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 JP**"'  v******1*  Garden Party ai  Boberis Creek  Serving a Progressive and Growing  Area on B. C.'s Southern Coast.  Covers Sechelt, Gibsons, Port Mellon, Woodfibre, Squamish, Irvines  Landing-, Half Moon Bay, Hardy  Island, Pender Harbour, Wilson  Creek, Roberts Creek, Granthams  Landing, Egmont, Hopkins Landing.  '. Brackendale,   Cheekeye,  etc.  Vol. 4, No 2  Sechelt, E. C.  Lov.ely weather enhanced the  charm of the surroundings for a  garden party held by the WA of  St. Aidan's Church at the home  of Mr. and Mrs. F. W. Downes  at Roberts Creek on Wednesday  August. 3rd.   There  was   a  large   gathering  and  a raffle and guessing com- Father iJUnlop  petition,  plus  a  door prize ser-  _.      ,     _ _��_.  ved to entice many entries. Posted   tO   OttOWO  Winners were Mrs. T. K. Ber- THE REV. Father H. F. Dunlop,  hard, door prize; Mrs. B. Anger- principal at the  Indian resid-  man, chocolates; Mrs. Colin Mc- ential school    t Sechelt for the  Lean, nearest guess (8 lb) to the L sc .       at beciieit ior ���e  weight of a 7-pound marow, for past seven years, has been tran"  a prize of a pair of pillowslips,    sferred to a new post at Ottawa.   .  Mrs.   McLean   also   displayed He will be assistant national dir-  her knowledge of horticulture by ector of the Association of Mary   f\ IpiriC Xpil  being the winner of another com- Immaculate.                                         J\JLCJLJLliJ OOli  petition,    naming    varieties     of  flowers, for which she received  ?~��is& >  FirBX-ISH-SD BY THE COAST NEWS, LIMITED  Business Office:   Sechelt, B.C. National Advertising- Office, Powell River, B.C.  Monday, Aug. 8, 1949  5c per copy, $2.50 per year, by mail  nci  tarted Friday  a jar of preserves.  Mrs. Adams won the prize for  guessing the number of beans in  a jar, also receiving a jar of preserves.  In his new position Father, m -  Dunlop will have a considerable J, 9X1  amount of editing and other du  ties  dealing with publications.  Father     Louis     Vincy,     vice  WHERE'S   Joe?   Where   Vivian?  Twin   questions  which   will  fre-  prm  PinS       r^mlnS   TnXn    ^^ b6 &Sked  hy tflXi Patr��nS   Pald  Welfare   Plan  cipal    of    Kamloops  Indian  .���_ f hpsp npvf fp,,. ,,avs * ���.. ������..*  ^  UNION ASKS  15-CENT BOOST   AND MINIMUM CONTRACT Chairman is J. K. Macrae, KC,  CONCILIATION  proceedings on  city barrister. Union representa-  wage increases for Iniernat- tive is Bert Gargrave, CCL or-  ional Woodworkers of America ganizer; employer's member of  (CIO-CCL) coast loggers started the board is D. B. McLeod, in-  in Vancouver Friday. dustrial relations consultant.  The IWA is asking a 15-cent- Besides wages and the welfare  an-hour boost and an employer- fund,  the IWA  wants  increased  minimum rates for contract wor-  _           . X School for the past three years,  Successfully     computing     the wm replace Father Dunlop.  number of apples was an honor    shared   by   Mrs.   McDonald   and ..    .   ���     .     ,   ,     ...   ,   ,..  Mrs. MacFarlane, the prize being ?lg tree> loaded W1^ f^ult  the  apples.                              . Mr. Downes received congratulations   from   all   in   his   usual  All of these  events  were   erl- modest manner and I can imag-  served     the     community     with  joyed and caused lots of fun. ine   how   proud   he   felt   within  transportation day and night, ef-  One   of   the   most   interesting himself.   A real gardener is jus-  ficiently and cheerfully, and al-  spofs   of   the   afternoon   was   of t^ed in this.                      _    _      though  their  headquarters  were  course Mr.  Downes'  greenhouse, Many   thanks   are   due   to   all' here m Roberts Creek there was  which   would   stack   up   against concerned for- the splendid  ser-  fo corner of the Peninsula where  Kew���and   that's   saying   some- vice and the careful organization  they 'were unknown,  thing.  His begonias are a picture which   so   obviously   contributed      Racing  the  stork,  rushing  ac  in these next few days. First meeting of the three-man kers, a 40-hour week within  Well, they've gone a-fishin'. conciliation board for the coast Monday to Friday, and other  At least they are now away on a region was held Friday morning working improvements. The unwell-deserved and probably long in the board room at Hotel Van- ion has prepared a brief to pre-  holiday. couver. sent to the conciliation board.  For many years now they have  50 Salmon Caught  At Gibsons Sunday  and an unusual sight too is the  to the success of this event.  CO-OP May Spend  $8000 On Bakery  cident   victims   to  SPORTS fishermen in the Gibsons district are having a full  time of it these days now that  the Cohoes are running. Sunday,  July 3.1, over 50 salmon were  weighed in at Harry  Smith's de  IF THE plans    of    the present   management    of    the  Elphin- f*-i rn  stone Co-op store at Gibsons are J i"| h<vf_T.^_   I IfiWUnaccepted by the members, $8,000 .�������������* A'""  | will be spent on the bakery de- o       IX   1��   T1      ���  " ��partment moving it up on a level NPfinPlT     I WlHfi  with the main street and instal- WVUUUli    X Tf awv  the     doctor,   j t>   "J T  meeting   boats,   and   serving   all L��W tieiCL 1 OpS >  the   dances,   meetings,   etc.   over Gi_b��_Ori<.   Fl<lh&rme*n  sideroad   or  mountain   paths   on  ���;. fOI2S   ��lSHGrmen  which car and driver had to per-   yvith 19 Pounder  form the antics of an acrobat���      Held 0ver From Last Week  yes, they will be missed. FISHING   in   the   Gibsons   area luxe  fishing  guide  float.   Every  Two of the taxis have been was good last week as the first boat had near limit catches of  sold and the third is being oper- of the cohoes started to run and griise an(j pienty of cod Fisher-  ated   by   Joe's   brother,   George several springs were brought in _      , , ,      .      '       .  Klein.    Best   of  luck  to  messrs.  to the Deluxe fishing guide ser- ���e \hav.ea^een havinS **?}>&*.  Laidlaw and Harrison, new own-  vice float. ^^ right near home oft Steep  ners of the two taxis! Lew   Reid  landed   a  nineteen B1"f T   ^P    o^/ ���  rATmpw PARTV pound   spring   on   Sunday   July  na^lel �����"*?    23^   gounder  S^S?S?A?n?J 24 while Jack Allen brought in  cafught on Monday was the larg-  IN MINIATURE four  nice weighing  six,  est P���  weighed  m  during  the  At    Greenacres    on    Saturday  six and  a jfalf   fiftGGn ariA  ��,;-! week but there were many oth-  six and a half, fifteen and six-  ling hew equipment to bring it GIBSONS   baseballers   retaliated  Miss Ann Jervis held quite a nice teen"pounds^ne"6f^the"largSt  ers almost,as large,  up to date with other bakeries. .      for; the recent .win;;-by Sepljelt..little affair to mark the', end ..o��v.GQho.es - weigh^^  The financial report of the Co- when they frbuhced" fhe Sechelt her first dance class session. by George Bell with a nine and men> S. and C. Webber, return-  op store, read to the small group Iads ^y^ on Sunday and took a Attended by about a dozen of a half pounder. The average Co- ed to the float after a suceess-  of members who attended the ��i��se ,9"7 vlctory at ^echelt on her young pupils and half that hoe runs around five pounds. ful afternoon with seven beau-  semi-annual meeting recently, Thursday. . ��� . number 0f parents, a pleasant Two cut throat trout weighing .ies- They had a 23% pound  showed that the store was hold- The Sunday game played at afternoon was spent. The child- three and �� four pounds were spring and a 21 % pound spring  ing  its  own  for    the    first six  Gibsons was never in doubt from ren gave varied examples of their weighed in at the float. It is not  as wel1 as three jack springs and  , months of the year and there is  the first inning  when the boys skiu in dancing and a united tap often that this species is caught  a couple of cohoes.  y a definite trend toward a more  in red took a six-run lead which  dancing   effort  was  so   well re- in   the   district   and   there   was      Fishing reports from the Half-  profitable   operation   under   the  they consistently-increased to the ceived as to merit a repitition. some uncertainty as to what they  moon Bay district are equally as  new manager, Mr. N. McDonald,  final   17-5  result.    On  Thursday were  before  experienced fisher-  enthusiastic    with     practically  Members were advised that a  however,  it  was  anyone's  game      "1/^ ^eP gitie   o^orm��� men examined them and  decid-  every, boat returning with good  new  donut  machine   was  being ^ the last ball was patched   ^^^^^ ^fS^to "* they Were CUt throat Catches"   installed in the window and that      The score remained tied right  ., t   the resultant advertising will be up to ; the seventh inning when ^  a help to sales in the bakery de-  the. Gibsons boys crept ahead by      A  lovely   chocolate   cake   was  partment a scant two runs and managed to  very   kindly   donated   by   Mrs'.  A drive for new members  in "stave   off  the  frantic  efforts   of Blongrin.  the   Co-op   will   be   undertaken kecneit to catch up.   . Ann woui(_t like to express her  and -pressure is to be brought on      In both    cases    an    excellent thanks to all who helped to make  I existing members to take a more  brand of ball was served up to  the gathering so successful,  and  factive part in the affairs of their  the   customers,   who   really   got  especially  to  Miss  Jerry Jervis,   ________ __  .,       ,     ..�� ,   )organization.  Mr.  McDonald  ex-  their   money's   worth Jn   thrills,  and   Miss   M.   Macintyre   for  so   PENDER Harbours third annual    ~ pressed   his   disappoihtment     at especially   in   the   closely-fought generously   offering   the   use   of 'ega"a' bemg st.a9ed next Sat"   authorities on diving.  . the few who turned out to   the  Thursday game.                                  Greenacres. urday, August 13, promises to be      The  senior  aquatic  sp0rts  in-  meeting-and pointed out that it                                                                      She is. rec0mmencing her les- j��gger and belter lhan ever be"   eluding   swimming   and   diving  was far from encouraging to re-   fhomaS   G.   