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 ••■i.i--.   T.i*   ~y'>':'<:c:
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ii.;.   .^ '■y""i.:Mi"%"    ~,&i  ii!
*>••••'   *"-■.-  •■".•.-..•*ri':■.   J[       *Tv'   '
Victoria,  B-  C.
:'! '5**1 -<«'"ii
1-.* -'.j
^  '».-.'•:'-'   *«-. '.*'  *"-■.
Eighth Year of Publicatioa
Vol. 8 - No. 26
Wednesday  June 30th,   1954
Published in  Gibsons^ B*€£-
Rod And Gun
ummer Season
C. Power To
Carry On Extensions
Statement by British Columbia
Power Commission Chairman
T.   H.   Crosby,   June   15,   1954.
The British Columbia Power
Commission is pursuing its assigned task of service to the people
of this province.
It is the objective that service event is for m'emfbers 'only, and
will be expanded as, when and, will have the same fishing areas
where needed, and that, electric and weighing-in stations as last
power at cost will be an increasing Reasons 'derbies. One area is
boon to consumers and an incen- Trail Bay, and the other Porpoise
tive  to   industry in  the  areas  so , Bay ,as far as Four'Mile Point.
| 'Those  wishing   fo  take part  in
not  been, i ^his   .derby,   who   are    not   yet
i (members   of  the Rod  and  Gun
main objective by lesser issues.    ■ \>civth    may    iobfein,
Since   its   inception   nine   years
'Sechelt'   Peninsula    Rod
Gun    Club    are   starting
Summer activities with a Salmon
Derhy on July ,4't'h this year. This'
The   Commission  has
ago, this utility has cai'ried out its
work with relatively-little fanfare, i
but with marked success.
Be assured that sound, economic
expansion of facilities will continue
and that efficient provision of adequate, reliable electrical service at
cost always will be the watchword,
of the Commission and its staff.
That this objective has been and
. will be followed is demonstrated by
a brief;summary of developments:
Power requirements for the fiscal
year ended last March 31 were up
32.3 per cent over the previous
year: generating capacity was increased 35 per cent during the same
period; customer total jumped 15
per cent to 52,773, and average cost
of electricity for residential service,
decreased for the seventh' time in
as many yfears, and, at 2.7 cents
per kilowatt hour, how is. almost
naif the amount paid in 1947. Av-i
erage power.cost to all classes of
consumers, .2.4 cents per kwh, is
25 per cent less than seven years \
ago. '
Two, hydro - electric generating
plants how under construction are
scheduled for completion early in
1955; designs are nearing''completion for immediate-installation. o'iVa.
generating unit at Ladore Falls' to
use storage water from Lower
Camphell La"ke. and surveys for
possible future sources of storage
and power are "being carried'out. at
the head of the North Thompson
"Valley and on the Campbell River
Generating capacity of seven of
the Commission's 19 d'iesel generating plants will be increased this
year, a new power district will be
established at McBrlde, and the
program of. improvement and extension of service will continue.
Mr. Hewlett, manager for the
B.C. Power Commission at Sechelt
has not received any definite information as to possible power developments for Pender Harbour. He
states that he has read newspaper
accounts to the , effect that the
Pender Harbour Power possibilities are delayed temporarily awaiting the outcome of the negotiations
with Powell River.
He admits" that Pender Harbour
has been promised power at various
times,   but   he   cannot   give   any |
definite information, since he himself has been.given none.
A delegation under the sponsorship of the- Pender Harbour Board
of Trade, composed of representatives of that body, of the Pender
Harbour Community Club, the
Canadian Legion, Post 112. the
"United Fishermen and Allied Workers, and the Pender Harbour P-TA,
and under the Chairmanship of W.
Peiper, Avent to Victoria last Aveek
to meet the Cabinet, and the B.C.
PoAver Commission regarding the
supplying of PoAver to Pender Harbour, and the Road to the St. Francis Peninsula..
The "delegates Avere: W. Pieper,.
R. Murdock, W» Hodgson. E. Garvey, W. Warnock, Bert Gooldrup,
W. Ackroyd, A. Cherry, W. Scoular,
J. Cameron and R. Webb.
A part of the delegation met with
representatives of the B.C. PoAver
Commission. They could gain nothing concrete' in the way of an an-
SAver to their plea for definite statement as to whether power would
be   supplied   to   Pender   Harbour.
Club    may    obtain   membership
icards from the Secretary, Harry
On July ninth, at the Wilson
Creek Community Hall, the Out)
lis holding a .smoker, and it is
expected that "Pintail.', Province
isports • writer, will 'be on hand.
.There will be entertainment, and
Sight refreshments during the
Bargain Harbour
Site For
New Motel
Fisheries Minister
To Inspect
The Hon. James Sinclair, accompanied by Gordon Gibsons, Liberal
member for Lillooet, will inspect
the Russian Whaling fleet later
this summer, Mr. Gibsons t announced at Karnloops last Monday.
This will be the first time one of
the members of a Avestern nation
has been allowed to view the op-'
erations of its whaling fleet. Mr.
Gibsons Avill act as Commercial
Advisor on this trip, which will
include a visit to Japan.
losing Excercises
At Elphinstone Hi
er's Bay
-•Mr. :R. ''Langdon, formerly of
Langley Prairie, has purchased,
through' H. B. Gordon Agencies,
property at Bargain Harbour. Here,
Mr. Langdon and his partner, Mr.
Johnson from Port Kells, plan to
build their two homes, and a ten-
cabin Motel.
At present, bulldozing- is under
Avay for two roads, an upper and a
lower road, Avhich Avill service' the
Motel. Mr. Langdon reports that
he Avill install his own poAver plant *
for lighting.   He also Reports aatiche^:^5):nso^d
'■""'.„   ihundred guests.   Everyone, including j
Three Gibsons
Guides To
pleted for three
have been com-
Girl Guides from:
Gibsons to attend Camp on Van-:
couver Island, at Milne's Landing.:
Corall Benn, Margaret Herrin and;
Barbara KnoAvles are all First;€lass'
Guides. They will leave on June-?
2Sth, catching the through bus from 'r
Victoria, thence via Island Coach
to Milne's Landing, and returning"-
on July. 5th. "*'
According to Mrs. E. Clarke, the
Secretary to the Girl Guides and
Brownies, six other Guides will
camp at Wilson Creek.
t Sechelt
The Holy Family Parish, at Settle - An n u'al
The Junior Highschool, Grades
seven, eight a'nd nine, held their
closing exercisesfor the year at
Elphinstone Highschool on June
In addition to the presentation
of trophies and award's to the
lop students in their fields, there
was a program of vocal, and instrumental music hy the students. . interspersed with dance
Mrs. Evans' Home • Economics
Class presented a fashion parade.
;jwhen the students modelled the
'dresses they had made as Home
Ec. project during the year.
There were some very smart.
as well as some decidedly practical numbers modelled, and the
girls showed a surprising degree
•of poise in their demonstation.
The Guest Speaker, Mr. Orv
■Moscrip, who was introduced lby
the Vice Principal, Mrs. 'Rankin,
as Past President of the Sechelt
Board of Trade,' and District
Commissioner of the Boy Scouts,
spoke of the overwhelming self-
confidence of the • young people
of today. He stressed th<e fact
ihat the students should know
What they want-'to do, and that
they should do that jdb well.
The three routes to the business world of to'day were those
of security, by way of working
for the hig corporations, satisfaction and independence by
working for oneself, an'd 'accomplishment through: the trades.
Tire schools provide the weapons for attacking today's problems' in attaining objectives. It.
is important that there -be no
waste in making use of these.
Perfect Attendance Certificates
wer'e presented .'by Mrs. Watson
to David, Chippendale, Dianne
Dor/en,   Jean   Hague, . Margaret
butteT clams that are to he  found i
in the neighbourhood.
for the odd salmon, and ca.p£ur_ . ,,
some of the elusive but delightful \ing ^..So'ftball Team.who dropped
in before going, to Port Mellon,
really did justice to the turkey and
In the absence of Father Kenney,
Mr. 'Joe Dolphin acted as M.C, and
did a very good job.
The ladies are to be complimented on their wonderrol catering joh. . .
lien,"■'"" Larr
Sechelt Sends
Entries To
Soap-Box Derby
Sponsored by the Sechelt Peninsula Board of Trade, and individually sponsored by Sechelt" Business Firms, tAvo young entrants to
the Soap Box Derby at Mission left
on Tuesday, chanffuered by Fred j new Bahk-Post Office-office building
Mills, in Bill Parson's- sedan, with j of ^31age Enterprises, the G & S
their two Soap-box v e h i e 1 e s j Sales and KnrIuk Electric have
strapped to the roof. j j0jnea forces to begin the erection
Renhie Lumsden is sponsored by j.of their new w#niises.
Lang's   Drugs   and  Parker's   Hardware. Irvin Garry is sponsored hy
the Sechelt Theatre.
Charlie Lunn has been the man-
Right acrass the street from the
ager and chairman of the Committee in charge of the entrants from
Sechelt, and Erneir Pearson, a for-
i mer resident of Mission, has
sparked the participation of the
entries'from this area.
The soap box Arehicles are lettered
simply with the name "Sechelt,"
rather than with any one firm or
business name.
