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 .Victoria;, v^y cVY;v,'-■
Published  at Gibsons,   B.C.
Phone 886-2622
Volume  22
Number ,13, April 2, 1969.
10c per copy
■ ■■■■• &W/yfc'
et worry    m*,. ,;,
To show that this school dis- ference," said Patterson. "They mS§^         -  1 , *- •
trict; is not a loneYwolf in the got there under their, own steam, ^W^4                  '     ''
field   oif   educational    troubles without telling us they were go- ?y   '" %
here iswhat is happening at ing."           ;^    .:   ■ • - %    '   _%$&%*''$
Powell   River   according  to Ya Patterson   -quoted   Campbell, -, ,*m    Wu££^*%&&&**•
.story in last week's Powell Hi- School trustee president, as say- -           fyt ,,,-«--«
ver News.                      Y ing The was not happy with the
Outcome'7 of the meetingtoe- province-wide   results  of  pleb- *             ^
tween school trustees' from Pow- iscites. "I know of six that have
ell  River  and the minister  of been turned down," said Patter-
education in Victoria is that the son. here are 38 boards in Brit-
comptroller of expenditures for ish Columbia but most didn't re- M     '  -•                 ~-^
the; dep^rt_ment   Of'education, ceive a petition like: Powell Ri- THIS    INTERESTING    looking
Mr; Espley, will visit Powell Ri- ver   and   the   other   five   did. device built by Jim Flack took!
ver to examine the '.'budget. 7 7Y ' "Some presented their budget to second   aggregate   in   the   Ele-
iri an interview, Ellis Patter- their council, were turned down 'mentary   School: ScienceYFairY
son, chairman of the (board of there, tout ended up in a better Display:  Port MeUon, Meena!
school .trustees,: for district No. position than we did.      7      : .Oza,  1st;   Forest Beetles^ Jeri-t
47 said he had talked with Don- "As far a? we are concerned nifer Cooper and Jo AnneYlorY
aldYBrbthers • minister oieduca- we can't cut the budget. Sure we " genson, 1st, also 3rd aggregate.;
tion,for about an hour.            , can cut out kindergartens, and 7 B.C. Coast fishing;, Laurie Wes-v
Y'<what it boils down to," saidY the band progiram, but these are ton, Lena Davidson; inicroscop-i
Patterson, ;:'"is we instructed the things the people voted for by ic world, Neil Sandy, TimvQlY
minister that if there was a. me- referendum — maybe they want ; sen, Albert -.Saul, David Smithy
thod of cutting our budget then to re tain, them, I dont' know. ahd Birds that winter in Gibsons!
he,  the  minister of  education, "Now it's up to the minister Debbie   Willis,   honorable men-•
should show us how." The chair- or his representative to find a tion.                                               -
man said that as the result of solution."              . rTTl                         >     -
his insistence Mr. Espley will be ,.   Members   of   Powell   River's I   u w$£±£±    T_n_W
coming over, but no exact date Teachers Federation met to dis- J_L "MJLM. fCC^    M.XJ'jL"
has. been set. Patterson added cuss possible repercussions from ^7
that Espley is one of the educa- the  plebiscite   failure   as   they More than 600 delegates are
tion minister's top advisors. might apply to them. There was expected   to   attend   the   BC
Also present at the meeting no official release from the fed- Teachers Federaticm 50tli ink-
were ,president of the School eration, but reliable sources say „„ 7. . 7,T y7,'v-. •■
Trustees Association for British there is a possibility of a strike ver^ry convention m Hotel Van-
Columbia, Mr. Campbell, Hon. by Powell River teachers if couver April 7 to 10. Teachers
Isabel Dawson and Don Reid, there is any ,cut-back in the from: this school district attehdr
secretary of school district No. working conditions won by ing wiir be Principal Malcolm
47 "Three students from Pow- teachers during their recent Mactavish ; of Rc>berts Creek
eh River also sat in on the con- contract negotiations. scho^ Da^ FraTlklin ^0^
5Y    _   v • |-| -| gene Yabionski,both of Elphin-
V_P_fl 1* i*£l ¥11 1"51 I   till flCff^T stone secondary school. Mr. -Ya-
f>Jr- t^CtpiXdJ. MJlM.lMg&l bloi^kiiismesidentof thevSe^l7
»_»__; *•"  i.              ''_'_.. •       ^^.1. i:   __w— ~.~»           '- elicit Teachers :£s^
^..T**,***. fmmary of a five money will be bbrrowed.    ., ^ - ■- ^^esolutibafromr the 'GulfY:^
year capital budget for Regional >    Regional districts and munici- Islarids    Teachers    Association
District Purposes was given ap- palities are now, under the Mu- will ask that local teacher as-
proTS.1 at Friday night s meet- nicipal  act,  obliged to  project sociations be encouraged to urge
mg last week of the Sunshine their capital expenditures over qualified people to run for school
coast Regional Board. a five year period in the form board positions. The association
Subjects included in this capi- of a budget. sayS that' in too many districts
tal budget were water and dis- During that five year period trustees  are frequently  elected
tribution, also parks and equip- it _9 expected there  would be by acclamation, thereby depriv-
ment. Sources of funds include revenue collected through public ing the public of the opportunity
borrowing,   taxation   or   grants use  0f the new water system,
and water utility revenue. Such revenue will be used to re- ■■*'■■               /%          ■
From  1968  to  1973   $1,489,000 duce the debt of this system. K_"_hPllC   lYPPIf
covers estimated gross cost with Engineers  are now  carrying l\"llvl ■_#   VIvviV
$1,470,000 of this for installation out ground surveys for the wa-                          *■
of a water system, the remain- ter  scheme  and  will   continue man#C    firOman
ing $19,000 for parks and equip- this work during April. A pro- TfUlllJ    III vlllCII
ment. visional site for the Sechelt area        ■                     .         ,          _
Gross  cost by the  year for reservoir has been chosen and T£ meeting m Roberts Creek
water   supply  and   distribution after   sketch  plans have  been Llibrary Sunday night looked m-
will be $660,000 for 1969, $410,000 prepared an application wiu: be t0 the feas«>ility of forming a
for 1970,, $200,000 for 1971 and made to the provincial govern- Volunteer fire brigade to service
$100,006 for 1972 and 1973. This ment for this site. Roberts Creek. Although it was
a  last  minute decision  to call
n      _                   _■ i* • the   meeting  the   local   drums
Jr repare financing *-*■»»««« r85386 aM;there
JL ^^ were over a dozen present.
The district hospital board beyond their control. A committee underlie chair-
meeting on March 28 at its Da- Board members regarded the m?nf2P, of. J' . ~re^u.^s. ap-
vis Bay board room prepared it- complaint as being unanswered pointed to look into the differ-
self by notice of motion for the and that Vancouver should be ences of forming under a speci-
next meeting, to borrow money written to again to ask what do fted area or directly under the
for- new construction at St. they control because what we Regional boarai. .
Mary's Hospital. have  is a woefully inadequate At the^adVice of the. Regional
A temporary loan bylaw will service. Mayor William Swain, representative   Uiffi   Gilker,   a
be  prepared  and presented  at Sechelt's    representative,    said letter was written, to the Sechelt
the April 25 meeting. This bylaw that as the whole area is suf- and .District fire chief making
will: permit   the  borrowing   of fering from  slow mail it is a an (^fer to purchase their ex.tra
funds for the hospital extension, matter  for  chambers  of  com- truck.   Anyone   interested   and
Construction is  likely  to  start merce to tackle. wanting     further     utformation
in October                                   ' should contact either Mr. Eldred
Director "Frank West was ap- Marls   WAlir' liallAf ^airm_fn'T °L J;TSe?Mie1^ H'
pointed' as   the  regional board ndlK  VOlM   03!!01 ,Alnl0Tld' J' RA Marsh' S' Row_
representative   on   the hospital land or,R. McSavaney.
management board with Direc- ■   Are you in favor of a Recrea-
tor  Archie  Rutherford   his   al- tional Centre for the whole area |j         f                 JJAJ
ternate. from Port Mellon to Egmont? MPlllhGlK   3006(1
After reading letters from Ot-        Yes               No  ■ "viiimvij   mhwww
tawa and Vancouver postal of- in order of preference, what In view of increased member-
ficials on the slowness of mail wouia you like to see included? ship in the Sunshine Coast Tour-
in this area the Vancouver of- pieaSe indicate on list below. ist Association  as reported  at
fice reported it was a matter ICE a,reNA                '  the March 23 meeting in Pender
*. FIRF ALARMS CURLING RINK .                Harbour Hotel the executive will
SWIMMING POOL              recommend to the annual gen-
Three fire alarms since Thurs- TENNIS COURT.-               eral  meeting  in  October  that
day of last week were, a rub- BOWLING ALLEY              the association produce a good
bish   fire    in    Langdale    area ROLLER SKATING color   brochure   with   extended
Thursday, a Saturday midnight '     RINK '                              distribution.
alarm  when   youthful   smokers GYMNASIUM                       The association wiE order 50,-
are believed to have been res- AUDITORIUM                     000  directories  of accommoda-
ponsible for a fire in a shed on PLAYING FIELDS             tions and services for this year.
the former Jorgenson property HANDICRAFT ROOMS       The   latest   list   of  members
at Prowse Road, and Tuesday OTHER                              —— shows 40 this year against 34
morning this week, an alarm at       Where would you like to see last year and 62 associate mem-
about 8 a.m. mystified the fire- such a centre located? bers against 33 last year. Of the
men.   A   crossed   circuit   was        Please return the above ques- 102 members, 42 are in the Pow-
blamed. tionnaire to Box 638, Sechelt. ell River area. .
The Post Office in Gibsons
will be closed all day Good Friday with no mail in or out. The
full service will be provided as
usual on Easter Monday.
Working Models: Electricity,
Jim Flack, 1st, also 2nd aggregate. Hovercraft, Greig Davis,
Neil Booth; furnace burner,
Ryan Stewart; how an old telephone works,' Peter Kerbis, Jack
Klausen, honorable mention
Experiments: Hamster behavior, Jacqueline Inglis, Janis
Furuya, 1st, also grand aggregate; hatching eggs, Andy Kurucz, Maria Schneider; experiments with crystals, Linda Postlethwaite, Debbie Campbell,
honorable mention.
Collections: Moss garden, Constance Harrison, Yvonne Stanley, Donna ' Mandelkau, 1st;
Skulls, Shane Redd and Dan Nygren, honorable mention.
Booklets: Insects, Ella Star
and Sherry Thatcher, 1st.
Space Age: Apollo 8, Margaret Finlayson, 1st; planets and
stars, Kelly Fisher, Lita Alnutt,
and, planets, Kim Gregory and
Dan Price, honorable mention.
Animals: California Buck, Diane Cramer and Cindy Stan way;
rabbits,  Kathy Whiting,   Shelly
s convention
of choosing those best suited for
the position!
Recommendations to be voted
on include:
That the BCTF believes that
public schools! should be concerned with general education
and that training for specific
jobs should be left to post-secondary institutions or business
or industry^ »
That the BCTF favors the issuance of a uniform certificate
to every student when he leaves
school. Y
That the BCTxr believes that
family life should be an integral
part of the school- curriculum.
That the BCTF believes that
appropriate pre-school education
should be available to all children.  .;;-':.'.-:;:.: ; .;,-7-77
A report covering Tom Ber-
gers complaint in the legislature
of brutality by RCMP towards
Sechelt band Indians, tabled in
the   legislature   Tuesday  failed
to substantiate Berger's claim.
■ The 60-page report tabled by
Attorney-Ceneral Les  Peterson
stated the allegations were unfounded. The report was made
by A. E. Plummer, departmental  investigator.   The   attorney-
general maintained a disservice
had r been  done to   the 7 RCMP
and     Sechelt'  itself. Inquiries
would be continued keeping in
mind the possibility of charges
of mischief making arising.
Mr. Berger, an NDP member
of the legislature described the
report as being .partisan and a
half-baked inquiry. There should
be a public investigation. He has
described the public mischief
angle mentioned by the attorney-
general as intimidation.