MulUnS        s���* in tan and ballet for iuven-      ��/:*u    _.���-     .=..._    _______ Continued  on  Page 3  ceive  such  poos support.  There   x *x^-��**��-����   **�����  *r* u"w  Plans Complete Foe Pender  Harbour Annual Regatta  sons in tap and ballet for juven-      With    tWo    previous    regaiias  iles  in September and hopes to under ils beIt the committee has  mg.  Funeral for  Bob Graham  FUNERAL     of    Robert     "Bob"  ���^^c?iSS?^ tSS'nSS 'r^^GYS^vJ^^ ^J^L^^L^" beeTab^Y^nThrd^Vny Marsdens Grandson  here last Monday,  August 2,  at WHAT THE   F VALUE MEANS  *JJ ^r^h-rUnning and eVCnt" Receives   ReCOOnition  49 years of age. The ��F��>value of a camera lens Program. Aic?uc:ivt?j>   ��2GL.ugniUUn  He is survived by two daugh- indicates     the   relationship     be-      *J��  f^orihas ,been sP-ared to GIBSONS    has    received    much  ters and two sons.                          . tween the diameter of the lens, ma%~ thls th^ Sala a^u^|? event ,. Publicity  for    its    scenic  and  Funeral took place this after- the, hypotenuse of the film area, of the year. Starting with a par- fishing  merits but  never before  noon at 2 o'clock at the grave-  and   the   distance   between   the ade   ��{  decorated   boats    under has   it   received   recognition   as  side,  with Rev. Linfoot officiat- film  surface   and  the  center  of *hQe    chairmanship    of      Carpy the home town  of the girl who  ing                                                      - the lens Carpenter this event promises to gave birth to the first child born  _f_! : '         !  be   even  more  colorful  than   in in the dependents' area of Bur-  Graham   was   held   in   United  ,_^                                        __            ���      __       _- previous   years.   The   boats   will ton wood, England.  f Church   Hall   at  Gibsons   Satur-  TJ       Tk_^N-V+��*   f'v^^fiy    TV* �����*��_ 4-1 "l+^_ re"dezv+��"s     at.n D.a^'s     w^f The caption under a photo of  day. He leaves to mourn his pass- HODertS V^ieeK inStltlltG ^*l^ re^hei'Sel^l KXT7, ChaTm?g m��ther and  mg his wife, one daughter, Bar- numoers ana register before 10.60  child taken by the U.S. Air Force  bara,  two  sons,  Don  and Bob.    --X' _____-,_.      _- - 11T^ It I  a'm* '' says   that   "Mrs-   R-   c-   Blount,  Mr. Graham passed away sud-   |-< ^yvil TO      H ____ I I     4v^ h4#^^VrH As the Parade will be the open-  daughter of Mr. and Mrs. G. A.  denly  while  on  a  camping trip  iLUilllLO    JL J.C9.1J.     l\J JlJ\JClL\JL       mg event of the day it must start Marsden of  Gibsons,  B.C.,  Can-  with    his    family.    He    was    a . promptly. It is planned that the  ada, and wife of M/Sgt. Blount,  very fine singer and  a popular a   MEETING     of     the   Roberts boats will parade before the re-  now  stationed  with   the  United  resident of Gibsons. Funeral Creek Farmers' Institute was Barne<, w Wpal p Fdmnnd^ TWmg f?nf at ^av6^n Bay at states AfF Force at Burtonwood,  services read by Rev. Mr. Bevans  held at the Community Hall on mbbf'D^Voth and  Funnel wVen ?lCl����h make T��S. C1I"leS p0Ses wlth .Rlchard Michael, who  of   United   Church     assisted   by  Mondav August 1 uibDs, uanrotn ana jjunneii. before the judges and then the  was  born  in   their  quarters    at  Rev. Mr. Oswald of the Anglican The "primarv reason for the Mr- Mernck attended as sec- big day will be under way. There Burtonwood at 0730 hours June  Church.     Legion    members     of  meeting was to decide the fate retary of the hal1 board. are two classes in this event this  28, 1949. Richard Michael is the  Branch 109, and Women's Auxil- 0f the "hall" as one of the as- In passing, it is worthy of com- y.ear' boats under 18 feet in one first baby to be born in the de-  iary to. the Legion attended serv- sets of the institute. A full and ment that these meetings which class ?nd the larger boats in the pents' area at Burton wood. Baby  ice in a body. At the cemetery,   official report is,  of course,  be- so  vitally  affect  matters  of  in-  other- Richard was delivered by Nurse  Seaview, two of the youthful ing made out for governmental terest to the community should There will be speeches by B. M. Lawton, an English nurse, and  members of the Legion Auxiliary registration, but it can be stated be so poorly attended. Roberts Maclntyre MLA, Fred McDer- is the.Blount's third child. M/Sgt.  Boys'   Band  sounded   the  "Last  that the hall board will become Creek is not original in this re- mott and the Rev. A. Green. Blount is  presently assigned   at  Post."     At   the    funeral   service  the new registered authority to spect.   The  same  thing happens      Junior  aquatic  sports  will be  Burtonwood  as  the  manager  of  Mrs.  Lissiman  sang   one  of  his  control   the   future   life   of   the in many places���and    the    few the first events, followed by the  the transient hotel."  favorite   hymns,   "Somewhere."    hall. - who do take a genuine interest Junior  diving.  The many fine floral tributes      The   meeting   was   poorly   at- in these affairs are often blamed  DIVING AUTHORITY  testified   to  his   popularityX and  tended and of the 14 present only  (by the many who do not)  for      Among the judges of the diviagy-r a uog  he  will  be missed for his fine  six were entitled to vote as mem- doing the wrong thing! Strange, will be Fred McDermott of Van?  singing efforts. bers of the institute���Messrs. F. but true! couver,   one   of   Canada's   best ^ ^  " VISOIOI/l  -U-WaXI IVIO'lIAOtid REGATTA plans are being completed by the Pender Harbour  Aquatic Committee, last meeting  was held July 25 at Garden Bay  Lodge. Pennants are on sale now,  and are really attractive, made  locally. This saved the committee quite a bit. Come on, all you  husky loggers! Get in trim for  the annual log-bucking contest;  the first prize for this event is  a pair of cork boots and a nice  silver cup. The cork boots are  donated jointly by Reg Spicer  (left foot), and John Haddock  (right foot).  The Union Steamships have  promised to donate a large cup  and a small cup, as well as a  number of transportation prizes.  Canada packers have generously  donated 50 pounds of weiners.  There   are   silver   cups   as   first  prizes in all events. Batt Maclntyre, newly elected M.P. for Mackenzie riding and Mrs. Maclntyre will be in attendance, Batt  will give the opening address.  Several union representatives  will be on hand.  There will be two planes here  for the day, taking passengers up  for a "flip". See our harbour  from the air; it is really lovely,  with so many little lakes around  the hillsides, they just look like  little puddles in a field. I can  speak from experience, as I went  up last regatta day.  Dance tickets will be on sale  soon. Ed Thompson and his Powell River Troubadours will be  supplying the music. Of course  we are not forgetting the decorated boat parade, etc., this will  be very colorful also.  .._.. _... ..t-  r.~ -c.fir.iir.iim  Monday, August Eighth, Nineteen Forty-nine  KiFe've Got it... let's share the beauty city dwellers crave  It a nfewAtractor  would help you  weftg/  You already know that you can borrow money  from this Bank under the terms of the Farm  Improvement Loan Act, to buy new farm  equipment, construct new buildings, buy new  stock, or make any other worthwhile addition  to your farm.  But did you know that this Bank can also make  these loans to finance the purchase of used  farm equipment, and to make repairs or alterations to existing farm buildings?  If you want to sell your old tractor to get a new  one, and your buyer hasn't enough ready cash,  ask him to discuss his problem with the Bank  of Nova Scotia. Remember, if farm improvements will help to make your farm more  profitable, we're interested.  THE BANK OF  NOVA SCOTIA  T. G. Dunn, Manager, Squamish, B.C., Woodfibre, B.C  THERE ARE times when we who live in small  communities and rural areas are inclined  to/ envy our city-dwelling cousins who have  the benefit of large stores, paved streets, ample transportation facilities, and a wide choice  of entertainment. However, we have concluded that the best way to overcome this envy  is to spend a day or so in Vancouver during  the heat of the summer. The blistering heat  waves beating up from the paved streets and  cement sidewalks, the crowded stores, the  harried workers, and the crowded theatres and  nightclubs soon lose their alure to one who is  accustomed to the luxury of the easy life, the  fresh clean air, and the happy atmosphere of  the small community.  If people in the city were aware of the  miles of clean beaches and the pure fresh air  available  to them  on this  glorious peninsula  and only a scant two hours by boat, we feel  confident that- they would visit us more often  and in larger numbers.  While thousands of people jostle for seating room on Vancouver beaches, miles of vacant beaches stretch unused here on the Peninsula.  What could make a more pleasant day for  a city family than to spend two hours on a  steamer cruising up the coast, several hours  relaxing on the clean beaches with" facilities  available for picnic lunches and sports, stores*  to supply their needs of any kind, and miles  of salt water teeming with fighting salmon  waiting to be caught?  All these facilities have been placed here  by nature: now it is up to us to share them  with the vacation-loving city dwellers so close  to us.  -Let's Praise Them .    .   . not sneer at the government  Gibsons during the past week should be  an answer to the "doubting Thomas's" who  todk such a delight out of sneering at the  government and labelling every bit of news  that come through about the construction as  "election promises."  Too many people have taken the attitude  that the government consists of a group of  men who for some obscure reasons have left  their own businesses with the sale purpose in  mind of defrauding the public of their rights.  The fact that to most of these men, acting as  an MLA represents a drop in income should  prove otherwise.  