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The Coast News Jan 28, 1949

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 MBaiBSBiB  III ������*-r~���-t���nnrmmiirina  Serving a Progressive and (Growing   I  Area on B. C.'s Southern dpast.  *���*  Covers Sechelt, Gibsons, Poi|t Mel-  lon. Woi>dfibre. Squamish, Irvines  I-ianding. Half Moon Bay, lEJarsg^  Island, i'ender Harbour, Wilson  <.reek. Roberts Creek, Granthams  finding. Earmont, Hopkins Landing,  iirackendale,  Cheekeye, .etc.  Business Office:  Vol. Ill ��� No. 28  Sggg^gg.  Sechelt, B. C.  Friday, Jan.  28, 1949  meeting    of    the  Roberts     Creek ' Community  ay Form New  Trade Board  Af Pender Hbr.  DISCUSSIONS which may see a  . new Board of Trade set up at  Pender .Eiarbour were a feature  of   the. general   meeting   of  the =___  Peninsula  Board of Trade,  held  on January 24th at Sechelt Inn. nnhes-rtc fV___*_*k  ,7 It was agreed that this division r*-*J*2&*IS K*reeK  in the Peninsula Board of Trade CommunitV Hall  membership was in the interest  A J  of  all   concerned   owing   to the ~     ?2fRD  transportation   problem    in this TJi?^rtsJ          ,   .-  area. Hali Board was held at the Hall  rru'       ,--       *���                    ���. -.. ]ast Thursday,   January  13.  me^atTanoonXneb^  J^ ^f^aS   *���l  If this goes thmugH, three uTh1e- ^oard felt that something  boards will be operating in the should ^ done to increase the  area from Egmont to Gibsons. fevenue' so that we may have a  A close co-operation of these large_f baJance, to meet the de-  three is planned and should re- m?ndj? T^lch We feel should be  suit in beneficial results for the attended to-  whole area. It was decided that our annual  meeting will be held on Thurs-  Xljf"       (fOE day' February 3 at 8 p.m. in the  W1D. tbZiJ Hal1' and we are hoping that our  ^ww          f friends will endeavor to be pres-  WANT to win $25? All you have cnt-  to do is to think up a good name Look   for   further  for a  cafe  and the  $25  can be ments  yours.  E. Bergen, new  owner of the n       n        ���*    a  Merry-Ern Cafe in Gibsons, and PrO-ReC UOingS  his manager, Colin Wingrave, are By BETSY  seeking a new name for the cafe. _ ���r^TTT ^   They are  enlisting  the  aid    of I WOULD sincerely like to thank james from the Women's Auxiliary, Local 1-217, IWA.  every  person   on     the     Sechelt the ladies and giris who turn  Peninsula. out for Pro-Rec, Tuesday nights,  Constable W. A. Peterson, Mrs. in   this  Antarctic  weather. .  J.   Veitch  and   Rev.   Mr.   Moore The show must go on, and I  have   been  selected   as    judges, know it takes a noble effort to  and the contest will open Jan- leave a crackling fire and house-  uary 18 and close on February 3 slippers, for a long lonely walk  , at 3 p.m. and zippers.  Entries may be brought in to Please don't think your efforts  the cafe or mailed to Mr. Win- are unappreciated,  grave, care of the cafe. However, we will have to wait  FTJB__,XSK-_.X> BY THE COAST NEWS, X.r_kXXT_-.Z>  Sechelt, B.C. National Advertisings Office, Powell River, B.C.  5c per copy, $2.50 per year, by mail  announce-  Tribulations  Oi Getting  A Drivers License  MOST OF  you  people  who  are  living know what a  license  is  and just in case you do not, well,  all I  can say is  "It pays to be'  ignorant."  So I'll try to put you wise to  a few of the good points about  some licenses.  Now a license is one of these  little. sheets of paper with a lot  of writing on it. Sometimes it's  for cars or a driver's license,  which in either case most times  are hard to get.  When you apply for a driver's  license they keep you on thorns  for a few weeks.   When' you finally get your test the examiner  will tell you, "You will have to  do better than that before I can  William  Roberts of Pass you."  Roberts   Creek   forgets  the   months   of   suffering   from     s? a ^ w.eeks later y��u try  multiple fractures with the cheery aid of hospital visitors Mrs. aST\. .Ik ^l *���!_ S^-^n  Jean MacKenzie (left), Mrs. Mae Patton, and Mrs.  Pat Full- ^ he tells yOU to step rt up  WSkLf}  BIG MOMENT FOR  THE SHEIK":  Mrs. Nestman Elected  Gibsons Lay Plans  For Zoning Bylaw  ^L��^P��? ^ll'Z^tl untfia few 'mVe'"cak" make'the QIBSONS-Mrs.  Nestman  final.  jrfthe judges' decision will be effort to join us betee gjving ,      ^ ^ .n as ^ ^  ^ ^ ^ ^ ^^  ind Wat " " ~  coming  tnree   years   at   ine  by a tnxck and a few thousand  When you are going at a pretty  fast clip he shouts "Stop".  Well, when you jam on the  brakes you find you have stopped  too fast and he is either half way  through the windshield or straddling the radiator.  Quite naturally you are accused of having faulty brakes.  Outside of getting your signals  mixed and causing other cars to  climb telephone poles or leap  ditches to get out of your way,  everything is O.K. When he still  isn't   sure   of   giving   you   your  Mrs. Crowhurst  Elected President  Oi Legion W.A.  ^GIBSONS���Initiation  of  officers  |. m into��.t|i^. Legion '��� W7$^^7cohc.  ducted by Mrs. Bartle, past president,   at   their  meeting  January  display, so that the members of ___ and Water Commissioner for hose cart that has to be ~Z,1 _S !?��     SUre   ��    -f���6   V��U   y  the P.T.A.  and the public  will the  coining three  years  at  the ���� "��***? &*!������ 1������J _"_ "��*3����� *a"ce  When his back  is  turned  run  over him a few times to sort of  Mr. J. Drummond is chairman      QUr ^re f jg^ting equipment is convince him you mean business.  definitely outdated, the area has      Well> after a few more nerve-  t?r������w ^   t^L  �� X.U    JK first counci,L meeting of the year' ^et of hose.  l__SS^5i IS ��U.H   *J5 Mr- J- drummond is chairman  ladies and girls of Sechelt and d  w   Skellett   j      as    Road  surrounding districts. '       ��  Cheerio for this week.  Commissioner. grown so fast, and is spreading wracking weeks you finally  get  A   delegation   of      ratepayers  0ut, that equipment is a definite your license. .  headed ;hy7their  president,  BobJmust,.and .Council' feel that'it is ���By that time you have had a  McNicol,   presented   a   brief   on their responsibility, to the people nervous  breakdown  and  had  to  geahf-at-ai'rrisX  .,    ...     _.          ��r.s-   Kennett .w^s   elected   to the zoning^ of the village to the tTget Something 'concrete ''start- sel1 the car to Pay the hospital  21.   Mrs. Crowhurst was elected social committee.                               Council,   who   called   a   meeting ed at once ... it is to be hoped bil1-  to   the   president's   chair;   Mrs.      It was decided to hold a whist for Tuesday, January 25, to con- that  something   can  be   worked Now the car license is another  Kennett  was   elected  vice-presi-  drive on February 16 in the hall, sider it, and to lay plans for a out to the satisfaction of all con- kind aSain.   If you  haven't got  dent; and Mrs. Mainwaring, 2nd and three cabarets to be cateredr by-law. cerned.  vice-president;   Mrs.    L.   Inglis, to the  Legion men on  January      Also  a  delegation came from  secretary;    Mrs.    Marge    Leslie, 28,-February 11 and February 25. the  Fire  department,  about fire ni    Q-AA^���  rintoU  treasurer:  Mrs.  Knowles,  stand- The auxiliary has to date ap- protection  for   village   and   also ������ opeeay �� ITllSn  ard bearer, and Mrs. Wardil, ser- proximately 47 members.  Economy Like a Family  Sinclair Leaves to Take  New Job at Ottawa  one on your car you can't stay  on the highway.  Although a number of cars that  have licenses don't seem to be  able to stay on the highway  either.  Especially on a Saturday night.  rLa],.a.-,ita.1fm.ted:.d- Xbl"  THE  PROVINCIAL  government s^^^^U^thefr blanks  delegation of ratepayers on the For PorDOIS�� Bay  same question. V    U  It seems plans for a new fire tligtlWay  By MAC BOW  ing unable to see eye to eye on was reqUested to complete ap- thev forget all about" their "car  site to build the fire hall proximately  300  yards  of grav- tanks  Mr. Drummond suggested that  elli       work   necessary   on     the     ?��   fact    they    forget    almost  ratepayers  discuss  possibility  of PorDokP   r.v   rmd    is   well   a<; ���!��� 7,     ��ru       \t i    -5  turnins over to the council a sum Forpolse aa^ 10*a> as welias everything. When they should  turning over to tne council a sum necessary culverting, in its 1949 be driving they let go of the  of over $300, they have collected  nriT,vrinHat4nns; ,   ullVJ"&   "."^   **-*  s"   Ui   Lllt-  towards   building   of   a   firehall,  3PP10Pnatlons- wheel    and    imagine    they    are  and let the council go ahead with      Progress   was   being   made,   it either birds or on a nice fluffy  , ���qTTRFT v what ,_. nrLldent in the M   * r     -v __    -u 7���        a suitable building,  to  be  built  was reported at a general meet- cloud without a care m the world.  