superintendent of Schools John Denley is looking for more  capacity throughout the complex. "The problem with Sechell  (School)." hc said, "is lhal il is plugged."  The Ministry regards each classroom as a unit of thirty, and il  is. of course, possible physically to pul thirty students into a  classroom. There arc classrooms within the School Distriel  which have thirty students, and the Board docs not have a  policy on class si/cs. It is, however, the objective of thc Board's  Management Committee, consisting of the District Superintendent, the Secretary-Treasurer, and thc Chairman of Ihe  Board of School Trustees, to maintain class sizes between  twenty-live and thirty for intermediate grades and twenty lo  twenty-live for primary classes with the intention of aiming  towards the lower figures.  Consequently, there is a need for space and lor a teacher ai  Sechelt Elementary School, and Superintendent Denley-expressed himself as being, "quite frankly leafy al getting a new  teacher and supplying a sub-standard size area for a classroom." This came as a result of some discussion concerning lhc  possible use of the Learning Assistance Centre, the room at the  end of the Trail Bay building which was lhc school library in  earlier davs.  In a related matter, the  Board approved the addition  of a part-time assistant teacher at Davis Bay Elementary  School. The teacher engaged  for this position would also  work as home and hospital  visiting teacher in a half-time  position. Both this teacher and  Ihe additional teacher for Se  chelt Elementary School will  be assigned to the new positions as a result of transfers or a series of transfers  from Chatelech Junior Secondary School since that school's  enrollment has declined and  thc school is considered to  bc essentially one teacher  overstaffed.  Sec re I a ry-Tren s u rer Roy  Mills spoke of lhc extra room  which lhc library has taken  over in lhc pasl Iwo years, but  Sechelt Elementary School  Principal Brian Butcher was  very much opposed lo tiny idea  of reassigning present library  space. "I'm really hostile to  lhal idea." he said. "It would  effectively destroy the library." "I don't think it's  a good idea cither," said  District Superintendent  John Denley. "We don't  waul more buildings on thc  Sechelt site," hc said, as he  went on to speak of lhc need  lo consider new facilities at  Wesl Sechelt for September of  1979. An expansion at lhc  present Kindergarten to  Grade Three level is possible,  but an expansion lo include all  elemenlary grades is a consideration.  Denley said lhal a community meeting lo discuss Ihe  cmcrgenl problem will bc set  up wilh ample lime lor September planning. Enrollments al West Sechell, Davis  Bay and Sechell Elementary  Schools present interlocking  problems, and .Secretary-  Treasurer Roy Mills said thai  Ihe Ministry insists on regard-  ing those schools together,  Thc expansion, together wilh  some internal modifications at  Sechelt Elementary School,  are to be reviewed by the  Board and ihcy will bc considered lor inclusion in a  Capital Expense Programme  which is to be submitted lo  the   Ministry   of   Education,  Warning  Joyce Smethurst of Hopkins Landing phoned to say  that Ihe mincemeat sold in  32-ounce jars at the Sunshine  Rangers Bake Sale Bazaar  last weekend "had turned  vinegary" and should be  returned.  In thc meantime, the Board  voted to move an available  portable from Pender Harbour lo Wesl Sechelt and to  provide toilets for thc facility so as nol to overcrowd  the toilets at lhc school.  Sechelt Elementary School  Principal Brian Butcher expressed his reservations con-  cerninganioving students from  the main school, bul thc  District Superintendent said  that something had lo be done  to relieve Ihe pressure at thc  Sechelt School. "Whenever  you disturb anyone," hc said,  "someone is unhappy."  Newly-elected President John Kavanagh of the B.C.  Neighbourhood Pub Association is pictured in his  office at the Cedars Inn.  Publican honoured  Local publican and owner of   old and John will take over the  thc   Cedars   Neighbourhood   office as the third president  Pub, John Kavanagh, was  voted in as the next President of Ihe B.C. Neighbourhood Pub Association. The  voting took place at thc Annual Convention which was  held at the Four Seasons  Hotel in Vancouver on November 21.  The Association is five vears  of this eighty-member organization on December 1 of this  year. The main duties of the  position are lo visit the members around B.C., discuss  their problems, then act as a  liaison between them and  Rate Mair, Tex Enemark and  Vic Woodlands of thc Liquor  Administration Board.  Delta interested in project  Forum draws visitors  Bv Murvunnc Wesl  Sanitation   Engineer;   Harry       Almond,   Chairman   of   the  Delia Community Television Will Visit Our Community I mum:   Regional   Board;   Bruce  Cul-  "All of Vancouver's garbage is in Delia!" So Delta Connnu-   vcri Organizer of a Recycling  Cenlre.  There will bc two special  guests who are coming lo listen lo the people of our community in a discussion of im-  porlancc to all of us. From Ottawa. Mr. Jack Pearsall, M.P.  and from Victoria, our M.L.A.  Don Lockstead,  Waste disposal is thc most  urgent problem facing the  Sunshine Coasl. Prescnl sites  nil) T.V. mobile unit will visit thc Community Forum  "Waste Disposal" to be held at Elphinstone Secondary School  on December 3, from noon to 5:00 p.m. Delia 10 plans lo create  a show aboul whai our community here on the Sunshine Const  is doing aboul municipal waste, The idea oTour Regional Board  asking and supporting the students to research lhc topic of  waste management is unique and an excellenl  example of  school-community involvement. Waste management is a topic  relevant to every community,  Mr. John Thomas, owner and manager of Coasl Cable  as well as Vice-president of Delta Cable, has given Elphinstone  Student Research Productions considerable support in Iheir  past efforts and once again deserves our thanks. Thc students arc inadequate to cope with  will be able to observe a professional T.V. crew in action. The the sheer volume and corn-  educational value will be excellent. plcxity of today's garbage ���  The,day will begin at 12:00 noon with a choice of activities, who knows what toxic chemi-  Films and videos will be shown. A thrift shop sponsored by ihe cals are leaching oul of the  grads will be, in the gymnasium and student and community dumps?  displays and posters. The Community Recreation class will be This forum is an oppor-  sclling sandwiches and other munchies. Thc panel discussion .tunity to discuss some of thc  will bc held in thc band room. options open to us. Inevitably  At 2:00 p.m. Paul and Lynda Gillvray, concerned Roberts  Handshy will provide us with Creek resident; Pat Benjamin,  their talented music and song. Landfill Consultant.  Following Ihis thc open forum There will be various re-  will begin. The panel consists source people in lhc audience,  of: George Gibb, Regional who will be available to an-  Board Director; D.Mason, swer questions, these people  Section Head of Pollution arc: Dick Derby, Sanitation  Control    Board;    Brett    Mc-   Engineer;  Ray  Chamberlain.  waste disposal is going to  cost more. A lot more. The  choice of thc best system for  the Sunshine Coast is nol  going to be a simple one. Your  representatives on thc Regional Board need your in-  formed support in order to  make   the   right    decisions.  Review Committee finds regional concept worthwhile  Regional Government  given a positive evaluation  The future of ihe Regional District concept of governmeni  seems assured judging by the repori brought down b) Ihe Regional District Review Committee which has jusl been made  public. Thc 287-page repori has a total of fifty-two recommendations and generally speaking the conclusions drawn arc very  favourable insofar as Regional Districts and Ihe manner in  which they have been operating is concerned.  In Chapter II of this report, under thc heading ol "Alternatives" the Review Committee concludes: "lt was thc view of  the Committee that substituting a different system fur the  present one would not in itself solve thc problems mm encountered In British Columbia. Nor would thc abolition uf the  present Regional Districts provide thc answer. During the Hearings the Committee found that there is considerable support  for the present concept of Regional Government. The peculiar  geography of British Columbia with ils expanse of virtually  unpopulated areas, its mountain ranges forming natural barriers and its highways system providing the only real communication link in many areas, indicates that thc Province musl  develop its own system of Regional Gov eminent. Such a s) stem  was established in 1965 and in many cases has workeil well."  In discussing problems that have arisen, thc Report  points out that many of these have stemmed from a general  lack of commitment to the Regional District concept by the Provincial Government over the years, a lack of support from Ihe  Ministry of Municipal Affairs and Housing, a lack of co-operation by other ministries and their field agencies.  The Report ginds that there is little support for the abolition  of Regional Districts throughout the Province and Ihat while  secrecy of operation was a public view that was expressed  this arose largely from poor communications on Ihe pari uf the  Regional Districts rather than unfair practices. Thc claim lhal  Regional Government costs were excessive was found by Ihe  Review Committee to bc based usually on "very little analysis  of either the costs or the services provided." Thc pour image  that many Regional Districts have with the public, the repori  found, was caused bv thc fact that they had unpopular functions  to fulfill.  tin lhc subject of the lack of support obtained by Regional  Districts from lhc Municipal Affairs and Housing Ihe Re\icw  Report is quite specific. "Ihe volume of complaints aboul the  Ministry is an aspect which cannol bc ovcrslrcsscd by ihis  Committee, Il is from ihis Ministry that Regional Districts  expect support, encouragement, help and guidance. By and  large Ihcy have nol received support." The Review Committee  also fiiuml Ihat delay in securing Ministry approval for by -laws  was another recurrent theme in presentations made In Ihem.  They strongly urge lhal Ihe Minister of Municipal Affairs and  Housing undertake a critical examination of lhc degree and qua-  lit) of support extended to Regional District Boards and stall  and uf the process involved in by-law approvals where his ami  other ministries are involved.  Thc controversial planning function of Regional Boards also  was commented un specifically in thc report: "Despite many  comments lu Ihe contrary, it is considered lhal Ihe Regional  Districts make an honest effort to obtain public input or comment un land use proposals."  Another area of Ihe report that touched on problems familiar  locally found thai there was much evidence uf parochialism on  Regional Distriel Boards "especially un the part uf municipal  directors and as a result a lack uf cohesion as a regional body.  Municipal directors, being also members uf Iheir councils, have  Iheir regional responsibility as an extra work load and arc also  subject tu potential conflicts. The Committee appreciates lhal il  is difficult lo think regionally if one is accountable lo a particular electorate by virtue of being a member of a municipal  council."  The Regional Review Commilcc made two specific observations concerning Ihe Sunshine Coasl Regional District, first,  Ihcy recommended that the merging of Ihis Regional Distriel  with Ihe Powell River Regional Distriel might be beneficial  since Ihcy are adjacent and share a "common road system".  They also observed lhal "There appears lu hc a need fur Ihe  incorporalioo of larger municipalities, as thc population of Ihis  District is grow big rapidly."  Breakwaters too costly  Marina changes  Although federal authorities have not yet come up wilh a  written cost comparison of the two possible sites for a marina  in Gibsons, ihev have expressed the view lhal Ihe more economic site is the inner harbour. W.Parkinson, head of Ihe Sniall  Boals Harbour Development section of Enviornmenl Canada,  has told Ihe committee thai the cosl of breakwaters would be  much less for lhc inner harbour sile as compared lu Ihe silc  most recently studied between the wharf and Armour's Bench.  As a consequence Alderman Trainor presented seven recommendations to lhc November 21 council meeting which would  see a re-design of the plans for a marina in the inner harbour.  The object of re-designing is to preserve the esthetic value ol  the harbour and bench and lo make the vv hole lay -mil of parking  and floats more pralical. "Wc arc pressing the federal aillhorily  to slate iu writing whai their cost share will be," said I minor,  "so that wc can present plans and costs lo lhc public by lhc  middle of ncxl Febrary or at the latest the end of February."  Another recommendation called for the 19.79 budget for  the marina to include the amount remaining in ihis year's  along wiih an additional 51.200. Mayor Blain will lake Alderman Hume's place on the committee when Hume's term runs  out early in December until new committees are set up for the  ensuing vear.  Commuter card reversal  Work began last week on laying the outfall sewer  pipe from the Sechelt Treatment Plant into Trail Bay.  The pipe will be 1,440 feet long with a 60-foot  diffuser.  New Pender  principal arrives  The search for a Principal  for Pender Harbour Secondary School is over. District  Superintendent John Denley  reported Ihat there had been  thirty-five applications for the  tion John Nicholson has been  Acting-Principal of thc  School while the search has  been conducted. The School  Board has issued the following  information concerning the  successful applicant:  S.D.46 PRESS RELEASE.  RE THOMAS A. ROTHNEY  The search for a principal  for lhc new Pender Harbour  Secondary School has resulted  in the appointment by the  School Board of Thomas  A.  Il appears that thc proposed  charge of $2.1)0 for new commuter cards proposed by thc  B.C. Ferry Corporation may  be unnecessary after a meeting involving a representative of thc Ferry Corporation,  village councils of Sechell and  Gibsons and Powell River, and  the Regional Districts ol Powell River and the Sunshine  Coasl.  A suggestion was made b\  Powell River Clerk. John Harper. Ihat instead of the costly  business of issuing new  cards, thc Ferry Corporation  could   purchase  a   couple   of  perforating machines, one  for Powell River and one  for Ihe Sunshine Coasl.  and update existing cards.  I lie   cost   of   issuing   new  cards   as   proposed    bv    lhc  Ferry   Corporation   would   be  Please turn to page nine  Rothncy, presently on stall ol  Mount Elizabeth Secondary  School in Kitimat.  Mr. Rolhncy brings to his  new responsibilities a wide  background in  leaching and  position which became vacant administration at bolh the ole-  when former Principal Frank mentary and secondary levels.  Holmes    resigned    from    it Education mighl be regarded  effective September I of this as thc "family business" as  year. Supervisor of Instruc- Mr.   Rothncy \   grandfather.  parents, uncle, aunt and wife,  Denise, have all been involved  in the leaching profession.  Denise Rolhncy, an elementary teacher until the arrival  of son Jamie ��� now four years  old ��� was instrumental in  organizing a playschool in  Waterloo. Quebec, where Mr.  Rothncy was principal of  Waterloo Elementary School.  The fourth member of the  family is two- und-a-hulf  year-old Adricnne.  New Pender Harbour School Principal Tom Rolhney  arrived on the Sunshine Coasl with his family last  weekend.  ���������>^HaHHHHHHHa))))>MII^HHHMHMMIMMHHHHHHHBiMHBB^^BHamB^HH^  | Delivered to EVERY address on the Sunshine Coast every Tuesday  �����a^MIII I     la^MWalaMMa^aMaMaMa���a^Ma^a^a^Ma^aWa^a^ala^Ma^���.1.^������a^���l^a^a^���I    II ��E_IJ|Mal-l_BrM_r^__|_l^_ 2.  Coast News, November 28,1978.  A LOCALLY OWNED NEWSPAPER  Published at Gibsons, B.C. every Tuesday  by Glassford Press Ltd. Phone 886-2622  Box 460, Gibsons, VON 1VO or 886-7817  Editorial Department:  John Burnside-Editor  Ian Corrance -Photographer/  Reporter  Production Department:  Bruce Wilson  Office:  M.M. Laplante  Cynthia Christensen  SUBSCRIPTION RATES:  Distributed Free to all addresses on Ihe Sunshine Coast.  British Columbia: $12.00 per year; $8.00 for six months.  Canada except B.C. $15.00 per year.  United States and Foreign $20.00 per year.  Advertising Department:  Penny Christian  An encouraging report  The extensive report brought down by  the Regional District Review Committee  amounts to a surprisingly sweeping vole  of confidence in a much maligned branch  of government. All too often in the past  the Regional Governments in British Columbia have had to function in an atmosphere of hostility at home and of neglect  in the provincial capital and the conclusion drawn by the Review Committee  that they are performing an essential  funcion and performing on the whole  rather well must come as something of an  unwelcome surprise to the provincial  government which appointed the committee.  There is much food for thought in the  Report just released and those locally  who have been waiting in quiel anticipation for Regional Boards to disappear are  facing a major disappointment. On the  provincial level, too, there must be consternation because here wc have a clear  voice in favour of de-centralization being  addressed to a provincial government  which throughout its tenure has sought to  centralize more and more power in its  own hands.  The support for the regional concept  has been consistent in this corner on  the grounds that the more control we  have over our own lives and localities  the better. It is heartening to find  that those charged by the provincial  government to study the matter throughout the province are in agreement with  us.  Unfortunate referendum  We would deem it unfortunate that the  recent referendum on whether garbage  pick-up should be on a weekly or semi-  weekly basis was held at all. The reason  given for it was that the Regional Board  sought information. With only 7.4% of  the electorate responding and that percentage split almost exactly for and  against, it can hardly be said that the information sought was forthcoming. When  one couples this with the fact that the  present arrangement has a contractual  obligation to run for one more year in any  case, it can be fairly said to have been an  unsatisfactory and unnecessary exercise.  Apparently it can also be said that the  holding of it has had unfortunate repercussions. In Area 'B', for example, where  Are these our priorities?  We are informed by the Federal  Government ��� you remember the  Federal Government? They're the folks  that have promised to reduce spending  for years now while running up the largest deficit in history ��� that the choice  of the new fighter planes for Canada  has been narrowed to two. We are informed that the available field of choice  was narrowed to the two planes chosen  because they were most cost-effective,  the cheapest in short. They will only cost  thc Canadian taxpayer two billion dollars.  Aren't we lucky. .  At the risk of being tiresomely repetitious wc would say that it is absolutely ludicrous for the Canadian government to bc spending this kind of money  on warplanes when it is being forced by  thc disastrous state of the Canadian  economy to reduce services to people  .. .from the files of Coast News  5 YEARS AGO  More than 100 people attended the  official opening of Gibsons Kiwanis  Village last Sunday.  Prominent Hopkins Landing pioneer Eric George Philip Hopkins  died in North Vancouver on November 25 at the age of 85 years.  Larry Labonte, popular leader of  Gibsons Athletic Association, and  frontline official in various other  organizations, will be Gibsons mayor  for 1974. He received 359 votes while  Ken Goddard received 203.  