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 ,U .t" 1%^ p, s  GOLDEN CUP, AWARD  COFFJEfc  at DANNY'S ,  COFFEE HOUSED -MOTEL  Gibsons' ��� Ph^8b%m5' ' /  y pyyy//ky:WPf/?yy:  Vi ct or La *;#*?/$&$/$�����  .i'.'.>,fi'iy..'V^ ;  '���*��� VW.V"''-'-'  ,^y/-m'^m- '-p  SERVING THE GROWING SUNSHINE  COAST  Published in Gibsons, B.C. Volume 18, Number$&, June 4, 1964.   P    -a IV   ���<,-',"SV,l:'  '<:vy  -7c per copy  P0v  VpiPi-  Big Gibsons picnic  ���& ��5 < --v  nn^Tthi^_-AniP'ft*.*hP vfl-   tte eArly 1890s,, the few settlers the'_nresent,tfa_hW became,thus    lU��ri__fs,-Gibsons, is offering the  XfcP^t^_S_ooF_ouiicil- -��t_ti��. area., walked,, to Payne's khowh.as i&^i&ne^Wpitxdc.    usSKof the Brico to shuttle pas-  _taket_atcteci_oo, council     Creek) wh__,e __^. wiren _ate_    Me e^mt-dhfta^��1|Jtu ^ j^te    s6gp. -_- v .��___., ��r  made his home, And dug maple 1980s,;-'<'   \rd'>-\  P. 'P"  '             -.thei:  For many years, from almost  1he very beginnings of the.settlement on West Howe Sound, the  community' held an annual picnic.  At first it was Arbor Bay.  No Gfl>so_s-_U^-4__il money Cj"* Winegarden used to tell  will be ��>eirt^-_��G__bi_ vOr ��f one _*"*�� Day oh which, in  lage  _age  Jor Sam Fladager told council���at  Tuesday night's meeting in the  Municipal EML  The issue arose when a letter  from C. P. BaUenttne asked council to join in the drive to use the .  federal" Cenftearaal    grants   towards improvement of Brothers  Memorial Park oh Park Rd. between  Reid-'ltd,   and   Sunshine  Coast. Highway: lie also sought a  small* grint from the village.  * Councillors Fred  Feeney  and"  Jim Drummond concurred; with  Councillor   Fladager's, vie ws .  Councillor Fladager "added" that  until the outside area gets itself  organized.  The  Gibsons Centennial  committee   is  the   steering .  committee  for  the   village   and  rural area. Councillor N. McKay  thought   the   committee '-should  ' come up with ar project  torn, held in ^different localities , tioh-has provided for the public's    ed to supply coffee to the pic-  irom year to year.        * "���*     '    ytxaaLW, float, picnic tables, camp    nickers. The Gibsons Recreation  Later, as the harbor acqiur^i .cooing facilities, and rest rooms.    Commission   will   sponsor   life-  Jboat-v'some of the local commer- ^T_i<_#is a green area, and trails  ciaT fisherme���   Volunteered, Jo \ Iea^|*irough the .woods,  transport picnicker? to Keats Is-   v''Araihe moment, no single inland. The occasiofii^eld MSflaHy   Mvi$m\ or organization is sptoi-  in early JtineVnear the site of ' spring this event. Smitty's Bo^t  guards.  Brian Knowles and Patty Smith  both- properly tuialified through  the Canadian Red Cross Water  Safety Services, have agreed to  spend the afternoon at the marina.. Sharon Malyea, whose fam-  seedlings to plant arOund the  then new. school, .now Gibsons  Landing Elementary. -    '  After the arrival of a group of  Finnish settlers, around 1906, the  event became a purely local cus-  SPCA shuffle  among officers  ���Changes-in the executive of the  Sechelt Peninsula branch of the  SPCA were reported at Friday  night's meeting of the branch in  Gibsons Kinsmen hall. Mrs. G.  ^ E   Webb has resigned as secre-  Another"letter" ��o_x Mrs. Rob- *'^3*���^***��* Finlay has re  ert Telford, opposed  the giving  The fact that therejs now~ available  a _H-blic marina makes    fh^^iamiber of Commerce; will"   vrith her accordion,  re-institution >fji*isVcommunity    bj_iwe    volunteer^transporta-.1     It is proposed mat this picnic  picmc o^e-feas^e^Jn Plumper  ,tio^om anyone whd. has extra    ^ heM m the afternoon of Sun-  Cove, behind Shelter Islands, pa ;roo��^n his vessebThe Chamber,,   d      June 7   and ^^ boats win  department Of parks and^recrea^. c*/CJjfrimerce has also volunteer-    commence leaving Gibsons wharf  at about 1 p.m. Additional trips  will be made at later times. Anyone seeking information or offering suggestions please phone 886-  9306.  There are of course no limits  set as to the area embraced by  this affair No one is inviting anyone   else  Anyone   who   has   the  of any* village money to the Brothers Memorial Paris. (See letter on page 4).  Councillor Fladager said at the  moment he was neither for nor  against any project as there was  no project before the Centennial  committee. It would be up to'the  people to make their decision. He  added he might eventually support the Memorial Park idea but  until the public had given some  indication of its desire he��would  make no commitment  placed her  D. L. Montgomery was elected  vice-president. This post had not  been filled at the annual meeting. The resignation' of Mrs. G.  Smith as treasurer was withdrawn. Her letter of resignation  was read out but the meeting decided it should be withdrawn. D.  H. Beeching and Cameron Webster, officials from Vancouved,  attended the meeting.  Answering    a    question ff*lBgfo  in international waters the only  way the SPCA could help was to  join Ontario in pressing on fed*  eral authorities the  need  for  a  more    humane    way of killing  seals.   Mr.   Beeching also said  that where funds were donated   ,  to the SPCA for a speci__d^__r- k  pose  such1 funds should - he.^for  that purpose only.             *^ .;; '  Cameron   Webster   also-^om  SPCA  headquarters  in  Vancou-?,,  ver  said he  looked  with grati-^  tude on  the work of the local ^  branches and outlined how some -  of the donations to the organiza--*  turns   were   spent   on  research, *-   "^^^^SnT^^S? V ^" G. 'COIuiETT of ^Gibsons  *% jLTJtJfr^ -55.     who, was   named last week as  sLg TfeS sars '* G����d }w* * the *ear �����.The  ports and>ei��6U6h\)of officers for'  next yeiarfs executive were  the  main ���iiemy//y^P'py': '' ���   k 'Pp-'  Elected were.��� 'President ,Mr5; j;.  Ferrari; v.te^_x.es.<lbnt;: -Mri,VM.v"  Mactavish; ���:.���'' gfeheral P. secretary, 1  Mrs.^B^RanlqhjNitri-asurer, Miss:.  J. Robertsdn;/'chairman, of agree-';  ments and WorkloadV bommittee,'.'  Mrs;. F; FJeMhg;' P^R.O., MiSE^y  Yablonski; 7 j^  council ���: representative, ��� Mr. ,���(_������"  Cooper;\inr_e^ce^_h_ii?__an,- Mr.  D.     ,Moritgomei^]iv ^curriculum/  urge to join the gathering is en-     chairman second^aiy. Mri^. True^  _i__,.. .-_- *�� j_ ���_   v-_ _____ i_   ~man   ah^veiemehtary;^ Mr:} A.   :  Child; librarian * Mrs^Wallis ah_  pension, Mrs.%;iV;'S__dt_::;'���  V ; ���   v  The retiring presadent M^Ya- ,  blonski  thankedi ;iast^y^ar*_X ex-V;  ecutive for, - f���&r\!_&rd work'^coa^ ���> '-  loyal   sujoport^: iHe^Isd   reci&->,  mended;.t^^t4M5:vip^al: look, irr|o ::  the matterj.^/a7J_TOup/insurancO  plan^ F_\re^l_vJ^^*g^bd wished  were^." extended /7.trb^^'th^"; teachers^  leawng^.st^^as-wimion^' ppp:. ���:���,. ">'\  Congra^l^p^^hd^bWwish^ *  es. were, eXtend^^^Mr. .Potter  being:Cch^eh^sV6he/ bf six  tirely free to do so. As there is  no store in the area, picnickers  should bring along any provisions with the exception of coffee,  that they might require.  Should the weatHer be wet on  June 7, the picnic \fall be held on  June 14.  Fire Victims  given help  on  _f r*����vV* '  formation .that the' PUC .does'*notv "^  cb_trol^v__te"Se^wa^^^^^  does control Urates ',to^.AM^sVivut?, .*      - ���. ��������_��� ~.., ~  ��M��^rinBg-^l��_��_l_ri  Beeching said no ai.i^s ^fJP^ggK-"- A^ resaras .ruu?��8'. ��e   ^Chamber of Commerce meeting  care Qf toe SPCA wer* sent a-PWx_5P,th��e was no way to stop     ___; -^ ��  for vivisection.  As '����_aTds^BU?^^ _��W-���but the SPCA was working   -    ,   . *     \  Scouts plan  teachers^ re^r^ehtih^BiC.- at _  A letter arrivjed- at .the office     summer ^s^oltiAA^^ra.^durlnig;  of the^ Coast News containing two    July ;and.\��ugust.!:yPk>P���"������   -\  " ��    ���> .--    -     --    ���- A>hea'_^-^j^^6f/^%anksXwas''  _S_ss5__L,_2ir- -a^S-ft __ff-__-*SB_3-__ *��.*. ���*  water rate problem now stands  a new bylaw is proposed in- con-"  junction with a survey how being:  conducted by Martin J. J. Dayton, consulting engineer, - covering water and sewer possibilities.  Accounts totalling $545.16 were  ordered to be paid.  A permit for a $1,500 22 x 36  ft. , workshop and garage was  granted Ed ^eidler on his School  Rd. property.  Possibility of members of the  fire department carrying fire extinguishers in their own cars to  quell an incipient fire as they arrive before the fire trucks is under consideration with the outside area and the village bearing  a share of the -expense.  Just What rights are involved  in shoreline occupation by a landholder will be checked by council  with provincial officials.' This  form of "occupation" is not the  same as a lease which carries  certain rights.  of .May 25 (Total points $#):  Jl and:;X^Whitihg*.43J&,Vf  H. Greggain &'R. Taylorf39V6.  H. Blair & A. S. Winn 39.  Mr. & Mrs.,Welsh 38 -��-i--��  -Y ��� ^UQdej* control.J_ater in-the even-  %tng one ques_oner disputed that  ���\ -rodeos were a^t��r_tt��o_ cruelty.  ��_ ,���.    p. Mr. Beeching urged qffieMsr to.'*  _v_*������_.  any. case they have to handle.  He/ advised   complete  investigation beyond what a complainant  .ha^to offer. Without all the facts  .branch officials could, not reach  Mrs. G. Legh & Mrs L'. Holden c\a proper solution to the problem.  37V_ , .;*\    ��:   - ��� _"      ; ;   Mr. _ Mrs. Downes>35 . -1''''  Mrs. D. Hanson & Mrs. G. Da  vies 32.  Mrs. "K.   Taylor  &   Mrs.   M  Sherman Z0.  Edmonds & Hostland 30  F. Evans and E. Brown 29.  Mrs.  V.   Norman  and  Mrs.   R  Godfrey 27^  B Oza &' G. B. Misra 27.  Mr. & Mrs. Hostland 26%  B. Legh _ Murray 26  Mr. & Mrs. Macey 24%  -  A. Crowhurst _ M. Nygren 23.  y .  Delay naming  of officers  The monthly meeting of* Pender Harbour PTA was held bn  ..Tuesday, May 26 4n.__he .high  .school with an attendance ot 13,  iAs this was the last meeting for  this term, an election of officers  was scheduled, but due to the  poor turnout this^has been postponed until the first meeting an  September.  A request from the Swim Committee for financial assistance  for this year's swim program  was granted, resulting in a motion to donate $25. More .volunteers are^ needed for this committee. >    '  In answer to the, PTA's question regarding a new" activity  room at the Elementary-School,  the school board replied that they  do not plan oh any, addition to,  the school this year, the enrollment does not warrant it  COFFEE BREAK  a-  Arbultus Rebekah Lodge is hoping for a sunny day on Thurs.,  June 4, when members are. planning a coffee break and home  bake sale at the home of Mr. and  Mrs. Stan Burt, Lot 22, Indian  Reserve. - :,J . .__. , ,    -  .The affair5 will be upenziroih 10.  a.m. until 2 p.m., so tabe^your  husband.:' and -friend's, - y-pT      -  ' There" will be no admissftoh fee,'-'  Quite 'soon the annualfajtpeal  for funds to finance the ��� Scout  movement in'the Mount Elphinstone district from Port Mellon  to Roberts Creek will be launched.  The funds will be used in one  of the most worthy causes one  could wish to support, that of  teaching the younger generation  to be actively useful citizens of  the-future, to give-them-a sense  of responsibility 'towards the  community and improve their  physical and mental standards.  This is achieved by having the  bbvs take "tests on. a variety of  subjects each leading to one more  advanced.  Camps are held where the hoys  learn (rudimentary woodcraft and  are given jobs to do for which  they are held responsible. They  also get a chance to learn how  to help the other fellow and how  W. S. Potter, Mrs. W. Meuller,' to let off youthful exuberance in  Mr. and Mrs. E. S. Burritt, Mr.    games arid sports.  Concert Friday  Gibsons United Church choir concert -Friday night in the church-  hall will contain a running commentary on the life and works of  Sjtr Arthur Sullivan with solos,,  duets and quartets completing  the program.  Excerpts will be sung from  Pinafore and The Mikado, and  choral anthems will include Lead  Kindly Light. I Will Call on the  Lord and O Gladsome Light from  The Legend. -"  Vocalists "wall include Mrs. B.  Campbell, Mrs. R. Birkin, Mrs.  Jack Inghs and Mr. M. Mackay.  Proceeds go towards a choir  fund for the purchase of new  gowns.       .  A relatively small number ��� of  people devote their time freely to  help these youngsters but without some kind of financial support- this work would not be possible. As this is the lone appeal  during the year on behalf 'of  Scouting it should be explained  that no contribution is too small  balls,   further   explanation  -can be obtained-by reading the  letter; - /~^-  Editor^oiir last edition of the  \ "Orast^Nfeysfcarried/the" story of  ; two families left'homeless by fire  '' at':j_2end?r ^arbour .and .Wilson  %,Cre_c.  '4 "c"    -' "��>  ^^^^r^l^^^^o^ao&^the-enclosed as  -u       a/donation, half, for' each" family.  T'did consider sending it directly but'thought it would be better  if a fund was raised in .Gibsons  by "any change that this be included in a Gibsons total.  May I ask5 that you forward this  on if there is ,no fund started.  