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The Coast News Sep 24, 1948

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 It  Serving a Progressive and Growing  Area on B. C.'s Southern Coast.  Covers Sechelt, Gibsons, Port Mellon, Woodfibre, Squamish, Irvines  Landing, Half Moon Bay, Hardy  Island, Pender Harbour, Wilson  Creek, Roberts Creek, Granthams  Landing, Egmont, Hopkins Landing.  Brackendale,  Cheekeye,  etc.  Vol. Ill ���No. 11  "Lots of Mai  ��� Bui No Boats  ^Editor,   Coast   News,  Dear Editor:  What are we of the Peninsula  going to do this fall, winter and  spring for  mail  service,  to  and  from Vancouver, if we are go-  ^ifig to  be  reduced  in  our boat  service, as we are now, until the  Summer trade begins next year.  At  least    we,    your    Sechelt  Peninsula Board bf Trade have  called   a   special   Council  meeting to discuss the lack  of mail  service, which seems willbe our  fare for this coming winter. Do  the "powers that be" expect us  %&**��&.  _fd.oywrU CHRISTOPHER   Columbus   _e  PTJBLISK_ED BTT THE COAST NEWS, LIMITED  Business Office:  Sechelt, B.C. National Advertising Office, Powell River, B.C.  Sechelt, B. C.  Friday, Sept. 24, 1948  5c per copy, $2.50 per year, by mail  og o  mitation  olumbus roun  /  roressor  "^ony express?" . If -so we will ��������+  T�� C���X       C ���uT���r     l  Tjaye to, "cross breed" horses and day at tht bo.tor��o_the 2��lnt��_ "??��.** ^V^  1?gUa*e  Crude PamtS Used  ducks  to^ ensure  prompt  effici- Jy                oonom oi ine Atlantic 0f 1492," said Dr. Meisnest.  e'nt  service.  We,  of  the  Penin- ^n*       X-,    ���               ,,'       ,,      Columbus was actually unable 200.000 Y&rrr<i  Arm  <ula,  fully understand that this volmeXo^red' hvCwt^P   t0 Write English' thoU^ he may ^U'UUU  * ^^ ^9��            Ottawa, will indeed be besieged  is   impossible,   so   what   are  we Snf  rta   w\T^n^A have been able to speak it slight- THE GLIDDEN Paint Co. of Van-  with    queries    on    fish,   fishhr  going to  do? :                                  ��� ?���JJ��. ��In.���; rTJt.v  w!c J?*  He wrote Latin> SPanish and      couver has released some of its tackle and such, when he visits  The thing for everyone to do JJLof �����S��n, wS ���H^tfS Po^tugues.e-      ,'                                 secrets for the perfection of  its the Peninsula the latter part of  is.    to    ioin    "Your    ���Pen.���,,.,.  ?ne o�� perhaps hundreds printed     Dr. Meisr~*' ��� **        ���   ���        -���-       *   Bill Morrison Opens  Real Estate Office  A MAN* WHO can count 11 fish-  " ing rods and three huge boxes  of tackle in an attic packed with  outdoor equipment; who was  nominated the "Outdoor Man  of the Month" by the Forset  and" Outdoors monthly sports  magazine; and who holds the  position of Producer-Director  for the National Film Board of  Ottawa, will indeed be besieged  Meisnest's opinion corrob- paints   which  we   home-builders  this month  is    to    ]om    "Your    Peninsula hv   ���   nPrZn   lihn^nw   ^     UTm Meisnests opinion corrob- paints   which  we   home-  Board of Trade" immediately, as  ?5qna   uerman   ^nograpner   in orates the opinion offered earlier  are keenly interested in.  This man, whose history reads  *ET_lT ��-_ft? T-ry' m?n>  "����� answer to the mystery of Dr   G^G'Etedewick   ��f EngllSh'      Home-makers,    builders,    the ^��  X**��rati��   A}se*   sto���   is  Woman and child on this pemn- tu~    COQ XXTao^s    ^-m,**!*    u^i,       ' **' Kjr' &eagwicK. shoemaker  the barber  thp baker Bl11   MacDonald,   brother-in-law  -!.���,��_ _.___. ��� w, s=Sks?s,1I -.^r-'^is^is r^^lS^fl &s^rs&x^rs^  :=��__���.., jutuss SSwvSSS S-tT-2 #vszS?ss% "���--'ft sssjs  ,   Bv joining the  "Sechelt Pen-  seattleto^ comnle M?   WH? *?? hth?8���Pter who made the some   factf about   paints   which      Bill> arriving ^ Vancouver at  insula  Board  of   'Trade"    now,  book with X^t^'co^tf &1 ^inscription   is the ^^ ^^^^ the  young  age  of three started  r.-Ca/ .2?* ��% Un !ed Strength  a bogus bookdSSv^^the bv Smfth ��Py f��Und released  te  us  to  think about.  ?n bis career of fishin' at Eng-  behmd   "Our  Board"  and  work Us   in 1938      Qlscoverea m tne by Smitb\ ���    .     ^    u        .   ,      They  say,  that  some  archaeolo-  llsh  Bay-  He  loved  it  and  has  together   as   a   whole,   for   the      On each of the 22 thick naroh    r MojIYatJpn foJ *?e .hoax * be- gists    estimate   that    the    crude  virtually lived with a rod in his  good progress..of our Peninsula.  mS'we? Wt^^^S"   Trf*. %F*?t^F10??\ a P^tings   on   the   walls   of  thl band ever since.  Out  of school,  Interested   Member, the   infrifate   ink  drawing  and ��. \   9\ th% ^ld   ce ebrated Altamira caves were done by the Bil1  took  a  Job  with  the  Van-  the commentary of Columbus't ^r^^^1 armiver���y Cro-Magnon Reindeer Men, only ������ev Province. Through the  d^v^^e^aDSto of Columbus's discovery, and in- a scant 20,000 years ago. Others^ late twenties and early thirties,  aE^Wk SSSnS-.-SSi_S. adventurer equaUy   ^^   sayg that   thJ he   busied   himself   successively  lish", were found to be identical estimate, is, wrong   by   at   least?8   telegraph   messenger,   clerk,  with  the  copies  of  the  volume SOUVENIRS !800 centuries and the paintings Journalism    student,    free-lance  discovered earlier in the U.S. A  London  book   seller   Elliot ?ould not have been done a da^ I ���     '   adver-tlsinS   CGPy   writer,  'SLIPS' REVEAT   HOAV Stock/eUhS ^covered the or- lesS than 200'000 years  a^��'   So>     iT'  1free-lance     wrlter     and  SLIPS   REVEAL HOAX * ��c*�� euner  disevered the or- paint maki      wag e_historic wholesale grocery salesman. But  ...... ���  -- r  _    Jp!! hJ   if Lt^J J n f T   " art-   Today (since the  19th  cen- flshmg was  his  line  and  while  t BILL  MORRISON,   president  of itus from U. of W. believes there J^1800   he ?ent th? m^SSSS.   tur^ that is> new colors' brighter travelling he would fish in ev-  {      Th*_   viiij-cro   _r*.+_,r.��^c��_,   T4-A    are identical volumps in  _-n��,t*.rr.x" J-"���' t1^ ^nh .me..manuscript colors, prettier colors���colors that ery  nook    and     cranny    of    |i  never existed before are made by stream,.and while thus employ-  the   paint   chemist���who   makes ed be worked out a plan, pres-  __i_        *��_ .. ��� .._ .- j____>-�� 4* _r��<-3    4+-   +*-��    ���<.!__. ^.    T~>  /^i      rt  a  s  Outdoor Man  Of the Month  n.ii   on ��� ,, "���A iginal bogus loe or had it writ pamt makm_ was a pre-historic  ���. ^ ���    -  The 80-year-old professor emer- ^^a^JD��Jf studfnt  of Coi���r^_�� art   Today (since the  19th  cen- flshmf was  his  line  and  while  xs from U. of W. believes there t��  t_S_n   v. stude+nt,uof Columbus. tljrv thai .^ ntim nrtlrtvo  KT..tfll+ay. travelli  e identical volumes in eastern ^!     i?f ?6r2anil8TI!J  ���  .._.. _MWXMi   xwwx.      S. libraries and museums. �� Duesseldorf to be lithog-aphed  I wood Lodge  has  entered  yet  a     Dr.  Meisnest  admits  that  the %*�� f^L^Tf" 'L?f the fes" -- ���    ��_co  ,_, _w  .St.aw. fi^-ir.-  -r^i  Ttt.f^  o��^i   t^   storv of Columbus's hictnrv ,mv_ "v    ..r De n?_.a m every coun- them  from the  ingredients that  ented it to the B.C. Government   _l'       _ _ _   t  1    1 -   _ T^caTr_____!    DiiYiAn..    ��.t1.h    J���___."__    1_ ���   The  and   owner  Anew field;  Real Estate  and  In- story of Columbus's history voy- trv0f the world  ���  ���  -x_5xC_,_Cx_.���   ui��t m   !surance Agency,  associated with a^e contained in the book is ac-     n-ho aottml stArv nf ti.^ rwi��. nature could have never combin- Travel Bureau who took him up  \ :E.\ J. Harris and Co., established curate to a high degree of detail, nat  i0^ bnnV   whinh   w   k^ ed���and he has the means to sci- on bis suggstion of taking photos  Mover 28 years in Vancouver. Wlth only several slips branding��� "sought bvh^tori��� tor .JSw^ entifically control each ingredient aiJd ^writing    tourist  publicity,  XMr.   Morrison's   new  office   is * as a hoax. ��� 7 is w"ell Lbstantiated  bv known throughout every stage of manu- which resulted in showing B.C.  * i%������ ���      -������   -        One error is contained in XJol- ��Jx     suDStanuated  by known facture# films  to   potential    tourists     of  ^Sfii_rafe;si��i]_at^ ...���_,,.������_.;..��� ..- . .     '__   ���-U.S.A.  K: . Mr.   Morrison's   new  office   is  ^^sglifully^ ajR^ii^ecJ and ideally  ik,.,,,..,,,,,, ���...,...*_ .,   C5ver# 77:- caught ma storm off.the Azores tremendous   advances   that   the "Breeze")   WiU take hi tlife siir-  6n the return trip from America chemical engineer would bring to  vey   Qf   the^^'fish-fuS   T^nn^I  ,-��� TT'^u-.. m_aq . th*i i_aint  in... .of��� ��r��_. T?.n������;��� v     ~X:J .   xu       Xlbli  XUI1        J-ZOOnie  la/'  fev^e_;,;:t^a^  ^taxi   service,   thus   enabling   the      Three   periods     are     omitted  ."~��"V _.":7vv��  __���_+ j���j-_-,��. t-       -w tx   vc->'   ujl   W1C     xisn-xun     xzoonie  f out-of-town client a good mea- from the pyramid of letters, and m February of 1493,^ GUdden    w      t wasqnFrancls Kv River,   at  the  head  of Narrows  sure of time to survey the area the letter "z" is incorrectly added      F?armS that mTship would be Glldd^.^ r^nr18f.O   su^ess-  Arm,   which   may   well   become  he is interested in purchasing.       after a word in the strange de- s"* carrying with it the 8^*^^^^^  ^  heayenl adise      f      h  ^ :Mr. Morrison ha&een a ?esi- sign.    7 * of an entire continent and untold ^^^^^ S^^TJnd  sportsman's   dream.  ^dent for a year and a half only,     Furthermore the aging scholar riche^ Columbus wrote a note on ~_J�����ft��l?^ as   Ja*alac -fes-  Sfbut in that time lias shown his declares    that   Columbus   never **?&* ^ho, of parchinent.ex- tmed to  become    a    household _-.���    .  faith and belief in the\unending used this cipher until two years P^nmg the location ef the dis- word     throughout    the     world    KlUhher B&V IWail  possibiUties in expansion for sl a��er  his   return  from   the   dis- covered land and requesting that Agam   ml   1906    the   science   of JJIUWWC1  JjajT mail  chelt, "The Hub of the Peninsu- coyery voyage. ^ information be forwarded to ?a?f n/i^try ^��^^ ,  '   " Suchxintricate  indentifications the sovereigns of Spam. pi-^f^T,.    ^ethods -    w?en JJlGS Oil JjOnr^tPri  were used by Spanish noblemen     He   wrapped   the   brief   sum- g*ldd^n ^^r��du^d a n%w ext!f."  ^^ UU JJUU1^1��P  and gentlemen of the period, he niary  of   his  voyage   in   waxed wniI Tf^.^l ��n_Tu^g 9l1 MIKE KISLUK  emplovee of th^  ~       , ���   ���. explains, to prove to Spanish^ in- cloth, sealed it in a wooden cask, ������� has since become the ac-      Paciftc   Lime   Snt    ,.!  Gordon  CollinSOn qyUtai tha? the holder was a and as the tiny ship pitched on C^e�����Zl h^g"^^ ^nT'dead^ nSSSTsauS  GORDON James, youngest son of Christian. the   storm-whipped   Atlantic   v��^fs;or a11 high grade Spar outside   ^ fe   -  ^   Mr  and Mrs  Graham Collison       "Spam was swept with a strong threw it into the sea, hoping that v^"sn^s; home   at   Blubber   Bav    Kisluk  ^heirLf SchStte_ on^uS *!*?*.��**��_���*��_ M^_ ^ S��S^L ^1^ W0Uld ��� * t^^Z^Jr?*  & ^d apparently X$5_ St��  tainable throughout Canada. On _���" ^ w y c0"?psea ��" ���s  the Peninsula8Gildden Products f��%^ *^Jts ^^W��^  are available  at  Parker's  Hard-     i^T .^orker, .Leo De Heck,  ware, Sechelt, Gibson Electric ^ho.^1e"t ^ ^reh of him when  Gibsons;  and Falconet Oene" 1 ^J*^t0  appear for grave"  Intant Christened  Florence Nelson  Gibsons;  and Falconer's General  Store, Pender Harbour  i-wi-it,   was  cnnstenea  on  ��un-   T _ Lt ���..         ���.���      ��� -m- t_  r_ay in St. Hilda's Church,.by.the JewS at the ^ and these sig-      No one ever has.  fRev. R. W. Bidden.   Gordon was ^tures contained secret code re-  fbornv April i6, 1948, at St. Mary's fences  to ^Scripture as  a^pro-  iHospital, Pender Harbour. tection to Christians," he said,  r -Hisfchristening robe, made by      Columbus & true cipher contain-  p^^^^&^f^^^''^ Mary and Weds W. Malakoff  |gy^botli: Jbrothersr~-Alfred . and LANGUAGE CLUE  fcpbbieXC^ The language used in the book A LIGHT grey dressmaker suit  piolrbyd   and     godmothers    are is also a give-away                          .  Wlth brown hat ahd accessor-    -       -^  Prs. Wm. Holroyd and Miss M. "It is  clearly  a not  too  con- les ���as the ^ri,dal costume worn   Ar  R(\Rt  KlimC*  Allen. vi������    Q+ft���+    ii;    ���    ?2?n by Florence Nelson, third daueh- AO-.JJUCll ^UIll-_��  Fisherman Hurt  vincing    attempt    by    an    1890 ?y F1^?Ce N?S??'thSd J^f1."  Mrs. L. Powell Named  rto Head Sechelt PTA  Powell River police were notified and Constables N. Winegar-  den and W. Dornan brought the  body here by police boat early  Sunday morning. An autopsy  showed that Kisluk had died of  ter of Mr. and Mrs. N. J. Nel- . coronary   obstruction.  