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The Coast News Oct 22, 1949

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 Serving a Progressive and Growing  Area on B. C.'s Southern Coast.  Covers Sechelt, Gibsons, Port Mellon. Woodfibre, Squamish, Irvines  Landing, Half Moon Bay, Hardy  Tsland, Pender Harbour, Wilson  Creek. Roberts Creek, Granthams  Landing, Egmont, Hopkins Landing.  E rackendale,  Cheekeye,  etc.  !_,��__ : -   """���^STSISTSKSIJ BY THE COAST NEWS, LIMITED  Business Office:  Sechelt, B.C. National Advertising" Office, Powell Elver, S.C.  Vol.  fill Digging  For Nazi Duds  And Time Bombs  FIRE COMPLETELY wiped out  two homes at Headlands, near  Gibsons, on Tuesday, October 11,  one of which was occupied by  Mr and Mrs E. Bailey, former  residents of Powell River, and  their four children.  A seven room uncompleted  house, belonging to Mr and Mrs  Donald Cochrane, and the Bailey  home were on the same property.  So far investigation has failed to  reveal the cause of the blaze.  When word of the fire reached FOR EIGHT years Mrs. Hannah  Powell River on Friday night, Hall and family of Stepney ate  Teshquoit Rebekah Lodge, to breakfast sitting over a 2,000  which Mrs Bailey belongs, at pound unexploded bomb, it is  once contacted members of the reported from London, England  lodge and the Red Cross By Sun- Th never suspected it untu  day noon cases of clothing and nnp X7,;f;na jq��� XuQ��� +VX i.1 T  bedding were on the Gulf Mar- �����d^^ d��y �����f"^^  courtehseadefdr0irf f^f^^ ^ "����?��� was^lle^Thi^  , courtesy of Gulf Lines Ltd. Fur- feet   down   th       found *  ��5  sh.\?TntS +��f^l0thmt and Hitler's   "sleepers."  It  had  been  food will be sent this week. there since lgP41  In a phone call to Mrs Bailey      �� .,  .     ,.��� ,  on Sunday, it was found that loss vtBritflr\��, U has hundreds more  iof the two homes involves over llke �� They are scattered all  : eleven thousand dollars, as noth- over, the country. New ones are  ing could be saved. Part of their rePorted every day.  furniture was left in Powell Riv- Twelve hundred men���German  {er, on their departure last August, former prisoners-of-war and Bri-  IThis' will be crated and shipped tlsh soldiers of the Royal Engin-  by the Oddfellows lodge, mem- eers���are digging them up. Seven  jbers of which assisted in packing British-laid  anti-invasion coastal  . 4 ��� ���No.^pf'.f^^^^ Sechelt, B. C. Saturday, Oct.  22,  1949 5c per copy, $2.50 per year, by mail  Unsung Benefactors of the Sea ...  By Mae Webb  utvey  s Another Lonely Season  ithe cases on Sunday.  ;B.C. Conununay  [Centre Assoc.  Guidance  minefields still have to be clear  ed, too.  Some of the "sleepers" are impact bombs which for some reason didn't explode wheh they hit.  Others are deadly time bombs  gone haywire. It doesn't take  much to start them ticking again.  A little water seeping into  a deteriorating fuse, a bus rumb  ling along a nearby street could  'TO: The person most interested mean sudden death to scores.  ���   in community centres' in your      Bomb-disposal    chiefs    dislike  .   area. discussing the possibility of such  FROM:    Continuing   Committee,  a tragedy, but they say it could  i   B.C.   Community   Centres   As-  happen. A "sleeper"  dropped in  ._'. sociation. 1940 could awake with a roar in  :RE: Where do we go from here? 1950 or even years afterward.  ,FOR THE past three years or so,      Whether   such   a   disaster   oc-  you. or someone  else in  your  curs,  they  say,   depends  largely  iarea have been receiving infor-  on luck. So far the luck of Bri-  m ar t i o n   regarding   community   tish   civilians   has   been   mirac-    against Guay in the fantastic story commodation,  IN THE  small  grey hours of Thursday  morning,  the  W.   J.  Stewart sailed away from Powell River wharf to do one of  its last charting jobs for this season and then to head for Victoria, which is home.  This ship is specially built and equipped for marine survey work on the Pacific coast. There are similar ships on the  Atlantic, but it is unique in charting the waters of the Pacific  which-touch the Canadian shores-  "BUSHED"  AT   SEA  In   April,   the   ship   and   crew  rest  of the  deck.    Four    motor  left   Victoria   and   sailed   to   the  launches   are   carried     on     this  most  northern  coasts  of  British  deck.  Each is 27  feet long  and  Columbia.   There   it   has   stayed  equipped     with    echo   sounding  all these months seeing little of machines.  The  equipment  semjs  civilization   except fishing fleets  out a sound wave which carries  and   fish   canneries.     The     ship  to the bottom   of the ocean.     It  made   a   couple     of    trips   into echoes back and from the graph  Prince Rupert,  but  the  60  men recorded   on   the   machines,   the  aboard   have   known   little    but depth  can   be  determined.  