PleaseJ excuse me not signing  my name-htit I would like this  donation   ,- ' Anonymous.  Royal Canadian Legion Branch  112, Madeira Park, thanks ,all  who helped make the benefit  dance for the burned-out Peters  family Saturday night a success.  The response was gratifying and  more than was expected.  Pender Harbor Community  club donated the hall for the  dance with Denis Gamble supplying ' the music and master of  ceremonies. The Legion auxiliary  supplied sandwiches and served  and Mr. and Mrs. John Duvall  supplied coffee and prepared the  hall for the dance as well as  cleaning" up after.  extended !td^e?Periaelr iHarbour  3 -   ���<  v    FALL. FAIR MEETING;':  - Sunstrine Coast Fall Fair" committee r meeting will be held  Thursday/ June 4 stortdnig at 8  p.m.'in the* Anglican Parish Hall,  '    ANAFV CHARTER NIGHT  Friday, June 5'yvfill be- Charter  - Night..or JtheL neyfly formed Ar-  ^ my, f-tfayy;_n& .Air:"Force Vetei-i  ^.ns^sp^^on-^eni^^&ting-aC   or too-higs'The money thus,col     _���_,^     _,  ��� '8_ pJaCjUf-tffe Mai_^_QE&',-GIfkf- leoted-wiirbe'pu. to the'best __e    about three weeks  NEW   TABLES  The Pender Harbour Community club executive met on Sunday, May 24 when the main item  of business was construction of  new tables. The estimated cost,  is reasonable and it is hoped construction   will  be   completed   in  Pressure , from various" organ-  izatdons in pthe ;area^ including  chambers of commerce of Gibsons and Sechelt, and others has  resulted, in action .to remove the  sunken oil barge "off the north  end of Paisley Island.  Word has . come fromP Ottawa  tnat a contract has been awarded by the federal department of  ^public works to the McKenzie  Barge and Derrick Co., at a cost  of $63,80���[. -       : .   '  The barge, V owned by United  Transportation Co., of Seattle,  was bound for Woodfdbre with  9,000 gallons of. fuel oil when it  sank. It now lies on an angle, 290  feet down with. its .top 210. .feet  from the surface. For some time  after the sinking, oil-flowed from  the submerged craft and created  a serious beach''problem''., .affect-  ing as well bird life on the','coast.  The job of bringing it to'"th'e^ surface is not-likely to be an'easy*  one. ���'���' '������.'"���   'PP P "'  St.  sons," provincial headquarters officials will present the charter to  the executive which will be appointed before the presentation.  possible in loca\ Boy, Scout, movement work.- The association  offers its thanks'to donors, in 'anticipation of a-good response.  Two executive members will  undertake the refreshment concession at the Firemen's bingo  on Thursday evening.  Jack Davis comments on flag issue  By JACK DAVIS. ,_f_��.   .  Coast-Capilano ^Constituency    "  Canadians are looking for symbols; to unite them.1 Now a.national flag and a national anthem '  are about to be passed by parliament.   > >l  Our old symbols .will  not be ,  thrown . avSray.\The  Union'Jack"  King George V in 1921 it contains  a lion holding a Union Jack on  the-left and the Unicorn holding  the i Royal French Standard on  the right. The Crown is on top  while on the face of the shield  we find the .three lions couchant  of England; the lion rampart- of  three    green    maple'leaves on  gold.  Soon the governors-general began to take notice- Baron Lisgar,  our second governor-general  changed his crest to show a lion  holding three red maple leaves  on a single stem. Shortly'afterwards  The Royal  Military  Col-  Army Corps hatpin used the  same design. So did the World  War II veterans' pin. Each was  surmounted by a Crown.  The Army Emblem, adopted  in 1947, differs only to the extent that it is charged with crossed crusaders.  Finally, Her Majesty's Flag as  ���.. _>��,���. ..._��_. -v.      ,  ���-   --- Scotland,   the    harp  of Ireland               ,_.  ., ,,___, o ������  Volunteers were asked to help    will remain asjour link'-with the ^and.   the    "three-fleur-de-lis  of lege at Kingston adopted a knight    Sovereign of Canada shows the  with   banquet " preparations * for    Commonwealth and the  Crown. Royal   France.   At the bottom, holding  three  maple leaves  ���    armorial     devices  of England,  the graduation on Mayv29., The same applies.,to God Save arid1 in the place of honor,  we colors red on white. Scotland,    Ireland    and    Royal  | ' "the Queen. This grand old hymn find three red maple leaves join-  aawmmmmmmmawmmwMmm*    *wiu   be   the Royal  Anthem  of ed on a white background. This  PLAN  WELLS---:���-��� -  Canada.-O Canada with, its more an_F'this alone is-uniquely Can  Gibsons municipal council has    boastful^.theme, will, becom? bur    .adian  decided on recommendation.. ojf.  Martin J. J. ^ytori, 'consulting;  engineer, 'to' proceed "as 'qtiic'kiy'  as possible on bringing new water wells into production. Involved is appro__nateiy: 100 feet, of  test drilling. Tenders will be  sought for this work.  National Ahthefn.  V ^Embt-6hyA;is'',��� already ��� running;  high -:^ throughput;? thev country.  Much of it - results from a lack  of inf6rma.tiohr.",'ThiS'.i''dia^,,'':' I  hope, will help fill -it): some of  the gaps. ���"'.���/ 'P " ' "'"'"''.'"'  Canada^ does haves ah official  Coat   of   Arms.  Proclaimed by  Anyone who is familiar with France on the top half. The low-  sports will know that Canada's ���er half of the flag contains three  Olympic colors'are red on white. 'red_.n_aple leaves on white. This,  Percy   Williams    wore    a    red tocylstands for'Canada.  The history, ,bf tHe *\three. red    maple leaf on'his white sweater1"       So, we are not really breaking  :,maple, leaves*;.,. is .^interesting.  Queen Victoria,, one .year after  Confederation'- in 1868, ^approved  the Coat of Arms of Canada's  first provinces. Ontario's;, featured three gold maple leaves on  a green background. Quebec's  color   scheme  was   reversed  ���  when he won.'the one arid two  ._____*.- 'j t i,��A  with   tradition.   Instead we   are  hundred  metrevdashesvsat  Am-    preserving the best of the past,  sterdam in 1928:   -..   ' ''.O''' Few,    meanwhile,    would    deny  The batUeffag of Canada's  First Division' containing three  red maple leaves on, white*'was  approved by King George VI in  1939.    The    Canadian   Women's  that we need symbols of unity  ��� symbols which every Canadian regardless of his ethnic  background or upbringing will  cherish as his own.  On    Sunday &lnS:St. /Bartholomew's   Anglican^ churchv .Bishop  Godfrey Gower;^|^wi Westminster diocese will^!celebrate "Holy  Communion'   at; the :il���5  a.m.  service.  In  the ���.afternoon''at  3  p.m. jhe will hol%a confirmation  service  at St;.;Aidan's,'- Roberts  Creek;     Rev..  ; Denis Harris is -  minister   at   St.   Bartholomew's  and    Rev.    J. B. Fergusson   is  'minister to St. Aidan's. ;  Because of the bishop's visit  St. Aidan's W.A. will postpone its  monthly meeting to June 16.  There will be a picnic lunch at  12 noen at the.home Of Mrs.,J.  Sear followed by the .regular  meeting at 2 p.m.^        |\' P'p'k  UM_Ut��___W_��  Blood 0v^  About 150 pints of blood were  contributed by Sechelt. - Gibsons  blood donors at the clinic. held  Thursday, at both places.  , .The Kinsihen club pf both villages sponsored tjhe clinic 'for'the  Red Cross and were assisted by  Kinettes, members of the Legion  auxiliaries and the Red Cross  staff, accompanying. the clinic 2 '"   Coast. News, June 4, 1964;  Ilote to Tothere Your' Wife  A WEBSTER CLASSIC  Coast Mjeuis  Fred Cruice, Editor and Publisher      Phone Gibsons 886-2622  Published every Thursday by Sechelt Peninsula News Ltd.,  P.O. Box 280, Gibsons, B.C. Authorized as second class mail for  payment of postage in cash, Post Office Department, Ottawa.  Member Audit Bureau of Circulation,'Canadian Community  Newspapers Representatives, Canadian Weekly Newspaper Association, B.C.'Weekly Newspaper Association.  Rates of Subscription, $3-per year. SI.75 tor six months. United  States and foreign, $3.50 per year.  Citizen of the year  Selection of Mrs. Gertie Corlett as Good Citizen of the Year, by  Gibsons Chamber of Commerce at its meeting last week is one which  has been accepted as a natural in the life of Gibsons 'community.  Mrs. Corlett is quite well known for her work through the Women's  Institute, Gibsons Public library and for several years a member  of the municipal council. She is also one of the hardy pioneers of  , the area;/  The work she has done in each of these sections of community  life has been .done faithfully, .minus fuss and bother.. She has never  Jiad any desire to be top woman on the totem pole or anywhere near  .the top��� yet she becomes Good Citizen of the Year "because of that  -quality in her daily life, the shrugging off any desire to be known  -as anything more than what she is ���a down-to-earth good citizen.  Which brings to mind a verse by Kate Field of the middle 1850's  mho in her analysis of a woman wrote: ,  They talk about a woman's sphere as though it had a limit;  ���'. ���: VThe^e's notka. p^ce in earth or heaven,  There's hot a task to mankind given,  ' There's not a blessing "or- a woe,  There's riot a whispered yes or no, *  There is not a life, or death or. birth.  That has a feather's weight of worth  Without a woman in it.  Those who know Mrs. Corlett realize that praise, while acceptable  to  her,, is   far  less important than the fact the job she had  tackled was well done.  ' There is a widespread belief  in English speaking Canada that  Quebec is getting "special concessions" from Ottawa. This idea  was advanced recently by a Vancouver journalist who, speaking  on TV, is reported to have said  ���that "it is costing us*;$60 millions a year" to keep^Quebec in.  Confederation. He went on to  say that he didn't mind this, but  how much more was it going  to cost? Who "us" .was, was not  entirely clear. ��� Presumably this -  gentleman had most other British Columbians in mind.  But-what are the facts? The  richer provinces pay more into  Ottawa in the form of taxes than  they get from Ottawa in the form  of grants. This is true of Ontario,  Alberta and . British Columbia.  They are rich. The poorer provinces, however,-gain'as a result of this arrangement. They  get more from Ottawa, than they  pay in.  The formula, which is designed  to bring the per capita revenues  of the provinces, more into line  with the , Canadian average has  been altered many times in recent years. It has been improved. No one would say that it is  arrangements with Ottawa.  These may be difficult to administer. They may. be inefficient. They may also mean that  Quebec will lose some of the assistance which it obtains from  But this loss they are willing to  take.  Constitutionally" speaking   Que-'  Bee is right. It can make special  alone," so to speak. Financially,  they would lose in / the 'process.  LETTERS ~  to editor  Editor: I have this morning  (May 28) observed in action the  latest method of keeping our  highways clean.  'Lady', sportingly .dressed in  rose colored slacks and light tan  jacket, dismounts"* from smartly  shining automobile ��� itself lined  in red ��� place' some, object in  the ditch, tread firmly and often  upon it, and then deposit same  with considerable care, over the  fence into the Seaview Cemetery.  'Gentleman' remained at the  wheel of sparkling xar, watched  Ottawa now. But if (this is what'  Quebec wants;  if,  for instance,  . Quebec wishes to opt out of a  -*rnational "program such as .the  Canada' Pension  Plan,  we  can-  - not stop her. Under'the British  North America Act the provinces  have equal jurisdiction in this  field.  In matters (like the Canada  Pension Plan the other nine provinces are prepared to see Ottawa take over. Quebec meanwhile  is not prepared to make  this , -"concession." Frequently  "provincial- rights" appear to  mean more to the people of Quebec than the financial assistance  which they might" derive, along1  with the- other poorer provinces,  from the broad national schemes  which most of the rest of us are  prepared to endorse.  This is a "fact of life" in Canada and one which only time,  travel and/better communications  will resolve in the interests of  the .nation.  N. Richard McKibbin  INSURANCE  PHONE 886-2962  GIBSONS, B.C."  A PERSONAL INSURANCE SERVICE  'Lady' make her disposition of  perfect. It is merely the best ���item while I drove past, stopped  that has been devised so far. and took license number, which  If   equalization  payments   are     is  free upon request to anyone  designed to. , '-'keep Quebec in  Confederation," they are also designed to help half a dozen other  provinces. They help Newfoundland. They help Saskatchewan:  They certainly, help Nova Scotia,  New Brunswick and Prince Edward Island. , Each shares according to its population and the  extent to which its personal income falls beloiv the national  average.  Let us meanwhile be clear  about this. Most French speaking Canadians are restive about  subsidies from Ottawa. They  would prefer a stricter interpretation of the provinces constitutional powers. They would , prefer to keep more of their tax  revenues iff" Quebec and "go it  interested.  