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The Coast News Oct 22, 1948

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 ~1  Deiioflniq  ���t *  Serving a Progressive and Growing-  Area on B.C.'s.Southern Coast.  Covers Sechelt, Gibsons, Fori Mellon, Woodfibre, Squamish, Irvines  Landing, Half Moon Bay, Hardy  Island, Pender ��� Harbour, Wilson  Creek,'-Roberts Creek, Granthams  Landing, Egmont,. Hopkins Landing,  i Brackendale^  ��heekeye,  etc.      .  Vol. Ill ��� No. 15  Vancouver, B.C.  ; > -   ���'*' r-      Oct. 13, 1948  ;    The Editor;  Coast. News,  Sechelt, B.C.  DEAR SIR^-In a recent copy of  The -Coast  News  kindly, sent   _^___=_  me.yby a friend, I read with in- *  terest a very well written letter C^��*imm�� 12 #*.-��* *T_n  by one Trudy Birrdaile. As much Od Vllltj S DO31 US  as I sympathize with Trudy in.  her tirade against the man with R w-�� Crt_r�����VS*��*  the axe, I think that she is miT- iiZ.6 jjBCUrlly  taken when she lays the blame ' ' *  for Sechelt's loss of beauty and THE'SECRET ^f peace of mind  ;   peace eteXto the Almighty dol-     is to have the knowledge that  [���   lar and the logger. I spent many one is- secure against most em-,  pleasant months every year for ergencies and such security gen-  ���;  some years there and;in myop-? erally means financial.  )-  ihion Sechelt-started the down-     During r, the . war   years   Can- -<  hill   run   when   its   inhabitants adian,people acquired the habit.  ���   voted for,a beer parlotir there-^- of saving through purchase    of  7 and I  imagine  Trudy like    the Victory Bonds and War Savings  rest-cast her vote in this direc-  Certificates;   This   thrift     habit  tion. X ������ "7 has been  carried over  into  the.  7 .; Visit  Sechelt  after   a    Satur- postwar, years by 2,200,000 Can-  day  night's   carousal  and  what adians who purchased bonds in  do you. see?: Broken bottles and-the  First  and     Second.    Series, ��  debris:  everywhere,   cars Tpark- Canada Savings Bonds7  ed in:-every    dark    lane,    with     The    Third..." Series,     Canada.  drinkmgjand free-for-alls going savings Loan, starts on October.  }  on, cars tearing up and down the 12, and,will be: on.sale until.fur- i  roads and residents coming home ther notice. Bonds may be pur- -  >  after'drunken brawls���whooping chased outright, by installments  .  and  yelling���waking  up .decent at banks or by payroll deductions  s v people. In years gone b^the;lc^7wliere^ stic^ fecilities ai.e^ set ^^.  I ger, who after all spends plenty; by7large ^pl^t_5 and bu_diiesse&  [. around   Sechelt,   used  to- go.to ;   Purchases are limited;to>$l;600;  Vancouver tp tank^ up. Now he7per   individual   although ^very^  r stays m Sechelt  where -he  can member  of a  family; may  buy '  I get   everything   Vancouver   has them. Interest is at-the rate of  *: to   offer���including   the     good- 2%  per cent per    annum    and  time-girls. The fame of Sechelt bonds,   which7 are  registered m -  nh this regard has spread as far purchaser's   name,   are   redeem^  E��UB3_.ISE__SD B"2" THE COAST NEWS, T*IMTTED  Bnsiness Office:  Sechelt, B.C. national Advertising-Office, Powell Silver, B.C.  Secfielt, B.C.  Friday, Oct. 22, 1948  5c per copy, $2.50 per year, by mail  //  //  tas Toronto!  able at any time at any charter-  -Hour Wire  Service Slated  For Sechelt  SECHELT   ���   The   Government  Telegraph Service here has announced a new service for subscribers���24  hour   service���independent of the Gibsons exchange.  There are now two  direct lines  to Vancouver and the Doctor in  Gibsons   can  be  reached     when  needed,     without    rousing    Mr.  Parker���at  the Hardware Store;  as has been necessary in the past.  Mr.   R.   Hyde,   Army   Signals  in. this  last war,  107th Battery,  Vancouver   and   Cranbrook,     is-  now  at   the   board  familiarizing  himself with the local calls. He  will have to work at it���for the  calls come in all ways, by name,  number   or   description.   In   fact  the operators are liable    to    be  asked to find a logger who came  up on the boat a week ago, and,  in most  cases  they do  find the  man!  Mr. Hyde will have the  'graveyard" shift and so mus| be  .ready for any emergency.  This service is one that the  residents of this area have long  | fl_3toH_?fol Sy1 Sj_y ^^j^S^S^ h<*l to be overcome in;pushing felt  the  need of and  will  apT  J and spend my money elsewhere, excebt   in  case  of   death  when through the comparative I y;sh6rt roadat the-Osborne Log- Preciate in the long winter even-  *"-���   her I say'[ "God helpSek beneficiary, or  estatfe may;   re-  ging Company operatioHrat Narrow^ Arm./   Picture,   clearly, ^f^0^'      defimte date toT  ceiye them\provided7the limit in  shows steep terrain through whicH^the road winds.  that series has not already been  chelt."  Truly. Ydurs,  Mrs. D. McMillan, purchased.  - 7 Play  Safe!  Save Now!  Which Ohels^he  Capitalist Now?  fiTHE   RAPINE   (Wis.)   Journal-  NOTHING  giyes Ted    Osborney -  this 24 hour service  has not been given but it is  hoped that  it  will    begin    this  of telog^ of the sXclbr^' ^ the int*rest*��*  ��~��ater thrill rock was removed, the gully was  sonieth^ig 'bridged': by a brow log  which a time for the new operator t��*  bears his. r^m^ a greater th^^ andxin an endeavour  than to:^^ something ^Sj^f ..^S^^iSS^ttS to give   he best service possible,  Will Start Pro-Rec  [Sechelt PTA Gives Library  By BETTY ���ynXZAAMS  can't, be* done,  then to   go  out was anchored to the    bluff   by hoon��� 7oo^Z^7a\^^u\^.a  and doit ca^s-   Other; logs, were   added, wTTonsTdeTed Tpl^rS  Times puonsnes a story aoout   ��� .���=-- Qtto- Fall i   '*?*   %h\ ?*   ��\  SS��.!.��T "-"^T^  ** the^ole^'Tfilled a necessary-  he workings of capitalisn^luch JJieS 31161 ��311 Egging operation    at    Nwrows, with .broken rock^  t_*(b no pommenK     '"' . k >, Army-some, eighteen nuleg from then given, a gravelTsurfacejXT,  WaMi^^n^ "Sl5v^ Sm^fttty ^vmaM* Sec^^pc.^^fn,m^^^ - &I duririg this/ierioS�� &��?  parentage, has been employe* John> 50�� Sechelt ^gger, son ver Generally, the opinion was struction, the road builders had m/r-! ��  for twenty-five years as help by of Chief John of ^ Sechelt Re- that roads could not be pushed to contend witll-a .steady flow of Mail NflFVine  day in the homes of several serve> was brought here for through this area; the terrain rain> which caused;serious!dif- ��Ua" "Jvl VIUC  families  To one of her employ- burial  irom  Seattle.    He    died was too  rugged; the    cost    too ficidties,. particularly  when  the C^L-lJ-        C 11  ^T^.^l^bSira without   regaining  consciousness great,- even if the   rewards    be work ;was in^ nardf pan.   Then>  ^UDSldieS Small  Wsted  frieiid    whose  help  has after a fal1 from ^ second floor great. hardly had the. job., been com- W      Ui  smoothed many rough places in fire ���scaPe ** a Seattle hotel. Osborne pushed through two pleted, when snow fell, to which IN COMMENTING on James  her life Mary her husband, and His body was brought to Sechelt miles of highway at a cost of was added several days of* Sinclair's statement regarding  her two sons, by thrift and frugal by his uncle, Mike Paul. more than $25,000, back in 1944, drenching rain. . the mail service and the  subsi  ding have managed to purchase * *rhen costs were much less thp\fi      Thg culverts; were" not suffice dies  Paid>   Mr-   Gerald  McBean,  ta~ beautiful apartment house apartment in Malry's building, they are today. And last year ient in Either number or size to General Manager of the Union  fwhich 'represents their future Thus the 'capitalist' couple are another 3,000 feet were added meet this contingency and the Steamships Ltd. stated "Mr. Sin-  fsecurity.     The     employers,     no paying rent  to  the    family    of which cost a cool  $14,000. entire road was washed out. Af- clair is under a misapprehension  longer needing their large house,\ 'workers.'   Someone   should   tell      To spend this kind of money, ter  replacing old^culverts  with about the subsidies."  [have sold it and have rented ah the Russian people .abojit .this.^ the logger must get a big return.,ones of larger'size and .by the     Mf. McBean went on to point   : ���   Osborne got his. One setting al- addition  of  a number  of    new out   that   though   the   Company  one produced oyer 6,000,000 feet, ones,   further   problems   of  this receives   a   subsidy  for   services  of/which about 70 per cent was:j-ind were eliminated.- to Queen Charlotte Islands, the  fir, and.the balance,;cedar.and ;, ^ ^ j��0$.^sborne^s ad- Portland   Canal   and   other   iso-  ���?��i��___"_.rtQ^M_^Ke I9nn f^t#yice  t0 road-builders  is  to put lated  northern   points,   there   is  ������ -tc ^i^��^oiS?f^ ^ts of big culverts on mountain ^  payment  for    areas    where  in its initial length ^of 9000 feet   high        ; He adds: "those moun- there are, competing services. He  felt1" to^aSTtt reached    to tain creeks, get plenty big." said   "There . is  simply  no   sub-  w   tL���   9rtnn   fit   fr,   olrsS     Because of the terrain it is im- sidy to be divided, among com-  le��s  ffa^^^eet-^n^pv^l pradtical, to  makei sideroads   as Peting companies."  