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The Coast News Dec 17, 1948

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 ne rrogress  and See  Serving a Progressive and Growing  Area on B.C.'s Southern Coast. -  Covers Sechelt, Gibsons, Port Mellon, Woodfibre, Squamish, Irvines  Landing, Half Moon Bay, Hardy  Island, 1'ender Harbour, "Wilson  Creek. Roberts Creek, Granthams  Landing, Egmont. Hopkins Landing.  Brackendale,  Cheekeye,  etc.  PROGRESS and- development\pf  the Victorian Order of Nurses  activity  on  the Peninsula  since  its early humble beginnings was  ���'���; outlined at a meeting of the  aboard on December 9 at the Inn  in  Sechelt   which  was  attended  by 26 members.  ! Various reports presented indicated services of the V.O.N,  have risen by leaps and bounds.  There were now more than 200  children going to school in the  area requiring these services.  ^]^f^CIAL REPORT  December  1947;  cash  in hand  and in bank $1,077.61; Securities  $4��om  .Receipts Jan. to Nov. 1948 to-  t^^ $6,457.60.  ^.^JEm^utrsei-ients' Jan." to Nov.,  i^48p��talled ^6,534.58.  Oajjlivibn. Mid. $283:28^ cash iri^  ^ankx$^_^;35;tdtal $1400.63.  Miss Irving's Report: Covering  Sept, Oct.; Nov.  x Doing an amount of routine  wtork, listing new schools, starting Tiew clinics etc. 410 visits  made 4h... Gibsons, 493 visits in.  5ecjiilt- iEireia. totalling 903 visits  by lhe .two nurses in 3 months.  There;. have been no ���rcommuni-  cable  diseases.   Nurse  Irving  is  FT7B2_IS_EE:D B"3T THE COAST HEWS, ItlM-tTED  Business Office:   Sechelt, B.C. National Advertising Office, Powell River, B.C.  VoL HI ��� No. 23  Sechelt, B. C.  Friday, Dec. 17, 1948  5c per copy, $2.50 per year, by mail  Gravel Highway  Wilsons to Sechelt  THE Department of Public Works has commenced repairs on  Peninsula roads.  This fact was established by the sight of five trucks  which started dumping gravel on the highway between Wilson  Creek and Sechelt.  This development came on the heels of a meeting at  Gibsons last week at which Herbert Gargrave, M.L.A., pledged  that he would do all in his power to get the work under way  before the condition of the roads became much worse.  In that speech he said that he had made many fruitless  attempts to pry funds out of the provincial government for  repair of the roads.  But up to that time, he said ���   on   duty   at   Indian   Residential  LORD ALEXANDER, Governor General of Canada, and Lady that it had been "no dice" as far finished was  done for the  sum  school one day per week. a   Alexander, inspect Royal Seal of England on display in  as the government was concern-  of   $n5000,   Mr.   Gargrave   esti-  AUXILIARY REPORTS the booth of the United Emergency Fund for Britain at the  ed. He said he had "cajoled, beg-  mated   that   for   approximated^  Halfmoon Bay: quota of $400  Royal  Winter Fair,  Toronto.    Wax Seal   is  propped  against f*d' S?a.d?d and eJTr    w   ^ $100,000 the road could be fin-  coriipleted.        7 ~ carrier box containing solid silver matrix from which Royal Seal  r^Lnnh?-L ! pCSm ^-ed and put in very good con"  .Sechelt:     amalgamation^ with  is cast.   The exhibit was made possible through the courtesy     Now however   the  work  has      T10n' '.     . .'  Scam,  Park.  Quota of    $500.00  of His Majesty who permitted the  seals,  which  are heavily bee^tS^ If it TSStoS JZj^J^iJ^ *ZJ*���1  completed.  ^Gibsons:    amalgamation    with  C^fhthams and Hopkins. Raised  $1135.00,   complete;-.quota;    am-  ounted to $1500.00.  X W&sfc Sechelt:xquota\of $200.00  insured, out of Great Britain for the first time.  Democracy is Still  Best Bet for Canadians  _,  p, ,      ,     ., three miles of bridges which are  L �� PreSent ^fte' thG ?���gram rapidly  reaching  a  stage where  should cover quite a considerable they wil] need drastic irs in  amount of road between Wilson a ve      short while  Creek and Sechelt. ���., ��.nA  A,  ,,      ���., ...        ,, There  are  380   miles  of roads  At the Gibsons meeting, Mr. all in gvim condition, and today  Gargrave claimed thart Mr. Carson finds tlie area worst in its hist���  was   adamant   m  his   refusal  to  ory for road conditions.  By ARIES  come and look the situation over,  and told Mr.. Gargrave "veiry  emphatically" that there was no  Mr. Gargrave said that instead  of going forward we were going  down in at breakneck spee/d,  a^e plugged and water  ru.shes   everywhere.   Roads     are  XRbberfe7 Creek: find it tough  going, have raised $338.00, quota  was $550.00 but -are attempting  to reach $400.00 by the end of ���    .__��._  ^ ���w _.���w  December. 7 SECHELT���We were very fortu-  letters dealing with the proposed money in the treasury for  this -��?SL  Wilson Creek: quota of -$25000      nate in having Mrs. G. W. Kis- rural route on which there has pnmose. urccnes  raised, x  ':_,/��� x.'X     sick,  first vice^resident of the only been one bid and *also let-     With about four  months  still *.������  __. 0,       ,   -      ...    ���,_,_._  xMadeira   Park:   wasVnoti'r^- Coast   Capilano   Federal   execu-  ters from Mr. James Sinclair re left in the fiscal year, road work ��^f'-ISS^ .SiLI��� ~r^uZJ7  ^resented' buthaw ^realized ^heir tiye^as .speaker   at  the  regular the new wharf. A resolution was waS;down to a minimum, .work 5���   L�����i~��^        {^Oil^l^^  ^itiu&i^ss:-^  aiiiOKat^   to be turned in every Youngson called the--meeting to ity of changing the location of the Gargrave informed his listeners. S!L     y .  J^XtC^miJ-ed: on: Page 8) order and Secretary Kynoch read wharf so  that it may  be more appropriation GONE Mr    Gargrave   stated   that   he  sJ���}*erea. He gaid that $97000 had been feels he is at the end of his road?  Mrs. Kissock promised help on appropriated   for   roads   in   the and doesn't quite know what to  this latter as she is on the resolu- Mackenzie riding, and that was do next.  tion committee and is seeing Just about all spent. About Indignation meetings to be ad-  things firsthand on her visit and $30,000 had been expended on dressed by him will be held in  will know the situations as they *"e Plece ��f road between Gib- Gibsons, Roberts Creek and Se-  arise in this area. She spoke f>ns and Sechelt, and it was to chelt early in January when the  briefly on the hospital insurance hav^ *>een hard-surfaced when people of the districts will be  plan and as she said she was not preliminary work was finished able to vent their feelings an^  very well versed on this as she ,uTills hfs n<* b?en done a?d alj ?}ve ,hl���a mandate to take W  to&ffijs- r tiZeTZ wm i"A ���phshed ^ru^ature which opens m.  oji ^r^^unit^sJn .he^^ ,/bog *�� ^ *��* J^SSSfL Su^at'S^me  down to the Port Mellon road-  due  to  restrictions    and    what  y  ers Jtre Ghoosier ...  Plentiful, Prosperous Yule  Again Due for Peninsula  ���CHRISTMAS business volume in this district, in common with hurriedly arid had no chance to  many points  which were   made  clear and one point.which I would and onl    a similar distance  equipment  is  in  the districts is  have liked to^see stressed but had ne(��js to be done# outdated and hopeless,  no opportunity   So many people     The lagt surveys 0n this road      Mr.     Gargrave    promised    to  se^fJP look at this new scheme cost the government in the neigh- bring the matter to the Legisla-  with tlje idea    what does it do  borhood of $6,000 and the engin-  ture in no uncertain manner and  ^ -    .      _    M  fc,   .        .        . .,_.,..      _.      ., . for me   and that is not the spirit eers re^0rted that it would cost to do everything he can to bring  In the food line, prices  have marked, of selling "anything we  at all.   We are asked to pay $15  another   $279,000     to     complete about   another   appropriation   so  itoly.well become stabilized,  * could  get.". This year customers per year...Even if we do not bene-   this   road#   However,   since   the that the roads can be put in at  Peninsula merchant"reported, are scrutinizing value and turn- (Continued  on Page  2) three   and  half    miles    already  least a passable shape.  although  turkeys  are   going   to mg thumbs down on many im-;,-  jiew<*. highsf <>f 70  aricF ��� 80 y tents mediately   pOst-war   lines  ���another peak this year, slightly above last year's record  Local merchants feel that higher prices in most cases are  responsible for the increase in dollar volume, although many  stores have enjoyed a large increase, in business due to aggressive merchandising -policies.  PRICES  STABILIZED ���.   ... ���   .   .., ,., ��������� ~���  per<pound.  Fruits and vegetables are in  better supply, las$ year's sales  being down due to the U.S. import ban.  *** Dad may look forward to his  favorite brussels sprouts and  Cranberries to go with the traditional feast, while little brother  and sister can. expect a limited  (Continued on page 3)  "Great Man���Poox Politician"  ���-    ���    ��� ��� t "���'"'..,'      - _      Mrs. Ruth Foley "Mayhew: A Man of the People  Well Known Here,  Dies in Kimberley  "HE'S A GOOD statesman but a poor politician. . . . '  These words of Jimmy Sinclair's express more aptly than  all the flowery tribute could do, the stature of Robert Wellington  Mayhew of ViGtoria,  who visited   Powell   River   District  supply oi! sweet mandarin (Jap) ^g.   RUTH Foley   for    many  recently in his official  role  of Minister of  Fisheries in  the  oranges. Twp shipiyientsmve al- . years  a> residenty' of    Roberts Federal Cabinet.  J^m^^^i^-H^l^-01,6^ died   suddenly   of   heart tracks,"   but the  experiences   of ���   SL5L             exPected by loc^ failure   at   Kimberley,   on   Dec- his early life has helped to mold steps through life.  Si_w*__ ��t PM-rrrTtT                    . ember 11. and temper his character into a NO LABOR DISPUTES  SWEETS PLENTIFUL                        A loyal, enthusiastic member of deSire to serve to a degree which      And testimony to  that, is the  i.fr^^fu^i���^! :i�� "J��? ^e IJobel?s. Creek Players Club is  uncommonly rare among the fact  that  throughout   his   active  _��TtfVo ^L*��SS^^SinS   Sl.e Shar^^ ^ many well-known ranks Gf political figures, today.    