Here's to cleaner highways _���  at public expense and somewhat  to this public's disgust and consternation.���D.  M.  Wortman. .  FRANK E.   DECKER,   d.o.s.  OPTOMETRIST  For Appointment  886-2166  Every Wednesday  Bal Block  Gibsons  Editor: It is nice to know that  Canada is about to get. a national  flag. Over the years, new-comers"  to this country have found things  very confusing, never being  quite sure, which flag to fly; the  Union, Jack or the Red;Ensign,  and which anthem to sing, since  we have no less than four, The  Queen, two versions of O'Canada  and The Maple Leaf. Also about  ,45 years ago we.had another big  problem���on which side of the  road to drive���both were used.  John L. Gordon  I  Minor irritations!  , The late James Thurber wrote  a short story about a man who  .was driven out of his mind by a  whippoorwill. which , kept hirii  awake every night with its persistent, ^monotonous'' cry. He  couldn't locate the bird, but he  used his shotgun on his family  and himself. r   '., :  If ��� Thurber   had  not-,'Already  handled the theme so ^effectively,  another   writer    might    use    a  similar    plot    with the singing  commercial playing the role of  villian in place of the innocent  bird. It is true that one can gety  some  self-protection  by  turning '  off the television .or radio set*.  but the melody lingers oh.  The .  tunes   stick  in  one's  head,   reminding    one   at   inappropriate  moments of; a hair lotion. That  may be the intention of the advertiser, but its effect backfires.  The victim may take the tune  as his cue to go bald, rather .than  use the lotion thus forced on his  subconscious mind.  It's bad enough when the advertiser has a special tune composed for "his ungrammatical  slogan,-but it's worse when he  picks ah'air-from the public domain of classical or popular  music. One may be strong-minded enough to deafen one's mental  ear to the memory of" the chant-1  ed slogan, but one can':never be  sure that it will ;not be brought  to life again by a few notes of a.  hymn .or a'boy whistling in the  street. There ought to be a law; '  but there won't- be.���The Printed  Word. '   .  NOTICE  R. S. Rhodes  Doctor of Optometry  204 Vancouver Block  Vancouver; B.C.  Announces he will be in Sechelt  MONDAY, JUNE 8  v' ���������...    ��� \: ���     ��� .* ���*  For an appointment for eye examination phone  Sechelt Beauty Parlor 885-__25  If anyone desires any adjustment or repair to their  present glasses I will be pleased to be of service  Whntfs in a  The Roberts Creek Players' club has ^silently crept away according to Madge Newsman who recently recorded its passing from the  life of the area, in a recent issue. But it has left a,problem, partially solved yet not satisfactorily to all.  Successor to the Roberts Creek club is the Tidewater Players'  dub. This moniker has left some members with an unsatisfied feeling. To them tidewater does not have top clear an association with  players who.hoof it on the boards. There is also the suggestion raised by wits within or close to the organization whose thoughts which  flit around the water'part of the title, hint that another type of water,  usually found in ocean going vessels. This might be tempting to unkind people but something more is needed.  If there is a way. to settle the matter for the Tidewater Players  who come from anywhere between. Port Mellon and points towards  Sechelt, the Coast News opens its columns to worthwhile suggestions;  So if readers wai\t to helR these ladies and gentlemen of the theatre  in their dilemma, just drop your idea into an envelope and mail to.  the Tidewatep* club at Roberts Creek or drop it in at the Coast News  where it will be passed on to them.  Highland lamentations  Lamentations can be heard in the Highland Hills of Scotland all  because of what has happened on postage stamps how being used in  Britain". Shakespeare is depicted on a commemorative issue of Brit--  ish stamps along with Queen Elizabeth. ���'���.k:p >  ���  What riles tlie ..Scots is that not too long ago when the Robbie  Burns anniversary came along and a commemorative stamp was  sought, the idea was rejected. Shakespeare died in 1616 and Burns  in 1796. Perhaps the British Post office has a definite time limit on  placing pictures of the dead on stamps and maybe Burns has not  been dead long enough. ..'.<'.  However other countries like the United States and Malta, are.  honoring Scots on their stamps. The United States has issued one  recently honoring Scottish-born John Muir who emigrated to -the  North America in 1849 and in later years did considerable! towards  conserving forests through his. work in what has been termed the  university of the wilderness. .  Malta has honored Sir David Bruce who died in 1931. He is famous for haying discovered the infection and the'organism responsible  for brucella melitenses which does so much damage in the animal  world.    x  Muir was recognized in the United States series of famous'  Americans, Bruc.e on a Malta brucellosis conference stamp issue.  No wonder. Scots who see Shakespeare given; prominence while, their  Rabbie Burns is ignored are irked. Could it be that soon we shall  see picket lines around Sassenach Post offices bearing signs reading Unfair to Rabbie Burns?  ' early,'indications, show promise  of an equally successful program.  ',. Chinook salmon are the, main  objective of the current tagging  program and once again, the  success of the program will depend upon the combined cooperation of fishermen in -returning tags to local fishery, officers  or :to this office together with  information on the date, method  and location of recovery.  '.' A nominal reward of 50c for  the return of each tag is offered again, this year. To facilitate  returns, postage prepaid tag return envelopes will be available  at .fishing resorts, boat - rentals,  marinas arid .fish camps throughout the Georgia Strait, area.  - - \  Third tagging prq^aj^  A third tagging program der:  signed to study . the movements  and exploitation of chinppk arid  coho stocks... of the .Strait of  Georgia area commenced on  Monday, May 25 and ^ill/ continue until early July. ^Tliiel first  program'. conducted during may  and June of 1963 emphasized the  tagging ;of coho salmon .during  the blueback stage. The: results  were very successful due in large  part to the. excellent _ ��� cp-ppera-  tion of sport and commercial  fishermen ,in returning tags. The  second program conducted dur->  ing December and January- of  .1963 and 1964 emphasized the  tagging of coho salmon;' during  the grilse stage, and although  tag returns are not yet complete,  Fly news  The housefly combines a capacity for producing. great, numbers of young with one of the  shortest life cycles known, tA  few flies  in  early summers can  .produce millions^ of descendants  by. fall,; and as many as ten gen-'  > erations   in' that   single  season.  Each   female   lays v about    500  . slender whitish eggs in batches  of a hundred or more at a time.  A half-day later, in warm weather, each egg hatches into a  tiny white larva called a maggot. After five days or more; the  larva is , full-grown and; then  transforms into a quarter-inch,  brown,; seed-like1 pupa or "resting stage." From these pupae,  3 or. 4 days later, the adults  emerge. and are soon ready to-  start familiies of their own. '  The average life span of an  adult housefly, is from 20 to 30  days. A housefly's two transparent wings buzz at about 160^  beats per second. Marked flies  have been ' recaptured / after  travelling as much as 13 miles  but, usually, they travel no farther than the nearest place to  feed and lay eggs.  SOME WISDOM  ABOUT WISDOM TEETH  Early removal of unerupted pr impacted third  molars, the "wisdom',' teeth, reduces the chances  of gum infections and loss of other molars. The  inflammation of the gum from such a tooth may  spread into a serious infection and the incidence  of this type of infection Increases with'age...  ppft you or any member of your family has this  problem, it would be wise to visit a Dentist as  : soon as possible. We cater to dental medications  'and can supply, any needed medicines or dental  aids. -.. . ''"'.''.������'"     '���'' ". '���     '-.���'-'���- "  ' '  your' doctor, can phone us when you need a  "medicine. We will. constantly endeavor to 'keep  abreast of the expanding activities in the field  of pharmacy ��� in this era of great change. We  pledge at all times to be in the position to offer the finest..of pharmaceutical services.-  KRUSE DRUG STORES Ltd.  Rae W. Kruse  ^'bsons ^echelt  886-2023 885-2134  Pharmaceutical Chemists and Druggists  Use,Royal Bank services to help you manage  your money; to keep chequing, borrowing and  other expenses down too. Building a nest-egg?  * . .��� open a Royal savings account. For bill-  paying? . . .a Royal personal chequino account. Cash for a car or some other heavy  expense? .. . a Royal Termplan loan. For all  your banking, your local "Royal" branch is the  ndpful place to go.  RG)YALBANK  HOPKIN, Manager Gibsons Branch Camporee  The boy population took a  large drop over the last holiday  weekend as Scouts from .Gibsons,  Roberts Creek and Port Mellon  Troops headed for Sakinaw ^Lake  early Saturday morning for their  first camporee, with fellowship  as the theme. ' .  Aru excellent site had been  loaned by Mr. A: Lloyd of Garden Bay and it was not long in  the v day when the various patrols  had their individual , campsites  in shipshape condition for comfortable^ Scout living, and the-  buying agents were off to. Garden  Bay to purchase supplies for the  weekend.  NAPOLEON���By McBride  Prepared by the Research Staff of  ENCYCLOPEDIA   CANADIANA  What are class C fairs?  Summer and fall agricultural  exhibitions are divided into three  categories, A, B and C. Class C  fairs are" generaUy' helds nnder  the auspices of, local agricultural  societies "or breeders' clubs.  They are local in scope for the  most part and cater to a county  or section of v a-coupty. There  are several hundred of them in  each province.They usually get  no,grants from the federal Department of Agriculture, although ,they do get .some help  from their local government or  provincial department of agriculture. On the other hand,  Class A fairs are- niuch bigger  and run much longer. They must  pay out more than J&6000 in prize  money in certain specified classes. There are about 25 Class A  fairs in Canada, including the  Nova Scotia Provincial Exhibition, the Quebec Provincial-Ex-'  hibition, Toronto's Canadian. National Exhibition, ��� the' Central  Canada Exhibition v in Ottawa  and the. Calgary Exhibition and  Stampede. ."Class/.;B fairs last as  a rule for from two to four-days.  They are held on a smaller scale  than the Class A fairs andx distribute over $3000 in prize money.  There are more:'than 80* Class  B fairs in Canada.*���'',*'  Which * bay is famed for. its '  ghost-ship?      " -" -~V ��� < -  The Bay of Chalgur,' the inlet  ���bf' the "Gulf of St.; Lawrence'that  separates " Quebec from New  Brunswick. The bay has received  much notoriety l, for its Ghost  Ship or Phantom Ship, described  as a burning ship racing across  the waters. The phenomenon,  which occurs usually 'on sultryr  summer evenings, is: perhaps  best explained, as a, sphere of  ignited marsh gas moving above  the '^water's;" surface; V iri- other  words, a large, will-o':the-wisp  blown? seaward: Jacques. Cartier  gave the bay. its .name in July .  1534 because he and his -.men  suffered from the heat ��� chaleur  is French for heat ���Awhile, exploring its" shores. Unwittingly,  the/bay was ^appropriately named for it's waters are unusually  'warm.    ypp^-P-p  GEAR DRIVE  Extra-powerful for  Felling & Bucking  McCulloch 840 ghres yoa a choice  of 3 ftar ratios ��� 3.6:1 for top  lugging powtr wi��� long gufdt  bars,or 3:1 or 2:1 for faster  chain, toHa^py  nngfrtfpprimar for fart rtirtv  automatic ^.ollinc plus manual  system, prtclshm bearings,extra-  strong con rod, enclosed cartura*  ^tor, oversized: ��Tr fitter, vented  fuel cap. Many other -Py  extras.'  You can depend on McCulloch  CHAIN SAW CENTRE  WILSON CREEK  Phone 885-2228  Saturday night-at their wilderness council fire,  Scouter  John  Ferrari of 1st Gibsons was invested as assistant scouter and  all scouts-present-joined wilh  Assistant Scouter Mike Thatcher  in re-affirmation of the Scout  Promise.  " At this time 2nd class badees  were presented to Gordon Hauka,  Trevor Johnston, David Kennett,  Bruce  Marshall,  Dick  Scott.  , . Sunday  morning   scouts   were  divided into groups for a communications exercise each group  equipped with a radio transceiv-  ' er, the base^ station being operated by Scouter Al. Ray nor. Thus'  over 'considerable   distances   of  rugged terrain scouts  exercised ���  in the passing of messages be- -  tween   respective  groups   either -.  direct or through'their base control station.