7 March 1969 can be considered very near normal. Precipitation
for the first three months of this year is well below normal, much
to our pleasure after getting rid of the last traces of snow early
in the month. Total precipitation, January 1 to March 31, was 14.71
inches, while the normal figure for this period is 20.11 inches. Statistics are based on 18 years of continuous recording of the'elements. The March 1969 statistics follow:
Total Rainfall
Total snowfall
Total Precipitation
Days with rain
Days with snow
Days with frost
Highest Temperature
Lowest Temperature
Mean Temperature
March 69
•      14
(30th) 60
8.67" (59)
17.4"    (56)
8.67" (59)
20         (59)
10         (55)
23         (54)
66         (65)
17         (55)
44         (66)
Red Cross needs help
Mrs. B. D. L. Johnson, Red
Cross vice-president for the
coastal area, and her associate,
Mi's. J. Parr, visited the Roberts Creek group in their Red
Cross cottage on March 26. They
hoped to meet with, and assist,
women from other areas desirous of forming working units,
but riorsc were present.
In excess of 60-000 garments
were sent where needed last
year by the B.C; Red Cross.
' On the Sunshine Coast in 1968,
7 at a cost of $1,182 and an estimated, saving of $8,300, 30 pa-
Barry Jamieson' of Ft. St.
John has been named assistant-
treasurer of the Sunshine Coast
Regional District board. This
was announced at Friday night's
board meeting when it was explained that Mr. Jamieson was
the pick of the field that sought
the .position. The salary will be
'$625 per.month.
A new bill to provide financial
grants to municipalities or incorporated societies for the purchase, construction, or reconstruction of facilities for use in
the care of persons suffering
from mental disorders is now
before the legislature in the
name of the minister of health
services and hospital insurance.
tients were transfused and 166
units issued. Six families were
assisted. In the water safety
program 136 pupils benefitted at
a cost of $114 and an estimated
saving of $1,410.
Mrs. Johnson and Mrs. Parr,
both volunteer workers, praised
the work and the 30 years of
service of the local group.
This is the time of the year
when the Red Cross puts on its
annual campaign and it is with
regret that the Roberts Creek
workers, for the second year,
are unable to take on this project. Always in the past they
have canvassed from door to
door and gone over the top with
their collections. However they
are willing to receive and pass
on any donations sent to them
and it was suggested that individual parties could be held,
cards, teas — and proceeds sent
to Red Cross.
If you dump your garbage in
the waters of Howe Sound or
Gibsons harbor or anywhere
along the coast line — watch it!
The RCMP are checking closely on garbage dumpers who are
violating the law which states
that garbage must not be dumped1 any closer than three miles
from shore and in an area where
tidal movement occurs. The penalty, if you are caught, is a fine
up to $100 or six months in jail.
The Sunshine Coast Regional
District budget calling for an expenditure of $99,1*42 in seven different departments was given
final reading at Friday night's
meeting last week.
This budget is made up of a
$10,861 surplus from last year,
$4,000 revenue from building inspections, government grants
amounting to $11,000 and $73,281
from taxation.       "
The surplus from 1968 could
have been greater but for the
deficit created by the garbage
disposal dump situation which
took more cash than was allotted. The budget called for expenditure of $12,000 but it required $1,375 more.
Included in the budget but
not a part of the normal administrative operation is $660,000
for water supply and distribution/This is at present shown as
a figure in the overall budget
for the year but cannot be used
until such* borrowing from the
bank is arranged.
Fire district
faces problem
A method for continuation of.
the Fire Protection District ui£:
der Regional District control af-.
ter part of the area involved becomes incorporated within GibV
sons village boundaries was discussed at Tuesday night's council meeting. Council decided to
discuss it further with Fire District officials to get their views.
One plan is for the Fire District to approach the Regional
District to dissolve the present -
setup but to maintain a protection continuity for the part not
included in the expansion area
which the village would take
over. A letter from Hon. Dan
Campbell, municipal, minister
will be the guide to be used for
discussion with Fire District officials.
A request for a grant to help
finance Elphinstone school band
io go to the International Band
competition at Abbotsford resulted in council making a $50
grant available. A $100 grant
for Kinette club playground supervision was also approved. Coast News, April 2, 1969.  New automobile insurance legislation  Serving the Mt. Elphinstone district (population 6,000) of the  Sunshine Coast and the Sechelt Peninsula (population 3,000).  Phone 886-2622       P.O. Box 460, Gibsons, BX.  Published Wednesdays at Gibsons, B.C. '  Second Class mail registration number 0794.  Member Audit Bureau of Circulation, B.C. Weekly Newspapers  Advertising Bureau, Canadian Weekly Newspaper Association, B.C.  Weekly Newspapers Association.  Fred Cruice, Editor and Publisher.  Subscription Rates: $3 per year, $1.75 for six months. United  States and foreign, $4.50 per year.  MuiuuuiuuutMMMUMuiumimuttiM^^  &n Caster JWes&age  My thoughts revert to that scene when He that was born in  Bethlehem, despised and rejected of men, was scourged and condemned to the death of a slave and a criminal.  From that moment of utter despair there sprang the movement  which has gone some way to create a human society based on the  laws of God, on the one abiding reality, the infinite duty of men  to God, of one to another.  * Of all the lessons brought to my mind, the deepest is this, that  apparent failure when faced: with courage and examined by reason,  is the road to superlative triumph. That, I (believe., is the true meaning which underlies all that has happened since the dawn which  broke upon Easfter Day. The spirit of Christ rose from his grave.  It moved and yet moves the souls of men to face^and accomplish  the task which He set for them. ������ Lionel Curtis of Britain's Round  Table fame in his famed book Civitas Dei ��� The Commonwealth  of God.  Credit and the merchant  Consumer credit, which has grown steadily and vigorously  since World War H, should continue to expand *��r some years, says  the Bank of Montreal Business Review for March. Surveying the  growth of borrowing the bank says the amount of consumer credit  outstanding has tended to double every six or seven years, a rate  of increase which has been well in excess of the economy as a  whole. ���  The review also notes that in spite of the unprecedentedly high  level of consumer debt in relation to income, personal liquid assets  in the form of Canada Savings Bonds and deposits in financial intermediaries have been rising faster than consumer credit and  Canadians are in fact more a nation of savers than borrowers.  The bank report is very interesting but there are those merchants who would loudly proclaim amen to the fact that we are  more savers than borrowers. It could be the reason why merchants  are switching to cash business only in order to get some oi those  savings in return for the products they have sold.  Maybe they call them wonder drugs because it is a wonder  you.can pay for them.  Statistics show that more than a million women are overweight but those, of course, are round figures.  ���?_�� ��A_  Even those who will' go more than half-way to patch up a  quarrel will go all the way in starting one.  Coast News  5-10-20 YEARS AGO  council the government was supplying only 38 percent.  20 YEARS AGO  A milestone in the history of  the Bargain Harbour area came  with the opening of a road to  Madeira Park.  Following a fire marshall's report that fire conditions in Sechelt area were deplorable, Fire  Chief E. Barker called for volunteers for fire department prac  tices.  Beards have become the fashion in Pender Harbour area with  the Legion planning a Klondike  Night for May 6.  Sechelt's Board of Trade is  seeking information concerning  reports of a Trail Island breakwater and floats for the Davis  Bay breakwater.  FIVE YEARS AGO  While March came in like a  lion it departed like a lamb after depositing more than normal rain during 18 days with  rain and also produced a 68 degree high temperature on March  30, six degrees above normal.  As the result of Gibsons council receiving advice from government officials not to supply  water outside the village area,  council is definitely turning  down applications.  Sechelt's council is having difficulties with its zoning bylaw  and how restrictive covenants  will affect operation of the bylaw.  A meeting in the Anglican Par  ish hall decided that the fall fair  would continue this year with a  new committee in charge.  10 YEARS AGO  Sam Fladager sold his Gibsons Thriftee Variety store to  Mr. and Mrs. H. Ennis of Vancouver. He will continue to operate his dress shop.  Norman Hough, Gibsons area  dairyman has decided to discontinue milk deliveries and plans  to visit Europe during the summer.  Gibsons municipal council  gave first reading to its first  plumbing bylaw.  When Education Minister L.  R. Peterson maintained by letter to Gibsons council that the  government was paying 50 percent of the school board budget, Tony Gargrave MLA told  MONEY IN STAMPS  Annually, the Canada Post Office issues 10 to 15 new commemorative stamps. The printing run for each commemorative issue is 26,000,000, an  amount sufficient to meet the  needs of philatelists and for a  ten-day across-the-counter sale  to the general public. Every  four to seven years the Canada  Post Office also prints a new  definitive issue of stamps in denominations from lc to $1.  The sale of commemorative  and definitive stamps constitutes an important source of  revenue for the Canada Post  Office; annually the postage  stamp division at Ottawa records philatelic sales of over  h million dollars,  Completely new automobile  insurance legislation was introduced) in the legislature by At-  torney-iGeneral L. R. Peterson.  This legislation is the result of  an intensive study of .automobile  insurance by a government-appointed Royal Commission under the chairmanship of Mr.  Justice Wootton, and a committee oif the legislature under the  chairmanship of Mr. Herb Cap-  ozzi, Social, Or edit MLA for Vancouver Centre.  When you next apply for your  motor vehicle licence it will be  necessary for you to provide the  motor vehicle office with the  name of your insurer and your  policy number. The legislation  provides that a person who does  not carry automobile insurance  is guilty of an offence and upon  conviction is liable to a fine of  'not less than $250, or to imprisonment of atiot less than three  months, or to both such a fine  and imprisonment.  The legislation provides that  compensation be paid to all motor vehicle accident victims  without proof of fault. The death  benefits provided are as follows:  tions   of. the  Wootton   no-fault   is subject to proclamation.  -  Head of  Spouse in  Dependent  Household  two parent  Households  Children  Up to age 4 years  ���.������  $  500  5 to 9 years  .   -��� ..     1,000  10 to 17 years  $5,000  ($2,500  1,500  18 t0 64 years  5,000  2,500  1,000  65 to 69 years  3,000  1,500  1,000  70 years and over  2,000  1,000  500  In addition, with respect to death of Head of Household:  where there are two or more survivors ��� spouse or dependents ���  the principal sum payable is increased $1,000 for each survivor  other than the first.  Where there are one or more survivors, $'50 per week plus $10 per  dependent ether than the first, payable each week for a period of  104 weeks. Any weekly benefit shall terminate upon death of all  survivors.  