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The Coast News Nov 26, 1948

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 ���fc^fSLiy^ like  ^^|^^tt^pbinl3_:.pn the lower  ^^^^^a of British Colum-  Wfe,<;has: been suffering from the  ^rienl^crpp of storms. However  j||$pms:_ at . last as though we  l^^pw going to have some re-  frQmxtHe   elements.  Serving a Progressive and Growing  Area on B. C.'s Southern Coast.  Covers Sechelt, Gibsons, Port Mellon. Woodfibre, Squamish, Irvines  .Landing, Half Moon Bay, Hardy  Island, Pender Harbour, Wilson  Creek. Roberts Creek, Granthams  .Landing, Egmont, Hopkins Landing.  Bracken dale,  Cheekeye,  etc.  PtrBZ-XSKSB B"Sr TEE COAST J.-BWS, 3.Z2EXTZD  Business Office:  Sechelt, B.C.   . -^rational Advertising- Office, Powell jRiver, B.C.  ��� No. 20  Sechelt/ B. C.  Friday, Nov. 26, 1948   ^������Afr-i  ���;X7����r"  facilities at Gam-  Harbour:. Will shortly    re-  considerable extension. The  of the wharf Twill be car-  out another 30' and will' be,  -wider on the new extension!?  jenientS; will be made 7td'  teexin service another    Jar^e  pdjongsiide :  the     preset  r'^ift^ie^d with the gang plank  ^ih& ftowh xfrbm the hewXex-  Hold Special Meeting  Town  by Jack Scott  Association to Amalgamate  (Held over)  SPECIAL meeting called by the  tendon ^  :^^S^^'0Sm^cS^^^iion   The WE  WILL    begin    briskly    on tion and  the   Sechelt  Peninsula  ^ar^ gage 2301 of the New Stand- Board, of Trade  on Nov  r^redT^re^pi^iked It is pro- ard Unabridged Dictionary of the discuss the proposal to  g$0^^ Volume-   M mate, the two organizations into  ^^idfr^                               ferries ��>   Z' vF^T?6^   5j   Fun5 J*nd one strong unit was a successf^ 1.11 OCT XllP^irf-r  Stf#e^ which offers a defini- one.   After  considerable   discus-  UUCdi UjJwUJCwi  rMLUiAL. meeting eaiiea oy tne t%    jj "tiii>    ��.  Sechelt  Improvement Associa- J^QQfQ- JjlllOIIxr  _: .  ���      ��__.__���,_.  -^eninsuia  am^l- Armistice Day  ^tf^actll&I^^fxaddi-  |i^l^^^lt)e/:;'tiaidei.r  tion of The. Smile.  sion, it was. decided that amalga-  "Smile!   A .pleased.' or  amus- mation wguM  give  requests for SECHELT���Armistice   Day   ser-  5c per copy, $2.50 per year, by mail  Gibsons P.T.A. Still  Pressing lor  Dental Program  GIBSONS   Landing   P.T.A.   held  its regular meeting on November 15 at the school hall.  Business arising out of the minutes included a report by Mr.  Trueman on the dental clinic  we had been hoping for. It appears that we are no nearer the  goal than we were.  The local dentist is too busy to  undertake a program of providing dental services to all the  schools in the district. We cannot  get a dentist to come in for this  work now because of a scarcity  of dental surgeons all over the  province.  x&k&iv*i__ffi__aistelv It-WnraJvaWp' e(^ expression of ;thfe face char- various improvements needed m  .  V4CP he-re was onened bv two      m_. . ��� __  "*8-i$/^^^ usuallv bv-lateral   un- the area������mwh-mbrp weight was. openea   Dy  iwo %   There was also a report on the  1^ up- tne area wn more weight.. minutes   silence   in   memory   of Pro-Rec leadershin course which  ��ie# iloitff j^^^^ Mr. H. Jarmam guest speaker,  ," X,      X    ���        w   _-_     ���� *Jec.ieaaers-up_ course wmcn  i>m JA9i^^^^posU��)n^e ^       open, and more o/less by secretary of the Associated Boards fall*n   comrades   during   World will begin soon with four weeks  J^jinder the super-  ^^ �� the ^eeks and often of Tm^of th., ^Ser ValW^nl War 1  and II.   The "Last Post" of intensive training for leaders.  were played by     Mrs.  Coates was    elected    as  e. secretary1 to  replace  Mrs.  Abb-  iiiipli-i|^^ the".wi_ole~of"the BSSiiniim'can "    Guest speakers  at the service Jett who intends to    leave    the  r^j^^Lyy^niber is already be-  of 3Pch emotions as approval, af- wield so much power, since it is were Comrade Padre Elliott;  F. district soon.  .liili^ suppressed   mirth,     in- nation-wide, and obtains its char- Mills, acting president of Sechelt      The big  dance  for the  child-  -=i,^^^^i.;-wi>:p,:.\'','-:v,:-- ���:   credulity, "'' " ~" "'      ' -   -.     .-        . ~  ��vSiM PiKitt^^iSh "3oin- elevation of the;cheeks and often of Trade of the��aser Valley and War 1  and II.   The "Last Post" Offensive training for leaders.  Xiai_^^^ Board,   emphasized   the and7'^eyeille"   were  played by _ Mrsy C  x^fSIJi^ will accompanying elevation pr con- fact that no other organization in Comrade F. Gale.  I  yywm^myxx^yyy .��� ..y-y, creauiiiy,     surprise,,   pity     or ter from the Dohiinion Govern- Legion  branch;   Mrs.   W.   Berry, ren's Christmas party funds was  ^^^"^il^he " ment president of the Legion Women's the next item of business. Com-  ^p*___-.___> down  visitors  at      the smile used to be worn ex-      Mr��    r    Ar^nic.   ^a   tv/t^o    t    Auxiliary, and Father Bissett of mittees  were  appointed for the  ������^^^^^ tensively  years   ago'by    people .p^j spokt for thl V O^  and  the   Indian   Residential   School, various  duties   and  Mr     Elliott  ;|^^p^^^boiir7 our members,  who were selling things or serv- Sn^r    TTT- I XT     .?        Two vocaj. selections, "There is was chosen Master of Ceremon-  l|||^ to .the-ij0   Death"    and' "Beyond   the month  to investigate the  possi-  ^^^^-^ig^d^tte^anceat Sat- and^ indeed, may still   be    en-      a?:+-     .     . *. ,,.       Dawn"   were well  presented by ies.  M-M^  Club.Nights.  This7^untered in rare cases, notably     AlV estimate of���fiveyeus' time Mrs.  J.. E.  Lee  of   Selma  Park,      The committee  appointed last  certainly   by   its in "the very small babies suffer- re^uir^d to complete the 14-pomt adcdihpanied by Mrs.  T.  Turner bilities of a raffle reported that  :,-^jja$$^$^^ ing gas pains. program laid out by the board's Gf Davis Bay.   Mrs. Wheeler Sr.  a chenille bedspread had    been  ^tpu^^i^ie ^ t k _   24  additional'faHal  President,lvlr.  H.    Aggett    was gave a reading.   Music through- procured to sell tickets on. It may  ^:*ott<ii^^ il0?���et3fw Frown^^1^ by Mr. Jarman, out the weU-attended service was be displayed before the draw is  V-^Wr-m^^ T^^W     is ^ ^tm  ^ cdS��dSlb^SS     ^ b0ard wiU' before the De" supplied by th^ Secheltenaires.    made at the dance  on Novem-  #^#^^1^^^   Jl p^si^ to the eve   ofto l^s Cember meetinS of- the Improve-  7 Member/ of the Canadian Le- ber 27th. .  i ^^^iMM^k^ir^i ^    to unpL^il^sto^h^S ment Association, extend an in-gion Branch No. 140, the Legion ;. New business included the set-  iWHie. %���� " %+%�� - 2SJ3S?-Ladies are definitely sr^^i^sr3- m^m^t s    ���funds for a public address sys-  ... ��� : tem for the ^school. The date for  |Si^i^ir_f:iiviU t>eTheld at deed-  Blue Baby Fund Now  ._..^.$$pft^^ number   of   reports     that    The  i4ip||g��^^ Smile is coming back.  '���^^S^^^^o^i^iS'- ^4    the. .,,There is really no reason why  ��o^iil isxekpected. it shouldri^t. XThe ojher day, for  'IPS  ^ymmm Sunday afternoon' JS^S��. "^^ ?wSfl ^Z   "���  <^d'r?ut $$ g1^^ ^ V ^ from Pender ^Gambier.  ���^^^Mirfau.ed for us the tops the yictim of some  awful  con- m the Gay Elliott Memorial Fund     It is hoped to increase it,  _ m&y*$hmxjmm?  open dates for the hall, but they  have asked for December the  8th.  The program for the evening  consisted of a series of entertaining films from the University of  British Columbia and an Educational Week Quiz.  "     Charge Laid Against  resurfaced for us the tops   ��� x"^"" ux ^f"c  ��wxt*- v.v.n- m ine ^ay. j-muw m-nn.nai r mm It is hoped to increase it, and Sechelt Driver  ^P^l^^tdes  at ^ x    set up. here to help: distressed per- perhaps out of it to form a Com- SECHELT���M.  R.  Draney chose  !ll|l^i^rHaU munity Chest. higher court trial on a danger-  P^^S^Sthisi^^ Five   directors   in   charge   are ous driving charge laid after I.  eiierpus>act 7% 7-th^ thats needed  for  the  long-ill  Gibsons Clifford   Leach,   chairman,   who   Iverson drowned in Pender Har-  -If&SXK.^ the whole dis- also  headed the original group;  bor  Lake   in  the   truck  Draney  ^x6f#^ Mrs.  E. Nestman, Earle Bingley  was operating.  An earlier charge  i^rkiii^ com- "  V1���-  a^little   of  that lateral     Tbdaythe residue of that fund, and Clifford Gray.                             of manslaughter was dropped.  ^tt?|^dt^ upwai^ e^ei^ioiKl wouM make $750> has been turned over to a   ���                ' ������ ���   ��BWBia_��^ Eric Ramsden Sees Future  yffyfcj^G^^ the   oldest   in   business,   that   a business   men  had   better   start  l^ifepjir boafertuuxing to Gam- dusting off,  the nearer  we get  li^iujghttttbring over our mem- x There are probably not many       ^ Prr.npr rnad_ for Se_  , ���:   '�����6ffi%fflm ladies  arid    friends     An old friend passed by here women like the friend of mine SE^^1������?^0^a 0 Z��*{rzL ���..           -. ���     *  ^fi.om^he-mairiIarid^^       Saturday in the West Howe Sound Ferry, who as actually keeping a small      chelt Peninsula and a quicker doctqv at Gibsons, it. is of para-  Sv��lir Club night at the Vet- it was-George Moohey who is in black book  with   a  list   of  the means   of   communication   with mount importance that our roads  ^*riwxl&^                                                                                at    Port places7%here  she  gets snubbed, Vancouver are two requisites to be kept open."      .  Ste<h��beenrec^ditione^^^                                                                                                          at^     insulted building  up ^e  residential and The.matter will be  drawn to  ^y^Ss^^^ service will be call here, he is now in the For- and -generally   treated   like   the business possibilities of this area, the attention of the public works  ^i^^^tjS^Sil^ ""*" "  -1"   '" flppnrdmi* t.n  T3nc Ramsden. oro-..^or_a_.f����or,+ rnmnlptm^       Mr.  . -���-���^^W -.v>^-<-.>-p ..������-- --���'���'---:���?.-: - ���^���������-   ���-��� ���' -������������ ���:.:���-���'   ���' ���������������-������������ __. .���.���_^ _ ���_-���;  ���   Development for Peninsula  ^'':v'.iS*i?r;v-t.': :-?-'i-'.  N&wHarhor  customer she is. - ^ . according to Eric Ramsden, pro-department. Completing Mr.  Oil -the other hand, in our vincial editor of the Vancouver Morrison's committee now are H.  own patient, miserable way, we Daily Province. Sawyer, C. C. Lawrence, R. Jack-  consumers have long memories. Mr. Ramsden was guest speak- s6n, and William Mervyn. W.  When things get adjusted so tliat er at the monthly meeting of the,v. Thomas was appointed public-  we can have a mind of our. own Sechelt section of the peninsula hy chairman. . .  we may take a certain, sadistic Board of Trade, held at the Se- The wharf committee report-  delight in walking right by those chelt Inn Mondky evening. It ed, prompt replies and action replaces of business that may have was Mr. Ramsden's first visit to garding temporary repairs to Se-  done us dirt. the Peninsula and he exp��ressed chelt wharf. Plans have been  And pleasexdon't give me the great  interest in the potentiali- approved for a new wharf, and                                                 malarky    about    this    working ties for commercial and residen- the contract is expected to be let  -7W^lx^                                                                      x      yy::-x  ,.           bothxways.   The  buyer  himself, tial development iiere.            . by December 15,  with construQ-  X $��l^Mlk^                                that swept tbe lower BxG. Coast i^ certainly no Personality j Kid     Business portion' of the meet- tion to commence early in Janu-  xi��XxM#^^                            16, lashed the Sechelt harbor "wjth these days, .but then,  the  onus ing   dealt mainly  with  the  de- ary.  ^y^&Wrm that it earried away stringers and planking at the is  always   on  the    seller.   iThe plorable  condition   of the -high- The president reminded mem-  ^Ei��^%.rid hfead of th�� wharf.   The freighter ''Bervin^ in customer, as I dimly remember ways.   With, the prospect of  an bers once again that attendance  ^^^WHpto dock; was sWept into the side of the wharf, add- somebody once saying is always early .frost   the roads committee at. dinner and  business meeting  ^IgP^ii^l?^                                        '                                       ������'.���-    right.   "                                     .         pointed  out   that unless repairs or at the business section only is  m$Mjm^                                                              ....            -                          .;     The -Smile,   of   course,   has   a are   effected before  winter   sets entirely optional.   Meetings held  '$rtymm0mW- repair^ were start-.,   ^    . ..           .          7                       worthwhile place  outside  of its in,  each village will he isolated in this manner enable all mem-  .^Ssfl^SW^1;^^                                                ��fated   waiting   roomsVconimercial agpect and.has.^uch from . Gibsons, and Pender Har- bers to become familiar with pro-  '&Mf$a^                                                                     and   a   ramp   for a  capacity,fo^brightening peo- bor.'     "     X gress made, he explained.   -  i^=^*S^^^^v:10xmiles south small boats.             '          .      "      pie's lives generally.that I have      "Although this situation would General meeting of the Sechelt  A strong possibility exists that several times contemplated jrun- b^   serious   under   any   circum- Board of Trade will, be held in  . ��*_-. mIw      . '-C�� 11    - ���   v��w 1 1          1-* *^   ''    _����^-_**_ _i 4-^-t �� n&m^      ' *    __.     ���'          . __"_____ 1 '. Jl  _-__'_   * _____ _   X__ A.      _.__...    j *���     ? ���       __._L. __1  '          -_L         >���-11         _T____. ___.'___.   *    '            __9  T��� -__. - ��� _-_._*____._.           X- i-^_ ___."    ' _>*__*'*3-        wl _*.-*_���-h.   - . <<��.,���.         l__ _��.    .                Xl#ET7DiEC.  1$            a  rock  fill  will  be   constructed ning a special department in^ this stances,   ft  will  mkn  a "down- January,   time" and  place  to  be  .XiC^h^c^^                                                                           being  built" coluhin.   It would be devoted to right  disaster  in  an   emergency announced later.  B^^i^TW-pected to be let by at Roberts Creek. the small, but valiant group of here,"  said Mr. Morrison,  <g^j%H3S  i^^i^ai^ent of. \ Transport by     A wharfinger for Sechelt will people who meet the /public with man of the committee on roads ^ o  ^^o^k^x^                                    be appointed by the Department an elevation of the cheeks or ev- and wharves.   "Since the hospi- v "  3!7e#&/January. Plans of Transpdrt.    X      , en just the lower eyelids.      j .      tal is at Pender Harbor and the VIHDX0IA.  ' ������'���������������^                                                       "  , ���������-���������xxx--'-. ���-��� x- -���-������ ������   AHvaairi;a��r__^fAOH_i F*age Two  THE COAST NEWS, SECHELT, B.C.,  Friday, Uow.lM}^4B  \  By KAREN STOCKWELL  FIRST of all this week I'd like to  mention "about   transportation  for the Guides and Brownies.  till 4:30 but under-these^uhfortu- Sechelt Cub Pack        Industrial First  nate   circumstances   we -cannot. ,__, ���______          -             y.-^    * ..-     ���� * v*      i         rv-_._.  The areas are Wilson Creek and ATOT regular meeting of the Aid Parley DOC  West Sechelt.   Notify  Guides or T w.olf   Cub   Pack   held   m   tne     ^ >THIRD  annua! convention  Leaders.                             -----v. Legion Hall last.Thursday, Bryan          mdustrial First Aid Attend-  -   ���    *    * wamurst and Jimmy Derby were                  nsored  b    The  Indust_  As-  would like to have our meetings  ine guides ana Brownies were admitted   to   the   pack,   having  rial  First   Md   Attendants    ,��-  very pleased  about being  asked completed their tendgrpad teSts.  sociation of B.C. will be held on  We have had no offers as yet to the Armistice Day service. The B?** of���^J^1^^^'  December 28 and 29 in-the audi-  and are more than desperate. We wreath was laid by Karen Stock- f forth m^smart new Cub um-  t             ot   the     Medical-Dental  well, guards were Barbara Mor- forms ^nd do real credit to the Building m Vancouver.  rison and Gloria Bishop. Brown- Pa(?k-    Jt   Wl1   be   mteresting^ to      Again prominent speakers will  ie's wreath was laid by Dorothy w^tch the process of these two  address the. Convention. Demon-  Larson; guards were Lois Hart- enthusiastic Cubs.    ^                        strations will be given and In-  man and Eleanor PowelL Jimmy   Gdtteral,   one   ojL the  Miss  Melvin and Mrs. kelson origiii^members has earned an-  took us down. other   stripe,   having   bpah   pro-  m    m    * moted to the position ot sixer of  the Red Wolves. Jimmy is doing  Wm. McFadden  Optometrist  GIBSONS  Office Hours:  ,~.  9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m..  Evenings  by  Appointment  Every  day  except  Thursday  Our l��t meeting was h^d at a f.^ -.^^  dustrial First Aid Attendants  will have an opportunity to exchange ideas and air their'views.  Industrial First Aid Conventions have done a great deal to  raise7 the standard; of Industrial  First Aid in this Province. The  Convention in December is open  to ail Industrial First Aid Attendants and all those interested  in Industrial First Aid. Considering the success; of the two  previous conventions a capacity  YOU'RE OUR HONORED  GUEST    X^  When you dine at the Eng-  list Tea Rooms, y^GM?  slightest wish is our concern. The menu and the  service are planned- to make  your meal an occasion to. be  remembered with  ENGLISH TEA ROOMS  Gibsons, B.C.  school on November  18.   It was lated ^ his progress.  raining  so  we  didnt go  to  the     Michael Whitaker,  a veritable  m! lort    '"..-.': ��  ..,      dynamo these days, how has his  t f Jv^ '"^\/^ v^d^ firsts eye open, having been pre-  Leslie Oakie and Marie Johnson,serited with his first star at this  We   welcome   you   into   Guides, Meeting.   Harry Forbes,  who   is  gi^X      mi w      ^X-     ���    xhowpast Cub age, is to be an- ^^^'^^^ho'expect^  We  will  soon  be ^starting  on other Lone Scout alongside John -__��� -_-_!