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Coast News Nov 2, 1961

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Array -provincial Library  Victoria. B�� C.  AJ;;:iA  JUST FINE FpOD  DANNY'S  DINING ROOM  Gibsons ��� Ph. 886-9815  An investiture ceremony which .would bring scouting closer, to  saw 10 Scouters honored took the boys. Provincial headquar-  place   Thursday "night   of   last    ters would, shrink'in size'as the  the imotion .which was voted upon  Siiiii.ayywas defeated. ;��� .  The vote was 597 ,'. against the  motion and 250 for with six bal��  lots{ spoiled..;.//  . .k:  More than 900 persons turned  up gt the two meetings, one at  Kieindale School and the other  at .Elphinstone High school in  Gibsons. Some 300 attended the  Kieindale meeting and at least  600 -.the Gibsons meeting.  . .Some questions were asked at  bothy meetings bur the question  , , . .,     . ...      . periods did not produce any fire-  changed     considerably,    since   ..works.  this photo was taken in the Contrary to some opinions,  early 1920's! Jack Dempsey mostly from people who misread  (second from left) then world's kSt;yMary.s Hospital Society con-  heavyweight boxing champion stituition, it was not necessary  is shown taking part in a broad- that-the vote t0 defeat the mo-  cast at a Montreal radio studio!    tion;had to amass a 75 percent  ��k dSx.-^MS&TO  Fashions   in   men's   clothes  and  in. radio  equipment have  AAs far as the move made by    from the floor and answers from ed before the two meetings and?  ndv/ hospital   opponents  to   stop    the platform. on which the vote was taken:  prbceedings   is - concerned,   : the       As   each   person   entered   the       Resolved:   That,  as   the   area  situation remains unchanged. Ef-    hair at  each point their  names served -by   St." Mary's- Hospital;  forts towards constructing a new    were checked off as being mem- Society   has   been  incorporated  hospital   will   continue   because    bers of St. Mary's  Hospital So- into    a    Hospital ' Improvement  ciety. and they were given a bol- District, and as "Approval in  lot on which to register their Principle" has been granted to  mark either for stopping con: build ,a new ^hospital, and as the  struction of the hospital or on anticipated hospital occupancy  the other hand going ahead with which caused these steps to be  construction. y a taken has failed to materialize,  Reason for the meetings, was as occupancy of the present hostile presentation of a petition by the construction of a new hospi���  14 Pender Harbour people re- tal be postponed until such time  questing that a meeting be held pital, increases to 5900 patient.  to decide on a motion they sought days, at which time the Society  to bring before members of the shall again examine the merits  society. of the proposal to build a new  Here is the motion they plac- hospital.  The  large  ham-shaped   micro  vote^ The vote for the motion did  phone is a far cry from today's    h^e_^^S^^SM  week in; Legion Hall, Gibsons.  B. T. Cayahagh, B.C. Scout headquarters field commissioner assisted by J. V. Scrivener, assistant executive commissioner,  performed investiture proceedings.  regions expand thfeir operations.  Mr:   Cavanagh   urged   greater  types.  tal. As the total vote for the mb-  tiny,     almost-invisible      yuea. .-.      .     ��������������,  -A        - *.-������_  ������.*.>-.���������  luc_     With somewhat similar primi- t^ ^ 250 it reachedySO per  co-operation   by   parents   in  the    gve  equipment,   the Canadian AtA b^,   Meeting   places  the  Broadcasting   Corporation   be- .*��.*-  Scout movement'. No boy'is forced to be a Scout and no leader  is compelled to work at Scouting  but Scouting is  growing  in  Those  honored were Assistant    Elphinstone district and parents  Cubmasters GA Peterson, H. Almond and L. El'oust; Cubmasters Ron Jaeger and Ernie Fos-  set; Assistant Scoutmasters Norman Ball, Al Raynor and Marv.  should take a greater interest  in the work which benefits /their  boys.  Rev. Charles Harbord of Roberts Creek who was Scout coun-  Volen;   Scoutmaster  Paul iviulli-   cil - contact > between  groups   re-  gan. - ported that he found some reluc-  Scouter Hank Barendregt  was    tance  by the various groups  in  gan its radio operations in  1936. On Nov. 2, 1961 CBC  celebrated its Silver Anniversary ijn broadcasting. Dempsey  has long since retired from the  ring, but the CBC is now actively engaged in. a/greater  number of activities than ever  before in tis history.  A delegation's request for a re- Jackson      representing      Sechelt  corded vote on a motion in their Rural   an<*   Wilson   Creek  Rate-  brief   asking    that    school   bus Payef   association.   The   school:  ������*.-...              ������-������_ board accepted the brief on the  routes  of two years ago be re- understanding  it was unable   to-  two speakers,  Mr.  Al Lloyd of    imposed in certain areas imme- give any answer without check-  Pehder   Harbour   and   Mr.   Les    diately and that Trail Bay grade ing.   Mr. Jackson wanted some-  Hempsall  of   Port   Mellon   and    ten be   returned   to  Elphinstone thing definite to take back to bisk   .������* ������_��� ����� ��.���  association. Board members said%  prominent members of the com  mittee working for the new hospital, were given time to express their points of view. Both  received an ^attentive hearing  and when they had concluded  time- allowed    some    questions  presented -with his.. first and second y wood -:.:badges.y /A'/Ay ��� k'/k"  ]Vfcrks:cnv��ri<^  'trahzation.-:oi'ASi_6utij^g.-y-servi_es  in B.C: owing; tor the fact ^Scout-  offering the - needed-,,- cooperation  in ^the-iexchange of ideas;  They  preferred  to keep their  own  to  themselves, he said.  Cpl. G; R/ RuggfeskRCMP/\ re-  IT?  in_ has Swn tothe point where    porting : 6n: .eampirigk committee to bnng^good Tnusic to our'Pen-. yest are ?3,p us ypur fare to ;Van-  ^rSns Sust be Sed^ into    operations"4biitlihedkthe   year's insula.  Over the years we have . couver,, meals;and ;hotel;biliyGo  Sn^Some sffof^even"r��" work arid Said he felt some bene- brought the  best that our funds, ahead, add it up - and ypu can  tfS^^^irSd ^er^ictori^   fit had-resulted for tHe boys and would permit and we think that get   the- same   artist,' plus   the  InT VanrnuvS llonewithNel- 'that enthusiasm had been achiev all the members will agree that Llord's Puppets  and the Chanti-  ����� ^fvemon  ^fmaK four   ed but more would help.: A. E. the calibre of our concerts  has cleers   for   $6.60   right   here   in  son and Vernon ywni.maKe.iour. Kirigy-porting on .badge   prof i- been  excellent. .                   *,:..._ your   own  town.  Does   it   make  ��T.__. x- *..-    -�� '-"- sense?  was held over at Monday night's ,. _.     ... _  -     .��� ��.���       ^    ,_   _,.* . , some figures in  the. brief were  meeting   of   Sechelt   District jncorrect   also   that' it  was. liot  School Board in Gibsons. possible to offer any immediate  The motion on which a record- decision,  ed vote was asked read: We re-       Efforts of Recreation commit.-  quest that the school board make tee^^ei^ to^btaiti use of thcs  - ������*.���- -���,*  th��;kk_ ���~+;~~ k�� High  School auditorium for vol-  a motion and that the voting be leybaii,   basketball   and. badmih-  recorded  that the  bus  runs  be ton at $3 or ?4 a night; was re-  returned   to' 3elma~Park,-Por- - fused.' The   board's- $7.50   offer -  poise  Bay,   Lower West Sechelt which was half the normal $15 a -  Editor: Six years ago, a hand-    pianist, is playing at the Queen    and   Upper West  Sechelt  routes "ight was as far as it would go.  *    -���--*-���- -      ��� ��� ���   ��� - r    . it was explained, to. the deiega-  as  maintained up  to two years tion   tfial   uhioniBtion^ oCmain-  ago, immediately, and. that a.fur-. tenance   employees; meantA that  ther motion be made' and voting. overtime.pay would be necessary  recorded   that grade.ten be re- and such expense would be more.  ful of people  formed   a  society    Elizabeth Theatre Nov. 21. Tick-  regions to   date.   This,   he' said,  Guides ta  over training  Mrs.  Williams of Sechelt,   the    come" af $1,475 with expenditure  ciency awards said 114 had been  earned by the boys with Gibsons  packs leading the' way in the  number earned. Gordon Taylor  reported on - administrative angles.. ,"".  y The financial report presented by R. E.  Holden showed in-  new     divisional      commissioner  serving    Guides    and    Brownies  from Port Mellon to Powell River,    including   Texada   Island  was   the   speaker   at   the   L.A  set at $897.27 leaving a balance  of $488.20. Groups contributed  $404.47 to income and the annual fund .raising campaign grossed $1,026 of which $105 was used  been  excellent.  Now to the crux of my letter.  The apathy of the people in this  district is absolutely appalling.  This year we figure the concerts  are the best yet and do the members rush for tickets? No, it is  still the old struggle of getting  old and new. members. If you  are sick of seeing the same old ���>  faces calling on you, I can assure    you    that   nothing   would  turned from Trail Bay to Elphinstone at Christmas of 1961, and  that these be. implemented imme-  If interest' doesn't pick up this    diately.  year, you could quite easily be  without an Overture Concert Association next year. How about  it ��� are you willing to see six  years work go by the board and  have to travel .to Vancouver for  all your good music? Phone me  at  886-2640 for  your   tickets   to-  than the $7.50 asked.  Eugene Yablonski reporting ory  night school prospects resulted1  in the board chairman, Mrs. C.  Jackson,   commenting   that   the-  It was presented by, a delega-   prospect, while not too good, was  tion of three headed by R.   L.  SOCCER  meeting held Oct. 24 at the home    as campaign expenses  of  Mrs.   Alsager.        ' '       ��� cliff  Mahlman,  retiring  presi-  Among the items of business ������ dent told of the low state of af-  dealt with were uniforms for fairs that existed when he took *  leaders the new Hopkins Land- over. Since then, he said, Scoiit-  ine Brownie Pack, under the ing has .progressed to the point  leadership of Mrs. Wheeler, the where there is an organization  uroblem of outlying^, communi- which has prospered and made  ties who neither" contribute, to , _arge strides in the proper direc-  funds   nor   send   representatives    tion.  to meetings  but who accept the       "Considering   the   many   prob-  services of the district commis-    _ems that confronted us last Oc^  day. You are still in time for  please us more than to turn over the first concert, or write me at  the job to new ones. Box 154, Gibsons, B.C.  Take our first concert on Nov.       ;Mrs.   Wynne   Stewart,    Treas.,  22 for instance.  Walter Hautzig,    Peninsula Overture Concert Assn    ing School (Member FootbaliAs-  ^-^vamm._________^_____���__i_M_��_^_^_^_^_^_���_^_^_����_.    sociatidn   of  Canada)   regarding  A very encouraging letter was  received from the . B:c. Football.  Association    Commission    Coach-  encouraging. A more definite  picture might ! be available for  the next meeting.  The board has - decreed that. in:  future "any school bus with faulty brakes must not be used and  that another conveyance must  be obtained immediately. There  were reports of two cases in the-  last month where faulty brakes  had   been; found. .   .'  with  Hospital bazaar  Sechelt convention  realizes $427  The sum of $457.was. realized?  the   new   Gibsons   and   District  Soccer   Club which  was   formed  on the Sechelt Peninsula.  The club plans to sponsor an  evening  with'talks   by. Mr. Dan _           Kulai on refereeing and Mr. Bill' at the Fall Bazaar of St. Mary'si  Findler on coaching. These gen- Hospital  Auxiliary,  Pender Har-  Seldoni has the keynote of self-    el of experts, including doctors,    tlemen are from the B.C.  Foot- bour on  Oct. 14, and opened by/  improvement   been   sounded   so    psychologists,    a n d    classroom    bal1    Association    Commission Miss E. Smith, hospital matron.  - .            .             ��or,t0ntinn   that    clearly as it  was at the recent    teachers 50 hours to prepare one    Coaching   School and  their visit This  auxiliary  was  formed  ire  sioner.                       ,   .   ���   .     ,;     tober it ls.^y.c^ie"��"rAl",J    convention of teachers from this    hour  of this   type   of   material.    is expected about the first week November   1937  and  since   that  Mrs. Williams spoke of the: o>    the boys with whom wea��.au     and   neighborijlg   Powell   River    when : programmed   lessons   are    in  December.  The Gibsons  Club date a  total of $16,000 has been  visional  committee which she is    concerned, have ��naT.r^a��DOJ;     district.                                                