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Array ' THE APPROPRIATION of $75,-  000 additional monies lor Public Works for the Sechelt Peninsula has definitely "been approved and the money is to be  i spent in widening and surfacing  the section of the highway which  runs through Gibsons and on  6 other work to be decided upon  later.  Besides widening and surfacing the highway through Gibsons, a large hump in the road  | between Howe Sound Trading  ^and Bals block will be removed.  [This work will cost about $25,000.  This work* let to a Vancouver  contracting firm will commence  within two weeks, it was indicated last week by B. M. Mclntyre,. MLA, who has just return-  frpm a trip to Victoria.  \ Mr. Maclntyre plans to make  n inspection tour .of the rest of  he Peninsula with an engineer  rom the Department of Public  fVorks to determine where the  ��56,000 balance of the appropriation should be spent.  Such projects as the Halfmoon  ay cutoff will be given close  [crutiny at that time.  Ilbsons Council  0 Enforce Bylaws  IvT A MEETING of the council  fat Gibsons last Monday night,  K; letter was read from ratepay-  Serving a Progressive and Growing  Area on B.C.'s Southern Coast.  Covers Sechelt, Gibsons, Port Mellon, Woodfibre, Squamish, Irvines  Landing, Half Moon Bay, Hardy  Island, Pender Harbour, "Wilson  Creek, Roberts Creek, Granthams  Landing, Egmont, Hopkins Landing.  Brackendale,  Cheekeye,  etc.  I p^OVmCIAL  FUBraSHBD BY *HJB COAST HZWB, ZiUCXTBD  Business Office:  Sechelt, B.C. National AdvartlBiaff Office, Powell Biver, B.C.  Vol. Ill ��� No. 52  Sechelt, B. C.  Monday; July 25/ 1949  5c per copy, $2.50 per year, by ma el  opeim  On Port Mellon  "BATT'- Maclntyre newly elected member for Mackenzie riding was in the Sechelt-Gibsons district last week and declared that he had "Every hope that the Port    Mellon    Road  from Gibsons as far as Hillside would be started this fail."   ;'  ���      "There is nothing official yet"  C*       !__.    li   pj Mr.   Maclntyre   told  the     Coast  O6CIIGII hCWeS News on Thursday,    But I have  Mswvr****'*.-. ___* v-���� wm several  cabinet   ministers   inter  im ��� i 1 l   A ested in the idea and I am very  Gibsons 11-8 ho^l",u        ��� x.  This would open , up about  SECHELT and Gibsons tangled nine miles of waterfront prop-  in a fastball game at Sechelt erty and would run right through  Sunday, July 16, which saw the to the Champion and White rock  Sechelt boys win an xeasy 11-8. quarry. Construction of the road  Sechelt took a two run lead in right into Port Mellon would  the first inning and then were necessitate the construction of  held scoreless with the Gibsons a 125 ft. bridge arid would serve  boys until the third inning when practically no purpose if' "the  the lid was blown off with Se- pulp mill is closed Mr. Macin-  chelt hammering home six runs tyre said.  to Gibsons four. School children in    the    Port  Led  by  smooth    pitching    of Mellon area would be able to be  Wally Smith ably backed up by transported'  to   Gibsons   schools  the   third   baseman   and  second if the road were built and would  ���central press Canadian    baseman the home team turned obviate the necessity bf opening  Passengers aboard the ship Losada when she arrived at London    in a very creditable performance a school there for the few stud-  \  Ks7c6mplairiing of  condition of   docks, were these two fcuskies which will take part in the Norwegian-    of ball.  feacji  Road,     and   asking   that   British-Swedish   Antarctic  expedition  to   Queen   Maud   Land,   sailing        The   Gibsons   team   were  erits.  off  ad be cleared.and made avail-   at the end of the summer.     These dogs and 58 others  will stay in color a bit playing very sloppy  irantine at  Brightc     " "   --ghwtty.      Commissioners      in-    01 veterinary experts to be conditioned for their nazaraous venture, tightened up during the last four  fo-ucted to clear away bush and    Object of the  expedition-the first  such   international  ex^dition   in innings to hold the Sechelt boys  li       '     __     __ " L.-_4*��__��- ir.      4r*      ......Ia*./.      nn IrPi/PttttP       ... /P C . __.__���      _TPV       fllinOPP IP/l.tlW        l-QPlrt _QV _ TY. 1 Tll-  '�����u   uc ticaicuuiiu  mctut: avail-     **v   "*~   ~"~   w-   "*~   ��� ������        . ���   --_.-    ���        ������ ���   -���*    ���     ��_��__p-m.    a   un   _>*ajiiig   vc*jr   ___upj-.y  >le -for  passage down  to main   Quarantine at Brighton  for a time and then  be placed in  the care    ball in  the    third    inning    but  _hw_v   ���   rnmiYii��ionPrC      in-    of veterinary experts to be  conditioned for  their hazardous  venture,    tightened un durinff the last four  Rackberries enable citizens to  pse this road without being torn  pushes.  ^Correspondence re toilet facil-  [ies to be placed on main wharf,  Kking: for free water for toilet  [Icilities use there. Council noti-  ||d department that water  jfould have to be placed on a  Peter and paid for on same con-  Itions as mother water facilities  history���is to explore unknown wastes of Queen Maud Land, examine    ^ three runs  conditions at the Pole and to study weatner and geology over a wide        The   secheit     team     sporting  TeaX_In_.charge of ^ exPedition  wil1 be Pressor H. U. Sverdup    their new uniforms of yellow and  REPORTS from  Harry    Smith's  Scfiulfz Catches  25 ib. Salmon  f Norway.  use i��r village  felt that  Eileen Wray Becomes  Bride  <^/rey < closer -'cheek eouid- be-1-  hpt on usage of water, and that  [��ne would be wasted unneces- A QUIET wedding took place  ily. Sunday, July 17, at 2 p.m. in  Joard   oif   Trade    correspond- St. Mary's Chapel, Pender Har-  jeje asking village re trades li- bour. The Rev. Allan Green of-  ��ises be enforced, and that all ficiated when Eileejr Mabel, only  Idlers   and   solicitors   in   the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Walter  \lage ��no matter how large or Wray, was united <in marriage to  $166 Donated  of Garden Cochrane ^ ?al1 W  ***. _n.v ^9^9K^^9*gf��K^S.\^t. v^-?TMWSr��r,,;T^- ^^H^^nrtWstA^4'^ tofagfosH &  Haley Case  Decision Monday  .  maroon seemed to   be    inspired      Deluxe Fishing Service in Gib-  with the new outfits and played sons are proof that it is not nec-  a better game than usual. essary to  go far  afield to land  some beautiful salmon. John  Corbett of the Headlands district is reported to have landed  79 springs in the past two months  each fish weighing from 19 to 30  pounds.'^Lasf ;;Monday m^  to the Sechelt baseball team as SSe^��f^?bf iPPed th<?  a result of a drive for funds by Cahrioe nro\_irf.".��,_ *���__���_. _.  some of the players during the Wednesda^ntn^T *? b'te and  nast week weanesclay..mornmg a boat came :  P Need for uniforms    was    the ZoU^ umT^ ones weiSh^ 7  initial reason for the drive, but X  now that such generous response  <?---_,-,-,-,-���,      /-�� .  .  to the appeal was made the team BUpreme ^OUrt IO  i>mall shall  be  forced    to Gordon Webster Cochran, young- William   Henrv is considering bringing in a few Hear Prrttecf  _2__t_t    7  iply with by-law m taking out est son of Mr. W.  Cochran    of THE   TRIAL   of William  Henry Vancouver  t*ams |oreexhibition ���*~"�����       AU<3m l  license, in the event of anyone Texada Island. Haley, former secretary of the games to break the monotony of      -    APPLICATION   by  Francis  doing  so  the full  letter  of      Given   in   marriage     by     her Howe Sound branch of the Cana- continually      playing      Gibsons      Drage  of Gambier  Island    to  by-law be complied with in father, the bride looked lovely in dian Legion at Gibsons, was set week after week.                              quash the Sechelt school district  ^t a summons be issued .  . .  a    grey    gabardine    suit    with over until Monday, July 25, after      The generous response of the by_law to borrow money for.con-  ^s  for  protection   of  all  mer-  matching   hat.   With   these   she two days of examination of wit- business   people     and    basebaU section    of    $605,000    in    new  -ints-  now  doing  business    in chose white accessories. Her cor- nesses in County Court at Van- boosters   in   the   Sechelt    Selma sc^f0Js on the Sechelt Peninsula  -village    who    are  licensed. sage consisted of three-gardenias, couver last Thursday and Friday. park  district  means  that  prac- will be heard before Mr. Justice  jard   will   meet   m    a  special      Her  bridesm^id>    Miss  Leona Decision on the charge against tically all gate receipts in future WoodAm   Supreme  Court  Mon-  tamittee meeting    to    discuss L      looked very: becoming in a Haley of stealing $825.00 of Le- can go toward building a fund to  aa��'  Aueust 1..  fs question and clarify all con-  brown  suit  with  matching  hat. gion funds will be handed down finance the cost of entertaining ��� ec*etary ��f the SchPol Board  -ions  of by-law  now existing   ghe wore white access0ries and on Monday by Judge R. A. Sar- Vancouver teams for    week-end -JJIS'. A*n? 5ur"s told The Coast  games. Ne^s that the board had had no  Donors to the fund which in- Jdvice..of the protest or any includes every local business, with formation on. what grounds the  only one exception, and. several Dy;law was being protested,  private citizens, are listed be- -mtormed sources stated that  _, -i, x. ���i���"j ��� wavs" The church was very- .TAT mTrnT,��� ,. . ^ ��_ lowr: Floyd Allen, Coffee Shop, JJJ.f grotest would be heard by  oks, and will be enforced Siullv debated by Miss VOLUNTEER firemen of the Se- Havens Transfer Village Me��t 9? J"?