__--_ :���__   _  Second   Class  .work^ which   we Clayton and will help with the  look forward to. We Guldens can't Ciibs.    Good   luck  Harry.   Keep  PAi.lll'.r fKWY AnnAIllitfW    obey the- eighth  law  very  well up the good work.  I UUUlCU Wl VIA iUUlUlfllMU    with the weather we've been get-     Raymond   Stockwell  and   Don  ting, but we'll try. MacDonald   were   appointed   as  Well, everyone, will hear from seconders of the Tawny Six and  me next week.   Until then, good the BlackdSix, respectively.   The  \i  Guiding.  Editor's Note ��� Activities of  Girl Guides fill a very vital role  in the lives of these young girls  and it seems a shame that they  are unable to complete them because of a lack of transportation.  Are there no cars or drivers available to help the Guides?  4s��.  Genial Cal Oeorge is the popular  emcee of Procter & Gamble's ,Red��  White & Blue*'* broadcast over  CKWX from 2:00 until 2:30 p.m.,  Monday through Friday. This longstanding f&vonte among qui?, programs features three big cash prize  offers during each broadcast and ranks  high as a musical favorite as welL  i -    ��� ->' ' ������'";��� ���-- ���"     ���  X'    ���  Selma Park  Hairdressing Shop  ���  /^Complete  - Hairdressing  Service  f    X0OtLY  JONAS  Phone- for Appointments  *���?���  ���n  ��  **e-  boys* are^ really getting doS^n to  business and great things are ex-  SELMA PARK  MR. J. McGUINESS celebrated  his birthd__�� on Nov. 14. Congratulations; even if they are a  little late. His daughter, Mrs. C.  Cunningham of Agassiz came up  pected of them this season. There  are now 26 Cubs, most of whom  are in uniform. It is hoped by  -tlie new year that all the new recruits will have passed their tender-pad "tests arid will be in uni-  forlh.  Due to the large number of  new members it was necessary  to re-arrange the sixes to form  rhe, new group to be called the  Hed Wolves. ,   .-.  The Cubs were greatly pleased  tb have the opportunit^to attend  the Armistice Day seryice at the  Legion Hall and to share in this  important event.  A little worm stuck his head  out of the ground. A second little  and spent the weekend with her worm    looked    a��    the  parents and so conveyed her best  wishes iri: person.  Mrs. J. Redman and son Brij.ce  spent a few days in Vancouver  last week as guest of her parents.  *"v* ��� +-'  ;Now that the roads are in such  a deplorable condition, perhaps  ���'the? pedestrians could be given a  little consideration when walking  on pur so-cailed roads* by car^^nd  .-^���Jjwwmir^  ^>*>r^*imxfif^����   War/ ��  ���ii.  =3=  Bring Yoiir Repair^J^fc^^ils! ������.$���  Boat Tanks, Warm Air Heating Furnaces Repaired  Range and Heater Repairs  " ���-,��� ���     '    V.'.       ' "  CHICKEN FARM EQUIPMENT     . '.*  GUTTERS AND DOWNPIPE        -y  AIR CONDITIONING  Sheet Metal   Works  Laurie Speck, Gibsons Phone Gibsons 8R  %m$  _._. *  V  '."'*��.  WILLIAMS CONSTRUCTION CO.  CONTRACTORS 7  Glen. 0463F Phone * *jar; 3439  BULLDOZING, ROAD CONSTRUCTION, LAND   V  CLEARING, EXCAVATING, ETC,  Large Machines,  HD10 at Sechelt---kD14C at Gfosoiis  SEE ED BAMFORD  Clay Ghamberlin's      X  GIBSONS, B. C,  CHAMPION & WHITE LIMITED  *"i.f?S  1075 MAIN STREET, VANCOUVER,������B.C.-  Scow Freight Service  VANCOUVER ��� GIBSONS; B.C.  GIBSONS ��� R. M. (Eric) Jriglis  K  Lv.  FIRST TRIP   ,  Vancouver Monday  Afternoon  Ar. Gibsons Tuesday  Morning'  Lv. Gibsons Tuesday  Afternoon  Ar. Vancouver Tuesday  Evening  SECOND TRIP X  ���Lv. Vancouver Thur_J(-iay  Afternoon  Ar.  Gibsons  Friday  Mc^ilng     x  -   Lv.  Gibsons  Friidiay  Mt^hoo__7   _  Ar; Vah6<_\iVer*  Evening  NOTE���All- arrivals  and departures are  subject to  conditions.  tide  l^bughtfuT and,.slow down when  fjassihg someone. ^  . ��� "*���   *    *  Miss McKillop spent last week-  ��� end here with her mother.  A very enjoyable ��nd hilarious  evening was November 16thi the  ; litta; Ladies' Night" Mid; in  Selma Lodge: Mrs. Frank Wheeler was general convenor, assisted  16^ Mrs; R; Liste and Mrs; j. Redman. Games, Contests and shunts,  reading hy Mrs.? F. Frencht^hd _i  sihg-spiig, followed by refresh-  ^mentsrcompleted a grand:;party.  'Candy was sold' and bakes aucr  ^tioriedj theSreceipts of the eveningx.  being $21.75 for the Comnluhity;.  .'; Centre. %0-hk&vty> vote of thanks r  to theTcpmmittee. 7Mayxwe have |  more of such good times together, r  :''''' "'X '���'.*. *.-.*.' '"'���'��� V"'.  - Selma Park Community Centre X  invites allTitk -friends and: eyery-  one int^r0stj^7:]ji-.v  j ning of f un> and enterfeinment to  ^Selma>Gala Night;;' to befheld,  on December 3J at 8-p.m. at.^Selma Lodge. There will bexCoui^.  Whist, the dancing Mannikin'?^  music and alskit; There ^ivill also  be Xal. table of home-cooking and  -the drawing of the "Mix Master".  A good time with-fun* prizes arid  refi. eshmehts is guaranteed. "Make  ij^ra -part^1 arid coriie to ^'Selma  -Gal?J^ Nights December 3.  little   worm   and   said:   "You're This advertisement is not pujilish^  I could go .for you."   r       ^r displayed b^the Liquor (Jontrl  The first little worm replied:   Board  or by thel Govemirrknt  "Don't be silly! 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Page Thren  By "CAROLA'  rTf-c  the P.T.A. under the convenor- enjoy dancing and refreshments,  ship of Mrs. E. J. Shaw and her at the Roberts Creek Commun-  committee are hard at work pre- ity Hall.  paring their Variety concert for "  the   evening   of   Saturday,   Dec. Its Beware of slippery planks  By PEJVRL PUNNETT  show, the teacher is to be congratulated on the good showing  the children made considering  the small number of them at  school  right now.  A very pleasant social evening  | THE  ROBERTS    Creek    P.T.A. 18. Proceeds will go to Pro-Rec' an& roads these wet days. Mrs.  held their monthly meeting at sponsored   by     Roberts     Creek' c- N.-Bourn suffered injury last CONGRATULATIONS     to     Mr.  ��he Kewpie Camp, Tuesday, Oct. p.T.A weelr when, she slipped    on    a      and Mrs. Bob Proudlock on the  a6rwith Mrs   C. Haslam in lhe            '                                       ' plank walking  up  the run-way birth of a daughter on October was  held "recently   at  the" Club  kchair. A short meeting was fol-      We have had news from Van- of her house. Mrs. J. Saddler re-  oi   rn_._. *n ue>ar Vnn  arP hrvmp xrn._c.__.   ~~a        _ ..���            _.  ^lowed   by   speaker  m..  Borden,  couver  regarding  Mr.    W.     A. ceived medical attention with.a fekin Dot                                                      '            *  ** gG  nUmber  ��f  jM|..Borden spoke  on    his    six Roberts,  who was .seriously in- like.Occident.                                        s    -         '                                    ". people met to welcome the new  \ months'   trip   to     England.     He jured  last week ���while  working _           .                    Mr.   and   Mrs.   Walter   Green doctor,  ^touched   on  the, fortunate   peo- on  the B.C.  Power  Commission Mimmy -and   Ernest   Mathews have just returned after a short      ���   J         .   . .  kples of Canada, compared to the shlashing on t\e upper road. His are.down from the near North vacation in Victoria.                            Cards   and  bmgo   were  play-  iwar torn, ration-restricted popu- condition is reported as.good and visitmg with their mother, Jim-                                                                ed and during the evening, Mr.  Llatibn   of   England.   He   praised Mrs.   Roberts   wished     all     his my's deer is the talk of the towrj,      Mrs,  J.  Fairgreaves    was    in George  Ward  on behalf of the  [the fine sense of humor of the friends to know that he is  be- the  only  one in existence here town last week visiting friends community   presented   a     four-  IBritons despite.lack of nourish- ing given every possible care. this season?                                        before they sailed on the  "Ap- piece silver tea and coffee set to  hng foods and adequate clothing.  [He cited facts and figures to  ���the" interest of the audience.  On the recommendation of the     .November Birthdaysr-A happy  angi" for Australia.  Mr. and Mrs. Murray Hume. Al-  ___  ... ��� ��� so Mrs.'Hume received a purple  Roberts Creek P.T.A. and auth-  birthday to Mrs.XE. Flummerfelt,,     On Nov.  19 a very successful orchid. Mr. Hume had been our  orized by the School Board, two  who  was  entertained  at  a    tea concert was held in the school, postmaster for 22 % years and re-  Ways and Means Committee of shelters  will  be  constructed  on ��y Mrs.  R. Carlson;  . to    Brian it was jn the form of a minstrel tired at the end of October    �� the Upper and Lower Roads for Flummerfelt, Jackie Cannell and  the comfort of the school child-  to Mrs- c- N- Bourn, and to Ed-  X        ST. HILDA'S  i Anglican Chorch  Sechelt B.C.  _ V .  First and Fifth Sundays  7:30 p.m.  Second and Third  y    Sundays ��� 3 p.m.  7-   Ly X'-x     ���-���.-.  ; p jFpurfh  Sunday  X. Holy Communion  7}-       11:30 a.m.  ,7.'   Sunday School  ;.ffe!J��45 P-np-. every Sun.  )Ci:  'it:- r  '.,  Weekly "Special  I ���:��� .    