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Array A HUMAN torch, W. J. Slade,  farmer of Theodisia Arm was  forced to plunge into the inlet  to save himself after battling  flames aboard his boat which  caught fire Saturday.  A.   Maxwell,  from Hope,  BC,  also   aboard   the   craft,   suffered  ft hand and arm burns. Both men  ||were  rushed to    Powell    River  'Hospital   and     are     recovering  Inicely.  Serving a Progressive and Growl:  Area on B. C.'s Southern Coast,  Covers Sechelt, Gibsons, Port Me  Ion,   Woodfibre,   Squamish,   Irvine  Landing,   Half   Moon   Bay,   Hard-  Island,    Pender    Harbour,    "Wilson.  Creek,   Roberts   Creek,   Granthams*  Landing, Egmont, Hopkins Landing,s  Brackendale,  Cheekeye,  etc.  4l-PROVU^irw 1  FUB__ISH_3D BY TEE COAST NEWS, __ZS��_CTE3>  Business Office:  Sechelt, B.C. Rational Advertising- Office, Powell River, B.  Vol  . 4 ��� No. US/|   x_ki.  Sechelt, B. C.  Friday, Sept. 30, 1949  5c per copy, $2.50 per year, by mail  SMALL PAPER  PC'S/    *    *     /        v   "iS's  If  According to Mr Slade, gas got  into the boat from the tank during the night. They baled it out,  but fumes were ignited when  they started the engine.  The flames were successfully  uelled, but Mr Slade suffered  xtensive  burns.  School Case  Postponed  _H,E   CASE' against  the   School  Board of district 46, protesting  vote on the recent school by-  aw,   has   been   postponed   until  Thursday, October 67  THE COAST News regrets that  owing to change in Gulf Line  sailing schedules, copy from correspondents did not reach the office in time for inclusion in this  week's News.  This accounts for this w.eek's  limited edition , of only four  pages. News correspondents are  particularly requested io take  note of ihe change in printing  day. of from Saturday io Friday,  and lo get their copy in accordingly.  The  News will be back  next  week io its normal eight pages.  Coast News  EFFECTIVE this week The Coast .News will  have a new office at Gibsons .located in  the Gibsons Electric. This convenient location  will make it easier for subscribers and correspondents to contact the paper as the office  will be open every day from 9 to 5.  The Sechelt office of The Coast News  will be closed but a box for messages will be  installed in the lobby of the Union Store so  that any messages may be left there. This  box will be cleared by The Coast News every  Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday,  so that any items for the following week's  paper left in that box will be picked up. To  ensure publication it is advisable to put any  >ibsons  -_/���--��� ...     VS_V*K'.  items or advertisements in The Coast News  box not later than Wednesday. Anything  taken from the box after that may not get in  the paper in the event it is crowded.  Any person desiring to contact the editor  may do so by telephoning either of the Sechelt correspondents, Mrs. Alice French or  Mrs. Cherry Whitaker, or by telephoning the  office or the editor's residence at Gibsons.  It is sincerely hoped that this new arrangement will meet with the approval of the  subscribers and the advertisers and that the  paper will continue to receive the wholehearted support of the residents of this area  in which it serves.  ental Survey Shows  4% Need Attention  Increased School  Attendance Here  Sechelt Trade Board  Incorporation  THE RECENT dental survey conducted by Public Health NOT INCLUDING the Port Mel-  Nurse D. Dando and Dr. A. M. Lowe, 759 children in     Ion figures, the school popula-  :hool  district 46  were examined.  Of this  number over 74 tion in school district 46 has in-  iercent of the school children were found to be in need of creased "this year over last. While THE SECHELT* Peninsula Board of Trade held its first meet-  [erital work and four percent of the 51   pre-school-age chil- there has been a drop in a few in9 under the new executive for this year in the dining  ten-exomtfred-hod defective teeth.                                                schools in most cases there are room of Anne's Coffee Shop at Selma Park on Monday, Sep-  even   more   students   attending tember 26, and many very lively discussions ensued,  the schools this year than last. The two items of major importance that received atten-  The  following  table  shows  the tion were the question of incorporation for Sechelt and the  comparative attendance: location of a liquor store on the Peninsula.  Last  This  JACKSON HEADS   School                         Year Year COMMITTEE                                        Tbe   secretary   was   instructed  Will Issue New  Type Hospital  Insurance Card  Gibsons High  School          54  1 This information was contain-  . ?in a-report of the survey pre-  lared by Public Health Nurse  )ando. ,  At Kleindale school, 10 out of  needed dental work;  Elphin-  bone 19 out of 29; East Roberts  [reek 29 out of 34; Madeira Park  out of 17; Gibsons High 47 out  ***.*�� m.* v***w   wm__ %* Pender Harbor  63; Pender Harbour 40 out of A NEW t        of combined Bill_      Superibr  School _   51  ^Halfmoon Bay 10 out of 14;      ing Certigcate    and    Hospital Madeira  Park  ..,.   13  ibsons  E ementary  158   out  of  Insurance Card has been     g        Sechelt   ,7_������������,..,.��� 164  )^e-^&1-P-^^i��y^?^"-ed.by-,.the-.   Hospital Insurance Bowen Island  -----   18.  ^^M^^tn;Vm1^'  Service.7TMsis^esigrie^   offi.:^^^^^^^^ 7    ;v 7    Ttfo school  i^o^^fdur;Bdv^  ^ of 25jIrYmes7Landmg 19 out fits by enabKrife the District Of-  East Roberts  .....X...X 31  22; and Deserted Bay eight out fices   to  send   out  the  Hospital Elphinstone Bay -.-... 56  9- Insurance Card in one with re-  Gibsons  Elementary 208  This report will be submitted ceipt of payment. All registered Halfmoon Bay  _���_��� 24  the  School   Board  who   will persons who    are    making pay- Irvines Landing   17  en negotiate with Dr. Lowe in ments through    District    Offices Kleindale   .  19  ii   attempt   to   work  out   some will receive a Billing Certificate Port Mellon  .��� 87  inicable plan for treating all the within  the  next  2  to  3  weeks.  