������? Courl who would  l^lso those violating sprinkling tas^efully decorated oy Miss he]t Department have Market Wakefield Inn, Langs ?ee+lde lf the grounds of the pro-  Igulations Will also be prosecut- ^t-W ,���s,; , .. , ,. ,Un laid the floor of the new club nrl]Pl, SfiHplt 'flake-rv Tank test were sufficient to warrant  lif caught and this by-law will      A   reception   followed   in   the  rnnm anH n1nn tn prpof fhfi WftUs  Urugs.   becneit ^f^^^^jack caUing Qn  thp ^^ ^ .^^J;  |o be enforced  seting  to  be July  27   at 7:30 her corsage was two gardenias,    gent who heard the case  ^Summons    to    be    issued   to ,.M^ James  Wray;   brother   of *                      .  Irties not complying with tak- ^J?*!-���'���*��&?���\he reg Sechelt Firemen '  out of dog-license tax. This . xDur���? the signing of the reg-                                     t,.t.    a  -law   now     in     operation   on lster��   the   organist   played   'Al- Building ClubhOUSO  Garden Bav  Lodge   which was  room and plan to erect the walls  Mayn^ Sech6lt Motbr Transport, Sl1^.00  the Board to  defend  ^SJ?ydJ^d- wfth rolet  and r����f at the next practice on Jacks Automotive, TaseHa Shop, the actlon-  iBoard of Trade members feel beautifully decorated with roses,  Tuesday  Parkers     Hardware,   ' Kriutson's  rJ, ^w^e,-^ _x^ vi��. x^sw-w, v_-��w  -    ti,r0o tior- wcrirlirK.   palrp ton-       *ire uniei ijancer ;  i-laws not being enforced and ^ f^��%V%^ ^e  a^d  couraged  that  there    are    only  store, Sechelt Building Supplies,  Berry, G. R. French,. Radio Shot  RhSriiS:?St^S^?S groomygrace^Tthe centre of the  eight or ten of the twenty eight  gelma Park_Store^Totem Lodge,  G. West, Ann's Coffee Shop, Wil-'  |ry strongly in this regard, that ...gadio^and^ swee^peas. ^A love-      Fire ^^ ^^ .g & ^ d.g_  ^^   ^^     ^^    ^^^ Whitaker,_ Trading Post> w   ?[  are only Store, Sechelt Building Supplies, Berry, G. R. French, Radio Shop  twenty eight Selma Park Store, Totem Lodge, G. West, Ann's Coffee Shop, Wil-  . ���. . . ��� . ��� f*K\pX ^Toast1 to "the "bride* was members turning out to help Peninsula Cabs, Boyce Logging, son Creek Garage, Capt. A. John-  is also very unfair to all^who ^^10g?- ir Rogers Mrs. build the clubhouse. Frostrup Logging, Tommy Thorn- son, McGinley, Stan Wakefield,  ^fS^^-iS^S!?SS ^^^T^dM^, - Mrs. While he admits that fire prac- as, O. O. Logging, A. Howell, Nelson Laundry and Coast News.  olatin_f   same   with   no   recrard  Manning, presided at the urns,    tice at present is all work and no  r   anv   rutes     or    reeulltfonf      For  going   away,   to  complete  play, he points out that once the m%   Hf  -               f  Su^^get^JS^SS: ^r  costume   the  bride  wore  a clubhouse is completed there ��^10^118  _s, and even if unpleasant find wme shortie coat.                            be a place to play VAftUUA^��19  other alternative than to start  .  After their honeymoon   which      it  1S  hoped  that  all    twenty  uing   sumittbnses,   to   all   of- �� to be., spent either in Seattle  eight members and even a few Wk          HA-.��!mM  aiders.  If you  are ignorant  of or    on    Vancouver Island, ^the  more will:answer the fire siren Jig      ll 6I1C16I  e by-laws  ^ trip to the Coun-  y��ung   couple   will   make   their when it rings Tuesday, July 26, **w      ��� ^���pv��%?��  ' '���-- ��� m J" T_1���J so that the bulk of    the    rough  work  on the clubhouse will be ONE OF the most familiar land-  ������ ;������= ���  completed then. marks  on the  Sechelt  Penin-  Bishop   DePencier  built  it   sev-  sula  was   sold  this  week  when  eral years ago.  pumping system. When this serv- the  Society for Underprivileged      Five  hundred   feet   of  water-  Buys  Estate  !   Office "'Tuesday^ ThuSday,  home: on Texada Island  ��iday    or    Saturday afternoon  leL'-eSuiatte11* them  with Granthams Property  L Cwtiets Meet  correspondent III            GIBSONS ���Annual    general ice is done" it will assure a more  Children   purchased   the   Bishop, front  is  included   in  the   estate  A. BOURNE, Coast News cor-      meeting' of  Granthams  Land- plentiful supply  of water,  at  a  DePencier   property    near    Se- which has five buildings includ-  respondent  for  Gambier  Har- ing   Property   Owners'   Associa- lower cost, and with less trouble  chelt. . mg lhe house. The house will be  Bour,    has    been    confined    to. tion was well attended on Sat- than  the present system  which      The society    wiU    utilize the utilized    as    an    administration  iiaughnessy  Hospital for  three urday, July 16, in the Commun- has been in operation for several  estate for a camp each year for  building .while the  other build-  reeks and  writes to state that ity Hall. President C. G. Ballen- years.                                                  underprivileged children. mgs will be renovated for use as  xll local hews coverage of that tine was in the chair. The main      As it is impossible to complete,    A.   L.   Howell,   who   acted   as quarters tor the children,  .strict will be forthcoming just business   under  discussion     was the business in one evening, the  agent   for   both   parties   in   the  fe soon as he returns.                    the waterworks, which is expect- meeting    was    adjourned    until sale, declared that it was a most  7The Coast News joins with the  edxto  be completed    this    fall. August 20, at 8 p.m.'The present satisfactory   transaction   because-..yiq^  aany friends of Mr. Bourne in Unanimous  approval was  given executive was  asked  to remain  the property  will be used    for1-5-1-"-^ '^  a  Wishing him a speedy recovery,    to   the   plan   to   modernize   the in office until then. children  just  as  it  was    when .  7 VIH010IA  ABVHSn IVIOJIAOHd 's  by Jack Scott  FINGER CONTROL  I HAVE recently been reading  an old copy of the Reader's  Digest that man's legs are getting shorter all the time. The  doctor who made this discovery  says its because of the Automobile Age. We. are all riding  around with our legs tucked up  under us. Sure enough, they're  getting shorter.  If it keeps up this way, this  fellow says, we eventually will  have no legs at all. Football  games will be the funniest  things you ever saw in your life.  This isn't going to happen for  several generations, of course.  If cars remain at their present  price levels it may never happen  at all. But just the same, it's  pretty damatic proof of the way  we're going.  In fact, life is becoming so  mechanized these days that it's  bound to have an affect on our  bodies. If a fellow is lucky  enough to have all the gadgets  that are available on the market  he could probably live a pretty  full life by just lifting a finger.  The day may not be as far off  as* we think. I say this having  attended a house party at. the  home of a well-heeled acquaintance. In this fellow's home nearly everything is automatic. The  whole house makes a faint, pulsating sound of high voltage.  A flick of a switch heats or  cools the joint, cooks the roast,  washes and dries the laundry  and the dishes, does something  about the garbage and makes ice  cream. The man of the house  wakens in the morning to the  sound of his radio. It goes on  automatically by itself. It really  does.  My friend is understandably  proud of his acquisitions and I  must confess I envy him. But in  the twentieth-century home  there is one gadget that was too  much. ,v,.     .:-..  .,,..X .-,>  .,.._-���  For what met my startled gk*e >  was something called an automatic electric blanket with/ so  help me, a "built-in brain." As  you sleep, my friend explained,  the blanket's brain adjusts the  warmth of the coverlet to the  temperature of the bedroom.  Anything to do with electricity  sends quivers coursing up and  down my spine. Confronted with  the necessity of changing a fuse  I show all the outward symptoms  of a man about to be strapped in  the electric chair. I am always  gloomily convinced that the  whole house will go "pouf" and  ascend rapidly in a flash of blue  light wh'en the current is put on.  When I was much younger I  read somewhere that hundreds  of people are electrocuted each  year by flicking the bathroom  switch while standing in their  bare wet feet, a fact that, early  in life, left me with a feeling of  sweet, mournful mystery about  the whole subject of.,electricity.  My friend hops into bed, fiddles with the controls (his particular blanket has dual controls  so that both he and his wife can  fly it together) and spends a  peaceful evening.  Not me. If I were to climb into  that thing I would feel consciously that here I was, under a  network of wires pulsating with  alternating current and just  waiting until I fell off to sleep  before its mechanical mind decided to fry me to a crisp.  Indeed, the booklet that comes  with   the  blanket is  enough  to  >.  scare me off permanently.  "Run the long cord from the  control to the foot of the bed,"  it says at one point, then in italics: "making sure thai it cannot  be pinched by any metal part  of the bed."  Monday. July Twenty-Filth, Nineteen Forty-Nine  i    , , ���  C&minillftity Spirit ... the   forerunner   of   prosperity  WHEN 36 out of 37 business people in an area  get behind their ball team with financial  support the way the Sechelt and Selma Park  merchants did it shows that there is the makings of a progressive community.  In very few other communities will you  find business people with enough foresight to  realize that where you have community-minded merchants you will have progress and prosperity.  It isn't the amount of money that was do  nated that is so great but it is the spirit behind  it that counts. Nearly one hundred percent of  the people with one objective in mind, and  that was to support a group of local sportsmen  who are doing their part to give the community  both entertainment and publicity.  