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The Coast News Apr 8, 1954

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 mmttsMSiffiiwewMiftaiutvim  y^wy  ���u t ?~.*  VICTOR A;. B.C  ��� yzZs  ]-..: X  <:/>f  Eighth Year of Publication  Vol 8���14  Thursday April 8, IS54  Published in Gibsons* B.C. ..  3'��  tSiscus  ers  oral ...  Elect  New Committees  /    With   Village  Commissioners  AM. Ritchey and C.P. Ballentine _,  arid: also Clerk R. Burns present, The   annual general  meeting  a well attended meeting of the o�� the Choraliers was held  in  Gibsons and District Ratepayers' ^  WiSCjsbn.' Creek; community.  Ass(^iation,met in? the;United cel^re ^t1^ ^k  Church Hall on Thursday, April  Screen Siar&a^: the U.N*  -    -..'.��� "  ��� i*    .  r ."-  "��� - . . Ti*T\  -   ��� ���      ;���      '     ���   ���    ���' _'      ^       ..  1st,    and   discussed   v ill ag e  . affafirs.\''  Mr. R.; Lamont was appointed  chairman of a raembership committee, and a, drive willyb'e made  for new members among, fee  taxpayers of the village.  A detailed statement of 1953  finarice'Si was presented to the  meeting by;/;i^r^ident-:.'Macnicbly  isliowrarg "���'%���;". ^tiitfiactory^ balance  on hand, after paying expenses.  Mrs. -3. Milliganv -'Marine.  Drive, complained about overgrowth on. a lot adjoining her  property, and produced a letter  received from the Inspector of  B.C. Mtmicipalities, ��� Victoria,  stating^ yt^at ythe village : commission '������had theyetiuthoriLty tio  pass a bylaw preventig lots remaining in a condition as stated  by Mrs. Miljigan..  The financial statement was  presented and showed a balance  in favour of the singers.  The sum of approximately  eighty dollars was expended on  mus|o, which, as well as the  cost of transportation is borne  by the choir.  Several com mi 11 ees were  elected tinder the -presidency /bf  Hilda Lee, who was returnee!  to office unopposed for tlie third-  successive year.     ."'*'       r v  The rehearsals .for   the next  concert  season  will r.commenee  on the first Sunday after Labour  Day.   It   is   hoped   that   more  singers, will-be   added   to  thisl  popular  group,  to  replace  the'  vacancies caused by the gradua-'  tion   of   some.....of   the   student 1  members who  will be  leaving;?  the district. -..,,- ���'  Persons wjtth   choral  Two outstanding personalitiesvoJMfce ihi^ryand film world re-  .eritly donated their tirtenfe lio^tfl- the wprkiOf;^Ke f  ^UnitedNationsChildren'.Fund,*toNIGEF):,AtMt-te%$$G^%eng j  British-born actress. Checking ]_er^ who '  has * fitting background ^  of Batch and'Irish parentageyM^eljrium. In a special broaacaj*  heard by millions in English-sp^kiiif countries, they joined'witii ���  five other lummari^s of st^e and screen in dramatixiiifr UNICEFs .  ������van-year history of woirld-wide^id and children. ���'  experi-  The  d^ftculty-of  enforcSiig   ence or a  knowledge; of music  such a bylaw in a village like  Gibsons   where such  condition  who  Wishes   to   continue with  this work, ;may obtain the re  Gibsons Gin Club  In Tournament  was prevalent was outlined by  quired information, from   Mrs  Clerk Burns. The ; complaint  was referred to the Deputy Fire  Marshall for Gibsons area to isee  if this nuisance could be classified as a fire risk.  Upon the propsal of Mr. Ben  '    Knight,   a   suggestion  box  will  be made   available  for  use  of  members, for. subjects for .discussion at the monthly meetings.  The matter of possible damage  .hieing  done  ti people's  flower  '���apid  vegetable, gardens by  the  ��� lack of care in spraying weeds  '" ^^��;~ %a$y~;d^  and objection taken to certain  types-of spraying machines in  this connection. ^  '   The report of the Village Commission for 1953 came under re-  , view and expenditures on roads,  fire  hall,   etc.  were   explained,  or. a promise given by the Commissioners   present   that   more  detaiiedj mifjormation   could  be  supplied, by   Clerk   Burns,    on  request of the -Ratepayers asso-  , ciation. A motion was passed, on  the request   of Mr.   H.   Fearn,  that    information    covering    a  breakdown of the road expenditures during the year 1953, in  the Headlands District (District  Lot 685) .be  obtained from the  village commission.  Attention was  drawn  to the  fact that the village of Gibsons  , had spent more on rbads ini the;  years  1952 and 1953 tham had1  Ed. Lee,   Selma--'Park,! or may,'  contact members of. the group.  . ������At; the close  of the' meeting, i  refreshments were   served,  and  for    services    rendered,    small ���,  tokens    of    appreciation    were  presented  to.. Mrs.   Reid,   Jaek  Whittaker, Mr, Haley, Mrs. Lee,  and H. Roberts.  Sechelt Choir  Music Festival  m  Plans Maste For  Sechelt May Day . y.,-v.  p-The May Day Committee has  calready begun planning for the  Four .members of the Gibsohs^ig day.  on the twenty-fourth  Club were entered as a team to^jiere will be parades, the May  * compete   in  the  Capilano   Rc^Queen  will be   crowned,   there  " and'Gun: Club Tourneohient bn^MU be games and sports of all  I April i:  fourth.     The    membersy^ihd^. ���.'..���������  qualifying for  this  competition j;   A program will be available,  were  Roy  and Walter-yNygreri,?with  coupon   draws  again-this  John  Bunyah and C la re nee year, and prizes of ten and five  Sicotte.        \ v y  y     ��� 1 jyjdolltirs,   and four  of   two-fifty  The   team  did  very,  well  in are already arranged for.  their  first attempt  in   a Pistols   The   Committee  meets   again  Tournament. . '"��� y   on   the   15th   of  April   in   the  In   the Individual  Marksmeni. School.  Class,  John BuViyan ranked '.my    '--���'���   the top half, ririi the Slow Fhrey/ ^ '  match. Clarence Sicotte did well',;I #|ft$1  UAM  in   the  Timed-fire competition^!.UuQ��   1 U���! ��  Roy Nygren and Walter Nygr^-v^-    '     - ,    ���  Rapid-Fire  match. ,^    '| \ . ���  The officers of the Capilano' v The   Elphinstone  Branch   of  .      . ..   .r... A? ������������    '<; ��� "ryf-^- *s-:   %^f,^*  . ,  ;���y;; At the  Village^,Gonm\issi6^;;aneeting on /I^e^^;>evening^  correspondence wasvH3d'Wnd (ii^ussei^^ahd ahi'agreem^^  reHclassification of the^GOwer Point R6ad ^a,secondary Highway  -to jjerriiit" Provincial participatiQn>ln;rth"e>. costs was ^signed arvdl  ^sealed. As "soon as agreements can be completed with the AdariJac .  G&mpany of Vancouver, the work will be begun. .,.���;.'  'v~This palls'for-a paved surface      . . r  ....-_ .-_>���> <.     '.���- ' ,.-, ~t-  of tweinty. fb^ir feet width in the authorized to have trees and  ^fdrticm:;of %e; highway;, within brushy .nows: grown ^tq- ties" a  the Village tof Gibsons, a dis- n_isahce, removed frpm^tihe site  tance^ of'approximately .88 of 0f the springs ih.' the water  a Irniie' K^yy:: :i - ��� ������������ ....      'system. .; ; .' ;    \M.y*i  'Correspondence regarding the' a letter was1 yreceived from  aquisition of l<and in the_ water..D.. 'Irgens, quoting'prices on  slied of "the Gibsons, water sys- individual portions of rights of  tern, jwas read1 and fijed,: also *Way to be cleared. Owing *to>  correspondeijce V; regarding the prior committments the Village  ^toi^il^i^hare of the Social feit it. could not proceed im>  ���S^ecuritiesiTax. ���.-.       * mediately with this work.     -    '  Clerk-R^Burns was instructed By-Law.. 103, .dealing witfe  to prepare^to. attend the;, con- water rates was given its third  fererice of Municipal Officers in reading. By-Law 104, concercfr.  ,-,-,;.-_,������_������ _.:-.������������_.?_.-. n��.   __j   rt��_, ^^ Commissioners' IndemriiGes .  Victoria onYJime' 8th and  9th.  The Village ^approved a donation of forty-dollars to the Kins-  mert'Club'towards their work on  the Children's Playground.  FERRY   PARKING  Avletter ^fTom ��� Mr. N.M. Mc-  Caliuiri; ..reg^rd|iig.T-;y:^ie; Black  Bal^Ferry eomtJahy^yplan for  was introduced, and given its  first and second readings. '; ..  A letter: from -.Mr. BraceWell  to Mrs. Milligan'-regarding the  clearance of Vacant Lots.was  filed. .        . ���   V.  Miss F. Hoare has been sent  a letter asking her to have re-  parkirig on ythe .wharif/was read, j moved a fence from the soutlt-  This outlined the* plan to move ��� em extension of the Burns Road_  the Wharf Shed to another loca-       The  Commissioners  were   inu  tion on the wharf, which permit j receipt of rubber tired ashtrayss  an additional thirty five vehicles' and ball point pens from Coitf-  to park, and the stationing of a j missioner  Schutz,  which  grace:  man to direct such parking and the council table, and add  we-  traffic. A letter was to be sent hope, to the efficacy of the hied"-  indicating that the problem con- itation and consideratiohis.  fronting the Village was not so'     Interested spectators! at   the  much the parking on the wharf meeting were W.' Keene, D. Mac-  as   the   string   of   parked   cars Farlane,   J.   Gordon   and   N.R*  around the corner and along tht McKibbin.  street above the wharf.  . i ���������  Trained and conducted by  Harry Roberts of Daviis Bay,  the Sechelt Children's Choir  competed in Vancouver Musical  SUMMONS RECEIVED Jft,"       ..  The Village Commission is in CnOf SilfirS  receipt   of  a   Court  Summons; | v,**', MB,WI ��.  plaintiff,    Chris   Jorgensbri,  the matter"of' aiiegedTfiboding^'  of his  land.  A letter has been,'  Rod and' Gun Club are d^serv-' the Victorian Order   of Nurses I sent   to    Barrister   Dugald   hf   Qflkfift C  CfPfi If  ing of credit and corngratultions  has  now ,been  incorporated  as  Donaghy  directing  him   to   ap- nk    ,IUW'"1''   Miuvn  Festival, and came within three teams welcome.  points of the top award in their  class. The adjudication, which  Mr. "Roberts will give in full for  general interest'next week, gave  the Choir 79 points \n their  first number and 82 "on their  second song.  The choice of songs, and the  performance was very good.  The choir against whom these  thirty Sechelt childreni competed  was a sixty voice choir, ��� ranging  in age to eighteen years. The  i Sechelt children were twelve  years and under. .  The   trip   was   a   wonderful  i, ~       n -a. j ��� A ��� experience for  the  choir,   who  been collected in property-taxes, weat to Vancouver via Sechelt  and business license fees during ^^ T   a ^  with  Mr>  on the efficient manner in which  a Provincial Society, under the  the Tournament was conducted,   Provincial   Societies   Act.  and    in    making    the    visiting      It will now be in a position  to accept benefits and legacies,  A Pistol Tournament is being   which   before  was  ifcmposslible  held  in  Mission  at the end  of It   will  now  have   a   standard  May,  and it is hoped that  the  constitution and a standard set  Gibsons Gun Club will enter a  of by-laws, as set forth in the  team im this competition. Act.  _ . At one time in its early his-  TALENT   NIGHT tory,   the   Efjpl.l'jnstone   Branch  STARTS" MAY 1ST was incorporated, but this was,  Gibsons Talent preliminaries for some reason, dropped, and  will be held in the High School j reverted to a Branch of the  Auditorium on May 1st, at 8:00 Dominion organization. The new  p.m. Entry categories are, 1.! policy of the parent organiza-  Vooal; 2. Piano; 3. Violin; 4. Elo-i tion is that the various Branches  cution, 5. Duet, vocal and instru-j across the country be incorpora-  memtal, 6. Choirs, two numbers,! ted under the regulations of the  A. Senior, trio or more. B. Elementary, trio or more.  7.   Orchestra,   A.   pre-school.  various  Provinces. y."  The final papers were delayed,  pending receipt by the. Province  pear in the defense of the A two hour program of singing  Village when this action is and music delighted a capacity-  heard. - audience at' the   Roberts Creek  The Power Commission is to Community Hall on the third,  be asked to reimburse the narry Roberts and his Choral-  Village for the expense of iers, sponsored by the Eastern  having a service connection re- Star, entertained music lovers  placed which had been torn out from Halfmoon Bay to Port  by a truck becoming fouled in Mellon.  a line strung too low. j     ��ne of the highlights of the  Commissioner Ballentine re-| evening was the Junior choir  ported rough grading and cul-| composed of some 36 youngsters  vert laying on the Bay and j whose true, young voices blend-  Burns Roads,  and some general | ed  perfectly  in  such   favorites  gravelling done.  Commissioner  that period, and that the grants  received   from   the   Provincial  Tracey,   Mrs.   Ladd   and   Mrs.  -, ,    , ...-.���      ., . Simms    as   chaperones.    