-*'  - Not forgetting their spiritual  obligations, all scouts gathered  at their outdoor chapel for a  Scouts Own non-denominational  "service which was conducted by  District Scout- Chaplain Canon  Alan Greene who came to the  camp from Redropfs for the service. He was accompanied by  commissioner of��the Sechelt Dis-  Corpbral   Rae   Nelson,   district  trict and Norman Burley, regional president's representative.  Mr. Burley filmed the assembly  as service.commenced for a permanent, record.  Due   to  some  leaders . having  business obligations some of the  scouts   returned   Sunday   night,  but it was possible for one group  >to stay over until Monday.  Camp registration issued for  the camporee by Regional Headquarters was No. 1 for the region  this year. Col: George Smart,  regional commissioner, expressed his pleasure in seeing the  high percentage of district scouts  start off their camp program so  early in the year.  Thanks are due the * following  for their fine contributions to a  successful camping experience:  A. Lloyd, John Wilson, Cy Johnson, William Laing, EJd Burritt,  Don Hauka and William Brandon. -  ��� RMmWaM  ���WEBDlffeilll  . iXVVVAYK>tiS^k$&*:jy-  ���-. ��� \^NOTTN^_?_vt_.N'nf|r:;**;..  '/VU^THISI-IT/^IDOBAPMDU DON^T LIKE BATHS.  VOU DONT KKOW WHAT  YOU'RE MISSING.    /���<���  Sechelt  Beauty Salon  '���',    ;l��h.   885-9525,  HAIRSTYLING  designed just for you  Coldwaving ��� Coloring  Tuesday to Saturday  See'the complete catalogue at  COAST NEWS  GIBSONS  Ph. 886-2622  ���*** ~ ~i-~ir-��->ji��.��__ ,^���'���-__��_t_-^^-_��__�����*___^_'������_�����������  Friday* Jiirie 5^ -  _? j��*i^.  Gibsons  United  Church  Hall  Collection In aid of new choir gowns,  Music from works of ;  Sir Arthur Sullivan  _-_-*_"��#^'*_-^_��_-��_"_*,__-_^-^���**^-'  Coast News, June 4, 1964.       3  1^  NOTICE   OP  INDENTION  TO   APPLY  TO   LEASE   LAND  ,In Land' Recording District of Vancouver and- situate on "Highway 101 in  the vicinity o- Pender Harbour, approximately 1 mile beyond the north boundary  ol  D.L.   3976;   v     -     .:  TAKE NOTICE that Percy Ray Carl,  of 2909 ^ 1255 Bid well-St., Vancouver,  B.C. occupation. bartender, intends to  apply, for permission to purchase the  following described lands:���  Commencing at a post planted at the  S.W. corner of said land, 660 feet west  of culvert .carrying stream under Highway. 101, approx 1 mile north of DJ_.  3976. Gp. 1, NWD, thence 660' North;  thence 660' East to Highway 101; thence  following Highway 101 southerly approx.  660' to a stream: thence West to point  of commencement and containing 10  acresj more or less/  The purpose for which the land Is  reauired  is  homestead. '  Percy   Ray   Carl  Dated  May  9th, '1964...     *���  NOTICE OF INTENTION TO APPH.  TO   LEASE   LANir  Vancouver ; Land Recording District.  . TAKE NOTICE THAT Beban Logging  Co. Ltd, of Nanaimo, B.C., occupation  Logging Company, Intends to apply for  a lease of- the following described lands:  - Situated . at Shoal.: Harbour, Gilford  Island BC. Commencing at a post planted at the N.E/Cnr. of Block 2 Lot 482  thence North 15 chains; thence N70W  29 chains more or less Thence South 10  chains more" or less to the . point of Intersection with the south shoreline of  Shoal Harbour. Thence following said  shoreline- in a southerly and easterly  direction a distance of 33 chains more  or less,_to the. point of commencement  and containing 30 acres more or less.  For the purpose of log booming and  storage.  per BEBAN LOGGING  CO. LTD.  B. T. Briggs, Agent  Dated  May  9th,   1964:      ;  NOTICE   OF. INTENTION   TO   APPLY  TO   PURCHASE   LAND  In Land Recording District of Vancouver, and situate - in - the vicinity of  Lot 5860 and 6860 south of Madeira  Park.  TAKE NOTICE that Arthur Palmer  Anderson of Grand Prairie, occupation  cook intends to apnly for permission  to purchase the following described  lands:���-  _. Commencing at a post planted at the  S.W.vcorner of Lot-6860, Group 1, New  Westminster District, thence 10 chain*  East; thence . 10 chains south; thence  west to highway; -thence north along  highway to point of commencement,  and  containing acres,   more  or less.  ������-���; The purpose for which the land la  reti_ired is fcomesite.  A '      ARTHUR    PALMER    ANDERSON.  Dated  April  28,   10G4.  (SUGGESTED RETAIL PRICE)  PER 4 PIECE PLACE SETTING  Thousands of motorists throughout B.C. For the first time ever Rogers tableware at  are already building up a service of this these amazingly low prices is exclusively  famous tableware from International   yours at��� "~  Silver Company for as little as $1.49 per  place setting with each seven gallon  Chevron Gasoline purchase.  Start or add'to yonr collection���with its  elegant "Spring Wheat" pattern���right  away. Supplement it with other lovely  matching pieces like those illustrated in  the inset. If you wish, charge your  Rogers Stainless Tableware on your  Chevron Credit Card.  ��>:*��M*S:>_iv*  STANDARD STATIONS  CHEVRON DEALERS  STANDARD OIL COMPANY OF BRITISH COLUMBIA LIMITED  HMOt  mmmm MEETING POSTPONED  *. V .' .Bbheris. i^reek-Communityl-as-  :sociation meeting ,o�� June 10 has  been postponed to June 17. - -  SEPTIC TANK  SERVICE  PUMP TANK TRUCK  Tanks Built or Repaired  ___inage Fields Installed  Gibsons Plumbing  S_- 886-2460 for information  SECHELT THEATRE  FRIDAY, SATURDAY, MONDAY  JUNE 5,.6 & 8  DOUBLE FEATURE  Stephen Boyd, Dolores Hart  LISA   ,  (Technicolor)  Cartoon Featurette  ADVENTURES OF THE ROAD  . RUNNER  Technicolor  Starts 8 p.m. Out 10:30 p.m.  HALFMOON  '..-   - By  MARY   TINKLEY  .    This might be-called Parents'  '"Week  for  much  of  the  week's,  news concerns the .visits of devoted sons and daughters to their  parents.  ���Mr. Harry McLean was visited  by his two sons and daughter  when he celebrated his 75th birthday. His guests were Mr. and  Mrs. J. B. McLean 'of ' Duncan,  Mr. and Mrs, Wm. O'Ziro, of Re-  velstoke, son Norris of Vancouver and Miss Kathy Lea of Burnaby.  Mrs. Wm. Grundy who planned  a quiet birthday on Sunday, was  surprised by the arrival of her  two daughters, Mrs. David Smith  and Mrs. Doug McLeod and son-  in-law David Smith.  Roland Meuse of Windsor, Nova Scotia, flew 3,000 miles to  visit his father, Mr. Pete Meuse.  Mrs.  Jim  Cooper,  accompani-  BUYRI6HT>  _BUT  _"-'^/_*  HOMELITE  THE  DEPENDABLE CHAIN SAW  6it ��� frit diratostrttiga ttdoy  CHAIN SAW CENTRE  WILSON  CREEK  Phone 885-2228  Clarke Simpkins Invites You To See The  ���;:i#^^MI SELECTION OF USED  4-Wheel Drive  LAND ROVERS  THE VEHICLE THAT GOES ANYWHERE, DOES ANYTHING .  Top Quality Used Models,  both gas and, diesel."  STATION  WAGONS,"HAl_>TOPS  PICKUPS, CRUMMIES  from  feasy terms  NEW 1964 UNO ROVERS ... AU MODELS  B.C's Largesl Selection <K_tftQJEfr  Terms to suit from-    .-...- ^Jr_fc_ w ^ _^  jCars and Trucks wanted in trade      n  '   ';��'' Write, Wire or Telephone Collect -_.���, - c  CURKE SIMPKINS  999 Kingsway, at Windsor, Vancouver TR 9-5211  *TT  Cbfttcb Servlcel?!  y% Lei The People PraUe Thee, O God  ANGLICAN  Community Church./-Port Melloo  9:15"a.m." -" Matins  St. Bartholomew's,  Gibsons  11:15 a.mTrrHqlyrCpmmuhion  11:15 a:mi? Church School  ��� 'v?:-   ~\*v<���-.-  ���������������������-. ��� -  St: Hilda's,   Sechelt   .  ll��a;i_TpMatihs "  11 a.m.v-Church ^School  St. Aidah'Sf-Roberts Creek  10:30 a.m.'Church'School  3 p.m., Gohfirmation  ���':::,: y-     " ^-P.'- '������      "'  St. Mary's, Pender'Harbour  v  3 p.m.,rrEvensong  Gibsons .;".  11 a.m., Sunday-School,  11 a_a^vJKhir^e-yr '..-  11 a.m:* Divine.- Service  :      ,, ;���/_..������$r>s:_--   .   '���;  '  Roberts. Creek   :  2 ;p.m., .Divine:' Service  WilsonCreek."  11:15 a.m.,-Divine1 Worship  Sunday School,1 9:45 a.m.  COMMUNIOTURai  BAPTIST  Bethel Baptist,  Sechelt  11:15 a.m., Worship  Service  7:30 p.m., Wed., Prayer  Calvary  Baptist,  Gibsons  ,7:30 p.m.,. Evening Service  Prayer Meeting, 7:30 p.m.,Thurs  CHRISTIAN SCIENTISTS  .    Church Servjces-  and Sunday School  each Sunday-at. 11 a.m.  Roberts  Creek United Church  Radio Program: The Bible  Speaks to You, over CJOR, 600,  9:00 p.m. every Sunday  GLAD TIDINGS TABERNACLE  11 a.m., Morning Worship  7:30 .n.m...  Evangelistic   Service.  10 a.m., Sunday School  Tuesday, 7 p.m.     Bible School..  Friday, 7:30 p.m., Rally .........  PENTECOSTAL  T?r��y  Anglican Communion 9H5?a.m.  1st Sunday ofc each* month  . Ahglicah~"Sej!Tyice $'.15 a_m.  3rd Sunday rof. each month  United Churqh'"]Sei$\ck $'-15. a.m.  All ot.per Siindays;.;'  ST. VINCENTTS^  Holy Family,"Sechelt, 9 a.m.  Most Pure Heart of Mary,  Gibsons, 11 a.m.  Gibsons  9:45 a.m., Sunday School  .���._;...-.-.. ���ii a;m., Devotional-  7:30 '> p.m.,   Evangelistic  Service  'Tues.,  3:30  p.m.,   Children's  Groups ��� ,. :.  Tues., 7:30 p.m.i Bible Study  Fri., 7:30 p.m., Young People.  JEHOVAH'S WITNESSES  _ible Studies, Tues., 8.p.m. '���;���  "Ministry School, Thurs., 7:30 p.m.;  c    Service Meeting  ������.'���        ; Thurs., 8:30 p.m.    .:     ?  Public Talk, Sun., 3 p.m.  Watchtbwer Study,;Sun!, 4-p.m  ���, Kingdom Hall at Selma Park  No  Collections  *'-W_   VA,  ed by daughter Pat and her grand  daughter flew to 'Calgary to visits herL mother, Mrs. Wm. Aber-  hart. - .  " "'       :  Mrs. B. McOaul is back at her  Welcome Beach home for the  summer. In Vancouver for her  mother's funeral were her sister, Mrs Crystal Hare of Detroit,  _ier brothers, Gordon Baisiey of  Carman, Manitoba and Goldie  Baisiey of Edmonton. It was the  first time for 35 years that the  two brothers and two sisters had  all been together. '  Mrs. Jim Graves, accompanied  by Leonard, was in Vancouver  this weekend to see -her sister,  Mrs. Margaret Jones, off on a  two months flying holiday to Australia,, with stops at Hawaii, New  Zealand and a pleasure cruise to  the Great Barrier Reef.  Mrs. R. H. Wilkinson is in St.  Mary's Hospital.        "   ���  John- Surtees was in the Bay to  bid goodbye to his parents,' the  Ted Surtees." John, who has been  working for a dental supply company in Vancouver for two years,  is being transferred to their7 London, Ontario office.  Mrs. Jack Burrows joined Mr.,  and Mrs.  Ed Warnock recently  for a driving holiday to Montana,  returning by way of Calgary and  through the Rockies. , .-  Guest at the Burrows this week  is their nephew, Sergeant Pat  King of the New Westminster detachment of the RCMP.  Patrick Murphy is home from  his DEW Line station for two  months leave. He and Patsy have  gone for a triD to Edmonton,  while Grandfather Keyes holds  the  fort  at home.  -Spending a holiday, at their  'homes last week were the Bill  Thorns and the Gilbert Loves.  There will be a meeting of the  Hospital Auxiliary on Tuesday,  June 9 at 2 p.m. at Rutherford's  Store.  iif f ERS      Scouter awards  to edit��.'  Coast News,' June 4, 1964.  "V"   sn   '<���        *.��' ,' '     \  Editor: Re your editorial"ori-  the proposed new Canadian flag  it would seem that you have completely missed-the historical' significance of the Red Ensign. The  emblems of England, Scotland,  Ireland and France are those of  the races who pioneered and  brought this country to its present state of maturity.' The -reason why there are no Canadian  emiblems on the -flags of other  nations should be obvious to anyone. ,. -  I am an English born Canadian  of mixed Scottish and French  parentage, and a .charter member of one of the Canadian Legion branches,. but I would will-*  ingly accept a flag with a maple  leaf design, or for that .matter,  any other- design, if it was the  proven wish of the majority, but  it is riot for some petty despot in  the East to take it on himself to  speak for the Canadian nation' as  a whole.  The flag issue is one that should  be put to a nationwide referen-'  dum. Ex-Sergeant.  At a district' meeting in Camp .  Earl Haig headquarters .at Robr  erts- Creek May 25, Cliff Beeman,  district president, presented- certificates for successful completion of Troop Scouters' Basic A  course held on .April 5 to Ken Anderson, Betty and Leonard Allen,  JolnvFerrai and G. Thatcher.  Certificates, were. also presented for successful,, completion of  the _ Pack Scouters Basic Training course on April 13 to Mary  Rudolph, Malvina Beeman, Leah  Thatcher.- J. Lome Wolverton,  Anne and' Marc Morriseau. David Lafler was welcomed as assistant scoutmaster for the Roberts Creek Troop.  Gibson Girl  BEAUTY CENTRE  PERMS, CUTS & SETS  "BONAT" PRODUCTS  Professional Care is Best  for Your Hair       \  SEWING MACHINE TROUBLE!  Call 886-2434 or 2163  rFOR GUARANTEED WORK  Swim instructor  for Port Mellon  ���i  Miss Janice Ferguson, a UBC  student will be swimming iri-  . structor at Port Mellon this summer and will start her, duties on  Juty 2. Mrs. W. Booth is in  charge of registration for classes.  There has been considerable  work going on at the Seaside  beach in the past few weeks.  Bulldozing the beach and spreading sand, has cost the association approximately . $300.-_ifThe  swim floats should be repaired  and - ��� in _. place by June 1. Mr.  Zantolas advises that the floats"  would have to be replaced next  year,       ,  Improvements are being made  to the ball park at Seaside .with  the help of volunteer labor, both  men and boys. Tom Anderson informed the meeting that a portion of the Jield will be seeded  with< grass as soon as possible.  