SK^J^^^ih Se cbriin^ onljr one level, can be obtained.      "Our mail contracts have been  tr^ Srt^^^^S^St To  offset this and reach  out  a negotiated for revision for some  SECHELl^fiie;   .ebond      PTA they asked the modest sum-of S^jgSf SSS" ^ "**** ^S ^^ ^^  T^  ��ff-  **'  SECHUiiji���ine    secoi-ia      Jr*" *��,*. ���������������.      .    ,   ..,.x xt_. Logging uses a Hayes-Lawrence partment, and if the postal rev-  meeting or the current    year $2 per room The problems m. building this ��12-12"  as a siackline machine, enue   is   equitably   adjusted   we  made a grand start with the-en- Mt. JohnEllis sou^ permis- roadiwere^ terrific: Worst^earture and, a. Skagit 3-drum loader for hope there will be no need for  rpilment  of several  new mem- sionr to- cinliail the sCh.opl chdd^ was^the ^ - such    drastic    curtailments    of  bers. . '-   ~    .:    jens lunchhour to^half/;an:hour whic^? ^drtor*e>^mefc cV^ service in future winters."  After-*the usual- preliminaries^^ from>November to^ March, owing m considerab^  Mrs.  Lilian   Powell,    president, to  lack  of space   and^ facilities ficuliX^^ D^  gave an interesting though: brief for play on .wet days. -UP-   ^^e^thisj^rO an dld '-���.���!nOia Sf \*OIiee Bar  account  of  the    teachers'    and   4 Two jconamittees-.were^^ steam   fake, :powered    with    a ChaiiaeSOwhershit)  f,PTA representatives' joint meete to, prepsire  for    the    children's     Having overcome the hard pan, Chrysler   engine,   is    used    for XtS|lxT?   A      1A.    n������-     ^  1 ing at Pender Harbour. "    Christmas party. the  next- problem, was.^heavily snubbing     truck-trailer     units, Uif5bUJNi~Ar?s   ^onee  -��a^  *     It was decided^tb ddnate the-  --- ^Darture    of    Mrs   mineralized   rqck; As'.   Osborne .coming^nd:going.' , ' -^ formerly  owned  and  operated  library  books7<and  sM^s^to-^^^ Osborne ,l5)ggmg    have    two ^ ;^-    Arnold    Pearson    has  the ' Selma -7^ark^�� CohiiriuHl^ ^^^ bits other- donkeys, one a, Skagit and ****&*    han^;r ^    Arnold  Centre whereV it is  hoped,  the ^^^ FJS ^Snt   lUbon to th^ *><*" - the   other    a    Hayes-Lalrrence, P?a���on���S���  forcelw ?SP  i?  books'wiU circulate more free- ^���r^rs   Stockwell  aSeed     At some  points it    was    too Which are used either for cold^ ftj" ^f1 n^^L �� J1  ly than they have in Sechelt.     ^q^\0^U S   dutSf ^ costly *> cutaway the rock t0 decking or on gypo sides. ^h' ^f  J^f11^^ :^"  The services' :pf a    qualified- twTffiL %^ is    logging ^e ^^     ^   ^i,     ^  Pro^ec^structbrhaveiDeen ob. thJ ��mce- .  777- sired; This  was.^^ :^r ^^Pr5r   ^  tamea'on conditioii-thatp^an^adult     Business matters  disposed  of, at one point where a very steep Cedar Co. Ltd. Logging hauling owner, Mr.   Vx-ti.  brewer   was  class is formed.in Sechelt. The Mrs^: Alice French introduced bluff was encountered. Down is being carried out by the Don TSrl?f^^T^ S  conclusion of necessary- arrange- Mr: Harry V. Cortjett who: gaye7the centre of >thiS7rock:W^ Co.   Ltd., ^dustnai i.x>pd ^rviees -lxo. oi  i^ents    was    left    to    Mr.    W. a short talk on the work of the ��� ^'y"-..y^'.^ which  useone  White   and  one ^ a^C0^��oaSlSlng ^  Morrison. National  Film Board.  We  ^en 'Pm^M^^a- : ' Diamond T, each leading a  25- *>usmes* the benefit of his many  -Hallowe'en falling on-Sunday settled back and enjoyed7aser,- >J^ ... toniColumbia trailer, to put'the years experience m the operation  this year,  it  was felt-th^ the les of very interestm^ Each    unit ��t various toqd services. -  real object of a children's party Corbett  will  be  brin^i^^Kft^ 7 been per  day  on the  itfas  defeated  and-.'so,  to  avoid films to Sechelt each>p,mqntfe.^ load    averaging  giving  the    children    complete .'separate, regular day to ^ef&^  disappointments those- , ene^getic^ when, it is hoped, large* nui_&exss^ Biit the interesting news at  people���the.- teaching- staff ~of^ of the residents will feomecalong^ follqwii_g^^ residehts\7phohesi~J; Narrows Arm'is the terrain, and  Sechelt United School���decided to-see for themselves,^ what^^Can- IClieh, E. J. ShaW^J^W^Casex the'work which went into build-  to have rooV'parties-on" Friday^^ada^is doing in the film world, and J. Gibb, J. Edmonds, . A. ihg the roads. A good exaS@>MH3S  afternoon before "Hallowe'en. On. A social hour closed an even- Danroth, J. Barnes;, B. Fort, Mr. Gf how to overcome the - "im-  being  offered  PTA     assistance, ing enjoyed by all.                          Lincplh; J. Stoiry and F. Yates', possible." U . '  ��~,^  t  *a$i 3  0 9  VIH010IA ^oge Two  THE COAST NEWS, SECHELT, B. C  Friday, Oct. 22,  1948  /  SESS___5__  SB____3  By "ARIES'  SECHELT. United PTA met on  Friday the 15 in the Legion  Hall where plans were formulated for .a very busy fall and  winter season. One of the projects 'to be undertaken is the  forming of Pro-Rec, and Mr.  William Morrison will contact  the various bodies-concerned.and.  will generally attend to the business end of arrangements. It was  also decided to present Selma  Park community centre with the  PTA library. It was originally  a community centre project and  when the Sechelt Centre group  disbanded it was given to PTA.  It will now however, reach the  adult reading, public which was.  after all the prime factor in  these   books   coming   here.  It was originally/a gift of Mrs'.  Bernulf Clegg. We hope that the  .new library will be very popular as it will be easier to get at  and in the summer will be a boon  to the summer visitors. Other  affairs were discussed including  Hallowe'en which will be in the  hands of principal John Ellis  and school staff. The evening  was made most enjoyable by a  visit of Mr. Harry V. Corbett the  National Film Board representative introduced by Mrs. Francis  French.  Mr.  .Corbett   outlined   briefly  the method and reason for National  Films in outlying districts  and  that  their increasing popularity has given the field workers  a very busy* program to fill and  that those communities that did  not sign their contracts were deleted   from   the   film   circuit.   It  was   explained  that   the  money  paid   by  the   PTA  went  to   the  Receiver General and not to the  . Film Board as is sometimes erroneously stated. The film board  is a government.service and films  are   free.   The   collection   which  is  made  after the    showing    is  added to the PTA treasury. The  pictures were most enjoyable especially, the   one  on   "Canada���  the Land of Plenty" which showed   well  fed  people  in  restaur-  '( ants and night  clubs as against  the   starving   people   of   Europe  which   makes   one think   where  all this selfishness is. to lead us?v  When we have so much and others so little. It should be shown  to  everyone  in the  country  especially      those      addicted      to  griping about  the food  and the  prices.  Lucky we  are  to eat  at  all.  And the picture of Canada's  speckled trout showing the wonder spots oh the lakes with Bill  MacDonald having a whale of  a time reeling them in. Bill is  the brother-in-law of Dorothy  Morrison (Mrs. W. Morrison) of  Rockwood Lodge and it was especially interesting to us who  know Bill to see him in action.  This was in Technicolor and  very beautiful.  We hope to have more of these  evenings at PTA and now7 we  have Mr. Bob Cook as program  convenor. I'm sure we are in for  wonderful times this winter, es-  peciallv music and entertainment. It is getting a bit difficult  to fit everything in however.'  Too bad we have so many organizations with, the same object  in .view.  .'.  We understand that Mr. and  Mrs. Charlie_ Jordan of Porpoise  Bay have recently celebrated  the 63rd anniversary of their  wedding.   Auntie    and     Charlie  Jordan are well known to us  all and well respected and loved  by their friends. Charlie is as  active as ever and makes wonderful cedar chests and his wood  work is well known for miles  around as also is Auntie for her  wonderful crochet work. She is  not feeling so well lately but  we do hope they will be together  for   many  years   to   come.  Mr. and Mrs. Owre of Porpoise  Bay have resumed their work of  collecting ferns, this is really  something to see. The ferns have  to be uniform size, stems cut  iequal lengths when they are  packed in special' crates and  shipped to Vancouver where  they are used by florists * for  various decorations. Very interesting work and one that takes  some patience as the names of  various   ferns   must  be   known.  Our ferns are very beautiful  and we are sure great pleasure  is derived by the Owre's in walking the lovely trails these  beautiful autumn days.  '.'���      -   ��  Babs Griffiths, (nee Babs  Newconibe) has been visiting her  parents, Mr. and-Mrs. T. New-  combe   with   her   two   children  Merlyn and Wayne, also a friend  Betty Cusik. They are once more  getting established after the  floods and have now returned to  Abbotsford.  A court of honor meeting was  held at the home of Mrs. Francis French recently for Patrol  leaders and seconders of the  local Girl Guides. Those present  were Helen Derby, Lorna Van  Kleet, Winona Pratt, Karen  Stockwell, Barbara Morrison,  and Mary Parker. Lt. Katherine  Nelson and Guide Captain Norma Melvin served the refreshments.  