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The Coast News Oct 18, 1956

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 Published  in   Gibsons,  B,  C,
Volume 10, Number 42
October  18,  1958
Serving ihe Growing
Sunshine Coast
.'■'■ Tenders are being completed1 ior construction of the
Davis Bay school and a start
on it will be made in the near
future, it was announced at
the last meeting of the school
Plans ,of the_ new ^ schools
■fHo be constructed at Roberts
Creek;, Gibsons'; Elementary
.and Elphinstone,. High -are'in
the; hands of .the„>coiitragtors
'., arid it is expected contracts
will be sighed shortly^      ; _
The^Tboafd bas y announced
a representative' of the Motor
Vehicle- brahch  will-;address
V students - soon on .traffic problems and safety.   ,    . _\".'."*■.•
',     For dental"   service 3n   the
■•: district it 'was' announced Dr.
\J. Riley will be available for
a 10 week periodT .';'"' ''■'   s: ;(
7  Port Mellon has    arranged
for establishmerit of a" students
savings  club    in  '..connection
•withv th£. Credit Union.
. Hopkins Landing bus shelter will be moved to the north-
side of the road to avoid hav
the use of the auditorium on
certain evenings. '
West Sechelt bus run will
be extended, one mile if it'is
possible to fit it into the present run to Wakefield Inn. The
bus run around Pratt- road and
Honeymoon lane will be extended to pickup Gower. Point
children if.time will-allow.
Tenders for transportation
for five children at Vanguard
bay, Nelson . Island will be
sought again in sfti effort to
get these children to school..
re pnone
lines work
A $34,000 outside plant job
is under way to handle future
demands for service in the
Sechelt area, E.L*. Maliet, district commercial mnaager for
B.C. Telephone Co., anhoun-
ces. 7 '
Cable is being placed    be-
conditibn'oif Egmont road the .
lobard has arranged for a rep- 140 nwfcs of open wire^is to be
resentativ^ ^o  visit    Victoria strung along Pender Harbour
t<£ interview Mr - Gaglardi  to Highway and    Norwei^  Bay
sefe if something    cannot    be K°ad :to increase facilities in
Lower bus fares following
the reduction of the Lioos
Gate Bridge toll was discussed at the last meeting of Roberts Creek Improvement association. Mrs R. Htaghes was
in the chair and the meeting
was of the opinion the crn^
solution was for the bus line
to issue a return fare in order
the reduction could "be put itt-
to effect.
Owing to the general dissatisfaction of the meeting
over the lack of a fare cut two
letters  were  read.
Here is the first  letter   ^to
the  Public Utilities  Commissy
ion   at Victoria:
British.    Columbia's      ninth T|^hich7 has Tbeen  in/operation    chine,  construction  of  a   175-      'Dear Sirs:   I have been, iki-
pulp mill — fourth since the I since  June,   1952.     Mountain    ton per day  bleach    plant, a    structed by the Roberts Creek
war _   commenced     p^oduc? fcif chips in centre foreground    sawmill and additional grind-    Improvement  association Ho
+:"    *u- '■'--- :y > t±-a   Xr.      n,i_ 5-_   _       -„     -_z     • ^    ■ , ^ ers  for  groundwood    produo    advise you,  that as   yet   Sse
tion this week,. It is   the   Elk v feeds mill with, material from    tion. When completed, the pro-    Sechelt    Transportation     has
Fa.% Company's     $15,000,000 ^several   Lower  Mainland  and    ject, totalling $29,000,000 will    riot reduced the fares as"BlC.
kraft   pulp    mill at    Duncan | Island sawmills which former-    provide   completely     integrat-    Electric did when the toll was
Bay,   near    Cainpbell    River, \ ly was largely wasted. Furth-    ed forest industry at one site    taiken off the bridge.
Vancouver  Island.   The   plant \cr expansion at the site to be    to give best end-use of    saw7        Your attention to the matter
tween Inlet Avenue and Ma-    <<teily .<cj^acity 500"   tons)    is f carried out  within 4he    next    Jogs. Elk  Falls. Company    is
will    be    addition     of   .'subsidiary  of   Crown    Zeller
000. second paper . ma-    tiach Canada Limited,
to  seirve  Wakefield'.   Another r ' ^ —-^ Tv
Ing to cross   when   boarding    SOn  ^oad on   Cowrie    Street    adjacent Jb the newsprint mill, ; year    wil
the bus   As regards the poor    at*d Pender H^ow ffi^ left of    centre) £ $7,500,001
19 Mackenzie vote
done to improve "if. y T
;  Senior: Boys and Girls Bad-
imittbriT clubs Will" be allowed
the Secret Cove,\ H$l_jnrioon
Bay arid Redrooffs district.
..' A heavy, gang under Ben
FWgbn is ctiriymg *biit the
work and will have it completed by late Jjoyeriaber.
B.C. Telephone Co officials
announce that outside plant
has been placed in the Roberts
Audition for
Pat Reiter
opens oazaar
^TThe monthly meeting of the 7 Creekarea of the^Gib^ons ex-
TSt. Mary's Hospital,Auxiliary    change. Thevv$10,6odyjob was
;wss -^
bc^.TliTiyjtth Mjrs^i^Garyey,; rer of peopte^n.party lin^i and
president, in the chairl .7 7       ^owde-^
^3pgg^?^^ AyyxAyAyy^ry-' y^y^
were    received and all7 7yyere;    7 Cable  was 7 placed between
;   pleased with the results of the     Cannery RcK*d.   and    Sechelt.
work the members had achiev-    Highway on   ^Roberts    Creek
edl Tentative plans were^made    RoadT towards TIalfhioon Bay."
for a Christmas teaj^dates'to'      .    XXr—±y-^-~-r—-—
be announced.
Mr  Dixon    addressingy.the
meeting  explained  the  duties
'of the hospital administration,
as well asTthe general routine
of ihe;hosipital and where the Mrs Harry Reiter, accompan-
Auxiliai^y can Tnelp; Afternoon ied by her daughter, Pat, have
tea was served, arid a social returned from a trip to Seattle
hour followed? Where Miss TPat    Reiter    was
Next meeting will be held one of .the few Canadian girls
Nov. 8. in the club house. chosen to^-be •auditipned    foi'
The bazaar on Oct,6 . .was the part bf Joan of Arc in the ^.
opened by Canon Green. Tab- .picture7 of the same name
les of fancy work, horiie cook- being filmed by OttO Premising, vegetables arid plants ger. T
were well patronized and the Mr Preminger was present
fish pond and bingo, tables ,, for the audition and about 50
were popular with the sriiall girls from the North Pacific
fry. A delightful afternoon tea states arid Western Canada
was served following the sale,    took part.
The raffle prizes were: Jun-. Miss Reiter speaks highly
ior Mixer, Mrs J. Fontaine of. of the way the the auditions
Kleindale; Table lamp, Mrs E. were arranged arid every girl
Bond of Madeira Park "and was given a fair, chance to
Steak knives, The McDonells,    show her acting abilities.
The setting for the auditions was the Olympic Bowl
in the Olympic Hotel. The proceedings were televised and
much publicity appeared : in
the American papers. Results
bf the auditions will be made.
known in about a months
Polling Division
Muir Gargrave Mainil
Votes Regstd.
■ ■                            t 1
CCF    ^ Lib.
Cast   Voters
Bowen Island
^ 1
27      .•   1J  .
" 1"
87           173
32           14
\   -   0
•  1- •
89           162
13             4
46           123
Gibsons Landing
250         158
■       2
783          1199
Haliriioon Bay-
41            19
110            189
Pender Harbour
92           22
247f         476
Roberts Creek
93           24
■ •'■X.A.A  ' .
242^7         400
/;164   ,
175   4 .     39
433?         680
Wbbdfibx^           :J
1J7    ,       43
•. ^ "
:-«J|6$M -542'
WilsonTCreek^„ X
44 "
, 51, ., ,, 17
107'      "- 20
-v. ■,_."-■ 0.^. .V
. '128;..^TTT.I84
YYjS;-y■ .y-ZIS
Bella; Coola
200             5
9            130
Cranberry Lake
382        T 90
639  y      849
Ocean Falls   y
374           95
669          1252
Powell River.
458'       210
958      '.. 1272
Westview      '
944          266
1896          2544
Wildwood             j
234           38
373'          462
All other polls
560          134
.   45
1111          2578
Absentee votey-
222            67
.1 •      i,'—i*«: i^\o.i > ■•• ■.»•
trust the abovfe is the us?»-
Madeira Park. Box of chocolates, Diane Knight and small
doll, Terry Cameron.. •
The Ladies of the Auxiliary
thank all who donated articles
for' sale also those faithful
fWiorkters whqse wojtk made
such''''■& profitable bazaar pos-
.. sible.     .
Bishop Geoffrey Gower of
New Westndnster will preach
in Anglican 'churches Sunday
on the Penirisula and will be
^at St. Bartholomews in Gibsons at 11 am; St. Hilda's, Sechelt at 2 pm and St, Aiden's
in Roberts Creek, at 3.30 pm.
The services will be special
Thanksgiving services and it
is expected there will be good
congregations at each service.
Many  sign
for concerts
The memberchip campaign
for the Overture Concert association on the: Sechelt Pen-
irisula is making satisfactory
progress, Dick McKibbin, president, announces. #
Rejpbrts frorri team captains.
for the first four days indicate
.   Gibsons  and. district  Board
of Trade has arranged forT J.
Mathison,  regional  consultant
of  the   Community   Programs
branch, Department of Education to address the board    on
Centennial committee     operations at the local level.
