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The Coast News Feb 15, 1951

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Array 'INOfAL-  "Authorized as Second  Class Mail, Post-Office  artment/;;'^^w^';v?|:'^":r':'':;::  tmmmm  ny..  ^Published by The Coasts News, Gibsons, B.C.    Vol.���'���'$)- 56   Thursday February 15 1951    5c per copy, $2.00 per year by mail.  >npwe�����gpe&^ Florida  AND* HARROLD, of St Augustine in sunny  Florida^ shakes snow from a palm that was  covered when a two-inch snowfall blanketed the  years as a  old city for the first time in over 40  cold $pell held many of the southern stages m  its grip. - ��?:    '  Drage Pleads For New Transport  Deal For Keats:GambierIslands  i  Millrate WilLRemainSame as hast Year  * GIBSONS. Thkmlife^at^ set Wednesday by Village Council,  will remaintat ^he present 10 mills.  PORT MELLON. Tli'is pulp   and   paper   manufacturing   town,  complete with plant,   has   been   sold  to   Canadian   Forests  Products.  B.C. Bridge and Dredging Company Ltd., are now renovating and preparing the plant for operation. It will be turned over  to the buyers on, or near May 1, according to a report made  public by B.M. Maclntyre, M.L.A.  ~ ' "There  are  jobs,   now,   for  men,   with   the. Bridge   Company. "  "Local men will he given  every opportunity to work for  the jDulp company when it  takes over official administration of the mill. We would  very much like to hear from  men who had previously  worked for Sorg',"' (former  owners) a company spokesman  said. ���  Four million dollars will be  spent on the- plant .this/year.  It is believed-10 million will be  spent before complete con version has been made.   (  The/sawmill will!' be dismantled, i  Bar ties Have  Anniversary  GIBSONS.   Mr   and   Mrs   H.  Bartl'e celebrated their 58  years married by means of <a  small party of friends and well  wishers at their home, February 6.  The well known couple are  familier figures in Gibsons  where they have resided for  many years.-  jHowe Sound  Veterans  Unit  played   host to   B.M. _ Maclntyre,  honorary unit president and M.L.A. for this constituency.  Captain Drage recalled that 15 years ago, 10 ships called  [every week while now only one freighter called once every seven  [days.   / '  . /'V:-���'���';���' . - "/  Pleading  for  a  subsidy 'in    ��� '"   ���'���    '"     ���     ���"������/ ���:''"  )rder to  operate  a  passenger  Service to the island, the unit  president laid the onus square-  on the shoulders of the-pro-  inciail government,  "They,"  .fjhe   government)  as a moral obligation to the.  people of the islands. We built  ur homes and invested money  ere, knowing . that Union  .eaniships would provide the  ervice  we  need   in   order  to  xist. .;.'-:; .  ������ '-���"/"..    ."/ "���-'  "Then  the   government   allowed Sea Bus Lines to. operate  and improvement t'a&es "will amount to $9,210.  Ten mills levied on 100 per cenu of land value and 50  percent of improvements will raise an estimated $4,650.  Council will meet,   starting   March   1,   every   second  Tuesday instead of every second Wednesday as at present.  Port Mellon Road Has Been  to Start in  ferry service , to Horseshoe  iay, which undermined our  ystem of' transportation to  uch an extent it Was unable  continue.  Captain Dra ge wa.s decid ed  a his admission that he blamed  neither the government or  Tibsons: for this change in  ervice. "It was just nne of  hose circumstances which had  ellirig effect on many. It was  Progress;  ?>  II: B.M. Maclntyre, guest at the  meeting, urged a comprehen-f  live; plea should be made to  fee/ governments "When; you.  fend your delegare to lay your  jase before/the - government,  lie should be armed with all  le details as far as the type of  [fbat.that -is. available; the mile-  $ge to be tr&velled, the cost  jif such, what remuneration it  |ould derive and whajt the  [etUal subsidy should be.    .  Drage pointed out it could  $uite  often  cost residents ;bfe  ranibier, $14 in, order vtp get  ��o''Yancouyer.////��� 'Pi-"/-:'.'/  "This community will die,"...  |ie told the eapaeity audience,  (Crtr��tior,i��d or), p0.^  5)  GIBSONS.  The  Port Mellon road  has  been  assured  for  this  summer.. ..  B.M. Maclntyre, speaking to a group of veterans, announced;  1 "The premier of B.C. told me that the road to Por Mellon  would _ go through, immediately the wheels started to turn in  the plant."  2 Mr Carson (Minister of Public Works) assured'me that' th��  Port Mellon Road w'as not Just a promise, it was a committment.  He would build the road immediately he was assured the plant  would be in operation on a lasting basis."  . The lasting basis clause has  been assured the Minister by  means of a program outline  being submitted to the Department, by the executive of  Canada' Forest Produces.  "There is no question about  the road going in right away,"  Mr Maclntyre announced.  "The road should be reasbir-  ���ably easy to bpild and not a;t  top great1 a cost with the -ex-/  ception of the; bridge which is> -  neccessary  at  Hillside."^:       "  Bridge cost estimates!range1  around the $70,000 mark Eir- '  gineers spent one: day last; week /  looking: over' fhe right .of'^way/';''  It has been suggested changes  are to be made in the present  route.  Said one official. "We have  no intention of resurveying the  right of- way. Some changes  are going to be made but they  will be small and of v little  import; r  :I The ;MLA , disclosed / thajt  ,<iQanaida Forest Products4s not ���  interested in building a town-  site as had been done a,t  Kimberiy/' Trail; Ebu^ne,  ��� (Cdntinued on  page 4)  its! other plants, which will be  shipped via barge to Port  Mellon. .  Assurances have been given  the  government,  by  Canadian  Forest  Products   thajfc   "Port  Mellon  can  conceivably  operate for at least 50 years."  This assurance was essential  to   Victoria's   decision,  to   im~  pllement     road     construction  plans from Gibsons to the pulp  VICTORIA.   Union   Steamship    and paper town, a distance of  Company will have to form     approximately   three, and   one  half miles.  Sale  of  Sorg  holdings  was  Union to Form  New Company  Ellis Lauds  Veteran Unit  GAMBIER HARBOUR. Jack  Ellis, president, B.C. Command, Army, Navy and Air~  foree Veterans in Canada; was  unstinting in his praise of the  effort put forth by the Gambier and West Howe Sound  Veterans group in construction  of -the new addition to the  veteraii'shall.   /.../������ . ������ .';  /^Speaking?;^t ^^meetjng: of  veterans "Israel friends, Mr^El is  lauded the unit and." especi  another company within itself  in order to improve various  incidental services, according  to word received.  Public Utilities Commission  has laid down that the steamship company, applying for  increased water rattas in  Sechelt, will have to reorganize  its booking in relation to this  particular branch.  