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 Fined for Shooting  Doe and Fawn  SECHELT ��� Gordon Mclntoph,  Halfmoon Bay, was fined $100  ^and costs by Magistrate Frank  Hewer when he pleaded guilty  to shooting both a doe and fawn.  The conviction was the result of  quick action on the part of  Const. J. Gray Of B.C. Police.  London Specialist Here  Serving a Progressive and Growing  Area on B. C.'s Southern Coast.  Covers Sechelt, Gibsons, Port Mellon, Woodfibre, Squamish, Irvines  Landing, Half Moon Bay, Hardy  Island, Pender Harbour, Wilson  Creek, Roberts Creek, Granthams  I_anding, Egmont, Hopkins Landing. -  Brackendale," Cheekeye,  etc.  FVBX.ISB-BD BY" THE COAST NEWS, XrlMITED  Business Office.  Sechelt, B.C. National Advertising" Office, Powell 3��iver, B.C.  VoL III  No. 10  Sechelt, B. C.  Friday, Sept. 17, 1948  5c per copy, $2.59 per year, by me;!  Says U  Is Great Boost to  soms Growth  Rs Commercial Centre  Pick Carson  /���  GROWTH   and   development   of-  DIGBY, N.S.���Hon. E. C. Carson,  B.C. * minister of Public Works,  was  elected  sixth . vice-president  Gibsons from the time it was business area, though, is the new J* tlJ? 29*h annual convention of  a small summer; resort until its fireproof theatre building,  a 2% ^e Canadian Good Roads Asso-  present status as the commercial story   block   which   houses    be- ciatlon on September 10.  THE NATIONALIZATION of Britain's health services in July *Jub   of   the   entire   West   Howe sides    the    theatre-dance  ' hall,      Hon. Antonia Talbot of Quebec  of this year was a great step forward and would prove an f^l/^ fl���1^ ^p1111^^"? half-a-dozen   shops    as    up-to- was    re-elected    president,    and  enormous boon to the British neonle   Dr  S  Tnvlor Harris  wpII- LandmS  "P.^   Roberts    Creek  date   as   any   of   th*   specialty Hon. Errick F. Willis, Manitoba,  enormous poon to me prmsn people, ur. __>.  . ayior .-.arris, wei.- was  outlined  by  John   Graham SDOts  vou'll find  in  Vancouvpr named     first     vice-president  known London  physician and obstetrical  specialist, told The in his  column  "Street Corners"     ��� ^ Among the directors elected was  ,oJf Vi" ?t��ming ?^ng'   k G-b" N-   C-   Anderson   of  British   Co-  cC^miStv   of    rVmgtb       Jnon  lumbia> while GeorZe A'  McNa"  ional Health Services  it now is said    about     it}     jt  has   finally     Thfey  used  to  call  it  Gibsons persons in the general shopping J���^   WaS   chosen' as   secretary-  News during an interview on Saturday.  "Under the new plan of Nat-  recently.  Wrote Mr. Graham:  possible   to   get   free   treatment piaced the responsibility for the Landing, but .the name has been area���not   only   in   the   farming  ,,   ���   ,���   ,,. . .. ,      ,  .     ~., ...     . ...     district   behind   the   village   but   __ ��� ���    mm  -_   . upon the shoulders of the people plain  Gibsons now���-without the en<.*.  and Wfw  fnr    ty...p��=     r_r.o   Mrkrmrrrt   ��4<r*ii*��rh  ��7���**  pie. whose eyesight is poor may themselves  instead of; being the Landing,    ' I*!!.3��� WJlst-ior^mile?\   ����� iVO���an tlOUgtl ttWt  tf^^^S^^^ iWJS   * J^^*? S^_^J^J^  **  *j* ^rict   behind   the   v!llag���J_  in the hospitals," he said. "Peo  merchant,  for  instance,  has  fit-   r      ��� -it   n       - t  But    while    the     name     has ted  up  a truck as  a travelling In bdWlTlllI ACCldent  shrunk,   the   community,   on  the store to .cover the district as far  nABnATC<T1  :  ������Ljen .-wooflen. legs  come un- general   nhvsical   health other han4, has expanded.  Once as Roberts Creek-it has shelves  pORPOISEIB A Y ��� Nor man  der the advantages of the health rf ^traf h �� . enKnJ^tt ifc>as  Primarily  a  summer re- and   counter   just   like   a   small  ���rH��ugh'   Glbson?>   was   injure 1  get   free   spectacles   and   dental burden of a few"  work also is free. HEALTH IS GOOD  'Even wooden  legs  come un-  Sow   rnfnv   'rS^^^-cS^^ ��% **��*".  *> *    Year-round shop  now   many   people   nave   come   ���  .. ,      iW+<m.   ��**   ,...��   +��   +T... settlement   of     something     like  ���forward stating they_ wanted 'to J^  ^fX?,?- <S_Lt0���2e WOO population and it looks on  Wednesday morning at the B.C.  Fir   (Sechelt)   Mill  here.   While  The chief reasons for Gibsons'  spotting   on   the   edger   a   piece  get.a prescription filled so they ^?^n?^-?X ''ti^na   med"-itself as the  commercial hub of development,   of   "course,   is   the flew back from the cant, stril.-  could get a wooden leg.'     7      .   lcally  a*d  dentally. the   entire   West   Howe     Sound ^eady.  2I?crTfase     of  population  ing  Hough   in   the   groin.   Fears  "There is nothing within rea- "New-born babies are tend- area���from Williamsons Land- throughout West Howe Sound, of broken bones were allayed by  son  that  the  people  need  want mg   to   weigh   more   now   than ing up to Rberts Creek7 And. another might be the grad-  Dr.  Allan's   examination    which  for as���far as having their health  before,    and   the   well-balanced      Th_   nfK-   affprrmnTr   T.'     pnf ual electrification ��� of the region,  revealed only severe bruises and  attended   to   and .hospitalization diet on the whole is putting on     ^i.S^S"    JouSd ?fCe-^e  only  electric  light  in  cuts.  - if thev are sick   There's no fuss weight for the average Briton.    %.y ���   oouts^. f��^mS_    ar.��una the village was on the premises  11 mey are_sicK. _ineres no iuss & & Gibsons���without  the  Landing��� of the How_  qnnnd Trainer fn  about   it.    It's   all   free   for   the      "But where the danger lies is under   the   guidance   of   Gordon wowe bound. Irading Co.   y       ���-��    if-.������.jLf,-  people   and   they   are   certainly in the fact that while the phys- Ballentine    whoTas   a   photog- ~7a     gasolme-��Perated      power   I OUth Assembly  taking   advantage   of   the   plan, ical being of the nation is above raphy   business   there    And   the P THE   INTERNATIONAL    Youth  and that's all there is to it," he par,  the    monotony    and    drab pjace has certainly gone ahead      Later on��  though,  private  en-      Conference meeting in London  said  casually. meals   are   tending   to   produce      T   rtxrnt>mh.*T  +h^  first  a���*   T terPrise   developed   a   hydro-el- last month unanimously accept-  Just   what  the  ultimate  reac- conditions .leading  to  functional rememoer   me   nrst  xime   a ectric   scheme   at   Sechelt.   Now ed proposals for forming a new  tion   of   the-  medical   profession illness.   So the psychological re- ^^'w^^ is  provided  through  the world  youth   assembly.  Its  task  as   a   whole   would   be   to   the suits   of  the   enforced   rationing �����. �����? 1   ���^ Power     Commission,     and will   be   to   foster   international  scheme; Dr. Harris was not pre- are not so good, Pj=r��.DjT Pn7nrnnn-t      Tr.I   fa *�����_?���low   rates   have   brouSht   about understanding   by   practical   co-  pared   to   state7; "But we all eat too much now- w;���L   ���7 thin  IS !j the electrification of all business operative work and to seek, rec-  "Whether the doctors will be adays ana I think the English �� p^lP of %pneral ^W��T * Premises and virtually all the ognition for the needs of youth  as well paid under the plan as people are better off for having Lw a flrn^nv^ ^hZrnl^v year-round homes. Only a few throughout the globe. The new  they were before remains to be less   to   eat.    But   although   the "xXa Vv.q r,n_.   ��?����!     bnoemdKer of   the   summer     cottages     still- organisation   will   be   known  as  ���.i    ^���    is    no ana m-e pos. omce. cling to  kerosene  lamps. the  International Youth Assem-  I   got  my  hair   cut  all right; ������-������������;; ;7 , r.......'..yX,'-.",,.-". :,...,���.... ���   .���.-.��� x . ...���������-���������-  '������m\*��  ������������:. J..V:.'  :V.^-VfV  yc^.  seen.   But it is a mistaken idea rations are small   there  ,to  think that the plan has  de- need for anyone to go hungry."  .tooyed &nya1^  land.   mtienWfri^  go to a doctor privately if they a  week   and  the  employer  will fd   on. a   kitchen   chair   behind ��"  want to, provided they are not pay a similar sum and the self- the shop* *�� Mm     m *mm M 1^   ��� 1  on the public list." '       employed   man   will   pay   about      But  Gibsons'  business  leaders RAft   |_TI__I_I__I1C   ftiOlllOllfAll    KVlSlfik  FREE CHOICE OF DOCTORS       six shillings a week. .. " are still not satisfied. They want ��V��   VliUMW   JUU1UVA11V11   0I1UI;  There is a free choice of doc-      Asked about the political pic- more  roads   and   better  roads- ���  EDMONTON���Of interest in Van-  parties.   But .whatever  may  be      ;CContinued on Page Ten)  tors under the scheme. Patients ture^today^n England, Dr   Har- -"gf^ a **hway to the pulp-      co p^#,-M���   RU        Jin  are not compelled to go to any ris i believed  that the next gen- miU centre of Poit Mellon   And ents       ^ the  couple will Retires After 40  specified   practitioner   and     the erai election was <m the lap  of th^yg want  a   cu^ierry   too   to make their home t��e mar.  Years With  CPR  doctor may also refuse to handle the gods.' HoSShop Bav to C h.o��� riage  solemnized   in  All  Saint's   A   ,  Ql���     ,    f*    -,  certain patients if he so desires.    " "There is no indication of any Horseshoe Bay to  Gibsons. Cathedral    September   4    at    1 A' E' SHAVE, who has been loc-  "A lot of people mistakenly great change of mind politically "And what we ultimately 0>clock when Alice Joyce Met- ���al reasurer for the Canadian  think that the scheme has been although the Labor government want to .see," said President calfe clarke became the bride of Xaciflc Railway at Vancouver  solely the result of Labor Gov- comes in for a lot of drubbing. Cliff Gray of the Gibsons Board David Frank Vernon Heakes smce   1935>   retired   today   after  ernmeiit policy. This is not the But I think the Labor govern- of Trade, "is a road from Van- Rev Dean Trendell officiated 40 years of service with the  case since it is merely a natural ment is^good for England, and couver to Gibsons. Sure it would at the ceremony and later pro- comPany- Announcement of Mr.  extension of the 1912 National those who complain against it be quite a . proposition���from posed the toast to the bride ^ho ferred to Winnipeg where he be-  Health Plan to include all mem- are not the; thinking people m Horseshoe Bay to Squamish and is the daughter of Mrs Clarke came assistant treasurer. He  bers of the family and to pro- .the'.,.country." ^ ���''''���'��� then down the west side of the and the late Mr Victor T  Clarke   moved  to  the  Pacific   coast    in  vide hospitalization where the He said that people ^n Eng- Sound. But it would be one of The groom��s parents are Air- way comPany's treasury office  old scheme did not. land, were not half as bothered the   greatest   tourist   attractions vice   Marshal   and   Mrs    F    V   at   Wmdsor  Station  as  a   clerk  "In my estimation it is an en- about the international situation of this province and would re- Heakes who have made their Four years later he was promot-  ormous   progressive   job   which and   the   threat   against   dempc-  suit   in   the   gradual     develop- summer home in Sechelt ed to accountant, and in 1918 he  unfortunately���������has been made to racy by the Russian ideology as ment    of a huge summer resort      Mr  otto ijlrich was ^est man was  appointed chief clerk,  f^ink   by     opposition    politic^^ area. It may be a while, but it and   ushers   were   Mr    Wilfred     In 1925 he was named junior  wiU come some day. In the mean- Stewart and Fit Lt Clyde Under- asslstant treasurer at Montreal,  time we'll settle for the car wood 0f Vancouver. Miss Rhoda ?ndAflV^ y!ars later was trans~  ferry. ;     O'Brien was solojst. J-  A.  