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The Coast News Nov 5, 1948

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Array vx  WESTVIEW WHARF: Above is a view of the small boat harbor at Westview which had its official opening October 30. Completed at a cost of  $300,000, the harbor provides ample berthing facilities for the small boats which ply pur coastal waters.. Two long floats leading from the large  | wharfhead will accommodate fishing boats and other craft which may wish to dock. In the above photo, the MV. Gulf Mariner can be seen nosing  | into port. - -  I ;������?  m  Amalgamation ot  improvement Assn.  Wilson Creek, B.C.,  Nov. 17 1948.  Editor, ' v  Coast News  SIR���I was very pleased to see  Mr.^L.S. Jackson's open letter:  last '.-week's edition, remihct-  hgthe residents of ^Sechelt and  district of their responsibilities  hrough their local Improvement  Vssociation, and 1 sincerely trust  he response to his call will he  rianifoldly accepted by all mem-  ers of this organization.  In a recent letter.of rhirie to  ur journal, I    appealed to all  this   Peninsula  to     organise  der one heading, which would  '��ford  us   greater   strength   and  ity   of   purpose,   thereby   av-  ding repetition since~ our prob-  ms are of a common nature.  I am yet of this same opinion,  ough I firmly believe we could  Jinction to equal advantage uh-  r tWq organizations, if closely  lated iri oiir methods of prd-  "lire.  ^Before reading Mr; .Jackson's  tter^ the matter had fceen7dis-7  Serving a Progressive and Growing  Area on B. C.'s Southern Coast.  Covers Sechelt, Gibsons, Port Mellon, Woodfibre, Squamish, Irvines  Landing, Half Moon Bay, Hardy  Island, Pender Harbour, Wilson  Greek, Roberts Creek, Granthams  Landing, Egmont, Hopkins Landing,  Brackendale,  GJheekeye,  etc.  Wit (BomtMzws  pubi-Xsh-Ed bv the coast news, limited  Business Office: Sechelt, B.C. National Advertising Office, Powell River, B.C.  Vol. BI1 ���* No.AT  Sechelt, B.C.  Friday,   Nov.  5,  1948  ���__  .ad^where it  was agreed to.  ill  ^special  meeting at    the  fegiori  Hall   at   Sechelt   during  5c per copy, $2.50 per year, by mail  nation  Definite,  Says Sinclair  JAMES Sinclair, Member of  Parliament for this scattered  riding since 1938, told The News  there had been no change in his  decision to retire from the House  next June when- Parliament  closes. He repeated the reasons  for his decision: "Family obligations cannot be met, either at  the present nor in the future,  for a member has little if any  security of employment in a rid-  ingr as difficult to reach as-this  one." ��������������� ��� .-��� ���������. ^, XX ���. #X:?XXx  "The Coast-Capilano district is  too big and too important to be  represented by a carpet-bagger,  :<_�����..-  >��  ilie week of Nov   15   and to in"    \-"���"���"p*���8^^  ���" ������_����� mmmmmmmmamnmm^m^ium. m^wmtmmnmm   he added. "What this riding needs  i&e   &   H   Jarihan   Secretary JAMES SINCLAIR, M.P., snips the ribbon to officially  open   Westview  small   boat   harbor, and deserves is a young veteran  the   Associated    Boards,    of Doug'Oxford, president of the Retail Merchants Association stands at left, and West- who js^a^resident ��^the-powell  ;ade of the Lower Mainland to view commissioner F.  R. Young looks on at right.   Mr. Sinclair was the man most instru-  Mres-xusoh this very subject, mental in bringing about the refuge for small boats at Westview.  The}.vprecij5e date is left open -������ ���-~;"  ��� ���. ���: ��� ���-���- ������   pject^tocohfirmation  ofNMr.  irm^n's ability to attend. Howler ia notice will appear in next  leek's issue  of this paper a_jjL-  |>imcirig the definite date.      '  It is to be hoped that all mem-  ���s of the Sechelt and District  provenrient,  Association     will  ake ah urgent effort to attend.  H. W. AGGETT,  President.  Village Will Definitely  Operate Boat Harbor  River district and who can work  from it, rather than into it. The  carpet-baggers may have been  necessary in the past, but time  has changed your whole scene in  this   community."  Some rumors had it that Sinclair might be entering provincial politics, but he discounted  the possibility. "Other plans I  have made preclude politics for  some considerable time," he stated.  ry  IpCHELJV^W.   Scott   Lumsden, errhen who use the harbor.  H 45, ^ Chokerman for the K.O.S.       >  As q result the Comrr  lltfi _r\**_p_nM*% _��*    /"^^v '  .   n4>      l__f _-_�����- j-3 ,*v��*.  _ X-T_>�� v-*_U. _���%.>������      '______<.__.i'    aX       I   wm im>�� t-*.^xa��4-    4>L��*_**4-   ���.__���__��%.  WESTVSEW Village will administer the;small boat harbor.        ~ jz-=z ���^ ������   .This was the'decision ofthe Board of Commissioners fol- 0222011 Jtoat banctuary  lowing,a special meeting on Saturday, and which was confirmed at Tuesday evening's meeting.  Reversal of their previous decision to steer clear of the  issue was. prompted by expressions of support at Saturday's  meeting from businessmen of the district and from the fish-  Commissioners are advising the Depart-  Sinclaii Cuts Ribbon  For Westview Harbor  $oggiiig Co.; at Pender Harbour ment of Transport that they are now prepared to take over  ^^^^^d^6^8^ contrcj of the small boat harbor. WESTVIEW'S half-million-doliar breakwater, only man-made  lie is survived by his wife ^nd BX ^A^E P??*^ 7       :���:���r������ -���:���~~"������'���'   ��� *     harbor between Vancouver and Prince Rupert, was offl  ine  child. ^^n^^1��ners emphasised be wiuing to pay a reasonable cially opened at noon Saturday with the snipping of a ribbon.1  i.. >m inquest was held Tuesday r^^Sm^^be" bV leai in?n?1 K -r?te i^use of ^har- by James Sinclair, MP, the man most instrumental in bringing  Mmm Interment will be at ^S^ouw4wethe vil- ** **������ d>d ���jf *( bring the smQJ| boQt harbor into existence.  |*ew;Westminster. 7     lege to have  its  own man at- ^ f^n nf th^oS^iSo^'' Although   gale   warnings  the. previous   night   had   dis-  Dr. Alan Inglis, answering the tending  to   the   harbor   matters ��� aecislon OI tne commission-  courQged visitors from the horth from attending the opening,  Harbor Day dawned bright ��ind clear.  Celebrations commenced  someone eise oy ine guvcximitJiit.       ***���*���>  " a.^u.^a oaiu  mc ___-imwi - -  [his  car clipped  a  truck driven  fcall to the Logging Co. was him- and forestall the appointment of  elf involved in an accident.when someone else by the government. ^Mr. ^Jacques^aW the toen W|th        , ���rfu, p?rQde/ igdby the Powell River Pipe Band, which  Saturday's   meeting   was     at-  Sby Mr. H. Fostrup at the- Half-x  ^^."���.���.PBps; r"\. "" rate of 10 cents a foot to keep  marched from the north end of Westview along Marine and  |mo^)n Bay;lake. Fortunately no ��*ded ^i^Silxto^is^S- their hoats in the harbo^' whlph doWn t0 the wharf/  ohe was injured though thestruck Xi ^ ^^.^i^of "^ lie- would  mean about $3  a month      Uniformed   Sea   Rangers,   Air  " ���     ��� " ^".  left the road in an endeavour to Smrfof^^t rWhtt- ^ each boat Cadets,   Boy   Scouts    and    Girl from Sea island. -        ;  avoid the collision. 7>S^^^^St bf K^vDECaDlNG PACTOR Guides  drew up  in  a  guard  of      Harbor Day, ^kh was gon-  \ -_..'___.   tt���i_x__ ��.���    tv/tt  a        _ :....   _   ..        . ..-. honor at the entrance to the small sored   by  the   Retail Merchants  partment of Transport, A. 'Whit-  more of the^bepartment of Fish- DECIDING FACTOR  'tetiiJ^^ me?t" b^tob^^erT nTriSaSL Association, saw the culmination  -~~��y -.���-t,.^���,���^-^ - , S^nt^eiaSon    ^s^^ mf-th^ Xt r>d hf aii"imw+?e ceremony took place.  A touch of of three years' effort by the dist-  mmmcmYLof Jngear::^^ gaiety 4s  provided  by young- rict  wharf  committee  to   obtain  ered the harbor and such a plar  ^�� j.-w-.x  -_.v, A^c-w  _utu ...^..^a. was   dismissed   as   a   "nuisance'  Lakei was recovered by m&ihe aft^^ .^e J^^8^'^ form of  administration. ���WMJLWt4 ��, ����__���� v^ ~ , ,   diver G.   H.     Luscbmbe, '-''.:'4^-'i(^S^Kr^ th^SToiit to  a      The   other  deciding  factor   in youngsters,   with  James  Devlin; work of the wharf committee and  dragging   operations,   proved   to ^r^^^f^^^iiSd-  satis the reversal ofJ the Commission- ^loyd Nortli and Vincent Forbes particularly   James_ Cin-rie,^v^ho  #&wned last-Satu^ay^                                                                          fisl^i^en every .time they ent- sters in  Hallowe'en   attire,   who permanent   anchorage   for  trxetruck he was riding in plunge                                                                         the harbor and such a plan brought up the rear of the par- boats in this area,  ed from the road intoHo^ital >mg the session which lasted-ail was   dismissed ^s   a   "nuisance" ade   Merchandise vouchers were In opening the harbor, Mr.: Sm-  o^������.    