son  of  Sechelt,  B.C.,    for    her THRUE Storme, Vancouver fish- resident" of Blubber lav lo? 20  wedding   on   Saturday,   Sept.   2      erman,   is   in    hosnital     hero    t        4-   i.   Jt       t^. y t!�� i ?  in the  rhanel   of  Christ  rhiiw.1, ��,itt,   ��J/��+       T     nospiial _ nere years. His brother, John Kisluk,  J?l j   V-P  rr      cnrist Church with  first  and    second    degree lives  in Nelson   BC  Cathedral m Vancouver to Wal- burns to his hands and face   re- JNeison, ��5.u.  ter Lloyd Malakoff, only son of ceived when his gillnetter burst  SECHELT���Annual   election    of  ?��S- -^J^S3^ ^and.^t!ie  la*e ^to ^e&*about &5p?m.�� Sunday" TJllIOTl SSI TriTlS!  :r     ���   _ xx    :   ~   ,, ,     *",    tixw ���*���*���������������� -uuui a p.m. ounaay.  Mr.   Malakoff   of  Coaldale,   Al-  The  blaze  broke  out  when  the  berta. Rev. S. E. Higgs perform-  gasboat   was   off   Salmon" Bay, ��� ^ vv-      ,  ed  the   ceremony.   Miss   Phyllis about  40  miles  north  of  Lund. NnW OllS 3 WSGlC  PTAiStS of^^^^ ��f Ott^and-did^iiot omit to Nelson  attended her  sister  and      storme  attempted  to  put  out ������"   ��� ~   " ���  ��>wing to th! mcreasel^^mb^ ^^^^ flames   with   his   net,   but UNION Steamships Ltd. has an-  | snip arid growing interest it was w^^^Jf^fK011-    S��d ^^^,2^  S1S   Pau^ht   fire   also>   burning     nounced  that,   effective imme-  ! "decided to enlarge the executive ^rJSL   n   K*   *l����*     T^ S InJn^l^K��^��J? nl the victim's bands. His face was diately, passenger service to this  ^nd   thus   have   more   working S^V^iT^*^^'^?"5 tr\t' S   �� ^f ?"p^ scorched   as   he   broke   through area wiU be reduced to one trip  : -members.  Election results    are? Sl'^J0^^-^- .0nly  for ^L���LL ���*T !L IZ^ the sheet of flame and a severe a week.. The Lady Cynthia will  President,   Mrs..Lilian    Powell; m^^ bm?  to  his  le^ "suited   when be withdrawn until  further no-  rvi^PrP^^i-Mr,    Whitew: ballot pessary.                          - maod? corsage jas of pink car- part   0f   his   clothing   ignited.      tice, and the  SS.Chelhosin will  Vice-President," Mrs/   Whitaker;  Vice-Jr-resiaent,   mrs.      wniiaKer; \                .                                       natinn<?     A    rpppntinn   w��   TiA.rl ^��w-i--5    -si-ilcu.       t_.ce,  dau   un.   oo.uieinosm wm  Recording Secretary, Mrs.  Mor- .Mr;  A^her  Paid   warm  trib-  ��"ions .A   r��=eption   was   held He was rescued when a             make a northbound trip on Fri-  fison;   Corresponding ^Secretary, ute  to  the  out-gomg   executive  S-J11^���^? ^d tL voifnt pW inS   fishpacker   ^Dame   Island" day  and   a  southbound   trip  on  l:m^-mmri1S^m^}^^^xt^.- a!.d   Wag1t5  thf  nGW  ?neih^ deleft lor the honevXl tHn sighted  the  burning  vessel  and Sunday.  m. MmB:yrjMMim;Mrs.>3ay; f11 w^ld ha^e.^ ^ep  on their ?o pulled   alongside   to   extinguish      Heretofore,   there   have   been  -Social Con^ ^he high standard��������� S-^^S8^^^ ii?ft n?r^ the fire- By this time, the cabin three trips each way per week7  :^fe^ to the Se-  ���%.3 r|?ldp  a"138 Burna- was destroyed and heavy dam- SS.   Chelhosin   will   now   leave  Sip   Simnin^:   Membershiti   Con- chelt PTA.                                        .   oy .oweei,   vdutuuvex. age done to ^he superstructure. Vancouver at 5 p.m. Friday, ar-^  The  rescue  ship    towed    the "ving. here at  1_ a.m.  Saturday/  iConverior,  Mr  ^enor,   Mrs.   Doyle;   Programme An enjoyable social hour fol- The  rescue  ship    towed    the rivin�� nere  at  1  a.m.  Saturday  -" x^Bpb 7Co6ke7 ahd J?wed,   during    -which     seyeral SECHELT���Ernest Luthjie, fish- gillnetter to Lund,  from  where andrreturning  wiU   leave  West-  ^^imWfir     ���Mr.        Tiathr T1PW       WiPTnhprS       WPTA       WeAr-mTM^fi y.~.w.nr>       Ti/Top>._��_T.p_.     T3f_T."b-      r.la��^__.      Qtrttpmn     tirqo     U^p-.. .�����!,*.     U���     A J     _._     VieW     at     12     nOOTl    SUTldaV.     amV-  .W^illlamS.                                             ,                                o    -���    ��� ~.. ���-_-__.-,.-_���__    ��-,__.___ guni,y      iu     ct     taaigc     v��jl     csicamig * uwcu    mivci     i-usj^ixtcti.     JLllt;    m-  Mr.   Ellis    (Honorary     Presi- er,   Miss   Joan    Krausent    who 200   fathoms   of  lead   line,   200 jured   man   was   employed   by  , -dent)    madie   an   excellent   Bl- comes from Alberta and is here fathoms  of  cork line  and web. B.C^Packers Ltd. It is believed  Section  Chairman,  he  very  pat- in place of Miss Marchant. He was given a year's suspend- that -a" gas lamp may have brgk^^ggg  iently   read .out .aU'./rules,,:and We look forward to an inter- ed sentence by    Magistrnte    S. en and sprayed gasoline on the  regulations  concerning    election esting year. McKay.   .  ^uiivcnui,    JYJ.J..P;?.uvu.;;vwyi-c,   at_,W'   "' ���������    "'     ~_w_--.-__&.     ��� .._.__.v_._..        ^^.vv-_-i-    ���_,_x_iv^i_L_-i__ix xliaxjlcoi.   j_._ii.ij.jic:,   j.x_.xi- gnmcuci     iu    JUUIXU, -JUOIIl    W^nere       .���'-��� ~y~~----.o     "---    --v-  Publicity   Convenor,  Mrs.   Betty  new   members   were   welcomed erman, Madeira Park, pleaded Storme was brought by taxi to view:.atv12 noon Sunda  Williams.                          .                  including our new school teach- guilty  to   a   charge   of   stealing Powell River  hospital.   The  in- mg^ancouver 7:30 p.m.  ���n/r���       -Gin..-       /tt����_ _---_, ^--        t_�����_^~:       p>r      TV/Tics     .Tnon        Tfroinpan.        TTrl.__    ar\n     _b__-.t_._- __^_.     i      l__-_       nnn .,.-.^.^1      -��^���-_.       -       i ..      i  ._.._-  V.  vessel's exhaust pipe.  ���i3-'H  "v  iH?Hem ivi^^ii^ti Page Two  THE COAST NEWS, SECHELT, B. C._  Friday, Sept. 24, 1948  Workshop for  Discussion Leaders  i  Hi  THE YOUTH Training Centre at  U.B.C.'s Acadia Camp will ^be  the scene of a three day Workshop in Discussion Group Techniques October 6, 7, 8.  The Workshop is  designed  to  assist leaders of discussion groups  to.   improve    their    leadership  methods. Lectures will cover following    topics:     Procedure  an  Group Thinking, The Chairman-*  ship of Group Thinking, Methods  of   Securing  .Group   Discussion,  The Place of Emotion in Group  Thinking,   What  the   Discussion  Leader Expects from the Groups���%  Write or phone the University |  of B.C., Department of Extension. |j  for more details. *  ft  i  "Oh,  Moscow was  nice,  comrades  .  wouldn't live there if they gave me the place  //  . . . and the results of this conference give us  reason to believe that war has been abolished forever, again."  The Royal Humane Society "I  was founded in England in 1774*  by two doctors���William HaweslJ  .and Thomas Cogan���to save by |  artificial means persons appar-1  entlydrowned/  EGMONT  By   JEAN  JEFFRIES  By J. K. NESBITT  Anscomb, as B.C, Tory chief, will  be an important figure at the  convention. It will be up to him  to swing B.C. delegates solidly  behind   one   man   ���Diefenbaker  or  Drew���and  it  might  be  sus-  MISS KAY Beamish is spending -  pected Mr.  Anscomb  is .a Drew      a    few    weeks    here  visiting f  VICTORIA���The      capital      has man. In Mr.  Anscomb's absence  ner parents, Mr. and Mrs. Imer.  been rocked in the last week from   the   capital,     Health     and  Beamish.    ' "~     '  by   an   argument   over   Govern- Welfare Minister-Provincial Sec- 7       .  ment House. There are those who retary Pearson will be acting Back from town and a trip to  say the cabinet will have to take for the acting Premier, for he the exhibition are Mr. and Mrs.  some action. The cabinet, of is senior member of the cabinet. Ernie Silvey and sons Leonard  course, won't like tampering With all the big-wigs scurrying and Bruce and Miss Grace Sil-  with so ancient and dignified an around  far  corners   Government  vey.  institution as Government House, business here is in the doldrums ��� rv,nt,w   RDa1o  Storm started early in the ���which is rather amazing, what Mr. and Mrs. Charles Beal^  summer when the Lieut-Gov- with two upcoming by-elections, $*d as- their guests for a week  erhor closed the grounds to the a session expected to start in Mr. and Mrs. E. Rush of West  public. Promptly the newspapers mid-January   and   a     provincial   Vancouver.  took the  matter  up.  There  was general  election  by    this    time   ^Mrs   j,    Murray V arid -babi^  feritic-sf--.* Hoi*reves,<* ^uniformed next year, .'There; are those who/ daughter  Jeanne,  arrived : home  commissioners   remained   at   the think   cabinet   ministers     should  via "jerv:js Express on Friday,  gates   all   summer,   keeping   the stick  closer  to  their  desks���-un-  mobs away. less they are up-country in their      My two young sons had their  This storm had just about ab- own province. first    trip    to    Vancouver    by  *    ated when a second burst forth.     Government     economists     are plane last Tuesday. They didn't  It   leaked   out   the   Lieut.-Gov- warning that B.C.'s liquor prof- miss a thing either. I could have  ernor,   before   his  departure   for its���$1,000,000   a  month   in  rec-  used two sets of eyes to see all  England, had left strict instruc- ent   years���may   be   starting   a  the things they pointed out.  tions there was to be no enter- downward skid. Liquor Commis- . .  taining,  in his absence, at Gov- sioner   W.   F.   Kennedy   is   the      Harry Page made a quick trip  ernment House. He turned down only man who actually knows��� to  town by plane  on  Saturday  a  cabinet  application  to   give  a and   when   it   comes   to   talking  and back Sunday.    .  party there for members of the about   monthly    liquor    returns      Walter  Neufelt^of  the  L.  M.  American   Bar   Association. Mr. Kennedy is as silent and cold  and N. Logging Co.   aboard the  So   the   Government  gave  the as a Yukon glacier the day after  tug New  Delta,  lost  the  battle  party in the legislative chamber Christmas.   Mr.   Kennedy     just  against  the tide  in the  Skeok-  and   Provincial     Library.     This won't talk period. But U.S.  ec-  umchuck and missed the Jervis  only   made   matters   worse���be-' .oriomists   have   recently     noted Express last Wednesday.  cause, for some reason still un- l^or sales in U.S. are dropping ��� -       ���        ~  explained, all the guests had to because of the high cost of liv- manager, succeeding W. H,  drink coffee from cardboard mS- Liquor, though some people Tobey. Mr. Hart intimated this  mugs, the kind provided at look on Jt. as a necessity, is a change is going to give poor old,  hotdog picnics. fri11 to most- B.C., in its general costly   P.G.E.���sneeringly   caUed  The coast dailies ran full ac- economy, usually follows the over the years a political foot-  counts of the cardboard mug! U'S* Pattern. So it would be ex- ball and white elephant���a shot  party and Government House traordmary if liquor sales here m the arm. Mr. Hart, while pay-  closure. One or two editorially ?re n��t slowly dropping. This |ng tribute to Mr. Tobey, thought  suggested perhaps the time has lsJ>ad .neuws for fbe government, the change would mean "that  come to do away with the office w ���ch 1(? hungry for a11 the liquor the affairs of the government-  of Lieut.-Governor and let the dollars xt can get. However, there, owned railroad should prosper  Chief Justice^ do the job, which }s n��w the three per cent sales and impr0ve on the foundations  only amounts" to signing orders- .*; .s?me statisticians say it iaid down by Mr. Tobey."  in-council, reading the Sneech ���11 bring m $2.0,000,000 a year  from   the   Throne  at  the  House atv���st-__"   ,       _ ,   x     _  opening and giving pink teas and J0��� Har*'. who used to be  state dinners, entertaining dist- Master of Finance and Premier  inguished visitors and holding \sT.s}ll\ an important man around  "open house" to thousands at a Vlctona. Hes president of the  Christmas Party, a New Year's controversial government-owned  Day reception and a summer Paciflc G^at Eastern, subject of  garden party. This costs the ma?y Political promises on el-  Lieut-Governor, out of his own e?^ ev*s m days gone by and J  pocket, about $40,000 a year and stlll  good,  apparently,  for a lot  it   costs   the   taxpayers   of   B.C. ��*   ^*��undl*g   ��fflcial    talk'  more   than   $50,000   a    year    to Mr Hart the other day announc-  maintain  the  official  residence.    f�� ^ A'  ^nedyXrec/n^^eX  Premier  Byron  Johnson   went *ired. superintendent   of   C.p.R's  off to England.in mid-September Esquimalt   and   Nanaimo    Rail-  to  attend  Empire * Parliamentary way  has become. P.G.E.  general  Association   convention,   leaving  all  sorts  of  important  questions  unanswered.   He     couldn't     say  when   the     two     by-elections���  Rossland-Trail arid South Okanagan���will  be  held.  