It is now up to the individuals to follow the  lead set by the businesses and support the ball  team by attending the games and. putting something in the "hat" when it is passed.  ��� t  Publicity Bureau Needed ....byeveryone  THOSE of us in the tourist business, which includes everyone deriving their living from  other sources than logging and fishing, have  viewed with some concern the recent figures  released on tourist traffic into Canada and  B.C. particularly this last month. According to  the figures there has been an increase of from  fifteen to twenty five percent in visitors from  the United States. This should mean that the  waiting lists at the hotels and lodges are fifteen to twenty five percent longer than they  were last year. Unfortunately this is not the  case.  Hotel and Lodge managers smile wanly  when they are greeted with the customary  "Guess this is your busy season." Their smile  is wan because they shudder to think what  the quiet season is going to be like if this is the  busy season. There" are not as many people  coming to this peninsula this year as there were  during the wet summer last year. This should  not be when other places are enjoying a tremendous increase in business. The fault must lie  with pur publicity.  Our scenery, fishing, bathing, accommodation is the same as it was last year. Transportation to the area is  improved.  Services  have  T he  Open  Sechelt  Hon. Gordon. Wismer,  Attorney-General,  Victoria, B.C.  DEAR GORDIE:  Never let it be said that I have dragged  some poor, souls to the nether depths by advocating  beer   and/or  liquor  drinking.  I never did. Also, never let it be said that  I recommended the vile stuff for its medicinal  or food value. Not me.  But, many years ago, I did vote aye to the  government plebiscite asking whether or no  I approved of government controlled sale of  liquor. I was at that time very tired of seeing  people drink the most horrible brands of homebrew, made from anything from discarded potatoes to sawdust.  There used to be a species of it around  here called Drano, made, I believe, from decayed spuds.  Ask the old-timers; those who survive,  that is. Only the very strong could, and they  were never quite the same again.  But orie more "never." Never let it be  said that I voted for beer-parlors, as is, that is.  Who did dream them up? Before anyone^  rises in malty wrath, and oils up the shotgun,  read on awhile. Will you answer a few easy  questions? Why only beer? Why not stout and  wine, for instance? Why can't you get something to eat at the same time? Why does one  have to drink beer in those pseudo-neo-semi-  Gpthic excrescences which we find in all our  fair cities, with walls the color of something  the cat wouldn't even bother to drag in, or,  This is all pretty straightforward and, in fact, the blanket is  perfectly safe, but it opens up  hideous possibilities to a mind  like mine.  I know that I would lie awake  hour after hour waiting for the  cord to become pinched by some  metal part of the bed, thus causing 18,000 volts to engulf me in  a frightful shower of sparks and  crackling hisses while I light up  like a Roman candle.  W\\t (tost NntrH  Published  Every Monday  at  SECHELT, B.C.  by  The Coast News Limited  Registered Office: Powell River, B.C.  BUSINESS  OFFICE:.  Sebhelt���Phone 32       Gibsons���Phone 70  '.������_*  Authorized as second-class mail  by the  Post Office Department Ottawa.  been increased. Yet less people are coming.  While the Cariboo is overshadowing its  defects with much furor about its advantages  and Vancouver Island is lauding its merits and  the Okanagan is welcoming thousands to its  Peach Festivals, Frontier Days etc., the Sechelt  Peninsula sits back and wonders why there  are not more summer visitors.  The reason there are not more summer,  visitors is that very few people have ever  heard of the Peninsula, and those who have  heard have only heard what poor roads we  have; and that a group are protesting the construction of adequate school facilities and that  we had a bad forest fire.  We have more good things to boast about  than any other single area In the province but  we have not the initiative to get out and tell  people what we have.  It is time that a Peninsula Tourist Information Bureau was formed and given the financial backing of every person interested in  the growth and prosperity of the area.  Like any other business we will only get  out of the tourist business what we put into it  ���right now we are getting MORE out of it  than we are putting into it.  Other Opinions  Nothing To It  IT'S EASY to publish a newspaper. You never  get tired. You never need a vacation, Your  head it always clear. You're always bright as  a silver dollar.  Everybody writes in beautiful letters telling you what a nice paper you have. Everyone phone in news. You never have any trouble  in getting paper. Everybody pays you on time.  You never have to remind people over and  over again that their .subscription is due. If  you're late paying a bill, they say it's all right,  let it go.  You never make people mad at something  you have written or haven't written.  Your proofreader never makes a mistake.  The front page always looks nice. The ads are  always eye-catching. You just sit at your typewriter and write beautiful lines.  People never say your paper is political.  They never insist you're taking sides. They  always agree that you're independent.  Everywhere you hear people say you're a  good buy. They always say you work hard.  The wastebaskets never fill up, sp nobody has  to empty them. People never think of asking  you for favors that are entirely out of your  reach. After every issue advertisers call up  and say: "Say, that was a honey of an ad you  wrote for me. Thanks!"  You always have plenty of time to spend  with the family. When you mispell a person's  name, he calls up and says, "Forget it. It's all  right." "  Oh yes, it's wonderful to be a newspaper  publisher���wonderful, and so easy!���The American Press.  in some cases, so dirty and bedraggled looking  that (one just wonders, that's all. One wonders why.  Now, from no policy of appeasement, I  will say that the B-P's around our district are  as good as anywhere, but what I'm trying to  suggest is that we go in for some sensible  liquor laws, and, chum, model them on the  old country, where there is less abuse of liquor  and Jess drunkenness than anywhere else.  Let's get away from this stupid business that  goes on where at a dance people rush out  every little while and swill like pigs, because  the law won't let them have a rational system.  If you are wondering why the y6ung people think it is smart to drink, just watch the  oldesters at a dance.  And while you are at it, cut out the other  minor stupidities which the poor police are.  supposed to enforce in regard to liquor, and  instead, GET REALLY TOUGH WITH  DRUNKS.   ���  ���Letters To The Editor  ReaB Forest Wealth  EDITOR, The News���I read with  interest articles in your newspaper urging campers and tourists to be careful with fire while  in the woods.  I agree that probably the most  tragic part of the forest-fire picture across Canada as told in  newspaper headlines is that in  eight cases out of 10 they  shouldn't have been written at  all.  Most of the fires were caused  by carelessness, but don't let's  make the mistake of blaming it  all on the "tourist and greenhorn  camper.   .  People who live and work in  woodland areas���the very people  who should know better���are responsible for some of the worst  outbreaks.  Federal statistics show that  settlers started 11 percent of last  year's fires, for the most part  through land-clearing operations  (up to June 7 this year, Ontario  blames 23 percent of its forest  fires on settlers and four percent  on logging).  There is no tally on the num- ,|  ber   caused  by   the   carelessness ('{  oi other people who may  have fw  spend  half their  lives    in    the If  woods,     but   we'll   venture   the Jm  opinion   that  the  figure ' is   not m  anywhere near zero. j|i  It is far too high if they were'M  responsible for starting even one (Jf  or two fires, when you consider ill  the  intensive prevention  propa- M  ganda to which they are subject- Mf  ed    (lectures,  posters,   Canadian M  Forestry Association films).  " �����    m  The   activities   of  the   Ottawa^  Board of Trade, in getting con-|  servation and forestry taught in;1  elementary   schools,   should ,,be$  incentive for other public organi- f  zations across Canada. iL  Prompted    by    the    Forestry ,P  Committee of the B. of T., and)  worked out in co-operation with II  the Board of Education, the for- ?|  estry education program contin- %  ued through April and May inf  five ^Ottawa public schools,  andff  as a final reward, the  city stu-tff  dents   were  packed  off  by  bnsL  for  a  day in the  woods. tThere.ll  they smelled, felt, and saw the|  old   scars  of forest" mismanage.-/!  iment. They saw practised wha<f  they had been learning in school.)'  The forests are so vital to ouil  business,  pleasure  and standard'?]  of living that pne wonders why!  these  subjects    have    not  beenf  classroom classics for years pastil  A  recent statement  by  A.  j|fe  Auden, a pulp and paper execuff��  tive of Port Arthur, Ontario, inff  which he urges that more attenfl  tion be given to the social values}!  derived from proper forest-lan<��(f  use, merits some thoughtful cbnsjj  sideration. To quote Mr. Audenpi  |*W_I  ill  'We have always in the past^  and., we  still  do,   put  economist  values  obtainable   from    timbeM  ahead  ofTthe social,  or human Jf  or spiritual values obtained fronp  proper forest-land use and frorrfL  unified   development   of   all  reS  sources.   We   are   making   a   biglf  mistake   in  so  doing,   of  that ff  am certain, and a growing num.4}!  