effectively produced, the margin    will sponsor this evening consist- donated  to  St. Mary's  Hospital,  the process of setting jap ^.o    to__gam^ a^oetwr ^ progrdm              Under   the    chairmanshio    of    of error   permitted is  only  5%:    inS of lectures  and soccer mov- This   year $119   has been  spent  ies. It will be free to the public. 0n  material for  drapes  for  the  in  co  ordinate the new area and fa-   1962," Mr. Mahlman.. said.  Under   the    chairmanship    of of error   permitted is  only  5%;  ^u-ui.^.���.- .-,���_.  nf   ijpac        ���A���a   nt  Xo"i^ainr"*Droblems    Jack.Fleming, Trail Bay Junior if a child makes more than this  ^sugges^th^       Gufdt   faCi0nngeth��ef c^cS^nd "groupks    High, .educators were treated* number oferrors, the course is  l^hffook forward t6 going to     ��e   lack   of   parental, partem*-    a  series  of  lectures,  panel  dis- �����    ���  -  migh       wovS^campin the A^n;and,it is this point which is - cussions    question   periods,  dis-  proviu-iat  _     ��- __.___._.���   -.*_."V " ���" _^_ ^,. x_ . _ -,r1^_- ���f ,T��i���n.    plays   of   work,    exhibitions    of  the new  xne new ����*��" "-_, y," vhanpe ���,��ni,���(rit,ff tn a W of volun- plays ot worK, exnioiuons 01  gSTS^r a^%^<^i^^-'^^m^ :#&** ;a��s, film, and .social  a trainine Program foWall:leaifc.   .  >Ayv---���;- .y .a ';:;;;.- .;���.;; ;:y.;. ��� /-events. - .y��. ���  A   training-t"S*��^" ������_^.--,ViSK_����eAV.-.-.^^./;-'l_^-^_L^ -.-���������������rV,.i;:V ���;.;.^.<:;^'.:. ITf-nm   tho   mnrnvnt   th*. f-nnvon-  blamed, not the child. The remedy lies in creating a step or  two;more*at the level where the  child became lost/Individual dif-  the Sechelt andAGihsphs  (Continued on Pago 4)  eM^hPine arranged! tbt'takeJ:  I f^fT) p VISltOf           tion   was    formally   bpenec  afea^ ��������������   Sr^on SJeelcat;   theklkl^?*/ ' k,*IV"'y ;       Capt.-S. Dawe.of Sedheit, t(  place ^at^vvi^me        aiV con- y^.O:6:F^Grand Master ofyBrit-    concluding   remarks   by , G  earliest  convenience .01^^.:y^,.^^yc6lumbia, H: y Ryk^erkm.    Johnson of Powell River, it  cerned.                             -  \     ^Ak; Ttla^kA^ apparent! that   great   and   vital       Among :the   many   interesting  ^p^fk Nanai|&6,km are to take place in ed-    exhibits-to be seen at the coming  ^������^.^ of    hobby   show   in  November,   are  Hobby show        "St. Bart's bazaar  Don't forget all soccer fans in- nurses residence and $5C0 for  eluding juveniles, school stu- plumbing improvements,  dents and any ladies and gentle- The next meeting will be held  men in Gibsons, Port Mellon nov. 9 at 2 p.m. in the Club-  and Sechelt are most welcome to House, Garden Bay and new  attend.   Further   details will   be   members will be most welcome.  Winners of the raffle were:  Mrs. L. Kearley, Timothy Schaltz  and Dick Gooldrup.  announced later.  BOTTLE  research and  citizens to  shoul-  increasing 1 burden  and colleges,  was on the  Inters were coh-  l" _��^'  ?f-,^Vn3Ik^rb<iucing /him  tbkwell-atterided    stantly  admonished   to   question  and  Mrs.  Jim,.l_Oye  ....,._    '    .     hnth .  IndefeS.'   Ban-      mnHna   nrnr<BHnroc   anrt    ctnnrinrri  held   on  Wed.,  Oct.  25; at AthlBy ;* A  miniature driftwood sculpture,  stamp collections, tin craft, water colors, ceramics, a beautiful  quilt of over 2000 pieces, shell  collections,: Gros point, and many  others/.: ;; ';/  People of Gibsons  should  not  home of Mr. ana Mrsv J1���y^uXB :::meetm^ routine procedures and standard    miss seeing this show or neglect  G-arden Bay.  It was dec  tie drive on Sat., Nov. 4.tOepro. . ..  vide paint for the interior of the M^  Pei>lcins  hve& jn  Gibsons  Community Hall, which-is used area   s^me  30  years' ago.   His  free of charge by the Cubs and father who was also an 0dd Fel_    w4wi m _..t>__   ���.. , _,_.���  Scouts.   Donate  your  bottles. in. iow ^ied in Gibsons. Mr. Perkins    med Learning. Through this ex  support of  your Scout orgamza-    said   he   was   amazecj   at   thek perimental   .system   of   prepara      ���..,   , ,   .-..  tion and your Community UUD. growth  that has taken place in    Hon   of   courses,  tieachers   hope    couver; Mr. C. A. Bedford, Gow  Have them ready for picking up. th-^ d;strict. while in Gibsons he    to be able to teach twice as much    er Point and Mrs. D. B.  Wells,  was a guest of the Mel Ushers,   in half the time. It takes a pan-      Beach Ave.,  Roberts Creek.  ay* ���     ���k:'kk���^'������:���'^uets'���������.were-'served/by member?    practices from the point of view  decided to have ^ f ot-  ;^f the. Rebekahs   at  both meet-    of what; each was contributing to  the total development of the child  Particularly,    fascinating      to  teachers   was  the   talk   by   Al  Cartier of Langley on Program-  to enter an exhibit of their talents. Entry forms are still available by sending a stamped,  self-addressed envelope to P.O.  Box, 162/ Gibsons, B.C. Admission tickets will be at the door.  Judges will be Mrs. Louise  Breadon, 6826 .Wiltshire St., Van-  Ladies of St. Bartholomew's  Anglican Church expect to welcome a large crowd at their,  Christmas Bazaar and Tea on  Friday, Nov. 3 in the School  Hall.  Home baking and delicatessen,  will be a feature of the bazaar  and an attractive display of  needlework and knitted articles  will offer many ideas for Christmas gifts. A stall of Christmas  novelties and dolls has been  plansed by the Evening Unit of  the   Women's   Auxiliary   and   a    meeting will be held Nov.  6 at.  A THANK YOU  Job's Daughters, Bethel No.  28 embarked on a Hallowe'en  candy sale recently and report  a good sale. Their thanks go to  all along the Sunshine Cmst  area for their fine response and:  help in this money raising campaign.  IHGH SCHOOL PTA  Elphinstone -High   School  PTA  mystery Christmas tree will add  a  festive air.  Free transportation will be available from the Post Office corner from 1:45 to 3 p.m. ana a  good attendance is anticipated  at this annual event.  8 p.m. in the school library.  Grade 7 teachers will report on.  pupil progress and future plans.  Parents are invited to attend re-  gardlss of whether they arc mem  bers. i   k I ;.xlxo*>-i   .  How to Torture Your Husband  AVEBStSR CLASSK  my Husband? yes, He's home/  OH/FLETCH��R/ HERE'S A  Book salesman wants  To SEE You/ GO R\GWTlU!  You'll Find him in  the living room -  WM  LETTERS TO EDITOR  Mhz (Boast Mjetus  :.'li  J      Fred Cruice, Editor and Publisher.  Published every Thursday by Sechelt Peninsula News Ltd., P.O.  Box 128, Gibsons, B.C., and authorized as second class mail and for  payment of postage in cash, Post Office Department, Ottawa.  Member Audit Bureau of Circulation, Canadian Weekly News-  iper  Association, B.C. Weekly Newspaper  Association  and B.C  eekly   Newspapers' Advertising  Bureau, 608-1112  W.   Pendef St.,  ancouver, B.C.  7��� ��� ~��� ~   Rates of Subscription, ?3 per year, $1.75 for six months. United     lift 111$   Af   T [1011 (flit  States and foreign, $3.50 per year. whiw  wi     1 nwn^iii  Phone Gibsons 886-2622.  Editor: A copy of this letter  has been sent personally to,<the  Minister of Highways, Hon... P.  ;A. Gaglardi. ;���..;,/.' .kk..  y- Sir: This letter is in protest of  /the   Black   Ball's    new/winter  schedule,  for the Sechelt Peninsula and Powell" River.      ;|  I am a permanent resident of  the Peninsula, who works in  -Vancouver arid- commute .with  my car along with many Others  weekly throughout the year.''The  summer schedule was not capable/of handling the traffic,'-and  now 'at this' time of the year,  with traffic steadily growing  daily/ it is impossible forvone  ancient and obsolete boat toycarry tlie traffic, with waiting ;time  of three hours or better at .each  terminal.- / /*  Black Ball seems to ignore the  fact that this area needs better  transportation. We are not situated in the far north, arid we, the  travelling public,' demand/that  either of two alternatives be  done.  First. Black Ball should never have received a franchise to  supply such a hit-and-miss schedule to a district which is steadily growing, and also to a town  of Powell River, which is one  of the largest paper mills in the  world. Is it  not disgusting?  Black. Ball, has for some years  operated to their own liking, and  WHAT'S NEXT?  What now, Pender Harbour Hospital Committee?  Your motion asking for a stop on construction of a new hospital  was defeated by 70 percent of the more than 800 persons at two Sunday meetings. 1  Surely an 85 percent vote for a hospital improvement district,  plus a 70 percent vote against your motion to delay hospital construction should finally convince you.  If the weight of public opinion against you means nothing by all  means go ahead and wear it down. It will be a tough job but it is  possible you might save your hospital which very soon will be more  of a problem than it is now. It is your democratic right to speak out  but when the majority is convinced you are wrong; perhaps you  should get a better case. k  Most people in this area sympathize with the coming loss of the  hospital you have had in your midst for solong but most of them  realize something must be done to have proper hospitalization here  for the years to come. You strived hard, but success for you was at"  no time close at hand. A        y- y  CIVILIZATION    A  Civilization! is a movement and  nbt a condition, a voyage' and  not a harbor. ��� Arnold Toynbee.  The true civilization is where  every man gives to every /other  every right that he claims for  himself. ��� Rdbert G. Ingersoll.  Civilization consists in teaching  men to govern themselves.  ��� Benjamin Tucker.  Chastity is the cement of civilization arid progress.  ��� Mary  Baker  Eddy  Increased means and increased leisure are-the two civilizers  of  man. ���  Benjamin   Disraeli.  The true test of civilization  is, not the census, nor the size  of cities, nor the crops, ���-r- no,  but the kind of man the -country  turns but;       -       /        y,  ���  Ralph "Waldo  Emerson.  now it is time for action.  We are not content to sit ana  listen to any more excuses. We  watch the Social Credit government's operation of the Tsaw-  . wassen to Swartz Bay ferry  (There are a lot of' votes to be  counted over here too), and so  we appeal to your better judgment for earliest results.  Black Ball should be forced to  at least maintain a reasonable  schedule with two boats, .all year  round,  and not just  seasonal.  Our other alternative would be  that- the time is ripe for the Social Credit government to take  over the Black Ball company,  (we did the B.C.E.) and let us  progress, instead of going backwards.  This is only one letter of many  hundreds of people, who would  strongly back my words. It is  up to you Mr. Gaglardi, the public must not be abused.  Only last week, cars on either  end, both Langdale and Horseshoe Bay, waited as long as seven hours for transportation. This  is outrageous and must be rectified.  Hundreds of tourists and residents are reluctant to, bring their  cars, knowing ;-the poor service  and with no facilities to handle  them. The merchants and transport operators are not happy and  this part of the country is being  handicapped by such.  Maybe our long awaited road  connection - from Squamish to  Port Mellon is our solution. Better to drive on a good highway  than to" wait in disgust and discomfort in our cars.  Black Ball is an American  company and does not care. They  claim to be losing money on the  Nanaimo-Horseshoe Bay run/so  ilet us switch the ferries about,  and we will put them in the black  again, or put of business.  I trust you already have heard  of pur problem beforehand.  Once again/it's action we require. Election time is not far  away, Mr. Gaglardi. Our minds  are like the elephant's. Trusting  to see  results.  George  E. Stubbs.  Come, on all fellow commuters, let's get a letter to Victoria  by the 15th" of Novetriber. - GES  .��*__  _v__\NY HISSED  With more than 70 names recorded as overlooked in the June  census, one wonders how many more were missed.  A surprising point is that most of the names are people who are  not in hard-to-get-at spots. They are mostly business people, known  to most Gibsonites and easily accessible.  From this fact one can deduce the census-taker knocked on some  doors, got no answer, and that was that. It means too, there could  have been little evening census-taking when these people were at  home.  Having census recorders from some other place to cover Gibsons does not make sense.. Gibsons people knowing where so-and-so  lives would have eventually caught-up with those not at home during  business hours.  , Elimination of business premises in such small places is not understandable because most businesses include husband and wife who  would be working when a census-taker knocked at their home .doors.  ; Thousands of people were taking the census during June so it  must be expected problems would crop up. It is a pity a problem  cropped up in a small area like Gibsons. There should not have been  any reason for arriving at a population figure which has caused  most people to scoff at/its veracity.  