We   wonder   who   was   mean  enough to start a.fire    in    the  middle   of   our  beautiful   maple  .   (Continued on Page 8)  Weak, Tired, Nervous,  Pepiess Men, Women  Get New Vint, Vigor, Vitality  8*7 goodbye to these weak, always tired feelings,  . depression and nervousness due to weak, tnui  blood. 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Agency at Bus Depot, Sechelt  ST. HILDA'S  Sechelt, B.C.  First and Fifth Sundays  7:30 p.m.  Second and Third  Sundays ��� 3 p.m.  -  Fourth  Sunday  Holy Communion  11:30 a.m.  Sunday School  12:45 p.m. every Sun.  S&?*y  \��5*  Ben Hughes,Editor of the  Courtenay-Comox Argus.  "   . "'.-       .' -'    . rr;lS'\  <���* .  l':��S.:ifi:  "I'm  zealously,  fan;  in   favor  of  th      .-     ��� .    ��� ���       ... t  Dem �� er a t i e    S v  atieal  S y s t e  _���__#��  ."I can say with certainty for the Courtenay-Comox  Argue that now and during the past quarter of a century  no government or any body or agency outside the  business has: dictated the policy of the paper, and I  believe that is true of the great majority of Canadian  newspapers," says Ben Hughes, Editor of the Courtenay-  Comox Argus.  **TJbe only, people who can dictate to Canadian  publishers are their subscribers and, without circulation  yaiX <can.not.get advertising. Therein lies the safeguard :  of a ? free press under the private enterprise system.  A free press is your safeguard against inefficiency in  high places everywhere; against anybody who'd impose  on your rights.  r "But nobody, and especially no government, likes  to be criticized. And a Communist or state monopoly  government could make it Very tough for a newspaper  which attacked it.  '"How? Well, with the government controlling everything, they could soon put on the pressure through  newsprint rationing, manpower direction, or straight  control. '������'*���'��� "    *' ~^-  "That's why I'm against Communism or any state  monopoly system. As we saw in Hitler-land of yesterday  and Stalin-land of today, the first thing the Communists  do is to get hold of the newspapers; either the editor  follows the party line ��r he goes to the concentration  camp. The greater concentration of power there is in the  hands of the government, the greater danger there is  to a free press. . ..������' y.. ���'  "I'm a practical newspaper man, and I've done a  lot of criticizing of the governmentTin nay time. I'm  zealously, fanatically in favor of the democratic system.  It's the only system . . '7 that'll give us a free press . . .  the only systemTwhere we can be sure of seeing that  too muclit^p^w��r ��� dpes not get into the hands of the  governmenl^?'XX'X:^X ;      X;::./;7.   '.'������'������        7-������".':���-��� ���������  Going Steady  - ;with:.B.���X-  Standard Oil Company of British Columbia. Omited  _. '. Marine Building, Vancouver, B.C.  .       .      - .."-.      ,        .  1   -     * - _"' "   "        "-. " _ X X.      ,  This is one in a series of advertisements sponsored hy  Standard  of B.C.   and  its  associates,   the   independent  Chevron Dealers, to present the people's views on the values  and opportunities' available  to  us  in  British  Columbia  under   our' democratic free   opportunity   system.    This     -   '���  system, we are convinced, offers the greatest - incentives?  the highest standards of living, the best job-security and  ���  ���      freedom of thought and action. - - ���  SS  f\T  ��*���� Friday, Oct. 22,  1948.  By "CAROLA*  will  at that time introduce the'  Junior  members in    solos    and  orchestral   arrangements.  THE COAST NEWS, SECHELT, B. C._  Page Three  -".''' 'Dr. A. M. Lowe has. taken up  THE RED Cross annual meeting residence in  Vancouver for  the  r. TSSi ^it ^ Jhe Kewpie Camp Winter ^^  Oct.  14. The election of officers  took  place   and   the   year's   re-     Birthday     congratulations     to  ports   read.   The   treasurer   re- brothers-in-law    Murray    Mac-  SESf   $V'��Lo^   b^ W?iS* Kenzie and Len MacDonald, also  drives and $222.55 by collection    ������ .   .������       , .-���     . ��.  drives for campaign funds. The to Bermce (Tudy) Cam and Eric  Work Committee reported 140 Lmdwall and to -Miss E. Jack  garments knit and sent - overseas. who celebrated on the 18th.  The officers ^elected were: Miss Congratulations to Madge  Dixon, President; Miss Dawson, NeWman.. on her article "Night-  Vice ^President; ;Miss: Bernard, mare Behind the Cotton Curtain"  Secretary; Mrs Funnell Treas- reviewed in last Sunday's edition  urer, Mrs- Ward Work Conven- of the Sun; After reading the  or and .Mrs. R. M. Hughes, Social amusing satire of what goes on  Convenor. behind the  scenes  of our rural  The following letter was re- player's clubs (some that is) we  ceived by the Women's Aux- think y��u should start ours go-  iliary to-the Canadian Legion mg. again Madge���and give the  Branch 219, Roberts Creek, ad- Bergmans and Barrymores addressed to the Honorary Secre- other chance! After your enlight-  tary, from the Matron's Office enment our audience will bulge  Queen Charlotte's Hospital, bulwarks to bustin'. They will  Goldhawk Road, London, W., 6. appreciate the excruciating efforts of our last minute endeav-  "Dear Madam,. . would you ors, even to the last thought-  please thank the members of the flash "Will our friends come to  Women's Auxiliary to Canadian listen to our ad libing?"  Legion Branch 219, on behalf of  this hospital for the beautifully Sometime future residents of  made layette received this morn- the Creek are Mr. and Mrs. J.  ing. Stone of Vancouver. Having pur  chased a home in the area. They  I will give it to the lucky baby were   weekend   guests     of    the  myself  and  I   am  sure that  its M^D. Storey's.   Mr7 Storey spent  mother will be most grateful.       the   first   part  of- the  week   in  With   repeated   thanks. Vancouver.  Signed Yours Sincerely,     '.-,_;_. *XT\X ���_. ,   ������     ���     ���      .  F.  Williams,  Matron.     Mr- Joe Klien and Mr. A. Mott  have returned to the Creek from  The Roberts Creek StHng a weeks holiday spent travelling  Orchestra, under the leadership through the interior. A b'us-  of Miss Margaret Mclntyre will man's holiday for Joe who drove  present their Fall concert Fri- 1000 miles of the 1247 to Vander-  day, Nov. 12 at the Roberts Creek hoof. A super de-luxe farming  Community Hall. Miss Mclntyre area   reports  Joe,   who  brought  tf  I Sell Perfume, but  By PEARL PUNNETT  MR.'AND  Mrs.   Clifford  Martin  and little son Doug., have had a  short vacation at Victoria visiting friends.  We are sorry to hear that we  are losing our post master Mr.  Murray Hume, who has been  with us fo 22 years.  Mr. Tom White of the Sannie  Transportation Co., has left  Bowen for the winter, and we  now are back to the fast ferries  again, which are a bit warmer  for the coming season.  Mr. and Mrs. Ed. Lawrence  and baby daughter Donna, are  at Nanaimo for a long weekend,  to visit with Ed's sister and family.  Mr. and Mrs. Young and Miss  Freda Swartz were the weekend  guests of Mrs. K. M. Rodger.  Miss Nancy Dorman, R.N., was  here from Quesnel over the long  weekend staying with her cousins, Mr. and Mrs. Art Dorman.  Mrs.' Peter Wood celebrated  her birthday on Oct. 13 by entertaining a few of her friends.  Mrs. Fred Billington, Mrs. Art  Dorman, Mrs. Hector Lawrence,  Mrs. Bert James and Mrs. Ed.  Lawrence and small daughter  Donna.  The W.A. to the Legion branch  150, held their monthly meeting  at the home of Mrs. P. S. Ward.  Poppies we|"e distributed amongst the members to be sold for  back a potato a foot long to  prove it!  the disabled veterans fund.  .Mr. and Mrs. James Collins  had as their guests over the holiday, Mr. Herb Welch, Mr. and  Mrs. Stuart Jamieson and three  small   daughters,     Ann     Marie,  Karen and Marian.  A Thanksgiving service was  held in the United Church on  Oct. 10. The church was beautifully decorated with fiowers,  fruit and vegetables by some of  the members of the Ladies' Aid.  The service was conducted by  Mr. Ross Connal.  YOU'RE OUR HONORED  GUEST  When you dine at the.Eng-  list Tea Rooms, your  slightest wish is our concern. The menu and the  service are planned to make  your meal an occasion to be  remembered with pleasure.  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PULP   AND   PAPER  Sold In World Markets  With   an annual  production  now  exceeding $70,000,000 the Pulp  and Paper industry in B.C. accounts  for nearly 30% of the value of Our  total   forest  products   production.  Nearly 80% of this product was  sold in the United States for much  needed American dollars . ,. thus greatly aiding  to accumulate essentia? American exchange.  ZV&&&8ffiy-  Canada:  FOR    THE;   S A K E    O F    T H E    F U .1U RE  B E     KIND     TO    X"l T T L E     t R E E S  if * ���s^S_<r  CBtf*HJUr  ,   �� type o0,i Z o��Y ��ob"    ��e  and see *^J ?*g*%fg���� .^X  ^1U&   carry a *   . ^Mm&m&��te*&te&  .    --�� i_trjlTr- jm r j WKTMtTKmmum\KHmwtW  ���3 9 �� yv-.E sir StW A'v _.;������. y.AN,c:pu.'_R; p .c..