Silver  Sands    17  \ildren   and   then   maintaining Instructions will accompany the  Because  he had   studied   the to write a  letter to St. Hilda's  72    subject previously   for   the   Se- Guild    asking    what    assistance  chelt   Improvement   Association, they required in the matter of  54    A. L. Jackson was unanimously  alleviating the overcrowded con-  21    elected as the member to choose ditions of the  graveyard at the  15&    a committee to study the ques- church. It was felt that the Board  23    tion of incorporation and present would be happy to assist in any  its findings toTthe next meeting, way   possible   once   the   needs  X$ Xp .ihT^ecepkn^  26  35  30  221  15  22  14  23  18  Ja<  ackson declared    that    Sechelt  APPOINT VON  had  to  incorporate before  long, REPRESENTATIVE  or   it   would   degenerate   into   a      The  members  felt   that  since  shack town. He declared that it  President Whitaker was already  was only owing to circumstances a member of the VON Board,  which resulted m no one familiar that he would be the 1 ical man'  with the subject being m attend-  to act as the Board of T*ade  ance at the public meeting held resentative to that body,  previously to discuss the matter,  ��� that those opposing it had won  RAT MENACE  gular surveys once or twice a Certificate setting out  the  pre-  married couple with or without their point and the matter had      Lou Hanson brought up the lo-  ;ar. mium rates    and    methods    by  dependents. A revised plan with  been dropped. cation of the Sechelt dump which  There   has   been   no   decision which persons should pay. regard to registrants on payroll      President Ken Whitaker, sug-  the Union Estates  is using and  ade as to how the project will      The Billing Certificate should deduction is now being discuss-  gested that a  committee should suggested that it could result m  \ financed but it is understood be kept in a safe yet accessible  ed with employers. It is  antici-  meet with a committee from the a menace  by attracting  rats to  at  the  department  of  Educa-  place and returned with the first  pated   that   a   satisfactory   plan Gibsons Board of Trade, to try the area   It was decided to ask  jn makes  an- allowance  of so remittance. Those who are pay-  will  be  released  shortly  which  and thrash out an agreement as the   Public   Health   Officer,   Dr.  (uch   per   student   for   dental ing  by  instalments will receive wm  provide  all  payroll deduc-  to ..the best location on the Pen- McColl, to investigate the matter.  ork  and   the  balance ,will  be their   Hospital   Insurance   Card tion registrants with a card by  insula for a liquor store. Several PORPOISE  BAY FLOATS  rne by the parents either on a  after   payment   of   at   least   six  1st January 1950.    - members felt that such a meeting      On    the    suggestion    of    Jim  t rate  of so  much per child months premium. Compulsory    wage    deduction  would    accomplish    nothing    as Parker a letter is to be written to  _r year or so much.per filling.      The   new   premium   rates   re-  orders on account of many un-  each committee would be deter- james Sinclair, MP, urging that  The dental clinic  if instituted,   cently announced are $21.00 for paid 1949 premiums are still be-  mined that their own area was action   be   taken   toward    con-  .riXX+ vX -���-.ppW-p.; ���a ����i'-;  a ^iWlV nprsnn and'��633.nn for a  ine sent out to employers. tne only logical   place   for   the structing the wing floats at Por-  - store and all the reason and logic poise Bay.  available would not sway that These floats have been prom-  opinion. It was felt however that jsed for two years and the ap-  m the interests of harmony and propriation is reported to have  co-operation such a meeting' been made but nothing has re-  should be held and the members sulted. The need for wing floats  .delegated Mr Whitaker to act as was expressed by Mr Parker by  their representative. In the pointing out that at times it is  meantime a petition js to be pre- necessary for boats to tie up ten  riot be compulsory and only  a single person and $33.00 for a  ing sent out to employers,  wishing to participate in it  [all  hose  iSrgef tc?S Ite nominal Speedboat Hits Deadhead, Sinks ...  It will be several weeks before  jrangements can be completed  id the work commenced.  Lucky To Be Alive  [leader's Right  ���Letters To The Editor  ThinlC   CBlCGOVGlf   NGH Jf11*.* +t0 ��Ve7��n^fr��m Wi}S-01X ���&~to��vel\^t'^o���^  _____ __M__MHM.%   ^^-Bm^^^ ^ "**m    m wwm Creek to Pender Harbor asking they would all go," he declared.  ' them to support the demand that      Dave   Walker   suggested   that  5DITOR, Coast News, Sir:             A SPEEDBOAT collision with a sunken deadhead in Okeover the   liquor  store   should   be  lo- an effort should be made to have  l-EING owner of the house that            Arm last Monday, proved near-fatal  for Charlie Bigold cated at Sechelt. -water running out to the end of  Mrs  Phillips  is   occupying,    I  ond Paul Anderson.                                                                   X PROJECTOR DONATION the Porpoise Bay wharf for the  ,ake exception to Mrs Rennie's           The two men  were  near-exhaustion  after  an  hour  of a letter from the Sechelt Film J^-f1 of visiting boats. It was  iery   unkind  remarks   in   your  struggling to keep afloat in the chilly water, before rescue oy Council, asking a donation not to *��* ^at thls would run into con-  )aper.                                                 General and Mrs Palmer, who.although living across the inlet, exceed $30.00  to go toward the siderable expense both m instel-  Read Ex.  20, Verse  15: Thou  heard the cries for help and hurried out in their rowboat. purchase of a movie projector for ��X/���_ ThelvSTE��? the tin.P  fchalt    not    steal    only    money,            The speedboat, a gaping hole torn in its side, sank, car- use of all contributing organiza- J^^ge8^1���^ �� w5Sd  pods,   etc.   Not   also   character.   rying with-jt some $750 worth of tools and logging equipment. ���jjs   m   tne   awtrict   P"*���^ soon be taken care of by a gas  |)He who steals my purse steals.                                                                    ��� ��� moie  tuacu&saon  tnan dny omer , ._     ,_.__     _..__, ��� J _,. ��__  [rash;   He  who  steals   my  good  ~������-Qf "harrowing  anx.  aged Jo clingjo hfe 30-30 rifle - ^lav^^''p"S^e\^to ^Db^g^ W^ranted-  lame steals all."  HARROWING  ORDEAL                                                              nn        ' single subject. While most mem-  bar^e    beinS    stationed    there  eal of harrowing anx- fged  to cling to his 30-30 rifle  _!_������_.���  a-1-        ���*    through all  this, lost it at this ���   .Ul^uv,i ���__ ���iWVA ������������ ifc WBMa  Mrs Rennie says they are not lety   was   endured  by   the   wile juncture in the interest of the community      A    suggestion    was    proposed  .rantham's   people.    