SOUND PfiACTICE  Sound forestry practice calls  for the removal of the trees  as they mature so they can-be  quickly replaced by vigorous  young stands. In this way the  -forester can grow two qr .even  three times the voluihe of timber on the same acreage'and  in the same time as Mother  Nature with her more sluggish  and vulnerable old growth,  stands.  Editor: Having been a recent  visitor .'.to Gibsons and having  the pleasure to see a juvenile  soccer game between Sechelt  Indians and a .team from Gibsons, I will say that I was highly .impressed by the performance of both; teams, also with.  the turnout of fans, watching  a juveniie soccer, game. To the  coaches of the teams, keep up  the good work. You are doing  a fine job. ��� H. McMurchie,  Nanaimo, B.C.  Editor: Coming back to Sechelt, I was pleased to hear  that the Indian people have  donated a hospital site here.  It can't come too soon/as there  "are so many people requiring  your own  best  hospital treatment they can  only get in town. They would  rather suffer than travel, the  iexpense is a deciding, factor  rtoo.  If a disaster struck, which is  not unlikely in the present  world crisis, we' would just  .have a, panic. Let us stop casting up about the horse and  'buggy days and be more visionary, get the machinery and  put the show on the road.  Margaret Allan.  , Editor: On viewing Seattle's  /preparations for the World's  Fair in 1962 I wonder if Gibsons  should prepare for an influx of  tourists  in 1962?  Salmon Rock is known' as a  famous fishing spot by many  Californians, Oregonians and residents of surrounding states and  Miss J. P. Halfpenny, of Dum-  ferline, Scotland.  Certainly many tourists will be  coming to Seattle's Fair and  Gibsons is just a short drive  from Seattle, also Seattle is a  quick flight from  Scotland.  To view Seattle's Aqua Follies  is an education from start to  finish ending with a display of  fireworks. There are. no dull moments. The ease and grace of  the swimmers, in synchronized  swimming is amazing.  Can Gibsons stage the Mermaid Follies of 1962?  Some in-  2       Coast News, Nov. 2,  1961.  ..vestment-in .swimming-floats and  diving boards would have to be  made. The proceeds from this  venture might build an indoor  pool. ��� D. J. Andow.  LAND  ACT  NOTICE OF INTENTION TO  APPLY   TO PURCHASE  LAND  In Land Recording District of  Vancouver and situate on the  Westerly shore of Thornborough  Channel fronting' Lots 1 to 8.  and the North Half of Lot 9, of  Lot 1482, Group 1, New Westminster District, Plan 4522.  TAKE NOTICE" that Evans  Coleman and Evans Ltd. of Vancouver, B.C., occupation Build-  ing Suppliers, intends to apply  for permission to purchase,-the  following described lands:���  Commencing at a post planted  at the mPst^Southeasterly corner  of the North Half of Lot 9,. District Lot 1482. Thence Northwardly, and following the original line of Mean High Water' as  shown on Plan .4522, 1852 feet;  thence Eastwardly 100 feet to  the present line of Mean High  Water; thence Southwardly and  following the sinuousities of 'existing line of Mean High, Water  to' the South Boundary of -Lot  5881, Gp. . 1, N.W.D.; thence  Westwardly 50 feet to the point  of ��� commencement, and containing 8.6 acres, more or less. -  The purpose for which the land  is required is for installations  and improvements of equipment  for gravel removal.    ' ���>���  EVANS  COLEMAN AND  EVANS LTD.  1 Dated October 16, 1961..  FOR       ALL.      YOUR  CEMENT  REQUIREMENTS  SEE YOUR  For WINTER WORKS use TYPE III  "LAFARGE HIGH EARLY STRENGTH"  Used in the same way,  on; the same type of  jobs and in the same  mixes as normal PORTLAND CEMENT. The  IMPORTANT difference, it gives QUICKER  STRENGTH three  times as fast*  LAFARGE  744 West Hastings Street, Vancouver 1, B.C  C   E   M  ,E   N    T    I Mad* In Vanoouvar, British Columbia  Hilltop Building Supplies Ltd.  Gibsons B.C. - Phone 886-7765  Are -we to be ever prone to anxiety neuroses in our world? Since  World War 1 many of us have been continually uneasy over the security of the world.  Once it was the devastation threatened by poison gas and germ  warfare. Then World War II revealed the fact a vigorous war could  be fought with these fiendish weapons locked in the cupboard.  Before the trial of the H-bomb, the venerable godfather of the  atomic explosion, Albert Einstein, offered the frightening theory  that all the hydrogen in the oceans would explode with the bomb in  a gigantic chain reaction. That the oceans did not explode does not  relieve us of caution ��� we are still children playing with matches.  Now the newest anxiety neuroses reported is "Nucleomitophobia"  (translation: fear of the atom). '  But is all this scare-mongering about fall-out and devastation  effective in banning the bomb? Does it merely add one more neurosis to an already lengthy list rendering us even more incapable of  facing the problem of the bomb? ��� GAC  Ephemera  (By LES PETERSON)  Touch of a wind-blown leaf;  Murmur, of shifting sands;  Gleam of a distant star that falls  On alien lands.  Mystery of snow-capped peaks;  Pattern of dew-drenched lawn;  , Glory of colors' ebb and flow  That must move on.  Rustle of aesUess grain;  Glance of a stranger face;  Waters that ripple and close again,  Leaving no trace.  A sportsman with a loaded shotgun, or rifle in  .������:.  his hands has got to be his own best friend. He must leave  nothing to chance. Never, not for an instant, can .  he allow anything to endange the safety of  himself or his fellow hunters.  Only when the day's shooting is done, .'-._.  only when the gun is empty and back in the rack ...  only then is it time to enjoy the pleasures  of social'relaxation. .   -  For many years The House of Seagram has published^  messages advocating Moderation in alt things,  including the use of whisky. At this time, in the interest  of safer hunting we say once again:  "Drinking and Hunting Do Not Mix".  THE HOUSE Of SEAGRAM  v. ly I  r?  Iff  ^'  This advertisement is not published or displayed by the Liquor Control Board or by the Government of British Columbia... WL1N0  MORE TIPS ABOUT  -   APPROACHES  ed by some-women, and quite  frequently..by older people or  bowlers who are physically  handicapped. .The pushaway  Istarts from a standing position.  The   right  foot   steps   forward  Cl_��__ ���-- -     on the1 downswing and the ball  or four-step approaches,, there.,  ��.:deliver��d without the bowl  are    bowlers    ���'H"  ���r-fti.mnre ...     ... .      ._,...   .....  By Bert Garside.and Jim  Moult  Chief  BowKag  instructors  Double Diamond Advisory  Council  Though 90 percent cf bowl-  ers'Tlse the standard three-step  who feel-more  comfortable using seme other,  less orthodox number of steps.  Some energetic bowlers use  a 5-step approach ��� sometimes  called "the run,", because it  looks more like something you  should see at a track and field  event rather than in ,a recreation centre. Still, some championship bowlers use the run.  For the 5-step approach, joji  must stand a good deal'farther  than usual behind the foul line.  In fact, some bowlers stand  right on the rubber mat at the  end of the runway, so they get  ��xtra traction on the first step.  This gives them a full 16 feet  to hurtle down the runway before they deliver the ball.  There are two ways to carry  out a 5-step approach.  The first is to carry the ball  in normal starting position for  ithe first, two steps, and start  the pushaway on the third step.  Basically, this is the same as a  3->step approach, except for a  2-step run to begin, with. :y  ,-. Second way is to .start the  pushaway as you step off. This  way, you must extend your  backswing for an extra,two  -steps; Your arm is thus carried  farther back and swings down  harder, giving a very fast and  powerful delivery ���-"often too  powerful for proper cdntrol.  If-you are using a. 5-step approach  already, but find yo.ur,  tewing    doesn't    "feel    right,"  ier    attempting    to- make any  slidev with his'feet at-all.  The   main -thing that is  imports-t about-a good approach ^  in bowlfng is liot the number,  of steps you take- It is whether  ,you can. co-ordinate the movement of your arm and legs' into  a  natural /rhyjthin.  So,  though  90spercent .of bowlers may prefer either, the 3-step or the 4-  >step approach, described in the ,-  the' last colmn, use   the number of   steps that1  feelfsi most^  natural Io you'. -   ,  Next:  Practice your scoring  skill.  Sechelt News  BY MRS. A.A. FRENCH  Mrs. W. K. Berry, Mrs. F.  Newton, Mrs. C. Thorold and  Mrs. Alec Gibsons were hostesses af a baby shower in honor of the. twin boy and girl of  Mr: ahd^*s:;AlJrhorold at the  home of Mrs. Berry, y  Prseent were Mrs, Roly Reid,  Mrs!-i'iXi. I-oclse, Mirfe. M., Mac-  Farlane. Mrs. M- Benson, Mrs.  F. Newioh^'i^s^^Graff, Mrs.  R. Breeze, Mrs. Fitzgerald, Mrs.  E. Burdettek;;Mi%'l- McCord,  Mrs. C. Thofoldy Mrs. W. K.  Berry, Mrs..F..French, Mrs. A.  Collins. Those invited but were  unable! to 'Attend were Mrs. Jo  ��������.��_            ___.    ___,_..       Buller, Mrs'. N. J, Nelson, Mrs  changing the. number of steps , F. Wilson, Mrs. Billie Steele,  is the>' : first :ox]E)erimefliti;;ybij./'y Mrs. E. Genower, M**5- A-  tehould try. If you do: try toM ;'Dawe;Md'lfe3!^E;Redman.  change,   it   is better to ��� drop Bob Aylward, news commen-  right downr to a^- 3^ste.p ap- tatof on Channely6;;:went to  proach, which is likely t"& fit ���> School in Sechelt::1 His father,  your natural, rhythm better Constable Bill Aylward, was  than the' 4nstep: k ' y V," '" with    the    Provincial    Police  A 2-step approach is used by here. His mother Muriel Ayl-  very few fobwlersy and- re'com- ��� ward with Mrs.: E. French,, or-  mended by: nonek.^ut, if. you , .gahized the PTA in Sechelt and  'insist, thds yfc;ytoe^^ The  rA^dwards vhaiyfe- lived in Victoria for"many"years and Bill  . js stilL on;.the police force,  -.ifeyy^stili take a run up for a  day during the summer. Bob"  is miarried now '.and-;: has* a family. He was; with CJVI, Victoria, |or some years.        '  iright-handed -|l>o^l!^k(^evgrse,j  if you are left-haihded):  1. Right >fobtoforyvlsn:0 com- \  brined with pushaway "aihd bac>k  ���:swi_ig;-.j':\::;y^;^-:^k"l>;"k:r-k'^ ' /  2. Ite^fo|��t';i<*V^  the ball with a very small'slide*  The one-step approach 'is us-  Halfmoon Bay  s    '   By PAT WELSH  Ronnie McGratten of Hud-  sons Bay, Sask., is visiting his  sister, Mrs. O. Edmunds at  Northwest Bay. He is marvelling at the mild flail weather  and scenic beauties.  A turkey dinner and all the  trimmings was enjoy _d at the  ("home of Mrs.   I.  Hanley, her  guests were-Mrs. G. B. Simp-  eon, Mr. and Mrs. Robert Stewart ��� and    Mrs., A. E. Dowden  Mrs.   Dowden   who's husband,  'Colonel  A.  E.  Dowden  is   on  military service in Europe was'  charmed with our scenery and  otnild weather, and hopes < to return in the near  future.  Mr.  and.   Mrs. , Stewart and Mrs:  Dowden have returned to Vancouver. Mrs. Dowden will visit  2tforth' Vancouver   before   returning home.  Mr. and Mrs. Ayres spent  Thanksgiving with their daughter, Mrs. L. Christiansen and  son Larry at Powell River.  ������- They will leave shortly to reside in West Sechelt and will  -spend the' winter months in  Phoenix, Arizona.  Mr. "and Mrs: J. Cooper, accompanied by Mrs. William  Aberhart, have arrived home  from a t"P- to Calgary. -Mrs.  Aberhart and Mrs. Cooper are  (spending a few days in town  the guest of Mrs. P. O'Neal.  Miss Marilyn Cooper has returned from a trip to Honolulu  thrilled with its charms! but  /thinks Vancouver is hard to  /beat.  i"he Ladies Auxiliary of the  Welcome Beach Community  association held its annual  -general meeting Oct. 11 at the  hall. Qfificers elected were:  Secretary - treasurer, Mrs. J.  Meikle; catering, Mrs. F. Clay  don and Mrs. J. Cooper; entertainment, Mrs. ,P. White, Mrs.  M. Morgan and Mrs. M. Teeple.  A Halloween party has been  arranged for Saturday, Oct. 28,  commencing at 8 p.m. The Halloween theme will be carried  out with games, cards and  dancing.  Mr. and Mrs. Hyndman and  ison Grant of White Rock wer~  weekend guests of Mrs. I. Hern*  ley. .'���.������...;.;..':  Coast News,   Nov.  2,  1961.        3  Mrs. G. B. Simpson has returned to West. Vancouver to  ispend a few days with the  Johnnie Simpsons before motoring to Kamloops to spend  pome time with her daughter  and husband, the Charlie  Limns and grandson Michael.  Mrs. J.Meikle and Mrs. M.  Morgan are in Vancouver for  a *ew days.        .  BUILWl^G or REJI8DEUMfG?  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Police Court  Gordon Derwint Taylor of Se-  tctaelt appeared before Magistrate  Andrew Johnston charged with  failing to file his income tax.  Taylor was found guilty and was  'lined $25.  Thomas Hugh Sutherland Gur-  aney of Sechelt was fined $25 for  iieing a minor in possession of  liquor.  Francis French of Sechelt was  lined $10 for operating a car  with  faulty  headlights.  Alfred Joseph Baudry of Heparins Landing, and Richard Anderson of West Vancouver were  JJined $20 each for passing cars  <on the double solid white line  ���on the highway.  