7 ROBERTS CREEK;    /^..XX^XX-  % Unfinished 3-roomed,house with yerandja, p^leyejf^ie^  riot, with unobstructed and permanent seaview.  Electricity  \ available.   Very good well.   Clear title.  FULL PRICE���$1100.00  '���     Call or Write  CONSOUDATED BROKERS  y  C. John Coleridge, Manager  Gulf Coast Offices ��� Sechelt and Gibsons, B.C.  Phone Sechelt 37 ��� Phone Gibsons 37  HEAD OFFICE  CONSOLIDATED BROKERS LTD.  942 W. Pender St., Vancouver, B.C.  ren  while   waiting  for  the   bus war<* Shaw,  during wet weather   The Board      Miss   Loraine   Kirkland   spent  will supply the lumber and the last week-end visiting her par-  members.of the Canadian Legion ents and sister Shiriey.  219 will supply the labour.  Miss Pat Ewart came up last  Last     week    was    Education week end for a visit accompan-,  Week,  designed  tp let    parents ied by her friend    Miss    Vera  know   more  about   schools.  The Harris. *  parents agreed that the high IQ's  of the pupils go to the credit of Mr. and Mrs. S. Clark have;as  their teachers and certainly not house-guest Miss M. Chandlerof  the environment  in which they Vancouver.  teach    The* parents   voiced ^the      Mr      d M     B. Cumming vis-:  opinion that it is time our obso- .,   %   ^   COuntry^pS-pvIr  w^n^L^X ih0onlxnr^ **  weelc-erid with friends Mrl  witn and the new school prom-    7, ,-. ,-,   ^^-.j^^   ,-��..,_ ���%.,a  ised  for  next   year   be  erected, ^nd Mrs. G. Gordon, Grace and  . Godfry. ,.,,*-*_^,-        .  The popular Teen-Town Club  of Roberts Creek had an enjoy-  p f    C*r%ir%rr*i_nf#l___o  able time last  week when they *f^��  V^OJIWHUUIliea  invited  friends    from    adjacent RqUy tO UEFB  Gibsons and Wilson Cn*k^to^TyT1* w communities through-  out B.C. have put their wholehearted support behind the Un-v  ited Emergency Fund for Britain's drive for funds to bring  brightness to drab tables of ration-weary Britain.  Women's organizations are  playing an increasingly important role in this work and Fund  officials, at B.C. Headquarters,  report donations are coming in  in increasing volume. The Fund  closes its cash raising drive Dec-  : ember ; 5th>> thereforeXit is/ein-^  'o$lLm)BJ%^  ?be made as ! qu_cM&:$s jw^iwe^  Fullest support of your loc|i organization is    imperatiye, v]they  .state/  Cash donations will be used to  purchase food and other supplies  at preferential rates, obtainable  only through    bulk   purchasing.  r  RELIABLE 24-  HOUR SERVICE  HALFMOON BAY, B.C.  Halfmoon Bay  7-U (. ���.)  Bill Mervyn  ��.  Cosy Homes and  Home Sites  #/  Mixed Lots  FIR and  HEMLOCK  1x3 and 1x4  25.00  PER M  B.C. FIR  SECHELT, B.C.  PHONE 42  ~AWi3*"<*- ;;��**_., f��*#*^.-i- '���'-������* ��-t-tr^&oHii -*���-���-  'tU  GIBSONS  and SECHELT  Just 5 Short Weeks to  c-va^=^p--��-  Christmas  Useful, Enduring Gifts  iprtliat certain someone!  YARDL���Y OF LONDON���Sets for him and for her.  BOXED CHPCOLATES���Moirs, Wllldrds, Cadburys.  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C. have put their wholehearted support behind the United Emergency Fund for Britain's  drive for funds to bring brightness to. drab tables of ration-  weary Britain.  Women's organizations are  playing an increasingly important role in this work and fund  officials, at B.C. headquarters,  report donations are coming in  in increasing volume. The fund  closes its cash raising drive December 5, therefore it is emphasized, all contributions should be  made as quickly as possible. Fullest support of your local organization is imperative, they state.  Cash donations will be used to  purchase food and other supplies  at preferential rates, obtainable  only through bulk J purchasing,  and to place such supplies in the  hands of needy people in Britain.  It is intended later to purchase  textiles in Canada which will be  available to organizations wishing to fabricate garments and bed  linen.  Supplies will be assembled at  UEFB warehouses located at Atlantic and Pacific ports and at  strategic points throughout Canada. These warehouses have been  placed at the disposal of UEFB  free of charge by Federal, provincial and municipal authorities  and will be maintained by voluntary staff supplied by co-operating agencies.  All shipments will be sent to  Britain free of ocean freight  which will be paid by the British  government.  The British Ministry of Food  has undertaken to pay all dock  handling charges and inland  freight to large warehouses located at Derby, a city in the central midland region of Britain.  These warehouses have also^een  provided free of charge by the  British government and placed at  the exclusive disposal of the  UEFB.  The warehouses in Britain are  being supervised by Canadian  personnel. Once the food and  other supplies have arrived at  the warehouses, the whole operation of distribution is the responsibility of the UEFB, with the  full but uncontrolled cooperation  of the British government.  Bulk supplies will be broken  down and prepared for shipment ���  by road or rail to institutions and  well established welfare organizations which are capable of distributing to individual needy recipients.  The cost* of inland freight to  individual welfare organizations,  located anywhere in the British  Isles, will be paid by the British  government.  The UEFB British advisory  council will be responsible for advising the UEFB in Canada on  the types of supplies required and  foi; allocating, such supplies as  they'become available. All the  members of the advisory council  are well known for their great  experience in welfare work and  donors are assured, that their  cash donations will provide the  m^st needed supplies and that  the$esupplies will be diistributed  rs. A. McRae  To Represent  Squamish Schoo  SQUAMISH���Mrs. A. McRae was  elected to serve as Squamish  school representative during 1949.  The annual school meeting recommended increased accommodation for students to relieve serious overcrowding.  It also urged the purchase of a:  teachers' dwelling. Mrs. McRae  said the school board had already considered supplying additional school space, but was waiting completion of the Squamish-  Britannia Highway.  Britannia may send 15 high  school students to Squamish if  transportation can be arranged.  These pupils are at present attending school at the mine, ap-.  proximately 2,000 feet up the- hill.  Isn't it the truth? 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Mike ~��Jack&onxflew the coop  ; ahd went to Tobk, for a couple of  weeks, expected back almost any  day now.-Mrs. Jessie (Norburn)  Tompson, spent a week with her  parents, Mr. and Mrs. Ted Norburn, has returned to her home  in Chilliwack. Mr. and Mrs. Al  Jackson spent a .few days on  V.I. last - week,: while. Mesdames  Blower, Mutter, Reid, Lucken  also returned home, ; after a  short stay in Vancouver.  The winners of prizes given at  the birthday party of Shirley  McNutt (too late for publication last week), are as follows:  Musical arms, won by. Marie  Johnson arid Barbara Aune; missing object found by Anne Langley; twenty questions by Marlene Chambers' and Shirley McNutt; Find the button, Shirley  McNutt. - Yes it was Shirley's  birthday. But you wouldn't  knobbyireading ;the account in  the paper last week. -'���-���  I see the fish are going home  to  roost,  by way    of    Wilson's  Creek, where all during the past  week   hundreds     of     large-size  fish, some possibly scaling! 30 or  ^35   pounds   have   been   fighting  their way up to the    spawning  .^grounds.. ;Is  that  rather  late  in  \ the season for migration?'  Xy'X I isee Mrs. Downing was. up  from .the; City for a few days.  She stayed at thehome of her  daughter and son-in-law, Mr.  $Bd::.J^^'..J.a<^-Micleod.: Mr. and  Mrs. Morley have also returned  to their home and are staying.  for a week or so. ^  By the way, Mr. Morley often  amuses himself by scribbling  ve^se or composing a few|f^c*-is  p^n-iisic/ He rattled off "ai fe^w  yei'ses the other day and I  thought you would like to hear  it--";--    - ...xy,  "I well know a man, X who    is  somewhat erratic,  Who  rarely  says  anything sure  7X or eriiphatic,   7  His, manner is mild, he is one of  ;   tlieimeek,    ���-.     __,,��� ......  .ASihe tip-toes through life, rath-  j er  slipshod  and   sleek.  His wife, shall we say, is profuse  7 and cyclonic,  A  whifiwind-of  words,   that  at  X times are ironic,  Her matter is sound, her man-  v ner convincing,  .As v she outs with the truth, neither sparing or mincing.  How   liickyt  thinks'."; I,   that   this  ���pair is so mated,  So z ^diverse7m* themselves,yet so  well   co-rel&ted.  Would you Venture a guess, who  this couple might be,  I'll tell you. the secret, it's Gertie and me."  -A rather interested visitor was  up for a day trip last week. It  was one of the worst days we  have had this year, but he still  was interested. I don't suppose  anyone around these parts knows  him, but here's the story. Over  40 years ago, he was at a picnic  on the Walker estate in connection with the Independent Order  of Oddfellows. The return fare  was a dollar on the U.S.Sx Co.  (quite a change from nowadays).  