10 YEARS AGO  YOURS MINE AND OURS starring  Lucille Ball and Henry Fonda is  scheduled to play at the Twilight  Theatre on December 4, 5, 6 and 7.  At an open house at Lissi-Lands  Florist, one of the most unique  pieces on display was a kissing ball  complete with mistletoe.  15 YEARS AGO  A Gambier Island pioneer, Mr.  Oliver Becker, died on Monday,  November 18 in his 79th year.  The Gibsons Hospital Auxiliary  are arranging for Christmas corsages priced at $1.00 and $1.50 to  be on sale at the Welcome Cafe,  Co-op Store and Coin Dry Cleaners.  20 YEARS AGO  REAL ESTATE: Pender Harbour,  3'/2 acres, wonderful view properly  on road. Good drilled well, power and  phone on road. Full price $1,750.  Driving along the Sechelt Highway one will notice the totems and  figures around Ernie Burnett's Studio. Ernie and his wife Irene will  make you very welcome, even if  you've only come to satisfy your  curiosity. (From an article by Mrs.  M.West.)  25 YEARS AGO  The Roberts Creek String Orchestra gave a delightful concert in the  Community Hall on the 21st under the  able direction of Miss Margaret  Mclntry. Many of the old favourites  and some modern selections were  presented, among them Cumberland  Reel and Marriage of Figaro by  Mozart. Popular melodies included  Shrimp Boats is-a-comin' and Everywhere I Wander.  30 YEARS AGO  With the completion of the new  dock this year, it is now possible to  handle the largest freight and passenger boats on the coast. There are  three shipping companies new serving Gibsons daily, making the trip  to Vancouver in one-and-a-half  hours.  a very strong majority of those voting  voted against the present weekly pick-up,  expectations have been apparently  aroused that cannot bc met. This is unfortunate and not a situation designed to  produce a contented electorate in that  region of the Sunshine Coast.  If all this weren't enough, it must be  observed that an extensive evaluation of  the waste disposal system present and  future on the Sunshine Coast is even now  underway and the frequency of pick-up  of garbage is closely tied in with larger  questions of eventual disposal that have  not yet been resolved.  All in all, this appears to have been an  exercise in democracy which was neither  justified nor fruitful.  along the full spectrum of government  programmes.  Let us remember that the giants of  economic health extant in thc Western  world today are Germany and Japan,  neither of whom arc allowed to spend  money on armaments. Against their  currencies thc Canadian dollar continues  to slide in value and yet we arc spending  two billion dollars out of an economy  which already has a deficit of several  billions for warplanes.  If the Canadian government has commitments that require it to spend billions of dollars on warplanes then wc  should get out of them and gct out of  them immediately. We are haunted by  thc certain knowledge that someone  is getting very wealthy manufacturing  warplanes and it sure as hell is not the  Canadian taxpayer!  Robert Shuttleworth poses with a cougar he has shot at his new home  near the Stranby River, twenty miles along Vancouver Island's east  coast from Cape Scott. Today, an ecology-minded public would say,  with considerable justification, that a human being has no right to  take the life of one of nature's most awesome creatures. But in 1913  these predators outnumbered pioneer settlers in remote areas everywhere throughout the Northwest. Shuttleworth waylaid this marau  der in the family's chicken coop with his "owd tin shotgun". The  odds were not so much in the pre-emptor's favour as the photo may  seem to show. A single barrel weapon such as he holds sold for as  little as $3.50 sixty-five years ago, with a bore, even if not of tin, none  too sturdy for its charge of black powder, and with no second shot in  the event of trouble. Photo courtesy John Shuttleworth and Elphinstone Pioneer Museum. L.R.Peterson  Musings  John Burnside  Slings & Arrows >^  George Matthews  2S   >  The recent events in Guyana arc almost more dreadful than one dares to think  about and yet it seems to me  that think aboul them we  must. ,'  No doubt in the last week or  so everyone has been saturated with the details of thc bizarre happenings in the jungle  of South America. Of the welter of detail lhal crowded the  airwaves it seems to me mosl  significant thai a doctor  trained in an American  medical school and a nurse  similarly trained were on hand  to dispense the cyanide; that  mothers spoon-fed their babies a cyanide fruit drink at  the behest of the crazed madman who was Iheir leader.  How could trained medical  people get so involved in lhc  doings of this self-styled mes-  siah as to administer deadly-  poison to hundreds of people?  How could mothers kill their  own children al his word ol  command?  Of course, the techniques of  brainwashing, of making people into something other than  themselves, have been well  chronicled since lhc end of  the Second World War al  least, bm like mosl evil things  they happened elsewhere and  to  other   people,   or   so   we  thought,  The hundreds of people who  were brought to mass suicide  in Guyana were not broughl  to that point by the massed  power and techniques ol a  hostile    slate,    bill    In     the  machinations of one charismatic leader. They were the  products of a society much  iikc our own and contemporaries of ours anil we would  do well lo ponder lhc reasons  for. and the implications of  it all.  The last thing one would  want to do in ihis case is to  come up with facile explanations or riglucous indignation  shallowly fell. At best wc can  offer one man's thoughts  expressed with as much  humility as possible iu thc  face, yet again, of lhc aberrations of which our kind is  capable under certain situations.  It seems to mc lhal there  are Iwo aspects of the case to  which we must address ourselves in order i��� extract  something instructive from  bizarre and shocking events,  and Ihcy are, lo repeal, what  is il in this specific society ���  for purposes here hefer to Ihe  North American society as one  society ��� that creates the conditions that such as Jones can  exploit, and apart from the  societal questions, what chord  i^ it in thc makeup of our  species that such as he can  sound given Ihe right circumstances.  To the firsl, it would appear  Ihat the bulk of Jones' followers were the coloured poor  of San Francisco. People,  one presumes, so disenchanted and alienated from what  passes for normalcy in our  society lhal they were ready to  seek other and desperate  solutions to the dilemma  of their lives. This is a time  when, throughout North America, governments are effecting economics in lhc areas of  social welfare while pressing  ahead with massive expenditures on armaments thai it  would bc suicide ever to utilize; a time when the centres  of great cities, instead of  being the meeting places of  minds and culture that they  theoretically could be, have  become centres of mass  despair ripe for exploitation.  The Germany thai the  Allies left bereft of pride or  hope of improvement after  the First World War was made  to order for the crazed madman who promised a new  world, and so il is ill Ihe cities  of North America and much of  the world today. Unless we  heed Ih. teachings of lhc man  we pay lip service lo as our  spiritual leader and look upon  Ihe dispossessed, the poor,  the unfortunate all over the  world as our brothers and  sislers in distress; unless wc  become our brothers' keepers  then we are setting the stage  for a massive madness beside  which thc happenings in  Guyana could seem to be a  mere soap bubble of misfortune.  Secondly, what is the chord  in our makeup that allows us  to kill our offspring at a madman's command; what is thc  chord lhal allowed civilized  and educated people a mere  generation ago to attempt  genocide at the command of  another madman. It is a dangerous truth that a people in  despair seek the comfort of a  strong leader. Someone who  appears to have all the answers to the questions that  beset Ihem. Even in Ihe relative wealth in which we live,  we find too many seeking a  strong   leader   with   all   thc  answers. In return for these  answers, too many of us are  willing to exchange a doglike  and unquestioning devotion  and inevitably such devotion  is abused and misdirected by  Ihe fallible human being who  has been made into a god by  thc weakness of his followers  and thc strength of his own  arrogance.  What is needed is a caring  and a sharing at all levels of  society; a distrust of magical  leaders who will somehow  waft away all our problems.  The Second World War  showed us what is possible  when a people alienated in  hopelessness is exploited by  a charismatic figure who  promises them solutions thai  they cannot otherwise sec.  What happened in Guyana  should make il plain that  such things do not just happen  elsewhere but can happen  anywhere that human misery  and the overweening pride of  a gifted individual arc allowed  lo become dangerous bedfellows.  It appears as though important public officials arc  getting a lot more than free  mailing privileges these days.  Aside from the fact that judges and hookers apparently  have more in common than  the age of their professions,  politicians too have quite a  following, and not just ill their  constituencies.  In a recent article in Saturday Night. Edward Shorter  discussed "The bedroom bureaucrats at play in Ottawa"  ("The Private Life of the  Ruling Class", Saturday  Night, October, 1978). The  article tells us how well the  sexual revolution is doing iu  the heart of senior civil servant country. Not only arc the  assistant undersecretaries  taking more home with them  at nighl lhan their briefcases, bul these activities  seem to be consuming a good  portion of (heir time and  energy.  In a series of interviews,  Shorter reveals how sexual  conquest and upward mobility  have turned our national  capital  into the  Sodom  and  The animate  The second marten  I'd ever seen  eyed us in glittering assessment  before moving rapidly along a dead log  a streamlined package ot brown wariness  lo become the forest again.  Two deer  deployed through Ihe distance  tiptoed nervously  through Ihe first thin snow  watched  as we tumbled the cold cables.  Only the whiskeyjacks  showed any regret,  vying for our lunch time leavings  with an extra grey urgency  to top off winter caches  in obscure hollow trees.  November's feathers  twitched from a colourwrung sky  settling like a white moss of reprieve  on the wrecked hill.  Blood oozed from a hemlock stump  as I savaged its bark with a powersaw.  We were mackinawed transgressors  in mudcaked boots  cursing and praising the freighted wind.  As the day dwindled  Ihe season took aim on us  and the animals knew.  bv Peter Trower  From lhc new hunk, "Bush  Poems", published by Harbour  Publishing Ltd., Pender Harbour.  Gomorah of the north. There  seems to be more lhan just a  healthy, rampant lust to the  whole venture; in fact, according to Shorter, the quickest  way to the top of the bureaucratic garbage heap is to sleep  around as much as possible;  bul never with anyone who  has less power or prestige.  Thc article itself was a  revelation to me until 1 started  to think aboul my own observations of the sexual charisma  of power. While I've never  been powerful or important  enough to take advantage of  this peculiar social phenomenon, I've seen many poor  souls trapped by the lust for  power and the power of lust.  My firsl experience (the article makes it clear to me now)  was going to the post office  with my aunt to mail Christmas cards and seeing thc Post  Master kissing all thc ladies  under thc mistletoe he'd hung  by the stamp wicket. Under  normal conditions nobody  would have even spoken to  the old cool bul I can see now  lhal the sexual charisma of his  powerful office seduced the  poor ladies out of their normal  reticence. I can sec now too  that the crush I had on my  grade four teacher was only  another example of the sexual  charisma of power.  Since the Saturday Night  article dealt only with bureaucrats in Ottawa, I decided to  check under thc lip of the  iceberg by interviewing some  of the lesser known bureaucrats and civil servants just to  satisfy my own curiosity on  Ihis scandalous topic. I should  warn you now lhal if you are  offended by frank discussions  of disgusting lusl and depravity among thc filing cabinets  then slop reading here.  My first interview was with  Ms X. a head librarian of a  municipal branch library  in a certain large western  city.' I asked Ms X how Ihe  sexual charisma of power had  affected her. She told mc how  she had risen to head librarian  from assistant file clerk by  ruining the reputation of the  assistant archivist. She spoke  without emotion about how,  when thc ageing archivist  made a lewd suggestion  about how well her tweeds  fitted, she had screamed in  alarm, right there in front of  everyone in thc reference  section. The old archivist was  so embarrassed, he asked for  a transfer to the microfilm  room and was never seen  Please turn to page three Letters to the Editor*"*"0"  Dreaa code eenaible  Coast News, November 28,1978  3..  Sirs:  I would like to make an  observation on a reply given  by your columnist in your  "Come Cry With Me" section  to a young writer who complained about a restaurani  here on the Peninsula, refusing them admittance because  the young man was wearing  jeans. Your columnist's reply  was to agree with this young  person's immature altitude  towards dress codes, and Ihis  I think, was in itself poor  judgement.  Of course there arc dress  codes, whether it's what one  chooses to wear to a wedding.  a funeral���a birthday party or  a theatre, and if these young  people didn't know that when  you choose to dine out in a  better type of establishment,  you do not wear jeans, then  you did them no service by  agreeing with them.  The sooner they realize  that the world is a little  bigger than Sechelt and  Gibsons and that mosl better  restaurants the world over  from Wesl Vancouver to London, will nol admit people  who are wearing clothes more  suitable for lounging around  the yard or cleaning the car,  the belter thev will   lil   into  society other than  the local  scene.  If your columnist is to give  advice for the better, and one  supposes this is the whole  idea of the column, at least  let her give advice worthy of  an adult.  Whether they like it or not,  there arc "rights and wrongs"  of dress for special occasions  and if they did not like it,  then it should bc advised that  they stick with thc local drop-  in cafes and drive-ins where  nobody cares what you wear  or how. And il is not a question of being "snobby" but  just common sense!  K.Anderson,  Madeira Park, B.C.  Congrats to winners  Editor:  Congratulations to Joyce  Kolibas and Larry McDonald  for winning their aldcrmanic  seals on Sechell Village Council. Let's hope they have a  busy and productive term  following up on Iheir respective goals with the confidence  and ability as expressed in  their campaign, and for which  they have been chosen by thc  voters.  1 also wish to thank Bill  Harris and Frank Leitner for  nominating me, and all of my  supporters for backing up  their judgement, 1 must apologize for not campaigning  jusl a little bit harder, and for  not doing more of my homework on council and community affairs. I promise to  become more active in these  matters in lhc coming year  and will be watching, with  interest, the activities and  judgement of the new council.  By doing so. 1 should be able  to prescnl a more meaning-  Editor:  1 enjoyed reading the article  by Mr. John Hind Smith re:  Ron Breadner and the "Outdoor Club" at Pender High.  Just thought hc would like  to know that there is another  "Outdoor Club" on thc Peninsula. Mr. Ian Nichols, a teacher at Chatclcch Junior  Secondary, has started such a  programme this year. In fact  a group of students enjoyed an  overnight camping trip lo  Saltery Bay campsite just lasl  weekend. Incidentally, ii  was their first outing  Perhaps Mr. Hind Smith  could offer his expert Know-  How to this up-and-coming  club. How about it?  Patricia Murphv.  Halfmoon Bav. B.C.  continued   on page sin  lul    platform    al    thc    next J m* \  election. 1 /IfOftC  In the meantime, let's hope \  lhc confidence shown bv thc 1 tcl',l,r:���  '     To all lhc sharers ot  my  1 grief:  ) Who gave   Iheir  help  and/  j sympathy and lovely flowers,  i I give my heartfelt thanks/  t and loving gratitude.  ��� Such sympathy docs help in/  : times of stress.  1 And now, to go or nol to go,/  ) thai is the question,  i Whether to live where I have/  I wonder if someone stayed i livcd ln"e '"ore than thirty/  awake nights in order lo come \ years,  up with the wording of the j 0r putspan and tick to Lang-/   Nightingales  plebiscite regarding garbage i ley's lealy lanes, Those cheerful bearers of the/ j  : Where some of my descen-/   magic lamp who clean our  !  ! dants live, bodies and refresh our souls j  i And plead to have mc near/   And wakey-wakeyed by the/ j  j thenl- ladies of the telephone who/ j  j And there eke out my few/  i remaining years.  voters in Joyce and Larry will  add 'spice' and 'zest', in that  order, to our Sechell Village  Council!  Carl Chrismas,  Sechelt, B.C.  Question  Editor:  .'olleclion. Il was so confusing  thai il would have been easy  lo pul my X in the wrong box.  After going over it three times  I realized lhal "as opposed  lo" was unnecessary. Was it  for my Dear, now gone  To   places    where   earth's,  sufferings cease.  My daily lasks to hoe  the.  garden, splil Ihe wood.  Cul back lhc ever-spreading,  blackberries and battle with,  thc buttercups and grass.  Those scurvy stealers of my/  garden's nutriment.  I'm fed by sturdy willing girls/  who make our ancient lives-  endurable.  And   cleaned   bv   Florence/  deliberately   added    to   thc j Wiih not a goldumcd thing to  wording to confuse thc issue j do, but cook my breakfast,  and influence thc plebiscite? t dinner, tea;  M.Richter, j  Roberts Creek, B.C.  Slings and arrows(cont'd)  again. My femme fatalc  librarian seemed to have no  compassion at all for her victim, saying only that hc deserved it because hc had made  the mistake of being loo familiar wilh someone below his  status. Since that time she has  quickly moved up lhc power  ladder and is working now on  being moved to a larger  branch.  My second subject was a  G.L.O. grade four, an assistant supervisor in the Ministry of Transport in a provincial  capital. Mr. Y was totally  conversant with thc sexuality  of power in the civil service.  He spoke with relaxed candor  about how his girlfriend had  found lipstick on his collar  after a certain office party  during the Christmas of 1972  and how il had almost ruined  his career. He was not embarrassed at all when hc told  me about how his briefcase  was found in a ear owned by a  secretary lo one of the most  powerful office managers in  his ministry or how he had  once overstayed his coffee  break by eight minutes talking to thc beautiful assistant  typing pool supervisor.  Through it all, it was difficult  for mc to hide my disgust for  this bureaucratic Don Juan.  My last interview was with  Mr. '/., a fifty-eight year-old  researcher in Ihe Ministry of  Tourism in another western  provincial capital. Mr. Z, a  shy, little bachelor of normal-  Variety  Jfoofad  DELI  and  HEALTH FOODS  We are nol a  Supermarket but  our Health Food  prices are the  BEST IN TOWN!  ly conservative habits, told  me how he had once accepted  an invitation for lea with one  of the most powerful women  in thc payroll office of the  Ministry of Mines, and how,  since lhal lime he had been  deluged by invitations to  dinner from other aggressive  women. He told mc, with  tears in his eyes, about how  he would have been driven  mad if it were not for his rose  garden in summer and his  stamp collection in winter.  