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The Coast News Nov 19, 1948

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 oneris tree  rX' By C. FORST  THE FINE Concert given last Friday   evening   at   the   Roberts  Creefe^omunity Hall may well  ^SlSfk   an   epoch   in   the   history  of cultural development  on the  Peninsula.  ;      Tremendous applause and cries  ��� of "we want more" were heard  after   each   rendition,   from   the  r, appreciative audience.    '   . .  . Miss Xahpti Bernoff, Donald  Weal; and fee Lindwell of the  Junior   String   Orchestra   made  * their debut in conjunction with  [the Senior String Orchestra in  >|she first selection on the pro-  ��gram, Doges 'March from Merchant of Venice, Rossini.  '% Gifted little nine year old, Car-  | ol Forst, playing a violin solo,  : displayed a natural sweetness  \ and charm in her portrayal of  \ "Evening Song". The youngest  j ihember appearing' ��� was talented  \ six year old Wilson Anderson  | flaying iri the chorus of "Eve-  [riing Song".  f (Complete silence reigned while  \ ISric Lindwall revealed feeling  |.in his violin solo; accompaned  (by Junior and Senior String or-  I dhegtra in the chorus of "Merry  * WidW "Waltz."  ;.i:Jl\I-l_^tp^'H., Roberts,' baritone,   of  Wilsoft Cr^ek^ was brought back  $'���jlig^tf-vafiftdv agaiii.   A great favor-  t ite with the audience was his en-  ' cc*S? !*Laugh, Clown, Laugh", in-  adtedwith great brilliance.  B C^llb7splos were given by the  lilted; artist, Mr. Alan Mclntyre,  ifeitihg' from   West   Vancouver.  lie mysteries of the East un-  foldedx to an intent audience as  Serving1- a Progressive and Growing  Area on B. C.'s Southern Coast.  Covers Sechelt, Gibsons, Port Mellon, Woodfibre, Squamish, Irvines  Landing, Half Moon Bay, Hardy  Island, Pender Harbour, Wilson  Creek, Roberts Creek, Granthams  Landing, Egmont, Hopkins Landing,  Bra'ckendale,  Cheekeye,  etc.  FVBZrXSK-E-D BY THE COAST HtEW3, X-IMXTED  Business Offfea. Sechelt, B.C. Rational Advertising1 Office, Powell Stiver, B.C.  mtim  <*�����  Vol. Ill ��� No. 19  Sechelt, B. C.  Friday,- Nov. 19, 1948  5c per copy, $2.50 per year, by moil  UEFB Launch  3iWeek Campaign  To Aid Britons  THE UNITED Emergency Fund  for Britain started a ��� three-  week appeal for funds to aid  needy Britons on November 14,  continuing until December 5.  UEFB has established its nation-wide organization and now  has chairmen in . every province'  with local committees in many  cities and towns across Canada.  After months of extensive effort, devoted to setting up its  provincial administrative bodies,  machinery . for the co-ordination  of all Canadian aid to Britain  will start functioning immediately upon completion of the  fund raising campaign. UEFB enjoys the co-operation and approval for this movement of  a large number of leaders in  government, religion, education,  industry, finance, labor, and social and welfare groups in Canada  and the United Kingdom.  Plans: and objectives of UEFB,  as   outlined,   include  an   overall  voluntary   aid   to   Britain  prog-  .aHUB    m. ���Photo-by G.   Ballentyne fam- Donations to the fund will  Br^xadcdiniianied in close har- JUNIOR STRING ORCHESTRA made Its debate af the Community Hall concert in Roberts ^ ^0d^^hersu^hSa��  0#:hy; his sister, Miss M. Mc- Creek last Friday.   Back row: Eric LindWali; JdftefBefhhofy Donald Weal.    Front row: Canada  which  will  be   shipped  i|iis clever story teller gave;his  piterpret'ation of "Orientale".' He  Carol Forst and Wilson Anderson.  Sechelt Vessel  Gets Overhaul  IT  WAS   "UhusUarx freight  for   NTH WHS III  Margaret   Mclntyre,   ac-  foitiiJlislieci  violinist and pianist ^   --       .  /tii i r.  In 7h��fe own   right,   formed   the I  fill PPT VI \h  Jueiit^s bf the group almost two UU11CUI. ftpilU  ears ago. At that time the group ��-f     xtv  ilomprised   three   violinists,   eel-   r ftK   HnntlV ______   -_  Ibists .and   pianist,   Miss   Mcln- * U1   �� VPFJ WM*,* Frank Yates' Hotm Oil truck  Vre, Miss J. Jervis (violin and THE W.A. to thfe Canadian Leg- ^an unu^v^^ ^Jim  elloist), Mr. A. Weal, Mr. C; ion; Branch 140 at Sechelt are ? fes - BFe5f X ^h��n she w��s  [aywood and Mrs. G6rdon pleased to announce that a -total ^^^w^ft^;^t,'���^ ���^���?ad"  eeve-ii respectively.  Today they of  $116.61   was    collected    this ?lght to^seevthe   Bree^^Sway^   x _-_  include Miss  Nancy  Reedf self-  yea* from the sale of poppies- ���& ^7? ^* .fcb*sllWu6- WILSON   CREEK  kughfe.Mrs. E, J. Shaw..yiolin;.fro^^  year^old  to  UEFB  warehouses in  Britain  for   general   distribution   under  the direct supervision of the organization's     ad/vrisory     council-  Ocean shipping charges will  be  absorbed by the British government, who will also provide free  dockage,  handling, inland transportation   and   warehousing     in  the   United   Kingdom.   All   such  gift supplies will be exempt from  '  customs and excise duties, mat-  Rosemary erially  reducing  costs  and  pro-  daugh- ducing more relief for every dol-  fcNll Taidw^^oir Ker ^5^  mmtixs^&  ��i.i**h��;^Tg=; eont_��^t.^^t��wo^:^ c^'^'SK":  [Sna1; Mr.   Stan   Fallows,   celloist,  cause.  1 Ti!sori   Ci*eek. - Visiting   artists,  Drsr.   Nan'  Snellgrove   and   Mr.  Jan Mclntyre of West Vancou-  te��" aiSd the three senior members   of   the   Junior   Orchestra.  .he^'^ve': given much pleasure  ihd iipliftrhent to the music lovers oi. the Peninsula.  Fine       duty."  The well varied program under  Jitf* direction of Miss Mclntyre  ipsat as follows:  ]l Doges'    March    (Merchant    of  Venice), Rossini,  String  Orches*  fa.;  .. ifaerody of Peace.  I Artists'p Life,   Strauss,   String  Orchestra.  Sblq���-My Dear Soul, Sanderson;'When Song is Sweet, Sans-  poiici, H. Roberts, baritone.  Inteirnezzo,, <Cavalleria Rusti-  fana). Maspagni, String Orchestra.  |4 Evening -Sox.gr Adam Car&e;  |finibrs String Orchestral; '^Soloist,  J&rbl Forst.  has   done   yeoman    service    in averted 'serious   injuries!,   when ��ut cost,  parcels packed by or-  transportihg  men   to  Md! from sne fell from a bicycle, which she ganizations   in   Canada   for   ap-  the camps asxwell- as doing7thexWas rising along the wharf. Sheproved   recipients   in  Britain   if  popular trips for summer visit- had intended to ride around the delivered   at   UEFB   warehouses  or.                                                        freight shed, located at the  ex- in   collective   shipments.   Standr  A complete overhaul is in or- treme end of the wharff but dis- ardized UEFB packages, in vari-  der for the boat which will take covered, too late, that there was ous  sizes and  prices,  containing  perhaps   three   or  four  months,  no   actual   thoroughfare   at   the selected   foodstuffs  for  deficient  before she is  once    more    "on rear 0f the shed, and in her en- diets,   are   being   prepared   and  _ _        '    t* < * -ft  ill 1_  ��� 1   _   "l_   1    _ _   I. _l ���_ A  For Armistice  Day at Gibsons  deavour to avert a minor crash will   be   available   shortly.   Ar-  into/the   wall   had   apparently rangements are being completed  misjudged   the   distance,     which to   handle   donations     of     used  resulted in the machine skidding clothing,   bedding,    and    similar  along  the  slippery  deck of  the items,  also without cost to    the  oil-bespattered wharf, and Rose- sender, early in the coming year.  mary,   plunging    headfirst    into  Top' Leatherdale,  Pioneer, Dies  DIAMOND     Ar.mv___ibA_ix  the icy water of Davis Bay.  There was a heavy tide running at the time and a great  number of logs and debris float-  nracmMrp    a-   ��� *���      -k        ����_.   . ing around. The girl disappeared  GIBSONS^-Armistice  Day    ser- f j��     few seconds  which  as she  vices  were celebrated  With  a remarked later  se^med ^ long ROBERTS  CREEK-Mr.  Donald {  very   fine   turnout   of   veterans minutes M.   Leatherdale, ��� former  dgp~y  and   Women's   Auxiliary   mem-               ' uty chief, k^ember of the -1&0*X  bers for the parSde; tothe^heiw     In the  meantime,  Young  Mc- neers>   Association,     and    many  Legion   Hall,  at GibsoiiS.   High- Lean, who had witnessed the in- yearg   a     resic[ent    of    Robetts^  light -of  the  cerembnyxwas  tlie^ cident,   rushed   at   once   to   the Creek has passed on to join^ the ^  first   appearance  of7  the    Boys spot,   and   frantically   called   for imm0rtal Pione^fs.  I'GoIcl and Silver Valse, Franz WAWWi1l/     ��.��x^j.v *_.��������.*    --*-*-   LfeHSr; String Orchestra.                 "mT^X M^Tordan "^"por- Auxiliary and girls Of the Leg-  Rosemary to swim to the steps, x"^o^V as^B-x^wis affectiohally  Tb  a  Wild  Rose,  MacDoweU;     ^ ���* ����� ^brated their io^   The   boys   did   retriarkably which she  did  and  he   agisted calledf ^llaiysid: at the home of  |lFish Lilt, Severn; String Orches- g^mondTw���dinJf    anniversarhr wel1  with their new dium and heruP' The ^ .had mtended to�� his son Donfon Nov. 10, the day  'W     -   ..   -       .                               on October 6  They have lived in bugle corPs-                                       swim  ashore,  being unaware  of he  was to attend the pioneers'  lf   CellO'  JSolo���Orientale,    Cesar British   Columbia   for   53'vears          Through   the   generosity   of the steps,  and this  advice  from Ball   His  last words to his son  fetal; Harlequin, A. Popper;1 Alan Mr   Jordan  came from England Harry Gough the boys^ have a set the.boy saved her the extra ex- were:   ��weli} -i almost made it,  ^McIA^re.                               ,    ���        77 'years   ag0   with   his  parents of drums and bugles as fine as ertion of  a  150-foot swim.   She didn>t I?��  Solb���Evening     Brings     Rest, and later married Hannarr third any,   and   with   some  very  fine was taken home and given hot Reminiscing   of   the   old   days  fm_mop;   LaUgH,   Clown,   Laugh, daughter of Mr   and Mrs' Wei- help,   hope   to   make-, the   band stimulants   and   was   soon   none at his S4th birthday celebration  ���;^__._r. ��   ��-^'.^_   ^-_.-x            aaugnier_oi mi. _ x��i,mib.   vv        ^.^^.^                                           the  worse  for  her. exoenence. last June> he ^ld of his arrival  to B.C. 59 years ago, from Oril-  lia, Ontario where he was borfc,  pishop; H. Roberts, baritone.         llniton^Boyce" of  Selwyn,   Ont- outstanding. the worse for her. experience  \   Waltz    Song;    Merry    Widow* ario.   They  had    one    daughter     Services   held   in   Legibn  hall  f Waits., Franz Lehar; Junior String whom  they  lost  on    her    24th with J. Marshall reading the les* ���                             ���        -  ^tfechesitra; soloist, Eric Lindwall. birthday.   Mr.   Jordan   came   to son   for   the   day,   Rev.   Moore, ttnerqency t Una  ^Seleet'ibhs    froih    "Oklahoma", Sechelt  in   19237 At    81    years, giving the sermon, and the hew TJ-��                D                r_   U*  both ;Mr.   and Mrs.  Jordan  are pastor of Anglican Church read��� -Way IO tiepay UeDt  in the best  of  health,  and^^ Mr. ihg the prayers.                         ��� HERE'S  a pleasant  way to  re- f^T ~^y^s visS"^ vS^oii:  Jordan keeps fit by his dailyjob     A fine quartet sang the Lord's toav a debt                                    ���Lora b^nleys V^S1? ^>  vancou-  ^ ^^ -u           ���        v  ���      in  the   workshop   and    on    the Prayer. Aer the^sSyices end- I^ort   the��   United     Emer- ^ve"f ^mous  pSk^   ^  SdT^YOUNG^ousewives  livmg woodpile.  . **^^  String*^ Orchestra.  ���_  Charges Dropped  with "seven dollars and.a. wife"; i  his association with; tjhte oldxcity I  hall; the"Court"Mbuse v^ere the *  Cenotaph   now   stands,   and   of :  ihr the same apartment build _ _  irtg fell  into a  dispute  of. such Extend Good W&heS   view the biwMhg ^ ceased^ W^fe^ats  ES^^Stf^ ^ ^ * ?? *- shown to B.C. durn, the recent C^i^^^  Sw^^J^I:^^^^ 1929.   Mrs.   Leatherdale    prede-  ased him by four years.  doing to finish this fine  build- ii^d^^Tcalh^ontribu- j^^^^j^/^'  2KK-? a1tnSeda?tehthf._ A VERY pleasant ^Sunday night ��|.        X^. ���        ue            the ^S   ^d���^611   1*35 ^W^t Vancouver "'fissTu  of^berS  t��^b^eh ^d   reaching it   all ���^J"*^^!^ wo^ln.t? vSu^rs V |S Georg^^S*-.^h^'mar t. gl* ^gg: ,$��*��___?  br#.e>nto  bitter   complaints  at Guinness s  birtnaay on in ovem     ^    building readv to hold this^ madeTat anv chartered bank;'Of- "2?^        oromer  jacK   oi  js_eni,  tt.2' <ar_\p- moment    .            - ber 14. Friends who dropped m tne .Duuame^  %i^_uc^^t     momentarily at his Selma Park home7tb, wish service,     and   /Khcmgh    much fi��al receipts  for  tax  purposes     Funeral services Were held at  stm^^h^s ^ncfSS him   happy   birthday   -ihchided, ntore work needed doing, m^n- will be given.                                   Mt>   Pleasant  chapel,  burial   at  SSS'fledt^eatr   Suddenly Mr.  andLMrs.  Georg^ Batchelbr hers   deserve   praise   fcfr   ^abor     B,C. foods of unexcelled qual- Mountain r View.  M raS>ed for  drdS Sr., Mr. and Mrs.Wm. Mbrfison, already  donated.              :,,^,:,x/....ityVvwm...be   purchased  to  sup-  When auiet had been restor- Mr. and Mrs. R. S. Hackett. Vis-     In   the  evening  a  social   was plement   diets   of    ration-weary  -ed   the   patient   magistrate  said iting for the occasion were Mrs; held  for   members   and  friends, Britons, state Fund officers. g&[SA833  aiiiethr  "Now I'll hear^ the old-' McGuinness's     daughter      Ruth and music by members of Legion will serve the additional purpose                                                      0  8  ^SUirsi"            -k         ���     ��� and  son  Stewart.  May we  add band,   making  the   dayxa   real,:of benefitting B.C. growers and                                         VTUnl^TA  \ksf pIotVcI the case our good wishes to theirs. Remembrance Day. industry.    .    ^i.Gua��ux/i  ^That closed the case. "ui g               .>.                                                           :L                                                                                         XHVHan IVIO^IAOM P/3/3-a- Pirffifnl-  -Tnrr �����"  P^I||^ILWII^|M..  &*age Two  THE COAST NEWS, SECHELT, B.C.  Friday, Nov.  19,  1948\  By "SLIM'  bought   a   house   at  Abbotsford, May Smid, Mrs. Kay Agur, Mrs.  where   Crichton   is   v/orking  for Holly  Roberge,   Mrs.   Kay  Mat-  Mac and Mac's, so hope they get thias and Mrs. Gladys RoyaL  settled there and like it.  The first general meeting was  TTTT?nT*rQ -ntott id it <:nrA wnn't WeU   folks'   this   ail   for   this held Oct. 18 at the cookhouse and  beTongno^ week, so I'll say cheerio for now. votes  for  a  new  committee  re-  Noticed there was no  column Shm' turned af President, Eldred Ber-  in for Nov. 5, but it wasn't my ^^^^^^                                  ry, secretary  Gladys Royal; who  fault. I guess it was held up in    TT^TZTZZ ���'���''" ��� will be aided by Geprgie Berry,  the mail                                          . TOBA THBS 'N THAT     George Mills and Melvin Ius.  By   BROWNIE  Well sorry to say    little Dale  McGregor   has   rheumatic  fever,  ?o��n^ tTrJJ^o6 cbo^e"ve ��L$ ABOARD  USS CHELOHSIN  of your comic books, he will ap-      Here  we are again folks, this  predate them. time   we   are  leaving  for   good,.  this will be my last time to watch  Went to the Squamish Legion ^he range of beautiful mountains  Dance with the gang and I never that wall tHe sides of Toba Inlet  saw time pass so quickly, we all don their first mantle of winter,  had a swell time. The hall was my last time to marvei at the  beautifully decorated and the many waterfalls that tumble and  Ladies Auxiliary served the sup- ^^0^ the steep and rocky  per and I want to say what a m0Untainside only to be lost in  nice variety of sandwiches there the   d and   swiftly   moving  was, also cake and such a lot of T b    M t j   t time t    ^_  teZA^e^toLZ        ceive  "*  travelling  orders   and  be too long between dances.        hour of sailing from the boSS of  The Beach Ladies Aid had water, the Tide,  their bazaar Wednesday, Oct. 10. From now on it wil be terra  It was nice to see everything go firma, the open road, and on to  so fast. Wasn't lucky enough to the land of hope. George and I  win any of the lovely prizes, have bought some property on  Tea, sandwiches etc., were serv- the Hope-Princeton highway and  ed by the C.G.I.T. girls and it in the near future will be putting  was enjoyed. It was nice to see up our sign which will read,  the smiling face of Mrs. Mac- Crestview Motel. Drop in, won't  Kay;  also  our Lillian Bell was you?  over from Woodfibre. ,        .  �� I have been away four weeks  Would like to send birthday so shall now try to bring this  greetings to a very grand man, column up to date before I turn  my Dad, Mr. Lewis Will, who it over to the capable hands bf  will reach the grand age of 74 Gladys Royal,  next week and still working every day. So many more happy Birthday greetings go to: Fred  birthdays "Dad." Matthias,   Oct.   29;   Jack   Smid,  Oct. 22; Pat Agur, Oct. 26; Jim-  Mrs.   