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Array "-*?,.  ''Authorized as Second  Class. Mail, Post Office  Department,   Ottawa"  J  Published by The Coast News, Gibsons, B.C.     Vol, 4p 58 Thursday March 1 1951      5c per copy, $2.00 per year by-mail.  tarts  GIBSONS. Wilson Construction Company has been granted  the building contract for the Senior Junior High School. ��� ��.  Work will start immediately.  Following an opening bid of  $288,635. School Board and the  construction firm met to discuss small amendments, resulting in the final contract price  of $273,643.  Local men will be hired if  they  are available.  The School will be open for  occupancy   by   September   1.  David Wilson, manager, will  be in charge. He will reside in  the area until the buildng is  finished.  First men on the job will  arrive  Monday.  The Department of Education has . approved the new '  deal.  Boards Should  Broaden Outlook  SECHELT. Boards of Trade  should broaden their viewpoint and consider their problems in relation to national,  not provincial or municipal  needs.  This was the gist of advice  given to the Board of Trade  b}' Larry Ecroyd, regional  director fc.f the chamber of  commerce, speaking at a luncheon  meeting  of    the    Board,  MBS. DOROTHY MAE STEVENS, .23, lies under  ifeeavy.covers at Michael Reese hospital, Chicago,  iafter she was found��� in a gangway on the South  Side in; below freezing- weather. The' hospital  reported she: was found unconscious and "frozen  hard." <Hfc* temoerature. recorded on a SDecial  laboratory thermometer held  by DR. AARON ,  GEKBER (centre), registered, 64 degrees. Late in  the afternoon her temperature had risen to 77  degrees. Attending the woman are (1; to jr) 3JR.  MARY ANN SILVERMAN,   DR. ELLIOT COLES.  DR. GERBER and  In discussing changes necessary in the plans which  brought the total price within  the previously budgetted fig~  ure,   a   School  Board  spokes-  (Continued  on page 4)  I  Official Stupidity  in 'the handling  'j*  Little Hope for Small  According Tc lames  The Peninsula motor licensing machinery has brpkcn down  and we are going to suffer. What makes it cm en ��iI3icr,is that our  jppolicemen are arresting us because their headquarters made a  mess of a very simple operation.  We are the dupes in a che^s game of pacing the onus a^d  |��it~will cost us money to iron out the fantastic, p^tty stupidity  gof the :R.(3.M.P;' and our motor Vehicle .Branch . tinder direction  of George ������������A. Hood.     i ;   ;  ':; For many years nOwj the Sechelt branch of ...our police 'force:  has issued vehicle license > to residents of the'Peninsula. We be-  lievecl)tliis would happen again this iy.ear ��� - arid'-in' believing what  is.reasonable and based on the law of habit and custom, we went  about' buying ourl.iee.nses from the! same old .stand 'In the same  fashion. ������.'���'������������'   '  ,;T; ���  The R.C.M.P. turned down  all applicants, despite having  forms and the plates on the premises.  , ' ���    :    v  They who came late Or on the deadline.'or just slightly ahead  jjjpf it found themselves without licenses and without the means of  1)'getting a license'-asrequired by law. It takes many days for a  a*,license platevto come.'.from' Victoria or "Vancouver. -;  ; There was no notice from either the Motor Vehicle Branch  or the R.C.M.P. thattliis-interdepartmentiy squabble  L-W'a's going to relDound to jlie detriment of we who live on the  I^Periinmla.   ' p 'p/; '.':;��� :'v ���: ���  |. ���.'���'   There was riot even acard on the do^r of the office advis'ng  } people tliat the habit of issueing "plates had/been- discontinued.  Reasrn behind thi^/ manouyer is none other than that. the  , police detachment ha* found itself in. the position of being nn-;  abletlo police the area wnilet'.ed up doing the v^ork. which shoiik^  be done by a clerk pv veteran or crippled person who could quite    priations and materials,  easily have managed the job. -     * ^President Cummin g outlined  Several compter for  renovation   of  the  to brng^thii'matt^  to makeari issue of having a member of its force "mal^g out:   mem^ ok upon tlie park  licences'.; The result is w^ were deprived of a, legitimate^ arid in  fact,;-our only normal method of aquiririg licenses.,        : ���,<   >  S;ung -witli this stupiditv, the Sechelt Board of Trade  sparked by '^jm-^titaker-.Vwired the Motor Vehicle Branch  superjnteridentu urging 10, days| grace \be granted in oi*cler 'to  allow residentscto get licences from Yietoria.; y :.���.���.  j;    The supernrtendent wired back that his brancli had issued  the--plate?'A^  branch wbud^npw t^ with the officer command  ing RCMF/iu^ifetoria.    P ':'���".��� ,; :';'������ ���rp'^Pp;   : : ���'���'���':" i: ������;���:"'  ��� *���   But thWeislnp-' relief r via the Motor Vehicle Act. It eanntv  .' allow an extension.    ,;, _.X.';.' . ���:-. '      .���;'������* '..',:";   >V ��� .'���.:'  :������'���" This is riot, a critiscisrii pfi cur IreaJ policemen. They ��re  hired by us to. do as they are told by^their superiors, that is what  they are doing!,; arid rightly so, _ ; :    '  Our argument is .with the men  in  Victoria who  hayeu't  the wilHrigneSr to cooperate or the guts t> hand down an .edict. :  This has come to a pretty pass when respee able cit'zens,  ^..   ������ ..   in '������'_:  >.������::':-L'i-^--- ���_������_���'������-;-__.jj   -J.*:^^ *!,,." ���i^r.~ ':.�����. ii,�� ��� i ���,,,.�������� i'  ROBERTS (CREEK Plans for Elphinstone Park improvements and orders to install lights between Beach Avenue aiid  the Community Hall were highlights in ������the. recent Improvement  Association meeting under chairmanship of president Robert  Cumming.  Jack Edlund, chairman of the  committee'charged with investigating the lighting situation,  reported it would be necessary  to have six installed. He was  given -authority, to go ahead  with  the  plan. .  .  C] 1 :rlcs   Ca*-sl.dy,. chairman  X>f  the   wharfcommikee   rie^  ported   on-"a; recent  con versa-.  tion    he    had     Avith'   James  Sinclair.   M,P. .  Roberts  Creek  wbarf,   completed  last-year .is ready  for  . more  repair  and   Mr  Sinclair  promi ed that the work would  be done this year.  