ber. of people share this view." $|  Real forest wealth, Mr. Auden$  claims, is people���resident fami-1  lies ". . . whose skill and labors}!  are lucratively applied to con-M  serving, developing and utilizing!*  all the natural resources of for-|  est-lands ..."  Woodsman.  B.C. Fire Permits  Cause Headaches  THE   "CAMPFIRE  permit"  sys  tern in  British    Columbia    is..  causing  some unexpected  head-p  aches  for  forest protection    officials, it has been learned.  "Young people will apply fori]  a permit and then feel free top  go anywhere in the woods andffl  light fires or bonfires," states/*!  one official. .I'M  "In   the   main,   however,   thel  requirement has a beneficial ef-'J  feet, because it  gives our rang-/*i  ers a chance to discuss fire dan  ger    when   issuing   the    permit  and thereby disseminate valuable  prevention warnings." ; t��;  During the fire season, Sec-||  tion 99 of the Forest Act, pro-I$  vides that anyone who kindles^]  a fire for cooking or warmth I-  must have, a permit. The holder'^,  of the permit must put out the j.  fire before leading the vicinity, 4  or be liable to various penalties $  under the Act. %  A stitch in time saves embar-f}  rassing exposure. ���'  $ By E. NESTMAN  MRS. M. R. WRIGHT is occupying  Mr.   and  Mrs.   Bushfield's  cottage for the month of July.  Mr. and Mrs. Harry Gough left  last week for their new home at  Parksville,   Vancouver  Island.  Mrs. Ware and her daughter  Cherry are here from Winnipeg  visiting Mrs. Ware's sister, Mrs.  Nestman.  Mr. "Batt" Maclntyre, wh��  was visiting here yesterday, tells  us that the Port Mellon road will  go through this fall, probably as  far as Hillside. There is over  $23,000 set aside for the highway through our village. It appears they are held up waiting  for equipment to get this road  work started.  The weather has been really  something this last week���lots of  sunshine. For the men in the  woods it's a real break; and its  a pickup for everyone after the  deadly summer sunshine.  I,' myself, like the sunshine,  but the heat really knocks me  for a loop. I can't do a thing. I  have to wait for evening to get  my work done, but as soon as  the sun goes down I can really  go to town. I get. more work done  than in an hour than I would  have if I had tried all day.  News from travellers Jack and  i Stevie is that ��� they are having  , a wonderful time visiting the  race tracks of Santa Anita and  : going to Del Mar. Horses are  ) definitely their main  attraction.  Wm. McFadden  Optometrist  GIBSONS  Office Hours:  9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.  Evenings  by  Appointment  Every day except Thursday  Why  go to Vancouver for  X     -Optical Service?  '  Announcing  MODERN  DENTAL  SERVICES  Dr. A. M. Lowe  Complete   Dental  Services.  Office at  Roberts Creek  Phone 20H2  I sure wouldn't mind being with  them because I like horses myself,   and   I   don't   mean   riding  them. I'd just like to see them  run. Well, when my horse comes  in maybe I'll be able to take a  trip somewhere. Getting back to  Jack and Stevie, they are talking  of going to Mexico, which would  really be a grand opportunity for  them. It will give them plenty to  talk about for weeks after they  get home.  Ruth Norris is leaving August  1 to enter hospital work at Coquitlam: To prove how full the  school for nursing is at St. Paul's,  Claire Veitch is booked there  starting January, 1950. It is nice  work for the girls and I certainly hope that they make every  effort to stay with it, for they'll  never be sorry if they do. Lots  of luck, girls! And stay with it.  Mr. and Mrs. E. Sargent are  home from their holidays.  I noticed that Mr. Sowden, the  former Anglican Church minister, was in the village the other  day.  Mrs. Kidd has sold her home  and* will be leaving around the  end of July She is one of our  -real pioneers and will be missed  in the village. We wish her the  best in her new venture.  Jimmy Schutz went fishing  the other evening and landed a  nice 25 pounder. The result: we  were eating it at our place this  week, and it's really grand. As  a consolation prize, Tony, from  the bank, landed a very nice sole  while fishing with Jimmy.  Roma Schutz has gone to New  Westminster for a week.  The "Ladies of Gower" held a  tea and gale of home cooking  last week at the home of Mrs.  Chasters. It was reported a marvelous success, financially and  socially. They wish to thank  those who went to make up a  very nice turn-out that day. It  was a perfect day for the affair.  They are to be congratulated for  the fact that they took in over  $125.  As just a note in passing, Wally  Graham, our very efficient water  caretaker, tells me that we are  using water at the rate of about  1000 gallons a minute. Yes, we"  have a good supply, but with  sprinkling still in effect, and at  this rate of using it, we can't  afford to waste a drop.  Here's a tip to blackberry pickers who are going behind the  church to pick. Father tells me  that he was practising pot-shots  the other night at four little pussies with white stripes down  their backs. He got one and it  is now resting somewhere in the  blackberry patch, odor and all.  So, beware, just don't say that  I didn't warn you!  Last week I bought my young  one a new pair of shoes and as  she got into them right away, I  packed her other ones to take  home. After being in her new  ones for several hpurs I noticed  her limping a bit. So, I stopped  to change them, and in a panic  THE COAST NEWS, Monday, July 25, 194S  By PEARL PUNNETT  MRS. AUSTIN Shaw and her  three children, Marilyn, Don  and Eddie, were staying with the  former's mother, Mrs. Dan McLeod, for a few days and have  now returned to Vancouver.  After six weeks' vacation here  Mrs. Lew Shedlack and little son  David returned to Montreal last  week by plane.  Very sorry to report the death  of Mr. William Thomas in Vancouver on July 14 at the age of  69 years. Since his retirement  from the CPR, Mr. and Mrs.  Thomas had lived at Millers  Landing, but had been regular  summer visitors for a great number of years. Sympathy goes to  Mrs. Thomas and 'her only son,  Leslie.  Picnics up last week were  Safeway employees, W. H. Mal-  kin's, and Woodward's.  On July 17 the Dairyland ball  team played Bowen. Final score  5-4 for Bowen. On July 19 Turners played Bowen, score 5-2 for  the home team. =  The Ladies' Aid to the Bowen ��[  United Church held a tea and ���  sale of home cooking on July g  15, and in spite of the thunder- m  storm the results were very sat- J  isfactory. ���  Mr. and .Mrs. Hector Lawrence,  J|  Mr. and Mrs. I^d Lawrence, Mr.  fjj  . |  that  she'd   lose   them   she   said, a  "No, mom, it's not the shoes, it's H  my    socks    that    are    hurting." B  Quick thinking, says I!  and Mrs. Bert James and Mr.  and Mrs. Peter Wood went to  Vancouver on the evening of  July 14 to attend the wedding  of Hugh Cheyney and Margaret  Smith.  On July 16, Mrs. Bert James  attended the wedding of Charlie  Pryde and Gertrude Reynolds.  Miss Becky Melton has returned to Vancouver following a  two-weeks vacation.  Mr. and Mrs. Victor Culpin  have just returned to Vancouver  after a two-weeks stay here.  Amateur mechanics often have  a habit of washing and degreas-  ing motor parts in an- open tin of  gasoline. Gasoline does a fine  job of cleaning, but. people must  realize the potential dangers associated with its use. Gasoline is  highly inflammable and its vapor  will explode from a tiny spark.  And its fumes may be dangerous  in a confined space. Use gasoline  for the purposes for which it was  intended. Use an approved de-  greasing agent and handle it  with care.  m^mm^mn^^rm^tt  ROCK GAS  ANNOUNCING  THE EXCLUSIVE  DEALERSHIP .  ROCK GAS  LEW REID  Gibsons  Phone 71  ROCK GAS  m*^K^*mm��+^mmm+1^^**m  ��!I!II  IIBI[ffl__  Come in and order yourself a fall suit or topcoat.  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This is a quiet inland-seaside town (I'll explain  that another time), more of a  residential area than anything���  the last place where one would  expect a happening which would  jump into headlines all over the  world. Yet one morning a stout,  elderly gentleman sat in the hall  of a hotel there The next morning he was dead, and presto!���  Dr. Clements made the whole  world at least aware of the existence of Southport (even if  there was some doubt as to its  whereabouts).   Which  only  goes  to show!  We've had a quiet and uneventful week. Lovely swimming  weather, lovely growing weather  (for the gardeners), in fact, really good weather. The drop of  rain wasn't really enough but it  certainly helped.  Fishing hasn't been too good.  In fact, the Rev. C. R. Harbord  has had a very poor season up  to now, and Mr. Donald Walker  (persistent though he is) isn't  winning any "Oscars" either.  These two gentlemen are as you  can guess life members of the  Band of Hope!  We are all looking forward to  Friday night, June 22. This is  the night of the beach party, and  we are hoping the weatherman  will be kind to us. Apart from  the weather, everything else is  guaranteed to be ready for a  "smashing" evening!  STOP PRESS..  My son has just come in, as  excited as you like. He'd been  down fishing off the wharf and  "My Lady Cecilia" came along  and was just about to berth when  she decided she didn't like the  place and ably supported by the  By JUDY  Business and Professional  DIRECTORY  -r���_--'  Please Clip This Directory Out and Hang By Your Phone  For Reference  BAKERY REAL ESTATE  BETTY'S  BAKERY  Homemade Pies, Cakes,  Bread  Special Catering  Cakes Decorated to Order  Porpoise  Bay Rd.,  Sechelt  Phone Sechelt, 59W  Specialist in Coast Property  Consolidated Brokers Ltd.  Gulf Coast Offices  Gibsons and Sechelt  Phone 37  BEER BOTTLES  SECOND HAND STORE  Will call and buy for cash,  beer bottles, scrap metal, etc.  