M.   Odendall    is    home mie Matthias,  Nov.  16.  after a few days spent in Vancouver. Happy anniversary to Kay and  Fred Matthias on Oct. 12, also to  Well, I guess there was great May and Tom Matthias who  rejoicing in the old country on celebrated their 13th on Nov. 2.  Sunday last at the birth of a Tom made it a double celebra-  baby boy to Princess Elizabeth. tion by getting his first deer this  I m glad it was a boy and wish day  them Good Luck.  tt _*���'*. _.*      x n/r        m       At the home of Mrs. J. C. John-  ~^a^% t!ierifr01? T.^rS* \T* ston a shower was held Oct. 14  ���    ���5 ,?��?���er.ly #iAere'. +W���� for   Miss   Mable   Rogers   whose  is   now  hvmg  m   Gibsons,   tell- marriage to Mn  R> |.  Isaac  of  mg me they have a son,  which .    *      *��}  J��*  ���,,_   tJ���    i��  FOR SAFE. COURTEOUS  May. and Jack Smid had .a singsong 7at their home Oct. .-..28.  Voices heard were, Gladys and  Chuck Royal, May and Tom Matthias, Kay and Fred Matthias, (  Mary, and Jim Johnston, Alice  and Ted Jackson, Georgia Berry,  Kay Agur, and last but definitely not least,; Pop Jackson; (a  required ingredient tb insure the  success of any. sing-song.)  Mary Johnston had a Hallowe'en supper Oct. 31 for the children. Little faces shining around  the festive table were Andy and  Edgar Johnston, Kenny, Jimmie  and Tommie Matthias, Wayne and  David Royal, Edward Jackson  and Barry Agur.. After supper  the children made the rounds of  camp for their "treats" and then  Jim Johnston lit a bonfire and  big and little gathered round to  enjoy the   display  of  fireworks.  The first dance of this year  was held Nov. 6 at the cookhouse, a good time was had by  all with Jim Johnston and Mr.  G. Moody being the lucky prizewinners.  .. The deer season so far has  beeh successful for Chris Smith,  Tom Matthias and Pop Jackson,  Ted Jackson has a few ducks to  his credit.  Well, folks, I guess this winds  it up. It has been pleasant knowing you and some day our trails  may cross again, until then, the  very best to you all in the coming  year.  Yours   sincerely,   "Brownie".  PHONE  24  HOUR  SERVICE  , .2 PHONES -r, 2 CABS -  Wilson  Creek,  Selma Park  Phone Sechelt 5C2 and 5U  "Anytime ��� Any Place" .  they are very proud of, after two  Sask.,   will  take  place  Nov.   16  girls.  at Duncan, B.C.  Mabel   received   many   lovely:  Also   had   a   letter   from   bur. gifts.    Guests /were:   Mrs.   Alice  "Ivy Hawkshaw  and  they  have Jackson, Mrs. MajA Matthias,. Mrsx  TEMPER TIPS  Nearly all children have occa-  sionaL outbursts of temper and  the wise parent deals with the  problem carefully and gently.  Patience and tact are required  and the parent should be firm  when the heed arises. Above all,  parents should riot losp their  own tempers while dealing with  those   of   their  children; x  CURRENT  FOR ��... HOSPITAL HUMME FREMIIIS  PAYMENT  BY   INSTALMENTS   IS   FOR   YOUR  C(}^pJIENGE.  Prepayment is an essential feature of any type of insurance. It helps  to guarantee general participation and is the best way of ensuring  continuation of the present low premiums. Prepayment also protects  .  hospitals from unpaid bills and operating deficits.  Residents of the area should make payments through  the mail or in person to^ /  1730 WEST GEORGIA STREET, VANCOUVER  Phone: TAtEow 4181-2-3  Office Hours:  9 to 5  DELAYED REGISTRATION. If you have not yet registered, you should  immediately obtain a registration form from your local B.C!. Hospital Insurance  Service Office, complete and return it as soon as possible. ....  The Plan comes into .effect on January".I," 194.% Make avx&youi  are eligible to receive your Hospital Insurance Card inDecember, y  by paying six months' or a year's premium by November 30.   7  '���������. 7X ���'���   ��� ^    ���   ��� ��� ������-' .         WHERE' YOU GET MORE  FOOD PER DOLLAR!  For Groceries It's  its  AT GIBSONS  tf  i  mm  TaORIE IRVING  "Pick the Hits"  11:30 A.M. each week day  it:'  ����&*_  CAL GEORGE  "Red, White* Blue"  2:00 P.M. Mon. thru Fri.  /  ,?T"_  /  /  '/  '/tefw  0*  >.;.  ? .  M  KEN HUGHES  News at 9:00 & 11:00 A.  2:30 & 8:00 P.M.  M.  LV  ....  y_  REO THOMPSON  "Off the Record"  3:30 P.M. Daily  >*  v  JOHNNy ANSELL  "Top O" Th�� Morning"  6:30 A.M. Daily  'IV  LV.  *-���..���%.  *.,  (1  4&  </���  /,   1  Join with us in celebrating our  silver anniversary. Listen for the  special ~Anniversary Programs  this week��� there'll be prizes,  fun, and as always the best in  Radio Entertainment.  *tm&tuMM  T  LLyXPwfMfVy  mSf \ilam tvdk Wm&uiI  V Friday, Nov. 19,  1948_  THE COAST NEWS; SECHELT/B. C.  Page Three  _n5______H_H___H__  ���"'" By MRS. J. H. RENNIg  7   Your correspondent regrets the  Jack of the column in the last  two  issues  of the   Coast  News.  .The notes were written as usual  for the issue of the paper dated  Oct.   29.    Evidently    they   must  : have been lost or mislaid somehow.   We are disappointed they  .were not published as they were  items of interest to the community.  : The last two weeks were spent  in   Vancouver   so  we   were   not  :on   "the   job"   of   finding   news  iitems.  Mr. and Mrs. J. E. Ouellet have  ^arrived from  the  east to spend  the winter with their daughter-  Mrs.   A.   Marten.    Mrs.   Marten,  who  was  an  active  member of  the   Registered   Music   Teachers'  ^Association  in the East,, intends  ;to resume teaching in the com-  . munity.   She is a graduate of the  JLyell   Gustin   Piano   Studios   of  [Saskatoon,   and   a  former  pupil  of Roger Filiatrault of Montreal.  On Tuesday afternoon, Nov. 9,  ;a whist'drive was held at the  l home of Mrs. Fred Soames uh-  vder the auspices of the Women's  ^Institute. Thfs^ was the second  * of a series of whist drives which  ���: are being held as a means of  I raising^ funds. A. very enjoyable  time was spent by the ladies, 24  ifs took part in the game..  By "ARIES'  VERY GLAD to hear that Mrs.  Frederickson, hostess at the ,Se-  chelt Inn, is back with us once  more although still in bed. Good  going though to have got that far  now. The fresh air and good  friends in Sechelt will do much  to aid recovery.  The more we get together the  happier we'll be goes the song  ���well we had a grand party at  Rockwood Lodge on Saturday  with Mr. and Mrs. Morrison as  hosts, and enjoyed the ". music  immensely. Among those present  were Mr. and Mrs. Laycock, Mrs.  Grey, Miss Elsie Turner, Mr. J.  Ellis, Miss Gladys Bell, Miss  Joan Crauther, Dick Derby, Miss  Norma Melvin, Mrs. Frank  French, Mrs. Ruby Jay, Mr. and  Mrs. Ted Osborne, Mrs. Beth  Hascamp, Mr. Ernie Barker,  Mrs. Eva Oakie, Mr. and Mrs.  Jim  Parker,  Mr.  and  Mrs.  Ben  has been feeling the brunt of  the stormy weather. The "Machi-  gonne" has been unable to call  for passengers owing to rough  seas.  Lang, Mr. and Mrs. Bob Cook,  Mr. and Mrs. W. H. Brooker,  Mr. and Mrs. W. Weston, Mr. W.  iBrown and Mr. Madden, "Mr.  and Mrs. H. Stockwell and others.  Was at the Remembrance Day  services in Vancouver this year.  We had a very nice location piloted to ex-service women with  chairs which made it not too  tiring. The pipe bands were very  inspiring and Spencers Remnants although not so many as  before still looked very smart  in their kilts and march as well I  as the younger vets.  The Fusiliers also were very  smart and two units wearing  the traditional busby looked very  well indeed. One sad incident  was the. collapse of an old South  African vet. Many of the service  women burst into tears.  A vry nice party marked little  Jeanne Lawrence's 4th birthday  last Friday. Gifts, cake and ice  cream were the order of the day,  for the little folk. For them, the  "party" did hot begin* till the  cake appeared. Guests were:  little Ronnie Mills, Suzanne Wig-  ard, Elaine Powell and Master  Donnie West. Escorts for the  small fry and grownup guests���  Continued on Page Four  'X Mr. and Mrs. Dolphin and their  two small sons have left Grantham's Landing and are taking  : up residence in Prince Rupert.  ,,Thejgood wishes of their friends  ^here go with them.  Mr. and Mrs. Baxter spent the  ���holidays last week at their cot-  stage on the Indian Reserve.  ���'���'��� Mr. and Mrs. J. Mc Alpine are  on a vacation at present in Vancouver.  Mrs. J. Workman is also among  the Vancouver visitors this week.  }���'���:'���'��� '.'���'���'������ ��� '���'''-  Prof. Henderson and Mrs. Hen-  ' dersori are at present on vacation.  *TJiey   expect   to   be ��� a^ay   till  Christmas. ���. ..''    .''.''"_.���'.-'' '^'~':  *������ -' n   ���������-'��� ���.  ��� -���  ! ; Mrs. "W. Banks has gone back  to Vancouver last week after a  short rest at home. She has been  having a trying time visiting at  Shaughnessy Hospital these  last  ^months.  Mr. Banks js still a patient there,  arid is likely to  be  'there for some time.   Mrs. Roberts of Vancouver spent the holidays last week with Mrs. Banks.  We are sorry to report that  Mrs. Eric Cooper had to be recalled to the hospital on Sunday  for an appendix operation. The  'operation' was performed just al-.  most after arrival at the hospital.  As far as we know there have not-  been any complications. We wish  her^a speedy recovery.  Mr. and Mrs. George Bell are  entertaining visitors from Mountain Home, North Carolina, USA,  at present. They are Mr. and  Mrs. Cecil , , Hines, sister and  brother-in-law of Mrs. Bell.  Two new families have come  to stay at Granthams , recently  and have taken up residence in  two of the cottages owned by  Mrs. S. Spencer.  Mr. and Mrs. Leonard O'Brien  and two year old son are occupying "Sharon" and Mr. and Mrs.  George Sicotti and three sons are  occupying "Chang-a-Lot".  . These last two days Granthams  MURDOCH'S  MARINE SUPPLY  Compare Our Prices!  Del nor Frozen Foods  Ice Cream  Groceries  Fresh Meats and  Vegetables  Hardware  Drygoods  Shell Oil  Fish Camp  ��We how \have Increased  refrigeration for handling  of perishables.  Pender Harbour, * -C...  "I'VE THOUGHT THIS  THING OUT..."  Says Tom Franck  I think I can make up my own mind better than any  government official can do it for me. And that's why  I'm plugging for our free opportunity democratic system.  To me, it means freedom of choice; choice of education  and vocation, choice of .employer and of politics.  Like most young Canadians I want to choose my education and fit myself for the job or the profession I've  decided on ... not be told how and what to do by a  politician two. thousand miles away. If I'm capable���  and who doesn't try to be���I'll succeed.  And what's more important, our free opportunity  democracy makes it possible for others like me to get  ahead as far and as fast as they can. What our politics  are or who our families were doesn't matter. We'll  make it on how well we do our jobs ... not how well  we know a political boss or how well we serve an all  powerful political party.  I've thought this thing out. By comparison and on its  own merits, our free opportunity democracy offers more  to me���a student���than any Socialist or Communist  state would. And by more, I mean more choice of  what I want to do,, more opportunity-to succeed,  more rewards if I make good, and a higher standard  of living for everybody.  Certainly   I   want   a   free   opportunity  democracy. And because I want it, I'm  going   to   work   to   defend   it   and  improve it in every way I can.  CONTRACTORS  Glen. 0463F Phone Mar. 3439  BULLDOZING, ROAD CONSTRUCTION, LAND  CLEARING, EXCAVATING, ETC.  Large Machines.   HD10 ,at Sechelt���HD14C at Gibsons  SEE ED BAMFORD  ^ Clay Chamberlin's  GIBSONS, B. C.  Say You Saw It In The "News"  RELIABLE 24-  HOUR SERVICE  HALFMOON BAY,  Halfmoon Bay  7-U (. ���.)  Bill Mervyn  Going Steady  with B.C  mmm  Tom Franck, University Student  Standard Oil Company Qf British  Marine Building, Vancouver, B.C.  This is one in a series of advertisements sponsored by  Standard of B.C. and its associates, the independent  Chevron Dealers, to present the people*s views on the values  and opportunities available to us in British Columbia  under our democratic free opportunity system. This  system, we are convinced, offers the greatest incentives,  the highest standards of living, the best job-security and  freedom of thought and action.  Going Steady  with B.C.  Limited fiCi^e Four  THE  LN��WS,7��EeitEkT. 8--C-  .Friday, Nov. 19,  SELRBA PARK  By H. I. L.  MR. AND Mrs. H. Temple are  grandparents for the third  time, a son being born to their  youngest daughter in Vancouver  on Nov.  13. Mrs.    Temple    has  gone to town to see the new arrival.  Mr. Bernie Duval and Mr.  Wm. Miller of the Government  Telephone and Telegraph line  crew are back in Selma, while  the crew are doing some work  on the Peninsula.  Mr. and Mrs. John Batchelor  of Vancouver spent last weekend here with the Harry Batch-  elors.  A most enjoyable and successful tea was given by Mrs. G.  Colson assisted by her daughter, MORE ABOUT  Mrs. A. Bruyneel on Nov. 15 at  the home of the former. Mrs. T.  Finlayson was in charge of the  novelty and candy table. Mrs.  J. Mowatt won the door prize.  The sum of thirty-four dollars  for the Community Centre was  raised by this effort.  -t&e-���4Mi^ma||erM ^?1U tgke place.  So l$:eep .this date open and  watch the paper and posters for  -further .details. It would be well  worth your while. At the close  of the meeting refreshments  were served by the hostess and  a social hour was enjoyed by all.  The net total ppllected from  Wilson Creek to Sechelt for  poppies was $116.61. The committee wish to thank all those  who donated of their time and  .money;  Continued from Page 3  Mrs. F. Mills, Mrs. A. Gray, Mrs.  L.   Powell,   M.   Allen,   Mrs.   J.  Redmpn, Mrs.  G. West.  sen Town Talk  By MALDY THOMAS  THE TEEN Town dance was  held on Friday, November 12.  We were unable to use our automatic record player, as it is in  the repair shop. So we borrowed  one from the Record Appliance  Shop.  Mr. and Mrs. D. Davies came  up to help keep things going  ahd look after the record player.  There were several novelty  dances; including a lemon dance.  Roy Gray and Chrissie Stewart  were   the   ones   stuck   with  the  lemon when the dance finished.  Chrissie said she actually en-<  joyed it. What a gal! Earle  Foulkes was the fellow who  couldn't answer the truth and  consequence quiz. His punishment was to kiss a gal, but he  wouldn't do it in public���not  even with the lights out.  A best dancer's dance was  held with Doug and his wife  as judges. Jack and Ruth Norrjs  were claimed to be the best  dancers on the floor.  Afterwards pop and cake were  served.  The next dance will be held  November  27th   and   the    Teen  Town hopes to get the Legion- (  naires   Orchestra   on   that Xdate.'  The   dragon-fLy   folds   its   six^  spine-fringed ��� legs    together    to  form a net when in flight.  The regular meeting, of the  Selma Park Community Centre  was held on Monday evening at  the home of Mr. and Mrs. J.;  Mowatt, with the president, Mrs.  J. E. Lee in the chair. Twenty-  two members and friends were  present. It was decided to hold  the next regular meeting on Dec.  6 in Willows Store, instead of  Dec. 20, it being too near Christmas.  An item in the .Ppwell River  -Al Mee who left here  during the summer for Cranberry is now a partner in the  very aptly named firm "Milton  and Mee" operating the West-  view AutoXMetal in Westview.  Best of luck Al.  We hear-^that Mr. Hackett  now on holidays, though he is  still to be found at mail time in  the pffice, plans to take Mrs.  Hackett south���via the road to  Porpoise Bay, Something was  said ~ about taking the motor but  of the boat and putting in a  wheelbarrow, for the journey.  This advertisement is not published  or displayed by the Liquor Control  Board  or by the Government or  British Columbia.  GOVERNMENT OF  CANADA   BONDS  314%  due November 15, 1951  have been called for payment  November 15,1948  These bonds should be presented for redemption with ail coupons of later date  attached. No further inferest will be paid  on these bonds after this date.  BC9MT  HOW IS YOUR CAR RUNNING?  Good? -r-tt Not Bring It To  Wilson Creek Garage  Your General Motors Dealer  WILSON CREEK, B.C.                        PHONE SECHELT $S  Miss Ann Millar turned over  the money taken from her "wishing well," that has been on the  counter of her store all the summer with the request that it he JOCk McGoOH Wants  used fPr furnishings m the Club   0      - ���,..     ,  s%i��  rooms. The president was asked parOeTS JllUea \Jtt  to head a committee to arrange Spike Malone  for  a   "Gala  Night"  on  Friday, c|0 Editor Coast News,  Dec.   3,   when   the   drawing   for jjeAR SPIKE���Read about your  tonsorial predicament at Sechelt (that Den of Iniquity,  hehr-heh). The barber there must  be a pretty tough ciistpmer. However I believe that I have solved ypur problem $nd also the  present International crisis at  ;which in my opinion the barbers are at the bottom.  Since I was kicked out of kin-  .dergariten (because my beard  got in\ the inkwell) I have seen  numerous 'bad lads- look .as  though they could use a good  shaye and a haircut.  