Well,   they  of- Mr   Anderson,   who   was   at LUCKY AND UNLUCKY to  have one   the    principle    of that the trucks hauling black top  re here to stay, I hope, as they home at the time of the accident.      Both men think they are lucky making  donations by the Board  from   'Gibsons    and    returning  ire some of the best tenants and Warned by the barking and howl k to be alive but look back some- was a precedent   they   did   not  emPty could load at Sechelt with  friendsl ever had, perhaps after  ing of her dogs that something what ruefuiiy at a catalogue of wish to have started                         gravel  and  fill in some of the  ill there are few of us who do was wrong Mrs Anderson  went recent misfortunes.  Capt. Andy Johnston, speaking  worst sections  of road.  .ot   live   in   glass  houses.    We outside,  where  she    heard    the      Recently   Mr   Bigold   suffered in favor of the donation was of Jackson   pointed    out    however  hould  all,, think    twice    before faint cries for help. Without    a a head injury when hit by a fall- the opinion that unlike other do- that thls would involve further  hrowing stones. boat she was helpless and had to timber and Mr Anderson lost his nations  asked for by individual expense and at the present time  Yours Truly,   . stand by, waiting and hoping.       home on okeover Arm by fire organizations, this was a matter ^ appropriation for this work  Mrs Spencer, 20 yrs. res. Impact of the collision hurled only last month. for betterment of the community J}ad.been exceeded and it would    the men 40 feet, but despite be-      Ironically, the rifle he tried to as   a  whole and  therefore  war- be fortunate if the 30b was coming hampered by heavy clothing, save was the" one his wife   re- ranted the support of the Board. Pleted   without  any further ex-  "It's  yoorz," moaned  the old- xnackinaws    and    calked  boots, trieved from their burning home.      a  committee headed  by   Ben Pense being added,  timer.   "I've  got  a  bad  case  of they managed to swim back to      The   speedboat   an     18-footer, Larig and having Jack Main and  ^oorz." the    sinking    speedboat    which owned by Mr Bigold, sank in 200 Andy Johnston as membejs^��ra_a��g  "What's yoorz?" asked the puz- went under as they tried to climb feet of  water.  Despite this,  at^ set up to study the questio^ldKr1                                              0 9  zled friend. aboard.                               7              tempts will be made to salvage to bring in their findings at the                                      \fXHOJ��0lA  "A double Scotch, thanks." Mr  Anderson  who  had  man- at least some of the equipment, next meeting.                                                                   ^WT*_'vJI&0HcI Halfmoon Bay  By MURIEL WELSH  2 THE COAST NEWS, Friday, Sept. 30, 1949 Mrs   Gatey is   a   magistrate   of D77<r^c  Qen<!itixr& a r��dar beam on a flock of mi-   ���  Exeter   City   Bench    in   Devon,  J    ^    /     �� grating  ducks.  The birds flared  ���close  to   hand   and   a   convivial  chairman  on  the   board   of the To Radar Beams up  and  changed their  direction  .  friend to enjoy it with ��� what  Exeter an<* mid Dwan Hospital A VERY great deal remains to as though they had been shot at. .'  a dream ��� wonder if it will ever  management committee, keeps a      be  disC0vered  about bird mi-  Thls  reaction  to  a  radar  beam  materialize? fmger   on   the   running   of   five gration,  and the subject is  still was   constant   and   moving   pic-  However,  we  have   heard   of  newspapers and fills in any spare  one that is receiving much study.  tures of the birds were taken,  some  fortunate    ones    who    are  tl?ie   running   a   house,   looking  what makes birds migrate, what      This   year,  through  the  cour-  NOW THAT mir Qiimmpr euests about to embark to points of in-   after_.   her    family,    addressing  infiuences them on their flights  tesy of the Royal Canadian Air  have darted from our midst terest. meetings and opening bazaars.      and how do they find their way  Force, equipment and men went  we ran beein to think of takins Mrs pete Meuse is busy pack- Mrs Gatey was brought up to the same place year by year? to Delta, in Manitoba, during two  a vacation ourselves and how inS for a trip to Texas, motoring thinking of law and order and Little really definite and accur- weeks of the spring migration.  we would eniov it     ' down and visiting points of in- the public weal. Her mother, the  ate  data  is   available    but   one  Their experiments confirmed the  ' >.i    f     ���+ ���     ih    terest en route. She will be ab-  late  Lady  Owen, was one time  thing that has become known in  first observations in every detail.   !  c,n��Xiari In a nnr^XnH^ ^rrSf  sent about one month. Mayoress  of Exeter and one of  recent  years  is  the   reaction  of      Every  time  the    radar  beam  with   a  taU  glLs   of  sCmethTng      Mrs F. Claydon is on her way ^-^^^^^2? pointed migrating birds to radar. was thrown on a flight of birds  with a "spot of" in it and a cool to visit her brother in Toronto.  magistrate m England  green mint spray floating on top      While  a  friend  of mine,  Mrs      Mrs Gatey also has been Ma.y-  lit-  5itv.11    -ii-ixi/   _>j-_aj    iwai/Uig   un    \,\j%j hupip.     a.     -_._p-_.ii-p.     vi     __i.___*_,     ipx��- - - _,, . .  or an olive coyly resting on the M.  Kirk Gatey,  J P of Exeter, oress ot Exeter  bhe is a tiny  bottom,    nibbling    at    wafers England,  is  visiting  her son-in- tie   woman   but  lull   ot  energy.  on-oviri     -.iri'+u    JXrvpn    ^,vi/^f..tvi_> lopir  r>���A  ^opprtVitoY-   iv/iv ^nA  Tv/Tfo one loves people.  spread     with    some    delectable law  and daughter, Mr and Mrs  spread,   one   of  the  new   books  A.  S.  McConkey,  in Vancouver.  She flew out here the end of  Peninsula  Agents for  B.C. AIR LINES LTD.  PROMPT SERVICE  COURTEOUS  PILOTS  For Reservations  PHONE 66 or 66W  PENINSULA CABS  B.C. AIR LINES LTD.  During the war years, Ameri- they flared up and changed  can radar experts were experi- course and when one flight had  menting and happened to throw been caught three times they be-   ���  came so confused that they pan-  quota for the year. {ck.ed *"* scattered mdependent-  , ^ .���!.