Karen  Governmenit during  these two Cirt���i,���fQl1  ������       ���    ��� ���        . ,  . *" ~. ,��� Stockwell was  accompanist,  years  were   m   excess   of the .T...  amount collected in taxation.  This makes the village dependent upon these grants from  other sources other- than taxation), if road expenditures were  SECHELT  REPRESENTED   AT  GIRL    GUIDE    CONFERENCE cents    for   each    entry.    Entry  At the B.G  Girl Guides An^-! forms  may   be   obtained   from  nual conference to be held  in both local schools and from the  tohp paWi^d mv *t fho m��0nf  the  Hote* Vancouver on  April j Howe Sound 5 and 10.  to^be carried on, at.the present 9thand  10th,  Sechelt  will be'  r_it��' .....{'  represented by Mrs. Betty I.  we^ Williams (Brown Owl) and ".Mrs.! KlnKlfltfkf*   Nlffllf  liana Laycock .Tawny. Owl). In) ���UV"Ujn��   B18gfiB\  six   years,   Mrisi.   Williams  has  , ., , J. missed  attending  only one  of  roads   now   opened   up,   those  B. Open. Age groups for all of the .list of officers. Thfe te&gr  entries, 10 years and under, 14 nation of Mrs. Meikle necessi-  years and under, and 15 years tated the moving up of each of  and over. | the other officers to eliminate  Entries must be in by April the vacancy in the Presidency.  15th.   The  fee   is  twenty   five  Local CNIB Branch  Elects New Slate  Admitting that roads  necessary in order that the village- may progress, the state-  menit was.no$ combatted "that  . .    ,    .       .... , ,������ , a    ,     these   events.   This   year   will  already m existence   had^ to be mark     -^     Laycock's  ' third  "J.te^ m.^e; ^^; &f\ attendance.  with a full moll rate of twenty   Last week the Klondyke Night  Dance was "well atterided, and^ a  success financially, but there  was, a disappointing lack of  costumes, and only three  present in beards; Times must  e^ditures at the present rate to^tS'^'aflHiinate^ ^  w^uld. eventually lead to an) in- ^n ^e subject ^sJioaild^i^  derhnrte of^eycormn^  mills, and the amount of govern.' DEBATEON  ment grants in future years an'^OMMisSIONEHS PAY  uncertomty,  a  continuation; of     If some person^car. be found  Draws Good Crowd  c*fai^    in    the    impmvemcaat  i$.^idbii. rate, and/or ini as��?es!-��f  niSftt values.''   , ' ......'.J-  "&e)fe'>.inat?te^y's^o_ld\'pe;  ' coh^rh'y of ��� every- ���'tax��fe'y)ei,,  ity^!Was, '"geiieraliy. agreed' by ' all  pr^&hti ,  ���\^t,. &e close of the, m.eeting,  iP r ��e s i d e n t Macnicol showed  sorrie interesting moving pic-  Iturpt ^d. i^eshmefcts, were  gfiryed imder thte acting social  committee convener Mrs. A.  Shoebottom, assisted bjr' ladies  Ckmrkissionfetajk    .   ... ..  for^lfihe Viliage-of Gibsons I^ndVj few^ ��"ne��  ing be increased" there1 wiU'��� k^f%- ^i1^'���658^  Hall, on Thursday May 4th.  of the  association!,. the shrimp  sahdvJfcchos bei��ng dorjated by  Mr. Harold Fearn.  % Nexjt;  meeting   will   be ^on  Thursday May "6^1.  Kinsmen Club  To Sponsor  Art Exhibit Here  The Gibsons and District Kinsmen's Club is sponsoring an Art  Exhibit Sn Gibsons on Aparil  5f0th and May ls�� in the Parish  Hall, featuring the work of Wes  B. .Hodgson and other Artists  oif the Peninsula.  ; Artists of the Peniosud^ axje  asked to exhibit one wor_t i^tch,  of painting, sculpture or; Graphic Art. Anyone on the Petnnsula,  from Port Mellon: to Pender  may enter a work, and  as "Thanks be to God" and  Schutz was' "Dear Land of Home", followed  by a "Welsh Air", "John Peel'^  and "Sweet and Low". They  were accompanied by Miss  Karen Stockwell.  Mrs Ivy Roberts Bird came  from Vancouver to sing two  solos, "Dream of Me" and "Kiss  Me Again". She was accompai--  ied on the uiano by her little  son Tommie, who later played  "Waltz" by Greig.   *  Joanna R&tchey also played  a    piano    selection,    "Country  tiext meeting Of thi Gitisorf ^g ify*Qm&&*>  alnd'v ihei ***��W  District Ratepayers Acsociatio^^W^ ^^ **>:'****��� ����� pitman  ^should be requested  of the Kins-  _   ��� ,��ep^i!^v^K^|Pett, aa early  to be held in'the United ciujrclll^^11011^  ^   men>   **t   besk'.a^^0^^'$$& thk: exhibit  ;-d_^ssed was, G. Macl>s>nald, and, zrm^^j^^^^-'e^rly-.)    ,.-'������'��� l���  second H. Stewart. ./'tyXThls';wi^\^^i!��^''firBfr"-'of.'1-ie  Prizes ' donated   by Gibson��-Annual /firt ^*-iiJWts Ho' be. 3b��W  merchants came from Khowil^' in. Gibtsons,". and- St��� is hoped that  Hardware,   John   Wood   Hard< there will"ba'�� goo^'' number  ware, and Mrs. Stewart's Five, of   enitxies   *fPPV' Hie :""  and Ten. ' parts of thj? Pexrinsttla.  The Peninsula District Branch  of the CNIB held its 4th annual  meeting   ini   the   Parish   Hall,  April  1st.  Mr  D.   Waddington,  Field Secretary for this district  reported    his.   activities    since  taking over the territory from ( Gardens".  Mr. Harold Guest, former Field j     Mrs. Hilda Lee chose for heir  Representative. 'solo  "Song  of Songs", and,for*  Mr.   W>   Lis-^man,   chairman  an  encore  "Believe��� ,Me .if i_alE    .  of the branch for the past three those Endearing Vpujag; <^arjns��  years, has retired and. been re-1     Mrs. I^ucken_.and^^sC_^^^  placed by Mr. John) Wood   of well were brought" bacjtc, to re^  Gibsons. '      peat foeir duet arrahjgen^  Mr. Wood is lookirtg. fo.rwardJ "The World .is waiting.. 'iox^,^xe,j  to his association with.the work! Sunrise". "Tales'^.^Home7v was?-;  of the CNIB and  to   attending sung  by a  doubi^^Q^..i;,".,^^/y'..--:i-  the ahtnual meeting of the CNIBj     Songs   sung Mby   'the Ventiiie   ^  to be held in  Vancouver May group were, June: is^:"_|usti:ng;--out-���-.���-,  31st. Mrs, Hough, who has-been all over, If I Love ."You, Deepx   .  secretary for j>a^t. years and who in my Hea^'K^thleeri^ Mav,ourrr. -.  ���has   been " re^^ed y; will. be. neen,   Whex^e^re . You v Treajd^ ���  '^t^ndin_:tb^'..��^j^^^ tSafe in. his^.-Fa^eirV Arji^ 6^-. . .  ' Rtejv.-- ������H.U.   Ostw^k^.y^as. rb- hom'a, Gyp^::^|^.S6n^,'^In; the._._.  instated as vice; chan^sia^:y-lfr, Gardeni" o^f ^5^^^rowr   Soine,-.  D. Smith, of the Banfe; pfi^M^ Enchahtej|."^^.&l.^nd Men. oif    -  trcal, was elected trea^ieir; |^p, Kartoch.v';; .^"V;'*y^'.'::'",' .., ;.  ���Matron ^ j^',J^^h^^me Chap��( ;..  .^r,. O.E.^.;-''^yeJ^\_|ioM';addr:^  'm;\i!0>ich;,';fihe 'tbiaWi5;^4: M-v... ���;  Kob^si%rand the''<^ory^e^for:j :  t3ie>r .splencMd perfonawl^^Ma.-.-  alsjo, expressed���;i^titude;^y^^.'' -r  audience for, theiar supportT^|^.x:  explained thai Ave profitV  ��ro% the cccacert ^-ould.''goy  the;-''$tar Cancer' Fund;^ X ":ty.  H. A^^Cole t*onvenor ofpubiicife^  Persons attending the meeting:  and;-wii^Jia^^^  ber^hip in-;.^^ ^'^branch;. ar^Mrs.  rSktroiij, >W<^ens* Institute, Mrs.  Kirkham,' Parmers' Institute,  Mr. Ashworth, Canadian Legion,  Mrty Oswald, ^Mrs. Lissiman,  Mrs. Turner, Mrs. Nygren, Mrs.  various Pilling, Mrs. Chaster, and Mrs.  King.  **'��� "���"��� TT"���T~" TW  xiie  v_oa_��. jL\e\vs  Tnarsdciy Ap.Ju o, 133-1  jexws  Member B.C. Weekly Newspaper Advertising Bureau  SAMUEL   NUTTER,   Publisher  DO WORTMAN,  Editor  (Established 1945)  Published by Sechelt Peninsula News Ltd.  Published every Thursday at Gibsons, B.C.  Authorized as second class mail,  Post Office Department,   Ottawa.  Kates of Subscription: 12 mos. $2.00; 6 mos. $1.25; 3 mos. 75c.  5c per copy. United States and Foreign, $2.50 per ytur.  Phone Gibsons 45W'  Box 128 Gibsons British Columbia  Roberts Creek  ound-up  ona  Driver's Teste  The interest taken in 'the. Driving Tests on the Peninsula  was quite enlightening. It involved a large percentage of  the drivers in the area, since most of the drivers had either  received 'Restricted' licenses on the Peninsula from the local  staff of the R.C.M.P., and had not taken their regular tests  elsewhere, or had not taken a driver's test within the past  five years.  We found the tests were mostly common sense, and did  not begin in severity with, some tests taken elsewhere, and  in other circumstances.  Recognition .of signs, and correct Interpretation of them  seemed very simple, b_t while taking ours, we almost missed  a point because of recalling an odd accident some years ago  because the driver did not read English. A motorist, driving  with his wife and small children, was proceeding into the  Peace.River country. At Mirror Landing, known as Smith, in  Railroading circles, one crosses the Athabaska River by  Ferry.-Alt that point, the hills are steep, and there was a  sharp curve just above the last slope to the ferry. Two road  signs warned of the hill and a ,'Caution, Ferry Crossing' was  planted just at the top of the last slope.  This driver drove down the hill at cruising speed, and  straight into the river. The ferry crew saw this happen, but  were too far out in the stream to give assistance. Fortunately  three or four men were at work on a scow near by, and were  able to save the family. They suffered chills and shock, lost  some of their possessions, and the cost of putting the car  back into driving shape was considerable.  A knowledge of the meaning of road signs would have  saved all that.  .These tests serve to make the driver conscious of the  fact that there is real meaning" in signs, that drivers' signals  are necessary, and that observance of driving conduct regulations may save accidents or worse, "  To those who passed the tesJts properly, our congratulation's, and a hope that their everyday driving reflects their  knowlege. To those who didn't, try again. ^..  by. Madge Newman  Miss Jac Johnson was home  from Vancouver for the week  end and .spent it riding around  the coun'tiry on a foor-footed.  friend.  The newly elected Hall Board  had its first meeting on Friday.;  Ways and means of repairing  and running the hall were: discussed. The male half of -tlie  members decided to meet at the  nail on Sunday to go over the  building, check the foundation  etc. A busy year is anticipated.  The United Church had a  successful    tea    and    sale    last  WiCiv.  Mr.  Charles Bourn.  Ms   house   on  Lower  Mrs.   Edith . Wilson    who   will  make her'home here.  Gordon Smith is home for a  visit. Maureen Ross was a recent  visitor at the Walis home, as  were Mr. and .Mrs. Dick Gaines,  (Norma Wallis). Mr., and. Mrs.  C:F. Haslam have returned to  the Creek from Alberta where  they spent the winter.,  Weather-wise  by R.F. Kennett  .  In short, March might be  termed "the coldest, driest and  brightest month for a good  number of years, and to prove  thcjse points a .gf^ance at the  facts will give you the desired  result.  The mean temperature for the  month was,38.4 degrees, or four  degrees ' below  average.   Spring  'officially was with us one week  0 SHOWER HELD May.  has  sold (FOR PENDER COUPLE j     Refreshments were served by  Road  to      A bridal shower in honor of the hostesses.  Miss Celina Masioner,. was held  at the home of Mr. Mrs. Jim  Stephens of Garden Bay, Sunday evening March 21st.  Hostesses were Mrs. Margaret  Wise an'd Mrs. Dene Stephens.  Thirty-four guests attended  the shower which was planned  as, and proved to be, a real  surprise for Celina, who received many lovely and useful  gifts. Miss Masioner .is the  future bride of Mr. Harry Wise,  a well liked and long time resident of Pender Harbour. Wedding  will  take  place   early   in  Now Is The Time For  SPRING   REPAIRS  Put Your Cari In Shape ~1  For Summer  f>rivirig.  FRANK SOLNIK  Phone 48 C Sechelt j  WELFARE SERVICE  [ I would suggest that the welfare bodies such as the  VON,'when/the  temerature  dropped'  The Clean-up Campaign  During-one of our recent sallies about the Village of  Gibsons, we observed that the local populace had already  made large strides towards a clean-up of their own private  properties, and many of them were looking quite spruce,  . even before the Village Commission came up with their campaign. Others spurred on to a little effort by the news that  there was a recognized clean-up week, were out tidying and  repairing.  The saddest part of the week, to us, was the defeat of the  effonfes of many by the neighboring properties, some perma-  Jiently vacant. Others temporarily so, being in a' state far  worse .than Nature ever left them.  Huge masses of Himalaj'as growing in almost impena-  trable tangles, accumulations of rubbish, old tree-snags,  sagging fences and a general air of hopeless neglect pervades  these empty places. Next door, the property owner may have  tidy yard or garden, neat fences and a fresh paint job. As  the season advances, 'the blackberries invade the yard, a snag  , may fall across and break the fence. The rubbish is temporarily overgrown, but it is still there. This gives little en-  : couragenient to the neighbor witfch tidy habits, particularly  if he or she is physically unable to care for more than his  own lot.  