It is believed the new company, which may be formed in  the   near    future,    will    also  h'andle the company's trucking,  water  taxi  'and   other  water  systems.  From a usually reliable  source comes the information  that .changes will defenitely  be made in the water system  at Sechelt/. ��� ��� '������-  Sechelt Board of Trade  fought tlie company, last year,  in its application for increased  water rates.  iFrancJs    Drage    and    Jack  Adkins   for, their  vision  and  initiative  which  has  resulted  in  such  a  fine  building."  ...: Henry Warburton.J.P., provincial   secretary l of  the   veterans provincial command was;  .outspoken in his praise/  }��������� v "{This 'is. one  of  the  finest  .small units we-have,'" he. said/-'  It i^ "3' credit to-the members/  //Wte;-:-are  always  willing  and/  eager to help such ah outstanding organization."  SECHELT.  Rumour  that  tne  Union   Steamship   property  in tjhis community has been  sold to a large liquor firm  seems  to  be unfounded.  Faced with the story that  Union had sold out, this paper  has made exhaustive enquiry  and believes the story is absolutely without fact!  madet witih  the   i^roviso  that  .  the Ohio company still retains  25 per cent of the stock.  It has been well known that  Sorg pulp plants in the United  States have been running short  of basic materials, since the  Scandinavian selling market  was drawn away from U.S.A  buying by virtve of Europe's  immediate needs.  Frank Waterhouse and Com-  pany, freighters, will make  scheduled freight trips to Port  Mellon.    'At   least    for   some  (Continued  on  page 4)  Two^Cdnvfcted on  Trapping fe p     \  GIBSpN|:ftedG^ .Sclmlstad  was fined     .$10$ and  costs  when    he     appeared    before.  Magistrate    &|$ney    McKay,  February  9,   on' -a  charge   of  trapping on a registered trap  line other than his own.  Chris Jorgcnson received  suspended Sentence on ', the  same count but was fined $10  and costs on \ a subsequent  charge arrising;from.the same  incident of trappihg without  a license.  Corporal  Leslie  Lane,  B.C.  Game   Department   laid   they  charge. ��� ��� '.  'Sj- -'��� xi^S'^n^.mrfi^'rhtKi.^^i^:^���^^^,,^^,:^^.^,,  2  The Coast News Thursday February 15 1951  Youth is Medecine Man  THERE WILL be nothing wrong with this peninsula in the years  to come.  Our greatest assent is our kids and we have some great ones.  Followirig a discussion of newspaper with senior students  in our high school, the speaker, a! member of the firm publishing this paper, found that truly is our greatest asset, our youngsters.  There is somehing good about addressing a classroom and  watching the interest or boredom that plays across the faces of  these young men and women.as they listen, some with interest,  others with a boredom and still others with the look of persons  who just tolerate the speaker. Bu,t most of them with a look of  .anticipation, as if they were actually reaching for more information. *  .We recommend every person in this area to take the opportunity of addressing these youngsters, if the chance is advanced.  It is a. good thing to believe and one cannot talk to a classroom of our youth without first of all getting the ' impression  that our belief in them is well based.  One word of warning. Please do not get the idea these youngsters can be told something in a. slip shod manner. Their minds  are smarter than the average adult's. They think a long way  ahead. This paper's representative found out. that just merely  glancing over a subject was hardly enough. They had to have  detail and they had to have correct information.  These words are in no way "to be ��� construed as defence, if  such be needed, of our educational system or the carriculum  or the teachers. But, never the less, somewhere along the line  .something must have made these young people sit up and take  recognition of things.  World events aire amazingly well relegated to their proper  perspective with them.  A well known Peninsula business man 'recently suggested  that all youngsters should go a certain distance in school then  have to fend for themselves, or at least get out and learn how  to do physical work, then go back to school for further teaching  if such is the pupils' desire.  We cann'ot argue this subject pro or con but we can suggest,  that these youngsters have 'amazingly keen minds and are well  worthy of the future, wich... we shall have to place.in their hands.  Further speakers will be added to the roll of they who have  addressed the senior pupils.  'There; is nothing new in tjais plan of the school's but We  suggest that soon more speakers should* be added to the list. Tlie  school should, in the words of Teacher A. Goosetrey, " get out  and get i^to the community."  We contend this is very important The community and the  adul,ts certainly need these kids to come out and mingle as  scholars, with them.  It will do the world of good to the adult.     \  ag�� of Discovery  _i  Readers Right  EDITOR THE NEWS.  SIR, Editor, Mister.  Me Mikel Blok  from  Prag.  Not  lon<r  time   this   eounjtry,  not   read   your   paper   good.  Daughter ��� Yetta read, say me  not miso much.  ���  1 ���  Me hear lots trouble because  boy tell lie, get beer. Is trouble  for beer man, not for lie boy.  Boy must be police spy. In  Prag something bad. often happen police spy, but paper never  tell. If something happen lie  boy, you tell ? ��� ,        ��  HASSAN,S  Pender  Harbour,   B.C.  The 'Old-Established.'  General Store  SUPPLYING FAMILIES.  FISHERMEN AND  ���     CAMPS  Latest in Novelties and  Toys  FISH   BUYERS  HOME GAS STATION  Mechanical  Refrigeration  Fresh Deliveries on Hand  .Always  Steer For  HASSAN'S  LANDING  Midway South Shore  Why all trouble about boy  and beer? In Prag everybody  drink beer. Me momma say  beer not good for little boy,  so me not drink any till five  year old. Anyway, beer here  no good. Man drink enough (to  drown, still not real happy.'  I kiss your hand  Mikel Blok.  EDITOR, THE NEWS  SIR. Your open letter, acl~  \ dressed to me through your  paper (February 1 issue) was  of much interest.. I appreciate  your invitation to answer, but  as you have raised questions  which   would    require    much  time and space to answer fully  and exhaustively, I will have  to confine myself to a few  aspects. /   ' -  My company has been given  a guarantee from the Ferry  people that there will be re~.  served space for two buses at  i'ail times; how much space will  thus be occupied is easily figured out and disposes of your  worry. *  The question of possible over  load buses is being- looked  after a.t the other end; overload -b'uses 'wnl run to and  from the ferries at both terminals.  ���   Over a period of years, the  records of the Black Ball Line  buses   ,have    increased   travel  considerably, and I can assure,  yu that .they are not interest-,  ed  in getting revenue  out  oE  ray buses.  