SURELY what is prudent in the Most famihes t     to dQ that."        in the area around    the    pumping   of   the   Sechelt     Peninsula      Usually that is just where they  j    conduct  of  family  affairs  can      The  tall>  handsome  M.R   was  ���^ ��e aiea arouna    me    PumP  B(fard of Trad     by dint of the all end up too.  motbefolly m the affairs of great an   outstanding athlete  at UBC7    The meeting is to report again efforts   of  residents    themselves      On   a  nice  pink  fluffy   cloud  ^nations. . graduated in engineering. to the council   at a meeting on  in voluntary labor. playing harps in another world.  t   ���atV-a quotation from Adam      A_ ^ he ^ ^^ & Rhodes ^^^uncl1' ���et^ ^ ^ ^ ^^ ^ &      Enough said^  It's also the creed Liberal M.P. sch^v.  At 31 he was elected to      when  a  suitable  building  ; is dinner meeting  held in Sechelt   (Ed Note.   Welcome back Toni)  James    Sinclair     (Vancouver .Parliament.   During the  war he erected, then mechanized equip- Inn   at which about 22 members   K1M- JNOte'    Welcome back lonL>  ������^^fi'^ tSkinSiSkihliS^he was an  RCAF flight lieutenant ment or a 500 gallon tank  car we]!e present.  ilea^for^^^ass^^ -d returned to be re-elected in  can  then be  gone  into for  fire W61G prGSent'  new job as parliamentary assist- 1945\ . '                   . .��� protection for  entire  area.  ant to Finance Minister Douglas     British   Columbians will   not We are very fortunate m that  Abbott soon forget his recent fight for we have had no serious fires in  He needs a creed.   Because he margarine. this area.  BIBLE READING  But we are pushing our luck  Field Commissioner  Praises Cubs  At Special Meeting  SECHELT  ��� The  Cub meeting  which was  held   in Mr.  Ellis'  confesses he's no expert on eco- ^ Thats    finished    now,      **,�� Tittle "too "far "by not  getting TRULY   my   soul   waiteth  upon  nomics.           '-Xyyyy-                     Sinclair   with   some   satisfaction ^^^^ once                         God:    frdm   Him   cometh   my room on January 19 was a spe-  "But in geheraLterms a coun- and the finality of a fighter who fire^cawis^t once                     saivation. In God is my salvation cial  one,   as Mr   J.  L.  Watson,  try's economy is much like that battled heavy odds to win. People do not realize, at  ^ Commissioner of  the B.C  of a family," he explained.                 James Sinclair is a strong sup- J   b     J  And   families   are   something porter   and  an  outspoken  critic |Vfj��s# Kidd Heads  IMr.   Sinclair does know.   At 40 of his own party arid its policies. ^^.,*' *���� s  the is the father of four, has a     He once challenged Prime Min- KjrlDSOnS W./i.  ���suburban home at 254 West Sixth, ister Mackenzie King to pay Can- GIBSONS���Monthly   meeting   of  i North Vancouver.  ada s   debt of honor   to Second     the    Gibsons    group    of    the vanity) and men of high degree  strength, and my refuge is in Provincial Council, came up from  God. Trust in Him at all times; Vancouver to see how the Cubs  ye people, pour, out your heart were progressing and to bring a  before Him: God is a refuge for special message. It was a very  us. Surely men of low degree are successful meeting.  While Mr. Morrison was gath-  Moreover,   he. Uke   his   home World War veterans   On another United Church W-A   held at the are a"lie.  to be laid����� the=ba_ eri^" ^ SV( the CubS Mr  _   ��_. -,-* - ��h.t h. -���.-,lv ���n   h. ___!  _.��,_-nS-     home    �� j,      Bushfteld^on Jan- ]ance> th?y are altogether lighter ^SVept us busy with ��  life. So much so that he' seriously occasion he told citizens  Iconsidered quitting federal poli-      "If thfe city of Vancouver had uary 17, with Mrs. M. Kidd pre- ^^^1^ Ti^not7_i S^el We^nrS^sh".^1 semaphore  Hies   "because  there  was  no  se- as   much   guts   and   interest   in. siding. ssi0rf   and   become  not  vain  in fi a        \   ��    fn tne sem^apnore,  purity and this divided life with welfare  of  soldiers'  families  as     Among other items of business vo^xy,   if  riches  increase,   set sanJ some sS5��   We closed with  .only four months at home isn't Toronto   and  Montreal,   a   war- it was decided to have  a June not      Jr heart upon them.   God "he M^se Howl and Tans    Mr  too good." time :housmg  scheme  would  be garden party tea. hathy spoken once; twice have I Morrison was^ v^v oleased with  ,    Although  he's   a  Liberal,    he under way here now." Arrangements   were   made   to heard thiS; that power belongeth fh   SnT  ^has   often   strenuously   opposed      Today he deplores Federal   or- make    donations    of    food    and unto   God-    Als0   unto   Ttiee;   0     We had several guests   inrlnd  the government on important is- der-m-council government" and clothing to needy families. This Lord> belongeth mercy: for Thou inJ?m^^ MikeTJackson nVe^dent-  :sues,such as margarine, housing B.C.'s coalition government setup, unusual cold weather has been renderest to every man according Mr J 'EUirv^ice-nresident- TnA  :and wartime corijeription. Of the latter he says:  "There's a time of distress to some. to his work.    -PSALM, 62:1,7-12 Mr   H   W   A^t TSmSS  However,  he   is   in   complete far too much suspicion, back-bit-     Election   of  officers  was  held My God is reconciled, ��f the Scout rommiS-L  agreement with Finance Minister ing and  too many old men for with the following members ap-     ' ,    . .     _ . e    c Ul ^ommntee.  Abbott's policy that has piled up good government." pointed  for  1949:    Leader,  Mrs.     Hls P^donmg voice I; hear;  huge revenue surpluses. He advocates return to three- M. Kidd; vice-secretary, Mrs. S- He owns me for His Child,  "Almost    Everyone    who    can party competition and use of the Porteous;  treasurer,  Mrs.  B.  M.     I shall no longer fear.  puts aside moneyvto use if times single-transferrable    vote,    with Thomson;     visiting     committee, With confidence I now draw nigh, ^ ^  sol/mas  ��� get  tough   or  for, future  need, coalition after elections if neces- Mrs.  John Allan; ��� flowers,  Mrs  That's  all cyclical budgeting is. sary. A.M.English  And    'Father,    Abba    Father',  cry.  VIHOXOIA f^age Two  THE COAST NEWS, SECHELT, B. C.  Friday, Jan. 28,  1949  SECHELT  By "ARIES"  Brian Ticknor on his forthcoming  A VERY enjoyable evening was  marriage  to  Margery  Huston of  spent recently at the home of Vancouver.  Pastor and Mrs. W. Elliott when  year of good fellowship this be-put to'it to say No. Dot Marpole Flood Control  ing the annual social gathering, at that time was also another one ���        �� ������"__���  TX_       . ^   .              , only she bought first and told t OT bqUamiStl  mother afterwards> Under Study  We  wish  to  congratulate   Mr.  Hy   Jack   Scot?  BEFORE a woman traps ��� herself  the congregations of Wilson  Creek and Sechelt interdenominational churches were entertained.  Solos were enjoyed during the  The Indians were doing a roar-   -AT.A,nc,w    . .      .  ing trade here for a timi. SQUAMISH-A  report  now be-  Mamie  gave this  paper  quite mS   prepared   on   last   years  Gone to Vancouver for a few a boost when we first got started ju���*   ��*  *?   S^amish   River  days to visit old friends are Mr.  and we will have to send her a "��    to^nre^e^toe   floods  and Mrs. J. S. Ticknor who are  copy to let her see we still carry river   t0   prevent   future   floods,  visiting   Sechelt from  Manitoba: on-  James Sinclair. MP., told Squamish Board of Trade.  A very unpleasant addition to An awful lot of red noses ar- He also spoke- on the .^50,000  a husband the most important evening and those singing were the dog colony here is a large ound these days���not the drink- appropriation for repairs to  sentence in her life is "I love Mr. Roberts and Mr. Yewdall. black Cpllie type dog apparently ing type but plain ordinary colds. Squamish wharf,  you." After the honeymoon is Community singing also was living with his .folks on the Speaking of noses they are a The Board expressed regret  over she gravitates to another one of the highlights of the ev- Porpoise Bay road.'His specialty fascinating study. When travel- that Mr. Sinclair would not be  three little words: "Easy credit ening and a Bible Quizz was won is picking on little dogs. He em- Img alone try it some time. Rec- a candjdate at the next Federal  terms." by Mrs. Temple and Mrs. Geer.  Pioys   the   crawl     and ���  pounce  entiy   when   going  over   on  the election  This is, of course, drastic over-       Those present were Pastor and  method.  North   Vancouver  ferry   we   did  inct tv,2t .t. +>.__ .���rr>vY.__r.'o 00V..T. B. Brown was elected presi-.  