We hope to hear of the success
of these young entrants. They have
a three-day stay at Mission, in
"Derby Town." Avhere they Avill
be in charge of the Kinsmen there.
survey was being made.
Tlie commission is said to haA-e
been apprehensive,- the lack of
economy in supplying power to this
r Bill Swain advises us that the'
building of this structure is not
likely to break.any speed records,
as it must be done when and as
they can manage to build, but the
important start has been made, and
the work, can proceed now as opportunity presents itself.
'Peterson, Bruce Stein'brunner,
'Irene Tyson, and Dick Vernon.
• Tournament Flashes were presented by Mrs. Pearson to
Bar'para -Knowles and Donraa
tLemieux for Junior Badminton,
to Bernell Marleau for Junior
Boys   Singles,    Badminton.   For
At the regular meeting of the Commission of the Village o£
Gibsons Landing, chaired by J. Drummond, on Tuesday evening;:
Sast. Mr. Williams,, the Provincial Sanitary Inspector A\"as present..
!He had presented a report regarding the lack of rest room facilfries
'in Gibsons, for the use of the travelling public, and drew attenfiont
to the objectional conditions resulting from this.
It  was moved   to have copies-
of the
of his letter sent to the Blackball
'Ferries, to the Department of.
Transport and to James .Sinclair;-
;.M.'PV with covering letters urging;.
V.i at   conveniences
be  provided--
'in   view   of  possible   worsening".
(conditions     due .   to    increased!;
'traffic   from   the   Powell   River.
'Area. . .
Letters  were  to  be sent also*-
As a result of the work
Pender Harbour Board of
the International Power
Racers this year will be seen in Uo the G'ibsons Ratepayers, an'dV-
part at Pender Harbour on July j to the Board of Trade and the-.
lSth, 19th and 20th. ..    i!Kinsmen, asking for their active;
The race Avhich will have ap-j support in an endeavor to have-
proximately one hundred boats! 'toilet facilities provided either-
entered, A\-ill end at Nanaimo. They hoy the Blackball ferries or the
will sail from Nanaimo to Pender .'Federa] Government.
Harbour. They will leave Pender i A letter was a'lsO directed to
Harbour for Princess Louise Inlet, be sent lo the Attorney General,
after leisurely fishing and enter- j regarding inadequate local en-
tainment there.
Arrangements are presently being
forcement of- traffic regulations.. •
'particularly noting high speed'-.'
1 raffle in low 5,-peed area's, over=~.
iv.;.jking, and parking in such a.
■manner 'as to make runaways';-
on grades liable to occur.
A building permit for Wr. .■
IGiaham was approved, with the-
"proviso that the existing approach be removed, should the-
portion of the right of way
occupied by it. be required for
vraffic  or pedestrian Avay.
The clearing of algae from the
water   reservoir   was   reported,
During the  months of July and | .and the use of the pump during:
August, the Library at Gibsons Avill; this  operation.
made for their reception, and care
while in Pender Harbour, with such
details as docking space, etc., to be
completed well in advance.
•0 W. Pieper is chairman of the
committee in charge of these ad-
Arance arrangements.
be open on Tuesdays only, instead
of Tuesdays and Saturdays. Starting Sept. 11th. Saturday openings
will be resumed.
.,.Isrew.,.bpok';^additioiis-havo  been-
Work on the Gower Road was'
^reported as earing completion,
■with the surfacing of some connecting    road    approaches,    and
Inures.' - A" -furL'her  "payment' -'t>_.;
! £3.000.00 was authorized for the-
reading: Gibb, "Called j .Adanac Contracting company.
Back," Kimbrough "Forty Plus and j with Lhe Provincial Department
Fancy Free," McKenny "Far, Farlof pu,bjic Works being hilled, for
from Home"; Sinclair, "The Re-1 ,:f.. ;,.„„« .^f -r^<c
turn of Laimy Budd."
its 'share of 75^- of this.
|     Mr.    Williams,     the    sanitary
Juvenile Reading:  Clark, "Black \ inspector,  drew attention  to  sev-
Lightning";  Elkin, "Loudest Noise i eral .apparent inadequacies in the
Tnw-w   We    T>i™rv™     x>n ■*  \™    ^    World"=    Goudey,   "Here i ]ocal sanitation by-'laws, particu-
Junioi    .ioys    Pmgpong,    Roger  Come the Bears"; Norling, "Pogo's
'Lucken received a flash. ; Truck Ride». and Pac_f ..Hojne Is
Cyrl's     Awards,     Junior,     for  Where the Heart Is."
Scholarship,   Sportsmanship   and ____
Citizenship, p-re'sented by Mrs.
Day, were received by Barbara
Knowles, Leanna Moscrip and
■Barbara Knowles  respectively.
Girl's   Awards,    Intermediate,
for Scholarship, MarJene  Pknvs.
'Boys' Award's, presented by
Mr. Ciark were: Junior; Richard
K-uho, Pale Paulson and Barry
Pearson, for Scholarship, Sportsmanship and Citizenship. The
Intermediate awards: for Scholarship, Bud \Vhite, and Sportsmanship, John Glassforcl.
Mr. Trueman, the School Principal,    presented    trophies.    The
Scott grey
Wedding At Sechelt
SECHELT — Members of Half
Moon Bay and Pender Harbour
families Avere united in marriage
Saturday evening when Irma Jean
Scott became the bride of Dennis
Gray at a wedding ceremony performed by Rev. Allan Green in St.
Hilda's Anglican' Church, Sechelt.
The bride is the elder daughter of
Mr.  and   Mrs.   Wilf   Scott  of  Half
| Moon Bay and the groom  the son
•larly in relating to regulations'
concerning the construction of
.seotic tanks. The commission-
([•hanked Mr. Williams and
agreed to meet on July 6th, to-
study his report, and to prepare
ia draft of a by-law to cover the'
B.C.    Trophy   for   Junior    Girls'| of Mr. and Mrs. Alec Gray of Ma-
Softball   went   to  House   C,   and I deria Park.
vvK.s    received    by    Coral    Benn, j    The bride, given in marriage by
her  father,  was  lovely in  a  goAvn
of white nylon net posed over satin
while the  Junior  Boys'  Softball.
S.C   Trophy  went   to   House   B,
and    was    received    by    Lome
•Individual     Trophy
were   Marlene   Plows.
acket.  An
Avith   a   lace
! apron   cf  net   appliqued
Winners  and  rhinestones   set   off
the   Don   fant   skirt.    Her   chanel
with   lace
the   honf-
veil   was
highest  acheiv-
10 EJilDSQnS
the   years'  typing;   the
area   Avas   causing   them   to   move
Since this visit, was made, a letter from B.C. PoAver Commission
has been received hy the Chairman of the PoAver and Light Committee of the Board-of Trade that
strikes a more optimistic note.
The delegation then met with the
Cabinet. They Avere well received,
and there, the Chairman W. Pieper.
delivered a brief re the proposed
road to St. Francis. Peninsula.
The  cabinet received  this brief, j
and promised a review of the whole '
Miss Godwin, Nurse for the EI-
i phinstone Branch. V. O". N„ an-
j nounces that the office of- the
j V.O.N, will move to Gibsons as of
! July 3ist. This is In order to be
; more centrally located, since it has
j been arranged that Port Mellon
, now will be served.
i During August, Miss Godwin,?
holiday period. Miss Cooper will he
relieving, and may be contacted at
her present phone number for that
; time, Sechelt 13Q.
!     It is also announced that the next
i V.O.N. Board meeting Avill he held
! at   Roberts   Creek   in   the   Legion '
; Hail, Friday, July 9th, at S:0n p.m.
Brown   I\
i y.'.e-v;  in
|r-Io"!and Harris  Cup for highest
i ;poiMi's   on   Sports   day   went   to
John   Glassford.   The   Jacqueline
(Johnson -Trophy   to John  Glass-
for.-l, the outstanding Badminton
held by a tiara of seed pearls, and
she carried a colonial bouquet of
American Beauty roses and split
white carnations.
Miss Joyce Scott, was her sister's-
sole   attendant,   and   Avore   a   bouffant ballerina-Iengrh yown  of  p:nk
iPIayer.    The    Bay    Trophy    for!net    over   taffeta   with    a    bolero
Junior Aggregate Points Avent to'jackGt   a,ld   a   tiara-   headdress   of
Dari?ara Knowles.
. 'Sludonts faking j)art in the
■r-nt'O'tainrn^n} program were:
'Donald Ritchey, violin, solo;
Carol Brack]ey, Tap 'dance; Wilson Anderson. vio.Mn solo; Jean
riague, vecal soi'o; ChtoI Bi-ac-
l'.'<ey. 3n>llet Dance.
The afternoon was much enjoyed by both the students and
roses  and   lily  of  the   valley.    PTer
bouquet   avhs   of   blue   delphiniums   total  loss
and pink carnations.
The groom was attended by his
brother, Mr. Earl Gray and Mrs.
O. Sladey Avas soloist.
Following the ceremony a reception Avas held at the Seclielt Inn,
Avhere the bridal toast was proposed  by  Mr. Ernie Pearson.   The
matter in the near future, though
Everything hinged upon the devel-1 they Avould make no promises. They
opment of the PoAvell River exten- did agree to giA-e an answer to this
sion.   They Avere informed  that a j plea in the very near future.