He could not wait, he said,  until he could retire, and walk  away from Ihe constant pressure of civil service sexuality.  There it is; nol a pretty story  but one I think that had to bc  told. We should have known  all the lime Ihat if thc top  bananas in government have  been fooling around, then it  goes without saying that thc  decadence has spread  throughout thc whole rotten  structure.  Sweep   up   the   tloor   and.  : wash the greasy dishes.  ! Such   awful   boredom   cats/  \ away the soul and tlabs the/  \ body to unuscfulness.  j Long have I lived just caring/  sec if we are still alive,  And listen to our petulance  and joys.  To go or not to go. that is the,  question.  God, be my lantern in the/  darkness of decision.  May   it   light   mc   to   fore-/  thought and precision.  John S.Browning  Sechelt. 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The Call of Jack Kerouac Part I  I first ran across the work of  Jack Kerouac in the jazz-  journal Down Beat, somewhere in early 1957. 1 was  sequestering in the town of  Kitimat. 500 miles from rhyme  or reason and my mind was  fogged with smelter-smoke  and discontent. Books, records and films were virtually  my only contact with anything  creative. The prose in Down  Beat was generally quite  pedestrian and 1 was totally  unprepared for Kcrouac's  pyrotechnic style, li hit me  like a belly-punch, The piece  was called Jazz Of The Beat  Generation and described a  scaring session in a black  jazz-joint through thc ecstatic  responses of a young white  writer and his frenetic companion. It was a vibrant,  unforgettable bit of writing, a  breakneck, staccato attack of  images that somehow managed to convey the driving  sense of excitement good jazz  can engender. You could  almost hear thc music. 1  was tremendously impressed.  Nol many months after this,  I read the first review of On  lhc Road in Playboy. It was an  enthusiastic assessment and I  could hardly wait to get my  hands on the book. When 1  finally obtained a copy in Vancouver that Christmas, I was  not disappointed. Thc jazz-  piece proved to have been excerpted from this work and  the whole novel seemed to  tingle with a similar energy.  The book excited me more  lhan anything I had read in  years. Kerouac appeared to  have exploded the form;  given writing a new freedom  and vitality. His pell-mell yet  perceptive prose with its frequent Hashes of pure poetry,  gave me my most intense  creative impetus to that point.  1 had only toyed with writing  io this juncture, mostly con-  irived short-stories that owed  more to books than'real life.  Now for the first time I knew  (hat 1 really wanted to write; to  paint with words thc way Ker-  Pages  from a  Life-Log  Peter Trower  ouac did; to transmute and  transmit actual experience.  For On Thc Road was most-  assuredly autobiographical.  It throbbed with the chaotic  rhythms of real life.  The theme and substance of  On The Road are generally too  well-known to demand much  of a reprise. Set in thc latter  part of the Forties, it involves  the cross-country odysseys  of one Sal Paradise and his  restless, wild-driving sidekick, Dean Moriarty. Thc book  ranges like a hipster travelogue, back and forth across  thc United States and into  Mexico, introducing a large,  kaleidoscopic cast of characters. The pace seldom flags  and many of the descriptive  passages are remarkably  evocative. The book is not a  conventional novel as such but  highly-charged, literary  reportage in the manner of  Thomas Wolfe and Proust. It  is a twentieth-century epic  that demands more than a  single reading to deliver its  full impact! But On The Road  was to prove more than just a  well-written, episodic account  of disaffiliated youths batting  randomly about North America. It would transcend thc sum  of its parts to become a clarion-call whose sociological  implications are still being  felt.  Certainly the book had a  great deal to do with my own  defection from the workforce the following summer.  (Although, the receipt of a  small legacy was a factor  too.) 1 returned to Vancouver,  still spitting smelter-dust and  determined to seek my fortune in the Arts. I think I  expected to find a Beat  Generation (such as Kerouac  had postulated) in full cry but  that phenomenon had yet to  manifest itself. My interests  were already shifting away  from thc cartooning that had  been my chief preoccupation  up to this point out I enrolled  at the Vancouver Art School  anyhow. It seemed the likeliest place to meet creative  people, some of whom had  undoubtedly read Kerouac  and perhaps shared my enthusiasm for his work.  I was somewhat disappointed in this regard. Most of the  students I encountered were  cither dedicated to the point of  boredom or rich kids marking  time. If these people were  indicative of the avant-garde,  Vancouver was in sad shape.  Gradually, 1 discovered a few  kindred souls who had also  been bitten with the Kerouac  bug and shared thc feeling  that something was definitely  in the wind. Through one of  them, I learned a second and  less-well publicized novel  called The Subterraneans was  available and made haste to  obtain it. This book is written  in a style considerably more-  eccentric than that employed  in On The Road. Single mad  sentences sometimes sprawl  the length of entire pages, the  words and phrases strung  together like wild beads. This  shorter and (because of its  style) slightly more difficult  book concerns a brief love-  affair between Mardou, a  beautiful black girl and Leo  Percepied, a white writer. Although the names are different, several characters  (including the Kerouac-  Percepied persona) are recognizable from On The Road.  It was evident from reading  the two books, that Kerouac  was embarked on something  much vaster and more ambitious than a single novel. Allen Ginsberg's first major  collection of poetry, Howl,  was published around this  time. Apart from being  bowled-over by the sheer  power of the title poem, I  was fascinated by thc dedica  tion which is to Kerouac and  mentions by title, several  (at that time, unpublished)  books. There was definitely,  a whole saga here.  There were few published  facts available on Jack Kerouac himself during this  initial period of popularity. It  was possible to learn the bare  facts of his life from the jacket  notes. He was of French  Canadian ancestry, was born  in Lowell, Mass. in 1923 and  spent most of his early years  in the East. He had attended  Columbia College in New  York, sailed to various Atlantic and Mediterranean  ports as a merchant seaman  and rambled, as his novels  suggested, over much of  North America. His first book.  The Town And The City, had  been published in 1950.  (1 was very anxious to read  this early novel but it was  some years before 1 was able  to obtain a copy.) Apart from  this sketchy data, it was possible to conjecture a good  deal from the content of the  books themselves but it was  inevitable that truth must  have been manipulated in  places, either for legal reasons  or dramatic effect. Also the  Kerouac figure functions in  large part as an observer,  giving centre-stage to a succession of other characters.  Kerouac's next book, The  Dharma Bums, was touted as  a sort of sequel to On The  Road and was released by that  book's publisher, Viking, the  following year. It opens promisingly enough with Kerouac  (this time using the soubriquet  of Ray Smith) riding a railroad gondola car with an old  hobo to unknown destinations.  But the book soon bogs down  in a welter of predigestcd  Buddhism and shaky philosophizing. The book's central  figure is a young Buddhist and  poet named Japhy Ryder  (later revealed to be real-  life poet, Gary Snyder) with  whom Kerouac climbs a  mountain near San Francisco. This undertaking constitutes the only real action in  1 YEAR TERM DEPOSITS  per annum  Sunshine Coast Credit Union  Cowrie Street, Sechelt, B. C. 885-3255  serving the residents  of the Sunshine Coast since 1941  ElIin aluini  Twilight Theatre  Tip-top entertainment at  the Twilight Theatre this week  will see the return of Faye  Dunaway to the screen in an  off-beat murder mystery and a  film tribute to one of the truly  great musical groups of the  rock and roll era.  Faye Dunaway will be seen  in Eyes of Laura Mars, a  movie of psychological  suspense and bizarre high  fashion. She is cast as a photographer obsessed with death  and possessed with the power  to see murders about to be  committed while being powerless to stop them. Also prominent in the cast are Tommy  Lee Jones. Brad Dourif, and  Rene Auberjonois. Eyes of  Laura Mars is a film which will  be very difficult to ignore.  It will be shown locally Wednesday    through    Saturday.  November 29���December 2.  On Saturday. December 2,  there will be two showings:  at 7:00p.m. and 9:00p.m.  The Band is the musical  group to which The Last Wallz  pays tribute. After sixteen  years of living on the road,  this largely Canadian group  decided to present one final  concert. The film was directed  by Martin Scorsese and produced by group leader Robbie  Robertson and is a memorable  occasion.  Joining The Band in its  farewell performance are such  stars as Bob Dylan, Joni  Mitchell, Neil Diamond, Neil  Young, Van Morrison, Eric  Clapton, Ringo Starr and other  musical notables. The Last  Wallz will be shown Sunday through Tuesday, December 3���5.  the book and in describing the  ascent and descent, Kerouac's  prose comes alive. In the final  analysis however, the novel  comes off as rather turgid and  flatly-written. It is also annoy-  ingly preachy in spots. While  several of the same characters from the earlier books  reappear briefly under different names, they seem to be  drained of energy. I found the  book a disappointment.  But if Dharma Bums failed  to measure up to the previous  two books, it was by no means  bad enough to dampen my  enthusiasm. Sections from  such unpublished works as  Desolation Angels and Visions  Of Cody began to appear in  Evergreen Review and other  literary magazines, promising  better things to come. By this  time, I had become familiar  with the other writers and  poets who were considered  pari of the Beat movement:  William Burroughs; Gregory  Corso; Lawrence Fcrlinghetti;  John Clcllon Holmes and the  aforementioned Ginsberg and  Snyder. All appear as characters in both Kerouac's books  and in thc novel Go by Clcllon Holmes. The latter book  predated On The Road's  publication by several years  and, while not entirely successful, is fascinating in that  it presents another view of the  New York bohemian scene  during the same time-period,  including one of the first  objective looks at Kerouac  himself, albeit slightly-  fictionalized.  Auto, Boat or R.V.Alarms  Protect CB. and Stereo equipment from theft  with electronic alarm equipment. Self installed  in 30 minutes on most cars. A great Christmas  gift. $59.95 and up. Free demo.  IGUARPPMI  Test Button to  indicate detector  is functioning.  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However, the following prognostications should be most  accurate for those of you  born between the hours of  4a.m. and 6a.m.  ARIES (March 21-Aprill9)  Accent is on higher education, thirst for knowledge,  wisdom, idealism and curiosity. Try stretching mental  capabilities to the fullest.  Start study programmes.  Join the library and dig for  information. Fresh starts archived to people and places  faraway.  TAURUS (April 20-May 20)  Focus is on the money and  possessions of partners and  close friends. Offer to work  out loved one's financial  mix-ups. Cultivate new attitude towards other people's  resources. Check credit rating of would-be associate.  Documents related to lax.  insurance or long-term  loans face delays.  GEMINI (May 21-June 21)  Spotlight is on marriages,  partnerships, agreements.  harmony and understanding.  Accept that your life is now  dominated by the affairs of  others. Reconcile differences  with loved-ones or close associates. Communications holdups arc associated wilh contests, contracts or lawsuits.  CANCER (June 22-July 22)  Increased pressure is placed  on health and employment  matters. It's time for health  check-ups, second opinions  and switching doctors.  Starting new diets or keep-,  fit programmes is favoured.  Advice is to take better care  of yourself. Work-scene is  busier and plagued with communications difficulties.  LEO (July 23-Aug.22)  Social activities, pleasures,  amusements, happiness and  bliss reach all-year peak.  Enjoy yourself while you can.  Astrology  :  Artists must create now or  never. Speculate with confidence. The next lottery ticket  is the one. Fresh romantic  possibilities tempt single or  adventurous persons. Be a  loyal, loving Leo.  VIRGO (Aug.23-Sept.22)  You now have to make decisions regarding domestic  problems. Where you live is  the scene of activity, change  and readjustment. Tackling  household duties requires  fresh approach. It's time to  delegate jobs to family members who have ignored past  agreements. Insist on thc  leisure time vou deserve.  LIBRA (Scpt.23-Oct.23)  Expect an increase in short  journeys, local visits, phone  calls and messages. It's Ihe  busiest week of thc year for  rushing here and there.  You'll be swamped with extra paper-work. Organize  priorities. Speak your mind  and write letters. Gossip is  red hot.  SCORPIO (Oct.24-Nov.22)  Focus all your attention on  personal money matters.  Scrutinize documents. Don't  bc rushed into new financial  commitment. Tendency is to  forget future needs. Advice is  to curb spending sprees.  Think twice before acquiring  non-essential merchandise.  SAGITTARIUS (Nov.23-  Dec.21)  Thc New Moon and three  planets in your sign highlight  personality and how you appear to Ihe world. Take a good  iook at yourself and spruce up  your image. Abandon bad  habits forever. Mars still  gives you the energy to complete projects. Don't stop now.  CAPRICORN (Dec.22-Jan.19)  Accent is on being alone  and enjoying your own company. Now's the time to lie  still and keep quiet. Recharge  emotional and physical batteries ready for new-year action. Pay no attention to falseness, trickery, double-dealing,  trumped-up stories or fibs.  Send friendly note to the  sick or lonely.  AQUARIUS (Jan.20-Feb. 18)  Spotlight is still on group  activities, clubs and societies. Getting involved in local  projects bring you more satisfaction than you expected.  Recent acquaintances become  good friends. Your future  plans now receive thc support  of loved ones and close associates.  PISCES (Feb. 19-Mar.20)  Emphasis is still on local  reputation, position and credibility. Now's thc time to move  towards goal, communicate  with superiors and state your  intentions. Many of you will  bc leniptcd to seek fame and  advancement elsewhere.  Advice is to wrangle  refer-  enecs before laking flight.  (TWILIGHT  (THLATRE9  886-2827  GIBSONS  EYES  OF LAURA MARS  Wed., Thurs. & Fri  Nov. 29, 30, Dec. 1  8p.m. af^pTfo  Sat. Dec. 2 7 &  9 p.m. Warning:  Violence & fright  ening scenes  // //  Started Became  asa a  Concert Celebmtion  I Martin S'corst'st'li/ni  THE  IAST  Itwhnq  The Band  '���Oluimg  �� tic Clapton  Neil Diamond  Sob Dylan  Joni Mitchell  Neil Young  i mmylou Harris  Van Monison  The Staples  Dr John  Muddy Waters  PauiButterfield  Ronnie Hawkins  Ringo Starr  Ron Wood  Sun., Mon.  & Tues.  Dec. 3,4, &5  8p.m.  mm Book Review  Impressive coast works  By John Moore  November has been an important month for Harbour  Publishing; it marks thc appearance of two books, both  significant documents in the  history of this coast. I refer to  Peter Trowcr's Bush Poems  and Bus Griffiths' Now You're  Logging.  If Peter Trower never writes  or publishes another poem  about logging, it won't matter; Bush Poems is thc definitive edition of his logging-  poetry and a landmark in the  poetry of lhc West Coast. Peter Trower went logging in thc  forests of this raincoasl when  hc was young and stayed at it.  on and off, for Ihe belter or  worse (depending on which  stories he tells) part of his life.  When he began to write poetry, he naturally drew his  images and subjects from the  environment and profession in  which he spent so much of his  time. The significance of  Trower's poetry lies in his  having transcended thc logger-poet epithet to write  poems lhal are, first of all,  good poems and arc. incidentally, about logging.Ihcy are  also aboul fear, courage,  death,beauty, and man's  place in Ihe universe.  His real achievement has  been to prove that "bunk-  housc-poetry" doesn't have to  lake the singsong doggerel  ballad-form popularized by  Kipling, Service and Swanson.  Not to deny Peter his literary  ancestors; a number of rctros-  spcclivc poems from Between  The Sky And Thc Splinters,  his first collection of logging-  poems, reappear in Bush  Poems and still show thc  influence of those early mentors. Any poet worth his salt  has learned lhc rudiments of  his craft by imitating their  example; thc lessons they  teach about the metrical and  musical properties of words  are invaluable. But poets  mature, find their own natural  voice, and so do their verses.  Early poems like "The Ballad of Booted Bondage"  and "Like a War" have been  re-worked and lightened up,  like roughnecks spruced-up  for the family portrait, since  they have to stand in company  with some of Trower's best  work; "Grease For The  Wheels of Winter", "The  Last Handfallcrs", "The  Mountains/The Valley" and  "The Alders". Bush Poems  also contains a number of  good previously unpublished  poems.  If Peter's Ragged Horizons,  published earlier this vear by  McClelland & Stewart,  demonstrated the range of his  poetry, Bush Poems sounds its  depth. When hc first began  publishing his work, Peter  Trower was a curiosity; a log  ger who happened to write  poetry. Now he's a big-league  poet who happens to have  been a logger and Bush Poems  is a special kind of book; a  finely crafted testament to the  elemental "larger than life"  profession that forged the man  and his poetics:  Logging's a bit  like writing poetry.  Mind-cables wrench loose  the sluggish ideas,  sometimes to wedge them  in hopeless canyons  and knowing just when  to blow the whistle  and cut them off  is a knack  of no small importance.  Peter learned that "knack"  in a hard school where failure can cost you your neck,  but thc fact that he did learn  it is apparent on every page  of Bush Poems.  The large format of the book  enhances not only the poems,  but preserves the impact of  Bus Griffiths' marvellous  illustrations. It's always difficult to describe graphic work  verbally, but the originals of  thc Bush Poems illustrations  have drawn superlatives from  everyone who's seen them.  Not only are the scenes Bus  Griffiths portrays accurate to  the finest detail (if you could  unravel one of his cables you  can be damn sure you'd find  exactly the right number of  strands) but, though he's a  self-taught artist, he has the  hand of an engraver and an  instinctive sense of composition that is stunning. The illustrations for Bush Poems don't  merely "illustrate" thc poems  though there arc connections  between the plates and specific poems; 1 think "accompany" is a better word, since  any one or all of them stand  on their own as powerful  works of art. The sequence of  six "high-rigging" illustrations in the centre of thc book  is a minor masterpiece all by  itself.  Bus Griffiths' major masterpiece is Now You're Logging,  an "illustrated novel" of some  Drama Club  Would-be actors, actresses, directors, stage managers, set and costume designers, and those interested in  attending drama workshops  are invited to join a drama  group now forming with the  hope of having a production  ready in the spring. The group  will be organized now and get  underway after Christmas,  and ths first meeting will  be held on Wednesday, December 6. For details and  location please call Mary  Livingston at 885-9248, or the  Recreation Service at 885-  5440.  ������S'lti'---"  sixty-odd pages, which is  coming out, also under the  auspices of Harbour Publishing, simultaneously with  Bush Poems. Howard While.  Pete Trower and I compared  notes on thc difficulty of adequately describing Now  You're Logging. You try to tell  people aboul it and you come  out with something like.  "Well, it's like a comic  strip, only it isn't because it's  all so real, and it's like a novel, only in a big-format hardcover like an art hook, except  that it's about logging and you  could jusl about run your own  camp after you've read it,  but it's about a lot of other  things loo,, and...Aw. what  Ihe hell, you have to see it  to believe it."  Howard White . dmittcd  that vvhen hc talked about  the project so many people  looked at him like he'd slipped  his moorings that hc was  beginning to get nervous,  but two weeks ago he got hold  of an advance copy from thc  printer and just the briefest  glance put everything back in  perspective. The book is a  winner on all counts; good  storytelling; scrupulous  accuracy of detail, and superb  graphic art; not to mention a  thorough lesson in the history and practice of logging  on this coast. It takes a lot of  nerve for a publisher to produce so handsomely something that can't be easily  described, much less conveniently pigeon-holed. If  sticking your neck out has  notorious disadvantages,  il obviously has one great  advantage in enabling you to  sec just a lit tit? bit further  ahead than everyone else.  Now You're Logging is an  instant collectors' item. Bus  Griffiths and Howard White  deserve to sec the time,  energy and money devoted to  this project well rewarded.  With Christmas only a  month away, Bush Poems by  Peter Trower and Bus Griffiths, at $5.95 and Now You're  Logging, by Bus Griffiths, at  $15.00 are things worth keeping in mind.  Coast News, November 28,1978  .A. BLACKTOP^,  OUAUIV SCBVICE SIHCE T956 \ _j  Grading & Gravel  Curbs * Soil Cement ��� Drainage  Roads ��� Industrial Sites ��� Parking Areas  Tennis Courts ��� Driveways  885-5151  PORPOlSt BAY ROAD  SECHELT  North Vancouver i ill  a     '     I ���������������       .'��� i ii   2626  CfcTOP LT  Wayne Hartrich ol the Canadian Coast Guard was at Deserted bay last week giving  a course in water safely and search & rescue.  Gibsons Library  New titles have been  acquired recently in Ihe Gibsons Public Library for both  thc Adult's and thc Children's  shelves.  On thc Adult shelves under  Non-Fiction arc Ben Wicks'  Woman, by Ben Wicks, and  Great Golf Humour by Mer-  vyn .I.Huston. These are bolh  on the Humour shelf. On thc  Marine shelf there is A  Sailor's Tales by Bill Robinson.  The majority of the new  titles on the Adult shelves arc  grouped under Fiction. There  is Mortal Friends, by James  Carroll; Takeover, by Donald  Creighlon; Making Arrangements, by Robert Harlow;  My Enemy the Queen, by  Victoria Holt; Eagle Fur, by  Robert Newton Peck; The  Prince of Darkness, by Jean  Plaids; Death of a Supertanker  by Anthony Trew.  On the Children's shelves  new lilies include Thc Three  Bears; Golden Book; My  House, illustrated by Richard  Scary; Walt Disney's Story of  the Seven Dwarfs and Their  Diamond Mine; Blue Bug  Finds a Friend, and Blue  Bug's Beach Party, both by  Virginia Poulct. All of these  titles are for the very young  cy\��ioxt  ��� Silverline Boats & Lund Aluminum  ��� Mercury Outboards  ��� Mercruiser  883-2248  MADEIRA PARK  #1  K.3  VILLAGE CHRISTMAS FAIR  ���MMBMMMMHDecember 1���9 J  SPECIAL FESTIVITIES AND GIFTS  10a.m.���8 p.m. every day  Th�� Mail Bos  BEATIFUL B.C. 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On Wednesday, November 29 some of thc  best N.F.B. films will be  shown (free!) in the Music  Room of Chatclcch School,  beginning al 8:30 p.m., on  various topics relating to  leisure, recreation, health,  dance, sports and gymnastics. And the second production of "The Mime Show"  with Gerardo Avila and Patricia Smith, will delight audiences at Cedar Grove Elementary Gym on Saturday.  December 2 beginning at  8:00 p.m. Tickets are $1.00  for students, children and  seniors, and $2.50 for adults.  Cone; Shep Ihe Second, by  Roy Brown; 'B' is for Betsy,  Betsy's Little Star, and Eddie  and the Fire Engine ��� all  by Carolyn Haywood.  Grouped for Ihe 8���12 age  bracket are the titles Two are  Belter Than One, by Carol  Brink and Who Is Victoria?  by Betty Ervvin.  For the 10���14 age group  there is From Anna, by .lean  Little and A Girl Can Dream,  by Betty Cavanna.  The Ark, by Margol Denary  Isbert is described as being  suitable for ages 12���16.  ��SS*VVV*%'**V  OPEN HOUSE  Sunday, December 3     1���4p.m.  I  *  10% OFF  EVERYTHING  1/3 OFF Jumpsuits, Rainwear  and Other Items  Door Prizes and Refreshments -ft  New Arrivals���Crystal, China, Etc.  Christmas Lay-Away Plan  Helen's  Fashion  Shoppe  * Sechelt  THE PERFECT STOCKING STUFFER ...  / jI^^YOUR FAVOURITE PHOTO  ON A BUTTON ...  75*  (Actual Size)  ea.  Simply  bring your picture to the Coast ��  .7    News Office and leave it along with a  your address and telephone number. i  The picture brought in will be used f  to make the button and is not returnable, j  Picture may be colour or black and white, jf  Salmonid Enhancement Update'78  Two years ago, members of the Salmonid Enhancement Program of the Federal Department of Fisheries and Oceans, visited your community to hear your concerns and  your opinions on the proposed Federal/Provincial Salmonid Enhancement Program.  In response to your request that they return to report on the hearings of '76, the  Salmonid Enhancement team is coming back to outline to you what it has, and has  not,'done regarding your concerns. We also want more input. What do you want  Salmonid Enhancement to do now? How? When? Where? Why?  The meeting will start at 7:30 p.m. and is divided into two parts:  PART 1.   A PROGRESS REPORT  What has been done as a result of the 1976 meeting?  PART 2.   WHAT'S NEXT?  Where should Salmonid Enhancement go from here?  Each person or organization will have 10 minutes in which to present a written or  oral brief outlining their concerns and/or recommendations. Longer written submissions will be accepted up to January 12, 1979 and may be mailed to:  Update 78  Salmonid Enhancement Program  Fisheries ft Oceans Canada  1090 West Pender Street  Vancouver, B.C.  V6E 2P1  Each meeting will bc lully recorded and a report published in 1979.  Join Salmonid Enhancement wednesuayevening, December 6  Time:   7.30 p.m.  Place: Senior Cili/ons' Hall al Sechell  Government of Canada  Fisheries and Oceans (Pacific Region)  Salmonid Enhancement Program  SANTA ARRIVES at   M����LEODS  Fri. & Sat. Dec. 1st & 2nd  SECHELT 6.  Coast News, November 28,1978.  STERN  DRIVE  HEADQUARTERS  on the Sunshine Coast  ��� Mercruiser  ��� Chrysler  ��� Volvo  ��� OMC  Authorized   and  factory   trained   -^^^^^^^  Evinrude and Honda Outboards  and Pioneer Chain Saws  CMderra  .ttariflc  Box 189 Madeira Park, B.C.  883-2266  VISA'  Native Environmental Studies underway  Baron Bacteria will be part  of the musical melodrama  which will conclude Variety  Night which will bc held in the  Lunch Room at Elphinstone  School al 8:00 p.m. Friday,  December I. The Variety  Night is being organized  to support the New Arls Centre. Tickets will cost S2.00  for adults; $1.00 for students  and senior citizens.  CLASSIFIED NOTE  Drop off vour Coasl News  Classifieds al Campbell's  Family Shoes & Leather  Goods In down-town Sechell.  ^%,The place to come  to  sit  and _.  STINK!  ^i  I      We handle  aewmati auto mw  BBB????  Hwy. 101     3  Gibsons      5  The programme of Native  Environmental Studies is now  underway as evidenced by the  splendid presentation of slides  and commentary given at the  Educational meeting at Chatelech Junior High School on  November 9, but as Clarence  Joe told Ihe Coast News:  "It is only just starting".  Asked whether he was happy  with the programme. Clarence  said. "The kids arc happy  with it, and if they're happy,  then I'm happy."  Clarence was speaking of  thc realization of a long-felt  desire on the part of the  Sechelt Indian people to see  the establishment of an  Educational Programme and  Curriculum ihat would  record and teach the culture  and heritage of the Sechell  Nation. The programme came  into effect largely through the  work of Clarence Joe Senior.  Teddy Dixon, thc Band's  Home School Co-ordinator and  Ihe School Board's Co-ordinator of Special Services, Ed  Nicholson, with the support of  District Superintendent  of Schools, John Denley,  the Board of School Trustees  and thc Sechell Band Council  with the participation of their  Economic Advisor, Derwyn  Owen.  Teddy Dixon also spoke of  the students' enthusiasm and  said that some of the students  would like lo go for ten days  and then have four days off.  He said that initially the  Band had been looking at the  idea of providing cultural  enrichment for native children  at Tsoh-nye (Deserted Bay),  thc site of thc project, and an  important traditional village  site of the Sechelt Nation  about eight miles from the  head of Jervis Inlet. Hc said  thai casual conversations  with Ed Nicholson during  ferry rides to and from Vancouver in the company of Gilbert Joe had led to the establishment of the first committee  (Clarence. Teddv and Ed) on  Tuesday,   May   11.   1976  to  i /��% ittk 1  ESSO ECONOMIC  THE NEW LITTLE  THAT CAN SAVE  A LOT OF FUEL.  The new Esso Econoblue takes  up only 3'/e> square feet of floor  space. Yet it is designed for maximum  fuel economy.  This oil-fired, forced air system  uses a better mixture of air and  oil vapour for more complete combustion. And because the mixture  is also recycled, you get more heat  out of every drop of oil.  If yourold furnace works at 66%  efficiency, for example, Econoblue  could reduce oil consumption by  20%. This means if you now use  750 gallons of fuel a year, Econoblue could save you 150 gallons.  So, if your furnace has  been showing signs of age lately,  don't wait until it gives up  altogether.  Call Esso 1 iome Comfort.  The sooner you do, the sooner  you'll start saving fuel.  investigate the possibilities  of creating a course in Native  Studies which would be of  interest to both native Indian  and non-Indian students.  Ed Nicholson told the Coast  News of the meeting of the  minds and the huge amount  of time which went into making the dream a reality.  In the thirty-five page Native  Environmental Studies Programme proposal which he  drew up, including, as it  docs, detailed curriculum  suggestions, he sees the fusion of Clarence Joe's dream  and Teddy Joe's concern over  problems arising from non-  attendance of Indian students  when they were engaged in  traditional family activities.  This document is the basis on  which lhc programme has  been activated.  The programme objectives  are defined as follows in thc  document, and stress is pul  on the intention of providing  enrichment for students rather  than some sort of "Alternate  School":  1. To develop an appreciation by bolh native Indian and  non-Indian students of the  history and culture of thc Sechelt Indian Nation in their  traditional environment, by  living and studying in that environment.  2. To create an awareness of  man's fundamental relationship with his environment by  studying Ihe geography and  ecology of ihe Pacific Coast  Region, particularly Jervis  Inlet.  3. To demonstrate to thc  students enrolled in environmental studies how lhc original inhabitants of the above  area developed an harmonious  relationship with Iheir natural  surroundings by effective and  efficient utilization of natural  resources.  4. To permit the students to  experience the importance of  both self-reliance and group  co-operation in achieving self-  sufficiency in a natural environment.  5. To give students an opportunity to understand the  inter-relationship between  various academic subjects by  relating them to a common  theme.  6. To create a desire in these  same students to discover  more about their surroundings, albeit in a regular  classroom environment.  With the groundwork thus  laid  in  the  Proposal  which  included site development,  necessary buildings, equipment and so forth, there  remained the task of staffing  the facility and selecting  twenty students. This was a  joint project with the School  Board assuming the responsibility for providing the  educational staff and the Sechelt Band Council the responsibility for the rest. From  the fifty-one student applications received for the first  semester, a joint School  Board/Indian Band screening  committee selected the twenty  successful applicants.  It was apparent from the  Coast News' three-day visit  to the site that all parties had  done an exceptionally successful job in selecting both students and staff for the programme. Thc Coast News'  reporter has been actively-  associated with education  both in Canada and the United  Kingdom since 1963 and he  expressed himself as being  most impressed with thc education taking place at Tsoh-  nye under the direction of  teacher-in-charge, Ron Fearn,  and assistant teacher, Greg  Miller. Together with Boat  Operator and instructor in  carving and Indian Arts  Jamie Dixon, cook and instructor in spinning and  weaving Joan Marshall, and  maintenance man Paul Dupre,  these teachers constitute a  very effective team whose  work will be thc topic of next  week's article on the Native  Environmental Studies Programme.  World Youth volunteers  By Jo-Anne Bushnell  Earlier this month, thc  Canada World Youth Group  responded to a request for  volunteers to assist thc elderly  with some outside chores  which they could not do themselves.  The youth group is composed of fourteen young  adults, seven from various  parts of Canada, and seven  from Indonesia. All had been  carefully screened and selected to take part in this programme. Since their arrival  on the Sunshine Coast ten  weeks ago. the group has  become an integral part of the  community. They have been  voluntarily sharing thc daily  work load in small businesses,  learning aboul the working  world in a small town. Two in  thc programme have been  working with the Coast News  staff. Besides this daily work,  the Indonesians have been  sharing their culture with thc  communitv, putting on cultural shows, and educating the  public about Indonesia.  On November 11 and again  on November 25, the group  divided themselves into work  parties to rake leaves, clean  windows, split wood, plant  bulbs and do a variety of other  tasks which needed to be  done. Local volunteers responded to provide transporta  tion. The recipients were  grateful to have had these  chores done for them; the  group enjoyed meeting these  people and being able to help.  The group demonstrates the true spirit of  voluntcerism. Relative  strangers to the community  are willing to give their time  and their energy to help other  people   who   arc   in   need.  More people are becoming  increasingly aware of the  presence of the Canada World  Youth Group. Unfortunately,  just as they become a part of  the Sunshine Coast community, they must leave us for  Indonesia.  Pieased with steam-tug coverage  Editor: I thought you would  bc interested in this letter that  I received from W.F.Wiley,  Secretary of thc Society for  the Restoration and Preservation of S.S.Master. ���Jack  Palcrson.  Dear John:  I was most happy to receive  your letter today together with  thc clipping from thc Coasl  News pertaining to thc S.S.  Master.  Consequently. 1 have just  got off Ihe phone with Bill  Bowe,our Treasurer and Public Relations Officer, and hc  wishes to know if it would be  possible for you to obtain four  other copies of that clipping  for the Society. We are endeavouring to start up a scrap  book of the write-ups of  the S.S.Master, John, and to  be quite frank, this is one of  the best write-ups wc have  ever had.  If you can obtain four or  six copies of this clipping, we,  the Society, would bc more  TED HUME  (Esso Dealer)  Gibsons  886-2951  THOMAS HEATING  (Esso Dealer)  Gibsons  886-7111  HOME COMFORT  <��2>    THE PERFORMANCE PEOPLE.  OPEN 4-11     Tuesday to Sunday      Closed Mondays  SMORGASBORD   FRI.. SAT., SUN.  UALPMOON INN  8 miles north of Sechelt on Hwy 101        885.5500   Please phone lor reservations OW8WWJ  than happy to pick up the cost.  Thanking you  very  much  John, for your great interest in  this historic vessel.  Thank you  Editor:  To all the people ��� who  assisted in Ihe search of my  husband, Elgin Gordon, after  his boating accident last  month, I would like to say  thank you. A lot of people  gave up their time and put all  their efforts into thc search���  my father, Bill Peterson,  and my brothers, Bill and  John; Clay Young and Croy-  den Landsdowne, who made a  special flight from Bella  Coola; and my mother who  looked after these people  and who knew the agony of  waiting at home. These were  people who knew and loved  him.  To Corporal Wade and Corporal Wayne Garten, Tyee  Airways  and   Ray   Kceland,  Hoping lo hear from you  soon.  W.F.Wiley.  Secretary,  S.S.Master Society,  Vancouver, B.C.  thank you also ��� for an efficient, well-organized search  and to the U.F.A.W.U.. for  keeping the search going.  Linda L.Gordon,  Bella Coola, B.C.  impressed  Editor:  As a reader of the Coast  News for threc-and-one-half  years, I have seen pictures  and 1 have seen pictures.  However, I believe Ian Corrance has outdone himself  this time, with thc sequential  pictures of the (sinking) trimaran in the last edition.  It is sad that the boat tur-  tlcd but again, the picture  coverage was excellent.  Les Virag,  Gibsons, B.C.  Christmas Seats  XMAS SPECIALS ON ALL BIKES  AND ACCESSORIES  HONDA  CT-90  YAMAHA   I  I  Porpoise I  BayRd., S  Sechelt I  885-  j  2030!  | C06IT cvcicj  I D.L.M14B5B I  Z DDIMr> TLIIC   API       IU enn ���  BRING THIS AD   IN FOR  SPECIAL 10% DISCOUNT  Editor:  Christmas Seals have now-  been mailed to all homes in  British Columbia and as  Chairperson of the local  Christmas Seal Committee  I have been receiving telephone calls from local residents who are a little confused about our system of  mailing. If you will bc so kind  as to print this letter it may  clarify matters for others who  have similar questions.  Christmas Seals arc sent  initially to approximately  170,000 people who contributed last year. A second  mailing is sent to all residences and businesses in  British Columbia to ensure  that everyone has an opportunity to use Christmas Seals  on Iheir holiday mail if they  so wish.  Wc realize that by using  this system our contributors  from previous years will  receive two packages. I hope,  however, that they will regard  it as a gentle reminder if  they have not already sent in  their donation this year, and  that they will also welcome the  opportunity to use this second  sheet of Seals.  If anyone has any further  questions I will of course be  only too happy to talk to them  if they would like to call mc at  885-9487.  With many thanks to you,  and all thc contributors to  Christmas Seals.  (Mrs.) Patricia Murphy,  Chairperson, Christmas Seal  Committee,  Halfmoon Bay, B.C.  Owners of smaller businesses  The Federal Business  Development Bank  can provide you  with:  See our Representative  at:  Bella Beach Motel,  Sechelt.  Tel: 885-9561  on:  Wednesday,  December 6th  Financial assistance  Management counselling (CASE)  Management training  ��� Information on government  programs lor business  (Branch Ollice Address)  145 West 15th Street,  North Vancouver, B.C.  Tel: 980-6571  nMMMMMM*MM����NMIMMMMnMMMaWWMMIMaWMI^^  MmmmmmmmmaamtAMnAmmmaammmmaaAammm  SUNSHINE GM  MMMMMIMMMMIMMVMWMMNMWMM^  Now Leasing ��� Cars, Trucks ��� Inquire ��� Competitive prices and  better.  885-5131 Coast News, November 28, 1978  Lockstead from Victoria  Wednesday. November  15, 1978: Yet another sign has  been put up on the ferries, lt  reads: "The cost of your journey is subsidized by the taxpayers of British Columbia. In  1978 the amount of thc subsidy will be $46.6 million."  