simplification and just my glib Mrs. Elliott, Mr. and Mrs. Phil- It is the third time my friend- -;~* c *�������� J -?arT2S dent of the Board for 1949; G. R.  way of easing into some notes lips, Mr. and Mrs. Temple, Mr. ly little cocker has been attacked ll ���*r JJJ "���Lr^mL flro tw Dent< ^ice-president; and J. R.  m the bewildering subject of the and Mrs. Dowling, Mr. and Mrs. by him and my little fellow was X;Xs a" ?,01i�� X7XXfX. "J" Morrison, secretary-treasurer,  female mind and its relationship Mutter, Mrs. Reid, Mrs. Neilson, on the leash on two occasions. g �� a nose for ne^ this week Executive council members into instalment buying. Mrs. Turner, Mr. Yewdall, and Once when not on the leash he *f?we c��d alscSwhere elude: C. H. Smith, G.: S. Clarke,  I have been moved to con- Mr. and Mrs. Geer. stood up for himself very well ^ ���* f^endlS�� li?it jn the A- E- Gross> H' A" Munro' R  template   this   subject     because      Refreshments     were       served but to-day he stood no chance Nrrth ��.������.,' f���t,rv hal* -nn_ Dranka, G. Aalten, R. Lasser and   _. >.__.��<_��� ��..+*. o  .v.or...   ��ri-.<_ vit.r.itr ^Lnn vancouver ierry naa gone.         ,-,__'   yesterday I went behind the iron  rounding   out   a   very   pleasant being with a friend, who kindly  X ..     ���  ^.,,,-.^.r.       s-.f      r.vp_rl.+ m-ontintf ���_. _       rfixroe   Vi.m   V..C   t-i.t.    _c   T   1-i_-T7-_   Koot.      ^IU-e       UpUI_      d lime  curtain of credit granting, a  world populated almost entirely  by ladies. But more of that in a  moment.  I bring a clear and uncluttered  ���one might almost say  ���mind to this subject. When  my wife and I were first married I let it be understood I  was a moody genius and that  she would have to handle all the  business transactions while we  lived happily ever afterward. I  trust' her implicitly, of course,  and employ the services of a  shrewd   firm   of    chartered   ac  gives him his run as I have been  unable to do so.  everyone  knew everyone else and visited  L. Cameron.  arrange   for   something   mysteri-   "&Ui,=  w ^u *"��� around.  Now  they all knit like  eluded     representatives       from  ously  called-power  of attorney.      This dog is never under control  crazy   and* no   one   wears   those  Powell   River,   Pender   Harbour;  This means that she not only  as_���Kpeop ?_-Lu? pa��!s_on7,__.. ���      funny hats  any more.  Once we   Roberts   Creek     and   ' Gibsons.'  signs my cheques with her name,  empty . buj. my. name as well. Banks get  pretty nasty if I try to cash my  own cheque and tellers, scrutinizing the obvious forgery, keep a  handy thumb on their alarm  bells.  Because of all this I have only  the vaguest idea of the financial wizardy that keeps our  little ship afloat or, at any rate,  countants  merely  to   check   her  "ot   completely   submerged.   But seem so long since  y there  is  some   considerable   evi-   pay us the odd yisit and wag a  (..ence that my wife s outlook on  When a dog is a born fighter could always "tell when the Many affairs of interest to Leg-  the place for him i& behind a North Vancouver ferry was in ion members were under discus-  fence and not runnmg the roads. by looking at the hats. sion and a pleasant evening was  It won't be long before some Now the girls prefer the ban- spent. Refreshments were serv-  child gets bitten and then watch dana which if nothing elseed.  the fireworks. makes them look like poor old  ������  It was nice to see mention of  tired  P^ant  women.   Oh  well.      ��Hard at work, professor?"  Sechelt   in     Mamie     Maloney's      Very glad to hear Mr.  Meyer      rY+es'   l  ^jTSfn *�� hSSvS  column in the  Sun. of W4 Sechelt is once more on substance     that - will     dissolve  We hope she was thinking of  the road to recovery  after  un- fiv^Jmtaf wili Vn�� Wr. it in  us as she flew over   It doesn't  dergoing an operation in Vancou-     /And ^L���1^ tt?��P  she used to  ,    ?     6 * when you have found it?  ver  addition.  My wife entered into this arrangement enthusiastically, began to dress more expensively  almost immediately, changed my  sandwiches from peanut butter  to salmon and went so far as to  Waterfront Lots for Sale  $J25.00 to $1,000.00  Special   To  Clear  500   ft.   hard   galvanized  Guy   Wire,   3c  per   foot.  Large  Radiator as  new,  $20.00  Long  Link  Chain  for  floats, 6c  per  pound.  Tires  for bumpers.  Small quantity 1", 1 Va",  Wi" Galvanized Pipe in  stock. All fittings for  pipe, Va" to 2".  Plumbers' pipe strapping  specially galvanized for  marine or other use.  Full Stock of  V-Belts  and   Pulleys  Missing  Links  for   Roller  Chain  Cast brass Bowpole Sets,  Cleats,    Anchor    Rollers,  Chain Plates, etc.  Almatex   Plastic   Paint  Union Jack Copper Paint  Garden Bay  Ways and Hdwe.  credit is  altogether feminine.  There is, for example, a 12-  foot shelf of little booklets in  which, I gather, instalment payments are recorded and Joe the  Postman staggers up the path  g each day under a load of those  envelopes with windows in them.  Also my wife is always looking behind the chesterfield cushions for enough loose change to  make up bus fare, yet may return from the city with an Oriental rug or baby grand.  CERTAIN FUTURE  From my personal eavesdropping oh conversations between  my wife and her neighbors, as  well as from the observations  I've made in accompanying her  on 'shopping expeditions, I am  convinced that the , feminine  mind looks upon credit as some  wand  or Aladdin's lamp.  The pain of parting with cold,  hard cash has been treated to a  merchandising hypodermic. Indeed sales clerks are shocked  and deeply hurt when some male  attempts to make a purchase  with grubby old money. "We can  spread this over 18 months for  you sir," they suggest with an  ingratiating smile, opening the  steel jaws of the trap.  Ot course this system has its  obvious advantages. I suppose  nine out of ten newly weds begin their adventure into matrimony with a rose-covered cottage full of furniture, every bit  of-it (including the roses) purchased on the something-down-  and-a-little-bit-a-week  method.  Without credit I don't know  how we would ever have acquired two daughters, neither of  whom will be entirely ours until  the final payment is made sometime in the shrouded future.  I have, myself, financed cars  over two years, making some  piddling little down payment on  a bright tight automobile.  Twenty-four months later I go  into town to make the final  payment. I go in by bus since  the ear is almost a total wreck.  push over for any Indian with      A  zone  meeting  was  held  of     In   emergency   we   help   our  a sad eyed dog to sell. the   Canadian   Legion    attended neighbor.   But  why wait for an  Mother and father were hard by Bob  McNicol  at Sechelt  in- emergency?  .THE HOSPITAL  USANCE ACT REQUIRES PARTICIPATION  BY EVERYONE  Persons who have not already paid at least six months' premiums are in arrears and  ARE NOT PROTECTED     Bring your payments up-to-date now  waie  "Serving the Peninsula" Phone Gibsons 33  OFFERS  The New "Climax" Gas Washer  It combines appearance,  washing ability and many  " outstanding features including:  Gyrator Action Laval. Wringer Enamel Tub'  Briggs-S. ration Motor/ complete with  hose exhaust.  IS NOW DUE  to be followed by two more instalment payments in February and March to complete  coverage for 1949  DON'T SLIP BEHIND  Persons who have not made any payments should make arrangements to do  so immediately.  Persons using the instalment plan who have allowed their payments to lapse  must complete-them to acquire coverage for themselves and their families.  NO   HOSPITAL  INSURANCE   CARD.  CAN   BE   ISSUED  PAYMENT HAS BEEN MADE  UNTIL   SIX   MONTHS'  Gibsons, B.C.  Priced at 196,  SALES AND SERVICE  Gibsons 33  ______  -_��iwMMiw��MK��i_Bur  Mail or Bring Payments to .  LOCAL OFFICE WHERE YOU REGISTERED  In Vancouver:  1730 West. Georgia Street  In New Westminster: 46 6th Street  Until your Hospital Insurance Card is issued, keep your receipt as proof of eligibility  for benefits. Friday, Jan. 28,  1949.  THE COAST NEWS, SECHELT, B. C.  Page Three  Bf "CAROLA'  '.THE DANCE-minded folks attending the Valentine Frolic at  the Roberts Creek Hall on Saturday, February 12 will enjoy  the smooth liltful music of  Freddie Gale's Rythimairs.  For those who do not dance  but wish a pleasant night out  there wi'li still be the liltful music of Freddie Gale's piano solos  . . . the delicious refreshments  supplied by the P.T.A. ladies  and the colourful hats and noise-  jmakers to take home to the little  Ones; -s  1 Birthday congratulations to  Sue Wallis who celebrated her  10th on -January 21. David  Flumerfelt will celebrate on the  29.  "Swerve" and "Verve" is the  current driving trend on the  Peninsula Highway in spots ...  