.    This will be    done at    the
next meeting, Nov. 19 and Mr
"Mathison   will  outline how a
local  committee  can  function,
and what it will be able to do
to  obtain   government financial aid. '
The board, now in its 11th
year saw    the    vice-president
public relatibns; Don Macklam, advertising; George
Hunter, house; Ted Henniker,
finance; William McAfee trade
and industry; William Sutherland, tourism and safety; Harry Reichelt, Farmers Institute;
Rae Kruse, membership program and entertainment, Jack
Marshall and special events,
Ed Anderson
Members who admitted they
were offenders of parking
laws, complained' about trie
lack of action on part of the
would  be  appreciated.
J. Monrufet, secrete^
treasurer , 7   .
'. Here is'the seTcppd'.letter; -
Dear Madam: In answer .to
your letter I cart' advise .as
follows:. The 7 reductioii ps*
passenger amounted to on&r
twc^andra-hair cents <and to
Sechelt TYaiispo_ttipn7 LWL
sell only' single, fare tickefis.
the officiate of - the cojtnpaay
pointed out that it was; in*?*
practicabe to reduce the faze
by twb-ahd-a-half- cents.
Where return fares are «*•
fered to West Vancouver,
North Vancouver, etc.... 5aa_M_,
where the. toll amounts to five
cerifc? T the . adjustment'"" i««st
"  1:_	
ibn^ you require
: Wf A,  JafBray,  superiritefltf-
CNIB drive
may top 'SS
The CNIB drive for fuhdte
is expected to go over laa&
year's • figure, Edward Henm-
ker, manager bf the Bank «S
Montreal at Gibsons, ansa
chairman of the <Jrive, annoiaar-
ces..'' ..7T  . '        '
'. So far collections have 664-
alled $440 and there are stxia
some points to h£ar from swfe
as- Seciielt? Wilsbn Creek;anff
Halfmoon Bay; ^nd elsewhere.
Long search
comes  te  end
- Coding on Oct. 18,, 19 asm
20 to Gibsons Theatre js a
story billed as the Youghes-,
toughest, most beautiful picture eyer made. The Searchers
is a story of a search for Delk-
bie, young daughter of a TteE-
as rancher and niece of HHban.
Edwards (John Wayne), wbe
RCMP in nabbing overtime has been carried off by a
Parkers and  'sleepers', people    raiding band of Comanches,
who leave their cars for long
swear in the .president, : Mrs . hours and* dayjsu in, one. spot.
Wynne Stewart, who was un- The ^oard was urged to write
able to attend the swearing-in the RCMP and urge greater
ceremony at Port Mellon re- - enforcement of the parking
cehtly owirig to illness. Four iaws.
new-members were Jicfctiittfed, ■ —
The search lasted for j&ve
years, and extends from t&&
southwest to the Canadian,
border. Martin Pawley, a
ward -. of the Edwards family
joinsi^hHs-iiincle in the searcfe,
played by Jeff Hunter.
an   enthusiastic; acceptance of   Mrs Nygren, Bob Emerson, Mr
Priess of Port Mellon and Mr
Holden of B.C. Elertric, The
membership is now on its way
T^litfeyseriW ^>f Canada pa^Q^V deduction  buying   in    bringing  top-flight  talent    to
Salfe Boiwfe will be offered plants and mills in the Howe   the Peninsula. Oyer 100 mem-
to^Gaiiadiari^ OctT 15^ While four^ Regioii.  With Pember-   be^b^ha^been^r^yed,
yy^y;_,      T      v   z       .< ton. Securities,; Vancouver,. JMrT. and .many, more promised.   %..
th^^w bdild reams features   ^Qu^ ^ one ot nine BA The fact mem3>er^hip cards
th$   Mve cau?^ two ^million vestment    dealers     borrowed    may be loaned to others1 is 'a
Canadians to fcecome, o-yvtners, from firms for the jQb.                   favorable  point   with    many
there7is- an added touch this .Payroll    deduction    buying    members/   likewise  the  idea    f°r Black BaUtto iioove to Hop-
yesify 7;7                        ^ has, proved^pppu^^                                                                                                                                     ^
As an incentive not only to ^                                                    visitors from outside areas.        a formality  a, ri^b^on to that
Ibuy but to hold the bonds, the #orth> having    been .  bought        Mr Poison, ia concert pianist,
interest rate has been'steppbd thisr way^    during    the    past    with Mr Dorse McTaggart who
to the 60 mark.
A letter from TBlack Ball
Ferries asked that the board
show its agreement  by letter
up. The first two coupons pay    decade.
off at an annual rate of 314
percent, the next two at 334
and the last seven at four
A veteran of savings bonds
campaigns, William S. 'Bill'
McQuaid    will help  organize    interest.
*Bonds .afeocarr be bought
for cash . ,and through banks
and inestnierit dealers.' As usual they do not fluctuate in
Value and can be   turned   in
has taken a keen interest in
the  Overture  Concert   Assoc-
effect was passed."
The slate of officers for the
year and members of the various    committees    are:    Mrs
iation,' Vancouver, visited the Wynne Stewart, president; Ed
Peninsula     on       Wednesday, Anderson,    vice   - pjresideht;
calling on   imsfny    members Harold Wilson, secretary; Rae
from Port Mellon to Sechelt, Kruse,  treasurer;   Keith   Wri-
anytime   for  cash value  plus    to discuss  operation    of    the    ght,  local affairs;    Walt Ny-
gren,   marine;  Walt  Emerson,
The news sure gets around, Professor, » -
f** vcv
37k? Tfti-ifl 2fco* Comes Once in a lifetime
[e'll foe around quite awhile
..     Wat (Bomt Mttus
>• Published by Sechelt Peninsula News Lid.,
every Thursday, at Gibsons, B.C.
JSIember Canadian Weekly Newspaper Association
and the B.C. division of C.W.N.A.
V Box 128, Gibsons, B.C. Phone 45Q
FRED CRUICE, Editor and Publisher
DO  WORTMAN, Advertising  Manager
-fe&orized Second Class Mail, Post Office Department, Ottawa.
;3teios of Subscription: 12 mos., $2;    6 mos., $1.25;    3 mos., 75c.
»^2£Jed States and Foreign, $2.50 per year. 5c per copy.
SB's for rainy days
'•' At times a set of initials will convey to the general public
ssssiething of importance. We have UNESCO, NATO, CPR, CNR,
'3IS5L and so forth. Each one representing something substantial.
. In Canada we have initials which have a considerable effect
caar our general economy. Those initials aire CSB and they rep-
sssEnt^Canada Savings Bonds. Canada backs them $nd they do
Wx5&. our economy.
Why are-these initials-important? Well to start with, they
r3S^3cesent a nest egg amounting to something like two billion
__ri&ars salted a*way by the people of Canada ori which they get
2_BEEaXthan three percent per year added to their    investment,
:gSI2E3nteed by the Ottawa government,.
"' ^ "These bonds ".are'.-not subject to market fluctuations. They
saamfn at one price during their lifetime and    can be    turned,
^fistcash at any bank on any banking day   when   interest   to
^Siw^period will be paid ais well as the face value of the bond.
sasE-saFd to    individuals only, each person can purchase up to
"These bonds cannot be held by corporations because they
v3_$H)0 only. They can be bought in sums ranging from $50 to
A pixy-like little old man
hobbled out of the high hills
and announced to a startled
world that he was a left over
of the big British Colxunfo.ia
gold rush one hundred years
ago. '• T'M-
Giving his name as Ceritui-yT
Sain, he told reporters he'd-
been here before — in 1858!(
That's what they're saying;
down at the Centennial Com;
mittee office in Victoria.      ;: f
The feet is Sam's the maif
who's going to shout to all the£
.world that B.C.'s biggest celebration is set for 1958. T |
"jbhey are going to see Sam
in London, Paris, Rome a*ic[
New York. At the same tirrie
he's going to be as familiar in
Prince Rupert, Penticton, ti(e
Peace River Country, tile
Queen Charlottes, in the big
cities and the. Pumpkin Corr
ners. He'll be right here iojn
the Sunshine Coast too 7   .-■' Ay£
Sam's as real as patriotism.
You can see a bit of hirii' in
everyone who calls this pro'y;-
ince home — and the twinkle
of, his eye is transported to '
foreign places with everyone
who -even visits here: •
He's at once, the gol 'durn-
dest story-teller, and the dag-
nabbist boaster who ever
panned the rivers.
'Went on a spree back in
1858. Me and a rattler chose
to hole up in the same rocks,
He bit me, I bit him back. He
stiffened out and I used' him
for a pipe cleaner. Then,' I
guess I slept for 98 y'ars or
so.' 7 '■'•'•■
Stuff like that Sam spouts;
He can talk all day about the
gold rush — howT the miners
landed at Puget Sound.arid at
Whatcom, how they made, a
trail from there overland  to
show on the walls of community halls and municipal offices
wherever local committees are
planning their 1958 birthday
B.C. Centennial Committee
chairman L.J. Wallace says
Sam's going to make the papers, the magazines, the ■ T.V.
and the billboards.
Watch for Sam. Where he is
you'll learn more about your
Centennial Year program —
the biggest collection of excitement since the province
2    Coast News, Oct.  18, 1956
Construction is expected to
start shortly on the University of British Columbia's new
$2 million Arts building, Coi>
tract for construction was
awarded to contractor A.R.
Grimwood Ltd. who submitted
the lowest bid, $1,658,000,
in competition with five other
firms. 7
the- Fraser, about 29 roiSes
above Langley. How they
lived,, worked and 'whooped
it up'.     ..   :
His memories of the last
century, his 'wonderment' at
the advances of the country
Since he hibernated, will be a
big part of the Centennial
color which is soon to be
splashed around the globe.