He said he  didn't   know   whe+her   dates  for  them would be set while he was  away.  Now  the  acting Premier,  Finance   Minister    Anscomb    is  clearing   his   desk   and     getting  ready  to  depart for Ottawa  on  political   business   that's   mighty  important   to   him���Conservative  convention  to   pick  John   Brae-,  ken's   successor   as   leader. xMr.  v-xC-..  The independence movement  began in Chile in 1910, with the  ousting of the Spanish ruler  Captain General Antonio Harcia  Carrasco.  GIBSONS  MARINE SALES  Gibsons, B.C.  Agents  Briggs-Stratton  Motors.   Evinrude  Outboards  New low prices  i  <_.  USHER'S YARD   GOODS SHOP  GIBSONS, B.C.  ��� UPHOLSTERING ��� SLIP   COVERS  ��� DRAPES  I  ���'���   "- "���  Free Estimates Given  TURKISH TYPE TOWELS ���-_-_______--  ~\  $i-o��J  S&  V'-^/^jpJ  .  Prices Reasonable  Estimates.  H. 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The    Union  s Steamships   operated   the   Chil-  , cotin as a luxury Alaska cruiser  ^through  the   summer  this  year.  She was even more comfortably  -��� appointed   than   the    -Camosun,  which had appeared to us as being about the last word in passenger ships. The passengers and  officers   mingled   in   the   dining  room, and in the lounge above,  cleared as a dance floor, our ship  had used its lounge as a theatre  coming up the coast. The Union  fiS.S.  had  another  sister  ship  of  \ Jthe Chilcotin in the next berth,  i^alsp  loaded  with luxury  cruise  f-passengers.  (.WEDNESDAY, SEPT. 1  f.We left Prince Rupert at nine  Wm. McFadden  Optometrist  GIBSONS  Office Hours:  9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.  Evenings  by Appointment  Every day except Thursday  J  and travelled in dry weather,  having lunch at Terrace. At Terrace we diverted for half an  hour to see the famous one-and-  a-half-million dollar unused airport. A magnificent road took us  to the plateau where we found  an airport similar in style to  Sea Island port, concrete runways. 100 feet wide and extending a mile out from us. Unfortunately the airforce officials sent  out to open the place didn't like  the wind currents, and condemned it instead. Only small private  planes have used it.  From Terrace to Smithers,  next objective of our trip was  135 miles, in addition to the 95  we had already travelled. This  turned out to be the worst part  of our entire trip.  The road narrowed down to  one and half lanes wide. It  twisted, jerked, went up and  down, crept around mountain  sides, and featured rock, sand,  gravel, mud and gumbo surfaces  in different parts. The scenery  was marvelous, but there was  such a terrifying interest in  keeping your eyes glued to the  road that much scenery was  passed unobserved. Rock, gravel  and shale slide areas were encountered frequently and passed  over gingerly. Washout repairs  were also frequent hairpin  turns tested the steering of any  car. Similar thrills and rides in  Happyland would have cost a  small fortune. Some day maybe  this will be one of the best in  Make Sure  You Receive  1943 and 1944  mmmmmmmwmmmmwmmmmmmmmmmmmamami^^m^^mmi^mmmmmmmmimmmmummm  REFUNDABLE  SAVINGS  By MRS. J. H. RENNIE  THOUGH this is still September,  when we should be enjoying  the best part of the season,  "the weather man" is evidently  hurrying on the Fall. With a  sou'wester blowing and a rough  sea running today and no Union  Steamship boat calling until  Thursday, Granthams has suddenly taken on its winter appearance. But in spite of all  that there are still visitors coming and going.  One visitor who enjoyed being at Granthams was Ralph  Fisher. He spent the last month  at his home here with his mother  Mrs. Fisher enjoying a well  earned rest. For almost a year  he was studying electrical aerial  work. He spent nine months at  H.M.S. "Airier" Navy Electrical  England. Also three weeks at  College, North Warrington,  Culdrose Airiel Station England,  and three weeks at an Airiel  Station in Northern Ireland. He  is now on his way to Halifax  to take up his position as Electrical Air Officer on the new  aircraft   carrier   "Magnificent."  Mr. and Mrs. J. D. Horn from  Winnipeg were visiting Mr_s.  Docker at "Bonnie Doune" last  week. This week she is entertaining her son Jack from Powell River.  hump, (the highway is almost  the same shape as the famous  Big Bend highway), we passed  without stopping, so anxious  were we to reach refuge at  Smithers, Apparently Hazelton  itself is an Indian reservation on  the North or railway side of the  river canyon, and New Hazel-  ton is struggling to life on the  road, or south side of the canyon.  New Hazelton consists of gas  station, post office, and a couple  of stores, from aU we saw of it.  We reached Smithers about 6  p.m. after leaving Prince Rupert,  230 miles,west .about 9 a.m., and  included an Hour for lunch at  Terrace. This was considered  very good travelling time, and  it required continued pushing of  driving ability to maintain a respectable average over the stretch  from Terrace to Smithers. Traffic on the highways of the North  was fairly light, thank goodness. Otherwise time would  have been hard to keep on the  narrow stretches, which required  almost a full stop for two cars  to get by.  ed on it first. l  Hazelton  at  the  top    of    the  Canada, but much work is need-  Mr. and Mrs. Wales and family we&re weekend visitors at  their summer home here.  Miss Patter spent the weekend at her cottage at Soames  Point.  Mr. and Mrs. Barron spent the  weekend at their place in  Granthams. They enjoy being  here as long as possible.  Mrs. Chapman,, who recently  Monica, California spent a few  days last week with her friend  Mrs. Chpman,. who recently  came to live at Granthams  Landing.  Mr. and Mrs. Glover from  West Vancouver had their first  visit to Granthams Landing last  weekend as the guests of Mr.  and Mrs. Seymore- Johnston.  They were delighted with the  lot of blackberries they had  gathered to take home and  "made a date" to come back  next year for more.  -Mr. and Mrs. Blackmore from  Port Alberni were the guests of  Mr. and Mrs. Goodwin at Seaview ��� Farm for a week. Mr.  Blackburn is an Evangelist and  conducted a series of special  meetings each evening in the  Pentecostal Tabernacle. The  meetings were much appreciated  and njoyed by the large congre-  tions who attended.  The first meeting for the sea-2  son of the A.O.T.S. was held in  Gibsons        Memorial United  Church Hall on Friday evening  Sept. 17th. Twenty-five members   and   friends  were  present.  /      ���*"       - Page Three  After supper the usual business  session was held. Mr. G. Marshall  was appointed sec-treasurer, in  place of the late.Mr. G. H. Rennie. Rev. Frank Bushfield gave  a talk on South Africa, and a  resume of his experiences in  the   South  African  War.  The residents of Soames Point  and Granthams Landing extend  sincere sympathy to Dr. and  Mrs. Lang in the passing of Miss  Howard sister of Mrs. Lang.  Miss Howard was well known  and esteemed by the residents  here for many years.  On Monday afternoon Sept.  20th Mrs. L. Steadman entertained the local members of the  V.O.N, to tea. Mrs. Eric Cooper  was guest of honor and was  presented with two pretty photo  frames for the pictures of her  two little sons.  Mr. and Mrs. G. Mathieson and  their friend Mrs. W. Coll Smith  have just arrived to spend some  time  at their summer home.  Mr. and Mrs. Allan Dann, are  spending their vacation in the  Donalds summer home.  Mrs. R. Parkinson is visiting  in Vancouver for a few days.  Staying at the "Guest House"  this week are Mr. and Mrs. G.  Clark and Mr. and Mrs. Cor-  nett   of  Vancouver.  During the 17th century,  clergymen were not authorized  to perform marriage ceremonies in the American colonies.  Magistrate's, judges or town  clerks officiated.  Cosy Homes and  Home Sites  FOR SALE  WATERFRONT LOTS  Listings of ideally situated waterfront properties from.  Pender Harbour to Hopkins Landing.  CALL OR WRITE  CONSOLIDATED BROKERS  Gulf Coast Offices ��� Sechelt or Gibsons, B.C.  Phone Sechelt 37 ��� Gibsons 2A  HEAD OFFICE  CONSOLIDATED BROKERS LTD.  942 W. Pender St., Vancouver, B.C.  (To be mailed by 31 st March, 1949)  TF your name or address has  changed  jince 1943���fill out the special "Change  of Address" Card available at all Post  Offices and Income Tax Cilices.  Mail the "Change of Address" Card  before October 31st, 1948.  Mail this card even if you completed one  last year.  You should not fill out a "Change of Address"  Card if both your name and address are still the  same as in 1943.        _^  &&*.  o*  #&*  &$&  *&&&  p^^;p^slo��  -_rtT4i  MOO  JSCg^Stf^  *tt*##*  no!  Educational Guidance Services  For the benefit of your son or daughter, the  British Columbia  Department of Education:  1. Maintains a Division of Educational and Vocational Guidance which  assists���  �����in the training of school counsellors,  secondary schools.  ���in the training of school consellors.  -���in bringing up-to-date Occupational Information to all guidance  classes and counsellors through direct co-operation with B.C. industry,  ���in organizing a programme of pupil analysis for abilities, interests and aptitudes.  2. Provides special grants for school counsellors in secondary schools,  who assist parents and children alike in course selection, vocational  choice and preparation, and in all matters affecting school progress  and personal adjustment.  3. Prescribes in its Programme of Studies a complete course in Occupational Information and Vocational Guidance���  To the end that British Columbia will prosper through the development  and wise use of the talents of her young people.  DEPARTMENT OF EDUCATION  PARLIAMENT BUILDINGS, VICTORIA, B. C.  Hon. W. T. Straith, Minister  142 Page Four  THE COAST NEWS, SECHELT, B. C,  Friday, Sept. 24, 1948  Pele- Parnwell;  Another new pupil  is Dennis  St^l^  Lawson. Dennis is in grade nine  otewari- -  and was working a  garage  all summer.  For COMMERCIAL or  PORTRAIT PHOTOGRAPHY...  C. G. BALLENTYNE  Bol's Block ��� Gibsons  Res., phone Granthams,  10Q  or contact agent in your District.  Roberts Creek, Carola Forst, 22L  An     old-timer     returned     is  GlbSOnS School NeWS Marilyn  Foley.  Marilyn who  is  By MALDY THOMAS ��nf h^e.61^ ^ *** ^^  NONE~OF "the"toal school popT   *�� meetinf  of the elementary   ___  ulation could catch those ext?a school pupils was held in the  40 winks on Tuesday, Sept. 7. schooj hall and prizes were  To the little children who were %"****. to the WinnerS at the  starting   for   the   first   time   it *al1 *air- THE  HOUSEWIVES    of    today  was a great day. Even the re- Q ^atf a meting of the High are aU faced with the problem  nowned "school-haters" seemed S^01 Af em.blJ Yias hfd ^ of giving their families well-  glad  to  be  back  and  see  their  ^ a returning officer for the ^    nutritious   meals,   and  old friends again. 3,�����^   h^_ sc^��.?f1     $%��%��' at the same time work some sort  Elected     was     Wilf     Nestman.    f ic ^ order that they may  Our staff has been changed Brought up m the meeting was k within their budgets. If you  considerably this year; Miss M. the question of re-paintmg the are serving a small amount of  Barclay has replaced Miss Ef. basketball lines on the gym meat be gure and see that mi^ js  Stephenson who is now teaching floor, and the sending of an a-SQ ��ncxUcled. in the same menu,  in the Fraser Valley. Miss D. athletic delegate to meet Mir. either in soup Gr dessert. Milk  Dobbin is teaching in Mrs. Sue Ellis of Sechelt School to dis- win ada"t0 the body-building  Elliotts place, and Mrs. C. Day cuss a sports program for this paging that your family need  has replaced Mrs. B. Rankin coming winter. Awards, of crests gVPry day Bread also, and fresh  as an assistant High School in black and yellow were given tr^s or a saiad should be in-  teacher. to last year's  scholastic,  sports- clude(i  ���n,      q      irir ff-    +'     __��� mansh*P>   and.   citizenship   win- ^D PORK LOAF  Mrs. Sue Elliott is teaching a  ners. Also prizes were given to  *"^iw    ^. * +-.  i ��������� o-p ���rAr  special class in the old high the Fall Fair winners. X T^T lllv K^ZLn^  school building ' Product, l egg, 2Yz cups cooked  scnooi Dunamg. SEPTEMBER 19 tomatoes, 1 tbsp. brown sugar,  A look at our school grounds The basketball lines have % CUP chopped onion, Yz cup  shows us they too, have changed, been re-painted and the boys chopped green * pepper, Yz tss.  The school grounds on Farnhems made a swell -job of it. Instigator dry mustard, a* tsp. sage, A tsp.  side have been widened by 0f this was Bill Pye. The work sal*> 1 cup stock, 1 tsp. white  a good many feet. This work is Gf Bill and his helpers is going sugar, Ya, tsp. basil, 2 tbsp. Hour,  not finished yet, but when it is to be appreciated for years to 2 tbsP- water. Cook and mash  it will make our playing field come by future basketball play- the potato. Crumble up the pork  much larger. ers# Everything was done so in little P^ces. Beat up the egg.  