The popular MP. held little  hop<a  for  start   cf  the   small  Monday in the Sechelt Inn.  '.'The Board of Trade should  have a voice in vital matters  as well as in local problems",  he said.  National defence, manpower,  taxation and an equitable cut  of thes\e, were skmie of the  factor^ that should interest  a good Board of Trade.  He suggested that our Boards  of Trade could be too localized  in- their  viewpoint.  lie lauded the  Secrielt unit  for it��- rapid expansion. ;. ,      :.  -^- ;���>'il^?^d^^'i>rlme -Miriisterv  St:   Baurerit  with;   ''no   other  body has such an influence on  our  country  today.''  The Montreal man urged the  (continued  on  page 5) !  Car Ferry Outline  Clears Much Doubt  SECHELT. A many point program regarding*.the proposed  car ferry was outlined by Captain Alexander Peabody, president  of'Black Ball Ferries, when he spoke at a public meetmg in the  Legion Hall, Friday.  Bushfield Again  Heads Red Cross  boat harbour as "the, international situation would pror  bnbly' inteiiere   with; appro-  ,��'  as a- PenirisTila project^ ''It isf  hoped io get general support:  from '��� everyone' on  the' Penin-  snla,,? hei^id..  GIBSONS^ Rev. FiVmk  Burhfield was elected president of the local Red Cross  branch during a recent organizational meeting of the unit.  \Mrs H. Breaden was elected  vice president while secretary  treasurer will tie Tom Larson,  Bank of Montreal manager.  Mr Bushfield -was also appointed delegate for the area  djui^rig the ;icomirig annual  meeting of the Red 'Cross to be  held  in  Vancouver.  lOBoxp  XHBSONS A new deal in postybffice hours and services has  been jininguratcd following a resurvey of the situation by the  postal j^snector, -parked by a reqest from James Sinclair, M.P.  aiidtliei "Board of Trade. ���'; .;'".-  ���T-7  The    former     practice     of  closing the public lobby while  incoming  being  c public lobby 'at the* pest  office will be open on week  minding their own\ bus^riess and going the way ���: of the lawful, days daily (exept Wednesday)  suddenly, find themselvesycriiriirials arid at the m6reyf;.of a few from 8.30va-m. to 6 p.mi;, On  bigottedjunyeilding public servants, entrenched deep inrour own    ^Wednesday, the Office will he . q^iy    t^J    general ^deilveiw  W*l- .     VM1?^;      / ^os^ ^��  ^���^1K^ XV:    ^icket  is  cllsed  during  the  T,::TItvis-'a-silly,-.stupid, assinine piece of business and someone     p.m.^to enable the, start to ob-  should be taken to task over it. serve a weekly half holiday.  maili^^ \yp$  sorted has been discontinued  ii?ng  (Contioued on page 5)  1. Passengers fares will "remain the same as now charged  by Sea 73ns lines.  2. Vehicle fares' are still an  unknown quantity but hinted  at approximately $3 single for  , vehicle only.  3. Freight tarrif will approximate $1 per ton from a minimum of "probably $3"-. This  would.take care of the smaller  half '.���<' ton���<, and 800 pound  vehicles.  4.' Five round trips are  .planned daily in the 16 hours  of operation.  '5. First ferry, now in dry-  dock in North. Vancouver can  be in operation by April 15.  It will carry 48 automobiles,  4&0 passengers  and  travel  10,  knots. _:������������������:'���    ������  '.-^ Present... name" of  the  eom-  . pany will be changed to Black  Ball  FeiTies,,  Canada    Ltd.,.  Captain Peabody    announced.  "This   will    tie iit  with    our  present    advertising    for    the  parent company".  . "We hope to get a licencse  to  operate  for  25  years"  he  said.-^  :"We may know by Wednesday if we are going to get the  legisl atures approval," ���. .  . In discussing, the Powell  River link frorif Agamemnon  Bay to, as yet undecided point-  Opposite, the speaker promised  that leg would go into oper-  continued on page 4 The Coast News       Thursday March 1 1951  The Cutoff  THE HALFMOON BAY, or the Welcome Beach cutoff is again  in the news. This time, the Halfmoon Bay Liberal Association, which boasts just about 100 per cent membership under  able M. "Bill" Kolterman, will take the story to the Hon. The  Minister of Public'Works and explain just what the cutoff will  mean to the area. ,  It has long been rumoured - doublessly with a degree of  truth - that the Welcome Beach cutoff was shelved in Victoria  for several, reasons but''mainly because of approach made in some  of the original applications  Individuals, have been prone to light the torch and dash  madly over to our capital and demand the short cut be impli-  mented because... .and here followed some sound and some  very unsound seasons.  The Minister approached by the P.C. Power Commission  refused to "pull their chestnuts out of the fire."  Several individual delegates have interviewed Mr Carson,  one, in the words of L.S. Jackson, "addressed the minister while  under the influence and called some of the minister's relatives  everything but gentlemen."  It takes little brains to understand why there has been animosity towards the cutoff. Mr Carson, being the type he is, will  not be bullied into promoting for some group or person. And  very rightly so.  There is a rumour around the capital that the department  of public works realizes the cutoff is the normal and, proper  route. There is rumour if the approach is made in a business like  fashion, pointing but the advantages to travellers and to the communities which dot the road to Pender Harbour, the minister  will undoubtedly give favourable consideration to the,proposal.  The Halfmoon Bay Liberals will approach" Mr Carson-with  costs and outline of the work to be done. The delegation has been  assured of B.M. Maclntyre's.assistance in the.matter.  And so it seems, with proper, gentlemanly approach ���'��� and  with the firm intention of getting to the bottom of the trouble,  the delegation has^every-: reason to-believe that successs can  crown its efforts in this, very worthy attempt. ...;.,.      .  Readers Right  EDITOR THE NEWS.  SIR. Several people have  asked me why I have not commented on the roads * lately.  I hope you will allow iA�� to  answer them all through your  paper.  