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 ���-���--_ vrf  Serving a Progressive and Growing  Area on B. C.'s Southern Coast.  Covers Sechelt, Gibsons, Port Mellon, Woodfibre, Squamish, Irvines  Landing, Half Moon Bay, Hardy  Island, Pender Harbour, Wilson  Greek, Roberts Creek, Granthams  Landing, Egmont, Hopkins Landing,  Brackendale,  Cheekeye, etc.  Sechelt Legion  Plans Busy  PUBLISECED B? THS COAST NEWS, _&-_l__-XT��-_0  Business Office:  Sechelt, B.C. National Advertising Office, FoweU River, B.C.  am  Vol. Ill'���-No.'13  Sechelt, B. C.  Friday, Oct. 8, 1948  5c per copy,  _ A VERY successful and business-  - -  like   meeting   was   held   in   the  50 per year, by mail Legion   Hall   on   Monday,   Oct-  ========__-_-__-___-=_--_------   ober 4.  The .meeting opened with  Comrade Harry Sayer in the  chair acting as president for the  meeting due to the absence of  the  president.  Comrade Fred Mills, first vice-  president was unanimously promoted to acting president until  the next general election in the  Order of St. John  Offers Thanks  For Support  The Editor,  The Coast News,  Switched  RECOMMENDATIONS   that  the   ~  mail contracts for the Sechelt iows.  Peninsula area be given to Gulf  ���   ��Last week the Union Steam- from public funds.  I have there- phased  half-million dollar subsidy pres- ule  which  r educed  Sechelt, B.C.  At the  beginning of our new spring  year the Council of the Order of A new entertainment commit-  St.   John   for   British   Columbia tee was elected, members  being  thanks   you for     your     support Comrade Louis Hansen, convenor  during the past. Comrades Fred' Archer and Fred         You have stimulated interest in JJf.'  .     '���_._.,.,                   __ our work  by .publishing reports with   these   Comrades   of   the  m   return   for   this _ large   grant of   our   activities,   and   will   be entertainment  committee  swing-  to  know  that  we  have iris into action immediately, we  of  the-Legion   can   see   a   Fall,  Lines Ltd. and that part of the ships announced a winter sched- fore  recommended  to  the  Min- Qn makTn_T_rood �����,  .r        -a  .    ^    tt ���      o+      5_ ule.which  reduced    service    to ister of Transport that the part    eT���   Tt^l%��rrP^!ff;  _^J^JiihL^ ���w P?tete in the southern part of the subsidy paid-to the Union ^ ����  Workmen's cXpensat  tainment for "everyone  ships  Company for    service    to  K;  f  to ister of Transport that the part      In  the  last co-operating winter ^nd spring full of enter-  --T- -f serv.ce    ro 0f the riding to two calls a weet g^SgTSr ^ ^E ^^^^^^^ ^^v^^S^w^  small.pomts along the coast be others  to  one  call a  week and ding be stopped, and the money *S.Bo^ W*^TS a*   SecheU,   so  any  oLanLtfon  stopped and the money divided SOme  points   dropped   entirely," divided amongst-those-lines now g���L a��arlaJL   T^nl   ThJS or Persons  w���Z  to  rent  ^  among those lines which are giv- Mr. Sinclair's statement said.        giving  good  service  and which, w^f1274   ����   Jaf    ntl^Z, Hall for an Iven nl  or evening  port and to the Postmaster the postal contracts m W rid- better servce- rolled in classes. the. three Pre-mentioned Corn-  General by James Sinclair MP m^ thls ^ naturally a matter PENINSULA POINTS At Army and Air Force cadet rades of the Entertainment Com-  for this aiding                        ' or grave 7 concern  to  the  postal     In   relation   to   the   peninsula camps 1162 took first aid train- mi*tee-  Notice   of   Mr    Sinclair's  rec- authorities;'and  myself,  but   we points,   south   of  Westview,   Mr. ing. *TKeep  your  eye  on  the  Coast  briiineridations was    received  in r��ceiYed n��  warnin��    of    these Sinclair   said:    "I   have   recom-      Twelve     highway    first     aid *?ew? for further advertising of  a  letter   from  him  stating  thai cJanges-    Because   of  the   wave mended   that"  the   present   mail posts have been established. entertainment   for   the     coming  ne/ as member for this cUstric�� *%��?* "J?** Tffpoted*  i %?*?& ^ by,the ^Tn JQr     St' John first aid posts aided  felt7"that   my   constiuents     are ?*��%  L^L  ���kf ^T^Mil Te?! H��^e ^ou?d and ^e-_Se; sufferers  at  each army division  not   getting   the   service   which ff!  *  sll0uld ffke  this  public chelt  peninsula  be  cancelled.   I during the flood. A total of 3000 New Freidht S.f��riri>*  should be provided in return for f^^^^ ^J^^^ have  ^commended that a daily were treated. *��� ��eigm fcerFICe  the   large   grant     from     public J have taken as a consequence,      service   be   instituted,   by   road     St.  John trained  1422  indus*-  Added at  GlbsOUS  funds" which has been allocated POWELL RIVER SERVICE from   Vancouver   to   Hiorseshoe rial first aid workers.    It    est-  GIBSON���In  these   days  of  de-  for this purpose. ~        "I have recommended that the Bay, thence by My Machigonne ablished   two   "Crusader"   youth      creasing boat service  (on win  ���'���^I-havereciommended that'the "^ contracts for the small to Gibsons Mail for Granthams, divisions. Blood grouping waster schedules) it is refreshing  #SS^ k ta points in the Powell River area Hopkins and Williamsons to be carried out among 11,000 work- to hear of an increase in ser-  ^anSSir ^e *��i ��SZS be  ^en  to   Gulf  Lin,* to  be ^c^^om^so^   and mail ing people. . vice   to   our  pJSSSSLSd^  Sound and Sechelt ^Peninsula' serv^d by.a local servlce Gut of for_^erts C^eek, Wilson^Creek Hospital hours by St. John essential one. The Champion &  an��s b/^niiiLd^rSe  Powell   River.   , This   will   help ami W^Park and Sechelt to nufes  total  46j261%. White  Co.  have  added  tP ^  contracts   for   Ha^' Moon   Bay, *"^ice  a    service    which    will tra^el by bus fyom Gibsons As you know st John volun��� services~will move your house-  lender Harbour and Jervis In- ���ke T���en*lZer the distrib- I ^S^T^f^Mi^ teerS are ��n P^11^^ at Pic" ?old complete. Just have the van  let points be given to the Gulf ��^ pomt of that part of the Bav pSteHi^iiir^d K m?S' ParadeS and ali large gath" l0a?ed at y��Ur house in the ?ity  Lines   and   J-ervis   Express,   so COast ?n%   n5nS- hf ZZ>rfTn   r^w Srmgs" of  Reople    where    they and unloaded  at  the ��� new loca-  fhat almost a daily service could- "In. addition to their mail ^et f���*j�� e^ss so^hat ^Ve *?ated 1812 caSeS during 5onMh^e ^th��Ut the usual  be provided." contracts,   the  Union   Steamship Ljines ana Jervis i_xpress, so inat tne past year double handling and the conse-  #r.  Sinclair's    statement  fol- Company receives  a  subsidy  of a near-daily service can be giv-     ^jth  the   above *brief  outline quent loss by breakage.  .-_,__-__ -_   ,,      -.__,_,...._    ..���_..._..-.   pti_ of  Qur  WQrk we   se^ you  Qur      The  transfer   slip   for  loading  Gmage at Sechelt     JS6^?^0 nT^^i Under Health Plan  .SEGJHELT���Jack   Nelson,   form- session of Parliament the mem- IT  IS  ESTIMATED  that  up  to appreciation   for   your     interest large   equipment   necessarv   for  erly   with   Thorburn   Garage, ber for Comox-Alberni and my-      September 28,. 970,000  persons and encouragement and we hope logging   shows   or     mill     work  Gibsons, has purchased ~Simning self  questioned  the Minister   of in British Columbia have regis- you will continue to help us' Facilities   for   loading     building  Garage  at   Sechelt.  Mr   Nelson, Transport  on the need for this tered   under   the   B.C.   Hospital                       Yours  Sincerely, materials such as lumber, brick  who is originally from Denmark large  expenditure   since  m   my Insurance   Service,   according  to                                 e; c   Ca^ sand      avel or cement   ^       c j  where he served his apprentice- riding four competing lines were Dr. J   M. Hershey, Commission-           President, Order of St John able at all times.  ship, has worked for many years giving fast, courteous service to er.   This   figure   represents   ap- In   addition   to   their   regular  in his line in Saskatchewan, three the same points without subsidy, proximately 96%  of the popula-  JJfUlJ   P**;~**~U1~ schedulp  *1ip  Pnmnpnv  ��hii   ___.  years in  Victoria, % and in  Van- Alternatively,  we  suggested   the tion. Still to be heard from are ��<����  tUJOyatle range special tos wLrTnecer  couver  was  associated wgh  the present subsidy be divided am- a  few  districts   in  the   Interior Evening Aboard sary  to  accommodate   the   cust-  well  known  firm of  McKenzie, ongst  all  the  lines  serving  the and Northern parts of the prov-  TT Q   r1      " omers   It is the oroud  boaqt of  White and Dunsmuir. During the   area.    These   suggestions   were mee.  According to reports  from U.O. ^TUlSeT the   Company   that     throughout  war  he  served^ as^inaehinist  at not accepted.          ,..                         local Hospital Insurance Service A  PARTY  was  given   on  Sun- the  several  years   of  operations  Boeing   Aircraft.     Mrs.     