Sam's going to the people
soon in a broadside which .will
British Columbia's longest
suspension span is being, constructed across the turbulent
Peace River at Taylor Flats,
a short distance south of the
town, of ^ort St. John. Tlie
span, which will be 1675 feet
from tower to tower, will carry the Westcoast Transmission
Company Limited natural gas
pipelines, Plans, call for completion of the ( crossing this
I.O.O.F. Sunshine  Coast
Lodge No.76 meets Gib-
son's Legion Hall 2nd and
4th Friday each* month.
Is money
in your
■>-V  , Small   sunis
"burn    holes
'       :. '  :   x '■■■''•    ' '     ^-
During the construction of the Port Mellon-Gibsons new
Distribution Line, there will be Intermittent Power Outages fo? ihe period of about on© month, commencing Oct. 5.    I
pocket and these "losses"
can add up to a small
fortune. How much better
to put aside your small
change arid let it grow. An
Investors Syndicate plan
will help . you. Call or
write: ,    - ~ -—-^-—-y-
These Outages will be for periods of from
.  Write or Phone
District Manager
503-640' W.   Hastings'
Vancouver   2,  B.C?.'
Phone. Marine  5283
syndicate pt cah_»a, mmim
**v%   -%^ ■»•**•*■
They must be' important in the life of   Canadians or   they
~«s3s_Ed not hold them to the value of two billion dollars. That
i^KS? large sum li^T'^^ig-fwith ihe':^a^^^^'^p(m^$ wjiic^.Vr
.s-HBPmpre than. tA^'Mlibns' it would Ibokialthough Canadians
asE?financially sound.
iSSB's now on sale, are easy to. get; Your bank manager can
£&$& you decide how you purchase theriv Banks also   have   an .
-atBellerit loan^policy to assist the purchaser.
>" 35Ktor: Our good little Coast
-■^fesrs certainly  gets   around.
'■Bet gpt results from both the
a man from    Half .Moon
ig- bought the buggy to take
to Chilliwack, and I    re-
cseeeed a letter from Ontario
• tafe answer to the one about the
' 'S-feoaa wool.
Mrs.' J. Reeves
•-,.• •■■" *   •.■*•'■'*
"aEHitor: Now. the final count,
^atar. been made in the prpyin-
^E election may iythankT^all
tS&ase who supported nie , at
map polls. This' endorsement
S&es. given me great personal
.1_ would also like to thank
zSae? Coast, News for an im-
3P5_-iial job „ of reporting the
m&as during tlie campaign. \
"'._5br the next" few months.. I
"«_£_. be in Victoria College
.S^aar to the study for my law
difls&nee. People wishing to con-
_te& me on coristituancy bus-
mess should write to the Pairl-
fBBsaent Buildings, - Victoria,
Tony Gargrave
* • *y •*
Editor: I think it is - -high
Webbs that something was done
afesttt cows wandering free all
<stost the Gisbons streets. They
isesjily are a public Triuisance
■aSbeway they are allowed to
msam everywhere, up y and
d^rm the roads, into private
tramping, on gardens
flowers^ .-eating .'fruit...out
sCflie 'back of' trucks, even
aSffiri-the truck, is closed in on
Offereesides. •    *-
IBtey' are all fbver the school
_f_ar_I; ;and would7 probably be
MEsMe if the doors, weren't
^fcpt ^closed. Also they are all v
wist the parkksg area of the
^S_Hnely new Super Valu store.
Q£ course .this messes up the
Sgrounds as their    manure   is
left behind.
Many people are nervous of
cows, especially old people or
handicapped people.. If people
want to own cows, why should
n't they have, a large pasture
well fenced in for them. That
is the only decent thing to do
for the public. So please can't
something    be    done     about;
this?,ry'       'X.yy  '   .,
Yours for cowiless streets.
if      Studying still      •   \ !
' 5   isn't fun, Dad-hut itis ^^ I
sure a lot easier wiOii
ihesenew temtm.    ^
; I
A fallen leaf
We axe going to jriiss Mrs
Neil Paton, who passed away
in her sleep. There was no elaborate funeral. Friends' came
and took her quietly* away.
She was one of the old
school who thought people
should stand on their own feet
if able, and although failing
iatelty she still carried on. No
task was too menial for her..
It was carried out with dignity
arid done well.
The village.is going to miss
her. She was always at hand.;
'The children will miss her too.
She was never on the    front
page or the    Social    Column, •
but at the grass roots of hum- .
anity she was^ indispensible7
Her type is getting scarce.
She kept her, troubles to herself. God in* his wisdom savir
fit to >tafce her away where
she will 'be, happy7 vFareweli
Nell Patoh-w^ iriiss you.
The following, is    from,   a,
poeni she likbd:
Oh death, the poor man's dear-
est frien&i-r-*
The kindest arid the, best,
Welcome thte'* hour iriy aged
limbsxT „
Are laid \yith thee to rest,
The .great,  the wealthy,  fear
thy blow, T
From pomp and'.pleasure torn,
But, Oh. a blest relief to
those, that weary laden mourn.
Blessed are,the* poor in
Spirit, for theirs is the Kingdom of Heaven.
■■■>,. ;fct
i. "
Injiye hours, a fiimdred^watt iiulb 'P^
; [Notm%y'Mvi^t&fay)fo^^
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The International Pacific  Salriion Fisheries commission  is made'up of Jhree Canadian  and three United States members, The other two Canadian  commissioners are Senator  Thomas Reid. of New Westminster and A-J. Whitmore,  chief supervisor of fisheries,  Pacific area, for the federal  department of fisheries.  /  ���on the service he'"  gives you; His''  5 interest is in you;s  '��� ���     ' ry.XXi^:  /Because he is free*  r to represent, more tfian  * one insurance?    ^    .  v U-.  company he can <.  *. select the coverage  finest suited to  ,  your needs, r  ... It pays to.dealV  with an independent,,  ' Agent pje Broker^ .  r-���     &  BABY SHOWER  Mrs *B. Morrison West Sechelt, held a shower in honor of  the new daughter of * Mr and  Mrs H. Forbes, Sechelt. About  15 guest enjoyed a delightful  repast and presented the baby  Michele, with 7 many lovely  gifts.  ������������������������������aMNHMHnMMBm   .'  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It Ss as��r>  ticipated that 97% of ��Sia  $667,000 goal will be, readsstLy  Read The Real Estate CcSn__s_T  On The Want Ad Page.  fig^TrssaffiS^KTTfSa  y^iJ��35��!5sfe3SSg  from a worlb of experience  A new pla  Faster and better reforest"  ation practices are forseen by  foresters as the result of the  development of a new power  planting tool. Mechanized  harvesting of the forest has  long been -common-plafce in  B.C., but until now, planting  of  the    forest  has-   remained  strictly ih the hand tool stage.  The new power planting tool,  weighing 21 lbs., combines ��t  McCulloch chain saw motor  with a four inch auger and;  was developed by Doug Best,  MacMillan & Bloedel's Reforestation Supervisor, working in co-operation with the  iIsland Chain -Saw Equipment  Co. Ltd. in Nanainio.      y  For most effective planting  it is carried iii a swinging  motion to 'dig,holes, at six or  eight foot centres, or other  spacing to suit requirments.  Thorough tests by MacMillan  & Bloedel's Forestry Division  indicate that superior results  are obtained as. compared  with standard practice of using a mattock,. The ��� planter  digs a good hole and cultivates  the soil well to permit planting of    the    trees at    proper  SECHELT  CYCLE  95M  BICYCLES  Carriages,  Wheeled  Goods  REPAIRS  line of distinction  PHILIPS  P-3633 "���'���������T  21" CONSOLETTE  with  Swivel Base  This new  Philips TV  features  FOCALITE TUNING EYE  Takes the guess-work  out of Tuning  90 degree wide-angle  aluminxzed PICTURE TUBE  Special type cascade tuner, Phono Jack.  Modern cabinet in Walnut. Mahogany or Oak*  Model  3631 as :sibwiti2t79.9S  This, and many other Philips models now M  Philips Radio and HirFi models, too.  :��'���  ���l-y  !  ���myy  :XpUIt TV- CENTJ^lyI n,  t"\V'T"  RICHTER'S RADIO TV  r.-,^.'-V-rVi,>*,-*  Phone Sechelt 6  THE LOMiEtt YOU  MiOLft THEM..  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Graham is spending a week at Courtenay, Vancouver Island, guest of her  cousin Miss Kathleen Stevens.  She will be joined by her  husband and David for the.  weekend.  