Th* H^h qnv.nr.1 w ._____._ quickly that we started playing Mix up the potato and pork,  The High School has been gasket��all on Thursdav 3 davs then mix in thoroughly Yz cup  moved to the old Legion Hall ^ it was stated tomatoes, brown sugar, onion,  and School Hall annex. It is atter ll was started- green pepper, mustard, sage and  much larger this year, caused Election of a council for salt. * Finally, the egg. Put into  by so many new grade nines, the school year 1948-49 was a loaf pan and bake in slow ov-  We have a new girl in grade held on Friday last week. Of- en, 300F. about an hour. While  ten, and as all the local wolves ficers elected were; president, loaf is baking, mix up remain-  know her name is Franky Chap- Bill   Pye;     vice-president,     Ted ing tomatoes, stock, white sugar  secretary,      Frances and basil.  Simmer this half  an  treasurer,     Dofotihy hour.  Make   a  smooth  paste  of  flour   and   water   and   stir   into  and was working at Thorburn's With all the bulldozing going fa^: 2S�� J^^e lo^tot  saraee  __ I.   s,_���_ on, the Elementary School hasn't ��g�� ylTser7e\t%rv!i 5  APPLE SLAW  Pare, core and halve three apples for six servings. Bring to  boil, Yz cupful sugar, 1 cupful  water and Va tsp. cinnamon; color bright red with food coloring  if you wteh. Add the apples a  few at a time and cook gently  until tender but not soft. Remove from the syrup and chill.  Slice two or three apple halves  for; a garnish and toss the rest,  cut in cubes, with 4 cupfuls of  shredded cabbage, 1 cupful diced celery and % cupful of mayonnaise  Season to  taste.  MUFFINS  For   a   very   versatile   muffin  try the following���2 cups flour,  3  tsps.  baking powder,  3  tbsps.  sugar, 1 tsp. salt, 4 tbsp. shortening,  1   egg,  1V4  cups milk.  If  you  have  Biscuit^ Mix,    make  muffins   according     to     recipes  given  on  package.    Sift    flour,  then measure, add dry ingredients.   Cut shortening  in  with  a  fork. Beat egg well and add milk,  stir   until   combined.   Pour   into  flour mixture and stir only enough  to   dampen  all the  flour.  Batter will be lumpy. Fill greased muffin pans % full. Bake iri  hot  (400 deg. F.)   oven 25 minutes.   Before   adding    egg    and  milk, any of the following combinations   may   be   mixed   with  the flour mixture.   % cup grated  chees:   dates,  figs,    raisins,     Yz  cup. Yz cup cooked bacon, chopped.   %   cup    raw    cranberries,  plus   V4.  cup   sugar,   or   thawed,  quick-frozen  blueberries,   1   cup  plus 1 tbsp. sugar. I go for the  blueberry  muffins   myself    and  make them often.  WELSH CAKES  A friend of mine has been  making these delicious cakes for  years. However, only recently  the recipe for same appeared in  one of our leading magazines under another name. I prefer the  above name myself, and here is  the recipe.  1 eggf Yz cup milk, 1V4 cups  raisins, ZYz cups all-purpose  Work   lard   irito   flour   mixture  _ . ���   ��� .  got much space for sports. The  only softball field available is  the one behind Miss Barclay's  room. So, everyone who wants  to play softball has to crowd on  that tiny xJi'amond until they  look like a swarm of ants.  The high school has to confine its practising to the hail  grounds, and the close shaves  those windows have had is terrifying. So if some of the windows get broken one of these  days it will be no news.  Instead of the pupils walking  from room to room this year,  the teachers get air the exercise.  Kitchen Kapers  By JANE DRURY  flour, 1 cup sugar, 2 tsps. nutmeg, lYz tsps. baking powder,  1V4 tsps. salt, Yz tsp. baking soda,  1 cup lard or shortening. Beat  egg with milk, add raisins. Sift  all dry ingredients together once,  with your hands, couple of knives or pastry blender until mix  ture is  of a  mealy  consistency.  Pour milk and raisins over flour  all "at once and mix well. Wrap  in  waxed  paper   and    chill    at  least an.hour. Roll out on slightly-...__  floured board to a thickness of  % of an inch. Cut out with  cookie cutter. Heat griddle or  iron pan until a few drops of.  water dance on it, then grease  lightly. As the under surface of  cookies brown, top will - get  puffy, then turn.  STUFFED POTATOES  Scoop   out  baked  potato   center, mash, season, add milk and  grated   cheese.   Beat   fluffy,   re-  Continued on Page 7  Just Arrived!  A FULL LINE OF BRITISH WOOLS  for  YOUR WINTER NEEDS  GIBSONS  5-10-16* STORE  Follow the Sign ��� Just Left of the P.O.  Sandy flrmiiniond Says:  /#  IF you DON'T like PERSONAL  SERVICE . . .and  you DON'T want to SAVE  MONEY .  DON'T stop at  JUST  HOWE SOUND TRADING CO. LTD.  GIBSONS, B.C.  "Personalized,   Friendly Service"  WITH ACTIVITY  ^:1  for men with some time to spare,..  GIBSONS ELECTRIC  Gibsons 45 Gibsons, B.C.  It's a centre oi activity--yourlocal armoury, just humming with activity for men with a few evenings to spare.  ' In the wide list of activities offered by the Canadian Army  Reserve Force, you'll find things to turn those odd free evenings  into interesting and even exciting ones. You'll enjoy the full  programme of social and sports events. You'll be ' 'one of the  gang"���witli other Reserve Force men who' are finding, that  the armoury is their personal ''clubhouse'^    ,  All the latest equipment and weapons are now being used  for Reserve Force training. The summer camp sessions give you  the opportunity to get away and out into the open: To top it  all, you will recHve full Active Force pay for all time spent in  training and camp,    -x XXXX-  "SEE FOR YOURSELF" by visiting your iocal"Reserve  Force unit's   open  house,.-,' -   ���  parades ox demonstrations  during Army Week, 20-26  September.  Call at the armoury of  the regiment of your choice,  Nowr  ''-<x:      '     ���" :.  for  *��'S  Ar]  you  ity  ttfy  m  er  IvniiCXrWh  **  for  v��  j  OcfVr  ?a*��l  Co,  c��^/"?^e ::Qnc*<  v_  -��<*  >on  "P/e/j  Wre^nof  Pbi^.  oty{  ��"rj(  *��o.  ton  or.  "tent  oCQl  Or9>ol  on  Bn.  "ry.  WMM&iio^ Friday, Sept. 24, 1948.  THE COAST NEWS, SECHELT, B. C.  Page Five  By ROBBIE  REMINESCENT of bygone days  ���were the sounds of a couple  of battle-wagons at Wilsons  Creek last week. Target practice and gunnery drill were the  order of the day and several of  the old sweats were on hand to  give the neighbours the low-  down. Directly in front of my  place, and with a powerful pair  of submarine glasses, we could  distinguish the hits and misses  of two powerful Canadian destroyers. Further up the road,  one neighbour stated her windows rattled and dishes banged  together. But fortunately no  casualties  were reported.  Miss Lillian Nydska who  works at the "Estimates Dept."  of Civil Service, New Westminster,, spent two weeks at her'parents summer home returning to  town on Sunday.  Mr. Jack Baird came up from  the city to break up camp for  the season, taking his wife and  two sons back to  Vancouver.  Mrs. J. L. Renton of Vancouver spent a happy week at the  home of her son Jimmy and his  wife. Incidentally Jimmy has  taken possession of his new  home "The Cottage" at Davis  Bay.  If a< job is- worth doing, do it  yourself. I received the full  force of that old saying last  week, when the envelope containing last week's "Wilsons-  Creek" column, was returned to  me several days after deadline.  However I'm sorry folks, but  that won't happen again. Ed.  Note: (We have been wondering what happened too).  I also regret the fact that up  to the��� present Ttime I have not  received any names for the  dramatic club. Well opportunity  only knocks once.  __  Mr. and Mrs. Chas. Maywood  with   their   daughter   have   left  Roberts Creek to live at Davis  Bay, and are now staying at  "Trails End." Mr. Maywood has  purchased some land in the adjacent vicinity and expects to  build a new home and settle  permanently at Wilsons Creek.  Mr. and Mrs. A. Matheson of  Vancouver are spending a pleasant holiday at the home of Mrs.  G. Reid of Davis Bay. Also at  the Reid residence for a few  days are Mr. and Mrs. Harry  Kirkham, of West Sechelt.'  Mrs. J. Marvin spent a week  at the home of her parents at  Marpole, and returned with her  mother Mrs. M. Sevigny, who  is taking a holiday here at Davis Bay. Also.in the party for the  weekend was Miss Marion Griffin. Miss Griffin is the secretary  and accountant at Murray Plywood  Company.  Welcome hands were extended to Mrs. R. L. Jackson, who  returned home from P��nder  Harbour this week bringing  with her, Pamela Joan, her  baby, daughter, who was born  at St. Marys Hospital on August 26th. Pam weighed 6 pounds  13 ounces and at the time of  writing both Leslie and Pam  were  in  the  pink  of condition.  Mr. and Mrs. Voice with their  two children Darlene and Ricky,  are spending a few days at  "Coolshannon" with Mr. and  Mrs.   Chas.   Brookman.  Mrs. Bogart has returned  from a visit with her son-in-law  and daughter, Mr. and Mrs.  Mason of ^ Vancouver.  I suppose the steamship companies sometimes think along  the same lines as the writer.  "You can't just please everybody." However the President  of the Board of Trade' thinks  something should be done about  the new mail and passenger service, schedule. So, on the agenda of the next board meeting  and heading the list of discussions will be���The winter schedule of mail and passenger service.  Mrs.   Clifford     Thomson     of  By SUE ELLA  MR. KEN Whittacker paid a  visit to the Harbour Sunday,  travelling via Gulf from Sechelt  at noon and returning to Vancouver in the evening.  Mr. Mac. McCallum combining pleasure with business made  the rounds of the stores last  weekend checking on stocks,  and then visited at the home of  his parents-in-law, Mr. and Mrs.  Williamson.  Mrs. Finlayson, a patient in  St. Mary's Hospital for some  time has moved to the Marpole  district.  Gil   Hascamp  the   Harbour  at their place  formerly call-  They    have  _  DELUXE FISHING GUIDE SERVICE  Just 10 minutes to Salmon Rock where the fish really bite.  BOAT RENTALS ���  BAIT  SUPPLY  TACKLE  FOR  RENT ���  GUIDE   SERVICE  WATER TAXI AIR TAXI  Fresh water fishing trips by air arranged.  XPhone Gibsons, 2J, for full information.  Mr. and Mrs.  have returned to  after a short stay  on Hornby Island,  ed Camp Manito.  sold the property.  Mr. and. Mrs. Jack Little  paid a short visit to the Harbour, en route to Vancouver,  where they are planning to  spend their vacations.  Mrs. Donnelly has returned  home   after   visiting   with   her  Chilliwack, who with her husband was reported in this column  for their splendid work during  the flood season recently, is  spending three weeks holidaying with her parents, Mr. and  Mrs. Ted Norburn of Davis Bay.  Mr. and Mrs. E. W. Jones of  Vancouver, and Ron Eric have  closed camp and returned home  to the city.  Comes a time when we must  say goodbye to the best of  friends and neighbours, as happens in the case of Harry Morley and his wife. Within a few  days after this publication, they  will be boarding the boat for  Vancouver and a new home.  Harry's jovial personality will  be missed along the waterfront  by many.of his friends. The reason for his sudden and surprising decision is the health of Mrs.  Morley, who by the way lias  just returned from a week's  visit to her daughter in the city,  May we take this opportunity  of sincerely wishing the Mor-  leys, good luck and "bon voyage."  family   in   Nanaimo.  Mrs. John Daly and two sons  are home again after a visit to  Alert Bay and Vancouver.  Mrs. E. Blake of Vancouver  whose daughter-in-law, Mrs. A.  Blake was a patient in St. Mary's  Hospital visited at the home of  Mr.   and  Mrs.  D.  Dickerson.  Mx. and Mrs. D. Dickerson  and son, are recent arrivals in  the Harbour. They are building  an attractive home North and on  the east side of Gun Boat pass.  Their property fronts on the  water and also to the highway.  Mr. and Mrs. Gibson, Silver  Sands, were visitors to Vancouver the first part of the week.  Mr. BiH Sinclair, arrived home  the first of the week, after a 4  months sojourn in the fishing  waters of B.C.  Mrs. Don Cameron has returned to the Harbour after a  short stay in Vancouver. Don is  expected   home  in   about   three  weeks.  In Pender Harbour are located four general stores. Falconers, Murdocks, Hassens, and A.  Lloyds. Most everyone travels  by water to get to one or another  of the stores. It was a clever  idea that p one young mother devised for the safety of her baby  in an open boat. It ws a stationary play pen in the boat.  Support Your Board of Trade  "CUItlSIA" on OKWX  ��  HASSAN'S STORE harbour, b.c.  Tfie old-established General Store for Families,  Fishermen and Camps.  FISH  BUYERS ��� BAPCO PAINTS  HOME GAS STATION  QUALITY��� SERVICE ��� VALUE  At HASSAN'S LANDING ��� Midway South Shore  <-_  Bring Your Repair Jobs to Us!  