-Xp'a. R.'M6jy'i aanb. Page Four  THE- COAST NEWS, SEGHELT, B.-C.  .Friday, Get. 22,   .948  urai Housing  efin  On Farm Repairs  pairing cracks in plaster and  tears in wallpaper, and straight-  ehihg and supporting a sagging  roof.  At a recent Agricultural Engineering Convention in the United States, this bulletin won the;  Blue   Ribbon   of   Merit.   It   has-  ents Begin  THE KURAL Housing  Advisory ^TJ^LrlL^t^l^ PREMIUM  payments  under  the ^f.  they need i it most."  Referring to the instalment!  method :of payment, Dr. Hershey [  said this had been developed fori  the convenience of those persons!  who wish to pay by this way J  rather than having to make-one j  payment toward the end of the!  Committee for British Colum-  Canada   and  the  United  States.  Government's Hospital 7 Insuf-    : After the three payments hay&j  bia wa7^ormed~in _L9^~ino^^^  +,.   ��.,.,_   -���^i   j.x.^n^^   ���n   ^/.c._   1ULci.1    wumeii.s*   Jtnsutuie   vjrioup,   frkY,   0���r>^vflpnQ+_a-|-.,..--ane/._.   __�����- *ua-'covering,   a  six  month,. Deriod.   a!  or by writing to the Secretary  of the  above Committee^at the -wi\Vhe not only" a new experi-  issued   entitling  the   contributor]  University  of British  Columbia. .__   -��� ... jL,._.u   ._~  *S ^~ and his dpnenrtent* tn h^r.^f_f�� .in  to  give  rural  dwellers  all pos-  '7T   '^grr to^ihe'se^eia^ for  approximately   80%   of" the:^ver:ingv_a six-month, period, .a  sible assistance  in the field'   of  ��J  **^n,"rnJ��L��fZ+*vZ Population,    Hospital    Insurance:.Hospital.Insurance Card will be  farm homes and buildings.  A   simple   survey     was     conducted with the aid of the Agri-  *_!T"*1X^_ t^T" ���*  ^t��j..-!_*;.����.  ,,      t   t_ 4. 4.- ���     *v_    ra*   groups   ana   individuals,  cultural   Representatives   in   the *  various   communities   to   supply  T*.i.i._-__+.���.e  ,,.. *���    +__ on - ���,'  ence,  but one which up  to the ,an.d his dependents to benefits up  Publications are free to all - ru- presentj   mahy  thousands     have^to^unec30thxl949. x  KITCHEN PLANNING ^n denied, Tl^remaming^O ^  ���__��������� ,  ��_ -i   -*      The   Rural  Hottsing  Advisory ^e now covered by other Plans:  some   indication  of  the  greatest Committee   is   about  to  publish'?^ f����� ^ ^re+frea^ C��ST t  building   problems     confronting  another   buIletin     on     &U***. ^^^^^^^r!^\  the  home-builder  and  remodel- Planning   and     Layout)    -which. ?d Wll\imd J��at, durmg the lat^J  ler.   After   careful   consideration ^...i,  ?. _M/,__ _�� * ^ctriKn������  ter Part of thls year�� payments  of the survey results, it was de- *���� .** ^few weS^S under the Government' -Plan will  cided to publish a series of in- ^^w.c ^  formative   bulletins,   all   dealing ^^i?,1^  CHRISTMAS CARDS  NOW IN STOCK   '������.  Orders" May Be Placed or  Cards Purchased at Counter  SMITH-WILLIAMS  GENERAL STORE  Roberts Creek (lower road)  GROCERIES  GENERAL MERCHANDISE  ---j  I  home owner in building or re-      In  explaining the  reasons forX  with the various.aspects  of the modeiiing  the   kitchen  for  best  rural home. Each bulletin was to rpq���ito .,��__ nnr.fr_rTY..T._r  ���*..+i_ ^  be confined to one specific prob- ^^f anf ���e?. m^-*-���*****-*"   tHat   ��"^  ���r�����^ f���a*^el"Xal*�� r^suH."^"'..^^^!'^ ^th^X*   m��nthS'     V*******    Dr.  were several considerations and  lem and was to be amply illust- +*-_   OT,^   ���v,^^^,���-A  rated with diagrams and sketch- ^v^ffilffiff^1tPKl he bu^ned^ these as follows:  es.                                                         fusfy  sfatte1"^  throughout  the .(l). Hospital Insurance Cards,  The   first   of   these    No    101     ^ ' and   T^ dia?[a.ms   *** which are iii-^fect proof of pay-  tc_ine. tlTf*   ��i   tnese,   jno.   1U1,  shown as a basis to suit individ- mGnt   arid' Pl.^iHil.tv     win     b^  "Repairs  To  The  Farm  Home," ua] remnre-monU m!F*  .���V- ��W*ty    will     be  was nnblishprf  in  th? ^nrintr Af      _* 11     ���      __.     ;^-_. _.       ...     'good .for-the first six months of  T^o p��Dllsnea ,m the^bPrif;��.01:      Following the Kitchen bulletin 1949 ��� and cannot  fep issuedun-  1948.   Every   phase   of   building wjh be one on the utilitv Room *���,    *      1? .*          ,    e  lss?ed  V^u  reoair is discussed in detail _and  rrt-                ���     77   umixy itoom. ti�� one half year's premium has  repair is aiscussea m aetan,^na This  room   is    becoming    more been baid  the many illustrations and diag-   p��.j  w.��-.^  :. ��. x  ���_   A___  ,._. oe"h P��*ia.  rams are simnle and to the noint   ^  m��Je \tt^orta!:t |n ,the ^fe       (2) Prepayment is an essentia.1,  ^^o^r^l^esl^ S ^"^L^c^^^wS anS7 ^^ ^vtpe of ^^.nce;;  as new snnnnrtc ���n^r 5.  hmKA ��� ���L,aunctry��   sewing,   pre- it   isan   important 7 factor    m.  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January,,since neither the indir-  bulletins on Farmstead Layout, vidual nor the Hospital Insurance  Rural Water Supply and Sewr Service can determine before-  age Disposal, Painting, etc. hand -who  will-need    hospital  The   Advisory   Committee  has-services,  been established for the - benefit      (4)   The   Hospital   insurance  of the    rural    population,    and .Card provides ^fOof "that aTpgr--  ���son has~>{ paid his* premium and  igiiiar^ntees payment Of ?' th��-hos-  Lpital. bill^by ^thfe Hospital" Insur-i  bailee ^und. -^iirth^rriiore, 7pre-r  payment-of preimums -protects  ^hospitals"? ^ontf. .unpaid ^biil_!-��nd  operating deficits.  (5) Prepayment is to the individual's advantage bemuse i,t  provides protection to him and  his dependents during periods of  unemployment When it may be  difficult to pay premiums on the  due .date. ' "  Dr. Hershey pointed out that  it is not economically^ sound or  possible to issue a Hospital Insurance Card oh any other -basis  than six months' prepayment of  premiums. "If payments�� 'were  made~ on a current monthly}  basis'," he said,^fpersons letting  them lapse might .find themselves  without   coverage  at- the "nime  Say You Saw It In The''News?'  ��OW:*SYOUR effiR RUNNING?  SRAL  fMOTORS  W-ODUCTS  Your General Motors Dealer  K  WILSON CREEK. B.C.  PHONE SECHELT 5S  Tf:  Prices Reasonable  Estimates  12 OZS. NET WT.  WHEN -PACK-O  "WH^RE^OIUR  DOLLAR BUYS MORE"  Marshdl I Wells ^Points  DELNOR FROZEN  Fresh Fruits.and  Vegetables  H. C  Watchmaker and Jeweller  Skilled Workmanship and Satisfaction Given  ^pu are invited to inspect the precision watch  cleaning machine. ~  50 'Years Experience  Gibsons, B.C.  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Be spoke of  By KAREN STOCKWELL  MR. AND Mrs. Al Gibbons re- trying- to  organizes .couple   of HELLO     everyone.     Want      to  turned   from!   the   city     after teams around the -district,I hope   xknow  how  we    Guides v and  snpndinff the holidav week nur- he does- Mrs'  Deacon and Mrs. Brownies are getting along? Just  cSS^^L^^nJ^iiSSr Renton were seen stepping;off the iook below,  cnasing ^materials   ana   runmng boat     fr(Jm     Vancouver     after-  around  for this ^and that,  per- gpendihg a few days there. ;;  Last-Thursday, October 14 we  taming' to   his   business,   AJso, had   two   lively: meetings   going  after spending a week with her .. It was quite" an. affair, to see on jn the Park. One was the  daughter, Mrs. Bogart returned ;four buses passing my window in Brownies and "the other the  quite refreshed and ready for as many seconds, as happened ^Guides; Four Guides were miss-  her winter chores.    . last.holiday Monday. To: see the mg;The.---Guide   and    Brownie  r���nrffft wri��ht  as  T  forpoast  buses  and   the   taxis   lined   u?'' meetings cannot last as long as  George Wright  as  I  forecast,    1us   drivers,     on    the    picnic we  would like  to    because    of  took in the soccer game between T,���..^^ ��+   QaoimH   that    ��,n��,P.r ;*������       *      _?���;.,  New   Westminster   Royals     and S���dJ^^ i.WliT  Vancouver  City,   told  me    t*at w^eXin^  S8o^t^lS^dS g'ame think'  * J"*** ioT �������*-��� ^eers ^ SSTttS^SS and  foTleveraf ���^a^SS3 ����* their *"**��� ��' ��' L*W" 2���&*r we wo��ld be  on Tuesday. Mrs; Wright expects rence* very thankful,  to be back at her station on A meeting of the local auxil- The Guides had a "Court of  Wednesday of this week. iary to - theXV.O.N. was held at Honor"  at  Mrs.  French's  house  Wednesday, Oct. 13. After tl*e  discussing was done we had  singing and refreshments. Those  present were: Miss Melvin, Mrs.  Nelson, Mary Parker, Karen  Stockwell, Nonie Pratt, Loirna  Vankleek,. Helen Derby, and  Barbara Morrison. All were patrol leaders or. seconders. A very  enjoyable evening we had.  The Guides are going to have  :a Hallowe'en Supper to be held  on Friday, Oct. 29 at the Legion  Hall, (if we can get it.) It starts  at  4    o'clock    until    7:30.    All  Guides are asked to bring is 10  cents .and  a  pie,   cake,   cookies  or vegetables. Every Guide try to  come.; See future news for more  ��� ~  -._^�� tw�� cati. information.  FOR SALE��� FOR SALE���.       T.TTTT    QT7TT   hP(.      