During the past few years there has been  a steady influx of hardworking and honest  men into public life . . . men with good business heads and who have established successful businesses of their own. Too many of these  men, hearing the sneers and slurs cast at men ;  in public life, dropped out at the last elec- j  tion. In some cases they were replaced by men  of inferior calibre. Our sneers cost us,a lot.  Let's stop sneering at the government and  start giving it some well-earned praise for the '  work it  is doing.  GIBSONS NEWS  By E. NESTMAN  See Jim and Alice Veitch back  on the job after a couple of weeks  vacation.  George Steeves and his aunt  have taken over the Usher homestead, on the reserve. Mr. and  Mrs. Usher will be leaving Gibsons in the near future. We welcome the new tenants, and regret  the departure of the old.  They tell me one of the Marshall Brothers will be the new  butcher, taking over Mr. Ken-  nett's. They will be renting Mrs.  Nicholson's home, she having  gone to Vancouver.  Our senior ball team took the  count of Sechelt Sunday to the  tune of 14-4, even tho' Sechelt  wore their nice new uniforms,  they couldn't quite make the  grade. They had quite a gallery  of rooters down from Sechelt  with them. It was a good game  to watch, but tonight they tell  me the Bowen Island boys really  gave our boys a trimming, beating them by double figures.  What have they got that Sechelt hasn't?  Mr. and Mrs. Claye Chamberlain are home after a two-week  safari * over to the Island. They  took in Qualicum, Campbell  River and Ladysmith, and inform  me they had a wonderful time.  Ruth Norris left for Coquitlam  where she goes in training.  Mrs. Bill Skellet Sr. suffered  a very painful accident, giving  her hand a severe iaceration.  while ^picking up some papers, in  the middle of which was a knife.  Could have been very serious;  her hand is repairing nicely now.  <  On their way to Winnipeg are  Mrs. Ware and daughter Cherry,  after a two-week holiday with  her sister, Mrs. Nestman.  Back home is Jackie Nestman,  after a three-week trip to Los  Angeles and way points. He came  home all alone. Steve. Little john  will be staying another month.  They both had a wonderful time  but Jackie says i he's glad to be  home, and will take B.C. any  time. For which I am justly  happy. Had a qualm or two for  fear he might want to roam and  perhaps stay down that way, but  apparently he thinks Gibsons is  pretty nice.  Have you seen our Main Stret?  It ain't what it used to be! They  really mean business by the look  of it.   Horrible thought���what if  they left it that way?,  They tell me Granny McEwen  is doing very nicely getting around the house, with the help of  a chair. Her daughter ��� Peg went  up the other day and found  Granny in bed with a big pan of  peas, and the wash-tub beside  the bed, filling it with the empty  pods. Determined- she'd get the  canning done for the winter".  What a gal!  (Mrs. Crowhurst is confined to  her home with a severe gash in  her leg, suffered when she slipped on the pathway at her home  and caught on a snag. It needed  stitches. She is getting around  home   via  the  wheelchair.  Marge Leslie and her mother  Mrs. Fisher are making things  hum around the Mariner Cafe,  where they have taken over. We  wish theni the very best in their  new undertaking.  Mrs. Allan Inglis and family  are up for two weeks' holiday.  Gone to town for a week are  Mrs. Sotiros and family, while  Mr. Sotiros makes some major  improvements  on the house.  "What did they teach  you in  school   today,   Johnny?"   mother  asked.  "Not   much,"   Johnny   replied,  "I've got to go again tomorrow.'5  Reader's  -Letters To The Ediia  y-y.&,  Editor,   Coast  News.    ���  SIR���The   reply   of :jfe_i^��iriSj  clair   to   a   letter   written ,,bj|  Robert MacNicol regarding treat]  ment of veterans who are recip|  ients of war veterans allowance^  leaves a lot of things to be exf  plained   to ,an   ordinary   perso*.  like myself. Mr. Sinclair accuse']  Mr. Macnicol of playing politic^;  What does Mr. Sinclair supposf,  the government was doing wheilJ  just before election it announce!]  a ten-dollar increase in the olc.  age  pension.   When   just   a   fe|  weeks    before    that    announct|  ment it had turned down a le;j  publicized  request for a simils|  increase for the burned-out ve'  ' X<  The old-age pensioner of B.(|i  and   his   wife,   if both  aged  7|  receive   a   pension   of   $100   pej  month,   the   wife   also  receivinl  free   medical   care.   Under? the  same   circumstances,, the   burnt!  Continued on Page 10       |  AVAILABLE  THROUGHOUT  THE PENINSULA  Canadian   Legion  Tickets  offering  gift awards worth  $5,000p00  Tickets 50c each  Sponsored by  Canadian  Legion  Branch  140  Sechelt-  28 AWARDS TOTALING $5000.00  5 First Prizes of $300 each  5 Second Prizes of $250 each  10 Third Prizes of $150 each  8 Fourth Prizes of $100 each  Prizes in merchandise of your own choosing.  >  Drawing October 19,1049  Buy a book* of tickets���the more tickets you  have  the more prizes you can win.  i. MORE ABOUT  REGATTA DAY  I (Continued From Page 1)  promise to create considerable  interest with several outside contenders planning to enter the  races and the diving contests.  Another event that is attracting wide attention throughout the  Peninsula is the log rolling.  Caulk boots  have been donated  , as the first prize for this event  and it is expected that there will  be several  entries  from various  >    parts  of the Peninsula  for this  |    as well as the famed log buck-  *    ing contest.  Two classes of motor boat races  will be another highlight of the  day's events with boats up to 1%  h.p. in one class and boats up'to  3%  h.p. in the other.  Speed; boat and power boat  races will each draw a big entry  judging by the interest created  in these events already.  NEW  EVENT  An innovation which promises  to catch the fancy of many local  ! residents as well as the visiting-  fishermen is the Gillnet set. To  arrange this event with a minimum of confusion the committee  is striving to have entries in to  the postmaster at Irvines Landing on the day previous.  To wind up the gala day a  dance is being held in the Irvine's Landing hall with an orchestra from Powell River supplying the music.  Financial expenditure has been  cut to a minimum 'this year in  order to have good proceeds left  to apply toward the construction  of the swimming pool at Garden  Bay.  Much of the expense has been  defrayed through the co-operation of the Pender Harbour business people who have donated  money and prizes as well as buying advertising space on the back  of the programs.  Advertisements were purchased by Haddock's Engineering,  Hassen's Store, Murdock's Store,  Pender Harbour Lodge, Canoe  Pass Boat Works, Darben Coffee  .Bar, Garden Bay Hotel, John  Daly, R. Dusenbury, Harry's  Shoe Renew, Lloyd's General  Store, Garden Bay Lodge and  Cafe, Falconer's eGneral Store,  The Marine Shop, Bargain Harbour Marine, Sakinaw Lodge and  R.   Spicer  sawmill.  Trophies have been donated for  I  THE COAST NEWS, Monday, Aug. 8, 1949  By   Glenwood  Cabin Cook Range  Ideal for Camp Use  ��� COOKING TOP 18x26 INCHES  ��� BURNS  16" WOOD  ��� ENAMEL OVEN DOOR  ��� OVEN SIZE 133/4"x9!/2"xl6"  PRICE ONLY  ',  $31.95  MARSHALL'S HARDWARE  Serving the Peninsula  PHONE 33  WELL FOLKS, here I am again  and very glad to be home.  Hospitals are fine places to go  when you n.eed them. My activities are somewhat curtailed  until fall as the doctors, gave  the wife very strict instructions  not let me out of her sight for  even 15 minutes. However the  wife and -Bert have been keeping track of events for me so  that I caa give you practically  all the news.  Mr. and Mrs. Lou Jewet have  been ' holidaying at New Brighton. Hear they rented the Ericas  house.  Major John Heath spent two  weeks of his holiday here. Mrs.  Heath and Lloyd are still here  for a few days.  Mr. Maurice Heath and his fiance Miss Mary McNair of New  Westminster were weekend guest  of Mr. and Mrs. John Heath,  ^aurice  is   their  elder  son.  Mr. and Mrs. John Knight are  up for their holiday. Mrs. Knight  is a daughter of the late Mr.  Justice Harper.  Miss Florence Johnson is also  enjoying the holidays at the  family summer home.  Mr. Arthur Harper is doing  some land-clearing, ready for  building. This is also at New  Brighton.  Dr. G. H. Hunter has returned  to Vancouver and his duties at  Shaughnessy.  - Mr. and- Mrs. F. W. Alexander  are visiting Victoria.  The Veterans Memorial Hall  has had its share of visitors lately. Of course, as Billy Browne,  the radio announcer says there is  nothing better on a hot day than  a "malted milk" as sold by a  vets club. Be that as it may,  there is still reason to believe  that the hall still holds attractions besides that. To quote one  of the visitors, "Where else can  you meet your' friends in such  congenial surroundings. You can  sit and gossip, dance or play  cards and if you only have one  malted drink nobody objects."  Amongst the visitors this weekend were Mr. Don Berry, Mr.  P. Stewart, Miss Jean Stewart,  Mrs. J. McCormick, J. Shelly, H.  Patterson, B. R. Sewell, A. Sinclair, Kathlen Rose, Kay Cruick-  shank and Mrs. Poppos, all of  Vancouver. Then we skip across  to Alberta for our next guest on  the lists, Mr. and Mrs. Keeling.  Reading the guest register again  we find R. A. Kelly, West Van.,  W. Chadwick, North Van. Our  old friend Eric Grant of Port Mellon signed in. Returning to Vancouver for a spell we find G. A.  Jones, P. Jones and Betty New-  vin signed in.  Mrs. Shearer has rented her  cabin again to Mr. and Mrs. A.  E. Sinclair and family, a dentist  from Vancouver. Mr. and Mrs.  Sinclair are return visitors to  Gamtjier Harbour. They spent  two or three weeks up here last  year.'  Mr. Francis Drage, J.P. and Mr.  every event"in the regatta with  a small replica to be kept by the  winner each year.  S. J. W. Adkins attended the  quarterly convention of the Provincial Command, Army, Navy  and Airforce Veterans in Canada  on July 23rd.  Mr. Houston is enjoying his  annual two weeks holiday with  his family here. Mr. Houston  tells me .that his father built the  cottage 30 years ago. Mr. Houston is employed by the T. Eaton  Cp. Ltd. now. He was employed  by David Spencer Ltd. until the  business  changed   hands.  