We have been asked to give a word of warning in relation  -,to.a campaign against raits. If laying out poispiis, we have  been.asked to warn against indiscriminate use of these items.  and' to suggest;that if used, poisons should not be placed  j where pets have access to them.  SAFETY RULES ,;'    ' -      ~  FQR\BETTER DRIVING  "pfteof  the .first  rules   for  driving in traffic is Know your.  Community's ..Traffic '   Regula-  tioris,"*<said., Harry Duker, Chair-  nlan   of WtheT'B.C.   Automobile.  Association's..Traffic and :Safeity  fcom^ittee;^Ahd:" if your-, are j.y;f��||  ���driving th)roii^-a ^tr^nge:t6vm- yWj$^  'It pays'" tovepna^th the���.map; ,:b<^;; ;���,. ll^p^  fpre you fecklfejthe.��raf��o -..onj; ,,1p^ the es^leSf 80.000  :: ^tl^f'-'Can^tiiiinSvy^tart #'a��v-  ring- the :"Inveitori-Syndic-te  , ;-vay !<-��������� Ahk Ly&^^riv^twrt  Syndicate representative for  ^H-detidU.    "' '"  " '/^;.j,.^rite.,;pr^Phbne'  .  '^NEV1''-- ASTLEY  ������������'.." District ' Maaage.r  3780 Camfeie' St., ...lKT}�� 1631 L  Vancouver/B.C.  'ca�� i} p*fcpare, ,*foty.it. ��� '$$. ..moyihg,  into jth^\yproperj^ne. .On a.  ��� friojpr^ to  'the "towns' f^riblyigh. \wfefch  you  hgye to Srive^. ^.Tfie.. traffic; regu-  latj^�� in^your1 city may be qui^  different from  those   in'o^er  l&jalities.   If iryou 'are  ever  in  ^&^ra^ut; the  traffic rules,  ^^^fe;^d:DC#TDO IT."  >IncidMtalpy, itf^y^jinove  your   "���'pe^anent .' "x,e��dence,"  continued 'Mr.'_5iiker,   "One of  tile fu-stHhinfer td%>'is"^;&e1l  ��^&^%ith^:fee';lo^r:i^te  r<egfaations.   It ywHlT' s��ve '"fini^  and neadaihes to know'&e law."  :Sjyirtdit*ate:  sgg^  ''. y^y^-x'v-.  the Provincial Health Service,  and "the School Board Dental  Service or Program, put their  cards on the table and let us  know whether the ends justifies  the means. '."���'���  I am asking:  '.   1.    Does' the   VON   warrant  the  expense .of   $7000  to  keep  up  its extremely  dubious  position? -���'       " .' .���. ��'  2. The expense for four days.  On end of $25:00 for three hours'  attendance for the dentist to  cater to school childrens' tooth  disease, and the vain efforts of  the Board to get the parents to  bring their children.  3. Public Health clinics With  one of our worthy doctors in  attendance for two hours, with  one patient, value 75 cents. This  of recent date.  Residents of District 46, I ask  you, how much more stupid can  we get? If this sort of- bureaucratic bumbling is allowed to  exist without protest, then  please, I beg of you, let us hear  no more of onerous taxation,  R.E.  Alistic.  LITERATURE AND  SMOKING  The letter from the' Roberts  Creek PTA to the respective  Boards of Trade at Sechelt and  Gibsons re: the salacious literature and smoking, etc.,.jntJj^J  High school ��� Why'- was ' 'it rioF''  sent to the School Boards as  well? They represent the people.  It is their duty to attend to  these complaints. The spectacle  of one of our Medicos and a  teacher getting up at a Board  of Trade meeting and suggesting  that a smoking lounge be provided in the school, is, to say  the least, not very edifying.  We could go one step further  and suggest that the School  Board get a cocktail license for  the enervated students.  The Teacher's remarks were  concerned with the literature,  and using two Mickey Spillane  books as samples, decided, that  as the Bible and Shakespeare  were some what salacious, then  it was quite alright to take Mr.  Spillane's outpourings for a  literary thesis.  I am leaving this matter in  they hands of your readers for  comment.  " C.Y. NICAL".  to "a chilly 20.2 degrees on  March 28th. Further to the cold  facts, there were 23 days during  March which had temperatures  below freezing. February of this  year could boast only 9 days  with temperatures below freezing, and a paltry 26.1 degrees  for.its   lowest temperature.  Looking now to the dry side,  March had only 1.92 inches of  precipitation^ or less than half  its normal share. There were  only 12 days with precipitation,  four of Which saw snow fall in  mild doses. Three/days have  passed in April and already we  have nearly half the March total  for rainfal, whirh gives us some  idea as to the dryness of March  and perhaps the over dampness  of April. .  B.W.M. BONE  Chartered  Accountant  1045 West Pender St.  ��� TAtlow 1954 ���  VANCOUVER 1, B.C.  PAINTS ��� VARNISHES ��� SNAMElS  M. & W. GENERAL STORE  ROBERTS   CREEK,  B.C.  PHONE-20   Q  ���:-&j>^^e.-r'.^^.:.--'.'^H'-.;^i-  As a result of legislative revisions in the B.C. Hospital Insurance . Act  which became effective April 1st, 1954, you are no longer required to  pay premiums.  The Government of British Columbia, on your behalf, will, pay your,  premiums into the Insurance Fund. ���"'.''  Any premiums you have paid in advance of April 1st will be refunded  automatically. Please do not write in concerning your refund as this  would only delay your cheque. Refunds will be mailed in the near future.  Hospital benefits will remain the same; all-inclusive public ward accommodation which includes all services provided by the hospital in which  you are a patient. The "dollar-a-day plan'' will continue as will the  ��2.00 emergency short stay charge.  Out-of-province benefits will continue as before, providing you have  not been out of the province for more than three months.  To be eligible for benefits, a person must be deemed a resident of British  Columbia, or a dependent of a resident:  A resident is a person who: was living in B.C. on March 31st, 1954,  with the intent of establishing his home-here and has been  a "resident since then  . .  ..'"   . . or , hais lived in -B.C. continuously for they twelve, month  period-  prior to. his entry into hospital      '.    ;.    .   ..v,^ ���.......:.; .���'"���! v-.c.::.-������  ��� or   h.as been -certified, by the,^^|)ep.uty Minister of Weifare.as being  -,- r* ���/-,:. entitled: to: Health ���Services^:/ ?yi ..],.:      ������������������.��� ������ ^-yyy^y ���'���  [;, I^^.,^spn.leavie&;tHe #roviiricie: W' rooje'". thari twelve''.'.'monlhs^'ne will;V  ;' ho:io-i?^eir;be,c6jr^i^r^d;a ���regi^fen^; 'yyyyy'.."::;.'"... y%.?.y-fyyL.-y-~^:   '-���-",,'  Makf'your donation* peyattli! 'to.  c/O Chairman  806 W. lOtif At��.,  n Vaacouvcy, B.C.  A r6side*(gs hdejiehcl-eiii #hb: i0a"fulHi^ .a school, university  ..o^; o^er; educati .not  "cease ^tfecohjsj^p^ '-a^re^d^ifc. :,>.';-..������!;";���; V-   :/r ''."'"   *���,  ^':^.-.^^'.:>'-..���'..��� ��� '--  jA.reside^:whp^      t^ef^v^  ents: withm- British CpJutobja.sH^ir nof: cease tbl.be ��o^sidered^a "resident/.  rti Gower  Gleanings  by Gypsy Towers  Ex Gowerite Mrs. J. Marshall,  Sr., looking very chipper as she  revisits Gower with her sister  May of Kamsack, Sagk. Planing a visit! to Seattle, accompanied by said-.sister, to. see how  ,'. :.?*X  Roofing Repairs  Prompt Attention  WORK    GUARANTEED  Box 10, Coast. News  don't miss a thing in  Site ��oast Keuis  tfv��  it goes with son Russell and his.  happy  family.  Mrs. .Katherine Richardson-  spending a week win Mrs. A.  B.B. Hill. Falling in love with  Gower and wishing she could  persuade her husband to forsake  Lynn Valley and settle in our  peaceful haven, to be soothed  by the rolling surf.  Mr. Jim Dykes back from a  visit to Vancouver and check  with the doctor who reports all  is well.  A  dash  up . to   Sechelt   over  Our /-.-roiling   highway",   showing  Mrs.  Hill and her house  guest  the   beauties'   of  the   Peninsula  highlighted  the   week  for  Mr.  and Mrs.  Will  Bow.  Mrs. Bow  beginning to feel more like her  gracious^ self   again -���able    to  direct   the   Tuesday,  afternoon  :. Dance  Session,,   aided  toy  the  ���music ��� master,  Jimmy . Beaton.  Mrs. Beatonr not feeling quite  Up to par but on the mend,- just  needing :.';a    little    cooperations  from the''weather man'.''"'' /'/."���������'.. j  .:y,_^e':Gbodwiins .still'-busy., with,  itfteir renibdellirig of their future j  ���home ait - ��� G 6i#er r��� not able yet  to move m.::y:    , -.>���-.���.-x      ';"���*'  ��� ;' A  goodly ^prinkiinig of.. daf-  &odils,; ppij^/^thx^-^an^^^g^^s  heralding Spring despite the icy  -blasts em an. at i;njg. ;;feomi... the -  weather man..  Ga^dehs; g##ng  tiirhed; over  and  'ithe odd; .sj^ot  .61 ��� painting   .hire-:!'. and ; /there,  everything' shaping  up for  the  Easter' onislauglit.     ;-        -..-'��� ������'���'.'"���  Thursday April 8, 1954  rhe Coast News  G?F MAIN SfRE��"f  $>������  { PiCKV/LETS; NONSENSE  TALLIN A     (ILLFIX IT  Pl'JiABZRI   )  MVSELF/  il FTHE REASON MOST  PEOPLE GET INTO  TROUBLE  DOING  ! THINGS ��S THEV'UE  GOT COMPLICATED  MINDS/ KCW TAKE  ME-  IM VERV  eiMPLE-MlNOE  ^10 " TH ATS NOT   j  WHAT I MEAN/ J   By JOE DENNETT  X THINK S/MPie- V VES, DADDV/\f r DOtiT M  OH/ V0UKN0W  WHATI MEAN/  '���-,-(,''.:".rifSS  KNOW �� LIKE THI~  W^M_A*/ i WAV THErV;  MeAN/J%|      SA|D     |  %that/J  v  Weekly  M:':  *0t^A *e** "(S^&6t^^  ��?".'i0&  "  Atf^t  ..EASTER, .-E-CAMS.      -.  r START5 NE3_ ��  WEEK  :      .  _,-��� Next week,   the  students . at  ^iphinsi'ohe High will.be. t>lod-.j  ^dirig  through,   examinations  for  Easter. In. oder to approximate  conditions of- standard term-end'  exams, the ;students will.- lot .the,,  four 'days'''April*'l-th to   15th'  inclusive,   have   peri o dsy* ��br.:-  writing--and ��� periods  for ��� study j  only,  on  these ;fp.ur.. dayis;-~This'  is for  Grades ten,  eleven,  and  twelve^       ���  Grades seven, eight and. nine  .\vill have tw& periods, in "j.. the.  morning 3nd'*fwo - iri^hej after;'  ;noon, instead of .tlie customary  *lfive.. ��� ��� '.j ���.;,-��' ��� ��� :�� yy^'.  "���-.���;* Noon hour 'for; these' busy  young people will be from 11:40  ��� New amendments' to the Workmen's ,Compen s.a-ti on  Act,\  threateja to plaeerthe -Workmen's  Comipen_atipn. ..B oard     under  political., eqntTol.'^Th-s    is  'the'  onty interpretation that canyWi  /Placed; on' the "suggested "governs [  me'hf;' r^yisibhs"   r' view'   with  alarm tlie i.ntr'u'si oh' of the  "Lieutenant-Goverrior in Council  tCabin'.e.'t)-  into, the "Board's'  affairs.   ...      .-���'���"  '.'    ' '- y    ['.''.'..'  ;B.ill;25, an ��� A'ct^tdVlAMe^S'^tne".  Workmetfs" Co^p^ehS^tiori Act,'  amends -Section 34 of''the old  Act to' give the! Ccibihet control  Over compensationK asse'ssmenrts  levied on ��� the* employer. Tilese  assessments' are the'v"spijrce' *of  revenue' for compensation Jpay-  .mentsj .'/���:'������ . ��� .'/ "���      "" ''y  JBiil 35. 'also elfmihates a' term'  .:of  office  'for'"members'  of1, the'  Workmen's " G a mp e n "s a't'i b n  Board. ��� i^To longer" wiii a Board'  Member  have   security   in  his  position,   but   only   hold   office,  at the  pleasure  of the   govern-'  ;me'nt.    They   were,.-;,..:gj?eyi-ouslyi  ^appointed   for   tert-r'years'.j^ijiit.'  a.m. to yl'2:40 p.h^'^r *^he|^ojar j  days,   to '-facilitate1'���'tne:^'[division  of the day.  could, be removed. for cause.  This subjects.the Board to political pressure...-      "���'..'  Nobody challenges. the necessity' of government agencies  being respgnsible to a.minister, j  Indeed parliamentary, democracy requires this. However^'the:  threat.of day to day interference  ,is intolerable. ' ' "   ' j  ' ' The ...Workmen's ..^Compensa-  tioni- Boatd.-..is>aytrusts appbiriied,-  to : adniinister^  those.-;4sizable!  i,funds':-.that^haye beert.-.buiitl .up,:  bver-tne'yj&ars tp.-protect injured-\  workmen., and- .-'thej[r-. dependents.'!  These''fundjg..dO' -pot ..belong to the ]  go'vernmenit. They; 'belong; to *ih'e|.  workers''of'. thi^ .-pro-yinoe. ��� .yy  '" Another exaiiiple.of u,nheces--  sary interference is. the^proposd  .amendment  to -Section- -.8.: Thei-  WprkmenV, Co mP^e n.-s^atic-.nf|  Board .has ..always'beeii' .able toi  . add . industrial'.diseases td:'.their-j  schedule. "These    diseases    are!  silicoses, lead poisoning; indust-'  ,rial..deafness   from  -noise, .and-  otliexs.   If-a- new. .disease'-appeared   from  a, new industrial  tirpcess, the- Board .could make  provisions   for .the;. a f-fe ct. e d  worknien.y Now, approval of "the  Cabinet, must be  sought:. .������������  The Workmen's Compensation  Act 'should be. amended:in line-  wii'tli  the. recommenxlaitions'" of  the Sic. Federation), of .Labour.  the B.C. Trade Union' Congress,  yand;i :the  ������ Standard . Railway  ���'liabour .Joint  Legislative  Committee.   ���������-' '.'..-  ,: y. Aj^iVinjured workman, --unable  to :Work, will now ���receive. 75,%:i  of  his   average' "earnings   6nv".'a:;  maximum allowable income of  $4,000. This is an improvement  over "the old 70% with a $3,600  maximum.  