Dundas,   treasurer,  Mont-  They have a few more beefs Following the reception in Sa- rea^ _, , .  ���including freight rates. The ion A of the Macdonald Hotel, , M,r' ,.bhavfs introduction to  marine shipping costs add quite the couple left for a honeymoon Jjca^ tinanwal operations of the  a bit to Vancouver prices; one at Banff, Waterton Lakes and ���'' began at Montreal in  merchant paid $1 to bring up. Seattle. For travel the bride wore }%��. 7 !n ^e J,omed the rail~  30 pounds of shortening���three a cherry gabardine suit, grey top- iycx..t0 ^e ,local treasurer, the  cents a pound. coat  and  accessories, with talis- P��?,ltlon he has held since.  Succeeding him in the post is  R. Mallaby, formerly assistant  local treasurer, who has been m  Shave's retirement was made by  the Vancouver treasury. office  since 1910.  In   other  treasury  department  changes, G. Mitchell, of the Vancouver   office,   is   transferred   to  ,           ish  Columbia  covered  bv  the 7inmPeg   to   be   assistant   local  . . ?5��P provincial   hospitalization   insur- ^eas^re^   and  W.  E.   Goodman,  more   besrdes.  0^��__ ������,;.. t-������^^���.-^ -..������ .^.��� of Winnipeg, succeeds Mr. Mali-  ��� ** . .. -     ������  Need Kino wled#e t-oKeep  Our Faith Says Carter  And   they  think   the   place  is man roses en corsage.  'THE WORLD is moving forward on the feet of little^ children big  enough  for  a  liquor store,  and'we as teachers need knowledge of world background too. Now they send to the Liquor f)ec 1 nr��rrrr7iri__a  in order that we. may maintain our faith in the face of the al- Control mail order office in ^^* _ ��� "iC?  most bewildering clash of ideologies// School Inspector Garter t^cos^teer^ ^L lch�� For B.C. Hospital  told ai meeting-oi= the^combinedI teaching staffs of all schools     w Because if you buy a Scheme Premium  "Parents-and other^duaitional bodies.^ their .nflu-^ singl/bottle ofrye, the freight ��� ^.^ t .  ence.but the  teachers are the  best organized body in  the COmes to 85 cents. BY DEC. 1, every person m Brit  country today.  But our faith in democracy must be lifted out     gut  there's   a  of storage in its museum case and be lodged "in the brains of now���and   a   lot  barber  our children."  Inspector-Carter told the teach-  There are three or four grocery  ance, will have paid six month's  premium.  aby here.  ���stores, a beauty parlor, a dress      For sin'gle persons this amounts . .At a. brief ceremony marking  ers who were gathered together in a position to earn a living and shop'va drug store, three rest- to $7#50 Married persons. will ^.^Sjement Tuesday, George  for an informal introduction and must- be protected from every ?ura?ts' two 15-cent stores, a have paid $12 to $15j acc0rding H. Baillie, vice-president of the  discussion of plans for the com- form of exploitation and that they jeweler,  a laundry,  a  couple of to category. Pacific   Region    presented    Mr.  ing year,  that in  a totalitarian Mist be brought up in consdoui ha^^ merchants    a   dentist,      insurance   Commissioner   Her- Shave with a gift on behalf; of  state the few are^rulers and the ness that their talents must be two doctors, an optometrist a shey explained the only regula- feUow officers and associates,  great7mass   of  people ^are   but devoted  to  the  service  of their theatre  and   dance  hall,   a shoe tion  governing   the   payment  of and  messages   of   congratulation  workers. feliowmeh. ���'". repairer. premiums is the one demanding  : ���  7 "In a democracy^almost aH the     Th in     There's a part-time bank now/half the annual charge by Dec. 1  people are not only workers but some   respects   differed     to   all which   will   double     its     hours and the second half by March 31,  rulers   too. 'Therefore7we  must previous years. when its new premises are fin-  1949.   '    * ���   ��� - ";" '    ^        x  educate all for truly democratic    : "We know now that we have ished,  right-at the head  of the      Forms for registrationrma^ be..-.  living for ignorance a^vfreedoipi to accept and to become accust-" wharf. Besij3.es  these^  of course, obtained at your local posrofrlbe.^ ;: '   '.  cannot exist together any. more omed   to   higher   price   values, there's a k#'of other businesses,   !  ... .       " '  .  -Xp ^  '  than fire arid water" he said.      These have  apparently come  to but   that's   enough   tb   give   you     American life insurance  com- VIHOIDIA.  It was Jthe duty of Powell River stay." the   general; pieturf  of   what's panies   have   nearly   $500,000,000 ^H^^^Il ^^W'l^O^d  teachers/to see that the.children ;   Cost-of-living index, he point- been  going on in, .p|bs|ns. invested in farms they own out- -.*-**��� .-7*   ~.  under their  car^ * ..^'���^;;^^.,;;;;;;.7^x7,?: Page Two  THE COAST NEWS, SECHELT, B. C.���  Friday, Sept. 17, 1948  By "SLIM'  owns  l����__i    W    _____  HI  FOLKS,   Sept.   14  and  what  a   wet   day!   Sorry   t   had   no  column last week but I was so MR   EWART a Craigen return_ _ ��� _  busy   I   just   couldnt   make  the      ed  tQ   PoweU    River    Friday ^   ^.^ ^   ^   ste^art>Bella  from the  porthole.  I. was  * morning  following  a  two-weeks with   stops   only   at   Alert   Bay, back in bed and asleep again be-  Had some unexpected com- *ou* of British ColVfnbia J?dges Namu> Bella Bella, Klemtu, and fore the ship docked. From the  pany up Mrs Jim Will and "} hls of*lcial capacity as Grand Butedale, all.o cannery towns, lights around shore Bello Bella  friend Mrs J Millan both of 5J?Se^ ^dependent Order of and Bella Bella and Klemtu are seemed comparable to Namu. I  Montreal   were here 5 days and Oddfellows,     British     Columbia passed during sleeping hours. ^   didn't   even   raise   an   eyebrow  enjoyed every minute  of it,  es-  Jurisdiction.  After Alert Bay we headed in-  for  Klemtu,  and  can't  say  that  <r?  GIBSONS 1LECTRIC  pecially the trip up to the Town- L Mr:  Craigen was  accompanied to  Queen   Charlotte   Sound,  and I  really * missed  it.   Dad   missed  site.  At  present they're in  Vic- by hls Wlfe and son James, and spent   a   good   part   of   the   late Bella   Bella,   but   saw   about   as  toria   and   Seattle   and   may  be the   touE_    included     lodges     of afternoon   crossing  this  body  of much of Klemtu at 5 a.m.  as I  :  back. Prince   Rupert,   Terrace,   Smith- water.  A  slight swell  gave  the saw  of Bella Bella.  ers,   Prince  George, with  a  trip  snip   a   nice   liesurely   roll   that      1   woke   up   holding   onto   the  Mrs.   Lyla   Henshaw   and   son into   the   Peace   River   block   to made you feel great i;o    be    at bed  for  my life.  We    had    hit  David  are  up  visiting  her  par- visit  the  lodge  at  Pouce  Coupe sea. Millbank Sound, or rather Mill-  ents Mr. and Mrs. W. Adamson which was opened last year. { spent , a   good   part   of   the Continued on Page 7  for  six   weeks.   It's  nice  to  see     Returning  over    the    Cariboo afternodn     discussing     weather, "  her home again. Highway he called on officers of geography, travel and American  ���*,        t ___.    r^        . j the Ashcroft Lodge. .       and  Canadian  politics    with    a  Mrs.   Jeff   Caverley   and   son      The   Craigen   famil     went   fo  German-born   lady     who     was  ^?Ww?      are also home on Prince R        t b     vesgel   crogs_ making  the  trip  with  her  teen  a visit. Welcome home Betty.        ed to Prince George ^ ^utomo- age.son and daughter. She works  We wish to  extend our deep- bile and motored to Vancouver, with the liquor taxation depart-  est sympathy to Bob, Helen and ^bile   Jim    flew     down    from mentin   San  Francisco,  and  is  Don Heron at the sudden pass- Prince  George.  The  trip  to  the about  the  fiftieth  of  her  office  ing away of Mrs. Heron. It was Peace Rlver bl��ck was by CPA. staff to have made the trip,  such a shock to us all. While   in  Prince  George  they      Apparently a party��of two pr  met Jimmy Coles, former Pow- three  made a  similar  boat trip  Another of our old timers has ell River Stages driver now up this coast some years ago and  been very ill in the Townsite working with Greyhound on the since then at least one or two  Hospital���Jimmy Beatson. Hope Williams Lake to Prince George from the office have made the  he will soon be up and around, run. trip each year. .���'-<'  Also  m,r  fri^nH   pPnr<.a  iw       In the  following personal  ac-      This year so many were talk-  Also  our  friend  George  Tay- t  3i     Craigen |ives      d       ing  about  the British  Columbia  lor has had his leg operated on cri ^ of the8 Union steam- ccSst trips that she felt she must  Itt I6 !^Tlf7^^rll7^l ships trip north to Rupert. use her two weeks vacation this  Every Meal A  Party!  when  you serve  our  Bread, Pies, Cakes or  Cookies  Our Years' of Service Is  Our. Guarantee   ,.  ELPHINSTONE  BAKERY  Gibsons, B.C.  Gibsons 45  Gibsons, B.C.  Eyes Bright With Good Light! >  BRIGHTEN UP EVERY CORNER IN YOUR HOME-  able to save his leg. We're with      Friday  Aug  27-The'ss Cam *ray.  We  were  so  interested  in  you George and the gang is miss- n "iaay, Aug. *'���f^e bb Cam- * variptv   of   subiects   ODened  ine vou                                                   osun   made   a   special     call     at me ' vSFlety .?*   supJeci.s   ��Penea  SyU'                                                Westview tonight, as part of the UP  Wlth    different    viewpoints,  Another old-fame family Union's plan to relieve the boat and the shlPs accommodations  which has lived here 25 years shortage through the loss of the were so comfortable, that we  has left���Mr. and Mrs. Jim Princess Mary. Dad was on were hardly inconvenienced by  Newberry. They have moved to board having met the boat in the Persistent ram we had had  Powell River and we wish them Vancouver, and Mother and the since leaving Alert Bay.  the very best of luck. car   and   myself  were   admitted      Movies were shown after sup-  TTri^ V at  Westview.   