ti,o     nmhw,    .����r_. _,    __._.. ._-.._ awarded as costume prizes to 40 clair paid tribute to^ the untiring  be ^?ucc^^ parties concerned, e^'  decision vras the  assurance acting as judges.  F'uneral services were held in by merchants at the meeting that     As the parade wended its way  Vancouver.    V. x' FISHERMEN'S PROPOSAL the  businessmen of  the  district through Westview's business sec-  ?    ;  :' ������'.:;;, 7,77?AXx, 7 ;���- A  proposal   by  Les    Jacques, would stand, behind  the  village tion, an RCAF Vampire .jet fight-  The * quartersfeifi-j ��� ^stbiit pole local representative of the Uni- and would subsidize their opera- er zoomed overhead at 50gA��^jhg2  six to eightxf^ a  fund which  would in salute toJ;he district.  The jet  as axweapbn-l3y tM'|>eagantry ofers Union, speaking oh behalf of be used to defray administration plane  arrived  here  promptly  at  Ehg[la3ajd;. /':";.v yyyJk^y,yLXX^yy^y-&? fishermen that .theyx��rau!d. e^penSes7if,.necessary...      7  ...      .11 -a.m., after a' 13-minute flight  has served continuously as secret  tary   since   the' committee ��� Wsis  (Continued on Page 8) X .  VIHOXOIA Page Two  THE COAST NEWS, SECHELT, B.C.  Friday,   Nov.  5,   T94I  To Handle Army  by Jock Scott  NEW SEASON  SOONER  or   later  we   have   to  face the ugly fact that nine-  tenths of radio today is a cardboard monument to bad taste,  unfunny humor, spurious drama,  dull parlor games and comment  which would do justice to the  village imbecile.  The winter, or prize package,  season has begun. The "greats"  of radio are back with us, earning their fabulous fortunes with  humor and sentiment tailored for  the mind of a retarded moron.  These shows have certain  similarities and I propose today  to classify them as the first step  in preparing a complete dossier.  This may come in handy on the  inevitable day when radio listeners rise up in crusading  wrath-and storm the studios.  There   is,   for    example,    the  studio audience. This is a group  of neurotic half-wits, apparently  near-relatives  of the performer,  who will laugh insanely at any  joke  or  just when, a little man  holds up a sign sayng. "Laugh/  The sounds made by this group  are often a mystery to the ordinary listener at home, unaware  of the fact that after each witticism   the  comedian   allows   his  trousers to drop, six camels are  brought   on   the   stage   wearing  full evening dress and laughing  gas is  released from  the studio  ventilators.  In addition"'to the audience no  program is complete without a  sound effects man who piles a  large number of kitchen utensils  on a step ladder and then pushes  the ladder over on cue. Because  people will laugh at everything  that falls down, particularly if  it happens to be a crippled old  lady, the falling utensils * rou- "  tine may be said to be fairly  popular in radio, a kind of audible  custard-pie-in-the-puss.  .  There is, too the announcer  or rather "our announcer," who  reads the commercials. We are  on "pretty friendly terms with  this fellow since we are in the  position, as it were, of peering  into his throat every few minutes and we are, as he keeps reminding cs, either his neighbors" or "folks."  The assumption from the beginning is that this announcer  has some, exclusive, secret, amazing information and apart  from that is jest the darndest,  lovable, most ingratiating old  neighbor in the world.  "Well, folks," he chuckles,  "been having a little trouble with  the old stomach? Got aT touch  of acid indigestion, eh?" Almost?  immediately you find yourself  sitting in the radio's lap ready  to confess everything. Either  that or you have thrown a heavy  book at it.  This announcer, of course,  must not be confused with the  type who comes on immediately  after a voice says, "And now by  electrical transcription." The  electrical transcription man is  the harsh, dynamic kid quivering with pop-eyed urgency and  imploring you for the sake pf  yourself and your family to  smarten ur and get that old gastric juice flowing while there's  still time.  Of course, by this time, your  gastric juice is undeniably slug-  gisr from the affects of too much  radio and���who knows?-���maybe ^  that's the whole idea.  THE ARMY Benevolent Fund  will soon be administered in  B.C. by a volunteer committee of  three well-known Vancouver ex-  that the Committee will take over  service men.  Within a month it is expected  from the Department of Veterans'  Affairs, which has handled an interim fund since the beginning  of 1947.  Chairman of the Provincial  Committee is Hugh Allan, Executive-Director, of the Community  Chest and Council of Greater  Vancouver. Members are Oscar  Orr, Vancouver deputy police  magistrate, and B. T. Giraud,  Vancouver business man.  Herbert M. Stevenson, World  War II army veteran and formerly engaged in rehabilitation work  with the DVA, has been appointed full-time Executive Secretary.  "Our objective is to build an  organization through, which we  can make a lasting contribution  to the general well being of veterans, not merely as an- agency  concerned with dispensing financial assistance, but concerned as  well with the welfare of the veteran over a period of years," Mr.  Allan   explained.  Applications for assistance will  .be forwarded to the Army Benevolent Fund Committee by veterans' organizations and welfare  agencies throughout the province,  and information concerning the  eligibility of claims and the preparation of application forms will  be supplied to these agencies.  Office accommodation has been  secured in the DVA Building at  the corner of Bute and Haro  Streets, Vancouver, B.C.  The Committee will assume  control of the fund's administration gradually, taking over from  the DVA first in the Vancouver  area and expanding further as  the organization of outside districts is completed.  During the past ten years,. Ar-      There   are   over  three  and  gentina has developed a unique half million cows in Canada���an^  system  of  subterranean  storage average of about a:cow->toa,fam-  for grain. ily. X ":  YOU'RE OUR HONORED  GUEST  When you dine at the Eng-  list Tea Rooms, your  slightest wish is our concern. The menu and the  service are planned to make  your meal an occasion to be  remembered with pleasure.  ENGLISH TEA ROOMS  Gibsons, B.C.  oine Mies  This Week's "Exclusive" Special!  New three roomed home situated on one-half acre  waterfrontage, near Gibsons. Magnificent view. An  extraordinary buy at $1650���full price.  CALL OR WRITE  CONSOLIDATED BROKERS  Gulf Coast Offices ��� Sechelt ��r Gibsons, B.C.    ���  Phone Sechelt 37 ��� Phone Gibsons 37  HEAD OFFICE  CONSOLIDATED BROKERS LTD.  942 W. Pender St., Vancouver, B.C.  ... "I hate the thought that Jack  is  friendly   with  other  girls."  "My dear, you should have  known before that marriage is a  lottery."  "I did, but I didn't expect anyone else to share my ticket."  "My   daughter   wanjts   a   fast  camera film."  "Regular  or Verifast?"  "What's  the  difference?"     *  "The   Verifast  is  much   faster  than  the  Regular,   but  sixpence  dearer."  "Give-*'m>2   the    Regular.     My  daughter has plenty of time."  ' ~ >* T^"      Pp_-  ������.'.   '���:\?.__"5��___  "'Xf. -..-_���  ����  In. bringing up five children, I've had a lot of  experience in getting the best buys oil everything  from cribs to cornflakes.  "I've found that competition has always given  me the prices I wanted to meet my weekly budget  ��� ��� ��� one store trying to dp better than the other  on price or service to get my business.  "That's why these Socialist and Communist  theories don't make sense to me. If the government took control over pretty nearly everything,  I'd or 1.7 have one place to buy . . . no real choice  if  of merchandise, and I know what that would  mean. Higher prices and poorer service. Take it  or leave it.  "No, prices will come down when businesses  start to compete with each other again for our  trade. That's why I believe in our democratic  free enterprise system. It encourages the sort  of free competition among industry that will  bring prices down. It has offered me, and it  will continue to offer me better value across  the counter than, any system of govemment  eontrol." '     "  tWzpwK  0U Coimpaiiy o�� Briiisjfc Coliifinbia  Marine Building, Vancouver, B.C.  This is one in a series of advertisements sponsored hy  Standard of B.C. and its. associates9 the independent  Chevron Dealers, to present the people9s views on the values  and opportunities available to us in British Columbia  under our democratic free, opportunity system. This  system, we are convinced, offers the greatest incentives,  the highest standards of living ��� the best job-security and  freedom of thought and action.  &'rM&  S-7  SUPREME  -,���� Friday,  Nov. 5, J 948.  THE COAST NEWS, SECHELT, B. C.  Page ��hre��  Canadian provinces maintain  jsix residential schools where  Lsome 500 pupils who are totally  f/os partially ..blind learn raille.'  1 take part in regular school classes  and-learn" "trades.  GET  A  TRIM  CUT  AT  COLLISON'l  BARBER  SHOP  Sechelt.   B.C.  [CANADA'S MASTER OF QUIZ  e>  Roy Ward DickSon has truly won  the right to add the initials "M.Q."  to his name for "Master of Quiz"  ^vith his presentation "Take A  Chance," the. biggest give-away show  m Canadian radio. Broadcast over  CKWX every Monday night at nine,  "Take a Chante" is sponsored by  ^darn's Chiclets and Dentyne.  S���; ��������� : ���  By MRS. C. HARPER  MR. AND Mrs." Jim Brown spent  a few days in town last week.  They   made   the   round   trip   by  plane.  The ladies of Silver Sands  community held a dance and  box social recently in Marion  Hall, Half Moon Bay, to raise  funds for the pupils' Christmas  treat. A good sum was realized.  Mr. and Mrs. Tom Parish and  son, David, have left to reside in  Sechelt.  _��  Frank Gough had the misfortune to injure his knee while at-  work last week at G. & M. Logging Co. He expects to return to  work   shortly.   ,  Mr. and Mrs." Dalton Burt  spent a few days in Vancouver  last week.  The pupils of Silver Sands  School held their Hallowe'en  party in the afternoon of October 29, in the school house.  Games were enjoyed, and later,  refreshments were served. A  number, of parents and friends  were present.  The Board of School Trustees  with Inspector Manning and our  representative, Mr. A. E. Ritchey,  were visitors at Silver Sands  School on October 19.  SELMA PARK  By H. I. L.    MRS. J7; MOWATT has arrived  in Montreal' after crossing  from Scotland by plane. She is  spending a . week there before  returning , to her home here.  Mr. and Mrs. A. McGregor  are receiving congratulations  on the birth of a daughter on  Oct.. 22.  Spending a few days in Van  couver are Mrs. Geo. Colson, her  daughter Mrs. A. Bruynell, Mr.  J. Mowatt, while making a  one day trip to Vancouver this  week were Mrs. J. ��. Lee, Mr.  Ben Long  and  Mr.  J.   Redman.  A very enjoyable evening was  held on Tuesday at "Selma Loze"  when the menfolk of Selma with  their friends, got together for an  evening of cards. Coffee and  sandwiches were served, the men  doing the honors. Nice going  boys!  A number of private Hallowe'en parties were given in Selma  last Saturday night and greatly  enjoyed by those present. As to  the younger fry, they seemed to  be home enjoying a quiet Hallowe'en. It is certainly nice to  see no damage and wilful harm  done. Everyone likes to see  youngsters have good clean fun,  abstaining from vandalism.  Gibsons School News  By MALDY THOMAS  That's what  I need"  V DURO   PUMP   fills   every  Jl\ farm need . . : running water  WHEN and WHERE you want it.  A LABOR SA^ER that produces  fPR(Mxi��k  Clean, fresh water is a necessity in your home . . . barns . . .  7ti"uck garden and stablest Be sure  xto install theXJURO PtJMP with  capacity for all your needs, including a reserve for fire protection.  INSTALL THE BEST ... INSTALL A DURO.  EMCO  fixtures and Fittings  7 EMCO Fixtures and Fittings are  designed for Beauty and Utility.  See now easily you can modernize  ICitchen, Bathroom, Laundry . . .  protect the health and add to daily  comfort of aU-your family.    -  $120.00 F.O.B. Vancouver,  Victoria,  Calgary,  Edmonton, Lethbridffe.  MRS. RANKIN was back again  last week to pay us a brief  visit. She certainly looked nice  after her holiday and everyone  was glad to see her. This summer, after retiring from the  teaching profession, she took a  well-earned holiday and toured  through eastern Canada and the  United States.  Bill Feeny who came to this  school only a few weeks ago has  decided to go back to his home  in  New  Westminster.  Our two Spanish-speaking'  chemists, Don Brown and Ted  Park well, were at it again, last,  week. They were in the laboratory supposedly studying Spanish when it seems they became.  a little bit bored. So to do something they decided to put some  sodium metal.in water (this stuff  explodes in water). The result  was a very loud "Bang" which  scared everyone in the neighboring French class out . of their  wits. Mr. Trueman's only remark was "That didn't sound  very much like Spanish." Those  fellowsf will blow our school up  yet.  ������.".'',:' -7'.-"  On Friday, Oct. 29 our High  School Senior team and the Elementary School team went up  by bus to play the Sechelt Superior  School  team  and  the  In  dian School team in a soccer  game. The victory went to Sechelt in both cases.  Teen Town Talk  By M.&LDY THOMAS  wmmmMmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmk  THE TEEN Town Hard Times  dance held on Friday, Oct. 29,  turned out to be very good. For  the first time in ages everyone  turned out dressed up for the  occasion, and "shirt-tails out"  was  the style  of the evening.  Our good mayor Don Graham  made a very good job of decorating the hall with ghosts and  dangling skeletons. He even had  a big black cat with luminous  eyes up on the front of the stage.  About the middle of the evening, a "spot-dance" was held and  those who were spotted had to  dunk for apples.  Several times during the evening the record player stopped, but  otherwise ��� nothing went amiss.  Since it was so close to Hallowe'en many of the kids had  fire-crackers  and they just had  to try them out, the result���it  became quite risky to dance on  the floor. The way those firecrackers would roll quietly al-��  ong under the dancers feet,' then  all of a sudden go off, scaring  the poor dancer out of his wits,  was pitiful.  Despite  the   few mishaps  the  dance was a very good one.  Compare Our Pr.cesl  Delnor Frozen Foods  Ice Cream  Groceries    _.  Fresh Meats and  Vegetables  Hardware  Drygoods  Shell Oil  Fish Camp  ��  We now have Increased  refrigeration for hendiing  of perishables.  Pender Harbour, * C  076teve4>  Read the Social Page, Too ...!  A private home is no place to keep bonds and  valuables, especially if you are going away.  Near you is a branch of the Bank of Montreal  . - whereyou can safeguard your Government Bonds and  other valuables in your personal Safety Deposit Box.  The cost is trifling... the peace of mind great.  Enquire today... tomorrow may be too late.  Bank of Montreal  working with Canadians in every walk of life since 1817.  n t hiuioh amitss  B��il_l  SCHOOL AND COMMUNITY  JLnJ jv #1 1V1 Jt\  The School and Community Drama Branch of the Department of  Education has been in existence for several years. Its function is to  stimulate interest in drama from both the cultural and recreational  standpoint. It gives free service to clubs wheresoever dispersed  throughout the Province.  LIBRARY-  >  GIBSONS, B.C.  MARSHALL'S HARDWARE  EMPIRE BRASS MFG. CO. LIMITED  tendon   -   .Hamilton7rX Toronto   -    Sudbury   -   Winnipeg   -   Vaneogver  X X     OWNING AND OPERATING  VEC81  Calgary    -   Edmonton   -   Vancouver  SERVICES  One-act and full length plays for all ages. Books  on the techniques of drama'. Prepared pamphlets  on various aspects of drama calculated to help  school and community groups.  A small supply of curtains both for proscenium  and cyclorama can be borrowed. Lighting equipment is available. Some make-up (import at present restricted by law) is still on hand for loan.  PUBLICATION���A  Drama   Bulletin   is published  and  sent to all  schools and clubs.  EQUIPMENT-  FESTIVALS���  Much assistance is given to Festival Committees;  programmes are taken care of and adjudicators  are supplied and their fees paid.'  If you are interested in forming a drama group or a playreading  circle, this division is ready to help you.  Write to: THE DIRECTOR, SCHOOL AND COMMUNITY DRAMA  DEPARTMENT   OF   EDUCA  PARLIAMENT BUILDINGS, VICTORIA, B.C.  Hon. W. T. Straith, Minister WW  mmx^maM  Page Four  THE COAST NEWS, SECHELT, B. C  Friday,   Nov.  5,   1948  By ''.ARIES'  THE SECHELT people did right  well by themselves on Hallow- Mammy,  e'en as most of them were at a man, Mrs  most original and hilarious party chelt Mr. and Mrs. L. D. Wes-  given by Mr. and Mrs. Ben Lang ton, who have recently purchas-  at their home at Selma Park. , th business Qf Mr Neilson_  Jim Parker as Carmen Miranda ��� /ne business oi ivir. -Weiison,  certainly had everyone mopped Baker and Confectioner at Vil-  up, Mrs. P. Parker as Black lage Centre.*Mr. Weston has had  Jack   Redman   China- a number of years experience at  ��*���  ST. HILDA'S  glide dorcli  Sechelt, B.C.  First and Fifth Sundays  7:30 p.m.  Second and Third  Sundays i��� 3 p.m.  Fourth  Sunday  Holy  Communion  11:30 a.m.  