!  V'"'n-
i     Dr. Darwin, now 04 years of age,
When Elizabeth (Betty) Grant is   has been retired from the ministrv
married to G. F. Robertson, on July  for many ycars   a„d  ,fves jn  Va„.'natlons.
31st, at Gibsons, one of the officiating   clergymen   will   be   her   oavh
guests,   and" put   a   fitting beautiful- floral arrangements Avere
to a year's school work. done by Mrs. Norman Hoffar.
For going away, the  bride  wore
a twopiece navy blue silk cord suit,
{with   navy  and   white  accessories
I Her  corsage  was Avhite split  ear-
For their honeymoon, the
young   conple   will    motor   south.
years, ana  lives in
He wfJI assist the Rev.
Great Grandfather, Dr. Oliver Dar-
1. Bevan. pastor nf the Gibson Mem-  Upon   their  return,   Mr.  and   Mrs.
crial   United   Church  at  the   cere- .Gray wit! reside at Half Moon Bay. {
The home of Mr. and Mrs. Clarence Joe was gutted by fire last
Thursday afternoon, during the ab- '
sence of both Mr. and Mrs. Joe. of
the Indian Village. Mrs. yJoe was
in hospital in Vancouver, and Clarence was up the Coast at a camp?-
The smaller children Avere "left
in charge of a fourteen-year-old
daughter, at the time.
Since the only phone within reach
was in tlie Joe h'-me. it way more
than fifteen minutes h.:f ore an
alarm was turned in. Tin? house. ;i
frame structure, was too far gone
to save, by the time the Fire Department arrived, in spite of th;-:.
fact: that the? driver of ?he fire in;o:i.
on seeing smoke-, had rushe.ii t.c the-
fire house before the alarm wa«
turned in. and the Firemen were-
on the spot promptly.
The    home   furnishings    were   ;/
and tho house  itself almost so.
The firemen were aide to prevent
spread to neighbouring properties.
It is not known how the fire
started, but it is thought it was
intensified hy oil from the kitchen
Clarence   Joe   came   down   from
cam]) on being notified of the disaster.   He   had   been   worried,   he
stated,   thinking  all  Aveek  that  he
should  ha\-e stayed  at home.   The?
children   are   staying   Avith   neigh-,
bors   until    arrangements   can   be
made.   The. your.g soiv who was se»
badly burned in a bonfire last faT£
was due out of hospital aL;o Klife;
•sfc-eelc "• *"   ■ •
.. .i.-. a.
■ viz?.-. The Coast  News    Wednesday June 30_h, 1954  f   ,  .       Member B.C. Weekly Newspaper Advertising Bnreaa  ;*  ' " SAMUEL   NUTTER,   Publisher  DO WORTMAN, Editor  (Established 1945)  Published by Sechelt Peninsula News Ltd.  Published every Thursday at Gibsons, B.C.  &tttbor!zed as second class mail,  Post Office Department,   Ottawa.  Rates of Subscription: 12 mos. $2.00; 6 mos. $1.25; 3 mos. 75c.  5c per copy. United States and Foreign, $2.50 per yeur.  Phone Gibsons _5W  Bar 128 Gibsons British Columbia,  it  ilonati  loads, Vehicles And Occidents  We feel that now summer or what is meant by the line and  ���weather has actually arrived, and dots. To these latter, we would  sjsore jieople than ever are travel- recommend fresh perusal of the  -iag hy car., it will not be amiss to little booklet on- Motor Vehicles  . <q_ote tire words of warning "Drive and their Operation, with which  ^Carefully. The life you save may they were supposed to be familiar  $>e your own." '   before receiving  their  licences  to  ��� '��� -There has been a growing num- drive. To those Avho cannot read,  Tber of accidents reported to this we onl-v n��De some kindly person  aaewspaper, and in too many cases wil1 take ifc uP��n himself To teach  ��he drivers of the vehicle involved them.  2-avfe subsequently been called be- Last week, we were wending our  Acre Ithe .local Magistrate.' "Driving meditative way along the highway,  -sofchottt due -care and attention" using every mile the speed limit  araay not mean much to the average allowed, but not hurrying. Going  yeader of the Police Court News. UP the winding Rat Portage Hill,  'SSvidently it means a great deal to which is clearly marked with a  ���fcktese who know what makes traf- double white line, no less than four  _3e- go, and what makes it 'go bad.' cars passed, at speeds almost  ���Oiierwise those very words would double the limit. Fortune Avas with  Siai&ly be Avritten into the statutes  these drivers, in that no one hap-  Dear Editor;  Your June 17 issue of THE  COAST NEWS offered a challenge  which I cannot but accept. I am  one of the teachers not intending  to leave the district at the moment.  But I know some of the reasons'  for the pedagogical exodus.  Let me lead up to the bad word  "salary" gradually, and maybe  people will understand why it plays  so important a role in number and  quality of teachers.  At  the present  time there is  a  ya.    s    a"  vincial government is attempting to  give us the benefit of equal education facilities with all districts in  the province and divide the costs  equally for the whole province.  Our district is helping to pay for  education in other rural areas  through the 3% of the sales tax  and other provincial taxes, but we  are failing our own pupils by not  taking advantage of that government offer here.  As far as relations between individual teachers and Board mem-  LETTER TO THE EDITOR       ���-  deereditter i'am ohly;;four uears  old and last week when? mom red  c.y.nicalsletter about the graddua-  tion class out loud to pop and me i  got very scaired when i herd about  the rotted tree of democracy is  reddy to topple into the near future  because -the graduating class nurtured a dredful fungus and i think  they should he made to fix the  fungus so it wont topple in my  future when i go to gradduate and  sus they are.  -"J3.ue -Care and Attention" refers  4�� She actual driving of a vehicle.  2t should not be driven in such a  snaxmer as to endanger the safety  ��f pedestrians, other drivers, passengers, the driver himself, or the  pened to be coming from the other  direction. We counted ourselves  extremely lucky, too, as that situa- to  tion is one of the biggest tragedy  makers in the hundreds of thousands of highway miles in our  country.   The  car which  has  just  teacher shortage.   Members of the  bers are concerned, I believe they  School    Trustees'    Association   do  are very good.  When we go to the  not bid  against  each  other for  a  Board with difficulties, we can be  full staff.   If all maintain a similar  sure that members will support us  schedule  in  the  same  region,  the  as far as they feel able.  Our Board  teachers that are available should is   sincerely   interested   in   giving  be fairly evenly distributed amongst pupils a good education.   They de-j  the districts.   There is no contract  serve the suport of a full, able, co- j  to that effect, but school districts  operative staff, but they must take  have a gentlemen's agreement. The  the steps necessary to get such a  idea Avould work if all other factors  staff. Our pupils are just as worthy  were  equal.   They are  not,  and  I  of   a   good   education   as   are   the  believe  that our  pupils  are  being pupils in Vancouver,  sold down the river for the benefit      Some  teachers  who are  leaving  of pupils in the larger centres.       ] this year are going for purely per-  Some  teachers  prefer the  rural  s'onal   reasons.    The   majority   are  or small tOAvn location. The major- seeking  to   better   their   lot.    Our  ity  prefer  a  larger  centre   where : turn-over of staff is influenced by  there    are   more    cultural   advan-1 the inequality of salary and accom-  tages, Avhere there is a supervising 1 pahying   conditions.    Four   of   our  teacher always available to give as-  this  year's  graduates  are  already  sistance, where the price of a play, j Avorking for a salary higher than  a ballet or a football game does not  that   of   a   beginning   high   school  include   the  added   price   of  ferry  teacher    here.     Mike    Pools,    Bill  and  bus tickets plus  a hotel bill, | Nicholls,  Jack  Creswell  and Dick  where the nextdoor neighbours are  Reichelt are all on a higher salary  not   necessarily   a   pupil's   parents (now than Mr. Clark is, in spite of  who are quick to criticize teacher's j the, fact that 'he has 5 years of uni-  personal   life.    For   these   reasons  versity training beyond their pres-  when   salaries   in   Vancouver   and  ent education level.    (Incidentally,  Burnaby  are  equal  to,  or  even  a j for    C.Y.Nicals's    benefit,    they  little   below,   our   teachers   prefer  haven't   sat   for   long   in   the' sun  property  with   which   the   vehicle *een  Passed ' is   in .as   potentially  efimes in (contact.  