Other spots are covered with  samples of top soil (good for  growing raspberries, it says here).  ;��� Mr. Johnny Edlund did a double take when out driving ,this  Week.  Needless to say both cars are-  marooned in Edlund Anderson  Garage with broken tie-rods.  Henry Dutz of Wilson Creek suffered a little accident when he  swerved out of a skid, ditching  the car. Henry and family were  on their way to the Roberts  Creek Friday night show . . .  they were fortunate in receiving  a lift with friends and all enjoyed "The Life Story of Babe  Ruth".  Mr. Tommy Newell who is a  comparatively new resident to  the Creek has built a land mark  r>t Elphinstone and Hall Roads.  A cosy bus-stop and resting  piace. The lumber and labour of  love will be appreciated for gen-  SECHELT  40-acre farm in Sechelt area, 5 acres cleared, building  with cement basement. Large barn, good stand of timber,  government road to  property.   Low taxes.  PRICE $1650.00  Call or Write  ���Central  Press Canadian  This photo, made some time ago, seems prophetic in view of the  resignation of U.S. Secretary of State George C. Marshall. Sec. Marshall  is pointing to Under-Secretary of State Dean Acheson. as if introducing  him. In announcing Marshall's resignation, effective Jan. 20, President  Truman said that Acheson has been named to succeed him. The undersecretary post will be filled by James E   Webb, now  budget director.  C. John Coleridge/ Manager  Gulf Coast Offices ��� Sechelt and Gibsons, B.C.  Phone Sechelt 37 ��� Phone Gibsons 37  HEAD  OFFICE  CONSOLIDATED BROKERS LTD.  942 W. Pender St., Vancouver, B.C.  __C_____-7___��_____I  erations  to  come  Tommy!  Wanted: Unique money-making schemes. Let the embryo of  the sub-conscious mind have  sway and see it in print.  While ensconced in a comfortable chair before a roaring fire  these cold, clear, starlit nights,  the body may be inactive, but  the mind rambles on . . . what  gives?  Mr. and Mrs. Jack McAllister  have the latter's mother Mrs.  J. Collard of Victoria as House  Guest. Mrs. McAllister's* aunt  Mrs. C. Smith has been visiting  from Edmonton.  Fighting with each other causes  trouble. Fighting for each other  solves it.  '"yone loves '*��� 8atV P'"*e  Everyone  will want to try  the  SENTIMENTAL  CELEBRATING  jmce  _*f" ' ***"  A great new name for a beautiful new cake; For high  days, holidays, Sunday or any day this new Purity  Flour triumph is bonny to look at, royally good to eat  ��� . 1 and lucky, lucky it's homespun in cost. Clip the  recipe right now. Better still skip out to the kitchen  and start baking.  PRINCE CHARLES CAKE  H  cop   butter,, shortening,   or  SEer soft mild fat  teaspoon vanilla extract  cups brown sugar  gg sifted PURITY FLOUR  SSSSSS.%�� Powder  decorate.  Cream butter, or sho��emn| and  beater unal foaTO^aaas hor.  to fat, sugar ���^*V PURITY  oaS#��      u a,f.Fbaidiig powder.  tions.   Add   wggg   w      fa  Efntli^a Do not bver^x. Sjpread  fe^o^e.'Wkepans.weU  2k?��M?'   5-10  minutes before  Removing from pans.  Mcp.e.cinfl.BoU^^ Maple  ��yrup to soft ?aU mnc ^  stage. Beat w���"^"l    mp slowly,  stiff and add ��*. w^ rotary  cake. Decorate.  butter over direct beat, aaa  rwnia*s��Sf sss  s___ass^�� ais:  3%  SALES TAX  The purpose of the Social Security and Municipal Aid Tax is  to create revenue for the maintenance of British Columbia's high  standard of Social Services and for assistance to Municipalities to  meet their ever-rising administrative costs.  The average person will pay less than 1 % of his spendings as  his contribution to the levy because he has been protected by the  exemption from the tax of living essentials . . . foods, wood and  coal, rent, medical and dental expenses and insurance.  Everyone contributes to the tax. It is entirely equitable. It is  not a hidden tax. �� Low-income groups have either an immediate  or deferred benefit.  The Social Security and Municipal Aid Tax is specifically  designed to improve general health, protect the aged, relieve want  in the province and to assist municipalities in progressive government.  . ^^-stpgfiy  MUNICIPAL  AID  means  Financial Aid to your community . . . lower taxes,  increased services.  SOCIAL  SECURITY means  Old Age Pensions, Mothers' Allowance, Child Welfare  Service, Control of Tuberculosis, Cancer and Venereal  Disease, Operation of Public Health Nursing and  Medical Inspection of School Children, Social Assistance, Hospital Grants and Mental Hygiene Program.  This and so many other wonderful recipes call for Purity  Flour. It's the reliable favourite for cakes, pies, cookies,  buns or bread. Wherever you shop you'll find this fine flour  ��� .. milled from Canada's finest hard wheat.  n*sn  fttft-  OftAMP!  TOO NttO ONLY ONE HOUR  PURITil  Ft a U R  kPOC. ��HI I.SU-T-rmiCT.ON  r  i  i  ���-������-n  $1  buys you the famous  PURITY I  COOK BOOK with its 875 recipes I  developed in the Purity Flour Kitchen. I.  Send to your nearest Purity Flour Mills B  Office���St. John, N.B., Montreal-Que., ���  Ottawa, Ont., Toronto, Ont., Winni- I  peg, Man., Calgary, Alta*, Vancouver, ���  B.C.  Name ��   Street   City.  .Province.  .L������-.  866-F-8    |  BRITISH   COLUMBIA  epartment o�� Fina  PARLIAMENT BUILDINGS, VICTORIA, B.C.  155 ''-���'-    <_(, J _.n  Page Four  ���THE COAST NEWS, SECHELT, B.C.  Friday, Jan.  28,  1949  By   MALDY   THOMAS  Only Solution  Says Gargrave  margin of error in his estimates  and calculations as does Mr. Anscomb he would probably go out  of business���certainly would lose  his job.  "One of the great revenue producers will be Mr. Anscomb's infamous sales tax.  ON THURSDAY, January 20, Sechelt    Superior    School    came  down   and   played   the   Gibsons  High School Senior boys a bas- SOCIALISM must replace the "We are still convinced the  ketball game at Gibsons School free enterprise system if the sales tax is unsound and unfair.  Hall, problems   of   conservation     and  Obviously Mr. Anscomb does not  The same evening, there was distribution are to be solved, intend to remove the tax so we  a game between the Gibsons Herbert L. Gargrave, CCF, MLA, will try to lighten the burden  Senior and Gibsons Junior Girls' declared in a radio address last by calling for the immediate re-  teams. Monday night. moval of the tax from meals,  In the girls' game the seniors ��� Speaking on CCF policy to cer- clothing, household essentials,  beat the juniors in a score of tain issues likely to arise at the druS sundries, school books,  11-9. forthcoming legislative session, municipal purchases and hospital  In the boys' game, Gibsons Mr. Gargrave took up the cud- and similar institution require-  Seniors were victors by a score gels aganst the sales tax, pink znents."  ol 34-22.                             ��                 slip auto insurance, hospital in-   HOSPITAL RATES  A lot of people turned out to surance and H. R. MacMillan Co.      He said the CCF would  urge  see  the   games  which   were  the  Pr��fits for  1948. an immediate start on provision  first of a series of games which "There seems to be very little ��.f adequate hospital accommoda-  ar planned to be held between doubt that the B.C. government tlon> and support exemption of  Gibsons and  Sechelt. will show a very substantial sur-  pensioners  from   hospital   msur-  JT^&^L^A M-ch^l.^ ^^ ��� 6nding "f.PS= indicated the  the Gibsons All Stars. The All "Finance Minister Herbert ����? approved "* prmc'Ple corn:  Stars won the game by a score Anscomb, the so-called financial  S^^'^SS^o^It^   genius of the Coalition govern-     Tlt0-see a   Protectlon-at-cost  't ment,   will  proudly  announce  a  scneme-  several   million   dollars   surplus  DIVIDE PROFIT  over   the   record   $77,000,000   he      Commenting on the MacMillan  estimated in his last year's bud-   profits   of   $8,500,000,   Mr.   Garget grave said:  Here we see  a record profit  made out of the exploitation of  How ML'-S-'A. provides  Physicians' and Surgeons7 care  AT COST  for 122poo persons in B.C.  MURDOCH'S  MARINE SUPPLY  Compare Our Prices!  Delnor Frozen Foods  Ice Cream  Groceries  Tresh Meats and  Vegetables  Hardware  Drygoods  Shell Oil  :ish Camp  We now have increased  refrigeration vfor handling  of perishables.  Pender Harbour, ��� ^  SCORE ERROR  L  Hassan's  The Old Established  GeneraI Store at   .  PENDER HARBOUR  Supplying:  Families,  Fishermen  and Camps  Provisions,  Textiles,  Novelties, Toys  Home Gas Station  Fish Buyers  Refrigeration  QUALITY - SERVICE  VALUE  at  Hassan's Landing  Midway South Shore  ,,_- ���, J? __-     ���      ���A _--p-p_��p_.      p_rui_      p_>_-      P.1-V.      l-AUlU.lai.l  "If an employee of a private  our  natural  resources   the     eo_  company were to make the same  ple,g resources> not M'r> MacMil.  