Tourists, a subject you mention in the letter to me, is far  too. big:.a question to be aired  here; I venture to say there  are questions connected with it  which should first be' disposed  of before-' bringing either the  ferries or my company into  the picture.  If through-buses come in^to  service, it wid" mean a lot to .  niainy people. Your rather  cynical remark about women  and children surely does not  solve ~the advantages. Have  you ever thought that old,  crippled and sick people might  halve to go to Vancouver for  medical treatment ? Would it  mean nothing to them to stay  on the bus right through.?      y  To   have    brought  in   the  State of Maine is sp far-fetched  that   it   does   not   deserve   an"  answer.  Let -me/assure you, Mr  Sutherland, that I am not  worrying-that the B.C. Electric  is getting the franchise.  should I? Have you ever heart  of someone- protecting his in^J  terests? This is exactly whaT  I ���am; doing in this case.  "When I bought-the bus lin!  seven years ago I vset out t<|  give service to the resident!  of the Peninsula in the bed  possible manner; I have work!  ed hard to overcome obstacle:  which were indeed most diffijj  cult. I am fully,aware what M  means to. hold' a franchise an  t#  v  P  know  the   responsibilities   ail,  tached to it. The growth of mU  company I suggest, shows tha|  I have kept faiith. Would it no  be idle to sit by when an op  portunity    comes     along  better service? Do��� you��� expecf  me to lessen my efforts to pro|  vide for better service? No JM^  Sutherland, I do not think thai  my work  is  staeking  up. ' 'M  poor service  and  poor publW;  relations". 1  I have learned to mind m|;  own business and onlv by conl  tinning' to.do so, will I be abj^f  to progress.   :;..;'   ;   , ��� \  Cecil  C.  Lawrence.    I  SEE VTJS FOR ' ALL YOUR LUMBER NEEDS  Phone 15 M2  Wilson dreek  LEGAL  SER VICE  EARL DA WE,  B.A., L.L.B.  BARRISTER  SOLICITOR  NOTARY  ���.-���-:  PUBLIC  Wilson  Creek  Phone........ 5 j  a  WE LEAD  THE HARBOUR WITH   1  Dry Goods  China ���  New, Fresh Supplies  A Complete Stock  of Kitchen and  Home Essentials  MURDOCK'S  MARINE SUPPLY  Pender Harbour, B C. c  .. "*' ' " ' " ���' *       '���' ���  -��� .������ ���. J-f*~' . '���.-.��� . > ,  v;(v/" /RECEIPTS  MISCELLANEOUS  Tuition Fees   Rentals        -. .���,   Dental        .-. ....._....._   Donations ..: ........   Other...-      -...:.........;:..   ECHELT  ......   REVENUE  - -        For  $  75.00  605.50  368.00  11&.35  167.73  GOVERNMENT GRANTS  Basic ;���   Conveyance of pupils  Dormitory and boarding  Special Aid       .:........,.......  Department of Health  Equipment        . ...  RURAL TAXES  PROCEEDS OF SALE OF DEBENTURES  $ 34.467.68  6.931.57  294.00  23.751.41  458.88  677.27  -1,      ���"  Sash on hand and in bank  January 1 1950  General  Account  ���~-.  Special Levy Account         ...  Cash on hiand          $    5.300.61  9.570:81  44.16  C.A. Jackson  Anne Burns  B.W.M. Bone C.A.  Chairman  Secretary  Auditor  /  /  ���X.'",  -&'%!- w:&  / ������..������.,.''...���;  ;l .    . .INCOME  MISCELLANEOUS ' -  rTuition Fees .... .   Rentals .... '..������:..   Dental ,; .'.   Donations ....   I Other ....  ..'... .'. .   ��� .'���'".'       ..''..'.��� ��  i' ���������������������.���'    > ��� '      -���' ���������<        ' '   .'    ''.  GOVERNMENT GRANTS.  Basic .... ....................:   Conveyance, of pupils   Dormitory and boarding .... ..  Special Aid'-// ���   - --���   Department of Health ....   Equipment ���'.��� '..:...���'. :..........  Reconstruction and additions  SECHELT  (    ,       REVENUE  For  $  75.00  691.50  368.00  113.35  167.73  $ 34.467.68  7.980.91  567.00  23.751.41  1.264.00  714.16  1.883.40  RURAL TAXES (including one mill levy.  ���       ���   ,-/���:��� $5,481.00)  C.A. Jackson  Chairman  Anne Burns       ;;    Secretary  .-���������'���-.. .*.. .'���..    ��� <  -������-.-  B.W.M. Bone C.A.    "Auditor:  Thursday February 15 1951  SCHOOL DISTRICT NO. 46  AND EXPENDITURE STATEMENT  the year ended December 31 1950  PAYMENTS  ADMINISTRATION  Salaries         .   Office Expense        ~ '. ..���   Trustee's Expense  General  Expense    $    1,329.58     INSTRUCTION  Teacher's Salaries    Teaching Supplies    Other Instruction Expense               ^_  OPERATION  Janitor's Salaries           Janitor's Supplies          . Light, power, water and fuel          Insurance,  rentals,  etc.  ������,      _  REPAIRS AND MAINTENANCE  Grounds, wages and supplies          Buildings, wages and supplies           66,580.81'    Equipment, wages and supplies          Sundry   AUXILIARY SERVICES  75>658'71     Health , ,..;   287 047 02     Dcrmitor.v and boarding        .,      __  ��� ��� ���     NO^OPERATING EXPENSES  $430,616.12     Payments to other School Boards          De|| SERVICES  ''������....' Interest on Debentures          CONVEYANCE OF PUPILS  Outside Contracts         Other conveyance expense        ...:       T  ;     14,915.58     CAPITAL ACCOUNT  Sites         New^iBuildings    v Reconstruction and additions        .'.     '  New Equipment and Furniture          Bylaw Expense           CASH IN BANK - December 31 1950  General Account   Bylaw Account           Special Levy Account -  $445,531.70  ;.     ������}     -' jLLi'^.^J3#S#J��t- i     - .:.',' ���    - ry''       ...  m r i ��� v .  SCHOOL DISTRICT NO. 46  AND EXPENDITURE STATEMENT        t  the year ended December 31 1950  EXPENDITURE  ADMINISTRATION  Salaries    Office Expense '..  Trustee's Expense        -   General  Expense  '.   $    1,415.58     INSTRUCTION  Teacher's Salaries    Teaching Supplies  :   Other. Instruction Expense   OPERATION  Janitor's'Salaries         -   Janitor's Supplies         '.   Light, power, water and fuel   Insurance,  rentals,   etc.    REPAIRS AND MAINTENANCE  Grounds, wages and supplies        ...._..  Buildings, wages and supplies        .....'.   Equipment,1 wages and supplies          ���   -70,628.56     Sundry/ ...       __  AUXILIARY SERVICES  " Healtfr / '���'���...' : /..   Dormitory and boarding-          NON���OPERATING EXPENSES  ��� Payments toother".'School Boards .  DEBT'SERVICES  Liter,est.on Debentures       , :........'.  '   ���  ? "       -,-'���''��� ./';���'."'"':���'���:.. ���'���    '     '." .'��� 7;     ".' '   '      '  ���r ~KQ 7/    CONVEYANCE OF PUPILS i     ;  75*658.71 + -j-.-.-r..   ,      .        *  Outside Contracts "  ���--'-.������. : -   Other conveyance expense   CAPITAL ACCOUNT  Sites. 'V l.:..��.........J............. .-.;. :;   New Buildings        ���.':..:...:..-......���:.   Reconstruction and additions   New Equipment and Furniture      .................  "i   ������      : P' '   ���    ���;'  \ EXCELS OF REVENUE OVER EXPENDITURE  The Coast News  *  1,600.00  1,075.63  2,247.23  1,820.76  $ 76,381.59  3,760.84  639.32  $ 7,066.56  1,092.11  3,490.85  2,579.95  $  531.86  3,921.27  1,144.42  80.20  $    3,677.37  1,095.00  $ 13,316.16  168.35  $   4,451.16  31,060.14  3,832.46  2,236.68  1,792.80  $    3,350.16,  259,718.43  10,860.40  1,146.87  80.20  $.  