Mrs J. Thomson with Jimmy  and Marianne is visiting her  sister Miss Margaret Mon-  crieff in Victoria.  Mrs R. Weston 'and Dwight  and Sheri have returned home  after a week in Vancouver.  Mr and Mrs G. Taylor and  Mr and Mrs  Ollenberger and  family  spent  the  weekend in;  Vancouver.  ,   A son born to Mr and Mrs ;  Fred King of Vancouver last  week is the fifth great grandchild     of   Mr and    Mrs   W; :  Schultze.  Mr Ame Leen of Longview  is in Vancouver General Hospital following a fall from. the  porch of his home resulting  in a broken collar bone andy  several broken fibs.  Mr and Mrs Davies, Mr'and-  Mrs    Brown,    Mr    and    Mrs  Hempsall, Mr arid ,Mrs Mack-;,  OQWN the ALLEYS  BY   ELSIE   JOHNSON  There were five star games  bowled at the Sechelt Bowling ^  alleys in the  past  week.  The....  star   games     were:      Gibson's  ��� Mixed,'Ed  Connor  288,     andl  Jim  Allan   277;   Pender   Harbour, Ron Pockrant  281; Port i  Mellon, Reid Taggart 319; and  Sechelt     Sports     Club,     Roy .  Doyle 279. 7 '���*  High scores for    Oct. 8 7.to'  T Oct. 13 week were:  7Sechelt/: Ladies: High three,;  Dorothy Smith 670; high sing- T  ley Dorothy Smith 273; high  team three, Greenhorns 2299; y  High' team ' ^jfog__y Lucky.,  Strikes 872. 7 , ;7\TT:'-r '  Gibsons    Mixed; 7 Women's-���  ���high   three,    Doreen    Crqsby  601; women's high single; Aiiii  Drummond   262;  men's     high'1  three,  Ed  Connor  615;  men's,  high single, Ed Connor    288; T^  team    high    three,    Midway v  2569;  te&m' higli  news notes  lam, Mr Ollenberger, Mr Pet-,  erson, Mr and Mrs Preiss and  Mr and Mrs Sherman went to  Woodfibre on Friday evening  in Mr Peterson's cabin cruiser  to attend the farewell party  honoring Mr and Mrs Guthrie  of Woodfibre who are leaving  to take up a new post.  At the October meeting of  the PTA Mr Cliff Mahlfnan  and Mr Chris Wood, representing the Credit Union, outlined  the proposed School Savings  ���Club, and referred briefly to  the growth of the Credit Union in Port Mellon from 11  members with $67 capital in  1951 to approx imately 160  members with $25,000 share  capital at the present time,.  Loans totalling $150,000 have  been made in the .past five  years/ ��� '.��� - '   x- ..   .  The school plan . approved  by the school board and teachers and run by a PTA committee will allow children to  (deposit small sums not less  than 10c to their accounts  each week. Loans will not be  imade to "children and withdrawals may only be made  with the parents consent.  Eight PTA "members volunteered to serve on this committee and the children may  bank their savings every Monday after school,.  As in former years the PTA  will take advantage of the offer of the Peninsula Cleaners  by collecting coat hangers.  Mrs Boyes, Mrs Gant and Mrs  Wiren will organize the. Coat  Hanger drive which will take  place on Oct. 24 to give everyone ample time to turn out  their cupboards and release as  many coat hangers as possible.  The winter crib games  sponsored by the PTA will  start later this    month.  4    Coast News. Oct.  18,  195&  ers 715.   .  Pender Harbour: Women's  high three, Jacquie "Reiter  484; women's .' high sing&e,  Marie Higgins 216; men'sThigh  three, Len Larson 636; men's  high single, Bon.. Pockrant  ��� 281; team high three, Pm  Heads 2346; team high single,  Pin Heads 917.  Port Mellon: Women's high  three, Lila Farnham 572; women's high single, Dot Mason  218; men's high three, Reid  Taggart 792; men's high single  Reid Taggart 319; team high  three, 2486; team high single ;  1055. Please note Port Mellon  League, the names of the high  scoring teams were not given  on the score sheet.  Peninsula Commercial: Women's high three, Eve Moscrip,  673; women's high single, Eve  Moscrip 254; men's high three,  Roy* Taylor 721; men's high'  single, Ben Bronstein 270;  team high three, Peninsula  Contractors 3149; team high  single, Peninsula Contractors  1105.  Sechelt Sports Club: Women's high three, Cherry Whitaker 606; women's high single,  Cherry Whitaker 248; men's  high three, David Flumerfelt  .and Lino Tuomaz tied with  622; men's high , single, Roy^  Doyle 279; team high three,  Kingpins 2700; team high single,   Kingpins 991/  Ball  and  Chains    Women's,  high three; Edith Chester 540;  women's, high  single,     Edith  Chester 240; men's high three, .  Allan Chester 673; men's high  single,    Allan     Chester    256-  team high three,  Glad    Rags  2648; team high single,  Glad  ���  Rags 982.  Husbands! Wives!  Welcome Beach.  1 -Mr  and Mrs   Charles Tink-  i/ley have left for Cortez Island  : AWhere they ,wul be the guests  cbf Mr arid Mrs Jerry: Hynek'  for the tiext two weeks.  Mrs Isabel Simpson;��* Red-  jrooffs is at home after spending the past two..weeks in Vancouver at the home: of her sor}  hMr Johnny Simpsori, who with  l Elaine,  has . been:! visiting  in  Los Angeles.        7  ���>���   Mrs McCaul  has    returned  home  after    visiting    friends  at Irvines Landing.  Mr and Mrs Russell Brooks  I Jr., have returned from : their  honeymoon and are in resilience at. Halfmoon Bay.  ���i Mrs 'A.7Menzies has arrived  Thome after an extended holiday in West Vancouver and  Vancouver, the guest of her  son and daughter.  ORDER NOW FROM  00VER-GIBS01  9fMmittMMMMSMmgB����  )MmiHi>nvwiiiiinmiM��wiiiiiinHHmiiiiwittMwiirimiiiw  BECK & DAyiS  Im It  V   I    Kliir AL  L  INDU STRIA  COMMERCIAL    "  RESIDENTIAL  WIRING  SECHELT 69W or 146G  XrlUKSa   roils .5Am.  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Edwards    of  Peninsula Teeh^Girl'shigh^ Victoria,  three, Carolyn Gilbertson 48_f^Mr and Mrs  TLeuchte    and:  girl's high single, Irene Tyson > family  of v West y Vancouver  186:   boy's  high  three,  Bruce 7"br��ught a- numberyof ; guests  Redman 519; boy's high single,  ^ for the weekend prior to    -  Kenny Nelson 200; team high, posing their summer home at  three,     Sharpshooters-   1988; f  team high single, -Sharpshbot-  ARE YOU a Personal Cash Shopper? ^  ARE YOU PAYING for someone else's hidden  free delivery costs?  OUR MINIMUM OVERHEAD assures you of  Quality Foods at tlie thriftiest prices in this entire atfea!  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This is-  a, new department at the high  school, and the talks promise  to be most informative.  In Sechelt phone your want  ads to Coast News representative Mrs. E. Lumsdion, 44W.  TOWING AND   FREIGHTING  W. Nygren, Gibsons 13    tfn  >  ��� :   Change your fragrance for  fall! A full line of Lentheric  . and Du Barry cosmetics,  Eevlon* lipsticks with Futur"  amic cases. Fully - qualified  and certified cosmeticians to.  serve you at all times. Langs  Drug Stores, Sechelt and  Gibsons/"'T  Coast News, Oct. 18,  1956   5  FOR SALE (Continued)  SERVICE FUELS  Ran Vernon  R.R. 1    Gibsons    Phone 1730  Alder or Fir Bushwood  Mill Slabwood  Sand, Gravel .and Cr. Rock  Products.  WANTED \     T_ ~~~  WATCH REPAIRS  110 volt lighting plant. Particulars to R. Perry, Gibsons B.C.  Phone 15P.T  Need badminton racquet. Call  Don Ritchey,  Gibsons  107W.  TIMBER WANTED '���  Will purchase timber for cash.  Any amount. We will cruise  anywhere and. give estimates.  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Sensational investment opportunity, subdivision of 29  lots, 10 .minutes walk to' Gib*  sons post office, taxes on  whole only $126, full cash  price only $4350.;    y ..���    7  Always a better buy at  TOTEM   REALTY  Gibspits  Perfect house for 2. New ex-  terior,' new roof; new chimney,  new wiring, new foundation,  ,new cement septic tajik, new  interior. 1 minute from Gibsons P.O.,; on Sechelt highway.  Million dollar view, of Howe  Sound. $6200, Terms. Consider  cash'offer. Phone Gibsons 53.  blower, $1^ terms. Con_Idi��y? Wilf trade l%vacres, one mile  fromXadnerj off Ladner trunk  TRoad, near racetrack for water  front property near Sechelt.  