ship's routine and work. As Mate      From  the readings taken,   the  J. Matheson said, "We are bush-  contour of the floor of the ocean  ed or whatever its equivalent is  can   be   determined   and   drawn  called   aboard   ship.   We'll   sure  on   charts.   This   work   is   called  be glad to get back home." hydrography.    For   charting  the  The work that these men are many bays and inlets along our  doing   is   little   known   although  coast,   the   men   work   from   the  it   has   been   in   existence   since  launches,   returning  to  the  ship  1932. The W.  J. Stewart receiv-  which  is anchored near by.  ed the greatest amount of pub-      The  W.   J.  Stewart  is  named  licity   in   1944     when   she   sank  after one of the first hydrograph-  after grounding on Ripple Rock.  ers'.   He  and   his  contemporaries  For 30 days and  30 nights this  drew up what are known as the  228 foot government ship lay on  old Admiralty charts dating back  ^ .. the ocean's bottom. When it was  from 1850 to around 1870. These  ��iii^ioHxSwhLf/o ^oio   raise<* and towed to Yarrows, it  are still in use today. They lack  Sng-a1rlStTXgeb��ec L^i. had *> be completely refitted.       detail  and  of  course because .of  9 is led into court for his prelimin-  �� Th(l sl��P carne,s no cargo   The  the   absence   of   proper     equip--  ary trial in Quebec Police evidence four decks are taken up with ac-  ment, they lack accuracy. Brmg-  ' " food    storage,  ing marine charts up to  date is  ���Central I'ress Canadian  centre  conferences,   requests  for  ulous.  information for community cen-      Since 1945 countless mines and  ^e.7^ur^^^i^n(i;��other Material. unexplode^b^  ^ieigarding this lusty child* of our earthed.    In    that ��� period'   they  includes   attempted   poisoning,   at-  messes and survey equipment for  the   purpose   behind     the     long  tempted suicide, bribery, and finally the 60 men.  It is a twin screw,   months of loneliness endured by  de^th..of. 23 persons, .to cause, the, triple compression, stearr^jship. It. the men on theW.J._ Stewart,  death of one and[ coliet^nsurance/tiakes  on   300   iohis ��� of coal~~\is a       Oh   the  modern   charts,     they  Guay is charged with the murder time and starts out in the spring  record   wharf  facilities,   fog  sig-  of his wife carrying enough food to last the  rials,   marine   bells,   situation   of   ���: ��� full  season     except     for    fresh   lighthouses   and  everything  else  prisoners -gerous fuse work on the bombs, meats. that  is   helpful   in   sailing  deep  were killed in 1946 The Germans do the digging. The      The pilot house comprises the  sea   vessels.  lathered at a conference arrang-  while clearing "a minefield.  The engineers  don't get    even    six- top   deck.   It   has   radar   equip-  2d by  the Provincial Education  700 Germans now engaged in the  pence extra for the job. ment. Below is the wheel house  uid   Recreation   Branch.    Much task are volunteers who turned      ��it's   an   honor,"   says   quiet- which has two sets of sounding  telpful   instruction     under    top  down  repatriation.  They  get  ��5 voiced   Angus  Buchan    Britain's equipment,     one  for  very   deep  times,    the    community    centre killed only three civilians, but 30  movement.- " Royal Engineers and three Ger  V As recent as last-September 2 mans died. 7.  and 3, a group of "people -inter-      The three  Germans-  ^sted in community centre work  at that time-  eaders  in  the field was  given.   ($15) a week. Some are married deputy bomb disposal chief. "We wa.ers    and    one   for   close  m  ;t was inevitable that discussion? to British girls  jhould arise as to the future of   ' "*     ���������**-���  he,   many    community  centres  hroughout our province.      X7  \. It is   in  this regard that this  ffettelr is  being sent  to you because, as a fellow person inter-  gsted in community centres, we  feel that you will want to share  in any proposals made regarding  further   developments.    Without  blyiiig  you with "a lot of questions which would enable us to  Royal  Engineers   do  the  dan-  Ersatz Sponges  Are Superior io  don't  want  rewards.  which plays the greatest part in  _    .               _rt            ,,         . their  work.  It has an  elaborate  ^Buchan,   a   30-year-old   major, radar  set  which   is             effici.  has lived close to  instant death ent but Hke radios becomes tem.  for seven years. More than 1,000 peramental under certain condi-  bombs have lost their sting un- tions  der his  nimble fingers. Scoffing chart rooms,    officers> lounge  at the danger, he prefers to have and quarters take up most of the  people   believe  the  only  hazard  is   catching   cold   in   the   damp  shafts. Pender Harbor  But   records,  show   ih^aho- q^  ^ ^ jyp  Struck By  Windfall;  LoggerDies  Dame-Nature is being shoved fff ef *rom 1939A ^iPf6^'  iVrancfeacomoarative statement   out of the sponge business. Can-   246 ,of h!f comrades died at their  ��&sr^��?.