3,710.72  1,095.00  $    6,743.62  80,781.75  14,229.47  5,677.75  4,772.37  500.00  2,040.00  13,484.51  43,373.24  $171,602.71  273,928.99  $445,531.70  $   1,600.00  1,075.63  2,247.23  1,820.76  $ 76,381.59  3,775.92  708.59  $    6,743.62  80,S66.10  ���$  7,066.56  1,220.81  3,532.92  2,579.95  14,400.24  ���    $  531.86  3.963.92     :  $ 13,316.16  168:35  $ 2,582.05  3,801.65  3,833.46  2,236.68  5,722.85.  4,805.72;  500.00.  ��,646.00"  13.484.51  12,452,84  $144,615.88  3,086.97  $147,702.85  $147,702.S5 4  The Coast News    Thursday February 15 1951  Hearnden Singers u  GIBSONS.   Deprived    of    his  musi��eal     association,     E.J.  Atlee,,  who ihad   belonged   to  musical    troups    in    England  many  years   ago,   struck   out  to form a new association, and  that was how the well known  Hearnden   Singers   were  born.  Hearnden   comes   from ��� the  name   oi:   the   Atlee   residence  out in the Headlands district,  and this was tacked on for  identification purposes to the  double quartette which was the  original of the Hearnden  Singers and Players.  First ineed of the singing  group was music. This was  acquired by means of a self  imposed membership fund and  by donations from George  Ma-rsden,    S.H.    Butler    and'  Albert Edge. ���  The players group is the  youngest, part of the whole.  It was born by virtue of a need  for funds? by the VON. The  Hearnden Players will play in  three plays, soon to be shown  in aid ���of the nursing service,  in the School Hall at 8 p.m.  February 24.  According to the originator,  " there are several more  branches which will be added  to    this    non    political,"   non  sS^SS^^K-tf^i^ss*  I  i  1  I  ��  I  t  i  I  I  I  i  ��  U S E D CARS  1949 Ford Sedan $1450  1937 Willys 250  1929Ford-M.A. pickup        185  GOOD BUYS  TWO 1950 FORDS  I  I  I  e  I  I  i  1  I  |  ,1  ��  I  I  I  6500 miles each      like new  $  rvy.  I  I  I  1  i  I  I  i  I  I  I  i  I  ,.w ehave just received a shipment of  POPULAR    ECONOMICAL    EAS^RIDING  DCErECTX  |  I  I  |  I  I  ��� Call in and see them today. Test them to your own satisfaction. Our  budget terms make h easy for you to possess and drive these reasonable  cars which have proven themselves time and again on the tough testing ground  of the Secheh Pleninsula.  We are eminently qualified  to   repair and  maintain   these   cars.   Our  complete stock of parts and knowledge is at the service of our customers.  m.  h  I  I  I  m  1  i  ���  I  I  i /     No. 1 Wilson Cree  t  It pays to deal wifch the best.  rd      Motors.  No. 2 Sechelt  No 3 Gibsons  f  ,y  H  I  S  w  "  i;  I  The Hearnden Singers and Players  Under Auspices, Headlands Branch, V.O.N.1.  Presents  ��THREE PLAYS*  The Day After Forever  Great Western Drama  ''-���'" "V ��� v' ������..:���.-  A Mad Breakfast  School Hall  Gib  sons  Feb 24  8 p.m.  r  SJvCHELT. Morothan 80 1 ��ts.'  ��� Avned   by ' f'nion   Steamship  Comp.sny  will be turned ba��:k'  to acreage according to a corn-  pan;/ spokesman.  Stretching from the Sechelt  Tea Room to Norman Burley's  property,   the   reversion   will  cancel out the area now known -  -as Toredo St.  By ARIES.  ��>  m  1  I  ��  I  sectarian organization.  President of the singers  this year is one time school  trustee, A.E. Ritchey, Mr  Atlee i? conductor, while acting  secretary and accompanist is  the laclly who signs herself,  Annette * Atlee, L.R.S.M., A.R.  C.T. >  (MORE ABOUT ROAD)  (continued from page 1)  Copper   Mountain   and  other  company towns.  "The success of Port Mellon  ni'ay depend to a large extent"  Mr    Maclntyre - (Rioted    one  official    as   saying,   "on    the  road going through to Gibsons.  We   really   do   not   want   our  employees   to 'reel   tlniy   will,  have to live as they do in company   towns. .They   can   shop  where they will and live where  theydike. We wil be only too  pleased to see them  do their  weekly shopping in Gibsons or  wherever they wish".  e (MORE ABOUT PULP MILL)  (continued from page 1)  time."  *  An application to. have the  Lady Rose operate a passenger service to Port. Mellon  '' was turned. down." '   .���  Canadian."' Forest Products  has already voiced its desire  to "have small.operators along;  ���the Peninsula bring their logs  to the-min." ��� ' .  There will be no "company  townsite." at Port Mellon as  had been in the past. It', is  believed the company will  -assist' in the preparing of  accomodation .  &ECHELT.    Mrs . A^Gibjjons  . Centerfeiried ia   few ^fritffids  recently when a very enjoyable  afternoon-   was   spent.    Those  present were Mrs'. Jack Evans,  Mrs F. Postlethwaite, Sr, Mrs  Geo   Taylor,   Mrs  Alec   Grey,  Mrs     W    TJttley,     Mrs*  M.  MacFarland,   Mrs   S.;Killick;  and Mrs E.E. Redman.  The W.A. to the Canadian  Legion is in for ai very busy  session on March 13 holding an  annual   Shamrock   t!e<a   under  the joint convenorship of Alice  Amelia     French     land     Ruth  Mitchell. The W.A.. and branch  will   again   hold  their   sacred  concert on Easter ; Sunday  March 25 in the evening and  directed by W. Elliott, Padre.  Ladies assisting on this committee are Mrs A.A, French^  Mrs-Florence Turner and Mrs  Mabel Livesay. Contact -them'  if you have any ideas. This is  your concert and suggestions  are most welcome. It is hoped  that help will be forthcoming  from the Wilson Creek Choir  and other musical talent, and  transportation will be attended  to also. Watch for notices.  Early 'in June the annuai  flower show is on the agenda  with W- Elliott in charge. So,  plan for that also, you garden  lovers. Last velar's show, which  was the first, was an outstanding success.: ���-.'.;;'.  ,V^ry glad to report that  Mrs L.F. Scott is out of hospital and doing well. She hopes  to be back home soon.  Maureen ' McKissoek, who  was on the sick list, is better  and back fat school.  Three Sechelt. higli school  girls, Helen Derby, Nohie Pratt  and "Anne Jervis wenfr to  Vancouver to play basketball  ���with the Gibsons girls, inetur  ding- Grace Grey. Elaiin'e'Qtfick^  Bev'''[' Gray ''Norma: : Wallis1  Dawn Davies, ��� "Anne MeLeod j  'and Arlene.Hicks. They played ]  a girls-team from Lynn Valley.  The Sechelt girls, along- with  Lorna'' Van 'Kleet, were guests  of Helen Derby's aunt.  Arriving Daily  New Spring Styles in  DRESSES  TASELLA'S  Sechelt  OVERCOATS  SHOPPE  SI DINGS SUGGESTIONS  1 X 10 and 12 Rough, Red or Yellow Cedar  1 X 10 Bevelled Cedar Siding  5 X Cedar Shingles  Cedar Wall Shakes    \ .  Roll Brick and Stone Block Siding  Insulated Brick and Stone Block Siding.  Etchwood Siding  Restotite Siding (Cement Board)  Pabco Asbestos Cement Siding  FOR ALL ROUND  SATISFACTION  COME IK AND SEE THEM  ��� \  ft  Gibsons. 53  (the lumber number)  ies  ���v GAMBIER ISLAND. Three companies are interested in getting  a franchise to convey vehicles from the mainland to Sechelt  Peninsula.   >  Two of the firms��are as yet unnamed, the third is Victoria  Dock Company.  *  If opponents to the Victoria '. ~~  company's (application for a  franchise under the ferries act,  * 'can lobby strong enough and  are convincing enough, they  could defeat the bill, but it is  hardly likely."  B.M. Maclntyre minced few  words when he came out and  said, "I'm pulling for the  Victoria Dock Company to  win. Jhere is no watered s.tock  in that outfit. They know the  ferry busintss and they have  the vehicles' and the money to  put this plan of flheirs into  operation. .......  Faith in the  future, of the  Peninsula   is   'also    held  ! by    ?nt .ff!si(fs    be  Alexander Peabody,  president    3l0SPltallzatl0n  Maclntyre  Warning  GAMBIER ISLAND rB.M.Batt  Maclntyre, MLA can be a hard  man when it comes to telling  the  truth, to  his  constituents.  Speaking  at  Gambier  Harbour on the subject of forthcoming brief to be  presented  by organized veterans requesting  that   dependents   of jthey  who are in receipt of burned  ��e    given    free  Mr Maelntvre  of Black Ball Ferries, parent    people feel a,t home, as we need  company"  to ; Victoria!    Dock    their money.  >>  Company.   Mr Maclntyre  recalled  a  conversation he  had  "with   the }ferry  man  during  initial   manouvering   for   the  pending franchise. ?"   .  "Tbe caiptfaiin told me,"  said Mr Maclntyre, "when my  father first started operating  ferries in the Puget Sound  area it was ju.^t the same as  this coastal line." (sparsely  settled.)  "We don't want a subsidy."  Captain Peabody told \he  MLA. "If "a company can't  stand on its own feet without  a subsidy, there must be something radically wrong with it."  Mr Maclntyre forecast the  day "in the not too distant  future," ' when the next step  in the. destiny of the coastal  area;,would'vbe-taken.     -    ;  ;-  "It won't be long before a  ferry is running between Vancouver Island and Powell  River." This will complete the  triangle tour which could start  and end jat Vancouver.  "One in 20 ears that enter  this area," he told the meeting  "will be American,, with  American money. It is up to  each of us to help mlake these  He .'urged tha!t everyone  hould xget out and help make  the coming influx of visitors  feel welcome.  (MORE ABOUT DRAGE)  (Continued From Page 1)  "unless we have some means  of transportation."  It is believed Mr Maclntyre  will arrange a meeting between  the Minister of Public Works  and the Island delegate who  may be Drage.  said, "I will fight for this at  the next session of the legislature, just as I did at the last  but you don't stand a Chinaman's chance of making it  stick. The government feels it  is a federal responsibility and  the federal government will  not do any changing just for  two provinces. (Saskatchewan  and B.C. are the only two  provinces with their own hospital insurance scheme.)  "Someone," continued the  MLA, "will have to pioneer  this move and it may just as  well be me. There eertainlv is  a need for help in this instance  but I was a lone; voice last  legislature 'and I'm sure it will  just be a repeat performance."  Mr Maclntyre "forecast"  that a; boost would, be coming  next session for recipients of  social service wellfare. "Probably, and this i;is^just plain  guessing, about $15 increase  per month."  Thursday February 15 1951    The Coast News  ^^7;  1  i  I  i  I  i  I  I  i  There is a real saying when  you buy home made pure  Lard.    Test    Our ..product  against others.  SATURDAY SPECIAL  Beef Sausage   :^49c  BERT'S MEAT MARKET  I  *  I  i  m  &  APPRECIATION  I am very grateful to rhe Gibsons Volunteer Fire  Brigade for its effective and timely assistance rendered  to me during the occasion of a recent fire on my premises.  The men did their utmost with a cheerfulness and  effectiveness that is to their credit. Their rapid response  to my call for help was heartening and much appreciated.  Frank Yates  Roberts Creek.  I  8  I  6  /���������  \  If.'.  I  PENDER HARBOUR COM. CLUB  BALANCE SHEET DECEMBER 31 1950  ..������.������..*.'���'���  ASSETS  Cash on Hand and in Bank     $    874.38  Buildings aUd Furnishings at Cost 7,437.74  Equipment :.,...P.....,............���..���......      700.00  Land ��� ...P...:.:':'..::.......:.;.... P.P.. <    550.00  Prepaid Expenses (Insurance)  :i     165.00  $9,727.12  Liabilities  Bonds   ....:   Accounts Payable  :,   Excess of Assets- over Liabilities  $3,545.00  ���578.09  .... 5.804.03  $9,727.12  FINANCIAL REPORT  JANUARY 1 TO DECEMBER 31 1950  h   ������'   '���       ;    REVENUE  Memberships L...���..PP.P...P..P:.....      $    139.00  Bonds ,  ��� ...,.....,...,.., ...   ..,.. 3,545.00  Donations .':.���..."���..       218.91  - Entertaimnenlt  ... ..;........,       :- 869,94  Social Committee ....: ;      520.58  Check Room ..C^U:::}....[...:.:;.:-..���,      35.83  Reft, of Hall'-....���.... :.. .....���.:.....;.....     568.60  5 pW cent Ta* Collected p.i......:....P:..     10.80  CasV on Hand:(January,!: 1,950) ...........: 26.49  ., " i "'   "'':Pr'P~'i':iP'"'\   ���i'."  $5,935.15  Dated January 22 1951  Alice J. Haddock i P;' P? Secretary" ^.-Treasurer  Alan C. Stewart f President  L. Hambly P,-..-.,,,..-��� Auditor  ���        EXPENSES  Bonds :���       $ 211.11  ^Building Expenses       2,060.53  Wages   \..........i  767:50  Entertainment  305.46  Sundry  :..........���.. :.  137.24  Social Committee , .  392.19  Insurance ..:.-  187.20  Property Taxes ..... 1.1.67  Cleaning and Maintenance  164.50  5 per cent Tax Remitted  c13'09  Light Plant and Expenses  ...  '459.85'  Heating Expenses ��� ,.- 350.54  Balance Profit ....: -  874.38  ; $5,935.15  Flowers for All Occasions  PHONE: GIBSONS 76W  Mrs E. Nestman  IMMEDIATE SERVICE  The Coast News  CLA/J1FIED  ADVERTISING  3  Lines  (15  words)  for 35c- 3  Insertions  (same  ad)   75c  Extra  words,  above   15-word  min.   2c   each   ...   Cash  with  order  Notices,   Engagements,   Marriages,   Deaths,   etc.,    75c   insertion  LITTLE ADS ... BIG RESULTS  WORK wanted. Glass cutting,  pipe threading. New, expert  service.    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SHIP TODAY���  Hurry!!      Dept.      196      A.B.  SHUBERT     Co.,     Winnipeg.  \) to VANCOUVER.  LEGAL  NOTICE  Examinations for the position  of Assistant Forest Ranger  will be held at the following  centers at the elates and times  indicated.  Tuesday,  February  27     9 :00 a.m. Langford  Wednesday. February 28 ���  9:00 a.m.  Nanaimo  Friday.  March  2 ���   9:00 a.m.  Campbell River  Mondav, March 5   9:00 a.m. U..B.C. (Room 852)  Ncav Wing-Library Building.  Application    forms    and    full  particulars   may   be   obtained  from    the    District    Forester,  Marine   Building,   Vancouver,  or. the Forest Ranger's office  at  examination  centers.   Completed application forms should  be  forwarded  to   the   District  Forester   by  February  22,   or  failing this must be presented  to the examiner at the time of  the examination.  