Boat Tanks, Warm Air Heating Furnaces Repaired  Range and Heater Repairs  CHICKEN FARM EQUIPMENT  GUTTERS AND DOWNPIPE  AIR CONDITIONING  Sheet Metal  Works  Laurie Speck, Gibsons Phone Gibsons 8R  The very wide circle of  friends of Mr. Stewart Henderson of the post office at Wilsons  Creek, will be sorry to learn  that he was stricken with a  serious illness at his home last  week, and was ordered to  Shaughnessy Hospital. Up to the  time of going to press it was  not learned how he fared on  the journey, or of his condition  on arrival at the hospital, for it  will be remembered that an unfortunate mishap occurred to  the boat on which he was to  have travelled, and hurried preparations had to be made for him  to travel by Grahams coach to  Gibsons. It is to be hoped that  Stewart will make a speedy recovery.    .  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And all across the nation oth-  er little groups of Canadians like HI  FOLKS:,                                        McGregor who was 7. Both had  ^eSe��>,W��re    /enously      gomg Sept.  21st  and its    our    12th  a loveiy party and thank good-  through   the     farce     of     army wedding   anniversary.    Yes,     12  ness  I  live  right.   I  was  lucky  training    the   formalized     non- years ago today at the Townsite  enough  to  have  a fine day.   12  .                               sense. of   Prehistoric   soldiering, there  was     plenty    excitement.   were   invited,   but   20   arrived.  kite-  Sa?TI   instrumeilts^ _of     war We were married up there and  May   as     weU     send     birthday  by Jack  Scott  that  today are  as  lethal    as    a had   190   at   the   reception   and greetings to my neighbor today,  water  pistol. Noel   Fraser   and   his   orchestra  but   we're   celebrating     it     on  TIN  SOLDIERS                                     The   instructor's   voice   droned played for a big dance open to  Saturday.  AT  A  CERTAIN  armouries the on and on- "The Predictor is an all,  and  believe it  or not  they  Saturday.'  week in the fourth    year    of anti-aircraft     data       computing still talk about it.  the Atomic Age, a little group of instrument utilizing the cartesian WeU lagt Saturda    the Beach      Well   folks    I'm   off ��� for. an-  men in well-pressed khaki uni- ground plan and rate of change Cilub. had   a  Community  Social  other Teek* So .cheeri�� folks and  T. Wills for a few days. Insects cost the United States  Well its birthday greetings to an   estimated     $2,000,000,000     a  my daughter Barbara Ann who year m crop losses.  Fas 6 on Saturday and to Dale :                ~~  forms stood in one corner of the ��*  co-ordinates  .  .  .  .     vu  anu.  evening and what a night. Fran  lofty,  barn^like  drill    hall    and on, while the men shuffled and Downie   and   seVeral   radio   en-  ��"-��*��  Cilub-had   a  Community  Social  UU1C1  ^    ' "u "1Ccx"     e  On  and  _-.���,,���.:--,,-. ^ ���_i_���_. __ ^JL*.   t_.��� remember   Christmas     is  around  the  corner.  m    ��� |   ��� yu  III f" Z-B I It I ^ifr"* \/ f���" I "*H  I I "^-1 f |   I I I ffi ri ^a _  looked  up   at  a  big,  ugly  anti- tried   to  look  interested. tertainers   were   also   up,   such �� SLIM  aircraft gun. Nobody was around,  it seem-  as Fred Bass. We were well en- "  The gun was a 3.7 heavy ack- ed, to read the words of Dr. C.  tertained   all   evening.   Several      Greeks  and  Romans  ate  with  ack piece. The men were learn- Harold   Urey,   Nobel   prize-win-  were   down   from  the * Townsite  their   fingers   aftefr   their   food  ing  to  operate  it.  They  seemed ning   scientist,   who     was     not and   more   would    have     come  ^ad been cut into small pieces,  a little bored. But no one, offi- talking   about   the     3.7     heavy down  only  there  was   no  ship,  cers   and   men,   seemed   to   find anti-aircraft gun when he said: ���  any grim humor in the situation. "There is no defense against the bybl1_ and -Blgndie Hanson  No one seemed aware that they atomic bomb and there never wer.e dowf and /^nt the  might as well have been learning will be a defense. Not a single ^���end a\x_Mr' and 1fCrs; *?"  how to operate a cross-bow. V2 rocket bomb was intercepted  ^nisholm.   We   were  all   at   the  The voice of the instructor in the Second Great War. . ." sanie table. Somehow Blondie  droned on with the out-dated They were nice-looking young g��\laHAed fr��T Sybl*and even  gibberish of complicated, obso- ki^^y looked up at tL^ong! g^/^sale wk^ S?  lete instruction. The echo of'his green steel barrel of gun. They �� h T^f nSAl^i  sure, calm voice and the shuf- did not look like men who had H' H' Lee and ^self, andall  fling feet of the young men in ever hearS of Lt.-Gen. Sir Fran- ^vCQL^^^in^"JT  khaki was undisturbed by any cis j s Tuker commander-in- rea11? made an evening of it,  echoes of the explosion that, as chief'in India, who said: "Before ^l^����e '��?_. h^l�����re ��f th��Se  the Association of Oak Ridge us lies a period of warfare in evenings this winter.  Scientists put it, "slammed a which the atomic bomb is to be Our Grace and Jack Kennedy  door shut on the past." hurled far up in the stratosphere  are forsaking the "Trail" to live   '  VOICE OF THE PAST by very swift rockets, predicted  at   the   beach   in   Bob   Heron's  For   this   WAS   the  past.   The ?r��� radio-controlled    and   is   to  house.  Good luck.  scene on the drill hall floor out ^df^ Several from the beach were  They were concentrating on a down to see Spike Jones and by  Predictor, A.A. No. 5, Mark Two, all accounts everyone more than  a counterpart of which was av-  enjoyed   him.  ail,Sle  alSOa *S- the  rejidents, of      Flo   Verdisio   is   going   down  There  had  been  a   day  when  Wednesd       to     seeS ouf    Bing  this  was   a  thing    of    meaning. Crosby ��� ���" "5  and   purpose,   when   the   emergency   did,   indeed, .  come    and      Shirley   Craig   was    up     last  young  men    in     Canada    were  week. Its a long time since he's  ready for  it.  But that    was    a  been up.  day before a man such as Maj.-        .  Gen.   Anthony   McAuliffe,   offi-      Would  like   to   send   wedding  cial United States Army observ-  congratulations     to     a     former  er at Bikini, had said:  "The new feacg   Sirl>   who   was    married  weapon could force any country,  last Saturday, Emma Ackers,  even  the United States,  to  quit      0ur Jane Adeg hag left to fly  a^_fTr-    0 T-.Am* back   to  Winnipeg   to  visit  her  ENDLEbb DAiA ^ .       son   Ken   and   his   wife   Olive.  "The   mechanism   is   contain-  She expectg to be away a month  ed m an aluminum alloy^frame or two. She is7 waiting the-^  and when in use, mounted on a rival of her first grandchild, so  rigid stand," the instructor went ig really �� in the air" more  on, standing professionally be^ wayg than fl in We wigh ^  side  an instrument that became and     oliye od     luck  a useless toy on the morning of h landing to Jane.  August 5, 1945. ���   -      ��  Since  that  day  the  statesmen      Mrs.   Jeary   and   friend   were  and scientists  of the world had up   visiting   her   daughter,   Mrs.  said   that   the   atomic   bomb   is -���: ; ���  a weapon against .which there  is no defense, which, if not already known to potential enemies, will most certainly be  known in the future. ("If an  atomic   bomb     armament     race  GET  A  TRIM  ��� ��       CUT  AT  COLLISON'S  BARBER  SHOP  f-Bn  FOR SAFE, COURTEOUS  TAXI SERVICE  PHONE  PENINSULA  CABS  Formerly Jack's Taxi and  Blowers Taxi  Phone Sechelt 5C2  when  you  serve  our  Bread, Pies, Cakes or  Cookies  Dur Years' of Service Is  Our Guarantee  ELPHINSTONE  BAKERY  Gibsons, B.C.  Don't Waste Precious Hours  in Slow Travel!  Fly There!  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New contribution rates for  Unemployment Insurance  Are effective October 4, 1948  Support Your Board of Trade  We Have  Listed Some of the Finest  Up-To-The-Minute HOMES  WATERFRONT PROPERTIES  In Selma Park, Sechelt, West Sechelt  Enquire for Listings of Better Homes  G. H. Clay  A. C. Hill  Representatives  H. A. ROBERTS LTD.  Real Estate ��� Insurance  Gibsons, B.C. Phon�� Gibsons 8H  The new contribution rates are:��� Value of  ni ���'���,-���'_.���_-.      .      __ __ WEEKLY RATE      Weekly  Class Class of Employed Persons - Employer   Employee      Stamp  0 While earning less than 90 cents a day or        Cents Cents Cents  while under 16 years of age  .  9 *9 18  (*Paid on his behalf by the employer) ;  1 Earnings in a week: $5.40 to $ 7.49   18 12 30  2 Earnings in a week: $ 7.50 to $ 9.59   24 15 39  3 Earnings in a week: $ 9.60 to $11.99 ... 24 18 42  4 Earnings in a week: $12.00 to $14.99... .���... 24 21 45  5 Earnings in a week: $15.00 to $19.99   24 24 48  6 Earnings in a week: $20.00 to $25.99  .. 30 30 60  7 Earnings in a week: $26.00 to $33.99. . y 36 . 36 72  8 Earnings ih a week: $34.00 or more.}:  42 42 84  ^Weekly and monthly rated employees earning $3,120.00 or more a year are not insured.  On; and   after   September   20,   1948,   new   denominations   of  UNEMPLOYMENT INSURANCE STAMPS  will be on sale at POST OFFICES.  Surplus stamps of old denominations may be exchanged at Post Offices  _ # any time prior to October 31, 1948.  EFFECTIVE OCTOBER 4, 1948, INCREASED BENEFITS ARE  PAYABLE TO CLAIMANTS WITH DEPENDENTS.  THERE ARE OTHER CHANGES AFFECTING BOTH EMPLOYERS  AND EMPLOYEES.  y For full particulars, apply to the nearest office of ^  THE UNEMPLOYMENT INSURANCE COMMISSION  R. J. TALLON  Commissioner  J. G. BISSON  Chief Commissioner  C. A. L. MURCHISON  Commissioner  mpmur��� Friday, Sept. 24,  1948���  THE COAST NEWS, SECHELT, B. C.  Page Sever}  MORE ABOUT  Kitchen Capers  (Continued from Page 4)  fill shells, brown in hot oven.  You don't like cheese? Oh, well  brush with egg and toast under broiler. If you wish, a few  bologna, or weiner slices may be  tucked in the potato mixture.  STUFFED BAKED PEARS  4 firm ripe winter pears, V*  cup raisins, 2 tbsp. chopped walnut meats, 1 tbsp. lemon juice,  2 tbsp. water, Yz cup light corn  syrup. Pare and core pears,  leading stems intact. Combine  raisins, nut meats and lemon  juice. Mix; stuff into pear cavities. Arrange in deep baking  dish. Pour over water,and syrup.  Cover. Bake in 350F. oven 45  minutes. Sprinkle pears lightly  with sugar. Place in broiler and  brown  slowly.  Serves  4.  For the boys.and girls: What  is the 'difference between a  spendthrift and a feather bed?  One is hard up and the other is  soft  down.  SECHELT  By "ARIES"  THE SECHELT United P.-T.A.  was off to a good start at the  first meeting of the season which  by the way was the annual meeting. The following were elected  to office. Honorary President,  School Principal Mr. John Ellis.  President, Mrs. Lilian Powell;  First Vice-President, Mrs. K.  Whitaker; Recording Secretary,  Mrs. Dorothy Morrison; Corresponding Secretary, Mrs. .Alice  French; Treasurer, Mr. Fred  Archer; Liorary, Mrs. R. Jay;  Health Convenor, Mrs, B. Simning; Membership, Mrs. D. Doyle;  Publicity, Mrs. B. Williams; Social Convenor, .Mrs. M. Newcom-  en. We hope that these meetings  which are so vitally important to  the school and the children will  be fully attended during the  winter months. Many social evenings will be planned later on  and some bf the executive will  be attending the Annual meeting of Sechelt District Teachers  at Pender Harbour on September 25th including .Mr. Ellis,-  Miss E. Turner, Miss N. Melvin,  Miss Krausert, Mrs. R. Jay, Mrs."  Powell, Mrs. K. Whittaker, Mrs.  D. Morrison and Mrs. A. Freeh.  They will be addressed by Mr.  A. Spragge, Geographical Representative of the executive of  B.C.T.F.  Miss Joan Simning has returned to Sechelt after a long  vacation in .the U.S. where she  visited Portland, and Vancouver,  and Camas, Wash., where she  was. the guest of her aunt Mrs.  Alvia Gilmer.  On a visit to her Grandfather  Weak, Tired, Nervous,  Pepless Men, Women  Get New Vim, Vigor, Vitality  Say goodbye to these weak, always tired feelings,  depression and nervousness due to weak, thin  blood. Get up feeling fresh, be peppy all day, have  plenty of vitality left over by evening. Take Ostrex.  Contains iron, vitamin Bi, calcium, phosphorus  for blood building, body strengthening, stimulation.  Invigorates-system; Improves appetite, digestive  powers. Costs little. New "get acquainted" size  only 50c. Try Ostrex Tonic Tablets for new, nor-  malpep. vim, vigor, this very day. At all druggists.  By SARAH  WITH THE schools in full swing  again���P.-T.A. of Pender  Harbour held their Sept. meeting  in the Superior School Sept. 16.  Our new president Mrs. Jennie  Reiter was in the chair, and  there were 16 members present.  Miss Denise Critoph, teacher in  the junior room, was introduced  to the ladies. New members welcomed were Mrs. Alice Haddock  and Miss D. Critoph.  We were very happy to see  Mrs. McKay back as our principal and senior room teacher. We  had a full meeting. Among the  subjects discussed were the  coming "Fall Bazaar" to be held  in November and the combined  meetings of the School. Board  and P.-T.A.'s from Gibsons  Landing to Pender Harbour, at  the Superior School on Sept. 25.  