����� k t The next meeting will be held ^ JJ all directions. The odd thing  August and will be flying back Qct 13 at the home rf Mrg wilf is that local birds seem to pay  October 18, in time to inspect gcott Redroofs no attention to radar which has  the   18  hospitals  in  her  charge            '       ,   M    ' ��-,���.--   c:mTy,on   this markedly unsettling    effect  before the Hospital Board meets      ^' ��*^^thei? guests M?b�� ��$ ��V^^wVT ���.* ***  later in the month   Strong rnen Bi p      Hpp|  0ntario  Mr  and   migrating   What   it   means  might quail at the thought of her     h rf     R d       ���*       Clarence  1S  ?SL aff ��� TYSt   Y  bUt ? ,?V? >  many 3obs and untiring energy.    Cornell        35ontreal<  Tb>e  latter  ornithologists    a    new  field   to g  The first VON meeting for the  came u    on the halfmoon Lady'  �����r* 0n X ^Tv,^T        1  season was held at the home of  on a ru��- trip to see Mr Simpson.  Se7h ��^Cf     t^t   ^��� v^" 5  Mrs  Grace  Curran on Sept.  22,  L  Bisset enioved the fishinsr al-  firms   the  theory     that     ducks,  when plans for a sale of work ^^L hal little succe^ Se  f^f  a��*   ��^  ���te*���l are I  were discussed,  to be held at Mar- re���iarked  that   the  fellow   who  ���el1 *head ��f hu?fn b?mf? m I  ion Hall Nov. 4 Please remember wasn��t there caught most of the  the science of aerjal navigation.   $  the  date.   All  kinds   of   useful fjsb>  j>e.,  the rod that was left ��� fl  things, and decorative ones too, unattended in the oarlock brack-  Smile Awhile t  will be on sale and with Christ- ,et! k\  mas practically upon us this will      Sept   19  report  omitted  men-      Two      commercial      travelers f  make your Christmas gift shop-  tioning   that  the   turkey   dinner  were discussing the careless way Jj  ping very easy. was given by Mr and Mrs Os-  m   which   trunks   and   suitcases, |  In    addition,    there    will    be waid   0n  the   occasion   of   their  were handled by some  railway* |  bingo, cards,  home cooking and thirty-second  wedding  annivers-  companies. .J  refreshments. ary. Fire Chief Murphy and Mrs      "I  had   a  very  cute   idea for'J  We hope you will all come and  Murphy    of    North    Vancouver  preventing that once," said one. jg  help us raise the balance of our were the guests of honor. "I labeled each of my bags with!  ���       Mrs Harry  Lennox is visiting  'Take   Care^-China.'" JJ  Mr and Mrs Oswald this week,      "And did that work?  while Peggy Oswald was a week-      "I   don't   know���they   shipped f;  end guest.  Mr and Mrs Woodworth and  Mrs Pike are this week's guests  at 'Roseheath', the summer home  of Mr Ed Greaves.  Ed has a new canning outfit  and hopes to have a nice lot of  canned salmon to take home for  the winter.  Met Mrs Kingten a few days  ago. Glad to report she is much  better and seems to be getting  back into her old stride.  The editorial 'The Board  Works for You" was really worth  reading, and I have often wondered why we have no woman  members. If we already have,  why not a few more. Collectively, women can do so much for  the community. How about it  girls?  Cherry Whittaker's articles are  delightful reading at all times,  but the Sept. 12 one surpassed  them all in my humble opinion.  Her description of her children's nocturnal doings we thoroughly enjoyed reading. Lets  have more of these humorous articles please.  t SASH  -�� DOORS  -�� MILLWORK  i FRAMES  We do it.  Gibsons Building Supplies  Phone Gibsons 53  the whole lot to Hong Kong."  .��  LAMB  FINE OLD  NAVY RUM  '; i  TALKATIVE PASSENGER  ONE OF THE most interesting  passengers ever to fly Trans-  Canada Air Lines left here recently. He was Peter, a 32-year-  old parrot who was en route to  Montreal with his owner. The  bird sang, danced, talked as  clearly as any 32-year-old and  insisted on his audience joining  in his songs. "You sing too," he,  ordered when shy fellow travellers neglected to participate,  prior to departure.  1849  i  '..  l/Ae Spi/Ut   _  ofu-Gtitittof  Bottled s- Shipped by m  ALFRED LAMBeSON uf  LONDON,ENGLAND  This advertisement is not published oil  displayed by the Liquor Control Board or |j  by the Government of British Columbia.i  *(/a/7faw 4for<p#ff'$ /# fotm.,'  :;. and British Columbia is discovering what an  amazing difference Captain Morgan Black Label Rum  makes to your favourite drink. The cleanest-tasting rum  you've ever enjoyed, Captain Morgan Black Label  Is extra smooth and flavourful. Say "Captain Morgan  Black Label" next time you buy.  RUM  Tbh a&vtrtistmtnt is not published or displayed by The Liquor Control Board  or by the Government of British Columbia.  ./j.-r.  AVAILABLE  THROUGHOUT  THE PENINSULA  Canadian   Legion   Tickets  offering  gift awards worth  $5,000,00  Tickets 50c each  Sponsored by  Canadian  Legion Branch  140  Sechelt  28 AWARDS TOTALING $5000.00  5 First Prizes of $300 each  5 Second Prizes of $250 each  10 Third Prizes of $150 each  8 Fourth Prizes of $100 each  _*  Prizes in merchandise of your own choosing.  Drawing October 19,1949  Buy a book of tickets���the more tickets you  have  the more prizes you can win. Claim Hospital Costs Too High ...  THE COAST NEWS, Friday, Sept. 30, 1949  3  NOTING a deficit in the BC hospital insurance scheme for the  first year, and a sharp rise in hospital costs at the same  time,. Associated Boards of Trade of the Lower Mainland and  Fraser Valley at Powell River referred to committee an investigation of hospital administration and operating costs. ��  The ABTLMFV is holding its   quarterly meeting in Powell that geveral investigations had  River Today guests of the Pow- or were being madee in various  ell River  and District Board of ^        hospitals  in the province,  Trade  "We should investigate the possibility of more efficient and  economical operation of B.C.  hospitals/' a member said. "If is  not ihe intention to criticize the  and that possibly one reason for  the loss was that "there are too  many paid investigators making  long and  costly investigations."  A delegate said that following  B.C. Hospital Insurance scheme, *he inauguration of the hospital  .although we feel the rates are insurance, nearly all hospitals  W high; they are higher than *>ad be��n organized, from jam-  elsewhere iors and maids UP  *�� ihe loP"  f "Hospital day rates have in- ?nd *"��* J�� some cases wages  creased since the insurance went 'u���Ped 160 percent as a result.  