lan's private preserves,  of  21 to 18. "Unbridled free enterprise has  A meeting of the Dramatic had its day. It has solved the  Club was held in Mr. Trueman's problem of production. We of the  room. A new treasurer, Dorothy CCF maintain that private en-  Stewart, was elected to take the terprise by its very nature can  place of Marilyn Foley who has not solve the problems of con-  left school. servation and distribution."  A meeting of the Student As-    sembly  was   held   in  Mr.   True-  SECIAL JAMBOREE STAMP  man's room the same day.   Pat      A special 2y2d  postage stamp  Slinn  was elected returning of-   is to be issued  in Australia  to  ficer for the coming election. coincide   with   the     Pan-Pacific  President Bill Pye informed Boy Scout Jamboree which is  the Assembly that the school being held at Wonga Park, Mel-  pins have been purchased and bourne, from Dec. 29 next to  will be on sale soon. January 9.  Mr. Trueman was absent all  week, due to a bad cold. Mrs.  L. B. Knight has been taking  his place.  Leo Nestman. has  been  up   to  coach the Senior hoys in basketball.    Hey is  teaching ���them - all  . kinds of new .plays, to give them  advantage over rival teams.  A rumour is going round that  the High School Junior Boys'  team is to play the Sechelt Indian School team at basketball  some time in the near future.  Mr. Elliott has started a Game  Club for all boys under teen-age.  The first get-together was held  in the school hall on Friday,  January 21. Best wishes go to the  Club.  A TEEN TOWN NOTE  There was no Teen Town  dance last week, and so far no8  body knows when there will be  one. Without the Teen Town  dance, it makes the week-end  seem dull. Everybody hopes that  Teen Towners will be able to get  a hall to hold the dances.  So far, Roberts Creek Teen  Town has set no date for a dance  at the Creek.  Eight years-ago, the physicians and surgeons of B.C. formed  the non-profit Medical Services Association to provide medical  attention at cost for employee groups through voluntary  prepayment.  Tcday, 122,000 employees and dependents of 737 firms pay  monthly membership dues to the M.S. A. and are able to choose  from over one.thousand doctors in the province when they  need medical care.  Subscribing as well to the Provincial Government's Hospital  Insurance plan, members are thus completely covered for their  basic medical needs���the attention of a physician or surgeon  through M.S.A. and hospitalization through the government  plan. .  Since 1940 M.S. A. monthly dues have risen because of the  increased use of the services provided���1 person in 21 saw a  doctor each month in 1944,1 in 10 in 1948. In November, 1948,  M.S.A. paid out $187,321.91 to 13,458 accounts, the largest  monthly bill ever.  While at present membership is still open to employee groups  of ten or more, it is hoped to broaden the coverage so that  community groups may participate.  The growth of M.S.A., Canada's largest doctor'sponsored  plan, is made possible by the co'operation of B.C. employers,  employees and doctors in this non-profit prepayment voluntary  organization.  Medical Services Association  DIRECTORS:  R. W. Gilley .....  R. K. Johnston * �� * ��  C. P. Chaston   J. E. Beed   M. D. Rowan �� �� �� . ��  W.J. Robinson �� �� ��  ' Gilley Bros. Ltd.  .........  ' Montreal Trust Co.  .......  . Shell Oil Company of B.C. Ltd. ���  . B.C. Foreat Products Ltd. ....  ��� Empire Stevedoring Co. Ltd. �� ��� ���  B. C. Electric Railway Co. Ltd. .  E. C. McCoy, M.D. ��� * �� College of physicians and Surgeons  F.!.. Whitehead, M.D. ��� - of British Columbia   ......  New Westminster, B.C.  Vancouver, B.C.  Vancouver, B.C.  Vancouver, B.C.  Vancouver, B.C.  Vancouver, B.C;  Vancouver, B.C.  Vancouver, B.C.  R.C.A. VICTOR  MODEL  VRA 67  Beautiful     walnut  finish  combination.  Magnificent  Performance  "Golden Throat"  extra tone  quality.  Automatic  Record  Changer  plays 12 records.  259.00  R.C.A. "Hot Point" REFRIGERATOR  "Hot Point" COTTAGE RANGE  (fyrfa/h 4forpart wtbw/*  Try Captain Morgan's recipe for bringing Old Fashioneds  up to date ... Add 1 dash of bitters to 1 lump of sugar.  Then add 1 or 2 cubes of ice, a slice of lemon, 2 ounces  of Captain Morgan Gold Label Rum and a splash of soda.  Record and Appliance Shop  Phone Gibsons 44 Gibsons, ^B.C.  Associated with Sunset Hardware  Capt  am morgan  GOLD LABEL  ���"_*#  Therich flavour andfullbodyofCaptain Morgan GoldLabelRum  result from master blending of carefully selected rare old rums.  ��� ���^������'i&i",^StiaSaSSiii..,.  fc��fitf>*&ufe-.  I TT *:'- '���'     i   '' ���"fc?B  iLiSftFUwir^prttg*. __T  L- V *������Ui.O_H_t_?J \<  �����  H,S AOve��T,S��M��NT IS NOTPUBUSHEOOtO.SPUyeo BY THE ..QUO* CONHOl _OA��D 0�� ., t^SSSSSf  .^^?S  Of MTiSH CQlUMtlA. Friday, Jan.  28,   1949;  THE COAST NEWS, SECHELT. B. C.  Page Five  fleadef's JUIgilf  ���Letters To The Editor  " When Deieated���  y Go Poetic  *' EDITOR, Coast News  _      I   would   have    forgotten   all  about Robert Burns* (the Poet)  ' birthday, if I had, not started to  i   weave my way down the hill to  Sechelt.  Before it froze up the water  was running down in two  streams, the ditches being all  plugged, for variety they crossed  each other at different points,  then with a little connivance  they would form little eddies and  out maneouvred me by shooting  off in a different direction, re-  1 suit damp feet, low spirits.  Well, I thought when you get  defeated materially, go poetic,  suddenly it all seemed a beautiful picture. One of Burns' poems  [started running through my head.  I; could hardly wait to get home  to hunt it up. Quite Apropos.  "Ye banks, and braes, and streams  around 7  The castle o' Montgomery,  Green  be your  woods,  and  fair  your flowers,  Your waters never drumlie;  There  simmer first unfauld her  robes,  And there the langest tarry,  For there I took  the  last fare-  weel;  O' my sweet Highland Mary."  Jane Armour's father forbade  her seeing the poet again, that  was how he turned to Highland  Vlary. His romance turned out  rery tragic as she died of fever,  t was after he was reconciled  with his wife that he wrote "To  Mary in Heaven".  'Thou lingering star, with less'-  ning ray,  That   lovest   to   greet   the   early  morn,  |Again thou usher'st in the day  ~y Mary from my soul was torn,  Mary; dear departed shade,  here   is   thy   place   of  blissful  rest?  See'st thou thy lover lowly laid?  Hear'st thou the groans that rend  his breast?"  While we have no castles here,  would like to see5 them. I know  he place that inspired the poems,  t is beautiful. If we don't get  Capital we are sunk, with little  louses dib dabbed here and  here, like they dropped; from an  irplane.  MARGARET  ALLEN,  Sechelt.  jjays Wood Prices  fire Reasonable  ilR: IN answer to Constance  Harper's letter to the editor  oncerning the high price of a  prd of wood, I would like to  >oint out a few facts she seems to  iave overlooked.  Have any of you readers ever  imed a man, who even though  ie has a drag saw, to see how  orig it takes before he has cut  I cord of wood. I have seen the  ;ime and work he has to put into  t.  The reason-the prices are a Utile lower in the city is this.  The mills who sell wood at  $10 or so a cord are making almost all clear profit  The   wood   they   sell   are   the  hort ends or waste lumber they  therwise would put in the in-  inerator.  They also cut the outside slabs  [of the logs into wood lengths and  sell them. This wood unless it is  ought  and   dried   a   long  time  efore using, does not make very  ood fuel.  The  man in the country who  has  to  pay  the; government   so  much stumpage for every tree he  falls   and   sells ��� for   wood,   can't  afford to sell it for any less than  ^$12 to $14 a cord.  f   He also has  tq; buy  a license  \ to sell the wood and as a  rule  has to  hire  someone to haul it  for him.   So  after all expenses  have been taken out,*there certainly is not much left to show  for his time and work.   Consider  the high cost of living today to  what it used to be.  Most rnen are making a better  wage now. than ever before so  why begrudge the wood, cutter a  few extra pennies. I'm sure he  has  earned them.  I think there are a number of  you readers who will agree with  me that we. are lucky to get-good  wood for such a reasonable price.  Those of you who disagree with  me should just step out arid try  A New' Job fOl* Jimmy. . . . with another in sight!  NEWS OF the appointment of James Sinclair,  M.P. for Vancouver North to the top parliamentary assistant post by Prime Minister  St. Laurent, and Mr. Sinclair's acceptance of  the appointment .which will keep him in Federal politics as Finance Minister Abbott's chief  aid was hailed with satisfaction and warmth  throughout British Columbia.  For Mr. Sinclair, whose forthright rebellion against certain Cabinet-level tactics  brought him into disfavor with Prime Minister King, and prompted his decision last spring  to retire at the next election, the appointment  was a personal victory.  