These examinations are being  conducted to establish eligible  lists for 1951 fire season employment. From such lists appointments >.to positions now  vacant, will be made according  to candidate's standings in the  examinations.  Candidates must be citizens  of one of the nations of the  British Commonwealth, and  must have resided in British  Columbia for one year. The  candidate must, be physically  capable of the work.  Candidates must be 21 years  of age. No examination fee  is charged,  REAL ESTATE listings wanted.  ..Gibsons  ..to  ..Pender  Harbour. H.B. Gordon Box 11  Sechelt Phone Sechelt 31Q.  Tfa  ��� , , ~-__ m&*  FOR SALE:  JMORGE     circulating     heater,  medium size, as new. Baby's  oblong play pen on castors.  Phone  Sechelt  40. 57  FOR SALE 2% year heifer and  bull,  grain  fed.  E.J.  Myers,.  Kleindale. -^58'  WHITE,     ROTARY     Sewing  Machine,     good     condition,  reasonable   price.  Phone .'86J.  Mrs A.S. Trueman Gibsons.  COMPLETE    line    of   rubber  shoes and boots.  Andersons Shoes.  FOR    SALE*.    Fully    modern  home   -   2   blocks   north   of  Post Office G. Dobie Gibsons.  56  BALED local mixed hay, $34  per ton f.o.b. Gibsons. Union  Steamships,  Sechelt    22  221tf  FIVE ROOM' house 6 acres  chicken house and barn$2000.  Phone   Gibsons.      7.W. 4  WE    HAVE    bushwood    and  coal.  Union Steamships.  Phone 22.  LISTINGS WANTED.  JOHN COLERIDGE' Agencies  real estate licenced and bonded agents (Connection with  II.A. Roberts Ltd.) Listings  required, attractive to retired  couples. Contact our office or  Coast News Office..  WANTED  GOOD   Investment   at   6   per  cent   interest   $3,000.00   required. Box 2  Gibsons  ~ WHAT TS SACA - PELO!  Saca - Pelo is the most remarkable scientific discovery  of the age, which will permanently kill the roots of all  superfluous hair. Saca ~ pelo  contains no drug or chemical,  and can be applied easily in  the privacy of your own home  or in  LOR-BEER LABORATORIES  679 Granville St. Vancouver,  B.C.  SHAKE BLANKS, shakes,  shinsfle bolt's - number 1.  Cedar logs, Delivered or as is.  Cash. For full information  write or phone 7L Halfmoon  Bay, or Sechelt 22.  Steve Terepoeki. 10  A  LOT   in   Gibsons   clos.e   to  town  centre  and  on  a fair  road.   Reasonable  C.W.   Smith  Roberts Creek. 56  FOR RENT        ~ "*  iNEW,    all    electric    cottage,  plumbing.  H.B.   Gordon,  Phone   Sechelt   31Q 55 6  The Coast News     Thursday February 15 1951  mrna&sm*  DENTAL'NOTICE ���  A. M. LOWE, D.D.S., L.D.S.  IMMEDIATE LABORATORY SERVICE  Phone 20 H 2  A Greater Use of  B.C.   PRODUCTS  MEANS GREATER PAYROLLS  THE LIFEBLOOD OF OUR PROVINCE  ACTIVITIES OF  DEPARTMENT OF TRADE & INDUSTRY  1. Promotion of New Industries.  2. Promotion of Foreign Trade,  3. Development of Domestic Markets.  4. Providing Statistical Information.  5. Regional Industrial Development.  6. Developmenti of Visitor Industry.  7. Encouragement   of   Scientific   and   Industrial  Research  THE DEPARTMENT OF TRADE  AND   INDUSTRY  PARLIAMENT BUILDINGS, VICTORIA, B.C.  E. G. Rowebottom, t Hon. Leslie H. Eyres  Deputy Minister. Minister.  * .-. \  A B.C. PRODUCT  MM FRESH DULY  See Yonr Local Dealer  Order Your Winter's Supply  NOW  ��� All Types and Sizes ��� New Low Prices ���  R. M TNGLIS  Phone Gibsons 50  In  I  I  *2sa^mf?ig&  WE CATER TO PARTIES  SERVICE IS OUR MOTTO  GOOD FOOD ��� OF COURSE  Sechelt Tea Room  Mrs. H. M. Parrish,- Proprietor  Phone 89  Coast Cooking  RABBIT RAMBLINGS  IF   YOU    have   never    tried  rabbit, you have a delightful surprize in store for you.  It tastes very much like chicken, but it is even tenderer  and  'hiore  tasty.  Rabbit meat is economical  too. It is less expensive than  chicken and the percentage of  bone is. less. All the meat is  white like the breast of chicken  but is morV'! tender because  there is less connective tissue.  Rabbit is a very nutritious  meat too.  Don't hesitate to serve rabbit in many delicious recipes  to your family. It is easy to  prepare and your family will  certainly   enjoy  it.  Here are a few recipes using  this delectible meat that I am  sure you will find delicious.  FRIED RABBIT  Your family will enjoy this as  much as fried chicken,  Make a batter using the.  following for each rabbit: 1  ^gSj V'l cup'flour, % cup milk',  and % teaspoon salt. Beat  eggs, aidd milk and saljt and  stir in flour to form a smooth  batter. Wipe rabbit'- with a  clean cloth and cut into serving pieces. Dip ea'ch piece into  batfer ad be sure that it is all  coated. In an iron skillet, heat  fat until hot and brown evenly.  Then reduce the heat and cook,  at lower temperature for 40  to 50 minues, or until tender.  Serve on a hot platter and garnish with parsley. -  ROAST RABBIT  This is really a treat.  Use any large rabbit from  three months old up. Make a  dressing as you would . for  chicken or turkey.- Stuff and  truss. Place in a baking dish  or roasting..pan...Place A to. .5.  strips of bacon over back.  [Cover and roast slowly for  about 2y2 hours. Turn rabbit  over during roasting to brown  evenly. If rabbit is large, roast  for about 3  hours. .  RABBIT A LA KING  This  is  a really  lovely trea.t.  You can make it with leftover roast rabbit   (If there is  "any left over). It is a delicious  company dish,  too.  2 tablespoons   choppted   green  pepper  1 can mushrooms, sliced  y��   cup   margarine   or  bu'tter  3 tablespoons flour  2 cups milk. -  % teaspoon salt  pepper to taste  2p2 cups cubed, cooked rabbit  GIBSONS. Following assurances from Janies Sinclair, M.P. that  the Sechelt Peninsula would be rated alone in the coining  census, this paper thought that now would bea good time to run  the following-background story on the whys and wherefores of  having a census.  I W-m McFaddeh  �� Optometrist  * GIBSONS  Phone Gibsons 91  Office     Hours  9:00   a.m. to 5:00 p.m.  j�� Evenings by Appointment  j Every day except Thurs.  S - Why go to Vancouver for  % Optical Service ?  m.  m  I  1  *HOMEWARD BOUND '  J^pw the wind blows bard  from the east-nor'-east  Our tbip she sails ten knots at least  Huzza, -we're homeward bound!  ��� -'  For over a century Lamb's Navy has  been the call of those who know  good rum. Smooth and mellow, it is  matured', blended and. bottled in  Britain of the finest Demerara Rums.  Lamb's Navy Rum  This advertisement 'is "riot "puSlfshed"' or '*''  "displayed by the Liquor Control Board or  by the Government of British Columbia.  ' An old sea shanty  1 beaten egg yolk  2 tablespoons chopped pimien-  to  (if desired)  Lightly  brown   pepper  and  'mushrooms -:in   ;butt|er;;i  As these statistics are only  derived    once    in    every    ten  years,   we   are   all   prone    to  forget    the    reasons / behind  .them.  