Nelson      ��As Member of Parliament for offices,   registration   from   these     day evening Sept. 2.6, at Mad- all freight and equipment hand-  and family have joined him and the district, I feel that my con- areas is proceeding smoothly and eira Park on board the  105-foot led   have   gone   through   safelv  are hannv to settle in Sechelt.        stituents are not getting the ser- registration   forms    have     been  cruiser   the   "Hattie-D"   of   La and it is their intention to carry  vice  which  should   be  provided reaching the central office at the Conner, Washington. on the  business  in  the  manner  rate of over  10,000  a day.                Mr.. C.   O.   Davis,   owner   and for which they have been noted  Of the total figure more than captain  played  the  role    of    a during the past 50 years of suc-  500,000 pel-sons are participating most wonderful host, assisted by cessful operation  in the Plan through the payroll six of his guests aboard.  deduction  method.  The  bulk  of A large number of residents of "  the   registration   forms   for   this Madeira Park and families were  groiip Is now being sorted, pre- present   and   enjoyed     a     most  paratory to  the Hospital Insur- pleasant evening.  ance Service receiving premium      The   "Hattie-D"   was  formerly  Brighton and  Gambier Harbour   A��� :>;; -., ������,������ "       ^     .  instalments. However, officials of a U.S. crash boat and served her  ���..?. _.    a-u...  ��� AN  OLD-TIMER   on   the   Coast the B.C. Hospital Insurance point purpose in the last war. She  annual report-and. list,   of    of- wi#-.accommodate the very larg-  *-^f^-andmembers elected  for est  vehicles,  logging  trucks  and  1948 and 1949. In the report you trailers, tractors and arches, ex-  will notice the council expresses cavating   shovels   or  any    other  are happy to settle in Seche.lt.  GAMBIER HARBOUR  By FJ>.  *   "     ���    X7  THE   TELEPHONE  has   at, la^  reached  the   Island   of  Gambier." This is probably the greatest god send our people of New  BiUy Franklin  Gibsons School News  By MALDY THOMAS  could have. After* so many years  was  THE   INAUGURATION   of   the  officers of the Student Council  without a phone I have again had Kvl^fntly + c^leh��ated   -his. 8 0th OUt  that  there  are    still    some later   purchased   by   Mr.   CO.  the   pleasure   ol marvelling   all ??^y,/Vhis home pn^Merry companies who have not yet re- Davis, of Mount Vernon, Wash.,  was held on Thursday, Sept. 30.  over again at'the miracle of the tf^v Mron    U ,- iiv turned their employees' registra- Her home port is now La Conner.      The first question brought up  thin wire that crosses a semi panklm 30 years lighthouse tion forms and they urge that On her visit to Pender Har- ^as about the Dramatic Club.  mountainous trail/ goes under '..SeSero1 one of the best-k now* outstanding payroll deduction bour her guests on board were The decision made was to have  the waters of Howe Sound and hW* Qn ^ coa^t, has since his type registration forms be re- R. H.* Daves of Merryville, the Dramatic Club separate from  at last after many miles over 1r.etiremeJ.t 1JJ 1193f continued to turned as soon as possible in or- Wash, T. C. Pickering of Yak- the Student Council. The Club  varied terrain keeps us in touch ��n Islan<*. der to .permit  efficient  process- ima,   C.   H.   Johnson   of   Anna-  will  be  re-started  sometime   in  with the big city and its news His home there is one of the ing of the necessary ledger cards,, cortes, Leland Parker of Mount the near future and everyone  and also has already b^en avails type that one dreams of���shel- Premium payments for individ- Vernon, Max Simonton and Ced- bopes it Will be as big a success  able for several mercy missions   tered and with a beautiful gar- uai  subscribers   are  not  due   to ric Higgins of La Conner, Wash. as last year-  I should like t6 say thank ybu-'feS1^.1188 been patiently add- start officially until October, but      Mr.   Simonton,   the     engineer      A nuoil in   erade   12  j*  to the government telephone sej> ed to+throughout the years till Dr. J. M. Hershey disclosed the took the guests on tour of in- B��0$Z D^ DotoSv helos to  vice,   its   officials   and   workers now xt m a .place+of .beauty- and fact that over half a million dol- spectionof the vessel. make graded laiei^  mlilea?  from the people of Gambier Is- ^f��urSf o^1^ to ^ owner iars has already been paid by The men were particularly in- m *ny?ne wants to know where  land. >;    ^Mr..Franklm is well known to persons   who   preferred   to   pay terested   in   the     engine     room ciake   VieS   is    she   h^s   ^one  the shipping men on this coast the full premium at one time or with its 3, 700 h.p. Hall-Scott en- ;,��*�� *1 Tu^aLt +   n% g -  aiid^^s euest hook is filled with  ~.oV,- u^ ,^,^i��� i_ctoimantc �����,��������<. * doWn for a holiday to California.  One of our chief activities' oh 4iid^_is guest book is filled with make half yearly instalments.        gines.  Gambier7-Island: is   always   the^ rtliejsighatures of the many vis-   XDr.  Hershey said that  British      Later in the evening Mr. C. O  clulb  of Unit No.  276    of    the itorsXtp his lighthouse station��� Columbi_ms,;b^    registering ..so Davis   gave   a   thrilling   cinema  A rumor is going around that she  is getting a screen test at Warner     Brothers.     Maybe���maybe  -Arkj-y^J^avy-and Air Force Vet- guests hailing from all over the promptly,  had proved their  de- show of many interesting films 1X7^  erans  in   Canada.   This  licensed worid. \ sire to co-operate with the Hos- which   was   enjoyed   by     young  club has had., an-excellent sum-      A launch load of friends from ��� pital ���   Insurance     Service     and and old alike. The   boys   have  been   playing  -mer season and-has been greatr the mainland visited Mr. Frank- make  the  Plan a* success.    He      Unfortunately their  stay  here basketball   in -their   shorts   this  ly   patronized* by   our   members lin and his wife on the occasion pointed   out   that   although   the was of short duration but we are week and it certainly is quite a  :and their ladies and.friends. Our of his birthday. Though retired official "final date" for registra- all   looking   forward    to  ��� their sight.   Ooh  what  nige   legs  you  aist of members at Gibsons and he watches with unabated inter- tion had passed, every considers promised   return   visit   to   Med- fellows have,  the mainland is greatly increas-  est the passing ships by day and tion would be given to late reg- eira  next  year.  ��� ing and almost every club night night and often recalls his days   istrants   in   the   completion  .of    .Good   luck   to   our   American  "���many   of     our     members     and Pf   service   when     though     the  their   forms,   and   they   should friends  from  residents  of Mad-  -������ -  friends   from   Gibsons   come   to  light was what is called a "fixed register without delay. eira Park. X7xxx  enjoy the> relaxation and pleas- light"   (really just a large kero-    :��� f Xr  ure that only a night at the Vet- sene lamp)   never in all the 30      Alexander  Graham  Bell   once      Java and Sumatra aS��)Mf_-)i_i ~  erans   Memorial   Hall,   Gambier years under his care was it per- gave  Queen Victoria  a  pair  of the most volcanic regions of the OS  (Continued on Page Eight) mitted to goi out. ivory telephones. world. VIHDXDIA  AHVHSI1 WID^IAOHd    - Page Two  THE COAST NEWS. SECHELT, B. C.  Friday, Oct. 8, 1948  By KAREN STOCKWELL  ntmrmm  HELLO everyone! Our last meeting was held on Thursday,  September 30, with about eighteen present. We are glad to  have so many and would like  by Jack Scot,   anyone  else  who  would like  to  join to see Miss Melvin. We had  NEWS HENS two new Guides the meeting be-  A LETTER to the editor from a fore last,  and  one last meeting.  Miss  Margaret   Chisholm    has The Brownies have quite a few  - been   passed  on   to   me   to   ans- new people  too.  wer, possibly because I happen- ... , X  ed to be walking by the editor's      ��ur social  evening was a big  office   when    he    reached    this success   thanks to the Guide and  point in his mail.  am  Brownie  leaders  and the  ladies  of the association, also the fam-  Yvonne Brooker won the door  prize o f a box of chocolates and  Mrs. 'Stoekwell of Porpoise Bay  and Mrs. Bishop of Wilson Creek  won the advertisement contest  with 14 out of 20 right.  The programme consisted of  colours by the Guides and then  the Brownies performed their  "Farie Ring." Following this  was the "Guides Campfire Circle" and then a play put on by  the  Brownies. __  Refreshments were served by  the Guides and the evening  ended with "God Save the King."  We want to thank the people  who came for supporting us and,  cordially invite them to the. future programs.  WATERFRONT LOTS  Listings of ideally situated waterfront properties from  Pender Harbour to Hopkins  The   letter   says:      "I    <-.