This promises to be both informative and enjoyable. Let's hope  ''Old Sol" smiles on us that day.  Mrs. Lynn Davis left Pender  Harbour     on     Friday's     "Gulf  . j ��� ' ��� ��� -     ���_     ��� ���      ��� ������ '������  Mr. Thos. J. Cooke, was Miss  Helen Dawe. Miss Dawe has recently been on the staff of the  Provincial Library, Victoria, axis*  is now preparing to take the  course in agriculture at U.B.C.  She is the daughter of Captain  and Mrs. S. Dawe.  Mrs. N. J. Nelson entertained  a few friends recently in honor  of her daughter, Florence, now  Mrs. W. Malakoff of Vancouver. Besides the three Nelson  sisters, Esther, Alice and Phyllis were Mrs. A. Nelson and  Mrs. Harold Nelson daughters-  in-law, and Mrs. Phyllis Parker,  Mrs. Louis Hansen, Miss Norma  Melvin and Mrs. Alice A. French.  We are sorry to learn that Mrs.  Ethyl Frederickson, hostess at  Sechelt Inn, is in hospital recovering from an * operation. We  send her our best wishes and,  hope that it won't be long now  before she is fully recovered and  back with us once more.  - Saw a young lady who I was  very fond of in the early days  of Sechelt's history, Maidie Yel-  lowlees. She is now married and  has a dear little boy, she is the  daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Louis  Yellowlees who are real old  timers here, and with her brother  Louis stayed in the old Sechelt  hotel every year for many y^grs  during my time tiiere.' They now  have a cottage on the waterfront. ^  Ed. Note: It has been brought  to our attention that the orch^  estra .leader mentioned in this  column Sept. 10th should be  "Gale" not Gay. Our mistake,  sorry.                                          '  The Sechelt section of the Sechelt Peninsula% Board held an  Executive Council meeting here  on the 20th. The special subject  for discussion was the sudden  and drastic cut in mailing services for the area< Also discussed was the necessary transportation to Pender Harbour for  the General Meeting; to be held  there Sept. 2?th. Get in touch  with Graham Collison, member-'  ship  chairman for  details.  Wing" for Vancouver en route  to Namu, where she will meet  her "hubby" and after giving  the "North" the once-over will  return to us, with him, sometime  in October. Good weather, kids!  Miss Usteen Fodchuck returned to the" Harbour, we are happy to report, and she is teaching  the three "R's" to the "small  fry" : at the newly opened Madeira Park school.  The Canadian Legion, Post  112 are holding their Sept. meeting at Irvine's. Landing Hall,  Sept. 19. ...  The Women's'Auxiliary to the  Canadian Legion are holding  their Sept. meeting on Thursday afternoon at the home of  Mrs. Norris Phillips.  Mrs. R. Carlson has returned  to the Creek after .spending a  few days in Vancouver. Mts.  Carlson's mother, Mrs. J. Cal-  verley visited at the Creek  prior to school opening.  The latest gloom to descend  on the Creek is our new mail  and boat schedule . . . what with  the telephone curfew set at 10  p.m. and the mail and boat service down to twice a week���it  has been suggested that we rename our place of abode Roberts Creek Seminary!  Fastest living thing in the  world is the little Alhenomyia  fly of New Mexico, -which travels at a speed of 8181 miles an  hour���faster than its own buzz.  Support Your  Board of Trade  Bulldogs were originally bred  for  bullfighting  and  dog fights.  Machine Work  Welding  General Repairs  Marine Engines  Water Cooled, Air Cooled  Gas or Diesel  PENDER HARBOUR  ���H  SELMA PARK  By H. I. L.  CONGRATULATIONS to Mr.  and Mrs. A. Home on the  birth of a sori on Sept. 14th.  The baby is to be named Albert  Alexander.  Miss Ruth Finlayson spen)t  her vacation here with her parents Mr. and Mrs. J. Finlayson.  Ruth will be rememberejd as  having been one of our local  telephone operators.  A very pleasant reunion took  place this week when Miss Violet Robinson arrived from England to .make her home here  with her mother and stepfather,  Mr. and Mrs. Chas. Prince. Mr.  Prince went to Vancouver to  .meet her and both will stay  there until Mrs. Prince, who is  recovering_ from a, recent operation in the Vancouver General Hospital, is ready to come  home.  Mr. Eric Nickson is having  some alterations done to his  lower cottage, and when finished' it will be occupied by Mr.  and Mrs. Gowan and family. Mr.  Gowan is with the B.C. Fir Products mill at Porpoise Bay.  Mr. A. McDonald of Ottawa,  General Superintendent of the  Government Telegraph and  Telephone Seryice, accompanied  by Mr. R. G. Bishop of Vancouver, who is the. Divisional Superintendent, paid a visit to the  Peninsula on Sept. 18 to look  over the construction of the  past year and inspect the new  offices. x  Mrs. E. House of West Vancouver, is spending a few days  here with her daughter, Mrs.  R. Liste.  Mr. and Mrs.- R. Clarke . are  receiving congratulations on the  birth of a son.  ROBERTS CREEK  .    By "CAROLA"  Buy Meat With Confidence  H. KENNETT  BUTCHER  Gibsons, B.C.  Wanted To Buy Livestock and Live Poultry  FOR YOUR WgNTER'S ENJOYMENT!  1     YOUR CHOICE . . .  �� Maybe A PURE WOOL GOLD PLAID  1 with deep brown accessories���or  |       AN ULTRA SMART BLACK AND WHITE PLAID  H enhanced by Black Accessories ... at  Tasselia Shoppe  | "That Smart Shop at Sechelt"  " ......H�����...MondaXs Phone Sechelt 43  t(;i  m  w  :���.:.  %$&��  "Prompt Attention to Mail Orders!"  * RESTMORE FURNITURE:   Beds, Springs, Mattresses  it GENERAL ELECTRIC APPLIANCES:   Radios,  Refrigerators and Washing Machines  it FURNITURE:   Occasional Tables,  Cedar Chests, Lamps, Etc.  DOR AN S FURNITURE  WESTVIEW, B. C. ��� Phone 230  //  "BITS OF WIT AND WISDOM"  When the pleasant orchard closes  God bless all our gains, say we,  But God bless our losses,  Better suits with our degree���"  ���E. B. Browning  IT PAYS TO KEEP CLEAN  LLOYDS CLEANERS  Gibsons,  B.C.  Agency af- Bus Depot, Sechelt  F.DREWE PRATT  Barrister at Law-���Solicitor  Announces the opening of a law office at Gibsons, B.C.  (Open  Saturdays)  Offices Now Located At:  602 West  Hastings  St., Vancouver,  B.C.  The   "Holme",  Gibsons,   B.C.  XX-y (Located across from the Telephone Office)  CONTRACTORS  Glen.*0463F Phone Mar. 3439  BULLDOZING, ROAD CONSTRUCTION, LAND  CLEARING, EXCAVATING, ETC.;  Large Machines.   HD10 at Sechelt���HD14C at Gibsons  SEE ED BAMFORD  Clay Chamberlin's  GIBSONS, B.C. :       *''.���;  MRS. A. TODD of Vancouver,  formerly a .resident of long  standing at the Creek, is visiting Mrs. J. Saddler, who is_con-  valescing   after 7 an   operation.  Mrs. E. J. Shaw accompanied  her daughter Eleanor to Vancouver jvhere she enrolled at U.B.C.  And it's rag curlers, green fingernails and skirts above the  knee for Eleanor during her  Freshman initiation. Good Luck!  Mrs. G. Johnston has left to  winter in Florida with relations.  Mrs: T. Gerrand of Tom's Coffee Shop,-received a surprise in  the mail the other day. A prize  of $2.50 for guessing the weight  of a cake made with a special  brand of baking powder, at the  PNE.  Tommy Chrismus flew into  town to take in the Spike Jones  show. '   7  New residents welcomed at the  Creek. Mr. arid Mrs. F. Letain  from Sudbury Ontario, will reside on Beach Ave. Mrs. J. Hillary of Vancouver has purchased  Crowe's property, Upper Road,  and will be a permanent resident/together with her. three  children.  Mrs. J. Newman paid a recent trip to Vancouver.  Mrs. Alex.. Anderson is. visiting in Vancouver for a few days. (_  AIRTITE HEATERS ��� ALLADIN  LAMPS  COLEMAN STOVES AND LAMPS  ROYAL CREST RANGES ��� OIL HEATERS  STOVE PIPES ��� STOVE BOARDS  REXOLEUM RUGS AND  LINOLEUM  FISHING AND HUNTING SUPPLIES  BUILDERS' SUPPLIES ��� GLIDDEN PAINTS  FOR ECONOMY AND SATISFACTION . . . BUY AT  Parker's  Hardware  In Village Centre, Sechelt  GENERAL MEETING  Sechelt Peninsula Board of Trade  27-8 p.m.  at IRVINES HALL, PENDER HARBOUR  For Discussion:  Recent curtailment of mail service and many essential  local problems.   For transportation phone Sechelt 37.  JOIN YOUR BOARD OF TRADE  :  I-* Page Eight  THE COAST NEWS, SECHELT, B. C.   T~ Friday, Sept. 24, 1943  By E. NESTMAN  BOARD OF TRADE NOTES  At the monthly meeting of  the Board of Trade at Gibsons,  the coming winter schedule of  the USS Co., was taken under  discussion. The question of mail,  a very pertinent subject, occupied most of the debate. It  was felt that there might be  other ways and means of getting the mail to and from Gibsons, daily. Trades and Industry,  headed by chairman Doctor  Anderson will take the matter  up and report at next meeting  in October. A very favorable  report was given on the float  entered in the PNE, by business  men of Gibsons - - very good  advertising for the village. Mr.  F. French of Gibsons was the  winner in the flood relief draw  sponsored by the Board.  COUNCIL NOTES  At a meeting of the Council  further discussion on the setting  of trucking rates for the village  was again the main subject on  the agenda. Information is to  be procured on the question of  whether  the  village    has    any  jurisdiction over the government wharf, from which the  greater bulk of freight and baggage for the village is hauled.  Until this information is in  hand, village council is unable  to set any rates for the village.  Question of obtaining pipe for  the cannery road replacement  job is also under discussion. It  is to be hoped that by next  meeting something definite may  be obtained re this pipe.  Mr. Cook of B.C. Power is  being interviewed this week re  new lights for the village, to be  installed before winter. Trouble  in the Headlands over the Labor  Day weekend was due to corrosion in part of the water pipe  in the bay. This was remedied,  and water was once more available.  W.A. TO CANADIAN LEGION  First meeting of the Women's  Auxiliary was held Friday evening with a very good turn  out - - about 25, and 7 prospective members who will be  initiated _. at the next meeting.  Our meetings are held the third  Friday evening at 8 p.m., in  each month. Any one interested  in the veteran, and his problems,  is eligible to join this women's  organization. It is to be.hoped the  next meeting may be held in our  (Eflie (Boast $tos  CLASSIFIED  ADVERTISING  3 Lines (15 Words) for 35c 3 Insertion (same ad) 60c  Extra words, above 15-word .min., 2c each. Cash with order.  Notices, Engagements, Marriages, Deaths, etc., 75c Insertion  LITTLE ADS ... . BIG RESULTS  (i  WpfcNTED���  WORKING girl to share cottage  with  teacher  in Sechelt.  Apply   Joan    Krausent,     Sechellty  B.C. . 12  FOR SALE���  v,. ,- r~7 -vt: '���u.c   f   Jf~ *     tr :  193J7 LINCOLN Zephyr in good  running condition, with heater,  $850.   R.   D.   Brewis,   Halfmoon  Bay. X 18  FOR SALE��� ������  SPECIAL:   Almost new bicycles  for  sale.   English, make.  Lew  Reid's Automotive Service, Gibsons,  B.C. X 12  FOR S.ALE��� "'.'%  3 PIECE bedroom suite. Qiie Gurney  range.   Apply   in  writing  to Mrs. E. Q. Bl^ke,, Lamb Lqg-  ging Co.,  Sechelt, B.C. 11  FOR RENT-- :  FURNISHED   cottage    for    the  winter   months.   Adults   only.  Located on the fill. Apply Mrs.  Tillptsori,  Selma Park. 12  FOB SALE���  MEN, DON'T take risks. Be  safe. Guard your health. Hygienic supplies (rubber goods),  mailed in strong envelopes sealed- with staples. Absolute secrecy without embarrassment.  First-class merchandise. Price  $1.00 per dozen, .mailed one hour  after receiving order. The Greb  Trading Cof, 1275 Queen St.  sW4.st,   Toronto,   Canada. 16  ^SCELLANEOUS���  LPT  US  rebuild and upholster  your  favorite   chair.    Usher's  Yard Goods Shop, Gibsons, B.C.  tfn  PERSONAL���  CALL AND say "Hello" at the  Wakefield Coffee Shop. Samples of, lovely boxed and personal  greeting cards for your inspection. Bus stqpp at the door. Op-,  enyi2 noon*'on. Cheerio. Mrs.;  Dorothy Erickson. 11  FR SALE���  12 FT. CLINKER built boat, with  2% h.p. Briggs and Stratton  engine. Like new. Purchased last  year, price $275. Apply P. C.  Nicholson, Kuchinka's Camp,  Jervis Inlet, B.C. 18  FOR SALE���  A ROOM house. Space for bathroom;  on    Government    road  near school. Apply Mrs. Norman  Klein, Pender Harbour. 11  FOR  SALE-  DUO THERM oil burner, white  enamel kitchen  range   almost  new.   Apply   Merry   Ern   Cafe),  Gibsons,   B.C. 12  FOR  SALE���  FAWCETT Beaverbrook enamelled stove, silver and red trim.  First class condition, reasonable.  Apply Mrs. Edwin Husby, Gibsons, B.C. 11  FOR RENT���  SEA-FRONT  cottage,  furnished,  light,  water.  Close   in.  Adults  only.  Peninsula Realty, Roberts  Creek. 18  FOR SALE  SHIP BY Gulf Lines Express to  or from Vancouver. Low rates.  Fast   service.   Careful  handling.  Specify Gulf Lines Express,    tf  new Legion Hall. Work held up  due to inclement weather. A  tea is to be held on Sept. 24 in  United Church, proceeds to help  with the furnishings of a new  kitchen in our hall.  