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The Coast News Feb 11, 1949

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Array ,-_  ���**��fe*Ss*-_j��a__;  _toass��_____*___.-P'  PIA fo Sponsor.  Athletic Club  For Peninsula Boys  By BETTY WILLIAMS  SECHELT ��� The January meeting of the P.T.A. was held on  January 21, the chair being taken  by honorary president Mr. Ellis  in the absence of president Mrs.  Powell.  , Mrs. Jay presented the report  of the Christmas tree committee,  paying warm tribute to its chairman, Mrs. Newcomen. Financial  report:  Total collection, $180.63.  -Expenditures: Gifts, $98.50;  candy, oranges, nuts, $25.50; incidentals, $20.60; stage lights, $31;  total; $175.60; balance, $5.03.  All purchases were  made locally.  ' Warm appreciation and.thanks  were extended to Mr. C. Lawrence who donated transport for  the children to and from the  Christmas concert: Mrs. Rankin,  who so abjy substituted for Mrs.  Jay^MrsXNeiilv who loaned the  Sant_f Caau^suit' U.S.S. Co., who  "'Jjpfif^iiSe^Df���������'the hall; Mr.  '^':^*1||^Uecting helpers  'J'i^_age. built in a  Serving a Progressive and Growing  Area  on B. C-'s Sou them Coast.  Cover? Sechelt, Gibsons, Port Mel-  i"n. Woodfibre. Sqiiamiph, Irvines  Landing, Half Moon Bay, Hardy  Island, render Harbbur, Wilson  Creek. Roberts Creek, Granthams  Landing. Egmont. Hopkins l_anding.  ;'iackend-.le,  Cheekeye,  etc.  NOIAL  ARY  -PTTBXiTSH-SI) BV THE COAST NEWS. LIMITED  Business Office:  Sechelt, B.C.   ������ National Advertising' Office, Powell Siver, B.C.  Vol. II! ��� No. 30  Sechelt, B. C.  Friday, Feb.  11, 1949  5c per copy, $2.50 per year, by mai.  PRIMPING FOR DAILY PERFORMANCES  j^pjUlation having so  :'^j^|^l^it^;seems   de-  isifijBii^J ^d^>or-to-door  l^0^i^f Christmas  Ipi^fe^ilxe; children a  0��<m&,:, "the money  ;jvtpri?tlU*|t^^to^^aised::'at a special  7:e\^&^_^j^ft|^he. Vear. It is  :l /al#^sui^^^i|t-the Christmas  ��� conc^t l^^J^finta two separate  7'"e\^ts^XX||y^ . ��� 7  '^^^i^^jil^^Xihat a repre-  Xseirt^^7l)i_ appointed >at Pro-  7 R���^^ge^^s^;-at;'P.T.A. meet-  7; in^|wi��^^^r-'any:; grievances  ^(_I>repprt^progress. v -.--"  >;XJt  was moved that the PTA.  sponsor   a   boys'   athletic   club,  with 7 Mr.   Derby   as   chairman,  supported by Mr. Ellis and Mr. ;   Stockwell,   these   three   forming f~ "  c^b^nSt^ a boys> athletic Post OHice Prospects  PRO-REC  The executive committee of the  P.T.A. were specially invited to  attend Pro-Rec on Tuesday, February 1.  We" were   very   impressed   by  ifethe^dispiay.7 xxy~  ��� s, ���Cwittttf Pm�� c_.nad.M-  Canada's own queen ot the ice is seen putting ��� last minute  touch to her make-up in her dressing room at the Roxy Theatre as  she prepares for one of her holiday performances. The beautiful  and talented Olympic champion has been warmly received by New  York _tiK-lences.  Gain Public Health Nurse  V.O.N* Services Up  Peninsula Quota Down  SECHELT:   The Board meeting of the Elphinstone  Branch of  the VON was held in the Sechelt* Inn February 3.  Guest speakers for the evening were Miss E. Robertson,  Western Superintendent, VON, and Miss M. Frith, Director of  Public Health Nursing, Provincial  Department of Health and  Welfare.  VON services on the Peninsula   have been increased by 100%, p^ntlor Mrrrhnr  the good being done by this ser- r&na&I naiDOI  vice cannot be measured by dol- Community Club  lars.   In   view  of  the  difficulty  ��� .        *^  experienced by the Auxiliaries in LXeCUUVe CaTOWS  raising the heavy quotas neces- At the last general meeting of  sary.toTmaintain the two nurses the Pender Harbor Ccmmunitv  here;.t_i���brplan put forward at club it was discussed and gen-  this.meeting to have one Public erally agreed that it was im-  Health -nurse established in the practicable to hold strictly to the  area should be a welcome one. ruie of electing executive mem-  rTnis^apb^intmeht depends now bers for each district in the Har���  upon, the_3$2ision of the Sechelt  boUr as  it  was  felt thgt    if    a  School Qistvict No.  46. representative   was   elected   un-  Su^^:^oye would mean that  wiuingly  he   or  she  might    act  ttie^QliSu^e in residence would unwillingly  or not at    all.     On  be fre^toveiilarge upon her pre- this assumpti0n and no other, the  sentipo^ram| of bedside nursmg,   executive  for  1949  was  elected.  ^^^^gWnatal care. To beter distribute the work and'  ^W^M^TdeiAial. S?r make up for absentee members,  J^^M^^f"136 a pa^ of her two more members were asked  duties;^W^ld, carry the same   to   join  the   eitecutive   as   addi_  ^^^ M0$��ffi'y *        j^i ^        .   tional members at large, namely  There:?w<Kjla be no added cost  ^   ^   ,_-,  _j ,-__f-_._ t_   /  td the^^ae_its of the area under, thistfttij^i^      since the fixed  ;(Gjpntoued on Page 5)  ���!$\Ji  J}rGLWx Up! Brief on  er  ''y^fWk^A^yP;  Is President  OfSemM^Legion  7^^?e*s i^rrnnark^ble^nd :-GmSONS^ne^<*?*M^  ��?tS!7^��^^^^^?S      turnouts^  a  Board :^mii:*^L%a^l  of leader and ladies alike could  was held February ,4 here.  News' Operators  have made this possible. . .,    r    . ,     .  It was a most enjoyable eve- , �����. *reat df Vv,��f ,bu^ness, ���s D i t     __l_  ning and Betsy ha? earned, the ^S^1?^ J��* ffe*lnl�� 2hJ? Reveal Truth  right to feel ye^prdiid.   Incidentally, fiet^-;t��i_s::;_^-;li^(B.'-y.as  meeting  was  that  a  great  deal   _, T_rry     aI.  of good work was accomplished. A DO Hi   Weather  SOLUTIONS   to  O. C. Kleven and Captain R. L.  Jermaine.  To encourage membership, circular letters were sent to all the  householders, and every member of the executive agreed to  drive for membership. Mrs.  Wray, Mrs. Reid, Mr. and Mrs.  Klein, and Capt- Jermaine are to  be commended for their work in  SECHEl_^_jigii^Xvefry _,successful this~regard, and our,membershio  X^a��2$I_^ in rose ;from" less than 5d7.fr 1947 to  Legion afmirsjwhen the Sechelt  185 in 1948.  Branch l|pe|;,its annual meet-      in  a report  to  The News  by  ing- t^^x" Alan   C.   Stewart,   president,   it  Elected;fA7pffice were:   Presi- was     stated     that     gymnasium  dent, Han^Sawyer;  first  vice- equipment is  in  storage  at   the  president, 7;&X; Johnson:    second farm 0f the late Louis  Heid. It  vice-preside**^Syd McKay; sec- is   hoped   that   we   can   ke       it  retary, M.Jf.Mayne; treasurer, D. there   until   we   have   our   own  Galvin; exeputive? committee,  G. place to store it.  unanimously7ch6MiitM#^se-it^^ A committee headed by J. SOLUTIONS to the weather Wright,,H, Kpb^rts^ G. Batchelor, At one executive meetine it  Pro-Rec pi^bi^^tffli|^l^^^ i.e., "Why does it G. Kra|t an^C^rookman; ser- was discussed and decided that  self. y:yyyyyyj:iyy''.yy-- McNicol, and Harry Clay, were hafta happen to us?" are many geantiatrarms;.|..C. Prmce; and rather than try to out on ahv  REMINDER: ��� 4>^U-'^ ^. X l1^^ .^ .i?Sw UP ? bri^ .���* #aried- chap]ain,75i^Jic|t.. social functions that we conceh-  The next P.T.A^ffietihi4wiil; ?n th^ ForJ Mellon road, ; and,7 ^hose who staunchly support We exter^f&urjgood wishes to trate on membership and dona-  be held at:8'p.m.7Jft the Legion -���-fv��r t ^ * ^se sesslon Peninsula district as the., ban- the hewco^ner^OR the executive tions for the hall to be built as  hall, February 18|   Pfle^se^ come.  at Vlctona next week.                   ahai belt of the Pacific Coast, in- and with the Experience and co- soon as possible at Madeira Park.      Mr.   Hill   volunteered Jihe  inx��ltidi;tig< ��� California,   shake   their operation ^oi^h^menibers  who The   School  Board   and   Sechelt  ___��������������  The  grpss  value 76f^jma^0#mation   tl^at   after Xa Msurvej^eads tdn7hurt  bewilderment  as have   served-" so "faithfully   all Peninsula  Board of Trade  have  pulp and >papei:7output vfdra ten   weeks   of through   the  years   the   branch expressed    their    willingness    to  was $767,OdO,0()6^ up 3* Rer ^iit^that there are approximatay ^a^sjnbw atid ice and look forward should have!a.tBusy year ahead, co-operate with us to the best of  frpni; 1946^1 '-^0%' 'v^l^'^-SCohtinued  on   pag#fc6y7#>%pA^ of let-up. They talk They now������^aye; a new hall and their ability.  y* '��� ':"'      '���' ������r' -''������*��� '-��� "-"������'! *:--*"' 1- !___: i��- '���'./___.'..._X.X-   7_j'i%i_: _!__?_?������_ : !_.__: ��� :'*' ���-������- -"���'���*-'   - ;- '- /4-t*.^-��^^ _h_1.t_n.i   :   ,Vt_r\*_iT*c*_c__t '    4r_ ttioi+avc      m��ii_tr     4!ort��li^��<l��_ii',-1':A_[��'V��'-*��V_.    4-V*_f>.  yxxm--  LV-___i____: ���'>��� ���:*���  xyyr  'ryy':.  ���'������.-t-v.v:.v!  v>_j'v��t':*  SECflEL^  . $yXLy<, i>-7-?^^j^^!^yes7 hoarse ��� to     visitors, many  facilities "which the char-      At present, the foundation tim-  XexpTaining that it has never hap- ter    membel^j had   to   struggle bers   on   concrete   footings   are  .   , XJLper^Mi^e arjd they can't un- along without. 7,7 7 V mostly in place.    There is about  y.y derstand Why it happens now.       It is gratif^irig;=tp see so many thirty thousand feet of dimension  X   The  explanations'  are   simple.01   the   older   merhbers ��on   the lumber piled on the lot.   We need'  >w^X.4il#Eolh secret operatives X-l and list>   including, Mr7' Mayne   and roughly 20,000 feet more.    Any-  ,p..;.^Hlll,   The   News   presents   the Mr. Galvin, who are on the orig- one wishing to donate a log or a  "*'    X;two  main  reasons  for  this  un- inal charter. <.     7 keg of nails  or labor shuld  see  ^v usual weather: Mr- Sawyer is well known for the president  or  Mr.  Larson  at  X   Ha) The Russians have shut off his   community  spirit   and   has Madeira Park;  tll^ri&laHBoW^ been  the Japanese current, which nor- !*?e^ J^fa3gS^.in -the welfare      ''I will take this opportunity to  i^wm^^^^y^l..^^^-"--.       _.    m-u_ ���,or^o 4-k.o oJ^^v. ^-p +i.__ oi the district ,smce  coming to publicly express our appreciation  sfe  ���7*fe 7"'. '���.:.������ --c, '���'������-?���<   "���'���-'' 8'ii'&  v;.--.'c>>?.*  ' -5>-�����>  X^''X%^xy3rV%\^,ry.'^'y-v^- ���-.��� ������-.  as* '--.- ��� j '^i'y^^t:.:  m^^mm^��m^ SSf W^fS^ to^Zlt  ��� live ^m^m^X to all who have donated machin  ,^:&^^                                                                                         :%& until we agree toTt them w^c *t'TZf**  T^f?* *"'**** ^t ^��r l�� "? ***'  ;SX 3fe                                                                                        or9Qn-  ��w,  how we feel  about  being ^^-^F good times ahead for paratory work done in the past  .^__0*i6i^;fo*������^                                                                            meet- pals.again.                                           Branch.. 1.4%,. .ym % year,"  said  Mr.  Stewart.  '~����^��^^i^tiii8Sjrig!:the details SuM Q c|nic would en- 7 (b) The recent heavy prospeqj-  mm                                v, Now that our new building ha^  illlit^el^m^^f -arrang^g'tr^|ci|i|^#^br donors,  ing for uranium throughout Can- Mrs. R. L. Jackson Started let us a11 puI1 tp"  \0i:^^-M^^^^^I^'' clinic?.  ^���UlOT^^^ will-  };^^0la^]^a,p6n at the apposed  [ mee^|^;f^  fice iri" the Sechelt P^Vilioii eari.'  be   made  the  headquarters7 for _.  this most important clinic.  The  British  Columbia    blood  ada  and  the  subsequent  large-  Heads Davis Bay  gether  and. complete  it.    Every  effort   and   dollar   that   we   put  forth now will be appreciated by  the global equilibrium that the   ' "; '"T^"?** o"r chJdren and tteiru.chiid^-  good weather has left town <j��d   DAY-IS   BAY~-The   annual,   el- So send your membership dollar  �� ^ ^^ e\rA-*_-_v-       _^-F ��-P-Ci_^_-.-____. __p 1 t     tr.   Trio   e_c_.r*y__aT___iT��*r   ��___*    l\/F#s_rJ_r*__-.*-.    iJnvri..  we now face a second ice    age  scale excavations of the valuable  atom-bearing ore have so upset, VOiV AuxiHarV  ection of officers of local to the secretary at Madeira Pari,  which "ma?lastloreveClf not Jy0^' Auxiliary took place at In--the near future a canvasser  considerablv longer the home of> Mrs- stan Arko. Wl11 cal1 ��n you. Please meet his   X Z���'.   .   The   following   were   elected-  rea_uest   to   the   utmost   of  your  X it/r      t^    ���    r. j   president  Mrs.   R. - L.    Jackson; ahility.  matron;  Mrs.  Doris  Drummond, '  bank is seriously low-and this Ron^Tq   rRFFK   ThP-   ��:ivt��    lll(Xll���>  **��-  7^.^rmT�� vice-president Mrs. Stan Forbes;  43 ^    disastrous    shortages-one ^^^T^^P^^fe5fe--?lxty-  secretary; Mrs. Jessie V. Leach,  secretary     Mrs.     A.     Johnston;   ned during the coming summer.  more shortage, 4hat, alonfr with foSSl5^S^^SrSrS treasurei^ ^rs' ChSstmLAnder; treasurer Mrs. Sid Smith; social      Mrg. Arnold  of  West Sechelt,  water and :fem^ convenor,  Mrs.  Reid,  Mri-' Tui-   and president of the Elphinstone  up to the ce^iim^^M^ '^tl'  SJ^^^^^iL?^- ���?L'  ner, Mrs. G. K^.yr.M^^^mki^.-Svte^ speaker.  garet   Truman,   marshall;     Mrs  More   than  70  members  from Bessie Shaw, organist; Mrs. Min-  .   ��ur l��c*] &*&*?��� M.lg^MMS^':  Because of roa4 conditions trips  ^S^^Ii^^infdisS PtSxch^ters;" wSe^e^t iTidiS' M^Rachef Kolte^ �� ^of financial^ t  fi^e^St^w^SS -StrCtS Grand  chapter officers,included anan, Mrs. Louise E. Lang, Mrs. dlfcus^ions regardmp|^^s  foi; the past few weel?s.  >    ,u ���Mr> mijm.a. Mcliagan, WGPxjeitnne  McAllister,  Mrs.  Phyllis l*1 actl^Jm^B^mk^-^fenies or svst���  80 nPr ent  It is understood that the*, isrofe; Vancouver. WGlV^^i^Mary Parkfir, star poin1i; Mrs. EUza- lowm^ '^&W&&'^^^^W^^^^^J^'^^i  ���;u_i_*-- ^ w^^-��..,m,^w^'  _.__,- ^��- ^��   -   beth   Bourn,Fward^r;     Brother .  St. ��� Pftrick^7|ay;^;^,^^  came   from   Trail   to  a possibility of combining the1 Buchanan  Blood Donors Clinic with a visit ..officiate,  of the'':n^bHe':T3_?^Uhit.;��tof"-^e';' Officers include Brother James  Peninsula. If this can be arrang- Hale Drummoncl, patron; Mrs.  ed it would indeed offer the Pearl Osborne, associate matron;  both services an opportunity to Brother J. Edlund, associate pa-  operate at capacity.  Chales   Robinson,   sentinel.  "���, -home "of - ,Mts'3.'^esii^  " ^ _ Mot__er��^:g-^|^:]iat;;I^S^  Jacksbns ������ hb-ii^" "and ������ ^^i^^cal^iW^x^ '*ri.  0 9  VIH010IA  Canada has  over 42,000 miles  at   the   residence .ofX_^;V^^^^^-,  of   railway   track.   Only   Russia later in the year. ' %    '   7^7-*-X .  . tfbtt; Wr<sy Jimmy^ Clay,  worthy  and the United States have more.      Beach parties were also11pla'n^rA^^XH?HairI IVIQ'.IAOHd f*age Two  &  THE COAST NEWS^ECHELT, B. C  Friday,  Feb.   11,   1949  GIBSONS NEWS  fe By E. NESTMAN  COUNCIL MEETING  AT THE council meeting two bylaws received their first reading.  First was the by-law to cover  Municipal float No- 1, and second  to amend remuneration to commissioners was read for first  time.  Municipal float No. 1 by-law  was amended to read:  No person to store any boat of  any kind on said Float No. 1 or  the approaches thereto.  No person shall place or cause  to be placed any freight, merchandise or goods on said Float  No. 1 or the approaches thereto,  and allow such freight, merchandise or gbods to remain  thereon for a period of more than  six hours.  No person shall tie or make fast  to the said Float No. 1 or the  approaches thereto any logs, timbers, or booms of any description.  Salary by-law amendments:  That commissioners be paid a remuneration of $100 a year, because of increased population,  extra work and added finances,  making the council job a near  full-time proposition, the position should have an incentive to  project new life, and much more  interest' into the same.  Letter from Ratepayers association from President R- McNicol requesting clarification of  council's statement re the new  firehall,   where   to   build,     and  probable costs, and what the  council intends to do about the  same, was discussed. The clerk,  was instructed to write the association and advise them that at  this time nothing further had  been done on same, word being  awaited from* local voluntary  firemen, and matter fully taken  up by commissioners at a council  meeting. Permits issued to Dick  Fitchett for extension of the  Builders supply sheds.  Meeting by^ council on February 8 at 10 a.m. for purpose of  court of revision, in the municipal office. Meeting on February  9 at 7:30 p.m. to draft this year's  budget.  Letter to be sent to W- Skellett,  road commissioner, expressing  regrets of the council on his long  illness.  THIS 'N' THAT  Dr. H. Anderson suffered a  very painful accident, almost  chopped a finger off cutting  shakes.  The boys have been having  some very fine bob-sledding and  ski-ing up the mountain. Other  night while having a grand time,  poor Jimmy Schutz. started in  chopping wood for the fire, axe  slipped, three stitch^;^o|ttie foot,  no sleigh ride for Jirr^fWds nurs-  ?&*-  Miy-  boys  Hassan's  The Old Established  General Store at  PENDER HARBOUR  Supplying:  Families,   Fishermen  and Camps  Provisions,  Textiles,  .-  Novelties, Toys  Home Gas Station  Fish Buyers  Refrigeration  QUALITY - SERVICE  VALUE  at  Hassan's Landing  Midway South Shore  j  ing  a  very sore  will be boys.  SICK LIST  Bill Skellett is st^igp^sick  man, and won't ^��^t^|of7;the  woods for a whil4'^^f%yI|?Pei are  very sorry to hav^prfj^ort this  . . . trust he will-Wm&fe'on the  mend. " ^f0WW:y::   ���  Hec Leslie is -��*^pjg|'.considerable improvempj^^^^hlbh is  m.ghty good n^^J^^en, you  realize how ill WL  Mrs.  Cattanac-Mlilioii  well,   and  Mrs.  getting around a,  Ben Lang was;  and he tells me" J  be replacing J  Sorry to see  Sue is going to:  very  m  m  S.  Well this.  Schutz's unhick;  did..he nearTyX.-  but a couple' ofIp  loading oil on th^;  truck, he slipp^a^p  and took a r^ap|  gumboots ..:an^m^  chilly rite nm^fa^  got out reaLl|ast|  troubles neverj  they, Jim., . ���.��������  >)ciald  also  Erx  oM- -X ��� ���  iit-iis week,  our will  $he* store.  .���but know  light.  -3  Jimmy  not only  foot off,  Ijater, while  iiarf into his  the  side  lupking,   hip  l^vater  mity  ; bur Jimmy  pteli,   well,  Xsingly,   do  it started around Christmas time,  and its still going strong. Clay  Chamberlain, was reckless enufi.  to bet with me at the post office  the other day that a break was  coming in the weather, and rain  ' was in the offing.  Silly boy! But the kids are  really having a grand time of it,  and they tell me that some of the  oldsters are tobogganing down  the Sechelt road hill, and having  a whale of a time.  Cars are finding that hill  pretty tuff going, its even working a hardship on the cows.  Johnny, our milkman, sez the  cows won't give the milk, so we  are being cut down too. Whole  area with that beautiful blanket  of snow, and the sun shining so  brilliantly over it, looked like a  picture postcard today, if one  could only consider the beauty of  it, and not the distress behind it  all- ,"      '  We are very lucky that our  power is holding out here, water  is just holding its own in our  water works, and we're keeping  our fingers crossed.  Noticed our constable packing  home a real large black dog. He  iniorms me it's a Labrador retriever.- Hope he's the gentle  type, Pete.  They tell me there's a few.  cases of chicken pox around the  school, so look out, Mom.  By the way I nearly forgot, has  any one happened to see a very  nice gray part Persian female cat  with a sort of a white collar of  lur under her neck. If you have  seen her around, how about telling her it's about time she came  home, we miss her and would  certainly like to get her back. No  reward, folks, jusflt our very-  grateful thanks.  Congratulations to Herby Winn  on winning the $25 for naming  the Merry Ern. cafe. Out. of the.  hundreds of entries that poured ���  in for the new name, Herbie's  was the one selected-X Will how  be known as '���'Mariner" cafe.  (Why didn't I think of^i^^lc,,  tsk. Anyway we think :r$f *'::f  n't have gone to a nicer p  our   own  Herby.    Makest  look around. You'll find Cliff  more than willing to help you in  every way.  pretty proud too, eh?  Got quite Ir* shock the other  morning. Looked .out, and there  was the old: Standard float lying  very lazily * on its side in the  water almost covered, seems it  got hung up during the night,  and just rolled over and died,  they got it raised up alrignt, ana  ges she's over in the bay for a  check-up. ������ ~  Our new Co-op baker Jack In Canada there's a telephone  Oben has taken over, and doing, for every five persons; in Russia  very well to date. one for every 140.  Beet sugar production started  in Canada in 1902 after Bismarck  as Chancellor of Prussia, had  subsidized the production in Ms  country because of the value of  the beet in the. crop rotation.  That nice new VON car from  Sechelt, with Miss Irving at the  wheel, came out second best in a  collision with Godfrey's logging  truck on the Sechelt hill the  other day. No one hurt, but the  car.  Have you seen that really  swish new washer and spin dry  combined in the "Trading" company store? It's really worth  taking a look-see, and they have  some real worthwhile bargains,  in   most   everything   right   now.  How about just dropping in to  YOU'RE OUR HONORED  GUEST  When you dine at the Eng-  list Tea Rooms, your  slightest wish is our concern. The menu and the  service are planned to make  your meal an occasion to be  remembered  with pleasure.  ENGLISH TEA ROOMS  '    Gibsons, B.C  Don't Waste Precious H\  *  in Slow Travel!  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Clay Chamberlin-s  X  GIBSONS, B.C.   v.|il^lil?--  ��������� ���   y^ym^y  __��_-_-_-*���_���_���__  Xffifcy^L^&^tjf '���  Cosy Homes and  Home Sites  Weekly "Special" Offering  SECHELT  40-acre farm in Sechelt area, 5 acres cleared,* building  with cement basement. Large barn, good'stand of timber,  government road to property.   Low taxes.  PRICE $1650.00  ��-��� '������������.������"       .-..'.  Call or Write  Associated Air Taxi Limited  RICHMOND 1551  or contact our local agents  PARR  PEARSON   AGENCY  Phone Sechelt 37  R. McKibbon ��� Phone Gibsons 4-2  ���..>..���������..-.-- .... : ,j,   .v  Irrigation and  to Develop Our Province  The Water R($hts Branch, as its name implies, had administrative  charge of all the rights of the Province and individuals ijri the use of  water.   It carries on scientific investigations of the water/power of the   /  province, including fftidies of snow surveys, irrigation and j>ower projects,  domestic water supplies and sewerage systems.  The work/ of the Branch  "'"  ''?m'yyd?yWx^%ymM  ,:-;X? '���" x?L.0yyy���^?P^yyM3 >y&yffitfm$k.  itf^sM^X^^^: :mmy0MP:  is carried on through two divisions:  DISTRICT ENGINEERS  On the average, more than 6^0 application* for wot  _; -yy\y"yy.?ir-'.'y:.m*"~   v._��       '���'.���.".������.. .   <���������   y X-     .';..^'jv:^.'"������������'"���-VV'^^&i'.'7fe'^l.;V���^''  m  ma  ts  v-tyL  licenses are received each year. The engineers conduct ex  tions in the field and pass on such applications.   Ir  an important phase of the woi^ in the ar5d regions of ^  ince.   Supervision of the operations of irrigation, wate^rworks,  drainage, - and  fire protection  dirtricts  is carried o��_*y this  ��� y ��� -y,.iJ-~,...-.-.-'-1.1 'j;. - -v..^  ���'^)y&yV^i'.^>^-t\' ���^'i,y.  -yu*?:''-:.vM?t;-   '������'' ���' ;:'.'���?  division.    Engineering assistance is provided to communities to  '\':r\.  plan improvements in connection with domestic water supplies  i^Xk^^iwMmy  .-- .__._-     ������...!..,   |^..  and sewerage systems.  XvW\7-#i'^��Vftft?7_  HYDRAULICS  ��������� y ��� -v.:r.  .'iirVi'p_'ii.  ������:������   .''. ���,**_*.��� %i'4x/'- 5-i.'i:;,-A':fl��-9 -. S-JJS'l!,;  0   CONSOLIDATED BROKERS  c.-jdhBiiiii|Si^^a^  Guif coast om^m^^^mm^^^^  t _____._-__ _.___?'��'.BtIP."* 5'��:. \ BL'_. .':������_.