periods as manager and director  �� ct^loL^f '.J^iSS^mS g1^, and WlU bt rem.embered His visit here was the first the of three large mInufacturing es-  t^^^i^^&r ^ by,all;who sawxh^r    m    such district has ever received from a tablishments, he has never had a  1^�� Z^^rZSf'2* pr?^a^'.aSoCU?  ir., Arms minister of the Crown, but ^r.  labor dispute in any of*his plants.  5?gJ.t0 ^Vr��Pea^  cowries  out- and the "White Phantom". Mayhew is different.                            ���T ^,\n *     _/ f -Q ��� .���- nrt  bidding North American  buyers      she is survived by a daughter, B���*      _ ���_ ^wvxxrxsmi?        n.u     ,     t0iSfe T,   S g T  !   ^  for the South American-supply-Marilyn,   a  s0n   Douglas   and   a SHOULD GO EVERYWHERE        There's  a  lot  of places   I  don't  of cocoa  beans.^   "They're" using grandson   Michael     at    Roberts "x   think   a   cabinet   minister know yet, but I want to visit them  i^mopey under the  Marshall Creek   her   parents,   two  sisters should      go      everywhere      he all in  the few  remaining  years  play to pay. more for tfce^ beans^ and a brother on Vancouver Is- can while he is in office," he says, left to me in office.  and^nearly all aregcdrig to Hoi- land; a sister at Oliver, B.C. and "I represent all of you around the      "I like all the people I work  liandi" one^riierdiant^aid; "Uri- a brother Gus Blomgren at Rob- cabinet  table  at  Ottawa  and   I with to come to know me through  ^ioulbteclly there will be a short- erts "Creek. consider it my business to know the people of British Columbia."  age of chocolate confections  in     Mr.   Barney Foley,  Doug  and the  problems of as many com-      Since his appointment as Min-  the^ew  year  if  the   condition-. Marilyn  and  Mrs.  Jack  Edlund munities as I am able.Your prob-   ister of Fisheries in June of this  continues."                            ���:'            flew to Klimberley for the ser- lems are also mine, and if there year, he has taken a leading but  All hierchants noted a continu- vices. is anything I can. do to be of serv-     For that's exactly what this 68-  arice of the trends among shop-                      - ��� ������- ic^,"-then that is all I desire."   ,   year-old, quiet-spokengman^&g  perstab                                                The main catch for/our Atlan- It   is  this  eagerness  to  know     His ardent zeal for life fefittw  ^their selections, ^to and three tic coast fishermen is ��od, and and understand those with whom man  and   his   understanding   of  -year_^a���� it was'a caise/ they re- on the Pacific coast it is salmon, he associates that has directed his         (Continued on Page 3)  R. W. MAYHEW  0 H  VIH010IA  AHVHan avio^iiAOHd f^oge Two  THE COAST NEWS, SECHELT, B.C.,  I  YOU'RE OUR HONORED  GUEST  When you dine at the Eng-  list Tea Rooms, your  slightest wish is our concern. The menu and the  service are planned to make  your meal an occasion to be  remembered with pleasure.  ENGLISH TEA ROOMS  :,��� Gibsons, B.C.  Seek Council Action  On Trucking Rates  GIBSONS���At the last council  meeting a delegation headed by  Mr. McNicol from the ratepayers,  requested somfc action from the  council on the matter of trucking  rates for the district.  The council promised after the  first of the year to go into this  matter.  Bill Skellet Sr., road commissioner, is still confined to hospital.    Several   matters   are   being  RELIABLE 24-  HOUR SERVICE  HALFMOON BAY, B.C.  .   Half-noon Boy  7-U (. ���.)  Bid Mervyn  GIBSONS ELECTRIC  //  1  "Authorized Genera! Electric Dealers  offers  Beautiful Gift Suggestions  LADIES' PURSES���Short handle  or shoulder length  in plastic or leather - _________ $4.95 to $5.95  CUPS AND SAUCERS from _    _. $1.00 to $3.75  ITALIAN MARBLE BOOKEND ________ $3.50  ITALIAN HAND PAINTED POTTERY ______   $4.95  Woodcraft Dept. Offers  TRAYS  from  _:._-_ ___ ���     $1.50  Cigarette Boxes���Nut Bowls���-Trays  BOWLS from ____ _________ $2.50  BEAUTIFUL PLAYING CARDS  Reasonably priced.   Designed by Congress.  Claridge and Vogue  Phone Gibsons 45 Gibsons, B. C.  i $-K-ft_ft_ft_K_ft_f��9i_^^  w  held up due to his absence.  Mrs.  E.  Nestman returned   as  water commissioner.  A delegation from the Board of  .Trade presented their brief regarding fixing up of the municipal grounds as a park and a beach  for the children. It is hoped that  it will be ready' for May 24.  The plan is to build a breakwater around the float to catch  sand and make a real. bathing  beach for  the  children.  A' walk down to the beach is  also planned. Besides this the  grounds themselves will be put  into shape, Ijgnches put down for .  adults to enjoy the beach, a new  float built and installed at the  end of the Municipal wharf.  MORE ABOUT  Democracy  -     (Continued from Page 1)  fit someone will.  It is very little  ���just over $1.00 per month.  There was one member very  hostile to think that we should be  asked for this and I could see he  was right along some lines. It  perhaps has been rather hurried  but if wre want hospitals we shall  have to. pay for them and be  grateful that we still have freedom of speech and the democratic  way of life. In speaking to Mrs.  Kissick after the meeting we  both agreed that the CCF. is.  really getting the young people  but that Canadians as a whole  will never willingly submit to  complete socialized economy and  that we must acquaint ourselves  with influences that threaten Canadians today and take up the  fight to the last man and woman  oh the side of democracy.  As Mrs. Kissick said "If I were  a citizen with a wealthy background or even present wealth I  could not speak so freely on these  matters but I have worked hard  all my liie ana 1 have not yet"  lost the capacity tb appreciate  the privilege of self endeavor and  satisfaction of a job well done on  my own initiative. This country  was not built by people who sat  around theorizing. It was built  by*people who were not afraid  of hard work and by people who  posses^d a great deal of self  respect."  j-irLiTAIN'S SOCIALIZATION  We went on to talk bf the socialization of Great Britain as I  was not in the least' surprised to  learn that the incidents happening there show how the dictatorship of the Socialist is increasing.  OUR SYSTEM BEST  In February last year the British prime minister revealed that  17 government ministries have  power to authorize inspections involving entry into private homes  and premises without a search  warrant and it was later admitted  that 10,916 government officials  were, authorized to carry out inspections without1 a search warrant.  NO LONGER HIS CASTLE?  Remember when the Englishman's home was his castle? And  so for me, although this system  has lots of faults people being  What they are, still it is the better  way. If I want to be a true socialist at heart and give all I have  to the poor, I can do so without  legislation.  Friday, Dec.  17,  1  Only the U.S. and the U.S.S.R.  have more miles of railway than  has Canada.  I  SECHELT  40-acre farm in Sechelt area, 5 acres cleared, building  with cement basement. Large barn, good stand of timber,  government rpad to property.   Low taxes. X.x'..x L  PRICE $1650.00  Call or Writef :/-^H ;���>'���'  CONSOLIDATED BROKERS        i;  C. John Coleridge, Manager       -  Gulf Coast Offices ��� Sechelt and Gibsons, B.C.  �� " ���-���-.-.-������..--���  Phone Sechelt 37 ��� Phone Gibsons 37  HEAD OFFICE  CONSOLIDATED BROKERS LTD.  942 W. Pender St., Vancouver, B.C.     ..  Marshall's Hardware  Gibsons  IDEAL GIFTS FOR CHRISTMA|l  GENERAL ELECTRIC IRON: Automdtic.I��_-^$ 12^95  MARCONI FEATH EltWEIGHT I RON: Stream! fried I  with  travelling  case   ������______-_������_���_%10^5  GENERAL ELECTRIC CHROMIUM TOASTERS:  Two models at ���____-____-__:___-_������__-���-��� $9.95  Just What She Wants  A STAINLESS STEEL TEAPOT  FORCAN HEATER: Heater and a fan. The heater  with a dual .personality. A fan for sumrner jarid a  heater for winter.   Ideal to warm a cold corner. $16^95  DE FOREST PERSONAL RADIO     _____        ��� $3^.50  BURPEE 7-QUART PRESSURE CTOKER: ^  canning _~ _____-_���-._���-������ ���__���-__x-X__4x-^--^ $?0  One Save-A-Day Washing Maclime  ��� Lovall Wringer ��  ��� Enamel Tub  ��� Quarter Horse Power Motor   x I  ��� Two-year guarantee  $144.50  BUY MOTHER A NEW RANGE FOR CHRISTMAS���  From  $88.75  SALES AND SERVICE  Fine Eating  for the  FESTIVE SEASON  Make  Sure  You  Get  It at  -Jervis Towing Co.  Your Local Complete Marine* Towing Service  LOG TOWING ��� YARDING  PILE DRIVING  SCOWS ��� DREDGING  SALVAGE  HOWE SOUND TRADING 00. LTD.  z B.C  Personalized,  Friendly Service"  Special Facilities for Quick-Movement of Cats, Logging Trucks and  General Camp Equipment 7  PHONE US COLLECT FOR IF^  SECHELT���Parr Pearson Age^  PENDER HARBOUR���Bill Donley, e/p Hassans Store? Tel. 6Kj x'  NANAIMO���The Nanaimo Towing 7C0.  Ltd.  Tel., Day 555; Night 1497 or 305 x  Area Agent���Mr. H. Spalding, Pender Harbour, Tel. 6 S 2  Hi  *'?  '-XXt  ��� ��� &fi  .. ���_. ���..������{4  If.  __&  li  ���vf  ><  .  ����..  BUS Tiday, Dec.  17,  1948  JTHE COAST NEWS. SECHELT, B.C.  Page Three  pORE ABOUT . . ,  MAYHEW  {Continued from Page 1)  heir problems left no doubt in  he minds of all who met him  land heard him speak during his  fvisit here that he was a man of  fthe people.  $  By his. own admission he was  7"boriir on the wrong siae of trie  Jquietly    determined   course    in  Iplanning and developing installation of harbors and fishing floats  >up  and  down  the   coast  where  :ishermen~ may find safe haven  p. time of storm and to further  he interests of British Columbia's  fishing  industry  which he  considers of prime importance to the  uture of the province.  , It is-with justifiable pride that  ie  points   out  the   development  program now under way which  :otals    216    projects    along   the  loast, and it is his hope that in  |he not too distant future when  j&he projects are completed that  there will be harbors.and,shelters  Wery 20 miles along the coast.  