Gordon MacPherson is. taking an extended vacation before  starting his. new job in Vancouver. N. R. McKibbon is taking  over Gordons business. We will  miss Gordon's services in the  village. He is an indefatigable  worker in the interests of the  village, really interested in the  growth of the area. Due to circumstances, necessitating this...  change, he is taking .up residence in Vancouver. Good luck  Mac.  Miss Baines, is the guest of  Granny McEwen - - found out  something very interesting concerning Granny this week. She  had sent to England for her  birth certificate, and received  quite a surprise, instead of be- ,  ing the young oldster she  thought she was, she found that  she was 84,.not 82. Quite aishoCk;  I'll say. Anyway Granny you  don't look it at all.  Rev. Father Reidy, Pastor of  the Catholic Church at Gibsons,  has been -transferred to Agassiz  and the Pastor from Agassiz is  coming to Gibsons, Rev. T.  Obrien. We will be sorry to see  Father. Reidy leave, he took a  great deal of interest in children's sports, and will be sorely  missed by them- We wish him  God speed in his new Mission,  and hope to ,see him again.  Mr. and Mrs. Sam Milligan  are,back from an extended holiday in the Okanagan. They had  lovely  weather.  Mr. Sid Holland ;is also back  on the job, looking rested and  ready for  another year.  Noticed Jim and Bea, our  butcher from Co-op, and his  wife, coming home from vtheir  vacation.  Mrs. MacDougall ,and family  back home from up coast where  they spent the .summer.  ^tfinx and''"'Alice- -'Veitch, ��� ..bur-  Sunset Hardware man and  his,  wife have gone for two weeks  holiday to the Island and w_ay ,  points.  Our fishermen are returri^g  after their summer away, noticed George Friend back, Dave  McKay, and several others. Herb  Winn has ,gone up Woodfibre  way on the B.C. Packers barge,  where he will be manager on  this floating store. Herby reially  gets around.  Fishing is nearly over, and  now the hunters have taken  oyer, got our first venison today, and ,it was really good ,  we've been very .fortunate up  /t��hese> parts last few season^,  that is for accidents, lets hope'  we can >keep it that way, little  caution and common sense and  we can. So lots of luck fellas,  but be careful.  p��^���<^MM"l-.yl��l"U�����M.  II  the .Peninsula" Phone Gibson 33  Gibsons  see our  in two sizes.  $75.80 and $1 ��9.50  SALES AND SERVICE  r*      j".P.g-'lW|l>  *>qm**m^^m*mm+m  Soy You Sow It In The "News"  mtmmtmfmm  anil Professional  ^���j**"^1**^'"  RUBBER STAMPS  RUBBER STAMPS  STENCILS���BADGES  >APS-^INKS-tBp^^BS  P0W^ NEWS  BEER BOTTLES  CLEANERS AMD DYERS  <*It Pays to Keep Clean"  LLOYD'S CLEANERS  ;.;.: GIBSONS, B.C.  Agency, at Bus Depot, Sechelt  INSURANCE  Will call and buy for cash*  "beer .bottles, scrap metal, etc.  Calls made at intervals from  Hopkins to .Irvines landing..  R. H. STROSHEIN  Wilson  Creek  Parr Pearson Agencies  General Insurance  Phone  Sechelt 37 ���Night Ring LSL  TAXI  REAL ESTATE  PENINSULA CABS  24-Hour Service  WILSON CREEK and  SEI^I^IC  Seahelt J5C2  Specialist in Coast ��� Property  Gpn^olidated Brokers Ltd.  Qulf Qoast Office  X" Sechelt' X'?x-'lv:y^y'y.  PLUMBiNG^HARDWARE  Hardware, plumbing Supplies  Heating Necessities  'Serving the -Berdnpula?  Marshall's Hardware  Phone .Gibson--33  4��<  RADSO SERVICE  STEELE'S RADIO AND  ELECTRIC  Radio;Sales and Service  Phone, Sechelt 33  Send by Bus  ABLETTS  Plumbing and heating installations^ repairs. .Hot water  heating/Contracts. '  North  Road Gibsons  TRANSFER-TRUCKERS  Plumbing and Heating  JACK'S TRANSFER  Log Hauling Contractors  General Freight Hauling  Sand and Gravel  Phone Sechelt 1.5U and 21Y  Well that's it for tonite, with  this thought: 'Tt.takes-a woman    to make a fool out, of a man, ' ���. ���������������  and another woman to make a WOOD  man out of a fool." iBye now.  Installation ��� Repairs  ,A>Spejq_felty  by Registered Plumber  Ticknpr's Plumbing  Porpoise Bay Road  JS^cjieit, ;B42.  LUMBER AND FUEL  BURNS and JACKSON  SAWMILL  Producer of Choice Lumber  In AU  Wood and Sawdust  Phone Sechelt 15tM-27  Flower shows. were ^origin^ted  by   the    London    Horticultural  Society,, founded by Thomas ,An-v  drew Knight, in 1804.  Support Your Board of Trade  JTO;SLAB WOOD  '    Now Available  BLAIR CARTAGE'  Granthams and Hopkins  Contact Usher's Dry Goods  at ^Gibsjojis  Transfer - Truckers  FRANK YATES  Home Oil Agent for  Peninsula  GrayeL and Freight Carrying  Service calls day or night-  Days, Wilson Creek���5S  Nights, Roberts Creek-���24L  AGENT ���GIBSONS  R. M. (Eric) INSMS  Phone Gibsons, 50  Phones:  1075 MAIN STREET, VANCOUVER; B.C.  PA; 6539  f A. 9171-2  VAN.^V^  Scows leave 1075 Main ISf^Vfcnc^  Schedule E$fecti.vifrJtepteinber .13*  LV. VANCOUVER  AR. iGlBSONSx  LV. GIBSONS  AR. VANCOUVER  Monday  Afternoon  1st Trip  Tuesday  Morning  Afternoon  Evening  Wednesday  No  Scheduled  Thursday  Afternoon  2nd Trip  Afternoon  Morning  Evening  "NOTE: All arrivals and departures ore subject to fide conditions*        Special Trips by Arrangement  __B____t_-_>  ���-_-_-___���_-_-_��� Friday, Sept. 24, 1948.  THE COAST NEWS, SECHELT, B. C.  Page Nine  IN THE following account,  Jim  lanes wide���but was not in good Tuesday afternoon in Prince destroyers visiting the city had  condition���though we made the Rupert was a bright sunny day disgorged their crews upon the  95-mile trip in three hours and with only two small quick show- place to add to the thickly pack-  ten minutes. There are no stops ers, and the sun peeping through ed streets.  between Terrace and Pfrince again before you could put your After our meeting Tuesday  Rupert, other than the occasional rubbers on. night, we managed to get down  railway flag stop. Railway and Sunday night we noticed that to the wharf about midnight to  roadway construction crews were all the restaurants were run by see my uncle, George Craigen,  in   abundance  along  the    route, Chinese  serving  mostly  Indians, chief engineer on the Union S.S.  DO I KNOW  THE VALUE  OF TREESr  Craigen of Powell River gives -first two or three storage rooms and there was lots of work    to Tuesday we found that most of Chilcotin, sister ship of the Cam  a  description  of  several  north- we entered. They had just -been be done. The road is basically a the   restaurants   were   still   run osun on which we had travelled  ern B.C. towns which he visited cleaned and were being prepar- gravelled   road,   but   bad   with by Chinese, but most of the In- to Prince Rupert,  recently   with   his   parents,   Mr. ed   for  new  stock.   As   a  result washboard   and  potholes  hidden dians were back on the fishing LUXURY SHIP  and Mrs. E. G. Craigen. their temperatures were as high in   our  trip    by    puddles    and grounds   and   things   weren't  so     We  had  to  pass  through the  SUNDAY, AUG. 29 as zero degrees fahrenheit. Fin-ponds. crowded as they had been. Sun- customs' officers   as    we     went  As  we  came  into   picturesque ally however  he found  One for     Nevertheless   the   people   who day nigkt practically everything aboard   as   guests  of  my  uncle.  Prince  Rupert  harbour the sun me   that  was    'fairly     cold*���23 use ^ are proud of it   and feel was   ��Pen>   and   three   American (Continued on page 3)  and wind cleared the skies , for degrees below on the thermom- at  last  they   are   in   connection   "~ ~i ~   us for the first time .all day. eter. Regular storage tempera ith civilizatioIi. throughout the  The ship docked, we established ture is 30 below. My light can- regt of BC The road was put  our contacts, and were registered vass shoes, and thin summer throu<,h from Terrace by the  in the Prince Rupert Hotel by shirt suggested we get out again ar * &nd .g n made * with  8 p.m. A slightly longer evening into the warm freezing working ��� g6bd foundation* but still lacks  than we are used to in Powell room,   and    mere    temperatures ~ d  surface   Thirty mile  an  River was quite noticeable, since did feel quite warm for a few h average is easily maintain-  Prince Rupert is about 170 miles mmutes. ed  west of this district. When fish are brought out of LOGGING TOWN  We were taken by our hosts these storages they are as brittle Terrace is a logging town in  for a quick drive ^through the us chalk, and as fragile if drop- a flat valley It too ig booming>  city, and; had pointed out to us ped. He smashed one; for us and though boomtown evidence is  the necklace of islands of which pieces of icicle like fish scatter- ladking. The buiidings are dii_  Prince Rupert is a part. Statis- ed mall directions. ^ apidated   looking,   and   only   in-  tically the city has a population Prince Rupert itself has had vestigation reveals that the  of about 10,000 and lives on fish, several expansions and depres- town is experiencing a new  lumber and trade, of which fish sions, and the scar of each one grQwth and stabilization which  is most important. is embedded in the foundations it  hasn't  seen for  a long time.  MONDAY,  Aug.   30 of the city. Apparently   it   was     for     some  Monday morning dawned a Narrow winding and wander- years almost a ghost town, and  beautiful day. We spent the ing roads ramble throughout the some evidence of that condition  morning looking the place over, upper reaches and lead aimlessly still exists. The empty builflfcngs  By accident we stumbled into the throughout the rocky hills and are now nearly full again, and  cold storage plant, largest of its knolls that make up the residen- retail businesses are starting to  kind in the world, and after a tial part of the city. This is com- take up the old stands, with a  trip through the place, I feel posed mostly of old houses, in- shortage of retail buildings al-  confident it is also the coldest eluding many good ones, and the ready existing. The town itself  of its kind in the world. occasional remodelled  one.  Also has been so busy filling up the  Mr. Bodie,. superintendent, scattered around are a few new old buildings that it has, not yet  kindly offered to take us houses, part of the current ex- had to start new construction-^  through, and was not satisfied pansion going on in the area. thus giving the apparent dead  till we were as thoroughly froz- These asphalted _ roads are town effect. An incorporated  en as the fish. Basically the busi- barely wide enough^for two cars village, it shows many signs of  ness is to take a fisherman's to pass, and are tediously built a surge such as it has not seen  catch   and   store   it    Warehouse round and over small hills, and before.  style   at   freezing   temperatures other obstructions. Terracites   claim   the   road   to  till it is require^ elsewhere. Mil- Through the business section Prince Rupert has opened up  lions of pounds of Vfish, are are straight wide roads, one the area more than any other  handled here, anci they are ship- block of which  is  paved    with factor.  ped direct m refrigerated rail- good street lights and sidewalks, Hotel accommodation was not  way cars. Certain^ types of other and the next block a nightmare good, but did the job till next  kinds   of  preserving   and     pro- in wet weather. . day.   Meals   are  comparable    in  cessmg are carried out like fil- Very old buildings, Only mod- price to this district���gasoline  letmg and smokmg^but no can- erately old buildings, and a few ���49 cents.  ZLT ^-^ 7 ^^eTnod^yhmdhm^ *lt We woke; early ^Tuesday mfitn-  co?ff'tl,   7, . . J Wetty-resting side^  T hactindubious^ourage to ound the- business area^bottt.three places available and: i^t at  accept Mr Bodie s challenge to three blocks wide byfive blocks nine a.m; to have lunch with  go into a cold room. The work- long. Business lots come in three mother in Prince Rupert at  ing room WeXwere, in, in our conditions: (a) on a level with noon We survived a terrific  light summer clothing, was a the road��� (b) deep iri agully rainstorm on the way back. The  mere freezing temperature, beside a road-r-or (c) oni top of rain poured so heavily for a fif  maintained at 32 degrees. Mr. a rocky cliff high above a road, teen minute period that the  Bodie  was   disappointed   at   thf giving of cotirse a nice? view of windshield wipers at  top speed  the surrounding landscape. could not clear the raiff from the  Prince   Rupentes    deny    that giasSt but rather a sheet of water  the^ towering mountain forming poured, down  the    glass    again  a  full  length  backdrop  to  tiifr iess than half an inch from the  city causes a daily rainfall. This wiper.  The   Wipers  were   about  summer- for instance they had a~as  effective as in a fish bowl.  record six weeks without rain���viability  at  the  height   of  the  3~Li��fp2w  we amved- downpour was   almost   non-ex-  TERRACE ��� instent  In the afternoon, Dad and I When the rai slackened en_  started for Terrace 95 miles; dugh -to see~we were greeted  east on the Skeena River. SmCe -^:iV. ��__. ��_,��.*��� w-:��_!L-_.x _!_.__!-:  "That question is a little off my beat, but as a citizen  of British Columbia I've made it my business to know the  answer. Trees are the backbone of our industry. They  account for 42 cents in every dollar we earn. That meant  you and me and everyone in British Columbia. Trees art  mighty big business.