A donation was made to the  newly formed Port Mellon Little  League.  * Editor: A column in your last  week's Coast News ^mentioned  putting all Centennial - moneys  into the Brothers Memorial Park.  A good 'number, of our residents  * and taxpayers, hive never seen  the park site, and are not likely  to do so,'"or to be able to use it  at all, and I .protest such, public  money being put into a project  which is of use to only a > small  section of one community.'  Our provincial Centennial money-was put into this project under-some protest. I think any  further money should be spent on  ���something able to be used by all,  such as' a Community Hall or a  library building.  I have every sympathy for facilities for sports for the young,  but there are school playgrounds  and I believe 10 or 15 acres  around the High School.  M. E. Telford.  Phone 886-2120  Seaside Plaza ��� Gibsons Village  When your lighting fails, don't'  , be in the dark about where  to find an ELECTRICIAN fast  \ Look in the  YELLOW PAGES,;  .   whereJOUR  FINGERS DO  IE WALKING  ���'���Ml  ROBERTS CREEK  CREDIT UNION  ^    Sechelt, B.C.  Savings. . . Loans  SCHOOL jS^mNGS CLUBS  Open  Tuesday to  Friday 11 a.m. to 5 p.m.  Headless cow   .  A dead cow, headless and floating in  the sound Saturday  and-_  earlier a butter type box with a  cover also afloat near a beach  containing three >cats,  drowned,  ' can    ��be    described as part of  marine   activity in   the   Soames   ,  Point-Hopkins Landing area oveiWi  the last few days. t <'{*&<  Later  another dead cow, this.,,*,  one"reasonably whole Svas found'  floating-,   off.~ West Sechelf.-AI-*  three cases have been disposeds  ' of. Where the cows came-frOntl  is unknown but there is a *ug-7  gestion that  the  cats were  note  . floating imports    '* . ���;'-,_'-  NEW STORE OPENS - " "'"  Friday, May. 22, was the opening day of a new modern food  store in Madeira Park area, operated by Frank Harding and  Clint Anderson, the1 results of 10  weeks work and planning.  PENINSULA PLUMBING LTD.  GIBSONS ��� Ph. 886 9533 r  A COMPLETE STOCK OF FITTINGS AND FIXTURES  SALES  and .  SERVICE  ..M   I1-"!*  FREE  ESTIMATES  CLOSET  . and  CLOSET  SEATS  White  and  Color  I  NOW! Dealer for Super Kern Tone/and Sherwin-Williams Paints  CORPORATION OF VILLAGE OF GIBSONS LANDING  Assistant-Clerk  Applications to be received by June 29, 1964, are invited for the  position of Assistant-Clerk pro; tem. to be, appointed Clerk on  Oct. 1, 1964, if satisfactory to Cbuncil.^Please state:qualifications arid salary expected^VLv" .���.-��� . ^  JULES A. :%_AINIL, Clerk, Gibsons!/ B.C.  GM  _.**.t*_^  1 gal. White Outside Oil F>_iiil plus one /4'��� Flagged '  ���   ;Nylo^  26"x96" FibreilaH;>anels> __^__i��d^^  T.qckwool InsulatiprT2x1 ^(BitfsO piBJr 106_sqiM: 5$5_6a  ��� 1x6 Clear Pine Panel (BlueSfain) R/L ZL^JSm^W  2;6''xWxi%;^  4x8x17JfrArb6r^  ^x%:Sei:^^Mah ��� LiS^  ���4x4||ainSquareIlex 16":Sc^iares ���_���i_r_������J $1.f9 ea:  \ 1X6lEcbnpiiiy,jtedar S4S _______^i:_:----_ 2c per lin ff  Miafidarci Spruce S4S R/L -___.i_l.__- Mm M,  Gibsons Building Supplies Ltd,  Phone 886-2642  _  :'"%Ppsin oldkM^oMeiP-PP  The B.C. Beer with the Fresh Natural [Flavor  This advertisement is not published or displayed by the Liquor Control Board ;  , , or.by the Government of British Columbia. ,r - ' W73-*-'�� ,Coast News,  June 4,  COMING  EVENTS  ���  1964  LOST  A  June "5, Gibsons United Church  Choir , concert, 8 p.m., ��� Christian  Education Centre. "  June 6 ��� C.G.I.T. Tea and Coffee Party. United Church Hall,  2-4 p.m.  June   12,   L.A.   Royal   Canadian  .Legion   109   Rummage   Sale,   10  a.m.,  Legion Hall,  Gibsons.  ENGAGEMENT  DAVIES -.-^;NEw_ERGHER ���  Mr. and Mrs' George Newfoergher  of Vancouver announce the engagement, of their eldest daughter Alice Elizabeth, to Mr. Douglas. Tremayne Davies, eldest son  ot-Mr. and Mrs. Doug Davies of  Gibsons,^ B.C. The wedding will  take "place diTJune 13, at 4 p.m.  in- St.^ Anselm's Anglican Church,"  jVaiicouyer., R$v. R. D. F. Kim-  iriitt -officiating.  DEATHS  BEGG ��� Passed away May. 28,  1964,-George Leslie Begg of R.R.  1, Gibsons, B.C. Survived by his  loving wife Evelyn, 2 sons, Lloyd  Vancouver, Murray, Coquitlam,  B.C.;, "_,' daughter Mrs. Muriel  Dades, Vancouver;. 8 grandchildren, 1 sister in'California. Funeral service was held Sat., May -  ,30 at' ,4:15 p.m. fromJ ihe Gibsons  United. ..Church, Gibsons, B.C.  Rev-"M. Cameron officiating. Interment Seaview Cemetery. HAR  VEY FUNERAL HOME, Gibsons  B.C.,  directors;���"-  McNEIL ���"Passed away suddenly May 27, ^1964, Jean Adams McNeil, of Granthams Landing B.C.  Survived -by her loving husband  Thomas, 2 sons Lionel and Laurie,  Vancouver, B.C. 7 grandc_Udrerh  Funeral service-. was held Sat.;  May 30, 1 p.m., from the Gibsons  United Church,,-: Gibsons,;���;_ .6;,P  Rev. M- Cameron officiating. Interment Seaview Cemetery. HAR  VEY FUNERAL HOME, Gibsons  B.C.*, directors.  CARD OF THANKS    "  .���.'".: We wish to express 6Uir sincere  thanks and appreciation for the  many kindnesses "and'.messages  of love and syn__ratoy. .rbni our  many, friends, relatiye"s and devoted neighborsin the loss of  our beloved husband and father.  Officers and members Branch  109, Royal Canadian Legion- Gibsons; Sisters of Arbutus Rebekah  .Lodge, Gibsons; -'Sisters of Sunshine Coast" Rebekah Lodge, Sechelt; Drs. Johnson and Hobson,  Mr. Griggs and Doctors and nurses of Shaughnessy Hospital, yan-  ._ ^cpuver.  Specl_L_JhariW to Rev..  <^-Cameron for"his cbrtsoling woods'  and  to  Harvey Funeral Home. >���  We also thank all those who sent  donations-to 'the   new   hospital1  fund in lieu of flowers.  . Mrs. Evelyn Begg and family.  My sincere thanks to all my  friends, and neighbors for. their  kind' 'thoughts, cards and equir-  ies, and. visits- during my stay .in  .���:-;, .st;.-,Paul's: Hospital: Also to the  doctors and nurses for their kind-.  riess and attention. ..which left  nothing to be; desired; "Special-;  thanks to the I_wams; Club, Roy-j  al Canadian Legion _^ahchiP9��r  Gibsons-Garden  Club,  and various friends for flowers sent to  me. Austin Craven.  We would like to thank:everybody  :   both in and out of Local 297 fori  wonderftd : reffoirt   in   getting   us  back on .our feet after the fire. ]  We will never; forget the ��� organiz-,  ations   and   individuals   for   the  wonderful part they played.  Mr. and Mrs.  Ed Campbell  and family.  I want to take this opportunity  of thanking all my kind friends  relatives and neighbors for their  cards, letters and flowers sent  during my stay in St. Paul's hospital. A special thanks to Marie  and Ron, for taking care of my  children/    : Pk    Mrs. E. Bergen.  Sincere thanks to all our friends  ���for thedr: kindness and sympathy.  '-,in   lour ^bereavement.*" - Special;  thanks to Dr. Hobson and nurses  at   St:f Maryl's  Hospital   and to.  ... Rev. Cameron. %. '.'-������ ^,���.''v       ...  Margaret Kennedy, 'Je_irr and*  -' ��� Lateec; % yp ' ������"'' '"V   i___ ~,y  Vr   '     ii __. :   L wo__L iLfeeitp^tak&i __i- opportunity " _^.e_-i_fejs_^.mj^ t___k&1 and  appreeLation,for the c���i-S. flowers and conad?r^o_ that I re-  ceived during Cmy receir|: stay: ire.  Sf. Mary's1Hospital^ vri  A. R. Reeves,.      ~       ���������'..  ... T.Lyjidhurst, Roberts �� Creek.-  FLORIST*"     r .���*:.: ��� ';*..";'*���������  ���-_-_������_���������������_y^���-��� ^  IMW^_���������������I ���     li   ���I    ������       HI l.  Wreaths and,, sp#axs.-vl_issir_.8nd ���  Florists. Phonal885.-9345.'Hopkins-  Landing..  ��� -Flowers for all  occasions.  Eldred's  Flower   Shopt   Sechelt..  yPPp py Phone 8854455 p;):  ,':, ���%/  : >PTS;.^'��� '':���;,   -.';:���')��� '";* t",   y :  )  Pekinese puppies: Phone 886-9890  RADIO, TV/ Hi-Fi     ;        '       ~/  ��� Guaranteed TV and Hi-Fi service,  by  government' certified  fechni- .  cian. ; Phone  886-9384.  1 '     "'.,' % '-    -    ��      f        ���-      "���    "*]' -*V''  /Lost from "boat Monday morning,  brown and white toy terrier. Ph.  Vancouver AM 1-8026 "Collect.  Male 2 year old purebred Lab,  black. Anyone known to be harboring this dog three days after  June 4 will be prosecuted." Phone  886-2146.  WORK  WANTED  Day care, for preschooler in my  home. Big treed yard, 2 companions. Reasonable.- Ph. 886-9527.  Painter & Decorator       ���    .  Phone David Nystrom,  886-7759,  fcr   your   interior   and   exterior  -painting.  ROY'S LAND SERVICE  ROTO-TILLING; 4 sizes of machines to match your job.  Plowing and Breaking  Rocky Ground Breaking  Grading and Levelling  Cultivating  and  Hilling  Complete   Lawn   Service   from  planting to maintenance.  Mowing .and Sweepinig  POWER RAKING (  Edging ' and  Fertilizing  Seeding and Rolling, etc.  Arrange for regular complete  1 lawn care  ROY BOLDERSON Box 435  Sechelt' 885-9530  Phone evenings only Please  UNSHINE GOASrllPfSfift  ^CfcR>P��RTY FOR SALE (Cont'd)     MISC FOR SALE (Cont'd)  -..  v.r-  SALES  Man, aged 37, wishing to reside permanently on the Sunshine Coast seeks position. Extensive retail experience ���  advertising, sales promotion,  etc. Desire to locate on Peninsula strong enough to make  any... offer- -worth consideration.  Box 718,. Coast News.  Plumbing, repairs, laying water-  pipe, septic Jtank work, pump septic tanks; Redrooffs district. Ph.  885-9545.  HELP WANTED  2 ; _4rawberry . pickers,: married  women preferred, about mid-  "Juh_/i%oh�� 88.2592.   )  BC. HYDRO ANDI0WER  AUTH0RITY|   fff  requires  atj��.'  Sechelt, B.d;  GIBSONS  t.  Choice View Lot ��� Partly  cleared treed lot in village with  109 ft. frontage. Excellent building location. Full price only $1250  Acreage ,��� 21  acres  of. level  treed property with creek close  to  village.  Excellent subdivision  ���potential.   Many  choice   building  sites. Full-price $6,500, terms.  One   Bedroom   Cottage   ���  On  2% acres with exceptionally good  soil, shrubs and fruit trees' and  year-round creek. Full price  $4,000. ,,  ROBERTS CREEK  Waterfront ��� 1% secluded  acres fully serviced. 120 ft. beach  frontage. Private driveway .winds  through towering shade trees to  sunlit clearing with 2 bedroom,  bsmt, home and guest cottage.  Full price only $10,750.  Summer campsite ��� with creek .  Over % acre, level and beautiful- .  ly treed and just a stone's throw  to safe, sandy beach. Full price  $2,500.  WELCOME   BEACH  Waterfront Lot; ��� Gently sloping from road to 75 feet frontage  on fine pebble beach. Magnificent westerly view. Full price  $4,300.    ���  PENDER HARBOUR  Waterfront Lots ��� Vi mile  scenic waterfront development ,  completed only last. October '���  Sold half already!! Remaining  properties have waterfrontage  up to 280 feet with safe year-  round moorage. Ideal for ; boat  owners, fishermen or marine site.  Priced from   only  $2,850  terms.  Gail Frank Lewis, at Gibsons  office, 886-9900, or Morton Mac-  kay, Res.  886-7783. ��,*:  Country general store on waterfront property, nice 3 bdrm living quarters. Going concern. Particulars from this office. ;  2 bdrm house on nice view lot  at West Sechelt oh 'highway. $7500  terms:--' '. ���'������.���" ["������'��� .PP--'p--       '-���������-.������"���'  VA acres, ilat and cleared,1 next " Oysters,,' "properly processed at  to Hough's Dairy on Pratt Road, registered plants, are morsels of  for building, $1,400, $300 down, the sea available throughout the  $30 monthly. Also 2^ acre.;,: old-' yearrBuy tHemfreshT at Sunshine  er>home. with basement, 25 fruit ..... Coast,.stores and cafes. Oyster  trees and soft fruit,, good <flat v^Bay Oyster Co., R. Bremer, Pen-  ground,   $8,500,  $3000  down,   $50 -der Harbour.  FINLAY REALTY LTD:   ^  GIBSONS     and    BURQUITLAM  Gibsons View home: Gardeners' paradise only 7 yrs. built.  Auto gas heat. This home is' ideal  for retired couple; Many extras.  $8250 f.p. . '::,.,,,  ._. a  ;.   j''i  District Meter Reader  ($369 - $4-&i)er mfmth)  Wilson Creek: 2 bedrpomhoane  on; large treed loti 0_(tbuilo_ngsl'  pnly $6750 F,P^$L500 D.PV;^J.  2 vie%Vip&,';Se1_jsa..-'---rk.'-'-Ni<^f^  Jggfr perform ^r^tineidutiesv^iri.'^ to^-&ur;y.f-  ��reajaing meters, >rtakin]|  apiHica-!; /lots. All fbrlpnly; $2200.-  .ions for electric service and; att./  ' tending to custqmer'si queri0s.  Qualifications 3^4<a_uire:<! include  high school graduation ?or equivalent, ability "to irfeet t|e public,  ability to drive a car, land neatness and legibility ofjjiandwiit-...  ing. Physical.fitness ij|"-.a ,-basic.-  requirement as this pd^ition^re-  quii;e,s. con?id.eiabiev;wai_:ing pyer  rough terrain. "     ���,**'���:  :Please. reply-in- writing Portly  stating age, education, and experience to: '...'.  Personal Officer,  Metropolitan Region,  B.C. Hydro & Power, Authority,  970 Burrard Street,  Vancouver 1, B.C.  BUSINESS OPPORTUNITY  Local business needs capital for  expansion; lip to $10,000 needed.  All replies confidential. Box 717,  Coast News'.  For sale, Coin Op_ drycleaning  store, steadily growing business  in> shopping plaza, Gibsons. Ph.  886-2231 or 886-2705 .:���",...  