Calls made at intervals from  Hopkins to "= & vines- Xandjngv;  R. H.  STROSHEIN  Wilson   Creek  I  CLEANERS AND DYERS  I  Everything at Bargain  Prices  BUY - SELL - EXCHANGE  Typewriters ���-- Sales^.intent  Service and Office Supplied  COLIN WINGRAVE  Gibsons, B.C.  "It Pays to Keep Glean"  LLOYD'S CLEANERS  GIBSONS,   B.C.  Agency at Bus Depot, Sechelt  TAXI  GARBAGE DISPOSAL  PENINSULA CABS '  24-Hour Service  2 Phones r- 2 Cabs  WILSON CREEK and  SELMA PARK  Phone Sechelt 5C2 and 5U  MISS CECELIA Hassan made a  "flying" trip to Vancouver last  Saturday, and I do mean flying.  She left here after breakfast by  plane, completed her business in  town and was back home in time  for afternoon tea the same day.  Who said we are isolated up here?  Mr. and Mrs. Bill Higgs and  family of the Nanaimo Towing  Co. are the guests of Mrs. Higgs'  mother, Mrs. Donley of Hassan's  Landing.  Mr. and Mrs. Webber Sr. are  occupying their summer cottage  on the point near Hassan's, spending a lot of time at their favorite  sport���fishing.  Carl Remmem's new boat was  launched this week, it is about  a 42 footer, I am told. Just the  hull was completed, the cabin  to be constructed while it is in  the water.  Mr. and Mrs. A. E. Barr of  Vancouver are visiting at Garden Bay for two weeks.  Mrs. Turner and three children  are  visiting her sister  and bro-  wind or tide (or both) nibbled a  chunk out of the wharf.  Some of the pilings were dislodged and the planking messed  up, but no injuries or "faints"  or anything like that, although  there was quite a gathering  there. '  "My Lady" suffered no damage and sailed off majestically,  leaving one or two members of  the Band of Hope without their  usual "pitches"!  Friday the 15th the home of  Mrs. Edmunds was the scene of  a very" pleasant birthday party  for the lady of the house herself.  The party was organized by her  daughter Shirley and was,a complete surprise to her mother. A  very splendid cake was sent in  from town for the occasion.  Many of Mrs. E.'s friends and  neighbors turned up with gifts  and all joined in wishing many  happy returns to a grand housewife a.ri4, mother.,  .^  v.  From gay to sad. Also on Friday, July 15, W. Forrest had a  stroke, as a result of which he  is now up at "Shaughnessy" in- a  very critical condition. He's  been a grand figure around here,  I understand, for about 25 years.  A World War 1 veteran, he is  now about three score and ten,  but, notwithstanding, was until  recently handling a powersaw as  nimbly as a youngster. We will  hope for his recovery.  ther-in-law at Bargain Harbour, parents,   Mr.   and   Mrs.   Webber i \  Mr. and Mrs. Kipp Brown. over Hassan's way. Mr.  Good is 7  .   TT -, *������    _,      ..       the  recently  elected    M.P.    for'7  Mrs. J. Helmer of Garden Bay Burnaby-Richmond,  having woniH  has     had Mrs.    Eastholm    and out over the CCF  candidate in  children  Sharon and Tommy of ftia& riding,_  Nanaimo as guests for the    past  week. Ernie   Carpenter   of     Madiera  Park, our one man chamber-of-   ;  Mrs. Rose Smith has her commerce and 100% Pender f  daughter, Mrs. P. Hlookoff from Harbour. booster is back again '.})  Nelson visiting for the summer,  with us from his home in Bur- 7]  naby. Welcome back,  Carpy!       X  Bruce  Enwright,   the  fisheries $',  inspector is back from his holi-      Miss Wilson, one of our nurses.,  days. at St. Mary's Hospital is recov-/;  ering  from  an   appendicitis  op-'/  Rickey  Lyons is  visiting    his  eration. !��  parents,  Mr.   and  Mrs.     Gordon ' 7  Lyons at Garden Bay. Mr. and Mrs. W. J. McKenzieif  and three children from Vancou-1|  Mrs. Sam Conn and two small ver are enjoying a   two    week&*|  sons Billy and Jimmy, from Bur- holiday at Garden Bay. 7  naby  are   visiting ;Mrs.     Conn's .       ". . |  sister, Mrs. W. Newick and her TJ7    k��_���_._._��x   r**____ '  mother,  Mrs.  Harry    Smith    of   W ��� F OrTeSt UieS X  Madiera Park for a few weeks.      Regret to say W. Forrest dieef  Mr.  and Mrs. Tom Good  and  at   5   a.m.  Wednesday,   July   2cf<  family are guests of Mrs. Good's aged 73.  Straw Hats ���- Greeting Cards ��� Magazines  Selma Park Store  F. Willows  _  Wxt ��oast Meuis  CLASSIFIED  ADVERTISING j  !3\ Lines(15"words), for 35c 3 Insertions (same ad) 75c   /  Extra words, above 15-word mm., ��c each.  Cash with order,  ,'j  Notices, Engagements, Marriages, Deaths, etc., 75c Insertion   1!  LITTLE ADS ... 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Qpen po6lg> ^^ or gtreams is  Mr. Gordon Potts and daughter always dangerous. Just because  Helen are visiting here from they are clear and ^sparkling is  Port Alberni as guests of Mr. and no indication that they are safe.  but it is a little too much to take       ,_,���u.      ���_./!-   ��     4.      ^  1   at eleven o'clock at night when |nd daughter Margaret and  son  MR. AND Mrs.    Stuart    Killick we   are   out   for   our   last   little Stanley.  were agreeably surprised rec- stroll. Is this dog never at home? ,    .__ ��� ^ . ~~. ���  ently when they received a visit Anyway our thanks to the voung * A   �� Passed away and  known M     E g Ciayton also Miss Mur-  from  old  friends  Mr.   ahd   Mrs. ^^0 stopped  his  car    S_d to  US a11  another Summer resi" ^ -" "- �����i-*>�����-  Archie Mc Vicar with Donald and came back to enquire if Winkie  Ray.   The  McVicar's  have  their was hurt>  from  old  friends  Mr.   ahd   Mrs   _   w_ Btuuucu  _  _     _ ^ ^  ^^ ^ ^ ^ &  summer    home    here    for some  own boat and came up from Wil- *ime\ Pe leav%sr his wife and four  liams   Landing   where   they   are      Mr. and Mrs. O. T. Killick are daughters m Vancouver,  camping.  Took Stuart  and  Nel- spending a vacation in    Sechelt .  lie  for  a  run  around   the  Bay. West on the Redman Estate. Mr. -Pive..1(^i Zirl% ai?    n��\   at  Caught a couple of fish and then Killick is a brother of Mrs. E. E. c&mP at Wilson Creek and hav-  headed for camp also surprising Redman   and  also  a brother   of Jg a ^^o^r^S*  the Killicks was Mrs. M. Pater-  Stuart. They are having a won- ^ary .X21���^' Nona Fratt' ��lea"  son an old friend from Vancou- derful time and a really restful th^r0 +?~  ��  >  ver and staying at the Inn. holiday. and Ruth Tyson  We often wonder what morons      Spending  a  short  vacation  in  derive   pleasure  from    breaking Haney are Mr. and Mrs.    Wally  iel and Miss Violet Potts of Vancouver.  Mrs. Norman White has her  daughter, Mrs. Ian McClay and  son Roddy visiting her at their  summer home   "Wits End II."  'S  Karen   Stockwell  HOUSE IN TWO HOURS  A mobile dwelling that can be  built in two hours is helping to  solve Britain's housing problems.  A very enjoyable stag party at In this short time six men can  the home of Mr. Jim Parker in assemble  a   four-roomed    house  beer bottles in the park. They do Smith and little son wjfere they hon��r of Mr John Ellis principal that is completely self-contained,  not realize that little children run are   the  guests  of  Mrs/ Smith's ��f Sechelt Superior School  who Known   as   the   "Terrapin",   this  not realize that little children run are   tne  gi    _._        u      1 _���    i. +       *+ ~j   _. ��� .      ,    ,     -      -  bare   footed aunt   and sister Jean  Campbell. h���  leave   of  absence to   attend house is made of aluminum and  jt  is U.B.C.   The   evening   was   spent contains a living-room, two bed-  Mr. and Mrs. .Douglas Engelen with  cards and Mr.  through   the   grass  especially   on picnic  days  time this form of entertainment  Ellis    was rooms, a kitchen and a bathroom..  nut to  a ston to   Recently with Barbara and Val are at the  presented with a beautifully fit-      Ludwig von Beethoven,  prob-  ylll    UJ     d    _>tUJJ . J     -nt+nrta fnv fVienv ncnal  tixri.  wjaplrs     fori   r>liil_   l.ncr    rTl.r\<;px  nrp��pnt  wrfrrfr    qVpI-ct    +li ______    *.r~W\A'~    _��v._^��4._^-<.           I saw some youn^ men very cottage for their usual two weeks,  cheerfully smashing bottles to- We hope the weather changes for  gether after they had downed the ^em. It has been very cloudy  contents. Too bad they couldn't thl+s. last few Jays. Mrs. Engelen  down the glass too!  Just saw a ,   the former Kitty Laughlin and  little boy crying with a cut foot l���^n���"iu��Zr ^cations  in front of the Legion Hall. paients on the summer vacations  Also   can   be   seen   after   the nei e-  dances held there piles of broken      Also   noticed  Mrs.  Hack    and  bottles.  Why  break them^. They daughter Lenore visiting Mr. and  get collected by some one sooner Mrs   Guy powen' they also have  ted club bag. Those present were ably the world's greatest corn-  Mr. Ben Lang, Mr. E. Barker, poser, once was arrested as a  Mr. Weston, Mr. Ken Whitaker, tramp because he was dressed so  Dr.  D. McColl, Mr.  J.  Redman, shabbily.  Compare Our Prices!  Del nor Frozen Foods  Ice Cream  Groceries  ~resh Meats and  Vegetables  Hardware  Drygoods  Shell Oil    ,  rish Camp  We now have increased  refrigeration for handling  of perishables.  Pender Harbour, B.C.  or later.  Another courteous driver,  couldn't be quite sure of the licence number but think it is 418,  stopped very suddenly to avoid  hitting my little cockf r Winkie.  been long time visitors #nd come  to us from Sarita River, B.C.  Very pleasantly surprised was  Mrs. W. McKissock recently  when the Ke-No-Nora Ladies  Auxiliary  from  Vancouver   paid  Selma Park  Hairdressing Shop  Reason   being  he    was     chased iier a visit in honor of her birth-  across the road by the Collie who  day. Coming on the Gulf Mariner  was Mrs. F. Martin, Mrs. E. Lind-  gren, Mrs. E. Towle, Mrs. N. Taylor, Mrs. N. Woods, Mrs. P. Sorenson, Mrs. F. Chilton, Mrs. J.  Tait, Miss Jean Mitchell, Miss  Marion. Martin, Miss Audrey  Martin, Miss Wendy Taylor and  Masters Geoffrey and John Chilton.  