Sunday School  12:45 p.m.  every Sun.  J. Redman Lazy Daisy,  Mr. S. Killick old fashioned lady,  Mrs. S. Killick Balloon Lady.  Mrs. B. Hascamp Maggie, Mrs.  P. Osborn Jiggs, Mr. W. Morrison boy, Mrs. W. Morrison girl,  his' work and came to us from  Bralorne. They have one little  boy, Robbie and are at present  staying at Rockwood lodge until  they  can find  a  suitable  home  Mr. Ben Lang Parson, Mrs. Ben nefr *he business. We hope they  Lang^ Daisy Mae, Mr. Stockwell ���U be very happy here.  Spanish Caballero, Mrs. Stock- Yours Truly had a very pleas-  well Autumn, Mr. B. Cook Ad- ant trip on Friday when Mr. W.  miral, Mrs. B. Cook Gypsy, Mr. Morrison of G E.. Harris real  J. Ellis Colonial Girl, Miss estate took me to look over some  Gladys Bell Spanish senorita, property at Bargain Harbour.  Elsie Turner Gypsy maid. Jack My what a beautiful place���the  Mayne Air Raid warden, Carrie little islands set like jewels in a  Mayne French peasant girl, Er- sapphire sea,'the sun was shining  me Barker Black Mammy, Eva 0n the water and the tall stately  Oelke Little Coon, Mabel Nel- trees in the distance tipped with  son and Leo Richer Colonial goid was something to behold I  Twins, Mrs. Lawrence Spanish would not hesitate to advise  grandee. Others dressmg inform- anyone   who  loves     quiet     and  Bring Your Repair Jobs to Us!  Boat Tanks, Warm Air Heating Furnaces Repaired  Range and Heater Repairs '    "  CHICKEN FARM EQUIPMENT  GUTTERS AND DOWNPIPE  AIR CONDITIONING  Sheet Metal   Works  Laurie Speck, Gibsons* Phone Gibsons 8R  r  **m  Marshall's Hardware  Serving the Peninsula"  ally were Mr. and Mrs. Parr  Pearson and Mr. and Mrs. L. D.  Weston.  We   wish  to   welcome  to   Se-  4  THE ABLE "SEAMAN"  This man is the backbone of the Navy. A  fully trained seaman,  highly competent  through broad knowledge    and    experience,  he   is  equally  at home on the deck  of a warship at sea  and on the streets of  the  foreign  lands to  which his duty takes  him.    Wherever    he  goes he wins respect  for Canada. He has  a satisfying  Job and  does it well. He is not  called "Able" seaman  without reason..  8  You'll have a busy, active, adventurous  life.  You'll have a healthy life and a satisfying  one.  You'll visit foreign places and have your  chance to see the World.  You'll have the opportunity to learn a  trade . . . acquire a wide variety of  knowledge.  You'll be given every training and educational aid to help you climb the Navy's  ladder of advancement. You'll be encouraged and helped to advance with the Navy.  Naval regulations  permit 30 days leave a  year with pay.  Pay scales have  recently been increased  . .. and you can  qualify for a generous  life long pension at  the end of your service,  while you are still  young enough to  enioyit.  Get the facts today from the Naval Recruiting Officer,  Royal Canadian Navy, Ottawa, or from your nearest  Naval Division.  beauty to settle in this delightful  spot. The right kind of people  could make a paradise there.  Just like a little bit of Old Ireland. After this all we went to  Pender Harbour to look in on  Mrs. Smith, found her quite busy  and contented but missing her  old friends. I gave her all the  kind messages and we will go  up again soon.  . Mrs. Louie Hansen and Mrs.  W. B. Billingsley presided at  the urns at a very delightful surprise shower given in honor of  Mrs. Neil Hansen (nee Faery  Wood). The beautifully appointed table was centred with a.  wedding cake whose theme of  decoration was a miniature bride  and groom. It really was a surprise alright which made it most  enjoyable for all those concerned. The guests included Mrs. L.  McDonald, Mrs. W. B. Billingsley, Mrs. A. Crucil, Mrs. J. Seely,  Mrs. E. Redman, Mrs. G. Colli-  son, Mrs. H. Billingsley, Mrs. J.  Evans, Mrs. J. Derby, Mrs. G.  Powell, Mrs. W. Berry, Miss' G.  Berry, Mrs. G. Hansen, Mrs. W.  Smith, Mrs. J. Sinnott, Mrs. J.  Plumridge, Mrs. F. Gibbons, Mrs.  J. Burgess, Mrs. S. Pollock, Mrs,  H. Newcomen, Mrs. J. Archer,  (Continued on Supplement)  L  Gibsons  Phone Gibson 33  See Our  Prettily  Printed  at  80c  per square foot  SALES AND  SERVICE more aboot                     Daily Except Monday  Sechelt ���   (Continued from Page 4)  Mrs! G. Batchlor, Mrs. W. Rankin, Mrs. A. Rouse, Mrs. E. Pearson, Mrs C. Pooteet, Mrs. C.  Laurence, Mrs. J. H. McCrea, Mrs.  J. Nelson, Mrs. W. Paton, Mrs.  G. Gowland, Miss E. Gowland,  Mrs. J. Parker, Mrs. E. Bisson-  ette, Mrs. P. French, Mrs  J. Mc-   EmTORS NOTE���Effective Oct-  ?}^eSS-lrlSxs\Amr^T^9 ���TS'  I'      ober 31st a new service for in-  Mills    Mrs    A    Wood,   Mrs    E. CQmin     and  outgoing mails  be_  Prenderggast,   Mrs.   H.  ^Nelson, came the rule here   (fai Sechelt)  f-T%    i./rf va   *���?  m���11^ this  new  arrangemest   gives   all        By REGINALD  HENTON  fA��r?'   M���    J\ R^dman' J*1*' Z' P��ints  up  to   and  including  the  The time has  Ayton   Mrs   J.  Power   Mrs.  W. |echelt ��ost Qffice  a maif ger_ gaid  McFarlane, Mrs. T. Osborne ^Jr^ yice dail    with the e        tion of To k of ma      thi  gifts   wereT also^ received^ from Monday,  The mail is picked up  Qf roadg and wh^rveg *f schoolg  Asks Service oi  Last Ten Years  Be Restored  cally supported by the general  public and those in business on  this coast.  If this should fail then let us  ,    f . devise  some plan by which  we  Irvine's  Landing P.O.  can ge^ adequate mail service at  Pender  Harbour,   B.C.,  least} and present it to the prop-  28   October,   1948.   er   authorities   immediately.  Yours   truly,  Mrs. K. E. Jermain.  Ode to a Village  The  Editor  The  Coast News  DEAR SIR���In the last edition of  the Coast News one reads with  interest Mr. McBean's comments  on Mr. James Sinclair's statement  regarding the present mail situation   and  steamship  service   on  this  coast. Mr.  Sinclair  ��� is    not        _  come the chipmunk given to .making irrational state-  GIBSONS ���  The    Consolidated  ments. Brokers,   Vancouver  have   an-  Why does Mr. McBean as Gen- nounced   the   appointment   of   a  and   drunks   and   good-time ef,al ^nager of the Union Steam- new   Gulf   Coast   Manager.   Mr.  ships, Ltd. try "to pass the buck"   C.   J.   Coleridge.   Mr.   Coleridge  By Consolidated  grapes  grown by  Jordan.  Mrs.    R.   Hackett, ^Mrs.   Uttley^ at. Gibsons and delivered by the  Mrs.   Doyle,,  Mrs.  E.      Clayton^ ggc^g^ Motor Transport Co girls and things  Miss I. Pratt, Mrs     R.   ^Hutton, v.  This new service, while it does This was a peaceful'village when to the Post  Office  Department?   came  to  the  west coast  in 1944  Miss L. Kennedy, Mrs. M. Hem- nQt   giye   Halfmoon     Bay     and first  we came  to stay      ,         If the subsidies  are so  inade-  for demobilization and  purchas-  street,   Mrs.   G.^ West    Mrs.   G. Pender  Harbour    daily    service There was no noise no fuss nor Quate a reward for carrying the ed a home in Gower Point where  Lemeiux and Miss Myrtle Allen, doeg do & certain amount al bother or-danger to our lives. mail may x enquire why his com- he now lives, with his wife and  Miss L. Rouse.                                     leviate the  distressing  situation. But  then   the   exploitation  boys Pan^ is so averse to suggestions  daughter, m 1945. For some time  The Raccoons are having a fine Incoming mail is delivered arrived with concubines and ��atanother company carry he.was onl ^ ��^o sp^d^art  old time at Porpoise "Bay we hear Thursday and Sunday by the wives. mai1? time and wee__ ends at the Grow-  ^P��3TftSdrf the Motor Transport and outgoing Ho! Ho! they cried, we'll fix An adequate mail service is of er Pomt home, but an embargo  and are especiaiiy ^rnaiC^arlie also���times for mailing should this place, vital importance to a growing on merchandise from Great Bribe obtained from your local We'll make it hot and noisy and community, yet the company .am Plus the desire to remain  Post Offices. put   it  in   disgrace.                   whose subsidy  is obtained from m   the   area ���clii/nin?;ed   m   *}}s  We   would   like   to   extend  to CLIP  FOR REFERENCE We'll   scatter   bottles   along   the the  public taxes has  arbitrarily aJc?��ta^  ��;;  th,e   Managership  Mr. Fred Gale our deepest sym- INCOMING MAILS  (SECHELT) roads and splash mud in their cut the service to a point of ab-  ��*' ther^ a             offlces of the  pathy in his recent bereavement      Effective   Sunday   October   31, faces.                                              surdity. From the extremely poor Consolidated.  ���the loss of his father���in Eng-  1948   the   following   changes   in The school it is too neat and clean services,   mail     and    passenger,      Mr.   Coleridge   has     built     a  land.                        '                             the   receipt   and    departure     of and tidy                                       how   being   furnished  the   resi- small office in Gibsons and has  An  interesting  light  on  what Mail "will take place:   Mail will We can fix that they cried, we'll dents of the lower coast of B.C., arranged to continue to do busi-  is considered the "everyday dut- be   received   on   Sundays���from put another building up, and it is apparent that control of the ness   from   the   Sechelt   office���  ies" of a London policeman was Gibsons      (via     Sechelt     Motor . make it all cockeyed.                company   has   passed   from   the Ernie   Pearson's   place   of  busi-  shown as a result of Mr. Gale's Transport)- at   _'.  12.45 p.m. And when the westerlies do blow hands of men  who    knew    the ness   before   he   became    Union  call to that city. Fred's call was Tuesdays     12.30 p.m. and  the   wharf   does   groan coast and were interested in its Steamships  Estates  manager.  placed  with  our  operators  here Thursdays     12.30 p.m. and sway,                                    development,  its population and      Mr. Coleridge says "I am very  in  the   early   afternoon  making  Saturdays    .    4.30 p.m. We'll stall the new one off an- its needs.  Why  has the service fond  of  this   part  of  the  Coast  it   around   ten  in   England,   the Wednesdays   (via USS) other   year   and    hope    she been reduced to even worse than and am thankful to be able to en-  longest delay, in making connec-         Approx      1.00 p.m. blows  away.                                that given thirty years ago when joy home life at Gower Point."  tions   was   from   Vancouver   to Fridays   (via  USS) Now  if they  say,    the    natives the   population     has     increased  .   Montreal, the whole time for the .       Approx.        1.00 p.m. start  to make  a    fuss    and more than tenfold?                           life insurance in force for every  connection taking around three- Fridays   (via  USS) bother.                                             Fares and freight charges were     There w(as about $934 worth of  qnarters of an hour. Fred, being         Approx    8.30   p.m. We'll easy get around that one, raised,, we   were   told,   to   meet  Canadian at the end of 1946���a  quite familiar with the best way    OUTGOING MAILS   (Sechelt) we'll blame it on the logger, increased costs. But today resi-  total  of  $11,500,000,000.  to   proceed   in   such   instances,   (  via Sechelt Motor Transport) So now my friends   (if I've any dents of this coast are now ex-                         '  called the police station nearest Tuesdays       2.45 p.m. left) through the village you pected to  travel in    still    more SMILES  his old home and requested that Thursdays       4.00 p.m. take a meander                          questionable "comfort" and with     ���            ���       .                   .  his  brother   be   called    to    the   Saturdays   __, ���   5.30 p.m. And a good-time girl comes up even less regard as to speed or       Bobby,     said     the     teacher,  phone. This request was complied         (via   Union   Steamships) behind and taps you on the schedule than they did ten years sternly��   y��u know tilat y��u have  ago.  broken   the   Eighth     Command-  with at once, a squad car being Sundays       5.00 p.m. shoulder. _���_..                                                                        efPaiw  Tnhr.'* annlP?"  sent round to bring his brother Wednesdays   '_    6.00 p.m. Don't   rant   and   rave   arid   tear Mr. McBean may argue    that m��� ��y s^eai,JnS Jonns appie.  to the station. When the call was Fridays   .1���.    2.00 p.m. your   hair,   don't   shout   and there  is now a competing com- nftS ^'"tCm t ���?*t.+  put   through   the  voices   carried      Please   note   the     mails    will please  don't holler, pany.   Canada,   its   development Pejra��� 3'i   L^Z���   ��,<_   tStmE  clearly  In fact Fred says it was close a half hour in advance of She don't want you, she's like the and   prosperity,   has  been   built ''J,         XX        i XXI?    C+u  iust as easy as talking to Gib- the hours given above excepting rest,  all she wants    is    the on the results    of    competitive anc\��aV���Xtne app.f ��� s DreaK Ine  *���������<*���             ������   -  ���--���   -- �����������-���"         ���-���- ��  -~.���---- *�� X God, Almighty dollar business.  I should like  to point  And 30 dear readers please for- out that had his company filled  give this humblest of peas- the requirements of the travel-  ants! ling public there would have been  And  I  will  gladly  apologize  to no opportunity for a competitive  sonsr-*He���hasn't-tried   -to ~-caIt-the-outgoing-mail on Friday will  Roberts  Creek recently--we are  close at 12.30 p.m.  sure of that!)  Tenth and covet it.'X  7 A Reminder: For those intend-   j^ 1 TV  ing to  send parcels to  the Old   KPrflTfl^ flTl    HCWHO  Country, and who isn't?, this in- .AIWWJ.UO UIJ,   -LLC VUG  formation   will   be   timely.   For  all poets past and present.  By  JOHNNY  EDWARDS  BIBLE READING  line.  Cannot you through your paper, and working in conjunction  with the Board of Trade and  other   residents   of   this   district,  Selma Park  Hairdressing Shop  Europe generally, parcels should NOW THAT the rains have be-  be posted by the eighth of Nov-      gun, and the time is right for  ember for the U.K. by the fif- staying home in the evening,  it ,.,._.,_,  teenth   So          now is the time!  is a good time for thinking about BUT GODLINESS with content- bring such influence to bear on  ' ���                something to  do.  Records are  a ment   is   great   gain.   For   we either the Union Steamships Co.,  Citv school teachers in Canada relaxation  as  well  as   a  joy   to brought nothing into this world or the Post Office, or both, as tost av on one job for an average of buy and play. an<*  it  is  certain we  can  carry have at least the service of the  ten vears- rural school teachers      The   records    discussed     here nothing   out.   And   having   food last  ten  years   restored?  move from one school to another  are for the * general public who and raiment let us be therewith      I feel sure that any efforts in  or   out   of   teaching   altogether want to spend their money wise- content.   But   they   that  will  be this  direction   will  be   energeti-  A Complete  Hairdressing  Service  DOLLY  JONAS  Phone for Appointments  every two years or less.  Hassan's  The Old  Established  General Store at  PENDER HARBOUR  Supplying:.  Families,  Fishermen  and Camps  Provisions,  Textiles,  Novelties, Toys  Home Gas Station  Fish Buyers  Refrigeration  QUALITY - SERVICE  VALUE  at  Hassan's Landing  ) "Midway South Shore  ly, and also, those who want to rich fall into temptation and a  build up a good record collec- snare, and into many foolish and  tion that is excellent for listen- hurtful lusts, which drown men  ing and dancing to. This aids in destruction and perdition. For  you in enjoying them to'the ut-; the love of money is the root of  most and if the "corner gang" all evil: which while some co vet-  come over you can have a swell ed after, they have erred from the  time "without  too much  trouble, faith,   and    pierced    themselves  An ^all-time" favorite is Glenn through with many sorrows. But  Miller's "Moonlight Serenade" thou, O man of God, flee these  backed up by "Sunrise Ser en- things; and follow after right-  ade." Artie Shaw and his superb eousness, godliness, faith, love,  rendition of "Temptation" is a patience, meekness,  must. Don't overlook listening to Charge them that are rich in  Ella Mae Morse and the "House this world, that they be not  of Blue. Lights" with a rift num- highminded, nor trust in uncer-  ber called "Hey! Mr. Posman" tain riches, but in the living God,  on the other side. In the novelty who giveth us richly all things to  vein there is Hoagy Carmichael's enjoy; That they do good, that  "Hong Kong Blues" and the in- they be rich in good works,  strumental "Stardust" played by ready to distribute, willing to  Artie Shaw. communicate; Laying up in store  On the newer side of the rec- for   themselves   a. good   founda-  ord line there is Ray McKinley; tiori   against   the  time  to  come,  and his  "You came a long way that they may lay hold on eter-  from St. Louis" (rather a differ-  nal life,  ent  change from the usual run Timothy, 6:  6-11, 17-19.  