On the threshold of his three-  j^prj^years-and-ten, Mr. Mayhew  pleads ah active life.  I -Besides the onerous duties  of  Jhis office, he is manager of the  Hassan's  The Old Established ���-  General Store at  PENDER HARBOUR  (.���  .:  Supplying:   7  Families,  Fishermen  and Camps  Provisions, Textiles,  Novelties, Toys  Home Gas Station  Fish Buyers;  Refrigeration  QUALITY/SERVICE  ���frx'-VALur--''-;-  : ^^.-v^-^^^-^-  fi^BS^'s-' Landing  Midway South Shore  20,000 Hospital  Cards Sent Daily  THE B.C. HOSPITAL Insurance  Service is now "sending out  Hospital Insurance Cards at the  rate of 20,000 a day, Dr. J. M.  Hershey, Commissioner of the  Hospital Insurance Service, revealed. The first batch .of over  60,000 Cards has already left  "Victoria for distribution to those  living in Vancouver and New  Westminster areas.  Dr. Hershey stated that all  those who have paid six months'  or a year's premium will receive  their hospital insurance cards as  fast  as  they  can be  completed.  The head office* of the Hospital Insurance Service is working under pressure in order to.  send out the total of 450,000  Cards  by the  end  of the  year.  There may be. a short delay in  receiving cards where late payment is made, officials pointed  out, in'view of the extra heavy  load on. the Post Office Department at this time of the year.  Dr. Hershey advised everybody  to keep his original receipt, so  that those who do not receive a  card before January 1 will be  able to give proof of payment.  Sydney Roofing and Paper Company, director of the National  Paper Box Cdmpany and tlie  Fibre Rock Insulating Company,  he is a member of the Rotary  Club, Canadian Manufacturers'  Association and the Chamber of  Commerce.  But he still finds time to knock  off a little golf now and then at  the Victoria  and  Coldwool Golf  Club.  ADOPTED  PROVINCE  British Columbia is his adopted  province since he * was born on a  little farni at Cobden, about 60  miles from the august Parliament  Buildings in Ottawa where his  present office is.  He received his education at  the neighboring industrial town  of Renfrew and on February 26,  1908 took as his bride the former  , Grace G. Logan of Highgate, Ontario, who gave him three children, Robert Logan, Charles Alan  and Jean.  < F*rom 1933 to 1935 he served  as; re eve of Oak Bay municipality  and was elected to the House of  Commons at the November by-  election in 1937. Re-elected in  the general elections of 1940 and  1945, he served in that capacity  until his appointment to his present post.  He is most keenly interested in  the building of fishing floats to  "guarantee the safety of our men  who go down to the sea in  ships, for they are the life-line of  our province.  "It's a risky job they have and  they should be provided with as  much safe shelter as possible. It  is my policy to try to give the  most suitable sort of accommodation for them." -  His territory is a large one  covering 20,000 miles of coastline  where more than 800 fishing boats  regularly ply the waters.  Concerned with the great killing potentialities of the B. C.  fishing fleet, he is losing no time  in seeing that scientific experiments are being conducted to  study how to develop perpetual  sources to keep the fishermen's  nets full and to find new sources ;  of supply for the fishing industry. 7  MORE ABOUT  Yule Shopping  (Continued from Page 1)  were of inferior quality for the  price asked.  TOYS  FROM BRITAIN  Toy shelves are somewhat  limited, with a large number of  British toys being shown. American toys are absent, except  those carried over from last  year's stocks; a very . limited  number of U.S. electric trains  came into the province, and one  local dealer received only two  sets. p  Christmas tree lights are again  plentiful, although there are no  spare bulbs of the "outside"  type available. These, which  have been growing in outdoor  usage locally, are available only  in complete strings and people  whose present strings lack bulbs  must either buy a" full string or  do without.  Furnituli^e and furnishings,  lines have been fairly plentiful,  with prices showing a tendency  to level off at the year's peak.  Here again, except in the case  of major electrical appliances,  customers are choosy and refuse  to accept some larger items which  ask for a relatively high price.  While the volume of goods available in these-lines is .not as  great as a year ago, the quality  is definitely higher, one merchant  said.  Flowers are in short supply  and prices are up 50% over last  year. Large 'mums and other  fancy cut flowers are not available from the city, although local  dealers have themselves fairly  well protected by their regular  standing orders. Bad weather  ruined the B.C. crop of gardenias this year, and hone are being imported.   .  Drug lines, including toiletries,  perfumes and allie�� products, are  in good supply, with prices also  showing the general trend of  stabilizing.  Some merchants have, found  a slight easing-off locally in  Christmas and pre-Christmas  trade, which is attributed to the  dispersal of some 500 men on  construction crews during October., Relative volume would  have been the same or slightly  Records on Revue Mrs. A. Strang  Passes Sunday  SEVERAL years ago there was  an unknown band heard over  the air. This turned ouf to. be  Eddy Howard using "Careless" as  a theme song (by the way, he  composed this number).  Eddy has come a long way  since then and is now recording  on the "Mercury" label. He has  cut a few Christmas favorites, i.e.,  "Christmas Song" and "White  Christmas". "A Slow Boat to  China'' is up to his usual standard  and sounds similar to the "Rickety Rickshaw Man", but still excellent music.  Freddy Martin has given us another superb record, playing "It's  Whatcha Do With, Whatcha Got".  The Martin men do the vocalizing.**  Paula Watson has cut a distinctive novelty number called "A  Little Birdie Told Me So". A little  different from the usual run of  tunes, so take a listen.  Frankie Laine followers will  not want to miss his latest, by  name of "You're All I Want for  Christmas".  From the new Peggy Lee album, "Love Your Magic Spell Is  Everywhere" has Peggy singing  as beautiful as ever and Dave  Barbour supplying a lilting background with his 'guitar.  "Sincerely Yours" is a sentimental ballad and is capably done  by all who have recorded it.  If Dennis Day makes a cut of  "Bouquet of Roses" don't pass  this by.  Jack Smith and the Clarke sisters have done it again with  "Cuanto La Gusta". The Andrew  Sisters and Carmen Miranda do  this one also, backed by "The  Matador".  "All of Me" and the novelty  "The Three Bears" by Page Cav-  higher had not this change occurred, they said.  All in all, it looks as if Powell  River district will once again  enjoy its usual merry, plentiful  and  prosperous   Christmas.  Liquid goods have been in  very good supply and early;  shoppers at the government's  store are getting very wide selections of better brands.  GIBSONS  lost  one  of  its older  residents when Mrs. A. Strang^  of "Meninsprings" : passed away  Sunday.  She is survived by her husband  and one son, Kenneth, in Vancouver.  Cremation and interment will  be at the Forest Lawn Cemetery  in Vancouver.  No flowers by request. X  The motor-bus and trolley-bus  are replacing electric street cars  in Canada. In 1926 43 cities used  electric cars, in 1946 they were  in use in 22 cities.  anaugh  Trio  is worth an  extra  special spin.  If you are one of the Spike  Jones fans, be sure to get "All I  Want for Christmas Is My Two  Front Teeth". This is up to his  usual whacky style.  "Q_dat40,50,60r  ��� Man, You're Crazy  Forget your age, Thousands are peppy at 70. Try  "pepping up" with Ostrex. Contains tonic for weak,  rundown feeling doe solely to body's lack of Iron  which many men and women call "old." Try  Ostrex Tonic Tablets for pep. younger reeling, tlila  very day New "get acquainted" else only *0��.  For sale at all drug stores everywhere.  ST.  HILDA'S  iufl-can Church  Sechelt, B.C.  First,  Second,  Third  and Fifth Sundays  2:00 P.M.  Fourth  Sunday  Holy  Communion  11:30 a.m.  Sundoy School  12:45 p.m.  every Sun.  Ihis^ciyertisement is not published  or displayed by the Liquor Control  Board .'or by the Government or  :������ ���-   RriHck Columbia.  Canada's ational Gallery sends  art exhibits across the country  and lends material from its permanent collection to schools,  community centres and art galleries.  ����� ���  CREDIT UNIONS  t  Credit Unions cushion the shock of higher living costs through government supervised Credit Union saving and its contributory borrowing  convenience.  SAVINGS AND LOANS  In either case the  Mixed Lots  J   Flft and  HEMLOCK  1x3;and 1x4  25.00  xf^Eit'M.-',  iv* FIR  -*'������ "S. .'������*-  SECHELT. B.C.  -���:.;..  ���       ���  are both insured against death or total disability,  loan balance is forgiven and.the savings doubled.  189 Credit Unions in British Columbia  Over 34,000 Members  Over $6,000,000 in Assets  A growing confidence in credit unions .is indicated by the ten-year  development from a single group of seven unemployed British Columbia  citizens.  EACH CREDIT UNION AUTONOMOUS  Each member has one vote; no proxy voting; members elect their own  managing officers.  Those handling funds are bonded.  GOVERNMENT SUPERVISION  The Credit Union Act and Rules are the guide to the operation of  Credit Unions in the province. Accounts are examined regularly by  qualified Government Inspectors.  For further information about Credit Unions or about  forming one, contact Mr. T. A. Switzer, Inspector of  Credit Unions, Court House, Vancouver, B. C, or The  Credit Union League, 96 East Broadway, Vancouver,  B.C.  GOVERNMENT OF BRITISH COLUMBIA  ATTORNEY-GENERAL'S DEPARTMENT  The Hon. G. S. Wismer, K.C.,  Attorney-General.  148  BOB  ___I_-___M Page Four ,  THE COAST NEWS. SECHELT, B. C  Fridpy^Dec.-]7, .V948i  '%  By PE.ARL PUNNETT  MRS. JAMES Collins went to  Pemberton for a few days to  visit ner daughters, Mrs. Morgan  Millar and Mrs. Thord Fougberg  and their families.  