The heartening significance in the appointment however, is the obvious fact it is a harbinger of a boost up the ladder to a senior  cabinet post for Mr. Sinclair.  Government appointments such as this  generally follow a concise pattern and there  is no reason to believe that Mr. Sinclair's path  will stray from that followed by Mr. Abbott  and Minister of Fisheries Mayhew,    both    of  whom held the Parliamentary assistant's post  to which Mr. Sinclair has now been appointed.  There are those who are prone to analyse  the appointment to explore all the underlying  reasons for it: that there is no reason to believe that Mr. St. Laurent looks upon Mr. Sinclair with any more favor than did Mr. King:  that the appointment came as a political manoeuvre to bring the boisterous B.C. Liberals  back in line.  They could be right; but it doesn't matter  much.  For in the present appointment and the  portent it holds for the future for Mr. Sinclair and British Columbia, few will disagree  that it embodies a tribute to a statesman who,  above all has had the courage of his convictions, and who has always jumped in with fists:  flying to espouse the causes he believes to be;  just and in the best interests of the people he  represents.  Mr.   Sinclair  will  make  a  swell  Cabinet:  Minister.  27.000 Teachers Needed ... an alarming situation  THE ALARMING fact that within the next 10  years Canada must find 27,000 new school  teachers in' addition to those who are ordinarily trained each year, has been revealed at  the Western .Canada Conference of Student  Teachers.  The implication is plain that unless these  additional teachers are found, education in this  country will suffer a depreciation of its standards.  And in a democracy the enlightenment of  the people is an essential factor in economic  and political efficiency, this very substantial  threat to educational standards is bound to be  disturbing.  For the problem of the teacher shortage  radiates a much wider concern than in-'^urv.,'  cational matters alone. ^ X '  The entire social structure of the country  is menaced because education is in jeopardy.  The report of the Canadian Education  Association's committee 'on the status of the  teaching profession recites many reasons for  the decline in the number of available teachers.  f he  Open  Letter  Cranberry Lake, B.C.  Queen Charlotte Air Lines,  GENTLEMEN���I like your outfit. I really do.  You provide excellent service, quick transportation and safety. I could add that your pilots are efficient and courteous, and that your  various offices are extremely obliging. Add  all that to the fact that you have filled a long-  felt want on this coast, and filled it well, and  it all adds up to a No. 1, first-class, pukka outfit.  I won't mention that there's a girl in your  Sea Island office whom I admire tremendously,  because I have a wife. I don't inean that I admire her because I have a wife-^-skip it; I just  naturally think you run a good show.  But���ah, you were expecting that, weren't  you?���I have one teeny, little grouch. Those  of us who are fortunate enough not to live in  Living and working conditions, school  plant, school equipment, personnel selection  are all factors in the situation.  But first and foremost ^ is the matter of  salary.  While other wages have increased some  70 percent since 1939, teachers' wages have increased only 38 percent.  Approximately 15 percent of Canada's  teachers receive less than $1,000 a year, only  six percent receive more than $3,000, and the  average salary across Canada for teachers is  $1,306.  Comparisons in this case are something  more than odious.  For an office clerk in Victoria gets $2,092  a year, a train baggageman gets $2,516 a year  and -Xbottle washer in British Columbia gets  more "than $2,080 a year.  Why train for years for school teaching  when you can make much more washing  ; bottles?  That is a pertinent question for which,  in the very near future, Canadians must find  an answer.  Vancouver sometimes like to, or have to, go  there.  Well, you can meander down the gulf on  the Mariner or on the old "Mary".  These methods of transportation take me,  and most of us, when we want to go, we want  to go. Your planes come to Comox, Nanaimo,  over to the West Coast to Tofino and Zeballos,  and sometimes Powell River and on to Alert  Bay and Minstrel Island.  All of which is very nice indeed, and just  what we've wanted for a long time.  BUT IT COSTS TOO MUCH.  That's all. When you first came in here,  and the government gave you your charter, it  was understood, by most of us anyway, that,  as business increased, you would drop your  prices. Now you charged me $13.25 from Comox  to Vancouver, and I believe it is $25 return.  Incidentally, the plane was not full; there were  only three passengers altogether. You can fly  single to San Francisco for fifty bucks.  I know a lot of people in Comox district  and Powell River and Nanaimo who would  never travel any other way if the prices came  down a little bit. You would have your trips  full up all the time, and you'd make more  money. Remember the old law of Diminishing  Returns? Read up on it, and you'll see I'm  right.  Think it over, QCA.  to cut wood for less and just see  how soon you will want to raise  the prices even higher.  CHRIS LUND.  Appreciate  Thoughtiulness  Editor, The Coast News.  WE SHOULD like to take the  opportunity, through the medium of your paper, to thank a'll  the good neighbors and friends  who were so very helpful .and  kind at the time of Mr. Norburn's  accident.  We should especially like to  thank Mr. and Mrs. H. Roberts,  Mr. and Mrs. Charlie Brookman  and Mr. and Mrs. Mike Jackson.  We certainly appreciate the  thoughtfulness which has helped  us so much.  It is a  comforting thought to  EGMONT  By  JEAN  JEFFRIES  MR.  AND  Mrs.    C.    McKinnon  and young son  of Vancouver,  are   visiting   Mrs.     McKu^non's  family here  at Blakely's Island.  Born to Mr. and Mrs. George  Page of Co-op Bay a baby girl,  Gail Gwyneth, on December 29  in St. Paul's hospital. Congratulations and glad to hear all three  are. doing  well.  The   Egmont      Credit    Union  know  we  live in  the  midst  of  such fine people.  Mr. and Mrs. "H. E. Norburn,  .   Davis Bay.  held its annual meeting at the  school house on January 16 for  the purpose of electing new officers.  This cold weather might be  nice for ice skaters, but it certainly plays havoc with the  plumbing.  After a short trip to town, but  for the kindness of the neighbor's, we would have returned  to a kitchen ice skating ink. As  it was, things were just damp  when we returned.  Sorry to hear Bruce Silvey is  on the sick list again. He and his  mother flew to town last week  and I understand Bruce has to  stay in bed for awhile.  By J. K.  NESBITT  VICTORIA (SpeciaLto the News)  ���Soon B.C's most important  persons . . . the senior law-makers of the province���the M.L.A.'s  will be gathering here to start  their annual deliberations in the  august Legislative Chamber.  They will talk and they will  argue and they will make some  new laws and amend some old  ones and hear the state of the  province's finances and then they  will collect their $3000 each and  go home in six or eight weeks  for another year.  - Not, indeed, that an MLA  does nothing for the public between sessions. Indeed he does,  He is always at the beck and  call of his constituents.  ROLL CALL FOR MXJL'S  It is interesting to look over  the roll-call of the M.L.A.*s, for  some notable citizens are on the  list.  Senior cabinet minister now is  Hon. George Pearson, Minister of  Health and Welfare and Provincial Secretary.  He has been in the cabinet  continuously since 1933. Finance  Minister Herbert Anscomb and  Attorney-General Gordon Wis-  mer run neck and neck for second seniority place. Each has  been a cabinet minister seven  years.  SENIOR MEMBER  Tom Uphill comes back to the  House this year with added prestige. He's the new Mayor of his  home-town of Fernie.  Not that this is a new position  to him. He was Mayor some years  ago. Mr. Uphill is the senior  member of the House. He's been  ML.A. continuously since 1920  and soon will reach the 29-year  record established by former  Premier T. D. Pattullo.  There aren't many veterans  of 1928 left in the House���Mr.  Pearson, Mr. Uphill, J. J. Gillis  of Yale are the only ones to have  served continuously.  Public Works Minister E. C.  Carson was elected in 1928, but  he was beaten in 1933 and 1937,  re-elected in 1941. Sam Guthrie  of Cowichan-Newcastle first  went into the House in 1920, but  was licked at each election until  1937 when he got in again. John  Mclnnis of Fort George can go  back farther in the House than  any other M.L.A. In 1907-09 he  was M.L.A. for Grand Forks, but  he was away a long time and  didn't get back until 1945. Former Premier John Hart was elected in 1916, but he was out of the  House from 1924 to 1933.  