___     �� .,. , ,   ,   ,v ,  young   student   recently     enter- ^es���who   ���W>orted   the   event  ed  high  school.  I  am very  in- ^ h����* y��'' en30yed the even"  terested   in   journalism   and   in- 1 S,r  7   7�� e'  tend to be a journalist. I wond-  We had many games, prizes and  ered   if  von   could   be  of   a^ist-  a   Community     Sing-song     with  lilt kL *?������� ��� ����� rf-Jff ���  Mrs-   Morrison   conducting,  ance by giving me some data on         ��� ^  the  education required,  the salary  and   the  fields   of  different the weary fire-fighters that they  journalism possible for a girl in- made short work of the blaze,  terested   in  that   field." Or  the  story  of the  gal who  This  would  be  an  easy,    and w/*   se^ .tof  cover  the  meeting  even   interesting   letter . to   ans- ��J %e S���et7 *or ihe. Protection  wer if the writer were a young ?f   ^'-Bearing. . fAmmal.s rf *"d  man. I could ramble on for sev- ���3Ust  couldn't  resist  wearing her  eral hundred words and possibly new   muskra*   coat,  even convince the writer to ab- FEMALE INSTINCT  andon  his  mad  dream and Just     Mind  you,  Margaret,  this un-  go  in  for fumigating    or    hog- predictable   quality   has   points  breeding  or   some   other  honor- in   its   favor.     Nobody     but     a  able profession. woman   would   have   scored   the  DEAD LOSS scoon   in  the  Jerry  Flynn  case,  The fact that the writer is fe- ?5ich yGl. .ma^ remember, as  male complicates the matter dld, a TrertaiI\ female reporter,  considerably. To begin with, I Llttle , JeT7v had been hissing  never think of women in the a week when he was reported  newspaper business without re. sishte^at a-busy city .intersec-.  calling the day when, as a city t,on/ WhlleJ countless male re-  editor, I assigned one of my fe- *>orters and cops prowled the  male.reporters to interview a area. ?UT .herf.I?e fn��wef ��er  young actor who had arrived in famine mtmtion to lead her  town direct lv   to   the   kid.     He     was,  The girl went away wearing; naturally- rfeht there at the  as I recall it, a new spring hat <;andyx counter of the nearest  and a bright smile, and appear- department store,  ed three days later, married to Newspaperwomen themselves  the actor, and has apparently sre fond of relating such anec-  lived happily ever since. dotes   and   are     somewhat    less  rTRp nriITrDC eager to tell of, say, the Vancou-  J?     FIGHTERS ver     al   who   wag   gent   tQ   cover;  Consider, too the case of a the ce]ebr.tfes on an out-eoing  rather new girl reporter who Empress 1]nev Md who finanv  got the assignment to cover a cornpleted her notes some seven  formal dinner of a woman's club m,]|es ^t sea  Sfri^lS^wlS^^SS?-    Newroaoetmen   general!v have  attired   m   a   long   black  taffeta ,,        .i __   ���__���      j   ���__       _.!_...  evening gown. the.  old-fashjoned   idea   that     a.  Arriving back in the office, woman's place -is in the home,  wearing a corsage of gardenias f*d ��re. n^r qmte *d}nstf. to  presented by the ladies? the gal the fac* that some of the fairer  was understandably shocked to sex make ^rst-rate reporters,  find herself detailed, in the ab- The truth is, Margaret, that  sence of other slaves, to cover an awful lot of newspaper-  a large bush fire which had cut women beat the men at their  off some fire fighters. own game. For sheer brashness,  The sight of the lass plunging for popping an embarrassing  through woodland glades in her question to a visiting dignitary  taffeta creation, clutching at her (as the gal who asked the movie  corsage and hoarsely cursing the star if he wore silk underwear)  newspaper business, is said to they are in a field by them-  have . so   elevated  the  spirits  of selves.  At Delphi, a Greek town, the  ancient Greeks guarded a sacred  stone which was supposed to  mark the centre of the earth.  The mangosteen, an East Indian fruit tree from 25 to , 30  feet high, has dense dark green  foliage and looks somewhat like  a rubber tree.  CALL 6R WRITE  CONSOLIDATED BROKERS  Gulf Coast Offices ��� Sechelt or Gibsons, B.C.  Phone Sechelt 37  HEAD OFFICE  CONSOLIDATED BROKERS LTD.  942 W. Pender St., Vancouver, B.C.    ,  LANG'S DRUGS  GIBSONS - Two Stores - SECHELT  PRESCRIPTION SPECIALISTS  BABY NEEDS  >f5,vb    Mommy  - Look  What  v Lang's Have for Me!    *  PABLUM  . -��� ----- 50c  DEXTRI MALTOSE  INFANTOL -���-__ -��� 90c and $3.00  STORK NURSER UNIT, complete, 4-oz. - 8-oz.,   39c  SOOTHERS _..���._._.___.___:._-_....__..: _ 25c  TEETHING RINGS (rubber) ________________________ 20c  OSTOCO DROPS - :-___:_- _-���-X_- $1.25 and $3.75  DIAPER AND UTILITY BAG :::_���x___.:���___.___._���. $1.69  EASY ON DIAPERS ���- - ~���  $.1.69  TOIDY SEAT PAD __ -  $1.50  CASTORIA ��� ���--_ __ 35c and 69c  Remember;  PLENAMINS with liver and iron, for all the family.  25 doses _.:  $1.85 100 d��?ses $5.75  CUTTING  SHAPING  SHAMPOOS  TINTING  PERMANENTS  BASIS  Beauty Salon  Roberts Creek  BRITISH COLUMBIA'S  Prop iii iiir ul Alcohol Mncation  LEGISLATIVE ACTION  By virtue of a plebiscite, taken October 20, 1920, under the provisions  of i#The Temperance Plebiscite Act," Chapter 93, 1920, the people of this  Province decided that liquor should be sold under Government control.  On April 3, 1947, His Majesty, by and with the advice and consent of  the Legislative Assembly of the Provincei of British Columbia, enacted  the Government Liauor Act Amendment Act J?y >rliiclr the Minister? of ?  Education was required to institute a programmed  A SCIENTIFIC EDUCATIONAL PROGRAMMlfjS DESIRABLE  The use of alcoholic beverages by society has existed for thousands of  years in all countries, despite legal and social attempts to prohibt it.  The abuse of the custom of drinking present; many undesirable  social, personal and economic problems.  The characteristics of modern society with its stresses and strains of  living have increased the* magnitude and complexity of the problems of  alcohol* *  The most hopeful approach today for improving the folkways and  legal enactments in respect of the use of alcohol lies in a sound and  scientific educational programme.  THE PROGRAMME FOR YOUNG PEOPLE  Thousands of our young people are graduating from our schools into  a world in which alcohol is widely used as a beverage. Many of them will:  face the prbolem of adopting or avoiding a social custom wliicb they;  may have been told is dangerous but which seems to be acceptable to  a large number of citizens.  The programme will presents through  all available media  and  in a  factual, impersonal and positive manner, the latest available scientific  findings concerning alcohol.  In presenting this information definite steps will be taken in respect  of the following:  Not  to  convey  the   impression   that   moderate' or   temperate  drinking is a worthy habit for young people.  Not to undermine the influence of an essentially good home  in which alcohol is used.  Not to/use exaggeration, over-emphasis, exhortation or other  similar approaches.  Not to present the student with preconceived; conclusions concerning alcohol.  The student will be given such information as will enable him, with  the advice of his parents, to form his own coclusions when years of  discretion ore reached.  This programme of alcohol education must not be viewed as a campaign.   If* is hoped.that it will be a Bong-term educational effort.  It is not to be regarded as the only solution to all the problems of  intemperance. Nor is it directed towards achieving legal enactments  respecting the custom of drinking.  It is an educational programme and, despite its -imitations, it is  considered by most authorities to be a necessary and fundamental part  of any progress towards a solution of the problems of alcohol.  I�� is hoped that as a result of such a programme as this, there will  bea definite trend towards sobriety.  DIVISION OF ALCOHOL EDUCATION  DEPARTMENT OF EDUCATION      ���  VICTORIA, B.C.  140 ���=~Egri^^-TTi_irnr-f'i^aK^aaaiii  p*05ag"��fas:^^  Friday, Oct. 8, 1948.  THE COAST NEWS, SECHELT, B. C.  Page Three  GRANTHAMS  ^      By MRS. J. H. RENNIE  THE LOVELY mornings we ha\rk  been enjoying these last few  days are certainly invigorating.  The freshness and purity of the  air is like a tonic and makes  one feel like going places.  , Watching the crows gathering at  their usual yearly rendezvous  among the trees on the "Reserve" prior to their departure  for the south, makes one .wish,  for wings to be able to go along  with them. It is always thrilling  to see a flock of birds on the  wing.  We are glad to state that the  postal arrangements have been  eased a bit by two extra deliveries, which gives us mail four  times a week until further notice.  On Sunday Mr. and Mrs. W.  Workman were the guests of  Mrs. Workman, Sr. Bill and his  wife have, just arrived back in  Vancouver from a trip through  the United States which lasted  four   months.   During  that  time  When Passing Through?  