A lc;k: ��� of. $225 was paid in  Sines by nine people found guilty of speeding during the past  two   weeks.  Check tire pressures before  starting on a trip. Underihflated  tires - make steering difficult,  -cause driver fatigue and cuts  down Jife of tires.  Church Services  ANGLICAN  St. Bartholomew's, Gibsons  11:15  a.m.   Holy   Communion  11:15 a.m., Sunday School  St. Aidan's, Roberts Creek  11.00 a.m. Sunday School  3:00 p.m., Evensong  St. Hilda's, Sechelt  '   * 3:30 a.m.,   Matins  11:00 a.m., Sunday School  PORT MELLON  7:30 p.m., Evensong  ~~~ UNITED  Gibsons  11:00 a.m., Divine Service  11:00 a.m., Sunday School  Roberts Creek, 2 pan.  Wilson Creek  11 a.m. Sunday School  3:30 p.m., Divine Service  ST- VINCENT'S  Holy Family, Sechelt, 9:00 a.m.  Most Pure Heart of Mary  Gibsons, 10:30 a.m.  CHRISTIAN    SCIENTISTS  Church Services  and  Sunday   School  each Sunday at 11 a.m.  Roberts Creek United Church  -TV series,   How   Christian  Sci-  <��nce Heals,  KVOS,   Channel 12,  9:15  a.m.  Nov. 5: Born Again  k BETHEL BAPTISTS W- X  l Sechelt  j>     10 a.m. Sunday< School  111:15 am., Worship Service  7:30 p.m.. Wed., Prayer  r Gibsons  *:45 a.m., Sunday School  7:30 p.m., United Church  GIBSONS      ~~~  h Xr    ^PENTECOSTAL  \ 1.1:00 a.m. Devotional  10 a.m., Sunday  School  "7:30 p.m., Evangelistic Service  Tues., 7:30, Bible Study  .Fri., 7:30 p.m., Young  People  Sat., 7:30, Prayer  Glad Tidings Tabernacle  ��   i_b_5 a.m.,  Sunday School  *    "11 a.m.  Morning Worship  3 p.m. Bible"-Forum  7:3^ p.m. Evangelistic' Service  ^ffietoesday, 7 p.m.,  Bible Class  jOFaaday. 7:30 p.na.;R^lly;  ESait, 7 p.m., Young Men's Action  / Club  Convention  (Continued from Page 1)  ferences will be those of speed,  hot accuracy. The highly rated  I.Q. is not very significant in  this type of learning. The so-  called slow learner progresses  ' as well as the bright one.  Teachers were invited to do  some experimenting in this fascinating field, for' many subjects  have not been touched yet to  test the total efficacy of the system. Langley has two control  groups working in Mathematics  10, apparently with great success  ���'��� Teachers of English who attended the panel led by Dr.  Clubby of University 'of British  Columbia, were told that the best  way to teach English was to present the best of what has been  written to the youngsters from  Grade 5 on; by analysing what  is effective and lucid, children  will be able to form opinions and  ideas about how certain effects  are achieved by the masters.  This, he felt, is a superior method to that of applying learned  rules. All this indicates a necessity for new' texts containing  most carefully selected excerpts  from the best writers. Again,  this field presents a challenge to  researchers.  Primary teachers, an enthusiastic group at any time, heard  Miss -E. MacKay speak and  watched her fascinating demonstration of the Cuisenaire method of teaching numbers concretely in order to develop concept. Some of them are using  this system in modified forms;  others are determined to try.  All were impressed by the potential of this method if used in  skilled  hands.  The displays of work arranged  by  A. Tjorhom  were   the  most  SECHELT THEME  SHOWS START AT 8 p.m.  NOVEMBER  Fri. 3 ��� Sat. 4 -- Mon. 6  Jeff Hunter, David'Janssen  HELL TO ETERNITY  ADULT  Starts 8 p.m., Out 10:25 p.m.  tarT& gravel riooFs  DUROID ROOFS  Reroofing & Repairs  FREE ESTIMATES  BOB NYGREN  Phone 886-9656  Ask..  FOR BOB DONLEYS  KIPPERED HERRING  ^ATyYOUR LOCAL  SHOPPING   CENTRE  a  i  Peninsula Glass  GIBSONS  OPENING  Friday, Nov. 3  British Beveled Plate Mirrors  Special  36x72 - $45.00  30x60 - $29.50  Full Length  16x54 - $14*25  14x46 - $9.75  GLASS OF ALL KINDS  Phone 880-9837  RJes. 886-9871  impressive part of the contention from many visitors'; points  of view. Outstanding were band  instruments made by a Powell;  River teacher from such various  items as wash tubs> broom handles; inner tubes, conduit and  ���boxes.-'; ���. ��� k V  k; ._���,.���.y y.r ''  Beautiful chalk pictures by; a  Powell River Grade 8 group vied  with Indian masks from Pender  O/yl  Harbour. Carefully displayed  handwriting samples , were scrutinized by intermediate teachers,  making mental comparisons with  their own children's accomplishments A very fine Social Studies  VII project from Trail Bay interested many people.  J. Stewart addressed the teach  ers assembled on feder**Uon affairs. He made the point that the  B.C. Teachers. Association was  only as strong as .the interest  each teacher in every local showed ' in his professional growth.  He expressed the thought that  the day would not be far off  when the province would have  a degree teacher in every classroom.  Particularly    pleasing   to   the  teachers    was    the   number   of  school bosfrd' "officials and representatives who came from as  far as Powell River io"Attend a  session 'or two that' interested  them.  Sechelt merchants, and the operators -of auto courts, -motels,  and others deserve*, a .hearty  vote of thanks for the support  they offered this "first" convention.  Store Opening  y-,;:. ^^mmmmmy ������-.'.������'���'...  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The  payments are parti of the provincial government's 50 percent  grant-in-aid program for approved hospital construction, and  bring the amount paid to these  hospitals to almost $2,000,000, of  an estimated'provincial.grant total of $4,685,000 for the projects.  Hon. Eric Martin, minister of  health services and. hospital insurance announces.  DAVID NYSTROM  PAINTER ,��� PAPERiHANGER  New Wallpaper Book  FREE ESTIMATES  Ph. 866-7759 or write Box 235 :  TIRE CENTRE  SPECIALS  l--7.50xl4, 500 Nylon WW., reg >38.05^2|��_5a  4-���7.60x15, WW, Tube type, reg. $28;25--$<20-25  4���7.60x15, Tubeless, reg. $25.00---$^fl}-OO  3���7. J0xl5, Tube type reg. $23.50���$ JO.SO  _S������.40x13, Tubeless reg. $23.4  2~-7.60xl5,_Tubeless " reg/$35.00-^4  ALL THESE TIRES, FULLY /GU&R^^D' ���  Gibsons Shell Service  Charlie and Terry      ���k;---;^<^,;'^BSSra^:'-'  Shellzone  INSTALLATION WITH IRONCLAD  GUARANTEE si-IGIITI_Vl_XTRA^^^^^  Gibsons Shell Service  The plow takes back  theeartS.  The birds reclaim  ^ \ :,./���%;��� tit id-j.-  But their sacrifice  liwon.  .i   W   ,,  *^^  V' A t//:XA  Recent progress payments for  the Nanaimo Regional hospital,  Nanaimo, amounted to $204,333.-  21. The new 160 bed hospital, ex-  -pected to be completed during  the summer of 1962, will cost  over $3,400,000, of which the provincial government will pay one-'  half. ���    .  Progress payments in- the  amount of; $109,818.23 were authorized for lthe> new War Memorial Hospital at Williams Lake. In  the early stages..of construction,  the $1,400,000 hospital will provide initial accommodation for  72 beds, with an unfinished area  for 36 additional beds.  Two payments totalling $104,-  803.72 will be forwarded to the  Royal Columbian hospital, New  Westminster as part of the $745,-  000 provincial government grant  towards the cost of their 195  bed nurses, residence and training   school,' under   construction.'  The new - 68i bed Providence  hospital, ForttSt. John, now in  the\early stages of construction,  will receive two progress payments, amounting to $93,617,75.  It is expected that the new hospital will cost $1,740,000 and the  provincial grant will approximate $850,000.  St. Paul's Hospital, Vancouver, which is building a new laboratory and laundry, was authorized two payments amounting  to $82,208.26 as part of the $665,-  000 provincial government grant.  The new two storey laboratory  will provide complete diagnostic  facilities, and the new laundry  building, a one-storey building  with mezzanine, is being built  adjacent  to  the  laboratory.  Two; progress payments totalling $8,455.01 were approved for  the Terrace and .District hospital, Terrace, towards the cost  of their new 10 bed nurses' residence, which is almost completed.  The provincial government  has given approval to the  board of. management of the  Boundary Hospital society,  f-rand Forks, to call for tenders/for the construction of a  new hospital, Hon. Eric Martin,  minister of health services announces..  The new hospital, to be called Boundary hospital, will replace the existing' Grand Forks  hospital which has been serving tine area since 1914. It is  estimated that the new build-  A MEMORY   ByAjc.  It is a long stretch for a thin  thread of memory from Gibsons, B.C. to the mining settle- .  men* of Coober/Pedy in South  Australia, and no greater contrast in climate and natural environment tould be imagined. >  The mine is in desert country where everything required.,,-,  must be hauled in. The annual  ���range of temperature is from '  a low of about  freezing-point,  usually accompanied by a coldk  wind from the Antarctic, to a \���.  high /summer   temperature -oof;/  124   degrees,   with   the   'heat k  greatly exceeding the cold' &'-;.'���  duration. >I  learnt  about heatk  of that degree when myyshipjk  lay in a port of South Austrayy  lia. We  worked through ;it iny  the    unchanging    old    British  'way! k/ ��� ,//������'/*--'   \ ������kkk.';k1  The first miners, to work -aty^  Coober Vedy "slooh: fouridktliaity y  they   Were   mote cohitottab^  underground than in /their���_ liv- >  ing   quarters; yBeihg tmiiiersk  they also noted that the forma-,  tion was one that would standi  safely kwithoutr : coatiy revet?  meat, so they dug thei# fanw^-  r-ies;. in -iaifty?^^^  ������ of tem'|^ir%to^.i|*_tft^fto-''bfeJ;:  tween (50 and 80 degrees, ap-  . proximately.    Everybody   else  connected with,  the camp did  the  same ���:  hence the  name  given to the place by the aborigines   wbiich   means    "Man  Underground."     The_   skyline  would   not   be impressive   as  one approached, being composed of dumps from the diggings,  ���but the purpose was to mine  opal, hot build a city/   '  ; It maykbe;45.terinitteht min-  / irig top since opal suffers from  -a;-   siiperstitaan /of / being   un-  ^u^jri^Thekf fgins,?  the black  :*ife_3^<. i^n^ the  ��� kpoilay byy/probiig/^with stiff  ^rjey ork4i^Jt_ rods hoping to  ;i_ind f ^yjerlcbkefl/ ypieces   that  ^ they  c^ytrade; for: groceries.  Sppal belongs to the flint group!  of minerals and like that oaiice  useful stone is found scattered  through /   certain y formations,  hot An veins/VSonnie very fine  yfir*-pf>_r'k "iW   come    from  Goober/Fedyk It; was/ a  good  place to pick/up^ an interesting  souwenir ;/��_ k the ypyage,  but  getting;.it-:honie/was .another  matter ���.one:,''ran the gauntlet" ���vO^-thqtjB attractive, andihos-  invjUhtei   ports  %offin'?:.iffier'}.valnA��.-9ot- away  vMth a memory! v-:v-  1  TUG WllomC CCHT8��vPLAM  6EWKE  VANCOUV^fcd/  FUN HO.:  R5>- I18�� '���"������" ���������/���.rtJfflOR  AREA: U88 -Oft  FLAN No. 1188 (copyright No. 11*093)  /Experts! tell us that a U shaped J#sJtWl2n arrangement is the wsfsi.  effitifeait, so bur ^ one for this house. Also  waahar and dryer, and adjacent U a largeJ&ok for faimfly din-  tng.   ���������....���.���.. ��� ���������--..,���.,.!.; -,..-.. ;:,/c  A feature odt the living room isth^BidmarfBriPk Ji_fept3icei wtith  slate hmrttv. and ai. the e��itrattce,yia dwaoed up with a planter  '���waJfl,-;-'A" mipfisf^nTxrf hall spac�� fa shirwn in this house, bastsment  _*a_p��t.dOwri from the hall. Badroom_ *rfe icross the back of the  h��ii^'#>��/abaolute privacy. ExmntiM thft master bedroom���note  ���th�� ate cl����t3 provided. 'OwxVi's 1188 square feet in ttfife  ���beautiful home.  ���i*. ii��*.  TJ_Bterior ^riah- ahown hOT witfh stucco,-but,  of couree >vo>u cou*d ohoofte' y^iir '^r^^taxci ma nvanjr- beautiful ���  isidinjiw/and other tsnp^-o* fiii^'mrti^ C5��n-  5dah. ,Th��re; t�� ���'a3ao. av carport etiaet./��^ wwfclng  '&ra&%Mb��. f^.^a-'vlkh^laUh^gh it:,i^^Bot atwJWW here. A%o�� a* ��an  Vfwfc _**xt ��^:��_^>jk>q^/'1:- v-yv, vM\ffi$:>0��*:r-^  i*fefea_-:bpmm ���from-'-.msl Bufldma Owrtrfe (B.C_> ttdv- lie E. Broad-  ��� xa^ri .^���^^'ij^^^'^^^'-fm^ 9vr/:itir*'-i&nt&iat. "Select Home  ing waM. cost $616,000, of  which, Mr. Martin stated "the  provincial government will pay  one-half of the approved costs,  and in addition, will provide  grants of one-tnlrd the cost of  equipping and furnishing the  new hospital."  Plans call for a single storey-  Coast   News,  Nov. 2,  1961.  ���reinforced concrete building,  with basement. It will provide  initial accommodation for 30  beds, with an additional 5 beds  left in a semd-fiiiished state, to  be completed at a future date  when required.  Phbfl��f 885^0331-.. Sechelt  Clothing & Drygoods  BACKHOE & LOADER  * _���  -  __fl__________.'1  S3 *v9_fc___SP_  _______k___J_i��9-K^R_MS-_-!-^__M^flH  _____________^____n!^,^Si__w_--__3K%'V__3VHll  DIGGING  TRENCHING  LOADING  _________rr tiki  :' \--M/"' -Ijf -r  ���__P^k����_3  __^^^^wli___n_S_!  WALT  NYGREN    ���  i  Ph.  888-2350  Announcement  Mr. J II. (i. (Jin) Dronnond  Will continue the Insurance Agency operated by  his late father, Mr. J. H. Drummond : ��� ���;  REPRESENTING  The Guardian/ - Caledonian Insurance Group.,  The Hartford Fire Insurance Group ���  The British Traders Insurance Co.   -  '������    '-.:_.���' .'-���'.:-���:. ������:. :������  -���������    _ for' y   .y-;: ������ .   ;v .        . -; -^?;  Fire, Automobile, Marine, Liability, Burglary Insurance  ���:;k-'/.      ���-v-;':y/"v;'- "'and" ;^;..^.^''.'X.''''X-'''XX''X'':.  "       The Sun X^ Canada    ��� ?rf ���  Phone 686-7751/ or 886^239^    ^r:::^aoms:  s  You'll save yourself money  the moment you enter  wjieiyou comedo shop at  Ph. 886-B333  KEN'S FOODLAND  PHONE   886-2563  Lean Ground Beef  j lbs. for ^1  Local Red Salmon  49c lb.  Fresh Cod Fillets  39c lb.  Boneless Legs of Pork 69c lb.  SWANSON'S  Chicken TV. Dinners  m  King Size Tide save 34^  $ 1.25  1 lb. Yefveeta Cheese  59c  OP-fJN FRIDAY ]   FREE DELIVERY ON  NIGHTS TfLL O p.m.    I      ORDERS OVER $5  ���' l r ',  m 6       Coast  News,  Nov.  2, 1961.  This week's RECIPE  Sechelt  Beauty Salon  SECHELT, B.C.  Ph. 885-9525  TUES. to SAT.  HAIRSTYLING  designed just for you  Coldwaving ��� Coloring  Beef is one of the most versatile of foods and  lends itself  to  preparation  in  a   thousand  (forms,     adding    goodness    to  every menu.  There are the time-honored  methods of preparing steaks,  roasts and stews, but for the  woman who has an urge to try .  something different, the following recipes have been selected with special thought to  originality and appetite appeal.  FREIGHT & PASSENGER TAXI  SERVICE  Cessna   170   &:  Cessna. 180  The first and largest permanently established  commercial  seaplane base  in Sechelt  GAS  & OIL FOR AVIATION/& MARINE  Phone 885-9500 ��� residence 885-2143  WE'RE ON OUR WAY!  SECHELT AIR SERVICES  LTD.  Porpoise Bay, Sechelt, B.C.  Supper Chili k  1 pound hamburger  Va cup chopped onion  Va cup chopped green pepper  1 teaspoon chili, powder      /  Vz teaspoon pepper  1 teaspoon salt  3 cups tomato soup;   .  Vz cup rice.. ,.  Va cup grated cheese  Browii hamburger in skillet  (skillet may be rubbed with  clove giarlic./for added.zest).  Addr onion, green pepper, and  seasonings ��� cook until brown.  Add tomato soup, rice and  grated cheese, cover and cook  25 minutes. For variety, add  one cup corn kernels or one  can pork and beans.. Serves 6.  Chinese  Beef and Rice . ���' ������;' ���  Vz pound sliced mushrooms  Va cup butter or margarine  1 stalk celery  1 large  peeled onion  Vz ��� seeded green pepper, diced  1 diced tomato  2 raw eggs  1 peeled clove garlic, crushed  2 tablespoons Soy Sauce  2 cups cooked rice  Salt to taste  lVz cups cooked beef cut in  strips OR Vz pound minced beef sauteed  Vz head lettuce, chopper  Saute mushrooms in margarine.  Cut celery into thin crosswise  slices, dice the onion and green  pepper, and salt beef and tomato. Add to mixture. It will  .brown a bit. Just before serving, break the raw eggs into  the mixture and stir together  quickly. Add the lettuce. Don't  cook after the lettuce is added.  -Serve at once so lettuce will  stay crisp and eggs'will not  overcook. Serves 6. Serve vpith  Soy Sauce.  Dinner-in-a-Skillet        -   -  Vz pound ground beef  1 egg, slightly beaten  Va cup milk  Va. cup fine, dry bread crumbs  Wz tablespoons finely chopped onion  Vz ;teaspoon; salt  .  Va teaspoon dry mustard  2 tablespoons flour i-  Vs cup shortening  1 can (10 Vz oz.) condensed  soup, tdiriaao or cream of  mushroom  Va cup milk  XVz cups cooked assorted vegetables  Vz teaspoon salt  Combine first seven ingredients. Shape into 12 small meat  balls, using about one tablespoon meat mixture for each.  Roll in flour. Heat shortening  in skillet over, medium heat  about three.minutes.;Add,meat  balls and fry about 10 minutes.  When brown} /^arrange meat  balls around<tlie :^  ly. pour condensed; 'soup and  milk wMch have been mixed  together in centrey of skillet.  Place vegetables Over soup;  add salt. Cover and simmer  about 10 minutes longer. Makes  four servings:-.  If one package of frozen  mixed vegetables is used instead, allow an additional 15  minutes for cooking.  Elphinstone Aero Club  ANNUAL MEETING  Will be held at Sxp.m., Friday, Nov. 3, at Fred  Schroeder's residence, Porpoise Bay, Sedhelt.  All members and others interested in aviation  are urged1 to attend.  Gibsons Merchants New Bonus  HUNT  EVERY  THURSDAY ^ a.iri    EACH   STORE  WILL   POST  THEIR   LUCKY NUMBliks.  THESE WILL BE  GOOD UNTILL  ^ SATURDAY.  To ,wiii a prize you must i&ve ypiir Coast. Ne,ws with^the correct number with you. If your number corresponds to any number you aire entitled to  buy that store's article at a special low price as listed on this page. A bonus of $2 is also given if you claim your number on Friday be and  9 p.m-All numbers^an be easily spotted in ��ach stwe. THE NUMBERS CHANGE EACH WEEK ��� IT'S FREE; -  REGULAR VALUE $5.65  S & S Latex Paint  ":'"X ' ���' 1 GALLON   '    ;k'ykv/y'  ���4'PRIZE WINNING ^UMBERS  ���:���������*'���-*:���  HARDWARE   &  /&PUa&CES  'SUNSET STORE'  REGULAR VALUE $10.95  ���-.REGULAR VALUE $8.95 ;'                        }:lX  1��.  rprH^h Heels    3C  Shag Skirt      |  1 PRIZE WINNING NUMBER -   :  '                                                      '               Si"-         "     ��� k'.'       /    .    ' ���"  1 PRIZE WINNING NUMBER  jGlisolis Family Shoe Store^/  DTUriT'C SPORTSWEAR   &  Ktll Lt U LINGERIE  SHO?  ^} L^eoti-ar;value $13.95  PIONEER  .A.<  2yPRIZE WINNING NUMBERS      "The Home   of Prestige Merchandise"  MARINE MEN'S WEAR LTD  GIBSONS  . y  REGULAR VALUE $2.98y  ���  '.-.  .'   ���.- "-���  '   REGULAR VALUE $4                -'XX::'-.y /y.k.'  3e  10 lbs. Sugar - lib. Tea  1 lb. Biitter  T  Lentheric Colognes   J. 5��  4 PRIZE WINNING NUMBERS  ���     ;  10 PRIZE WINNING NUMBERSf  ��� ������  CO-OP STORE  GIBSONS  ���''���'....  LANG'S DRUG STORE  -...GIBSONS  REGULAR VALUE $4  I    2 T-BONES  *    & PORK CHOPS  1 lb.  SIDE BACON  TO  lbs.   POTATOES k  -.".'"'........      10 PRIZE WINNiNGivNUMBERS  "Serving You With Savings"  3  REGULAR VALUE $10.59  1 Leather Brief Case  .   *-��� -" ���     --.^r- :.... . . .->,....,  ���'-. .'���:.    '   ���/���':������������   : , ..y ���       ,-;../.��� "      .     .//-"  :;,..-,,/;,lv,PRIZE WINNING NUMBER  HOWE SOUND 5-10-15 STORE  "REGULAR VALUE $9.50  SHELL XUBRICATION,  OIL CHANGE &  SHELLZONE   WINTERIZE  S PRIZHf WiNNING NUMBERS  REGULAR VALUE $7.95'  AMPLE PARKING SPACE AVAILABLE /     Coast News,  Nov.  2,  1961.  Nov. 3,  St. ^Bartholomew's ; Ahg-  ^^'^cM���iC^I��chl:���''W,A; Christmas Bazaar  and VTea^ .School ;Hall,    2  ;P:m., Tree /transportation   from  Post Office, 1:45 to 3 p.m.  Nov. 6,   O.A.P.O. Social,. 2 p;m.,  : Kinsmen Hall,   Gibsons....  Nov.! - 6y Gibsons//afift^District  Ratepayers Association, 8 p.m.,  Kinsmen Hall;/  Nov. 6, :8p.m,; Elphinstone High  School ^P.T.A., Library room.  All parents invited.  Nov:?, St/ John's United Church  W.A.' Sale ofywork, home cooking and, tea will/be held in' Wilson Creeky'<Xc.6n^wnyy^^a^i. . 2;  p.m. You afeyiriiVited/  Nov. 10,- St. iAidahte W;AkGhrist-  ���mas Bazi^r^yParish Hall, ^pih.;  Home Cooking, .Needlework, etc.  >nd .\TeakkK'k'.yy .yy ���. ./y-v ��� ������'���/,������.'  ���Nov. 18/O.E.S/'Trip Arouhd the������  World' Fall Bazaar, School Hall.  2 to 4 p/ni;, Don't miss it. :  ���    BINGO ��� BINGpkk BINGO  yy Nice prizes ^and J_ickpot       *'���'���  Every;yMbriday/aty_/pjn. in the  Gibsons Legion "Hall.  BIRTHS /':;k ���" y./";  "    ���:  HILDEBRANDy ��� to/Peter and  Joanna (nee Ritchey) at Royal  Columbia Hospital on Oct. 10,  1961, jak daughter^ Linda Christina, 9 lb, 9 oz., a sister for Judy  Jimmy and  Randy.  PERSONAL "       ~~~~-  MYRT ��� Hearfyou flunked H.E.  91. Are you hep but! can't cook?  Does he dig the chick next door?  Is life like drag at your pad?  Make it a gas ��� cook him Bob  Donley's Kippers. They're like  from  endsyillek Sighed/'Joe. yk  ���'NOTICE  "Winner  of the   rug raffled   in  September by   the Canadian Le- ���  gion 109 L.A. was A. Nevin, Pratt  Road,  Gibsons. .k  Winner of the run-raffled in  October .was Ron Haig, Hopkins  Landing..'   '���'���/���''������k/';.':'-y.;  WATKINS  PRODUCTS  W. H. Kent, Gibsons 886-9976  :.PETS;/���..,/���'  PEKINESE   PUPS      ~~~  ���Phone 886-9890  AUTOS FOR SALE  1949 DeSoto 4 door sedan, radio  and heater, signal lights, $250.  Phone  886-2482./  XXXXXXKK  XX<   ..;���:       ..  X ���  xxx   *��� X  XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX  XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXjjT  MX /-VXXXXXXX^N XXX  WHO ELSE WANTS  A NEW CAR!   i  ���; ��� ��uir r^jNow with a y  low-cost urs-msuRED  xxx xxx xxxx XXXX X XXXJ  ft X X     -X       X.      X    X   ���1  XXX X X       X       X       X;XXX)  * x x x    %������������: x     xx    )  xxx xxx XXXX      X     XX     1  xxxx x  X       XX  XXXX   X  XXXX XX  X X XX X  XXXX ,X   X   X  , _xxxl    5 3    *i  LOAN  THE BANK OF  NOVA SCOTIA  'fuels    . : ... .-.'���"."   .���:     "  ^MILLWOOD,  SAWDUST  ��� BUSHWOOD, COAL  ���yy^/''     call  ^"yBAiN'SFUEL  885-9*34    .  COAL & WOOD  Alder, cord $10  Clean hahdpicked./,-.  Fir'" islabwbodi  $9  .,      JSTo. IJFir Sawdust  Coal,' $32"ton, $17  $_ ton   or  ���' $2y per  bag.  TOTEM "LOGS $1 a  box.  PHONE   886-9902  R. N. HASTINGS,  North Rd.  , k Gibsons  7 REAL ESTATE  "A Sign of Service"  Hopkins,, view* .2 ���'. bdrs, fireplace, full plumbing,: oil stove,  sun porch, Access from 2 roads.  Full price $4,700 with $700 down.  Kay MacKenzie eves. 886-2180  y    PHONE 886-2191  Modern : 2 'bdr home in splen-y  did location with good view for  $5,250 on   easy terms. Additior\l  . lot can beacquired. Call Archie  Mainwaring, eves 886-9887:  .PHONE 886-2191  Family/home/with 4 bdrs, 10  acres,   village  water,   log  barn,  -some /furniture.    Will    consider  $1,500 r down. Excellent .soil.  ::y.yZ-k.PHdNE.'.886-2191. y  -  Small /Jiousey for  rent.   Furniture/ can/beypurchased   on easy  terms. See/us/about this:  PHONE 886-2191  R.  F. Kennett ��� Notary. Public  PHONE 886-2191  ���'���__.'.��� B.    GORDON  &   KENNETT  k^milTED ���������k"''/'.-";' '  REAL ESTATE & INSURANCE  Gibsons Sechelt  FOR RENT  ANNOUNCEMENT  BOATS FOR SALE  Deal with confidence with  SECHELT REALTY  & INSURANCE   AGENCIES  Box 155, Sechelt,  B.C.  T.E. DUFFY, Agent-Owner  West Sechelt ��� Treed waterfront level lot, reduced -to $3500  fp. Alsdv view lots . over 1 acre  each, Fp. $1000. See John Anderson,   885-2161. or 885-9565.  Large view lot, services, small  cabin, close in, $1275 cash. Also  ; EVERGREEN ACRES lots, $800  up. For limited time only, 2 br.  home/unfinished, full basement,  $2300 will handle. See K. Butler  ' for- details., k   '������":"'''/,/���;//--,������������ ���'��������� ���������  Real Estate Sales Staff:  T. E; Duffy evenings ��� 885-2120  B. P. (Kay) Butler      ��� 886-2000  John A. Donnelly - TUrner 3-2608  John W. Anderson       ��� 885-9565  Insurance Sales Staff:  T. E. Duffy 885-2161  or 885-2120  W.  Coffey 885-2161  . More and more homeowners are  turning  to us.  GIBSONS BAY AREA  New 3 bdrm home on level lot,  cabinet kitchen with nook, Pem-  -brpke'ybath, ���basement;' Tappan  range . included in * full price,  $12,500kterm_k y  1 MILE GIBSONS  New, modern 1 bdrm' home in  immaculate condition. Ideal for  working couple. Range included.  New furniture may be purchased. Low taxes. Full price $6,000  with $2,500 down balance, $50  per  month.  1 ACRE  Partially cleared level land,  close Gibsons, Fenced in front.  $1,250.  ROBERTS CREEK  .'Low Winter Prices  %  acre,  $650  cash.  Lots near  beach  $50  down $25 per month.  BUILDING? SEE US  CHAS.  ENGLISH  Ltd.  REAL ESTATE - INSURANCE?  OFFICE 886-2481  PENDER HARBOUR  Charles Island, 7 acres, small  cottage, private dock; 'Good, shelter . for boats. , Asking $19,500.  Courtesy to agents. L. E. Kyle,  "Realtor" 1429 Marine Drive,  Wfest Vancouver.  WA  2-1123.   J  OPENING SOON  Gibsons Realty  in the^ Bal Block, Gibsons  E.  McMynn'  ��� :������_���i 1_^_________^^h���, ���  We have a few good listings in  the Welcome Beach and Pender...  Harbour areas.  DANIELS  REALTY  Halfmoon   Bay     k 885-4451  WILL TRADE  Cabins ���- $35 per "month, all  found. Ph.  Sechelt Inn,  885-2017.  Irvines Landing, 2 . bedroom  home, oil furnace, electric cooking, ; water heater and fridge.  Furnished. Reasonable rent. Ap-���  ply evenings. TU 3-2441.  Small -houses for rent, , $30 and  $40, a month. Gower Point. Ph.  -886-9853: / '    ,,, ,..-  2 bedroom house, unfurnished,  $45 a month. Phone 886-2000  evenings.  Pleasant cottage, 4 large rooms,  newly painted. Reasonable rent  to - desireable tenant. Corner  Beach Ave. and Glen Drive, Gibsons. Apply weekends or phone  Mrs. J. Osborne, RE 8-5448 after  6   p.m.   y:::-  '   WANTED TO RENT _���'���_  '2   or  3. bedroom home   in   area,'���  Roberts  Creek  to   Sechelt for   3 1  to 4,years. Oil or gas preferred. !  Contact Mr. Wilson, 885-2242.        .  MISC. FOR SALE  t ���' y . ��� ��� ������^���. ��� ' y ���      ' ;"     �� -  ROGERS PLUMBING SUPPLIES >  Gibsons, B.C.        Phone  886-2092  Wholesale  and   Retail  1  Kemac Oil Range/ $95;  1 Kresky   Automatic  oil .  