^j^fe^-.r'js rsr ^^u^p^F^ssrs^ Marys nospiiai' ��< ^���*>��� wh��died  &��� %����%g��$ STE  SS?' m-rde%n|ngrewha^  ^ days of 1940-41.  'ACCIDENTAL death, with no  blame attached,' was the verdict  returned by a coroner's jury  R A. J. TRIPP has been ap- Tuesday, inquiring into the death  pointed to  St Mary's Hospital,    f A    j person '  Sunday morning at the Kat Log-  Victor gers Ltd  pr0perty on Goat Lake.  W first step,y�� might find it -^ claimed Jo  be far-per^ ^^1^��" ^ *��� ^S ^c.i^n tonl^fllS ^tTZ^X^T^t  The    bomb   business   has    its      Dr     Tripp      a     graduate     of a j         fir some 60Q feet up the  funny side too.  Buchan tells   of Queen's       University       Medical m0untainside from lake level  Inroiect-Tte   oroblems"and^Dar-  lulose, similar to the raw mate-  ?n.e^ exasperated    resident   who School, Kingston, Ont., has been The .        added     recommer;da.  ffiv VS&wS ^Su  rial which goes into rayon and ^l^J!1" }�� kle? hiS J��^ S Z*������}*���?}���!? the P&St tion that  employers be respons-  bh easier and more pleasant mat-  to   those   harvested    from     the  Iter to drop us a note, telling us  ocean floor.  Hibout   your   community   centre      Manufactured from wood cel  hticularly,  the  points  where you  tieel you need assistance.  K  "cellophane"   making,    synthetic  rather than have the squad dig 10 years at Invermere.  ible for seeing that woods' workers were properly equipped for  their task. This came as a result  that Person was  working as a logger with a pair  of badly worn caulk boots, although this shortcoming could  not have prevented Person's  death.  Person  and  his  partner,  Martin   Pearson,   were   working   as  _x.cxxv_x.6,     o,..^���  u    hig   arden He  will   also   be     in    priVate  What we hope to  do,  on  the sponges  are more sanitary   will    ^ ��broke  Qur  backg        ^  practise   at   Pender   Harbor,    in  |,basis   of  replies  such   as  yours, withstand greater^wear and are                                laughed Buchan, reach of patients up Jervis and  ^"^l���  As to determine the kind of jobs much more economical than nat-  ^            fhe c^a      |.              <oh   gechelt ^Jets   ag w^ as Texada of   evidence  which    province-wide    organiza- ural  sponges, it *  claimed.                           tulips."'                               and Lasqueti Islands.  >tions such as a B.C. Community This  product of the  chemist's     * y             *  Centres   Association    might    do ingenuity relieves .the housewife M^l:;:.^^  (for the benefit of all  those  in- of much of her daily drudgery.  mmT          -���^  [terested   in   community   centres No longer does she have to grope   11/ A    KAO^PF                 -.  (throughout   this   province.    We at the bottom of the scrub pail    w W  ^7   M.mwy'^m. ^XX>W   ���   ���   ���  seek vour guidance in this mat-  for a waterlogged marine sponge.  .-......- ,..,_. ^ ^ ���*.     -"*   -��� ��         -~ -��   ���  'tlr and would[ wllcome a reply Cellulose sponges float.    Where  OWING to cause not yet .established, we regret the necessity fallers under contract to the Kat  'from you  within  the  next  day formerly   it   was -impossible   to            of again appealing to our readers, contributors and adver- Loggers Ltd. When a fir tree, 3%  ior two- get at dirty corners    with    the  tisers to accept this make-shift issue of The Coast News as feet in diameter, was felled, the  '���'.  As a matter of fact, we will rounded    natural    sponge,    the  one Qf the inevitable setbacks to establishing a newspaper in butt   kicked   over   a   windfallen  go   further    and    say  that   we square cut factory-made product  Qn QreQ where present volume of business and circulation does log, driving the latter at Person  would   appreciate   hearing   from can route out dirt from the re-                    .         f                                           nrintinq plant                    with ^such force that he died 25  vou no later than Tuesday, No- motest spot. One can also clean   nor ��!LjeT wa[r/anr esraDiisnmenr or a prinrmg P'u���;                  minutes later from abdominal m-  vember 1   after which date we and sterilize cellulose sponges by            Th<s weeks news and advertising copy failed to show up juries  can pool together the replies and boiling���an    impossibility    with  on schedule and at this writing is still missing.                                 Witness to the accident was B.  give you the consensus of opin- the natural variety.                                  