Selma   Park  STOP AT  ANN'S  Refreshments - Ice Cream  Soft Drinks - Pies - Cakes  Homecooked Cold Meats  ���   ������ >:  Everything Baked on  Premises  Special Attention Given  To Orders  Ampljei -^fkiiria^SjDacex  for Cars  they travelled thirteen thousand  and eighty miles, and from May  24 till Sept. 22 they never saw  a drop of rain until they arrived  in Oregon on the way home.  They' visited .all the places of interest on. their way. Spertfr some  of their time at Hollywood and  were shown round the broadcasting stations and witnessed  some of the broadcasfs. They  enjoyed a loyely visit to Palm  Springs, and went on to Mecca  to visit Mr. and Mrs. J. F. Wise  on their date farm. Mr. and Mrs.  Wise were residents of Granthams Landing some years ago  and lived in the house which is  now occupid.by the Poole family. Mrs. .Wise was well known  as a violinist while she was here.  On Wednesday, Oct. 4 the,  Harmony Group of the United  Church WA held their usual  monthly meeting at the home of  Mrs. R. Parkinson, quite a number > of the members answered  the roll call. The Group will be  hostesss. for the social half hour  after the joint meeting of the  WA at their regular monthly  meeting which will be held in  the hall at Gibsons Memorial  United Church on Thursday afternoon of this week. We are  sorry to hear of the accident  that happened to one of our  members, Mrs. Gibb. She was  badly cut on the chin and had  to have some teeth removed after a fall she got while wheeling  a barrow in the garden. We hope  she will soon recover from the  shock.  Mr. and Mrs.Gibb have rented  their place for the winter and  have gone to Vancouver to live  during the time their home is  occupied.  Word has been received, that  Mr. Swanson who owns "Rest-  haven" suffered a stroke at his  home in Vancouver, and is at  present a patient in Shaughnessy  Military Hospital.  During the last week-end of  Sept. Air Commodore W. Ben-  net of Ottawa was the guest of  Mrs. Huycke and her daughter  Mrs. Ernie McNab. Fishing was  good during the Commodore's  visitJXH&yiehjjctf  mehsely "pulling them in."  We are glad to extend a welcome to the new residents in  Granthams Landing.  Mrs. Fisher- has leased one of  her houses for a year to Mr. and  Mrs. Clement of Vancouver.  Possibly they may become permanent residents.  ��� �����������������'���  - Mr. and Mrs. Stanley who  bought the property of Mr. and  Mrs. Frank Henderson have  moved in and are becoming settled in their new quarters.  Mr. and Mrs. A. Frazer who  have bought the Granthams  property are in residence there  now.  Mr. and Mrs. Hammerich are  occupying "My Own" the property of Miss Stephenson.  Mr. and Mrs. Colin Wingrave  and-baby are settled in the house  that used to be known in the  old days as "Nepawa." We trust  that all of .the newcomers in  our community will find themselves at horne among us.  The young folks of the community are enjoying themselves  t. .    ~j     _7 l'l      .X   li- u ir Playing  ping  pong    and    other  This advertisement is not published  ^ames in the Hall at Granthams.  or displayed by the Liquor Control  We   heard   that  Mr.  G.   Hunter  Board  or by the  Government or \s to act as organizer and leader  British Columbia. :X-   among the boys. .. XX ���  By ROBBIE  IT SEEMS as though the recent  fine weather brought a few  visitors back for the remainder  of their holidays, or a few days  at the weekend. Bert Wright  was up for a day or two. Another visitor whom I have not see*?  around these parts before is  Hans Myaska, who stayed with  his parents on the waterfront.  His father is still here and seems  to be having a kind of a busman's holiday. As you know, he  is ta commercial fisherman, goes  after tuna fish. He spends most  of his time fishing in the Bay.  and the last I saw of him, he was  giving out big juicy salmon  steaks to many of the neighbours.  Yes, there must be fish in our  bay.  Mr. Hector Macleod, who is  on the staff of the Vancouver  Sun, arrived here to complete  the remainder of his holidays.  Mrs. Macleod is expected to arrive here during the week to  spend a few days at the camp,  and Bob, the youngest of the  clan, has returned to school in  Vancouver after an absence of  a couple of years.  I understand Mrs. Brownlee,  who recently took over the house  owned by Mrs. G. Reid, is expected to leave the district ver_��  shortly, to join her husband who  is at present working in Victoria.  Mrs. Joe Mervin had a surprise  visit from her mother and grandmother,  Mrs.   Sorensen,  both  of  Marpole. After a few days they  will return home.  I would like at this time, to  take the opportunity on behalf  of the many friends in Wilsons  Creek, to offer our profoundest  sympathy  to  the  family pf the  Continued on Page 8  For the Finest Assortment of  Christmas Cards  and  GIFT BOXES  with satisfaction guaranteed as to artistry and price.  SEE YOUR WATKINS DEALER  JACK MACLEOD  Phone 5M2���short, long# short, long  WILSONS CREEK  Woodworkers  s  T  O  |^4 ..J:.^^^ -7  FACE THESE FACTS!  Despite totalitarian action by a rump group in Vancouver,  YOUR wages, YOUR hours, YOUR working conditions are still,  and ���will remain, the responsibility of the INTERNATIONAL  WOODWORKERS OF AMERICA���CIO���CCL.  *-_-��.-..-  ^fS#  DEMEMRA  RUM  L  O  o  K  L  I  S  T  E  N  We  HOLD the  master  contract  and the  company contracts,  and we will keep them under full protection of the faw I  We HOLD the charters of the District and of the local unions.  They will be maintained, with the full power of the international  constitution behind them I  We HOLD affiliation with the CANADIAN CONGRESS of  LABOR and the CONGRESS OF INDUSTRIAL ORGANIZA-  TIONS, powerful allies to effectvie trade union action !  OUR POLICY is set by the wish and vote of the membership,  not by 'power politics7 or cliques I  DON'T let your hard-won rights be wrecked by trade union  saboteurs E  DON'T be stampeded into any hasty action !  DON'T forget these facts T  Stand Fast By Your Rights!  Stand Fast By The l_.W_.A_  Issued by Authority of  The International Executive  Board, I.W.A.  J. E. FADLING,  International  President.  AGENT ���GIBSONS  R. M. (Eric) INGLIS  Phone Gibsons, 50  WHITE  Phones:  1075 MAIN STREET, VANCOUVER, B.C.  PA. 6539  PA. 9171-2  ���.�����  VANCOUVER,��� GIBSONS, B.C.  Scows leave 1075 Main St., Vancouver and Government Wharf, Gibsons, B.C.  Schedule Effective September 13, 1948  LV. VANCOUVER  AR. GIBSONS  LV. GIBSONS  AR. VANCOUVER  Afternoon  1st Trip  Tuesday  Morning  Afternoon  Evening  Wednesday  No  Scheduled  Trip  Thursday  Afternoon  2nd Trip  Friday  Morning  Afternoon  Evening  NOTE:  All arrivals and departures are subject to tide conditions. Special Trips by Arrangement ___t*_-*:_a_t_f--i--<  Page Four    ,.  THE COAST NEWS, SECHELT, B. C  Friday, Oct. 8, 1943  By E. NESTMAN  Bracewell, Minister of municipalities re the jurisdiction over  the wharf was read but not fully  understood. More information is  to be obtained. Go ahead signal  WOMEN'S Institute. Howe given the water department to  Sound W.I. Sept. meeting was finish the work at the reservoir,  held at the home of Mrs. Winn, and to carry the pipe line up 2500  with 18 members present. A let- feet to new water supply, to inter was read from Mrs. Cor- crease village supply. Cannery  lett re picnic tables for public road replacement is to be laid  playground. Delegates Mrs. over for at least another six  Corlett and Mrs. Tyson are to months while necessary repairs  meet recreation club officers. Re- are undertaken. It was felt at  ports from Mrs. LeFevre on this time work would be too  agriculture fall fair showed costly and council did not feel  judges delighted with quality of that borrowing money to com-  the exhibits. Report was given plete this project now was advis-  by Mrs. Turner, refreshment able, so it was felt that with  convenor. Small sum was clear- some necessary repairs, cannery  ed due to inclement weather. pipe line could be made service-  A vote of thanks was given to able for this time. If this should  Mrs. Gray for use of the store not be the case and new line be-  for refreshments and to Mrs. comes absolutely necessary, then  Turner, Mrs. Pilling, Mrs. Gra- this would have to be done. B.C,  ham and other members for Power promised six new lights to  their work at the, fair, .   be  installed at  some very dark  Report came from Mrs. Knight corners in the village before the  Citizenship, Mrs. Corlett, social real winter sets in. No replies  welfare and Mrs. Metcalfe, bldg. to tenders called for purchase of  fund. Mrs. Tyson described an old .municipal float. It will have  interesting visit to the Solarium to be removed, and another  and fine work being done there float that has been procured will  for crippled children. be put into place.  Auditors appointed wtere Farmers> institute Notes7"The  Messrs Bartle and Haley Next drive for funds-by Farmers' In-  annual meeting is to be held at stitute to t the Hi h School  home of Mrs. Winn. Mrs. Bow-  grounds in shape for    the    new  mS ^��n^ed P-?1���03568 t0 *e baseball and playing field has  raffled. Mrs Corlett was in been started. Any information  charge of tickets. Drawing to be re this ject can be obtained  at Dec meeting, Xmas bazaar to from Ed Smith. A dance will be  be- booked at school hall, Wed- held in the community Hall,  uesday Dec. 1. Mohon Mrs. Ty- Qct 16 for this worthwhile pro-  son each member donate an art- ject and a Tang0 t to be  icle for sales table. Mrs. Met- held Qct 30 for the same cause  calfe afternoon whist drives, to More functions are pianned for  be held for building fund   First fut as   SOOn   as    plans    are  we/�� aG hel�� f *��*' Metcalfe's  worked out. .     '  Wednesday,   Oct.   13   at   2   p.m.      ,_,. ,     _,   ,   ^       . .     ,  rn  Members   please   leave   finished      Th^!n T*at ��u/ f/ie1nd Tom-  articles  at home  of Mrs.  Winn.  m7^t^t��� .S��rt ?f Sl?T?d UP  with  that  broken  toe,  tells  me  Council   Notes.   At   a   meeting that   his   cook   Tommy   Totten,  of the council a letter from Mr.  started cooking supper the other   ��� night   and  discovered  that  they  had only two eggs. He asked  Tommy if he wanted one for  supper so Tommy told him no,  that he better have them himself. So the cook broke one and  found it had a double yoke, they  figured their problem was solved, when he broke the other  one and discovered it had two  yolks also. Nice going fellas.  Tommy figures this one for .Ripley sure.  MURDOCH'S  MARINE SUPPLY  Compare Our Prices!  Del nor Frozen Foods  ^ Ice Cream  .. Groceries  Fresh Meats and*  Vegetables  Hardware  Drygoods  Shell Oil  Fish Camp  We now have .increased  refrigeration for handling  of perishables.  Pender Harbour, B.C.  Our postmaster has an item  of interest. He tells me that where  the Union used to have 156 stops,  it is now cut down to 120, that's  quite a slash.  Mrs. CressweU from Granthams is helping out while Mrs.  Finlayson is on her holidays.  Jim Veitch, Alice and Clare,  have extended their vacation an  extra couple of weeks, to go on  Bring Your Repair Jobs to Us!  Boat Tanks, Warm Air Heating Furnaces Repaired  Range and Heater Repairs  CHICKEN FARM EQUIPMENT  GUTTERS AND DOWNPIPE  AIR CONDITIONING  Sheet Metal   Works;  Laurie Speck, Gibsons Phone Gibsons 8R  Prices Reasonable  Estimates  H. C DENNY  Watchmaker and Jeweller  Skilled Workmanship and Satisfaction Given  You are invited to inspect the precision watch  cleaning machine.   .  50 Years Experience  Gibsons, B.C.  FOR SAFE, COURTEOUS  TAXI SERVICE  PHONE  PENINSULA  CABS  Formerly Jack's Taxi and  Blowers Taxi  an automobile trip with Gordon  MacPherson to California, Bob  will have to wait for their return to go on his, never mind  Bob, will be all the better when  you get it.  Cliff   "Leach    returned    today  from his vacation.  With   the   ferry   running   late  (Continued on Page 5)  IB   _$__-   __��___  Buy Meat With Confidence  H. KENNEST  BUTCHER  Gibsons, BX.x  ^Wanted To Buy Livestock" and Live Poultry  Use "News" Ad-Briefs To Sell, Buy, Rent  )  1  1  I  I  I  B  I  I  I  I  *    I  I  I  1  INSTALMENT  PAYMENTS  lot  B.C. HOSPITAL INSURANCE PREMIUMS  ���  I  At\L  1  I  I  I  I  I  I  I  I  You will receive your B.C. Hospital Insurance Card after you  have paid for it. These cards will cover a six months' or a twelve  m. �� ���__������_.  months' period, depending on the extent of prepayment of  the premium. /  ���AN EASY WAY TO PAY  Payment hy instalments is for your convenience. If you wish  to avoid making payment in a lump sum, your first instalment  is now due. Premium payments may he made on an instalment  >���'* basis, provided they are made in advance and are equivalent  to or total six months'premium by January 1st, 1949.  OTHER WAYS TO-PAY- : -������ -   -���/--^ __..-���-_   The twelve months9 card is obtained by prepayment of a full  ���year's premium before January 1st, 1949. A six months' card  is obtained by prepayment of six months' premium before  January 1st, 1949.  PREMIUM RATES  SINGLE: $15.00 per annum, or $7.50 half yearly, or $2.50 per  monthly instalment, October to March.    ~~  HEAD OF FAMILY, ONE DEPENDENT: $24.00 per annum, or  $12.00 half yearly, or $4.00 per monthly instalment, October to  March.  HEAD OF FAMILY, TWO OR MORE DEPENDENTS: $30.00  per annum, or $15.00 half yearly, or $5.00 per monthly instalment, October to March. X  You selected*your own method of premium payment at the  y    time of registration. /  Payment's should be made through the mail or in person to the  local office at which you are registered.  ���     An Office Is Open At:  MOTOR VEHICLE BLDG;  1730 W- Georgia St., Vancouver, JBX-  HERE'S WHY YOU PAY PREMIUMS NOW x  Your Hospital Insurance Card represents necessary hospital  care for you and your family. The Card itself is proof of pay*  ment and establishes your right to receive necessary hospital  protection starting next January 1st. Tt cannot be issued to-  you until the premium has been paid. Prepayment is an essential feature of any type of insurance. It helps to guarantee  <:. general participation and is the best way of insuring continua  tion of the present low premiums. Prepayment also protects  hospitals froni unpaid bills and operating deficits.  DELAYED REGISTRATION  If you have not yet registered, you should immediately obtain  a registration form from your local B.C, Hospital Insurance  Service Office, complete and return it as soon as possible.  I VERY ONE  MUST  BE  R E 01 STEP. ED Fridays Oct. 8, 1948  _THE COAST NEWS, SECHELT, B. C.  Page Five  MORE ABOUT  with him this fishing trip, his real estate office is almost com-  brother-in-law, who she said pletedj at the back of the post  likes to eat too. office.  >  (Continued from Page 4)  i'riday nights, and getting in  around 9:30, the papers are rather late in arriving, so if its a  bad night and you don't get  your paper don't feel your paper  boy has forgotten you, he will  be around in the morning with  them. It's a little late to be out  these dark nighs and too tough  for the boy, so until boat schedule changes, that's it.  Noticed Alfie Winn's wife  Jean, and young son, visiting  with Mrs. Winn.  Mrs. Husby's daughter Louise  is up from Seattle for a brief  visit. Mrs. Hfusby called #o  Seattle on account of her brother's illness. Dorcas and Louise  are holding the "Fort" till she  returns.  Sorry to report Mrs. MacFarlane. is confined at home under  the weather.  Mr. White has gone to Nortjd  Vancouver   to     live    with     his:  daughter.  Frank���'Campbell, is a weekend  guest  at Mrs.  Nestmans.. Frank.  is  working  at   Wells,   B.C.   and  liking it very'much,. looking very  well.  Wilfred Nestman; has gone to  j    Vancouver to  school.  I Walt Nygren is home again  I looking very well. Hiss mother  ).   tells me he had a very good cook  Noticed at the Pony Pals  dance Saturday night at Gibsons, Norm Berdahl, and party  celebrating Norm's birthday, and  they were enjoying themselves.  Congrats Norm.  Mrs. Macintosh up for weekend visiting, also enjoying herself at the dance.  Our local arm of the law, is  now the owner of fa boat, so he  can get you on land or sea, so  -better behave.  Les Peterson is up and around  again. Will soon be back oh the  job they tell me.  Our "little cafe" is temporarily out of business, been closed  down this past week. Help  seems to be the problem, almost  hard  to  believe.  Hear Mrs. Wardill is on a* holiday down to California. Jimmy  holding down the fort over there.  Well our nice weather seems,  to have left us and its raining  and blowing good old winter  weather tonight, but we couldn't  expect it to last much longer, although we sure have had our  share of miserable weather, and  those few Indian summer days  were really -grand while they  lasted.  Well folks, will leave you  with this bright little thought.  Artful dressing and a smooth  paint job will take 20 years off  her true age. But you can't fool  a long flight of stairs, how true.  Bye now.  Gibsons 45  SELMA PARK  Mr. and Mrs. C. E. Jones and  son Wayne, spent ten days visiting mother and sister, Mrs. and  Miss Duval of Selma, prior to  residing at Alert Bay.  Josephine     Bonaparte     introduced the custom of daily baths  Notice   Mr.     Coleridges     new with soap in  Europe.  Gibsons, B.C.  mg Electrical Io; ��om i��me  PLAN FOR YOUR FUTURE  O GIFTS NOW #  ic English Novelty China  ir General Electric Appliances  ir Lamps-���new styles in pin-ups, table models and  Tri-lite  ir Radios  SALES AND SERVICE  House Wiring  Appliance ��� Radio Repairs  ROBERTS CREEK  BrJ'Ca_ROLA*  L��  MRS.  V.  ROOKES,  our Librarian has  announced some hew  and interesting books in the last  shipment received, from Victoria.  We are happy to announce to  the budget conscious (of which  I am a member), that Mrs. _VI. D.  Storey has opened a dressmaking  and alterations salon in her home  on the upper road, across from  the Elphinstone School. You'll  be interested to know that she  served     her���-apprctiticahip^  mr  I  )  Paris. When living in Vancouver, Mrs. Storey applied her ability jn making fine lingerie for  Sabas.  Mrs. J. E. Allen formerly of  Vancouver is residing ' in the  Haven Cottage, formerly the  Cotton residence.     -.  _��  Mr.. and Mrs. Barney Finerty  and children have arrived from  the Okanagan to take up residence in the Hilchy Cottage,  Steven's Beach. The Finertys'  resided here many years ago, and *  they will be welcomed by old  friends. Mrs. Finerty is<_employ-,  ediat Half Moon.  Brothers Tommy and Carl  Chrismus associated with the.  Standard Oil Co., have purchased  the Krause Saw Mill.  Mr. E. J. Shaws has as week-*:  end guests, Mrs. J. Graham and  daughter  from   Vancouver.  Mr. J. Handy and daughter  Mary spent a week-end. on the  Beach Ave. property.  lVlrs.:.A...N,ewtoit and son Bobby spent the week-endUn Vancouver visiting her brother and  sister-in-law.  Mrs. J. Coughlin has returned to the Creek, having spent  some weeks visiting her daughter and son-in-law Mr. and Mrs.  R. Fleming in Campbell River,  V.I.  A pleasant holiday ensued for  Mrs. Babs Brines when she visited Vancouver and Agassiz visiting her sister. She attended a  party in her honor at Harrison  Hot Springs Hotel.  Mrs. C. White visited a few  days with her daughter and son-  in-law Mr. and. Mrs. G. Reeves,  prior to her move to Victoria.  Mrs. W. Robertson of Beach  Ave; visited her son C. Roberta  son hi. Vancouver recently.  Mrs.  Jessie  Hogg  visited her  sister   and   brother-in-law Mr.  and Mrs.  A. Finlsiy    over the  week-end.  Alan Foulks came home for  a few days visit with his folks.  Use "News" Rd-Brieis To Sell. Buy, Rent  Shog the Thrifty Wag--the Self-Service Wag  Effective Oct. 12-23  EXTRA SPECIALS  Effective Oct. 12-23  Malkin's Blue Lable Tea - 87c lb.  MALKINS PUDDING POWDERS:  Any flavor  .... 2 pkts. 17c  MALKINS PEANUT BUTTER:   16-oz. jar  rsriKS.  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C.  Friday, Oct. 8, 1948  By "SLIM'  HI FOLKS, October and what a  grand day, cold but lovely.  Miss Jackie Donahue formerly  ST. HILDA'S  km ChuTcb  Sechelt, B.C.  First and Fifth Sundays  7:30 p.m.  Second and Third  Sundays ��� 3 p.m.  Fourth  Sunday  Holy Communion  11:30 a.m.  Sunday School  12:45 p.m. every Sun.  of the "Trail" is up visiting at  the home of Mr. and Mrs. W. Pat-  enaude, its nice to see her ar-  ' ound again and hello from* us all.  Well, we have quite a list of  birth congratulations. Mr. and  Mrs. Eric Robinson have a baby  girl. Mr. and Mrs. Ken ;Ades  have a baby girl. Mr. and Mus.  J. Humphrey (nee.Gladys Newberry) also have a girl. So congratulations   to   you   all.  "We also have wedding congratulations.   Mrs.   Dolly   Smith  '*2___:  L  YOU'RE OUR HONORED  GUEST  When you dine at the Eng-  list Tea Rooms, your  slightest wish is our concern. The menu and the  service are planned to make  your meal an occasion to be  remembered with pleasure.  ENGLISH TEA ROOMS  Gibsons, B.C.  Sechelt District Liberal Association Announces  OPEN MEETING  MONDAY, OCTOBER 11th - 8 p.m.  in the Legion'Hall, Sechelt .  Speaker:   JAMES SINCLAIR, M.P.  ALL WELCOME  YOU HAVEN'T LONG TO WAIT  before you'll be trying to  start   a   cold   engine   in  your car.  Be prepared for the first cold snap.  ��� MOTOR . .-..'grind valves/adjust points, check  timing, fuel and water pumps> make all needed  repairs.  ��� TRANSMISSION . . . entire transmission and differential checked. _������������"  ��� BRAKES . . . mechanical or hydraulic brakes tested, rel'med, tightened, adjusted or repaired.  ��� BODY . . . fenders straightened, cracks mended,  dents removed, body squeaks eliminated. Springs  adjusted.  ��� Change to winter oil and grease NOW.  Jack's Automotive Service  SECHELT, B.C.  30 Years Experience in Automotive Service  THANKSGIVING  DAY  S  MONDAY ONLY  October 1 lth4  r   ������'���'���'���'- . / .'  MV. Mariner, Delayed Sailing  LEAVE HALFMOON BAY - 7:40 P.  -8:30 P.M.  - 8:45 P.M.  BIWIB  ARRIVE VANCOUVER - - 11 sOO P.M.  By. SARAH  THE   COMBINED   school board,  teachers  and PTA  of District  46 met at Pender Harbor School  in one of the most enjoyable and  informative   gatherings    it     has.  been my good fortune to attend.  Many aspects of rural community life were touched'upon, and  the more and more serious and  personal  problems   of  children's  teeth,  recreation,  telephone service   (or rather lack of it after  10 p.m. in most places.) Roads and  lack  of roads   etc.   To   see   and  meet so many men and women,  who  had  travelled  miles  under  difficult   conditions,   banded   together   for   the   common   good,  and  to  reach  a   better    understanding of their neighbor's problems.  To  me   is    a    heartening,  sight. We intend to  meet again.  in  Sechelt  in  the  early  spring,  and perhaps form a PTA Council.  We  have a good beginning,  so,  forward, march.  Noticed in the Harbor Don  Cameron's "Colonial Packers"  fish buying scow, and scads of  boats both "old timers and new  faces. Saw Alec Aitchison there,  so I suppose he and Dolly are  back with us again.  Bill Davis arrived Saturday  towed his home down from  Klemter and has. gone on to  Vancouver to pick up Marge and  the kids. They have been absent from the Harbor for over  a year, and it sure will be swell  to welcome them "home" again..  There is to be a VON Auxiliary  (nee Copeland) wsa married on  Thursday night so we wish you  the best of luck.  Mrs. Tom Wells and the twins  are home after a^ week in Vancouver.  Mr. and Mrs. J. Edwards are  in Vancouver for a week.  Well the Club had a Bingo  Saturday. What lovely prizes  and what a turnout, over 200. I  was lucky enough to win a $6  plastic  purse ~~ <all ������ I  neeiSX is  the~  money to put in it?). Candy and  cigarettes were plentiful, coffee and doughtnuts being served after. It was nice to see such  a big turnout from the townsite.  and they sure didn't go home  empty handed.  Mrs. Gord Mounsey had 10  in for Bingo on Friday night,  all of us winning lovely prizes  two or three times.  Had a letter from George Taylor and he is getting along fine  and is on crutches already. Good  luck George.  Well winter is here, why, because we took our yacht out of  the water. I sure hated to see it  finally come out.  Lost���one pet lizard. Lorraine  Mable has lost one of hers, so if  you feel something cold in bed,;  just take a peep and see.  Don't forget the dance Saturday at the beach. Stan Nichols  and his orchestra.  So I'll say cheerio folks until  next week. SLIM.  Bazaar on Oct. 16 at Madieife  Park School. So, come on people spend your money for a  good cause, and take a look-see  at this bright and sunny school  room, you'll be as pleasantly  surprised as I was.  My hubby and I celebrate our  19th year of wedded bliss next  Saturday, so we were married  the same year as Evelyn and  Bill Falconer and Norris and  Phyllis Phillips. Congratulations  to us all. I say, any more?  Well,  folks,   cheerio  for  now,  more next week, I hope.  ��� -���     .  There are' countless millions  of far-distant, self-luminous  gaseous bodies called stars and  each one is in itself a sun.  Mien's pure wool socks,' very warm,  extra long- wearing-, grey or white.  Medium weight ?1.15 pr. or $12.00  doz. pra Light weight 95c or  ?9.60 doz. prs. Delivered/ ..Mary  Maxim,   Sifton,   Man. 7 X  GIBSONS  MARINE SALES  'Gibsons, B.C.  Agents  Briggs-Stratton  Motors.   Evinrude  Outboards  "*s.  New low prices  listeners to CKWX sit up and take  particular notice when they hear the  familiar greeting, "Hello Again I"  That means Bob White and more  valuable phone calls. Bob White is  now featured on two regular programs  on CKWX, Monday through Saturday from 10:05 to 10:45 a.m. and.  6:80 to 7:00 p.m.  Our Window Display Will Give You An Inspiration E  EQUISITELY  DIFFERENT .x  .. SAAAF^FLY STYLED  Will give the Busy Housewife or Business Girl  a new. lift.  California imported, black with white stitching  outlining the new sleeves.  Snow white Blouses With a touch of lace or black bow  to give you that refreshed feeling.  'That Smart Shop at Sechelt''  Closed Mondays 7 Phonie Sechelt 43  ������. '. .���-  ���_���**���_���*__��������  ?**������  .'.X'. ���*  "Serving the Peninsula"  Phone Gibson 33  Gibsons:  ��� WHITE ENAMEL TUB ���-x'v ������������'1."7x  7             ��� QUARTER H.P. MOTOR  ��� ^LOVELL WRINGER /  A Real Aid to Washday and At A Price You Can  Afford To Pay  nil  131.75  SALES AND SERVICE  ���TT*  YOUR CAR  (CHECK ACCIDENTS!  a o_\ SILVER  in    iiniBH-to������t'i������  i����___wi���i^���^__iii��>iin*%iin mum ii��i  A Minor adjustment that is overlooked can  cause a major accidentx Haya,your car thor-  bu^hlyx checked frequently by trained experts. Let us give your brakes, tires, lights,  arid other mechanisms a complete inspection,  pur prices are low . . .our service the best.  Stop in today . . . remember, a safety check  . ... ���������'���'   may save your neck.; ;-,.  DON'T DELAY ��� SEE ^S HOW  SERVICE STfiTION  eg  i  "One of the Best Equipped Service Departments on the Peninsula"  y%��?  & Friday, Oct. 8, 1948  THE COAST NEWS, SECHELT^B. C.  