I read an editorial in a contemporary dated July 19 regard-  Bert Gargrave  Quits Politics  For CCL Post  Held Over From Last Week  BERT GARGRAVE, CCF member of the last B.C. Legisla-.  ture, who was defeated in the  June election, has become a  Canadian Congress of Labor organizer. .  He says he is quitting politics  "for the time being."  Announcement of his appointment was made by William Mahoney, CCL western director,  who said Mr. Gargrave's experience and ability will be valuable  to the congress.  ��� Mr. Gargrave formerly represented Mackenzie riding. A longtime member of the AFL Painters' and Decorators' Union, he is  now a member of the CCL's  Amalgamated Building and Construction Workers' Union.  ing the Port Mellon Road. One  paragraph in particular struck  me as being very funny. This  reads, and I quote: "This is not  an unreasonable request when  we see that Gambier Harbour  boasts of a good road for a comparable length and serving a  small number of people." Sure  we boast of our good road. Why  shouldn't we. The gentleman who  wrote that editorial appears to  be jealous. He should wait until  it is a real wet day, then get a  boat and come over to the. Island,  round to West Bay and walk the  old trail from there to Gambier  Harbour. After that he should go  from Gambier Harbour over the  new road to New Brighton. He  would understand why we are  proud of our good road. It has  taken us at least 12 years to get  it.  Average weekly wage of hourly-rated "workers employed by  leading Canadian manufacturers  was $42.08 at April 1 of this year,  a new high figure and $5.06 per  week more than a year previously.  ROCK GAS  ANNOUNCING  THE EXCLUSIVE  DEALERSHIP .  ROCK GAS  LEW REID  Gibsons Phone 71  ROCK GAS  We are as  near as your  telephone...  You can buy no better ��� no   cheaper.  *  PHONE GIBSONS 53  Gibsons Building Supplies  Everything for ihe Builder  Fast Freight Service  SAILINGS THREE TIMES WEEKLY  Load Monday for  Roberts Creek  Davis Bay (Wilson Ck.)  Sechelt  Halfmoon   Bay  Secret Cove  Pender Harbour  Irvines Ldg.  Hassens  Wharf  Garden Boy  Load Wednesday for  Gibsons  Roberts Creek  Davis Bay (Wilson Ck.)  Sechelt  Load Thursday for  Roberts Creek  Davis Bay (Wilson Ck.)  Sechelt.  Halfmoon Bay  Pender Harbour  Irvines Landing  Hassens Wharf  Garden Bay  St. Vincent Bay  Blind Bay-Nelson Island  Davidson Marine Freight Limited  ARROW TRANSFER ��� SHED No. 1  Phone Vancouver TA 5041 Sechelt 63 or 31C 4  THE COAST NEWS, Monday, Aug. 8, 1949  By   Cherry   Whitaker*  THE DICTIONARY states that a  regatta is : "a contest in sailing or rowing." That to my way  of thinking is a masterpiece of  understatement, just like saj'ing  that a porterhouse steak is a  piece of fried beef. Not a mention of all the attendant color,  excitement and romance. (If you  don't think there is any color,  excitement or romance in a good  steak, you just haven't the right  approach. Cooked right it's sheer  poetry.)  To return to the dictionary and  "regatta" and the man who defined the term. Giving him the  benefit   of   the   doubt,   we   will  DeLuxe  FISHING  GUIDE  SERVICE  POWER BOAT  ROW BOAT  RENTALS  WATER TAXI  FISHING TACKLE  RENTED  BAIT AVAILABLE  Next   to   Gibsons   Wharf  HARRY  SMITH,  MGR.  Phone GIBSONS 28  25%  OFF  KIDDIES' DRESSES  KIDDIES'  JACKETS  GIRLS' DRESSES  LADIES' DRESSES  LADIES' BLOUSES  SLACK SUITS  New shipment of  KROY WOOLS  Just Received  TASSELLA SHOP  SECHELT  simply assume that by the time  he reached the R's he was too  tired to enlarge on the theme.  Or perhaps he was a man of few  words, though 'any man who  chooses to compile a dictionary  could hardly be accused of being, of "few words." Lack of imagination  is  better.  To disprove the unwordly  gentleman I shall go into the  subject a little more fully. Once  upon a time, in what is often referred to as "the dear, dead days  ���gone beyond recall", I belonged to a Yacht Club. Having  "joined me up" (a revolting  phrase with all the sound of a  chicken being prepared for the  roasting pan) as a junior at the  age of six or so, the family automatically took care of things for  a few years. Then, chronologically and presumably, having reached the age of reason, I was booted into the adult membership.  During this period my sole  contribution to club activities  consisted of paying yearly dues,  except for attending one major  event. This was the Pacific International Regatta, which is held  in Vancouver every two or three  years. Roused by a terrific feeling of pride in being part of such  an affair I usually managed to  be* there; that the aforementioned  dues were oftimes in arrears did  nothing to dampen my ardour.  Perhaps the possibility of not  being on hand when the next  roll call came lent an added zest  to the enjoyment���a feeling akin-  to a desert island castaway's last  cigarette.  Just as it. is unnecessary to  know one end of a horse from  the other to develop a passion  for the races, so is it equally unnecessary to distinguish "snipes"  from "sloops" to enjoy a regatta.  Of course, if you are the type  who has the urge to know who  won what with what type of  craft, and why the "Seagull"  jumped the gun, or that Skipper  Smith luffed when he should  have tacked, you had better hob  nob with a few old salts or a good  reference library before you attend said regatta.  Personally, I'm quite happy in  my ignorance, and quite blissful  as long as all craft stay on top  of the water where I can see  them. The inability to discourse  at length on the difference between "cat-boat" and "dogwatch"  does not detract, in the least,  from the effect of gleaming paint,  polished brass and the white sails  standing out against green sea  and blue sky.  The bark of the starter's gun;  the white wake streaming out  behind a slim trim cruiser;  tenders and dinghies plying  back and forth between ships and  floats; the mingled murmurs of  agitation, sympathy and amusement as a small craft heels per-  "Beach Party" Held  In Sechelt Legion  Held Over From Last Week  A BEACH party planned for the  sandy shore of Sechelt on Friday July 22nd was held instead  in the Legion Hall because of  rain. Sponsored by the Sechelt  V.O.N, the party was a great success although there was a very  small crowd.  Prizes for the draws and bingo  consisted of $10 from James Sinclair, M.P., auto rug from T.  Eaton and Co., Paragon Ash  Trays from Birks.  Winner of the rug was Mrs. W.  ilously over on its side, or a  moment's inattention dunks  one in the sea; the mahogany  tans of the seasoned sailors and  the bright crimson face of landlubber returned from an afternoon's racing; cheers, laughter  and song echoing across the  water. These are the things the  dictionary omits. It's not the  'what' of a regatta, it's the feel.  So with Pender Harbour's 3rd  annual Regatta ready to roll off  the production line on Saturday  August 13th, overhaul your most  nautical bibs 'n tuckers and prepare to catch the first boat, bus  or wheelbarrow going that way.  For this event is becoming as  institutional as the May Queen,  and one which all the Peninsula  dwellers would do well to support. After all what has Kelowna  that   we   can't   achieve   in   time.  Deane   while   Mrs.   J.   Redman  was the lucky winner of the ash  trays.   Mrs.  Stan  Parker  won  a  cup and saucer.  Bob Cook acted as master of  ceremonies while Jim Parker ran  the Bingo.  Biscuits were donated by the  National Biscuit Co. and Orange  Crush was donated by the Orange  Crush Company.  Among those present were Mr.  and Mrs. J.' Redman, Mr. and  Mrs. O. Blanchard, Mr. and Mrs.  J. Parker, Mr. Jack Nelson, Mr.  and Mrs. Graham Collison, Mr.  and Mrs. Brooker, Mr. and Mrs.  Powell, Mr. and Mrs. Stockwell,  Mr. and Mrs. H. Newcomen, Mr.  and Mrs. "W. Dean, Mr. and Mrs.  Parish, Mrs. Alice French, Mrs.  Ruby Jay, Mrs. H. Billingsley,  Mr. and Mrs. T. Ayton, Mrs. R.  Hutton, Mrs. E'ricks.  J.   Redman  was  in v charge  of  SUCCESSFUL TEA.  BAZAAR HELD AT  ROBERTS CREEK  The LA to Canadian Legion  Branch 219 held at very successful bazaar and tea at the Mathews Hall, Roberts Creek, on July  22. The tea tables were attractively decorated with flowers.  Winner of the two-pound box of  homemade fudge was Mrs. Har-  board with/ ticket No. 31. The  LA would like to thank all those  who so kindly helped to make  the affair sch a success.  the music over the loud speaker.  Looking after the refreshments  were Mrs. J. McKissock, Mrs. H.  Billingsley, Mrs. L. Weston, Mrs.  H. Newcomen, Mrs. Brooker, Mrs.  J. Redman, Mrs. Stockwell and  Mrs. G. Collison.  MEN'S 8-OZ.  Denim Overalls, $3.50  'The Best Quality"  Bring this advertisement in to the store and we will allow  you 25c on the purchase of a pair of overalls. For August  only. "  THE MEN'S SHOP  BAL'S BLOCK GIBSONS  Announcing  NEW OWNERSHIP AND. A NEW NAME  FOR GIBSONS' ONLY MEAT MARKET  HUCK'S MEAT MARKET  Successor to  H. KENNETT  QUALITY MEATS AT THE LOWEST POSSIBLE  PRICES  H. "Huck" Marshall, proprietor  V IL LAGE    CE NTRE  COFFEE   SHOP  EEEOE  EE Efm  lg-SM____il_I  VULAGE MARKET  *^$:*8i. SfeK ���:.: SSS  ffFPf  wr\w7-\  1  ������i!M��.<  IjjJHBWT..,...,..._...  E  iyMMMMi  ;<M   LANGS   DRUGS  i.-.*.*?;*;*;v;v.>-.-.sjk*MSiM**fc  WT3GZ3WZ3  koseziezi  EUELJWT2  m  ii  SECHELT   BAKERY  II  wr-_w \wrr~\  wuwnnwiD  nziwmwm  ffA^lVMVAWAW.WyJlfe  __ll  11     IllS  E3KO  wnwn  wnzn  --���.UJJ&Jr*.11-1^   A   ���������.~..y..jregg_..?��~.~...'|  'PARKER'S HARDWAREi  M��Wmi��M_.l,J,__W!mWJlM^^  . ��< V<?      *OC *. v^wOOOQaOOWWV-.'*^ vOXtt/pJ ���  S533SSSSS5553SB3SS  DSBS-S-  MmmwmBSBm  WWWv*W'^\AA<^4W������WC����*��i.����*4M��eOMf��A����W  The Village Centre is the heart of Sechelt. containing the leading retail'stores and the public telephone and telegraph office,  All types of Insurance  Fire     Burglary  Automobile  K. WHITAKER  E. G. Harris  &Co.  Sechelt  Real Estate    Insurance  Phones 63 or 31C  The  Village  Coffee Shop  We feature ...  Steaks  Chops  Sandwiches  And Snacks  Try our  Fountain Service  Quality Food  Pleasantly Served  SPECIAL  Maple  Leaf  Weiners  40* lb.  