I believe firmly, that I have  been laboring under a mis -  apprehension. I have been  guilty of ignorance. Being only  human, I have hated to admit  it. -������.-���..������������;.  It all started when I read your  "Scoop" and 1 do not use the  word lightly - in which you  revealed, for the first . time,.;  straight from the Post-master,  why box holders cannot get  to their boxes during "off"  hours. Our genial Post-master  explained it so beautifully  too! "An architectural deficiency" - Gee!.  Anyway I was. thumbing  through the dictionary looking  up "Architectural" and "deficiency" - when I chanced  to come on the word "Road".  "Road. A way from one place  to another". Hum! loosely, it  does  fit.   I   certainly  do .get  from one place to another when  t travel locally - and in severalx  different wjays,  not  only forward,     but up, i down,  backr  wards, side-ways, plus    a few  off-angle directions;, to boot!  But wait! there's still another  definition! ''Road 2. A place  where ships- may ride at  anchor". Here. I blush with  shame. Just last week I was  complafning, I . said, "(this  year we .will have paid $60  plus the tax on gasoline for  the dubious pleasure of using  these roads, and now it has  C( me to' the point where one  ���must don one's hip boots and  'reconnoitre before even attempting to get the car from  our property to the road". Fie  on me !.It was this way.  Last spring someone constructed a culvert to provide drainage for the Pratt Road, they  terminated it right at the back  of our place. It was constructed  cleverly, soon a river, formed  a river that flowed right into  little   private' road   then  our  employing our "ruts",it roared  s torrentially down and into our  pasture. Result, a private lake.  (We toyed with, but discarded,  3  SEE US FOR- -'AtiS YOUR LUMBER NEEDS  Phone 15 M2  WilsbnPreek  the idea of privately stocking  it.) Our horse complained ancl.  so? did'^ but that Was before  I understood! We have a boat  over there in open shed, and  the whole thing became clear  when that boat floated. Definition No: 2 must apply to our  local pijpduct, after all, this  is a sea - faring community.  My thoughts really became a  certainty as I looked put front  and saw and heard the, mighty  Gower Point Rpad roar ma_  jestcally by my door!   ��� ���;'������-���  A constructional deficiency ?  Not a bit. I don't, think that  hole my car fell in last week  was a pot-hole! No it was a  '' Constructional    Excavation''  one of many made in preparation for the future" when stately steamers', glide to our door.  They'll  njoed  d^ep  water ;iri5  which     fp  "anchor!;;   Mighty >  Deep h Yes Sirh   - .;'.': ������'.��� 'ypyP  Yours numbly,. \   ;- i   /  Charlotte  Vaniiafta.  BE T W Pf N  '::���   By      ".  Bil.li SUTHERLAND  Editor. The Coast News  A LITTLE BLACK spaniel  popch, ownned by the J,  Caldwell family at Sechelt is  getting to be quite a .commuter.  .'���,.-.  Seemingly,, the little fellow  wandered clown to the wharf  one fine day and gave the  Gulf Wing a '<thorough inspect-  Flowers for All Occasions  PHONE: GIBSONS 76W  Mrs E. Nestman  IMMEDIATE SERVICE  if  fi  ion.   While  making  a   job   of \  looking       in.to     the    various   '  crannies, Ihe Wing pulled out  h��arted  about  their  lost  dog, ^  The    Caldwells   were    broken  '  and. with it; went the little dog.  while the pup was taken in tow  by a lady fr/mi Alberta.  The do��� finally, wound up; in  the rr^irie rtrovince. This is  whei;e the: switch comes in and  ^oulct be-'hoarVd. man tracks  rlo<T. Becansp that.is-.what..Jim  Qairlwelfdid^Hefoitnr! put the  pooch had been on the W iug  and finally managed to find  someone who knew the lady  -who had the clog. The' result  , was, the dog is now on his way  home.  The following1 is/, a memo-  ...ra'nda that I happened, to, nick-  up while browsing around- in  the Union Estates office jin  Sechelti. I ;fbought ;itr" quite;^  funny and I'm-sure that most  of us who know of the Union  Estates and the parent com-  nany will get a chuckle out of  it."  We toardly believe it was  sent out on the direct orders  of Gerry McBean.  NOTICE  TO  ALL   EMPLOYEES  re  -  Union   Steamships  jLtd.   Pro-  (Continued . on page 6)  Sechelt-Jervis Towing Company  Your Local Complete Marine TOWING SERVICE  AGENTS:���  Pender Harbour:  Bill Donley���Phone:  Sechelt  11S2  Gibsons. Beg... Godfrey���Phone: Granthams 56  Nanaimo: Phone 555���Night: 1497 or 305 ,  Vancouver:  Fftone. PAeific 455,8;  Night: KErr.  6352.  Phone Us Collect for Quotations  tt  Tractor Transport .No. 1" ��� especially equipped for  hauling oats, trucks and logging equipment by sea  Log Towing Scow Towing , Pile Driving-  Dyedgui^ Wharf and Float Construction  Breakwater Construction Marine Salvage  Salvage Pumps  LEGAL  SERVICE  EARL DAWE, R.A., L.L.B.  BARRISTER     SOLICITOR  NOTARY PUBLIC  Wilson Creek  Phone....,...5J Wnnu McFaddeii  j ���Optometrist  I   rPyp:,$iB8gK$-:~y i'ii  1        Phone Gibsons'91  j|: Office;   Hours '-.,..,  j :    9:00   a.mV to 5:00;p.m.  jj| Evenings by Appointment.  H  Every day except Thurs.  �� Why go to Vancouver for".  1 Optical Service?.'���'...'���  ^ms^m^mmmmm^mw^f't4  ���  '  ��� ''".        - .A  hassan,s;:  Pender Harbour,  B.C.  The Old-Established  General Store  SUPPLYING FAMILIES,  FISHERMEN AND  CAMPS  Latest in Novelties and  '���:P       Toys      '  '.'  r3h buyers  home gas Station  Mechanical Refrigeration  Fresh Deliveries on Hand  .;.:,;';;���.'//'.|;Always .   .'.-.'...  Py /Steer For ���������?:  HASSAN'S LANDING  Midway South Shore   >  ANNUAL MEETING  Elphinstone Branch  t \ ^ctoriatir'Qtfdfe of Nurses   ���  }} p.m. at Sechelt Iim.  ELECTION of OFFICERS  This and That  By  E.   NESTMAN'"  CALIFORNIA, hear I come  Mr and Mrs Percy 'Leach,,' Mr  andMrs- Dave. .Don-alson,   and  Mr and Mrs Bert''Cole', lucky  . people, away, to Santa Barbara'  for two. or, three weeks. Home '  from the hospital, Joe Fitchett,  Mrs   Henry   King   and   Ernie,  Sergeant,  all  on  the "getting  / better'' list  Noticed  around  the  village,  -{ Miss   Iola   King,   AI- Swallow,  <;'���-.and.   so   many   strangers,   it's  '.difficult to keep up with them  ; all.  The, surveyors are making  .Ernie, Drews store their head-  . quarters while they are here.  