Page Seven  ���  . ������  A Complete  Hakdressing  Service  DOLLY  w        JONAS  Phone for Appointments  GET  A  TRIM  cyT  AT  COLLISON'S  BARBER  SHOP  By "ARIES'  SECHELT is really in the news  this week. As far away as  England comes word to Miss  Lindsay Nickson that a recent  C.B.C. overseas broadcast was  heard there ^very distinctly on  Labor Day when William Morrison the owner and operator of  Rockwood Lodge was interviewed by Marsh Munro. The letter  came from Mrs. Margaret Brad-  shaw. of London, England, -who  says she was very much thrilled  to hear the voices as she has  very pleasant memories of Se-  chlt. Wonderful times when we  can be heard by an old friend  6,000 miles away. We understand that this was relayed from  Montreal.  We wish to welcome to Sechelt Mr. and Mrs. Jack Nelson, recently of Gibson's. Mr.  Nelson is now operating the  garage formerly operated by  Roger Siimnng. It is now known  as Jack's Automotive Service.  We wish him every success in  his new venture. '  Sorry Mrs. Nelson lost her cat  whilst moving in. He is very tim-  Sechelt Cubs  SECHELT���Its full swing ahead  for the Cubs organization in  Sechelt. The first meeting of the  season held at the Legion Hall,  Sept. 30 found 26 enthusiastic  members present, most of whom  are in uniform, having passed  their tests. Teddy Scott, Senior  Sixer is the first Cub in Sechelt  to earn his 'proficiency badges.  Teddy now has both his Athlete's and Swimmer's badge.  Jackie Power is a close runner-  up having already his Swimmer's  badge. All boys between the ages  of 8 and 11 are asked to join the  Pack, meeting every Thursday  after  school.  BIBLE READING  to house, Testifying both to the j  Jews,   and   also  to   the   Greeks,  repentance   toward     God,     and  faith  toward   our    Lord    Jesus  Christ.  Wherefore I take you to record this day, .that I am pure  from the blood of all men. For  I have not shunned to declare  unto you all the counsel of G��d.  Take heed therefore unto your-  seferes, and to all the flock, over  the which the Holy Ghost hath  made you overseers, to feed the  church of God, which He hath  purchased with his own blood.  The Acts, 20:   18-21, 26-28.  t    B.C  B     Jft-H  Selma  ACCOUNTING  INCOME TAX  REPRODUCTIONS  BUSINESS FORMS  Direct Mail Advertising  �����*���  Use The Coast News classified  to sell, rent, buy, or swap.  '��� IMI.^1 '  JOIN  OUR  Turkey Club!  This Club is open from  now till Christmas.  Every time you come  into the store, just pay  small amount on  your Christmas TUR-  IKEY and PRESTO���  when Christmas comes  your dinner is all paid  for in advance!  Village Meat Market and Delicatessen  Phone Sechelt 56 Bus  Service  lilllio.1  jimJicr  WHEN THEY were coming to  Him, He said unto them, Ye  know, from the first day that I  came into Asia, after what manner I have been with you at all  seasons, Serving the Lord with  all humility of mind, and with  many tears, and temptations,,  which befell me by the lying in  wait of the Jews: And how I  kept back nothing that was  profitable unto you, but have  shewed you, and have taught  you publickly, and from    house  id, a large grey and white one  so you mighty hunters we now  see every day with guns don't  shoot. It is quite possible that  he may go back to Gibson's. If  seen I am quite sure that the  Nelson's will be very grateful  for  any   information.  We will miss Mrs. Borradaile  here. She has recently moved to  Egmont taking with her the  dogs so familiar to us all on the  trails, Barney Jeep and Lally.  This last was named for me as  it was my gift to Mrs. Borradaile  when the original Barry died. It  sounds funny I know but I  consider it an  honor.  Dressmaking  AND  Alterations  ALSO  Featuring . . .  ^Ladies' Lingerie  *��� Children's  Clothes  M. D.STOREY  Phone Roberts Creek, 24-U-2  Business and Professional  DIRECTORY  --   -  BEER BOTTLES  INSURANCE  Will call and buy for cash,  beer bottles, scrap metal, etc.  Calls made at intervals from  Hopkins to Irvines Landing.  We notice at the Porpoise Bay  wharf "The Parry," the surveyors boat which returned to Se- TAXI  chelt once more. , .  K. H.  STROSHEIN  Wilson   Creek  Parr Pearson Agencies  General Insurance  Phone  Sechelt 37 ���Night Ring LSL  Local Orders  Filled  Promptly  Random Widths  Random Lengths  Fir  Cedar  Hemlock  B.C. FIR (SECHELT) LTD.  SECHELT, B.C.  PHONE 42  Wxt (S#a$t K^tUS  CLASSIFIED  ADVERTISING  3 Lines (15 Words) for 35c 3 Insertion (same ad) 60c  Extra\wOTds, above ;15-word min., 2c each.  Cash with order.  Notices, Engagements, Marriages, Deaths, etc., 75c Insertion  LITTLE ADS . . . BIG RESULTS  --^me5^-5inT_raiF^r  dress a meeting of Liberals on  Monday, October" 11. We expect  a good meeting and everyone is  welcome not only the Liberal  following as we are sure Mr.  Sinclair would like to meet all  interested in affairs of the district.  We hear lots of comments  . about the Union Steamship Company and the. new mail service.  Perhaps we have a kick there  but let us also remember the  faithful service on this coast by  this same company year after  year. Sometimes the boats were  very-late and I have seen them  -with as few as five passengers.  We all know that most of us  like to get where we are going  in a hurry but let us not forget  old friends. '  Another accident this week���  this time.two trucks and a ear-  again we are lucky, no one killed, though minor injuries were  suffered by those involved. Perhaps we should have stop signs  and speed limits.  _.  PENINSULA CABS  24-Hour Service  WILSON CREEK and  SELMA PARK  Phone Sechelt 5C2  REAL ESTATE  PLUMBING-HARDWARE  Specialist in Coast Property  Consolidated Brokers Ltd.  Gulf Coast Office  Sechelt  Hardware, Plumbing Supplies  Heating Necessities  'Serving the Peninsula"  Marshall's  Hardware  Phone Gibson���33  ��c  RADSO SERVICE  STEELE'S RADIO AND  ELECTRIC  Radio Sales and Service  Phone, Sechelt 33  Send by Bus  ABLETTS  Plumbing and heating installations,   repairs.   Hot   water  heating. Contracts.  North  Road Gibsons  TRANSFER-TRUCKERS  Plumbing and Heating  JACK'S TRANSFER  Log Hauling Contractors  General Freight Hauling  Sand and  Gravel  Phone Sechelt 15U and 21Y  Puccinik, the famous Italian  composer of operas who wrote  '-'Madame Butterfly" died in 1924.  Installation ��� Repairs  A 'Specialty  by Registered Plumber  Ticknpr's Plumbing  Porpoise Bay Road  Sechelt, B.C.  LUMBER AND FUEL  FOR SALE���  PRACTICALLY new. Gas washer,   Northern  Electric,   $150.00.  Wilf   Scott,   Halfmoon  Bay.     16  . FOR SALE��� ' -  ELECTRIC     washing     machine.  _New  rollers.   $65.00.   Apply, J.  Renton,  Selma Park. 14  FOR SALE-^- .  VMEN, DON'T take risks. Be  V safe. Guard your health. Hygienic supplies (rubber goods),  mailed in strong envelopes sealed with staples. Absolute secrecy without embarrassment.  First-class merchandise. Price  $1.00 per dozen, mailed one hour  after receiving order. The <Greb  Trading Co., 1275 Queen St.  West,   Toronto,   Canada. 16  FOR SALE���  12 FOOT boat,, 1% h.p. Lawson  motor.   New   May   1948.   $200.  Apply J. Fisher,; Selma Park. 15  LIST   YOUR     properties     with  Ex G. Harris and Co., -Village  Centre, Sechelt, B.C. .  15  WANTED���"    . '���;���'"' ;   ' [_   ] '.'  PIANO in good condition. Grantham's   Community  Hall.  Box  15,  Coast  News,  Sechelt. 15  PERSONAL���  CALL AND say "Hello" at the  Wakefield Coffee Shop. Samples of lovely boxed and personal  greeting cards for your. inspection. Bus stops at the door. Open .12 noon on. Cheerio. Mrs.  Dorothy   Erickson. 13  British tax Hollwood movies  75 per cent: which is still less  than the amount Hollywood  movies tax American audiences.  WOOD  BURNS and JACKSON  SAWMILL  -Producer of Choice Lumber  In .All Species  Wood and Sawdust  Phone Sechelt 15-M-2  Transfer - Truckers  FIR SLAB WOOD  Now Available  BLAIR CARTAGE  Granthams and Hopkins  Contact Usher's Dry Goods  at Gibsons  FRANK  YATES  Home Oil Agent for  Peninsula  Gravel and Freight Carrying  Service calls day or night���  Days, Wilson Creek���5S  Nights, Roberts Creek���24L  MISCELLANEOUS��� FOR SALE  LET  US' rebuild  and  upholster SHIP BY Gulf Lines Express to  your   favorite   chair..    Usher's     or from Vancouver. Low rates.  Yard Goods Shop, Gibsons, B.C. Fast   service.   Careful   handling.  tfn Specify Gulf Lines Express,    tf  CLEANERS AND DYERS  REAL ESTATE  when youf serve  our  Bread, Piesfj Cakes or  Cookies  Our Years' of Service Is  Our Guarantee  ELPHINSTONE  Gibsons* B.C.  "It Pays to Keep Clean"  LLOYD'S CLEANERS  GIBSONS,  B.C.  Agency at Bus Depot, Sechelt  For Prompt, Courteuos  Service, See  E. G.  HARRIS & Co.  Real Estate and Insurance  Village Centre, ^Sechelt  Sechelt, 48 or 39  ROOM AND BOARD  r  Comfortable Rooms and Good  Food by Day, Week, Month  ROCKWOOD LODGE  is the place tb go!  Phone Sechelt 39  Sechelt's Most Modern Hotel  A quarter-inch frog, the  smallest in the world, is found  in Cuba, which boasts also the  world's smallest bird.  The juice of the crocus was  used by Roman women as a hair  dye. In recent years it has been  used in making cordials and as  a coloring for cakes. Page Eight  THE COAST NEWS, SECHELT, B.C..  Friday, Oct. S; 1948  Continued from Page 3  MORS ABOUT munity.  And I  feel  I ought  to with his paper. But as a privilege.  place it where it belongs.  