It certainly looks like Xmas  around the store this year. Mr.  George Ward has decorated it,  and it looks so nice and bright.  Mr. and Mrs. Claud Pidgeon are  home again after being in Vancouver for the.past two months.  The Women's Auxiliary to the  Canadian Legion No. 150 are  holding their monthly <- meeting  at the home of Mrs. J. Fairgreaves  af Trout Lake Valley on Tuesday,  December 14.  Mr. and Mrs. Sam Jacobs have  taken a furnished house in Vancouver for the next two months.  We hope to see them back a��ain  early in the New Year.  Annual Event...  pamisfa Aslfe  nsons uree  usica  roves Great Success  Mrs. Peter Wood has as her The annual school concert is  guests her two grandchildren, being held in the school on Sat-  Fred Silvester and Doreen Ber- urday evening, December 18.  ry,  staying  here  last  week-end. Hope everyone turns up.  CTORY  Please Clip This Directory Out and Hang By Your Phone  For Reference  BAKERY  BETTY'S  BAKERY  Homemade  Pies,  Cakes,  Bread  Christmas  Cakes  and  Decorated  to  Order  .  Special Catering for  Your  New   Year's-Party!  . Porpoise  Bay  Rd.,  Sechelt  BEER BOTTLES  Will call and buy for cash,  beer bottles, scrap metal, etc.  Calls made at intervals from  Hopkins to  Irvines Landing.  R.  H.  STROSHEIN  Wilson   Creek  CLEANERS AND DYERS  "It Pays to Keep Clean"  LLOYD'S CLEANERS  GIBSONS,  B.C.  Agency at Bus Depot, Sechelt  DRESSMAKING  Specializing in Tailored Slack  Suits, Fine Lingerie,  Children's Clothes  MRS. M. D. STOREY  Roberts Creek  Phone  R.C.   24U2  GARBAGE DISPOSAL  Garbage Disposal Service  weekly or monthly  Sechelt, West Sechelt,  Selma Park only  For Information write or  'phone  Union  Steamship Co.  Phone Sechelt, 22  GENERAL HAULING  INSURANCE  Parr Pearson Agencies  General Insurance  Phone  Sechelt 37 ���Night Ring LSL  LUMBER AND FUEL  BURNS and JACKSON  SAWMILL  Producer  of Choice  Lumber  In All Species  Wood and Sawdust  Phone  Sechelt  15-M-2  PLUMBING-HARDWARE  Hardware, Plumbing Supplies  Heating Necessities  ^'Serving the Peninsula"  [Marshall's  Hardware  .      Phone  Gibson���33  Plumbing and Heating  j Installation ��� Repairs  A Specialty  ; by Registered Plumber  Ticknor's Plumbing  Porpoise Bay Road  Sechelt, B.C.  Perfume salesgirl to blonde:  "Just a word of advice. Dorl't  use Tthis stuff if you're only  bluffing."  RADIO SERVICE  Lowe's Radio Service  GIBSONS  You Bust 'Em���We Fix 'Em  Location:   Wool Shop  Bus Pickup and Delivery  Service  STEELE'S RADIO AND  ELECTRIC  Radio Sales and Service  Phone,  Sechelt 33  Send by Bus  REAL ESTATE  Specialist  in  Coast Property  Consolidated Brokers Ltd.  Gulf Coast Offices  Gibsons and Sechelt  Phone  37  For Prompt, Courteuos  Service, See  E. G.  HARRIS & Co.  Real Estate and Insurance  Village Centre, Sechelt  Sechelt, 48 or 39  j Gibsons^Real Estate Agency  Specialists in Coast Properties  from Gibsons to Pender Hbr.  Representatives of  H. A. Roberts Ltd.  Write- or  'Phone  Gibsons 41  or 59 for Listings.  G. H. Clay and A. C. Hill  Local Agents  ROOM AND BOARD  Comfortable Rooms and Good  Food  by Day, Week, Month  ROCKWOOD LODGE  is the place to go!  Phone.Sechelt 39  Sechelt's Most Modern Hotel  TAXI  PENINSULA CABS  24-Hour Service  2 Phones ��� 2 Cabs  WILSON CREEK and  SELMA PARK  Phone Sechelt 5C2 and 5U  TRANSFER-TRUCKERS  JACK'S TRANSFER,  Log Hauling Contractors  General Freight Hauling  Sand  and   Gravel  Phone Sechelt 5U  FRANK   YATES  Home Oil Agent for  Peninsula  Gravel and Freight Carrying  Service calls day or night���  Days, Wilson Creek���5S  Nights,  Roberts Creek���24L>  Upholstery and Slip Covers  Let Us Rebuild and  Upholster  Your  Favorite  Chair  Usher's Yard Goods  Shop  Gibsons,  B.C.  ON FRIDAY ^.of last week, a musical evening was held at the  home of Mrs. Reid of Wilson  Creek. This affair���was the second  of its kind held at the Reid home  and after the initial success,-the  committee decided to make an  annual event of it. Last week's  event proved beyond doubt that  the continued success of a|l future "musicals" will be assured.  There was a fine turnout of local  residents and many visitors were  welcomed from adjacent districts.  Among those noticed from Sechelt were Mr.  and Mrs.  W. A.  l^crrison, Mr. and Mrs. Parker,  Mr. and Mrs. Lang and from Selma were Mr. and Mrs. F. Willows,  Mr.  and  Mrs.  Burgess,  Mr.  and  | A-Tr~. Waddell, Mrs. Finlayson,  Dolly Jonas, Mrs. Coe, Geo. Kyn-  och, Mrs. Livesey, Mr. and Mrs.  Neit.  The first part of this very interesting program was .devoted  to the singing of carols, interspersed with secular solos by Mrs.  J. Baird who sang "Bless This  House" as a tribute to Mrs. Reid  lor her kindness in giving her  home for the" occasion, followed  by Mr. H. Roberts who sang "A  ROBERTS CREEK  By"CAROLA"  IN MEMORY of Ruth, I should  like to convey the following  message she sent me a year ago  in my bereavement ... hoping  it will bring in some y small  measure, a solace to her beloved  family and friends, in Campbell  River, Powell River, Oliver,  Seattle, Kimberley "and Sechelt  Peninsula.  The Rose Beyond  the Wall  Near  shady wall  a    rose    once ���,  grew.  Budded and blossomed in God's  ��� �����_ free light,- ..  Watered and fed by morning dew, ;  Shedding its sweetness day and  night.  As  it  grew  and blossomed  fair  and tall,  Slowly rising to loftier height.  It came to a crevice in the wall  Through - which   there , shone   a  beam of light.  Onward   it   crept    with    added  strength  With never .a thought of fear or  pride,  It followed the light through the  crevice's lenjgth.   ^  And unfolded itself on -the other  side. . x'  The light, the dew, the broadening view  Were found the same as they  were before.  And lost itself in beauties new,  Breathing its fragrance more  and more.  Dream of Paradise" and after  beveral carols were sung by the  .'gathering Mrs. J. E. Lee of Selma  Park, a popular favorite soprano,  gave a very beautiful rendition  of "The Gift".  The second part of the program  was of course a  little different.  The M..G. called upon the guests  (Continued  on  Page  6)  (  SQUAMISH ^ Road ! conditions  in this  area were condemned X  at   a  meeting  of the Squamish.  and Howe Sound District Bo^rd-  of Trade. *  "���'""��� '������"'.">  Meifcbers^ifelt<lithatx:the/?rb-Us 7  were badly  in need  of graivel- 7  ling.   ::���  Meeting was told that the B.C. x  Electric was looking forward .to  the opening of new industries.X  here when the company begins:.  supplying power to the . district*:;.  The PGE is supplying power, :at ;  present..;-., -.  Come out in time for the Christmas holidays this year. Call  an Associated Air Taxi Skycab (x) for an aircraft to pick  you up and set you down at your destination���on time  . , . your own time. Skycabs (x) land anywhere in British  Columbia���and Associated Air Taxi is on call 24 hours  of the day. f= -���.  Rates as low as 10 cents a passenger-mile, by the most  direct route. Six Skycabs (x) available at a moment's  notice���1 to 4 passengers, 250 to 800 lbs, of freight.  Cut your travel-time this easy, dependable, low-cost  way:   For Christmas  bookings, phone or write  x���Reg'd. name. .  "AdMkmxted Ate naM  LTD.  Personalised  Seaplane  Charter Service  Passenger Terminal' at the Seaplane Base  VANCOUVER   INTERNATIONAL   AIRPORT  . Phone: Richmond 1551���Day or Night  ssiFT_Br_nB  3 Lines (15 Words) for 35c 3 Insertion (same ��$) 60c  Extra words, above 15rword min., 2c each.  Cash with order.,  notices, Engagements, Marriages, Deaths, efc, 75c Insertion  LITTLE ADS ... BIG RESULTS  - Shall claim of death cause us to  grieve  And make our courage faint and  fall?  Nay! Let us faith and hope receive���  The rose still grows beyond the  wall, '-:y'\^yy:yy>/      x;:^'  Scattering   fragrance     far     and  wide  Just as it did in days of yore,  Just as it did on the other side,  Just as it will forevermore.  CHRISTMAS   carol singing  will  take place at Roberts Creek on  Wednesday, December 22.  .     The   singing   of the  delightful  Christmas   carols   will   again   be  enjoyed  by the music lovers of  Roberts   Creek,   at   the   Kewpie  Camp, at 8:30 p.m. Dec. 22.  The R.C. String Orchestra will,  accompany the carol singers and  Mrs. E. J..Shaw, soprano, and Dr.  Hugh Inglis, violinist, are guest  artists. The-silyer collection will  bring a little cheer to the old  pioneers of Roberts Creek. Because of the nature of the program and lack of space in the  hall, the audience will be limited  to adults and teen-agers only.  Canadian farms grow nough  wheat in a year to meet the normal bread requirements of  ninety-two  million people.  FOR SALE  SHIP BY Gul|X.ines Express to  or from Vancouver, Low rates.  Fast   service.   Careful   handling.  Specify Gulf Lines Express,    tf  1940   FEDERAL   truck   in   good  condition^ truck equipped with  2  yard  gravel box.  $1500  cash.  Apply J. Jonas, Selma Park, B.C.-  24  PERSONAL��� '���':'.      "  WILL  "SUE  Ella"    at    Pender  Harbour,   please,  contact   the  Coast   News   office   at   Sechelt;  Write or phone. M. A. tfn  FOR  SALE-^-  EXCELLENT sea boat troller; or  packer, 36 ft. by ft ft. 6 inch  beam and 5 ft. 9 inch draft. One  year old.. Usedior trolling pn^  West Coast. Vancouver'..; Island.  $5,500.00. Apply Jack Jamieson  Porpoise Bay Road, Sechelt B.C.  :���_���       -������   ������-.;������     ',  ;���;; .V.-..X   ;2j  FOR SALE��� V X  UNFINISHED 5 room house on  lot 62 x 122 at Sechelt, with  enough lumber to finish she*eting.  What offers? Apply Box A, c|o  P. R. News, Westview; B.C.  FOR SALE���'  SUCKLING  pigs   dressed.     Just  right   for- that     New     Year's  party.  Phone ^Sechelt "37. 23  FOR SALE��� ;  AS GOOD as new:  boy's 2-tone-  pl&id     lined    sweater.     $4.00.  Tweed  overcbat,  size   12;   mans'7  overcoat;   boy's   coat.   What   of-x  fers?   Lloyds   Gleaners,   Gibsons,  B.C.; 25  FOR SALE��� 7 x  LARGE kitchen range, good condition,* for coal or wood. Apply  Box 15, Coast News. 25  FOR SALE-  EXCELLENT sea boat troller or  packer, 36 ft. by 11 ft. 6 inch  beam and 5 ft. 9vinch draft. One  year old. Used for 7trollih^i pii  West Cbasit Vancouver Island.  $5,500.00. Apply Jack Morrison,  Porpoise Bay 'Road, SephelhxB.C.  X    ;. ' .   ;- X.yyy::X:XL':r-    x 24 _.  FOR SALE-  JIG  SAW  and  a  circular saw.  Apply Mrs. Findlaysori, Selma  ������Park. .X..\���..x. ���    ��� 23'  WANTED TO RENT���  WpANTED to rent a 2 or 3 roomed   cottage   partly    furnished,  anywhereXon   th^7 coast: *or ^ts* 7  lands. Apply Box Z^dastT eNws, >  Westview, B.C; 26  _  FOUND-  IN A PENINSULA Cab. Man's*  watch. Apply Coast News Office,  Sechelt, B.C. ���.���.���24.X  LEGAL NOTICES  " LAND ACT ~~  Notice of Intention!to apply to  purchase Land       v  IN LAND Recording District of  New  Westminster, aghd situate  at Nelson Island.  Take notice that L. H. Roberts  of Nelson Island, occupation retired intends to apply for .permission to purchase the. following   described  lands:. x x-  Commencing at a post planted  five  chains  south  of  the /.North  ,'.  East corner of L1025, Nelson 1st  land   thence   40   chains    South;  thence 10 chains East; thehc<?^40 ������  chains  North; thence  JO   chains V  West" and   containing  40   acres,  more or less. x.-_--- x -x  L. H- Roberta. ''McGoon Replies  Spi&ejMalone,  c/o Editor,^.Coast News:  Dear Spike:  I told you some time ago that .  I had retired. WeU I. find that in  order to remain so, I have to  work for myself 23% hours a day  which as you. see gives me very  litle time for seating and keeping  in touch with you. However, I  will.do my best.  As for the "grader the answer  is quite simple.   The poor operator is only adhering to the law ;  of self-preservation.  Aren't you aware of the fact  that there is a steel shortage. If  he puts the blade down he will  wear it out���no blade���no job-^-  no eat! .  Those  air  bumps  or   bubbles,  bothering the pilots are no doubt  those on the top,of beer glasses.   -  .As for the road, I wouldn't let  it worry me too much. If I were  frou. I would like to make a prophecy*. >;  I OldCf^Swami" McGoon will now  look into his crystal ball.  XFiirst I bop myself on the noggin with the hammer^���not the  Weather hammer but my anaesthetic hammer���the one I used  when I practiced medicine���a 10-  pound hammer with a rubber tip  (good for dental extractions).  J'then>..gp into ,a middle witn  my ectoplasm.. Quiet .now!  IJah���yes I see moving objects.  Look like sheep. No it.is human  beans (beg pardon���beings).      ;  They must be illiterate. Apparently can't write���just mark an  X on little pieces of paper and v  <put them in a little box.  Probably notes tto Santa Claus.  The picture fades^it is how the??  year 1950, lots of people -. are  working on the rqad.\ It is in first..  class shape. Everybody .can now;  drive 60 atid770 miles. an hour_  in their old 1928-29/jalopies-apd  the doctor and the barber are do-.;  ing a landroffice business patching up and _?having the wrecks.  Toodle pip-^for the nonce old  bean ��� must "close and get 40  winks.  *; JACK McGOON  StSIFt Ilosidi Hep��il*8   ..id welcome Christmas present  NEWS from Victoria that the Department of  Public Works is at long last starting repair  work on Peninsula roads, is about the 3*est��  Christmas present that could be asked for by  the residents of this area.  This work -which will be started at Wilson  .Creek _if  continued. will cover  quite, a  considerable amount of road between that point  and Sechelt.  Perhaps it is significant that the arrival of  five trucks which are now dumping!gravel on  the highway came after Herbert Gargrave,  M.L.A., gave residents a promise that he would  do. all he possibly could in getting thet government to act immediately to remedy the situation which was reaching an undesirable  climax:  Mr. Gargrave did not mince words regarding  the government's inaction regarding roadwork  in the district; He. said he had begged, cajoled,  pleaded and even threatened the Minister of  Public Works to- do something but up to the  time of his recent address to the people of  Gibsons, these pleadings bad been to no avail.  Whether or not Mr. Gargrave finally' spurred  the department into desperately needed action  or not we don't know, but* whatever the reason  the sight of trucks plying the roads with crews  to spread gravel is indeed a gladdening one to  everyone here who has watched with concern  the steady deterioration of the roadways.  It is hoped' that now a start has been made  that the work will continue and that ultimately  the roads will be back in shape.  Refresher Driving Tests ... will fill dire traff ic need  A . RECENT announcement * that "refresher"  driving tests will be instituted for motorists  is one that should interest.every driver and  every passenger in any vehicle, licensed or  otherwise.  There are many drivers who are in just as  fit condition today as they *were when they  first obtained a license. But, and this is a very  large but, .there are just as many, who are  driving and are not fit to do so.   .  Commercial  operators > especially should . be  ���required, to have refresher driving tests and  '���[   -ANGLICAN SERVICES'-  Dec. 19, 1948 ��� 4th Sunday in  . Advent*..  ; St. Barthoiomew'&i��hurch - x  Gibsons   "*  11   a.m.���Morning   Prayer.  St.  HUdtfs��r&huttfc--Sechelt  2:00 p.m-tCarol^Service.  St. Aidan^L^Hurchr^Roherts  ' Creek*  j;3p  p.m.-^Evenspng.  AT-THIS time of year when municipal elections are held throughout the prpvince, it  isv time-to remember the service the people get  tliroughr' their elected representatives on village, boards in this, district;.  The men who are charged.-with, conducting the business of theit-respectiyei districts  give all or most of their spare time-to the task  with regular ���weekly or .monthly meetings,  committee;xmeetings, and-out of town trips.  J\1 ��� Then.there 4s.the.school board and each  \\member/thereon-is. charged swith a grave responsibility: that" of seeing that adequate educational facilities are provided for the children of the community: that the best possible  is obtained in teaching staffs, transportation,  and class room facilities,   v  medicals, since they. are not only responsible  for themselves but for the passengers carried.  The elimination of drivers unfit for this type  of work would leave: further business oppor^-  tunities open for others and would provide a  greater margin of safety for all concerned.  While this at first glance, may seem to be a  hardship to the drivers to be eliminated, it  should not be so. By the time a man arrives  at the stage where he cannot pass a physical  test and is given a limited license he will have  also arrived at the stage where it would be.a  relief to be off the roads.  Best ��� ��� ��� in smaller towns  People who serve the public don't get much  thanks for the public is a very exacting master  and anyone who serves it must be content to  have as a reward of work well done, a clear  conscience for he will get little else.  Now as the year nears its close, members  of these boards, may, as they sit back td review the general trend of achievement, feel  perhaps that much of their effort has flowed  under the bridge of oblivion through lack of  public interest.  But at this time be it well remembered  that democracy was born, in a small town hall  in ancient Athens and that it still flourishes  best in the board rooms of small villages such  as ours..  SECHELT  By "ARIES"  Numbers Only ;.oiru   ��*fcSg. t?�� co���pJica1*d���   "  _ n. ���    ��� * The 1949 plates, which will be  AutO Plates black on a yellow - background,  BRITISH  Columbia    automobile  JflJ  stm   ca/1?  letters   for  ve-    <   licence: plates, in 1949 wilL.uSev^e8^--owned by the ^Provincial ������������������-����������.  numerals only. * Government   the Department of SOUND of the    children's  Th** nlanc-nf combining. mi m- .National. Defence  and.commer-  x     . �����vvr*xj oi ine    cnuarens  erSs andtetteronSSS ^fSr cial vehicles; ���lct* smgmg carols is a+very  erais ana letters on plates atter .hlof.k. 0f Vancouver nas- Peasant  thing to hear m these  the  first. 99j9��9^has';been-aban- -   Ane o_iock,aQI .Vancouver pas- ti f unbeifc.f ������ and qfn��3<i anH  doned motor vehicle branch, of- senger hcences will start at rr?e\r. vnoenet and stress and  2��?^-^?��?* 7^ ?S Drar;ca OI qft7a6 awhile New Westminster the Vlcar m addressing the  ficials- disclosed-today;.;- 98 726 ^}le,^t ^^mster children is what we have want-  The   letter-numeral   combina- P^es will start at 74,000. ed here fQr & very long   ^^  "y St.   HUdtfsriGhurtfv*-&echelf     tion  was   adopted   to  limits, the Someone interested in the little  SSMurda^DecX^5, 10:00  a.m. maximum number of ciphgs on     In therproductioni of newsprint, folk and th      will soon learn to  Ch*istm^bay Service & ** ��*** ���** **�� ^ut W*�� th�� ^clpl^r^ium, platinum and as- look to ��im  and  love hi  ��� StXJkda^^ChvrOh ferea|iyrr.mcreasedx ^rmmberi   of bes^sj. Canada is   first   in   the such a kindly man>    The   Lone  RoimfcxCreeky plates now required, the system world.  Scout John    Clayton    led    the  parade   with   the  CHRISTMAS ^SERVICES  -i, St. BarfaoioMew's Churvh  Gibsons-���>'?.. .. . .,    ,.   .    ,, .   ,  Friday.^��ecix24,7^1:30  p.m.- ficials-disclosed-today;  Seryiceik  X Saturday,^Dec7^25, 11:00 a.m.���  Chr istn^. JC)ay :,Serviee.7  X Dec. .^6-^lst7;iSunday. after  >''Cair4siTOas  St. Bartholomew!$ Church  Gibsons  'i 7i30X��,mftrrrCarol, Service.  y��t..y Htidcts: Church-4Sechelt  f3w30 p-m.-~-Carol Service.  StyXAidm^s v0/iigfh  .. XX:V    .:. Roberts^Creekr ,-  ^3:30 p.m;���Carol-Service.   -  There will be no church service X or Sunday: School at St.  Hilda's Church, Sechelt, on December .26.  CATHOLIC CHURCHar  SERVICESl77  "���'.������af->s/'---  The Indian.yChurchf~Sechelt:,  Midnight /Mass~rl2   p.m. -Friday, December.24th. ?;  1 There will^be 7n��   Christmas  Services  at the 7Ghurch, of the  Holy * Faniily,xSecl_elt;  Sunday, December 26���Usual  Sunday SeryJices.;   x  A special xChristmasi service  will beheld in the United Church,  Gibsons, on Sunday, December.  19, at 11 a.m. There .will bespec?  