We were faced with two alternatives, to abandon thought Rittila,   bucker   with  the   team,  ion on what the next steps should Cellulose    sponges    are    alsp  0f a paper this week or to "make do."                                             who was about 25 feet away.  be. finding wide use in hospitals, la-            Feelinq   howeve\ that our readers are entitled to an ex-     Deceased was a native of Swe-  Remember  then,   please  reply boratories,      garages,     bakeries,  nlnnnfirin 7X prided to maintain deliverv of a DODer which   den> and had been here for about  before  Tuesday,    November    l. meat packing plants and trans- P anation we aec.aea to maintain delivery or a paper wnicn,  fiye         rg    Nq     relatives     are  Address   your-reply  to:   Mr  R. portation    companies.    Teachers dlthough conspicuously lacking in Peninsular news and cur- known   in    Canada.     interment  Torrance,     Community     Centre, even use them    as    blackboard rent advertising, will, we hope, be found reasonably interesting, took   place  today   at   Cranberry  Hollyburn, B.C. erasers.                   ....                                 We ask our advertisers7 and contributors' forbearance in cemetery.  Harry Duker, Large scale production of cel- ^iS difficult situation which is beyond our control.  Chairman,  Continuing lulose sponges is expected to get                                                                   j^e Publishers  Committee, under way shortly at    a    new                                                                                   rnnctWau/eN          'an-TAJW  B.C. Community Centres sponge    plant    at    Shawinigan                                                                                   ...........'.         3dlhh^                                            ?  q  , te��=���� ...        VIHO]0IA THE COAST NEWS, Saturday, Oct. 22, 1949  Kitchen Kapers  the like,, leaving a space around thin slice of gherkins. And the ed with witches, ghosts and gob-  each one. The fliers are then crowning glory���her hair! Radi- lins, a few cats, and by that time  lined up and asked to walk ant. locks made with a handful ���who knows?���perhaps the re-  across   the   room,   watching   the of freshly shredded carrot! This  mains of that poor little mouse.  height and place of each  object salad doll would be just as easy  ���  so   they  can  step   over  it  when to make with a salad body and  SEA EXPLORATION  they are blindfolded. When each long   celery   legs     stuffed,   with      Delegates of 13 nations met in ,  aviator   has   completed  this   test cottage or cream cheese, or more  Edinburgh  this  week to  discuss  flight   he   is   sent   into   another salad.                                                       sea   research,   mainly   connected  room. All the objects are quickly Other     characters     could    be  with  the  fisheries  of the  North  removed from the floor and the evolved too. It is  easy to  do  a  Sea  and  adjacent  waters.   They  _,���_,������ .          . ,v        . , ,   -      ���     ._          ...      ...     ,       ��� ,,.       aviators are brought back blind- group  of them  when   you  have  are members of the Internation-  THERE is no jollier night for a   given on this night when goblins   f M^           b        |  Th      are led all the materials  assembled.           al   Council   for   the   Exploration  ��?Jty+uthan   ,Ht Tvf n-  ~           6     and   Wltches   ho.ld   *evc.   to the end of the room and told And of course    at    a juniors'   of  the  Sea which,   for  the  first  whether  the  guests  be  the jun-   sway, an ordinary occasion. Lost t    on Halloween there should  time since its formation in 1902,  lors, their big sisters  and broth-, opportunity,   that!     Rather,     let   .            knocking over any of the be     fresh ���   gingerbread-with   a  is conferring in Scotland.  Coun-  ers   or their gaily-disposed  par-   ingenuity  reign,     let  originality      ��                   J                ^m mtle          le ici      on it        h         tries        reSented are the United  ents! It would be a stilted thing    triumph!     Then   the   party   will   toJavoid  stepping on the things the  occasion    bling    so  festive.   Kingdom,     Belgium,     Denmark,  however,     to     make   the   party   have. that,  charm   of  charms���it  ;"���?���_-.�� _i.W;_, ���, -_._������* a���,   i���   ���>*���   nrX���nffo  ^n���  vi^ WniQn_i   Ti^r.*    w^n^H  By JANE DRURY  MURDOCH'S  MARINE SUPPLY  Compare Our Prices!  Del nor Frozen Foods  Ice Cream  Groceries  "resh  Meats and  Vegetable':  Hardware  Drygoods  Shell Oil  :ish Camp  We now have increased  refrigeration for handling  of perishables.  Pender Harbour, B.C.  ���,1ii - ULa��1JZ.4-     w���^7.    that aren't there is very funny    And   ice   cream   or   orange  jelly  Eire,   Finland,   Greece,    Holland,  will    be    different.    Informality  HALLOWITCHES served    in    hollowed-out orange  Iceland, Norway, Poland, Portu-  Cook one dozen wieners, chill,   shells.  And  orangeade to  drink,   gal, Spain and Sweden.  will be the keynote of the Hal  loween   affair���and   should   give       ^ook one dozen wieners, emu,   ���-   X^-"TX"'V"XX+h  ��Y���   its character even to the refresh- remove   the   skins   and   put   the   Ar\d lollipops to  be  both favors ������ ������ ���  its character even to tne "jresn throueh the food chooner   and sweets. In   addition  to   Great' Britain,  ments   that   are  served.   