We  all  slept  fine per,   since  it  was  turning  dark  Mrs. Wharton had a farewell till the the ship passed over Rip- and there was nothing else to see  party   for   Mrs.   Newberry.   The pie Rocks. till   we   arrived   at   Namu   just  evening was spent in playing Saturday, Aug. 28���Ripple after nine. Honoring the Powell  cards and then they ^presented Rock���All my life I had wanted River passengers, first film  her with a beautiful brooch and to see this famous navigation shown was. "River of Paper."  ear rings. menace,  but  was  a little disap- This was followed by a Mickey  Miss Agnes Wharton has been P^d that the ship would pass Mouse cartoon, a government  home for a week through  so  early  in  the  morn- travel bureau film of the P.G.E.  XXX ing,7 long Tbefore   a   respectable trips and scenery,  and a sports  Mr.   Leonard     Newberry    has getting up  time. review-film  with   a  section'   on  been visiting home for sometime. Union Steamships didn't dis- motor speedway and daredevil  He left for Toronto again last appoint us however. The ship stunts. I couldn't help feeling  week.. suddenly gave a sweeping lurch that the Powell River company.  _,_ ���   " ���        , that shook all of us out of our had put out a good film, but it  Well I guess I.cant say I have three hours nights rest, ahd I would be better if it could be  a baby any more. Barbara Anne realized we had passed the rock, brought up to date, including  started to school on Tuesday Looking out the porthole I could the cornflakes machine and the  and so far thinks its fine.      .       see   the   pillars   of   the   govern- hydraulic  barkers   in  action.  I have seen everything: Lor- T6.���?3 famous failure to anchor a Namu was a well developed  raine Noble has a pet alligator, drilling scow with, overhead company town, much larger than  one that changes color with its ca��les- the pinpoint on the map indic-  moods. First it's brown, then .\?ould als�� see^sleepy heads ated, and contained a new corn-  pea green. Lorraine has a little sticking out of portholes all ov- pany general store far superior,  string around its neck and pin- er ^side-of the ship They to any in this district though  ned on to the lapel of her coat. ^ haveT been interested too. only the size of Brown Brothers  Now Barbara wants one, but ?a? and * slipped on trousers, in Cranberry. The company is ��  I'm afraid it won't be me that Jf^l an^ slipp?rs ovfr our really developing Namu, which  sets  her   one pyjamas,  and   took   a   stroll   in should be comparable    soon    to  SLIM  the bnght dawn. We noted the places  like  Woodfibre,   and  our    '  Prince   Rupert   steaming   down own company townsite on a little  Seymour Narrows in full speed. smaller scale.  The presence of fangs in the and after she passed us, we went After Namu, we weren't due  mouth of a shake is the only back to bed till breakfast time. at Bella Bella till "2 a.m., so we  certain      means      of      deciding     Following      breakfast      came hit the hay.  from  our  newly  opened     department of LAMPS.  Table Lamps  Bed  Lamps  in pastels  and  fioral  .  .  .  with shades,  from  $1.95  to  $13.95  TRILITES  less shades  $12.95  to  $17.50  SALES AND SERVICE  We Have  Listed Some of the Finest  Up-To<The-Minute HOMES  WATERFRONT PROPERTIES  In Selma. Park, Sechelt; West Sechelt  Enquire for Listings of Better Homes  G. H. Clay  A. C. Hill  Representatives  whether  it is venomous or not. business. Final straightening out   .  of our passage papers was completed, and I noted that passage,  Stonewall   Jackson,   the   fam- meals, stateroom accommodation  ous   Confederate     general,     had and     afternoon     and     bedtime  little education, but earned pro- snacks were  all included under  motion  by  the  doggedness   that the fare.  I  saw  all  I  wanted  of  Bella  H A. ROBERTS LTD.  Real Estate ������ Insurance  Gibsons, B.C.  Phone Gibsons 8H  _*w*_n  made him a great leader.  Wm. McFddden  Optometrist  GIBSONS  Office Hours:  9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.  Evenings  by Appointment  Every  day  except Thursday  At noon we called at Alert  Bay. This Indian 'reservation  and cannery town is larger than  I had imagined with roads, cars  and buses apparently serving  outlying sections on the same  island. -    ;  Since the ship stops an hour  at various places, we had ample  opportunity to take a stroll on  ; shore. I made a trip through; the  Indian quarter, but was quite  thankful to stick to the main  road. Quite a thriving fishing  center.  I noticed after we were under  way again that the Camosun was  an express ship from Vancouver  ^���o^^���^^  YOU'RE OUR HONORED  GUEST  When you dine at the E'ng-  list Tea Rooms, your  slightest wish is pur concern. The menu and the  service are planned to make  your meal an occasion to be  remembered with pleasure.  ENGLISH TEA ROOMS  Gibsons, B>G. v, -j;  Winter Board  Now. is the time to arrange  for your winter board at  ROCKWOOD LODGE. Reasonable rates, good homer  cooked meals. Comfortable  rooms.  Nice environment.  Also   open   all* winter   for  TRANSIENT GUESTS.  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This is due to the fact that the  educational, scientific and cultural  life  of  Britain  is so  div-  Burnaby^ Mr. Carpenter works  in Pender and hopes soon to  be able to bring his family here  to reside.  Mr. and Mrs. Gordon Lyons  and two children visited in Vancouver this past week.  Mr. Fefte Cotton is visiting  his brother Mr. Ernie Cotton at  Sakinaw Lake.  The Barmar owned by Mrs.  Sam Randall and skipped by  Capt. Johnny Heard was in the  Harbour over the week-end..  Aboard were Mrs. S. Randall  and son Jack Randall, Lady  Care, Brown Care and son Sir  Robert.  erse that a single committee  could not be adequately representative.  Ten cooperating bodies, each  specializing in a particular subject, have therefore been appointed under the chairmanship of the Minister of Education. Other member States have  set up one central committee in  the form of a National Commission. The Ministry of Education  have recently published a pamphlet explaining how UNESCO's  activities are being forwarded  in Britain through the work of  these bodies.  Some 300 experts serve on  them representing all the leading organisations in the country  whose interests come within the  sphere of UNESCO. They are  now engaged in a wide variety  of activities, including the compilation of information on subjects in which Britain's position  is acknowledged to be outstanding.  The Sudan in North Africa  was once called the Land of the  Blacks.  Case Histories  Of Black Country  THE MIDLANDS, one of Britain's main industrial areas centred on Birmingham, have been  the subject lately of several  far-reaching researches. The  BBC has-been broadcasting some  of the issues arising out of them.  Two million people are densely  concentrated in the cities of Birmingham and the Black Country, so called from the pall of  smoke from their factory chipi-  neys. Paradoxically, the peaceful farmlands encircling them  are gradually losing their popiir  latibn and the richness of their  soil. The west Midland Planning  Group some months ago published two surveys which drew attention to this problem the conclusions they reached were ^o  important that the BBC's Midland-Home Service broadcast a  dramatised   review   of  both   re-  * ports under the titles of "Industrial Heritage" and "Drift  ���from the Land." The first feature analysed the problem of  sprawling unplanned urban development, and showed how  much could be done by laying  out the waste slag land as open  spaces. The second took Herefordshire as a typical example^ of  the problems of an English  county. The broadcast emphasized that for all the charm of  Hereford's black and white timbered villages, its orchards, valleys   and   fertile   red   loam,   its  > farmers  were   fighting  a  losing  battle against the poorer soil of  the hills. Thus its small population of 100,000 people cannot afford the improvements needed  to attract people to the land today. The committee recommended that industries should be dispersed to country towns, new inland built up, and housing and  other public services improved.  Throughout the world there is  this same problem of the drift  to the overcrowded cities; the  conclusions reached in these reports to the nation may, therefore, influence planning in many  industrial areas far from the  Midlands.  The BBC's Midland Region  felt that it should take an even  more constructive part in ventilating the problems now facing  agriculture and industry in the  battle for production. I followed up the broadcasts by arranging two conferences in Birmingham, one on "The BBC and the  Farmer," the other on "The BBC  and Industry." Their object was  to tell representatives from the  Midland Counties about relevant  broadcasts, invite comments  and ask for ideas for the future.  This exchange of ideas is already proving to be helpful;  from the talks and discussions  have come pointers which are  enabling the BBC to give a better  service of information and help  to farmers and. industrial workers, and to focus a wider attention on the problems of the Midlands.  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These are but a few of types we have in stock  for you.  If you have to walk a mile to buy one card you won't  regret it when you see this assortment.  PENDER HARBOUR   By SUE ELLA  MISS LILIAN Lewis, R.N., has  resigned her position from  the staff of St. Mary's Hospital,  after a two year stay. She is  planning a trip to the States before   accepting  another  position.  Mrs. ��� Hassens is renewing  friendships in Alberta. She is  expected to be away about two  months.  Mr. and Mrs. Ernie Brenton  are receiving congratulations on  the arrival of Bruce Michael,  born Sept. 7 at St. Mary's Hospital.  Mr. and Mrs. Royal Murdoch  are on a short holiday to the  Okanogan.  Mr. and Mrs. Poole and new  baby have arrived home from  Vancouver. They are residing in  Mr. and Mrs. J. W. Potts' bungalow-Sinclair Bay.  Mrs. Hughes is seen about  again after a severe attack of  asthma that made it necessary  for her to be in hospital for  some time.  Miss Norman Lee, daughter  of les Lee, was a visitor to the  Harbour   Sunday.  There will be a meeting of the  Pender Harbour Committee of  the Sechlt Pninsula Board of  Trad at Irvings Landing Hall,  Sept. 27 at 8 p.m. Visitors frouft  the peninsula are expected.  The dinner planned has been  cancelled and refreshments will  be served after the meeting.  This meeting is called to acquaint people with the aims and  objects of the Board of Trade.  Come and bring a friend. Make  it a good meeting that will end  with a social half-hour and refreshments.  Mr. Ernie Carpenter accompanied his wife to their home in  TO A MIlllOM CMADUKS  B��m  DOWN.  '11 DOLLKK  AND YOU CAN BUY IT  Yes, whether it's that smart, new camera  you've had your eye on, a better vacation  next year, a new dining-room suite or a  home of your own . .. you've made a good  start toward getting it when you put your  first dollar down ... in a Savings Account  at the Bank of Montreal.  