It was a first Sechelt visit for  some of the ladies and they all  agreed that it is a delightful spot.  GONE  FISHIN'!  Closed  from  July   7th  to  Aug.   1st  *  DOLLY  JONAS  Phone for Appointments  Fast Freight Service  SAILINGS THREE TIMES WEEKLY  Load Monday for Load Wednesday for Load Thursday for  Roberts Creek Roberts Creek Roberts Creek  Davis Bay (Wilson Ckr)    Davis Bay (Wilson Ck.)    Davis Bay (Wilson Ck.)  Sechelt Sechelt  Halfmoon Bay  Pender Harbour  Irvines Landing  Hassens Wharf  Garden Bay  .St. Vincent Bay  Blind Bay-Nelson Island  Sechelt  Halfmoon   Bay  Secret Cove  Pender Harbour  Irvines Ldg.  Hassens  Wharf  Garden Bay  Davidson Marine Freight Limited  Sorry to hear of the passing of  Mr. Sheridan in ^Vancouver. The  Sheridan family have been coming here for many years and^have  ARROW TRANSFER ��� SHED No. 1  Phone Vancouver TA 5041  Sechelt 63 or 31G  f  NOTICE  To the Motoring Public.:  The Garage Owners and Operators Association, of the Sechelt Peninsula covered by the undersigned  operators, beg to inform you that on and after August 1st, 1949, we are forced to put all repairs, gas,  oil, and accessories, on a C.O.D. basis, to all accounts, due to prevailing conditions. We sincerely hope  this system will not greatly inconvenience you, and that we will be able to continue our amicable business relations.        ' -    -  s��  JACK'S AUTOMOTIVE SERVICE  Sechelt    ^  WILSON CREEK GARAGE  Wilson Creek  TSAWCOME GARAGE & SILVER  GRILLE SERVICE  Wilson Creek  9S  Gibsons  Roberts Creek  REID'S AUTOMOTIVE  <.��.;  Gibsons BRITANNIA  BEACH  By  SLIM  Mms^ymmmcmmmmmmmmm.  THE  COAST NEWS, Monday, July 25,  1949  7  By   JEAN  JEFFRIES  HI HO! July 21 and it looks like              BY J- K- NESBITT CONGRATULATIONS    to     Mr.  it may be a nice day, that be- THE  FRASER  Valley   Rehabili- and Mrs- Elmer Jorgenson    of  cause   after   some   wet   days   to       tation Authority will be  dis- Jervis  Inlet  on  the   birth   of  a  mar  the   children's  fun  at    the solved on July 31st, it was an- son'  Alan Elmer, in the    Grace  circus, but .then stayed over  an nounced today by Premier Byron Hospital on June 26.  extra day and yesterday wasn't I.  Johnson  following  a  meeting Mrs-  Jorgenson   and  Jr.   went  too bad.  The  children  sure  en- of the Executive Council home   on    the     "Express"     last  joyed   it,     not   to   mention   the .   The   Authority   personnel    of Wedr!f **?��� Sorry to have miss"  adults,  some  enjoying  the  rides which ���    Mr. w> Lv Macken and you MabeL  wJffm                      '         ' Colonel D. J. Baldwin are now Mr. and Mrs. Irwin Blakely of  t ,Z' a n^nA Af T.ooor.   w m Process of winding   up   their Kamloops left for    their    home  *u *.     �� a��?��Ii.nd.?f ba?on' b"t work and  on dissolution of the Saturday after spending a week  that's all. So the circus is head- organization  will  present    their w*th Mr  Blakely Ir  ed for Squamish today, so good final report to th�� Government iiiaKeiy t>r.  luck   and   hope   the   sun   shines on August 1st. Mr.  and Mrs.  Finlay of Van-  every  day. DOMINION-PROVINCIAL couver  have  been   enjoying  the  Had Ada Mahood over for the MEETING ON IRRIGATION love}y weather here for the past  day on Sunday. She walked over'     A meeting of the    Dominion- ���ec*- ���H?pe you g!t ?��me more  from  Squamish and nary a car Provincial  Co-Ordinating    Com- of 1<; before y��ur  holldays    are  passed  her.  It  was  nice  having mittee  on  Irrigation  and Recla- over-  her and hope when the road is mation  was   held     recently    in jy[rs  Harry Page has her seven  a little better we will see lots of. Kamloops   with    the  " following months   old     grandson,     Kenny  our  Squamish friends. members     of     the     Committee Johnson, as her star boarder for  present:  S.   M.   McCallum,  Reg- a week while Ray and Florence  Harry   Noble   has   his   mother  ional Engineer, P. P. R. A., Kam-  are awav  - .mg   him   from loops; Dr. J.  C. Wilcox, Domin- y'  guess    we    will    be  ion Experimental  Station,  Sum*  and  dad   up  visiting   him   from loops; Dr. J.  C. Wilcox, Domin-  'Frisco.    I    guess    we    will    be ion Experimental  Station,  Sum* Mr. and Mrs. Fred Hume and  Squamish   bound     on   Saturday, merland;     H.     Allam,     District their two little boys of Vancou-  Look   out,   Squamish,     here   we Superintendent,   V.L.A.,   Edmon- ver   are  visiting    Mrs.    Hume's  come, ton; Ben Hoy, Supervising Hor- parents,  Mr.  and Mrs.    William  Like   to   welcome   back   some ticulturist   Department  of Agri- Griffith Sr.  old timers who  are back living culture,   Kelowna,    and    R.    C.  ^e,a^a���T^��T^ fS! ^JS^SSSS'S Safety Deposit Boxes  2W?s_^i__s_rs ^d���^p^k i For Vse A*yTi���  welcome home. Kenney,  Minister  of Lands  and TOMORROW may be a day too  Forests. 2ate.    Everybody    knows    the  Mrs. Sam Perkins Jr. and Joyce      The  purpose  of this  Commit- wisdom  of  "doing  things  now,"  Anne  are   up  for  two  or  three  tee   is  to  review  all    irrigation but many folks still won't apply  weeks visiting the Cliftons. projects suggested for joint dev- it to their own treasured belong-  I have company also, Mr. and g���J & ^om��^ �� ^  Mrs. Joe Swanson of Vancouver.  ^rovmce  ana  users,    and    also     Thousand    of     iser Canadians  Alqn   havP   haH   a   w-mncr  V,���  im   Proposed V.L.A. projects;  and to  .    ^""^"as   oi  wibei   ^anaaidn.  Also nave naa a young boy up ^^^^atp   thp TratWin*.     and keeP their small articles of value,  for   the  last  two  weeks,   James co-ordinate   the   gathering     and       y important pap-  Wa.tewr.H-h  of Vanrnnvpr study  of  all  available  data    on uieiF  DO��7  ��na  "npor-dnt pap  Wadsworth of Vancouver. ^^   projects    The   Committee ��* 'n safety deposit boxes at the  Mr. Bill O'Kell has his mother also   initiates   the   gathering   0f Bank of Montreal If they should  data upon which    recommenda- ever have bad luck with fire or  tions must be based, when these burglagr  at  home     their    irre-  are not already available, in or- Plfceable   documents   and   keep-  der to.expedite their considera- sakes Wl11 stlU be safe-  tions.  P.G.E. RAILWAY CLEARING  0ffv#  THE  earned)  DEMERAM  RUM  This .extra   security     can    be  yours for less than two cents a  Clearing work on Miles 10 and. day> John Theed, B of M manager at Gibsons and Sechelt, and  up for a week or so. his staff welcome enquiries. Drop  in and discuss your safekeeping  Like a welcome home one  of requirements   today,  our   local   boys  . who   has   been advt.  away for a long time. and. is .now.  visiting his brother Neil. It's Rod 7. ,,      ���.   ,   ...      ..        ...  McLeod, his wife and two sons. J,1 ?j? th* ***_" imlesw0?1 the  Rod sure looks well. I believe ?acifl<L Great Eastern Railway  he motored out from the East in ^om Quesnel to Prince George  Neil's new car It's sure getting has been started it was an-  atLeZ c^HoS ClS nounced b/.the Premier the Hon.  son and his car arrived up today, Byron I Johnson,  but wait until the Hamilton car co^vertfnf f��r Jhe seco+n^  arrives. I'm afraid we will stick sectaon of 16 miles is    expected  to yachting (?) for a long, long ^^enTys. ��f    ^    ^  time yet. Prior to the calling of tenders  Congratulations to Stan and for clearing and grading of this  -Kitty Adarhs on the arrival of section drillers are being sent in  their third daughter. All are do- to determine the nature of the  ing well.. ground which will support heavy  fills as well as other rock struc-  Well, folks, I'm too sleepy, so ture information.  I'll  call it  quits  for  this  week.  So Cheerio.  P.S.  Our   Eva  ���Slim.  Pike,   who   had   an  This advertisement Is not published ^^   ^vti  pr displayed by the Liquor Control operation,   is  progressing  nicely  Board of by the Government or and hope she will soon be home  >    British Columbia.        ~ with all--the gang.  A diplomat is one who can tell  you to go to hell so tactfully that  you look forward to the "trip.  WHEN  YOU  WANT  IT  ��� ���    >   . DONE BEST  COME ALONG WITH  THE REST  To  HADDOCK'S   ENGINEERING  Phone Pender Harbour 9S  LOOK!  BULK   LIME  Howe Sound Farmers' Institute will accept orders for  Fall Delivery, Ground Limestone in bulk at $6.00  ton, in ton lots, F.O.B. scow at Wharf, Gibsons. Cash  with order. Time limit for orders, end of September.  Please, remit to: Mrs. M.  LeFeuvre, .  Sec,  Farmers'  Institute.  iff*  Agents for  . AIR LINES LTD  PROMPT SERVICE  COURTEOUS  PILOTS  For Reservations  PHONE 5U or 5C2  PENINSULA CABS  B.C. AIR LINES LTD.  UNSURPASSED  One Day Specials  JULY 29  TEAKETTLES   2.89  JULY 30 '  HUNTERS AXES  1��39  "POCKET" STOVE  iThe ideal little stove for picnics, fishing trips and all outdoor cooking. Uses any kind of gasoline from clear naptha  to colored ethyl gasoline.  Ready for use anywhere, any time. Lights instantly.  Interlocking aluminum case serves as 2 cooking utensils.  Removable handle fits each. Fuel capacity for more than  3 hours cooking. Grates fold in when packed. Weighs only  3 lbs. Dimensions, 8J/2" high and 4y_" diameter Q  0*J  unset Hardware  Phone 32  GIBSONS  if 8  THE COAST NEWS, Monday, July 25, 1949  Halimoon Bay  By MURIEL WELSH  By CHERRY WHITAKER  By MURIEL WELSH  a sheltered and not too crowded  spot on the after deck below.  Age 6Vz draped himself over  the railing, absorbed in the mysteries of the stern wash. I lapsed  ANY TRIP can be a chore, a into a semi-comatose state and, NOT MUCH news this week I'm  bore or a joy depending on the earnestly, tried to create a va- afraid. During the "cloud  weather, the objective, and /or cuum in that mass of grey cells burst" on Friday evening, your  the mental condition of the way- known as the brain. A vain at- correspondent i n a d vertently  farer.   