DAVIS BAY  Panabode .home".on nice waterfront lot. Very attractive price.  2.5 acres wooded lot, block  from highway, Davis Bay, $1500  10 acres wooded land, West  Porpoise  Bay,  $1500.  5 rooms oh 150' x 640' waterfront lot, Porpoise Bay, good motel site/     ,  ROBERTS CREEKr  .2 bedrm house on nice waterfront lot, $12,000 v terms. Other  view lots, nice, size and low price  $750. ���    ' ���-:.'������������;-,.'';���������:. ��� -.:....  Call Pr, phone ;  AGGETT AGENCIES tTD.  Box 63, Sechelt, B.C.  Phone  885-2065 /        y  Eves   885-9303, E.. Surtees, Mgr.  ...        885-2066, C- King. V :  DIAL 886-ii91  300' frontage on North Road,  Two bedroom cottage, cabin,  workshop, fruit trees and garden  Near schools and shopping centre. Down payment ...... $1,500  IF YOU DESIRE TO BUILD  :  We have lots.,'from $575       ;  and desirable acreage  DIAL 886-2191  2y2 acres and nice cottage. Lots  of fruit trees, garden, good water. Reasonable terms. Full price  $8,500.  DIAL 886-2191 ,  WE HAVE CLIENTS  f WE NEED LISTINGS  "A Sign of Service'?  HE: GORDONS KENNETT Ltd.  Real Estate & Insurance  Gibsons %__^       Sechelt  886-2191 ypy^,      885-2013  (R. F.  Kennett-TNotary Public)  IJarge attractive lot; 4 bedroom  home.  Low down payment ..'and-'  easy terms to resp<)hsible''5party.  :i Choice of 5 acreprppertijes. No  water problems. ',S! ypy  ]���'������"  .monthly. Can be bought together,  $9,500 terms or $8,500 cash. Ph.  Chuck Day, 886-2340.  FpR  RENT  Large 3 bedroom^ horne^ on 101  Highway, West Sechelt. Fully  modern, large grounds. Full basement with, rooms. Phone 885-2010.  2 .bedroom house, central "Gibsons, available now. Ph. 886-9607.  3 room furnished cottage. Phone '  886-2106.  Tbi_Pil^$��50   per  yard.  886-9826;:  Phone  Table,:buffet and 4 chairs, $35;  book case with glass doors, $15.  Phone 886-2152.  WANTED  Dinghy   and^ firescreen,   reasonable. Phone'886-2120.  "    , "l TltiBl&i, WANTED  pV^ffi&tfj^eii or timber and  land.  Cash.  Phone  886-9984.  Furnished 2 bedroom suited  adults only. Available now. Ph.  886-2231 or 886-2705.  ANNOUNCEMENTS  Furnished 4 rooms and sunporch  Waterfront, Gibsons. Adults. Ph.  8-6^2863 pr 886^2718/  Cottage oh Port Mellon Highway  Apply I_one,::886-29?5.  DID YOU KNOW���  .���"/l^-that^puiifah' have broken garden  ' tools 'welded' as good as new for  less-1 than''one-half   the   cost  of  new?._, r.y  Rea-onable, rates ��� all work  :-p\   :-/guaranteed  COLES IRON WORKS ��� 886-9842       Ki - .���-.-������'.-.. .   ;  BUILDING MATERIALS  JOHN DEKLEER  BUILDING ��� CONTRACTING  Wilson Creek,  B.C.  Phone 885-2050  ELPHINSTONE   CO-OP  Lucky  Number  May 30 ��� 55148, Orange  MISC.   FOR  SALE  10 month old Aberdeen Angus  bull with or without papers. Ph.  886-2526.  Moving ��� 12 ft. fibreglass b6at,,  almost new, 28 hp. Johnson complete;   new   5   hp.   gas   engine,  winch, etc. Phone Simpson, Bar- -  gain Harbour; 883-2603.    -    "."P:-'y  Some goats for sale. Does in milk.  G. Chaniian,' Ph. 886-9862.  .Beatty.)washing machine, wringer type,: $35. Phone 886-2202 evenings...  -  Coal .and wobd range, good condition, $30. 21" Admiral TV $20.  Phone- 885^2041.    '  ' Old ^j^^tethfooni set, good con?'*  PmibhWE&rsP?ifaym-m9: ';./\  ^VICTOR D'AOUST  Padnter ��� Decorator  interior ��� Exterior  Paper Hanging  ..JpMtvX^a^^Work Guaranteed  DPhone 88(.-$652y North Road  Used furniture, or what have  you?:PUVs Used Furniture, Gibsons, Ph. 886-9950.  Alcoholics   Anonvmous.  9388. Box 221, Sechelt.  Ph.   885-  AUTOMATIC LAWNMOWER  SHARPENING  /Get;.;ypurvfawn equipment sharpened vrnowKxPhone Ervin Benner,  QQK'OOtaO   _*   s;'  885-  USED QUTBOARDS  S'^to^e^'fiir Merc .  Merc .  f. Merc  >���������������!  ��� "/^ix   _T.r-''-*  '63 6 hp  '57^ft,hJ,  _a__ock'<s^Cabana Marina  Madeira Park, 883-3248-;:  $150  $225  $185  VPEDICURIST  ,-..--   Mrs. JVE. Campbell  '    Selma^Park, on bus stop.  _.,-^'--^��^iW78'.'-.  _^Bmngsi*y Appointment  ^--rv^^^^jgg^ON'S    -��� ''-     ���������  tXU��D-lf" _*DRY   CLEANING  yyy .^fkr-storage:  : C5^vt|h&he��S-CheU 885-9627  *of ���;Vi5?>Roberts   Creek,   Gibsons  and'TPort Mellon Zenith 7020  ,, t Porpoise Bay: 2 bedrm. ��� $i#0n,  down. Furnished. Real value lie-'e'  .Hitrry for this^pne; ���,������.  West   Sechelt   waterfront:   ���80'*-���  close to Wakefield. $4400, terms. "  For these and other good, buys:  Call  J.   Anderson,   885-^565 /or:  H.  Gregory, 885-9392.  SECHELT AGENCIES LTD:    t  Phone885-2161  Box 155,  Sechelt, B.C.  First time listed. One of the finest gardens in the district. Almost five acres of rich soil up  to two, feet deep?;-Adequate^wa*i.  ter supply.- Convenient location^ ��  Full information on request.  ������������'"   ,��� '..'>'' '���.  Roberts Greek. Owner leaving;  ��� price reduced. Solid four room  bungalow. Excellent garden soil  and good water supply. Handy to  post office, store, church and .  school. Full price $7500. Terms?  Of course ��� reasonable too.  s.Bargain: 'Hafbour.  home. $10,000. / -r  Waterfront  ik-  [. !  yiSli. rAf&SSK% CHRISTMAS  P"? B_;cUayer and Stonemason  y ^^AU^hds^ pJUbrick and stone-  Brown Aljean skirt; black ahefiT"'W*rHiK_St ��S1 ��& r*^1'  wool y&&sv  -turquoise    stretch   -^     ^ ^none 8B6-7734  -**L��.  ftJtfi  V;  EWART McMYNN  Real Estate & Insurance  - Phones 886-2166  .: Evenings 886-2500 or 886-2496  PROPERTY WANTED     ~-  Acreage wanted. Cash. Box 716,  Coast News, Gibsons. ':W��:>.  slims, all size 8. All for $18. Phi  886-9527. ~;^i- ". .>'.-..'��� -'V  .��_:  p��� oiii Irange, :, boiler,   bar-.N  xjsgvqJ��. 0f$a.pOil space.heater,  ,?sbar_,ei and stand. Reel type pow-  ^eirvmowe.-? 886-2870.  ���Zenith-deepfreeze, 15 cu. ft. $150. '  Phone 886-9397.  ,-,;Alcoholics Anonymous  '���'���".    Phone 886-2325  J;:t M' f    - ���    .   VV'V  Tf'VW.'-*'.    if-: f.  WlLM _ JEWaRY  MARINE\4_EN _  WEAR  "' Pi.;;,88.3il6, Gibsons  FUELS  'f-. ���  Alder, $8 per^load; Fir $10 per  load delivered.^ Terms cash. Apply Wyton, 886-2441. J;  COAL & WOOD     p  i      '...���-'.���(-���'���*���������   ��� ��� *  'Vv;:-V Pkjjmer $10 ; "'"���.���   jV ���  ri    Maple $12   ���     '��� ]',"  JFir $12 delivered     ���'  Fone dry old growth fir $14  DRUMHELLER HARD COAL  $32." ton, $17 % ton, $2 per bag  TOTEM LOGS ��������� $1 per box  IL N; HASTINGS-North R|.  _ Gibsons, -~ '���  pp. ^pyp' pyy���������       ��� ���  We d__ver '"anywhere on, trie  Peninsula. For prices phone  VV' y?Pfc   886-9902 r     - ;' ",'*',���  Waterfront , ��� ; Lower   Road.  ^Eovjelyp   seciaded^ ^landscaped'  grounds containing two bedroom  homeland bang|lo^;, .all- services.  Le vej^ibe��fch:%p|fo^ch J$_0,0j0 ^fcall  hanMe.   iba_^hc|  -'eisy< nipitWy  ' payme__��&������&&,%&��� ^;:'-   *���*���**  Eves  WATERFRONMISTINGS  WANTED  We have many clients wanting lots and waterfront, homes  in the Roberts Creek, Davis  Bay, -West Sechelt and Halfmoon Bay areas.        r  We specialize in waterfront  properties.  For action on your property  call or write N. Patersxm,  CAPILANO HIGHLANDS Ltd.  803 Davie  St.,  Vancouver  ,JPh.   682,3764,   Eves   988-0512  li4ibuTn^i^^e top gas stove;,  51 :GvE. electric fridge; new pack-i  -.board.: Bill Warren; Ph. 886-2762.  Swap or sell crawler tractor. Ph.  886-2459"PPP ..-. '.. -^    '-���.., ;-  FIREPLACES,.  ,''���'PLANTERS '." .  v'--"FbuNBNations  .VWALLS: *  *:' -    ?XV Simpkins 885-2132  r  CREST ELECTRIC  Domestic, ^"wfring, rewiring and  alterations from Port Mellon to  Pender Harbour. Free estimates.  Phone '886r9320^evenings.  Washing machine. $35; chesterfield and chair, $35; wooden bed  $15; coil spring $4; mattress $10;  electric  plate   $5;   portable   TV,  like new, $145, drier $125;  other       furniture. I*hone 886-2195, Lot 48, , Tr^ ialIingj toppjng- or remov-  ing lower limbs for view. Insureds work;'from Port Mellon  to Pender 'Harbour. Phone  886-9946. Marven Volen.  Granthams.  One   27   ft.   furnished   house  trailer. Terms. Phone 886-2762  PROPERTY  FOR SALE  Approx ;7 acres ,of waterfront  property in West Sechelt. Excellent spring water. Four summer  cottages with ��� water and electricity. Apply Box 242, Sechelt. .  WHITE CROSS SHOES  for the' woman who  looks for comfort and style  GIBSONS FAMILY SHOE  Marine Drive, 886-9833  C, R. Gatherpole, 886-2785 ^PKINS __. __arge' cleared view  rninirr runttcu iu Io^-   All  services.   Easy -terms.  LrlAKLb tNuLI-H Ltd. Kay MacKenzie. 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'���-'"'��� '"���'-'  ;- Seafront lot at,Gower Point,  fruit trees, lawn, cottage with  all facilities, large lot, good access. $7500 full price.  t \ ';i "fi: ..���   . y     f  .'���'-��� '('      ,. >[. . .  .      _   Waterfront lots, view lots, acreage, farms.  p      FOR 'fiTHE; CHOICE  PROPERTIES -CONTACT  K. BUTLER REALTY & Insurance  Box 23, Gibsons B.C.    ,  Phone 886-2000  WATERFRONT LOTS!  EARL'S COVE SUBDIVISION  Adjacent to Earl's Cove Ferry  terminal on Sunshine Coast  Highway. BeautifiiT view of  Jervis Inlet. Excellent fishing  and boating. Good site for mo-,  tel and boat rentals.  ��� : i Waterfront-f lots' $3,500  View lots, from $1800r  10% down. Easy terms on balance.  Discount, for .cash.:  MADEIRA PARK, B.C.  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Phone  886-2762. 6        Coast News, June 4, 1964.  ri  A point of interest came up  Thursday at the Roberts Creek  Red Cross meeting when canvassers are asked what happens  to the money they collect? they  are sometimes at a loss to find  an answer.  One answer could be made by  the young people who recently  lost their home by fire at Wilson  Creek, Although they saved clothing and a few large pieces of  furniture, most of their belongings were destroyed.  It was* with gratitude that they  received from the Red Cross in  Vancouver, an adequate supply  of sheets, blankets, pillows, pillow cases and quilts, all of which  were needed in the furnished Cottage into which the couple have  moved with their three small  children.  Th<  ation  hours, to be used, when a stopping place was reached, to kindle  a camp-fire.  (To be continued)  FREEWAY TIP  Here's a freeway driving tip  from BCAA: Pile-ups caused by  cars following too closely at  high speeds are among the most  common of freeway .accidents.  If the driver behind'you is tail-  gating, slow down and encourage  him to pass; you'll be safer with  such a driver ahead of you.  WINDOW GLASS  MIRRORS  ALUMINUM WINDOWS  and-  STORM DOORS  SEE VIEW GLASS  GIBSONS.'/���. Ph. 886-21848 or 886-2404  8  8  9  8  4  2  fOLES  REASONABLE RATES  TERMS  C.O.D.  8  8  6  9  8  4  2  s  BUILDING? REMODELLING?  Consider Carefully Your Kitchen Cabinets  llreaiisidc Fiiriiiliirc and (iibiiicl Slni|i  can help you "plan 'an^ efficient, space saving and beautiful  kitchen which will be the pride of your home. All our units  are fabricated in our shop prior to installation and can be pre-*  finished inside and out.'Thus inconvenience is cut to a minimum , on .a remodelling job. The quality of these shop built  cabinets cannot be matched by "on the site" construction. We  have many styles,, exotic hardwoods and plastic laminates to .  choose from. To see material samples drop in to the shop on  While Road, Roberts Creek or Phone R. BIRKIN at 8862551  CAdROSS  }.l Grains  j 6 Trans-  '    gressions  i10 Dank  ('14 Creek  f 15 Man's name  16 Arabian:  chieftain  17 Money: si.  18 California  city   .  19 Snap ,     i.  .20 Puts in" -.  writing  22 Galleries  ,24 Pierces  26 Newest  27 Captivate  30 Before  31 Contest  32 Besides on  east coast  37 Curve  38 Swiftest  40 Gold: Span.  41 Practiced  43 Song  ,44 Performed  45 Helmsmen  48 Strive for  ���51 Grin  52 Sables  54 Approve  58^f_t_e  59 Quality*  y    Activity  of state  ���1 Animate  62 So. African  gun  63 Orient     -  64 Majestic  65 Terminates  66 Mineral  .   springs  67 Machine  guns  DOWN  1 Dodecanese  " island  2 Biblical  country  3 Electrical  force v  4 Please ���  5 Machine,  part  6 Nonsensical  7 ___ Gershwin  8 Thatching  '  palm  9 Reds  10 Contender  11 Chemical  compound  ANSWER TO PUZZLE NO. 792  -  A  K  E  ���v  A  L  1  0  0  ?  e  N  0  P  *  L  E  V  A  0  E  P  A  R  E  V  A  N  E  N  1  Q.  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(Copyright)  ARTICLE 21  The    last   KLUHN-UHN'-AHK  was     held     at     SAUGH-WAH'-  MAIN; Garden Bay, at the wedding  of the paternal   grandparents of Basil Joe, who was born  in  1882.  This  season  of  festivities;   the sacred season, began,  as  has been already intimated,  when northern reaches of the inlets    became    covered -with ice  and   snow.   To  the   Sechelts,   it  was   not   a   long   season;   from  about  the beginning  of December until about the beginning of  February,  at   which time   runs  of herring  marked the  start of  the long   food-gathering   season.  Even during the winter months,  fresh foods were sought to add  to     what    had been  preserved  from   the   summer  before.   Cod  and salmon were caught ��� cod  around reefs near shore, and salmon    farther    out in the gulf.  