The improvement on old age  pensions .awarded-.prior to 1943  is also commendable. However,  the number of people affected  is small. The money for -this  increase comes from the existing  ���fund,^through- accumulated iti7  tere^-.,on; invested reserves. N^o  "extra gove(rn,ment revenue ;is.  involved..'' Assessment, fo industry will not be ihcreased "to  any,ilarge: extend ! . ;*'.'"' ,  : The . WorkmenVs. Compensation  Board fund, at present, contains  seventy-five million do 1 lars.  This money'':"'iis being held in;  Jlxust for,the^^workers of B".C.  ;���. Next���week I hope to write sin  analysis of the . new Labour  Relations. Ac"t. ---���-������ ���������--���-���-���--��� ���-.---���  brtn^gaciior  EASTER  COM.NGI;  We, Have .A Fine Display.  cf Eastsr Confections -and ,  Novelties. Buhnies, qtCr    -:  Give Our"'''.  .-.. 'x      -.:-A Try.:-v ^   ":"--.;';-  W6:Hay:e A Complete Line.,;  Our Spring "SupplyvOf  "MARINE and H&USfi.  PAINTSV''  '  *"  Is Good.   New Colors.  MURDOCH'S  Marines iSupplies  _.Phone US  PENDER  HARPOUB .  ���'*���"*   -���������������-������- '-y):ix  y/  \\  .-   a  .      , ��� J    -  ����t,;  RDON  Fine Photographs Of Your Child  ��� j' ��� ������������'.���   ���'������-��� ���  H.       ������    *'��� ���  BUDGET   PLAN   AVAILABLE  Bal's  Block ^ -      Gibsons ���< -     Phone  41  i  HOURS AT STANDARD MOTORS  STANDARD MOTORS, SECHELT invite you  to try t^eir NEW SERVICE, which WtH fee put  sKtd^effect, APRIL 12th, 1954.  For.Your Convenience, we will open at 7:00 a.m. and  closest 10:00 p.m. Monday through Saturday. Sunday  Hours, 10:00 a.m. to '4:00 p.m. >  Qm afternoon . and evening shifts will be only too  pleased to look after your Service Requirements while  you bowl, take in a show, etc.  TDhe Logger or Commercial Account needing Service will  be able to avail themselves of this shift at normal labour  rates,-and not tie up a working vehicle.  V^r shop is fully equipped to take care of all your needs,  from a baby carriage to a D-8 Cat.  TEST DRIVE A1954 FORD  USED Ti5UCi\$  1952 FORD 1-Ton: Low Mileage,  Good Transportation ....... $ 900.00  1952 FORD Vfe-Ton  A   BARGAIN   .......... $1150.00  1949 MERCURY V_-Ton New Paint,  Rubber, and Motor '....:. % 900.00  TWO 1951 THAMES ,V_-Tpn Tracks,  Running Good  $ 375.00  THESE   AND   MANY   MORE   TO  CHOOSE    FROM  _��n<  IM  3S-2H.  Vljf  ~��B9  For your money in a  Used Vehicle  SEE STANDARD  USED CARS  1951 FORD Tudor, Town Driven,  Clean Car  $1595.00  1949 DODGE Fordor, New Paint,  Excellent Shape      ...   $1550.00  1950 OLDSMOBILE Futurmatic:^-  Excellent Shape  . $1695^00i  BARGAINS    IN   REPOSSESSIONS  No. 1  Wilson Creek  No. 2  Sechelt  No. 3  Gibsons The Coast News        Thursday April 8, 1954  mm m  hy B.W.  Sechelt gathered to organise a  ball team, and. so many were  interested that a girls team and  Gibsons Mews  is   Also  Happened  by Albert Crowhurst  At the Kinsmen General meet-  cuss this fully.  The Youth Club, to be held in.1! a boys team was formed.  St. Hilda's Parish Hall on Thurs- >      Of f i c e r s   were   appointed:'  day April 8th, and the final one   Teddy   Scott   captais  the   boys  An -enterprising  little project on   the  29th,  which  will be  a with David Lucken as Secretary ���  Sias been started in Sechelt by winding-up party for the  Sum- Treasurer. Helen Garry is-Cap-'ing last Thursday, there was a  Mrs. .Alice A French, in connec- mer months. | tain   of   the   girls   team,   Ruth   good   turn   out   including  two  3km with St? Hilda's Church.        SOCIAL ! Tysons secretary   and   Marotyn'   ������.     --_'��� -'.fh  a   -  ^nriv  ���The project takes the form A pleasant surprise party was Turner, treasurer. The first *uests' ^��ug &rmm an* _oanny-  of a small parish pamphlet, given by Joan Chambers for her practice scheduled for Sunday G��rdon from our local Bank. It  ���with warden's and other Church friend,   Joy Middleton  on Sun- April 4th, was cancelled due to being'Mike Landry's last night  ��Ificer'is names, times of serv- day evening. Joy, who has been rajn  ices Sor the month, Vicar's letter staying with her Aunt and  saacL imany items of parochial Uncle, the Herb Stockwells,  interest. Mrs. B, Rankin co- expects to join her parents at  -���operates with Mrs. French and Beach Grove, Ladner, next  the  second  of  thefefe  monthly week-end.  Sjamphiets is now available for      Enjoying    the   "party,    were  ^^ishuoaers  ShoppingAround  here before leaving for hi�� new  post, a very good evening of  Fellowship was enaoyed following, the meeting.'The Kinsmen  Draw- was won; by Ed Turner,  observers of Gibsons area are Due to rain last Sunday the  requested to get in touch with Gibsons Merchants softball prac-  Harold Wilson before they go tide was called off. There will  on duty to make sure it hasn't be a practice on Sunday April  been called off. lllh,  at the school grounds.  by 06.  ,   ^    -,_     ,     Thenames that are invented. who. held the,lucky ticket.        . j  Leanna Moscnp,  Wendy Yates,- for  dress a^t^riai   amaze me.    Mike Landry, popular member.  A proposal has been Received Carolynn    Gilberts��;*,    Darlene Now> lt>. ��crunchy". The fabric of the staff of our local"bar*;.!  ffrom   Rev,   Godfrey   Gower, Laycock,   Betty   Salter,   Bruce_.fe a pleasant^ crisp Nylon, some- has. now left for nevv^surround-j  jpjt^ioi? of New Westminster, to Redman, Barry Pearson,, Paul  ��er~d 'a student from the Theo- Mulligan, Kendall Pearson, Del  /lexical College to take over all. .Bianchard, . Rennie Lumsden,  yp^sh duties in connection' with'! Palie Poulson and: Joan and Joy.  St. Hilda's Church, Sechelt, for .-SPORTS  ibur months;' A church, council , - At a meeting an the Sechelt          _    _  |neetiag is .Jbeing. called to d��s- Service Store, the teen-agers of deparWents"at "the Union Store  festiverlooking.' wiih  thing similar in feel to the first ingis,   and  taking, bis place  is;  'Orion'   we saw,  but diner in Mr.  Sandy  Gordon^/whom we  appearance.  I   note some  very; welcome' to our conimunity.      j  nice    spring - dresses    in    thia   ^The local,Social Credit League*  i 'Crunchy' at the Toggery. j held a successfui Tea and:~ Sale'  The  drygoods and hardware of Home Cooking^ Fancy Work;  and Plants in the School Hall  MlrcMiits* Night  "    ���'.���-.       :���     AT       ���    y:  ->���������:���  are   qu"ite  fresh items in for Spring.  One  last Friday. \  Some one has the lucky num-  "t^IDAY NIGHTS AT APPROX. 9:10 p.m.  (Ifcraw after News, second show)  Last Week Winners  Bill Docker won the $10.00 Gift Certificate On  Howe Sound Trading.  Arnold Blum^en won two theatre passes  Howe Sound Trading Ltd.     Standard Motors JJfd. 1-2-3  Graysons Ltd.        ' John Wood Hardware &' Appliances  Knowles Service Hard ware Ltd.  Don't Forget JACKPOT NIGHT on WEDNESDAY.  Jackpot Draw Wednesday Night..  may ."dress either'.--Qni'ese-fi^.OT^Jaer/^l^... panic, ticket, drawn at  on��Js home . from items there, John, Woods -I.ardware. Sale,  and be ready for Ea&ter. i Prize is/.a mantel radio5-y ;���: .  The daintiest little^ 'dress-arid'--:'-���/' liast Monday the Ground- Ob��  pantie sets for very little girls   servers of  the   district 'held:-'a.  at Tasella took my fancy. There brief meeting"to* pr^^ei/for/the  /are innumerable ways to dress big   show^   scheduled/ yfor~i_ext  up a sombre outfit for Easter,  Sunday, weatier permitting, vso  too. Belts,  Collars arid  scarves if you   see  more.p^eso than  galore that should/add a bright   usual -in -the;, air you, will" know  note to the wardrobe.       '; - ^/    the exercise is* oh. AuV Ground  "The items available this week-;  end at Lang's, either in Sechelty  or Gibsons,  for   the  traditibrtal j  one cent are amaziiig. Whether* |  it's on the flyer /or/hot, you'll ���,  find items  at surprising prices  B.C. GARDENER  Fall Fair  Commitiee Plan  'FERRY.CAFE open evenings.}  WEDNESDAY,    , FRIDAY,        SATURDAY  ->~>,fWf7--7  Saw It  Nail II  Drill It  Bend II  SIZES  k hard & tough  wallboarfl    that  has  a hundred uses.  4 X 8 X 1/8, X 3/16, X 1/4   PRICES  $2.88 ��� $3.20  STOP AMD SHOP AT  Gibsons Building Supplies Ltd,  or just phone Gibsons 53  If "you should happen to walk;  into one of the CBC's offices in  the Hotel Vancouver and see.  some of the staffers with sprigs'  af heather in their lapels, you'll  know that James P. Dflekson  has been in-, either on business  cr just for a friendly chat.  It's an appropriate calling  card for the man who- is better  the past 9V> years he lias made  known to the CBC radio audience as tne B.C. Gardener. In  innumerable fiiJends with 'his  valuable gardening hints delivered in a chatty, informal style  on Sunday mornings at 10:00  a.m.  It isn't only adults who like  his broadcasts. He says one of  his keenest listeners is his three-  year-old grandson, who can  already differentiate between  flowers although his pronunciation ("ganiums" and "naprag-;  ons") leave something to be  desired.  ' Word has come from $he Secretary of the Fall Fair Committee  to the effect that plans are well  under, way for the Annual Fall  Fair in Gibsons.  There will be some  change^,  a few   deletions^ and some  additions to the classes of entries  for   this. year,   mostly   in  .the  vegetable    arid   flower   groups,  These changes are minor, some  items that have not been entered  for   several   years    are    being  j_eleted, some flower groups are;  being changed jslighitly.  , All   in  all,  the  list of  items  that  may be  shown is a  large  and    comprehensive    one,    and j  there  are   classes  for everyone |  of the Peninsula. j  It is hoped this year for a ���  larger and more varied list of  entries than there were last  year, and that more people from  the area generally will compete  Everyone who has a garden, a  field, a flock, or a household  will find something that is  "better and bigger" than that  of his friends, and which really  ought to win a blue ribbon. The  only way this can be proven is  to enter it. .  Those who draw, paint, spin,  weave, knit, sew or embroider  will find plenty of classes they  can enter.  Now is the time to .begin planning an exhibit. Additions can  be made as late as two days  before the Flair M something  else seems to be crying out to  be shown.  A radish, a pot of jam, a loaf  of bread or a pie, a dozen eggs  or a chicken may be your winning exhibit, but be sure to plan  to enter something in the Howe  Sound Fall Fair, at Gibsons.  MacLean's Ste  Phone 111 H  Gibsons  SHOES  FOR  ALL  A former customer now living in Toronto .h%$$.  written us requesting a repeat order of o>or  comfortable shoes with the just right Kfice>  wmmnmymmammm  "��  Phone  35.  ���   GIBSoW./vJ/:  Him *bout Itoxk  Bal's Block  W  .;r.M  You earr get it at JftENEftS and Mho ne^K spring- suits  and dresses; jfloves and costume \jewellery��to blend.  Remember they kiddies- rieiy T-shirts, pedd^eyf pushers  and cardigans etc.       .-������ -\ r;  r  Pwttwl Plant* ��� Cut f Sow#rs  Full line of Ckndy, Novelties  EASTER PARADE CLOTHES  for Ladies ��� Girls ��� Boy a  Jjet us outfit the family and save you mpney'  V'  Si  UK & 15  Next To Shoe Store  .    ANNOUNCEMENT  Commencing Friday April 9th, this week, we will have  two taxis 'at your service.  We take this opportunity of thanking you, our friends  and customers for your patronage and for being so considerate at times when we were unable to be as prompt  as we would liked to have been, and will be from now  on with two cars at your service.  For Prompt Ciiurta Reliable  Taxi Service  ALWAYS   CALL       "  GEORGES TAXI  Phone Gibsons 58 '.'     .  ?F  The Original  XA  1954  2 For The Price Of 1 PIu* 1c  Continues- Through Saturday April 10th  LOCAL   SPECIALS  Jergens Colognes, Jergens Ladies' Gift Boxes,  Grossmith Products,  Eversharp. Shick_, Injector Razors,  IMPERIAL   FLASH   CAMERAS  Adrienne Treatment Line Cosmetics, Vz OFF  LOCAL   SPECIALS  8-Day MANTLE   CLOCK,  Reg. $25.00.  Sale  $15.95  CLOCK and DESK PEN SET, Reg. $15.00, Sale ��9.95  r5ECI  LOCAL   SPECIALS  Aquamarine Lotion and Soap,   Sale Price $1.00  MEN'S  GIFT  SETS.   Reg. $140,   Sale Price 90  Novelty Pocket  Knife,   Reg. 49^   Sale Price...   .29  PIPES,... Reg.   $5.00,   Sale Price ���,��.ul ��2^50  SOLID COWHIDE Brief Case, Reg. $39?50. Sale $21.95  BILLFOLDS.   FIFTY   PERCENT   OFF. : Halfmoon
F. Cormack
and Mrs.  Stan   Moffatij
Bill Moturi received painful,
but not serious, injury -when
caught by a hauHback cable on
Colb^^_h-tallation rites took Tuesday at Enemark's Logging
:pla^ailheyM9sonicHallThursvca^-     ^ _    -,--,.