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GREENE  Junior Swimming Races  SEVEN EVENTS���Trophy for Each Race  Junior Diving Event  GIRLS 15 AND UNDER���FREE STYLE  BOYS 15 AND UNDER ��� FREE STYLE  SENIOR AQUATIC SPORTS  LADIES' AND MEN'S FREE STYLE DIVING  AND SWIMMING  LOG ROLLING ��� LOG BUCKING X GREASY POLL  BOAT RACING ��� GILLNET SET CONTEST  DANCE  IRVINE'S LANDING HALL  Powell River Orchestra  Admission $ 1.00  Refreshments  *  .This advertisement generously donated by:  HADDOCK'S ENGINEERING  John Haddock  SAKINAW LODGE  E. M. Cotton  GARDEN BAY LODGE AND CAFE  Lloyd Davis  BARGAIN   HARBOUR  MARINE  Russ Keillor  LLOXD'S GENERAL STORE  Al Lloyd  GARDEN BAY HOTEL  G. Lyons  R.  SPICER SAWMILL  R. Spicer  MARINE REPAIR SHOP  R.  Duzenbury  FALCONER'S GENERAL STORE   irvines LANDING  THE MARINE SHOP  C. G. Brewster  MURDOCK'S GENERAL SUPPLIES  Royal Murdock  CANOE PASS BOAT WORKS  AND MARINE  WAYS  HASSEN'S STORE  Fishermen's and Loggers' Supplies  PENDER HBR. 6  SECHELT  By ARIES  THE COAST NEWS, Monday, Aug. 8, 194$   *ng to Oliver, B.C., to visit her   j- *- _-;  grandparents.  Mrs. Ethel Parr-Pearson . is  spending a few days in Vancouver with the children Diana and  Kendall.  IT'S ALWAYS fair weather  when old soldiers get together  which is exactly what happened  recently when Sgt. Nels Nelson  and Sgt. Douglas Engelen met by  accident in Sechelt. Nelson has  his home here and Engelen  spends his vacation at the summer home of Mrs. Engelen's parents. They really had a lot to  talk about as the last time they  saw each other they were in the  sergeants' mess in Britain. It's a  small world.  Visiting here as the guest of  Mr. and Mrs. Newcomen is Mr.  U. J. Higgins of Chicago. Coming here by plane and staying  two weeks, he left Chicago one  night and was here the next. He  is a well known artist and hopes  to put on canvas some of our  beauty sports, and of course  wants to catch some of our fine  salmon. We certainly hope he  does  and that his vacation with  us will be a pleasant one.  We understand that Mr. and  Mrs. H. Brooker will not be living nearer Sechelt, ha\aKig moved  from the Bay homestead to the  Porpoise Bay road. Surely they  will miss the wonderful view  they had of the Inlet but we  shall be glad that they will now  be within calling distance.  We had quite a nice evening  recently when we were introduced to Percy Sands of Barham  & t Sands, Vancouver. What a  lovely boat he has���the MS Tequila���just the last word in  everything, and Mr. Sands the  perfect host. There were quite  a number of people admiring the  boat when she pulled in to the  wharf at Porpoise Bay and we  were quite proud that we were  going aboard. It has everything  ���electric lights, leather seats,  and a wonderful galley, also a  small bathroom. She has now  gone  up north.  Mrs. Lillian Powell with Eleanor and Elaine and neice Lenora  have spent the last few days in  Vancouver.  Eleanor will  be go-  Please Clip This Directory Out- and Hang By Your Phone  For Reference  BAKERY  REAL ESTATE  BETTY'S  BAKERY  Homemade Pies,  Cakes,...  Bread  Special Catering  Cakes Decorated to Order  Porpoise  Bay Rd.',  Sechelt  Phone Sechelt, 59W  Specialist in Coast Property  Consolidated Brokers Ltd.  Gulf Coast Offices . y  .    Gibsons and Sechelt  Phone 37  BEER BOTTLES  SECOND HAND STORE  Will call and buy for cash,  beer bottles, scrap metal, etc.  Calls made at intervals from  Hopkins to Irvines Landing.  R.  H.  STROSHEIN  Wilson   Creek  I  CLEANERS AND DYERS  Everything at Bargain  Prices  BUY - SELL - EXCHANGE  Typewriters  -  Sales  -  Rent  Service and  Office  Supplies  COLIN WINGRAVE  Gibsons, B.C.  "It Pays to Keep Clean"  LLOYD'S CLEANERS  GIBSONS,  B.C.  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LUMBER AND FUEL  *    BURNS and JACKSON  SAWMILL  Producer, of Choice Lumber  In All Species  Wood and Sawdust  Phone Sechelt 15-M-2  PLOWING  DO. IT NOW!    .. .  SPECIALIZED PLOWING  by  ED COOK  Wilson Creek, B.C.  PLUMBING-HARDWARE  PLUMBING and HEATING  Hardware, Plumbing Supplies  Heating Necessities  "Serving the Peninsula"  Marshall's  Hardware  Phone Gibson���33  SUNSET HARDWARE  GIBSONS  Registered* Plumbers  PLUMBING  Sales   and   Contracting  Glad to report that Mr. Tom  Parish is getting along very well  after his accident but it will be  some time yet before he will be  up and around.  Called on Mrs. C. Clark who  recently returned from St.  Mary's Hospital. She is coming  along very nicely and hopes to  be her old self soon. Even talks  about" walking to Sechelt, but  that won't be for a while.  Mr. and Mrs. Black and Mrs.  Doubleday with Mrs. Brooker  took a quick run up to Pender  Harbour and called in to see-Mrs.  Beatrice Smith. She is very well  and happy but still misses her  many Sechelt friends especially  those of the little Mission Church  here.  Mr. and Mrs. Bill Scott have  asked me to pass on a word of  thanks to the nurses and doctor  at St. Mary's Hospital for all  their help and kindness to Mrs.  Scott when she was in that institution with her premature  baby. The baby is now getting  along like a house afire. She  tells us that the staff were untiring in their efforts to.-save  this wee mite arid nothing- was  too much trouble.      X-,.'-.  Visiting Mrs. Frank French for  the week-end was Mrs. Grace  Tuddenham of Vancouver.  Miss Elizabeth Rodgers of Darlington County, Durham, England, a teacher at junior high  there, is visiting B.C. She left by  plane on July 10 from Prest-  wich Airport, Scotland, to visit  her aunt, Mrs. Laughlin of Vancouver and Sechelt, and Mrs.  Hanlon of North Vancouver. She  obtained leave of absence for two  weeks to add to the five-week  summer vacation. The plane left  Prestwick at 10:30 p.m. on the  Sunday and arrived in Montreal  at 10:30 a.m. on the Monday,  (her watch showed 3:30 p.m.  British summer time). They were  in darkness only a short time as  they flew to Iceland and landed  at Keelavic for an hour. Later  they sighted Greenland and flew  over Labrador_to Canada. They  had intended to come down at  Goose Bay but did not do so.  There was a wait in Montreal  which was much enjoyed and a  short stay at Dorval Inn. Later  the party taxied to another airport and left at 9:45 p.m. and  came down at Toronto, Winnipeg  and Calgary. The flights were  extremely comfortable, just like  sitting in an armchair at home,  and Trans-Canada Airlines looked after the party very well, Miss  Rogers said. The air stewardesses  were most attentive and considerate. Meals were served on  white plastic trays; the food was  wonderful. The seats are adjustable for lying down and a good  supply of pillows and blankets  for the asking. Miss Rodgers  likes Canada and is going to visit  her other aunt in North Vancouver for a few day. She just  loves Sechelt and will treasure  the memory of this visit. She will  be flying back home during the  last week in August.so as to be  in time to start school on September 1. We also enjoyed the  chats about home. We also love  England, that green and pleasant  isle.  We have noticed that we have  a much larger congregation at  St. Hilda's when it is in the evening. Must be that the week-end  visitors have gone back to Vancouver. Last Sunday we had a  visitor who gave a short address  on the Gideon Society. It was  the first time we had heard Mr.  , Williams although he was known  to us by reputation and we enjoyed it thoroughly. The calm  and quiet of this little church is  something to carry along through  the week in the stress and turmoil  of living day to day.  Was so glad to say Hello to  Brother McDonald here from the  Cariboo for a short vacation. He  will be remembered as being at  the Indian Residential School  some years ago and was a very  popular member of the community. And speaking of the Indian  school, we understand Father  Dunlop will be leaving us soon.  He has been principal of the  school for a long time and very  highly  regarded in the  district.  ���His place is to be-taken by-Rev.'  Father Vimey, and we wish to,  extend our welcome to him and  hope for the same co-operation  and good fellowship as we have  known on the part of the departr  ing priests. .We. do hate tp see  them go as all of them have contributed to the well being of the  community.  Miss Doreen Doyle with her  little brothers Jimmy and Douglas are spending a few days in  Vancouver.  Mrs. Laycock of Porpoise Bay  road was agreeably, surprised recently on the occasion of 'her  birthday when a few friends  called and shared the most wonderful birthday cake. The idea  was -her daughter Darlene's, and  the visitors were Mrs. Clapsom,  Mrs. Williams, Darlene Laycock,  Joan and Mary Chambers.'  Mrs. .Wi' McKissock with Maureen ^hd Geraldine have gone.to  loco to spend ten days' vacation,  the guests of Mr. and Mrs. Frank  .Martin.  Visiting her parents, Mr. and  Mrs. H. Scott, Porpoise Bay road,  is Miss Geraldine Scott of Van  couver, and also visiting the  Scott's are Mr. and Mrs. Sparks  of Vancouver.  ��  We do wish that those people  that distribute their garbage on  the trails and in the woods here,  abouts would do something about  the open tin cans. When we send  our garbage to the dump we are  always sure that cans that have  contained meat or fish are flattened or at least bent together  so that no animal can get its head  wedged therein. We once, as a  child, saw a cat with its head  firmly wedged in a can and have  never forgotten the sight. Sp  when putting out your garbage  do this on opening the cans. It  only takes a minute and save untold suffering.  The federal government's contribution alone to . old age pensions will cost Canadians ^his  year six million dollars a month.  In India the life expectancy is  27 years; in Canada it is 67 years.  Family Allowance payments  during 1949 will total $276 million���a total which amounts- to  payments of $525 every' minute.  R  T  ememoer  b  N  wo iNames  a  "Paragon Ford Mariner  "Paragon Hercules Diesels"  General Boat Co. Ltd.  1737 West Granville Street  Vancouver. B.C.  Wxz (Eoasi Mews  CLASSIFIED  v��  ADVERTISING  3 Lines (15 words) for 35c 3 Insertions (same ad) 75c  Extra words, above 15-word mm., 2c each.  Cash with order.  Notices, Engagements, Marriages, Deaths, etc., 75c Insertion  LITTLE ADS . . . BIG RESULTS  PERSONAL-  SHIP BY Gulf Lines Express to  or from Vancouver. Low rates.  