Reply to W. A. Longstaff 418  No. 3 Road, Richmond^ 7Bi.C.  jation for cash. Phone Gibsons  453 for. details,.  *     "     I.       ���'���������'���      ������������!      I '.    I     ���        ��� .1..       ������ ��� �����,���.���..   _,..--     ������    I .._^.._ll        ,_|      I      |        t  Topyquality potatoes for sale,  good keepers, some Gems- $5:  per 7 100 lbs. -' delivered. Also  ihulk fed roasting chicken,  , :S-6 lbs;; 60c lb. Charman  Farms, Phone Gibsons 148M.  ���1 washing machine $25; 1 baby  buggy $10. A Davidson, Fletcher Rd. Gibsons 96 Y.  Heavy breed! boiling fowl,  $1.25 each. Don Ritchey, Gibsons 107 W.  Oil range, ��� in good ��� condition,  Cyclos burner, white enamel  finish, real bargain at $100.  Also hot water tank with side  arm electric water heater, like  new $25. Chesterfield and  chair, $50; Slip covers for  efcime $15; occasional chair;  $6; Restmore single bed unit,  spring-filled mattress, ribbon  spring on legs, 3' 3" size, $25;  RCA Victor Globe ��� Trotter,  radio $30; Large wardrobe  $10.. All in good condition.  Apply Gibsons Bakery, Box  69, phone 4, Gibsons,  1 Valor oil heater, almost new.  Gibsons 128G..T .7  3 chesterfield chairs, 1 sewing  (machine,1;' 1 vacuum cleaner;  All in good condition. Misc.  jLiems. Call evenings A. Berg-  nach, Gibsons, Beach Ave,  ' HALLOWE'ENS ^  Don't disappoint the children.  Have your fireworks, put away  until Oct. 24! Masks and party '  goods, Hallowe'en costumes,  etc., on sale ,now at No. 1  Thriftee  Store,  Gibsons.   ,;  It's time    again to clean   but  tlie old   hens, We   will   sell  them at   27c lb.    and    pliick  them for you if; you like    aty ���  15c a    bird.;   Elahder    Farm;  Gibsohs 68K.  *���  "       ���'  36" McClary electric 4 burner  range. Low selling price./Enquire Port Mellon IX.  5 sheep, pure bred with pedigree. C.P. Ballentine. Gibsons.  ������nO������-^*^m*~~, i.-���!.���.. ii   ��� i _���_���>���    i ������ i ���������!������._-  Lady Jane electric    cottage  range $100; garbage  burner  $55. Parker's Hardware.  Phone 51, Sechelfc.  Wanted: Beach lot or half lot,-  Davis Bay to West Sechelt.  Cash. Mrs J; Harrison, Sechelt  42B, Box 360,  -. TO-RENT. ' ). '      X      TT. .7  3 bedroom home. Headlands.  J.M. Hicks, Gibsons 93M.  4 rooms andl bath. Sechelt  highway^ Partly furnished.  Suit-couple. Gibsons 95A. Evenings, .  Waterfront cottage, at Roberts  Creek. Modern, furnished or,  unfurnished. Phone 22Y.  GIBSONS  Newest Shopping Centre   -  JOHN  COLERIDGE  REALTY  Oldest Real Estate Office  Between Lang's Drug Store .  ���and  Woods Hardware  Georgian Block  Look for the Big Neon  Sign  'BUILDING  SUPPLIES  Buy direct from the mill. Lumber;  plywood/T doers, building  supplies. Write for    complete X:  catalog^ Vancouver    Sawmills  Limited!, 1111 E. 7th. Avenue, (  Vancouver  12,. R.C. tfn  INSURANCET  SECHELT INSURANCE  ��� AGENCIES ': ..."  Real Estate  Property   Management  Insurance  7V       Officie  phone   22F  t.E. DUFFY, Agent  Residence  31Q  Phone   53     7'   Evenings.,and  :... TT'T'T'��� Holiday^ 115 <'���].     '  X MACKAY, Salesman.  ���TResidence  70F ���        '  -   -   - ---���-��� . ', f..        ���'��� ," -     ��� , *  Fire,  Auto,  Liability;  Prompt,  courteous service:: Totem Realty, Gibscns .  ILk GORDON AGENCIES  Sechelt  FIRE INSURANCE  AUTO       INSURANCE  Evenings and Holidays    115  ��� Phone        53  REFRIGERATION  SALES and SERVICE  Commercial -��� Domestic  25 Years' Experience  A.  M.  CAMPBELL  SECHELT 830  Notions���Cards���Toys  Miscellaneous Gifts  THRIFTEE    STORES  Left of Post Office  Gibsons, B.C.  Headquarters For Wool  WIRING ahd APPLIANCE  ��� ���-'������������ sales ���������:���  Electrical Wiring;. *���  Alterations and Repairs  F. UTTING, WILSON CREEK  , Phone   15T or   5H  "  FAIRMILE  BOAT WORKS, LTD^:  Custom Pleasure  Ci^it  ���y .   &   Dinghys        -y  - Repairs,.   Hardwasfe,   faints  Bea,ch Ave. West;  Roberts      Creek  WIRING  Commercial & Residential  Electric  Space Heating  Anywhere on the Peninsula  PARKER and SIM  ELECTRIC  Parker's  Hardware  Sechelt 51 ��� 130 Evenings  PENINSULA -.,'���'.��� :���:  ACCOUNTING SERVICE  All  Types of Accounting'  Problem:; Expertly Attended  Village Enterprises Bldg.  Sechelt  Office Open 9 a.m.���5 p.m.  Daily  Phone Sechelt 98F  PENINSULA    CLEANERS  Cleaners for ^ the   Sechelt  Peninsula  '   Phone:'  Gibsons  100  TRACTOR. WORK  Clearing, Grading, Excavating.  D6  Bulldozing  Clearing Teeth  ARCHES  FOR   RENT  A.  E.  Ritcliey  Phone Gibsons 176  PLUMBING  Macleod's Plumbing  and Hot-Water Heating  2 Qualified Plumbers  . > Service Anywhere  Fairbanks- Morse Pumps  and Pressure Systems  Wilson' Creek  Phone Sechelt 20M  ���:  - NOTARY PUBLIC  Legal  Documents   promptly  attended to '  WX   (Jack)  Mayne.  Phone 24.   . Sechelt B.C. ���  C and S SALES, SERVICE"  . Agents  For  Propane <Gas  Combinaiioh  Gas  Ranges  Sales  and Installations  Free Estimates  Electric and Gas Hot Plates  FURNITURE   /  LINOLEUMS  Phone 3. Sechelt  MARSHALL'S  PLUMBING  HEATING &   SUPPLIES  Phone Gibsons 134, 104 or 33  Home and Industrial Wiring  Electrical  Heating  GIBSONS    ELECTRIC  Phone 130  Authorized  GE  Dealer ���  Radios, Appliances, TV Service  ~ GIBSONS" "  BUILDING    SUPPLIES  ���.     LTD.  "WE    CARRY   THE   STOCK"  Phone Gibsons 53  ' �� .   GIBSONS BOAT WORKS  (   Boat Builders & Repairers  Phone  Gibsons  11IX -'  ANGLICAN  21st Sunday after Trinity  St. Bartholomew's,    Gibsons  8.30   am  Thanksgiving  Communion  11.am Thanksgiving  11.00 a.m. Sunday School  St. Hilda's    Sechelt  11.00 a.m. Sunday School  2.00 pm Thanksgiving  St. Aidan's, Roberts Creek  3.30  pm  Thanksgiving  Sunday School  11.00 A.M.  Port  Mellon  Community Church  7.30 p.m. Evensong  UNITED  Gibsons  Public   Worship,   11.00  a.m.  Sunday School   10:00  a.m.  Roberts Creek, 2 p.m.  - Wilson Creek  ,   Public Worship, 3.30 pjn.  ST. VINCENT'S  Holy Family, Sechelt,    9 a.m.  St. Mary's, Gibsons, 10.30 a.m.  Port Mellon,   first  Sunday  of  each month at 11.35 a.m.  PENTECOSTAL  11 a.m. Devotional  10  a.m. Sunday School  7.30     Evening  Service  Tuesday night 7.30  8 pm Thunsday night  Bethal   Baptist- Church  *  7:30 P.M.,  Wed., Prayer  11:15 A.M., Worship Service  2 P.M., 1st Thurs., in Month  Mission Circle  Pender Harbour Tabernacle  Sunday School. 10 a.m.  12:00 a.m. Morning  Service  7:30 p,m, Wednesday    Prayer Meeting.  Church of Jesus Christ  of Latter Day Saints  Sunday School, 10.15 am  Granthams    Community   Hall  Gifts for Hospital  Sunday Sept. 30th, a Harvest Thanksgiving Service  was held in the school at Nelson Island, conducted by Mr  E.W Christmas, of the Columbia Coast Mission.  Generous gifts of home-canned fruit, vegetables, and  fish, were brought by the  congregation, also fresh fruit,  vegetables and flowers, making a fftie decorative effect.  These were later taken to  St. Mary's Hospital, Pender  Harbour. The offertory, of  just under sixteen dollars, was  given to the Hospital Auxiliary Committee.  [IWIHMIUWIIIIIUHIIIMIMII  LAUGH at RAIN!  Get Rubber Footwear  FROM  MacLEANS SHOES  Phone Gibsons  6  LIFE INSURANCE  Continental  Life  Insurance   Company  LORNE BLAIN, Agent  Box 188 Phone 82G  Gibsons  Qct. 23: at the home of   Mrs  Forbes 2^00 pm,. W.I. social  afternoon and shower.  Oct, 24: Gibsons High School,  8 prr\,  High    School    PTA  **' meetirigi ..;,:.U-..,:,m--';- :-~ X-a'-.a*,  OctT 26: Gibsons United church  T   Hall, Tea and Bazaar by the  LA.   to  Canadian    Legion  ���;   ;109." '..."    '.,.., 7  Oct; 26: Roberts Creek Legion  ���hall, 8   .pm, . Can.    Legion  whist drive.     -s  Nov. 2nd. Parish Hall,    St.  Bartholomew- 's Christmas Ba-  . zaar.   .. .-  Novt. 5: Bazaar and tea, United  Church, Wilson Creek Community Hall, 2 p.m.  