For example, if the head of "a  household, who is defined1 as the  person with the greater income  in the year preceding the date  of death, regardless of sex, is  killed, leaving a spouse and two  dependents between the ages of  10 and 64 years of age, the following benefits would be paid:  Cash: $5,000 plus $2,000 ~ $7,000  Weekly: $50 pltis $20 ��� $70 for 104 weeks ��� $7,280  If a person is not killed but  is totally disabled, then compensation without proof of fault is  paid as follows:  1. An individual is employed  at date of accident, or if over 21  and under 65, has been employed any 6 of preceding 12 months  80% of gross weekly earnings,  subject to a maximum of $50  and minimum of $40 unless the  individual is a dependent child  in which event the maximum  shall not exceed the average  gross weekly earnings.  2. A housewife not otherwise  employed: $50 per week ��� not  more than 26 weeks.  Provision is also made for the  payment of medical and rehabilitation and funeral expenses  as follows:  All expenses incurred for medical, surgical, dental, hospital,  nursing and ambulance services  arid,  all services  and supplies  essential for  treatment  or re- '  habilitation. Maximum payable: ���  the liability limit of the policy?  (not less than $50,000). Funeral  expenses: up to $500.  In addition to these basic accident benefits) which are paid  immediately and without establishing who was at fault for.the  accident, the legislation provides "'���than an injured person  may sue the negligent driver for  damage.   In   that   event,   any  $7,000  $7,280  $14,280  amounts paid under the basil  accident benefits will be deducted from any amounts recovered  from a tortfeasor.  Tourists are protected and  have full rights of recovery under tort law. There will/be: no  .insurance barrier at our border.  British Columbia residents who  are travelling outside of the  province are also automatically  provided with full insurance  protection to limits prescribed  by law. In short, he will not become a second-class motoring  citizen.  The basic accident benefits  are much more generous than  the government plan that operates in Saskatchewan, or the  private insurance plans that operate in other parts of Canada.  The premium for this basic no-  fault coverage will be" flat rated  throughout the province. Notwithstanding the greater benefits, it is anticipated that there  will be a reduction ins insurance  premiums compared with the  current rates that apply in British Columbia. _3f you do not  choose to buy collision coverage to insure physical damage  to, your own vehicle, the reduction in premium is estimated at  around 25%.  The special committee recommended that continuing study  should be given to the ramifica-  recommendation in regard�� to  property damage and collision.  However, the principle espoused  by the Royal Comin__iss.6nv  namely that tort action should  be abolished, has been partially  implemented in the new legislation in respect to property damage.;   . '".'77.  The legislation provides that  no action shall be brought  against any person for recovery of damage to property occasioned in an accident involving a motor vehicle exceeding  $250 and costs. This provision  does not apply to a person ordin  arily resident outside the province. This means the first $250  of liability may be recoverable  in the Small Debts court.  Citizens will have the option  of placing collision insurance on  their own' vehicle,, but this coverage will not be mandatory.  The legislation implements the  recommendations of the Royal  Commission and the special  committee that the minimum  age for driver's licences be increased from 16 to. 18, unless  the driver is a certified graduate from an authorized driver  training program. This section  One of the major recommendations of the Wootton report  and the Special Comahittee's report, which is implemented iri  the new legislation, is the establishment of a British Cplumbia  Automobile Insurance board.  This board will have the authority to review the rates charged for insurance and to make recommendations to the goverrir  ment. There is also a provision  in the new legislation for the  government to enter the insurance business if the insurance  coverage that is made compulsory in the legislation is not  otherwise obtainable at a cost  that is, in the opinion of the  LieutenaritJGoyernor in Council,  cbmriiensurate with the risk. In  this event the Lieutenant-Goivern  or in Council may designate a  department of government, or  an agency or emanation of the  Crown, to administer government automobile insurance.  Other recommendations of the  Wootten Royal Commission and  the legislative committee are also implemented in the new legislation,   such  as  the recom-  (Continued on Page 3)  N. Richard McKibbin  A PERSONAL INSURANCE SERVICE  Phone 886-2062 GIBSONS, B.C.  *0*0^*0*0*0*0**^*0*0+*+0***0m0*0*0**^*m  Ik t_ : 'j.  A PERSISTENT EVER  CAM BE A WARNING  When a raging if ever fails to cool down after  24 hours ��� beware. This could mean that your  body may have a serious problem that it cannot handle without medical help.  If, despite your self-treatments, a continuous  low grade fever persists for several days or  weeks, this may he your body's warning of-  a chronic infection, sucB as rheumatic fever,  mononucleosis, etc. You would be wise to let  your physician find out what ipay be wrong..  Your doctor can phone us when' you need a  medicine. We will constantly endeavor to keep  abreast of the expanding activities in the field  of pharmacy���in this era of great change. We  pledge at all times to be in the position to offer the finest of pharmaceutical services.  KRUSE DRUG STORES LTD.  Rae W. Kruse  Pharmaceutical Chemists & Druggists  Sechelt Gibsons  885-2238 886-2234  Dependability ��� Integrity ��� Personal Service  7 It  3r< _  STORE JfiOilRS ��� 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. ��� FRIDAY 9 a.m. to 9 p.m.  OPEN ALL DAY WEDNESDAYS  For you from  April 1st on  our Bonus  Savings  Accounts  i  ROYAL BAN K PAUL  Coast - Chilcotin  The results of the recent public opinion ; poll among Coast-  Chilcotin voters is printed here.  I shall be brief. "When Coast-  Chilcotin riding was formed  there was speculation by many  people, including myself, that  the political leanings of Interior and Coast residents would  vary widely.  All the completed forms were  separated by place of origin and  tabulated separately.; There  were two predictable variations.  Twice as many Interior residents marked themselves as  "Uncertain, not enough knowledge" on the subject of salmon  fleet iim-tation and fishing boundaries, although both groups  gave a majority of Yes votes.  There was one other discrep-  Auto Insurance  (Continued from Page 2)  mendaition that existing statute  law concerning injury to gratuitous passengers be amended to  permit proof of ordinary negligence rather than'gross negligence.  Consistent with the views expressed by the Royal Commission and the special committee,  drivers of motor vehicles with  poor driving records v will pay  more. The legislation provides  that a driver who has accumulated ten point penalties in respect of his driving record may  be assessed an) additional fee of  $257 and the money that is raised in this manner trill be used  by the British Columbia Automobile Insurance board for driver education and highway safe-  ty.Y.Y';  Coast News  Phone 886-2622  Tlie  Christian  Science  Monitor  recommends  yon read  your local  newspaper  I Your local newspaper keeps you in-  ! formed of what's happening in your  : area ���community events, public  : meetings, stories about people in  I your vicinity. These you can't ��� and  shouldn't ���do without.  HOW THE MONITOR COMPLEMENTS  YOUR LOCAL PAPER  The Monitor specializes in analyzing  and interpreting national and world  news ... with exclusive dispatches  from one of the largest news bureaus  in the nation's capital and  from Monitor news experts in 40  overseas countries and all 50 states.  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Should the lottery section  pass? (Y->MS; N-23; X-5;  0-23.)  4. Should gun control section  pass? (Y-138; N-29; X-5; 0-12.)  5. Should Canada establish  diplomatic relations with the  Vatican? (Y-26; N-132; X-14;  0-12.)  6. Should Canada establish  diplomatic relations with Pekin  China? (Y-141. N-29; X-l; 0-16.)  7. Do you approve proposed  Estate Tax changes as recently  amended? (Y-91; N-55; X-2;  0-25.)  8. Do you favor price controls?  (Y-120; N-45; X-0; 0-19.)  9. Do you favor wage controls?  (Y-113; N-45; X-0; 0-18.)  10. Do you favor a partial  capital gains tax? (Y-83; N-60;  X-l; 0-23.)  11. Do you favor a full capital  tax on the basis of the Carter  Comimission's recommendation  that "a buck is a buck" no matter how acquired? (Y-63; N-89;  X-l; 0-33.)  12. Do you favor confining  foreign ownership of Canadian  industries to 49 percent or less?  (Y-144; N-26; X-3; O-IO.)  13. Do you favor a heavier  flow of foreign capital into Canada?   (Y-62;   N-84;   X-l;   0-38.)  14. Do yoii favor establishment  of a headland-to-headland territorial boundary between- Vancouver Island and the southern  tip of Queen Charlotte Island?  (Y-lll;  N-6;  X-12;   0-59.)  15. Bo you favor limitation of  the salmon fleet by means of the  present policy of boat licencing?  (Y-61; N-53; X-2; 0-66.)  16. Are you in agreement,  generally, with the recommendations of the Hellyer commit-  Ooast News, April 2, 1969.       3  tee   on   housing?   (Y-61;   N-60;  X-3;  0-62.)  17. Do you favor bilinguaJism  in census districts of Canada  where French is spoken by 10  percent or more of the population? (Y-86; N-96; X-4; 0-6.)  18. Do you favor bilinguali-an  in federal courts and in the National Capital Region of Ottawa?  (Y-85;  N-87; X-5;  0-8.)  19. Do you favor more trade  with Japan? (Y-122; N-36; X-5;  O-20.)  20. Do you favor more Japanese investment in British Columbia? (Y-58; N-100; X-2; 0-24.)  What can we do with this?  Not too long ago, small logs, sawmill cuttings and veneer  clippings had little value in the forest industry.  That was before we learned how to turn this waste into  valuable products. Today, as pulp, newsprint, paper,  cartons, panel board and Pres-to-logs*,  this material is bringing many benefits to the people of  British Columbia. Waste not, want not. This old-fashioned  policy pays handsomely in two ways. It ensures  that every acre of forest will yield its full quota of payrolls  and prosperity. Equally important,  by making more complete use of wood harvested, we're  helping to preserve essential timber resources.  'Registered Trademark  City-  state.  .ZIP Code.  PB-17  AA  MacMillan Bloedel 4       Coast News, April 2, 1969.  COAST NEWS CLASSIFIES) ADS  Phone  886-2622  Deadline, Tuesday Noon  Rates: Up to 15 words 55c/  cash with order, 3c per word  over 15 words, 2nd and subsequent consecutive insertions half rate.  . 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Spring  water, 33 acres with south easterly exposure to Gulf view.  $36,000 F.P.  'Retirement comfort with two  bdrms, dining rm, and F.P. living room. Revenue suite in bsmt  Garage and fully landscaped  grounds. $22,500.  $5000 dn. on a total of $18,000  for 1200' bright view home with  340' bsmt. Spacious living area  and three bdrms.  ��� Close to the sea, good beach  and view of Howe Sd. 2 bdrm  home with dining rm. View from  kit. dining and -living rms. S.C.  suite below. 60x180' lot. Community water. $15,800. Assume  A/S  $6000.  EWART McMYNN REALTY  Notary Public  Ro>' 238 Gibsons, B.C.  Member Multiple Listing Service  Phone 886-2248  Res. Phones:  E. McMynn, 886-  2500;    Do.    Wortman   886-2393;  Jack Warn 886-^2681.  HOPKINS ��� Fully serviced  semi - waterfront view lot  close to excellent beach.  Ideal permanent homesite.  