He purchased some propekt_y  "further up the Coast (a resort  by the way) for a few dollars,  which he later sold ,because of  his wife's ill-health. The profit  was very small, but now from  all accounts, its a million dollar  concern. I believe he will return in a short time and spend  a few months in this area. His  name, Mr. J. Kettleman.  Here's a warning* notice to  those who wish to attend tfte  "Musicale" .sponsored by the  local V.O.N The program is  shaping up splendidly and although it has not been rounded  out "properly as yet, I can say,  that we have at least five persons who will tickle the ivories,  one way or another. Several  young instrumentalists,' and a  couple of elocutionists," as well  as seven or eight vocalists will  take part. Oh, and don't forget.  That's the night of the draw for  the Christmas Cake.  And now to wind up my journalist venture with- the Coast  News (first in the field) I would  like to put some of my thoughts  before you, regarding a matter  of postage for Old Country parcels.  The U.E.F.B., as far as I have  learned, is a splendid organization, and are making,really fine  contributions to our stout-hearted friends across the sea in  Britain. This is a cause worthy  of our greatest co-operation in an  endeavor to show our appreciation of their ^ splendid sacrifice  during those dark days ^from  sd9394and on^n&^extej^ea^  task they have setf themselves  to accomplish the job of reconstruction, and stabilization of  their country's trade and currency. Many of you readers are  intimate with the workings of  the U.E.F.B., and their ultimate  goal.  But many have also received  the news oi their work too late  to take advantage of it this year.  It was only through the medium  of this paper, that the writer  learned of what was taking place,  and there are many, others. Here  is one case, let's call her Mrs. X,  from Wilsons Creek. It is quite  true. She dispatched several parcels of food discriminately chosen,,. and quite valuable. A check  up of the whole business;^ reveled the cost amounting^ to the  astonishing sum of about x $30,  Mrs. X sang and laughed as she  happily wrapped~rthose precious  parcels, tripped "light-heartedly  down to the post-office. Yes she  really was helping, someone in  Britain. Some she:" knew, and  some she knew, of,r and they at  least would be happy also, for  a while. She hummed a tune as  she, and her frJJe&d, placed the  parcels on the post office counter.  Yes sir, a grand^tb(>ught, sending  parcels. Then eameHthe jolt. How  much please? .xEJeven dollars  odd. Wow, just^��oi^he privilege  of sending a fgw��|goods to some  poor needy soul, a^iew thousand  miles away. And ojar government  asked us to doXfJUs. Ministers  preach it from^e. pulpit, organizations beg pj^gu to do this,  the newspapers f^fil you down  to it, friends teUJ&s about it, on  the street. Som��_Jimes I wonder  strange things^ but try to keep  my .balance, mentally, what between contributions to our various organizations. :. during the  year, three per C^nt sales tax,  compulsory hos^it^l insurance,  income tax, 25-!Tper cent tax on  a bottle of beer,- and heaven  "only knows whatyjpercentage the  post office is charging for* parcels.  of news, which may interest our  readers. Please drop a line to the  office at Sechelt, qp leave a note  in Box "R" addressed to Robbie,  and I will be very glad to tell  you all you wish to know. In the  meantime, so long, and thanks  for the assistance.  White electric sewing machine,  cabinet style, reconditioned,  $125.00. Chesterfield, 3-piece  Suite, like new, $75.00. Phone  Lucken 15-J, Wilson Creek.  The question^ isi^vhy does the  government tr^lb drain the  pockets *of the -^working class,  when they are trying to do such  a splendid service.;. Also, if the  U.E.F.B. can take your parcels,  ship them oven^s,;. deliver them  to the respecti^e~;trecipients, all  for free, why in^e name of fortune, can we not^et a cheaper  rate? From thr p"bstal departments. I would riot call it a racket as some do,-. X because the  dictionary doeS'^not define the  word to my satisfaction. But it's a  sad state of affairs, "when some of  the ships leaving bur ports, have  available cargd space, which  could be used for such a purpose,  whilst we, Mr. and Mrs. John  Public, have tor shell out so many  precious ducats an order to help  feed our less fortunate man.  However, leJJ^ps not take  away any of ther]*6odriess which  the U.E.F.B. ma$:<io, if they can  do it free, gqig^luck to them.  I point out thelma^ter of postage  \with the same^^ning7of pur-  ^e^ri^poiii^^  of a marker for;Mission Point,  also, first aid ^tiipment, ambulance and the ?life belts on the  wharf. Hoping that; someone will  take over from here. And now in  conclusion, may:>7_- ask, if any  person interested enough in this  paper "The C5c&_5t?News" (first  in the field) willi^undertake the  job of corresp$ijde^t or try your  hand  at writingXuie  odd piece  . . xxiX   SechelMlarf  airs  .-���V-ffiiM .   ��.  SELMA PARK STORE  "WHERE YOUR  DOLLAR BUYS MORE"  Marshall Wells Paints  DELNOR FROZEN  FOODS  X Fresh Fruits and  Vegetables  at  S  .';"���������; ���'" Gibsons   *-;  g 7 Giiis tor Dad!  x Buxrge assortment ��f Carpenter's Tools carried in stock.  xBf-OV^^ORClHES, from   _. _ _;__... __. _:_ ���--- $8.25  X ELECTRIC MOTORS; % h.p. 1_- __���___ $19.00  III FLES, 22 calibre 7_��� _._.���_  $ 14.50 up  T SALES AND SERVICE   ^"Servicing the Peninsula  HiTii>Mn��<^Wii��^.iirwiiiii'.i.a~.iiir��i.iir.ii.->MiriM��i'>iii��r��w_ir.  //  5S  tfOw"��M  SECHELT���^mpxaxy repairs  "to our wharfYwere commenced  on Nov, 2. Froiht information  gathered hereXifc^is understood  tha&t the contract for the new  ���Vharf is to be let by the 15th of  December and work to start  sometime  early, in  January.  The frequent gales and strong  tides of the pastffew weeks have  carried out stririgers and planking in the approach and on the  head of the #harf making- it  completely .uri^M&ifor us|*. The.  freighter Berii^i in attempting'  a landing last -Tupsday collided  with the whai^74f^i added to the  already considerable damage.  The plans for /the new wharf  call for heated-.waiting rooms���  water to be piped in���freight office and a wh^Jpi^ger to be appointed. ThereSis^ also to be a  fixed ramp forilhkconvenience of  small boats. A^Wck fill similar to  that being installed at the Roberts Creek wharf, is being considered, for thd-approach here.  One of the reigns for the long  delay in the f ^ohiinencement ��� of  construction of/|he! new wharf, sO  badly needed Jiiefig, is the many  changes that K^yeT been made at.  various times^-;throughout the  year, in the plan^lt was not considered practicallby the department to have s-tJae contracts let  until such details;Were completed.  .  Wooden blpwgiiptis up to 10  feet long have^een used by  primitive Plilitippine' Island  tribesmen to r$0$r. animals for  food.  Ruv Meat With Confidence  mL KENNETT  BUTCHER  Gibsons, B.C.  Wanted To Buy Livestock and Live Poultry  NOTICE  Commencing December 4, every alternate Saturday  the "Seabus" will leave Gibsons wharf at 8:45 p.m.  for Gambier Harbour for  11  The Saturday "Club Night  at the Veteran's Memorial  Hall.  Gambier members, their relatives and friends ore  X all welcome.  Please purchase tickets, 50c, from JIM VEITCH.  Make your reservations in advance.  The Army, Navy and Air Force  .���    Veterans (Unit 276)  (Licenced Veterans Club)      *  GAMBIER HARBOUR  Record and Appliance Shop  have  iftftar  Two-ply woven tweed, pyroxylin coated covering with  full grain cowhide binding, nickel finish locks, plastic handle. Garment fixture in lid with three removable rods, two retaining bands. Fine quality  rayon lining with one body pocket. Long bound construction, 3-ply top and bottom panels. Dressing  case to match.  Associated with Sunset Hardware  Phone Gibsons 44 Gibsons, B.C.  IT'S EASY TO  ERECT  GYPROC  Fireproof  Wallboard GYP  rep��4fefwftllJ��Q*r4  Make your HOME more comfortable and attractive.  These Wal boa rds add beauty to any room and provide  insulation as well.   They are available immediately.,  ��� FIR PLYWOOD  Va - Va- Va - Va  ��� INSUL BOARD  ��� TEN-TEST  iibsons BniMing Supplies  ''EVERYTHING FOR THE  BUILDER"  Gibsons, B.C. Phone Gibsons 53 .  XX-H;  ��� v' ������. - ��� Page Six  .THE COAST NEWS, SECHELT, B. C _  .: Friday, Nov. 26; 1948  A���AJn   ^~   TSrsmtn^eggy Lee withBenny Goodman  6C0IQ.S   OH   J16YU6 and  orchestra   "Why Don't You  Do Right". These are worth add-.  By JOHNNY EDWARDS ing to your record collections       7  WELL,  since writing last, there      jn   the   Christmas   vein*   the  has    not    been    much    new Glenn Miller Band with the Mod-  in the record line.   Tony Martin ernaires and Tex Beneke ringing.:  ���j.-7Zrr  Hospital Payments      time a large number of cheques 'Mum Growers  Need Identification   *5*a* mon^ orde?���are be*gftre" Hold Social  ���^.~;xLTx       ,. .       ceived with no address and often "v*v* **ww��**  ��� S?Et!Z��? STL0**? only-one initial of theremitter. Evening CE- Gibsons  or   cheques   by   mail  to TB. C     ���t, . .     - ,     ���,    .��.���_,_,.. ���_-.,_,���     .  Hospital Insurance Service offices ..  