The   roads,   locally,   have' been  greatly improved, and so should be '���'-7 ,"" ~~ *'""'  ,       ���       m   ' nil because of a curve or a lull.  Ktfneh safer.   This is not the case      ���,   e    , .,   . .    .,  .        _,     ��� . , . We feel that in the case of many  <ar_ten-the-drivers are not using the ���<���  *, .    ee. , ...  rm of  these  traf tic  regulations  viola-  to go there. The situation is unfair  our   School  Board   and   to  our  Avaiting for a hand-out.)  You asked for reasons whv teach-  pupils. Even if there were enough f-��rs leave. I have spoken personally  teachers to go around, why should j to 8 who are leaving and the im-  Ave have to Avait *cr the left-overs 'proved salary and living conditions  dangerous a spot as that one being  met at high speed by the car turning out to pass, when visibility is  ��are they  should.   The roads  are  e&Tefully marked as  to when one  tors, the magistrate- is being very  ��     ,_, .     ,, lenient indeed, and it is unfortunate  stoottia, or  should not,  attempt to +1in. ���.. ,,������.���   ���.    , _,    �����.   ~������.  .... that we haA'e so few Traffic Officers  to patrol the highways.   .  Everyone   wishes    to ' have   the  .speed . limits-.., raisedrjonv-..oupr highways.    If accidents  are' so 'prevalent at thirty-five  miles per hour,  what Would the score be at fifty?  Stass another vehicle. Speed limits are plainly marked. There must  3>e a large number of drivers Avho  cea-oaot read, and "more still' who  SMR-ee never heard what the double  TWhite line means on the -highway,  Mmfa To kmnl  Some time ago, a correspondent lovely spot!  af onrs sent us some very charm-      We have quote a letter from the  3c.g pictures  of  the young  people District Engineer, who states that  who were May Queen and her at- at some future time he Avill meet'  tendams at Egmont this year.   Ac- Avith  representatives of  this  com-  ���eompanying these was a comment munity to assess the possibility of  So ��he effect that roads were need- constructing   a   road   there.    With  ed to. get these-young people out the new Agamemnon Bay road run-  to High School. ning   within   so  feAV   miles   of   the  This week, Ave have a descrip- area, it is only natural that the  tSien of a young lady whose parents Egmont people are hopeful. We  livs 3d. Egmont. She lives in Wis- hope the powers that be find it.  vecttfcin���doing work at the Univer- possible to do more than "Assess.  shy. imagine the thoughts of her the Possibilities," and Ave also hope  .friends, Avhen they have admired that our.M.L.A. is keeping his eye  the ..scenery as portrayed in color on this 'spot,���among the many in  ���photos of her home, when they find his riding, that are clamouring for  Shore   is   no   road   leading   to   this improvements they really need.  and always let tae larger centres  have first choice? There is no  teacher shortage in Vancouver.  To make our situation Avorse, Ave  have   a   salary   scale   considerably  loAver than the Vancouver scale���  by an average of $375 less per year  in the EB or elementary classification, $625 less per year in the SB or  secondary classification.   The larg-  ger centres are wealthier and have  always been able to afford better  help.    Our   provincial   government  recognized   that   arid   all "expenses,  above* ah---'8 mill tax levy are met'  out of Provincial funds.'  This was  an  attempt  to- equalize   education  and give pupils in the- rural areas  the    same    opportunity  ' that - city-  pupils enjoy. . .���*  The argument that our poor old  pensioners can not afford to increase teachers' salaries is only  meaningless propaganda.   The Prt>-  elsewhere account for the move of  7 of those to whom I spoke.  (Mrs.) Clo'e Day.  ~K  WESTERN   ONION   TELEGRAM  To: I. B. Clueless: ���   '   ���   .  Understand residents your area  blaming government, for lack of  surface or gravel on Pender to  Sechelt Highway stop Have just  .completed exhaustive survey �� and  investigation of situation and discovered information to negate ac-'  cusations. stop  Motorist driving approximately  10,000 miles in one year on above  road(?) eats or swallows roughly  tAvo cubic yards of dust, dirt and  sand (road surface) stop At three  dollars per cubic yard motorists  obviously owe govt, substantial  sum stop  Expect govt, soon to instigate new  tax collection agency for recovery  ister  amount of gravel eaten  during trip from Sechelt to Agamera-  Jh. 'GRADUATE WRITES ment assumes that we receive cer-  .��_��� ioae of the graduating "Causes tification saying we are qualified in  Xcr concern" r was made both sad a Avay we are not.  The assumption    ^  srofi ��ngr.v   bv   the   letters  in  last is wrong.  Our certificates say that,tms mone>r st��P Motorists will also ,  ���wife's paper-sad to think there is we have attended high school for | Le expected to wear metering de-  *c-   -sow:-   gross   misunderstanding four  years  and  that  the  teaching j ��� e over mou.th and nose to reg-  �����f aval.- high school and its pupils��� stafE  wishes  us  success.   What is :  angry  to  think  that  persons   Avho so dreadful about that?  ar�� so ignorant of the actual situa-      The girls who go1 into training in  non Bay st��P  VSva should be so glib in their con- a hospital also go through a gradua- i Govt, very co-operative stop Put-  ��Sen-JTja;tio_ of people making an tion ceremony before they write ting salt on road at present to im-  Xioflest .effort to do the right thing their finals. The ceremonies are prove taste stop Would suggest you  suvd of an institution which has held 'm April, but R.N. examinations petition public works dept also add  achieved ;a great deal in the Avay come in September. The public ac-! solution of pepper, mustard, tomato  >&f promoting learning, intellectual cePts that graduation. Why do sauce and angostura stop  3:��isikiBg and high ideals of citizen- the>r object to ours? We, the gradu-  ���ship and human decency.  ��'��raow the graduating class much  "better than  CYNical  knoAvs   them.  AlternatiAre solution is have govt,  ates, thought Ave had a very en-1 construct gargling outlets or sta-  joyable    ceremony,    banquet,    and ! tions every few miles so motorists  dance.    It   was   an   inspiring   ex-  I ^onld  say  that not one  expects Perie^e that gave us great pleasure.   Why  do  people  begrudge us  society to hand out the good things  of life Avith no effort on his part.  Maybe two of the tAventy-one would  9ike that, or think they would right  sac^s?, but none expect it and most of  *is prefer the satisfaction of getting  ���Ihe. good things of life by effort.  ~We are not used to receiving for  nothing. We must pass our final  examinations on our own steam  And know from bitter experience  that examination marks are not  liaaded out freely���are not usually  "a-jilace in the sun."   Much is being  that experience?  Of the ten boys in our class, four  are arranging noAv to go on to  school, either U.B.C. or an art  school to Avork for a degree; one is  going into the air force, and four  have applied for positions that Avill  enable them to earn a living. I do  not know the plans of the tenth.  Of the eleven girls, tAvo are already  making arrangements to go into  training for nurses, one is going to  university    and    then    to    normal  may gargle and expectorate gravel  back on road stop Could construct  separate gargling station for "Expectorant Mothers"  Signed "Sharkey"  school, three are arranging for ad-  ���anade   of  the   fact   that  we   were vanced   clerical   traiaing/ one   is  "annded  certificates   by  the   Chair- going to study .hairdressing, one is  rssirxji of the School Board before we  planning    a    four-year    university  I'i-Dsnr we deserve them. That state- course, and all of the rest have ap  plied for positions that Avill pro-  Aride them Avith the necessary tuition fees, books and board money.  Where is the "dreadful fungus" of  decay in their actiAdties?  I have'no desire to Avrite an "insulting" letter to C.Y.Nical, but I  do' desire sincerely to correct some  of the wrong impressions which he  is trying to give the district. May  I have the support of your paper in  my atternpt to let the readers of  last Aveek's letters knoAv some of  the facts?  LILA FARNHAM.  sy  START  SAVING  to***  Follow the example of 80.000  other Canadians. Start saving the Investors Syndicate  way! Ask your Investors  Syndicate representative for  full details  . Write or Phone  NEV ASTLEY  *  District Manager  3780  Cambie St.,      FA  1931  L  Vancouver, B.C.  ^5��s  Are You  BUILDING?  We   can   supply  Men   and  Material  for any  Job.  CARPENTERS  PLUMBERS  ELECTRICIANS  PAINTERS  SECHELT  Building Supplies  ��� Phone  Sechelt 60 K ���  thank c.DLnical for saving us front  a horruble fate  f our yeer old.  Sports Fishing Gear  In Good Supply  AT   MURDOCH'S  Give Our  FROZEN  FOODS  A Try,  Wa Have A Complete Line  Our Spring Supply Of  MARINE    and    HOUSE  PAINTS  Is Good.    New Colors.  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In ��;>...- of the  late summer, blooms v-.re very  plentiful.  Winning awards were: Roses:  Mrs. G. Colson, Mrs. J. Browning,  Mrs. T. Norburn, Mrs. G. Bat��b.elorf  Mrs. Duval, Mrs. C. Moorhouse, and  Mrs. G. Reid. Best rose in show  award went to Mrs. J. Browning.  Aquiligia: Mrs. Dilworth, Mrs.  Froom.  Mixed flowers: Mrs. W. Young-  son, Mrs. C. Lucken, Mrs. G. Colson and Mrs. J. Little.  Distinct Variety: Mrs-. Froom,  Mrs. Burgess, Mrs. Ladd, and Mrs.  Eldred.  Snapdragons: Mrs. Moorhouse.  Sweet Peas:   Mrs. Youngson.  Decorative basket: Mrs. Eldred,  Mrs. Browning.  by GM.  The following letter has been received by the Community Club: Attention, Mr. C. C. Cook, Sec.-Treas.:  Dear Sir: In reply to your letters  of June 3rd, please be advised that  I will be pleased to meet with your  representatives as soon a�� possible,  to assess the possibility of constructing, the rbad you require.  . You will be notified further as  to when such an inspection can be  made. Yours very truly, R. S. Cun-  liffe, (P.Eng.) District Engineer.  We are sorry to learn that our  School Principal, Mr. W. S. (Dick)  Dunlop, will be leaving us. He will  attend U.B.C. next term.  Mr. and Mrs. liner Beamish have  word that their daughter Kathe-  erine has received her Ph.D. in  Agriculture at the University of  Wisconsin. She will stay on to do  teaching and research work. Kay  taught school in Vancouver and  Burnaby for a number of years;  During the war she joined the Air  Wednesday June 30th, 1954    The  Coast  Ne&s  Begonia:   Mrs. Youngson, Diana porce and aeeved at Gander> New.  A  WATER tells tKe  truth about v^J^Jk^,,.,;,  Put Seagram's "83** to the water test.,  '���'���,,;'"''*Watfefr,f'^ "  reveals a whisky's true, natural flavour  and bouquet.  ^Sanadtan.jVhidhh  y  0y Sragramsw^ Sure    J  This advertisement is not published or displayed by .the Liquor  Control Board or by the Government of British Columbia.  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Children's' Class Wild Flowers:  Barbara Billingsley, Kathleen Toyn-  been, Arlene McCleod.  Canterbury Bells: Mr. Burgeess,  Mrs. C. Lucken, Mr. pilworth, Mrs.  Moorhouse.  Iris: Mrs. Eldred, Mrs. W. Waddell, Mrs. Geo. Wright, Mrs. Moorhouse.  Campanula:  Mrs. Moorhouse.   *  Miniature Garden: Diana McColl  (special prize.)  Table decoration: Mrs. Browning,  Mrs. Colson, Mrs. Eldred, Mrs. McColl.  Mrs. Colson convened the show,  with Mesdames Holroyd, Toynbee  and Reid convening the tea.  foundland. Later, she attended  U.B.C, and after; graduating went  to Madison. Kay says, when she  shows people her colored photographs of Egmont, they all marvel  at the scenery and ask how to get  there. When she tells them, they  exclaim, "What, no roads?"  KWK-B.  BLACKBALL  LEAVE HORSESHOE BAY  ' Daylight Saving Time  fi B ��.m>, 12 nv 4 p.in., S p.mv 12 ra<  free connecting bo�� service from downtown Vancouver Ofy Is  Horseshoe Bay in Wesf Vancouver  Sechelt  Gibsons News  ��_M-i__M^__M-m_a__aM^-B--��a--HM  This   Also  Happened  by Albert Crowhurst  Keith Bushfield from Washing-  mother, Mrs. Frank Bushfield  ton, D.C., is visiting with. yhis  (Gaidar.; Crest); ^Also visiting^fter  are her two grandsons, Dave and  Jon Fontain of Yakima, Washington..  ���; Flowers were placed -. in the  United Church on Father's Day by-  Dave and Jon Fontain in memory  of their Grandfather, the Rev,  Frank' Bushf ield, .who. passed away  a��Easter;time;. |- y  y Mrs/ K. A. Roberts.-has,returned  to Gibsons after visiting South  Africa and England; Mrs. A. Broad,  her niece, accompanied her home.  Mrs. Smith from Victoria has  been visiting Mrs. Roberts.  Danny Thornington had the misfortune to injure his wrist while  at play. Dr. Inglis was in attendance and put Danny s arm in a  cast.  Tough luck, Danny,  Marie Albertson fell d*own the  store stairway on the Bainbridge  last week and suffered a cracked  spine and broken wrist; she is reported doing O.K.  Kayo Kari of the Cannery road  has gone to Ontario to attend a  wedding and to visit.  Glad to see that we have an addition to our local police force.  Don't know the 'young fellow's  name but would like to welcome  him to our fair village,^.  The Kinsmen held a President's  Ball "in-the school hall last Saturday, and every one who was there  enjoyed themselves very much.  The Kinsmen would like to thank  all those who helped to put this  dance on.  Evan Kemp  At Madeira Park  (For one night only Evan  Kemp arid 'his popular CKMO  Trail Riders from the Vancouver  Hadio Revue lare coming to  Pender Harbour's Madeira Park  dance hall Friday July 9th.  With them on this trip will  be Bus Totten with comedy on  the fiddle, Johnnyj.yStar the busy  'bee playing Bass, singmg and  calling the square dances, Lucky  Young, accordianlst, arid Evan  Kemp.  There will be a stage show  from 8:30 till 10:00 p.m., and a  Idance following through till 2  a.m. This will be their last  appearance until sometime in  (Novem/ber, as the Trail Riders  will be leaving on August 5th  (for a three months tour.  CUBS PLAN  SUMMER   ACTIVITIES  Mr. A. Y. Fulton has given us a  report on the planned activities for  this- summer. As Cub Leader, he  hopes' that many of the Gibson's  Cub Pack will be able to enjoy  this program.  All Saturday activities will be  at 11.00 a.m. At Gibsons Municipal  Wharf,. Swimming and Life Saving  instructiongs will be given by Mrs.  Agnes Labonte each Saturday.  Wednesday, July 14th, at 3:45  p.m., the Cubs will gather in front  of the Gibsons Post Office, to proceed to a Weiner Roast in front of  Blain's house at Hopkins Landing.  They are ,asked to bring bathing  trunks, towel, and 25 cents.  On Sunday, July 25th. at 8:00  p.m., the Pack will gather at the  Gibsons Post Office for a hike. It  is recommended that they have a  stout pair of boots for this activity.  Each Cub should bring lunch. t  On Wednesday, Aug. lith, at 3:45  p.m., again at .the Gibsons Post Office, the Cubs gather for a Bean  Feed, to be held in front of Kruse's  house at Soames Point. This time  they should have with them, Cup,  Spoon, Plate, Bathing Trunks,  Towel and 25 cents.  ...Activity:,. Day. at Camp Byng;  ��� tim^r/andU,place* to..;,be. aimouneetL  latere '���.- ���-���  EVAN KEMP  SHOW AND DANCE  At Madeira Park  PENDER   HARBOUR  FEATURING:  1. The "Great Bus Totten (Fun on the Fiddle)  2. Dizzy Leo, Accordian  3. Johnny Star* The Busy Bee  4. Evan Kemp, of R:C.A. Victor and Aragon  Recording Fame.  Also, an Extra Surprise Attraction.  Stage Show, 8:30 to 10:00 p.m., Children 25c Adults $1  Dance 10:15 p.m. to 2:00 a.m.. Children 25c Adults ��1  Friday July 9th  r  THE PENDER HARBOUR  AND DISTRICT BOARD  OF TRADE  are inviting other organizations in Pender Harbour  and area to join with the Board of Trade, in showing  a welcome to the, cruising people from South of thei  LINE and BX.  We feel that in so doing, an even finer relationship will  grow between us all and a wider knowledge will be;  gained of our natural geographical assets.  WE ALL NEED EACH OTHER  w.p. pieper, j\ '.'���;  Presidents  Pender Harbour Board of Trade.  ���   ���  '  iang up the phone properly.  . . and help yourself to better service  Be sure that your telephone is properly replaced in its cradle  after placing or receiving a call.  When your telephone is not resting squarely in its cradle,  anyone trying to call you will be unable to reach you, and  your party line neighbours will be unable to place or receive  calls.  Some people, not wishing to be disturbed, deliberately leave  the telephone off its cradle. These people not only disrupt  the service of the other parties on their lines, but they may  also miss important calls themselves.  Children, too, by playing with the phone, can interrupt service  for you and for others sharing your party line. Teaching  children to use the telephone correctly will help improve your  service, and will be appreciated by your party line neighbours.  <j'  BRITISH   COLUMBIA  TELEPHONE   COMPANY  \. ����~~~~��a-  ggB  843  B.W.M. 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Milton, from Trinity  College, Toronto, who ,i& to take  the services here this summer. We  hope he enjoys the visit with us.  Sorry to hear Mrs. G. Crucil is  quite ill. She is taking a long rest  in bed. We hope she will soon be  well.  Nice to see Ted and Mary Ray-  nor back in Sechelt. They operate  Rockwood Lodge.   '  ST. HILDA'S TEA    <  The Annual Tea, sponsored hy  St. Hilda's Anglican Church Guild,  at Sechelt, was regarded as a highly  successful event, in spite of being  forced indoors by rain. The tea  was held in the Legion Hall, instead of in Mrs. Osborne Sr.'s gardenias had been planned.  Mrs. H. U. Oswald, the Vicar's  wife, formally opened the tea,  which netted the sum of $130.00  as a result of the various activities  through the afternoon.  A guessing contest was won by  Mrs. A. French, for which she received a ham, donated by Sechelt  Service Store. Mrs. French also  won the cake donated by Mrs. Betty  Williams, by guessing its weight.  A doll, dressed by Mrs. Chambers  was won by Mrs. Al Gibbons, who  guessed its name, and Mrs. Ibey  won the door prize.  Mrs. C. G. Lucken, the Guild's  President, and the General Convenor, Mrs. Martin Beney, were in  charge of the event, which was  much enjoyed by all, particularly  by Mrs. French, who really "went  home with the bacon."  Mr. and (Mrs. E.W. Larribe of  Lambe's Cove, West Sechelt,  entertained, visitors last weekend, Mr. and Mrs. Olatf Skilstead  and their daughter and son-in-  2aw Mr. and 'Mrs. John Trippal  bf Vancouver, and Mrs, Maria  (Albertson of 'Gibsons. They all  pnjoyed the week end, ��� and  .'toured the Peninsula, with a  (stop at Oyster Bay for oysters  to complete the beach party held  ���later at L/amhe's Cove: Mr. and  !Mrs. Trippal stayed on for a  week's holiday.  Roberts Creek  Qund��up  by Madge Newman  Sunday- was Baseball Day  egain.. The Royals playing  Against Sechelt lost the game. In  the evening the men against the  iRoyals won 8 to 5, and it was"  tthe night after, too for some of  them.  Time marches on even though  the weather lags behind, and  summer vacation has ��� started.  Stratford 'Children's Camp opens  on Saturday with -Mrs. E. Wilson  holding sway in the kitchen andj  'Mrs. M. Coles and Barbara acting as counsellers. Another new  dormitory is- heing completed.  iMrs. -Ruth Mitchell's summer  (girls are arriving and the first  contingent of Scouts are at  Byng. .  EASTERN STAR TEA  The OES entertained at a de-  Sightful tea on the 23rd at the  Masonic Hall. Mrs. A. Anderson.  Past Matron and Grand Repre-  'sentative of the State of  Vermont, opened the tea at 2:3fr  (She was introduced hy the  Worthy Matron, Mrs. C. Gray o5  Gibsons.  Door (prizes were won by  Mrs. V. Rookes and Mrs. H.  Manns while the electric -clock  and sherbets raffles went to,  (Mrs.' -Iris Smith and Miss D.  Dawson. Mrs. M. Campbell won  the cake. The White Elephant  sale was popular and the 'home  cooking stall did a roaring business.  SCHOOL PICNICKERS TIDY  The School children celebrated  the vacation season with a bang-  up beach picnic at Elphinstone  last Wednesday. Under the supervision of their teachers, the  youngsters and their small  sisters and 'brothers, played  games, ran races, swam and.  otherwise    enjoyed    themselves.  Ice cream provided by the teachers, Mrs. D. Blake, and Mr...<Q.  jRussell, 'was enjoyed by all as  were the cash prizes. Several  toothers were present also. Iti  imust be noted that these youngsters meticulously picked up all  the rubbish from the beach and  ipark, .their own arid much that  had "been left by other picnickers,  leaving it neat and tidy for the  'Junior High School picnic which,  followed the same late afternoon,  and evening. "; l  iFAREWEIX PARTY  Eric Lindwall was guest of  honour Saturday night- at the  \Legion Hall when the Roberts  (Creek String Orchestra entertained at a party. That these  folk who can play long-hair  music can also evoke shorfe hair  ���parties was # evidenced by the  sounds of laughter and hilarity,  ���emanating from ��� the building.  Progressive games, dancing and  wiusic were enjoyed by the mem  hers and their guests. Prize,  winners of the games contest  were Mrs. A. Anderson and Mrs.  __. Inglis. ������''���'  (Following a delicious supper,  iMiss Jerry Jervis, on behalf of:  the Orchestra members, presented Eric with a travelling  clock.  Eric,   who   was   brought   up  (here,   and   last   year  graduated,  (from   Elphinstone ���High,. School,  is now  being  transferred   from  the local bank to Kaslo. He was  a member of the Orchestra, playing  first  violin,   and  also  sang  with   the.  group    on   several  occasions. .The  Badminton  CSub  } will miss 'him next season also.  .   Eric  is  the   only  son  of Mr.  'and Mrs. J. Lindwall. The best1  wishes of theSr many friends go  to this enterprising lad who will,  never allow the grass to grow  under hte  feet,  nor his feet to'  stray far from the path of duty.  ( >���  ';}  ���JPliC-AL-  _!���   -- .     -��� . _, ��� . -*  SCREEN  DOORS  AT.  $4 .50 each  214 inch COMMON  NAILS   . $12.00 keg  IT  PAYS   TO  BUY  AT  PENINSULA BUILDING SUPPLY  Phone 30 J  Sechelt  Sunshine   Coast  Lodge  NO.   76   I.O.O.F.  MEETS   PARISH   HALL  Gibsons, 2nd & 4th Friday  W. McFadden, D.O.  Optometrist  GIBSONS  Phone Gibsons 01  Office     Hours  9:00   a.m. to 5:00 p.m.  Evenings by Appointment  Why go to Vancouver for  .Optical Service?  SPECIAL  1950 Mercury 3-Ton  In Top Shape.  2-$peed/ Good Rubber.  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More news on this later  See Us For  ALL  MOTOR   &  RUNNING   REPAIRS  New & Used Tires  (Goodyear and Firestone.  SUMMER     LUBRICANTS  Inboard and Outboard  Motors Repaired  FOR   REAL   SERVICE  Phone 48C ��� Sechelt  SEAVIEW  LUMBER  Lumber  Roofings  Paints  BUILDERS'    HARDWARE  and SUPPLIES  Phone" Gibsons 92 R.  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Very  nice now with all their different colors. Wonderful wfiat - -.>���..*' paint  job can do for any section of the  community.  Small fry feeling gypped lately,  weather so cool, and so little swimming. Hope the weather man  smartens up and provides some  sunny days. Imagine all the nervous breakdowns, if the summer's  to be spent with "the small fry always underfoot.  Wonder what happened to the  appropriations for road work for  the Peninsula this year. Are they  going to save it and have a surplus  again this year? Just wondering out  loud. Hear they are going to  sprinkle their famous salt solution  on the road again to lay the dust.  They tell me it is very hard on the  enamel of the car. Guess we can't  afford double flushing. Maybe when  the ferry gets running the road  work will start. 'Twould be a pity  to have this work going on with  no traffic and no audience. I could  be wrong. Mrs. Frederickson up  for a week-end viist.  Glady Bachelor tells us she has  passed all her exams and has been  given a Certificate of Merit from  the Hairdressing College where she  has been on course. She expects to  start work after July 1st. Congratulations.  Gibsons Firemen really going to  town on our end of the softball circuit. About time someone put them  out. Who's going to do it? They  are playing good ball, and making  use of all the breaks. Better smarten up and get together fellas, to  keep your fans interested. They  don't like - too many one-sided  games.  My number two son, still in Nova  Scotia, tells me he has signed on  for another two years, and is quite  happy in his chosen profession.  July 4 ���-Gibsons 8 p.m. at  home  cf Mrs. Sergeants, Howe  Church Services. 1  ANGLICAN CHURCH  July   4,   1954  3rd Sunday after Trinity  St.     Bartholomew's     Church  Gibsons  11:00   a.m.   Choral   Communion  St.   Hilda's   Church   ���  Sechelt  11:00 a.m. Morning Prayer  7,30 p.m. Evensong  St." Aidan's Church  Roberts Creek  11.00 a.m; Sunday School  3:15  p.m.  Evensong  Sound  Fair Committee.  J*uly 5 ��� Gibsons 8 p.m.,  Parish Hall, Fanners' Institute  General Meeting.  July 8 ��� Roberts Creek, at  Mrs.  P.B.  Long's  home ��� St  Aidan's    garden    party,    home I I  JjjQf]  cooking, sewing, etc. j  July 10 ��� Roberts Creek  Hall, PTA dance, music by the  Rythm Pals.  July 12 ��� Wilson Creek  Community Association HalL  Strawberry  Tea.  July 10 ��� Roberts Creek  Hall, PTA dancte, music by tho  Rhythm. Pals.  July 11 ��� Gibsons School  Hall, Farmers' Institute Junior  Garden Club 2 p.m.  