Full price $4,500.  GIBSONS ��� Fully serviced  building lots approx 60 foot  frontage from $1,250, terms.  4% acres on highway, close  to village. Ample water supply. Property slopes gently  from highway with view over  strait.  Full price $6,500.;  NEAR SECRET COVE ��� Waterfront. Approx. 2 acres  with over 350 ft. shore line  and a view that cannot be  matched anywhere. Choice  secluded building site framed with colorful arbutus and  evergreens, overlooking wide  seascape with large islands.  A nature lover's delight.  Full price $15,600.  MADEIRA PARK ��� Semi-waterfront, fully serviced lots  a few steps from safe sandy  beach and boat launching.  Sheltered salmon fishing waters. Priced at $2,750 - $3,000  PENDER HARBOUR ��� Level  cleared waterfront lot fully  serviced with 70 ft. frontage  on sheltered bay. Easy access off paved road. Full  price $5,750.  SAKINAW LAKE ��� Waterfront.  Your choice of three lots on  this picturesque 6 mile lake  just 3 hours from Vancouver. Lots average 80 ft. on  lake by 170 ft. Excellent fish  ing and water sports. Full  price $4,250 each. Terms.  Call Frank Lewis or Morton  Mackay at 886-9900, eves,  886-7088.  FINLAY REALTY LTD.  Gibsons and  Burquitlam  POWER FOR CORTEZ ISLAND  B.C. Hydro has started survey  work on the right-of-way for a  new distribution line that will  bring electrical power to Cortes  Island about 24 miles northwest  of Powell River. The new line  begins at Lund, 14 miles north of  Powell River, extends north 7.2  miles to Sara Point where submarine cables will carry the  power 2.3 miles underwater to  Mary Point on Cortes Island.  Three cables will be installed,  one of which will act as a spare.  HYDRO APPOINTMENT  Appointment of Lloyd Morrill  as area transmission superintendent has been announced by  B.C. Hydro. Mr. Morrill, who  lives at 4871 Carson Place, Burnaby, will be responsible for all  transmission line maintenance  on the Lower Mainland, north  along the coast to Powell River  and in the Cariboo as far north  as 70 Mile House.  * Hon. Isabel Dawson, minister  without portfolio, announces  that Orders-in-Council have been  passed proclaiming June 29 to  July 5 this year as Pioneers  Week and Elderly Citizens Week  Elderly Citizens Week has  been proclaimed in recognition,  of the great contributions made  by our senior citizens to the  well-being of the province.  Pioneers Week, at the same  time, will recognize the courage,  fortitude and industry of the  pioneers of British Columbia ia  the development and expansion  of the material and spiritual resources of our land.  FELLOWSHIP SUPPER  Sechelt and Gibsons Baptist  church fellowship supper March  24 was attended by 24 persons  and discussion centred on the  work of the Sunday School and  church and some of the things  that might be*done in the future. Displays of missionary material, books and Bibles were  on display from -the Canadian  Bible Society. Duets were provided by Mr. and Mrs1. Peters  and Mr. and Mrs. Spain.  Learn fo Drive  ��� Expert Instruction  ��� Dual  Control  PENINSULA DRIVING  SCHOOL  P.  Jackson ��� Ritz  Motel  Gibsons ��� Ph. 88G-2401  CHURCH SERVICES  ANGLICAN  St. Bartholomew's. Gibsons  8 a.m., 2nd,-4th and 5th Sundays  Holy Communion  11 a.m.., Sunday School  11:15 a.m., 1st and 3rd Sundays  Holy Communion  2nd and 5th Sundays, Mattins  4th Sunday, Family Service  7:30 Pjin., Compline and coffee  St; Aidan's, Roberts Creek  10 a.m.,  2nd Sunday  Holy Communion  3 p.m., 1st, 3rd and 5th Sundays  Evensong  4th Sunday, Family Service  St.   Hilda's,   See&elt  8 a.m., Holy Communion  9:30 a.m., Church School  11:      a.m., Holy Eucharist  Church of His Presence,  3 p.m.. Holy Communion  St. Mary's. Garden Bay   7:30 p.m., Evensong  UNITED  Gibsons United Church  Good Friday, 11 a.m.  11:15 a.m., Divine Service  9:30 a.m., Wilson Creek  2:15 p.m., Roberts Creek  COMMUNITY CHURCH  1st, 3rd and 5th Sundays  9:15 a.m, Rev. R. D. Morgan  2nd and 4th Sundays  7.30 p.m., Rev. W. M. Cameron  BAPTIST  CALVARY BAPTIST  Park Rd., Gibsons  Sunday School, 9:45 a.m.  Evening Service 7 p.m.  Phone 886-2158  BETHEL BAPTIST  Mermaid and Trail, Sechelt  Sunday School 10 a.m.  11:15 a.m., Worship Service  Phone 885-9665  Pastor Roy Adams  GIBSONS PENTECOSTAL  TABERNACLE  Member P.A.O.C.  886-7272  Highway and Martin Road  Sunday School 9:45 a.m.  Morning Worship 11 a.m.  Evening Service 7:00 (p.m.  Wed., Bible Study & Prayer  7:30 p.m.  Fri., Family Night Service  GLAD TIDINGS  Gower Point Road  886-2660  Sunday  Sunday School, 10 a.m.  Morning Worship, 11 a.m.  WITH CHOIR AND SPECIALS  EVENING SERVICE, 7 p.m.  Tuesday  Testimony and Exhortation  Service 7:00  With once a month Special  Evangelistic Service  Transportation available  to all services Order of Golden rule for H.FJEL  Weddings  COAST NEWS WANT ADS  ARE 'BEST SELLERS  Coast News, April 2, 1969.  Harvey Funeral Home Ltdv of  Gibsons has been officially notified of its Tacceptance into the  Order of .the Golden Ride, an  international' organization of funeral directors.  The affiliation was gained  only after Harvey Funeral Home  received approval of many Gibsons people who are in a position to speak with authority on  the firm's qualifications.  Funeral director-members of  the order are selected for their  ability to uphold the ideals of  this world-wide organization,  which has been in existence for  four decades.  Notification    of    membership  was made by letter from the.  executive director of the order,  who   stressed   the   distinction  m/mzw  Zi  SEE 'EM  NOW AT  Haddock's Cabana Marina  MADEIRA PARK ��� Ph. i883 2248  AUTHORIZED MERCURY DEALER  ANNOUNCEMENT  fisher's Taxi has been taken over by Peninsula Tax3  ltd. and will be despatched from the Gibsons Radio  Cabs office.  for prompt service phone  886-2366 or 886-2211  NOTICE  a Rw S, Rhodes  Doctor of Optometry  204 Vancouver Block  Vancouver, B.C.  Announces he will be in Sechelt  MONDAY, April 14  For an appointment for eye examination phone  Sechelt Beauty Parlor 885-2818  If anyone desires any adjustment or repair to their  present glasses I will be pleased to be of service  Easter Novelties  and Gifts  JUST RECEIVED ��� LARGE SHIPMENT  GIFTS and NOVELTIES  COME IN AND BROWSE  SPECIAL  Ladies Summer Handbags  We will be closed Good Friday, April 4  and Easter Monday, April 7th  OPEN SATURDAY, APRIL 5 ��� 9 a.m. to 6 P-m.  GILMORE'S VARIETY SHOP  Phon 885-9343 ��� SECHELT  Harvey Funeral Homej holds by  being accepted for membership,  since ordinarily but one funeral  directing firm in each community can belong. Moreover, the  requirements are such that only  those firms of high ethical stand  ing in the profession can attain  the distinction of membership.  The order places particular  stress on the necessity of providing service that-is modern  and comprehensive, and at the  same time so moderately priced  that it is within the reach of all  ��� even those in the most modest circumstances.  Memlbers of the order identify  themselves by means of a symbol, consisting of an armored  knight with raised visor, who  supports with his left hand a  shield bearing the Order's motto: "Service measured not by  gold, but by the Golden Rule."  In his right hand the knight  grasps a drawn sword, as if to  signify his readiness to defend  the high principles inscribed  upon the shield.  Thanksfrom Hi-Gs  The Gibsons Hi-C thanks all  who supported the recent Hi-C  Movie Festival and would appreciate learning of public reaction to this venture. Suggestions as to Ifow it could be improved would be welcomed, also.  Comments should be mailed to  Gibsons Hi-C c/o Miss C. Wray,  Hopkins  Landing, B.C.  Thanks go to Mr. and Mrs.  Ray Boothroyd for their assistance in making the venture pos  sible. They gave up a great deal  of their time to obtain good  movies, aided with advertising,  as well as working with us on  the nights of the movies.  SCHOOL BOARD HOUSING  A bill to enable school districts  to provide housing, for employees, where none is readily available came before the B.C. legislature. It was presented by  the minister of education. Expenditure for any project under  this bill must come under a capital trust account and can be  done through mortgage financing. When not in use for employees, it can be rented to other  persons. ���    ���  Wed. 2 ��� Thurs. 3 ��� Fri. 4  SUNDAY 6 ��� MIDNIGHT  Big Double Horror Show  KISS OF THE VAMPIRE  and  REPTILOS  (all in color)  Doors  Open 12:01  Out Approx. 3 a.m.  Sal. 5 ��� Mon. 7 ��� Tues. 8  Peter Sellers goes Hippy in  I LOVE YOU  ALICE B. TOKLAS  Technicolor ��� Adult  COMING SOON  GONE WITH  THE WIND  .���srtWH*��^SO��N_:(W����W'M^(�� *fw&7  For Times and Prices  See Next Week's Ad  Twilight Theatre  Coast Highway ���  GIBSONS  Phone 886-2827  BLOMGREN ��� B JOHNSON  Miss Donna Eloise Bjornson,  daughter of Mr. and Mrs. John  Bjofnson of Gibsons, chose Mar.  10 for her marriage to Mr. Gary  Wayne Blomgren, son of Mrs.  Olive Blomgren of Roberts  Creek, at 3:30 at th,e Vancuver  Court House.  " The bride was lovely in a  white knee length dress with  empire waistline. She carried a  bouquet of yellow rosebuds and  mauve accessories.  Miss Yvonne Karwtski of  Squamish was maid of honor, in  a mauve knee length dress with  white corsage and accessories.  Mr. Rick Flumerfelt of Roberts Creek was best man.  The bride's mother wore a  pink suit with white corsage and  accessories, and the groom's  mother wore a green suit with  white corsage and accessories.  After a reception at the Devon  shire Hotel with Mr. Ted Aar-  stad as master of ceremonies  the couple left on a honeymoon  in Williams Lake and Prince  George,, after which they will  live in Roberts Creek.  Special; guests at the wedding  were Mr. Joe Provincal of Vancouver and Mr. and Mrs. Ted  Aarstad of Burnaby, B.C.  UCW sale  Gibsons UCW Thrift sale will  be held April 18 from 10 to 11:30  a.m. in the church hall. The usual supply of family clothing  will be available as well as millinery, jewelry, books, plants,  elephants. There will also be a  bid table. Coffee and cookies  will be available.  On April 24 a special thank-  offering meeting will begin with  a potluck lunch at 12:15. China  has been the UCW study for the  year and four women from the  Chinese UCW will be guests and  will speak on Chinese culture  and the development of the  church in China. Proceeds of the  meeting will go,to missionary  projects at home and abroad.  Directors named  In last week's story on the  election of Sunshine Coast Arts  Council directors the complete  list did not appear. Here is the  list of seven directors elected  for a two year term: Ross Gibson of Gibsons, Mrs. Alice Murray of Davis Bay, Stan True-  man of Gibsons, Mr. and Mrs.  Bernie Baeckmans of Gibsons,  Bud Blatchford of Roberts Creek  and Jack Whaites df Sechelt.  Mrs. Doris Crowston of Sechelt was elected to a two year  term by the Gallery Shop committee as its representative.  Harry Almond of Roberts Creek  and Vince Bracewell Of Hopkins  Landing each have one more  year to serve on the executive.  LANGDALE   TO EGMONT  Sunco Property Patrol Ltd.  Govt. Licensed & Bonded  Offers security check patrol service  Ph. 883-2688 or send information request to  P.O. Box 43 Sechelfi  Address   Request information on patrol service  VILLAGE OF  GIBSONS  MOTOMEHICLE LlfflM  Mow available at the Municipal Office, Gibsons, B.C.  Affective A yril 1, 1969, motor-vehicle licences may be  obtained at the Municipal Office, South Fletcher Road,  Gibsons, B.C., during regular hours, 10:00 a.m. to 12:00  noon and 1:00 to 4:30 p.m., Monday to Friday.  Cheques must be certified and made payable to the  Minister of Finance.  March 31, 1969.  David Johnston,  Municipal Clerk.  