The new laundry that plans  on starting here, so far have no  permanant spot," but are looking for  one.  Over from the Islands, Doris  Skellett and baby.  They tell me Johnny -Bunyan  is getting a box of cigars ready  any day now. The Stanley  Trumans hurrying to get that  new house ready, they are  isetttng a li^tlfe; corner aside  too, we'd like to wish them lots  of luck.  ; :>;Our VON Nurse; reports the  area-in good health generally,  we have a small epidemic of  Scolds, but there seems to be  little serious5 illness's- around,  for which we are truly thankful. .-���...  Ball Lines, speak at Sechelt.  The hall was packed to standing room. Quite a few rumours  were definitely buried and  many '��� questions from the  audience were answered by the  Captain." It was a very interested group of people from all  sections of this- area.  I hear the. School Dentist has  gone to Vancouver "and may be  back after Easter. This is very  disappointing, as there \yere so  many waiting for his services.  Orchids to the B.C. Powe:-  Commission, they finally lit up  the village again, just when we  were getting used to the dark  streets but, they'teUme there's  a war. on, and supplies are  scarce again.  VON' annual meeting ��� to be  held March 8, at Sechelt Inn,  election of officers ,and budget for the year to be discussed,  all who are interested are invited to be present. The  Elphinstone Co - op Society  plan on holding their annual  meeting on March 22 in.United  Church Hall. Financial report  and election of two directors  on the agenda for that evening. All members are urged to  attend.  Mr. Sowden on post office  hill, informs me, the Mrs is  visiting in Seattle, and he is  batching once more.     ;  Mr J. Parkinson; of Granthams was taken, to Vancouver  Hospital last week, we hope he  has a speedy recovery^  Thursday March 1 1951      The Coast News  ;^;A;.w'dri#er^^  Captain PeaftoaJ^of th^Blaclr  ''^Py^PP^M^PP?P:^  EASTER MEA^S  Book your requirements now,  the price is due to rise. Your,  ordering now will assure you  of getting those hard to get  feuppUeSv ait today's prices...  Phone your orders arid they  will be held for you at \P.  Phone  62.i..,. i.; P.,. .'���"'" .PP.  BERT'S MEAT MARKET  gga^?r5Sf^^^g=SS^T;^  CCAL   :  Ofder Your Winter's Supply  ����� All Types and Sizes��� New Low Prices ���  R. M. INGLIS  Phone Gibsons 50  WILSON CREEK. This Community's Community club\tvas  the recipient of a very pleasant windfall in the form of.  an acre lot deeded to the club  by Ronald Whitaker as a site  for the pending hall,  The Club has already started  clearing the gladly accepted  offer of land overlooking; the .  water .and. will be, in the words  of the Club's public .relations  officer, 'a very defenite asset".  Part of the lot will be used  as a play ground.  During   a   recent    monthly -  meeting  the  unit  learned "it  was   now   incorporated   under  the societies act.  Sarah9s Here!  m#^  i*  x-  ...     ,^    . . .     -.���:. >^ And he rates a-^ :.  distinguished welcome in any gathering .. . for Captain  �� -$forgan.is Cariada'slargest selling rum.poId.Label is,-;v' -  rich a.nd'full-b'pd.i'ed.. . . Black Label isi extra smooth  and flavourful. 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APPLY  0  I  I  I?  eelc's  Clothes  SECHELT  Eight-year-old MICHAEL KELLEY, of Cranston,  ''Rhode Island, immersed in icy-water, watches a  | human chain of four, above, attempt to rescue  :���������. him after he fell through the ice while skating  recently.      BENJAMIN     LOMBARDO,     below.  pushes a ladder within Michael's1 reach, complete  J  ing therrescue in 20-minutes.. )  SECHELT THEATRE  Audie Murphy  Wanda Hendrix  Burl'Ives  in. technicolor's  u  V  Thursday March 1.8 p.m. Saturday March 3.7 and 9 p.m.  The thrilling story of a submarine and its crew of daring  men  MORE ABOUT SCHOOL  (Continued from page 1)  man announced thai, one of- the  changes i was^ f or; the; be.ter:  "A change wax made in the  level of':'���'���:'��� the .furnace room  , which moans it; and the school  will now be- on the same level.  This; $%&: j^wayr:with: a s<w^j  pnmp which had bejeii. .pi'e.-:  previously needed".  Mr .Wilson  Assured; " unle -s1  something ���unforeseen happens,  the  school   will   be   ready  by  September    1,"    thje    board  member said; v:  Reclassificatipiil For  Local Roads is  -?���:  ��� SECHELT. L:S. :Jacksdn%eld out hopjeajxl ' bptimiM^to tho  people, ��f the Sechelt Peninsula in regard to road r when fee-'r%-  ported. tv-iOr mee.^n*. p�� th^Bo-a^of^a^  Victoria^. ���-.'���������������' .'���/ "'\'  ������ ������_.-���.   ��������� ;;:-. ������.-:���'��� _v; y yy-py-  '< rv*\  MORE ^BOlJTdAR PERRY  The heat is Q&/^$,.Y$J^��f>v;  ias^-ar a^,th^,JJo^||g^a:r^  is concerned,'' he said.  '' E \i-  imaies will be approved clurihg  the  first  of April. It  shr uld .  then be possible���^0&$os$xv.to ,  concrete work on the buidiug  of the highway". '"'  Friday March 2. .7 and 9  Two Big Thrillers   :  "BIG TIMBER"  "SIDESHOW"  Monday March 5.7 and 9 ...... _  '7;r~*?~Wc���<;'"���;'V-77-  %    Hon.   E.C.   Carson,  minister  ^Conthiuedfrom pnge-,,,1)      J of  public   works,   had   hinted  May was the earliest possible  date for start of construction.  Mr  Jacksjm ^sijgge>^:;;,m.ijc|i,.,  could be done ������ by this date if-  the problem* weFe^'approa^hed-^  different! v.  a,tioh '' mixhediaiely the road is  ready:" . /'.'_. % ,.:-.   '',,-,..���'.>'.  A distance of 10, miles sep-  the proposed ferry cnd'ng.  crates-the. present   road 'and  ''Batchelor' Cove seems. to  be the logical' end for. the  Gibsons - Mainland end." he  said;       ..'"���"��� !  The meeting endorsed the  move to have both passenger  and vehicle., franchise granted  to one company.  "Mr Carson assured me Xhat-  fli\\-hing   protri?;!m'  implemented : this.  Jackson. .report*  Attention!! Loggers  \ Donkey  1950 Mercury  ...Jtho   double  would    be: ��� h  summer,." Mi  ed. '. .;, '���-..'..':������",,.   .  ',' I was fa try ��������� jsucc^'ssf ul in  urging the immediate star on  this work as so n a^ the  weather permitted. We, do not  want another mess like last  year." he said.  "Mr   Carson promised prior-  fity to the double flushing,"  Al<vxand.er   r^eabody,   presi-  ! dent   of  Black    Ball    Ferries .  fand speaker at a public meet-..  ving, said. "I have assurance  from Mr Carson that the main  road on the Peninsula will be  ^reclassified to that of pri-  mary'V ���:'.:PPyP.    .' ������*.".  LICENSE PROpT j  SECHELT. Following is la  wire sent to the Motor Vehicle  Branch by the Board of Trade  executive requesting extension  on the time limit for the buying of car licenses. f   .''Notice-was notgiven locally that licenses would not be  issued/' k%iri��." Ittucli Ihcdn^ifen-  ience caused, niany people  finable vtosecure licenses he-  .. fore deadline. .Could your department grant a 10 day ex-  tehtibh to t ft e": Peninsula Jtp  enable licenses being ^bought  at Vancouver nr Victoria*''  The: answer; which left tjhe  matter rstill up in the air,  follows.Alt ; was addressed |to  the Board and sighed by the  superintendent of the motor  vehicle   branch, .:  ,,;.              %  Reference your telegram xore;  supply of motdr, vehicle licenses. These were forwarded -to  R.C-MvP. f<)r ;^sshaiioej.;as -In  previous years. Regret1110 pip-  vision in Motor Vehicle Act for  extension as requested. Am  taking matter up with officer  commanding R.C.M.P.' in  Victoria. - ? -  PHONE SECHELT 54W  ���" ��� ��� , ���   ,���-��� ,                 1        "         ���  No Need To Shop Blind  For BuiSding Materials  Ow Large St^    |  Gl b S0n7s Bui 1 d rhg Siippii^s  1  ������\':t''P'"'':iyi  Phone 53  -        ,        the lumber number.  - ���-��� "���      ��� ������������ :^^^m-4h^y^.^.^p^ NOTICE v  Dumping of garbage or waste material off Municipal  floats or docks, or on Municipal roads, lanes or public  places is contrary to Provincial regulation. Anyone found  committing such act will he prosecuted.  BY ORDER  BOARD OF COMMISSIONERS  I  Education  >  m  This year from March 4 to March 10 has been designated  as Education week. The aim of Education Week, is to  stimulate public interest in education. In view of this,  we would like you to visit us at. the Sechelt Residential  School betweenSlHf or '7p 8 'pMii on Friday March 9 come  .and look the school over,.. .ask any questions you like!  Night to be held in our school hall.  ? We have aquired the equipment with which to clean  rugs and chesterfields.  Make Them Like New  Harmless  You can use it on any type of cloth.  Odorless  This soap foam leaves no unpleasant odor.  We clean your upholstery in your own home.  ;This: amazing service is easy and fast to apply  tfiereipre the cost is very low.  Phone us for a free, no obligation test. We  are here to oblige you and to rejuvenate  that old chesterfield or rug.  It  Today is the time to nhone for this  wonderful service.  R. STROSHE8N  Phone Wilson Greek 83C  J  You Saw iffin The Coast News  Thursday March 1 1951       The Coast N<*ws  5  .4  SECHELT. Tentative plans  liave^ been laid for some time  ���inVth'e ne\ar future ;to 'hold  " the social event of the year''  according to word , from the  publicity committee of the Volunteer Fire Brigade.  Sponsored by "the: Board of  Trade, the unit will -promote  and sponsor what is slated to  be the "biggest dance and  social evening in the historv  of the area."  ���'.-."  MORE ABOUT POST OFFICE  (Continued ���from page  1)  sortation of incoming mail.  In. a letter to James Sinclair,  outlining- .the  new ���procedure,  W.E.    McLean    district    post  office, inspector,   pointed   out,  the financial' wicket  shall  be  -1 left! Open " at "air ,'f im'es,   thus  patrons eaiiebndiict financial  "  business and also obtain access  to their lock boxes at any time  during   the    hours.  the    post  office  is  open  to  the  public.  The    only    restriction,    the  letter continued,  is  that mail  will not be handed out to the  Delivery wicket while the incoming mail  is  being  sorted.  This is an established practice  ?*��������� at >-;m��tet ��� postr* offices. !'  . It is aiso proposed to open  the  post  office  lobby  in   the  evenings to enable box holders  f- to. obtain mail from their lock  j \h'Q*<fe; after the post office is  \-Closed. "At   the  moment*   Mr  -./^^Ite^n^eontiniied.^this is not  'possible due to the fact that  the wickets  are .not properly  secured  to  prevent  entry  by  unauthorized  persons  to  the  .working quarters. , of the post  office.   This   deficiency   is   receiving attention , and sas., soon  as^propter^af;egTaa1cp[��. ai*e  installed,  arrangement^. will  be  complete   to   open   the   post  office lobby for several hours  each week day evening.  The letter ends, "with the  institution of these! corrective  measures, there should be no  further causes for complaint."  CANADIAN TULIPS in a Montreal store recalled her home in.  Amsterdam for Avyola Viruly, pretty stewardess for K.L.M. Royal I  Dutch Airlines on her first run to Montreal ��� with her father, .'  Capt. Adrian Viruly, chief pilot of K.L.M., as captain of the aircraft.  WHEN DID YOU LAST THINK ABOUT A LOAN FOR FARM.  IMPROVEMENT?  During the past few years thousands of farmers across Canada  have made good use of Farm Improvement  Loan;. They hav-e-  increased both the value of their farms and their own incomes.  Probably there have been times when you thought about applying for such a loan yourself. But when did you lasst check up  oni'jthe idea;'? Condi;ions and your prospects may have changed  :   since then. The majority of farm Improvement L ans have been  made to help farmers buy machinery of one kind or another.  S Bui there, are many other good purposes for a loan, such as the  { improvement of farmhouses and outbuildings, or the installation  ���   of electricity, drainage and water systems. .Again, these loans  rt can cover the purchas of livestock and the planting of fruit trees.  The cost of a Farm Improvement Loan is reasonable too - 5 per  '(. cent a year - and it is repayable in instalments especially snited  tovthe seast nal nature of your income' as a' farmer: Wh^ not thihlr  '���������. the idea over again, now % Then if yon feel there is somehing in  ; the F1L plan for you, drop into the Gibsons or Sechelt branch of  C the Bank of Montreal, and have a   word with Tom Larson,'Sie'  ;, manager. You'll find him very helpful. ,  ������ .   ���   " ���'.' ���?���.    ��� -��� - ������;-���-    ���������    v     ;- '* ���.    >.;.��� advt. .P .  The Coast News  MORE ABOUT B.  of T.  (continued from page 1)  Boards to -take., progressive'  leadership in the . community.  Ken Whitaker, chairman of  the meeting was called away  and his place was taken by  L.S. Jackson who thanked the  speaker.  FOR NEWS ANI} VIEWS  READ THE COAST NEWS  WHERE THE CLASSIFIED  ADS CAN ACTUALLY PUT  MONEY IN YOUR POCKET  ADVEOTIJING  3  Lines  (15  words)  for 36c   ' 3  Insertions  (same  ad)  75c  Extra   words,  above   15-word   min.   2c   each   ���   Cash   with  order  Notices.    Engagements,   Marriages,   Deaths,   etc..    75c   insertion  LITTLE ADS ... BIG RESULTS  NEW  SERVICE  * BEN BACKSTAY  i'wTtWtt-fg*!  Ben Backstay was a boatswain,  A very jolly boy,   ;   , .-���  No lad than he more merrily  Could ^pipe all hands ahoy.  For over a century Lamb's Navy has  been the call of those,who know  ',. good, rum.  Smooth and mellow, it is  '  matured,  blended  and   bottled in  ' Britain of the finest Demerara Rums.  Lamb's Navy Eum  This advertisement is not published ov  displavcd bv the Liquor Control Board ot  by the Government of British Columbia.  An old sea ilunty '  FIFE THREADING, glass  eut:ing, j-easonable rates ef  f idem workmanship." Union  Store Sechelt  Phone .18.   . .tfn  MARSHALLS Plumbing and  heating. Supplies and Service.  Marshall's  Plumbina:  Phone 104..cr, .33v " tfn  LISTINGS WANTED.  JOHN COLERIDGE Agencies  real estate licenced and bonded agents (Connection with  H.A. Roberts Ltd.) Listings  required, attractive to retired  couples. Contact our office or  Coast News Office..  WHAT IS SACA - PELO?  Saca - Pelo is the inost remarkable scientific discovery  of the age, which will permanently kill the roots of all  superfluous hair. Saca - pelo.  contains no drug or chemical,  and can be applied easily in  the privacy of your own home  or in  LOR-BEER LABORATORIES  679  Granville, *SC Vancouver,  WANTED  FIR PILING  For: Specifications and Prices  stating:" quantities available  and deliveries.  CANADIAN CREOSOTINC Co  LTD. P.O. Drawer 158, North  Vancouver. Telephone North  1421  REAL ESTATE listings wanted.  ..Gibsons  ..to  ..Pender  Harbour. H.B. Gordon Box 11  Sechelt Phone Sechelt 31Q.  .  . Tfn  FOR SALE:  FOR SALE 2% year heifer and  bull,  grain  fed. E.J.  Myers  Kleindale. 58  Auii.DliJb.lMER piano, cottage style. 1 fruit and vegetable^ juicer. 1 complete bed-"  ro'oni suite with box spring  mattress. 1 white enamel  Gurnev ranee and t lev  ;;irt:icl.:\s of 'furniture and.  clothhiff. Write or call from  MONDAY TO THURSDAY  ONLY. Mrs A.S. Murphy,  Si'lroa  Park.  59  ROLL AWAY COT $10.50  Ceiling Drier $1 23 Both as  New. Miss Sanibrock Sechelt  Road.  APPLES 75�� lo $1.50 per  b x cooking and eating Kings  Mrs F. Borgenstrom 60  SPEED BOAT.   Contact  G.  Hunter  Granthams  63.  MIRCO^I .battery radio like  new;  ^^.GO1   also  one    small  battery radio $12.80.  Mrs  Borgenstrom 60  BALED local mixed hay, $34  per ton f.o.b. Gibsons. Union  Steamships,  Sechelt    22 221tf  WE   HAVE    bushwood    and  coal. Union Steamships.  Phone 22. The Coast New*  "1  1  i::.t  ���     -    P  Thursday March 11951  SECHELT  Bv ARIES.-  ampsj  ews  m  i  JLtf/ra/ Clearing  Policy in B. G.  leans Greater  Food Production  This is the subject .  of an important address  to be broadcast by  mi  M. R. Bowman  MINISTER  OF AGRICULTURE  B.C. GOVERNMENT  CBR  10:15 p.m.  PENDER' HARBOUR,   The  weather   is   nicer   and   events,  like   the   bulbs,   are   popping  out   in   fine   style.   The   Community  Club dance on the 16  was  an   enjoyable   affair,   and  plans   are   under   way tt'or   a  , repeat  performance  on   Ma-rch  16  so   sons and   daughters  of  Erin,   take   note.  March 17, in the afternoon,  ' also at-Pendeira Hall, will'be  a bazzaar by the Social Committee of the Community Club.  April will have hs full quota  of which more later. P.T.A.,  all  have  "doings" planned.  I  hear  that  Bert     Goldrup  has aquired a car, and Frank  Lee. is the proud owner of a  1951 model. I also had a twinge  of enyy, admiring.Mrs Norman  Kleins new car, wonder where  my fairy-godmother is hiding.  Fred   Crosby   is   doing  fine  with  his   new   home,   and   I  notice a building going up on  the Archie Walker place, lots  a lot of energy is beng expended  on  the  Len  Larsen  place,  and the  "Cecil  Reid"  place  is rapidly being cleared.  I hope to give the harbour  better coverage next time. 1}  but no positive verifications.  And   sometimes   getting  news  Men of the Princess Patricia's'Canadian Light        Han representative to the U.N. group in Korea,  ���^rSP^E ^v^S" at attem^on.after.^presentation        (standing front centre). The presentation tooM  S>1 th��~U.N, flag toy JAMES FLEVISELL, Ausfra-       place at tht P.P.CLJ. training ctatre in K<i  y=U  ROYAL NAVY  PEMERARA    RUM  This advertisement is not published or displayed  >y the Liquor Control Board or by the Government bf British Columbia.  WE LEAD  THE HARBOUR WITH  Dry Goods  ��� China  New, Fresh.Supplies  A Complete Stock  of Kitchen and  Home Essentials  MUR DOCK'S  MARINE  SUPPLY  P. Pender Harbour, B^C.  is like pulling teeth.  BETWEEN YOU'N ME  ��� ;> (Continue  of Employees^  It has been recently brought  to the attention of this office  that many employees have been  dying while on duty for apparently no -good reason at  all. Furthermore , the same  employees are refusing to < fall  over after thev are dead;  THIS PRACTISE MUST STOP  On or7 afler >Apri�� f 1951,  any employee found fitting up  after he or ��� she Has died will  be dropped from the payroll  at once, without an investigation under Regulation No.-  29, Section 81.  