July 15 ��� Roberts Creek, at  home of Mrs. E.J. Shaw, 2:30  to 5:30 tea and sale of home  cooking - PTA.  July 15 ��� Gower Point, St  Bartholomew's garden party a  Mrs Chasters.  July 17 ��� Gilbso-ns United.  Church Hall, W.I. Home cooking and produce sale at 10 a.m.  July 20 ��� Gibsons, hoime of  Mrs. Corlett, W.I. Monthly  meeting.  July 22 ��� Gibsons,,, at home  of Miss Grant at 2.30 p.m.,  garden party by the Friendly  Group of the W.A. of the United  Church.  July 29 ��� Gibsons, at home  pf Mrs. Wm, Davies, Headlands,  2 to 5 p.m., Headlands VON  Auxiliary Garden Party.  Aug. 4 ��� Tea, home cooking  Sand art display will be held at  the home of Mrs. LaFond, Hop-  jlrins Landing, from 2:30 to 5  p.m.  Aug. 12 -��� Gibsons, Seacrest,  St. Mary's Altar Society Bazaar  at 10 a.m.  ��� Aug 20 ��� Roberts . Creek,  Annual sale of work and tea by  the W.A. Roberts Creek United  Church.  ; Nov  18   ��� Gibsons,  Anglican  (Parish Hall, W.I. Tea and bazaar.  Mnimum Charge  50c for 15 words.  2c per extra word  by cash.  Billing charge added. .  Deadline Tues.. 5 p.m.  FOR SALE  Bush wood, Fir and Alder.  Current prices. STAG FUELS,  phone 21 J, Gibsons. tfn  A Piano, with Player, Walnut  case, Bench. This piano is in top  condition, $295.00 ��� Phone  Gibsons  53. tfn  ���SURVEYOR will be here July  3th, suggest you Contact us  immediately. Totem Realty at  Gibsons.  FOR   SALE  Gravel, 15 cents yard in large  quantities, 20 cents yard in  small lots at pit.  Tom Snodgrass, Selma Park  Phone   75R 26  WANTED immediately, some-  pne to look after small boat  rental and parking, in return for  free rental of small beach cottage and percentage of take.  July August. References please.  Totem Realty at Gibsons.  Save by buying at the farm.  Fowl, plucked or live weight.  Elander Farms, Phone Gibsons  68 H 2. 28  Investment property on Gibsons waterfront: Don't miss this.  Consists of two bedroom cottage  with pantry and utility room.  Newly painted. Also included  12 X 10 cabin 7 X 7 workshop.  Price $4,000, cash $1,000 and low  terms. John 'Coleridge Realty,  Gibsons.  Four-room house, plumbing,  lights, with garage, improved  lot, lawn and garden. Porpoise  Bay view. $3000.00. Box 9,  Coast News. tfn.  Business lot, best location in  Gibsons, main street, cash sacrifice $674.50. Totem Realty at  Gibsons.  St.   VINCENT'S   MISSlrfftS  St. Mary's��� Gibsons - 8:30 a.m.  Holy Family ��� Sechelt  10:00 a.m.  Port   Mellon  ���  First   Sunday  each month at 4:30 p.m.  UNITED CHURCH  Sunday School  Gibsons ��� 9:45 a.m.  Public   Worship   ���   11:00  a.m.  Roberts Creek ��� 2 jpVm.  Wilson Creek Sunday School  11:00 a.m.  Public   Worship   ���   3:30   p.m.  Port Mellon, Sunday  7:30 p.m.  BETHEL   CHURCH  Sechelt  Legion   Hall   road.  2:00 p.m. Sunday School  Gospel Service, 3:00 p.m.  PENTECOSTAL  TABERNACLE  Sunday Services:  9:45 a.m. Sunday School  11:00   a.m.   Devotional  7:30  p.m.  Evangelistic  Wednesday night  -Prayer and Bible Study 8 p.m.  Friday night at 7 p.m.  Junior  Young People and 8 Senior  Wilson  Creek  2 p.m. Sunday Scheol  Roberts Creek  Service Monday,. 7;30, p.m..,,-.  Evangelistic Service  Tuesday 7:30 p.m.  THIS WEEK'S SPECIAL ���  (Sechelt Highway, 5 acres, very  ^comfortable small home, 3 pc  bath, electric lights, sheds and  chicken house, lovely garden, all  planted, good garage, its an exceptional- property in every way,  jow terms, you will like this.  FOR INSURANCE  OR REAL ESTATE SEE  otem   Realty  Phone Gibsons 44  Evenings   95J  Member Association of B.C.  Real  Estate  Agents.  LAND ACT  Notice of Intention to Apply to  .Lease Land.  Ini Land Recording District of  Vancouver;   and  situate   at  Quarry Bay, Nelson Island, B.C.  Take notice that Oliver Dubois  of    Vancouver,    occupation  Logger  intends to apply for  a  lease of the following described  lands:��� being part of the foreshore and bed of Quarry Bay.  ' Commencing at a post planted  at the N.W. corner of Lot 2009,  being a point on the northerly  highwater mark of Quarry Bay,  thence westerly, southerly, easterly northerly and southerly  along said highwater mark for  approximately 24 chains more  or less; thence due east approximately 5 chains more or less  to *the easterly highwater mark  of Quarry Bay; thence northerly, easterly, westerly, and  northerly along the said high-  water mark to the point of commencement and containing  eight (8) acres more or less, for  the purpose of log booming and  storage purposes.  Oliver  Dubois,  Dated June 4th, 1954.  CD.. Schultz  & Company  Limited, Agents,  P.J. Hall.  'For Sale, $2,000.00, new 21 ft  runabout, V 8 powered, 2 to 1  reduction, full length double  (plywood bottom. Oan.be seen at  '���F.W. Srone's, Secret Cove.  27  'Sell or trade for property, '53  (Austin A 40 Somerset, only 6100  miles. Terms, as I need a bigger  ���car. Bradford 104J or write P.O.  Box 111 Gibsons. (A Salesman  for Totem).  Sectional Chesterfield, Korea  Red, guaranteed construction,  bought recently; 2 spring-filled  fcnattresses > Ax-minster rug,  9X12; also drafting board witn  stand, electric range, (Westing-  house). .Must be sold by July  (L5tti. 'Mrs. Boa, House No. 8,  Upper Townsite, Port Mellon.  30 Windows, quantity of-  lumber, brooder, Singer sewing  machine. What offers? Phone  evenings, 'Gibson's 22-M2  Gibsons ��� well built 2 room,  (house, near beach, electric lights,  water. Sacrifice $1260 cash. See  Totem Realty, Gibsons^.  Bough and Planed Lumber  Phone   Halfmoon   Bay   7 Z  KOLTERMAN SAWMILLS  Halfmoon Bay  'For 'Sale, Plywood outboard  boat,* 12 ft. Phone Gibsons 84 H*  Lot bargain, on newly paved  Gower Road, level, extra large  lot between Emerson's and Dr.  ArDdersons. Extra good value at  $675.00. Totem Realty, Gibsons.  -Postcard size Kodak camera  with case $15. Frigidaire $75.  Two single beds with Restmor-'  spring filled mattress $15 each.  Mrs. Wingrave,Gibsons 79 L.  PROPERTY ��� WHETHER  SELLING OR BUYING, IT  (WILL PAY YOU TO CONTACT  *US, WE KNOW THE AREA,  IPORT MELLON TO PENDER  /HARBOUR, WE.ARE ACTIVE,  IWE 'ARE SELLING, WE GIVE  (SERVICE THAT REALLY SATISFIES, ALL OUR SALESMEN  IA/RE LICENSED & BCfNDED.  FOR 'RESULTS SEE TOTEM  [REALTY, PHONE 44 GIBSONS.  Walnut twin beds, 'coil springs;  and rebuilt mattresses, $50.00.  Mrs. W. Ross, Phone Gibsons  111R.  'For rent, Secret  Cove,  beach  Shame,   'steeps   6.   July,   August,  September.    Totem    Realty    at  Gibsons.  FOR RENT  Unfurnished new modern ana  bedroom suite opposite Standard station!. Phone Gibsons 67 R.  2&  WANTED  TO   RENT  On one or two years lease, 2  cr 3 bedroom home in Gibsons,  unfurnished or furnished. ���  Reliable tenants. Box 2, Coast  News. tfn  H.B.   Gordon   Agencies:  Real  Estate,   Car   Insurance,  Fire Insurance.    Phone    Sechelt    53 J  Evenings    and    Holidays,    H.B  Gordon   81H.   or   T.E.   Duffy,  LOT SPECIAL ��� 5 lots in  Gibsons, all 5 'for only $750.00  Totem 'Realty, Gibsons.  Here it 'is���furnished 3 bedroom home, 3 pc bath, fireplace,  ���basement, good view, you can  move in today for $1,000 or less  down payment, 'balance only $45  !a month, its a steal. Totem  Realty,  Gibsons.  Fairbanks Morse engine and  heavy duty pump jack. Good  working condition. H. Benjamin  Porpoise Bay or  Sechelt P.O.  26  Here is a charming home with  lovely garden. Living room "with  'fireplace, cabinet, kitchen, 2 bedrooms, full plumbing -and electricity. Everything in "new  condition", and situated in Gibsons. Only $5,000 and on terms  if required. John 'Coleridge  Realty,"*Gibsons.  Inglis automatic Propane gas  hot water heater. Used 2V_  months. Thirty ��� three percent  reduction. Phone Sechelt 40.  26  4 excellent buys in used Oil-  burning Ranges.  Excellent condition.  From  $35.00  to  $150.00  at   Parkers   Hardware,    phone  Sechelt 51. tfn.  .  INSURANCE  Fire - Auto - Liability. Prompt  courteous service  .  Totem   Realty,   Gibsons.  tfn  WATCH REPAIRS ~~  Fast,  -Accurate, -Guaranteed  Watch   reparirs.   Marine   Men's  Wear, Gibsons,. tfa  WATCH REPAIR - All types  of watches and jewelry repaired. Reliable, fast, efficient.  Union   General   Store,   Sechelt.  tfn.  WORK   WANTED "  Spray and Brush Painting; also paper hanging. J. Melhus.  Phone Gibsons 33. tfn  HELP   WANTED  Opportunity for young girl to"  ;work   as    mother's   helper   foi*<  ���Doctor's family in California for" *  at   least   a   year.   ���"���"-"--  Coast  News.  Write  Box  4 -  LOST  On Halfmoon Bay hill, Tend  and Fly. Finder please return to  anv B.C. Forest Service Station.  