The mai^ work of local offices GIBSONS-A social evemng was  should   make  certain  that   their 1S now,taken.;up+with receiving      he]d   by   the   chrysanthemum _ ��� _        __ _  payments can be easily identified. Premiur*i paymente.^Hospital in- growers at Gibsons, but due to and his "Begin the Beguine" is ��jingie Bells".   (Thisshould, suit  The full name and address of the sur^e cards wm be  delivered the bad summer and-the fact that Up to Tony's usual standard. The the .tastes of everyone^inthe&iS-  head of the family should be giv- sometime m December to those having the date of the exhibition King Cole Trio have cut an al-.^y).  Woody Herman and "Let It  en, either on the cheque or money wno .     e,paif; S1X ��r 1,in2ltns postponed, many    blooms    were bum for the kids and it is a very Snow!   Lei? It Snow!" is.also on  order or enclosed on a separate -Premium by November 30. Bene- through blooming and some oth- pleasing contribution to the Nur- the recommended list. ^ 7'  note    accompanying   the   remit- flt? c0Ye"ng necessary care in a ers were not yet at their peak, sery Rhymes.  I think, the grown  tance                                                    general. hospital,   become   avail-      A   very   fine, display   was   in Ups will enjoy this as muchas ^.. ��� .-  able as of January 1, 1949.   Ac- evidence   despite   all   the   diffi- the children GlbSOnS Library  Officials at Victoria pointed out wording  to   the  latest estimated culties, and members are to be    >)Pf.M hflVP fP r^^ anir 1UU���,  J_W�� xf#W ���'  this will guarantee that the donor figures,   over   a   million, people congratulated   on  their  fine  ef- x,J^^f^Jl^S^^^fL' ^OW ��aS ���U XX  will receive a  receipt promptly have now been registered under forts. S?^v   aS   hS Car   BW'   Books A Ot- Readers   ;  and money will be credited to the the Government plan, and regis-      Due to the wonderful work and ^^^t^^^L *}?*' Z^  ^r^J^^ %v y,  correct account.   At the present trations are still coming in. ' time put in-by Mr. Chatt,, every��� ^^���"nS^ ���?    S^r^" ^ ��� ^^sF&u t^eUan^  one agreed that it  was a  very exceptionally   good.   Even   some      library located at .the home pi  ^m*mm*~m*'  ���rw- '1  Please Clip This Directory Out'and Hang By Your Phone  For Reference  BAKERY  RADIO SERVICE  BETTY'S  BAKERY  Homemade Pies,  Cakes,  Bread  Christmas  Cakes and  Decorated . to Order ���  Special Catering for  Your  New   Year's  Party 1  Porpoise Bay Rd.,  Sechelt  BEER BOTTLES  Lowe's Radio Service  GIBSONS  You Bust 'Em���We Fix 'Em  Location:   Wool Shop  Bus Pickup and Delivery  Service  Will call and buy for cash;  beer bottles, scrap metal, etc.  Calls made at intervals from  Hopkins to Irvines Landing.  R. H.  STROSHEIN  Wilson   Creek  STEELE'S RADIO AND  ELECTRIC  Radio Sales and Service  Phone, Sechelt 33  Send by Bus  REAL ESTATE  CLEANERS AND DYERS  "It Pays to Keep Clean"  LLOYD'S CLEANERS  GIBSONS,  B.C.  Agency at Bus Depot, Secheit  Specialist in Coast Property  Consolidated Brokers Ltd. ;  Gulf Coast Offices  Gibsons and Sechelt  Phone 37  HOW IS YOUR GAR RUNNING?  Good? ��� II Not Bring It To  Your General Motors Dealer  WILSON CREEK. B.C.  PHONE SECHELT *S  DRESSMAK&NG  Specializing in Tailored Slack  Suits, Fine Lingerie,  Children's Clothes  MRS. M. D. STOREY  Roberts Creek    x ���  Phone  R.C.   24U2  ���A  For Prompt, Courteuos  Service, See  EG; HARRIS & Co.  Real Estate, and Insurance  Village Centre, Sechelt  Sechelt, 48 or 39  .-.���:*  GARBAGE DISPOSAL  Garbage Disposal Service  weekly or monthly  Sechelt, West Sechelt,  Selma Park only  For Information write or  'phone.  Union Steamship Co.  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Phone Sechelt 5C2 and 5U  TRANSFER-TRUCKERS  PLUMBING-HARDWARE  :-  Hardware, Plumbing Supplies  Heating Necessities  "Serving the Peninsula"  Marshall's Hardware  Phone Gibson���33  JACK'S TRANSFER  Log Hauling Contractors  General Freight Hauling  Sand and Gravel  Phone Sechelt 5U  .  successful evening. "   ��f   ^e   old^   records   of   Bing  Mrs.  E.    Nestmanx a^, ^ibsohs,7  Prizes were  awarded  for  the Cr     y ar �� es'      which is open every Wednesday.,  best blooms and a special prize     Duke Ellington has. done very and  Saturday.^.afternopiv   ;irom.  for best bloom in the show went -wejl: in his recordings and "Con- two o'clock until four i^prpvid^.  to Mrs; L. B. Knight for "Purple certo   For   Cootie"   ("Don't   Get ���g a reading -medium .tertbose-  Prince", which was truly a fine Around Much Anymore")  is  an who enjoy a gopdoook.   7      ,  specimen-. "All-Time" favorite that is worth-      There are some 400 books on  A  special  prize  went   also  to while. the shelves both fiction and non  Mrs.   Galbraith   for   her   Yellow     Les Brown and "Bizet Has His fiction" .7 ::  "Connie Mayhew.?' Day",  Charlie Barnet and "Red-      Everyone  is   welcome   to, use  Results   of  the  judging   were skin�� Rhumba" with a backing of these   services   which ^are   pro-v  asiollbws:        ^ .   . -���    ���   ."Southern  Fried."  In  the  vocal videi free to you by the prov-7  Pmks:  Mrs. Galbraith, 1; Mrs. iine, Frank Sinatra and "I've Got .mcial  department.  L.-B. Knight,  2; Mrs. Metcalfe, a   Crush   on   You"    (wonderful      Thanks..' are due to friends at,  3; .Mrs. Crick, 4.      7"y- trumpet background work), Herb  Grantham's     for     their xdpnaH  TurTO���V !^^ xDonaldson    2, Jeffreys     singing     "Body     and tions: of books.  ���^Siv?   SJ��*   *   i*      n !v-    .pJ^Soul", Lena Home and "I Can't      Mrs.   Dave  Donaldson^  is    %;  i; mL   S*:^ 7 Give You Anything But Love." charge of the library. 7, ' :^  y Red:, Mrs. Donaldson 1; Mii.  Metcalfe 2; Mrs. Corlett 3; Mrs.  Corlett 4. tV��  Yellow: Mrs. Galbraith 1; Mrs.  D. Donaldson 2; Miss Dobie 3;  Mrs. D; Donaldson 4.  Refreshments were served  and thoroughly  enjoyed  by  all.  Rev; H. V. Oswald, new rector  of the Anglican- church and Mrs.  Oswald were introduced to the  meeting as one of the hew gardr-  eners.  The hope was-.expressed that  next year parlors shows; would  be held.-once a month, where  flower lovers may show their  special flowers. from April on,  with the suggestion that one  month it could 7 be tulips and  different blooms throughout the  ' year.- ��� ������        ' ���'������ :-y'XyX'. \ ���  In this- way it was hoped that*  everyone ^buld-J^pme flower-r  conscious for thWfe are many;  fine gardeners Jin the, district;      ���  Although they'^all don't7 spec--j  ialize in mums, it'"would giye^ev- '  ery one a chance: to show their  owh particular hobby: -"������*  WOMEN'S INSTITUTE  At7the7morithly meeting of the  Women's Institute iinal arrange- -  ments were madeVfor the annual;  tea and sale of fwprk to be held  in the7 school halt TpnXDecember.  1. There will be raffles, fortime  telling, and various? attractions.  On December78 ia whists drive'  is to be held at the home of Mrs.  H. Ross. Proceeds >wiU be in raid  of the buildingxfund,. Play commences at two p;m. sharp. 7  NEW CHORAL GROUP  A ne wchoral group is beingf  formed under guidance of Mr.  Atlee and will-be known as the  ^'Hearenden Singers.'. Named after the old family: name of Mrs.  Atlee, the new group f. will: have  Mrs. Kennett as president ��� and?  Mrs. W. Lissiman, secretary-  treasurer and Mr. Reese librar-  The group is striving for the  FOR  SALE-��� FOR SALE���  best in choral sirigiiir and other WALNUT extension table, in PUBUC; addresf v^st^; almost 7  members in the unit    are- Mr.      good condition; Apply Box 14, new; turntable,, aliic^injcrpphone. }  land Mrs. Van Vembni Mrs. Bra- Coast News,  Sechelt. 20 Automatic record changeij 4'also7/  iden,; Mrs: Wardil, Mrs; Leach and     ; v    FQR gALE ��� ^aiJ^i^^#fe?fn W^ >->  ISidBut^Atex^^^^^  ;^an read music ^are also wanted.      or from Vancouyer. Low rates. FO^^ALg^, 7      X  Auditions are given by Mr. At- F t service# Careful handling. % BED, ^EEL: ends. Slumberx  leejwith^Mrs. Atlee as: a^��>ni- Specify Gulf Lines Express, tf Kmg ribbonx spring. .D^luxe7  pamst; The group meetsiat Mrs. __: i  x .   x��������� ��� Slumber King spring-filled mat- .  tLissiman's every Wednesday;        FOR SALE��� tress.   Phone        Roberts     Creek J  The VON meeting was held at SELMA PARK. Two choice viewX22S4.  iGranthams   andx the   new   vice-      lots for sale. Reasonable price.  ^president! Mrs. J. Chambers re- Light and water available. Wil-  ^placedMrs. Steadman, who; with liam A. Morrison. E. G. Harris  JMr-ji Cornish will be moving to and Co., Sechelt 48. Office, the  ^V#ncouver. - Village Centre. 23,  The sum of $450 .to be paid,to X^������7^z  'ijf;*; T  24 HOUR SERVICE XX  Z PHONESferZHCABfti -M  Wilson Creeki; Selmai. Parte:  Phone Sechelt 5C2 arid ;5U  "Anytime ��������� Any-pvPIace'^-  1                           . ..... X ���            ' X     ���                                .  .        ���      ���'    '       ���"���.��� /���.���:, ^yy-Tyy^^* ���.-.  ���     ��� .                  '���; /  ...          ....  7S?\*��**.     itZs*. l__ __. J.   %?__.___:_.___.  CLASSl  ^���MK>WM'~-<:'V- y^::yT ������������������.  .mum  3>Lines(i5 Words) for 35c    Vi  3 Insertion (same?