into effect, although we were _The meeting discussed the use  told at one time that the reason oi a uniform road sign and di-  iiospital rates were high was that ��**">? .sl��ns for points of his-  a large number of people never torical interest for all cities,  paid their bills. Now the govern- towns> villages etc. which  ment pays all bills but the rates would, on a distinctively design-  are higher than ever."  ed  background,   give  population  Aftother*  speaker "pointed   out  and mileage figures.    ��� It asked the provincial education department to establish  schools as far from busy highways as possible, in the interest  of safety.  Information a year* to 18  months in advance regarding the  program of the provincial public  works   department   for  highway  HOW MUCH WILL  IT COST?  Get our quotation.  Gibsons Building Supplies  Phone Gibsons 53  MARINE ��� COMMERCIAL ��� DOMESTIC  REFRIGERATION  Sales and Service  WALK-IN BOXES ���  DEEP FREEZERS  ���   HEATING and OIL FURNACES  GUARANTEED  SECOND  HAND COMMERCIAL  REFRIGERATOR UNITS FOR SALE  W. J. NAYLOR  ROBERTS CREEK  Phone Roberts Creek 24K  Choice  THIS CAPITAL is interested in  reports from Ottawa that former Premier John Hart may be  the province's next lieutenant-  governor, succeeding Hon  Charles A. Banks, when his term  of office expires in a year or  two.  If Mr Hart should take the  position he would be the third  British Columbian to hold the  province's two highest offices.  The only other two were Hon  James Dunsmuir and Hon E. G.  Prior, both of whom were premier and later lieutenant-governor, the former retiring in 1909  and the latter dying at Government House in 1920.  ��� Mr Hart would be a popular  choice as lieutenant-governor. He  and his quiet, gracious wife  would be the perfect couple in  the big mansion that the taxpayers keep up for the representative of the King in this  province. Mr Hart's the born  host, generous to a fault, a believer in lavish hospitality, a  stickler for etiquette and protocol.  PROGRESS ON PGE  Premier Byron Johnson in recent days has inspected extension work on the PGE between  Quesnel and Prince George. He  must have been astonished at  the progress made in a comparatively short time, for work only  started in July. People up north  are now calling the PGE "Boss'  Johnson's railway���for he was  the one who didn't only talk  about extending the road, but  went ahead and actually started  the job. For that he will go down  in our political history ������ as a  genius, if the road eventually  pays, as a blunderer if people  get the idea more millions were  plunged into a railway that could  never be worth anything anyway. That is a chance that heads  of governments must take. They  must think out their problems  well, make their decisions, stand  by them and hope for the best.  A government with a shillyshallying head can never be a  good government. There must be  bold decisions from the top.  RAISING THE CASH  While the premier was looking  over the tearing away of the  forest to make way for his new  repair and construction will be  sought, in order to save duplication of time and effort on both  sides when support was being  sought on behalf' of member  boards in areas for road maintenance or construction.  railway, his minister of finance,  Hon Herbert Anscomb, was in  Toronto talking to-the big eastern Canadian money men, raising the dollars to extend the  PGE. Mr Anscomb took off from  the capital by air and he was  in fine fettle, sure he would be  able to raise $20,000,000 at three  percent. He had no hesitation in  saying "the province's finances  are in good repute in the eastern market." The government-  controlled B.C. Power Commission will get $7,000,000 of. the  new loan for its rapidly expanding services; another $11,000,000  or so will go into roads and  railway building.  Looking out on the province  from Victoria, it is easy to see  that British Columbia is on the  march. Certainly the government  is spending plenty of money, but  that is what the people want.  They told the government last  June the great spending program was OK by them. The  government put up the program  and the public endorsed it.  There should be no misunderstandings on that score. That's  the way democracy works.  The Old Established  Genera! Store at  PENDER HARBOUR  SUPPLYING:  Families, Fishermen  and Camps  Provisions,  Hardware  Marine  Supplies  Ladies' and Children's  Wear  Home  Oil  Products  Fish Buyers  Refrigeration  Fresh Supplies Always  at  Hassans' Landing  Midway South Shore  Bring Your Repair Jobs to Us!  Boot Tanks, Warm Air Heating Furnaces Repaired  Range and Heater Repairs  CHICKEN FARM EQUIPMENT  GUTTERS AND DOWNPIPE.  AIR CONDITIONING  /  Sheet Metal   Works  Laurie Speck, Gibsons Phone Gibsons 8R  r  Red Cedar Yellow Cedar Fir  IN ALL DIMENSIONS  ROUGH - PLANED - SHIPLAP  We deliver anywhere on the Peninsula  BURNS & JACKSON SAWMILL  Phone Wilson Creek 15M-2 Wilson Creek  DeLuxe  FISHING  GUIDE  SERVICE  POWER BOAT  ROW BOAT RENTALS  WATER TAXI  FISHING TACKLE  RENTED  BAIT AVAILABLE  Next  to  Gibsons  Wharf  HARRY  SMITH,  MGR.  Phone GIBSONS 28  m\ __�� i _���_���_-  echelt-Jervis Towing Co.  Your Local Complete Marine Towing Service  LOG TOWING ��� YARDING ��� SCOWS ��� DREDGING  PILE DRIVING ��� SALVAGE  Special Facilities for Quifk Movement of Cats, Logging Trucks and  General Camp Equipment  PHONE US COLLECT FOR RATES  GIBSONS ��� Mr. Reg Godfrey, Tel. Granthams. 10U2  SECHELT ��� Coast News, Phone 32  PENDER HARBOUR���Bill  Donley, c/o Hassan's Store, Tel.  6U  NANAIMO���The Nanaimo Towing Co.  Ltd.  Tel., Day 555; Night 1497 or 305  Area Agent���Mr. H. Spalding, Pender Harbour, Tel. 6 S 2  GULF LINES LTD.  Special Sailing  Monday. October 10th. Thanksgiving  M.V.  GULF MARINER will leave Blubber Bay South-  bound at 1:30 P.M., calling:  VANANDA  2:00 P.M.  WESTVIEW  3:00 P.M.  PENDER HARBOUR    -  5:00 P.M.  HALFMOON  BAY      -  6:00 P.M.  WILSON  CREEK  7:00 PM.  arriving VANCOUVER    -  9.30 P.M.  Southbound sailing from Westview  1:00 A.M. Monday cancelled for this date only.  GULF LINES LTD.  FERRY WHARF, Ft. Columbia Ave.  TA. 2141  VANCOUVER, B.C.  sswrs THE COAST NEWS, Friday, Sept. 30, 1949  by. is progressing very well, and  his parents expect his discharge  from hospital soon.  BOWEN ISLAND  By PEARL PUNNETT  BRITANNIA  BEACH  By  SLIM  ill. I will see her before next  week and give you her news on  her trip. Mrs Adamson is still in  Vancouver General Hospital. She  may be out next week.  By JUDY  Mr  and   Mrs   Ole  Kleven,   of MR  AND  Mrs Peter  Grant re- HELLO, Folks. September 27 and _,^v    Reyburn    and    Lorraine  Madiera Park, are expected back      turned to Vancouver this week      a very beautiful day. Ji.tw T���        +*     r        ���  from a brief stay in the city, this  after   spending   the   summer   at       A    .    