��--<"�� il ---���.i-'p-  X&f:  942 W. Pe'iliiiii^  Investigations related to kower and irrigation are import-  ant duties, delegated to this d^^f<>rt. Following surveys, reports  are prepared on the water resouirces of agricultural areas. Dam  studies leading towards power; tainir��i and agricultural development are presently of significance. Snow surveys of several  watersheds have^een assembfed and studied with a view to the  more effective utilisation of tlie streams affected.  s^/'i'  - ���.-./.;  The functions of this branch are directed to the development end  full use of the water potential of our Prcvince and in the conservation  of our wafer resources for the greatest benefit of the present and "future  generations.  BRITISH COLUMBIA /'. 7;  DEPARTMENT QF LAIRDS AND  FORESTS  PARLIAMENT BUSLDINGS, V5CTORIA, B.C.  G. P. Melrose,  Deputy Minister.  r$y  Hon. E. T. Kenney,  Minister.  157 Page Four  By   J.   K.   NESBITT  VICTORIA ��� (Special    to    The  News) ��� As Speaker of the  legislature, John Hart will round  out a notable career in the public  service of British Columbia,  started that day in 1916 when he  was first elected to the legislature in Victoria. -  Next year he was appointed to  the cabinet as minister of finance  in the Brewster government and  he served in that portfolio until  1924, when he quit public life.  He came back in 1933, again  became minister of finance and  remained in that position until  1946 when, in the interests of  Coalition, he gave up the portfolio to Conservative chieftain  Hon. Herbert Anscomb.  From   December   1941   to   December 1947 he was premier.   He  has never known political defeat  at the polls.  NO   POLITICAL   OPINIONS  As Speaker (he gets $1,800  sessional allowance, plus his  $3,000 indemnity) Mr. Hart will  have to remain silent in legislative debate. He may voice no  political opinions. This will make  the government happy, for last  session cabinet ministers were  just a bit 'jumpy that Mr. Hart  might get up and oppose the  sales tax.  It's no* secret he doesn't think  the sales .tax necessary. When he  was- premier he would have nothing to do with it- He accepted it  last year rather than pain the  government and. give aid and  comfort to the CCF. This session, Mr. Hart will feel relieved  that he won't have to make any  speech and perhaps say things  the government wouldn't like so  eminent a person to say.  MOST PLEASED  The government will be most  pleased to have Mr. Hart as the  _.lent Speaker, keeping law and  order in the house, giving decisions on weighty matters of  parliamentary procedure, just  listening to interminable  speeches. There's nothing quite  -o embarrassing'- to a government  as an ex-premier. iori ^ the^ffide  lines. One never 'knbws; what an  ex-premier, from the wealth of  his experience,  might  blurt out.  AURA  OF DIGNITY     ~   '    '     .  As Mr. Speaker, Mr. Hart will  be surrounded by an aura of dignity.  THe will have a suite of chambers in the legislative buildings  ���his own room gracious with  mahogany tables and desks and  crimson silk couches and deep  leather chairs and a red brick  fireplace, with a bust of Laurier  on'the mantle. Here he and his  wife may entertain distinguished  visitors at tea, from a special service of. delicate china.  On occasion, Some rare old  sherry or port may be served. A  special table will be reserved for  him in the legislative dining  room and each day at luncheon  he will be host to a few members  of the legislature ��� mixing up  representatives of the various  parties, for Mr. Speaker is supposed to have no political bias.  Each afternoon Mr.; Hart. will  don'his black robes arid tricorn  hat and a little procession will  form, led by , the sergeantrat-.  arms carrying the mace.       .  Next comes Mr. Speaker j followed by the clerk of the house  and the law clerk. As the deputy  sergeant-at-arms sees the pro- .  cession coming^ along the corridor  he   willlpjiti hi* head   into..the  -1      .' ���:������������������:��� ���������<->    .- ���  ' .   THE COAST NEWS, SECHELT, B.C.  Friday,  Fab.   \),   1949  'S  ���Letters To The Editor  Likes Coast News,  Friday, February Eleventh, Nineteen Forty-nine  A PeilillSllla Amitlllaitee ..the need is all too obvious  DURING this-^winter the need for service  of  an ambulance has arisen several times on  the Peninsula.  There have been cases where residents  have suffered broken bones and other injuries  and have had to make their way to hospital  in the best manner they could.  One lady suffered a fractured hip and  the best transportation available was the Union Steamship truck: several times persons  needing medical or surgical treatment have  been in the Roberts Creek area and have had  to be taken to Gibsons in a panel truck.  Surely this is not the best sort of transportation for a ^seriously ill person.  Recently it was reported the need for an  ambulance to serve the heeds of the Peninsula  was  not cozi^idered essential.  This seems rather a short-sighted attitude.  The Peninusla is a large area and the territory served by two doctors at Gibsons and  a resident doctor at the hospital at Pender  Harbor,  58, miles,, awjay  needs  the  sevices  of  an ambulance.  We have been indeed fortunate so far in  being able to get injured or sick persons to  hospital; but sooner or later accidents are going to occur which will have tragic endings  through   lack   of  proper  ambulance   facilities.  The obvious need for an ambulance is a  project that the planners of the future welfare  of the Peninsula should give, further serious  thought before it is too late.  It may be recalled that The Coast News  has on several occasions mentioned specific  cases where an ambulance or station wagon  equipped with first aid kit and stretcher would  have been invaluable in preventing pain and  saving time which is so important to those unfortunate enough to be stricken with illness or  who meet with accidents.  It is our sincere hope that those who are  trying to obtain these facilities continue their  drive to obtain this equipment which will repay us many-fold in protection and the relief  of suffering.  Too Old ��l 45? ..'. they are a regrettable loss to Society  WISE ADAM Smith in i776 said that fixed  capital-"also consists pf the acquired and  useful abilities of rail the inhabitants or members of society. The acquisition of such talents  by the maintenance of the acquirer during his  education, study or appenticeship, always costs  a real expense,* which is a< capital fixed and  realized- as i. .were, in his person. Those talents as they make'a part of his fortune, so do  they likewise^ of *hat of the society, to which  he belongs."   -!       f  .- -   " l P     V,. ! '  This pjijigent remainder that a person's  abilities are part, of the fortune of society is  rapidly being forgotten, today by discriminatory practices whicb^deny employment to a  worker over-45 years%ld.  Such practice is ^causing a regrettable  loss to society. /  It is estimated that the present worth of  $ye s^pss   fyt^r^ effirilqgs. of a  worker, at,#5  with normal life expectancy and earning  $1,500 per year is $16,925.  His further contribution in goods or services to the national income- adds up to a total  of many thousands of dollars as the cost of  his  enforced unemployment.  Fitting the older worker into gainful employment is becoming more urgent every year  as the age composition of our population  changes.  In 1971, it is estimated that more than five  million Canadians will be over 45 years of age.  At that time, 36 percent of the population  will be in this age group as compared to 26  percent today.  If this growing section of our population  is denied its full opportunely to contribute  to the national wealthy the burden of dependency \yi^rv^ea'dil^^Jhcrease and the level  of  /-__-���*��       ��. ^-fiAKWl'." H.A/i__��A   .   wrill       V����-k       ^^^Pfilp^^llV        Pill*���  our ria^Slfl^|i^��w^?^lll;;b.e ne  tailed. ' "X-^K^^'^i-'K^^   "<  7,,     ;. y:L X^XX^'X^-' '  Doil'l Wall lO be Asked... give your blood donation  THE RED Cross noW is' seeking to bring their  mobile blood dqffror clinic to this district  in order that -their supplies of blood in central  blood bank in Vancouver which have been  vastly depleted because; of floods and the cold  winter, may be replenished.  The urgency of the appeals for blood donations was made very plain <to a member of  The News' Sechelt staff when, on a recent flying visit to Vancouver, a call to the Donors  Clinic was made.  Though no feguil^ clinic was being held  at the time an emergeHeycall had gone out for  type "O" and four pints *>f type "A" for a spec-  r he  Open  Letter  Mr. Justice O'Halloran,  7A.cting Chief Justice,  "British Columbia Court of Appeals,  T^ctpria, B.C. '-^'^-\  IVtYvDEAR JUDGiE���I  congratulate  you.  You  yy(^ have* spoken "wisely and well.  Sometimes  you: chaps, .surrounded day after day  by the  dirt   and   filth  which   accompanies   the   sub-  ..v,,.���^ -r _._, . merged tenth, are apt to lose sight of the ulti-  chamber,a^rpar   Make way foip;    mate purpose" of our judicial system,  justice  &p.ea-ter,       and     all    the     for-.all. You must be tempted, when day after  day, the same people come before you, people who, if they aren't guilty today, will be  tomorrow, to lose patience, and despatch them  hurriedly tb the jail-house. It must ��be difficult  to remember that each case must be tried on  its .merits.  Afain^ I  congratulate  you.  ;,It, seems there was a chap who had been  cpnyic|ejjl7 in a  police court on    a    narcotics  ���cbJ^jllJwhQ^had  appealed the' conviction  and  ''bacf^bMiifse&free by the Court of Appeal. Mind  There are over 100 bran^Mipfc^^fe^^ ^en guilty' but the courts  the Victorian Order .of Nur^ .   ,-,-  Canada.   They   are    ^di$$ffi^ had set him  through every province w^f-fP^ justice  exception of Prince' Edwards-��'^^ a free man'  land..-    . .: ���"v;iX*Xr*R'w1M  " "*' ^:Rather7oHW  Freight   rates     on     Canadian  grain are the lowest in the world*  Mr  M.LkA'i's will stand  ; Mji'x Hart should look very  handsome, in his -black robes 'and  his name'will be added to the  list of noted British Columbians  who have been legislative  Speakers through the years % and  who look down from their pictures in the Speaker's buieK  office.   ' ''";:1IP  ial purpose.   .  The satisfaction of being able to assist in  returning a fellow human being to health  more than outweighs any small discomfort that  may attend the donation.  When and if the clinic comes to the Peninsula, be sure to honor your appointment to  give your blood. Your donation will be needed.  And if the supply is not increased and  maintained at a high level, this most valuable  service may not be available when you or one  of your loved ones need it most.  DO NOT WAIT TO BE ASKED���GIVE!  that. We haveSection 1025A, which, mark you,  allows the Attorney-General to hold an acquitted person pending the possibility that  more evidence of other crimes might be  brought to light. X^'y^y  Isn't that just too ducky? What's f^^prel;  vent the police putting you or me in j��il��^i'  in case we might at some future date!^o��^Lpy;:  a crime?    ' <,.'���"';   '.y!XyL'X&WXf':'  Or just in case we might haVec^j^iiij^d  one in the past, and the law had bee^|j^S|tle.-  slow in gathering evidence? Pooh -tQl^jbi^ It  smells of third degree and gestapos^fIX ^.|f   o  Some other time  I'll write';'y^v^pjetter''  'about the cost of litigation, andXi^f^.$Mise-  quent result which prevents mdsf^i^l^fiffom  ever going to law even when-we-fcWeM^ure-;  fire case. . * : ���.������St$f$#X " ;  But not tonight. I'll just ,tal|^^^i��y- hat  to you for putting Section ,I025||^place.  Could you go further and sw_S-i^^^^^>|f the  statutes? ������������-^������X7?;^^^^#. .���.���>������  It's the same with tHe ���'���mai^^E^^y!'''-loiig  as  Parliament can  override" th^|^��Urts,    we  . haven't much check on the" bo^MtSP^awa and  Victoria. Keep it up, Sully. I'ir^i^|^%ith jrou.  .-'���.