Einar Bergen  ANNOUNCES  The Sale of his interests in  TWIN CREEK LUMBER  & BUILDING SUPPLY  to  Messrs. Terry Raines and Bud Norn's  (Effective   March   31st)  On his retirement from the lumber and supply business,  Einar wishes to thank his many customers and close  associate Sig Lehmann for their loyalty and continued  patronage over the years . . . trusting the new owners  will be accorded the same consideration and pleasant  association on the takeover of this long established business. ,  Thank You All  EINAR BERGEN  _?^i?ii^_^_^^^5^___^^:?^i_S^^'f?^3i_^SS^i^^  5_^_U_*s35VS^^l:^��S5V-^^__��%_35Q0-��3^^  Gibsons & District  Chamber of Commerce  Easter Egg Hunt  (Rain or Shine)  SATURDAY, APRIL 5  10:30 a.m. fo Noon  Mainil's Pitch & Putt Golf  (1 block off highway on Pratt Road)  All Children Welcome  (Age limit 10 years)  HE  H  M  i  p  1  1  ��  1  |  1  i  i  "I  I SUNSHINE  COAST DIRECTORY Point of  SUNSHINE COAST TRAILER PARK  1 mile west of Gibsons on Hiway  Roomy Parking, Plenty  of Water  Large Recreation Area  Bus Passes Park Site  Phone 886-9826  SICOTTE BULLDOZING Ltd.  ��� ROAD GRADING  ��� LAND CLEARING  ��� ROAD  BUILDING  Phone 886-2357  RITCHEY  FOR RENTAL  Arches, Jacks, Pumps  Air Compressor, Rock Drill  Concrete vibrator  Phone 886-2040  L & H SWANSON Lfd.  MACK'S NURSERY  Sunshine  Coast Highway  Shrubs, Fruit Trees, Plants  BONUS ON $10 ORDER  Phone 886-2684  Backhoe &  Loader Work  JOHN HIND-SMITH  REFRIGERATION &  MAJOR APPLIANCE SERVICE  Port Mellon to Pender Harbour  Phone 886-2231  From 9 a.m. to 5:30 p.m.  Res. 886-9949  OPTOMETRIST  FRANK E. DECKER  BAL BLOCK ��� GIBSONS  WEDNESDAY  FOR APPOINTMENTS  886-2248  Cement Gravel,  Road Gravel,  Sand & Fill  Septic '.Tanks & Drain Fields  Phone 885-9666  SECHELT TOWING & SALVAGE  LTD.  SCOWS   ���   LOGS  Heavy Equipment Moving  & Log Towing  Phone 885-9425  ��� Custom Design  ��� Construction  ��� Landscaping  ��� Renovations  ��� Extensions  MARK-ELDER  CONTRACTORS LTD.  Benner Block  Ph.  885-9614  Enquiries: Box 218  SECHELT  J  TASELLA SHOP  Ladies ��� Mens ��� Childrens  Wear ��� Yard Goods ��� Wool  and Staples -- Bedding  Linens  Dial 885-9331 Sechelt, B.C.  GULF BUILDING SUPPLIES  Everything for your building  needs  Sechelt ��� Ph. 885-2283  SIM ELECTRIC Ltd.  ELECTRICAL   CONTRACTORS  Sechelt ��� Phone 885-2062  EXPERT REPAIRS  TO  ��� AUTOMATIC WASHERS  ��� AUTOMATIC DRYERS  ��� DISHWASHERS  Factory Trained on all Makes  also  VACUUM CLEANERS  NUTS   &   BOLTS  Ph. 886-2838  ���  RICHARD CRAWFORD & CO.  CHARTERED   ACCOUNTANTS  1572 Marine Drive  Phone 886-2912  Gibsons, B.C.  SUNSHINE COAST SERVICE Ltd.  Wilson Creek  Phone 885-9466  Auto  Glass  Replacement  a Specialty  COLLISION REPAIRS  24-Hour Towing ��� Ph. 886-2811  Latest Equipment for  Frame & Wheel Alignment  PENINSUU PLUMBING  HEATING & SUPPLIES  (Formerly Rogers Plumbing)  on Sechelt Highway & Pratt Rd.  SALES & SERVICE  Port Mellon ��� Pender Harbour  Free Estimates  Phone 886-9533  SOLNIK SERVICE  DATSUN  SALES & SERVICE  Phone  886-9662  RAY NEWMAN PLUMBING  SALES & SERVICE  Hot Water Heating  Building & Alterations  Davis Bay Rd., R.R.1,  Sechelt ��� Ph. 885-2116  At the Sign of the Chevron  HILLS MACHINE SHOP  & MARINE SERVICE Ltd.  Machine Shop  Arc & Acty Welding  Steel Fabricating  Marine Ways  jAutomotive & Marine Repairs  Sfandard Marine Station  NEVENS RADIO & TV  DEALER FOR  PHILIPS  ZENITH  FLEETWOOD  RCA VICTOR  SALES & SERVICE  To all Makes  Phone 886-2280  EXCAVATIONS  Foundations,' Trees Removed;  Clearing and Road Building,  Gravel,  Navvy  and Fill  SIMPKINS ��� Ph. 885-2132  BRICKLAYING  VILLAGE STORE  GIBSONS  Phone 886-7460  Always a fresh stock of  Groceries, Meats, Confectionery  SHOP FROM 10 fo 10  7 DAYS A WEEK  Res.  Phone 886-7721  886-9956 ��� 886-9326  Phone 886-2808  TWIN CREEK LUMBB.  & BUILDING SUPPLIES Lfd.  Everything for your building  needs  Free Estimates  LAND SURVEYING  ROY & WAGENAAR  SURVEYS  1525 Robsons  St.  Vancouver 5 Ph. 681-9142  Zenith 6430  Sechelt 885-2332  C & S SALES  For all your heating  requirements  Agents for  ROCKGAS PROPANE  Also Oil Installations  Free Estimates  FURNITURE  Phone 885-9713  CONTROL BLASTING  Free Estimates  FRED. DONLEY  Pender Harbour  883-2403  PARKINSON'S HEATING Ltd.  Gibsons  ESSC OIL FURNACE  No Down Payment ��� Bank Int.  Ten Years to Pay  Complete line of Appliances  for Free Estimates call 886-2728  HADDOCKS CABANA MARINA  All Electric Cabins  Boat Rentals  Launching  Ramp  MERCURY OUTBOARD  Sales & Service  Marine Ways ��� Repairs  Madeira   Park  ��� Ph.   883-2248  LEN WRAY'S TRANSFER  Household Moving & Storage  Phone 886-2664 ��� R.R.1 Gibsons  McPHEDRAN ELECTRIC Lfd.  Residential ��� Commercial  Industrial Wiring  ELECTRICAL HEATING  SPECIALISTS  Gibsons ��� 886-9689  Serving Port Mellon to  Pender Harbour  0CEANSIDE FURNITURE  & CABINET SHOP  Custom built cabinetry for  home and office  KITCHEN SPECIALISTS  R.  BIRKIN  886-2551 or 886-2261  Beach Ave., Roberts Creek  VERNON & SON BULLDOZING  LAND  CLEARING  LOGGING EXCAVATING  ROAD BUILDING  Free Estimates  Service  and  Satisfaction  Guaranteed  Phone 886-2887  SEASIDE PLUMBING  FREE ESTIMATES  _. COMPLETE PLUMBING  SHOP ON WHEELS  Phone 886-7017 or 886-2848  .mrau��rauimiuuttumnuimmumiumnmuiuuui��H��mfflm\i.  Photostats  ��� TAX PAPERS  ��� LETTERS  ��� MEDICAL CERTIFICATES  ��� LEGAL DOCUMENTS  and other required papers  Ph. 886-2622  ^luunnnnnmMiumuniiunninmnimuuuinuumnjnunuiu'  (By a Practicing Lawyer)  . The mental element in crime  is a frequent source of misunder  standing. No one can be convicted of a criminal offence without  possession some degree of guil-  "ty intention or without having a  guilty mind. This should be contrasted with civil lawj for example, a person is liable jfor all  damages flowing from a motor  vehicle collision caused by his  negligence and it is quite immaterial that the mishap was an  accident or that he didn't intend  it to happen.  On the other hand' ~ lack of  guilty intention, for example, in  a shop-lifting charge, will result in a finding of not guilty.  Most of us have had the unpleasant experience of absent-  mindedly carrying an object out  of a store without paying for it.  No crime,, however, Jias been  committed because there was  no guilty, intention.  Let us take another example  ��� X. walking carelessly down a  street, accidentally knocks down  Y. and injures him. X. is liable  for the civil wrong of negligent  behavior and must pay all Y.'s  damages, but he is not guilty of  the crime of assault because he  had no intention to commit that  crime ��� or indeed any crime.  In a criminal case the crown  must prove a guilty intention.  How can such a thing be prov-  BOWLING  E & M BOWLADROME  High Scores for the week:  iPat Comeau 661 (253), Frank  Nevens 752, Axil Hansen 286.  .  Tues. Ladies: Pat Comeau 661  (226, 253), Carol Kurucz 604  (237)., Bonnie McConnell 592  (246), Jean Whitla 579, Evelyn  Johnson 578 (224), Jean Jorgenson 606 (240), Jean Martin 530,  Isabel Hart 505, Pat Muryn 508,  Bonnie Swanson 501, Evelyn  Shadwell 541, Irene Rottluff 226.  Gibsons A: Neta Sanderson  220/ Len Ellis 603 (248).' Don  MacKay 234, Pat Herman 228,  Dot Skerry 229, Marie Swallow  248, Dan Robinson 256, Ken  Swallow 239, Helen Girard 228,  Al Edmonds 231, Mavis Stanley  220, Roy Taylor 233, 239, Ann  Thompson 240;  Teachers: Elsie Star 222, Leo  Daoust 615 (2212), Melvin Jay  627, Lil Butler 236, Roberta Postlethwaite 223.  Thursday:   Glyn   Davies  228,  Jim  Thomas   277,   Dot   Skerry  243, Jack Lowden 221, Hugh Inglis 601 (239), Axil Hansen 616  (286)., Vic Mattedfu 223, Bill McGivern 245, Freeman Reynolds  263, Frank Nevens 752 (279, 266)  Students   (2   games):   Bruce  Green  323   (168,  155),  Leonard  Green 271, Trevor Quarry 257,  Brad Quarry 270, Susan.Charlesworth 252, Steven Charlesworth  278 (163), John Volen 320 (203),,  Gerry     McConnell     274,     Ken  Buckle  303   (170),  Fred Buckle  328 (193), 318 (194), John Buckle  392 (214), 425 (259, 166), Gerry  Harris 268,  Todd Postlethwaite  273,    Linda    Postlethwaite    260  (150) Paul Scott 364 (185, 179),  Garry Schindel 277 (163), Cheryl  Penfold 217.  ANDY  CAPP  Copyright applied for  ed? N6 one knows for sure what  is iri another's mind, but, their  intention'may be gathered from  all the surrounding circumstances. If the accused in his defence:  raises any reasonable doubt. .as  to the lack of his guilty7 intention, he must be acquitted.  The concept of the quilty intention does not generally apply  to offences forbidderi by provincial statute. Thus, it would be  no defence in a highway speeding charge to convince the magistrate that one did not intend  to speed, but that it had been  done accidentally.  The defence of lack of guilty  intention applies to all crimes,  that is to say, offences as set  out in the Criminal Code of Canada or other federal statute.  Thus, it sometimes occurs that  persons charged with crimes are  acquitted because, they were  drunk at the time in question  and were therefore incapable of  forming the intention to commit  the offence.  Our law does not recognize  the existence of guilty intention  or guilty mind alone, as a crime  The harborer of an unethical,  immoral or evil intention must  do something to put it into effect. .  These observations are general in nature and there exist numerous qualifications and extensions to these very general rules  If there exists any doubt in particular cases a lawyer should be  consulted.  Change sought  The annual meeting of St.  Mary's Hospital Society will be  held on April 21 at 8 p.m., in  the Sechelt Legion Hall. In addition to the regular business  the following will be proposed  as an extraordinary resolution:  Resolved that Section 2 of  Article 111 of the bylaws of St.  .Mary's Hospital Society be repealed and the following substituted:���  The Board of Trustees shall  be composed of 15 persons, one  appointed by the Lieutenant-Gov  emor in Council, one appointed annually by the board of directors of the Regiorial Hospital  District, one appointed annually by and from the Co-ordinating council of St. Mary's Hospital auxiliaries, and the remainder shall be elected by the  members of the society as  herein provided. Each appointed trustee shall be deemed to  be a member of the Society  during his term of office.  INDIAN HEALTH STUDY  A consultant firm', Booz, Allen and Hamilton of Toronto  Ltd., will undertake an extensive study to assess health services for registered Canadian  Indians, Hon. John Munro., minister of national health and welfare announces. The study will  assist the department in developing current and future plans  for better health services for  Indians.  ; 6 7   Coast News, Ap>ril 2, 1969.  TERMINAL  CONTRACT  Hon. Isabel P.Dawson, minister without portfolio, announces that a $184,965 contract has  been awarded to Fraser River  Pile Driving Co. Ltd., of New  Westminster, for the dredging  and marine structure at Little  River   Ferry   Teririinal.  Application for a Water Licence  WATER   ACT     .  (Section 8)  We, Allen H. and Frances  B. Jackson of Reed Road, Box  199, Gibsons, B.C. hereby apply to <the Comptroller of Water Rights for a licence to divert andi use water out of  Chaster Creek which flows  Southwesterly and discharges  into Gulf of Georgia and give  notice of my application to all  persons affected.  The point of diversion will  be located at about 100 feet  north'.of the Reed Road on the  owners property where Chaster  Creek passes through.  The quantity of water to be  diverted is 1000 gallons a day.  The purpose for which the  water will be used is. domestic.  The land on which the water,;  will be used is Parcel B  (See"  457962-L)   of  D.L.   1314,   Group  1, N.W.D., of L. 3, Plan 3190.  .   A copy of this application was  posted on the 4th March, 1969 at  the proposed point of diversion  or and  on  the land where the  water  is   to  be used and two  copies were filed in the office  of the Water Recorder at Vancouver,  B.C.  