-ire back in Halfmoon Bay agawidaf-night when 18 members of ,   Lo<5al V0010^ ln&& and Mc-
.after an absence of six months.! Mt. Elphinstone Chapter No. 65 Cf>11 took X^Bays, and tMpturi
Lloyd Brackett is working up: took off ice.       '       ' ] was taken to'Hx^ital ia;T«»n:
iii Sechelt Inlet for a while. He'     Mrs. Hattie Gray| carrying a couver ^^eevendrig.    '..'.
is able to get home every ten bouquet of re^^P^i^fce car- /        .' ' ■ -■"—•' -'-■-'' -.'■.'.,;;
*2ayS- (nations^ a.-g*f-%&^
Mr, and Mrs. Toxiy Tchaikow- ^^^ MT¥__
cv- • were utv. aft ..Redrooffs- last' lw^--3<_i3^^ MIXED
J Sicotte 656 — 289. N. McKay 660 — 311. Shell Oil .2846.
:^^^^$^Mm^rM^^n   H. Whizzbangs: 36J points.      •     **
'"^^-Sgjh^htrwho will b.e
'•;|#_S!^i^^:_tsoi*ry.'- TWi;>."'tt»;^^^
ax>ilght   a ^iot -from   the   T^flg^hxta-t. in his Gtffiee. -
liobtilliards and will put up  a      .j^   rjor&j Dwimmdnd aha]
cottage, so that Gh,ey will have Mri. J.T  War'dii tc^fc'l-ielr:
a place from which, to do some places as Associate patron and
t weekend    fishing   'during   the'/-As^^te^aibrbni''Si^taiy. for
^mmer- , ! the  ensue ing year  is Mrs.(
;Gi^;- Schneider    iand    Lloyd ~ehic\itin*: ^Anderson Vand  Treas^1-
JSicDougall of Hall'Mo/on, Bay ^rer jg Mr. J. Drummond. Mrs. \ ■   -Don't forgett the Card Party
.are now at Nelson Island work- gwan. Port Mellon* is Chaplain,  for  Oddfellows,   Rebekahs ,ao*r
: tlHFBli Services
April llth, 1954
Palm Sundays
St.     Bartholomew's     Church
11:00 a.m. Sunday School
ST/SO p.m. Evensong
^fc J-Uda's  Church  —^Sechelt
V iliCO urn: ;:;S^d^-Bchool
*.-.'       l:45--p^ Vt_^hs(Hig      .
'"' :^^--ld«a^s':iChurcli   _''-.-
TSobeirts Creek
11:00 a.m. Holy Communion
1:45 p.m.  Evensong
Thursday April 8, 1954        The Coast News
In Agrlcultun
The B.C. Farm Experimental
Station at Saanichton has e$-r
perimented yisfcth incorporating
sawdust with soil for agricultural purposes, and makes the nitrogen in balance
/feilolvk^. suggestions and tenia-*--—-<--"'- -•- ^--i^-<i
Actional ;H&rgen  must he
applied to tl*e soil, at the rate:
Not more than two inched
should be applied at once, which
should last three or fouf years.
iSawJdust incorporalSon/loosejis
heavy clay soils, and. increase-:,
the organic matter and moisture
-holding  content in sandy soils*
More than-tisro inches m$k<&8
it   difficult   |o keep   the : 3&>i|i.
§wdiist i^Vbe^^.j^/'ihcoi^?a-
fion .thai*:;$^k/^^^
should be ay^ided.    ^.-v.      y
Try &c^0^0s: for lr.e6ijepc*|b-
J.0iXFi News
irijg a failing contract for K.O.S.
Other   officers   include   Mrs. >&&? &*ends on Saturday, A|»ril
M.   Mcoll,   i\Irs.   Bessie  Shaw, '*0#v for   fun?   and  important
Bill Kolterman of K6tt£#^^^ -Mje Jackson, Mrs' P£ggy .news.--- ' .
Sawjo^iUs/ihade a bupineas %fcip., jjoyle, /?_j6ra.'' ■JTloremce Turner, |; /V;; '     'v"-";-V   ' ," ;.    ,..' •' ' •/
to.'*V^pouyer;/.iast^we^s^:: --if^^^^i^ejjtaa ^oanear. -Mr-^Oratee t
.Mrs   A,Mehzaes.r^W#:;W-/'%acD63ii#t- MrS. S&bina-Gs^d-j
.Beach [went a fe^«fcayam Van- m^  Mrs. Kay   France,  Mfs !
•comrar,;.ia^;;^^k,*ty%^R':-'her  El&abe#£: Dalzeftl and) Mr. :.!C. i
lite Pad
April 9. -rjiI#egion HaE Gih-
<*£ugfcter who wiaj^ down from Bourn. Mrs. Pearl Osborne and '•'-.- w v^or.moa 1Qnrl ^nma nnr^
Powell River eny route; to- join; the retiring WoW V Matron^ ^' fT^f^^i^
iier^husbaod up nbrtii, ■■> — ^.:,-«>- r>__,_^, „^,„*^ ;w, *hS>  2   to  5vp-m.,   hy hegw
■Ron   Bendy /made;   quite   a jh0   installation   service    Mrs.
¥» P^^7ark^^^iri I Branch 109 WS.
sho^rmr^ieariiiirh^lot when Florence Struthers, past Worthy      April 9S^h«>lHall at 8 p.m.
h¥ w?ra up from Vancouver last Grand Matcon, wes present^^yand Final whisft:ahd cribbage drive,
w'eek.^ //,'. v.      yy.     '    _        lactedWciiaplainV:   //':■ '{ao:.notImiss,:.this;. .■
"Oqn^and Nora .MpDonald and It was noted tha^ for the first • April.1}..—^^ Sunday, Gibsons
l^y'Cormach of N.ep ^estmin- time, ali/pa»t Worthy Matrons Merchants softba^
ster-c.w^lwnded:/,up:/yh^^i^st.,. 0fMti Elphinstone Chapter were tlie school grounids at-10:005.M
weeken^;;t/lhe Mcp^nal^s at present together. They iVere Everyone welcome. ' ; ; ; _
their sunamw* cot^ge;y^hd:vRay:/M^;|^n?iy Clay, Mrs^ Pearl! April ,12 ^ AG. Macdougall?
with his•^^^^^■Bob^Cor^KOsborle, Mfsr Rae Kolterman^: District Adminis&ator Wil^bie
machs o| Welcome Beach. ^Mrs.    C.   Anderson ' arid    Mrs.: at the office of John Coleridge,
'    Norm^ Clark ofyBurnaby was PWUis paykej,. I for tlie discussion of problems
up ;'at his summer^cottage; last     That the'ret iri ng. Worthy  with Veterans;; v .'.'"■';'     v
weekend-   He   reports   lots   of j^atron had concluded a success-;    April 12 — Gibsons Eiement-
bluebacks running out at Bear ful y^r ^as evidenced by .the! ^ <schobi  8:00  pm   —   PTA
Rock the last few weekends. It gifts presented to  her by   hery^g^ng
is/a  bit  chilly   fishing  in  this  officers  and   the members and:     ^n '12 __ Sechkt ibme of
^r^aS :s:by ^ prtic ?*% pxe« -ta-' *^*°*£^£H^
^^^^^^ -^meeting    local    a^ciatioh   of
tajed over "the  cool  wetlkend,', ,   in the banquet room the tables
:Norm. were beautifully decorated with
St. Mary - Gibsons -11:00 ai^h.
Holy Family — Sechelt
9:00 a.m.
Port  Mellon —  First  Sunday;
each month at 4:30 p.m.
Sunday School
.        Gibsons — 9:45 a.m.
public   Worship —  11:00  a.m;
Roberts Creek — 2 p.m..
Wilson Creek' Sunday School
.'     •   *      11:00 a.m.
Public   Worship   —   3:80   p.m.
Port Meilpn, Sunday
7:30 p.m.
• Legion   Hall* road.
2:00 p.m. Sunday School
Gospel Service, 3:00'-p.m.   .
of  5.5   lbs   ammonium siitrate j tion firs^vA".;|^t<>yAtorr/i?^a:/^a^
pesK tOOO square feet the iiz^|macl_ine;|c^:;|tt
year tor each addifciocial  inch makes 'rwiu&-.'ijti&
of. sawdust applied; 2.7 4bs -^he: ^rh>ent in prsuitry" houses  and
aew_fe^5year, and iM^^^.y^^/SaW-fl,^od^^^zicr^jiag;.JjjT^'-'
- inird;1;^^. -^S-is^^^'^aiatttt/ 'iafi'B;%^!i^^>^i^^-car|
"to -_tert^i2er--«quiT_d for :Crops.; Tnfi^HSecaEaft;
meeting    local    a^ssociatioh
Brownies and Guides.
April   19   _  Wilson   Creek
Sunday Services:
9:45 a.m. Sunday School
11:00   a.m:   Devotional
7:30, p.m. Evangelistic
Wednesday. night
Prayer and Bible Study/8 p.m,
I^diayJ^ii^ht at "*** p.m| Junior
I i/Young People and 8 Senior
!-,^;'"'■-'_'.-^Wilipn Creek '/:>'/-y
2 p.m. Sunday School
Roberts Creek
I   Service Monday.  7:30  p.m.   /
Evangelistic Service
Tuesday. 7:30 p.m.'."'/-.
nwr rMOUE
^nimurn Charge
/ 50c for 15 wordsv
2e * i*er extra word
•'.. .       ";-JE>y cash-
Biiling chai'ge# added.
Deadline Tues. 5 p.m.