��� xsSSiiiQ(-irs Zeno.  . .ykL^&i^vX  ��� i i Pi'..i nn i . j.1,::f.  Robinson had invited-aLM0^Xiiq.have a  look at his garden, and in oiieffcj-tt^her the vis-  itor noticed an enormous dp^l^ianel with a  very small dog curled up inside it7 7  "Why on earth have you got a kennel  that size for. a little dog like that?" asked the  visitor.  Robinson looked round cautiously and  then lowering his voice, replied: "It's like this.  I^got a really big one because sometimes when  I get home late I find that my wife has locked  me out." .   ~,  Editor, - Coast News,  SIR���Have   been   taking     your  paper for three years now, and  enjoy it so much I still like to  carry on with it.  I get news about the many  friends I met at Gibsons during  four years stay at Keats Island.  My partner (Mr Carter) and I  logged  for four years there.  We visited Gibsons for provisions and mail and met a fine  lot of people (real people.)  We are back in Vancouver for  the winter and expect to start  at Sechelt in April and meet  some of the old friends.  My partner got smashed up in  the accident at Hastings and  Main on January 14 and will  be in hospital for some time yet.  One of my friends is Mrs.  Nestman the Gibsons correspondent. I always read Gibson  news.  Well, here's best of luck to  your paper.  Yours. Sincerely  Torn Bond,  2204 yenables  St.  Vancouver.  Roads Require (���  Drainage as  Well as Surfacing  Box 30, Sechelt, B.C.,  Feb. 1, 1949  THE EDITOR,  The Coast News.  Dear Sir:  The early winter rains have  washed away a lot of good intentions, including the gravel, or  near gravel which was applied  to our roads. A few people have  had the temerity to point out  the deplorable conditions which  prevail.  On the other hand the upholders of the status quo would feei  more comfortable if citizens were  to forego their democratic right  to make these conditions more  generally known. Perhaps more  European peasants would be acceptable here providing they were  more subservient than Canadians.  It appears that our own citizens  are not humble enough.  It does not require an engineer to realize that our roads require drainage as well as surfacing.  Adding a mixture of rounded  stones and subsoil merely thickens the soup. Anyone can voice  an opinion, but the construction  of a modern highway is an engineering project.  Such an undertaking does not  lie within the "sacred" precincts  of political legerdemain, which  can only appropriate the money  accruing as a result of interfering  with the operation of industry.  Engineering practices are based  upon facts whereas opinions.are  the stock in trade_ ofv.pofiticians.  The collecting ctf��� ppimons at  regular intervals is a spectacular  game- Witness the. recent: election to the south of us.  An alternative game is that of  taxation. It is not sp spectacular  Tas an election, but!^ it is more  lucrative to collect, and spend the  wages of man-hours employed in  industry. ��� X. ���/���X-vTX..''  The rate of doing work in thy,  country has reached sueli.a higte  order   of   magmtudeV;;tbB[ixhand^  tool methods will no logger vsuf*  "fice. X    f'-    7  It   is  generally  supposed that;  human energy plays an impprt-X  ant part in industry. Contrary to  this assumption our worlt. for the-���  most part is done by mechanical  energy. :v.: ,.  Human toil is becoming less  dignified. The machines which  constitute our productive equipment were built, and are being  operated by technicians. Natural laws must be taken into consideration, for they limit the design as well as the actual operation of any mechanical device.  It is not a matter for decision on  the basis of opinions.  As regards the construction of  highways, do we lack material?  No. Do we lack equipment? No.  Do we lack trained personnel?  No. Do we lack an adequate  means of distributing goods and  services?   Yes.   And how!  No criticism is intended of  those engaged in highway reDair  (Continued on Page 8) Friday,  Feb.   11.   1949.  ROBERTS CREEIC  By"CAROLA"  Gov't In A Hurry  THE COAST NEWS, SECHELT, B. C  Page Three  Friendly sparring with the  feathered birds netted Roberts  Creek Badminton Club a one  point lead, when they entertained Gibsons Club last Wednesday  evening. APPROVAL of the schedule of rates for side-wharfage at the  Mrs. B. Brothen is enjoying .. small boat harbor at Westview as proposed by the De-  more snow at Trail, where she is; partment ot Transport, was indicated by Westview village  visiting  with  her daughter and commissioners during their regular meeting Tuesday night.  son-in-law for a few weeks. The board was jn receipt of a   letter from T. E. Morrison, agent  <r% 1 iV  Dr. and Mrs. White had their for the Department that Ottawa rSPPfiTTl^ f_T_ nPVllO  son, Mr. W- White and son David was anxioi�� to proceed with the *lOUUIUa UU 115 VUU  visiting them over the weekend, settlement in regard to the floats Bv  .JOHNNY EDWARDS  Mrs.   A.   Erickson   suffered   a at Westview. ���        SPRING  has  really    begun    to  fractured wrist when she slipped Earlier correspondence had led shine forth in all its splendor,  and fell while walking down the the commissioners to believe that The birds are flying North and  Kail Road, last week. settlement of the Westview sched-   their   sweet   chirpings   can     be  ���    ^  ^  _,    ,.      u X    r, ule depended upon the action to  heard  as one, arises   Trees wiU  Mr  Ed  Kmdred,a beloved re-  be taken at the fishermen's har-   be   blossoming  out  in  bud   and  sident  of Roberts Creek for  the bor at Victoria, but the latest let-  the snow shall soon bQ leaving  past   15  years,   left   last   Sunday ter stressed that the government  So beware, girls,  as this  is the  for    the    General    Hospital    for wished to proceed with the ad-  time when a man,g t  treatment.  Mr. Kindred has been mm.stration at Westview regard-   turns  to  thoughts  of love  associated   with   the   Community less of the action to be taken at      "Hiya  Sue"  by the Duke  El-  Hall and was formerly caretaker Victoria. lington aggregation is  a superb  of East Roberts School. A speedy      The Department is prepared to  swi      biscuit to meet ^ ,  recovery, Mr. kindred!                     lease the floats to the village at  approvaL Duke has been fn the  Roberts Creek Teen Town held a- nomilf * sum following the de- music business a long time and  _. E qS^S2^rot So CISlon of the commissioner to ad- aiways gi���,_- ���,lf ,_�������� __v^__n^f  a dance Saturday evening at the minister  the harbor,  but before rendition*  Rnh^rto'Greek   Wall      Mpmhpr. ,,      ,-.     .  ,     __  _������   _���_. renditions  always gives out with excellent  "Passion      Flower'  ���Central Pres* Canadian  Since it was revealed that Margaret Truman, daughter of the U.S.  president, had signed a contract with James A. Davidson as her  manager in concert and allied fields for 1949-50, Mr. Davidson ha*  been the recipient of more offers than he has "any use for. He ii  shown in his New York office with some of the telegrams that have  been poucing in from all over the U.S., all asking for a spot on Miss  Truman's engagement list. During her first concert season a year ago.  Milt Truman *mg in about 30 cities and was well received everywhere.  Roberts; Cre0k: Hall. Members the DeDartment can nroceed it *i u.ons- , Passion Mower'  from G^omT and way points ��*stDge^�����^ authority ?f the ffaturmg Johnny Hodges on Alto  braved thWhstorm to enjoy the SSJLS^-Si^to .StSS Sa*' ******* &���<> versat-  frolic. ���}'��� ��� the Clause of the v Harbors   and  Latest /weather prediction:    A piers    Act   covering   the   tariff  ality on "C Jam Blues" and  "Clementine", "Sittin' and a  Rockin". with Ben Webster on  decided improvement by  Valen-  ^j��^^!f ^ JSLf*   Tenor   Sax,   Al   Hibler     singing  tine's   day,;when  the   slush   and government wharves and floats,  mush, will be over. MUST  PAY  THEIR  WAY  'Solitude" and the Dukes theme  'Take The  *A' Train" are some  "Before     the    submission    to  of his better recordings.  If you give dandelions an inch  Council can be made, there must      The Boogie Woogie Cats  will  they'll take a yard.  <S6   '-jqn  Japuod   auoifd  sjioda^i  JOI3U0C) puo 6u;pgoM  .^M auiipoyy  S43))oojd5; puo u;oi|3  J3||^  H^!d ,M  sjouajiiSij. j|ag  sAounj -S4|ag-A  9N3H33NI9N3  S.VflOQCiaVH  irnirnrnn  ��� Linoleum  ��� Lusterlite  '���' Finish   7  ���X       .;  y\.  m:'^yf^y . ��� .  0jBwwotiias  'i^yj(L^fm.y'..--^--y,  - * Scish and Doors  :.;:*..'���������.:"fc:3#-"���    '���-������    '  _.  ������.<._.     ' r.ir. ���  '0x:MiiWxies: ���  ' . ' '' ���"  ��� Floor Sander  Rental  Phone  Gibsons, 53  Gibsons Building  Supplies  Everything for  The   Builder  be the assurance from the com- be in their glory when Count  missioners that the schedule of Basie plays "One O'Clock Jump",  rates is suitable," stated Mr. Mor- Harry James deals ably with the  rison's letter. "In other words, "Two O'Clock Jump" if you are  that the schedule would make interested,  the floats pay their way. Hal   Derwin     vocalizing     on  "I would like to be advised if "Home Is Where The Heart Is"  you consider that the side-wharf- and Vaughan Monroe warbling  age "rates as submitted in the "Moonglow" are for the latter  schedule are suitable and if you part of the day when 'one re-  are prepared to assume the re- quires peace,  sponsibility for the cost of elec- The Slim Galiard Trio, of the  tricity and water to work out a "Cement Mixer" fame, come up  method of computing and levy;- with a hew ditty "Down By The  ing charges for electricity anil Station". Tommy Dorsey has al-  water rates prevailing in the lo- so cut this one, so take you.*  cality." X   choice.  The commissioners were.ofth�� v Biiddy Clarke is singing "Too  opinion that the rates as'-set forth^^'Maiiy Tears" so watch for this  were suitable as far as they were :iip|^2Coming hit to "be releas-  concerned, since business^n^and. ed7  fishermen had approved ^tijjem 7 % % re-issue of Perry Como's  during a meeting with govern- "When Your Hair Has Turned  ment officials last November.      v To  Silver" is  peaking over the  The side wharfage rates as horizon; also a new waltz that  outlined  in  the  schedule  range  wjh  become your favorite  "It's  from  $2 a month for craft not      over 25 feet or a daily rate of 15 ""^JTSTirTTrT^^  cents up to $7 a month for craft        KitITANWIA BEACH  BIBLE READING  PAUL,-an apostle, (not of men,  neither by .man, but by Jesus  Christ, and God the Father, who  raised Him |om the: dead;) And  all the brethren which are with  me, unto the churches of Galatia:  Grace be to you and peace from  God the Father,-and from our  Lord Jesus Christ, Who gave  Himself for our sins, that He  might ���; deliver -us 'from this present evil world, according to the  will ,of God and \6ur Tather: To  Whomibe gloryiifor ever and ever.  Amen...-__ marvM^that ye are so  sbon7eremoved^fJ_cpm; him that  called:, you into; the grace of  Christ unto another, gospel: Which  is not 'ariotlfer; but there be some  A Big Wi^e; Wonderful World".  * Here 7aife a few7 new songs  that you may be humming in the  near:future, "But I Couldn't Stay  Away From You", "Underneath  The Linden Tree" (the Andre ws.Sisters could, really do wonders with ^this)', "Red Roses For  A Blue Lady" (Sinatra), "Look  Up!- Lo6k;xUp!mMJack Smith)  and Marth| Tilton, lilting the  tune "So ; Ir_p Love'X  Until ne^7time,7 have fun.  that trouble you, and would pervert the gospel of Christ. But  though we, or an ,angel from  heaven, preach any other gospel  unto you than that which we  have preached unto you, let him  be accursed. As we said before,  so say I now again, If any man  preach any other gospel unto you  than that ye have received, let  him be accursed. _3ut I certify  you, brethren, that the gospel  which was preached of me is not  after man. For I neither received  it of man, neither vgas I taught  it, but by the revelation of Jesus  Christ���Galations,  1:1-9,11,12.  