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Tel., Day 555; Night 1497 or 305  GIBSONS���M. P. G. McPherson, Tel. 2 A or 7 A  Area Agent:���Mr. H. Spalding, Pender Harbour, Tel. 6C3 Page Four  THE COAST NEWS, SECHELT, B. C._  Friday, Sept. 17, 1948  By  SANDY LOAM  NOW IS a good time to review divided    now,    except    the   late  your garden.   To run  over its blooming   varieties,   and   if   you  successes; to find out the "why" really wish to increase  a favor-  cf failures; to plan for more of ite  flower,  you can divide into ARCHITECTS plans for Powell  River's new school   buildings  this or that in the vegetable line; small pieces which will soon be- Qnd extensions have been  completed and the calls for  to see that there is more color in  come  nice  plants.    The  rampant ���n.tr|irtinn tPnHpr<; will hp i��i ipH vpi-v shortlv   Insnprtor T  G  the flower beds  for the month types should be subdued by tak- ^onstruct on tenders will be issued very shortly, Inspector I. U.  when they looked flat. ing them up, digging-up anti en- Carter told The News this week  While  the  weather   is   largely riching the soil, and then putting Certain delay hap resulted  in completing the plans es-  responsible for a lot of this year's sma11 pieces of the outside of the pecially for' those dealing with lighting and heating installa-  unusualities,   including   the   fact plant in to 8r?w again.   Most of tions, but Inspector Carter was assured that these would be  that tomatoes do not want to ri- ��s   let   our   Pinks   get   too   un- completed by today (Wednesday) and tenders would be called  SS^fTnS^f ^ S��me buf ythebyef��do   pay^n *������**�� for as soon after today as possible,                                   .  cnanges ioi next, yt.d_.. plants and better bloom'for re-      He said the procedure that will ��� = ��� ���-  . ^^T^VSS^^. ^7 ������_ ...  ......  .   ... ._ ^nrf ��_?��*?���� ^��-** �� * ��"> ^  ering    shrubs    for    permanence.  This year has caused a lot of  tenders will be called for  on a  are constructed  since our schools will then be the  One or two o_ the newer peren^ ��^�� f ^ia^s To Progressive plan with prices, spe- ,^ ^-^-  or   perhaps    you    have    always vigorous for their neighbors good. ^SJ"^ Se^���PJ_lr��" JS_f5S-     "Some people are critical of the  nials will give years of pleasure, -<;��������  "T^. Is ��� ��W1"C iS.""0   T cified for the completion of each.  vigorous for their neighbors good. ^"f.** xwx "ic, ^ui"f   *        -i*+_.__.-        *,��->_.*,_.,, ^^ v.* _.���_.._ <__xUA Ui.  want7dTwhit;7affodiror"to Fet 'The only thing to  do is to dig ^^^^Ul^T^^S^ ^ apparent delays which have set  Bill Slater, one of radio's best  known announcers and a sports  authority of note, is master of ceremonies  on   Mutual's   "Twenty  a    border    of    tho7e"de"lightful ?P the particular section, and Just ^^^p|^0^^��^^pi^ us back in our schedule, but most Q^estioii/ heard"oVer"bkwxTaS  Grape Hyacinths. Most bulbs can *eep your favorites.   That is un- -^^^e job ^T^ hale U\ldf* ��f the dlff-1" Monday at :9:30 p.m  Sponsored by  .-��=. nlantPf. thi* month   pqr.pp.allv less y��u can enlarge the garden TcASl ��._���� *.��  ���tQ.��� +i,o.   ._,,_. culty we have had to conquer in Eonson,   "Twenty   Questions"   has  the narcissus^ f a^lf whYtftulSs to keep pace with the extra flow- h��J%p^^ * �� rtam that we the past twQ yearg in our%attle become one of the. most popular quiz  tlie narcissus tamiiy, wnite tulips we     *-*- have the plans now that will give to get thig    j      for Powell River shows heard in this area.   .  ers  T-, ���_, ���_,    u    -u      j-  -j ^ Powell River district the best set /k0+���:��+ �� t,^00,-__j  Primroses  should   be .divided    - ������i.rtrtlCT n4! ��������� _,���t-rtrti  /J4c.+rpi_.+ district,   he said.  4-u -n 4.u      _, u., of schools of any school district  ; they will then have a chance  .     ��,,.,���.   r-,... _��*____���   if  ���+   ir_  _eaf mould.  Most perennials  can be safely  can wait another month at least  Bulbs all like  a  little  bonemeal  in   the   soil   under   them,   while ^ow, ���<=* W"A "iC" "<^c�� u_.*������.c_ in  British   Columbia,   if   not   in i"  daffodils thrive in a soil rich in to make good roots before winter Canad   ��� he saicL  ��0ur plans for |  frosts heave and team them. p       u >River schools hav�� already ���  This  is the last chance to re- been copied in Vancouver and in  plant bearded iris and peonies to several ��ntario districts who are  be   sure   of  next  years   beauty. anxious to build suitable schools  Both  flowers,  so unalike  in  appearance,   object  to   being   clut-  tered up in a regular border   The been unavoidable delays in bring-  ideal thing is to have special beds  for   these    beauties,    which   are  in the low-cost range."  He   regretted   that   there   had  ing the plan to its present stage,  but expressed the view that the  BRIGHTEN YOUR HOME  by  __  Reupholstering Your __  Occasional   Chair  at  USHER'S  Yard Goods Shop  Gibsons, B.C.  Cameron-Woulds  Vows Exchanged  When  Passing  Through  Selma   Park  STOP  AT  ANN'S  Refreshments - Ice Cream  Soft Drinks - Pies - Cakes  Homecooked Cold Meats  Everything Baked on  Premises  Special Attention Given  To Orders  Ample   Parking   Space  for Cars  equally fond of a sunny spot and  must  have   shallow   planting   to  thrive.  A gardener friend always  advises    planting    bearded    iris  "like a duck in the water" with  part  of the rhizome  exposed  to  sun and air. The newer iris ape  of startling  beauty  and   quickly  come  down    to   modest   prices, WILSON Heights United Church,  while some of the older peonies      Vancouver,   was  the  scene   of  are still several dollars per plant. a pretty wedding at 8 p.m. Sat-  If you are fortunate enough to urda Aligust 7 when Rev. J.  have a wet spot m the garden Hewitt officiated at the marri-  you should try a few of the de- age of his cousin Caryl Morton  hghtful Japanese Iris, which are Woulds> to Donald -.Crawford  at their happiest alongside a pool. Cameron. The bride is the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Robert  Harbor Experts Meet Woulds, formerly of ^Lashburn,  "_.'��� Sask.,   and   now   of "Vancouver,  LEADING   experts   in  the   con- and the groom is the son of Mr.  struction and administration and Mrs. D. Cameron of Pender  of harbors from the United Harbour, B.C.  States, Latin America and Can- The cburch was beautifully  ada will attend the 37th An- decorated with peach-colojred  nual convention^ the American glddioli for the occasion. Mrs.  Association of Port Authorities, j. Hewitt played the wedding  September 28 to October 3, on music and ^7 Ruth Hewitt  board   the     Canada     Steamship was soioist.  Lines' S.S. Quebec. R. K. Smith, The bride chose a gown of  K.C., Chairman of the National sapphire blue crepe, with crown-  Harbors   Board,     Ottawa,     will less hal�� hat of��� white ��� satin and  net   and  white   accessories.   She  For Winter Comfort.  see our new stock of  STOVES  118.50  215.00  ROYAL CREST COAL AND WOOD.  With water jacket. _���1   ROYAL CREST OIL BURNING  RANGE ____:  _____.__.j__ __ ___  AIRTIGHT  HEATERS  AND CAMP STOVES  of all sizes  OIL HEATERS AND ELECTRICAL HEATERS  BUILDERS' HARDWARE AND SUPPLIES  ��� . ��� _   ��� \  Parker's Hardware  In Village Centre, Sechelt  preside at the various meetings,  wore a corsage of gardenias and  and during the convention, the stephanotis. Miss Peggy Cam-  delegates will visit the harbors eron, sister of {he groom, acted  at Montreal, Three Rivers, Que- as bridesmaid and wore pink  bee and Chicoutimi.    ' sheer with . matching accessories  and  a  corsage  of    deep    violet  m gladioli blooms. Groomsman was  FtUlt Crops Mr.   J.   McWllliams   and  ushers  IJ:-.U~.m. TL:- V__-._.�� were Mr. Duncan Cameron and  Higher This Year Mr B_ii Reith.  THE HONOURABLE Frank After the* ceremony, a rec-  Putnam, Minister of Agricul- eption was held at the sports  ture, announced that, except for pavilion in Stanley Park, where  pears, fruit crop's for the Prov- more than 80 friends and rela-  ince are higher than last year, tives gathered to wish the  Estimated totals for the prov- young couple happiness. The  ince with the 1947 total in bridal toast was proposed by  brackets are: Apples, 8,531,850 Mr. H. Milne and suitably res-  boxes (7,699,989); crabapples, ponded to by the groom.  183,211 boxes (12,0,925); pears, Mr. and Mrs. Cameron will  572,000 boxes (646,446); grapes, make their future home at Pen-  2,863,100 pounds   (2,312,581). der Harbour.  ,-'-.'.                                t_,  Record and Appliance Shop  Phone Gibsons 44x                                     Gibsons, B.C.  offer  TOMMY DORSEY'S           R.C.  \ Latest and Greatest  VICTOR RECORD  No. 20-3061  "UNTIL"  backed by                          .  1  -���<���..���^1 -yLf. V -miumn��mr m .  "AFTER HOUR  STUFF"  "Authorized Dealer  //  ���-  .  Associated with The Sunset Hardware  s  ���I  1  I  I  '  *_  I  1  Q  r  1  AGENT ���GIBSONS  R. M. (Eric) INGLIS  Phone Gibsons, 50  CHAMPION & WHITE LTD  Phones:  1075 MAIN STREET, VANCOUVER, B.C.  PA. 6539  PA. 9171-2  COW  FREIGHT  SERVICE  VANCOUVER ��� GIBSONS, B.C.  Scows leave 1075 Main St., Vancouver and Government Wharf, Gibsons, B.C.  Schedule Effective September 13, 1948  LV. VANCOUVER  AR. GIBSONS    ���*"'  LV. GIBSONS  AR. VANCOUVER  Monday  Afternoon  1st Trip  Tuesday  Morning  Afternoon  Evening  Wednesday  No  Scheduled  Trip  Thursday  Afternoon  2nd Trip  'Afternoon  Morning  Evening  NOTE:  All arrivals and departures are subject to tide conditions. Special Trips by Arrangement  'niriiMiwic Friday, Sept. 17, 1948  THE COAST NEWS, SECHELT, B. C_  Page Five  By "ARIES'  A CORRECTION for last week's  column. The new member on  the teaching staff is Miss, Joan  Krausert of Daysland, Alberta.  We would like to wish her welcome and hope she will enjoy  her; stay here with us.  At the regular monthly meeting of the Liberal Association,  Mr. Kynock, secretary, advised  the meeting that he had visited  James Sinclair, M.P. and. that  Mr. Sinclair would shortly be in  Sechelt. A general meeting will  be called for that date;.Many  matters were, discussed and it  was learned . that the .Board of  Trade had asked that ho action  foe taken on the work on the new  Sechelt wharf until after the.  summer season. The Board has  made this ��� request upon representation from the truckers and  taximen iri^ the area. The ruraj  mail contract has not been let.  Mr. E. W. P. Pearson , was  chairman owing to the' absence  of Mr. Youngson who is on the  sick list. *  During the discussion it was  suggested that the road engineer  be' invited to ride over the district ahd Mr. Harry Sawyer very  grimly offered to drive him around, we can well imagine what  the ride would be like. How  about'taking Mr. Gargrave, along too and really hitting \ the  bumps.?  