Sr>rin___filled CHURCH   organ,   walnut  finish, __,  ���HrSf like     new      $40 00       in good condition. $25.00. Box ^e home of Mrs. Stan Arbo, on  ^hv^teelcrib  fuDto'evears)   16, Coast News, Sechelt, B.C.15'Monday afternoon  Oct.  11.  The  Baby s steel crib, luP*Q��Te*ffi,x  ��� ��� meeting was very well attended  springfilled mattress. 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Hyg- ^ ^^^TLISfc^  piece   walnut   veneer    bedroom ienic   supplies   (rubber   goods), "^L^rMu^fiT^i_a^_ af.ked t0���  suite   with   Beauty-Rest   Spring mailed^ in i  ��J S^t^^i^^ne Kr^clas-    merchandise,    ^^i^te'^to.t. "^WL ___  ��^.��.n^e; Apply R. C, Dald- ^^^??S*?*��? *�����7cS^i^^-S^  Sri* p^th   BeaubHRestTSpring mailed in strong envelope! seal- '****" through the medium of  an^ rrmttr-K^ SnowWrd    wash? ed  with  staples.  Absolute  see- ^is .column >the thanks .and ap-  fn-rScW RaZ Md eruTtab-- recy    without     embarrassment.Potion,;0f th?j local chapter,  % S^t^^i^^ne Jirst-class merchandise, ^^i^te'^to.t. "^WL___  SKfcij^Vw- Anolv R C Dald- $1;00 .per:dozen,-, mailed one hour.v^nx^ ��*e. re^ctents- o_>^ Wilsons  Ittt ?�� sSslSo General after receiving order. The Greb f^ek received. the various col-  S& Q^ltS^^-i^ter^ Trading Co., 1275 Queen St. lectors,. andXfor their kind dona-  Storey Sechelt, or No. 1 water ^rtrnAn    Canada.          16 tions toward the drive. This will  fronts cottage.  15 West,   Toronto,   Canada.  16 tions toward the drive. This will  be an annual affair from now  on.  ��������� ��� -"  MISCELLANEOUS���  im^MEMQRIAM--^ LET  US rebuild  and upholster ��� ; _      ,  IN  LOVING   memory   of  my ^   your  favorite   chair.    Usher's      *n .tne  very near    future    a  dear   husband   Peter   Brothen Yard Goods Shop, Gibsons, B.C.    Musicale    will  be    held,    and  wlic*passed away Oct7 5, 1944. ���-������' tftl Pflenty^ on the program will be  Not just today, but every day, -^   -  ������ rr-> given, to���-. the- singing of Christ-  Incsilencewe^emember. ^^^Zt. 1% ho   Lawson ^^ ?ne 9f ^^Wights  Ever remembered by his lov-  12 J^T ^boat, *�� hf'��a^; will be the drawing^ of the win-  in_f wife *5    -motor.   New   May   194��-   ***>��� mng tickets for a huge Christ-  mg.wiie. Apply: J. Fisher, Selma Park. 15 mas hamper> which will inciude.  WANTED- FOR SALE- :''^ed^y made Christmas cake.  PIANOS good condition. Gran--WALNUT iextension   table,     in f^f^sJ^ m!n.d'*>&*���. l wlU  tham's-Community  Hall.  Box     good condition. Apply Box 14, S��� you more data later.  15 Coast  News,  Sechelt:  ���    . Canada ^as an area of 3,695,-  :'-:15# t Coast > News/ Sechelt.  _       oAtTr LIST7^YOUR    properties     with 189 square miles.  ���I OR bAJ-Ji.��� E.G. Harris and Co., Village      Australia   will   release   10,000  % STEEL bed. First class condi- Centfe, Sechelt, BC. :   15 tons of steel scrap to Canada.  tibii.:   Spring   filled-mattress.      ."������"*  ~���      Birds  on  battlefields  are less  Good spring. $48.50. Apply Mrs. FOR  SALiJBi��� unset bv shellfire than m^n  D,,Kenned^ r1r,1, Gmsor^, Up- BRITISH   Sovereign   strawber?j ^set Dy snelltire than men.  per Road. 15      plants. 2c each, not post ^aid.  .      ; ������ Apply Mrs. A. Rouse, Sechelt. 16  FOR SALE��� .FOR SALE ^~"  LAWRENCE  slack line  donkey: SHIP BY Gulf Lines Expresis |to  xNew.-sleigh and rigging. Price      or from Vancouver. Low rlites.  $6Q00.4Apply p Gilmour Bros., Se- Fast   servicer Careful  handling-  celt Inlet. ^17 Specify Gulf Lines -Express.! ftf  1  "Serving the Peninsula"  Gibsons  Phone Gibson 33  AIRTIGHT HEATERS ��� $3.75 up  ALL-CAST 31-INCH  WOOD BURNING HEATER ��� $28.20  Stove Pipes ��� Elbows ��� Dampers  IN STOCK  Sales and Service  F^_M-M  Lumber  Mixed Lots  FIR and  HEMLOCK  1x3 and 1x4  25.00  PER M  B.C. FIR (SECHELT) LTD.  SECHELT, B.C.  PHONE 42  WALLBOARDS  -_ ��  DRESS UP YOUR WALLS-  ADD COMFORT AND BEAUTY FROM  OUR FULL SELECTION OF  .  ��� WALLBOARDS ���  PV BRAND 'WELDTEX' STRIATED PLYBOARD  FIR PLYBOARD, GYPROC, INSUL BOARD  KENMORE BEAVER BOARD  DUROID HEXAGON SHINGLES  City Prices F.O.B. Vancouver  Contact Us for Free Estimates  By Our Registered Plumbers  Sunset Hardware  AT  GIBSONS  Authorized'Dealers  IU--S.U'  Gibsons 45  Gibsons, ��,.��.  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THE REGULAR monthly meeting of the Selma Park Community Centre will be held on  Monday, Oct. 25 at 8 p.m. at the  home of Mr. and Mrs. S. McKay.  After the business meeting a  social hour will be enjoyed.  Everyone welcome.  On Sunday, Oct. 3 in St. Hildas  Church, Sechelt, the baby son of  Mr. and Mrs. George Mead was  christened by Rev. Canon J. F.  Butcher of Vancouver, receiving the names of Terry Lawrence.  Sponsors for the baby were Mr.  -���-----���GMtfin��Ma��MQHHmaBHMaaHKM__l--B-B  BRITANNIA BEACH  By "SLIM"  HELLO Folks. Sorry there was  no news column in last week.  . but was in Vancouver for  Thanksgiving. Coming home  Sunday, and on Tuesday I had  to go to Vancouver again, so my  apologies.  Its Oct. 19 and what glorious  weather we're having, and oh  those glorious moonlight nights.  The Club had a dance here on  Thanksgiving Saturday. A good  time was had by all. Shan Nichols and his orchestra were here.  They're always a treat.  Another of oiir former boys  who has been caught by Cupid,  our Tommy Rowbottonv was married Oct. 9 to Miss Evelyn Pierce  of Copper Mountain. Tommy was  one of our baseball heroes and  we wish them both the best of  luck and happiness.  Would like to send birthday  greetings to our George Taylor,  whose birthday is today. When  in Vancouver last week I was in  to- the hospital twice to see him  and he is looking very. well. So  hello George from all of us.  I hear two familiar faces are  up today for two days with us.  Mr. and Mrs. P. Browning. Tliey  are both looking well and enjoying the grand holiday they  are having. So hello to you both  from  the  gang  of  Brittania.  The Beach Ladies' Auxiliary  are having a bridge, whist and  cribbage on Saturday, so T hope  to  see  a  big turnout.  Wednesday at Townsite there  is a super-duper Bingo put on  by the Canadian Legion. You  can bet I'll be there and hope  a gang goes up.  Mr. and Mrs. J. Edwards arrived home after spending a  week in Vancouver.  Well folks7 its 1.45 a.m. so its  bed for me. So cheerio for another week and remember it's  only 78 more days until Santa  Claus is here.  . ��� ���     ���      ���     _ ���  Cheerio,  Slim.  and Mrs. A. Rollier of. Davis  Bay, and his aunt, Miss E. Mead,  of Vancouver. Tea was served  - afterwards . at the Mead residence; at which the baby's paternal grandmother Mrs. R. E.  Mead was present. -  A surprise shower was held  recently at the home of Mrs.  R. Clarke, when a shower of  gifts,1, in a gaily decorated box  was presented to tier baby son.  Hostesses for the event were  .Mrs. T. Thomas and Mrs.. G.  Mead. Refreshments were served  and a very pleasant evening enjoyed by Mrs. Gilbertson, IVIrs.  A. Home, Mrs. E. Gibbons, Mrs.  F. Willows, . Mrs. Mulrooney,  Mrs. McDonald, Mrs. Clapson  and Mrs. Chambers.  Making a one day trip to Vancouver this week were Mrs.  H. Neal, Miss A. Millar, and Mr.  and Mrs. W. Creamer, while  returning from holidaying in  the city were Mr. and Mrs. H.  Temple and Mr. E. Nickson.  Sorry   to    report    that    Mrs.  Harry Batchelor is still in St..  Paul's Hospital. I am sure she  would appreciate a letter from  anyone here. We all hope she  will soon be back with us again.  Ore is a mineral containing  metals in sufficient abundance  to justify its being mined to  extract the pure metal.  Bread baking is one    of   the  most ancient of human arts.  Wm. McFadden  Optometrist   v  GIBSONS  .t  Office Hours:  9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.  Evenings  by Appointment  Every day except Thursday  .HASSAN'S STORE harbour, b.c  The old-established General Store for Families,  Fishermen and Camps.  FISH BUYERS ��� BAPCO PAINTS  HOME GAS STATION  QUALITY ��� SERVICE ��� VALUE  At HASSAN'S LANDING ��� Midway South Shore  Bring Your Repair Jobs to Us!  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VANCOUVER  Afternoon  1st Trip  Tuesday  Morning  Afternoon  Evening  Wednesday  No  Scheduled  *  Trip  '-.  Afternoon  2nd Trip  Morning  Afternoon  \   Evening  NOTE: All arrivals and departures are subject to tide conditions. Special  ���*���:���'.��' 'Friday, Oct. 22,   1948  .THE COAST NEWS; SE��H��^B; C.  3y -MRS. J. H. RENNIE  YOUR CORRESPONDENT regrets that the Granthams column-was missing in the last issue of the Coast News owing to  unforseten circumstances we  missed the mail ahd consequent-  ly^some o�� these, notes are rather  late being published.  7i In these days of speed of  travel, and services we are apt  to become complacent and take  for granted all the privileges of  niodern advancement. Such  thoughts came to me when considering the- innumerable advantages we of this generation  enjoy, such as our modern means  of travel. That seems to me to be  another blessing to be thankful  for. The writer of these lines  expresses this thought very well.  "THE PIONEERS"  By E. D. LAUGHLIN  O'er every modern luxury there  lies  The shade of ancient hardships.  