Being  blessed,   or   cursed,  tempt. walked into a gulley and knock-  whichever way you choose to re- Seated with back to sea, I ed herself "out" against a large  gard the subject, with a simple found my eyes glued to the com- rock, blacking her eye, injuring  mind, I usually get a certain panionway leading down from her right ankle and bruising  amount of enjoyment out of trips the upper deck, totally fascinat- herself all' over.  ���even the street car variety ed by the assor|ed varieties of It was very annoying for she  holding an element of fascina- descending feet. Now feet are was expecting guests the next  tion. things  which     I    seem  to  have  day. They arrived and here I am  But the necessity of taking taken pretty much for granted, hobbling along, squinting out of  one 6V2 -year-old male to the Long-suffering appendages not- my good eye and looking like  dentist, in the middle of a heat ed chiefly for their ability to get the "tatooed lady" in the circus!  wave, held little prospect of even one around, with only varying Qf course no one believes my  a modicum of enjoyment. How- degrees of shapeliness or un- st0ry They all think "Paddy"  ever, a must is a must. So we shapeliness to distiguish one got r'eall mad and let me have  girded our mental loins and pre- pajr from another. Such, total jt!  pared to do or die (fry .would be  lack   of   observation   is   now     a  more accurate, the temperature thing of the past. Feet, very defi- Fishing is really going along  being second cousin to the well nitely, have a personality that up here. Mr. and Mrs. Sam Pitt  publicized hot spot).      ' has no relation whatsoever to the  and Mr. and Mrs. George Simp-  The run from house to wharf,  rest 0f the anatomy which  con-   son were out Thursday morning  under   normal   conditions,   is   a trols them. and caught eight beauties, weigh-  clocked 4V2 minutes, but in this The slimest, trimest, most ing anywhere from seven to 15  instance a forgotten junior coat elegantly shod pair of feet lbs. and two large sea trout, go-  ate a hole in the extra 15 min- aboard descended to reveal a ing out the next a.m.  utes allowed, and literally hurled figure and face which might eas- They caught six more, so Mr.  us aboard ship���minus fond fare- \\y have scattered the attacking an(j ]y[rS- pjtt were carrying fish  wells, last minute instructions forces at the Battle of Bull Run, back to Vancouver Friday even-  and dignity. while a pair of animated library  ing  Retreating  hastily    from    the pedestals were ultimately topped      s th M fr.    d  amused   or  scornful    stares     of by   one   of   the   most   attractive  leavingy We   enioyed   seeing  crew   and   top-deck   Passeng^s   Madonna-type faces I have ever  "^ and rem nLdng ove?  we worked our way aft, to find seen. You just can't tell a thing  ��other   days ��  ��� ~   "  about a body from  its feet.  This deep contemplation of ' Heard that Bill Barclay and  pedal extremities lasted about an George Moenn had a nice catch  hour. That is, until they began Saturday. Our guests Mr. and  to retrace, a logical process Mrs. R. Robson of Vancouver  aboard a ship with limited walk- and Paddy, my better half, came  ing space. When a pair of bright in first hour with a nine-pound  green wedgies made their third salmon and eight nice sea trout,  appearance I knew that that par- Paddy lost a "big one". It got  ticular form  of  amusement had  under the boat  and    the    wire  been exhausted. ���  There followed a brief period    u reflections on the  super  of  financial   reviewing   wherein  cleanl[ness    of    this    particular  the cash on hand refused to cover M  contemplated  expenditures.  This .  is not an unfamiliar situation, , Her.e> that breathtakmgly  in fact the routine is so old I beautiful panorama of Howe  don't know why I still bother Sound���not a whisper of cloud  making lists. It seems to be as to dlm the majesty of distant  automatic as packing the tooth-. snowcapped mountains. Suffici-  brush though not nearly as use- en* to stand, gaze and feel,  ful. Fortunately, at this point, From Atkinson m to Vancou-  fate stepped in to end the un- ve*" the trip ran pretty much  equal  struggle true to form. Constant swivelling  A tall lad of 18 or so years, to admire watercraft of all sizes,.  blue jeans and shirt spelling exuberantly pointed out by a  crew, strolled out from the revitalized 6V2.  threshold of a door marked Questions and answers about  "Crew Only" and descended into the ant-like appearance of cars  the depths of the ship. An act on the Lions Gate fridge, accom-  completely lacking in signifi- panied by the usual silent prayer  cance except for the great arm- that this monument to the skill  ful of small boxes covered with ��f ma�� would remain firmly  the red and yellow label of a suspended overhead, for at least  popular  B.O.  discourager. the next 10 minutes. The uncon-  Instantly on the alert, my mind scious assimilation of the sight,  conjured up visions of the crew, s��u.nd an<* smell of a seaport city  en masse, stampeding below deck while. consciously jockeying for  after each port of call to rid a ��"* getaway position,  themselves of any hitch-hiking We didnt make it. We never  germs smuggled aboard by the Jo. This time one of the longest  oncoming passengers. All with freight trains in the memory of  the aid of the little red bars of ma^ b,eat us to the crossing. We  soap waited. However, it wasn't much  That train of thought was do-   of a strain. Our appointment was  ing nicely when 10 minutes later   at 10 the following morning and  out popped the same lad, through  to  all  intents   and  purposes  we  ��� the same door, bearing the same  had arrived,  little  red  boxes.   Gone  to  glory  leader got caught by the pro-  pellor and no joking, Mrs. Robson caught the salmon and is very  proud of her catch.  Saw Mrs. J. W. Stewart and  Candice leaving for the City on  Friday. Also Jerry Hurst and  Miss Mary Ellen McNaught.  We had a thunder storm today but the sun is shining again  and the .weather will probably  be more settled, and the rain  will be much appreciated by the  logging companies and gardeners.  Have just seen another boat  come in from where I am sitting,  and the lady and gentleman occupying it have four or five nice  fish. Oh, here's another boat and  the man getting out also has  fish. And here I am with 'a  "game leg."  All the summer colony seem to  have arrived and its fun to watch  the youngsters splashing around  in the water, they stay in for  hours on end.  Mr. and Mrs. Richard Laind's  two little daughters, Susan and  Carol are visiting their grandparents, Mr. and Mrs. Frank Lyons while their mother undergoes a tonsilectomy. Wee Carol  told me "mummy" is getting her  tonsils out, but she'll still have  her teeth when she comes home!  Your forgiveness  is  asked for j  lack of local news.  Hope to  do  __  better next week and will catch  up with all social events.  Don't forget to keep your news  for me, or leave it at either of  the three stores.  By the way ladies, have you  tried any of the timely recipes  from the "Coast News"? I have,  and they are really good.  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It is a proud  . mother   who   writes   this   little  news story:  Margaret, my 10% year old  daughter, had the original idea  of holding a doll's fancy dress  competition and party. Very  wisely, she sought help and turned to her friend, Darlene Lay-  cock.  Now I, personally, knew nothing of this at all, until all preliminary plans had been worked  out. I was charmed by the whole  idea and anxious to see if the  girls would have the tenacity to  carry it through to completion.  They did!  Being half on the inside, as it  were, I know the amount of  thought and care the two girls  put into this. They really worked on it for two whole weeks. ��  Came the great day and���rain!  The original idea had been to hold  the party in Laycock's yard where  the trees were to have been decorated with streamers and, the  yard made to look very festive,  but, last Friday you may remem-.  ber, was a sunshine and showers  day and there were agitated conferences to decide whether to  postpone the party or to accept  Mrs. Laycock's kind offer to hold  it in her home.  This was agreed to be a wonderful solution and final preparations speeded up.  Margaret and Darlene had a  busy morning and made piles of  sandwiches, Mr. Laycock had  made a display stand (especially  for  the   occasion)   and    Darlene  Skinny men, women  gain 5,10,15 lbs.  tot New Pep, Vim, Vigor  What a UirllM Boor Umta fill oat: ugly hollow*  _Jt up: Mek no loncor M-Mmy; body Iom lu___  itHTti, ilekly -tSn-polo7' tool        look. ThoaMn<b of  ���Mg. woman, man. who aorar mold Mtn baton,  an bow proud ol ebapelr. healthr-tooklnf bodlaa.  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Scott had  been invited to judge the dolls  and award the prizes, which  they readily agreed to do and,  upon their arrival, proceedings  opened with the singing of O  Canada, copies of this had been  previously handed around, each  having been written by Margaret  or Darlene!-  Darlene presented corsages to  the three judges who then set  to work on their difficult task,  There were some fifteen, beautifully dressed dolls and the judges  did not know to whom the. dolls  belonged. Here I must specially  mention two dolls, the baby,  "Bonnie" Prince Charles, reclining on a red velvet cushion and  dressed' just so beautifully, and  the Colonial Lady so very magnificent, so perfect, the judges  by-passed her as being a bought  one!  