This   is mea7 tnrougn  tne iooa cnopper. above all keen awav from   traffic move*; nn the left side of  nnt the- mnmPTit for rhirken <_al- Add one-half cupful of chopped   ^x/ina a����ye al. Keep away irom   tranic moves on tne leit siae oi  not the moment tor cnicKen sal ,. *X Xyt      Nora   McQuarrie's   Backyard the road in Sweden, Ireland and  ads,  parfaits  and angel cake.  It stutied   olives   ana   enougn   to    F .. .   .. .. hXH        Tndia  is more properly the occasion for mato ketchup to make the right  Jence, as it is liable to be drap-India.   savoury,   tantalizing   foods,     for consistency   to   spread.     Spread  old-fashioned   spice    cakes    and this   filling    between     slices   of  pumpkin   tarts;   for   bright-hued buttered graham bread,  apples,  and nuts in their shells      Mix some cream  cheese,  pea-  rather  than   neatly  salted. nut butter, cucumber pickle and  However,   before   I   give   you bta�� welL Spread between but-  what is in the recipe pot for this Jf���^! !%S tEidq  week, I must not forget to let  you have the game called "Blind  Flying." The host chooses two  assistants for this game and all  the rest are to be student fliers  learning to fly blind. Place several objects across the floor, such  as a flower pot, a stack of books,  a  CHOCOLATE  POPS  2 cups brown sugar  Vz cup water  2 squares chocolate  2 tablespoons   butter  or  substitute  2 quarts popcorn  Stir the sugar, water and choc-  7   i     r       _X ������_-���   _, ~r_T.   o^_4   olate  over the fire until choco-  stack of magazines, a pan, and  ^ .g ^^ Cook ^ a goft  Bring Your Repair Jobs to Us!  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PLUMBING-HARDWARE  PLUMBING and  HEATING  Hardware, Plumbing Supplies  Heating Necessities  "Serving the Peninsula"  Marshall's  Hardware  Phone Gibson���33  SUNSET HARDWARE  GIBSONS  Registered Plumbers  PLUMBING  Sales   and   Contracting  <��ke ���oast ��fews  ball   forms   when   tried   in   cold  water. Add the butter and blend,  then pour the mixture, over the.  popcorn and stir until every ker-  PERSONAL  nel is coated with chocolate.  HALLOWEEN  FRIVOLITIES  2 egg whites  V�� cup powdered sugar  1 Vz tablespoon lemon juice  % cup  chopped  walnuts  4 tablespoons orange marmalade  16 salted crackers  (small size)  Add the powdered sugar to the  stiffly  beaten  egg whites,  beating   until   the   mixture'   is   very  light.   Mix   in   the   lemon   juice,  walnuts and marmalade. Pile on  the salted crackers and bake in  CLASSIFIED  ADVERTISING  3 Lines (15 words) for 35c 3 Insertions (same ad) 75c  Extra words, above 15-word mm., 2c each. Cash with order.  Notices. Engagements, Marriages, Deaths, etc., 75c Insertion  LITTLE ADS . . .  BIG RESULTS  FOUR    ROOMED,     furnished  waterfront cottage, fully mod-;  Now Is the Time to Order Your  ern, hot and  cold water. Apply  CHRISTMAS   CARDS  21  Beautiful Cards  all for.... 97c  B.C.   Sales   Tax   3% ..... 03c  With or without Scripture verse.  FOR SALE.  Wm. Youngson, Sechelt, B.C  .2659-1$  Please  state.  One dollar, sent Post Paid $1.00.  Satisfaction guaranteed or  money  refunded.  BALLANTYNE  BROS. 7  P.O. Box 58  Vancouver,  B. C.  2661-14  3 SPEED electric outboard motor runs  off car battery: Ideal  for lake fishing. A snap at $40.00  Write   W.   E.   Haskins,   Irvine's  Landing. tfn  FOR SALE:  V-8 MOTOR with new starting!  motor, kitchen table and fouri  chairs, etc. Apply G. T. Kynoch,  Selma Park. Phone Sechelt 67W.  2656-131  a slow oven (325 deg. F.) for 10 ROOM AND  BOARD���  minutes ROOM and board or just    room  HALLOWEEN SUGGESTIONS available in  comfortable priv-   If you  are planning little  in- ate home at Selma Park. Phone PERSONAL  dividual salads   why not a Hal- Sechelt 32 for details.       2543-tfn  SHIP BY Gulf Lines ~ Express t  loween Doll Salad? The skirt is. SUMMER homesites in the cele-  a nicely-shaped lettuce leaf brated and beautiful Jervis In-  spread with a good helping of let area on Vanguard Bay, any  potato or other light colored size you desire from 2 acres up,  salad. For the body use a slice at only $100 per acre. Vanguard  of tomato���for the adults three Bay offers unexcelled boat an-  httle slices of stuffed olives chorage. Cod and* salmon fishing  placed on the tomato for but- with fresh water lake only 1  tons���for the children small nut- block inland. For details write  meats may be used. The head to W. E. Haskins, Pender Har-  is   half  a  hard-cooked  egg,   the  bor_ tfn  features marked on with bits of  or frtom Vancouver. Low rates^l  Fast service. Careful, handling.]]  Specify Giilf Lines Expres.s.    tf_1  THtGCMDNHENTOr  n* wcmnci ot ��m_��_ oouww  LAND ACT  Notice  of Intention to Apply to  pimento,   nutmeats   or  whatever   1934 CHEV. Special sedan, $295 Lease Land J  might   be   handy.   