Now listen closely���nobody  reads our letters so I can be  quite co|ifidential. The barbers  over a period of years, liave raised Tthe price of; h^yrcuts to the  point where a great percentage  of the population can no longer  afford them, their hair and  jyhiskers sppn cpyer the features  and what have you? Why a  bunch of iRppshians.  My solution is this. I would  immedi-tteiy draft all the barbers $$d train T^hem in commando tactics and parachute  jumping7I would then load them  ,all jnto a fleet pf B29 bombers  and drop them in pairs across  Rooshia  at  night.  When they land, one barber  gr^bs a Rposhian���the other  gives him a quick shave and  haj-rput.  The next a.m. when the Roo-  shians awake, one half the popu.-,  latipn sees ythe other h&lf clean  shaven etc.���they don't recog-  (hize. them and shout---"we,re invaded"���th^y gr^b their guns  and Kalmuks and bump each  other off and also the barbers  ��1 hope) thus alleviating the"  present international tension and  splying. your problem as well.  Haweyer, if the .abpve plan  should fail I am working on a  set of rubber shears and clippers that ��re guaranteed not to  nick pn ^he pdd tack that the  occasional |i��herman drives into  hishead;,tp|har.g his hat on.  ";   ''"       ��� .Yours,  Jock McGoon  P.S. 3#he*t thi$ country needs  is a gppd 5c haircut. X"  W BANI  to a miuioh amain  fill?}  w  v  Hold-ups, burglaries, armed robberies;; s you read  of them in your newspaper every day of the week.  Don't let yourself be the victim of the Government  Bond thief. Get your, bonds safely behind the steel  doors of a Bank of Montreal vault.  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Every Meal A  Party!  when  you serve  our  Bread, Pies, Cakes-or'  Cookies  Our Years' of Service Is  Our Guarantee  ELPHINSTONE  BAKERY  ROBERTS CBEEK  By "CAROLA"  A FEW OF the residents here  braved the Saturday's nigtht  storm to attend the masquerade  dance held at the Legion Hall,  Sechelt to be entertained by the  Secheltenaires. Two of the  party, Mrs. Murray MacKenzie,  Roberts Creek and Mr. J. Palmer, Vancouver, won the Spot  dance.  Birthday congratulations are  in order for Stephen Read, Miss  E. Wallis, Patsy Rusk, Miss Joan  MacKenzie   who   celebrated   last  tions of girl Uaupes who, consequently, wore a tight garter  below the knee from infancy.  The Kirghiz's estimate of fe-  ixiale beauty is almost soldjiy  governed by how fat she is, the  Samoyde looker is determined  by the smallness of her eyes and  the Aztecs were just mad about  girls with flat heads. Three  guesses what. Miss Ubangi of  1948  is going to look like.  Was it not Hume who once  said, "Beauty is no quality in  things themselves; it exists  merely in the mind which contemplates them; and each mind  perceives a different beauty"?  week. Kitty Ripley, her 7th.  Her mother Mrs. Gwen -Ripley  took time out from her nursing  career to spend the occasion  with her daughter and to visit  with   Mrs.   Madge   Newman.  Miss Eleanor Shaw and Miss  Gloria Forst came home forvthe  weekend to take in the concert.  District Fire Chief H. D. Hea-  thorn and Mrs. Heathorn were  week-end guests of the Jack Ed-  lunds. They, too, enjoyed the  concert.  Mrs. Alex Anderson, sister to  Mrs. Jim Leatherdale left for  Vancouver Monday morning via  Ferry to attend the funeral of  Mr. D. Leatherdale. As did Mr.  J. Jefferson.  Mrs. R. Rose travelled to Vancouver to spend a few days.  With the Sechelt wharf closed  (for a new wharf or repairs?)  and the present weather forbidding the use of our Roberts  Creek wharf���Gibsons can indeed claim the title "Gateway  to the Peninsula."  Most snakes have poor vision  and can hardly recognize anything standing still, but they can  follow fairly well moving objects  with their eyes.  l���r^r*M$^^^^Mm  ^*r'.!r ���.���s.'.'AJ.:'..'-. -s��� -.���.'���'.'.'���'.'���'���'.'.y.'.'.J vWWW-WWWW.W^'JWA'W.'Jv.vJvJAW.'.'.'A1. ...,i.''.'.w:1!1.1.1. ���'��� i' ���'.'.'���'.'.p.v iiip.'.p.p.1..tp  .y<  ANNUAL FIRST AID TROPHY AWARD���Initiating a    new  phase in its continuous safety education and accident  prevention work, British Columbia's pulp and paper industry  will introduce annual industry-wide First Aid competitions  early in 1949. Teams from approximately twelve pulp and  paper plants throughout British Columbia will compete for  top honours. The winning first aid team wilj receive the industry's highest award, the handsome gold-plated trophy reproduced above. Each member of the winning five man team will  also receive an individual award as Will members of the second team. The annual trophy award and the team member  awards will be made by the Western Branch, Canadian Pulp  and Paper Association. ..  ^���jr-*'; v-  -^  .    *��� j>   ���-X-'  ���        i   K r-*>.i*~4  \r ���������*-. V~\. -ftJl'*  The Old Established  General Store at  PENDER HARBOUR  Supplying:  Families,  Fishermen  and Camps  Provisions, Textiles,  Novelties, Toys  Home Gas Station  Fish Buyers  Refrigeration  QUALITY - SERVICE  V&LUE  r ���������   :   at  Hassan's Landing  Midway South Shore  Our  by Jack Scott  I HAVE been asked to be the  judge of a "Beautiful Baby"^  contest in my hohie town and  I am hiding out from-the committee. I was once a judge at a  beauty contest and several of  the mothers of the contestants  are said to be still looking for  me with blood in their eyes.  Judging anything is a danger-,  ous business because no man is  neutral, specially when it comes  to weighing the merits of the  ladies. His judgment can be  hopelessly warped in making a  neutral decision by nothing more  than the color of a contestant's  hair, the look in her eye or even  if she just reminds him of a girl  he once met at a* summer camp  at the.tender age of 16.  The     pictures     of    American  PHOTOGRAPHY - Portrait - Commercial  C. G. BALLENTINE. ��� BAL'S BLK. ��� GIBSONS  Res..��� Phone Granthams, 10Q  Agent���Roberts and Wilson Creek-���Carola Forst, 22L  Secheit ��� The Coast Hews, 37  IB"*-'  beauity  contest  winners  we  see  in the-newspapers and in Life  ; Magazine all. seem to look like  the same girlx (you don't sup-  -$S0 %MM^ game^girLdcbyou?)  . and this, leads me.-to believe that  ���perhaps, the professional judges  "know  exactly  what    they    are  looking for.  A judge of livestock, for instance, or of, say, peaches, is  . obviously; looking for a standard  type. In the case of peaches, a  j udge would look for texture,  the absence of fuzz, the firmness of the fruit itself and of  course, for size. Peach judges  probably lead a fairly dull life,  but obviously never have to  keep an eye on the nearest exit.  The - trouble with finding a  standard type in pinning a blue  ribbon on a young lady is that"  there never has been a universally accepted model, or not for  long anyway. <.  The global implications of the  search for beauty are; themselves staggering 7everi if you  don't stagger easily.  Chinook^,   for     example, .  go  simply  wild   about  girls   whose/,  faces have a straight line from;  the end ofnhe nose to the crown,  of the head. The  South American Uaupes  considered  a swollen calf one of the chief attrac-  m  %  Q0,CKtYP^��P  FOR _.���  'pp.;7i.i.i.p.i.'.m. .ill i.i.p.w.i.p.p.p.1. J f 11 ���.���.���.���.".���.���.'.'.p.1.1.111 i.i.p p.p.p.p.'.i.p. .. .'i i ij  ���viVpViVJVft.ijja;51 ������YiVi<jh;ji��� ��� �����-���:��� YnVii��� iyj.*_f>a"��Vi��M.*itr ..������wifi.iu<*��� ��� ��� ��� �������� Vi  S  Haddock's Engineering  A GROWING CONCERN  -We are your VIVIAN agents. In stock we have a brand  spanking new 15 h.p., 2 cyl.   $924.00  Available with starter and generator.  We are your J. A. PRESTWICH agents. In stock we have  one 4y2 h.p. air cooled," Model 5  ���  $194.00  We are your PHILCO RADIO agents. 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You'll find nothing fancy or decorative in the  way of fixtures, cases, etc. . . . You'll find  QUALITY MERCHANDISE instead. We have  planned it that way to save you dollars and  cents.  Our low overhead smokes this possible.  SILVER GRILLE SERVICE STATION/�� ��  "One of the Best Equipped Service Departments en the Peninsula" jy^  &  # Page Six  THE COAST NEWS, SECHELT, B.C..  ��� Friday, Nov. 19, 1948  WILSON CREEIC  By ROBBIE  after spending several weeks in et Mclntyre.   I do not wish to FILM PREMIERS IN U.K. in   other   cities   throughout   the  the city. create   an   erroneous   impression     The color film depicting United United Kingdom, it has been an-  tvt     -m *.     + ir     +*.   * ���    kjr posing as a musical critic be- Kingdom Timber Trade Delega- nounced by the Honorable Leslie  Trf;���;?p^L���? I���LSi w cause words of mine couM but tion's visit  to British  Columbia H. Eyres, Minister of Trade and  tW  pnr. MrrTW^T^^r ^cZ^+o^ffSc f^f^l^^f inadequately express the sincer- and the Department of Fisheries' Industry.'  The timber  film.will  oemg Dum ior mem oy ivir. .aaipn cnieny, ior tne same reason, Mrs.      '      nonular   iearfGr    Miss   Mc- ---���-,      ..  Murray.   They returned to Van- Mutter intends  to step into the ^Z^    ^^^^\^L^ L      * ^ .   * ���". *   4l> lumbia.  couver   almost   immediately   on city, in company with Mrs. Veal, S^jSL ��Sf ShLm ^ ^0Ugh *? faU mt�� the W*~ " "     ���' '->^:%  the Sea Bus. who by the way has been stay: ^<^^^^s^^,m^. ter, he 6r she may not be such      Mexico   has   a   movement'to  Mrs     Bert    Wright    returned ^1**^ MUtteF ^^ ** *** Rossini, sent the program off to a   S?od   swimmer   as   Rosemary  ban the flying  of foreign^ flag*  past week.  a rousing start and prepared the Johnson.  Selma Park  Hairdressing Shop  A Complete  Hairdressing  Service  DOLLY  JONAS  Phone for Appointments  YOU'RE OUR HONORED  GUEST  When you dine at the Eng-  list Tea Rooms, your  slightest wish is our concern. The menu and the  service are planned to make  your meal an occasion to be  remembered with pleasure.  ENGLISH TEA ROOMS  Gibsons, B.C.  �����  COLLISON'S  BARBER SHOP  ^ECIIELT  Mon.-���Closed All Day  Tues.���9:30 a.m. to 6:00 p.m.  Wed 9:30 a.m. to 9:00 p.m.  Thur.���9:30 a.m. io 6:00 pan.  Fri.���9:30 a.m. io 9:00 p.m.  Sat.���9:30 a.m. io 8:00 p.m.  HAIRCUTS ��� SHAVES  FACIALS ������ SHAMPOOS  home after spending a couple-of _ _  weeks in the city visiting with     Here's  a   short,   short   story��� audience for a splendid evening,  her daughter and grandchildren, this'll  kill  you.   I   dropped  into Two   baritone   solos  by  Mr.   H.  ��� ^ __ a.friend's house last Friday eve- Roberts, "My Dear. Sold" and  Mrs. Harry Lucken with her ning on my way home from the "When Song is Sweet," were well ,  daughter Lynda have gone to concert at Roberts Creek, arid received and were followed by  Vancouver to spend a week with during the conversation the "Intermezzo" from Cavalleria  relatives and friends. She hopes mother told us of a funny inci- Rusticana by the group. The  to return this weekend. dent which happened last  Sun- next item  was the highlight of  Mi** srott also rPtumPd home d^-   lt seems; she prepared the the  first   half  of  the   program,  Miss Scott also returned home ^   youngsters>    si��   *nd   four the junior members of  the  or-  years old, for the Sunday School chestra, with little Carole Forst  at St. John's Church, and quite as soloist. xThese youngsters gave  unthinking, sent them off rather a very pleasing rendition of  early. They in turn arrived at "Evening Song' and concluding  the church and entered during the first portion of the program,  the communion service. Of course the senior group played the ever  they sat in the back row and as popular "Gold and Silver Valse"  usual kept very quiet but observ- by Lehar, "To a Wild Rose" and  ed everything as children will "Irish Lilt", two selections which  sometimes do. However, when opened the second half, of the  the two tots arrived home they program were followed by Cello  eagerly told of what happened solos, "Orientate" and "Harle-  in the following dialogue: quin"   by   Alan   Mclntyre,   who  r._. ���.��,_ v���_.w ���,v_��+ o  xt   was   accompanied  at   the  piano  de?r Zat Weflml * by his sist^ Margaret. These  church Sve dl the, d��S��> a numbm Htoidly/bhiught the-en-  iui^.iPT?!; ��� " !u ;��� ^^ v ttus����tic audience to its feet  little pill.   Oh,  is that  so.    Yes iy. ��� rior_.__r.^/^T. o�� <__���,.,_,.__   n~Z  mom-and  after  he  gave   them }?nM*  ^ Sii  uTxi'  alFa drink of beer.   Then  the ^ngMrthS ^L^Sf^A1^  four year old added-not us kids, ������� ^r' H: ^e?ts ofieTed two  mom   onlv the biff neonle solos'   Evenm'g Brmgs Rest" and  mom, oniy tne big people. "Laugh  Clown  Laugh",   and  as  In another portion of this news- an encore sang the old favorite,  paper the reader will come across "Chloe".    The   audience   showed  an item concerning a near trag- i*1 no uncertain manner its en-  edy. I would like to add to that thusiasm and evidenced a strong  by letting you, the public, know desire   for   a   repeat   when   the  that for her age, Rosemary John- Junior   group   presented   "Waltz  son  is  considered to be  a very Song" and "Merry Widow Waltz",  strong  swimmer   and   has   been the soloist in this 9ffering  was  . doing her aquatic exercises since E'ric  Lindwall,    Selections   from  the ripe old age of six.   Not so "Oklahoma"    with    its    stirring  long ago she swam across Shau- martial  strains,   rounded  out   a  nigan Lake and returned with- well balanced and very pleasing  out even a rest.   Her father, Mr. program.   This group of talented  Harold Johnson, who works for musicians are a great credit to-  the Lambs Logging Co., told me the   Roberts -* Creek   coriimuriity  that   sometime   ago,   Rosemary and   deserve   the   backing   and  was stricken with pneumonia, and support of all lovers of music.  was? very seriously il$7 Hence the * N��  woM  of p_.4ri_.e-?'ig' itio-higfr  anxiety  regarding  a  chill  after for the untiring efforts of Miss  her  immersion.    She  studies  at Mclntyre and her unselfish de-  Sechelt School and is in grade v��tion to the community cause.  six, by the way.   When I went     _. ���   ..-       ,    . ,   ,"���'.  in search of her she was having     Wel1 folks, last week I asked  a  whale of a time  at  a party for space in the paper to publish  given by Mr. and Mrs. Jack Mc- some P��etry by a local compose^  Nutt in honor of the 14 birthday and whether this person is shy  for a snack. Then the lights went or Just plain fooling, I don't know  ured I had arrived just in time ���but I have to wait. So, orders is  for a snalk. Then the lights went orders, as my friend used to say.  off   and. after lingering   awhile,     ,,. x ���'  I was informed that the kids Mrs* C��P?> not Coke as the  had, cleaned up on all the eats. name was spelled in the last is-  So I made myself scarce after sue�� has Journeyed to Vancouver  collecting the following data:        to visit her husband, Capt. Cope,  .. .   , who is still at Shaughnessy Hos-  Mrs. McNutt has been hors-de- pital and reported as doing very  combat owing to a poisoned foot, well indeed.  This   extremely   painful     injury  was caused by a blister on the And now in conclusion I would  heel becoming poisoned. So a like to draw the attention of  word to the readers���always have the Board of Trade to the near  a first aid kit handy. The lady tragedy which appears in an-  in question is doing fine. other column of this paper and  m.     ��� .. ....    .,'������'      -    suggest that at their next nieet-  w^ ^ay��f ?ni _? K^e S^y in* they discuss the vfoys and  were Mabel and Barbara Aune, means 0f having two cork life-  S���3. n^ * nn ^?nfey' belts placed in conspicuous places  SSSS? ?^rtST��^ Mariene along the wharf in cSse of future  Chambere Marie Johnson and of emergencies. Should another  course, bhiriey. youngster happen to be unfortu-  Speaking of birthdays, I at- ...������., , 7,. ������ ,. - . -. . ' ��� ������ ���'- " -  tended one at the home pf Mrs.  H. Roberts. Of course women as  a rule are riot fussy about * giving their age away, so we'll skip  that part and just say like Jack  Benny���she is-39- Mr. and Mrs.  George Wright were present, as  were Mr. and Mrs. Jack Ma%-  leod and Harry Lucken and wife.  in the country.  Bring Your Repair Jobs to Us!  Boot Tanks, Worm Air Heating furnaces Repai  Jtange and Heater: Repairs:;;-v   x  --"x7  CHICKEN FARM EQUIPMENT  GUTTERS AND DOWNPIPE  AIR CONDITIONING  Sheet Metal Works  Laurie Speck, Gibsons Phone Gibsons 8R  Bon9t Waste Precious Hours  in Slow Travel!  Safe Economical Seaplanes ��� Experienced Pilots  Air Express ���- Charter ~ Sightseeing  Tim be re riming  TRY US ON THAT NEXT TRIP TO TOWN  For Rates and Information call  '���ft.  Associated Air Taxi Limited  RICHMOND 1551  or contact our local agents  PARR  PEARSON AGENCY  Phone Sechelt 37  ��� . ���  N. R. McKibbon ������ Phone Gibsons 4-2  "Christmas  Comes  But Once  A Tear. ���..  ,.��and the time  to think about  it is EARLY.  The easiest way, of course,  is by consulting EATON'S  catalogue, where one of  Canada's finest collections  of Christmas merchandise  has been listed and pictured for convenient choosing months in advance.  