Large hooks of yew wood, large  enough for the head of the fish  to enter, and baited on an inner  barb,   which   caught   below  the  jaw, were used, attached, to nettle-fibre     or    kelp lines. Triple  flanged lures were also sunk.,to  the bottom and allowed to rise  slowly to the  surface,  for cod.  The fish  followed the  revolving  lure up to range of the fisherman's spear.  - * * *  Ducks were also hunted during  the winter, to add fresh food to  the diet. Several methods were  used to take these birds. One  was'the bow and arrow. For  maximum penetration, heads of  these arrows were made from  two long slices of," split deer-  bone. The bow was., held, in a  horizontal position, with palms  of both hands facing upwards.  Thumb and fore-finger of one  hand squeezed and pulled the  arrow back; fore and middle-  finger of the. other hand guided  its released ��� p- ...  When ducks ; and geese were  overhead oiri; migratory flights,  efforts were made to lure then-  down. Elderly, Sechelt ladies  have frequently maintained 'that  boys and girlsp were' trained to  imitate i their calls, and that  when flocks of these birds appeared, . entire village populations would call to them to land.  Where ducks flew.. through narrow gaps between trees or. rocks,  collapsible nets were sometimes  set. up, attached ,to long poles, .  and >��� the; hirds frightened into  them.   , ..-'��� ���' '������';'   ; ���:-,.  p ' #v ''*���.'*������  Such a net, called SUH-WAHL'-  TUHN, price stood on the deck  of land occupied by the shallow  circular lagoon at Garden Bay.  If the birds sat On the water  beyond reach of bow or net, still  , another method of stalking them  was employed. .Hunters would  paddle among>fhe huddled flocks  at night, with' lighted torches  protruding far beyond the canoe's  - prow. As the canoe! cut through  the flock, birds- blinded by the  torchlight were picked from the  water before their: eyescould re- ,  adjust to >the dark.  Fire for cooking was made by  a process of twirling a dry cedar  stick between the palms' of the  hands, its tip pressed against a  dry cedar plank near its edge.  When a spark appeared, it was  tipped, on to. a small bit of dry  shredded bark, and carefully  blown into a flame. .This process,  known as SKWAYS-LATH-KOHP;  has rarely been mastered by  whites. Basil Joe says that he  managed it, with, great effort,  when young, but that the most  expert at it were women' who  had done this chore all of their  lives. ; v.        ���<  While fire-making was a task  performed generally by women;  men also found the. skill a useful one to know. Hunters, returning late along trails- that  wound at the bottom 'of steep  valleys and'through dense woods,  sometimes had to. resort to: lighting pitch torches to find; their  "way to their r*vift��ge. For this  emergency,:'.: bundles-:"of; these ,  slivers;^;-ofn -pitchy wood were  cached at, regular intervals along  such tra'ilsYObvipusly/ the hunter  would have .tp* bo-able to ignite  the first torch in.order to light  his way."' More'^generally, howr -  ever,   these   emergency, torches  were made use of by groups of  people-caught by oncoming darkness while shuttling their dried  berries, roots and meat down  the mountainside late^ iri September.  -Reg Paul recalls that when,  as a boy, he accompanied hunt-!  ers up^ the valley of TCHIM'-  TCHIM (Hunachin Creek) at the  .head of Jervis Inlet, one of his  uncles would peer into a rock  crevice here and there along the  trail. Reg, curious, was told the  reason for these old torches.  As   fire-making,   prior  to   the  introduction, of European  matches, was a painstaking process, even with tinder-dry wood  from the dead spires of mountain cedar, efforts were made  to preserve it,, to save re-kindling. The most common, in lodges  arid at camps, was to bank fires,  so that embers could be fanned  back ��� into flames. The others,  that brought by the SPIHL.-AH-  MOHSS of TAHK-WHOHT'-SAIN,  consisted of igniting a slow-burning tinder packed between large  clam-shells. Fire thus preserved  could   be ' transported    several  John Kind-Smith  REFRIGERATION  PORT MELLON  TO PENDER HARBOUR  Phone 886-2231  from 9 a.m. to 5:30 p.m.  Res. 886-9949  GENERAL REPAIRS  CHIMNEY   SWEEPING *  OIL STOVE MAINTENANCE  E. LUCAS  Free Estimates ��� Ph. 884-5387  HILL'S MACHINE SHOP  Cold Weld Process  Engine Block Repairs  Arc, Acy Welding  Precision Machinists  Ph. 886-7721 Res. 886-9956  A. E, RITCHEY  TRACTOR WORK  Clearing, Grading, Excavating1  Bulldozing, Clearing Teeth  FOR RENTAL  Arches, Jacks, Pumps . v.  Air Compressor, Rock Drill  Concrete Vibrator  Phone 886-2040  OPTOMETRIST  FRANK E. 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Machines  and Parts for Maintenance  and Repairs:  Telephone  885-2228  SMITH'S HEATING  Ct-IMNEY & OIL STOVES  CLEANED  "Phone 886-2422  PUZZLE 793  "Have you tried mixing iodine  with your aftershave lotion?"  TELEVISION  SALES & SERVICE  Dependable Service  RIMER'S RADIO - TV  Fine Home Furnishings  Major Appliances  Record Bar  Phone  885-9777  ALCAN KEMANO SURPLUS  Staff Prefab Houses complete  1 Bedroom $1200  2 Bedroom $1400  Phone 885-4464  .i   '      885-2104  886-2827  No 8% ��� Can be bank financed  NEVENS RADIO _ TV  SALES & SERVICE  (to all makes)  also  appliances  Ph.! 886-2280  C & S SALES  For all your heating  requirements  Agents for ROCKGAS  PROPANE  Also Oil Installation  Free estimates  Furniture  Phone  885-9713  DIETER'S TV _ Hi-Fi SERVICE  Phone 886-9384 ��� Gibsons  THRIFTEE DRESS SHOP  "Personalized Service"  Agents  Brown Bros. Flbnsts  Phone 8869543  C. ROY GREGGS  Sand, Gravel, Fill,  Septic Tanks, Drain Fields  Backhoe  and-Loader  Bulldozing  Sechelt ��� Ph. 885-9712  We use  Ultra Sonic Sound Waves  to clean your watch  and jewelry  CHRIS' JEWELERS  Mail Orders  Given Prompt Attention  Ph. Sechelt 885-2151  f^CEANSIDE FURNITUI.E  _ CABINET SHOP  Makers of fine" custom furnishings and cabinets in hard-..-'  ..���       woods and softwoods  Kitchen remodelling is our  specialty  R.  BIRKIN  White Rd.., Roberts Creel.  Phone  886-2551  NORM BURTON  . Your Odd Job Man  Carpentry: Work, House Repairs,  Drainage Tiles laid, etc.  Res., Pratt Rd.,   Gibsons  Phone 886-2048  SWANS0NBR0S.  Backhoe &  Loader Work,  Cement Gravel,  Road Gravel, .  Sand & Fill  Septic Tanks and Drain Fields  Phone 885-9666y  Peninsula Cleaners  Cleaners for the Sechelt  Peninsula  Phone 886-2206  TWIN CREEK LUMBER  & BID. SUPPLIES LTD.  'Phone 886-2808  Everything  for   your building  -needs -;Y ;���'--���������-,;:;  Free Estimates  !.     '   .       7_���_������    . -���-���-___- '  SIGNS UNLIMITED Y  DISPLAY SIGNS  JERRY'S SIGNS  Interior and Exterior Decorating  ; JERRY"; RIDGEWELL  Gibsonsi B.C. ��� Ph. .886-2894  c. e. sicwre  BULLDOZING SERVICE  Land Clearing ��� Excavating  and Road Building   '"���  h        Clearing Blade  Phone  886-2357- - ;,V  AIR COMPRESSOR,  BACKHOE and LOADER  and ROCK DRILL      ,  DUMP TRUCKS  Contract or hourly rates  . Also  . SAND, CEMENT GRAVEL  ROAD FILL and TOPSOIL  W. KARATEEW, Ph- 8869826 When purchasing upholstered  furniture or rugs, it is the wise  homemaker who understands  something about the fibers from  which the fabric is made. Here,  in short form, is a guide for  your buying education.  5 NYLON: Nylon yarns rate  very high in their strength and  wearability and resistance to  shrinkage. It is found in both  flat and pile fabrics, and in  ranges of very bright to dull  lusters.  RAYON: Rayon fibers are especially valued for their color-  fastness,    and    are    considered  GIBSONS  CHIROPRACTIC  CENTRE  1678 Marine Drive  Ph. 886-9843  me;  jr^___l__r/��*  &__  TOWING SERVICE  PENINSULA MOTORS LTD.  Phone  DAYS  ���   885-2111  NITES ��� 885-2155  SELMA ni!K  DRIl-1  10 a.m. to 1 a.m.  SOR ICIE-CIUE^  Take Out-Orders  Our Specialty  PIZZA PIE  Ph. 885-2270  FORSALE  31 ft. 6ILLNETTER  Complete and ready to go  with drum and new Grey  Marine engine���-  Price $2,000  ONE NYLON SOCKEYE NET  5 inch 60 mesh deep, complete  with lines and ready to go���  Practically  New $350  ONE NYLON FALL NET  6V_ inch 60 mesh deep complete: with lines���-   .  Price $225  SLADEY LOGGING LTD.  MADEIRA PARK, B.C.  Ph. 883-2233 Y  Accurate  Complete  News  ,  Coverage  Printed   in  BOSTON  LOS   ANGELES  LONDON  1 Year $24    6 Months $12.  3 Months $6  "Clip this a_v_.ti..m.nt and  r����_rn   jt  with   your  ch.ek  or  money: order to:     '      ,  The Christian. Science Monitor  One Norway Street  Boston, Mass. 02115  PB-16  _*  reasonably durable and abrasion  resistant. It is an excellent  blending fiber and is seen in all  lusters . in both pile and flat  fabrics.   y..y ,'.'������;���:���:,���  ACETATE: Acetate fibers are  used in combination with other  fibers or yarns for the most  part. It gives a soft "hand" to  fabrics and is flame resistant as  well as;resistant to wrinkles and  shrinkage.  ACRYLIC: These fibers ^rate  high in soil and stain resistance.  Noted for being wrinkle-resistant,  acrylic fibers are soft, resilient,  . lightweight, quick - drying �� and  long wearing. They also do hot  shrink, sag or /stretch.  SARAN: Saran is used mainly  in upholstery fabrics- The fiber  is flamev resistant, dries -quickly,  and is colorfa'st'. For outdoor  furniture,.the fabric woven of  this fiber is non-absorbent, wash-,  able and will not sag.'  This -information is provided  by the Canadian Home; Furnishings Institute. :   Y  Bear troubles  Tony Lasceils tells us that,, the  individualism of the Black bear  is exemplified even in matters  of instinctive conduct. When the  time for hibernation arrives in  any given area frequented by  . their kind, one will always find  one or two specimens' who seemingly fight the desire to be bear-,  like and retire for -the .;winter  at the proper*, time, j. regardless  of the fact that food is scarce  and difficult to find. Tracks in  the snow tell of their wandering  even when temperature is low.  Should one meet them, unusual  crankiness suggests, they are  loathe to accept the inevitable  and sleep until spring. Black  bears have been known to be  abroad in northern latitudes until  the end r of December in seasons  when early snowfall is comparatively light: -\  HEALTH COSTS  Main items in the $2,145,666,-  750 spending to be administered  by the federal department of  health and welfare in the coming year include $882 million for  the universal; old age pension,  $546 million for family allowances, 420 million for the federal  share of hospital insurance.  OFF TO WALES  Mr. and Mrs. - Harry Williams  of Gower Point Rd. have left on  a year's trip to visit Wales.  Printed Pattern  9080  10-20 i  THE   WHIRL;;���. our   newest  backwrap beauty-;with shoerstririg-  bows "that give an Empire look  to the pert princess shape. Easy  to sew, fijt. '        -  Printed Pattern  9080:   Misses'  Sizes 10,. 12, 14,' 16, 18, 20., Size.  16 requires 3-7/8. yards   35-inch  fabric. Yv .   '-  FIFTY CENTS (50cf in cojlns  (no stamps please} for this pattern. Print plainly SIZE, NAME,  ADDRESS anS STYLE NUMBER  Send order to MARIAN MARTIN, care of the Coast News,  Pattern Dept., 60 Front St. West,  Toronto, Ont.  YOUR FREE PATTERN IS  READY ��� choose it. from 250  design ideas in new SPRING-  SUMMER Pattern Catalog, just  out! Dresses, sportswear, coats,  more!  Send 50c now.  Coast News,  June 4, 1964.        7  TmS'WEBmS  COOKIES  ���  THE   PERFECT  AFTER-SCHOOL   SNACK  Plenty of schoolwork and active play gives many a young  scholar ���'.. a hearty appetite long  before meal time.   r y y  The best way to satisfy: this  healthy hunger- is to i s erye; a  nutritious shack Consisting of  home-made cookies and aiglass  of milk.' Growing youngsters  need the' extra energy-giving  foods that this ..snack proyides,.  and most boys "and girls''"enjoy  chewy cookies P such as these  Orange Oatmeal Cookies^::  This recipe: "is ' simple;. and  quick"; to prepare. It yields about  36 pebbly surfaced cookies, with  a faint flavoring of spiced'*  orange. If ypu hide some in a  tightly covered tin, you'll find  they keep well ��� left out in the  open they're inclined to be gobbled up at an alarming rate.  ORANGE   OATMEAL   COOKIES  (3 dozen cookies)-  3- cup soft butter or 'margarine  1 cup granulated sugarY  1 egg:    - ��� Pyp'P  2 teaspohs finely grated  orange rind Y  2 tablespoons orange juice  1 cup    once-sifted    all-purpose  flour OR       ���       Y'-'Y-  V/i cup once-sifted  pastry  flour.  ..'��� ,2. teaspons baking powder  ^ teaspoon salt ."*'*":.  Mt teaspoon .nutmeg  V/2 cups rolled oats :  Pre-heat  oven to 375  deg. F.  (moderately hot). Grease baking   ^  sheets.  Cream butter or margarine.  Gradually cream .in sugar, then  the egg, orange rind and orange  juice..  Combine thevflour, baking powder, salt and nutmeg. Blend dry  ingredients, 44 cup at a time,  into creamed mixture. Blend in  rolled oats. Drop dough by tea-  spohsful onto baking sheets, :.:  about 2 inches apart.  Bake in pre-heated oven for  12 -'������ 15. minutes or until edges  are - slightly' browned. Remove  from oven and, using a spatula,  place on cooling -racks. Store in  a  tightly  covered container.  