J . *   "    ,, xF   1        Edmonton     Lorraine  their cottage on Wood's beach.        .Arrived home from Vancouver came home with a diamond  on  with Barbara Ann,  who was  at her  linger.    The  lucky  man   is  Mr Nels Anderson of Madiera      Congratulations    to    Mr    and the dentist getting six teeth out. Wally Wilson.  EOBBY   Edwardson,   son   of  Mr  and Mrs Albert Edwardson, of week.  ��� Madiera   Park,   was   taken   seri- __         ously  iii  recently,  and on Wed-  par]_ spen^ theVeek-end inVan-  Mrs Don Waterson on the" arrival She "had a whl__?of"gas~andlt  nesday    _ast   was   flown   to   the  _������_     . ���f ���   _  on  September 25th at was all over in about four min- ,   ~"����  ^w��u��-y  is  leaving  ,      r^r,��.ai      Hospital, utes and no ill effects whatever. J";r h��}ldayJ      I t0 V1Slt her S1S"  ..-    ' ter.   Mrs   Humphrey,   of  Powell  couver.  Mr and Mrs Pete Klein's 2%-  of a son  Vancouver  General  Vancouver General Hospital. His  lather   ac-ompanied  him  in  the      alL aim ivus rcic xviciiis *-��- Wp,cr},f q m*   fi n���   nnmp "TVr w~'   x  plane, while Mrs Edwardson tra-  year-old son ran into misfortune ^T/s�� JJ t^r^iiA' S^iurr ��rS      Several ladies of the trail have River,  veiled   to   Vancouver  via  Jervis  0n Sunday when he ran on to a  Express.  On  latest reports Bob-  hornet's nest. The child was literally covered with stings. After  Edith  Newbury  is  leaving  on  ry", first grandchild for Mr and cn^^iT   T 1     ��VJ.     _.   .  Mrs   Tack Berrv spent the last week m bed with      ��-    m        ���..._,    .  Mrs Jack Berry. the ,fJu  Mrg M McLeodj ^ wag      Mr Tom Wills is  visiting her  *,, - .   . .   J A    OA ,,      ,    TT Mr  and   Mrs J. Jamieson  re-  Quite ill.  Mrs  Tough   is  still in �����.ther at Trail. Mrs Wills  and  StfK^Vmen. WflinPn      ?+m,g S,hed t0 ?* MaryS .If��S_  turned  to  Calgary    this    week.  bed. Mrs Todd, who arrived back Jwms wen} to Vancouver today  u f ___^S5, HWiSfei!    pital,   the  youngster  was   taken Th      had been on vacation here, from England on Sunday, also is *��r aTweek to visit her mother,  Mrs Jeary.  v  home.  We can sympathize with staying with the latter's mother  this poor little tyke. One hornet '  T& Rrarid  sting is plenty painful, let alone Mrs J' -"rana.  about fifty. Mr  gainSJjy.S'lb  Get New Pep, Vim, Vigor  tVii-x _ tlu-it* Bony limbs DU out; ugly Hollow*  Mi up; ueci. to longer ecrawny; body loses half-  ii&r-ed. akv.ly "bean-pole" look. Thousand-* W  Kir;- wuuien. men, who never oould gain before  _re now proud ot shapely, be&ltby-looklng bodies  They thank the special vlgor-bullding, flesh'bulldtns  tonic. Ostrex. Its tonics, stimulants. Invlgorators.  iron vitamin Bi. calcium, enrloh blood, improv*  *P!>.rite and digestion so food gives you mom  atre.-ijuli and nourishment; put flesh on bare bonoti .... ...    .��� ,  fk>n i rear getting too tot. stop when yo_-v�� gain**!    couver are visiting with Mr and  ver exchanged vows with Walter       xt,A   tliCUi ""cyiiiuoxi me new-   anA j^ Trpr_r ��!-___   t+ ,���.n  .., ,,,5?r_oibs.yo���ne?dfo..n,rma1^ht    Mrg A_ McDonald ft Garden Bay   jer ^n^vowB w"*, Calitonia,   andjm very glad^It will mean  Mr   and   Mrs   Gordon     Lvons nett, Bowen Island. The Rev. S.  ���    a        travelhJlS   in   a   pale '  ano^farnHv ^f  Garden Bay  arl G. Wo olfrey officiated at the eer-  bjue dress,  topped with a  Glen      Mrs   Bill   McLean   has  moved   ?  f"vSS^e? o? alLrfvisft     emony. The" bride, given in mar- l^Zd'"^^ T* "*  Si ^^ *?* H*rold-Bru��� and   <  riage by her father, was gowned  an or<*ld corsage.  On  their re-   son, so welcome to Britannia.  * ���-������"-        ���+'">   Mr   and   Mrs   W.   Punnett   cause." Mr Roy Collins support-      Had a very short visit on Sun-  Roy  Collins  came    down Mr plgr�������' and^ushe^  were day when  Mrs  Ed  Carsen  and  Mrs Bill Cameron and daueh    fro��� Boston Bar to be best man f*f^Z��Ug{ M�� CaiVm f ^ a.Smith' droPPed in  Mrs Bill ^ameron and daugn-        ,    Punnett.Gowe weddinff on      ost .and Mr Douglas Gowe. A  on me.  But  it was nice seeing  o"  thTcUy  c^  Sunadarwheere ��XWS  **  P -   S'tSe ^^^^^^^^  *"**"*    h^    the^    "o-  tor  tne  city  on  Sunday,  where *    TTnitpj rhuvoh  VanrnnvPr   where over  100 guests gathered   again and stay longer,  they will spend a few days. Knox United C^^^cwve* t       ih the ^                  e health                           y  Mr and Mrs  T   Rennie nf Van Margaret Grace   daughter ot Mr and happiness.                                         } hear  the  vote for   the  new  Mr and Mrs J. Rennie of Van- and Mrs C. H. Gowe of Vancou-      ^ ^^ Wymooft ^ new_   school at Squamish went through  .'���xif little. New "get noaualnted" b1m only  Trj  famous Ostrex Tonl' Tablets for new Tlgo;  p.nri ulded pounds, this very day. At al) druggists  0$5#  DEMERAM  RUM  Miss Patsy Lee is also a  city jn whife organza, with fitted bo-  tu.^      .      ^ .  visitor. dice   and   long  sieeves,   off   the ^lU ^ake their home on Bowen  A   miscellaneous   shower   was  shoulder neckline and full skirt    s an ���  held,    September    22,     at    the and   carried   a  cascade   of  pmk      Mr and Mrs Peter Wood and  Nurses'   Home,   Garden   Bay,   in rosebuds. Mrs Arthur Dorman,    went    to  honor   of   Mrs   William   Donley,      The four attendants were Mrs  Vancouver   to   attend   the   Pun-  the former .Miss Dorothy  Goth- Reg. Kavanaugh and Miss Eileen nett-Go we -wedding,  eridge,    whose    marriage    took  Gowe in mauve nylon and Mrs      ���        ���  place    recently    in    Vancouver.  Fred   Prowse   and   Miss   Shirley      Mrs James Collins was in Van-  Misses    Dorothea    Wilson    and Goodwin in turquoise nylon, the couver this week for a few days  Pamela Pollard were joint host- first three being the bride's, sis-  visit with her daughter, Mrs Stu-  esses,   assisted   by   some   of   our ters. Little  Judy Braidwood,   as  art Jameson and family,  ladies. The lounge was tasteful- flower girl, was dressed in yel-      Miss Bertha Smith ha* rPt������  iy decorated with pink and white low orffanza and carried a bas- _>,. u     ��J��rtna ?Tmittl has return-  streamc;    a<?   was  the   table   and   . Y  S S             mu          ���        **    a    ed home from Vancouver after a  streams,  as   was  tne  tame,   ana ket   f fiowers. The senior attend- vacation of three wpplr<?  