For   legs   use      cash.    Terms:    $125   cash,  $20 m LAND  Recording District  o?  small gherkins but celery really  month for 10  months. Motor in      Vancouver, B.C. and situate a\  makes   the  best   arms   and   legs  lovely shape,  good tires, uphol- B ���     ���    Harl,our  BC '  if you split the small stalks. Real  stery, and body pretty well beat *    l '     '',   *���a���m  -up���but  good  reliable  transpbr-      Take notice that Donald AnguJ  tation.  Phone  Sechelt  32. MacDonald   of  Pender  Harbour'  2525-tfn B.C.,   occupation  fisherman    inf  ��� -  tends to apply for a lease of th  FOR SALE ��� following described lands: ���  HAND crochet bedspread  double      Commencing at a post planted!  bed size   330 individual doilies at the South West corner of Lo!  made up this lovely white spread. 15 pr0ceeding in a northerly dirj  ?��^Sg A��r f��SL��f maTterials' oniy ection along the foreshore of XLoti  $68.00. Apply Mary Jackson, In- 15 and 16 eand continuing 120  ^iar.   T.ocoT.,ro    Qor.i.��__i+     9*��*_._+fr��  7.    ,      ,   1D    , a    continuing    izu  feet  along the foreshore of Lot  fingers   may   be   made   from   a  Skinny men, women  gain 5,10,15 lbs.  Get New Pep, Vim, Vigor  2530-rtfn  what a thriii! Bony limbs nn out; ugly hollows dian   Reserve   Sechelt  till up; neck no longer scrawny; body loses hall- u��ai1    llCBClvc>    ��CU1CH  starved, sickly "bean-pole'   look. Thousands ol ~  1nnT     , __._  _., ~���__ , i  girls, women, men. who never could gain before. FOR   SALE' '  ��� li JJ._Li.   Id92 Plan 5388,   and  COn-  are now proud ol shapely, healthy-looking bodies: ,���     .nrmn-       ���r     ,    ���     ,    ,,    ���        +Qi���;���_r *�������c.u��^_.   *       ��L I  They thank the special vigor-bunding, flesh-buiiding 40  ACRES  m  West  Sechelt for  taining ioreshore, for the purpose1  fr��otv��U!S^ sale   or   trade,     '39   Austin   7  of floats,  net sheds,   approaches)]  StUt^SnrpStbSC coach, Royal Crest white enamel etc -;  Don't tear getting toe lat. Stop when you've gained wnnrl      nnH      nnal      T-ono-c-       e+n/_4_-p  the 5. 10, 15 or 20 lbs. vou need lor normal weight. wooa     ana      COai      range,      StUaiO  r.ncta   1fttl��     "Wpot *'tr0t.   nnnnnlntaH"   ofwa  __itl<i   cAa  Donald Angus MacDonald  SStof^o&?KB^^^ffi'&"^vgfe   lounge, as new. Apply E. Barker, Dated September 10th, 1949.  and added pounds, this very day. At all druggists.     Village   Market,    Sechelt.    2660-13 48-4  The OIL Heater You've Waited For!  We Carry A Complete Line Of  COLEMAN  OIL  HEATERS  Get the oil heater that'has all these money-  saving, fuel-savings, long-life features:  1. Famous Coleman Furnace-Type Heating Unit  2. Low Flame Fuel-Saver  3. Fuel-saving Low draft Burner  4. Exclusive Coleman Draft Meter  5. Heat circulation plus heat radiation at same  time  6. Beautiful styling���long-life,  baked-on finish  in brown duo-tone or pastel ta' .  We have the right size, the right type of heater  for your home!    Come in today.  FAMOUS COLEMAN OIL   HEATERS  MARSHALL'S   HARDWARE  SERVING THE PENINSULA  GIBSONS PHONE 33 BRITANNIA  BEACH  By   SLIM  By PEARL PUNNETT  MR AND Mrs  Kenny Actes are MR DOUGLAS Harding has re-  happy to announce the arrival     turned   to   Vancouver   after   a  of a bouncing baby boy. week's holiday at his home here.  Several people have suffered  mishaps since the last news from  here" Mrs Thompson suffered a  badly cut knee which required  twelve stitches. She is reported  doing  well.  Mrs Jean Anderson and Miss  Dot Carter are still suffering  with seriously  poisoned hands.  Miss Becky Melton was here  last weekend to close up her  cottage for the winter months.  Mr George Searcy is the new  student appointed to the Bowen  United   Church   for the   winter  season.  Mr   and   Mrs   Claude' Pidgeon  Mr   Sawyer   is   still   off   work . .  having two fingers crushed as a m�� Jrom pneumonia. She is re-  resblt of his work in the mill.       Ported to be in g��od condition.  The little Hale boy nearly had Had el^.en of us for turkey  his heel cut off when he caught dlnner Minday. Among the  his foot in the wheel of a bicycle. ��uests   were  Mr  and     Mrs    Ed  Brown and Mrs Lane of Brack-  Mrs Judy Paynter was rushed endale.   We   really   had  a   grand  to  the   townsite  hospital  suffer- day.  On Taking Care  Of Your Cloihes  Recent development of superior chemicals has resulted in the  expansion of dry cleaning in  Canada into a $25,000,000 a year  business. Despite this, few Canadians know how to take proper  care of their apparel.  Seven clothing rules are outlined in an article on dry cleaning appearing in the current issue of a chemical trade journal.  They are:  1. Have your clothes cleaned  often.  2. Keep clothes pressed, for  steam renovates fabrics. Don't  press stained garments; you may  have gone to Vancouver for a  few weeks, the former having to  go into Shaughnessy Hospital for  treatment.  