He who flies  Across a continent on wings of  gauze  Threads the thin paths of meteors because  His   father's,     wingless,     earth-  bound, as they groped  Through marshland jungle, upward gazed and hoped.  The cars that roll so ceaselessly  today,  On -^velvet wheels along the concrete way,  Would  find no  highways  span-  '- ning hill and vale,  Had   not   the   drudging   oxcarts  blazed the trail.  Though poverty awaited where  the vast*  Stark Prairie arid horizon met  at last.  Yet was their goal���how priceless still it seems,  Unhampered   freedom   and   un-  trammeled dreams,  Hovels are mansions, homesteads,  broad estates,  And settlements are. cities now.  The-Fates  Caught up  chemeric  hopes,, abandoned  schemes,  And made a world more won-  derous   than their  dreams..-.  The pioneers who broke the  virgin soil  Ne'er garnered half the harvest  of their toil  To them the . wearing days behind the/plow,  To them., the aching limb, the  sweating, brow,  To them the-weary seedtime,  others  reap.  Today where'er they sowed.  To  them   is���sleep,  "Oh aviator," conquering realms  of blue,  A  haunting   specter, flies, along  with  you,  And vague-seen covered wagons  bear strange loads  Of  ghostly  pilgrims  down    the  long paved roads.  During the holiday weekend  the owners of summer cottages  were here to spend their last  vacation of the season. Among  visitors we noticed Mr. and Mrs.  Marion and their two daughters.  The Misses Dunmore, and Miss  Elsie Potter who had as her  guests Miss M. Potter, Miss Hamilton, Miss Denton, Miss M.  Fraser and Miss Sillers.  Mr. and Mrs. W. Johns and  their two sons, and Mr. and Mrs.  Robt. Banks, were the guests of  Mrs^ W. Banks for the weekend.  Among the visitors at Soames  Point were Mr. and Mrs. Robinson with their -daughter Betty  Jean, Miss Rana M. Henderson,  and Mr. and Mrs. A. W. Young  from Anaheim, California. All  were the guests of Prof, and Mrs.  Selma Park  A"-Complete'.  Hairdressing  Service  ,:*X  DOi&Y  josr&s  Phone for Appoiritmehts 7  We'eo is  gUM lime  Henderson  at their  home  "The ^service,   ahd; enjoy a    pleasant iliary  Hostess   at    Shaughnessy  Sheeling." visit; and to partake ofr the very Military  Hospital  was   a  recent  delicious' ^refreshments  provided visitor here. She was the guest  Mr.   and - Mrs.  T.  Allan  naVe,byt^,h^tess. The-^ table in-the of Mr. and Mrs. Frank'of Soames  returned from their recent ^"-dming" rqom    -was     beautifully Point,  ation.                                        ."      decorated^ aitid centered    by    a     ^    .       A ,,   ... ^ T      ...,^  Mrs.   G.    Pateman    and     her^^^^  daughter Mrs. H. Reichelt have ^fkn^ ^sided-at^+^+^ !T   ^�� stay m Vancouver-untu  arrived   home   from   Edmonton;4t&ble_'Everyonepresent-felt-that Christmas.  where  they  were  visiting rela- it was an occasion to be^remem-    ^. ^ Haliidaj,^^j^gley  tives. ^   Derea* .Prairie-has  been    visiting X&ir.  Mr.   and^Mrs., Franks Farrow  '"Sunday-^  have   returned   after     spending*^*e' cmti-^ry^odyuse^ned to Point,  a week visiting friends at NortlH.unfc as ^ did .for 4here^was a- M, W.   Rennie.  Vancouver,   Fort   Langley4" and^ineJattendancejat Church/������ If'it _  -     " -- -   Abbotsford! ^reonafevforuth^ long-distances  o^hat^some folks -have^ to -walk to  The  Misses    Laverock   -.were- "chUfch, ies��eci_tHy*whe_rsovmany  weekend visitors  at  their ^sum-'wof .the^eongr-egation^ are: nbt able;  mer   cottage     and     entertained.*to wa.lk las far{;as:;r-they-used to'f  three lady guests.      f- 2 ado;-Ithere would-be ^better'attend-  ,..--,     ���    ��� ._lt ,.--^nceirevery'Sunday. The ^thought  Mr Gordon Bradley with his1:came7t0!pm^t6. mdlie a suggestion i  sister Betty, were the guests of.^at the ^School''Bus be used -on7  Mr.  and Mrs.  Seymour Johnson^undays   to-help: take- care   of  at 'the weekend. -^thafridifficulty^Theservice of the '  OnrThursday .evening  Oct.  8, ^ would ** a convenience to  the members    of    the    Sunday^11-the churches, in the commun-  School and a few friends met in ltyv  the Hall to honor    John    Ellis  7 Mrs.^McKenzie^who  is  Aux-  who is leaving to join the Navyv   7 ,.,    X ..  A  happy  time  was   spent kwitlv"   ...    ....:.... .... ,.   .....   , ., . ,,_���_     ���.:  games and a word making .coni-flc  petition.     Winning     competitors  were Ronnie Godfrey and Velma  CressweU.   Delightful     refresh-- [  ments were served after which J  Miss W. Doherty, superintendent.  of the Sunday School, presented'  a Bible, bound in blue leather to'  John. Rev. Mr. Moore who was'  one of the guests gave a very  fine talk about the value of the  Bible as a guide for daily living,  and expressed to John the good  wishes of all present.  On Sunday evening at 7.30  o'clock Mrs. Fishers home was  the setting for a very happy oc-,  casion, the christening of . her  grandson. Rev. Mr. T. Moore officiated. /;  The little two months old? son  of Mr. and Mrs: Eric Cooper, was  named Allan Ralph.  The ceremony was very-impressive, t The baby smiled?and  cooed during the service as if  he understood what it was all  about, and was enjoying himself  immensely. Twenty four guests* _  were present to take part in. th�� |  -For the Finest Assortment of  i-  in  GIFT BOXES  with satisfaction guaranteed as to artistry and price.  SEE YOUR WATKINS DEALER  ' mmmwmmmmwmmmwmmmmmm  JACK MACLEOD  Phone 5M2���short, long/ short, long  WILSONS CREEK  ��__go������a&��^w''^  Hallowe'en is coming round again!  When your, doorbell, rings, be ready  with this grand Purity Pumpkin pie  . . . made with Purity Flour . w.jof  course! Here's a melt-in-yourrmouth  pastry recipe.  9  beat ^^Ichmamon; Vi J*firtea.  _ pA5fRY C��noMflh fof  FL0U? shortening . ^?lo^s U^  ������H cHp   ^ves,ttOttVh  a  table-  spoons #'��Zh to  b��l��r yor l��  onl* .��*fWlldougb toi _ Ughtiy      u-ke tor xw���&-, ^^ set**  press aougb^feies ate t��OT��-      pies.) -    -   _  JSd^off -       ,,,11- vmmwmm jg  V ���.  .��"*"is, nlate un��*i r_T_\��V _ fot D*a"  tote to ��0nd|?_min��tes, ��L^S  TOD HEED OVLY ONE FLOUR  PURITY  OAtS  ��RAND  POK. ���������  FOR OHE RESULT���PERFECTION I  I $1 buys you the famous PURIlTsCOOK ���' I  I BOOK with its 875 recipes developed-la the I  ! Purity Flour Kitchen. Send to your nearest ��� m  \ Purity Flour Mills'  office���St. John,  N.B.v I g  5 Montreal. Que.; Ottawa, On..; Toronto. Ont�� !  ! Winnipeg Man., Calgary; Alta.. Vancouver. ���  | BC     V1 j  I Name..��,....:...���������_.��������������e��c��...��..e��..��.e I  I Street. _-s 2-- s .._.���_>_.���_.������_.._. I  V  I  j    City........; .pProviflce; ?;-.:;_..    I  L^^����____,__^____,_���_MWW����^2_S^i��J  What Is a Credit Union?  That- question has been asked by thousands of British Columbia Citizens.  Briefly, the answer is:  A CREDIT UNION is an association of persons united by some  common b6nd or community of interest, joined together in a  co-operative endeavour for the following purposes:  1. To encourage thrift by providing a safe, convenient and attractive medium for the investment of the savings of ots mem-  . . XX bers. -    ���  2. To promote industry, eliminate usury, and increase the purchasing power of its members by enabling them to borrow for  productive or other beneficial purposes at a reasonable cost.  3. To train, its? members in business methods and self-government, and i bring them to a realization of the value of cooperation;  1848 ONE liUNDRED YEARS 1948  of achievement hove developed an idea into a world-wide institution  to help you .  PLAN YOURiFlNANCE SO YOU MAY FINANCE YOUR PLANS  1938 TiN YEARS IN BRITISH COLUMBIA 1948  The remarkable? progress made by credit unions in this Province and  the services they are rendering in all parts of the Province to worthy  citizens call for *helstrongest support of all our people.  The B.C. Credit Unions Act provides legislative safeguards to organized  members,.  Advice and assistance will be given to interested groups by the Inspector  of Credit Unions, ICourt House, Vancouver, B.C., the University of  British Columbia and the B.C. Credit Union League of Vancouver, B.C.  MR. T, A. SWITZER,  Inspector, of Credit pinions. Court House, Vancouver, BX.  HOHOURABLE G. Si WISMER, K.C.  lAttorney-Gememl; VictoriC-V BX.  ' 145 Page Eight _  THE COAST NEWS, SECHELT/ B. C  Friday, Oct. 22,  1948  MORE ABOUT  (Continued From Page 2)  tree which stands in the picnic  grounds. It is very beautiful  branching out as it does in two  huge trees both from the same  root. The fire was well away  when first noticed and Mr. Ay-  lett came over from his office  ahd after quite an effort extinguished the blaze.  If our young men need something to do to use up all that  surplus energy there are quite a  number of elderly people here  who have pioneered this country  to make it nice for them to live  in. The same old people might  like the grass cut or the wood  chopped once in a while. So.  don't get disheartened, there is  lots to do of a constructive nature. Remember it takes years  for a tree like the Maple referred to, to grow.  