**  iG FOREST INDUSTRY  PULP AND PAPER  -.$*���.��;  ?l<:i  ..-> ���������  MURDOCH'S  MARINE SUPPLY  Compare Our PrieesI  Del nor Frozen Foods  Ice Cream  Groceries  Fresh Meats and  Vegetables  Hardware  Drygoods  Shell Oil  Fish Camp  We now have increased  refrigeration for handling  of perishables.  Pender Harbour, B.C.  .,.�� __!__����,___ +__ uwir ��� ��,_tt   ^ith the most magnificent show  we planned to be back on Tues- or streams and rivulets that one  day, we^left mother at the hotels ^iild imagine.  One of the members of the lodgei    *_,; .  .    .,  who  was  making  the  trip   also     The  mountainside  on  the far  with   some   relatives  offered   to:^e of ,the "ver seemedJo be  be  a guiding light for    us,    to i�����x���f waterfall with the oc-  make   sure   we     wouldn't     get Sft?11^?^11??6  ��l ?*retch- of  lost. Once off Kaien Island, we ^k iu"^ through the  water  found  you  couldn't   get    lost- n�����f��� ������J*^ +1,   x  there is only one road .in    the     ��n ��uf Sldt the sl��Pes "***  area,  and  it  goes    directly    to ^Jij^. T *w*V?eam a^  Terrace or  Prince Rupert. te-r ..an<^er. tumbling down out  The nine mills engaged in the  production of pulp and paper in  B.C. have a total investment exceeding $110,000,000 in plant  and equipment. Each of these mills  is expanding its plant facilities  . . . indicating the faith of the  industry in the future of British  Columbia.  FOR    THE    SAKE    OF    THE    FUTURE  BE     KIND     TO     LITTLE     TREES  PULP �� P  in   BRlllS  m HS!  Our  guide  set   a  30   mile  aft  of the sky.  IMWWMW  When Passing Through  Selma   Park  STOP AT  Refreshments - Ice Cream  Soft Drinks - Pies - Cakes,  Homecooked Cold Meats  Everything Baked on  Premises  Special Attention Given  To Orders  Ample   Parking  Spacf  for Cars  * hour pace by previous agreement, g  J A sharp mountainous road about g  two lanes and gravelled, with 5  narrow government bridges B  crossing mountain creeks, led us g  to the end of Kaien Island, on |  which Prince Rupert is built. II  Prom ��� Prince Rupert to the-,: p  mainland is nine miles by mouh- gj  tain road; From the, maiiiland; g  end of the bridge we diverted "  along a sea inlet that turned in- ���  to a beautiful canyon-like valley. Jg  The;;:;.roadX^however'.' weftt7ii|) y;ili- g  stead; of along, "and> in ^ort-lor- B  7der we lia^^emihiseencej^of'__ome |��  of the milder stretches of the g  Cariboo highway. g  Finally the road burst out on- 5  to  the  shore    of    the    Skeena^ J  i River   ���"shore"   being   a  much 1  \   more     apt    description      than- g  "bank."     We     calculated       the I  Skeena esttiary here to be about ���  three-quarters  of a mile    wide. |  For 50 miles of the 95 We found g  that we had the river," and along 1  the shores  or  bank    went    the J  highway, then- the railway, then- ��j  the sky high mountain cliffs.        g  The road itself is Eaaintaiined =  most of the way    about   three  iMlfli  I  %  CHUCK YOUR CAR  CHECK ACCIDENTS  A Minor adjustment that is overlooked can  cause a major accident. Have your car thoroughly checked frequently by trained experts.   Let us give your brakes, tires, lights,  and other mechanisms a complete inspection.  Our prices are low . ��� . our service the best.  Stop in today . . . remember, a safety cheek  may save your neck.  DON'T DELAY ��� SEE US NOW  SILVER GRILLE SERVICE STHTIOM  One of the Best Equipped Service Departments on the Peninsula  ��^  .IllifSlilliSlili Friday, Sept. 24,  1948_  THE COAST NEWS. SECHELT, B.C..  Page Ten  By KAREN STOCKWELL  ���_iiiiinri;'MfifT"iiiii: '("���it*"*1'"'" oi-um-ip- ���'  _-��_-.      ^^jr jSi Be  onservative  HELLO Guides! Sorry I haven't  been writing the news lately. FOR THE first time at a Nation- ��� ������ ���   Well, first I'll tell you about al political Convention, Res- ences between the Liberal Concur lovely week-end at Roberts de-la-Madeleme (Magdalen Is- vention recently held, and the  Creek Guide Camp. The girls lands) will be /represented. Progressive Conservative Con-  that went were Mary Parker, These islands, previously part vention, is that the representa-  Lorna Van Kleek, Helen Der- 0f the Gaspe riding, were creat- tion at the Progressive Conser-  by, Kathleen Rouse and Karen ed a separate constituency in the Vative Convention is based on  Stockwell. Harry Sawyer took us 1947 redistribution. Located in the new redistribution whereas  down and we waited till about the Gulf of St. Lawrence, closer the Liberal Convention* was hasten o'clock for them to come to Newfoundland than to the ed on ^he 0jd Representation'"  (the other Guides). We had Quebec coast, the islands' main- Act. Under the new redistribu-  something to drink, then went stay is fishing. Delegates will tion, there are ten additional  to bed in our cabins. We got up be: Gregoire Gaudet, Oscar Del- ridings. Thus^ the Progressive  at 7 o'clock and from then on we aney and W. Langlais. Conservative Convention will be  had colours, breakfast work!, Fifteen men in all have con- the largest of the three political  swimming,-games, and did many tested the p&rt leadership at conventions held this year. The  other interesting things. There ^ tbree previous Conventions.CCF. Convention, according to  were four leaders, and Id like to At the winnipeg Convention in press reports, had fewer than  thank the mothers and Miss Mc- lg42 the six candidates were: 300 delegates, whereas the Prog-  Taggart for letting us go, paying Lor(J Bennett Hugh Guthrie, ressive Conservative Conven-  our way and arranging it. c   H   Cahan, Dr. R. J. Manion, tion will total 1313.  ���nr   u a ^..^ *w r...rq�� rv.^Af    Robert  Rogers   and  Sir    Henry     Nearly    500    French-speaking  '��� ��wJL^.^+S   ���rk   Drayton.   Of   these,     only     Sir delegates   will   attend  the   Con  ing   on   Thursday   in^ the.par*, Drayton survives. At the vention.   These   delegates   come  and sang and discussed things Qttawa Convention in 1938 the from all provinces of the Dom-  to do.    Across    the    park    the candidates were:   Dr. R. J. inion, .and     included     amongst  Brownies had a nice little meet- Maniori} M A MacPherson, J. H. them will be a number of Ac-  mg too. Harris,  Denton Massey    and.   J. adian  descent.  On ��.pnt 1 the Guides and Earl Lawson. At the Winnipeg Well over 300 newspapermen,  Brownies went to .Derly's farm Convention of 1942 the five radio station personnel an#  .r. -w^t qpohplt I didn't eo as candidates were: John Bracken, cameramen, both still and mot-.  Tv^^hallZl^JA^ ^ MacPherson, John G. ion picture are expected to  th7tthev had a nice time Joy Diefenbaker, Howard C. Green coyer the Convention,  qpott was sick after it but is and H. H. Stevens. It is expected .*he Resolutions and Policy  wSi r.��� contenders   for   the     leadership Committee   of   the     Convention,  wen now. will   all  attend  the  Convention, consisting  of  193  members,  will  We're   continuing   our   sewing r>res.dine     officers     of meet   two   days   in   advance   of  classes   on   Friday   night   after     *��F     p^esiamg ,. ��fn^.��i the Convention at 10    a.m.,    on  cidbbtb   un   .ciiuct^    ingiit   ��_.       previous   Conservative   National cor.toTV1x.eT.   oo^   ���������rPVlo  r>T.__.T.rv_oW  school  and  everyone  try  to  go gonventions     will     attend     the ^^XL? ttee^s    Frederick  lf y��U Can' Convention.   They   a*e:    Senator ^^^rSner    KG     of   Torontt  We  would  like  to  thank   the C.  P. Beaubien,  joint  Chapman and ^ g^ etary'is  Robert. L.  women who sponsor our associa- with the late Hon. *_. N   Kttoaes stanfield of Halifax. Seven sub-  tion and also the Union Steam- of the 1927 Convention; John R. Committees   wm''. consider   reso-  ship for the use of the Pavilion MacNicol, M.P.|, joint Chairman-^���  falling ^ their special\;  Hall   to  have   our   meetings   in. with   the     late    Hon     Maurice fieldg  The Extefnal Affairs sub__  That  includes  both   Guides  and Dupre  at  the   1938   Convention, committee has 25 members; Ag-  Brownies.  Thank you  again.        and H. K. Miiner, ^.u. ana lvan riculture  33. Labour, 29; Natural  w 11  +w>c  ���n  W  .h.�� wpek   Sf\^V^A?n''   ^    GhairmenResources,   30;   Social    Security,  Well that s all for this week, of the 1942 Convention. 26; Veterans, 25 members, as haJ  so  till  later keep  smiling. Back  in  the  saddle    at    this th4  TaxatioA  sub-committee.  Sechelt   Guides   are   planning Convention   will  be .a-   veteran     Youth Delegates-at-Large  and 7  a  General  Social    Evening    on organization official. The Chair- University       Delegates-at-Largfc  October 1st, in the Legion Hall, mem of the Entertainment Com- have the distinction of being the  mittee���Redmond Code, K.C., of most prompt  in returning their  im>     ,    BAX Ottawa���was   General   Secretary compieted Credentials. The staff  (Sechelt) of  the  Party  and  principal  as-in  charge-Gf  Credentials    have  Bv ARIES sitant  to   General  A.  D.  McRae made ciuite a  game of checking  Y during  the   1930   election    cam- on this, and proudly report that  paign. Youth is in the lead for prompt  WEST  SECHELT  is  losing  one      General J.  A.  Clark,  Leon  J. replies.  of   its   popular   families.   Dick Ladner,   John   A.   Fraser,   Hon.  and Patty Kline and the child- H.   H.   Stevens,   of  British  Col-  FORTY thousand B.  C. lumber  workers are in line for a pay  boost of 13 cents an hour, or 11  percent, whichever is greater.  This was the unanimous recommendation of a conciliation  board, which has been on the  case since April.  Operators had offered 11 cents  and the IWA asked 35. Both are  calling meetings to discuss the  verdict. 171 Operators are affected. The increases are to be  retroactive to 75 days from date  of acceptance by the workers.  The boost would bring the basic  minimum  pay  for labor  in  the industry to $1.08 per hour.  Trained men get an additionl 5  to 10 cents.  Hours  of  work    remain    the  same. A night shift differential  was increased 5 to 6 bents per  hour*  Hairdressing Shop  A Complete  Hairdressing  Service  ���x.,'-*-  DOLLY  JONAS  Phone for Appointments ���  EAST IS EAST  and  WEST IS WEST  SO IF YOU WANT MEAT  VILLAGE MARKET  HAS THE BEST  Village Meat Market and Delicatessen  Phone Sechelt 56 Bus  Service  Rough  Local Orders  Filled  Promptly  Random Widths  Random Lengths  Fir  ��� Cedar  Hemlock  B.C. FIR  SECHEI^Bfe  PHONE 42  ���_  and U.S. Professor Will  ren  are  leaving  us   at the   end umbia;   Dr.   G.   D.   Stanley  of the  month.  First for  a long General J. A. Stewart, of Alber- Qnt^n PrrTGftte'  awaited holiday   (Mexico is it?)  ta,  are  among  former  Members       "/*u*"1,l��"  and then will'be: settling down of  Parliament   who   will   attend Institute  in West Vancouver. the   Convention. .     -   *  : , . rw._>   /vf   +*.__,'   ^.^.o.t.oi   /q.��or-   DR--   E-  G-  OLSEN,   Director  of  Wally   Berry   will   be   taking     Q���   of   the   principal   differ-      Schools and Community Rela-  over  as "Mine Host"  at  Wake- ..  ��� tions for the State  of Washing-  field  for  Dick   and   Alex Gray Jacksons   in Wally's  place.   Mr. t0n, will address the annual two-  will no longer pilot the big bus   Al  White   is   to  be  bus  driver. day seSsion of the'. Parents' Instil  for   Cecil  Lawrence   as  he  will  All in all quite a game of check- tute for U.B.C.   His opening ad-  be   timekeeper   at    Burns    and  ers for our community. dresS on October 4* at 8:00 p.m.  in the Mayfair Room of the Hotel;  Vancouver is entitled "Let's Vitalize Our Schools". On October 5  at 1:30 he will speak at the University of B.C.'s Acadia Camp on  the theme "What it Means to  Grow Up". ���  The two day Parents' Institute,  program is of vital interest to all  parents and an invitation to attend   is\ extended to   all   inter-s  ested members of the public. The ,..  University Department of Extension will supply further details  upon request."   '���'rf  RELIABLE 24-  HOUR SERVICE  BILL'S  HALFMOON BAY, B.C.  Halfmoon Bay  7-U (. ���.)  Bill Mervyn  I  SOMETHING DIFFERENT ...  Befter Than All Known Wallboards  M  BRAND  Manufactured by the Makers of Weldtex  ';:V/7LISf>RICE:;  '9'i ioot  AT GIBSONS  Have Your  Roof Reshi  BEFORE THE WET WEATHER STARTS  Duroid Shingles  ALL TYPES OF MASONITE AND CHROME TRIM  ��� MILL WORK  FLOOR SANDER FOR RENT  Your Local Complete Marine Towing Service  LOG TOWING ~r- YARDING ��� SCOWS -  PILE DRIVING ��� SALVAGE  DREDGING  )UQM  ; "Everything For The Builder"  Gibsons, B.C. Phone Gibsons 53  Special Facilities for Quick Moyement of Cats, Logging Trucks and  ���General Camp Equipment  PHONE US COLLECT  SECHELT ��� Parr Pearson Agency, Tel. 54 or 37  PENDER HARBOOR^B'iii^ Tel.  6 U  NANA]AAO--~The Nanaimo Towing Co. Ltd.  GIBSONS���M. P. GtMePhe^  Area Agent���Mr. H. Spalding/ Pender Harbour, Tel. 6C3


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