of new music)   "Rambling Rose" ��� ������   is on up and coming list and last .Earnest ��� inquirer--7 (collecting  but' not least is "Lavender statistics for a work on temper-  Blue." ' ^ ance):   "And  how  many  glasses  Until   the   next   time   "Happy of beer would  you���er consume  FOR SAFE, COURTEOUS  TAXI SERVICE  PHONE  PENINSULA  CABS  '24  HOUR  SERVICE  2 PHONES ���- 2 CABS  Wilson  Creek,  Selma  Park  Phone Sechelt 5C2 and 5U  "Anytime ��� Any Place"  WHERE   YOU  GET MORE  FOOD   PER DOLLAR!  For Groceries It's  its  AT GIBSONS  Record Buying."  WILLIAIVIS CONSTRUCTION CO.  CONTRACTORS  Glen. 0463F7 Phone Mar. 3439  BULLDOZING, ROAD CONSTRUCTION, LAND  CLEARING, EXCAVATING, ETC.  Large Machines.   HD10 at Sechelt���HD14C at Gibsons  SEE ED BAMFORD  Clay Chamberlin's  GIBSONS, B.C.  ���in a day?" The Person: "Well  I can't say, guv-nor. Some days  I 'as about 20 or 30^ and then  again, another day "perhaps I  might 'ave quite a lot."  lormai viiaii  Thousands Regain Vigor, Easy Way  Quit feeling weal,, pepless, worn-out, rundown,  older than your years. Try a little "pepping up"  with stimulating, invigorating, revitalizing, blood-  regenerating Ostrex. Especially advised for men,  women of 40, 50 or 60. Costs little. New "get  acquainted" size only 50c. Try Ostrex Tonic Tablets to renew pep, vigor, vitality and feel years  younger, this very lay. At all druggists.  "Prompt Attention to Mail Orders!"  ic RESTMORE FURNITURE:   Beds, Springs, Mattresses  ^ GENERAL ELECTRIC APPLIANCES:   Radios,  Refrigerators and Washing Machines  & FURNITURE:   Occasional Tables,  Cedar Chests, Lamps, Etc.  WESTVIEW, B. C. ��� Phone 230 Friday,  Nov. 5/1948.  THE COAST NEWS, SECHELT, B.C,  By ROBBIE  -HERE'"WE are again. I was just  browsing through .a newspaper  when to my consternation I read,  men's suits, $6.50, worth ten  bucks. Flannel shirts, 35c. Hats  45c. Where on earth? Oh, here  we are. Let me set you right.  William Page 156 Cordova St.  Yes folks, that was in the good  old days, when Cordova St. was  the main stem in Vancouver. I  often ��� wondered why they called them the- good old days. Well  this was way back in- nineteen  hundred. The paper? You guessed it, Vancouver World. 'Member  Mayor Taylor. I guess he owned  it-  Well I have an idea that this  column will be about the last  one that I will write for your  paper. It's been fun doing it, but  things are happening around my  place, and in the immediate future I'm going.to a place where  it will not be at all convenient  for me to subscribe a column to.  the good old Coast News (first  i_i the field.)  So, I am on the look-out for a  good correspondent. There has  not been a-great deal to criticize in this paper. But I, like  many others would like to take  exception to the recently published letter designating Sechelt  a "Den of Iniquity." Surely the  Writer's pen could be put to a  more elevating use. If the loggers  wish to go to the city, they will  go, regardless of what you say or  think. It's their democratic right  and as far as the "Good Time  Girls" are concerned, that is all  stuff and nonsense. You are  probably so tangled up with  your prohibition conscience  that you did not take time out  to seek* the truth. For in my  humble opinion, a person coming  to Sechelt for a holiday, or if  you will, .a rest, does not as a  rule go around lanes or side  roads, looking for bottles et al.  Nor do they heed the hilarious  jovialities of a bunch of hard  slogging * loggers.  Sometimes I think the people  of this district appreciate a little  livening up once in a while, and,  if the majority voted for a beverage dispensary, so what? I believe that we, as a whole, do not  like the manner in which the  minorities of other countries run  things,. Thehj why worry in our  little corner of the world? For  are we not taught something of  good and bad in people. May I  ask Mrs. MacMillan in conclusion*  Where, per square mile, will you  find less crime committed, less  juvenile delinquency or less of  anything so revolting and disgusting lhat you find in many  other places, in our fair land,  even including your beloved  Toronto?  You say it is taking away the  beauty of Sechelt. Well that's  all according: tb how you look  at it. Youcfihish up your lashing  by saying, like Trudy, you will  go further afield to spend your  money and your holidays. They  Twon't print what I'm thinking,  soxwhy write more.'  We are Very; pleased to report  ih this column that good progress is being made toward recovery of Capt. Coke and Mr.  Stewart Henderson, both these  invalids: are at Shaughnessy Hos-  j&tal.        ��� ��� ���  Qn her* third effort, Miss Arlene Macleod succeeded in ex-,,  tinguishingn seven burned candles, which were on her lovely  birthday cake October 27. The  little miss entertained some of  her small chums, at the home of  her parents. The table was 'tastefully decorated, with Hallowe'en  doo dads, and each child was the  recipient of a Hallowe'en novelty. Games and a sing-song  wound up the hilarious evening.  Among those present were Esther Joyce and Francis Gilbert-  son, Shard-Anne- Maywood,  Lynda Lucken and a few grownups, not forgetting Bernie and  Stan Macleod.  Mrs. Palmer with her small  son paid a visit to her parents  Mr. and Mr... Bourne of Wilsons  Creek returning home to Vancouver after an enjoyable week's  rest.  Miss Scott has been in Vancouver for the past two weeks,  attending the funeral of her  niece. May I express the sympathy of the many friends of Mrs.  McArthur of Wilsons Creek, who  recently passed away. This was  indeed a sudden passing, and  our deepest sympathy goes out  to her son in his tragic loss.  I see by the Daily Province,  the^ Provincial Government ia  to be asked to provide an ambulance in the Sechelt area. Last  week I suggested a subscription  be taken. Of course the former  idea is miles ahead of mine. But  according to the time the people  of the Peninsula have to wait for  "anything they desire, I still  think we should go ahead. However the only thing is, to keep  pegging away at them. We may  eventually get somewhere.  I also observe the Fisheries  sign which was in front of my  place, is lying prostrate on the  beach, of course it was very  windy on Hallowe'en eve, but'  whether it was the wind, or the  witches,   I   wouldn't   know.   It's  down   for   keeps   anyway.  Well time is drawing nigh for  another Wilson Creek resident  to make her departure ahd by  the time this is in print. Mrs.  George Walker will have left  for a short stay in Vancouver,  prior to embarking on the RMS  Aorangi. She will fake. with her  omany wonderful memories of her  forty odd years at Wilsons  Creek.  A suggestion was made to me  the other d&y; that I should say  (Continued on Page 6)  ���MM*__l____M_aH__l  "WHERE YOUfc  DOLLAR BUYS MORE"  Marsha! 1 Wei Is P6f ht&  DILNOR FROZEN  Fresh Fruits end  ���_____  Your Local Complete Marine Towing Service  LOG TOWING ��� YARDING ��� SCOWS ��� DREDGING  PILE DRIVING ��� SALVAGE  Specie. Foci.ities for Quick Movement of Cots, Logging Trucks and  General Comp Equipment  PHONE US COLLECT FOR RATES  SECHELT ��� Parr Pearson Agency, Tel. 54 or 37  PENDER HARBOUR���Bill Donley, c/o Hassan's Store, Tel.  6 U  NANAIMO���The Nanaimo Towing Co. Ltd.  Tel., Day 555; Night 1497 or 305  Area Agent���-Mr. H. Spalding, Pender Harbour, Tel. 6 C 3  GIVE BRITAIN STRENGTH  ... IN COLD WAR TO WIN THE PEACE  REAS0MF0R  0 E F B  By centralizing buying  and transportation, including delivery at destination, substantial  savings can be effected.  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BALLENTINE ��� BAL'S BLK. ��� GIBSONS  Res. ��� Phone Granthams, 1 QQ  Agent���Roberts and Wilson Creek-���Carola Forst, 22L  Sechelt ��� The Coast Hews, 37  HALFMOON BAY, B.C.  Halfmoon Bay  7-U (. ���.)  view of the constant flow of letters to the city papers, regarding  the lack of manners of the Vancouver youths in this respect,  may I suggest we take off our  hats to the kids from "Down the  other end."  Mrs. Bert Wright accompanied  her husband to the city, and expects to be absent about two  weeks this time. The two senior  Wrights are going to celebrate  their wedding anniversary. How  many? I do not know.  The Wilsons Creek chapter of  the   V.O.N.   held   their  monthly  meeting at the home of Mrs. Al  Jackson.   Among   the   items    of  business was the question of the  raffle  for  a  Christmas  hamper.  That .idea   was   dispensed    with  in order not to conflict with the  Sechelt chapter, which raffles a  hamper   annually.   However,     a  Christmas   cake   will  be  raffled-  on the evening of the musicale,  Dec.   10   at  the   Reid  residence.  The bus will pass through Wilson  Creek at 7.30 and some arrangements are being made for transportation home.  Model T. Where was it? In front -for  that  evening,   accompanying:  of the church.  A safer  place it with the cello.  couldn't be. When the suspected ~  ~~"  lads were questioned, their cherubic faces bore no guilt. Hallowe'en is over!  .Mrs. V.  