Selma Park  Hairdressing Shop  A  Complete  Hairdressing  ...-.--.Service  DOLLY  JONAS  Phone for,Appointments  over 70- feet or a daily rate of 60  cents.  The side wharfage would become collectable after expiry of  48 hours free time.  NEED 48-HOUR PERIOD  Mr. Morrison said he believed  a 24-hour free period would be  sufficient to enable fishermen to  dock and unload, but left the decision up to the commissioners-  since the fishermen had insisted  that 48 hours were necessary.  Chairman J. P- Dallos maintained that the 24-hour period  was too short to enable the fishermen to attend to all their business ;and restock their boats, and  Commissioners McKela and Mc-  Guffie agreed.  %  It was decided to notify the  Department of their approval of  the schedule with the stipulation  that the free period be set at  48 hours.\  By "SLIM'  In 1948 .the value of Canada's  field crops set an all-time record  of $1,595,000,000.  *._.  MURDOCH'S  MARINE SUPPLY  --���X' 7':-- Wj-Wr-y ���'. 7 yr  Compare Our Prices!  De!nGri|fti^iief5" Foods    ,  :,v x4^;'s|iiream,.--  ..., (aroc^ries^'  ���" ::resh'i;j^sots:^and ���  ���������'; ;Vei^b!^x''- -  ���y- ^Hardware  Dr/goods x  Shelf Oil  :ish Camp      ,  We now have increased  refrigeration for hand!ing  of perishables^-   -  Pender Harbour, B.C.  HELLO FOLKS!  Winter is here to stay until  July I'm sure. It sure snowed  plenty again last night. Was up  to,* the Townsite yesterday and  if you really want to see snow,  go up there and you'll see plenty.  Have- had company for one  Week. Some friends from Chilliwack, Mrs. Thomas Hubbard  arid Gloria Jean and Mrs. Bob  Denham and Gordon in spite of  the snow. Even done our share  of gadding around. They have  enjoyed every minute of their  stay. They are leaving today.  Went to the Club Bingo Saturday and did the usual, came  home .empty armed, but we enjoyed ourselves and took spite  out on the cigarettes, candy and  coffee, cup cakes and donuts  that were so plentiful.  Don't think last week I put in  wedding congratulations to our  nurse Jeanette Wallis, who was  married to Jim Andrews and we  all wish them the best of luck  and happiness. *  Mrs. Stan Matten entertained  at whist on Friday. The winners  being Lil Maunsey, first, and  Mrs. Denham consolation.  Those invited were Mrs. Loo-  yen, Chisholm. Fox, Edwards,  Baxter, Wills, Mable Verdesio,  Hubbard and Denham of Chilliwack, Mounsey and yours truly.  Mr. John Edwards returned  from Vancouver.  Mr. Bat Young spent the weekend at Squamish visiting Bob  Hurren of the Del Mar Cafe.  Well  cheerio  folks  and  rem-1  ember get a supply  of  candles  in case we have to go without*;  lights one of these days. :X  /. -  li JXSopxW^re a Mechanic...  youLCouid repdir your own car but. even then, you  couldn't do: it as quickly or conveniently as we can  do if fOr you. . . bring it in today.  lilson Creek Garage  'A  Your General Motors Dealer  WILSON CREEK, B.C.  PHONE SECHELT 5S  0  $  ��  THESE ON YOUR "MUST"  LIST FOR '49 ...  BETTER GOODS  for BETTER LIVING!  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The Guides had fun in it on  Thursday,   February  3    in  park,  ervice  PUBLIC   Health  Nursing   Serv  ices    are   organized    as   local 50> the population figure will be  the health services prior to the de- midway between  1944-47.  velopment of the more complete      6    The   fund&  for   the   Public  We made a snow-man and it ?ea1lth V���}. Serv;cfu Since the Health Nursing Service deter-  was a bi? fellow. Before we did ^ple?e?taH��n^eof^. CaS^r^ mined at the fixed maximum rate  this we had a .xllection and dis- 5eP��rt ���. }**?' uPublll Health referred to above is paid by the  cussed a few things Nursing districts have  been re- school   board   to   the   Provincial  The hall lights kept going off organized so that the geographi- Health Department. The School  so we went to the park. cal   boundaries  of one  or  more Board is billed quarterly for the  We threw a few snowballs and nursing   districts   coincide   with  cost of the service,  then made  a snowman. Among the educational districts.   At the      7#  The Provincial  Health De-  the  things we  brought  up  was same .ime> chanSes were made in partment shall grant annually a  the Jamboree which is to be held %e iina"C1^   administration   of sum Qf $120.00 per Public Health  /at the Legion Hall for all Cubs, tl}e Publlc Health Nursing dist- Nurse to be used for local run-  Scouts, Brownies and Guides on ricfcs- ning expenses.  ���February 11. This will be a big     The following important points     8. An Advisory Public Health  [event and we are all looking for- outline the operational details of Committee shall be set up in con-  fvvard to it.                                          the Public Health Nursing serv- sulfation with members of School  Guides and Brownies are ask- ice:                                                      Boards   and  official  representa-  [ed to be dresisedin full uniform     1.  The Provincial Health De- ^ves  of  organized  communities,  land to lopkMeir best. All we partment pays the salaries of the Functions of the Advisory Public  ire aske$!pftMftg: is 25c to cover Public Health Nurses in order to Health Committee follow:  members- The secretary-treasurer shall be a committee member  or a qualified individual in the  community who is paid for his  services; or a secretary already  serving an official body, e.g. a  school board or municipal council.  6. The local Committee shall  approach the Provincial Health  Department regarding special local circumstances which require  adjustment in administration, to  meet local needs.  she cost 'olij  ...jipbd-;  ! ���   x yyy^^^Li:^''  Due toilMiaPMelvin's  .- .;..cv��\'.,-**-,Y ������-'-���- -    ���  ��� - ���: ?Mm  illness  -__._  *���  YOUS  ATE  MX  THE WORLD  N'S-  And Buy More Canadian  Made Goods Than  Any Others!  Of the thousands of items, large  and small, that crowd our fascinating* catalogues, hy far the  greatest number are CANADIAN MADE! They are the  product of Canadian brains, Canadian skills, Canadian ��� labor.  In addition, it takes a group of  buying offices in London, Paris,  Bel-fiat, - Manchester, Leicester  and New York, with buyers  travelling1 thousands of miles to  collect the wonderful choice  EATON'S puts before you; out-  'sta-iding* values, specially selected for. Canadians from coast.to  eeast ���and aU backed by the  BATON Guarantee:  "YSoods Sctltfoctory or Money  Befunded, Including  Shipping Charges."  ^Lyy^t^WBfr  EATON'S  r  iv..j..iV,..iy..iffjWJ  provide a practical plan of super- ORGANIZATION  annuation.  The salary and incre-      1. The Advisory Public Health  ments follow the provincial Pub- Committee shall consist of from  lie  Health Nurses'  salary  scale. 4   to   6   members,   chosen   from  2. The Provincial Health De- elected representatives of the  partment   assumes  financial   re- people.  sponsibility for transportation (1) From organized communi-  within the nursing area. ties,   they  shall  be  members  of  3. The Provincial Health De- municipal councils or school  partment outfits the district with boards.  special equipment���baby scales, (2) From unorganized com-  nursing bags, record binders, etc. munities,  elected  representatives  4. The local district supplies of the people are school board  adequate office space with basic members.  equipment, desks, chairs, cup- 2. The elected board shall ap-  boards, etc. point  one   member to  represent  5. A local fixed maximum rate the interests of the community  of 30 cents per capita is charged at large. This, person need not  by the Provincial Health Depart- be an elected representative, but  nient to cover the local cost of may be chosen because of his  Public Health Nursing and School interest in public health and the  Medical Inspection service  (Den- community.  tal service excluded). In assess- 3. The members shall be chosen  ing local Public Health Nursing to represent geographical units of  service costs on a per capita basis the nursing district, the number  the following population estimate of members , appointed from  shall be used and adjusted every each unit being in approximate  two years: relation to the population of the  (1) In organized areas, the unit compared with the total  population figure to be midway population of the district,  between that given at the last 4. rMembers of the Committee  census and the figure reported shall serve not less than two  to the Department of Municipal years. Representation on the  Affairs by the local council for Committee is recommended for  the calendar year 1944. For, the a maximum period of four con-  calendar year 1949-50 the popu- secutive years. It is desirable  lation will be midway between for some members to continue  1944-47. serving on the Committee during  (2) In unorganized territory the* period of introduction of new  the population figure to be_mid- members.  way between the last census 5. A chairman and secretary-  figure and the last estimate of treasurer shall be appointed by  population made by the Division the Committee from amongst its  of  Vital  Statistics for' the year  ���   1944. For the calendar year 1949- MORE ABOUT  we missed oiir meeting of .Tan- VOJM oLKVICES  nary 20. We did pay a visit to        (Continued from Page 1)  the Brownies meeting and sang minimum rate of 30c per capita  with   them.   Wo   are   very   glad js paid by the school  board*'to  Miss Melvin is back with us and the   Provincial   Health   Depart-  we are looking forward  to lots ment.  of fun and work. The Provincial Health Depart-  Just a note to the Guides- ment grants annually the sum of  Please, review tenderfoot so we *120 .for each nurse appointed as  en leally get down to work on ru���mg ^^uu w . __ 1w.���m  our Second Class. .  The Public Health Nurse would  be responsible for all school vis-   ��� :���  iting in  the area���which,  under  the new plan, could be extended  to cover Egmont and Britain  River schools, as the Provincial  Health Department assumes the  cost of transportation in the  nursing area.  It also provides special equipment such as baby scales, nursing bags.  All in all it would seem to be  a good move since it would increase the mobility of the VON  nurse to remain in the district  and would provide greater coverage for the schools in the whole  area.  The quota for the VON members to, raise in the area would  be reduced from the former  figure of some $3500 to approximately $2,200 since the same basic grants will be given by lhe  government to the organization.  This reduction would indeed  be a great help to the auxiliaries  who found the quotas set for the  past years' operation could only  be met by the dint of some really  hard work.  During the three months of  September, October and November the routine work of listing  new schools and establishing new  clinics was carried out in addition to making 903 visits, of these  410 were made in Gibsons and  493 in the Sechelt area-  'X There have been no outbreaks  'of communicable diseases to report.  The first week of September  1948 showed employment at the  highest point ever achieved in  Canadian history. Total number  of employed persons was 5,042,-  000; unemployment was at its  lowest ebb with a total of only  67,000.  Mrs. Mary By ers  Dies in 68_h Year  SELMA     PARK���One     of    the  Park's   most-loved     residents,  Mrs. Mary Byers died on February 4 in her 68th year.  Fondly known as "Aunt Mary"  she is survived by her husband;  a brother in Vancouver; two sisters in New Zealand and Scotland.  The funeral service was held  in the ChaDel of Chimes in Vancouver with Rev. J. Herdman  officiating.  Interment was in Mountain  View  cemetery.  Bring Your Repair Jobs to Us!  Boot Tanks, Warm Air Heating Furnaces Repaired  Range and Heater: Repairs  CHICKEN FARM EQUIPMENT  GUTTERS -AND DOWNPIPE  AIR CONDITIONING  Sheet Metal  Works  Laurie Speck./ Gibsons  Phone Gibsons 8R  Anywhere   ��� Anytime  By  ���fRIP   HOUR  ���DAY  Peninsula Cab Co.  * ....._  24- Hour Service  2; PHONES 2 CABS  PHONE SECHELT 5U or 5C2  Marshall's ]  "Serving.t1ii.P��iins��la"  GLASSWARE!  Phone Gibsons 33  In swirl pattern1/?-pee.  Berry Set.   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G  Friday, Feb.  11,  1?49  40k_.  1  i  Please Clip This Directory Out and Hang  For Reference  Your Phone  BAKERY  BETTY'S  BAKERY  Homemade Pies, Cakes,  Bread  Special Catering  Cakes Decorated to Order  Porpoise Bay Rd.,  Sechelt  Phone Sechelt, 59W  BEER BOTTLES  Will call and buy for cash,  beer bottles, scrap metal, etc.  Calls made at intervals from  Hopkins to Irvines Landing.  R.  H.  STROSHEIN  Wilson   Creek  CLEANERS AND DYERS  "It Pays to Keep Clean"  LLOYD'S CLEANERS  GIBSONS,  B.C.  Agency at Bus Depot, Sechelt  DRESSMAKING  Specializing in Tailored Slack  Suits, Fine. Lingerie,  Children's Clothes  MRS. M. D. STOREY  Roberts Creek  Phone  R.C.   24U2  GARBAGE DISPOSAL  Garbage Disposal Service  weekly or monthly  Sechelt, West Sechelt,  Selma Park only  For Information wrjte or  'phone  Union Steamship Co.  Phone Sechelt, 22   .  GENERAL HAULING  GIFT STORE  Headquarters for Wool,  Notions,  Cards, Toys,  Miscellaneous Gifts  Gibsons 5-10-15 Store  Left of Post Office  Gibsons, B.C.  INSURANCE  Parr Pearson Agencies  General Insurance  Phone  Sechelt 37 .^Night Ring LSL  LAND CLEARING  BULLDOZING  LAND CLEARING  done with ripper teeth  q. A. COOK  Phone Gibsons, 31  Gibsons, B.C.  LUMBER AND FUEL  BURNS and JACKSQf|  SAWMILL  .   ;!���'   ,.  Producer of Choice Luihhir.  ;   In All Species  Wood and Sawdust y  Phone Sechelt 15-M-2  PLUMBING-HARDWARE  Hardware, Plumbing Supplies  Heating Necessities  "Serving the Peninsula"  Marshall's  Hardware  Phone Gibson���33  Plumbing and Heating  Installation ��� Repairs  A Specialty  by Registered Plumber.  Ti cknor's PI umbing  Porpoise Bay Road  Sechelt, B.C.  RADIO SERVICE  Lowe's Radio Service  GIBSONS  You Bust 'Em���We Fix 'Em  Location:   Wool Shop  Bus Pickup and Delivery  Service  RADIO SERVICE  STEELE'S RADIO AND  ELECTRIC  Radio Sales and Service  Phone,  Sechelt 33  Send by Bus  REAL ESTATE  Specialist in Coast Property  Consol .dated Brokers Ltd.  Gulf Coast Offices   '  Gibsons7&hd Sechelt  ���v,.,,v,- ^Phone��37.*  _. For pr0r^t7i;Gourieuos  Seryice, Seer;  E. G.^Hi^RRIS cV Co.  R��al) Estate and Insurance  7-Village Centre, Sechelt  .Sechelt, 48 or 39*  Gibsons'R^l Estate Agency  Specialists in Coast Properties  from Gibsdrns to Pender Hbr.  <^Xfle^r^fntatives of  H. A. Roberts Ltd.  Write or ^PHone Gibsons 41  *** Or 59^foiN&istih_js.  G. U. Clay^nd A,SC. Hill  . '    ;vrl:-iiocai^gentSi^;  Longest Cold  Spell in History  Of Peninsula  THE WEATHERMAN has finally  thrown the book at the Peninsula.  There have been winters when  the mercury sagged lower than  it  has  to date this  winter,  but  old-timers   are  agreed  that  this  .one is a dilly!  In fact, it has set an all-time  record for the longest period of  sustained frigidity  in this  area.  For the past 10 weeks, the district has taken just about every  type of weather in the winter  catalogue including snow, sleet,  blizzards and frost.  For a while before this thing  got to be a habit, a few of the  pioneers were wont to belittle  the weatherman's efforts.  Way back in 1915 (or was  it '14) the icicles under the eaves  got so long that they reached  from the roof to the ground.  But now even the oldest old-  timer will admit that they can't  remember such a prolonged  spell of consistently cold weather as that which has descended upon the district.  This period of cold actually  has been with us relentlessly for  just about 90 days and has also  established a record for the  least amount of precipitation in  the district.  January was the record month  in this respect with a low of .55  inches and the total precipitation  from October to January was  18.44  inches.  MORE ABOUT ...  Port Mellon Rodd  (Continued from Page 1)  businesses in the area.  Discussion was held on the  Seaview Cemetery, with a report  of cemetery meeting given by  Mr. McNicol. . Members gave  their assurance that they will  contribute voluntary- labor necessary to enlarge the cemetery, >  and help in every way possible.'  After- the next cemetery* meeting report will be given to Board,  and Mr. Telford the president,  will be asked to attend and give  his report.  The Post Office came in for  quite some heated discussion,  and information is to be obtained by Dr. Anderson,, chairman  of the Trade and Industry dept.,  who will report at next meeting.  Prospects of obtaining a new  Post Office,- and some satisfactory post office hours, and other  matters have been quite a subject for discussion at past meetings.  It was decided to co-operate  with teachers at the school, and  help to back the May Day celebrations and the crowning of the  May Queen.  A dance will be held for funds  for this project, and a permanent fund set up to be known as  May Queen fund.  The dance on Feb. 12 to be  held at Bal's hall, will be one of  the highlights of the season, in  aid bf the proposed beach td  be built at the Municipal wharf.  The Machigonne will cali at  Port Mellon and Gambier to  bring the folks from these places  to the dance, also a representative group expected down from  Sechelt, and the Creek.  Members went on record endorsing work of the VON Auxiliary,  and promised  their  sup  port to the fut>��tions coming up  sponsored by the V\3iV. v  A drive for membership in  the Board is to be started, with  the target set for 100 members.  In 1947 manufacturing wages  were 96.4 per cent higher than  the average of five years up to  1939. Cost of living had increased 35.5 per cent over the same  base period. Real wages showed  a gain of 44.9 per cent.  tr.  Buffalo, smaller in area and  population than Toronto, has 40  times as much , wiring underground as the Canadian city.      '  Let Classified Ads  Change   Unused   Articles  from   A Liability To A  Gain  Phone :  ���.va;  *i  ���Kt'i  22L, Rober|s^g^tQi7:.  Coast News, ^Sechelt;: 37  X'77^t;Mfet^iy  yL^^^ftyW  Wm  ���___-_-*M__��__M__-__-__-______--  -'k<$ry>yy?w*yLT,... >  X'"':''  ,:&7Xfi>|:7:Xy.x7  Optot&Qeltim^yX  ,*xx  Jy^Zyk:,  9:0Q a^^t675:00 p.m.  Even i ng$v|i$y jA_ppoi ntment  Every'''^ddy^Xcept. Thursday  ^^.ry'-i'- ^-'-  ROOM AND 50ARD  Comfortable Blooms and Good  Food by ;Day& Week, Month  ROCkW^Qg LODGE  is the >j>iftce:: to go!  X6 P-ione gechelt 39  Sechelt's ���Mofe^Modern Hotel  TAXI  I'i&mwzK-  ' -:^ENi|M^^ABS  ''''' 24-fcur|Service  'S-Phon^ir1-^ Cabs  WHik^GREEK and  :ii,SEpLM��s;PARK  Phone Sechelt 5C2 and 5U  PENDER HARBOUR  By JUDY  This cold spell has been invigorating as far asroutdoor activity goes. Lilly Lake has been  the scene of ice skating and  hockey, Irvines Landing and Madeira Park teams competing for  the championship.  There was a return match played at Hotel Lake %and the only  casualty so far was Milt Stephens ��� requiring some hemstitching on his nose. ;-,  A very successful "Bingo  night" was held at the Madeira  Park schol by the V.O.N. Auxiliary.  A capacity crowd turned out  adding greatly to the proceeds.  Refreshments were served by the  ladies.  Buy Meat With Confidence  *   H. KENNETT  BUTCHER  Gibsons, B.C.  Wanted To Buy Livestock and Live Poultry  ���.<���...! ������frH-.V.'tw; t.-,y. (s:��isr?*.'"  -_'V."' 4^"VH',S.  BILL'S TAXI  Reliable 24 iH6iu_7 Service  ���    ������_r:iJJ<';y:-'':.H!,,'--^:>":v-.-..  Halfirioon -Bay, B.C.  . :7;Bili|iv*Kc^n  Phone Halfmoorv. Bay 7-U  TRANSFER-TRUCKERS  JACK'S TRANSFER  '.p-  C'y  Geiperai Freight Hauling  Xi Sand and- Gravel  yy$y   .".    ��� y ;.'..���;���  . "Phonie Sechelt 5U  FRANK  YATES  Home Oil Agent for  X    ��� Peninsula  Gravel and Freight Carrving  Service calls day or night���  Days, Wilson Creek���5S  Nights, Roberts Creek���24L  Upholstery and Slip Covers  Let Us Rebuild and  ,;   Upholster  Your  Favorite Chair  Usher's Yard Goods Shop  Gibsons, B.C.  In 1947 there were 3,042,000  families in Canada, an increase of  516,700 since the 1941 census.  This increase ranged from 11  per cent in the prairie provinces  to 47 per cent in British Columbia. Average family size, however, was 3.7 persons as compared  with 3.9, in 1941.  Mrs. R. Gibson of Silver Sands  had an unfortunate skiing lesson last week���something went  wrong and she came out second  best���with a broken arm. Maybe we should send her a book  of instructions.  "It's a boy" for the Norman  Kleins. Congratulations! Also  for Mr, and Mrs. J. Brown, another boy.  (Ed. note: Carola's long-legged  bird must have flown north.)  The snow has temporarily held  up the work on the new Community Hall at Madeira Park  but there is lots of lumber ready  for the builders to "fly at it"  when the weather permits.  Sorry to have to say good bye  to Mr. and Mrs. Jack MacNeil,  leaving this week for Boston Bar.  Good luck. Our best wishes go  with you.  Mr. and Mrs. Kipp Brown and  Norman with Mr. and Mrs. Bill  Davis of Bargain Harbour are  leaving for a few days visit in  Nanaimo,    aboard    the  "Lucky  Strike."  Skinny men, women  gain 5,10.15 lbs.  -__-----p------pa-*  Get New Pep, Vim, Vigor  -__----���-----___-, .   .  What a thrill. Bony limba All out; ugly hoDofra  fill up; neck no longer scrawny; body loses ha__��  starved, sickly "bean-pole" look. Thousand* ��f  . girls, women, men. wbo never could cats before,  are now proud ol shapely. healthy-look-ntr bodies.  They thank the special vigor-building, Scab-building  tonic, Ostrex. Its tonics, stimulant*, invlgorato?*, - ���  Iron, vitamin Bs, calcium, enrich blood, Improve  appetite and digestion so food elves you nor*  strength and nourishment; put flesh on bare boaes.  Don't fear getting loo fat. Stop whan you've gaJnafl  theS, 10.16 or 20 lbs. you need for nogmal weight.  Costs little. New "get ae<j-_Ant��d" ���$����� ��_% We.  Try famous Ostrex Tonic Tablets tar asw vigor  end added pound-, this very day. A* all dnantott.  -,.H"   .*<.>.: ���:������'.-ii  Mkt (Eoosi Jfjeuis  CLASSIFIED  ADVERTISING  . s  3 Lines (15 Words) for 35c 3 insertion (same ad) 60c  Extra words, above 15-word min., 2c each.  Cash with order.  Notices, Engagements, Marriages, Deaths, etc., 75c Insertion  LITTLE ADS . . . BIG RESULTS  FOR SALE-  CABIN cruiser, "Lanora", 30 x  8 x 4, 15 h.p. Palmer, 2 bunks.  Complete ready to go, no reasonable offer refused, must sell,  health. Apply E. Crush, Pender  Harbour, B.C. 29  FOR SALE��� ~~  UNFINISHED 5 room house on  lot. 62 x 122 at Sechelt, with  enough lumber to finish sheeting.  What offers? Apply Box A, c|o  P. R. News, Westview, B.C.  FOR   SALE ~~~~  NEW FLOAT,  6x40, Right built  to government standards.  Price $250.   Stewart Bros.,  Madiera Park. 32  The first sheet of paper produced in British Columbia was  a piece of brown wrapping paper  made from "Rotten Jute".  FOR SALE���  RECONDITIONED battery radios: : Marconi $18.50>/ Northern  Electric $22.50. Batteries extra.  New radio guarantee. Used records 6* for $1.00. Lomex 7%c per  foot. Uttion Steamships Radio  and Electric Appliance Shop,  Sechelt. XX 31  FOR TRADE���       :       :  CATERPILLAR   tractor,   No.   7,  for  skidder  or  donkey,  equal  capacity. Apply H. Frostrup, Sechelt. 29  FOR  SALE��� r~  TWO GOOp buys: 1941 Plymouth custom sedan. Top notch  condition, priced right. 1031  Chrysler 8 sedan. New battery  anti rubber. Dependable transportation. Cliff Leach, Gibsons.  -������  x   7    *������ 31  FOR SALE ''.' yX'L-.  ��gpiy��ry. Phon.  for '���^tjxffi^zyM^  ..wi-:.?..- >.'r;_V  ���XXFOft-SAfcE.',;    ���  SHIP^BY;$^;-^^ tcf  or frpixi;W^i0^X:i^yw raiesj  Fast   servic&^iCp?*^^   handling!  Specify Gul%^_t-esi- Express,    tfi  FOXJm^i^L^^rXX: . I  SOOTHING, f^fliffc relief from}  the 4rrilfc|i6^^^^i>il(_s, andfj  hemorrhoidal.I^^d^ibns. Lang's!  rectal suppositiwiesi ^1.50. Lang's!  Drugs,  Gibs<^i^^7Sec_-elt. 29|   ~~~     ^.yyyyyyy- '..