furnace $65  1   automatic oil furnace '  with fan $75;  Don't think about it, get hereJ*  quick!   Terms  to suit. .[  1 RockGas   heater with :'  , controls $28'���'���  machine $29.50  I used Rheem Rockgas range,,  white enamel, like new, used a'-  few  months $95  ' 3 other space heaters $25  '1 Gurney combination wood and  elec. range      ��� . $1191  II oilv ranges from $29 to $139k  4  electric   ranges,   $59 to   $145-*  "���/ y    . -No junk   '��� ���k'k;  1 used good washing; i  ;'������'��������� machine.        /yk'    y     $42.50]  x Fairbanks Morse domestic water)  service   pump, special i  for cash $109.50k  3 good used toilet complete $15  110 gal: fuel oil drums       $42.50.  35 mm. Konica with GE exppST  ure.meter, folding flash unit, tripod, and closeup attachment. $60  Phone 886-9301.  DRESSED POULTRY 6 birds @1  28c lb. or 12 birds @ 25c lb,  Wyngaert Poultry Farm, 886r934d  Used piano,  $75. Phone 886-7710i  1 cottage style electric range,i  fully automatic, reduced to $145.tJ  John   Woodv Hardware,    Phoney-  .^86t233i.kw: U* ������ __U .��*:���  -k% ������"  ��� i-. __ -__-���_______i_��:-r_  BeU & Howell Sunometer 8 mm a;  camera   and: projector; complete;--v  with light meter and accessories:  Cost more than $200. Like new;-  Christmas   Gift  bargain. i _=-..  EARL'S AGENCIES r?  ���������'   ������������/ Gibsons  886-9600     ../ ,-,',".  MRS. O. ROSENLIND  Taildress  SEWING 8c ALTERATIONS  South Fletcher Rd., Gibsons  Phone 886-9598  ; Painting, interior and exterior,  hdurly or contract. Reasonable  rates. Estimates free. No job too  small. Ron Orchard, Sechelt  885-2175,   885-9534.  PETER-CHRISTMAS  Bricklayer and  Stonemason  All kinds of brick and.stonework  Alterations and repairs  Phone 886-7734  "��� .    NELSON'S :        T  LAUNDRY & DRY CLEANERS  RUG CLEANING  Phone Sechelt 885-9627  or  in   Roberts   Creek,   Gibsons  and Port Mellon Zenith 7020  KELLY'S  GARBAGE   COLLECTION  Box 131,. Gibsons  Phone 886-2283  PEDICURIST  Mrs. F. E. Campbell  Selma  Park,  on   bus  stop  Phone   885-9778  Evenings by appointment  Tree falling, topping, or removing lower limbs for view Insured work from Port Mellon to  Pender Harbour/Phone 886-9946.  Marven Volen.  Alcoholics Anonymous Phone Sechelt 885-9678 or write Box 584,  Coast News.,  ELPHINSTONE   CO-OP  Lucky Number  Nov.  28 ��� 31576, Purple  ~        TIMBER CRUISING  K. M. Bell, 2572 Birch St., Vancouver 9, Phone REgerit 3-0683.  " 1 '   '      ''rnfT" '  VICTOR D'AOUST  Painter ��� Decorator  /     Interior���. Exterior  ,        Paper Hanging  First Class Work Guaranteed  Phone 886-9652, North Road.  Hand saws and Skil saws filed  and set. Galley's Woodworking  Shop,. Sechelt Highway, Gibsons,.  LEARN ACCORDION "  Beginners or advanced students,  private or in group'lessons. Ph.  Walter Heridrickson, Gibsons,  886-2470. y/  DAVID NYSTROM  Interior, exterior painting. Also  paperhanging. Phone Gibsons  886-7759 or 886-9955 for free estimates.  Entire household/ furnishings, including China, bedding, glass and  miscellaneous articles. Phone  888-9807.  Agents for Riverside Iron Works  North Vancouver. 1 firescreen,  for ordinary and Swedish fire,  places, ornamental wrought irop  railing, fireplace. baskets, wood  and coal hearth sets'; brass wood  boxes, etc/All made to. measure  Phone John Wood Hardware*  886-2331.     ^ kf:;  Winnipeg couch, $5; kitchen set,  $12; dishes; single and double  beds;; small tables; odd chairs;  garden duster; chest tools. Ph.  886-2540. .           k;  Circulating Quebec heater, brick  lined, coal and wood, good condition/Cheap. Mrs. B: Hodkinson  North   Fletcher   Road,   Gibsons.  Floor loom, 40", shuttles, waro  ing frame, weaving books, cotton and linen threads. E. Warr  den, Irvines Landing P.O. Po.  after 6, TU 3-2462.  One cow, one calit 15 months  old: 886-9861.  Oysters are all food and so good  that you can eat them raw. Eat  them often. Oyster Bay Oyster  Co., R. Bremer, Perider Harbour  Member B. C. Oyster Growers  Assn. ;'������:.  PRICE   REDUCED  33 it.":'-olii,;styie^.ropmy  cruiser,  Standard size ��� concrete Building  Blocks, 8x8x16 now available*  Flagstones, pier blocks, drain  tile, available from. Peninsula  Cement Products, Orange Rd,.  Roberts Creek.  COAST CONSTRUCTION  Co.  ASPHALT PAVING  .For free estimates  on  DRIVEWAYS,   PATIOS,  PARKING LOTS  SERVICE STATIONS, etc.  PHONE 886-2600, GIBSONS  C  ft S SALES  For all your heating  requirements  Agents for ROCKGAS  PROPANE  Also  Oil Installation  Free estimate  Furniture  Phone 885-9713  TELEVISION  SALES AND SERVICE  Dependable Service  RICHTER'S RADIO ��� TV  Fine Home Furnishings  Major Appliances  Record   Bar  Phone 885-9777  See us for all your knitting  requirements. Agents for Mary  Maxim Wool.  GIBSONS   VARIETIES  Phone 886-9353  GIBSONS PLUMBING  Heating,   Plumbing  Quick,  efficient service  Phone, 886-2484  SCOWS    ���     LOGS  k SECHELT TOWING  & SALVAGE Ltd.  Heavy Equipment Moving  & Log Towing  Phone 885-4425  ELECTRICAL ~~'  CONTRACTORS  SIM   ELECTRIC   LTD-  Sechelt  Phone 885-2062  Residence,   885-9532.  $2,790    Gross   Revenue,   netting  ' $1,780, plus owner suite  _w..-*..-'w��.,,��.,..��....."���,    .-,.    furnished   older', home ;in;  goed  toilet, isink,v oil stovev/Universi_l     condition on bus, line;; west ^ide.  engine./$y50 cash/fuii::p|lcft. speaii^dvCJS^eWo tbnsdal^'^^'^ve.*Norfj ������-*. ���.   ��� rr-&$tf-.-  Harilug, GardenyBay,^J^^.^^^^'^^r i^iTsT-lFSi^&E  WATCH REPAIRS        ^^ "  ahd A��aS   ���?*' ���r.W���. ��ade _ .v.-.....:,:;... ..   ...  Used electric and gas ranges, at-  -so oil ranges, c: * S Sj*te��:*^.  885-9713.   Sec.heltv'W  .. ��� ���   ���������., ��� _   yy___^-  ������.-������..      .      ��� .    ���    ������ ���     ���      $11,900 > equity ,;lf9i: i small* neat   194g y0Ta\: j^ /.ton 1 pidcup, j v��*y  For    guarantee*!    watcb    and    home,   Gibsons   area' preferred,    good condition, j^50 orrSwa^  iew^y^xi_��^.knie.v C_a5**:kbiit/^will; consider -;all: otfets?m'kcfejiri: "/mtf-- Phone Dpn;.,Ritchey;  Jewelers, Sechelt. r^KFSfA ^d^;Su^^ Coast   ar_a.    Box  620    88*9881.  on ihe/pren-is^i/ - -l.y f^W��'''' Coast M*H8:> yS;-.'-.-y- -.r.;.   ;    "^^  ��� i. ., . .������        ���;r,:.T��iijv:i.!."':,!  ���     ' na Asmnrv ��n_*i��r*t\ ������.':'��� .���_ _li : :  WIGARD SHOE SlORE  Always a large variety of  shoes in every line  for old and young.  Phone Sechelt 885-1519  RITA'S BEAUTY SHOP  -    'tinting.and Styling  k . k ~i��hone  88G-2409  ������:���"'���'   Sechelt Highway  Gibsons Village  .'.tt:  TT:  FOUNP.  I'S-i i'--i^M0'lh^. I'M 1  PROPERTY WANTED  .;��.-  A^ place to :&?$!$��&,  we > ��� ��� suggest -, ]ac*l ;yf9��w��  half chicken with ylTrenoh  potatoes from .-DANNY'S./,  Phone  886-9815  ,���,>    .   ..-���   , , ~. ��� ��� ^^>^L^^-iOimi^eiextric-.traitf. -reasonable.  Ranted>r caaikfyeQ&M^ g86-9B49.;-y"..  l6ilor small acreage,^^5-*^��3^-'���  or   what   have  to J. Jarvis, 1965 &iUfkW^^0m^0^^a^:;^urniUa^, Gib-  "'" Vancouver 12:''- ''������>u4��;&^^  We use  Ultra Sonic Soaad' Waves  U clean your watch  ; and jewelry  CHRIS1   JEWELERS  Mail Orders  G'ven  Prompt Attention  Ph.  Sechelt  885-2151  DIRECTORY (Continued)  HILL'S MACHINE SHOP  Cold Weld Process-  Engine Block Repairs  Arc, Acy. Welding  Precision Machinists  Ph.   886-7721 Res-   886-9956  L. GORDON BRYANT  NOTARY PUBLIC  at  Jay-Bee Furniture and  Appliance Store  Office Phone  886-2346  House  Phone, .886-2100  ~ MADEIRA   PARK      ~  BUILDING SUPPLY Co.. Ltd.  Cement  gravel,  $2.25 yd.  Road gravel   and fill,  $1.50 yd.  Delivered in Pender   Harbour  area  Lumber,    Plywood,     Cement  Phone TU 3-2241  RADIO & TV SERVICE  JIM LAHKMAN  Radio, TV repairs  Phone 886-2538,  Gibsons  MARSHALL'S   PLUMBING  HEATING  &   SUPPLIES  Ph. 886-9533, 886-9690 or 886-2442.  Home and Industrial Wiring  Electrical Heating  Radios.   Appliances,   TV Service  GIBSONS ELECTRIC  Authorized GE Dealer  Phone 886-9325  THRIFTEE  DRESS  SHOP  "Personalized Service"  Agents  Brown Bros. Florists  Anne's Flower Shop  Phone 886-9543  ~        SAND ��� GRAVEL  CEMENT  BUILDING MATERIALS  TRUCK & LOADER RENTAL  FOR DRIVEWAYS, FILL, etc  SECHELT  BUILDING    SUPPLIES  ,'       Phone 885-960,1  DIRECTORY (Coniinued)  FOR GLASS  of all kinds  Phone 886-9871 or 888-9837  PENINSULA GLASS  PENINSULA SAND fc GRAVEL  Phone   886-9813  Sand,   gravel,  crushed  sock.  All material washed and screened or pit run.  Good cheap fill  Draperies by the yard  or made  tp measure  All accessories  C ft S SALES  Phone 885-97U  D. J. ROY, P. Eng. B.C.L.S.  LAND SURVEYING  .. ,~       -SURVEYS���--*��������� ���'���' ;.-....  P. O. Box 37, Gibsons  1334 West  Pender St.,  Vancouver, 5.       Ph. ^IU 3-7477  GIBSONS  BUILDING SUPPLIES  LTD.  "WE CARRY THE STOCK"  Phone 886-2642  LET US HELP YOU  PLAN NOW  REFRIGERATION  SALES AND SERVICE  A.  J.  DUFF   ZRAL  Phone   885-4468  C. ROY GREGGS  Phone 885-9712  For   cement gravel,  fill,  road  gravel and crush rock.  Backhoe and Loader  Light Bulldozing  PENINSULA     CLEANERS  Cleaners for the Sechelt  Peninsula  Phone  Phone 886-2200  STOCKWELL & SONS  885-4488 for  Bulldozing,   Backhoe   and   front  end loader work. Clean   cement  gravel, fill and road gravel.  SMITH'S   HEATING  CHIMNEY tc OIL STOVES  CLEANED  Phone 886-2422.  BILL   SHERIDAN  TV ��� APPLIANCES  SEWING   MACHINES  SALES   AND  SERVICE  Phone 885-9534  RICHARD F. KENNETT  NOTARY PUBLIC  Office      (Phones)    Residence  886-2191 886-2131  . H. B. Gordon and Kennett  Limited   "������  REAL ESTATE  & INSURANCE  Box 19 Gibsons, B:C.  "A Sign of Service"  J  BACKHOE  and  LOADER  AIR COMPRESSOR,  and.ROCK DRILL  DUMP TRUCKS  Contract or hourly rates  Also  SAND, CEMENT GRAVEL  ROAD FILL and TOPSODL  W.   KARATEEW,   Ph.  886-9826  OPTOMETRIST  ;.Ro��is��orr  BAL  BLOCK/ GIBSONS  EVERY THURSDAY  FOR APPOINTMENT -   886-2191  WATER   SURVEY   SERVICES  CONSULTANTS  L. C. EMERSON  R.R.  1,  Sechelt  885-9510  J. J. ROGERS & SON  PAINTING   CONTRACTORS  :    Phone  886-9333  A. E. RITCHEY  TRACTOR WORK  Clearing,  Grading,   Excavating  Bulldozing, Clearing Teeth  FOR RENTAL  Arches, Jacks,  Pumps  Air Compressor/Rock Drill  Concrete  Vibrator  Phone 886-2040  LAND   ACT  NOTICE OF  INTENTION TO  APPLY TO LEASE LAND  In the Land Recording District of Vancouver and situate  at Garden Bay, in the Province of British. Columbia.  Take notice that Garden Bay-  Hotel Iitd., Garden Bay, B.C.,  occupation Hotel, intends to apply tor a lease of the following  described lands:���  300 it. due west and 65 ft.  due north of the south-east  corner of Block 15, of District  Lot 1397, Group 1, New Westminster Land District..  Commencing at a post planted 350 ft southerly at 140 degrees, 100 ft. west; thence  northerly to high water mark;  thence to a post on the beach;  and containing approximately  one (1)^ acre, more or less, for  the purpose of wharfage as the  case may be.  Dated October 27th, 1961.  ALBESRT MARTIN  NOTICE OF   INTENTION TO  APPLY TO LEASE LAND  In Land Recording District of  Vancouver and situate in the village of Gibsons.  Take notice that R. H. Hammond, of Gibsons, occupation  log salvage, intends to apply for  a lease of the following described lands:���  Commencing at a post planted  at the south east corner of Parcel No: 1, Block B, Lot 686,  thence 300 feet S. 51 degrees 28*  E.; thence 50 feet N 26 degrees  W E.; thence 300 feet N. 51 degrees 28' W.; thence 50 feet S.  26 degrees 30' W. and containing  one third acres, more or less,  for the purpose of private float  for work boat.  Robert Henry Hammond.  Dated 25th of September   1961.  NOTICE TO ���_ CREDITORS  MRS. EVA CLARK, deceased,  formerly of Gower Point Road,  R. R.  1,  Gibsons.  NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN  THAT creditors and others having claims against the estate of  the above deceased" are required  to send them to the undersigned  Executor at Gibsons. B.C. by the  15th day of November.' 1961, after which date the Executor- will  distribute the said estate among  the parties entitled thereto having regard onlv to th<�� claims of  which it then has notice.  A.  E.  Mainwaring,  Executor.  TRADE ��01% OLD HOP  -WUlkins Construction Co. Honue ^  on  Your Lot or Ones '  Mortgages Available - 7% - No Bobuj  See us for details of house plans and financing-  Wflkins Construction Co., Ltd. ��� Ph. 886-2481  '.;,". ':/���*&-���  '������K.\-  '<:������..!? '  -r.'-vJ. Coast News, Nov. 2,  1961.
IOQF Sunshine Coast Lodge
No. 16 '■. Meets  High-Croft,
Selma Park, 2nd and 4th
, Friday each month
Enrolment at the University
of    British    Columbia tias in-
■  creased   12   percent to 13,063
students for the 1961-62 winter
(Session,       . .•.'•••;.       ■ ;'\..v;k
Largest single increase was
in the} faculty of arts and
science where enrolment is up
22 percent from 5837 students
<to 7063./
Same Night — Same Place — Same Time
Don t Miss First Game$10
Opportunity Knocks
GRANVILLE at 41st AVE.. Vancouver   13, B.C.
75 NEW  1961  FALCONS   AND
A GOOD DEAL GUARANTEED if you trade, finance
«r pay cash..,,
MANY GOOD CLEAN one owner used, ciars on sale
at low cost to you.