Two   very   distinguished   visitors  to  Sechelt recently  in tlil  persons   of  Mrs.   Madge .Harris  and     Mrs.     Grace    Buinacomfo;  president and secretary respect-**  ively   of    Women's    Ex-seryice  League of Vaneouver.; They were,  visiting Mrs. Frank French and:,  a   very-   enjoyable    time    was  spent   in     talking    about     old  times when the first branch was  formed in Vancouver, being, the  first of its kind in Canada^and  all these ladies were signed���. as  members. Mrs. Harris is a well i  known  nursing  sister,  and  Mrs.  Brinacomb  was  a  dispatch  rider with the Royal    Air    Force  Women's   Division.  The branch would welcome  women members of the services  of both wars; it is growing in  strength and the women find  that they accomplish more by  keeping to their own unit. Mrs.  French oi Sechelt would be very  glad to give anyone interested  the necessary  information.  Mrs. Janet Blake and Johnny  are guests of Mr. and Mrs. Roger Simning for a few days from  Sechelt Inlet.  By MRS. J. H. RENNIE  HOW QUICKLY the seasons  come and go.5 They seem all  too short. Perhaps it is because  we are nearing the evening of  life that we wish they would  linger a little while longer. New  the housewives are busy preserving and canning the produce  of garden and orchard, and-  many are also preserving the  precious, salmon, which will be  enjoyed during the winter, and  which will recall many happy  hours spent fishing around. Salmon Rock and off Gower Point.  Other signs that the Fall is'  "just around the corner," are  ihe renewal of the women's,  activities in .their church work  and the Women's Institute. The  Women's Association of the  United Church held their., first  meeting after the summer vacation, on Thursday, Sept. 9 in the  Hall of Gibsons Memorial  Church. There was a large attendance. Reports of the work,  of the two groups were read  wljich gave great satisfaction to  all present. The accomplishment  of the efforts of the groups is  worthy of commendation.  On Monday, Sept. 13 the Harmony Group of the W.A. held  their first meeting of the season  at the home of Mrs. T. Humphries at Soames Point. Twenty  ladies were present. There was  a discussion about what effort  season's work prior to the Bazaar which is a yearly event held  should be made for the coming  under the auspices of the W.A.  Both Gibsons and Granthams  (Harmony) Groups participating.  Mr. and Mrs. Menarey of New  Westminster were weekend visitors at the home of Mr. and  Mrs. Neal Lowes also Mr. and  Mrs. Shaw from Roberts  Creek.  Mr. and Mrs. A. C^ Grant are  home again after an absence of  _two or three weeks. They were  accompanied by Mrs. J. C. Pat-  erson and Mrs. T. J. Reid of  Winnipeg.  .,   The     Venerable     Archdeacon  ���  ,,  Princess Charlotte  To Be Sold  THE VETERAN coastal steamer,  Princess Charlotte, will be put  up for sale next summer and  the Princess. Alice may have to  be scrapped, Capt. O. J. Williams, manager of the CP.R.'s  Coast   Steamship     Service     has  T.  Humphries.  Mr. and Mrs. Marion with  their two daughters were visitors at Granthams at the weekend, also Miss Munro and her  nephew  John.  Mif. and Mrs. Atherton returned to Vancouver on Sunday  after spending ten days at their  summer camp here.  Mr. Orville Fisher spent the  weekend at his mother's home.  Orville had been lucky at the  fishing. He was taking home  some nice salmon to be canned.  Turley of  Ottawa was  a recent Rev  R Munro> D D ? and Mrs>  visitor with Mr. and Mrs. A. C. Munro,  were  the  guests   of  the  Grant. Misses  Doherty  last  week.  Mr. and Mrs,., Menzies of Van- Mr. and Mrs. M. C. Macphail  couver were visitors at Soames of Elphinstone Farm are re-  Point renewing old friendships joicing at the birth of their  at the homes of Mr. and Mrs. first grandchild. Congratula-  J. Henderson and Mr. and Mrs. tions.  announced.   '  The   Charlotte   will   be   taken  off   the   run   possibly   in   April  next year on the arrival of the  second   of   the   two   new   coast  ships being built  in the  United  Kingdom, the Princess Marguer-  iet and Princess Patricia, Capt.  Williams said.  The Charlotte will be used as  a relief ship for a while and  then will be put up for sale. The  main trouble with the 40-year-  old veteran is that she has not  automobile accommodation. He  denied, however, that she would  be scrapped.  Students May Get  Driving Lessons  ATTORNEY-General G. S. Wis-  mer, K.C., and Education Minister W. T. Straith have announced that 300 students in  selected high schools of the  province will be given a course  in car driving during the coming school term as part of a government programme to improve  standards and reduce accident  and damage toll on the highways. The students will be given  classroom instruction as well as  behind-the-wheel driving with  qualified   instructors.  The holes in Swiss cheese are  the result of bacterial'. action.  SAWMILL  EQUIPMENT  "Little Giant" Portable  Sawmills with 3 sizes in carriages, "Little Giant" Ed-  gers, for 2 and 3 saw arrangement and the "Little  Giant" Improved 4 sided  ball bearing Planer complete with heads, knives,  belts and shavings exhauster.  IN STOCK AND  READY TO SHIP  We carry a complete line  of Dodge Steel Split Pulleys,  Steel Belt Lacing, Ball Bearings, Saws, and Power Units  both Gasoline and Diesel.  Truck Winches, Boomers;  Power Take-offs and Steel  Cable.  Your inquiries will receive  prompt attention.  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Please send your suggestions or  criticisms to: President, Standard Oil Company of British  Columbia   Limited,   Marine   Building,    Vancouver,   B.C.  S-4  ��� i ��i ii.��� ��� ������ '���"--���  -*- *"-"~.*i?Rii-i-ii Page Six  THE COAST NEWS, SECHELT, B. C.  Friday, Sept. 17, 1943.  By   BROWNIE  WELL FOLKS, here I am in the  land of sunshine. We are enjoying ah Indian  summer,  after     that  spot   of   damp   weather   in  August,   during  which  time   the  by Jock Scott Toba River went on the rampage  and practically wrecked the big  THE MILL bridge again, so I guess we will  THE LITTLE man wears a cheap J>e. seeing Henry Gilbertson up  - blue suit, loosely-knitted tie, thls ^ s00��: I17ls amaJ?ng ana  soiled white shirt. His hair is f?���^11^. disastrous the way  mouse-colored and he is balding. the 'Toby rises.J30 ^ickly At  His iace wears a look of intense one t^^we rather expected to  concentration. He is a shoemak- ?ee, the Matthias family floater, by trade, and nervous in the mg in to camp but fortunately  witness box. His voice is without expression. The answers riages end this way in the hush-  come as if he were trying to ed and solemn" atmosphere of  phrase them in the restrained Supreme Court. The death rate  language of the law. of  holy  wedlock mounts  higher  "My wife was keeping company each month. Odds against bliss  with the co-respondent. When I were never quoted higher,  come back home she promised. Psychologists put the blame on  me she would not go out with the unrest and the uncertainties  him. Then I hear she's going out of peace. Having no war, we ac-  with him." cuse the peace.   Yet some of the  The morning sun spills in the reason for the high mortality  tall windows of the court and rate of marriage must lie with  warms the fine red leather chairs the changing attitude to divorce  and splashes brightly across the and in this, as in many of the  thick, plum-colored carpet. The shoddier aspects of our local  newspapers call it "the divorce scene, we may cast a bleak and  mill." A richly-appointed room accusing eye to the United States,  curiously unsuited for the tawdry A certain . false glamor i sur-  stories told in it. rounds the act of divorce. There  "I seen her at her mother's is a pathetic sophistry in the gay  home. I tried to come to some divorcee. Young couples (and  agreement. She refused. She most marriages are broken be-  turned two of the children over tween the third and tenth" year)  to me. She kept the young one. are apt to meet the small crises  I went to live with my mother of any household with the threat  and father. So I never bothered of divorce as a handy weapon,  her any more.*' The  days  when   the  wife  went  The chief justice sits, head cup- ��� home to mama are as outdated  ped in the palm of his right hand, as the Eugenie hat. Now she trots  listening thoughtfully with the to the attorney's office,  sun glinting on his silver-white How much of this can be at-  hair. Directly above his head the tributed to the influence of Hol-  coat-of-arms and the words, "Dieu lywood, where divorce is rather  et Mon Droit". a   charming   lark,   is   anybody's  The shoemaker will probably guess. Whatever it is, it is rap-  get his divorce. He does not look idly making a bad joke of the  as if he will feel that he has marriage vows. The clergyman  won anything. who intones that deathless phrase  Thousands   of   Canadian   mar- "until death do us part," may be  '  forgiven   for   a   certain  note   of  cynicism in his voice.  Divorce is necessary with many  couples who confront a stone  wall of incompatibility. It is important to a higher income strata  of society who treat marriage as  lightly as any other responsibility. But with the little men and  women who file through the Supreme Court it is a tragedy,  You might think the gallery  would be filled with sensation-  seekers. There are none here.  They discovered long ago that  there is no erotic thrill in the  muttered story of adultery. No ^  glamor girls living the reckless  life, here.        .  Just a plain, unattractive girl  in a black, short-length coat, an  edge of bitterness in her voice  and a cheap wedding ring on her  hand. "We "separated in 1941. He  was cruel to me. He had what  they call a very uncontrolled  temper. He threw me around  once." She's a clerk in a store.  No Rita Hayworths here.  The  chief   justice  dictates   his  verdict in   the pure,   dispassionate terms of the- law.  The girl in  the black coat goes out into the  This advertisement is not published   marble  hallway  and  a  compan-  j     i      j u   l.l   I :���..yl r~^rr,\   ion shakes her hand.   Inside the  or.displayed by the Liquor Contro court the next case is open.  Board or by the oovemment or  ing>  British Columbia. ���- ������   their house is situated on one  of the high spots and remained  safe and dry although their  road was under about three feet  of water and Tom had to wade  in from the main road. Thank  goodness it is over for awhile  anyway as we were beginning  to feel as if we were living in  a flood area.  Welcome home to Mabel Rogers after her holiday. How does  it feel to be back and hard at it  again, Mabel?  .Kay and Fred. Matthias and  son Gerald are back again. Fred  injured his back and had to  have a few treatments.  Anniversary congratulations to  Alice and Ted Jackson, three  years married on the 29th of  August. (P.S. Edward tells me  that Santa Claus has promised  him a little sister for Xmas).  