ial;Christmas music, .,by local  talent,wthe address by the minis-*-  ter^Elev. Thomas Moore, .. the  theme*."God's Unspeakable Gift  to Men". If Christ had not come;  lifeXKpuld not have fulfilled it's  ultimate purposex-on ;earthr-���  "Peafce on earth and good will  in ;i__��_tf?_pV. ��� .:.'���  Union Jack  flanked by a Guide and a Brownie. There was a wonderful attendance, the Guides headed by  Guide Leader Miss Melvin- and  Brownies. by Brown Owl Miss  Elsie ���, Turner and Cubs led by  Cubmaster Mr. Morrison.  We also, called.on Mrs. Nick-  s6n and glad to find her very  bright and taking her usual interest in the doings of Sechelt.  When one realizes, that the  Nickson family have been here  over 40 years they must have  seen some changes.  She was very glad to see us  and really.���she is a very remarkable person. "VyTell- over the three  score years but still attractive  and kindly. We had.tea and Mrs.  Deane. and Miss! Melvin enjoyed  meeting Mrs.i, Nickson for the  first ?time.   ;  Have received a letter from  Mrs. Anne Shaw who arrived in  England with * Maj or ; Shaw . and  David-via New York where they  called on friends of the William  Morrison's. They had ..a very  wonderful time with these people., Maj or Alan Shaw has left  England-for Malaya where Mrs.  Shaw hopes to join him soon.  They send Christmas greetings  ���to   all   friends   here,   especially  ___--. ....... .        . .     i-    j   l       r. ���_.  ���     Mrs-   Borradaile.  Of  course   she  Don t you think Herbie carries this  Food  for  Britain does  not  know  that  the latter  collection too far !" has left Sechelt for Egmont. But  Gulf Patient  To Hospiia  TRANSFER of a seriously ill patient from Lady Minto Hospital,  Saltspring Island, to Vancouver  General Hospital was made in  little more than an hour Monday |  Mrs. Lucille Evenoff, Ganges  Harbor, was accidentally shot by  her 14-year-old son on Sunday  night.  Surgeon at Lady Minto Hospital decided to send the woman  to Vancouver for removal of the  bullet.  Pilot Doug "Hannay, Associated  Air Taxi, and an Exclusive Ambulance crew effected the transfer.  Doug and his plane are a familiar sight along^ the Peninsula,  especially in Porpoise Bay where  it is planned the Associated will  establish a permanent base.  Her post-operative condition is  ���"fair".  Farmers' Institute  Ladies' Auxiliary  Stages Bazaar  GIBSONS���A very successful bazaar was held in the Community Hall Saturday. The newly organized branch of the institute  featuring the womens section under the convenorship of Mrs. J.  Wingaert, is to be congratulated  on their fine display of work.  Some very original ideas were  noticed. The iced three-tier  Christmas cake, made by the ladies, was raffled and won by Mrs.  Ergens.  Ed Smith, hard working chair-  iinan, auctioned off the boxes at  ��he social held in the evening in  conjunction with a dance to wind  up the day.  This is only the beginning for  . the women, and with the group  already now working, it promises  tto be quite a factor in the success  fcf -the Farmers' Institute here in  ilhe coming days.  New Recruits  For Sechelt Cubs  SECHELT���The Wolf Cub Pack  met for the last time this season on Dec. 9 in the Legion  Hall.  We had a good attendance- of  21 Cubs.  Five recruits: Norman Wintz,  Bobby Gilbertson, Rennie Lumsden, David Parish and Benny  Newcombe, were sworn in as  Wolf Cubs, and now are entitled  to wear the Cub uniform.  Now that David Parish has  been sworn in as a Wolf Cub, he  has the position of Seconder of  the Red Wolves.  This being the last meeting  until January, we ended with a  sing-song, the grand howl and  finally Taps.  The Cubs were very pleased at  being able to attend the church  service, on Sunday, Dec. 12. We  tnank the minister,- Mr. Oswald  for a lovely service.  We don't want the Cubs getting 'behind in their work because of the holidays, so I am  asking the parents to help them  to get ahead in their work. If  the Cubs do not have hand books,  send them to me, John Clayton,  and I will fix them up. The  hand books only cost 15c.  Mount Robson in B.C. is more  than two miles high, but Mount  Logan in the Yukon is almost  four miles high.  Canada lies in the path of the  shortest air routes linking five  continents.  here are the wishes.  ON  SICK LIST  Sorry that two of our little  girls are oh the sick list, Joanne  Mottishaw.and Dianne Pearson.  Too bad just when Santa Claus  was getting ready to call. Perhaps they will be feeling all  better by then although we understand that Dianne will be in  bed for some time.  Also Graham Collison our loe-,;  al barber ..is in. hospital, hope it  won't be long before^ he recovers and is back with us. In the  meantime Mr. Mottishaw will  keep the shop open evenings���  you can still get that -trim  you can still get that "trim cut"  for the holidays U ., Page Six  THE COAST NEWS, SECHELT, B. C.  Friday/ Dec. '.17, T94f  MORE ABOUT  Wilson Musicale  (Continued From Page 8)  to   get  right ��� into  the  swing. of   m  things   and  this   they   did   with - f��  much gusto.   Songs old and new  were tried out with equal success.  Old   soldier   songs,   love   songs,  tongue twisters, et al.  These also  were  halted  in  order  to  add  a  little   color   by   introducing   the  following soloists, Mrs. J. Baird, yqq SOCIAL  Mrs.   Lee,  Mr.  Yewdall,   Mr.  Al  CONFIDENTIALLY, I think, you  Jackson,   also   two   elocutionists, t more th?in your    money's  Mr.   C.   Brookman   and   Mr.   C. worth when you buy    a    daily  *y^2? ., ���   ���   .. _, t. paper. A lot of thought and work  A ^tle comedy was injected by and- even a squirt of inspiration  the M.C. who sang a ?arody ��n goes into them. You   may    not  *'Smg Me to Sleep" followed by agree with the editorials some-  "Ca-bages ��� Ca-beans and Car- times? but there's usually some*  roH"*  ���   . ,_.    X       ,       ,. _.     .. body  around  writing  the  exact  Mrs. Ted Norburn (our little old opposite view "  lady) gave quite a pleasant sur- There j   how          one depart_  prise to many of her neighbors t in which ^ daily ��peYS  and friends and was very warm- {aU down   T refer to tge social  ]y. applauded when she   m most There are no poor people  brilliant and effective style play- ^ the social         ,  ed   with   equal   grace   and   ease ,-,      , ,      T   ,    ,,    ,                ,  "Rhapsody No. 2" by Liszt. .J���!^U I d^*    kT?   u*i  The drawing took place for a thls s^u}d be; Po��r *>e0Ple have  beautiful cosmetic gift box, pre- a focial ��te, too. .  sented by Jack Macfeod, the Wat-  .������ ^t-Sbly^yT-cia"  ���� bS ^tw0afs 3&JK _?_____??___& __z��  Creek.   The draw for two Xmas   ^T^^T ���aL"S,1w  . v    A** __    ___   ���- ~_a   two times  a week,  occasionally  cakes, very beautifully designed, lendi      our    atron^ge to the su-  and  made by Mrs. Mutter   was burba*   the��Tef     especially     if  W��f tY H?b ^^ave, M.L.A    some  stra     change    ^    located  and  Mrs.   Buckley,   daughter  of under the  chesterfield  cushions,  the hostess. and sometimes we even go into  I think at this time, I should town t0 dance.   (Usually on the  especially mention the fine work first or fifteenth of the month.  of the pianists for the  evening, This is the fashionable thing in  whose work was equally divided,  0ur little set.)  Mrs.   Bourne   of   Wilsons   Creek      Yet you never see the names of  who played so well for the ear- people like us in the social page.  ols and soloists, while Mr. Cook t know this for a fact" because  of   Sechelt   contributed   to   the i often  look over the pages to  community   singing   accompani-   See how the social gang is doing.  ments.   Mrs.  Al Jackson played      There  are  a couple  of dozen  Ibr Mr. Jackson. people  in  every town who  ob-  Final check up revealed that 94 viously have something on   the  people were present and contri-  social editor.    They    get    some  buted approximately $65 to "this mention at least once a day and  very   worthy   cause   and   those sometimes more.    You    wonder  who worked for this very pleas- when they ever find the time to  ant evening will feel repaid for get home and build up the fur-  their efforts on such a remark- nace  or  wash  the  dog.  ���p. Suppose, for example, we consider an actual social event at  the home bf our neighbor, Mrs.  Petrie, whose husband, Bob,  is in the fish meal.-_ business.  Written in the Valentine card  prose of the social page this item  would go as follows:  '"Mrs. Robert Petrie was an  informal tea hostess in her kitchen yesterday afternoon in.  honor of Mrs. Mike McCIusky,  who has recently returned from  a short visit. The hostess was  becomingly attired in an apron,  wearing a smart red and white  dish towel in an attractive turban effect. A surprise guest was  Mr. Oscar Rumble, the post-man  wearing a post-man's uniform."  Now, while the names and  places in this story are fictitious,  they do resemble real, living  persons in our block whose  social life reaches its zenith at  just  such  gatherings.  These people probably would  like to see their names in the  paper just as much as "the 400"  whose activities are described to  us in detail each day. I very  much fear that they never will.  I suppose a poor man's society  page would be as class conscious  as any other kind and, space  limitations being what they are,  the newspapers would be accused  of discrimination in any event.  Still, if it's news that one  woman has had a tea party I  want to think it's just as much  news when my wife has one or  when Bob Patrick's ^wife is entertaining   and   certainly    when  the four of us go dancing that is  mighty big news around our  part of the country.  SILLY WILLIE!  Have you heard of the worker  named Willie,  Who   flew' through    the    plant  willy-nilly?  "���-" ~"~"  Till   "just  one of those things"  by Jock Scott Clipped our wild Willie's wings.  We'll  keep  working,  but Willie  won't, will 'e?  ably successful evening.  Wm. McFadden  Optometrist  GIBSONS  Office Hours:  9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.  