Fast   service.   Careful   handling.  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They  were sent in at the usual time,  and by the same route, but by  some misadventure they must  have  "missed the boat."  The past week-end has been  very busy indeed. It is amazing  to watch the number of people  who come and go on the "Machigonne" every day. . Granthams  popularity  is  certainly  growing.  Fishing appears to be good at  present. We have noticed quite  a number of fine fish being carried up from the wharf. The expression on the faces of the successful fishermen is good to see.  Among the visitors this past  week were Judge and Mrs. J.  Hanbridge from Humbolt, Sask.,  with their granddaughter from  Regina. They were the guests of  Mr. and Mrs. W. Banks of Soames  Point.  Mr. and Mrs. Robert Banks  were visiting the former's parents at the week-end, also Mrs.  W.   Johns   with   her   two   sons, '  David and Derry, are guests  at  the home of her parents, Mr. and  Mrs.' Banks.  Mr. and Mrs. Seule, with their  two daughters, are at present occupying the summer home of  Miss Elsie Potter while she is  on a trip to California. ' '  Mr. and Mrs. Grant left here  at the week-end for an extended  vacation. They are en route to  Ottawa, stopping off at Edmonton, Winnipeg and other points  on the way. They will be away  for the next two months.  Some of- the Soames Point  ladies were guests of Mrs. T.  Humphries at a farewell tea to  honor Mrs. Grant before leaving  on her trip east.  Mr. and Mrs. G. Nansen with  their two small children are on  vacation at the summer cottage  on the property of Mr. Nansen  Sr.  Mrs. Swangard, daughter of  Mr. and Mrs. S. Matthews, has  come to spend the remainder of  the summer at the home of her  parents. She is accompanied by  her two young sons. They are  visitors from U.S.A.  By JUDY  THE COAST NEWS, Monday, Aug. 8, 1949    Powell River. It should be good!   PROTECTION   FROM  POLIO  MRS. ' ERICKSON     of     Irvines  Landing is spending a few days  in Vancouver.  Born to Mr. and Mrs. H. V.  Stephens of Madeira Park, a. St.  Mary's Hospital, Garden Bay, on  July 30, a baby brother for Marilyn. Mother and baby doing well.  Mr. George Haddock of Madeira Park left last Thursday for  a two-week holiday up the old  Cariboo Trail, to stay at a dude  ranch with his overseas buddy  and friends.  Dr. and Mrs. M. Darrach of  Montreal have been guests of Mr.  and Mrs. Russ Keillor of Bargain Harbour. The party left Saturday for a few days' cruise up  to Princess Louise Inlet in the  Keillor sailboat.  Kids! Don't forget there is still  swimming instruction at Garden  Bay every Saturday at 11 a.m.  and Wednesday at 2 p.m. For  further information contact Sam  Anderson, Mrs. Sparling or Jim  North.  Bobbie Edwardson, son of Mr.  and Mrs. Albert Edwardson of  Madeira Park ,had a narrow escape from serious injury Monday evening when he tumbled off  his bike and fell about 10 feet  onto a rocky beach off Art Duncan's ramp, a short distance from  his home. He was rushed to St.  Mary's Hospital whe re lattsee-r  Mary's Hospital where latest reports indicate that there were  no internal injuries; he was badly  bruised.  Every summer the threat of  "polio" sends, a chill of fear down  the backbones of parents. You  can do a lot to protect your  children by taking a few simple  precautions, especially if there  have been cases in your neighborhood. Keep your children  away from crowds, watch out for  nose and throat infections, and  see a doctor at once if you suspect polio may have struck.  Good health habits help protect  everyone from disease. Are you  doing your best to keep well?  IT'S CANNING TIME  Wishing the  PENDER HARBOUR  3rd ANNUAL REGATTA  every success.  HADDOCK'S  ENGINEERING  Phone Pender Hbr., 9S  Hassan's  The Old  Established  General Store at  PENDER HARBOUR  SUPPLYING:   .  Families,  Fishermen  and Camps  Provisions,  Hardware  Marine .Supplies  Ladies' and Children's  Wear  Home  Oil  Products  Fish Buyers  Refrigeration  Fresh Supplies Always  at  Hassans' Landing  Midway South Shore  Mr. and Mrs. Calder with their  two small sons are occupying the  Grantham's residence for the  month of August.  Mr. and Mrs. Robertson with  their daughter are at present the  guests of Mrs. Robinson's parents at their home, "The Sheil-  ing" at Soames Point.  Among the passengers leaving  on the "Machigonne" on Sunday  we saw Mr. Swanson and Miss  Eleanor Parkinson, who had been  visiting their homes for the  week-end.  There are many disappointed  youngsters around here (and  older ones also) this summer, because the Regatta is not being  held as usual. The Peninsula  Times says that it is because of  "lack of interest." Personally, we  disagree. Rather it is because  "Old ��� Man Time" has much to  do with it. In the years gone by  the men who were responsible  for arranging the Regatta and  the sports connected with it are  either not here any more or they  are not just as young as they  used to be, or able to keep up  with the effort it takes to put on  a Regatta. The younger men who  are resident here now are all employed at various jobs and don't  have the time to indulge in such  fun, and the rest of us are not  just physically able to tackle it.  Again time will take care of  that, for in a few years there  will be young men a-plenty to  handle it. In the meantime we  all shall miss that wonderful  yearly event.  Just a little last-minute information about our regatta this  Saturday. The proceeds from this  effort are to go,toward a swimming pool for the kiddies of the  district. Being practically ' surrounded by water, it is most important that our youngsters learn  to swim. The committee is still  looking for any volunteers to  help with the swimming instructions; anyone interested could  see any committee member.  There are lovely silver cups for  all events for first prizes, excepting the beginners' race. Set  your course for Pender Harbor  August 13; you need go no farther! Plan to attend our wind-up  dance at . Irvines Landing, with  Ed Thompson's Troubadors from  WE HAVE A COMPLETE STOCK  OF CANNING NEEDS  PRESSURE COOKERS  Burpee  Canning  Machines.  Cold   Pack   Canners  PRESERVING FUNNELS  Wide Mouth MASON JARS  Pints and  Quarts.  CANS AND LIDS  1, 2and2]/2 lb.  Gaily    Colored    Garden    Furniture,  Window Screens and Screen Doors  Parker's Hardware  Village Centre  Sechelt  r  Sechelt-Jervis Towing Co.  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Spalding, Pender Harbour, Tel. 6 S 2  Best Wishes for  A Successful Regatta  Arrow Boat Works  BUILDERS OF FINE BOATS  Carvel and Clinker Built  INBOARD, OUTBOARD and ROWBOATS  From 8 ft. to 18 ft.  .- \  For free quotations write  HEMW  Be&t   fWid.lie��  TO THE  Pender Harbour Community  ON   ITS  THIRD ANNUAL REGATTA  FROM  ARROW BOAT WORKS  1040 Hornby Street Vancouver, B.C.  Phone TAtlow 2612  Union Steamships Limited  Now celebrating its  DIAMOND JUBILEE  Sixty Years of Service on the B.C. Coast 8  THE COAST NEWS, Monday, Aug. 8, 1949  The Onion Patch  By PETUNIA  IT IS A POPULAR thought that  when peeling onions if one  peels them in a certain manner  or frame of mind tears will not  form in the eyes. Therefore reati  this column likewise.  The gladiolus can well claim to  being a world flower. In 52 B.C.,  when the Romans began their  military occupation of now called England, they took the bulbs  with them to plant.  A Greek doctor, Dioscordides,  in the second century, described  in writing several sorts of corn  lilies,    which    have    been   since  proved to be species of gladiolus.  Antheneus records that they  were planted over the graves of  virgins.  In the year 1597 the first recognition of this bulb was listed  by Gerarde. They were called  corn flags and sword lilies. The  shape of the leaf is an exact  replica of the gladiator's sword.  No doubt the word gladiolus is  derived from the Latin gladius,  meaning  sword.  Types of gladioli v have been  found in the mountains behind  Cape Town and also while exploring the Zambesi River in  Central Africa, in the years 1885-  1890.  Today there is a wide range of  colors and sorts that the gardener's trouble seems to be to make  MARINE ��� COMMERCIAL ��� DOMESTIC  REFRIGERATION  Sales and Service  WALK-IN BOXES ���   DEEP FREEZERS  ���   REACH-IN  BOXES  ,     ALL WORK GUARANTEED  ,  ROBERTS CREEK  Phone Roberts Creek 24K  W. J. NAYLOR  a selection. By planting at regular intervals a succession of  blooms can be provided.  Gladioli are distinctive of the  summer season outdoors, but may  be turned to advantage for late  winter and early spring bloom  if the Colvillei . varieties are  grown. For Easter, bloom bulbs  are started in December and  their rapid growth is a surprise  and delight to see. The secret of  success to grow them is to keep  them cool, that is a night temperature of forty-five degrees.  Plant them in boxes or pots, with  the crown of the bulbs being on  a level with the soil surface.  Water sparingly till growth  commences.  When one is going out into the  garden maybe not to work but  just to enjoy the way nature repays a little care and attention  take along a paper bag and something to use for cutting and when  you see dead or diseased wood  or a dead flower or a nest of  spittle bug clip them off and then  it is easy to dispose of the bag  and the time in the garden will  have lasting effects and was not  just a pleasure jaunt.  The garden is and will be for  some time a mass of flowers that  do best if kept cut .They also last  longer in water if given a little  care. Flowers are divided into  classes according to their stems.  For all types a few simple rules  should  be  followed.  Keep  them  [.WAWpKtJJV  Roberts Creek ...  UNDER THE DOGWOOD  One Day Specials  August 12���  Tea Pots, 6 cup Brown Betty��� 59c  August 13���  Hammer.  98c  "POCKET"STOVE  mhe ideal little stove for picnics, fishing trips and all outdoor cooking. Uses any kind of gasoline from clear naptha  to colored ethyl gasoline.  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Miss Rosemary Mehaffey of  Montreal is spending a vacation  with her aunt, Mrs. A. Funnell,  and is really enjoying herself  f'shing and swimming under conditions not often enjoyed by  easterners.  