Loyalty, Loyalty, wherefor  art thou? Speaking of the old  and the new, we have recently  been iri a little wordy . battle  over the old and the new. This  little paper was here first, and  we who undertook to gather the  news such as it is, knew full  well that it would be for free as  the kids say, now however, we  are coming along very nicely and  the pay cheque though perhaps  not much is always there and I  for one am quite satisfied to do  what I'm doing and for whom.  However, we would like the  people who used to be willing to  give us the news items to go on  doing so. It gets under the collar  so to speak when we find that  this little sheet has been ignored when our services were eagerly o sought in the beginning.  And remember, we were first  with  the News.  Had such a pleasant surprise.  Met an old friend from Ladner  who is now a resident of Sechelt.  We certainly will have a time  going over old times when we  get together which will be soon  I hope. Mr. and Mrs. Deane have  recently taken over the caretaker's duties at Opengo Lodge, the  summer residence of Mr. and  Mrs. Bryce Fleck and the Fleck's  are mighty lucky in having such  splendid people. They were with  the Rogers' family for many  years, most of them spent at  Cowan's Point. Welcome to Sechelt.  Frank Frenches Taxi had recently a rush trip vto Pender  Harbour Hospital with Mrs.  .Froom who had an emergency  operation for appendicitis. Glad  to hear she is doing well and  will be home shortly.  Mr. Harry Sawyer of Sechelt  Taxi is making extensive alterations to his home. For one  thing, a basement is being built  and oil furnace installed. Noth-  (Continued on Page Ten)  CUTTING  SHAPING  SHAMPOOS  TINTING  PERMANENTS  *-^   \  Roberts Creek  _s_ra_  The  will train you to become  an expert technician  In the post-war R.C.A.F. there are many  trades which "provide ample scope for the  ambitions young Canadian to prepare himself  for a progressive future in the technical, radio,  or clerical fields.  This is the day when the men with special  skill and training haye the advantage over  the other fellow.  The R.C.A.F. offers you just the training and  opportunity you are looking for. V  EARN WHILE YOU LEARN  Rotes of pay in th? R.C.A.F. hav�� been increased  and you can odd to your monthly income by improving  your trade proficiency and by promotion to higher rank.  -  Technical trades training.  Full opportunity for advancement.  Progressive pay increases.  Provision for religious welfare.  Medical and dental care.  Sports, and recreational facilities.  30 day* vacation a year with full pay.  Clothing provided.  Retirement income assured.  and remember .. . the R.C.A.F. offers you  continuous employment and pay.  r  i  i  i  i  -_,._...-.... MAIL COUPON TO YOUR NEAREST R.C.A.F. STATION���--��---���  Central Air Command R.C.A.F. SUtion   .er  Trent��-., Ont.  Nortb.W��* Air Command. R.C.A.F Station  Edmonton, Alta.."       "'.-.HX  ' Please send me, without obligation, full particulars regarding  enlistment requirements and openings now available, in the R.C-A.?.  _____  sr  l  I  I  NAME (Plea**, print).  BTB-SET ADDRESS^.  CITY___. __.���__.-__.���'__.-__���__,  You are difible  to apply if:  1.  2.  3.  You am a Canadian citizen or other British subject.  You are single.  You have a minimum of one year less than Junior  Matriculation for r*<Jio trades, and two years for all.  .      ��th��m... or equivalents in both cases.  You anr between 17 and 3�� year*.  I  1  I  I  I  I  I  I  I  I  I  I  INSTALMENT  PAYMENTS  for  B.C- HOSPITAL INSURANCE PREMIUMS  ARE  DUE  You will receive your B.C. Hospital Insurance Card after you  have paid for it. These cards will cover a six months' or a twelve  months' period, depending on the extent of prepayment of  the premium. X  ���AN EASY WAY TO PAY  Payment by instalments is for your convenience. If you wish  to avoid making payment in alump sum, your first instalment  is now due. Premium payments may be made on an instalment  basis, provided they are made in advance and are equivalent  to or total six months' premium by January 1st, 1949.  OTHER WAYS TO PAY  .. .- ���* . .,  The twelve months' card is obtained by prepayment of a full  year's premium before January 1st, 1949. A six months' card  is obtained by prepayment of sixmonths' premium before  January 1st, 1949.-  PREMIUM RATES  SINGLE: $15.00 per annum, or $7.50 half yearly, or $2.50 per  monthly instalment, October to Mkrch.    x'ix,  HEAD OF FAMILY, ONE DEPE]NI>ENT: $24,00 per annum, 0*  $12.00 half yearly, or $4.00 per monthly instalment, October to  .. March.   X  HEAD OF FAMILY, TWO OR M(^  per annum, or $15.00 half yearly, or ^5.00 per monthly instalment, October to March., '  You selected your own method of premium paymen t at the  time of registration.  Payments should be made through, the mail or in person to the  local office at which-you are registered.  '.*  An Office Is Open At: -  ������'- ��� '������������������:-.���      .-.���:��� X  MQTOR VEHICLE BLDG.  1730 W. GEORGIA ST., VANCOUVER  HERE'S WHY YOU PAY PREMIUMS NOW  Your Hospital Insurance Card rejfresents necessary hospital  care for you and your family. The Card itself is proof of payment and establishes your right to receive necessary hospital  protection starting next January. 1st. It cannot be issued to  you until the premium has been paid. Prepayment is an essential feature of any type of insurance. It helps to guarantee  general participation and is l^best way of insuring continua-  ���yyL tion OpT the present low premiums. Prepayment also protects  7 X 77      hospitals from unpaid bills and operating deficits.  ^1_^YED REGISTRATION  If you have not yetregistered, you should immediately obtain  ��� a registration form firom^ your locid Insurance  Service Office, con_^ifee and return it as soon as possible.      ^  EVERYONE  MUST  1  I  1  I  1  1  I  i  I  I  1  I  I  I  I  I  I  vwmmtma&i.  "I Friday, Oct. 22,   1948  THE COAST NEWS, SECHELT, B. C.  Page Nine  By E. NESTMAN  COUNCIL Notes. Progress in  setting new trucking rates for  the village is still at a standstill.  New information received from  H. Gargrave, M.L.A. for this riding, intimates that other places  are having somewhat the same  trouble in this matter. Westview  ahd Port Alberni have a problem  on somewhat the same lines,  and are trying to get a new ruling on jurisdiction over Government wharves. Un,til this position  is clarified, there is very little  the council can do, so it.will be  left in abeyance, until more information to hand. ' ^  E. Korhonne of Keats, has  purchased the municipal float  for $20, and it will be moved as  soon as the* other float is moved  into position. The number of  boats on the float at this time  h_is become quite a hazard to  anyone using the place for landing, especially at night, and the  council feels that all- boats  should be moved off the wharf/  and the place kept clear, during,  dark winter nights.  School Board Notes: A new  office for the school board will  be opened this week in the village. It will be open Monday to  Thursday. 9 to 11, and 1 tp 4,  tclosed Friday, and opened Saturday morning. By-laws are being drafted to be presented to  public for the building of 3  schools, and additions to another. A 4 room Superior school  for Madeira -Park, a 3 room  school for Roberts Creek, a  Junior-Senior high school for  Gibsons, and addition of 2 rooms  to' Sechelt school. Annual general  meetings will be held in district  from now to Nov. 15* dates to be  announced later. Meetings are  for reports of year, and election  of representatives to Board.  Teachers here have as&ed for a  revision in their salary schedule.  W.A. Legion Notes: A meeting  was held in new Legion hall this  week, .by the Auxiliary although  the hall is far from being finished. Four new members were  initiated at the meeting, and  after lengthy discussion $75 was  voted to themen to purchase a  stove for the new kitchen. To  replenish our treasury, a bingo  and social evening will be held  at Mrs. Wardils.' Tea Rooms.  Oct. 22 at 7 p.m. Everyone is  welcome. On Nov. 5, Mrs. Gardner will hold a bingo and social  at her home. Everyone welcome.  Mrs. Bartle has arranged with  the women to have poppies distributed io the district, so if the  ladies should miss you, be sure  should have a popy, for Remembrance Day, "Lest we forget."  W.I. Notes: The whist drive  held at the home of Mrs. H.  Metcalf, was greatly enjoyed by  all. First prize was won by* Mrs.  Corlett, second by Mrs. Pilling,  and consolation by. Mrs. Dickson.  The proceeds, in aid of the  Building Fund, were most gratifying, and all expressed the hope  that a series of these afternoon  whist drives,- and get togethers,  will be held frequently during  the winter months.  Govt. Road Work: A change  in personnel on Govt, road work  has been made. Mr. Cartwright,  new road superintendent, replaces G. N. Stowe, who'is going into the head office in New  Westminster, replacing Mr.  Jones.  Personals: Art Pilling, Ed  Turner, and Bill Farham are  off for a ten-day hunting trip to  the Cariboo. Clay Chamberlain is  holding down the fort, I mean  road, until they return.  Notice Mrs.'�� King, up and  around again, very good to see,  as she has had quite a long  seige at home. .  Take a look at Alberta's left  hand folks, when you drop into  the cafe. Not till next year  though. Lucky man is Mr. Stager,  from the interior,, Oliver I think.  