INTEREST RATES as low as *> .
NO DOWN PAYMENT plan if credit is good
matter, ©all your personal representative
Mickey Coe
AM 6-7111 JRes. BR 7-6497
i^^f &_|
cempl«t* with TWO 16" chains
■■■! -* »■( r;.*.nii •■  y -a M-tQ-'l ?■-'! ■."-£
NU-17 139.50
*v "*.-    r-*T      **y
Sraudard Motors
Phonfc 885-4464 — Sechelt
"He won't eat! I am so worried  about Junior  that I am:
taking him to see a specialist
this week."
"Really, I don't know what
is the matter with Mary's appetite! She eats nejxt to notft-
ing!"y y>>-::
Kaye you ever heard remarks "like tliese coming from
anxious parents? y. ■Have;y..-.y6u
ever made similar: comments
yourself about your/own; bhilci?
Strangely enough.k seating,
which should be a pleasure, be-
New Adult Books
The Garfield Honor — Frank
Yerby. ■ '■■'■. .    y■•■'/■'" "k.
This Was a Man — Ellalice
Tate. ■■' yy ....'.. k ,.
Tlie   Scene ; of   the '• Crime   —'
John  Creasey. :        y    '
I Should Have Known -k Den-
ise Robins.
The   Sea  'Venture  —  F.   Van;
Wyck   Mason. k
"A Glimpse of Arcadia'—-yMac-
donald Hastings.        / -    k       , '
Shot Gun Law — JOhir McHugh
The Silken Webb — Miriam
The Off-Islanders — Nathaniel Benchley. k, k
The Fairbrothers — Clark Mc-
The Nerve of Some Animals^
Robert Froman. k
Stalking Birds with Color Camera. — Nat.  Geographic.   .
Few people realize that all our
common trees bear flowers.
Otherwise they could not -produce seeds. We are apt torthink
of flowering- trees v.as those/,with
showy blossoms, such as the red-
bud, dogwood, buckeye, horse
chestnut, black locust, tulip tree,
magnolia arid the fruit trees.
However all our forest and shade
trees have- flowers of one kind
or another which are just as interesting; as y their. more i; showy;
counterparts when examined 'under a (strong reading glass: Some
are1 grptesqug,,.some.,..:exqUijsitely
designed, some "very colorful.
They, offer a new 'world to be
explored . and photographed.  ,
Among recent registrations
from Gibsons at British Columbia House in San Francisco
appears the name of Mr. Norman H. MacKenzie, according
to information sent from British Columbia House. \
By   Nancy  Cleaver
comes a problem in many
modern homes. This situation
is hardly ever found in primitive civilizations. Nor are families where poverty makes food
(Scarce,: apt to be troubled by
"non-eaters." Refusal of food
mostly vexes parents of middle class and wealthy homes
and is prevalent in the case of
only children.
• <■ '    .•",.-'. *.■•". *•   *'' ■'
Here is one place where a
child can successfully defy his
parents. -'Force -feeding,.'.'—even
of a gentle type, is utterly useless for a normal healthy child.
Bribes, threats, punishments,
none of these are effective in
solving this difficulty.
Parents must try to discover
what is the underlying cause
of the child's indifference to
food. There are a number of
reasons why a child :may not
want to eat. His refusal may
not have one simple origin.
Rather this may arise for several combined reasons. Only
by patient observation can
mother put her finger on the
reason or reasons why her
child won?t eat.
The    child    may be a sick
•child needing a doctor's checkup. A tonic with iron and B-l
..•may   be   useful.   Perhaps,   nib-
:.bling  food  between  meals   or
'candy  is destroying the  appetite.  If  a  child is  worried   or
upset,y or .if <_he feels hurried he
•,wdrr-hp.t^b^:-kWeW;;ab:0ut food.
'."' 'Perhaps ^the'childyisr copying
an adult who ;:has voiced; a/dis-
ilike  ..of ..food.  If the  child5?
health'is suffering over a peri-
. od of time,   a physician must
be consulted. But if the problem has just appeared, ^mother
may be   able  to  deal"' with   it
herself. '-
*  ' *    * '■   _   y
When a child says "I don't
want it!" over one particular
food, don't worry too; much.
If he won't-eat meat,, give him
protein 4n Other forifts — fish,
: ^eggs, 'cheesed /      ...•,■. /-*';:;
Parents who are not too; insistent =on: "Clean. .Plates"  for
every meal, have-fewer eating '
problems^ than those who are
too strict:
If a 'child refuses to eat what
is set before Kim at one particular meal,/don't let him get
you all excited. Perhaps he is
seeing if he can have some fun
by^getting^a*rise" out of you!
Give him twenty ^"minutes, to
fcnisL his mealJ Don't coax,
-fuss or threaten':At the end of,
meal time,' remove his dishes,
and do not give him anything
else to, eat. until the next meal,
time!- .'.-".• This -may sound 'hardhearted but many parents can
testify that this plan works.
There is a chance that a
child may be refusing food because he is emotionally upset.
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He may think Baby Sister has
been receiving too much attention. When he is reassured that
he is getting his fair share of
mother's care, his appetite is
likely suddenly to return to
Mothers are concerned that,
/their children should eat a
well-balanced diet. But no diet
should be judged by what is
eaten at one meal or even during one day. A week is a better
time-«pan for" estimating a
good or poor diet. .'/•
If there is a worried, anxious
atmosphere at meal time, this
destroys the relaxed, contented
•feeling- which- Should be present. Are meals a happy occasion or a battle-ground in
your home? -
Paper, towelling dampened
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TED   KURLUK,   Sechelt —  885-4455 Europe's economic growth will increase pulp uses  HOSTESS OF "CALL THE TUNE" on CBC radio "every Monday is  Angela Gann, a senior student at. Vancouver's John Oliver High  School. With anrtouncer Bob Switzer,:she plays popular records for  teenagers and interviews celebrities of the music world. "Call The  Tune".is heard, from 4:30 to 5:30 p.m. Monday oh the-Pacific Net-:  work of the CBC ajrid from 5. to 5:30 p.m. on/station ;CBl.. ���  Pulpwood harvested by farmers, other Vobdlot owners, and  the. pulp and paper companies,  and afterwards converted into  pulp- paper, and paperboard, is  moving overseas in increasing  amounts this year.  ���In the form of Canadian newsprint, it brings the news,of the  day to:readers "in' LbhdbnyEdin-"  burgh, _iid many other /cities,  and towns in the, '���_ United1'Kingdom. As- Canadian pulp,/it serves  as the/raw _;material:--for'//hundreds of European products,  from - German- magazines/: to  Italian -milk- bottle:/.caps,.<. and  from Belgian -books-.-to Dutch-  cardboard boxes.,^.y-'k y ���  The trade is already- inipsr-  tant ��� and growing; Lastpyear,  Canadian shipments of pulp; and.  paper to Britain- and',.Western  Europe totalled someJ.,: $125  millions. In terms 'y,of.; volume,  this was the equivalent, _.bf about  1% million cords of pulpwood. .  The economics., of 'Western  Europe continue to growJrapid-  ly, and economic growth always ,  means increased demand' ./for  puip and paper. Recent: estimates of paper 'and paperboard  consumption, made by the Food  and Agriculture Organization of  the United Nations, forecast  that the UK. and Western  Europe will be using 30 million  tons of these products by 1925,  compared with only 20 million -  today. . - >  Canada hopes to share in this  increased demand. If she does  the   benefits,   in   the   form   of  KNOW  more jobs, larger payrolls," increased purchases of pulpwood,  chemicals and other supplies,  will spread out and multiply,  ultimately benefiting every Canadian.  Through the years, Canada's  trade in newsprint and pulp has  been built upon the principle of  duty-free entry to the markets  of the world. Recently, the pulp  and   paper  industry   asked   the  Canadian "government to seek  Jo, preserve _ this, principle overseas, so that Canadians can continue to share in the expansion  of demand in Britain and Western Europe.  ^r^ro Mux*,;' ����" ^'oxt-marm am**;  t��.k x",v��w5-1'jt *���     "��� "t  i',J&- ..��� o  "*     -/.   <��t -    V        .   ��     ���  ���������> ~'k��u t>;' '   ~%    ' .  \-PAPER ��  Many Old Age Pension cheques undelivered  Children's ciotmnq  sizes now standardized  A three jeoloro folder,'iBe Sure  It Fits, describing in detail, new  standardized clothing sizes for  children and teenagers, has been  published, ..by. y the Standards  branch of the Department of  Trade and Commerce,,.,<-��� ,:,  The new standardized sizes  have: been /developed /by '-������a committee of the Canadian government specifications board -in response to the demand for standard-sized clothing, particularly  in .-children's.- weary.;���/,. :.���_-. ^ _;.... ,:���������.,:  ; Earlier 'this year; Trade and  Commerce Minister/George '-Hc'e's  Printed Pattirn  -.'.announced ''- that   national   trade  mark .. garment   sizing .- regula-������������.  tions had been enacted, and that,  a Canada standard size label-will  identify   garments   which   have,  been   mahufacturied  to   the:. re-i  . quired ^specifications.-** .    - ky . ;  Manufacturers,;;., retailers.   and  consumers, are   agreed   that   a  ^cK/yofyiinlrprinity|in"isi_es   of;  wearing apparel has led to muciir  needless   confusion'" and   wasted  effort. New sizing systems were  particularly needed in children's  wear,^^the;ym(-tli(M_ ^ in-current^  use evolved over the years more  or less by triaj and error, y    //  '[ -The -size, wasy originally related  to  age;  but because of \ the  wide variation in body measurements ; ofychildiren of��� <the  same  age, this method was considered  unsatisfactory..,,; After - checking  . the ^easuremehts of many Canadian   children, a .system based  oh' kaetiiai; \tibdy   mea>nirementv:  rather than age was devised and  adopted.   As   a  result,   standard  clptliiijgysizes/ have' been' -estab-'  .Hshed. for boys and girls .up-1j  the age of 19 years.  '���   The;folder; Be \Sure lit I.its will  be  distributed   to ^members    of  the   Consumers   'Association   of  Canatla:. ..a^dktrjadfe:r associations,  rand Jto the general'"public ;at ��� ex-  : hibitions ,ahd 'fairs  Across  Can-  .^ak:^W:kj'';':^^';^/ky'kv ^ '  /v:-'It::/is:\f!a;yaHab.eVfifeey;/u^bn'.v request from the* Standards branch  or fromythe; editorial, and art  .seTpoes^divisi<^?. of rSrther Trade  Pubncitykbrarich, department of  Trade and Commerce.  {jzn/idas *s*w  Prepared by the Research  Stn�� of  INCYClOPfDlA    CANADUMA  Is tellurium found in Canada?  Yes,   its   commercial , source  is the minute amounts present  as  impurities in   various   ores  -that are recovered as a by-product in the refining of copper.  yIn,Canada it is-recovered from  the anode slimes obtained in  the electrolytic refining1 of  copper at Montreal East, Que.,  r.and at Copper .Cliff, Ont. -.  " Like seleniurn and sulphur,  tellurium is,a member of,the  oxygen fem^ljr of elements-and  .4 lie? close to> t-_eM>order, line  between- metals ^a^id ii^:metals  It is used principally as an additive to lead and copper. In  the former it improves ductili-  ty,,_and..in^.the latter it increases  harness and improves machining qualities. It is'.-also*. usedT tpt  improve the durability- ^.triibk  ber and to impart bluish-and;;  brownish tiiits ;in :thje cer_^mic:  and glass industries. '"'"r"  ��� >-'V>*-.  It..clings.-clo_ely,.then whirls  out into ,the low hip flare  young fashionables favor!  Choose "V" or collared neckline for,, a. dress that makes you^  feel like dancing right into.  1962.  ; Printed Pattern 9095: Junior "  Miss  Sizes 9,   11,   13,   15,   17.  Size 13 takes 5 yards 35-inch  fabric.  Send FORTY CENTS (40c) in  coins (stamps cannot be accept- *  ed)   for   this   pattern.   Please.  print piaixily SIZE.NAME. ADDRESS, STYLE NUMBER.,/  Send your-order to.MARIAN-  MARTIN   care   of   the* Coast  News, Pattern. De^tV. 80 FToati  St. West. Toronto, 0��nt..  YOU'RE INVITEH!) %o .a Fall-  Winter fashion, spectacular -~  see 100 styles to sew in our  new Pattern Cata_og.; No matter what size, you'll find it! 35c  LADYBIRD,   FLY  AWAY  -So   gtfes   the   children's   couplet,  yet   these, harailessi   je^wel-  like' little   creatures   should   be  . welcomedyin any home. Federal"/  entomologists; have   reported   a  pppula,ti6n , explbsionkof ladyhug '  or ladybird/ beetles' on/ southern  Vancouver    Island.   . They . will  sbbri be^ invading homes in search  of a cosyi,warm place-to spend  the '-winter,; The news jneedv occasion 'no   alarm', "since   tliese  tiny,   brightly   colored, invaders  perform  services, of great value ,  to n.an,  feeding entirely/.oni> in-;  sects and their. eggs: Among/; the  destructive pests on which they  prey   are   plant  lice- and.scale.  insects.   ������"./ ��� k /.. //      "  .      WIFE'S CHOICE   FINAfc  According to automobile,manu-  facturers,   the  colorful  state; of  the highway^ today,is due"to the,  feminine  influence. If' men had \  their 'way,' sombre blacks, bliies  and greys would dominate. But  experience has shown. tMt;- while '  the hus.bahd chooses- the make of  car, the wife; has the" final choice ���.  in the  color, .trim and appointments. And she likes .her ...trans-.,  portation gay. :' ']'���'.  