Welcome to Dolly and Jack  Jonas from the 'Creek.' Jaclc is  'standing to' for Chuck Royal,  who is holidaying in the inter-  past two weeks.  5  By H. I. L.  OUR SYMPATHY is extended  to Mr. Walter Wa^dell in the  recent loss of his brother, who  died suddenly on Sept. 2 in  Winnipeg, Man.  Sorry to report that Mrs.  Charles Prince is a patient in  the Vancouver General 'Hospital;, where she underwent an  operation. Good luck Peggy.  Hope to see you up and around  again soon.  Mr. and Mrs. H. Temple have  had their youngest daughter and  husband as guests the past week.  Mrs. M. Livesey has returned  from visiting friends and relatives   in   Vancouver   during   the  ior.  Birthday congratulatons to  Kenny Matthias who will celebrate his twelfth birthday on  Sept.  13.  Mr.   and  Mrs.   S.  McKay   are>.  enjoying a vacation in the interior of B.C.  Glad to report that Mrs. J>  Redman is home from the hospital and steadily improving. Her  mother, Mrs. Clampitt is still  with her.  Mr.- E. D. Rice has left to  take a position in Westyiew.  Mrs. Rice will join him as soon,  as suitable accommodation can  be found.  Nearly all our summer visitors have left now. Too bad they  couldn't have had some of the  sunshine we are now enjoying.  Well, they will have to look forward to next year now.  Don't forget the regular meeting of the Community . Centre  Monday, Sept. 20 at 8 p.m., Willows Store.  A French physicist, Raumur,  first tried to make steel by melting cast and wrought iron together. _ '  ^      THE  DEMERABA  RUM  We Just Want to Give You the Idea  WHEN you  WHEN you  WHEN you  WHEN you  WHEN you  WHEN you  WHEN you  need trucking service���  head for Anderson and Edlund Ltd.  r old battery quits-^-  head for Anderson and Edlund Ltd.  need a grease job���  head for Anderson and Edlund Ltd.  r cooling system fails  head for Anderson and Edlund Ltd.  need Motor Overhauling-���  head for Anderson and Edlund Ltd.  need Brake Adjustment or Steering���-  head for Anderson and Edlund Ltd.  need Gas���Oil���  We represent STANDARD OIL  Roberts Creek, B.C.  The book  you  lend  Ac  o you, it tells the most interesting  story in the world���-especially if  you are the saving kind.  You can translate it into many purposes.  holidays to come; education for your children;  things for the house; added security ��� ��� ���  But you never let even your intimate  friends see the contents; The information  in your passbook is strictly between you  and your bank. Your bank keeps it that way.  SPONSORS DMT   TOUR   S A NK %iday, Sept. 17, 1948.  THE COAST NEWS, SECHELT, B. C.  Page Seven  L>  By MAISIE DEVITT  READING the reprinted article "I Like the Depression" in last  week's Powell River News I developed a slow burn. This  comfortably .situated gentleman, who became only slightly less  comfortable during a period when misery was rampant, is a perfect  example of the self-insulated egotist, completely oblivious to life  as it affects anyone but his own precious self.  Now I grew up during the depression in Vancouver.* Like  Henry Ashley, I had a comfortable home, and never suffered from  any material need. Too, I had a lot of fun. Amusements were  cheap and varied. We never missed a good show or dance. There  were parties every week-end. I think we probably had a good deal  better time than today's youngsters. The depression didn't touch  me in terms of personal need, and I was pretty young and heedless, but unlike the author of "I Like the Depression", I wasn't  blind and heartless too.  Yes people were kinder and gentler during the depression.  There wasn't any of the money-madness that you see today. But  there were babies who died of malnutrition and there were babies  whose mothers made-sure they did not get born into such misery.  There were foolish lads driven to Crime because of idleness. There  was the young husband who committed, suicide in Stanley Park  because he could not find work, and another baby was on the way.  There were the young couples getting married and going immediately on relief. There were older couples whose characters were permanently v undermined by the d^ad-rot of the relief system.  There were the young boys begging from door to door for a meal,  or hopping the freights. And there were the young girls hopelessly  taking the so-called "easiest" way. '       .  No, I didn't like the depression. But I'm glad Henry Ashley  did, because it looks as though we're headed for another one of  the same. And its nice to'know that there are people who can enjoy  the spectacle of human misery in the mass. Those of us, who are  unfortunate enough to suffer from a social conscience, will not  enjoy ourselves I'm afraid, or write articles like "I Like the Depression".  *    *    *  On the brighter side���I simply have to pass this wisecrack  along. It happened at one of the Labor Day parties. We were dancing to tunes like "Four Leaf Clover" and "Little White Lies", when  one lad on the shady side of 35 remarked contentedly, "Ain't it  nice tb. know aU the words of the latest songs before they even  come out.  Petrillo sure put us oldies back in the groove."  Ain't it the truth?  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And when He is come, He  will reprove the world of sin,  and of righteousness, and of  judgment: Of sin, because they  believe not on Me; Of righteousness, because I go to My  Father, and ye see me no more;  Of judgment, because the prince  of this  world  is  judged.  St. John, 15: 13-15, .16: 5-11.  Give glory to the Lord your  God, before He cause darkness,  and before your feet stumble  upon the dark mountains, and,  while le look for light, He turn  it into the shadow of death, and  make  it   gross   darkness.  Jeremiah, 13:  16.  MORE ABOUT  B.C. Coast Towns  (Continued From Page 2)  it seemed the ship would do  everything but stand on end.  However, I was able to get up,  I found, if I was careful with  my footing. It was more comfortable though lying slightly  spread-eagled in bed, and sliding around underneath the  blankets. Millbank "Sound is between Bella Bella and Klemtu  and we passed it in complete  darkness. This was good, for it  is not always pleasant to watch  the shore and islands bouncing  round all over the place while  you are trying to stay still.  About breakfast time we called into Butedale. This town is  built on a hill, ��� and is a recently  revived canne)ry town. The  company is putting on a modern  ization and expansion program.  Dad and myself were the only  ones of the passenger list that  successfully attempted the  climb to the lake, 500 feet above  the town, almost right on top of  the town.  Immediately adjacent to Bute*  dale are the well known Bute-  dale Falls which come tumbling  down the mountainside from  the lake. This is one bf the  most magnificent sights of the  trip. Waterfalls galore come  falling out of the sky into the  ocean all through this section,  and you soon lose count as the  morning goes on. Bdtedale  boasts an annual rainfall of 95  inches, which completely drowns  Dut our insignificant 35 inches in  the Powell River district. We  had a good sample of it while  ftiere.  As the boat weaved up the  channel the sky cleared and by  afternoon outside activities were  in progress. I was busy playing  chess with an American I met.  After the first 24 hours Of looking at the same people you start  talking to them, and you are  old friends about the time you  separate into your various ways.  this friendl&r atmosphere ' becomes the keynote of the trip  and the special cruises put on in  the summer months are built  around this characteristic as  much as the ample supply of  scenery.  Around supper time we passed an oversize inlet surrounded  with small islands and low lying land. This turned out to be  the mouth of the Skeena River,  and the whole ship became keyed, up for our imminent arrival  in Prince Rupert. At noon "hour  we had been told we would arrive just before 8 p.m. The ship  blew its harbour whistle at  7.25 p.m. and our part of the  trip was over. The travel time  with stops from Vancouver a  500 mile trip was 46 hours.  Britain's Production  Rising Steadily  THE VOLUME of production in  Britain last June rose to 124%  of   the   1946   average,   according  to a provisional calculation of  the official index of industrial  production. The figure for May  was 118% and for June last  year 114%. Building and manufacturing  industries  showed  the  largest volume of production  with 128% and .127% respectively. Mining and quarrying  rose to 113% while gas, electricity and water undertakings  registered a fall of four points  to  97%   of the 1946 average.  John the Baptist, last of the  great prophets to preach the  coming of he Messiah, lived an  ascetic life in the wilderness.  WHERE   YOU GET MORE  FOOD  PE$ DOLLAR!  For Groceries It's  lis  YS0NS  AT GIBSONS  For COMMERCIAL or  PORTRAIT PHOTOGRAPHY ...  C. G. BALLENTYNE  Bol's Block ��� Gibsons  Res., phrone Granthams,   10Q  or contact agent in your District.  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(Located across from the Telephone Office)  RELIABLE 24-  HOUR SERVICE  Use The Coast News classified  to. sell, rent, buy, or swap.  HALFMOON BAY, B.C.  Halfmoon Bay  y-u (. ���.)  Bill Mervyn Page Eight _  .THE COAST NEWS, SECHELT, B. C.  _'Friday, Sept. 17, 194a;  FOR YOUR SUMMER COOKING  EVERY   year   when   September  rolls around the home economists are besieged with requests  for ways of using peaches fresh  and methods of storing them away  for winter use.  This year is no exception. Nature has provided a bounteous  crop to be enjoyed now and later,  so every home-maker is "doing  up" peaches.  Peaches require a little extra  care in preserving since they discolour very easily when peeled.  The moment they are peeled, the  halves should be dropped into  a cold brine bath, using 1 teaspoon of salt to 1 quart of water.  Only enough peaches to fill two  or three containers should be put  into the bath at one time.. If the  fruif stands in the brine it will  acquire a definitely salty taste.  The hot pack method of canning is considered most satisfactory.  HOT PACK CANNING  OF PEACHES  "���I   ���! _���__!_ 1*1  MURDOCH'S  MARINE SUPPLY  Compare Our Prices!  Del nor Frozen Foods  Ice Cream  Groceries  Fresh Meats and  Vegetables  Hardware  Drygoods  Shell Oil  Fish Camp  We now have increased  refrigeratidn for handling  of perishables.  Pender Harbour, B.C.  Blanch peaches 15 to 60 seconds, cold dip, remove skins, cut  in halves and remove pit. Leave  in halves or slice. Drop .in brine  bath. Drain and bring to boil in  thin or moderately thin syrup  and simmer 3 minutes. Pack hot,  covering the peaches with the  syrup. Leave Vz inch headspace in  glass sealers and J/4 inch in tin  cans. Process pint or quart sealers or 20 and 28 oz. cans 15 minutes in the boiling water bath.  Sealers may be processed in a  thermostatically controlled oven  275oF., for 25 minutes but tin  cans must never be processed in  the oven.  