Shopping services, too, are  geared for gift lists and parties���always a great help  at Christmas time. But���  for the greatest satisfaction  ���the time to order is NOW.  -T^��K>��SSi.  CHAMPION & WHITE LIMITED  1075 MAIN STREET, VANCOUVER, B.C.  Scow Freight Service  VANCOUVER'��� GIBSONS. B.C.  GIBSONS ��� H. M. (Eric) Inglis  FIRST TRIP  Lv. ^Vancouver Monday  Afternoon  Ar. Gibsons Tuesday  Morning  Lv. Gibsons Tuesday  Afternoon  Ar. Vancouver Tuesday  Evening  SECOND TRIP  Lv. Vancouver Thursday  * ���     Afternoon  Ar.   Gibsons Friday  Morning ;  Lv.  Gibsons  Friday  .Afternoon  Ar. Vancouver Friday  Evening  NOTE���All arrivals and departures are^ subject to tide  conditions.  SPECIAL TRIPS BY ARRANGEMENT  \  I went down to Roberts Creek  on Friday evening last. The event  was a concert given by a string-  orchestra from those parts, under the direction of Miss Margar-  i "'���...-.������.. .���.������"'������������  Sechelt-Jervis Towing Co.  Your Local Complete Marine Towfing Service  Wm. McFadden  Oplomelrist  GIBSONS  Office Hours:  9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.  Evenings  by Appointment  Every day except Thursday  __.  LOG TOWING ��� YARDING  PILE DRIVING  SCOWS-  SALVAGE  DREDGING  Special Facilities for Quick Movement of Cats, Logging Trucks and  General Camp Equipment  PHONE US COLLECT FOR RATES  SECHELT ��� Parr Pearson Agency, Tel. 54 or 37  PENDER HARBOUR���Bill Donley/c/p; Hassan's Stdre, Tel. 6U  NANAIMO���-The Nanaimo Towing Co. Ltd.  - .  Tel., Day 555; Night 1497 or 305  Area Agent���Mr. H. Spalding, Pender Harbour, Tel. 6 C 3 Friday, Nov. 19,  1948  .THE COAST NEWS, SECHELT/--B. C.  Page Seven  By E. NESTMAN  GIBSONS���Cemetery Notes: A  meeting of the Seaview cemetery board was held this week,  with, two representatives from  Roberts Creek, Mr. Danroth  and* Mr. Tibb,_ for the Roberts  Creek. Improvement Association.  A report was given by Mr. Cole,  secretary, on work accomplished  in the past year.  New building at the cemetery  is finished just needing to be  lined. It is a great improvement  over old building that has been  such an eyesore for years..  At least another acre will have  to be put into shape during the  coming year. Plans for this work,  and financing will have to be  taken up at the next meeting.  Vote of thanks was rendered  to Mr. Dawson, for his fine work  during the year, and a gift pre-  ���ui"im#-n.i^  ?  Business and Professional  DIRECTORY  i*     m     m     m     m  Please Clip This Directory Out and Hang By Your. Phone  For Reference  BEER BOTTLES  Will call and buy for cash,  beer bottles, scrap metal, etc.  Calls made at intervals from  Hopkins to Irvines Landing.  R. H. STROSHEIN  Wilson   Creek  TAXI  PEN INSULA. CABS  24-Hour Service  2 Phones ��� 2 Cabs  WILSON CREEK and  j SELMA PARK  Phone Sechelt 5C2 and 5U  PLUMBING-HARDWARE  Hardware, Plumbing Supplies  "        Heating Necessities  "Serving the Peninsula"  Marshall's Hardware  Phone Gibson���33  Plumbing and Heating  Installation ��� Repairs  A Specialty  by Registered Plumber  Ticknor's Plumbing  -Porpoise-Bay Road  Sechelt, B.G.-  :_r*H^^r.raT��'ei  CLEANERS AND DYERS  x  ..jd-p-  "It Pays to Kee_i Clean"  ,   LLOYD'S CLEANERS  GIBSONS,  B.C.  Agency at Bus Depot, Sechelt  ROOM AND BOARD  Comfortable Rooms and Good  Food by Day, Week, Month  ROCKWOOD LODGE  is the place to go!  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Nine new  underground stations will be  served >y $h& extension,  INSURANCE  Parr Pearson Agencies  ' General Insurance  Phone  Sechelt 37 ���Night Ring LSL  REAL ESTATE  Specialist in Coast Property  Consolidated Brokers Ltd.  Gulf Coast Office  Sechelt  RADIO SERVICE  STEELE'S RADIO AND  ELECTRIC  Radio Sales and Service  Phone, Sechelt 33  ���    Send by Bus  TRANSFER-TRUCKERS  -*w*��*i ffr.rT2*,��^=ij7-.73;  JACK'S TRANSFER  Log Hauling Contractors  General Freight Hauling  Sand and Gravel ^ ���  Phone Sechelt 5U  LUMBER AND FUEL  BURNS and JACKSON  SAWMILL.  Producer of Choice Lumber  In .All Species  Wood and Sawdust  Phone Sechelt 15-M-2  Transfer - Truckers  FRANK  YATES  Home Oil Agent for  Peninsula  Gravel and Freight Carrying  Service calls day or night-  Days, Wilson Creek���5S  Nights, Reberts Creek���24L  REAL ESTATE  For Prompt, Courteuos  Service, See  E, G. HARRIS & Co.  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When she arrived at  the doctor it was discovered that  she had broken both bones below the elbow and dislocated  . her elbow joint. On Friday she  was taken to Vancouver General Hospital.  Tuesday, Nov. 9 the Sechelt  fellows and gals came down to  play us a game of basketball. In  the boys' game the score was  Gibsons 23, Sechelt 20. In the  girls' game, the score was Gibsons 11, Sechelt 2.  The Dramatic Club's plays  have, arrived and the cast has  been picked, so the kids are busy  now practising. Mrs. Knight has  agreed to direct one of our plays  this year. The plays will be pjit  on some time in December.  sented to Mr. Cole for hi�� untiring efforts in getting work done^  Members of Parliament are to  be contacted to find out "what  help can be obtained from the  provincial government for the  cemetery.  The next meeting has been  tentatively set for January 11,  whn it is to be hoped an election  of officers may be held.  School Board Notes: Representatives of the school board  will hold a meeting November  29 at Sechelt for election of  trustees. Tenders have been called for wiring of Roberts Creek  school, to be in by December 13.  A P.T.A. dance in aid of the  school Christmas party for the  children will be held on Nov. 27  in the Community hall. Mrs. Ablett, secretary for the P.T.A., is  resigning, due to her forthcom--  : ingl departure from the districts  She will be missed.  PERSONALS  Alberta Moir is visiting in the  interior.  Visitors to Vancouver in the  past week: Mrs. A. Hill, Mrs.  Clay,, Mr. Andy Hall, Morris  Nygren, Mrs. Stewart.  Many visitors to Gibsons over  the holiday: Walt French, Mr.  and Mrs. Pilling, Herby Winn  home..  Mr. Theed, Bank of Montreal  manager away for three weeks  vacation  to   Oliver,  B.C.    "  ��� Mr. C. P. Smith and family  left this week for that momen-  ous trip to Australia and? New  Zealand, where they will be for  next  four   months.  Sorry to report Bill Skellet  Sr., down for an operation n^xt  week.  Mrs. Griffith improving, and  Mrs. MacFarlane and -Mr. D.  Donaldson on the improvement  list.   .  , Mr. Marsden around again.  Walter Peterson up for short  visit. Lester Peterson still confined to Shaughnessy.  CHRISTMAS PARCELS  Don't forget those parcels to  England. Talking to people who  have just arrived from England.  It seems they need shortening,  butter' sugar, tea, canned fruits,  candy, and soap. Just a few of  the items, that you can include  in one of those Christmas parcels.  Time is flying by and Christmas  is just around the corner. Whether we like it or not, we'll have  to face it, with junior picking  out his presents from the fabulously pictured catalogues, cakes  to get ready, and a thousand  and one things to do. It will be  here and gone before we know  it, and we'll:'.be sitting down  saying once again, "where's the  year gone?"  And while on the subject of  Christmas cheer; let your local  P.T.A. or V.O.N., or Legion  know, any needy cases in your  area. That's the only way we  will know, so that any of our  people may not be forgotten on  that great day.   ,  ���  IWA Organizers  sit Coast  Logging Camps  A TOUR of B.C. Coast lumber  camps is now underway by representatives from the Vancouver  Labor Council and the Vancouver  local of the International Woodworkers of America. Purpose of  the tour is to visit as many camps  as possible and explain to I.W.A.  members the workings of the new  master agreement with the operators.  "Camps we have visited so far  said George Home, Vancouver  Labor Council president, who  spent two days in Powell River  district last week. With R. J.  Brown, representative from Local 1-217, Vancouver, he addressed employees of Alaska Pine  Company at Haslam Lake, and  O'Brien Logging Company camps  C and B at Gordon Pasha Lake.  Mr. Home is also secretary of  the B. C. Federation of Labor.  He and Mr. Brown, travelling  aboard the I.W.A. vessel "Mary  Beth", will go as far north as the  Queen Charlottes in a ' plan to  bring the facts of the illegal  W.I.U.C. organization direct to  the men in the woods.  "The I.W.A. is the only union  capable of negotiating a master  agreement with the operators,"  Mr. Home explained. "The W.I.  U.C. is not recognized by any  labor federation and has received  little support from the loggers  themselves."  