Such May  I   ask   on   behalf   of  your  projects as road  conditions,  the readers��� Why is there "not" an  mail muddle, water system, fire, editorial   page   in     the     "Coast  ,  .     ���     ,.   _. , ,,   .    first  aid accessories,    etc.,    and News."  late  Mr.  J.  Finlayson,   on their here may I deviate for a moment  recent tragic loss of a husband to give you an important instance Mrs- Winegard has returned  and father. Many were stunned regarding the last two items. fr��m Vancouver where she paid  by the suddenness of his de- During the summer months we a visit to her son Alan and  parture. ,had a small outbreak of fire at daughter Rita.  Paddy  Welch,   a  well   known Wilsons   Creek.   True,   it  was  a -  old timer, who will be remem- sn}a}1 flTe> and was extinguished MORE ABOUT  bered by many  ex-service men without   the   aid   of   water.   But  of  world  war  one  particularly, the. P��mt J wish to stress is, the  and  who worked  for D.V.A.  at water   was   turned   off   at   that Continued from Page 1  Shaughnessy  hospital  for     over time   for   some   repair   work    I , , u    x.  90 ware wnrP hP w_a<_ traT_��;- leave you to imagine what lsiana pan give to you an. i  20  years,  before  he  was trans- M ha if we have a more  should like to thank our friends  ferred   to   "Hycroft,"   has   pur-  wuuia happen, ii we nave a more nilt��iri~  nnint*  t_aff-in.il_.riv  chased   the   nrooertv     at     "Red serlous  outbreak.  And  secondly,  *J��m outside  points particularly  ��    S -tne   ?? P^ X+.             ���r regarding  first  aid  to  sick  and Gibsons for their friendly, cour-  Roofs" from the Frattmgers. We fegaramg  nrsi  aia  to  sick  ana tpn���_ hph_vihlir _nH  fhy-l  _i. ��� t  hone  Pat   and  his   genial    wife m3ured.   Recently  m  these   col- tfous  behaviour and their strict  ���P.  -. i     3           * fenial    ^1Ie umns I reoorted a case of a ner- observance   of  our    rules.     The  vis" one. inTwSSe andwewish "oT beingP sick  and    takenP to P��>Ple of Gibsons stand ace high  Sem bothTtsl." town- But I did not describe the with us all on Gambler,  conveyance   which   was   a   huge ,.,,    ,          ,  . ,     ,    ,      ,,  The following may be a little lumbering two ton truck, where ^Wf have  lately had rather a  different  to   what  I  have  been a bed was placed for the patient, shock   on   Gambler   Island.   The  writing recently. But a question who was jogged and shaken in. Y?10n Steamship, after nearly  has been askd several times, by the most inconceivable manner. !�� yefrs continuous service, on  a number of people in our Com- The second case, quite recent, f?ur days not.c? !uspfnded0 sefr  Z���Z=ZZ==ZZZZZZZ=ZZT was taken, to Gibsons in  (above vice to the residents of the South  Wm. McFadden  *  Optometrist,  GIBSONS  Office Hours:  9:00 o.m. to 5:00 p.m.  Evenings  by Appointment  Every  day except Thursday  HADDOCK'S  ENGINEERING  Moehine Work  Welding  General Repairs  Marine Engines  Water Cooled, Air Cooled  Gas or Diesel  PENDER HARBOUR  Let Classified Ads  Change   Unused  Articles  from   A Liability To A  Gain  Phone  "CAROLA"  22L, Roberts Creek, or  Coast News, Sechelt, 37  SELMA PARK STORE  RELIABLE 24-  HOUR SERVICE  BILL'S  HALFMOON BAY, B.C.  Halfmoon Bay  7-U (. ���.)  Bill Mervyn  all things) a hearse. What a Slde ��? Gambier who -comprise  horrible thought, had the pat- P��TJ> than 80 per cent of the Is-  ient been able to think at all. I lands residents. This left us m  may. add that the V.O.N, nurse, ��le air wl*hout mail service,  who accompanied the man, was After a somewhat urgent trip to  not at all pleased with the whole Vancouver and a little work over  business. These, and many other the wires to Ottawa, mail service  items of interest, cotdd be was arranged for the people of  brought to the notice of the Gambier XHarbour via West  powers that be, considerably Howe Sound Feme?. Alsp with  more efficiently through the the courteous help^pf the Water-  medium of the press, than all house Company Officials freight  the scribbling of we, the ama- service was arranged for the  teur scribes. Far be it from me Harbour. In this way the West  to   tell   the   editor   what  to   do How��   Sound   Ferries   is   taking  ��� ��� ��� care of our passengers and men  and   the   Waterhouse     Company  th�� freight.  I should like to say that we  received the greatest possible  help from the Post Office, Officials, the officers of the ' above  companies and Mr. Rushton,  Traffic Manager of the Union  Steamships, in making this settlement. Also immediately we  were in this difficulty I reeeiv-*  ed a phone call from Cliff Grey*  President of the Gibsons Board  of Trade offering all. possible  help. This is the kind of co-operation we appreciate and is  what is making Gibsons the*  distribution centre or :tnis wmei  area.  Unfortunately the settlement  of the problems of Gambier  Harbour still leaves us up in the  air on the question of how unfortunate people of East Bay,  West Bay and Centre Bay are to  receive their supplies, mail and  how they are to travel when;  they wish to withdraw from the  seclusion now thrust upon them  by the stoppage of Union service.  A mass meeting was held at  The Veterans Memorial Hall,  Gambier- Harbour on Tuesday,  September 21 under the chairmanship of Capt. Francis Drage,*  J.P. to consider this matter. The  meeting appointed a committee  to act for these points with  Chairman Major O. M. Pickard.  Secretary Harry Warn and members Joe Mitchell, C. Poore, R.  Singleton-Gates and K. C. Alexander. This committee then  placed in circulation a petitiojf  to the Postmaster General ask- .  ing for rural mail delivery service  to these  sttlements.  We had the pleasure of a visit  in the early part of September  from our Provincial President,  Major George Styles and the  Officers of the Provincial Command. A very excellent supper  was served hy Mrs. F. Bourne  in the club rooms and a thoroughly enjoyable time was had  by our executive council , who  were hosts at the supper. Major  George Styles, in complimenting  the Unit, stated that never in the  history.of Canada had any Veterans Unit accomplished sp much  in such a very short time. We  value that compliment from a  distinguished soldier like Major  Styles. .   '  The Executive Council of the  Army, Navy and Air Force Veterans will hold their next meeting September 27.   at 7 p.m.  At the beginning of October I  will be travelling to Victoria to .  attend a Dominion Convention  of the Oldest Veterans organization in the world the Army, Navy  and Air Force Veterans, founded in 1940. It will be a distin-^  guished  gathering  and  it  is  all  our hope that this great-organization will carry the torch-as  it has in the past for at least an-,  other  100 years. -X.  One more wordxor rather a  few words and I am finished and  this is ggpecially forx>ur7jmem-  bers, their ladies and 'all our  good friends, don't forgetXthat  every Saturday night is d%b  night at the Veterans Memorial  Hall, Gambier Harbour. AjuSX  remember the sea is bur highway.  Card of Thanks  We wish to thank our kind  neighbors and friends for  their acts of love and sympathy during our recent loss  of husband and father, and  extend our grateful thanks  for the beautiful floral tributes to "our loved one.  Mrs. James Finlayson  ��� ���.-���������     and family, ��....���';  Selma Park, B.C.  WILLIAMS CONSTRUCTION ���0.  CONTRACTORS  Glen. 0463F Phone Mar. 3439  BULLDOZING, ROAD CONSTRUCTION, LAND  CLEARING, EXCAVATING, ETC.  Large Machines.   H_ti>lb at ^ Gibsons  V   SEE EIX BAIftFOKD  Clay Chamberlin's  GIBSONS, BC.  "WHERE YOUR  DOLLAR BUYS MORE"  Marshall Wells Paints  DELNOR FROZEN  FOODS  Fresh Fruits and  Vegetables  HASSAN'S STORE PhEaNkDboV b.c  The old-established General Sitpre for Families;  Fishermen and Gamps,  FISH BUYERS��� BAPCO PAINTS  HOME GAS STATION  QUALITY ��� SERVICE ��� VALUE  At HASSAN'S LANDING ��� Midway South Shore  TAXI  Safe Economical Seaplanes ��� Experienced Pilots  Air Express��� Charter ��� Sightseeing  Timbercruising  TRY US ON THAT NEXT TRIP TO TOWN  For Rates and Information call  Air Taxi Limi  RICHMOND 1551  or contact our local agents  PARR  PEARSON  AGENCY  xx Phone Sechelt 37  "Prompt Attention to Mail Order si"  it RESTMORE FURNITURE:   Beds, Springs, Mattresses   !  -* GENERAL ELECTRIC APPLIANCES:  Radios,  Refrigerators and Washing Machines  ���fr FURNITURE:   Occasional Tables,  Cedar Chests, Lamps, Etc.  DOR ANS FURNITURE  WESTVIEW, B. C. --, Phone 230  _  HPWIS YOUR CAR RUNNING?  ��� Ii Not Bring It To  Garage  Your Local Complete Marine Towing Service  LOG TOWING ��� YARDING  PILE DRIVING  SCOWS -  SALVAGE  DREDGING  Your .General Motors Dealer  WILSON GREEK, E.G.  PHONE SECHELT 5S  Special Facilities for Quick Movement of Cats, Logging Trucks  General Camp Equipment  ;   ;���        PHONE US COLLECT  SECHELT ��� Parr Pearson Agency* TeL 54 or 37  REN DER H ARBOU R���Bil I Donley, c/b Hassan's Stare, Tel.  6 U  NANAIMO���The Nanaimo Towing Co. Ltd.  Tel., Day 555; Night 1497 or 305  Pender Harbour, Tel. 6 C 3  Dortt WastePreeitiu&M  mSlcw Travel?  t


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