Mr Dan Mcleod is taking a two  week vacation, after a busy summer in the grounds and gardens  on  the Union Estates.  Mrs Billy James is away to  New York for a couple of weeks,  after being in the Union Store all  summer.  It was very>nice to see so many  children coming out of Sunday  school last week. It must be  quite encouraging for the two  teachers, Mrs W. Thomas and  Mrs J. Brand.  THE COAST NEWS, Saturday, Oct. 22, 1949  set the stain.  3. Keep clothes on hangers  when not in use and rotate what  you wear. Clothing regains its  shape  when  "resting."  4. When attempting to remove small spots from your  clothing at home, use only a  recognized non-inflammable  spotting agent, or water; not  gasoline. Avoid rubbing which  breaks cloth fibres and might  take out color.  5. Perfume should not be  used on clothing. Follow directions when using deodorants and  anti-perspirants. Nail polish or  nail polish remover stains should  be taken out by a dry cleaner.  6. Identify known stains with  tags.  7. Have clothes cleaned before storing them. If stored at  home a mothproof bag or box  should be used.  The largest uranium concession in the world is in the Gold-  fields area of northern Saskatchewan.  Wm. MoFadden  Optometrist-  GIBSONS  Office Hours:  9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.  Evenings   by   Appointment  Every  day  except  Thursday  Why  go  to  Vancouver for  Optical  Service?  This advertisement is not published  or displayed by the Liquor Contro\  Board  or by the  Government or  British Columbia.  PURVES E. RITCHIE & SON LTD.  658 Homer St.  Vancouver/ B.C.  Hassan's  The Old Established  General Store at  PENDER HARBOUR  SUPPLYING:  Families,  Fishermen  and Camps  Provisions,  Hardware  Marine  Supplies  Ladies'  and Children's  Wear  Home  Oil  Products  Fish Buyers  Refrigeration  Fresh Supplies Always  at  Hassans' Landing  Midway South Shore  MARINE ��� COMMERCIAL ���- DOMESTIC  REFRIGERATION  Sales and Service  WALK-IN BOXES ���   DEEP FREEZERS  ���   HEATING and OIL FURNACES  GUARANTEED  SECOND  HAND COMMERCIAL  REFRIGERATOR  UNITS  FOR SALE  W.J.NAYL0R  ROBERTS CREEK  Phone Roberts Creek 24K  l ' f  Fast Freight Service  SAILINGS THREE TIMES WEEKLY  NO CHANGE IN SCHEDULE  Load Monday for  Gibsons  Roberts Creek  Davis Bay (Wilson Ck.)  Sechelt  Halfmoon   Bay  Secret Cove  Pender Harbour  Irvines Ldg.  Hassens Wharf  Garden Bay  Load Wednesday for  Gibsons  Roberts Creek  Davis Bay (Wilson Ck.)  Sechelt  Load Thursday for  Gibsons  Roberts Creek  Davis Bay (Wilson Ck.)  Sechelt  Halfmoon Bay  Pender Harbour  Irvines Landing  Hassens Wharf  Garden Bay  Nelson  Island Points  WHEN YOU  BUILD  You Will Find Everything for the Builder  LUMBER  WALLBOARDS  SIDING  BRICKS  PAINTS  AT  Sechelt Building Supplies  PHONE 60 SECHELT  Davidson Marine Freight Limited  ARROW TRANSFER ��� SHED No. 1  Phone Vancouver TA 5041 Sechelt 63 or 31C  ibsons 5  Gibsons Building  Supplies  EVERYTHING FOR THE BUILDER  AT PRICES LOWER THAN YOU CAN BUY FROM THE CITY  J .        \ ** ��V \* _S N.'V  AVAILABLE  THROUGHOUT  THE PENINSULA  Canadian   Legion   Tickets  offering  gift awards worth  $5,000-00  Tickets 50c each  Sponsored by  Canadian   Legion  Branch  140  Sechelt  23 AWARDS TOTALING $5000.00  5 First Prizes of $300 each  5 Second Prizes of $250 each  10 Third Prizes of $150 each  8 Fourth Prizes of $100 each  Prizes in merchandise of your own choosing.  Drawing Date to be Announced  Buy o book of tickets���the more tickets you  have  the more prizes you can win. 4  THE COAST NEWS, Saturday, Oct. 22, 1949  _ 1      ' T."  Our Town...  by JACK SCOTT  BROWNIE  MAGIC  PUT AWAY that backgammon  set, stow your crokinole board,  never mind the mah jong. All I  ask of mine host is that he have  one or more old snapshot albums within easy reach. Give  me a quiet corner  and a black  BATTERIES!  BATTERIES!  Storage,     Radio,     Flashlight  Roller Chain & Sprockets  "V" Belts & Pulleys  HADDOCK'S  ENGINEERING  Pender  Harbour 9 S.  volume of fuzzy old pictures and  you bring the roses to my cheeks.  The people in snapshot albums  are always a grand bunch. I  have never met any yet who  didn't warm the heart. Their  personal lives, their personal  sorrows are not for me. I see  them only as they brace themselves for the click of the shutter, smiling, shoulders thrown  back, utterly charming, slightly  out of focus.  One of my friends has a snapshot album with a picture of a  girl I have learned to love. He  doesn't know this and I have  been understandably reluctant to  bare my secret.  