Bush  wood,  Fir   and*; Alder.
^Current prices.    STAG FUELS,
phone 21 J, Gibsons. tfn
Rough &nd Fl*pe4 Lumber
Phone  Halfm«Q-i   Baj  7Z
Halfmoon Bay
SPECIAL:    Choice    Broilers, I r .	
now l*A lbs. 50^ lb, or 45^ six >.„ Al 71 ~7 ~ 7~~Z"
or more Prepared for frying : Gravel — 15 cen^ yard m large
F.J.  Wyngaert,   phone   Gitosona ?uantitfsV2? eentsyarii in small
107 H.
lots    at   pit.    Tom   Snodgrass,
i Selma Park, Phone 75R.
Mrs.   W.   Meikle   was   home daffodils, and covers were laid1 Community.  CJub   L.A.   Easter.  :
from  Vancouver for the  week- for 60 pers0;ns. Tlie banquet was tea and sal& of Plants, 2:3p p.m. ,'
•end. She reports that Mr. Meikle  convened by   Mrs.  J.T.  Wardil!     April 20 Gibsons A^g^can |!
Mrs.   Hall   12   noon,   W.I.   Luncheon
Win-| meeting. <*■*■■ ■•,.-■:••---■■•-. >■.<•■■■'■' -.-y-.^i
hhpe to hear better news from  graYe.  Soloist  was  Mrs.   Molly-     Ap/,>   21   —  Roberts   Creek
her soon. v McColl who  sang "My Best to  Legion Hall  2  to 4   — Legion
•end. She reports that Mr. Meikle  convened by   Mrs.  J.T.  "W
is having- quite an uphill fight wb/0 was;ably assisted, by
■after his recent Qj^erationjiiWe jj^ Wils<^fi4^^^rs^c-
For  sale, 3   cleared  lots;  all      H.B.   Gordon" Agencies: AmI
fenced,  two houses,; one leased Estate.  Car insurance/ Fi^In-:
for  $45  per  month,   the  other su_anbe,    phone    Sechelt    53 J#
just vacated rents for $35, lovely  Evehing-    and    Holidays,    H.B.
location  near beach,   level   no   Gordon   81 a   Qt  T#&  Duf|y/
hills, you can move in  today, gj yy ^n
start building a third house on * .._
the other lot. Financial security      4 excellent buys in used Oil- yi
through rentals, full price. $6950  burning * Ranges. Excellent con-
terms  $500  down   balance   $50  dition. From  $35.00 to* $150.00
per month. Always a better buy at   Parkers   Hardware,   phone
at Tptem Realty, Gibsons, B.C.  Sechelt 51. tin.
We  hear that   Len   Greemall you
caught   a   nice   Spring   salmon
right at his front door the last
■time he was up.
i .  . LA;ND;:ACTy^;?v
' ...- yy^y.''r:-yj. yy^yy^''
Notice of Intention to Apply to
Purchase Land
$440.00  RAISED   FOR
As  the Red Cross canvassers  AuxiMar  wmst   drive
have  completed  their   work  in
the district, any pei'son who has
not been  contacted  may   leave
their donation at tlie local Bank.
Amount  collected  to   date   is
April 23 — Gibsons United.
Church Hall W.I. tea and plant1
April 24 —. Roberts Creek
Community Hall — Dance, proceeds   in  aid   of  Cancer   Fund
Port Mellon
by Mrs. Swan
COMMUNITY  CLUB  MEET        $440.00, and the Campaign Com-
The Community Club meeting mjtte appreciated the efforts of
on   Monday   night   was   well  all  canvassers.   The   Canvassers and VON car fund,
attended.   Mrs.   Carlson   was  in ^ere given, a friendly and gen-       April   24  —   An  evening   of
the  Chair. The first item is  to   erous   reception  throughout the  Chamber    Music     by
get   the   children's   playground district, they  report.
xeady, and to install new equip   .	
ment in the playground for the
Upper Townsite. There was a
good response tothe request for
volunt&ry • help.
The "Community Church bene
fitted from .Mrs. F. Rennie's sale
of daffodils.. These she had
brought from  her  home  in
Auxilliary, sale of home cooking, i
tea,  novelty booth, home made      Inland recording district  of
candy. Vancouver, and situate in Blind
April  23   —Roberts   Creek   Bav>   being   an   island   approx-
Legion Hall at 8:00 p.m. Legion! j^Jf: 2J>° fe.^-ftMAore ftom
let 6349, Group One, New Westminster District.
Take, notice ithat R.M. Shuck
of Billings Bay, B.C., occupation
Saw Mill operator, intends to
apply   for   permission  to   pur
chase   the" following   described
$10,000  gives you immediate  POULTRY
possession   of- best   commercial*   -
poi"sibiiity~ on""" thts"~\*6ast •-i-_~fts-
big. Totem Realty Gibsohs, B.C.
: One D-8 ' Caterpillar. One
Issacson K 80 logging arch —:
price reasonable. Charles Klein,
S - turn,   Gibsons. 14
$750 down gives you immedi-
If- interested- in- -Jaby-Chicks ~
send   for   our   free   1954  Catalogue.    The    Appleby    Poultry
Breeding  Farm,   Mission   City,
B.C.    - 16
$500 down — balance as rent,
buys you a two bedroom home.
Totem Realty, Gibsons, B.C.
ate possession  of the best resi-' t
dential buy here—its a revenue FOR SALE — 2 good flat lots
producer from the start, balance with building, half block from
only $50 a month, present rental sea. Suggested as investment at
$45 a month — and a home for $2,000.00 with low down payment. John Coleridge Realty,
Gibsons,  B.C.'
Commencing at a post planted
Roberts  on ^e s^ore °£ the small island
X"'""T~o+. •  ^"^^1,^"+^^   i«   tv,c  about 6 chains south of tlie N.W.
Creek String  Orchestra  in   the GrounOnP    cerras-   OUIlu
Legion  Hall,  Roberts  Creek  at c°rner <* j^ot. 6^49' <f0uf 0nf'   Gibsons   BC
„   to New   Westminster   D 1 s t r 1 c t; ;     u&u ""'
you too, with adjoining cleared
lot to build on for more revenue.
Totem Realty,  Gibsons, B.C.
FOR SALE well built dwelling, 3 rooms and bath — $3700,
terms.   John   Coleridge   Realty.
Sale or Swap! 1936 Chev
Coach. What offers? — Phone
Gibsons 90.
Hook & Ladder
-   For  their   courtesy in giving
tlie  right  of way  to  the  Fire
Truck   when  proceedjtng  to   a-
Sa"anidh, "Vancouver Island. The  recent  fire  at Selma,Park   the FINALS
sum of twenty-five dollars was Firemen wish to  express  their ™-™ .*
rai=ed  this  way thanks   and  appreciation to  all
■LiNEN SHOWER ca^ drivf? in- ^ ^istrift"  -
• If you' know what makes  a
: Mrs.   Ruth   Linden, was   the  ,.re> you can leam m0re ea^sily
gues^of honor at a. linen shower hQWto preVent one from starting—and how to put it but.
Three are needed for a fire.
! 8 p.m.
; April 26 — Selma Park Community Centre Spring tea and
home cooking 2 p.m.
April  30  —  Selma  Park  at
8 p.m. VON board meeting.
May 1 — Gibsons High School
Auditorium at 8:00 p.m., Talent
on   Tuesday   evening    at   Mrs,
King's) Wohie.   Joint  Hostesses
were Mrs. Burns, Mrs. A Kings They are;   x    Fuel to burn>  2.
and  Mrs. -H. Clark.  Gifts were heat ^ make u ^^3, air
to keep it burning.
Most  small fires can be put
jl* j-,     t,     out  by   cooling  or  smothering,
a   large bowl of  daffodils.  Re- Ag a rul&j burning liquids such
presented in an umbrella, deco
Crated in yellow* and green.
The tea-table was centered by
May 4 — Sechelt May Day.
Tea in Legion Hall, local association Scouts and Brownies.
May 7 —- Gibsons, St. Mary's'
Altar Society Mothers Day Tea,,
sale'  of   potted   plants,    home,
cooking^: United   Chuir)eh  HaW
2 to 5.
May 26 — Roberts Creek
Legion Auxiliary rummage sale.
June 2 — Gibsons St.' Bartholomew's W.A. superfluity sale,
freshments were served to com-
,,     home cooking etc'
as gasoline or grease are.smoth-       T ,    ,,=   oower Point   St
;plete.an  enjoyable  evening ered    -^^ ig. nttle  difference B^^S  5 at
.Out-of-townguestsata^birth- betw'een growing a handful- of" ^Sffite«:
thence around the shoreline to
the point of commencement and
containing one acre., more or
'-.;; Raymond Mitchell  Shuck.
Dated March 8th, .1954.
Notice of Intention to Apply to
Lease Land.
In Land -Recording District
of'', iNew Westminster, B .C.
Assessment District - Vancouver,
B.C. and situate at Storm Bay,
Sechelt Inlet, B.C. - (Approximately 15 miles more or less
from the village of Sechelt, B.C.)
y./Take nlotice that 'I, Vernon
Arnold Owre. of Sechelt, B.C..
o;ecupation Cutting Forest
Greens, intend'to apply for a
lease of the following described
lands:—     ....:•  :• -   ■'•■•
$50 down gives you immediate
__  pJ-)5CAl on   of   a   fjine   building
Dressers, $15.95; Davenports101 — balance $15 a month.
$39.50; Ranges: Oil, Gas, and Totem Realty, Gibsons, B.C.
Wood; Lino, 69^ square yard.?
Phone 30 S, Sechelt. C & S
Sales. 15
5 acres, 1 acre clear, 4 room
houje,   garage,    woodshed   and
^     chicken house  on   North' Road.
$6500   on   easy   terms   gives Apply Box 3, Coast News.
you    immediate   possession    of "^oodlamily Co^Trmd^Tker,
completely   equipped   guest §125 00   A. Christiansen), Cham.-
lodge — with  real possibilities berUn Road( Gibsol^
for development. Totem Realty.
Gibsons, B.C.
Fire - Auto - Liability   t'rompt
courteous service
$50  a month, rental for fur-  Totem   Real       Gibsons.
nished home and equipped farm
on   main   Sechelt   Highway,; „__ .	
barns,    chicken    houses,    fruit PERSONAL
trees -— will rent for five years,
a revenue proposition as well
as home. Totem Realty, Gibsons.
NOTICE -^_ Cash Sales Coupons discontinued by us as of
April 1st. Outstanding coupons
will be honored until May 3oth.
1954. Knowles Service Hardware, Gibsons. ' '"   /
day party for Verna Bursey on soda into  a  blazing skillet and
Saturday  were   Miss  C.   Anctil using chemical foam to blanket  THIS WEEK'S SPECIAL —
of  Vancouver   and  Mr.   G. an oil tank fire  The results are  Elphinstone Bay. IV* acresVand,
Hughes of Mission.   ^ the same. Both fires go out for   i/2 block Jrom good beach/^good
R.. Westgate is..on two weeks lack of oxygen
sick,leave-so;he.and Mrs. West-;     Burning    solids    like    wood,   Duro_d  roof,   good   foundation;' 4^5" Group' PnWS('"sto^m1 :
CEDAR POLES. Write or phone
Timber Preservers Limited, Foot gave two men a lift from Horse
of Trapp  Road,  New  Westmin-  shoe   Bay   ferry f to   Vancouver
Will   gentleman   who' kindly
'Commencing   thirteen   chains   ster,  B.C. 15   on   March   22nd,   contact  CHy.^
in   a  Northerly-.direction   from i '■*--.- -, WAWTFrk " T^":   i 4597 or M 20 Sechelt re: fishing -
I view, modem home,. 3 pc:;.bath,; ^y^xxtti   West corner, ofj.p't! .,„ f. Z~"    .    \   ' c m''
'•»-:.._£j   ---*    «««/i   *ft»«^iat;kri>i yTf^.-    ^ i-v*----"j--v.fr.--,__"-.. I ■   Well-D;ggers     for Summerf
rod left  in car.
t^X-^^^J^     Ron1w1th    water.    Turning ,_your gurfiV _ fullpiice only $5000. | Solltheriy  to. ;the head of  the
is back /on the job again,
J. •. Carlson,    suffering
garden hose on a trash fire'has   terms   $750 'down.'balance   $75( Bay,; thence  in
Vr'     r"^7-''r"^-"'u    rrrithesame   effect  as   pouring Oer month — its a buy.indeed,
hums to-his-face, is m hospital,  water   into  a  blazing buildirig.   -■ --'   ■
The fire goes out in either case
•North  West-
ottages.   State hourly wage,  or; WATCH REPAIRS
ate per foot. Bo* 4 -Cb'ast News.!     Fast,   -Accurate, -Guaranteed..;
.,-■-'■..'■''},;■     '':     - 14   Watch   reparirs.   Marine   Men5s
W^e'ar,  Gibsons. 'tfn
but'.getting along nicely.