Spruce up! Let's paint!  WINDOWS AND WALLS, ��� Coordination is the secret in this  room. Cream-colored cotton window shades, trimmed "with the  same fringe as the tie-back draperies, co-ordinate with a cool  cream and citron yellow, floral  design applied to  the walls.-  TEACHER PROBLEM STUDY *  Charles D. Ovans, Vancouver,  general secretary of the B.C.  Teachers' Federation, ha? accepted, a. six months' post with  the International Labor Organization at Geneva. Ovans was invited to work on a;project sponsored jointly by the ILO, UNESCO  and the International Bureau of  Education. The study will concentrate primarily on social and  economic problems of concern  to the teaching profession and on  the recruitment "and training of  teachers. \  If the summer Cottage needs  a sprucing up;- nothing will improve; its appearance faster- than  a new. paint job. With the'new  easy to apply, fast drying paints  available today this really" isn't  much of a chore. In fact, there's  nothing to prevent you from applying both coats oyer a weekend.  If you are painting .the walls  of a room with a flat paint and  the woodwork with, semi-gloss ,  enamel, here's a time-saving tip.  Enamel the woodwork before ap-  ' plying the flat wall paint. It's  easier to remove flat paint from  thoroughly dried enamel, in case  your hand should slip, than it  is to remove enamel from flat  paint.  The floors and porches of. summer cottages usually need a  coat of new paint each year,  and it's a good idea to have this  job done before the new season  is too.: far underway.  When purchasing a paint brush,  WATCH   FOR   VISITORS  With    the    highway;   vacaition  season beginning to "get into; full  swing, the B.C. Auto Club urges\  motorists ; to  be on the lookout  for out-of-province licence plates  ; and to give drivers of,those cars  a little extra room and a little  extra courtesy. Chances are the  .stranger at the wheel is looking  for ;his route sign and may make  sudden unexpected maneuvers. .������������'���  look for a solid strip in the heel  of /the brush. This strip: plays  three major roles -~ it keeps the  bristles,in shape, it helps the  brush to carry its paint load,  and it makes for easier cleaning.  Scratches on furniture can be  hidden with a solution of equal  parts of boiled linseed oil, turpentine and white vinegar. Apply the mixture with a soft  woolen cloth and then polish the  surface.  Take the lawn mower out of  doors before filling the gas tank.  Avoid a possible fire.  Remember- -  only YOU can  tfis-s"* PREVENT  * FOREST FIRES!  4.  __  ing  SECHELT ��� Ph. 885-2283  Kvervlhinir lor your Huildinu nerds  domtar roofing material  fiberguss ihsuutioh  baM^  STANLEY TOOLS  DISSTONSAWS  WELDW000 PLYWOOD  We Will Deliver Anything Anywhere  The pot can't call the kettle black now!  Electric cooking is clean; No smoke,  no soot: rib blackened pots and pans to  scour. An_t;no more dingy walls and curtains, either! Even your electric range itself is a breeze to keep shining with modern  lift-up elements and easy-access oven.  Such a cool way to cook, top. And fast and  exact. You control your electric range  with settings that give the same high-speed  teat response and the same good cooking  results every time. See the new ranges soon  and modernize your cooking. Electrically.  Does your wiring need, up-dating to  handle an electric range? No problem. Ask  your appliance dealer or electrical contractor about rewiring on the Housepower  Finance Plan with payments on your  monthly Hydro bill.  B.C. HYDRO  GIBSONS HARDWARE LTD.  Phone 886-2442  C & 5 SALES & SERVICE  SECHELT, B.C. ��� Phone 885-9713  GIBSONS ELECTRIC  Phone 886-9325  SIM ELECTRIC LTD.  SECHELT, B.C. ��� Ph. 885-2062  PARKER'S HARDWARE LTD.  SECHELT, B.C. ��� Phone 885-2171  RICHTER'S RADIO _ TV CENTER  SECHELT,  B.C. ��� Phone 885-9777 ;"3*&**"'^WJ_3-'**^ ���"'������  cjfr.l .-.i-y>:.T:*.r;."*?.T"J''^  X-..__..��?.'.*- _l-\�� __'_.  ^1*  �����*='  Army, Navy & Air force YeteriinsV Association ];  Gibsons Branch No* 357  willMpSinted*iffli!PCh_rlesr- ^^^  P.-- Provincial .^President  ^w^^mmMyM  will Officiate  New^Jvfembers will be InitiaHeds  ___;  news     At the movies  sSecl^l|!i|pft: Phi 886^2  .���v:^-..'^:B*^Is:^ai1^^;; '^''V:" vr.<;.---.V  M_.ES and SERVICE  Ii  .���������;.'. ���  ''* ,wM#lh  and  Scott  #%  V3*_ ,���'-!*..���'  '���'"������������;' "''''���' ���j^^f^SSsH*^"?:  :PENjDpEJ...HA-_$OyB,       .'  V       ifformed by  the   students  of ,the  ; iFulrther detaiLfrbf ^ May Day ^Madeira Park _21ementary school  .Cilepratioh  at ��Pen_(M*  Hartoour viand directed by Mrs. C," Lee and  reveal that awards for the Name PMrs. M. Lockhart with, Mrs.. C.  the  Foal  contest   sponsored  by >|Cameron at the piano ended 'the  Mr. and Mrs. Peters were won   ^program in the hall. A luncheon  >by:>|^y]|i.fn''^-__er and Delia Uin honor of the .Royal Party was  Vit^me-n?   i "' Jheld in the Community - (Hall an-  ::; A*colorful May Pole.dance per-   -(hex. '   "     "* *  'LV>.'- .y'i:i\P'y yPk:.y: *������ ���'.  'V1 '?    Refreshment -booths were kept  *-*-���--     ( jf busy  throughout  the   afternoon.  :|.The-sports program directed by  ��� ;'..'.-'''���/'ypMrPJ. Perry ran througlh many  v    I novelty events and was climaxed  ;nj E & ^JomADROME f^%g Tossing the Caber, Of the  (By ED CONNOR) t many who tried this difficult feat  Mon, Ladies:  Guitterballs 2507 ::, only. Bill Peiper was successful.  (957). P. Fleehey 515, D.;Bailey j    t^  traditional  North  Pender  554, R.-Nordquist610 (261), G. ^ ^   South Pender softball game;  Hostland 654 (255, 257). ^; was won by South Pender cap-  Tues. Spring: Woodticks 2773 ;> tained by bjU Scoular.",  (1148). J. Wilson 674 (261), J. J" Tne May Day festivities ended  Quarry 646 (258, 243), J. Lark-.* with the May Queen's ball, and  man .6.05 (261), J. Lowden 247, |a teen dance. Approximately 200  J. Thomas 622 (242), R. Topfaam ** young people attended the two  .714 (299), B. Simpson 609 (252), ^evening dances. Refrsbments and  J. Rezausoff 618 (289), C.. Snellq dance prizes' were' provided.  ,251."'       ;.">';! :'��y {-y^^P y.- _hi__May Day committee thanks  Stars: v0olgis';.2385> ^n-pers^ait the.many firms who made do-  863. F. Nevens 712 (256), L. Oar-Fnations, and the individuals-who  rier 273, E. Connor 691 (253, 256), ;|. wo_ked to make the-Pender Har-  P. Hylton 248, A. Robertson 663, ��� | bou.r May J>ay a success.  VL oCayaher 656, (246), ,Gw^n Ed-,vf      "."....      v ^imJbhds 720  (273)}' nyiizvies 628 I    ;  S   ^'y?y~k$$&mTS CREEK  Love is. a Bail, showing "at Twilight Theatre in Gibsons, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday ^ of  this week is _ technicolor cinemascope production with Glenn  Ford and Hope Lange in leading  roles..*" ,^*.,;/-."' " "V   ;.  In this -picture the richest girl',  in the world meets a guy who'will  not buy her line. It depicts some  'of the dazzling Riviera with^fabi .  ttlSTOM  TRACTOR WORK  Trenching ��� Landscaping  Rotovating ���-.Driveways, etc.  ' Gravel, and Fill   '  HUMUS TOP SOIL  Ed: Fiedler "*��� S8e^7e_  8        Coast News, June 4,^1964.  ulous - villa parties, palaces,  yachts, clothes and racing cars.  It is adult comedy and you could  not' have more fun' for love or  money.  Twilight Theatre  Wed., Thurs., -,Fri., June 3,i4, 6  Glen Ford,  Hope Lange  LOVE  IS A BALL  Technicolor,  Cinemascope  ' r    "  SATURDAY   MATINEE���June  6  Basil Rathbone, Estelle Winwdod  MAGIC SWORD  (Technicolor) -. ;   *  Sat., Mon., Tues., June 6, 8,-9  Jack Lemmon,. Lee > Remick  DAYS   OF  WINE  AND   ROSSES  IIMM..IK. f ���t|lll...ttll.l..lM*��l  MAGIC - SWORD  wUk also  be  shown   Saturday, night  only-  Informal  MYOGRAPHY  /Of [you and your family taken  right fat your home by-r-  on -vacation^ from < studies at  Art" Centreiv School - (photographic deptvy in Los Angeles.  "Phone ^86r9850  " ������  ; '���������>.vi\: 'P^r: ���..'���jU-*"'.'- .:���-.-.   ' ���'     ���'  -    *" fl *:     ^  ���������-��� ?^ ��� '���  iSZr.w  CaT|  QUALITY - SERVICE _ ECONOMY  The more  m  ���������  Phone 880-2572  -_��-.'  _���  itfeiY?.  ���i&fry-H?.: :yy������������yP  SPECIALS  1960 ENVOY SEDAN  ,'.*��.:  A real little beauty with  gas mileage galore  $950  $850  STATION WAGON  ���p y $s n Bccelleiit tires, a real campers delight ;  1961 BEDFORD PANEL $1025  p Thejpst economical Panel Truck on the road today  ��� ������*��� I,     .-'__  ���**r  ��"Vln r H\ ���.  BIGGER CARS  1961 CHEV STATION . WAGON y/^E��. ^:  1957 CHEV SEDAN 2-Door \��� ��^Sfnm^  We tdmPhave a inithber of  trttnsportation  to  ..; <��*rp: ���  SE__(_-L-| B?C.Pt ^h^88SSr21li  *���   vl^l. %-Z-t yU ;.<?���   *S?   t?Hy��? i.  Ltd.  *'V*��. #���   -V-.  (By MADGE NEWMAN)  June 14 is the date set for the  OES first mystery trip. A Sunday, was   selected  so  that  hus-  :'bands might attend.  Oh Sunday evening Tidewater  Players held a special meeting  to plan a program to present at  the July .1 festivities at Gibsons.  They1' expect to put on half an  hour of lively entertainment at  the Park.  ^Mrsi M. MacKenzie, sons Don  an^TGreg and daughter Mrs. B.  ]VIc6uve with her three children,  drove to Sultan, Wash., to join  Mir1. MacKenzie for the U.S. holiday; weekend.  -M!rs. W. J. Naylor is spending  a';few days in Vancouver.  'Mrs. James Bright, Mrs. R.  McKay, Brenda and Robyn McKay, all of Westport, Mass. are  holidaying at the Creek for two  weeks before visiting the interior.  'The June 8 Hospital Auxiliary  meeting will take place at Earl  Haig Camp.  One and two piece styles  Slims  \ \ _  White and Colors  lops  in Jersey, Cotton and Printed Silk  H. Bishop Ladies' Wear  GIBSONS SECHELT  8S672IO9 ��" .   885-2002  '''" LADIES WEAR IS OUR ONLY BUSINESS  7J.y<f^  Sechelt News  -,- The Rebekah float which took  second .prize in Sechelt's May  Day��parade will' soon be' on its  way*-to Victoria where it wall join  with hundreds of other cars attending the Centennial Convention of Odd Fellows. Cars will  come from Golden, all through  the JCootenays, Hope, Princeton,  the Okanagan will join others on  their way to Victoria.  ���" 'Mrs. J. S. Northcote entertained the W.A. of St. Hilda's for the  nionithly friendship tea. Over 25  attended and a presentation was  made to Mrs. C. S. Lutener who  with her husiband Rev. C. S. Lu-'  ������t'|her'"'are leaving for Hazelton  .where' Mr.. Lutener will have his  .nlew'parish.E      .';  /;tV.ators here .include Mr. and  "Ifes.-'W; B; 'Feirgusson of Winnipeg who carne-to B.C. to attend  tlie ordination of .their son W. B.  Fbrgusson at Christ Church Ca-  :!;inedraL ; *��� :.'  ' ��� Returning from some months  iri~ A-berta, is Mrs. Mary Gray. \  Coining; back with her is her mother Mrs. E. Johnson of Red-  cliff e, Alta., visiting grandson  Dennis and the great-grandchildren  Hi-'*  Ken's^  Dollar Store  PHONE 886-2563       -       FREE DELIVERY  1.���-������_��������������������������*���������  Sirloin Steaks   79c lb.  Round Steaks   69c lb.  Rump Roasts   69c lb.  1st and 2nd Cuts  ���������������������a--��������������-������������--������������-���-f���������*R*����*��*������.*��-a*��_t.���-���*���-������_���_������-������������--������_���.���.���**������������������������������  ,.���'��' ������',.' *���    -  ���   '  Smoked Cod Fillets  i-������-���-���-������-������������������������������������������������������������������i  Garlic Rings  lb.  39c lb.  29C EACH  ���BROWNIE TRIP  ���, .-Brownies of the  Gibsons and  .3E^bertsT Creek- packs, some 58 altogether are "eagerly looking forward to Saturday and a trip to  Vancouver.. They will  visit  the  new Fraser. Valley Milk Produc-  . ers Association plant in Burnaby,  iexplore;: Stanley Park and have  snpper on Ihe S.S. Lady Alexandra, : moored  in  Coal ' Harbour.  This  annual excursion to interesting   places   in  Vancouver  is  made   possible   by   a   donation,  from   HSP   Employees   Charity  Fund at Port Mellon.  YOUR SIAMESE?  ������ :Has. anyone lost a pretty Siamese cat? Call Mrs. Webb 886-  '9676.  Snowflake Shortening > >�� ����"���>< 69c  Rose Brand Margarine 3i��-i��69c  Olympic Meat Spreads 10  $$? Sal_d Dressing      32:p  Robertsons Cakes fhM0,^-,n^  McGavins Butterhorns  >;<<-���  Protect....  Your Social Insurance  Number Card  -with  LAMINATED PLASTIC  Coast News  GIBSONS  t-'V   ������������:   ���������-  II  ��f -%��� *-      ^-^^ -j.  -H.   _��.���,  ������������-������������������������������I  i**��*---������-���������������������������--���������������-i---���.��������������.--������������*������������������������*������*���������������������������*������������������������������������^���������^������������������������*.���������������������.���������-���>.������������������������������������������������  Bunch Spinach  _  .���..������������������*����� 1  2 for 19c  kfor   luC  1   r W '  '���-������������������-������������������-���a.���������a*1 ���-���--���-���*-�����������__���  Watch for oltr GIANT  4 - page Flyer Next Week  ���it y . ������    '*���-.'> ':���:��� ���������'.>-.-' {>���


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