��� :. -     H  LEGAL NOTICES  LAND'ACT  Notice of Intention to apply to  purchase Land X*  IN LAND Recording District of1  New  Westminster  and  situate  at Nelson Island.  Take notice that L. H. Roberts  of Nelson Island, occupation retired intends to  apply., for  permission to  purchase the following   described   lands:  Commencing at a post planted  five chains south of the North  East corner of L1025, Nelson Island thence 40 chains S6uth:  thence 10 chains East; thence 40  chains North; thence 10' chains  West, and containing 40 acres,  more or less.  L. H. Roberts  ROGERS Majestic 5-tube,  wood  cabinet,    mantel   set,    battery  radio. Apply Ed    Bolsfcei,    The  Annex, Sechelt. 30 ^  ti. Friday,  Feb.   11,  1949.  .THE COAST NEWS, SECHELT, B.C.  Page Seven  -e->  Oibsons School Hews  By   MALDY   THOMAS  ONE OF the big sport events  which was to come off this  week, was the basketball game  between Gibsons High School  and Squamish High School.  The Gibson's team intended to  charter the sea bus on Saturday  night to go up to .Squamish, but  it seems that something went  wrong for the hall at Squamish  could not be reserved for that  night.  If everything goes well there  will be a game at Squamish in  three weeks. The Gibsons All-  Statf s were also going up with the  High School that night to play  another team at Squamish,  * The bi-annual Student Council  elections will be, or by the-time  this appears in print, have been  held-at" Gibsons High School on  Mondaj^.5J^huary 31. There will  be ca|^&ii|e_i for the position of  presid����*t,.r-'Vice-president, secretary -a"n&*t��e?J6urer.    Last month  the as;  same  thy Stew  resigned*^  voted to have the  ���"^all year but Dbro-  o was treasurer,  A Boy ^Sg<^^&novement has  been starti_^^p^|bsons by. several of ;vth^^i||Pg^',i-len around  ,town. Scbum^ipi^s.Keri Coleridge. A1ssi^jl^p|auft-iaster is  Norm Stewarl|gg|^gani2ation  his.advertisement is riot published  r displayed by th^.jq$i^ontrol  oard or by the$G$W��iieht ot  e.i_sh"Cii��fi7:,'  By ROBBIE  PEOPLE who sit around waiting  for an opening���usually end up  in a hole.  So goes the old saying and I  guess I have been sitting around  as you will see by the lack of  news.  Mrs. Ralph Murray was advised by cable of the death of her  sister who resided in South  Africa.  Incidently if you are in doubt  about the adverse weather conditions being world' wide, Mrs.  Murray helps you^a little by disclosing the fact that South Africans have had a real pea-soup  fog lasting for several weeks.  Thousands of the inhabitants  have never seen fog before.  Mr. Lashbrook, we are sorry to  report, is feeling pretty sick  these days, and would welcome  any of our local residents who  would care to visit him. He has  acquired a housekeeper in the  person of Mrs. Dickson of Vancouver.   We hope she will enjoy  her stay among our people.  .    *    ��  Mrs. Mills returned to Vancouver after a short stay at Wilson  has a good membership already.  * *    *  Miss Dobbin, the grade two  teacher, was sick last week with  the   flu.     Mrs.   Ablett   was   her  substitute.  * ��    ��  On Friday afternoon the N.F.B.  pictures1 were shown before the  school children. On January 28  they were shown at the Roberts  Creek  Community Hall,   and at  the Gibsons hall on February 2.  * *    *  On Friday, January 28, Frances  Chapelle was away from school,  so her boy-friend (so-called)  Barry Stewart, brought in a  neighbor's dog.  He set the poor pooch up in  Frances' seaf and proceeded to  call it Franky.  When Don Graham bent over  to pet it, Barry threatened to  sock-Don inthe nose for "making  passes at my girl."  Finally Barry said in disgust  to the - dog, "We'll. have to part  Frances, your ears are too big."���  I wonder how devoted some of  these girls can be. Maybe it's  dog instinct.  TEEN  TOWN TALK  A Teen Town dance was held  in the school hall on January 28.  Mrs.. Vi- Wyngarden was adult  advisor.'   Yours truly was. M.C.  Elections will be held in the  near future^���as soon as the Teen  Towners get a place suitable for  holding them.  ��� '���xry^mmmyy-'-  WHERE  YOU GET MORE  FOOD PER DOLLAR!  For Groceries It's  its '  GRAYSONS  ...    . /  AT GIBSONS  ���      -��� -���������'. - ���'Wfp.>3S%W��aSs.)t���- ���  immmm*mmmmm*imaammm*mm  ��������������� ���''-���������*��f0iWj&!M*-r.r  By "ARIES'  ammsveoBaBBBBBBm  OUR FEATHERED friends are  having a very difficult time  of it cut off from their natural  supply of food but we do hear  occasionally of bird lovers beside ourselves.  Mr. and Mrs. Scattergood of  Porpoise Bay have been feeding hundreds of birds in this  cold spell, we are told it is a  very wonderful sight to see as  the   birds   are   very   tame.  A loss to the dog colony of  Sechelt is Sharkey who died of  old age recently. We all knew  Sharkey very well he was quite  a character and was adopted by  Donald Morcraft who feels his  loss very much.  Sharkey had a very sad beginning. Owned by a Indian  .master at Pender Harbor this  poor animal suffered much abuse and Mr. Joe Spangler bought  the; dog to get it away. He was  devoted to Joe and when Joe  moved away he left him at Roberts Creek and Sharkey came all  the way from the Creek back  to the old home and the Mar-  crofts  gave   him  shelter.   .  We know if this paper falls into the hands of Mrs. Mary.Spangler she will be glad to know  that Sharkey was well cared  for in his old age and is now in  the   Happy   Hunting  Grounds.  ���And whilst we are speaking  of dogs to you who want to find  a home for a pet you cannot  keep, first check on the new  owner. Better to have your pet  killed by a kind hand which he  trusts than to give him away to  Creek with her daughters.  * *    *  Mrs. Gibbons, who recently resided on the Davies estate, is at  present residing with her daughter at Chilliwack, and is not expected to return until weather  conditions are more suitable for  the return trip. We are sorry to  report that Mr. Stewart Henderson of Wilson Creek post office is  not progressing as favorably as  was expected.  ���' Mrs. Henderson received a  wire advising her to take the trip  to Shaughnessey Hospital last  week-end. She left on the Mariner.  * *    $  Chuck Nickerson, one of our  residents at Davis Bay, had the  misfortune to crack several ribs,  and sustain minor bruises on the  arm and leg, but we are pleased  to reporst that Chuck is up and  about, and progressing very favorably.  . s)t sis  Al Gibbons,. who has been in  the city for the past two weeks,  was joined by his wife, who left  Wilsons last Sunday. We hope  Al   is   feeling   better   after  his  check-up and holiday.  * *    *  And now, while I am waiting  for the results of the V.O.N,  meeting I'd like to tell you of a  chap who came around looking  for a room to rent.  It seems he was informed that  there was a place without a bath  tha. he could rent. He said it  didn't matter about the bath���he  only figured on staying for the  winter.  someone who abuses an animal,  and destroys one with untold  suffering. The time-:..M.: ripe here  for a branch? of the^.P.C.A.  ���*���' _ 7*v"  Visiting here this 7week-end  was Mrs. Gladys Thomson of  Vancouver the guest % lot Mrs.  Frank French. Mrs. .,. Thomson  has recently arrived frbrti Montreal and spent quite a lblig period in Quebec where she oper-  "**d th" Gift Shop in. Kent  House, Montmorency Falls. She  was ver\y tnrilled, as usual, with  Sechelt and is now In/ business  in Vancouver so we : shall see  her quite often.;   X  Also very pleased to meet  Reg Jones from Powell River,  Managing Editor of the .iPpwell  River News. Hope to -renew .acquaintances: soon, .have ^weak  spot for Powell Biver..- i. Sf$>ent  some good times there/ \ %y X  Have, not been able,7.to: .find  anyone  interested 7in7our 7 ��Ian  for a book club., The .idea^as,  this:  instead of so ;many  of. u>:  belonging  ta the    spittle    book  "���."bs ten or twelve p| ^ could  get together a_M.,eaC_ii one buy  a book. In it owr ���Bame would be  written    it\.wo!ii|i^;;^eft*'.be;-rci,ad  by the crv^ieJ^nd?^ehJ passed  .,^,,^^_____2_":7P!K~'-rt ���'  comes^jbi  er its vfcjej  rary.:.^!!  .   _^J��Wheh. it  ^-^frb&l ow|r--  idffixp one's '������lib-.  ��S��.'X7  -X  > :^f|^fe^^|Vassured; of  ea|t;7p|p^pjpi>;'��� bpoks7 per  In  at lea_|t;.  month,, all |J��|jtef|ttt.  I know bS&jKist five. homes  that' arfe^rig^iihg: "I Captured \ t^e'-^^L^||and.. then Xwe  have--_xo^l^i|ip|^|b read-  ^h0 . avera^e#^^feon---.-does -: not  want to bu3|^^re|%ian one book  per monthxp^l^^h what one  can get "trdm^^^iplvieTsiiy one  can get throuj^,.the winter.  The scheme sS^wortk .trying.  I have all th^lwok'reviews and  would bev^a*^ro||^teh(i;,to details indexingfl^-lra-1 to members.      ���:���';.. v;'%|||pf X.'  By H. I. L.  THE RESIDENTS of Selma  Park extend their deepest  sympathy to Mr. A. Byers, in  the recent death of his wife.  Mrs. Byjers, more familiarly  known to us as Aunt Mary. She  will be greatly missed by her  friends here.  So, you think its cold! Here  are some excerpts from the diary  of an old time resident of New  Westminster, whose late wife  was a friend of mine.  January 31, 1893; 20 below,  and the following day, 10 below.  That cold spell lasted from the  middle of January to February  14.  Men had to cut ice on the river to create a channel for the  ferry to bring produce from the  south shore.  . February 1891: snowing on the  11th and 12th���stayed till the  28th. Made grand sleighing and  coasting on the hills, (not. many  traffic problems in those days.)  January 6, 1899: 9 degrees  above and skating on Burnaby  Lake.  January 1, 1901: Heavy snowfall, and from February 5 to 9  skating on Burnaby Lake.  January 1, 1906: Snowed all of  January. Fraser River frozen  over, skating on the North Arm.  So you see that what we have  had, was an average winter  fifty years ago, but I hope history   isn't   repeating   itself.  Don't forget the regular meeting of the Community Centre,  to be held in the Club room,  February 15 at 8 p.m.  Election of officers will be  held. Come and enjoy a cup of  tea with us.  Mr. and Mrs. Jack Fisher  spent the past week in Vancouver.  .��; ft a wonderful dessert  You'll e^'sdke'it again and again and, of course with  Purity Ho jm So scrumptious, such a. tangy sweetness  ���top*-Etajra��_y:.ca__e... and per serving so economical.  7y'.:-#��Kp  P,    ?���      .      rT.t^l       -'���/J'JVl-..    '  -Jervis Towing Co.  Your Local Complete Marine Towing Service  LOG TOWING ��� YARDING ��� SCOWS ��� DREDGING  PILE DRIVING ��� SALVAGE  Special Facilities for Quick Movement of Cats, Logging Trucks and  General Camp Equipment  PHONE US COLLECT FOR RATES  SECHELT ��� Parr Pearson Agency, Tel. 54 or 37  PENDER HARBOUR���-Bill Donley, c/o Hassan's Stqre,Tel.  6U  NANAIMO���The Nanaimo Towing Co.  Ltd.  Tel., Day 555; Night 14^7{or 305  Area Agent-���Mr. H. Spalding, Pender Harbour, Tel; 6 S 2  I       3 tablespoons buffof  I     y* tup brown augar  I       3 or 4 medium tlxod  applet  5 nd er green cherrloa  Va cup shorfen.no*  li toeepoon vanilla  extract  Va cup granulated sug��* ���  1 egg  J4 teaspoon salt  4 teaspoons baking  ��� powdet  2 cups sifted Purify  flour  I cup milk  Puril  9at9~  Stand fot  .reak.ai!  ffctt���Moft butter In 7 or 8 Inch square baking dlih, adi brown  sugar and tprmad the mixture evenly over the bottom of the  diih. Para and core apples and cut each one In sections length"  wise. Set in rows in the butter-sugar mixture. Place a cherry to  each corner and one In the middle.  Now���Cream shortening, add vanilla. Gradually add sugar end  blend well together. Add woll-beaten egg. Mix Purify Row,  baking powder and salt and sift togefW 3 or A times, then add  alternately with the milk. Pour this bottcjRwr the apples in baking  dish and bake fn a moderate oven (sSb'F.) for 40-45 minutes.  Invert to serve. Remove from the dish at soon OS baked. Serve  hot as Is or with a sweet sauce, or serve cold with whipped cream.  