��-d)_#jte$;  Extra words, above 15-word min.  , 2c each.  Cash with order.   :  rTotices, Engagements, MarriageSj  Deaths,r etc.* 75c^ Insertion  LITTLE ADS.... . .  BIG RESULTS  21  LEGAL NOTICES  . 11 ..;������  ���r-^X"    l_^ND ACT ::   t  Notice bf-Intention to apply to \  purchase Land 1  ^Plumbing and Heofriaig  *r  Installation ��� Repairs  A Specialty  by Registered Plumber  Tickrror's Plumbing  Porpoise7Bay.Road  Sechelt, B.C.  FRANK YATES  Home Oil Agent for  - XXX   Peninsula  Grayei and Freight Carrying  iServicexcalls day or night���  Days, Wilson Creek���5S  . Nights; -Roberts Creek���24L  Upholstery and S8ip Covers  Oldest President of the United  States at death was John Adams,  90, and th^ youngest was James  GarfieMr 49^"   " ^~  ~"   "  Let Us Rebuild and    '  Upholster  Your  Favorite Chair  Usher's Yard Goods Shop  Gibsons, B.C.  the VON board as J^^^e UNFINISHED 5 room house on IN LAND Recording. District ofl  '?WX SsSf new nurse     -ot g2 x m &t Sech^: ^^    Ne^ w^strniri^er-^d  situatex  i^Bingo and raffle will be held f^^  ground February 3 in aidrof-the What ^offers? Apply Box A, c|o     Take notice that L.H."Robertsp  I funds.   A  doll  is   being, raffled.fiiR- News> Westview, B.C. of Nelson Island, occupation re-^  ^and will be drawn at the Klon-r t^qr SALE��� ;   tired intehdsxt^vajP^. for per-f7  dike night at the^Legion. 4 YEAR OLD bull. $100:00. Wm. mission to purchase the follow-|V  Next meeting-is ^January 3 at      cook,   North   Road,     Gibsoiis, ing  described  lands:  Gibsons   and   anyone   interested 53 n 20      a ���        x _    .    * Ji  hi this work is;very,welcome.      2il ���   ' Cpmniencing at a post P^tedi7  LEGION AUXILIARY FOR SALE��� five  chains  south  of  the  Northx  A Christmas party for Legion TWO WATERFRONT  lots  with East; cqrnemofL1025, Nelson Is-Jr  members and their children will     two  room shacks.    One    gas land   thencex 40   chains ; S&-th;;.7  be held at the Legion HaU about boat, 25 ft, 12 h.p. motor, Uni- thence "10 chains East; Tthence -40- f  Decembeiv 29; : .     versal,   complete     for     fishing,  chains  North;  thence, 10; chains?!  The  Farmers'    'Institute    will 3000 feet to. Hospital wharf. Ap- West,   and   containing. 40   acres,x  hold a bazaar in the Commun- ply. Sam   Seeley,  Pender   Har- more or less,  ity hall on December 11. bpur, 2Q L, J?i I$oberts4i Friday, Nov. 26, 1948,  _THE COAST NEWS, SECHELT, B. C.  PtiQ& Seven  By "ARIES*  ON SUNDAY in St. Hilda's Ang-  : lican Church the Rector Reverend   H.   V.   Oswald   officiated  .at two christenings. One was the  infant daughter of Mr.|and Mrs.  Teddy Osborne who received the  names of Terry Lynn, while the  {infant-son of Mr. and Mrs. Bob  n Clarke received the name Don-  :>ald. 7, , &..'���  The tea, sponsored by St. Hilda's Guild and held in the lounge  of Sechelt Ini^/was a huge^suc-  "cess this year. Mre. Geo. batchelor was..general convenor, and  lilrs. 7ffei^treet won the door  prize:'*_vfos_i-McCrea: won the cake  by guessing the weight. Prizes  were also won by Mrs. Batchelor and Mrs^ Gibbons. The new  Vicar, Reverend  H.   V.   Oswald  -and Mrs. Oswald, were there to  meet members of the parish. Mrs.  f ArnoldyptrWest- Sechelt is presi-  -dentolthis group, Mrs. K. Red-  ;man,^secretaryf and Mrs. Uttley  -Ttreasurer. We all agree they are  r a Mery\ hard working regroup    of  .women.  Entertaining for tea recently  at' Dogwood Cottage were Mrs.  Elsie Turner and Miss Joan  Krausert. Those present were  Mrs. J. Steelej Mrs. Ken Whittaker; Mrs. W.Weston^^ Mrs.  Frank French, Mrs. W. Morri-  xson, Mrs. J. Parker, Miss Norma  Melyih and Mrs. R. Jay.  ;  Word: from Nora Dunn   (now  XMrs.Y. Hvass) tells of wonderful times in New York, as she  COLLBSON'S  BARBERSHOP  :/y7 7;^ECHEi-r7 .'  yy  Mon.���Closed All Day  Tue��.-���9:30 a.m. to 6:00 p.xn.  Wed.���3:30 a.m. to 9:00 p.m.  Thur.���9:30 *an. to 6:00 p.m.  Fri.���9:30 a.m. io 9:00 p.m.  Sat.���9:30 a.m. lo 8:00 p.m.  HAIR^TS X^-f SHAVES  FACIALS ~ SHAMPOOS  '���^M' ���  ,.    >..>��      s  The Old Established  General Store at  FENDER HARBOUR  Supplying:  Families,  Fishermen  diid Camps  Provisions, Textiles,  NbvelHes, Toys  Home Gos Station  ���   77vx':;.Fish- Buyers x  r-xRefrigerafrion  x>  QUALITt - SERVICE  VALUE  XX X:.x':.'0t. -..  Hassan's Landing  Midway South Shore  writes from the St. George Hotel  in Brooklyn, where Captain  Kvass?s boat is dockled. Nora  has been seeing the sights���been  to the top of the Empire State  Building, went to the radio show  and modelled a hat bought in  Vancouver for television, was at  Rockefeller Centre where there  is a huge outdoor skating rink,  and is now busy hunting sun  suits and shorts for the trip to  West Africa when they leave  for the next port of call. We are  glad Nora is having such a wonr  derful time and that she looks  forwflrd to getting the Coast  News.  Miss Norma Melvin and Miss  Elsie Turner, two of our local  teachers ,sjJent the. week-end in  Vancouver.  We wish to welcome to our  community Mr. and Mrs. Gordon Payne, and their children  Judy, Jay and Roger. Mr. Payne  will be the new manager of  Union Estates Grocery department replacing Mr. Doldort Mr.  Payne has been employed by  Safeway Stores and comes to us  from Vancouver.  We are glad to hear that  Gladys (Lin) Morrison is recovering so well from her attack  of appendicitis. She was taken to  Vancouver last Thursday and  she was expected home Wednesday.  Congratulations, though a bit  belated, to the Wally Berrys in  West Sechelt, on their 7th wedding anniversary, Tuesday, Nov.  16.  BIBLE READING  BLESSED BE the Lord God of  Israel; for He hath visited and  redeemed His people, and hath  raised up an horn of salvation  for us in th�� house of His ser?  vant David; As He spake by the  mouth of His holy prophets,  which have been since the world  began. And thou, child, shalt be  called the prophet of the Highest: for thou shalt go before-  the face of the Lord to prepare,  His \vays; to give, knowledge *of  ^Ivation^^  remission, of their;,sinsg.throjugh  the tender mercy of bur Gbd;7  whereby the day*���spring from  pn high hath visited us, to give  light to them that sit in darkness and in the shadow of death  to guide our feet into the way of*  peace.  Lord, now lettest thou Thy servant depart in peace, according to  Thy word: For mine eyes have  seen Thy salvation, which Thou  hast prepared before the face of  all people; A light to lighten the  Gentiles, and the glory of thy  people israel.  St. Luke, 1:  68-70, 76-79.   2: 29-32.  Louis Held  Passes Suddeiilv  PENDER HARBOUR ��� Pender  Harbour lost one of its well  known citizens when Ivlr. Louis  Heid passed away very suddenly.  He .was taken from the Harbour  to the Vancouver General Hospital. Mr. Heid, who was in his  54th year, is survived by his wife,  one sister, Mrs. M. Walsh; and  his half brother, Charles Heid,  Pender Harbour, B. C.  Funeral services were held on  Satuday in the Simmons and McBride Chapel, the Rev. T. . W.  Scott officiating. Interment was  in Ocean View Park.  ->.^  C. G. BALLENTINE ��� BAL'S BLK. ��� GIBSONS  Res. ��� Phone Granthams, 10Q  Agent���Roberts and Wilson Creek���Caroia Forst, 22L  Sechelt ��� The Coast Hevn, 37  WHERE  YOU GET MORE  FOOD  PER DQLLARl  For Groceries It's  iis  GRAYSON  AT GIBSONS  E. C. CARSON, Minister of Public Works, has announced, three  hew appointments to the Provincial Highway Board which was  set up in 1942 to advise tne government on highway develops  ment. Harry Anderson, Chief  Engineer for the Department;  will continue as chairman and  the new members are N. W. MacPherson, Deputy Minister, Neil  McCallum, Assistant Chief Engineer arid Ex J. Jones, Maintenance Engineer.  0ohr9t Waste Precious Hours  in Slow travel!  Safe Economical Seaplanes ��� Experienced Pilots  Air Express ���-*��� Charter ~ Sightseeing  7 Tlmbercruising  :     ^ NEXT TRIP TO TOWN  For Rates arid Information call  Associated Air Taxi Limited  RICHMOND 1551  ...    or contact our local agents  Phone Sechelt 37  I. R^McSC.bbon ��� Phone Gibsons 4-2  .-iT*- -"V"  with the people of Britain  '-������'���'���������       y  the things which YOU have  hey arc fighting���on short rations���a cold war against  ttie spectre which haunts the world today. They URGENTLY  iieed YOUR help to give them strength.  You can help them through the Emergency Fund for  Britain ���an all-Canadian organization formed for year-  round operation.  YOUR donation will be used to buy food in Canada.  Food will be shipped in bulk, FREIGHT FREE, packaged  in England, and distributed there, under supervision of  UEFB's British Advisory Council, to those most in need.  Thw   will   SAVE   EXPENSE,   and   make  YOUR   dollars  go farther.  ��� v . x-Yi. ''.���-"'' ��� ������"'.' ' '���  Send* your cash contribution NOW to the local or pro-  vincial headquarters of United Emergency Fund for Britain.  Plan to make your REGULAR donations in 1949.  Send .your cash donations to your Local or Provincial Headquarters;  it is deductible from taxable income.  Emergency Fund for Britain  PROVINCIAL COMMITTEE CHAIRMEN  $ u f*p o rt      the  National    Com-  jn? I��  raise  a  ;g amount of  cash to> aid British  men, women  and  * children.  