Nov.  9:  Gibsons School Hall,  Order Eastern Star,  bazaar  and'tea 2 to 4.30.  Nov. 13:!'Roberts. .Creek    Improvement association   monthly meeting, 8 o'clock, Legion hall.  Nov. 17: Parish   Hall. 2    pm,  W.I. Bazaar.  Nov. 22, at the United Church  Hall      Headlands      service  Club tea.  This weeks special: 18 acres  land, small cabin, secluded,  $1550 cash.  .Harold Wilson  Totem  Realty  TjPhone   Gibsons  44  evenings 147  ORDER  WOOD  ,.v  The Mill TO  During the Winter!  FIR FIREWOOD  LARGE LOADS  $7.50 DELIVERED GIBSONS  $8.00 OUTSIDE GIBSONS  FIR SAWDUST  $6.50 DELIVERED GIBSONS  $7*00 OUTSIDE GIBSONS        y  CEDAR No. 2 and Better  ��� 1" X 8 ~ 12" width  '���} 2M X 8 ��� 12*'width  $65 per M  SIWIUMBER COM  PHONE GIBSONS 151  -    PENINSULA   '  OVERTURE CONCERT  ASSOCIATION  INVITES THE PEOPLE OF THE PENINSULA  TO TAKE OUT THEIR MEMBERSHIP NOW  TO ENJOY THE 1956-57 SEASON.  THE MEMBERSHIP CAMPAIGN STARTED OCT. 13  WELCOME YOUR CANVASSER, AND BE ONE OF  The 375 jHolders of OVERTURE  CONCERT MEMBERSHIP CARDS  " w 3 WINTER CONCERTS ���  Adults $6.60  Students $3.30 BY   PHYLLIS  M.   HODGSON  On Friday ol last week, Mrs  W. Skeilett was hostess at a  baby shower honoring Mrs  Bud Stewart. The many lovely  gifts, ranging from snug,woollies to dainty dresses were  presented* from a basket decorated in colors of pink and  blue. Refreshments were served by the hostess.  Mr and Mrs E. Mainwaring  are holidaying  in California.  Mrs Jean Wyngaert has returned from % holidays in the  interior.  Miss Jessie Nicol was a  weekend guest of the George  Webbs.  Thanksgiving Day saw the  usual family gathering at the  home of Mr and, Mrs Lome  Blain, -including Mrs Bilain's  parents, Mr and Mrs Reg Adams,   Mr and Mrs  W.  Harris :  and family from Vancouver  and Mr and" Mrs Benna and  family from Renton, Wash.  Mr ' and Mrs Jack Skeilett  with Wendy and Winnifred of  Andy's Bay were guests of the  W. Skelletts for the holiday  weekend.  visited the Bert Cole*s.  Mr and" Mrs Walter Giles  chose the month of October  with all its beauty pf color for  their holiday on the Sunshine  Coast.  Mr ahd Mrs Fred Doxee and  family *were back visting  friends over the holiday weekend,.  Rev.  and  Mrs M.T:  Strons-  Mrs E- Sergant, commission-    tad have returned home. While  er of Elphinstone district Girl  Guides and Brownies, attended the commissioners conference held, in the Vancouver  Hotel. Mrs Mary Nesbitt gave  an interesting report of the  work accomplished,  Mr Jim Dunn from Squamish  was a recent guest of Rev. and  Mrs M.T. Stronstad:  Guests of Mr and Mrs A.W.  Bobertson were Mrs -Robertsons parents, Mr and Mrs J.W.  Ingram from Vernon and her  iRev. Stronstad attended the  ministerial rally at Langley,  Mrs Stronstad visited in Vancouver. ��� :  Mr and Mrs J. Wickland  and Glen spent Thanksgiving  holiday with Miss Ellen Wicklund at Hammond.  A cheery log fire and autumn flowers added charm  when Miss Fannie Grant; entertained   on  Saturday    even-  Coast News,  Oct.  18,  1956  Oft heard but rarely seen  together are the fabulous Nio-  si Brothers,. Among them they  play virtually every major  band instrument and appear  one or the pther of tfiem, in  prctically every CBC' > orchestra in Toronto. At the left  is a guy who is not a Niosi at  JOHN J. DUNKIN  Doctor of Optometry  906  Birks  Building  VANCOUVER, B-C;'  For Guaranteed  i .. .  - -   . .  Watch and Jewelry-  Repairs  CHRIS'S  JEWELERS  Work   done   on   the   !Preihises  WE BUY OLD GOLD  ..   Phone 96 Sechelt     .  T^     pr*?' r- ir\* :  brother John from Vancouver  Mr   Reed from 'Vancouver    -ie and Mr Wes Hodgson. With  ang. Contests were played, the      ,.  ,   ,       ,�������.���      ,  . .       _    �������        A" ��� all but a  MacDougal   who is  prizes    going  to Miss    Grace _7._j.7_   77 r/' T.  Dobie.  <Mr  Norman  MacKen  m  There Will Be A  POWER OUTAGE  MON. OCT. 22, 1 pm. to 3.30 pm.  AFFECTING:    ROBERTS CREEK  GOWER POINT    GIBSONS  GRANTHAMS & HOPKINS LDG.  B.Cj ELECTRIC  ^V?i.��r.��i^W*>.i.-i)jf..,iif4j.iSlnl.>*i-.-  .:'i3.-��u  HALLOWE'EN  OHMS  SHOPPE  Lots of New  Ideas  JACK-O-LANTERNS .[y   }.   T^^SKS"T7'-'-;     i  PARTY COSTUMES of FIRE PROOF .''CREPE- PAPER ]  !������   l^RTY GAMES': '_&'���''JFA^b^  !.'��� ":';': ���������������:��������������� ���";   -::������������- f?A   A--   ....  X-. '--K- ���   '���:'-'S< :---'' A.-:::''-r'' -7 ' ���  -  FIRE CRACKERS ON SALE COMMENCING OCT. 24  Shbp at Chris's for your Halitowe'en fun.  ..,-���' Phone Sechelt 96  $239.00  PRICE  With 18" Blade &Xhain.  GIBSONS. BC.  A. A. LLOYD  PENDER HARBOUR. B.C.  Peninsula Logging Supply  SECHELT. TB.C-  the serving of refreshments,  Mrs Ed Grant was surprised  with a candle lit cake to mark  the occasion of her birthday.  On Wednesday evening,  members of the Pentecostal  Missionary group enjoyed a  travelogue tour of Japan by  Miss Jean Latta. Attired in  Japanese costume, Miss Latta  showed color slides and gave  r an interesting account of her  years as a missionary in Jap-  an,-.  Mrs H. Bartle, whose; husband underwent surgery at  Shdjughneaay, reports f he is  making favorable progress.  She resided at the Red Cross  Lodge while in Vancouver.  Mrs A- Roth, who is convalescing from an illness, ^staying with Mrs Ross Roth.  . Miss Norma Turner has taken a position with the West  ern Insurance company in  Vancouver,.  'Mr'and Mrs H. Nolen were  recent .guests of the Sam Flad-  agers.    .7 / ,v    '   \  Mrs McFarlane spent a few  " while lookingup cft&y&fends.  >   A pleasant   gathering was. <  leiijoyed! when Mrand Mrs Bob  Gb&fenT were hosts 'to a number    pt   their.-';':T^riends ;'aty- a  Tliahksgiving dihher ai their 7  home. ������' '���.-.���'���;... ry-^ ^tVfe77-;' V -  At ..the cI^.^of^h^^sBion.^  ^grcmp; -'ifoeetf ng^-1 held\:at��|&j_e  hbirie-^: M&-Bi_ft;St^agr^R_rs::.  .Stewart was- siipxised with a  'shower pf lovely baby gifts.  Foll6wing: the op&riiing of thie  Bttractivel-y wrapped gifts,  refreshments' concluded the  afternoon.  Bob : Mackenzie - ancl '*"'��� Ted  Parnwell, both stationed^ with  the RCAF at Clareshoim/iAlta.  were home for the long  end.  regarded, as an authority on  niusic' and who supplies the  three brothers with the tin  horns that he claims-they always blow, Johnny plays every percussion instrument in,  the books. Joe plays strjrig.  bass, tuba, bass horn, and every other bass instrument  around. Bert is arranger, leader, trumpeter, flutist, trombonist, ��(I}arinete$t, ' ba9s,  tenor, alto, baritone and soprano saxophonist.  ���-.... FOR  SAND  GRAVEL  XEIVfENT  ROAD GRAVEL  A FULL LINE OF LUMBER  CONVENIENT CREDIT TERMS ARRANGED  Phone 60-Q Sechelt  GIANT    BING  :��������������������� y- .y7\--^ .&���,.   ,y/   ,���,...���,���.-.������,,.���   ...,,. . _... ;  SCHOOL HALL, GIBSONS  cit 20- - S'.IPgife- SHARP  ���J'Zf'iO  KIWANIS WELFARE FUND  -V  6  L  S  M  A.  ^SolrnkW  Change  to Winter Lubriwnts^Winter Tires  Flush Radiator- & Insbl Antifreezes  W  I  ���L  L  y:   ,.}���...    .....  ..;. :��'.  ���.hect,riA:.TR��new::^^r^^  tu������*��������� ������<.s.'.,����v.i"...-..  ..,\L%'z.S-J-.>f-t-;.i'i��y-. 7;.,^;7':���;.OiiS'-<;;?-;';^.;3:'.!^ -j5?72^3^-,���.-'���Tfv  ���  i^ '..-\,[y^������:'���!������AW/^%^i%^'{;iii?"^" ������������  *^'Vw^;-Db'f.yw.-;^wiB^#:li!pii;  m  E  N  ������fe'r-s  .v.?  !��:H  jIM  Phone 75  0.-j^fnfff'>  Secheli  fe.;y  :-.f ���'.  ��,  SEE THE NEW  Mrs W. Bow enjoyed a-visit  from her son John and his  tfamily.  Mr Dick Windham : 'from  West Vancouver is busy clearing his property, ready^ for  building in early spring, t  Mr and Mrs Scratchly have  bought the Siddell home.  Miss Dykes of Vancbuevr  was a weekend visitor.  I-  I  McCULLOCH  CHAIN SAW AT  Peninsula Logging  Phone 11  Supplies Ltd  ���   ���     Sechelt  BACK FROM EAST  James H;. Drummoh'd Jr.  who represents the Sun Life of  Canada on the. Sechelt Peninsula, has just returned from  a business trip to, his company's headquarters in Montreal. While there, he took part  in a "special five-day educational conference held .at' Ste.  