The Ninth Decennial Census  of Canada in June this year is  based, on fundamental legal  requirements dating from Confederation. Under Section 51  of the British North America,  1867, it was enaeted that after  the completion of the Census  of 1871, and of etaeh subsequent decennial' census, representation of the provinces  should be readjusted by such  authority, in such manner and  from such time as the Parliament of Candai provided, subject" to certain rules. The chief  of these rules was that the  Province of Quebec should  have a fixed number of Members (65) and that the repr  resentation of other provinces  in the House of Commons.  should bear the same proportion to the population  of the province as the number  65 bears to the population of  the Province  of Quebec.  In 1946, Seqtion 51 of the  British North:; America Act  was repleaied and a new Section substituted, as fdllows:-  ���"The number of Members  of the House of Commons shall  be 255 and the representation  of the; Provinces therein shall  forthwith, upon the; coming*  into force of this Section, and  thereafter on the conpletioii  of each decennial census, be  " Teadjusted^.''... according to  the following rules - (a) subject as hereinafter provided^  there shall be assigned to each  of the provinces the number  of Members computed by dividing the total population of  each province by the. quotient  so obtained.. .. ."  This  new Section thus   did  with,.the  fornjfer ;prp-  ��1A������--v   jj 11    j      n   a u     -Tv- '   vision m the Act by which the  tlour and blend well; Add.milk     t>      ���       > i r\    i.       . .  -  Province of ;,Quebec was: given  a fixed representation for de~  itermining '^tb^  quotient; Hipon  and seasonings and cook until  thickened,  stirring constantly..  Add ' egg- yolk v^vith   some   of  thickened sauce .mixed in*, and  blend thoroughly. A!dd rabbit (..  and pimiento  and continue to  cook for about 5 'minute's, until  heated through and well com-   _  bined.  (4 m -  PROVINCE OF  BRITISH COLUMBIA      \,  Department flftafconr  MAIN OFFICE:    .Parliament Buildings, Victors. B C-  BRANCH OFFICES: Hajl Building, "789 Pender St.,.W.,;,.  Vancouver, B.C. ���      V  570 Seymour St.., Vancouver B.C.   -Brince: George, "B.C. ^  220-3rd Ave,, Katoloops, B.C Burns Block, Nelson B.C.  17 Bastion St. Nanaimo, B.C. Court House, Smithers, B.C.   '  Capital News Building, Kelowna> B.C.      -P.i- v  The function of the Department is  to: Administer  and  enforce labour laws of the Province, relatiiig to Minimum "  Wages, Hours of Work, and Conditions of Iiabour.;  v  Information may be obtained by employers and employees upon written or personal application.  The Department seeks the co-operation of all and offers  the services of an efficient staff in connection with:  MINIMUM WAGES���HOURS OF WORK  FACTORY INSPECTION  EMPLOYMENT CONDITIONS  APPRENTICESHIP TRAINING  TRADE^SCHOOLS REGULATION  CONTROL OF EMPLOYMENT OF CHILDREN  SEMI-MONTHLY PAYMENT  OF WAGES  ANNUAL HOLIDAYS WITH PAY  INDUSTRIAL CONCILIATION AND  ARBITRATION  Hon. John H. Gates, James Thomson,     .  Minister Deputy Minister.  which representation in other  proyinces could be calculated.'  Accordingly, -.the 'membership  o'f-\vJhe "House of Commons  was increased froni 245 to 255'  -.'  '"' *\\ \    '   '���'������      ���'"���  .'���������������---'������-���      : ���- ���- :  (continued  onlpage^ 7) j  Every weefc-:day  m  Y'NEVER KNOW  .     ���' ��������� J  10���1Q��Q a.m.:  KIDDIES KARN!VAL  Ii2.i5���i2i;45,p.m.        :  TAKE If EAS^TP  : iPpp :   ���;!},: '-".PQ^P  : P:..... ,1.35���i3.:p.m.:;. v;:'.;  Also -   '  STORY TIME,  Saturdays 11.30���12 noon  DIAL 600 y v    - v '-t /:  Thursday February 15 1951    The Coast News  I BATTLE-WORN���-Canadian destroyers serving with UN forces are beginning to show the* outward effects of long periods of duty in Korean waters. Sparkling with fresh paint when they left  Esquimalt in July, they have taken on the look of batterecl sea-dogs. This is HMCS Cayuga, which.  ^headed the withdrawal and bombardment operation at Chinnampo early in December.  .... ' ' ' $ ~    (More fabout census)  (Continued from page  6)  eluding  one   member   from  ' (in<  the Yukon)!  Representation of the Province of Quebec was increased  by the 1947 readjustment from  65 to 73 members, that of  Ontario from 82 to 83, Nova  Scotia from 12 to 13, and British Columbia from 16 to 18.  Manitoba ��� and Saskatchewan  each lost one seat, the hew  representation of the former  being 16 and of the latter 20  members. Representation of the  remaining three provinces was  unchanged,   viz,.   New  Bruns  wick, 10: Prince Edward  Island 4; and Alberta, 17..  Seven seats were given to Newfoundland on its entry into  Confederation at midnight on  March 31. 1949, raising the  total membership in the House  of Commons to 262.  Since 1941 there have been  some substantial shifts in population as between provinces  and further changes are likely  to take place in provincial  repreentation in the House of  Commons  in  the  next  redist-  ribution of seats following the  1951 Census.  B E T W E E N  Sechelt-Jervis Towing Company  Your Local Complete Marine TOWING SERVICE  AGENTS':���..'' .     ."'  Pender  Harbour:  Bill  Donley���Phone:   Sechelt   11S2  Gibsons.  Reg.  Godfrey���Plione:  Granthams  56  Nanaimo: Phone 555���Night: 1497 or 305  Vancouver:  Phone  PAcific  4558;  Night:  KErr.   6352  '-.'..'     '        , ..     , i  .'.,',p;... Phone TFs Ppllect for Quotations,  ''Tractor Transport No. 1" ��� especially equipped for  hauling oats, trucks and logging equipment by sea  Log Towing  Dredging  Breakwater  Scow Towing  Pile Driving  Wharf and Float Construction  Construction       - Marine Salvage  Salvage Pumps  By  BILL SUTHERLAND  Editor, The Coast News  I HAVE a ways hesitated in  telling 'this story in case  someone thought., me a little  sentimental and laughed at me.  That was in my younger days.  Now I,hope...they:do.  While strolling-with a friend  in Stanley Park, we happened  across one of those surprising  plots of' roses which one so  often 'discovers'' in that, wonderland by  the  Pacific.  Struck by the exquisite  beauty of the various blooms,  we stoppedl and just gazed,  half in wonder--and-half~ih awe  at the waving mass.  Rather    involuntarily     and  quite    aloud,     I    exclaimed,  "isen't     thaft'   a   ,wonderful  thing"?  An old gentleman who had  been standing lost in thought  a bare pace from us, and  before my friend could answer,  turned and said. "Son 'tain,t  surprising,'-God, himself made  'em.  j?  Ready to help you   prepare  for the  warmer months ahead  Catalogue Free on Request  >T EATON c��  WESTERN  'LIMITS?  1 feel like the old gentleman  when I look at the beauties of  the Sechelt Peninsula.- At first  I'm amazed with the scenery,  then I gradually get that feeling  of taking \t for  granted.  After all, there can be nothing  oiit.  of    the    way,   about    the  strange   and   wondrous   beauties that crop up in front  of  N us at all times.      ..���.������  '.    God also made them.  