PEACH JAM  12 cups peaches, cut in pieces,  6 cups sugar, 1 tablespoon vinegar  or lemon juice. ;  Wash, remove skins, pit and cut  peaches into pieces before measuring. Add sugar and let stand 1  hour. Add vinegar or lemon juice  Bring to boil and boil, uncovered,  for 15 or 20 minutes until it  reaches the jam stage. Pour into  hot, sterilized glasses, cool slightly then cover with paraffin. When  cool, add a second thin layer of  paraffin rotating the glass so the  wax will adhere to the side of  the glass. Cover with paper or  metal lid. Yield: about 9 cups.  Peach and Cantaloupe Jam continues to be a favourite in many  homes. Here is the recipe:  PEACH AND CANTALOUPE  JAM  5 cups peeled, diced cantaloupe,  5 cups peeled, diced peaches, 3  medium oranges, grated rind and  juice, 5 cups sugar. *  Mix all ingredients and let  -stand until sugar is dissolved,  about 1 hour. Bring to boil and  boil, uncovered, to jam stage,  about 30 minutes. Pour into hot  sterilized jars, cool and seal.  Yield: about 6% cups.  __-.  ROBERTS CREEK  By"CAROLA"  The Medical Services Association plan, known as M.S.A., instituted by the doctors themselves, now embraces more than  117,000 persons, and there are  six other prepaid care plans  with a total membership of  15,000 people. The phenomenal  growth of prepaid medical and  hospital eare plans indicates  that the people want protection,  on the insurance principle, from  the cost of sickness.  How best the doctors can adapt the practice of medicine to  meet these requirements will  be the principal topic of discussion at the meeting to be held  in Vancouver. The meeting of  the College of Physicians and  Surgeons opens in the evening  of September 29. Dr. William  Magner, President of the Canadian Medical Association, will.  be present.  A. L. BRUYNEEL  Selma Park,  B.C.  ACCOUNTING  INCOME TAX  REPRODUCTIONS  BUSINESS FORMS  Direct Mail Advertising  DIRECTORY  BEER BOTTLES  Will call and buy for cash,  beer bottles, scrap metal, etc.  Calls made at intervals from  Hopkins to Irvines Landing.  R. H. STROSHEIN  Wilson   Creek  INSURANCE  Parr Pearson Agencies  General Insurance  Phone  Sechelt 37 ���Night Ring LSL  IN THE Spring, a person's fancy  may turn to things of lighter  vein. In the Autumn one turns  to warmth, color, books, music,  clubs and organization activities.  The V.O.N. is meeting this  week at the home of Mrs. E.  Wallace to talk over the winter's " agenda. The Roberts Creek  P.T.A.' is meeting at the. Kewpie Camp, Sept. 21 and a social  evening is in the offing, where  parents "will tajik over, the pros  and cons for the betterment of  their children. The Roberts  Creek String Group will have  started on their rehearsals for  their opening Fall Concert to  be held some time next month,  when they will introduce the  Junior String Group to the public. The Badminton Club opens  their door to welcome visitors  and members to join in the  shuttle play, so who sez we won't  have a busy winter!  Potential music students are  back at their ear splitting practising.  The Roberts Creek Branch e>*  the ^Canadian Legion 219 will  hold a dance Sept. 18 (Saturday)  offering the Pony Pals as entertainment. They are inviting all  friends, visitors and relatives to  attend their first dance of the  season!  Mrs. A. Campbell of Roberts  Creek was a tea hostess Monday  last at her home "Davaar," honoring several friends holidaying  here. The guests included Mrs.  Gordon Brandt, Mrs. J. Campbell, Vancouver, Mrs. L. C.  Campbell, North Vancouver,  Mrs. W. Crawford, Inglewood,  Mrs. Hector McDonald, late of  Los Angeles, Mrs. Margaret''  Nevin, Los Angeles and Mrs. C.  Bourn, Roberts Creek.  Puerto Rico is the easternmost  of the islands of the Greater Antilles.  Public Works Tended  '"=.2  THE LOWEST tender opened  by the Honourable E. C. Carlson, Minister of Public Works,  for construction of a ferry for  Francois Lake operations was  submitted by Yarrows Limited,  Victoria. The bid was $189,932.  The ferry will be 116 feet long  with a 33.8 foot beam. It will  have a carrying capacity of 16  cars  and 120 passengers.  Selma Park  Hairdiressing Shop  NOTICE  The hairdressing  shop will he  X  closed from  August 26 to  September 20.  HOLIDAYS  *  DOLLY  JONAS  Phone for Appointments  TAXI  REAL ESTATE  PENINSULA CABS  24-Hour Service  WILSON CREEK and  SELMA PARK  Phone Sechelt 5C2  Specialist in Coast Property  Consolidated Brokers Ltd.  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Doctors Meet  To Study Role  In Health Plan  DOCTORS   fr&m   every  part   of  British Columbia���there are  in all 1,540 in the province���will  go to Vancouver September 29  to discuss the part the medicai  profession is to play in present-  day health and hospitalization  plans.     *       ;..-.*.'"���'  Conditions are changing. The  "Blue Cross" hospitalization insurance plan, which embraced  more than 160,000 people in  British Columbia and which was  strongly- supported by the medical   profession,   is   passing   out.  The provincial government's  compulsory hospitalization insurance-for everyone has superseded it. The government plan  is supported from the general  taxes as well as by direct fees  and the voluntary plan cannot  compete. y,    *  Prepaid medical care plans  have  been   expanding    rapidly.  WILLIAMS CONSTRUCTION CO.  CONTRACTORS.  Glen^ 0463F Phone Mar. 3439  BULLDOZING, ROAD CONSTRUCTION, LAND  CLEARING, EXCAVATING, ETC.  Large Machines.  HD10 at Sechelt���HD14C at Gibsons  SEE ED BAMFORD .   '"  Clay Chamberlin's  GIBSONS, B.C.  HOW IS YOUR GAR RUNNING?  Good? ���- If Not Bring It To  GENERAL  1 MOTORS  PRODUCTS  Wilson Creek Garage  Your General Motors Dealer  WILSON CREEK, B.C.  PHONE SECHELT 5S  Bring Your Repair Jobs to Us!  Boat Tanks, Warm Air Heating Furnaces Repaired  Range and Heater Repairs  CHICKEN FARM EQUIPMENT  GUTTERS AND DOWNPIFE  .       AIR CONDITIONING  Sheet Metal   Works  Laurie Speck/ Gibsons Phone Gibsons 8R  ���  FOR SAFE, COUR+EOUS  TAXI SERVICE  PHONE  PENINSULA  CABS  Formerly Jack's Taxi and  Blowers Taxi  Phone Sechelt 5C2  Don't Waste Precious Hours  in Stow Travel!  Fly There!  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English/Mrs.   D,   Gal- have taken over the home of the  holidays of the United Church braith   and Miss  F.  Grant. boys on Main St. here, and are  Women s Assn., held in the The next meeting is to be held remodelling it with a view to  church on Thursday Sept. 9, was in the church, Thursday, Oct. settling here in the near future,  well attended. The opening de- 7, when the study of "Missions" Mr. Marshall Sr., has just re-  ���tl011?J 1!CTS?_ .T?8 _takei^ *>y wil* be the usual quarterly topic, tired from railroad sevice in  Mrs. M. R. Kidd leader of the The Harmony Group of Gran- Saskatoon, and if he likes our  Gibsons group. Various reports thams being in charge. Plans climate will stay. After many  were given, the most interest- will be made for the annual years on the prairies it will  ing one being that of the United bazaar to be held on Friday take a little getting used to our  Church Christian Leadership Nov. 19; look for further an- rain, but we hope they do stay,  Training, School^of     Naramata, nouncements. and   We   will   welcome  them   to  B.C.,   given   by   Miss   F.   Grant, n���r v;nntf<.  representative     for     the   ��� W.A.!        PERSONALS our vlllaSe-  which was opened a year ago Mrs. S. A. Peters of Union Bay Mrs. E. Joyce hopes in the  thus filling a long felt need (formerly of Gibsons),, was the near future to take up position  through the West for the past house guest last week of Mrs. of consultant on crafts at Spok-  25  years.  It  showed  that  27   of Dora  Benn. ane.  She  will  be  in the   public  !w4��* ?1t!e?tSA   T?He+d    ,had     Miss Helen Patterson of Van- sch��o1   system   employ'  ffifwa ^f tl VsfprrUoCr ���0 ���     *? M^ean?S       *�� NOTES  able), was all given voluntarily, fi^t of Mr. and Mrs. Deans of      The  first  faU  meeting  of  the  The   students,   both     men     and a  V   W* ���        VON   Auxiliary   here     will     be  women, declared it to be a most Miss Muriel Barclay of Van- neld Sept. 27 at 8 p.rn^ in the  valued experience in " training couver, teaching Miss Stephen- United Church hall; anyone in-  for   Christian  service. son's class in the school, is now terested is very welcome.  Plans  At least six young men made settled in Mrs. Milligans ap- f9r the coming year and elec-  their decision to enter' tne min- artment. .   tion  of  officers  will be  on  the  istry through this influence, the     ' T ,    ���,    ,     .  "' Tr��� -agfTnda- Granthams  and Gibsons  rest entering Christian service in      Mlss T?}a Ju?\?^ *T YO? wllL amalgamate   this  year   and  various   wasys as   nurses    mis- nurse> wl11 be in the Hill apart-  residents of Granthams mterest-  sionaries etc. Any person' inter- ���ent ^ week where she will ed in this work, are invited to be  ested   in   this   worthwhile   pro- be residinS for the future. present at this meeting,  ject may be known as "Friends      Mr. and Mrs. N. R. McKibbin       VISITORS  of  the  School,"  by  donating  $5 an(j family    have    moved    into     Mr.  and Mrs. Bob    Drew    of  or more to the school; send it to their   new   home,     the     former Mission,   with   their   baby   son,  Mrs.   Phyllis   Stobie,   Secretary, Thorpe   residence,   on   the   - Se- are   spending   two   weeks'   holi-  Naramata, B.C. Rev. R. A. Mel- chelt road. -   day at Gibsons. Mr. Drew, val-  Laren is  Dean  of  the  school. ley representative for the Prov-  A donation was sent from this . Mr- ana Mrs. ��1. Marshall .__; residing at Mission and an  meeting to one of our Indian have moved into the Martin enthusiastic photographer, has  Mission schools. home on the hl11 *ear the sch��o1- started   an   innovation     at  v the  Mrs. G. A. Marsden gave a visitors at the Manse over Mission Hospital. As soon" as  most interesting and profitable Labor Day weekend were Capt. that new son or daughter is  talk on the "Old Missions of an(j ]y[rs# t. Moore and two born, a picture is taken, and  California," as visited by her on young daughters of Vancouver; ��� mounted on an appropriate card  her recent trip to that state. The Capt. Moore is teh son of the with babe's weight and other  difficulties of building in those Rev an^ ]y[rs. Thos. Moore. pertinent facts. This has gone  far-off years and what wonder- over  in  a  big  way    with    the  ful   work   was   done���lasting   all      Mr.   and   Mrs.   C.   Moorehouse pr0ud parents  and    presents    a  these  years���was   stressed;    the of Calgary are J;he house guests very nice announcement card to  beautiful   gardens,   architecture", of Mr. and Mrs. D. MacFarlane; friends  and  relatives,  the  chiming  of the many bells, they are friends  of many years       _____-_. ���wt>c!  etc.,   were   spoken   of.    At   the*standing,   and     enjoying     their       LEGION NOTES  close   pictures   and   cards   were stay    (helping   Mr.   