Congratulations chum.  Mr. Brown from Dawson  Creek is our new bank teller. No  doubt Gibsons will be quite a  change to him.. We say welcome  and hope he likes our village.  Hear Joe and Mrs. Fitchett  are back in our midst after' a  year in Merry Old England. When  he gets settled down I hope to  have a few interesting remarks  to give you. Welcome home Joe,  we've missed you both.  Leo Nestman was home for a  couple of days, from Namu. Off  again  though  to   Imperial.  Herby Winn was down for  weekend. Daisy and Frank were  also up for dance. Frank looking  very well, sea life must be agreeing with him.  Couple of weeks ago, our correspondent from Wilson Creek,  made a few comments re the  Ambulance service. Querying  our nurse here,, shd advised us  she was not the nurse in question who complained about inconvenience of this vehicle.  Now maybe our Wilson Creek  reporter does not realize that  (one) it is quite a problem getting that vehicle in the first  place, and secondly, it would  take quite a deal of financing  to have both a hearse, and an  ambulance in this district, and  that our ambulance man is doing yeoman-service as it is. He  is out at any hour of the day or  night; and I'm certainly sure,  that anyone who is ill enough to  need the ambulance, cares little  or none, what the carriage is as  long as they reach,their destination. I'm sure the criticism Was  not* seriously meant, and I know  when everything /is taken into  consideration, then they will see  all this differently. There are  many things we need in this area,  goodness knows, let's be a booster, not a knocker. Heard also  that we will be losing one of our  doctors,  and  maybe two, unless  we can get a hospital here. This  is something that is a dire necessity, and a project that we  should plug for one and all.  Jack Inglis, 'will be moving his  family to Horseshoe bay in a  very short time. Jack has purchased a home at the Bay, moving over there lock, stock and  barrel. Sure sorry to see Jack  go, and will certainly miss them.  Harry Winn looks quite at  home pushing his grandson  around in that buggy, almost like  old times, eh Harry?  Well by the look of the ring  around the moon tonight, looks  like our beautiful Indian Summer weather is due for a break.  It's been really grand, and sure  hate to see it go, those sharp  crispy mornings, and beautiful  moonlight nights. Makes one  glad to be alive^ Leaves are  turning such beautiful colors,  and the evenings before the sun  goes down, did you ever see  such beautiful colors over the  mountains with the sun shining  over them, real life paintings.  We have much to be thankful  for. When you look out, look up,  it's really worthwhile, after all.  All countries are beneficiaries  of the Rockefeller Foundation.  The. dark color of. good rum is  due to its being stored in sherry  casks.  Columbus'   son     brought    the  first settlers to Jamaica in, 1509.  r  Compare Our Prices!  Del nor Frozen Foods  Ice Cream  Groceries  Fresh Meats and  -   Vegetables  Hardware  Drygoods  Shell Oil  Fish .Camp  We now have increased  refrigeration for handling  of perishables.  Pender Harbour, B.C.  Buy Meat With Confidence  TLKENNETT  BUTCHER  Gibsons, B.C.  Wanted To Buy Livestock and Live Poultry  PHOTOGRAPHY - Portrait - Commercial  C. G. BALLENTINE ��� BAL'S BLK. ��� GIBSONS  Res. ��� Phone Granthams, 10Q  Agent���Roberts and Wilson Creek���Carola Forst, 22L  Sechelt ��� The Coast News, 37  _1*.  Mast  4?  A. L. BRUYNEEL  Selma  Park,  B.C.  ACCOUNTING  INCOME TAX  REPRODUCTIONS  BUSINESS FORMS  Direct Mqil Advertising  MMM SAVINGS  Easy as lifting a feather! In fact ��� hardly  anything could be easier. Any bank or  investment dealer can arrange it for you in  a matter of minutes. You can buy on  instalments, spread over a twelve month  period, or cash ... you take your choice.  And they're as easy to redeem as they  are to buy. They're cashable at any time  at any bank at full face value, plus interest.  Order yours now  tof  T SERIES  This advertisement is not published  or^displayed by the Liquor Control  Board  or  by the  Government of  ��� x .xBritish Columbia.     :   o  C-I348A Page Ten  THE COAST NEWS, SECHELT, B.C..  .Friday, Oct, 22,   1948  FOR SAFE,  PHONE  .  24 HOUR SERVICE.-;  i   Wilson Creek, Selma Park  Phone- Sechelt; 15G2 andvSU:  "Anytime ���- Any-Place?  'ijDj.-i!����ii.'p"'Hiai  lr.<CO��^=  CONTRACTORS^  Gten._G463F - 'Phone-?.: Mjbu.v.3439  BULLDOZING, B.OAD CONSTRUCTION^ LAND  CLEARING, EXCAYATING.. ETC.  Large Machines.  HD10 at Se_-4_el1^H��1.4C ataGibsohs-  SEE ED BAMFQRD  Clay Chamberlih's  GIBSONS, Bf. C.  m*m ._-._;.������  ���+m*m��  Hotel; ani Cafe  Comfortable Rooms:  Good Food  Magazines, Newspapers and Tobacco  Friendly Service  *��*��.,.*'J  Smlal boat harbor now open providing good anchorage.  i���;   ,-:-���. v����  wM I be saleife'-��� more-  pleasant   and   m o rec  comfortable^ if    t h e �����  walls *andx ceil ing  ore  bull* witft *  FIRE PROOF      *  Wii^aQ^RI)  Let us show you samples and quote prices.  BEAUTIFUL SELECTION  OF WALLPAPERS  We will hejp you with your building difficulties.  .SANDER MACHINE RENTAL  /'Everything For The Builder'''  Phone Gibsons 53 Gibsons, B.C.  BEFORE THE* WET WEATHER ^TARP  Shingles,-  * Roiled Roof mg  ALL TYPES.OF.MASONITE AND CHROME TR!M  MILL WORK  FLOOR SANDER FOR  libsoits Btii  Gii  //  r.r I4#J��:W.  Everything Fbr THe Bw\<ferry      -  Phone Gibsons J3  MOBS ABOUT  (Continued from Page 8)  ing like -comfort - Harry.  ���    Mr. .and Mrs. H.7W. Brooker (  are.^6n. their way to California "  ���for  a  long-anticipated^ vacation.  "We hope they  wilf enjoy their  . well? eauned-holiday.-Mrs. Brook-  ' er_ senior. .will^iStaycwith 'Yvonne ..  until her ^parents .return.  West- Seehelt is slowly recovering from a great surprise! The -  .Mason and the Sechelt roads^���  above - the ^crossroads���are being  given a much needed, application  of graveli All- improvements are  [thankfully received-^-where road_s  are ^concerned.: ..   ._vi  Arrived- oh..the.  Gulf    Lines.  -Tuesday;  Mr.. and Mrs.    J.    A.  rDjc&son-, Port Aliee,XB.C>, for. a  r;few days, visit with the Collisons.  ;WE NDERST-AND that congrat-  .' ulations are in order, to Marguerite^ Wood- <Faery) and Neil  .Hanson. We wish these young  people^ lots of happiness. They  ~i Xwill be ��� married ��� this weekends  :   At the. regular monthly-meeting, of ; Seehelt> V.O.N.. auxiliary  it, svas: decided .to.   join   forces  witji.. th^e,. Selnia- Park   area   in  reference .to .raising.of the.quota.  Aj^o ,rjat 7the r .next.:. meeting. _  on.  Npvember. . 15 ".. the > women -   will  hiye.~:aVr social , ���. evening   . with  e;gamesi, contests ;and prizes.    A  good, time-is .expected .  in    this  first "stage��te" party. Mrs.: -Mot-r  ti&ji^w and. Mrs; H. Nelson will  be.. Jnr - charge | of   entertainment,  with,Mrs.,%VRedman on refreshments, Jrlrs.. .Mottishaw. will don-  $ter ���a .satin, cushion    and    Mrs.  Doyle will-dress r a    doll���both.  arjtjcfosL to.be. raffled- that evening.^ ".'���'.������  We notice the government tax  assessor. Mr. Howe* and assistant  Mi. Mercer^in;the district. Hope  f' he is in a good mood and that the"  taxes keep at a normal level.  Mr. and Mrs. A. Bain, Vancouver, are visiting the B.. Cooke's  this last weekend.  %�� ,Mes>* C.xLawrence entertained  4j|;. fevv friends on Tuesday after-  cnooni:lA, very pleasant tea���to  ^compliment our lovely autumn  ;[ weather. ..'������*  r."  ..!  .7.  D  X The word- quarantine comes.  fi;om then French quarantine  (forty-days) the periods a ship  Suspected of; carrfing; irifiertious  disease was.; detained before  cpmmunicating  with  the   shore.  GET   A  TRIM  CUT  AT  COLLISON'S  BARBER  SHOP  Sechelt,  B.C.  //  AUTHORIZED DEALERS  HEAR.OUR LATEST RCA VICTOR RECORDliNlGS:  "HAIR OF GOLD" by Jack Larhchrop Orchestra  IT ONLY HAPPENS WHEN I DANCE WITH YCgrV  by Perry Como  Associated With Sunset Hardware  Hoiiies  This Week's "Excludve^ Special!  New. three roomed home situated, on one-half acre  waterfrentage, near Gibsons. Magnificent view. An  extraordiriary buy at $1650-^-fulL price.        .;���"'/'  CALL OR WRITE  CONSOLIDATED BROKERS  Gulf Coast Offices ��� Sechelt or Gibsons, BX.  Phone Sechelt 27��� Phone Gibsons 71*  HEAD OFFICE  CONSOLIDATED BROKERS LTD.  942 W. Pender St.; Vancouver, ^C.t  Safe EconomicalxSeaplanes* ��� Experienced Pilots^  .   Air Express ��� Charter ��� Sightseeing  Timbercruising  TRY US ON THAT^NEXT TRIP TO TOWN  For Rates and Information call  Associated Air Taxi Limited  * RICHMOND 1551  or contact bur local agents      /  PARR  PEARSON   AGENCY  Phone Sechelt 377  N. R. McKibbon  Phone Gibsons 4-2  ���3  it:  &  %  "i.;.-  >t  r:.  Don't WmtePreeiom^H^  in Slow Travel!  Complete Marine Towing Service  ft'.":'  V  LOG TOWING��� YARDING��� SCOW^��� DREDGING  PILE DRIVING ��� SALVAGE  Special Fc.eilit.es for Quick Movement of Cats; Logging Trucks and  General Camp Equipment ',_"'_  PHONE US COLLET  7 $EC-dEI^-^^ 37  PENRERpA^ Hassan's Store, Tel.  6 U  NANAIMO^fe^ Towing Co. Ltd.  ^^f^r:;:!;^^^^^!^   1497 or 305  Areq Agents���Mr. H. Spalding, Pender Harbour, Tel. 6 C 3  ��.  wrnWHHi-J


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