Rookes  is  visiting  in  Vancouver for a few days.  9 Friday Oct. 12, promises to be  an entertaining evening. Miss  Margaret Maclntyre is introducing the Junior String group in  conjunction with the Roberts  String Orchestra. Mr. Robertson of Wilson Creek will be  soloist. Mr. Allan Mclntyre. of  Vancouver / will. join   the   group  .AT"���  Optometrist  GIBSONS  Office Hours:  9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.  Evenings  by  Appointment  Every  day  except Thursday  Bill Mervyn  ROBERTS CHEEK  By "CAROLA  It  y  GOVERNMENT  OF  CANADA BONDS  4y2% due November 1, 1958  have been called (or payment  November 1,1948  These bonds should be presented for  redemption with all coupons of later date  attached. No further interest will be paid  on these bonds after November 1st, 1948  *.  _y  ��� ��� ������  Prepare for a future without  regrets-^provide for it NOW  by buying q CANADIAN  GOVERNMENT ANNUITY��� you can pur=  chase no finer protection  against dependency in  old age.  ��� A Bow-cost Canadian Government  Annuity guarantees you as much as.  $1200 a year for life. 7.  ��� No Medical Examination is required;  . ..���*���*  ��� Your Annuity cannot be seized under  any law. 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' ,   "  The Eve when kids and ghosts  are synonymous; when gates are  hung and fences lifted, a red  jalopy7 dearly cherished by its  owner completely^ evaporated in  thin air, not a path or road was  left untrod  in    search    of  ' the  REMEMBER  Lang's Drug Stores  Your Headquarters ior...  Christmas Gifts  for All the Family!  Our Lay-Away Plan  Can Help You  A Small Down Payment Will  Hold Any Gift  Until Christmas  *  Pre Christmas Showing of Value  Packed Gifts Starts Next Week  Use "News" Ad-BrieisTo Sell. Buy, Rent  m*  CURRENT  FOR B.��!. HOSPITAL IJS11RM.E PREMIUMS  ARE NOW DUE  PAYMENT   BY   INSTALMENTS   IS   FOR   YOUR   CONVENIENCE.  * "       ��� X  Prepayment is an essential feature of any type of insurance. It helps  to guarantee general participation and is the best \way of ensuring  continuation of the present low premiums. Prepayment also protects  hospitals from unpaid bills and operating deficits.  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First, no place in the vijb Rosedene,      recently      returned Mrs. Flack hope to return and in  a special offering will be taken lage for a pound, second, would from a months visit to their son-  time   have   their   own   place   in  up for Mission work." Final plans have  to  have  the  services  of a in-law   and   daughter,   Mr.   and our fair village of Gibsons,  will also be made for bazaar to pound keeper, all this necessitat- Mrs. A. H. Hopper    and    small .  EDUCATION Week: Education be held Nov. 19 in the hall from ing money, something that is daughter Marylin of Winnipeg, . ^eys tT0��� Richie -Norris, wno  Week will be from Nov. 14 to 2.30. Tea will be served, and mighty scarce these days, and Xlast Friday they returned from ls llvmf> *n Weston, Richie miss-  Nov. 20 this year. This is an in- booths will consist of fancy work, as the village is on a pay as you Nanaimo (after a brief visit to e?1uf,ali nere. al.th0}Jgh they have  vitation from British Columbia home cooking, and novelties. The go basis, this service will have to their son-in-law and daughter ^ l��e sP��rts m the world for  Teachers Federation, for all par- WA extends a cordial invitation be laid away for some other day. Mr. and Mrs. W.. R. Malpass), *ne DWS> Its ��� not the san?e>  ents and those interested in work-to  the  public  to    support    this , the  proud  grandparents   of  an-  ��.  ��.    ,got ?ur ?cean-  WJ miss  oi schools, to take advantage of cause. Wharf Notes:   Looking out at  other   grandson   Philip   Brooke tx���1*   fre _.7�� ^elZ much' and  "Open House"  day in the  local      _.       ..,,,_.        A L ,    _. .,  our   wharf   Saturday  night,   the Malpass born on Oct.. 1.  schools.   Visit,   the   schools,   see      Council Notes:  At last council display of lights and large boats  what your child is doing, what meeting, notice was given of a reminded one of the cities' har- Mr. and Mrs. Paul Fountain  the teachers have to offer your revlsl0n of the voters list to take bors. There was a barge in,-then of Yakima, Wash., and sons  child in the way of education, effect Nov. 15 at 10 a_m.. If you're Shell boat tried to get in, with David and Jori, (accompanied  and show your interest in both not on the local voters llst> now the large Union boat slowly by Mrs. Fountain's parents Mr.  school and teacher. This week is 1S the time to #et on. Report coming up- behind. Shell boat and Mrs. F. Bushfield), who.had  put on in the interests of educa- from water caretaker, that work laid out in harbor until Union been visiting them in Yakima for  tion, so watch for the date in ��� Progressing very satisfactorily docked, then Ferry slid into the the past five weeks, drove back  your district and go to school on the new water supply. Short- side berth, and as Union pulled to Vancouver, then by boat to  that day. ' age of P*Pe one of the obstacles, out,  Shell edged in.  Times like Gibsons  a nice  days  trip,  some  to the completion of this job. Al- these, which are  quite frequent fishing enjoyed on Saturday by  W.A. to United Church. At the  so a report on the herd law, and these   days,   our    -large     wharf Mr.   Fountain  and  David.  Early  monthly meeting of WA to Un- question of a pound for the dist- seems   almost    inadequate,    but in   Oct.   Mr.   and   Mrs.   William  a such activity is certainly mighty Flack, of Yakima, drove up with  ���____.___._���-      _t ill. All      _t_-X  _      1 * _____!_ A   4>K a "l_n_-k-_ mfn .v./. .��_>��.���*_ _n_ �����_-��.��* v _J _r�� *>*_-���  hope to see him in the near future.  Mrs.   Cornish     of     Granthams  (Continued on Page' 8)  ECTORY  ��i i m    in  Please Clip This Directory Out and Hang By Your Phone  For Reference  BEER BOTTLES  Will call and buy  for cash,  beer bottles, scrap metal, etc.  Calls made at intervals from,  -Hopkins to  Irvines Landing.  .     R.  H.  STROSHEIN  Wilson   Creek  TAXI  Peninsula cabs  24-Hour Service  ; 1.2 Phones ��� 2 Cabs  WILSON CREEK and ^?  SELMA PARK".  Phone Sechelt 5C2 and 5U  r������������������ .  - . y    PLUMBING-HARDWARE  Hardware, Plumbing Supplies  Heating Necessities^    ~.  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How true.        ly appreciated, driving over 2000  miles to Wenatchee and through  Hallowe'en:   Well    it's    come three   passes,   Stevens,   Blewett,  and gone, and we can relax once and Chinook, while on this visit.  again. Must say it was very quiet It will be grand to have our own  here. No one hurt at all. In fact  ~ *   think children on their best behavior, which is rather refreshing to say the least, and for whicn  we  were all very thankful. All  children  were   well  .treated   by  the folks around, and went home  loaded   with   candies   and   fruit.  Folks   were   generous,   and   the  children   certainly   had   a   very-  nice evening for it. Do you realize that this also heralds the end  of October, and are already into  the first week in Nov. How many  more days  to  Christmas.  That's,  the  next thing    they    will    be  -counting.   Where   has   the   year  gone. We were going to do    so  much. I'll bet there are few of  }us   that   have    accomplished    a  third of what had been planned.  rOh welV-let's hope, the fates will  * be kind to us,  and: we can get  caught up next year.  Every Meal A  Party!  when  you   serve   our  Bread, Pies, Cakes or  Cookies  Our Years' of Service Is  Our Guarantee  ELPHINSTONE  BAKERY  Gibsons.   B.C.  Estimates  H. C. DENNY  Watchmaker and Jeweller  Skilled Workmanship and Satisfaction Given  You are invited to inspect the precision watch  cleaning machine.  50 Years Experience  Gibsons, B.C.  TRANSFER-TRUCKERS  JACK'S TRANSFER  Log Hauling Contractors  General Freight Hauling  Sand  and   Gravel  Phone Sechelt 5U  Personals: Noticed among oijr  visitors to Gibsons past week,  Mrs. Ron Martin, and Mrs. Sue  Alexander,   from  Vancouver.  Mr. Telford, our postmaster  on his well earned vacation.  Dave Bates back on the job,  after that month's holiday.  Ipte (faast teus  LUMBER AND FUEL  BURNS and JACKSON  SAWMILL  Producer of Choice Lumber  In All Species  Wood and Sawdust  Phone Sechelt 15-M-2  Mrs. J. R. Robinson of Winnipeg  with small  daughters  Joan  and   Martha   Jane,   arrived  this  r qrt  week to visit Mr. and Mrs. John  Horn, Mrs. Robinson's parents.  CLASSIFIED  ADVERTISING  3 Lines (15 Words) for 35c 3 Insertion (same ad) 60c  Extra words, above 15-word min., 2c each. Cash with order.  Notices, Engagements, Marriages, Deaths, etc., 75c Insertion  LITTLE ADS .     . BIG RESULTS  FOR SALE���One Acme standard  A   LARGE brdwn   pocket  book      cream  separator,  good  conditr  in  the  vicinity  of the Legion  ion, one almost new glass churn.  Miss W. M. Cooke, secretary of Hall,   Sechelt  on   Saturday.   Re-  Price $35. Mrs. E. Whipple, Wil-  the   Canadian   Nurses'   Associa-  "urn  to   Mrs.     H.     Whitehouse,  son Creek. 18  tion at Montreal, was the house Wilson Creek. Reward. 19  guest of ,Mr. and Mrs.  D. Don-  PERSONAL���  FOR GOOD buys in Real Estate  Transfer - Truckers  FRANK  YATES  Home Oil Agent for  Peninsula  Gravel and Freight Carrying  Service calls day or night���  Days, Wilson Creek���5S.  Njghts, Roberts Creek���24L  aldson of? "Braemar," last week. F2?__ SQ}��r _    ,      ��    .  -,._. _, ^   r*   tt              ..  ^     ^-.  FULL   SIZE   bed,     Springfilled see E.  G. Harris and Co, Vil-  Mr. and Mrs. V. R. Bennett of mattressf  like     new.     $40.00. lage  Center,   Sechelt.   Telephone  Burnaby   who   are   residing   at Baby's steel crib, (up to 6 years), 48.  Anywhere  on the Peninsula.  ^Cedarcrest     left     Saturday     to springfilled mattress. Phone Rob- 19  spend the week end in Vancou- ertg   Creek,   22U.                        17  ver and Burnaby.   REAL ESTATE  For Prompt, Courteuos-  *     Service/ See  E. G. HARRIS & Co.  Real Estate and Insurance  Village Centre, Sechelt  Sechelt, 48 or 39  Upholstery and Slip Covers  Let Us Rebuild and  Upholster  Your  . Favorite Chair  Usher's Yard Goods  Shop  Gibsons, B.C.  GARBAGE DISPOSAL  Garbage Disposal Service  weekly or monthly  Sechelt, West Sechelt,  Selma Park only  For Information write or  'phone    -  Union  Steamship Co.  Phone Sechelt, 22  GENERAL HAULING    FOUND���  FOR SALE SOUVENIR jack knife near Un-  SHIP BY Gulf Lines Express te ion   Steamship   Store.     Apply  _ or from Vancouver. Low rates. Coast  News  office,   Sechelt.    17  Fast   service.   Careful   handling.   p0R SALE   Specify Gulf Lines Express,    tf gpEED  Queen   heavy  duty   gas  PERSONAL  * "" washing   machine.   Briggs   and  IF YOU WANT your property or Stratton ���ot��r>. $175. Hand drill  auto insured see E. J. Harris Press> $20- Zeiss binoculars, 8  and. Co., Village Centre, Sechelt. Power, $25. Winchester 22 re-  Telephone Sechelt 48 *and we Peater_ and *? k��xfs shells, $35.  will call on you. 19   Two burner hot plate, $3. Mag-   _ _���_   neto   for   smgle-cylmder   engine,  FOR SALE��� $10.   Vibrator   Transformer     for  LAWRENCE  slack  line  donkey,  radio,   $5.   Apply   M.   F.   Flynn  New sleigh and rigging. Price   Irvines Landing. 18  $6000. Apply Gilmour Bros., Se-  celt Inlet. 17  LEGAL NOTICES  LAND ACT  Notice of Intention to apply to  purchase Land  LOST-  REWARD  for information leading to the recovery of fox ter- JN LAND Recording District .,of  rier  "Peggy."  Mrs.  D.  Erickson, New. Westminster   and   situate  Wakefield Coffee Bar. 17 at Nelson Island.  FOR  SALE  Take notice that L. H. Roberts  UNFINISHED  5  room house on ��f Nelson Island, occupation re-  lot  62  x  122  at  Sechelt, with tired. mtfnds *��   appl�� fo/;Per-  enough lumber to finish sheeting.  mission to  purchase the follow-  What offers?  Apply Box A,  c|o  P. R. News, Westview, B.C.  ing   described   lands:  Commencing at a post planted  five  chains   south  of  the  North  FOR SALE��� East corner of L1025, Nelson Is-  TWO   WATERFRONT   lots  with   land   thence   40   chains     South;  _ li   l  j      *wo   room   shacks.     One     gas   thence 10 chains East; thence 40  This advertisement is not published ^oat> 25 ft., 12 h.p. motor, Uni- chains North; thence 10 chains  or displayed by the Liquor Control Versal, complete for fishing. West, and containing 40- acres,  Board  or by the  Government  or $1,000  at Hospital wharf. Apply  more or less.  British Columbia.        *      Sam Seeley, Pender Harbour. 20 .    L. H: Roberts." Ppa��-.��ght  THE COAST NEWS/ SECHELT, B. C.  Friday,   Nov.  5/1948  'xi^H&S-  Buy Meat With Confidence  ri KENNETT  BUTCHER  Gibsons, B.C.  Wonted To Buy Livestock and Live Poultry  HOW IS XOUR CAR RUNNING?  ��� It Not Bring It To  Your General Motoys Dealer  WJLpSOK CREEK, B.C.  PHONE SECHELT 5S  CHILDREN'S SNOW SUITS  NOW IN  Also the Christmas Supply of  Men's Wool Sports' Shirts  Ladies'   Kid  Gloves  at  reasonable  prices.  Tassella Shoppe  "That Smark Shop at Sechelt"  Lumber Sale  Mixed Lots  FIR and  HEMLOCK  1x3 and 1x4  25.00  PER M  I.C. FIR  SECHELT, B.C.  PHONE 42  Authorized General Electric Dealers  Gibsons 45  Gibsons, B.C.  GENERAL  ��� Radio and Wiring Supplies  HOUSE WIRING AND  RADIO REPAIRS  :Cr^':  Economical Seaplanes --Experienced- Pilots  Air Express ��� Charter ��� Sightseeing  ;X-7'-V-x-Ci ������       Timbereruising  im USON THAT NEXT TRIP TO TC^N  For Rates and Information call  Associated Air Taxi limited  RICHMOND 1551  or contact our Idea, agents  Phone Sechelt 37  N. R. McKibbon ��� Phone Gibsons 4-2  �����^  MORE &BOUT  SINCLAIR  Continued from Page 1  formed.  "I think this is a day we will  long remember in Powell River,"  said 4Mrx Sinclair.    "Completion  of this -harbor .has made West-  view, the hub  qf this   area for  miles around.   Already there has  ^been   quite  a   large  increase  in  . tl^e value of real estate in West-  !jview,   since . the   harbor's   construction. began.  "With it, XWe are bringing a  third industry to the district, by  providing a base for the fishing  industry. We have our primary  industry, newsprint, and our second industry,-logging, and now  a-fhird. _ ��� *.  -  He commended the Board Of  Trade and Local 1.42 for their de-  pision four years ago to transfer  'the focalepoint of the district from  the Company town of Powell  River to the village of Westview.  "The wharf committee has ham.  mefed7 away at me and at the  government to get this harbor,  and their work has contributed  greatly to the fulfillment of this  need."  F. ;R;Young, chairman of West-  view's board of commissioners,  w;as emcee for the day, and extended a welcptfie to the^ crowd  that turned out to witness the  ceremonies.  MORE ABOUT ...  GIBSONS NEWS  (Continued from Page 7)  lucky  winiier   in  the  raffle    of  Catholic  Church of  Gibsons,  Mr. L. B. Knight back from  summer's fishing.  . jtv^rs- Husby and Dorcas back  from Seattle for weekend, Mrs.  Husby back to Seattle Monday,  she ii. -looking: after her brother  who is ill in that city.  Mrs: MacFarlane improving  slowly, able to get up for while  each day, we wish her speedy  recoveryx  TSorry ;to /irepOrt;;:Mrs, Griffiths  in headlands, >ipco  home, having had an unfortunate  accident and broken her leg.  Senior boys from High school  here, played Sechelt boys 37  game of football last "week, and  came back on the short end of a  3-0 victoity, for Sechelt boys,  anyway it was a good game, and  boys put- up a good show,- should  be goodTfor a rermatch.  Sign in a local; paper: "Men  wanted to set sins in the evening  frc*m 7/to 11 p,rn��� $15 a weel��  etc." That should be interesting.  -Arid winding up here's a  thought: "There's one consolation about matrimony. When you  lopk .around, you can always see  soirriebody ' who did worse."  GoMnite.        ���; E.  Nestman.  "  ��i*p"^  Ladies of the Gibsons and Granthams V.O.N.Auxiliaries wish to thank everyone who helped to make their  Bazaar such a wonderful success. Without their help  this would never have been accomplished. So again,  Thank you very much, everyone.  Gibsons and Granthams Auxiliaries  ^���WCPMnm**  Say You Saw It In The "News"  gw. 1.1 III 1  We Have a Beautiful Selection oi  '.  Your choice of colors in plaids, floral and stripes; to  enliven your rooms for the Holiday Season.  We Hove Everything In Kitchen Gadgets  ��� MINUTE MOPS and SETS for kitchen and  bathroom. x  FOR BABY:  Electroleen Bottle Heater, plug iri, only __  A lovely gift for the new baby.  $3.75  In Village Centre, Sechelt  Use "News': Ad-Briels To Sell Buy, Bent  We Wish to Help the Housewife  We will help fill the lunch box from bur bread and  pastry supplies���-���  BAKED DAILY  The  Village Centre, Sechelt  Opened under new management  Lawrence Weston, Prop. ��� "14 Years Experience  CUTTING  SHAPING  SHAMPOOS  TINTING  PERMANENTS  Bqu'I Waste Precieus Hours  in Slow ^Travel!  M-HimiiRHIIIIBIIflHiri  Beauty Salon  Roberts Creek  llHPIHIillHlHilliWillHIl  MilMiilHIIIIHIMM  Keep your car rolling smoothly in the winter  months. Change to Winter oil and grease nowx  Our winter weather, fast approaching, will make  your car stiff and sluggish. Check now . ,. TIRES/  BRAKES, Wl NDSHI ELD Wi PER. ANTI-FREEZE  now availablelWe will overhaul your car and make  the necessary adjustments.  SILVER GRILLE SERVICE STIITIOM  One of the Best Equipped Service Departments en the Peninsula" Vx^  ^


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