MacFarlane     The   Women's   Auxiliary   will-  shown  of  the  various   Missions, land   some   wonderful    salmon)   hold its first meting of the fall  a \  rn  BITS OF WIT AND WISDOM'  "When the pleasant orchard closes  God bless all our gains, say we,  But God bless our losses,  Better suits with our degree���"  ���E. B. Brov/ning  IT PAYS TO KEEP CLEAN  Gibsons,  B.C.  Agency at Bus Depot, Sechelt  "Prompt Attention to Mail Orders!"  * RESTMORE FURNITURE:   Beds, Springs, Mattresses  * GENERAL ELECTRIC APPLIANCES:  Radios,  Refrigerators and Washing Machines  it FURNITURE:   Occasional Tables,  Cedar Chests, Lamps, Etc.  DORAN'S FURNITURE  WESTVIEW, B. C. ��� Phone 230  HASSAN'S STORE harbour, b.c.  The old-established General Store for Families,  Fishermen and Camps.  FISH  BUYERS ��� BAPCO PAINTS  HOME GAS STATION  QUALITY ��� SERVICE ��� VALUE  At HASSAN'S LANDING ��� Midway South Shore  ? marks   of   the   lovely   state   of this past week.  Wxe (Eoast Metws  CLASSIFIED  ADVERTISING  3 Lines (15 Words) for 35c 3 Insertion (same ad) 60c  Extra words, above 15-word min., 2c each.  Cash with order.  Notices. Engagements, Marriages, Deaths, etc., 75c Insertion  LITTLE ADS . . . BIG RESULTS  season on Friday, Sept. 17 at 8  p.m. in 'Anglican Church Hall.  A tea will be held with an apron and home cooking stall, in  the United Church on Friday,  Sept. 24, 2 to 5 p.m. Public is  cordially invited. This tea is in,  aid of Women's Legion Auxiliary, funds are going to be necessary to help furnish the new  kitchen in our new Legion hal.^  Hope you're all enjoying this, *-  lovely Indian summer. I know J|  I'm tempting fate by even mentioning the weathr, but wouldn't  it be grand if it lasted a few  more days at least? And the fish  are really biting, folks all around   getting  their   quotas.  liiwoli  Lumber  Local Orders  Filled   Promptly  Random Widths  Random Lengths  frfr  Cedar  Hemlock  B.C. FIR (SECHELT) LTD.  SECHELT, B.C.  PHONE 42  WANTED��� PERSONAL-  WORKING girl to share cottage CALL  AND say "Hello"  at the  with   teacher  in  Sechelt.   Ap-     Wakefield Coffee Shop. Samp-  tolv- Joan . Krausent,     Secheltti  les of lovely boxed and personal  ���jo c 12 greeting  cards  for  your  inspec-  .' 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FOR RENT-  ONE   ROOM   cabin,     furnished.  _  the      Water   $15   month;   also   large   ����  FOR RENT-  FURNISHED   cottage     for  winter months. Adults only, house. Water $25 month, Apply ���__  Located on the fill. Apply Mrs. G. R. Havens, Upper Road, Rob- ���  Tillotson,. Selma   Park. 10 erts   Creek,   formerly     Cotton's   |  FOR  SALE- 7 ^^     ��� - 1  THREE      waterfront "���    cottages, FOR SALE��� I  close   to   pier.   Electric   light, 1937 FORD station wagon. Good   g  ^running water, furniture, garden      condition. Rebuilt motor. New   I  fruit trees,, boathouse, storehouse paint.   All   new     tires.     Would  B  etc. Good revenue producing pro-  make   a   good   crummy.   Phone  g  perty.   Mrs.   F.   McMahon,   Rob- Wm. A. Morrison, Sechelt 39. 10  g  erts   Creek- ^0imn-p_rfKPr_ ��� |  FOR SALE��� .      .       .     ���      SEA-FRONT   cottage,   furnished, m  80 BASS piano  accordion. Good     light,  water.  Close  in.  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Friday, Sept. 17, 1948  MORE ABOUT  a \  I  think a  wife  should be a helpmate  to her  husband���so I think I'll marry a disc jockey."  ."... As I was saying when I was interrupted  by the closing of the last session of Congress .  POLLOCK���To Mr. and, Mrs.  E. Pollock, a daughter, born at  St. Mary's Hospital, Pender Harbour.  COLLISON'S  BARBER SHOP  SECHELT   "  Mon.���Closed All Day  Tues.���9:30 a.m. to 6:00 p.m.  Wed.���9:30 a.m. lo 9:00 p.m.  Thur.���9:30 a.m. to 6:00 p.m.  Fri.���9:30 a.m. to 9:00 p.m.  Sat.���9:30 a.m. to 8:00 p.m.  HAIRCUTS ,��� SHAVES  FACIALS ��� SHAMPOOS  orld's Fastest Paper  Machine Starts Production  AFTER    a     year's    installation,  INSPECTOR CARTER  Continued from Page 1  .  -ed   out   was % 50   percent   higher  than in 1939; the cost of building'  Was two to four times as much;  salaries were higher and still rising.  New forces would be at work  this coming' year. Atomic power  arrived first to destroy, now is  being, employed to heat and for  other useful purposes; television  and jet aircraft faster than sound  will soon be capable of carrying  passengers at 500 miles an hour.  These and many other developments in the past few years  had brought about changes in  normal living. "Families now are  smaller for instance; the rate of  divorce is astqundihg with one  divorce to every five marriages in  British Columbia and with a total of 450,000 in the United States  last year. The increasing, pressure of social life is resulting in  increased leisure from labor, and  the increased number of mental  patients is alarming with more  than 50,000 in mental hospitals  in Canada and more than 2,000,-  000 mentally ill in the United  States." ...  However there have also been  many   improvements.    "The   increase in the life span has gone  from" 40 to 60 years.   This is due  to a number. of factors such as  reduced infant mortality, decline  of  deaths in  youth  and middle  age and the increase due to the  breakdown   of   heart   conditions,  Bank of Canada arrived by plane cancer and accidents,  this  morning  to   view  the   new      "There have been great tech-  machine   in   operation.    Present nological     advances,     improved ,  were L. P. Saint-Armour, assist- standards   of living  with  trends j  ant deputy governor of the Bank to social security for all with add- \  of Canada; A. Stewart McNichols, ed social services, hospitalization i  Montreal director;  W. D. Black, and pensions.''v .       \  Toronto  member  of  the  execu-     Regarding    the     international %  tive committee; Norman A. Hes- scene Inspector Carter said that $  Pnwpll    TJivpr    rnmnanv's   now   _.. ���   _.      .      _.    -u  _.i-   t.t       n   live   COmmiliee;  INOrman  A.  JCies-   ^C11C ix_.^vw   v/onci   buu..  ��*�������"�����  ���n^>n��2S^    hSp/ to   Z ������th�� ^?wsPrmt P1.^' ^oth No- 7 ler, New Brunswick director; D. Communism   is     supported     by|  paper .machine,   designed  to   be and Na  8 machines began run  G. Marble, secretary;.E. J. Tarr, many   irresponsible    people     in  m^^m*'^*  thP    faQtp.t    in    tha    wnrlr.      wpnt       ���         -,_���   ~ 7T -vr       ���'*-������    , U".   JYiarDie,   secreiary;,__��.   ��l.    larr,   i"wv     i^cdjjuuoiwc       jL/wp._c        _-x w  into  product on this week    The Tg ��? ���ondal 'Noi ?- was *".* K.C., Manitoba director and C. H. our   midst.   "But   already   there |  "sOO^^ Graham KTowe^ are indisputable signs that Com-^  tial   capacity   of   2,000 -feet  per ^^��^B$g$^ ^*g**^  minute, is now running at 1200 the   Powell     River'    company's tend due t0 lUness'  feet per minute and is expected $io,000,000    post-war    expansion  ���  -   '     V.  to be turning out 1,500 feet per program, is the first paper ma-  minute in a few ^nonths. chine to be installed in Canada FEMININE MATHEMATICS  ; W*$l    *��?.'���    still^er    R��^r since 1937. It is housed alongside Thirty years old I am today,,  house back in, operation ^on Sun- No   7, which  was  built in  1931     And  ten years  hence   I  shall  day and full power restored to and now produces 1,500 feet" per      "   contrive  UNION STEAMSHIPS  LTD.  wish to announce  An Important Change  In Scheduled Sailings  For the Winter Period  <ts��  Effective Monday, Sept. 20th  Copy of new schedule available forthwith  >4 and on request.  minute or 175 tons of newsprint In_my inimitable way  per day. .  When No. 8 reaches its potential, approximately 200 tons per All trace of logic  disappears  day will be added to the present      In this arithmetic of mine, .  plant production, making a total But oh, they were delightful  :of 900 tons of newsprint and 140  tons of pulp per day.  . Directors   and  officials  of  the  sense tells us that Communism ��  does not offer anything that can ||  be considered improvement to W  our way of life which is at its-m  highest point in .history despite ||  :the--'set-backs"^ Of' warX ���'."'7^^re-M  _ "The British CbmmoiiweaithisS  a world  in  itself  and  Americav^|  m   , ,,       -���_._..       the child of Britain has the sameftl  To be no more than thirty-five, ideals,  standards and pbjectiy^.p  Together they form- the bulwark|��  of freedom in this world.'*  The teachers of children "must  .___  remember all these things to in^l  mu   ������*��� ���      -t _.       _.      stil the faith in the children nec^-Jl  The five years I was twenty- essary to  cling to what is truel  years  nine.  and r.eject what is untrue."  -'  ,     X$>.  ���'������    ll  WHY GO TO VANCOUVER?  Fred Higgitibotham  c/o. Coast News Office, Sechelt, B.C.  OPTOMETRIST and   ��� '  ' HEARING AID SPECIALIST      - .'  Will demonstrate the Microtone Hearing Aid in your  own home. Fill in coupon below.   .  ^���������������������tiaaii'l***1*   nit ���������������������������������<  �����������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������  �����������������������������������������������������������������  NAME  ������__���  ADDRESS  CITY   --���  Your-New Outfit  from EATON'S  LIKE STEPPING FROM  A FASHION MAGAZINE!.  In your new Catalogue,  choose from:  ��� The New sahpuettes ���  fitted or sweeping!  ��� The glowing "Victorian''  colors~FaUtoportam.tl  ��� Co-ordinated accessories in modern mood!  -.-'.. all priced in the thrifty  EATON tradition that  stretches every dollar.  MORE ABOUT  DR. HARRIS  (Continued from Page 1)  NO 'BEAR' WORRIES  "We feel that no one in his  right mind would embark upon  such a cataclysmic affair as the  next war would prove to be,  and the longer the hostilities  are delayed the less likelihood  there is of them taking place."  During the war, Dr. Harris  served at the Nelson Hospital  in the south of London, where  he now is physician specializing in obstetrics. He .saw his  hospital burned out in February  of 1944 but even the evacuation  of   the   hospital     through     the  flames  did not stop  the  babiesj  being born. X.  The   evacuation   of     all .   the  mothers  and  babies  was    com- ff  pleted without a single casualty.!  ��...  tf  GRADER  The grader comes and the  grader goes,  What good  . it does    nobody knows.  Come to  WAKEFIELD  anyhow ���  Homes and  Home Sites  ,.:'������������     FOR SALE   77  WATERFRONT LOTS  .   X ���.-..        .:-���"*t .'   .     X ..._ ��� -�� 7  Listings of ideally situated waterfront properties from  Pender Harbour to Hopkins Landtag.  CALL OR WRITE  ^T. EATON C��  rMM|T��0>  ��������������������������������������������������*  �����������*����������������������*���***  ������(������������������'���������til  ��� ������������������������������������������������������������IIIIMIIIIIIIIII  liiisis  Gulf Coast Offices ���-Sechelt ��ir Gibsons,  Phone Sechelt 37 ��� Gibsons 2A  HEAD OFFICE  CONSOLIDATED BROKERS  942 W. Pender St., Vancouver, B.C.  B;C  .3


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