/f/Mrs.^P^tersori has -been con-'because ^ the cooling effects of'
fined to,, bed for two weeks with the water
/the;'flu-<:bu^A  ■■ V^^ y-V I  '.  -^—	
./   Quii.e</a-numberjof youngsters . \
./;are^iiywitdi/t^ FOR QUICK SALES
f .i^^d^r^^B-£odyhave:re-  USE THE C0AST NEWS
Horned: from.. thC\"x. 'honeymoon n seoirwn
'-'   -t.irZ.-.^..^'tf- •*!-«;•• ~;-■■'"■•■'     '" • CLASSIFIED
. ' spent^ni' San .Francisco..    -•. • =  ;	
■,.    w& >    :   r-..-.'?;< •- ■.--'• •.••:.• '  s — ' : ■	
Phone Gibsons 44
— Evenings  95J
Member Association of B.C.
Rs»al -Estate  Agents'...    <..
erly direction to.^the'South eaS't   V/ANTED
Comer of;JLo5/4445;/at a  Zero [  -AGENTS — For Meny-Tiller,       WATCH REPAIR - AH types
tide/; ieyeti"' and, "thence - back j the* wonderland  tiller.  Call arid] of watches and'jewelry, repair-
'around' the Bay to the point of j ?ee    'it    demonstrated.'' "Charles j pd. Reliable, fast, efficient,
commencement ~Aat   a   ten   foot i Klein, authorized agent, S- Turn, j Union   General   Store,   Sechelt.
tide, level,   and   containing  Teh j Gibsons. , 15 ".tfn
acres, more, or less,"for the pur-;
posen Of" Oys'tef-culture.
. Vernon .Arnold   Owre.
.-.-Dated March 31st, 1954.
Office, Clerking, Waitress or! Spray and Brush Painting: al-
Housework. Mrs. L. Chapman, so paper hanging. J.. Melhus.
phone Hopkins 65. j Phone Gibsons 33.      -     y      tfn
>x>: ;���'��� ..-rs  ,'. ���������'���������"��--  .-- v'-.'-yj. j \ t-  ' -' * 't i  6  The Coast News        Thursday April 8, 1954  a.  ������ '   r  ��� <  -w::-  ������,i��� ���������.v.  .  ;. ..~f' ���."-.  "���<*:  ^fciici  ,-' ?^$f���'  ������'���        ��� .-��� 5        ���-��.  ��� ��<������'."!:  *sn  '"/:>! .."���?���;  ���U'-.it #Ti-'. ..;V.''. ���    ''^  ?*..  With every purchase afuounf/ng  to $7Mr witMiig a^eleciion^  of CAMAM  44j&.$et  '���'.'  :4.;:-l:    .... '.'.���'  TOTAL  VALUf  :���:.: ���������-.���:tv ������������.%:'������:  *k%?  y \  .��� y^ y- ���;:-y''-ry^yyy y^m--W^^y^;^ ::.-A  fULL INFORMATION  AVAHABLt AT OUR SJORE  ���.>   "������'  y:s, ���'���:  These &  Tin  53*  20 oz Tins   24*/'  QUAiiry  Kernels  20*  Cream Style  15 oz Tins 19*  20 oz Tins 21*  BACON -" ���' je^^i^jiiii46w-*^6^i:*'"  >��odi(ct 0. cwc*b*'   - -,-^4.   ���.   .:*..��� -J ��';*/r. *'.- -;���-. ��� ��-'.��� ^'  Half lb      49*  Tin  43*  YORK  YORiy WfENERS  tN BEANS  VV'lENt'BS  '> bean's  Tin  50*  York Irish Stew  Per Tin       33*  York Canadian  Boiled Dinner   39*  THIS WEEK'S SPECIALS: Prices effective April 10  No. 1 Alberta Butter Aylmer Choice Peas  Per Pound 66c Size 4's 2 Tins 25c  While They Last!  Ask about our delivery service at the  Fresh Fruits & Vegetables  Received 3 Times Weekly '^?  Sechelt  ...... By ARIES  MUSIC FESTIVAL  Thirty children will represent  Sechejt Elementary pehool in  the forthcoming musical festival  be held in Vancouver April 6th,  in the Kitsilano communr  hall. ,  The  children are  under  the  felt the title Roberts Creek was      Sorry to hear   about the  ac-  a little misleading as the Union 'cident sustained by Mr. Gunnar  covers    territory     from    West Johannsen who was badly hurti  Howe Sound to Half Moon Bay.  Mrs1. Monjrufet stressed the  need of more publicity and  fuller education on Credit Union  work.  The local Union has in-  ncer Campaign  rts Annual Drive  Thursday April 8, 1954  _he Coa_t News  whilst working at Osborne log  ging camp.  A pool: hall and barber shop |     since tiie first  settler_ came  is   supposed  to  be  slated   for  tQ   thig   landj   Canadians   have  .     .   Sechelt. Well that will be nice.  worked together to solve' their  creased  its membership  and. is Can't say we will patronize the probiems  During this month of  �� paying a three percent.:dividend! ppol hall, but  the beauty par- April we   see furt^ evidence  | to   investors. The Union would lour will be something we girls of thi& as ^ join with the --j.  like a more active interest on, can use. ;i uriteers of the Canadian Cancer  ceives  its  income   from  volun- all share in this good work by  tary contributions only. We can supporting the cancer campaign-  ALLAN & BARTER  direction of Mr. Harold. Roberts;the part of Junior members.   .  |^ ^ hela m Vancouver April Society   to   make   the    annual  Mr  and  will  travel  by  chartered  bus, to be provided by the local j  school board and. the  Elementary school PTA. *  Hot lunch will be served the  youngsters at 1 p.m. and they  wfiH compete at'-2:15 p.m., and  will return' by bus. in -the early!"."' r   .   -,,. . ������,, r.,..!,  ���  - "o-       j r+    ,,^Yi  ~ ~J. -I him came Jack Burt and Frank  evening.  Six adults  will acom-  pany   the   party   and   will   be;  responsible for  their, care and  E.E.   Parr- Pearson   was '6ih) m ihe Kitsilano community campaign a success.  re-elected as director and Mr  G. Duncan and E.S. Clayton on  the credit committee.  NEWS BRIEFS  Mr.   Charlie   Reda,   one time  operator of Wakefield Inn paid  monit was visiting in. ^echelt In ^^-3-.^ and hospitals  recently. He stopped off on his across the land> able men j^  way back/from Vancouver to W)omen work tirelessly to dis-  visit old friends Mr. and Mrs.. cover the ^^ of cancer and to  John Toynbee. find  more   effective forms  of  Lucky winners at the Wednes- treatment. Their wOrk is vitally  a hurried trip to Sechelt   with d      evenin    show were Robert  important  to all  of  us.   Their  1-nrrv nam** .Tank Burt ana rraniC  ^-       ~  ^ _.    >*     ���'       ,^t-_  _��� -  yCREblT UNION MEETING  / Mrs. R.A. Monrufet was" guest  speaker at the annual meeting  of (the Roberts Creek Credit  Union, held in the Legion Hall  at Sechelt. It was decided to  change the name; to "Sunshine  COast Credit Union"   as it was  .Strief.  Also visiting Sechelt is Mrs.  H-B. Cotton of'North Vancouver  and. daughter Wendy,', staying  with Mrs. D..Clampitt.  Tyson; Tommy Ayton, and-! Ray  Nestman. f  Many Happy Returns to  Mr,  A.   Crufcil of  Crucil  Logging  Company  on his  recent   birth-  Mrs.^ Charles Ralston is visit- ^V-  ing in Vancouver for a few days      Visiting   Sechelt,   and   guests  discovered  in  its  first  stages.  success dependfe   largely   upon  or support.  Research, however, is only  part of the story. Our present  forms of treatment can be most  effective when   the   disease   is  with  her   sister,   Mrs.  White. ,,,  Congratulations to Mr. and,'  Mrs. Chris Julian on the, birth  of a baby boy born in Seattle'.  For Easter:  Ladies' Dresses and Shortie Coats  Little: Girls' Goat Sets Men's & Boys'  Knit JBoleros For Wear With Your Wear for Spring  Norman of Mr.  and Mrs.  Leo^ Johnson,  j are Mrs. Ethel Lakberg, of Blue  River,    B.C.    and    Mrs.    Axel  Anderson,   of  Vancouver.  Mr. and Mrs. Danny Hipwell  and son Riley, have left Sechelt  for Vancouver. Mr. Hipwell was  manager of   Wakefield. Inn.  Returning to Wakefield Inn  as Manager is- Mr. Dick Kline,  well known here and very popular with patrons of the Inn. His  old friehdk are glad -to see Dick  back on the job.     - ;^,  Another  olid . (fjimet y vetting  Seehelt is Mr.  Harry Tomkins',  Spring Dress or Blouse  New Skirt Styles  Tiny Tpts Items  Of All Kinds  The Tasella Shoppe  Phone 29 J  Sechelt  Through some 1400 local units  from the Atlamtiic o the Pacific,  Caiiacjian Cancer Society volunteers are informing our  ���people of the importance of  early diagnosis.  The Society also devotes its  energies to a welfare program  in aid of cancer sufferers. Sick  room supplies, transportation to  and from clinics and family care  are provided.  Research, welfare and educa-  >tion services are expensive. The  Canadian ' Cancer    Society    re-  We suggest that you try our  HIGH QUALITY STOVE AND FURNACE QYUS  Individual Stamp-Meter Delivery  Prompt, Honest and Friendly Service.  Phones: Hopkins 65, or Keats 15C  Accounts May Be Paid At Totem Realty.  1  Business and Professional  D I R ECTO R Y  Who   sfefttjled  in 'Sedhelt ilgha  after  world war  one,   but yhas  been away for .many years.  ���Celebrating her ninth birthday:  was Caralee Johnson,  daughter/  of Mr.  and  Mrs.. Leo Johnson.  Little guests at the party were:'>  Carol  Moorhouse,   Wendy   Billingsley,    Judy    Linton,    Sheila  Nelson,    Elaine    Potts,     Joyce  Potts," and  sister  Arlene.  Our sympathies to Mr. Ozzie  Hincks in the loss of his mother  Mrs. Hincks -of Victoria. Mrs  Hincks wta's a.well known newspaper columnist.in that city.      -  W- McFadden, D.O.  Optometrist  ,,,,.'���       GIBSONS  Phone Gibsons 91  Office     Hours  9:00   a.m. to 5:00 p.m.  Evenings by Appointment,  Why go to Vancouver f< -  Optical Service*  SeagraitVi? Crown Ro^at  V,  Seagram's "83"  Seagrams King's Plate  Seagram's Special Old  This advertisement is not onblished or displayed by  the Liquor Control Board or by ;he Government of British Columbia.  Please Clip This Directory Out and Hang By Your Phone  For Reference  ACCOUNTING SERVICE  '. PENINSUIiA  ���".  ACCOUNTING y; SERVICE  All Types of Accounting Problems  Expertly Attended  ��� Gibsons:  Mondays   & Fridays  Sechelt: Tuesdays  &  Thursdays  G.O.   FAHRNI  Box 22 Phone 44  ���      GIBSONS      ���  BLASTING  BLASTING  ROCK, HARD-PAN, STUMPS, etc.  Also  Road  Work  Fully Licensed and Insured in B.C.  JACK CAMPBELL  6308 Prince/Edward St. Vancouver,  B.C., Phone FRaser 3831  BULLDOZING  v        TRACTOlt  WORK  Clearing T Grading  -Excavating,  D-4 & i)-6  Bulldozing  Clearing  Teeth  S;  /'^A.fi.^t^if_Eyr'''-'^';  Phone   GIBSONS   86,  GIFT STORE  Notions ��� Cards ��� Toys  Miscellaneous  Gifts  GIBSONS 5-10-15 STORE  Left of Post Office  Gibsons,  B. C.  Headquarters  for  Wool,  MACHINISTS  HILLS MACHINE SHOP  ; Mobilized-Welding  Welding anywhere ��� Anytime  Expert Tradesmen  Precision  Machinists ..-  Phone 54 ��� Res. 78  PLUMBING  MARSHALL'S    PLUMBING,  HEATING   aad   SUPPLIES  Phone Gibsons 64S, - 104, - or 33  **���- ���- ���*v-   -^���� -%#e* .  RADIO  CLEANERS  PENmsTJLA' dlSAlSfl-RS  Cleaners for the Sechelt  Peninsula.  ., -.;��� .-���t.PlioneS-.rr;^;*.^. .^.������y^f*  Gibsons 1001-;��� Selclfeit 45J '   ;  RICHTER'S   RADIO  Sechelt, BiC.  .;    y^hone Sechelt 25J;_-  :-RADIO :- -APPLIANCE SERVICE I  ���y. Speedy ^.' 'Guaranteed ���" i/Work^.,.;{,  '~*y '��� ?Ne/w arid ..Use'dT:^dios;;i'.'���' ���������"':  iyRD^O-iWQR^  GARDEN   WORK. IJA?'  HOTO-HOE::'#Jir^! "  ���   .'.-��-��� ---tf!..'t .��:,i> ���  my  ELECTRICAL WpRyB^y ����� :f: ^  -_ ;,������> "y;t^y yi;'^'  Home and Industrial Wiring  Eleceritat Heating '' > ;  GIBSONS ELESmiC  -.'. ������:': i   . :.'���: y:;, PhOSl6^190 ,    \-   ;. y. - *.  '' Authoriied General Electric  . Dealer -  Radios ~ Appliances - Teleyitioa  LUMBER  .^esnonsjtratxon?:;, J,H* /MacLeod,  Phone,.John  Little, .83   M  *-  �����'i��*��,,  ��� ,-r >  M-'Mi  COAST $JEWS  Letter Heads, Statements  OVIATT LUNCpEB CO.  Specializirjg in-  ; Load Lots'atv^ow'PHc^..  Saw Mill iat Hopkins  Pho��9 Gibsans' 93J,  E^ftJiinejs.  Neat, Individual Styling.  USBP, Fl^RNITURE  Dressers ��� Chesterfields  . Ranieau All Tyj��s  ,(Bea_^~^Tai^v^^holrs: /  ^y*' WiU"B^jv?��ieli or*��'adf/  Have Your Oil Burners  Serviced Now  0 & 3 SALES & SEItVlOB  ���:.&  .���-���*���?  y  THE GOV_3iNMENT OP  THE PROVINCE OF BBITISH COLUMBIA  Take notice that the Liquor Control Board of British Columbia, with the  approval of the Lieutenant-Governor in Council, has designated the following  area as a licensing area for the issuance of licences under the "Government    .  