Evenings  by  Appointment  Every  day except Thursday  For  the  Holiday  Season  GET  A     V__  TRIM     .iM-  cut     YMT  I                      v Vi_V^W��a_F___r  nI  '   %isa(��_B__l^y  ________Rr JB_B_c___5S��;;>__#'  AT  COLLISON'S  BARBER  SHOP  Sechell<  B.C.  CKWX QUIZ HOST  Hairdressing Shop  *  A Complete  Hairdressing  Service  0 &  S-rxX  DOLLY  JONAS  Phone for Appointments  .WW*****"*  .^ttf*"**"*"*  ���rt��f+l*t*~*'.  . You'll get more out of life  tomorrow by putting more into your  B of M savings account today.  Bank, of Montreal  Canada's First Bank  wefti  TOi MIlllOH CAMADim  B��m  WORKING  WITH CANADIANS IN EVERY WALK OF LIFE SINCE 181?:  ��� ��� ' ������"���������'. ': ���    ADS*.  , r^-v>_t  Try Captain Morgan's recipe for bringing Old Fashioneds  up to date;;. Add 1 dash of bitters to 1 lump of sugar.  Then add 1 or 2 cube's of ice, a slice of lemon, 2 ounces  of Captain Morgan Gold Label Rum and a splash of soda.  GOLD LABEL  The rich flavour and full body of Captain Morgan Gold Label Rum  result from master blending of carefully selected rare old rums.  THIS ADVERTISEMENT IS NOT PUBLISHED OR DISPLAYED BY THE LIQUOR CONTROL BOARD OR BY THE GOVERNMENT OF BRITISH COLUMBIA.  ^.Ki��i$ 4$ 40 i^ i^ ij^ lOi^l^ i�� 101010 i $i011& i��t i-��i^ i ^1^101^ 10 i^Qt i$ i0r I0^Li^l^i^> AI��10 i J��14ft i^i^ i^iiTIO t$ |^ i^I^i^i^  Bill  Slater,   one  of  radib'_r best   2&  known   announcers   and   a   sports xjg*  authority of note, is master of cere- LZZm  monies  on  Mutual's   "Twenty ^  Questions," heard over CKWX each -gj  Monday at 9:30 p.m. Sponsored by S  Rbnson,   "Twenty   Questions"   has o  become one of the most popular quia ^  shows heard in this area.  Sechelt  Stores���  ��������>..  ...09  ��� ��-�� Friday, Dec.  17,  1948  THE COAST NEWS, SECHELT, B.C.  Page Seven  By F.D.  THE Christmas season is now  _ drawing near and I shoulcf like  as president of the Army, Navy  and Air Force Veterans in Can^  ada Unit No: 276 to ask the Coast  News to publish in my column a  few words of greeting to the  people of the West Howe Sound  area from our veterans' organization.  To the people of the West  Howe Sound area, to our members and friends we should like  to send a simple Christmas greeting and to thank you for the help  and encouragement you have  given us: ������     .  You are pur valued friends and  in whatever way we can be of  assistance to *you in the coming  Every Meal A  7        Party!  when you  serve  our  Bread, Pies, Cakes or  Cookies  Our Years' of Service Is  Our Guarantee  ELPHINSTONE  BiVKERY  Gibsons, B.C.  ..������������#..���  MURDOCH'S  MARINE SUPPLY  Compare Our Prices!  Del nor Frozen Foods  Ice Cream  Groceries    .  :    Fresh Meats and  7  Vegetables  7 ;'V   Hardware  Drygoods  .4 _       Shell Oil  Fish Camp  We now have increased  refrigeration for handling  of perishables.  Pender Harbour, * C.  '   -3. ���..  year do not hesitate to ask. This  is the oldest veterans* organization in the world being established by Royal Charter in 1840 and  thus having an unbroken record  of 108 years of service. I want to  particularly wish the people of  Gibsons well and to thank them  .for their help and encouragement  and I also want to assure them  .that we in turn value their  friendship and practically all of  ~;our not inconsiderable' purchases  are made in their village. To our  sister organization the varied Canadian Legion branches in the  area I send our greetings; also to  the Gibsons Board of Trade, the  merchants   of   Gibsons   and   the  ��� Gibsons Farmers Institute. Now  ih closing may I say to you all  and especially to the veterans,  the old and the young, may God  guard and keep you and give to  you everything that is good now  and in the years to come. A very  very happy Christmas.  Sincerely,  FRANCIS DRAGE, J.P.,  President  Unit 276, the Army, Navy and  Air Force Veterans.  The Veterans' Memorial Hall,  Gambier Harbour, B. C.  Now to just a little news of  Gambier. Last Saturday it was  considered necessary to postpone  our new ferry service, or rather  to postpone its first sailing for-  one week. We trust no further  delay will be necessary. Watch  for sailing announcements at the  Sunset Hardware or in our excellent press medium, the Coast  News. By the way sailing time  is 8:15 p.m. Get your tickets at  Sunset Hardware.  Since last Sunday, nearly five  days we have been without telephone communication with the  outside world. Storms have raged and through them this excellent service has been denied us.  Tonight the . bell rang and we  again heard the voices of Harry  and Mrs. Wynn. What a relief.  When you live on a small island  that thin strand of wire is a great  comfort. We know that at the  end of that wire is help and comfort if needed. YoU know, sometimes if we all realize what we  owe to the unselfish service of  Harry and Mrs. Wynn. Possibly  you who have had telephones for  so long have forgotten what it is  to be without it. On Gambier we  remember. So thanks and a very  happy Christmas to you both,  Harry.  Thousands Out  In Shutdown  Oi B. C. Camps  THOUSANDS of British Columbia's breadwinners face protracted unemployment in what  may be the longest winter  shut-down of logging camps in  recent history.  Informed sources in the industry blame the situation on "unfavorable weather, surplus logs  and a declining lumber market."  They say there won't be much  general activity on the Lower  Mainland and Vancouver Island  "until next April." Usual shutdowns recently have been only a  few weeks over the Christmas  season.  Reported closed on Vancouver  Island are the following camps:  Summit Lumber, Copper Canyon, Widow Creek, Meade Creek,  all at Cowichan Lake; Western  Forest Products, at Honeymoon  Bay; International Lumber at  Hamfrey Creek; B. C. Pulp at  Gilford Island, and O. S. Lane  at Phillips Arm. These, spokesmen say are "only a few" of the  camps now closed.  Buy Meat With Confidence  TL KENNETT  BUTCHER  Gibsons, B.C.  Wanted To Buy Livestock and Live Poultry  GIVE YOUR CAR A  REAL CHRISTMAS  PRESENT . . .  ir Save fuel  -jlr Get a smoother ride  if Eliminate starting trouble  A NEW  BATTERY!  Wilson Creek Garage  Your General Motors Dealer  WILSON CREEK, B.C.  PHONE SECHELT 5S  ^mmmiimmmmv f i0  ������������  .....  .....  .....  .....  -��������&���  .....  .....  *&  .....  ���������������  ��������������.  ���������������  43>  .....  4��  ���������������  ..��������  .....  45*  .....  43*  .....  ...  &  .....  43*  ���������������  43*  .....  43*  ���������������  48*  43*  45*  .....  45*  .....  43*  .....  45*  .....  45*  .....  .....  45*  .....  43*  .....  .....  45*  .....  45*  .....  45*  .....  45*  45*  .....  EATON'S  OF    CANADA  I 9 4 8  45*  ���.....  45*  .....  45*  .....  8*  ��������  3*  43*  45*  .....  .....  45*  .....  45*  .....  .....  45*  .....  45*  45*  U>iJ):0:<JHHrt:OHhlhrt;Jf::#  GULF LINES LTD.  -   ��� .^mmtW..��� ,   -./.:.- . ���    ' ���__���-_���  ____________________________________ ���������  avaip-������_-_���_-_---���_���_---��� __________________________��____________�� ��______���_________________>  ' i": X .   - ���     i' ���  SfxeouUGUsUAXtmaAr and Aleut If eon. SailUnfl  FRIDAY, DECEMBER 24th  ������������  43*  ���������������  45*  .....  48*  .....  ....  ...  ���������  ��� ��.  M.V. Gulf Wing  GULF WING' leaves International Timber  Co. so as to:  Lv. Blubber Bay     9:00 *a.m.  Lv. Vananda  - -^7 9:30 a.m.  Lv. Westview   . ____' 10:00 a.m.  Lv. Pender Harbour   12:00 noon  Lv. Halfmoon Bay  .    1:00 p.m.  Lv. Sechelt    .    2:15 p.m.  Lv. Wilson Creek '...   2:30 p.m.  Ar. Vancouver      4:30 p.m.  M.V. Gulf Mariner  Lv. Vancouver  . 11:30  Ar. Westview  __ ____    4:30  Lv. Westview  . 1    5:00  Lv. Vananda     5:30  Lv. Sechelt       8:10  Ar. Vancouver    10:30  ���������  mm.  ���������  /___**  ...  a.m.  ���������  43!  p.m.  ���������  p.m.  ���������  -k__l  p.m.  48!  ���������  p.m.  p.m.  45:  ���������  45!  ���  ������������  48!  ������������  <___-*  'mm  ������������  ������  ���������������  .....  SUNDAY, DECEMBER 26th  M.V. Gulf Mariner  (Northbound)  Lv. Vancouver __ ...   7:00 p.m.  Ar. Sechelt    '.    9:15 p.m.  Ar. Westview  _____ 12:30 a.m. (Monday)  Ar.,Vananda .    1:15 a.m. (Monday)  Ar. Blubber Bay __���   2:00 a.m, (Monday)  No Southbound  MONDAY, DECEMBER 27th (BOXING DAY)  M.V. Gulf Mariner  Southbound  Northbound  Lv. Blubber Bay _���  Lv. Vananda ���.���  Lv. Westview   _  Ly. Halfmoon Bay  Lv. Sechelt   Ar. Vancouver  ���_  10:00 a.m.  10:30 a.m_  11:30 a.m,  2:00 p.m.  3:00 p.m.  5:15 p.m.  Lv. Vancouver _~  Ar. Sechelt      Ar. Westview      Lv. Westview      Lv. Vananda     Ar. Vancouver   _.      6:30 p.m.       8:45 p.m.    12:00 Midnight    12:30 a.m. Tuesday    1:00 a.m. Tuesday    7:00 a.m. Tuesday  REGULAR TUESDAY SCHEDULE  SATURDAY, JANUARY 1st (NEW YEARS DAY)  48*  .....  43*  43*  .....  48*  .....  48*  .....  48*  48*  .....  43  ���������  48  ���������  43  ������������  48S  ������������  43  ���������  43  ���������  43  ���������  43  43*  48*  48*  .....  4&  .....  4&  .....  MV. Gulf Mariner  Lv. Varicbuyer. X-X_.-X-X_--^_____  Ar. Wilson Ci'eek 1_.___ _._  Ar. Sechelt  ���.���:. ..-. ^._���^.��� .  Ar. Halfmoon Bay^  Ar. Pender Harbour  Ar. Westview ; ���  Ar. Vananda  Air. Blubber Bay  1:00  3:15  3:30  4:30  5:30  7:30  8:00  8:30  p.m.  p.m.  p.m;  p.m.  p.m.  p.m.  p.m.  p.m.  GULF LINES LTD  .....  4S*  4fr  4fr  .....  4&  .....  43^  .....  .....  4&  ���������������  43  ���������  43  4&  4&  .....  43  ���������  43  ���������  .....  .....  mwmmmmmmm.mmmwmmmmm.m.mmmm^ Page Eight  THE COAST NEWS, SECHELT, B. C._  Friday; Dec.v 17, 1948;  PE  By SARAH  By H. I. L.  MORE ABOUT  NT. Progress  Continued from Page 1  effort to obtain bigger grant The XDominican  from Provincial Government makes up' two-thirds of the is*  succeeds, quotas will be lowered, land of; Santa Domingo. Columf:  ed. W$t bus named the island Hispanlola  Annual meeting to be held 2nd when he discovered it inrl492L  Tuesday in March at Sechelt Inn.*  raised cause of wide-spread appreciation 1,850#Q��K telephones. Jfuniber o%  there,   Shakespeare's   "spiritual" c-dls per telephone was estimated'  at 1/736.  