The girl is standing with one  hand lightly on a bannister. Beneath  an  outrageous  cloche  hat  her face is beautiful and proud,  minder  that   the   cherished   and  full-lipped  and  with  a  gaze   as  simple   things   of   life   are   still  frank and open  and compelling much the same,  as any these eyes have met. Honestly,   I   didn't  begin  this  To look at her, as I do each with any idea of getting so grim-  time I am a guest there, is to ly philosophical. What started  smell the magnolias and hear me, in fact, was tidying up the  guitars across water. It is a red basement and coming upon an  canoe on a green river, the moon old collection of snaps,  on the lake. I  sat  down  on  the   basement  As I say, I do not relay these steps and bought a return ticket  babblings to my friend. The pic- on a magic carpet. I found that  ture seems to have been taken I was not merely recalling some  some 40 odd years ago and I of the scenes under the sun de-  have a suspicion that she is his picted there but actually remem-  grandmother. I do not ask be- bering the mood and the frame  cause I would rather not know,    of mind that went with them.  This  mania    for    prying into      *  f��u?d   \  ^fs  remembering  other people's art galleries is a  that  hot   and  silent   bay  where    fairly recent  development indie-  ���e ufd to+,s*lm,n rf.member-    by  co.0peration in  Clarkson. Ont  ative, I suppose, of the fact that  mg'   to��'   mat  om     ,. ing; A group of professional men have.-  retrospect is a snug harbor and seei?.e<? J�� uncomplicated, so banded together to build their own  a. convenient shelter fnom the Pred?ctfbl+e> so altogether con- homes m their spare tune, saving,  torm fined  to the sparkling bay and  they estimate. $50,000.   Here is on��  ���Central Pre��s Canadian  Housing problems are befng solved  Wx  Is that barn of yours too small? Does  it need repairs? Would you be able  to run your farm more profitably if  you had a new one?  Whether it's a barn, house or any  other farm building that needs attention, talk over your problem with the  manager of the nearest branch of  The Bank of Nova Scotia.  He will tell you how you can  borrow money under the terms of  the Farm Improvement Loan Act for  any worthwhile purpose. Remember,  if a loan is sound business for you,  it's sound business for us.  THE BANK OF  NOVA SCOTIA  T. G. Dunn, Manager, Squamish, B.C., Woodfibre, B.C  This seems to me to be an era th% P^cious moment,  when the temper of the people Thlf f thf way it is    in    all  is  restlessness   It may  be  fear, snapshot     albums.     To    retreat  or it may be disillusionment or here   certainly to retreat as far  uncertainty, but it comes out as as I have into a clandestine love  restlessness! Nothing seems clear ?ffair *����* Pr} ��* another day  cut or decisive or altogether de- ls a wlstful fnd of fantasy. But  pendable one  many  of  us  seem  to  need  So, anyway. You fill your lap  th?se  days-   with a big snapshot album  and ����TTATK T>pFcFKTc  turn   the  pages.   Here   is  some- 52rT ioS* n?n  body's fat baby making a sand- T**? 1?5? CAf?      , .��� .      c.     r  castle on a summer beach. Here ?he International Motor Show,  is a camp at Lake Hopalong, so now oPg1 f* Earl+. C��urt' ^'  identified by a scrawl in white don, holds the distinction of be-  ink beneath the snap. PS   thf. *"?*   exhibition   of  the  Here is a group scene of the mternatj��^1 series shovrm& the  deck of a picnic boat, everyone cai of 195��-  smiling self-consciously into the  lens, the happiness stopped and  packaged in that split second  moment. Here is a fat man with  a handkerchief wrapped about  his head and a cigar in his  mouth and wearing a 1922 cotton bathing suit right down to  the knees.  If this carefree and slightly  Unreal world isn't the perfect escape from the uncertainties of  the present, I don't know what  it. These blurred images of the  past have something more than  mere nostalgia value. They bring  strength with them, a gentle re-  of the houses under construction.  Selma Park  Hairdressing Shop  Modern hair  styling. Competent    work.  DOLLY  JONAS  Phone tor Appointments  FINE OLD  NAVY RUM  Choice  Fir  Red Cedar Yellow Cedar  r..:r |N ALL DIMENSIONS  ROUGH PLANED - SHIPLAP  ."���" We deliver anywhere on the Peninsula  BURNS & JACKSON SAWMILL  Phorie "Wilsoni" Creek" 15 M-2  ]   Wilson Creek  1  Bottled 6- Shipped by  ALFRED LAMBeSONL���  LONDON,ENGLAND  This advertisement is not published oi  displayed by the Liquor Control Board of  by the Government of British Columbia.  KEN WOODS and NICK GIBBONS  ���New Owners of  Peninsula  Cabs  Express the  sincere  hope  that they may have the  privilege of serving all the old customers as well as  many new customers of  Peninsula  Cabs  PHONE 66  DAY   OR   NIGHT  '  Sechelt-Jervis Towing Co.  Your Local Complete Marine Towing Service  LOG TOWING ��� YARDING ��� SCOWS ��� DREDGING  PILE DRIVING ��� SALVAGE  Special Facilities for Quick Movement of Cats, Logging Trucks and  General Camp Equipment  PHONE US COLLECT FOR RATES  GlBSONS ��� Mr. Reg Godfrey, Tel. Granthams 'l 0U2  SECHELT ��� Coast News, Phone 32  PENDER HARBOUR���Bill Donley, c/o Hassan's Store, Tel.  6U  NANAIMO���The Nanaimo Towing Co.  Ltd.  Tel., Day 555; Night 1497 or 305  Area Agent���Mr. H. Spalding, Pender Harbour, Tel. 6 S 2


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