Mrs. Nordman, of Ottawa, is  also here with her parents, Mr.  and Mrs. Boden. She has her  *wo---ear-old son and they too  are loud in their praises of the  _ cninsuia.  Mr. and Mrs. Jimmy Sinclair  ancl Heather, Lynn, Janet Mairo  and baby Margaret are vacation  ing with Mrs. McMahon.  Many will regret to know that  Mrs. Merrick is under doctor's  orders, resting in West Vancouver with her daughter.  The stork ��� paid a visit to the  home of Frank Yates this week  and Mrs. Frank, now has a bonny   baby   boy.   Congratulations.  Among lucky salmon fishers  of late have been the Lindwall's  (father and son), Mrs. Boutelier,  John Mathews (he had a real  good catch).  As for me���I haven't been out  in a boat yet!  PLEASE��� will organizers of.  any affairs let me know so I can  report their activities! As this is  only a part-time job, it is diffir  cult for me to know everything.  I will attend every function or  report it from copy suplied, but  all this depends onyou. There's  a box at my gate, or you. can  leave word at Vase's Store, the  garage, or call in and see me at  Dogwood Cottage. If not there,  I'll be at the Band of Hope.  ���Jack for Short  Phone 32  GIBSONS  out of draughts. Have them in  containers that allow the stems'  to be submerged at least half  their length in good clean, cool  water. Change the water every  day; also l_eep the container  clean and the flowers in as cool  an atmosphere as possible. Stems  should be broken or cut every  dav. >  The hard woody stemmed  flowers such as chrysanthemums,  gladiolus, snapdragons, peonies,  and others should be broken off  rather than cut. They need plenty of water and it is a good 'thing  to let them soak  awhile  before  �� arranging. If the stems are very  hard they should be crushed at  the   end  after" breaking  off.  Soft-wooded stem flowers such  as violets, pansies, hyacinths,  carnations, should be cut cleanly with a sharp knife.  Roses need special attention  as they have delicate blossoms  on their unusually long stems.  The bottom of the stem is hard  and woody and should be cut  cleanly���each day cutting a piece  off the stem with a sharp knife.  Dahlias, poinse'ttias and pop--  pies when cut should have their  ends dipped in boiling water.  . This allows the blooms to absorb  water and stops the sap from  oozing out of the end. Tulips, if  wilted and given the same treatment for a minute, when placed  in deep cold water will spruce  right up. All the above mentioned flowers should have the "end  of the stem placed in hot water  for a minute or so and then  plunged into deep cold water.  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The sole top-  % ic of conversation around these  parts these past two weeks is of  the lordly salmon, every one who  went fishing got fish, and what  fish!   .  This has been quite, the best  year for some time and pity the  wives of the ardent fisherman.  The poor souls are exhausted,  wrapping glass jars around their  husbands catches, and just when  they think they are through, in  comes the good man. with another  nineteen or twenty.  It's getting that you can't give  the fish away! Yours truly went  fishing, got four nice ones and  lost two. 'PaddyV my better half,  hooked into a tremendous cod  by   the  eye,   who  had   a  small  Selma Park  Hasrdressing Shop  Holiday is  over . . .  we are back  at work.  DOLLY  JONAS  Phone for Appointments  trout held in its mouth and landed them both and the cod has  it all over the salmon to my  way: of. thinking. And here's a  tip for you gals who like canning fish, try putting up some  cod. I did last winter whilst living in the "wilds" and found it  delicious   and   very   useful.  The same method as for salmon���only don't put any thing  in the jars but the fish and salt,  Vz tsp. of salt to a pint sealer,  you will find the cod full of  jelly when cool and be sure to  keep the skin on the fish. Can  be used for fish cakes, salads,  etc., or creamed on toast.  The weiner roast held at Redroofs Saturday evening was a  huge success. All the small fry  accompanied by their parents  were present, and the huge bonfire was used to toast marsh-  mallows and the buns and wein-  ers so dear ^to childish hearts.  A sing-song followed and some  good harmonizing was heard.  This is a weekly feature at this  resort and all the guests turn  out and really enjoy themselves.  Quite a lot of building is going  on around Redroofs.- Poor 'Pop'  gets his holidays and what does  he do, starts to build an addition  or a chimney or something. Anyhow he enjoys it and' gets the  odd spot of fishing too.  We were all sorry to hear of  the sudden illnes of Wilf Scott  our popular transfer man. He was  GIBSONS  ELECTRIC  AUTHORIZED AGENTS  FAIRBANKS MORSE  WATER PUMPS  LIGHT PLANTS  FARM   EQUIPMENT  taken ill while working and rushed to St. Mary's. Hospital, Pender Harbour, but is back on the  job again. Better be careful  Wilf!  Little Jimmy Stewart fell and  broke his clavicle a few days ago.  It doesn't seem to bother him,  saw his running "full speed a-  head" just now with 'Mom' trying to restrain him. Cherry Stewart and Mrs. Stewart Senior,  have gone to Vancouver for a  few days.  Mr. and Mrs. J. E. Montgomery, Rose-Leona and/ Charles  have left for a two weeks vacation  at  Ashcroft.  Glad to welcome Mr. and Mrs.  Bill Hunter and Mrs. Hunter's  aunt, Mrs. Dorothy Cox to Halfmoon Bay. Bill is one of our  popular taxi drivers, and a neighbour of ours when we lived at  Doriston, Sechelt Inlet. They will  be residing at Tommy Beasley's  late residence, and as 'Gerite'  loves to grow things, she will be  in her element working in the  gardent.  New arrivals at Redroofs resort include, Mr. and Mrs. Foster and Bill, Bob, and Dick;  Mr. and Mrs. Pearson and daughter; Mrs. Calhoun with Marilyn  and Dianne and Mrs. Calhoun's  sister; Mr. and Mrs. Bruce Ashcroft and two daughters.  Miss Agnes Douglas, Miss  Marie Kilcullen and Master  Brian Kilcullen are the guests  of Mr. and Mrs. Frank Lyons for  the  next two  weeks.  Mr. and Mrs. George Senifron,  Senior, are spending the next  three weeks in Vancouver. Mr.  Senifron is due for a check over  with his medical man.  Mr. and Mrs. George Senifron  Junior, and family Lynn and  Carol are spending the next  month at Redroofs.  Thursday night is "Bingo"  night at Redroofs. Lot of fun for  all, everyone is welcome and we  had a grand turn out last week,  won't you join us?  .<  Don't forget to leave the names  of your guests arid the dates  and particulars of your activties  at the store please, they will be  collected and contents noted, etc.  Called in at  Secret Cove last  THE COAST NEWS, Monday, Aug. 8, 1949  9  By PEARL PUNNETT  Mr. and Mrs. Fletcher Hutchison of Vancouver, with their  daughter-in-law and two grandchildren, have taken a cottage  for the month of August.  Mrs. Sam Kinniston' went to  Victoria last weekend to visit her  niece and family, Mr. and Mrs.  'Babe' Martin and Dougie, who  were Bowen residents until last  spring.  On July 28th, the Firemen ball  team played Bowen here in a  good game, the score being 4-2  for the home team.  Mr. Stanley Moore, who years  ago lived at Hood Point and went  to school here, is back on the  Island at Cowan's Point supervising the building of a house  for Mr. and Mrs. Michael Mc-  Geer, who were married recently  and intend to make their home  at Cowan's.  Picnics to the Island last week  included Woodward's Mail Order  staff, B.C. Electric employees and  the Canadian Branch of the Foresters.  Mrs. Dick Reed of Montreal is  visiting with her husband's parents, Commander and Mrs. A. H.  Reed.  Three  "Sannie" loads  of folks  week. The new store is almost  completed. Mrs. Hoffar showed  me her book containing the  names of the various- boats and  cruisers that had called in there  during July. Quite a number and  from all over the U.S. and Canada. ;     ���  We discovered seven cruisers  tucked away side by side in the  neatest little harbour you ever  saw, almost hidden away, through  a narrow channel just off of Welcome Pass. We also called in at  Buccaneer Bay, which is literally alive with youngsters having a grand time on the sandy  beach. Vancrof seemed deserted,  ���didn't see a single soul���how  fortunate we are to have these  little gems of beauty at our door. /  went to Gibsons on August 2nd  to see the Bowen ball team play  Gibsons team. Final score for  Bowen was 19-3. It was a lovely  trip, being a beautiful evening;''  Glad to see Mrs. David Mc-  Graw, home ��� again after two  weeks in North Vancouver Hospital.  The Women's Auxiliary to the  Canadian Legion branch 150 are  having a tea and sale of home-  cooking on August 12th at "Belvedere" from 3 to 5 p.m. Rain or  shine.  Mr. and Mrs. E". S. Connoly of  Cedar Hill have just returned  from a two-week vacation in Los  Angeles.  Mr. L. Moran is .the minister  at the Bowen United Church for  the month of August.  Wm. McFadden  Optometrist  GIBSONS  Office Hours:  9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.  Evenings  by  Appointment  Every  day  except  Thursday  Why  go  to  Vancouver for  Optical  Service?  MURDOCH'S  MARINE SUPPLY  Compare Our Prices!  Delnor Frozen Foods  Ice Cream  Groceries  ~resh Meats and  Vegetable*.  Hardware  Drygoods  Shell Oil  :ish Camp  We now have increased  refrigeration for handling  of perishables.  Pender Harbour, B.C.  A FREE CHANCE ON  IN MERCHANDISE  To Every Subscriber to  THE COAST NEWS  Whose Subscription Does Not Expire Before July 18, 1950  HERE IS WHAT YOU DO  \���If you are already a subscriber send your $2.50 in with the coupon and  o , v.; '  'your subscription will be extended for one year from its expiry date.  Your free ticket on the $5000 draw will be.sent to you by return mail.  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Monday, Aug. S, 1949  ROBERTS  CREEK  UNDER THE  DOGWOOD  By   JEAN "JEFFRIES  See you at the P.N.E.! . . . says BOB  WHITE, the popular CKWX Answer Man.  And he joins with a host of other CKWX  personalities' to invite you to visit the  CKWX Broadcast Booth in the Manufacturers'   Building  at   Exhibition  Park.  No matter what day you choose to visit  the 1949 Pacific National Exhibition, from  August 24th to September 5th, the friendly  CKWX people, whose voices are so familiar,  will be on hand to greet you.  