Wires received at the I.W.A.  district office in Vancouver from  Queen Charlotte logging camps,  asking for representatives to give  .these more remote loggers the  facts about the "two-union" situation, prompted the present  speaking tour of Home and  Brown. They 'expect to complete  their mission in three months.  As long ago as 1835,  Switzerland punished all non-voters.  Lumber  Mixed Lots  ���t  FIR and  HEMLOCK  1x3 and 1x4  25.00  PER M  B.C. FIR (SECHELT) LTD.  SECHELT, B.C.  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Kennedy, R.R.1, Gibsons, Upper Road. 19  FOR SALE���  UNFINISHED  5 room house on  lot 62 x  122  at  Sechelt, with ,  enough lumber to finish sheeting.  What offers?  Apply Box A,  c|o  P. R. News, Westview, B.C.  LOST���  A LARGE brown pocket book  in the vicinity of the Legion  Hall, Sechelt on Saturday. Return to Mrs. H. Whitehouse,  "Wilson Creek. Reward. 19  FOR SALE-- ~  % BED, STEEL ends. Slumber  King ribbon spring. Deluxe  Slumber King spring-filled mattress. Phone -���. Roberts Creek  22S4. 21  FOR SALE���       ~   r_*  4 YEAR OLD bull. $100.00. Wm.  Cook,   North   Road,     Gibsons^  B.C. 20  FOR SALE-  PUBLIC address system almost  new; turntable, also microphone.  Automatic record changer also  available. Will sell bargain price.  W.  Morrison,  Sechelt 48. 21  FOR SALE���  SELMA PARK. Two choice view  lots for sale. Reasonable price.  Light and water available. William A. Morrison. E. G. Harris  and Co., Sechelt 48. Office, the  Village Centre. 21  PERSONAL���  FOR GOOD buys in Real Estate  see E.  G. Harris and Co, Village   Center,   Sechelt.   Telephone  48. Anywhere on the Peninsula.  19  FOR SALE���  TWO WATERFRONT lots with  two room shacks. One gas  boat, 25 ft., 12 h.p. motor, Universal, complete for fishing.  1000 feet to Hospital wharf. Apply Sam Seeley, Pender Harbour, 20  LEGAL NOTICES  LAND ACT  Notice of Intention to apply to  purchase Land  IN LAND Recording District of  New  Westminster - and  situate  at Nelson Island.  Take notice that L. H. Roberts  of Nelson Island, occupation retired intends to apply for permission to purchase the following   described   lands:  . Commencing at a post planted  five chains south of the North  East corner of L1025, Nelson Island thence 40 chains South;  thence 10 chains East; thence 40  chains North; thence 10 chains  West, and containing 40 acres,  more or less. ; ; _Xy.  L. H. Roberts. mmtMmm  �����i<iwrti-M'i^wrftffB��Yita^afatrii"?��g��iwia  Page Eight  THE COAST NEWS, SECHELT, B. C.  _' Friday,, Nov. 19,  WAS  ENSIGN REPLACES JACK  Victoria's famous old British  Imperialists looked horrified the  other day when the Union Jack  was taken down from the towering flagstaff at the Legislative  Buildings and the Canadian Red  Ensign, with a small Union Jack  in the corner, was run up. Ottawa, on Mr. King's orders, gave  instructions that all Dominion  Government buildings were to  fly the Red Ensign when the Union Jacks wore out.  Now the Provincial Government is doing the same thing and  all Provincial Government buildings throughout the province will  fly the Red Ensign. Even Government House, home of the  King's B. C. representative has  taken down the Union Jack. The  old Imperialists jsnorted in indignation when they beheld the  change and muttered about "Willie King's flag���that's all it is."  Records of comets go back as  far as the beginning of the third  millenium, B. C, when a comet  was observed in China.  Cosy Homes and  Home  n  Special  ft  ROBERTS CREEK  Unfinished 3-roomed house with veranda, on level, cleared  lot, With unobstructed and permanent seaview. Electricity  available.   Very good well.   Clear title.  FULL PRICE ��� $1100.00  Call or Write  CONSOLIDATED BROKERS  C. John Coleridge, Manager  Gulf Coast Offices ��� Sechelt and Gibsons, B.C.  Phone Sechelt 37 ��� Phone Gibsons 37  HEAD OFFICE  CONSOLIDATED BROKERS LTD*  942 W. Pender St., Vancouver, B.C.  GIBSONS  Gibsons 45  Authorized General Electric Dealers  GibsortS, B.C.  GENERAL    *  GIFT SUGGEiSf IONSI  $149.50  GE. WASHING MACHINE ____���_���__..---.  G. E. VACUUM CLEANER  G.E. Console Automatic RECORD PLAYER, $215.00  MANTLE MODELS  CHRISTMAS  TREE   LIGHTS���purchase  them   now.  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Drop In and Browse Around  BEHOLD, the 'days come, saith  the Lord, that I will send a  famine in the land, not a famine  of bread, nor a thirst for water,  but of hearing the words of the  Lord: And they shall wander  from sea to sea, and from the  north even to the east, they shall  run to and fro to seek the word  -frL^Jks D_avMio  ry.Ly: :'   'rlMlm!M:- :''.������-. ���������-���:-7rx  "     jj By J. K. NESBITT  VICTORIA ��� By-elections . in  themselves are not usually of  great importance. Seldom do-they  weaken a government in power,  if a government has a good strong  "majority in the legislature, which  the present government has.  Their chief importance lies in  the fact they show which way  the political winds are blowing.  That is why the Coalition Government anxiously awaits verdict of  the voters in Rossland-Trail and  South- Okanagan by-elections November 29.  If the CCF. should win, the  government would have to pull  up< its socks. It would have to  increase its contributory, compulsory hospitalization plan without increasing the premiums; and  it may be necessary to drop the  sales tax from three to two per  cent.  If the government wins, it will  be taken as approval of the hospital plan and a sign the public  isn't particularly annoyed by the  sales tax.  Coalition held both seats until  W. A. C. Bennett resigned South  Okaiiagah to contest Yale Federal  seat and then got badly "beaten by  the G.C.F., and until the death of  J. L. Webster in the late summer.  South Okanafan is a Conservative seat and Rossland-Trail is  Liberal.  HANEi-IN-HAND  Liberal  Premier  Johnson  and  his Conservative partner, Finance  Minister   Herbert   Anscomb   are  gQing.hand in hand to the ..elec-.  i tors to tell them what a great job  \ the Coalition is doing for the peo-  i pie and to warn them of the dan-  | gers of Socialism and Gomhiun-  ; ism:   Mr.  Anscomb  insists ; they  \ are one and the same thing.  of the Lord, and shall not find  it. In that day shall the fair  virgins and young men faint for  thirst. * AMOS 8:11-13.  WHOSOEVER believeth that Jesus is the Christ is born of  God: and every one that loveth  Him that begat loveth Him also  that is begotten of Him. By this  we know that we love the children of God, when we love God,  and keep His commandments.  For this is the love of God, that  we keep His commandments aiid  His commandments are hot grievous. For whatsoever is born of  God overcometh the wotld; and  this is the victory that dvef^  cometh the world, even our Jaith.  He that believeth ort the SOii  of God hath the witness mhhjh-  self: he that believeth ndt.God'  hath made him a liar; because  he believeth not the record that  God gave of His Son.   .. ���'-.���_.'���,  1 JOHN, 5:-.-4>10;  on  By  JOHNNY  EDWARDS  SINCE   writing  last,   there  has  been - sortie very good news  froift the Decca Recording Company^ They are putting forth  with a new record label called  "Coral". Many of the old recordings are being re-released  and here are a few that are excellent. "Moonlight Cocktails"  and "I'd Love to Live in Love- f  land" by Glen Gray. "Tiger Ray"  cut by Louie Snicklefritz ably assisted by Leopold Stakowski who  is playing Bazooka. This record  was made in 1936 (Stakowski has  sure gone a long way since then).  "Calm Seas and Palm Trees"  by the Blue Jays. Julie O'Neil  and the Prom Quartet sing "Let's  be Sure" and "Sue's Birthday  Party". (She'll never see 30, 40,  50, 60 again.)  These records are worth a listen so be sure to do so. An unusual number is this, re-issue by  Jerry Galion playing "Chop  Sticks" who does some very fine  piano work with some excellent,  bass background. Now that  Christmas is well on the way be  sure to have Bing Crosby's  "White Christmas" on.hand. The  King Cole- Tri6 and their cohtri-.  butibn to the Christmas time,  "The Christmas Song", is worthwhile.  The Mpdernaires and "Winter  Wohderland" is a good buy too.  So long for; now -and; I do hope  this .aids you in selecting your  records.:  7^. f v^x.XXX-x'X.X.:. .  For the Frarikie Laine fans, his  number "Stay as Sweet as you  Are" is up to his usual standard.  Kay Kyser and his "Slow Boat  to China" is another good bet.  CUTTING  SHAPING  Buy Meat With Confidence .  X EENNETT  BUTCHER  Gibsons, B.C.  Wanted To Buy Livestock and Live Pou  The Ideal Personal Gift lor Xmas!  R.CA. 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