DISASTER   PERS<MWEL A   /  ������ '/:.Miss^Heleh:i.'G^��Mi^Aarthuf^ -ofi  Toronto, r hationarkdirtictpryvofl-  nursing services Softfiie Caiiadian ���  Red ;��Y?ross y^peiety,:." /'has,/ :|6een^  named  chairman of. the nuking,  advisory qoniihitteei bf/.the Liear;/  gue of Red Cross Societies/ nowv  in session inyPjrague, rCzechosio-  vakia.jMiss  Mc^Lrithur.!s c^mniit-  tee  will  select Rgd: Crds^per-  sonnel  on  a   standby hasis^ "for ;  service as chief nurses during international : disaster   operations.  Those   designated   will,  receive  special trainings for jthese assign v  ments, through [Combined League  and .National ]lRed|iCrossppro-,;  grants..'.. ,^y..-:;""/ 'k-^';. :;k^."?-  h ii     k ��� i. \->~J'  CHRISTMAS IDEA    yX[  ,    Save    the/.: tttties that kwa_p?  paper and fqil'JcSme on. Before^  Christmas fill >wi^/sn{aiti gj__ys,..  cereal^ pr^iunis, ^cbokifes  and  so  on.  Coyer / with.,- red.' erepe  paper and tie-ri(&_^$ around]  the -en<te} Pranged the ends and  slipyihto a Christmas stocking: /  .-/.>���.��� ^   ���   ' .  ;.       ;i'���^y  ....)  MORE   MEN  AtyUfid k,.  Hie   proportion    oif meh;^  vWornen in   the  University  of-  /B.C;' stiident   body  is almost  -deritical ��� with  last i year.;:- Men;  make up 70.1 'percent-.asiicoimr,  pared to.7.0.8 percent last^year;:  r#hile the percentage ,of women ;  . iinicrease^//^ghtly. .yfrom ;^29^.  pewent to'''29iff percent.  -������������-; v,,<,����������  Seventy * five thousand  heques come back to the Department of National Healtn.  ind Welfare's offices each  year ��� for a total af Over $_  million.  They are Old Age Security  cheque, which cannot be de��  livered 'because the pensioner  did not tell his local Old Age  Security office that he had  moved.  It isn't enough, department  "officials stress, to give the  post office authorities your new  address rand expect them to do  the rest. Postmasters return all  undelivered pension cheques to  the office of origin. A prompt  note to the regional office will  ensure that the cheque arrives  in good time- and with as little  inconvenience as possible to all  concerned. ,  Oild Age Security cheques o|  $55 each go out each month to  900,000 Canadians, 70 years of  age and over, from 10 regional  offices -across Canada. The regional offices mail the cheques  ion the 3rd last^ banking day,.  pf each month. This isto allow  the pensioner two" clear bank-  ung days before the end of the  afnotnth in which to* cash his  tcheque. liie plankWrks well]  ��� -when such procedures aye foiil  __l<?ired._yiy y2-*kk^i" "k ;���;/;.,';.''  y/T__e^ saime  thing  is  true 64  ���cheques fot<~. Ipensioners   livinjj  ���buftside  :CJ^da./!^Jnder', law,I:  X-^f^^^^^^^P^n,^ approv-"  //e(^/jg^j_^^^^d.^who. have";  ���^^���^Si^^^^biifBi^: for '2bl:  yye^wyajffe^j^ge; J2l_^; can "draw--  ^���^^^A&i^%ecur?py:j. beriefits  br6ad-:fc��fe5M3 long as they wish./  kPebple %fi^;have .lived in Can-  X-&d��XfbT:l<e3i[ than this time can  idraw: pensions,, abroad for six  months plus, theymohth of de-;  parture).: The. provi^ons of payments/ abroad  is  a  recent development.    "     ������.-"-' ������������.-".-���-  ��� Commenting on this aspect  J. Wiidb.Monteith said; "It is  * in a recent address, the Hon.  nott the intention ;of ,the govern-  ;- ment > to/encourage pensioners  to leave; Canada:, what we: are  anxious to; do is to give odr  eenior citizens greater ;freedoni  of action ih arranging their re-  tiremetnt   years   in   line   with  ; their own best'/wishes andr'best  '/iriterests:^:���-k:'kk V"': /y  Cheq u.es   for    pensioners  yabrciaid go out prtthe same. day.  as 'tlie in-Cahada variety, but  there -is: aii imWrft_nt differ-  encek .between.--tihe;: two types.  -���Out^Cariada/ cheques can' be  cashjW/anywhere' abroad. In-  Canada cheques are good only  4n�� thisyoHintry. So, if you are  planning a  trip to Florida or-  rJ'raiaee.ryoa should let your re-''  rvgic^l   office know ' promptly.''  .T^e/ofKce/will send youa ispe-";'������  cial'   . cheque    and arrange for k  .l$aymenXs:toi..continue^asylong; j  f!a��,ybu a,re.*Lway- -^ siibject..to:-���  the provisions mentioned above  Old Age Pensions are administered by the government  of Canada under ,the Old Age  Security Act of 1951. The Act  provides a universal pension of  $55 a. month, to residents of  Canada, 70 years and over who  'meet certain residence requirements. Payments^ total about  $o*0Oy million "per year for  about 900,000 people across the  nation, t   >    -      <  Over one-third of these pensioners, 328,000 live in Ontario  ��� a fact which some attribute  to the comparatively mild cli,s.  mate of %the. province's so^ther|.|;  section. Quebec with a similar  population ^accounts "tan only  British ' Columbia   is  191,000  next with 115,000. T!he present  |Hfe expectancy for- the pensioner is.ll1/- years, and Canada's life; Expectancy is Rising.  Thus the program can be expected to play an increasingly  important role in the Canadian  economy.;  ''./��� '���>. '.- k'y -~'l :'-l  This large and complex operation calls for a massive job  of organization and book-keeping; But- thV cooperation' of  pensdonere in such��� matters; as  address^ changes - helps to keep  the machinery running smooth-  ��� ly. It hejps. make _ :thg service  /)bette_y:_b;r<?-<;yjwj_(^e^ -  " Next' Week^ Natibriai Health  Grants i -^ ^Investments. In Life.  N  oses  $$.>&mM  Did you know that practic^fS^Ibpe^sehse^)f smell, he pro-  ly every country * of r the world kceeds ytd7 experiment and blend  supplies some ,of tthe k^aw, ta_a?^'sbj^teere- Upjtn^ Xp 2000 dif-  terials used by perfumers, bet?-' fererit isubstarices /in/vary.ng  ter known as "noses," to creates k quantities until ^e achieves .the  their works pf;.^rtd^-fine p^kii^^^t^jp(teTfe^ation  of ^his  fumes?  France, perfume, -lower center of the world, ���" produces  many of the exquisite flower  oils so; important to all fine  perfuknes ^sj^ustti-n^yjonqiul,  ���narc_ssife,k minwsai^kh^^ih  > ,;>3^eycreation-t;tof. .'a new perfume kmayv-take from one: ? to  ten"years, and .no nose of repute i?; satisfied until it is' as  close; idi ^riectipn" as possible.  While strii^h|r^toxachieve. tj^is  and ro& dekmai.^^ _pehd_ days, and  famed  for its  "otto"  or attar    often'   nights,    blending    and  of rose. Yugoslavia coniiih'u.tes    smelling.^He;/sniffs, under   all  oak mo_B^:It--^('i��_��^iBSMd^i^iuul'' :-*$pes df^jfi^ti^c^nditione���  _i*���   ^js^ . Yiangk Snawfa4ln--   ��^| bright ?sunny^? days, warm  ----- muggy days, crisp cold days  -^r ,for, .-ay delicately balanced  fragrance is affected by weath-  et. -andv.temperature; And, /he  keeps changing and experi-  menting always striving for  Vroi^dnessrvypf^twiquet.. k. .  :a" roundness: which^ can be com-  iparedf td>. a. pleasing flower ar-  ^higemeht with the right nurn-Z  ber ;ahd, colbr of blossoms, and  citrus  Madagascar   and    the   Philip  pines;  geranium-in, tthe Bpur-.  bon Islands; clove in Zanzibar.  Exotic stthdalwdod is gathered in India;  vetivert in Java  and    Reunion. ��� .Ethopia's J.cat��  produces, "civeti; i;Tibet'sy/iriiun^-  tai'n deer gives miisk. t)ut  of  the oceans  surrounding  Qhina.  and   Japan   comes    ambergris  from the  Spern  whale.  South  America.^, supplies:_: rpsiewood ;; le^7^^?^ft^W^ ^5d,(har  and tonka' bean; Central ,Ame  rica produces lemon-grass and  balsam Peru. All these, are but,  a few oif the ^hundreds 6f ;_-are  and exotic .materials Used in  making perfumes/  mohiouslycbmibined to acnieve;  perfect aesithetic. balance. \        r.  COLOR.HELPS STUDIES  Parents yshbuldk|.ek taking a  lead, from the . schools in i pro-  How does; avnd_e or, per- Riding an attitMctive, well-lighted  fumer, go /about transforming placd at hbmekfor the /coming  these different and' sometimes battle of the b/poks,' according, to  malodorous products iinto ex- Miss Helen Bell; color/ stylist  quisite perfumes? First, ^e lis who; plans decorating schemes  seized with/. ^ny^_ideaV r��� an . forschbols/^'.M^  inspiration? ="; ���ptw:.; jpefapry y .he k':cdiprfdl classrooms, comifdrtable';  wishes to icapture;..ft^- perfume;  udesks . and  proper;Z/iifehting! en-  4.ti^-:^Z^.-~^��'Vi~^J.&[.^^^^  y��hj|cle_?^;peymits. ^ssu-  bdrder. ^ ii^nts/|aerp__Z .the  credit ;Riitish3Cdliimbia  *.*- ��� **:^"V:  AVOID ARGUMENT  Avoid yarguments; or -^violent,  exciteinen oyer the . manners of  other drivers. Additional adrenalin in the blood makes good  driving   difficult! 10     Coast  News,   Nov.  2,   1961.  BOWLING  E  & M BOWLADROME  By ED.;CONNORk,vy  Sig Rise bowled a nice game  last week on the Teachers Hi  League with an 812 (274; '268,  270).  High team of the week were  the Bulldozers of the Men's  League with 3077 (1065).  League Scores: l  S.C.L.: Team, Family Bakary,  2555, Gibsons Hardware 959. Col  leen Bruce 608.  Gibsons B: Team, Oops 2609,  (988). Roy Taylor 600, G. Nasa-  dyk 696  (271,  261).     .  Merchants: Team, Clog Hoppers 2618, (984). B. Anderson 611  (232), E. Bingley 696 (302), N.  Wblariski 728 (256, 246), J. LeGros 625 (253).  Gibsons A: Team, Imperials,  2730, Smoke Eaters 1014. Ike  Mason' 628 (258), J. Wilson 708  (257, 246), Ed Connor 704 (322),  J. McVicar 644 (245), H. Thorburn 672 (259), D. Crosby 702  (266), K.   Stewart 632.  Ladies:   Team,   Garters,   2345,  (894). P. Humes 544, , B. Wood  544 (223), S. Wingrave ; 559,/:_fe.  Carmichael 527 (238), '<_���'. Nasa-  dyk 526, M. Connor 600 (224),  R. Harrison 514, Louise Slinn 530  (236). ������.'. :'���:?/ k':  Teachers Hi: Team, No. 7,  2718, (987).Gene Yablonski 725  (317), Sig Rise 812 (274,/268, 270),  Commercials: Super Valu,2867  Pen Kids 1032. B. Morrison 620,  J. Jorgenson 611 (239), E. Shadwell 622, S. Mason 648 (256), J.,  Mylroie 603, H. Thorburn 607/ k_  Port Mellon: . Team,k Scatter  Bugs 2646 ..(1013). Gwen Connor  644   (242),   A.  Holden   608   (251),  G.   Hostland ��� 673   (291).   />���//':  Ball���'���'_���& Chain: Team, jokers  2455, (lOiO). Bronnie Wilson 628  Men's: Team, Bulldozers 3077,  1065. B. Morrison 654 (238), Sig  Rise .702 (289), Ike .Mason .608,  E. Hume 648/(298), H. Jorgenson  745 (286), Alex Robertson 685  .(259). k.v.'- _,/  High School: Team, Strikers,  2333 (861). Denise Crosby 562  (203),. Lynn  Stenner 203.   ~  SECHELT BOWLING ALLEY  By ORV .MOSCRIP  ' Rae Fitzgerald joined the '300'  Club by^ bowling a 307 in the La  dies League.-  Other  Scores:  Ladies League: Brownie Wilson 665 (258), Rae Fitzgerald  307, Dorothy Smith 255, Bev Robinson  276, Lola Caldwell 280.  Pender: Ev Klein 600, Dick  Wise 732.  Peninsula Commercial: Eve  Moscrip 785 (281, 263), Sam MacKenzie 754 (304), Dorothy Smith  325, Harriet Newton 262,., Orv  Moscrip 296.  _ Sports   Club: , Elaine   McLean  ' 563,.Hazel' Skytfe 257, Lawrence  Crucil 621.  Ball & Chain: Ron Whyte 652,  Fran Jackson   549.  Anderson & King  announce the opening of their  CENTRE SERVICE  New Chevron Station  Sunnycrest Plaza  ��� ������-_ ���  /    If':'  Juniors: Kirsten Jorgensen 361  (183). Ray Moscrip 339 (175).  Pee Wees: Ronnie Plumridge  214' (125), ' Randy DeLeenheer  239,   Ronnie Summerfelt 145.  Ten   Pins:   Depot  Taxi   closed  the gap on Greyhounds-and now  trail by  only *_   a point.krAndy  Leslie 521," Joe Banchig '214.'  - -'.-/.  ��� . ' -' '���' '/<_  USE HAND BRAKE" '  If hydraulic brakes give, out'  suddenly on the highway, use the  hand brake to slow down so you  can shift to a lower, speed, then  proceed slowly along edge of  road  until  you  can get  help.  Phone 886-9500  We're mighty proud of our new station. You can be sure that when  you swing in for Chevron Supreme Gasoline and RPM Supreme  Motor Oil, we'll give ypu friendly service that'll make you want to  come back again.  Chevron International Credit Cards with "Chevronmatic" are good  as gold at our station; if you haven't one we'll be glad to give you an  application form. Standard Road; Maps and||personalizedTrav��_  Information Service are your assurance of carefree motoring.  WE TAKE BETTER CARE OF YOUR CAR!  ���    . r -   -.    -���  .-���'   ������ ,   *."--)i-J.��V,_*.-.      - -     ���    ���      , ������     '-  m   *&***���*, %V*W ami CUvto* mw4qr. ftefl. T.M.'i.  fv  CONGRATULATIONS  ALEX $ MURRAY  on the opening of your  new Chevron station  from the Happy Gang at  Supycrest Shopping Centre  Super-Valu  Danriy^M  Rogers  Variety  &  Paints  Don's  Shoe  Store  Royal Bank of Canada  Todd's  Drygoods  Chas. English Ltd., Real Estate  Sunnycrest Motors  David  Nystrom, Painter  \  NEW  on  PENINSULA  You are  Invited to come out  TEST DRIVE  OUR ALL NEW CHEVY II  ' ' ' i ' ' '���'',��� k '  This is truly the oar to snit all Fainily Needs - flooiny, Economical  9 MODELS TO CHOOSE FROM  4 and 6 Cylinder Models with Standard Transmission and  PENINSULA SVIOTOR  Phone 885-2111 WILSON  CREEK^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^     kk  YOUR LOCAL GENERAL MOTORS DEALER  Keep Local Personnel Employed ..��� ��� Shop at Ho^  '.-'���'.'- !.'.-.k/'/"''��� ���"������'/


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