Prince Edward Island  Major  David  Mathicson.  M.L.A..  Heartz Bldg.,,  76 Great George St^  Charlottetown.  Nova Scotia  John  C.  MacKeen,  Esq.  Province House, Halifax.  New Brunswick  Harold B. Gault, Esq.,  M.L.A.  Box *l402,Saini John.  Quebec  Arthur Randies, Esq.,  C.B.E., M.S:M.  Lt.-Col. J. Lucien  Dansereau,  Room 412,  266 St. James St. W���  Montreal.  Ontario  Charles E. Rea, Esq.,  M.P.P.,  90 Richmond Sc W,  Toronto.  Manitoba  Chairman pro tern,  750 Somerset Bids*  Winnipeg.  Saskatchewan  Hon. Mr. Justice P. H.  Gordon.    ;  Mrs.). Hargreaves,  Provincial Organizer,  Wascana Hotel,  Regina.  Northern Alberto  Col. E. S. Brown,  I07t__ St; and Jasper Ave*  Edmonton.  Southern Albans  D. A. Hansen-Esq.,  309-7th Ave. West.  Calgary.  BriHst. Columbia  F. ,C Sweet, Esq.,  Room 100,  535W.Georgia Su   .'-  Vancouver.  National Chairman  Sir Ellsworth Havelie, Bt.  Cfrairman.Executiv*  Committee  Lady Eaton.-  BritiCh Advisory Council  Princess Alice, Countess  of  Athlone.   President.  The Countess Mountbatten  of Burma, Chairman.  Offices:���  37 HM St., London, Wl.  139Vi Sparks Street,  43tt*lWJ_L  90 Richmond St. W.,  ��� Toronto.' Psge* Eight  ���'m:  %. THE COAST NEW��. SECHELT, B. C.  Friday/Nov. 26;!?^  j Theyll Do it Every Time  C*glsM-4 ��. * *���*����� OCto  By Jimmy  TflE FIRST PURP     ; w:  THE SMEPLEyS HAP  JUST WOULPN'T  . EAT AM/THIN6 ���  Urge Complete  eniificafion on  'TALLEN& AUJBf  X     u .-s.A  COPtt, l����7. KING FEATURESSYNDICATE, tut. WORtO-tf-GHTg RESERVED ��>>��N?^S--  Hospital Cheques  PERSONS sending money orders or cheques by mail to  B.C. Hospital Insurance Service  offices should make certain that  their payments^can be easily identified. The full name and address of the head of the family  should be given, either on the  cheque or money order or enT  closed on a separate note, accompanying   the. remittance.  Officials at Victoria pointed  out this will guarantee that the  donor will receive a receipt  promptly and . money wiljl be  credited to the correct - account.  At the present time a large  number of cheques and money  orders are being received with  no address and x often only one  initial of the remitter.  The main work of local offices  is now taken up with receiving  premium payments. Hospital Insurance Cards will be delivered  sometime in December to j those  who have paid six    or    twelve  months' premium by NovemBer  30th. Benefits covering necessary  care in a general hospital, ber  come available as of January tiji.  1949. According to the late^l  estimated figures, overX a iriifc  lion people vhave now been registered under the Goverximent  Plan, and registrations are. still  coming in. ���     7.  ��� ������'.,;.  y -���-..-'  " ' ���'-'������*'  ���"-"  Palladium, which is stilt iii^pe  gold price range, is one 'cofyihe  most popular metals for precious  stone settings.  se  PEOPLE can save money ?an<i  avoid unnecessary. -igsks.7 ^  remembering two factsx Xstates-  Mr. John A. Theedf local Sank  of Montreal -manager.    :   -y X 7 ;  One is the postwar increjeein  crime. The other is that.B;of;^l  safety deposit boxes give "maximum protection tor only "ft pent  or two aMay. Ask about this service. Your valuables need Protection, too. ;       >..������- X--,X\ x   ���  advt.  ROBERTS CREEK  The W.A. to St. Andrew's  Church, Roberts Creek, held a  very successful tea and sale of  work Friday, November 19, at the  Kewpie Camp.  Guests were received by the  president, Mrs. H. G. Findlay, and  Mrs. H. U. Oswald who with her  husband the Rev. H. U. Oswald  have taken over the duties of the  parish.  Tea was in charge of Mrs. F.  Hewer and her committee Mrs.*  G. Rose, Mrs. J. Ward, Mrs; T.  Bernard and Mrs. Graham. Fancy  work and aprons by Mrs. H.  Hewitt, Miss Dawson and Mrs.  Bloor. Novelties, Mrs. Gauvreau;  homecooking, Mrs.7 Maskellv Miss  C. Dixon and Mrs. Bernhof. Cards  Mrs. Merrick; books and flowers,  Mrs. Taggart; raffle, Mrs. Blakeman.  Pourers were Mrs. C. Haslam,  president of P.T.A., and Mrs. S.  Haigh, president of the W.A. to  the Canadian Legion. \'  The beautiful cloth raffled was  won by Mrs. Gauvreau.  The affair was a huge success,  financially and socially and the  ladies of the W.A. wish to take  this opportunity of thanking all  those wjio helped to make it so.  >f SHOPPING  ** ' VVEKS LEFT  Charter Run Slated  To Gambier Harbor  COMMENCING the first Saturday in December (the 4th) the  Sea Bus wilKng^ake a chartered  run to Gambj^pHarbour. on alternate weeksgyhis new service  is to enable t$fe*^Eiends and rela-.  tives of the members of Unit 276  Army, Navy W^Air Force vet-  r-.'.yfyir '_  Love makes a man think almost as much of a girl as he does  of himself.  Right or wrong?  YOU BE THE JUDGE!  ALBERT-PIP  ( ALONG THS __  T\fcE CHAWS?  *���       n||          '"                      "I'lllll-. ---,,        ,r '             ���          nl     '���  'Z        %,        -'   ,        '        p                ,     "  r'/'r,*r *           'X7  f��y     t       ''r'r        r                          .__.            ,    ,    -         ,., .    r    ,    r     *      ;  __*       'K-.'-'.vp^V-.  NATIONAL SAFETY COUNCIL  .-m p^x BUY  ���  Newsprint Output  InlS47Was  4M0AOOTpns  CANADIAN newsprint production in 1947, amounting to  4,447,000 tohs, far exceeded that  for any previous year. This was  over 300,000 tons higher than in  1946, more than 1,250,000 tons  higher than the average for the  war years _ 1940-45, and nearly  1,500,000 tons higher than the  average for the prewar years  1935-39.  This expansion wsa created in  response to demand, niainly firom  United States publishers. 7 It ii?  estimated that production in  1948 will amount to 4,575,000  tons, while the forecast for 1949  is 4,675,000 tons.  Since 1930, sonly one- new mill  has been built in Canada, and  only one new machine has been  installed, this haying replaced  an old one. Between 1920 and  1935, the cost of a newsprint  mill was estimated at between  $20,000 and $35,000 per daily  ton.  Today, it is estimated at between $75,000 and $80,000 per  daily ton, to which" must be  added woodlands expenditures  on a scale unknown twenty-  years ago. A single newsprint,  machine which could have been  installed in 1930 for $2,000,000  would today cost $4,500,000.   .  After many years of pulp  wood supply problems,' present  conditions are nowv generally  satisfactory. Production in the  1947-48 cutting season; was the  largest in history, amounting to  11,100,000 cords in the Canadian  area east of the Rodky Mounf  tains for consumption'��� by pulp^  and paper companies.^  An increase of 19 per cent  over   1946^47   is    attributed    to  erans club at^nijiarbour to take  part in popjft^r "club night."  The Sea Bus has" been re-conditioned at a cost 7of some $2500  for'this work aiid will be doing  other charter ? trips, around the  Sound. xxx  Reservations for the trips, and  tickets, may he obtained from  Jim Veitch at; |be Sunset Hardware and th(-s����mtending to go  are advised tqsm&ke reservations  early. The bqa^Jwill leave the  Gibsons : dockxatx 8:45 p.m. and  will make thexrlturh trip after  thie evening -i��Mper.'\  Instal Beacpn Lights  i  REFLECTOR bacons will be installed at the end of each rock  wall at the entrance of the Westview small hoat harbor, it was  revealed at $u|sday's meeting  of the Westvie^;village board of  commissioners, previous discussions regarding^instaliation ;of  suitable aids Lto-7 navigation at  the harbor centred around the  advisability of^acing a marker  buoy just .inside, .the harbor entrance, but that? project was abandoned for i&expresent until a  proper location for it could be  determined,.  Know Where  I'm Going?  Well I am headed for that  store that has such a full  line of Hardware, Groceries^  Notions, Chinaware# Men's  Wear, Ladies7 Ready tp  Wear, Shoes.  GENERAL STORE  P. W. Case        Roberts Ck.  >�����  Your Gift Problems . ��� ���  .  New Drapes'  Pillows  Luncheon Cloths  Cushions, etc.   ,  'S YARD GOODS SHOP  GIBSONS, B.C.   "    "   *. /'  u  more favourably weather conditions and ant^adequate labour  supply.,      ... f^xx '   .  The total production consisted  of 7,700,000 cords, cut by com-:  panies on l^eM* Crown lands  and their owr|x}forest holdings  and 3,400,Q0Qxcords purchased  from indegln^lnt pulpwdod  producers. '���' XyXyMXr ��� ''... .;���.'������'  Shopping  NOTHING COULD BE WARMER THAN A  Coleman Oil Heater  $72.50  HOWE SOUND TRADING CO. LTD.  GIBSONS, B.p.  "Personalizea^  Friendly/Setyice"  We Carry Everything Suitable  for Christmas  Gifts.  TASSELLA SHOPPE  "That Smart Shop at Sechelt"  IIIBIIili  When you come here for your  automobile he^ds^ you are sure  of getting the most tor y6^t  .monie^^^^ . .S,'. '������ -. 7- >x'f  You'll find nothing fancy or decorative in the  way of fixtures, cases, etc. . . . Youll find  QUALITY MERCHANDISE instead. We have  " planned it-that \Afay tp save you dollars and  cents.   Our low overhead mpkes^ this possible.  ;.-  FOR SALErx      7  December, two new Ford* three-ton  TRUCKS  GRILLE SERVICE S  Best Equipped Service Departments oh the Peni


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