We are very lucky in living  in a land such as this. When  tlie tourists come to our garden  spH, !they will not have to  meet the people so vth'ere is a  very ' good chance that the  Peninsula will sell itself to- the  visitor's and they will return  again.'  We-p.'U know there is nothing  ���wrong with this world, it is  ���just the people in it.  L.S. Jackson., tbk\ logging  man from Wilson Creek, was  telling us abo'uit the Skookum  Chuck country. He offered to  take - yon know the man with  the camera - and myself up  the mine road just north ot:  Kleindale, I believe it is.  When L.S. talks about the  her/dries of that Skookum ���  country he Sounds like a salesman f-r the travel bureau. I  gties�� ^'s pretty at that. It  would have to be to make a  mossy horn like Jackson rear  ���back c'ud talk about panorama.... and wide grand scenery  that makes one think of look-  in^ from an airplane onto  different shades of green mats.  (Continued  on 'page 8)  Please Clip This Directory Out and Hang By Your Phone  For Reference  BEER BOTTLES PLUMBING  Will  call  and   buy  for  cash,  beer  bottles,  scrap meta]  . etc.  Calls  made  at intervals  from  Hopkins   to  Irvines   Landing-  R. H.  Stroshen  Wilson  Creek  CAMERA SERVICE  Plumbing- and Electrical  Supplies,   Fixtures,  Service  Sechelt Building  Supples  Pbone   60  PLUMBING and HEATING  Free^ Camera Service  Buying-   a   better   camera   or  other   photo    equipment?  Your   professional   photographer   will   gladly   advise   you.  Call,   phone   or  visit    C.    G.    Ballentine,  Bal's   Block,   Gibsons  P.es.   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It only  sounds incongrous to hear of  loggers doing it.  Tell Cecil Chamberlain I'm  only joking, about the logger.  l'met Earl Dawe, "watch the  spelling of the last name  please," and he tells me he is  starting the legal firm of Earl  Dawe,. barrister  and  soliciter.  He will work from Wilson  Creek and can turn his hand  at being machinist as well as  throwing Blackthorne around.  Tall and slim, Earl is not ou+  to maike his fortune immediately. "I'll be siatfsfied  to grow with the country,''"  he said seriously. "I think  there -'is an opportunity here,  and if there is too little in  practising law, I'll take what  comes along until there ' is  enough in  the  law  practise."  That is the right spirit and  one to be lauded. I hope he  makes his fortune someday  from his faith in this great  country. We need men like  that.  PRE STOCK TAKING  SALE  20  Off For Cash  TIRES    PARTS      BATTERIES  ACCESSORIES  Wilson Creek Garage  ,  -     ��  ROGER GREEN MANAGER  Weak,  Want Vigor, Vitality?  Thousands positively amazed to get  bo much vigor, taking Ostrex. For  low vitality due Just to poor Wood;:  low in iron, that fceeps so ma"j rundown, fagged-out, nervous. Introductory or "gefr-acqualnted" size  only 60�� Try Ostrex Tonic Tablets  lor new pep,' energy, stronger nerves,  vigor, vitality* younger, feeling,  this very day. At all drug stores.  WORNOiJt  NicRVOUS  drowsy!  N#EP  AlWAYS  TIRED?  GIBSONS. "The influence and mechanics of newspapers,' was  the subject of a ta|lk given to senior students of the High  School by Bill Sutherland, representing The Coast News.  ���������=��������� :���  The talk was  given in lieu  of a normal English. Period,  and covered newspapers from  their origin in the heiroglyph-  ies to'present day, many col-,  oured full page spreads.  Mr -; Suthferlad contended  that "chain" newspapers were  unhealthy.  He pointed out that one  (track influence could be tpo  easily brought to bear on large  sectionsi t of ��� ^phe, populace.  '.'Newspapers' owned by individual, publishers and operated  according to each his own best  principals was the best means  of disseminaftig news without  taint or party allegiance" he  said.  The   spbaker   outlined   the  part played by newspapers in  construction   of  present   day .  texit'   books.   He   outlined   the  method   whereby   text   books  were   born  from  information  and news accumulated through  the   years    and    disected'   by  "basically honest'men, charged  with   compiling   an  unbiased'  digest  of  the  whole  story".  "As this was done some ten  years    following    the    actual  events, chance: of personal likes  and views were less likely to  have  influence   on   the   textbook^ structure and story.  "Newspaper  business  is  a  rough game", the speaker said.  Onfty  tjwo  women, publishers  are actually operating papers  in B.C.,''There are 52���_ weekly'  newspapers in this province."  he said. "There being only two  ladies actually engaged in the  business is a clue to the type,  of work". '  Several pupils asked qUesjt'-  .  ions following the address, one  of    which    dealt!    with;    the  "slanting" of news.  GEORGE MURRAY and HERB,MAY  ���  ���       ������a i."       ��� ���������' ���* ���' ���   ���. '���' '   >  ... who present pleasing patter, and yon3  favorite songs on THE GEORGE MURRA^  SHOW, dally at .11:45 a.m. on ...  'a4��<!���WUM^  mronEEi  FtPST WiTH THE NEWS.  IS YOUR HOUSE GETTING  THE CARE IT DESERVES ?  >  Or are you Prevented from  Making Needed Improvements  by Shortage of Cash?  You've probably been giving  some thought recently to the  spring  clean-mp,   and ,to   the  improvements you would  like  to  make  in. your  home.  And  then perhaps you've come up  against the problem of short- -  age of ready money. If-that's  the   difficulty,   you  ought  to  drop into the Bank of ���Montreal '  at Gibsons or Sechelt and have  a word with Tom LarsOri, the  manager.   He    invites    householders   with   home  improvement'  plans   to    discuss    the  financing  of  them - through   a^  B of M personal" loan Such ai  loan costs only" six'per'cent a  year in  interest.  That  comes,  for example, to just 27 cents a  month   on    $100,    repaid    in  twelve    monthly    instalments.-  It will save you- time, trouble  and  expense to pay all your  repair bills by cash. Why not  call on Mr Larson  tomorrow,  and discuss your plan for home,  improvement with him?  \ '��� .-.: '������" '���' ' ".' Advt..  ������".  The speaker drew a parallel  between ai. well known communist paper and one of the  Vancouver papers, suggesting  that, ^despite not reading the  editorials a person could easily  be influenced by the stories  and their slanting".  "In other words", he said.  "If it person Were to read  nothing but ai communist ot*  far left paper, he would, despite, his ignoring the editorials,  have a leaning toward tlie far  left. . ;;  "The same would apply to  reading conservative 'papers;  As long as papers are written  by human beings with the  frailties of humans, then influences will creep into the  best written story'.'.  The speaker was thanked ^y  School Teather A.D. Goosetrey.  Hni liiplain 1 IViilmih  (Black Ball  Ferries-Seattle)  DISCUSS  THE   ALL  ��������:  ��  AT A  Public  '��� ��� \  Pender Harbour  Boards o^ Trade  CHAIRMAN, KEN WHITAKER  8p.ni


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