Objections to this application  may be filed with the said Water Recorder or with the Comptroller of Water Rights, Parliament Buildings, Victoria, B.C.,  within thirty days of the date  of first publication of the application.  Date of first publication is:  April 2, 1969.  Allen Hayward Jackson  Frances Beverly Jackson  APPLICATION FOR A  WATER LICENCE  WATER ACT  (Section 8)  Wei Donald F. and Marjorie  A. David of R.R. 1, Gibsons,  B.C. i hereby apply to the Comptroller of Water Rights for a licence to divert and use water  out of Malcolm Creek which  flows southerly and discharges  into Gulf of Georgia, and give  notice of my application to all  persons affected.  The point of diversion will be  located at Approx. 300 ft. above :  road   allowance   thence   along  Road allowance to property.  The quantity of water to be  diverted is 500 g.a.d.  The purpose for which the water will be used is domestic.  The land on which the water  will be used is Lot 2, Blk 46,  West part of D.L. 1316, N.W.D.,  Plan 9969.  A copy of this application was  posted on the 3rd March, 1969  at the proposed point of diversion and on the land where the  water is to be used and two  copies were filed in the office of  the Water Recorder at Vancouver, B.C.  Objections to this application  may be filed with the said Water Recorder or with the Comptroller of Water Rights, Parliament Buildings, Victoria, B.C.,  within thirty days of the date of  first publication of the application.  Date  of  first publication is:  March 26, 1969.  ���D. F. David, Applicant. Coast News, April 2, 1969.  "  '' \  *'t if -  " JY  ���*���"'" 11-1-i-11 - mm...  Miration ,dont*��V -  $t+tr**i*      ift  *mummmmmun wwnmw  nmuiiniinuwi  Director of y,/, !YY|��oi��5A^% ., .-,   -   ���   ,-.,    ���-���T ��� Ililil |U.HI...,  4-  >   ' <    -^  ,'���>    S     i   -"t**"'~~r---'~Y'' ���nTmirTrTfTfmif     i   , ii.m '5  Decision to Kefu��<j,| .'\  "mt"tnu<m***mmr.   "'" '   L ,.  Decision may  &e  A$��|>e$l<i<i to  ifcioat Control Board *  <MWM>  1���  imuniit#w  *&___ At       _l         "  '   '  i     *  ' i* ** *  fcwi&iGtk for tursfeer* 4j��|>&*i -  *'~ <^jrov��<3ted by legislation    '<  "WMIWII       n     ,|i,  una  the Affiliation of  Harvey Funeral Home Ltd.  This is an important announcement, because  membership in the Order is open only to funeral  directors of high professional standing; it .is a distinction shared by carefully selected funeral directors throughout the world.  ��� An application for membership cannot be passed  upon by the Order itself; membership is granted only  after the Order has made direct contact with those  ���who are in the best possible position to know whether  the applicant is worthy: families served, and the  business and professional men of the community  in which the applicant lives.  The Symbol which appears below is the identifying emblem of membership, and all users of this  Symbol are pledged io give, modern, comprehensive  service, to advise wisely, and keep all charges  moderate. .  The Order is happy to present and recommend  this firm to the people of this community and the  surrounding territory, and takes pride in making this  public announcement of the appointment.  PPnKTPAP /  REGISTRAR  Sty* (��thtt nf tf|* (&albt n Uttfe  An International Affiliation of Dependable Funeral Directors  _.  l__  IF YOU DESIRE to lodge a  complaint in connection with  pollution the above graph will  give the reader some idea of  the ramification of the provincial pollution control organization. If you seek to do something which comes within the  board's jurisdiction you present  your application to the director  of pollution control and at the  same time advertise that fact  in the press. From that point on  follow the lines on the graph.  Carnival planned  Elphinstone Student Council is  planning a giant carnival for  spring, likely in late May.     .  The only way that this proposed carnival can be made a success is with the co-operation and  help from the whole student  body, says the Spring issue of  the student periodical Glad Rag.  Some of the activities planned  for the event will be a car rally,  some sort of talent show, a number of booths with various carnival type games, and a dance  to wind up the evening.  The carnival is hoped to be  held on May Day weekend as  there are not really that many  people who leave here but quite  a number who come up for the  long weekend.  FAJTIi:  There are seven distinct  themes this year for women's  summer dresses according to  Helen Bahen, Montreal news  editor of Style, Canadian women's wear .newspaper. They  are:  GYPSY - [PEASANT INFLUENCE. The gypsy camp is gay,  with tiered skirts and hemline  flounces, colorful floral prints  and giant, vibrant patterns, abstractly striped in a blazing Romany mood, ruffles and bodices  which bare the midriff. Old-  Bashioned wallpaper effects,  challis and paisley prints, pinafore ruffles, lace and braid trimming also create a peasant-y  look.  SOFT LOOK. This effect  comes on strong in simple, casual shapes of clingy, slinky fabrics such as crepe, jersey and  chiffon which give "fluidity of  line. The mood of softness is  also set by bias cuts, dirndl gathers, cowls, wraps, soft shirring, tucking and shapes caught  loosely at the waist or just  above with sashes and cummerbunds.  PLEATS. There are pleats in  all sizes from broad, flat ones to  uiiy tucks. They animate just  about   everything   ���   sleeves,  pant legs, bodices and skirts.  BARE   LOOK.    This   means  sleeve cut-outs, open latticework through midriff, low-cut  backs, decollete necklines and  the body revealed through simple shapes of see-through lace  and semi-sheer voile. In sportswear, the bare facts are exposed by cropped tops, bare midriff halter and bra tops in the  '30s mood, see-through voile and  lace pants with bikini lining and  jumpsuits with cut-outs, chain-  laced midriff or straps with ring  joining tops and bottom.  PANTS. Pants are right for all  occasions ��� from tailored styles  for daytime to party pants for  evening. Party pants range from  harem pyjamas to s short pants  under wrap skirts, from pants  with matching tunic dresses to  the flare legiged jumpsuits.  pmNT-ON-PiR)IilNIT. Dresses  and sportswear separates combining contrasting prints such  as polkadots and stripes, combinations of patterns and fabrics, are part of the new print  madness.  CLASSICS. The pulled-together  mood of blazer jacket, pleated  skirt, shirt, vest, tunic-top and  jumper is part of the summer  scene.  TASELLA SHOPPE  FOR YOUR YARDGOODS ��� Sechelt ��� Ph. 885-9331  GILMORE'S  VARIETY  SHOP  SEWING NEEDS, BUTTERICK PATTERNS���Sechelt, Ph. 885-9343  HOWE SOUND 5, 10, 15 CENT STORE  Gibsons ��� Ph. 886-9852  For All Your SEWING NEEDS, SIMPLICITY PATTERNS  D. G. DOUGLAS VARIETY 6. PAINTS  McCall's Patterns, Laces, Remnants & "Singer Supplies  Sunnycrest Plaza, Gibsons ��� Ph. 886-2615  SEASIDE PLUMBING  SALES   and  SERVICE  ALL YOUR SUPPLIES  AT VANCOUVER PRICES  ��� WEI>AY THE FREIGHT ���  ALL   WORK   GUARANTEED   BY  QUALIFIED   TRADESMEN  8867017  or  8S6-284S  The Cedar's Inn is proud  to Announce  they  will   be   open   for  GOOD FRIDAY and  EASTER SUNDAY DINNERS  featuring a baked ham special, served delightfully  by our charming and capable hostesses  So please make your reservations and give the wife and family this  Special Easter Treat . . . and let us do all the work, it will be our pleasure  FOR RESERVATIONS ��� Call Lyle or Olive  Schwabe  Phone 886-9815  The CEDAR'S INN  Sunshine Coast Highway ��� Gibsons Paintings foy A.J.C.  8       Coast News, April 2, 1969.  School troubles at P. R  Alfred John (Jack) Charman  who died early in December was  well known to many through his  writings. His essays, filled with  a philosophy acquired in a full  and adventurous life describinig  with fluent pen the changing sea  sons and furred and feathered  neighbors on his woodland! home  stead delighted many. They ap-  Freezer Bread  2c OFF 5.  20 loaves or more  Gel together with a friend  If you haven't storage room  in your freezer for this 20-  loaf offer ��� go in with a  friend and each take 10  loaves at a saving of 2 cents  per loaf. Phone orders in  advance.  Gibsons Bakery  Gibsons & Sunnycrest Plaza  Phone 886-7441  Sechelt ��� Ph. 885-9900  peared signed only with his initials, A. J.C. many years ago in  the Province, later in the Coast  News.  As he was a very modest and  gentle man it is probable that  few knew of his skill with pencil  and brush. He painted and  sketched entirely, for his own  pleasure in odd moments during  his sailing days and throughout  his life. When Jack Charman  felt a need to paint or sketch it  never worried him that he might  have run out of sketching paper  and paint, he used whatever  was available at the time, and  some of his most beautiful little  sketches were done on the back  of an old envelope or cereal' box.  A lesson to those of us who think  the expensive equipment is essential to good workmanship.  He left behind a small; collec-  iton of exquisite water colors,  some pencil sketches and some  experiments with a new medium  pastels. The paintings have been  lovingly mounted and are  on loan to the Gallery through  the generosity of his son George  Charman.  Also on loan to the Gallery is  a portrait of Jack Charman,  painted by Bob Prough six or  seven years ago which has been  lent by Mr. and Mrs. Austin  Moorcroft of Gower Point. Bob  Prough was at that time working at Port Mellon and his mother, Mrs. Anne Prough and sds>-  ter Mrs. Joyce Ripper both live  in the Gower Point area.  Mr. Charman's pictures will  be on display until April 12.  The Gallery is open Wednesday  to Saturday, 10 a.m. to 4 p.m.  IMPORTANT  ANNUAL GENERAL MEETING  South Pender Harbour Waterworks Oniric!  Sunday, April 13th  Community Hall> 2 p.m.  NOTICE OF MEETING  THE ANNUAL MEETING OF THE  ST. MARY'S HOSPITAL SOCIETY  will  be  held  on  Monday, April 21, 1969  at 8 p.m. in the  Sechelt Legion Hall  Five Trustees to be Elected  Nominations  will  be received  from  the floor  NOTE:   Entitled to participate in and vote at the meeting  ar:  1. Members registered in 1968, who have paid  Membership dues ($2.00) for 1969, before the  commencement  of the  meeting.  2. New Members who have been registered and  have paid Membership dues ($2.00) for 196.,  NOT LATER THAN ��� 30 DAYS PRIOR TO THE  MEETING.  ST.   MARY'S   HOSPITAL  NEEDS  YOUR   SUPPORT  AND INTEREST  NEW MEMBERS WILL BE WELCOME  Sechelt,  B.C.,  April  2nd,   1969  A. Wagemakers, Administrator,  St. Mary's Hospital, Sechelt, B.C.  Labor calls for  !C inquiry  Ray Haynes, secretary-treasurer of the B.C. Federation of  Labor, has announced that the  federation has written to Premier Bennett, calling for an investigation into recent charges  of police brutality against native  Indians in Sechelt. The letter  asks that such an investigation  be conducted by an independent  committee of respected citizens  from outside the area who would  report publicly on their findings.  In comimenting on the federation's action, Mr. Haynes stated:  "At the request of local unions  in the area, bur representatives  have visited Sechelt and discussed the charges with a number  of native Indians and other citizens in the community. We have  also examined details of the allegations. As a result, we believe  this matter to be sufficiently serious to warrant a thorough investigation publicly and by an  independent body. No private  investigation, by the attorney-  general's department or by any  government department, can  adequately ensure that the facts  are brought to light.  "We have suggested establishment of a committee of known  and respected citizens including  representatives of clergy, labor  and other groups in the com-  munlity. With such an independent investigation, the public  cpuld feel confident that every  effort was being made to arrive  at the truth.  "Our police play an important  role in our community. We entrust them with great powers  and any allegations of abuse of  those powers must always receive the closest scrutiny, not  only in the interests of justice  and the protection of civil rights  but also in the interest of public confidence in our law enforcement agencies.  "We trust that early action  will ibe forthcoming on this matter which we consider to be of  great urgency and importance."  SCHOOL REUNION  The first reunion in the history of the 57-year old Herbert  Spencer school in New Westminster will be held April 25 in the  school commencing at 7 p.m.  The evening commemorates the  50th-anniversary of the PTA in  the school and 46 years of teaching at the school by Miss Catherine J. McAskill. Those unable  to attend are asked to write Miss  McAskill at 107 Sinclair Ave.,  New Westminster and supply information of interest to former  school friends.  GRANTS FOR HOSPITALS  Federal hospital construction  grants totalling $896,061 will go  to five health institutions in B.C.  Health Minister John Munro announces. Surrey Memorial Hospital will get $599,980, Revel-  stoke's Queen Victoria hospital  $165,216; Trail-Tadanac Hospital $100,000. Cloverdale Surrey  Health Centre $26.,70O and St.  Paul's Hospital, Vancouver  $4,615 for new x-ray equipment.  RICHMOND GEM SHOW  The Richmond Gem and Mineral club will hold its seventh  annual genu show April 19 and  20 in the Richmond Arts Centre  behind the Municipal Hall. Admission and parking will be free.  The show opens at 10 a.m. each  day and will close at 10 p.m.  Saturday and 6 p.m. Sunday.  WANTED  Used furniture or what  have you  WE BUY BEER  BOTTLES  AL'S USED FURNITURE  Gibsons ��� 886-28121  CalMng on Hon. Isabel paw-  son, ministeir without portfolio  in the provincial government to.  act vwith him for the people of  the Powell River school district  to save the school systemi from  disintegrating, following defeat  of a school referendum at Powell River, Don Lockstead, New  Democratic Party candidate has  issued the following statement:  The Public Schools act as  amended in 1968 (the new finance formula) is bad legislation  because it suggests that education costs should be the same  throughout the province regardless of any and all local considerations. This is wrong. The  Powell River district cannot operate on the same per capita  cost as can an urban district unless it offers an inferior school  system.  This legislation unless amended will inevitably force districts  to down-grade the quality of  their school system/. Immediate  and irreparable damage to the  school system' will result unless  immediate steps are taken to  prevent it.  Unless additional funds can be  voted, important parts of our  school system such as kindergartens and music programs will  be lost and even these emergency economies: can save us  from a situation in which schools  may have to be closed before  December.  Our trustees are responsible  people who are doing a good job  for the people who elected them.  They are frustrated in their efforts by a finance formula which  suggests to the electorate that  they have been spending money  irresponsibly and they have  been forced to igo to a referendum (as in Powell River where  it was defeated) the defeat of  which makes it impossible for  them to do their job effectively.  Mr. Brothers (minister of education) is personally responsible  for the dangerous state of af-  - f        . ���  Before you.  go to pieces...  (fasten your seat belt)  CAMAMAS. HIGHWAY SAFETY COUNCIL  (i��Sf;l  Sponsored by  Bill  Wright  Sunnycrest Motors  and  Chas.   Mandelkau  Gibsons Shell Service  fairs which exists in this and  other school districts and I demand that he act immediateliy  to ensure that no disrupting or  down-grading of bur school system shall occur.  COAST NEWS WANT ADS  ARE BEST SELLERS  DEADLINE, TUESDAY NOON  Phone 886-2622  FLOAT SERVICE  Storage, Repairs, Building  Repairs to Island Homes  Wood Cutting  Box 432  Gibsons  Ph. 886-2432  K.  & R.  SIMPSON  We Specialize in  Health Products  While we are proud to be the official distributors of  H.S.C. Herbal Remedies and other Health ProductSr--  WE ALSO SPECIALIZE IN���  basic health foods, including: natural dried fruits,  unbleached health flour, wheat germ, cereals, herbs,  unpasteurized honey and imported HALVAH in bulk.  Always a good supply of dairy products,  fruits, vegetables and grocery Items  Shop at Your Friendly,  Handy Store on the Hill  Wyngaert Enterprises  Phone 886-9340 ��� Gibsons  N  evens  SALE  Come and See for Yourself  Nevens Radio & TV  Marine Drive -- GIBSONS ��� Ph. 886-3280  Now on Sale  NATURAL LAWS  By Chack Chack  (Harry Roberts)  An frustrated booklet containing the homespun philosophy of  a man who has lived many years at Billings Bay, Nelson Island  and has already published one book on his early experiences at  Roberts Creek.  His second book containing illustrations of his boats, and homes,  comes from the presses of the Coast News.  IT IS HOW ON SALE AT THE COAST NEWS af $1 per copy NEED A  PHOTO?  The Coast News  can take if  for you  Phone 886-2622  Municipal act  Coast News, April 2, 1969.  Help retarded children  Bus. 266-7111  Res. 278-0874  E. E.  (MICKEY) COE  Brown Bros. Motors  5690 Granville St.  Vancouver 13,  B.C.  Briscoe's answer  COMPLETE FOOD SELECTION FOR A FAMILY OF 4  IF YOU OWN A DEEP FREEZER $11.75 PER WEEK  IF YOU DO NOT OWN A DEEP FREEZER $13.75 Per Week  I  WE ARE A FOOD SERVICE  NOT A PLAN  NO  MEMBERSHIP FEES  PHONE NOW  Vancouver  299-4712  298-4224  Gibsons  886-2905  Food & Freezer for less  than you are now spending  on food alone  No payments till April  MaU today for taU lnfarmaUon  NO OBLIGATION OF COUBSE!  NAME  ADDRESS  PHONE     _  crrsr     Have Freezer   ( ) No Freezer   ( )  8433 E. HASTINGS, VANCOUVER  WOLFGANG BUCHHORN, master councillor of Mt. Elphinstone  Chapter, Order of DeMolay, presented a cheque to Mr. Dalton  Murphy, executive director of  the B.C. Society for Retarded  Children, at a dinner Wednesday  night in the Cedars Inn. This is  a continuing project of the local  chapter, and so far they have  contributed in excess off $300.  Glubf bloop,gurgle,gurg,gur...stopped? You'll  find PLUMBING CONTRACTORS fast in the  YELLOW PAGES. Where your fingers do the walking.  area  A Complete  Electric Service  ��� NEW HOUSE WIRING  ��� RE-WRING  ��� COMMERCIAL & INDUSTRIAL  ��� ELECTRIC HEATING  McPHEDRAN ELECTRIC Ltd.  Box 745 ��� GIBSONS ��� Ph. 886-9689  The Huge B.C. Salmon Derby,  the world's largest fishing  derby, will be staged ajgain this  summer, bigger and better  than ever. Advertising executive Fin Anthony, the derby  chairman, announces that the  Derby will be held Saturday,  and Sunday, August 16 and 17,  in Howe Sound and English  Bay.  The derby has been shortened one day from last year's  back-breaking 3-day event and  the derby area has been enlarged./ 77  .The new western limit is a  line from Roberts Creek Wharf  on the Sunshine .Coast down to  the Sandhead Lightship at the  mouth of the: Fraser Riyer-  YTo^Y^^^wn^agaiirTbiB the  $25,000 in silver, won last year  by young Port Alberni angler  Jim Towe, with a 31 pound 11  ounce spring salmon. Anthony  stated he expected the total  prize list to exceed last year's  $54,000 value. The same $10 per-  person, per-line fee will be  charged.  A major change will be a  special award for the largest  Cohoe caught during the derby.  One more weigh-in station has  been added ��� in the Ladner  area. Sewell's of Horseshoe Bay  will remain the command station with others at Fisherman's  Cove and Sunset Marina, both  in West Vancouver, and another  at Smitty's in Gibsons on the  Sechelt Peninsula.  PETER  M.  DOWNES  who will serve again this year  as Chairman of the Conquer  Cancer Campaign in British  Columbia. The 1969 campaign  gets underway April 1, with an  objective of $475,000. Mr.  Downes, vice-president, corporate communications, of MacMillan Bloedel Limited, headed  last year's successul campaign  which raised $501,2221, exceeding its target of $450,000.  Bill No. 40, an Act to: amend  tlie Municipal Act,was intro-  rluced last week by the minister  of municipal affairs, Hon Dan  Campbell, and read for the first  time.  It permits the local council to  pay all or part of the premium  in respect of any benefit, accident, sickness, or life insurance policy in respect of not only municipal employees, but of  members of council, recreation  commission, advisory planning  commissions and boards of variance, and permits councils to  not only pay the expenses of,  bult pay members of the local  Court of Revision, a per diem  rate not exceeding $25.  The act provides for an occupancy fee payable in respect to  the occupancy of a mobile home.  Operators collect the fee and  may be paid a fee of up to 3 per  cent. The fees shall be prescribed in the bylaw and shall not  exceed the following scale:  Area per month  900 square feet or more     $10  800 to 899 sq. ft. $9  700 to 799 sq. ft. $8  600 to 699 sq. ft. $7  500 to 599 sq. ft. $6  400 to 499 sq. ft. $5  300 to 390 sq. ft. $4  Less than 300 sq. ft., Nil  Section 210-A. amends the Act  whereby public sports or entertainment at which any fee is  charged for admission, except  horse racing, may be allowed  after half past one in the afternoon of Sunday, provided it is'  adopted by electors through bylaw iby a three-fifthis majority  of the electors who vote on the  bylaw.  While there are many other  sections of interest in this Act,  the last mentioned is of great interest to many people on the  Sunshine Coast as Mrs. Dawson reports receiving many letters in this regard during the  past year.  AID FOR BIAFRA  Y The sum of $101,063, earmark-  ed-to-aid victims of the Nigeria-  Biafra civil war, figures largely in a record total of $415,871  contributed in 1968 to the Primate's V/orld Relief Fund of  the Anglican Church of Canada.  Blake C. Alderson, D.C.  CHIROPRACTOR  4 days weekly  Post Office Building Sechelt  Phone  885-2333  Monday, Wednesday,  Thursday, Saturday  12 noon to 5 p.m.  EVENINGS  BY APPOINTMENT  A UFO PAPER  John Magor, B.C. publisher  (of the Canadian Weekly Editor, among others), has added  a new bow to his string, accord-:  ing to Canadian Printer & Publisher. He is launching The Canadian UFO Report 7which will  deal with unidentified flying objects and the UFO movement  in Canada. The Report "will  come out every two months.  For those who have been seeing things, the address is: Canadian UFO Report, Box 758,  Duncan B.C.  ruiuuittttiinuimmuuunuMnttiiuununmiittuunimumHni  PASSPORT PHOTOS  can be obtained  at the Coast News  Phone 886-2622  LEGION  THURSDAY  APRIL 3  8 p.m. Sharp  NO GAMES LESS THAN $10  DOOR PRIZE $20  JOIN THE EASTER PARADE  Let us belp you select a swish wig or  hairpiece in time for the holiday.  WIGS priced from $29.95 and tip  WIGLETS and        $12.95 and up  HAIRPIECES  Perms ��� Cuts and Color Too  Gibson  Girl Beauty Centre  GIBSONS ��� 886-2120 ��� on the Waterfront  PENINSULA  FOODS  Complete Home Freezer Service  SAVE   $  $  $  No Down Payment ���- No Delivery Charge  Representative:   Ph.  885-9418 ��� Sechelt  .-v  GIBSONS MARINE SERVICES Ltd.  af ESSO MARINE  2 Boat Ways  GAS ��� DIESEL ��� OUTBOARD & WELDING  AUTHORIZED EVINRUDE SALES  0.M-C. PARTS & SERVICE  Double Eagle Fibreglas Boats  Phone 886-7411 ��� Res?. 886-2891  It takes a man-sized beer to quench a man-  sized thirst. So when you finally land that big  one - or even if you don't - crack open a case of  ice-cold Lucky Lager. Lucky's the B.C. beer that's  brewed slow and easy, Western-style; blended for  big beer flavour you can taste; aged for great  beer quality you can rely on. Lucky Lager - for men  who know a good beer when they taste it.  