Hanked with pmk candles About ants carried colonial nosegays.      ^cation of three weeks.  30 guests attended. After the at-      Duri      the gi    ing of the reg   ESS!  adtlic^sU^eCshmWe^ ^^^^2^����^  were served.  Selma Park  Hairdressing Shop  Modern hair  styling. Competent    work.  DOLLY  JONAS  r'hone tor Appointments  Mr and Mrs Norman Helland  and Ernie Cathcart, all of Powell River, visited our harbor  over the week-end in the 37%-  foot   Colin-Archer  double   ender  Special Canaid  Christmas Parcel  This advertisement is not published  or displayed by the Liquor Control  Board or by the Government of  British Columbia.  FLOOR SANDER  RENTAL  Gibsons Building Supplies  Phone Gibsons 53  Wxz ��oast Mews  New Fall Goods Just Arrived  Men's Sweaters. Sport Shirts, Underwear and Slacks  . . . the best.  THE MENS SHOP  BAL'S BLOCK  GIBSONS  A SPECIAL   CANAID Christmas  parcel   will  be   announced   by  the United Emergency Fund for  Britain   to   supplement   the   five  standardized parcels now available through the organization  for delivery to designated individuals in the United Kingdom.  Complete details regarding cost  and   contents  of    the    Yuletide  package,     which    will    include FOR SALE   canned  turkey  and all the  fes-   QENT'S   overcoat,     dark  tive trimmings, will be released      nearly   new    size     42  shortly- length     $20.00.     Gent's '  Commodities   in    the  CLASSIFIED  ADVERTISING  3 Lines (15 words) for 35c 3 Insertions (same ad) 75c  Extra words, above 15-word mm., 2c each.  Cash with order.  Notices, Engagements, Marriages, Deaths, etc., 75c Insertion  LITTLE ADS ... .BIG RESULTS  ROOM AND  BOARD���  blue, ROOM and board or just    room  good,    available in  comfortable priv-,'  ���      .,        . ,        -    ,   . dress ate home at Selma Park. Phone I  Canaid watch and chain, 17 jewel, good Sechelt 32 for details       254*.-tfr, '  parcels   are   selected   for     their make,   $25.00.   Single   cot,   mat- =������  '  quality   and   attention   will    be tress   and   pillow,   metal   frame  FOR SALE���  given to expedite the shipments  and  springs,   almost new,   $5.50. - 3 SPEED electric outboard mot- \  so  that the  parcels  will  arrive Apply  Mrs.   D.   Erikson,  Wake-      or runs off car battery   Ideal  in time for Christmas. The par-, field, West  Sechelt. for lake fishing. A snap at $40 00  eels are packed in  Canada and -,np oattt  Write   w-   E-   Haskins,   Irvine's I  shipped in quantity to the UEFB fO�� SALE��� Landing. tfn  Derby  warehouse    in    England, 19f.8 CHEV- sedan with two new . . J^_  where an ample stock is main-   ,tires   ancl  engine    in    perfect FOR  SALE��� x-  tained   of   all   Canaid   packages. ^ape;A llt1tle ^dy work neces- POT  TYPE   oil   burner  kitchen j  To ensure a fresh supply at all **? *��. makf ^ a V~ry good      stove> a11 white enamel, in ex-  times, shipments are made regu- ��?r- ?rlce ^ $500.00. See Jack  cellent    condition    and     lovely  Dennis or Phone Sechelt 66. baker.   Also   air    tight    heater  Thanksgiving  DA N C E  IN-AID OF TEEN TOWN CLUB  Bals Hall, Gibsons  Oct. 8 ��� 9-12  Ladies 50c      ' Gents $1.00  Beautiful Jacket being  raffled ��� Tickets 3 for 25c  larly.  A heavy   demand is  expected  X  2546-10  pipes   and   stove    board.     Both  very   reasonably   priced.   Apply/  Twr-~   Clement, Granthams Land-  2655-11  Mrs.  Careful   handling.  Specify Gulf Lines Express,    tf  VttUNTERS.  .22 CAL. COOEY RIFLE    Single Shot ���Bolt Action  ; Walnut stock.  Shoots 22 Short, fiL *M    *WI     B*f%  4Long or Long ? 1 "____��� ^U  Rifle shells." ..._..���.���     * *  .   .22 CAL,; DOMINION SHELLS  SHORT���Box of 50 ._L__L-___.___ .  38c  LONG���Box of 50  55c  LONG RIFLE���Box of 50 ... 60c  LONG RIFLE MUSHROOM���Box of 50-------: 65c  MARSHALL'S HARDWARE  Serving the Peninsula  Phone 33 Gibsons  for the Canaid Christmas Parcel. FOR SALE���  The cost will be within the range 2 ROOM LOG cabin and float.  ing  of the average individual desir-      Furnished or unfurnished. Also       ing to send gifts of food overseas. 30-ft.   troller  with    6     cylinder PERSONAL��� ^  The  UEFB  offers this  economy Chrysler Ace marine engine, any SHIP BY Gulf Lines Express to  and convenience in an effort to reasonable   cash   offer   accepted.      or from Vancouver. Low rates,  increase the supply  of food    to phone Erlc Evans 6672 or 21081  Fast   service  the people who are in such dire or write Powell River.   need- SUMMER homesites in the cele-  After  an order is received in brated and beautiful Jervis In-  the Toronto office of the UEFB, let area on Vanguard Bay, any  labels are prepared and airmailed size you desire from 2 acres up,  to Great Britain for dispatch of at only $100 per acre. Vanguard  the parcel tp the recipient. The Bay  offers  unexcelled   boat  an-  entire   operation   is     completed chorage. Cod and salmon fishing  within two  weeks of the initial with   fresh   water   lake   only   1  \ order. block   inland.  For  details  write  *    : ; ��� to W.  E.  Haskins,  Pender  Har-  sailing ketch which was launch- k01*'   ed at the paper town on July 28. 1934 CHEV. Special sedan, $295  Incidentally,     the     builders     of "  j  .IHCOMWHUIO-  iw noma or tmsiiauHW  LAND ACT  Notice  of Intention to Apply to  Lease Land  IN LAND  Recording District  of  \  cash.    Terms:   $125   cash,  $20 ��� J^S^h^" ��c   ^^ *  same are my own dad and broth-  month for 10  months. Motor in Bargain Harbour, B.C.  er, Bert and Norman Helland, lovely shape, good tires, uphol- Take notice that Donald Angus  so naturally I am a little proud, stery and body pretty well beat MacDonald of Pender Harbour,  It took them three and a half up���but good reliable transpor- B.C., occupation fisherman in-  years   to   build.   This   was   the tation.  Phone  Sechelt 32. tends to apply for a lease of the  maiden   voyage    of  the   "Nora- 2525-tfn following described lands:���  leen," and the folks visited vari       _ . .        .   .    _    .   ,  ous  ports  on  Vancouver   Island  FOR SALE ���       , Commencing at a post planted  before coming up here on their HAND crochet bedspread, double at the South West corner of Lot  I homeward trip bed size. 330 individual doilies 15 proceeding in a northerly dir-  made up this lovely white spread, ection along the foreshore of Lots  Mrs Allan Brooks and Mrs I.  