Marguerite ih Quebec's'Laur-  entian Mountains, and attended toy Sun Life men who recently qualified in the 1 company's :." Leading Proiclucer's  Club. Mr Drummond is associated with Hie Sun Life Van-  couver-Okanagan Branch.        -  IN NEW POST  The British Columbia Automobile Association announces "the appointment of Mr  Clarke Todd as public rela-  Ellen Harris, who is retiring,  tibns Manager, succeeding Mrs  Mr Todd is the former manar  ger of the Toronto Convention  and Tourist Association;  WELL-KNOWN WEST VANCOUVER  ^IVILI^ BE^ AT /THE  22 to 26  POH THE PURPOSE OF TAKING i ,oM -i  PHOTdGRAl��^i  :���'���      - ������-.���  FOR CHRISTMAS DELIVERY  Appointments may .be made for Sittings ait the Hole! or in  your Own Home, by phoning Mrs. Finchaini. Perider Harbour 395.  or at ihe Hotel desk.  EVERY WEDNESDAY  LEGION HALL 78 PM. ..-t^Tr  GRANTHAMS  COMMUNITY HALL  E  y^orongh^^eanrup^saround        Safety Officials   Recommend  thehonie can help reduce the    the following precautions:'  Coast News,  Oct." 18, 1956    7    Miss Pat Boult, Oliver, Mrs E.  Laidlaw,  Mr    Jack    Laidlaw,  length bridal gown. Her finger    Sechelt; Mr and Mrs A. Blom  magazines  and      inflammable    faP length illusion    veil    was    greilj  Roberts  Creek;  Miss J.  high incidence of fires and  accidents during the fall and  winter months, according to  the All Canada Insurance Federation.  Officials  of the Federation,  1. See that all leaves and  rubbish *are cleaned away  from  the house    and    eaves.  -n__a_M___  Don't   forget   to '��� read . The  Coast News Classified.  which represents; more than should be. cleaned and check-  200 fire, automobile and casualty insurance companies in  Canada, said hundreds j- of  deaths an accidents could be  avoided, by a more systematic  materials from attics, basements, garages and spare  rooms.  5. Have electrical wiring  Guard against flying sparks and appliances checked by  when burning rubbish.                   qualified  electricians. .    Over-  2.     Chimneys      and     flues    loading of circuits  is dangerous.  6. Store painting and cleaning materials carefully; keep  inflammable liquids in plainly  ed at least once a year. Have  experts inspect heating equipment.  3. Before    storing    summer    marked safety  cans;     destroy  caught to a coronet of seed  pearls and sequins and she  carried a cascade bouquet of  red roses and white carnations.  Mrs Deanna La Breche,  sister of the bride, was matron  of honor, her gown was yellow  chiffon and she carried a colonial bouquet of white carnations.  Miss Elaine Smith and Miss  Lillian Blake as    bridesmaids  Danell, Sonny Danell of Rion-  del B.C. .  FOR  QUALITY  and  ECONOMY  USE  clothing,       remove     matches  oheck-upvof    hazards in    the    from pockets.  Home.   _��� ��� . 4.   Qloar   olid     newspapers,  rags or clothing  soaked with    were *�� fuU len&h frocks ?��  ���ssSn^J  0  paint, furniture polish or wax.  7. Protect yourself from  public liabiaty ��� saw ��ff  dead tree branches; keep  drivevstays end-walks in good  repair.  8. Flooded basements are  dangerous ��� see that downspouts are clear and discharging into storm sewers.  9. Make sure garden tools  arid children's toys are not  left lying about.  7     CZUBAJKOWSKI-  7 MORRISON  A profusion of summer flow-  ersV gladioli and asters created1 the beautiful and traditional setting for the marriage Saturday evening of Edna May  Morrison, daughter of Mrs  W:L.   Morrison and the    late  net and lace, Miss Smith in  pale blue and Miss Blake in  pink. Both carried carnations  en tone.  Little Joanne Mountain was  flower girl in a full length  dress of pink organdy, her flowers were green carnations.  Mr. Maurice Mathieu was  best man.  A reception for 200 guests  was held at the IOOF hall, at  which Mr Ted Law was master  -of ceremonies and Mr. Les  Smith proposed the bridal  toast.  Mrs W. L. Mlorrison, who  came up from Roberts Creek  for her daughter's wedding,  wore a blue lace dress with  blue accessories and corsage of  pink and white carnations to  receive the guests. .  For a motor trip to the south  the bride wore a pink corduroy'dress with black accessories,  r'   . ,7 ���  Out of town guests included  TILE YOUR CEILING  With  16 X 16 or 16 X32 ceiling tile.  Do It   Yourself ���  1      Staple Gun Supplied.  Only   12V_c sq. ft.  Mahog. 3 ply to make ai  luxury room ��� only $4.50  per 4X8XV. sheet.  Beautiful colors in thick  2nd gauge floor Lino-Tile,  12c a Tile.  Beautify your home for  Xmas  (2 months to  go)  See   us  for   ideas,  prices.  ibsdns BUSLEMNG  SUPPLIES, LTD.  Phone Gibsons 53  Mb Morrison    and     Zygmunt    the  bride's mother  Mrs   W.L.  Czubajkowski son of Mr and    Morrison> brother   Bill Morri-  son.   sister  and  brother-in-law  Exchanging ' hats following  the announcement in Vancouver August 15, that McCulloch  of Canada will handle the  Canadian - distribution for  ScottAtwiater outboard motors are Keneth C. Mulkey,-  Sales Manager for McCullocn  of Canada 4eft- and Harold  Larsen, Canadian' Co-ordinator for Scott-Atwater.  Mrs    J.: Czubajkowski of Ger  many.^  Itev. A- Rutherford performed the service in Trinity United Church at 7.30 p.m., Sept  8th.  '  Mr and Mrs La Breche- and  Eric ��������� Olson from Roberts  Creek; Mrs Shirley Bradley,  Mr and Mrs , Tj. Rowbottom,  ���Leslie Rowbottom,    Kamloops;  Given in marriage by    her, Miss Yvonne' Richardson,    Mr  uncle Mr., Albert Rowbottom,} and Mrs Bruce Forsyth    and  the bride Wore  an    exquisite Debbie,  Art  ' Kandall, ��� Evan  gown of. nylon lace over lus- Hooson,  Miss ' Carol    Cornish  trousywhite  satin.  Pearl,    ap- Princeton; - Mr and Mrs    Len,  pliques decorated the bouffant Tinsky, ��� Dennis Jeffries,    Pen-,  ski��t of the princess, styled full ticton; Miss Maggie Hamilton,  AUTUMN  WEATHER  CALLS    FOR  WARMRAINWARE  RUBBER BOOTS  WOOLLEN, SOCKS  e. Good Foods  , in   Variety,  and   ,  Frozen Foods  YOU'LL  FIND  THEM  ".'"���"'.' :'' ALL.,,ATyT       ���     "   ���  HASSAN'S  STORE  Phone 182   Pender Harbour  SPAGHETTI  RED PLUMS  Hedlunds  15' Oz. tin  in Tomajto Sauce  Malkins 15 Oz. tin  Malkins ch.  15 Oz. tin  l^'t-i  TOMATO KETCHUP  COFFEE  Heinz  11 Oz. bottle  Better Buy,  | 1 lb. pkts.  Cut  Green  BEANS  Malkins (Choice  Assi. 15 Oz. tins  CLEANSER  Old Dutch  APPLE JUICE  CHEESE WHIZ  Sunripe  Clear, 48 Oz. tin  Kraft  16 Os.jar  CAPRI WAFERS  Wesions  8 Oz. pkt  2 for 49c  2 for 29c  2 for 29c  83. Z/C  63*    JliJG  -������ ��� i-,...  r.,-c-.-.. ���  2for29c  for 31c  2 for 57c  63. aaC  2 for 37c  7   r>rH;'A} _  ilRGARtNE  j j a ' yi^auiu     ;Xu.:iyXAX    " ���:���������  2 lb  Pkt  65c  PRICES IN; EFFECT  !������ ���: If UI_-.:- 9n 11  i  ��� " ���.   ���.        -a * $v - ,i-   . -... ���.'-.*' - ������ ������:?������ ���    ^ -������.������      ��� tf^-v ' % ���>-���,���  OCT. 18, 19, 20  Tokay  ���#: ��t.  ERIPAY EVENING  SPECmS  6 TO 9 P.M.  ���;. 2!Jbs $1.29  - Ib       36c  2\43c  144's  14 Oz. tubes  20 oz.  tins  CAULIFLOWER  4 lbs 45c  doz 55c  ea. 19c  lb 12c  ATS  r-f. -.,.'-if'j* '+'���***,  Pure Pork  FLOOR-PURITY  251b  PAPER BAGS  _���___���  CIGARETTES  v-..t.-  $2.95  SAUSAGE  COTTAGE ROLLS  POT ROASTS  Blade or  Cross Rib  2 lbs 85c  lb 72c  *  lb 49c  /a" .���*. '���  "  TO 9P.  GIBSQiS  ���/. sy :Aiy? %nl  WRIGLEY'S G0M  ���4  Packets  19c scon's SCRAP BOOK  INCENSE  <o ��hkimdl_ oi.  E\Vf��, AS   A  PASS10M.  fiy R. J. SCOTF  VACATION  Glady's Batehelor ��� Phone Sechelt 95F  Sechelt Peninsula  ROD '&. GUN CLUB  WILSON CREEK COMMUNITY HALL  FRIDAY OCT. 19     8 P.M.  s  Refreshments  -  Entertainment  iwmwiiw yl  iwm���_gjw���wwwnnitnuim.  4.  