FOUND  One   Ear   Ring.   Phone  .���Humphries,; Gibsons SI K.  Mi's.  CARD  OF THANKS  HOPKINS ��� lovely beach  'home, almost' new, many fine  features,, full price only $7350.  see Totem Realty, Gibsons, B.C.  We wish to express our sincere  thanks and appreciation to our  many friends who were so kind  i'o us during <our recent bereavement, also,���'������ for ..the ,.beautiful,  (floral offerings.  Mrs. Margaret  Scwden  and family. - 6  The Coast News  Wednesday June 30lh,  1954  -*:i" A We suggest that 'yfcftt try' our >     ;.'  HIGH QtlAtITYr STOVE AND FURNACE OIEiS  Individual Stanip-Meter Delivery  Prompt, Honest and Friendly Service.  Phones: Hopkins 65, ��� ." or Keats" 15C  Accounts May Be Paid At Totem Realty.  Specials For Your  SUMMER COTTAG  1. Limited Supply of  LOG   CABIN   CEDAR   SIDING.  6' X IVz" No. 3 at $55.00 per M.  2. Unlimited Supply of  FOREST  CEDAR SIDING  ,   $>' X IV." 'No. .3 at $45.00 per M.  Phone 93J  Gibsons  jThe   mbrithJIy  ineetiBg--1 :h"eld 're-  ^ciehtly took the form of a tea and  business combined'frei'd at the home  of '��� Mr.   !and- -iMrs--"'; W;' '-Hodgson,'  Simnybank. ������'������-������"'��� ���  The day was perfect so we gathered on the lawn and gardens, enjoying to the full the beauty of. the  trees, the shrubs and the flowers  which' were blooming in- abundance.  A donation of ten dollars for  prizes in the Junior Garden Classes  was arranged for.  Plans were also made for two  events in July.  Mrs. H. B. Wilson who has just  returned from Portland, Ore., gave  us a most vivid picture talk on the  Portland Rose Show, this was much  appreciated and she described the  many floats which were composed  of thousands and thousands of  roses.  Tea was then served with Mrs.  J. Warwick, Mrs. E. Lowe, Mr. G.  Porter, Mrs. C. E. Webb, Mrs. D. F'.  Wilson assisting.  It was nice to see Mr. Chatt and  Mr. Andrews with us, and wish  them both a speedy recovery to  their usual health.  j!  SUMMER COTTONS GALORE AT IRENE'S  Dresses*  Sun Dresses,  and smart  Sleeveless Blouses  featuring the loveliest prints and colors imaginable.  Bright circular cotton skirts, just $2.95  Nylon Dresses, both Larger and Smaller sizes  Denims:   Pedal Pushers-in  Charcoal.  Red,  Blue and  New Yellow. Shorts in Plaids and Plains.  SWIM SUITS from $5.95 to $9.95.  rnwn  Phone 35  mm m mi  iLKi M  Gibsons  ow At REDUCED PRICES!  Model STD 76C was $319.95    NOW $279.95  Model ST 76     was $289.95   NOW $249.95  Model STD 91C was $369.95   NOW $329.95  We can obtain a complete range of Frigidaires,  from 6 cu ft to 10.5 cu ft Cycloniatic  J  liSii  "Buy At Home And Insure Better Service"  DRINK  thctn  arty oiher DRY OiN  This past week 'in 'Magistrate  Johnston's Court, penalties have  been handed out for speeding in  restricted zones, and for unduly  careless driving, among other  minor offenses. ���  Robert Verhulst of Port Mellon  paid a fine of ten dollars and  costs for driving at thirty xni'les  per hour 'in a twenty mile zone  at   Gibsons.  \For driving without due care  and attenti'on, Arnold William  Webb of Port MeMon was fined  $20.00 and costs when he failed  ���to negotiate the corner at Lew  Reid's in Gibsons, while driving  ���up -the Will.  The   same   charge   was    laid  against Robert-Edward Hume of  Port Mellon, who drove his car  off the  road   near the  Seaview  cemetery.    He   collided   with   a  m'ound of rock and earth, doing  approximately    $800.00   damage  to his vehicle. He, luckily enough  was  not  injured.  'Hi's plea  that  he'ran into the soft shoulder of  the road and was unaible to control    his   car   met   with1' slight  sympathy from His Honor.  For exceeding the speed limit  'near Sechelt, Walter E. Smith,  of Sechelt, was fined ten dollar's  and costs.  Failing to have -a Special  Fisheries License, because as he  said he was unable to find the  Fisheries Office at Pender Harbour, cost Alfred August, an  Indian of Sechelt, a fine of $20.00  'and costs. The License would  have cost him one dollar.  Gordon Alex Murray, Seaman  from Vancouver, paid a fine of  ten dollars and costs 'for driving  :at excessive speed 'in the restricted area at Sechelt.  Robert Elgie Low, of Halfmoon  Bay, defended hy 'H. Rankin,  Barrister of 'Vancouver, had  charges of giving an Indian  liquor, in contravention, of the  Indian 'Act, dismissed on account  of insufficient evidence, and the  failure of two Crown Witnesses  to agree, or to substantiate their  statements.  Harbour' Notes  The delegates are all back iron.  Victoria, having gone to talk about  hopes for the St. Francis Peninsula road, and whether there will  be power in Pender and when. Although the delegates came back  without any definite promises on  either count, some of them do feel  more  optimistic  than  in   the .past.  Rumor hath it that a plan is now  being made for the subdivision of  Irvine's Landing. This is a large  district, and there will he a large  number of lots in the subdivision.  Mrs. A. Cherry and her daughter  have been visiting in Vancouver.  Mrs. W. Peiper left on Tuesday for  that point, and Mrs. R. Murdoch  also has been seeing the bright  lights.  Distilled in Canada and distributed by The House of Seagram  This advertisement is not published or displayed by  the Liquor Control Board or by the Government of British Columbia.  . For Sale, 100 gal. tank, $10.00.  3 kegs 2V_ inch nails, ��11.00 keg,  quantity of water pipe and  fittings, large grind stone $5.00,  1 sheet of copper, 3 sheets of  ���galvanised iron, 4 large siding  door showcases, suit store. ���  Apply CP. Smith, Gibsons.  ky Gyppy Towers  School's out and the summer  visitors.are in. From,the teaching staff :down ; GoWer attracts  'them. all.. The Hodson. cousins  and their brother and his family  really soaking, up the s sun. Mr.  bnd Mrs. VJ. ��� G. Sinclair -eozily  settling down for -their summer  tan. Alex Sinclair and his family  too, making the most of their  spare moments'  Mr. and Mrs. Urie- keeping  an eye on the fruitful sea waiting for the surf to subside while  [daughter Beth shows her boy  friend the 'beauties of the Beach  Esplanade. The Lyman Meadows  knocking down the winter cobwebs and wallowing in the peace  and   quiet.  Mrs. Freda Jordon with her  faithful friend Mrs. 'Reid getting  \hings ship shape for the next  two months of seaside social  whirl.  Mr. and Mrs. Ian .Douglas  taking a forief respite 'at the Bay.  Mr. and Mrs. Bruce Coles and  'their family keeping the lum  reeking at Stronlochie while  'Word comes that Mr. an Mrs.  'William Bow are winging their  ���way -over the Ocean.  Stil thrilled with the lovely  piece of 'blacktop on the Gower  JRoad���even the oldest chariot  ,fo'Us like a Packard���'hasten the  'day when we can roll all the  way. Having gone so far, surely  it is not impossible to dream of  it coming right along ��� then  Utopia will be Gower, or Gower  will  be Utopia.  ANNOUNCEMENT ^ ._     '     ^ ^ j A;" B^lsp^of;'-j^x/Sfek^V'  . jThe* engagement il:';atinbun:ced p^^ at:.  Elizabeth Anne,  only daughter  of j the ���_Gibsony"M e m o ryi a;l^ JJmtedj-  ������----'-��������� g^      ;-  t  J-    ' -.  George Frederick Robertson, young-, geyan   officiating'y^ndl}Dr.   Oliver-   .'  est son:rof. Mr: [and  Mrs.  Edwaijci; 'barwin officiati.ng... '���-..- y:\.yy,.x.  Mr. Harold D. Grant,, of i'AUenby.j^liijrcfi/Gib'sonsV at'"_rOtf FiiKir S  B.'C, and the late M^4'Gr^^W'^r|_^y, July 31st, with Rev. H.  Georsre Frederick Robertson, vonnsr-   Revia.n    officiating" -anflMDr;   CTlr  SWIMMERS - We Have %  "SUSIE  GORDON" Swim Suits at   $6.95 to $ICL95  Men's and Children's.Trunks  Children's Shorts and Play Suits  The Tasella Shoppe  Phone 29 J  Sechelt  Add an EXTRA  ROOM!  Turn that unused space into a useful, practical,  attractive room for guests, for an office, or a play'  room for the children.  See us for an estimate of requirements. We will  be pleased to help with suggestions.  Phone Gibsons 53  "WE  CARRY THE  STOCK"  JERVIS INLET WATER TAXI LTD.  wish to announce  A Water Taxi and Packaged Freight Service  from the  Sechelt Peninsula to Thormanby, Lasqueti. Texada and  Nelson Islands and All Points in Jervis Inlet.  SIGHTSEEING and FISHING TRIPS  I  ;i  rervis Inlet Water Taxi Ltd.  PHONE  9S2  SECRET  COVE, B.C.  The daily "bread" o? fcdv cf E^r:':h C:'i"b?~'2 p^cy.h comes from  the forests.  On Vancouver Estand the percentage is higher sfiSS ���- SEVEN .out  of TEN of its residents refy on the forests for their livelihood.


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