lt was, after all. this government that doubled the ferry  rates in one step in July 1976  thereby substantially raising  our cost of living and crippling  our tourist industry. It was  this government that reduced  ferry   service.   It   was   this  mkm  PE COST OF  JOURN  _ BSIDIZL  M BY THE  PMERS OF  H COLUMBIA  IN  1978  ���"t will amount to  i46��MI|  The message, which greets  those who wait in the line-up  to thc cafeteria, is insult added to injury done to the people  of the coasl and Vancouver  Island in the three years Social  Credit has badly managed the  ferry system.  government that sold three of  thc ferries to eastern financial  interests after they had already been bought and paid  for by thc taxpayers of British  Columbia who are now having  to lease them back again.  Now this same government  Recreation films  The Recreation and Fitness  Service presents its second  evening of films for public  viewing November 29. This  week's programme will consist of the following films:  A Piece of Cake which reveals  the long hours of arduous  training required to achieve  perfection on the gymnastics  equipment. Starting in a  school gymnasium and concluding with some faultless  routines in the 1973 China-  Canada competition, this film  promises to open some eves.  Bates' Car: Sweet as a  Nut is a delightful film of an  inventor who has made a barnyard manure digester to produce methane gas which in  turn, powers his auto. In this  day and age when pollution  and ecology arc a major  concern, maybe Mr. Bates'  most recent accomplishment ��� a bicycle self-powered  by the bumps in the road ���  is more practical than one  would believe.  Walking is a rhythmical,  pulsating interpretation of  people afoot illustrated by  line drawing and colour wash  techniques. A very artistic  film short with enough moments   of  humour  and   in-  DOGWOOD  cm  we are open:  Weekdays till 9 p.m.  dividuality that it received an  Oscar nomination.  The portrayal of the deep-  sea dive into the Pacific  depths to capture octopus  and wolf-eels ��� future specimens for thc Vancouver  Aquarium ��� is the main  theme of Octopus Hunt. This  zoological expedition creates  some exciting underwater  film footage with the dialogue  being supplied by the divers  themselves.    ���  Cross Country Skiing is  a short film, introducing four  professionals to illustrate the  seemingly effortlessness of  movements of cross country  skiing amongst some glorious  country-side on a beautiful  winter day. A poem without  words.  The final film, Joy of Effort, employs the application  of modern science ��� physics,  biochemistry, physiology ���  to perfect, improve, or just  maintain the human machine's performance. A documentary that is indeed of the  Twentieth Century. Last  week's programme proved to  be an enjoyable one and we  hope to see some more  friendly faces out this Wednesday evening for another  free evening of award-winning  films. Remember, November  29, 8:30 at the Chatelech  Music Room (Performing  Arts).  Drop off your Coast News  Classifieds    at    Campbell's.  Famlly    Shoes    &   Leather'  Goods In down-town Sechelt.  tops off that deplorable record  with a little sign which in effect tells thc people of the  coast and Vancouver Island  they are some sort of welfare  bums riding on the back of  "the taxpayers".  Well, it may surprise the  Socreds to learn that the people of the coast and the Island  are taxpayers too. These taxpayers are well aware of the  fact that the ferry system does  not make a profit���just as  hospitals, schools and highways don't make profits.  Can we now expect to see  signs on thc highways to the  Cariboo telling thc residents  of that good Socred riding  that the cost of their journey is  subsidized by the taxpayers of  British Columbia���because it  is, just as much as any ferry  route.  And while we are putting up  signs, perhaps there should  be one on the door of Premier  Bennett's office, reading:  "The cost of this office is  subsidized by thc taxpayers  of British Columbia. In 1978  the amount of the subsidy will  be $754,000."  But if the new signs that  have gone up on the ferries  are an insult to the people  who use them, they are also a  sad admission that the Socred  government simply does not  understand that the ferry  system is an essential part of  the transportation network of  this province���many parts of  which are separated from each  other by water. Consequently  they cannot see running ferries as an essential part of  government service. Instead  they think they are running  some kind of cut-rate cruise  ships sailing between Aca-  pulco and Pango Pango and  that the lay-abouts who are  the passengers should be reminded that they are getting  away with something they  don't deserve.  Well, if that's the impression the Socreds are trying to  leave, it just isn't working.  As a fellow passenger in the  cafeteria line-up observed:  "If that's supposed to make  me feel guilty, 1 don't."  Guess Where Deserted Bay report  By    Mike    Frankland,    and  Stephanie Read  The week of November 20���  24 has been very busy. The  students arrived at the  school on Monday onlv to  find all thc waler frozen in the  pipes. There was a trickle  here and there, but il made  clean-ups harder.  On Tuesday we made un  overnight visit to Malibu  Camp, which is at the opening of Princess Louisa Inlet.  Thc stay at Malibu was comfortable and many of lhc slu-  dents wished we could spend  the week up there, wilh water  problems at Descried Bay as  an excuse. Needless to say.  we couldn't stay there a week  but came back  to camp  to  The usual prize of $5.00 will be awarded for the correct location of the above  drawn from the barrel. Send your entries to the Coast News, Box 460, Gibsons. Last  week's winner was Leonard Lee of Box 822, Gibsons, B.C. who correctly identified  the picture as being at the end of Gower Point Road.  Elves seek support  It's the time of year when  the Elves seek support in their  annual bid to fill Christmas  hampers for needy families on  the Sunshine Coast. Those  wishing to assist the club in its  campaign should write The  Elves Club, Box 1107, Gibsons  or phone 886-2149.  You can leave your donations at any one of the following depots: Holy Family  Church Hall (rear), December  1, 10 a.m.���6 p.m., Sechelt;  W.W. Upholstery and Boat  Tops, Gibsons, December 2,  10 a.m.���6 p.m.; Bcnners  Furniture Store. Sechelt;  Coast News, Gibsons.  We do have other depots in  Davis   Bay,   Wilson   Creek,  LORO  lNCIES  OT  FLORON  AGENCIES LTD  RON McSAVANEY  AGENT  885-3339  REAL ESTATE * INSURANCE  Box 238 1589 Marine Drive Gibsons,  OFFICE: 886-2248  JOHN BLACK  886-7316  George Cooper  886-9344  CLEAN IT NOW!  Peninsula Cleaners  & Laundry  DRViiEnninc  ALTERATIONS & REPAIRS  WHARF ROAO With 1521 GOWER PT. RD  SECHELT 2 locations GIBSONS, B.C.  885-9554     to serve you best I 886-2200  OMEGA  6 licensed a  PIZZA ���   STEAK & LOBSTER HOUSE  Located in the SEASIDE PLAZA,  Gower Point Road, Gibsons  WITH A VIEW OF GIBSONS HARBOUR  THE OMEGA HAS  EXPANDED!  We now have a new 60 seat banquet section which can be reserved for Christmas Parties, Birthday Parties, Wedding Re-  ceptlons, Etc.   Open 7 days a week  Sun.���Thurs  Fri. & Sat.  4���10 p.m.  4���11p.m.  Roberts Creek, Gibsons and  Port Mellon. If you wish lo  find out the drop off in your  area, you may phone 886-  2149.  Benners Furniture has a  Spin Dry Washer for $150.  If this machine is sold for this  amount they will donate this  money to the Elves Club, so  if you do need a Spin Dry  Washer, see Joe at Benners.  learn the ancient art ol packing your own water. People  don'i realize or appreciate  how much water they use  unless they have to pack il.  Even with thc carrying help  of the truck we have, il is  hard work.  Also this week, Wayne  Hartrick, from thc Canadian  Coasl Guard came up to give  us a course on water safety  and search and rescue. Once  through the course, the group  should be able to assist other  boats in trouble in our area ot  Jervis Inlet, and on our pas  sage way up here.  The course is very interesting and the students havi  learned quickly. Wc arc ven  grateful to Wayne Hartrick  lor his help.  WMMMMMM.MHMMMHMMMMMMMMi  POTTERY SALE  Saturday, December 2  9:30a.m. to 1:00 p.m.  St.Hilda's Hall, Sechelt  All pots handcrafted by  Elaine Futterman  885-2015  WATCH   FOR  WOODLATCH  IN  SUNNYCREST MALL  GIBSONS  HANDCRAFTED WOODEN FURNITURE  MOREL'S  Framing &  Construction Ltd.  "SPEC  HOUSES"  specializing in  CUSTOM HOME  BUILDING & FRAMING  886-2440  PRESENTING  Thc First Annual  SUNSHINE COAST HISTORICAL CALENDAR  'The Coast News  *NDP Bookstore  'Fawkes Books  in Gibsons  Available at:  'Miss Bee's 'Madeira Pharmacy  'Books & Stationery 'Harvest Sun Restaurant  in Sechelt in Pender Harbour  *B&J Store in Halfmoon Bay  The Ideal Gift For Those People  On Your Christmas Mailing List.  SUNSHINE GM  Used Car Department Loaded with Bargoons. Before you buy anything it pays to drive a few miles to our bargain lot across the street  from the Showroom.  885-5131  MNMMaMMWMW  ��� Coast News, November 28,1978.  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Magnetic-  closing doors  69.96  (C) Split level style 43-7/fTLx 15*3/4"D High side 25-5/B"H. low side  17-1/2   Receiver shelf is 7-1 2"H x 20"W x 15"'D  84.95  (D> Ovprali 27 H r 48 'L x 15-3 4 D With ornate, magnetic dosedoors   59.95  (E} Stac��abie cabinets -buy 1, 2,3 or more and create your own centre.  the/interlock Walnut-look vinyl finish Shelves 22-1. 2 x 15" Overall 27  x 24x15-1.2"  39.95each  /haek  AVAILABLE AT  J&C ELECTRONICS  .?j Radio/liaek  authorized Sales Centre  885-2568       Cowrie St., Sechelt, B.C.  mmmu  ���lwhhmhi  mtmmm Coast News, November 28,1978  The Sunshine ����j|  Second Front Page  CBC upsets film makers  Bj Maryanne West  C.B.C.'s Len Lauk was in  the hot seat at last week's  conference on Public Broadcasting. Having earlier described the C.B.C. as Canada's  first line of defence along its  undefended border, he was  confronted with a number of  independent film makers who  wanted to know just why  C.B.C. refuses to accept their  feature films while the Public Broadcasting station in  Seattle, Channel 9, is running  a special Cinema B.C. series  featuring Canadian films  made by both freelancers and  the National Film Board.  The answer given earlier  as to why C.B.C. couldn't  be more like P.B.S. ��� that it  has a different mandate and  is required to be all things to  all people ��� really wasn't  much help, because presumably, the mandate would  apply also to Canadian film  makers as much as to Canadian singers, musicians or  athletes.  As far as B.C. is concerned  the answer is actually quite  simple. There just isn't time  in the schedule. What regional  time there is for programmes  by British Columbians for  British Columbians is a daily  thirty minutes for the Bob  Switzer Show, a weekly half-  hour foi Klahanie and the  weekly hour for Pacific Report. The flexibility to schedule a couple of hours or even  ninety uninterrupted minutes  for a feature film just isn't  there.  Len put his finger on part  of the problem when he said  that being dependent upon  commercial revenues for even  a small proportion of your  budget inevitably results in  the tail wagging the dog. The  commercial imperative is  dominant and in reality  the schedule is decided in  New York.  The C.B.C. is often criticized for carrying American  programming; Rhoda, Barney Miller, Three's Company,  et al ��� programmes which  get high ratings and thus  attract advertisers, but if we  were to give some of them up  so that we could air some  Canadian feature films would  the advertisers be assured of  that big audience?  Feature films and dramas  do have a loyal following, but  it is a specialized rather than a  mass audience, one C.B.C.  has been cultivating by using  its own film makers rather  than freelancers. It really is  little wonder Canadian film  makers and directors migrate  south of the border. Even if  you are a reasonably well-  known Canadian film maker,  a Claude Jutras or Allan  King, and have had your films  shown on television, and won  national and international  awards, still no theatre will  carry them for general distribution.   Film distributors don't  believe people will go to see  films which have already been  previewed on T.V. and says  the C.B.C. should put up the  money for any such gamble.  The C.B.C. with enough financial problems thinks its  first duty is to make programmes. It is a problem for  the struggling Canadian film  industry.  But back to the B.C. film  makers and their problem with  the C.B.C.  Four years ago in response  to the overwhelming concern  of those who presented  briefs to the C.B.C.'s license  renewal hearings, the C.R.T.  C. set up a time table to get  the C.B.C. out of advertising. You may remember the  howls of protest which greeted  this very modest proposal to  cut back one minute per hour  for the next five years. In  fact, we would only just be beginning to notice the difference! The C.B.C. understandably was scared to give  up a source of revenue over  which it had total control,  without any assurance that the  government would come up  with the difference. We, the  people, left the C.R.T.C. with  its neck out and no visible  means of support; therefore  nothing came of the idea and  four years later while we  realize the importance of the  C.B.C. it is perhaps even  less relevant to us.  Charles Dalfen referred  several times to this Canadian  characteristic, the ability to  compromise, to accept differences and live with things  we can't change. It is a quality  I find hard to knock on the one  hand, because obviously the  art of living with others and  the art of compromise are very  closely allied, yet surely it  does deprive us of the sort of  vibrant, dynamic society  which is essential if we're  going to survive as a nation?  . Just getting out of the  commercial imperative won't  change the C.B.C. overnight  however. There are other fundamental problems. What  makes P.B.S. different is that  each station is its own boss,  it doesn't have the C.B.C.'s  mandate to support national  unity or a national identity.  The U"S. doesn't have to  concern itself with Canada.  The C.B.C. reflects Canada  only too well ��� with its centralized structure. What  chance is there of, for example, a festival of B.C. films on  C.B.U.T. until C.B.C. British  Columbia is more than a  name ��� an outpost of the  C.B.C. empire regulated in,  Toronto by Toronto's stan-  ards of what is good for us?  The C.B.C. recognizes that  change is coming, though it  seems they are not able to  overcome the corporate inertia and make those changes  themselves.  Len Lauk favoured a Royal  Commission to study the  whole Canadian Broadcasting system but Charles Dalfen spoke vehemently against  such a waste of time, money,  and effort when we need  action now.  The Conservatives I'm told  have a plan for decentralization of the C.B.C. We'd  be well advised to study it  carefully.  Weapons  amnesty  4H6  YOUR AUTOPLAN  %    CENTRJ  seaside Plaza  886-2000  886-9121  Taking care of  all your Real Estate Needs  Evenings Norm Peterson  886-2607  Wildlife  I m.   v \  m^m*mm\\ wLa\    ^Hx  mmamamamamamamamamW          mam ~  mm^aMamMm 3  corner  By Ian Corrance  Weapons Amnesty Nears End  The end of November is  also the end of the amnesty for  unregistered weapons. After  that time, people owning unregistered weapons which  come under a restrictive category could be liable for criminal charges. Sechelt police  have been surprised at the  response so far. Approximately twenty firearms, many  of them hand guns, have been  registered or turned in for  destruction.  School  opening  The Official opening of the  Pender Harbour Secondary  School will be on Friday,  December 1 at 2:00 p.m.  Officials attending will  include Mrs. F.Fleming, a  former Principal of Pender  Harbour Secondary School  and a former Ministry of Education official. Also present  will be Mr. L. Canty from the  Ministry of Education in Victoria and members of the  Board of School Trustees.  All visitors are welcome to  attend.  Card)cont'd) fl-  approximately $50,001),  whereas the perforation machines could be purchased for  approximately $600. Twenty-  five thousand commuter cards  are presently in circulation in  the two areas.  S.P.C.A.  It looks like the newly,  almost-formed Sunshine Coast  S.P.C.A. has lots of energy  behind it. Talking with Bill  Waikey on Saturday, the new  President said he was happy  the way things were going.  The structure of the organization will be a bit different  than before. The coast will  be broken into areas, with  approximately the same boundaries as the fire departments. Each area will have a  .designated member, who will  look into any complaints in  their own area. If it turns out  that the complaint has to be  acted on, then the member  will bring in Len Wray, who  has been appointed the Inspector, and he'll deem what  action is necessary. Because  the member lives in the area,  it's hoped that it will mean he  will have more insight into  the situation (makes sense).  There's going to be a membership drive on the 16th  and 23rd of December, at the  Sunnycrest Mall and the Trail  Bay Mall, and if it can be  arranged, somewhere in the  Pender area too.  One thing that's realized by  the members is that each  area will have different  problems. For example, the  built up areas will mostly be  concerned with dogs and  cats (apart from the occasional  bantam or two), while the  more rural areas will be con-  cerned  with  horses,   goats.  etc. This is one of the topics  that it is hoped will be discussed at the membership  drive. I'll give you more details next week; by that time  there will be more information  available.  By the way, Len Wray  has an eighteen year-old  horse that needs a good home.  Wolves:  It looks like the go-ahead  has been given to get rid of  the wolves in the Quesnel  area. Apparently they've been  after the cattle and the  ranchers are up in arms.  Even though it's our fault  in the first place, since we've  taken away their natural food,  the plight of the ranchers can  still be seen. What is inhumane is the way they are  going to do it. With a slow-  acting poison.  It's not too hard to imagine  what would happen if a neighbour's dog got into your  chickens and you decided to  Salaries  In other School Board  news, Secretary-Treasurer  Roy Mills reported on the  contract signed between the  Sechelt Teachers' Association and the Board of School  Trustees. He termed the  7.68% basic salary increase,  "a fair and equitable settlement." He was not optimistic with regard to forthcoming negotiations with the  Canadian Union of Public  Employees which he feared  may   be   lengthy,  Pender  Display  Wednesday, December 6 at  7:30 p.m., at thc Pender Harbour Medical Clinic.  The new electro-cardiogram  machine will bc on display ;it a  reception given in honour of  (he Women's Auxiliary,  who financed thc purchase of  the unit, by thc Board Members of the Clinic Society.  Later, a twenty-six minute  film, "I'm Joe's Heart" will  be shown. It depicts heart  attacks, their causes, and  their consequences.  All welcome ��� admission,  free.  remedy it with a beef steak  spiked with a slow-acting  painful poison. You'd get a  heck of a lot more than a rap  on the knuckles with a ruler.  So why the heck are a bunch  of farmers, sportsmen and  wildlife chappies, who would  to a man probably deny that  they arc a bunch of yobo's,  getting away with it.  On thc same train of  thought. Mrs. Price from  Gower Point Road dropped  in to the office this afternoon  (Sunday). She was pretty upset when her year-old German  Shephcrd-and-husky cross  came home with its eye all  milky and looking as if it had  been clubbed. You can't  blame her, it is a pretty extreme way of telling a dog that  you don't want it to hang  around.  