Best for all your baking ... that's Purity Flour. Womea  who bake and bake depend on. Purity for uztifbrm  results. It's the flour that's milled from Canada's fine hard  wheat and sold everywhere. 84*-**  YOU   NEED OHtr 'ONE   ftOU�� ��-"���������������<������������-.������.���.������������.��  j $ 1 buys you the famous PURITY COOK BOOK  I with its 875 recipes developed in the ftirity  | Flour Kifehens.  Send to your neorest Purity  ��� Flour Mills* office ���St. John, N.B, Montreal,  J Que., Ottawa, Ont., Toronto, Ont., Winnipeg,  J Man., Calgary, Alta, Vancouver, S.C.  j Name ,.��� _.  I Street   I City..:   PURIT9  FCOUR  ONE fiESlHt-PSftFECTION  .Priv.. Page Eight  THE COAST NEWS, SECHELT, B.C _:  Fridoy,  Feb.   11,  1949  MORE ABOUT  Road Drainage *  (Continued from Editorial Page)  and maintenance. They are laboring under a policy of, too  little, and too late. This policy  also epitomizes the entire monetary and political structure. It  has little to offer by way of a  solution of our major problems.  Not only is it unable tp produce  our goods and services; but it has  also failed to distribute these after they have been produced.  Price depends upon scarcity;  but an abundance cannot be distributed by means of money. The  abortive attempt to distribute the  abundance which exists here, denotes a mode of operation which -  is completely out of tune with  the age in which we are living.  The march of events has ushered  in a new era which has outmoded  a Price System mode of operation. Who can deny that we are  living in an era of abundance, and  that many are still clinging to a  concept of scarcity? (Pass the  margarine.)  As a result of changing our  tools of production, we have passed out of an age of scarcity into  an era of abundance. Hand tool  methods have been replaced by  our entire productive mechanism,  which constitutes a high energy  civilization.  Hand tool methods cannot produce anything but scarcity. Price  and politics cannot distribute  anything but scarcity. Formerly  these two were- our travelling  companions. JHowever they become just so much excess baggage when we are confronted  with the need for an equable  distribution in an era of abundance.  A high energy civilization can Jjj  only continue to exist as long  as it conforms to natural laws.  The violation of these laws on a  national scale, has resulted in  chaotic conditions and social unrest. If we are to live in harmony  UNION ORGANIZER ARRESTED IN PARIS STRIKE   Most Democratic Thing  L'TD _  ���Central Press CanadUn  -'tffii&tQKgiipilj^ 29, organizer for the United Tex-  til�� Woi^--l^tt^^3, Is led away by police who said he was caught  in^cbatt^^lt^taielee^rDke out at the Penman textile plant strike at  Parit; Ont J^H>11t* ��aid he/would be-charged-with-assault���Two-women-  W��__.p  Floods, Cold Winter  Deplete Blood Stocks  Says Red Gross Director  'THE COMBINATION of floods last Spring and the long  cold winter have caused stocks of raw blood and plasmq'  to be very low in the Vancouver Blood Bank", said Col. M. D  Robertson, Provincial Director of the blood donor panels, B.C!  Division, Canadian Red Cross Society, in an interview witfl  The News last week.  "The Fraser Valley flood disaster greatly depleted blood supplies and now snow-blocked  roads and icy highways have  prevented the clinic from obtaining donations from many communities.''  Col. Robertson arrived m Powell River district last Friday to  meet local Red Cross officials to  make final arrangements for  bringing the Clinic here February  28th, March 1st and 2nd.  "At present Vancouver is carrying the load ^and it is hoped  that Powell River and District  will get behind the C^nic with  their best efforts ever.M"  STRESSES NEED  Col. Robertson stressed the  need for many generous donors  and stated that it is indeed a  wonderful thing to give ones  blood. "It is such a personal gift  and can mean so much to those  who need it."  _���He_also--pointed out that it is        co1" *?%D- RpOBERTSON  a very simple procedure and that from the*raw blood for stora*  there  is  no  fear  of  a  donation  even  the   residue   of  red  bio )  I. ���G.M^^^ios      Clear Site for Park,  Pool at Squamish  .J^osp^ly|:^-g&i^3i  '' He was' ^9^0xs ;.pld  A veteraicSof 1914-13, 72nd  with nature, it is first necessary Batt.. He, is survived by his nep-  to understand its laws. The in- hew iJfosephaDpwnton of Van-  terpretation of nature's laws is couver. yX^M^-X'  science. The application of sci- Burial sei^le Saturday, Feb-  ence to the social order is Tech- rpary ...5 in;^%.phapman FuneralChapel.    '������-"���"'"'������  being taken from anyone    who cells left over is used to great at  cannot afford to part with a pmt vantage.  Doctors  are   constant  of blood. finding new uses for these r<  ��,���__����*��, ��*,���_,..>,    .-.       _       --TT.���TCIT   ^ . .    _,     . 'The test given when you first cells   and   have   already    four  GIBSP-SS-^^^G.: Downton   SQUAMISH���Squamish   Towing ���nter the Clinic determines imT that sponges for operations, tui  of Gib^s,^$4n^aughnessy      Company and Nygard Logging mediately the    hemoglobin con- ing for draining and a film to l!  Co.    have   started   filling     and tent of the blood So even if you pjaced over burns made from tt(  grading the cleared park site in ^g SUSpicious that you have an residue are far superior to oth  nocracy.  Yours truly,  V. A. OWRE,  Sechelt,  Rev.   . (37  Remains  resti  fionor^iCH^rit  Neighbors are people who  wonder when that darn party  will end.  GOOD HEWS  We -wish to announce that  from now on, all your  watch repairs can be handled at Selma Park.  Mrs. Horry Batchelor  has taken the agency for a  firm of reputable Watchmakers and Jewellers, who  hope to open a store herein  the near future.  urpin     officiated  in    Field    of  ii;;View Cemetery  The area will be covered 'with  about a foot of gravel and top-  soil and will be graded.  Baseball diamond and children's wading pool by summer  are: planned. .-*.-- j.--    ������������ --v-. *-.(- -.-._..������  Husband on Tug  Legion  GIBSONS^  election  109  of   of-  Can-  press time.  f icers .#ic^r| ��� Branch  *B6ii^^^^^^Bi^s^ibsbn^   was  ^liiW^fl111^ to of; Squamish Legion  fice 6f rprfesidentv for his second  ���7- __   __       7  term was iHarry Kennett.  First LleCtS H. Hlirren  anaemic condition a trip to the materials  Citaic will determine it lor you ,reED ijoo piNTS  S-V^-SM?* *" "��     <?��\. Robertson .tated that f.  objective is set for any  distn  JUST IMAGINATION but  felt  that   1,0.00  pints   . frcf  Another fear prospective donors Powell River and district won  hav(_r"is" tfie feSr of i-ain fitfim the not be too high a figure to aim  needie  used.  A  local anesthetic      The Clinic will be set up  is used at the site of the flow and Dwight Hall the same    as    1.  DAVIS BAY���Mrs. E. lEricks of no more pain is felt than that of time and  times are  being  this   community     received     a pricking a finger. As to "the after ranged to facilitate all those w1  shock when she heard the Van-  effects,   due . to   the    wonderful wish to donate,  couver Daily Province newscast- chemistry of the body the pint      a Panel of r>-14 nersonel  er,   announce  that  an    accident  0f blood given is replaced within be COmine ud with the Clinic I  had occurred to the tug on .which an hour after the donation   and ^S���? doctor ^^daT  her husband is mate while it was declared Col. Robertson, "Stories trained registered nurses  plying the Fraser River. No fur- of weakness and other ill effects     -The need is^^  SS. SS?"   WGre   aV&llablG   at afte+ a ?��^ti0n ar^^atly f^T heS o^lSr^3  ments of the imagination for it ourselves;. we7never know; wK|  is quite harmless for a    normal  we m  fi|teed    a    transfusf  vice-prudent,Sam I^ladagar, second ^\y|^^|^clejpt^ E. Inglis,  ..se(a^a^tp5^i^0ttifle^ ��� treasurer,  C ifeolendge; ? ser%eant-at-arms,  Mr.  Martipdale.  eonuhittee!. Paist president, C.  Paiwell,|]R.XMcNicol,   R.   Eel-  licrtt;^i��|^^,;A^Gray, ��� and N.  .M^a^ylS��fl7 7 ��� x  healthy person to give a pint of ourselvl^X^I ::  blood."     '                                 ������'������' 'j^h'^XSyyy '��� .  The many cases in which this MOST Jt*EM!Q-CRATIC  SQUAMISH���Canadian     Legion blood is used to save lives are      ^l^��^|feinost democrat  branch here elected: president,  recorded in    newspapers    daily thi^g l7khow.>It knows no dr  Harvey   Hurren;   vice-president,   ����A logger with a serious wound tinctic^7o^ra^:elr :  Spence   Hinde;    secretary-tr^as-  in some outpost of the Province sa"* C<^fe<**$��**  urer, J.Woodward, and sergeant-  needs plasma to save his life and "  Col. Ro|Pfet>_Bilso express]  at-arms,   J_.   Tutin. ,7^ 7-.      with  utmost  speed   a  plane    is his thanllipi-M^isupport giv||  Plans  were  discussed  for? the  ���--.-���---���_- *   ���.-. ���_.. ��� 1��� ^^���^ym^y^yM.t^.'l .___���__-._-JJ  erection   of   a   permanent  memorial in   the  park.  war  "MM"!!*?!!!*^^  m  hi^ssmm  Phone Gibsons 45  .���������rm$rWm&i&  "Authorized GenerMm^l^m^mW  Place Your  6. E.  Gibtons, B. C.  ���V*__f.r'.';.Ji.. .>!���_������, i' ' ������ '  -m  7 cu. feet  Freezrng \ Unit  Complete with Stpr^d^dcyl  Priced  *_,��� ^  .  * if  50  G.E- ESectric lrone?s  ���   ���   ���. *  $149.50  $89.75  G.E. RADIOS and APPLIANCES  House Wiring and {Repairs  > the bu_.in  p^j^lorgahizati'  " ^ItJ^r GompaSf  |^eit%irpusly^ heBf!  .ftfWit-iout^ 'thd  Jaichan^S^^B&15i370 fe|  above  sea l^p^^i7th^ 'highGol  city in-the.��w^^��sfeXX  ���  ���'���./ ��  ���y-m-  winging its way with the precious by the7  life  savingr blood.   X men7>ind|^  "Not many years ago a baby and thlp;  born with an RH factor in   its who so abl|p  blood was given up as lost but ed in thiel^  now by completely changing the combineiii-'V^ thf |  child's blood with    new    blood they wou]^^i_iw||J_ificult taspf  from the. Red Cross Blood Bank '^X^ffxXi-^''.   '       PI  within  hours  of its  birth    that      Jainhan'-'i1���^!^7i'^ft7rt  fJ'^l  child1 has a chance to live a perfectly. normal life span.  "Blood transfusions given before and after an operation  greatly speed the recovery of a  patient and in these days of  over-crowded hospitals release  bed space for some other suffer--  i-eiv ���, -  .  'FREE OF CHARGE  "All this vital work is, carried  on .free of charge and operates  on the principle that blood will  always be available for everyone  wlio needs it and that no charge  for blood nor its administration  shall be made. This is the basis  of the agreement made between  the hospitals and the Red Cross.  B. C. IN VANGUARD  "British Columbia has led the  way���in. this most admirable of  all public  services.    After    the  ���Central Press Canadian  Prime  Minister Daniel F. Malan  of South Africa (above)  who ordered out troops to quell race riots  between Africans and Indians here,  which have resulted in 105 deaths   second World War a survey was.  and injuries to 1.000.   Hundreds of   made of Canadian hospitals and  Durban's estimated  150,0007tlihdop   the crying need for such a ser-;  population were-rendered homeless   vice  even though the   war  was''  and whole families wiped out out-   over made6: itself    apparent    to  right   by   chanting  descendants  of   Members of the Red Cross Soc-  fhPn^?^_!^?0��?th^ aetyr-Other provinces' have    al-  tne native quarter on their errand���),*��.'���*..   *_:ii1 ... j    ___-����� 1  oi  d^ath  and destruction chanting'^W^L fo]lowed   RC.'-s   example  tribal   songs.     Bodies   are   being   ^nd Blood Donor Clinics are be-  photographed for later identification   ing--set up throughout the width  and buried immediately because of   and breadth of Canada."  South Africa's intense summer heat.      When  the   plasma    is    made  25%  OFF  ON ALL  MERCHANDISE  Making ready for Spring  Stock.  See our Remnant  Specials .  USHER'S  Yard Goods Shop  Gibsons, B.C.  0  u


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