Selling for cost of materials, only 15 and 16  and    continuing    120  McGusty   of   North   Pender   Is- $68.00. Apply Mary Jackson, In- feet  along the foreshore of Lot  land, friends of Mrs H Spalding,  dian   Reserve,  Sechelt    2530-tfn 17'D.L. 1392 Plan 5388, and con-  are guests at Garden Bay.   taining foreshore, for the purpose  t__t       _-���      rr 1 x   ^ ���    j   JS? SSS^      x-i        ,   t        ,.        of floats,  net sheds,  approaches  Mrs   Jim  Helmer    entertained  FOR RENT until next June fur- etc ' .-.    1  the younger set at a joint birth-      nished  cottage  with    electric-  day    party   "recently.    Honored  ity and inside plumbing. Phone Donald Angus MacDonald.  were   Janey   Helmer   and   Patsy  Mrs. Wigard, Sechelt 21H2.            Dated September 10th, 1949.  Reid.                                                                                                      2548-10 48-4 The farther north a bird summers, the farther south it will  winter.  Why Belong to a Parent-Teacher Assn.?  PAINTING?  Use the Best.  Large stock CIL  Gibsons Building Supplies  Phone Gibsons 53  William Pitt 'was the Prime  Minister of England- at the age  oi 24.  Roger Green  Your Chevrolet Dealer  See our stock of used cars  and trucks.  1%-Ton  Model  A  Ford,  platform.  Model A Ford Sedan, 1936.  Lincoln   Zephyr   Sedan,  1940.  %-Ton   Chevrolet   Pick-up   ,  Truck.  We are receiving the last  new Chevrolet sedans for  1949 . . . 1950 models will  not be available until  March or April.  Wilson Creek  Garage  LAST WEEK the Coast News presented the  main reasons for having a Parent-Teacher  Association. This week we follow^ up the  theme with the reasons why everyone should  BELONG to a Parent-Teacher Association.  BECAUSE no improvement in school conditions is possible until a strong public opinion  approves and demands it.  BECAUSE   no   group   can   influence   public  opinion and public school officials so success  fully as  an  enthusiastic,   interested   group  of  parents.  BECAUSE full and free discussion of general  school problems in a meeting of teachers and  parents often solves petty difficulties without  friction,  or prevents them.  BECAUSE' there is no better way to acquaint parents with v school conditions, or to  arouse their interest in improvements than  through a parent-teacher association which  meets  regularly to consider such matters.  BECAUSE discipline usually becomes easy  when a child realizes that father, mother and  teacher not only understand each other but  are   working   together.  BECAUSE acquaintance with parents makes  possible a more  intelligent understanding by  the teacher of the children's needs, potentialities, and limitations.  BECAUSE intelligent understanding by parents of the work and methods of the school  usuaHy helps to develop loyalty among the  children and as a result the teachers' efforts  become more effective.  BECAUSE parents and teachers engaged in  a common enterprise will work better and  accomplish more when they know each other  well.  BECAUSE school methods are changing and  parents need to know in general what the  changes are and why they are necessary.  BECAUSE of the interest it generates toward education and child in community wel  fare.  BECAUSE some organizations not interested  ;n schools or child welfare may press for legislation inimical to education or child development. In such cases it is well that there be a  strong and growing organization looking after  the  interests of childhood.  BECAUSE it is an ideal medium for helping to build a spirit of confidence, fair dealing and goodwill among the nations and races  of the world.  Incorporation - An Opportunity io Spend Tax Money  WITHIN A FEW WEEKS the question of incorporating  Sechelt as a village  will again  be presented to the taxpayers of the affected  area.  The committee set up by the Sechelt Peninsula Board of Trade is studying the various  aspects of the problem and will present a  clear cut picture of the advantages and disadvantages of being incorporated a_5 the next  meeting. It is expected that the board will  then call a public meeting to discuss the matter further with those taxpayers in the area  who are not members of the Board of Trade.  There are many advantages to living in an  incorporated area but we feel the greatest  advantage is the fact that the taxpayer is  given an opportunity to decide what his tax  dollar will be spent on. Through his elected  council or commission, the taxpayer is able  to direct that the tax money be spent oh  needed local improvements such, as a water  system, fire protection, and street lighting.  The taxpayer can also protect his investment  in his property by directing his council or commission to institute building restrictions to  ensure that a glue factory or iron works is not  built, adjoining choice residential property. He  can promote better businesses and services by  having the village council create and enforce  by-laws governing business practices such as  restricting the nmber of any one type of business so as to avoid over-crowding the field  and  ruining existing business services.  Sechelt is in an enviable position as far as  incorporating because much of the groundwork  such as planning a townsight, laying on water  and building roads has already been done. The  main thoroughfares are Provincial Highways  and would always be maintained by the Provincial Department of Public Works even  though the area were an incorporated village.  On the surface it would appear that all is to  be gained and nothing lost by incorporating.  However there are no doubt several disadvantages which the committee now studying the  problem will uncover and consider before presenting their report to the Board of Trade  next month.  In the meantime it is an interesting subject and warrants the earnest consideration  of all property owners in the Sechelt area.  Serious consideration of the matter now will  make it possible for all to intelligently discuss the matter and arrive at the proper decision when the question is presented at a public meeting.  Thanksgiving Day  DINNER  Turkey Dinner on Thanksgiving Day, October 10th, English Tea Rooms, from 4:30 on.  Reservations may be phoned  to Mrs. Wardil.  English Tea Rooms  We Jlcuie Mooed!  ROSE JAR has moved her store next to the  Co-op. Now is the time to plant those bulbs.  Attention given to all orders for any kind of  bulbs. Order now. Corsages made to order on  24 hours' notice.  ROSE JAR  on


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