The post office in the Legislative Buildings is so bulging with  mail these days that a sub-post  office has had to be opened for  the government in the up-town  Weiler Building, which houses  many government offices.  GOV'T MAIL GROWING  The Government's mail is  growing by leaps and bounds,  what with the sales tax and the  hospital insurance. Post office  quarters in the Buildings are so  crowded sacks of mail are piled  in corridors and even cabinet  ministers sometimes trip over  them and often a pretty young"  stenographer falls right down and  civil servants have to sit on the  floor outside the post office to  sort the mail.  The government is now spending $100,000 a year on postage  stamps. Business all round is increasing each year. For instance,  this year the post office staff  has stamped 300,000 envelopes  bearing motor drivers' licenses  to all parts of the province.  MORE STRENGTH  The CCF. will have more  strength to answer Coalition  arguments this session, for there's  a new Opposition member���  James O'Donnell Quinn of Rossland-Trail. If Coalition benches  cry out that the CCF. is  through���and Coalition benches  often do that-���Opposition Leader Harold Winch will just point  to Mr. Quinn. That will give Mr.  Winch great satisfaction and it  will annoy no end Premier  Johnson and Finance Minister  Anscomb.  Subscribe to The News Today. Page Six  THE COAST NEWS, SECHELT, B. C.  Friday, Jan. 28, 1949  By E. NESTMAN  Rosedene  returned    this    week end,  taking her  "pet" down  to Heman is strictly in the calypso  from a month's visit with their one   of  her   good  neighbors   to vein.  daughter Mrs. W. R. Malpass and take care of for weekend. Big news for the Glenn Miller  family of Nanaimo. .   . followers.  Tex  Beneke is   com-  ���    .   ^        . _.        ], ^ , Mlss Wagner went to town for ing to the Exhibition Gardens in  Ernie. Drew has returned home the weekend. Vancouver on February  7  with  MRS. WM. Banning of Winnipeg from Vancouver recovering from     Don>t  forget folks   when Miller  Orchestra.   One   of  their  is the guest of her sister and  an   operation,  glad,   to   see  him go away these cold davs turn off latest hits y��u wiil most ^kely  brother-in-law   Mr.     and    Mrs.  back. the wat      or else yox/are liable be hearing is  "Hankerin"'.  Tex  ir- Noticed Miss Tuck  our nurse to  come home to  water>   water 1S- imPro,mg'.+?nd on ^is j-eally  -., . .,      m, ��� _      i*uucea miss   iuck  our nurse pvprvwi.���rA gives   out  with  some  solid  sax  Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Ross of on the way to town for the week- everywnere. solos.  ~~~ ~~���   "      ~ Father  O'Brien of  St.  Mary's      When listening to your radio  Church at Gibsons after a very take special note of    this    new  short stay  with  us,    has    been song "There's A Bluebird Sing-  transferred   to   Strawberry   Hill, ing In My Heart",  and   Father   Odwyer   of   North  THIS'N THAT  ECTORY  YOU'RE OUR HONORED  GUEST  When you dine at the Eng-  list Tea Rooms, your  slightest wish is our concern. The menu and the  service are planned to make  your meal an occasion to be  remembered with pleasure.  ENGLISH TEA ROOMS  Gibsons, B.C.  Vancouver   will   be   taking   his  place.  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Gracie is FOR SALE-  Drugs,  Gibsons  and Sechelt. ��$  up to her usual form and this  iq.R  qtv.FMAc.TF__   Chevrolet fOr TRADE���  makes for pleasant listening.        19f d^^S^^to^hSto CATERPILLAR   tractor,   No.   7;B  l Ann Shelton and her "Galway     ^ ^"^'cSt    ^ for  skidder  or  donkey,  equalfe  ^^^aS bind  has  Office or Phone Sechelt 37.    28 capacity. Apply H. Frostrup, Se|  cut the oldie "When The    Red FOR SALE���  :���' Pt  Red Robin Comes Bob Bob Bob-  UNFINISHED  5 room house on LEGAL NOTICES                       |.f  bin' Along".  Eddy and the trio      lot 62 x  122  at Sechelt, with   ~ t AND ACT ! ~P  do the honors with some excel-  ~nnil���v, i,1TY1h_��r tn finish ^heetin_�� ^L.         i^i\u a^x                  .w*  ..���_.  .:_:__                                  enough luniber to tinisn sneetmg. Notice of intention to apply to ��  What offers? Apply Box A, c|o purchase Land                ||  lent vocalizing  "Bolero In Boogie"  by  Earle ��"�� nVwZ WestvTew, B.6!  Spencer and his orchestra is one _  :   for your dancing collection. FOR SALE   IN LAND Recording District o:  New  Westminster  and situatef'j  FRANK  YATES  Home Oil Agent for  Peninsula  Gravel and Freight Carrying  Service calls day or night���  Days, Wilson Creek���5S  Nights, Roberts Creek���24L  Upholstery and Slip Covers  Let Us Rebuild and  '        Upholster  Your  Favorite Chair  Usher's Yard Goods Shop  Gibsons, B.C.  Vaughn (Marble* Mouth) Mon- CABIN  cruiser,  'Lanora",  30 x at Nelson Island.                            p  roe and "A Little Imagination" 8 x 4> 15 h.p.'Palmer, 2 bunks.     Take notice that L. H. Roberts'^  is typical Monroe and as usual Complete ready to go, no reas- of Nelson Islarid, occupation .re-ft  you get your moneys worth. onabie offer refused,  must sell, tired intends to  apply for per-'''  "Lovely Lady   by Ted Weems health> Apply E. Crush| Pender mission to purcha<fe the foHoW_.k  has lElmar  Tanner whistling  at Harbour, B.C.                              29 ing   described   lands:                    "^  his best with some superb sax   : ���     ��. .     ' :/  work as background. ��� FOR   SALE                                           Commencing at a post planted.,;  The Mills Brothers really outdo NEW FLOAT,  6x40, Right built *Jve  chains  south  of the North 7  themselves   with   their   colossal to  government  stand a rds. ^ast corner of Ll 025, Nelson Is-|>!  rendition   of   "Gloria". Price $250.   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Roberts k  FOR SALE��� ~~        ~"|  ROGERS Majestic 5-tube, wood |  cabinet,   mantel   set,   battery-  radio   Apply Ed Bolster, annex, 'k  *   ii' Friday, Jan.  28,  1949  THE COAST NEWS, SECHELT, B.C.  Paae Seven  fie:   "If I had a million dollars, do you know where I'd be  today?"  '   She:   "We'd be on our honey  moon.  nny men, women  am 5,10, IS lbs.  get Hew Pepr Vim, Vigor  What �� thrill t Bony limbs fill out; ugly hollows  fill up*, neck, no longer scrawny; body loses half-  starved. sickly "bean-pole" look. Thousand- of  girls, ��wom.n, men, who never could gain before,  are now proud ot shapely, healthy-looking bodies.  They thank the special vlgor-buUfilng, flesh-building,  tonic, Ostrex. Its tonics, stimulants, lnvlgoratore,  iron, vitamin Bi, calcium, enrich blood. Improve  appetite and digestion so food gives you more  strength and nourishment: put fiesn on bare bones.  Don't tear getting too fat. 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Several of my colleagues will  be accompanying me I am glad  to say.  My secretary-treasurer Jack  Adkins will be my co-delegate  and with us will be my good  friend and vice-president Joe  Mitchell of East Bay and also an  old Comrade Major John Heath  M.B.E., M.C.  It will certainly be a good delegation and unquestionably much  good work will be done and a  good time will be had by all.  it  We   had   very  many    visitors  from Gibsons on Saturday Jan-  WHERE YOtJ GET MORE  FOOD PER DOLLAR!  For Groceries It's  its  GRAYSONS  AT GIBSONS  ���  Right Now...  before the weather gets any rougher, you should  have your car's performance checked. Keep your  car in good condition.   Bring it in today���  ��� MOTORS  [ IHODnCTS  Wilson Creek Garage  Your General Motors Dealer  WILSON CREEK, B.C.  PHONE SECHELT 5S  ..������  X  Bring Your Repair Jobs to Us!  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By the way the next sailing of  the Sea Bus for Gambier Harbour will be Saturday, January  29. See Jimmy Veitch for full  particulars and time of sailing.  We really had a very fine club  night and we are particularly  pleased to note an increased  membership from Gibsons. Frank  Winegarden and Bud Fisher have  now joined the ranks of this  Unit' and other applications are  being made daily. It is all very  encouraging.  Jimmy Veitch had a very  bright idea on Saturday night  when he took up a collection for  the March of Dimes.  Jimmy started the ball rolling  with a very generous donation  and we shall now have a nice  little check to forward for this  worthy object.  Jimmy came with his wife  Alice and Bob Murray and his  wife came with them. Jimmy  and Bob and their wives are  amongst this unit's firmest  ���friends and we never forget the  many, generous things they have  done for us.  