Odds 'n Ends:  A couple of racoons came to  a shocking end on Reed and  Payne. Allan Cripps left a  message that thc two wee  furry beasties had been  hanging around the area for  a couple of months, when for  some reason, on subsequent  evenings, they climbed up a  power pole and became conductors between two hot  points on Ihe transformer.  Hydro has restored power to  the area, but could do nothing  for the racoons.  There are still lots of salmon running up the creeks.  On Saturday I counted around  fifty of them under the Chapman Creek Bridge, and they  are spawning just below the  fish ladder at Wilson Creek.  If anything interesting happens, give me a call at 886-  7817or 886-2622, ta.  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OUR NEW NUMBER IS  l jWwWwV* H H ��A W ki HHHHHHVAk-AHItilliU  Santa's List of Christmas Gifts  Wicker,      Pots,  Soil,   Fertilizers  m  Hand  Articles  Woven  Wooden Items  Mary  Jackson's  Baskets  Local Pottery  Candles & Cards  '' 'Leather Wallets  P.'Quality Poin-  ' isettias in    all  different sizes  and colours  Other Flowering  Plants  A fine selection  of Tropical  Plants and Dish  Gardens  ftaUnyii  885-3818      We Deliver  Sechelt  V'A LITTLE MAGIC FOR    /J//  YOUR CHRISTMAS.  TRY A DELICIOUS  FRUITCAKE  Henry's  Bakery  I & Coffee Shop  I Also available at the Co-op store in Gibsons.  I Sunnycrest Shopping Centre,  V Gibsons, B.C.   886-7441  Sunnycrest Shopping Centre 886-9413  CHRISTMAS %  SHOPPING J  PARTY1  ALL DAY  Thursday  November 30  ���  Discount  WILL   BE  GIVEN  ON  ALL  REGULAR   PRICED  MERCHANDISE PURCHASED  (NOT EFFECTIVE ON SALE PRICED ITEMS)  SUNSHINE GM  We had 80 78's ��� we are now down to 12 new 78 cars - 6 new 78  trucks. Prices are still fantastic on these units.  885-5131  MMMWM  MM  MMMM  WMMMM H  Coast News, November 28,1978.  Richard's  mens wear  CHRISTMAS  =    SALE  CONTINUES  Sunnycrest Centre    886-2116  GROCERY  Co-Op      ,^^^^^^mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm.  Pitted Dates 2b   M.59  Co-Op  Raisins seedless  2ib. M.73  Co-Op Fancy  Fruit Cocktail  Co-Op Fancy  Kernel Corn  Royal  Cheese Cake  Filling  Co-Op  14 fl.  oz.  1211.  oz.  55*  33*  11 oz.  f*AffAA   re9-'fineor  vWIIW   whole bean     11b.  Co-Op Pure  Apple Juice  Co-Op  48 oz.  Soup  Tomato or  Vegetable  10 oz.  M.17  '3.05  89*  4/98*  MEAT  Schneiders cut UP  Fried Chicken^'3.79!  Olympic  Hams   bts bM.49  Turkeys ���, b$1.09  Pork Side Ribs b$1.49  Olympic  Bologna Chunks b 97*  Church Services  Roman Culhulk- Services  Rev I Nicholson Pastor  I inns .if Sunil.n Mass:  K:llll p.m. Sulurtlat and 12 Noon  Sundav iii St.Mary's Gibsons  In Sechelt: 9:00 a.m.Our Lady of  Lourdes Church. Indian Reserve  10:00a.m. Holj Family! hurch  xhs.i>S2l>  GIBSONS PENTECOST  CHURCH  Highway .V Martin  Sunday School  Morning Worship I  Evening Fellowship  Bible Stuih Wednesday  Pastor Ted Boodle  886-7107 or 886-9482  Affiliated with (he  Pentecostal Assemblies  (anada  A I.  1:45  1:00  7:00  7:30  UNITED CHURCH  9:30a.m. -Sl.John's  Davis Bay  11:15 a.m. - Gibsons  886-2333  SEVENTH-DAY ADVENTIST  CHURCH  Sabbath School Sal.. 10 a.m.  Hour of Worship Sal.. II a.m..  Sl.John's United Church  Davis Bay  Pastor C.Drclberg  Everyone Welcome  Fur information phone:  885-9750 or  M3-2736  GLAD TIDINGS TABERNACLE  Gower Point Road  Phone 886-2660  Sunday School ��� 9:45 a.m.  Worship Service ��� 11:00a.m.  Revival -7:00p.m.  Bible Study-Wed. 7:30 p.m.  Pastor Nancy Dykes  On the rocks  The Gibsons Winter Club  Men's Open Bonspiel has  gone into the records as the  most successful even! lo date.  Local rinks showed dramatic  improvement over past years,  wiih mosl of the local rinks  winning in the first round ol  play, and two of ihe rinks  going all the way lo the finals.  The three-day event wound  up on Sunday evening with  the loeal Dan Reitlo rink  taking the 'A' event after  defeating Mirhardy of U.B.C.  in the final. The 'B' event  went lo Delta's Hud Will  with a win over the local  Stojak rink.  Delia Thistle's MuitcII rink  went home with firsl in the  'C event after defeating Bro-  wctt of Powell River. Winner  of Ihe "first oul" prize was  Ihe local Benner rink. No  doubt the sieak dinner donated by Mr. Mike's will help  Ihem forge! their losses.  Three other local merchants  have very generously donated  keeper trophies for the win-   the lounge.  Boys' basketball  Elphinstone Secondary  School's senior boys' basketball team emerged lhc winner  of a basketball tournament  held recently at Max Cameron  High School in Powell River.  Competing were teams from  Max Cameron, Port Alberni.  and Garibaldi in addition to  the local boys.  ners in each event. Our thanks  to Super Valu Stores for the  'A' event trophies, to John  Kavanagh of ihe Cedars Inn  for Ihe 'B' event trophies, and  lo Russ Hanchar of the Pop  Stop for the 'C event trophies. Your help is very much  appreciated.  A major portion of lhc credit  for the success of this annual  event goes to Bonspiel Chairman Maurice Pearson who has  once again organized a 'spiel  which saw ihe winners take  home more lhan $1,000 in  prizes. Thanks also to Bcr-  niee Chamberlin and her crew  of gals who look over thc kitchen duties. As usual, the  food was superb. Maurice  would also like lo thank all  other club members who donated so much of their lime  lo help lake our 'spiel over the  lop.  One lasl reminder to all  club members ��� don't forget the annual meeting on  November  28 at   8  p.m.   in  Elphinstone beat Port Alberni by a score of 73-67 in  Iheir first game. Bruce Norlh-  way and Jeff Mulcaster coming out as lop scorers for the  locals. In the second match  against Max Cameron. Elphinstone prevailed by a score  of 89-68 and high scorers in  that contest were Larry Linc-  ker and Jeff Mulcaster.  Jeff Mulcaster and Wally  Nygren were the lop scorers  in ihe third contest which  saw Elphinstone defeat Garibaldi rather easily by a score  of 80-50.  Wally Nygren was voted  most valuable player in the  tournament with Jeff Mulcaster being named lo thc first  all-star team.  In a later game played at  Elphinstone on November  21. Elphinstone beat Cariboo  Flill in a close game bv a score  of 82-78. Wally Nygren and  Larry Lineker were top  scorers.  In basketball action coming  up, lhc loeal (cam will be  competing in a tournament in  North Vancouver. The next  home games will be played  against Port Coquitlam, with  the Senior Girls playing at  6:30 p.m. and the Senior Boys  scheduled lor 8:00 p.m. These  games will bc played at  Elphinstone on Tuesday.  November 28. On Thursday,  November 30. the Senior  Bins and Girls will bc in action at home against teams  from Garibaldi Secondary.  _ Restaur an L^  <>ivm.>v located in Pender Harbour Hotel  TTTurs   HOME-COOKED MEALS  cafe- 883-2617  Tues.-F"      '2:00-2:00       TakGOU,     Flsh f. Cl���ps  Sat & Sun.    10:00-2 00      also Chicken 8 Chips  DINING ROOM-  Thurs���Sun.  6:30-9:30 p.m.  Save  for your home.  Put together  Your R.H.0.S.R  shelter before  December 31st.  The First Canadian Bank  Bank of Montreal  Gibsons Branch   686-2216  League  standings  No league games were  scheduled due to Provincial  Cup playdowns this weekend.  Wanderers took advantage  of the time off to recover from  injuries to players Gary Davies, Frank Havies, Duncan  Campbell, Jimmy Sawer,  Robbie Williams, and Nick  Bergnach. Next week's schedule is not yet available and  the following is present league  standing:  Sons of  09 7  10 6  i .  T.   L.   P.  The cry of "Sweep, Sweep" rang out at Ihe Gibsons Winter Club last week as the  local club hosted a very successful bonspiel.  Elphinstone Wanderers reports  The Wanderers travelled to  the mainland Saturday.  November 18, to notch their  fifth win of the season over  league opponents Cliff  Avenue, making their record  for the season a respectable  five wins, one tie and two  losses.  Thc injury-plagued Wanderers were outplayed for  much of the game but capitalized on their infrequent opportunities. The first goal was  scored at the ten minute mark  of the first half by ever-  dangerous Robbie Williams.  Cliff Avenue pressed for the  remainder of the first half but  were constantly thwarted by  a solid defensive corp led by  Centre Back Ken Bland and  Fullbacks Art Dew and Graham Chapman. When thc  opposition did succeed in  breaking through. Goalie  Jan Dc Reus preserved his  shut-out by a strong performance and played by far his  besl game of the year.  The second goal was scored  by striker Dan Baker late in  thc second half with a quick  move which ended with the  ball being driven into the  lower right side of the opposition goal which struck the  death knell for the Cliff Avenue team.  Injuries forced thc Wanderers to forfeit their November 19 Sunday game against  the Sechelt Renegades for a  berth in the Provincial Cup  playdowns. Gary Davics and  Frank Havies are still on thc  injury list with leg' injuries  while     Duncan     Campbell,  Robbie Williams, and Nick  Bergnach suffered injuries  in the Cliff Avenue contest.  Thc club wishes to welcome  back Art Dew who played an  outstanding aggressive  game at Fullback. Also Graham Chapman has recently  returned from a six-week  European vacation and is  quickly playing himself back  into shape. Also, a familiar  face from last year is Danny  Paul, who turned in a steady  performance at Halfback.  Frankie Hoehne, instrumental  in bringing organized soccer  to Gibsons, has left thc club  due to work commitments  and will be greatly missed.  Wedding bells chimed recently for Ken Bland and his  new bride, Lisa, and they have  our congratulations and  best wishes. Ken even found  time to play a game of soccer  only one day after the wedding which demonstrates the  great enthusiasm shown by  everyone associated with the  team this year.  A second half schedule wi  be printed in the paper a;  soon as available for our sup  porters. See vou al Langdale.  Fight the  king  cripplers  Emphysema, Aslhma, Tuberculosis,  Chronic Bronchitis. Air Pollution  Use  Christmas  Seals  The Wanderers have two  games in hand over the league  leaders. Two previous cancellations against Sons of Norway and Shamrock Labatts  will be played at Langdale  however dates are not yet  available. Providing wins are  notched in both games the  Wanderers will be close to  the top of their leaugue.  Referring to the Coast  News article of November 21  captioned "Renegades win  Again" by J & Co., we  comment as follows. For your  information, the Wanderers  have never defaulted a game  intheir four year history and  enjoy good competition which  the Renegades have always  provided. However, as we are  certain even the Renegades  are aware, soccer is a game  played by eleven players and  not seven as would have been  the case had the game been  played. The cancellation of the  previous week's  game  was  Norway  Belfast  Western  Union  Squamish  Elph.  Wanderers 08  Shamrock  Labatts      08  Cliff  Avenarc     10  Trojans 10  Musqueam    09  Coach-  House  10  09  5   I   2   11  3   2   3   00  06  05  05  09   2   1   6   05      J  brought about by the decision  of the referee due to extremely  hazardous conditions brought  about by ice completely covering the Langdale pitch.  Sportsmanship and fairness  are always important parts of  the game, especially with our  Sunshine Coast rivals, the  Sechelt Renegades. However  the article appearing in the  Coast News of November 21  by J. & Co. was unfair and  unjust as the reasons for the  cancellation and the forfeit  were clearly explained to  the writer.  Good luck to the Renegades in the Provincial  Playdowns!  To Ken Verhulst the injured Wanderers player,  we wish a speedy recovery.  Ken just underwent a second  knee operation in Vancouver  and is back on the Peninsula.  f  I 886-   ?. WOOKs,.   7744 4  I  V%4.  \  sssssso  Corner of School Road  and Gower Point Rd.  CANADIANA  MY COUNTRY-Tales of the Remark  riblc Psst  WILD FRONTIER-More Tales of the  Remarkable Past  KLONDIKE ....    _.  All by Pierre Berton  SWAMP SONG-Stanley Burke & Roy  Peterson  1  NEW  BRITISH   COLUMBIA  man  BOOKS  TRUCKING-Andy Craig  MINING IN B.C.-G.W.Taylor  ���The Two Best books of the Season���  NOW YOU'RE LOGGING-  Bus Griffiths  BUSH    POEMS-Peter    Trower    &  Bus Griffiths  ALSO IN STOCK  The Perfect Gift in Paperbacks  THE PEOPLES' ALMANAC #2  THE CANADIAN BOOK OF LISTS  LORD OF THE RINGS-Tolkien  PLUS  m   A good selection of Boxed Sets  Coast Insulation Co.  MM* 0207  MVMMMmWMMIMMWWMMWWaWMMWW  \  SUNSHINE GM  Genuine GM parts ��� daily delivery from Vancouver to the 800 customers who have bought new and used cars and trucks from us this  year, you will find our snow tire prices beat others like our car deals do  885-5131  MMMWMMMMMMIMMMMMMaVMMMM  VMWMMMMMIMMMtWMMVaMMVMMIMm  \ Coast News, November 28, 1978  11.  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Sunlife of  Canada, is pleased to sponsor  this tree space for your  Birth Announcements.  Please phone the Coast News.  o announcement/     announcement,/      announcement/        oppoitunilie/  9 ALL DENOMINATIONS !  Coast News  Classifieds  Box 460, Gibsons, B.C.  VON 1VO  CLASSIFICATION:  Eg. For Sale, For Rent, etc.  n    x         ._    ._  i   Mini i ii       i  Wingflcld, Barry and Judy, arc  happy lo announce the arrival  of Jody Barry David. 7 Ib.s 10 oz.  November 9, 1978 at Lions Gate  Hospilal A cute brother for Jason  and Brad. Fifth grandchild lor  Bernic and Lil Thibault of Gibsons; fifteenth grandchild for  Fred and Evelyn Wingflcld of  North Vancouver. #48  Arthur & Elizabeth, Kathy.  Robin. Amy, and Emily, arc  pleased to announce the birth  of Mary on the sunny afternoon  of November 21 at home. With  thanks to Ra and Irish. Pan and  Taj, Josephine and Maya. Heather and Melanie, #48  announcement/  To all thc voters who turned out  to support my bid for aldcrmanic  council, thank you.  Dick Fitchett  REWARD $500  For a man's signet ring with  one diamond and one alexandrite ��� diamond horseshoe  ring. No questions asked. Hal:  885-3780. #48  BAHA'I FAITH  For information phone 886-2078  or 886-7.155. #49  Charles English Insurance Agencies  Sunnycrest Shopping Centre  Please note our new phone number is  886-2234  For all your General Insurance needs  %  V  V  V  \  9  XMAS CAROL SERVICE  GIBSONS UNITED CHURCH  TUES., DEC. 12 * 8 p.m.  SECHELT BAPTIST CHURCH  SUN., DEC. 17  �� 8p.m.  MUSIC BY  THE SUNSHINE CHORISTERS  JESSIE GAIRNS CONDUCTOR  *  *  ��-    OFFERING FOR SAVE THE CHILDREN FUND  -^  REWARD  FOR INFORMATION LEADING TO CONVICTION OF THE PERSON (S) RESPONSIBLE FOR THE NOVEMBER 8, 1978  BREAK-IN AND THEFT FROM OUR  PREMISES. Jackson Brothers  Logging Co. Ltd.,  885-2228  Gibsons United Church Hulls Tea  December I. 2 p.m. to 3:30 p.m.,  admission "5c, Church Hall.   "^  ICQCll  I ireanc A.McKenna. will not beheld responsible for any debts  incurred in my name by persons  other lhan myself effective November I. 1978. #48  REWARD  5200 lor any information leading  to lhc recovery ofa 14' Starcrafl  aluminum boal (blue inside I  with 7.5 hp mere molor (repairs  lo corners of transom!. Stolen  from Williamson's Landing.  October .10. approx. 4 p.m.,  no questions asked. 886.77(10.  tfn  Wc would like to express our  heartfelt thanks to Clifl and Anne  Dempster, Jim and Nanette II-  dred. Legions 140. 109, 219;  Lions Club. Hives Club. R.( M  P., R.C.V.F.D., Human Resources. Beach Comber Motor  Inn, Super Valu. and all our many  friends lor helping us through our  misfortune. Thank you all.  Ron und Sophia Phare  & children  KINSMRN NEW VEARS DANCE  SUNDAY. December 31, 1978  '1:00 p.m. to 2:00 a.m. Elphin-  stone School gym. Band ��� Laz)  Morning. Dinner and door prizes,  parly favours and noise makers.  S30.00 per couple. SI5.00 single.  Tickets available from any Kinsmen member.  Buses will be running. Sechell  Gibsons return.  PRIME RETAIL  &  OFFICE SPACE  To be Constructed  Next to the Omega  Restaurant  Prospective Tenants  Contact  George Giannakos  after 3 p.m. at  886-2268  International Dress Boutique,  new and used ladies and gents  clothing ��� children's specialty  Jew dry and Gift items. 6655  Royal Avenue, Horseshoe  Bay. Phone June 921-8380,  consignment goods accepted.  Garage sale Saturday. December  2, 10:00 a.m. First house past  Sechell Arena. Bucks, records,  toys, formats, next-to-new cloth-  ing and miscellaneous. *M8  fflpiL  JANE'S" [G,  Call 886-7621  DEADLINE SATURDAY NOON -  J3^   Coast Business Directory <*CW  ********* AUTOMOTIVE   *********    ********* ELECTRIC  ***********       ********* PLUMBING **********  P^ Economy ruto ports Ltd.  Automobile. Industrial  awe Dody Snop Supplies  Sechelt    885-5181  L^,5 TomFlieger   Phone 886-7868  *Wi-ECTRICAL  i3  Box 214, Gibsons. B.C.  CONTRACTING V0N w0  SEASIDE PLUMBING  PLUMBING-PIPEFITTING-STEAMFITTING  HOT WATER HEATING  8B6-7017  All Work Goaranteed  r  1  P. M. GORDON  I  B.C. LAND SURVEYOR  [          l  1       P.O. Box 609  i      Sechelt, B.C.                                             Bus. 885 2332  1*       V0N3A0                                                    Res. 886-7701,  need tires?  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Sat  10a.m.���5 p.m.  Howe Sound Distributors Ltd.  kNorth Road, Gibsons, B.C.  886-2765  CERAMIC-QUARRY TILE-   MOSAIC  RESIDENTIAL A COMMERCIAL  RR#1  Gibsons, B.C.  VON 1V0  J.LEPORETILE     JP��0HnNe LEP0RE  886-8097  'MISC. SERVICES,  n  ^wiMoaon---,  J  Fancy Panels, Insulation, Doors, Bitolds,  Construction Plywood, and all Accessories.  Delivery Phone 888-9221  Highway 101, Gibsons  ********** Cabinets **********  SUNSHINE KITCHENS  CABINETS ��� REMODELLING  Showroom in Twilight Theatre Bldf>.        ,v J 6 ��� 1411  OPEN SAT. 9-5 OR BY APPOINTMENT  R.Ginn Electric  General Wiring &  Qualified Workmanship  RRH2 MARLENE RD.,  ROBERTS CREEK  **********    EXCAVATING    *******  885-5379  /f****** DRIFTWOOD CRAFTS * AND*** A  CRAFT SUPPLIES ^Q^rife^H  SEWING NOTIONS y^ ��(0VTO  Sunnycrest    Shopping    Centre.  Gibsons    886-2525  JEWELRY^  x        WOOL  Cadre Construction  Ltd.  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Residential & Commerciai Roof Trusses Gibsons, B.C.y  J.B.EXCAVATING  886-9031  Water, sewer, drainage installation  at Dump Truck ��� Backhoe V   .  ��� Cat ��� Land Clearing \ :''  ��� Free Estimates ��� Septic Fields  ^  JOHN HIND-SMITH  REFTIGERATION & MAJOR APPLIANCE SERVICE  Port Mellon toPenderHarbour  Res. 886-9949  GIBSONS SAND & GRAVEL LTD  EXCAVATING ��� LAND CLEARING  ROAD BUILDING GRAVEL  Classified aggregates        33-9313  THOMAS HEATING  OIL BURNER SERVICE    .......  Complete Instrument OOD'/lll  set-up ol lurnace  SUNSHINE COAST ^1  DISPOSAL SERVICES  Port Mellon to Ole �� Cove  885-9973 886-2938  Commercial Container* available  TREE TOPPING  VIEW DEVELOPMENTS LTD.  Clean up your wooded areas.  Remove lower limbs lor VIEW  Top tall Irees adjacacent to building  Mary Voler.     _ "       886-959V  MACK'S NURSERY  SUNSHINE COAST HIGHWAY  Shrubs, Fruil Trees, Plants  Landscaping, Pruning Trees, Peat Moss & Fertilizer  Licensed for Pesticide Spraying 12.  Coast News, November 28,1978.  work wanted  Experienced reliable carpenter  will do interior and exterior  construelion and renovations.  886-7289. #49  MOVING & HAULING:  House  and   yard   maintenance,  light carpentry work, cementing,  etc.    Reasonable    rales.     886-  950.1. 51  work wanted        woik wanted  STONEWORK  Fireplace Repairs  Chimney Repairs  Call ANDY 886-2821  tfn  Fully qualified Electrician,  Free estimates. 886-254I-   Ifn  Journeyman Carpenter, all types  construction, new or old. Work  guaranteed 886-7160. #48  For Explosive Requirements:  dynamite, electric or regular  caps, B line E cord and safety-  fuse, contact Gwen Nlmmo,  Cemetery Road, Gibsons. Phone  886-7778. Howe Sound Farmers  Institute  We regret that due to rising cost  wc can no longer extend credit.  