With ��� ��� ���  BLACK BALL  FASTEST ACROSS THE STRAIT       Hi\  VANCOUViR-NANAIMO  FERRIES LEAVE EVERY TWO HOURS ON THE  EVEN HOUR, 6 A. M -MIDNIGHT,  J      FROM BOTH HORSESHOE BAY AND NANAIMO  lV?at6am,8, 10, 12 noon,2pm,4,6,8, 10, 12mid.  Pecifit Standard Tim?  Reservations NOT Needed  Fasstngert���Automobites���TrutkM  Follow The Slack Ball Flag!  BLACK  ���-*���' -V,  -y..,-.>.-    z>?'  It's  i me  Come in to  Jay  Bee to  pick out your own  WlilEC C���*tr CET  Don'tlMm^&&^F��.  in  your  rams  DROP IN AND SEE T-V'S WONDER  MARCONI PORTABLE  JAY BEE FURNITURE & APPLIANCES  ' ."'���*'������������     ���'.-.- ��� '������'.'  Phone Gibsons 99  ALL   DAY  WEDNESDAY  CLOSING  WILL BE OBSERVED  BY THESE  GIBSONS   STORES  CT^|5TI l^e,: CCT. 24  IRENE'S DRESS SHOP  -<'-'y  M & W GROCERY  HOWE SOUND 5 |c 10  MARINE MEN'S A*i��AR  GIBSONS HARDWARE  GIBSONS BARERY    .  T   A Xir^C Y%Vt TTr^QAFTERNOON ONLY  LAPvL* &-JL/KVAstSfrom ! oclock  Y-ZoRK cf? M0H40LIA.M.PQL1C�� OFFICERS    A  ii 'fo CA-fcrt Horse. 4tf iivis . A. mAh 4u tirfV  oT^KlS CRlML IH MONGOLIA. )_ MPR1S0NLP 1*  A BOX AJ1D USUAU.Y DIES Y/WftlM ilX MON-fUS-  w^_.i*w��6  .Will ?i$k. .��� ..  -Dt'llft.iORArfi IF tftW  IKCOS.D S-fORME.  7?bVA.'"WH$..'f!ML'-.  UHPR.6<_C-r'_R FROM ���  atmospheric ojtyetJil  :.*?--X  Yes.  ���TMlll  fieu?s  BY  MRS   A.A FRENCH  Members of the Sechelt  Canadian Legion L.A. attended a luncheon by the Gibsons  branch in the Legion Hall.  They were Mesdames C. Pet-  ersony D. Browning, A. A.  French, F. Turner, A. Batehelor, F. Ritchie, I. Biggs, ?. M.  Hoiroyd and A. Grey.  Guest speaker was Mrs.a 7 C.  Breedlon ojE Vancouver,   zone  representative.    Highlight    of  the meeting, was the presentation of the 25 year pin to Mrs  Florence    Turner,    the    first  award of this kind on the peninsula. , 7  Mrs Turner was one of,".the  . original Great War    Veterans  association  auxiliary  and  has  served as    president of  * the  West Vancouver Branch  and  Sechelt.    Roberts Creek L.A.  members -were also present..  The LA/ to the Guides,and  Browaiies r niet at the h���>m8e of  Mrs J. Nelson for their monthly meeting. Mrs Jantzen~ was  elected social convenor foiRthe  year." Refreshments were" served by the ''.hostess.?.'.      :       .  Canon anil Mrs ypswald  paid a: surprise visityto"'''^'-.-'"^).'  K. Engen still/ very il_ ia JSt.7  Mary's hospital. ThWy jfouhd  him cheered by the visit.?  Harvest Festival services will  he held at St. Hilda's chHirch  Sunday Oct,. 21 at 2 p:m. Bish-  Pender Harbour  JUDITH  FLETCHER  Mr and Ivfrs Royal TMurdock  of Murdock's Landing are  spending a month in the Cariboo, y''  Mr John Daly has retyrned  from .a' three  months fishing  trip  on the  West    Coast   7of,  Vancouver Island;,  Miss E. Simmons h^sy returned from a; week in ..Vancouver.  Mr Stan Bowdler of vVan.-  couver spent the weekend at  his home in Garden Bay.  Mr and Mrs J.E. Miles . of  Sinclair Bay are spending a  two weeks holiday in ; Vancouver,. .  Mr and Mrs Art Harding  of Billings Bay were visitors  to the Harbour on Thursday.  1 Mr George Duncan has returned to his home in Duncan  Bay7-after spending the past  ten d'ays up north.  Mrs W.G. Hodgson has left  ifor Campbell* River where  she will join her husband to  make their home there. 7 . < . .  Dr and Mrs, Alan Swan and  daughter were away, on a two  weeks holiday.  Mrs Ian McKenzie   of Mid-  dlepoint was a recent visitor  to Pender Harbour,  ���    Mrs    Isabelle    Huntley   ,of  North Vancouver is spending  . ;a few days, visiting in Garden  ^JBay.T ���...-,'���".'. ...rA,.       ..' Ay:  T :. -Mr I Wm. Matier of Irviiigs  ���Landing was 'confined to^ 7 St)  Mary's    Hospital   for a . few  'days. yy yX.; x '<-i  Miss    Edith"   Sorenspn   ... of  Irvings Lsmding was a week- \  end visitor to Vancouver: Ty 7  Mr Glen Seney spent a few  days in West Vancouver visiting his family.  - Mrs B.W. Sinclair of $jg  clair, Bay has returned to her  ���home after having spent -the  summer up North,  Gibsons items  -Mrs Foster and Mrs Beatty,  recent arrivals from White-  horse, Yukon, have recently  pettled at Gower Point,.  The home of Mr and Mrs D.  J. Smith,   Gypsy   Towers,   at,.  Gower    Point,     has   recently  heen sold.  After seven weeks enjoyment on the Sunshine Coast,  Mr and Mrs -ft. G. Newcomb,  relatives of the W. B. Coates  of Gibsons have left by plane  for their Los Angeles home.  Mr. Lien   was  sent to the  General    Hospital    over    the  week-end, -following a fall at  his home, when he injured his  shoulder.       ; * . ���  FIRST -DANCE  'The"'.C^'T'Aj^ciati6h'"'di^ceT  held at TWUson Creek Hall Oct  6 was a great success, with the  proceeds totalling almost $100  to aid the boys in buying property for use as a track. The  members of the club thank the  many people who turned out  to their first dance  I  1'  .8    Coast News,  Oct. 18, 1955  For Guaranleed  Watch and Jewelry  Repairs  CHRIS'S   JEWELERS  Work   done   on  the  Premises  WE BUY OLD GOLD  Phone 96 Sechelt  #������'  I'  i  I'  MEET WINTER with a SK4  WITH QUALITY  WINTER FOOTWEAR  NEO PRENE WORK CLOTHING from  SH���E T      !  Phone Sechelt 25G1  iiiU^^^sfeftJiiiaS  ���- ~ - ~*^MC2^evr'^!-'g3_l  dp Geoffrey    Gower will    be  here for the service.  .  Ronald  Edwards has    been  visiting his mother Mrs Mar-  gret Edwards.  Mr John Watson, from Ocean Falls is visiting his sister  Mrs M. Gibson.  'Mrs A.E, Genower visiting  her grand-daughter Mrs As-  seltine at Glbwholm Falls.     7  Margaret ^Uliams, -Vancouver, is visiting her parents  Archie and Betty Williams.  Mrs CarE Peterson is ;in  Vancouver for a few days.  Mrs Leo Johnson and Carolyn are in Vancouver., for a  short';, visit. ���  The Canadian Ljegion Hall  will be equipped with an oil  burning furnace this -winter.  This was decided at an executive meeting. Bingo games and  the various meetings will  welcome this news.  Laurence ��� Rouse is back  from fishing and is staying  with his mother, Mrs Amy  Roiise.  Mr and Mrs Greig of' Edmonton visited their daughter  and her husband, Doctor and  Mrs McKee. Miss Jean McKee  visited her parents. She attends UBC.   "  Pastor and Mrs Ritchie' of  North Vancouver visited Sechelt where Pastor Ritchie  took services in the Baptist  Bethel -Church.  A change in plans is announced for the Hallow'een  party of the St. Hilda's Sunday school. There will be no  costumes or dinner as former- .  ly but a bonfire will be held  at the home of Mrs J. Jlpyn-  bee with a display of fireworks. The event will start  around 6.30 p.m.   .  TIMBER WAN  We Cruise and Estimate  and PAY CASH on Signing '  the Contract ��  SUCRE LUMBERICO  sawmills    '.y'y'-'-y,  Phone Gibsons 151      7  See Our Beautiful Display Of  Lovely Hand-Blown and TDe'corated'^Iass Articles  '.... :r'V;;roBALT.TORGi_ris^  T Lay away a piece or two for Christmas giving!  AT THRIFXEES NO. 1 STORE  L0\/ELY ALJEAN PLAIDS  and Women's Sportswear now at  THRIFTEE'S NO. 2 STORE  NEW STORE HOURS  for both our Stores: "  CUOSBSD ALL DAY MONDAYS  OPEN TUESDAYS through SATURDAYS  and FRIDAYS from 7 to 9 p.m.  THRIFTEE STORES  Phone Gibsons 34F   '  �������.   Mat   SWEATERS!  .Jantzen, MacGregor  Granmere,  Zimmerknit  .A Variety of Colors and Patterns  ORLON. LAMBS WOOL, ORLON MIX  Long Sleeve, Short Sleeve, V-Neoks  CARDIGANS  Prices: $5.95 to $1Z95  ARINE  MEN'S WEAR  PHONE GIBSONS 2  ^y::^y\A'  GIVE A HOME ITS  We h,nTj- e he* shipjment of beautiful draperies, in finest  matMl^ end fashions, lovely new patterns.  . _-.^ ryy\y^yjf-y    .      .. y      v . .:���   ��� .;���'  , ;��������������� 7,y-'���;... .': .;.  'fic:cf.^3^''|rM   $1 1%$|:59 per #^rcL;  W* will taaior your d*apes to order. Come a&id choose xnaieriiate.  We also carseV Fi_jreglt��jss drspes. Plastic materials,  Trajclcs, Hooks, Ruffle Tapes, all accessories.  %&  S SALES  Phone 3  Sechelt


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