Liquor Act, 1953":��� r      ;  Licensing Area No. 41.  Description: Village of Gibsons Landing.  And further take notice that the Board will receive applications for licences wit;hin :that,:f j  area until the 25th day of May, 1954. '  And further take notice that the Board will, at a meeting to be held at the Board's office,  525 Fort Street, in the City of Victoria, on the* 26th day of May, 1954, commencing at the  hour of ten o'clock in the forenoon, proceed to deal with the applications for licences received  prior to the 25th day of May, 1954; unless in the meantime:���  (a) The Municipal Council of the Corporation of the Village of Gibsons Landing requests thex  ._,,.. Lieutenant-Governor ii Council to submit to a vote of the electors of the polling division*  within the licensing area any or all of the questions hereinafter set out; or  (b) The Lieutenant-Governor receives, a petition in the form prescribed by these regulations  or to a like effect signed by thirty-five per centum of the electors of the polling divisions  within the licensing area requesting that any or all of the questions hereinafter set out  ";be submitted to a: vofo-of: the-electors of the polling divisions within the licensing area.  ., / .  / 'The questions-that shall upon request as aforesaid be submitted to a vote of the electors ,J  yyjk&.in- the licensing are% are as follows:���-  *'* C ?'���'��'������" vV   y"%"yy-    -/  ".'>���"'��� ���' ���   ��� ���-. .-��� ���      . --.:������:���"..  (a) Are you in favour of the sale of beer, ale- and stout only under a public-house licence   ,  ��� *f;   .Vfo^ ���.���'���;.    , y   ''��� y-  (Note:���A public-house licence will be similar to the present beer-parlour licence.)     .   :  ~.  (b) Are you in favour of the sale of beer, ale, stout, and wine only under a dining-room  licence for consumption with meals on licensed premises? . .   ..,,      .  .  :    "'..���:��������� (Note:>r-Dining-room licences will be granted to hotels, restaurants, clubs, railway-cars,  steamships* and resorts.:)      f -.��������;"      '���;'���"' ���   ': :/:' ���' : '���'';'���  ^A/(c).;v.4te.''y��u i�� favour of,the sale of liquor under a dining-lpunge licence fQr.,consuInption;.?;���,  ���i} -i:     with meals on licensed premises? ' y  (Note:;���Dining-lpunge Kcences will be issoied principally to what are commonly known  as cabarets, and to clubs.) ':.      / . .    f.        ,.: ,  m  ^^^^^^H!^^:!1^.':*^ aldauf* Ikmee lor conaoinptk�� on IteensM  LIQUOR CONTHOL BOAKD  ^ftdViNci of mm$H coiummA  i si The   Coast   lieu.:, Thursday Apr.I 3, Ijo_  Wilson Creek  by Minus Three  Mr. and Mrs. Jack Baird and!  young sons Tommy and Bruce  have returned to the city after  a busy weekend here. They  assisted with the successful concert at Roberts Creek. Mrs. H.  Roberts left with them for a  short visit. The fact that they  have three generation with so  much talent must be unique.  They have Tommy Baird'pianist,  Mrs. E. Lucken arid Mrs. I. Baird  soloists, grandsons and daughters of Mr. and Mrs. H. Roberts,  and Robbie as conductor is well  known to all on the Peninsula.  Congratulations to Phyllis and  Johnny Hicks on their fir/st wed-  ndcr Resident  Passes Sudden  A resident of Pender Harbour  for forty-two years, well-known  and well liked by all,, Dan  Cameron passed away suddenly  on Monday, April fifth, at 69  years of age.  Born  in Minard, Scotland  1885,    Mr.    Cameron   came  Drivers Are Good  her Care!  Canada in 1905, and seven years  later to . Pender . Harbour.  The three-man board at present  testing motor-vehicle drivers at  Sechelt,    are    handling     about  sixty drivers each working day,  according to P. Berkson, one of  the   officials.   There   are   somewhat over nine hunderd drivers  ' to  be  tested,   some   bf  whom  m have been driving with restrjc-  *��   ted  licenses;   others   who. have  >Ai~Jr m  *_����  A? -     ****  ���     "***% . - ,   |  _M.��V    r  not recently been tested.  With Mr. K. Preddis and Mr.  He .is survived  by his  wife, .T.    MacFarlane, y Mr.    Berksbn  Maggie, one daughter, Peggie,  and five son's, James, Robert,  Donald, William, and Duncan,  all: of Pender Harbour.  Funeral services will be held  ding  anniversary.  Guests   at  a in Pendder Harbour, conducted  party for their fr&ends were^  Bob arid Audrey Jones from  Deroche, Dick and Rosaline  Jones from Vancouver;. Bob and  Pick are cousins of Phyllis  Hicks.  A small group of residents  here have been annoyed by -a  noise on their radios. The De-  that the trouble may be a faulty  warming pad. They may have  am Inspector working in the dis-  tsSct soon checking the trouble.  Mr. Hewlett of the B.C. Power  Commission states that they  have no equipment for making  a check.  Mr. George Wright's friends  will be glad to know he is  feeling better. Mrs. Wright finds  time for some fine weaving. She  has three lovely rugs ini the  making.  Mr. and Mrs. J.O. Little are  *%$, (k& Hu  by the Rev. Canon Greene, on  Thursday, April 8th at 1:30 p.ni.  Interment will be in Seaview  Cemetery. W. Graham of Gibson^ is iri charge of the funeral  arrangements.  back, from an enjoyable holiday  in   California.   Mrs.   Little   Sr.,  partment  of Transport   advises who lived at Pender Harbour a  few years ago was in charge of  the house and pets during their  absence.    ,  Welcome to the district are  Mr. and Mrs. T. Stokes and  family, they are renting the De-  Long house.  We extend our deepest sympathy to Mr. H. Begg on the loss  of Ms wife. Mrs. Begg passed  away after a long illness Interment was in Vancouver on  Wednesday April 7th. Mr. and  Mr& Begg were regents of  Davis Bay for 14 years.  Johnny'  paper route ends at  tC every Friday!  -pb  Johnny's only in grade VI, but he alrteady  knows what he wants to be ... an electrical  engineer. And he's doing something about it.  Regular as clockwork, he's at his BofM  branch each Friday, depositing another dollar  from his earnings for. that college education.  That's a long-range objective even for a grownup. But Johnny has figured out  early that the only way to get what  you want is to save for it ... at  the B of M.  Why not st?.rt your youngster  on the way to independence and  success by opening an account  for him at "MY BANK"? .  to s Miiio* auwm  mm  Bank, or Montreal  \4&M-$**6  Gibsons Branch:     DOUGLAS SMITH, Manager.y,  r%. ���'* '���:���:��� ���    i-       ���,.  '      .'   "]Myyy  ^  Sechelt (Sub-Agency): Open Tuesday & Thursday  o-' . ���' " >���-.' i:'*\ .. '.- ���-.  W0MIII*  W��f*8  CAHAeiAkJt '|M  fftttr  WAlSt  ��F  "W ..#���** J*����  .*���*  finds most of the drivers tin ttie-.  Peninsula are good drivers, but  inclined to be careless in their  o bserv an c e of -trafficSigife,  -signalling  regulations,   and-in  making turns at intersection's1.'  The percentage/ of those: Who  have not had  their, resteictidns  .lifted, or who have beem asked  to    surrender    their    liceneses  .entirely are very small, between-  .three and five, percent, so far,  .but many of these have asked to  come back and try certain sections of the test over again. Of  those retested so  far,  all have  passed the requirements.  There have been some whose  eye-sight does not come up to  standards, and who may receive  correction from glasses or other  means, as there are some whose  hearing are not. sufficiently  . acuee. Thejse people ^have an  opportunity to have treatments,  follbWing (which) 'they are a/si  sured they may re-apply for  licenses.  The members of  the  testing  board  seemed very  quick   and  courteous,   delaying   the  applicants  just as little as possible,  both in the testing/rroom and on;  ,the    course,     which     provided;  rough and smooth roads, turns!  and  a little hill,  though not a!  great deal of traffic; The tests  served   not   only   to 'test   the'  drivers, but to alert them to the  need for  observance  of  traffic  regulations.  LOCAL STUDENTS  j PASS  MUSIC  TESTS  In the Toronto Conservatory  of Music Examinations held  earlier this week, two of Mrs.  Atlee's students in Gibsons have  passed their exams with honors.  Barbara Knowles, Grade Four,  and Dick Vernon, Grade Five.  Too Late To Classify  FOR SALE  Gladiola Bulbs, assorted colors,  $1.00 per dozen. John Wood  Hardware and Appliances ���  Phone Gibsons 32.  EXTRA   BUS SERVICE  For Easter  Thursday April 15 th, and  Monday April 19th.  Busses leave Sechelt 5:45 p.m^  Leave   Vancouver   7:30   p.m,  C.   LAWRENCE;  *=���  obd ambition wias real-  izedlthe first day Frank Herbert  took his place before a CBC  microphone. At,the age of seventeen, Herbert had decided to  become a radio announcer due  to, as he put it, "the prospect  of being paid merely for talking". In the years that followed,  he founid ithat there was more  to announcing than he first presumed, and it was only after  he had studied speaking in his  spare time that he reached his  goal.  Use The Coast News Classifies  WE SECOND THE MOTION!  On' Your Village Commissioners*  Call For A Pre - Easter  l^aint^Up Clean-Up  ��� j- -  This Ac. is Worth A  Free 3 inch Paint Brush  With Any Gallon Of Bapcb's Famous  Paint, Varnish, Enamel  TILL APRIL iSTH  Knowlkv^^ardwar &  Phone 33  L.TP.  Gibsons, B.C.  <&!  w> <*s&  ��>&'"?ryw  ~,^:^>^"-v  '?0*%&i  "T*3^|jr  'Kvin  Commencing Wednesday, April 21st, busses  will make only one stopin Sechelt ---the Bus  Depot. The practice of driving to the Village  Center an�� around to the Union Store will  now be discontinued.  Passengers will take the bus from the Depot,  and at the conclusion of their trip to Sechelt,  will alight at the Bus Depot.  Ship Your Express By Sechelt Bus  Three and Four Trips Daily froth Vancouver (Pacific Stage)  Bus Depot  Covering All Points on Sechelt Peninsula  COMPARE  OUR   RATES  Minimum (33 lbs.)  50��  Over 33 lbs  .'-.:. 1V_^ lb.  BUS LEAVES VANCOUVER DEP(y]T DAILY  7:30 a.m. ��� 1:30 p.m.\��� 4:30 p;m.  ADDITIONAL TRIPS: TUESDAY��� FRIDAY ��� SUNDAY ��� 7:30 P.M.  Definite instructions to your shipper as to which bus you wish to have your  express shipped by will add to your convenience in picking up express from  the Bus on the Highway. Parcels may also be received at the Bus Depots at  Gibsons, Sechelt and Garden Bay,  SECHELT MOTOR TRANSPORT Ltd  Sechelt, B.C.  SECHELT: 36  VANCOUVER: TA. 2171  SPI1NG -- Baint Up Time*- Don't plan-- See us FIRST  See   our   demonstrator  Board outside our Store.  1; Exterior one coat wonder, ��� white only.  2. Stays white longer, rainfall cleans the paint, leaves it  ,\ whiter.  3. Two coat painting in ONE brush stroke.  4. Regular paint $7.75 per gal. SOLO-COAT $8.60 per gal.  5. Saves on material and labor and so saves MONEY.  6. Get your FREE pamphlet for further information.  rCR'.'INTERIOR fcECCEATING  KEMTONE SUPER  KEJWTONE KEM0LO  }1;M qt. ��� $6.29 gal, $2.45 qt,       $8.20 ga5, $3.15 qt. ��� $10.__S gal.  Lovely sel^ctioii of Sherman-Willmms���^Upap^r,;'-''':",^  1 decorator-s^ lar^e color ��ange and ;  ''���'���''���' . -.'���  ..'       ���-.-.-'  harmony^ in both ^f;allpaper &  ���' ' ......       '���.., -V..  -��� ���    :'   '        ^.    ...      :���  ''"   '.Nf;' ... .      ';'      ������--        *  'V ^ t '^mb^t artistic  satisfythe  REMEMBER the lucky ticket is:-24112,^ if not tlaiiftied, will   life  m Ap^i isth.  ���?  <  -!  i.  ���A  .'.-��������.�����  Free .Delivery  Gibsons 32


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