Tension having mounted to  fever pitch, the judges broke  their huddle and announced their  decision. They would, they said,  have liked to give a prize for  each doll, they all looked so lovely, but had finally decided that  the first prize should go to the  bride doll (belonging to Diane  Pearson), second prize to a fairy  doll (belonging to Joan Chambers) and the third prize to the  Hawaiian girl doll (this doll belongs to Darlene and had been  dressed and entered, just for  fun, by Mrs. Laycock.)  Margaret then handed the  prizes to Mrs. Newcomen to  award. First prize was a coal-  black-mammy doll; second prize,  pair of hanging flower holders;  third prize, cut-out book. These  gifts were all donated.  The real business being over  (or was it just to begin?) Margaret and Darlene served refreshments, a variety of sandwiches, jelly and ice cream,  cookies (that Darlene had made  herself) and fruit drinks. (Mrs.  Laycock thoughtfully provided  tea for the adults).  Somewhere along the way,  Margaret and Darlene made a  charming, little, joint spech,  thanking all present for their  co-operation   and   help   (here 7T  GABBIER   HARBOUR      THE COAST NEWS, Monday, July 2S, 1949  NOT MUCH news for me to get  at this week. Mrs. Frank Lee  is visiting her mother, Mrs. F. W.  Alexander. Thought I was going  to pull a fast one this year and  forego my. vacation in Shaughnessy, but' no luck. The editor  will have to excuse this awful  scrawl but this is being written  in an oxygen tent. Won't try  any more until I get home.  should explain that all participants, as well as two or three  who, for one reason or another  had been unable to come, had  paid a nickel or a dime). As a  result they had about $1.50 for  St. Hilda's Sunday 'school building fund, this was rapidly increased then and there to about  $2.15, which mounted to $2.65 on  Saturday when another interested mother sent a donation  this sum was made up to $3.00  and has been handed over.  The party was a great success,  with an attendance of around  twenty, everybody enjoyed it,  even the boys and two, very  proud mothers are sitting back,  waiting and wondering just  what those girls will be up to  next.  MARINE ��� COMMERCIAL ��� DOMESTIC  Sales and Service  WALK-IN BOXES  �� DEEP FREEZERS  ��� REACH-IN  ALL WORK GUARANTEED  NAYL0R  ROBERTS CREEK  Phone Anderson's Garage  pS  o  Af  You are assured of  quality work at moderate prices.  4*>  *  Right Now!  ���WHEN    YOUR   CHILDREN    LOOK    THEIR  HEALTHIEST ��� JHAVE  THEIR   PHOTOGRAPHS   MADE.   AND   YOU   WILL  FIND    IT   LESS   TROUBLE   TO  HAVE     IT     DONE     HERE  AND NOW.  >  For     appointment,  telephone:���  call  or  *&  C. G. Ballentine ��� Bal's Blk.  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To  ��{j�� (Bamt ^ems  N a me   Mail  Address   1 Year ��� $2.50  Mail to THE COAST NEWS, SECHELT 10  THE COAST NEWS, Monday, July 25, 1949  MARY W. RENNIE  ���--P-P���������-P���������������"������  SOMETIMES I bonder if the  weeks pass as quickly for other  folks as they do for this correspondent. The time has flown  since last week. Have been very  busy and have not managed to  get  around for news items.  On Thursday last week the  residents of Granthams Landing  and Soames Point who are mem-  ��� bers and adherents of Gibson  Memorial United Church attended the Indian service of Rev.  Mr. Bevan. It was a very impressive service and made one  conscious of the responsibilities  of both minister and congregation to the church. Rev. Mr. Bunt  and Rev. Mr. Hardy from Vancouver Presbytery conducted the  induction of Mr. Bevan.  After the service the congregation adjourned to the hall  downstairs for a social period.  Refreshments were served by the  ladies of the W.A. , Professor  Henderson in his usual capable  manner welcomed Mr. and Mrs.  Bevan in the name of the congregation, and thanked the visiting ministers for their visit to  our church on this occasion. We  feel sure that the members will  do their best to make our new  minister and his wife feel at  home in our midst, and trust  that they soon will become accustomed to the great change  between a city charge and one  up   the   coast.  Mr. Fairey, one of our summer visitors, is quite in the limelight these days. It was he who  was responsible for averting a  serious fire the other day when  the roof of the "Old Granthams"  house caught fire. He was lucky  DeLuxe  FISHING  GUIDE  SERVICE  POWER BOAT  ROW BOAT RENTALS  |   WATER TAXI  FISHING TACKLE  RENTED  BAIT AVAILABLE  Next  to  Gibsons  Wharf  HARRY  SMITH,  MGR.  Phone GIBSONS 28  enough to bring in the largest  fish that has been caught here,  a 40-pound cod. We had the  pleasure of getting a bit of the  big fish. Fishing is very good at  Granthams, some very nice salmon being brought in these  days.  Mr. and Mrs. Oldfield and  small daughter are at present  visiting with Mrs. Douglas and  will be in Granthams Landing  until the end of the month.  Mr. and Mrs. McNalley from  Ontario are visitors at present  at the Guest House. They have  been visiting Vancouver and several other points on the coast  and   district.  Mr. and Mrs. Samworth and  family from Vancouver are also  staying at the Guest House; also  Mrs. Tait and Mr. and Mrs. Jen-  ner.  Miss J. Foulkes is visiting  with Miss Elsie Potter at her  summer home at Soames Point.  On Tuesday, July 19, Mrs. W.  Ellis was hostess to the ladies of  the W.A. group of which she is  convener, in connection with  Trinity United Church, Vancouver. Ten of the members braved  the storm and heavy rain, but  after they arrived at the house  and got warmed by the fire and  had tea, they were ready to enjoy the day. Fortunately the sun  came out and everyone had a  grand visit.  Sorry to report that little Susan Atkinson lost her pet dog  last week. It was a valuable  wirehaired terrier. It was hit by  a car coming down Granthams  hill. The cars go through here  at such a rate of speed it is a  wonder that there are no serious  accidents. There are so many  children playing on the road  which I am sure must make driving rather a nervewracking business. But there seems to be a  special Providence here with  special care;  This morning when the Machigonne backed out from the wharf  on her way to Gibsons she backed onto a sandbar as the tide  was very low at the time. Fortunately she was not stuck very  fast, for after some pushing and  with the fact that the tide was  rising, she soon was on her way  to Gibsons. Some years ago I remember that the Lady Pam went  ashore in a fog on the same sandbar. It took her quite a while to  get  afloat  again.  A VERY, pretty wedding was  solemnized on Sunday, July 17  at 2 p.m., at St. Mary's Chapel,  Garden Bay, the principals being Eileen Wray, only daughter  of Mr. and Mrs. W. Wray of Pender Harbour, and Gordon Cochrane, son of Mr. and Mrs. D. W.  Cochrane of Texada Island. Rev.  Allan Greene officiated, and Dr.  V. M. Rogers supplied the wedding music. During the signing  of the register "Always" was  played.  The bride was attired in a  grey gabardine suit with grey  and white accessories and wore  a gardenia corsage. As bridesmaid, Miss Leona Lee was dressed in a brown suit with brown  and white accessories. Her corsage was carnations and gardenias. Mr. Jimmy Wray, brother  of the bride was best man.  A reception followed at Garden Bay Lodge which was beautifully decorated with white and  pink streamers and a profusion  of summer flowers. Assisting the  bridal party    in    receiving    the  guests were the mothers of the  oride and groom.  The former was in a powder  blue ensemble with pink corsage,  while Mrs. Cochran wore a grey  dress with yellow corsage. Dr.  V. Rogers proposed the toast to  the bride, and suitable words  were also added by Rev. Greene.  A three-tier wedding cake graced  the bride's table decorated with  pale pink .roses, and four cut-  glass, dishes filled with rose buds.  Mrs. Charlie Wray and Mrs.  C. Manning presided at the tea  table.  Among the many guests was  the bride's grandmother, at 90  years  of  age,  a  real grand  old  lady.  The happy couple departed by  bus for Vancouver, via Gibsons,  after a brief honeymoon Mr. and  Mrs. Cochrane will reside at Texada Island.  The best wishes of all the  Harbour go with them.  NOTICE  A MEETING will be held  of members and those  interested in reviving the  Elphinstone Bay Farmers'  Institute. If there is not  sufficient interest to warrant this as a useful functioning organization, the  meeting will decide on disposal of the assets of the  Institute.  Meeting will be held at  Mrs. Matthews Hall, opposite Alex's Garage, on  Monday, August 1, at 8  p.m.  Dated this 16th day of  July,  1949.  OUTFITTERS  For all the Family  THE TASELLA SHOP  SECHELT  |<W**��^  When asked why she stole the  _t��Vw^^6^mtove?hi_^ TH,S COLUMN i& open to any organization who wishes  to advertise  any     coming     event.  an   excuse  that  is   supposed  to ~^^e main purpose of the column is to eliminate the duplication of events on the same  explain anything, from treason to date. Events may be advertised in the events column  for  any   length  of time  for only  one  marrying Mickey Rooney. dollar. Take advantage of this column to publicize your event and to reserve the dote.  WM-UIMMM^W...^^^^^  tmmnm  * 0 ����� CC X- Ofr C- ���> ����">��0O�� �� �� W X >X >X C< jOC .-  The Village Centre is the heart of Sechelt, containing the leading retail stores and the public telephone and telegraph office.  It costs no more to insure locally  ���  See   KEN  WHITAKER  ���  E. G. Harris  &(o.  Sechelt  Real Estate    Insurance  Phones 63 or 31C  I  The  Village  Coffee Shop  We feature ...  Steaks  Chops  Sandwiches  And Snacks  Try bur  Fountain Service  Quality Food  Pleasantly Served  SPECIAL  Pot Roasts -��� 48c lb.  Baby Beef Liver 65c Ib.  Fresh  Mushrooms  Lang's Drugs  Prescription Specialists  75c Ib  .  Fresh   Cottage  Cheese :_ 20c Ib.  Large selection of  Fresh Fruits and Vegetables.  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