Where it can be proved that  the employee is being held up;  by a counter, desk, typewriter'  or any other support which is  the property of the company,  a 90 day day period of.Grace  will be granted. The following  procedure will be strictly adhered to;  If, after several hours, it "is  noticed that an employee has  hot moved or changed position,  the department head will investigate. Because of the  highly sensitive nature of our  employees and the close resemblance between death and  their natural working attitude,  the investigation will be made  quietly, so as to prevent the  waking of the employee if he  is asleep. If some doubt exists  as  to  his  true "��� condition,  ex  tending a, pay cheque is a fine  test. If the employee does not  reach for it, it may', be rason-  ably assumed that he is dead.  (NOTE; In some cases the instinct to put out the hand for  the pay cheque is so strongly  developed, however, that a  spasmodic clutching reflex i  ftetion may occur. Don't let  this foolyou.)  West Sechelt  BY MARGARET ALLAN  SECHELT WEST. Sorry to:. ��� England  hear  about   Steve   McDonald     ��� ���  being  sick in  the hospital,  I  understand   he  is  coming to  live at his dad's place: to recuperate,^ he .eouldni -t find  a  healthier spot.     Vv  from the old country.  Mts George Gowland re~  cieved the sad news of her  mother's passing  in Durham  Don't a grouch or debunker  be.  Even if you dislike my poet-  :,eree'',.;vv\.;vv-;.,-..-:^- ��� ������   ��� ..^ .,.<..;....^-  If from a Bug you get an 'ism;  provided for the purpose. Fif  teen copies will be made,'three  (3) copies to be sent to Head  Office, and two (2) to the deceased: The others . will be  promptly lost in the Gonlpahy  Files."   '������;��� '"-.::���  friends of the Emersons who  bought the Hutton place.   P.'.  It will soon be time for the  summer people, Mrs E.B. Glegg  has been up, Mr and Mrs Andy  Cairns .are coming earlier this  year'., They have just^ returned-  .'��� '������������y-  :(:���:>-  Thou need not; be my Valen-  'ijne'^.,.':;: ,     .!'.' ,.        '-.' ,';:;  ���..'-'������ "'"���'��� ������������������������ ^ ��������� '*������������ '���������'������ ������ ��� ������������-"������ ���''  IT IS ESTIMATED that 60.  million "comic books/' are  "published  each  month  in  the  United States. ������������.-���:*������ -���������/��:  ��� ...������'.-   ".. ��� ..... .t.   -        ���*>  -��� ���        ���'��� - ��� '���..''���.    ������ .   <  '��� :uwr:fini  ^���������ia-^f  fc  *:'$s��- SsSaiA  NINE  8-17  TRADE Y(|UR OB FOR A NEW  FRl  REFRIGERATCR  BEiim  WASHER  \l. d i.  RADIO  Thousands positively amazed to get  leo mti?h vigor, tafclng Ostrex. For  low vitality due just to poor blood,  Jow in iron, that ieeps so many run-  Jdowri,fagged-out, nervous. Intro-  Ifluctbry or "get-acquainted" size  \tmlv 60s*. 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P.....'./'.'. .Sunday" School  St.  Hilda's Church ���:'.    Sechelt  1.45 p.m. :���!..........   Evensong  1.45 p.m. ................................ Sunday School  St. Aldan's Church  .......'........'.......  Roberts Creek  11.00 a.m.  ..............................   Sunday .School  3.15 p.m.   ................. -..............:.....   Evensong  saansn  Thursday March 1 1951      The Coast News  We are specialists .in everything electrical.  Radio Repairs  I      House Wiring  Appliance Corrections  Sales and Service  We repair oil stoves and furnaces  SPECIAL  1 Large Coleman Oil Heater,  plightly used A Bargain... .$90  * . 4 ���  We have a complete range of radios on sale. Also lamps  to please the most fastidious,  AGENTS FOR FAIRBANKS MORSE  CtBNERAL ELECTRIC  ^ - Northern electric  ; - airflow oil bothers .  We have a mechanic oh dutyXoinstall or repair anything  *9 $%rP*1 ��*elec^cal field.:OurTaforlfcis guaranteed and  backed; by the Gibsons Electric name for dependability.  WE BACK OUR SALES WJTH SERVICE  AND  ^MAINTENANCE.-  'P. ...-'"'���������. Phone 45;'./-''  SECHELT  BY ARIES  .SECHELT. A very interest-.  . ing visitor to Sechelt, staying  with   Mr   and   Mrs   Youngson  was   David   Austin   who   is   a  brother    ijl    law     of     Mrs  Youngson'. Mr .Austin is chief  engineer  on . S.S.  Bangor Bay  and lias just returned from a  tiup. to the South China seas,  one of the ports of call being  Pusan.   He   tells  us  they   delivered  a.cargo  o,f munitions  and  transport   and   last   but  not least, four thousand cases  of beer. He:said~ the boys at  the   base   were  Iraving  them-  'selves a time  on this and he \  hoped some was left for the  boys  at- the; front.   We  share  this hope   with   him   but   as  Mortimer Snerd often reminds  lis  thats  how  it goes.  It is seventeen years, since  Mr Austin visited Sechelt and  he was amazed at the great  difference here since lost time.  He visited with Mrs Hugh  Creigton and Mrs McTavish of  Vancouver.  It Was nice to fofchr first  hand information about Korea.  Pro Rec Instructress Bette  Lumsden, aided by an enthusiastic group of members  staged a most successful eon-  cert and social evening in the  Legion Hall.  "A Psudo Operation", starring Gladys Clarke, Bill  Morrison and Rennie Lumsden  was one of the evening's hits.  A restaurant scene in which  Bill Morrison Bette Lumsden  were chief actors was also very  effective. Wilson Creek Ladies  Pro Rec also took part in the  various   scenjes   while   Mrs  E.  Lee  sang  two  songs  and Reg  rades  CALL IN AND TEST, FOR YOURSELF, ANY OF OUR  SECOND HAND ROW.  IT IS HERE THAT YOU WILL FIND ,GOOD  ECONOMICAL TRANSPORT AT PRICES YOU CAN  PAY.  WALK IN    -    -"' DRIVE OUT  Chuck's  Motors & Welding Works  Phone Sechelt 54W  Henton entertained with tricks  and amusing patter. Musical  selections by two junior members on the piaiio, Darx>lyn  Cooke and Diane Pearson also  Darleeh La^coek with the  accordian, little Ruth Lumsden  sang the Bluebird Song, Tom  Morrison and George Derby  harmonized on Cowboy songs.  The closing items on the con-  crt were Bette Lumsden and  Gladys Clarke, singing Now  is the Hour and Keep on the  sunny side. Square dancing  was then enjoyed with moonlight waltzes in the intervals.  An auction was held which  created a lot of fun. A very  good night, and proceeds to  help P.T.A. pay for the rent  of the Hall for the classes.  The public address system was  rented, from P.T.A. for th(e  dance and was very satisfactory.    .  