We learn that Miss Myrtle Allen of Sechelt who so ably edits  News" is really 'one of the boys'  SELMA PARK  By H. I. L.  THE RESIDENTS of Selma Park  extend their deepest sympathy  to Mrs. E. Morley and Mr. Miles  Morley in their recent loss of a  loving daughter and sister.  Mrs. J. Hewitt, a former resident of Selma Park recenty visited friends here and at Wilson  Creek.  Mr. and Mrs. Jim Fisher have  been the guests of Mr. and Mrs.  Jack Fisher.  Mr. and Mrs. John Batchelor  are staying with the Harry Bat-  chelors while looking around for  a _.ite to make their permanent  home'here.  Our local store is getting a  Spring face-lifting. Hammers and  paint brushes are flying. Surprising too, what a spot of paint  will do.  I'm afraid I couldn't work up  any enthusiasm for Spring  cleaning yet, too busy keeping  the house warm. But pretty soon  ���perhaps!  Mr. Ken Woods is now in the  storey which will relieve Mrs.  Willows, but we miss your smiling face Margaret.  If you remtrnber to put lemon juice  ��r vinegar in the water when you are  cooking cauliflower, the cauliflower will  be whiter after boiling.  having. served four years in the.  Navy.  We feel that there should bd  some appreciation shown Miss  Allen by our membership so we.  have decided to tender to her  honorary membership in this Unit.  We hope that she will honour  us all by accepting and that she  will make good use of her membership and call and see us in  the near future. I think that ev  ening will certainly call for a  real celebration. We shall be  writing  Miss Allen.  (Editor's Note���Honored by  the honorary membership. Will  try and use it in the near future.)  On Gambier Island our residents who went to town for the  holiday  season  are  now  gradu  ally returning.  Life is returning to normal and  soon we will be looking forward  to working in our gardens when  the much hoped-for better weather arrives.  Selma Park  A Complete  Hairdressing  Service  DOLLY  JONAS  Phone for Appointments  To   get  where   your   going  quicker and in comfort calf  Peninsula Cab Co.  24 Hour Service .  2 Phones ��� 2 Cabs  Phone Sechelt 5 U and 5C2 "Anytime ��� Anyplace"  WILLIAMS CONSTRUCTION CO.  CONTRACTORS  Glen. 0463F Phone Mar. 3439  BULLDOZING, ROAD CONSTRUCTION, LAND  CLEARING, EXCAVATING, ETC.  Large Machines.   HD10 at Sechelt���HD14C at Gibsons  SEE ED BAMFORD  Clay Chamberlin's  GIBSONS, B. C.  OCIATID  Call an Associated Air Taxi Sky cab (x) for an aircraft to  pick you up and set you down at your destination���on time  . . . your own time. Skycabs (x) land anywhere in British  Columbia���and Associated Air Taxi is on call 24 hours  of the day.  Rates as low as 10 cents a passenger-mile, by the most  direct route. Six Skycabs (x) available at a moment's  notice���1 to 4 passengers, 250 to 800 lbs. of freight.  Cut your travel-time this easy, dependable, low-cost  way.  For bookings, phone or write  x���Reg'd. name.  LTD.  Personalised Seaplane  Charter  Service '  Passenger Terminal at the Seaplane Base  VANCOUVER   INTERNATIONAL   AIRPORT  Phone: Richmond 1551���Day or Night  '  Sechelt-Jervis Towing Co.  Your Local Complete Marine Towing Service  LOG TOWING ��� YARDING  * PILE DRIVING  ��� SCOWS ��� DREDGING  SALVAGE  Special Facilities for Quick Movement of Cats, Logging Trucks and  General Camp Equipment  PHONE US COLLECT FOR RATES  SECHELT ��� Parr Pearson Agency, Tel. 54 or 37  PENDER HARBOUR���Bill. Donley, c/o Hassan's Store, Tel.  6U  NANAIMO���The Nanaimo Towing Co.  Ltd.  Tel., Day 555; Night 1497 pr 305  ���r" '  Area Agent���Mr. H. Spalding, Pender Harbour, Tel. 6 S 2  |M____-_____--M_-----_-3H-_E-_--nE-M^ Page Eight  .THE COAST NEWS, SECHELT, B. C _.,  .Friday, Jan.  28,  1949  -JuWiWSM Addition* Beacons    Jack p     t Makes Niagara Falls Winter Wonderlanc  or quarters. For B.C.  WateTS &  SEVEN  more  lights    and     day  beacons  are  being  established  in   British   Columbia   waters   as  further aids to  navigation.  Flashing white lights are���or  will be���showing at: Nelson  Rock, Malaspina Strait; Junction  Point, Lewis Channel; Bosquet  Point, Rivers Inlet; Dunsmuir  Point, Alberni Inlet; Rocky  Point, Alberni Inlet; Assists Island, Barclay Sound.  The new day beacon is at  T?owwin Narrows, Nootka Sound.  It consists of a concrete base  supporting a mast which carries  a white drum.  This advertisement is not published  or displayed by the Liquor Control  Board or by the Government of  ~     British Columbia.        *  Wm. McFadden  Optometrist  GIBSONS  Office Hours:  9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.  Evenings  by  Appointment  Every  day  except  Thursday  Winter wonderland in Prospect Point and part  of the frozen face of Niagara Falls on the U.S. side  as Jack  Frost  goes  into  action.   A   heavy  snowfall  ���Central Press cm.!, cur.  adds additional  beauty  to the surroundings, giving  tourists   and  sightseers   plenty   to  marvel  at  right i  now. ���'  Win  Kitchen Kapers  By JANE DRURY  APPLE   MUFFINS  2 cups sifted pastry flour, 3V_��  tsp. baking powder,   % tsp. salt,  Choose a Name for Us!  Yes, we mean it.   New owners������new methods .  and we'd like your ,  NEW IDEAS  We took over the Cafe, but the name "The Merry  Ern" belongs to the former operators.  Contest Closes February 3rd  CLIP THIS ... ' . . .CUP THIS  ENTRY FORM  Address:   COLIN WINGRAVE, GIBSONS, B.C.  or:  BRING TO THE NAMELESS CAFE . ; .  (Formerly 'The Merry Ern")  CAFE  NAME  _.���__ ...  ji      ;  !  ���)  ���_ _     -;  Signature  powder,   spices  and salt several Flavor with  Vz  tsp. almond ex-  times.   Mix well with the bran, "tract.    Fold   in   1   cup   cereal  Add with the milk to the cream- flakes and  y4 cup cherries,7jaj  ,      .  , W1J   .     ,, sins  or nuts   Drop by spoonful:  ed   mixtures.   Fold   m  the  pre- on  a   greased  cookie   sheet  an*  pared   apple.    Bake   in   muffin  bake in a 325 deg. F. oven unti  Va   _sr_    earb   cinnamon   anri   nTiV-   ringS  in   a   425  deg"   R   ��venx f��r   g��lden brown,   about  15. minutes  A. tsp. each cinnamon and nut- 25   minutes    This   should   yieM should yield about two dozen,  meg,  1  cup finely chopped raw about  two   dozen  small  muffins  SALMON ROLL  apple, 1Vz cups cereal bran flakes, which are best served fresh. l % cups cooked salmon, 4 tbsj  5 tbsp. shortening, Vz cup brown   CEREAL MACAROONS milk, 2 tbsp. lemon juice, 7^2 tsj  sugar, 1 egg, 1 cup milk. Beat 1 egg white with V_ tsp-  salt,   1%   tbsp.  choppedXparsle^  Cream the shortening and the salt until stiff but not dry.  Add Make   biscuit   dough,   using  I1/  sugar.   Add  egg and heat  well-   Va cup sugar by spoonfuls beat- cups   flour.   Roll  it   out  into  Sift   the   flour  with  the  baking ing    well   after   each   addition, thin   rectangular   sheet.    Sprea<  1 ��� : ; ��� with   the   salmon   mixture   ant  ���.....,_...,   . roll  up like  a  jelly roll.   Bak<  j8P|J|p6; in a 425 deg. F. oven for 30 min  utes. Serve with egg sauce, mad  by adding 2 hard cooked egg  chopped and 2 tbsp. chopped par(  sley to 2 cups white sauce-  NEW POWER IN  RUSSIAN AFFAIRS  COMOX  ���   NANAIMO  TOFINO ���  ZEBALLOS  ALERT BAY  MINSTREL ISLAND  and   other   coastal   and   Vancouver  Island Points  -.  QUEEN CHARLOTTE AIRLINES  Travel QCA British Columbia's Own Airline  Vancouver Ticket Office ��� PAcific 8726 ��� 1023 W. Georgia  GQ3  ���Central Press Cftntditi  Recently named chief of staff 6  Russian military forces is Genera  of the Army S. M. Shtemenk.  (above),, who, in addition also h��  been named assistant minister c  the ministry of defence forces c  the U.S.S.R. His promotion reprt  sented a jump of 20 places in th  Sinviet hierarchy.  Save Money By Buying Your  Sechelt Guide News  By KAREN STOCKWELL  les  Our Prices Are Vancouver List Plus PART of the Transportation Cost.  YOU Save on Freight and Cartage!  We Stock:  . PLYWOODS  Va" - Vt" - W - V*"  P.V. HARDBOARD  GYPROC ��� MASONITE  KENMORE BOARD  Also:  Shelving, Moulding, Gutter/  Plywood Strips, Stool,  Door Jamb  Roofing Materials of all kinds.  PARKERS HARDWARE  SECHELT. B.C.  HELLO  everyone! .."  Last Thursday,    January    20  we held our meeting at the Pav>;  ilion Hall. 7)  We  were   very  sorry    Missj  Melvin could not attend but was?,  sick. \  I hope she will get well soon.������  Mrs. Nelson took over though j  and so we didn't do bad after all.  We played  a game,  and haft.  roll-call. Quite a few girls were;  missing because of the cold day.-:  The Tenderfoot people are get- <  ting along swell. .*i  They are now learning whistle'!  signals-and tracking. Xj  One of the "Guides left a bag iik  the meeting with aa plastic blackf  belt in it. It would be appreci-i  ated if it could be found. Thank1  you.  Well, I'm short for news this  week folks, so I'll have to close  (]


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