See Our Fine Display of  er; Mrs. Morris Spurril, picture  (shell) cup and saucer; D,on  Routh.  Draw for  Cake Mrs. R.  Mac-  TO THE citizens of Pender Har-  MRS. H. TEMPLE has returned q ��5^.'    ������^rw   o.w=r���^   ���__              ~ --     ���  bor:   Thank  you!     from    the      home   after   spending   a   few be c^ll^for ?94? nfvhfff of  ~  -    In 1945 therex��rere^,m tele*|  P.T.A.   for   your   most  generous  weeks   in   Vancouver   with   her $10q qq   qT~' ^to\L    !.LJ     A Russian poet claims that be-, phonesystems   in   Canada   and^  support of our Fail Bazaar. * daughter and grandson.   Also in J^in n vLr hpn^  It was the most successful to the city for a few days were Mr. Xtmrrpq ^psmt  date,   but  with  118   children  to  E. Nickson, Mr.  J.  Mowatt and ��lkb��_qehg_iai.t. home is Russia.  take   care  of,   or  should   I   say,  Mr. and Mrs. H. Batchelor. .   In view of compulsory hospital  be remembered by Santa at our insurance and social security tax  "tree" on December 15, you can      The   regular   meeting   of   the it is hoped to gain bigger grant  see  how  very much we needed Selma   Park  Community  Centre from   Victoria   for   V.O.N.���ow-  your support. was held on December  6,  with-ing to-lack of hospital facilities,  Prize winners were as follows:   the president, Mrs. J. E. Lee, in bad  roads   etc.-  Action  is- being  Eleanor  Higgins, pressure  cook-  the chair. taken   toward ^this   end,  letters  The treasurer P^sented a very ZTT dll^atlTtTzo there "S  encouraging financial report.   It anda delegation to g�� there at  is hoped that the club rooms will a 7. ��� e' .   .    .        ^    . J J ���  be available by the end of Janu- A new car 1S to be ordered for  donald; cup and saucer, Mrs. T. ary. Alterations will be done as use ?f ���rsf at Gibsons, dehv-  Newick; doll, Mrs. McCarthy.        time   and   money   permits   and ejy hoped  for  late spring.  Car  '_.-"    ���        on   when  finally finished  this  club ?^Preseni vn^ at Gibsons is  Born-On   Saturday,   Nov    27   houg^ ghould e of great ben-  1940. m��deL +Pa^ent   for   n-e^  a daughter to Mr. and Mrs. Wilf efit not onl    to Selmf   but the car to: be extended over period  Klein  (nee Betty Mackay). surrounding area. ' of two years.  t.    -j    _.       *   r*     +       td������jqt. v Much spirited feeling express-  Residents   of   Greater   Pender      Misg Joy Tunbridge of Mission ed at 1949 targets set for auxil-  Harbor:  Do you believe in your gpent the week_end ag guegt of     iaries   to   rdise   viz:   Halfmoon,  community? Mr. and Mrs. S. McKay.                    $400.00;     Sechelt     and     Selma,  pen attend the banquet of the $600.00;  Roberts   Creek,   $450.00;  Board of Trade on Dec. 13 at 8 Mrs. R. Liste and children re- West  Sechelt,    $200.00;    Wilson  p.m.   in   Irvines  Landing   com- turned home from spending a few Creek    $300 00*   Gibsons    Gran-  munity  Hall.   Men   and   women days  with her parents in West thams' and    Hopkins,    $1250.00;  welcome.     "In    unity    there    is Vancouver.                                         Madeira Park, $150.00.  StreIlgth"' A number of Selma  residents <J^^\ar%T^r^  Even if our weather is rather  attended the "musicale" held at *****  ^s   cannot    bennroais^��  foul, I'll bet Alice Haddock and Wilson Creek in aid of the V.O.N, f^d 2nd  n "  One   bright   spot,   if  l"  Beautiful assortment.   Gome in and select your  .... 'gift at  TASSELLA SHOPPE  " >'That Smart Shop at Sechelt  SECHELT, B.C.  Say You Saw It In The-New^  family are happy to be free ag-  and what a delightful evening it *"*  2nd  nurse  We Just  cannot  ain  to   sample   it.  Little  Albert was. Everyone enjoys community  has had a seige of Scarlet Fever,  singing, especially the Christmas .. ,. J  xl_ .������ .7  but   everything   is   O.K.   again.  carols as we only have a chance mas; lights, and _ they will be- on-  Even-a big house can seem tiny  to sing them once a year.   Much untl1   after  Christmas.   It  looks  in  quarantine���I know! credit is due to Mr. Roberts for ���Very nice.  The W.A. to Canadian Legion  never letting in a dull moment. Mr#   and  Mrs>  fony Galloway  post 112, has sent another-Care"      Mrs    M   Livesay  is   spending and two, small children  relatives  parcel   and has decided to send  Christmas and New Years with of Mary Drew, of the Me^ry Em  m^,lyAVd0.uatli0n!    t0X-       ?��"  her family in Vancouver ahd Vic- ��afS arrived here irom Stirling,  quille". At the last meeting, the toria. Scotland, and have taken the. Liy-  Auxiliary was pleased to welcome " ingstone   place   on   the   reserve,  a new member, Mrs. E. Colton. # '  # ��� They think Gibsons is really A-1.  Mrs. J. Baker and father, Mr.  XlUS   II    lh<lt W" *** WelC��me t0 *"*"���  Rose, returned last week from a Hear   Mr.   and   Mrs.   Dickson  month's visit to Vancouver, also GIBSONS���Our local arm of the have sold their home here and  Mrs. J. Stigson returned from a law is back on the job, and will be going over to the island  short visit, only to receive a fly- will make up for lost time, so to live. .Sorry to see them go.  ing visit from her daughter, better be on your best behaviour. Mr. Woodside is certainly do-  Nellie, whom we miss from Welcome back Pete. ing some extensive improving to  round these parts.                                 The ^ Atagi ^d Up at tie the   front   of   his  place.^Won^t  Have learned with-regret that Government   float,   sank   during    * ��^+*     mam street it mucn  the father of Mrs. F. Lee passed  the- night.   It was raised later in OI tnat goes on. .?  away suddenly in Nanaimo. Mr. |he day.   The tug is  owned by  and Mrs. F. Lee and family left T. R. Godfrey and company.  ������'[  SELMA PARK STORE  (sii  "WHERE YOUR  DOLLAR BUYS MORE"  xMarshall Wells Pdints  DELNORFROZEN  FOODS  Fresh Fruits and  7 Vegetables  WILLIAMS CONSTRUCTION CO-  COl^RACTORS  Glen. 0463F 1 . ?honexv-7-^7 XX 41^x3439  i    BULLDOZING. ROAD CONSTRUG^IGWiil^AND  X XZLEA^ ���  Large. MaeM^  x SEE tiD BAMFORD       7  .:..".';_ ClayfGhamberlin_  GI^ONS, B.���.  by boat for Nanaimo on receipt  of telegram.  Our   sincere  sympathy,   Clara.  Well folks, by this time mqst^  of the Christmas concerts will beT  ���nt_.-.4. +:, �� ��������    j ���    j.7-     over and junior will be around  ���Zi^Ul)\�����Zl"l J2�� *e house 'under your feet, pry-  ���_  ���.���7*  . y.y^-y-  BRITANNIA BEACH  By  "SLIM"  landing notice how the merchants   .  __, ��� , ^.i.-  -      j  have decorated the trees in the *nffm*0 ^^^g and P-romis  grounds next to United Church."Pf to.^ good, and yet justburst-(  There are five strings of Christ-  ��g with pent up excitement   :           &     .__      Only a few days more and then  the big moment will be over and  ^mmM^_m^mm^mmm^a^Hl^mamimmmK^m^l m for a blitz. We all look for- gone for another year. Where  ,~���~������^������"~���"���~"^"' ward to that. Those invited are do the days go. It seems only  HELLO folks! December 8 and Mrs. G.Dickie Mrs. Jeff Cover- yesterday that we were getting  still nothing done, but when I i^y   Joan   Clifton,   Mrs.   Noble, ready for another Christmas arid  Mrs. Verdisio and Mrs. G. Moun-   here we are againy a httle older  seyx ���,���.'..'-... and \viser, some of vour friends  Would like to express ^our gonersome-new ones gainedv The  deepest sympathy to a' former world is not much worse and cer-  "Trail" neighbor, Dick Cald- tamly not much better, but we  Birthday greetings to Joan well, whose wife passed away7 have(much to be happy about.  Matten who will be 4 years old last week. Maybe we haven't got all we  on Saturday, also greetings to ������,,;. X -_ _, want, but who has. Anyway let's  my "better half", its Wesley's Mrs- Madgrega is home from hope you have all your shopping  birthday tomorrow, also Harry the hospital after an operation, done and your baking nearly fin-  Noble's today. So greetings one and hope she is feeling better ished. Of course there'll valways  and all.                                              and well herself in time to en- be the last minute preparations,  joy Christmas. and you'll be sure to have for-'  Mr.  and Mrs.  Rowbottom are o gotten  something  or  some  one,  leaving   for   Vancouver   Friday   n���cn   lirL   ?S    flnlp but it wouldn't be Christmas if it  do start the fur will sure fly.  Mr. Tom Wells and the twins  arrived home after two weeks  in  Vancouver.  after three weeks of visiting and newf,   so   cheerio    for    another  card playing.  didn't happen so.  Let's hope the  week, and lets hope we have a  ���r1UiV; "*^"    .  little of this snow left for Christ-   weather stays nice- for us.   That  Mrs.  Rowbottom is  entertain- mas Day for a-white Christmas.  J^autiful. sunshine, sure gives  a  i^rr .��v,.��k. a iX_,. , ��,�� ��.������ c.. _*u��>-_.,-_. Slim.  I,1" to your morale.  ^������^r  a   .  Dress up your walls.   Add COrriforfc and beriutyHronrv  our full selection of :-|  x WALLBOARDS  PV BrdM ^Weidtex"  Striated Plybpard  Fir Plywood; GyproC, Insul Board  ;77 Kehmpre Beaver Boar;d  Dtiroiti Hexagon Shingles   7   "������,���;���  Gity Prices F.Q.B. S'qncouver  Contact us for free estjr^  x regi  ing tonight and having the gang So Cheerio.  I  SUNSET HARDWARE  at Gibsons  ^  i��*  :  \.  Bring Your Repair Jobs to Us!  Boat Tanks, Warm Air Heating Furnaces Repaired  Range and Heater Repairs  CHICKEN FARM EQUIPMENT  GUTTERS AND DOWNPIPE  AIR CONDITIONING  Sheet Metal  Laurie Speck, Gibsons  Phone Gibsons 8R  ^'���iiiii  iiniiiMiiiiM!  ii_HiltlH!!��!��ffll_Rlf!r_H!!ll  We lava Perfect Gifts fol*  ���  M<*��4  Mcc^  WHERE  YOU GET-MORE  FOOD PER DQLLAR!  For Groceries Iifs  ���;-.:_i4s ������,';���. y  I  You iBatter a -man when you flatter his car-  Come and see us for accessories that wi_l  make "Him" proudl  Feinous  Make  CAR RADIO  Edsy-to-lnstal  HANDY SPOTLIGHT  for any auto  SILVER GRILLE SElfnrirCmS  ������p'"?4!  Best Equipped Service Deportments on tke Peninsula" yvp  *  ��1"_-HJ1J..'J,L -II'U


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