A very disappointing attendance at the Box Social sponsored by P.T.A.. Too bad that  more interest was not shown,  as it was a very good gesture  on the part  of P.T.A.  to  get  the   teen   agers   and   parents  and    teachers    together.    The  excuse has been so many things  coming    together    makes     it  difficult to attend all. We did  notice   som'e   of   the   young  parents   having  a   good   time  Tom Parish Mr and Mrs Guy  Piowell,     Mr     and    Mrs     C.  Blanehard.  Mr  and   Ms  Jim  Parker, Mr and Mrs Stockwell,  Mr  and  Mrs Bob  Cooke,  Mr  and  Mrs  R.   Strosheim,   and  Mr   and    Mrs   *R.   Laycock.  R Cooke,  Maurice Hemstreetl  Frank Postlethwaite and Nevy  Baldassi.  Mrs Dorothy Morrison of  Vancouver was hostess to the  following Sechelt girls when  they wer.e there recently  writing their music exams,  (theory) Karen Stockwell,  Marv Parker, Eleanor Powell,  Heather McColl, Diane McColl.  The girls, had a wonderful  time especially visiting .again  with Valerie and Barbara  Morrison who used to go to  school here.  .  (Continued  on  page  8)  ^KEsi;.* ^^9^BS&4& :" is:  THERE ARE NEW CARS COMING FOR THOSE  WHO DEMAND THE BEST IN THE LOW PRICED FIELD  . JV-  v.  NOW  HALF-TOI PICKUPS  The Trucks Far Economy And Service  aim  See Them T#  OUR SERVICE DEPARTMENT  HAS SPECIALISTS IN  Collision Repairs  Mechanical Service  our MEil^StoQiHifeD P^m^ABt^M yr��&tm  mm  TRADE-INS  ���   p^MiPtiPyP  WILSON CREEK  NQ. 2  $ECHELT  no. a  GIBSONS  g^-fe  mmummm  5S^i:i!5^WPS^iUJS^M^^-^*;&5f^^^5>>i-iii?$3^K5�� ^^^ft^-*^  "rSS^S^T^SS  04U?��3 8  The Cnatt News  Thursday  February 22 1951  I  lion  SECHELT  THIS WEEKS BARGAINS  Nabob Coffee   1 �� 99��  14Our'Special" Tea 1 �� S9��  Canac Powdered Milk  1 �� 69��  EASTER SPECIAL  Grade "A" Fowl ....-:-...,  5 *& average 63�� ��  *������*  "������#  ��  M  ��  i  I  1  I  y.v.v  id  W^&s-i* ;<*��Sr^^��^��  ^  SALE OF SCHOOL SITES .  EAST ROBERTS CREEK AND ELPHINSTONE BAY  Tenders are invited for the purchase of the following  sites and the buildings thereon:  1. Parcel "A" of 3 - A and 3 - B, D.L. 1662,. containing  2. acres  2. Parcel "A" of D.L. 1318, containing 2.49 acres  Sealed tenders, marked "East Roberts Creek Site"  cr Elphinstone Bay Site" will be received by the undersigned on or before 1 o'clock p.m. on Monday, March 12,  1951. The highest or  any bid vwill  not  necessarily be  accepted.  Mrs Anne Burns,  Secretary - Treasurer,  School District No. 46; (Sechelt)'  Gibsons B.C.  I  WE OATES TO PARTIES  SERVICE  IS   OUR MOTTO  GOOD POOD ' ������ OF COURSE  Sechelt Tea Room  Mrs. H. M. Parrish, Proprietor  Phone 89  ^^SSfi^fiS^Tr:  DANCE  Every Saturday Nsght ���  SECHELT  Legionaires Orchestra  -  The Mmt  Does Job Printing  BOZO^ Funnier the otfier way  GENE KELLY wears "the smile that won't come off9? surrounded by this bevy  of Hollywood beauties who are featured with hint in his forthcoming M-G-M  Technicolor musical, "An American in Paris," which revives a great many of  the late George Gershwin's popular musical numbers*  ARIES       v  (Continued from  page  7)  Sorry    to    hear    that    Mrs  Elizabeth  Morley  is  suffering  from a fractured hip. We hope  ���she   wilfei,^^  most ��� painlM''-aii3iiry? ^t>bn.  Noticed John Whhe here  this week end at the Inn. The  Son of Mr-''and Mrs Norman  White who spend their surn^  mers here, was on business for  his firm, irisuracne adjusters  in Vancouver. He looks very  well and is completely recovered from ; his accident, also  noticed Mr and Mrs P. Rice  in'Sechelt; of course they live  at Selma Park but have been  away for some time. Glad they  are back with us once more.  They."were missed very much  this winter.  One or two people down  with the flu' including Bill  Youngson^ and Mrs A. Crucil.  Hope they will be better soon.  Visiting here from. Victoria  is Miss Edith Dawson staying  with Miss Ella and Miss, Bessie"  Jamieson at Dogwood Cottage.  Delegates  Are Chosen  GIBSONS. Mrs ��}. Turner  and Mrs A. Pilling were named  as delegates from Gibsons and  District P.T.A. with authority  to attend the Provincial convention to be held in Victoria,  March 28 - 30.  Mrs Betty Ballentine reported on her1 survey of C.B.C.  (ilucational:; programs and  urged parents to take an interest in the "highly enlightening" programs put on for  the children  and  adults.  Mi's A. Da vies sponsored a  record buying motion which  will allow the-unit 12 more  records as " the old ones we  are now using, are just about  finished".  Teachers Win  Pay Increase  /FOLLOWING the hearing of  briefs     from    the ' Teacher's ���  Association and the Board of  School Trustees concerning  teacher, 's salaries in the Sechelt  School   District   on   Ipbruary  6   the  Board   of  Arbitration  handed down their unanimous  award.. It provides for payment  of all teachers according to  certification    and    experience  regardless of \ |he typ^* -pf  school taught in on the following scale.; '������-.    ��� "���'���'"''.'\y lp-..;\.  Elementary Basic $1800 to  $2920,.  Secondary Basic $2300 to  $3980,;       ' r  With annual increments of  $140 each. '.'.' ';'.>'."   ,  Princijjal's allowances are  continued unchanged, but with  a definition <of secondary  schools added.  The: Board of Arbitrators  consisted of Mr J.G. Sinclair  of Vancouver, chairman, Mr  J. Barsby of Nanaimo and Mr  R.J. McMaster of Vancouver.  Costs' are divided between the  School Board and the Teach-/  er's Association.  Wood Named  RateUnitHead  SECHELT. A. Wood was reelected president of the Sechelt  and District Ratepayer's Association at the recent annual  meeting.  Other officers are E.E.  Gibson, first vice president;  Airs G. Colson, secretary, zone,  irepresentaf\'vl >,s will 'be E.;  Handley, Porpoise Bay; Capt-  tain Andrew Johnston, Wilson  Creek; W. Youngson, Sechelt,  W. "Allen and W. Hodges,  West Sechelt.  By FOXO REARDON  ��y  ,."���''  ...Better  ^M ^r, ill _        ^ ^     '   _  smm  TOO iLATE  TO  CLASSIFY.  *~2 DONKEYS, 9X10 ,without.  boilers; 1 donkey raft, 1 80  h.p. truck engine, 1 10 ton rear  end, -3 car engines, 2 with 8  ovlinders and 1 with *6 cylinders, 2 car rear ends, 5 new  tires ,6 tubes. 17X600. Apply  Charles  Sundquist,  Kleindale.  59


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