Give Yourself a LUCKY BREAK  This advertisement is not published or displayed by the Liquor Control Board or by the Government of British Columbia. *   *   Consult Us ... Before You Buy ... For Assistance i  ^  Call al our Sechelt Office and view any  location on our 50 foot detailed wall map  em  SELMA PARK  No. 1047  2 bedroom home with out-standing view of Gulf of  georgia with guest cabin on lower .level of 1.02  acre waterfrontage at Selma Park. Full Price $21,-  500.00 with $10,000.00 down'.  CALL: Bob Kent '   885-9461  GRANTHAMS  Completely modern and beautifully finished two  bedroom home. Full basement with large recreation room, attached garage, paved driveway. Economical hot water heat, 220 wiring. Outstanding  view. F.P. $22,000 ��� D.P. $7,000.00.  CALL: C. R. Gathercole 886-7015  60WER POINT  No. 778  100 feet of waterfront. Well built two bedroom home.  Living room 24 x 16, heatilator fireplace. Solid oak  floor. Large modern kitchen. Also comfortable two  bedroom guest cottage. Presently rented. $25,000.00,  some terms.  CALL: C. R. Gathercole 886-7015  Ask for our free catalogue for a  complete selection  MISSION POINT  No. 1053  Income property ��� rent one side, live in other.  Both rented at $50.00 month plus utilities. Fully  furnished even lo bedding. Lovely view" across Gulf  to Vancouver Is. 60' beach front. 220 volt range (2).  CALL: Peter Smith 885-9463  GIBSONS Nk>.991  Excellent   residential   lot.  Extensive   view.   Landscaped, several fruit trees. Full Price $2,800.00.  CALL: C. R. Gathercole 886-7015  HOPKINS No. 1046  Well-built 2 bedroom bungalow on full, high basement, suitable for extra living space. Magnificent  view. Interior finishing in progress. F.P. $18,000.00,  D.P.  $5,000.00. ���  CALL: C. R. Gathercole 886-7015  GIBSONS No. 933  Residential view lot in village. Full Price $l,650.0fk  CALL: C. K. Gathercole 886-7015  FRANKLIN ST. - GIBSONS  No. 1031  Only one block to beach, and park. View of water.  Quiet street in good area. Fully remodelled 2 bedroom all electric home. Large dining area. Garden  lot fenced. Asking $14,600.00, $3,200.00 down, balance  r.t $100.00 per month.  CALL: J. W. Anderson 885-2053  GIBSONS RURAL No. 1019  New Lindell (Burgandy) bungalow on cleared lot.  1.49 acres. Fully insulated,, propane furnace, range  and hot water tank. Pembroke bath.  CALL: C. R. Gathercole 886-7015  DAVIS BAY APARTMENT SITE  No. 1048  V  2 lots ready to build. Close to beach, store and  Post Office. Only $6,000.00 for both.  CALL: J. W. Anderson 885-2053  Selecting Property on the Sunshine Coast  885-2161   -   24 HOUR PHONE SERVICE   -   886-7015  GIBSONS RURAL ONLY $1,200.00        No. 990  Rarely do we have a lot for $1,200.00 full price  wt.h only $200.00 down. We have three of these  available with each having 69 ft. frontage and 217  ft. in length.  CALL: John Goodwin 885-2161  No. 1001      GIBSONS  No. 917  An unfinished three bedroom split level home of  1,555 sq. ft. floor area located on y% acre property.  Here is a home with all rooms of adequate size.  The decision of interior finishing and decoration  will be tihe buyers. Down Payment of $9,000.00 required.  CALL: Bob Kent 885-9461  ROBERTS CREB( HOBBY FARM No. 912  FOR RETIREMENT  One room modern cabin and three horse stalls.  Gravity feed water from year round spring. Tool  Shed. Just minutes off the Sunshine Coast Highway. Full Price $8,950.00.  CALL: John Goodwin 885-2161  GIBSONS  No. 1020  Well maintained two bedroom bungalow. Living  room panelled in red cedar. Roman tile fireplace.  Pemroke bath. Convenient highway location. Over  two acres, easy subdivision by survey only. F.P.  $22,000.00 ��� some terms.  CALL: C. R. Gathercole 886-7015  PORPOISE BAY No. 1017  Approximately 1500' waterfrontage. Deep water  mooring. Excellent clam beach. Acreage has been  logged. Small 2nd growth exists. Approx. 25 acres.  $20,000.00 down required.  CALL: Peter Smith 885-9463  WILSON CREEK  No. 1041  Large garden lot, 90 x 170, all cleared ready to  build. 300' To public beach access. Well on property  and electric pump. $3,000.00.  CALL: J. W. Anderson 885-2053  SILVER SANDS  No. 1042  Fairly new 720 sq. ft. summer home, on 4.58 acres  of tremendous view property. Bounded toy year  round* creek. V4 cleared with 10 cherry, pear, etc.  trees. Rest of property is nicely wooded. In area  of $20,000.00 home* owned primarily by middle-  aged retired couples for congenial neighbors. Our  full cash price $9,950.00 or will consider $11,000.0?  with half cash down, balance $75.00 at 8%:  CALL: Bob Kent 885-9461  ROBERTS CREEK No. 910  We have this 100 by 360 ft. lot for sale on a paved)  road with an asking price of $2,700.00.  CALL: Bob Kent 885-9461  NEAR SARGENT BAY  No. 973  Four lots of approximately Va acre each. Paved  road. Price range from $1,950.00 to $2,250.00 each.  CALL: Peggy Ayer 885-2375 or  J. W. Anderson 885-2053  GIBSONS No. 1045  Excellent two bedroom dwelling on fenced, landscaped view lot. Full basement with self contained,  furnished suite. Good garage. F.P. $22,500.00.  CALL: C. R. Gathercole 886-7015  MISSION POINT  to 1051  60' waterfrontage.  Unobstructed view  of Gulf of  Georgia, and Vancouvervslislaitid. Ideal summer home.  Now rented at $50.00 i-e'irlmo. plus utilities. F.P1.  $7,800.00.  CALL: Peter Smith 885-9463  SELMA PARK No. 978  Gentle sloping residential lot. top-o-the-hill, Selma  Park. Approx. footage 70 x 188 deep. Hydro��� Telephone ��� Sechelt Water System. Only two city  blocks to breakwater at Selma Park. F.P. $3,500.00.  CALL: Bob Kent 885-9461  DAVIS BAY  No. 959  Only $16,500.00 full price for this 2 bedroom home.  Facing the most convenient sandy beach on the  Sechelt  Peninsula. Approx.  %��� down required.  CALL: J. W. Anderson 885-2053  GOWER POINT No. 1006  Custom built, two yearsold, some minor finishing  required. Open plan, high beamed ceiling. Fully  electric. Large view lot. Reasonably priced. F.P.  $14,000.00.  CALL: C. R. Gathercole 886-7015  MISSION P0IMT No. 1052  Delightful open living area home view of Georgia  Strait to Vancouver Island. 2 bedrooms, one small,  one larger. 220 volt range, Oilspace heater with  house. 60' waterfront. House leased at $85.00 per  month, expiring June, 1970. F.P. $10,500.00.  CALL: Peter Smith 885-9463  SELMA PARK STORE  No. 1011  Business opportunity on Sechelt Peninsula, Sunshine Coast. Country General Store featuring meats,  groceries & vegetables. 2 man operation. Gross  sales over $100,000.00, store hours 9 to 6 on highway close to dense population areas. Off street  parking. Post Office drawing attraction. Fully  equipped $10,000.00 plus "No Dead Stock." Inventory of approximately $9,000.00.  CALL: Bob Kent 885-9461  GIBSONS  No. 559  Commercial ��� One storey frame building on solid  concrete foundation. Concrete floors ������ 1980 sq. ft.  Suitable for various commercial uses. 178 feet highway frontage and 100 ft. on side road. F.P. $12,-  300.00. Vender may consider some terms.  CALL: C. R. Gathercole 886-7015  26 ACRE RANCH  On Sunshine Coast Highway ��� RobertsCreek area.  2 bedroom home. Large, shop, plus 2 small barns.  Two year round streams. 1st water rights.:Some  timber approx. 7 acres cleared. Ideal for horses.  F.P. $29,500.00, $20,000.00 -cash or try offers.  CALL: J. W. Anderson 885-2053  MISSION POINT  1 lot back from waterfront, open view to water,  access 1 minute away. Sheltered from weather. Dry  level lot beautifully treed. 700 yds to highway. 60'  facing to water. F.P. $7,000.00.  CALL: Peter Smith 885-9463  WILSON CREEK  No. 1016  This two bedroom: home is situated on a large  level lot with some fruit trees and shrubs. Lots of  room for the gardener in the family. Has a large  living room and good kitchen area. One block from  main highway. Try $3,000:00 down; balance at $90.00  per mo.  CALL: Peggy Ayer 885-2375  DAVIS BAY No. 1032  Lovely post and beam view home overlooking beach  and Trail Islands. $2,000.00 in landscaping. Extra  large  livingroom.  3 bedrooms.  Vanity Bath.  Sun  Deck. Garage in basement. Asking $18,900.00..  CALL: J. W. Anderson 885-2053  HALFMOON BAY No. 1021  This charming 2 bedroom home is situated close to  Redroofs which offers good moorage, fishing, right  across from beach access road. Kitchen has built-in  Tappan gas oven and table top stove. .This large  lot is partially landscaped, fruit trees, shrubs, has  small cabin for guest house. Large covered patio  with rock planter. Offered at $15,000.00. Call anytime to view.  CALL: Peggy Ayer 885-2375  Call al our Sechelt Office and pw any  Ideation on our 50 foot defaUed wall map  SECHELT No. 989  Across from Hackett Park. One block to schools  and stores. High ground, good drainage. Lots are  nicely treed and are serviced by Hydro, telephone  and Seohelt Water System. Two lots each 63 x 122  facing Dolphin Street are reasonably priced at  $2,500.00 each.  CALL: Bob Kent 885-9461  WELCOME BEACH  Nb. 1000  Comfortable 2 bedroom home plus summer guest  cabin on 3 acres of view. Range and fridge and  some, furnishings. Has 290 ft. frontage on Redroofs  paved road. Good water supply, only 700' by direct  road to beach (access). Nicely treed southerly exposure. Try $3,000.00 down, balance at $100.00 per  mo. 8% on full price of'$12,000.00.  CALL: JR. B. Kent at 885-9461 or  J. W. Anderson at 885-2053  WEST SECHELT WATERFRONT  No. 926  The value is in the property with 160 feet on the  waterfront 150 feet on the Sunshine Coast Highway  and 375 feet on a side road. Older one of a kind,  three bedroom home. One of the most suitable  properties we have for future commercial development. Full Price $32,000.00. '  CALL: John Goodwin 885-2161  Ask for our tree catalogue for a  complete selection  No. 1050      ROBERTSCREEK  No. 798  Two and half acres near Roberts Creek Park. Full  Price $2,725.00. ' ������  CALL: C. R. Gathercole 886-7015  GIBSONS - REVENUE No. 1056  Well located Triplex close to shopping. View Lot.  Tenant parking.. Full price of $28,000.00 down payment of $7,000.00 with reasonable terms on balance.  CALL: C. R. Gathercole 886-7015  PORPOISE BAY  No. 1026  Zoned residential. Beautiful view lot facing up Sechelt Inlet. 75 feet on waterfront. One minute to  Government wharf. Potential is unlimited. Sheltered  water. Full Price $5,450.00.  '        -  CALL: Peter Smith 885-9463  GRANTHAMS  NoY.dOi  Completely modern and beautifully finished two  bedroom home. Full basement, large recreation  room. Attached garage, paved driveway. Economical hot water heat. 220 wiring. Outstanding viqfw.  $22,000.00 ��� terms.  CALL: C.R. Gathercole 886-7015  TILLICUM BAY���SECHELT  No.1018  Living room glassed. wall- facing West overlooking  PorpoiseBay. Three minute walk to Marina, swimming and boating. Ideal for future two level home  at rear of property. West portion is levelled and  landscaped in a beautiful location. $9,450.00 f.p.,  CALL: Peter Smith 885-9463  GUEST RANCH  No. 953  12 rooms, 27 acres. Two year round trout streams.  Level southern slope, approx. 10 acres, cleared.  Fruit trees. Close to Govt, park and beach, Roberts  Creek. Autc. oil heat and hot water. Most equipment and furniture included. Full price $45,000.00  terms.  CALL: J. W. Anderson 885-2053  GIBSONS  No. 1006  Custom built two years old, some minor finishing  required: Open plan, high beamed ceiling; Fully  insulated, alum, windows. Attractive; well constructed two bedroom bungalow. Fully electric/Large  lot, unobstructed view, southerly. Owner moving^v  anxious to sell. "  CALL: C. R. Gathercole 886-7015  SALESMEN:  Peter Smith  Chris Gathercole  C.R. Gathercole  Ted Surtees  Jack Anderson  Bob Kent  Peggy Ayer  Res. 885-9463 SELMA PARK  Res. 8^6-7015 GIBSONS  Res. 886-7015 GIBSONS  Res. 885-9303 HALFMOON BAY  Res. 885-2053 DAVIS BAY  Res. 885-9461 SECHELT  Res. 885-2375 WEST SECHELT  f00&  REAL ESTATE  INSURANCES  Multiple Listing  Service  Vancouver  Real Estate Board  AGENCIES LTD.  Sechelt 885-2161  Box 155  Cowrie Street  24 HOURS  Gibsons 886-7015  Box 369  Marine Drive  J


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