Visit the P.N.E. annually and Dial 980  daily. Both of these invitations will pay  off in entertainment and value plus!  DIAL 9 80  %ttCOUO&cX4  wavi  GOING PLACES WITH MUTUAL  Bring Your Repair Jobs to Us!  Boat Tanks, Warm Air Hearing Furnaces Repaired  Range and Heater Repairs  CHICKEN FARM EQUIPMENT  GUTTERS AND DOWNPIPE  AIR CONDITlbNING  Sheet Metal   Works  Laurie Speck, Gibsons Phone Gibsons 8R  WELL, here I am sitting on the  Porpoise Bay wharf. Just came  through the "chuck" on a small  run  in, but gulp! it  was a few  Held Over From Last Week      feet more than I care for. Imag-  WELL   HERE   it   is   Wednesday  ine  a  poor   sailor  living  where  night again and it only seems  she  can  go   nowhere  except  by  like  yesterday  since  I  was  rae-  boat!  ing against time to catch the bus ,��- _ ,_. ~ ��� _, ,-,_ , , ���  with last week's puny effort. Mrs. P. Crowe Swords had .a  We've bad miite a drnn of rain Pleasant surprise - last Friday  sTncrthen SdVfoS a^eak whe�� *? ��w her son Bob Bry-  spot (nail-hole) in my roof- son ���a?mZ to, ��<* orf th* Jer~  which meant immediate atten- ���- Unfortunately, he could only  tion on my part-also I've been stay overnight,  doing a bit of work (in a frantic Well, everyone's home from  effort to keep the wolf from com- fishing, and the Co-op Bay has a  ing in and having pups in the lived-in look once more. From  sitting room!) all reports fishing was poor but  I'm   'doing   a   bit'   with   Fred the gang had a swell time.  Barnes���who   is  I   should  think  champion steeplejack (not steeple That was tough luck for the  chaser) round these parts. He was Fishermen's Co-op when the  telling me he's been at it for Grier of Starett smashed up off  about 25 years around this Pen- Cape Caution over the week-end.  insula, so I guess he must have With the fishing season at its  put up a few chimneys in that peak, it won't be easy to charter  time! another packer to take its place.  We have been down to Doc However, it's fortunate that the  Dawsons and close by lives. Mr. crew were saved as I'm told  and Mrs. Jefferson. Well, when that's a nasty piece of water up  I hear either of these two old there. Skipper Doug Nichol is a  timers talking, I can shut my familiar figure around here dur-  eyes  and be  anywhere between, ing the winter months.  Durham    and,    Morpeth    (that's      ,.,      ~   Taffr.- ��� ������ , ~.. ��� ,  -.  England of course!) For all that  .  Mrs- D. Jeffries and Diane left  they have been here 40 years or  *��erspend a few days ln Vancou"  more, they have a grand Northumberland   accent.   We   got   to- ���  .ttrx?.Blaydon races the Pender B. of T.  I   should  think   Mr.   Jefferies ~  established  a  record  on his  ar- nJaw|Q��   VApvnjnv.r  rival in this country. He landed J1CL.-1J.UiJ. OGUi UlGl y .  in  Vancouver - about noon, went - *  to   his   hotel,   had   a   wash   and AT THE meeting called for July  brush up,  came out for a stroll      20 at Irvines Landing Hall by  and  saw a sign  advertising the the organizing committee of the  then       Vancouver     waterworks. Pender Harbour Board of Trade,  Went  in   and  saw the  manager about   50   signatures   were   wit-  and  said  "Do  you  want  men?" nessed   for ��� the   application    for  The   manage?   said,   "what   can charter. The by-laws and signa-  vou do?" He said "Anything with tures have now been forwarded  J ���:  to Ottawa.  There is no permanent committee as yef, excepting Miss  Seneca Kohlemainen, who was  voted in as permanent secretary  at this meeting..  There will be a general meeting called in tfre fall when all  the fishermen are home. It is  hoped that all who signed as in-  Sechelt Firemen  Teamwork EHective  Held Over From Last Week  THREE   minutes   after   the   fire  siren sounded on Friday, morning at Sechelt a crew of about  twelve volunteer firemen were  at the home of Mr. and Mrs. V.  F. Dunn extinguishing a roof fire  that started from an overheated  chimney.  'Even before the fire department had their hose hooked up  and started to play a stream of  water on the roof, Lou Hanson  had hooked up a garden hose and  climbed to the roof keeping the  blaze checked until the fire department got into action.  The weeks of practice that the  volunteer firemen have put in  came in handy as the efficient  teamwork was responsible in the  firemen putting the blaze out before much damage was done.  Fireman Jim Clarke had Jim  Parker's car hooked to the trailer and was on the way to the  fire before the siren had stopped  sounding, Maurice, Hemstreet  hooked the hose to the hydrant  and was ready to turn oh the  water as soon as Ray Deacon had  climbed to the roof with the nozzle end of the hose.  Fire .chief Barker urges the  householders of the district to be  sure and have their chimneys  cleaned at least once a year.  Even with a slight blaze such  as the one at the home of V. F.  Dunn, considerable damage must  be done to the roof to get the  water into the smoldering wood  between the ceiling and the roof.  The cost of repairing this is much .  more than having the chimney  cleaned, and it might result in  the entire house burning down,  Mr. Barker pointed out.  terested at the banquet >last fall  will support this organization  now. Our community will go  ahead by "leaps and bounds."  In unity there is strength.  Back your Board of Trade.  READER'S RIGHT  Continued from Page 2  out vet receives $70 per month,  the wife having to pay her own  medical bills as well as having  to pay into the B.C. Hospital  Insurance.  As for the extra allowance'  granted to needy cases, a letter  from a vet, published in the 19th  of July issue of the 'Province', .  speaks for itself. This vet applied  for extra allowance and after an  inquisition of a means test was  granted $5 per month from July  to September, after that, only if  there was an urgent need.  I think Mr. Macnicol. deserves  the   thanks .of   every   burnt-out  vet and his family for his efforts .;  on their behalf. Keep up the good    ;  work Mr. Macnicol. ]  Veteran's Wife    j  Irvings Landing .       ��� i  Tile Floor Laid  In Sechelt Store   ;  THE    NEW    floor    covering     at ;  Lang's  Drug  Sechelt  Store  is.;  the  first  commercial  job  utiliz  ���5  ing   the  famed   Armstrong   tiles ^  .  Counting out the less habitable  parts of Canada* there are less  than seven persons per square  mile; in Holland and Belgium  there are more than 700 persons  per square mile.  in the Sechelt district.  The Bermuda Blue and Ten-|  nessee Marble tiles laid in a |  checkerboard design have bright- |  ened the store and given it a ^  much more spacious appearance j  which shows the display cases j|  off to advantage. |  The whole job was done in a  two days by Dave Walker's corn- t  petent crew of floor layers. |  Armstrong asphalt floor tiles |  will help keep the store clean as  dust and dirt can't get a grip on|  the smooth, lustrous surface. |  Cigarette burns do hot affect the  tough asphalt materials of these/jj  tiles and spilled liquids are eas-'j  ily removed.   , ]  Until this floor was laid the  Armstrong asphalt tile has been  used in homes in this district  but it is felt that the lead' taken  by Lang's Drugs will soon be  followed by other stores throughout the district.  Any number of colors and designs may be found at the Sechelt  Building supplies or by phoning  Sechelt 60 for full information.  ***Advt.  NOW AVAILABLE!  COMPLETE PLUMBING  SUPPLIES AND  FIXTURES  For Free  Quotations  Phone  60  Building Supplies - Builders' Hardware  Try "Ironoil" Bapco Paint  Sechelt Building Supplies  Peninsula Cab Co.  Agents for  B.C. AIR LINES LTD  PROMPT SERVICE  COURTEOUS  PILOTS.  For Reservations  PHONE 5U or 5C2  PENINSULA CABS  B.C. AIR LINES LTD.  a pipe."  The reply  was,  "Come  in at 7 a.m. tomorrow." -  When he got outside it was  just after 3 p.'m. and there he  was, barely 3 hours in the city  and in a job! Incidentally that  was the beginning of a 35-year  job, from which he is now retired ,on superannuation.  The Ladies Auxiliary of the  Canadian Legion held a sale of  home cooking, handicraft, etc at  the new "place" in the village.  (This "place" will probably, become known as Mathew's Hall,  so that's what I'm calling it now).  Tea was provided and a pleasant  .and successful afternoon enjoyed by all.  Visitors here include Mr. Wood-  ley's sister from England. Also  Mrs. Foulkes has her mother,  Mrs. Slattery of Vancouver and  her sister Mrs. Yerabek of  Seattle staying with her.  Mrs. Yerabek has her 2-year  old daughter Lynn with her.  This week's fishy story (it's  true). Mr. Donald. Walker got a  'bite' and then his line went  through the piles of^the wharf  as though he'd hitched on to an  express. His line fouled, and to  cut a long story short, as the  evening wore pn we began to  think he'd only caught a bedstead or something. As it got  dusk he asked me to get his line  hook which I could see, I pulled  free, so I broke it off, then leaning down to retrieve a leader and  hard on the short end of line  "and for my pains I was nearly  pulled into the ditch! Well, I got  mad, heaved and boy, did a fish  come up! Any thing from 16 to  20 pounds. (That's big to an innocent like me) Talk about fun,  the. fish (a ling cod) was back  of the pile and after a lot of  poking and pushing and pulling  we got him to where I was going to put my hand in his gills  when he ^ gave one mighty flip  and back'' he went off the hook  and into his native element.  Weeding and wailing and gnashing of teeth.      X  Postscript to above���When I  went to my own line, I had 'one  on'. Pulling in, I had a nice 6 or  7 pound cod. This fellow took one  look at me, slipped the hook and  disappeared!       ' ..  Summertime Needs  BEACH PARASOLS ���  ������ *9c  STRAW HATS  ���- ----- 49c and 79c  BEACH BALLS  - -  69c and 89c  GIBSONS SOUVENIRS  ���  39c  FISHING LINES���Shiner and Cod  20c and 25c  A City Stock at City Prices  HOWE SOUND 5 & 10  Bals Block  Gibsons  DANCE  Sponsored by  Sechelt Baseball Club  FRIDAY, AUG. 12  SECHELT PAVILION  ADMISSION 75c  MUSIC    BY    HARMON I U MS


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