Cash or certified cheques accept-  ed only. #51  Most trees, like pets, need care  and attention and trees are our  speciality.  * Topping  * Limbing  * Dinger tree removal  An insured guaranteed service.  Pecrieu Tree Service* Ltd.  885-2109  Landscaping and Garden maintenance. Fruit Trees, ornamentals  pruned; hedges trimmed. Flower  gardens installed and maintained.  886-9294 tfn  P.O.Box 1341.  Sechell  CLAPP  CONCRETE  'Foundations  'Driveways  ���Custom Work  'Free Estimates  885-2125  aflerTjOOluii.  PENINSULA  ROOFING  & SHEET METAL  All Types ol Roofing  & Re-Rooting  Henry Rodriguez  Sechelt     885-9585  TREV GODDARD 886-2658  BEAUTIFUL LOG HOUSE: On Gower Point Road on 2.36 acres  ol sub-dividable land. Three bedroom home with large stone  fireplace, modern kitchen, two baths. Six R1 (Residential One)  lots may be split from this attractive property with purchaser  retaining house and hall acre. Phone Trev 886-2658. F.P.$105,000  MARLENE RD: Side-by-side duplex, 2 bedroom homes with  separate dining, laundry facilities, etc., monthly rentals almost  $500. F.P. $55,000  UPPER GIBSONS: Three bedroom home with huge sundeck  overlooking Keats, Ihe Bluff and Vancouver Island. Has self-  contained one bedroom suite for mother-in-law and brick (ire-  places up and down. Has double carport and is on quiet street.  F.P.$54,900  ON THE BLUFF: 3 BR home with unobstructed view from  Lantzville to the Malahat for only $48,500  DEVELOPMENT OPPORTUNITY: Four adjoining properties in  Lower Gibsons, ideal for towrihouse, condominium or?????  Call for detailed information.  BEAUTIFUL LANGDALE RIDGE:   New three bedroom, lull  basement house on quiet road.    Franklin fireplace ��� many  trees and permanent view   to Keats. $53,900  Va ACRE WITH KEATS VIEW: Immaculate two bedroom  home with fireplace. Well Ireed, good landscaping and many  other desirable features. $42,500  Magnificent view lot on high side of Highway 101, Hopkins  Landing. $14,800  BOB BEAUPRE 885-3531 PAT MURPHY 885-9487  TELEPHONE  ANSWERING  SERVICE  886-7311  S>      Ml'SIC  '    LESSONS  YOU ENJOY  886-9030  essie  OMison  1'ianu & Organ  :gt   at ..,;c 4 and older  Lu hie Drive, UU .ons.  oppertunme/  CANDLEMAKING  A 3 hour course is offered on  December 2. Saturday, 9:30  a.m.���12:30 p.m. in Elphinstone  Secondary School. Home Economics Rm. Fee: $5. Preregis-  tration: Ph. 885-3512. Continuing  Education. #48  Navy League of Canada  Sunshine Coast Branch  Our annual general meeting is on  Thursday. 7th December. 7:30  p.m. in Gibsons Legion. All  parents and friends are cordially  invited to attend. #49  It's Ihat time of thc year again  when lhc F.Ives seek your support  in Iheir annual bid lo fill thc  Christmas hampers for the needy  families on Ihe Peninsula. To  contact write Elves Club, P.O.  Box 1107. Gibsons or phone 886-  2149.  Elves Club Members, please  deposil donations at the following depots: December I. Holy  Family Church Hall. Cowrie  SI.. Sechell (rear); December 2,  W.W.Upholstery and Boal Tops,  1779 Wyngaerl Sl., Gibsons (behind Dcvrics) 10 a.m.���6 p.m.  Would the gentleman from  Sechell who offered to help  repair toys please phone 886-  2149. as wc have misplaced your  phone number. #48  WESTERN CANADA  SCHOOL OF  AUCTIONEERING LTD.  Canada's first, and thc only  completely Canadian course  offered anywhere. Licensed  under thc Trade Schools  Licensing Act. R.S.A. 1970.  C.366. For particulars of the  next course write: Box 687.  Lacombc, Alberta or phone  (403)782-6215.  Work wanted ��� two boys, 16 &  14, will do babysitting, housework, yardwork. wood splitting,  wash cars, etc. Phone 886-7148  and ask for Mike or Dean.       #50  Journeyman finishing carpenter  and cabinet maker. If a quality  job at a competitive rate is w-hat  you are after, you've found it.  no job loo big or sniall. For a free  estimate, call Guy Curwen.  at 885-5328. eves. tfn  OFFICES AT  Sunnycrest Centre,  Gibsons  Toll Free 682-1513  Phone  886-2234  CONVEYANCING ���  IBSONS  KEALTY  A  AND LAND DEVELOPMENT LTD.  RR#2. Gibsons, B.C. VON 1V0  REAL ESTATE CONSULTING - APPRAISALS - MORTGAGES -  OFFICES AT:  Dental Block,  Gibsons  Toll Free 682-1513  Phone  886-2277  -NOTARY PUBLIC  HOMES  GRANTHAMS LANDING: Well kepi two  bedroom lamily home with full basement  Basement has rec room workshop and  laundry room New shake roof Homo  features ihermopane windows, hot waler  heating and low taxes Grounds are  beautifully landscaped Large sundeck to  enjoy a lovely waterview of Keats Island  and Ihe Gap $39,900  COACH ROAD (off Leek Rd. (Three year  old three bedroom home situated in a  quiet subdivision in Roberts Creek only  two miles from Gibsons. Large kilchen  with an eating nook Yard is nicely landscaped, yours to enjoy from the splil level  sundeck. Extras include a wired and  plumbed darkroom and a 7��H sloragn  Shed (44,900  FIRCREST RD Brand new quaiily built  home The cathedral entrance with wood  lealure wall leads you into the large llv  mgroom with lealure wall Mrepiau  This Ihre*1 bedroom home has a large  family BlZOd balhroom and lots of storaij'  area The basement awaits your finishing  touches The lot is nicely terrace'! and  ready for i��tiidsca|jmg Close to schools  tind shopping S.U.900  UPPER CHERYL ANNE PARK PU  Arctiitect designed ludor home in gu >'  i.ui'ii s.i- wilh snmr> ocean view I'  large l2/�� iq.ll Ihrne bedroom hon-.  must be seen Two finished fireplace*  HrtlShed '<���* room ensuite plumbu fl  Iwo sundecks and the lisl keeps going in  5i|ualed amongst other quality homeb  Front yard landscaped with many ever  qreens Don t buy be'Ofe seeing lh.;,  homo $64,900  NOHWEST BAY ROAD Am ideal park-  like setting surrounds this one year old  r;inch style home There are ihree bdnns  with large living aa>a Separate dining  room and a kilchen wilh all hrids of lop-  oMhe-ime cupboards Two blocks lo the  (���lemenlary school Includes carport and  Iwo sundecks $45,900  DAVIS ROAD Ideal starter ot retirement  home Only iwo blocks Irom schools and  shopping. This three bedroom home has  everything you need for comfoM and convenience The carport could easily be converted lo a family room and a separate  carport could be buitl on many siles wilh-  in ihe extra large landscaped lol   $37,900  MARTIN ROAD You couldn'l wish lor a  belter ceniered location in Gibsons being  wilhtn easy walking distance to shops,  schools and harbour Spacious and com-  forlable one level home m excellent condition featuring large livingroom. throe  bedrooms, one full bathroom plus powder  room off living area huge sundeck Landscaped lot and a beautiful view     M7.50O  CHEKWELP; Prime waterfront on Chek-  weip Indian Reserve. Three bedrooms,  slone fireplace. A truly beautiful spot.  $36,750  FIRCRFSTPL: Three bedroom home in  quiet rural sub-division surrounded by  ALR properties on all sides. One mile  from schools and shopping. Large open  livingroom with fireplace The full  basement has a finished lireplace for your  rec room ideas. $49,900  POPLAR LANE: Three bedroom home  with two fireplaces. Ensuite in master  bedroom. Full unfinished basement,  double windows. This home is in a very  convenient location close to all amenities.  $48,500  POPLAR LANE: Brand new three bedroom home, ensuite, full basement.  Walking distance to schools, shopping  and recreation Fanlastic price for a new  home of this size $45,900  YMCA ROAD Ranch slyle home with  four bedrooms and family room. Through  hall dining space, large kilchen and  livingroom wilh fireplace Nicely landscaped lol with child s playhouse $49,500  COPLAHLANE Threebedrooms, master  hsiensuile Nice bnghi kitchen No need  for a second car m litis convenient location $47,500  NORVAn ROAO Al the top ol Ihe hill  m Wesl Sechelt Tins brand new three  bedroom home In an extremely quiet  area oflers incredible features Large  95 **29 lot size Foaluro lights above  Ihe fueplace Exlin largo bathroom  with I win seal skylights All this, an  ocean view and more $49,900  WILSON CREEK Over "? acre ot incredible land, level wilh super growing  soil Landscaping only requires tidy-up.  one bedroom home presently rented for  SI75 per month, shows greaf potential  as revenue or starter home $27,900  NORTH ROAD Immaculte 1974 Neonex  mobile home set up on landscaped 50'  139 pad in Comeau Trailer Court  $12,900  LOTS  FIRCREST RD: Over 20 nicely treed  building lots lo choose from 61x13'  We will arrange lo have a home built for  you Located a short drive down Pratt  Road Pncedai S9.700e.Kh,  HILLCREST ROAD Only $3,000 down-  lalance by Agreement for Sale will  purchase one ol these beautiful view  lots al the end of a quiel cul-de-sac All  underground services so ihere is nolhing  to mar ihe view. These lots are cleared  and ready lo build on The ravine in front  will ensure your privacy These lots  represent excellent value Priced from  $13,900  UPLANDS RD: Tuwanek. Ideal recreation lot in beautifully wooded and parklike setting Zoned for trailers. This lot  overlooks Sechelt Inlet and the Lamb  island. $6,900  WAKEFIELD RD: Good building lot on  water and power overlooking Georgia  Strait and the Trail Islands. This is a  corner lot in a newly built up area. $12,500  McCULLOUGH ROAD: Wilson Creek  Close to one acre of Ireed property with  subdivision possibilities $22,500  COMMERCIAL   WATERFRONT:   Gibsons With waterfront as scarce as it is  Ihis double use lot represents real value.  $33,000  GOWER PT RD. at 14th: Nearly V, acre  of view property. Approximately 80'x  250' R2zoned with 2distinctive building  sites Local by-laws allow 2 dwellings on  this property Partially cleared. Close to  Gibsons and close to Ihe beach.  $16,900  SOUTH FLETCHER At School Road  Two lols 40x150 each One lol has a  cottage which could be rented These  lots are mostly cleared and ready fo<  building. A spectacular view of the entire  Bay area and Keats Island $27,500  GRANDVIEW & PRATT Building lot in  a fast growing area Approximate size  is 146x141x74x125 Prescnl all offers on  Ihe asking price of $11,500  SMITH ROAD Cleared view lot close to  ferry terminal and ocean view Tnan-  gualr shaped lot with good building  sue $14,000  CHERYL ANNE PARK RD Roberls  Creek Large lul with beautiful trees and  some view on quiet cul-de-sac in area ot  fine homes Before you decide see this  altrachve low priced piopeity Owner  will consider terms $12,500  LAUREL RD Sechelt On the high side  of the road this Davis Bay view lot will be  all your dream home ever imagined  Priced to sell and wailing for you to build  on $14,900  LAUREL RD. Sechelt. Approximately  72x297, nicely treed, some clearing on  the lot will create a beautiful Davis Bay  view Almsot Vj acre ol view property is  hardlolmd $17,900  SCHOOL RD: Three view lols /3x110. On  sewer. Three blocks Irom schools and  shopping centre. Cleared for building  $16,000 ea.  LANGDALE RIDGE: Nice water view  Irom this bargain priced lot. $8,950  MAPLE ROAD: .97 of an acre on Maple  Road (drive down Pine Road)   Southern  exposure wilh waler and  island  view.  $19,000  LANGDALE RIDGE SUBDIVISION  Fanlastic view lots An area of new and  varied homes These lots offer themselves lo many different building locations. Enioy privacy and the view of  Howe Sound Priced from $11,900  SCHOOL & WYNGART ROADS:  Only 4 of these duplex lols left Beautiful view properties overlooking the Bay  Close to schools and shopping All lols  perlectly suited to side-by-side or up-  down duplex construction Priced al  $15,500 and $16,500.  ACRKAGK  NORTH ROAD 3 4 parklike acres Access Irom side road will secuic privacy  Nicely treed Close to Ihe village  $29,900  HOUGH & MALAVIEW 4 75 acres ol  level patklike land ad|acenl to Cedar  Grove School Zone R2I. The ideal hold-  ing or development properly $42,900  CONHAD ROAD N<.��l to Camp Byng  2'.' acres with limited access Leek Creek  runs through tins partially cleared level  acreage Zoned lor mobile homes  Excellent lor you' luitiby 'arm       $19,900  MASKELL RD I 44 aui'K ol subdividable properly on Maskr-ll Road and Lower  Roboi Is Creek Road Zoning allows lor ',���  acre average This is a quiel rural area  only 3 miles Irom Gibsons $19,900  SCHOOL ROAD   1 fjG acres adjacenl Io  elementary school  Could be subdivided  into lots   On sewer  and  all   services  $56,000  O'SHEA & ABBS ROADS. Approximately 2' .��� acres ol prime, view properly  approved lor a 10 lot subdivision by the  Village of Gibsons Included is a complete sei of engineering drawings Outlining size of tots and services required  $51,500  CREEKSIDE PARK ESTATES  Now Gib^ns Village has lots for single wides, double  wides and conventional homes, all on sewer, water, hydro  and all within 3 blocks of the shopping centre, schools, and  Medical Clinic.  Come in and discuss a unit and a lot as a package  deal with approved bank financing.  Lots priced between $10,900 and $13,900 depending  on view and size.  LORRIE GIRARD  886-7760  JON MCRAE  885 3670  ANNE GURNEY  886-2164  CHRIS KANKAINEN  885-3545  ARNEPETTERSEN  886-9793  JAY VISSER    DAVE ROBERTS  885-3300 886-8040  for /ok  25% Warehouse Discount.  Hundreds of Christmas gift items  at 25% discount ��� over S2S.00.  For appointment phone James al  (112) 321-8380, Horseshoe Bay.  W.VaiL   2b" RCA colour TV, excellent  condition, S500. Large oil heater,  almost new. $150. 886-7803.   #50  Two year old chickens. 50fca.  G.E.Fridge, $55.; Snugli Babv  Carrier. 886-7702. #48  One Kenmore 110 volt stove.  $100; one 12 gal. low profile  (Sears) hot water tank. $40;  one small older fridge, $50;  one metal standing steel shower  $35; all work excellent. 886-  7642 after 6, #48  One propane range, $100; one  super hot propane water tank.  $b(). 886-2428. #50  Lennox Electric Furnace. 25 kw as  new, includes coble, $350 o.b.o.  ��86-l)275. Saturday or Sunday.HH  Cello from Czechoslovakia, with  bow and canvas carrying bag.  Good tone. $300.00. 886-2622. tin  Two year old Eureka with power-  head and attachments, ideal for  Christmas. $100. 886-2783 after  6 p.m. #48  Sunnycrest Shopping  Centre,        Gibsons  886-2231  Beautiful 60"  Stretch Velour in 12  lovely shades.  Reg. $12.95  SALE $9.98  Quantity Limited  40 Channel Citizens Band base  set. Three months old model  BLPH-600. Must sell���moving.  $200.885-5671. #48  ?fl?SH3IWSW!WTOr^^W^W  SELKIRK  CHIMNEYS  All Sizes & Kits  Best Prices on Coaut  TRY US  Macleoda Sechelt  May   for   sale.   $1.00   a   bale  885-9357. ti.  Mahogany wardrobe and matching dresser with mirror and two  small attached wing mirrors,  plain glass-doored china cabinet.  2-door heavy old bookcase, a  few hanging lights, china, miscellaneous, brick-a-brack, Wedge-  wood. Royal Copenhagen and  Bing iV Grondahl Collectors'  plates. 886-2650 alter 7. MN  Firewood for sale. $40.00 a cord  delivered. 886-2650 after 7 p.m.  #48  2VW rims. 15"���5 hole. 885-  25.15. #48  Compact vacuum cleaner, very  good condition. $50. New solar-  rav heat vibrator pad vvilh headrest. .10" long. 12" wide. $40.  885-9049. #49  tot /ale  foi mil  foi icnt  PET FOOD  WE HAVE EXPANDED  OUR PET FOOD DEPT.  SPECIALS  THIS WEEK ONLY TILL  DECEMBER 2nd  20 kg.Gaincs Meal���  $10.95  50 Ib. Blue Mountain Dog  Food ���$12.95  28 oz. Mt. .Seymour 58�� ea.  ���$12.95 Case  25'..   nt.   Rover   47*   Ea.  ���$10.65 Case  25   oz.   Husky   47*   Ea.  ���$10.65 Case  I II). Ken'l Ration Treats  FREE with purchase of any  20 kg. or 50lh. dry dog food  or ease of canned dog food  M  All Purina Cat Chows 4 kg.  -$4..15  boz. Mis Mow        2for59*  6'/; oz. Pamper       $6.95-  b'/i oz. 9-Livcs        -Case  QUALITY FARM  & GARDEN SUPPLY LTD.  PRATT RD. GIBSONS  886-7527  WAREHOUSING & LIGHT INDUS!; l��L  SPACE AVAILABLE  Areas of 25,50,100, 200 and  up to 800 square feet.  FIRE PROOF CONSTRU   ION  IN THE GIBSONS AREA  Rents from $15.00 a month  885-3903  Evenings  (a survey)  Ollice   Space   with   Storage  886-7112 or 886-90.18  Available December  I.  1978.  Two BR mobile home on Reed  Rd.. close to shopping centre,  schools, family riHim. $200 per  month. 886-2338. #5(1  Executive 4 BR house in Gibsons,  beautiful view, two ftreplaclcs,  w w, stove, fridge, dishwasher.  $400. References required. 985-  4750 after 6. #49  Waterfront house nest to the  Omega. $250. 886-2268. #48  Sunny duplex suite, appliances,  basic furniture. 886-2231 or 886-  9186. #48  Hand made 4-ply Indian sweater,  brown and tan. Near new, excellent condition, size 38. $90 obo.  886-7839 after 6 p.m. #50  1 Husqvarna 32���$159.95  1 Husqvarna 38-3219.00  1 XL2 Homelite-$149.95  Super  II  Homelite  $164.95  1 10" Homelite Electric  $74.95  1 8" Homelite Electric  $64.95  1 XL 1 Automatic Demo  $194.95  886-2912  Gibsons  Lawn Mower ��  Chain Saw Service1  Old   upright   piano.   $150.   Call  eves. 886-9374. #48  Three new tires, 875. lb.5. 8  ply. $120,886-2457. #50  Used Vilas Harvest Maple din-  "ing room suite. Extension tabic  scats 8. Four chairs. One open  hutch. Price $295. I'll. 886-  9852. #48  found  8-track portable tape player and  8-track tape box. Excellent condition. $.15. Phone after 5 p.m.  886-798.1. #50  Furnished two bedrooms, ground  floor, duplex. Lower Gibsons.  Close to everything. $225. I'hone  Chris. 886-2277. #49  I    BR   apartments   in   Sechelt.  Fridge    and     slove     included.  $175���$245.  Call Hayden 885-2283. #51  Three bedroom home for rent.  Close lo all facilities. References  required. $325. 886-2783 after  6 p.m. #48  Room and Board: cosy rooms with  view. Home-cooked meals. 886-  9(13.1. Ifn  Point Road. Hopkins Landing,  sniall two bedroom house on  view lot. f.p. in livrooni. range  and fridge. No pets. Mature  tenants. 886-2935. #48  Safety deposit box kt\    Inquire  Coast News Office. #48  Ovation guitar and case, excellent condition, new strings, new  $600. sell for $4(10. 886-2537 after  6 p.m. #5(1  Three bdrm apartment, Terrific  Harbour View . One blk from Posl  Office. $245 a month plus mil.  Phone II? 985-7551 eves.       #49   ���;���;"," rifiaa  GARDEN  BAY MARINE  SERVICES LTD.  Fur special sale items, please  refer lo lhc Marine Section of  lhc Classified Ads.  Dealers for:  merCrui/er  VOLVO  PEBJTA  Marine  SJfoUKSTON  yiaMyUtft  883-2722 or evenings   883-2602  7 Days a Week  IMMEDIATE REPAIR SERVICE  Garden Bay  Sinclair Bay Rd.  NOW RENTING  EXECUTIVE  HOUSE APARTMENTS  37 Deluxe  1 and 2 Bedroom Suites  ��� Controlled Front Entrance  ��� Coloured Appliancei  ��� Cablevision  ��� Panoramic View  ��� Extra Sound-Prool Suites  ��� Drapes  ��� Wall-to-Wall Carpet  RENTS from $230.00  ������m      886-9593  after 5 p.m.  Modern 3 bdrm home with view  in Gibsons. Two fireplaces,  dishwasher, fridge, stove, 1.300  sq.ft. up and down. Two blks to  school and shops. Avail, immed,  $350 per month. References.  885-3308. #49  Three bedroom home. Roberls  Creek area. $325 per mo. Two  bedroom. Granthams, $225.  wft.. electric heat. One bedroom  home. wft.. $150 per month,  Floron Agencies Ltd. 886-2248.  tin  Two bedroom suite for rent,  w/w carpet, electric heat, North  Road, close to shopping and  schools. $250/ mo. 886-995.1.   #48  Granthams waterfront, cozy one  bedroom cabin, semi furnished,  $160 per month. 886-9439.      #48  Gibsons waterfront studio suite  for rent, semi-furnished, $135 per  mo. 886-9439, #48  Condominium: Three bedrooms  plus family room, 1 l/i baths,  carpets, $300 per mo. Call  886-7028. tfn  Newly decorated 2 and 3 bdrm  apis. Stove, fridge, heat and  cablevision incl. in reasonable  rent. Sorry, no pets. Close to  schools and shopping. 886-  78.16. tin  Two mobile home pads available. Contact Sunshine Coasl  Trailer Parks. 886-9826. tin  Housekeeping room, sleeping  room, clean quiel adults. Robertsons Boarding House. 886-  983.1. "48  Four bedroom house in Gibsons.  Beautiful view, two fireplaces,  w w carpet, ensuite bathroom,  available November 15. $375.  References Required. 886-7963.  #48  Two bedroom house, fireplace,  w w. fairly private, Roberts  Creek.   Available   immediately.  $235.885-3597. #48  Penthouse apartment with  approximately 1.4(H) sq.ft. of  living area���blue plush carpeted  stairway leading up to a I5':'x  24' living room, blue w w. 44'  Rosewood feature wall, wall of  stonework with hooded electric  fireplace���swag lamps, upholstered wet bar. with colonial  stools���sliding glass doors  opening onto deck featuring  spiral stairway���three bedrooms,  vanity bath with large gill mirror  ���open cabinet kitchen���dining-  room with crystal chandelier and  mirrored planters. Lovely drapes  throughout. Stove and fridge  included. View. Rent $300 a  month.Tcn minute drive from thc  Langdale perry Terminal on the  Port Mellon Highway. Available  December 1.886-9352. #48  3 bdrm duplex. 1,280 sq.ft.  large livingroom. kitchen, dining area, laundry room, two  blocks to schools and shopping.  $.100 per month. $325 with new  appliances. 886-7453. tin  I blk from beach, 5 min. from  Gibsons, 2 bdrm home. Elee-  Iric heal, stove, drapes, carport.  Ref. Avail now. $260. 886-  2923. #49  uionUd to rent  Garage  suitable  for   17'   boat.  Write to Box 581. Gibsons. B.C.  #49  Young working couple with 5  year old boy wish to rent I or 2  bdrm home in Gower Point or  Roberls Creek area. Reference'  available. Would consider doing  work on premises. I'hone 886  7979. leave message. #4'  lo/l  "Albert". Seehelt Dump. Sniall  collie-like female, brown, white  and  black.  Child's  pet. Sorely  missed. 883-2627. #48  REWARD  One pair gold wireframe man's  glasses,   between   Pratt Rd.���  Lower Gibsons. Box 460 Coast  News. #tfn  SMALL REWARD  Steel rimmed glasses, lost Fri.,  Nov. 17. in Gibsons. 886-7191. tfn  Lost: .Siamese-Tabby cross, vicinity West Beach Ave.. Roberts  Creek. Info, call Jodv. 885-  3782. #tfn  per/onol  (lent, >2. needs cook, dishwasher, housekeeper, in exchange lor  line, companionship, shopping  ouiings, travel, going to church.  Ohjoci marriage it' sailed. No  drillers please and thank vou.  Box -J8. Coasl News.Hox-.(><>" #50 Coast News, November 28,1978  13.  pel/  Twelve week old silver persian  male kitten, all shots. $125.00.  Ten month old tortie point  Himalayan all shots. $100 00  886-7732. W8  Purebred Border Collies; four  males, born August I. 1978.  883-2553. tfn  Puppies ��� free to loving home.  Male or female ��� small to medium ��� Long- or short-haired ���  Your Choice! Reared in light-  knit family situation by two  loving parents. Call 886-7742.  10:30���11:30 a.m. or 3:00���4:00  p.m. tin  live/lock  DR. NICK KLEIDER IS  AVAILABLE EVERY MON  DAY. PRACTICE LIMITED  TO HORSES ONLY. FOR  APPOINTMENT PLEASE  CALL: EQUINE VET CENTRE 112-530-5344 (LANGLEY)  OR DIANA STARBUCK 886-  9739 (GIBSONS).  LIVESTOCK HAULING  HORSESHOEING  Patrick Horvath 886-9845 eves.  5 goats, all  milking.  886-2457.  $75 ea. #50  per/onol  trowel  For All  Your  Travel  Needs  peninsula  travel  886-9755  Registered  Travel Agent  mobile home/  Two mobile home sites near  beach. Free vegetable garden  plots if desired. "Bonniebrook"  886-2887.       tfn  Two mobile home spaces available now. Sunshine Coast Trailei  Park. 886-9826. tin  C.M.H.C. Approved 14' and  Double Wide mobile homes  on sewered lots now available. 10'/;% inters!. 25 yr.  mortgage. 5% down on total  cost of home and lot. Down  Pmt. starts as low as $1,695.  NOW ON DISPLAY  NEW UNITS  3 MONTHS  FKEERENT  with purchase  14x70Atco . .1 B.R. Extra  large L.R. Latest cook Ji clean  centre. Fully furnished and  carpeted throughout.  Used Units:  12x68 Maneo - 2 B.R. Front  kitchen with patio doors.  All appliances. Fully carpeted  Like new.  24x48 Statesman - 2 B.R. &  Den. All appliances.  24x42 Colony - 3 B.R. Partially furnished.  lOxSbChlckasha- 2 B.R. plus  large addition tel up on large  corner lot.  24x48 Atco - 2 B.R. & den  2   full   bathrooms,   full   lap  siding, 16" caves, 3rd gable  roof.   Tastefully   decorated.  SUNSHINE COAST  MOBILE HOME PARK  1 mile Wof Gibsons. Hwy 101  Open 7 DAYS A WEEK  Ph. 886-9826  morlne  21' Fiberform 165 HP inboard  outboard. Head, sounder,  40 channel C.B., cassette  tapedeck. Sparc prop plus  many more extras. Thc moorage is paid at Smitty's until  May 1979. Thc boat is in  excellent condition. Owner  must sell. ^^^^^V^^J  wonted  A 3- or 5-speed bicycle in good  shape ��� 18* or 19"; ladies or  mens. Reasonable. 886-2894,  eves. #50  Wanted���clean, solid .fill for  foundation. Lower Gibsons area  (near Dougal Park). 886-2694  eves. #48  Oil can and stand to sit beside oil  range, cither new or used. 886-  9443. #48  LOGS WANTED  Top Prices Paid for  Fir-Hemlock-Cedar  L&K LUMBER  (North Shore) Ltd.  Phone 886-7033  Sorting grounds, Twin Creek  Timber wanted: Fir, hemlock,  cedar and poles. Top prices,  let us give you an estimate.  D.v.0 Log Sorting Ltd. Phone  886-7896 or 886-7700. tfn  morlne  Alcoholics Anonymous Meetings  for information call 886-9059  or 886-9904. tfn  Miller  Marine Electronics  886-7918  Decca Marine Radar  S&TVHF&SSB&  Universe CB  See Lome or Lee  Lower Gibsons, next to  Dogwood Cafe  GARDEN BAY MARINE  SERVICES LTD.  883-2722 or evenings 883-2602  15'6" Sidewing Hourston  Glascraft (new) ��� $3,000;  42' sailboat 'Sea Falcon'  (unrigged ferro cement) ���  $35,000; 18' Sabrccraft 140  Merc - $4,900; 17' K&C  Thermoglass, 115 HP Evinrude ��� $2,800 50 HP Merc  Outboard ��� $600; Detroit  Diesels ��� One 471 (in line);  3-cylinder     Nissin     diesel.  Boat Moving  St  Covered  Winter  Storage.  Call Garden Bay  Marine Services Ltd.  883-2722 or evenings 883-2602  24' Fiberform Cruiser, 215  H.P. Mercruiser with big leg,  automatic pilot, depth sounder/  recorder, anchor winch, trim  tabs, bait tank & pump. Head,  galley, alcohol stove & pressure  water, spare prop., CB.Radio,  etc. Call 883-2750. tfn  IAN MORROW & CO.  LTD.  Marine Surveyors, Condition and  detail surveys fot Evaluation.  Surveys for insurance claims.  Phone 886-2433,886-94M,  110 Mercury Outboard Motor,  used two seasons. Excellent  condition, $425. Call evenings,  883-2424 tfn  property  MUST SELL  By owner: older home with  beautiful view, three bedrooms, basement, w/w,  electric stove, garbage burner,  fridge, deep freeze, dbl.  garage and workshop with own  100 amp service, on cable,  sewer, etc. $38,000 or reasonable offer.   886-2990.      #50  A number to note:  885-5171  WHARF REALTY LTD.  4 BR view home, Gibsons. 2 f.p.,  w/w, stove, fridge, dishwasher,  ensuite plumbing, family room.  Electric heat, $65,000. 985-4750,  eves. #50  Hopkins ��� by owner, two bedrooms, brick fire place, new  w/w throughout. Large sundeck/  carport. Totally redone inside and  out. 2/3 concrete basement ideal  for extra bedroom and bathroom.  Fabulous view to Bowen Island.  $42.500.886-2658. #48  opportunitie/  Amounts..  For the Ladies on your Xmas list may we suggest an  attractive ��   ���        ''���$���"  The merchandise of her choice in tine fabrics or  sewing aids.  to  886-2231  FAB SHOP  Sunnycrest  Centre  Gibsons  promotive  outomotlwe  DATSUN  Telephone  464-9611/12  RES: 271-0486  COQUITMMCBVRE  DNSUNUDl  E.E.(Mickey)Coe  2780-2786 Barnet Highway  Coquitlam, B.C. V3B1B9  16' crew wood lapstrake runabout  with 75 h.p. Evinrude and spare  prop. Brass bolted oak ribs, solid  mahogany wood trim inclu. seats.  Complete with gaytor trailer,  $2,150,886-7187, #48  HIGGS MARINE SURVEYS LTD.  Insurance claims, condition and  valuation surveys. Serving the  Sunshine Coast and B.C.Coastal  Waters. Phone:885-9425, 885-  9747, 885-3643, 886-9546.       tfn.  UNBEATABLE IN  PRICE & QUALITY  CARS  1976 Toyota Station Wagon  4Dr, Auto., Radio, Very  Clean $3,595.00  1975 Toyota 1600 4 Dr.,  Automatic, Premium  Throughout $2,995.00  1974Chev Malibu 8, Auto.,  P.S. P.B., Radio  $2,495.00  TRUCKS  1977 Chev Blazer 4x4, 4  Speed, P.S. P.B., Premium  $7,895.00  1975 Ford F2S0, V8, 4  Speed,  Clean  Throughout  $3,395.00  1973 Ford Econoline Van,  6 Auto., Clean $1,895.00  1972 Volkswagen Van,  Camperized, Clean &  Road Ready        $2,495.00  Plus many more to choose  from.  Drop in and have a coffee  and browse around. Our  salesmen are ready to deal.  Jamieson Automotive  Used Car Department  Sunshine Coast Highway at  Pratt Road.  Ph. 886-7919  M.D.L.01342A  9 Pass. Station Wagon  1977 Olds, custom cruiser, 15,000  miles. All luxury extras, immaculate condition, $7,900. Mrs. Pop-  pel, 886-7349. #49  tAAA a a.a aa.m.'wwwa aaai  Bob Kelly Clean-Up  Basements ��� Yards ��� Garages  ��� Anything  Dumptruck for hire  7 days a week  886-9433 Box 131. Gibsons  tfn  for /ole  property  Building lot, Point Road, West of  Hopkins. For information call  291-7477/526-4455. #50  titick'kha. a A A A A A A A A Ai  FOR SALE BY OWNER  4.9 acres cultivated off North  Road. This farmette has to  bc seen to be  appreciated.  Two   dwellings,   barn,   etc,  L886-7682 |  kAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA  Forced Sale: 1.44 acres near Joe  Road. $4,000 down, open to offers. 886-7955.  ��� #50  music Weavers  New & Used  Albums & Tapes  The Home of People's Prices  b       886-9737      4  HOUSE FOR SALE BY  OWNER (GLEN RD.) Two  bedroom home with fireplace,  auto oil furnace, fabulous view  and close to all facilities.  Phone 886-2075. tfn  Sewing Machine  Repairs  ��� ClwnlCilWllh  ��� Parti for ill mihM  ��� Ovarhaul  ��� Tura-upi  All Work Guaranteed  21 years experience  Phone Steve 885-2691  For sale by owner, 4 yr. old home  in lower Gibsons on fully landscaped lot. No grass. 1,350 sq.ft.  up, 550 sq.ft. finished down,  plus workshop. Triple plumbing,  2 f.p., w/w, carport, covered  sundeck, view of the bay. Priced  to sell at $67,500.886-9420.    #50  b.c.C tjukon  HELP WANTED: Advertising  sales person and circulation  person needed for Lower Mainland community newspaper.  Must have experience. Good  benefits to right person. Write  Box 138, c/o 808���207 W.Hastings St., Vancouver, B.C.       #48  SERVING THE SUNSHINE COAST  MODERATE,COST LOCAL OR DISTANT BURIALS  CREMATIONS - MEMORIALS- PRE ARRANGEMENTS  *&2L?   886-9551  ,6asr"  Film Society  By Allan Crane  1976 Pinto hatchback, 21,000  miles, 4 new tires, extras, modified, f.p., $2,500. 886-7657.  886-9613. #50  $16,000, white toupe, top of  Lockyer Road. #48  GMC Jimmy, '74, 61,000 mi���  auto., P.S., P.B., good condition,  runs excellent. Phone after 6 p.m.  886-7890. #48  74 Dodge van 127 in W.B. 318  P.S., P.B., camperized, propane  light, stove, w/oven, sink and  ice box. Sleeps four. $3,800 o.b.o.  886-2541. #50  1974 Vanguard 11' camper, excellent condition. 886-2571.    #50  Wantedi V.W., 1,300 engine in  good working order. Reasonable.  886-2738. #49  I will paint your car for $149 plus  body work. 885-2608. tfn  1966 GMC half-ton window carryall, 327 MTR 3-speed, some rust.  886-7007. _#49  Two Austin Americans, for parts.  886-2859. #49  work wonted  As announced previously,  Medea is being screened tonight at 9:00 p.m. at thc Twilight Theatre in the Kwahtahmoss Film Society's continuing series of films from several  countries. The critic of The  New Yorker magazine wrote  of this film:  "Because movies mostly  still rank aesthetically as  vulgarian upstarts compared  to grand opera, the relief and  surprise among Miss Cailas'  faithful followers was breathtaking (at the film's gala  world premiere at the Paris  Opera] when her cinematic  Medea turned out to contain  the greatest acting performance of her career ��� being,  moreover, immovably set in  its perfections by the camera,  so that the grandeur of her  accomplishment cannot alter  or diminish from one showing  to another, as did her singing performances...To her  physical artistry Pasolini not  only has supplied the melodramatic sweep and scope  of the ancient classic tragedy  but has placed it in terrains so  little known to us as to seem  truly the antique Mediterranean world, which we have  just discovered for the first  time...In its basic elements,  Medea ranks as the bloodiest  horror story of the early Hellenic dramatists' imaginations. Owing to the presence  of Maria Cailas, it can be said  that in this new Medea  there is contained acting of a  supreme dramatic achievement, which will rank the film  as a rare work of cinematographic art."  1 believe that it was a bold  stroke of genius on the part of  Pasolini to cast Maria Cailas  in this non-singing role which,  in the Cherubini version, had  been one of her starring operatic roles. 1 remember the  musical score as being strangely evocative of the barbaric  theme and times of over 2,000  years ago, and the costumes  and settings are outstanding.  On Monday last week, 1  went to Vancouver to see for a  second time one of my favourite films, Les Enfants Du  Paradise, a film which 1 first  saw two years ago at the Annual General Meeting of thc  Canadian Federation of Film  Societies held that year  (1976) in Cornwall. Ontario.  1 had long wanted to see thc  film and had wanted to screen  it for thc Film Society, but it  was lost for a number of years.  The people who used to distribute this film became bankrupt, and the film (one 35mm  print and one 16mm) finally  turned up at a railway auction  of unclaimed property. From  the time I first saw thc film,  I wanted to sec it again, and  apparently so did several other members of our local Society for 1 saw six of them at  this one night screening,  several seeing it for a second  or third time. It's that sort of  film. The Ridge Theatre was  full for this occasion, and  approximately 300 people  were turned away. Normally,  I would have endeavoured to  book thc film for showing  here at the Twilight Theatre,  but the length of the film  (three hours) makes this impractical with a starting time  of 9:00 p.m.  The Film Society's next  presentation   isDersu Uzalu  *���     jg     �������-    n     "���"  ace  -3LC-  HOLIDAY  HOME BAKING  Starting December 10  At Gibsons Fish Market  Christmas Cakes, Ginger Bread Men, Shortbread and Tarts.  home baking by Trish  E-      3F      JC      JC        Jam.       ar        ac      -3  886-7817  THE MIME SHOW  Wilh Gerardo Avila & Patricia Smith   Saturday, i>cemtier 2. 8 00  p.m .Cedar Grove Elemenlary Gym, tickets: $1.00 ������ $2 50  Recreation Service 885-5440  POTTERY SALE  Pat Forsi will be having a sale ol pots Saturday  November 25 at ihe  Craft Studio (corner ol Hwy 101 and North Rd } Doors will open at  9:30. air  SUNSHINE COAST LIONS CLUB GIANT BINGO  At Sechelt Legion November 30 Doors open al 7 00 p m Firsl Game  at 6:00 p.m Advance tickets only  Entry  3 cards for $5 00. addition,  al cards $1 OOeach Tickets available al Big Mac s. Benner's. Frode s  and Campbell Variety For information. 885-2625.  FILM NIGHT  'The Best of N F B " - free films to entertain, on leisure, health,  recreation, dance, sports, gymnastics   Wednesday, November 29.  8 30 p.m. Chatelech Music Room recreation Service 885-5440  DRAMA GROUP  Would-be actors, actresses, directors, stage managers, set designers, costumers are invited 10 join a drama group now lormtng   Introductory meeting on Wednesday, December 6  Please tail Mar,  Livingston al 885-9248 or Recreation Service at 885-5440 'or details  FAMILY ACTIVITIES  Volleyball, badminton, tumbling, dodgeball. for Ihe whole famti,  Every Sunday. Changed this week only to Sechell Elementary  Gym, 1:30 to 3 30p m Recreation Service 885-5440  TIMBER TRAILS RIDING CLUB  Annual Banquet. December 2, Saturday, al the Sechell Rod and Gun  C'ubal 6.30 p m ��48  ALATEEN MEETING  EVERY THURSDAY NIGHT at 6.45 p m. at Ihe United Church Hall  Gibsons ](l|  NEW BOOKS  Many new books have been added lo the Pender Harbout Library  Come in and have a look. From now until Ihe end of 1978. member.  ship will be $1.00. The library is open Tuesdays & Thursdays. tr0n  1 30���3:30andonSaiurdays. 1:30���400 p m  VARIETY NIGHT  Sponsored by Arts Centre Building Fund Commiltee. Song, dance,  drama, comedy and music. Friday. December 1, 8 p m , in the Elphinstone High School Lunchroom   Admission $2 00 adults. $1 00  Seniors and children  POTTERY SALE  Salurday, December 2 9.30 am  to 1:00 p.m  St. Hildas Hail. Sechell. All pots handcralted by Elaine Futlerman. 885-2015 ����&  JACK & JILL BAKE SALE  Saturday, December 7 in the mall  "48  KIDS' BASKETBALL CLINICS  Free, for all students, all ages. Learn lo play Basketball every Saturday, 10:30a.m.���12:30p.m. Chalelech Gym Recreation Service  885-5440.  NOW RECRUITING  ROYAL CANADIAN ARMY CADETS  Will parade Thursday. 6���8 p m., from September to May for training in: Search & Rescue; First Aid, Map Using. Communications.  Water Safety; Marksmanship, etc. Interested males and female;;  aged 13 to 18 apply lor further information to: G Banyay 883-9o12.  R.Summerfield 885-2180; T.Goddard B86-2658.  WESTERN WEIGHT CONTROLLERS  meet every Thursday al 1000a m  Everyone welcome. For registration phone 885-9388,  ROBERTSCREEK HOSPITAL AUXILIARY,  Every 2nd Monday ��� Roberts Creek Hospilal Auxiliary, it am  St. Aidan's Hall.  THRIFT SHOP  Every Friday, 1 - 3 p.m. Thrift Shop, Gibsons United Church  basement.  SUNSHINE COAST ARTS COUNCIL MEETING  Third Tuesday of each month, at Sechelt Elementary mam building  Mr, Li2ee'sroom,at7:30p.m. All Welcome. Un  AL-ANON MEETING  Every Thursday in Gibsons at 8:00 p.m. For information call  886-9569 or 886-9037. tfn  ,l/A\\lllll{lVV/y//m,Jl��ir7  Conoflex Decorative Laminates...  the easy, lasting way to give  any surface carefree beauty!  So easy to work with it trims with scissors; so durable it resists heat, stains,  scratches, even the effect of strong chemicals.  Beautiful Conoflex laminates stay fresh and new looking for years with  virtually no maintenance. Glamorous textures, marbles and woodgrams  enhance the beauty of cabinet doors, drawer fronts, counter and sink tops,  tables, vanities, bookshelves...Conoflex tops anything. It can be applied  over flat or curved surfaces-to wood, plastic and a wide variety ot other  materials.  Conoflex-high quality polyester laminate-is the professional way for the  do-it-yourselfer to provide smooth, easy-to-clean, serviceable surfaces that  last and last.  With Conoflex. plus a few simple tools, you can make your home more  beautiful, more liveable than ever before  Conoflex . the flexible laminate  that gives do-it-yourselfers  professional results!  Conoflet  DECORATIVE LAMINATES  CONOLITE  CARPENTCRBVUlf. ILLINOIS 60110  **Maaa ataarica ^H onaawa n, ,oa aiaa'ica UK.  Conoflex��� tops anything.. tables . cabinets . counters ��� doors * vanities �� bars ��� refrigerator doors . bookshelves ��� walls anri wainscot  GIBSONS    ��"����  Building Supplies Ltd.  Sunshine Coast Hwy.  Gibsons, B.C. 14.  Coasl News. November 28,1978.  t    - ^  *w  -j  t Mas  Published at Gibsons, B.C.  Serving the Sunshine Coast since 1976  November 28,1978  *syTZ4A1$M-  CHRISTMAS ISSUE  SANTA COMING TO SUNNYCREST  Santa will arrive via helicopter at the Centre at noon on Saturday, Dec. 2nd.  (I  ��������� '*-h  E  TO BE  GIVEN AWAY  TO ONE LUCKY  SUNNYCREST  CUSTOMER!  With a little help from his friends, Santa Claus  prepares to leave his home in the north pole.  Colour him busy.  WINNER  WILL BE  PICKED  Dec. 22nd  AT 9:00 P.M.  SO YOU'LL HAVE  LOTS OF TIME TO SPEND IT  FOR CHRISTMAS  No Purchase Necessary  ��� Spree excludes catalogue  & liquor sales  Pick up entry forms  at any participating merchant  Employees of  Sunnycrest Shopping Centre  not eligible for draw  SANTA'S HOURS AT SUNNYCREST CENTRE  SAT., DEC. 2nd -12PM-3PM  FRI., DEC. 8th -4PM-7PM  SAT., DEC. 9th    -11 AM-1 PM & 2 PM-4 PM  FRI., DEC. 15th -4PM-7PM  SAT., DEC. 16th -11AM-1PM&2PM-4PM  WED., DEC. 20th  -11 AM-1 PM & 2 PM-4 PM  THURS., DEC. 21st  -11 AM-1 PM & 2 PM-4 PM  FRI., DEC. 22nd -4 PM-7 PM  SATURDAY-SANTA'S GOING BACK TO NORTH POLE TO FILL ORDERS!  KIDS!  HAVE YOUR PICTURE  TAKEN WITH SANTA!  STORE HOURS  WEDNESDAY, DEC. 20th -9:30 AM-9 PM  THURSDAY,    DEC. 21st -9:30 AM-9 PM  FRIDAY,         DEC. 22nd -9:30 AM-9 PM  SATURDAY,    DEC. 23rd ^9:30 AM-6 PM  ~$&a��"A  am  - k  ���i; I -ft;? g%  '  -   ?���;������ ������.*     f ftp jf  w  LS  hristmas a Happy One.  shop at  ���ar  tmaamaaamaammmmm��wmmmmw  aBbji  IYCREST CENTRE  TO SERVE  cBkwswwrwiww  WWJWJf.!


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